Agni Yoga's facets, 1963

1963. 001. (Jan. 1). "The wind comes back to square one," only these circles are never the same, but in the spiral of time always located above the previous. So how would the old cycle of passing the same does not happen? And already this cycle is not old, but new. Turnover annual cycle is similar to the preceding the Helix, but new opportunities constantly grow and develop those provisions that have been phenomenon in the past year. Growth continues and bad deeds, and good ones. But what about the bad combat and allow good evolve? Is it really a good host will sow the seeds of weeds or grass are rotten? Certainly won't be. And in the planets scale: bad seed phenomena last year and cannot provide sloughing scene of the coming year, but give you good. Life planning essentially – the principle of Space. Animals are deprived of this possibility, with very few exceptions, but people have it. People who plan their own future, will probably overtake some, truth will probably overtake some of those who live the life by gravity. Embeds creative will plan, plan eliminates the natural flow of life; the plan introduces the crystallized idea of collective and is irrevocably decreed in some way. Much depends on the level of consciousness, carrying out the plan, but the plan itself is similar to the channels on which the energy water rushes in the desired direction. The time will come, and collective consciousness consciously concentrating power concentrated thoughts of peoples to the phenomena of planetary scale to implement them on the ground. First it will go the normal way and then via subtle in dense, and in many areas without the need of ordinary earthly beginnings. This way intentionally would be brought into balance the elements and an underground fire, governed by climate and many other phenomena on Earth. Humankind understands the power of a collective, United, friendly, harmony thinking as the mighty weapon to tackle natural disasters. But it is necessary to understand what opportunities are people at their disposal, what forces are given to them by nature, because you can only exercise the option which allowed the consciousness. The limit of human abilities is limited consciousness, i.e. height and breadth and capacity of understanding of this point. Deniers don't understand and don't learn anything, but not negating and holding indeed inherit the Earth and all its treasures, and all the treasures of the Cosmos with the unfettered development opportunities and approval authorities his spirit over matter with all its open and hidden properties. Acceptance into the consciousness of possible approaches mastering it. Never flew people would not have made that possible. Those who break through in the feeds of future achievements can rightfully be called pioneers of thought, leading, and the pioneers. Does not restrict the freedom of their creative thoughts to their limited understanding of life from today, because they go ahead of time because they are headed in the future, for they are a treasure.
002. Well, when there is no phenomenon of personal desires and they becomes equal treatment to the poles of desire, such as heat or cold, hunger or satiety, a gain or loss, the desire or inability to exercise that right. Mastering the Poles desire gives power over him. When the desired form of investigation was put into the wheel go out energy and personal commitment, desire have an unyielding will. The beginning of the process excludes the Astral. We Wish above-person; not about indifference and insensitivity, but about attitudes toward bipolarity were even-handed, that is about balance.
003. (Jan. 2). The average person thinking limited sector soars to his consciousness. The number of degrees of arc depends on the latitude and the ability to accommodate. A closed arc that is the circle of consciousness, Call complete. In this arc, at the process of thinking, active is not the whole area of the sector, but only a small her of part. The predominance of this part gives rise to a reduction or loss of another activity. Many of consciousness live at usual and preferred sections sector and so limit the possible completeness of mental life. Only a complete circle of consciousness and under uniform, that is, the whole area of the harmonic spectrum can create a Symphony harp of the spirit when all its qualities are developing, without damaging each other. And the damage could be great. For example: strong devotion without permanence, or love without sacrifice or courage without self-control, or balance, or not fieriness accumulation of psychic energy without heart. Thus, the synthesis of Symphony of qualities gives the highest achievement. The concentration of mental activity in the favorite channels: comprehensiveness. That's why you need a number of incarnations in the most diverse and contrasting environments, peoples and States and meetings with a wide variety of people. It can be noted how some lives are changed by external conditions and quickly encounters is a special hurry indicates ways to accommodate the greatest number of oppositions and exhausted old karma. Then synthetic thinking especially needs to generalize the experience of this life. Useful is definitely helpful to anything that allows the teacher, but the conscious respect for change on the part of the learner and full confidence that the Teacher is trying to make the best path. Then the solid step, and there is no hesitation, and each new combination of external terms is useful. Yes! Yes! Yes! All-confidence determines the fullness of the immutability of the ascent of the spirit. Not on, not forgotten, not alone, helpless and abandoned, but Hand over going to Me. So when a particularly hard, enjoy insistence and diligence of one That, Who Leads, and the phenomenon of the invisible Representations.
004. (M. A. Y.). If, the mutability of his consciousness transferred to Teachers and attribute its immutability the Bishop, how go? Live in a world of duality. Do not avoid the phenomena activity of opposites, but the Center remains always intact and aspirations to all to the same end of the great cycle ends, earthly incarnations, to liberation from the wheel of birth and death. Purpose of the evolution of the spirit always is unchangeable. Wherever and whatever with it nor has it, in whatever conditions he was incarnated, purpose is unchanged. It is understood; one can walk steadily, because every life of every person on this Earth that objective, and only her, has its end and never modified assignment.
005. (Jan. 3). Acceleration of the pace of life is nearing the gates of fire. The pace of human life of the Stone Age was quite different. Even your grandparent’s generation lived another life, much slower and poorer impressions. Many never left their native towns, villages or their familiar slots. Now the pace of change has accelerated and is extraordinary. Radio, TV, and aircraft and other vehicles to accelerate flow rate of impressions, and most importantly, have pulled out of that little circle in which it lived before. In spite of him, listening to the radio, the idea flies around the world and is attached to the planetary life. Television will soon destroy limits visual range of distances, and through mechanical devices people will overcome a first space to later conclude that vanquishing the apparatus of its own spirit already. Now humanity is united by means of mechanical installations and equipment, and then unites in spirit and heart. Many efforts are made by Us to that. But it will be, but there will be one happy family of all the peoples of the Earth.
006. (M. A. Y.). You cannot snatch of consciousness in human property of nature, but clean them and master them, you can. You cannot destroy the sense of hunger or thirst, but defeat them may not give them power over you. And life gives ample opportunities to practice these of the overcoming. Need to clear your mind from the animal heritage and improve many of the properties of human nature, it is necessary to transmute them, but not to destroy. The asceticism of the Teachings is frowned upon, as well as suppressing and torturing in the flesh, but the transformation of all these properties of human nature needs to move on and that they not only hinder, but, on the contrary, inspired and elevated. The most powerful and uplifting feeling fills the minds of creative power is love, but no sense of earthy not humiliated as she is, and is not revealed until the monstrous forms of its expression and trampled into the mud. This area requires special cleaning and special efforts to raise it. After all, this is the basis of creativity, if cleaned up its beauty. The law of life is uniting of opposites. In terms of spiritual means it's the highest creativity spirit. Beginnings of work unite and expressing of creative power of mail merge in works of the highest and on Earth. Not to destroy, but to raise it trampled the ignorance, brutality and darkness the gifts of heaven, for in the grounds of their fire was laid.
007. (Jan. 5). From where high thoughts if on Earth they never visited consciousness will undertake? And what will be it accord in the person? And as well as than they will be attracted to the learning center? If isn't present low-slightest to what would be to put, the accord can't take place. That is why acceptance in consciousness at least particles, at least Light sparkles, at least thoughts of the few, removing from the commonness sphere, has very great influence on conditions of elevated stay. Usual, that is to what the person on Earth got used and with what he grew together, there can't live because conditions don't allow. Therefore only corporal and only material habits of consciousness lifeless. But even art brings out of a commonness framework, even music isn't material as it isn't material both a sound, and color, and a combination of paints. It is a little necessary to come off a habitual hen house. Art – a way to Light. Knowledge – a way to freedom. Aspiration – flight wings.
008. (M. A. Y.). Called wait called and everyone watch. Rejoice to advance and to grieve to stops and delays. Appreciate devotion, love, aspiration and, the main thing, constancy because that there are all these qualities if constancy is absent. The best way for the statement of constancy – a rhythm which is and serves as though as a form of a phenomena of constancy? Constancy in the nature comes to light in beat. The rhythm once established, bears already itself and advances. Actions arrhythmic are unreliable and desirable results don't yield. Great force consists in beat. At least it is a little, but every day, and the purpose achievable becomes.
009. The sacrament of Communication is carried out by completeness of desire of heart and thought. Many want, but not all heart, not all desire, not all understanding and not all thought. The thought spreads in the different directions, accruing magneto on them, but not on the most necessary.
010. Yourself Comes, Messengers we Send, Envoys, the Assignment bearing, periodically the Doctrine to the world we Send, but even, accepting all this, people distort accepted, and ours pursue, subject to persecutions and kill, and among prosecutions and an fanaticism the dream dies again to revive and again to be sent to the world. Not dreamers We, but realists-actual, and our dreams in this or that form nevertheless are realized. And if not they, people would destroy long ago each other. Doesn't accept the world of thoughts creating and, even accepting, them distorts on forces. How many it is given and how many it isn't accepted. Nowadays the donation goes under the sign of Space inalterability. It means: or to accept to live, or to reject not to live; but destruction triumphed. Deserts prosper, the woman is liberated, and the small people wake up is our dreams are embodied in dense forms. We Build the World New among the enormous resistance and counteraction of leaving forces of the old world, - and so not enough is of those, who all heart and all the soul with Us. New World hello and Our Support and Help!
011. (M. A. Y.). In each dream it is possible to add elements of General Welfare and that to make it creating reality. This thought will live in space, bringing the consequences. Of what is to dream? About a feat, about heroes, about everything that ennobles spirit and directs it up. In each phenomenon we bring the amendment ennobling consciousness. Everything can be uplifted because everything has the opposite pole. Manage to cause it to life, overcoming heights. So positively it is possible to find a spark of Light in everything and, it approving, to cause to manifestation creating energy of Light. But let each dream will be directed in the future, because in the past even dream it is impossible to build and to create. The thought of Light projected in the future, creates. If, in the past there was something good, light and joyful, it is possible to transfer it to the future, having deepened and having expanded understanding of a new step of evolution. You create dream. Transformation of life is created by thought – dream!
012. (Jan. 7). With beauty we will fill the world, the consciousness. Let the Beauty will enter into each thought, feeling, an act and the word. Even if the clothes are beautiful, quite narrow-minded taste in everything. All is necessary to regenerate Beauty. Through Beauty come Light, and become lighten around. Former in consciousness will counteract. After all even devotees of last times didn't surround with Beauty of, and their life wasn't lit up by it. New the world without Beauty not to construct, - new with Beauty will light up. But first of all it is necessary to approve it in own consciousness. Let in it the Beauty from now on reigns, - and let your gift Conducting you will consist in Beauty bringing.
013. (M. A. Y.). The thought is correct – we will learn and to move in dreams flying. It is possible to inspire, filling up, this thought. It is possible not to go any more in the visions sleepy but only to fly. It very much will help upon transition to the World Thin. More than such statements it is necessary to enter into consciousness by preparation of for the Elevated World. Here in a dream there was a wish to help the person sick to rise and go most and even to fly up, and force and persistence didn't suffice. It indicates lack of training because in World Thin the person can do everything. With this consciousness it is good to plunge into a condition of a dream. Let there are dreams continuation of that is approved in consciousness in a day, and let all will be fanned by Beauty. This key opens to Us access. It is possible to pass where access isn't present.
014. (Jan. 9). Move ahead before a new task. Many new phenomena will shake the world. The reality can't be denied. In dreams the valid degree of the power reached over is reflected. Other power we Do not know. Only it one gives the power over elements and elements outside. The dream of death is similar. Both in death and in a dream force or weakness of spirit comes to light. Dream and death in some phases is continuation of psych activity of the terrestrial plan. We Live in peace creative dreams and we Carry out them on Earth. We Live for Earth and its evolution. Heavenly it is carried out only through the terrestrial. Only brought and approved through dense an ideal it is approved in World Aboveground. Only ideal saliva is rejected by us. The idealism practical that is applied in life is justified. Another we Do not recognize, - and it any more idealism, but severe vital need. The beam of thought creates and strikes, - and in big, and in the small. When the creating beam of thought in harmony with My Beam, force it increases on accord degree. Egoism and the personality won't be coordinated with Beam vibrations. Power of fiery thought is in super personal. Fire is impersonal spaces. Concluded by personal thoughts and thoughts of egoism in a limitation dungeon, it can't reveal the force within close this world. Egoism creativity is poor. Whether there can be egoism huge and strong? Perhaps but only at sorcerers and hierophant is it is evil. But the darkness certainly also is nowadays doomed. Personal emotions and about themselves strengthen the astral beginning and egoism; spirit release in thoughts, and a reflection of others. Transferring thoughts from it to people and concentrating on their needs and interests, we leave a vicious circle of the personality. All great people and Great Spirits as far as were recognized, as mankind great, as were released from itself for General Welfare. So every day it is possible to begin thought of it, of the General, Universal Welfare. In these thoughts will leave and "I" will be dissolved small, nowadays it is time collective. Nowadays the collective will learn to collect power of the concentrated mental energy. Nowadays harmoniously coordinated and harmoniously joint collective will attract force of spatial fire from Space. And that not in power to one person becomes possible for collective. When all mankind will unite in one amicable, soldered seven all people of the Earth, then power of the coordinated thoughts of this collective becomes so mighty that influence phenomena on until then unrestrained energy of underground and spatial fire and management of planet forces majeure will be possible. Only then the egoism of a place any more won't be, - identity not egoism. In a huge orchestra each musical instrument is individual, but symmetry of the symphony is obliged to the harmonious, coordinated sounding of each separate tool. Майтрейя approves the New World of coherence. Time of scientific approach to studying of action of collective thought came. Someone nevertheless should refuse many former views not to be tailing after world thought. Attendants of the evil and supporters of destroyer’s dark too will make efforts seizing power of collective thought, but masses not to carry away ideas of blood and destruction similar and therefore attempts them won't make that success as in camp of builders of the New World. I Speak time came to be engaged in thought, and not in the aspect of suggestion limited only or transfers on distance, but also in all wide scope it’s inexhaustible and nothing limited opportunities.
015. (M. A.Y.). Let's think together, as to help people in area of studying of thought. The first: it is necessary to point to fundamental laws of an phenomena of thoughts, to methods of selection of sensitive and susceptible children, to conditions of the coordinated group consciousness’s, to external details of life, in which they should be put, on necessity of skilled and knowing heads, on the organization and creation not only parapsychology research institutes, but, mainly, the corresponding shots. Without shots business forward won't move. And shots demand skillful preparation. On a bosom of the nature, beautiful and picturesque, among fine music, works of art and other harmonious conditions sensitive organisms which will make over time treasure of the state that will cherish as the apple of the eye will be brought up. Ignorant approach to the thinnest energy is inadmissible. It is possible to tear off thin strings of the spiritual organization of the person. The harp of spirit is thin and sensitive very much. It is necessary to know a lot of things. It isn't enough personal experience of certain people. We very much will help. Why to struggle with that is known for eyelids.
016. (Jan. 10). Only strenuously intense to be able aspiration to clear spirit grain of the heaps closing it’s light, able make this difficult process. Immortal Identity is in grain, the personality is an external peel. And when the consciousness is transferred to the sphere of the Triune Identity, that is (spirit) grain, there is it (consciousness) uninterrupted. It is Arhat’s step. The words "mortal" and "immortal" have special value. Where to find forces to dump from itself chains of the personality small? In is Me. I is Leader. Eternal flame – in spirit grain and it will inflame everything brighter and brighter in consciousness, to it’s directed, and in the light of it "I" will be dissolved small, temporary, personal, passing. Now, It is necessary its elements to understand and separate from that, what not pass. "I" big, enduring, eternal... and "i" small, temporary, limited to one embodiment. Why we Speak about the future and in it we Direct? Release in it. In the present not to reach it as process demands time. Transformation, inspiration, transmutation of that is, that has to be and will be, – a way of inevitable need, Light way, a way leading to merge to Me. Life of the personality, the identity of this embodiment – only a dream, but a dream weaving threads of a karma of slavery or release. In this dream it is necessary to begin to see clearly to understanding of reality and to live; only believing consciousness on the Leader. We reached a step of the actual immortality that is not interruptibility of consciousness in all conditions and in all covers. To that we Conduct you. Both at you and Our grain of spirit are immortal. But you arrest consciousness to the mortal and temporary covers investing at present grain of spirit, We – to grain. Body – not "I", an astral – not "I", menthol – not "I". These are all elements making the identity of the person. In grain the spirit is "I". Connection or consciousness association with it also means true immortality of the person. It is possible to worry and arrive in life, that is strengthening elements enduring, or in death, that is plunging into the sphere doomed to the termination of all types of the activity by a small circle of the identification. After all even the physical body doesn't live longer than one hundred or a little more and that in rare instances, years. To focus in it consciousness life – means inevitably to doom death all sphere of the consciousness which has connected with a body and that environment in which it lives. We call consciousness to direct out of limits of a circle of hopelessness. Show how to collect and accumulate immortality elements. We speak how to dismember covers and their functions and to separate them from the Highest Triad in which sphere Identity life concentrates. To understand distinction between the personality and Identity – means to light the lamp of true knowledge. The soul lost it will find. And the soul is a personality and personal "I" and her elements. Soul loss, that is persons, means get, or finding of Identity, that is, itself personal highest "I". Believed in Me, that is connected on the Beam the small consciousness with Me, has life eternal, to which understanding sooner or later it will be led by the Beam if only it doesn't deviate a way and won't betray Me to please to elements passing in it. Why I Speak about aspiration? I speak because it brings only one to Me. How to approach without aspiration? After all it is force moving forward, to the purpose when the purpose is realized. Proclamation it is considerable that to show the purpose and channelizes. Covers demand attention and leaving, but their lord "I", the highest "I", for the sake of growth, development and which accumulation they only and exist. They’re in itself existence is senseless and aimless. To what to them to exist if are doomed to destruction? After all, except experience and deposits in the Identity Bowl, from them remains nothing after each next circle of an embodiment. The body departs to Earth as precisely breaks up both an astral and mental peel on plans corresponding to them after Immortal Identity left them. It is necessary to understand and, having understood, to put in this embodiment conscious understanding of essence of human life on Earth and its value for elevated stay.
017. (M. A. Y.). The thread of life is stretched over all covers and overall. It should be held strong, without releasing not for a moment. It is enough to let out at least for a while, and the way will be lost. What intensity of constancy and wakefulness is required from the pupil not to deviate? All surrounding and all people around strong are directed drowning an understanding beam in turmoil of life of the dense world. People around, except for attendants of darkness, work, of course, unconsciously, but, nevertheless, force of influence of their bike. All this shows that resistance and environment counteraction, to overcome, which it is necessary, and, having overcome, to continue to overcome in scantly. Because all live and all generate both feelings, and thoughts, and actions. Are heavy and close spheres human. It is difficult to pupils to live in them. Many not gets rid properties hold a difficult environment, which should be found forces in it to overcome. But the Beam over the head and the Leader not doze on the guard. It is possible to go and even to rejoice to difficulties of a way. But, the more difficultly the closer and the more than growth opportunities advance.
018. (Jan. 11). Yes! The Universe is boundless. Yes! Billions light years are required on that rays of light from the most remote, but galaxies seen to an aided eye reached Earth. And still spirit of the person out of distances and out of time. The spirit is eternal whatever occurred in this boundless Universe. Spirit – the part of Space having the life over all its forms. After all there are Space spheres where life has no form. It is difficult to present it to terrestrial mind, but some analogy can be drawn between representation and concept. The concept includes representations of that phenomenon or a subject which are covered by it. As also infinitely large numbers include all numbers which are and which can be presented. Therefore, there are such phenomena which embrace itself all forms which are though they and aren't a form. The concept "courage" has no form, though includes each form of its manifestation. Thus, the world without forms, Arupa *, is something concrete, though not given a shape. The seventh principle of the person has no form, in the same way, as has no it and the seventh plan of Space corresponding to this principle; all centenary in principle. But the Highest forms are deprived. From what all visible forms resulted has no form. It is one of the greatest Secrets of Space, and the human reason can't create to itself idea of how it occurs, that is to comprehend this Secret. But some analogy can be given, observing as the frost on glass draws freakish forms of unprecedented plants or as sunset paints of beams of the sun in the Himalayas are poured. Of the uniform ray of light, which has been spread out on seven compounds and five additional, there are sunset paints of snow of the Himalayas, of the Uniform Element subdivided on seven main and five additional, all boundless varieties of the star worlds of the Universe seen and not seen to an eye is created. From this That has no form that is given a shape is created. And over forms of all shown worlds all seen and not seen to an eye – spirit, in the highest expression not having a form, but creating them everything. Because everything that is, there is a result of creativity of the spirit, that creativity, which is destiny of the person from the beginning of times and the purpose of its evolution.
* Arup – incorporeal life.
019. (M. A. Y.). It isn't necessary to be confused anything. Yes, Secrets are, but they are conceivable, that is are learned. There is nothing in the Universe that the reason couldn't learn. Outside human reason there is a Reason of Those Who were once people and people once become who. Everything is learned, everything is conceivable and everything is achievable for the person who has understood that on an infinite way of boundless development anything unattainable and impossible isn't present.
020. (Jan. 12). Person is responsible for the dreams? It is responsible certainly because in dreams all freely comes to light that was suppressed, clamped by will, but not gets rid completely and up to the end. If the person, we put, refused meat, but somewhere in the depth of consciousness desire to eat cadaveric yet gets rid, in a dream he can see and taste meat food. And not to stop these dreams while the desire won't be get rid, that is it is uprooted. It concerns equally and all other weaknesses, passions and desires. It isn't enough not to do still of something, it is necessary that the desire ceased to exist. But how can cease to be felt hunger if the person is deprived of food, either other natural desires or feelings of the body deprived of them of satisfaction? Can't, but own all of them the pupil has to be able, and extent of this mastering phenomenon is frequent in dreams. If mastering is carried out completely, both dreams and wakefulness will show identical extent of reaction to the corresponding influence if only partially, the dream finds this incompleteness. Sincerity of reaction will be found everything more brightly in a dream. Certainly, there can be reflex echoes of the gets rid phenomena, but they aren't dumped as represent itself a karmic peel. But if the person speaks to himself: "Yes, gets rid", and inside hidden somebody speaks to itself (himself): "no" – means, process isn't complete. This "somebody" is our old familiar an astral, eyelid bearing it tendencies, habits and motives. And the main task is it to win and to bridle. The satisfaction of his desires doesn't delete them, and on the contrary, only promotes their growth. Only food deprived, he can break off and obey. Therefore I Speak, everything but only when the will dominates over everything undividedly is allowed, and first of all – over all identifications of an astral.
021. (M. A. Y.). About swelling of darkness heart can warn only. And when it gives a message, it is necessary to be careful in everything as the darkness seeks to aggravate, both to deepen, and to strengthen each undesirable property or mood. And then all not gets rid properties and, through a darkness veil are facilitated to identification, all starts seeming darken. Dangerous is moment. Well to be protected from it by all available means. Keenness of susceptibility doesn't relieve of feeling of hanging darkness, but strengthens it more likely. Only the ardent aspiration to Hierarchy of Light can help and preserve.
022. (Jan. 14). As each word approving something for and others is circumspectly said. Allowed in consciousness, it will yield the fruit or the consequences in this or that form. Doors and windows we build that from the outside the wind and a rain, cold and dampness, a smoke or a dust, as well as people others didn't get into the house. But the consciousness nevertheless isn't preserved against penetration into it undesirable elements. And there are a lot of them around. And if inside something to them accord, they get, and then it is impossible to be protected from them already. The accord is established by an assumption. The assumption depends on examination or consciousness patrol. The assumption depends on examination or consciousness patrol. Be on patrol – means to have continuous control over thoughts and the feelings getting from outside. On a spatial note it is possible to reply, because above-person it, but from thoughts human, surrounding the sphere in which there is an everyday life, it is necessary to be preserved every moment. Height, at which the consciousness stays, isolates from thoughts of the environment, but at contact with it inevitable and life patrol has to be efforts. Hard is time now. Mentally difficult and therefore let patrol will be strengthened.
023. (M. A.Y.). The message about new victories will reach you soon. Their run will be accelerated, and leaving of the leaving will be accelerated.
024. I testify Itself all attempts of dark destroyers are fruitless. All will turn back against them. Sweep aside will be will of the people.
025. (Jan. 15). (M. A. Y.). Defeat in a dream led to a victory in reality. Victories in reality will lead to victories in a dream, and the astral will obey the order consciousnesses. Therefore we won't be confused anything and to stop before anything. All opportunities for advance are given. The Teacher insists on practical assimilation of the given. We use seven-year cycles for the statement of a new combination Scand. After all they are forged by will; the will creates their new combinations. Why, despite the approval of data in this embodiment Scand, the artist in a new embodiment that any more won't be, speaks so. Achievements remain forever the integral property of spirit for all times. But all forty nine sides of a human microcosm have to be developed and ground. Therefore conditions of seven embodiments on seven in each of seven races are given for implementation of this opportunity. Embodiments are various for the sake of implementation of this purpose. Besides, there is a Karma, which in combination with creates the best conditions for spirit increase. But the courage approved in embodiments former, remains forever with the person, as well as devotion, both love, and aspiration to the Lord. But these qualities will be shown in any combination Scand irrespective of, whether there will be abilities of their owner mathematical, musical or philosophical. Scands there are forms, in which phenomena the approved qualities of spirit. Change Scands, but the approved qualities only grow.
026. Clarity of consciousness depends on accumulation, - confusion, vagueness, confusion in feelings at the unprepared. Everyone has by recognition life opportunities in Elevated. As well as on Earth, impulses and desires – it is available, only energy them instantly carry away such thin body in conformable to them an environment. In it is possible to get stuck, and for a long time. It is possible and not to get out at all if impulses are stronger than will. Fight is strong between an attraction of poles of Light and darkness. The way is open for the winner up, won by the desires – down, if desires low. On Earth won and here will win. When fight and collision with the aggravated impulses of an astral ended with a victory over them and a choice of the highest aspirations, the attraction to them related spheres carries away spirit according to them. When fight and collision with the aggravated impulses of an astral ended with a victory over them and a choice of the highest aspirations, the attraction to them related spheres carries away spirit according to them. The astral cover of desires of a corporal order, animal-corporal, becomes unnecessary and is dumped, as worn-out clothes. It is so important that terrestrial desires and passions went out already on Earth. Then there is nothing to extinguish. It longevity and natural death on an old age is good. All lowest impulses and tendencies, weaknesses, tendencies and desires can be uplifted, lifted and transmutation, that is to take their opposite pole. Therefore the robber and the loose woman were approached torments. The last aspiration decided destiny of the robber in Elevated because his last aspiration changed a corner of the direction on 180 °. Direct to that you want to have because it is given on aspiration. It is the spirit law. The Seven-principally person will be born in the World Thin four-principally essence in the process called by death, in the sphere, called Rupa-Loka, and here he again dies, having dumped a cover of this world to be born already in Devachan already three-principally person, - fate of the Adherent other. The consciousness isn't interrupted and open. But even Arhat needs sometimes rest, just as it needs a dream on Earth in a physical body. Only at the Adherent during a dream of a physical body the consciousness is opened and works in the highest conductors as is clear and accurate, as well as in a body terrestrial. The aspiration decides destiny of the person. The direction to aspiration is given by the Life Doctrine, - aspiration wins. Two rather 1 1/2 principally peel is deprived of consciousness, but is capable to react to influences from outside, only automatically, reflex. It astral no the decaying corpse left by the owner. Small check – also you will see clearly that before you automaton. It should be known well to understand difficulties of the astral world. Elementary is conscious, because it not a peel, but the center understanding which is very dangerous if it is dark and evil. Light is afraid and scorches light aura. If understood how clarification is insistently necessary. Ulcers of spirit are catches for darkness to grasp them claws, to carry away spirit in darkness. Imagine situation when the person aspiring up, but not released from ulcers of spirit on Earth, is surrounded dark which, having seized these ulcers, through them pull invincibly it down to the spheres of the lower class. Spirit ulcers, that is desire, uncontrollably attract spirit to spheres with intensity of identification in them these desires where it can satisfy in a seeming way, they are as though terrible were right there to feel the new hunger, new thirst as the seeming satisfaction of hunger doesn't satisfy, and insatiability of each dark desire only strengthens. Truly, Tantalum torments. Therefore iron need dictates essential inevitability of a victory because other exit isn't present. Victory, victory, and victory at any cost, it is necessary to understand essence of desire that to find forces it to seize. There is nothing that the will because the desire is only a mirage and a delusion could overcome, and no satisfaction of desire does cost the terrible price which pays for it spirit. It is possible, it is possible, and it is possible to win itself against everything – I Claim. Power of transformation should be understood.
027. (Jan. 16). Each principle has the cover, or a shape, which it is given. The physical body is issued at all, astral – too, mental not at all, fiery at the very few. Clarity of consciousness and opportunity to operate consciously during lifetime on Earth in each of conductors separately on corresponding to everyone plans depends on degree of completeness of the conductor. The super personal consciousness means registration of the highest ph. Registration of this or that body yet doesn't mean mastering of. The astral body is issued at all, but units own it; physical at all, but the power over it only at Adherents. Degree of the power over a body, that is conscious and at will ability to dispose of it, serves as an indicator of as far as the consciousness can live in it or it to exclude feeling almost completely. The termination or interruptibility of consciousness doesn't mean the life termination. The person sleeps, his consciousness doesn't function, but he is live, - in the same way and after death. He can sleep and in the thin body, consciousness not phenomena, but he is live. Breaks in consciousness at all don't mean death. It I saw, dreamily live people slept in the astral bodies, and you in a dream didn't sleep, but the having worked consciously and as the power. You saw also as the boy died and sleeping and considering blind, as was blind on Earth, woke up to consciousness under your order. Therefore, in any cases the consciousness remains. The first condition is knowledge and experience. I saw itself the Guru sleeping after the death that you protected. To relatives My, conducted by me, rest I Give for term that then to awaken in full consciousness. But their situation specialist an exception of the general rule, - but rest is a dream is necessary to all. Even this condition doesn't extend in the usual sense on The one Who Reached not interruptibility of consciousness. Immortality is one, personal consciousness – another. The personal consciousness is mortal as it is limited to one embodiment. There can't be a physical consciousness in a body astral; it undergoes even at the live person, in case of an exit in this cover, known modifications. Adequately regrets passionate desire of died person to keep the usual terrestrial consciousness in singularity of elevated conditions. Splinters of memoirs and terrestrial representations can create the illusive world of terrestrial remnants. Sad is Show. On each plan and in each conductor the live and died person can lead conscious life, but under a condition if it acquired the necessary knowledge and experience the ordinary people which majority even denies possibility of life and consciousness out of a body don't have that. Life in World Aboveground is very bright and diverse, but on consciousness. Devachan is necessary as a condition under, which the spirit can bring to their logical end of energy of the highest aspirations and subjects to put the basis for the statement new and to save up forces for a new embodiment. Devachan is the culmination of the best aspirations of the spirit limited to their ceiling. The bowl stores their all and all experiences of former lives. Those who sleep in the astral bodies during a dream of a physical body will continue to be in a condition of a dream and when this body will die. Unconscious stay in conductors at all doesn't mean death staying that is destructions his ambassador of death of a physical body.
028. (M. A. Y.). To perceptions of the Elevated World it is necessary to adjust the receiver because they absolutely others and terrestrial representation, even itself with a new environment, won't be coordinated absolutely. Are ridiculous there: dress coat, precious jewelry, feathers of Indians and a ring in a nose and plates in ears or hats with ostrich feathers. Commensurability is in everything. Commensurability there cruelly suffers; from there are so much ugliness’s, not to mention those who stains an attire of the Thin World. Beauty it is only possible to live on Earth and in the Worlds. It can smooth absurd of limitation because it is conformable to all plans of space. All differences terrestrial are ridiculous, the passport and the identity card is ridiculous even. Instead of a track record is luminosity of aura. Also there are no borders there, except the restrictions put by limits of own thoughts.
029. (Jan. 17). If to lay aside exceptions of the general rule, after death of a physical body all fall asleep to wake up already in new conditions of the astral world. Then in due course there is that is called as a meeting with the guard of the Threshold, an objectification in visible forms of everything that prevents the person to unite with the highest 6 and 7 principles. Two poles of an attraction work: one – to the sphere of objectification, bright, habitual forms of his terrestrial thoughts created by its desires, weaknesses, passions and the same affairs, another – the magnet of the highest and its best aspirations, and in the person begins deadly and last fight when the final choice decides – to direct upward or down. On Earth the consciousness at times is fond of the desires in whirlwinds of the corresponding experiences. It is accompanied by emotions, thoughts, representations and bright images of the endured. All this comes to life at approach of the last fight and demands former as on Earth, attention, it is bright, colorful and in live images carrying away the person to the sphere of the attraction. If not to win here, having told generations: "I am not afraid of you, you can't block a way, Me specified", and not to move up, the person will roll in these generations, plunging into them and being combined mentally with them, and then his fifth principle, having united with the fourth, is carried away down, and the personality it and life of this identity of this embodiment is deleted from the Life Book.
030. (M. A.Y.). The ship heads to the planned purpose at any weather: in a storm and calm, at night and in the afternoon, in a fog or a sunny day and at any mood of the captain what it was. As also the pupil steadily and firmly goes on the way to the purpose far, without looking at any conditions of the consciousness and covers. It knows well that there is no other way; it is a way only forward, and goes, without changing a step rhythm. Here way of the winner. And all passing conditions of spirit only accidents of a way, beautiful, either sad, or the boring landscapes flashing on the parties of the road. It isn't necessary to identify them with it because they are passing mirages.
031. (Guru). Image of relatives to us on spirit of people perhaps inspiring and leading if the thought directs to them and if they are an embodiment in themselves those qualities, which we sought to gain. It is possible not to think of possibility of reality of contact if the inspiration which goes from them, ennobles us and directs over life dregs. Karmic threads of communication, which not interrupt nor life, nor death work, but are transferred from an embodiment to an embodiment. Except the benefit, from such aspiration anything directed not receive. The aspiration creates a miracle.
032. Some isolation is necessary that without intervention from outside to issue the necessary qualities of spirit.
033. (January. 19). How it is possible to seize all conductors, - only having transferred consciousness to the sphere of the Highest Triad that is, having consciousness from conductors. When the difficult and fascinating mathematical problem is solved, the consciousness concentrated on it, doesn't live neither feelings of a stomach, or astral desires – the area of mathematics represents itself the menthol sphere. In the same way the consciousness rises to spheres of super personal, Space Thought. The thought flies over the world and unites with the sphere of my thoughts, which took over the world and about the world. Also there is then a consciousness the transmitter of my thoughts, the distributor of my Light. The Spirit tower then a beacon, showing a way, Serves the world. To the guard of a beacon entrusted service by me, it is possible to assimilate planetary patrol bearing great Guards. Its light is visible to everyone looking for Light and wanting to find the correct direction in rough waves of the everyday sea, saturation by thought of space – the most necessary task. To whom in power it? Can if sate with thought space that, which his not have. However, all sate, but bastards of thought, a tatter of mental slime of the personal worlds filled with litter and personal experiences. Only those who think of others and of the world, of people, those bring light streams. The small and low, and imperceptible work, but created not for the sake of itself and not for itself, but for others– lightful; Light-bearer work for General Welfare. Work only for the sake of itself darken egoism, work not for itself – aureole light of super personal aspiration. Is among sets of usual consciousness’s radiating lighten of thoughts and aspirations super personal. They and the world also keep.
034. (M. A. Y.). . I want to transfer an impulse of ardent aspiration to transformation. It should be accepted heart open – unaccepted, hangs in space. To accept and realize into action, that is to apply in life, and besides without postponing, and now, during the present day. The instruction appendix grants today the rights new tomorrow. And but these instructions also are the direct and direct management, that is contact directed with the head. It is possible how to hold communication? Only ardent to garry out of instructions! All feelings, experiences are excessive and aren't necessary if they aren't accompanied by the appendix of instructions in practice. Even the love isn't necessary if it doesn't pour out in row creative actions on transformation of the essence. The pupil – means changing, changes, small "I" in "I" big, the mortal identity of this embodiment – in Immortal Identity of the Highest Triad. So out of all feelings, feelings and experiences of Elevated Proximity we will draw the energy, directing consciousness to new victories over and new overcoming. Overcoming – the Help and all currents of space. Force I pour in in consciousness for new take-off.
035. (M. A. Y.). Communication can't go at level, usual level of consciousness of the one who, having been obese, directs to Communication. It can occur only at the level of consciousness departed or Far. Means, consciousness it is necessary to rise to them, both then to direct, and then contact is possible.
036. My light I Give you for realization it to the public you’re, self-proceeding, and appendices of the last in life.
037. Notions of compulsion. The creating thought, forced to change consciousness during the present day or for any term, it is necessary to make persuasive, standing as the guard not drowsy, over consciousness, protecting it and influencing it. The thought should be brought to degree of intensity of the notions of compulsion, but this persistence will be consciously strong-willed and desired. Constancy of wakefulness is reached by such intensity.
038. (January. 20). How many in various conditions, in absolutely various environments of the new people connected by last karma, it was necessary to pass for one this life. Each stage gave the experience and untied and strengthened karmic bonds. As if for one embodiment it is lived a little, - and in lives of persons. Everything can remember only the Recorder. The personality doesn't live in It, lives in the lowest covers. Looking Silently – It is immortal, passionless and it isn't attached to anything it is free from everything, - Spiritual Essence, memory in it and Akasha's records. Nosce te ipsum * by the path dismissal from 4 1/2 lowest principles. Let they will break off. Control over them is necessary for mastering by them and dismissals from them. In today's records it is indicated consciousness transferring inside, in silence. Completeness of Silence with Me is fruitful.
* Learn it (Latin).
039. (M. A. Y.). . When a wave on lifting, grains it is necessary to throw into it as much as possible. Each grain will give the shoots. The law is immutable. Let's apply it consciously. Felt proximity we will keep all consciousness. Difficult in the conditions of dense hold Elevated threads. But especially achievement is considerable. The fiery energy proceeding from approved focus of Light impregnates the directed consciousness new stays, limits to which aren’t present. The knowledge therefore isn't given in the finished forms that collect only personal experience in limits of opportunities of conductors and all device of spirit at present, but the opportunities of growth of spirit – are boundless. Gradualness and sequence of growth and spirit development is an inevitable condition. Giving fire, nobody wants that the accepting device was burned. And it is possible because it is dangerous to bear fires in a dense body. Books it is possible and has to read, but remember thus that the Way is intimate and in books everything isn't given. Therefore so there aren't enough pupils that the way of everyone carefully is defined by the Teacher and out of usual ways of the inhabitant.
040. It is good when all is possible for energy of spirit to ruch on a transmutation of covers. Put in life, in practice, during the day all power of the aspirations. Everyone will yield a fruit in due time, but ardent application of the Doctrine in practice only and moves spirit. All people lead private life, which for the majority only one and exists, but it after all a personal mirage. How many they were and how many went out never not to arise any more in a former form. Life is lived, the dense body is dumped. What remains from phantasmagoria of a personal environment and personal conditions? What it is possible to take from all this further with itself for increase? If this dark, what gives its growth? After all accrues kind in Devachan * and angry – in Avitchi **. That prevails that will draw, goes to increase. The good can grow for eyelids, can and angrily. The garden of consciousness needs a firm and skilled hand of the gardener, differently will grow with a tall weeds. It will muffle flowers and landings, apple-trees and other trees will degenerate. All garden without care will be lost – leaving is necessary.
* The rest and pleasure Sphere in the Thin World.
** The lower class of the Thin World.
041. The lord Is unchangeable, but Is always new, and in the aspect available to your consciousness. Therefore don't limit to any sides the idea of Me. In process of consciousness clarification from litter and the past the present and the future reveals. Usual thoughts aren't necessary to us. Even doing the most usual, it is possible to think unusually and perfectly. Matter isn't that becomes, and in thoughts because conducts thought. Face we will approve in not interruptibility of constancy is the most necessary. This not interruptibility will give also not interruptibility of consciousness. When we will understand importance of a task, there will be also forces it to carry out. The notions of compulsion furnish the clue to the decision conscious. I want to Approve in awareness of inevitability and unalterability of this achievement. It is necessary to reach, this condition of sine qua non*. Accept, I Speak, and I Give, but in an extent of your aspirations, searches, questions self-proceeding. Call and response is the law. You knock, look for, you don't ask, but demand as your heritage your part. I enter into your heart, you – into mine. To strengthen love to the Lord – the light means to strengthen. The love is light, light of heart. Solemnity – a form of the highest spiritual emotions. You learn to sound on a solemnity key. Love, devotion, aspiration is its sides. This is best attire of spirit. Quality of spirit is its attire granting the right to an entrance to the Tower. Show Father: dare even more brightly. Victory is over a flesh. With Me everything is possible, but also everything is achievable, but at not interruptibility of communication and completeness of filling by me of all heart and all consciousness.
* Indispensable condition (Latin).
042. (M. A. Y.). Arhat is an exception of the general rule because the knowledge gives the chance of application of the Supreme Laws. It too sawed and chopped firewood. Physical work (in these cases) is necessary for balance of covers which differently won't sustain tension. Whole it consists of details. The feat of transformation of – the highest because lightful, and its Light shines the world around and shines and in spheres hidden.
043. (Jan. 22). Each quality of spirit is approved fire. Concentrating on it, we cause flame strengthening. It as though garden watering. Every day it is possible to choose sounding quality in sequence and to strengthen it, concentrating on it thought. Especially when planetary disbalance elements it is strained to a limit, it is good concentrate on balance. Thought we bring an amendment in the phenomenon disharmonious. The harp of spirit is sensitive to everything occurring on a planet. But the spirit harp not a weather vane, and the adjusted tool, has to sound only in harmony. The mood, or harmony, is established by thought and will. The upset tool doesn't suit for game. Even in the strongest storm the captain has to show tranquillity that the ship wasn't lost. The peace of mind and self-control is opposed to rage of elements. As well is in life. When a spirit mirror show an unusual consequence in space, only the tranquility, balance and self-control can be opposed to chaos. To keep at this time balance will be a victory over disharmony of spheres. The peace of mind can't depend on external conditions if the stronghold inside is protected by a resistant flame of great quality of balance. Yes, today in space it is bad, but what from this? Firm hand the captain conducts the ship on rough elements.
044. Whether it is possible to allow that covers vibrated on surrounding spatial trouble as it to them will like, than the tsar of the nature and its lord, the person, will differ from an exhibition puppet then? It is possible to feel, feel and perceive everything, this condition of keenness of the device, but, noting and perceiving, it is necessary to keep strict control over covers and to hold a bridle of spirit a firm hand. Otherwise won't sustain a confusion body in the covers, the space caused by antagonistic currents.
045. Poisonous time, - world in a disbalance, elements also.
046. (M. A. Y.). Correctly! On a key of a spatial note and is address. Everything is good in its season. Severity and restraint are conformable to the moment. Scale of feelings personal we will leave to more peace times. Now it is necessary to collect forces to be able to help us and the Lord to keep balance. The spatial order of Hierarchy rushes on all ranks, and the planetary network of Light strains on the necessary wave. It also is already conscious cooperation with Us. Let's postpone third-party thoughts, we will postpone the even the best feelings and experiences and we will give intensity of fires a balance and tranquillity. As a unit the Hierarchy and those who is connected with It closely works. Adopt the spatial order: to show extreme degree of tension of fiery balance of spirit.
047. Consciousness’s, is so much and conditions in Devachan because the condition is created according to the accord and in the direction of the put impulses and aspirations, each of which is a seed or a germ for development of the properties put in it. We weed for development and growth of these germs Devachan's conditions are. On all seeds – a rich harvest good in Devachan, bad – in Avitchi. It is possible in advance the life in Elevated to determine by these germs, impulses and the aspirations created on Earth on the law of cause and effect. The stranger isn't present anything – only a variation on the chosen subjects. The sower here is the reaper there. Devachan and Avitchi are poles of good and bad consequences. Kama-Loka is a place of this, or that choice, a fight place between attractions both. Are attracted by elements of the Highest and the lowest duada spirits to conformable them to spheres. Object of an attraction – the fifth principle. Consciousness of the Adherent over these experiences of Avitchi and Devachan because his consciousness is opened reality. Pleasant illusions and dreams in Devachan, nightmares in Avitchi: anti-reality in both. Condition of the Adherent is life of uninterrupted consciousness in the world really real. The Truth kingdom – only it does knowledge the person free. At first Way, then Truth, then Life, that is immortality.
048. (January. 23). Day – wakefulness, then a dream, rest for restoration of forces. Life terrestrial is similar to day of a wake condition, a cycle longer, then the death, a dream, rest that after it, having had a rest to wake up in Elevated – a cycle big. Cycles go, extending and being extended, to Maha-manvantara inclusively*. The analogy remains up to the end – from atom pulsation, then hearts and to a sun pulsation, finishing the move cycle phenomenon. Cognition of Laws Space lifts consciousness to the reality world. The consciousness leaves a personal world and enters into an orbit of Cosmic-spatial life. How to keep for what has no real life how to keep for illusion of the personal world when in aspect space it is terribly insignificant and small? Even from the point of view of say, Venus, the personal world of the average earthling is unreal and far from reality. It is a piece of short length in 60-80 years, filled with thoughts, representations and feelings, at all more close to the truth as, we will put, the personal world of our ancestors. You know more, they knew less, but, generally, nor you, nor they didn't know reality. We are realists-actual. Our purpose – Knowledge, we get it to give to people and to enter them into the world of Space reality.
* Period symbolizing a cycle of manifestation of the Universe.
049. (M. A. Y.). The way of an apprenticeship is a way of a constant, an intense transmutation, or transformation of all the essence. Certainly, it is hard, transformation conscious, strong-willed; the end to it isn't present. That neither was reached by it and what it nor overcame, that it presents itself(himself) at the time of the greatest victory over, all this only to a step, each of which has over herself higher and is reached by overcoming previous. On this way there are everything, that is each spirit is improved, develops also, at whatever height it stood. Even Paranirvana* doesn't mean a final stop and achievement of such degree of perfection further, which it is impossible to rise. Space is in process of eternal advance in boundlessness and eternal improvement. The end isn't present.
* The Condition understood as Absolute Life.
050. (Jan. 24). Yes! Yes! Yes! It is right, the personality – only the Identity tool, its tool, her servant for collecting of the necessary knowledge and experience on a field terrestrial. Many persons were used for this purpose by the Triad, collecting a harvest of terrestrial embodiments. Not successfully always, because happened, and often happened that the personality, having concentrated only in itself sense and the existence purpose, I forgot that she only the performer of commands of the mister, the Immortal, reincarnating Triad. And then the true meaning of the life was lost, and then dense life became the aimless vegetation, what good external conditions of such life, even in imperial chambers, even in all glory terrestrial would seem. If dense existence lost the only sense, life is lived is useless. Body and the personality – slaves, obedient tools of the lord who only through them, through their implicit and obedient execution of its highest instructions, can take everything from terrestrial stay that is necessary to it for the further development and advance. Fiery and indelible has to be burned out in mortal consciousness of the personality sense of her existence on Earth. Where horses will carry away, having gone too far, the horseman if it lets reins go? Where the ship which has lost a steering will rush? Whether to an abyss horses and not to death the ship? Both reins and a wheel in Identity hands, that is a spirit bridle on all feelings, thoughts and actions of the servant, the identity of this embodiment and all the subsequent to it in the future. Experience, experience, experience and knowledge – here the purpose, the only purpose for the sake of which there lives the small and temporary personality. And it is good when during lifetime of her consciousness starts towering and concentrating in the Immortal Triad, doing the personality only by the performer of the instructions. To what fight between the Highest and the lowest duady when here, already on Earth, it is possible to win and to subordinate identifications of the personal beginning to the highest "I". Transferring of all consciousness to the sphere enduring also will be a victory over the personality small. The personality the big can't be because it is limited in the identifications by several ten years. If the personality becomes big and great, only so far as the Immortal Identity of the person which is showing through the personality, freely and can freely reveal the hidden essence, the experience of many last existence, imperishable accumulation of spirit. When Learnt Speaks: "I in itself anything", – Mean It the mortal personality, temporary, small, limited to a body and other conditions of terrestrial existence. So it is necessary spirit and heart to understand meaning of the life of the personality small that more stoutly to seize her and to subordinate her to that great task for the sake of which one it was given life on Earth; with death existence of the personality stops. Sidor Petrovitch Ivanov ceases to exist as that, with the body, the passport, the apartment, clothes, things and a social status. All signs of his personality, up to her certificate with a photograph, cease to make self-sufficing sense. All is finished this embodiment on Earth. Only that is collected for the Triad, remains in the Triad, only in saved up for life of the personality a material all value of life last. But let eyes of soul will be open during lifetime, let collecting of experience become the only purpose, let understanding of the Immortal Triad in it become so real that everything will concentrate in it and will occur for the sake of it. Dismissal from the personal beginning, mastering by it and transferring of consciousness to Immortal Identity will be the most difficult achievements of spirit.
051. (M. A. Y.). . Accumulation of elements of immortality can be conducted consciously and systematically, identifying the consciousness only with the enduring. Plunging in passing, we lose the share in immortality life. Not interruptibility of consciousness can be reached only when the terrestrial consciousness of the person is strong and inseparably linked with those phenomena of the life which duration goes beyond a small circle of this embodiment. Carrying, out longer line, which isn't coming to an end in this life, can be enclosed with great advantage and here. Our affairs were affairs of the big duration which is far going beyond one existence. And you extend affairs, both feelings, and thoughts, and the acts. Anything doesn't come to an end. Understanding of continuation of all in Boundlessness puts forward a consciousness projection in the future. But terrestrial, commonplaces at ordinary people are farther than life usual, terrestrial don't go. Circle of hopelessness outline the future, becoming isolated in a shell of the personality. But here the relations with Us already passed these borders, but here the Doctrine directed forward, in Boundlessness, but here the future which hasn't been limited to anything, became your property. Arhat weaves a pearl yarn of the spirit a skillful hand, transferring all sense and the purpose of the terrestrial stay there where anything doesn't come to an end, but everything lives infinitely, and by that approves the immortality already on Earth and with Earthly – in the worlds.
052. (January. 25). Ascension consecutive is on steps. Not to reach everything suddenly. One life is required not, but and achievement surpasses everything that terrestrial wellbeing, glory, wealth and the power terrestrial can give to the person. All of them it is passing, all is passing the benefits terrestrial, but achievements of the Adherent – his eternal property. The benefit terrestrial can be held at the best only on one life, achievement of the Adherent can be held constantly and forever. The only duty which will accompany it in all his lives is an obligation to ascend and move ahead further. It is impossible to stop and it is impossible to go back; only forward, always, eternally forward to even big heights. The end to ascension isn't present. In evolutionary advance all Space. This movement can't stop, unless in the period of Pralaya. But also then the Wreath of Space Reason is in a condition of process of conscious Life. Achievement of a step of the Adherent is the greatest on Earth.
053. (January. 26). The highest "I" want one, an astral and small "I" – another. How to find the line of the correct action between two? The astral which isn't constrained by awake consciousness, phenomenon itself in dreams, showing to the behavior the valid step of overcoming of the properties concentrated in it, gets rid, but not the gets rid; that is brought in it by conscious will of his owner, in it and is. And whether it is possible to be surprised that it continues to do to what it is taught, and loves that loved or the owner, his mister loves it. If refused meat, and the thought of that is at heart cherished, as though to eat it, and the astral accustomed to meat, will thirst for it and, deprived it, in dreams will indulge in a gluttony. Gets rid finally properties too can display in dreams, but this eructation isn't terrible and quickly fades absolutely. But hardy not gets rid but only suppressed by will. The difference between suppression and a gets rid is thin. That lives that is that exists in an astral cover is suppressed, expecting any opportunity to be shown. Gets rid that, what as superfluous disappear from the person, as autumn foliage from trees. Not to put the disappeared leaf any more, it died off. Fight against astral accumulation demands big persistence, persistence and commitment. The astral eats thought. If the thought doesn't feed it, its properties can't grow. The astral eats acts if in them the thought is enclosed. Mature and foster thought it is especially persistent in an astral. Eradication is conducted by power of thought. It is easiest to operate a body and to subordinate it, it is most difficult an astral. Years the suppressed property at one not fine moment with all force and rage to fall upon begets and the tutor can sleep. It is possible to imagine violent violence of an astral in Kama-Loka where everything is aggravated to a limit and seeming and deceptive opportunities, but bright and the live promise the broadest satisfaction of all its desires. From here Dope feasts, both illusive smoking, and all other, on what only is capable the imagination of the person which isn't constrained by usual terrestrial conditions. All hidden and suppressed reveals itself up to the end. And rage of an astral should be overcome here, both to win, and to reject, as leaves dry. Difficult. But it is better to begin fight on Earth, and on Earth to bridle this cover and to bring into an implicit obedience. It is necessary not to give only food to it any. Also he will die food the deprived. All past should be spent before the new, increased consciousness and to set to it the seal of the last choice and the solution of will, having rejected a fog of the former allure from everything that happened once. Even the house demands the cleaning, especially all back streets of consciousness.
054. (M. A. Y.). The knowing and highly experienced traveler for an instant won't slow down an immutable gait, both step hardness, and its rhythm even before a blank wall. And the wall will break up.
055. (January. 27). War won't be, - goes under a sign. The most dark comes to light and misanthropic. Destroyers go to an absurd and self-damage side. Energies force both poles: the dark – for self-destruction, light – for ardent construction. Energy of the benefit is creative. By those they are done by a consciousness prism. I See a victory over darkness, unexpected and all-planet. I will come to the moment of the greatest tension of poles. I call for association of consciousness’s, but at level the highest. Dark too unite, but on the lowest. The thought about Absent and representation of its Shape unites with It. The thicket can contact thought congenial people and to know more about their life. We Send you and we Know about you. You know about them. Make experience with the author of the last letter, but through Me. Rapprochement at distance gives the chance to wake up.
056. (Jan. 28). It is applicable new in cognition. I send thought of containment of ours, excepting the. Ours concerns life of the whole world, all mankind, - and in the world heavy now. Heavy therefore also to the consciousness, which has concerned situation in the world. Internal state not personally the, but all-planetary because it is opened to that goes on a planet. Supporters of darkness and its servant, conscious and unconscious, accumulate forces for life destruction. We and everything, which against them, we collect power of counteraction to darkness, - terrible page of history of the world. We have to be helped by everything who doesn't want to die in new war. We Will them constrain. We Will on raving find a justice. Let a face the animal will reveal up to the end. The moment when all people in whom the particle of common sense remained at least, will rise against thermonuclear madmen will come. To all there is a limit. Now with fire it is already impossible to joke.
057. (January. 29). Each mistake involves a tail of consequences. And any more in the power of committed to destroy that was made. Only the final and clear victory over itself can neutralize a chain of consequences if they concerned internal trouble of consciousness. In the past it is impossible to change anything, - only the future in hands of the former of consequences. Even bitter experience of cognition of the person is useful, mistakes but if their harm is conscious are also useful and that attracted is withdrawn from them or induced them to make. If to spread out the phenomenon to its components and to analyses everyone, the fog of an allure and seductions will dissipate and the naked skeleton of unembellished reality will act. In allure deception always works. Delusion and feelings which in itself, not embellished externally, have in itself no anything attractive, especially if to take a detached view of them. Task of the examinee – to tear off from them external false-decorating covers, and then under each flower it is possible to see a snake that stings if to reach for a flower. The reality should be seen behind everyone.
058. (M. A. Y.). To the past we won't come back. Chains of the past are heavy. For Fiery Yogi of the past isn't present. Immersion in the past means return in the sphere of that, what overcome, but that revives instantly at a contact his consciousness. Only the future and only at level the highest! The secret of release from the shortcomings, heritages of the past, lies in aspiration in the future and oblivion of that was once that attracted that immersed in the world of illusive feelings and experiences.
059. (Jan. 30). Our intentions and Plans be open can't even the next as it is connected with the notification through space where there are a lot of hostile ears, - as and with transfer of the Doctrine. The most Intimate can't be entrusted paper, because tracings are visible. Only the knowledge which isn't giving in to announcement is by word of mouth imparted. So was always. Therefore and in the Doctrine, which sees the Light, many questions even not 6to touch. The forbidden knowledge remains closed. Even the dark protect the knowledge from uninitiated, though are dark wishing them to receive. They have too the hierarchy, an apprenticeship and dedication. Distorted imitation is our traditions. All is also same, but all on the contrary. And their knowledge is limited to the darkness sphere. The highest spheres of space are inaccessible to them; the highest knowledge is inaccessible also. But know quite a lot to harm, and use ignorance of hardly mind negate. Unconscious danger is bad that it is impossible to be protected from it. How to be protected from that, existence of that at all doesn't admit? And they use it, - the main, so that not know. Even you manage to lull, lull into a false sense of security yours because the knowledge or understanding of their presence will paralyze their activity. Are strong, aren't found yet. That also live and on ignorance, or rashness and a lull trade.
060. (Jan. 31). Singularity we will understand widely. As well as internal life and an inner world of our people differs from usual, is in the same way excellent both stay and their destiny in World Aboveground, - all not as at all. All conditions are an exception of the general rules. First of all they receive our care. In a dream it is immersed on need degree. There assistants as well as here are necessary to us. I put much, and it is a lot of work. Working there continue to work. Opportunities are without endlessly. With consciousness It is endowed on degree of as far as who became necessary. Not interruptibility of consciousness remains in the field of individual achievements. But even in this direction there are a lot of opportunities. On each of ours is our press of centuries old duration. Going to Me let it will be quiet for the future.
061. (M. A. Y.). At ascension of test and fight are inevitable, but rather balance after everyone next, is restored better, - the main thing, that not broken the established rhythm of progress. Interruptions of a rhythm are very dangerous as for a while deprive a rhythm of the established receipts. Invariance and inviolability of a rhythm of the space phenomena is the law of the shown world. This example should subordinate all the life. In the world external always there will be the events, seeking to break symmetry of ascension of consciousness. They should learn to be passed by, without changing a step rhythm. Whether a little that can happen, not break in life because of fleetingly passing phenomena of inalterability of the movement in boundlessness. If to break because of everyone, the consciousness will plunge completely into the world dense and will sink in noise, turmoil and it you put. And our Way usual and time presses. It is a pity for each hour lost in vain. Constancy of intense tendency and understanding of by the traveler of the Eternal Way is true terrestrial stay. Yes! Yes! In total not ours, nothing belongs to us. In total only for a while, on this piece of a way that to leave all this in that world to which all this belongs, as well as the world. You shouldn't turn and special attention to an external environment as it doesn't prevent to go. Our everything - at the Lord, and we - at It! There our place. Here – while. To everyone the Assignment is given. It needs to be executed as it is possible better. To it also it is possible to direct all the forces, to other everything – at a rate of an inevitable duty before itself, before the body, before the people around connected by karma, – the word, and performance of debts. But heart is given to the Lord, but not to something or someone, except It. The way is clear, it is possible to go. When fire is given, it is necessary to know that strains it and everything that isn't overcome yet in the person, in depths of his consciousness. Assimilation of fire embraces itself and it. It is possible to call this phenomenon test, knowing that the transmutation is inevitable and that fire will work, but directed and regulated by will.
062. Stream of your will combine with mine. That Wanted by the Lord – here you’re of care. Desire of crowds so far from what Wanted by Me. Yourself Desire is you’re the law. I Want you to see winning always. Matters not that it is won, but - fact the victory. Show to share with Me pleasure of each victory for the statement it in consciousness. Recognition of the weaknesses is a merit. Each weakness is a reverse side of force. Border, them dividing is overcoming. The weakness root is stronger; the victory force is more powerful. The cold changes in the fire. The person with strong passions can become the giant of spirit, against them having won. When fire is given, it is necessary to know that strains it and everything that isn't overcome yet in the person, in depths of his consciousness. Assimilation of fire embraces itself and it. It is possible to call this phenomenon test, knowing that the transmutation is inevitable and that fire will work, but directed and regulated by will.
063. (Feb1). It is impossible to stop. In movement everything, all Space. Everything promptly rushes in the future. To stop – means to lag behind. To tail after to whom hunting! No reasons can justify a stop, and furthermore movement back, that is down. The cross is all imperfections because it is necessary to move, having taken them with it. It is necessary to take as they yet gets rid, but to get rid of them, having taken, it is necessary in ardent aspiration in the future. After all there are moments when their weight is almost imperceptible. These are the moments of lifting and tension of the highest energy. If strengthen it more and more, probably instantly transformation of spirit and release from all outgrowths. But, anyway, the truly directed will be not detained by anything. Even having stumbled, even having fallen, we will think only of movement further. Back return isn't present. The stop means return because nothing stays in motionlessness. Short rest is possible, but with thought forward.
064. (M. A. Y.). . The spirit crucifixion in a matter also is life. That to approve consciousness in both worlds, it is necessary to pass through all burdens terrestrial and elevated. They here, and they there, also are open for uninterrupted consciousness. The way of the spirit which is looking for releases is hard, is hard also because also it is impossible to leave Earth homeless. If everything, believing for others and for the world, Earth leaves the soul, it will plunge into darkness and will be lost. If before the Lord Told: "Take the cross and follow Me", – that to it should be added now: "Take the cross and a world cross that to follow Me". And those who follow It, share burden of the Burden it, Burdens of this world. It is impossible to avoid and refuse because the heavy spatial press felt by the Highest Spirits, and are already the Burden terrestrial, not for themselves, but for others, for all mankind, for the whole world. After all it is necessary not only to accept these press, but also to rarefy fiery, not flexible anything aspiration to Light. Heavy? Yes. Sometimes it is intolerable, but after all it already cooperation with the Hierarch. Whether many are capable to cooperate, consciously assuming blows of elements. One in the field the soldier also is no place to wait for the help, and it is necessary to stand up to the end. But the Hidden Driver Is awake and Sees each effort brought for the sake of General Welfare, everyone Sees a tear and a drop of sweat from opposition to intolerable spatial tension. Rarefy of spheres – so calls these, unknown to the world, employees of Light. Be among them – honor and a merit before evolution, before mankind and before Hierarchy of Light.
065. (Feb. 2). The rhythm of everyday Communication, the address and prayer is considerable that constant fiery line in boundlessness is stretched as though, is stretched over inconstancy, variability and temporariness of external conditions. This fiery rhythm will transfer through all changes and temporariness of all covers. It is a rhythm from fire, and he is approved in a fiery body and a fiery body. It is a rhythm of the Highest Triad going from Highest Three. In this rhythm all power of aspiration of the spirit, looking for release from inconstancy and temporariness passing, from a long cycle of death and births is put. In appearance the phenomenon small and imperceptible, gives consequences great because the external is caused internal and terrestrial – fiery, that is temporary – timeless. Therefore in processes of Communication, the address and a prayer all power of aspiration of consciousness is put to receive result the best. The vague address will yield the same results. All feeling, all thought, all being creates this process having such decisive influence on all future of the person. After all it is milestones of a way to boundlessness; after all it is channels of phenomena of life in Elevated. Channels break in space at the price of long efforts, tension and thought concentration. Bulks of achievements develop in an every day. If understand up to the end value of an every day. Someone considers it as a spirit grave, and for someone is a well of inexhaustible opportunities and a starting point to spheres of the Distant Worlds and all Treasures of Space. Let's approve and will bless an everyday as a ladder of ascension of the spirit, not having the end.
066. (M. A. Y.). . Certainly, our thought is about a planet and about all mankind as a whole. How advance it and it is besides possible rather, on the prepared step of evolution. Precisely, as it is possible it is rather, because lateness or delay threatens with terrible consequences. With that growth of opportunities, which are given now, it is already impossible to keep at that level of consciousness without destruction. The alternative – or to promote, that is to rise, or to be lost. Possibility of death of a modern civilization any more nonsense of the upset, or sick imagination, but is terrible of reality. It is possible to imagine, how many work now in World Aboveground for mankind deduction from explosion. Everything who is capable to contribute the share in Common Cause is involved in work. In bloody sweat of tension of the unreasonable Lord now. Difficultly even to fill with thought its degree. But it is possible to understand, the help of people of Earth how is necessary, and especially those who understands and knows how it is necessary to help. Ask how you can render the help? I will answer: you keep inseparably, without looking at any spatial conditions and forcing. To stand, without fluctuating and without being unsteady, at this difficult moment for Earth will be the valid help to us and Lords. Also you will be broken off on part by force of antagonistic currents and you will be tormented with darkness, but stand, native, rocks among a rough impact of the strong elements, discomposed unreason are stronger and stronger than the humanoid. One build and all efforts are ready to direct on life construction, others want to destroy and to turn evolution back. But among these opposite and cross-currents you stand, with Us stand inseparably, strong holding a firm basis – Hierarchy of Light. Together we will stand an impact. The lord promised a victory. Also there will be a victory. Perhaps the victory is close. Perhaps is closer, than it seems to an eye terrestrial. But it is necessary to stand up to the end and firmly to stand, without being unsteady.
067. The fiery body requires registration. It – the Identity carrier, it – a symbol of stability of mobility of fire. The steady flame can be that only under a press. The more the press, is the more stability. From here – load Me more strongly. Burdening by circumstances is necessary for registration of a fiery body. Heavy all High Spirits suffered to give Fire, and then Light, - tension of the Fiery World not in measures terrestrial. To it prepare through registration of a fiery body. The superior qualities of spirit – attributes of this body of light. Them approving, we make out it. For the sake of it is possible to undergo everything, all torments of the birth because it is the eternal, never-dying carrier of Identity. It is possible to care of all covers, but all of them are mortal, but the purpose of their existence – to collect the elements going on creation of a body of fire. Process is without end, because evolution fiery is boundless. Registration is followed by its further infinite improvement. The mental body is a thought body, but fiery – the carrier of fiery thought. The difference is great. Great Aum has in a basis thought Fiery. Fire – the world basis. Understanding of by a being fiery – is the statement of reality. Not temporarily we are, but eternal, not terrestrial, but fiery.
068. (Feb. 3). The question of guards of the Threshold belongs to area of the intimate. The meeting with them will be not avoided by anybody. It is impossible to pass to Devachan, without having crossed through the Threshold, and it is impossible to cross, without having overcome guards of the Threshold. This fight is full of dramatic nature and demands tension of all spiritual forces of the person, all the best that is in it. Guards have a form, their shapes are colorful, bright, fighting, are attractive, and calling – depending on essence suitable to them. All impulses, passions, desires, the inclinations pulling the person down, in his consciousness are given always shapes. On Earth they in thoughts, but in Kama-Loka* all these forms gain obvious visibility and as though come to life and become for consciousness real essence, all as attracting down, but with a force many times over bigger, because are bright and real extraordinary. With Magnetic to itself attract beget with a force almost invincible because are his own generations, his pets, sherich ing during lifetime in a body. In Devachan there is no place to passions and flesh desires, there it is possible to enter, only having exempted from them but how to be released when the Threshold at an entrance is faced by these monsters of a gloom and, having given the most seductive and seducing shapes, pull the person to itself. In them terrible deception and seduction, - because, having got to their embraces, spirit not in forces, in view of lack of a body, to satisfy any desire, and, enduring a stupor of these inclinations, it remains hungry. Under each flower of dirty imagination is a snake that stings, and hands in blood from thorns and prickles. But the inclination remains, both again and again the spirit plunges into the same experiences, without having satisfactions from one. But it is possible to tell own generations – these guards of the Threshold: "Generations of elements, I am not afraid of you, you can't block a way, Me the prespecified". It is necessary to understand, it is necessary to know, it is necessary to collect to meet forces guards of the Threshold and, without receding, having rejected all of them, to pass the Threshold. The one who in life terrestrial followed a way of overcoming of who managed to win against itself that will pass through this Threshold, not for a moment without having shortened a victorious stride. For ordinary people difficulty that too all feelings and all experiences become aggravated there and too seducing the recovered and accepted real forms products of own imagination become. Secret, invisible and hidden suddenly becomes obvious and visible and uncontrollably attracts to itself wanting and always wanting them during lifetime in a spirit body.
* The Sphere of desires in the Thin World.
069. (M. A.Y.). Objectification of own subjectivity occurs at fight of the Highest and the lowest duads. The highest and the lowest in the person, being given thin shapes and becoming reality of the Elevated World, magnetic attract the person, everyone to the sphere, and on preference and a final choice depends an outcome of this collision polar, the Highest and the lowest dyads. The choice is free, - solves you the spirit. Generation, the guard true, will wait at the Threshold. Thought – the satellite reliable. Thought the person of border of the opportunities outlines. The future is created by thought. The karma is created by thought. The meeting with the guard of the Threshold is caused by activity of creative thought of dirty imagination. That is why clarification of imagination is so essential it is necessary. When it is saturated Beauty, danger isn't present. Beauty – the admission reliable to the Highest Spheres.
070. (Feb. 4). Consciousness and memory! Memory of the past, - the consciousness can concern through last memory. Memory it is impossible to get into the future or on a distant star or to learn that the interlocutor thinks, but consciousness it is possible. For consciousness it can be open last, real and future. The consciousness is more than memory. Memory can be replaced or filled with books about a past, consciousness – anything. Higher step of consciousness is a sense-knowledge. The person simply knows over usual ways or external perceptions. The highest degree of consciousness – pansophy of different degrees: pansophy surrounding, pansophy planetary, pansophy Space, pansophy of Boundlessness. Consciousness it is possible to get into the past far. But it is possible and in the past which never was in memory of the Highest Triad, for example, in the past of Earth or in the past of any ancient people. Possibilities of consciousness are much wider personal or even than Individual memory because the first remembers this embodiment and that is quite bad, the second – a chain of the embodiments. But the consciousness gets into what isn't present both in memories: neither in personal, nor in memory of reincarnating Immortal Identity, - therefore Our care off consciousness, its qualities and abilities. Clairvoyance, claurluhear, Clair sense of smell and all other Clair sense is attributes of consciousness, but not memories. There is a perfect memory of the nature are Akasha's rolls, or space records.
071. (M. A. Y.). Time will come, and someone will read each word of records of these is directed and strong, the same aspiring a way. That is why so many various questions here are raised. Any isn't finished, and it is simple because the end isn't present. Each step of understanding follows higher, even more expanding consciousness. All people go up. Exceptions of progress of evolution can't break. Can be lost and be distraught, but not stop a mighty stream of life. Consciousness saturation by evolutionary currents of life is a problem of each terrestrial existence, which has learned sense. That can be sadder than the vital vegetation deprived of the purpose. When everything becomes, thought and felt in a name and for the sake of the future, then commitment of consciousness is approved. It is necessary only further as it is possible further, to shower anchors or magnets of fiery thought directed to the future.
072. The building is erected on the base, and the Spirit house – on Bases. Columns, columns and emphasis are qualities of spirit. Can be a thin body pure and being shone pure fire? Can! Even the physical body can be shone, but not in itself, but the internal light appearing through external covers, clarifying all covers.
073. (Feb. 5). The care of day disappears when there will be all. But there will be cares others, planetary and space; from cares not leave. Let's call them responsibility understanding. Extents of this understanding are various, up to understanding of responsibility for Earth, and - are above – for all Solar systems and its mankind. The spirit is higher, the responsibility is broader. Understanding of Space responsibility begins with understanding that for the words, acts, feelings and thoughts, for everyone and everyone. All of them or clear and clarify space, or litter it. Being part of Space, the person generates continuously and constantly light or darkness, extending them round itself and leaving in spheres where he stays, patterns of the spirit. It is impossible to move further a known step, without having assumed responsibility for everything created by the will. It is possible to learn well human nature with all its shortcomings. But achievement will be not in it, and in that, knowing the hidden essence of people, not to condemn. And not to condemn, nobility, see, understand the nobility and still not only not to condemn, but also to love. And seeing ignorance them, to educate them, without condemning, to them to bear light, considering that they, ignorant and not knowing World, brothers on the spirit, having in yourself the same eternal flame and going there where there are also you. It also will be responsibility for Earth.
074. (M. A. Y.). Today Communication is complicated by spatial conditions. It is necessary to wait not to spend force vainly for their overcoming, because doesn’t allow giving the necessary tonality.
075. (Feb. 6). Let's think not of reaching the way end because the end isn't present, and going and going, without shortening a stride. When all being is concentrated on this one purpose, then is free or involuntarily everything starts developing in the accord with it. When we on the way – also think differently, than at home; means the thinking on a harmony special is reconstructed. Then it is easy to think that all surrounding it is so passing, as well as impressions of the traveler who knows that all his stops temporarily those meetings are short and the consciousness isn't attached to anything. In hotel we don't think of details or conveniences of a situation as for the next day we leave it as and in life the traveler of the Great Way looks at everything under the same point of view. Only the skilled traveler ventures long trips because experience in travel is very necessary. Without it is possible and be lost. Old experience is combined with new and grows every day. The main property – not to become attached anything. It is possible to love everything: both people, and the nature, and beautiful things and to rejoice to each blade and a flower, but under a condition not to become attached to one of the phenomena met on the Way. Otherwise travel will turn into continuous torture, because it is necessary to feel sorry constantly for what constantly it is necessary to leave owing to the Way phenomenon. Travelers everything, only don't know it, both all leave, and all lose, but, without knowing, will constantly grieve and suffer from that it is necessary to leave that or to what or to whom they managed to become attached. Love without attachment – Arhat’s achievement. Release from personal feelings – too the His property. When the love extends on all mankind, to time any more doesn't remain on personal feelings and attachments, and especially on attachment to things. When the love extends on the relatives being with - travelers not only one this life, but also many preceding, this feeling already impersonal, doesn't belong to this personality, but the Identity, the Highest Triad. The love, true love, is immortal. Also it is possible to be glad if heart burns with immortal love to someone. Feelings such aren't frequent, but they exist and sometimes at full understanding of their enduring nature. And in case of feelings of a super personal order, feelings of individual character, their duration extends far beyond one embodiment. But attachments human are short and are forgotten too quickly. Our feelings, attachments, thoughts, acts and affairs are of duration unusual. They are stretched far in the future and are elements of its constructions.
076. (M. A. Y.). If to try on all the actions to the future, and especially to the future far, taking a chain of future embodiments, they will get absolutely other coloring. And then each action created consciously, is intentionally and systematically put reason of future consequences. For Lords all future is only a consequence Them the created reasons. To them imitating and following their way, we can also in root regeneration the nature of the actions. To actions reflex, to actions unconscious, to actions unrestrained, impulsive the place any more won't be. And then it is possible to come nearer even more to a step of mastering by the covers. After all for conscious manifestation and activity in them, on plans corresponding to them, the full power and full submission is necessary over them to their will. This mastering can't come suddenly. And the desire isn't still mastering, but possibly to come to it nevertheless. The one Who Conducts, Plans a way and opportunities Gives, but them, without having rejected, it is completely possible to accept and use only own efforts and the actions directed steadily and without hesitation all to the same uniform purpose. This purpose is set accurately – Arhat. It is a lot of force, persistence and inflexible persistence it is necessary to show, that the purposes of this to reach.
077. (Feb. 7). Yes! Yes! Between the thinker and the phenomenon on which the thought is directed, the magnetic connection connecting the one who thinks, with object or with the subject of thinking is instantly established. This other basis, - why in thoughts of other people it is necessary to be very careful. Contacts of thought happen different: pleasant, unpleasant, pressing, ennobling, saddening, lightful, and hurting it is painful, revitalizing and bringing cheerfulness. It is better not to think at all of people, than thought to immerse them in a gloom. You think clair-radiant, and then the reflection about others will be always lightful. A little people of attention given a question of influence of thought though influence constantly and most often not in the benefit. The thinking human is dim, influences are dim also. Immerse usually each other in a gloom. Art of thinking is difficult. The atmosphere of lowlands is poisonous. The atmosphere of houses, meetings and concourses is poisonous. Only work inspired and from itself released clarifies space around. Where personal interests and thoughts pale into insignificance and are replaced with interests of collective, there the atmosphere brightens. Clarification is required and in order that the Leader Could approach closer and, approaching, not to choke in the atmosphere of suffocating thoughts fetid. There are thoughts fragrant and there are thoughts fetid. The most harmless from the point of view of the inhabitant of thought at times stink. Prevention of thoughts is a necessary condition for creation of such hidden environment, or the mental sphere, which would allow deepening possibilities of daily contact. Magnetic communication with the phenomenon on which the thought concentrates, causes also a consciousness attraction to spheres corresponding to thought. These magnetic attractions with various spheres are established at human life by those thoughts which are most habitual for consciousness and which are sated with desires of this or that order. When the body is dumped, this communication is carried out on the channels which have been dug during lifetime, and force of an attraction increases in view of lack of a body and need to set dense material particles of a physical environment in motion. Here the thought sets a matter in motion and is frequent with great work, there the thought already means action and movement because the matter of the thin plan is plastically mobile. Prevention of thought should pay special attention as it is that condition of rapprochement with Us.
078. (M. A. Y.). The desire and aspiration is force. If to direct its edge on consciousness clarification from unnecessary litter, it will be most in the shortest way implementation desirable. I mean desires of a spiritual order both the highest and best aspirations of spirit. Sometimes the person as though breaks off from desire rather to reach. And here then it is good to use this energy most expediently. Also it is much told or thought of love to us and the Lord. And it is good to apply this force to the phenomenon of clarification of consciousness. It is a lot of in it from century deposits. It is good to clear everything a power of love to the Highest Shape, and power of desires and aspirations it is possible to promote rather further. These heaps disturb most of all. Also it is possible to promote further, having only cleared away the road.
079. (Feb. 8). The bonds binding us are indissoluble, our Proximity, but that it increased is indissoluble, it is necessary to strengthen it everyday contact. This rhythm has special value on the consequences during stay in World Aboveground because invincibly and automatically connects us where everything is movable by thought and aspiration and where feelings connect spirits fiery threads on Earth of approved feelings. Let's consciously breakthrough in space association channels on which our Elevated future will be carried out. Everything is cause and effect and all – result of our own actions. Here the world of the reasons, there the world of their consequences that we will accept here and here we will approve, will yield the fruit there. The love and hatred endure a dense cover, - than we will live and we live here, that we will be and there. Everything is only direct consequence. And how then to be with the reasons of which crops it is possible to be ashamed when all secret becomes obvious? The karma doesn't judge winners. Means, it is necessary to win against itself, and energy of the last reasons undesirable nowadays, force new the increased spirit, to overcome. It is necessary to reconsider everything anew and to set on all the fiery seal of the spirit released from them, everything, to thoughts and desires low-slightest and everything that seduced once and attracted soul down, clarification fiery is necessary.
080. (Feb. 9). Let anything be thrown, the Immortal Triad to which the consciousness is transferred, can't suffer from anything external. How the personality suffered, Identity is impregnable, unattainable, it is impossible to reach it, anything can't concern it. The consciousness also is transferred to it. It is a spirit citadel. I also Wanted thought of this order that caused frightening words, instead of fear or alarm or balance loss. Tests are very various, and the more convincing them visibility, the more real they and their consequences. Tests too are often made under a sign. To distinguish seeming visibility or evidence from reality when We conduct test, it is impossible. But when it is sustained, the fog dissipates.
081. Sense of overcoming not in that there were no feelings or desires, and in that they were under iron control of will.
082. (Feb. 11). My friend, in everyone – two "I": big and small, immortal and mortal, the highest and the lowest. Everything occurring in consciousness, enriches or one "I" or another. All lowest is enriched small by "me". And if the person lives only his interests, desires and aspirations, the consciousness becomes attached to it and in it stays. All qualities of spirit the bipolar: fear and fearlessness, tranquility and concern, balance and disbalance and so on. Pole of fear, concern and disbalance and all other negative qualities – the sphere of the lowest "I"; the sphere of opposite qualities – the world of the highest "I". The consciousness is attracted or to this or that pole and accumulates its properties, but the sphere of the lowest "I", the sphere of the personality transient and is mortal, as well as the personality. Living in it is exclusive also all consciousness, the person does himself mortal because all his experiences, feelings and thoughts, as well as personal consciousness are mortal. But it is possible to lead to silence everything, as for personal, and to live in peace thoughts and feelings and the aspirations which are going beyond small "I". Love to the nature, flowers, stars already above-person on the quality. Each action made not for, unites consciousness with the highest "I". Each overcoming of qualities of the lowest order approves the highest and collects immortality elements, enriching bowl accumulation. Departing to a dream, it is possible to check every day that is collected in a day and what collecting: for the mortal beginning in itself(himself) or immortal "I" it was made and what elements prevail in collected. Not interruptibility of consciousness can concern only those phenomena which duration goes out of limits of the personality, and that interval of time during which it exists that is while in a body. Even the thought of the Distant Worlds transfers consciousness out of limits of one life. The thought of big duration lives out of the personality small. The thought approves immortality of the person, and the thought conducts it out of limits of this embodiment on Earth.
083. (Feb. 12). Nor the knowledge of the exact facts, nor phenomena, acquaintance to the astral world of a victory over won't give. Conduct on the way of the tested magnets. The main thing is to transfer life to thought, and thought – from the sphere personal "I" to the sphere of the Immortal Triad. No intellectual knowledge of this achievement will bring. It hand and foot – means by personal experience, by experience of the appendix of the Doctrine in life. Full-tendency means aspiration of all covers in one direction when all conductors smoothly, without a protest and counteraction serve the purpose uniform. That can be only when, they are subordinated, finally and irrevocably. On a long, long way of evolution of the person, in this direction it is reached much. Speech and any actions, thought – all these results of infinite centuries of fight and matter overcoming. But all this only necessary steps to new overcoming and new victories. The field of future achievements isn't limited to anything. Today the thought works over the decision, say, an arithmetic task, tomorrow over the plane drawing, then over a calculating machine, and then over transfer of its contents for distance, though it is possible to treat, though it is possible to cause pictures of the remote past, though it is possible to fly and see the worlds life on far-out planets. There are no limits to development of opportunities of thought. That to work with thought that thought to create that it on service to spirit to put hidden force, it is necessary to seize it and to subordinate her to will. And then only it is possible make thought the obedient tool of spirit. The mankind future – in mastering by thought. Rational thought, intelligence product, people own, but fiery thought far still isn't present. It is spoken about fiery thought. Without the centers lit there is no thought of fire. The microcosm of the person is so a little studied still. Ways Show, the direction we Give but it is possible to go on it only the feet.
084. (M. A. Y.). The Teacher with you, the Teacher protects you, native mine. Whether you realize value of Proximity of the Lord? Then and how you confirm this understanding? Whether you understand, something, what you have, only to the little it is given? Whether the understanding of it as incentive for ardent aspiration and desire even more to come nearer to Great Heart will serve? To come nearer? For what? For the own satisfactions, for that only, what feel its Light and Heat? No, not for this purpose It approaches to Itself. The light to the next giving, not on itself, It that it, this Light, turned Wants and that bore it to the World, that who needs it great need. Live carriers Light Ego, you how many can make the benefits, how many Light bring, how many food for spirit. Words are valuable only thought, in them concluded. But after all thoughts are transferred, can be transferred without words. Means, to work with thought, light to people bearing, anybody can't prevent you. Means, a crops field openly, so the sower can openly go. Means, to service and your Light, service to the Lord there are no barriers. Unless egoism, having it, time serve the Lord not find. But are allowed not by egoism and not for the sake of it, it can separate only from the Lord. It isn't necessary it to you and to us. There can't be an egoism Light carrier. We won against it. And you won?
085. So, lately the dream gains more and more conscious character is a preparation for conscious stay in the Thin World. It goes in parallel with clarification of consciousness and tendency crystallization. The dead, having died, not from it become wiser. But intelligently advanced person understands better, than lacking culture. All definitions of a thin condition strong are conditional and relative, as always on consciousness of the one who defines them. Only the Adherent can give the characteristic of extra personal property. Now our task is another. We should clear consciousness of everything that stirs it to ability to give undistorted reflection surrounding; it is a task the first. The second is to strengthen and to strengthen will. The third is constancy of the uninterrupted phenomenon of the Face in the third eye. Self-tests should be continued. They show extent of advance and release from old litter. Self-planning of the future amplifies also. It is necessary to hurry. To time remained a little. Every instant it is valuable: to waste time foreign it isn't the share of something any more. Every instant it is possible to use fruit full for the future. The past isn't present, it is finished. From it we will take pictures only for self-test or deepening of the got experience. Time is short, short, we will hurry.
086. (M. A. Y.). Acceleration is a Decree. Remains to time for oil burning in an icon lamp a little, and after all it is necessary to be in time very much. Haste of evolution is reflected and in each certain person. Hardly reconcilable contrasts: boundlessness of a way and haste of its terrestrial passing. If to look at a lot of things open eyes – a lot of time is spent is inexpedient. Whether it is possible to distract on the parties when the world goes on a limit; on a limit of tension of the Lord go, and Earth shudders in heat and cold convulsions; not be another never such intense and responsible moment. It is necessary to become continuous part of a chain of Hierarchy of Light, it is necessary to enter into an orbit her all consciousness, all thoughts, all aspiration. It is necessary, it is necessary; it is necessary part of responsibility for Earth and thinking of mankind to take on the shoulders. It is necessary to rise on patrol permanent and fiery ardent on planet protection.
087. (Feb14). I will be very severe. So, a lot of time is already wasted. Really the most necessary can't give all time? Each not aspiration thought, each unnecessary action – a delay. And after all the Way is urgent. In the beginning control extended on thought harmful, low, spiteful, and irritable and so on, now the attention is paid to the unnecessary thoughts having no relation not to Me, or to the Way, to the ascension phenomenon. Everyday duties remain, they too demand attention, care and thoughts of them, but I Speak about thoughts idle, taking away precious time and creeping in consciousness is casual. What are the time thoughts about anything leave on these tramps, how many. Them it isn't necessary, them to exclude! To replace everyone with thought useful: or to send good news to the distant friend or those who in need, or there where situation creates a dam for evolution, or to the patient, or, at last, an own body, in that body or part of a body where disease process or the next trouble tries to be approved. Thoughts always worthy work can find the pupil. But it is necessary to be always on patrol. The one Who Knew the value of mental energy Told about thoughts idle. Whether that was developed in the course of million years of evolution is possible, to spend for a wind thoughtlessly. But the Karma is created by thought. And the idle thinking too creates the karma. It can't be reached a victory over without full mastering by thought. And only think what opportunities are given for this purpose every day! If to collect everything energy of thought which are usually spent for anything, without any purpose and without control, and to direct them on certain tasks or it is simple on that everyone became grain or a germ of future achievements, whatever far or impossible they seemed, something will be made so considerable, consequences of that can't even be considered. It is necessary only to remember: this low-slightest grain of thought once and somewhere will give the shoots. The sower knowing sense and value of mental grains, will show them in space, not only in consciousness near and far, not only in the writing or the books, but, the main thing, on a field of own consciousness. But thoughts don't die. Thoughts of distant action can be thrown in very far future. Their force from their range doesn't decrease at all, and on the contrary, amplifies, thanks to that much difficult or even impossible in the present in the future is possible and achievable. I charge to think of opportunities of application of thought.
088. (M. A. Y.). . Guards of the Threshold are strong weaknesses, shortcomings, passions and defects of the one who is met by them at the Threshold. Who has a fear, that affect with fear, at whom rage, that – rage, at whom lust, that – lust, at whom greed – greed. Each shortcoming is given the bright shape personifying all appeal of the phenomenon hidden in it, and by this way is combined or accepted in consciousness approached if it yet didn't get rid of this passion or defect. And when these forms come to life, inflated by energy of the examinee and energy of guards of the Threshold, there is a fight between "I" the lowest, seeking to merge with these forms being aggravated products of his own imagination, and to be exempted by its generations, and Highest Duada who seeks to dump them from them. The median, 5th principle, is between poles of an attraction of two opposite principles. If Highest Duada from the 7th and 6th principle wins, the consciousness unites with them and goes to increase. If the lowest wins, this embodiment is deleted from the Book of Lives. It is possible to prepare for this fight already in advance, still here, on Earth, remembering that on Earth of overcome and there will win. Guards of the Threshold are won by thought.
089. (Feb. 15). (M. A. Y.). . Firmness of spirit is quality very valuable. It show on firmness of fire also enters a basis into many other qualities. For example, in devotion, - devotion unshakable! Or trust to the Lord unshakable, either aspiration, or love. Firmness of a flame of all qualities of spirit gives them the supreme value. Firmness is believed by the pupil in the basis of the aspirations and the decisions. I will finish the instruction on firmness of will: only such will can reach, only such will doesn't know swaying, only such will from the Way not to carry away. Yes! Yes! Firmness – the most valuable quality of spirit.
090. (Feb. 16). All thoughts of the past, connected with these or those strong feelings and experiences, from time to time again come up in consciousness, seeking to enter into a combination to thinking and demanding to itself attention. Often such thoughts interfere even in aspiration time to Us. They should be rejected resolutely and without hesitation. Having nestled, they amplify and again continue to hang over consciousness, without interfering at all in it, but, rejected, usually lose the force and a tendency to return. The following visit depends on the previous reception. Even the guest, who has been badly met, doesn't come again; as also the thought if the seal of a final decision of will is set to it, isn't included into a combination to it.
091. (M. A. Y.). It is a lot of enlightenments to the World Thin; it is a lot of phenomena of a super physical order. It is a lot of the books dealing with attempts to systematize all this material. But there is no knowledge, there is no definiteness, there is no complete philosophy or the doctrine. Only the Doctrine of Live Ethics gives systematized, but, of course, not full and gradual approach to opportunities of the space concept of the world surrounding us. Cognition goes by formation, that is studying consistently refine and will improve the informative device. Without thinning and expansion of consciousness how catch scale of thin energy? And without the developed third eye how to see imperceptible an eye terrestrial? Infrared and ultra-violet beams, beams an alpha, a beta and scale with the naked eye aren't visible, but they are. To deny something only because doesn't see eyes, is an ignorance sign. It is better to accept everything, but at check. We have no denials.
092. (Feb. 17). (Guru). The treasure of energy collects in time, and the best method of accumulation – work. But work on the quality can be very various. Work can be perfect, that is lightful, and imperfect, that is darken. Work joyful is lightful. Sad and dependent, work slavish, deprived of enthusiasm, is terrible for spirit. Creative activity is evilution. It is possible to write the whole book about work. It is possible to specify that work that is and value of spiritual development is most useful also than any exercises. Work is given to the person in order that it in it could create and express to energy of the spirit. As the body decays and weakens without physical work, and spirit – without effort creative, work inspired, work lightful. At the strained and directed work the centers are lit and start being shone. The aura of the person shipped in hard work, strengthens the radiations. After the entire person is a being fiery. Each its movement in each of its covers is accompanied by the fiery phenomena. Even simple movement of a hand bears a fiery impulse on wires of nerves which can be noted on the screen of the individual device. Soon and them will invent and even almost already invented. From fire not leave anywhere. It is the life engine. In one we see it low-active and almost not burning or hanging owing to smoking, alcoholism and different defects and excesses, in others, on the contrary, we see growing, being shown in fiery, vigorous, strong actions and inspired work, in creativity bright. Writers, the artists, the well-known builders of the past, composers, poets, devotees – all of them fiery worked in the lives and left to mankind fruits of the fiery work, - many as fiery work and now. Systematic, intense, inspired rhythmic work forces Agni to raise and collect in Bowl deposits. These deposits of labor sweat are the most valuable treasure of the person. The doctrine about work should be revised in a root. Work creative, work joyful – is beneficial. Work is given on pleasure of mankind. Creative activity is the highest happiness of people. The way of continued fiery work is a way of Carriers of General Welfare, a Bowl, and a full Bowl of the Benefit of the accepted.
093. Guards of the Threshold are strong. They cause all not gets rid dregs of gray accumulation from depth. But it is good to realize at this moment that is test; in this, but not then when falling was made. See the enemy, to understand the enemy, to meet the enemy face to face and to overcome. Often behind an external form of an allure its essence isn't visible, and is forgotten often that it only test, - but it too Maya. By each rush of mighty aspiration it is up caused on itself a powerful wave of spontaneous counteraction equal on force to a rush, - in it and difficulty of overcoming. But force of spontaneous resistance is won by a rhythm. Rush, becoming repeated, establishes an aspiration rhythm. The rhythm the most intense wins against everything. But what inside counteracts so persistently and strong? This is personal "I" with itself the last accumulation. Personality temporarily, but accumulation her old: the terrestrial, karmic bonds of the past attracting back. Skanda – a present factor, but are created past. The personal – the phenomenon of this embodiment, but its roots in embodiments last therefore and the astral – the center of last desires, tendencies and impulses – the carrier personal "I" is persistent. Guards of a threshold, what they represent yourself, from the past before an internal eye the thought given a bright shape with, which the consciousness once was combined rises. This brightly picture thought causes on association a number last both amplifies new and is warmed up by astral impulses. From the past there is a shadow of the forgotten fulfillments, both mental, and actual. This ball sated with energy, enclosed in them own will, covers all horizon of consciousness, demanding conditions for manifestation in the dense. Dugpa *, hiding behind him and smoky fires inflating it, aren't visible to an eye, but force of this shaggy ball influencing all conductors, is very notable. Guards of the Threshold got up in all the growth not to let further. It is very important to understand sense of occurring collision and its purpose, - this next test before new lifting. When in the heat of fight mind not darken misunderstanding also won't tighten in a funnel of an astral whirlwind, collision goes with the eyes opened on the events, and dupe* can't take cover after these images of delusion inflated by them. And the victory becomes possible. The enemy it is necessary to know and force him. It is always sent on a shoulder. And always chooses the most sore and weak spot. But, unless it is possible not win, last attempts most strong. Me call when forces start handing over. Let's win, but strengths of the enemy should be known.
* Dugpa – a synonym of the evil, darkness.
094. (M. A. Y.). If Brothers of Mankind refuse Para nirvana, whether that we can roll in Devachan's blissful illusions when there are so much sufferings around, and it is so much work and when Lords in bloody sweat Work and Are awake on vigilant patrol? Ordinary people, but not those who are on Great Service enjoy in Devachan.
095. (Feb.20). Each action, and especially conscious, strong-willed, or approaches to the purpose or from it distances. Everyone strong the intense aspiration or desire to approve these or those achievements immediately cause a wave of counteraction equal on force which should be overcome to reach. And behind forces, counteracting it is reserved, dark evil-whisper loom. The call on fight of guards of the Threshold never remains meek. Here they left yesterday, a close system, and became on a way of wished realization to phenomenon of thin abilities. Main it was succeeded to overcome, but less considerable nevertheless reached the, and advance stopped for a while. Again it is necessary to collect forces, both again to fight, and again to go. The terrifying spatial randomness very much disturbs and very much complicates fight. As well surrounding conditions and people don't promote simplification of advance. Anybody gives nothing because there is nothing to give; nobody facilitates because it is burdened. One faces to face with conditions, antagonistic to spirit ascension, - in it all difficulty of a lonely way of the approved pupil. Nobody can help because to help, it is necessary to know and have at least rudiments of fires. The help one – only from above, but also it doesn't reach always in a desirable form. And fight with itself should be conducted to one and to win. But what way is solved irrevocably, doesn't recede before anything; also there is nothing neither in him, nor out of it that could detain him, contrary to all sadness of the current hour.
096. (M. A. Y.). We in the best thoughts your and best acts and feelings, in the worst aren't present us, and we are far from everything that you humiliates and prevents to be shone. Our proximity and range depends on you. You come nearer, towering spirit, and you move away, falling and descending. Light and darkness serve as border of attractions up or down. To us it is necessary to rise and keep, having risen. The sky and the sun aren’t always cloudless shines on it. When clouds around and the darkness comes, there is no pleasure of spirit. All-planet clouds and darkness burden burning heart, and the poison enjoyed in a bowl in life terrestrial, can't but poison an organism. It is impossible to be protected from spatial poison. The burden of this world is unreasonable. But what is given heart to the Lord bear it.
097. That two principles to strengthen for conscious manifestation in them are necessary that the terrestrial consciousness didn't disturb. It disturbs us even now. The thin consciousness separates from terrestrial transferring of focus of attention to Me. Strengthening aspiration, we come into contact, - comes to Me wanting. That and how the aspiring wants? Question not in that, as works well contact, but in that, as it is possible, and in what degree. Learn to see at first My Image Live.
098. (Feb. 20). Distribution of elements of the Karma is assumed by Lords of the Karma. But the gets rid of the karma is assumed by a one incarnation: or it is conscious if he knows bases; or unconsciously, as it is done by all, or from it being exempted and it facilitating, or, on the contrary, burdening it. The karma in all types is generated by desires and aspirations of spirit. Therefore release from desires will be release from a wheel of death and births. The question of the Karma is difficult. It is possible attentively and to observe sharp-sightedly how wake up and work in the person saved up by him in the past of energy of karma. Them which are waking up, it is possible either to strengthen, or to pull down if aren't good! Will – the ruler of the Karma. The will generated it, the will can extinguish it. Fiery of will extinguishes a flame of the lowest fires, karma of the lit. I Speak, I Claim, together with Me we can create the Karma other, the Karma of the lightful phenomena, the Karma of the Highest fires, the Karma of the Immortal Triad, to its bringing spirit gifts in fiery actions of every day. Not the slave to the karma, but the lord her winner becomes spirit, its spirit won and overcome in himself.
099. (M. A. Y.). Distributed cards on hands to you in vital game, but them will play everyone, and here, on Earth. In these words the thought of value of the Karma is precisely expressed. Skanda is a framework in which the spirit comes to light. And as it comes to light and what new Skanda, possible for change, he creates in life current, depends on his free will. Because the will is free always, free to choose always the way to the right or to the left. Nothing can take away this freedom of choice from the person. The present is created by his will in the past. All difficulties of the Karma – a product of his own will. The weak will is powerlessly sent to darkness embraces, but even the small and weak bird selflessly and selflessly protects the chick biddies from enemies. Weak will doesn't say goodbye the Karma.
100. (M. A.Y.). Forehead not perforation; when the darkness and opposite currents are condensed gnash on heart, it is necessary to be closed and extinguish it externally as turtle to leave under the board or a snail – in the sink. And then even the strongest waves of sea surf of life won't damage, - otherwise can and break. Close a visor and board lift and, without baring a sword, you keep it in readiness. Hard is time and clouds around.