Agni Yoga's facets, 1953

‘1953 1 and 2 part. Boris Nikolayevich Abramov record, the next pupil N.K.Rerich, received from the High Source about what there is a confirmation E.I.Rerich.Novosibirsk, "the Enterprise Algim".

Part I

1953. (Jan. 1). It was Said: "In the Name of the Son", and "Every, and in all of Christ." It was not understood and attributed to Jesus, which was in flesh on Earth. He Said: "Im in you". And the Son, in Name whose all good deeds are done, stays inside you. "In the Name of the Son" means in the Name of the Principal that lives in human hearts because a human is the Son of the Eternal Father. And if you do your deeds in the Name of His son, who was, is and always will be a focus of human spirit, it will mean life in the Name of the Highest and Innermost. He exists in every human being. The whole life, - the evolution of worlds, the surrounding world, and our Earth, - is happening in His Name, for His awakening. Everything that exists, lives, and breathes, is all in the Name of the Son, and for the sake of this great aim. The ultimate aim of the things in existence is that each spark-Monad will achieve the state of divinity through the stages of a human, a God-man and God that is the Planetary Spirit in the highest degrees of his embodiment. Future is in the Lord’s Hands.

2. (Jan. 6). I, the Lord of Shambhala, Testify the approaching transformation of the world. I know the destiny of the events course; events are horses rushing, but it is I who holds the reins. The horses of events are racing forward without knowing the direction. But I Know it. My Hands are Strong. And the reins are hard. The Earth is trembling because of running horses, and roadside signs are flashing across. The Earth rushes in future, but its way is already outlined in outer space. The little planet cannot change its way. Going through spatial space, celestial bodies constantly influence with their magnetic power. How can it turn aside from the race foreordained by the rays? The luminaries’ rays weave a path. That is why I know the cosmic predestination. The Powers of Light do not interfere with humans’ karma. Everyone goes with his free will. However, at the turn of the history Planets are not people, and the Powers of Light Sweep off the mountains of human ignorance and darkness clearing the way. The Road of Light will be given to the Planet, and the dams of gloom will be removed. There will be an end of Dark Hierarchy, and everyone will freely go to the Light being driven by his own internal Light. Listen To The Voice of Silence. There is an eternal truth of the way. There is an Eternal approval of New in forever old and always new renewing Space. Everything is moving, but it is moving forward rotating the scroll of opportunities and creating new combinations. That is our life unfolding in the waves of Light Rays. There are combinations of elements, which form the life itself, under the rhythm of ray fluctuation, like waves under marine winds or sands of deserts. What covers freezing windows with fanciful drawings? In such a way the elements of our earthly life combine with one another under the influence of laws and rays which are unfamiliar to other people, but they are well-known for us. The key of Future is in our hands, and Future is approaching. It will be the Great Future of the small Planet!
3. (Jan. 7). I, who exist in you, testify the continuity of life in forms of its expression. The eternal is in temporary. The eternal persistent life expresses in things which are interim. Life is everlasting; the shape of its expression is transient. That is the way how eternal is connected with temporary, and it is an aspect of Eternal Manifestation. One cannot avoid Eternity. It is everywhere and in everything. The everlasting essence of life reveals in every shortest space of time. Of course, nature can be observed as something condemned by a law of hard death necessity. However, ever-changing and ever-renewable forms of life can be interpreted as apotheosis of life immortality. It is ever-present and ever-new, as life that always triumphs and creates its forms out of disruption in order to express properties of the infinite potential of its ever-growing resources and do it brighter and fuller with every new and highest form. Everything old turns into new one. The Great law of transfiguration concerns not only a human being but also any kind of living things, including atoms. Spark-Monad changes its shells, dropping old ones and arraying oneself into new ones which can satisfy the conditions of its growing external (relative to a spirit-Monad) grains of its accumulating properties. Life is just the same – it is in everything, and everything undergoes transformations.
4. Do you want to write about the Lord? Let us write about the Lord! How to describe the Light? It shines and it makes everything lighted. But every light has its source. I am the Light Source. I am the Centre that gives and radiate the Light. There would be eternal twilight on Earth Without me. And, truly, spirit twilights come when My Light does not reach consciousness. The Consciousness that has not tasted My Light stays in the spirit twilight. Self-consciousness is a consciousness of a spirit which was touched with My Beam. But this is only a first step of the Light. There is a potential of opportunities. Coming to the earth, I pointed people to be in My Light and turn to My Light, because it is the very life. My Light dispels consciousness twilights, and human shells transform up to the state of the bearer. This Light is the essence of My Being. The Sun is a bearer of light. I am the Sun of life; I am the Sun of living things. The Moon is the Sun of dead, the Sun of people who are dead in their spirits descending into an abyss. But I am the Sun of life. There are planets of death which decompose moons. My Luminary is a luminary of life and its rays are the essence of the Earth. They are life-giving beams. I am the essence, are these are the rays of My Luminary. I am on Earth, but not from Earth. I and My Kingdom are not of this earth. Both I and My Kingdom are not from Earth. I came to the Earth in order to come back to My Star with you who follow Me. I invite you into My World, the World of Life Light, since you are Mine forever. I am your Lord and your Father, and you are Mine. Light is from light, and you are the light of My Light. Everything you have from the Light is Mine. Everything that is not Mine is from the Earth. Give earthly things to earth, astral – to astral, thin – to thin. But what is Mine that was given you from the Light, will stay with Me since you are Mine, you are My Light inside you. You took Me into your heart, I took you in myself, and we are merged together, the Light in the light, we are single entities above the world of shadows, which are transient. Let us call them Fleeting earthly shadows. That is why the Light is in Me, that is why life is in Me, that is why I am in your essence, and I am the Light from the Eternal Light, which was, is and will be the Infinite Source emitting the light. To Be in Me is to be in the Light and be the Light. Those who are turned to My Light become the bearers of the Light. In My Light consciousness becomes a property of being continuous, i.e. it becomes immortal. I am the life in its eternal essence. A Human Aspired to Me is like a person who found a spring of eternal life. A man who found the Source of immortality is a man who took Me into his heart, because I am the Light, I am the Life; I am the infinite Way and the way into infinity. My son, My close substance, obtains the right to create with My Name and on behalf of Myself I give him power over the hearts of mankind. You do not need this power, but power is a victim. In the Name of it, this victim, you will take power. Those who are looking for power are not allotted to it. The Tinsel of earthly power is not a power itself. There is one true power — the power of light and from light. And I am the one who has this power of giving. In My name and with My Name people will come to you. And you will saturate them with Me. My Light is inexhaustible. You will draw it from the eternal source. I give you power to endow people with this Light. A mother is a prototype of My Light which she carries in herself. Your Mother creates Light on Earth in My Name. And you inherit the spirit treasures She collected for you. My son, prepare your essence for these gifts of spirit. A vessel must be clean, and it must rule over shells. I Confirm this multifarious power, and all three, and over all three. Three beams are the rays of power and might. I Confirm them in My son. I am the Lord of the seven; I give My power over the three. I endow with three rays. Indeed, be it so. Aum.
5. (Jan. 8) Write. It is time to act on Earth now. Guru is acting. He is doing a lot. All forces will be collected for the approval of the intended Plan. They will be performed with certain actions on both plans. Guru is acting. Realms of energy application and Mothers are different, as it was on earth. But she is aware of everything and it looks as if she sums up the results. Know: the ways of achievements are under My hands, but the nearest will help and fulfill My will. Learn to understand that they (and you) are exponents of My will. The closer you are to Me, the fuller and better you express and represent My will. To show My will is a goal and destination of the nearest. And their will, merged with My will, creates a wonderful world of reality. And your destination and aim is to become a part of My will, to merge with it, and be an aspect of My will expression. Therefore, the Covenant "Lord, Reveal your Will that is confirmed and kept in Me" is a covenant to the closest spirit. So, everything is based on the merging of consciousnesses, or will. Everything is fused with the Will of the Leader. And an own will, or willfulness, something small, closed in its circle and unnecessary, stays behind and goes away with an astral husks of a double. You are sent into the world to fulfill My will. One needs to strive for its cognition in such a way that it could become a desired expression of all living things. And then your action, that expresses My will, takes power. The power of this action becomes available, and it always comes with success and victory. Because there is nothing on Earth, that might resist My will. Aspire to the merge of My and your wills. The confluence is a secret of success. There is no limit to the depth and strength of the confluence. The full merging is the highest achievement, and it means the realization of all most concealed and audacious aspirations. The Crown of the victory over the three means confluence. Come into My heart and become a part of the Great Heart, and grow together with it in his cosmic pulse of the great Work.
6. We will write about something that is not on Earth. There is no happiness on Earth. There are no happy people on earth. And, however, they strive for happiness and long for it. And the more you want, the further it flies away. Why is it so? Why did happiness go away? Happiness has gone, because people do not seek it where it really exists. Luck is a strange bird. Happiness is a bird of other worlds. And people try to lock it up and fasten it to the things among which it cannot live. People believe that happiness in their earthly affairs and even in things. But each thing is doomed on earth. A seal of doom lies on everything, and also on the feelings and emotions of a human. This doom is contained in frailty of everything earthly. How can you search for happiness in present things, which are condemned to die, change or erase tomorrow? How can I enter the phenomenon of happiness that is to be changed? A person who seeks happiness in health will lose it, in the beauty of the face or body-will lose it, in the possession of things-will lose them, in earth glory - will give himself to oblivion, in earth power – will part with it, in earth love – will be satiated with it. The monotony leads to fading and death. Human nerves vibrating the sensations, giving the impression of happiness and repeating more and more cease to perceive these monotonously returning vibrations of nerves as ones giving happiness. The very structure of nervous impressions and reactions already contains impossibility to build a base of lasting happiness. For happiness is in the spirit. Happiness is from the spirit. Solely those things which do not depend on earthly conditions can be a base for real happiness. Happiness cannot be built on the temporary things. It can not only be perceived but also kept only in eternal things. Happiness is in love for The Lord. The Lord is changeless. The lord will not leave, will not forget. A human building on Me builds on the Stone of everlasting foundation. That is why happiness is in the spirit. It is not from earth. It is not of this world. The earthly world gives only a mirage of happiness, always changeable, always delusive, always bringing pain and frustration. When one of the scales always weights against the other and the law of equilibrium will bring it up as much as it was previously brought down. Who inclines the balance the dual world picks up another and the act of balance again will raise her exactly as she sank. Who found his happiness in possession of something that is to feel misfortune of losing the present-day happiness? Who relies his happiness on Me or in Me, can not be influenced by terrestrial laws of decisive and transient events. Crowds of smiling people pass by happiness and crowds of crying people suffer from lose of it. But those found their happiness and joy in Me are beyond the mirages of Maya. And until their world of happiness is with Me, until it is within Me, it is strong as a rock under the swirl. Because happiness is in the spirit, and the Lord is in spirit, too. And the spirit of the Lord in the spirit which found the Lord always stays in the same state, which is beyond any earthly happiness. For everything is in Me.
7. (Jan. 9) Today we will write that unknown distances and spheres of distant luminaries brought us thoughts also born by people but from other wonderful planets in the fiery waves of space. Those thoughts are not similar to our earthly ones born in the flesh, feeling the poisonous doubts and wicked dark hearts. A stray bird of space, touching our consciousness with its wings, clearly illuminates it with its wonderful and magic rhythm. And the spirit directed to the distant, shimmering in the sky bodies, in its conscience accepts vibrations of distant light beams. With magnetic power of light it imparts its luminous body to the life of unknown Highest Worlds. Heavy earth spheres cannot then turn their stinking breath to a heart open to the Light of Far Worlds. Applying to the spatial live, that spirit, directed and powerful, will prepare his fiery house, his castle and his spirit abode in space.
8. Yes, My son, you are right; a path of love is a path of the shortest achievement. Seemingly, how love concerns the difficulties of life, but consciously tense in love and love for the Lord heart overcomes any obstacle, any difficulty as easily as an eagle flies over the precipice, not even noticing it. And where this self-arrives, stumbling, weighed down with their creations, there victoriously steps a foot of a person gives his heart and devotion to the Lord freely and easily. My son, think, what kind of invincible strength consists in the sense of love. Here you are, you, who accepted the heart and the spirit of My Order and a flame of love for the Father increased, see and feel with your essence how easily and freely your spirit rushed to the Light, being attracted with an insuperable magnetic power. Love is the wings of the spirit. The wings of the spirit are your love for the Lord. And if you want to overcome everything, if you want to go incessantly, if you want to gain the hardest victory, if you want to reach the highest peaks, I will tell you only one word: love. The one who realized and sensed a mystery of this great feeling is truly a winner; because, there is nothing and nobody that could stand between your love for me and me. As a powerful flame, the feeling of love sweeps away everything standing between me and you, and then the path is straight and pure, as the Lord is close to you. My son, remember: a lever want to be with us? Love! Do you want the path of Transfiguration to become reality? Love, love, love! With love you will achieve everything you want. Love will attain the unattainable. And the more you will love the Lord, the more flaming will be a blazing flower of spirit. I, your Lord, Existing in your being in the rays of your love, affirm in you three beams. The fire miracle of rays’ spirit is born out of the very essence of love. Love is a foundation of the Silver Bridge. Love is a Bridge of Light. With Love, Love, Love you will achieve your happiness. My Rays stream into your heart on the threads of love like waves going through the breached dam, and fill the spirit with exultation. I, who called you for a great affair, can do it only with your love to me. And you know My Love. Give Me yours. And the more powerful will it grow, the more powerful will the waves of My Light cloak you, until the light from the Light inside you becomes the Light without shadows, My Light inside you, which is fully revealed. I will affirm your full luminosity in your son. I will fill your light with happiness, but this happiness is not of this world. For happiness of joy is a special wisdom. Lighting you up with my love, I lead you to the peak of achievements. And I will Burn and Obliterate your smallness, your disadvantages, the moon echoes of your past on the fires of love. I will turn small into big, a blinking light into the dazzling Light in order to shoe my power which is reflected in the Son. From now I call you a bearer of My Light his magnet I did things. I give you power over the human hearts and the key to them. And its name is love. Through this love to Me you will approach to understanding of the space love. And through it you will approach to the orphaned and impoverished human world heart. And that is I who gave the power. Study on small events of life, because great grows out of small. This is the way of life. Do not lose and do not miss diamonds of small opportunities. Eagle eye is needed to recognize small. Make your love for the Lord; come with love to the Lord. My hand is with you in everything that was born in love to Me. "Father, Father, My Father, My beloved Father. Father of Light, Father of Life, I give My spirit to your hands "-let it be your prayer. Your Life became a miracle. The Light changed gloom. Your life is filled with the Lord. Benefit to you, me accepted in heart Love. Aum.
9. (Jan. 10). We often forget that aspiration as strength, thrown forward, always calls and should call the environmental opposition. The more flaming is aspiration, the stronger is the resistance. For the one who always aspires counteraction becomes a concomitant of moving toward and a condition of his eternal ascent. Aspiration always involves a starting point from something to something. But a space of any dimension and area is always an environment for its energy ambitions. This environment saturated with its energies requires overcoming the inertia of various saturating it matters, or energy matters. Thus, the inertia of environment resistance is inevitable. The aspiration to achieve the goal should always show power, energy of which should be higher and stronger than energies of an overcome environment. That is why the real aspiration is a quality that forges spirit strength. And if an Earthman deals with overcoming the properties of a small environment, which surrounds him, the media of resistance to the Planetary Spirit energies show their cosmic nature and scale. To overcome the resistance of planetary elements, or planetary elemental matters is a task that requires giant strength efforts. Hence the legend about a giant holding the Earth appears. The keepers of the planet are always under the blows of powerful natural energies that they take on breaking the focus of elements tension and focusing on themselves with a crystal of their powerfully flaming heart. Of course, being holders of the land they are always at the limit of tension. And this tension cannot be measured for human beings. But those whom we call the closest share our works within the limits of their abilities and growing power, getting accustomed to the State of constant tension, slowly but steadily and systematically develop their ability to confront more and more growing tension. And this conscious and persistent aspiration and desire to share Our planetary work takes the rushing spirit into the spheres of our work. So do not be afraid of tension. Increase your aspiration. We forge spirit armor with our tension.
10. (Aug. 11) The will of a Sender can be fulfilled only by those who handed his own will to the Lord’s will. What is the strength of a Messenger? What is his power? How do they commit their deeds unimaginable to average people? The power and the will of the Lord help them. The feat is accomplished with a force of Light, and the Light is in Me. My Light helps to accomplish all great deals of the spirit. The Hierarchy wills is expressed in the Teaching. Those who apply it enter the orbit of the Supreme Will. Increasing the degree of conscious and perceived one will strengthen his connection with it. Do you want always to be a winner? Create and act with the Lord’s will. To act with the Lord’s will means to pacify your willfulness, and then the will of the Lord, which was affirmed in you, is not restricted by anything. Consciousness, being identified with the Lord, does not know defeat. Let us confirm the degree of this merge which can not fluctuate. If it fluctuates, like a candle flame under the blow of the wind, under the influence of environment vortexes, this merge is not strong. So we will deliberately and infinitely strengthen everything that approaches us to the Lord. You know, we can not be achieved all of a sudden. Life and life aspirations are necessary, but the whole life and all lives are on a note of devotion and love for the Lord. Consciousness is given to irrevocably and forever. Not for today, not for tomorrow, not for this life, but forever. The decision is irrevocable and definite. And commitment of your will to the will of the Lord is full, unlimited and unconditional. This is the essence of the Great Service. You cannot serve two teachers: Me and Yourself. Just Me or you – it is a decision of your awareness. A half-hearted decision is unacceptable. Who needs half-hearted consequences? And who wants to be a half-hearted disciple? I mean full aspiration and full devotion. Who goes with Me cannot turn back unless in an abyss. Fire nature is dangerous. You can not retreat. Therefore your final decision to follow the Lord is a token of Warranty. «I guarantee you will win”; it is My gift to the apprentice. Learn to create with My Power. Call for it consciously in your affairs. You need to enter it and become it. It is said, “He comes into force”. So come into force, into My force. To be powerful means to realize the Lord’s power inside oneself. The Lord is always ready to give you His power for action, but you must accept it consciously. It is necessary to call for numena forces which are in my light but in you deliberate. And we come again to the Merge of consciousness’s which helps us to win everything. "In the world you will grieve" – these words are a symbol of the warring elements of ambient, bearing emanations of darkness. But I'm the world Winner. And everything is in Me. We go to victory over everything that now seems us irresistible and unattainable. Let us overcome everything inside and outside, and comprehend the unattainable. Conventional measurements and observations are discarded. A print of singularity lies on everything, as well as on the steps of the rise. And the higher they are, the more unusual they are. The most important is that they are beyond of frameworks supposed by our consciousness. What can we know about the things that the Lord prepared for the upcoming stage of consciousness? Do not be preconceived in your judgments. Go freely, safely and without surprise collecting carefully prepared spirit treasures. The feeling of infinity of the received spirit gifts is correct, because where is the limit to Infinity? Knowledge is also boundless. It is limited only with a containing ability of our consciousness. So expand your consciousness. Its boundaries are too tight for Me. How do you want to limit the Lord? Do you want to limit it with smallness of your consciousness? Sweep away spirit obstacles. Everything is in the spirit. And restrictions are in the spirit. Do not limit the spirit. You cannot restrict the infinity. The ocean of knowledge is immense and immeasurable. You can freely draw from it knowing his inexhaustibility. Aspire to infinite knowledge, and the knowledge of Infinity will flood you. My son, arm yourself with power of boundless aspiration to infinite knowledge limited aspirations, and nothing will retard you. Do not tie you mind to anything that is in the sphere of transient phenomena. And then you way will be free. Non-attachment does not mean deprivation, but freedom of conscience is from people, things and conditions, through which it passes through the power of karmic energies, permitted by the Lord. For the life of a disciple is directed by Me according to his will give to Me. Not slavery and subjugation is meant, but the regal power of the will liberated from the dreaded chains of self. Because the will of the Arhat is thousand times stronger than even the strongest biped will. So the decision of everything belongs to the Lord, and it is of the Lord. The one who turns to Me joins My power. Let us give the correct understanding to the fiery aspiration to the Lord. "The Lord of seven rays, illume My heart with three rays of life."
11. We will never encroach upon human karmas. We never break the law of free will. The law of free will is inviolable. Because voluntary and conscious commitment to the guiding will of the Lord is very important. And the deeper and more perfect it is, the fuller the guidance is. This law of the supreme leadership is expressed with a formula "thy will be done". And the gates are opened in respond to the call. Therefore the daring is welcome. Because the only human free will may choose the path. But when the path is chosen and the will of aspiring consciousness is transferred to the will of the Lord without conditions and restrictions, the flow of capacity becomes the flow of fiery grace. A degree of commitment is stipulated by a degree of acquisition. And the merge of the wills of going and leading consciousnesses are crowned with apotheosis of collaboration – paloria of consciousness. So the one, who gave Me his will undoubtedly will be in My Light. Here is the simplicity and greatness of the law. You must suppress yourself, yourself, your willfulness to let My will establish itself. And when the whole essence is directed at the fulfillment of My will, the hard, rocky and steep way becomes a flight in the skies. There is no more unevenness of the way, rocks, obstacles, stones, tearing the shoes. The way becomes easy as the flight of an eagle to the Sun. The commitment of your to the Lord’s will is a will hard condition, because yourself revolts. But it becomes very easy when a monster of self is killed. The Self growls: "I want. -"No, not like me, but like you do, the Lord, for My all for you". And then I can enter a purified heart freely, without violating the law of free will. Then I can create My abode there. Then the way is light and joyful. We need to understand the mystery of the Superior merge. We cannot break the law, but we can rejoice the one who came and knocked. We conform to we conform to the Leader’s will in our fullness of will commitment. Who left everything and came to Me, that gets full. Possessing things is a poison. Because in everything we possess hides a crystal of will which was put in this thing by ones consciousness. The more things there are, the more incoherent the will is. It is donated and dedicated not to Me but to things. So if you do not have anything yours, come in. it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a holder of many things or riches enter My World. How would his will merge with My will when it is incoherent and given to dusty toys? The knowing may have even things because he does not give it any grain of his fiery treasure, his will, crystal of which remains undiminished in its integrity. And, being given to Me, it beams all the lights reflecting and expressing myself in My light. Attachment to earthly things or events means a transfer of this fiery substance of will to something external, outside a person. But when everything is focused on Me and in Me, all yearnings, desires, wills, rejected the lowest shells of “I”, the great life mystery is performed, and I confirm the Lord’s abode in it. The one who gave Me his will is a winner of the world. Can a falcon rise to the sky when its wings ate roughly tightened to the Earth roots? Currents of spirit directed to the things we own are these fetters. Break the chains, you, who aspired to Infinity. It is allowed to possess everything for those who weights small and dusty toys of the Earth on the scales of Infinity. It is not a refusal and not a sacrifice, but it is a holder of infinite possibilities. When smallness turns into the Lord’s great will, the way becomes shining.
12. I, your Lord, Say: "Bring yourself to silence. Let it become silent. It screams: "I want, I think, I like". I am at every step. And where is "I" and where are "we"? You need to pass the discipline of rejection from your "I". You cannot feed your small "I". It is small but insatiable and covetous. And the bigger it is, the more it requires. It is necessary to repress, it is necessary to curtail it. Do not think about it, do not give him food. You can even enjoy its infringement and strokes on it in order to know that our big immortal “I” does not need small earthly feelings. Some time these vibrations of a small "I" and its shells were necessary for spirits growth, but now they are unnecessary because they hinder the life of the higher consciousness. Two men fight for life: the first decrepit old human, a child of the Moon who is doomed to die, and the second, a son of the solar life principle, born by the Light. As gloom at sunrise struggles with light, so former yours fights with again given rise in you, to be won and to concede the way to Light. Look inside carefully and you will see you, previous, clinging to power over your consciousness. You will see the imprint of his shadow at all. He is still strong. He struggles, but he knows his doom. Be on the alert for the presence of two beginnings: dark from the past and light from the future. Give no quarter to repercussions and lightings of the past. Let the rags of your former “I” burn in the rays of new consciousness. The seed has sprouted, and it takes off the husks created it. You need to purify the consciousness from the remnants of unnecessary shells. In words, movements, thoughts, actions you will see him, the previous bearer of you newly born. Remove the matter of obsolete formations from your microcosm with a firm hand. It prevents the growth of the spirit, as waste prevents burning. The process of life is fire. It must be clean. Review your consciousness and get rid of everything from the past. If you are not like children, you will not become the bearers of higher energies. Everything new is accepted by our consciousness. There is no place for old litter in the sphere of the focus on newly coming rays. Go in life new and renovated, without old habits of your obsolete decrepit consciousness. Be new at every moment. The sphere of your staying is right in new. A winged child in the Chalice is you newly born. It's you who was born twice in the life of life, from the life of death to the life of immortality.
13. (Dec. 12). And if I pass all abysses, if I gain all victories, if I reach the highest peaks, whom will I see? -You Will See Me.
14. Today we will not talk about the line you thought is directed to. We will talk about another thing. You may choose any of various thought currents of thought, and, having chosen, you should imprint it. You need to understand it. The ocean of thought is bigger than the ocean of Teaching. But cosmic truth is comprehensive and infinite. The scope of the given teaching is limited with a human evolution, but the World of Cosmic Truth is infinite and is not limited with anything. The consciousness moving in spirals of Circles concerns only a particular aspect of Cosmic Truth which conforms to the degree of our comprehension of a certain circle. Buddha was a man of the sixth circle. But there is also the seventh circle of our Chain. There are seven circles which go after our Chain, and they go higher and higher, and higher. Every point of consciousness in every circle, even the highest one, is totally and unreservedly in line with the World of Cosmic Truth. Can you imagine its immensity of her? The World of Fiery Truth is immense. The world of Cosmic Truth fiery manifestations is outside the notion and understanding of human minds. But you can and have to think about it, for the Kingdom of infinite Light is the way where the spiral of human consciousness evolution goes. Worlds exist, and mankind exists in them. It reflects just that infinitely small part of Cosmic Truth which it is able to reflect at the stage of his evolution in its microcosms. And it is good for it if it reflects the limited truth but does not distort it. The tragedy of mankind at our planet is that it dramatically distorted the very limited stage of its evolution, a part of Cosmic Truth given by Teachers, it is distorted beyond recognition. Being restricted, it is perverted; consciousness concerned the ocean of spatial thoughts destroys the fences of restrictions and having destroyed them, it has a permanent Free and Unimpeded access to the treasury of Cosmic Knowledge. But consciousness concerned Cosmic Treasures interprets the sphere of human knowledge as childish and small. The Sun Ray touches the Earth and falling on the wayside flower illumes it with life. But can we imagine the power of this light source in our system in its innermost essence, in its focus, in the center of its concentration when its miraculous power giving life to the whole planet in all its known and unknown forms spreads over millions of kilometers. The Sun is the center of our system, but there are also centers of System Systems. And there is a center of the Galaxy. What is its power? What is the power of the Sun Cosmic Truth Centre, the center of invisible but omnipresent and accessible Light concentration? Just the boundaries of the spirit cognitive ability prevent the Truth comprehension, for it is accessible by oneself because it is omnipresent. It means that it is spread in the Very substance of Light, and it is its attribute. If we dispose of these limitations, these obstacles and restrictions of human prejudices and constraints, we can see clear available to the Earth Truth. Being small in its special volume, it is great and immense in planetary aspects. But we have looked into Infinity because we need to spread our wings before a long flight. We will learn to fly on the wings of boundless thoughts in the boundless expanse of space. Fly on the wings of thoughts! This is not a metaphor, not a comparison, but it is a bright and real-life page of a spirit’s life, the spirit that could break the chains of matters in this solid world. Today we have made our first flight. But this is only the very beginning. It is only the first timid and unsteady flight to the sphere of limitless thoughts. And what will be when the wings become stronger? We will grow the wings of fiery thoughts because we will fly round the worlds on them. I give the wings of spirit, the white shining wings of the spirit. Protect them; do not stain them with a stinking breath of the Earth. A winged child in the Chalice is a symbol of spirit flights outside the planet. Remember them, the wings of the spirit.
15. (Jan. 13). It is possible to look and to see, see that, on what the eye looks. And you can look at a thing in front of you and do not see it. Is a possibility to see contained in our eyes? Our consciousness sees and hears with its external means. And if this device is directed to something, but the consciousness does not, you cannot perceive anything. A coordination of the consciousness with vibrations coming from the perceived object is the basis of perception. Hence the concentration is a harmony of essence with external matters. Being synchronized with your essence, these external things pass it the essence of their radiation. The deeper this phenomenon of synchronization is, the better the transference of vibrations to the consciousness of the inner essence of an object or phenomenon is. For harmony of consciousness can occur not only with subject matter which can be visually perceived, but also with any other phenomena. Smell and taste are also included here. And the same principle is applied to the phenomenon of thought. It is not so important to turn your thought to anything; however, it is important to bear it in mind. And only then the phenomenon or object of attention will reveal its inner essence, that is, to transfer its emanations, or energy to the consciousness. This is the same basic principle of psychometrics. But all these phenomena require self-abnegation. The self and the sharpness of perception are not the thinnest. Of course, there are certain nerve centers which take part in the perception. You can stimulate them consciously. The Teacher exaggerates the activity of some centers without disturbing the whole harmony. So the Teacher’s rays are like fingers of a skilful pianist: they touch different centrers of an organism and activate them. The Teacher monitors the invisible functions and gives instructions in time. The process is unusually delicate, and it escapes the attention of the disciple consciousness. The results can be estimated only in regard with consequences. To prepare a spirit instrument is the hardest task. But if there is an order to sharpen your perception with aura tranquility or silence tension, the Order refers to a phenomenon of invisible functions. The fulfillment of Teacher’s Orders requires distinct immediate accuracy of execution. You cannot postpone the application of a given order. Everything is meaningful, even the smallest things. So the execution of these orders leads increasing importance. An apprentice does not know and cannot know what means the Teacher while giving him an order. But the degree of the highest confidence precludes the idea that it is not urgent. One needs to understand the vitality and urgency of these orders. Their ardent execution inspires. So let us raise our fiery wings of understanding the urgency and execution of what I Give. The Teacher is willing to give a new circumstance, but when a disciple is completely ready. Non-fulfillment leads to the breach of ascent rhythm conditions given by the Teacher. We move from the concentration to the sphere of invisible Teacher’s work on the thinning of the disciple’s organism and the activity of his centers. The Teacher is on the watch, he is ready to give. And he requires such watchful willingness from his apprentice. The Teacher is on the watch. Are you ready?
16. Write, My friend, that in this life of sadness, grief, anxiety, and finding of crystal light, there can be no peace so desired for little hearts. There is no peace and there is no refuge for the spirit. There is nowhere where you could weary bow you head. As a beggar, homeless and without shelter, our spirit lives a life and does not name anything as its own. Everything is not its, everything terrestrial, from the Earth, is strange for it. And the Earth will take everything that was given from it. Clothes, things, houses and everything we possess. Everything taken from Earth for a time and served with time will be turned back in the matter, the earthly things that you created with your creative hands. And we destroy the things we have created. Time helps to change one toy for another changing the face of will-created things. Solomon reigned in glory, being surrounded with richness and brilliance. And where is everything he possessed? Where are his palaces, gardens, his kingdom and the city which was powerful enough to make all enemies jealous? Where is everything? Where is everything people used to live with a few centuries ago? Where will be everything that vehemently and harshly growls and goes wild around you? The world of doomed individual manifestations like a thief sentenced to death, will withdraw from the life arena. He stole the light from your life and he is to die for the crime against the spirit. There is nothing in this world that is worth the spirit affection. Everything is Maya, a Mirage, marsh lights twinkling dimly. From the Kingdom of death we will step into the Supreme World, the World of Eternal Light, which unquenchably burns from Eternity and in Eternity.
17. (Jan. 14) I, your Lord, Assert the superiority of spirit over all. The spirit overcomes any state of a matter. Of course, everything shown is a matter of different degrees. And the spirit is also the aspect of highest matter state. But this aspect prevails over all the lowest types and degrees of matter. This is a rule and a power of the spirit. The degree of its vibration thinning is so superior to others that its height is unquestionable and undisputed. How to prove one’s power among humiliation, vilification and warring circumstances? First of all, it is a way of a hidden state of consciousness from the vibrations of the lower areas of the Earth's environment. Without a power over consciousness, not allowing its breath to touch the inner world, and influence it, we assert our dominance over the microcosm. This is a first step. Having approved our power inside and having led the furious and vibrating in response shells, we reach the first level of power. And then a beautiful flower of fiery spirit power will grow out of peace in the essence of subdued microcosm which is the world. Firstly, it grows over the world of his own, over the inner world, and then over the external world. And this is a first step of the authorities: it is a full, calm, unclouded composure and equanimity of the spirit under the most disturbing, the most painful, the most outrageous, and the most unjust external conditions and the most unworthy and intolerable acts of people led to the way of self-victory by their karma. Keep composure and clarity of mind. Save the imperturbable purity and clarity of your aura, whatever is happening outside, in My Name, with My Name and My Strength? Be firm as a rock in the clarity of the spirit calmness. These unbearably serious and precarious living conditions are given for approval of the regal clarity of imperturbable state of consciousness so that you can climb above them into the eternal peaceful realm of the spirit. And consciousness that can not stay in them rises over them in order to win and see its freedom from heavy chains of the solid world. We will not interpret these conditions of rise and elevation of the spirit as misfortune. These are only stairs to the Light. Let us enjoy the strokes-movers. Each of them excessively leads to Me. For there is a world, a light, a victory and liberation inside Me. Exempting you from burdens and difficulties, I destroy the force which leads you to Me. Thereby, asking me to facilitate your everyday circumstances, which are difficult and unbearable, think about the power of their guidance that brings you with Me. Consciousness can not lose touch with happy cloudless conditions on Earth. They engulf consciousness and spirit as a whirl of slough, and alienate you from Me. But the spirit is strong and sturdy, it is weighted by the sphere of dense conditions, and it rushes up as a cork out of water. The rising path becomes natural and legitimate, and it can not be different. And I want to make you closer to Me. Do not be afraid of aggravating circumstances. Greet them as steps of approaching. Apprehend each aggravating sign as a push which makes us closer. And when it hurts very much, appeal to the Lord. I will send a Beam of vital force full of marvellous power and Light in it. My son, can I let you be torn to pieces? I want to strengthen you and bring you utterly near to Me. Hence there is a terrible pressure from below. Do not be afraid of it. Fear nothing. We go to a great victory, and we will not count the received strikes. We contrasts them our armour of the spirit for its strengthening and hardening. And when the shining armour of the spirit will be forged, we will leave the darkness now surrounding us as a strong wall. But I, the warrior, was in your, I am and will be with you intimately. In the days of great darkness before dawn, when it seemed to be nothing, I Testify everything, I Testify the all-conquering Light of the spirit which exists throughout and overall. I testify the primacy of the spirit. I Warrant our Victory. Raise the shield of devotion and love with your firm hand because I am behind you.
18. (Jan. 15). The correct decision! It's all in passing of your conscience to the Lord. It requires a high degree of self-denial. Denying yourself, you take Me, and I Reveal Myself. And, making Records, you give Me the reigns of government, I create within you. The more you give Me, the more you get. Understand! We do not need the old, previously small "I" because its name is limitedness and self. Its closed circle is small. But I have limitless possibilities. And giving yourself to the Lord’s will is a refusal to your past. I firmly believe in immutability of the law. There is no place for divination "to be or not to be", but there is a constant obtaining of knowledge by law and by right. The correct levers are put in your hands. They approve to serve by their loyalty. Everything is possible with Me. The impossibility becomes a feasible opportunity. Why do I Say the words of the future? I Say it in order to look for the future. And all your findings, your opportunities are in the future. Not in your present, not in your past, but in your future. For your future becomes firmly established. And it is no matter how great your achievements are in present, they are worthless for the future. As there is a first accidentally caught from the space word before the orderly finished Record of present days. And what will happen then? I who approve the future confirm you transfigured in Light in your present shell. The future is great, and the way leading to it becomes a carpet for feat. A takeoff for flight is difficult, but the spirit freely hovers in height. And even a hurricane of contrary flows can raise an experienced conqueror of heights very high. Do not dread the contrary flows. That is why we need to use our wings skillfully. A heavy hammer which splinters glass forges the armour of the spirit. To be with Me means to be throughout: in sorrow and in joy, in hardships and in ease. It is a big achievement to keep your consciousness on Me in whirlwinds of the current hour. Forgetfulness of our consciousness is high. It always needs a silver curb of the spirit. You must bridle your consciousness. Do not let it to rush about the waves of volatile elements. They can and will be excited, because their essence is in motion. But the consciousness that controls them must be steadfast in its manifestations. I am a rock of consciousness steadfastness and a ground of spirit calmness. We who affirmed an abode inside you confirm the highest level of fire in your spirit. All phenomena of live are moved with Magnet power of this Light-Fire. And if this Light-Fire exists in you, are not you the mover of life in this case? The power of fire makes everything in the world move. There are lights everywhere and in everything because everything is fire. And the Fires of Light, and Fires of Darkness on the other pole weave the tracery of our life. But the scale of the highest lights shows a victory of the essence of the thinnest fiery energies. The sphere of the lower lights manifestation is the lowest layers. And there is a Kingdom of Light and the world of true causes above them. This minor planet is a sphere of night and day, darkness and light, but a ray of the Sun always exists in space, for the Light is above the lowest manifestations of the dual world. So enjoy the immense power of the World.
19. If there is any obstacle between you and Me, this obstacle has power over the communication with the Lord. What do you give it to? Or allowing phenomena which depend on you outside and inside you will not allow any of them, even the most fervent, to depreciate or postpone the hour of Proximity. If something prevents you today, why do not you give the opportunity for another one to stop you tomorrow, and the third time after the second one, and so on? Why not? And where are this "something" and that "something" that overshadows My Hour? What or who do we give power over the most important things? You need to hold the Communication Proximity by force, ruthlessly throwing off the obstacles on the way. My Hour is still Mine, no matter what happens neither inside nor outside. And we will carefully remove everything that sounds in our minds by force of temporal events, by force of moments without hesitations. A lot of them are unnecessary but intrusive and interfering phenomena which try to darken the Closeness of the Teacher. Whether we can give them power? These sharp-clawed predators will break and tear the monolith of our consciousness if we give them power. So we protect the minutes of Communication giving earthy things to the Earth and separating earthly matters from heavenly ones. The Kingdom of God is taken by force and after being taken it is protected with more power and vigilance. Let us save the Innermost, particularly, from vibrations of the lowest shells. And they have to stop resounding but in their own sphere. Let the guarding sword be on the watch. Many hands are ready to get on the back of any unwanted feelings, any emotions, capturing the shells.
20. (Feb. 16). Because in Me is all, also you don't know nor day, nor hour; and in it is prestanding continuity. Because everything said must be implemented in life now. I will be repeating this until the image appears in your brains, until this image becomes a tracery of life and is applied in it. So, deepening the essence and depth of communication, not interrupting it with current affairs and events of the day, you will enter it with your spirit until the earthly cases and the life of the shells become external and alien. The isolation from the Earth and everything earthly will teach us to intensify earth vortexes and let them through microcosms without merging the consciousness with them but approving the state of separation from them. The first step to overcome the phenomenon is separation of our consciousness from the shell vibrations taking part in it. When this separation is reached, and you feel the independent from shell experience existence, you can feel and understand life, separate from the life of the shells. This is a gist of immortality when the shells are thrown away and there are no manifestations of their energies on physical, astral and mental levels, and your higher “I”, their media, their Lord and the Teacher, remains in its independent and permanent entity. A lesson of separation the highest from the lowest is learnt just on small and large events. Only having separated, you can consciously fight against invaders of the spirit prerogatives. And one must himself put on their place and understand their business and subservient spirits. This cannot be done; taking them and their manifestation as one’s own "I" which exists millions of years has changed a countless number of these shells. If one ranks all of them in threes and go to the front of this special arrangement, he can clearly see and understand that our wearable and constantly changeable clothes in forms of these shells are not our enduring immortal “I”. Our individuality accumulating the experience in grains of the spirit is collected by all these portable and wrongly taken by us for our "I" shells. Such mental contemplation of the earlier forms of its expression may move us towards the ways of mastering them and overcoming the inner tendencies. These tendencies, or impulses, can become apparent only through the shells. There is no place for energy matters in the spirit grain. Because when consciousness rushes inside and merges with its true individuality, the voices of membranes which have life and possibility of manifestation only in their spheres and their own ways became silent. When the shell vibrates in a whirlwind of its manifestations or in its normal, more or less peaceful process of life, let the higher “I” examines every experience, every their move to understand the separateness from the immortal and imperishable. It is unacceptable that these processes seize the consciousness. Vigilance, alertness and calmness do not leave the consciousness which monitors the life of the shells under any conditions. But if one falls under their authority, they will tear your "I" and sink them in the ocean of three plane matters. The vortexes of astral matters are particularly dangerous. These vortexes do not exist in mental spheres. But there is another danger which is more subtle but still serious. It is the inertia of immobile crystallized mental forms. As a live man being thrown cold water turns into a motionless ice statue, the matter of old crystallized and polished mental forms envelops the consciousness of immovability deadness and kills a movement of the spirit. That is why terrible habits, and beliefs, and centuries-old traditions, and prejudices are so awful. And ceremonies, and churches, and ancient ideas or customs, and everything fettered the mankind are dangerous in this monstrous deathly and deadening the life spirit immobility. Break your fetters, your chains, become free from all three. Three rays, rays of freedom from all these three and rays of power are above all three ones. Come to the events of each sphere as to your enemy who needs to be studied and conquered and subdued. The study and knowledge of the enemy is a condition of victory. Not as a slave, but as the Lord and the ruler, let and allow the shells to show them. And only then you can contemplate the diminishing flashes of their former strength without fear to fall under their terrible power. You're their Lord and the Teacher. Remember it in moments of their manifestation.
21. Temporary shells contain death and those who live the lives of these shells live the life of death. For the earthly wisdom is a kind of enmity against God. They are needed but only as a means to a goal, and when the goal is achieved, the life is transferred from the life of the shells to the life of the spirit. The spirit life is a life of true Individuality, immortal transforming Ego, or a life of the spirit grain. This is the Space life because it depends not only from the planet but also goes from one planet to another experiencing it. A star road, which is a way on the stars and through the stars, is an astral spirit way. The ego which asserts oneself through its shells is a spirit that is his immortal reincarnating entity, and it finally reaches the point where the light of the spirit pierces through all three, and the spirit finally and irrevocably claims itself in them. And through these three and in three it shines being eternal and imperishable but ever-growing in its strength and reaching the stage of a planetary spirit. The ego is a millenary drive experiment, a collector of eternally aspired knowledge. He is a developer of three in one and one glowing in three. Only having gone through all that, you can become everything all; only having subdued everything, you can become the Lord of entire microcosm. You can become its teacher but surrender all his energies to your control. We will learn to live with the spirit and in the spirit. Everything from the spirit is vital and immortal. You can live in the body, astral, and intelligence, but the life of the spirit is over that. And only if all three are penetrated by the light of the spirit, the life is justified. The life of the spirit becomes firmly established. The Life of the Light establishes, and everything in his Light is permitted and justified.
22. It is correct that life is possible only where the soil is covered with the shells of dropped life forms. Plants, animals and people through their dumped forms strew the crust of the Earth. And its elements processed in these forms of life are a foot for the life and development of the new forms. Life can not exist on bare sand and stones where there are no remnants of the former organic life, the foot for a new life, everything newborn on Earth. Fertile soil is a soil full of dead shells of dry and decomposed earlier forms. Life creates the foot for life. A dead body of previous life forms creates a fertile and bearing life crust of the planet. The bottom of oceans is a giant graveyard of its flora and fauna, enormous plains of future continents. Life paves the way with earlier existing live forms, the representatives of all nature kingdom.
23. (Jan. 17). And nevertheless we will win. And nevertheless we will have to conquer everything. The more perceptive an organism is, the heavier a print of its fall is, and the harder a process of its renewal is. And the power of overcoming must become stronger too. Free will is sacred, but the will directed downwards is not. The one who lives with inferior centers cannot live with superior ones. The life of the inferior must come to nothing. And the main thing is to keep the thought. A delinquency without thoughts leaves no tracks. But the very thought about it without a delinquency usually has certain consequences. Thus, the thought needs purification and care. For two delinquencies are evaluated and weighed by the thought which gave them birth. It is much worse to cherish and bear a thought which does not correspond to the consciousness than to commit misconduct, the repercussion of the past. The thought discipline requires special attention. For energy creating and giving the direction to the consciousness is a lever of moving forward and vice versa. One needs to keep the thought. Being under difficult circumstances, a person searches for outlet, but it is much better to hack it upward. The Light Beam is always over us. It is better to adopt a deliberately attraction to the Light than to seek for help in impulses of previous astral savings.
24. Yes, My son, you must know your weaknesses, shortcomings and dignity. These are the conditions which accompany the ascent. Its quickness depends on the burden of the load on the neck. You cannot leave without a bag behind your shoulders, but what should you put in it? They are only the most necessary things for your ascent. Most people who do not want to leave the unnecessary load lad behind and stay at the bottom or even stop rising because they can not overcome sharp rises with their burden. Let us learn to become free from unnecessary things. Basically speaking, every load is always a legacy of the past, and it is a concomitant of imperfection and restrictions per se. you may reduce and even bring to naught your needs and requirements. A man needs everything and he always wants more than he actually has. There is only one way out: do not have anything and do not want anything in the sphere of three, i.e. to bring all desires and aspirations of the three shells higher. Of course, the earthly knowledge is also needed but only as a way upward. Not itself but as a tool. You do not need the earthly knowledge, anything earthly, however, you need the experience and the accumulation of knowledge and skills acquired through your earthly life. A hatched nestling does not need a shell, but it cannot exist without it. You do not need the husks of earthly knowledge but the only fruit of it. The actions of a person are unimportant as opposed to the assertion of creative spirit aptitude. And the talents grow in spirit because there is everything in it. So the life moves to the spirit life. Let us separate the things we can take with us in the logs trip from the things we can freely left behind because they are useless. You should think about how to get rid of your excess load and what it is. The spirits weighed down by loads of Karma are not suitable for the Path.
25. (Jan. 18). The value of given Records is that they are practically live and they are based on the experience of the consciousness to go on the way of apprenticeship. Because the further is given and will be given within the limits of different questions or circumstances. There is no abstract knowledge. Everything is in life and for life. A passable level gives the records of their content. And those who will come after that will joyfully and gratefully explore these milestones and characters of a passed way. It is easier to go by the traced way, and this direction is already given by the very way. Of course, this way was also passed earlier, and there is nothing new under the Sun. But the life in its unfolded in its new rising spiral of evolution newly lights the way. And a new approach is in the same single Truth which gives these pages particular importance.
The presentation forms of previous stays in past centuries can not satisfy the growing consciousness no more, and it requires a new framework of phenomenon, new words, and concepts which go not only with the century but also ahead of it, and far ahead. And a scientific approach is required. The age of the church approach is changed by the age of science and a method of scientific research of subtle energies. Any haziness and uncertainty is also removed from the structure. The fine clarity introduces the world of spiritual phenomena, and they are considered through the prism of science but not the previous one which was false and limited. Your approach to the cosmic energies cannot be childish as medieval thinking and severe as barbarians of Dark Ages. Art has a special role in the Teaching of higher energies. Art will be considered the highest form of Teaching the truth and direct Teaching. And the beauty which is taught by art goes into science, because the studied world is beautiful. And the combination of beauty and knowledge will give humanity a lost way of life. Where, how and when will everyone find this way of life depends on the person, but we show the way precisely, clearly, and definitely. Only having a solid scientific foundation which is approved by the life itself religion and the very existence of it will be justified in people’s eyes and in forms different from previous ones. Otherwise it will die and degenerate completely. There are many signs of this terrible loss: on the one hand, it provoked the appearance of fanatic sects and bigotry, on the other hand, the complete indifference of masses. Religion requires a complete revision and updating, and it purges this original Truth from all subsequent human conglomerations, fabrications and distortions. The enormity of the distorted religion emerged in the form of inquisition. The Princes of Church sent people to bonfires, and ignorant masses humbly accept these forms of serving to the Devil as serving to truth and goodness. Neither the decision of the masses, nor the crime of the Church Princes having given themselves to the dark service, is not an evidence of their infallibility. Science and art, being not tainted with legal crimes of the past will lead the human spirit to new discoveries. But they also should be careful because science serves to the dark, and it is more terrible than religion. A new century and a new approach to different things will indicate the new. For example, how many ambiguities are there in the definition of good and bad, and how many preconceptions are there too. How often is a sentimental and cruel sponger, a predatory dealer or a meanly-mouthed preacher called a good person? We have only one criterion: is he useful for evolution or not. And the lower one: is he fit for it or not. This is a basis to make a selection. A harmful approach is totally discarded: is a person nice or not, do you like it or not, is it warm or not, is it good or bad. The one who moves forward despite the shortcomings and rises up, that is the sum of the components of the internal energies which finally gives the resultant force going upward, is a valuable person, and his value is directly proportional to the resultant force and vice versa. We think that a suitable person is the one who can show the same resultant character, having touched the Teaching or just the life. There is no such person, whose microcosm energies rush him upward. For a man is a legacy of the past. Hence there is the future division based on shading. The lights are inside, they exceeded the lights of dark accumulations leading to higher worlds, and they manifest themselves in the form of prevailing light radiation. Passport spirit will appear unmistakable. Photography of human radiation has its great future, the effects of which are not even close yet. There will be such time when only the people with appropriate spiritual and physical radiation will be allowed to go to the places of social or national character. There will be no ruling villains. The Teachers of destinies will take their places following only the principles of their light-division. Disgrace of humanity such as vendible elections will sink into oblivion. No wealth, slyness, narrow-mindedness do not make the spirit passport. Then the formula for human estimation will be almost completely understood: it is valuable for evolution".
The scientific approach to the spirit phenomena will show that the phenomenon of the so-called spiritual order is quite specific, perceptible and undergo the investigation and observation. Their understanding lies in the sphere of subtle energies which are just as real as a sun light or a tone of the sound scale. The new age of science will be named a century of opening and approval of the energies in human organism and their interaction with the energies of the surrounding nature and the structure of his body or bodies and their elements with elements of all the kingdoms of nature. The sciences of correspondence will be called the sphere of the next great knowledge. The interaction and relationship of the human body and its essence inside him will be considered and examined in connection with the cosmic energies of space. The rays of spatial bodies and reactions generated by them in the Earth elements and their bearers will be studied in the laboratory of Space light therapy and in the institutes of Cosmic Rays. In the center of the study a man will be investigated as a high evolutionary form of the Space Life enclosing everything, all kinds of subtle higher energies and all the elements of a lower scale of any matter. People will crown the ladder of evolution as a higher expression and manifestation of life.
26. The Lord of the seven gates, or seven spheres, or seven Rays is the Ruler of the seven plans of Entity. And just as you freely, confidently, and with open eyes act on the Earth, as the Lord consciously, and openly, using all relevant feelings acts in each plan. Senses of vision, hearing and other are the transformation of each of the Highest Plans. But they are seven. You can say about it but to imagine the functions of consciousness on the higher planes is almost impossible. For the words of human language are not available. Only partly sacred language can express the ineffable. The lower the device is to the Earth, the easier it is to talk about it. Even the world of ideas and the world of thought forms is something that exists beyond words. But what can you say about a world in which there are no forms? There is a substance of thought, but there is no form which presents it. There is a nymen of ideas, but there is no formal expression. A human language like everything subordinates to the law of sentenary matters. A representation of a tree or a flower evokes its image usually associated with a particular flower and being its very view. But the concept of the flower is somewhat harder because it is not associated with a specific form but includes them all: former, future, and present in all worlds and all spaces. It is almost impossible to embrace the notion of consciousness in its entity to the higher consciousness because the concept is not so related to the form of its manifestation as to its essence. And so is in everything: the law is a phenomenon essence without its form. A complex form of the law expression exists only in human minds but not in space. The law exists outside the form in space, and being without any form, it overrides the forms of life expression for everything existing. You can fly around the entire Space, but you will not find or see any law expressed in its form. In the form of the lightning we see the manifestation of the duality law, we see the Flash of fire space but not the very law. It is its manifestation but not its essence. The essence slips away from beholding. The essence of the law is invisible because it is from the world without forms. And what does not have the form controls and subdues everything it possesses. The same thing is applied to the world of ideas. Mental forms and the entire visible and only limited with forms world of thinking submit to the ideas, but the idea has no form and concept. But the concept is closer to the form than the idea is because ideas govern the world and may not be visible even in the higher realms. You can see the expressions of Cosmic love, but who and where could ever see Love in its essence? So we come to the world without forms as a basis of existence.
27. (Jan. 19). While you are with Me without irritation and doubts, streams of opportunities are countless. A man perceives doubts, and irritation, and the other lower-order emotions which color his aura. Harmony of mixing parts is broken and, as in radio, the device operates erratically and then stops operating. The earthly and heavenly things can not sound together. The concentration of consciousness on the Lord is a proper turn of consciousness, but the device must be in the order that is tuned. And when the readiness of a mental apparatus or a spirit apparatus becomes stable, the perceived current is persistent. Consciousness includes the orbit of the Beam and we perceive with this Beam. As the Beam is over the earthly things, only the heads raised to the Beam can feel it. The one who looks upwards does not see anything downwards. The Consciousness turned to Me perceives everything that is Mine if it is in the Beam. To obtain the Ray of the Lord means to receive a heavenly gift. The ray is real and scientific like a ray of the Sun or a distant star. The Ray has its range and a certain scale of vibrations which has not entered the scale of investigated and recorded by science rays yet. But the rays weave life and give it shapes, like the rays of light skipped through a color film. But for its manifestation a screen is needed. My Beam also needs a clean, white, spotless screen of consciousness. Then My Beam reflects on it clearly and precisely. But if the rays of the lower keys fall on it, the reflection will erase drown in the beams of the earthly light. Even a flaming and smoking firebrand can hide the reflection. For the earthy tones are unbearable for the High Light of My Beam. The apparatus of consciousness is tuned in a particular way or at a certain wavelength. The arrow must be turned firmly and do not hesitate or jump on the dial that is to steadily stay on the right wave. Fluctuations of the arrows will make consciousness punctuated by the waves, and they will break purity and clarity of the waves. The laws are the same everywhere both at the bottom and at the top. The process of perception is simple and easy, but when the consciousness is established. This eliminates any randomness. The Tower of My spirit, like a radio tower, directs My beam to you, and your consciousness accurately and clearly perceives whether the conditions are followed or not. Every nebula and uncertainty is replaced by acceptance and clarity of sonority. And My idea brightly and clearly abides on the screen of the consciousness. The Lord’s consciousness is continuous; his Rays are constant as the Sun rays. The Tower of the Lord’s spirit always sends its Rays, but where are the successors? And where are those who recognize My manifestation? The one who recognized and understood it can access the Light of My Ray. For it lights the reciprocal rays in the selected successor. And I affirmed Three Beams. But they also need time to flaring up. And consuming, they are as real as the real light, and they may be visible. People do not see them, but they clearly and strongly feel the impact and reaction on themselves giving them various names. The feelings of influence on your aura grow up under the human misunderstanding, so be able to discern the power of three growing beams. People clearly feel it, but they can not realize it because they do not know and do not believe that miracles may happen in the age of mechanical civilization. The Beams become stronger due to the tension. According to the degree of mastery of the collective consciousness you will judge on the strength of these three. But the Sun shines around as the light of the Arhat aura. Everyone shines, but if the light within him is nothing but darkness? Thus, you will strike and dispel darkness not knowing about that. The thicker this darkness is, the brighter the light is. For the serving does not stop day and night. And it will last until not only darkness but also shadows disappear. Thus, the one who stays in My Light and shines with It belongs to the cast of the Kshatriyas. A man born by Me will stay the warrior forever. My Warrior bears the cup of life very high.
28. (Jan. 20). The Lord, who is always with you, requires conscious tension during the contact. Thoughts gather around the Teacher. Possibilities of thoughts are not excluded, but they are dedicated to him, and they are about him. Then the answer comes immediately. The spirit decision about the holding of a forthcoming communication hour is also important. The boundaries of the communication are likely to take their shapes. The shells get so accustomed to the process of Communication that they are boundaries no more. Finally, the total aspiration of the whole microcosm appears. This quality is very rare and elusive. Confidence in simplicity and clarity of the communication makes it much easier. A firm and sure hand puts it into effect. But the spirit wire needs to be hold in total purity and readiness. As in the phone booth of remote operation, the booth must be well isolated from outside noises and sounds of the very environment. The isolating pall can be made by thickening it to the degree of visibility. It is impervious to the lower vibrations, but it is open for the Beam. Pronouncing the Name of the Teacher breaks the tension of surrounding energies. And the spirit bridge opens for communication. Easiness of communication is not always easy, but the currents of space influence on it, and they are sometimes very powerful. One cannot require ordinary perception by nodal events because the essence of the planet exerts oneself. Then silence is needed. Waves of events must be met in silence of the spirit. To relive them and worry by them means to enter their waves and merge your consciousness with it. One needs to move away from the waves of future planetary reconstructions. It is important to separate from them in the consciousness in order not to be overflowed by them. Thus, there is an Order which is serenity and unity with the Lord. The one who is merged with Me is invulnerable.
29. (Jan. 21). First of all, we must remember that nothing passes without leaving a trace. Each aura has a glyph of every thought and every action. To protect your earthly actions means to make the film of your life in such a way that you may not be ashamed during the following viewing. Everything is recorded somewhere. Records of the past cannot be changed. Consequently, a cameraman of his life film should think what he puts on the indelibly film of achievements. He should also find strength and courage to be aware of his actions. And it is good for him if the actions and aspirations of his spirit outweigh the scales of his earthly actions which bring him down. But the essence of life is in mastering and subordinating all the events of microcosmic life to the spiritual will of all phenomena of living microcosm. The level of spirit’s height will not be ashamed of its lights. But the actions can not be estimated by their external form; they must be estimated by their internal content and the difficulty of their manifestation. Each offence may be committed under the will, being totally subordinated to the phenomenon of lower order, but also on the contrary, that is with the permission of the will. The accomplishment of the action with the will permission does not destroy the fiery treasure. But the subordination of the will to the lower tendencies and the subordination of the will to the impulses of the past break the sphere of microcosm polarization. And you can see the same actions made by different people with very different effects. But having surrendered the deeds and actions to the will, we should still think about white wings being white and spotless. We must not bind them with a burden. As the spirit grows, his unnecessary remnants fall away. Do not burden ourselves with our disadvantages because this excessive memory bothers the ascending. You must put a cross of past accomplishments and consequences on your shoulders with fortitude. The teacher will select everything unnecessary and time will tell when you may dump your unwanted load. You cannot swim without your burden. This ballast gives you stability. You can live on the Earth, being somehow related to it; otherwise, the spirit will rush to the sky and pass away the earthly life without precious nectar of life experience. And the whole life is given only for the sake of experience. The experience is the only purpose of life on Earth. Whether it is sweet or bitter, it decides it by itself. But the bitter experience of suffering is the most valuable for rise. Happy, cloudless and carefree life lived in well-being and abundance is usually useless. But life which is full of difficulties, hardships and exorbitant tensions ignites the fires of the spirit. The assessment of living conditions is fulfilled not by human standards. The basis of this evaluation is a degree of upward movement of the spirit. Useful is everything that promotes ascending, and damaging is everything that slows down or even stops the rise. If a good action, from a human point of view, slows down the rise, it is certainly harmful. If an apparently bad deed promotes the ascent, it is necessary and needed. "Good" people are often more harmful for ascending of the spirit than "bad" ones. Only darkness within a man is certainly harmful. The impulses of the body and its needs should be considered in terms of their need avoiding indulgence and, particularly, fanaticism. You cannot reach Me with tortures, languor of the flesh, as well as connivance of its voice. Golden mean is commanded. Let us support it. But the man himself is both a judge and a respondent.
30. Approving the light in you, I tell your lower self which makes My Light extinct, "Buffoon, reduce the scope of your manifestations. What do you want? To interrupt the path I have shown? Do you want to dim the highest lights with earthly lights?" The Earthly thing must stay on Earth and it must not prevail in your heart. Do not take the lightings of the past for reality as you do not take yellow leaves for a symbol of coming spring. Let us go despite everything and everyone. But hold Me tight, do not lose touch with Me in your consciousness, do not allow anything to stand between us. I will tell you about My first-calling over and over again, while the ghost of moon face does not erase and disappear in My light. People of the moon's path, how many of you still ply the water surface? You are moving, hazy, volatile ghosts. When will the light of mankind make you and your phantoms disappear? Everything is allowed, but unwavering aspiration of spirit does not hold for a moment in its all-absorbing aspiration. Let us strengthen our aspiration! Strive to the Lord with all you essence. And when you smile to the moment of vanity in the circle of people, you are not judged until you are with Me. Be with Me going through everything you have in your life. You cannot forget Me in the whirlwinds of flying time, as long as I'm with you; you are in rays of life. But you can imagine the horror of darkness if the Lord leaves you alone in everything that still captures your consciousness with its transient whirlwinds. Therefore, fill the life of your consciousness with the unseen presence of the Lord in the brightness of the day and the twilight of the night. For without the Lord it would be empty in your deserted heart. My son, it is time when My Light confirms in your light with three rays. And you must leave your childish attraction to delusive sparkles of life. Everything is in Me, and everything is filled with My Spirit. The surrounding life is refracted through the prism of My light, and its darkness and sorrows drown in the Beam of My Light. It illuminates the path of life. Approve the solemnity of life manifestation and multiply the fires of solemnity. And do not allow the vibrations of surrounding consciousness’s rule over you and paint your consciousness. Let them but not you live with false evidence of the moment. We must learn to ascend over smoke-filled stench of earthly life conditions on the wings of the spirit. Do not turn aside from the falling light. You need wakefulness in order not to fall under the terrible power of the present. It captured people's consciousness and devoured the faint glimmers of light that their consciousness was able to perceive. Today they cry, tomorrow they cry and laugh in the embrace of their elusive life. You, whose eyes I have opened, do not close your eyes on guard. You, who approve the light in darkness, approve My light.
31. (Jan. 22). The blessings of Heaven should not be waited. They should be taken. So that it depends on the will of people. For daring is approved as the highest form of receiving the gifts of the spirit. Thus, a formula "dare, Child" is a formula of receiving. For the spirit decides its own way. Who did not receive did not dare.
32. Yes, Yes, Yes, emerging rays are visible to Me but not to you. The essence of a disciple for a teacher is an open book. He sees and knows everything better than its possessor. Hence there is an inerrancy in determining the processes of hidden changes in the disciple. And if I Say “yes”, then who can Say "no"? The one who was sent the ray of happiness must not disturb the ongoing processes with his unreasonable actions. That is why the strict execution of instructions is required. Human forgetfulness is great, and what was told yesterday is forgotten today. For it is told about repeating of orders. And only when the specified property is a part of nature and its essence, we can say that the decree is made. The decree is a condition of sent opportunities implementation. Who can say when a path becomes the fastest way to climb? But The Teacher Can. When the movement is fast enough, hard particles fall away not being able to keep up with the running of the ship. Endeavour. Speed of the flight eliminates mound of stagnation and piles of dusty heaps.
33. The light is a connector of the worlds. The Light Bridge connects the heavenly bodies among themselves. In the rays of this light the energies of further worlds are rushing along. It is told about ray creation. The energy of the Beam creates because there are such elements in it which combine with each other and connect with elements of oncoming spatial bodies generating new types and combinations of matters. The Ray is material, and it is saturated with the finest substance of a matter creating life. Myriads of electrons rush in the glow. The mystery of the Rays is an object of the future. The decision of life must be searched in the properties of the spatial rays.
34. (Jan. 23). My word will not slacken. You can build on My words as on a firm and steady foundation. Human words are like flowing water. They do not have neither Light nor truth or immutability. Empty shells give birth to empty shells, forms without content and going without a trace. My word lives a thousand years without losing its monolithic form or dynamics of fire kept in it. For the words spoken by philistine’s or the Arhat’s consciousness are outwardly the same but inherently different as Light and darkness, as an infinite ray in the space and a weak going out spark. Only the word of heart is the true Word. Only the word which is saturated with his fire is worth of its name. Future schools will introduce a new science, “culture of words” which is totally lost now. Lecherous words tear the space filling it with space slime of half-put waste or even worse creating bright and distinct shapes charged with black and brown smoky lights. And these geeks of creative dark consciousness live by embedded force too. The potentially growing consciousness invests lights of heart in them, and if these lights are not cleaned, the harm is of planetary scale. Guard yourself from the horror of ill-considered and irresponsible words. The Word as energy released in space leaves its track leaving its glyph on aura too. The view of aura speckled with marks of low, unworthy, filthy, vulgar and impure words is awful. A man will answer for every word spoken in vain. Let us add: a man is already judged today on its aura as indelible marks of each spoken word. Let us say that every spoken word is from darkness or Light, with all consequences of Light or darkness energy which obtained its title within their own microcosms. The energy that created the child of thoughts, a word, remains within the scope of the microcosm as a potential charge for future achievements. For the discipline of words is asserted. According to the spoken words, it is easy to identify the inner world of a man if you attach a little attention and observation. Words as carriers of ideas require conscious and careful treatment. The Arhat is fluent in the discipline. The discipline of thoughts, the discipline of the spirit, the discipline of words! Where is the border between them? But the word having an earthly form of its expression is the easiest to take into account. And if you thoughts can be hidden, the word is an earthly manifestation of the thought. It is a big question. You can start the approval of the discipline over the words and the speech under any conditions. It is not enough to stop or minimize the number of spoken words to the most necessary. Each word must be passed through a conscious control before being said. One must understand the essence of subtle energies; one must realize that we deal with fire. One should feel his responsibility for the word. Irresponsible words cannot exist. A man is not a parrot, but he is a begetter of thin and powerful matters. One needs to consciously enter the areas of subtle energies, to see their reality and their terrible consequences caused by their insulted and incorrect application. Solemnity can restrain the frantic dance of vulgarity. Solemnity in life and thinking delivers from horror of ill-conceived words. Keep the Word because it is a gift of evolution. Let millions of years of silent existence of extinct races remind of the sacred meaning of the Word. The Gift of the Lords is not understood by the mankind and it is violated by an unwise heel. A sacred language passed away and stayed only in Ashrams. The lost wealth of the spirit expression must be returned to the Earth. Let us think about the meaning of the word. And let us approve its sacred meaning with our hand.
35. Aspiration gives birth to opportunities. Therefore, the key to the opportunity door of opportunity is always in our hands. But if the lever of the law power is in our hands, whether the receiving depends on us too? For the Highest World is always open, but you need to consciously and voluntarily aspire to it in order to touch it and take its gifts, it is necessary to strive for it knowingly, voluntarily and will of their own. This is the essence of daring. The one who dares has the sphere of his aspiration wide open. Consciousness as an arrowhead of thoughts pierces the response object and connects it with a rushing thought. Let us try to enhance the clarity of the response. How? It can be done with clarity of a question or with clarity of rushing thoughts. The Supreme World is immense in its variety and versatility. Which of its brinks does you consciousness want to touch? The line of touch is determined by either my or yours wills. But the will directs the movement of consciousness. When your will and the will of a leading Hierarch merge into a single aspiration, the spheres of touch are limited by opportunities and wills of the Teacher. The door opens into the world of endless possibilities. All atoms in a flying boom rush in a single flight and in fully rushed microcosm. As your aspiration goes to Me or through Me, the leading High Will becomes a moving force of consciousness? You fill pages of records with your hand, but the power of processes is saturated with My will implemented in the actions of your will. Yes! Correctly! The process can be deepened and strengthened consciously, but it requires deeper and higher degree of unity. Who can affirm that he achieved a total unity? So deepening and refinement of the connection with the Lord becomes the way of life. And there is no limit to the refinement and improvement of Communication degrees. So the way to Infinity becomes the way of daily occurrence, and everyday things become a carpet for a feat. A precise working of the spirit cannot depend on chances if there is a certain rhythm. The bearing power of this rhythm is wings of the aspiring energy. For, My son, your happiness is in your hands. You have a winged bird of happiness in your hands. It is a Falcon which brings the prey of the spirit. Just show it what you have seen in the sky. He will bring you the prey. The world of subtle energies being approved within you and the finest fiery World are bound with a wire of the spirit. It passes energy vibrations from the top to the bottom until your consciousness becomes a conscious level of the Fiery World. But where your heart is, there is your treasure. Living the mental life of your heart means mental living in My heart. To live with your heart is to live with love for the Lord. Here is your heart; it aspires to Me and picks the gifts of the spirit. Freshness and the size of diamond flows do not go out but grow and enhance. A drink of life sparkles with crystals of higher energies, and it is eternal in its inexhaustibility. My son, do not you think that your Lord will fall silent and run out like a purling spring? My Son! The Lord is Unchangeable. Because everything will pass, the Earth and the Sun, the planets and the stars, but the Lord is everlasting! So creating on Me builds on the Stone of the eternal basis of life.
36. Now let us talk about another thing. The wave of events is approaching, and it provides warnings for sighted and heedful to get ready. For the space sounds and it is saturated with future changes. If people believed their heart and listen to its voice more, a picture of upcoming renovation of the world would obtain clearer outlines. Future is inevitable as tomorrow. All waste will burn in the light of yesterday. Fog of misunderstanding will disperse, and elemental water will rush back. But only the willingness of consciousness will fully meet a giant wave of planetary events and we will not get lost. Both the Earth and those who stand on it will ripple. Shock and shaking will be great. Will everyone survive? The ones who stay on the rock of the spirit as on an impregnable tower will watch the waves of natural events being beyond the reach of their rage. Thus, our readiness must be heightened. But this readiness is in the spirit. So let us approve the spirit. I affirm the power of the spirit despite any clearness as a ram-cutwater against waves. The ram of keen consciousness will break approaching waves as a bow of a ship cuts ocean waves. We will reach the promised. And we do not only keep the spirit power but also redouble it. We will enter the area of New World’s life like hardened, experienced warriors.
37. My son, Closeness of the Lord determines your future. Our nearest are the same in ages, and there are a few of them. And there are few synthetics among them. A synthesizing mind is rare. Synthesis means understanding the connection between the parts of phenomena and the understanding of the phenomenon, the whole phenomenon, its place in space etc. Each occurrence is seen as a part of a single whole world you’re becoming a part of it. It bears great understanding both of a human and what happens outside him. Everything finds its place and everything is in place. Synthetic understanding of life is a measure of the Arhat, which he uses to approach phenomena of life and the very life. The Arhat lives in a world but not in the world of his creations. And, being in the ecumenical world, being part of this world, he goes into the ocean space and lives the spatial life. And a minor planet takes its place among its mates. Who can say where the boundaries of the Arhat understanding are and which areas restrict its activities? The life of spheres in three plans is open for him, and he accomplishes his mission in each of them on the instructions of the Lord. These spheres become full with the Light of Lords through the nearest just as it happens on Earth. They are the nearest that carry out the Hierarchy’s predestinations. And the closer you get the more important is your commission. The most sacred commissions are given to the closest. Your future is contemplated, and your commission is waiting for you. There is a systematic training for its successful implementation, and your spirit is growing stronger for the most important task. Our orders are always difficult, and they can be performed only by the closest. They require neither fee nor reward for the execution of the Lord’s will is the expression of their entity. Who boasts of having such workers? They go to the hardest feat gleefully demanding nothing in return. And the light of their Lord is visible but not for the world which abuses them. The Light of My warriors is strange to the Earth, and it is not recognized. But My light shines for people from your light. And My order is to bring the Light to them who forgot and rejected Me. They want to live without light but drown in darkness and reject Me, they put on the dome of hopelessness. Go and tell them My word how you did for centuries. And My word, which is life, will give them an explosion of life. Consciousnesses will explode from brains in order to strive forward. For they will have to feed themselves with food assimilated with brains. Teaching of life put on the clothes of the century to make the form of its expression comprehensible for those who forgot the spirit language. You will accomplish My commission and come back to Me as the same beloved and devoted son and a welcome visitor for the spirit meal. And then you will go in the world carrying a new order. The mother who inspires and ennobles you will stay with you in all your lives. She needs you just like you need her. The mutual aspiration is reciprocal. And who knows, whether the closest to her? When I unite the power of two your auras feeding and enhancing each other for a commission fullfilment, the effect will be particularly strong. I will break counter flows with it and I will break the resistance of those who are against. I will intensify your transient happiness to saturate you for the days when you stay alone. Now the support is within her, but when you lose it you will find her again and stay with her. I Say: I claim Mother’s power in your light and with you. Not of your shortcomings is her love for you, but it is above them from the past to the future. Never doubt her love. The lord is immutable, and you know My Love, and it's mine and in Me. We are merged forever, and you are ours, our son, a space son from cosmic Mother and Father. Comprehend the imparted secret and keep it from spilling. There are earthly and cosmic bonds. The first are in blood on the ground, the second are from the spirit. I bound you in order to asseverate the spirit by blood in the run of past thousand years. This bond is dual. Thus, there is your closeness to Me. And you do not put anyone higher that her on earth. The heart feels these invisible eternal bonds, Silver bonds of happiness. Because joy is in thinking about her who carried you at her heart, and there is love.
38. Yes, My friend, "you will have sorrows in the world" – these are words turned exactly to the disciples. For ordinary people used to have sorrows, and it was not indispensable and necessary. But a disciple must drain the cup of woe. And mourning carried at the throne of light will dawn all colors of the rainbow. The great law of equilibrium reigns in space. The victims who suffered here are happy there, for there are no reasons of earthly suffering, earthly conditions caused them. The earthly limits are narrow for a lighted spirit. And even the golden cage does not satisfy the spirit aspiration. For freedom is in the spirit. And the one who found it in the spirit is free everywhere and under any conditions. But this freedom on Earth is related to earthly difficulty because the spirit, this sensitive fiery apparatus, cannot pass without replying to human suffering. Hence there is a burden of this world. But he carries his burden not for himself but for the world absorbing a part of darkness wrapping the planet. So do not be afraid of a grief chalice. When it is especially bitter, let us remember that it is the way of all the Arhat’s. The way of the Arhat is not easy, but we need to go to the Kingdom of Light on earth, and, having possessed all earthly lights, capture the Highest light and subdue them. For everything inside and outside a man must be subordinated to his creative will. The Arhat never subdues free will of another person. But if conditions require any action from the other mind, the Arhat polarizes his consciousness that the required action of a person becomes inevitable. Stone bearers know how spontaneously people aspire to fulfill their order. A wheel of fulfillment is a right of the Arhat.
39. (Jan. 25). Of course, the given is stipulated by frameworks of consciousness, characteristics of the receiver, time, age, nature of aspiration and many other circumstances. Consciousness, being totally purified from total nuisance, gives clear and unconditional reflection of My thoughts. A form of expression can also be a rapidly flowing form of this epoch and be very restricted by peculiarities of a century or even a decade. But you can give a thousand-year-form of expression, i.e. it will not lose its vital authenticity during a thousand years. Though, you can liken to the writer: one is forgotten and it can become obsolete for twenty years, the other lives for centuries without losing freshness of a language. The expression of ancient prophecies was usually in such forms that outlive their time more than a millennium. We will learn to express our thought in its long-term form, so as not to lose its vitality and freshness in the centuries.
The Hierarchy will always exist, as well as those who should stay behind it: leading and driven, a Teacher and a pupil, the Lord and going for the Lord. So the question of the relationship between a teacher and a disciple is alive and vital, till the sun shines, and even afterwards. Everyone who knocked receives his answer form the Lord. The answer conforms to the size of the consciousness, including his personality. There are not two identical answers. The higher and wider consciousness is, the more perfect in the name of the whole mankind the response is. People put a form of their misunderstanding and narrow-mindedness on the Single Eternal Truth. Otherwise, they cannot understand even a little. The Teacher is concerned about his pupil’s apprehending the Single Truth in its less distorted form during its interpretation by human’s consciousness. Thus, clear and precise forms are preferable. And along with time demands, the forms of Eternal everlasting Truth intended for very long existence are given. The Cosmic Truth is expressed in the form of a Law. And the higher this Law is, the more cosmic and comprehensive it is. There are laws concerning only the Earth or our Solar system, or our Galaxy, or the entire Space. The forms of matter and its life expression can be different on different planets, and physics or chemistry textbooks should be written in different ways. Conditionality of planetary calculation of time for various planets is obvious. The same criteria exist for life forms of plant, animal and human worlds. And the more material the sphere of expression is the more differences are there. The higher and more spiritual this sphere is, these differences are, until they do not disappear completely in the Fiery World. Everything is united in the spirit. Each in its own way, but it is still in the spirit. Fire is a great unifier, and this unification can be searched only in the Highest. The world of matter is a base of the pyramid: the points of angles are located far but at the highest point that crowns the top merges all together. A distant star is for million-year-light rays away from the Earth, but there are no distances in the Fiery World. Everything that seems to be separated on earth merges at the highest point. Thus, the spirit is a unifier of matters. There are special laws of gravity for Light and Fire, and they are different from ordinary ones. Therefore, the decision is upwards. The closer a form of truth expression is to the top, the more and more durable it is. Thus, it is said that the Sun and the Moon will pass, but not any iota of the law will pass until everything comes true.
40. The Teacher monitors the creativity of disciple’s thoughts. Every thought has its form. Consciousness is surrounded by those forms which are typical for it or by those which have made on it particularly strong and deep impression. By these fingerprints on the plastic mass of elemental matter the Teacher reads the world of pupil’s mental creativity as an open book. Of course, prints in consciousness of the surrounding cannot be avoided, but one can avoid outrage without paying attention to it and not allowing the consciousness to focus on it. You can let your consciousness sound deep and complete on the forms of the higher order enhancing their essence, and reduce the brightness of everything unwanted not feeding them. Each mental shape lives and vibrates through the vitality of its creator. Microcosm connects with each mental form which flows away from the fire like a hose, or umbilical cord, or a connective thread. Thoughts-vampires, or tarts, are baneful because they suck out the life force of their begetter depending on the extent of their possession of fallen under their power consciousness. There is slavery of their own thoughts or a thought which has flown from outside, but it found a fertile ground for its existence in this shelter of consciousness. Thoughts support themselves with the existence but at the expense of those who come across as friendly hosts. Combining with the same bastards of their owners, they acquire double force devouring mental energy. It is important to give yourself a clear report of whom and what we feed with our radiation. To see these bastards sticking into the aura and hanging on it is not pleasant. As worms, they suck life juices out of the body. And people’s faces are often pale and exhausted not because of illness but because of a pack of negative thoughts. Prevention of these thoughts is vital. One needs to keep his consciousness from this pack of vampires. One can imagine a victim surrounded by a bunch of these predators in the Subtle world. And it cannot protect itself from them. Most people on earth are victims of their own and others' thoughts. And the worst thing is that nobody is aware of this fact. Everyone thinks and everyone begets but what and how?! These forms are often saturated with emanations and substances of astral matters, and they are roughly material in their structure pulling the consciousness down especially hard. The sphere of pure, free from astral particles mental gives birth to a thought which is already devoid of heaviness of the lower layers of consciousness. A solution of interesting algebraic sum and the phenomenon of gambling provide a series of thoughts of different orders, both mental and karmic. Some nourish intellect, the others nourish astral bodies; some absorb mental energy, the others absorb astral one. Astral emotions wear out a body and not so much by power of astral phenomena in the consciousness that is by an action or actions, as by an astral-material thought. We come to the phenomenon of vibrating membranes once more. The astral must be tamed in all its forms and manifestations. Otherwise, there is no advance. You can act in two ways: on the one hand, to put all force of the raving astral, on the other hand, to completely withdraw the astral beginning. At the same time there can be no external signs, and the actions may be seen as absolutely the same. But there will be a great difference if the actions will be interpreted as the phenomena of the Subtle World. Thus, the culture of actions should enter the life as microcosmic life prevention. The discipline of the spirit will be understood as a discipline of thoughts and feelings, and as restraint of activities for all membranes. The power is affirmed with a strong hand harshly and decisively. There can be no mercy for guzzlers of the spirit power. We enter the stage of practical impartiality when manifestations of astral orders are completely excluded in the life of the day. The very actions stay apparently the same, but everything from astral is mentally separated and removed as sweepings and extraneous substances from the from top-quality seeds. Everything is done in the same way as it was before but without a tyrannical power of astral. Everything is permitted and allowed, but there is no more karmic beginning in the process. Everything is the same but without the astral: words, feelings, thoughts, actions, and, in a word, the whole essence of microcosm life manifestation goes at a higher level of vibration of the scale. Thus, three beams approve themselves in action. So we approve the power of three plans for three spheres of action. They are you and I who exists in you.
41. (Jan. 26). Are you a Son? Yes, you are. Are you approved? Yes, you are. What is adoption? This is a seagoing anchor thrown away, and the ship is pulled to it tightly and surely. And the further it is, the higher the promotion is. The ship of the spirit moves forward, in the future. It is a sense and a destination of affirmation. It is a guarantee of the future. And if it is claimed, it is assured, the Lord, and the way is immutable. The affirmation must be taken consciously. I plan the evolution of your spirit and I give you landmarks. They determine the direction and allow the spirit slavery. With the landmarks of this affirmation one can trace the path and the path lying ahead, and see it clearly outlined. The seemingly vague sections of road should be passed, without visible support. They are given for strengthening the spirit. All assignments must be completed, as they are the conditions for further advancement. The process of transformation becomes the way of living and the essence of all actions. And any step that s disciple makes must not be the last. He could never stop. The path of the Arhat is the way of perpetual transformation. It is wrongly to think that you can stop after the illumination. The whole essence of being is in the process of constant rising, and even the involution in a matter is like a reverse flow on the surface or in the depths of a powerful river, carrying its waters into the ocean of eternity. For the process of eternal transfiguration is called the way of life. The Arhat follows the ways of eternity. His desires and aspirations are a thread stretched into Infinity; they are stretched very deliberately and with knowledge of the Aspiration Law. It is discarded from the minds forward and, perhaps, far, far away, it is like a magnet which attracts, fascinates the consciousness on the channel laid in the fire of aspirations to its endpoint. Hence there is an occult significance of aspiration. Going through with force of aspired energy, it paves the way for the spirit being connected with a channel for progressive motions. Therefore, the affirmation of the hardest, the furthest and the highest quality in oneself means to build a bridge to it and realize its acquisition. And if one or ten lives are needed for this, it does not matter, because the grain of aspiration is already put, the form of a sprout is outlined and the channel is dug in time. So desire the most difficult things. This is also a path of the Arhat. Someone might say about groundless dreamy inactivity and castles in the air. But one cannot build even a house without a hidden primary form. And both creative dreams and creative thoughts are movers of a mankind. Thus, we will not limit ourselves on the way of our spirit transfiguration. My son, do you know that your Lord goes to you the same way and stepping on the path of everlasting transfiguration you consciously step on the way of your Lord? And it is only the beginning! Think about the things which wait for you on this great and arduous path of light. Are there only burdens, frustration and sorrow? They all are just temporary road accidents of any spiral turn. But the path of light is a way of higher happiness, the happiness and joy of the spirit. The way of happiness lies high above the curves of earthly living conditions. It is an astral way of happiness.
42. The state of complete physical immobility is very difficult. It shows the degree of mastering physical matters. The state of complete immobility and fading of the astral body means power over astral. The silence of minds and cessation of thinking, or rather, thoughts is a mastery of mental. Mastering of three areas and making three conductors silent at the behest of their bearer, the spirit is the approval of power over them, over each of three and over all three. You can experience the activity of astral bodies with total mental and physical body immobilization, when a mental body is silent and a physical body is motionless. Every experience is very interesting by itself. You can turn off any of the conductors and connect them in pairs or let your consciousness act in only one of them. So you can say the words with passionless body and feelings: the body is motionless, the face is impassive, and the voice is emotionless. The Voice sounds, the word is said, but physical and astral beginnings are absent. Of course, vocal cords must act, and a mouth must move and a tongue must move too, but we do not speak about them, we speak about total silence of other things which are not directly related to these ones. You can speak panting from excitement, waving arms and legs and moving the whole body. We speak about the antipode of this phenomenon when intemperance is replaced by approval of control and power. You can perform actions alternately removing from them any start, either physical or astral and mental one. For example, when focusing on the face and enforcing a mental body to keep silence the movement of mental particles stops, and My thought which is not shaded by any movement of mental shells of its bearer appears in its entity. Fading of motion in the astral body allows to fuller express the very mental body. The ability to control one’s own feelings and shells opens up unexpected possibilities which can not manifest under other conditions for a disciple. One restraint of the astral by using intelligence is good, but it is not a solution because intelligence is limited in its scope. But combining with spirituality, the same condition opens the gates to the realm of conscious manifestation in all three plans. This subtle and deep work over the microcosm and within the microcosm is possible under any life conditions. This work is fascinating, and it requires great sophistication. The Will being the supreme factor of consciousness comes into its royal right and asserts its dominance over three conductors, three bodies and matters, and as a consequence, over the three-planned matter inside it and its own matter of three plans outside it. They are the power over physical, astral and mental matters. The degree of the Arhat power is achieved and the one who approved it becomes the Arhat. A fiery will, a liquid fire, reaches the degree of special tensions before the phenomenon of power approval may happen. And, having reached this degree of tension, the fiery will reaches the degree of apparent luminosity generating a beam of light which establishes in the microcosm. The mystery of the physically invisible Ray, affirms in the form of rays emanating from their bearers in the Subtle World. The opening centers give them their distinctive and individual coloring. The one who approved his power over the astral body and subdued his matter to his will has special power over the astral body of every human being, for astral vibrations of another person easily and freely obey the will of the winner as his own astral. Having controlled his mind and thoughts, and having established his dominance over them as easily as over his own thoughts he manifests his power over the thoughts of someone else's microcosm. For who is able to win over himself, wins a victory over everything. A path to power is clear, simple and accessible all the time but one needs a strong determination to go to a successful end. The Crown of the Arhat is difficult to receive. And no one, except the winner, can put it on.
43. (Jan. 27). Mine or yours, My thoughts or its thoughts or both fill the consciousness. Need a full release from the thoughts and a total clean detection of My thoughts is required. One needs the highest degree of detachment from oneself, the highest degree of selflessness. The formula "reject yourself" is a formula of awareness, or recognition of the Higher World. The decrepit "I" must be rejected. This is the most necessary condition of following people used to one-sidedly interpret the Old Testament. It was said: "turn away from yourself, take your cross and follow Me”. What should we reject to make our way successful? The same lower conductors, or shells to lose one’s soul, that is to shed them. This "soul" is a legacy of the animal past, the karmic principle and the earthly wisdom which is enmity against God, i.e. the Earth's mind, or intellect, along with a bearer of both the physical body and "I" which should be overridden and shed. Having accomplished their evolutionary task and allowed the highest “I”, the everlasting eternal Individuality, grow in the shells, they must be dropped as a butterfly sheds its cocoon before the flight. And only then the higher “I”, the immortal human individuality gets wings of the spirit. For the process of suspension, or separation the lower from the higher is the most important process for the Arhat stage approval. The process is versatile and complex but it is an interesting page of a rebellious spirit life. Can one live without astral here on Earth? In the Higher Worlds it is possible, for when astral shells are shed, this unnecessary intermediate form, a man continues to live and not only does not lose his "I" but, on the contrary, becomes wider and unlimited in his manifestations. But this harmful husk can be eliminated even in life, bringing the life of a matter of the astral body to silence. A physical body dies without food. An astral body will also stand still if it is not fed and allowed to manifest in its own microcosm. A man does not subdue and harness himself; he fights not with himself but with outdated and unnecessary for its evolution, played its part form of expression. Do not forget that the main feature or the property of this shell is reflexion and automatism in the manifestation of reactions on the external influences and impulses within it. The establishing fiery will is the very sword that strikes and should hit the threshold, astral Dragon, a monster with all his past dark accumulations. Of course, this is a life-and-death struggle. For the moon beginning, or karmic principle, must be destroyed. And the silver power of the spirit grows during its restraint, overcoming and submission. In My freedom you will understand and see you freedom. Because I am the one who defeated the Dragon and subdued the astral matter of the planet. I, who subdued all seven, Call you for approval, mastering and submission of three to affirm three rays. So on everything that abundantly offers life we will study to affirm the power of the spirit over the manifestations of lower shells. Astral is the strongest, the most earthly shell among them because it is not a body, but it is the astral that fills the body with earthly lusts and causes the shells to vibrate in fits of uncontrolled and violent emotions. Every manifestation of the emotional beginning is of a blasphemy against the spirit and the trampling of inner light. Until when will the spirit be under unconscious folly, being trampled by it? The Spirit, the free, fiery spirit, infinite and omnipresent is in captivity of the astral, in its prison, often even unconscious! What could be sadder than this voluntary imprisonment? Smash up the bond of the spirit, break down your dungeon, and raze this gloomy building of the past to the ground. There can be no indulgence to your restrictions. A free spirit does not need slavery chains. You must see, explore and understand your enemy, and only then your stroke will fatal. The harm of seeming innocence is great. And that fact that everyone lives with it makes it even more dangerous. For it kills vigilance. But the enemy is strong and terrible. You can see this horrible monster lost its human face in all his brute nature in a brutal crowd. Human passions are hideous, and they are awful in their manifestation. It is not an innocent and harmless dying shell, but it is a beast, ferocious, fierce, and dangerous beast who gave and gives rise to all heinous crimes of the century, the horrors of modern life, all evil revolted against the light. Overcoming oneself is a great feat because overcoming oneself the winner overcomes evil and darkness of the world, a world animal, a universal beast of darkness. Hitting the Dragon in himself, he strikes it on the planet and makes a great universal deed. He releases the Earth from the power of the astral matter and he subdues an astral serpent to the divine will of his spirit. This great feat of the spirit is deep and significant. Thus, great appears from small, and the light wins a victory over the Dragon of darkness.
44. The appearance of the Lord surpasses human understanding. To see does not mean to understand. Understanding expands with a growth of consciousness. Consciousness grows with the Aspect of the Lord. The closer the contemplated object is, the more it takes place against a background of the horizon. The closer the Lord is, the more space in consciousness is filled with Him until He Fills the entire consciousness and the entire microcosm, and the invisibly visible approves his eternal presence. The presence of the Lord in the heart becomes an integral and permanent condition. As a man lives, breathes and act in the light of the day, so he lives, breathes, and acts in the light of the Lord, but he is not interrupted by the Night Pralaya. The Arhat consciousness is continuous in My Light, and it acts on three plans. A body is awake or asleep; it does not matter, because the mind is persistent. Continuity of consciousness indicates a degree of its tension. The tension of consciousness and immortality are the phenomenon of an order. Hence there is a doctrine of tension as a way to immortality. When the three are overridden, the consciousness rises above them. But the higher the plane of consciousness is, the more subtle and intense a degree of its energy vibrations is. The colors of the light scale differ in the degree of vibrations and the number of oscillations of every light wave. Similarly, three beams, as well as seven rays of the Lord: the higher they are the more refined they are, and the higher the frequency of oscillations is. Watching a green color, the consciousness, or the center, freely records frequency of the green light wave because the recording center and the perceiving beam are tuned correspondingly, that is, in one vibratory manner. A vibrating key of stars, spots and other light formations of spatial fire belong to a higher order, and therefore, in order to detect them with eyes, or rather with our mental, fiery center located behind, there must be a tension increase or a key of this center vibration, or its lightning on the basis of our vision. Because similar things are perceived by similar things, and any sophistication of a phenomenon is comprehended with sophistication of the perceiving apparatus. Hence there is a deep meaning of the law of correspondences and the formula "similar similibus cognoscuntur” (similar things are perceived by similar things). To understand the world of fire, it is necessary to become fiery, and to capture the sound of the flame, it is necessary to become flame-sounding. Thinning of his fiery spirit apparatus becomes the task of the Arhat. There is much to comprehend, but it cannot be done immediately. A sophisticated apparatus requires skillful handling. And here we need a Teacher’s hand. There is no ascent without a Teacher. Thus, the Arhat goes under the teacher’s Ray in constant tension of transformation from small to subtle. The process is unthinkable without a Teacher. To give an indication, it is necessary to know and see. The Teacher sees and knows. The hidden essence of a pupil and a degree of rarefaction of its shells are in front of Him as an open book. Complete faith and confidence in the driving Hand is a necessary condition of leadership. Therefore all doubts are rejected. A lot can happen, but the Lord knows, foresees and plans. And only when the disciple’s free will is freely, voluntarily, and completely transferred to the will of the Lord, He can freely and unreservedly, without being bound by anything, lead the spirit of the rising consciousness. For it is told about commitment to the Lord. Obedience is a discipline of transmitting one’s will to the higher will and renunciation of one’s own will. Humility is a transfer of one’s own will to the will of the Lord and steadfast, courageous passing of those tests which he plans. Astral submission is important because it rebels against the Lord’s will and does not want to submit. Humility is needed to humble oneself. Humility is needed to subdue one’s will to the will of the Lord. Humility is needed to humble the shells. But it must be not slavish and humble but powerful, courageous and strong. Humility is not a submission to external conditions, but it is their overcoming and a victory over them. It is said not about the spread pathetic nonentity but about the power of the victorious spirit, for I am meek and humble in My heart. The one who understands the meekness and humility as acquiescence and submission to the darkness is far from the truth, and his way is closed. For meekness is teaming of yourself and three lowest in you, humility of their thousand-year and ancient power over the consciousness. We will interpret meekness and humility as fiery qualities of the spirit which has won a victory over the ancient dragon.
45. (Jan. 28). The ancient way is well-tried for the nearest go by it. And the new one is the same because it is colored with the light of coming individuality. There is one direction and the stages, but a unique variety of consciousnesses flourishes each of them with inimitable colors. And time, era and conditions of a national spirit impose their imprint. But under these conditions shine the sparkles of the single Light. And it does not matter, which form takes the Light to shine for people. For we care about the light. So, the Light of the Lord is refracted through the individual consciousness of the Arhat, and it gives rise to the self-coming rays that amplify as it grows. And the purpose of the Arhat is to absorb more light of the Lord for its transfiguration and refraction in the consciousness. There is no transfiguration without this assimilation. Only Teaching gives a self-coming ray. For the appliance of Teaching is approved as a base for advance. The application of the Order gives wings. It is necessary to make the Teaching of the Lords one’s own life in such a way that it can become an expression of your consciousness life. Therefore, the essence of life is focused on the Lord and the Lord’s Image that is the Arhat. It is hard to be a Teaching. It is hard to be an Image of the Lord. But I revealed of the Image of the Father which is in Me and in you, and the highest in you must reveal the highest from the Space. So a human becomes a bearer of Light. There are bearers of darkness, brothers of the opposite pole of fraternity, brothers of darkness. But the Arhat is a son of Light. The sons of Light who chose the path of life, and the sons of darkness who chose the path of darkness, all of them have made their decisions of their own free will. Freedom of the will is not broken by the spirit discipline, but it is affirmed by it. A transfer of the will to the Lord’s will is an affirmation of the highest freedom, the highest will, and the will of the highest “I” of the man. Wings of the Arhat are wings of spirit, free, not related to any human limitations and biased judgments. Freely goes the one who is free from all human fabrications and heaps. And his eyes are clean, being able to catch the sparkles of the Single Light in everything. Love and devotion to the Lord are essential, for the Lord is an attracting magnet. There is no way without Me. Everything is in the Lord, and everything is for the Lord. The Arhat brings his consciousness on the altar of Great Devotion. We call it the one who brought because he brings everything that belongs to him to the Lord inseparably, irrevocably and definitively. The path of light has no turning back but only in the abyss. So, you need to decide irrevocably, not being afraid of returning the mound. Moldy consciousness is deprived of advance, and it is like a stone grave in the Subtle World. Putting yourself in stone bonds is a way of a darken consciousness. But we need the way to the Light. A Path of Light is a path of the Arhat. A shining path is his path. It is a way of Eternal Light and to it. And every step that he makes is a step to Me. He does everything that requires his life but everything done by him approaches him to the Lord because everything is done in the Name of the Lord and for His sake. Consciousness is tuned to the key of continuous and tireless service to the Lord and spiritual unity with him. In dead temples of the old world people served only on holidays. They served bad: both ministers and those who served were bad. Spiritual unity with the Lord becomes an expression of the Arhat constantly and always, not just on holidays. Merging of consciousnesses is a real condition of life. We live, move and have our existence in the light of the Lord. The path of Great Devotion is begun, and the Records are the form of its expression. It requires considerable and particular labor. Interpreting this as workdays there will be not a vain result; because the action of energy aspired to Me can be considered in results. And only labor bears fruit in time. Do you know the fruit of those seeds which you are sowing now? But I know. And it is strange for Me to look at the enormous field of crops and see wonderful sprouts of life in the future centuries. Night, morning and day hours of privacy and work are unknown for people and hidden from their eyes. Lush rabid shoots are in the light of shining days of coming light centuries. My beloved son, the way of the Arhat is bright, and the life sprouts rise there where his leg stepped. And My hand is over you in all your doings. For the sake of the future light I give the Light. You do not see it, but I see and rejoice the greatness of sowing. Everything I do has great power. I being in you lead you to the tops. You will pass everything sacredly and safely with Me. Darkness surrounding your Light is violent, but I am with you. And I will scorch the hands stretching to you from everywhere with Fire of My Spirit. I will Lop the claws. I admit only those things which are important for Teaching and experience of life, for we learn on the life. If you only knew the power of your Lord! I, the Lord of Shambhala, am in you, My son, who follows the way of the Arhat, and I affirm My Light in three rays. I approve the power of three rays with My Power with Let it is. I Said!
46. What is the Lord doing? He forms the future of the planet. All energies are directed to the future. The present is considered only as a support, or a step to the future. The elements join together to form future combinations. A far plan for a shining human is made. And the earthly ship is going through the waves of time to the future. The realm of the invisible borough is a Kingdom of Earthly Fiery Form and of earthly humanity, which will be reached by the end of the seventh Cycle. And our concern is to build a bridge in this glorious future. The challenge is great, and the goal is far, and there are more than a thousand years onward. And we must show the mankind every step of the climb making ourselves examples, we and those few who are near us and who were during all past centuries. And only after we have approved a new step, it is given to humanity. We always go ahead and not for a year, not for a hundred years, not for a thousand years, but for a circle, and sometimes even more. And it is hard for the consciousness of the next circle to be in the consciousness of the fourth one. Hence there is a notion of Great Sacrifice. It is a sacrifice of indulgence to the lowest. Who will understand its depth? And those who took it are crucified. Crucifix of a spirit is more painful that crucifix of a body. And the chains of the lower matter conditions are unbearable for a refined spirit. It is like a robe for a diver for large depths, but ashore. We are seven who have taken the responsibility for the Earth. We are only seven among millions of tellurians. And the earthly burden is put on us and those few who are with us, and this pressure is heavy. The unmeasured burden is the Burden of the Arhat.
47. (Dec. 29). (Continued). Hence is the infinity of work, the duration of our tasks and the extreme value of time because we face the Eternity. It should seem there is nowhere to hurry if there is eternity onward. But we should hurry because millions of prisoners are languishing in prisons, being encased in armor. Do not we hurry seeing the suffering of others? Compassion to everything that is in the grip of the lower matter is the key to our actions. And if the doctrine of Heart is given, you can give the doctrine of Compassion as a foundation for Brotherhood creation. The owner of the Earth is also its planetary jailer. But we give the keys to every prisoner. And everyone must take the key to his own dungeon in his own hands and unlock it, open the heavy door and enter the room of Immensity in the spatial ocean of life. Of course, the currents of planetary life are directed by us. People continuously violate it, and we constantly correct the violation and Direct it again. The task is difficult because the law of human free will law must not be violated. Violation of someone’s will imposes grave fettle or weights on the legs of intruders, for violation of someone’s will puts this karma on the intruder and he must carry it forever. If the violators of a strange human free will know what cargo they take on themselves, whose will trample, nobody would ever break this great cosmic law. When the pupil voluntarily passes his will to the Lord, there is no violation but a merging, or harmonization of the leading will with the consciousness of those who are led. Thus, our task is to lead a mankind to understanding the cosmic laws, and to voluntary aspiration of consciousness’s to the highest ways. We have made a Plan of Evolution in a Stronghold, and we Call the mankind to turn their free will to this channel. But people’s ears are deaf, their hearts are silent, and how much suffering must people pass in order to open their eyes and ears, and make their hearts sound. And we are looking forward to joyfully meet everyone who opened his eyes of heart, and we do not leave anyone without help and guidance. Our Beam is roaming in the darkness of the worldly sea looking for risen heads. And he does not miss any of them because he has eagle-eyes. But everyone must singly raise his head. Consciousness does not see the Beam which is directed downwards and looks on the ground. Those who are in the Beam are protected. Our invisible helpers from the Subtle World help to protect the aspired consciousness. Awareness of the Beam and its acceptance are according to the consciousness. In order to accept the Beam, its assimilation and degeneration of the body and shells are needed. The rays go from the Sun. Our stronghold is the Sun of the planet, the spiritual Sun. It is flowing rays transmuting the whole microcosm of your planet. You cannot see the Sun without raising his head and not having met its beam. The stronghold is invisible and imperceptible for people because their heads are enthralled to the ground, and put down by the power of its attraction. The attraction of the lowest matter must be neutralized. And we help in this. Heavy particles existing in human microcosms are subjected to the Earth, and they are subjects of earthly beams attraction. A human must release his microcosm from these heavy eliminated particles. They are like ballast on the hot-air balloon or a rope which ties it to the Earth. One needs to shift off the ballast or cut the rope. The Magnet of the Stronghold is powerful. But the basic metal must be forged by the spirit alone. Otherwise, there is no attraction. A mystery of metals has a direct and immediate attitude to the human spirit and elements attracted by the spirit grain in the microcosmic orbit. And here is the law of conformity. The Lord’s Ray regulates the entrance of elements. Let us think about the balancing action of the beam. There is everything for those who realized it in the Ray of the Lord.
48. Any tricks can interrupt the contact and the rhythm of connection and work. It is the only way you can hope to win over the thing that can disrupt Communication. We need to understand not the eternity of our shortcomings and eternal connections with the Highest. How can you hope to completely win a victory if someone or something carrying down will be as strong that it could stop the attraction upwards? Let us think about immutability of the rhythm. Can the Sun change its way or can the Earth change its move? The Cosmic Rhythm is upright. Any deviation from it and any violation are baneful. And it does not matter how the shell manifest them, the highest way is above their manifestations. Of course, trips impede. As well as vibrations of conductors to the lowest point, for they complicate Karma and reinforce them; but you must go through something to overcome something. And having property, you do not deserve censure for attachment to things. And, not having anything to be blamed for slavery of things. So it is with deeds because it is not in the act but in slavery of feelings or emotions which accompany it. You can commit the deed, being free from its power or become its slave. Let us free from any slavery. Solomon Possessed everything and Had everything he Could wish for, and he was the true King, the King of the spirit, free from ties of his possessions. The essence of freedom lies in power over everything and anything that was, is or will be in one of three plans, or all three together. Freedom of the spirit is its freedom from the power of all three. You can live on everything and in everything but still be free from them and rule over them. Because the whirlwinds of movement in each of them we will not interpret as reality. The rock of the eternal foundation rises above them, and it cannot be neither affected nor shaken by them. The transient has no power over the eternal, unless a human will perceive the transient for the eternal in his dazzle, and will build his House on the transient which can be destroyed by the first vortex. It is removed from the lower spheres of consciousness even having touch with it. Be in the world but not of this world, or the Kingdom of three means to raise the consciousness above three and justify it on the rock of Eternity. So is everything: the good and the bad, weaknesses and strengths, falls and raises serve to the consciousness striving imperatively, and everything gives experience required for advance. You cannot overcome the matter without plunging into it; you can not break the chains of flesh without having experienced their burden and power.
49. (Jan. 30). What to do? To reinforce the aspiration, to speed the run running, to advance his flight to the future to the extent that the entity may burn and became fiery because of environment resistance. Heavy and unburned particles will burn in fire. The fire will purify the whole entity, and your aspiring essence will become fiery glowing. Salvation is in moving forward. Forward, forward, with all powers of the spirit. You can not dwell in the valley of darkness of astral experiences. The one who always aspired acquires fire immunity. One need to multiply the aspiration, separate everything that is not Me and must be eliminated from the consciousness. Going through the things that still sound at the lower octave, one needs to assert the dominance over it. The slave and the Lord can eat the same food, but one is a slave of food and overeating, the other is as a winner of hunger and the serpent of lust. In the same situation the one act as a bent slave and a victim of passion or a blur of gluttony, another- acts as a free spirit, the Lord of his feeling and emotions. The thing is not in the Act but in the spirit defining and determining the character of the action. One must approve the freedom from everything and in everything. Not everything is suitable for all but for its understanding. Not suppression but elimination is required. A captured prisoner remains a threat, because he is alive and survival. The process of elimination is accelerated with aspiration and Communication. So let every spark of the astral serve as a push for increasing the aspiration and affirmation of immutability of the ascending rhythm. And now let speak about the other things. There is nothing in the world surrounding us that belongs to us. Who can take the ray of the Sun, or air, or earth, or a piece of primary matter as his own? So, use everything, but do not take anything as yours. Because there is nothing own but everything is ours. All existing things and forms are temporary forms of different energies combinations. Who will argue that the Sun or the Moon exist forever? So is everything that sees an eye. Transitivity of things and events is something much more than destruction of things created with human hands. In manifestation of temporal forms in the material three-planned world there is a law of their evolution and a spiral ascendant gyre which has nothing repeated. The phenomenon irrevocably goes back to the past and comes back on the spatial spiral being absolutely different, changed in the turn of its manifestation circle. Hence there are inimitable things, people and phenomena. The phenomenon of analogy is still the same but there cannot be two identical events repeated in the spiral of time. As if everything is the same, but in fact it is not. But the law of analogy allows you not only to understand new phenomena on the basis of old, the former, and predict the future in the cycle of time, and on the same, but the highest point of the spiral. And if all human actions are viewed as points on the circumference of the spiral of this period of time, they can clearly forecast the following similar turnover of the spiral for all point and each of them taken separately. You can consider them as seeds that must give sprouts. Thus, the final idea is very important accompanying every human action in the future. A Thought is like soil that will feed the grain and give it some properties and conditions for growth. A thought can kill the vitality of seeds or, on the contrary, amplify it. You can care for good grains and do not feed weeds. A print of the spirit solution can be applied to everything that goes through the mind in order to sometime or somewhere come back on the spiral of spatial waves. And meeting the growing shoots which have brought new seeds, you can send them new the same will of life or destruction. Good seeds require care; nursing, and friendliness, weeds require the opposite things. Let us approve the spirit in affirmation of kindness and good seeds.
50. You can create only with free thoughts. A man is captured by his thoughts. The Greater and the Lord of his thoughts is a slave of his brood. He creates thought alone, and he becomes a dependent of what he has created. Not the creating will leads him but the products of his consciousness. That is absurdity and inability of the phenomenon. How to eliminate slavery from the thoughts? A human is a bearer of fiery energy. This energy is not in shells but in the spirit. This force makes energies vibrate. And a mental form charged with fiery energy of the spirit is strong with it, with energy which creates thoughts. A created can be destroyed with the same energy. A thought burns under the ray of the spirit light, if it is not from light. But its tension must exceed the energy tension crystallized in its form. At one time a magician eradicated it as a creature of the Subtle World touching a turgid mental form with his magic wand. Nowadays a magician’s wand is changed for a spirit sword, and a touch of this sword can destroy a creature of the Subtle World that is a thought. You can Say to the thought, “I created you, and I will kill you”. A begetter is always stronger than his brood, if he recognizes his strength of fiery power of the spirit over the sphere of mental phenomena, i.e. he consciously adopts his power over thoughts, over the mental shell, over the third and the highest of a spirit manifestation. He will not come to power without the approval and he will not approve himself without its application in life. A thought devoid of astral matters is stronger than thoughts charged with it, despite the apparent force of the latter. For emotionless thoughts dominate over the emotional ones. The idea of calmness is over the restless thoughts. The higher the energy of thoughts is, the more its power over inferior forms of energies, inspirational thoughts is. The thought is a conductor of the spirit. One needs to raise the idea in the sphere of pure consciousness. The idea is above-personal, it is not a generation of a mental shell “I”. It is a thought of an above-personal mind not bound to three bodies. And the consciousness aspires to the very sphere of an above-personal world with its thoughts. And then the above-personal power over personal things is approved, and everything personal is restrained. The above-personal thought dominates over the world of personal mental generations, and a human stops being a brood of his thoughts and becomes a creator and a winner.
51. (Jan. 31). There are such conditions when perception is difficult. The reasons may be both inside and outside. The Lord is not changeable, so the reason must be searched not in Him. Of course, currents are heavy, but the tune of the spirit harp plays very important role. One needs to raise his consciousness. For it is connected with every object of his aspiration with a thread. And if these are many threads, and each of them attracts the subject of the thought, the consciousness tosses between these lines of attraction and breaks into pieces. You need to gather the consciousness and keep your minds in one channel. You need to gather your thoughts around the Lord and pull back the released particles of the spirit in the consciousness. Mad people have a broken consciousness tossing between the between scraps of thoughts like a chip in the vortex, or it sticks to one, not being able to turn away from it. The spirit particles from surrounding objects must be turned back into the sphere of microcosm, and, bringing them together, aspire the monolith of consciousness to the selected image. We have to talk about the same things, because there is neither full- nor singleness. When the aspiration is strong enough, it can overcome even powerful currents. But the aspiration must be uniform and collected in a single channel with one direction. Thousands of thoughts are born at a flash, and each of them tends to enthrall the consciousness. The harm of disorderly thinking is great. If the essence of all manifestations is in a thought, what the culture of thoughts should be? A discipline of thoughts is a basic condition of advance. And every subsequent gate opens with a spike of a sharpened thought which is clear, smooth and purposeful. For the thought is the beginning of things. For it has its special place. Like a snout of a ship, it always goes ahead breaking the giants of elemental waves. Everything is overcome with a thought, and the thought overcomes everything because it is the essential fire, and the thought reigns over the fiery power. Not a thought but the fire runs the world because the thought is a spatial fire in form of aspiration manifestation. The idea is not active; or rather the space fire does not aspire to a certain manifestation until it is not put in a particular image of a thought which aspires to manifest itself in a matter. It can be said that every thought having been ever passed through the consciousness must first or last identify itself in action. And the object of thought actions is, first of all, its begetter, because he has its roots, they are in the sphere of his microcosm. And one needs to have great prudence in handling with the growing in thought potential force. Microcosm is a cornfield, thoughts are seeds, and all mental products of consciousness are sprouts of sowed thoughts. That is why a great watch is required. After all, even weeds will germinate, and each of them must be put away with one’s own hands. Solemnity is like a sieve for grains of thoughts letting through neither litter nor stones nor lumps of mud. A ray of consciousness is as light which makes all strange and harmful impurities visible. But this selection is required. It is better to discard the litter in advance rather than wait for sprouts and in the most unexpected places. The mechanics of thinking is subjected to certain laws and requires a lot of diligence. The nature is very dangerous. A fiery thought is a double-edged weapon. They go through life either as slaves of thoughts or, that happens only in rare cases, as their Lords. They, people, move being hunched under the yoke of slavery, in the grip of their spawns created by fire of their own thoughts. The chains must be broken.
52. The words are ships of a thought. People sail on ships. And one can sail on the relevant ships of thoughts. Words repeated with deep concentration may direct a thought to the desired channel. So let us divide the words into two types: words of Light and words of darkness, words that lead to the sky and in the abyss, words of life and death, words of creation and destruction. Let us refer foam and scum of words lying in the midst to warm and warm. We know their fate and the fate of bearers and begetters. So there will be sorrow for those who were neither cold nor hot. And every word can be seen applying the given measurements. So let us evaluate the words we utter. One needs to be silent or speak the creating word knowing the responsibility put on the Arhat for each of them. He says but knows that the spike of each word leads to life or death. He consciously enters the realm of spoken words and puts in each of them fire of a thought; he knows that commits something unamend able, i.e. that he cannot change, and therefore he will never perforate the space with words which do not conform to the ascending way. The word is as a form of thought expression cannot be separated from the thought. A word is a shell of thoughts, a kind of its physical form whether it is expressed in the form of sound or lettering. A word can be called a boom of a thought. The speaker throws arrows of thoughts or lightings of thoughts in the form of words if he is a doer of common good. So the form taken by thoughts has its value. So the words, bearers of thoughts are carriers of either dark or light Agni. Verbiage is condemned, and the one who suffers from illness of prate remains on the pile of rubble. But the one who honors the word flies behind him as on wings. So let us preserve the purity of the robes of fiery power which could be carried by every word. The power of fire vested in words is incredible. According to the Words of the Savior we can judge the things He put in every spoken Word. The word of the Lord is a mighty fire of space assembled and crystallized into a physical shell of words. Let us resemble Him in spoken words. The Culture of speech is something so great that a mankind has not understood it yet. By the works of great philosophers, writers and poets we can judge about the power of words of crystallized thoughts. You can immortalize and record a physical form of a spatial thought only in words. Otherwise, it escapes from the consciousness realization. The littered word can be called a landmark of the way giving and indicating the direction. Thus, we need to overview the book depository. There are a lot of the things dragging down into the abyss on the bookshelves. Poison is hidden under the form which is invisible for a superficial observer. The realm of human words requires more attention. Confidentiality and restraint are welcome as a first step of will watch. The discipline of thoughts was claimed, but it is closely related to the discipline of words. The New World will consider launderers as criminals against the Common Good and prosecuted at law which protects the purity of the space. But we need to grow up to understanding of the overall spatial harm of prate. The pictures of radiation will not allow launderers to public places. But one needs to raise the consciousness of mankind to understanding of the spatial meaning of spoken words. Let us think about the meaning of the words which put the thought in visible and perceptible forms. A conveyor of microcosm putting the fire of space into certain forms must be understood and realized under the sign of thought responsibility.
53. (Feb.1) In great solemn tranquility we enter the circle of the Lord Ray action. A feedback vibration can be consciously amplified. I give, but you must accept the aspiration with all your heart. Consciousness is completely and wholeheartedly transferred to Me. The aspiration is inseparable, and nothing from the surrounding can divert it. The answer will be unshared. One can liken to his consciousness to a sponge dropped in the spring of immortality and wisdom. And then the Cup of Communion will not be spilled. People will come into the Temple in tidy clothes. They put on the spirit clothes appropriate to the Communication to the throne of the Great Heart too. And the solemnity will be the best key to harmony. We will approach to the great sources of knowledge, being dressed in festive clothes. It is correct that the given instructions are the correction to the passing stage or the landmarks of the ascending path. But that is not the point. The ship goes to the target and encountering various waves and conditions elements it does not lower its speed. And neither big nor small waves, neither frozen surface of the ocean nor storm, neither adverse nor fair wind, neither darkness nor light of the day can change a rhythmical rotation of the screw, a rhythmic work of the machine, and a run of an ocean giant. This run towards a distant aim is smooth, quiet, independent from natural and external conditions, so it must be approved in oneself. One must habituate the consciousness to inevitability, adverse and fair winds and currents, to constant resistance to the main elements which I firmly and powerfully cut with a breakwater. So the edge of the spirit sword cuts the resistance of the environment constantly and inevitably moving and ascending upwards. The environment resistance is the result of rapid movement. Why do we complain on the attendants of success? They merely indicate that the promotion is correct. Only mound of standstill does not cause resistance and opposition. We can only imagine under which powerful blows of planetary elements the fiery essence of the Lord is, and what resistance and counter it must it overcome. What stroke of elements has Uriel assumed on Venus, having kept their power? Let us rejoice the power of resistant natural waves, as the fiery essence of the Arhat hardens and strengthens under their blows in the ocean of space you will have to meet even ocean waves. It is much quieter in the home puddle but the Arhat rejected it because he rejected the notion of home on Earth and approved the very principle “without home”. The notion of home is harmful to consciousness because it is bound to home, and it says in it but not in the ocean of space. It throws away its physical body. The phenomenon is very deplorable. Imagine the immeasurable star ocean and the richness of the worlds, both invisible and visible, with all possibilities of realization. And human consciousness enchained somewhere in the lower spheres, sitting in a dark, dim, sour house within four walls. He lived there on Earth, he tied his consciousness to it, and he stays in the astral form of those four walls, where everything is a direct consequence of the born and affirmed by a human on Earth. The notion of home is a prison that is truly pitiable. Thus, we speak about total nonattachment to anything. And the best decision is not to have anything on Earth, and do not consider anything as one’s own. The scales of infinity help, for earthly things lose their poison, being weighted on them. So, the consciousness aspired to Me is released from the harmful illusion of owning things. Since the one, who owns something or thinks that he owns will stay with that but not with Me. I Said, «Pass around you possessions and follow Me". I Add," Weight everything that you have, that troubles you, that you think about and everything around you on the scales of Infinity”. And then find an appropriate place for them within the infinity. And understand that a small coin or thing in front of your eye may screen the Sun. But the Life Sun must shine without any shades. “The things of the Earth, you need to be understood." Things and objects in the form of all three and shading the radiance of Infinity and the Highest World of Light have no form. So we come up to the world of numena, if our consciousness is not shaded and captured by the life forms three lowest plans of Being: earthly, astral and mental. The World of the Arhat is above the three. Not a departure from life, not an escape from earthly responsibilities, not an avoidance of duty, and oblivion of the Common Good, and work for people but holding Infinity and understanding of your place in it, the true size and value of each thing on your way are important. The mutual importance of the surrounding phenomena is necessary to understand in a view of an infinite spiral of the Space life and in the Light of Infinity. Then both terrestrial stay and terrestrial stops will seem to others as not having self-sufficing existence. The beam of Eternity releases the consciousness from heaps. And then the consciousness released in its light will see My Light, for My Light is not from the Earth but from Eternity. The wreath of eternal Essence is put on the Arhat’s brow which won over three, his consciousness and a grain of his spirit from those who gave him to drink the Light.
54. Entering the ocean of Infinity the Arhat approves it in all things and he can never calm down on the reached. We shall take any quality. Where is its limit which it cannot be further developed? There is no such limit, there are no borders to progress of quality, and there is no end. And whatever height and degree was reached with a desirable quality, the Arhat is as distant from his perfection as he was in the beginning of his conscious progress. It can frighten and weaken the philistine, but the Arhat gives only an impulse to aspiration in the area of infinite perfection. And it concerns not only some qualities but also all capacities and a property of the spirit, for the potential of boundless opportunities of perfection is a potential of the fiery spirit which has realized its nature. Everything that spirit possesses is possible to consider as a prototype of what once and somewhere will reach the top of its power and prosperity. However, behind this top there is another hill, and the third, even higher, is behind it, and behind them there are all new and new ones, but the reached top does not belittle achievements and does not exclude a possibility of achievements of even higher degree. I have told: you are gods. It means attributes of this high Concept can become a property of a person. It was spoken about omnipotence, pansophy, omniscience, about the qualities, boundless in their essence, as any quality is boundless. Every human has this potential in a germ, perhaps, still not shown. But We Speak about the conscious statement in the Arhat’s consciousness of this or that degree among these greatest qualities. And if Buddha, the person of the sixth Circle, Denied his pansophy though he Knew everything that was available to the spirit of the sixth Circle, what could be told about the location of the limits of these qualities when the sixth was followed by the seventh of given Manvantara, and the next was following it? So let us affirm in infinity and in boundlessness of the spirit potential, and let us understand that the parable about mustard grain was concerned to the possibilities of a human device. The Arhat approves those qualities in himself which are conformable to him, but he stretches the strings of planned possibilities and qualities in the Infinity knowing that the small seed of laid qualities will give great shoots in the spiral of an infinite progress. It in microcosm he will carefully and gently select every, even the slightest good seed and will impose an approving spirit print on it. He will send the will of destruction to everything unnecessary and waste. Let us tell them as I told criminals, « You cannot live more that it was provided». So let them, convicted prisoners, also stay in the consciousness of waiting for their death. Because they will, truly, die. The spirit consciously imposes a Press of permission and a press of destruction on their qualities. The workshop of spirit works, the fiery device is in action throwing away unnecessary fulfilled particles of a matter. Certainly, a process is not limited to ten years or four of a given life, but it grasps millenniums going from one life to another and, eventually, becoming an infinite process of boundless perfection. Therefore, we Say that the aspiring achievement of better quality in all things is on a true way.
55 (Feb. 2). Certainly, we will write today too. The Spring of eternal Wisdom is inexhaustible. It is possible to always scoop always if only the scooping consciousness was in order. A mountain spring is highly above the ground. In ices beats a hot jet. But its medical nature can be carried away in the valleys.
56. The open space of a spatial life assumes a full output from limits of a personal henhouse. One is incompatible with another. There can be either narrow and temporary today's interests of a small circle of consciousness, in which all people live, or abundance of a spatial life. Here it is told about the world not from this world, about the Kingdom Of God, about the Thin and Fiery Worlds, about the Distant Worlds Distant, about the Father’s Tenements, about a Hidden borough. All these concepts touch the areas of a spatial receptacle. The released consciousness rises there from smoky and stuffy conditions of the Earth and from a vicious circle of a small private life. The outlook of a philistine is small, his small world is limited by phantoms replaced a reality. Take the average consciousness of any epoch. It lives in a very illusive unreal world. Its concepts about the Earth and the Universe are so false and awry. The Earth stands on three whales, and the Sun moves on the Sky. And all this absurdity is accompanied by the film of the current day closed by the area of personal impressions and interests. And there, in the worlds, in wheels of Cycles, there is a great life, and the spirit released from the Earth takes his conscious part in it. And here, on Earth, while one go with a dark veil on their consciousness stumbling between phantoms of a brain, the few others have already opened their eyes and ears, and a life of space unfolds its wonderful rolls in front of them. I call you on open space of Infinity. I want to replace this terrible attractive force of earthy evidence with an attraction to areas of spatial distances. I want the consciousness to be included into the rhythm of the Space life. The care about earthly things should be left; the heart should be withdrawn from these earthly things. It is necessary, it is necessary to pull out the consciousness from a small world of patency. It is necessary, it is necessary to understand a terrible authority of vanity of these earthly days terrestrial. And it should be understood here, now, on Earth, in this world where vanity triumphs. Vanity! People are lunatic scurrying on a pin head of this little world accepting it for reality. It is necessary to tear off the consciousness from the world of vanity. Who thinks about dust under the soles? Let us assimilate a kaleidoscope of personal phantoms of the narrow-minded thinking creating the world of vanity. It is difficult to break its circuits. Truly, it is necessary to be born from above, that is from the spirit. A consciousness realized its chain is on a way to freedom. It is impossible to break fetters without realizing them. The Fire of spirit destroys the chains which held down the spirit wings. Break the chains. Your spirit is torn to Me from the dungeon. Your spirit appeals to the Lord. I hear! I will break your chains. I testify the fiery freedom of the spirit, and I Approve it. I lead a victorious struggle for deliverance of century fetters together with you by force of your spirit for I am a soldier in you. We will embody this struggle of the spirit for authority and deliverance of attractions terrestrial on pages of the Records in order they who go after us to go their own way, the way of a son, taking the struggle of the spirit for a great heritage and accepting this great heritage. You notably struggle for your right, the Right of Space inheritance and a possession of spatial treasures. I approve your spirit in inalterability of a full future victory. Aum.
57. (Feb. 3). It is also necessary to understand that all ways and processes of the ascending are made inside. And if a process goes properly, anything that happens outside, externally, has any value, any influence on it. It is absolutely unimportant what is done in the external world and what are their conditions. Neither a race, nor a nationality, neither an epoch, nor a floor, neither abundance, nor poverty, neither ease, nor difficulty of vital conditions, nothing can change the planned way if the spirit has realized the decision only by itself. Whether people uplift or humiliate, esteem or pursue, health or illness, here or there, but the spirit concentrates all forces inside itself for regeneration of all shells, having cut off strings of terrestrial gravitations. The problem of comprehension of the last great pair of opposites is solved: to be in the world, but to be not from the world, to take the most active participation in the earthly life and to be outside it, to carry out all karmic obligations, not having been in good spirits connected by them, and show the light of the Distant Worlds being in earthly shells. You cannot avoid a burden of a matter, but at consciousness separated from it, the phenomenon of ascending goes independent from it. The formula of victory over the matter and the earthly world is put in words: « There Is a prince of this world and has nothing in Me ». Truly, he has not anything for I Have won over the world. And vibrations of a dense world can not break the state of the microcosm anymore because it separated itself from the three and approved his power above them. Certainly, the state of the Lord’s consciousness is even higher than a degree of mastering to the three, but a victory over them is a step of indispensability. So, if the Arhat can say to himself: « Here is a wave of dense phenomena going on Me, but my world and my balance will not be broken, for I am above it», and, truly, he has won the earthly spheres. And then I who won am close to it. So calmness is an attribute of the won spirit. The illusion of power over the external phenomena above consciousness should be broken. The fiery power which counteracts the spirit must be shown over the three. And then three lowest sated with a spirit fire and vibrating shells will show a face of true Individuality without dependence from its shells for they show the submission to the spirit fire. But they who sound in themselves are magnets of an attraction to the lowest matters grasping consciousness in the circle of manifestation. It is necessary to finish with these shells before the way of true freedom of spirit begins. And the life of a disciple gives him perfect opportunities for it goes under the directing hand of the Teacher.
58. The counterbalancing action of mental energy results in the Highest Fire extinguishing the lowest flame. Fire affects fire. The lowest fires submit to the highest fire. And the life can be considered as a field of fiery actions or fight of fires. The scale of fiery energies is so wide and great that it cannot be captured by human mind. But if we understand that fire provides the foundation for everything the universe acquires its fiery shape because fire is everything. Fire is a ubiquitous element. It is impossible to say this neither about the ground, nor about water, nor about air in their earthly or highest aspects. But fire is everywhere and in all things. Therefore, the influence on the phenomena is made by means of Fiery energy which gets in everything. If the fire of thoughts runs through a phenomenon and gives it a desired shape, the phenomenon will, finally, take the prescribed form. Everything depends on a degree of height and refinement of the fiery energy enclosed in the given phenomenon. Why does not everything submit to a human will? Everything submits to the will, but it depends on a degree of the will’s height and its fiery potential. The scale of a human will beginning from the will of a philistine to the will of the Arhat, the Lord and the will of (Fiery) Logos is great. Applying the scale of infinity, one can say: maybe, we boundlessly develop and raise the fiery potential of the will. The Arhat consciously takes the development of the fiery will of the spirit in his hands. The will easily undergoes a conscious development, or perfection and thinning of its power. It was said about the statement of power but can we speak about the power without the statement of the fiery will? Inexhaustibility of a spirit fiery potential should be realized. And, first of all, it is necessary to withdraw any karmic or astral beginning. It is the first step of the statement of will from any strong-willed action. Do not look for the will manifestation where astral rages. The idea charged by an astral matter and its vibrations is weaker than a passionless idea. It is necessary to look for a decision of strong-willed human affairs here. A planetary life of mankind is equally effective to the human will. A human free will flows as lava. We only Give it a direction preparing a channel of evolution. I Have made a Great fiery strong-willed action inside Myself, not encroaching on the outside world and not suppressing it. And the Great action was accomplished inside, in the area of My Microcosm, when I did not lift a Hand in My own protection (though I Could) as the action of the fiery will won over the world. So the true strong-willed action occurs inside the orbit of the spirit, not suppressing anything and nobody's will from outside, and, being secret, hidden and inmost, it has great consequences and results. It means that for power of actions the condition of secrecy and polarization of consciousness on the necessary wave is required. If to enter a raging crowd and, having lifted a hand, approve inside the phenomenon of the highest, unshakable, passionless calmness, the animal of a crowd will be tamed almost immediately. Neither words nor admonitions are needed. The rock of fiery calmness of the spirit which is approved inside, will give the obvious consequence of influence on astral whirlwinds of a crowd. It is a required polarization of the consciousness excluding indispensability of direct external influence. It is necessary to study how to act silently. It is necessary to learn to act in silence. It is necessary to understand that silence moves and rules, and that power of actions can be shown only in silence. True actions are always done in silence. It is necessary to understand the introduction of a principle of silence in all actions. From two of operating consciousnesses of identical force wins the one that put the phenomenon of silence in action. The phenomenon of a seed growth or a phenomenon of origin is hidden. Open the grain and it will be lost from external influences. The Fiery power grows in stillness of silence. A silent action has its power. Impassivity of actions is a concealment of their processes from neutralized influences of the external world. Silence, great Silence - who has comprehended its secret! Here is a principle of Secrecy in action. Here is a Secret of Our decisions. Here are wings of growing the Arhat power. Let us keep the secrecy of actions. Be able to keep silent is a property of the Arhat. Be able to act in silence is its force. The sources of fiery phenomena are hidden from the world. The secret of silence, the silent fiery action, is a mystery of life. In silence I Have won a victory over the world.
59. (Feb. 4). « And I tell you, “Do not oppose the malicious and turn the left cheek being slapped on the right cheek left ». And people did not understand these My words for it is hard to reconcile in consciousness this pair of contraries. The synthesis of understanding is lost. And how to reconcile non-resistance to a scourge and exile trading of a temple and severe accusations of painted coffins. But there is such a moment in a life of a disciple when the growing power of the spirit is tested, and the splats from outside slapping on the curbed shells are left without any response. In order to protect the lowest "I" the hand should not be lifted, for a small "I" is removed the life arena. And the lowest raging shell rising with all its essence against obvious and bitter injustice leads to silence with a will of the spirit. How to bridle the three lowest? How to restrain the astral fury? How to subordinate the lowest animal which is an approving "I"? How much spiritual force is required for the wave of the earthly phenomenon to strongly shake all three? To meet in the calmness of approved power over the vibrations and fluctuations of the lowest matter: astral, physical and mental bodies. By force of an old thousand-year lunar habit the grinning inner animal is ready to roar and rush on the offender, and tear him into pieces, having satisfied its fury. But the silver bridle of the spirit already sparkles on all feelings of the disciple. The moment of mighty spiritual tension of all forces, the moment of struggle, and the bridled, obeyed, led to silence shells, and victorious regal calmness of the spirit, the approving highest "I" show the power. And the prince of this world who has struck by the servant, free or involuntary, has nothing in the consciousness of the winner. And the winner of himself accepted the wave of darkness on the shield of the spirit and neutralized and extinguished it, takes the lever of the phenomenon in his hands. And being the winner who, however, did not struck, he acts as he wants, for the self-winner is a winner and a lord of the phenomenon which he won in the spirit. To meet the wave of raging darkness in silence of the spirit at fully indestructible calmness of the shells and do not allow them to respond to its impact means to win not only over oneself but also over the force of the counteracting phenomenon. The whole power of evil is completed, and the one who struck appears on the ground in the grip of the winner. But people prefer to accept My Word literally, and become despicable, turn into the bent non-resistant’s, let their earthly garden weed. The Lord told about the victory of the spirit, about the statement of power, about the power over the lowest. And people have also deformed it as they deform everything given by the Teacher. They brought a precept approving the power of the spirit to the phenomenon generating impartiality of the spirit and space dross of non-resistant. The stage of humility of three should be passed. But the stage of the highest protection of the spirit and the highest phase of struggle should be approved. A man should learn to be impartial and approve this impartiality over the three in his spirit. The lovers of literal interpretation can go further and start to affirm that the Teacher Called up for hatred and Ordered "to grow to hate" the relatives. A creating word of the Lord must be understood with a spirit and by it. And then the impact stroke the silent shells will be an impact of a fiery sword of the spirit. The darkness cannot resist the impact of the Light because Light does not strike, but its Beam disperses and destroys the darkness burning it. Therefore, the impact of the spirit sword, the impact of the Light ray directed to the darkness is invincible. The very Light is invincible, and the darkness can not set anything against. But before the sword of Light can be raised, the lowest shells of the spirit, the carriers of gloom, must be bridled, led to silence and cleared by the fiery spirit of the sword carrier. Therefore I Say, «Do not oppose to the malicious differently but in spirit and by spirit».
60. The Staircase of the Hierarchy is hard and fast. It goes to the Sky. It begins on Earth, and goes upwards. For, there is nothing inviolate on Earth. But it is possible to enter it under visible earthly conditions for its bottom stairs touch the Earth. Also nobody gets a refusal. The entrance is always open. The law of free will requires everyone’s free approach of everyone. Spiel is not from the Light. Here is the harmfulness of sectarianism. Proselytism is harmful in its essence. When the initial impulse is run out, there is a broken trough. But the doors to the light are narrow, so how to find them? Everyone boasts that he found the truth but it belongs to those who appears it. Where are they who emerge themselves as the truth? There is nobody among people. Only attendants of the Light Hierarchy show it on a degree of everyone’s luminescence. The higher the stage is, the more luminescent the phenomenon is. Those who approve do not always have it. A parrot repeating the words of Truth is as distant from it as the one who does not know the truth. And a dark fanatic who has stolen the Words of Light is the attendant of darkness. Repeating words of Truth but being from darkness, not the Light, affirms darkness. The Lord’s Words are from Light and they are Light, but the attendants-werewolves turn the light into darkness taking out the Light shells and changing them for gloom. Devastated words do not show the Light. Therefore, their house is empty. They are not My attendants. They are impostors, the light usurpers who have replaced the Light with darkness. I do not need you.
61. (Feb. 5). The principle of ubiquity is an attribute of the fiery consciousness which have become from fetters of the lowest matter, or the lowest forms of the expression. The principle is boundless in degrees of its manifestation. The higher it is, the fuller their properties are shown. The higher the eagle is in the sky, the wider its horizon is, but one needs an eagle’s eye, wings, and the skill to fly high above the Earth. During the flight the eagle relies not on the Earth but on his wings. It is hard to become sky-born. The eagle is a regal bird. The owner of fiery wings must become a king of the spirit. And for this purpose it is necessary to embody and show in oneself the known degree of the Lord’s qualities. The Lord Is an ideal and an objective, and a prototype of what a disciple should become. That is why the Lord is the way, the truth, the life for the disciple. The whole circle separates the disciple’s consciousness from the Lord’s one because the Fiery World is distant. But the mighty stream of Space Evolution cannot be stopped with any reasons. And it bears the consciousness to the fiery coasts. But the spirit evolution immeasurably accelerates in a conscious aspiration of this torrent. Sufferings are a destiny of an evolutionary stage of our planet aggravated with a fight of a risen against the Light. There is a struggle, an overcoming the lowest forms of life manifestations on the Highest planets, but there is no dark hierarchy which burdens the ascending. Let us consciously take a cross of terrestrial matters. The cross is a moment when the vibrations of a surrounding matter intersect with fire of the spirit in consciousness. The cross reveals in the spirit, and it is raised by the spirit. The cross acceptance is its courageous carrying in life. And when the shells crucified on it die, there is a resurrection of the spirit which is now released from their power. But the cross is in the shells, or bodies of three essences. And the three are spread in agony. And when they die, and there will be no highest “I” which represents them and which is shown by them and the everlasting Individuality will show its face. But the three must die so that life could be transformed into higher...The purpose is the Ascension of the spirit after its resurrection in a new form. And the way is shown by the Lord and approved with the pillars of his feet. For a cross are a way of life and a way to life. For I who accepted the cross Claim the victory of those who follow My way and for me. In a world is of sorrow. I maintain the eternal unacceptable fiery joy of the spirit and testify the victory of the spirit.
62. The banner of Rulers, three spheres in one, is a banner of victory of the human spirit over the three and the three in one, the highest synthetic beginning of Individuality. Each sphere is a world, enormous, original and colorful, and the consciousness is manifested on each of them more or less long period of time consistently dropping its grosser shells and putting on the appropriate shell. So, to appear in the Subtle World a human must die and, having left his physical body, appear in a thin body. But that was before. The unity of worlds means their combining into consciousness being in the physical body when it is able to consciously function on two higher plans. A conscious manifestation of consciousness at all three levels has a property of the Arhat or an advanced disciple. But now the evolution provides to a person and makes it easier for him to join the comprehension of a Mystery of the three not in particular cases but in mass. Those who go ahead show the way. The banner is a symbol of the Lords leading which plainly and simply shows the aim. This is one of those unusual features which are already at the door. Space conditions and new spatial rays will make impossible things possible. And humanity will enter a new stage of planetary evolution. The Teaching is given as a guide for the development of a new level of consciousness. It refers to all humanity in the person of its best half. For the planetary division into those who agree with evolution and those who are against it will decide the fate of each individual consciousness. The life of the advancing Fiery Epoch must be seen and understood only in the light of importance of the Lords’ Banner. It unites humanity in yearning for a new purpose. All other purposes, political, economic and social ones, are only the carpet of the progressive ascent of consciousness. The Sixth, emerging Race will give a new synthetic way of consciousness life to the life of human society. The role and importance of those who go ahead and who punch the path of the Lord’s evolution with their consciousness for the followers in a planetary scale are great. Let us call them leading beacons. The difficulty is that they take a burden of overcome elements on their shoulders among the common misunderstanding of others. And how much time will pass before the eyes of majority become open, and how much opposition it is, you can imagine clearly taking into consideration the current state of humanity. But the Lords’ Banner is invincible, and the way he shows is unchangeable. Do not stop the flow of cosmic evolution. Everything is given to date, and the hand of the Lords directs the planetary vessel. A path of future human findings is bright, and it is not darkness ahead.
63. (Feb. 6). It is very important to subdue all three shells in order to perceive My thought. One needs to remove oneself, one’s thoughts, feelings, and experiences from the process of the highest thoughts perception. If this is not met and if the lower “I” and scraps of personal thinking encroach, crystal cleanness of a source clogs with unclean admixtures of personal effects. The value of perceived thoughts cuts down directly proportional to the number of these impurities. Of course, the Lord’s Light is painted with a light of a sentient consciousness, and it is impossible to avoid it because the self-coming beams are based on the principle of their refraction in consciousness. The distortion of the beam by unbridled shells is one, but the refraction in consciousness and its assimilation is something special requiring a certain degree of self-denial, or self-denial of the lowest “I”, of oneself. The greatest obstacle to communication is selfness which wraps the consciousness with sharp pins. Spatial sending’s hang on them limply, and the stakes tear a beam. Watch is required because a Dragon of selfness is very enduring and constantly raises his heads, which grow back, even after being cut. Because the sword of the spirit must pierce the heart of the Dragon in three auricular of physical, astral and mental nature, that is the center of the bearers, or membranes which serve as conductors of a personal “I”. It manifests through three shells. The possibility of "I" appearance is prohibited by denying his food. It is fed by all lower thoughts and feelings, and it lives with them. Consciousness refusing to vibrate inside them stays clean and able to reflect the light of the Lord that is not dented with personal attempts. Thus, dedication is a basis of Serving. An hour of talking not giving the Dragon raise his head is already an achievement. And then the Lord’s Beam entirely fills the consciousness, and a free thought freely flows into it. This process seems to be easy but the ancient dragon of a threshold is alive. I call for even greater tension and vigor of consciousness to Me. We must understand inseparability of aspirations. I am willing to conform, but there is so much selfish clutter around. Thus, I demand complete purification of consciousness and liberation from everything outside which gets in the way. Cleanness of Communication must be protected. And any effort in this direction will not be lost. Do not we pay tribute to the most desired, basic necessities, the most urgent and the most elevated, that gives life and light? The renunciation of oneself is painful, but the one who lost acquires his soul but in a higher aspect, on a new level of consciousness, and becomes a bearer and a voice of enduring personality. While the folk were raging at the foot, Moses was preparing the tablets of the Testament atop. While the sea of life events is running high and a planetary caldron is boiling throwing out unwanted scum, in the calmness of silence and in seclusion, in a cell of withdrawn spirit gather the treasures of the Lord’s thoughts, in order to be sent to the world in a high time. The value of given treasures is unique, and there was and there is nothing that could be equal to it. The proximity to the Primary Source gives them a special printing of distinctiveness, and a refracting Crystal of Individuality gives an exclusive originality of expression. The print my spirit lies on them, and the fiery energy created these forms will never run out in the centuries. For let us approve the hour of Communication and Records as a form of manifestation of a Great Service to the Light. One’s own meaning in the spiral of planetary evolution must be understood. Not a self-extolling but an approval of the Lord’s Light and the value of a follower. Self-assertiveness must be understood as a phenomenon of purification from selfness. Our envoys argued their significance with the Name of the Lord and by His name. Not the one who approves needs it but the people; otherwise, they will not take the gifts. Let them know that we have a lot and give a lot but not because of poverty, and with given by the Lord. When the Lord becomes a single point of support at all three and higher, then appears the power and might of the winner in all its force.
64. The fiery all-initial is one, but the forms and expressions are different. Under all names lies the fiery winner. It's everywhere, it is everything. Everything moves and lives by it. It is expressed in one way or another depending on the shape which shows it. It is neither bad nor good, neither good nor evil. It is the strength or power that can be directed both to creation and destruction. Black and bright Agni is fire lit through one or another conductor in some bodies or out of it and painted with a chemical property of flame depending on the elements, or vibration which is included in their composition. Like a pinch of salt thrown into the fire, it gives a distinctive shade of sodium as pure original flame is painted and polluted with its components. The spirit is fire, the will is fire, and the thought is fire. The scale of lights and fiery phenomena go from top to bottom. Each sphere lives with its lights. The lights of squabbling dogs also have their own scale. We need to understand the diversity of fire. Light is the highest octave of fire. But the light has its octave. The Seventh Light! Who can determine its height and a degree and where are those devices which can detect it? Light is a fiery phenomenon. Mastering oneself means mastering over their lights. The lights of enlightening centers have a scale of higher differing from the light of a usual organism and its fiery breathing, digestive processes and activities of all organs with a degree of tension and the light of carrying lit centers. The organism begins to glow with its inside flame visible for a seer. And a normal organism lights up and has its radiation of very complex order, but lit centers or the center of the flame beams a special tension. But the great fiery energy, the Great Agni is still the basis of all manifestations anywhere and everywhere.
65. (Feb. 7). You can write with a clean pen. Where is the unbroken monolith of thoughts! A small leash of small thoughts throngs in front of the screen of consciousness filling it. And clarity of a higher thought is lost. So there is an endless battle between the Dragon of the threshold screening the entrance and the spirit striving to get to the unobscured light. The Dragon is enduring, and his rings creep in an effort to reach out and crush the consciousness. But it is in the Earth, and only upon the Earth there are inaccessible spheres. What to do? Be with Me. I am always with you, - in sorrow and in joy, on Earth and above it. It is impossible from Me to come off in consciousness. I can send a beam, but I cannot keep it there forcibly. The heart freely opens toward the Beam. You should open the window and raise the curtains for the Ray of the morning sun. Heavy curtains of selfness do not let the Beam come inside the calmness of your consciousness and light it. Who will deny the burden of time and difficulty of the struggle, and the force of the rising currents of resistance? But we must resist maintaining the relationship. The silver thread of the connection will help not lose the path. A leash of dogs clicks their teeth, ready to rush and tear to pieces. But the Lord does not sleep on the Tower. And hairy hands cannot reach it. But it is necessary to gather all courage and determination. Brace up. Energy of thoughts scattered by attention to the things in the immediate vicinity, and the phenomenon of the moment must be returned to the Centre and concentrate the energy without releasing any particle of fiery energy to anything outside and tying the spirit with anything external. And consciousness gathering all its energy inside, as a shell having banded its shutters, will avoid external shocks on sensitive places. The one who gave his idea to be pulled to pieces by any accidents is open, and it is not protected from any attack. A shielded hand is invulnerable, and vice versa. Let us gather our energies around the Teacher. And He is inside. Let the Decree of hours be concentration of consciousness. During the contact with people it is enough to direct your consciousness to someone or something, as a stretched thread immediately undergoes the fortuity of any, often unexpected impacts. Close the fire of the spirit and slide the energy inside. The phenomenon of a spirit concentration needs to be understood and perceived. Strikes fall at the stretched outside particles of the spirit. Even the Ladybird puts its selects legs under itself when there is an impending danger. It is dangerous and serious. The time will come, and following My order the warriors will rush their energies of the spirit, but now the time has not come yet. Close your visors and protect yourself with a shield, and put unbreakable chain mail. Explore your spiritual armor and strengthen the links. Blow yourself out when there is a wish to express you. The approval of oneself in the surrounding swamp is not efficient. The active ministration will be in blessing time. You can not break the wall with your forehead. Insufficiency is condemned. One can only wait in patience accumulating forces and gathering the nuggets of experience. I show the concentration as the armor of a current hour. The fire of the spirit should be covered. The enemy cannot be shown any naked and unprotected place because the strike will follow immediately. Plenty of evil eyes watch looking for weak spots. I point out the silence. They must be detected from the human consciousness. The external Self-affirmation external must be reserved for the future. Now it is unnecessary and harmful. A microcosm should become a Citadel surrounded by strong walls. Nobody and nothing could get inside from outside is not allowed. Because coming inside a phenomenon or, especially, people immediately break the equilibrium of the microcosm and subject it to the next attacks through the punched hole. All external influences from people and phenomena should only glide on the protecting armor without inside penetration. The time is special, and it requires special protective measures. Seclude and delve into the inner stronghold of the spirit and be there until the time comes. I want to keep the protected. But one needs the cooperation and mutual understanding in all. The Power of a shield can and should increase its awareness. I will give all the protection, but hold the shield with a tight and firm hand. The unknown times are approaching. The ninth ocean wave!
66. (Feb. 8). How often does the Name of the Teacher spoken with faith immediately create a bridge of connection? The required help goes by it. But the great confidence is required. Without us trust there is no help. Without trust there is nothing. The credibility to the Leading Hand is a basis of the relationship of a teacher and a student. It seemed like how much was given, so much was obtained, but the right attitude to this Knowledge is still absent. Why? All is due to the lack of trust. One needs to confirm the completeness of the boundless confidence. If the Lord is close to you, if the link is connected by visible and invisible ways, the trust, not limited with any prerequisites will show its strength. I speak about the boundless confidence. Only it bears a steady adherence to the Decree and yearning for the manifestation of the highest will. There are two wills: My Will and your will. People usually have absolutely opposite direction. And since we never infringe on the free will of people, the people stay with their will. But it is said about the confluence of wills. The Merging of My Will and the will of a disciple mean that two individual wills are aspired to the one upwards, and for the same purpose. Our goal is Mine, and yours is a merging of your consciousness with your Individuality, with you highest “I”, and making it not a representative of trends and impulses of unclaimed lowest shells but the Light carrying the grains of the spirit, imperishable and immortal. And we go to the aim over the scum of life and lives that existed before. But the dirty foam layers must be deliberately removed. The Lord does not judge, but He is a friend, a father, and a Defender. The Best and closest friend, the loving father, caring and close. It is time to make My Invisibility the brightest reality. My son, when you understand that you can reach Me only by the upper way? Nothing can change My love and concern, but you will not reach the aim with a bottom. The paths of inconsistencies and inconclusiveness must be cut. A lot of precious time is lost. And it does not wait. For the approaching dates are great. And one needs to meet it in all his spiritual strength and height. My hand is with you, but when you are aspired to Me. Match your consciousness with your dreams of freedom and understand that without voluntary aspirations to M there cannot be any merging. Your will cannot strengthen and increase the power of your potential without this merging. The power of your will increases depending on the extent, depth and fullness of the merging with the will of the Lord. Aspire to the merge with My will. Aspire with your own will, but with all power of your spirit. I can not break the law, but I am waiting for an aspiring and joyfully meet him. Every your desire to Me, a thought and a feeling is carefully preserved by Me as seeds for future stays. You send Me a thought aspired to the future, and I approve it if it is from light to bring it to you decupled and enhanced in its power and carrying a burden of My spirit because I said that you’re best thought, like a seed, is heated by us. So remember and know that the thoughts of the Earth and from the bustle of the day which are not approved go their normal way and usually dispense, but your thoughts that of the Light have our care. Allot them special attention and warmth of you heart. Share your thoughts in two: sent to Me and approved by Me, and appropriate for My son who cannot make anybody be ashamed of them, and thoughts from the shells, ordinary and earthly, from the body and its weaknesses and eliminated impulses of the past. Be ashamed of them on front of the L which won a victory over the darkness Of course, the Ray will win, of course, your Transfiguration will come true, but your free will powerfully aimed to merge with Mine will incredibly and unusually speed up the process of transmutation. My son, great terms are coming. I need you because you are in My Plans. Deflate My care about you. Let the formula "My wish is your law” is the way of your ascending to the Tower, in which you are waited for a long time. I'm waiting! Ready everyone the instant to reply on all the best, that you direct to Me. In ancient temples there was a custom to bring gifts to the Highest. I am looking forward to the gifts of your spirit to Me, you Lord. The daily, continuous, uninterruptible offering was highly appreciated. Every thought from the Light and every thought directed to your transformation will be accepted by the Lord as a gift from Him who summoned you on the great cause. Realize the greatness of your Mission. A Messenger requires a special robe. Now it is necessary to take care of the appropriate robes of the spirit. Affirm the qualities of calmness, balance, solemnity, aspiration, vigilance, restraint, confidentiality, residence, dedication and a boundless love. Understand that without Me am of light in the future on the wings of happiness to the World’s Mistress. Because My children are Her children. We are the sons of the highest, born from Her beam. You will see her light in My light. From the highest peak you will go to the highest top. The top of the snow Guardian is your far aim. Do not forget Her and Her Face on the Earth. Do not forget your mother, as she, Mother, blesses you and sends you to the feat. The consecration on the feat is an act of greatest value. And when you think about merging with My will, know that the highest degree of the merging is shown by your Mother. Truly, She and I are the same. And you, our son, be with us together. I warrant that merging three wills will help you to win, reach and overcome everything. There is nothing, there can be nothing that your will merged with My and Mother’s wills cannot overcome. Remember: your power, support and might are inside us. And know that I give the guarantee go the Light for your and our victories.
67. I will give power force to those who are absolutely devoted. Why is devotion and love the nearest terms? Thus, devotion is a tradition of bringing yourself to the Lord, and love is a taking the image of the Lord into the heart. A heart filled with His image and devoted to the Lord is, of course, a magnet which attracts the Beam. A beam is like a stream of grace. By the Ray goes a Receiving. We received, receive and will receive by the Ray. And the best we have we Received by the Ray.
68. (February 9). Life is precious only due to the given experience. The experience needed for perception. That is why I appreciate every experience. It would be a big mistake to appreciate just pleasant and successful experience. Every experience is valuable, if the results are correctly taken into account. Not the very fact is important, but the conclusions made of it. And a bitter experience is often more necessary and useful than the sweet one. Experience will give shield and strength, and ability to use it. Even the form of a shield is developed with experience and skills. A battle has created a phenomenon of the shield. Somebody consider it unworthy, shameful and humiliating to show the emotions, and they do not allow revealing their feelings. Emotionality is considered to be a shameful phenomenon. What are the feelings that are hidden and revered unacceptable, - courage, calmness, restraint, dispassion, strength? No, these emotions, or feelings, are not only restricted but also, on the contrary, fully approved. However, irritability, anger, grief, fear, cowardice, timidity, depression, tears, impatience, and other like them, are considered as degrading emotions. It is enough for a human to show clearly and rapidly demonstrate, for example, irritation, as he becomes both ashamed and embarrassed, as if he had done something very ugly or robbed and humiliated himself, as if he was shamed. This feeling is quite right. For in the field of invisible matters a man burned his robe and left himself naked and poor to public ridicule and reproach. The process is invisible, but the consequences of this are obvious; the sensations and emotions prevent this outbreak; it influences the attitude of others who both despise or condemn, or simply cease to be a slave of his uninhibited feelings and emotions. The experience of life teaches that astral flashes are paid such a high price and there are so many losses that their elimination is worth considering. But the main damage is in another thing. They violate the harmonic-rhythmic activity of the microcosm and weaken the barrage network in a varying degree; they leave the fortress vulnerable and at the mercy of others, as well as dark and spiteful matters of the Subtle World. If people realized the terrible harm caused by their unrestrained, uninhibited and unrestrained feelings and emotions, they would be horrified at the destruction caused by these outbursts of their own microcosm. It is like a fertile garden after the terrible hurricane: tossing, broken and devastated, created with hard work and long-term efforts. Everything is instantly swept away with one rampant outbreak. Under certain emotions, especially during annoyance, the process of ascending is interrupted and the consciousness rapidly comes down to the achieved stage. Therefore, it is better to lose everything, to give up everything, to lose everything rather than admit the devastation of treasury. The experience is valuable because it can warn us against great mistakes on the small ones. We will appreciate any experience and especially flashes of astral. So, the astral manifestations are removed with a firm and merciless hand. A price for every indulgence is too high. You can create a vivid example of astral imbalance with sadness, obsession, complaining, whining, resentment, irritation, tenderness, cowardly and other negative qualities, and, looking at it, the human image in bondage of his hopelessness, you can Say: "I will not go down to this brutish state in the Name of life and light, in the name of human dignity, I will not! Never! No way! "Centuries of slavery and humiliation are enough. It is shameful and humiliating to be a slave of one’s own astral. A lunar clown, nothingness, an extinguished light, a poor image of a human should not exist. A murderer of the spirit must be killed. Small earthly senses killing the light of the spirit do great harm; the smaller, less and more insignificant they are, the more the damage they imparted is. A scorpion is small, but its bite is mortal. A snake is small, but it is poisonous. We must gang up on them with the power of our spirits, so much grief and harm they brought. We need to realize the nature of caused harm and the paid price. We can say the same word, but in different ways. We can say it strongly, calmly and dispassionately, but we can say it, being torn by internal emotions to the loss of human appearance. The case is not in words or actions but in the state of the working machine. And if everything is allowed, it is only under the condition of mastering everything.
69. The winner is the one who has power over the three I approved. Victory is possible, when everything is at stake, and the decision to achieve it at any cost is firm. This is a state of required irrevocable commitment. Small concessions of the consequence will produce greater ones. The acquiescence to the astral is not allowed. The winner approves his power over three bodies finally and irrevocably. Who wants to voluntarily enchain himself once more, having already dropped off his fetters? It is necessary to overcome not only oneself but also oneself in other people. The others with their biased and limited representation of the winner bring his radiant appearance to the level of their own understanding, and they put a mental product of their limitations and misunderstanding on the forehead of a light bearer. This image is particularly harmful and strong if it is put by a group. So we must find the inner strength to resist the mental restrictions internally imposed by people on the bearer of our knowledge. People humiliate because they do not understand and cannot understand being on the lower level. The appearance of the Teacher grows in the consciousness of a disciple with the expansion and growth of his consciousness, and a true student raises the essence of the Lord to the highest unattainable height allowed by the state of his mind. Spiritualizing the Lord, he spiritualizes himself. But the case is different concerning other people. They have a reverse process. People tend to relegate everything to them, they do not exalt, but they humiliate. We need to react against humiliation of a human’s light by the surrounding people because a human thought, tacitly-silent and invisible, has its force, and it is dangerous because no one can tell from which side and who goes harm and disparagement from. It is necessary to button up, it is necessary to leave as little open space as possible for the hostile arrows. It is important to shrink into oneself. The less people know you, the less hitches are left for belittling. There are periods of life to be spent in silence, having carefully covered the lights of the spirit. There are two types of servicing: an open ministration, when the shield and armor fearlessly take the attacks opposing the Light, and a silent ministration, serving in silence outside the crowds and big roads. There is a time and a decree for everything. If the light of our messengers burned at the rate of understanding by surrounding crowds, then their light lit by us, we would immediately and irrevocably fade. A light bearer contrasts the consciousness of his force merged with the power of the Lord to the derogatory power of the biped thinking. Thus, the Winner is invincible, and he contrasts a fiery immunity to the massive impact of a crowd. One must approve the power the Unscarred, aspiring, fiery Light and resist to the hands stretched down; otherwise, the light will fade away. So, we speak about the approval of Light in the darkness of earthly conditions. It is affirmed with power and gets stronger with experience. It is necessary to collect the power before the Hour. Know: everything inures to benefit of the one who goes by the winner’s way. Remember: all forces, both good and bad, have to serve the one who goes the way of the Lord. For I approve the way of victory. I Said!
70. My son, I give a response to your call. Is not it an achievement! Call and be heard! In such a way a man arms without any apparatus. And is all in of the spirit. Mechanical solution lies outside; it requires equipment and puts oneself in dependence on them. The spirit does not need any devices, anyway, to see, hear and comprehend. And if to put itself and the life in dependence on them, that how to be there, in the Thin World, where anything it is impossible to take from Earth, but where it is necessary to live and work, and to live sometimes much more long, than on Earth. An apparatus and a machine are only temporary. The Earth was created by a planetary Creator without machines. We need to understand the apparatus and the machine as the energy capacitors and its transformers in the labor force. But if this device or machine is a human spirit with his fiery apparatus of the most complex construction, so is not it better to look for the decision just in the spirit? So, the human spirit, or a human microcosm, there is a transformer and a battery of spatial fire energies, thin and invisible, but the most powerful of all known on Earth. Invisibility and subtlety of energy is not an indicator of its weakness. The energy of the solar beam is invisible, but flora covers the Earth, and its bowels store horrible layers of coal. A magnetic power of spatial objects is invisible, but it holds together the Universes of our Galaxy to the millions of kilometers. The power of Lunar Ray is invisible, but it raises the ocean masses by its attraction. The power of space forces lies in their invisibility. And a human machine is a capacitor, a transformer and a battery of invisible fire energies. Its lit centers are the essence of spatial beam wells and crystals of psychic energy accumulated in its body are the power of energy gathered in the shining Treasure of Stone. So a person is called a bearer of Stone. His name is Alatyr, the highest treasure which people can own. A million-year existence – and the stage is, finally, achieved when there is a great, wonderful, mysterious and invisible process inside the man: in the grain of his spirit, in the heart, the Lord of three worlds; a concentrated Light begins to crystallize acquiring the shape of a clear crystal. A concentrated, crystallized Light, like a jewel, starts to glow and shine in the breast of a man. The treasure of accumulated Light-Lire of space grows, strengthens and widens in the manifestation of the light spreading, shines inside, and lighting the tricks of light inside the microcosm that is prompting his sleep centers, it illuminates all auras of the microcosm, all the bodies of investigation with its light. The apotheosis of the Stone Treasury power visible can be seen in the phenomenon of the Savior Transfiguration when people, its witnesses, bowed blinded by the unbearable light. And Sergius became grey from the phenomenon of seeing the Bearers of Fiery Stone Treasure. The Flaming logos, brightly sparkling in the sky, showed the phenomenon of power of the fiery treasure, the power heir of which is the man on the right of his birthright. Let us affirm fiery bearers as a prototype of the Great Spirit findings. And we will not be tired of doing, because we entered the space to collect particles of a spatial fire and store it in our hearts, a bearer of Our Light. The rod of its manifestation in the sphere of vast space has its center everywhere and in everything. And when this center becomes a crystal of growing fiery power, the man enters the way of Energy Transfiguration within its microcosm in the light energy refining and growing in its strength. Of course, every spark-monad is a condenser of cosmic energies. The process of growing and stratification around the central core goes for eons of time. But the human stage is far. And when it is reached, new millions of years for new savings and accumulation of invisible energy are needed, until the level of a Stone Bearer, the bearer of fiery Treasures is not achieved when the accumulated spatial fire reaches the level of refinement and scarcity, when the formation of the Light Crystal becomes possible. The Teaching of Agni Yoga is a Teaching about the human fiery essence of the interaction of its fiery pentacles with lights of space, the Rays of Distant Worlds. The fiery ways of ascending and invisible accumulation but obvious fiery treasure, crystals of condensed concentrated light in the microcosm given by the Lords of Light approved for human passing. The age of fire approves a new, fiery way for mankind. Stone holders, goodness is to you, who bear the light to the world.
71. (Feb. 10). A Cristal is created from the eternal flame, the flame of eternal light. Therefore, it is said that there is no return when the limit is exceeded. And then we take the coming to us forever. The stone of eternal life base consists of crystals of Eternal Light. Hence, there is a Teacher’s call for understanding the immortality and the approval of eternal life. Consciousness manifests itself in the Crystal of the potentially growing Eternal Light. And immortality, once reached, accompanies the one who found it during all the lives. Of course, a man is immortal, but to be immortal and realize one’s immortality that is to approve it in mind and find a degree of a coherent consciousness, are phenomena of different orders. The consciousness of the Arhat is incessant, and it is his victory over death. It is not easy to defy death. The consciousness is defied, and it overcomes the phenomenon of death. The willing to die will die. The believing in death will get it. Everyone will get what he believes in because the thought approved on Earth will become either wings of flight in the shining expanse of Infinity, or the deaf impassable walls in a voluntary prison of consciousness built by a man for himself and himself during his life on Earth. The thought is light, or wings, the thought are chains and fetters. Wherever a man goes up, his brightly lighted thought flies before him. The thought weaves the Light Body. The spirit weaves its shells with a thought. Does the idea create a Body of Light and from Light through the darkness? In your temples people sing: "Accept the Christ’s body, enjoy the source of immortality”. Sing! But who believes in reality of the Lord Light’s body, in the fact that the Light that shines over the world with power of its rays now, who attached his consciousness to the eternal source of Higher Teaching and immortality? Empty shells, like parrots, harp unconscious words and remain in thoughtless stupefaction. I call for the actual approval of the Eternal Light in consciousness, I Call defying death to the eternal affirmation of life. I approve the immortality of a human spirit. But people have deaf ears and darkened minds. But the great time is coming, and the lightning will awaken walking corpses. The lightning of My Spirit will drive the world for them to wake up and decide their own fate. And you will go all over the world, and say My word. The fiery Word of the Lord will light the world on fire. And it will be taken and rejected, but those who rejected will deny Me forever. Because when the Cycle of time turns round, consciousness gets the direction for the upcoming Cycle. The turning points of planetary destiny have great significance, and it is inseparable from human consciousness. Mankind as a part of the planet and its highest principles cannot come out or secede from the spiral of planetary evolution. The rings of the spiral are traced by stars. And if the annual spiral of time depends on the Sun, or on the sky, the sky, or the luminaries determine the evolutionary spiral of the globe, the Earth’s year being its part. Eternal is manifested in time, and temporary is only a piece of the eternity aspect, a small part of a giant Space evolving spiral ascending to the eternal life. One can never and nowhere avoid the greatness of cosmic laws. Thus, let us relegate the greatness of eternity to the ground within the limits of earthly understanding in order to raise the Earth to eternity and exalt it. Truly, the Kingdom of God is approaching because powerful fiery energies are directed from space to Earth. Their purpose is to pad and thin the Earth's dense matter. Evolution supposes the refinement. The ultimate goal of the Circle is to bring the planet to the highest degree of sparsely. Visible will become invisible, and the planet will be clothed in the Light Body. And not the gross physical bodies will dress a man, but sparse, delicate, upper shells, the transitional stages of which will be a concentrated astral. But the condensed astral is only a step to even more refined and luminous bodies. Rarefying and thinning in the evolutionary spiral will go parallel to all the kingdoms of the world, and the life forms lagging behind the forward movement of ascending will sentence themselves to extinction and extermination, as everything which does not correspond to the stages of evolution does. A traced way of humanity is great, it is the way of Light and to light. Will most people understand the greatness of the future and will they believe in it?
72. The harmonic state of microcosm is a living, vital, necessary phenomenon. It is not a theory but life. The cause of diseases is in misbalance. A disease is a result of disequilibrium of energies in the body. The approved qualities contribute their share to the harmonization of the centers. With the refinement of the body and the increase in its sensibility every imbalance contributes its dissonance of the most complicated human apparatus. You need to watch everything that prevents and helps to break its rhythmic work. Invasion of interfering phenomena must be avoided. Never rely on the other judgments or conclusions while judging about phenomena. I, just I think, act and do with My own responsibility. You should also take into account the limits of your body endurance and do not overextend it. The rest is necessary for carrying out a rhythmically tense work. A disciple makes his schedule in accordance with his own forces and individually. Common measures are unacceptable. And the first place is occupied with a specific servicing. People are not allowed to interfere in the established rhythm. And we should find the appropriate time. The established rhythm must be protected from human intrusions. The harmony of the microcosm should be guarded particularly carefully because it is easy to off-tune a finely-tuned instrument. Hence, there is a privacy of the Arhat, for it is difficult to deal with people. There is no limit to human grief, so helping and facilitating it one should not do it at the expense the Instruction. The page of Records must be undoubtedly filled providing a complete harmony of the entire apparatus. Hard work does not violate this harmony, and it sometimes even exacerbates it. But the human invasion acts deadly. Save the innermost.
73. (Feb. 11). Only fragments of the Great life Symphony will reach you, until you are only a human. Because human shells are unable to house and express even all your savings collected in the Chalice. But forty-nine lights of the microcosm alighted in His essence cannot be kept in the earthly shells. The greatness of Cosmic Life in its cosmic-spatial extent cannot be housed within the earthly boundaries. But this is life, it exists, and consciousness’s overcome and finished its way will sometime aggregate to this great flow not limited with the limits of earthly evolution of a matter. Infinity is a single way of ascending revealing their infinite facets in front of the man. Joining the fiery way of unlimited Teaching, people consequently light one fiery center after another in the microcosm, until all forty-nine lights shine. That is why it is called a fiery way, for it takes place in the process of transformation of the whole entity. The aim is far and majestic. But a few strongest go with a step of giants and outstrip the general advance of humanity for many turns of the spiral. The Arhat goes in front of the procession of the Leading Lord’s. Hence there are difficulties along the way. The expanded consciousness does not house in human vices, and it is hard for the spirit overgrown the overall level of humanity! This is a burden of a Teacher and A Great sacrifice of indulgence, to get down to the lower level below and help people. The grip of darkness and human ignorance hang over the consciousness, as a grave, and close the Beams of Great Life. But to be on Earth is a feat of the Arhat. He overcomes the darkness with His Light. The crucifixion of the spirit in the lowest matter is painful. But the fiery will of the opposing forces is expanding and growing like a beautiful flower. And we victoriously affirm our power in the Highest World. The path of the Arhat is a path of continuous sourcing. The collected treasures increase in its wealth. And the path of suffering, thorny and difficult, becomes a way of happiness. It is necessary to accustom yourself, your consciousness to the permanence of the infinite way. There is no rest, no stops and no stagnation. Always in motion, always moving forward and upward! Someone putting a target before oneself wants to reach it and settle down. There are no such objectives for the Arhat. His goal is to achieve the unattainable. Because he knows that the reached today is only a new stage to the next achievement. And Eternity and Infinity facing Him in their glimpsing is a field for lights manifestation of His Microcosm. And His lights combining with spatial lights bring Him to the way of cosmic creation. He steps on the path of creativity and becomes a creator to eventually become the Maker. A horizon of creative possibilities is immense; there are no limits and boundaries of complicated matter combinations. Knowing the law, He combines the elements of a matter in the creative process of life. Two opposites of being are Chaos and the manifested. And the scope of manifested out of Chaos is a sphere of application of the spirit’s creative energies for the Arhat. So works a planetary Creator. The planetary creator is an example showing the way to the going the Arhat. A hand will not be tired in doing, for a sowing field is large. And there are a lot of them waiting for a ray of light to begin the path of their ascending. As a grain falling in the good soil shoots, the Beam of the Arhat getting into the ready consciousness bears a grain of light, giving a sprout. There are a lot of waiting because it is time to sow. We light the fires of aspirations in human hearts with our lights. Current goes from heart to heart. Thus, the Epoch of Maitreya is called the ' Age of Heart. And as the heart of a woman is more perceptive than the man’s one, then let us call this era the Era of Woman, or the Epoch of World’s Mother leading the feminine. The way of the future is planted with a heart. Human hearts being previously silent will sound, and a great song of life will linger from the enlightened Earth to the spheres of invisible essential light.
74. The base of apprenticeship is cooperation. Denying himself and the range of personal interests, a disciple enters the circle of Teacher’s individuality and the circle of His interests. Small becomes big, and on the degree of self-renunciation. The Teacher is Ready to give more, but when the one is not engaged in oneself. And when the personal intrudes the space, the flow of receiving contravenes. Individuality is a form of space flow refraction in psychic products of microcosm, reflection of big in small, of Macrocosm in the gradually growing microcosm to embrace and accommodate everything. A personality and the personal turn into the individual, and the individual becomes the spatial. But the expression of the spatial is Individuality, or the incarnating immortal Ego of the human spirit. You can live by the personal and within your personality limited with this embodiment and all the features of the moment related to a person. This will be a temporary transient world, a limited stretch of earthly life, or the life of membranes. A thread of life can be stretched through the channel of Individuality in the Eternity where as the beads will be beaded separate brief lives of personalities revealing the Individuality. The Great Book of Great Individualities, or of the Mankind Teachers, of the Lords of Light, gives this shining pearl strand, each bead of which is a Stone of the purest water, not spotted with any slightest admixture, for a personal form in this case is a full expression of the highest “I”, or the Highest Identity of their owner. And a personal and private form serves as a crystal, or a prism of complete harmonious expression of the Space life manifestation. Pearls of personalities and personal lives of the Lords shines with ineffable Light, for the personal dissolved in the cosmic and it only expresses it now. Thus, the goal of personality is not to show a small world and lock in it, but it is a crystal of personal consciousness. The inevitable form of manifestation on Earth must be transformed in a mirror which reflects the above-personal including the expanse of a cosmic horizon. For the Arhat destroys the boundaries of personal attitudes and lives in His Identity within the limits of the three, the bearers of personal "I".
75. (Feb. 12). A spirit grain dresses in the Body of Light. The Light Body or the Fiery body is a shell of Individuality standing over the three and over the three temporary. Each of them is dropped and replaced by the new one with every new incarnation. The Fiery body is irreplaceable, but it is also growing, and degrees of its evolution are different. The clothes of Light can to refined and diluted, but the process is over the spheres where everything changes its shape substituting them for new ones. You can see a relieved physical, subtle and mental body or a shell of the carrier, but you cannot see a thrown Fiery body because it is a modification of the spirit grain and the very grain. Just as in a rotating wheel there is a center of immobility where everything rotates around it, in the Centre of the spirit grain there is something worth of the evolutionary spiral of the Fiery body. It is like its center, or a core, fixed, immutable, from beginning to end, bottom up or top-down, as a fixed rod of the firstly descending and then ascending spiral. The prop Centre, or the center of fiery immobility, Higher and the Highest that exists in the Universe and in a human, incomprehensible in its intimacy, is something that can be expressed in one word. It is a Mystery. And the human spirit goes to the merge with this Centre. It comes out of it s and returns there, and in the highest point in the Universe there is a full potential of Infinity with all possibilities of the infinitely unfolding Space life. A silent witness in you is a bearer of a Space Secret. He sees and Captures remaining a Silent Informant of the life film. And whatever happens around, in what shells or bodies, or even in the very grain of the spirit there is a movement, he just Records staying a Silent witness affected by nothing. Neither great nor small streams of life nor everlasting or temporary flowing in the worlds capture it. He always stays aside, always untouched-emotionless, silent, and eternal over everything that was, is and will be. The All-seeing Eye of the Universe is what it will become when your highest “I” will plunge into the Mystery and merge with It, and when the son succeeds his father. Steps toward the secret are a so called Way of ascending. The majestic pyramid of the cosmic life ends with one point, and I am everything in it. Everything merges in one. During the whole life it is necessary to remember that at any time, under any conditions, in the most difficult, stressful and hopeless situations we can always turn to Him silently staying inside us and the Looking. And you will feel the world that surpasses human understanding, as it is another aspect of the Eternal World. Our philosophy is a philosophy of life; there is no abstract knowledge: everything is in life and for life. The Silent Recorder is the most profound essence of you which manifests its image in you. In this Silent Witness, who is in you and outside you and temporal in you, but who is you. You lived on Earth once, and many, many times. Here you are in one of the earliest distant incarnations: you live, suffer and rejoice, you live in a physical body, possess the things, the words, so you are man on Earth. And where is everything now? Everything has sunk in Eternity as will sink everything around you. But he, a silent Witness, remembers and knows everything and His roll of memory is incredibly long and outside the comprehension of consciousness. He has a life, and it is inside him but not in the shells. The spirit grain is widening, growing and enriching in spreading its light, but He, The Silent, is in the center of it, in the center of the spirit grain. The growth of the grain Recorders for it is above. You can entrust the Keeper of the Secret a silver thread of life. He will save it for sure. You can destroy everything including planets and systems but not him, for He is eternal and inviolate, he always was, is and will be Semper idem recording flow of the living space in a certain form, or in all forms merged together. Characteristics and abilities of the fiery consciousness are only a prototype of His comprehensiveness and omniscience. The stages of knowledge lead to His comprehension. The higher the stage is, the higher, wider and more boundless the horizon is. His abode is the Kingdom of infinite Light. Approve Him silently existing in you.
76. The cosmic rhythm is expressed in regularity. A rhythmic movement, or pulsation, is a base of the phenomena. The microcosm lives within the boundaries of cosmic rhythms, both small and large, or the cycles of manifestations. The conscious adoption of a rhythm in life of the microcosm is a housel to the cosmic principle. It is like an aspiration to emulate the great, or to reflect the laws of Macrocosm. So the voluntary rhythmic work of conscious is highly appreciated and brings abundant fruits. The results of disparate efforts can not be compared with productivity of everyday rhythmic work in the certain sphere of activity. Eurhythmy of the Records has already given its fruit. And the fruitfulness will increase accordingly. And people will be surprised, how one person is able to give so much. But they do not know the value of the rhythm.
77. (Feb. 13). They will ask, "How can we help?" To the straight lines the uninterrupted intense aspiration! I Send the Beams wrapping the planet as a central radio antenna. The smaller Towers of spirit must understand them in order to give a wave of light to the area or a part of the surrounding Earth, having refracted them in consciousness, and support the Light network in the inviolable order. This is a mechanics of space saturation. I Perceive the Rays of World’s Mother and after their refraction I shed them on Earth. The further receivers of Light and the distributors of higher energies are urgently needed. The Light Pressure is distributed and spread in the circuit and the descending ladder of Hierarchy. Mine are both receivers and distributors, and keepers of the protective network of the planet. This is their help. It is necessary and valid but only under the condition of an assuming constancy of a coherent perceiving device. Do not belittle the significance of your fiery-conscious apparatus. Under all conditions and in all states of consciousness this condition of a permanent contact must be kept. Someone thinks that it is necessary for him, while a constant unity is needed for a planet. Do not belittle the significance of the mental fire apparatus. The sacred watch is truly a sacred protection of the Light network. It transfers the rhythms of spatial fire, and it regulates the distribution of the thinnest energies on the Earth's surface. Humanity manifesting itself the highest principles or being conductors of the planet is the carriers and conductors of subtle energies, just as the astral and mental human body conduct and hold the corresponding energies. Without the saturation of conductors a human organism cannot live, and in case of violation of the right exchange it becomes ill. The same is with the planet. A planet gets sick when the harmony of exchange is broken. The planet is violently ill, because the distributors and bearers of the Highest Energies are not enough, and the mass of biped mammals staying in their extreme animal condition elude the implementation of their direct destination to be the distributors of fire energies. Therefore help, rendered by My soldiers, it is huge and considerable, but it is still realized a little. But the executing of the invisibly higher functions requires full awareness of their importance. You are trusted to protect the network and maintain its vibrating power at a certain level regardless of the sentiments or different temporary states of your consciousness. The watch and tension it cannot depend on temporary and transient states of the lowest shells. The Great Servicing has little difference in constancy of the Light intercession. Be awake for you do not know the guard that will be the most responsible: the morning, the night or the daily one. And if the earthly consciousness is occupied with Earthly Affairs or regular work, the patrol state of the one who is entrusted with the protection of the network does not intermit. It is easy and possible, as the heart beats, whatever a man does. A patrol heart is required, because not the brain but the heart keeps watch. Not the brain, but the heart is a bearer of subtle energies. Not the brain, but the heart distributes and emits the Light of the Lord through itself. For the heart order to the patrol heart that is always awake will be a correct understanding of the task. Do I Sleep or am I awake, am I busy or free, grieve or rejoice, move or not, but I always keep watch. So let us understand the essence of the Great Servicing being never interrupted. The life of the Earth oscillated and interrupted with waves of life, raising the consciousness on the crest of a wave, or dropping it between the water-waves goes on, but the Highest Servicing is in the depths not affected by external influences, and besides them and over them. Our buildings go from the Foundation in the unflinching layers of upwards in the layers not affected by transient currents of life. So We are building firmly. The Great Ministration is built on the same principle, and the usefulness of the keeper of Common Good is constant. We can be helped with hardness and inflexibility of watch which is not interrupted with anything from outside. They always keep watching as strong Warriors put by Me.
78. Who knows our true Faces? We arrive in the sphere of one or another nation and take forms that are close and understandable for it, its language, clothes and customs. We adapt ours to the extent of its understanding and on the basis of this we raise consciousness to the available height. Our speech and parables are not always comprehensible but always plain. And no one could argue away with misunderstanding. It is condescension. But the true appearance of the Teacher always remains outside the crowd’s understanding. And the misunderstood and unattainable is usually dress according to the customs, faith, and image of the certain nation. The light is put in familiar forms inherent for people. For a Mongol the Teacher is Mongol, for a Chinese he is Chinese, for a white, red, black the Highest is dressed in the bearable form. And putting on the face of the Teacher habitual attire, the spiritual world, its depth and inexhaustibility are brought to the degree of one’s understanding and enclose Him iron grips of one’s limitations. And they do not see the Teacher and His Bright Image but the reflection of His light in a curved mirror of their ignorance and smallness. And having relegated the Highest to the lowest, they boast with their knowledge and the knowledge given by the Teacher. The Highest becomes humiliated. The nearest know according to the degree of their understanding. But to comprehend the Light, one must become this Light, for similar is comprehended by similar. But the nearest know, and the closer you get, the deeper understanding is and the closer to the truth is the given Image. We go in the world again and carry a fiery Word of the New Testament. But where are those who will take My word? I go to the world to give it the newborn truth. But a stencil is ready, and we are ready to the chains of heavy misunderstanding on My Face. Go and learn, and tell everyone to accept Me by tradition of their own nation but in the light of new understanding. I must saturate everyone all and satisfy the spiritual requirements of all peoples, for My Face will diffract through every consciousness accepted Me. And, after the refraction of My Face in his consciousness, everyone will follow Me on the way to the Single.
79. (Feb. 14). My Affair is to carry the light and adopt it in life. It is necessary to show the Light in oneself. By ignition of the centers the fiery apparatus radiates light and carries it. The sphere of microcosm, its aura egg becomes a receptacle and a bearer of Light. This is not a thought about the Light, or reading the sacred and lofty books, or a conversation about the spiritual, or acts of good, but the manifestation and carrying the light in its essence and in one’s own essence. The Arhat is a microcosm, a light carrier in the surrounding earthly or aerial conditions. The fiery body manifested in Light and with Light is born to the being of people. And, radiating light, it transmutes everything that a bearer puts in contact. Just as a lamp in the darkness transmutes it light, and lit centers produce clear and constant transmutation of the surrounding sphere and cancellation of external imperfections. The lit centers have great benefit. If one half-open center gives the phenomenon of the great artist, writer or poet, you can imagine what might is possessed by seven, nine or twelve lights, when even three lights already give the degree of the Arhat. The essence of the phenomenon of the alight center is that it, like a magnet, attracts the spatial fire, combines with it and gives a fire product of refraction or a birth of a spatial thought in the consciousness of the bearer. And even if the process goes beyond consciousness, the spatial fire attracted by the center, flows from the essence of the Arhat in the form of the light beam with certain quality and tension, born there and transformed into the available and adopted by spheres earthly form. The Fire apparatus, as the Sun feeding the Earth can be likened to the Arhat. If every flower is a transmutation of space energies in the form, the shining centers of the Arhat can be likened to the fiery colors of the spirit. Of course, all its shells filled with lights of the centers degenerate and transmutation. And even an earthly body begins to glow with its refined light. The body transmutation goes at all plans. And the entire microcosm in all its shells pulses as a harmonious entity, not torn with frenetic tendencies of unruly and restless shells. In the light of fiery centers reveal the shells. Three bodies are seen in the light of the highest lights. Fire spreading light around it radiates to the benefit of the world. And if it does not say a single word, does not write any book, has no external actions, all the same influence of lights on the world, silent but immeasurably powerful influence, will exceed the action of most people with their sleeping centers, although they would have written piles of books and made a lot of actions. The silent, invisible, implicit fire action of the Arhat is above human actions. It is necessary to understand the power of tacit fiery actions. In silence there is a great Doing Medieval alchemists called it Magnum Opus and kept in secret of the light stage under the sacred symbols. Rosicrucian’s were aware of condensed fire, and they were able to store it calling its bearer a light fuller. How to store fire Treasures? How to collect light into a shining Crystal? How to become a Carrier of Stone? Only with full non-belittled irrevocable serving to the Fire-light! Every human action is either a collector or a spender of psychic energy, every word, every thought. All are spenders, and there are only a few collectors. An elephant is strong, but it is far from fiery savings. Not about physical health and strength it is told. It is impossible to accumulate fire with bodily exercises. But it can be wasted with them. When it was told about composure, all three bodies were meant. Concentration of the three and bringing them to calmness is a powerful way of saving energy. And the movement, and the words and thoughts are saturated with a power of calmness. Aspiration, serenity and solemnity in the surrounding vanity are the best collectors of psychic energy. The growing of condensed light crystal is the goal of human evolution, for the condensed light helps to achieve immortality of the spirit. The process of light condensation is extremely fascinating. The threads would extend from the aura of microcosm questing for spatial treasures and attract creative sparks of fire from outside. The eager to light gets it. And what is reserve if not a retention the sparks of precious flame spirit in the fire apparatus? Holding the sparks we protect the Crystal from wasting. One unbridled flash can not burn the entire stock and left an empty shell. Abandonment is equivalent to the grave crime in front of oneself. There are no bad or good deeds or actions, or manners, or thoughts. There are fire extinguishers and prodigals, and there are collectors and prodigals. Everything that turns a bearer of condensed light into the empty shell being torn by the three lowest is bad. Let us keep the treasure, protect and redouble it. In your light you will see My Light, but before you see My Light, you light need to collect to the tension degree of the rightful condensed crystal Light.
80. My son, giving yourself to the will of the Lord means full withdrawal of anxiety about the thing that does not depend on your will. Take care of what depends on you and give the Lord’s will everything else. I will not Miss anything, you are directly or indirectly related to. The rays are always on watch and always provide immediate keep. You need to feel My care under the tight living conditions. I know, I see, and I foresee. So stay calm in your faith because everything you are assigned will come to you. The tight conditions seem irrepressible just for you, but not for My Beam. It overcomes the distance and small dense. Who will go against the protecting shield and My will that it is better not to live. The power of a backstroke is horrible, for I protect My nearest. It is not revenge, but the inevitability of a back Flash when the fiery apparatus of high tension is touched. Thus, you can tell the illiterate, "Do not touch a fire wire, it will cinder you. And do not stand between My beam and My selected! "And do not bother yourself with vain thoughts, the destination will reach you. And I want to tell you: do not tell superfluous words. Say only necessary ones. It is better to remain silent in knowledge, rather than waste the force. We will understand the accumulation of psychic forces a lot. We will understand in everything: in great and small. Because the mountain is composed of grits, and ocean consists of from drops. Both of them have their beginning. People often think of mastering something great losing small. But small cracks leak very well and this property can increase. Small splits are dangerous. The dark, not being able to hurt much, causes damage on trifles. And little things require special vigilance. People forget that life consists of small things and neglecting small they lose big. The Watch is related to the entire spectrum of consciousness. A barrier net surrounds the entire microcosm. And if it is broken somewhere, its invulnerability is also broken. The harmonic state of microcosm creates endless protection of the barrier net. I give My peace I to shield. The power of a spirit balance is immeasurable. There are no such energies that can resist it because it neutralizes them and limits their power. Equilibrium is a firm foundation. You can build on it without fear of any attacks from outside. The power of your spirit powerfully manifests My power. So we understand the essence of being. Let us think about the power of balance. Are there any limits? Is there a limit to the state of consciousness when My strength filling the body gives a phenomenon of sustainability? The consciousness has a tendency to flounce from one pole to another: from hope to despair, from joy to grief, from rise to fall. The spirit balance eliminates this arrhythmic rocking. And the consciousness directs from the poles towards the Centre and is held there in a state of dynamic equilibrium. And, encountering the waves of external phenomena, it does not rush to them in a fit of emotional impulse always reflex in its essence, but it stays in the Centre, the inner sanctum of equilibrium and a stronghold of the spirit. The consciousness which did not rush to the poles can control the phenomenon because it did not merge with them and did not identify itself. For the one who hit the waves and did not breach his balance of power has dominion over the counter energy waves and can manage it. Power of equilibrium is immeasurable, as it can exhaust any tension wave and then neutralize it. To neutralize the waves of opposite phenomena means to overwhelm them by force and subject those to one’s own will. The error is that one’s will is transferred outside, while the entire process happens inside because the center of balance and the center of pressure splits any wave, like a wave breaker, being motionlessly undaunted. Waves of evil wash against the stronghold of our spirit. But we keep the indestructible equilibrium. Experience teaches us to keep it both in large and small. Let us put the power of balance in the inner sanctum of the spirit and let us remember: no one can resist the equilibrium!
81. (Feb. 15). The phenomenon is cognized with similar or related elements put into the cognizing consciousness. Similar is perceived with similar. Thus, a man goes by the whole staircase from the bottom upwards to assimilate and incorporate all the elements of the Earth and all its Kingdoms. You can not acquire those items which are not included in the microcosm approving the authority. Hence there is a long way of passing all the kingdoms in the forms and envelopes which belong to them. Hence there is an endless path in different forms on each planet, each of a new system. For only having the lowest, you can go to the Highest. The degree of mastering the human microcosm of your earthly planetary material is that the action of the fiery energy inside the human body subjects the most complex and the Highest Psycho-physiological processes of the most complicated and highest combinations of a matter which are possible on Earth. There are no higher and more perceptive, and more difficult processes that take place in a human on your planet. The forms of organic compounds do not achieve equal height and fullness of expression on their degree of refinement and complexity in any animal form. Both a human and an animal can eat the same elements, but a transmutation human energy turns them into products, totally different from the animal's body. This is a mastering of the lowest spirit by people. From the elements of the surrounding world the highest human principles create or build the appropriate physical shell for them, just as a flower, or a tree, or a horse does, on a level of consciousness and the properties of the spirit grain. Similarly does the fiery spirit grain and the other shells subduing the matter of different plans to the creative impulse of the grain. The construction always goes in conformance with energies in the grain. The law "as you sow, you shall mow" implements in that the energy put by its owner in the grain of the spirit gather around and attract, astral, and organic matter to construct the conductors just the very degree of sparsely or density which is in harmony with them. So, the human shells express his essence. Can a beautiful soul stay in a horrible or ugly body or vice versa? It can, but only until the complete harmony of elements is reached. At the stage of completion all the shells and body clothing the spirit and completing their journey on Earth, acquire the look of beauty. For every ugliness is an indication of that the degree of a spirit perfection, full and harmonious, is not yet achieved. The key to understanding the harmony is beauty. A pure physical beauty without a spiritual one is not beauty at all. You can make a beautiful spiritless windup doll, but whom can you fool with it? A man unconsciously looks the inner beauty under the outer one. The harmonic combination of fiery energies allows the spirit grain and its shells take the appropriate form and expression, because the human power over the elements of the three is manifested in such a way. The Fiery will of spirit, conscious or subconscious, hold together the constituent elements of the three. They can be accumulated and retained, wasted and lost. A harmonic body condition allows keeping them in balance. Excessive leanness and nervousness, as well as abnormal fattiness, are signs of disequilibrium. Some emotions spew the atoms of dense matters from the body; in such cases people say: a man grows because of grief or he fades. Dissipation is obvious. The bases of everything are harmony and balance. The power is given to a man, and it is in his power to regulate metabolism by securing the internal peace, harmony, balance and serenity. For the limp elements of the matter easily obey to a human. And they are easily attracted in order to express and build the desired physical form. The human spirit is a sculptor who can create the required or desired form of his expression from a soulless matter. We must just polarize our consciousness in the right direction and create the desired mental image. Soulless elements of the matter, like being attracted with a magnet, will flow into this approved by the will form. This is a foundation of physical balance and health. But it requires awareness of its will and its power over the inert matter of any among the three. A clear mental image and a solid order of a consciousness are needed, and the unconscious and invisible, but bringing a clear investigation process will establish in the substance of the microcosm. It's time to realize the power of a tacit order of consciousness. You can distribute it not just on us but on the other. The tacit orders can easily subdue a strange microcosm as easily as its own. The whole thing is that the own microcosm must get accustomed to subdue to its will. But the phenomenon is rare because the human will is asleep. Like a ship without a rudder, people scud on the waves of life without knowing neither the purpose nor the direction and not being able to govern them. The power is given, but it is not understood and not applied. And the King of Nature becomes the plaything of fate. Thus, we greet the birth of the fiery will and the one who approves his power. Let us affirm in the awareness of power.
82. Of course, everything you will do in your life will be worth of a disciple because it will be done with the name of the Lord and in his name. Acting in the Name of the Lord, you unite with him in action. To create inseparably in the beam is an advance, available only for a few, because people act in their own name. The circle of one’s name is small and short. What an awful print of limitedness is imposed the name on a person name in time and space? Thus, in the best time of monasticism people consciously disowned their names to regain their freedom from worldly chains. The neophyte obtained a new name as a symbol of abdication from the past at the admission. We should think over the meaning of an earthly name. Every Personality has its own cosmic name in the Life Book. And this true name is reported from mouth to mouth at the admission. Each of the nearest is known under his real name which is a chain of his merits and findings, and it expresses a vibrating key to his essence. I give the name at the reaching of a certain stage of Personality in accordance with the nature of the beam, which will be given further. For the occult properties of spatial name are deep and determine the nature of the evolution of its bearer, and belong to the Lord of a certain range. The names are distributed on the scales and octaves as the notes of a sound scale, each individually. As well as the scale of the spirit is wider than the sound scale, the diversity is great too. A space scale goes from top to bottom. So the name includes sound, light or color elements, as well as digital and the others, having a certain place in the scale of space life. The earthly names are forgotten, and there are plenty of them. But the spatial name space is not lost. You can collect the assigned light beam in your name and become a Light Beam, or the source of the light beam, but this requires merging with the Lord’s Ray from which it receives its name. Reporting the space name is equal to the admission to the Stone-Carrier of a certain degree. The names of the space are full of profound importance. In the sphere of the Highest Spirits everyone has its own Name, the key to the spiritual essence of his Bearer. You will not be bored. I will tell you the right words, I maintain myself in your consciousness. The comprehension of a thought is higher that the astral hearing.
83. (Feb. 16). 1.) Nothing disappears, and everything is just a continuation of something in time. 2.) A thought is energy extended in time and changing its properties. 3.) Strands of thoughts are incessant as waves: they emerge in the field of consciousness, and then they go deeper; they weave a robe of a spirit. 4.) Pressure in the solar plexus is caused by the awakening of the serpent. 5.) Now the thoughts of the ocean are available to you; take what you want. This is it, the Moon ancestor in you, says "no" when all things shout "you can". (I gave you a task to perceive five thoughts in the morning).
84. I tell you to bring the body into a state of calmness, solemn susceptibility, not dependent on external conditions. The flesh crucified in a matter is subjected to the laws of a matter but not the spirit. To live the life of the spirit is to live regardless of its density. Can I? You can and must, after having rendered unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's, i.e. the earthly to the earth. But the spirit is out and over. Only the tranquility of the spirit and the silence open the spaciousness of ocean spatial thoughts. That is why the harmony of the spirit is the most necessary condition of cognition. The deeper the silence is, the wider and deeper the knowledge is. The shells vibrating with personality must fall silent. There is no place for the personal in space. So everything personal is removed from the steps of evolution. Personality is replaced by Individuality, small is replaced with large. We work closely within the framework of the personal “I” manifestation. Infinity cannot be crammed into a personal world. Yes! Yes! Come to Me, having dropped the chains of a personal "I", having escaped from this prison. A personal birdhouse is not compatible with the spatial life. Leave your father, mother, wife, children and all your heritage and follow Me. Leave all this, everything that is from your personal world. Rejection and loss are in the spirit. Understand, finally, that you can have everything and possess everything but having renounced all that in the spirit. If you own things without a sense of ownership, it is not difficult to understand how to live in the world of personal manifestation and withdraw it in the spirit. Thus, there is a decision in the spirit. Watching the world of the personal manifestation, do not regard it. After all, do not take the alien world as your own, and do not do that in relation to yours. He eats, drinks, moves and lives, but he is not you, you are outside, you are the only one who looks and registers a stream of running events and who is outside. You are a silent witness of the world expressed inside and outside you. You are in the world, but you're outside, not from this world, but from eternity. The eternal beholds in you, the temporary is in you. As a magnet, the shells attract the consciousness to them and inside them absorbing it. Contrast a magnetic absorbing power of their matter to the power of the spirit silence, and then the Lord’s steps can be heard. For the Knowledge is born from silence. When you stand in front of Me being released and taken away the fetters, I will flood you with radiance of Infinity. I do not need slaves. I allow everything but I demand freedom of the spirit from everything that is allowed. In freedom or slavery the earthly actions are done. Do the earthly affairs with your spirit free of them and not bound to them. How to become free from the power of these affairs? Is only in the consciousness! A slave identifies himself with what he does and binds his consciousness to his work and the fruits of it. But you have to be out of this making it better than those who adhered to it. And it does not matter in what circumstances or under what conditions there is a liberation - in a palace or in a hut, on land or at sea, in sorrow or joy, if it is affirmed in life.
85. You know My love. Why do you give a temporary mood the superiority over My Word? It is said about love and devotion. Is that done in accordance with moods and a tone of transient currents? And they are even more burdensome. It means that both love and devotion will fluctuate as a blade under the whirlwinds of spatial currents. The Beam is constant in its force, and it is irrevocable. Is the situation with a bringing of your heart to the Lord the same? Whether do temporary things muffle the eternal consciousness and pull it down? There is a grinding of overlapping currents as a clanking of swords at the bottom. Hard times of a threshold will pass, they will! And the elements come back into banks. And the darkness will dissipate! Why must one take a blow of elements on yourself, why is a buttress against surfs and whirlpools put in the most significant place? Is it because the Lord believes in hardness and strength of the pillars, and that he can stand it? The most difficult and dangerous guards are trusted only to the most experienced soldiers. And whom will I put as a guard in front of the most dangerous gates? Are not they the most devoted, the most courageous and fearless? Will not they stay and justify My expectations? One needs to stand up to the end and to withstand the onslaught of darkness. I Say: chaos of raging darkness is short-lived. You need to show courage, patience and devotion of an adamant stone. Do not envy those who are besotted with prosperity in difficult hours and during the planetary battle. Those who overcame all the difficulties with Me and remained faithful till the end will be with Me hereafter. And they who are languishing in prosperity of dullness will be the last. How can I put together those who enclosed everything in Me and them who do not know Me? The Lord’s hand is over you, faithful to Me during the end of the earthly karma before the great Dawn. I Stand on Great Watch and ask the Warriors to stand tightly. We Will Win! We will defeat the darkness. It is hard for a lone swimmer to be among hostile currents. There are waves around him, and the shore is not visible. But the saving and desirable shore of the Light is near, though it is not visible to the eye. The last guard must be withstood. In a terrible storm the Lord leads an earthly ship, and all are awake at the watch crew and everyone precisely and unconditionally execute the given commands. Passengers can sleep and do not even know about the menacing danger of the ocean space. But the responsibility is on the Leading and those who are with him. You receive the news and a warning about the severe Hour with a Beam. It is necessary to collect all courage and forces, as before the final combat. In Me, just in Me you will find a foundation for support. And you will resist with Me. You will withstand the last attack of the enemy in Me and with Me. The darkness goes in the last attack. But I claim the victory.
86. (Feb. 17). So personal serves to the man to beget and adopt above-personal like a butterfly needs a cocoon to grow its wings, or a chick needs a shell to strengthen and grow. Similarly, a grain must die to give the plant potentially hidden in the seed. In short, every form of life manifestation is a shell for bearing another, higher form enclosed inside. But the highest form needs to be crystallized, to grow and get stronger before it will be able to assume and withstand the waves of life. So the growing of a grain spirit crystal goes justifiably until the human Individuality adopts itself in the light of the upper world, the collected light of his own. Because the approver of the properties of your highest “I” is on the right track because it builds on what should later manifest in life as the highest stage of consciousness evolution. The Highest must be manifested despite everything. Giving the earthly things to the earth, one should remember that a constant changing of conditions and the replacement of the old to the new is a basis of life in a matter. However, movement and changes are everywhere, but they are outside the changes. A witness of perpetual motion is in the Kingdom of Silence. Let us come back to the same: how to maintain immutability? Understanding of that, that other decisions not present! The inevitability will bring rigidity of the movement. If the only possible solution is a path upwards, then every movement happening in gearing up for climbing microcosm will be rising, although it might seem that the movement is reversed, as in whirlpools of a mighty river carrying their water into the ocean of Infinity. And when consciousness rises above everything the smallness of reversed small currents taken forward in the general flow of living space can be seen. So, consciousness goes forward, and behind it goes life, but we need to accelerate the movement of evolution and break man-made dams. People can build dams for the spirit, but life breaks and sweeps away all human piles from time to time. And the bigger the piles are, the stronger this destruction is. Thus, the evolutionary flow pushing aside all obstacles is inviolate. Everything is doomed to destruction in a spiral of eternal phenomena changes with power of things in the flow of time. Looking at a human, it is difficult to understand that all this will not exist in the coming day, but there is only something new proceeding to replace the old forms of life manifestation, all the same, single, ever-renewing. And you can not bind the mind to any of the forms of ever-current and ever-changing flow of life. For being in the flow it is necessary to get out of it. To which of these transient forms will we pin our consciousness, how will we connect it with the first vortex for destruction? We are not fans of established forms, however sophisticated they may seem to the imperfect human consciousness. Since we are under their seeming perfection, we always clearly see their other, higher and more perfect form. And claiming it, we destroy the old form. The Arhat is the eternal Warrior for the approval of new forms of life and a new consciousness. Not from the light and not from the truth are those who cling to the old forms no matter how good they may be. We approve everything new in everything around us. The New is in the new. We understand the value of each form played its role, but even this recognition does not give it right to exist, because life always goes forward. Someone falls to the bottom or is thrown ashore as soar, but, in fact, we are talking about life, eternally aspiring forward through the power of the law. We affirm life constantly renewing its forms.
87. Calmness of the spirit is tested on everything and is approved under all conditions. If a person is calm and keeps the balance under some conditions and loses it under other ones, it means that the balance is not set yet and the calmness of the spirit is not attained. The approving quality is always subjected to test in order to show the owner that it is neither introduced yet nor tested. Without testing you can become the owner of spurious qualities which is inappropriate for a disciple. The tests are given for the pupil to appear in front of his in the true light of accumulated energies. Knowing his storage and the power of energies approved in the past in the microcosm, you can calmly and firmly start to eradicate them without fear and without a feeling of being their slave. It is the understanding of weakness slavery and one’s own shortcomings that must be destroyed at the root. I do not because I am a slave, but with volition of the will consciously and boldly assuming the allowed effects. A slave’s will is conquered, suppressed and destroyed with his connivance and passions; a free one does not allow slavery and any connivance. The will never leave hold of a scepter of power. I do or do not do not because I cannot or can, but because they want or do not want at the behest of the will. This is a stage of the will over every action, no matter what it was; it still must be adopted in the consciousness. And just when the will firmly and adamantly takes the reins, you can be taken to eradicate or eliminate undesirable qualities under the pressure of the will. Otherwise, not the fight and victory but a laceration, remorse and loss of mental equilibrium will appear. Whether is it cold or hot, but limp tormented nobodies are unsuitable for a way. For self-disparagement and self-belittling are cancelled. And since no one knows what is good and what is bad, what is better and what is worse, it is best to be always confident in one’s abilities, in words and actions, than give them to the judge of ignorance, not knowing exactly anything and has no right to judge the ongoing on the spirit’s way. Only I can judge, so give Me your grief and joy. Take away the unnecessary and precious from soar and discarded unnecessary with a firm and strong hand and will. We need to understand how and with what the will is sharpened and to learn to affirm it in everything and put a print of the will permission on every action. And even if you are angry, it is with the permission of the will but not in spite of it. This is a principle of development and approval of the will in itself. Prerogative wills are never disturbed and cannot be broken – they never by anyone or anything. Its print is overlaid on all actions and for the whole life as the only form of manifestation of the spirit life.
88. (Feb. 18). Calmness of physical, astral and mental bodies, of feelings, actions and consciousness is in essence three facial. Full calmness is ternary. And it comes in all three bases at the same time. Not approving it in one of the three does not mean that something has been achieved. The achievement can only be triple. But the calmness shown in one of the three clearly affects the other. Because, leading to silence any of the shells one should not forget about their interrelation. And the first condition is that a movement in shells is allowed with the permission of the will and within certain limits put by the will. On the contrary to the will, the other conductors may not vibrate. Unruliness of uncontrolled movements is curbed: the so-called nervous movements and gestures are simply unacceptable because of meaninglessness of the embezzled energy. They can be likened to an open valve balloon, through which the needed gas flows for going up. The ludicrous astral eddies of a karmic conductor are also needless for they abnormally wear out the organism that is much faster than waving hands or shaking the head and legs. Really, if you observe hateful and ridiculous movements and gestures of people, one can stumble at one’s sanity because their absurdity is obvious. Mad people go to the end in the same direction. Unbalanced people are only on the midway, but still there. The astral movements may sometimes emerge not in the tumultuous or violent gestures, but they are expressed in the face and always in the eyes. The eyes are a barometer of the astral body, and a curbed shell always manifests itself in tranquility and firmness. The Ray of eyes always expresses the degree of power reached by consciousness in the process of curbing the lower conductors, for the sight indicates the height of thought tranquility, dominant over the three, or the will is the winner of the three. Because the one who realized the value of power and is able to manage it, affirms his will in its external expression. It is right to be ashamed to unruly express the emotions, feelings or thoughts. They should not appear outside at all, on the surface of the microcosm, which mirror of reflection must always be calm and smooth. The tranquility of the three is needed for the silent shells to let the Highest emerge. In the tranquility of the body, Astral and metal Great Teachers executed the great Ministration to a mankind. They performed their earthly obligation, but they rendered unto Caesar the things that were Caesar's not breaking the greatness of calmness with shells vibrations. "And having power He said," it was said about the Savior. What power, over what and over whom? A lot of people roam around and around not knowing that victory is only a victory over them and that a spirit won a victory over its microcosm acquires and states power not only over him but sever all energies inside and outside him. As well as all world energies are enclosed in the human microcosm in apparent or potential states, the approved power extends to everything outside. So the greatness of calmness and balance are the fasces of the fiery will of the human spirit over the world inside and outside. We will approve the fiery will in life and at work. In the twilight of daily occurrences appears and affirms the greatness of fire. Serenity is the crowning glory of the spirit, crowning the head of a winner over the lowest matters.
89. Of course, the Lord is a link with the Highest World; He is a means of the light world’s cognition. While climbing it is impossible neither to exit the Beam of His light nor to get ahead of it, nor rise above the Focus emitting the Light, for the consciousness of a pupil is in the Lord’s Ray and of It. The Lord also goes up after the Highest. As the chain of planets, the aspiring space is a chain of spirits related to the Beam of the Hierarchy. Each chain exists by itself, but it is linked with the others in a coherent system of the universe. The star of the star is different in glory, but each of them has its leading planetary Spirit. The universe has a strict hierarchy. The case is not in the name but in the fact that the Highest Spirits Take their own places on the Stairs of Light. The hierarchy is a basis of the universe, and there are many degrees of different hierarchies. There are four elements, but each is governed by its Hierarchy. The Highest one is the Fiery Hierarchy, a hierarchy of fire. Both people and animals evolve through the elements, but a human man must go through everything. The way to the evolution of the spirit is long, and the Stairs are high there is no beginning and no end, as the Universe has. The followers of the eternal journey are known as people. Here, or on other planets, but everywhere there is a spiral of evolution rushing to the Infinity? Life is here, there and everywhere, it has no beginning and no end, but it merely changes its form of expression.
90. (Feb 19). The feeling is right. Feel the center of balance and calmness which is completely independent from the outside world and the surrounding circumstances inside you at least for a moment, and there will be a victory over the world. The heart is a forge of sensations and feelings. You can practice causing a feeling of calmness, solemnity, courage, or concentration, contrary to what is happening around. Using this property of heart energy, yogis raise the heat of the heart and warm their bodies in freezing temperatures and on the icy wind or they can keep the red-hot coal on the palm, or walk on the burning coals. The very energy of heart is put into action. The heart likes to be abolished in its place because how else it can reveal its inexhaustibility. You can draw from the heart without end, but while maintaining equilibrium and rhythm. The energy radiated by the heart in a rhythmical tense never wears out its shells. Lack of rhythm breaks the thin physical apparatus of the heart. Equilibrium is a state of the heart when even a rhythmic pulsation is not disturbed by external influences, and when external effects are neutralized by the cardiac radiation. A light source cannot depend on what falls to the Beam of his light? Independence of the heart’s body needs to be understood. That is why the image of the Lord is brought in the heart; it is a bastion of independent power. It beats, whether on the street, snow or rain, good or bad, and it will beat whatever will happen. A living heart is a phenomenon of a special order. And it colours every human’s action. The human greatness is measured by the heart, because hearts are different. But the Great Heart is a living symbol of what a human heart should be.
91. The phenomenon of a Teacher in the earthly life is a unique gift. Many people live without even thinking about this possibility – it is easier, simpler and more irresponsible. Do you envy? But, someone lives better than Mine, and sometimes in excess. But they live blind, and their fear of death is great. Death equals everybody; it sums up the lives and puts a human in the face to the great unknown. If you do not believe in immortality, you cannot live any moment, so ludicrous is your existence. But people do not want to consider the illogicality of denying life until the end. If they thought, they would be horrified because people subconsciously behave themselves as if there is no death. What is all for if everything begins and ends with Me? How can end and start anything that has neither end nor beginning? Can you arbitrarily break an infinite chain of causes and effects, and, snatching two-three levels say: here is the beginning and the end. Because every end has a beginning at a new level, and each start has its continuation which caused it from the very beginning. And, moreover, every phenomenon of infinite lateral filaments is associated with all the others because it is an inseparable part of the whole. You may ask: but are people are born; do the nations, states, civilizations die? Yes! They are born. Yes, they die. But every manifested link is a link showing the endless chain of events in a particular order which then appears in the visible world, and then goes into the invisible one because everything goes to Infinity under the waves. A high culture of ancient Greece, having briefly flashed in the sky of the ancient world, disappeared in order to shine with the light of new finding among new nations on the Earth somewhere and sometime. If all the phenomena of life are seen as a chain extending from the past through the present to the future, the chain of infinitely changing causes and effects, the essence of any phenomenon can be understood in its spatial extent and in the aspect of two worlds-the visible and the invisible one. The culture of any nation is a tree, the roots of which could go to the distant past, and a barrel, a top and branches capture the horizon of the future. From the reasons we determine the consequences, from the present and the past we determine the future. We do not see death anywhere, but we see only the change of life forms, continuous and eternal. And we state the life here on Earth, and in the worlds, we approve the same single cosmic life with no beginning and no end. We affirm the infinite life which is never-dying and endless, but it merely changes its form of expression. And we who do not deny anything deny death and say: there is no such phenomenon in space as death.
92. (Feb. 20). There are people having subdued the astral, which degrees of control are different. But this is only a step further. Mental also requires control and mastery. To master one’s mind is harder than to subjugate the astral. An ordinary person's mind does what it wants but not its owner. And there is duality: people want to think about one thing and focus on something specific, while the mind is unwilling and flits from one subject to another as it wants. It produces a bright picture of two control centers, or "a house divided in itself". It is a spectacle worth studying. In the own microcosm of a human each beginning wants its approval and identification, and the essence of a man is torn between the three. How to manage them? It was told enough about the astral, but the mental status requires analysis. Why does the mind rush from one thought to another, even if the astral falls silent? The mind can not focus on one thing for a long time, as this will give birth to monotony. A change of working centers or a change of activity is required. It is a legitimate requirement! Therefore, for a normal operation of a mind it is necessary to avoid prolonged monotony which dulls the work of the Centre. In these cases one center is replaced by another changing the nature of work. So we say: a change of work is a rest. Also, we should not stop the desire of the mind when it wants to move away from the surrounding monotony and dive into something new. This is the same rest and outlet. But a wandering mind is something else. A mind does not want to concentrate on this task and it constantly flounces. A wandering mind and a wandering sight are totally unacceptable for a disciple. All phenomena of psychic energy are materialized with the mind managed by the will and subjected to it. The will was born to rule over the mind and mind - to obey. So, the first step in mastering the mind is the awareness that it can fully comply with a will, and that if it tosses, it is because that will is not where it should be and it is broken in its monolith. The monolith of the will must be created before the mind obeys it. The will is fragmented and aspiring for different and opposite directions, begets stagger and volatility of consciousness. Because, before giving it a job, it is necessary to firmly, clearly and definitely decide what it wants. It is necessary to have a clear picture or a plan of desired mind actions, and only then you can proceed to work. Otherwise you cannot avoid duality. A clear purpose and a strict decision to reach it is a first step, the implementation, and the very process of implementation is the second step. And, as always, you should start with small and easy tasks. Success is found immediately. To start work without knowing firmly what the will wants means to be doomed to failure in advance. There are a lot of misfits and failures. Even starting a business conversation, the will can firmly and picturesquely decide its effects and results in mind. And they usually coincide with the decision of the will if it was brought into effect consciously. It is better not to proceed to the action if there is no firm decision of the will. So, the mind is preliminary put into the mainstream, or a framework for tits identification, and then the bolder and sharper they are, the more successful and productive work of the mind will be. Stagger and toss of the mind ensue from the lack of planning. A plan is a framework of manifestation for the energies of any beginning planned and approved by the will. Thus, planning the action, it is necessary to ask oneself about the wish of the will and the verity of this wish. And there where the print of the will is put, there is no duality of consciousness. The monolith of the will is an unbroken beginning. You can create and achieve with it.
93. (Feb. 21). The surrounding does not matter. The internal state of consciousness gives rise to it. Disappointment in life is not from life itself, but it is from the attitude to it. You can sicken in exuberance and be happy in poverty. The case is not in the external. Having not adopted a conscious power over the environment imposes on it; it seals a person’s consciousness. Because he reacts on the external reacts according to his psyche. It is very important to understand and consciously move the center of judgment with power to put everything in its frames inside. You can even practice to raise the reactions opposite to the traditional ones in the consciousness. A painful poisonous breath of life has already touched and caused pain. "Well, and it is good because it will give the clothing of My spirit a new beautiful hue”, will think a disciple. “I will rejoice it”. The thing is that the inner reaction can be called consciously and willingly, contrary to what it should be. Only having recognized and established this Centre, independent from the external world and self-contained, we can talk about some kind of power over the external influences. People are scurrying around, they are nervous and worried, and vanity sounds triumphantly subjecting consciousnesses, and he who won a victory over it remains unapplied not being affected with a boiling stream. Having realized this inner fortress, you can deepen into its stronghold and always stay there. Let our Stronghold be a symbol of the inner Citadel of the spirit. We accept valid participation in the Affairs of Earth, but being in the inner sanctum, we are involved in the flow of human passions and experiences, for we took our consciousness out of the worldly human sea of astral matters. It is necessary to remove the human consciousness from the astral sphere of your microcosm and of the people and send the vibrations and waves in this matter to establish its vibratory state with your own will. Then there will be an understanding of the world which is higher than any human understanding, and the awareness that everything is inside and it causes the external. When a gust approaches, one must take it in the subtly raised sail and hold the wheel with a steady hand, not losing the speed. Without a rudder the ship will scamper adrift and could easily die. Only a steering wheel will give the momentum at the foul wind. Adverse winds must be used skillfully, and the move will not be disrupted. The calmness of mind can be kept and retained in the most hostile and volatile environments. You just need to understand what is already inside a man and what unconsciously and without his active involvement defines his attention to the surrounding world. Why can two people under identical conditions feel completely the opposite? Is it determined with consciousness? But this must be understood with all your essence, and then the appropriate conclusions must be made. One always worries, suffers and endures on trifles, another, who lives nearby, is calm. It is not in trivial things, but the reason is in a human. The reason is only in a man. The man wears the reasons stipulate his reactions on the external influences. Everything is in a man. And these are reasons to install, modify and approve a man himself. If a human microcosm is a bearer of reasons causing a reaction to the impact from outside, if it is in a man, so the control levers are in his own hands? The name "a causal body" needs to be understood much deeper, as well as the power over it belonging to the spirit. "If I beget the reactive reasons, that and of power over them belongs to Me. And everything is in Me, and everything depends on me, the Lord staying in you”. So, I approve your power over your microcosm. Knowledge of the law will provide power. The law is applicable to the life.
94. If life is a process of perpetual overcoming of what is outside it, a fight and a victory are the affirmation of life. Thus, the approval of the Teacher will always encounter a vehement opposition of the old world which is the antithesis to the coming world. The process of a new world and a new consciousness approval is old, as the consciousness itself, eternally renewing its cycles of historical currents. And the Teacher was always a rejuvenator of the consciousness and a symbol of the coming world. The eternal process of consciousness formation is a process of consciousness life. Every cognition and replacement of the old thought to a new one is already a small circle of renovation. Everything is new in nature, and the new is eternal. There are new spring, new summer, new leaves and new fruits on trees. In the nature eternally repeating in spirals of its cycles, both large and small, there is nothing repeated, even two leaves are not similar in a spiral. To show the Image of the Teacher is a disciple’s task. Show it in a prism of the consciousness and the light.
It is not an easy task. Because the refraction and absorption of the Lord’s light require a rebirth of consciousness. The Lord will not leave but in the process of constant climbing because the Teacher is unnecessary in a recession, and His Rays of aspiration are. The beam can be refracted in the Crystal, but an amorphous vagueness will not give either refraction or reflection of this light. Therefore, a concentration of consciousness is inevitable. A diamond crystallizes under great pressure and force. And the close conditions are blessed because the stone facets are polished to detect fire in it. To withstand the battle in the dark alone and seemingly without the assistance is a test which one must pass without losing his direction. But there is one way: to the Lord and with Him. And every next stage is heavier than the previous one. And every following test is harder. There are no lights in the darkness, and everything is drowned in darkness. But the Lord is close, though He is not visible, though He is unheard. The support is not on the people and inside them but on Me because I was left alone in the moments of the hardest trial. Thus, the emphasis is on Me. You will persist with me but not with people, but not with your nearest close, but not with anything from outside. They will come and they will go away from you, but I will dwell with you and in you, within you and outside you forever being inseparable from you, your Lord. And if all betray you to oblivion, but not the Lord, there is no wane for you. Because everything is in Me. Being recognized by people without Me, you are a soap bubble. Inflated and huff, burst, leaving no trace. And when I am inside you, I fill you up, and when I surround from outside, your way is straight and invariable, no matter what happens around. With all your conscience in Me, you stand on the rock of eternal life foundation. As autumn leaves, a whirlwind takes away the rags of commonness, and people weave new gray cobwebs of obviousness enveloping their lives. But the going with Me rips the veil of darkness! How much courage one should have in order not to powerlessly submit to the muddy waves of Tamas? The overcoming! I gave you the Beam of the eternal Light, so that your way will be strict in the earthly darkness. My son, look in the future boldly, calmly and firmly because I follow you.
95. When people pour out grey muddy slime of their piles on you, courageously take the shield to dispel it with the ray of light.
96. (Feb. 22). My friend, the Lord’s nearness is dependent not from your will but from the will of the Teacher. One only needs to prepare the ground and wait. My Closeness is not always shown explicitly. The Beam is irrevocable, but it is when the consciousness begins to toss in uncertainty. Stay calm in your faith, for the Lord will not leave the elected. And, if He is silent, blame your smallness, but understand that the spatial conditions can be complicated, for the time is very hard. You thought your way was primrose and full of heroic feats, but to overcome the mucus and mud of current days one needs even more heroic deeds. It is difficult with people, and only the surrounded with loneliness is protected from coincidences and surprises of human sentiments. Even the nearest are not a salvation. Only the Lord is the immovable rock. And every consciousness seeks to pull your consciousness to a losing funnel of emotions of its personality and close its circle around you. Do not enter the realm of the other personal experiences and do not catch their vibrations because it will deprive you of your findings and cover your with the darkness of despair. You are strong until you are with Me, and you are independent from astral whirlwinds of the lowest “I”. You tussle with it, and you should fight with strange persistent shells trying to subdue you to their vibrations as stubbornly and persistently as their not subdued do. See the enemy and do not delude yourself with any words hiding the essence of the phenomenon of the unbridled astral. It is necessary to overcome yourself not only in yourself but in others. Their purpose is to absorb your light with their darkness because your light does not let a tyrannous stubborn astral form to manifest itself relentlessly and freely. People often come to rage and hatred of those who encroach to curb the fury of the astral body. So hide the fire of the spirit when you see that the lowest entity raises its head ready to rush. We need to understand that the ongoing self-rebels at times and it is ready to attack anyone who threatens its calm and unbridled state. Do not go on the warpath with the light in a disciple but with darkness of not yet eliminated. And when it gangs up against you who want to destroy it, know that the enemy is the same as in you. Always be ready to understand the essence of opposition in a disciple and resist to it with the knowledge of the phenomenon. All rebels in one or another form, their self and astral rebel doomed to curb and submit, and become completely irrelevant. It is necessary to take the phenomenon in its roots and discard all the words covering and justifying it. A heart is a sure judge. If you yield to words or vortexes, you both will fall into the pit. But how pull somebody else out of the pit? You should carefully protect yourself both from the astral emotions and vortexes of other people and relatives, and their experiences if you fall under their swamping in its funnel influence, your mind will grow muddy, you will lose balance, and a serious clouding of consciousness will become inevitable. So protect the Citadel of the spirit. So do not let anybody in the sanctuary of the temple. So shield from the vibrations of the astral vigilantly and resolutely. Do not be deceived with husks of absolutory words, people ready for everything just to hide the true essence of things from the others and even themselves. I give you eyes to see the inner self in the external form. With Me and Mine, that is why there is a caring. Estrange the resisting astral madness with your severity. Cold therapy is sometimes very useful, and people with painful radiation need it. Not cruelty, but taking care of them who are under the power of the lowest shells. Do not come down to the stage of their manifestation. They will drag you. That is the main danger from those who has not curbed themselves. Its Majesty Selfness needs and seeks to conquer everything. Know your enemy, under whatever guise, and wherever he manifests, in you or outside, distant or close. The essence is invariable, and it leads into the abyss. It connects with your lowest “I” and enhances both. One must have hundred eyes. The heart knows because it rebels first and it warns even at a distance. Be calm in the faith to your Lord and do not be doubtful about His Nearness. The darkness is dense, but it is not already long.
97. The Lord never imposes his will, but the aspiring to the merging merges with it. Aspiration is required on the part of the aspiring. Not aspiring consciousness does not receive gifts. Aspiration is a constant state of the Arhat consciousness which becomes an expression of his essence. It is aspired not because I want it or I do not want, but because I cannot otherwise. Do not take the change of rhythm or alternation for stagnation. The ups and downs of the spirit are inevitable. Only if they do not change the direction, that is, when each and all states of consciousness stay aspired to the Lord. The Beam is also permanent and constant. The continuing dominates over the transient. Let us admire our thought to the innate in the transient, as it is a world base.
98. (Feb. 23). The credibility of actions is reached with an application of the Teaching. There is no other way to be convincing in action. A personal example enthralls better than words. Words can cause the effect of a listener but not a desire to follow them in life. The affect is a swiftly passing phenomenon. But in the case of a personal example of the phenomenon it occurs by the influence of one aura on another. The energy applied to life, the idea adopted in the human essence, they both cause vibrations of the same order, and consciousness is configured to the route of following the leadings. Therefore listening My words and applying them "builds on the strong base". Words not used by the speaking do not have any force because in the body of their begetter there are no creative energies of fire. Words which are not justified with these energies and are not confirmed have no basis, and they are wrappers devoid of content. They can give the phenomenon of affect, but they do not create a spatial psycho-grain and would not have the desired effect. For the power of the word is in a thought standing behind it. The devastated words have no influence. The energy of the heart is enclosed in the Word, it gives life. A word that comes from the depth is strong.
99. So, when Mine prevails in consciousness, a process of perception goes right. The law remains intact, "You cannot serve two masters." Or yourself, or the Lord! The Serving to the Lord eliminates the content of consciousness, the vibrations of the lowest shells. They represent “selves”, the lowest “I”. And all that comes from them is the lowest in the world. To fill with the Ruler is to reach such a state of mind when the idea of the Highest dominates displacing everything from the Earth. Of course, a contact with Earth is inevitable. But it is told about what a heart is devoted and belongs to. The exceptional love and attachment to anything fills the heart of the beloved. Similarly do love and devotion to anyone. And if we accompany our earthly affections with filling of hearts and minds with them, the love and devotion to the Lord should manifest themselves deeper or fuller. And whether the heart is always on guard of the supreme love and the image of the Lord always sounds displacing the bustle of the Earth? What goes around comes around. Absolute dedication and tireless aspiration may not remain without a response. Aspiration all heart. The answer is always, always at the door. But a protection of the silver Bridge requires vigilance and sensitivity. Who said that a watch is easy when everything around is to outshine My Face? But the fight is inevitable, and the fight is continuous, it is a fight for retention. "The Chain of White Powers" must be hold with all the tension of the spirit. The essence of the surrounding growls and tries to put out the fire of the spirit of devotion and love for the Lord, as the world lives without the Lord. A patrol heart does not let the connection thread become loosen. A daily occurrence enhances communication. And if you do everything possible, the Lord’s hand will not slow down. I do not forget, but it should be remembered that space conditions can also be different and they influence indeed.
100. (Feb. 24). A mental world where a man usually lives is called a ghostly world. We do this because these thoughts are baseless. They have an external form, but, referring to the phenomena limited with a small range of manifestation, it does not belong to the world of real things. As a result of personal consciousness, they bear an imprint of imperfections and small understanding of cosmic phenomena. This limitation is easy to see in the small world that exists in the mind of a savage, but it's hard to see it in oneself. But this blindness to the own limitations cannot expand the scope of personal peace. So the world of personal and the world of space do not match. The first is distortion, fragmented and unilateral of the external life; the second is a voicer of the existing in reality. Giving a Teaching of life, we want to put the human mind into the world of reality and expand the world of personal space to understanding of the universe. At first, think about yourself, then – about the family, then – about relatives, then – about the nation, then - about the motherland, then – about the entire planet, then - about the space. So gradually the consciousness deduces from the personal closed sphere to the cosmic space. The phases or stages of a consciousness expansion must be understood in their graduation and do not demand from the small minds going on these steps anything beyond their capacity. It is good when the personal is harmoniously combined with the folk, because when a personal justification for its existence is in the above-personal, it begins to lose its illusory. So the personal can be either in harmony with the space and its reflection of it, or at odds with it, and be a distort tions of reality. Psychic products of a distorted personal world are doomed to inconsistency with the truth. A false life Teaching replaces a real being.