Agni Yoga's facets, 1962

1962. 001. (Jan. 1). If attentively to look narrowly at the reasons of all human experiences, alarms, excitements and concerns and everything that burdens consciousness, finally behind the majority of them you will see a gray shadow of fear. The fear is many-sided. Its masks are so various and deceptive that only the skilled traveler will manage to make out this gray shadow covered very skillfully and therefore escaping from attention: fear to lose something, fear for current state of consciousness, fear before difficulties and tests, fear before the powers that be, fear that can happen. Anywhere and everywhere this gray shadow, imperceptibly and quietly poisoning heart the poison and saddening its light. Therefore it is covered skillfully that the consciousness never will reconcile to recognize itself as the slave to fear, and immediately without fluctuation will drive away resolutely this gray shadow as soon as under this or that phenomenon of an external order saddening its light, will see it. Its richness and ability to be covered with anything and to hide the essence under this cover both misleads the person and deprives of him opportunity to strike the echidna in the head. Ability to distinguish belongs not only to recognition of faces, but also to those movements in matter of an astral cover which are called as emotions and feelings of the person. Hardly distinguish their true face. Especially attention it is necessary to give to this sphere of life of consciousness. The purpose of this cover to live, and to live – means to it to vibrate and worry. To it is indifferent because of what but if only ardent movement in it didn't stop. But as the consciousness and will with an arbitrariness of an astral don't want to be reconciled and seek to suppress and bridle its flashes and to subordinate them to control, he and invents various shifts that under this or that pretext hiding the true reason, but the nevertheless to achieve and worry. And as the fear is very hardy, the sophisticated astral and uses it constantly, skillfully covering it with others, it would seem to fear not having any relation, covers. And so arriving, succeeds, entering into deception of the mister.
002. (Jan. 2). The world dense won't give a shelter to spirit because there is in it nothing, on what it would be possible to lean. Temporarily and other worlds though stay in them can be much longer, than in the world terrestrial. And only the World Fiery is constant. In the terrestrial world, that is planet, lives many hundreds millions years, but life in a body physical, human life, is short very much, and conditions of each existence are very changeable, and they are very excellent from previous, because the world map changes quickly enough. Even one century already changes it. People tried to create among these constantly changing forms something firm, strong and constant, but in it didn't succeed. And only our Stronghold costs steadily and strongly, enduring centuries. Therefore even in the world terrestrial the mankind has the Stronghold of inviolability, durability and constancy. Earth face changes, are remade map the states and border of the people, there are new cities, the governments are replaced, and life forms change, but the Stronghold costs, indestructibly and strongly, in far mountains, towering over the world of the phenomena terrestrial, going each other on change. To understand, what even on this Earth, among instability and fragility of life, there is a Stronghold and the Stronghold for spirit, – means to understand that extra temporariness of the Fiery World has the expression and on Earth, as though towering over the flesh coast, over the world astral and Thin. The world Fiery in it is approved, in the Stronghold of the Planetary Brotherhood connected by fiery threads of communication with Planetary Brothers of the Distant Worlds of our Solar System above. The stronghold of Light is the meeting place of all worlds for which It is open. The consciousness of Lords is also opened to all worlds irrespective of, in a body They physical or out of a body. Association visible and the invisible worlds in consciousness of the person is the purpose of his evolution. It is Arhat’s step which orbit extends more and more in process of his advance up. From the Stronghold on the earth Rays of light direct. And each consciousness on these Beams can direct to the Stronghold and in It to find a support and a shelter to spirit. So, in the world terrestrial people were given in dense forms a prototype of Inviolability Fiery, the Stronghold and a support for spirit in its aspiration in Boundlessness. The stronghold is an eternity symbol among a transient of the swift-flowing phenomena of human life terrestrial.
003. (M. A. Y.). Among inconstancy of human relationship, likes and dislikes, an attraction and pushing away, the love and hatred can find a support and confidence of constancy of the Teacher of Light. The Lord is unchangeable. Fluctuations in the relations with It, its approach and a distance depend not on its stability, but on changes of feelings, emotions and the thoughts occurring in consciousness of those who follows the Lord. Constancy of devotion, love and aspiration doesn't know extremes of these changes and derives the strength from understanding of that the Lord is unchangeable. As and in the attitude towards us if you manage to carry by through life not belittled the attitude towards us and the feelings not dried up, owing to separation in a physical body, you will scent and you learn an invariance and ours to you the relations. Correctly you do, the dead us without esteeming. Fiery Threads of love and devotion of constants is over the dense world. They don't know death, because they not from a flesh and a body, but – spirit. Communication in the spirit of, a spiritual bond, that also is strong that out temporarily it and over life and death corporal.
004. (Guru). If to put the attitude towards the Teacher and towards us in dependence on accident of external conditions, and communication with the Teacher and with us will vibrate and fluctuate together with the changes which are occurring in them, that is there will be it changeable, fluctuating and interrupted. How many time It was already said that blinking lamps can fuse and that the duality and instability of consciousness are very dangerous. Let your devotion, your aspiration and your love of fluctuations don't know and don't break the instability of a rhythm of communication. Our wire will stretch. You hold it a firm hand. It in the spirit of and anything external can't damage it if your spirit is unshakable and steady.
005. The essence of the person is established on a pupil. It is possible to learn it only on experience, trying at each meeting with people to peer deep into the person through a pupil of his eye. The essence of the person is expressed in his eyes. Eyes joyful, sad, cold, angry, drunk, impudent, tin, laughing, scared, courageous, fearless – everyone’s happen eyes. But also here, as, however, and everywhere, it is necessary to depart from it. The one, who is occupied only by it, won't manage to observe. As well animals of an eye are expressive very much. The phenomenon of eyes so highly that in case of the person reaches the upper class of the Fiery World. Eyes is, except everything, – the attack and protection weapon. Fire of thought is transmitted through pupils. It is interesting to observe eyes of the person, strong spirit, and to compare them to pettiness eyes. It is interesting to note a difference between the strong-willed and weak-willed person. Running, uneasy, cowardly eyes! – How many they speak about the person. If attentively to look at eyes and it is good to think over received impressions, the whole history of soul human perhaps it is opened in a look. The look of the person in a sense designates a step of the evolution reached by spirit. Not sustain an animal a look of the person. The birdie under a look of snake eyes is an example of how force of fires of an animal organism is transmitted through eyes. This force can be focused consciously in a look. Without a concentration she is given naturally at the level of a usual condition of consciousness. The, who owns itself, owns also force of the look. How many experiences it is possible to do to understand, what force the device of eyes possesses. Certainly, behind eyes there is a thought, and behind thought the will which has generated it. Here degree of will and force it also is reflected in a look of human eyes. If the person can't collect the thoughts, it is visible in his eyes. Also visible in them and power of the concentrated thought. It should be noted that at each close contact of two individuals immediately occurs by means of eyes unconscious, but decisive duel which defines for all future time who from two is stronger, whose will is stronger and whose look won. Victories of a draw over can't be allowed. It is necessary to manage to protect the essence from impact on it. In case of contact with strong will nevertheless it is possible to strain the fiery potential and to sustain quietly and strongly others fires. The usual force of a look can be strengthened repeatedly, especially if in the spirit of to unite with the Teacher of Light. When behind a back of the Lord, it is possible to sustain force of any eyes. If the force doesn't suffice, strength of the Lord can be called. If the beam of the eyes is insufficiently strong, it is possible to work Lords with the Beam. Eyes of the person are a mighty weapon of protection and attack. Certainly, protection from dark and an eye beam striking for them.
006. Will be (that is enough) elephants to do of flies. There is nothing for the reason. Everything, that causes burden, – from darkness; and thoughts from them heavy thoughts from darkness. Don't add to My burden. Head up. To you pleasure I Send.
007. If the thought approves one, and words tell another, in space the destructive dissonance is generated. The thought is energy. The word speeches are energy too. When the thought corresponds to its expression in words, energy of action doubles. When the thought and words are directly opposite, one type of energy enters collision with another. The generated dissonance is destructive as well for the person who has generated him because affects decomposing first of all him. Therefore the lie is impractical and unprofitable, before others, to the liar. Compliance of thoughts and words is the first condition of an apprenticeship. Energy of thoughts and sounds can't go on destruction. In space such dissonance generates chaos rushing-about energy and strengthens destruction forces. The lie is the darkness phenomenon. The yoga demands that internal expression corresponded to the external. It is better to keep silent, than to lie. But if the question nevertheless is asked, and it is undesirable to answer it, it is simplest, having fixedly looked in eyes to the interlocutor, to force it to forget thought about the question. Not the yogi can answer nevertheless questions, without having broken the entrusted secret. Energy of the told words remains in space, - sound meaning word very strong yourself the occult properties. For each told word responsibility bears it said, as well as for each thought. When they are deprived compliances and expression verbal is opposite to thought, this responsibility is aggravated heavy.
008. (M. A. Y.). Weakness doesn't say goodbye, in whatever form it was expressed. The lie is a sign of internal weakness. The spirit, internally strong, won't begin to lie. All weak and insignificant is destroyed by evolution. Everything, unadapt to life, goes to processing, as space litter. The nature of weakness doesn't forgive. In itself it is necessary to be careful of each manifestation of weakness of spirit, as infection from which it is difficult to be exempted if it is allowed.
009. (Guru). The statement of power of the spirit will always find a whole-hearted support in any living conditions at Us.
010. (January. 3). It isn't simple to invest thought words too. Some people do it hardly. Speakers, writers and poets, on the contrary, comprehended this art. And still the perfect form of speech is still inaccessible. It the very few own. The secret consists in full harmony of form and content. The word, in the sound expression, has deep fiery value, on the vibration key. And here this key and a tonality of thought both its color and coloring have to be in the full accord. Some sayings are especially strong this compliance. Each speech has the rhythm if the person, it saying, owns this rhythm. In creations of great writers sometimes it is possible to catch this rhythm, but many write the whole books, any rhythm without observing and at all without suspecting about it. Such books in a separate and chaotic rhythm either absolutely without it or at all aren't read, or forgotten soon. But those, let it will be at least the small story where the rhythm is observed and speech music is comprehended, those are read much, and people love them. Told and written it can be given in any rhythm and any tonality, but on condition of compliance of the contents with a form. It is necessary to remember thus that each word has the sound key and is combined in the offer with some other words according to the internal contents, a sound key and communication with transferred thoughts with which these words as the musical idea clothes sounds clothe. Musical symphony can assimilate good speech, either the good story, or the whole work. Great poets have this harmony of thoughts and words are sometimes expressed especially brightly. Call such people masters of the word. Hidden influence is correct and harmoniously constructed speech is especially great. Its internal contents become especially convex when with it the external form is conformable. Words can be both short and abrupt if it is demanded by a rhythm, but force of influence consists not in an external form, but in its accord with essence, in it concluded. The secret of speech and words is very difficult also the little is available.
011. Books of the Doctrine of Life are written by different rhythms and in many keys, but their influence is very powerful because secret of speech owned what hands wrote pages, and Those Who Dictated. There was earlier the sacred language which words had special sound that is fiery, value. This language is live and until now, but it is available only having the right to an entrance to our Towers.
012. Each person has to become sensitive, that is feeling and perceiving is thin. Now still conditions don't allow, but their change will allow appearing in quieter environment when it will be possible not to be afraid any more that the disharmony of the surrounding will force to suffer exactly thanks to acuteness of susceptibility. Now the payment for thinning is still very heavy, but the future will favor to it.
013. (January. 4). Let's approach the happiness phenomenon, directing in its orbit. Happiness for spirit – Light, from which it proceed and which he already consciously starts approving in itself. Everything that from Light, is accepted in consciousness strong, and everything is rejected that from darkness. The consciousness is filled with thoughts, feelings, images and representations and feelings of a different order. All these mental products can be divided into two sorts of the phenomena – on the phenomena from darkness and from Light. From Light all that moves forward spirit evolution, from darkness – that detains advance. How to be with what disturbs and serves as an obstacle to ascension? Each obstacle is force disturbing. Force can oppose only force, but bigger potential. And then the interfering phenomenon is overcome. Strength of mind is inexhaustible when it is called consciously. On all counteracting it is possible to cause from depth of the energy still bigger potential. It should be known. There are no such obstacles which the spirit fiery directed to Light can't overcome. When this situation is accepted, is understood and acquired, then each obstacle becomes opportunity to strengthen fiery energy of spirit and, them having strengthened, to overcome an obstacle. Thus, obstacles turn into steps of ascension of spirit without which to top it not to rise. Ability to rejoice to obstacles is born from very wide experience and the unshakable decision to move forward, without stopping before anything. It is a lot of monsters, besides external, everyday barriers, guards the spirit going to the Lord that to frighten it, to detain him and to distract it from Light track. But the skilled traveler will tell: "I am not afraid of you, I am not afraid of anything because anything, all darkness, not in forces to stop my way". This inflexible fiery determination will give strength to overcome everything even that seems insuperable.
014. (M. A. Y.). With you I is constant, and only conditions of the dense world don't allow seeing me. But it is possible to feel my proximity nevertheless, even by it contrary to. Certainly, it is necessary to call heart because heart feels and knows more, than a brain. The thought assumption in consciousness opens to the phenomenon an entrance and prepares the soil for its demonstration. The threshold shown by though, it is extremely considerable. Having allowed in consciousness possibility of the phenomena of this or that order, allow it and the phenomenon, creating these for it conditions, to its favoring. The same way facilitates also possibility of a display of My presence at your life. You aspire to it, wish it, clear away to it an entrance and be ready quietly and to accept soberly singularity of the phenomena of the Thin World in an everyday of life usual.
015. (Guru). It is a lot of secrets in Arhat’s life. Borders of the usual are passed. And that is possible only in fairy tales, for it becomes commonness unusual. Both carpets planes, and caps of darkness and all other symbols of thin conditions for it any more fairy tale, but reality. If to tell people about some details of life of Arhat, would consider speaking to mentally ill people, they are so wonderful and so they won't be coordinated with standard thinking of the ordinary person. To take at least the phenomenon of not interruptibility of consciousness, that is achievement of a step of conscious immortality. Also wonderful, - or opportunity to remember a chain of embodiments, or ability of conscious activity in any of conductors, or participation in life terrestrial, being free from a body. It is a lot of secrets in Arhat’s life, and much that who chose this way a way of the life will have them.
016. Purity of heart isn't concept abstractedly ethical, but almost vital. Purity is possibility of achievements of the phenomena of the highest order and the easiest entrance to area is invisible the real. When the burden terrestrial is dumped and heart is cleared of freight, the entrance is open for the Lord and hands it aren't tied to give a measure full that, on what has the right clean heart. The freight of the dark remnants which has been thrown out from heart cleared of it is replaced with opportunities of other achievements bringing knowledge, pleasure and experience in Elevated. 017. (January. 5). The consciousness lives, submitting to the rhythm. It is possible to break it, but to force it is impossible to go in own way. Therefore any violence over it won't yield desirable results. From here and repeated failures to force it to perceive when it becomes silent. It was said that possibly will write down my thoughts even during the day, but never I Said that my Voice Silent can be heard always. Extents of Communication the different, both force them and tension depend on Will Myself. Violently it is impossible to give desirable extent of contact. Many conditions influence it, and the rhythm of consciousness is one of decisive. Light not always to the same extent is available to consciousness. And when its waves strain, then it is necessary to take everything that is possible.
018. (M. A. Y.). To force perception I don't advise, but I advise to be always in full readiness when the consciousness starts sounding tensely. This readiness has to be constant and independent of moods or surrounding. You remember words: you know neither day, nor hour... When it was mentioned the Messenger whom waited, this constant readiness not to miss sent opportunities of new receipts meant.
019. (Guru). Alternation of spatial waves happens lawfully, submitting to a known rhythm. It needs to be meant at contact with space, - valuably the natural receipt of spatial thoughts. Any violence over in this area is absolutely inadmissible. Perceiving or silent, on lifting or below, but directed always and constantly ready – the spirit which is awake on guard has to be such.
020. Pralaya consciousness’s serve always as a threshold of new lifting. Advance also causes the phenomenon Pralaya. When it comes, it should prepare for opportunities going on lifting change.
021. (January. 6). Without leaving (mentally) itself, but embracing itself the phenomenon, embracing the consciousness, it (this phenomenon) comprehends. The orbit of consciousness joins the comprehended phenomenon. Where is consciousness, there is and spirit. When the consciousness feasibly seeks to capture My phenomenon, I to it Reveal. My phenomenon needs understanding. The measure of understanding is limited to the width of containment of consciousness. Limitation is replaced with boundlessness, small – big. This restriction gradually is dumped, approving a spirit way. Among the visible it is approved invisible, among darkness – Light. It is a way of the statement undoubted contrary to visibility dense. There is no other way, except a way of the statement of spirit, - spirit over everything, and all in the spirit of. The spirit fears nothing because nothing can damage to it. Covers – his servants. With one it doesn't identify itself, because knows temporariness of everyone. The spirit is fire, and a body fiery – it’s not replaceable attire. That in it to be conscious, it is necessary to issue it. The statement of qualities of spirit is process of conscious registration of a fiery body. Sacred Ethics turn into action (making) fiery when it is applied in life. The abstractness of virtues becomes life of fiery reality, and quality of spirit – steps under the abstractness of virtues becomes life of fiery reality, and quality of spirit – lifting steps. It is necessary to understand that diligence all and works if the Doctrine of Live Ethics isn't realized are vain. Application – a way of achievements the shortest. We Do not know other way. It also is a life, unique on your Earth. But people look for roundabout tracks if only to evade from need of the appendix for life of the Doctrine of our Brotherhood. Demand application in practice of the Doctrine of Fiery Yoga. Be not covered with words. How many fine undertakings sank in words? How to convince that only understood and applied remains with you. Understood and not applied leaves from you together with covers, it is frequent even on them without leaving a trace. The finest, but the words not applied in life do a cover empty. To words don't trust, words be preserved – let actions will replace words. As like biped actions replace with words. We appreciate the words designating action. The word and its implementation are unseparable; differently the word turns into a smoke. And to you won't listen if your words aren't supported by life practice. Also you have no right to learn if to what you teach, didn't apply. Not applied word, and all mental constructions – on sand, and life on sand, and not achievements it, but the sand heaps carried by a wind is empty. The way replaced business by words is dark. It is better to speak even less – less harm. Parrots too speak, but are angry without having, harm less. Show commensurability between in word and deed.
022. It is good to establish a habit every day to find some time to carry out the consciousness through such tests which would approve desirable qualities of spirit. It will be as though rehearsal before performance when it is necessary to play the necessary role on stage of life. Sutratma – the actor and rehearsals of a similar order are very useful to it.
023. (M. A. Y.). Not minutes of lifting and ardent burning of spirit it is necessary to watch especially sharp-sightedly itself and to hold strong Us, but in time Pralaya consciousness.
024. (Guru). All opportunities should be used to strengthen stability of spirit and to reach balance.
025. Who and what will help? Who and what will be able to help? The solution of everything at Us and therefore for it is necessary to address only to Us. They address to people and think that people can help them. Also they are right. But you understand that you Can be helped only by us, because you ours. All yours in us and at Us and therefore your address to Us will be accepted strong. Our thought about you and with you our Beam and your future is outlined by us. Native Mine, My board over you is.
026. (M. A. Y.). The days devoted to memory of the Great Victim, let will be celebrated by ardent understanding of that nowadays time comes when made earlier fiery shoots will yield results. Cause and of the effect; the great reason – a great consequence. The great Victim, and Light, to its lit, truly will be Great.
027. (Guru). The Teacher willingly and joyfully accepts honoring not words, not feelings, but actions and acts.
028. (January. 7). The top rings of a spiral are impossible without bottom, as well as the highest steps without the lowest. The continuity of Great Doctrines is similar to rings of an ascending spiral. Steps of human consciousness for which were given Doctrines, cause sequence of expansion of uniform Space Truth of Life. Different aspects it was given to people in last centuries. It is possible to call the real step synthetic. That was given earlier, nowadays crowns the synthesis uniting in one whole everything that was earlier, that is given now. At synthetic understanding of these Doctrines everyone becomes on the place and the purpose of everyone is clear. And those pearls of Space Truth which are put in the basis of each Great Doctrine of the past, start shining new unfading light. The truth doesn't die in centuries, but, at synthesis, its value and sense gets new aspect of inalterability. The basis was put earlier, and nowadays on the base it creation of the majestic Temple of Uniform Knowledge proceeds. The basis unshakably, but heaps and stratifications of the next centuries have to be cleaned, and former Doctrines are cleared of these heaps that new construction and new expansion of uniform Truth of Life wasn't disturbed by them. In this new understanding of sense of earlier these Great Doctrines it is necessary to honor Spirits Great their given, life of all of the ancient Precepts which have imprinted table. The synthetic understanding will allow selecting the real pearls, to clear them of litter and to wash Faces Great Announcers of General Welfare. It is a lot of distortions, it is a lot of distorting, it is a lot of fanaticism, fanatic and blood were layered by ignorance on these bases, new time goes, and its breath will clear Precepts of Great Teachers of a dust of centuries and last heaps of human ignorance and limitation. In days when the Great Victim will be read, it is possible to think of how it is better to clear of these heaps the great, short and simple Doctrine Light That, Who Gave the life for his statement.
029. Lets channelize desires of a feat to ready hearts. We are ready in both worlds. Know. Know and wait, because – before Arrival. The wave will take out on a crest, and the destiny won't ask. I will collect on readiness and devotion creating Will My. My hand over events of world value, and in great, and in of smal, - but, who becomes closer, first will enter and will rise above. I will lift and Will ennoble on service to General Welfare. Everyone is a place of execution of My commands on the Ladder of Hierarchy of Ligh, - its power strains. Who is strong against Us, at fed planets of the standing? We will show that power at an o'clock of execution of terms. And if before probably the darkness triumphed, nowadays winner Light will triumph. Billion – number of happiness gathering under Flage Maitreya. I Will specify by it Will My as immutable decision for immutable performance. Will of terms executes Go, Will Sending. Merge will in Light Yourself shows to the world the invincible fiery force of Space Decisions. The darkness rises agains, because feels the hopelessness. Convulsions of darkness leaving – so we Call it sunset days. There comes great time.
030 . (Jan. 8). (M. A. Y.). It is given the chance to come nearer all-time by dismissal from personal and immersions in the general: in universal, in all-planetary and universal. Changes in the personal are incomparable with changes generally, and in personal to become isolated – means not to see anything. Bring out of the personal the thought can only. It is possible to join spatial thought only on condition of resolute oblivion about itself. The guru led bright and colorful life, without having any personal thought. Therefore, completeness of life doesn't depend at all on ardent immersion in personal interests. Just, on the contrary: than more tensely and violent egoism life, especially is poor, limited and empty human life. Only the full Bowl of General Welfare can make existence human intelligent, full, beautiful and bright.
031. Unnecessary thoughts and feelings too disturb and too are litter. Return to Me hearts means release from all the replacement with mine. Mine concerns General Welfare, the –. The entire servant, the employee Me serve all, the employee – darkness. Thought of not from Light, because all the – Maya. To remain with itself in World Aboveground– means to remain with anything because the personal world of egoism doesn't have a place in Space, in a kingdom of the Space Truth. Egoism illusions (or egoism illusion) are an area of the lower class of an astral. Hordes hell it live in a copper of remnants of personal experiences. The magnet of my Spirit attracts spirits conformable, drawing them from the world of illusions. I will tell secret – you are eager for them: loss of isn't loss, but replacement with one another, small – great, darkness – Light. It is God's found inside the Kingdom, and achievement of a step super personal. Identity isn't the personality and egoism which are closed by a focus of interest of one embodiment. Identity, rising over a chain of separate incarnations, them embraces, all them including. Change of races will concern each identity, crumpled ephemeral creation of personal worlds and approving the phenomenon of reincarnating, Immortal Identity of the person. I help to behold rather the Truth of Space Life, in its approving life of the spirit. Understanding of the future and the place in it is not in personal measures. Readiness of be Underline as a condition of this understanding, but not in the representation from today. Not to squeeze the future in a present framework, and identity in the identity of this embodiment. Therefore be Underline expansion of consciousness to an orbit of identity and refusal from personal, limiting with its small, close sphere.
032. Rage of egoism at approach to Us amplifies repeatedly for a gets rid. From here and bitterness of experience of the early connected with Us. Everyone seeks to approve by egoism itself (himself), forgetting thus that the first of all has to be a servant all that, first whom he wants to become. From here both cruelty, and rivalry, and all other friendly feelings distorted by egoism and acts – cabinet of curiosities of igets rid properties, but not Light camp.
033. (Jan. 9). Astral guests crowd in the middle of life and influence strong. And as on Earth, and there the consciousness also is low and black out, and influence is dark. Use everything and everything to have impact that is to interfere and prove in the dense world. It is necessary to be careful of all people to whom it is necessary to adjoin, because influence goes through thought, and people are subject to suggestion all without an exception. Difference in that, what one to the accord perceives suggestions and thoughts of a high order, and others only the low. That is why clarification so insistently is necessary. Elements, consonance to the influences going from outside, have to be rather cleared that the darkness couldn't get through their means and that they vibrated on waves not darkness, but Light. Each thought, feeling and emotion of a certain order cause from space related to them the accord, causing darkness or Light, and each of them needs severe control that the accord was lightful. About wakefulness constant or control It was spoken not without the reason. It is impossible to supervise nature of these influences if thoughts, emotions and feelings, and, the main thing, desires and passions aren't bridled. On these channels the darkness can throw anything. Astral guests only also wait for thoughts and feelings, to them conformable to add the. If the accord isn't present, they will try to cause it, throwing the shaggy balls. On the guard it is necessary to be always, differently not to be protected and not defend from dark influences. Terrible in it anything isn't present if the consciousness purely and holds patrol.
034. (Guru). Correctly! Covers of the accepted pupils can be in different conditions and on various plans, but their spirit is inseparably linked with the Stronghold and in it has the support and the house constant in which stays when it is possible. And through the Stronghold it is possible to adjoin to each of us and to come into contact. The dense cover cannot know, but the spirit will reply because it external isn't connected.
035. (January. 10). On a basis drawing of a carpet or embroidery on an outline is weaved. As also the space thinking is under construction on Bases. Bases should be known, they should be acquired, and then the thinking develops correctly. Without Bases it is impossible, because the wrong representation will always follow; how many false theories, how many fabrications, how many mistakes, because, - of ignorance of Bases.
036. Association – in the spirit of out of any conventions. Everything is rejected, all reasons. It is so many passerbies. How to be? By we will pass, having offended nobody. And how with through whom the darkness works? Bypass them, having lifted a board. How to be with harming strong? On protection Call Me, a beam directing striking on their environment if it is unconscious attendants of darkness, and on them if conscious. Strike together with Me, My force. Much you don't know. The next purpose is seeing and hears the Lord.
037. (Jan. 11). At night flight in an astral body it wasn't succeeded to rise over Earth highly at all tension of will. It specifies that the necessary tension of fire couldn't be caused. In what reason? Are surrounded with darkness, and will close their circle! It weakens very much and demands Agni's huge expense. But also it is necessary to pass through it. The teacher allows such situation for firmness and counteraction development. After all it is necessary to protect not only, but also relatives. And too forces go on it. As well karmic the connected people, and people around strong devour energy of spirit, - from here and expense of fiery force. From here and impossibility write down at sunrise as and for such record fire is necessary. Let's not be confused this circumstance because transitions happen different.
038. Manuscripts or the letters handwritten are object of stratifications of Agni. Thus during the writing contact with that, to whom written the letter. Energy is given as though on the double channel: through contact and through stratifications. Therefore each letter demands to itself very attentive relation. It is better not to write such letters, having grasped, for which as for a wire, the harming consciousness can transfer the vibrations and to cause those damage. There are letters joyful and waiting, and the answer to them is light and clair-sounding. But there is also other order, transferring influences of darkness or employees for dark a catch which they are ready to catch strong to throw the next harm.
039. (January. 12). The rhythm means tension and recession alternation. The rhythm of consciousness submits to the same law. It is necessary to distinguish the phenomenon of alternation of a rhythm from a kindly of fire and not to mix these phenomena. Go out doesn't involve lifting, but rhythm recession always comes to the end with new lifting and represents itself the phenomenon of a natural ascension of spirit. The recession phenomenon building and fruitfull, but is destructive flame fading. The rhythm doesn't allow fire of spirit to die away, and night foretells a dawn and shining day.
040. (M. A. Y.). Any reasons it is impossible to justify an aura clouding, the events owing to external influences or adverse circumstances. It is difficult not to be afflicted with anything, but nevertheless private matters shouldn't paint aura. At least to any degree it is necessary to keep aura in balance. But Light arrives through it. Who will want to lose Light access consciously? As the plant, is so exact and the consciousness eats Light. A food by Light goes through aura. When it is saddened, Light doesn't arrive, but through it darkness vibrations easily get. Mastering by a condition of aura radiations is urgently necessary. The clouding allowed by anything can't be justified because it is entrance opening for darkness.
041. (Guru). The picture "Waiting" – is symbolical. It is necessary to wait too to be able. Let expectation will be always fruitful. Lightfull it because unites with Light of the future. Fruitful expectation – is wise.
042. (January. 13). My son, feeling of our Proximity – an indicator of that a way is correct. The feeling it especially is valuable that too darkly around and Light bearing in darkness there aren't enough consciousnesses. Therefore and it is difficult to move evolution that counteraction of not ready is so strong. And it is necessary to educate and it is necessary to help and it is necessary to shine with the heart. Radiations of heart are literally devoured with surrounding imperfection. And how its light and fire was strong, the consuming goes incessantly. And it is impossible to go out, it is impossible to cease to shine with heart. So the beacon because it is death can't go out will be for many vessels. And then night is more dark, the sea more roughly and terribly, the light of a beacon overtaken by a storm is more necessary. Therefore, about itself having forgotten, the light inextinguishably should be born through life what there were vital storms of the everyday sea and how the darkness was condensed. It is the first debt of the attendant of light. So the Light of the Lord bears inextinguishably.
043. (Guru). The instructions given by the Teacher, it is necessary to carry out strictly. And then the Management doesn't interrupt that occurs and can occur owing to neglect of these Instructions.
044. Undergone it will be up to the end rescued. Formula is old. Easier to say: sustained up to the end, that is resisted in Light, in Me resisted it will be rescued. From what is? From death! For what? For life! In Me to resist means adoption of my Doctrine, following to it and its appendix in life during the whole days of the stay on Earth. But "in Me to resist" means also something bigger, means a memory about Me constant when it is possible to tell that My Face lives in heart also my Presence is felt obviously. It also is the most important because then the spirit of force finds and to resist up to the end in Light, that is in Me.
045. (January. 14). Work of Lords among mankind is very various and demands big tension owing itself the urgency. So there is a preparation of consciousnesses through contact on the Thin Plan. In result is powerful association of ready hearts, but not on a visible surface of life. The new Peace is strengthened by this work. Assistants are very necessary.
046. "... And voices interfering we betray to Ego Will". When own forces don't suffice to constrain strong harming, their models are transferred to the Lord for restraint. It is better to transfer models a rhythm, having provided them to influence of its Beams. He knows better how to operate rebellious and to extinguish harmed. The forces insufficiently often because the evil creeps from the Thin World with support of strong the essence, and then intervention of the Teacher is insistently necessary.
047. I apply Energy to breaking the centers of counteraction dark, dangerous a formula – to be lost, but to do much harm. It is logic of the evil. If to look very attentively, it is possible to see that the consciousness is encumbered in very considerable degree by thoughts, feelings, images and representations absolutely unnecessary, harmful and disturbing to the phenomena useful and necessary. Therefore its release from these heaps is the most urgent matter. Clarification from thoughts dirty, clarification from thoughts idle, casual, going from the outside and breaking the established system of consciousness, will be its preparation for that to replace all this stuff with more valuable material. It is necessary to avoid also a thought about the phenomena of a casual order interfering in life. Certainly, with inevitable it is necessary to be reconciled and give it due. But all unnecessary resolutely jumps out of consciousness. It is necessary to contain, understand and acquire so much that to litter, stuff and third-party things of a place any more doesn't remain. A lot of time will be released and many new opportunities will be given. As and it is necessary to speak even less and even more substantially. Need to say no because all usually very much like to speak. So silence will be always welcomed by the interlocutor who usually always wants to speak most. But it is better and to evade from these flows of words when they have no construction value. Sometimes to give the chance it is useful to stream too that there was no explosion. But wisdom and golden mean in everything.
048. (January. 16). Show assumes responsibility for thinking in a day, bearing in mind that the Silver Thread binding us, transfers Me vibrations of thoughts. Each additional candle strengthens light. But if the thinking weeds, extinguishes it on black out degree. I want the amplifier to see in each approximate spirit, but not a quencher; giving, but not taking only. The condition of luminosity has to be constant, irrespective of the provision of private matters. It is necessary to shine always, that is to be in balance. If from Us, instead of Light, the darkness though for an instant, it will mean planet accident proceeds. Our responsibility for it is great. To us assimilate. Responsibility for Earth partially accepts on the shoulders. Not for the sake of itself, but for the sake of Us help to share our burden and our works. We approach, entering into our affairs. We specify to divide our burden and our grief for your Earth, our works and our cares and our Light. As an insignificant personal cares when We Are responsible for billion people become small. The unification inflexible is necessary. Sons of Light word My. Approach condition to Us is a self-forgetfulness. Not the on Us is loaded, burdening Us strong, but our burden terrestrial is voluntary and selflessly assumed. It service will be to Lords. Rarefy's of a gloom terrestrial – howl Mine, My children, sons of Light and his servant. I Call under my Banner, Flage Maitreya, able to serve Light. There are only taking – they are far, -but, is to a planet giving the light. These are relatives our, the next to us, assistants our, bearing Light in darkness of the outside world. Them the benefit dividing our works. I, the Shambhala of the Lord, Light to sons of I specify in Light to rally around and to become even closer. And to make it not for the sake of itself, but for the sake of Us, Light World Bearings, for the sake of the great future of your Earth. World to you, Aum! My children, Light of the future is great. Let's work for Light and Hierarchy. So I Speak, so I Told in anticipation of Term.
049. Children My, Light future is great. Work in name Light and Hierarchy. As I Speak, as I Say before Great Coming the Term.
050. (M. A. Y.). That to us terrestrial and personal pleasure and a grief, when itself the Lord on a feat Calls. Those who them lives, and remain with them, that is with anything because they it is passing. But who the Lord lives also Affairs of the Lord that with them will arrive in works and his cares as well as in all that it is connected with the World of the Lord in all that allows consciousness and ability of containment of Light.
051. (Jan. 17). 051. (January. 17). All great variety of the world and its manifestations is limited to rather small Laws on number, or Bases within which these manifestations are possible. The atom pulses, heart pulses, the Sun, because heart in everything pulses. As precisely the principle of unit, an individualization of the phenomenon has to be observed that it took place; differently it will merge with world around and won't be revealed. The phenomenon of a rhythm to which all is subordinated is characteristic also. The number seven is interesting by the universality as the principle of a septenary is followed by all forms and all things of that world, in which their lives the person. Each problem can be solved from the numerical party, taking for the basis the seven; septenary structure of the person. Septenary his life periods, and each of them definitely differs from another. If to divide life into pieces for seven years in everyone, it is possible to see as the spiral of human existence consists of rounds of obviously expressed order, for seven years in everyone. These periods need to be taken into account in the analysis of ways of ascension of spirit. The more coolly spiral of seven years' lifting, the quicker ascension. The flat spiral means stagnation and ceases to be ascending. From each point of a spiral it is possible to stretch a straight line up, to a point similar on the following round. It means that the phenomenon will repeat by analogy with previous, but on the plane of the highest that is that the transmutation of this phenomenon in the direction of the aspiration put in it is possible. But it is necessary that the aspiration was that is that there was that follows трансмутировать. If there is nothing, and transmutation there is nothing. Out of hatred it is possible to create love, that is hatred трансмутировать in the highest feeling, but from anything nothing is created. Therefore It is told that as there was no you is cold, is hot, I Will cast out you from my lips that is a pettiness lukewarm, neither cold, nor hot, jump out of an evolution stream, as space litter. The teacher isn't confused that from the pupil the most ardent negative qualities and properties start sticking out suddenly. It is good for a transmutation, because to the winner all says goodbye. But a pettiness in pupils doesn't undertake. Shortcomings for acceptance in pupils not are an obstacle. Stirs absence them because when transmutation there is nothing rather, and there is no place as well to go. It should be taken into account when someone is knocked. Dark access isn't present, but robbers, torment and the loose woman were approached. Seven most ardent shortcomings can give seven shining qualities. But what the virtuous moderation and mediocrity of a pettiness will give? About ruddy virtue It was spoken. Loyal "nikodims" no fiery qualities of spirit in it no have. And not they move evolution. Our measures are others, - sometimes we Appreciate people on their shortcomings, standards we not Recognize.
052. (Guru). It is necessary to destroy in consciousness representation that with death of the close people having special value in life of the pupil, with them any communication, even is broken at their embodiment in a new body. Understand of communication cannot be, but its threads don't interrupt as they go over conditions of the dense world and concern the spirit world. These threads in any way and anything don't interrupt. In karmic meetings of ordinary people these not torn off communications come to life instantly because, invisible, they didn't cease to exist for one instant. It is a lot of friends and many enemies at incarnate, and with all is connected by Karma threads, at least meetings and was outlined through some embodiments. If this is so in relationship of ordinary people, especially these communications in the phenomena of communication hierarchical with the people who are close standing to Hierarchy of Light, with envoys of Teachers and Lords and their pupils are strong and strong. Strengthening and deepening these relations consciously at all and any living conditions, whether they live in a flesh, or die, it is possible to recover them and to strengthen and create new channels of rapprochement. For love, devotion and aspiration the phenomenon of death has no value. The feeling triumphs over death.
053. (January. 18). Task: equally effective energy of human spirit to direct and direct up. For this purpose we Throw into the world of idea of General Welfare, trying to make them leading ideas of an eyelid. They have to be accepted by the majority of mankind for realization in life. Resistance to them is enormous from not ready consciousness’s fighting against. Also the world is divided into two camps: one accepting our ideas, another against the going. In this aspect fight planetary, and in it are involved all. Even many so-called good people go against our ideas, and many bad defend them, straining all forces. From here division of people not on good and to signs usual, and on, whether there are they against Us and our decisions or for Us, for the New World they or for old, for release of consciousness or for slavery at former prejudices and heaps, for the future or for the past, for the world or war, for the statement of Light or darkness, for a religious fanatic or freedom from it. Division of mankind is difficult, but our Hand over those who the past of a chain dumped from itself and who is safely directed in the future. Over the New Country which has lifted the Banner of fight against the old and leaving world, – our Hand. All forces of a gloom rose against Us and the New Country and are strained in terrible effort to prevent the Great Plan. All forces of destruction are strained by them to cast a planet into terrible accident and to lead to destruction even Earth. These are obvious evil forces. Everything, who on their party how they were good and beautiful, – supporter’s dark and our enemies. All, who on the party of the New World how they were bad, supporters our, adjoined to camp Light. And even if those who in camp of supporters of darkness, lift the Gospel and other sacred books, speak about God, in temples sit and prayers say and consider itself as attendants of God, from a gloom they and from darkness and serve God not imagined by their dark consciousness’s, but – to evil forces; they are our enemies and go against Light, against the future against rescue to people bears. They are enemies the evolutions doomed by its course and laws of development of human society to full and final defeat. Nowadays under Banners of the future all people, without any distinctions, everything who against gloom and destruction forces, under whatever faces, masks, covers and words the evil forces disappeared have to unite. The iron logic of the New Going Era will unmask all who, disappearing under them, bears to the world the evil and destruction. It is necessary to admit and to many priests that they serve the evil of destruction, but not Light, and that with darkness they. Responsibility of supporters of the New World is for all Earth, for the world on Earth, for new life, for happiness of mankind of the whole world. We with them, but not with those, as though they called ourselves who stands up for the world old, with all its ulcers, darkness and brutality to them the created conditions.
054. (M.A. Y.). Difficulty of division of mankind on a treatment of light and shade – that fight for prevalence of darkness or Light happens in each consciousness and in each heart, it is perfect irrespective of, and in what part of the world they are and to what people belong. This fight by is dramatic that everyone chooses and has to decide the fate itself. Great Selection nowadays goes on the person of all planetary. And everyone solves the future. In this fight value of leading ideas of time is decisive as consciousness and heart, them accepting or them rejecting, solve the way. These new ideas the aura of Earth is saturated with us. No barriers and restrictions can keep them from distribution. They reach all hearts and consciousnesses and therefore fight against their penetration is hopeless. So everyone solves, for war it or for the world, for freedom for the small people or continuation of century slavery and so on. Ideas are in the air, penetrating a brain and forcing to solve either for, or against. More and more people become under Banners of the New World and new ideas and in its value and sense of the events on a planet. The world New goes, and it already nothing in forces to stop a firm gait. The victory is approved. It is inevitable. And there will come desired time of a clear victory of powers of Light over evil forces soon, destructions, a misanthropy and darkness.
055. (January. 19). My son, fight is conducted by the uniform beginning of spirit and until the clear victory is won. Fight against, and victory too over itself, - external only accompaniment of this fight. What it was, the essence of fight remains to the same, namely – overcoming of. If the external is aggravated, so the fight tension because the external is overcome in itself amplifies also. Is useless to try to overcome it out of itself because it is desirable result won't yield. But when on external influences there is the correct reaction, then external, having executed the karmic role, recedes. It is necessary, it is necessary to achieve that these reactions were painless that is that they didn't break balance of spirit and didn't cause the phenomenon of a blinking lamp. That from this, because of wildness of people around close people suffers. The clouding of spirit isn't justified by anything. After all it is all direct attempts dark to cause reaction of such order. Many spiteful eyes watch and rejoice succeeded if the clouding was made. On forces and demons and annoy there.
056. (January. 20). I consider not superfluous to remind of your house, the spirit house. It is the real form constructed in Elevated, in which the spirit, when there stays. Someone there wanders about vaults of the Thin World, someone lives in similarity of the dwelling terrestrial, someone in the houses similar to in what it lived on Earth, that is in astral forms of terrestrial houses and who – in the house of spirit created by him on the plan spiritual for stay when out of a body. It is possible to call a cell of knowledge it. Our Stronghold has the bases in three worlds (as well as each Ashram). But the spirit house at having its bases dense on the earth has no. It is possible to have the spirit house in space, near the Elevated Stronghold, and not only for those who can come nearer to It in a body dense. In a body thin allowed more. To reach in dense it is difficult. But also in that and another without special clarification and preparation – it is impossible. Clarification has special value for elevated stay. If on Earth in a body the crude spirit can be where wants, in World Aboveground– only on layers. In water of a body of different specific weight are or at the bottom, or on a surface, or somewhere in the middle, is closer to a bottom or top, in a suspension. And the thin body when it is free from physical can rise by this or that height in World Aboveground depending on the density or degree of the sparseness and thinning. Therefore everything depends on that, the heavy or rarefied substance, the heavy or rarefied gases, the heavy or rarefied and distinguished matter filled a thin body. Clarification matters both for dense, and for thin existence, for the last it is more, than for the first because on Earth it is possible to be cleared still, but there it is much more difficult. Outgrowths and ulcers of spirit are carried away with spirit and to spheres of its elevated existence. The question of clarification of consciousness is urgent, in whatever cover there was a spirit, only depression it easier than all is carried out on Earth, for the present the spirit is in a physical body. Pursuit of illusive joys of life, in whatever form they were shown, is insolvent that indulgence puts to these aspirations on aura a glyph * which at frequency turns into an ulcer, from simply spot – in a spirit outgrowth. To be exempted from it when the body is dumped, it is difficult because in World Thin everything strains, becomes aggravated and amplifies. Think of the allure allowed on Earth, turn there into the bright, live, attracting images carried out in all details and entering into an ardent combination to consciousness of the beget, independently already from that, he wants it at that moment or not. If wanted and aspired to that on Earth, there this desire becomes a condition which is carrying out a combination to objects of the desires and desires, as well as with objects of all the aspirations, what order there would be they. Therefore clarification of aspirations from terrestrial remnants is insistently necessary. Life in World Aboveground is life of implementation of all human desires, desires and aspirations, to the most spiritual and the highest. Ease and plasticity of a matter of the Thin Plan allows to create from it images of any order and any density or a sparseness, depending on roughness or refinement of thinking of their founder. But habits of terrestrial thinking, that is the thinking accepted, approved and taken roots on Earth, will be that framework to which the elevated thinking of spirit will be limited. The one who constantly on Earth stayed in a cogitative pigsty, in it will stay and there, because for a pig – a pigsty. In a word, the mental constructions, habitual to the person on Earth, will accompany him in life Elevated. That it constructed the thought to itself here will be the dwelling of his consciousness there. When it is spoken about the spirit house, construction by thought of mental educations not terrestrial, but the spiritual order which each element is created by the being shone thought cleared of heavy dense particles of terrestrial aspirations, the terrestrial desires connected with a body by terrestrial and the corporal sphere means. There it is difficult to begin clarification. It is possible to continue there if it is begun here, and easier to continue there, than to begin again, but even continuation it is many times more difficult, than the process of clarification begun and finished on Earth in a body dense. Some fans of terrestrial feelings believe that clarification can be postponed until that time and to begin it after release from a body, but these fans are mistaken very cruelly because there to begin already late. Invocation of spirits about burden in World Aboveground indicates that, freight of terrestrial remnants is how hard, heavy and hopeless. This hopelessness suppresses awfully. Therefore it is better, better, better to begin and finish here. In each usual consciousness there is so much litter and stuff that consciousness’s free among inhabitants aren't present. Especially this litter in consciousness of those who touched the Doctrine of Life is inadmissible and knows about need of a gets rid of spiritual outgrowths. We call spiritual them because they not on a body. The body can be very healthy and even beautiful, but ulcers can be on the one who owns this body and in it lives. Ulcers are invisible to a corporal eye, but on aura everyone is clearly visible. Speaking about clarification, I Advise something very necessary, insistent and urgently necessary because in dirty clothes not to enter into Light spheres.
The Glyph – drawing, a pattern, sculpture (Greek.).
057. (M. A.Y.). Mastering by thought and over thought control will be a victory. Mastering without constancy of control is only a victory half. The second half is a condition of continuous patrol and wakefulness. One small thought which has been uncontrolledly passed in consciousness after cleaning, can cause many efforts because will give new sprouts and new roots. The astral is a nursery for undesirable thoughts. The astral is the past the person, it is a well bottomless, this receptacle of all of with what it is necessary to fight and overcome in itself. At clarification of thoughts it is necessary to remember that each unusable thought from which there is a wish to be exempted, is very suitable and desirable for an astral because, having grasped at it and being combined with it, it can vibrate on strings of the desires, desires and feelings, that is to live. But the astral cover and its real life aren't necessary for evolution of the promoted spirit and therefore life in astral emotions will be a step back, and indulgence to an astral – defeat in fight for freedom of spirit. From here – the imperative need of continuous control over thought because the astral is constant in the desire to live and be shown, that is to vibrate the matter which, without being rather cleared, attracts to itself and vibrates in unison that in it yet gets rid, and will vibrate and seek for these vibrations until its elements won't be replaced by others, cleared of any litter and particles of a matter of the lowest.
058. If inside everything is pure, there is an invisible clarification (some) layers in space. It is cooperation with Us.
059. (January. 21). The karma of the person is concluded in his aura. Each movement of consciousness is imprinted on aura by adjournment in it of elements which serve as the reasons of future actions; these crystal educations are magnetic. The person making the evil first of all does harm to, creating in the microcosm crystals the evils remaining in its aura as the reasons, creating its karma. Magnetization of aura is obvious. Everyone attracts to itself, or pushes away from itself both people, and circumstances. Failure as though pursues some people bearing its reasons in the aura. And, on the contrary, the success, good luck, happiness accompanies what aura possesses a magnetic of an opposite order. Fans of the evil and attendants dark to themselves have no consolation because bear in itself condemnation karma. From destiny, that is from yourself and the aura, you won't leave, there is no place because to leave.
060. (January. 22). To assume part of our burden – means to show courage, firmness and stability in Light. All is hated to darkness that is connected with Us. Heart meets darkness impacts, and therefore heavy so to heart. But it is necessary to stand, knowing that, dividing with Us a spatial press, you help Business of Lords. It can't be easy about Us, because an impact on Us. When It was spoken about pleasure, the future Meant. Heavy time will terminate, Spatial Beams become others, and the planet will freely sigh. But courageously it is necessary to worry hour heavy. The space is strained, and sensitive devices show an unprecedented condensation of darkness. It is necessary to keep even closer. Breaks in feeling of our Proximity are undesirable very much because the darkness interferes in these intervals. It was specified: pretending uninterrupted, wakefulness constant and great patrol or great guards; and the Image of the Lord in the third eye, too the constant.
061. (M. A. Y.). After each lifting of spirit reaction is inevitable. It is the ascension law. It is hard to hold a gain for this reason. Dark seize this moment to pull down. But achievement nevertheless it is necessary to hold and sustain an impact. Not the merit after take-off to plop down in dirt. But to hold the reached it is laudable. Before changes in personal destiny the darkness rages especially strong because victims of its evil-shift escape from hands. Therefore finds various ways to sadden suppress and do the harm. At these moments the unification is especially necessary because unification resist. It is possible to reject all third-party thoughts that that fuller to unite in the spirit of with the Leader. It is possible to resist only the Lord.
062. (Guru). When the darkness comes, it is possible to move only in one direction, only to the Lord. It is so possible to force even dark to serve on unification strengthening with Hierarchy of Light. Let the darkness but if it restricts to Light restrict, whether that Light is served, finally, by its all attempts?
063. (January. 25). I Demand attention undivided that is dominants Me in consciousness over all we designate that in it. Then Communication is orotund. It is better to accustom during the day itself to fullness Me consciousness’s and hearts and to constancy of the Face in the third eye. Only when I in consciousness Take priority, the full-string chord (merges) is reached. Many times Spoken about it, but in practice it nevertheless isn't acquired yet has to. It is necessary to go on again. There is a question of mastering and menthol, a body mental that, carrying out (task), it didn't distract from will command. It is hard to say, it is easier what to subordinate, an astral or menthol. But both have to be subordinated completely to will. While own astral and menthol aren't subordinated to will and mastering by them isn't reached in an own microcosm, it isn't necessary to speak about that to will these beginnings in others were obedient. What constantly and persistently inside disturbs contact? Willfulness and dissoluteness of an astral and mental! They live as they want, but not will. More precisely, they live as wanted and the will enclosed in them earlier accustomed them. Own, but (not present), not real, but former, last will and its last own decisions. Here it is necessary to work with a formula "I generated, I and will kill" the generation. I am stronger than that is generated by me. I am a founder, the creator, and I am a destroyer created mistakenly or unsuccessfully. I possess the power over the generations of elements created by me. I generated, and I will kill. My son, chord of Communication was orotund because it was succeeded to reach known completeness of concentration. Well.
064. There is a wish to be constant in Communication? Who disturbs? What prevents to be in Light? Whether darkness in itself and around.
065. (M. A. Y.). At aspiration full-heard, warmed by love, the Lord Gives strength restores the limped quality and Specifies ways. Appreciation fire let will note a donation of Great Heart. We unite and unite thought by means of heart. Energy of heart is the cement, binding thought, aspiring to association with the planned object, or the subject of aspiration. Counteraction from outside is direct ratio to your desire to become closer to each other. Let's be glad even to this sign of aspiration of your hearts. Not only we Mark you Out the Light, but and darkness – itself the noxious attention.
066. From relatives signs of an arrangement accept, as due. That you give not compare and on money not transfer from anything. Let give what to give in forces. Don't deprive also of their opportunity to give. From heart it is given. Possibilities of service we Will expand in compliance with aspiration: cases will be. You will create in common. Someone from heroes can be depicted by you, that is your words and your thoughts in it will be imprinted. Creativity mutual and mutual will be decupled in force and will go deep and will grow without a limit. You will create together. And We Will Help. Yes! Yes! I approve the union of your hearts and consciousness’s.
067. Accept the Notification: Terms approach, Terms of the phenomena planetary and space. Pendulum of the evil we Will stop (here the thought deviated, and contact is broken). Boundlessness is promised. Let's be glad to boundless opportunities of growth of thought and consciousness growth. And with them and our Proximity will grow. We enter into a judgment hall, and anybody won't stop. Would like, but we Will not give.
068. Freedom of waves of the person is sacred. Why? The will is fiery – the highest in the person when it owns a physical body, an astral, and also menthol, but not on the contrary when sacred fire is trampled by lowest (covers) and becomes a flame dark, on extent of submission to the lowest principles of the person. But subordinated all three and free, will fire, merging with the Highest Principles, or the Beginnings, in the person and Space Will, it becomes spirit-fire. The free will is so sacred, what even the Teacher can't suppress it even in the pupil when it strains towards darkness. The spirit Is awakened to understanding of power of will only when force it on restraint and submission of the covers by it directs. Understanding of possibility of boundless growth of power of will inexpressibly approaches the phenomenon of the statement of power of spirit. There is no limit to growth of power of spirit, that is his will, but only on condition of preliminary submission of the power of it’s all its covers. The will of the person when it is shown within Bases and in the accord with evolution real, is called as Space Will and is fires highest spirit; that is when covers are subordinated and the sixth principle of a human microcosm enters board over them and approves itself. But it is inseparable, though is individualized, from Macrocosm Universe, - and then the winner that he other-worldly only can tell that Will he creates the Father, Space Will of the Great World. It is a big step on the Space Ladder of power of spirit on which the victory of will over all covers and mastering by them – over a body physical brings the person, over a body astral and a body mental. Сияюща this step of power of will, but is reached it gradually by passing of all steps, to its leaders. In an every day, in small acts of day, in small acts and thoughts when the silver bridle of spirit is put on all thoughts and feelings, power of fiery will is born and grows uncontrollably if the bridle is strong and the hand which holds it is firm. About omnipotence don't dare at all and to think, attributing it to anthropos-morphological God, but his known degrees are achievable if it is realized as from the small grows at first big, and then and great and as small feelings, acts and thoughts of every day can become the reasons of the phenomena, great consequences bringing. Of value of small affairs think a little, forgetting that the tree grows from a small seed big. Certainly, when limits of desirable consequences are limited to one small and short life of several ten years, it isn't necessary to think of big achievements and them and to anything. But when the aspiration is thrown far in Boundlessness through many, many lives, value of the small reasons, consequences bringing, becomes great and bringing to achievement impossible. I claim: the low-slightest grain of Light in the long term huge consequences will give Boundlessness’s of lives of spirit and will lead to implementation of the most impudent aspirations; I Claim: impossible isn't present for this purpose who started comprehending Boundlessness. The sower here the person and in the worlds, the sower, it and the reaper, and on a field of the Space Arable land seeds of Light it is immutable a great harvest will give. So the phenomenon of an everyday extends and gains already spatial and space character as a field of the adoption of the planned achievements, whatever wonderful, impossible and unattainable they seemed at present. Because I Claim that nowadays everything is achievable and that impossible isn't present.
069. (M. A. Й.) . When there comes the due moment, the Teacher Slightly opens a veil over possibility of the following achievement. The will is a terrible weapon in hands of crude spirit. All those horrors and disasters, into which the mankind was plunged, occurred under the influence of the will directed to the evil. Therefore the question of conscious education of the will is difficult extraordinary. In the Brotherhood a way to it only one – through restraint of the covers and, first of all, is an astral, which is the center and an egoism citadel. Everyone, even slightest, restraint of the movements which are occurring in it, will be a victory and the guarantee of possibility of new victories. I welcome each victory of will over the astral beginning in itself, and I rejoice everyone because opportunity everyone to us allows to Advance and Give new, best circumstances further. If knew, what huge value has for you and your advance this persistent and continuous overcoming in itself willfulness of the lowest three covers! Truly, the pleasure is the Leader gives. Whom we love, to those we seek bring pleasure on forces. Let the love to Leaders will be expressed in desire to deliver Them pleasure themselves over that easier and quicker They Could further the Message on steps of the Ladder of Light.
070. (Guru). Will! How many dreaming of it, but not wanting strikes a finger about a finger that to bring up it. Will call willfulness and indulgence desires to the lowest. Not will it – but weakness. Each indulgence of conscious weakness destroys the will phenomenon. Each restraint strengthens it. How many time even during the small day it is possible to strengthen it and to strengthen. Really, opportunities because life is the best school are inexhaustible, - and we will consider, day beginning that to school we go for passing of the next lesson.
071. (January. 27). Correctly: anything, no reasons, any explanations, any circumstances can excuse that Communication didn't take place. The reasons are thrown dark to separate. Let's not give in on any tricks, whatever thought or circumstances they threw. Communication let will be rhythmical, as the Sun rising. No circumstances can prevent thought or aspiration of thought to Me in fixed time. Each attempt dark to break the Communication rhythm let will serve as incentive to strengthen it twice, three times, several times. Delay not in Me. With records it is more difficult, but also here it is necessary to do everything possible and impossible that they didn't interrupt. My son, contact of Boundlessness opens consciousness of boundlessness of thought. On her wings flights to the Far Worlds are possible. As thought you leave to Me, the body leaving, so, thanks to divisibility of spirit, it is possible to be thoughts there where the thought can reach. In far flights in space outgrowths of illusions terrestrial fly away. It is necessary to aspire out of planet limits. The channels dug by thought in space, will serve as ways of flights. Here we on Venus. Let's look from there at Earth. Far, far Earth mislaid at the ocean of the Worlds. As are small and as worlds of each earthling closed only in are insignificant. As distant they from boundless opportunities of Space Life! Communication with the Distant Worlds, first of all, exempts consciousness from narrowness and limitation of the personal world of terrestrial remnants, from those small cage on which consciousness’s of many people huddle. You spirit looked for freedom on Earth, at Top of the Mountain of Mother of the World; on the Star of Mother of the World, in space it you look for. You nowadays in space on this star will find release of spirit from the power of terrestrial gravitations, from the power of Earth and the illusive world of conditions terrestrial which surround you. The world old, the world former, the world last, strong habitual terrestrial remnants in consciousness We nowadays destroyed the world vibration of the Distant World, aura of the Star of Mother of the World. Here only thought concerned it, having directed in space, but you feel and you see how vibrations of aura overcome it force of terrestrial gravitations. Great Mater Will accept your spirit under the aegis lightful radiations. Not imagination it. Its era began, and consciousness to It the directed spirit will be maintained is openly and is obvious. And my Face let will see off you inseparably in far flights in space. Space to think it is easier to learn to begin on a distant planet of the Empress of the World. My son, you feel as the spirit destroys barriers and walls of the dungeon in which lives on Earth. Earth is too a magnet. The magnetic attraction of the sphere terrestrial is overcome and can be overcome by attractions of Spheres of the Distant Worlds. Their Beams are directed to Earth, concerning all vegetable and animal kingdom, both the person, and minerals. The center of star beams during the millennia is the star essence of the person. On these Beams (distant stars), realized in the spirit of, also it is possible to aspire out of Earth limits. Where thought, there and spirit, and though there where it is sent by will, and will – fire which not knowing distances and restrictions when works with thought.
072. The space key in hands is given for life comprehension. Opening prospects of space distances, he allows seeing in its true light and sense of terrestrial stay of the person. The terrestrial mankind has the purpose and appointment. Billion people can't aimlessly and senselessly live and suffer. Purpose of mankind is great. The terrestrial house is its temporary stay. Its way on stars and the end to this way isn't present. Mankind lives and on other planets, and all of them, on ours at least to Solar System, are connected between themselves. Your big brothers on planets of others, promoted in evolution further you, take close part in life of Earth and much to it help. The help of brothers far can be received always if it is conscious to direct to it. This helps will be spiritual and will be rendered in the spirit of, but not in measures terrestrial and not in usual terrestrial understanding. Brothers far are connected by Light with Earth. Help in Light and Light. Spirits, conformable to Light, can receive it on Beams, their nature the conformable. Each person on Earth arises under beams of certain stars and all the life is under their influence. Cooperation with beams of space of the Far Worlds, cooperation conscious – the new page in life of terrestrial mankind which it should turn in the future New Era of Mother of the World; will even treat beams of far stars Treatment by Sun beams – not a miracle, not a miracle and beams of the Moon and stars distant. We live in peace unlimited opportunities and to open and approach them – our task.
073. (M. A. Y.). It is possible to be glad to that the Space Thought reaches consciousness. The first condition of it is an acceptability that is not denial of this wonderful opportunity. Receivers – all people. But deny and, denying, lose gifts of Spatial Thought. And even denying, nevertheless, the truth in any limited sizes, use Thought Planetary, universal, on accessible for everyone expression. The filter of the receiver of consciousness passes only that it can pass thanks to the structure and this or that degree of refinement or roughness. Everything depends on this condition. But the general habitual, standard thoughts easily reach conformable consciousnesses in the form of the standard beliefs, ideas, prejudices, traditions, standards of behavior and so on. To pull out consciousness from a framework of commonness and to adjust the receiver it on perception unusual will be a merit of the few leaders and the strong people, capable to lift and level of consciousness universal. We call them World Torches because they move evolution. Their merit that bring to people of treasure of Spatial Thought and do them by property universal, despite the stupid and ardent resistance of those who goes against evolution. But evolution is life, and life and its development can't be stopped. Therefore the victory will be always on the party of forces evolutionary.
074. (Guru). The close acquaintance with true shapes to you close people, shapes of their former embodiments is necessary to establish with them even more close and live connection. Not for the sake of satisfaction of mere curiosity pages from the Book of their Lives are given but to strengthen and strengthen binding threads with them and to give the chance to see their Identity hidden under covers of those persons in which they were shown in various embodiments. According to the separate one page it is impossible to study contents of all books as it is difficult to have idea of true Identity of the person if to judge it only on one embodiment. The personality expresses only small part of Identity. And as also the personality is usually learned sketchy and very imperfectly, it is possible to imagine as Shapes of Spirits Great are distorted in consciousness of people. Therefore to have the correct judgment, it is necessary to approach closer and under covers of the identity of the person to seek to learn his true Identity. Just as under an external, physical form the internal person is hidden, behind each personality there is it a true Identity, enduring, immortal, reincarnating and being embodied in each individual while only partially, only part of the properties, and never being expressed in all the completeness at this step of evolution of life in a body terrestrial.
075. (Jan. 29). After each statement or achievement, or understanding and understanding of new opportunities the counteraction wave, a wave, testing durability of a new step, – as though check of that immediately follows, how strongly it is accepted in consciousness. All temporary and casual will be dispelled by this reaction of the surrounding, but the real gain – will be strengthened. Therefore it is better to consider this phenomenon of counteraction strengthening and giving the chance to strengthen it if it is still insufficiently strong. In general on tests and counteractions it is necessary to change absolutely a look and the attitude towards them. If they were absent absolutely, the ascension of spirit wouldn't be possible. On what to to control and approve and to increase forces, as not on counteraction ardent. From here gratitude and thank to enemies and even opposite dark. It is necessary to understand that darkness – Light bottom, and monsters – throne legs. As the correct relation will consider that everything that against goes and develops energy in the area of an opposite, it is useful and it is necessary because restricts and approaches to Us. So, even energy of the evil with advantage serve the one who knows that a way only one, only to Us. I say that everything I Will turn on advantage. You learn to turn also energy of the evil on service to Light. For flowers of spirit the darkness decays – it don't forget. Let burdens, let causes sufferings, let restrict, but only to Us. So the approach way to Light though is thorny, but is immutable, and its each step is comprehended. From dark and angry their force take and turn for the benefit as the kind miller all waters of the dam, having bridled them, directs on business how and when wants.
076. (Jan. 30). My son, your desire I Will grant because you executed mine. I will shroud in the Beam of tranquility, concentration and Proximity over mental images of thought. You mine over the events. I moderate force it, - must understand singularity the present term. And if We Care, to concern of a place shouldn't be. Light of the future is great, - they go. Light of the future is a leading magnet. Never is it necessary to immerse consciousness in the present completely. At strong cohesion of a circle danger of the present can be neutralized.
077. (M. A. Y.). When display our care and Lords, everything goes smoothly. We are obliged to serve not temporary, but eternal. We eternal, we are Boundlessness’s children, Light sons, and surrounding us passing – only the landscapes flashing in a window of the train of Light. The power over spirit to it (passing) we won't give. Do everything that is necessary, everything carry out that demands life but as the actor carries out the role on a scene, knowing that it (all) only game. You to them tell: the choice is correctly made. Not regret, -it is turning point of all their life.
078. (January. 31). I – you – we, are merged together. There is nothing more important, than Communication with Me. It is good to keep thought on Me in a storm terrestrial; to keep thought on Me (then) will be a victory. There is nothing more important than Communication with Me, or with Me and in the Stronghold, or with Me in affairs of all day. Everything, but with Me, and then aren't dangerous attractions of Earth and terrestrial. Whatever did, do with Me, without separating from Me not for a moment. Balance beam in need we Send. The word My let with you will arrive.
079. No, no, no, there will be nothing that will be not approved by My Will. On a pleasure key is perceptions the best. Be покойны – everything will be better than the best. Rejoice, children, because with Me. I believe knowledge of spirit above all other types of knowledge. Happy to go to a way you I Send and I Will are with you in a way. Are surrounded with Care and Love Myself. Know that judgment time promptly comes nearer. Know, know – nothing will stop run it. Know possibilities of spirit. Know that unification strong only resists: against enemies, against spatial whirlwinds and against heart of silent friends. To you Show to assume care of those who to you will be knocked. And your call let will be impersonal, because call – not a press come. Kind your unification is your gift to space and a ram against darkness. Round Us be more closely closed. World to you and pleasure!
080. (M. A. Y.). Work in unification full, and experiences from egoism and astral. Rejoice – We Protect. I warned about everything. I bring the care, and fruits you will see it. Then the pleasure will come, as a result of inevitable change of your destiny. (Everything was confirmed, these all words, when moving to ways and by preparation for departure. – B. N. A.)
081. (Feb. 1). I give an assignment to come nearer extraordinary and to approach them, children. Tell: fell (them) happiness to lot to the Great Cause to serve. Tell: while heart with Me, will be in the Beam. Whether understand the happiness, ask them. And let will think that if receive now as will receive much so much if resist up to the end.
082. (Feb. 2). My son, we will approve now my World and its vibrations, that is Light of this World in the world, which around. It, first of all, will be overcoming of vibrations of environment. (This) light is stronger, and therefore overcoming it and fight are expedient, as will be entering of Light into external darkness and overcoming by the Light of twilight surrounding, but not submission to ardent influence of this Wednesday.
083. Relatives can be united mentally in the Beam of the Lord.
084. All true Doctrines are only steps of a uniform Great Ladder of Light.
085. (Feb. 3). There is no return, and a way – only to Me back. We bring biggest and heavy "stones" on creation of the Temple of Life. Bring also you, everyone on forces. The temple has to be completed. Everything because the herd will be uniforms also the Pastor one will go to it. The basis is put strongly, and walls are put up, but the roof isn't finished. Both it is empty inside, and there is no jewelry. In the Temple of Uniform Spirit everything will be the place, who from spirit, - without it not to enter. The era of fire will change the person from terrestrial in a being fiery. The spirit sign – fire which either will revive, or will burn. Earth will be cleared of Space litter and any garbage. Both it will be cleared of litter and human heart is washed. Uniform herd – mankind collective all-planetary then, and star later, our system of the worlds, and the Pastor Uniform – Lord Maitreya. Judgment will be. Judgment to be! Judgment in fiery spheres it is ready and in forms it is cast. It is complete and finished in Spheres Hidden and Thin to join and dense forms. Great time! Therefore people in anticipation of Term rave. But wise wait, ready to come to going time and to help people. But children of Earth in anticipation of Fiery Terms are deaf and blind. But on the guard of the Lord, them everywhere Beams to give all in whom there is at least a spark from spirit. Spirit and inspiration transformation – they will be endlessly. Be not confused seeming disbelief: under its ashes – hot coals. Space fiery whirlwinds will inflate them in a flame, and the flame will give Light. Attendants of darkness and dead heart won't respond. In the cleared atmosphere of Earth the place won't be it, - it is necessary to leave to Saturn. So I Speak, the Shambhala of the Lord, in anticipation of Terms!
086. (M. A. Y.). My children adopt the Decree about readiness for a life feat. The egoism and feat are incompatible. The astral is incompatible with it and unmastered to will. Let the feat of service to Light will begin with that on willfulness and astral flashes the strong was imposed pledge. Can even some to give the vow that some phenomenon of an astral more never will repeat. And if this vow impossibly to carry out in a name and for itself, to sake of the future and the Lord – probably! When the flame burns in flaring heart, impossible isn't present. You say that you love and you will read and we are ready on everything for the sake of It, so make it at least for the sake of love and honoring of Those Who for you. Astral is the center of the lowest fires. If not find them forces to operate how then to seize light Agni's power. "Mastering by Lords Send to me", – it is so possible to pray now.
087. (Feb. 6). I will give standing strength against the evil. It is possible to be exempted easily from heavy influence of darkness, but on condition of pretending of an uninterrupted and constant Image in the third eye.
088. Readiness let will be many-sided. To be ready always to everything, showing thus a peace of mind, will be already profound understanding of inalterability and mobility of the Plan in practical application of this understanding in any living conditions. To meet any surprise in readiness and it will be quiet a victory over Maya.
089. (Feb. 8). We meet the future under the sign of singularity, but expectedness, because were warned.
090. I go to Approve on Earth my World in a fit of temper, to me open and conformable and able on Call to begin to sound. Viable everything will respond. Chained in a chain will rise (spirit) and will dump fetters. Enlightenments will be without number, - as awakening from long, terrible hibernation and horrors of planetary nightmares. Silent nowadays will start talking and growling nowadays will break off. At darkness voice loud, - she will break off and the place will clear the worthy. Before come Terms is incredible attack darkness. After their execution the darkness of a support will lose in the Thin World and here, on Earth, in the world dense. Planetary fire chambers of the evil couldn't be heated. Or it is necessary to adjoin Light, or to leave back home. The darkness will have nothing to live and there is nothing to eat. And Light will shine people. And to Light will stretch all. And those who from darkness and with darkness decided to remain, those will share a fate it. On a face of a planet Light division from a shadow, and everything, who for Light, and everything who for darkness, will concern it will go. And nobody will leave, without having accepted the darkness or Light press and subjects without having decided the fate on all the time which is. Evil forces were going to cast a planet into horrors of chaos of destruction and mutually destruction. Whether it is possible to suffer further on a planet or further to spare those who don’t know mercy, whose rage, cruelty and rage of madness knows no limit. And it is good that the darkness is condensed and that forces it are gathered and revealed itself. It is easier to that to separate her doomed to destruction, and to destroy. It is distraught will be. And then difficult, long and persistent clarification of a planet from consequences, darkness generated, from gases deadly and terrible, from a poisonous precipitation of the condensed chaotic weight of the matter of the lower class spread out by them, from litter and a scum strong will follow the fetid. A lot of work demanding to time many, and is a lot of works, and it is a lot of energy. It is necessary to treat a body of Earth and to remove harmful pathogenic and heavy deposits of the former illness from its organism. It is necessary to work much before Light - Conqueror will give the full power.
091. (M. A. Y.). I transfer the Decree of the Lord. To collect the forces and to prepare consciousness for adoption of the powerful fiery spiritual category of force extraordinary. The consciousness has to be free from any litter and a scum small - everyday. Let everything it will be concentrated on Us, on the Lord, on Hierarchy of Light and tasks it. The thinking let becomes not personal, but above-person, planetary. So you will be able easier to help the Lord and in this terrible time. Communication with Us consciousness cleared thus let will be uninterrupted. You stick inseparably and close and more strong to each other. And the circle let will be strong and to Us is turned.
092. (Guru). Certainly, soldiers of the Shambhala will take the most intense and active part during a fulfillment of Terms. The lord, going to execute command them, one Will come not, but with all the troops of Light. And those who in a body terrestrial and those who out of a body, all unite the powerful Lord to help with tension performed by Will Sending. The All-planetary moment of responsibility extraordinary, lying on each soldier of Light! Let everyone will help than and as it can help, and let anybody from touched Light won't stand aside. And those, who out of a body, and those, who in bodies, - the uniform troops is shown by Lords Maitreya, invincible in Light.
093. (Feb. 9). Intensity increase (Space Fire) waves will go promptly. Who will resist? All weak will fuse. It is thousand fold Beams of the Lord force will increase and will cover all Earth from edge to edge. And its Face in these Beams will be shown by much (for many). The Mater World will fill in with the Beams a planet, merging them with Beams of Lord Maitreya. Be going to leave terrestrial affairs. The spiritual armor of Day breakers will change and will begin to shine power of Beams and Fires, from Mother of the World and Lord Maitreya of the Proceeded. Their power will settle! On heart acceptability Light Fire, - in readiness be. Fixed the moment also is lightning the speed. We warn that balance didn't lose. Confusions will be. Light mine will be similar to columns or towers and a shelter of sets. Who will be able to help tossing to crowds and to explain a moment spatial? Will rush to those behind rescue who, Light to rocks it is similar, among breakers (and a surf) space waves will stand, towering over the general confusion of sets. My rocks, towers of spirit, Light columns will accept power of the directed Beams, becoming as though distributors of spatial tension of fiery waves and accepting their first surf or a pressure. Hard time, terrible time, great time, the strange time, shining time for able to see and waiting Arrival, - and happiness, and pleasure for My relatives. To them Specify to arrive in tension of full readiness. Moment is all-planetary, importance extraordinary. The appeal to sets is possible to calm confusion and to explain. Who another will be able to execute it? Condition the first: balance full and peace of mind. We too in the Stronghold are ready and our balance unshakably. Readiness is on all plans, - Great Expectation in readiness of tension of spirit. Time of court and decisions, - But the judge iseveryone over itself, both itself decisive and a sentence pronouncing. Will accept Me or will reject – that and will solve the lot. The darkness has in Me no anything and therefore to suit darkness there will be nothing. But having will approach. To them, at least sparks having, help to approach to Me. Your defender, the Friend and the Father Will change and there is a Lord Maitreya, but so Remains to relatives for you and available, as Was (as before) because Knows love and devotion you and your readiness to help. Show rally round the Banner of Lord Maitreya.
094. (Feb. 10). Accept darts of love and cares in anticipation of an Hour. New something in our Communication is given is fire all-initial, creating. We unite them: Communication fiery. To lie and stand and sit the thin body can, but the spirit is fire; and actions of covers are connected with them, but not with spirit. It is free from them. Thought I Send, but you have to issue it, pour in fire in a form. The former of spatial thoughts, from Me proceeding, is your spirit. Your spirit soars in space the free. The aspiration of spirit brings to Me, and current of unification is closed. And works fiery wire of spirit from Me through spirit and space in the receiver of consciousness, which in a body. But the main thing is spirit. That is learned by it in flights, not always reaches terrestrial consciousness. Unachieved remain in the spirit of and with spirit. Doubts leave. Great time close at doors! I give that is necessary, adjusting the consciousness receiver on a wave of a due tonality. Not the spirit, but covers need knowledge (in the regular way). The spirit knows without them, but difficultly to transfer because covers darken knowledge of spirit. All ways are open for spirit. Act with spirit. You learn to act with spirit and in the spirit of. The spirit house – heart therefore I am knocked on heart, on hearts human. Spirit out of time, space and distances: вневременен the spirit, but not covers also is ubiquitous. Act with spirit. Heart merges with heart love. It is spirit action. The spirit instrument - heart, intelligence – a brain. Spirit actions aren't subject to calculation by time. My son, your place in Heart we wash lawfully, because "I in you, and in Me you", – on a formula ancient. My heart is your house, only strong and eternal on this Earth. The body can't enter into a body. Even the possession has to force out (to a certain extent) a thin body of the lawful owner to enter. But hearts can merge. And I Can enter into clean your heart, and you in mine can. Let's act with heart. Heart – the spirit tool, the instrument fiery, ascends to the Highest World. "The lord Father, accept My love, accept My aspiration, accept devotion of heart (and readiness) and the best qualities of spirit; accept My honoring (and love I wash)". My son, your gifts I Accept to pour them in happiness pearls in My Heart.
095. (M.A.Y.). For the period of care leave and be on patrol, and communication hold strong, without coming off Us not for a moment. Common spiritual body of Lord Maitreya! We are parts it, uniform herd of the future Era of Fire, a great family of mankind of our planet, diconnected nowadays, but a monolith in the future. To unification of the world we will serve. Commonion without words fruit full not less verbal. Exchange of the fiery feelings strengthening strong and it is powerful.
096. (Feb. 13). My world is the world of the Space Truth. The seal of unalterability is set to fiery aspirations of spirit and to the right to receive it on force and the accord, on degree of these aspirations. This right is space. People are powerless to break it if even wanted. By force it is won and force it undertakes, the right of spirit. Earth and terrestrial where the gnash and crying, the right of receiving Space Treasures can't help to carry out and to sate hunger of spirit. It is necessary to look for and aspire above out of Earth limits, in my Kingdom, which other-worldly (that is not from Earth). Therefore Be underline Boundlessness and aspiration to the Distant Worlds. The thought directed to them, is exempted from an attraction go on terrestrial and inclinations from top to bottom. Boundlessness is a field of finding of what isn't present on Earth. To the increased spirit it is already close on it. (That is terrestrial) not to constrain spirit flesh fetters. The spirit is torn in space. The merit of those who can direct consciousness of people to the Distant Worlds is great. The next and urgent problem of evolution – to bring human thought out of Earth limits to a space scope. Let that the few who can, will serve a great cause of education of mankind. The thought which has escaped from an orbit of aura of Earth, isn't connected not by it, it is already free from terrestrial restrictions, and creative flight it any more isn't stirred by anything. From slavery terrestrial it is possible to call liberators of mankind them, indicated to people a fiery shining way to stars. The bridge in Boundlessness has foundations on Earth and on the Distant Worlds, and the thought directed to them, and thought from stars distant to Earth, having adjoined in space, will create a chain of interrelation with inhabitants of distant planets. Space isolation of Earth separated from world space by ignorance and stagnancy of thinking of sets, will be destroyed, and Earth will be included into the seven star colleagues as the full and conscious member of collective of universal mankind. Long ago it was already told that in the House of the Father of monasteries is a lot of. But people remained are deaf and blind to these words. Neither the astronomy, nor an astrology, neither philosophy, nor religion didn't succeed in acquainting people to reality of life on the Distant Worlds and to enter into Communication with them. Let nowadays a task it will carry out who it can do, in power to whom fiery power of thought directed to punch thickness of denials, ignorance and stagnancy of the general and to open to people an entrance to Boundlessness, to a space, and to specify a way to the Distant Worlds. Isolation of your planet from these worlds detains her evolution, excepting it from star collective of mankind of our Solar System. It is necessary to understand as far as Earth and terrestrial mankind lag behind in the development other planets, breaking these the harmonous, harmonious course of evolution of all our System. In Space all parts it are connected in one uniform, indestructible whole which all parts are in organic spatial dependence (or communications) from each other. Like members of the body, planets are in continuous and close interaction. Evolution Whole depends on the correct development and forward and spiral movement of all its components. The mankind of your planet has to take active and conscious part in life of all collective of mankind of our System of the Worlds. It becomes possible when all people of the Earth will be a uniform close-knit family of mankind and when the unification will replace with itself separation, discord and hostility, and the world on Earth will be approved forever.
097. I repeat: the thought conducts the person; I Repeat: where thought, there and consciousness. Where thought, there and spirit. The aspiration of thought out of Earth limits magnitno will attract conformable waves to it or energy of spatial thought. I repeat: only direct, and the light of the Distant Worlds will fill in your consciousness.
098. (M. A. Y.). These days strict implementation of Instructions is required. I don't know as will be, but I know that will be. A lot of things depend on reaction of consciousness of masses (or mass consciousness) – size unknown because it is caused by a free will. Earthquake will be partial, but powerful; communications between the countries (will) be broken. The chaos of consciousnesses (will) be from singularity of the going phenomena. It is necessary to be, like the captain in a storm by the ship, – quiet, owning itself, the fires, and to be in a full unification with us.
099. Only in centuries people will understand that herself It showed, Mother of Fiery Yoga. And still will understand not up to the end, but only within the consciousness. And at all without having understood, will do justice to It, it is so much to people of the brought. Also will uplift it so highly as more than once already put before. Only forgot in centuries. On Light Ladder communication of spirit high is clear to Mother of Fiery Yoga: spirit to the Lord the next, through many centuries and the millennia approved by devotion, love and aspiration the place near It. Through whom the Life Doctrine is given? Who could accept and transfer undistorted Messages of Brothers Great. Whose receiver was conformable It and who the all the time, all the life devoted to Light Business (Business of the Lord). The envoy of Light was, standing at Light of Sources. To come nearer to It and it to receive recognition and attention signs – the narrow life means to find, the way to Boundlessness means to see.
100. (Feb. 14). Where we will believe border between reality and Maya? Everything, that is visible and heard strong and is notable in emotions, feelings and thoughts, – all this Maya. That, that behind them, is reality.Communication with Me both My Proximity and communication between us – the reality available to a step of their understanding, but not Maya. World around is reality, idea of it is Maya. There lives the person it. My world is the world really real. At once not enter into it. It is possible to dump Maya Covers, being only gradually exempted from the power of covers over consciousness. Knowledge of spirit, which over covers, any more Maya, but reality, already a method of direct cognition of the real phenomena. At the people darkened by a veil of Maya, the knowledge of spirit is insignificant, but We knowledge of spirit Live. The conductors cleared of rough and dense particles of a matter don't darken already more knowledge of spirit. The essence of the phenomena is comprehended by knowledge of spirit instantly. The consciousness directs to object of cognition by will. We Can separately act in any of the covers, or bodies, on plans corresponding to them, - reality our other, than at people. Therefore, I Speak, that My other-wordly World, Maya world. Everyone can enter into this World, but not at once, but by consecutive and gradual passing under our Management of steps of preliminary cognition, by clarification of the conductors and submission to their control and will and by replacement of a rough matter with its their elements, but already more distinguished and rarefied, lighter, the lungs being shone and shining in the end by Light. The thin body of the ordinary average person is gray, Arkhat's thin body shines and is shone obviously, and even the person of his dense body as though shines, vibrating energy of Light. It is possible to see the brightened-up faces at times even at ordinary people; black out– is more often. Process of release from Maya power and clarification of covers can be conducted consciously and systematically. Us call Teachers because We Teach people to release from Maya power over them. The pupil – is the one who comes to Us voluntary to learn Truth, that is reality real and to be exempted from the Wheel. If the past grants it to it the right to it, it we Accept. If isn't present, but Shows as he will be able to approach to Us not now, but later (when it will be ready) is knocked by all heart. Each being knocked It is accepted anyway and we Look for among a human great number of in whom fires are lit to Light of aspiration. To you we Speak: the way is open, you can approach to Us, but direct, but desire to concern Light. For nothing is given. It is necessary to pay. We are ready to help each directed spirit. Come to Us everyone who wants to escape from the dungeon in which his consciousness stays. Everyone we Will meet and we Will help to find the narrow track conducting in life. Understand at last that, focusing the life and all its interests in temporary, mortal and passing covers, yourself you doom death because with what there will be you when all (covers) consistently, one for another will be dumped. In what and with what you will live when there will be nothing to live? But having cleared the covers and having approved the power over them and knowledge of spirit learning reality real, you will collect in itself elements enduring, the elements of immortality deposited any more in covers, but in the Highest Triad of your essence that was than to consciousness to live when all covers are dumped. Come to Us all. Approach is ordered to nobody. We wait for you who have directed to Light, and we Open the Gate, but only on knock. To direct, be knocked, look for, to achieve people has to it, and then we Open.