Agni Yoga's facets, 1967

1967. 001. (Jan. 1). Decomposition of light, during the retreat from it, very painfully, but degraded not for the light, not of the consciousness, devoid of light.
002. (M. A. Y.). When beams self-proceeding are approved by spirit, force of impact on people becomes especially palpable. And then there is no indifferent relation to the carrier of arising beams. And as at the majority of people the darkness instead of Light in a fit of temper prevails, and reaction of people to contact with Light happens often negative, that is counteracting Light. From here and work among people turns into a feat because the constant contact of darkness very much depressing acts heart.
003. (Guru). Focus of Hierarchy one can concern as without itself the Lord, so and without the next to It. And then come out straight tie, or straight connection, because the Center Existing is Uniform turns out. Association goes on a link; chain any intermediate from which neither to pass, nor it is impossible to reject. The understanding of it and observance of hierarchical sequence do a way direct.
004. (January. 2). The main thing is to come off itself and everything that is so strong connected with the personality and her experiences. Anyhow goes at spaces to planet. I mean - egoism. Long ago it was told: "Be rejected from itself". "I" remain, but big, expanded, not occupied with Me, living interests of all mankind. Even the mankind isn't obligatory; endowing the personal conveniences and interests for the sake of collective – already on a right way. Interests can be directed on themselves, or – out of themselves, on others. In it all difference. It is necessary to be beaten out from a shell of own aura to concern the World Ocean. Well for a start thought to fly about a planet, helping those to whom heart wants. And it is good make it habitual and hobby.
005. (M. A. Y.). Treasure of knowledge of Communication with Heart Great we will store and protect as the most valuable those we can have on Earth and that we can take further, for Earth limits. Treasures of spirit are weightless and don't burden consciousness therefore they can be accumulated in any quantity. They don't burden spirit on a way to Boundlessness. It is necessary to be surprised only to that people with themselves instead of these treasures take. Also are bent heavy under a burden unreasonable, hardly moving feet, and even are motionless under burden of an excessive burden. Remnants and past heaps, dark and heavy, pig-iron is similar to kernels, chained by a chain to feet. But pure, light thought call winged. So, thoughts or wings at spirit rise, or become chains standing. That is why control over thoughts is so necessary. The thought can become the jailer, if from darkness. From all prisons the most terrible is a prison of spirit, prison self-approved, created by own hands. And the worst situation is when the person doesn't understand, doesn't realize all horror of these self-plunge bonds. Understanding is already a step to release. Who will voluntary want to put itself the hands into a dungeon.
006. (Guru). The person, who has been strong attached to Earth, is similar to the convict chained by a chain to four wheels. Each chain consists of links, and on each link it is possible to distinguish an accurate inscription, what exactly and as it connects the person. It is good to consider these inscriptions that the nobility than and as the spirit is connected and as what link it is required to break first of all. Whether there is enough slavery at the shortcomings which so strong have bound consciousness to Earth.
007. (January. 3). Bright evidence creates isolation illusion from Us and replaces with itself reality, forcing to forget words: "I with you always". It is possible to fight against it only the adoption of Hidden Presence contrary to visibility dense. Not feelings of the Thin World with all its opportunities serve as the reason of this oblivion. It was told: "I with you always, in all days, till the end of time". How it is even more convincing to introduce reality of Hidden Presence in consciousness? And, if feelings are silent, it is necessary to believe, believe all the heart, all understanding, belief all.
008. (M. A. Y.). If covers darken knowledge of spirit, it is necessary to moderate and allow silence to start their activity to sound. Let's learn to listen to silence. From silence of silence the Voice Silent Will begin to sound. But noise of vanity can muffle thin sounding of silence.
009. (Guru). Whether everything is equal what ways concern the World Teacher, if the touch took place? Everyone chooses to itself a way on of the heart. And heart is conducts. And a way through heart is the next. Why to wander, when the magnet of heart attracts so powerfully desirable opportunities. Let the way of achievements will pass through of the heart.
010. (M. A. Y.). The understanding of conditions of test doesn't exempt from its burden and conditions, but facilitates fight.
011. (Guru). Eighteen years I was compelled to suffer presence of the enemy before myself. Yes unless tests consisted only in this one? Much they were from the beginning and until the end of life. Not in them put, and in their successful overcoming. One will come to an end, others will begin. If only they came to the end with a victory, in it their sense.
012. (January. 5). Bases are unshakable. The consciousness seeks to evade from them, plunging into Maya illusions. Even in the Thin World people hide on back streets of illusive heaps if only to leave from Reality. The Maya of the Thin World is even denser, than Maya terrestrial, is brighter and colorful. Behind its ghost’s people, than even more chase Maya usual. But Bases – not Maya. Therefore, being approved on them, we are approved on reality. In due time I Told about the Stone of the Eternal Basis of Life. The fiery reality of the real is based upon it.
013. (M. A. Y.). The external phenomena step on consciousness waves. And everyone should be met adequately. However many waves about the spirit rock fought, they can't break it even if Maya of evidence shows other. Understanding of a not-destroy and indestructibility of spirit should be carried by through life. It is useful further, very much it is useful. It is necessary for the statement of the phenomenon of uninterrupted consciousness. The spirit is immortal, but the person reaches immortality only when the current of his consciousness doesn't interrupt. Living strong in the covers and identifying itself with them, it dooms itself to death together with them.
014. (Guru). Life of thought differs from life of dense subjects. They live and die, but the thought is subject to action of other laws. The thought can be stretched far beyond body life. Immortality of spirit, conscious immortality, is forged by this way. Unconscious immortality of spirit all people, conscious – the very few possess.
015. (January. 6). The victory over external conditions consists not in change of these conditions, and in that they ceased to influence aura and to suppress its light full. While this condition of invulnerability isn't reached by external influences, it is impossible to speak about the power of spirit over its covers. The aura serves as the conductor of the vibrations sent by the Teacher. They can be apprehended only lightful aura. If it is saddened, changes and goes out under the influence of a direct environment, access to Beams is closed. The question of maintenance of aura is as it should be important extraordinary. It is possible to imagine that gets inside at irritation, despondency, rage, or discontent, or at other emotions when Light is replaced with darkness. To be constant on the guard, on protection of the radiations – a foremost duty of the one, who goes for Called.
016. (M. A. Y.). How many occasions it is possible to find to be saddened by that occur around? But all these occasions – self-deception, because any of them doesn't cost to close an entrance for the Beam. After all it is equivalent to disclosure of gate for darkness invasion. Each feeling, or the emotion sounding on the lowest scale, we open them to darkness influences. Whether it is admissible?
017. (Guru). The thought loaded with feeling, that is energy of heart, connects consciousness to spheres, conformable think. To observe thought will be a direct way of approach to the Teacher of Light.
018. (Guru). Each victory over, over that that is subject to overcoming, bears to spirit pleasure. Each aspiration causes forces counteracting. Each statement of sounding quality causes check of determination and sincerity it to hold. Movement on the way consists in continuous fight for the statement growing in Light.
019. (January. 9). Pearls of Intimate Knowledge gather and collect gradually, in process of growth and consciousness expansion. To give at once everything – means to destroy. Besides, each step demand fastening. The knowledge loose doesn't give crystals of deposits in the Bowl. That is approved on a formula "by a hand and a foot human" is integral. It is necessary to pass through everything for the statement of received Knowledge. The life, which has been carried out in wellbeing rest, gives nothing for accumulation. Usually people want to receive, without having paid, or – to have, without having earned by work. The fate of the debtor is unenviable. Giving receives lawfully. Nothing can prevent distribution of spiritual gifts. Distribution invisibly and thought is a high step of a donation. The radiations the benefit to the world bearing is the Attendant of Light. The requital comes always, but not in measures usual. And who from Attendants of Light thinks of an award. Beam of the Teacher and stay in It, not will be the highest award?
020. (M. A. Y.). Persistence and constancy of aspiration is one out of qualities of the recognized pupil. Even in usual conditions it is hard to show this quality. But what then to tell about difficulties of transitional time for sides of two eras? The way of an apprenticeship to this period is especially difficult. The burden of antagonistic spatial currents heavy lies down on heart. To keep balance it is equivalent to a feat. The consolation that "even it will pass" and New Era will come.
021. (Guru). The contact to Light sates consciousness with Light. Light of Hierarchy is great. It is a rescue anchor for mankind. Wishing Light has it. The law of a magneto is powerful.
022. (M. A. Y.). How explain even better that the Thin World reveals to the person exempted from a body, according to degree of a dilatability of his consciousness and readiness to Elevated stay. All general reasoning’s are relative. All individual impressions are various at each spirit. Everything is perceived through radiations of own aura and painted by it. The consciousness is broader; the perceptions are richer and more right. The full separation from all terrestrial and liberation from habits of terrestrial and terrestrial gravitations is necessary to perceive more, or less truly. And that there is absolutely inaccessible and is impossible for one, is easily achievable others. Liberates and releases thought. Connects and deprives of freedom thought, and everything is caused by thought.
023. (Guru). If anything terrestrial doesn't stop on a way to Us, anything elevated won't detain. It is necessary to pass through everything, without shortening a stride.
024. (January. 11). Cognition and improvement go by thinning of all covers and clarification from everything that disturbs. The consciousness can't contain moreover, than it is able to contain. The indigestion thanks to overflow and impossibility to assimilate spiritually is more than a capacity of consciousness – the phenomena, very similar one per another. Assimilation by consciousness of new receipts requires time. The spirit grows in a spiral of time. Everything will come in due time, if the aspiration doesn't run low.
025. (M. A. Y.). The Teacher is connected by the rules traced for pupils a millennium ago. And the pupil is obliged to follow, in turn, of. These rules are inviolable, that is, only them executing, it is possible to reach. So, for example, in hands some strength isn't given before the consciousness won't be cleared. Danger that the consequences generated by abuse of these forces, it is impossible to avoid. And it can detain forever spirit advance. It is better not to know, than, knowing, to abuse knowledge.
026. (Guru). I will give an example of how illegally received knowledge can damage to the received. Imagine that the pupil got force of impact on mentality of another and used it for the mercenary purposes. He achieved desirable, but lost opportunity to develop this ability by means of the Teacher in the future; abuse of knowledge cuts off possibilities of spirit.
027. (January. 12). The thought doesn't die in space. The thought is immortal. The thought is the child of immortal spirit fire of the person. She lives under laws of the Extra dense World. The matter of spirit creator and matter of the thought created by it are close on essence of the structure. The brain is visible and of thinking, as well as all subjects terrestrial. But the thought created with the participation of a brain, is invisible and doesn't belong to subjects of the dense world. Without participation of the thinker spirit the thought can't be created. All works of hands human finally are derivative think. Creates thought even terrestrial subjects. The science about thought is a science of the future. Mastering by thought will lead to mastering by many secrets of the nature. The power of spirit is reached through mastering by thought.
028. (M.A. Y.). Mastering by isn't reached at once. The usual mistake is that the will rises at big affairs, without having ordered and without having seized the small. I won't be tired to repeat about advantage of small undertakings and small overcoming in myself, bringing in the end result to a victory and mastering by all covers. Small successes in this direction give confidence and force to move further and further to fight. Big and great and to achievement impossible it is possible to approach to achievement of affairs by small overcoming at the beginning.
029. (M. A. Y.). The thin World on consciousness and in the Thin World everything is created and moves thought. It is possible to imagine all variety of human consciousnesses and all infinity of variations, distinctions of representation of the Thin World. The thought moves aspiration. On aspirations and desires of the person his thoughts, and are determined by thoughts – a thin environment and its character. So, everyone is the creator of those conditions in which it appears in Elevated. That I wanted to what directed, you have around. Directing to Beauty on Earth and living it sang reap from beauty of the aspirations. Frequenters of beer, gambling and all other dens magneto will be involved in the corresponding layers of space. Everything that is on Earth exists in the world astral above, and to everyone there will be a place, precisely conformable to his desires and aspirations. The world Thin is very fair condition. Everyone receives on aspirations.
030. (Guru). Why we speak about World Hidden very much? We speak because it, it is closely connected with the world terrestrial, and the Worlds, dense and Thin, being connected, powerfully influence at each other. All terrestrial actions are immediately reflected in that world, and the phenomena of the Thin World precede the terrestrial. This interrelation should be realized. Brain visible, the thought is hidden, but the hidden thought can strongly influence a dense body of the person, and especially words. And the word is non-material. It can be heard, but neither to weigh, nor it is impossible to cut it. So the phenomena dense and the phenomena thin intertwined between themselves. Only people don't want to understand it.
031. (January. 14). On force of dreams it is possible to judge that, some impressions and influences of the Thin World are how strong. Not vagueness, but brightness, force and distinctness of thin conditions aggravate all perceptions. If they from Light, the benefit to spirit sounding on them. But if from darkness, fight is inevitable, and the victory is the obligation. To fall powerlessly under waves of dark influences – means the legend of darkness. On these soundings it is impossible to fight against a responsibility, if conformable to darkness elements still litter conductors. Therefore clarification from them is made on Earth. Tests for release from them happen so often that the self-deception is already impossible. Also the pupil that he from what it was necessary to be exempted didn't know can't tell. It is possible to destroy charm of allure the analysis of their essence, opening their hidden deception. And at times it is good to take a detached view to find unattractiveness of any seduction. Usually its charm is inflated the dark whispers. Wise will tell: "I know that under seeming attractive external form thorns, both prickles, and the poison poisoning a body and soul are hidden, and appearance not to enter Me into deception. I Know also the end if I give in". On the example of addicts, alcoholics it is possible to see all horror of consequences of allure.
032. (M. A. Y.). Each dark thought under the law of contrasts can be replaced light and dirty – pure. In it is pledge of prosperity. And the thought, the more powerful it an opposite pole is stronger. The transmutation occurs through related contrasts. The pole changes, but force remains. The Beauty will be an antipode of a disgrace. It is the right criterion of a faultlessness of thinking and a choice. "With it to tops we will pass where access isn't present". Savl transformation * was made by change of a polar of energy of his spirit.
* Savl – apostle Pavel.
033. (Guru). Between groundless enthusiasm and burning of heart we will draw sharp differentiating line. The first has no neither bases, nor a root and arises as quickly as disappears at even easy counteraction or collision with life. The second doesn't depend on evidence and accident of the external phenomena. On fires of heart changes of life; to carry by through life, not go out, heart fires, will be a victory over life.
034. (January. 15). What from this, what are Thin and the Fiery Worlds and there is a Boundlessness and Hierarchy of Light, what from this if they aren't realized, that is doing exist for consciousness? If the phenomenon isn't realized, it isn't present for the person. That is why so we Insist on consciousness expansion; at first understanding, and then - mastering. Understanding is almost already mastering, in any case, a direct way to it. And how enter into the judgment future, if him not realize? Will tell how your reasoning’s of that is created in the world are far. Answer: how they were far, Evolution Real develops according to the Great Plan which is carried out by Hierarchy of Light. All sufferings human occur thanks to a willful deviation from it. But the Plan is indestructible. Everything that goes against it will self-destruct. Light of the future is great, and it demands understanding from those who wishes it.
035. (M. A. Y.). Unconditional adoption of these or those provisions of the Doctrine of Life automatically involves a number of inevitable and kind consequences which it is imperceptible, but steadily changes consciousness. So, for example, "the love to Hierarchy gives rise to direct Communication" or the understanding of the Karma gives rise to a sense of responsibility for the acts; even partial acceptance of Truth transmutation narrower the person on extent of its realizing.
036. (Guru). All Carriers Light Knows the way, and not only in the face of all contradictions, superstitions and errors of mankind, but also in the face of those counteractions which direct against Them conscious and unconscious enemies of Light. But All of them Go, nevertheless forward because Know the way.
037. (January. 16). Let's accept to the final management the rule to move forward in the approved direction irrespective of and contrary to what thoughts interfering advance, can come to mind. And a lot of things can come, and is thrown even more that. The purpose is to confuse, stop and take aside. Weak can stop and even to move back. But claimed strong in Bases and knowing that the Teacher never Leaves, nevertheless goes, despite everything; goes and reaches.
038. (M. A. Y.). Whether you think on a not reason, what those who passed before you, avoided tests through which you should pass? Not from wisdom you think so. Way ancient, and all going to Light it passed. And those who won are among the next to Hierarchy Focus. Even thoughts can't be allowed about possibility of defeat, because the victory – in the spirit of and thought is forged.
039. (Guru). Before Hour of Arrival tension and a press of darkness will be especially strong. It is necessary to expect and not to be surprised because darkness tension on one pole is necessary for the statement in the world of another.
040. (January. 17). Imagined can be not only these or those qualities of spirit, but also many other things, for example, an occupied step on a life ladder, either some achievements, or proximity to the Teacher, or the importance in creation of the New World. A lot of things are created often by imagination without the valid basis. The whole crowds of the seduced fill some layers of the Thin World. All this is very sad. But the saddest show is an imagined pupil that is the person who has imagined by the pupil of the Teacher of Light. It is even worse, than a conditional apprenticeship. Pupil, who has often not passed tests and cutting off to himself possibilities of advance still imagines, that nothing not come and that everything precedes as was once. Opportunities are given all, but the one, who destroys them the hands, has to expostulate only on itself.
041. (Guru). How distinguish in it imagined qualities from the presents, - only in practice, in the annex to life. Imagined quality won't pass even small test because actually doesn't exist. Why to wait for tests from outside when it is possible to test always itself at own will. Life gives the chance to that much. Both on restraint, and on garrulity, both on irritation, and on purity of thoughts it is possible to check itself every day. It – for example because self-examination can't be limited to anything if to that there is a desire life School, giving lessons, checks performance them constantly. Wanting to learn and to check itself has opportunity it to do all the time, there would be only a desire.
042. (M. A.Y.). Terrestrial mind, or mind, often rises against knowledge of spirit. "I believe, help My disbelief", – exclaims aspiring to Light. Why? Two in one, the terrestrial person and heavenly, and both fight incessantly for prevalence and the power over consciousness. Terrestrial wants to eat well and softly to have a sleep, wants rest and lives careless, heavenly on a feat calls, directing to tops. He knows how everything is short that is connected with narrow-minded life that all comes to an end and passes that the spirit is immortal only and that conscious immortality is reached only by dismissal from narrow-minded life usual, for the sake of the statement unusual, living outside death of a physical body.
043. (Guru). When all fluctuates and the soil starts crumbling under the feet, be approved in Bases. They are unshakable. It is possible to grasp them, as a lifebuoy in the rough sea. They won't change. Whatever bright and convincing this illusive world of dense illusions seemed, know that it is briefly limit for you that life it is fated behind borders of this world and what not for the sake of this life terrestrial, but for the sake of that, another, Elevated, you have to pass life on Earth to save up the necessary elements for conscious stay in World Aboveground.
044. (January. 23). In dreams very often we arrive and we see them as in reality. Therefore the day behavior is of great importance for stay in the Thin World. The behavior alone shows knowledge of Bases. Streamlining of use and behavior will yield the positive results when the terrestrial plan will be left. After all in external actions and acts the internal person, his feelings and thought is shown. It is necessary that expediency directed each movement of the person. On compliance internal with the surrounding the magnetic attraction to that layer of space in which the one incarnation is fated to stay is created.
045. (Feb. 9). Each attempt to approve any quality of spirit immediately causes check of sincerity and power of this desire, because there is no show of sadder, than imagined qualities; this one out of the main conditions a time as a pupil. The second – it is necessary to increase spirit on each counteraction to find force it to overcome. And opposite dark are allowed on consciousness rather on a shoulder; and, if the eremite is threatened by demons, to Lords –hierophant of the evil. Growth of spirit causes also growth of counteractions, as the strengthened course of the ship – the strengthened resistance of water. Laws in everything are identical. On growth of obstacles and counteractions strength of mind grows. And on them it is possible to judge growth step.
046. (M. A.Y.). "Wherefore left Me, the Lord" is a formula of spirit passing difficult test. It is necessary to ponder upon this phenomenon. Daring to the great can't pass by it.
047. (Guru). Each test has the end.
048. (Feb. 10). "There are a lot of invited, but it isn't enough elite" – so was always. Therefore we won't be surprised to number of the departed. But devotion to the Doctrine is checked by fire and sufferings. All come behind receiving, and sincerely approached goes a torch. But it only in the beginning, when are inflated fires aspiration. Then it is necessary to go own steam. And here also there is a division: someone disappears, and someone shows strength of mind and continues to go to Light. And many don't maintain, because pink dreams of beginners are very far from severe reality of a feat. And the further, the disappearing more, and the top are reached only by units. So was earlier, business and so is now.
049. (M. A. Y.). You see how the best undertakings collapse dark; they seek to replace each kind seed angry. How many undertakings are perverted, and their advantage is nullified. Feel the end of the reign and rage hopelessness of rage, but flight of time not to stop.
050. (Feb. 13). Inexperience often persistently reaches for receiving the knowledge giving the power, forgetting thus that such knowledge at crude consciousness will be rather damnation, than blessing. Therefore clarification and release from any litter is first of all. It is possible to imagine mental products of the strong, accurate, trained imagination in the absence of purity and at uncontrollability of an astral. It is better not to know, than to deepen knowledge dirty hands.
051. (Feb. 14). And still the safest and useful exercises are exercises in the statement of these or those merits of spirit. Won't damage the statement of devotion, or love to the Teacher, either constancy, or firmness, or possession of. It is possible to practice in all this even without the direct guide of the Guru. Also certainly all exercises on consciousness clarification from litter are useful also. They, perhaps, also don't give special strength or disclosure of abilities, but, undoubtedly, serves as conditions, without which any disclosure of the centers unconditionally dangerously. And still it is possible to specify other useful exercise is an exercise in work. Work intense and lightful advances quicker, than the most refined yoga’s exercises.
052. (M. A. Y.). It is told already so many that it is necessary to put only told in practice.
053. (Guru). Understanding of reality disseminates Maya mirage. Plunging into the future, you concern reality, because the reality is that is and that will be and that should be.
054. (Feb. 15). Love can't be ordered, any artificial calling of thin feelings of friendship, both love, and appreciation in with the friend and remains to that, and casual meetings and casual feelings will flash and will go out. And enemies from the remote past too will find and will reveal it over words. True feelings are forged in time and in time don't die. The Teacher of fingers on a hand has more, than true pupils. Surplus will be and at you, if want to count the true friends betrayed on all this life and after.
055. (M. A. Y.). That is planned the Karma, should be passed, without going astray how it was difficult. First, it is necessary to pay old debts, secondly, to be approved in the decision to go through everything. Anyway, but it is necessary to go all the same, because karmic inevitability inevitably. People as besides their will the Karma puts them in the iron framework don't notice, and the humpback bears the hump on a back, submitting to the iron law of the Karma.
056. (Feb. 16). Firmness of spirit when it is reached doesn't depend on changeability of external conditions and the movements happening in covers. It is approved over that and others. If the temporary dominates over consciousness and defines its condition as can eternal and enduring in it to be approved. Only awareness of inviolability of a kernel of spirit can generate firmness. And only the Hierarchy Ladder at the steps will give a support to a foot. Even that was hundred years ago, was and it's just water under the bridge. Even twenty or thirty years ago the event is irreversible and won't return already again. So the life streams in the past flows, without coming back, and on the bank of a stream – Looking, - from eternity It.
057. (Guru). Hierarchy, both Boundlessness, and spirit over covers – here three starting points of thinking. Covers change with each cycle, but the spirit stays for ever and ever. Boundlessness – the sphere, or Wednesday in which it comes to light. And Hierarchy is the unshakable basis on which the spirit, in Boundlessness Real is approved.
058. (Feb. 17). Communication and unification with Me remain over everything, because all – for a while, and communication forever. This consciousness also it is necessary to go through life. And then the most difficult will be possible to worry and sustain, without losing unification. The impulse goes from the heart directed to Me. Heart gives a unification sign. The law Show replies on energy of the directed heart. Heart silent and not knowing aspirations of unification have no. Relation is maintained consciously by heart.
059. (Guru). As and with us relation is maintained over vanity and a tide of life of the usual. Connect business of the Lord that is Evolution service. If it is impossible differently, in thoughts and thought it is possible always. Space saturation by evolutionary thoughts – business of paramount importance, because at scarcity of thoughts of the majority of mankind of thought evolutionary – as a ray of light among a gloom. It is possible to serve as thoughts of Evolution to General Welfare.
* 060. (M. A. Y.). Whether it is possible to complain about the Highest Wisdom that everything is periodically taken away from the person that he considers that is connected with his body and the temporary terrestrial personality mortal. It is impossible to imagine existence in the same body, in usual terrestrial conditions, say, one thousand years. Such long stay in the same body and in the same conditions would tire consciousness extraordinary and would burden it. Even now people don't know where to put free time. How to be then? Change of life and all covers and updating of everything that surrounds the person, are dictated by expediency, in it the Highest Wisdom.
061. (Feb. 18). It is good to present myself in this life in all provisions and at all changes surrounding and people, it is good to present myself in antecedents or future when change a nationality, skin color and all covers, it is good to present myself in World Thin and spaces of another dimensions, well, I Speak, to present myself at all these changes strong holding communication with the Teacher of Light, because as already I Spoke, this communication – over everything. Only such understanding she can be held. And then any mood or a condition of spirit, communication and unification remain indestructible. Otherwise they will hesitate for a time at the first heavy stroke of bad luck. And not to avoid blows because pursued, burdened, mocked and tortured those who dared to Great Service. Inquisitors weren't translated and until now, though replaced attire and were covered with present screens. Dig more deeply – and you will see the same grin of darkness.
062. (M. A.Y.). So it happened always that with departure of the Teacher or the next his followers usually lost the closest thread of communication and plunged into the usual. However, not everything, but leaving of a link with which there was a direct connection, was heavy reflected in a condition of consciousness of following going; this one out of the most difficult tests, - can seem, that all is over. The Maya tries to replace reality with evidence. Also many forces and heart tension are required to hold a hidden thread of communication. Communication temporary often tries. But communication century, brought of the past, passes this test and even more becomes stronger, becoming indestructible. Benefit that, who won against evidence of the dense world, having held, elevated communication.
063. (Guru). In search of the easiest way people often evade in an extreme. It is easier to eat crude vegetables, than to renounce at least one habit, either delusion, or a shortcoming, or to correct limping quality. For the correct solution of a question you can wonder and as in this case we arrived.
064. (Feb. 19). It is even more difficult to keep trust and confidence of power of the Leading Hand in the face of deceptive evidence. Here it seems that the Help doesn't appear, here it seems that are left, here you see that are given on worry dark. How to keep trust when are surrounded and an exit remained only up. But you know about monsters of the Threshold, taking up a way, you know about whispers, inspiring hopelessness, and you know that it is necessary to pass through everything that back retreat isn't present. Tell itself: "I trust the Lord, and still I will pass, and still I will reach when it is called".
065. (M. A. Y.). "Undergone up to the end" – whether means resisted in the Lord? But, to win, it is necessary to undergo, that is to sustain waves of surf of relative and temporary phenomena of the dense and Thin Worlds. But and Thin World test, but distinguished, and strong, and even more sharply, than world terrestrial. Terrestrial tests can be considered as preparation for tests elevated, it seems as though rehearsals before action main and decisive, which defines further advance of spirit in the Worlds. Resisted here, on Earth, will resist and will sustain there. But what expects the one who didn't sustain?
066. (Guru). The legend of two will of the Lord, inevitability of tests and urgency of the Help of the Highest it is necessary to be able to combine in understanding and not to demand cancellation of the thorny road of spirit planned by the Teacher. Only experience gives the chance to understand how the Teacher wisely Conducts. And the legend of His Will is a condition of passing of a known step of ascending consciousness.
067. (Feb. 20). Here I passed one more day, and it is possible to wonder itself, that is made during this day, what become even closer to Me; perhaps, anything? We come nearer thought and in thoughts. Also we move away in the same way. Hidden Presence is defined not by ease of life or wellbeing more likely on the contrary. The misfortune is considered visit of Lord. Crown of thorns is a symbol of life spiritual. Call those from succeeded, who had sorrow less existence. Sufferings imprint spirit life. Don't know happiness terrestrial chosen it. And, if someone, despite all this, nevertheless knows pleasure, this other-worldly pleasure. It is familiarizing of spirit with pleasure of Spheres of the Highest. Long ago It is told: "And your grief will be in pleasure".
068. (M. A. Y.). It is possible to move further, but it is a pity for century litter. Externally everything is as, if it is good, but after all litter in thoughts. Clarification of thoughts with a root difficultly those roots go to depth of the past. And temporary clarification of consciousness absolutely yet doesn't mean that roots are cleaned. The crude conductor attracts spatial litter of the same order, and advance stops. It is necessary to find determination to leave unusable heaps. With freight on wings it is impossible to fly up.
069. (Guru). It is necessary to think that expects in World Aboveground, if the connected you leave from Earth. It is necessary to be released, for the present in a body, after all you are exempted only from thoughts unusable, not hall-marked Light. And – refusal orotund without secret desire something else to keep refusal of thoughts in thoughts and once to indulge in something in any future. It isn't so simple, apparently, because the chopped-off heads of a monster grow again. The winner of a dragon really will be the hero of spirit. But the spear let doesn't doze even over a prostrate dragon because he is very hardy.
070. (Feb. 21). The valid tranquility comes to light not when everything is quiet and peaceful around but when the disturbed it is constant; The Tranquility is approved among continuous concerns. Otherwise not temper a spirit blade. Certainly, glass and all fragile scatters into smithereens under hammer blows, but the blade nevertheless is forged and becomes stronger. Thus, concerns have purely office role – to develop the necessary quality. Without having developed the necessary qualities, the spirit human can't reveal the full value and usefulness for evolution. To unstable consciousness it can't be given a responsible mission. And after all pupils are our assistants, - entrusted the one, who passed a heavy way of tests and sustained them.
071. (M. A. Y.). Burden of this world is not imagination, but reality. And when from time to time heart sings and it becomes easy on soul without any visible external reasons, it is possible to consider that the organism reacts to a changing spatial note which sounds light, - joyfully and invitingly. The distinguished organism can't but react to the events in the world. It consonant with it and melancholy or pleasure is an answer of a microcosm of human Macrocosm to sounding.
072. (Guru). There is a world that and this world, there is a Hierarchy of Light, and there is a body – the spirit carrier, but the carrier temporary and mortal. The death forces to leave everything that is connected with dense existence. These are Bases. From them not leave anywhere. And as though strong display itself vanity, it will come the end. It is possible therefore to be approved only on Bases, knowing about a transient of the current hour and all conditions terrestrial.
073. (Feb. 22). Feelings – spirit engines – deserve that the appreciated their property to advance spirit on a life ladder. Most powerful of them is a love. But we won't belittle also others, for example, hope and belief. The skilled knowledge of the person, who visited it and has visited repeatedly, is better to replace belief with knowledge, because the belief in existence of the Thin World is one, but, it is perfect another because to shake such knowledge no evidence is able. But nevertheless even the belief in possibility of existence of the world of other leads to such knowledge after all. Also she leads to understanding and mastering of the hidden abilities of spirit and a kindle of the centers. Only denials are inadmissible because kill possibilities of cognition. So, the hopes which even not haven't been executed, are useful very the property to advance and expand consciousness.
074. (Feb. 23). Hand I Will show, but when I will Find necessary. A lot of things can be facilitated, but to be exempted from karma have to. And if it is accelerated, so release not far off. Under acceleration the accelerated payment of old debts means. With freight it is heavy to go. Therefore release from karmic debts can be welcomed only, and especially – accelerated. It is also possible to be glad to that strong are noted dark because it is intolerable for them and light strengthening in those who goes to Me is intolerant them. Going this Light isn't visible, but is visible to the Leader. Burdening by circumstances causes the fastest growth of spirit. The spirit aggravated by them doesn't see that is visible to us. But after night is Light, after a storm is the sun. And after a drain of the Bowl of sufferings terrestrial – elevated happiness.
075. (M. A. Y.). The trust to Called can be strengthened understanding of that It Is the Alpha and Omega of all aspirations, all hopes and all hopes of spirit. The stone of the Eternal Basis of Life remains invariable in time. Is on what lean and on what strongly to become. Wanderings are excluded and the more so searches of other instructors. It means that the way is found. It is necessary to wish only that there was it victorious.
076. (Guru). In the outside world a lot of things don't depend on will of the person and a lot of things can't be changed. But in an inner world itself of people it the lord. Everything was once generated by him, his will, and everything depends on him, will creating it. The wall can stop a body but what can stop the spirit rushing in fiery aspiration to Light?
077. (Feb. 24). So goes day after day, strengthening or weakening threads binding. Heart well knows, than becomes stronger and then communication is weakened. It is possible to be constant on the guard; sharp-sightedly watching that into consciousness didn't get anything separating it from the Head. It is easy to separate, especially when the number wishing and seeking to break this unification is so great. And it is necessary to pass through these hordes so that the Proximity was approved even more strongly. The doubt, mistrust, complaints, discontent and all other properties separating from Us pour out in concrete, obvious, though forms not seen by a physical eye and these monsters of a gloom can make a stand, separating from Light access. They should be overcome, won and destroyed everything. They can take up a way and in World Aboveground where it is obvious and strong objective shortcomings, defects, passions and all negative qualities of spirit. But it is better to sustain and finish fight on Earth, for the present in a body. Without fight there is no victory and there is no achievement. Soldiers I Called because I can conduct for Myself only the battling. To everyone I Give the Board, and on this Board the word "victory" is traced.
078. (M. A. Y.). Poison of doubt is terrible that it decomposes consciousness and destroys mental energy. Has no the values, what reasons raised "larva" doubts to life. Having stuck to aura, she drinks its vital juice. Here the Lord Told: "I with you always", – repeating anew that was told already two thousand years ago: "I Is with you always, in all days, till the end of time". But evidence and the phenomenon of vanity narrow-minded strong rise against this truth of spirit, and fight which the evidence denying reality fiery usually wins is inevitable. Won by logic of terrestrial evidence with it also remain, that is, finally, with anything, because evidence terrestrial comes to an end with death of a body. And where they who have lost Light will go, robbed the spirit and become empty covers. Each gain of spirit demands the statement and protection. It is enough to approve of something in itself, any quality of spirit as its test for durability immediately begins, and approved unsteadily loses it. The same protection and the statement are demanded also by all yoga’s gains. It is a lot of persistence, persistence and force it is necessary to show to keep on the narrow track conducting in life. All achievements, all gains, all abilities are destroyed at retreat. It is hard to win them, but to hold them even more difficult.
079. (Feb. 25). "I will keep you on the roll", but it is necessary to get used to this condition; condition of extreme intensity and readiness for everything – difficult. Here readiness for tests which demands to meet them enters also, without losing balance. It is easy to speak about it, but experiment shows as far as all this is difficult, when from words it is necessary to pass to business. Verbal and imagined achievements so differ from the presents. Not easy to understand need of some tests with which our mind doesn't want to be reconciled. But also it is necessary to learn to pass through them, in every way spirit keeping balance. Inevitability of some phenomena and need to seize reaction to consciousness will give the chance of them and victoriously to pass through it. "Won't disturb anything when disturbed it is constant".
080. (M. A. Y.). Remember words that some call an apprenticeship way penal servitude in its known pieces. Compare it with the events round you and you will see that comparison it has a certain basis. Life narrow-minded so terribly differs from life of the pupil that dismissal from the first can't happen without special measures and conditions aggravated. After all it is necessary in the spirit of to come off everything that ties ordinary people so strong to Earth, and this separation is painful very much, and is painful not so much dismissal from terrestrial, how many the circumstances generating this separation. And, only having exempted from terrestrial gravitations, you will understand happiness of freedom and reconcile with that price which should be paid for it.
081. (Guru). Let following you will strong acquire that on the Way of incompleteness isn't present that given everything and renounced everything receives on degree of completeness of this return and ability of containment of that it receives in exchange. But usually people want and to receive, and to leave something to itself from the past what don't wish to leave. Receiving we will judge on extent of full-return.
082. (Feb. 26). Let's give Signs when time will come nearer. Intimate it has to be protected. If to declare publicly, the wave of counteraction will cause crushing return blow and great, but unnecessary destruction. To term it is given the chance to come to light up to the end to all kind and all angry. The right to an entrance to the New World is as though got by everything that to it judgment and the right to an entrance judgment to a gloom lose. Great division will take place up to the end, from edge to edge. Also there will be the way solved: in darkness or to Light. Great time goes end of accounts final.
083. (M. A. Y.). The help appears in operation. Show action, and the help will be rendered. Only he, who would eat the fruit, must climb the hill. The snowball accrues in movement, as also mental energy. The aspiration, that is movement in the future, collects crystals it and increases forces. If you want to reach, direct in operation.
084. (Guru). We welcome each spark of desire to work on an art field. Through it – light, through it – a conscious entrance to a strip of Light and following behind it. It was specified – to go line of the Beam.
085. (Feb. 27). Those, who concerned the Doctrine, differ between themselves, as fruits and leaves. Leaves fade over time and disappear; fruits bear in themselves the seeds giving life to a new plant. The embryo of immortality is put not in leaves, but in a seed. As dry leaves, disappear the Lives not approved in the Doctrine. Usually it is more than leaves, than fruits. Disappearing is inevitable, because not all can contain, for them we won't be to grieve. Not only leaves, but even the whole branches fall off a trunk. The trunk from it becomes stronger in that place where there was an office. Harm not from disappearing, but from traitors some of them become whom. As well from the swaying preceding office, there isn't enough advantage because it is infectious. Servants of darkness strong on the guard also sow a distemper, mistrust and slander concerning everything, as for Light Camp. Rods easily fall into set a trap and infect with the doubts of those, who was insufficiently approved. Approved on Bases it is unshakable, - repeat Bases.
086. (M. A. Y.). Mistake will try to look for elevated perfection among incarnate people of Earth. Even small burning can be glad. Where they, perfect? Understanding it, it is possible to show tolerance and compassion. And not on shortcomings of people focus itself attention and thoughts, but on advantages. And they, to some extent, are available for many. The maintained qualities will grow. So the spirit of the approached will become stronger in time. Roots will get stronger – all plant will resist. Let's show tolerance and understanding of an infirmity of a human nature.
087. (Guru). Behind trees it is easy not to see the woods as well behind negative traits of character of people easily won't see the positive. And it is very sad. The brilliant which even has been stuck round by dirt, nevertheless is a jewel. And dirt can be cleaned off. With this measure also it is necessary to approach to people. The treasure can be filled up with litter and slag, but, cleared, will begin to shine. Look for good in people. On searches good many easily respond. And it is better to think that is good in everyone, than about the bad. But it doesn't mean be touched masks. To see, and the nobility, and not to condemn, but to support all good that is in the person, will be the decision correct.
088. (Feb. 28). Let's consider the Proximity phenomenon. It isn't always felt equally. Sometimes as though absolutely disappears, sometimes sounds obviously and much-strings. Sometimes this sounding doesn't depend at all on the pupil. It is sometimes broken by him. The constant feeling of Proximity is impossible for many reasons. The first of them is spirally wavy advance of the consciousness passable the take-off and Pralaya. The law of a polarity causes the phenomenon of day and night, that is a crest and wave recession. The second is an alternation of spatial currents and a space note of a planet. People react to it strong. The third – influence of collective thoughts. Many conditions influence the device of a human microcosm. And still, despite everything, if the direction is chosen correctly, the way is defined, and you know where to go, movement forward stops never and anywhere, neither on Earth, nor in the Worlds. Travelers of a boundless way move ahead in evolution, entering thereby during the World Stream.
089. (M. A. Y.). When will ask: "Why to it, instead of to Me", – answer: "It has the way, at you the". Through many centuries and lives there was it, as well as yours. Different chains of causes and effects last from the remote past, in the present in the future. It is impossible to compare them or to destroy randomly. They are caused by karma. Everyone has the. The collective karma often connects people, sometimes only for term, sometimes for a long time, combining personal and the general between itself and uniting its participants. And still all achievements of spirit and its feature are individual and follow spirit continuously from it. Each talent is earned in the past by work and tests. It is ridiculous to apply that doesn't belong and can't belong to spirit as it isn't earned of. At the birth talents to the person are given karmic, by right to the space. Justice of the law is unconditional.
090. (Guru). Likes and dislikes of people will be two forms: or they go from the past, or are caused by character of aura’s radiations, their harmony or disharmony. In the latter case it is possible to operate them, adjusting the aura on the necessary wave. Usually consider that it is necessary to influence other aura while it is necessary to be able to operate and to polarize it the will order. It is possible to extinguish tantrum in foreign aura, having only adjusted the on a tranquility and benevolence wave. The irritation goes out under a blue beam. Repaying in it undesirable vibrations, we cause in other people the relation positive. It is possible to operate foreign moods by an attuning of own aura in the necessary key. Usually seek to influence people, suppressing their will and their identifications, it is necessary while to own and operate itself because owning itself and won wins against everything.
091. (March 1). The material terrestrial cover, in which the spirit clothes at an embodiment, is similar to a heavy space suit of the diver. And only the inability to compare its inconveniences to advantages of a thin body allows be reconciled with corporal prison of spirit. Therefore memory of Elevated stay and spaces of the Elevated World is taken away. Not to mention an old age and diseases, restrictions of a flesh are great. As the convict a kernel standing, drags for himself people the case from which there is no exit to it and release while in it. Body it is necessary to dress, put, give to drink, to feed and everywhere to drag with it. And it has weight, and considerable, and can't quickly move. Transport is necessary to it, it is necessary for it everything so much that, having only exempted from it, the person understands as far as it is exacting and burdensome. Huge shops, warehouses of the food and almost everything that is created by hands of the person, show, how many work is spent for satisfaction of requirements of a body, - anything this isn't necessary in Elevated: neither plants, nor factories and all means of transport, nor food. The thin body investing spirit doesn't need all this. Conditions of thin stay absolutely others. Certainly, many terrestrial conditions are necessary for spirit evolution, and their usefulness is undoubted, but the difference in the Elevated and terrestrial environment of the person nevertheless should be understood clearly not to burden consciousness with remnants of the dense world. Terrestrial embodiments are necessary to develop these or those abilities and qualities of spirit and so to refine and develop a body terrestrial that it could replace to the person all devices. In this is of purpose of evolution. The sense of terrestrial existence needs to understand and be not to limit this understanding to short years of terrestrial life.
092. (M. A. Y.). The help easily and simply appears in those cases and where the Law of the Karma and those conditions through which the person has to pass karmic isn't broken. That is why in one cases the help is given quickly and obviously, and in others is late, or it doesn't appear at all. At the birth talents to the person are given karmic, by right to the space. Justice of the law is unconditional. Payment of karmic debts is inevitable, and here it is difficult to count on release from them. Don't think that the Lord Doesn't want to help, better consider that He Wants to accelerate to you a way and therefore Doesn't interfere with inevitable payment for the past, that is to release from it.
093. (Guru). All not understood and not understood carefully put aside and at all don't allow that it took up a way. Misunderstanding will be replaced over time with understanding, but the movement termination on the way or a deviation from it because of not understood circumstances can be fatal. And, besides, many voices will call on the kitchen garden and a lot of ban will begin to sound. But nothing will stop the one who decided irrevocably.
094. (March 2). For consciousness there is only that is realized. For not recognizing Me, that is not realized, I Don't exist, I am not present. Recognition very important – in it of life, and death is in denial. Denial culminates in the force in World Aboveground, when the body because the thought there reigns is dumped and everything is caused and created by thought. Recognition gives Me there conscious existence, that is Life, because I Am the Way, Truth and Life. What the consciousness, important extraordinary because the interior, living on Earth, becomes for it the outside, objective world, it surrounding and seen in World Aboveground when it passes their lives and eats. There is a change of polarity, and the person enters the sphere of own generations, or mental products of his own creativity, and everything that is perceived by it, perceived on consciousness. For claiming objective that he claims that recognizes, in what trusts, for denying denied by him ceases to exist. In it the world dense differs from Thin. But even in the dense world denial it is possible to lose the very many. Denial is destructive by the nature, because doesn't create and doesn't create anything.
095. In life of each person there can be most unexpected changes: both the place, and circumstances, and an environment – everything can become perfect other. Respectively receipts of impressions in consciousness will change also. But at all these changes of the Basis and communication with the Teacher remain invariable. So there is through life a recognized pupil. It is necessary to work only at that the external didn't cover internal and didn't break communications hidden. At once not reach it. Time and strong desire internally to be approved on the undoubted are necessary; then it is possible to sustain up to the end, - difficultly to the ship in a storm. Elements flooded banks. Whirlwinds rush over the world.
096. (M. A. Y.). Usual life with all its small efforts, experiences and work, even the most serious and important, strong distracts consciousness from the most necessary. Decision in that, what all and both big and small do together with the Lord. Then small things will get new sense and value and for unnecessary any more doesn't remain neither places, nor time. Otherwise all achievements of spirit will sink in a flashing stream of terrestrial vanity.
097. (Guru). At life school new lessons and new tasks if the old are executed every day are given. Performance of the old grants the right to the new. Understanding of by the pupil at life school strenuously advances consciousness on the chosen way.
098. (March 3). Certainly, advantages of stay in a thin body are undoubted in comparison with dense, but on condition of release from the power of the last, its remnants and attractions terrestrial. Otherwise not freedom, and sufferings and torments Tantalum from impossibility to feel these experiences and them to satisfy. After all there it isn't necessary anything from all that the person considers necessary for himself, being in a dense body. It is good to deepen this understanding in advance that it was easier to reject from itself a peel of dense stratifications. And it is good in the spirit of to be exempted from the house prison. Travel help. If they are impossible actually, it is possible to accustom itself to travel in the spirit of, mentally making them in imagination. At movement on Earth face the aura comes off a familiar spot. This feeling of ease, freedom and separation which is felt by the person is very characteristic, leaving a habitual residence. Usefulness of travel is undoubted. The new places, the new people, new impressions and vibrations update aura.
099. (M. A. Y.). The compassion and the help at all don't mean that it is necessary to plunge into the saddened condition of spirit of the one to whom it is assisted or support, together with it will amplify and without that the aggravated condition of consciousness of the suffering person. First of all, it is necessary to keep own balance and not to allow a clouding of own aura how it was a pity for another, and perhaps, very loved one. Otherwise both will appear in a hole. The doctrine speaks about it absolutely definitely. I warned that own light wasn't dissolved "in twilight sorry". It is very important not to give in in this case to foreign mood. In general it is necessary to protect a light tonality from third-party influences very attentively and firmly. Anything, except harm and a space clouding, it is impossible at infection of own aura with dim moods of other people even if it occurs owing to of pity. The true compassion is very far from such of pity; it actively and light full. Anyhow to help another, as not own light, not go out foreign cowardice, weakness or sufferings. It is necessary to understand an inaccuracy of the behavior if the similar phenomena were allowed earlier. After all even it is necessary to regret the person skillfully, having supported him vigorous, joyful and lightful radiations of the aura. Very sad show represents itself process of dissolution and absorption by twilight of consciousness of the one felt sorry of lightful radiations who tries to help it. It is better not to help, than to strengthen a gloom and to replace Light in itself with darkness doubled. Compassion – quality difficult and demanding big ability to own the radiations and a protecting network.
100. (Guru). It isn't enough to understand instructions of the Head; it should be applied in practice. Each such application moves further and exempts from past chains; but freedom from past chains too in the spirit of. The Teacher Wants rather you to see free.