Agni Yoga's facets, 1965

1965. 001. (Jan. 5). One must realize that in whatever state of mind you are a great plan for the evolution of living things remain the same, although the details and details it may vary due to expediency. A person can fall into despair or horror of hopelessness and close yourself in circle of doom, and yet for cosmic evolution from it does not change one iota. Likewise, the higher realms of light are not clouded by asphyxiating emanations of the lower layers, and the darkness did not defile the shining of the stratosphere. Temporary does not affect the eternal, though layers in it the best that gives to promote evolution. The darkness and the darkness of the Earth is only a small speck of dirt in the infinite Majesty of the cosmos. In the higher Planets is chaos and overcoming the forces of evolution, but there is no hierarchy of dark and darkness. In outer aspect of personal experiences a person as would the high they may be, is nothing if not from light.
002. (Jan. 6). "The wind comes back to square one", and not only the wind, but also waves of space go in circles, which in time becomes a spiral and brings a reflexive waves of similar phenomena. This is caused by the return of some impulses and influences, sometimes arising in the minds of living some time and again going somewhere. The ability sees these beautiful waves produced by skill and aspiration to refract them through the prism of beauty. You can redeem the beauty of waves from the depths of consciousness that has not yet been eliminated, but is subject to address as soon as possible.
003. (Jan. 8). When troopers tanks into an attack on the enemy, the enemy is seeking to cut off the paratroopers from the tanks. Likewise, the darkness was trying to cut off the student's consciousness of the Bishop, when the student goes to battle with the darkness and the disciple-avoid office thinking of Teachers. Order the Teacher to be together with him is inseparable. The order should be executed. Otherwise the risk is great. A lot of effort spends dark to divert thoughts from the main directions, and use the wide variety of baits designed for those or other weakness of the student. Their goal is just to distract. They diligently inflate each thought distracting to make it interesting and gaining self-consciousness. You should know and remember that anything that alienates or separates from the teacher, is inspired, supported, encouraged, and eats darkness. Their task is to inspire whispering thought allure.
004. (Jan. 9). There are times when you want to complete, concern, combining close minds among themselves in order to team up with a Teacher in the spirit. Only then you can gather enough strength to resist storms and vortexes as dense and the astral world. The Earth is sick, the elements were out of balance, the space is penetrated by antagonistic currents, and Brown gas poisons the atmosphere. Only through the power of the United hearts and minds can resist these disasters. This force of nature can only swallow and recover his balance. Need peace on Earth among peoples need peace between individuals, need to unite in a spirit of unity to the hearts of men. Disbalance natural conditions very clearly, might oppose him people, - enmity and of war? But the enmity and war can end in a giant explosion that will destroy the planet. On the unity of all in all should think before you can save the planet. Anyone can in that direction to do something, if only a little, but so strongly desired for the balance of the world. Even the two combined auras can work wonders.
005. If there is no unity in the spirit with Me, useless unity among yourselves. Head to unite must first unite with Me. But unity among people in My name, or overseers or sent Them always fruitful life. All the kind of togetherness are good but only if their goal is the common good, for each undertaking common good shared by us. The Manager can combine even ignorant, if a unity with himself a teacher of light.
006. (Jan. 13). The man knows what is good for the spirit and what is harmful, and knowing you harm continues. As the two continue to live in it and fight for dominance and power. How else to explain what impulses and desires, diametrically opposite, tearing his consciousness and form the two poles of coagulation thoughts of light and dark, pull towards you from the light or darkness. Assuming dominance and win the pole of darkness, what then can wait after Great borders? Under the law, "that bind on Earth will be bound in order, and aboveground. And who can help and save the free will of man carries his strong into darkness. But still, you know, because knowledge of the inevitable consequence of consonant with reason can stop it on the path of evil and look towards the light. Cannot justify reference to the fact that the evil in the world and that a lot of its evil or darkness are incomparable with anger and darkness conscious religious dark Hierarchy. Darkness in all aspects and types of stays for darkness, and approval of immersion into the spheres of consciousness thoughts no lighten that carry into the darkness, pulls it into astral funnels and spouts of evil from which escape may not have enough forces. Need to stay in good time, before it is too late. From unconscious cooperation with darkness and contact with it isn't so far and to the conscious. Any suggestions or links to anything can justify dipping into darkness suffocating thoughts consciousness of lower layers. Only the consciousness surrounding you with of light may come into contact with the light Teacher and follow him. Aspiration to the light and fight for him with the light really unites and claim victory over the darkness in ourselves.
007. (Jan. 14). The easiest way to avoid disarray is aware of an imminent change of membranes and that all external environment and conditions will change radically. I want to have this constant mindfulness has become an expression of nature and human behavior to all supervised. You can mentally more often to the point of transfer and liberation from what now troubles and clouds the mind. This will not be the departure from life, but only the knowledge of reality and a reminder of it; knowing more can move with ease, gaining more than not knowing. Will remember and know.
008. (Jan. 15). The thought of the Far Worlds, of Galaxies, of infinite space affects mentality as clearing shower or a bathtub, exempting consciousness from litter. Much of what busy people in everyday life, there is no place in outer space. From here the understanding that Earth is not suitable for the measurements of distant Worlds. The phenomenon of thoughts, they always directed otherwise than thought generalities. In addition, the thought creates the magnetic connection between the thinker and the object of his thought. This link is not visible, but nevertheless its effects on human power, elevating it. Concept of Boundlessness and infinite space life phenomenon only in consciousness of the person; the lowest forms of life can sniff it, but not be aware of. Awareness of same would incorporate people for life and enters it into the worlds of space, opening it untrammelled gave not only the visible universe, and cosmic thoughts. The essence of thought still is not enough. Too tie her to a brain, while a brain – only the device of terrestrial thinking. The idea also works when the brain falls asleep. The idea can work out a tight body. As granulation subtle energies, the thought is independent and can operate independently of the tight encirclement. It can operate independently, being sent into space. The thoughts have to say about the mysteries of the world of thought to tell. How can we forget that all human progress is determined by thought and that limits the development and refinement of thought does not exist?
009. (Aug. 1). Experience confirms that even in times of most powerful Earth spirit practical achievements of its approved application and application in practice, remain not greatly with him, all while not applied, all theoretical, abstract, albeit sincerely to profess and acknowledged, leaves it as it was before, one iota does not change its essence. Therefore, it is only applied in life thought gives specific investigation and changes and transfigures. The best books, the great thoughts do not help transform the person if they are not accompanied in life. Reading good books is good, if their content in of life implemented. All words, all the senses, all thoughts, all the best of intentions and inspirations are nothing if they are not translated into a number of vital actions. But the entire authorized person, in practice, the application remains with him forever, for he is part and parcel of property.
010. (Aug. 17). (Guru.). The main quality of a recognized student is constancy. It accompanies him with all the changes in the environment in which he lives. The disciple, who lost the qualities, ceases to be such. The Teacher can fluctuate and vary depending on external volatility, which is a constant companion of the incarnate life. Nothing that takes place outside, cannot affect his feelings to the Teacher or to reduce love to him. In the name of that love walked people at feat to torment, to death. In the name of her most serious they withstood the test. If you do not put the world dense with all its obstacles and hardships and allure’s below, and the Teachers are Teachers first, before they are walking. Our loving anyone or anything before It's worthy of leadership.
011. (March 1). The thought of Light, thought light connects to Light, thought dark, thought dared – to darkness. Uniting thoughts with darkness, the person connects himself with those who lives in darkness and eats darkness. Dark enslavers make many efforts that not only to extinguish light thoughts at those who has them, but also, having extinguished, to carry away the extinguished consciousness to the sphere and to seize of Self- rejection of darkness phenomenon in it because on the guard always and tries strong to increase ranks of free and involuntary employees of a gloom. This fight for human souls goes constantly, without stopping. The militant darkness is so active that seeks not to miss the slightest opportunity to do much harm anywhere and everywhere where only it is possible to do at least any harm. Having let in the claws, the crack expands to push still the bigger evil. How many consciousnesses are involved by this way in evil funnels? If not to weaken sharp-sighted attentiveness, it is possible to notice easily how, being stopped in one channel of influence; dark creatures immediately find another and try to make active it. There is a lot of them, and they it is constant on the guard, and it is very difficult to fight with them, if not phenomenon in this fight of not smaller persistence and not smaller constancy. To give or allow dark to seize the consciousness is means to be lost. Not those dared thoughts that sadden, and that send the person to the darkness power on worry to gloom spawns is terrible. It all negative qualities of spirit because represent itself association channels with darkness are very dangerous. Think of allure are the ropes binding beget to a chariot of dark enslavers. Each such thought is carefully inflated by them and painted by attractive, calling paints. But under each form of an allure is poison and sharp prickles of thorns. And when the seduction fog dissipates, there are only thorns and despair deceived dark the spirit, which has refused Light and compelled to stay in darkness, among her inhabitants dark.
012. (March 8). "I tell you these things, so that you have peace in me, in the world you will have tribulation, but take courage, I have overcome the world has overcome its (peace)." "What did you do to overcome a person?" so the center of gravity in the world to win and not peace overcome outside, but overcome it within himself, that is self-defeating. I have overcome the world by not having moved your finger in his protection. Won a world not struggling against him, but only by sending all the energies of the spirit overcome the old man in himself. And, thus, beating themselves, adopted the victory over world and darkness, - the darkness Won. Very difficult to understand and realize that the fight is not with you and with the world outside – it means a fight with the windmills. The victory did not reach the outside world ever, if not won it on you. The lever bridge carries over inside and attached to his essence that must be overcome in it and what must be approved by the victory. It says that the Kingdom of God is within you is, - and finding it inside itself, only an attainable. What shall it profit a man, if the whole world will win, and he will not overcome the economic? What is the use if it remains a slave himself, their foibles, weaknesses and vices? The victory over the world if, having dumped body, enters the world of the deprived of light-fire and becomes a victim of weak-willed vortices the astral and the captive of dark influences, because the outer victory over world and the acquisition will not give anything. How many of them, those tight stay in all his glory the Earth, but remaining poor in spirit and the Land empty and gone without savings, more negligible than the latest poor man!
013. (March 13). Even the magnet can be demagnetized in not the useful neighborhood, the more the magnet of the human spirit. Even Christ was removed in the wilderness, solitude, when the impact of surrounding became unbearable. Each aura on contact interacts with radiation of light and medium communicating vessels takes from him vital emanation. So long stay among people with radiation of low order cannot but affect negatively on the sophisticated aura. Not every impact environment, you can overcome a long time without harm to the body. Permanent loss of Lightful energies not always and not in all circumstances can be made without prejudice. And then comes the reaction in terms of that aura can spread, the lights fade and the light ceases to operate on transformation of the environment. These symptoms are very dangerous, because it stops movement of the spirit. Is the constant plundering of psychic energy? Great Teachers very suffered, taking on the burden of earthly incarnations. The impact of this world is very strong. A lot of courage and a lot of light one must have to say: "here comes the fearless Prince of this world has nothing for Me.
014. (March 14). Cain told: "Unless I am a watchman to My brother? » But it is Cain psychology. Each person not only the watchman or the guardian of other people, but also bearing responsibility for all, for all mankind irrespective of, he knows it or not, wants it or doesn't want. Each grief or the suffering caused to people will cease on caused it. It is necessary to pay for each action of this sort. Emanations of sufferings don't disappear, but remain in space, poisoning consciousnesses of sets. Smiles or grimaces of pain change faces of people under the influence of hidden spatial energy. And it is frequent the one, who got in life desirable, nevertheless it is deeply unfortunate because a grief and pleasure – property universal, and the person irrespective of the desire spatially divides them. From where inexplicable and causeless melancholy and weight on heart when, apparently, the personal reasons aren't present any. The best pay too, because light which in them, shines another, burdening giving heart. And how many they many suffering, were among the best people? Sowers of the evil and sufferings think from a payment to leave, but they really believe, what it is possible to deceive the Space Law when each evil action they put grains of the evil in own essence, doing own aura by a bearer of negative energy and a magnet of an attraction of darkness? Don't do to the neighbor of the evil – a wisdom precept. Wisdom knows and sees that the created evil finally is immutable strikes the evil-make, and from itself not to leave anywhere. Judas traitor was hung up, because weight of the perfect evil was intolerable, - but, having destroyed a body, unless it could destroy soul, doomed to seeing both again and again to endure horror of deeds. From itself not leave anywhere. Let at least the instinct of self-preservation will prompt to silent heart not to cause suffering to people, because it is necessary to pay heavy.
015. (March 17). It is necessary to pass through sufferings. Also it is necessary to pass and through an environment darkness when there is only one exit – up. All courage should be collected that not to descend from the Way. Attempts to take cover behind a board of illusive durability of the terrestrial conditions, seeming so desired, in the end result give nothing as lead to their destruction because everything is temporary that under the sun, and the death is inevitable for all – an old age, both death, and the end to the terrestrial vital fairy tale. And behind it a rich harvest of mental crops by the nature of the seeds put by thought in order that again and again to pass the lessons not learned in this life. Whether it is better to show understanding to the events and quietly and courageously to take the cross and to follow Me. Revolt against the Karma is useless because results doesn't yield, but only will make heavier tests. As is above, so is and below. As is in big, so is and in the small. Tell itself: The lord and will be your will. Certainly, properly there is a wish to tell: "Yes this bowl passes me". But thus it is necessary to add wisely nevertheless: "However and will be not as I want, but as You, the Lord". The formula of the Savior remains invariable for all times.
016. (March 24). Well, look at ourselves too, sometimes good, look Stern, harsh, hard-hitting, weighing all its bad and good quality and evaluating the required load you have to bear in the future. Experience shows that during tests from the depths of the spirit rising up all not gets rid and has different accounts on the right of existence in the mind and how it is barrier on the road. If the fundamentals are strong and firmly embedded in the nature of man, the way you can still continue, because of changing shells there is no escape and evolution with all of its features. But in fact the opposite pole of evolution would be involution of spirit, which can last for centuries, leading to the abyss and end corruption. It is necessary to think about the power of giving grain spirit, evolving on a programmed into them. Develops all gathered people in itself during its existence, weeds must be removed. They should not be given freely evolve; they can completely drown out good shoots. The choice depends on him. Free will remains prerogative. Everyone goes in the future, and wants to know where is the unmistakable spirit of that energy which it lays in its free will, choosing, maintaining and supporting those that are consonant it and close it more than others. The choice of energy or choosing "ways" in the future is entirely in the hands of man. Growth of weeds or tall weeds illustrates how lush can develop negative energy spirit.
017. Dropping a tight wrap, get creative spirit. Material for creativity is that there is a man with life on Earth. These savings are valuable and important. No material to build it. There is nothing to do, if poorly and lacked imagination in it, so the elements for creativity; writer, poet, artist, composer, work, drawing from his own savings. Similarly there: imagination can work, the poor is like a barren desert. Where thought and dream, and aspiration are human, there's nowhere to fly wings deprived. However, the wings of darkness can carry, but where to? The thought and the dream may be light, or white spotted wings.
018. Our holiday is the holiday spirit over flesh. Our day is the beginning of a new year and new beginnings. On the day of this life can begin to rebuild. Directing her energies toward the light, the thought of merging with everyone who also aspires to the light, you can find new strength in this mutual aspiration. The banner of peace, the banner of Evolution is the ultimate victory signs. About the banner of our unite all who from spirit and who knows about gets rid, the ultimate victory of light. Who's with us, he will win.
019. Naive to believe that, having opened a book of Teachings, once again the point is all of a sudden perfect. What was the nature of humans over many lives could not be suddenly changed from reading. Cases instantaneous insights are rare. Bright glowing, which happens to be in contact with the teachings of when breaking out the old buildup, temporarily and must be replaced by a phenomenon of harsh struggle for new improved spirit. The struggle is difficult tests, and from the depths of the spirit raises all that once was not yet resolved. Path of spirit is difficult. All, even very high spirits, strong, and not suffered avoided no one. Height and the power of the spirit is and the test. The crucifixion of spirit in matter is unavoidable for all Light of resentful wanting.
*020. Basics are of steadfast - fundamentals is in negate. Whatever was going around the bases, things cannot be destroyed. Relying on them mentally get through everything. Maya will be grim despair and hopelessness of the fight, but the basics are timeless, show that everything, even the temporarily the ghost of Maya, and that light, lying at the base of the Foundation may not be embraced by darkness, that is defeated, because Light is unbeatable.
021. (March 27). Not so much human wickedness as callous indifference to the suffering caused by others, and makes life difficult at times. All this will be recorded in a book, accumulating knowledge of human experience. When the time comes, all this is very useful in order to reduce the suffering in the world. Then it will be easier for people to defend from the consequence of callous treatment of small minds.
022. Life is a school. Every day brings something instructive. Pleasant or not, but if it teaches anything and gives experience and knowledge, we will be happy to multiply their opportunities. Either way, but in life one must go through. We will walk through it with dignity, without falling spirit and knowing that everything, even and it will pass. "
023. "Lord, Lord, who thou didst leave Me "-is also a formula of life, too, step testing, through, which must pass the spirit of striving toward the light. A lot of courage is necessary, that without having shuddered to pass this most difficult test.
024. (March 28). Wanting Light has it. The aspiration magnet works. But if Light is replaced by a gloom – the magnet of dark desires started working. Seldom who consciously addresses in darkness. But to demagnetize aspiration, dark which it is constant on the guard, throw and create such conditions when the consciousness distracts from the main thing and disseminates of energy on affairs ordinary, into them plunging. The discontent, small difficulties, small employment, or the inevitable tests which successfully haven't been overcome, not gets rid desires of last fulfillments envelop spirit vanity usual and aspirations of Light and aspiration to Light replace with aspirations usually every day. But the darkness on call to throw pebbles on which it is so easy to slip, and if patrol is weakened, imperceptibly and gradually the darkness creeps, throwing an ignorance cover over reality of invisibly inner world. The person sees that he wants. The unwillingness of Light excludes it. But Light always is. Demons especially annoy at the moments of test and when fires hang, strong direct on fluctuating consciousness. But without tests it is impossible as experience strengthens consciousness and does it strong. Only experiment will show as it is dark without the Lord. Only Light admires force and by fight is approved. Weakness isn't necessary. The middle aren't present – either to win, or to be lost.
025. (March 29). Life directs up to depression and thinning dense in the thin. All that promotes it is evolutionary, everything that interferes and counteracts, – from darkness. Let's distinguish so, where advance and where regress. It is impossible to connect a rough to thinning. Thinning and spirituality are inseparable. Delicacy and luxury isn't thinning and spirituality isn’t. It is difficult even to imagine as far as the people who are so similar externally in everything can differ. It would seem, the same hands, feet, hair, muscles, but after all a wooden block and the rarest violin can be from the same material. But there are no strings and a fine finish and there is no harmonious combination of components. Are indignant at difficulty and severity of vital tests, but them will be refined the organism and becomes aggravated a susceptibility of the centers. Process happens not for the sake of the present, but for the sake of the future. Everything that it is necessary to undergo to all live, it is made for the sake of evolution of the spirit-monad concluded in each evolving form of life. Will tell: Whether "The payment" isn't too great? Answer: "On a payment and receiving, and result"; the law of compensation, or balance commensurate. The mankind future shining and its greatness go to Boundlessness. The future and the present are incommensurable.
026. (Guru). Essence of activity of the going Arhat not that round him there are events or the phenomena, which wish or admirers and followers expect him, and that fire of its spirit sates spheres around and consciousness’s and hearts suitable are lit by an impulse of evolution and spiritual aspiration. It – awakening sleeping, it – to light calling, and it – an indicating way.
027. (March 30). Each section of a body exists and is live communication with all organisms as with the whole. It is enough to be broken this communication – and the section dies. The mass of dead sections constantly jumps out of system. And the person can become lifeless spirit, die spirit and be a part of Space litter which jumps out of an evolution stream as superfluous. The spirit is living the communication with whole, with a life source. Christ Redeemer Deli people on live and on dead, Having told: "Provide dead to bury the dead persons, you follow Me". The dead consciousness cuts itself from a source feeding it which is the center real, or Life Focus. This Focus Space Energy is eternal. This Focus of Light and Life is Hierarchy Focus.
028. It is very difficult to combine in consciousness and to counterbalance Space and terrestrial, Eternal and personal, Enduring and passing, but it is necessary. And then the small human truth will light up with sense space and will acquire the right to life as part and expression eternal in the temporary. Everything then in usual human existence will receive to itself a place in the general scheme of things and will be comprehended. In Space expediency reigns; even existence of herbs and flowers submits to it and is caused by it, and furthermore human life. The understanding of appointment of the person and combination of this understanding to expediency of his life on a planet can give it so necessary balance between eternal and temporary and will allow it to realize temporary as an inevitable way in eternal, that is as the bridge in Boundlessness. The spirit is eternal, grain of spirit eternally, but all its stratifications, all covers of the spirit, all shapes which it is given, are process of continuous change and increase of elements entering into them. At eternity of grain of spirit all other, its investing is ardent aspect of continuous changes and increase of the stratifications investing this grain.
029. (March 31). It is told: the dream of death is similar. But who says that the death means a non-existence. The death is life, but in a thin condition. The spirit doesn't die and can't die. Change of covers, more precisely, release from a physical body, means existence continuation in the conditions of the Thin World. Therefore both the dream and death can give the chance of conscious stay out of a body. The dream is given to the person for a contact with the Thin World and restoration of forces, from there the undertaking. The person dies without a dream because then inflow of forces of life stops. In the same way and the death gives the chance to the person to return again to Earth with a new stock of fiery energy which runs low to a certain extent before the death phenomenon. It is required to order very much life and thinking before so-called dreams will get sequence and symmetry and will enrich mind with thin perceptions. Dying, Arhat keeps not interruptibility of consciousness. In the same way it is possible to keep it and in a condition of a dream.
030. (Guru). Even if waking consciousness, and does not preserve the memory about impressions of night, yet the overall tone of the perceptions, although not realized, greatly affects the person, giving him the right direction and reserve strength for daily existence. One must learn to understand the nature of these subtle impressions.
027. (March 30). Every cell of the body exists and is a live link with the entire organism as a whole. Enough to disrupt this connection – and the cell dies. Mass of dead cells permanently ejected from the system. And a person can die in spirit, the spirit of to become lifeless and Outer join litter, which ejected from the flow of evolution as superfluous. The spirit is living the communication with whole, with a life source. The Savior of the people to Share the living and the dead, saying: "Let the dead bury their dead, you just follow Me." Dead consciences cut off oneself from the supply source, which is the center of being, or the focus of life. This Focus Cosmic Energy is eternal. The Focus of light and the life is the focus of the Hierarchy.
028. It is very difficult to combine in the mind and balance the Cosmic and earthly, eternal and personal, Timeless and fleeting, but need to. And then a small human truth came to sense space and will get their right to life and the expression of the eternal in time. All normal human existence then will get a place in the overall scheme of things and will be processed first. In space there is feasibility. Even the existence of herbs and flowers for her and it is subject, much less human life. Understand what human and blending the understanding that his life on the planet can give him the necessary balance between the eternal and the temporal and will enable it to realize temporary as an inevitable path to the eternal that is like a bridge to infinity. The spirit is eternal, grain spirit is eternal, but all his accretions, all shells of spirit, all forms, in which he was disguised, are a process of constant change and growth of their constituent elements. When grain spirit eternity everything else it give him an ardent aspect is the incessant changes and stratifications, the trick is to increase grain.
029. (March 31). It is like death sleep. But who says that death means nothingness. Death is life, but in the small State. Spirit never dies and die cannot. Replacement membranes, more accurately, liberation from the physical body means the continued existence of the subtle world. So the dream and death can give the possibility of conscious of staying outside of the body. Dan the man sleeps with a delicate touch peace and recuperation, taken from there. People die without sleep, for then stops flow of life force. Similarly, and death gives a person the opportunity to again return to Earth with the new supply of fiery energy that keeps on giving to a certain degree before the phenomenon of death. Want to really sort My life and thinking before so-called dreams will acquire consistency and harmony and enrich mind subtle perceptions. Dying, Arhat saves the continuous of the consciousness. Similarly, you can save it and able to sleep.
030. (Guru). Even if waking consciousness, and does not preserve the memory about impressions of night, yet the overall tone of the perceptions, although not realized, greatly affects the person, giving him the right direction and reserve strength for daily existence. One must learn to understand the nature of these subtle impressions.
031. (M. A. Y.) The spirit crucifixion in a matter is understood a little. On a cross of life the spirit for life overcoming goes to bat. Life is meant as complexity of its external phenomenon, but not an eternal pulsation of immortal grain of the spirit being aspect of the never-dying eternal principle of Space Life. Therefore the phenomenon of life can be considered in its two-faced phenomenon. The spirit goes to bat on a cross of temporary, passing life to be approved in achievement and understanding of life enduring, eternal, space.
032. (Guru). We insist on quality of constancy and invincibility. Firmness is necessary, that opposite instability and variability of a dense environment and spatial chaos. Firmness of spirit is quality without which to go but it is impossible for the Way.
033. (Apr. 2). Resistance of the environment is an indispensable condition of advance of spirit – a perfect analogy to plane movement. Resistance it increases in process of increase in speed. Laws of mechanics are applicable and in the field of spirit. It is necessary to rise highly to reduce this resistance but then the engine has to become fiery. Movement is made directly by a flame. In a fiery body flights on very far distances become possible. But the most difficult is to come off Earth. Terrestrial gravitations are very strong. Many threads should be cut off before the spirit will receive freedom. The one Who Told: "My other-worldly kingdom", – communications with Earth finished. But, Earth having come off, it is impossible to leave Earth, and, having come off, it is possible to love both people and a planet and in readiness to be and I smother also a body to give on service to people. That narrower the highest step of an eminence of spirit and its separation from of Earth. Only to the spirit finishing terrestrial evolution, these heights are available. The separation from Earth gives the chance of Space flights when the Distant Worlds become conscious reality and life of spirit goes far away from Earth.
034. (Guru). The savoir vivre is acquired by experience. The burden of an apprenticeship from time to time is almost intolerable because experience by time happens is very bitter. The root of experience is bitter, but its fruits are sweet, – it is so possible to tell, paraphrasing an old school saying. The person knowing life, the highly experienced traveler – is the one who tasted bitterness of life enough. It is paid much, but on a payment and receiving.
035. (Apr. 3). If to look back on the past, it is possible to notice how the consciousness entirely plunged into a situation surrounding it and lived this environment. By analogy it is easy to imagine that upon transition to the Thin World the consciousness will entirely plunge into it and the terrestrial environment will cease to exist for the person. That around, becomes reality for consciousness. The consciousness changes depending on external influences. Vibrations terrestrial will leave; they will be replaced by vibrations of the Hidden World. Perception bodies will change also. Fancies and the other thin educations which aren't seen nowadays to an eye will become visible, instead of the terrestrial. Transport terrestrial there isn't necessary because moves thought. Mental energy replaces with itself mechanical force. All environment of the person is substantially created by his thought or thought is attracted. Ability of mental creativity is found by all, but on consciousness and extent of its development and features. Everything necessary for extraction of spatial energy that is for life the person bears there with himself and in himself. External conformably reacts to impulses and aspirations of spirit. The person as though creates the world as a result of the creative impulses born in its microcosm, and reaps the fruits of the aspirations. Has to what its essence, realize in forms the thought directed in creativity aspires. The magic staff – in hands of everyone, and all variety of human characters and accumulation creates a version of an individual environment and the spheres corresponding to everyone and being already byproducts of collective creativity of conformable consciousnesses.
036. (Apr. 4). Pictures of radiations, that are auras, will allow finding secret "dygpa" which can harm on a wide range. It is necessary to neutralize these opponents of evolution because the harm done by them is great. At the slightest danger to be revealed they hide claws, and only eyes give out. Over all enemies there are enemies of mankind who can be among all segments of the population, is perfect irrespective of whom they represent or as they are called or to what belong. That also is dangerous that hide under the most plausible names. Pictures of radiations will unmask these carriers of darkness, and one more type of the evil on Earth becomes less.
037. (Guru). To be left all – very severe test. About value of loneliness it was already spoken. It is impossible to be approved in power of a protecting network, without having passed through it. People got used to be in herd, but Tops stand alone and are open for whirlwinds of the Distant Worlds.
038. (Apr. 5). Many times We had to observe the instability phenomenon in the approached. Than it is caused? First of all is insufficient degree of trust. "Everything is good, we trust everything, but give proofs and repeat them everything in a bigger and bigger measure". Not heart is trusted by fluctuating consciousness, but to eyes, forgetting that the mirage seems eyes. All trouble that external proofs, being given, change nothing. They as an anesthesia, demand all the time of increase in a dose. It is worth remembering only, how many signs were given in due time, and still the abundance couldn't approve them in a due measure of trust. Especially undermine not approved consciousness of test. But they are inevitable. Also it is necessary to pass through everything, without losing trust. Imagine that would be with heroes and devotees of the past if at commission of Great Making they would lose the trust to the Leader and plunged into the bog of doubts and fluctuations which inevitably arise behind trust loss. Evidence shouldn't shake it. The recognized pupil, as though difficult there were circumstances, will tell: "The Maya, recede, I know that the Lord and his hidden Presence not greatly, because with me It always" is unchangeable.
039. (M. A. Y.). And still Earth and its attractions it is necessary to come off so that inclination didn't disturb flights. After all it is possible to have everything, both to own everything, and to surround itself with conditions lovely to heart, but at observance only one – not to become attached to anything and nothing to consider. The permissiveness measure depends on this only condition. Everything is permitted, but only for the consciousness, which hasn't been connected by legal conditions, - but where they owning everything, but not considering what own. We see slaves to property, habits, passions and various weaknesses of spirit. Where they overcome in and exempted from the power of conditions over spirit? Where they?
040. (Guru). And still the victory can be reached if to repeat to itself constantly that "even it" – good and bad, pleasant and unpleasant, lovely to heart or not – inevitably "will pass". Yes! Yes! Will pass, will pass, will pass as passed irrevocably everything that was earlier as will pass also all that is and that will be. But there will be a spirit, the witness of the phenomena of the current hour. It isn't enough to understand, it isn't enough nobility, it is necessary that understanding it entered into a flesh and blood and into all covers, as a basis of evolution of spirit, which over everything, and only he is a witness to everything that around and out of it occurs. Not temporary we, but boundless, and all temporary – only dreams of the terrestrial and Thin World, and enduring – only fiery reality of the Fiery World which is the spirit homeland where he received the granulation.
041. Solomon, Apollony Tiansky, Akbar and others had everything of what I could dream and that to wish people. The irrevocably measure was given them by destiny in full compliance with extent of dismissal them from Earth and freedom from terrestrial gravitations. Everything, because considered nothing had, and could arrive as wanted, because were in good spirits are free.
042. (Apr. 6). The statement of truth in the face of evidence dense, truth not showing, demands the unprecedented hardness, courage and inflexible confidence of a final celebration of Light and its Hierarchy. The future of mankind is the sphere within, which everything will be, approved brighter and brighter the Truth of Space Truth. But the present is still far from it. Fight between Light and darkness goes for the statement of the Space Truth which is defined by laws of evolution Real. That is and that will be, incommensurably, - from here a gap between darkness of the present and Light of the future. Only the consciousness can throw bridges through this gaping abyss. Key from future realization is in consciousness. Nothing can advance mankind in evolution, if the consciousness doesn't permit. Therefore expansion of consciousness is the most essential problem of a present situation. Ideas of the future eyelid are widely scattered on Earth face. Barriers to distribution of mental waves don't exist. It is necessary only those consciousnesses of people were widely open for their perception and that denials didn't disturb. Evolution moves forward. Ignorance barriers to it put dams. But the spatial thought will sweep away them, and gleams of new understanding of life is wide phenomenon on open spaces terrestrial. Each counteraction finally will be distraught its antithesis. The opposite pole of the phenomenon only amplifies these counteractions to world progress; darkness, itself that without wishing causes to manifestation those powerful forces of evolution, which will break darkness. From height of our Towers main currents of life are clearly visible and it is visible as light streams of an evolutionary stream make the way everywhere that over time to cover with the light all planets. We See.
043. (M. A. Y.). The silence of silence isn't rest, but extreme tension of spirit. The tranquility tension, tension fiery – we so will call it. Externally it can seem rest because it isn't expressed in randomness or a wave of hands. Reserved mighty strength of mind is in tranquility tension. There can't be violent force. Restraint brings together her, that is constrains. And it is possible to call tranquility the collector, or the store, forces; as water can't be collected and saved up without a dam, it constraining, so fiery force of mental energy without control and without restraint can't be saved up. Restraint, tranquility, intense tranquility or tranquility of tension is mighty stores of forces. Conscious, reserved silence is the phenomenon of the same order. Silence – the store of fiery power. But even it is necessary to keep silent skillfully. Silent stub perhaps example of that silence to silence discord.
044. (Guru). When the darkness comes and is very active, it isn't necessary to spend mental energy for complaints, discontent and unnecessary words. Force is wasted not only words, but the same thoughts. If to waste force in vain, there will be nothing to meet energy of darkness. Concentration can help to surround itself with a strong armor and to lift a sparkling sword of spirit. For a successful antagonism the darkness should show concentration of all strength of mind because to your force Teacher to apply maybe the force. But that It can put and how to protect if instead of a spirit armor a wet muslin and dissoluteness from dark thinking.
045. Formula "to the having it will be given, and that has" will be taken away from not having also comprises deep practical value. That to catch fish, networks are necessary; that to bring water – a bucket; that to receive gifts of spirit – vessels, for them reserved and brought with itself. To receive the help Forges the Highest, it is necessary to have that, in what to receive them that are a certain condition of spirit which grants the right. It is possible to call it belief, trust, confidence, firmness and many other words expressing a certain condition of spirit which serves as a powerful magnet for sent over energy. It is necessary to have or create by all means that, in what the Highest help flows. How to help if there is nothing? When Asked: Whether "You believe? « – I Meant the principle of an acceptability that was in what to give and to what to put.
046. (Apr. 7). To beginner tell: Whether "You present all difficulty of the Way to Boundlessness? » The end isn't present. Each thought and each action on this way are a chain stretched in the future, not having end. The chain of actions creates the stream of individual life merging with a stream of Life of Space as its continuous part. It would seem, the thought which has flashed in consciousness and right there forgotten, but thought is small doesn't die both once and somewhere on this infinite way to the future it will bear a fruit. It would seem, action small, too soon forgotten, but its karmic consequence doesn't come to the end with it, but too goes to Boundlessness, on a chain of uninterrupted causality. It is necessary to fill with consciousness inherence of the future and its close connection with the present in which it is created. The spirit has the life out of time, but exists and is shown in time, in temporary and final covers. Being shown in time and knowing the inviolability, it can throw the most distant anchors of actions and thoughts in the future and consciously to create this future on an infinite tape of the individual manifestations. Milestones of the long journey stepping sides of many embodiments are placed as though. And it is possible to consider every instant lives terrestrial as a mortgaging of consequences for the far and close future. Nothing vanishes completely, but everything brings the consequences in strict accordance with the generating reason. In the causality world in which their lives the person, one causes another and one follows from another always. Also it is possible to pay special attention to a conscious transmutation of the created reasons. The chain of causality can't be destroyed, but to replace links with more valuable metal possibly. This replacement we will call a transmutation of the elements which are a part of substance of a chain. In the world of causality everything has the antithesis, or an opposite pole of manifestation, and replacement of a link of a chain is made on the line or the direction of related contrasts of the transmitting phenomenon or property. So, the ardent aspiration to activity destructive can be replaced with activity creative that is polarity change. And power of strong spirit can be turned for the Benefit. But the pettiness and weakness won't give anything, except Space litter.
047. (Guru). What to do? Quietly go, without changing a step rhythm. The spirit is indestructible, both the dark rack and their novices won't succeed; but let they will think and that these novices prepare for themselves in the future.
048. (Apr. 8). Counteraction surrounding valuably that only on it, on its overcoming strength of mind can grow. If something disturbs and strong doesn't give in to efforts of will, so the spirit has to increase in the force still. Increase of spirit needs counteractions. The principle of growth of forces on counteraction is universal. More and more it is necessary to strain spirit in overcoming of obstacles. A lot of things should be ordered in itself that action became crystal-clear, that is its departure was made by pure fire. Let's tell action in irritation isn't effective. Action in chagrin, despondency, fear, rage, discontent, envy, avidity, jealousy, doubt and in all other negative emotions of an astral can't be strong though externally and rage explosion can seem to that, for example, - all this sphere of the lowest fires. It is necessary to collect force of pure fires in the microcosm.
049. (Guru). Successfully to pass test, at all it isn't required to achieve success in external circumstances, but it is required to achieve that condition of spirit without which all external successes are destroyed. The formula of spirit remains invariable: that wins all who will manage to win against itself.
050. (Guru). At each blow from the outside first of all it is required to restore or establish balance. It is victoriously possible to work only in balance. Therefore the darkness tries to discompose, first of all, you, - in its sense of all its shifts. And only having discomposed, they throw the poison. At a not break of balance or restored quickly enough poison is invalid. It is neutralized by force of fires of balance.
051. (M. A. Y.). The past comes to life in meetings gets rid. Details don't arise in consciousness, but feelings which don't die, live and strong phenomenon in relationship. So, feelings of love and hatred endure centuries. And the meeting with the tried friend much gives pleasures. Meets also passersby, on the spirits connected by threads of love, devotion and fidelity much, by never pass, without having left again a scar and without having strengthened the basis for an inevitable meeting and in the future. To each kind meeting we will be glad. Much useful supervision can be taken from life if to aggravate vigilance, attentiveness and understanding of singularity.
052. (Apr. 10). The centers at an impious, a discredit, and the drunkard or at the person filled with rage and other negative energy can't reveal. Full clarification of all covers is necessary, a certain mode and a food are necessary.
053. (Guru). To reconcile spirit is means courageously and with firmness to accept the karma, the cross, and, despite its weight, to follow That Who Called, without doubting and without showing fear. In its law, that is all sense of an evolutionary way. "Take the cross and follow Me" – too a life formula for all times which were, is and will be.
054. (Apr. 11). Spatial империл it is very infectious. People don't suspect as far as they depend from each other. Emanations of feelings are transferred invisibly, - and difficultly sometimes to be protected. The pupil in the world inevitably undergoes from roughness and discontent of people. The feat of execution of Light is especially heavy among usual conditions terrestrial.
055. (M. A. Y.). There is no such obstacle which mental energy couldn't overcome. But why then circumstances insuperable are quite often created? The reason of failure should be looked for in itself. Direct impact of will on a matter or on the person is very limited for ordinary people, it should be understood. The sphere of possible influence should be distinguished from the impossible. Each will has the ceiling, and each use of force of mental energy has the limit.
056. (Guru). For successful action of mental energy it is necessary to have it. It can't be had without having saved up. Most of all it is spent by chatter. Told word everyone in vain – as the valve open the boiler in which steam is lifted. Let's establish control of.
057. (Apr. 12). Our help and protection – within free will, that is We protect, it without breaking. And it isn't always easy or simple. Often free will attracts to delusions or mistakes and indulges not gets rid weaknesses. And then the dark exercise the wit especially strong that to carry away free will aside, and the main thing to separate thinking from Us. It is correctly noticed – tension and revelry of darkness are so strong that it is necessary to clothe in an incessant prayer. The thinking office, or oblivion and interrupt an incessant memory about Us, is immediately used dark to throw the next attempt and an evil-shift. For this purpose they use all and everything that is possible, to insects, mice, and cats inclusive, not to mention people and circumstances. Therefore the constant memory of the Teacher becomes necessary. How many troubles and burdening’s could be avoided if the constant memory was approved. But experience shows that it isn't so easy to carry out at all as it seems. The effort for the statement of the Teacher in the heart has to be constant. Then it will be easier to protect to us because in this case always there will be that, in what we Can Send the Beam and the urgent help. Presence of the Face at consciousness means existence of elements of Light, which carrier is the Face, and then is to what to apply our Force. The sieve of water full of holes won't hold, and furthermore consciousness full of holes – Light. Through holes and cracks the darkness gets, and deduction of Light becomes impossible. Board Yak I Send, but hold it. Here the darkness surrounded, where an exit? Rescue where? Only in M is. But it is necessary to hold Me strong, every minute it is always constant, instead of on mood. It is necessary to understand at last – or I, or darkness. There can't already be an intermediate condition between darkness and Light because it causes swaying. Time is especially strained. Incompleteness and half measures will give nothing. It is necessary strong and forever in Me to be approved. Certainly, new efforts to be approved in pretending and the Face will cause new rage of servants of darkness, but I Speak about rescue when already another nothing will help. I will help, I Will help, but given the chance to Help also you without restrictions, precisely and full-heard observing the Decree My.
058. (M. A. Y.). Prevention in medicine is understood quite correctly, but in the field of spirit understanding it is absent. Ask for the help when harm is already done instead of applying prevention of a spiritual order and to claim such condition of consciousness when everything, even the most ardent, attempts of darkness break about the protective protecting network sated and strengthened by the Beam sent to it is constant. Dark arrows will rush about still, but the board of Light lifted by a strong hand, won't pass any. At the moments of relative rest when it seems that everything is well, especially it is necessary to strengthen vigilance and especially strongly to hold a continuous communication with the Teacher. Late to appeal about the help when the blow is already struck rashness or calm. Prevention of spirit is now necessary, more than ever.
059. (Apr. 13). The past is concluded in the present as a result of last reasons. The stream of a matter going from the past in the present to the future, we don't interrupt. The past in the present is one of its aspects. But the past, besides, always exists in Akasha's rolls. It is the second aspect of the past. In the same way and the present, in the form of the created reasons, forms the future and exists already in it. It, the future, is immutable is created by the present and past reasons. Those reasons, or grains of future realization, which are seeded by us in the past for achievement of absolutely certain results, exist and can't be destroyed and should give the consequences foreordained by us. Therefore the Great Plan of transformation of your planet can't but be realized. It is very important to note sharp-sightedly consecutive steps of implementation of the reserved fairy tale. Correctly noted feeling of iron inalterability of implementation in time of our decisions; their nobody's will, if of Will the Me says that term came can't stop to come to light to this, or that phenomenon conducting to the future foreordained by us. Usually last in its visible and invisible aspects in the present don't feel, don't recognize and don't see, but it is. In the same way don't see also the future, which already exists and it is made out in the present. Don't see also those steps of systematic sequence which conducts in the gets rid future. But We Speak and we Claim contrary to evidence dense that not to stop a stream of evolution by any measures, any efforts of the old, leaving world. The statement of the New World goes according to terms that are space living conditions of your planet. We Created the base for creation of the New World and a wall we Put up, and construction our, directed in the future, already exists as a Stronghold created by us in the past, as the fiery reason of its immutable and foreordained implementation already in dense forms. This future already is in the present, but is yet visible to an eye, in its pledge of its execution and guarantee of our decisions. Performers of our decisions, our envoys bring to the world notification about the immediate tasks of evolution that the sword dividing Earth into the world New and old, could sparkle and to be visible brightly to all that people could adjoin already consciously this or that and consciously support darkness or Light. Great division of mankind goes deep, and spirits belonging to Light and darkness gravitate to Light and darkness poles strong to decide the fate forever. Madness of the darkness, which has risen in defense of the old world, we won't be confused. The darkness will devour itself and with itself will pull on a bottom of all henchmen of the leaving world. The old world is condemned, because We on the party of the New World.
060. Force causing a consequence of the reason, depends at most and tension of the fiery energy enclosed in it generating it consciousness. Our Sent, owning fires of the opened centers, possess ability to create or create such reasons which for accuracy it is best of all to call fiery spatial grains. Not so much in external actions this invisible power, how many on the plan hidden comes to light. These reasons generating far-reaching consequences don't run low in time, but bring results in full accordance with force of fires put in them on the plan of visibility dense. The darkness can't destroy these mental grains of the reasons because for this purpose it is necessary to show the big force of fires, on what the darkness isn't capable. Therefore grains will give shoots, but in fixed time.
061. (Apr. 14). One tantrum can burn through wires, and some time for restoration is required. At repeated and frequent flashes the wire ceases to work because restoration doesn't keep up with a burn through. It the irritation in the pupil is especially dangerous. Senselessly it and is aimless as has no anything positive and reaches the result opposite to what the being irritated person would like to reach. Weak or sore nerves not a justification for irritation because much even ordinary people aren't allowed by irritations, despite weak nerves. It isn't nerves, and in a condition of consciousness. Certainly, nerves it is necessary to treat, but first of all to order consciousness. Difficult? But who says that is easy. Especially the harmonious condition of spirit as a counterbalance of a randomness of darkness is necessary.
062. (Guru). Before going to the Lord inevitably has to arise and there are an incalculable number of various obstacles, both from within, and from the outside; if to stop before everyone, or because of everyone to grieve how to reach? Exit one: to go, without stopping before one and without looking at one. After all the way lays not outside, but in the spirit of, - and therefore all obstacles – Maya terrible deception. The spirit can't stop anything because there are no such circumstance, which could stop advance of the spirit which has realized that following on the way is no other than a known condition of consciousness which can be made absolutely not dependent on everything that outside, and everything that disturbs inside.
063. (Apr. 15). The darkness raves. And therefore against you raises that you with Us. Strong you stick to me these difficult days. By thread of heart be kept only. Except it is anything. All being strain it to strengthen and to strengthen. Time for it don't regret. The hard time will pass. Light will be obviously visible to all. But it is still very dark. Friend, keep! Now heroism of spirit is necessary, more than ever. In the Great Patriotic War great heroism was shown by the great people in fight against the visible enemy of your Homeland; heroism in order that it to show in fight against invisible enemies, who are very active, is now necessary. Behind each visible potential or obvious enemy there is an invisible enemy, - their whole hordes. Hordes hellish directed home yours and inspire enemies of all colors hidden and obvious. But the Homeland will resist and in this fight and will be victorious. The darkness comes, but Light ahead.
064. (M. A. Y.). Terrestrial evidence has too the logic. And this logic is very strong. It is so strong, what even from time to time overcomes logic of spirit. And even repeated efforts to approve the last not always help. Means, it is necessary to go on more and more, without ceasing, to go on to itself about it until false evidence won't recede and won't take the real place. Often it is necessary to observe how the person, standing one foot in a grave, so is under a delusion with evidence that it is possible to think as if hopes to live one hundred more years, - it everything logic of evidence. It is logic deaf and blind, not seeing the sun. Heraclitus, the ancient Greek philosopher, who has proclaimed a formula "everything flows", approved by this formula logic of spirit, - that is of reality.
065. (Apr. 16). I will remind of the irreparable. The insult of Hierarchy is irreparable. The one who at least time consciously went against Hierarchy, prepared for a heavy fate. Then they repent. But whether the repentance if the person lost even a finger will help, the finger won't grow again. As and the torn-off thread won't connect. Among our enemies – there are a lot of them which have torn off a thread of communication. These consequences not so the obvious on Earth, how many in Worlds Aboveground where the separation of Light from darkness creates an impassable abyss between poles. Laws of an attraction of focuses of Light and darkness should be understood well.
066. (M. A. Y.). You have to meet Us strong and won. Forces are multiplied only on counteraction and in fight. It is necessary to become spirit so strong to rise and become stronger than all phenomena, aspiring to break power of your spirit. Fight is necessary as means power of Light to strengthen in itself. Don't complain about severe fight and burden of the present day. All of us see everything we know and a minute of the valid need a hand we will give you to support for now you fight strong, in tension of all forces in me to approve Luminous intensity and Proximity of the Lord.
067. (Apr. 17). (Guru). Demons everyone should pass a annoy step. Communication of two worlds is so close that guests from the Thin World are constantly pounded close. These visitors very kind, and all embodied anyway also is usually not known for itself make with them contact. Pupils are in special situation because are objects of attention strengthened from dark. Very much these dark creatures in various tricks and shifts with the purpose to distract the pupil from the chosen way exercise the wit. In general people make many acts under suggestions, both good, and bad. These suggestions go as from the dense world from live incarnate, and from one incarnation. But the pupil is exposed to special attacks, because on Light, in its lit, fly not only moths, but also dark creatures. Certainly, if could and it would be allowed them to destroy the power, would destroy long ago, but freedom of their actions is strictly outlined by certain opportunities and therefore they are limited to that all measures annoy and harm As extent of protection against them the continuous communication with the Teacher serves. Demons annoy without an exception to all attendants of Light. And even the Stronghold doesn't remain without their attention. Certainly, they can harm, but stop Light way to the pupil possible becomes for them only in case of separation of thinking of the pupil from the Teacher or in case of falling away and withdrawal. It isn't necessary to be afraid of demons are the same people, but dumped a dense cover. At times happen live people, but fallen under obsession of darkness or easily giving in to dark suggestions thanks to malignancy of own nature are more dangerous. These can harm especially strongly, and it is difficult to stop them, because it is difficult to remake their spiteful essence, but also here protection – the Teacher. If with protection It doesn't hurry – means, something very useful can be taken on the Way from collision with darkness.
068. Understand, native that if here, on Earth not to find force in itself to confront dark, not to find them and there, in World Aboveground Guards of the Threshold won't pass then won by darkness to the Highest Spheres. The formula "that you will connect on Earth, it will be connected in heavens" briefly and precisely expresses the same idea. Freedom and coherence in World Ground are reached and are achievable only on Earth. There to be exempted from communications and attractions terrestrial, from all that on Earth disturbed a spirit ascension, difficult extraordinary because all extraordinary becomes aggravated and everything accepts brightness and reality of the forms which are carrying away the person down. If here, on Earth, the seducing thoughts flashing in consciousness, nevertheless aren't visible obviously where that surrounds the person in the dense world disappears, there these seducing forms become as though the only visible reality for the person and are attracted to it with force of a magnetic attraction and the connection established with them during lifetime in a body. If during lifetime in a body not to stop and not to break off these communications, in World Aboveground they will work, but in degree much bigger thanks to that energy of consciousness will pass to them, in these thought-forms, doing them visible to an eye of a thin body. Energy of consciousness pulse in them and now, but the dense environment prevents to see them distinctly and obviously. Thus, the discipline of spirit, phenomenon in severe discipline of thoughts, leads to release from the power of fancies over consciousness, - and the formula speaking about coherence of the person on Earth and in Elevated, remains conducting him to understanding of reality.
069. (M. A. Y.). Notice that your torturers beat on the most point. Therefore it is better not to give the chance to them to see it, to see your weak places. Stopping on the received blows, pricks and troubles, speaking often about them and to them coming back, you give the chance dark to see it and to hear and even more to strengthen thanks to its harm. Restraint in words and restraint in thoughts doesn't give the chance dark to see fruits of their works, doesn't give them a reason to gloat over and triumph. Therefore resistant, reserved, silent isolation of spirit will be reliable protection against deepening and strengthening of dark attacks. Very dangerously constantly to endure the troubles caused by darkness, speak about them, to complain about them, to complain and endure them again and again. Such fortune of consciousness makes its opened for all of new and new dark attempts and does it absolutely unprotected. At least for self-defense and self-preservation from new attacks it is necessary in the spirit of to become isolated, it is necessary to cease to inform constantly dark on success of their crimes. It is necessary to learn silence both externally, and internally. Each complaint or complaint is the purpose for new blows. You are silent, even when it is very sick because the darkness knows neither pity, nor mercy. Than more you own yourselves and the feelings especially are protected. Even the Teacher can't help when the consciousness is filled with complaints, complaints, discontent and experiences from annoy devilish. The Teacher gives all protection if the condition of consciousness allows. But when, instead of a board, pity, wet, complaining depression of discontent, it is difficult to help. We send thoughts of cheerfulness and consciousness of force and we want to see you armed and protected by restraint, both reticence, and isolation of the aura.
070. Already I Spoke: don't expect the future in personal measures. I will tell: personal measures, hopes and expectations are connected with the personality small and her destiny, that is stretched in the future for so many years forward, how many will live the personality. In space scale it is term small and pity. Attendants of General Welfare reject personal measures and stretch in the future essence of the affairs, aspirations and thoughts out of limits of a circle of hopelessness that is life of the personality on Earth. In its display anymore the personality, but Identity, even in that case when the person released from and living for the sake of people, doesn't give him the report in the events. But his Identity grows and accumulates immortality elements which enrich the Immortal Triad for brighter and conscious manifestation in the Highest Spheres of the Elevated World. True, sang and a measure full the person from fruits of the self-rejection reaps. Even the small or unconscious particle of dedication bears a fruit great, because in each such low-slightest act released from personal the Immortal Triad display itself.
071. (M. A. Y.). The crucifixion of the personality on a cross of life of General Welfare is a way of overcoming of egoism or the old person in it. All sufferings human can be shared into two look: for the sake of egoism and because of it overcome or undergone and what should be born for the sake of General Welfare or because of it. As far as the first result without sense and the advantage, so the second fruitful and have far-reaching consequences. One might say: one suffers without advantage and sense as his sufferings are inexpedient; another – everyone I get down, obvious or hidden, interweaves a new pearl into a pearl pattern of the spirit. All sufferings caused by egoism, the price don't make also sense. All sufferings for the General Welfare, all difficulties and deprivations are the most valuable contribution to a treasury of individual accumulation. Finally and sufferings of egoism karmic will once lead to the purpose, but it isn't a transit a narrow track, leading in life.
072. (Guru). Crucify it, the egoism and rejoice when it because it is too persistent suffers and it is stubborn and a stone huge lies on a way of advance of spirit. To bridle it and it can be seized, only against it winning, in constant efforts of spirit to impose on it a silver bridle. The victory over egoism is the most difficult achievement through which there has to pass each pupil.
073. (Apr. 19). If someone can't own itself(himself) and to operate itself as it can operate others, or influence a tide of life, or dispose of these or those circumstances. The one who wants to win against life or conditions who wants to overcome difficulties of life, has to begin with itself, - the law of psychodynamics commensurate absolutely precisely.
074. To concept of pleasure we will add still feeling of pleasure of a victory over.

075. Let's think of essence of concepts – "present" and "future". In the present it is impossible to change anything; changes are possible, at least and in the closest, but nevertheless in the future. Real – only the bottom for future constantly going to it. All thoughts human, arising in the present and flowing in the future, are inseparably linked with it. The future is inseparable of the present because it is continuously projected in it in visible forms. But the present is connected with the past, because constantly goes to it. Isn't present at the person of the power over the pastб which to change he not in forces, over the present which already poured out in concrete formsб - and only the future in the power of it. But this future is forged now – in the present. Having in hands the future lever, it is possible to create because the future which yet hasn't been approved in the present is plastic in hands of creative will. It is necessary to know and understand that in the future everything is achievable. We Know it and we Create in the creating present future shining forms of evolutionary movement of mankind on steps of gradualness, sequence and expediency and in full accordance with Space Laws and commands of Space Will. Our Forecasts of going steps of evolution are subject to implementation because the mankind and on the Distant Worlds went these ways. There it is carried already out, that is that the terrestrial mankind should embody was embodied in dense forms. Not foggy abstract dreams our Forecasts, but exact Knowledge of immutable ways of evolution of spirit.
076. (Guru). You look how the darkness exercises the wit to stop your unification with Us. But know that each attempt dark will be for you a step to Light. Monsters – Throne legs. This symbol is very significant. Truly, the darkness will decay for flowers of Light. It isn't known and no known for itself dark start serving the one who wins against them. Dark don't leave, but start serving, and each their next shift becomes as though a push for spirit advance. So everything is turned on advantage by the Teacher if the unification with It is strong.
077. (Apr. 22). We Applied and here the principle of litmus piece of paper. Already I Said that for identification of enemies and friends you will be the litmus piece of paper giving faultless reaction. If the examinee the friend, shows himself another and friendliness, if the enemy or the antagonist – the enemy and counteraction, - so on this sign also you judge, and the mistake won't be. Words have no value. They sweep aside, as if they weren't at all. Take the affairs painted by color of received reaction. Whatever it was spoken, reaction to litmus defines everything, because mine you.
078. In anticipation of changes events are condensed. Events we will weigh on that, they approach get rid terms or distance. The worse, the better, that is the "night darken, the stars are brighter... ". The last, desperate, ardent, mad tension of darkness inevitably before its final explosion and defeat, but it against Us and therefore will be lost. Light judgment is bike. See in a kaleidoscope of events directing Hand of the Hierarch.
079. (M. A. Y.). The board of spirit gets stronger from received enemy blows. Enemies learn better, than friends. Let's rejoice to enemies because they will aggravate at us vigilance, resourcefulness and ingenuity. And where inexperienced by will pass, having noticed nothing, the consciousness aggravated by experience of enemy attacks, will see much and will protect affairs, and friends, and. Enemies are able to send the smoke screen, preventing to see the valid state of affairs. But the one, who has experience, won't allow entering itself into deception by anything. Where the trust was trampled, there it is necessary to show special vigilance.
080. (Guru). Most interesting that, apparently, the most directed and even enthusiastic consciousness’s stumble on you; everything is good and everything even is convincing, but stumble, revealing the hidden essence, so carefully and successfully preserve from others, but unsuccessfully – from you. It is very instructive and it is allowed by the Teacher that knew, who that costs, because the future will demand faultless knowledge of the person and ability to understand the most difficult grimaces of spirit. Experience of cognition of people is long and at times is sad very much; but knowledge above all.
081. (Apr. 23). Merge of consciousness to the Teacher demands oblivion of and the personal interests that is self-rejection. Each usual consciousness is filled with the own world and its experiences. This world and these experiences, aspirations and thoughts have nothing in common with the world of the Teacher of Light which other-worldly, that is has very little the general with that limited internal world in which their lives the ordinary person. Therefore, from such small world it is necessary to come to a scope at first super personal, and then space life. It is impossible to combine consciousness of egoism with space consciousness that is to serve at the same time to Light and darkness, because darkness of egoism of Light doesn't allow. The choice of poles of an attraction depends on the person.
082. (M. A. Y.). Now association with the Teacher is very necessary in the spirit of. After all future transformation of the world depends on this association. Life if don't accept the Lord won't change. Each consciousness directed to the Lord becomes attraction focus for the hearts waking up to Light, looking for new ways. External contact because the channel of thought operates through space is absolutely not obligatory. Space fertilization by the new thought sated with call to evolution, will be hidden service to Light.
083. (Guru). We aren't present on Earth, among live people, consider that died that we are dead persons. Us even will read, us remember and even write books about us, but not as about live, and as about the dead. What terrible absurd! Unless can the spirit die? Unless the Savior who has Told died: "I Is with you in all days till the end of time". And unless is we died? No! We aren't dead. For someone we are very live. Someone is with us in continuous contact and eats thoughts, which we send of. Our invisible presence for them is very real. Association of the worlds will lift the veil over that nowadays doesn't exist for the person. Time of other approach to the phenomena of life goes. Possibilities of a matter are inexhaustible. The phenomena of a material order leave far beyond the richest imagination. But at all this the basic formula of true materialism remains invariable – anything in the nature doesn't disappear and isn't born again. It is necessary to understand only this great approval by not denying consciousness. From here – a conclusion: how the interior when it dumps the physical body can die rich, bright, really existing, but not visible to an eye?
084. (M.A.Y.). We have an example of how, without feeling any lifting and inspiration, it is possible to them on bow not to go, it is possible to do without them. It is possible, it is possible, it is possible, having directed all consciousness to Focus of Light, vibration it to apprehend and to take a firm hand that by right belongs to the consciousness which has kept balance. It is possible to suffer and have heavy experiences in full dispersion of feelings and chaos in consciousness, but it is possible to suffer and in balance full. Balance at all doesn't mean loss of consciousness, wooden, on the contrary, at balance of spirit especially become aggravated perceptions and a sense-knowledge, but the spirit remains is unshakable, - from here invincible power of force of balance. Spirit we won't break. The spirit approved in balance, – the winner.
085. (Guru). New stays won't cease to enrich the one, who established constancy of aspiration to us and the Teacher of Light. Instability in the pupil is harmful. Will goes neither belief, nor trust, confidence at instability. We very much appreciate quality of stability. But especially the merit held it is great. Widely our thoughts in steady consciousness flow.
086. (Apr. 25). (Guru). The savior is acceptable for million consciousnesses because aspects of Great Identity are diverse. It Can satisfy and sate consciousness of everyone addressing to It because Power of its Spirit is inexhaustible and it is similar to the curative source satisfying any thirst. Great Days can be considered as Days of Communication in the spirit of with It and between itself everything who to It is directed and who these Days remember It. It Gave to the world an example of Great Service of people because Gave to people everything, without having accepted a bribe. I gave all and for all, - precept to people of Victory over the dark; Spirit victory, because itself Won against the world. Days of a memory about the Victim Great, Days of Communication we will consider as Days of merge to Light at a rate of understanding of the consciousness’s directed to Light.
087. (M. A. Y.). Memory about the Victim Great establishes with it connection. In it value of Memorable Days. Everything who remembers, form as though huge, invisible whole in the spirit of to which Light vibrations are transferred in that measure in what the consciousness which hasn't forgotten about Light can apprehend them. It Days of the Great Victim are considerable. Remembering heart won't force to forget about Light. Those, who dints forget about It, - He Remembers.

088. (Guru). Service to It which has Shown to us Light, can be made in any living conditions. It is necessary to understand only that the Savior didn't die, but with us always and, in the spirit of live, ready to go to us towards as soon as heart directs to Him.
089. (Apr. 26). Accurate, the finished thought about the clothes investing the person in the Thin World, creates its attire. Bared it isn't accepted to go there, on Earth. Attires there same what people in the dense world got used or dreamed to have. It is necessary to put on and there, only the dress isn't bought in shops and not sewed at the tailor, and created by thought. All other things which the person considers necessary are in the same way created also to have. Some understand that a lot of things there are absolutely excessive, and that exempt consciousness and imagination from unnecessary stuff or heaps. But the majority surrounds itself, using ability of spirit to create the thought, habitual subjects, things, and a situation. Advantage of terrestrial wanderers before ordinary people that they need any more neither the house, nor a situation because got used to have all at itself. The feeling of property, not gets rid on Earth, forces consciousness to surround itself with that people got used to consider. Ridiculous situation when the one incarnation rolls in things by, which it is imagined turns out owns. And as this feeling in it took roots deeply, and the absurd of situation lasts until will occur releases from terrestrial remnants. It is very strange and interesting to observe from outside as in World Aboveground huddle on the back streets created by their ignorance or scarcity of imagination in which there are no beauty elements. It is possible to reconcile with the fine structures satisfying feeling of beauty, but a hovel of a disgrace or the bulks of lack of taste caused to existence by down rottenness, or dullness of thought only multiply chaos and ugliness of these heaps. Ignorance and ignorance heaps – anyhow it is possible to call that distorts and litters space of the Thin World. Value of release from feeling of property and other terrestrial remnants can be understood only when understanding two worlds. Especially strong mental constructions and images create desires and passions. These forms are extraordinary bright and жизнеустойчивы because defects human proceed and there, demanding satisfaction. These educations create the whole layers, or spheres, spaces. They are lower, the closer to Earth, - in them people to whom these spheres are conformable and close stay. Everyone has that wants and to what aspires. All receive on aspiration. The conclusion from here such that is less than freight behind shoulders, the better and it is more than freedom. Destruction of feeling of property exempts from need of an imagined dense environment. But it stills not all. The main coherence of spirit results from the thoughts connected and caused by low feelings and desires. If they not gets rid also aren't stopped on Earth, in World Aboveground they will create an environment of the person corresponding to their nature. Trouble all that on Earth low desires can have any is temporary satisfaction. In the same place, despite all brightness and vitality of these images, they don't give satisfaction because the person is deprived of a body that is the tool by means of which he on Earth satisfies the low passions. For example, we will call alcoholism. One incarnation can surround himself with bottles and the most various food and strong to devour it and to get drunk, but after all this only imagination and its products; he will repeat process innumerable quantity of times, receiving illusive feelings, but without having satisfaction. It also is Tantalum torments. He can wear the clothes created by imagination. It will be seen by others. Nobody suffers from it: neither it, nor others if only the clothes aren't too ugly. But images of desires confuse also other inhabitants-incarnation. Especially, if they are too bright, refined and thought over. Giants of the evil create terrible images of an allure for low consciousnesses – "the devil's kitchen" turns out. These infernal areas are infectious awfully. It is possible to be protected with only pure thought from them and to pass them, without being late for an instant. The strong negative will can make impact on weak souls and there; but nevertheless purity of imagination – a powerful board. There is especially strong and vital a formula "that you will connect on Earth, it will be connected in heavens", that is in the world of incarnation spirits. "Let your heart will be pure and mind isn't saddened" nor passions, nor desires, any other low thoughts or feelings. And then you will enter free into the World Thin where everything is created and moves thought and where the thought reins an eternal flame.
090. (M. A. Y.). You realize as you have much and as it is much given. If you realize, show understanding by ardent application of given instructions, understand that only the applied donation becomes yours on all the time. Not applied it is taken away. Thus, to increase the wealth, the accumulation it is possible, only executing received instructions and applying them in life. Only at application deposits in the Bowl of crystals of fiery energy turn out. Words said, but not approved as actions, are similar to dry leaves, they will give nothing. Therefore the Teacher Demands Doctrine application in life of every day. The Teacher in each pupil Wants to see performers of his Precepts.
091. (Guru). Sorri and compassion is the phenomena of a different order. Sorry plunges into twilight of consciousness sorry and stick into them. The compassion, on the contrary, ennobles, lifts suffering to it, surrounding it with Light, hope and courage, and bears to it pleasure. It is necessary to learn to feel pity and be sorry, without reducing the consciousness that is without losing its lightful. The indulgence at all doesn't mean that the giving and helping consciousness catches a dared condition of the person to which it is assisted though the compassion and can assume pain of another. It is necessary to learn to help, without catching vibrations of the one to whom it is assisted. But such help shouldn't exclude neither sympathy, nor understanding, responsiveness on others grief.
092. (Apr. 27). I Bear the Truth and the World to Earth. There is enough violence and blood. I am a sword, separating the Truth from darkness. I, Light to the world Bearing, Separate collecting Light from servants of darkness. Nowadays this great division happening among all people of the Earth, everything becomes deeper and deeper, there will be no full division of two opposite principles yet. The world on Earth before everyone won't choose to itself a place on this or that party of the line of division won't be approved. It will grow and grow. This division will help to unite in one indestructible whole all those who on the Truth party. And this Truth in giving to people the world, knowledge and love that is to approve a brotherhood among mankind. All Space Forces operating on a planet, connected in strong effort to establish the New Step of Evolution of human spirit. The supporters of darkness filled with madness, promptly slide in a chasm. Soon falling it becomes obvious to all because they will apply measures and means suffocating which will lead to destruction them, but not those whom they want to destroy. Now time of great division, masks also are dumped from all being covered. Enemies of evolution already cease to hide the true essence. They still say good words, but affairs them expose deception. The beams going from Focus of Light, open their plans and evil intentions against the people. Association of everything, who on the Truth party, against evil forces and destruction, will lead to the purpose final, is to darkness destruction. There is enough violence and blood. I Come to approve the world on Earth, and to destroy darkness.
093. (M. A. Y.). The edge of tactics of Adverse goes the Lord on revealing darkness and all her henchmen in all growth of its destructive essence. When the darkness thus will be revealed and will gather on a pole of darkness and by that will be separated from Light, forces of destruction will turn into self-damage forces, and the darkness will start devouring itself and the offspring’s. The self-consuming of darkness will lead it to the final destruction. It still exists while eats at the expense of others, for someone else's account. But final division will stop this lawlessness, and then the darkness will devour itself, - passed time of domination of darkness. Everything is closer and closer than it the end. See in world events terrible signs of being accelerated decomposition of darkness.
094. (Guru.). It is necessary at least to depart from itself a little that that clearer to see the events in the world. Darkness, bearing defeat starts resorting to the most suffocating measures, going obviously against common sense and logic of normal people; obsessed and madmen direct its actions and direct it. And obsession of these madmen, dark hierophant, is ready to do anything if only to keep at least for a while. But days of their illusive power are condemned and counted. The soil under them is unsteady and hesitates of ground. The moment of destruction of darkness will be awful for all who goes with it. Dark hordes both on Earth and in the Invisible World are numerous and are still very strong. Without ardent fight won't be given. Therefore also the blow, it put, will be terrible on the power. Lord Maitreya, darkness the Winner, Goes.
095. (Apr. 28). Our main Stronghold – for all three worlds, that is it exists in all three: in dense, Thin and Fiery.
096. (Apr. 30). I speak about a unification, about association of consciousness’s, about their merge to work together with Me. Why results often far not what would be to be reached and why our Help isn't so effective how it would have to be? I will explain: in common it is possible to work only in balance full, having lifted vibrations of the microcosm to Us. But more often happens that before asking for the Help, the consciousness will manage to be saddened, and to be afflicted, and or even exasperation or to show a number of usual human emotions and feelings, which interfere with association and are incompatible with it. It is necessary to understand that We Can't send the Help and that it won't be valid if instead of a board – a ball of usual human feelings and experiences which the dark gate become on the road, blocking access to the Beam. Association demands strong and resistant consciousness, which inflexible flashes or astral disbalance. Dark and their henchmen therefore try to discompose and sadden, first of all, that then, having made aura inaccessible to perception of the Beam, already freely to continue wrecking. When the clouding of conductors is allowed and was made, then to correct an error already much more difficultly; it is impossible to expect our Help in a clouding, not goodwill or rage. We Can send with a smile to the enemy only one arrow, and it will reach the goal. Management of mental energy demands big ability and knowledge of psych equipment. Therefore I Say about balance, showing that balance is the phenomenon of fiery power that is the mighty force against which nobody is strong. It is necessary to acquire better that mastering by fiery power is impossible without mastering by because fire can burn the one who will approach to it close, without having prepared itself. Fiery elements burn through weak organism, -the person is a being fiery. Itself won, can reach a victory over all external obstacles, over the obvious and hidden servants of darkness and their invisible inspirers. Let's not forget that qualities of spirit are steady forms of fires approved in a microcosm if achievements of these qualities were carried out. Let's not forget that qualities of spirit are steady forms of fires approved in a microcosm if achievements of these qualities were carried out.
097. (Guru). And you stand. Let rage and they rage, stand unshakably, stand, as the rock under mad waves of surf. Stand, knowing, that for you Itself the Lord! Your enemies are our enemies. And our enemies elect you by the purpose of the attacks. The front of darkness is integrated. It needs to oppose still bigger association with a Power of Hierarchy of Light. And with It we are fated a victory. Addressing to the Leader, it is possible to repeat endlessly: with You we go and with You we will win.
098. And still I Want to ask you: whether you know pleasure of fight, pleasure of fight, and pleasure from victory anticipation at collision with darkness? This pleasure wisdom will be also knowledge of spirit that Light will win. When fight proceeds in a condition of pleasure, the victory then is immutable. This pleasure from fight as though serves as pledge or the victory guarantee. It is impossible in despondency, either fear, or to reach depression of a victory. But fearless heart exults feeling of a gets rid victory. To Me special to see pleasure how soldier heart vibrates pleasure of fight.
099. (May 1). But that such pleasure about which I Speak. Is of special wisdom? But in what is its essence? I will tell: in a fiery. The pleasure is a special fiery condition. Pleasure fires radiant and light full. When they show stability and constancy, it means a victory of spirit over darkness. Because the darkness is sad, doubts and fluctuations are sad, the separation from the Teacher is sad, service dark is sad, the life deprived of Light is sad. If qualities of spirit are forms lit in a microcosm of the person of fires, pleasure about which I Speak, gives fire the highest form. Pleasure washing other-worldly, not from the world of personal egoistical experiences, My Pleasure is above-person. Cosmic it because it sound and the highest spheres of space are filled. When it took place, it already can't be destroyed, it is impossible to extinguish anything from the dense world because it is intimate. You have examples of how the delight of spirit muffled even physical pains and sufferings, because the pleasure fiery elevated soundings overflowed heart, victoriously triumphing over a flesh infirmity. Truly, pleasure washing other-worldly, because it is special wisdom, - but when it phenomenon in this world, in the world dense and difficult, the Light it lights up it, and it is joyful also light-becomes to people from contact with it. Feat of introduction of this pleasure lightful to the world as the very high I Consider, - pleasure feat, so it is possible to call it. It isn't enough pleasure in the world now and that more than the usual. But the pleasure of spirit so hasn't enough. The victory brings with itself pleasure. The pleasure of a victory at first over itself, and after over darkness will be to the winner the highest award. The board of pleasure is powerful. About it the most furious attacks break. Before fires of pleasure powerlessness of darkness recedes. Therefore We Call this pleasure victorious. When I Speak: "Rejoice, children", – I Expect a victory. Rejoice to go Light, rejoice boundlessness’s of life, and rejoice to Lord Maitreya bearing Pleasure to Earth.
100. Everyone wants to be strong. But whether it is possible to be spirit strong, if not get rid fear, either despondency, or irritation, either envy, or dispersion of thoughts, or dissoluteness of feelings and emotions, or these or those shortcomings which in a root cut strength of mind? It is necessary to think strongly over that prevents the person to be strong. Strength of mind means force of fires. Fires flare up in making. The feat of the statement and ignition of fires of spirit in life terrestrial, in those conditions in which the Karma laid down the person is called as great Making.