Agni Yoga's facets, 1961

1961. 001. (Jan. 1). At interaction the joint of consciousnesses their force to increase tenfold, also and light full and sunken stands of thought. Long experience every day of fritting’s to confirm this on of the affair. Confluence in the spirit of with the Lord gives rise to unfading Light. From where is exhaustibility of thoughts? From where fire not going out heart? From where force of opposition to darkness? The lord staying in heart, He creates. So, we will do justice to Light, which has concerned us, and strong we will light appreciation fires. Awareness of power of the Power source will increase yours and will strengthen relations. It is necessary to think of it more often because the dark rack doesn't doze, trying to stop each thread of communication. Continued and every day in beams of morning Holy Alliance in Common and Proximity with the Teacher of Light is approved again; because, ardent disharmony of terrestrial vanity darkens light of Light and obscures light understanding of Proximity. It is possible to spend day in ardent aspiration to keep brightness of Communication of morning and to carry by it not belittled through waves of day impressions. It isn't so difficult to feel reality of Communication as to keep this feeling among day, in living conditions of the usual. But if we don't learn understanding of continuous Presence here, on the earth as we will hold it there, in Elevated, among the aggravated conditions of the Thin World and whirlwinds astral. Approved here will proceed there. Any achievement won't be lost because remains in the Bowl. So the sphere of that it is necessary to make and that should be reached to increase the saved up extends. Stagnation is condemned, but We Welcome the directed heart and desire of action. At external scarcity of the surrounding inexhaustibility of riches and opportunities of internal life of spirit reveals. That us everything, that around, when to open the Treasury of Space Thought and when approved the Proximity of the Lord is. And the major task is it to hold. So again we will strengthen a constant memory about the most necessary, continuous prestanding and brightness of Shape of the Teacher in the third eye. To ardent fury of darkness we will oppose quiet understanding of permanent continuous Presence in the spirit of the Teacher of Light and indestructible power of balance. To fury of an unrestrained astral in others we will oppose the unshakable peace of mind approved on understanding of invisible Presence of The one to Whom transmitted the spirit and its destiny forever. And as small and insignificant grimaces and a madness of an astral and pity all attempts of his dark inspirers and whispers will seem then. Greatness of Light and invincibility it we will oppose to a pettiness of darkness of shifts. Light is eternal, but temporarily darkness! The spirit is eternal, but the body and burden of conditions terrestrial is temporary. And Light will win this ardent struggle with darkness.
002. Live in hope of the future. The beam of prosperity can be sent both to the future, and to the present. How many invisible arrows my Hand before you could recover and restore balance broke? Hope of the future our enemies want to kill, to kill it present. We participate in events there where we direct consciousness. It belongs both to big, and to small, and to life of certain people. The consciousness directed in this or that sphere, area or on any object, influences them and takes part that happens in them or to them. Channels of influence and participation in the events are so created is far or close. Usually energy of consciousness is spent for a direct environment, but range of thought isn't limited to distance and works outside distances. Than more consciousness is enclosed in thought and it is more certain, is more accurate also aspirating It is best of all to assimilate it to an arrow, and sending is to the shooter. Sent thoughts comprise an accurate and clear picture of desirable result, and elements of the astral nature are excluded from it – the thought is pure, monolithic, is passionless. On vibrations being higher also the thought astral is thinner, it neutralizes the last and extinguishes it. It is very easy to check it on experience, having met whirlwinds of violent emotions of an astral an arrow of passionless, cold, reserved thought. As the soap bubble will burst a ball of astral emotions and will hang powerlessly (to a tatter it is similar) on aura of beget. It is necessary to be protected from uncontrollability of astral attacks skillfully, a strong hand holding a blade of the perfected thought. And not that is important that is told at this moment but that is thought. The person lives in the ocean of continuous collisions of mental waves, and comes out the winner what thought is stronger. Fire of balance, tranquility and impassivity is the highest. Even the love without balance is weakened by a convulsion that is disbalance influence. As if the sent arrow is attached for a lace, which pulls it from time to time in the opposite direction. It is necessary to tell about balance still a lot of things. This basis of power of human spirit can't be realized, without having long experience in psych equipment of thought. Fire of thought is cemented by will. When the will dominates over feelings of the person, force him to rise.
003. (Jan. 2). How the question of education of the will was difficult, this process finally is reduced to restraint of an astral and its full submission to spirit. The astral is only a cover, the conductor, the spirit tool, but not spirit. It is possible to live perfectly without any emotions and still to remain the full-fledged person, anything thus without having lost. The sphere of an astral concerns the lowest scale of life without which the expanded consciousness can do absolutely freely. In the course of evolution of mankind the step when the astral conductor, having executed the evolutionary appointment will come, becomes absolutely unnecessary. But certain people already approached to this step and from here fight: there for the domination over an astral, an astral – for the existence. Ardent life of this cover especially violently display on the example of the drunkard, the addict, the gambler or a sexual, but people can live without these defects and succeed in the development and enjoy life and ascend, that is do what the unbridled astral deprives of it. Therefore it is better to exclude absolutely it from the sphere of activity of consciousness, than to obey to it. Both "vlasyanitsa", and self-flagellation, and other extremes of asceticism show, fight against this strong was how aggravated by a resisting cover. It is nowadays bridled by the uniform beginning of spirit. To lead an astral to silence – means them to seize. His emotions are infectious awfully; they are transferred from the person to the person by aura radiations, causing in conformable auras similar vibrations. Constantly and everywhere people surrounding them on the same key in which sound force to vibrate. Self-protection of the microcosm from external this infection has to be constant and sharp-sighted. Otherwise the person assimilates to a market puppet that starts moving as soon as someone starts pulling a thread conducting to it. In the same way pull nerves of the person astral vibrations of unrestrained covers of people surrounding it, and then it wriggles and breaks, as if a doll at theater, on a fun of a set of the spiteful eyes rejoicing from the astral world to the created evil. But their victims are blind and continue to wriggle and wound each other and to sadden to greater pleasure of the spitefully looking. Occurs angrily not personal, but spatial and a kingly of the last sparkles of light and in those who is victims of own astral emotions, and around.
004. (2 o'clock in the afternoon). To provide itself on test to spatial fire – means its manifestations and reaction to consciousness to test on itself, on own experience, in all acuteness of experiences. The fires are closely connected with fires of space and fires in other people, and therefore acceptance on themselves world pains not a symbol, not the fairy tale, but ardent reality of the increased consciousness. Drain of a poison bowl usually goes through people, besides, to addition and over process of repayment of the surrounding imperfection sating spheres around. Sustain this double loading the few can. But the one, who passes this most difficult test, seizes fire and multiplies power of the will. The payment is great, but and achievement radiant. Courage, firmness and firmness – here those qualities of spirit which are necessary thus, and over them – their binding balance is a superior quality of spirit. Let's so victoriously go and will reach top, despite everything, because you go with Me.
005. (Jan. 2). Overcoming of and victory over are reached by thought. If desirable quality doesn't suffice forces to approve at present, to think of it forces always will suffice. The persistent and persistent thought of desirable achievement will grow and become stronger in consciousness, and when it will save up enough forces, desirable quality will be approved already with little effort. If, only the aspiration in heart burned wished to reach. It is possible to present it already possessing this quality and showing it to lives. Also it will enter into life and becomes real and strong. Auto-suggestion it is possible to strengthen process. It is possible to bring in it a rhythm and every day to find for it the necessary time. Remaining the same, not enter into Light area. The light attire of spirit needs to be got: it is created by light of fires of approved qualities. In the imagination in the future it is possible to see itself the owner of any quality. This of thought-forms at sufficient consolidation will surely be embodied in action and will prove in life. Direct fight against shortcomings or weaknesses of spirit, like a not thinking about a polar bear, demands a lot of unnecessary tension, but the roundabout track will lead to the same purpose in the area of the smallest resistance. Recent experience with auto-suggestion was successful – it is possible to strengthen it, applying thus a rhythm and consolidation thought-forms already to the statement of other and more difficult quality. What pleasure to realize that it is possible to approve by such way in itself any quality of spirit and to be exempted from any shortcoming! Clarification of thinking is made too by this way. In a worthy look to the World Thin it is necessary to prepare for transition in advance that unexpectedly for not to be among undesirable neighbors and in the sphere, to its corresponding. After all and the attraction to spheres various goes on luminosity of aura and on character of the elements entering into it. The person, all the life rolling in dirty thoughts and suddenly wanted to be cleared, will get nevertheless to layers corresponding if, despite the most sincere desire, he didn't finish clarification. It is necessary to reconsider all back streets of consciousness and to throw out everything that doesn't correspond to the reached step of understanding. But difficulty of process is facilitated by application of the specified method, and clarification of thinking becomes achievable. Each dirty thought which has remained unnoticed to memory in storage, will come up outside and will show the account to beget when it will be in Elevated, carrying away it on lower step of a ladder of life. Therefore revision of the made accumulation has to be made before transition of Great Borders that the attire of spirit was snow-white. Can't approach contrary to the Law Teacher to itself what clothes are dirty. The law of the accord operates spheres in which one incarnation spirits stay, and everyone takes in them the place in exact compliance of radiations of its aura with vibrations of the sphere by conformable it. Someone would like to rise above, but a magnet of aura stronger and pulls it on Wednesday inherent in aura. On the earth both good and bad people adjoin often, but there division is protected by the Law and guards of spheres. Put hierarchically, they are rather strong not to allow illegal invasion into inadequate spheres. After posthumous fight between the highest and lowest principles of the person and the subsequent clarification everyone goes in conformable to it the sphere and occupies that height which reached. But preliminary work of clarification of consciousness is made on the earth because that is approved here, will be claimed there, and that is rejected here, rejected as well in World Aboveground.
006. (Jan. 3). Let going after read and see that the way is laid by works of the one who passed them earlier to them, breaking through space. On the laid way it is much easier to go, than to punch it. Thought in future space it is laid a way to spirit following That Who Conducts. Many would like to go ahead, but at scarcity of thought and inability ahead a spatial treasury will use is empty. Gets rid thought not to set forward. But where take new thoughts? From the Teacher is of Light. But how take them even if its existence doesn't admit? It is necessary to follow those who access has to the Teacher of Light and to area of thoughts it. Therefore: or to take from the Teacher of Light, or from those who takes from It, or to stand still. Many don't have, live loan of the stranger. But the Teacher speaks: all yours, come and take. The thought poor minds, denying the Teacher of Light are fruitless, though their voice is loud. The sowers, impregnating thought space, and rarefy of spheres are necessary. But as it isn't enough of them, the loading, which is laying down on little, is heavy. The teacher gives strength, necessary to sustain up to the end.
007. (Jan. 4). The consciousness eats light. Communication by light sates consciousness, as the Sun – a plant. (M. A. Y.). . I send caress of heart and with it love. People have feelings and their attachments temporarily, at Us are constant. If we Love, - is forever. Supervision over itself will approach a partition of conductors and opportunity to work separately in each of them. But it is necessary that also the will got stronger. The will is a lever of power of spirit. The body, but not spirit grows old. Gets rid time comes nearer. Continuous fight and continuous overcoming is a basis of advance of spirit. Otherwise advance isn't present. The spent effort to yield results can't but. It is inaudible and invisible to an eye the spirit ear is poured. Most is difficult mastering by thought. It is reached by continuous training. At each this moment it is possible to send thought to the necessary course, avoiding a different thinking. It is very harmful because conducts to decomposition. Show on necessity of overcoming of in the field of activity of thought. How to begin? Thought of opportunity overcome everything. Step of mental overcoming of an obstacle – the most important: without it is impossible. Emphasis is on thought. There are no such obstacles which couldn't be overcome thought. Having overcome an obstacle in thoughts (mentally), strengthen thought, it won't be embodied yet in action already external. If there are no results, the thought is, so weak, so doubts, fluctuations and uncertainty clipped her wings. It is necessary strong to remember: we will reach the goal because together we go.
008. (Jan. 5). Gift is on consciousness. In the ancient time to temples brought gifts. Spirit gifts are nowadays brought. What can bring everyone going to the Lord? Best, that has! Best thoughts, the best feelings, the best moods, the best words and affairs. The Lord wants you to see vigorous, strong, directed. Fires of heart will be the best gift. Earlier in temples gets rid fires. Nowadays in the temple of heart there is a flame go out, and this fire will be the best gift to the Lord. "What I can bring to You, the Lord? » – So begins the day the pupil. Gift it will be spatial and therefore all-useful. Service of heart goes at fires because service is fiery. Also it is possible to imagine as among twilight of life the lit heart shines. Truly, this is exposition of the highest, that in it is. Such execution of Light among life usual will be a feat. Service on the forces and understanding is so made. The lamp of the heart can be lit consciously, voluntary and by order of will, replacing darkness in itself with Light. If the consciousness is laboratory for all feelings, it follows from this that these feelings or a feeling-knowledge and thoughts can be created most instead of being their passive object. They can be created or under the influence of surrounding, or the person creates them, irrespective of the environment and at the will. Purpose is service to Light and of fight with darkness. And if the sad dullness around managed to be rarefied the light is will be the best gift of evolution and to the world. Rarefy's so isn't enough darkness. Who will want to assume a problem of spatial service? She isn't visible to surrounding people and awards don’t give. And a feat hidden will note only the Teacher and Karmas of the Lord. And only in Elevated the Carrier of Light the merit crowns, lifting it to spheres, conformable to light. Ask often: "What to do? » To the world bear light in the microcosm is and to the world, and people. Each overcome in itself a clouding, despondency, irritation or any negative condition will be a gift to the Lord and the benefits to the Earth even, when alone, even when anybody doesn't see. In the far mountains, invisible and unknown to the world, stay on Great Service of Yoga – Light Carriers.
009. (Jan. 6). All the time which is and will be, is at the disposal of the person and therefore he can reach everything that wants. Astral in the display is bi-polar. Mastering by movement in this conductor, occurring on one from of polar, leads to control over a movement display on a pole opposite, - not become attached to anything, and you will have nothing to lose; not rejoice to anything, and you won't cry. Don't allow an astral to be shown on one of poles, and its opposite pole will break off. It also is the basis of impassivity and the lever for astral submission, a key to the power over it. The astral is the center, a citadel and the egoism center, and all its experiences flow about themselves. Egoistical, personal grief and pleasure are so far from concept of General Welfare, exactly the general, but not the personal. Absence of egoistical pleasure doesn't deprive of the person of feeling of pleasure super personal or pleasures space. They as are various among themselves, as Light and darkness. Gloating and pleasure of egoism are near the friend from the friend by the nature. Impassivity is reached, when the astral becomes silent and movement in this cover stops. It is difficult to fight against an astral grief, but the astral enthusiasm or pleasure can be stopped in their origin. Joyful jumps of a calf on a meadow not from wisdom – they are followed by plaintive bleating and full helplessness. The doctrine specifies not to rejoice and not mourn too, and, we Will add, even then, when it concerns pleasure impersonal because the step of pleasure space isn't reached yet, balance keeps hardly. Basis of strength of mind and its power – balance. And therefore at the beginning of process of his statement it is necessary to counterbalance the movements happening in an astral. Also be underline to be surprised, not to be surprised to nothing. It belongs to the phenomena of the same order. The power of the Lord is based on complete equilibrium of spirit. On everything occurring around, the astral doesn't react in any way – here an ideal to which the pupil directs. In a voice, in a look, in movements and gestures, in emotions and feelings strong the astral cover aspires it display. These display – its food. They are enemies of balance, enemies of the person, and jailers of his spirit. Each emotion the person of gives to an astral because not he, but his egoism, an irrepressible astral, has control over a pointer to slavery and subordinates to itself mental activity of consciousness. Both it is possible to rejoice and to smile, but not on a fun to an astral. The clown is bridled by an iron hand. It is possible to track as he acts. All laugh, he laughs also; all cry, he cries also; all run in an animal paroxysm of fear, it rushes also; all shiver from imperil, he is angry also. So, imitating and catching, it does everything that people do, without knowing I will hold, control. But why to be the clown or a monkey when in others it is possible not to react to astral display in any way, that is phenomenon balance. Why to overcome the highest tops are not always in power – when it is possible to begin during the day on small things the statement of the Fiery Yoga conducting to achievement of power of spirit. After all the way lies through itself because the person and is this way. How many unipolar movements of an astral happen in a day, it is so much and opportunities to operate their antipodes. They are small and insignificant, but are great and сияюща the goal which is reached them by restraint. It is possible and to direct to it in understanding of that everything is achievable.
010. (Jan. 7). We apply the best measures to setting forward. At times "best" in our and your understanding differ. At full merge of consciousnesses of it isn't present. The Teacher Gives the best that the karma allows. But why it is so often forgotten? At first pay debts. After repayment of old debt of change won't slow down: and new people will come, and new conditions. Are anxious with create tolerant living conditions. (They are now intolerant.) But the lessons given by life, strong are necessary. Textures of karma are difficult. Threads of communication with these textures are torn when energy (karmas) is settled. "There is a Prince of this World, and has in me no anything", – the basic formula applied at end (elimination and a gap) karmic bonds of this or that order and release from them. The karma stops the action because has already no anything in the consciousness released from it. We bring new understanding of overcoming of karma. Imagine that the astral is bridled and broke off. How many karmic influences will be affectless and will lose the force and the power over consciousness. How many karmic influences will be affectless and will lose the force and the power over consciousness. The person exempts himself from how many karmic consequences! The karma continues to work, but it lifts itself (himself) over it, and blows slide on consciousness, without causing sufferings. Someone offended, stung, stole, wanted to cause trouble, but the astral is bridled and broke off and doesn't react any more to these blows – the consciousness isn't vulnerable because stays at the highest step. And a karma, having received on accounts, it is carried by. The debt is paid, without having caused damage which is caused if the astral reacted to all this usually. Impregnable nasty there is a winner of an astral. All thoughts of an allure directed by a dark hand, surround consciousness. But the broken-off astral doesn't answer them and isn't involved in the placed snare. Here the impulse arose to give in to gets rid weakness, but it right there droops because it isn't supported by an astral. So overcoming and a victory over an astral cover will be near a victory over a karmic consequences and their neutralization. Overcoming of karma is made by overcoming of the lowest nature and the statement of the power and a primacy of spirit over it. And when the winner that there are on him waves of karmic influences can tell, but have in him no anything, achievement it is great and the victory is brilliant. To a victory of the Lord Conducts! Let's remember words of the Teacher: "This are Told by Me to you that you had in Me the world, in the world will have grief, but take heart because I Won against the world". The victory over the world consists in a great victory over because that wins all who will manage to win against it (himself). Look for here, look for there, dream of achievements and seek for them, but all achievements, all success, all prosperity consists in overcoming of and a victory over.
011. (Jan. 8). My friend, sometimes it is necessary to think well that prevents to go on the way if the desire to move is, and speed of movement doesn't correspond to power of desire. Inside two: one solves, and another disturbs the decision. One wants to concentrate on the Teacher, and another, disturbing, is engaged at this time in thoughts of the terrestrial. And often disturbing overcomes. And after all it is possible to achieve that the decision and execution didn't disperse on an iota. This intervention of the counteracting beginning in itself especially strong is expressed in the field of thoughts and feelings. Also there is a person divided in him, and his advance is slowed down. It is necessary to find any methods of overcoming of this internal counteraction. It turns out after all that in one consciousness two owners and one disturb another. The consciousness has to be monolithic. The house divided in, won't resist against whirlwinds. It is easy to notice thus as whirlwinds terrestrial influence consciousness and fill it with the emanations. Immunity against rage of terrestrial vanity has to be approved. Why to allow that it entirely captured consciousness, excluding for a while all the rest? I advise in the heat of vanity when terrestrial conditions demand all consciousness, it to give part nevertheless to me and mine, and the Name My repeating and having caused the Face, this reception to weaken an impact of conditions terrestrial. It is impossible to allow that the most necessary was completely excluded from a consciousness field. Light can't be replaced with darkness, even for a while because it leaves the trace and stirs advance speeds. Better everything whatever became to do with Me, premising to each action thought of Me. Anything, except advantage, won't be if to execute this decree. It is necessary at last, after so many years of aspirations, fight and efforts to find the basis for uninterrupted communication with Me. After all if this communication can be held during Communication and perception of thoughts and records them why it can't be made in usual living conditions, not much time remained for oil burning in an icon lamp. Whether it is better to spend the remained days in the accord with the highest aspirations of spirit? Whether it is difficult? Difficult! It is possible to execute? It is possible. Commitment it is possible to reach and commensurability too. To clothe in a constant prayer – the ancient precept says. So, continuous pretending is reached in the different ways. But the closest is Love. Where is favorite ours, - there and heart, there and thoughts, there and consciousness. It is possible to strengthen love all desire of heart. It is possible to allocate time for that to think of it and of how to deepen it and to decorate. It is possible; everything can be reached if to want that rather strongly. Thoughts and heart should be put to that as force to increase desires. So it is necessary to make that the thought of Me and merge in thoughts with Me would be constant.
012. With a burden heavy quickly it is impossible to go. Freight heavy should be dumped. The dumped more; the easier go. Release from unnecessary load – too a problem of the present day.
013. (Jan. 9). New day bears with itself new understanding and more expanded consciousness. Therefore it is repeated nothing, but everything is deepened and expanded. It on the one hand, and with another: the truth real same always, but only different aspects it, depending on growth and a consciousness step are given. Therefore there is nothing new under the Sun, though there is it in the east every day updated, the same uniform Sun for our system of the worlds. In transfer of the space truth there is a known continuity and the sequence which spirals are measured for eyelids and in the millennia, and everyone the subsequent is developed at higher level. It is demanded by evolution of the real. The truth is uniform for all worlds, but a form of its expression different. It is also uniform and in time, though is conformable to an era and the people to which it is given, and corresponds to a step of its evolution. Ignorance under external forms doesn't see a uniform root, but wisdom isn't confused distinction of external covers because sees that is hidden under them. Certainly, for this purpose it is necessary to take primary sources as the latest stratifications often distort initial sense. The unity of space thought endures centuries and crystals of primary provisions shine over stratifications of times. But often distortions of stratifications prevent to accept new aspect of the same space truth, and then the past becomes the antagonist of evolution. Adherents of the past defend not truth, but ghosts and phantoms of what isn't present, and join itself ranks of opponents of Light. Thinking, at the best, that protect Light, darkness protect, in the worst become conscious employees dark. The truth shines as a sword sharing darkness from Light, and involves in the orbit of people, the truth of the conformable.
014. The lord sends the Beam. But the Beam demands understanding. The stub of the Beam doesn't realize, as well as the one who isn't ready. The understanding is fuller, deeper and more continuous, the Beam more strongly works. All should meet it heart open as birds meet a sun beam in the mornings. Have the Beam is happiness of the few. All strength of mind and hearts it is necessary to reveal towards to the Beam. Also it is necessary that remained shined any back street of soul where the darkness that it was easier to reject all superfluous could nestle. The monastery I Will create in heart. To Me strong opened in all completeness of aspiration. It also will be heart return to the Lord and his full-legend to me. It is necessary to feel heart free, having sent it up and without weakening a rush mistrust, doubts. I am with you always, but not always you with Me, and not all heart, and not all spirit. Results depend on you. Power of aspiration depends on completeness of understanding to my Proximity also. To the term phenomenon the essential is sent the Beam. My house this is. The house is heart you’re, given to me forever, undividedly, irrevocably, irrevocably, entirely and certainly. I reply strong on an ardent warm appeal. Wash, itself to Me full-strings betrayed, rejoice to the phenomenon of a victory over darkness, you surrounded and strong wanting to tear away you from Me, you – the son, from Me – from the Father. All consciousness the Beam, then perception of its Light orotundly meets. Also in silence it is possible to stay with Me because there will be it fruitful. And the more you will give unnecessary load you will receive in exchange more. One is simple is replaced with another, but more the best, the easiest and light. The nature doesn't suffer emptiness. Both the heavy burden and litter saved up are replaced with Light. Light is almost weightless on measures terrestrial. Clean heart – a throne in the spirit temple. Fire there burns constantly, as a sign of service constant and prestandings continuous. Soldier Mine if you understood that the Image of the Teacher of Light in the third eye, constant means!! ! My son, it is possible, it is possible to reach this step if immensely to wish that. I Won't hide, not the victory for nothing got, and forces considerable were set by darkness.
015. (M. A. Y.). And now about Aboveground! Go there all after death and to everyone a place on consciousness. What consciousness, its nature and aspiration, are that a place and a layer. The law of compliances is faultless and works automatically. Each aspiration and desire is focus of an attraction of thin conditions, related to them on the tonality. The love or hatred or any other feelings approve lines of an attraction of magnetic forces. The creator of the karma elevated – the person on the earth where it in the conditions of dense creates an elevated karma.
016. (Jan. 10). In new understanding many concepts gain other, profound value. For an example we will take the floor "rescue". To rescue soul or the soul to lose that to find it, means to reject old idea of and of the world, to replace it new and, having expanded the consciousness, the new sky to see and New Earth. All process happens inside where regeneration of consciousness or its transformation is made. Clericalism set the seal to many representations and concepts and deprived of them vitality because itself it is dead. The muzzle which has been put on thought, it is necessary to dump. Fanatic, obscurantism, fanaticism, ignorance is all of them from the same nest. The religion has the right to existence until it is the leading beginning, but loses it, becoming the beginning detaining evolution. It is possible to call many phenomena, strong going against evolution: inquisition, indulgences, scholastic, ascetic, dogma, sectarians, religious wars, philosophy of Jesuits, monasteries – as a life antithesis, and so on, further and further. All this is dead forms, having lost the right at of life. It is told: "You don't pray differently, but in the spirit of", – and even this precept in a root is broken. So Light phenomena, regenerating and gets rid itself, to stand itself own contrast and negative itself of the fundamental principles. Can be an example: the first Christians pursued, tormented by animals on the arena both burned live, and inquisition, - or the Pupils of the Christ, bearing His Word, and magnificence of a papal mansion and vestments. It is a lot of absurd in lives, which the reason free can't accept. Speak about freedom much, but think of release of thought from century slavery a little; and many consciousnesses pine in dungeons of the stiffened and deathly thoughts. The last great revolution on Earth will be in the field of thought. It will give to mankind wings for distant flights in space. Space will approach and the knowledge will give all the Worlds – hidden and visible.
017. (Jan. 11). Tone of the spatial note, sounding pleasure or melancholy, it is impossible to change any reasons or thoughts. The distinguished centers react to it sharply. The burden of the world is born inevitably by the one who concerned the spatial ocean. Drain of a bowl – a step of ascending spirit. Also it is possible to add only and, having added, to tell: take the cross and a burden of this World and follow Me. It is possible to tell, but wanting so to follow it is impossible to find... almost... Who will want to add to the cares still the world? But the Bowl of General Welfare at which acceptance personal recedes into the background and ceases to have taking priority value is offered. So the care of the general reduces care of and super personal covers with itself personal. The center of mental activity is transferred from itself to people and then to the mankind ocean. Than the care of people, especially above-person it is broader. It doesn't exclude execution of a personal karma because debts it is necessary to pay under all conditions. Everything put only in how to bear the cross, following the Teacher of Light. The karma is born by all. No, not bearing. It is necessary to bear how there was a life, and it is necessary to pay bills. It is better to do it adequately and as it would occur in the presence of the Teacher. Honest people pay monetary debts unconditionally. Even the gambling-debt is considered a debt of honor. Here also consider as a debt of honor each karmic debt and you pay it, observing the person, and the main thing, without losing spirit advantage. If something is inevitable, that is better to meet it as it befits chosen the way to the Lord. How many complaints, how many complaints, how many moaning that unties karmic bonds that should rejoice in understanding of release from last chains. So it is necessary to live and arrive not to impose on itself new chains, and to create to people good at any opportunity to volume because the good doesn't burden karma. The karma is burdened by darkness and affairs from darkness. Strong it is necessary to think of how to discharge the karma.
018. (Jan. 12). 018. (January. 12). My son, I Apply attention improving a direct environment and create more favorable conditions for collaboration. Certainly, people around disturb, and especially close, breaking invasion of the moods a current of perceptions. For perception of thoughts known isolation is necessary. But some months were required to resume contact. At change of a place the invariable should try to hold it. If it was possible to present, how many energy are directed on breaking it and from within and from the outside. And the main counteraction goes from own consciousness – the thought not subordinated to will governs. Mastering by thought is an inevitable barrier on a way which needs to be overcome. Commensurability first of all concerns thought area. If the thought corresponds to the elected of a way, it is commensurable. But there are a lot of thoughts unnecessary and harmful and strong the stirring. If only to dismiss unnecessary ideas, advance on the way would become prompt. If emphasis is placed on thought, it is necessary to direct efforts in it on this course. Everything depends on the thought, all feelings and actions of the person. It is necessary to think of thought.
019. (Jan. 13). If the Teacher was we compel to move away from time to time to the desert not to be torn to pieces mentally, it only proves, how sharp-sightedly it is necessary to be preserved against influences human. "House" enemies are called not in vain because most often influence goes from them and through them. Light is so unusual that there is no everything to carriers of its indifferent relation, and that from darkness, strong seeks to extinguish it. Therefore hold fire of spirit and to protect it from violation by darkness of the ordinary difficultly extraordinary. A lot of attention should be put to that and efforts and it is necessary to arrive on patrol.
020. The astral eats emotions in it and in others. If it hasn't enough of, it causes them in people around, trying to force to vibrate others conductors in unison with the. It too is one from of types of vampire. It is possible to observe in life as, having caused rough reaction of an astral in the victim, caused immediately calms down as it’s astral was sated with flash or a whirlwind of others vibrations. Calling of movements in others astral is need for such devourers of others energy. If there is nothing, they, devourers, will create or will invent something if only to discompose the victim and to take pleasure in the received result. When someone tries someone irritate and, irritate, to cause in it explosion or ardent reaction to the diligence, all this isn't simple and isn't harmless, but covers in itself very bad beginning. All force follows opposite to these dark attempts because they involve consciousness in darkness. Anybody and to anything from outside can't give the authorities over the consciousness, and furthermore over conditions of the astral not to assimilate to a puppet who is pulled strings by others bad hands.
021. (Jan. 16). If the wake consciousness was exempted from any weakness, but sub consciousness in a dream indulges in it, so clarification incomplete, and the root of all evil isn't withdrawn. Dreams are in this regard very indicative because the astral reveals it as it will come to light and after death. The dream can be used for liberation from litter because each weakness, display in a dream, gives the chance of it to destroy finally. It is necessary to imagine clearly for this purpose a picture of how he if restraint and clarification were complete completely would have to behave. It can give thus exact and rigid indications of behavior on the future in similar conditions. It is a lot of hidden litter and not gets rid weaknesses nests on consciousness back streets, demanding big vigilance and vigilance for their detection and destruction. Clarification has to be full. Snakes will raise the heads, aren't killed yet; will grow new if there is live at least a slice of their body. Fight goes both in consciousness, and in sub consciousness, and the last demands the exact, firm and categorical order of will; to see in itself not gets rid particles of dark accumulation and to be exempted from them will be a problem of the present day.
022. (Jan. 18). Mahabgaran – Who you were in a duel. To dissect your consciousness on two areas: light and shade that knew that from eternal in you and that from the temporary. Fight between them is strong. You love Me and you will double force of area of Light. My son, the past is overcome present, and the present future. The name of Maitreya approves the future. Force future in refusal from of the present and of power it’s over consciousness.
023. (Jan. 19). Time is useful goes if are realized a lesson behind a lesson, given by life. To master experience fruitful and understanding of that life is a school. In itself phenomena of life are senseless if from them, like the bee collecting from flowers honey, not to collect an experience harvest. Each phenomenon demands the analysis to define, for what purpose is given. Aimlessly nothing happens. Karma – the teacher of spirit. She repeats the lessons while their value won't sink. Only learned lesson doesn't repeat. That is why life not wishing to think of people often goes monotonously and without changes. Lessons are tiresome and long because the consciousness doesn't acquire a given material. But it is enough to acquire sense of the occurring phenomenon and to take from it the experience planned by the Karma as the phenomenon dies. Also die both people and circumstances, having taught something and something having added to knowledge. Can ask more often a question to that learns this phenomenon of life for what it is allowed by the Teacher, what his purpose. The Teacher can't spend precious time aimlessly. Last year’s show, what wealth of experience everything brought that, through what it was necessary to pass. The root of the doctrine is bitter, but its fruits are sweet. It is possible to adjust itself on way turn to new life, on consciousness of that he will give the chance to add to experience new stays and deepening of understanding of that occurs on a vital scene. Sutratma is the actor. Let also plays the new role in awareness of pass ability of all phenomena of the dense world and all three streams flowing through the person – physical matters, astral and mental streams of a matter of the highest.
024. The dream will come true. Plans (on your future) is not yours, but ours. It is impossible to consider that your thoughts are faultless. It is visible to us, but not to you, to you it will be good. It was bad, it will be good. Thoughts (more true, a thought source) are distinguished according to their contents and forms. Shifting it is postponed for the specified time. Again is dependence on peoples? No, but it is necessary to observe itself. Mutual aid and service is usefulness. External facts is not imagination (that is its fruits) – in them our Hand. It is necessary to recognize a hand. The message will be, and soon. All your concerns are groundless. As provide, a karma you won't provide, but it will provide everything. You ask why it is so heavy. But to whom from the following for Me when it was easy? Exceptions only confirm the rule. After change it will be easier in one relation, but it is more difficult in others. Movement will be given, but for cloudless life don't wait. One cares will be replaced with others. The apprenticeship and carelessness are incompatible. If you want to keep an apprenticeship any price, spirit burdening by circumstances don't avoid. It gives the most valuable energy for ascension. Rest doesn't know the woken-up spirit. The experience gained during this time is more valuable than undergone inconveniences and damage to health. For the sake of this experience following Me on fires were burned and were killed and tormented and still from Me weren't averted. On the card you put everything and you; you indulge in my hands for the decision.
025. (January. 21). My friend, it was told that everything that you do, do with Me if successful you want to be. Violation of the instruction entailed for itself troubles. If the Decree you don't want to execute good, will compel life. Now you need special protection of the Teacher. It is carried out when thoughts flow to Us. Joint actions will be successful, single are subject to all accidents of the moment. But dark too on the guard to do possible harm. Continuous contact with the Teacher is now necessary in the spirit of. It is necessary, it is necessary to accustom itself to everything; differently the separation can bring failure. Certainly, that occurred, terrible anything isn't present, but it was the first prevention. Certainly, that occurred, terrible anything isn't present, but it was the first prevention. All actions begin together with Me, thoughts of Me premising forward.
026. (January. 22). My son, I Will make efforts that the darkness didn't disturb. You are now surrounded with spiteful pack. How many they work put that to tear to pieces you. Set a trap, for years tried, and... in vain all. Here also rage in powerless rage. All troubles, all burdening’s, all this from them. That is why and I specify to keep inseparably. If the main harm creeps through relatives, after all then dark it is necessary to try to discover new channels of wrecking that is already much more difficult because it is so simple not to approach anymore and not to deceive. Vigilance to increase tenfold thanks to heavy experience of the last years and mistakes of the next for, which the burden and responsibility should be born most. They are mistaken, and you bear on yourselves consequences of these mistakes. The karma circle is nowadays broken off, and, having left it, you receive release. As it is necessary to strain all vigilance that in the future didn't repeat the past. Not without reason after all it was told: "Be wise, as serpents". What it is necessary to me from you for full success of business? Continuous, uninterrupted merge in thoughts with Me, so is necessary that my Presence would be realized every instant, and especially at each action and contact with people. Think, think of Me that to me was more simply and easier to Help you in everything. The Beam about the closed heart and consciousness not turned to Me breaks. And if the dark seek to burden, I Want to facilitate your fate. To the strengthened memory apply the following: Name repetition, prayer to Jesus, representation in aura of light which egg is connected by the Beam to the Stronghold, representation in this Beam, what you did whatever spoke where went or went. Jesus The beam follows about you and keeps you in the focus. The sacred appeal too will help. Eucalyptus let the smell accompanies you. It isn't necessary to concentrate thought on through whom the darkness creeps or who can be the influence channel. It is necessary to protect with all measures and ways itself. Rescue in Me, but it is necessary to be approved on Me by all the being: and to think with Me, and to feel with Me, and to work too with Me. Here in the same way, as it becomes during records. The Teacher Wants to Help, but Demands for this corresponding condition and vigilance of consciousness. To what dark in hands to give the ends of ropes for which they can pull and force to react consciousness as they want that. And health too should be kept. On it special attacks are conducted. Remember that all with an ulterior motive: both insects, and knocks, and noise, and everything that disturbs and torments nerves. We Allowed burdening by conditions to strengthen vigilance and counteraction by it and to strengthen fires of spirit and rather to approach to Us. Everything inured to and inures advantage, because with Me you. But now a darkness impact, and not in the main thing where they are powerless, but on trifles as We Shatter blow into thousands small and we Spray the created evil. You stick to me force everything, all spirit, all thought, consciousness all. Before turn remained so a little, and there and a desired gleam! So, My children, on greater arrive patrol, have hundred eyes and thought in them enclose. And I Will help you, My dear, to reach a dawn.
027. (M. A. Y.). Native mine, I hope that you were convinced that words my, sent to you, not a fruit of your imagination, but reality not denied. It is good that full compliance of date of record and the received letter and all maintenance of the last is noted. And we show the care of relatives, of those who heart with us. I there wait for you that proximity I wash display in forms of more accurate. Here everything disturbs and counteracts, there everything will promote. The heavy strip should be passed to get stronger and save up experience and to estimate our care of you. Hello and love I send.
028. (Guru). The trust rendered to you, is expressed that it is necessary to represent as though us, our thoughts, ideas and for the sake of what we lived the lives. It doesn’t break. And we will be with you.
029. (Guru). Here only you from to us the relatives, - because, the representative would be Mine. And to speak and you will act as if I act. Think always, everywhere in operation, and I as though arrived and that I would tell on your place. Not obsession, not enslavement, but merge of consciousnesses in aspiration to the same purpose, to the same Lord. It gives new forces and confidence and knowledge how to arrive. Yes! Yes! You can truly consider yourself as the representative of our family on the plan spiritual and in the sphere of the Doctrine of Life. We recognize and we render care and attention as act also you in relation to those who are close to us. Through you the Beam protective we will send. With us hold council, well more often, as though we were near. Correctly you do that as the dead us you don't consider. The thought to us, to us turned by heart is intelligible. We feel vibrations them smoothly. Correctly I remembered Swedenborg * – a bright example. In a way forthcoming our blessing and good luck. Here all get rid, there thoughts be, as if you already on a place.
* Swedenborg Emmanuel (1688-1772) – the known Swedish scientist, the occultist.
030. M.O. III, §12 and §13. Already I spoke, it is necessary to achieve understanding of continuous Presence. I with you always, but this consciousness interrupt the phenomena of the dense world. Anybody and will help to approve nothing it if the spirit fiery doesn't desire it. It isn't necessary the squeezed-out efforts. Simple opening of heart will yield desirable result. Act with heart. Its energy: love, devotion, aspiration and other qualities of spirit. Act with these energy of heart, pnenomenon in feelings. Feelings heart lives. It is possible consciously to raise feeling of love; it is easiest to reach it, in his heart to rise.
031. (M. A. Y.). If you love, you trust if you trust, that, fear without knowing, you stop at nothing, as an elephant. And then you feel pleasure and proximity and victory wings. Love to me I approached, love me I held, love with me and you will be. Wonderful time goes for life of your spirit. Karmic debts are paid, and the last threads are torn. One more release is so reached. Spirit understands value of a new step.
032. (Jan. 24). Yes! Yes! Yes! Ardently I Approve your desire of clarification fiery. By fire it is cleared it is nasty, fire of shining thought. The will voluntary directs desire it to Me. I Accept it to cast in a strong form and I Return so approved to the sent. Do it consciously. "The lord, approve desire my heart to clear from... ", указуя thus desirable quality, as well as from what there is a wish to be exempted. Completeness of the desire expressed by all heart, all being of the person, is accepted by me and is approved in my Tower. The wheel of interchange of lightful energy works then smoothly. "The favorite Lord, the heart I want to clear of concerns, for excitements, for fear; power of balance in heart I want to approve, instead of the echidna". Also it will be given on force of fires of the directed heart.
033. (M. A. Y.). Contact every day, at least some words is necessary with me. Really the love is insufficiently strong in order that to approve it? So the love in words and affairs differs. I have desire through the next consciousness to declare myself to the world. At first records will be personal, and then personal coloring will disappear. The content of transferred records will depend on purity of the receiver. That is why consciousness clarification is so necessary. Quiet and smooth the consciousness surface, as a mirror of the stiffened water has to be equal. Spirit all is possible, not a body. All spirits, even the highest, execute only Will the Sent them, but not the. Mine transfer mine. Completeness of Service to Light – is boundless. (M.O. III, §181).
034. (January. 25). Give time: all the hour the best. My son, I Specify to take measures keeping inseparably. For this purpose it is necessary to strengthen thought of actions, joint with Me, and it to break resistance of conductors. Each obstacle is necessary and is valuable that generates overcoming fires in the spirit of the person, multiplying their force. Listen: thought of sense of the obstacles which are giving rise to force, it is necessary to master firmly. It is consciously possible to derive this strength from each counteracting phenomenon, previously having overcome it in the spirit of. Overcoming in the spirit of more important physical because it will give rise to this force from a spirit subsoil. We "will be overcome" – the motto of the winner. Spirit not to droop, in the spirit of not to break, in the spirit of not to recede, in the spirit of overcome and to increase forces – in it a victory. Conductors not to breaking, but spirit we won't break. The spirit of Inflexibility will yield fruits in Elevated, even at impossibility to break a terrestrial obstacle. The body cannot sustain and break, but power of spirit can break nothing. When understanding it terrestrial barriers easier break. Anybody and anything neither outside, nor inside won't force to be inclined before something the spirit going with Me to a victory.
035. (M. A. Y.). Keep silence both external and internal on waves of external influences. Silence and balance are connected closely. People wait fiery reaction to the address and when meet the phenomenon of internal silence, even at external words, and encounter the balance phenomenon, recede in powerlessness if their attempt was not from Light. Fight of overcoming of is continuous and stops never. The way of an apprenticeship is difficult.
036. Let's create to you living conditions others. I see that is difficult, but would be intolerable, if not the Beam. Suffer, absolutely remained already a little. Would like to tear to pieces you to pieces, but paws sharp-clawed I Hold behind line of the Beam, which they don't dare to pass. No approach so close, if the next not serve as the approach channel. As it is bitter, but it is necessary to recognize that the darkness creeps through the close standing. Therefore we Prefer open and direct enemies. Therefore and inevitably faces of the close standing come to light. Recognition of faces is quality necessary on the future. Disclosure will define them further relationship. It is impossible to surround it with masks because harm from not recognition is great. It is possible to thank the lucky stars for useful strong lessons. Perhaps, and the vigilance of the Guru which was so afflicting in the past, becomes more clear. People under an external mask like to hide the true face. Since transfer of great borders break masks, and everyone appears before looking at it in the true shape. We demand that external expression corresponded to the internal. Hypocrisy, hypocrisy, lies and deception is all these external covers of masks. When the internal corresponds external, the phenomenon of disclosure of faces occurs absolutely without serious consequences. Arriving alone, you show knowledge of bases. It isn't a lot of those who cannot be ashamed the light. The majority bears the latent ulcers of spirit. Clarification is so necessary. It represents darkness replacement with Light. In mighty effort the aspiring spirit to this inevitable process for the pupil dares, tests help to see rather that yet get rid and that is subject to overcoming. And the more litter they find in consciousness, it is easier to get rid of it. Follows only thus firmly and irrevocably to solve, giving the order to itself all the consciousness and will that this litter or weakness or a shortcoming are swept out finally and irrevocably, and then process of clarification will go very quickly because tests will find everything liable to destruction and transmutations. Destruction of the undesirable phenomenon goes by a transmutation, or replacement with its phenomenon opposite. It is so won and overcome it is nasty.
037. (M. A. Y.). The everyday of contact creates a strong thread of heart which very much is useful in Elevated. Usefulness goes both up and down through Hierarchy. Approved here will proceed there. Adverza tactics provides strengthening of the desirable phenomenon. Here you see as counteractions of darkness strengthened aspiration rather to be exempted from an undesirable environment. You hurry – we will help.
038. (Jan. 27). Today we will note, as day of change of destiny. There is no infinite test. Everyone comes to an end to term. Success depends on a condition of spirit and its relation to the events with it. The spirit is more refined, the more sharply perceives surrounding. Keenness of perception should be combined wisely with isolation from external influences – one of the couples of contrasts most difficult for neutralization. Mastering by this biner will result in balance of spirit. In consciousness it is necessary to contain, counterbalance and apply terrestrial and heavenly, dense and thin, visible and invisible, material and fiery. And it is impossible to leave the earth, it having come off, and in terrestrial it is impossible to plunge, having excluded that from the Highest World. Equilibration point – consciousness, the controller and the manager – the will, the operating force on consciousness – a karma, and a destiny solver – the person having always the right of a freedom of choice, because life is what you make it or misfortunes.
039. (M. A. Y.). Correctly you think, believing that how external or internal living conditions were heavy, always it is possible to do something, conducting up and approaching to the Teacher of Light. From these, at least and small, achievements it develops big, and small brings to great because each step in the correct direction will be a victory. In the area of the smallest resistance it is necessary to reach because forehead not to break a wall and against sharp stake it isn't wise trample.
040. (Guru). The proverb is good: by hook or by crook, not so, so, but a victory we will reach.
041. (Jan. 28). (M. A. Y.). Mistake will think that is from above sent a little, it is better and more correct to believe that from many sent the particle is accepted only. Reason is no consciousness given over gifts. The consciousness in Light acceptability is more widely opened; the more and receiving. Think of harm of denials a little. Terrestrial mind and wisdom terrestrial strong interfere with understanding of thin energy, locking it an entrance. The love opens a gate to spheres of the highest energy because there are they from the Sun of Great Heart to consciousness of what heart is opened.
042. The law forbids direct impact on will of the incarnate. Therefore, records giving, We are deprived by that definiteness which is demanded by usual consciousness. The direct knowledge of the facts is given at very big proximity of consciousnesses. To it also we go in collaboration. Everything will come, but it is necessary to give time and to prepare consciousness, having cleared it of excess freight.
043. Accidents don't happen. On everything there is a reason. In World Thin the chain of so-called accidents is visible. At communication with Me the protecting circle about which waves of influences invisible to an eye break and which protects from these "accidents" is created. Everywhere the guards follow you. But only ardent understanding of a protection gives the strongest consequence. Process of understanding is important extremely because enters into the aura sphere necessary to energy. "You believe? » is there is a condition of acceptance of the necessary energy. Belief, trust, recognition, acceptance is the phenomena of the same order. Understanding of protection protects from accidents, as well as the continuous communication with Me excludes them. The consciousness is stronger; the protection because understanding means both an assumption and acceptance is stronger. Without a condition of acceptance it is very difficult to help. Formula "You believe? » demands this openness of consciousness and heart for the free admission of the highest energy. Light and darkness can so open itself and to perceive and receive according to openness degree. I demand full opening of consciousness and heart towards to the Help Beam. Degree of trust causes force of action of the Beam. Be sure of power of the Beam. Denying loses the benefit because deprives the Beam of opportunity to make influence. "Also I Couldn't make many miracles on disbelief them", – the phenomenon based on action of the law, causing acceptance of the highest energy. Happens and so that the broken hand or a foot appears a consequence of resistance to the law. The violence over free will is inadmissible even with the good purpose. When the desire proceeds from heart and the consciousness is opened towards to the Beam, its power increases according to understanding force. Denial is deathly because kills possibility of the highest perceptions, depriving of them possibility of access.
044. (Jan. 29). When all yours concentrates on Me and conformably merges with mine, a gate to the World of Light is open and available there is my World. Your and My combined, when yours is concentrated on you and that surrounds it in life usual that is on what their lives egoism. My World is partially reflected in the Life Doctrine. The consciousness adjoins to Me if the contact goes through heart. Heartless reading (Doctrines) is not fruitful. As well thought it is possible to concern Me. And then lightful there is a thought, if from heart it. My Heart for this purpose who aspires to Me heart is opened. Care I show about heart such. The aspect of Boundlessness is the World of my thoughts and therefore the source exuding in you is inexhaustible. Also there is no limit depth, width of records of My thoughts. If only the consciousness and heart contained and could apprehend them sent Light!
045. (Jan. 30). Cares about terrestrial can't be excluded while on earth, but wisely to combine heavenly and terrestrial it is possible. Ardent waves of terrestrial press will subside, and enduring will rise before consciousness in all the force. Terrestrial, and Mine – Me. Don't think too, but act, vicious thoughts in operation will sink. Conditions will be given such that cares didn't take away too much time. But now it is necessary to undergo change whirlwinds. Everything will be OK. And consider. It I Will help.
046. (Jan. 31). Nonresistance to the phenomena of darkness doesn't rescue a not oppose from dark influences, doing it to even more helpless owing to his passivity. Strong should oppose to all manifestations of darkness. If something not from Light, from what it?! It is so possible to distinguish nature of influences. Now there is no middle: either to darkness or hearts gravitates to Light. Not judges, but discern of faces My people. And it is necessary to know nevertheless – too a lot of being covered under different masks. But especially be afraid of the obliging. These under seasoning of friendship and kindness can present something perfect other when the vigilance deceived by false friendliness, weakened. With your thoughts and words will come on lips and gifts will bring, and a grief not distinguished. Therefore – to masks don't trust and rejoice when those who was considered as friends, take off masks. Can't but remove because known degree of a fiery bridge. Let is glad when we see action of immutable laws of Light shining darkness in consciousness of the person.
047. My friend to fall in love with a condition of never-ending struggle of spirit will be the victory guarantee. For ascending spirit struggle it occurs in everything: fight for health that is for balance of a physical body, fight for mastering by an astral, race for power over menthol. It is possible to notice how even the dense body quickly gives in to influence of fiery energy. Such way gradually approves mastering by a dense cover. Spirit is the winner always, but on condition of steady constancy of aspiration to the next victory. Terms, and as you judgment to them, shifts and in your destiny approach. The karma of the person connected with terms, is very difficult, but and its actions can seem wonderful. It is difficult to wait for the beginning of action of terms, but, having waited; it is possible to be quiet that execution foreordained will go promptly and victoriously. But the one, who is subject to terms, doesn't belong to itself (himself).
048. (March 15). So, if neither the grief, nor pleasure, neither good luck, nor failure, neither health, nor diseases, neither happiness, nor misfortune, neither hunger, nor satiety, neither life and nor death can't deprive of understanding of Proximity of the Lord, the way is found. The Lord is unchangeable and its Proximity is integral, but only under a condition if she is realized over all passing phenomena, over everything and something happening to the person in all its covers and even in his consciousness. Because, and the consciousness is the same stream of the passing phenomena. Therefore the ardent adoption of Invisible Presence in the face of all and any vital conditions will be the statement of Truth. To those tests, that contrary to evidence spirit of the person by reality of veins, instead of Maya also is given. The Maya – three-image: Maya dense, Maya thin, Maya mental. All three they are false because are lie of evidence and cover the world of the truly real. If forces are found in himself by the person in the face of ardent Maya to tell: "Recede" – means, its spirit isn't won, so probably release, so Light, but not darkness in it is stronger. All reasons, all thoughts, all feelings, all logic of usual thinking are rejected, and contrary to all arguments of intelligence the pupil speaks to himself: "Your proximity I claim, the Lord, your Light, opposite everything that in Me and outside darkens it, denies it and to access of Light disturbs. The proximity Approve, My Lord, in heart we wash, opened towards to You". You think that it is necessary to do that or it, to strive on that or on these both to put the thoughts and the heart in the life phenomena, occupying with them all consciousness. But it is necessary nothing. It is egoism, and the terrestrial person so thinks in you. About Me it is necessary to think and to give heart to me, and the rest will be put obviously. "Look for the God's Kingdom and its truth, and the rest will be put to you" – was told long ago, really yet didn't comprehend!
049. (March 16). It is necessary to pay for experience, and the experience is more valuable, the payment is more expensive. But as in the future, except life experience, we will take nothing, it is possible and to pay for the integral property, and even the considerable price. And whether it is reasonable to complain that, having gained experience of the necessary order, we are inexperienced in other and again we pay, but already for new cognition of life and the person. To a variety of experience we will be glad and for a payment we won't grieve because by this way it is got that remains at us forever. Cognition of the person is long and before learning to read it as the open book, on experience, bitter at times, it is necessary to study long. It is necessary to trust or not to trust, be touched or to be touched – it is necessary to know simply. Without experience of knowledge doesn't happen. And if the lesson too is bitter, so to what it learn, especially valuably. So we will be carefully and to stack carefully on the experience shelf that gives life. It is necessary to see the wise guide of the Teacher in this giving. Aimlessly nothing happens. All matters. And each meeting is filled with sense. It is possible even to wonder: and to that learns this phenomenon of life or the counter passerby and even the friend. The stream isn't real, but he teaches real knowledge, as Shakespeare's tragedy at theater. Sutratma is the actor and life is a scene. Also it is necessary to understand only that all events on a vital scene are temporary, certainly and are passing, as well as any played Sutratma a role. Including the current life for the only reality, we make a fatal flaw and we take ghosts for reality. It is easy to prove it: where what lived and that strong endured all about thirty years ago. Both people and circumstances left life, and feelings went out, and all came to an end. But all this enduring didn't think how it isn't thought and nowadays that "even it will pass". But "it" will pass is immutable and will disappear as a smoke, and Sutratma, having replaced clothes and a make-up, again will jealously act in a new role, about former having forgotten, and again taking for reality Maya next ghost. Wisdom teaches to learn a transient of all surrounding except that we call the eternal basis of life. Because on it the stronghold, its monastery is erected spirit, real is eternal.
050. (M. A. Y.). Be confused nothing, show tranquility and in a difficult situation you remember that the Help will come and you will be rescued if your heart burns with appreciation and love to Tom Who Opened to us Boundlessness open spaces, open spaces of thought and possibility of take-off to beauty inexpressible Don’t grieve, but show full courage and readiness to pass the put step. Everything makes sense in passing of a feat of life. Try to penetrate into beauty of the Doctrine even more deeply and more penetrate.
051. (March 17). Loneliness isn’t present when the Lord is close and the space is opened. Eremites of yoga don't know loneliness. The spatial wire excludes it. But it is necessary to pass through loneliness because it leads to Communication with the Highest. Vanity and contact with people destroy possibilities of thin perceptions. Therefore voluntary loneliness is destiny strong and wise. Perception of spatial thoughts it is possible only at condition of known isolation from peoples. And, if the Teacher creates conditions of such isolation, so they reached step demands these conditions. It is necessary to rely more on wisdom of the Teacher of Light and more to trust It. When the pupil is put in the face of circumstances not submitting to its will, it is better to rely then on the Leader and to entrust It. Not always after all the decision of the Lord because ways are inscrutable is known. Only a future will show sense of that occurred. And therefore to rejoice, mourn doesn't follow because often happens that the person out of place rejoices. Besides, the two-polar of feelings and emotions generates the relentless consequences opposite to them, sphering consciousness of inevitability. Better, let the astral will better break off and balance will replace its chaotic fluctuations. Impassivity isn't indifference, but the power over irrepressible and incessant movements of an astral. After all it is absolutely not important because of what the astral cover because the occasion will be always found it worries, but it is important that the will constantly held it on a bridle. Where to find the word, better to din, to burn out understanding of in consciousness that to an astral it is absolutely indifferent because of what to set itself in motion if only it occurred. And if there are no external or internal reasons, he will create them and will force consciousness to react to the movements which are occurring in it. But the astral bridled by an imperious hand has to break off. And the method of repayment of emotions on one of poles of their demonstration will be one of approaches to mastering by it. Certainly, the pole easier for neutralization gets out. For example, Specified: not become attached to anything, and you will have nothing to lose, don't rejoice too, and tears will be less, and don't burden friends with a trust bulk that after not to be disappointed in them. In a word, don't allow emotions and feelings brightly to flash on a positive pole not to cause inevitability of their emergence on negative, restoring balance broken by primary emotion or feeling. As ardent flashes of astral love on a positive pole and as they when on the shadow and negative the broken balance of poles is inevitably restored become sad, dark and bitter are bright, fascinating, pleasant and joyful. Nobody wants to see inevitability of an opposite pole of a thing uniform. Blind men! Wisdom sees both ends, both parties, and knows that the law of balance has to be observed always, the person wants that or not. One-sided personal happiness of people by the nature itself is certainly, because across by him inevitably there is a shadow of its antithesis. Therefore it is better to pay, than to receive; it is better to be pursued, than the persecutor; it is better to give, than to take; it is better to be poor, than rich; better in need, than in wellbeing; it is better to look for, than to have; tension, than rest is better; better fight, than decay; better to one, but with the Lord, than with people, but without It.
052. (March 19). Impossible for them it is possible for Us. Therefore, on Us relying powerfully and on Us believing all consciousness, you create the basis for the statement impossible. With Us to go – means a way lay in singularity. But for this purpose the address of consciousness to Us, despite everything, contrary to the most ardent and seeming insuperable evidence is necessary full, not vague. Complexity and hopelessness of external conditions, like a Gordian knot, is dissected by a sword of fiery thought which, destroying seeming invincible visibility creates the combination of desirable and necessary consequences. For this purpose it is necessary to exempt consciousness from the power of visibility which fills it, and to replace it with those forms of desirable consequences which the spirit wants to approve in visibility dense. To reject, displace and it is necessary to destroy all that makes this confused knot of the external phenomena, and destroyed to replace with the necessary and desirable construction. The ardent tension of creative power of imagination will sweep away visible barriers contrary to seeming impossibility it to make, and the destroyed combination of elements releases a place for new, is free approved constructions. Act so when the circle of a hopelessness of dense conditions becomes isolated. Act! My Name and My Force!
053. (March 26). My World and yours exist. In which of them the consciousness is directed, it and lives in that. Everything depends on aspiration, and it is impossible, looking down or back, to see that above or ahead and if the phenomena of your world interrupt My phenomenon, who in you prefers your world to Mine? Whether and in this choice the face of the person without a mask is shown? Invited – is those who approach and, the aspirations lit by all fires, touch Light and stay in it while fires flare; and when they die away, there is their essence such what was to Light contact. The elite, having passed this first test, not go out aspiration fires, and further, baring after each test of accumulation of the spirit and multiplying Stone Treasure new shining stratifications. Wretched chicken at times becomes invited, but a phoenix rising from the ashes, – the elect. It would seem, everything is burned, lost everything, things are lost and there are no friends, but the Stone shines fires of new power and force grows, and the understanding that true property of the person – inside, Treasure in it, but not in something external is claimed.
054. (March 27). My son, heavy test it is necessary to pass, by spirit before it without having inclined. "But after all everything is falls, all dreams and hopes". And through it you will pass. I and you is and anything else. All other only dream, sometimes heavy and stuffy. And anything the... And anybody... Left all, left things, you will reach about My Day. Different transitions happen on a long way. Now is one from of the very grave. But it is necessary to reach. After all it only way piece. It will come to an end too as everything came to an end that was earlier, and through what was necessary to go. You remain the same immortal, eternal, not destroyed traveler of the Great Way, the Way to Boundlessness, Ways boundless. And whether everything is equal that flashes before you on this piece if you know and you believe that it only pictures and the types rushing by a window of the rushing train, but not you, but not yours, but not on what the spirit, in eternity the real is approved. Even your body can take away from you, but after all a body not you, it is equal as thought and feeling which too, to a stream it is similar, are carried by before your consciousness. He is Silently Looking in you. Dumb Witness, Recorder – It is eternal, in you It immortal.
055. (March 29). Don't rejoice to anything, and you won't cry, don't become attached to anything, and there will be nothing to lose. Stop any movements of an astral on one of poles that another couldn't be shown. The two- polar of egoism can be stopped in operation only this way. To rejoicing egoism in plenty, late to think of how to avoid grieving because manifestation on one of poles is immutable will cause demonstration on other of opposite feeling or emotion or experience. The following step will consist in killing desires. As the person of that will bring him a grief often wishes, and rejoices to from what will cry. We don't know that involves this or that phenomenon and therefore to rejoice to it or mourn, to wish it or to wish wisely. It is better to meet it, without allowing an astral to start moving that is in balance full. And so and recently: how many was pleasures that brought so much grief and disappointments in people. The chagrin which has followed the first pleasure because it isn't known still that sad events of life will give as a result is also insolvent also. It is better, better not to rejoice to anything, easier as not to rejoice, than not to grieve, and simpler to stop experiences on a positive pole, than on the negative. To kill, it is necessary to kill the clown in it that didn't torment consciousness with the never-ending disbalance. And masks should be broken. But as it is difficult, it is better not to put on them neighbors, having provided to everyone to reveal itself till the end and without overloading anybody with a bulk of trust, attachment or love. Watchful vigilance, than the trust unjustified, unchecked and not approved by affairs or investment of neighbors with nonexistent qualities is better. It is necessary to know simply, instead of to imagine if you don't know. Too much the imagined is accepted to reality. And behind it bitter disappointment in people without masks. It is better to know severely, than are touched masks.
056. (March 30). But it is told, what even the hair from the head won't fall, and to everyone the body and spirit temple is appointed. But strong you stick to me, but permit to nothing to put between, but strong go on the light track, whatever monsters threatened and how it was difficult. After all temporarily the way on the ground, but is constant the Lord. So among all changeable and changing we will stick to that atop because only so we will resist. The purpose and value of passable test in that also consists that not in words, not in dreams and not in thoughts, but, in practice, strong to keep a silver thread of communication in life. Through it is necessary to pass and stand him by all means. To other outcome not to be because retreat can be only in darkness. And dark wait as crows over a wounded deer, whether they will get him. The wounds put with life, it is necessary to treat. They in covers, but the spirit are impregnable and aren’t destroyed. In it all forces having collected and on it leaning, it is possible to pass the most difficult test successfully.
057. (Apr. 1). The made mistakes it isn't necessary to be confused because everyone I Will turn on advantage and everyone will teach something. Anyhow study, if not on mistakes. Irreparable isn't present, except for the Hierarchy insult. So we won't be confused anything. Shabby inside and everything that outside, rises and opposes to Light, and a lot of determination is necessary nevertheless to go, despite everything. But as often forget about dark because doesn't see their eyes. And they around persistently crowd, trying to discover cracks creep. Resistant vigilance Is specified not without reason. There is no one person ever; in particular when it seems that round anybody isn't present. Physical eye not guarantor is of visibility thin. Only heart will specify by a time that are surrounded. Fight if hostile presence isn't realized is impossible. To anything failure, only not to darkness will be attributed. And only that also it is necessary for it that it didn't distinguish and that thereby it was easier to harm. Recognition of dark activity is its neutralization. The darkness doesn't suffer and doesn't take out when the beam of consciousness addresses on it, and immediately recedes. It should be known. The conscious use of weapons of Light shows invincible power. Only hierophant of the evil dares to meet face to face, nevertheless the other hides for someone and something. Also such barriers and screens from standing close are usually chosen. Don't disdain anything, neither animals, nor insects. These channels demand big vigilance and vigilance that to see them. Being distinguished and found, dark recede again to find that, for what can hide with impunity to harm. Their main task is all measures and all ways to break Light and to ship in darkness of a hopelessness and hopelessness and how many at them spiteful pleasure about each extinguished light. In understanding of it of force we will find opposite to darkness. Also we will approve unshakable determination the lamp to bear the up to the end inextinguishable.
058. (Apr. 2). Where to find on what the spirit can be approved? In Me! How? Aspiration ardent, aspiration constant, aspiration not fluctuating! Alternating waves of aspiration bring dissonance which has to be replaced with a rhythm of unshakable constancy. In the mountain, in pleasure, but is with Me. With Me always, and fluctuations of external conditions don't influence the attitude towards Me. Otherwise far not to leave from the savage, thanking, punishing idol. Where to take beliefs missing? In thoughts of the highest bases, invariable always! Kingdoms will come, the people will come, and all face of a planet will change, but eternal Stone basis of life will come never. And the building world on It creates the stronghold on the eternal base of the space basis of life.
059. (In the morning blindly). My Voice for ever if it is right won't break off you will remain to me. Trust, (which) over everything and something is a prosperity basis (and feelings of My Proximity). Accept the sign of my Care is overcoming with Me impossible. Consider that you will be successful in everything, but if with Me and if the step is immutable. But it is necessary that worked. Reconcile with the inevitable – and it will hang; but rise and it will rise against strong. Hand of destiny sees in the life phenomena. To me has to entrust itself.
060. (Apr. 10). The neo Buddhism will submit itself Gautama Buddy's cleared of all stratifications and heaps of centuries main Doctrine. All comments are swept aside, there are only fundamental principles. Clarification of all great Doctrines is necessary, and terms come for this all-planetary task.
061. (Apr. 11). You есмь are a basis. You are over all that is dual, over the dense, astral and mental world. You are, out of time real, realizing in process of disclosure of Secret of eternity and boundlessness of the spirit. You out of everything that see, you hear, you perceive and you smell, and you in all that realize. You are son of Space, to comprehension Secret going, hidden in you.
062. (Apr. 12). Who and what becomes a way barrier? And where all leaves what ennobled consciousness earlier? Nothing leaves, but remains inside, expecting new favorable combinations of external conditions to come to light again with a new force. Alternation of waves of karma is inevitably. The difficult strip of karmic waves should be met only, knowing and remembering that "and it will pass". Because truly will pass everything: both good and bad, both easy and difficult. Only the difficult and bad will yield knowledge fruits, while a lung – anything. End of a cycle of terrestrial life will inevitably bring by the time of when it is necessary to leave everything and all: and friends and enemies, both things and body. And it won't be necessary anything. Sense of things is in full refusal of them in the spirit of. The sense of circumstances is same also. They can't be rejected, because are surrounded and connected by them, but to be released from them, too in the spirit of, probably. Not with eternal I, but to an external form there are all phenomena of the dense world, enriching I with skilled knowledge. Even their power over consciousness times – while they is, but all flows and all circumstances of life. In eternal change of the external phenomena force we will find approve an invariance Looking Eternally and on it we will create spirit a stronghold, the monastery in spheres of the Elevated World.
063. (Apr. 13). All people move on a life ladder: one up, others down, one to Light, others in darkness. Even stagnation shows a sign of descending movement because conducts to consciousness decomposition. So the person in movement always, a question only in that, descending it or ascending. Ascending movement, as well as each ascending action, gives the pleasure, descending is a clouding and grief. The judge is only heart. Reaction of consciousness to heart is instant, but it is possible to catch it not always because to a voice of heart listen seldom. Noise of vanity muffles it, deadening vivifying communication. Heart the silent we Call them, about heart the forgotten.
064. (Apr. 16). Certainly, the help in the spirit of is the most necessary. It was rendered yesterday. Bitter experience of knowledge serves accumulation of a valuable material about the person. For the price for experience we won't grieve, because this experience – property eternal, and all the rest – anything.
065. (Apr. 18). It is possible either to come nearer to the Teacher, or to move away from Him. And it is easy to find the direction. And it is easy to see that approaches and that distances. Approaching everything can be strengthened easily, and distancing – to weaken. It is necessary to have only desire not to move away to reject everything disturbing. It isn't it, and in a condition of consciousness. Weather vane is for winds opposite not honor. Business not in external circumstances, -they is anything if spirit grain gets stronger. They can suppress the weak. Who will want to get up voluntary in ranks weak-willed, weak-willed or insignificant? Пралайи consciousnesses are inevitable, but to slip down on a ladder of achievements is inadmissible. After all it is necessary to hold all gains. After all they can and are lost. After all to come to be at a point with which lifting began, and will be to nullify work of the whole life already the spirit tragedy. Therefore, having accepted blows of karma and having restored balance, it is possible to be let again by swimming against the current lives. Everything again will return, and fires with a new force will begin to shine. And experience gained for the benefit will serve both another and. After all for nothing is given, and for knowledge it is necessary to be ready to pay in any price because above it isn't present anything on the earth that the person could take in a way far with himself.
066. (Apr. 19). First of all is silence; only, when all will break off three bodies, will start telling a voice silent. It is so thin, silent and silent that the slightest movement at least in one of three covers immediately muffles it. Therefore all should be led three to silence. The physical body demands a full immovability and rest as the astral becomes silent and the thought stops. And when silence replaces noise of vanity and ardent sounding of a material world, the silent thought going from Focus of Light is born. It becomes possible when everything concentrates on Me and mine forces out the world personal. Who is occupied by the and, to that not to hear my Voice. So the soul lost, that is released from life in three and raised over it, is admired by my World. Because it is impossible to serve two masters, either to try to kill two birds with one stone, or to sit on two chairs, or to strive for Light and darkness. Something is chosen one, and all being of the person directs to the chosen purpose, and then the goal is reached. Something, or someone Me prehonored, remains to that preferred. And only the one, who in the heart and consciousness puts Me above all only that reaches! Look at them, which haven't reached. Even it is possible to ask that or, who was preferred by them to me. Everything is good, while in a body and on the earth. But here the body is dumped and everything is left, in the world terrestrial. Then and how there will live the given spirit terrestrial when it will disappear and there will be a goal it and niches and deprived of everything, than he lived and in what enclosed the heart? So, carrying out longer line, it is possible to see real value of what their lives the person and to that gives the thoughts, both feelings, and forces. Putting them in enduring, we build a stronghold for spirit, Light its monastery. Putting them in passing, to whirlwinds on destruction we build. Terrestrial affairs are inevitable and demand time and forces, but, them executing, it is necessary to manage them and so to execute as the actor plays the role given to it on a scene, not for a moment without forgetting that it only game and what to play it has to as it is possible better. And life on the earth is only a scene, and the present out of.
067. (Apr. 21). "What to do to me, the Lord? » Everything that you in forces; make the efforts that to us was to what to lay the Hand, and, applying the, act in common with Me as you would act not, but I staying in you. Accept my Face and act in it, as though representing Me. Entrusted the one to Whom I Trust to work with me, as though in me, as though myself having discharged and having replaced myself with me. Not I, but the Father staying in Me, He create – the formula of Great Action given many centuries back, remains in force.
068. (Apr. 24). Through all great Doctrines there passes idea that the person carries the benefit in him that is the Highest in the Nature, and is in the potential reflection or its expression on the earth and in the worlds. In the Gospel it is told directly "You are gods". Sons of the Sky, Sons of the Sun, sons of various gods’ representatives of reigning dynasties of the left people and even existing nowadays called themselves. The same thought that in the person something is concluded bigger, than he represents itself (himself) at the moment. It is possible to accept this thought quite easily, but to be or express itself the Highest – something difficult extraordinary. It is easier to assume thought that everything is achievable for the person and that growth limits for human mind don't exist. It is possible to imagine people on other, highest planets which have reached unknown height and disclosure of all opportunities of a being of the person. Or present our planet through millions years and a step of development of its mankind. The limit isn't present in anything because we live in boundlessness, and heights appointed Space for mankind, the opportunities exceed any human imagination. But they are achievable and will be reached.
069. (May 23). Decision one: between everything that outside and inside – both bad and good, both kind and angry, between you and people is caused strong an image of the Lord and is approved unshakably, as a barrier, as a wall, as protection against waves of the passing phenomena. Before thought and feelings approve in the third eye Shining Shape of the Lord. Everything in life is incorrect, everything fluctuates, and the Lord, With Me is only invariable and goes all the way, through everything.
070. (June 3). 070. (June 3). Only the love can serve as a reliable and constant link of communication or a connecting thread with the Lord. Here someone speaks: concentration doesn't suffice. But when there is a love, and it isn't necessary to concentration because heart is directed to Darling in burning constant and the Image of the Lord are constant in the third eye. If the Image grows dull or leaves, so the love ran low. Magnet it also attracts Darling Shape. Only heart should be told that burned with love to Tom Who called more strongly. And reasoning’s it isn't necessary; all attempts on concentration are excessive then. The love gives rise also to aspiration uninterrupted. Love it is possible in heart kindle with a force new if it weakens and hesitates under whirlwinds of the dense world. The love lives in heart, and heart sensitively listens to desires of spirit. So heart can be directed to the Highest, and it will direct there on the line planned by spirit. In the power of spirit human to direct a heart inclination, kindle and strengthening its fires and go out them, if they from darkness. Love above other exposition, because what devotion without love and what constancy if the love is changeable! Love it is possible to reach in what other qualities didn't succeed.
071. (June 15). The value of the integral accumulation of knowledge and experience of life remains invariable always. The passable stage was enriched with knowledge of a human nature. As it was specified earlier, each close adjoining has to open the essence to the consciousness which has concerned fire. They think that the put-on mask will help, but the beam of consciousness penetrates covers and the person opens himself, that without wishing. And time will come when everyone coming nearer opened becomes similar to the book. While it is necessary stack on the shelf of experience carefully the knowledge acquired by so expensive price.
072. (June 16). My son, thought implementation in action will be the process of a fiery order giving a crystal of adjournment in the Bowl. And if it is thought from above, it is possible to call the phenomenon an implementation of gifts of spirit, gifts of the sky, the gifts received from the Space Treasury of spatial thought. If the thought goes directly from the Teacher of Light, process remains to the same. To apprehend thought is one, to realize it into action, that is to put in life, to put into practice – something another, more difficult and considerable. Not applied thought doesn't leave on aura of a trace and won't enter into the karma sphere. Therefore is precept action. The consciousness extends and grows on application of thoughts of the Doctrine in life. And if tell that it isn't easy and it isn't simple, I Will answer, begin with application of thoughts small and low-slightest later to pass to the appendix of thoughts big. The applied thought gives pleasure because it is a basis of the correct action. I speak about the thoughts taken from the Doctrine of Life. The everyday tasks given are in this regard very useful. It is possible to move forward always, in any conditions, and the pleasure of the appendix in practice of instructions of the Teacher will be the most right way.
073. (June 17). About consciousness filling by the Lord! Where is your treasure, there and heart. The most valuable demands understanding, differently it is possible to pass by, without having noticed it. And even having realized it is possible to lose because noise of vanity is great and voices of people around are loud. It is easier to find, than to keep, and to win – than to hold a gain; and – to reach, than not to lose achievement; and – to ascend to a new step, than to go down from it. Let's call this period deduction reached and the adoption of assembled accumulation. In the accord with them has to enter and remember that true treasures are integral and ineradicable. But the dust of a market can stuff up the nicest ears and take away the future. We live for the sake of the future. Take away it, and terrestrial vegetation of the person becomes senseless, - near future, if certainly it, is senselessly too. Only boundlessness of the future comprises everything that is fated to the person. And when it is very dark, only transferring of consciousness to the future can exempt from a vice of the present and give to spirit wings. And the further in the future the throw is made, that release from the present power because the close future too is strong connected with the present is fuller. Circles and cycles of evolution allow concerning Boundlessness, lifting consciousness over Earth. Therefore I Speak, direct in the future on the way of Boundlessness, because on it is mute to the person space all is prepared: omnipotence, pansophy, ubiquitous, an omniscience and all those attributes with which the person endowed God, being god himself in the inexhaustible potential of the spirit.
074. Keep in mind that each successfully passable test gives: force, knowledge and experience.
075. (June 18). I will show force and my care on life overcoming by you. It is wrong to think that you will be left or I was. The difficulty of tests testifies to care signs; unsuitable not the tested. Expensive blade is forged especially carefully. Blade of spirit I Want to temper so that life didn't leave jags. The task to arm spirit for all occasions isn't simple. From the passable difficult test it is necessary to take, like a bee from a flower, all experience which it brought. Its principal value is knowledge of the person. Randomly thinking human, the astral is unbalanced; tendency to a consuming of others vital force is great. The difference of potentials of mental energy is so considerable that the degaussing couldn't be avoided. Therefore the special vigilance and self- defense was necessary. To become in dependence on a similar environment – means to endanger itself plunders of valuable energy. It is necessary to be able to be protected. Isolation and default about feelings and the thoughts will be reliable protection. Silence is a board very strong. Conclusion: to make any decision, leaning on councils of friends, it is impossible. All is necessary most: both to look, and to solve, without relying on anybody. Too the payment for foreign cares is great.
076. (June 19). Rescue in thoughts of the future. The person when his consciousness, breaking a circle of dense evidence, a circle of hopeless hopelessness joins life eternal then comes to the Boundlessness scope; consciousness expansion necessary process for achievement of this purpose. Who denies life outside terrestrial visibility, for this purpose life and will pass, limited to this limit. Each Great Teacher, coming to the earth for updating and the statement of bases of the uniform Doctrine of Light, I tried to approve in consciousness of people thought of immortality of spirit and eternal life it. Accepted in consciousness this idea by that is approved for itself by the immortality, but not accepted loses life out of a body because that is approved here, will be approved there and that isn't accepted here, there will be rejected. So, by recognition or denial determines the way of people in World Aboveground, because – the creator. Here still it is possible to deny immortality and to keep visibility of life but where everything moves thought and where everything defines the thought, there denying life betrays itself death of consciousness and really dies for all infinitely rich and various impressions of the Thin World. To stone idols it is similar the denying of the life that have doomed to death cost there. And everyone reaps crops of own thoughts, because the formula remains invariable: that seeded, you will reap.
077. (June 20). The knowledge of bases is necessary in order that was on what to lean when the world of personal constructions, expectations, hopes and dreams falls. When there will be nothing, than the personal world of the person lived and ate. Bases, being unshakable, will replace Maya mirages with reality. Also it will be possible to move further, having left ruins of the personal world. It is not loss, but release!
078. (June 21). At special combination of circumstances and measures it is necessary to take the special. In the regular way rather by commonness not pass. Our way is unusual. Unusual it is possible to call the statement it. Where roads, preceding a set of feet come to an end, singularity tracks begin. Our people aren't similar to people from crowd. Their life, work, creativity – everything is unusual and unique. They have imitators, but don't imitate never. Their inner world is too rich with the accumulation and perceptions to borrow them from others. They leave after themselves an indelible trail of fire and a lot of Light which inflames in centuries. A little they have happiness terrestrial, but they multiply and collect a wealth of experience, knowledge and invaluable achievements of spirit in the Bowl. This way is thorny, is difficult and available to the little. But our Beam over them, also know where go. Have what can't be bought for all gold of the world.
079. (June 21). My son, horror of doubt can undermine even bases. Denial and doubt fire and light antipodes. Without fire and without light there is no life. If something raises doubts, it is impossible to extend it to bases. The doubt can concern anything, but not bases. The best building will collapse if the basis isn't strong. It is possible to weave and change life patterns only on a basis. The Doctrine basis repetition and application becomes stronger. Bases preserve.
080. (June 22). There is no end to findings of spirit. But even the usual musical instrument has to be adjusted before will begin to sound. Especially the mood is demanded by a spirit harp. We call this mood the coherence giving the accord. Person is accord to something always. Tuning fork is the thought. Each thought will be coordinated with that sphere to which belongs. Also we see how people live, shipped in spheres, conformable to thoughts prevailing in them. Than spheres human are saturated, find not pleasure. Each consciousness stays in the invisible sphere, conformable to it on a tonality, color and tension. Luminosity of the sphere depends on luminosity of spirit. On the plan hidden out of a body compliance is established full-string and an attraction to spheres conformable invincibly. But in the world terrestrial the light spirit can appear in situation bearing a torch in darkness. Light carriers, plunging into the world dense, bear on itself all burden of discrepancy of the lit-up consciousness with imperfection of dense beds. Beacons, the indicating a way to people, it is possible to call them, Light to the world bearing. It also is a conscious or unconscious feat. Its difficulty that it is necessary to overcome constantly the lowest tension of environment and not only to keep light of the individual flame, but also to shine constantly because fire can't be extinction as in ancient temples where attendants were responsible with the life for inextinguishable fire of a sanctuary. This feat is hidden; both only making it and the Teacher know all burden it.
081. (June 24). Approach to Light is dangerous that, aggravating consciousness susceptibility opens it to influences dark and light. If the consciousness is resistant, it rejects dark influences and accepts only Light but if stability is insufficient, invasions of darkness not to avoid. The darkness surrounds each light undertaking and guards sharp-sightedly each opportunity to do harm. Each sparkle of light attracts dark quenchers which are attracted by light as butterflies and midges fire. But – fire to extinguish their purpose. Fight against darkness an inevitable condition of ascension of spirit, and nobody is relieved of dark attempts. Question only in the one who will win: whether spirit, Light collecting, or his enemies, spirit of the murderer.
082. (June 25). By this or that condition of consciousness it is caused conformable to it space reaction. It is possible to practice in process of an attuning of consciousness on a desirable wave. The spatial answer will be always conformable to the set tone. The task can cause from space this conformable an answer. As the skillful conductor will operates waves of the respective spheres sounding the answer in a key established by it. Or the will of the person operates this process, or the consciousness is object of casual currents. Or the slave to people or the lord of that occurs in his own consciousness. Or in hands its wheel, or given by it to the power of the casual phenomena of the spatial ocean. But accord it to them always on a mood and focus of the consciousness.
083. (June 26). Yes! Yes! Yes! It is good when the personal world grows dull, settles the paints, becomes empty and uninteresting. It is very good. At ordinary people it is followed by disappointment and even Tedium vitae (Disgust for life, a satiety (lat.)) there are also suicides. But the one who follows Me, that, having been satiated with the personal world, having been disappointed in it and having rejected it, has before itself My World where can enter already free, not burdened by personal Maya tatter. Therefore a condition it I Welcome, as opening opportunities more a shave to Me. The fate of those, who has no is sad, than to replace the world personal, but concerned Boundlessness, even the soul having lost, finds it. Therefore Told: left all, left things, you will reach about My Day. Understanding of that, the space inheritance is integral, can give wings. It is possible to lose everything, even a body but not that belongs to the person by the right of his primogeniture. But It is told: coming to Me I Won't expel won. So each release from the chains tying to the world terrestrial, gives the chance of replacement of the lowest with the highest, passing enduring, temporary eternal, darkness Light. For ordinary people the tragedy what to replace there is nothing. Gaping emptiness is awful. But following Me not crave forever.
084. (June 28). The sense of an assignment isn't understood... I send an understanding Beam. To the countries threatened by an earthquake or other disasters, Sent the pupils that their fires internal could counterbalance flashes of underground fires or, being combined with space fires, to give the necessary consequence of other order. Sent is focus on which the Beam with the purpose to lift a tone of the surrounding sphere, at times on big space goes. The sphere of influence and its size depend at most focus. Everyone maintains this or that force of the Beam on the capacity. At full coherence of consciousness with a sent Beam it is possible not to worry a divergence of a tonality of focus with the environment surrounding because with harmony resistance of the environment is overcome successfully. Results aren't visible bearing Light, but are visible to us. It is necessary to understand how Light of bearing consciousnesses there isn't enough to find full confidence of our Help. It is possible to call a silent feat entering of Light into the world dense when it is made without external visible actions. Difficulties that keep consciousness at height without visible external support both alone full it isn't easy and it isn't simple. But the Beam not dozing over that goes in readiness full.
085. (June 29). My friend, the accord represents himself the basis on which the shown world and all phenomena of life are based. As well the person submits to accord laws. To that созвучит, to that also reacts. Even not to understand words of the interlocutor if the consciousness doesn't perceive them that are it isn't adjusted on a conformable wave. The person can go deep so into the thoughts that won't see and won't hear anything from the events outside. It will be accord to the thoughts, but not the vibrations going from the outside. And the world surrounding is perceived according to the accord. Therefore the artist, the poet, the philosopher, the drunkard, the gambler and the devotee – everyone perceives the world in own way. The accord depends on the manumission or an involuntary mood of consciousness. And the mood or an attuning of consciousness can depend on will. Therefore the accord of yoga’s establishes. And then the harp of spirit shows susceptibility any more to the casual phenomena of life, but that the will chose and claimed. The chosen way of Beauty approves it and on it созвучит. Aum who has chosen the accord sounds on it. So everyone chosen something and it’s prehonored to something to another созвучит in consent with the made choice. And everyone reaps the fruits of this choice.
086. (June 30). Go spirit. Only that invisibly, intangibly, isn't smelled also by quietly terrestrial feelings, only it is that really belongs to the person. All things terrestrial, imprinted in consciousness of the person, pass to the World Thin and remain in memory of the learning center. Besides, everything existing roughly financially, the reflection, the double in the world astral has. Astral clichés are no erasable, unless only fire. Thus, not the thing destroyed in time, but its print in consciousness matters for the last, as well as thoughts, experiences and the experience, connected with subjects of the outside world, not the subjects, I Repeat, but reactions of consciousness to them. For the yogi life is transferred from the outside inside. The external phenomena lose the self-sufficing value and serve only to process of enrichment and consciousness growth that is its expansion. The more it contains, it is more and spirit. Its property consists of riches internal with which he both lives and increases greatly, knowing that anything external doesn't belong to it, but serves only as a material and means to accumulate knowledge and experience. It also will be dismissal from carnal subjects which is made in the spirit of. Not refusal, not the violent victim, not coercion, not asceticism, but world containment in its visible and invisible aspects. So there is a revaluation of all values, and focus of consciousness moves from the dense world to the World the Highest. As though from within, from the depth he looks at everything that occurs around, without identifying itself with anything. It was told: "My other-worldly kingdom... ", people also didn't understand. Nowadays the science will open space spaces before mankind and will lift the veil the Hidden World, and the person will personally be convinced then that it truly is the successor of spatial treasures.
087. The person who has inclined the head down, will see the earth, lifted up – the sky. The ducking depends on will. The world the Highest is always open for the person, but he not always wants to look up. It is necessary to understand that people cut themselves from the Highest World, preferring not to see anything, except the earth. And remember – a way up, to heights it is open constantly if the consciousness wants it.
088. (July 1). Yes. Yes! Yes! I approve everything, directing consciousness to the Highest World. Everything is good that moves up. If it is hope, the hope is good also; if it is belief, the belief is good also; if it is love, the love is good also. Let construction will be even wrong but if it ennobles consciousness, it is already good. How many unfulfilled hopes led to a gate of achievements. Certainly, we Prefer severe reality to groundless dreams but if someone is helped by dream, let it will be movable by dream. At the beginning of Call pink dreams and though they over time die away especially inflame, but inertia of movement remains and the benefit is brought. Besides, the dreaming builds the future on the want and imagination, without reckoning with reality and forgetting about the phenomenon of mobility of the Plan. Danger that when dreams are scattered in ashes, small consciousness stops, starts hesitating and moving back. But the way which has solved with Me to the end, doesn't stop before anything. It goes, despite everything and to all contrary to, even evidence ardent. It also is a way of the judgment winner. Everything that disturbs is rejected aside, as unnecessary rags; can stop neither friends, nor enemies. Friends it is more dangerous than enemies because from a friendly dirty trick or blow or treachery defend it is more difficult. As a matter of fact, all obstacles arising before going, a mental order, and, sweeping aside them in consciousness, it is possible to overcome any of them. Certainly, the darkness tries also, throwing the shaggy balls and a lot of vigilance and vigilances that to see them in time is necessary. We rejoice inflexibility and step hardness. We rejoice devotion unshakable, we Rejoice when the thought inspired with Light, directs to Us.
089. Quite often the thoughts burdened by a gloom direct to Us. To us it is stuffy from them. It is possible to be protected from thoughts of enemies still but how to be preserved against thoughts of friends if they are bad. So it is necessary to think more often of how not to burden the Teacher thought. That is loved, we protect, and we cherish, about volume and care. Therefore love – the engine if heart burns with it to the Teacher of Light. Let's carefully collect everything approaching us to Light.
090. (July 2). Not I, not I, but You, but You; not mine, not mine, but yours, but yours; not my world, but your World, the Lord, – the pupil in the aspiration up so approves himself. Vibrations of environment and its impact on consciousness are too strong that it was possible to neutralize them usual measures, but when it is reached. My world in your days of will claim. Association of the worlds has to happen in consciousness of the person because actually the worlds are integrated and connected indissolubly with each other. But people came off the Hidden World and, denying it, separated from it a dense veil of misunderstanding. Understanding is by recognition and capacity. To this understanding of reality steadily the science nowadays conducts, and for negative undoubted hard times will come soon. Or it is necessary to recognize everything that exists, or to go against science and its opening as it occurred more than once in the black Middle Ages. Reality it will appear negative on the party of obscurantists and if not to stop them, inquisition fires again will flare. To science – the road, the science will destroy walls of misunderstanding and denial really real.
091. And there the same: the dark surrounded unstable consciousness and paralyzed will. Also there is nobody to explain already, both to help, and to shine the events. Not in that the trouble that the direction changed, and that the person doesn't give himself the report in the events and blindly repeats the thoughts inspired by darkness. Deception is available, but from dark. The object of their shifts is sincere in expression of the feelings, without noticing a duality and an illogicality of the conclusions. The sad fate a toy is invisible dark influences.
092. (July 3). Everything that proceeds from Me, shows my World and connects following Me to Me. So to join my World it isn't difficult. As both the Doctrine of Life and the Word My unit with Me if in heart live and are accepted by heart. Head cognition isn't enough because activity of a brain is limited to external feelings and mind out of limits of the dense world the consciousness doesn't remove. Each word My and Lords as though a rope connecting to the world of the really real. As well our envoys on everything that is transmitted through Them to the world set the seal of hierarchical reliability. In the Doctrine of Live Ethics it is much given, it is given so much that the consciousness of mankind will be saturated for the millennia, but commandment Boundlessness. And the Treasure given to the world is only a step to new knowledge and new findings of spirit. It is difficult to acquire concept of possibility of boundless cognition, but it – destiny of the person, and boundless growth of power of spirit – it’s not excellent fate. So, opening before mankind a way to Boundlessness, we put his face to the person before infinity of achievements. And will reject nobody, and the way is closed to nobody. Are called all under banners of Light! There is a great set under the Banner of Lord Maitreya.
093. There are periods in life of the pupil when he should move to one. Also it seems to it that it is left that the Lord is far that there is nobody it to support difficult minutes of life. This test is inevitable because it is necessary to learn to stand on own feet to stand firmly and unshakably. Certainly, communication with Hierarchy interrupts never; at least it is visible and wasn't felt. It let serves understanding that communication with the Lord is indissoluble. But to learn to be it is necessary for one. Soldiers it is necessary to the Lord, able to execute any assignment. Consciousness of force, united with mine, approve in all living conditions, whatever far the Lord seemed to your terrestrial consciousness, because I with you always.
094. With the respective spheres of space it is necessary to think of the accord of thoughts strong because the accord law – it is in operation constant. Also the person with a swarm of thoughts conformable surrounds himself. Binding thread with Me is the thought. The magnetic and binding force of a thread is power of thought, to Me directed. The aspiration creates a miracle. So simply, easily and freely everyone can tie itself (himself) to the Beam of Hierarchy of Light.
095. (July 4). In total: good and bad, pleasant or unpleasant, true or incorrect, correct or wrong, disputable or indisputable, true or false, obvious or implicit, obvious or escaping, from above or from below going, casting doubt or undoubted – everything is swept aside without any fluctuations if it serves as a barrier to Dialogue with Me or disturbs it, or from Me separates and anyway breaks a unification in the spirit of with Me. Reasoning’s not necessary, proofs not necessary, it not necessary anything that can distance from Me. Many traps for thought are placed by the dark hand, striking with the ardent persuasiveness of terrestrial evidence. But also through it we will pass, trying not to stop at all on them thought. If to remember the past experience, especially the first steps after Call, how many it was made attempts to stop aspiration various smart inventions. Dark if only fires go out and stop a shining thread of communication. Rhythmical, continuous, uninterrupted advance, steady as the current of stars, is immutable will bring to Me going strong. The periods Pralaya consciousnesses when it seems that all is over are especially dangerous and the Lord when fires and terrestrial evidence tensely die away left approves itself. But also through it we will pass.
096. Correctly noted that expression of the Image changes. Therefore it is necessary to catch the moments of special brightness and clearness to imprint them it is attentive and long. It depends both from external, and on internal conditions and on a condition of consciousness. Many details are important.
097. The karma of the person is concluded in his aura and its radiations. Radiations can be regulated will; therefore, the will can influence even karma. Mastering by in this regard is important extraordinary. It is possible to be convinced on trifles how the condition of radiations of own aura influences on people around. Truly, the destiny is born by the person in the radiations. Same influence of outstanding persons on masses, commanders on the army and the Teacher on pupils speaks also. The thought will be the tool of will. Means, it is necessary to work with thought. The coverage of thought isn't limited to anything. The thought is hidden and inaudible. The thought is a mighty and terrible weapon in hands of the one who recognizes its power. Act with thought, but – in the benefit always.
098. (July 5). My friend, aura interaction happens to the world surrounding the person constantly and continuously. This process it is possible to regulate and operate of. Usual mistake that external conditions try to change and to influence them, it is necessary while to influence own aura and to change its radiations. Psycho - the magnetic field of aura interacts both with visible, and with the invisible world, and, establishing the necessary order of vibrations, interaction it is possible to direct on the desirable course. Sitting on water and circulation on fire is possible only at a certain psycho-magnetic condition of aura. As and well taming of elements, as well as rising on air. The outstanding speaker owns audience, adjusting the aura on a certain wave. In the same way other external conditions submit to strong aura also. Another won goes one winner through life. Why? In what the reason of this distinction is covered? In a tonality of aura and in its intensity! Not easy to regulate aura and it isn't simple. One vigilance and intensity hasn't enough. The thought armed with knowledge and integrated with Hierarchy of Light is necessary. The actions which haven't been connected with Hierarchy, temporarily and ended also are subject to oblivion. Actions hierarchical, as a rule, duration extraordinary because mean the future. In the future the action thread is stretched at full knowledge of that nothing comes to an end. Each word, each step, each thought mean the future. Such projection in the future of psychophysical activity of consciousness builds and establishes with it the bridge of communication and provides in this future a certain place. Also there is then a person the conscious builder of the future, the karma. And as this construction thanks to proximity to Hierarchy loses the personal character, the builder comes at first on planetary, and then already to a space scope. The proximity of Hierarchy thus has special value. Whether mislaid in unknown caves, in mountains or a thick national among the people, going with Me it isn't lonely never and never inactive. The one who bears to the world Light, Light Bearer, is active always; at least only that disseminates gloom vibrations. Action should be understood deeply, - it not in a wave of hands. Often waving and telling and operating externally consequences makes insignificant while the yogi, in silence sitting, can build an ashram for twenty transitions from the housing. A lot of things should be reconsidered from the point of view of a display of two worlds, - aura action invisibly. The fiery aura combined with fiery thought, gives a beam which cuts space, without knowing obstacles. Coherence of the centers strengthens a beam. The beam is painted by aura and, refracting through it, gets the special characteristics.
099. Long ago there were words: "And what ahead? Beam. " It was understood somehow that the Beam is sent by the Teacher while these words meant as well the statement of an own beam.
100. (July 6). My friend, how many time it was spoken about need to hold constantly Image of the Teacher in the third eye. The consciousness already prompted long ago it, and still achievement as is far, as well as in the beginning. What disturbs? In an own inner world one wants, another counteracts it. Whether Light and darkness challenge the power over consciousness? Division it is harmful because deprives of the next achievements. The inner world is given to unity, and scattered everywhere its energy gather in focus for the direction and their aspiration to the purpose uniform, the main in human life on the earth. If the purpose is outlined by a small circle of small reality and all will pass life this circle. If the purpose lies outside one or even several lives, it is possible to tell that the way to Boundlessness is found. When it was spoken about a pelting of distant anchors, duration of the actions bringing the person out of limits of three of his covers, limited time, that is mortal meant. So, each time when action or an act of sufficient duration is made, approves then the person the immortality. In the same way and everyone not the egoistical, super personal act outputs consciousness out of limits of the sphere of the aura and acquaints him to life super personal. The personality is doomed to destruction; super personal is already something approaching to all-planetary, and then and to a space stream of life. The look dies, but the sort lives. The death of a look caused sort life, and death of certain people – mankind life. Life and death is the parties of one medal. And everyone can turn it this or that party. Immortality of spirit is reached and approved by death and destruction of that temporary form, through which it phenomenon. Three are mortal. Immortal, reincarnating identity of the person – over three and all that in them occurs.