Agni Yoga's facets, 1954

1954 **
Boris Nikolayevich Abramov record, the next pupil N.K. Rerich, received from the High Source about what there is a confirmation E.I. Rerich. – Novosibirsk: The Algim enterprise, 2011 – 520 p.
Originator of B.A.DANILOV
The book included earlier Boris Abramov not published Records of 1954. B. N. Abramov (1897–1972) who has lived many years (1917–1959) abroad, in Harbin, was Nicolay Konstantinovich Rerich's closest pupil. The source of Records and books of the Doctrine of Live Ethics – Is uniform. It was confirmed by Elena Rerich, in the 40th years got acquainted with the first Records. Later Boris perceived also Nicolay and Elena Rerich's messages.
By preparation of Records for the edition features of their style were kept.
The book will be useful to readers in search of answers to questions of appointment of the person and his responsibility before the Universe.
The Algim publishing house thanks the employees promoting issue of the present book.
The pupil addressed to the spiritual Teacher with words: "Your world in days of the life I want to approve". The answer followed: "Be rejected from it, take the cross and follow Me". So simply and briefly the Teacher designated a lifeline on which it is necessary to go aspiring to spiritual improvement.
Stay of the person on Earth, – as traveler at intermediate station, – is temporary, but it is absolutely necessary. After all exactly here it gets precious pearls of experience without which further advance on a spiritual way is impossible. One of such "pearls" –break through channels in the Thin World on which the spirit will direct after Withdrawal from the world dense, terrestrial. It is important to note that this work of people can perform only here, on Earth. After Transition by the traveler new activities aren't created, in World Thin it can create and move ahead only in the directions put by it in the world dense.
In the Doctrine of Live Ethics and in Boris Nikolayevich Abramov Records for such preparation it is recommended to think twice a day about the Distant Worlds and about the Future, establishing already on Earth cooperation with mankind of these Worlds and to those helping not only to the evolution, but also advance of terrestrial mankind and the planet Earth. And at this stage of a way such process also promotes an aggravation, improvement of thinking and, by means of a rhythm, disciplines will of the person. After all it is known that the matter is inert, chaotic, and only the will fiery is capable to form it, to bring an order, that is to create space.
Constantly and consistently applying in these lives and other Councils of the Teacher, it is possible to compose consciously patterns of karma of the future embodiments. After all in this life often it is necessary to bath very painfully the previous mistakes and sins – fruits of the imperfection. Understanding that all difficulties and difficulties are given not on an arbitrariness someone’s allows to transfer a battlefield with circumstances from the outside in itself that is to fight and win victories over, over the gets rid qualities. But such gets rid doesn't leave after itself emptiness, and is filled, under the polar law, qualities opposite, necessary for approach to the purpose, at least and very far – to assimilate to the Father Heavenly.
Thus, the important, responsible task facing each traveler of a spiritual way is to approve Doctrine Bases by life. In it there will be a creation. And if all affairs remain only in language, woken energy any time will bear forward, and then, not fixed by skilled application, will return to beget, but not creating force, and destroying. "Not words will rescue, but their application. Speak where it is easier, than to apply. Words not approved actions, as leaves dry".
Earth and Space are uniform in the structure and the appointment. Space Laws regulate all processes happening in the Universe. And we, people of Earth, aren't an exception. Time when the person sought to learn and understand laws only roughly physical, that is available to supervision by modern sense organs of people of our planet, passed. Life of all real, from atom to star galaxies, submits to uniform Space Laws. And the person created just like God's, bears full responsibility for everything made by his microcosm. Every second each of us gives rise to thoughts, feelings, the emotions bearing, depending on their quality, fire and light or the evil, darkness and destruction. And it is possible to radiate Light in space always, in a dream or being awake if light fire in heart of the traveler is lit. To these it is assisted in evolutionary development by everything and to all surrounding, even far and invisible. Let's remember Nicolay Konstantinovich Rerich's picture ""Prokopiy Just for the unknown the floating prays", or it "Agni Yoga's" cloth...
Under Space Laws true Service to General Welfare begins when our small "I" grow in collective, and then there are uniform with big "I", with Identity. This process is inseparably linked with spirit evolution. And on our horizon new, higher spiritual step which will mark a transition round to space consciousness already dawns. "The personal consciousness grew and developed according to the plan of evolution and it was necessary as a necessary step of the following, highest form of its phenomenon. The mankind passes to collective rails, it wants that or not. The collective expands consciousness and acquaints him to more wide range. The collective grows, embracing eventually all terrestrial mankind to become then part of mankind universal".
It is necessary to remember that the major key to success on a way to this step of spiritual improvement is constant memory Teachers, Hierarchies of Light, continuous pretending to the Highest. Mastering by such key is promoted by rhythm introduction in all good affairs and thoughts, after all on a rhythm as on one of the basic Space Laws, all Universe keeps. And, of course, all activity has to be thus conscious, with full understanding of consequences of each act, the word, and feeling, thought. Only under these conditions probably accelerated following on the way of spiritual improvement.
"I told already: everything is allowed, but with Me that I Entered into all your affairs by the statement. And rest is possible, and entertainments are possible, but not on condition of oblivion of the most necessary. Even concentrating at serious work, the Teacher can't be forgotten. Therefore it is spoken about pretending constant and indivisibility of consciousnesses. Achievement isn't great to remember the Teacher at the Communication moments, about It having forgotten the most part of day or night. I speak about a memory uninterrupted. And when terrestrial life will come to an end, will help easily and without a regret to leave everything that it provided to you for a while, both free and joyful to depart to the World other, to the World of my boundless opportunities, opening subjects, who with Me".
Danilov B. A.

1. The doctrine of Life is the mighty force, direct consciousness in the future. Present are the step of evolution reach by spirit at present. On the present it is impossible to be late, wherefore it will be stagnation. Present are an instant on a way to the future. The purpose of the present is the future. How were well present, the future always are more its more widely, both are deeper, and are more considerable. Only decay consciousnesses had no future. The fallen souls too had no it. They too moved in time to the future, but it is the future – recourse, attenuation and death. We Spoken about ways of Light; the light way to the future is similar to a ray of light: went, always extend. It are not necessary to forget only that if there are a way of Light, that is and a way of the darkness which most essence are opposite to light ways. If the darkness lived past and directed back, the future – the engine of Light. It are possible to speak about the heavy present, but levers of the future in hands of the person wherefore in the present it put the reasons of the future consequences who always was according to essence of the generate reasons. So the present can be consider as the moment of crops of those reasons which will give shoots in the future, and on conformity. That can be saving from creation and crops of the thin reasons, or seeds, thin consequences of the br more beamingly. It are not necessary to be deceiver and mistaken. Thin grains will not give shoots well. Therefore crops in the present can be conduct carefully and after careful consideration. Certainly, these grains were thoughts, words and acts or actions. Someone thought to avoid a harvest of the crops, but it as are impossible, as it is impossible to avoid the future tomorrow. It will be, and it is inevitable. The future sat with consequences of the reasons are inevitable, generate by will of the person and to it gravitate on the law of a magnetic attraction the aura in whom seeds of the karmic energy cause an attraction and creation of conformable by it of consequences was concentrate are more its. Karmic consequences as cannot be avoid, as it are impossible to separate from own essence in whom magnetic grains of karmic attractions was collect. Two persons gone for the ocean to search happiness and destinies be more their could was absolutely various, wherefore on aura’s to an attraction, to creative from the moment of a birth of the person, energy of the karmic grains put in aura of the person, started to operate inevitably, created an environment correspond to them. And the unique factor, able them to change, it are will of the person, not simple, but the fiery hearts which had clear fires. Only fire of heart and on fires of heart it is possible transmutation, to regenerate fires of karma. And than more powerfully they inflamed, are more show the authorities over a current of karma, but only in the presence of fires of heart at the pupil. Certainly, the Hand of the Teacher could alter, or even to extinguish karma, but only in the presence of fires of heart of the pupil or convert behind the help. But the general rule is that that the higher will human did not interfere with karmas. When the pupil beamingly spoke "Thy will be done", it transferred voluntary and the destiny in Hands of the Lord, but it are a way of the elite and to the general rules are not subject. And much, it is on forces? Wherefore for the majority searched simplification of karma, but the way of a discipleship are difficult, and transfer of will to the will of the Lord of simplification of a way at all did not mean, - change of karma – yes, but not simplification. The aspiration caused counteraction of environment. Than it is stronger, counteraction is stronger than themes. Heavy work of overcoming of terrestrial counteractions, resistance and attractions are great also. And still it will be karma of ascension and overcoming, but not burdening of to new, subject redemption and stop a way. Seeds of karma, creative the pupil, were created in other plane, rather than usually. One it is possible to tell: there are not the fiery will of the person c not overcomes that. If this will operate in accord with will of Lords of the Karma, where border of overcoming? "Execution of My will you give to Me opportunity to Execute your will". In accord of will is victory. In accord with will of the Higher is overcoming of all. In merge of will of the person with Will Space is power and the power of the person over a kingdom of three (plans of life).

2. «That the good could be from Nazareth? » So the darkness thought and searched in all malicious. There could be no phenomenon only bad. Destructive and creative particles, or elements, were in all. Forces centrifugal and forces centripetal, forces to good and to harm direct, forces antagonistic, forces from the past and from the future; even in evolve consciousness of the Lord there are that It Are, and what It Will be, ha transfigure the present. And in such great question, as the new step of the whole people or the state, are that it is necessary to overcome, get rid to become more perfect. As in the separate person when touching the Ray of light came up from depths of consciousness and all amplified kind and malicious, as and in life of the country: the bad – for overcoming, kind – for the statement and growth. To see only one bad or only one good will is an error. It human judgments suffered affliction. But if the evolutionary potential prevailed, meant, the country ascended. And if it is prevalence considerably, the ascension became prompt. The world old is depriving of stimulus of ascension wherefore forces it was settle. The world new covered in itself mighty forces and, despite imperfection of the form, is full of life, aspiration and creative force. In prompt movement in the future imperfect particles was doom to falling off, backlog and death. But all best and vital will recover, will prosper, confirm ways evolutionary. Usual consciousness not in an estate to catch the latent springs of consciousness mass therefore the judgment the incorrect will be always more its. But of a violent thicket I Undertakes to make a grove and this grove will be an ornament of the world. But there was the laws of terms cause various stages of an attraction. And who could make bold to tell: Hour had c. The Hierarch Leading could make it only. Therefore, ha ben consciousness before will of the leader, it is necessary to wait for execution of the terms conduct in the Hall unknown.

3. In Space there were forces of Chaos, force of destruction and force of creation. Presence of these forces in this or that kind and quantity are available in all phenomena. Holding and focusing consciousness on them, them both we strengthen and we claim. The eye open on good, in each phenomenon of force light and building caused to life, - from here kind and evil eye. Good not only in people to see good for it of the statement, but also in subjects, things and the phenomena. The consciousness which has got used to the statement of good in everything is consciousness of the creator and the builder kind. We will be saved from becoming destroyers because, becoming those, we serve darkness and the evil. Therefore reaction of process of the destructive thinking seeing in all elements of chaotic energy is so painful. Obvious helpers of darkness differently can't think. It is better to be mistaken in good exaggeration, than to strengthen darkness, causing to life of energy of decomposition. It belongs to all phenomena of life. Precept has an eye kind. Let your eye will be open on good. The eye who is kindly confirm, are an eye of the builder kind. A beam of consciousness, have been direct on constructive elements of the phenomenon, a creative power of the blessing caused to the statement and revealing, as though br through in space the channel and created for this purpose the necessary conditions. It is especially appreciable in public. Even exaggerate them kind and merits, we done the carrier them better. That condemnation, from here the Covenant «Done not judge» is fatal. Not the court kind meant, but malicious, negative elements strengthen and confirm. Cut down in substance of elements the Plan of evolution, kind, on good and elements of good we Built. The hierarchy dark adhered to the return, cause to life of powers of darkness, Chaos and destruction. In it the main harm are more their. Ministering of evolution are opposite on a being and methods. In life of the people sowers of a distemper and decomposition was especially harmful. To dark focus I Let's come to light for it destruction. The minister of Light, the minister of good, and an eye should have the kind. But do not search for good in conscious servants of darkness. With them it is necessary to struggle. But not to fill with them the consciousness that not only not to strengthen energy them, stop the shift are more their, without burden them, without occupy them sphere of the microcosm. Discussion not is condemnation and criticism healthy there is no criticism destructive. It is distinction it is necessary to understand. Replacement bad good or good the best are constructive. To see the validity did not mean to denounce, but it are necessary to learn to see more its both than a pole in them correlation. Imperfection not is harm, but absence is kind. Without understanding of pairs contrasts also them interrelation the spirit could not to move ahead. All Doctrines was bas on understanding of polar in all. My world I Gives you. And ha br in the world not the world, but a sword, I Speaks: «The soul los it will find». So any Doctrine of Life is bas on comprehension of pairs contrasts show.

4. Let’s not consider that the degree of understanding of the phenomena reach by us is immutable. Boundlessness is in all, and together in expansion of understanding. To understand any phenomenon up to the end in all depth and communication with the surround it are not g. But to come nearer to it are possible constantly, that is it are constantly possible to expand consciousness, it yet will not capture all visible to consciousness horizon who extended with it growth. Process of growth is continuous, and it is impossible to be late, wherefore the growth inhibition of consciousness meant it decomposition. Feature of comprehension it mental products consisted that essence are more their movement, but not stagnation are. The above and the refined matter, the more quickly it decayed, when it le by life. Even fish started to decay with a head, that is with are thinner the organize parts it a body. But life of consciousness consisted in movement. And when it is movement of consciousness, or fire, faded, it is imperceptible, but uncontrollably started to decay. The fluid of decomposition is terrible and destructive. It all organism caught poison. Live walking dead persons, or people with numb consciousness – the phenomenon heavy and infectious. Decomposition of a vegetative or animal fabric, but awfully thin show of decay consciousness is unattractive. Fiery-life given, burn in heart, life givens more than in one sense are. Fire is life. Fiery, or Agni of Yoga’s, are the person, fire, light and life to people the bearing.

5. «Only full measure will force the way». Completeness of aspiration, completeness of fidelity and completeness of belief are necessary to the Lord. Last condition the most difficult. It is hardy and contagious a tail of faithlessness. It is small, but it is tenacious, and consequences had deep, as roots of a prickle. A lot of actions followed from disbelieving, with it, apparently, not connect. From there are also a default of Decrees and neglect to performance of my Affairs. The lean belief to the Lord will not think what still to bring and as though even more quickly and more successfully to finish the charge. In it and is root of doubts. And if I Speaks: the bequeathed what imposed a grey coverlet of a commonness on My words will come true? Many read the Doctrine, but those who believed Me certainly and to the end and My words accepted without excuses and doubt, less, than on a hand of fingers. Fidelity unconditional, bas on belief till the end of the unconditional is the phenomenon rare. While all went smoothly, warmly, and are nourishing, and in the consent with desire and sweet dreams of the reader of the Doctrine, all are well but as soon as there was severe tests and a blank wall of dark counteractions, the belief of weak spirit and the Lord any more hung Are not the driver of all thoughts, feelings and acts. The present overflowed consciousness fluid waves. The belief and trust contrary to evidence, contrary to all that around also that aspired to extinguish, eat it quality of the true pupil. Many shown completeness of belief, fidelity and aspiration when I Will come and precepted became a reality. But in a gloom of a threshold heavy completeness of fires of these qualities is pledge of the Guarantee of the Lord immutable. Inalterability of the Guarantee of the Lord crowned fires of belief immutable and unconditional. Not blind it are belief of the believer, but fiery, on feeling bas and to only able to see heart accessible. Faith-knowledge fiery is quality of the clear heart, displaying the fires. All will come true by a word of the Lord. And if that went not how it would be desirable for someone it are necessary to search for the reason of discrepancy in itself and surround imperfection, in the inability to see the validity, but not in weakness of power of Hierarchy. Similar errors could become fatal wherefore it is necessary to understand all power of Hierarchy. Not on weakness I Does not finish the enemy, but on complexity of space textures wherefore could remove and heads not guilty; can't consider a brain complexity of hidden threads of destinies human. Therefore I Speak: everything is good in its season and terms. I Can't break the law of terms because Is sent not to destroy, but to execute. In the next I Want to see completeness of devotion, completeness of aspiration and completeness of belief to the Lord. Lukewarm, how much harm to business they did. It isn't necessary them. Let relatives will be saved from these harmful qualities. It is better to trust and wait ardently, than to wait, having lost belief. It is better to direct endlessly and without a measure in a gloom and without seeing a dawn, than to choke in darkness waves. By belief to the Lord it is won.

6. And still the formula "Yes There Will Be Your Will" remains not understood. On the one hand, saying it, put hands, calm down in making and, being entirely assigned to the Lord, think that someone and somehow will make everything for them. Deathly assignment is worse than mistakes. In this regard the wise national proverb "God helps those who help themselves" brings the correct amendment. But on the other hand, people substitute for the will the Highest will and approve willfulness of egoism. The statement of will of the Lord means Board understanding which excludes fears, doubts, vanity of concern and uncertainty. We trust, the Lord, and we know inalterability of ways of the future. From here the feeling of tranquility and consciousness is born that without will of the Lord of hair from the head won't fall. Let's approve due degree of tranquility and consciousness of protection. It is necessary to understand that everything has to be made by hands human, and not with someone's, but the; so, phenomenon amateur performance by an impulse, going from heart. And when the necessary degree is approved by its fire of aspiration, it is possible to wait for the Decree of the Lord. So between willfulness of egoism and deadness of assignment the golden mean expressed by a formula "The Lord and Will Be Your Will" lies. How it is possible courageously and to meet a wave of an inevitable karma quietly? Only will legend to the will of the Lord. About what be anxious when the Hand of the Teacher seeks to give away the best. But among tests and difficulties it is necessary to be able to resist in understanding of power and invincibility of will of the Leader. The doubt and uncertainty in it stop a help and communication thread. Faith Lord, trust and confidence inflexible is the powerful magnet approving and attracting the help. Whether a question "You believe?" I assumed belief from the one to whom it was assisted because the belief creates a magnetic necessary condition for perception of fiery thin energy. On belief it is given, that is on degree of power of its magnetic attraction of the necessary energy. The strong and directed belief represents itself peak of the thin energy sent to space or to the Teacher, which magnetic properties inevitably attract the necessary statement wished stubs.
So the belief to the Lord is the powerful magnet attracting and overcoming with the force resistance of dense beds of a matter. This belief from the legend of two will of the Highest is inseparable. Also there is no such force which could overcome a mighty magnet of belief in all-conquering power of Hierarchy. It is possible to create and work with consciousness of this power. Having betrayed itself to will of the Lord, power of Hierarchy can be claimed in life. And this statement first of all is shown in operation. Not in weak-willed passive assignment, but in fiery self-proceeding action. So, being in will of the Lord, it is possible to work with the Hierarchy Beam. So, having merged the will with will of the Highest, it is possible to work on the Beam. The formula "Yes Will Be, the Lord, Your Will" means merge to will of the Lord the conscious is directed. If to consider coverage of usual narrow-minded consciousness, its limitation, scarcity and poverty can be surprised. The fiery will of Hierarchy within a personal nesting box can't be shown and be approved. But when the will of the mere mortal destroys his walls and, having directed up, merges with will of the Lord, anything personal not limited, the secret of the told formula starts revealing to the consciousness, which has broken the chains.
It is necessary to understand, at last that the person in itself anything that the personal will he can't create fiery that, approving will of Hierarchy, there is he a giant and is limited in growth of the power by extent of understanding of will by the Highest in. Therefore "Not I Create but the Father staying in Me". Therefore doing not wash, but the will Your da will be, the Lord. Heroes, envoys, attendants of Light – everything went, both won, and created feats power of the Highest will, in them approved. In it source of inexhaustible force. In it pledge and victory guarantee. In it is way the Highest, on this fire statement and overcoming of. The fiery belief needs to be kindled in itself a flame unrestrained, and not blind, but able to see. Not belief of ignorance, but belief of knowledge. The betrayed spirit in my Hands is invincible. To Will Myself indulge there is a winner fiery, the builder powerful. The creator of life it, the will to Me given. Not the weak-willed bent slave, but the tsar of spirit because the will to Me given the will, intimate immortal shining essence, in Me approves because I in it Approved the Monastery. The lord who has entered into heart of the pupil and there a throne created, fiery force invincible in devoted heart Claims. Both the old person and all his covers will rise and furiously to fight for the former power and darkness of limitation, but the winner judgment knows: when it goes with the Lord, defeat is impossible. And when will seem that the Lord is far that anything isn't present that the promised – the fairy tale, then is especially close a victory judgment. Not to avoid hour of fight, tests and overcoming, but going with the Lord – the winner always. Ways is the Highest, but victorious inscrutable. The Lord is far and invisible, but Is close. Its Board is powerful and impregnable, and on it is traced "Victory". When the person goes through the life, burdened with the imperfections, force of his imperfections on him or on his people around and is settled. When the person becomes the accepted pupil, on shoulders of the Teacher all weight of a transmutation the pupil of the imperfections force of fire of the Teacher lays down. The Teacher, seeing in the pupil qualities necessary for an apprenticeship, assumes a task to melt the lowest into the highest. And if before acceptance human life followed the normal way, and after acceptance transmutation process was approved, there is it force of the Beam of the Teacher on condition of existence in the pupil of aspiration obvious. Existence of imperfections axiomatically, the phenomenon of an occurring transmutation isn't denied. Therefore, strength of the Teacher, to the phenomenon of ascension of the pupil enclosed, it is necessary to understand as the only source of its transformation. Therefore the Teacher, truly, is a way, truth and life therefore without the Teacher there is no ascension. Therefore the Alpha and Omega of life of the pupil Is the Teacher who has assumed heavy burden of its transformation. Therefore the advance way if heart of the pupil is directed to the Teacher is immutable. It is necessary to learn to direct in the future. This aspiration is necessary. Like a stem of the going vessel dissecting waves of the terrible sea, overcomes resistance of elements directed in future consciousness, rejecting on the parties counteracting elements. But once the ship stops a course and to the helmsman to let go a wheel, the ship immediately becomes a toy and the victim of elements, and any more it, and they win against it. As and directed in future consciousness firmly overcomes elements while it is directed. But the aspiration lost becomes a plaything of destiny and a circumstance, the Boundlessness Ocean while the consciousness in movement and is kept the direction correct is safe. The inexperienced seaman drives to the coast, forgetting that at the coast reefs and banks. Ocean waves aren't terrible, the impact of elements because the fiery power of aspiration overcomes weak-willed inertness of a spontaneous matter isn't terrible. On main road passed some people. Asked one: "Where a way you hold?" I answered: "On a market"! "Well and you? «On a funeral"! The third answered that hurries to conclude a good bargain. The fourth went with the complaint; asked the last about the same. "In Boundlessness", – the traveler answered. So same way there passed the people who have lost a way, and only one knew where goes and why. Many go main road of life, but it isn't enough knowing a way.

7. The lowest consciousnesses done not know the future. Twisted nests, done stocks of food, but done not know, wherefore done it instinctively. Majesty and height of spirit was measure on it abilities to realize far sides of the future. Frameworks of the present was move apart in both was the parties, expand horizon. Radiuses of consciousness of the future and the remote past given expansion of consciousness correspond and only then to the maintenance of the present given correct prospect. To consider it separately and irrespective of also other pole of life will be a sign on ignorant or small consciousness. In the presence of enough long radiuses easily began to understand that the person is a traveller from the unbounded past in the unbounded future, or process of constant expansion and expansion of consciousness. And then terrestrial abiding became a way to Boundlessness. Not sketchy senseless self-sufficing existence in any final interval of time, but a way unbounded. Someone dreamt of an elixir of life and immortality, but this elixir are already f, and a name to it – Knowledge wherefore it gave comprehension of life who had no the end, had beg. Immortality of spirit consisted in comprehension of this great concept. The spirit could not die, but it is not realize, and consequently the kingdom of death triumphed. And the death had s collected the harvest among mankind. It are impossible to search immortality in constantly change forms, wherefore it not in forms, but in the spirit of. Meant, searched not there. And while for immortality will search that mortally and are subject to the law of change of covers, all efforts will be fruitless. In sphere of final temporary forms it is impossible to search for the unbounded. All Doctrines of Lords aspired to lift consciousness human of the sphere which is subject to death, that is change visible are more its than forms, in spheres of the phenomenon of the spirit which is above the world of that are replace constantly. The person is the carrier of the immortal beginning embody in the world of eternally change forms. It are eternal, forms was mortal and was subject to terms. Identify itself with forms, it reside, we adhered themselves to a chariot of death. The spirit had no neither forms, nor covers, but could spiritualize and give life to any form wherefore the spirit are fire of the life show in each form depending on a step of evolution of a cover, vest grain of spirit. Even grain of spirit had the form, but the one who abided inside – without a name had no it only, without the form and without the color, out of time, out of terms, out of forms. Hidden, but comprehend, forms not ha, but real. The person are the carrier of secret of immortality, secret of life, secret of boundless Space Life, the spirit combing the beginning and the end all that are, were and will be.

8. Watch heart treasure that there was no it in neglect. Heart needs to be fed. Heart needs a food as well as a body. Body we feed every day why about heart forgot? Heart eats love and aspiration. Love fiery to the Lord is the best food for heart. Heart eats fire. Even in food terrestrial vitamins is elements fiery are necessary. But heart eats fire without impurity of dense parts, - deprived of the food, can decay. Heart leads the life. As the metabolism and as the rhythm and an order in acceptance of the food is necessary is necessary to it. People forgot that they have a heart. Therefore many hearts dried up. The culture of heart demands that it lived feelings. The feeling of love, compassion, devotion, courage, and fearlessness feeds with the fires it. High feelings give distinguished food, refined and heart. There is a food insalubrious, terrible and fatally harmful. The fear, irritation and doubt poison heart fabrics with poisons of dark fires. Their adjournment regenerates tissues of heart, deadening them. Under the influence of these poisoners many hearts alive decay and stink. Not without reason all emotions are accompanied by smells on the essence, and often the very unpleasant. Fires of heart possess smells and aromas. The scale of black fires gives various degrees of a stench. Scale light and pure is aromas. The highest feelings smell sweet. Fragrance clean heart! Prevention of heart and its healthy nutrition are that to the sphere its black fire and his offspring’s aren't allowed. Feelings and emotions of a terrestrial scale, a stench a microcosm filling, can't serve as food to the directed heart, without putting it heavy damages. The stench of the lowest passions is awful; unpleasantly also pushes away a stench of despondency, fear, concern, envy and other experiences, so usual and peculiar to people. The shy person carries in the heart the echidna of fear, poisons with the stench the atmosphere surrounding it and people. There are people who constantly radiate a stench, and there are people who smell sweet. Inexpressibly it isn't enough of them. But there is a lot of stench of the bearing. All processes of an organism – invisible and visible – are accompanied by smells. To these smells gives a tone heart. Aura of the devotee fragrance, aura of the attendant of darkness the evil stinks. So division into Light and darkness can go and on smells. Diseases too are accompanied by smells, but can't be a sign of dark service. But servants of darkness are fetid always; they are ill or are healthy. It is necessary to consider also that there are also poisonous aromas. Only fiery consciousness can distinguish borders. But one is undoubted: decomposition physical or mental is always accompanied by a stench. The pure food, ablution, stomach clarification, prevention of thoughts and emotions exempts an organism from the lowest smells. But no measures can deprive the lowest consciousness of a smell inherent in it. Even thoughts have the aromas – positive or negative depending on with what feelings they are connected. Unfortunately, the modern science and medicine pay not enough attention to this question. Unfortunately, the modern science and medicine pay not enough attention to this question. And meanwhile even at small supervision it would be possible to collect the richest material. Science about aromas and smells, – so we Call new branch of knowledge.

9. Because, where your heart, there and your treasure. That was given heart that was given also thought. But the thought goes heart. When heart is given to the Lord and the thought directs to It persistently and continuously. Means, it is more important to give heart. Thought directed only a consequence. In the area of heart there is an aspiration of thought. Therefore it is most important to direct heart, or to direct heart. The directed heart is a magnet fiery in operation. But how awaken and direct this mighty engine? Let movement of heart will begin at least with the small. There are moments when it at least for an instant as though wakens from century hibernation and is filled with special feeling to the Teacher. It generates aspiration. Small sparkles deposit of energy in the Bowl, and the following flash is already stronger. It is necessary to protect these manifestations of the highest energies. They are subordinated to the rhythm and frequency law. They come back again and again and each time with a bigger force. By Preserve it is kept. Stored preserve in heart depths. It grows, spreads, bearing fruit more often, both more, and more plentifully. Any more flashes, but fires, any more fires, but exactly burning flame. Not instant or short feeling, but powerful song of heart. So from a kernel small, carefully buried, the consequence grows huge, and the mighty magnet of heart puts the fires in action. On threads of hidden energy there is an attraction of fires, and treasure spatial keep an open mind and freely joins the awakened heart. Heart woke up, therefore, the way and the treasure found in heart is found, grows in the fiery magnificence. But it is so important not go out at the beginning the first flashes of fires. Let it will be even small sparks. Heart potential is great and inexhaustible. It should give only freedom to come to light and not to extinguish its manifestations. The gardener carefully looks after rare and valuable flowers and plants, especially the first gentle escapes. He knows their value. Who wants to be the gardener of spirit, has to manage to preserve the first shoots, to understand their irreplaceable value. Grief not distinguished because weeds will quickly strangle them. To each person the term and when it will come comes, all vigilance is required to see and distinguish sprouts of spirit and, having distinguished to preserve. Where and when, having been lost, they will ascend again? And where to take Light grains? The faultless voice of heart will specify and at the right time will whisper on a nice ear that time came. And who knows that it is better – to lose or wait for term. That and another demands vigilance because the lost can find again, but found doesn't distinguish. Therefore is specified to arrive on patrol by everything having at least a spark of spirit. It isn't enough to find treasure, it is necessary to hold it. Among tinsel of false values it is easy to get lost to treasure. Shine of false stones can blind. Time of recognition of true values comes. Their owners will have to make crops, and for looking for quality of recognition will be especially important.
The value of readiness can be assimilated chain fortresses, if its entire links as it should be. But if today readiness is shown, and tomorrow is forgotten for an hour, on two or for other term, links of a chain of readiness are broken, faltering readiness doesn't suit for an apprenticeship. Chain with the torn-down links in business doesn’t take. Quality of the constant guarded, always ready readiness should get by all means. It means to be ready under all circumstances, in all conditions and at any moods and conditions of spirit. Quality of continuous wakefulness is the sister of readiness, both vigilance, and pretending uninterrupted from the same nest. Synthesis of these qualities is expressed in constancy of Service. Constancy is the main quality. If the pupil rushes about between illusive moods and they will define extent of his service at each this moment, the curve of aspiration will give the broken line which will terribly distort reaction to influence of the Beam of the Teacher. And the microcosm of the pupil, but a number of disharmonious flashes gives not self-proceeding beams. These phenomena are destructive. Besides, signs sent can't be properly caught by disharmoniously adjusted organism. And if are caught, in the distorted look. And today possibility of Communication was missed. The fact of a parcel remained in consciousness, but the essence wasn't apprehended because the consciousness didn't show the necessary degree of readiness and wakefulness. The missed opportunity doesn't repeat. It is necessary to wait for new combinations of various conditions.

10. It is impossible that one person could forgive sins to other person that is neutralized or stop a course and development of the reasons generated by this offense. Both roots and consequences of these energies are out of the power human. The wheel of the causality which has been started up in action can't be stopped neither a repentance, nor sin remission even for a payment. The formula "Your Sins Say Goodbye to You" is and still given. But even to followers It is told: "Take the cross and follow Me". In the opinion of the addict the self-condemnation and falling press lies. Sins, that is the acts causing heavy consequences, impose on spirit, them allowed, the hopelessness press. The damaged souls can be learned on eyes. Cause and effect are connected by a straight line. Harm making a mistake puts first of all to itself. The microcosm it is possible to name itself to be wounded actions reprehensible. The known quantity of mistakes can cause a stop of evolution of spirit that heavy lays down on consciousness hopelessness. Not the Teacher Exempts from consequences of offenses, saying the specified formula, but from pressure of the freight preventing to spirit to move on a spirals of evolution. Having exactly dumped the weight paralyzing spirit, the released consciousness on the way of ascension directs, but having taken a cross with itself, that is karma of the made acts. Thus, not about remission of a sin it is spoken, but about release from its power over the consciousness, disturbing to consciousness to move. The press of hopelessness is removed from spirit the power of the Teacher, and spirit, having risen, can continue the interrupted way. This opportunity is given all, even to the robber and the loose woman. Under the influence of Light of the Teacher of people finds opportunity to direct spirit, despite freight behind shoulders. The person finds the greatest freedom to ascend spirit, despite everything. Only this way it is possible to understand atonement and the expiatory victim of the Savior. Everyone was given a way and opportunity to dump the chains disturbing to movement. The hopeless isolation of a circle dooming mankind to stagnation and regress is expiated and destroyed. The victim is brought that people could ascend.
10. It is impossible, that the one person c forgives sins to other person, that is neutralize or stop a course and development of the reasons generate by wrongdoing. Both roots and consequences of these energies are out of the power human. The wheel of the causality which had been start up in action, could not be stop neither repentance, nor assoiling of a sin even for a payment. The formula «Are and still g thy sins» said goodbye to you. But even to followers It is told: «Take the cross and follow Me». In the opinion of the addict the self-condemnation and falling press lies. Sins, that are the acts cause heavy consequences, imposed on spirit, them admit, the press of hopelessness. The damage souls can be learning on eyes. Cause and effect was connecting by a straight line. Harm put commit error first of all most to itself. Self to be wounded of the microcosm it is possible to name actions reprehensible. The known quantity of errors could cause a stop of evolution of spirit that heavy laid down on consciousness hopelessness. Not the Teacher Released from consequences of wrongdoings, utters the specify formula, but from pressure of the cargo, disturb to spirit to move on a spiral of evolution. Ha dump weight, paralyzing spirit, the release consciousness by the way of an ascension directed, but ha t a cross with itself that is karma of the ma acts. Thus, not about assoiling of a sin it is t, but about clearing of the power are more it’s over the consciousness, to stir consciousness to move. The press of hopelessness acted in film with spirit the power of the Teacher, and spirit, ha r, could continue the interrupt way. This possibility is by all, even to the robber and the harlot. Under the influence of Light of the Teacher the person found possibility to direct spirit, despite cargo behind shoulders. The person found the greatest freedom to ascend spirit, despite of everything. Only so it is possible to understand redemption and an atoning sacrifice of the Savior. Everyone had the chance a way and to dump the chains, disturb to movement. The hopeless isolation of a circle doom mankind to stagnation and recourse are redeemed and destroy. The victim are br, that people c ascend.

11. Dark done not doze and was ready to use each oversight, each crack to harm. About people the judgment it is possible to observe a special stir and swelling of dark counteractions. In all ways they tried to filter into sphere of a direct environment, sending people of small consciousness who ministered to them on ignorance, and hidden behind them. The attention of the dark specified in force of gr fires wherefore involved a flame burn both light, and darkness. The guard vigilance is necessary for recognition of opponents of Light in them attempts to harm. The question had been asked to dark enslavers: «What from me it is necessary to you? » The answer had not followed. Why? Because, they should destroy you at any cost, But the Lord on the guard. It Could admit test to see and understand force of dark influences, but a board on the guard always.

12. Communication with spatial fire is establishing meaning that is reaction of microcosm to influence of fiery beams of stars is can obviously. The organism human with all its complexity can be considered as a multistring harp, on which beams of the Distant Worlds play the space symphony. The centers of the person corresponded to the Centers of Space and accord with them according to a system of an individual human harp. Influence of beams on different organisms unequally. But the difference in degree conscious are especially great realization are more their. All mental processes occurred under the influence of beams. The so-called mood, sensation of depression and lifting, ease or illness depended on spatial influences. Certainly, influenced and surround conditions direct. But even degrees them influence are cause by an estate of the organism adjust or upset with distant beams. Also considerable value had also influence of a combination of magnetic conditions of the moment. If overcast are reflect in the centers what speak about temperature, atmospheric pressure and so on. The person are thin the device react to all, and it are necessary to be able to understand these reactions. If all reasons to see in an indigestion and the next trouble the horizon of the reasons cause mental activity of the person and complexity became narrow was more its than the conceive device. The secret astrology dealt with interaction of beams and the fiery centers. The law of accord and conformity laid down in a basis, both microcosm as similarity and reflex of macrocosm became the basis of understanding of the person. Person not only part of the world, but and the highest link in a chain of space accords. After all even a flower field it is possible to consider as revealing of accord it elements with force of spatial beams. That it not seeming too abstract, it are possible remind that a plant first of the entire store and the condenser of beams of the Sun or fire of space; but was condense not only beams of the Sun, but also the Moon, and stars. Ability them to condense all possessed live and any matter. It are the phenomenon it are inaccessible to rough researches, but the memory of the nature fix all kinds of beams, ministered the proof of a susceptibility of a matter. Things, subjects, stones and live beings fixed in themselves all round them an event ability, anything the general with usual memory not ha. The stone had no brain, however on necklaces blood and events are quite often embody, life accompany are more there. Reflexion of the phenomena of associates, or beams of environment, was fixing by a matter of subjects, which the same as also all live, centenary on the structure. In the estates higher it is necessary to search for a solution. Centenary beams of stars, centenary person. Conformity, or accord occurred on a key of centenary by a combination of the elements, to everyone correspond. Color, a sound, atoms – all centenary in essence, ha five additional tones of sounds and so on. Beams was combine, or distribute, have been conceive on conformity between structure of a beam and the conceive center, that is the person, either a plant, or an animal. On degree it refinement was realize, but irrespective of an estate all of them was embody, remain in thin layers of a matter.

13. So happens always. The wonderful ability acquired by the price of long efforts, work and aspiration, becomes usual and loses the importance. Eye structure is a miracle, but to this miracle got used. Nobody thinks of it. And all began to stare, but not to look, look, but not to see. As also ability of perception and Record can lose not repeated freshness of miraculousness and, having become covered by an ordinary raid, to lose part of the flame. The ordinary is the enemy of Ardent Yoga. The most wonderful achievements grow dim under her pressing hand. Let's keep spirit of singularity in everything and we won't triumph to a gray dragon. It will make everything gray. It is necessary to strengthen and deepen Communication process that thoughts sent smoothly flew and imprinted on page places. Let the consciousness completely will devote itself to hour of Communication, without allowing thought to deviate on the parties. And a torch conducting process, in gray darkness, let the victorious Image of the Lord and in the third eye, both in heart, and before terrestrial eyes, and on writing-book sheets will be uniting. And there, in the distance, behind mountains there will be let a flaring Face, lighting up a gloom of daily occurrence and shining a way. It is necessary to achieve that the Image the Leader became the real engine of life. Not in a separation, but in merge to Light the sacrament of Communication is created. The face creates the force and ties the directed heart with the Carrier it. I strengthen given earlier that the sacrament of Communication didn't lose a wonderful flame and inexpressible freshness of novelty. What new under the Sun? Anything! The Teacher is eternally new only. To light fire, it is necessary to rake ashes, to bare coals and their extinct red heat to give rise to new fire. In the same way it is necessary to dump ordinary ashes, because under it – fire. Heart fire is carefully and carefully protected from external influences. All Doctrines speak about secrecy fiery. Anyhow preserve treasure against violation it? Elements fiery, being the most active, causes ardent counteraction of all other elements, and consequently, and all life.

14. My son, victory is reach in every day, and in it are exploit. Life should be confirm there where the death everywhere reigned. In a kingdom of death, in that kingdom where all are mortal, the fiery seed of life affirmed and of the flame it is keeps in every way spirit. Let's to it go out – meant to lose all. So the man of faith became fiery-keeper, or the fiery-keeper of a secret flame of life. The deform religions had create a cult of death, We Confirmed a cult of life. Life are the fire, which is reduce to the Earth and meaning protect by carriers are more its. Fire can be strengthen and strengthen action correct, that is lawful, that is structure of a flame correspond. Let's assume that someone wanted to strengthen the fires, but abide in an estate of timid fussy obsequiousness. In this case action and aspiration, antipodes, will obviously neutralize each other. But if the estate of consciousness is courageous, quiet and firm, the flame will get stronger and will amplify according to degree of pressure of these qualities. So actions, words and thoughts could be expression of fiery essence of a flame, but not to the contrary is rusher are more its. So the estate of heart and consciousness created conditions, either favor to fires, or contribute are more their attenuation. Conformity or coordination between inwardness of consciousness also is more its external expression is a basis of behavior of the pupil. It did not mean to open itself all, but it showed known degree of worthiness of the spirit confirm the eternal value, without submit to conventions of the human invent bonds, which have b hand and foot of people. Should be b in life and to confirm, but not be a weather vane for another's wind.

15. There are a truth human and Truth Space. The first are relative and depended on a step of evolution of the consciousness, second – are immutable in centuries. Truth of the Beam of the Lord is eternal truth real therefore merge with the Beam meant merge with true. Degree are more its, though are limit by consciousness conceive it, however on it the press of wisdom of the Teacher lay. Than less personal element is added to perceptions, the essence conceive are purer than themes. It is necessary to direct to that the personal element had been wither completely and absolutely. If the pupil could say the formula «Not I, but the Teacher abide in Me, It Spoke» then a gate of pure knowledge are close. Thus, the basic condition of knowledge there are all the same Covenant «Be reject from itself». In it is all essence of self-denying. The person studied in this self-denying as lives, forge itself in favorite work. The happiness of favorite work are blessing of the worker. Work not for itself, but for General Welfare, and learn to work for the sake of it on a right way. Not words as, but affairs the person confirmed itself, and action of General Welfare above all other affairs human. The correct way led to the true purpose. And the shabby person, or egoism of the person, is dissolve on fires of the li-up labor exploit. No diligence and efforts will give that fiery consequence, as time of hard lightful favorite work for the sake of all and for them the blessing. The constancy of lightful press grew and supported fires of the centers. Therefore we Confirmed glory to work li up. Also it are not necessary for this purpose any special knowledge, either books, or comprehension of occult wisdom. Simply and easy, forge it, the person by the way of creative activity directed, put in it all heart. Value of work in business of awakening of the fiery centers is great. And if work black out, work hated, work dependent killed fires and deadens spirit, joyful work of fiery-bearing. Not as the damnation is work to the person, but as blessing. Work understands widely. Pressure fiery, work accompany, will give the necessary degree of luminosity. On degree of this luminosity it is possible to define utility and works, and the worker. Such work is a blessing for space wherefore disseminated darkness surround. Work, light generate who are more are blest creating. We appreciated workers-light’s and we Helped them in them to light work. Both to the scientist, and the engineer and the worker we Helped in them works with improvement of a planet. Nicknames terrestrial had no value. On a treatment of light and shade there is a selection of spirits to a camp of Light. It are necessary to fall in love with work as that and it are possible to accustom to do itself joyfully any work, even boring, even uninteresting and even alien to spirit. In it is discipline of work. We will be saving only from work misanthropic. The pleasure in work is achievement of spirit. Let's work it are light and it are joyful; whichever there were the most work. It is best to live heavy life with odes, than to roll a lot of satiation had beck lifeless. We spoke about never-ending victory of a creative ode of work. Work – a basis of creativity. Creativity – the purpose and appointment of human spirit. Creativity fiery – destiny of the person, also came to it the person through works terrestrial. The step of terrestrial work led to a step of Space creativity. And if in the beginning work it is li up impersonal, in the end – Boundlessness and immensity of spatial creativity. So, small sparks of labor pressure inflamed in the fiery are flaming the flare microcosm create new forms in space of Light. Radiant chain of labor exploits.

16. I will give a sign on great and close Dialogue, I Will give a sign on close Dialogue. I Wants to treble the rate. Lords Created the Plan of evolution of mankind, create forms are more it’s in Mira Bysshe. The plan, condenses, went down in the World Thin and already it are then carry out on the Earth. Principle: from thin in dense, from the invisible – in visible. The same way the person created also. Only creativity grasped it the layers accessible to consciousness. So the lowest consciousness above the astral plan did not rise. But essence of process the same: from the invisible – in visible. Representation, or a breadboard model of that are conceive are at first create, then intellectual representation clothed in dense forms. Thought to effect always sooner or later, attracting elements dense matter. It is necessary to know this force majeure of thought. Will of the person, from fire, creative force had. Therefore the one, who knew process, could carry out the creative undertakings, know, that the law operated smoothly and are immutable. The form, which had been start up in space, will clothe in a desirable kind, and realization, sooner or later, but will come always. The thought will be embody in forms dense. It are not necessary anybody about what to ask or convince. It is necessary to think only it clear, accurate, certain and it are quiet, inevitability of execution. The wheel of execution will always come to the specify purpose, ha yield desirable result. Certainly, fluctuations, uncertainty, an ambiguity and doubts will enclose themselves in the plan and will give conceive the properties, are frequent neutralizing and black out the basic thought. Therefore the absolute and unshakable belief in inalterability of the Space Law is necessary. The fiery will are cut in a root and will be parlays by faithlessness. Elements were passive. Even fire submitted to will of the person. Registration of the phenomena of the future in will human. The future is a plastic material for creative will. Neither in the past, nor in the present it are impossible to change anything, but the plastic essence of the future are subject to registration by will who actuated thought and are cast in desirable images. About them it is coagulated an invisible matter, condense until will accept visible forms. Thought it is possible to create any position of elements within the law, project it in the future so that it is the future once becoming the moment of the present. People created unconsciously therefore creations was not strong them. But Arhat knew inalterability of the law and could create how the will wanted it.

17. Somewhere once and someone spoke: "I can't that or it". It is incorrect, the person can do everything, everything can undergo, sustain, take out and make. It isn't spoken about things fantastic, but within the opportunities of spirit, which don't have borders. Potential of human spirit is inexhaustible. For example, it is possible to ask, to what limits the will of the person and who saw these limits can grow? Or where is limit courage, or tranquility or love, or devotion? Where limit of accumulation of mental energy of spirit? And, if Kovalevsky immediately solved complex mathematical challenges, whether that is this ability final both further it and above her people can't step? Or where limit of evolution of mankind? Than the knowledge, and in general is limited, whether it has borders? It was already specified boundlessness of qualities and possibility of their unlimited development. Limited possibilities of development of spirit indicate all this by nothing its inexhaustible potential. The person can be considered as disclosure process, or expansions of this powerful potential of the spirit, which doesn't have borders. Therefore to stop at any step of achievement in something will be the greatest mistake and a crime against fiery evolution of consciousness. Boundlessness is poured everywhere. Any form of life is a temporary section or aspect in time of its boundless expression. Boundlessness isn't limited to anything. Therefore, growth, development, expansion of the fiery potential hidden under each temporary form of life, is an inalterability way. In movement there is everything, expanding and increasing the forms of expression investing each grain of life, or a spirit-monad. Who will begin to deny that there was time, when the atoms limited in the expression to be a uniform form of expression of the dense world on Earth that was expressed by a code name of the phenomena of inorganic chemistry earlier? Atoms, being main’s, dominations, displaying a certain step of evolution. Then there were steps of vegetable and animal life, having come to the end with the person as transitional form to the highest him, the person, and phenomenon. If to take a microcosm of the primitive person, just started to develop a speech power, and the modern average person, the difference in mental baggage of that and another will be the striking. Even spirit involution that is falling in darkness shows advance and development in the evil however, limited in the potential, as well as everything that goes against evolution. But progress to the benefit that is the process going according to Space Laws and the Plan of Space Evolution of the real is boundless. Really, it is possible to tell: everything directs in Boundlessness to boundless identification and the statement of the fiery potential put in everyone spark-monad. To know line this process goes unconsciously. And only in the person who has reached a certain step of knowledge, there can be he conscious and directed on the desirable course in the desirable direction and for achievement of precisely planned purpose. The plan of evolution Is approved by Lords. And the Doctrine, Them given, places milestones and signs of a way, on which safely and the mankind in Boundlessness can unmistakably move ahead, developing the fiery potential in the due direction and according to the space appointment. The small consciousness can be limited to a fulfillment of good deeds and prayers, because also this benefit. But open spaces and possibilities of Space evolution of mankind are boundless. Its way on stars and its brilliant fiery future of the coheir Space Logos’ expands consciousness to limits of Boundlessness and does the person with the creator Space. It is necessary to see in each quality, in each feeling, in each ability of the person this potential of boundless opportunities of development and the thinning, not having the end. In total – only the beginning, forced to yield fruits inevitable as movement of stars, repeated and rich as crops grains. Insatiable to knowledge can calm down. Once and somewhere knowledge sprouts, to its nowadays put, will give the plentiful shoot which sizes and wealth, and a variety he won't be able to imagine at all. It is possible to study everything and always, putting consciously seeds of future shoots giving always a crop-five,-ten and - more. Space bosom, in which the person stay is like a huge field plentiful fruitful Earth, where all undertaking of the person given a harvest not excellent; and as it is important that the sower, who is, also was also the reaper, I sowed seeds in the accord with evolution requirements because the field of a harvest is in a microcosm of the sower, dawn upon his pleasure of space achievements. Who will want fill the essence with thorns and prickles of weeds, too a fruit of the bearing. It is possible to add still that crops and harvest process in a microcosm human happens continuously, without stopping for an instant. The conveyor of a cedar and reaper of human consciousness operates constantly. But when grains get out consciously and with understanding of responsibility and the law of causes and effects, then it is possible to tell that the person takes evolution of the spirit in hand. The law is extremely simple: grain kind yields a fruit kind. Cause and effect are only-begotten on the essence. About conscious origin of the creative reasons it is spoken. Lords are creators and founders of the whole world of the reasons. Generating certain reasons, it is immutable Wait for consequences precisely defined by the law. Perhaps, the millennium, depending on length of grains Wait. Grains of causality are caused by terms, keys from which in hands of their creators. By lords of grain are put for term.
So it is necessary to understand that levers of put opportunities in hands of the person that the future belongs to him that the owner – the person that it can plan it at discretion, turning the necessary lever and putting the desirable reason. The person in the microcosm is the sculptor of his future and hat can't but influence at each other. It is great and invisibly this influence. Mutually responsibility is great and inevitable, and everyone, who learned more, better and above, has to help out and others. But everyone learned bases of evolution have to notify about it a circle of the people, which sizes correspond to the width and height of his consciousness. It is the law Arhat’s. Arhat law is the law of an eternal donation.

18. Know the faith is power invincible. The faith are knowledge of that did not know a brain, but knew heart. The faith is the fiery knowledge inaccessible to feelings by terrestrial and intelligence. The fiery nature and fiery force, it are knowledge of spirit. The spirit in fiery depths could not be mistaken, therefore the belief are knowledge of true. Верою great causes and the exploits sometimes demand the whole life create. Therefore the belief could be name the engine of life. The skilled knowledge is result of belief wherefore before to learn, it is necessary to believe in possibility of knowledge. It is possible to name more it’s a key to a secret gate of comprehension of life. To comprehend in life a known number of the phenomena, it are necessary to believe in possibility them existence and in possibility achievement are more their. The beam of the Lord did not become until then a reality as power are more it’s recognize it in the consciousness did not realize. How it is possible to speak den about awakening and development of the fiery centers? The faith is a way of the higher cognition. It is possible to go and without it by experience obvious. But it will not be a way of Arhat. It is necessary to believe at first in possibility and approachability unattainable before to reach. For the den it is bar the way. The recognition of possibility something already is known degree of not realize belief. How it is possible to admit and understand all power of Hierarchy without presence of belief? The person believed that supposed consciousness. The consciousness supposed forges hearts. The brain belief are fragile, the brain faith had the insignificant price. Therefore accept after a miracle it is not necessary, wherefore remained in a camp of ignoramuses. The belief realize on personal experience are great. But the fiery belief is stronger. Without it even the skilled knowledge dried, but blossomed magnificently when fire of belief brightly burnt. Without it even fiery signs poorly shined consciousness, quickly gone out and were forging. Therefore in every way it is necessary to confirm in itself belief – this fiery engine of life. It is necessary to believe, despite of everything and contrary to all, even evidence, even to own eyes. I Speak about fiery belief to the Lord. When it burnt with a bright inextinguishable flame, are not present then anything that c break the hero. If you wanted to pass the hero through life, without fluctuate and without evade, believe the Lord. Miracles of a fruit done not give; how many miracles accompany a way of the Great Victim, both It Were lonely, and are le by all in a minute of great need. So even the miracle did not convince, but belief is a sign on the clear heart – in itself already a miracle, which above all other miracles wherefore bore to fire. It are possible to name belief a flame of the heart, burn contrary to a surround gloom, or Light who shone in darkness. The belief is the guarantee of reception and realization of for the sake of what fire burnt it. The belief is the premessenger of fiery experience. The aspiration to the purpose far could not be born without belief in the far purpose. Power of secret knowledge faith is reach. And you operate in the Beam washed before to operate; fiery heart to the Lord had believed; come understanding of boundlessness of power of fiery belief. Power of the engine let grew. There are no to it a limit. The belief can be rays and strengthen menacingly. Believe in power of the Lord, the force, the power you strengthened and you done force of the Lord forge to you. Confirm in It, you become more it’s the owner. Therefore the belief moved mounts. It would seem force of the Teacher should increase, when the pupil confirmed it, but force of the pupil increased. So kindle wonderful fire of heart, invincible anything wherefore gift, to Me bringing, I Returns to reiterated; honoring from the same root. Honour the Teacher; it confirmed it is thousand fold. It is necessary to understand secret of mutual relations of the Teacher and the pupil. In fiery lifting the pupil a lot of energies to the Teacher directed: honoring, love, fidelity, total dedication. And these gifts, to the Teacher br, forces fiery become more its – the pupil, own microcosm. Therefore I Speaks: I Will not take not badly, but I Will render a hundred rated. Gifts to the Teacher bringing, is fires, in your microcosm the lighting. Not the fiery belief, but to you, fires not ha are necessary to Me. I, the Lord, Confirms fiery power of belief! Faith in Me you will reach all gates.

19. Refine consisted in that, the consciousness learnt to conceive the latent properties of things and the phenomena. The flower is not limit by the form. The smell is more its already invisible property, radiation – also. Combination of elements, a flower of components, too is invisible on a surface. About medical properties of some plants it are known, but occult them properties known the few. So properties of the phenomena were similar to a float ice slope, larger a part to your hid under a visible surface. Secrets of metals, no less than secrets of plants, will make a subject of studying of a science of the future. Bases it was latent in a periodic scale of system of elements with all seven cores and five additional elements of every period. Color, taste, a smell, weight, frequency of vibrations, either number of fluctuations, or number of beat of heart of each atom, that is number are more its than blows in a second, was the basis of distinction are more their than properties. The same signs, but strengthen by stratifications of covers of grain of a plant also was more their features, and the main thing, radiations, made in the sum an originality it qualities. Plants the same as also all live, differed on elements belong mainly to any one of four. If a rose or a cedar – representatives of fiery elements the fern or an aspen to it obviously done not belong. On elements was distribute both chemical elements, and people, and animals. And the accessory to these or those elements corresponded each other, consist in a structure the related elements. Usually illnesses were cause by infringement of balance of a matter of elements, and the lack is more it’s corresponding kind of a plant or a mineral and replenished. From this it follows those nobility occult or latent properties of minerals and plants important extremely. The cycle of year had two points of an equinox and two poles – winter and summer. As also the period of chemical elements had two special groups: fourth, transitive, and group of the neutral gases correspond in a cycle, or the period of year, to points of a spring and autumn equinox; and – poles, that is elements with most strong metal properties. It would seem, what the general between the periods of year and the periods of chemical elements? But the law of conformity in them is obviously express. If to take the branchy tree, which branches tended to the earth, and to imagine it roots, a crown le in the Earth and there branch, and lines of magnetic forces of an ordinary steel plate of the magnet, clearly not on the paper cover with sawdust, over it put will be clearly considerably that roots and foliage too, to similarly iron sawdust, settled down on lines too invisible "magnetic" forces, or aura of a tree. Wherefore atom – a magnet, a plant – a magnet, the person – the magnet, which magnetic properties become complicated and branched in process of an ascension of life on steps of development of forms. But each form of display of a spirit-monad, in whatever kingdom of the nature it were show, represented itself a magnet surround with a magnetic field are more its than radiations, or aura, that is lines of magnetic forces. Lines of magnetic forces, or the aura of a magnet, could be obviously visible at experience with sawdust. But under special conditions it could be photograph. The aura of plants, animals and the person can be car in a smell surround them, as sphere. Radiations of plants have already been photograph. With pictures of human radiations experiences was already spent. The secret of a magnet and laws of conformity will allow approach to these phenomena unbiased. Ha establish the general for all forms the magnetic basis, the unity are more their, it are possible to pass gradually to the analysis of what of the four specify points of the period, either a circle of the phenomena, or a circle of aura of the form are prevail. Four points as in the period of year are in each phenomenon. But in metal it is available fiery properties, no less than in a rose, and, hence, prevailed radiations had them in themselves mainly fiery elements. Division of exist forms of life organic and inorganic on elements will be a basis of a new science. Prevalence in the g form of a matter of these or those elements will be define on flowers of radiations, or on aura, the devices similar by a principle with modern spectrometers, but more difficult device. The photo diagnosis will be a new method of definition of illness. Each atom had a spectrum of certain color. It are impossible to separate a matter from color expression wherefore color are aspect of life of a material world from top to bottom in all phases are more its expression are more its.

20. Why it is possible to speak, without repeat, about the phenomenon of merge of consciousnesses? Because steps of this merge was rather various. And everyone new is deepening and expansion old. At approach to focus of Light pressure of the Beam amplified. So approach meant strengthening of pressure. Frequency and degree of fluctuations of consciousness amplified, it yet will not reach pressure fiery and did not become fiery. The immovability terrestrial is g rid by consciousness, the reflex of water elements, instability and fluctuations of air and assimilated intensity of a flame. Elements was conquer consciousness on the steps, express are more their essence to some extent, or are more their combinations. Omnipresent elements of fire are the Highest. The consciousness who had confirm properties of a flame, became flamingly sound, that is capable accord to fire of pressure of aura of the Lord. To reach it, the consciousness towered, rose, and strained the fires to degree of accord with consciousness of the Teacher of the leader. From here the most necessary condition of aspiration intense, susceptibilities sharp, vigilance guard and the general estate of intensity of all organism. The organism should be finish to such estate, when it always in pressure and on the alert. All strings of a harp of spirit should be tense, that is was strain, and then they could sound. A stupor of idleness and inertness is the phenomenon unfamiliar and inadmissible in the pupil. It is necessary to fall in love with an estate of a constant limit strain. Not a damnation it, but blessing and a way the shortest to the Lord. The estate of fussy concern and small employment should be transform into a working estate of constant fiery intense calmness. Pressure not is an estate of vain concern, but pressure of calmness, or calmness intense. Force of intense calmness will give birth to marvelous fires of the spirit, she beauty and g adjournment the light dawning of crystals in effect to microcosm human. The fussy concern gave the small dirty flashes, which is across and quickly out, the deprive forces, but the burn flame of calmness intense are perfectly equal. And they are stronger, more majestic also than imperturbable, the approached more close and it came nearer to regal calmness of the Lord. Qualities of spirit should be strengthening and strain are boundless, that the spirit the fires c comes nearer and enter into accord with fiery aura of the Lord of the Flame. In a step of usual narrow-minded existence unless it are possible to come nearer to the Carrier of fire and begin to sound with it in accord? Complaints about concerns and the blows of life, which are not the phenomena of calmness of unshakable, are destiny of small consciousness. It is necessary to fall in love with the continuous and incessant blows of life, which are g rise to feeling of fiery power of calmness. It is the force crown achievements of spirit. Ingenious leaders in calmness tense in a whirlwind of events show the force. Exploits in majesty of calmness was ma. Come majesty of calmness on a crest of an awesome wave of events terrestrial will be act of exploit, worthy Great Spirit. Majesty of spirit affirmed as exploit. Pressure of calmness at top of concerns human are already exploit – a threshold of acts great. The secret of calmness are secret fire of mastering and victory over fiery elements.

21. The refinement of abilities of perception too had no limit. In with watchfulness concentrate consciousness there is a thin process of registration, or crystallization of thought. The beam of thought of the Teacher, like a ray of light of a projective movie camera, fell on the screen, and only the screen of consciousness could give and gave the necessary image. Quality and cleanliness of the screen played very important role. The screen silver is good. This tone of radiation of consciousness is especially valuable to clearness of conceive thought. Silver aura is an indicator of the higher degree of susceptibility. Certainly, the screen should be pure from extraneous displays and forms. Fluctuate surface of the screen of the consciousness, similarly stir surface of a reservoir, absolutely deformed an image transfer by the Beam. Laws in all were identical. With concentration the tension of consciousness transferred to the screen intensity of calmness, as though pull the surface are more its and excepting possible fluctuation under the influence of movements of environment surround are more its. The perception is ma in a one key, or tone evasion from which broke integrity and symmetry of a transfer theme. Certainly, process demanded special pressure of total dedication wherefore, without ha reject from itself, without ha forge itself, it are impossible to finish perception to the necessary degree of acuteness and a faultlessness. The thought are send accurately issue, and force of the Beam is strain according to energy of an active pole in a due estate. The passive pole of consciousness conceive too should be result in an estate of full readiness. Reduction of the consciousness in an estate of due readiness demanded known training, skill and refinement. In the beginning it is more difficult than all to eliminate influence of influences by affairs of a direct environment. Stirred all, rush into consciousness and br a harmonius course of embody thoughts. Pressure of vibrations of environment should be over in the consciousness by all means. Especially roughly the astral against these stir conditions rebelled, the stirring d especially strong harm. Fluctuations of an astral cover was le to full silence and submission, differently the perception are impossible. Scraps of day thoughts as flights of vagrant hungry dogs, snatched on consciousness, try to distract it from an object in view. They too should be expelling firmly and resolutely. The create Image of the Lord should predominate in consciousness; express to itself essence of the Beam. Also the circle protective, surround microcosm a wall block from penetration of undesirable substance are necessary. But the main condition – ardent comprehension of the Beam send. So strong focus of an attraction of energies of a certain order is creating in space, and process of perception went lawfully. It is necessary to enter into process the phenomenon of accurate definiteness also. The consciousness established in advance as though frameworks, or marks of conditions of perception. It can be ma especially in each separate case. Sometimes it are possible to strengthen menacingly sensation of Affinity of the Teacher hidden, sometimes it are possible to give force of aspiration intense. The strong desire to issue the thought which had been earlier the over, too gave a consequence obvious. The desire of heart in the light of the Beam easily crystallized in respective forms. Degree and forms of perception could be very various. The consciousness could not be limit in the expression by coming ways. It is possible to specify conditions facilitate, but to accept a stamp – meant to put on shackles. But focus is necessary. Even in case of a spatial wire the Choir protects will be foundations of the bridge in Boundlessness. It focused energy of consciousness, without allow them to blur in uncertainty and to direct it are not known where. After all and in space there were dark abysses. But Hierarchy is as a silver way in space of Light. One it is possible to tell: there is no border of a limit for the consciousness direct lawfully. Lawfully – meant in unification with Hierarchy. The ascension on a ladder of Light and knowledge, but not aimless wanderings in darkness turned out. Many wandered, because had forge about visions light. A little human in majesty of Boundlessness without Hierarchy are los and choked in variety of Me phenomena. The leading Hand of the Hierarch erected consciousness on steps put it in conditions, conformable to inquiries of spirit and requirements of a passable step of development. Legality of an ascension Hierarchy affirmed.

22. Through heart test there was Beams of life. Heart usual will not catch them, wherefore was thin. And to heart usual by the Beam unusual to energy was not send. «Also there were over It a Beam», – told the legend. The beam is gift of the Lord to the one, who followed from It. And self the Lord Went in Beams of life You’re of the Lord. Light the Higher in Beams phenomenon. The beam is the form of expression of Light. The form yet did not open it the maintenance wherefore depth of inexpressible are more hits. A science about Light and a science about beams still are in the most rudimentary estate. Higher World phenomenon in the form of beams, radiations and color formations, to a terrestrial eye is of the inaccessible. A beam of the Lord, the form of expression of the Higher World, already on the Earth entered consciousness of the one to whom it are send, to the Higher Spheres, establish an attraction, defined a way of spirit in the worlds in all covers and spheres abiding are more its. Over the physical form the attraction on the higher Beam operated and to time of life of the physical form are not limit. Therefore display of consciousness in focus of the Beam of the Hierarch is high achievement of spirit. Certainly, my Beams filled the whole world, of course, like beams of the Sun, they lighted up and kind and malicious. And everyone received on consciousness. But it are t about the Beam of the special purpose realize by that to whom it are send. Receivers or vessels show for reception Light Beams Lord, assumed a select circle, wherefore there was a lot of the invited. Act by Beam only nearest, thought the Beams My satiate aura of the Earth! A select circle specified in that step of refine, or depression of an organism when assimilation of the higher thin fiery energies became accessible. It not are an arbitrariness of the Higher Forces, but lawfully merit gift of evolution to the spirit which had rarefy density of a matter of the covers on years of persistent work and efforts throughout long centuries of cooperation with one of Great Teachers. An award merit for a number of heavy, full tests of lives, execute by fidelity and sat with love to once and for all select Driver. The board send by millenaries are shape. Therefore I Speaks: for love I a board Will lift Mine. Therefore I Speaks: the right of son ship are integral. Therefore the Beam of an attraction operated powerfully and temporariness of transient conditions terrestrial the force overcame. Conscious abiding and sensation of in the Beam of the Lord are fruits of send happiness. To measures terrestrial we done not measure the Beam, but the consequence are more it’s in extra temporariness phenomenon and over three. And in life terrestrial it gave consequences obvious, but out of visibility and in the Hidden Worlds the main force are more its, fruits in Elevated the br. The essential Beam, to the pupil send, became more its breath, food and life. Bread your essential in Beams are send you nowadays, but people was deaf and blind to treasures spatial. The tense string, vibrate, ringed, but the rotten stub did not ring. And dull, both are deaf, and decaying. The tree kind ringed even, but the moldering stub is hopeless. Doors of cognition were open for all. Beams – all. Come and take gifts of evolution. Consciousnesses of many was ready, but done not know how to approach. Learn dead formulas disturbed. Who had h down to you your chains and had carefully put on you that Light of the Worlds of the Higher had not concern you and had not destroy a kingdom of ignorance surround you? The beam br chains of ignorance of prisoners involuntary, called in the Kingdom of Light. Rays of light over the Earth, but it are necessary to direct to them voluntary and menacingly.

23. Confirm and deepen desirable quality, we created it a century crystal. The person possesses courage, once had save up it, that is had collect and had concentrate in the essence in the form of the energies postpone in the Bowl. Energy to reserve in the form of crystals; it also is collect Treasure of the Stone. The person who menacingly developed is called as collector Treasures and confirmed in itself the qualities, which crystal adjournment, or which crystallized of energy remained in grain of spirit. It are joyful to understand that efforts, on collecting spent, never gone to waste, but everyone, even the self-slightest, gave a particle of a crystal of Treasure. We known, how crystals in the environment of correspond was increase, and we known, how under condition of it saturation almost instantly could grow up a crystal if conditions of accumulation, that is an estate of a saturation of environment was me. Hence, if the consciousness is sat by desire of the statement of the g quality conditions for saturation of sphere of microcosm by it and crystallization it inevitably will follow wherefore inertness of surround conditions submitted to fiery will. To will counteract easily to neutralize, that is the one, who with us, knew that it always the winner, wherefore in the Beam. The consciousness identify with the Lord, could not be incline before counteraction of another's will. Also there came the moment when all forces, both kind and malicious, started to minister to the winner that it c accumulates victoriously fiery Treasure. And darkness, without know that, ministered for a final celebration of Light. The crystal of desirable quality accrued while quality affirmed as application that is in life; generate the energy necessary for process. Therefore for the pupil there were no abstract qualities. All of them affirmed on life and as life. The fiery aspiration always generated the conditions necessary for it of realization. Therefore collector Treasures never came back is more empty-handed. The aspiration are stronger, the gathering of findings are richer. And when it are t about power of calmness and fire of courage, not repetition are utter, but g the chance to deepen them new findings that it were possible to increase a crystal already put and gr in the Bowl. Process of constant increase of Treasure of the Stone can be ma way and the purpose of every day. R in the morning, it is possible to wonder, what I will make today to increase incorruptible mammon. How to save it from squandering wherefore also it is possible? As well than accelerate it growth? Conditions favorable environments, consciousness create, could establish the rhythm of increase, ha establish law and then accidents of life and circumstance not favorable on a rhythm of accumulation of influence will not have. There could not be a fiery winner a toy of casual combinations and transient influences. The way is steady and direct. Adjournment of create energies in the Bowl and increase of a crystal can be ma notable obviously wherefore correct action bore with itself pleasure of spirit who accompanied each finding. Balance, among whirlwinds show, are accompany by pleasure of satisfaction correctly perfect action. Wherefore invisibly, but obviously new receipt had enrich sides of a crystal. Hidden processes of display of qualities of spirit in invisible laboratory of microcosm, as was real and life’s, as and any chemical process. Only this chemistry is chemistry of thin energies and elements, to it correspond. They was material and really existed, but in Spheres of the Higher measurements. Goal of our temporary life human on the Earth are the task to save up Treasure of the Stone that is to collect the elements necessary for display of life of spirit in Spheres Elevated. Immortality affirmed in the presence of the save-up Treasure wherefore it are incorruptible, timeless and to destruction are not subject. Bees collected honey with different flowers and to a grinding, but stocks collected it the great. As also the Treasure of the Bowl everyday and unceasing work gathered, work conscious, work purposeful, work of thousand-year duration. I want to tell: there is no more the highest problem, rather than to save up a crystal of immortality wherefore the Stone showed condense fire and light in darkness surround lighter ministered. Not the private affair is created by the collector of Treasure, but universal. So knowledge collect the crystallization of energies gave adjournment obvious, show in properties. Qualities – Essence magnets of an attraction of great Knowledge wherefore the Stone are a mighty magnet condense Light Fire.

24. Yes, My son, the phenomena of life come, and the phenomena of life left, but I Abides for ever and ever. Therefore the basis of life is under construction not on them, transient, but on Me. And how it is possible to believe the basis what are today and tomorrow left in oblivion? In swift-flowing thy life, change it a constant of the phenomena only I am immutable and eternal. Had change watercourses, there new islands, the world map had change, the whole states and the people had disappear, tens generations of people replace, language, customs, and I who had g my Doctrine two thousand years ago, as immutably with you now, as well as then, as before, da are more their long before than those days, as well as after, in distant future centuries. Me try to conclude in gold chasubles and to bury underweight precious the stone’s, but I not there, in the stone arches, but in life, among people, to it close and accessible when hearts them was open towards to My Beams. Why My word, what I with them to Be, carry in clouds upwards, why withdrawal Me from life and had discharge of the affairs Your, when I Stands vigilant on the guard of affairs human, ready strong to come to the rescue of everyone, convert to Me all consciousness? People had forge completeness of the reference, had into incompleteness, and the thinking them had fork; had loss Focus of the uniform basis of life. Even eyes could not see if lose focus of the center or will be them two or the several; after loss of focus monstrous distortion of whole visible world around will follow. The same chaos and distortion of the validity came when the uniform basis and the center real – a chain of the Hierarchy conduct a planet are los. In life of the Distant Worlds the beginning hierarchical remained the same firm basis of life. The form of display of life human, cosmic confirm, are express by the formula «Uniform flock, the Shepherd» are uniform. And for your planet this shepherd – the Hierarch the leader Am I. I want to unite mankind in a uniform family of the people. Fiery Covenants of the Doctrine of Life I Wants to collect the ignorance’s who had together dispersed and wander in a gloom of sons of the Earth. Combiner of consciousnesses Are the Hierarch driver. The sixth race that is born on fire and a storm appeared on the Earth under a unit banner of the uniform Driver. The banner of the World, Lords g, are a banner of Lords, a symbol unit mankind on the basis of understanding of three worlds, consciousnesses nowadays merge at a new step in the one world, uniform in essence, but figurative in display. It also will be the basis of the New World. The new understanding of the person on the Earth and in the worlds will be a new step in evolution of terrestrial mankind. Focus of progress of all people of the Earth will be concentrate on Me, and the way to mankind will be specify by My Star powerfully, obviously and victoriously.

25. The person, which had rays a hand, should lower it, ha open a mouth, should close it, enter into water, should leave it, exorcise should become silent, displayed action, should finish it, that is, ha deduct the microcosm from a certain estate, should result it again in a starting position, or restore the br balance. Karmic process are show that, ha beg a number of actions and ha finish them to a certain point, the person created it necessity to settle it up to the end while br by it, deduct from an equilibrium state of energy or elements will not enter into coast that is until the consequence generate by the reason, completely will not be settle on the one who had generate it. The party of a consequence could be short or long depending on conditions. The person which had reached the North Pole should do all way to a point of appointment and back. Action arose, amplified, developed, reached culm, began to decline, fainted and at last faded absolutely. The cycle, or a circle of action, are complete, action had end, ha br the consequences. Workers built the house, put up the base and walls; there is a process of building. The house are finish, process of destruction began, while eventually on a place of the house there will be no heap of ruins to pass into nothingness from off the face of the Earth through any time interval. Final is circle of display of each action. There was these circles small and big, short and long, grasp the whole life or some lives. Grain of action already covered in itself a circle it displays of this or that duration. For small consciousness all his life and all actions passed it small circle, or small circles by the nature of the. Circles of life of the big consciousness far dispersed, grasp weights of people, the whole people and the whole epoch. Sometimes action general left far forward, grasp the whole millenaries. Exploit of the Great Victim were action of a circle of the huge diameter, capture a circle to your all Earth up to the end evolution and life are more its. A circle of action, move in time, the spiral, a steepness gave it depended on many conditions. In case of human consciousness there could be it abrupt or flat. Depending on speed it development it spirit could to lead to a point much more surpass in height a reference point, could are only a little higher, could lead to the same point, ha g any more a spiral, and a circle. And in case of recourse or a descend spiral to fall even more low, ha beg a spiral of involution. But it are important to notice that any phenomenon, move on a circle or a spiral, always came to a point initial, or merge with it, or have been local over it. Evolutions of the phenomenon was measure by distance between a starting point and the subsequent arrangement it on a spiral. All came back to the beginning on the higher plane; only stagnation did not give lifting of the phenomenon on a spiral. Know the law of advancement of the phenomenon in time, it are possible to provide in advance phases of development of any action, remember a point of balance to whom it should come, or, more truly, which it should pass in the progress wherefore, ha finish a circle or a spiral, it could not stop, but began a new cycle of display on a plane of the higher. The spiral of days and nights, both action finishes could not interrupt and settle ministered grain, or a prototype of action of the subsequent, but not the same, and enrich with experience, to it previous. On such spirals similar in the rings of displays, there is a life of any form that existed under the Sun. On the g ring of a spiral it are possible to see it movement in time and to foretell all phases display it the following ring which all points was similar, but was not identical with points, or forms of display of a ring, or a piece of a spiral, to it similar. Therefore studying of the phenomena of the g circle or a piece are very useful and instructive to understand similar displays of the following behind it. In time it will be the forecast of the future obvious and faultless wherefore laws of a spiral remained the immutable form displayed of all real. Speak about the big Circles of a cycle of life of the Earth and mankind; it is possible to apply the law of analogy of the Great evolutionary spiral and to them. Laws filch, like the law of polar, was show everywhere wherefore life are bas on them that is they was the form of expression of life. The above a ring filch from each other, the there are an evolution of the g phenomenon more promptly. The consciousness of Arhat concentrated in a core of a spiral, both rose upwards, and ascended, without displayed on external it to rings (spiral), without merge with them, but only be the phase are more their. It is the estate of consciousness express by the formula «To be in the world, but not from the world». The estate of consciousness allowed to see all circle or all circles filch, without identify itself with only one point on it of a circle, that is with the short moment of the present which moved ahead in the future in the g place and at present time. Thus the consciousness of Arhat rose over time both are more its phases and could see and feel the future as inalterability displayed of new forms of life on the higher planes of an evolutionary spiral. To any action finished and finished, even bad, it is possible to give its highest expression on a spiral, having taken it on the plane of the highest. So the terrestrial love could become a prototype of the higher unearthly display. But relations between the beginnings could become a field of phenomenon of the higher elevated creativity, or creativity Space; so, beginnings on the plan of Light manifestation creativity Space.

26. When action finished the circle and came to a starting point, the same or similar, there came the moment of an equilibration of the actuate forces. The moment of balance are those moments when the will could freely begin new action of the g order then it is undertaking will be rhythmically lawful. Seeds of actions can be scatter only at fixed o'clock; wisely to know time of crops.

27. Force Mine it is won any obstacle. It is possible to go through life force Teachers. It are possible anything and nobody to be afraid. In It is possible to find calmness. Dark attempts will not stop, but will be br force a protective Beam. How many were more their and how many will be more their. They too ministered to advancement, strengthen vigilance and attention. That the warrior were always in readiness, he should know that the enemy did not doze. The tool in work did not rust. The divergence of a muscle caused it necrosis. The best working estate of microcosm are constant pressure are more its. It is necessary to stand guard always and on the lookout. Unexpectedness often used dark to harm or break balance. It are possible to be protect from expect blow, but only constant vigilance allowed to turn away blow of unexpectedness. To weaken intensity of a protecting network – meant to give itself to a victim of accident and arbitrariness human. In laboratory of high-tension currents the attention and intensity of workers did not faint. People was surround by even more powerful thin energies, they should be able to be operate. Them blows on a nature human could be painful and destructive, especially when was direct by malicious will or when they was disharmonies energies of a human body. A protecting network – from influence, but it are necessary to keep the best board in good order and readiness. The astral subdued often put the owner in dangerous and defenseless position. Ha flash, it opened a protecting network, le in it a gap and g careless consciousness on favor of the winner. Concerning defense isolation, disconnection and restraint put the mental device of the person out of attainability for tenacious hands. Unnecessary and harmful disclosing of two another's consciousness created the channel for influence therefore silence are more best some silver and it are more best some gold. People in each best liked to put a line. What for do itself by object of undesirable possibilities. Earlier people le in asceticism. The asceticism nowadays affirmed in the spirit of. Which are more difficult? The asceticism in the spirit of in life usual the terrestrial demanded special pressure of sharp-sighted vigilance and constant patrol. In sphere of microcosm strangers was not supposed. To Reservation of spirit surrounded itself consciousness. Remember: the calmness – the best board, balance are not conquer. Heavy return blow of the dark energies hit about the reservation of balance and reject back, on beget. In an equilibrium state abide, it are possible to reflect any attack of the dark. Don't maintain fragile covers of force of exactly burning flame. So a problem of the pupil is protection of the microcosm from harmful influences human and environments surround. Light-mindedness of full not is quality of the pupil. It is necessary to understand that the most essence of life of the terrestrial narrow-minded growled and counteracted the carrier of light. From here and necessity of a patrol estate of the consciousness which is not interrupts not for a moment.

28. The consciousness of the carrier of light always belonged to a plane of the higher, than consciousness of people, it associates, and is more it’s than contemporaries. In it difficulty are more hits, and in it had induce; so the person of the higher race among savages. So it also are actually wherefore consciousness of the Adherent could outstrip the general development of mankind on all, and in rare instances and more. It is necessary to live in a vice of the lowest consciousnesses. This burden of surround imperfection should be not only to Them Higher, but each high refine spirit. There, where the lowest consciousness felt quite at home, choked and the consciousness refine suffered affliction. In the development it had step far forward, and to rotate to it are necessary in rough, imperfect and not correspond are more it’s to level conditions. Therefore voluntary mission in heavy living conditions terrestrial exploit terrestrial made. The phenomenon of a purgatory on the Earth especially aggravated to have a drink bowls of poison. It are necessary to understand travails of the develop consciousness in a vice of greenhorns. The question is often asked: when it will be easier? Unless the consciousness could, ascend and refined, to do a way more easy? Refine one only in itself forced to feel sharply burden of imperfection of a low plane of consciousnesses. But through a purgatory it are necessary to pass, a bowl of poison to enjoy, pressure of the lowest sphere to undergo and come out the winner from this incessant collision of the higher with the lowest. And not only to defeat, but also feasibly lift the general level of thinking human. As the tow pulled behind itself barges, slow down the run and the minister of Light all energy they believed on Ministering to General Welfare. Easy exploits did not happen; also there is no easy life of those who followed the Lord.

29. It is good to create My Business by the thought which has not been connected clogs by the terrestrial. It is good when thought the highest is not painted by impurity of thoughts terrestrial. Thoughts terrestrial bear on themselves all signs of the transitory nature. They as are short, as well as terrestrial affairs. But they have force, surrounding consciousness with a dense veil, sometimes so dense that the highest jumps aside thought from this isolating a payment, as a ball from a wall. Contact, Communication and cooperation become impossible. The vessel brought for filling, is already overflowed to edges with products of the reek of alcohol terrestrial. Necessity of thoughts terrestrial while the person on Earth, it is obvious. Thoughts terrestrial are necessary, but having thought over and having performed work and affairs which life puts before each person and of which it is necessary to think, it is necessary to learn to exempt from them consciousness immediately. All trouble that behind time which is really necessary for a terrestrial of thought, the long unnecessary tail of thoughts as a gas cloud behind the faulty car, poisoning the surrounding lasts. Especially contagious this unnecessary tail when the necessary business thoughts are poisoned with small everyday emotions of chagrin, fears, offenses, troubles and other experiences, personal and others' and especially irritation. The brown-gray muddy ball, a dense cover the surrounding device human turns out. It is necessary to put the cogitative device in full order. It is necessary to do terrestrial things, giving them due thoughts. It seems about terrestrial there is so much, how many it demands circumstance. Quickly, distinctly, with concentration, but it is no more. And, having finished, immediately stop a stream of thoughts, transferring them to another. It is necessary to learn to hold consciousness free and open, without encumbering with its scraps of unnecessary thoughts, and the main thing, emotions because emotions do thoughts persistent sticky. Day can be transparent, pure, ringing and clear, or – heavy, gray and cloudy, either hopelessly autumn and rainy, or uneasily windy. The mood of day is a background, on which display affairs day. At control over thoughts the will has to establish von the necessary. When this background is Service to the Lord, all affairs terrestrial this day will be painted by the main shades of a background, as Earth at an o'clock of sunrise by beams of its light. And on this background of life can already play the terrestrial symphonies. Service will be a basis on which drawing of day is weaved. Commitment of consciousness will allow and will teach, passing through life, not to be enveloped by the heavy not fused particles of a dense matter. The matter of dense terrestrial thoughts is often inert and inactive and possesses big weight, gravitating from top to bottom. Consciousnesses, it invested, steadily sink in the viscous atmosphere of the lower class. Each thought has a certain direction. The thought of new clothes, either purchase, or the apartment, or the book is connected with a subject with, which it is occupied. And if thoughts direct only to subjects or affairs terrestrial, and the consciousness strong ties itself them to Earth. From the dense sphere of terrestrial gravitations we will learn to come. The connected consciousnesses cannot move. Coherence of consciousness is death of spirit. Therefore it is important to determine the moments when the consciousness from affairs terrestrial is released completely and entirely directs to the world of the phenomena, with affairs of a direct environment not the connected. People go to the cinema, theaters, on walks, have a rest. The same walks, or thought flights, to Spheres Elevated are necessary. Too long people tied themselves to Earth, to Earth directing. The edge of aspiration of thought has to be nowadays directed for limits of a usual circle of consciousness. The teacher Plans objects of aspiration. The doctrine opens the wide horizon for thoughts; the huge field for application of its energies is specified. The confined narrow-minded and muddy world of the person collapses that unlimited he could see the world. And the thought will be the lever outputting consciousness from the world limited in world unlimited, the analysis of each thought precisely shows that it costs with what it is connected and where attracts. Already it is impossible to plead ignorance and misunderstanding of a trifle, mustiness and a prison of that sphere, in which their lives the ordinary person. The Teacher Wants to exempt consciousness from slavery at thoughts of the lowest by means of thought of the highest. The thought the lowest is similar to asthma of a heavy nightmare. Thought the highest is the winged messenger of freedom of spirit. Thought – force two-edged: both wardress, and liberator-she its character depends on the direction. Both the criminal and the devotee both use thought. The terrible force of old centuries-old terrestrial gravitations can be neutralized only thought. Task before the person is to win against Earth attraction. It gets rid of lunar heritage, but this past. Earth – the present and therefore win against its attractions especially difficult. In a camp of the winner the Teacher of all who does not want to be the slave to spirit Calls. Call for fallen in love the fetters is fruitless. Call is turned to wanting freedom and as could be, if... But this condition of life under these circumstances is at present the best for achievement of the results planned by the Teacher. Therefore they need to be used completely, having shown qualities inevitable. If the Teacher Speaks: it is necessary it is necessary to pass, so to pass, and through it. If He Speaks: it is necessary to undergo, – it is necessary to undergo given conditions. I claim: everything will serve in the benefit if the confidence of force of the Hand of the Leader does not reel. It would seem, unless harm from doubt small is great, but the Apostle started sinking and could become the elements victim because of doubts yet did not get rid. Elements immediately open the mouth and are ready to absorb the turncoat from belief to the Teacher immutable, unshakable and all-conquering. The one, who wants to be a winner, always has to show belief in our power, belief ardent, fiery, and victorious. "Whether a little that can happen, but the Lord with me always and Will protect, having given a way the best" – the pupil so speaks to himself and in the force increases. There is a small truth of evidence, and there is a truth the highest the Hidden World. Not in human evidence, – in it force fiery, forging destinies of people. To merge with it means victoriously to rush forward in full sail on crests of waves of the rough sea, using powers of the bridled elements for advance. The consciousness merged with the Lord, all powers of elements counteracting on advantage to aspiration to the fiery turns.

30. Let's consider that nothing minutes you that are permitted by will of the Teacher. Protection of the Beam assumes protection within the conditions necessary for advance. Protection does not exempt from lessons, which should be learned, but, on the contrary, promotes their passing. The understanding of the Beam includes understanding of it and a worship of egoism for will of the Teacher. The care of the Beam does not exempt from the necessary tests, but promotes that they are taken place quickly and systematically. Complaints and discontent indicate uncertainty in force of the Beam or unwillingness to agree with the solution of will of the Leader. If there is a belief in power of Hierarchy and care of the Teacher, unless there can be a place to fears and concerns? If they are, that is whether belief? And, if there is a fear of threat of tests of any order, where a worship of the will or will of the Leader. Therefore, fears, fear and concerns, despite everything, outside to the events, are inadmissible certainly and demand full and urgent eradication. Their harm not that they burden and sadden consciousness, but that call into question power of Hierarchy and belief in Care and force of the Leading Hand. Repose is in belief – a precept of the Teacher to pupils. The tranquility not only in restraint and restraint of is shown, but also in inflexible confidence of protection hidden the Beam which evidence and all fears of people of the people around, got used to be afraid of everything and always because do not know the Teacher cannot shake. The quiet belief in hidden power of the Lord is achievement of a known step of consciousness. And external conditions will be to torment with concerns, and oppress, and seeming misfortunes, while crystal shining belief in strength of the Teacher won't begin to sparkle all the sides and humility of will the before will of the Highest doesn't become quality obvious. It is not enough as could be if... But this condition of life under these circumstances is at present the best for achievement of the results planned by the Teacher. Therefore them it is necessary to use completely, having shown qualities inevitable. If the Teacher Speaks: it is necessary it is necessary to pass, so to pass, and through it. If He Speaks: it is necessary to undergo, – it is necessary to undergo given conditions. I claim: everything will serve in the benefit if the confidence of force of the Hand of the Leader does not reel. It would seem, unless harm from doubt small is great, but the Apostle started sinking and could become the elements victim because of doubts yet did not get rid. Elements immediately open the mouth and are ready to absorb the turncoat from belief to the Teacher immutable, unshakable and all-conquering. The one, who wants to be a winner, always has to show belief in our power, belief ardent, fiery, and victorious. Whether "A little that can happen, but the Lord with me always and Will protect, having given a way the best" – the pupil so speaks to himself and in the force increases. There is a small truth of evidence, and there is a truth the highest the Hidden World. Not in human evidence, – in it force fiery, forging destinies of people. To merge with it means victoriously to rush forward in full sail on crests of waves of the rough sea, using powers of the bridled elements for advance. The consciousness merged with the Lord, all powers of elements counteracting on advantage to aspiration to the fiery turns.

31. My son, if you want is closer, even closer, make effort. Without effort and efforts it is given nothing. Everything can be reached, but having spent the corresponding quantity of energy. I will help, I Will help, but make effort. The energy put in effort, magneto. The help goes lawfully, being combined with forces premised by consciousness towards to my Beam. The ear perceives a sound passively, but this passivity is actively strained, that is the consciousness is actively concentrated for perception. Without existence of force directed to perception, an ear will hear nothing. It is possible not to hear the whole conversation which is occurring nearby if consciousness we concentrate on other. Therefore at perception both poles and both centers of consciousness are active. Only activity of a perceiving pole has passive character. Passive aspiration, necessary at perception, is difficult dual essence the. If this activity passes in usual, own thoughts usual will fill consciousness if it isn't strictly limited to aspiration to the Teacher, thoughts terrestrial, goodness knows where from come and casual, will plentifully join the open receiver. That is why it is much spoken about the framework establishing the course for thought, of the pure screen of consciousness and other necessary conditions. Mediums too perceive, but the lowest centers, opening itself to any lowest influence. Certainly, the Teacher Could preserve, but the receiver is usually so polluted and captured black that its clarification is inexpedient because doesn't exclude new capture and a contamination. Therefore mediums held at temples only earlier until they didn't leave its walls, but they should have left once at least protecting walls as access secondary was forbidden certainly. Being without protection also it is infected with contact of the lower class; the receiver was already unusable, involving dark influences. As a rule, the medium is the person deprived of will. Than more it is extinguished, the more intensively there is a perception. Will Yoga, on the contrary, strains fiery at the moment of perception, standing on protection and patrol of a hidden wire. And if the Beam of the Teacher always over the pupil, after establishment of a rhythm of perception at certain o'clock it is possible to reach such condition of consciousness, it is possible when to perceive at any time at will if the consciousness permits. Experiments of sent thoughts will be repeated at any time in increasing frequency, but without breaking usual work of day or a dream. And at last the consciousness will reach that highest plane in which will arrive constantly, without being a taken stream of thoughts terrestrial, but creating terrestrial affairs, without rolling in them thought. Dismissal from terrestrial becomes a constant condition of consciousness, and the duality of a formula "Be in the World, but Other-worldly" will be understood and acquired vitally. Difficult at the first steps when fights terrestrial and heavenly but when balance is established and the point of the median center is found, consciousness without harm for itself and without being burdened can send the beam to the world terrestrial or the World the Highest at will without fight. So again we come to conditions of balance of spirit where it is counterbalanced spiritual and material, showing aspect dual in uniform and unities in a duality. Both poles of a uniform thing are given to harmony and are open for learning consciousness.

32. Personal "I" die in World Thin because for personal "I" in that world am not present food for existence. In this world all Mine: both clothes, and food, and things, and many other things. But there anything it is impossible to call them. There it is possible to own only ghosts of the things being reflection of terrestrial property. There it is impossible to tell "mine" and "I", connected with "mine". There is nothing ours, but all space. And the higher, this total absence personal in consciousness is sharper and more distinct. Even thoughts and those is not ours, but spatial. Only light proceeding from heart, ours, but the lightful doesn't see it though it and radiates. It is necessary to scent, what freedom consists in understanding of it. Property chains the heaviest. And it is necessary to destroy them still here, on Earth. The beginning of this great freedom can start be claimed still here. It is possible to imagine such society where the property is limited to only necessary personal belongings while public subjects will be property public. By the end of the seventh race the terrestrial condition will merge with thin and the ghost of property personal will disappear from consciousness of mankind. Remember that nothing belongs to you and everything only is in temporary use on trust of the Teacher. Attachment to things generates attachment to the conditions connected with things – slavery double. How the consciousness of the pupil can be transferred to the Tower if it is attached to things surrounding it and conditions? It is possible to be transferred, but on condition of release from all the, to the inner world inclusive. It isn't enough to realize the chains, it is necessary to find forces to tear them. Free – means released, but – released in the spirit of. The personality not self - prevail but only means, and besides temporary, for Identity enrichment. The personality can suffer, and about the big advantage for Immortal our Identity. The free can come to the Tower only. Different people were among comers, but there were no slaves among them, all were free, freedom having won. It is possible to call a stronghold a citadel of free spirit. When the world, small, will be dissolved in World My, Great and when things will leave, the knowledge will join is free, similar to an ocean wave. Personal and things disturb, filling consciousness. The consciousness should be released from small for perception great. Spoke: "Fill consciousness with the Lord that my World could enter into the world you’re, deprived of small and dark borders of the personality". Because differently as can hold great in the small. Putting itself into the world, personal and small, from the World of the Lord of it is excluded. Not the should be claimed, but to accept given by Me. Millions biped, and at everyone – the, but is no more than pupils, than on hands of fingers, and everyone approves mine and my World. And all from themselves passed a heavy path of rejection or pass. Mine and should accustom to live in mine, but not in the. The palace of spirit I Want to give everyone instead of pity personal hovels of egoism. And in it – treasures, not belonging and not able to belong to the personality. Spatial treasures cannot hold in an egoism hovel. Egoism, be lost! My children, I Will give true values if refuse the small things which are so necessary in an infantile condition. I will give on the capacity of the consciousness exempted from unnecessary stuff. Lessons of life are given, those freedoms to reach. To lessons releasing we will be glad. Everything I Turn on advantage. The appointed we will reach.

33. The conditional apprenticeship assumes following for the Teacher under known conditions. Unconditional is at everyone’s. Iov's example there is a case phenomenon unconditional apprenticeship It is possible only with devotion unconditional, love unconditional and aspirations unconditional. Unconsciously the pupil of a barrier puts to himself, believing in heart the that when there will be that and that, he shows all measure of aspiration, devotion, both love, and the works, without understanding that all this has to be shown not once and under any special conditions in the future, but right now, nowadays, and without any conditions. Why it is necessary to show a measure of devotion and love when the conditional future will come, instead of now when the Teacher especially needs on who Can rely as on It. Why it is necessary to wait for the future to show all measure of demanded qualities? Why not to show them in all force nowadays? Carrying possibilities of disclosure of the potential in the future, the opportunities we miss, and the advance we detain, and we create the heavy phenomenon of a conditional apprenticeship. If qualities of spirit are shown strong in absence of the Teacher and in the conditions of darkness gloomy and heavy, at It they will amplify a hundred times because by roots were approved and can grow. But, having risen at It will not resist at new tests. Therefore I Speak: "Qualities strengthen. Show a measure of burning of heart unconditional". In consciousness of the conditional pupil there is a Teacher who has not created for it those living conditions of which the egoism expects it and which is for it a framework of his conditional advance a little. The will to Me transferred and on Me believing all consciousness goes powerfully forward, firmly going, under any conditions, and without putting the Teacher any. To rely on Us – doesn't mean to be assigned. To destroy the convention phenomenon in them means the will to betray to me, means to show spirit fortress inflexible, means at all and any conditions what they were, the Teacher to keep belief in the Teacher and trust not belittled. If to put these qualities of spirit in dependence on external conditions, temporary and changing, whether there will be it an obvious display of an apprenticeship conditional? In need and surplus, at top of achievements and on the edge of a chasm, among friends and enemies, in diseases and health, but it is identical and invariable always. I want to teach devotion, love and aspiration unconditional, not the fluctuating change of external surrounding circumstances. I true – the Board. I betrayed – the Support. I directed unshakably a measure full Giving. Leave uncertainty, leave doubts, leave fears for the future and concern because I with you, both Will protect, and I Will give the Decree when will come to show time the decision. Burden of the real tests at all don't mean that the Teacher Leaves in need or a minute of danger. But it is necessary to show belief in power of a right hand of the Lord because on your belief it will be given you, and believing on Us all consciousness creates in itself a stronghold of force great, being focus for manifestation of power of the Teacher. Magnetic forces of an attraction work then freely, phenomenon all the potential. To consciousness we limit power of light, in us approved. The Teacher Can gives the statement of the power, but it is necessary that the receiver of consciousness corresponded. Will you Me betrayed and going to the Name My invincible is. Not the inhabitant, but the hero I Want to see in the one who wants to become close. Fearlessness of Precepted; fearless is the Board and the Support. Fearless and courageous I Call for Myself.

34. Heart could sustain only certain quantity of spontaneous poison.

35. Striking example evolutions will be evolution spatial bodies, not stopping anything on minute. By spatial bodies in this case we Mean thin educations from an invisible matter of substance of elements. Spontaneous educations constantly grow and increase in space in degree of tension and size. Reaching a certain degree of intensity cause correspond dense phenomena. Everything that is ever thrown by thought into space grows. These outgrowths on aura of a planet in case of negative dark educations are pernicious and awful, as malignant tumors and a planet body ulcers they. Causing gangrene process of an inflammation and infecting all space around, they are the centers and nurseries of the evil, decomposition, destruction and death. In literal sense planet bark under their killing and poisonous breath because they pulse dark energies dies off, radiating the terrible and poisonous gases decomposing substance of a matter. Round some chemical plants the vegetation is destroyed by gases as it is destroyed not only all live, but even the inorganic matter under the influence of spatial poison – brown gas of darkness decays. Generations human, accumulated in space and growing in negative force are terrible and terrible. It also is consequences of centuries-old crops of the evil. Its impact the brightened-up consciousness, which has risen by the highest step of evolution has to meet the spontaneous, and to win, that is to neutralize. I Won against the world, having met the terrible wave of the evil which has fallen upon Me, but not having in Me anything, - therefore is Won. And nowadays the consciousness human has to win. And that in case consciousnesses were not examined if did not rise over what was earlier? Then terrible explosion and death of everything that will appear in its orbit is inevitable. Danger did not pass, because consciousness human yet at height. And any more from Us and the planet fate depends on people. Will accept Light – will be rescued, will not accept – will be lost. Consequences generated have to be expiated, that is are neutralized. Energy of darkness is neutralized by Light energies. Energy of light, by consciousnesses human generated, have to be collected in enough, that opposite to destruction forces. The owner of land is not present, but the evil seeded by it exists and bulks up in the force with favorable and active participation of biped consciousnesses. Disbalance of the nature – a bad sign. And it amplifies. Beams are powerless if meet stupid counteraction. Being strengthened will cause not an enlightenment and harmony, and destruction because there is no compliance. Acceptability’s are not present in consciousnesses human. Auras of the evil push away Beams. The formula "Ask and Will Be Given to You" is an acceptability symbol or possibilities of acceptance by consciousness of energies of the Highest in order that they could show in this person the force, at least for his healing. This principle is inevitable in all that concerns assimilation of the highest energies. Without compliance existence is rejection and explosion. Can be destroyed and the ardent evils which have remained on an arrow will be destroyed, but acceptance of energies fiery, reviving and bearing rescue requires mass compliance of consciousnesses. Arrival if are rejected all is aimless. Here in it the main difficulty: it is impossible to turn violently consciousness to Light, it is necessary that addressed. The Beam before a blank wall of ignorance and denial is powerless. Denial by that is impenetrable for rays of light is terrible. The Teacher before collective wills of all mankind if it chooses evil and destruction ways is powerless. Rate is on the best and accepting. Let them be bad and imperfect but if accept evolution Bases, they thereby already in the ranks of defenders of the New World and my assistants. Bases of evolution are accepted by the Country New, on it hope, in it all rescue of mankind. Not it is necessary to look at that that is good or bad who is good or bad, and that Bases of the statement of the New World are put strongly. The woman is released, work is glorified, art is approved, masses to conscious public participation in construction and creation business are lifted, and brotherly cooperation of the people became reality. The peace is defended and the counterbalance to destruction forces is created. The small sinks in big because the great is approved, despite everything. Fight against evil forces is conducted in planetary scale. The leading role of the Favorite Country should be understood. It – a stronghold and protection of the small oppressed people. Light to the world shows, itself fighting for Light. Creates new life by the right of evolution; personal sacrifices in the victim General Welfare. It is directed in the future powerfully. For the sake of it creates. With It is My Hand. In it all hope of rescue. It should be helped.

36. My son, consider that the Word of the Lord indestructibly. And let not evidence will be a criterion. I believe that contradictions occur from small understanding of the phenomena. When I Speak, that I Have in a look essence of the phenomenon, but not superficial evident; the Word My even in centuries is indestructible. Therefore the statement of the Lord is the inalterability phenomenon. It is necessary to understand and combine inalterability and mobility of the Plan in consciousness. The Plan in essence is immutable, but the form of its implementation depends on moment condition, which incessantly changes and fluctuates. We choose at the created combination of conditions the best combinations, allowing the Plan to claim. Life of the world is defined by consciousness human. The consciousness fluctuates, changing the rhythms. The lowest consciousnesses are deprived of a rhythm. It evens more knowledge in each certain case. The collective direction of energies of world consciousness of all mankind fluctuates. Therefore is variable carrying out ways in life immutable Plan planet evolutions. Not from Us, but from a combination of energies human this hour with astrologically complicates construction. There is no confidence for what direction will choose the some the moment of a planet the direction of the equally effective depends. We only Bring corrections, seeking to constrain extremely the currents counteracting the basic and the necessary direction. Our efforts and fruits their people constantly and it is persistent, and persistently destroy in process of the forces. Harm is great, and a lot of precious energy spills in vain. In bloody sweat Lords work, seeking to support each particle of good. Certainly, the victory will be reached, but ship run over a chasm is dangerous, threatening it with death. A lot of things are already reached, but counteraction of not ready consciousnesses is strong also. Without accepting evolution bases, to me counteract. The camp of opponents of Light replenishes with them counteracting evolution. And not angrily, as that, and not service to it puts people in a camp of my opponents, but unwillingness to accept gifts of evolution and to join work of those who entered into its current. Many so-called good people serve regress, and it is a lot of esteemed bad honestly and faithfully serve evolution business. Anymore the robber, harass and the loose woman, but million imperfect people with live heart resolutely went over to evolution, entered and into a stream and do a great work of construction of life among suffocating currents of counteraction of my opponents. That to Me before, if it is good, but serves darkness also works against evolution. Those who in the countries of the New World, easily and involuntarily join evolution. The fate evaded and aspiring in embraces of the old world is sad. Everyone strengthens its potential and becomes the unconscious opponent of evolution. But the benefit that who, staying within it, spirit joins currents new, both views and hopes of who are turned to the New Country conducting evolution of a planet. These are mine. Former division into bad and good people is left. Nowadays division new: with whom – with Me or with darkness, for evolution or against it, for the world old or the World New. And people good, but serving bad, that is going against evolution and the Plan of Lords, are condemned in “good” by the. But even the savage going on the party fighting for World New, has a merit. Therefore condemnation of imperfections of those who in the trifle fights for the statement of the New World and brings on the force, in a root it is wrong because they it is more useful to evolution so-called good, but fighting against evolution and the gifts, which haven't accepted it. It is necessary to reconsider in root concepts about good and bad people because the bad can be saviors of a planet while good to appear with those who pushes it to death. Mine those who with the New Country and for it, they are as though imperfect were. Mine opponents those, who is against! And already not to have to argue why the person on “good” the appeared in a camp of enemies of evolution, that is in a camp of enemies of Light. Great division goes more deeply, than it seems. And many in “good” the decided the destiny incorrectly. Rescue in that many hearts reach for the Country New of all corners of the globe. The way of rescue will specify heart. Not “good”, but heart as it once specified this way and to the robber, and the loose woman. But Pharisaical “good”, under different pretexts, both justifications, and masks going against evolution, it is condemned. It isn't necessary to Me them going against Hierarchy, they are as though good were. Only disguised people carefully I Meet to turn them to Me. It is necessary to think of new division of mankind. It defines a way of rescue of a planet.

37. I want that Service was uninterrupted. I want that the consciousness was always on a post. It is possible only in that case when heart is entirely given to the Teacher. Not having anything the access to the Tower is open. Not to have the does not mean yet to have things only, but means and from the thoughts, with the feelings, with the experiences, with egoism and small "I" connected, to refuse, means to reject them and, having become free, to get access to the Tower. As it is possible to give itself to business of Lords when world the small – before eyes and dims all field of vision and all horizon. Certainly, all this is known long ago but why it is not applied? It is impossible within small to expect the phenomena great. The consciousness is a field of manifestation of the highest energies, but under a condition if it is not occupied the lowest. Who can tell with confidence, what the field it is cleared? Both points, and the field-glass, and a lens have to have the wiped glasses before through them it is possible to look. So it has to be cleared and a consciousness lens. At distant visibility the small mote turns into the huge obstacle preventing to a beam of an eye to see, succeed by the far. Egoism products are as litter and dirt on glasses. It is impossible to dump at once from itself the old person in whom the egoism nestled. But at persistence it can be much reached. The garden demands care and leaving and at the same time quickly grows with a tall weeds if loses them. About wakefulness it was enough spoken. If my Business before the affairs put, it is possible to succeed in advance much. But it is better that my Affairs and the affairs, without separating, merged in harmony. Again we come besides – to merge of consciousnesses. To Me it is necessary to rise. Lowlands of consciousness are not suitable for take-off; the atmosphere is too condensed and heavy. I call on tops.

38. Listen! There comes the responsible moment in the history of planet life. When mountains will be shaken and Earth when all courage is required will shudder to resist in Light, it is possible to resist only Me. A lot of things will change when crisis passes. It will be heavy intolerable. Much death will follow; it is a lot of phenomena of a burn out of nervous system. Fire will collapse unexpectedly, but also in tension unknown. The fiery waves incinerating receivers unusable are terrible. I give the prevention. Only fires of tranquility it is possible to weaken organism reaction. Fire to meet fire, fire inside – space fire. I will help protective to strengthen a fiery circle. Protection will be given on a silver thread. The fate provided to rage of fiery elements is terrible. Hour prespecified a fiery impact comes nearer strong.

39. Small misunderstanding will give rise to big consequences. Big will always be born from the small; therefore isn't neither big, nor small, but has value in total. As explosion from a spark, there are phenomena big from the reasons small, as though releasing connected energy and, moreover, serving as process catalysts. It is necessary to consider everything, without being deceived by a seeming trifle of the phenomenon. It would be possible to write the whole research about value of the small reasons in the history of the human. Not in itself reason is important, but on extent of its impact on consciousness. Consciousnesses of millions are encumbered by small things. Put together, form the huge mountain of misunderstanding and ignorance and form a basis on which knots of events grow. Ignorance is a root, from which sprouts of the new phenomena last in the future. May I stop growth them if roots deeply nestled in consciousness of masses? So ignorance planetary serves as a stumbling block for transformation of the person. A lot of things are given, given so much, how many never before weren't given. But, like the cloud which has closed the Sun, everything that is given, people doesn't reach owing to obstacles, them the erected. The Doctrine is given, whether but many know about it? About exchange prices immediately learns all old world and about the slightest fluctuations of actions, but the Doctrine of Light doesn't draw attention of crowds. As often the consciousness passes by the most important, without noticing it. However everything dies, without pondering that the phenomenon of death overturns all constructions human next day. Prefer blind to live and blind to die if only not to concern Light. But time presses, changes don't wait, and the best are urged to open eyes and to see. Time of great changes comes. Whether the consciousness lulled by a sleepy stupor of ignorance will long sleep?

40. My son, the fulfillment foreordained should be. Nothing can change the end result of the drawn-up Plan. Ways of its implementation can change, but not for the sake of what the Plan is created. It should be remembered. Inalterability and mobility of the Plan concerns: the first – its ultimate goal, which can't change, and the second – ways and ways of achievement of that is immutable it has to be approved in life. Ways of implementation and achievement of the end results depend on constantly changing external conditions, but there can't be an evolution unstable the following step human, planned by the Plan. It will be reached, what ways – other question. The sixth race will arise, the seventh will be reached, the fourth Circle is complete – any iota won't change from the Law, all won't be executed yet. The plan is immutable in big and small. It isn't necessary to mix concepts of inalterability and mobility of the Plan with each other. The planned steps of development and the statement of the New World are already carried out, is immutable, but ways changeable. Not as someone wants or it would be desirable but as it is more expedient and better under the created conditions. The center of culture is transferred to the East. Tops of Altai are the magnetic center of new construction. The plan will be carried out and carried out, keeping inalterability in the mobility which is constantly changing. Doesn't follow instability of mobility of the Plan to accept for insolvency or to consider it cancelled. I repeat: The plan is invariable, forms of its implementation change only. It is necessary to look at essence of the phenomenon, but not at its external forms. It is necessary to understand inalterability and Will Hierarchy Light power. Specking will comes true, at least changeable conditions of the moment showed mountains of obstacles and anti-influences. And if ways of his statement changed in one, so leaders are found more successful and more hidden and impregnable in other direction, you to the same invariable purpose. It is necessary to trust the Driver, without looking at any combinations of external conditions eclipsing the purpose and preventing clearly to see shining forms of the Great Plan, the Lords invariable, immutable and approved by powerб - therefore Told: "Be in belief both for itself, and for friends, and for the future. In My Hand are destinies of the world, and destinies of people, and destinies of My relatives. I all Will give protection and to the put I Will bring". I Told. Know: the invisible, hidden ways of implementation of the Great Plan are more powerful and stronger visible because are impregnable for external influences and counteractions of enemies of Light.

41. Friends let know that the Word of the Lord firmly, as diamond. The Lord Can't is mistaken. Truly, it is possible to lean on It in any conditions. At the crucial events which are tearing apart consciousness, well and wisely the threads of thoughts stretched to the external phenomena to pull together back in focus of consciousness and to concentrate all consciousness on the Lord, having made it the uniform center of aspiration. Then it is possible to keep both tranquility, and balance and not to be torn to pieces on part waves of the inconsistent and discordant currents storming around. This concentration of consciousness should study. This concentration of consciousness should study, - otherwise not to resist, but waves of the phenomena will break about the Face monolith if the Teacher is called and in consciousness takes Priority. Let sounds surrounding with moment tension, but refracted through Face vibrations. Already I Spoke: the solution of everything in Me. As also the destiny of everyone goes Me if recognized Me and the will to me betrayed. The will legend to the Will of the Lord means transfer of levers of karmic energies voluntary in Hands of the Hierarch, and then It Can direct a boat of life of the pupil, without breaking the law of free will. As the terrestrial consciousness, but the Lord a little knows both Knows, and Sees. Itself I saw how the will fluctuates and the fear in heart creeps. Where confidence of the Teacher, where belief in the Hand Driving? The consciousness rushes about, torn apart on part, and loses balance. Means, the belief in the Teacher wasn't strong, so words replaced life and imagined qualities – reality. In Me you have the world, tranquility, force, both invulnerability, and protection, but in yourself – anything. Means, I and fill consciousness to capacity limits. Study on it and on friends to see that it is necessary to strengthen and approve still so strongly that the following wave of external events didn't shake a stronghold inside. In Me you think, in Me act, in Me live so that a monolith of my Face "I" assumed waves, but not small, not able than opposite. Me are strong, but not itself. Me you can resist, but not egoism, Me, to Me having betrayed consciousness. In silence of consciousness the fiery armor is forged, able to bear blows of external energies. The silence of great tranquility can be kept even under a shower of blows, only tempering and strengthening spirit armor if only balance took place contrary to and in the face of great a disbalance of spontaneous conditions. I speak: "I am the Stone of the eternal basis of life". Building on Me the life builds on the unshakable base while the consciousness in Me and with Me stays. Badly and restlessly in the world, but with you I, and in Me you will find both tranquility, and the world. In Me force you will find to resist. From Me you will take forces. Your force is directly proportional to degree of the legend of to me. Why to betray myself on worry to external conditions or people when I can betray myself and to be filled with my force, both my world, and my tranquility. Anything isn't present them. But at the Lord, at the Father, it is possible to take infinitely. It is possible even to repeat: "The lord, Give strength to my heart and power to my hand, To Me I proved all force and the fortress, remains safe and will unshakably stand. But who located on something external, with external waves of the phenomena and will be we shake. There will be more many moments when all power of consciousness should be concentrated on Me to resist. It is possible to call consciousness immersion to the public relics of the Face of the Lord. Specify ways the next how to keep itself and strength of mind from dispersion. "Concentration" of consciousness will be a keyword. I Know when to turn a key because a key from a gate of the future and your destiny in My Hands. And if I Trust to the public yours, despite darkness, you surrounding, believe also you in all-conquering Light of the Lord. The belief is a knowledge threshold, or a heart maintaining. The brain yet doesn't know that is already conducted to heart and is expressed to them in the form of a faith-knowledge. Among confusion force I Allow to reach the put. Step of inalterability I Want to approve and a way to make victorious. Let mountains shudder. But while the Lord Reigns in heart, explosions of elements aren't terrible. I conduct to the purpose treasured. To the purpose I Will leads, but the hand encloses strong and you keep very much. Let out – you will come off, and to one not to resist. Many black shells the Hand washing I took away. Resist under protection. I Won't allow, I Won't allow shaggy hands to concern My darlings. Therefore quietly go to the future, storing indestructible sacred communication. It is better to lose everything, but to keep My Proximity, than, having lost it, to get the whole world. Therefore know that to believe on a bowl of scales. Therefore I Want to see you full-devoted, full-directed and full-conformable to My Consciousness. Consonance to beam of the Lord I want you to see. When everything fluctuates, unshakable it is possible to be in Me. I demand trust up to the end. In understanding of My Proximity I Claim; ahead is big future and Assignment execution. Mission fiery is imprinted in future rolls. Told to be, - I Told! I send blessing.

42. It is necessary to update belief as inalterability. It is necessary to find forces to leave a stream and to become aside. Crying and gnash tooth remain still the main sign of the outside world. Rescue from it in the world inside. Let the world stream, but the threads connecting strong consciousness with its phenomena flow, it is necessary to chop off to release spirit. There is a lot of these threads or even ropes that they entangle the person, as the strong network which ends are strong attached to a material world and its curve conditions. It causes the phenomenon of hopeless slavery in things and all surrounding. Life goes in slavery while there has to be it in freedom. It is possible to do the same that becomes usually or that do others, but to do all this in a condition of consciousness of freedom from a heavy snare of a material world. After all it is necessary to understand, at last, that all this, nowadays strong exciting heart and fascinating consciousness, will pass: both people, and conditions, both circumstances, and a body, in which we live, but the spirit remains to that isn't passing and that is connected with the World the Highest. Why such hopeless slavery at external conditions? It shouldn't be neither in the mountain nor in pleasure, in need there is a lot of, neither in heat nor in cold. In very grave living conditions the victory is reached and the power over everything that is temporary is claimed and is passing. There can't be a feat of release of spirit in wellbeing and life happy from what then to be exempted and how? What improbable difficulties were fought and won by heroes of spirit. But I Speak: in Me you will find everything, threads of slavery having weakened. They should be torn off consciously. The secret of the correct action is that it comes true in a condition of freedom of consciousness from everything that ties him to the dense world. If heart and consciousness are entirely concentrated on Me and betrayed to me, magnetic threads Light Face My overcome and neutralize all terrestrial gravitations because My magnet is powerful. Parts of spirit are usually scattered on lines of an attraction of magnets terrestrial and conditions terrestrial but if to collect all parts of spirit scattered thus in focus of the consciousness concentrated on Me, it is exempted from the power of terrestrial gravitations. But it is necessary to bring together itself in a stronghold of the spirit, without being scattered by thought on the external. If to premise to each thought Light of the Face, its poison-bearing terrestrial, to Earth binding, it will be neutralized. Both fear, and excitements, both concerns, and fears – all these chains stretched from consciousness in the world outside and leashing it. Whether it is possible to fly on chains? Therefore the fear is destroyed; all feelings and the emotions being the integral sign of slavery and coherence of consciousness with a hopeless vicious circle of terrestrial conditions are destroyed. Not in them put, but in heavy fetters of slavery which they impose on consciousness. As it is heavy flounders it in dense sticky weight external phenomena, as a fly on a sticky leaf. I promise rescue to all who follows Me. But to follow Me is means with Me and in Me to stay, without coming off under an attraction of distracting circumstances. "If somebody the wife, either children, or the father, or Mother more Me loves, not is worthy Me ". It means if consciousness something or somebody the Lord, but it puts closer and above than the Lord, not something put before and above it, and will own consciousness and to operate of. But the Lord before and above everything put with Him also will arrive the winner in everything and over everything above what It is put. When the Lord in consciousness takes priority, there is nothing in the world that could suppress, subordinate consciousness to the power or win. Therefore I Say that the first thought of morning and the last thought of evening have to be given to the Lord to give due tone, or a note to sounding of day and night. It is good to look at the phenomena of the outside world through Light of Beams of the Face of the Lord. Image strong hold it in heart. The presence, which is consciously caused, it is necessary to strengthen the will order, that is to direct thought on its continuous understanding. I with you always am! The Word My is indestructible. But if, having been engaged in the next vanity of day, the thought of Me is forgotten and heart is filled with small alarms and concerns, brightness of Presence of the Teacher grows dim and the market reality replaces it. It is necessary to address all consciousness and all heart, and then inviolability of My Word becomes not denied reality. Unconsciously the person, on what to lean outside looks for, it is possible when to rely only on the Lord. Whether it is possible to lean on a heap of garbage of a chaotic ball of casual energy? No, because are scattered as it is casual as were formed. But on Me it is possible to build, as on a strong stone of the basis. Constructed on Me unshakably because on accident of external conditions doesn't depend. Constructed on sand of the passing phenomena it will appear before a heap of ruins. But the spirit house created on an indestructible Stone of the eternal basis of life to itself in World Aboveground has a monastery, which whirlwinds terrestrial won't be able to destroy. My children, the Lord Calls in day’s tests to become to It is close.

43. It is not necessary to be confused seeming repetitions. Not repetitions, but deepening’s. The furrow, which has been passed twice, is deeper and better. The consciousness grows the stratifications, one layer over another. The spiral of growing consciousness causes analogy of the phenomena, but not repetition or identity. The extended consciousness considers the same phenomenon, but under a new corner and from new height reached. The former phenomenon is understood more deeply, and more widely. From top the interrelation and a ratio of the separate phenomena, their value and size are visible. Taken separately and close, can close all horizon of visibility, but from top reached their value become relative, that is taken relatively to world around or Space. The lifting, the spatial the point of view in the presence of which the egoism reigning in lowlands is dissolved is higher. It is necessary to pass with Me through life, My measures to the phenomena it applying. Therefore I Do not advise to come off in consciousness to keep gleams of consciousness space, but not personal, small, narrow, limited and therefore the false. Logic of the world narrow-minded and logic of the world of the Teacher are opposite diametrically. The first proceeds from herself and from herself, putting "I" the center of the starting thought, the second considers the phenomena in a spiral of planetary and Space evolution, allocating for everyone place really belonging to it. For one death of a body – a huge event, for others – the simple change of a cover which was already happening many, many times and therefore in planetary life representing the phenomenon small. Millions die, die and will die. It naturally, simply is, usually, necessary and is inevitable. And therefore – it is no more than a hairstyle of hair on the space value. I want to accustom to weigh on Scales of Boundlessness all phenomena of life and all events around. I want to reduce the power of the present over consciousness. In terrestrial consciousness the Stone of the eternal basis is a core or motionless trihedral, open for three worlds, the Prism of Scales of Boundlessness, on which one bowl the world this, available at present to consciousness, on another – Boundlessness. Bowls can rise and fall, but on condition of an immovability and stability of a prism of consciousness. After all through it refract the energy, directed of that and other sphere. Balance is a condition under which scales will show the correct weight, or the correct importance of the phenomenon. If affairs everyday too draws from top to bottom, carrying out longer line or the scale of Boundlessness attached to the phenomenon on other bowl of scales will help to restore at once balance. I give strength to resist in whirlwinds of the dense world power of balance approved. Anybody and will resist nothing against balance. Balance of spirit is a command point, point from which it is possible to direct a current of events and personal, and more widely. At Us indestructible balance reigns, and We Direct currents of planetary events. Balance, force and the power is synonyms. It is possible to add – and a victory.

44. The lord Speaks: "The son My darling, prepare for the future as Mater" prepares; It I Prepare, I Prepare also you. I want that left for execution tempered. To Sill Give to attract people. Magnet of will I Will strengthen, Power of balance I Will give! I will increase fires and beams self-proceeding I Will strengthen. With gift of cognition of the person I Will endow. Left mine it is necessary to take force on the shoulders to you. With leaving of the Guru your force increased and was increased. With leaving of Mother will increase ten times. Who will feasibly replace it, whether the son? Not to reach its height, but to be Will Myself and Will It’s faithful performer, with My merged, it is possible to become and as the next, and the Assignment is great. The son potentially has all properties of Mother. Limits of its disclosure are not present. Therefore the value should be understood relentless. I will approach inexpressibly. You will see and hear. Also it is possible to imagine as power of spirit when the voice of the Teacher will be heard obviously will increase and you will see it. So, I Speak: you will see and will hear. On greatness tasks and difficulties, and opportunities are. Everything is given expediently. Fear nothing. There will be everything, as Prespecify. Resisted in Me also there is a winner. In belief, hope and in love to the Lord it is necessary to resist. For the future it is necessary. Why there are so many tests? Temper and make strong and suitable for execution of mission of life. Whether we will complain that the armor not perforation and strong is forged, and whether we will be to grieve that we pay to that does not belong to us. My son if I tell: it is close, more than ever, – whether you will believe? To terms I Strengthen your proximity and my Proximity: yours – to Me, I wash – to you. I will strengthen Beam tension. New degree I Will send. I prepare strenuously and hastily.

45. I speak: personal there is no place in Space. Individual – is, but not to the personal. Experience of individual accumulation is necessary always but to what the personal world is incarnation, say, Julius Caesar's times, or other, sunk into oblivion Era, for the present or the future. Who lived in peace super personal and fruits to his people left, in centuries won't die, but I Speak about the world personal, death doomed by a small circle. The personal world of everyone will die. To them there lived grandfathers and great-grandfathers. But what remained from their life? Fragments of vague memoirs! Understand: doesn't remain on Earth of anything. At the best the mirage of illusive existence dissipates quickly, leaving only results of skilled knowledge. The best leave memory of in the affairs and creations. But the personal consciousness both that, and others fades with death. Here consciousness terrestrial, there – thin. The difference is great. The essence of new conditions changes consciousness of the physical world for consciousness World Aboveground. New cover, new type of energies, new bodies of perception, – is all another, on terrestrial not the similar. Both sight, and hearing, and sense of smell, – everything is, all feelings terrestrial, but refracted by conditions thin and in a thin display. There is no burden of a flesh. Probably on how the diver on a land takes off from himself an unnecessary diving suit. Fetters of a flesh are heavy. Therefore the death is release. Coherence of dense conditions can't understand spirit while from them it won't be exempted. But it is possible to think and has to. It will be easier to dump a terrestrial peel. It is good to leave there free from the bonds connecting with each subject, which we consider or to which grew thought owing to a habit. Mental images of a surrounding situation so take root into consciousness that with them the person surrounded with them and goes to the World That. Therefore travel as a way of a separation from usual; stuck to spirit, situations are necessary. It is difficult to tear off it and to pull out if there is no knowledge. The knowing can be released, but what the one who knows nothing can make? The knowledge bears release. Freedom is in Knowledge.

46. It is necessary to find a worthy form of expression of, the energies, light, which inside. Everything is possible, even good, to transform in bad, but it is possible and vice versa. All is possible and something transmutation, or to refract in consciousness in necessary and approved by will in the benefit. It is possible to create from everything unusable forms of own expression. But even to death it is possible to go with the song and a smile instead of, having turned blue for fear, in a paroxysm to be something disgusting and despised. Means, any phenomenon going from the outside world, it is possible to issue on fires of heart adequately. From troubles, chagrin and conditions burdening it is possible to create victory steps or a transmutation of oppressive energies in the victorious and light. So the fear turns into fearlessness, concern and excitement, energy chaotic, – in energy of balance. The flame of spirit and will makes a transmutation of external energies. The victorious song of spirit can be made life in aspect of reaction of consciousness on waves of external influences. There was something very unpleasant and heavy why not to greet it something from with a smile tranquility and consciousness of the force? Outside let will be that will be so far as it does not depend on our will or efforts, but it is possible to answer with the fires any external influence adequately the pupil under any conditions and circumstances. Why it is necessary to be by all means torn apart by the phenomena disharmonious, when the world inside and conditions of consciousness can be caused the will order? The clown – a being weak-willed – wriggles and breaks depending on that someone or something pulls him the numerous strings stretched by him from internal essence to someone or something outside. Sad show, when for strings constantly pulls and the clown irrepressibly continues to wriggle. About advantage human I Speak, about spirit advantage, it is essential the necessary. Let the world external in spasms a disbalance shudder, but let the spirit human show a face worthy and beseeming the judgment carrier of light. Not therefore it is necessary to be quiet and joyful that everything around is good but because it is bad. In the conditions of negative and counteracting to show the necessary condition of spirit, will approved contrary to everything, will be a great victory. After all, so all life can be passed under the sign of a victory. But ordinary people pass it under the sign of defeat, showing the most ardent types of slavery of spirit. Let all will be bad and all is heavy. Especially the reasons and occasions store indestructible tranquility and balance. It is possible even to practice in that at collision with influences of difficult conditions consciously and will to cause in them reaction opposite that what they cause in ordinary people. Under control all: all thoughts, both feelings, and feelings. I worry because I want and as the will wants; guide hopeless and gloomy slavery at external conditions. I approve strength of mind over everything. It is impossible to change curve (personal) living conditions. And to what to change if the world inside is won. How many water will flow away before the New World will be approved. Really until then go from the outside world to the sphere of a microcosm human. Understand, not curve conditions should be broken, but to make a curve mirror of consciousness quiet and equal that could reflect the outside world, without being distorted and without fluctuating, in unison with going energies. In harmony it is possible to sound only with Beams of the Teacher and Hierarchy. Energy’s Victim it is possible consonance. But the accord or sounding on energy the lowest will mean chaos and disharmony. Your ears will tear apart cries of biped slaves to spirit, their complaint of discontent and concern. They will demand that also you plunged into their imagined hopelessness of a shaggy ball of their experiences, stand guard. Something, how were heavy also circumstances are difficult, the Teacher with you always, Its Beam with you. Spirit over everything and the will approves a victory. I want to specify, what not that matters that there is from the outside to the person to the sphere of his microcosm, but that proceeds from it, refracted and transmutated by his consciousness and if this light proceeding from it, – darkness what will seem to it which has been already saddened, darkness external where crying and a gnash tooth. Therefore I Speak: in total in the spirit of and inside. The power is approved over itself, but not over the world. Because that advantage to the person, if whole world will get, and power over the world and will lose. The spirit stone, treasure fiery, inside approved, is most valuable than terrestrial riches because only with it the person, but without it niches is rich in the spirit of. But having it and external it will be put in compliance and it is expedient. The necessary conditions I Will give. But the house of spirit has to be as it should be. Joyful, vigorous, strong I Want to see Mine and light.

47. Rate on Me. The consciousness is necessary on Me. The capital is located in Me, rich fruits the bearing. Everything is transferred inside. Business at all in that something was or was not, but in that the stronghold of spirit remained unshakable. Because, all is in the spirit of also solves spirit.

48. My son, to influences others My influence we will oppose to be protected from others and hostile. Mine is accepted by heart, and strangers are reflected by heart. All influences. Means, to all and we will oppose the Lord. He is a soldier in you. You are a soldier, when in Him. Without It – the inhabitant, as all. With It – his son, his soldier, his pupil; those, who with It, we Call them. The lord Loves the soldiers. Certainly, everyone, following Me, – soldier, fighting for the statement New World in the consciousness and consciousness of people. The new World is approved eternally while the evolution spiral is developed. Means and fight is eternal. Someone thinks to reach it and to lay down arms, but for the sixth there is the seventh, for the seventh – the Circle New, it – again seven races and again the Circle following. Where the end approved new in consciousness? The end is not present. Boundlessness is bequeathed. The consciousness of times forever should be adjusted on a wave of infinite improvement and, and surrounding and to enter into a rhythm of being replaced spiral waves spirit. The words "Be Perfect as the Father Your Heavenly Is Perfect is" as my Father and your Father – the Father Space, point to boundlessness of possibility of improvement and thinning of the device human, a microcosm of the person with all his septenary division in all conditions more and more being rarefied and distinguished conditions of a surrounding matter of the outside world and a matter of its covers. The matter should be understood in its power-atomistic aspect of infinite gradation and thinning. Each planet gives the scale of a version on beams of a boundless range of thinning. Aspects of the Highest energies are so thin that are inaccessible to comprehension by mind human to the real step. So, it is possible to tell that gifts of evolution are inexhaustible. It is impossible to become isolated the real step reached because it follows following, for following – new, and so – endlessly. It is necessary to learn to begin to see clearly in the mankind future. The plan Is given by Teachers of knowledge. In it key to the solution of problems of a certain step of evolution. The plan is inevitable and immutable and points to a uniform way to Light of the Highest energies. From top of this Plan the evolution direction clearly is visible. And all events in the world are caused by inalterability of this direction. The sixth arises and will win against the fifth; the fifth will leave and becomes the sixth, allocating an open lotus of heart and the lit centers. Torment is born, as the child, new consciousness; at it way far and shining, statement way abilities new. But torments of the birth are heavy. At the bottom of the Bowl of everyone – the baby and he should arise. It is necessary to grow into the Plan of Lords, to merge with it and to become its integral part. At the center life should set the task of carrying out it in life in the microcosm and a microcosm planetary. . People think of plans small, but also they are good if merge with the Plan Great, without contradicting It. And look. If the plan the small human carries out the Plan Great, so creating it planets, Will Spatial create Will Father, Will Leading. In respect of Lords the Space Will and the Life order is expressed. Lords seek to transfer the understanding to people that knew, for the sake of what and for the sake of what live and for the sake of what all this occurs. Going against evolution is engines of the evil and sowers of darkness and decomposition. Will Spatial or, speaking Church language, Will Father Heavenly, it is necessary to understand as essence of the basic principle of the life directed powerfully in evolution. The tracing Space, imprinted in the stars, approved as the essence of constantly being developed principle of life, is concluded in each it’s shown form, boundless in the potential. Spirit-monad evolution is boundless. Light infinite on a way of each spirit. Evolution bases in understanding of mankind should be approved fiery. It is necessary to make understanding it property of the people that knew where to go and why. The blindness of misunderstanding of the dark cycle Cali of Yugi comes to an end. Light ahead! The new consciousness grows powerfully, is imperceptible for a superficial glance because heart grows. But who heart can read and see fires of heart national? But We on fires Judge; fires will flare up and will be kindling, will not merge yet in chorus of coordinated fires by a holiday of revival of spirit. Look heart, and heart feel inevitability of the future and close changes. They are inevitable and in a consent with the evolution Plan. The personal point of view can be rejected when the Plan of Lords is carried out. To the approval of the Great Plan we will be glad.

49. "Take the cross and follow Me" means: go such is what is, with all the imperfections, but follow, but Me, the egoism having rejected, that is Me having put before itself in consciousness. It belittles and rejected egoism. Rage should be nullified it, and to replace the lowest with the highest that in consciousness freely the first place was given to the Teacher. In it sense and word meaning "to accept the Lord heart and in heart". Heart where treasure. The treasure of the Stone grows heart energies, to it the directed and its feeding. Is useless honor the Teacher lips that are a brain? Heart should be involved in silent honoring. It is so possible to be in the Lord at all o'clock in the morning, day and evening and at all o'clock in the morning, that is in consciousness will not separate for what the Face presented to heart serves it is bright. Communication with the Teacher can be strengthened continued, consciousnesses together in infinite lifting because the consciousness of the Teacher moves ahead in Boundlessness quicker, than consciousness of the pupil will not merge yet. Therefore, and here, as well as in everything, there is no end. Therefore it is so important to choose the correct direction because at infinite development of the beginning and infinity of a chain of causes and effects each movement in the benefit and to Light will be already achievement. Crops become not for today and for tomorrow, but on the extent of a way infinite. In this aspect of action small gain value great because from the small the big grows. The symbol of grain is especially convincing. And benefit, if it kind. Keep inseparably that crops were sound. In Rays of light of the Lord it is easy to select benefit seeds from prickles, thorns and weeds. Prickly evil shoots. Well everything passing through consciousness to pass through the Beam, having risen aside. Many mistakes it is possible to avoid. Mistakes are inevitable. But it is necessary to hurry because hasten the Teacher and it is necessary to keep up with him that in consciousness not to come off too. Stagnation will not do at all. In movement is all. Today any more that yesterday and tomorrow there will be other. Hurry under a shelter of the Teacher. Time presses. We see how someone wants to delay, having been engaged in the affairs. It is possible to miss both the affairs, and the Teacher. The affairs full at all, but they do not do people perfect. Therefore my Business is put ahead of the. And then the prosperity is provided. The lives conducting in life are given. It is a lot of death ways, and many go them. Their destiny – the decaying moon because decomposition of consciousness attracts an environment corresponding. On magnetic beams of an attraction the spirits which have dumped from terrestrial clothes are distributed. Terrible magnetism of the Moon is great, - bilateral face of a lunar beam, it is better to reach for the Sun and to choose a solar way. From two poles of life, or the centers of gravity, it is possible to elect any: lives and death, evolution or involution of spirit, which, having plunged into a matter, space before itself has a lawful way of an ascension because median, or the lowest, the immersion point already to Earth and mankind terrestrial is passed long ago. I Will not hide; the way is long and difficult. And everything becomes more difficult in process of thinning and consciousness disclosure. But it is easy to slide only down. Lifting nevertheless is more difficult. I speak to that, what knew that ease isn't a sign of a way ascending. Who ease thirsts, that not on a right way.
The Teacher Is anxious with that there was no wrong understanding of conditions of an apprenticeship, you want to go? Go! Here a way before you, full of difficulties and obstacles invincible. If you aren't frightened, nevertheless you will go and you will reach the put. To persistence, determination and persistence the Teacher Gives the guarantee. Essence of the guarantee of the Teacher is the bilateral. It can't be charged for the rotten and unusable consciousness shared in, fluctuating and denial infected. But joyfully I Conduct trusted in me and betrayed strong. Pleasure Give to the Teacher new opportunity or new circumstance. With a dawn of morning the updated Beam, bearing to consciousness new messages wakes up. They should be accepted in readiness of spirit. To whom I will send the Beam? Certainly, accepting is it. It is a lot of receivers unconscious, the report to itself not giving that receive and from whom. But that the rarest conscious receivers perceiving the benefit of the Beam are more valuable. The Light and first My Beam! Sowers of wisdom of the Lord, to you I Charge bring to the world the Word My; to you I Trust Knowledge Treasures. You I Put intermediaries between Wisdom of the Highest and that, who doesn't know it! You collect diamonds of thoughts of the Teacher to give them on consumption the world. Where they, collectors of Light? Therefore My Help and My Protection to you are the found to the lord in the heart. Many would like to be receivers of thoughts of the Teacher but what they made for achievement of it what gave, than renounced, whether what work brought and phenomenon power of aspiration? What did they make to learn the Teacher? On complaining and should waste time, but tell: The Teacher Is ready to meet everyone, being knocked heart. But it is necessary to knock and if don't open, to repeat knock more and more. The echo law on call is immutable, but only on knock Is opened a treasured door. Wanting to find let it is knocked.

50. My son, the Teacher Is ready to give Knowledge if the consciousness of the pupil is in turn ready that it to apprehend. Therefore, the question is reduced to readiness of perceiving consciousness. Readiness is caused by the accord, the accord – a mood, a mood – the will order. Waited for gifts earlier, now take that demands consciousness; key to knowledge doors in hands of the pupil. It turns it, itself opens a door, and also the beret on a desired wave itself enters. I believe that to prevent anybody and can nothing, except own weakness or uncertainty. The law works smoothly. However, sometimes the combination of heavy spatial currents disturbs or conditions external, but that and another can be overcome strengthening of fiery tension of aspiration to the Teacher. Strongly upset tool demands also time more for control. A lot of things depend on will in its combination to desire of heart. Will and the heart operating together, is force invincible. I reply on degree of aspiration of heart. Therefore the way of merge to Me is called as a heart way. Heart needs food, as well as a body. Heart lives and eats fire. Benefit fires feed heart. Evil fires kill him. Behind heart leaving is necessary. Heart prevention is future science. It wears out with feelings and emotions negative and dark. Heart loves pleasure. The pleasure is the drink of life feeding heart. It is possible to call it an immortality elixir, - therefore protected pleasure. But it is pleasure not about terrestrial on which it is impossible to lean, and not about personal, with the terrestrial connected. It is pleasure about spirit in Light space, sounding pleasure and in it having the eternal homeland. To catch calls spatially the pleasure sounding from the Highest Spheres, will be an achievement step because the pleasure is the special wisdom which has been very little understood on Earth.

51. My son, remember well that expression of the energies caught by consciousness in forms is destiny of the person. Transmutations of spatial energies are all. Only results of this creative work can differ on the essence, as Light and darkness. Various receivers, are various also fruits of reaction of consciousness on influences external. It is possible to consider that the person is the center, or a lens, for the energies surrounding it, which are refracting in it and pouring out in these forms. The stream of a matter and the energies flowing through it on all plans of existence of the person is exposed to transmutation process. Absorption or absorption in itself assimilations and return of products of assimilation to spheres surrounding it – such is process. Form human, passing through itself a matter of all plans, leaves after itself the matter of various quality processed thus depending on a spirit step. The above, the refined and the spiritualized the Trans mutated matter. Breathe sacred aroma, and the aura radiates it aroma while consciousness the lowest and dirty lets out a stench. Production of the device human differs strong on the essence.

52. Consider that nothing will concern you though in many respects and it is necessary to take part the direct. Immunity of spirit consists in consciousness of invulnerability. But the spirit and immunity is impregnable in the spirit of. If it is rather strong, it protected also a body. Spirit is the master of a matter. The matter has no will, but the spirit has willed. The will is attributing of spirit. The will phenomenon spatial because will all Universe keeps. Not wisely to tell: "My will is weak, and I cannot do anything". Better to say that the potential of will of human spirit is inexhaustible and great and limits of strengthening of its power do not exist. Accumulation happen is various: there are treasures of energies saved up, there is heart treasures collected and there are will treasures the accumulated. Certainly, an ideal of achievement all triad which is harmoniously combined is considered. But the will be the leader nevertheless. It creates the worlds. It each action goes, aspirations of heart and fire of energy go will. Action goes will. The will happens light and dark, kind and angry. The first conducts to Light, the second – in darkness. The will is approved by understanding and becomes stronger in operation. Force always gains recognition, but weakness does not say goodbye never. Therefore the first condition of strengthening of will is departure of each action not contrary to, but from the will sanction. It is better to be mistaken in force, than to roll in powerlessness decomposing. Believe will power in aggressions of action, but it is incorrect. Force reserved, either accumulated, or collected for action, influences power of the potential even then when action and is not shown. Not always external action is necessary to show power of will. The silent influence of will going through is frequent more strongly than external forms of its display. The will can be directed on the statement of qualities of spirit, because qualities of spirit not only a form of manifestation crystallized in a microcosm of the person of fires, but also result of strong-willed accumulation. The will is crystallized fire, is condensed for eyelids in spirit grain.

53. Trusting in Me will not be lost. To trust – means to know reality contrary to evidence. Evidence denies reality because is tails, only consequences once the former reasons. The world of the reasons we Consider as the world which can represent itself something perfect other, than consequences long ago the past events. We see the world of realities, that is that creates the future, the world of the reasons, and on it we Judge both future, and real. Therefore when around darkness, we Tell "Light" because the light-future of a planet. Our judgments are far from judgments human, short-sighted, on visibility small the based. We live in the future and in the present we Put grains of the future consequences. We are not confused anything because the law of causality is immutable. The future we Create lawfully, and in it Light. But the darkness in the present as a result of the past has it no prospects in the future because the reasons new, unlike that was once are put. It is necessary to realize only that the Great reason put in the recent past gives to the future: defeat of the Satan and Armageddon end the victorious. The small consciousness can be covered with hopelessness of consequences and in them to drown. But We victoriously Look forward, because the light-. Patrimonial torments of the birth of the New World will come to an end. Light will be approved obviously. We rejoice not to that is, but to that will be. Whether shadows can rejoice leaving, twilight closed the Sun of life, without which – darkness. Certainly, heart groans and it is heavy to it. And still contrary to everything that is, Light I Approve. They, darkness claiming, are bent under its burden. To evidence trust more, than to Words of the Lord. But enemies of Light, both their henchmen, and trusting in a darkness celebration because their mister and the master – the Satan was lost will be chiseled. Consequences of its actions, but ahead of Lights Beget are terrible. I tell also Specify: "In days of grief rejoice because hour of the obvious testimony of My Power" is close. See the won and leaving power of darkness and it take for reality when phantoms it is only leaving shadows. It is necessary to trust strong in the future and to trust the Lord. Only trust can resist. Cali the South comes to an end, and with it its generations leave. All new waits ahead: New Earth, the New Sky, new people and new living conditions – updating and revival full. Consolation is on pleasure to the future, which is promptly claiming in the present, but invisible an eye. Bend the ear of thought of the Lord because strong the present growls, muffling silent thought. Know: in all centuries Light was approved contrary to darkness of the present. And Light approved always gave a new impulse of evolution of mankind. Light carriers won against a darkness impact themselves, outside with that it striking. Therefore it is so important to resist in the spirit of because without a victory inside over itself over an impact of darkness there cannot be a victory over darkness external. And even Light victory outside, around the world, is fruitless, if the consciousness is struck with darkness and in darkness stays. Therefore the condition of consciousness is so considerable in essence. Means, and trust contrary to evidence, because, not in it is force, but in the Lord. Having chosen it the basis of life of consciousness, it is possible not only to resist, but also to reach a victory. Everything hesitates and shudders, the Hierarchy rock is firm only.

54. Doubting, think that you lose. Fruits of huge, long-term work are instantly destroyed completely. Also there is an unsuccessful pupil with a chipped washing-tub. The doubt is death only. There is no defect of gorsier. The doubt in is still reparable. But the doubt in the Teacher stops all ways. It is possible to imagine all horror of situation when there is no place to go more and there is nobody to address. The black cover shrouds consciousness, and the exit isn't present. Logic it is impossible to struggle with doubt. Its arguments are incontestable and logical because are factual seeming and illusive evidence. Its root lies not in evidence, but in the heart, which tone paints the color everything, on what the doubting eye addresses. This root rips out of heart without any reasoning’s, arguments and proofs. Aimlessly to fight against the evidence facts if it is accepted to reality and a mirage, the lie and darkness replace Light. The teacher can be claimed only. Unless Light decreased because, what all fighters for Light and its carriers were lost and were exposed to persecutions? It is necessary to learn to believe contrary to evidence and contrary to everything and something that can show surrounding. Will sustain everything only belief and trust up to the end. But if they are shorter than a long tail of consequences, own will and karma of the unsuccessful pupil generated what will be this end? Because, what darkness, if light, which in the person – darkness. Whether darkness doubled? I spoke, I Speak and I Will tell: to allow in heart of a boa of doubt will be the end only. Unless Teacher I promised wellbeing, easy life and careless existence? The Teacher Can soften karma and break its blows into a number of small pushes, but exempt from a karma and settle it not Perhaps because it will be violation of the law. Awful condition of a planet not evidence, but reality which evidence to all becomes soon. Pernicious, death bearing gases poison consciousness of masses and terribly affect distinguished organisms. Waves of Chaos overflow consciousness. The doubt is generation of dark influences. The darkness in choking consciousness can oppose only the Lord that is impossible in the presence of doubt. Means fight and opposition to darkness is impossible. Doubting sends itself to the power to a gloom. The terrible danger threatening at the phenomenon of doubt, it is necessary to realize. Doubts – from a brain and thoughts, to it generated. It is necessary to suppress them heart, belief and trust the storing. Let the brain go on the arguments, heart has to tell: "I believe the Lord, despite everything and contrary to everything that can think of the lowest consciousness". It is possible even in the spirit of to depart from doubting covers, to become as though aside while there is a fight. It is difficult to come up if the consciousness is tightened in vortex funnels of darkness; having ears I Warn. The waves of darkness, generated by eyelids, rushed to Earth; it is necessary to resist, it not to resist. It is possible to resist only with the Teacher, to him heart having betrayed.

55. The loyal friend is faithful always and in everything. The loyal friend we will prefer all to another. Where they, true and devoted? Therefore you appreciate on fidelity and devotion, forgiving other shortcomings. We call devotion a column of an emphasis or a bridge abutment. Silver Bridge on these foundations keeps. Few devoted spirits. Devotion cannot be confused any tests because devotion it is possible to pass through everything and to come out the winner from all. And when shoulders are ready to be bent under burden intolerable, call all devotion, and your force will be increased. Devotion we Appreciate above all. That coasted by love without devotion, love incorrect and changeable? But the love strengthened by devotion, is indestructible. Time of the last division of Light and darkness is time of great tests of all qualities of spirit. Not resisted in devotion won't sustain an impact of darkness and will go to darkness. It is necessary to understand how on cool turns it is easy to lose balance and stability if the basis of devotion is insufficiently deep. Devotion conditional and devotion unconditional only on tests both is shown, and comes to an end, as well as an apprenticeship. The conditional pupil of test for devotion won't sustain because at the conditional pupil and quality of spirit too are conditional. Pupils unconditional therefore qualities them in heavy tests I Strengthen are necessary to me. Strong will pass any test; weak splashes will scatter, as glass under hammer blow; Tests I Send, but I Rejoice to a victory. Exactly on the edge of an abyss it is necessary to feel and glance in a chasm to take the correct step in the correct direction. If Light Carrier once fell, it isn't necessary to forget that falling is possible, as though the spirit highly didn't rise. Let the consciousness of it will hold from the false direction because the abyss threatening has no bottom. The recognized pupil is spirit, a way the solved time forever and irrevocably. The dark can surround you, but nothing can separate you from the Lord because the way is up open always and no darkness can serve fire of heart as a barrier. I trust the Lord and people around deny him, evidence ardent, arresting attention, rises and growls against Him and against that and those who approves it. You mine, darkness – against Me and those, who with Me. Be not deceived, reaction to Light for his supporters is faultless. Vigilance that not to take a mask of enemies for faces of friends of Light is necessary. Have hundred eyes and sharp-sightedly test coming nearer to you. To heart, without having tested, don't allow.

56. My son, it is not necessary to complain that the Teacher Allows severe tests. I want to see you strong and unshakable and the winner powerful. On fires of tests power of spirit becomes tempered. Fight is inevitable, but a victory always for you. Difficult! ? But for that achievement is nicer. Strong spirits are necessary to me.

57. Correctly, My Son, doubt is won by the statement of the Teacher. To fight against it by reasoning’s and proofs – means it to recognize as something real. To reject it as a poisonous reptile, and to destroy, without making contact, will be the right decision. The statement undoubted, the statement of reality we will call a way victorious. It is already possible to see that defeat is impossible at least because it is equivalent to falling in a chasm and to the legend of to darkness. This circumstance leads to understanding of that back return is not present. So, way is only forward. The winner I Welcome with the next victory. It is a lot of them ahead on a shining way of spirit. To the son I Instruct to remember always that above the Lord and Business it is not present anything neither on Earth, nor in the Sky. Adjoining with the Highest, we become high. Putting the Highest in consciousness dominating, It we join also to its Affairs, the leading principles of life. To approve in consciousness the Highest when the darkness strained and a wave behind a wave sends on consciousness that to drown it in a gloom, will be power of opposition. With Me the victory is immutable. The son my, your Lord and the Father Rejoices to a victory of spirit over rage of blind evidence, over horror of poison spatial, over darkness condensed. Test and burdening is given on a shoulder and on strength of mind. It is possible to imagine at what Swear. And at it fight and she wins because it is unseparable with Me. Let's not believe that the enemy calmed down, we will better think that prepares new shifts and chooses the party unprotected, from where to attack. Till an o'clock of Arrival the dark will work and will be active. Division on poles will go even more deeply, even more resolutely because everyone prepares a final fate for itself. Know as well that going against you and Me – My enemies and enemies of Light. Your light for darkness and her attendants, conscious and unconscious is intolerable. But that and others doom themselves to it because made the choice and chose a way. So, sitting at one table and living in one house in the spirit of on different poles of life stay because great division goes through the states, the people, families and groups of people where they were. And not the physical distance, its range or proximity, but spirit defines the belonging to darkness or Light. Therefore even affairs small in a choice of ways can be decisive. On you taking up arms is My enemies because by you I Determine friends and enemies. My son, the Teacher Is anxious to finish is safe to a meeting desired. It is in the future. It is necessary to go to the future unshakably. And it is especially necessary when all fluctuates. The way lies on consciousness and through consciousness therefore the condition of consciousness and its reaction to external influences but not that it is created outside is important. And what outside it was created, the consciousness, which was solved forever and irrevocably, does not break the way. Well also it is useful to understand more deeply this possibility of independence of ways of spirit from changing dense and thin conditions through which it should pass. The viewer at theater both cries, and laughs, and endures the events on a scene, and still does not take it for reality. Also is the actor playing a role? It is necessary to separate itself from the outside world in consciousness, without allowing it to take all horizons. Million consciousnesses and everyone the world external has. A little and limitation it can be seen, when comparing. As it is possible understand and a little the outside world, surrounding directly, and to allocate for it in consciousness a due place, without allowing to dim the Boundlessness horizon. In greatness of Boundlessness a little it can be seen. From this small circle it is necessary to come to a space scope. Like an octopus, the world personal and small covers consciousness and smothers him. It is good to learn to lead life super personal, life of the native land, its interests, interests and the benefit of all mankind and the thoughts to direct on it. Fight of two worlds, personal and super personal, has to will end with a clear victory of the last. In this world Lives the Teacher, in this world lives Mother Agni Yogi. It is the world of the highest step. Resolute days come, and it is necessary to depart from it, differently it is possible not to see and not to understand because of a fencing of the personal world of the events. The general welfare can grow to the detriment of the personal. Let's rejoice to the statement of the New World even if personal interests and wellbeing suffer. The great Victim is the full, not belittled bringing personal in the victim to General Welfare. Of value of the Great Victim we will think.

58. My son, hurry to acquire knowledge. The periods allowing, like it, favor. And in days difficult more than ever close to Hierarchy with all opportunities of accumulation of knowledge. Polar is in everything! If something is difficult, at the same time this difficulty is a condition facilitating something. It is difficult to Cali the South, the Armageddon is difficult, but on one planet the spirit thanks to these difficulties cannot succeed as it can make it on Earth; a here, among horrors of Yugi coming to the end with Cali, succeeded get a great merit and in the worlds. For much evolution was accelerated unreasonably exactly thanks to overcoming of counteractions unknown. It is much told about obstacles blessed, but in fight against them and those covered winners of Light, them lit do not see. I speak: "Yes everything will be blessed that cuts sacred fire in the mass of an inert matter". The person has to become fiery, Earth, him changed has to become fiery. Therefore we Rejoice to ways and conditions accelerating. If conditions dense did not show to a counteraction body, muscles would not get stronger and the physical body would not be able to develop. It is necessary to understand, at last, that only the opposite phenomena can develop in the person of quality necessary and stronger to make that them, than counteraction shown is stronger. Greenhouse and houseplants carefully do not preserve from external influences, force, nor does stability not show. Who wants to assimilate to a sickly hothouse plant which will be lost from the first whiff of severe and cruel reality? The hero of spirit cannot be a product of greenhouse conditions. Also the pupil that the Teacher, preserving cannot complain and protecting it, Cares of that it left the tempered fighter, but not a wet rag. Therefore Protection of the Teacher is shown in the known borders which are not constraining growth of spirit, not interfere it and the necessary qualities not weakening in it. I give severe living conditions that your forces did not weaken that fire of spirit got stronger and learned to meet strongly, vigorously and fearlessly consciousness any living conditions. I put in conditions intolerable that your power increased that by anybody and were frightened by nothing that learned to rely on the Lord inside, but not on whirlwinds of spontaneous combinations which should learn to be operated. The power promised in whirlwinds and overcoming is approved as a lawful award to the winner for the works suffered and spent for a victory over a flesh that is a matter of the dense world. Whether in it secret of why My elite had so difficult lives? Force will be born in fight and overcoming. To the overcoming is a victory wreath. Do not incline under weight of counteracting waves. Spirit does not break. Let nothing will be able to break spirit, even if failingly a body. The body can be ailing because his destiny death, but is immortal and great spirit, the power the realized. Spirit – everything, and all – in the spirit of. Therefore it is so important to resist spirit and in the spirit of. The spirit inflexible will victoriously decorate a forehead of the winner with Light fires.

59. I approve a current of events in the necessary direction. The hand the Leader is the Hand directing. Elements are subordinated to us. And if not free will human, their balance constantly breaking, would be easy. But as business is now, does work of restoration of broken balance sizif’s. Education of masses that everyone understood the responsibility for Earth is necessary. The mankind sinks in ignorance. The knowledge of the elementary laws and knowledge of the person as guardian of planetary balance is necessary. The knowledge is necessary urgently and urgently; to acceptance of its Prepare consciousness of masses. The country New the first can open to its doors. Sowers are necessary. Crops time is close.

60. Balance should study. In troubles and misfortunes be same, as well as in good luck, hardly. To be identical it is necessary in everything. If affairs of vain life worldly cease to please, that is to break balance of spirit when they cause pleasure, they and when bear with itself troubles and chagrin will not grieve. But balance violation in one will surely cause violation and in the phenomenon, to its opposite. Rescue from these swings in learning to store balance in any conditions: both bad, and good. As far as will be delighted to a praise of people, so and be afflicted with their condemnation. As far as will be delighted to receiving anything, be so afflicted with its loss; so is in everything, lifting in one causes equal fall in other. The rhythm of alternation of contrasts works. The meeting bears pleasure, separation – grief.
Life consists of alternation of the contrasts being poles of a uniform thing. In the center of balance of a pole can't be shown. Therefore when mastering by balance, transferring of consciousness to this center, or a citadel of spirit, fluctuations and swings of consciousness it is possible to avoid. It is possible to show care of that it didn't cause any violation of balance at each counter phenomenon: neither big, nor small. No exit: or infinite series of swings, or balance and tranquility phenomena. Business at all in getting rid of troubles and life heavy, and in that under its blows and contrary to it to store tranquility indestructible. To temper itself it is necessary to store impassivity of spirit on habitual ability. The personal pleasure so breaks balance of spirit, as well as a grief. Therefore it is rejected both a grief, and pleasure. Pleasure – special wisdom, other root and to fussy narrow-minded grief’s and to pleasures has no relation. Therefore the fir-tree symbol because it is identical in the winter and in the summer is given. The Polar of dense conditions doesn't influence a form of its manifestation. The same immunity has to reach and spirit. Fir-tree – a plant fiery, fire condensing. Fire collected is valid to resist to changes of the spontaneous phenomena. As also the person, fire saved up, fire will be able to resist. Show fires of tranquility and balance fires, fire condensing and saving up in the organism. And to everything, to you going, good and bad, oppose force of exactly burning flame of spirit. To meet an opposite wave, without having allowed and without having allowed it to break balance, will be already a victory. And as always, and as in everything, it is possible to begin with the small. It is easier to learn to meet the small phenomena on tranquility fires later to pass to the big. The victory over the small will give confidence and of the big. Life can be fruitful achievements on condition of constant aspiration to accumulation of fiery power. As well as what ways fire accumulates, depends on going consciousness, but the Treasure of the Stone grows and increases in the crystal each victory. Even if mistakes don't break balance of spirit, whether that comes to naught that their injuriousness zero? After all not about acquisition of the world It was spoken about that not to lose the soul that is about that fire, its essence making, not only to keep, but also to strengthen because the talents lying in vain, too are condemned. So, balance is fire store, its condenser, and not just a form of a display of exactly burning flame. It is possible to notice how in reply to the conditions burdening and increasing in the force, immediately I Give the chance to show force of fires corresponding, bringing the necessary amendment in consciousness. Strength of opposition to Chaos of external conditions I Give! With strengthening them I Strengthen power of opposition. And therefore I Speak: I Won't leave. And when we together, what can overcome us? But it is necessary to be together and close constantly to receive Knowledge and Instructions as has to meet the next test given for the next increase of spirit that is strengthening’s fires. If to look at burdening by circumstances in a narrow-minded way, it is necessary to be afflicted and saddened only, that is to miss possibility of growth of spirit, (at the same time) anything from it without having won, - from karma not leave. But karma it is possible to force to serve itself, and with advantage great everything serves the directed spirit. It is possible to see clearly already how poison of the circumstances difficult and burdening, full troubles and grief, paints a spirit attire new fires of achievement and adds to experience terrestrial, so necessary for the Worlds of the Highest. The center of everything is inside, in heart. With consciousness of an indestructible stronghold inside it is possible to pass life whatever it was created outside, not on an external combination of casual dense conditions, but on fiery power of spirit inside, on the Treasure Stone, it is necessary to lean. The indestructibility of the essence should be realized and to lean on it, but on anything outside, existing or able to be. As it is possible to lean on that it has no support and it is doomed to continuous movement on the structure, but stronghold inside. Affairs human and creations of hands of the person are rapid. But the spirit is eternal and not transient. The spirit is indestructible. The core of indestructible balance in it is approved, but not in something outside. On external it is impossible to lean even in thoughts. But on the Lord it is possible, which inside. Because I in you. Using burdening by circumstances, I Want teaches to transfer consciousness inside on power inside to locate. Grief in the world will have. But I Won against the grief world. In Me have a victory? Anything external has no value if the Lord in heart Approved the throne. If the Lord in heart Takes priority, even mistakes is anything, because even energy of mistakes I Turn into the necessary working wave and I Direct it in the benefit. While with Me, the way is covered with a victory. Statement in heart of the Lord contrary to everything and any conditions fruitful extraordinary! Approving Me I Give a way uninterrupted is I Warrant. Seeing the Sun perceives its beams. I am the Sun of life. Those who come to Me, I Do not leave and I Do not forget if they do not forget Me. Be awake in a condition of uninterrupted understanding of the Lord, and his Beams will constantly light up you. The address to Him it opens Light of Beams and makes them available. In Me will find force to overcome everything if with Me arrive?

61. The care of the Teacher is Knowledge to make vital. To what is abstract knowledge, not applicable in life? I give Knowledge of a measure of accumulation of life experience and according to it that is on life I Prove that receives consciousness. Therefore life of the pupil because vital tests have to be versatile is so difficult. On them the knowledge pearls are strung. When comes to point time the necessary understanding or to approve a certain quality, life immediately creates conditions necessary. Aspiration self-proceeding it is necessary to cause at least a counteraction wave, its external force the equal. Among an inert matter automatically generates this spontaneous resistance which the spirit reaching has to overcome. The Teacher often Creates resistance wave, to It necessary, with the same purpose. These circumstances allow come to knowledge through experience, doing knowledge almost applicable to life. The pupil gets knowledge not from books, but from the experience given by life. Books of the Doctrine differ from usual books that reading them and lit by them cause on itself reaction of the elements as though rising on daring to seize secrets of Space Knowledge. And if the aspiration does not die, process proceeds, amplifying. But I Speak about the pupil approved, going under the direct guide of the Teacher. Then this process is aggravated and the knowledge joins a microcosm of the pupil strong and is uncontrollable with such speed what permits given life experience and tests. The received knowledge can pour out in creativity, which in this case serves as an indicator of achievements of spirit. Groundless dreamers are not present among my pupils. The knowledge received by them, becomes a part of the life which at synthetic understanding of its phenomena becomes continuous part of Space, finding the entire place, both great, and small. Strength of mind increases in this understanding, and friends accept and recognize it, and enemies furiously rise and itself show. Recognition of friends and enemies is recognition of force of fire put in the pupil and growing uncontrollably. The blow causes a spark. And blows of life cut spirit fire while it will not turn into a flame self-letting out beams. The equipment of the Teacher is based on that principle that on fire under blows the blade of spirit is forged and becomes tempered in cold. This change of external and opposite influences, change fast and unexpected, promotes the best processing of kind metal. The spirit gets stronger with each blow and accepts the necessary registration (elements, in its prisoners). Will not be exaggeration to tell that for strong spirit the formula "The worse, the better" can serve as a form of strengthening of its power. It is necessary to realize only that all in the spirit of, and spirit over everything and above all, and its power is indestructible. If the tranquility is approved at any cost and at any cost supported, it means that the primacy of spirit is approved. So spirit domination over a spontaneous matter and the power is born the fakir can show a phenomenon, but it not achievement. The balance of spirit shown in whirlwinds and chaotic confusion of the dense world is more valuable than all phenomena for which inexperienced travelers are so eager. Phenomena not the purpose, but only inevitable consequence of the power reached over. In it values have no and, in essence, are not necessary. The highest abilities are result of growth of spirit and as are natural, as well as usual. In the course of evolution unusual becomes usual and an exception – the general property. Mine go ahead, opening the way and achieving that once becomes property of all thanks to their efforts. There was time when usual speech for all owned only few, ahead of the others. Now all speak. Same situation is in everything. Ahead merit have. They are evolution engines. And with them is Teachers of Wisdom.

62. My son, when the Teacher Said, what difficulties will come to an end, and then it will be easy? Unless to easily Teacher? Who waits easy life, that not on a way, because the way is difficult and the more difficultly, the quicker lifting. Fires we ascend. Fires at resistance inflame. Speed of flight holds the plane from falling in a stratosphere. Than above, that speed has to increase more and more. Even in the lower, dense beds of the atmosphere progress is necessary in order that was on what to lean wings. I believe that the stability basis consists in movement. And the bird can fly in air, but not stand. Dynamics of movement causes and weeds, and is stability. At a stop falling is inevitable. Stops, falling involving are dangerous. All Space is in movement. The termination of movement would mean instant destruction of all forms of the visible world – from atoms to planets in movement life. Consciousness life too consists in advance. Any movement is spiral and in direct, and figurative sense because everything moves not only in space, but also in time. The structure of a spiral is stretched in time, the impulse of movement is put in the spirit of, and the rhythm established to them depends on spirit. Certainly, I Speak about the developed consciousnesses, the rhythm of the having. The phenomenon of a rhythm excludes the monotony meaning stagnation and death of spirit. Phases of spiral movement enrich consciousness with new rhythms, allowing concerning the upper class, more and more distinguished. The promised Boundlessness shows the face in eternally new disclosure of the maintenance of the Space Treasury of space. On the Highest Plans the mankind far left forward and up on an evolution spiral, having as though blazed in space a way for what follow them. Future way or way to the future of terrestrial mankind is already predetermined in the main direction by mankind of those planets which made it before Earth. To make it to possible and available people of Earth, from the Highest planets they came, Lords of Light, a way to the person specifies. The knowledge of the evolution which has been already passed by mankind of their planet, grants Them the right this Knowledge to transfer to the people living on Earth. The skilled Knowledge of Space scope can become property of everyone who directs to it. Fragments of this Great Knowledge were given always, but the infantile condition of mankind limited possibilities of this donation to degree of limited understanding more not enough developed consciousnesses. The knowledge is the Knowledge waits for readiness of consciousness it to apprehend. The great Space Interplanetary Knowledge can be given to people only partially. But even the given part isn't accepted and rejected. The few keepers of Great Knowledge remain only keepers because it isn't enough receivers. The real step of evolution allows these opportunities to expand. Therefore the Doctrine, allowing taking a new step to evolution is given. But the consciousness of people yet doesn't show due readiness. But the moment is considerable because never before the Secret Knowledge wasn't given to people so obviously and in such volume. Wisdom of mankind of the Distant Worlds can become property of your planet if people of that want. There can't be a rejection because rejection would mean accident. Astrologically the mankind is sated with the powerful fiery energy, being accompanied new opportunities. And if they are directed incorrectly, destruction is inevitable. Thus, the question is raised not of knowledge, but of rescue and mankind, and planets. Last millennia people could accept or reject given particles of the Great Doctrine, but nowadays when at the disposal of people are mighty energy, rejection threatens with death of culture. Atlantis was lost owing to abuse of Knowledge. Accident was partial. Nowadays the death threatens all planets; because all mankind, which has increased in the number, is involved in an orbit of action. The question of adoption of the Doctrine is a matter of life and death for everything and for all. After all another can follow a hydrogen bomb, able to cause decomposition of a matter, borders and which area of distribution of the murderer isn't able to provide. New forms of life have to replace old and become obsolete. Possibility of war has to be completely excluded. The new Sky of work and construction and cooperation of all people of the Earth has to begin to shine over Earth. Our Hand over new forms of life of the people, what imperfect they wouldn't seem to short-sighted consciousness. The country new and the World New, it headed, will win. New forms of public and state life will be approved on Earth, - in them rescue. Victims brought are inevitable. When evolution was made without victims and death of the forms doomed by it to destruction? More widely than the wide you look at life. New due render. Often builders of all greatness of the Great Plan don't know, but know Lords.

63. I believe that only small knowledge allows possibility of concerns and excitements and fears. The knowledge big excludes them. It is possible to understand force of silence as power of phenomenon knowledge. Knowledge – force because great balance allows store forces. The tranquility of the Lord is indestructible. Force of power of its balance is great. To the lord in a display of its qualities we will assimilate. If It Shows them, so and we can dare to be in the aspiration, as It. Therefore brightness of Great Shape, strong imagined, has Trans mutating impact on our essence. It is possible to comprehend greatness of his Identity, having only risen to It, but to imagine the Highest in Light, to consciousness available, there will be force magnetic, a consciousness changing. Therefore, having glorified the Lord in the consciousness, they to It we lift feasibly and then the magnet of its Spirit works powerfully and invincibly, capturing consciousness in the orbit. . The threads stretched from consciousness of the pupil to Consciousness of the Lord, serve as channels of transfer of Rays of light of his aura. Aspiration threads to It as power supply network wires, transfer reciprocal vibrations of the Teacher. Then there is more, the stronger they, the more energy on them arrive. It is possible to attach itself to the Hierarch in thousand threads of Light. Whether for love they consist, of devotion, readiness or determination to go with It all the way, all the same there will be they channels of connection of the lowest with the Highest. I give Knowledge of channels, spirit learning to the approved. Connection has to establish and, having established, to hold, constantly supporting it and recovering a flame of qualities growing. The quality of aspiration growing in the force, communication strengthens. All qualities growing strengthen merge and approach consciousness of the pupil to Consciousness of the Lord. Result – full merge of consciousnesses. Completeness of merge is reached by completeness of unrestrained aspiration. Correctly! The rhythm Inflexible promotes rapprochement more strongly. Aspiration wings grow while the chain of infinite flights does not become a usual condition of consciousness. If the Lord with you always, so always, at any time it is possible to enter into his consciousness and Knowledge to get from him. The consciousness of the Lord is a well of inexhaustible wisdom from which it is possible to take beyond all bounds. "Come to Me, and I Will give you" – an invariable Precept of the Lord. But ignorance of denial is longer than short and weak aspiration and therefore their attempts full of doubts and mistrust are fruitless. Through the next the Lord Gives the sign of reality of the Life that could receive everyone, sincerely directed. I can open Treasure, in heart hidden, and everyone, accepted Me, to make the owner him. I will go on about my Proximity, yet I Will not destroy covers of evidence and visibility external, hiding My Face. Current I report vibrations My thought, when consciousness it is turned to Me. Not expectation of gifts, but aspiration to receiving them is required. Not to wait, but it is necessary to take. Waiting! For that wait when everything is opened and it is necessary to enter and take only, but to enter most, and to take and take most, own will. I valuable a beads Give pearls. From them the spirit necklace is formed. My children, direct. Wonderful lever is in your hands. Your will and your force have to put it in action.

64. My son, passing only enduring Treasure of the Stone is possible for the whole world opposite. It is possible even to imagine it in a breast, shining eternal Light. It is possible to stay for hours shipped in it, a consciousness citadel to it transferring from the external – inside, from a brain – to heart. Heart beat consciousness acquaints him to pulse of eternal life because heart beat here, in the worlds will not stick. Blows of heart strike aside Eternity pulse. Even in atom it pulses eternally, dumping only a cover when the physical form stops the existence. Pulse of beating of the center of a spirit-monad does stop never. It is possible to plunge into life of heart and powerfully to feel it; under its external cover the treasure, as under a shell – a fruit is hidden. The shell should be broken. In the ancient time blissful sometimes hit itself a stone into a breast. For this purpose, to break a firm crust of outgrowths of the cloth, which has surrounded heart and the Bowl? Heart should be released. The great Prisoner can prove, only to freedom of heart the necessary conditions has to create. Heart – a key from a gate conducting in life.

65. Correctly, correctly, correctly: physically, spiritually, it is necessary to learn to feel as though the beating center inside, in heart, the Bowl and a solar plexus – the Identity citadel. After all not body spirit monastery, but heart, center of three covers and their center. To concentrate all consciousness on heart – means to open a gate to the World Invisible because it adjoins to all worlds and contains everything. Great Heart contains everything, but not the small. When the small gravitates to Great, it can assimilate to It. The pleasure of eternal Life can be felt, having gone deep consciousness inside and having reduced it in heart. Heart is a body of eternity in the person. Not in a brain, not in muscles, not in bones, but in heart – Secret of Life of the person. On heart passes a life thread. Life and heartbeat is synonyms. In heart looks the solution of life.

66. Of the son I Care so that to accelerate growth of its spirit. That is good for spirit, not always – for its covers. But that is unpleasant for covers, for spirit is useful always. The misfortune and grief develop in effect the person a special substance which goes on creation of grain of spirit and Identity enrichment, it investing. Kernel of spirit invariably, stratifications of Identity are postponed by experience. In the Bowl everything is postponed, through what their passes the person.

67. Take Evolution gifts for granted, inevitable and belonging to you by right. Not favor from the Sky, but the Benefit judgment. And it is impossible to refuse. Endangered races and the people going to a decline are they which have not accepted gifts Evolutions. Refusal involves degeneration and death. In the beginning consequences of the act of rejection are imperceptible, but the consequences depriving all achievements and dooming not accepted on decomposition alive are terrible. So ardent enemies of Light will leave to Saturn, but negate dark are doomed to relentless process of destruction and final disappearance. Both the choice and selection occurs now, on demolition of two eras. Both each people, and each consciousness solve, with evolution it or against. Become obsolete sections die and jump out of an organism. Also and Earth – this huge live organism, will throw out from the aura all dead, evolutions not the corresponding, - neither mammoths, nor dinosaurs aren't present. Everything was replaced by new forms of the life, to new conditions of Earth the conformable. As all will leave other, nowadays evolution not accepted. Laws of evolution of pity have no. Evolution means change, or replacement old the new. Those Who Build steps of evolution and Plan its current, Know its laws and Warn people about inevitability of its acceptance. Question not in that to accept or not to accept, and in that, to accept or be lost. When result of a wrong choice is the death of the certain person, the trouble is still insignificant but if it is death of the whole people, or the whole civilization, or even races, responsibility for (correct) decision is great. We see the people which are leaving and disappearing from the face of the earth, degenerated physically. It they, evolutions not accepted, but once were they the powerful people, full of strength and in blossoming. In vain governors short-sighted, the New World and new forms of the state life rejecting think that evolution will spare them. Revolt against evolution by a final consequence has elimination of madmen and those who follows them. It is death both physical, and spiritual. Falling can last for eyelids, but the countries, evolution Bases accepted, will see powerful blossoming of culture. The new countries go to this lawful blossoming, anything will not stop it. They are Will Spatial performers and therefore their way to the future is light. Difficulties will be. It is difficult to overcome inertia of consciousness, but the victory is already visible, and inevitable its fruits. The new World will win against the world old, and already wins, because behind it evolution and its mighty laws of vitality of new forms. The space Will is the will moving evolution forward to its final end of a cycle to begin the new. God's trade, Will God’s, Will Father Heavenly – whether everything is equal how to call the law of evolution real, pushing everything that exists in Space, to development of the vital impulse put in each form. The country going on the way of evolution and accepting new forms of life, creates Will Father Heavenly, or develops in consent with the evolution law. Teachers of Knowledge always Directed mankind forward, in the future, approving development of all abilities of the person because Were in the accord with Laws Space. Concept about Will God’s, or essence of fundamental Laws of Space, it is necessary to reconsider in a root and in the light of new understanding, having rejected all prejudices, to rise in defense of evolution. The countries the new, accepted new, answering evolutions, life forms, are closer to the Highest World and its Outlines, than the countries of the old world because the first create Will Father Heavenly, that is Space Will. New division of mankind will go, and already goes, by sign: with evolution or against it, with new or with old, forward or back. For Fiery Yoga the past is burned. Light is of the future ahead. The yogi can tell: "To tea of revival dead (that is the biped dead persons who are not knowing aspirations in the future) and in life of future eyelid, and here, on Earth, in wide scope of construction of the New World, New Earth apocalyptic and the New Sky, here and there, in the Worlds". The new understanding of the world will light up a victorious way of evolution. The church can escape and keep the right to life if it strong rises in defense of evolution, both New World, and its form of life and will understand that Will Father Heavenly, that is Space, demands understanding of new steps of evolution. The plan of Lords is in full accordance with evolution Bases. It should be understood and accepted. Rescue to a planet is born by the people who are approving the New World and taking part in its construction.

68. The lord Approves life, but not death. Certainly, it is spoken about life of consciousness uninterrupted. At ordinary people even the dream interrupts it and memory of stay in the Thin World doesn't leave. But the dream is similar to death. Both in a dream and in death it is possible to keep consciousness uninterrupted. It also is a condition of immortality the reached. How to reach it? First of all it is necessary to assume that such condition is possible. The second – to start studying on the phenomenon of small death, that is a dream, to try to plunge into it and to leave it, keeping memoirs. Let at first it will be the scraps of any other life which haven't been connected among them. Eventually coherence and symmetry will come, and they will get new sense and knowledge. Dream – not only rest. Dream – something much bigger. The spirit plunges into spheres of the Elevated Homeland, receiving from their new vital forces. The physical body sleeps, but the highest covers are awake. For usual consciousness the barrier is impassable, but when thinning it is possible to start receiving gleams of other existence. This condition can give symmetry if before a backfilling to channelize defined to consciousness which will cause visit spheres. The moment is before going to bed very important because the further direction of flight of consciousness depends on it. The direction of an arrow is given by onions, and then the arrow already flies independently at the course received thus. At the repeated statement of the chosen direction it will be easier to register impressions because on the blazed road it is easier to go. The thoughts before going to bed approved, will affect object of aspiration, will concern it, will be enriched with its aura and will return back, increased according to the accord of elements, to them enclosed before going to bed. It is possible to send the servant on the market to buy the necessary things. As it is possible send the servant – a thin body – behind the necessary food spiritual, behind the necessary thoughts. And if the order is immutable, it will be by all means executed. All covers inside are obliged to obey the lord, but they should be accustomed as the hand is accustomed to write, feet – to go, eyes – to read. All abilities are result of strong-willed submission of this or that conductor to the will order. As it is accustomed, or the consciousness in the sphere of ability and skill dispose of the covers, in which it is shown trains also. Many exercises are dangerous, because can break balance of all system, but control over the thoughts preceding a backfilling, and the statement of a certain condition of consciousness, conformable to aspirations the highest, before going to bed is very useful and can bring consequences unexpected. Final focus of aspiration, as well as always, there is a Teacher. Aspiration from below and the help from above will create the bridge necessary. Why not to use for the good of opportunities thin? Let the everyday attuning of consciousness on a wave of the highest will be worthy preparation for Great Transition when in full consciousness it will be necessary to break death border. Both in big, and in the small: the dream of death is similar.

69. Friends while the Teacher Will not lay down a thinking cornerstone in your consciousness, its World does not become for you the reality world.

70. Also there will be It food and life. And then it is possible to combine terrestrial and heavenly, without being afraid to plunge into Earth and to tie itself to it. The Teacher will be a point of support of a scale of scales of Boundlessness let. On them it is possible to give both terrestrial, and heavenly, and without damage for each other. With one heavenly not to live because when experience terrestrial in Elevated will be settled, again it is necessary to come to Earth to collect a material for life and food in World Aboveground. And to Earth of one not live, because the terrestrial life taken separately and in a separation from the World Elevated is senseless. But it is difficult to combine that and another. It is possible individual to construct a spiral of evolution strongly. The individual spiral of spirit rises in Boundlessness, passing pieces of life terrestrial and lives elevated. In consecutive alternation one without another is inconceivable because they are continuation of each other. Experience terrestrial serves life elevated; experience elevated on Earth is applied and carried out; once both worlds will merge in consciousness to the world uniform and unseparable. The person is the citizen of all worlds if the consciousness allows. The person can dare by the right of evolution, directing in everything. Borders to aspiration are not present, but the thought impudent always reaches the goal because that can block a way to it? The thought always will be an achievement threshold, and evolution ways in space perforation, or are laid, thought. The thought flies ahead of great procession of the people and leads them. Let's think of power of Fiery thought, laying lives.

71. There cannot be a consequence without the reason. We Generate the reasons giving the necessary consequences. We Generated a chain of the reasons which consequences were already obviously approved in the world dense. As what else should be will obviously be approved also. We Generate lawfully: from Fiery in thin, from thin in the dense. Will human to us not an obstacle, because operates on the lowest plans, and finally We because Will Yore’s takes a circle big and the action line more extended, than human Win. People die and quit the stage, and with people their plans come to an end, but the Brotherhood exists always, and the Plan of evolution is immutable. Think that if something is not visible, it does not exist. But Space energy too are not visible to an eye, however they move the worlds. Invisible power of Hierarchy operates the world. It is necessary to rely on Unknown and Invisible.

72. My son, where a memory about the Teacher? Tinsel of day occupies a consciousness field, and mind fluctuates. Tatter of thoughts terrestrial dims the clear horizon of understanding, and merge of consciousnesses becomes impossible. It is impossible to come off the concept "Teacher" under no circumstances, and the more so at events intense. Both in personal, and in national life there are special moments of tension, they should be passed together with the Teacher, is strong It having grasped. Without the Teacher not to pass, it is necessary to learn to return wandering parts of spirit to the consciousness and thought center round the Teacher to collect. I with you, but under a condition if heart is directed to Me, differently understanding of the Teacher am impossible. My proximity can be kept only at observance of some conditions. I ask again: what more sounds for consciousness – the world of surrounding evidence or My World? That sounds only stronger to which heart is turned. The will should be called that to channelize fires of heart the due. Patrol assumes consciousness deduction in the correct direction. It is easy to deviate: it is so many phenomenons’ before eyes. Matter in what to choose and, on which to stop, without being afraid to distract from a way. Imperceptibly neglect of Affairs of the Teacher, and behind it and a separation, though temporary, but dangerous creeps. Words are not present that weight of time breaks a communication harmony. But it is necessary to be kept by any price. Should any justifications, and to what they if contact is broken will help. It is necessary not only realize danger, but also immediately to eliminate it. The Teacher at your doors, but doors open, ears blow and wash out eyes. How you standing stand? Strength of the Teacher; no one from deviated not resist. At first there is a theoretical acquaintance to the Doctrine, and then there comes the period of its application in life. At first acceptance, then is the statement. The abstract knowledge of the Doctrine is not necessary. The doctrine is approved by a hand and foot of the person. Without the approval of the Doctrine all attempts to learn something are fruitless. Everyone, going My Way, approves the Doctrine by the life. So, all admirers of Light and their pupils arrived. The feat is the statement of Light in life. Action, when spirit fires are lit. And then Signs accompany a way. The darkness before a dawn is dense, and it is difficult to distinguish a true ratio of subjects in a gloom. Pre-dawn the Beam of the Teacher can disseminate darkness only. But Light should be called. The appeal is made by heart. Whether heart broke off? Approve the Teacher every-instantly. Sprouts of new consciousness need hourly care. Not about the Teacher, but of itself care, about that, as though to resist. Whirlwinds of the lower dense beds are dangerous to not approved consciousness. The teacher is the rock, on which it is possible to build strongly. All astral constructions are to whirlwinds on destruction. Among general confusion only the ladder of Hierarchy is firm. It is necessary to grasp and hold it strong. It is wrong to rely on people or external circumstances. On what can lean when all changes and the soil crumbles under the feet? But the Teacher is firm. In Me will find everything that is necessary for mind and body. I will give everything, but be unseparable with Me. Care I Will show, but Me do not forget. Let noise of vanity will not muffle Light sounding. I with you always, whether always with Me you? And whether are always directed to feel eternal Presence of the Lord.

73. Today good day for a good thought therefore I Will tell something extraordinary. Write. The gold the woven aura of light is reached by a feat is force of vibrations fiery, surpassing in the power of aura of ordinary people. These are congenital drivers of people. They by right Space become at the head of the masses if that is demanded by mission of their life. Anointed sovereign of the ancient tsars who have hierarchically taken the power, it was caused by the aura phenomenon. Anointed sovereign the aura stronger always, naturally, subordinates the weakest. As balloons reach different height depending on amount of lightful gas, and the fiery essence of aura and force lifts it the strongest over all the others. And from two, nearby standing, one is always stronger, and another is weaker. The aura can be strengthened. The aura of tranquility is stronger than aura of concern. More the person of no character is stronger than stronger if his balance is broken. Qualities of spirit strengthen aura. So the aura of fearlessness is stronger than aura of fear. Qualities are amplifiers of fires and amplifiers of aura. To become the lord of the power, it is necessary to polarize aura properly, having withdrawn from it vibrations weakening and force of fires the goes out. It is necessary to learn to become strong. Force in aura, in radiations of the spirit which has collected fire. It is possible to put a problem of life every possible accumulation of fire. It is possible to name fire spendthrifts and fire collector’s people. Stone carriers it increase power continued; and its power in light of aura phenomenon, in it only supreme value of the person. And other criterion isn't present. On fires we Judge everyone, bearing Treasure. It shines in the worlds as an achievement wreath. It grants the right to an entrance to spheres fiery. It attaches to the Kingdom of boundless Light. In it everything for the sake of what it is worth fighting both to live, and to accept evolution dense. Fiery it is approved in dense and through the dense. The world terrestrial gives the chance to approve Treasure.

74. It is necessary to recognize that a way of improvement of spirit not in power to usual consciousness. Certainly, in a stream of evolution all is improved or perishes. But I speak about conscious process. Each step in this direction, as though was it is small, there is a benefit. Therefore in any condition of consciousness the pupil can move ahead, choosing the line of the winner where he is able to overcome something and somehow nevertheless to move ahead. If energy of heart can't overcome something, which has followed ways, it isn't necessary to lay down arms. It is possible to choose always any opportunity to promote in something another, accumulating forces for a overcoming of the main obstacle. The commander, knowing a superiority of the enemy, can accumulate forces, without striking blow till time. As and in life of an obstacle in a way is enemies of spirit – demand for overcoming of force of the resisting. And while they grow, energy of heart can direct on improvement of that in power to consciousness at present. To stop before a big obstacle, to hang spirit and to lose consciousness of progress, it is as though insignificant was, will be recognition of the defeat and insolvency. Somehow and in something it is possible to be improved in any conditions and under any circumstances. Inertia of progress of consciousness should be kept by all means. Certainly, this condition is connected with constancy of aspiration. In a way it is possible even to take rest, but it will be rest in ways, but not deadness of stagnation. It is possible even to be late at this or that step to take rest that only there was no it a stop at descending movement. The Teacher Instructs as it is possible to keep the correct direction even then when forces if only the person was always turned to the Sun, but not into darkness run low. Magnetic luminous intensity is great. The Lord is a face of Light. It is impossible to be mistaken in, where to look for Light. So to the Sun of life the address is simple. Each thought of the Lord will be already advance. It is necessary only to thought necessary to hold. Without fight there is no achievement, without call there is no answer, without overcoming there is no victory, without searches there is no stay. Keep in understanding of the Lord. In the Kingdom of Light there is no doubt in Light. Doubts in Light come when the darkness is condensed, Light dimming. Approving Light in the face of darkness, reality you approve contrary to evidence. They say that Light is truth. Is, but for seeing the Sun. I am Sun of life. In Me is Light. Eye to the Teacher turn, and there is Light its Light inextinguishable! The symbol of a not go out of a flame on altars ancient bromines was a symbol of an inextinguishable flame of heart, consciousness of the winner lighting up. The temple of spirit is the temple only in the presence of inextinguishable fire of heart. The attendant of Light has a duty to support this inextinguishable fire always. Therefore It is told: "Spirit doesn’t die away". People build stone temples, but about the temple of heart forgot. To what then stone bulks if life fire in heart of his attendants doesn't burn. But the temple of heart doesn't need stone walls pressing. Space is the Great Temple on which throne the lit Heart burns.

75. I spoke, I Speak and I Will tell: everything that becomes in the Name My, will eternally lives. Everything that becomes in the name and for itself is condemned. So I put, you created, can be created to live and to die and be forgotten. Two poles of Life – life and death – in consciousness human compete; eternal and passing fight for possession heart. Heart – from eternity because it is allocated with eternal pulsation of life. Its sphere, its homeland is shining fiery Heart of Space, from where results life. Directing to eternal, giving it prevalence, heart lawful heritage claims, but heart in a dungeon of a hopeless circle of affairs human pines. Affairs small, affairs temporary, and it is heavy to it in the fetters self-imposed on it by ignorance of the person. Heart should be exempted from the vanity power. It is heavy to pine in a dungeon. There is a life of a brain and heart life. Everyone has the sphere and the functions. They can be differentiated in consciousness. It is possible to give a scope will come to light to heart, having excluded, as far as possible, brain activity. Let the brain remain only the registrar of the feelings going through heart. Too long the intelligence and feelings its terrestrial hearing, sight and so on dominated. But the same feelings, not terrestrial, and thin, are and at heart. Why not to listen, what they will tell and what they will bring? The heart filled with the Lord, will bring a message about the Lord. Warm feelings aren't limited to distance as feelings terrestrial are limited. Heart can be sent with an assignment far. When you think of darling, heart already sends the distant message. The space is penetrated by heart beams. Not a brain, but heart the person joins spatial life. Familiarizing goes in the area of heart. Is useless address to a brain? The brain is the kind worker, but is limited. Heart isn't limited. The thought from a brain flies not further, than sees a brain or its tool – an eye. But the eye of heart is an eye boundless therefore the thought from heart doesn't know flight limits. I want to call for life heart because there comes a heart era.

76. My friend, perception of thought of the Teacher isn't yet construction. It isn't enough to apprehend, it is necessary to realize the apprehended. The perception – only the beginning, but crowns the end – business. Perception – a pole negative, the statement apprehended in life – positive. Life is under construction on the phenomenon of related contrasts. The way can't be direct if one of driving forces outweighs, giving a curve. So each perception has to be approved on life and in life. It is necessary to aspire to that between the received knowledge and applied to make a difference probably smaller. The knowledge applied in life, or thought carried out become property of spirit, postponing in effect its crystals of the corresponding energies. It is given much. Whether it is much applied? Without application there is no advance. Without existence of the second counterbalancing force it is possible to be turned only on a place. Great force is created by existence of two beginnings. If received was equally applied, it would be possible to show unsurpassed power of spirit. Why it is necessary to wait for something, any external conditions that shows to show light of the Stone when everything depends on will of spirit, in the annex of instructions of the Teacher to life of the accumulation which have found a source of fiery force? At each application of received knowledge in a microcosm there is a wave of the fiery energy, which crystals are postponed in aura of the pupil. Electromagnetic strength of mind only this way collects. Application of given instructions in life is only the correct way.

77. The film of a movie camera can imprint a number of the current events. Will pass years, people, in them taking part will die, but under certain conditions on the screen it is possible to see the recovered shades of the past again. As also memory can take rolls of far events from the storages and again see them before an intellectual look. Anything in the nature doesn't disappear. The camera registers not the subjects, but vibrations, from them proceeding; also memory. Subjects can be destroyed, but energy, from them proceeding, imprinted by an eye or a lens and a camera film, can't neither disappear, nor to be destroyed. Yesterday, consigning to the past, in energies, or the vibrations, exists in memory of a planet or the nature as there is it in memory of the person, but only it is more exact and with all details. Memory not in a brain, but in the sphere of aura of the person, or in space of its microcosm is in the form of crystal deposits. Memory of the nature also exists in memory of a planet, or in space of its macrocosm. The person is a product of the past which eternally exists in it and eternally present at its aura. Human memory can forget something. Memory of the nature forgets nothing, because the past of a planet eternally exists real, but hidden for an eye terrestrial. Certainly, events of the past are connected with things and subjects in the presence of which they and occurred because are imprinted on them as on a film. But even destruction of these mute witnesses doesn't destroy the movie because vibrations are imprinted not only subjects, on which they fall, but also space. That fact that space bears in itself all vibrations, or the beams proceeding from material bodies, even is mechanically proved by the phenomenon long ago the disappeared stars which beams rush in space though stars, perhaps, ceased to exist for a long time. The space is the great keeper of everything that in it ever occurred. The city is destroyed, and sand brought its ruins. But somewhere in wonderful space, it is invisible to physical sight, the tape of all his life, with all details is imprinted, from beginning to end, both stones of ruins and space around are saturated with vibrations of the occurred events. Under certain conditions they can be shown on the screen of human consciousness. Perhaps, it is possible even to create the special device, allowing develops rolls of the centuries which have gone to oblivion. In any case, such device already is in possession of the person. This device is heart. It obviously feels, as about sacred places or places of special value it is filled with feelings and feeling-knowledge of that about them occurred, and is filled with feeling of solemnity and it even at people of average keenness. It is possible to imagine the highly sensitive device of heart registering vibrations, or past radiations, more sharply and in details. And here it is necessary to take only one more step and to imagine that just as mother sees the son dying in the field of fight despite range of distance, heart will see fragments or even the whole tape of the left roll of life of last centuries. The Teacher Can develop before the pupil to the movie of any era or see that is hidden in space records. Akasha's chronicle is not imagination, but reality; the available to fiery consciousness. Possibility of immersion in records of space and scientific character of this phenomenon should be realized and accepted before the phenomenon can be shown. It is easier to develop a past roll through subjects, with it connected, than directly to concern records spatial. Subjects serve as though as a key, helping to adjust consciousness on the necessary wave of perception. The present and the past are incompatible. Therefore present vibrations are excluded from consciousness. Only trained pupil who has seized the feelings can reach it. The doctrine calls for mastering by. Without this mastering access to storage of memory of a planet is closed. Invasion premature threatens with madness. Fire – the winner and time, and space. The centers lit open a gate to many secrets of the nature. Last and the future exist in real, great and eternal "nowadays".

78. I speak about beauty that the eye to it turned. Affairs made and thoughts thought over fill consciousness, accompanying it on the way of time. They fly ahead, they follow behind, and they crowd around, from them not leave. Therefore it is good when affairs and thoughts are turned on beauty and beauty is filled. Then the beauty will be a natural environment of the person. That occupies consciousness of the person any quantity of time, has to cease in consciousness even after that, it depends the phenomenon lost the relevance. The eructation of current affairs often fills thoughts, preventing to think of things more necessary. Yoga’s, going to mountains, to privacy, aspired that the world external, their surroundings, didn't crash a destructive dissonance into their inner world. The pupil in the world is in other conditions. Before it – a task not only to protect an inner world, but also a condition external on force of opportunities harmony with it, or, in any case, not to allow that they broke integrity of the world internal. The task hard and an exit aren’t present: either to resist, or to be crushed. Influence of surrounding consciousnesses is great because collectively, they too should oppose the world. We see how each person creates the world and lives of. We see that these worlds, even a number of living people, can be strongly various. We consider that the pupil can absolutely build the world irrespective of a trifle of worlds of people, it people around. Strong spirits never were understood by those, who was near, neither the relatives, nor the family, even the people because "not the prophet in the fatherland". Recognition isn't necessary, but opposition to misunderstanding is required great. Otherwise will erase and will humiliate to it. So, it is necessary not only to resist, but also to move further, carefully protecting a spirit sanctuary from external influences. Nevertheless it is better not to show the feeling-knowledge even the. Restraint protects an interior, like a fortification. Feelings and emotions, which are shown, surrounding, serve as though as the bridge, or a gate for everyone to enter inside and as it usually happens, breaking harmony and integrity of an individual inner world. It is better not to allow anybody inside: neither far, nor relatives. Already I Spoke: in a sanctuary nobody is accepted. Their place is of the Teacher. For not broken development of Identity some isolation of a microcosm and its aura is necessary. This isolation can be provided with restraint and isolation. It is possible to speak about anything, but the feelings you store about yourself. Why phenomenon them on a public inspection and condemnation? It is possible to grasp only a ledge, but there is nothing to grasp a sphere. Why to allow people to cling to aura then to torment. Sphere – a balance symbol. Balance of spirit – the best protection. Such emotion as the fear, allows the enemy to grasp strong at aura and strong to influence it. Everything that phenomenon outside also breaks a smooth impenetrable surface of a sphere, allows each passer to dispose of an inner world of the one who carelessly opens it to people, violating a condition of restraint and possession of. Clasp spirit chain armor on all fasteners, then the blows struck by people incessantly isn’t dangerous. Also you remember: nobody will resist against balance.

79. The pupil can apprehend only part of the truth comprehended by the Teacher Who Transfers her to him. And how the consciousness of the pupil extended, to it never reach it in all volume of understanding of the Teacher, because the Teacher too Moves forward. Therefore the jealous pupil can be quiet for that the thought of the Teacher won't run low and that food for spirit to it always will be enough. At the best he can apprehend only small part of wisdom of the Teacher. And whatever great the wisdom given by the Teacher seemed to it, it will be insignificant by the size with Great Knowledge of the Teacher. The teacher too Moves ahead in Boundlessness, to the sphere of boundless Knowledge. Spheres of knowledge can't be limited to anything, and less everything, a circle of that knowledge which is available to the person. Boundlessness is bequeathed. This criterion can be put to knowledge spheres. Who says that the science learned or can learn everything, not from wisdom tells it. As though absolutely there was a Knowledge even Teachers, it as is far from end, as well as knowledge of the pupil because Boundlessness means lack of a limit, or the end. The difference between knowledge of the pupil and Knowledge of the Teacher because it can equal to all or even to two is great, but it is boundless between comprehending consciousness and the Boundlessness limit if it is possible to think of that. It is possible to think of wisdom of the Lord Who, in turn, Has the Lord, more the highest. The Hierarchy isn't limited to one our solar system. Other systems stand at various steps of evolution. Boundlessness is in everything. Life and attenuation of the whole systems, is as day before eternity. The great concept of Boundlessness should be scented heart and to find a place in greatness of Boundlessness and. Есмь also we won't destroy because from spirit because the spark of spirit is lit from eternal Light which was which is and will be always. In the light of the Father of all the light, from It proceeding, it is important to learn. To realize itself light, and in the light of Space Heart, and from its Light and will be the solution of life.

80. My friend, Proximity of the Lord is approved by desire not a brain, but heart. The brain remains within the opportunities terrestrial. But heart, love burning, invisible ways carries out desired Proximity. The love demands attention and care. Both the attention, and care, and a memory are natural if it is. The love does communication live. The true love is unconditional and doesn't depend on accident of external circumstances. It burns with a constant and equal flame. If it fluctuates, flashing and going out in compliance with, whether there is a life successfully or not as the egoism wants that, so not everything is safely with love to the Teacher. It is possible to succeed love, but the love, which hasn't been connected by the lowest covers and, in any case, not them dictated. Degrees of love can be much. Love to the Teacher – the highest. It can be strengthened consciously. The constant memory, Beams of aura of the Teacher attracting, strengthens feeling of love. So is well, as is pretending. The love is shown in operation. Means, action of love should be strengthened. Service will be expression of love to the Teacher, powerfully lit. Feat – the phenomenon of the same order. Continuous wakefulness of qualities approved is necessary. Then the love won't dry up, and devotion won't decrease, and the aspiration won't run low. Feelings of people became short, to short flashes are similar. And I need constancy in everything: both in big, and in the small. Flickering sparks, unsteady each whiff, can easily go out. Force of a flame of such press, which isn't afraid of any whirlwinds, is necessary. Give tension exactly and powerfully burning flame. Because fire of heart reaches all!

81. My son, the pupil doubting immediately started sinking. The doubt pulls on a bottom and deprives of force judgment. It is possible in itself to doubt but it is impossible to doubt in the Teacher. But it is better to doubt neither the forces, nor strength of the Teacher. Let's consider what advantage of doubt. The brain whispers that the doubting wants to know the truth that is reality. But the reality can feel only the heart, which doesn’t know doubts. Doubt it is impossible to reach anything. Doubt it is impossible to enter into any intercourses even for an instant. Despite the most ardent facts and evidence proofs, this echidna it isn't necessary to allow in heart. If I Speak: I will protect, so I Will protect, without looking at any tests. Not from tests I Protect, but from hands shaggy, sharp-clawed and black, reaching for you from everywhere. Neither from the Karma, nor of tests I Can't relieves. Otherwise how to be released and how you will be able to study as lives? As also Records given to doubt aren't subject. Only with Me, who am constantly present, the victory is reached. Unless it is possible, speaking and listening by phone, to release a tube? At Communication the wire can't be let out for an instant. It is necessary to fill consciousness and heart with the Lord so that for anything other place any more didn't remain. Let all sphere of a microcosm will be filled with the Face of the Lord. Let all thoughts and feelings will be given only to It. Whether there will be it completeness of the address and whether this completeness of the address and the consequences corresponding to the force will give? It is necessary to give still big intensity of degree of the address to the Lord. It is impossible to rest on monasteries of last achievements. It is possible to go either forward, or back. The rest immovability in the nature doesn't exist. Everything is in ascending or descending spiral movement, as well as consciousness. The way goes, steadily amplifying in intensity. Let's increase heart tension to the Teacher. The string tense sounds only, strings of heart need to be strained. It is not brain, or nervous tension, but, exactly, heart tension. Than it is possible press for energy of heart attracting? Truly, love, devotion and aspiration decupled. All reasons of a brain can be put aside. Not its work and tension are required, but hearts. To heart we will give the power to take priority and heart we will reach.

82. The lord Wants to accelerate run of events by the desired end. Specified will come, but inertness human is terrible. Even you knowing, Tomas’s waves overflow. But "Radj" (Fire) is call! It is necessary not only resist, but also to move ahead. Stability without advance of the purpose doesn't reach. Also it is impossible to lag behind; it is possible to appear in the tail of events, but not on the roll. Let's betray heart to the Teacher, because where our heart, there and our treasure. The Teacher Wants that cooperation took place, not interrupted by a current of external living conditions. I send a stream of world events to the necessary course. Counteraction of leaving energies and people is great. Planetary conditions favor to the dark. It is a lot of poisonings with spatial poison. It is intolerable in the world. The will human is directed not to the benefit. The new World is under blows dark and enemies of evolution. Fight is intense. Hearts, to the Teacher devoted, are strongholds of resistance to the condensed darkness. Fiery hearts rescue a planet from final death. If the network of Light was removed, destruction of Earth would be inevitable. Therefore strong it is necessary to stand on Great Patrol, without being confused anything; to the guard of the Lord Entrusted. Really Trust we won't justify? I speak about protection of a planet against effect of brown gas. In consciousness it is possible to be protected and protect others from it. Protective planetary value of aura of My elite is great. Not only defenders, but also is receivers, and transmitters of protective vibrations, or Rays of light, Teacher of the sent. My Beams filling aura of a planet, concerning aura of the elected, are condensed and concentrate in him in planetary knot of Light. These knots also form a protective network of Light round all Earth. It is a fiery counterbalance to powers of darkness and destruction. The network of Light constrains them, without allowing cause excessive violation of balance of elements. If not this saving network of Light, a planet would be lost long ago. At nodal events it strains and amplifies, and then the press of individual aura protecting a network is great and is limit. But in a press unreasonable it is necessary to resist after all. Not the personal work is done, but universal. It also is a feat for World rescue. The hero of light, borne to them in the aura doesn't see, but this saving light serves a great cause. Value of the fiery device of the person should be realized. On million drones the few, Me Put, create business of rescue of a planet. And it is impossible to leave. There is no place to leave, unless in darkness. It is necessary to stand up to the end; to a clear victory of Light, which is immutable it is imprinted in days of relatives, future. To spatial press we will oppose heart filling by the Lord. To them we will break an impact of chaotic energies. The balance fiery we keep elements in balance, possible under existing conditions. The bases therefore the impact of elements is strong are shifted. It is necessary to strain even more aspiration to the Lord. On this line it is possible to receive all immunity. At the moments especially responsible the belief should be updated to inalterability. It is impossible to doubt power of Hierarchy, because that then will hold a planet. I will give all protection, but turn the face to Me that was where to send the Beam. And any more for the sake of itself, but for the sake of rescue of a planet act. When everything fluctuates around, stand, to the rock it is similar. I spoke: rescue only in Spirit Towers. The tower strengthens on the Hierarchy rock. Among general instability It is firm only.

83. Everything that approaches to Me, well, everything that distances – harmfully unconditionally. So I put and things are divided on approaching and distancing. What will be if the last begin to prevail? But it is best of all not to put my Proximity in dependence on affairs and things. Let there will be it atop both that, and others. Let there is a life the turn, bringing pleasure or a grief, but let Proximity of the Teacher remains out of the being replaced phenomena of life. And, if not to protect the highest from flashing of days and nights and everything that in them occurs, it will sink in time splinters. So we will separate enduring from the passing and to everyone we will do justice. On a bowl of scales of Boundlessness is the Lord. It measures the value and the importance of affairs terrestrial, going to oblivion with each blow of pulsation of time. But I Stay for ever and ever, because “I Is”. Having lifted consciousness to Me, it is possible to lean and, become thought on the coast of Eternity and from it to look at the stream of life rushing by. On the bank of a stream the Teacher, and at his feet – the pupil Sits. They look at change of the flashing phenomena floating by consciousness, and know that the Lord Staying inside and Looking the Silent Recorder, an aided eye and hearing boundless because from Eternity It that from whirlwinds terrestrial to protect a spirit sanctuary and a flame of eternal life to carry by through life unshakably.

84. In what the essence of overcoming consists? Obviously, in that fire internal was stronger than energies external or fires the highest – the lowest if it concerns the microcosm human. It is necessary to learn to strain fires of spirit so that they were always more powerful than energies contradictory. Any action under the law surely causes counteraction. The success depends on that action was rather strong for resistance overcoming. The leader born is always stronger than those whom he conducts. The right of true guidance is called as the Right Space. Press of fires for action at the right time is given only by experience and demands big art. Press demands commensurability, differently not avoid fires of squandering; energy of tranquility remains and in operation, and in rest. The concern in rest and concern in operation is inadmissible. The secret of tranquility in operation should be understood, if can dream of the power over circumstances. Even can't dream. Again we come to need of ability to own all the feelings. No efforts in this direction remain helpless and excessive. The slightest experience and that will give consequences necessary. Art operate and own energies of the microcosm is the thinnest and the most necessary. Let's understand it widely. In the musician, the artist, the sculptor, a skillful, the handicraftsman, the good shooter – in everything and in all we see this ability to dispose of the energy, finished to initial degree of perfection. The best qualities the best work have the same value. It is good to be the expert. It is good to be the master of any business; it is good to be the skillful handyman. Appointment of the person – through the centers seizes the highest energies for application in life. The highest is reached through the terrestrial. Therefore the work causing good tension of energy is salutary. Work damned is damnation. But work joyful and made in balance, harmony what it was, will be blessing. The work purpose is to approve mastering by the energies being at the disposal of the human device and subordinated its will. Work is a basis of life and spirit prosperity. Work is a condition under which there is this or that tension of energies of the human body, regulated by will. I approve usefulness of work, and especially creative. The tranquility, tension do work lightful and pious. Be saved from horror of work black out. The way of ascending spirit has to be light. Work, creativity, art are given as a way of education of spirit. Work – for all, creativity – for all, art – for all. It is necessary to see and realize ways of the New World.

85. My son, aura of tranquility is a magnet, all of which energy work in two directions: attraction and pushing away. The aura of concern is a magnet broken into thousands small energies, which are directed in the various directions, neutralizing each other and bringing equally effective to naught. The aura of concern is deprived of force. Many unrestrained feelings completely weaken aura and its radiations. The fear so will paralyze even physical energy, what even the hand can't be raised against protection itself. From two equally strong people more courageous will be always a winner. But not knowing fear will win and a lot of strongest opponent if in it there is cowardice. So force can be collected only at the correct polarization of energy. Force of energies of the human device isn't size constant, but depending on how its energy is polarized by will. Qualities will be polarizers of the corresponding energies and their amplifiers. Qualities not only the condensers of fire causing a form of an display of a flame, but also polarizers of the saved-up fire, giving to it strength aggregated for necessary action. The unshakable or firm solution of will collects energy of an organism in focus, as a ram – all energy in a blow point. Therefore if the decision is made, let its any reasons or opinions of people around don't shake. The pupil has to rely on himself, because behind him the Teacher, but not on people, because behind them anything. It is possible to pass life, without being anxious different judgments of people around if the pupil knows the way and where goes. Only owning the best quality and ability in something can teach something, and at it is possible to learn something. But the spirit way, the millennia approved, nevertheless doesn't depend on local judgments. I want to exempt aura from coherence human judgments. It is possible to listen to everyone attentively and to show understanding even to ignorance, but a spirit way – on tops. In a weak moment the consciousness tries to keep step with support to people, but people cannot give because do not know anything. The Teacher Can give only. So it is once again reversible inevitable necessity of Proximity of the Teacher in a pressing need of day and night; without the Doctrine not to pass, but not to pass and without the Teacher. Let there is a Teacher food and life. Any convention of recognition of the Teacher is rejected forever. The Teacher becomes the first factor of life at all and any its conditions. If the Lord crucified on a cross, torment the Rejected the Lord, whether there was it great falling? I should be accepted both in the mountain and in pleasure, in happiness and misfortune, in diseases and health, in heat and cold, in light and being darkness surrounded. The two-native flame of Communication gives training to spirit armor. Communication is approved on fires of opposite conditions, training unilateral will not protect from blows and can cause lameness of the employee. Learn to stand on two feet, two poles of the phenomenon in view of and balance holding in the center.

86. My son, the Teacher on the guard. Therefore the address will be always heard and the answer will not slow down. The consciousness of possibility of call and response at any time has to inspire fiery and to give confidence of Proximity the strengthened. Gate to the world of the highest opportunities remains open. It is necessary to forget about it never only. If someone tells that they are closed, know that it closed them. The person goes to the future, planned to mankind Us and imprinted in substance of a spontaneous matter in the world of prototypes. Radiant is the future for the person. It belongs to it by right Space and on command of Space Will, and anybody, except the person, cannot deprive of it this great heritage. So the person himself makes destitute himself and does by listeners of planetary treasures, prepared to it according to the Plan of Lords. But knowing the appointment and a way can quietly and direct surely in the future. Many do the real or near future limited, at the best, to a circle of one life, a limit of the aspirations. But it in a root is incorrect. The plan of Lords is calculated on many lives. And in hands of the great law of causes and effects going on the way the lever, allowing consciously put seeds of future consequences forever both centuries and the whole millennia. It is necessary to remember only that all: both big and small – bears fruit, and that these fruits always by the nature of the put grain. So, consciously or unconsciously, the future of each person is under construction. And it is good when construction is based on Beauty. It is possible to consider day of life current as a field of the next crops of the reasons, once and somewhere the consequences forced to bring: it is possible to remember always itself the sower and the founder of conditions of future life. It is possible is comprehended to treat each action, including it the grain put on the future – far or close – depending on character of grain. But everyone is put for the future and everyone what it was, will sprout also fruits. It is possible strong to imagine itself the sower incessant, to itself a way inevitable consequences of the own actions by the covering. And it is good to remember that grain grows in space and time small. And small can become big and great. And it is good when even small good grain itself shows. So, before consciousness of the pupil is day of the next crops. It is possible to present it pictured. It is possible not to forget it in noise and turmoil of day, it is possible in the evening, summing up day, to check quality of the made crops, all the time meaning inevitability of consequences approaching in the future. If crops are sound, there can't be a place for alarms or chagrin because the law of causality works is immutable. But if it is bad, there is a day tomorrow's, giving the chance to make crops new, considering the made mistakes. And each new crop can be made more perfect and more successful, choosing quality of grains. It also will be an improvement way. To be improved, without knowing, for what and why, and for the sake of any foggy reasons, unconvincingly. But, knowing the plan, seeing a way and having in hands the lever of the great and precisely current law, the essential, real and answering beauty can make care of ascension. In total in hands of the person, and the main thing: the future – not the victim of accidents of destiny and not clear assumptions, but the imperious and conscious builder of life and the, and people around. Everything is simple, everything is clear, everything is available also all in hands of the person. For Light of Hierarchy we will work!

87. The abyss between receiving and the appendix received in life is great. It is given much, and it is applied a little. This abyss can be filled up. The difference can be made very insignificant. The Teacher Gives an impulse and desire to realize given in energy, which become part of a microcosm of the pupil in the form of crystal deposits. So there is a true accumulation. The thought, unrealized in the annex to life, won't give the necessary deposits. It is necessary to become expression of the thoughts accepted in consciousness that is the carrier of the Word of the Lord, the carrier of knowledge. Only accepted and approved pupil can be truth. People usually are the, but the pupil is the Face of the Teacher at a rate of the consciousness. Not enclosed dismisses idea a trace only on a surface of external layers. Thought applied – in the depth of the essence of the person. Thoughts superficial leave with change of covers. The deep thought postponed in the Bowl in the form of crystals of the energy, remains property of the consciousness which have approved it. The perception of thought is the task only a half, the second half will be its appendix. Thoughts not applied, as dry leaves: the first whirlwind can carry away them, and there is an unlucky hunter of empty-handed thought. We appreciate applying and applying thoughts in life. The word Mine I Pledge, but I Demand the application, claiming it in consciousness. So there is a building of Treasure of Light. The stone grows steadily by formation of new crystal deposits. It is possible to begin day thought "That else I can put in life today?” Let this idea becomes dominating. Let it become motive force of acts and actions. Let the pupil become a spokesman and an embodiment of the Doctrine of Life. Each pupil is the carrier of that part of Truth, which can apprehend. But its purpose is possibly to be the Face of the Teacher more stoutly and more perfectly. Mine are Truth of the Doctrine of Agni Yogi at a rate of the capacity. From here the urgent need of expansion of consciousness results. I want to put consciousness in such conditions that it’s each movement became ascending. For this purpose I Turn life all its sides each of which are aspect of a Great Whole. In total differently, but about one. So Service becomes multilateral and diverse. So everything serves burning heart to turn passers of energy into fiery crystals of shining deposits on sides of Treasure of the Stone. One save money, others – things, the third collect jewelry, others – pictures and books, but all collected not they and can't become their integral property because own them temporarily. But anybody never will take away shining crystals of saved-up deposits of Treasure because they themselves show indestructible, enduring Identity of the person reincarnating from life in life and bearing in the Bowl crystals of all saved-up energy. I claim Stone Treasure as the most valuable that can have and the person has. Therefore I Speak: "Act, applying the Doctrine in life of every day". I arm with energy necessary, necessary in all worlds. Mental energy, the winner fiery, is necessary not only in the world terrestrial, but also above, and still is perhaps much more necessary there because life is given not for Earth, but in the worlds. Earth is only preparatory steps. Dense condition is only transitional steps to more to the highest and thin, in which the Treasure will shine all fires.

88. What power of Hierarchy if the Will her World are created also everything, what in them? Therefore I Speak: with Me all is possible. But also it demands too understanding. It is necessary to understand the understanding phenomenon as a preliminary and inevitable step to mastering. Power of Hierarchy should be realized before taking a power way, because without Hierarchy the pupil anything. It is so possible to betray itself Hierarchies undividedly and in this legend selfless to find the necessary force for a fulfillment of Great Making. Heroism is based on strength of mind. The hero has the invisible Driver is the Hierarch. The feat at contact with Hierarchy becomes possible. The assignment is carried out by communication with Hierarchy. The limit of Hierarchy is limited by understanding, which should be expanded because activity of various Hierarchies covers all spheres of life in all its forms invisible and visible, and everything that exists under the Sun. In this sense dead life, a dead matter doesn't exist. Energies Hierarchy all is saturated. The Teacher is a Link in Hierarchy chains, and communication with it live. Merging consciousness with the Teacher, we enter into the Hierarchy chain as its component. Usual living conditions – for ordinary people, but for the following for Me – singularity. Singularity and surprise is sisters, but it is necessary to wait unexpectedly to avoid harmful and painful reaction of surprise and to learn not to be surprised, not to be surprised. Otherwise the substance of nerves is surprised and balance is broken. Exactly burning flame will be a symbol of balance not broken. So, it is achievable and everything is possible, but at an ardent unification with Hierarchy. Awareness of singularity it is possible to win against commonness routine. Flowers of my garden don't blossom on the soil usual. Fruits are unusual also. Unusual it is necessary to show readiness of consciousness for the phenomena. Wonderful legends, fairy tales and legends – only the reality reflection, only forgotten knowledge of that was once. Winged dragons fantastic not fruit of the groundless imagination, but far of fact. The example is simple, but this example concerns all legends of the ancient people, which have reflected the forgotten facts of life. One-eyed people, caps of darkness, carpets planes, magic wands, mirrors and past crystals – all this the reality, which isn't understood, distorted and rejected by false science and false understanding of life. The Hierarchy enters into the world of wonderful reality and science, not rejecting possibilities of the infinite cognition of the wonderful properties of a matter in its infinite gradation, or conditions, on a right way. It is necessary to learn to distinguish truth under blankets of the distorted religions, both the distorted science, and not understood ancient legends and legends. Space is truth of that exists, but the narrowness of limitation and ignorance of human understanding distorts it. Points of misunderstanding should be removed from consciousness before entering into the world of wonderful reality. The Teacher far, but his Beam acts, and pages are filled in with Records. Unless it not miracle? But who will believe in power of the thought which does know neither barriers, nor distances. Proximity of the Teacher is a miracle! But there are no miracles because the reality and life are so wonderful that the concept of a miracle disappears in the light of the amazing Supreme Laws of the cognizable world of reality. Not it is necessary to fight against life, not with people, not against surrounding conditions, but against ignorance of the consciousness distorting fine wonderful reality to unrecognizability. Restriction is not outside, but inside. The Spirit World, all-conquering Fire is boundless. Gate of the wonderful world is open, and at an entrance the Teacher Expects daring to enter. Let's indulge in Hierarchy certainly, selflessly, irrevocably and forever! Solved a way doors of wonderful opportunity forever open, for the potential turncoat of a door are closed. Speaking to church language, "The believer in Me won't be lost". Solved irrevocably and believing all consciousness on Me access to spatial treasures and secrets has. Ardent tension and full legend itself Hierarchy is fruitful and radiant in the consequences. In Hierarchy we will indulge! Behind mountains far the shining Shape of the Lord is close to you. Boundlessness of feelings allows Hierarchical to deepen Proximity infinitely. Whether there is a limit of feeling of love to the Teacher? Or is aspiration, or devotion, or to heroism of spirit? So possibilities of Proximity of the Highest are limited to boundlessness of feelings that is no borders have. I, the Lord of the Shambhala, the Lord of the future World, and Speak: "Flare up in understanding of boundless opportunities of spirit and direct infinitely, and My Hand with you, to Me directed. Dare in aspiration safely. Don't direct to the usual decision". Light World is unusual. Its Beams already fall to the ground and light up it.

89. The one, who comes off a native nest, has to undergo all accidents of external conditions.

90. But, My Son, accident of temporary external conditions – anything when communication with the Lord is strong. Means, communication should be approved so that no changes of life external influenced it. Houses or in a way, it is lonely or with a family, in danger or under protection of walls, among enemies or friends, in operation or rest, but with the Lord always not greatly and unseparable. Let the unexpectedness of external changes will teach stability in Me. Stone treasure – yours. And on it the Name of the Lord is traced. And that before that outside, whether everything is eventually equal, prompt approach to the Teacher if only it went and if only it is prompt goes what way and under what conditions. Let external circumstances what they were, will be only an approach carpet to Me. What pattern on a carpet on which the foot of the winner firmly goes, has no value if the gait is firm and if the next drawing under feet doesn't detain attention and doesn't shorten speed a stride. So everything can be used for approach to the Teacher and statements it in consciousness, and then, truly, all forces, and all circumstances, and everything starts serving the winner of the dense world. The consciousness so merges with Leading Image of the Lord that light and powers of darkness start serving it: the first – it is conscious, the second – on a formula "Monsters — Throne Legs". The victory of spirit over any combinations of external dense conditions is so approved. ""That me all, when with me the Lord" – formula life the going Arhat’s. The Stone of the eternal basis of life is so continued and constantly approved in consciousness. This constant repeated statement because the stream of life worldly seeks to wash away all construction if it is insufficiently strong is necessary. But after all it is spoken about the Stone of the eternal basis, so as strongly and unshakably it has to be put in the depth of our being. Winds will blow, and whirlwinds will rustle, and Earth will begin to shake, but unshakably and strongly there is the cornerstone of the basis put at the center. I Am the Stone of the eternal basis of life. Building on Me can strongly build and for the millennia. "I with you always" mean always: both in life and in death, and in this world, both in that, and in this life, and in all your lives, on all plans of life, in all covers, in all days till the end of time, that is all races, Cycles and Circles of your life when there will come end, you would merge with Me together.

91. Take everything for granted, without rejecting karma. It should be settled. It that is goes a formula "Yes There Will Be Will Your, the Lord". Inevitable not to avoid therefore it is better to show tranquility when it comes nearer, than to roll in whirlwinds of alarms, excitements and fears. And even if there are valid reasons for concerns, it is better to apprehend them on tranquility fires. Because, how fruitful the tranquility, so aimless, senseless and insolvent concern. Small feelings terrestrial are swept aside behind their full insolvency. Whether it is worth wasting time, energy and thoughts on a thing absolutely useless in every respect? Qualities are properties which constantly we have at them and we carry with them. Whether it is better to attend to that this burden was kind. One goes, easily and quickly walking, another – is bent under weight of the self-imposed freight, stumbling and falling. But having fallen, with freight it is difficult to rise. It is possible to think of how to be exempted from insalubrious freight. Let's take irritability. Freight obviously insalubrious, - to whom is it necessary? - Less all to its carrier, and also and to people around.
And nevertheless the owner continues it to carry it, poisoning itself, both people around, and space. That is possible in the inhabitant, is inadmissible in the pupil. Therefore the load should be reconsidered, carefully to select that is necessary in a way distant. And as each negative quality has the contrast in its positive pole, a transmutation it is possible and it is easier to conduct in a straight line related contrasts, replacing the lowest with the highest by the nature of the. Would be what to replace and then. Only lukewarm there is nothing to make replacement. And therefore the lukewarm are rejected as not able to yield a fruit. Therefore and torment, both sinners, and robbers, and the loose woman are more attracted for a transmutation of the qualities, than a ruddy and virtuous pettiness. Either it is cold, or it is hot, but lukewarm among pupils doesn't happen. Often complain that among many, touched the Doctrine, there are a lot of people imperfect, but also it doesn't matter, because righteous persons a place in paradise. Why to them terrestrial tests if they are righteous persons? And whether, besides, not is it is a merit if the imperfect consciousness reaches for Light while so-called good people stupidly reject the Doctrine or simply to it are indifferent. Often they remain and are deaf, and are blind, and if it so, to what them “good”? Whether they join ranks of opponents of the New World? Whether small, orphaned, both poor, and deprived accepted the World New at the time of its origin? And those who stood above a public ladder rejected it. And whether so was earlier when I Came to the world and Accepted shameful death because of them, who not accepted Me and too standing above public ladder and have headed confronting Me? Whether so already was once? Therefore I Speak: better with savages, than with the pompous fools inflated with the “good”, like soap bubbles. It isn't necessary them, though they and in dress coats.

92. I approve variability and a transient of all external at constancy and an invariance of the Teacher. Therefore in a spirit stronghold inside it is possible to move away always from storms and whirlwinds of the outside world. The world map was once other, other people occupied Earth. The culture was not similar to the present, and there was other a face of the cities and settlements. But there was a Lord, and were about his relatives and pupils. And as the silver the thread already connected them together, and as Life Doctrine in the form of available and necessary spilled on Earth, and they next, were his distributors. Language and clothes were others, but the essence and nature of relationship and service to Light remained the same. Unless Light amplified in tension, and experience following Me and with Me went deep. I speak about essence, invariable at all times. In flashing of days and nights it is necessary to distinguish light of Eternal Light accurately. At the spiral and circular movement speed changes of the phenomena of a Great are on the periphery. The farther from the center, the more strongly; the closer, the slowdown, while, at last, in the center the consciousness doesn't find an immovability point, or balance, flight of time it depends would stop and breath of Eternity concerns spirit. Then it is possible to behold a life stream, without entering into it. Then eternal inside it is possible to separate from temporary outside, then it is possible to feel the Stone of the Eternal Basis of life in heart. But for this purpose the consciousness should be transferred inside, having come off tenacity of the external phenomena into which plunges into which grows and, with which the consciousness identifies itself. I consider: such immersions to the silent world which inside, are necessary for preservation of balance of spirit between eternal and temporary. Otherwise the temporary will capture consciousness so that it will lose feeling and understanding of an inherent value of spirit. Certainly, all surrounding and the current of external events of life are important, but... they will pass, they are as though important were. More important and more considerably that doesn't pass, merging with leaving waves of a stream. I call to understanding of true values of life which are today and which remain those always. There are books which are forgotten immediately after reading; there is a lot of writing human, and especially newspaper which live only one day; there are the books, living years and ten years, and even centuries and the millennia; there are the manuscripts stored by us much millennia and still not lost vitality. So we see how the contact of Eternity sates lines of the writing with durability and not transient elements depending on existence of sparks of Eternal Light in them. Objects of art are also saturated with them, and in different degrees. Among the passing we will look for and notice the sparks of Eternal Light enclosed in creativity of hands human. I call to Light recognition in forms on Earth and in the conditions of the terrestrial shown. Light is uniform, but its forms are diverse, and they are saturated with Beauty. Light everywhere: in a dismissed rose, in a blossoming apple-tree, a beam of a far star, in a picture of the artist, in the song of a morning bird. So we will learn to find sparks of Uniform Light everywhere.

93. I consider that the soldier in you, who I am, is invincible if the memory constant was approved. Not know defeats going with Me. And even mistakes inure to advantage. In a word, the way Beam-bearer becomes immutable.

94. The teacher Believes that jumps on the Way occur after all owing to small confidence of the Teacher. In Presence believe, but this belief isn't so convincing, as presence of ordinary live people. Certainly, different and make these presence invisible reality not so simply. The full adoption of hidden Presence does valid Presence of the Teacher. The proximity of the Teacher becomes the real fact of life. Then quality of firmness becomes achievement and the person lives in two worlds. Means, the task consists in that hidden to make visible and secret obvious. There will be no confidence while eyes won't see and the ear won't hear. The belief is a felling-knowledge, or a preliminary step of knowledge. But to see and hear that, on what they are directed and directed, sooner or later nevertheless it is necessary. Belief it is possible to go to a known limit beyond which the knowledge begins. This border between belief and knowledge should be crossed sooner or later. Connection of two worlds in consciousness has to become so real and usual, as well as the phenomena of the world terrestrial. At first not clearly and foggy and then is face to face. For the pupil approved Presence is the fact indisputable and therefore its way is firm, immutable and unshakable. Agni Yogi's way is the statement of reality in life.

95. If there is a desire of things or the phenomena of a terrestrial order, they should be had and to pass through them to understand their passing nature and to be exempted from them. The spirit finishing from these attractions is free. The attraction to things which can be created at wellbeing and full-security can become so strong that the highest attractions will be absolutely paralyzed. Therefore It is said that in the presence of aspiration all is permitted and mistakes are admissible. But in the absence of everything allowed and all mistakes address against. At aspiration of a mistake anything because fire of spirit and each mistake learn to something gets stronger, but it addresses in heavy freight standing when the aspiration dries up. As business with an attraction to affairs and living conditions the terrestrial is. They learn, give experience, and help to study life, while heart fire burns. Everything serves then to spirit ascension. But once this fire hangs, immediately everything addresses against the turncoat. Forces, serving to advance, turn in energy the detaining. It isn't things, but in a condition of spirit which causes the nature of these phenomena in their relation to a consciousness ascension. In it they are inert; the condition of spirit gives them that coloring, which for advance becomes decisive. From spirit proceeds the energy, the allocating phenomena force to influence consciousness. At first the spirit itself puts in the phenomenon it is character and degree of the attracting force, and then itself becomes his voluntary prisoner. If the phenomenon has the power over consciousness, the spirit enclosed this power in him. And time enclosed spirit in him that can from it and be released. The person lives under the power of the various potentials as though connected with things and the phenomena of the outside world and influencing it. But this power is given by him. If the potential of energy of the highest order – the highest attraction works. The person – the lord of the world – consciously or unconsciously creates and generates grain of these energy which and influence then it. Beget and cleaner of the generations if they are insolvent. Therefore what there were these attractions, they are admissible only under one condition – in the presence of ardent aspiration of spirit to a way to the highest. When the aspiration hangs, monsters rise in all growth and rush on the unlucky earthling. You store aspiration fire over all desires and conditions terrestrial. Nothing is terrible and nothing can stop until its sacred fire burns.

96. Write. Biases of judgments not avoid if in analysis of situation to remain only that was. After all life go forward, and its expression changes. With old measures it is impossible to approach to a measure of today if it is desirable to avoid mistakes. After all due changes will come, they should be seen. Meanwhile that was, and that will be, its character and coloring needs to be scented if we don't want to live in peace ghosts. The future will be made; the way to it lies through today and tomorrow. And heart has to scent coloring of the present day. Evidence a platform for judgments can't be. But also it is necessary to look at it impartially, it is necessary to trust ardently and unexpectedly to wait. And it is better to wait and not to wait ardently as it was done by apostles in Great Service, than, having rejected hope, to decay alive in a standing bog, where stagnation of decomposition.

97. Ability acquired demands careful attitude, differently can be lost. Let's not judge, well or poorly written but if fire creative burns, it doesn't do to extinguish it. Who knows, how many centuries of constant efforts and aspiration were required that it lit up. Therefore ability approved follows carefully will refine. Construction and creativity go on the Beam. If it not always corresponds to mood, so something not fine with mood, but not with creative ability earned. Already I Spoke: the aspiration has to be unconditional. The basis of life can't depend on good luck or failure of developing events. The plan of Lords is immutable. Details depend on a combination of local conditions. The Plan though details of its implementation can change is invariable, submitting to expediency of the general task. Сатиа the South will be changed by Earth face. The mankind will change. Other times will come. Karma personal and karma universal is in one wheel. Changes will concern all aspects of life, but first of all – General Welfare. General, but not the personal is. And personal it will be sacrificed to the General while the General Welfare won't uplift personal to it and they won't merge in happiness universal. And personal it won't be opposed any more to the General because they will go hand in hand in organization of life terrestrial, but it in the future. Nowadays darkness so it was condensed that future fires sank in twilight, closing a hopelessness circle. It is necessary to fight against seduction of darkness. The citadel of darkness is destroyed. There were only consequences and how they were heavy, Beams fiery dissect a gloom. I see how relatives choke with a pressure unreasonable, but full and final to resist a victory spirit and in the spirit of it is necessary. The highest wave is the most powerful. Having reached apogee, waves of consequences will start marketing and decreasing and when Light promised will begin to shine, it won't be joyful not resisted. Force of a chain is measured on the weakest link, strength of mind – on time to the most intense. It isn't enough to resist, rolling in light of Beams sent and felt but how to resist silly elements? Let's call the Image of the Teacher, thought and heart love to the Lord we will fill, firmness we will strengthen, knowing that retreat isn't present.

98. I consider that all darkness gathered can't block a way to spirit. Truly so: how the darkness was strong, it is temporary, and in it its weakness. But the spirit is eternal, and the impulse of life pulsing in it by aspiration to evolution is eternal. On the Highest Plans where there is a matter and elements counteraction, but there is no hierarchy dark, this circumstance is expressed especially brightly. Everything seeks to develop the potential, overcoming moment conditions. As affairs will be and on Earth because the Satan it is finished. As soon as crops angry will be gets rid and are neutralized, living conditions the terrestrial will change in a root. It will be possible to observe how the periods of disbalance will be reduced while won't come to naught at all. Now a lot of things are still mixed in a disorder. The planet will recover. It is necessary to speak about the future because the present doesn't satisfy much. There is nothing in this world terrestrial that could be compared to magnificence of the future Light. Therefore the present can be undergone for the sake of the future. But it is necessary to undergo up to the end while Light won't come. Consolation not in the present, but in the future is. In the present is only work for the sake of the future, work creative, work victorious. Let's work for Light and Hierarchy!

99. It isn't necessary to be surprised to that thoughts sent a time don't correspond to personal thinking and even contradict it. The personality terrestrial is result of the past. My thoughts cannot hold in its limited circle, and then especially strong it is necessary to manage to depart and rise from it as though aside and to conduct Record, without reckoning with, whether it is pleasant small "I" terrestrial or not, whether corresponds to a trifle or surpasses it, and, perhaps, much more. Well also it is useful to note this two various types of thinking: the small – from egoism, and big, from the Teacher going. And when contradictions increase, any of two of these types of thinking has to suffer, and any the will has to prefer, and any has to dominate. Certainly, My thoughts are contrary to interests, desires and thoughts of the old person in you. He thinks only of it and the personal interests. But the Doctrine is given for development of Identity and in its interests. I speak: through sufferings we come to Light. But who wants to suffer voluntary? That is whose small "I" accept sufferings willingly? The identity of sufferings doesn't want. Even Christ Redeemer Say: "Yes this bowl passes Me". It words of the personality, Identity already claimed: "However, not as I want, but as You. Yes there will be your will". So the conflict between the personality and Identity is the integral step of ascension of spirit. Fight is inevitable, and Identity has to win. The Teacher of thought necessary Sends to the help. And these thoughts don't belong to the lowest. Manage to separate the lowest from the highest and to prefer the last. Manage to imprint thoughts regardless of the fact that they persons aren't conformable, and her leisure intrudes upon, and to her desires don't correspond. Never I Spoke about merge of egoism to My Consciousness. The highest unites with the highest, and personal and egoism remain below, left by their owner. The one, who puts Business of the Teacher before itself, on a right way and victorious! Let's not be confused two types of thinking. The divergence between them will be phenomenon until the highest won't win and won't subordinate the lowest.

100. When replacing the old building new the first collapses, the good and kind stuff is selected for new construction, the litter is rejected. At change the South occurs destruction of the old world, the material human suitable from old places is cleaned, the space litter goes to the processing, all suitable is applied at new creation of the society, all replaced and all rejected cry out about injustice. But evolution isn't considered with persons, at least them was millions. For General Welfare interests universal in planetary and evolutionary scope cause selection and construction. The forms unsuitable to life, evolution destroys. They die out, degenerate and replaced with the new. At change the South process is accelerated. Millions garbage go to in processing. Millions are cleaned from the places and replaced with the new. Old in case of suitability receive new application. The whole races, the states, the people are wiped out by a relentless course of evolution. Egypt blossomed and fell. Babylon blossomed and fell. Rome blossomed and fell. Hundred examples of history say that evolution doesn't spare anybody and anything. The period of blossoming is followed by the period of decline and death of become obsolete form. New is born and lives, old degenerates, grows decrepit and dies. Where new, there is life and lifting of an evolutionary spiral and blossoming. Where the old is drying up, collision and death. With the new is life, with old is death. With the New World is lifting on a crest of a spiral wave of evolution and blossoming, with the world old – decomposition, aging and final leaving from a historical scene? Therefore I Speak: the world old is doomed by laws of historical irreversibility and the relentless law of evolution. Builders are called for building of the New World and new society on new conditions of public relationship. Who lays the hand to creation of the New World how there was a difficult and excessive task is keeps in line with evolution. Who against is doomed to death and opponent Light because evolution of the future bears to mankind Light. And if personal interests suffer for General Welfare and interests of evolution, the victim brought are justified by laws of life and come true for the sake of ascension of all mankind as a whole. We see disorders of the cities once great kingdoms. Everything went to oblivion, everything is betrayed death. Against evolution it is impossible to fight – defeat inevitably. Division of a planet into the worlds New and old isn't casual. Great division precedes death of the old world and blossoming and prosperity New. And for each personal consciousness there is a fatal question: with whom and with what? No justifications will rescue from relentless consequences if the decision goes with the world old. It is better to die in fight for the statement of the New World, than in satiety and content to roll in the old. Not about personal, but General Welfare there is a speech. Who chose a bowl of General Welfare, the personal has to renounce – the egoism is incompatible with creation of the New World. These are past grins grimaces; there is no place to them in future tracings; anything before evolution personal sufferings and death of millions, - but before shining greatness of the future new mankind of Satia Yugi – anything all sufferings human. On works is and fruits, on a payment – and receiving, on efforts – and awards, on difficulties of the present – and Light of the future. That from this that to someone is difficult intolerable and someone doesn't maintain. Evolution goes forward, approving new forms of life. And if someone, without having sustained, dies, progress of the people from it won't stop. In the course of life the personality is the phenomenon temporary, doomed to destruction and replacement with the personality new with each next embodiment. The personality is a temporary cover, the attire of Identity given by it on one life for the purpose of accumulation of the next necessary experience of life. In itself identity of value has no. In case of unsuccessfully developed private life any or one of a number of embodiments the entire movie of life of this personality is erased from Identity records, without leaving a trace. Identity not only from it loses nothing, but, on the contrary – wins. Therefore persons, the, the stranger, it isn't necessary to attach significance not belonging to it. For evolution all forms of life – only temporary covers doomed to destruction by means of which forms of its expression and the statement more perfect are reached. Form on her as that is the phenomenon temporary and fateful. Therefore it isn't necessary neither to connect itself, nor to identify itself with this form and to consider it as true Identity of the person. Therefore also sufferings are anything before magnificence of the purpose final. Only the highest wisdom gives a life and suffering justification. Happy or sad dreams of life terrestrial only in the light of evolution and awareness of inviolability of eternity of spirit can be understood. And if I Give My World to you, the World My other-worldly passing and changing forms. Therefore I Speak about the Spirit Stronghold, about luminosity in indestructible and death not subject; therefore I Approve life among destruction of death and changes of form a constant. About life I Speak and for understanding of life I Call. About life I Speak and for understanding of life I Call. Evolution dense can be accepted, having only understood the life law. Otherwise the consciousness will sink in horrors of senseless death and incessant sufferings. I want that comprehended each step of life and each step. Evaded from creation of the New World of a merit won't have. To old the turned – with it also will arrive. New is new. Courage doesn’t lose. Especially darkly is before the dawn.