Agni Yoga's facets, 1966

1966. г. 001. (Jan. 1). Sent Ray requires awareness. To be constantly in beam and feel its Benefits, it is necessary to maintain mindfulness of it constantly. Unconscious, he was unable to exercise its full power. Subtle energy require awareness, otherwise they just rush by. The phenomenon of consciousness is essential to extraordinary. After all, even the Thin World with all their wealth and inexhaustible capacity is only available only on its degree of awareness. You can stand in front of the greatest work of art, full of profound meaning and don't understand, don't feel, don't realize its value. And many people are reacting to the great events of life. It's all in the mind. You can close on a thousand fasteners, even when it is already sufficiently expanded. Much, very much depends on the desire to see and the sentiment of the recipient device. The constancy of the cautious sensitivity is quality, highly desired for the perception of subtle energies. Susceptibility is according to the accord. Spirit of consciousness is the will. But we need consistency and degree of firmness of spirit.
002. (M. A. Y.). Do not need to perform any special reasons, to tear myself away from the Lord. In the twilight days of the generalities and small-scale employment are deaf people to the highest parcels; and so many enticements around, so much distracting from the necessary. But man, immersed in a dense world and even phenomenon has lived his life in all his glory and wealth of Earth, can the world of Subtle sign to the poor and deprived of everything. And what is the consciousness of many during their lifetime, the host does not need for over ground and it doesn't matter. All earthly things pass, and take a long path cannot be nothing. Life, death and a new incarnation of the show that is ludicrous and ownership cannot be continued on a known limit. When the focus of consciousness is transferred into the spirit and thought, Mayan Earth loses its power over man. Live the life of the spirit means to break free of the illusions of the Earth.
003. (Guru). Keep all you want and embrace everyone, but putting in the minds of its first of all and everything and anything someone who Called you on the path of light and life, the Lord putting first of all. And then poison property and seduction time, space, and things do not darken your spirit and following the Called becomes possible.
004. (Jan. 2). Let's talk about trust. The trust in relation to the Teacher reaches such degree of geniality that no doubts, any arguments of the mind, any logic of evidence and seeming convincing the facts can shake it any more. The facts of evidence can't serve as the proof because then there would be no miscarriages of justice. Only the unshakable confidence of heart, its direct sense-knowledge can form a basis of such trust. Judgmenting pupil reaches to such an extent confidence of the Teacher that no processes can influence his trust to the Teacher any more, or the movements happening in his own thoughts, so temporary and passing, as well as all his covers. The Teacher over them and connection of spirit with the Teacher of Light is established and goes over covers which are replaced in each embodiment while its communication with the Teacher remains invariable and uninterrupted. This communication proceeds throughout the whole millennia, despite the birth and death of a dense body and all covers. Throne of the Teacher – heart, and it doesn't die, lives eternally and fights always. The one who judgment to us, a firm hand rejects everything that can break integrity and firmness of trust to the Teacher. "Whatever convincing Maya seemed to me, I trust the Lord", – the pupil so speaks to himself and is filled with Light. It is necessary to have very wide experience successfully to struggle with logic of evidence. But successful fight can be only in that case when the devoted pupil simply rejects all thoughts able to separate or alienate him from the Teacher, – all doubts, all fluctuations and all whisperings of darkness. Tests for firmness of trust are very difficult to those obvious and convincing facts of evidence cover reality and disturb recognition. And then only, having rejected all this ball of visibility and seeming not denied the phenomena; it is possible to win against Maya who wants to get up between the Teacher and the pupil.
005. (Guru). Remember those who the life showed the testimony of firmness fiery more often. Yes, yes, – firmness and firmness of spirit is qualities fiery. Thin sight it is possible to see properties and tension of this fire. These fiery qualities, as well as all other, approved as spirit, are its integral achievement. These qualities promote registration of a fiery body and not rushed in time. The statement of demanded qualities is a direct way to Lords.
006. (M.A.Y.). The one who is able to wait, by all means will wait. So everything going to Light waited. Expectation and movement is as if concepts absolutely incompatible. But after all passive and inert expectation, but intense and active means not; spirit in continuous movement and aspiration, and in aspirations creative. Qualities of expectation can be very diverse. Fiery expectation of Great Arrival isn't marsh decomposition of stagnation, but creative burning of spirit. I will remind words of the Teacher: sitting and waiting for that you wait and how?
007. (Guru). When all other options fall away, one can be thought. Narrower marked, as fulfilled once thoughtful thoughts. They have carried out other people, but your contribution and your contribution to the common good is not diminished. Act consciously thought much harder than with your hands, for the investigation of thought not soon affected, do not always fall into the sight of their creator. But still you can act, firmly knowing that thought is a powerful force that seeks display yourself or be translated into visible, that is dense, forms. Creativity – the highest mental.
008. (Jan. 4). If the Teacher allows, that student ended up in of the certain condition and in no hurry change them, so it is necessary to get a specific experience and knowledge of life. Therefore, you should not to avert from them. But with them touching, let's not forget what they are for. To combine or blend the burden of these conditions, stacked, spirit and ability of higher perceptions, you find gold, or median, a way of life. Failure in one direction or another solution will be wrong. Formula of «Caesar –Caesar is that in mind. Tribute to stay tight; take from it what is person on Earth. Life turns around so that a certain number of its requirements have to perform, whether I want to or not. And run it, and perform well. While it's good to keep in mind the thought transient constant current hour and that its meaning is not in it, but in the future, for which the accumulated life experience. This will be the most difficult sections of track were joyfully and in balance. The meaning of them will become clear later.
009. (M. A. Y.). He was removed from the people to the desert because even he had to restore the supply of Prana in dealings with nature and away from the crowds. Now to recuperate this feature need not have. And every man has to find how best to restore power. If there is no desert, mountains and nature still remains, communicating with it can give very much. While in the lowlands, a man, like a diver needs a SIP of life-giving energy of the charged air.
010. (Guru). The ultimate destination of the ship remains intact, although he has to change course. In that Essence to all the constantly changing conditions of life. The ship has to overcome resistance to the elements. And the faster you go, the stronger the resistance of the element of water being crossed. This should be remembered and not surprised that so many obstacles around and that the resistance of the environment increases. Standing on the spot or it is not going down. Do not adopt marks the success and speed of advance of misfortunes. Only the spirit warriors, Bishops, know your chances of fighting and victory, and the battle for the affirmation of light.
011. (Jan. 5). (M. A. Y.). Only the application on his experience in life of knowledge by the teacher gives the right not to share with others, as appropriate. Feel at times the value of knowledge and the inability to distribute received his spiritual wealth, since none around. In such a situation provided all the carriers of light, both large and small. It has always been. Be upset too, because there is not a space that sees and hears, and captures it all. If you knew, how many unseen spirits caught the bright thoughts and scoop from them? Too many places gave us dark pole of life. We are now on the bright. Consonant perfume thoughts of light live and come in contact with the minds of tune embodied the consciousness of this latest flock to them. Call from below, the answer above. You can consciously to attract employees with light fine world if the rising aspiration of thoughts to them. May not go down in terms of dense world, because the physical body does not have, but the thought of disembodied before them, not in the flesh, you can climb. The thought is material, thin body material, matter everywhere, but in different degrees of compaction. The difference between the flesh, that is the dense matter of the physical body, and cloth thin, and we need to understand what types of invisible luminous matter, there are no less real, than dense.
012. (Guru). Hard to pass through the next stage of testing, but what are the horizons open to consciousness when these tests are passed. If you would understand how important it is keep going, no matter what. After all these seeming obstacles barriers is nothing if the decision going relentlessly. They collapse, they are scattered, and they retreat from someone who decided his way forever. Maya obstacles during regular testing, seems so real that varies and the doubting spirit cannot overcome them. But unwavering decision will go to the end of their sweeps away from the path, like card houses. Going will reach.
013. (Jan. 6). Link the two worlds of human action is unquestionable. Just seeing them both, you can judge the essence of action and actions of people. Any judgment on the external form is one-sided, that is, for the most part untrue or incomplete. Denial of the subtle world moves people from understanding the reality. Knowing about the bilateral aspect of the phenomena can be to a certain extent to manage them or to send them over, making out their thin prototypes. Understand this widely. Platooned situation that ideas operate the world is based on knowledge of the great Law. Good understanding of the Act almost, in its application to life. Anyone of the abstract knowledge even knows the Teachings of life, useless, if not applied it in practice. Knowledgeable and applying the teachings of Our benefit to you.
014. (M. A. Y.). As long as the Lord lives in the heart, not a single hair falls from the head without his will. And so go the path of confidence Leading Arm inflexible.
015. (Guru). "Where dreams are created ..." Hello get daily in the form of your consciousness sent you the subtle energies. But it is difficult to keep even a storm at anchor. Anchor your – Hierarchy of light. That's hold on him all the forces of the spirit, no matter how difficult.
016. (M. A. Y.). Secretions in varying degrees contain psychic energy. The charge depends on the ardor of the organism. I want to say about saliva: it may be beneficial or toxic. She can heal the sick. Even a dog knows it; he was licking its wounds and fast curing them this way. But people don't want to know nothing and all have denied. Saliva carries the seal of the State of the body. As for the composition of blood and saliva composition, its luminosity and color radiation, will determine not only the future health or illness, but also the mental condition of the person. The microcosm of man full of secrets and is full of wonderful possibilities. Only dumb ignorance does not want to see anything and everything.
017. (Guru). After a particularly difficult and lengthy trials and serious periods of life comes a special lift and perpetrated a new take-off consciousness. That is the difficulty of testing serves as the guarantee of height would later take-off. Learn to courageously and calmly through the pass, knowing that all this will lead only to new victories and of new findings. Nothing can destroy the spirit because it is eternal and indestructible. It is always good to remember, but remember especially hard at a time when the accrue wave external phenomena. The waves are going to learn beautiful encounter.
018. (Jan. 8). Quality relaxation and tension have combined a huge force of action. A long way to go through to experience the greatest voltage store completes peace of mind. Great is the power of intense actions committed in peace and quiet. This can be called poise. Power balance means little. It gives the spirit power. Many aspire to power. They don't understand that no external power gives to spirit of the valid power. You can rule over millions, while remaining a slave. And you cannot rule by anyone and have no earthly power, and be at the same time the relics of its ruler. He conquers all, who himself will be able to win, is the motto of the judgment winner of the world. A lot of it was the conquerors of the world, in any case, sought to rule over the world. But they all went away with nothing: their army disintegrated and collapsed the thrones, and they died, with him not taking anything. But the one who himself had won, the power over himself, over his microcosm of his own, his energies and shells, which has taken the spirit, the power (a) stores and because of its blows with him in the Worlds and again brings to Earth incarnated in the new body. Strength of spirit is inherent in neither life, nor death, if it is approved. Inalienability of savings should be thinking, since everything else not tooked all. Collector of treasures Call someone who is looking forward to saving the spirit and contents of the Bowl crystals of light. He knows how to multiply Treasure stone.
019. (M. A. Y.). Aspiration to the qualities so well that everything not forwarded and unenforceable here energy aspirations are out there, and especially strongly when the spirit comes "in the buildup. What on earth could not be reached, is there if enough fiery aspiration. Call it the wings of the spirit. The wings can fly, but many inhabitants of the subtle world unaware of flights. Nothing compares with the joy of free flight in space. Where everything is moving thought, man, the being there in thought, finds freedom flights.
020. (Guru). Rower of the word, as oral, so and written, is great, if it sate of fire. When reached this degree of pungency, you should be very careful, attentive and careful with all that speaks the language. Effect of such words other mind very much as well and the reaction to them. And then say: better than silence. It is a drive of psychic energy. Consider it a great accomplishment, if the student did not utter any superfluous or unnecessary words.
021. (Jan. 9). The purpose of the karma of circumstances is to people, when faced with them, passed from the right lesson or paid old debt. Payment of old debts also teaches something. You cannot escape from the lesson, or from payment. Understanding that through the inevitable need pass, gives strength and courage to go quietly through it all. Karma cannot be cast aside, but calm and firmness you can arm them. "It happens and worse" – this is a repeat when it becomes difficult. The courage of quiet relationship to shocks from the approval required, persistently and consistently been steadily moving it forward.
022. (M. A. Y.). Stop on the road a lot can. Every delay means victory in the external environment over the power aspirations of spirit. Unbroken rhythm will be pointer to overcome life. We have joy when We See that rhythm. The rhythm of everyday Communication is important, because is he stubborn, rhythmic waves crested moving spirit. On the crest of the wave, while lifting it gets he sent him the energy of light. The rhythm move is observed, no matter what.
023. (Guru). Dream is like a death. But the phenomenon of sleep does not violate an approved day rhythm. Likewise, the death cannot break that was established during his lifetime. Thus, the rhythm is the usual wave of spirit and in Elevated Areas. And if the rhythm is headed for a rapprochement with the hierarchy of light, that's true, is he blessing and happiness for established it spirit. Beat the Teacher of light strong hold with your hand.
024. (Jan. 10). Time marches on, and its forward motion gets carried into the past is irretrievably old world and new world took the Chair. This revolution is all-planet. It is so deeply touches human consciousness and thus is linked to changes in human thinking that you can't stop it. The enemies are trying to suppress its evolution and to combat it through the power of weapons and money, but with guns and bombs, and even nuclear power, you cannot destroy ideas, - in that is impotence of the old world. A New -Help We; because, his victory is inevitable. Importance of participation by the new country (your Homeland) is overwhelming. We not are to lose that, what much in it imperfectly. In its rapid movement in the future, because of the need to get rid all that is not good for evolution. A great country, a great people and have a great future. On the right consider it the leading country.
025. (M. A. Y.). Your dedication and remembering about us oblige us to many. Because the response to the call of or request. The permanence of while playing a very important role. Rhythm of continuity is the law of space. Every day the sun rises above the horizon, and constantly moving rhythmically of the moon. Rhythm of permanence in the aspiration to light displays on the space consciousness. It is sung in praise of continuous dare of the spirit.
026. (Guru). Resistance to the environment and counteract the dark heart, because he weighed so heavily. But each victory becomes a new step on the ladder of light. Not vanquished, but from him who overcomes any rock and all currents of space Rays. Because, you want go through life winner. We have the joy of walking victoriously. Weak, limps, crushed by life, disunited in all faith is not the Warriors of light. Undefeated in spirit is like a warrior, not issued from the hands of the sword until the end. For unbeatable spirit even, if offended, by or rent body. The victory in the spirit I want to tell you very specific words, and so would love it if they got to the heart.
027. (Aug. 11). When you have to go through something, it means you need something in yourself to approve and to consolidate or develop strength: Stress-coping in itself. Because surrounding, in itself, it isn't important for spirit overcoming. Think that we should overcome the external, while the spirit comes in the spirit and the crossing itself is on the right track. Waves the outside world can collapse to consciousness, but is powerless to their rage, if they do not have anything in it and it is thanks to this may not be his crush. Mention that and victory and defeat, of sorts, and in the spirit of the protection of darkness. So, the spirit of go through waves of external influences and will achieve victory for the spirit is inviolate.
028. In search of well-being and the room, the better not to approach us. Wrestling, nagnetenie energy, tension areas and all of our forces – these are the conditions of our community. Limp has no place among Our staff. There is no room for discouragement, resentment, bitterness, complaints and all other negative feelings, so peculiar to the people. Lot courage requires bringing to light. But, My, take heart, your chances for victory are going and just pick up the victory.
029. (M. A. Y.). Adoption of the Light in the face of darkness, too, is the responsibility of those who go for the Bishop. Light well and is easy to say when this is favored by all. But when all opposes are surrounded by darkness, then adoption is truly becomes a Light feat. The feat is the closest to His approach. The feat invisible, not expressing itself in anything external, a feat performed inside – the difficult. Know the names of many devotees of spirit, known all over the world. But who knows them, unknown, quietly, unobtrusively, and in silence have passed through life. The world knows them, but knows the Lord, for this feat is the way invisible to him as soon as possible.
030. (Guru). Inexhaustibility and the diversity of creativity and, consequently, of thoughts, of his inspiring, is going for a Teacher of light award; source not running out and the constant stream new energy. Approximation to the teacher puts in contact with spatial consciousness a Treasury of thought. You can draw from it. It is inexhaustible because – in the infinity. Infinity is not limited by anything. Infinite thought hurtles through space. Thoughts of distant Worlds saturate it. The chain of Hierarchy rush fiery parcels. The Bishop said: he who comes to Me not to thirst for ever. So be show at the inexhaustibility the spring.
031. (Dec. 12). Don't block your personal all-humanity. The first course second is continuing without interruption. The flow of life and the world is firmly established, it sets the continuity of the above-person consciousness. Loss of personal interests and everything connected with the feeling of the lower self, and means the process whereby his soul lost in the spheres of life it becomes above-person, punching the shell of his aura. And then it started eye of the world, and then a space. Limitations of the self are terrible. Movement from itself and to itself creates the world, equal to the track head, putting spirit in the Dungeon of despair; the phenomenon self-outcast is of the cosmic. No wonder at all times and all peoples of the Earth were venerated as heroes. Heroism and selflessness is phenomenon one order. Without selflessness there is heroism. Heroic deeds are the apotheosis of self-renunciation. Create heroes.
032. (M. A. Y.). Pay tribute to each and every act of selflessness. Duration of effect it in time brings his fiery fruit. Space does not forget such action. People may forget and even does not know many unknown heroes. But the heroic acts in scrolls of Akasha, to root itself and effect of them accompany the hero in all their lives. Sacrifice and heroism are close in spirit, because the feat. Feat is ceiling-off spirit. Spirit wings gives feat. Feat does not die in the space. Heroic acts in space live, inspiring people to do more.
033. (Guru). All temporary flow of life carries with itself, but all the timeless remains with the spirit. One from the other is necessary in the minds of separate, hold about timeless elements. So you can gain the real treasures. It is difficult to even imagine that hold about themselves everyday people so much, so many unnecessary clutter, dark, gray. Not easy to break free from these piles, for they constitute a heavy burden, - to light a lighter easily free off load to go.
034. (Jan. 13). If the teacher, and unchangeable attitude to it should not change or fluctuate depending on fluctuations in the external environment, good luck or bad luck, joy or sorrow. If, their attitude to their variability, in of tie with their conditions, that love and devotion to the Teacher become boats for every wind. From here not far before to the principle of "where the wind blows." Bazaar puppets too twitch gaming and movement depending on who and how the Yanks their strings. Not like the dolls in their main teacher of light. Pleasuring their idols savages gifts or whether they are beaten, if things go awry. The analogy is quite impressive.
035. The formula of "Lord, into Thy hands I commend my Spirit" delivered in minutes the room and not prosperity, but at the cross, at the moment of suffering, on the verge of death. Who has ears, let him hear?
036. (Jan. 14). Can I put climbing stairs Light spirit conditional on the fulfillment of personal desires, converted to a Hierarchy? The personality lives desires, so temporary and passing, as well as she, both so imperfect and egoistical. Roots of desires consign far to the past, even more imperfect, than the present. Live a life of desire is to live feeling. Yogi replaces desire by pure thought. But this thought must be cleared from elements of the self. How many people sitting on the banks of the impossible and unsettled desires! The entity desires to light so far from the desires of the self. I-Ness wants all to themselves, to their identity. The ideas and demands of the common good so far removed from it. But the feeling you must part ways, as the first condition of entry onto the path of light is "let him deny himself and follow Me."
037. (M. A. Y.). Superiority of spirit is approved for a counteraction to the environment. It can reach such force that even the loss of consciousness physical suffering power and cease to be felt. After all, all sensations are relative and are conditional. Harmonized person or even just below by suggestion, you can perform a surgery without feeling the pain, it can be seen that the sensation can be controlled by the will, or the stranger. Through a long experience of life and suffering asserts his authority over a spirit that is over their membranes. Coming to light sooner or later it claims.
038. (Guru). When Karma or teacher puts student powerless through something pass evasion impossible. There is only one way out-to collect all the fortitude, courage, all the durability, immutability and not to break the rhythm of the step. Only such rhythm of inalterability will be worthy the judgment winner. Whoever, plunging into his feelings, sensations and pain starts to stagger or wander, he will not come.
039. (Jan. 15). The more angered, and rages against the spirit of the protests over its karma, the stronger its chain-it sticks to it’s tightly, just as no poisoned robe to the body of Hercules. Karma should be cross calmly and courageously. This is the only way to exhaust or to repay it, not adding to it. Many bugs can make man rebellion against hierarchy and attributing to it, not self-inflicted inevitable consequences of its own mistakes and misconduct. No wonder the ancient philosopher, sold into slavery, lauded him, Thanksgiving having exclaimed: "well, it seems I can pay its old debts. For a heavy karma, except itself, there is nobody to expostulate. This understanding will release from desire to blame someone else or someone who is making an effort to facilitate and accelerate. Old debts must be paid for, and the calmer and using more consciously, the closer the release of payment. Ultimately the severity or ease of karma is consciousness. Small consciousness loss of property will be considered a great misfortune is released. Thus, the Karma depends not from her but from consciousness. It is difficult to go through life, having lost their familiar surroundings, but before proceeding to the great Frontiers better have nothing and be free from worldly and earthly attachments. Thus, a misfortune for one may turn out to be a blessing to others. It's not about facts, but about them. Fact alone deprived the emotional side. One suffers from hunger, not having eaten a day or two, the other stands a fasting and admires the spirit. One suffers from a slight pain; another mistreated them and carries chains or a hair shirt. This can be seen as relative experience of human and how they are conditioned by the State of consciousness. The one who understands this and has transient States of consciousness that is close to the release of karma over his spirit. Sensation loss is very relative. Warrior in battle, being wounded, not only does not feel pain, but do not even notice the wounds. Often, by the responsible or passing an important errand reporting, he falls unconscious from exhaustion and loss of blood. Psychic energy tension had dealt with physical weakness, and when it stopped, the body should come into its own and declared him. But the spirit is stronger than the body, when will display their power. Often the hero's feat goes, even without thinking that may suffer or have suffered from his body. The superiority of spirit over body pain consciousness raises or inconvenience. Peace man fell ill would thousands of illnesses and colds if put it in those terms, which is on the front line fighter. Strength of spirit is inexhaustible, is intended, especially when designed to deliberately. If you cannot see the spirit of admiration, not hear, feel and not worry what otherwise would be felt sharply, but also vice versa. All sorts, all from the spirit, and the spirit of rule over all, if you will.
040. (M. A. Y.). How was we burden spirit circumstances, justice nevertheless demands recognize, what exactly these difficulties and burdening’s especially fruit-bearer that experience and knowledge which they bring. And then they are more intense also are intolerable, especially they give rich and valuable consequences. Receiving and acquisition are proportional to a payment. But many don't want to pay, want to receive just like that, having picked up superficial data on opportunities of achievements and on the hidden abilities put in the person. But for nothing it is given nothing, everything should be earned and to pay for everything. The way of achievements is hard. Afraid of difficulties of life or dreaming of ease of achievements, don't approach!
041. (Guru). Everything who hasn’t approved Doctrines of Light by the life departs. Waves of the everyday sea wash away constructions on sand. Also are surprised lost everything where everything left and where those pink locks behind which walls so comfortably and, apparently, the consciousness inspired with groundless dreams strongly felt. But the way is severe, life is severe, and the feat is severe. Not in pink dreams, but spirit advance consists in fight and overcoming. And only to the overcoming the narrow track conducting in life opens.
042. (Jan. 16). One admits misconduct against their will, without being able to deal with them. Another is doing the same thing with this will. Deeds may be the same, but the role will vary. In the first case, something takes place in slavery, in the second – at large. When freedom, will not suffer when in slavery, she collapses. The Act itself is not as important as attitude and motive. Addict is a person with a broken will and slave of its weakness. Weakness and contrariness are not suitable for evolution, - in the struggle for existence of surviving strong. The man, whose will is owned by whom even misdemeanors committed to do their will, but not contrary to it, that could reach the complete victory over them and to overcome itself.
043. (Jan. 17). The sun rises and sets and the rays light up the Earth no matter what it is. Likewise, the Rays pouring out of any rock can illuminate the mind constantly, if your heart is open to them, regardless of what happens to a man. Thus, the continued openness of mind and heart, Rays of light Hierarchy, despite everything, despite the direst conditions, will serve as a guarantee of permanence to it. Many, unable to stand the tests cover to access the light heart. And then the separation is inevitable. Do not understand that the link off of the spirit with his Bishop, he installs over all its temporary casings and movements, constantly going into them. Body dies, and with it goes away and is replaced by an environment of all earthly things thin, but communication with those who Lead still. It is also when the mental body is reset; nothing upsets and cannot break this connection, unless the person at the moment, dazzle will not disturb her. Light shines for all Hierarchies, wanting it to be, and especially for those who see the Sun.
044. (Guru). Shell of obscure knowledge of the spirit. Also darken them and the proximity of one who is with us always. If taking the reality of life in the shells and the ghosts of Maya, the Teacher places will not be among them. Despite the obviousness of the claimed by the power of the spirit reality and a movement towards the light takes place at all and any external conditions or combinations of conditions. Only in this way can be reached.
045. (M. A. Y.). No matter where people lived and whatever his entourage, he wants to drink, eat and sleep, otherwise the body will not stand. That's just so he must want food for the spirit and always maintain its life spirit, which also needs the nourishment of light. Beat the Teacher of light is food for the spirit.
046. (Jan. 18). Does it matter where the Communion in the spirit with the teacher of light: in the East or West, North or South, in this world or another World, Aboveground. Neither place nor distance nor the surrounding is of any importance. Communication is in the spirit of. Well, at least for a while, you can discard all initial and all reasoning, no matter how logical and convincing they might seem, if only they prevent contact. Conventional thinking will always be Higher, because the long conflict with were told that earthly wisdom is enmity against God. Understand this widely, rejecting clerical plaque. The logic of thinking are just as, or even more different from the logic of a narrow-minded, as the logic of infinitely small and large quantities of conventional rules of arithmetic, or plane from laws of three-dimensional world or Worlds of higher dimensions. It is best simply to defer all the usual thoughts and make them unconscious and thus having cleared it, give it, like the mirrored waters of the calmed down Lake, reflecting the sky and stars, reflect clearly and without distortion is not their thoughts, but thoughts of the upper world. They rush into the space and perception, consciousness is not available these tainted and darkened by waves of thoughts every day.
047. (M. A. Y.). Until the very last moment hoping Guru that will get better and go home. I too was given hope for a trip and a desire to meet. Disciples of Christ also lived an elusive hope for the speedy coming of the teacher. Why is this happening? Is it because, hope is a powerful engine of the spirit. It doesn't matter how, why or why, but it is very important to hope, the spirit of ustremlâûŝie for climbing not died. And if the hope does not come true, then it has achieved its purpose and advanced spirit to a new level of understanding. Thus, in itself the hope for anything not of relevance, but its ability to promote consciousness and its increase is extraordinary. Instead of complaints on unfulfilled expectations better conceive of how they raised the spirit of the stairs light and moved closer to the goal. The value of the Fiery power hopes not to execute the trusts, and that this power gives him the energy to live victoriously and walk the path of light. This understanding is difficult to implement in the brain, but without hope there is no life. Not to kill, but to nurture and cherish in yourself will each seed of hope. Without hope are hopelessness, despair and bottomless quagmire. And say thanks to all those who lit the heart with hope, even if not executing and unenforceable, if this hope in our heart lights lit.
048. (Guru). Hope for the great Parish, hope for the evolution of the world, hope for a new Era of fire-is this not the most powerful engines of progress, which give impetus to improving the spirit. Lord Maitreya Says all people and people Gives hope that the transformation of the Fiery world. There are hopes the human, earthly hopes, the hopes of fleeting mirages privacy, but there are hopes resting on a cosmic, an unwavering knowledge of cosmic laws. That hope, or rather, immutability of manifestation this knowledge of the future, are those who directs the evolution of the planet and its humanity. That hopes, or rather, that knowledge of the future, bear the stamp of immutability; The Hierarchy of Light it Lives, Hierarchy of Light Works this knowledge.
049. (Jan. 19). Keep a lot harder than achieving it. Why insist on the application of knowledge in practice. Applied remains even during Pralaya of consciousness, - not applied is lost. The theory is good, unless it is accompanied by practice. The approved application from human take away is impossible. Failures in an Exercise depend not on the teachings, and very often against dark counteraction. Persistence and perseverance is overcome a lot. The skilled pupil doesn't recede even before the most persistent failure. Perhaps, it is necessary to take only one step to a victory. Everything not enclosed knowledge is based upon sand and is scattered by ashes at collision with severe reality of life.
050. (Guru). Thinking about light, seeking the light, Light, Light it is wishing the seeker has it. Only the being averted from the world plunges into darkness. Thus, the thought of light creates conscious and lightens it. The thought of Light Carriers with them links and creates a bridge or tunnel connecting with them in the space. When it is very dark, and then thinks about light. Only he, only light can overcome darkness, and inside and outside.
051. (Jan. 22). You can allow wrappers to a sound wave, but only if step aside, watching as they will take advantage of this freedom, and not for a moment by identifying himself with them, - it, of course, difficultly. But even an actor onstage all the time watching them, how plays a role. This dichotomy does not prevent him from being a good performer and understand that every role is temporary, no matter how well she played. The need for earthly incarnations indicates that the conditions for peace are needed and their tight to avoid or evade them. One must pass through them regardless of whether the person wants or not. Turn away they will not. But the higher purpose of the spirit, too, should not be overlooked. Therefore, the decision is a wise combination of above-ground and earthly. The ship, going too far Harbor, has its purpose, and it does not prevent the captain well proportioned, measured according to strict rules, govern life on the ship. Without that, the ship will not reach the goal. And in a life of earthly man has to go through it, with the ultimate objective and at the same time not forgetting that it does not reach, if not will be streamlined and the earthly is subordinated to it. The harmonious combination of the spiritual and earthly and will be the right decision.
052. (Jan. 23). When flowers of spirit are trampled and trampled down by some people, test becomes especially difficult. Not for them, cruel and dark, they were raised. Many distinguished organisms don't maintain conditions terrestrial, not their in it wine. People didn't learn to appreciate still these harbingers of arising race. But nevertheless once time will come and these flowers of mankind will be to be read by treasure of the people.
053. (Guru). As it is simple, the spirit is easily and freely exempted from, apparently, absolutely desperate circumstances and a heavy environment when there comes term. And that became a blank, deep wall, suddenly disappears. And the spirit finds freedom by which it was heavy deprived.
054. (Jan. 24). (M. A. Y.). When the environment becomes too unbearable, you can close and remove the element of time, only to think about the distant future, as if erasing the borders separating us from him. The future is inherently, immutably arrives. Awareness of the future will make this a real factor of the inner world of man and motor spirit. Comes is the future, and the time will come when people will be able to act in any of their agents, where internal capacities will replace him and the Telegraph and telephone, and shower when disappear disease, poverty, ugliness, violence and war, when the transformed man earth will become a flourishing Garden, a beautiful and Distant Worlds-a reality for consciousness, accessible and close when beauty and harmony will reign on Earth and death would lose its sting because it will not exist for the spirit. All of this will be all defined in future human evolution for existing. And all this can be, even now, an enduring and not negative reality for consciousness; all in the spirit, the unattainable.
055. (Guru). Sword of Alexander and the Gordian knot may be symbols of how can be solved in the spirit of many of the problems of the Earth. This is for the body and the senses the Earth – Canyon, borders, and barriers. But in the spirit of freedom and for thought of barriers can't be. The thought of being in the transfer would give the spirit of freedom. Why look for far that closer.
056. (January. 25). At a rhythm inflexible always there is an opportunity to scoop fruit-bearer from a space treasury during the periods between parlay’s consciousnesses. It is necessary to remember only that there is no the test which doesn't have the end, and that the periods parlay’s consciousness’s are replaced by lifting. Everything in the nature is subordinated to the law of frequency and changes and the poles law. On a gloom of night it is possible to judge light of day and on burden of a burden terrestrial – release of spirit from it. The palace of the rich man and hovel of the poor quite often replace each other. Anyhow the spirit, as not on change of contrasts will become tempered. Even began not to temper, without having applied this principle. I speak to that didn't despair, seeing seeming hopelessness of a terrestrial environment or temporary combination of circumstances. I Gave, I Give, I Will give, but not earlier, than it is necessary. Having patience up to the end the way approves the victorious.
057. (M. A. Y.). A lot of things say goodbye with a steady hardness of a step. Changes in covers can't be decisive, because always temporarily, but changes in the spirit of solve everything. We will be attentive to the last and are very careful, making solutions of spirit. So, has not enough value a question what to drink and that is or in what to put on. But situation becomes fatal if there is a question of how to treat Communication, aspirations of spirit, the statement of the Silver Thread or Bases of Intimate Knowledge. At inevitable changes of external conditions questions from area of spirit remain invariable because Bases are unshakable. Thus, it is possible to separate passing from enduring and temporary from the eternal. The spirit is eternal and eternal life, and is life of spirit and in the spirit of. On a bowl of scales it is necessary life of a body and in a body, and all this depends on what will draw.
058. (Guru). Casket for those who, having passed through a hearth of terrestrial tests, will manage hold the Silver Thread of communication with the Teacher; tests for communication durability one of the most difficult. For someone it there were fires, tortures, worry by animals, for someone loneliness and deprivation of habitual conditions, for someone wealth and the power, for everyone the, but not less difficult, than for another. And sustained passed through everything, without having torn spirit communications. It is much more difficult to hold the Silver Thread, than to establish it. It is necessary to think of it because terrestrial life is check of firmness of spirit, its preparation for life in Elevated.
059. (Jan. 26). It is interesting to note that the thought or decision made or conceived during the day, at night, while you sleep, and showed a continued in action. But since sleep is a small death in miniature, something along the lines, can easily afford as those same thoughts or decisions will influence the State of the human after the mortal. The idea is fine, although the order and is generated by the brain. It would also appear as properties of both worlds. Lead can be in the world of earthly things through the brain of the machine as it continues and action in this world and in the wrong. Combining worlds is thought. Child of the invisible plan, it rains in both worlds. Photographing the thought will show that this is not an abstraction, but the real essence of clothed in concrete form. It's time to already understand that an abstract representation of a thought suspended and untrue. The idea is reality, longer lasting and stable than the fleeting condition of tight world. Seemingly, the clearly visible for the world of the invisible and the thought – what can be compared and, however, the essence of his thought is more realistic than even earthly things. The stone can exist, but the character or thought, imprinted on the stone, still going through the duration of the existence of stone, because in Chronicles of Akasha are saved forever. So when think about things fleeting and the ineradicable in space, thought to refer to these eternal and indestructible.
060. (M. A. Y.). Have you thought about what Karma man as conscious-thinking beings is a result of crystallized thoughts generated by them in the past? Not so much by how many thoughts is karma. As a consequence of acts of thought right there myself and exhaust, and to commit new need new thoughts. But the idea, not with me in action, remains in Aura thinker and will stay in it until it will result in action. Live life is carefully observing a thought without generating unwanted effects caused by the inevitable thoughts of negative comment.
061. (Guru). Especially strong is the thought generated in balance and especially weak – is in chaos disbalance. Personal feelings of irritation, fear, doubt, frustration, anger, sadness, helplessness, and so on are weakening because of thoughts, reducing efficiency. I speak not about karma, but about power of the creative thought sent to space for implementation. The disbalance breaks contact with the Hierarchy and channel Aid shall cease to have effect.
062. (Jan. 27). The most ordinary person, having a very high degree of self-control, is already on the right and lasting way to power over their membranes. Because the self-control, self-control and many other qualities of the spirit has already demonstrated how a man of his mental energy possesses. The new age of fire – this is an era of new opportunities. Possibility of spirit limited thought. But the thought is not limited by anything. Everything is possible now, as Saying on the eve of the Century Maitreya.
063. (M. A. Y.). Sphere of light open to consciousness, always wishing to access them. They're not at the bottom beneath us, but over their heads. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the top. But even physically impossible to simultaneously look up, bending her head down. Therefore, when looking to sphere of light is excluded, at least for a while, earthly voices. And they are very the loud are persistent, and rude, and many require effort of will to overcome them. Do not break, but it was overcome, overcome stubbornly and repeatedly. Exceeded in one shape or form, they arise in the other until the fire will not get stronger and do not rise so much that the permanence of overcoming the lot winner is. The master said: lock laid votes. Let us learn them close when the will hardened on overcoming, wants it.
064. (Guru). Approval, even in her, has already strengthened the basis. So we will say in the face of incontrovertible evidence. A lot of determination to assert the validity of fiery defiance of everything earthly eye sees and feels feelings of the body and shell's own aura. It should come out. It is woven from the elements that make up the identity of the person. All that over personal, is over and out of aura's egg. Live over personally, live the interests of the common good of their people, the motherland of all humanity and the planet is to break down the walls of personal prison, then break the shell of his aura and get first on planetary and space and spaciousness.
065. (Jan. 28). Butterfly, the pinned the pin cannot fly, while waving her wings, - likewise the spirit that is bound firmly to Earth. Very useful to identify each connection property, which keeps soul on Earth? Everyone has a body. Once it is free, the other his servant. It means, not in the body, but in the spirit of freedom. Ulcers of the spirit engendered by the earthly desires and aspirations are rooted not in the body. When reset, all the body is completely not gets rid with man. But it's hard to be exempted from this cargo aboveground was too sharp and bright poured everything into visible forms, clear, vivid, involving catching and surrounding a dense ring of beget. How do you get rid of that there's no free man on Earth? Spirit one incarnation all takes away with him, both good and bad. If all not gets rid to suppress, it will raise your head, like strong monster, decapitated head which re-grows. But if saved aspiration toward the light, if the rhythm step is not broken, no matter what, if the faith in Jesus Christ, who called out, begins fly off from spirit, like autumn leaves, its ongoing property, fading and decreasing in strength and losing its stranglehold of the consciousness. Even dust does not stick to the fast-moving body, prevents fouling at movement. During upswings and vicious aspirations of spirit forward past the accumulation would fall back and already out of the way, losing his power over consciousness. That is why I Say: endeavor-and Glow Light will flood you. All of which should be left: all complaints, grievances and bringing all doubts. It is difficult to go against the evidence, but had to stop and be with her. Obviousness is chicken. But who is, light touches willing to turn their lives into a chicken coop!
066. (M. A. Y.). Will be tortured by their own offspring until you find the strength to tell them: that's right you are tightly clustered around me to block My path to the Lord, but I'm not afraid of you and the authorities will not give myself over to you, for they do not have anything in Me. When darkness comes to the rebellious spirit and does not have anything in it for what she could grab onto, powerless, she and power over it she has more anymore. Fire spirit Burns past imperfect form.
067. (Guru). "And I'll go," says a soldier in the face opposite dark, they surrounded him, and armor, armed with fiery, still passes through the darkness. This is the way the winner.
068. (M. A. Y.). The principle of openness of the upper world for civilians fleeing to his spirit remains intact, because the desire is the key to all doors. No wonder even thief has been promised the proximity of Lord. So, the basic condition is to find within ourselves the power lunge. Terrestrial magnetic circuit has the spirit to the Earth. This attraction can be overcome only by aspiration. But fire is lit not always enough aspirations. And then it is necessary to cause a fire in the minds of having collected moments of ups, recovery and admirable spirit that were already in the past, that is, to strive forward lighting. Let us remember, however, that the rhythm of climbing alternates parlay’s consciousness and the phenomenon is legal. Remember that the next progress launch will be higher and brighter and will bring a lot of joy to the spirit.
069. (Guru). The primacy of spirit to assert itself, separating can be consciously and persistently everything from shells and movements occurring in them. Past, from their content, has gone from a field of consciousness, but the spirit is the core around which these movements were left to contemplate a new, equally transient and temporary, like the ones that were before. Wave relative to the rock rush ghost phenomena, but it is secure. The inviolability of the Center should say especially in strong, for being an unwavering base. Everything goes the spirit of God. Spiritual drivers too from the spirit, - they're not going to leave. And you, the things of the spirit, will stay with us. Asserting the primacy of spirit, will know that affirm the eternal Foundation Stone of life.
070. (M. A. Y.). Adoption and realization of power over their lower nature is the best defense against the darkness. So even with permission errors will, better than the weak-willed and gloomy submissive to their weaknesses. If the same offence is committed in freedom or slavery, then surely better freedom, because owning them already on the way to liberation. Thus, unclaimed astral shell can be a tyrant and the ruler of the spirit, or, on the contrary, the spirit can possess it and control it, unclaimed. We should strive to make, without the consent of the will and nothing was going against her. What is under control, you can cast aside, but it's hard to break free from what completely took over the weak willed. Note: remember who I am sure will let become its.
071. (Guru). Water chiseling stone principle will work as applied to life. The confidence can't lose, as well as to forget that spatial influence can't but bring consequences. Sure to lose, and lose sight of what spatial impact will bring consequences. The idea started up in space has the property independence of action. You need to let go, giving her exactly defined order. The psychic energy can act the self-separated.
072. (Jan. 31). Details of the day continue at night as a logical consequence of causes. More and more often repeated these phenomena. It is not a matter of detail, which may be very minor, and in principle. Day-scope of causation, night-effect, earthly life and existence is too the post mortal. You should take more care, creating a chain reasons. They are always in perfect harmony with the consequences. Respect to thoughts, desires and actions indicate knowledge of the immutability of the law of cause and effect, that is, karma, being human.
073. (Feb. 1). To grow consciousness needs nutrition. Important Knowledge bases are ground on which unbeknownst to him is slowly but steadily transforming itself in consciousness that is expanding and growing. The Framework determines the direction towards growth based on their logical consequences. This will be the right path to light. If you do not take as a basis the immortality of the spirit and of the inevitability of earthly incarnations, the adoption and improvement of human qualities lose their meaning. That is all, if a person dies and death vanish his spirit and all the buildup. Improve something in him for the sake of destruction is ridiculous. And if the spirit dies and all people will die, and the planet will be destroyed, for the sake of what then all aspirations, all sufferings, works and life constructions. But we argue that doesn't end, and does not go away, nothing lasts and transmutation in an endless stream of life, eternal and infinite in nature. The tree dies, die form, but grain, which crystallized his immortal entity, continues to live, to give impetus to the development of a new form. And when the planet will die, all that she has achieved and its life forms inhabit will be concentrated in the grain of the spirit world to give all this new life on a new planet, which strikes the hour of immutability. Formula of dialectics of nature remains unchanged in time: nothing in nature does not disappear and never be born again, but continues its evolution.
074. (M. A. Y.). When to us when without a doubt when the heart is full of confidence, new perceptions and thoughts run unhindered. But it is at least slightly falter – and ends with the saturation of the Rays, and the light inside is replaced by darkness. Spirit sensitive barometer is extraordinary. His own thoughts of doubt and mistrust, you can say: depart from me, you're denying Me access light. What a joy to you and your credibility if you dive into the abyss of darkness and. That from this that on terrestrial logic you certainly are right if this correctness extinguishes fires and takes away all accumulation. The logic of the upper world is different. It consists in adopting the Light and its Hierarchies – everywhere, always and everywhere, to serve them in the face of all contradictions, all misunderstandings, all the absurdities and inconsistencies of dense, outer, the world where the weeping and the gnashing of tooth-. Supreme light not of this world, but it should be in this world say everywhere and always. Ministry hierarchy of light and is the approval of light the continuous how in the world is the world and all over the world Aboveground.
075. (Guru). Unconditional acceptance of the hierarchy of light and messengers of the guarantee is unconditional and condition of apprenticeship. The conditional form of Discipleship is very different types. The student creates their own, believing that if this and that, then he will be faithful to the Teacher and is constant in its aspiration. But the credibility of the teacher should be unconditional, without any "If". Such recognition, such devotion, such an aspiration would be fiery. You cannot zoom to a Teacher held hostage by any "If". This will be an absolute Discipleship. Conditional students are appreciated Teacher.
076. (Feb. 2). Ray is powerless if the spirit doesn't want to fight with their piling-up himself. And, if it is impure thoughts and goes with them, then who can deprive him of the right to free choice and those thoughts that he desired. The choice makes it himself and in that spirit, which prefers. But, making a choice, you do know that if you can do this now, the aboveground that freedom would not be, because there will have to be in a mental environment, adopted at the Earth, a world of causality. Aboveground world, in the world of consequences, have to be in areas related to visualization name thoughts of the same order which prevailed when the world's earthly life. Knowing the inevitability of consequence, and having the freedom to choose, you can send in the sphere of pure thinking thoughts. Ulcer thinking is more dangerous than anthrax because the body is rooted more deeply. Find the root of the evil and snatch it up sooner or later, will still have to. Isn't it better to do it before, as hardcore thinking fix harder? But powerless words and persuasion, if the spirit himself does not want do that. First, you can give yourself a job in communicating with clean thoughts a day, then two and finally – all time that is. The invading evil thoughts can be disposed of without hesitation. Rush toward or desperately protect ourselves from poisonous snake but unclean thoughts are worse than a snake, because their venom is slow but more deadly. Impure thoughts should be protected from the will, determination, all through the power of the spirit.
077. (M. A. Y.). Every action is very weak-willed by its consequences. Every act can be enhanced by investing in it will. Such action can be described as a fiery. Its power is in the consistency of the human microcosm. Half-heartedness, already in action, is devastating, especially not half-hearted aspiration. We avoid a piecemeal approach. From them always more harm than good. Unicorn symbol indicates a complete absence of incompleteness.
078. (Guru). The world exists. You can't even imagine what it would be called life on the planet, if the Intensity did not stand on permanent Patrol, keeping a relentless onslaught of darkness. The struggle between light and darkness is constant. And the need to definitively and decisively to join pole Light in its aspiration for the future. Half side here is unacceptable. Every action of man has its luminance level. Man is begetting of darkness, or light. Essence of their need know.
079. (Feb. 4). On what already came true and comes true from told us about what was going on and the future. Fire danger is not a fairy tale, but a close reality. Waves of powerful spatial impacts flock to the ground, and no one to walk away from them and nowhere to hide. From atomic bombs to some extent can rescue shelter, but from the Fiery waves of nothing except your own lights will save the microcosm. We have a human death stands in front of the eyes. Does it matter what form it takes – protection one: meet a wave of fire their lights. But how does that negate a prayer service stupidity ignorance and because many are completely defenseless. We warned, We Have the doctrine of life, we are in the world having sent Our Messengers, but deaf mute heart. And even knowing about the future is not able to tell people about it. How much would you say to prepare the future consciousness and inevitability of fire, but this is not given, and, where available, students can count them on the fingers of one hand. But it has always been, and before the death of Poseidon’s relied death penalty for warnings about the catastrophic situation of the planet. Output remains one-seated space, saturating its images spatial thinking and forgotten and the rejected Basics covered up Knowledge. To someone and somehow something still comes and will facilitate a meeting with ongoing waves of fire. The lights of the heart does not depend on how and by whom the people call themselves, but from vital tendency of burning heart and his selfless service to the people. They are the servants of the light, sometimes not even knowing what they are. On conscious talk won't, these pillars of light keeps the peace. Much effort must gather to celebrate the imminent time fully armed.
080. (M. A. Y.). Many mistakes occur simply only from misunderstanding of the planetary moment. On signs near and far it is possible to judge escalating trouble in all corners of a planet. It is already impossible to hide from a world press. Madness of governors pushes the people on wars and the new bloodsheds which aren't justified by anything. And these phenomena could be stopped if the people rose against those who push them on these actions; hard time, hard time, destiny human on a hair.
081. (Feb 5). Correctly understood the infinity of each quality of spirit and opportunity to develop and grow infinitely. About each can be written without end. It is better to take the quality, the most consonant with the spirit, deepen them is naturally in line with expansion of consciousness. Take for example the quality of the balance. How necessary is it for growing lights. Know the times when increasing energy as though tore the body into pieces. Tuberculosis, nervous disorders, epilepsy and other diseases were caused by this condition. Mastering lights leads them into a State of equilibrium when the Agni can be used by consciously and freely. It should be very carefully watch for yourselves, so as not to miss the moment when the unbridled power of the lights begins to occur beyond the control of the will. Even so-called nerve movement, even they Show on uncontrolled exposure of psychic energy. They should not be allowed. Every time they have a tendency to show up, you need to sit down quietly and channel the excess energy on the help and support of friends near and far or go where disbalance or Flash lights require assistance. If did not pour out this force in involuntary movements or nerve. The desire to go from corner to corner is a phenomenon of the same order. You can enjoy growing lights, if they're under the conscious control of the will. Without control cannot be equilibrium. And equilibrium is a State of low-key fiery force, held by a person. The quality of restraint and self-control is from the same nest. Each master you can rejoice in thee, for it is a direct way to the power of the spirit.
082. (M. A. Y.). In what would be a bad, the reflected or depressed are people and no matter how heavy the circumstances surrounding it, can always make it a number of useful action and do something which strengthens one of the closest and he is currently sounding qualities. Well remember that in difficult moments burdening of spirit control. After all, it will already be a victory over them, because they are exclusively only for increasing and strengthening the forces of lights. Not easy to take in mind the situation that, but taking it shows the understanding of the basics and a proper degree of confidence in the teacher. Go to the limit-then all the forces gather to approve the balance of spirit and evenly lit lights.
083. (Feb. 6). Have yourself constantly harping on the transient of the current hour. Otherwise it will seem that being so strong plagued consciousness, never will be. But, first, there is no eternal test, and second life in the body is limited to a period. So still have to part ways with the body and the surroundings dense. Not particularly convincing, consolation, but the thought of death is bound to temper the playing time. The question is more important that the leave and take that with you. Easier to discard that plagued than what pleasure and that creates an illusion of apparent well-being. The hotel did not believe her, knowing that go away in a day or two. And the day spent in transit in accident, do not take for something permanent. Similarly, any circumstances of earthly life will end in due course. If you look at everything going on at both the randomness by flitting scenery on the way to the future, they will not stop the attention too and detain their inconveniences caused by consciousness. For the sake of the future of liberation from it can give up troubles that accompany them; light in front, but not darkness, - thoughts about the light the darkness of defeat.
1. 084. (M. A. Y.). Except there's nothing heart strands. But there are Basics. You can lean on them when it is very dark. And what personal self is suffocating in the cramped basement of handmade, experience and knowledge are given through the difficulties of life, and the great Spirits through them were held, many more suffering than you suffer.
085. (Guru). Heavy is? Did you imagine that one feels on fire, or in the arena, tormented by wild beasts, or in a damp and fetid Dungeon without light, or suffering from hunger and cold, or going on the attack under heavy fire, or chained in underground mines in the mines of the past, or sold into slavery? And will become easier. It's all in the State of consciousness; - for the burning of the heart is the most difficult circumstances and sorrows are in joy.
086. (Feb. 7). The man from space can cause not only light or darkness, joy or sorrow, but also any sense. The principle of calling is based on harmony. The average person is in some senses uncontrollably, often becoming the targets of spatial effects, i.e. effects radiating from the invisible realms of one incarnation entities and embodied that send your senses into the space. If you set your machine on a wave of joy or sorrow, the perception will be spent accordingly. But you can customize yourself on any fret and so cause the same wave from surrounding areas. You can be weak-willed resonator responsible for consonant waves. And you can hold in your hands the key that customizes the consciousness on a sitting it will wave. Strong results in the very nature of perceptions, weak wind weather vanes are similar. In fact, protection from unwanted outside influences and is its own consciousness in a certain key is installed. Fearless heart does not resonate with the emotions and thoughts of fear. Without thoughts and here is impossible. The idea is called and is a State of mind on the emotional wave. Life loves the strengths and helps them. Any signs of weakness or lack of will is not valid. In your hands takes a strong spirit and mood of their membranes. Any relationship to any phenomenon depended not on the phenomena, but from a man. If two people can one rejoice, and another to grieve at the same event, so it's not an event, and in people. So, given power to man the freedom to judge the phenomena of life and install on their own attitude towards them. You can start learning to change attitude to anything; at least it is in itself and has not been altered. So, you can begin to rejoice that recently afflicted, and find new opportunities where stacked barrier. The root of grief and joy is not in things and phenomena outside but in the person who is given power over everything since the beginning of times that outside it.
087. (M. A. Y.). According to the laws of polarity with all that causes grief or suffering, a person can become their opposite. You should just know that lever is in the hands of man. Consciousness determines our attitude to things, not things. One need only understand that what oppresses the will and serves as a source of weakness, can whip up and do more, when the power of the human phenomenon of consciousness is lost and it becomes free and alone determines what kind of impact allows it and what sorts of prohibits, rower over the external influences that is. The one who said that he beat a world even lifted a finger to defend Itself and has not had a visible impact on the environment. And yet he was indeed the winner because His Victory was a victory over themselves that the events outside hook he kept firmly in hand and turned just as his will Alone. Thus, only the winning itself, only the Bishop's own microcosm can become the winner of the world. For he conquers all, who himself managed to win.
088. (Guru). It's nice that commemorate people, firmly holding both hands blazing Gem in the breast. It is a symbol of mastering by the fires when no external influences are imperious over the person. Many aspire to power, some achieve it. But they aspire to power Basic, which is temporary, it always take either death or people. But the Fiery power holder, Stone, nobody can take that away from him. Not once it is achievable. Sometimes a century long labors, and effort, and the ordeal that have passed, give this power. It is invisible and denied the world ignorant, but it exists, it can be done and of the own. But who is will pursue for blue bird? To possess this power, it is necessary to know that it exists, that it is achievable, it is necessary to believe in it and admit that burning Stone is the only Treasure you can own the Earth and man in the worlds.
089. (Feb. 8). My friend, continuity any phenomenon and continued it at Infinity are seen everywhere. But apply it to man and to approve the immortality of the spirit doesn't want to, considering death also forms and death that is life in this form. But the matter is dead and lives form one and the same, and the difference between them is in the elements that make up this form, but in something else, is not readily verifiable in the usual analysis. This is something and is something that does not die with the death of a dense shell. Elements of live seeds or seed, and grain of the dead, that is not likely to already germinating, are the same, but live the invisible essence of grain, which carries with it the future of the plant, had already left the dead shell. Snapshot of grain by means of high-quality photographs found it lack of light radiation. Light left a dead form, taking with him the life seed. Exactly the same happens with the death of the physical body. Power & light, which gave him life, leave it. Very instructive to compare between the living and the dead body of a man to determine what exactly is leaving it when so called death. Recognizing the continuity of life does not have to prove the immortality of the spirit. But anathema lives in a world of ghostly evidence, not recognizing the fierce reality and possibility of a subtle world there outside the tight body. This denial is seemingly only the man himself, puts a heavy imprint of distortion of reality for the whole life of mankind on Earth, giving rise to violence, war, cruelty, exploitation and enslavement of entire peoples and making people reckless. Pending a Study of life and not approved by science and immortality of the spirit, it is impossible to rescue humanity from the deadlock in which it arrived. Science has already approached the border, followed by a Genesis of the invisible World is not negative fact. Science has been handed out to do what no religion has succeeded. The time is near.
090. (M. A. Y.). We are arguing, and gone with us as we enter into communion, assert grounds, that is, the rigor of the basics. If spirit can exist outside of the body, and its energy are continuing their activity by this spirit. The way it is in reality. Liberation from the physical body makes the spirit even more free in the expression and the manifestation of their energies. After all, for someone to death is truly liberating from the constraints of a tight world. After all, does not want to understand people, how is he his body, which has to be removed, put on shoeing, feeding, and for which you have to build housing. After all, it all disappears with the death of the body that really frees the spirit for above-ground capabilities. And only the coupling and slavery at the habits of the body and its needs that the spirit carries with him mentally, preventing it to realize the joy of freedom from gravity dense shell. He considered it his "me", and so must pay for its mistake. People are given opportunities to know and achieve freedom and. A blunt denial prevents him to expand consciousness and throw off heavy chains of ignorance.
091. (Guru). Do not be surprised that the circuit of the Earth cannot be reset instantly. For many centuries people obscured knowledge of the mind of the spirit, contrasting cloth spirit. After all, the person sees no further eyes and hears within earshot of the ear, not knowing or believing that it has a miraculous fire apparatus, which is superior to all the Earth. Improving these last, he forgets about the path of refinement and development of the wonderful possibilities of the microcosm, staying in slavery conditions of Earth. Teaching is calling and accusation are to improve internal human equipment, explaining how are achieved and expand these opportunities. Once the planet is going to die, and with it will be destroyed and all the machines and apparatuses, invented by man. But the apparatus of spirit is immortal and capable of infinite refinement and improvement. And the planet is only a stage or stage, the endless wandering by the stars, the chain of worlds with stars on the star.
092. (M. A. Y.). Often the living conditions, preventing possible action through the normal channels, thereby leave open the way unusual. Act on the unemployed in will already be the key to success. At the time, you can be in a position where cut off all the usual channels. Thoughts it is possible to help both to people and affairs, both far and close, both big and small much. Few know about the power and importance of thought. Abstract knowledge is nothing if not done in life. How can we talk about not being able to work for the common good when the talker is the idea that in space no one can stop anyone and anything? I mean the idea of light, consistent with the plan of the overseers. We are very to grieve, seeing the lost and neglected our close collaboration with us. Often enemies, putting barriers in one direction, miss others, sated still great opportunities. Often the enemies, putting barriers in one direction are missing other saturated even more powerful. Thoughts of light in space cannot be an obstacle that, at times, hopeless confines the ordinary earthly human actions.
093. (Guru). Each mistaken or wrong action can be turned into a proper and construction, putting his energies on conquering great wave. This is the essence of transmutation of human action. Every such transmutation would certainly help. That is, one must learn to wield fire, letting the Fiery energy up. If the same energy raises a hand assassin and saving children from a fire, the one who has learned how to wield this energy and direct it in the right direction, by the Bishop of its fiery power already. Only would have the power to transmute.
094. (M. A. Y.). Merging consciousness precedes thought. It is more than medical and it is released, from their selves, so merging is better. Pretty much got to discard before you is this attunement. After all, it is not the small things or thoughts, not on the everyday life of a busy day but on phenomena that go beyond generalities. Forces need to step away from themselves, their small personal feelings and experiences that nobody needs. After all, not for him, but for his other gave her its gains and lost. So, personal, small self, the self-focus and Astral, is enemy number one of the immortal Triad, or higher self, man.
095. (Guru). Much needed strength to a determination to find evidence of a tight world and refuse to replace its reality fiery. Here we are dead, we do not have is a world of obviousness. But we continue to exist, our spirit is immortal. We can enter, or rather, with us you can be in communicating thought. These two truths: sacred and profane but above ground truth. Which of them will give up their hearts, and will be? But few give away your heart; you have to keep at it yet what it is. Dense very jealously guards the obviousness and its power over consciousness. Power and fight is actually a fiery statement, and only his effort is admirable. When stress becomes rhythmical, rhythm, overcomes the inertia of dense medium and the resistance the inexhaustible Treasury of spatial consciousness thoughts and anyone who has access to it, in what would be the body and where they might be, if the thought rushes to him.
096. (Feb. 12). It is better to stand on own feet, it is better to float in the boat. It is better to go most, than on an occasion. It is better, better to hope for the forces, than for the others. Light board not always to our services. How when it isn't present? Even the helmet, a board and the weapon of Light need ability to use them. The hand is necessary firm to hold a board. Training is necessary to spirit. Change of opposite conditions serves as such training; at first friends and relatives near, then loneliness, - at first obvious guardianship and protection, then without them. So on alternation of contrasts the Spirit becomes tempered. Chambers of the palace and a corner of the shoemaker is a good illustration of change of conditions of an embodiment; as a variety of quickly changing external conditions of this embodiment is characteristic for experience acceleration. It is possible see care of the one Who Conducts in it. But the trust is necessary to use up to the end given the chance. Without trust to the Driving Hand they lose the meaning.
097. (M. A. Y.). Awareness of indispensability of links of the Hierarchical Chain binding going on the way with Light indicates understanding of Bases. Among the hundreds of millions of people cannot even imagine anyone who could replace the Guru and his mother, "This indicates the strength and durability of Tierra del Fuego. But even more profound, even more links it is intimate spirit with Bishop.
098. (Guru). Relationship with his Hierarchy can be strengthened and deepened continuously. The power of love to her is measured not by words, but thoughts and deeds. Thoughts of the day can either alienate or zoom in. Know well that brings and that alienates. Happiness is built with his own hands bridge, built solidly, it is secure. The body will die, it stays. It spreads far into the future, beyond this earthly life, beyond the next lives. The Infinity Bridge will give happiness.
099. (Feb. 13). Generally speaking, the whole process of life, embodied in the body of the Earth, is that all he has to do, it translates into mental shape and enriches the surrounding areas on a distant or unseen equal distances like conveyor belt, black-out phenomena in thin transmutation. Akasha Chronicle is full of these sediments, as well as the world of Subtle. Everything that ever occurs on Earth is transferred through consciousness’s realizing it to forms and remains in World Thin. Akasha Chronicle captures all and without the intervention of human consciousness, such as the history of the Earth from the beginning. But in addition to her transformation into the invisible solid goes through human consciousness. And it invested with the ability to create mental forms, fills and space. Thus, the Subtle world of supersaturated, the fruits of human creativity. Each form of thought, man-made, starts its existence in the world. You can imagine what his sphere. Filled with Sediment Bowl store history all lives the spirit. Complexity and inter sectionalist of mental formations meet one incarnation in the World Aboveground. He takes communion or in combination with them by name and habit to the mind's processes, which mostly indulged on Earth. Form thoughts don't die in space. Their strength and vitality are dependent on the strength and passion, emotion, nested in them beget. Killer frequently and continuously lived in whirlwinds and chaos of riotous thoughts, images that he has created, committing his crime. Beget and its progeny is linked straight chain – cause and effect. If you pull one line of thought forms a human corridor, then after death have to pass through it, stopping and lingering on the hosts especially tense to aggravate and further variations on the once approved and particularly heartfelt themes. Control, set during his lifetime, and there it will be equally, guarding against unnecessary excesses. Observe a thought on Earth, being in the body, is to secure a stay in the spheres which curbed and subject consonant with the will of the mind. Should firmly grasp the Building stay corresponds to psychic life, approved on the ground, but multiplied opportunities subtle world.
100. (Guru). Correctly you do if the problems arising in a dream, you transfer to light of day, setting to them the seal of a final decision of will. Unresolved, they remain in sub consciousness to come up at the unexpected moment and to cause damage if aren't solved correctly. Many things solved insufficiently firmly, move in the depth of consciousness and disturb, much not gets rid display itself in a dream. The solution of will, firm and irrevocable, puts a lot of things on the place and exempts consciousness from litter. It is always good to clean consciousness back streets. Patrol constant is necessary. The dark rack is ready to throw always the shaggy balls, using channels of not gets rid properties.