Agni Yoga's facets, 1964

*1964. 001. (Jan. 2). To tell to the world that is denied by the world, not easy. The world lives evidence. Evidence is a result of activity of terrestrial mind. Therefore, it is necessary to enter the phenomena of an elevated order into area of evidence. Them it is made much in life usual, they only escape from attention, because all attention of terrestrial mind concentrates on the terrestrial. But already among ordinary people there are the predecessors of the sixth race allocated with more developed thin feelings. And they, being multiplied in number, will begin systematic development of the sixth race. For blind the world of a visibility dense doesn't exist, but for able to see its life isn't denied, in the same way among blind for the Hidden World people will appear able to see spirit; when their number considerably will increase, their certificate on existence of the Thin World already will be taken into consideration as new opening of science though the majority and is no by contacts with them are nowadays taken into consideration. The science will go ahead of time and ahead of understanding of masses. She will confirm the certificate able to see, and the World Thin will gain official recognition. It is one of ways of merge of two worlds. There will be ways and others. One of them is through heart. The way of warm cognition of essence of life is available to all in whom heart was enough refined. Women will be pioneers in this area. Having won the equality, the woman will reach leading position of a heart-maintaining in the world. Heart she will know and understand more quickly than the man. How many salts need to be eaten together before learning the person? But heart at times without any salt can scent the hidden essence of other person, often so carefully hidden. Heart way is special. It is a future way. Arrival of New Race we won't avert because it is a new step of mankind. Approach of the New Eyelid inevitably, because it is the phenomenon of a space order, which isn't depending on counteraction of silly persons. Judgment New World, - it will be, so will be, so has to be is a solution of Evolution. Judgment should be!
002. (M. A. Y.). From where, we scoop the confidence of inalterability of the Fiery Future? From knowledge of Space Laws, - we not trust, but we know! We carried by this knowledge through life, carefully preserving it against violation by a heel not trusting. Difficulty in that, what son of one party, it is necessary to preserve intimate, with another – to share the entrusted treasure with others. The intimate Knowledge, which has been given out imprudently and an unworthy, heavy yoke lies down on a neck of the giving. Means, it is necessary to distribute wisely. From traitors anybody isn't insured, even High Spirits. And it should be considered. But they will come, successors of Intimate Knowledge, they can distribute, without being preserved, but observing only gradualness and ability of consciousness to contain. The condition needs invariable – to be given on consciousness.
003. (Guru). Certainly, degree of aspiration and openness of heart to Us grants the right to Knowledge, but it doesn't exempt from need of severe control over the behavior. Weakness isn't pardonable in any forms because behind weakness there is a pettiness shadow. The teacher of the only strong calls and weak doesn't approach. The border between the acts made on weaknesses and from a pleasure of will is thin. But it is necessary to distinguish nevertheless to be able. Not on a pettiness and weakness of spirit the robber was allowed.
004. (Jan. 3). Tests are inevitable. But fruitful they only when everything that they give, is used completely, up to the end. Then neither defeat, nor failure isn't present and can't be any more. Everything I Turn on advantage, even the insalubrious is obvious, but under a condition, if with Me. Indivisibility with Me in a way remains sine qua non condition. And is it difficult to observe it. Everything is permitted, but with Me. Without Me even the most innocent derivation can be fatal, because time now especially poisonous. Many forces enemy are directed to distracting remained true to me. All measures, in all ways, everything, than can, try to separate from Me, forgetting that those who to a victory judgment, no temporary evasion, any tests, any attempts of forces dark will force to leave Me. Mine, collect energy of spirit for a victory over darkness.
005. (Jan. 4). Received from Us is always on consciousness. The space light waves sounds. Light sounds. About value Light it is Told enough. Each color of a range has the note. Music of spheres represents itself a combination of these soundings. The sound aspect of the Universe is still a little known. But the blossomed rose sounds the note. Herbs sound also trees, especially when in color. As the microcosm human beauty when it is harmonious or a dissonance, which is tearing apart space sounds also. The world the Highest is saturated with sounding, proceeding from everything that fills it. The lower class, on the contrary, is characteristic tearing apart an ear the discord. The harp of spirit sounds the note. Heart sings the song. The chorus of conformable hearts gives rise to the symphony. Harmony of a sound and color gives life, more precisely; life is result and a harmonious embodiment in the form of sound and color laws. Disharmony is a destruction, decomposition and death. Balance is harmony of spirit. The rhythm of balance can grow infinitely. Power of spirit phenomenon in balance; balance, harmony and the consonance accord is forms of expression of coherence of spirit.
006. (Guru). Even small movement on the correct direction certainly is useful. Not always the hand can be raised against a great cause, many conditions can interfere. But to make something small, but certainly useful it is possible always. There are no such circumstances when it would be impossible to make such useful business. It is possible therefore to move ahead always. Better, it is better to promote in small, than to stop and be late before the big. After small it is possible overcome and big, but after inertness of inaction – anything. Quality of readiness is expressed in constancy of readiness for commission of actions useful and to their actual commission. Many big people stumbled on actions small. It we will remember not to stumble.
007. (Jan. 6). My friend, accumulation of mental energy is necessary to the person and for the Thin World: without it any manifestations are impossible. It is possible to accumulate its stock consciously and systematically. Each action of the person accumulates it or wastes. Any work is energy expenditure. But work darken dependent, sad, unpleasant, hated will be a quencher of fire and the spendthrift of mental energy while work inspired, joyful, work intense will be the store of fiery force. Such lightful work accumulates mental energy better than any occult exercises. About fiery value of work It is told more few. Without intense work the Fiery Yoga is impossible. The rhythm of tension focuses energy. Work arrhythmic isn't the store. If to compare auras of two workers, one, working in the intense rhythm, taken and carried away by the work, another, doing the part to reluctance and carelessly, it is possible to be surprised a luminescence of aura of the first and a shade of dim and gray tones of the second. Work should be understood widely. It is necessary to write the book about value of the phenomenon of work for psychophysical evolution of the person. The fiery centers without effort the intense won't be lit. Such work will be prepare and for Elevated stay. Idlers and parasites prepare for themselves the sad future. The enthusiasm of work should be supported all measures. Too its occult value is great. And in the Thin and terrestrial worlds people are divided into kind workers and deserters of work. It is possible to work everywhere, on all plans. Inaction is condemned certainly. The idler robs him. Every instant it is possible to do something creatively necessary and to set to itself any work, even sitting quietly and without moving any muscle. Work can be not only physical or visible externally – the yogi not movably sitting and assisting for tens or hundreds kilometers, is tensely active. Even having a rest, it is possible; it is possible to help mentally to this or that body organ demanding support or treatment. It is so many diseases, need and a grief on your planet that in inaction it is impossible to stay instants. Sweet Amrita not for pupils of the Lord. Work constant and infinite, conscious and fiery strained – destiny of pupils. Rest consists in change of work and replacement of one working centers with others. Even in a dream the pupil hasn't a rest, but either studies, or works on the instructions of the Leader. Let's consider every minute, carried out in thoughtless and idle idleness, loss of precious time and self-burglarizing that is squandering of fiery force.
008. (M. A.Y.). Purity of kindly fires in a microcosm generates the spatial accord on compliance. Fires are bio-polar. Fires of love and fires of hatred spiteful create accords corresponding to their nature with certain layers of space. Fire is magnetic. Control over itself regulates quality of fires. It is enough to bridle rising irritation as smoky and dirty flashes of the lowest fires will instantly go out. Mastering by the fires begins with small, but gradually leads to big results. And Light Agni too needs restraint because the impetuous of the flare wears out a physical cover. Control or mastering is necessary over all energy of a microcosm, both the highest, and the lowest. In this area people are still very helpless. The person first of all has to become the lord of own power.
009. (Guru). Grains of the initial good actions which are purposefully put in consciousness, it is immutable will yield results in time. It should be remembered always, that in making not get tired. It is possible to consider all life on Earth as a field of crops of grains which will give the shoots in World Aboveground. The law of causes and effects we will understand bipolar: the reason is generated in the world active; the consequence follows from it in the world passive. Certainly, in a sense, and the world terrestrial is the world of consequences of that was earlier, but in World Aboveground consequences are shown respectively on the plans: astral, mental and fiery. The consequences of a terrestrial order demanding material conditions and a physical body can’t be shown there, but thin are shown are immutable and according to the nature and character of the generated reasons.
010. Mental parcels can be sent to far or close people. Each thought concerning other person, is for him or blessing, or on the contrary, that is bears to it light or darkness and influences it quite really. It is better not to think at all of others, than to send them bad thoughts that is to think of them badly. It is mentally possible to revive the person or kindly in him fires. The thought can be similar or to be to a death nail the beneficial. Let's think in the benefit. Power of thought at different people is various. The thought from heart is strong. Thought it is possible to change the whole country. Space saturation by power of the thoughts going from heart, will impregnate consciousnesses of many. Therefore it is good to think in the benefit.
011. (Jan. 9). The distance to Me is measured by devotion, love and aspiration. They are stronger, the distance is shorter. It already measures of the Thin World. Close that is conformable to consciousness. The attraction is caused by feelings and passions. The person is a magnet. Feelings and passions is magnetic. Also the magnet of the person surrounds with that attracts to itself on compliance and to what it is attracted itself. The condition is extremely fair. On Earth it is possible to think for years about unattainable, but everything there is achievable that embraces thought because the thought there reigns and serves as an attraction magnet. The thought of the fine creates a fine environment, about a disgrace – darkness. Here the person is often powerless to change karmic dense conditions. There everything is created, created and changes thought. But the pure and fine or dirty and ugly thinking is formed and cultivated on Earth. It is possible to consider as school of thought life terrestrial, creating the future of the person in Elevated.
012. On Earth it is impossible to saw and pin thought of firewood, but that to make it, it is necessary to premise nevertheless thought and to operate thought each movement of muscles. Even in the world terrestrial not to leave from bases, that is from thought. Only the world material doesn't give in to direct influence of thought of the ordinary person. In World Thin everything moves thought, and the plastic matter of this world submits to thought. Certainly, and it demands fiery effort because the thought is fire. At ordinary people and there the thought flows on commonness courses. But those who got used to the phenomenon of creative activity there create. Creativity of thought is received by all, but on consciousness. The launch pad is necessary and for thought flight in Elevated. The thought accepted here, on Earth will be a starting point. That the person and recognizes in what trusts here, will be a basic point for further development of thought. Therefore consciousness expansion here is very important condition for Elevated stay. There it is possible to continue and develop, but only to what the beginning is necessary on Earth. I want that this beginning or these beginnings were put consciously during life terrestrial that was what to continue. It is possible to imagine that the murderer, a vicious, the villain will continue. Crops happen in own consciousness, and the subsequent harvest in Elevated gathers too in itself and. The law is immutable and fair, and the lever – in hands of the person. Doctrine our Specifies Way’s also gives the chance to everyone to choose the correct direction.
013. (M. A. Y.). Why we go on all about the same, but from the different parties and under different corners? Only more strongly imprint the necessary provisions and laws in consciousness. So the person is arranged that quickly forgets that is most necessary. It is necessary to repeat, but each time expanding the phenomenon. Also we will go on, all won't be acquired yet.
014. (Guru). The condition of continuous employment will be Agni's best store. Managed it is useful to take all the time it will be successful in spirit development.
015. (Guru). Easier to present itself in the world Fine, we will think of Beauty. The beauty can be claimed in everything, and first of all, in the thoughts, acts and actions. The beauty is a key from high layers of the Elevated World, - at Earth, in the field of creations of hands human, beauty phenomenon in art. Here it is possible to look for and find Beauty. Therefore the Teacher Claims that "through art you have Light". Beauty of creations of hands human sheds Light on Earth. That is why service to art is a form of service to Light. It is spoken about true service. Through Beauty you have Light. True service to art is the statement of Beauty on Earth.
016. (Jan. 11). Cooperation of all in everything, cooperation full will be call of a coming Era, a key to its understanding. Even two persons united in joint actions and mutual understanding, already force. The coordinated collective, big or small, – force many times over surpassing the sum of forces of the same people, but taken separately. Precisely in coherence power of the integrated consciousnesses. In it difference of harmoniously coordinated groups from where the consent is absent. Experience of various associations on something creative is very useful. In association strength of participants is multiplied by mutual support. When the mankind becomes one close-knit integrated family, the planet and life will change.
017. (M. A. Y.). If coherence multiplies forces, separation and hostility brings them to naught. Uncoordinated association is a blank space that is power. Force dissonance devours. These phenomena in the environment of collective are harmful and destructive. Quarrels and quarrels and squabbles it isn't simple contentions, and destruction of productive forces of any association. Harm from them not personal, not for association, but public and all-planetary. War – a sign of the greatest separation.
018. (Jan. 12). Laws of the Thin World are others, than world terrestrial. There is no distance and there is no time in the usual sense. But at the same time there is a movement, prospect and an arrangement of subjects in interrelation with each other. It is possible to move in all directions, but movement and distance are regulated by thought. In total “nowadays” and “here”; "here" where consciousness, and "nowadays" on what the thought is concentrated. The person doesn't have anything, and at the same time he can surround itself with anything and as though make the. Big and small, close and far are relative, that is on their acceptance in consciousness. The logic of infinitesimal and big sizes differs from logic usual, the same happens and to logic of thinking of the Thin World. For example: clothes it isn't necessary, it isn't present, to put on in terrestrial sense there is nothing, and everything are however dressed, naked meet seldom. All put on as got used or want to see mentally itself dressed. Without trusting, without knowing and denying opportunity to use power of thought, nevertheless use it unconsciously. But who knows, is similar able to see among blind or competent among the illiterate. It is a lot of meetings; it is a lot of communications old, but only for the able to see. It is all about the consciousness preservation. Immortality is meant as not darkened clarity of consciousness. The people being there in a condition of unconsciousness though they also are live, but it won't be immortality in our value of this word. The spirit doesn't die, and still it is possible to call owners of immortal spirit both on Earth, and in Elevated live dead persons. This also is logic of the Thin World. The spirit is live, but absence of consciousness, owing to any reasons, does the person at times by the motionless idol. People there don't eat and don't drink, however strong sometimes hunger and both I thirst and spend time in a gluttony and dullness. Everything is and there is nothing, because everything is created and collapses thought. The thin body eats, but a sound, color and a smell. Usually the new comer is confused, and time is required to adapt to new and unusual conditions. The knowledge, even very small, very much helps. Denial deprives of the person of that by it is denied, because visibility on consciousness. Feelings are created in laboratory of the person irrespective of an environment as also the environment is caused by thoughts under laws of a magnetic attraction. Experiences are so different, as well as faces of people.
019. (Jan. 13). Take futile efforts, giving nothing in exchange. The measure of a donation is a receiving measure. Only the giving receives; only the given beret. It is difficult to go, without seeing and without hearing, but only trusting. Become even closer, receiving. Order to Elevate through Me it isn't dangerous, though demands tension. Separation is terrible. The burden is a sign of awareness of spatial trouble and familiarizing with space life. It is dangerous to attribute this burden to it. The pleasure will come. Hardest work is over itself. In a castle of dedication it is possible to departure far. As with Me be reported if not reject it. The sphere of an attraction of super personal fires is clair-radiant. Not itself to love Show, but others, but the whole world, but calling and Called. The love directed out of limits of aura egg in spheres, lying out of personal interests, expands aura radiations, and the last thus grows, being attracted to various spheres of space and increasing a microcosm and consciousness orbit. The love to the Distant Worlds enters consciousness into their sphere. The love is the force binding consciousness with object of its aspirations. The magnet of love can be directed to a far star, approaching its opportunities. The love space does Space to relatives and the order to spatial life gives the chance. The magnetic powerful power of love is understood a little and strong is limited to the sphere personal, outlined by a small and short circle of the manifestation. The sun and stars, the planet and space, the Fiery World and the Highest Spheres, all Space, Boundlessness can be loved.
*020. We Seek to cause, approve and strengthen in pupils the understanding which is probably full, not the temporary personality in everyone, but timeless Identity. We seek to expand this understanding and to stretch a chain of actions further, out of limits of one, this life. All measures and in all ways we Lift consciousness over level of personal experiences to that sphere where the personality as that, loses the self-sufficing value and ceases to exist as end in itself. We emphasize and Explain how the phenomena of a personal order continued further natural limits, lose final meaning and value if the Highest Triad is rejected. The school of life which especially tensely pupils also are sharply compelled to pass, continually validates our Provisions. The doctrine is Our evident, practical guidance at the life school, given to pupils for the appendix in practice and checks of its faultlessness. Our purpose – on the life to force understand sense and value of Identity and for the sake of what there is a personality. When the relationship of the personality and Identity is understood correct, the Life is found; the narrow track conducting in Life is realized.
021. (M. A. Y.). Whether paid attention to how We throw bridges in the future over phenomenon of the present day. If we mention them so far as they can be stretched in the future which hasn't been limited to one life. When you read our records and you see how strong they are applicable to the present day, understand that their extra temporariness is in that and, applicable as to that occurs today, and to that will occur in ten, hundred or four hundred years. In it the value of that is given from spirit. And wisdom of centuries doesn't wither and doesn't grow dull over the years. Among temporary as granite rocks in an aspiring rough stream, stand unshakably Bases of Intimate Knowledge. Them approving in consciousness, we join to enduring, which in us and out of us, in Boundlessness Real.
022. Understanding of boundless opportunities of the human device gives wings. Only to think that is achievable not only all that ever and somewhere is reached by the person, but that and is never reached by anybody from people yet wasn't. Speaking so, I Don't mean Lords, because it already evolution of the Spirits which have finished the way on Earth or other planets; but, even and these achievements in limits of rower of the person. Everything put in time and in what way chose to itself spirit. But believing that everything is achievable, and knowing that all the time which is, at the disposal of the person and that Boundlessness – destiny, it is possible to aspire and it is possible to reach. Thus it is necessary to remember that the aspiration grows in space, and that time the begun making tends or properties of to repeat, and that at frequent, and especially rhythmic, repetition of the making put in consciousness force will incur it the person already herself without any couriers of efforts. It especially sharply and easily comes to light when the aspiration is sent to darkness. You know examples, thousands, hundreds thousands examples when, going downhill down, people couldn't fight with powerful any more power of the aspiration which have increased to the huge sizes. You know examples of gamblers, addicts and the alcoholics, the growing which force of defects them in a chasm I attracted. But down it is always easier to go while the statement of a rhythm of aspiration up demands more efforts which need to be enclosed in them before the rhythm will incur as on wings. But also in the field of this you know many examples of unrestrained, mighty, insuperable fiery energy of the spirit creating great causes, changing destiny of the people, history of races and changing the person and doing of it the giant of spirit. All wonderful properties of the device of the human microcosm, already shown in different centuries at various people, potentially are available in the hidden look or, partially opened, for each person. Everything is achievable, everything is available, and everything is feasible. After all it was told: you are gods.
023. Terms dictate events in the world. On them it is possible to judge tension of terms. Work energy spatial and Beams of the Distant Worlds. Light of morning awakens feathery in the wood. Light serves as an awakening. A lot of things on a planet depend on New Beams. Beams – the awakening of sleeping hearts.
024. Once experienced and thought over remains in consciousness forever. It is given a shape, and of thought-forms live. It is correct to consider the World Thin as a place where everything is carried out, and the person becomes the magician and the wizard. Someone dreams: as it would be good if all desires were granted. The thin condition and thin stay is this condition. That was wished once, and that is wished now is executed. Desire – the execution precondition. From here conclusion: it is necessary to wish circumspectly. The desire of Beauty, General Welfare, and desire of Light doesn't demand discretion, or aspiration to be together with the Teacher of Light, or with Entrusted Lords. Desires, to wings it is similar, to the purpose bear. It is good when it is white wings. Wings black too bear, but not to Light. Wings of black desires direct in darkness. Desires are made out by thought. The thought makes out desire. Thought-forms loaded with an impulse of desire, is ready to action that is to becoming reality for the person being in a thin condition. How there, in this Thin World to distinguish fiery reality from phantoms of human heaps? Dismissal from personal attempts, that is desires, both aspiration and desire of merge to consciousness of the Teacher. The one who there in thoughts with Me, that there stays in Myself. But merge it is necessary to wish and seek for it. Who with whom wants that with that and will arrive. Light wish above all. I is Focus of desire of Light, you are lenses. Once you focus consciousness on Me, and there is a flame giving Light. I Wait for everyone, wanting to come to Me. Come to Me everything who wants to be with Me. The comer of refusal won't be if came forever. Wandering approach for a while is not a strong link. It tries, and again they go to darkness external, because without Me – darkness. Show to become closer still found Me. I with you always in all days, till the end of time.
025. (M. A. Y.). Rhythm of the Address and rhythm of Communication of much it is possible to reach. That it is impossible to carry out in the regular way, is reached by a rhythm. Only rhythmic communication with the Head can be fruitful. Rhythm and contact is prosperity bases. Even if Communication isn't expressed in consequences obvious, visible right there, but nevertheless consequences are, bringing ardent benefit. These are the same grains of the reasons put in the present for the sake of the future which is immutable has to come. To knowledge of the Law we will be glad. It gives the mighty lever in our hands. The person is the creator of the future and the karma.
026. (Guru). You study at life, you study as lives, and you study always and everywhere. And not only you study, but also exercise yourself comprehensively. Every minute inaction it is possible to turn into a step to Light or into grain of future achievements while all life doesn't become the chain of the pearl reasons going to the shining future of spirit.
027. (Jan. 17). The personality dies in each embodiment, but her accumulation collected for the current life, concentrates in grain, is perfect the same as all plants crystallize in a seed. Under a microscope the plant form in a seed can't be found, except for a lotus seed because grain of a seed belongs already to the sphere invisible, as well as spirit grain. Certainly, means not visible to a physical eye. All tendencies, features of character are hidden in grain and reveal or can be opened in each new embodiment in whole or in part depending on karmic outlines. Many people know in themselves existence of these or those abilities which haven't found applications in life. There are cases when this ability unexpectedly is suddenly shown already at mature age or even in the evening of life. It must be kept in mind that the karma pursues the aim of full harmonious development of Identity and therefore in each embodiment puts in such conditions when a certain ability or quality develops and gets stronger. They have to grow and be approved; at least on it some embodiments were required. Thus grow not only merits. It is possible to track sometimes spirit falling on a number of consecutive embodiments when negative qualities of spirit start growing. Sometimes and to it allow to grow to the ugliness that the person found forces them to suppress and to betray to burning. At once, in a germ, not any consciousness can see a weed. Very much fruitful process of a conscious mortgaging of grains of desirable qualities or features of character and strong knowledge of that this work will give in future, far or close, the results. Consciousness and accurate thinking are required in everything. The gardener of a garden of consciousness cares of it continued if knows that doesn't come to an end and anything doesn't interrupt, but everything proceeds in Boundlessness.
028. (Jan. 19). Arhat's feature is continuous activity of the consciousness operating in any of conductors. Isn't present the rest, oblivion. Infinite opportunities of continuous exercise of these or those abilities and a sharpening of feelings are open. It designates a condition of continuous wakefulness. As also you go force everything, storing a condition of intense balance. Will ask: why there are so many words? Answer: that each of the ambassador of the going could find on himself, them having read. How many it is necessary to tell to satisfy an infinite variety of human aspirations, and not any elects, but everything, everything, all. Here also it is necessary to give records in such form that from them I could gather everyone. And it is good when they have character impersonal. So, all life of the directed consciousness can consist in continuous exercise of abilities and the qualities sounding on a note of the moment (consciousness) and therefore very close and desired. It gives to exercise in them interest and efficiency. And each such making will be grain for the subsequent achievements in the far or close future, it is unimportant in what because in boundlessness of time far becomes close, that is time isn't present. Whatever far the consequences seemed, they is immutable will come. Fiery imagination the element of time can be cleaned, beginning to see clearly the future in the present that is approving reality fiery. When I Feel in the pupil future Arhat's, then I See of fiery reality; I Speak: I claim going to Me in greatness of the future, its individual future. And if to you it was told "gods", really now I Will belittle the deepest fiery value of these fiery words. The above flight is the planned better. The scope of aspirations is stronger, the remains even at failure partial more. When it is accelerated years, disappear, remaining below, not gets rid heavy particles of last fulfillments, and free from them the spirit feels. Therefore, release lies in power of the aspiration giving wings for fiery flight up. Speed cancels force of terrestrial gravitations. Therefore I Speak: direct and aspire always. The stop means falling, and then terrestrial gravitations again come into force. To you I speak: direct.
029. (M. A. Y.). Mine those I call who in aspiration to Light came off Earth. I rejoice if I can tell: "wash". Our task – to lift consciousness from Earth to Stars, from itself – to the mankind ocean that service of evolution became possible. Has no value, in what form and as this service if it moves evolution is made. With evolution – means, with Light, and against – with darkness, in whatever form and under what this counteraction of evolution, that is to Light happened cover, slogans or words. External no value has. The essence of action is important. Cooperation of all and in everything means the world on Earth. Going against is enemies of Light. Cooperation and cooperation – evolution gifts to people.
030. Internal comes to light in external, and especially in trifles. On trifles, on small actions the internal essence of the person is found; therefore, if you want themselves to bridle, or to re-educate, or clear, pay attention to small actions. During the day them having tracked, on them it is possible clearly to see a lot of things from this that is subject to correction. Behind each such small action this or that defect of consciousness is hidden. These small, but harmful actions represent themselves levers, having grasped for which, it is possible to throw out the reason causing them from consciousness. Otherwise the reason not grasps and with a root not pulls out. Transformation of consciousness demands a lot of attention and many efforts. On actions small during the day much can learn and a lot of things can be understood, having separated certainly useful from certainly harmful to be exempted from the last.
031. How many one times Said, that each idle word is harmful certainly. And still language continues to stir. How to seize thought if not to master at first language. Occult sound intensity is great. It can be, as well as any force, destructive or creative. You know examples when talkative people exorcized themselves verbosity to an illness and death. You know that many exorcise themselves to a headache, attacks and full exhaustion of mental energy. But it is extremes. And still each the told word is either the collector, or the spendthrift of fiery force. Without control over the word, so, and control over mental energy, mastering by it not to reach. Of words said we will think.
032. (M. A. Y.). Insatiability to the statement of the phenomenon of the Benefit is always good. In her phenomenon the magnetic force, attracting to itself particles of the Benefit, - the benefit and good inflow in consciousness on call and aspiration to them of heart. Heart is a one-similar magnet with energy of the highest World. This energy of heart can put in action consciously. The proverb "A message gives heart to heart" expresses action of the occult law. Communication of conformable hearts by a fiery thread cuts space. On this thread go energy of interchange. This life-giving and lightful exchange is based on reciprocity. Call and response and right there exchange of Light sparks. It is called a cooperation Wheel.
033. (Guru). When the hidden fights against visibility for the statement, it needs to be accepted all consciousness, all heart, it won't take roots yet strongly and unshakably. Visible there is a denial invisible if to accept it in aspect of commonness, b We form of singularity. And therefore to Us approach is unusual. Who found the road that well knows it? Let's not be confused almost imperceptible subtlety of feel and perceptions – in it feature of the Hidden World. And even expression "the World Hidden" is incorrect, because it See, though demands distinguished heart. Approving existence of hidden ways, we approach and we come nearer to understanding of reality of three worlds.
034. (Jan. 20). The distant Worlds are far on terrestrial scale. They are close in measurements of the highest; proximity on compliance. His leading planet is close to each person, he knows about it or not. Stones of the next planets are close to someone. There are also such consciousnesses. The aspiration approaches them to the Distant Worlds. But it is necessary to direct to them. The aspiration it tears off spirit from Earth. It is necessary to understand, at last, that the thought stays about object of the aspiration, - and where thoughts, there and consciousness. All this becomes reality after transition to the World Thin. But the aspiration has to be issued and approved on Earth. Undertaking is conducted with Earth. Earth as though a starting point to the Far Worlds. It is necessary to lean on something to make a start in space. Earth will be such point of support. If the dark succeeded and blew up a planet, the mankind would lose the support in space and its evolution would be suspended until other planet would be adapted for it, on what the infinite number of time would be required again. Only the few would leave on the highest planets. Stones of the next planets for evolution are unsuitable. Earth is a Space House of mankind. He demands care of It. Ignoramuses do everything possible to break in It life. Now, thanks to powerful development of science and equipment, there are great opportunities it to embellish, to stop plunder of its riches and destruction of its covers.
035. (M. A. Y.) . Pumping out of natural resources has a limit. Therefore it is necessary to attend to finding of a new type of energy. Think much of use of bowels of the earth, but miss space subsoil. New energy will be taken from the space, which power stocks are inexhaustible. Everything that Earth has is received by it from space. Fohat, Para-Fohat, Lyutsid's Matter, Matrix Matter – all these types of spatial energy, which will once arrive in the mankind, order. But the microcosm of the person – the conductor of the thinnest fiery energy will appear the device which will be able to apply and use them, generally. Task of Lords arm the person without the uniform device. All opportunities to it are concentrated in people, in a human body and its conductors. It is area of future knowledge and future achievements. Agni Yoga is given as a way to mastering by fiery energy of Space. Agni Yogi's great Era already began. But people, successors of space riches, still deny great opportunities of the future.
036. (Guru). The present follows from the past, and the future from the present. It the present is valuable. Nowadays in it can approve spirit the future, putting stones of the basis of future constructions. In the future everything is achievable, but even the concept of all- approachability should be put and approved in the present. In vain many think that the dream is unreal. On the contrary, exactly the dream creates the mankind future. Weak-willed and aimless dreams and thought wanderings, but the creative, fiery dream creating steps of evolution of life mean not. Wherever such ardent dream thought, in far mountains or an office of the scientist or laboratory was born, it creates life. Life is created by thought.
037. Violation of balance of elements all the time amplifies. The nature is restless. It is strongly reflected in a condition of a human body, causing various frustrations. The end the regulator of an equilibrium state of a planet the person isn't expected yet, as finally. One disbalance affects another, planetary – on human and human – a planet. The hopelessness circle turns out, -but, it on the plan terrestrial. The decision is in the spirit of. Only spirit it is possible to break a Gordian knot of the phenomena. The world and cooperation between all people of the Earth and the world in consciousness of everyone that is balance, force elements to enter into coast and fiery energy of space to serve the person in the benefit that is on creation, instead of on destruction. Of cooperation of the person with the nature think a little. Powerful energy of the human body, interacting with world around, is denied at all. There will be no pacification and balance in elements of a planet while the person won't establish it at the ocean of consciousness’s of all mankind.
038. (M. A. Y.). Even in the world spiritual for cognition or representation any form is necessary. In a form pours out both a sound, and color, and I began to smell, differently not to apprehend them. The world without forms is inaccessible to usual consciousness, though many concepts as, for example, love, courage, devotion and others, in it are deprived of forms. Only when they are shown at living beings in operation, they seem given shapes though only external expressions of that is invisible are actually observed and that is deprived of a form. Existence of the phenomena without forms, the world without forms, Арупа – admits thought of the East. The concept Арупа can be accepted as synthesis of all phenomena of the certain order, as though making their essence or soul not in separate individual demonstrations, but in the basis taken out of its external identifications. Something similar can be found in invisible, hidden from an eye and a microscope, even electronic, essence of a seed in which out of or in a visible form invisible last and future forms of this type of vegetable and animal life are concentrated. The essence of the phenomenon is hidden from comprehension by usual mind because concerns the great Law of causality. For a start it is necessary to adopt the provision that the world without a form exists as the reason of the reasons.
039. (Guru). Маitreya to Earth Bears the coherence world. Maitreya Goes to establish the world on Earth. MaitreyaWill operate elements, but it is necessary to accept the Lord because only through hearts human his Light perhaps is apprehended and transferred to the world for distribution in it. It is possible either accept, or to reject. Acceptance will mean life and creation, rejection – destruction and death. The lord Goes.
040. (Jan. 22). "Maitreya". In One – three: last, real, future and a way to the future through It, because It also is the Way". So the pupil and in the life hurries, because also he, the pupil, too has three in himself speaks to himself: the one whom he was in the past, the one who is he is in the present, and the one whom it becomes in the future. Understanding of such what becomes, has to become it in the future, this face in the present allows to approve an impulse and force. But forces in it should be found to overcome in it the old person, - his persistence, shabby, improbably, because it also is that personal "I" the person, which it takes for itself. What is the time "I" was required on a formation of it. And when it is already issued, it appears that it "I" – only a cocoon, only the carrier of another, big "I" which has to be born from the small. But the cocoon is rejected as superfluous when at a butterfly wings grow. In the same way small "I" am unnecessary when the big grows. Astral is the main carrier small "i". Unnecessary there is also this cover, which has fulfilled the evolutionary duty. All this is so. And still leave the habitual carrier small "i", as well as with it "I" is difficult extraordinary. It is difficult to punch a shell of the aura egg and to leave it on a spatial scope. Small "i" there am not present a place. It serves only as a hindrance to freedom of spatial life.
041. (M. A. Y.). Completeness of this merge can be a limit of merge in the spirit of only. What then occurs, loss of the individual beginning? No, not its loss, but is expansion. Two steels one, but big, not merged together, but enriched with a mutual exchange and connection of energy. Two harmoniously combined auras can work wonders. Everything depends on degree of tension of association or merges. Not enslavement, not suppression, not obsession, but interchange of the thinnest energy, strong enriches the united consciousness’s, - and having given more than the receiving more. But also giving as needs the one to whom it gives, as well as receiving, because a donation in the nature of the giving. Each spiritual driver can imagine the feelings and the condition if there was nobody to give. Therefore need in each other the mutual. I want to emphasize the importance of spiritual interchange of energy, interchange. Without it is a consuming of others force and vampirism. It is necessary to bring to receive. Brought jugs not without reason it was mentioned. Should is receive. Having it is given, and that has is taken away from not having also. In that law of interchange, which is called as a cooperation Wheel? At a consuming of others energy the devourer of advantage doesn't receive, because for nothing the received is wasted right there, thoughtlessly. Sieve full of holes or bottomless barrel – good symbols for devourers of mental energy. But as it is joyful as the fruitful mutual exchange is inspiring. The true pupil – pleasure to the Teacher because brings always. Coming and brought, where you? Let's sate all your aspirations. Name of the Lord to you I speak, all we will sate and a measure full we will give.
* 42. (Guru.). Will ask, will surely ask, what we have to bring? Answer: devotion, love and aspiration. They also will be baskets in which it will be possible to collect the given. But people prefer to bring money or other values, believing that subjects and things, metal or stones will replace the necessary qualities of spirit. On external gifts it is possible to judge spirit impoverishment. Forgot that the gift is made in the spirit of, - so spiritual replaced terrestrial. And still were surprised why live fire of life left gilded temples. But here time came again to proclaim a primacy of spirit and to specify that gifts to the life temple everyone has to bring, but from spirit and in heart.
043. Experience of accumulation of force by restraint and control will show how it grows. Every moment control there is Agni's accumulation. Then fall in love with this feeling of growth. It gives pleasure. Restraint is (it) force. Look around and you will see how Agni is wasted. It something big, that it is necessary to make. Agni is necessary. It is necessary to put on isolating payments from a thin matter to protect an organism from influences from outside.
*044. (Jan. 23). At constancy of aspiration transformation of consciousness goes without interrupting, though is imperceptible for an eye; tests to revive it. Tests can be considered and from that experience which they bring. Not only check reached, but also savoir vivre acquisition. Without this experience there is no growth because accumulation doesn’t happen. This party of tests for some reason isn't estimated enough while experience promotes growth, of course, at the conscious attitude towards him. Many prefer to complain and grieve instead of rejoicing possibilities of expansion of consciousness. Than experience is more difficult, it is more useful to those. If tests are accepted in aspect of experience of life, they lose the bitterness, and especially bitterness of knowledge of the person. For what to grieve when everything will pass and will dissipate, as if a mirage as passed everything that was once and even, perhaps, yesterday. Life is an eternal change of the phenomena, giving to spirit strength grow.
045. (Guru). Recognition and appreciation are close to each other. Recognition and justice have to live in one house. Karmic they are fruitful on the consequences. Life learns to aggravate these qualities of spirit.
046. (Jan. 24). It would be better if people thought not that surrounds them at present, but about logical consequences of their state of mind in, which they are. There is a chain of the reasons external, material, and a chain of the reasons spiritual and mental – everyone in the sphere. Both that and another are stretched in the future. From different metals of a chain will be also different quality. There are the chains of happiness connecting to the fine future, and there are the shame and slavery chains keeping spirit in fetters of darkness. Both that and others are forged by a hand human. It is more terrible spiritual chains. Iron it is possible to cut. But how to remove the fetters, which have held down soul from spirit? Platon called them the "damaged" souls. Who counted how many them? Whether from them misfortune in the world? So, among the most sublime thoughts it is useful to think of how to help those who in darkness stay and heavy pines without Light.
047. (M. A. Y.). Eremites left in the woods and deserts, yoga’s to mountains. Whether not therefore that thought is alone easier to create and help the world. The free thought can fly by everywhere. The free thought isn't held down by attention of people. Knowing was glad, having told: at last I forgot. Many understand freedom which gives loneliness. The loneliness can be and in public. Many great people were spiritually lonely because were surrounded with misunderstanding. Loneliness is one from of the difficult tests. It is necessary to pass through it.
048. For dead "shame have" not dead, but live. Why? On a sense of responsibility for Earth... and for live too. It is responsibility of the spirit, which has realized the unity with everything living under sun, - from responsibility not leave. The growing consciousness feels a tone of a spatial note, which expresses synthesis of mood of billions beings. There is no happiness in the world. It in the spirit of and spirit will reject. The look of happiness meets seldom. Smile we Want to return to people. They think to avoid responsibility for offended, injured and oppressed, but unless it is possible to leave from a sword of spatial justice. And heart cries out, feeling the evil of the world. Let's not envy lost keenness. Wooden blocks don't feel spatial cries though even the column cable hoots from energy, through it passing. So, want or not, but responsibility for the World is born by all in this or that form, and with it and spatial condemnation if that deserved. And many go on Saturn. From a human court of the murderer still can leave, but from a sword of Space Justice – never. The fairy tale affects soon, but not work is done soon, but becomes already up to the end. The end of a black eyelid comes promptly and inevitably. All efforts to save situation are vain. The ship of the old world sinks. Attempts to prolong its agony will give nothing, except sufferings and blood. The black century is condemned.
049. (Jan. 25). Agni's energy – one, but it can be directed up or down, on good or bad. In itself it is neutral, paints her thought, and the thought does its creating Light, or darkness. Agni is energy creative. Agni's scale goes from top to bottom, changing and being painted by all flowers of a range – or pure and transparent, or muddy, dirty, smoky and stinking, up to black fires. Black flame is emanations of black heart. All fiery manifestations are accompanied by smells so various, as well as coloring and shades of fires. The lowest desires have the special coloring, as well as all without a passion exception. Emanations of the highest order have coloring, pure, light, and pleasant to an eye. All movements of the person and all other living beings are accompanied by the light, phenomena. It concerns also flora. The blossoming apple-tree shines. The fiery basis of the real is understood a little. Than the organism is higher, especially it is allocated with ability to operate the fires. People own fires in different degree – from the highest steps of almost full mastering and before full enslavement by them. The habitual and taken roots passions are no other than the Agni crystallized in steady forms called to life by the person, but to it seized and suppressed his free will. Agni operates of thought, but the thought at persistent repetition crystallizes too in steady forms and then seizes the person and starts operating it. Mastering by thought means is mastering by Agni's strength. Thought which the consciousness owns, Agni can channelize any and to lift it from the lowest centers up. Even the usual feeling of love between the man and the woman can find the expression in usual relationship, on them and sputtering out, or can be directed up, and then Agni's creative strength will be expressed in manifestations on the highest scale. In it an ennobling, inspiring, creative power of love. Many great works of art were caused to life by the creative power of love which hasn't found satisfactions or even reciprocity. Agni called to life, creates then on the plan higher. The undivided feeling or divided, but not satisfied, shows creating force of fire in creativity the highest. Energy of the lowest organisms is settled usually on manifestations of the lowest. The purpose of the person is to seize the fiery force. Some forms of Yoga won't be coordinated with conditions of family life of a usual order. The Buddha had the son, and Akbar was a father, but it was the Spirits which seized Agni and have passed through a step of submission to will of all the covers. At ordinary people the irritation, fussiness, a fright, rage, despondency, suspiciousness, envy is shown and so on – means, they didn't seize the fires. To learn to own them it is possible in any living conditions, the mastering purpose constantly meaning. Begins with small and leads to results big. The thought regulates fiery force. In the world of fires the thought reigns. Seized thought can supervise Agni's all manifestations.
050. (Jan. 26). The consciousness speaks about reality, and evidence covers it. There is a fight. And when evidence, that is Maya, wins, fires go out. Bases are given in order that them to approve again and again at the moments of strengthening of terrestrial voices. After all it is as though loud they about it declared; terrestrial will end at the same time with body life. And reality of the Hidden World it doesn't become denied visible. Understanding of it is possible to moderate triumph of vanity. It is impossible to stop and time current. Cronus devouring the children, only a consuming symbol time of the phenomena of a present situation. Only to think that all is devoured shown in time. Means, on anything temporary it is impossible to lean. The mirage after all reflects reality and what splinters of impressions of the left day, existing only in perceiving them consciousness are? Bases can serve as the strong base of spirit. They are invariable in centuries. Having accepted them in consciousness, it is possible to float surely on the rough ocean of life terrestrial.
051. (M. A. Y.). The sun way on the sky is invariable. Also the way of the pupil who has accepted in heart the Beam of the Sun of Great Heart is invariable also.
052. (Guru). The good worker works well at any moods and weather. The good pupil fulfills the duty to and to the world at all combinations of external conditions or conditions of the covers.
053. (Jan. 27). People often lose the head, getting to difficult conditions. "Lose the head" that means, that they lose of the balance. It also can occur from shock surprise, from a great grief and other hard blows of destiny. Happens and so that weak souls become mentally abnormal. Clarity of consciousness in all these cases is broken to some extent. It is possible to imagine that occurs upon transition of Great Borders when the body is dumped and the person appears in absolutely unexpected, unusual and new conditions. Readiness and reflections about conditions of posthumous existence can neutralize surprise shock to some extent. Therefore, the surprise should be turned into expectedness, a strangeness of conditions to eliminate with adaptability and ability quickly to be guided in any circumstances. Qualities of fearlessness, tranquility and the balance, developed and approved on Earth, very much will help to collect the of energy in focus and to keep consciousness not shattered. When the center inside is conscious as something indestructible and independent of an external environment and are collected energy of spirit inside, the consciousness can be kept strongly if only during terrestrial life possibility of life without a body wasn't denied. Cases in the field of psychiatry when the people who have lost composure, submitted to obsessions are known and saw round it not that were, and that created for them their sick imagination. Contrary to the evidence seen by others, they saw the phantoms created by their thought. Therefore it is easy to imagine that where everything moves thought, everything is created or denied by it, and visibility – on consciousness. In case of denial, in case of confusion, in case of shock surprise or fear the condition of consciousness changes respectively. The originality of elevated conditions deprives of the person of opportunity to live feelings of a body and performance of its functions. It is necessary to imagine all singularity of conditions of the Thin World and to accustom itself in thoughts to it not to become puzzled and to lose feeling of human dignity. Having been terrified the death, many writhe in a wild paroxysm of horror at full loss of integrity of consciousness and, of course, balance; the body is dumped, and experiences remain and accompany the victim and further. The qualities of spirit brought up and approved on Earth, are very necessary for life in Elevated. It is good to think much about stay of the person in the conditions of the Thin World, to think so that clearly to imagine that there is, and that there it is possible, and that expects and that isn't present. Two situations should be understood: the first, it that Omnia mea mecum Porto, the second that the person, dying, leaves a number of things and conditions which can't precede in the world extra dense on Earth. That is, in other words, dying, the person takes with himself and can take a lot of things, representing itself elements extra dense: thoughts, feelings, impressions, abilities, memoirs, and songs and so on, that is all riches of the inner world, all attachments and love. But it can't take any dense subject. Purposely I Speak – dense, because subjects extra dense too it is thin, but are material, and they with Me can be taken, that is to keep in memory. Here this distinction meanwhile that it is possible to take and that it is impossible, it is necessary to understand here, on Earth, for the present in a body that that it was easier to leave in consciousness what can't be taken. Put on as well there, but it is necessary to understand clearly distinction of clothes terrestrial and attires of the astral world. Here put on at the tailor, there imagination and thought. It is mentally necessary to accustom itself to that it is free and without a regret to leave all things terrestrial with which are connected by feeling of imagined property. There is nothing yours, everything is temporary only. A lot of things need to be understood and to be prepared for much before it is quiet and in full consciousness to pass to the World Elevated.
054. (M. A. Y.). On Earth of people lives in two worlds: terrestrial and Elevated. The part of his life proceeds on the plan terrestrial and the part in the sphere mental already extraterrestrial order concerns the dense world, and. It having understood it is possible sees how two worlds merge in his consciousness in one, erasing borders. Reading the interesting book, the person absolutely forgets about the surrounding. Unless this phenomenon of a dense order, or at cinema? Or reveling in the fine symphony? So, the consciousness is the meeting place of two worlds. In it follows is thin to understand, that the nobility precisely than and as there lives the person on Earth. Many thoughts, feelings and sense-knowledge can be continued out of limits of terrestrial life. It is necessary to leave things of a material order, but not the psycho-spiritual. The analysis is necessary for understanding of life in this world and in that. Not understood will go there blindly.
055. (Jan. 28). The future is made out by thought. Even the thought is premised to each usual action and even movement. Certainly, it is spoken about actions and movements conscious. Reflex actions here don't belong. The thought, but not at present, and in the past too was premised to them. For the Yogi the past is burned and therefore the phenomenon of a reflex is stopped consciously. Covers are accustomed to react to everything as though anew, in consent with the reached step of consciousness to which any more there don't last standards of behavior. For example: before people I demanded from myself a known line of conduct before people, now – before a space face. Arriving alone going to Me shows knowledge of bases. Also the person divides himself into three parts then: the first is that, than it was, the second – that earlier that it represents itself(himself) at the moment, and third it in the future has to become what. The first is area of the reflexes, the second - conscious control and the third – accurate registration of that ideal, which has to be reached. The second and the third unite that control extends on probably fuller merge of the issued ideal of the future to the present, so that this future was expressed already now, at present, whenever possible more fully. That more brightly, strongly, precisely and the finished ideal, that easier an embodiment than it in the present. It is possible even to find special time for process of this registration; and if the rhythm is entered into this process, steady and inviolable, future implementation in the present becomes the code of day. This way it is rather possible to reach transformation of the old person in itself, than hope of sudden inspiration. After all for the last accumulation is necessary, and they are got by a rhythm and is besides conscious, instead of is spontaneous. That the quantity turned into quality, last accumulation is necessary. The yogi consciously takes evolution of the spirit in hand. The one, who behaves itself, doesn't need the supervisor. The teacher not the supervisor, but the one Who Can gives the best council. The way proceeds together. In each scientific book experience of everything who worked, perhaps, within long centuries, on the matter is reflected. Also it would be very inexpedient to make a fresh start, without using last accumulation of mankind. In the same way and the Teacher at the right time will give the Council where would be required for many years on receiving skilled knowledge. Imagine that would be if instead of using the ready encyclopedia, everyone started making the. The teacher is a live encyclopedia of spiritual knowledge and the skilled accumulation collected during the millennia. It is possible to rely on Decrees and it’s Help always.
056. (M. A. Y.). Transferring itself to the future, we break off the threads binding us with our last imperfections. The teacher Speaks and Insists on every possible transferring of consciousness to the future. That is to live in the future. It is necessary to feel its live pulsation. Not abstract representations, but a live pulsation of life, a contact of fiery energy from spheres of the Highest World. After all the future is a highest step of that present which already is but which else is subject to an embodiment in visible forms of the dense world. Let's be glad great possibility of human spirit to approve this future in the present.
057. (Jan. 29). Already you know that bright representation in the third eye of a subject, the living being or the person establishes with it direct contacts or communication, strong representation – strong, weak – weak. Thousand images of different distinctness, duration and stability pass through consciousness during the day, and with everyone contact is established. Current generated, going at first from generated his consciousness to the generated image, and then from this image to consciousness. Thus in this image which has arisen in consciousness, current with the valid subject which has caused an image is established. Thus the arisen current can go to the subjects which were very remote because for thought of distances don’t exist. The consciousness this way connects itself a set of the currents going from it to the phenomena on which it concentrates. As though in thousand threads it shrouds itself, and everyone bears to it the impressions going from a subject or the person on whom it stops. These impressions make food of consciousness and feed it. Can give the clear account, than the consciousness causing before an image of the hated enemy eats, and what currents generate images, pictures or representations mean, low or ugly. Thoughts and their fancies this way influence consciousness in the evil or in the benefit. Each person can give to himself the clear and full account, under what influences it puts itself (himself) and what consequences of these influences will be. These currents generated in the images created by imagination, are reality of the Hidden World. The kind or hostile attitudes towards the person create the same currents or communication threads on which the vibrations going from them arrive in consciousness. Filling up or waking up with thoughts of the Distant Worlds, we establish with them hidden connection. So channels in space on which there are thin messages from those focuses on, which the attention concentrates break. From here becomes clear, control over all that occurs in consciousness is how necessary and inevitable. The consciousness, like a radio receiver, can be adjusted on any wave, and perceptions will go respectively. Ancient situation that the person gives the account for each thought has under itself the valid basis. Time will come, and this process can be tracked by means of the devices fixing radiations of live organisms. There is nothing secret that couldn't become obvious, scientifically reasonable and demonstrable experimentally.
058. (M. A. Y.). Understanding of occurring hidden process of communication with Us can be strengthened. The same phenomena, but their understanding goes deep until hidden doesn't become felt obviously. It is necessary to go on and repeat much before the reality doesn't become evidence that is obvious to consciousness. It gives the new strength of an opposite to willfulness of conductors and will promote control establishment over them. Compliance and the accord also mean communication on spatial wires or channels with the phenomena which are close to consciousness and which in it were approved, -decision in that, what taking this area of life of consciousness in hand under complete control.
059. (Guru). Both the artist and the inhabitant, looking on same, see it differently: one – a set of tones, shades and paints, another – only obviously evident. In the same way and in all the rest: one wants to see all depth of the phenomena, another passes, having only concerned a surface them. The world one, but it is possible to see it differently. Blind will see nothing – the open eye is necessary. The deaf won't hear. The words "da having ears will hear" cover in themselves thought of great value.
060. (January. 30). All mechanics of certain layers of the astral world is that the thought creates the forms and these forms become reality for spirit creating them. This one of many living conditions of the person in Elevated. There are also others. For example, there are spheres where their contents represents itself the forms which haven't been created by creative imagination of the ordinary person, in the same way, as the seas, mountains, the woods and the rivers and Earth aren't created by the person. In these spheres of people too can create as it creates on Earth and in the conditions created for it by the nature, decorating these spheres. There are also spheres such where there are not decorate and disfigure of the real. These are the lowest spheres of an astral. And a matter of these spheres other, different from spheres of the highest the structure, mobility and luminosity. To matter of spheres there corresponds also a matter of thin bodies of their inhabitants in the same way as the body terrestrial corresponds in the structure to elements of the Mendeleev sky scale. All bodies at various people are various on the structure and a matter sparseness. Even dense bodies of people differ one from another as Light is other than darkness. Even the composition of blood on the roughest division is distributed on four groups. It is more than these groups, but thinner divisions already out of opportunities of modern science, at least, for the present some time. It is wrong to think that muscles, bones and fabrics at all people are identical. We distinguish them on a treatment of light and shade that is on luminosity or darken. The coefficient of a light refraction can serve as an indicator. Some bodies are shone, others, on the contrary, darken. Measurement of a physical body is the following step of medical science. Then will come to luminosity of bodies and will define degrees of this luminosity, - wide area for studying and researches.
061. (Feb. 1). The lowest "I" never will be the highest, darkness – Light. It is possible experience the consciousness in the sphere of the lowest "I" and it is possible – in the sphere of the highest. The consciousness is transferred and lives either in that, or in other, or alternately. At frequent change the lamp of spirit starts blinking and it threatens with a burn out. Having compared stay in that and another, it is possible to make a choice, having preferred the best. For the grown consciousness small "I" will be a prokrustovy bed. Stumble and even everyone can fall, but going will rise immediately and further will go. Any stop in darkness is pernicious and carries back in relation to those who go without a delay. To call will hasten.
062. Space and in it the shown world and you in Me, this world learning and through Me. The consciousness is transferred to heart, and heart is given Me. The hour given to me, a rhythm changes in a link of a chain of the happiness stretched in the future. The sun will come, both the Moon, and many stars, but remains the spirit which has transferred consciousness to heart and Me given it. Because I am eternal, from Eternity, and in it I Stay. The eternity is a fiery hearth of the life shown in billion forms and never ceasing to be. The form is given to spirit for self-cognition. The spirit learns itself through forms in which it is shown. Life purpose is knowledge of the world and learning the world that is self-knowledge. Us two, but we one: Conducting and conducted, I and you, going together, temporary and eternal in one. Destiny of spirit is creating from eternal matter eternally new forms of life, but on a lifting spiral. The present before Eternity is only an instant. Not in it the purpose and sense, but in the future, the future is given to the person for implementation of its aspirations. In his is of all.
063. (Feb. 2). If the person reckoned with the imperfections and believed that, having them, it can't move ahead on the way of self-improvement, it would mean that evolution of spirit is impossible. All have imperfections of spirit, and it doesn't disturb, however, to the person to fight against them and, fighting, to ascend. Recurrence of won negative qualities can happen from time to time, pointing to yet gets rid properties, but to stop because of them and to waste time for torments and repentances is means to lose the right to participation in the future. It isn't enough that can happen to it. The miscellaneous happens in a way. Our purpose to go, go, despite everything. The lowest "I" while completely it isn't subordinated, at times will have an effect, but also to it is necessary to be ready that immediately as soon as it escaped, to put on it a bridle and more strong to pull it. With a consciousness and force growth everyone the disbalance increases in the impact on an organism and conductors, causing an illness and mind and body. It is better to refuse everything, than to allow something to serve as the reason a disbalance. It is necessary to store balance in good luck and failure. Burdening’s by circumstances valid or under a sign are inevitable, the spirit wants to grow, but a disbalance aren't admissible because will work each time more strongly, breaking the established rhythm. The rhythm can't be broken neither for any reasons, nor under any pretexts.
064. (Feb. 3). It is better not to have anything and to be in good spirits free, than to have – but the slave. Better in cold, hunger and need, but with Me, than in wellbeing, but without Me. Better with Me, than with itself.
065. Lifting’s and recessions of consciousness are inevitable. Real wavy! Earth turns to waves of light of the Sun all the parts. And the consciousness turns to waves of surf of the ocean of life – all the sides. The lapidary of jewels knows, how many work it is necessary to spend before fire will be able to give a stone. Life grinds consciousness sides to cause spirit fire. Also it is considered that well that promotes it most effectively. Crowns business the end when are summed up past life. For now it is necessary to reconcile consciousness with inevitability of that its polishing happens in life and that process by time happens very much painful. Very few people can tell from Spirits High that their life flew serenely. On the contrary, all heavy suffered, fought, overcame and went forward against the current. No external conditions will give balance of spirit if it didn't take place inside. Loss of balance happens not from trouble of external circumstances, and from trouble of a condition of consciousness. It is wrong to think that the condition of spirit is caused by that occurs outside. The center and support inside and if there is no balance, anything external won't be able to give it. In any case, at Us it is considered achievement when not external conditions cause balance and when it remains them contrary to. The stability acquired on Earth, will help to keep it and in World Aboveground. But the fate of those who carried out life terrestrial is sad, without being we disturb anything and rolling in wellbeing. Also they will meet whirlwinds of the astral world and as will resist.
066. (Feb. 4). It is difficult to find enough words to convince of an urgent need of communication with the Hierarch Leading. Not strengthened itself this communication of consciousness believes that there can be something such that deprives of the right to Communication. And I Speak: nothing can believe barriers between the Teacher and the pupil. Everything taken for those, – Maya which are often strengthened by conscious and malicious intervention dark the ghosts. Dangerously owing to any reasons, external or internal to break off or weaken the established rhythm of Communication. After all it would be equivalent to falling off. And they wait, having gathered pack to surround and snatch as soon as fires will go out. Dark on the guard always to do harm where only it is possible. Therefore protection of a rhythm demands special care and attention, and no efforts in this direction can be excessive. The most valuable that is hand, we will carefully preserve.
067. (Feb. 5). Whether you thought that reflection and accepted in consciousness remains once there until will be removed from their consciously. This baggage is the reason of the reflex phenomena, and it substantially causes details of an extra dense condition. Often the person arrives not as wants, and does what doesn't think. Why? Or under action from the party or under the influence of reflex force; reflexes cogitative are undesirable for this reason. Certainly, automatism of actions exempts consciousness from the excessive tension as, for example, at game on a piano, or other tools or during the habitual work, but danger of reflex actions not in it, and that the phenomena negative, nestled in consciousness, there live and influence the person until consciously aren't uprooted. For this purpose also control is necessary not to assimilate to the weak-willed puppet which all movements depend on influence from outside. If the impulse goes from depth of consciousness and contradicts moral level of the person, his harm from it doesn't decrease. It is indifferent, under or others influences there is a consciousness if control isn't approved. Such consciousness is similar to a chip in a stream – bears it at will of waves, or a castle without a wheel. The Reflex is harmful the consequences. When the person wants to do something or arrives not as wants, the reason in reflexes if there was no pressing from outside. Lack of control can lead even to obsession.
068. (M. A. Y.). The accord is established by existence of similarity elements. Their more, the accord is deeper. When there are the elements, which aren't harmonizing with sounding consciousness, contact is broken. Therefore for deduction of communication it is necessary to watch that the foreign contents didn't interfere in wires attentively. For compliance the corresponding elements in consciousness are necessary. They can be accumulated and held with full understanding of value of this process. Then actions, acts and thoughts can become expedient that is conformable to the main sense of terrestrial existence. In it value of coherence.
069. (Guru). It is possible to use the force Teachers, only having rejected itself.
070. (Feb. 6). My son, introduce my words in consciousness so that there were they life and a reality, a task not easy. The spirit accepts, and covers can't contain. Then it is best of all to resort to repetition by a rhythm. Before force of a rhythm of a cover will concede because inconstancy of movement in them can be replaced with constancy of aspiration of spirit. And then temporary in itself, being shown under the laws, nevertheless it will be compelled to submit eternal, a matter – to spirit, an everyday – enduring. Eternal in itself becomes as though a spiral core on which rounds the stream of temporary phenomena flows. They are constantly replaced with each round, but the core is motionless, and in kaleidoscopically changes of events we don't shake them and out of their influences and can't be shifted from the eternal basis. So eternal and temporary in it will enter into a harmonious combination, without counteraction and antagonism. The temporary will be caused eternal and to receive from it the coloring and a mood, comprehending life depth of the contents. The consciousness transferred only in temporary and passing, is deprived of understanding of sense of the existence while, integrated with the eternal beginning in itself, it gains unshakable commitment. The person then knows, for what he lives and in what sense of that to it happens. And senseless many tests and difficulties of terrestrial life through which it is necessary to pass seem cruel. But it to those only a time, the purpose isn't realized yet and the basis on which the spirit could be approved unshakably isn't found. In all that occurs in life of the spirit directed to Light, it is possible to find sense and value that is to understand for what the Teacher allows this circumstance. And when the sense is found, it is possible, without complaining and without striking itself with discontent, to accept any test. It is necessary to remember only that on a payment and receiving and that burden of life current will be destroyed when the spirit will be exempted from it, having dumped a body. When the person wakes up after a leaden sleep, he suddenly understands that everything that he saw and worried, – only the dream and actually isn't present anything. Something similar tests also the spirit exempted from a body when as its support the eternal basis of life serves. Truly, then passing becomes Mizrahi, - Maya earthly, who any more has no power over it.
071. (Guru). We are pleased by constancy and an inflexible of aspirations. After all it grants the right to continuation them in World Aboveground, and consequently, and on implementation. After all in World Aboveground everything is carried out that proceeds out of limits of the dense world. Thus, our pleasure becomes as well yours and gives an impulse to you to move further. Main thing – not get tired in making. Surrounding indifference and twilight of consciousness’s though who will extinguish. Inflexible courage and inhuman persistence that to carry by the light through life is necessary and, besides, to light that who needs Light and wants it.
072. (M. A. Y.). Aren't necessary neither sugary sentimentality, nor enthusiasm. Why? Because in both display an astral, which main property instability, variability and desire new, new emotions and experiences. On a way to boundlessness these properties only disturb. You know, than jumps of enthusiasm come to an end and that the roughest manifestations of an astral affection and admirations turn always into the opposite pole and fall upon those who believed in these feelings. The trust has to be based on severe experience of the past and knowledge of a human nature. Let's not be touched anything and anybody, but we will weigh severely true price of these two feelings: enthusiasm and sentimental affection. For this purpose, which to them paid for trust expensive price, proofs aren't necessary, but they are necessary to those who don’t know.
073. (Guru). We pay for everything. Therefore we will take from life only the most sound, the best and strong on endurance and duration and only that with itself it is possible to take in the region far. We are travelers eternal, and in a way the excess load only will burden; all superfluous, without what it are possible to do, are rejected. Those who don’t know want to take away by all means with themselves everything that has rounded itself at present. Those who knows, consider nothing, but only temporary only. So we will separate in the consciousness the on all future way and that in a way won't do at all and it is given only for a while. Mine everything with me always, all other others.
074. (M. A. Y.). . It is told: be as children. Because children don't philosophize and don't argue, and simply take from mother caress, love and care. And to what reasoning’s when heat and care of the Beam is given. Difficultly to approach rational thought to gifts of spirit and to take them, without allowing logic of evidence to interfere with sacred action. How many aspiring to Light it was rejected from the Way by intervention of terrestrial mind? Our Way is a Way of Heart. Where predominates and conducts heart, there it doesn't allow mind to disturb. Not about Reason it is spoken, but about limitation of the terrestrial mind which has dried up so many hearts. He whispers it in darkness of night about uselessness of work and efforts for advance on the way of Light. It throws weakening thoughts. It he assures and convinces that the sense and the purpose of life in dense existence and that with death of a body comes to an end everything, convinces, despite all wealth of experience in opposite and knowledge of the Thin World. The decision in simply make it silent, because all its arguments are false. Once you imagine the moment of transition of Great Borders to understand and see all its constructions are insolvent, false and deceptive. Not the mind, but let heart conducts the one who concerned the High Society.
075. (Guru). We went inflexible belief to the Lord and to the Highest Wisdom, went heart, without arguing, but knowing that all obstacles, difficulties and fluctuations are overcome by force and firmness of spirit.
076. Among the weight of everyday occurrences the unusual is lost. But if to direct attention on unusual, it will start being noticed, and then it will appear that behind a commonness there is a singularity and that the commonness seems that only because of inability and unwillingness to see. The ordinary eye and the eye trained on unusual, look on same, but see variously. Everyone sees that looks for. Here this precondition of the directed search also defines results. Both the dream and wakefulness cover in itself unusual much, but the consciousness so got used to them that neither in that, nor in other already finds nothing, meanwhile as at the attentive relation each awakening brings supervision of the unusual.
077. (Feb. 11). Not strongly everything based on movements in an astral cover.
078. (Feb. 12). If on everything happening to the person to look from the point of view of experience given by life, this experience and knowledge which accompany experience, it is possible to take consciously from life and to accumulate them continuously. It is necessary to see and understand only what exactly, in particular, gives the next phenomenon of life and to that teaches. It is impossible to gain experience without practice, the theory turns them into theorizing and abstractness. It is necessary to assume nevertheless that the Teacher learns on life, creating the conditions optimum for assimilation of the necessary quality. Often they have nothing in common with tranquility or wellbeing. Hastily it is necessary to study, and time just barely enough. Thus one circumstance especially difficultly is to keep a direct connection with That Who Conducts. As among whirlwinds terrestrial to store balance, - here in what a task! Certainly, balance is kept by thought, but the thought should be owned, that is to be able if it is necessary, it to keep or to be exempted from it. The persistence of thoughts everyday happens sometimes is very strong, and it is necessary to think as living conditions, demand the decision, and too dangerously to plunge as the thought can tighten in itself as in a funnel, arresting to itself consciousness. The exit in learning to think or not to think of something by order of will and immediately to stop a stream of thoughts if the will doesn't want to pay them attention and time. That the life school gives, should be used till the end and to understand that the next circumstances representing opportunity something to acquire and to something to learn, in itself are deprived of sense. Not in them sense, but in that experience to which they teach.
*079. (M. A. Y.). The aura grows in tension, but it is tranquility tension, instead of concerns because in this case it doesn't grow, and loses forces. Thus, it is necessary to distinguish tranquility tension from tension of concern and to fight with the last with all severity and determination. The concern is the offspring of chaos. Through it the chaos interferes in consciousness and breaks balance. The aura is protected by balance and tranquility. Without them it is impossible to strain a protecting network and to protect an organism from diseases. Let will be that will be, but balance has to be withheld by any price. Speaking in other words, it is better to lose everything, but to keep balance, than to get everything, it having lost. There is nothing in the world dense, for what would be possible and it would be worth paying off with tranquility.
080. (Guru). At any deviation from the chosen way We make immediately the amendment. Any deviation affects at once a condition of an organism. From here severe need of self-checking. That passed completely earlier, now will be painfully reflected on health. If at Lords everyone the disbalance threatens with accident, and at pupils it threatens the same, only according to the size of consciousness of the smaller sizes. Therefore deduction of balance will be that condition without which further advance becomes impossible.
081. (Feb. 14). Correctly! Music is good for reduction of thoughts in a harmonious condition, for a stop of a stream of thoughts and for a consciousness attuning on a certain harmony. Each melody, motive or the symphony adjust on the wave, - sounds general, very influence on nervous system and on mentality of the person. Each word, the phrase, a number of phrases bears in itself sound energy of such influence. Nobody thinks of a speech rhythm, and after all in this rhythm force of influence of speech on the person is hidden. Noted truly, that some Our words and expressions contain of special force, -the rhythm and music are studied a little. I speak not about poetic works, but about simple speech, - it is necessary this question devotes the whole research. People, who are consciously avaricious on words, know the value of each sound. Not only that the said word makes explosion in space, it at the same time absorbs energy of the speaking. Certainly, the mere words not supported with thought and deprived of warm energy, a charge of fiery force in them doesn’t bear, but even they weaken the idle talker. About sacred value of a sound it is forgotten. Great Taciturn persons Know, as powerfully silence can accumulate fiery force. By itself certainly that consciousness or awareness of value of process thus is required. In the absence of understanding results will be insignificant. Repetition in itself mentally or aloud these or those sayings taken from the Doctrine, or repetition of exact thoughts of the Teacher causes inflow of forces. They as though give energy of that quality which they seek to approve. Repetition in itself strengthens their force. This way it is possible to strengthen any quality demanding application. Anthems, solemn music, sound appeals are good for consciousness reduction in a harmonious condition. The sound can learn to use consciously.
082. (M. A. Y.). Under all conditions of contact concentration is necessary. The dispersion of thought or chaos will be an antipode of concentration. It under many forms can interfere in consciousness. Music, repetition of words, appeals or the whole set phrases help collecting of thoughts in focus. In it value of many ceremonies. Purpose concentrates their consciousness on a certain type of the phenomena and to stop wandering of thoughts. When concentration heart which is put in aspiration directs, the success is achieved then much quicker. For success in the statement of desirable quality it is good to concentrate in words, its expressing, them repeating a large number of times. It is better to choose first Teacher statements.
083. (Guru). Tactics of Adverse isn't always shown only in great causes. When the Teacher Wants to emphasize something, or to teach something, either any quality or strengthen. He often Resorts to this method. Anyhow imprint harm or destructiveness of this, or that shortcoming of consciousness. It is necessary to bring undesirable property to such force that its further continuation became absolutely inadmissible.
084. (Feb. 15). Opportunity – not achievement, but opening of ways to it. I demand not to load thought use. Necessary it is given without it. Where thoughts rotate about Me, they blossom, grow and move further. Thought not ephemeral something, but real force, - the thought united and merged with Me, powerfully creates. Names for the Highest are necessary to conclude Light in a form and that to limit the Phenomenon. But it is impossible to limit to a name or the name the one who under different forms and names everything Include them, Towering over them and in the Showing forms only a particle of. But through this form I can concern that behind a form is hidden and in a form can't hold. The highest expression of Light is without a form, - covers are restrictions. On the example of a dense body it can be understood. Already in a thin body the spirit is more free, even more – in a thought body, even more – in fiery and it is even more – in Light body.

085. (Feb. 17). Reduction of in a sublime condition not always works well. There are a lot of reasons for that. If only to imagine than and as the space around is filled! And all this anyway influences mentality and a human body, causing inevitable reaction. And still the habitual worker works in any weather and in any mood. And at rhythmical contact third-party influences are moderated sufficiently not to prevent habitual work. Yes! Yes! Process of Communication I Call of work, because his demands also tension and concentration, attention and a number of the corresponding actions. It is necessary to remember that tension of all organism during Communication is very great, and only for many years rhythmical efforts allowed to maintain this tension without prejudice to health and balance of an organism.
086. (Guru). So, about concentration, -if we can concentrate not for long on small, we can and on big and great. It is all about the training, a habit and understanding of that after a number of consecutive efforts results can't but be. Whether a little on what there is a wish to wander thoughts. At mentally ill people they wander without any control. Let's not assimilate. Organization and control over thinking certainly are necessary. It is a lot of things and questions over which life forces to think. It is possible to think of them, but it is no more than that, than they deserve. Having thought a question out and having made the decision, it immediately should be removed from consciousness and to replace with the following. The tiresome reflection about uneasy questions is caused by the notions of compulsion, the authorities which over consciousness can't give because they weaken and deprive of balance. It is necessary to learn to throw out all thoughts which presence is undesirable at present from consciousness. Mastering by thought means control over a body mental. Over thoughts it is possible to practice in an astral constantly.
087. (Feb. 18). My son, approach to Me obliges too much. These a lot of things are expressed in a number of actions, acts and thoughts, nobody ordered, but following itself from understanding of the phenomenon of Proximity. Someone needs rules and the instructions received from the outside. But there come the moment when the need in them disappears and the spirit of the pupil knows without any instructions how to arrive and in what form to express the behavior before people and before a space face. And when external expression will be in full accordance with internal and behavior before people and alone becomes identical and worthy, then it is possible to specify that the highest step of understanding is reached. Hypocrites, liars and deceivers don't understand that their all shifts only till time that in records of space all is depicted and all exists as not destroyed certificate of all acts of the person. A lot of courage is necessary that, without being confused to meet face to face all that the person during all the life made. Is in life of everyone much, than it is impossible to be proud and that there is a wish to hide from others. To avoid sharp shame and a shame at the time of disclosure when secret becomes obvious, it is necessary to behave constantly so that the light not to be ashamed neither before people, nor before space, before the Highest. To the one who overcame itself (himself) and I won, the past isn't terrible; it any more isn't blamed of it; burning a shame it is expiated by a victory, and the winner don't judge. The peel of a karma deprived of poison of influence, and dark enslavers of the power over the winner any more have no. Can't tell any more: "It ours because arrives as we". At a victory over and overcoming of chains of a shame scatter ashes and the winner freely goes further, already more not connected by karma of last fulfillments. That is why it is so essential a victory it is necessary. That is why it can reach Me only, the winner. That is why to a victory I Call.
088. (M. A. Y.). Why internal life is given so not enough attention when it causes Elevated stay. Life terrestrial is short. Thin existence exceeds it repeatedly. And that internal life which in a dense body was imperceptible and hidden, in thin receives the expression full and not limited to terrestrial conditions, and then all secret and hidden becomes too obvious and visible people around; and the benefit to the one who cannot be ashamed the light. And, if this light is darkness, as then?
089. (Feb. 19). (M. A. Y.). . Quality of constancy is especially valuable because at constancy We are sure firmly of in whom quality it was approved strongly. How many the best aspirations went out due to the lack of this quality? How many was lost the begun works. How many locks air in ashes scattered. It is correctly told that the best aspirations covered a way to a chasm. That is why quality of constancy is so appreciated by us. Constancy amplifies, becomes stronger and maintained by a rhythm. Where the rhythm is entered, results are unusual on the consequences and fruitful. In beat great force. If you want to reach it is immutable, a rhythm approve.
090. (Guru). Consider that if that didn't reach now, you will reach in the future by all means. The future is a field of achievements of the most impudent dreams. It is necessary only to remember that the all containing bosom of space represents itself as though a huge field on which crops grains grow and flush. Different grains happen and different shoots give, - from here, care of each grain. Life – crops time. And weeds too will give the shoots. Let's carefully sow then to be glad to future harvest.
091. (Feb. 20). Unmistakably to define the line of the behavior, it is enough to wonder only, whether itself Lord arrived. There can be It a criterion of all actions. As though It Arrived otherwise, here of what it is possible to raise a question in case of bewilderment. About imitation the Hierarch the thought isn't new, but its value from it isn't belittled. Who another can be the best example and an ideal, - worthy imitations. In it there is also known share of aspiration as attempt to assimilate to the Lord is dictated only by fire. It will help to acquire also solemnity and to keep spirit advantage in all cases of life. It is necessary to find, at last, that support which will be stronger than the rock. Any thought of the Teacher of Light doesn't remain fruitless, because thought of Light already lightful. While heart in a physical body fights, let this fight for the statement of Light in itself proceed. This phenomenon belongs to the category of actions, certainly useful. Each effort can be considered as grain of future consequences. Many efforts will give consequences much. The infinite series of constant efforts will give Light infinite at the end. But the end isn't present the chain of consequences goes to Boundlessness. Conscious, entry into area of infinite Light is more systematic and will be an approach way to the Hierarch.
092. (M. A. Y.). If the thought of the Lord is a contact to Light, the constant Image it in the third eye is a constant contact of Light. Constancy of pretending is full of the deepest value. Anyhow it is possible to moderate a vanity celebration that is darkness, - but vanity not from Light. In it strong Maya persisting survivability is expressed. It is necessary efforts and a lot of persistence, that internally opposite to a gray monster of daily occurrence much. But with thought of Light it is possible to cause this monster on fight. Its force if it successfully competes with Light isn't small. And how many it won and how many extinguished fires in the sticky embraces. Feat of introduction of Light in twilight of daily occurrence I consider not small. After all it means to bear through life the lamp, the Light not the kindly.
093. (Guru). To enter into a chain of Attendants of Light and to become its link – means to enter into collective of the Brotherhood both to become his member and to feel constantly behind the back the mighty force and support of this collective. Certainly, it demands understanding, or a feel. It isn't enough to enter into collective, it is necessary to grow together with it and to get used, become part it so that this communication became the integrally indissoluble. When the person speaks from himself is one when he speaks as the representative as the envoy of the great country is force, behind it all country, million people. In the same way and the one who realized that behind the back of it costs the Brotherhood, that has force not smaller, but big, than the envoy of the great country because power of the Brotherhood exceeds all forces terrestrial.
094. (Feb. 21). While whirlwinds rustle and there is a fight, in the depth of intimate essence of a microcosm there is the hidden process of registration of a fiery body. Only the Leader on fires of the revealing centers can judge the events. Also doesn't know the carrier of fires as far as it succeeded in the development. Light bearing it isn't visible, but is visible to us. The judgment about itself always will be wrong, difficultly as to judge what doesn't see eyes and that obviously isn't notable. One only can be told: you know neither day, nor hour when there will come the inspiration moment. You remember a touching narration how on the island there lived three, not knowing long prayers and glorifications and as they which have reached so many, lectures at the one who reached nothing looked for. And simple words were their appeal to the Highest: "Three we, three us, pardon us". They didn't know extent of the achievements, and it, however, to them didn't prevent to succeed in the statement of Light in itself. Therefore court about themselves we will provide to the Leader. He Sees and Knows and Rejoices to each effort on the correct direction. The provided story serves also as a reminder what to succeed and increase in Light it is possible and on the desert island. It is necessary to know only that Light isn't connected by place restrictions, both emptiness and a privacy don't disturb that this Light to flourish to all planet and all people. Each particle of Light brought in aura of a planet, disseminates darkness according to force of its vibrations and ennobles together with it and Earth. As well the thought has not local value, but spatial, and especially now when it doesn't remain about the person. I want to Emphasize more and more that has no value as well as where service to Light if it happens is made. If people don't see, don't feel and don't know, the space sees, both hears, and imprints in the Records.
095. (M. A.Y.). Here every day the certificate of is given that the thought directed to our heights, remains impregnated, and comes back, loaded with new stays. Whether miracle it? No, not a miracle, but action of the great Law of the accord strengthened by a rhythm. When the phenomena of the accord and a rhythm will enter into essence of the person and become the integral and strongly taken roots part of his nature, and after release from a body the rhythm and the accord will incur it further to with whom the accord was approved. Anything doesn't come to an end, but everything proceeds in Boundlessness where aspiration bridges are transferred. The end and limit for blind, for able to see them isn't present, as well as death.
096. (Feb. 22). Is ways of reduction of consciousness in a sublime condition much? One of them is music and singing. Since ancient times resorted to this method. The sound in general affects nervous system very strongly, - sound of a human voice – especially; each song, each melody, each symphony work differently. A lot of things depend on a vibration key of a microcosm. Everyone knows, which things influence it especially strongly and as. Solemn music and solemn anthems cause the corresponding mood. On tendency of the person to this or that music it is possible to judge him. Mentally causing from memory this or that motive, it is possible to adjust itself on a desirable harmony. As known deepening of concentration condition, when the caused melody starts sounding as such though it is reached sometimes, varying in different ways as, if the invisible orchestra starts executing the majestic symphony. The space is filled with unheard sounds. The composer hears them internal hearing, as something absolutely real. It is possible to plunge into this world of sounds silent and that to ennoble consciousness, tearing off it from Earth. Different ways exist to paralyze, or moderate terrestrial gravitations.
097. (M. A. Y.). The house of spirit is erected still during lifetime in a body to pass to it when a body will finish the existence. If it isn't present if the house of spirit is absent where then to direct and where to find a haven after release from a body. But the one, who attended about it in advance, quietly directs there where he got used to fly during lifetime in a body. The attraction is made automatically on the channel dug in space. Where thought, there and house. The house of spirit is under construction thought. That not is groundless dreams, but registration itself of the Elevated stay. Instead of huddling on cellars of the astral world, it is better to erect the stronghold closer to the Stronghold and in its spheres.
098. (Feb. 23). It is impossible to avoid fixed gate and passing of certain pieces of a way. And, if they are heavy and the consciousness protests against burdening, it is possible to help it only understanding that inevitable not to avoid. Not depend on will going that, what on the parties and that by his passes. But what there would be a way, it is possible to pass it quietly, without complaints and complaints, and simply doing that compels life, and knowing that "and it will pass". Many excessive tortures occur from self-torments. To what to be tormented about that, there will be something or won't be when in that and in other case all comes to an end. Inconveniences of lodging for the night at a long journey are too short that it was worth paying to them too much attention. Our care of travelers proceeds about the main thing, instead of about trifles. On mankind a lot of things aren't clear, and can seem that this Care is insufficient. But inevitability of tests isn't absence of Care. Internally it is necessary to accept their inevitability. Is useless to think that if were in other place, life would develop differently. Certainly, in other place and conditions would be others, but the relying portion of burdening by circumstances nevertheless should be worried in the same measure, though differently. It is necessary to pass through the tests planned by the Teacher, irrespective of desire going. And it is best of all to pass through them in balance of spirit, and it is best of all to take completely from them to what they teach, tests will take place, and experience remains. And that is heavy, so who from going to the Lord can tell that his way is easy. So, having armed with tranquility and courage, we will go through that the destiny gives us, believing on Us all consciousness and knowing that we Will not slowdown in case of the valid and urgent need.
099. (M. A. Y.). On a payment is and receiving. The destiny is fair. Who pays more than others, perhaps, staying in content and conveniences, that more and will receive. Difficulties and deprivations, from the point of view of commonness, are bad. But compare two: one, tempered by spirit on difficulties of life, and another, coddled by a hothouse situation. In identical living conditions usual the first will pass through it surely, quietly and victoriously, another – suffering and being tormented because the hothouse situation does the person unsuitable even to usual life. Therefore we will be glad to difficulties, obstacles, difficulties and burdening’s by circumstances, - otherwise spirit on them not to increase and of life not to overcome.
100. (Guru). When the consciousness is overloaded with personal cares and in them rolls, the horizon of visibility is narrowed and the prospect of reality is distorted. And then behind trees it is possible not to see the woods. The cloud of a dust of the present day a way won't cover the future. The future is, and even thunderclouds can't cover it if the consciousness, at least to any degree, is transferred to this future. There live only animals and the lowest wild tribes present. The person with the developed consciousness it is free or involuntarily lives future. But the pupil lives this future and directs in him consciously, fixing in him implementation of all the achievements and opportunities. The base of life is transferred by him to the future and is approved on it strongly.