Agni Yoga's facets, 1968

1968. 001. (Jan. 1). New Year, adopted by mankind, space does not matter, since the time of its beginning is conditionally. But the fact that he has a huge number of people is of great psycho spatial influence, as a unifying principle. In future collective celebrations will acquire the deep meaning and inner meaning, but of course one need to merge the consciousness took place with the understanding of spatial justice. The joint idea of mankind is very strong, if it takes place under the sign of coherence. Once mankind will be able perform amazing acts that way. National prayer and now could be relevant if uniting people around a single idea and definitely outlined goal happened deliberately, rather than mechanically. Collective, hot and sincere prayer can make a big impact on what and for what she is. The challenge for the future is an internal, harmonic amalgamation of bands in one coherent whole. There were many cases of science thoughts of one person. You can imagine what kind of power can provide disciplined thought the huge collective. It is difficult to talk about it now that the vast majority of people have not yet adopted the discipline over their personal thoughts. Many do believe thought abstraction has no forms, no tangible reason. Nobody thinks that idea is the fire power and the engine of progress that thought – it is a reality that creates real life, and that it affects the health and status of all organs of the physical body. Everything is studied diligently science but thought, this basic dimension of life, science does not pay enough attention. Thought is in a pen. What is alive and moves humankind, referred to the backyard and refers to either a non-existent, either to the field of mysticism and ignorant superstition. But the time comes to recognize and address the idea study. It is science should do it and take control of the direction and the study of this topic, so the required knowledge to people.
002. (M. A. Y.). Inappropriate mood it is possible by closing access radiant parcels. There can be no excuses, if the Light is off. Because of this and want a tailed creature, causing intentional discrepancies decrease ambient conditions. Is it possible to fall for these tricks, knowing their purpose?
003. (Guru). Each home is from the light. The future of the world is of light. Through birth pains in this bright future is Earth. In the name of his live, and work, and strive spirit. When the old world and eventually dies on the planet will become a new, will dissipate the darkness, cloaking land, and old world, not be recalled again and won't come for more than the heart. We on the future of the light and the heart he will give up.
004. (Jan. 2). If the attempts fail, the dark allure miners are trying to divert attention from the mainstream, artificially inflating interest in things that do not harm, harmless in them but that they divert attention away. All that tends to separate from the Teacher usually occurs without the participation of dark. Evil is like: an Octopus has not let up until they are hacked off by the tentacles.
005. (M. A. Y.). Think what is better: to have and nothing except his own and be in good increase-free to place, or something to keep and make hopelessly in it and with that load on My neck to go into the world above ground?
006. (Guru). And not just small stones, but whole jam lumps have to tidy up out of the way. Otherwise does not pass. Who says that the path is easy? It is very difficult. It initially seemed all light, joyful and achievable. But the higher the harder and even breathing hard. Feelings become aggravated and impressionability. And poison somehow how much spilled around! Condensed climate of lowlands to the limit, and obstacles are piled up like mountains. But, friends, take heart and good spirit store.
007. (Jan. 3). Meeting with the guardian of the threshold is a matter related to the field of Hidden Knowledge. You can only touch it in the amount of capacity consciousness, not more. When a person dies, his three lower principles leave it forever, and the fabric of their dissolved in corresponding spheres. It disappears from consciousness, and he sinks into sleep. From this dream he wakes up, the man has a physical death to a four when he is ready to meet with the guardian of the threshold. ČA four is composed of 4, 5, 6 and 7 of the principles. And the fight begins. All unclean and earthly ardent thoughts that he ever created and has developed during the life of the Earth and are not freed, appear before him in bright, colorful, realistic and calling images that surround it and demand that he was a communication and combination of them. All these images are concentrated in 4 and 5-m principles, matter which vibrates and pulsates to the effect of these mental formations. It is they, in conjunction with them, form a mental environment, integrating it with the surrounding layers of the astral world. Plunging into the education, thereby plunging man and in the lower layers of the subtle world, more and more getting bogged down in Chad these allure phantoms. Indeed, they become guardians of the threshold, not letting it go higher, for his desire to communicate with these elusive but extremely vibrant and engaging it in forms that entice the dark realms of get rid passions and cravings. These lusts and passions have before himself very rich material for the realization of all its lowest desires, and revels in the ghostly man that he had not yet had time but wanted to implement on the ground or dreamed about it. Engaging in the choking, he had not understood that his offers of flour of tantalum, as he, in spite of their imagination, unable to satisfy them because of the lack of a physical body. But the desire to stay, creating more and more new images of thoughts, reinforced and enriched with the thought-image, which are filled with these layers. And through it all have to go through all this and discard, reject, saying to them: "the spawn of the elements, I'm not afraid of you, can't block, me before- chowed." 6 and 7th guidelines will be fighting inferior 4 and 5-m, dragging up past the consciousness of these creatures and monsters of raw thoughts. The fight is to the death. Aspiration to the light, approved on the Earth, help gather strength for this fight and gives into the hands of victory. When a person knows that he needs to win at all costs, that option is gone, victory is possible. That is why it is important to already eliminated in the minds of all the things that can Captivate him down and force to join the mix in the past concerning the forms of thought, once generated by lust. That's why it's so urgently need to clear your mind from all litter before it on the ground.
008. (M. A. Y.). In the subtle world crude consciousness more temptations and temptations, for there in bright uniforms reflected not only everything that is created on Earth man to meet his evil desires, but that created a crude human thought. And that is why in the world you can enter safely, only having passed rigorous process of purification. Lower classes are contagious horribly, - lowest layer is infectious terribly. One must pass through them quickly, without touching them.
009. (Guru). The thought and heart to hold on to a chosen image and night and day, all through the power of the spirit stick, because darkness is great, and you need to survive.
010. (Jan. 4). (M. A. Y.). Two can look at the same thing. And while one understands the depth, beauty and importance of the phenomenon, the other, who also looks, sees nothing. Look at all, but see only capable of grasping. So, in life pass through path of life: some people are not seeing, blind to what's most important, others are sighted, see and collect the fruits of the most valuable experiences consciously.
011. (Guru). Memory and consciousness are not the same. You can completely forget a day from last year or from the distant past, say, 20 years ago. You can forget the week, month, year, and all save the fullness of consciousness and sense of life. You can even forget the whole past life, but remain in full consciousness. It's all in the mind. A good library can replace memory. The focus of life carries over into consciousness, not too barricading the past. Yoga fire burns it as superfluous, leaving only the most valuable. Not burden the conscience of piling-up of the past is so important! Consciousness must be free for new acquisitions.
012. (Jan. 5). You can delve into the future of consciousness, memory, cannot. You can touch the consciousness of distant and unseen corners of the world, memory is impossible. You can make new discoveries by consciousness, memory is not. So differ among themselves, consciousness and memory. You can forget the past and yet live. Consciousness is like the essence of past savings, but without burdening all that it once was, and perhaps very, very long time. Last incarnation does not remember and yet live, because consciousness expresses itself not the facts and details of the past, but the fruit essence, centuries-old Crystal no destroyed of savings. The hero cannot remember past heroic acts yet to commit new heroic act, expressing Undying essence of his. The Fiery consciousness knows, not calling a memory aid. Sense-knowledge operates this way.
013. (M. A. Y.). In man to pull the tail of memories and regrets for past no usefully because it is a burden. You can remember that was a staggering rise to the light. But even this is not necessary if the recovery takes place without delay. The future – this is the area that gives dynamism to the promotion. For going to the Lord in the past everything is burned, and the look won't address any more to that is forever thrown. And go forward, thinking only of the future and having forgotten that was once and that attracted consciousness back.
014. (Guru). You floating on rough waves of the everyday sea know perfectly that it is necessary to reach. Purpose is the coast far. For the sake of it also were let in a dangerous way. Reject the purpose – and swimming becomes senseless and awful. Awfully senseless existence and aimless wandering at will of elements. The purpose defines sense of movement and channelizes. All actions of the person who knows where it is directed are defined by it also. It gives strength to overcome a rough impact of elements.
015. (January. 6). Sufferings and pleasure are inseparable from each other because are poles of a thing uniform. Long ago It is told that "your grief will be in pleasure". And if the pleasure sounds – means, the grief already ceased. In the world of dual contrasts it is impossible, being approved on one pole, to avoid another. Even being approved in Light, it is impossible to avoid collision with darkness. But the highest point of a triangle – over plus and a minus of opposite corners of the basis. It is a balance point, having approved on which it is possible to neutralize influence of poles and to operate them. In it power of balance. Therefore to rejoice too, sorrow we won't be. Popular wisdom says that "big laughter – to tears". Accepting quietly positive phenomena of life, we don't give the chance negative to influence consciousness. The poet correctly told: "Praise and slander accept indifferently", – understanding that if to be enraptured with praise then not to be saved from poisonous arrows of slander.
016. (M. A. Y.). It is right: pupils of Lords are an exception of the general rules to which one incarnation spirits submit. They are under direct supervision and the protection, everyone – it the Teacher. They are conscious full consciousness in the actions, - they or work, executing the Errand, or study, filling up knowledge. Idleness’s don't know. There is a lot of work that they often refuse the deserved rest. Live in Ashrams of the Elevated World, separated from crowds of one incarnation, and are in a continuous communication with the Hierarchy.
017. (Guru). More and more strain in aspiration to approach even closer and in aspiration it rejects ruthlessly the litter which has remained from the past. Each mote disturbs and detains approach. The feeling of purity and freedom brings feeling of pleasure, and the pleasure is wings of spirit. The highest Spheres sound spatial pleasure.
018. (January. 8). The held-down Prometheus symbol serves as a reminder what a little to steal fire from the sky, it is necessary to break still fetters terrestrial to use its force. It would seem, it is so simple – to wave wings and to fly up, but embraces of a flesh are tenacious and drive at Earth. Both sounds terrestrial, and thoughts, and thousands different things which should be done and to which the attention is paid, – all of them distract and hold consciousness captive at the dense world. But sense and value of dense existence too it is necessary to understand and acquire that situation that without accumulation of terrestrial experience and its subsequent assimilation in Elevated stay in it is useless and is fruitless. Collecting of experience and knowledge – on Earth, and a mustache Lord in the past, all burnt down. Collecting of experience and knowledge – on Earth, both assimilation, and their working off, and realization in qualities of spirit – in Word Aboveground. In it sense and value of Elevated Stay. Thus, are expediently combined both terrestrial, and heavenly because are connected indissolubly as cause and effect. Any effort doesn't vanish, but all bear fruit. Consequences correspond to the approved reasons. Fire stolen from the sky, demands mastering by it, and then it will exempt the person from slavery at a flesh.
019. (M. A. Y.). "Soul My sorrow fatally", is think of these words. From is where grief, really about itself? It is told clearly: "In the world you will have of grief". How many the fiery truth consists in these words. And neither the wealth, nor situation, the power don't rescue from reality. The birth of the New World doesn't do without sufferings. In torment new life is born.
020. (Guru). How the chaos impact was strong, he needs to be sustained.
021. (Guru). The future we will correctly consider as a leading magnet. It is important to understand thus inalterability of a spiral of evolution and the ways lay in space for ascension of mankind. The association of the worlds specified by Lords – not dream, not a wish, but is immutable a get rid step of future achievements. The median point of immersion in a matter is passed in the middle of the fourth race. Now the fifth – it already is on lifting. Behind the passable median the sixth race arises. At the same time to thinning and depression of a dense body of the person there is a depression and thinning of a dense cover of a planet. This evolutionary process of transformation of a dense matter in more plastic and being shone as can't be stopped, as well as Earth movement round the Sun. Both worlds will unite in consciousness of the person, and becomes available and visible Thin. And it will go at the same time with transformation of a dense body of Earth and a physical body of the person to a condition which was more rarefied. In the seventh circle in the seventh race this condition will reach a culmination point for this cycle. Now it is necessary to acquire firmly that this way of development of humanity and its advance to new forms of the identification Is traced by Lords as inalterability. This get rid future of mankind. Not dreams, not desires, not hopes, but fiery order of evolution. The press of inalterability lies on this order. It is reality of our fiery future; it is far reality of our changed world.
022. (January. 11). And still, despite all magnificence of the future, it is necessary to live in the present, and to see all imperfections it, and to face them continually. It is a lot of courage and force it is required on sustaining this collision. Keenness increases, the perception becomes aggravated, and it isn't visible when the elements which have flooded banks will equilibrate. In a consolation I Will tell: already not for long it was necessary to wait. Deadlines approach further, it is already which impossible to suffer revelry and fury of darkness. The current of stars will create those conditions which will change a configuration of star beams and will extinguish the centers of dark activity, - tension darkness before the end. Approach of the Light Eyelid as it is impossible to detain as it is impossible to stop a current of stars.
023. (January. 12). If a condition of one incarnation spirit in the Thin World on consciousness, it isn't difficult to understand as far as it depends on readiness or unpreparedness of the past. Even small knowledge helps to be guided with new conditions. But it is possible to imagine a condition of the person who never thought of it or, still than that is worse, I denied life in Elevated. Except a dense environment he knew nothing and in anything didn't trust. Both the dense environment and aspiration to routine of commonness will occupy still his thoughts. Vague and ridiculous condition because the thoughts embodied at images, will replace to it reality of the Thin World. Many inhabitants of that world don't give themselves the report as far as their environment changed and as it differs from conditions of dense existence. Each particle of knowledge in Elevated is very necessary. And many efforts are made by us to examine ignorant consciousness’s. Denials which cut off opportunities will be the main evil nevertheless. Even the smallest belief in life outside the world terrestrial gives something and a lot of things facilitate. Know, know, and know! Know as much as possible that expects you after release from a body, and try to become better and purer because only the knowledge without improvement and clarification freedom won't give one to spirit. Small, but the pure consciousness succeeds, but big, strong and dark stays in darkness and pleasure of release from the corporal world doesn't know. Not for dark pleasure, both happiness, and Light, and freedom of the Elevated World.
024. (M. A. Y.). It is possible to call some provisions of the ancient writing the fiery formulas approving Laws of life. For example: "On your belief it will be given you"; "on belief", speaking in other words, on consciousness, – this formula remains forever the law for this purpose who enters the World Thin. Ability to contain and recognition of elevated opportunities define a condition of the person born there for new life. Here, on Earth, that gives the consequences corresponding to the reasons in that world where the thought has predominating value and where she directs is claimed and created.
025. (Guru). Consciousness clarification from any litter and heaps includes also release from false knowledge, from the ridiculous standard conventions, from ridiculous superstitions, from denials undoubted, from conditional politeness and secular customs, from any lie and artificiality. Even it is impossible to imagine, how many restrictions are decided by people to lock itself in a framework of the stiffened conventions, all this should be seen and understood to dump. Neither physical, nor astral, mental cages don't suit for spirit. In a cage the sitting can't fly.
026. (January. 17). The person – part of the world and, being a flesh from its flesh, can't but react to the events in the world. The organization is thinner than it, the reaction is stronger. Anyway everything reacts, but seldom who does it consciously. Inexplicable feelings, presentiments, moods and many other experiences are caused by that the harp of spirit sounds in reply to far and close events. On flashes of solar protuberances the magnetic field of a planet and together with it and the person replies. Beams of far stars influence. The solar plexus from movements of underground fire shudders. In movement is all around. Disbalance of elements heavy influences consciousness. The planet is sick, and people heavy are ill. Hard is of the time.
027. (M. A. Y.). The chain isn't stronger than the weakest link. The person isn't stronger than the weakest or place open to injury. Therefore Show Teacher to strengthen weak links of a chain armor of spirit. Enemy sharp-sightedly looking out for them strikes blows to them. And, if the person approved many qualities, and in one any didn't succeed, not rise to him on a spirit ladder above the limped quality. It small cracks are dangerous. Through them the lightful gas flows away, able to lift consciousness up. Weak places especially need strengthening. Now very darkly, and the armor of spirit has to be strong.
028. (January. 18). Situation on the edge the gulf is not from the pleasant. Dangers threaten from everywhere. And our body is «the house close and fragile". The way is long and diverse. And not only abysses, but also wild animals, and monsters threaten. The sword of Damocles hangs over consciousness. All fluctuates. Only the Ladder of Hierarchy is unshakable. But understanding of reality shouldn't frighten. In consciousness it is necessary to be accustomed to tranquility in spite of the fact that the reasons for calm aren't present. Only having approved on Hierarchy, it is possible sense this tranquility. In a storm the ship is exposed to constant danger, but the captain conducting it is quiet. He can't become puzzled. When it seems to the traveler that the Teacher and that it one, try his force Left.
029. (M. A. Y). Usually life beats in the most sensitive place that it got stronger. It is gradually possible to notice, somehow, that worked earlier strongly and saddened, loses the force of influence. Something inside becomes to stronger and contradictory external blows. The armor of spirit gets stronger. Means, training goes correctly.
030. (Guru). Often we can't change external circumstances in which are put karmic, but the attitude towards them we can change depending on the will and the decision. Thus, in our hands there is a lever, using which it is possible to change the relation to karma. It also is one of those directions, using which it is possible to fight and be exempted with it from its power.
031. (January. 19). The objective condition of consciousness generates the reasons, subjective – consequences of these reasons. In the Thin World of people depends on the aspirations which are a consequence or continuation of the aspirations approved by it in an objective or bricking condition. To change the accepted direction and to approve the new reasons, absolutely excellent from former, it is almost impossible for one incarnation spirit, in any case, without assistance. Therefore it is extremely important to eradicate tendencies, tendencies, impulses and the aspirations attracting the person down, in the lower class of an astral. And it is possible to make it while their lives the person on Earth and is in bricking consciousness because activity of subjective consciousness flows on the dug channels, in full accordance with the nature of desires and aspirations of the person, to its peculiar and to it approved. Dream, being the phenomenon of a subjective order, often serves as an obvious indicator that, what yet not get rid consciousness and that is brightly shown when the brisling condition is replaced the passive.

032. (M. A. Y.).When to you happen too difficult and clouds are condensed, know that at these moments it is more difficult to us many times over. The higher, the loading, a press and tension is more. It is transferred on all chain of Hierarchy. Association at these moments strengthens a chain and helps to sustain this tension.

033. (Guru). While the storm storms and fight lasts, the flower of spirit can't blossom. And it is necessary to stand her up to the end, and it is necessary to come out the winner. Defeat is impossible where on the card future destiny of spirit is put.

034. (January. 20). Situation in the world won't improve, Arrival won't be made yet. And darkness tension before this Great Hour will amplify to a limit. Already you feel this press. Heavy is in the world. Your homeland remains hope of the people and a stronghold of forces against the old world. Its role in planet rescue is great, though is realized by the very few. The karma prepares crushing blows for going against evolution. Not at shortcomings you look the Great Country, and at the main direction of its activity. This direction conducts by a saving outcome. If all countries accepted it, wars would stop and instead of general separation there would come time of general cooperation. The old world is a hostility and separation symbol.

035. (M. A. Y.). Remember that told only escaped after ship-wreck: "Simply I paid for journey more". As also you are not confused, be not afflicted, be not indignant, and be not saddened that your payment is so great. After all it is a payment for rescue. And others to pay, but it aren’t a lot of. The one who paid much will be rescued.

036. (January. 22). Usually the person identifies himself with the personality, with the body, with situation which borrows, with an external appearance and even wearable clothes, say, with all that makes as a result of its idea of. When his body dies, it is necessary to leave all this. Becomes unnecessary and the identity card, and all that he considered as the property. And even his consciousness goes out, and it plunges temporarily into a dream. It wakens from this dream already in other environment, with memoirs that from the last terrestrial life left most scars. The consciousness changes, both the former personality and all connected with her die, and the person of it at all doesn't realize as feeling "I" remain, but already released from that personality whom the passport or the certificate was required. If the consciousness was expanded, process happens easily if limited and too terrestrial; the person continues to cling to scraps of terrestrial illusions. The great Spirits embodied on Earth, at all didn’t identify themselves with external expression, but led internal bright life, focusing the "I" in it, but not in an external environment, and considered nothing, that is the property, and it didn’t connect itself with things. This internal freedom when parting with a body allowed transferring uninterrupted consciousness to the World Elevated. They were immortal because Identified Itself not with the personality who is doomed to death, but with the Immortal reincarnating Identity, which one for all embodiments and which brightly and fiery came to light in the temporary personality investing their Spirit. Therefore when someone tries to explain that Jesus is one, and the Christ – something another and that both in one, it must be kept in mind the temporary mortal personality and Immortal reincarnating Identity. Each Great Spirit embodied on Earth in a certain body and a certain personality, keeping thus not interruptibility of consciousness and the same Identity.

037. (Guru). The most important question for the person consists in the following: to that, mortal or immortal in itself it prefers and in which of them he focuses the consciousness and its aspirations; if, in mortal and in the identity of the small and mortal, dies together with her. If in the immortal – lives.

038. (January. 23). Thorns from the Way can't be cleaned; it is necessary pass through them, and to pass, without breaking the approved rhythm. In it also there will be a victory over difficulties, obstacles and barriers. It is necessary go through them, without changing a step rhythm, without stopping and as if they wouldn't exist absolutely. For weak spirit the grain of sand can seem about the mountain, for strong – the mountain as a grain of sand. In consciousness it is possible to make a small obstacle insuperable, or on the contrary, the huge – small and overcome able. Everything depends at most spirit and a condition of consciousness, on our weakness the enemy scoop forces, but is frightened by force and a spirit inflexible. Fearlessness of spirit is pledge and the victory guarantee. It is inadmissible in lack of will and powerlessness to incline before those difficulties which are put by life. Fight and victory – let will be the motto of the risen spirit.

039. (Guru). It is possible to concern in the spirit of someone only spirit. People think of spiritual contacts a little though unconscious occurs much and they are frequent. If to learn to watch attentively the feelings, a lot of interesting it will be possible to notice. For example: pleasure or chagrin of thoughts of some people; or the same feelings at close contact of auras. Everyone in the aura bears to people grief, either pleasure, or any other feelings. It is necessary only learn to notice them, and before consciousness the whole world of new perceptions will reveal.

040. (M. A. Y.). Evolution of mankind has no end. It covers the huge periods of time. It is difficult even to imagine, how many millions years were required to develop many abilities of the person. The external, physical form – only the temporary tool for development of these or those qualities and properties of spirit, it goes to processing as soon as will execute the appointment. The bottom of oceans real and former is covered with billion dead of covers once live organisms. And stone coal and of oil – products of the organic life which has enriched a planet with new stratifications and products of the activity. In itself each form of life matters only so far as carries out the appointment, that is enriches the life animating these form, new stays and experience.

041. (Guru). In total that really yours also is integral belongs to you, is not at you, and at the Lord. Because everything that at you, remains where it is, and you with yourselves won't take it. Therefore it is good to think that nothing belongs to you, even your body, not to mention things and property. The most harmful illusion is an illusion of property which each owner is permanently compelled to leave sooner or later. Why the compelled parting when in the spirit of everyone it can be exempted from this unnecessary burden. After all It is told: "Own everything, but consider nothing".

042. (M. A. Y.). The mankind is called by "The great orphan" not in vain because has no share on Earth. All come to Earth with anything and leave it, without having taken with itself anything from this, than owned. Also won't take anything and in the future. And when the minor planet will burn down or will freeze, will leave from it, everything that had, having left on it. But at the same time people call coheirs of spatial treasures. "The great orphan" is deprived of treasures terrestrial because to her are intended in possession of treasure of spirit. Deprivation in one always means receiving in something another. .

043. (Guru). If personal interest deprives mental energy of force of influence what then to tell about stronger emotions or the experiences breaking balance and in a root of stopping free and not its connected identification? Influences of mental energy submit to certain laws, and tranquility and balance observance will be the first condition.

044. (M. A. Y.). All have pass through sufferings going to Light. This law is inevitable. Therefore on sufferings it is better to look as at a way to Light the shortest and, passing through them, not to be saddened by this inevitability, and to meet it with understanding. Not reach the necessary thinning if not pass through life thorns. Severely and courageously accept this difficult inevitability.

045. (Guru). Cheerfulness and spirit fortress opposite to despondency and of darken these two devourers of mental energy.

046. (January. 29). People, judgment to terms, are connected not only with planetary events, but also with a condition of space and planetary currents. Their device reacts to a spatial note. It is impossible to charge these reactions to own experiences. The spirit harp mutually reacts to everything. Burdening’s and melancholy attacks are inevitable. Only the ignorant can think that thinning and inspiration are accompanied always by only pleasant and joyful emotions. Perceptions are two polar. Learning Light sees and feels horror of the dismissed darkness. Correctly remember words: "Because in much knowledge, much of grief and who multiplies knowledge multiplies grief". If here victoriously not goes through gloom waves, how pass through them in World Aboveground? The teacher is always ready help, but it is necessary have to what it would be possible to put. Besides, through inevitable inevitably it is necessary pass. Clouds, but not gloom ahead is condensed.

047. (M. A. Y.). Many seek to leave from sufferings. Properly it is quite clear. Even Savior Sage «Yes passes Me this Bowl ", but thus Added: "However, not as I Want but as You", having betrayed Itself entirely to Will Sending - the decision in it. It is possible to make everything to avoid sufferings, but before inevitable it is necessary to be inclined nevertheless without grumble, exasperation and complaints; victory over inevitable in that, what goes through it, not go out spirit fires.

048. (January. 30). It is unpleasantly to realize iron fetters of a karma because the person feels the powerlessness before them. Sometimes the power over people is given it and the destiny uplifts it. Sometimes, on the contrary, puts below low and in dependence on all. The last situation is especially heavy – difficultly to depend on a human arbitrariness and cruelty. Sometimes the pupil is put in such situation when even to be protected he almost that can't. Both high and low situation equally well learn and allow to save up experience. In all forms and shapes it is necessary to be able be protected from the evil. The pupil shouldn't be a defenseless lamb.

049. (M. A. Y). The main thing is keep hold understanding of the force, indestructibility of the spirit, inviolability and invulnerability anything to external its internal fiery essence. Under a shower of blows and it is possible keep this understanding of force in the most adverse circumstances. The body of the hero can die in unequal fight, but its spirit will be victorious. And the Savior Won against the crucified world, though it seemed to someone that the victory remained on the darkness party. It is important to understand, as a victory, and defeat – in the spirit of. Defeat in the spirit of is impossible, inadmissible because it means loss only. It is possible to deprive of the person of everything, strokes of bad luck, but if the spirit is indestructible can pour on him if spirit he doesn't want to break and spirit to hang, he will come out from tests by the fiery winner. External blows and external damage of value have no if the spirit isn't broken. About this opposite spirit and in the spirit of, about this inflexible anything to firmness of spirit tells Agni Yogi's Doctrine and for it calls those who understood in what the essence of a victory over the world consists. Not in volume business to live well, with concern and in wellbeing silent and peace, and in that, despite everything, on any difficulties, obstacles, burdening’s and of the martyrdom, to stand in the spirit of and to pass through everything, having increased the forces and increasing spirit on everything counteracting. Pain or the sufferings caused with a dark hand, don't consider as defeat and damage or loss – loss. All this is unimportant if the spirit resisted and only became stronger from these blows forging its power. Transfer all value and sense of fight to area of spirit and you will understand that there is nothing in the world that could break spirit of the judgment winner.

050. (Guru). The teacher Told: "Going with Me has sometimes hour of fight, but knows that it always the winner". Don't forget about it for a minute, and especially during fight. Reading of the Doctrine is followed by a step of its appendix in lives and accumulation of experience in this application. Here everything is read, it is necessary to apply only. And life gives the chance wide to it. Life won't disregard, life won't allow remaining empty-handed if there is the valid desire to go and walk upstairs Light because life is the best school for looking for Light.

051. (January. 31). From the pupil it is required to increase spirit on all obstacles in way which are placed by life before it. In process of their overcoming they amplify to make force of its overcoming of even more powerful. If something doesn't give in, it is necessary to strengthen tension of mental energy. Not for this purpose difficulties that to break it and to make it strong grow. And not to be afraid, but the skilled traveler given the chance to increase spirit fires will rejoice.

052. (M. A. Y.). Agni's saved-up treasure undertakes with itself to the World Thin after death of a physical body. Life in World Aboveground depends on quality and Agni's number. It is motive force of spirit. Freedom and speed of movements and flights depend on it. It is possible to put the purpose of the life on Earth Agni's accumulation. Each movement of the person in all his conductors wastes or multiplies fires. Some terrible moods of the person, and especially despondency, are similar to open valves of the boiler – through them precious energy flows away. It is necessary to be afraid of harmful moods especially. Courage and of joy, and realize of inexhaustible of forges of spirit, and it’s no destroyed help accumulate of fiery energy.

053. (Guru). The spiritual proximity, or proximity in the spirit of, is established over all mortal covers of the person and doesn't depend on in what of them he is at present that is whether he lives on Earth or one incarnation, whether is in a thin, mental or fiery body. The proximity remains under all conditions if it is approved in the spirit of.

054. (Feb. 1). The condensation of the atmosphere indicates approach of terms, - and We in tension unknown. Everything, but differently feel this press and differently reply. And all it is hard. The darkness bulks up in the last efforts to confront to Light. Process of a self-consuming of darkness will amplify because it will be impossible to maintain such press of decomposing energy. Space there goes the end to a black eyelid. Be not confused fury of darkness and those suffocating measures which the dark undertake to keep on a surface. Everything will turn back and wrapped against them. The return blow will be terrible.

055. (M. A. Y). That wings of darkness didn't touch, strong you hold Us. It is impossible to come off, even for a while. The engirdled darkness should oppose the no perforation front of Light Forces. Also it is necessary to reject everything separating. In the spirit of a monolith of a unification it is necessary to create from edge to edge between all, who on part of the world. To the old world the World New, integrated in the ardent resistance is opposed to darkness.

056. (Guru). I called everyone kept fidelity. When will punch Hour, then will rush all and everyone will assure of the devotion, but this devotion now when a gloom over of Earth and the darkness isn't broken yet is valuable. To you, Us not forgotten, signs it is shown that knew and felt that you in our plans. Be awake because terms all-time came nearer.

057. (Feb. 2). It is hard to be our pupil, especially in the beginning. Not without reason the initial apprenticeship is called penal servitude. By levity many touched the Doctrine would like to become our pupils, without having understood that, it is how difficult and what severe discipline will be demanded by it from them. Therefore preparatory stages are usually passed far from Us and in living conditions usual to approach then when the first steps are passed. There are a lot of apprenticeship and approach steps. It is impossible to balance all consciousnesses on a cliché; everyone demands attention and an individual approach. The persistent and fiery aspiration sooner or later, but nevertheless will bring to Us, and these far threads of communication don't interrupt any external conditions.

058. (M. A. Y.). The accord is established by every possible dismissal from itself and surrounding and immersion in aura of that spirit to which the consciousness directs. All the remains below, the thought lifts rises to aspiration focus, and the consciousness perceives vibrations of aura of this spirit and it’s though. From estrangement off it and it is lighter all reach by love, because the love with little effort, simply and naturally wants be with those or that, which loves, and aspires to them. Remember, how Christ Redeemer Sage about love. These words are imprinted in the Precept. This formula remains vitally essential and now and remains for all times. The love to the Highest serves as the bridge. Directing to ascension is able to love.

059. (Guru). Living on Earth, among the most usual conditions, it is possible in the spirit of in them and not to live, and to rise over them in those areas where singularity begins. Let this singularity also will be a key or the main note on which consciousness life sounds. It isn't so obligatory that it was noticed by the curious. Fire of spirit should be covered from a curious eye. But to lead spirit life, life of singularity it is necessary, differently the ordinary and commonness will extinguish fires. Go out them it is impossible because they serve as a binding thread with those Elevated Spheres in which it is necessary to live after death of a body. Than stronger it, this thread, and the more brightly, the will be easier to plunge into them after release from a body. To the most necessary time we will find and work we will devote that to hold it.

060. (Guru). More confidence should be had in our protection. Tests are inevitable, but it doesn't mean at all that the protecting Beam ceases to work. Devotion and fidelity can always count on equal degree of care, and it is necessary to fight often alone. And whether it when the front is so wide can be surprised? Towers of spirit of subjects also are strong that are indestructible and impregnable; Light radiated by them, strikes darkness, - therefore at times and heavy. Energy of heart is spent for defeat of darkness, because sometimes and fatigue. But in the spirit of all soldiers together and with them the Lord.

061. (Feb. 4). Luminous intensity not therefore don't claim the power that can't but because term didn't come yet. Prematurity and lateness are unacceptable because don't give the chance to reach completeness of consequences. We are very prudent and careful in an expenditure of precious fiery energy. If its source is inexhaustible, it at all doesn't mean that it can be spent imprudently. We even have a rule not to apply it, without having settled usual ways. Agni with great work therefore also care in its expenditure is necessary collects. Spent lawfully, it quickly replenishes again, but the spendthrift remains devastated. Saved up or devastated one incarnation spirits enter into the World Thin, and a grief devastated. Each action and movement of the person can be considered from the point of view of accumulation or waste of mental energy. Return isn't squandering. Agni's donation is lawful. Waste consists in other, in an assumption of feelings and the emotions devouring fiery force, in irritation and rage, in acts and actions dark, absorbing fiery treasure. We will be very circumspect and careful with this treasure which is given to each person that to increase it. It is necessary in all worlds.

062. (M. A. Y.). On the one hand, dismissal from itself, with another is required for contact, individual accumulation is necessary in order that Communication took place. Contradictions aren't present. Light reaches through aura, the aura is individual in the expression, and this identity, or an originality of its expression, and forms a basis for a certain nature of receipts or the highest perceptions. Pay attention to bright identity of creativity of those who had access to the highest perceptions. Everyone expressed the highest essence; in it value of identity.

063. (Guru). Yes, yes, it is right: exactly in itself it is necessary to find new force for overcoming of what earlier to overcome forces didn't suffice. That and then increase of the spirit on everything going against and disturbing to advance. Each such victory brings pleasure. As it is joyful go on the way the winner. Victory and defeat is in of the spirit. Spirit it is necessary to rise and spirit to admire against all aspirations of darkness and all dark attempts. Victorious condition of consciousness is pledge of a prosperity and fast advance on the way. By no means it is impossible to allow defeats in the spirit of, whatever difficult or even invincible the contradictory circumstances and the people going against seemed. Inflexible of spirit is an indispensable condition of a victory and over external forces, and over itself.

064. (Feb. 5). Are right, assuming that life in the Thin World is brighter, fuller, more sharply and more freely than life in the world terrestrial. Only those people who lived a body, his desires and appetites, won't find there opportunities to satisfy them. But imagine position of the composer or the artist which can freely create, being inspired without restrictions from spheres of sounds and paints! But terrestrial habits are similar to heavy fetters. It is good when flesh restrictions are realized. The spirit fights in them, as a bird about cage lattices. Truly, for someone the death is the end, and for someone desired release from prison of a dense body and surrounding conditions. Only to think, the person who has left a body gets rid of how many details of use and of need of the use! How many cares of it has to show. And it is necessary to carry or take it constantly with itself, to give to drink, dress and feed. Also it is ill, is tired and demands a shelter. It is necessary to think of in what there will be a distinction of stay in the Thin World from life of people of Earth. Live in stone boxes, in the poisoned atmosphere; be bored in the cities, among noise and din of a huge assemblage. Don't know silence and rest. Difficultly to distinguished spirit lead life usual, - but, many difficult from its people. Life is disfigured. The future will demand many cares and efforts that to change it and to make fine. Then on Earth will easier live.

065. (M. A. Y.). The atmosphere round Earth is constantly sated with thoughts of her inhabitants. Each city, each district has the mental atmosphere. It is easy to present character, knowing thinking level their living people. The Teacher often Sends pupils there where it is required to sate space with perfect thoughts and to bring a new stream during life. Be not surprised that those who know the Doctrine are scattered far apart. Think of Doctrines – as a contribution valuable in space – cement it and promote construction of the New World. Value of Beacons of Light is great, and especially at conscious communication with Hierarchy. Two after ship-wreck were thrown out on the desert island, and many tortures were undergone by them while there was one. But when the beacon was built, voluntary remained on the same island because could shine a way to the ships among a gloom and bad weather and to serve those for the benefit of people.

066. (Guru). You look at the stay in the place defined by the Teacher as on the Assignment. Not for the sake of himself, but for the sake of space and care of it the Teacher of those who is close to It and who can sate surrounding spheres with evolutionary thoughts Sends. In most cases thoughts human are so limited and so far from understanding of Bases and the evolution direction, what even the small contribution is of great importance. Work for Hierarchy Light and evolution is a debt of each worker of Light.

067. (Feb. 6). Both in a dream and during wakefulness always it is necessary to be ready to an active opposite dark. They on the guard always also are always ready to do harm where the slightest opportunity is though. Therefore patrol interrupts neither in the afternoon, nor at night. The consciousness is firmly adjusted on an opposite wave. It is possible, departing to a dream, to give itself the strong order immediately to ask for the Help as soon as the environment is felt by enemies of Light. The darkness is integrated on all fronts. Strong they cling to each crack, even the hardly noticeable. It small cracks are very dangerous. They see them on aura in the form of spots. The consciousness is very important that the darkness has no anything in to which it tries to come nearer. Especially the fear, irritation and other negative qualities give the chance to darkness to show the activity. About eradication of all these properties It was spoken long ago. It is necessary for self-defense from darkness and immunity or invulnerability creation by darkness. Certainly, the burdensome feeling during the swelling and approach dark can't be avoided because it remains at the strongest protection, but when the armor is strong, they aren't able to make perforation of a protecting network. How it was quiet and peaceful around, on vigilant patrol it is necessary to be always both in a dream, and in wakefulness. For this purpose also It is indicated the need to establish the provision of thought to Hierarchy before withdrawal to a dream. But also it is best of all to hold uninterrupted communication with the Teacher in the afternoon.

068. (M. A. Y.). When communication with the Teacher is strong, no dark attacks are terrible. Long ago would destroy you if could. But hands are short. You fix communication with Hierarchy of Light very much. "There is a Prince of this world and has in Me no anything", – ponder upon these words. Imagine a condition of crude spirit while the darkness seizes the property. What has to be force of opposition to these fiends and as the spirit carefully has to be cleared to have opportunity to tell that the darkness has in it no anything. Ponder upon it.

069. (Guru). Attack dark is useful for that pulls together with Hierarchy of Light. When it occurs, it is possible to move only in the direction to Hierarchy. Even during attack it is possible to force dark to serve Light. The step when everything starts serving the one who solved the way to the Lord is very considerable. You remember strong the Decree: "You hold Me strong, every minute, in all steps".

070. (Feb. 7). My time will come, and life on Earth will change. Prosperity and the world will return to Earth. Cooperation of all and in everything will be approved. Hostility will disappear. Wars will stop. All people of a planet will make one close-knit family. The garden terrestrial will change and will blossom. Animals will be pardoned. People will change. The false science will be replaced with the true. Three worlds will merge in consciousness human in one. The gloom will dissipate. Angry and dark will leave to Saturn. The planet will be cleared of any litter. The consciousness human will change. There will go Light kingdom. To it there will be no end.

071. (M. A. Y.). Great and bright future is fated to mankind. The benefit to the one, who through a gloom of the present begins see clearly it. It is issued already in Spheres Elevated. Mental association with it approaches it. If people could unite in understanding of get rid happiness, its implementation would promptly be accelerated. The best will unite the first and will be the center of builders of this future. Construction goes and now but as it is difficult to overcome resistance the last child’s leaving race. Let builders know that Light Victor goes.

072. (Feb. 8). Once to someone these records very much will help to go on that way on which followed written down them.

073. (M. A.Y.). But to whom that these records very not to of soul. Someone very much wants that they weren't at all. Someone very much would like them to destroy or to stop. And you look at all thoughts of uselessness of records as on thrown by enemies. Will be various attempts much to stop process. It will be much thrown weakening thoughts. Without having succeeded in one, having a tail looks for new opportunities and wants to finish by hook or by crook. Stand guard and know that it tries the enemy.

074. (Guru). Value of these records is in that, what written in one key, what and the Doctrine, and in the full accord with the last. Still it wasn't still written by a hand human anything similar off.

075. (Guru). Any act is preceded usually by thought. Reflex action is preceded by thought old, once allowed (and it is perhaps very frequent) in consciousness. That is why the main emphasis is placed on thought. The act – only a thought consequence, and at eradication of undesirable qualities first of all is eradicated the thought generating a consequence.

076. (Feb. 10). Each of bodies in which the person consistently leads conscious and full life, is limited to that world and the sphere to which belongs, and submits to their laws. So, a body physical, being in the world dense, can live only in it. It can't be taken with itself in the World Thin. After death of people passes to the thin body and it is shown and works in it in the world astral, limited to limits of this world. Then it dumps a thin body, passes in mental and lives already in the world mental, submitting to laws of the last, being limited to its sphere that then, having exempted from this body, to pass above, to the World Fiery, to Light World, and to stay already in Light body. All these worlds have the limits and the restrictions and to some extent connect the person properties of the matter. Even in the Fiery World the spirit is free in the manifestation only so, the matter of his fiery body is how refined and developed and is capable accord to these or those layers of this Highest and boundless World. Being in a dense body, very High Spirit Can be allocated and act consciously in all the conductors on plans corresponding to them. But, being in the dense world, in the dense body, He Submit he laws. However, It Can do a lot of things not available to ordinary people and as though overcoming usual conditions and physical restrictions: for example, to rise by air, to go on water, not to feel cold and so on, but nevertheless, despite it, his physical body has to eat and drink, and when It Doesn't prove as the Adherent, It is subject to usual laws. But, being in a dense body, He nevertheless internally Lives in peace, other than the world of the inhabitant. So, and in all other worlds its inner world allows it to stay in the upper class of everyone. Each of the worlds has seven main gradations on sparseness and thinning degree, and the matter of each of conductors, or bodies, the person, precisely corresponds to any certain layer. The body physical drunkards, the glutton and the sadist even in the physical structure and a structure sharply differ from a body of the ascetic and the devotee, precisely of degree itself of the sparseness and thinning. The body, got used to live at big heights and spiritualized, spiritually differs strongly from a body of the inhabitant of the big city. There are no two bodies, similar one on another, differ all. The same is observed and in all other worlds. Agni Yoga, ordering these or those standards of behavior, diets and other, means clarification, that is depression, or thinning, matters of all covers, or bodies, the person. A lot of time is required on this process, years and even the whole life because evolution of life and consists in thinning of those conductors which serve as covers to spirit. The rough astral body burdened by rough habits can't, rise above the lower class of an astral, to its precisely corresponding on structure. Free from a dense body, highly might fly only the spirit, which cleared off dense particles itself the covers on Earth. In the Thin World each one incarnation passes process clarification, and still, despite at it, no might raise he higher than height, him it formed. The law is faultless and fair.

077. (M. A. Y.). Each earthling can stumble on a difficult way. The skilled traveler will become straight immediately and will continue the way. Inexperienced will be engaged in itself eats and to waste time useless occupation. In the past many maybe to happen such, that doesn't correspond to a step passed now. And these echoes of the past can recover memory and detain it advance on the way of improvement. But the skilled traveler will tell: "Past generations, I am not afraid of you, you can't stop my way of advance", – will tell and will continue a way, without being late for a minute.

078. (Guru). In life of every day of people endures a number of feelings and emotions and passes through the consciousness a set of thoughts. All these feelings and thoughts anyway influence all its covers: good and light – ennoble and refine bad and bad – отемняют. Task in that darkness not to allow thoughts and feelings in the consciousness, having put on their way inflexible will.

079. (Feb. 11). The feeling of lack of the house terrestrial rather attachments to it, exempts the person upon transition to the World Thin from an attachment to the sewed place. Without House on Earth it is valuable it. Wanderers homeless – the most free people. Everything than or in what their lives the person in the consciousness in a body, after death of the last remains with it, accompanying it further. When go to a long trip, take with itself only the most necessary not to be burdened by unnecessary freight in a way. The knowledge of future conditions in the Thin World is extremely important to take with itself that is necessary, and anything superfluous. If the person, strong accrete with the terrestrial property, goes to the World Thin, and its property crystallized in the form of thoughts in his consciousness, follows it and continues to be at it because on Earth the feeling of property lives in the person, but not somewhere out of it. It is a lot of mental baggage unnecessary for thin stay undertakes with itself there. And it is very important to distribute already in advance that it is necessary to take surely and what to leave. Terrestrial remnants are there very heavy freight. Even on Earth weigh unnecessary things. What burden are they there. By unnecessary subjects are meant as well many mental products and the views crystallized in consciousness by long cohabitation to them. It is difficult to some to dump from itself even habitual clothes which long wore at life or which strong grew into consciousness. As many habits, especially thinking habits grow also. It is told after all long ago: "If you aren't as children, you won't be able to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven", into the World Elevated. And children are specified because are free from all what usually burdened the person. When arrived in a monastery, even on behalf of the renounced, without speaking already about all other. With it wanted to emphasize desirable release from worldly bonds that is from chains of a material world. Life showed as far as it is difficult to carry out it in practice, but the ceremony had deep value. Now the knowledge of laws and conditions of the Thin World is required to give the clear account that it is necessary to take with it there and what accumulation there will be necessary for them and what will be worse than a millstone round the neck. This question is important, and everyone solves it independently and with full responsibility. Is to think of what, and to think thoroughly.

080. (Guru). Service to Beauty will be the best way of approach to Light.

081. (Feb. 12). The personality dies in each cycle of an embodiment, and her everyday affairs and other details of life indulge in oblivion, there is only an experience. But affairs public and universal, affairs super personal, everything, as for mankind evolution aren't forgotten. Holders of the world live interests of people of the Earth, their affairs, take in them part and move evolution. All this as though towers over mortal, small interests of the personality passing, and those who rose over small "I" enough and joined life super personal and to interests of all mankind as a whole or the people, those enter a stream of never-dying life and earn by it the immortality. When It is spoken about chains and fetters of a material world, fetters of the personality and her environment, the personality leading the egoistical life mean. Leaving from Earth, such spirits continue to gravitate, gravitate to it to that "hen house" in which lived, to with what it was filled. National leaders, cultural figures and all those who selflessly worked on a field of General Welfare, continue to work and there, both this work and self-rejection serve as spirit wings, though are turned to Earth while appeals to personal memoirs and personal small interests terrestrial persons mortal will be spirit fetters. The words "I Is with you always, in All Days, Till the End of Time" indicate indissoluble communication of the Leader of the Planet with mankind living on it and its evolution.

082. (M. A. I.). And Origen pined in a dungeon. For the spirit which has kept in the depths of reminiscence of flights and spaces of the Thin World, terrestrial stay will be languor. When the karma current is accelerated to advance quicker spirit, languor and burden of the Burden terrestrial amplify repeatedly. It needs to be known, and to remember, and not too to grieve that strengthening of karma leads rather to a goal.

083. (Guru). We aren't judges, but sharp-sightedly looking behind how the spirit disposes of that is given it for advance. To the correct action we rejoice, but we mourn, seeing mistakes. And still not to do without mistakes because the one who does nothing isn't mistaken only. Each understood mistake inures to advantage, increasing and enriching stored experience.

084. (M. A. Y.). Someone forgot us, and someone both remembers, and celebrates day memorable on the understanding and understanding of our proximity. Those memorable days also are considerable that strengthen and deepen hidden communication. Whether many of whom we had to meet in life, remember, both honor, and don't interrupt light threads of communication. The communications supported on Earth with those who left Earth are important for the subsequent meetings in World Aboveground. Who wants to go to fathers, with them will arrive and who wants to go to us, will be with us and with That Who Sent us to Earth.

085. (Guru). That surrounds the person at present, has huge influence on his consciousness and a current of thoughts, filling with itself its inner world. Therefore it is possible to imagine as it will change upon transition of spirit to the World Thin. But main currents and installations of thought remain, and the thought continues to flow on the channels dug on Earth in space. There are the bases conducting a current of thoughts, and all other grows dull, disappears and indulges in oblivion. That most brightly and deeply sounded on Earth, and especially strong aspirations, will accompany a one incarnation further.

086. (Feb. 14). In simple dreams Are constantly instructed. Direct instructions we Avoid because they break karma and mention a free will. Besides, direct instructions often cause counteractions. On the way it is necessary to pass the feet. What coasted by everyone, is found when it is provided to itself. It doesn't mean at all that someone is forgotten and left is simply given the chance to find out the forces and at the same time and all that disturbs. Only strong spirits can independently move, combining independence with following for the Hierarch. Last, the lowest "I" demand attention to the desires and the impulses, the highest "I" don't wish to submit to them. All future of the person depends on a victory of this or that. Who will win, from subjects the spirit and will arrive. Only "I" will involve the lowest in the lower class of the Thin World, and the highest – in the Highest Spheres. So every day, among externally usual life the person creates the future, creates itself, own hands, and with full responsibility.

087. (M. A. Y.). It is impossible to make with low thoughts contact. The combination to them involves consciousness in an orbit of dark influences and opens doors for access of shaggy evil-make. The thought isn't abstraction, but the live essence influencing the person. Even the small and harmless thought of tasty food tempts appetite, the expiration of a saliva and allocation of gastric juice. It shows that the thought can cause even physiological reactions in an organism. It is impossible to track and mark out them everything. But, no be of mistake count that light and pure thoughts cause beneficial reactions, and dark – opposite of. Very many diseases are caused by negative thoughts. Even at small attention to thoughts it is possible to know unmistakably, they are good or are bad. Control over thoughts is necessary. Conducts thought on Earth, it conducts and in World Aboveground. It is necessary to think of where can get useless thoughts strong.

088. (Guru). Everyone, who struggled with undesirable thoughts, knows from experience that the thought is the really live essence possessing energy and will, beget enclosed in it. This will be so strong that the person not always finds in himself enough determination, that opposite it, to own generation, and especially if this thought is kindled and amplifies the dark whispers. But how such thought, nevertheless forces was strong and affectionate to confront it, the person can always collect. If the forces don't suffice, it is possible to ask for the help above. But it is necessary to win against each such thought by all means; differently it will seize and will carry away for itself consciousness to spheres corresponding to it.

089. (Feb. 15). It would be ridiculous to fall into enthusiastic and sublime mood when on Earth such horrors are created. Only severe intensity and uninterrupted patrol can correspond to the moment. Press of darkness reaches the apogee. Plot against mankind pours out in terrible forms. If not constraining power of your Homeland, unruliness of the evil and misanthropy would accept the unprecedented sizes and forms. The terrible reality should look in the face and not be touched devilish masks. Such is the grin of the old world not covered for an impartial look. That they if were given a free hand at them wouldn't make! It is difficult to store balance; it is difficult not to feel a gloom pored over of Earth. The evil in an attack of fury and frenzy can do many irreparable troubles. But We on the guard also Won't allow a leopard to jump.

090. (M. A. Y.). Shelter to spirit is in Elevated. Even the Son Human had no place to bend the head. A little that changed in the world since then. Unless became even worse. Therefore the unification with Hierarchy is especially necessary. It is impossible to come off. It is impossible to stop. It is impossible recede; differently the evil wave will flood. Black wings of falling in a chasm are ready to pick up each turncoat, - of the unknown time. All foundations of the old world fall. The Hierarchy Ladder is firm only. The darkness takes up arms and wants to enter the last fight preceding its checkmate.

091. (Guru). You are surprised that in our books more than three ten years ago the exact analysis of that situation which nowadays exists on Earth was given. Yes! We knew a lot of things and a lot of things we know. We know and about a get rid victory of Light. We know that the last convulsions of darkness will be terrible. The wounded tiger is very dangerous, especially wounded fatally. We know about darkness defeat. Know also you. Also you store firmness and firmness of spirit. The spirit is indestructible.

092. (Feb. 16). Certainly, human mind can't be compared to reason of the nature which constructed both human mind, and the thinnest, sensitive equipment of animals, insects, fishes and birds, as well as plants, it is thin atmospheric conditions defining change and many, many other phenomena. The electronic calculating machine on the roughness and bulkiness isn't comparable with a subtlety of bodies even a small midge. Therefore the person has no special bases to be extolled, but is, and very weighty to study at the nature and to imitate it. Anything new, being above physics and chemistry laws, to the person all the same not to think up. Communication and contact with the nature can give it a lot of things. But it carefully keeps the secrets, reluctantly, but gradually gives out their one for another. As it for the person ingeniously prepared the riches that he could use them. The mankind is on the threshold of opening of new types of energy which will give and warmly, and lighting. The equipment of a human body covers in itself many wonderful opportunities. On ignorance a lot of things are still denied now, but the course of evolution can't be stopped. The future stores many amazing surprises for mankind. Any, even the most impetuous, the imagination isn't comparable with them. It is impossible to limit future opportunities to the understanding from today.

093. (M. A. Y.) . Still the Lord the Buddha Told that the person is a process. It means that everything that is available in the person, is in a condition of continuous change and development of one properties and abilities and fading and a get rid of others. The mental projection of any property or feature of the person in the future unmistakably indicates its harm or usefulness and gives a key to its development or withdrawal in hands. Many small germs of useful or harmful qualities not open in the beginning, but, having presented their steady and inevitable growth in the future; it is easy to define their necessity and value or the danger which was stored in them. If to limit human life to one embodiment, it is possible not to care of anything in general. Whether it is worth troubling itself die. But the knowledge of a continuity of life allows to plan development of spirit and to provide the far future. Again it is necessary to remind of importance and value of small undertakings and in aspect of the future. Anything, any low-slightest effort doesn't disappear, and everything bears the fruit. Many unfortunate attempts to improve itself will bring implementation them in World Elevated and will pour out in the approved qualities of spirit because unattainable here it is achievable there. Let nobody we will get tired attempts to the self-improvement, whatever difficult and unattainable they seemed. All of them will give the good consequences.

094. (Feb. 17). The feeling on the edge of an abyss or under a sword of Damocles is very characteristic for some steps of an apprenticeship. Their purpose is to teach to pass such barriers of life, without losing balance and without changing a steps rhythm. Steps these are no hard. But, through them goes everything, lasting before; they as are inevitable, as and step homeless of the terrestrial. It is possible to pass all these steps actually, in the corresponding terrestrial conditions, and it is possible and in the spirit of. It is hard to say that it is more difficult. Test under a sign is so reflected in consciousness, as well as usual. All this becomes for movement acceleration on the way. Ask: why it is necessary to accelerate? The delay of evolution is perniciously reflected in planet life. Therefore the person has no special bases to be extolled, but is, and very weighty to study at the nature and to imitate it. Anything new, being above physics and chemistry laws, to the person all the same not to think up. Communication and contact with the nature can give it a lot of things. But it carefully keeps the secrets, reluctantly, but gradually gives out their one for another. As it for the person ingeniously prepared the riches that he could use them. The mankind is on the threshold of opening of new types of energy which will give and warmly, and lighting. The equipment of a human body covers in itself many wonderful opportunities. On ignorance a lot of things are still denied now, but the course of evolution can't be stopped. The future stores many amazing surprises for mankind. Any, even the most impetuous, the imagination isn't comparable with them. It is impossible to limit future opportunities to the understanding from today.

New space energy reached Earth. Not ready consciousness won't sustain their impact. And so many organisms fuse. And physical health won't be a guarantee and won't give fiery immunity. It is necessary to hold Us very much, without breaking constancy of communication. I promise rescue to all who follows Me.

095. (Guru). Each sensitive organism sounds on a spatial note. On the one hand, keenness is an achievement, with another, the Burden of this world increases respectively. The weak spirit will be terrified and will start hesitating, but strong will tell itself, as it is necessary to pass through it. The difficult strip of life should be passed, without fluctuating, without doubting, without showing discontent, fear and a clouding. Each test comes to an end when there comes term. There are no eternal tests.

096. (Feb. 18). Learn even in bad to find only the good. Better in bad find well, than in good to find only bad and be dissatisfied with destiny that it didn't take away and that it gave you for a while.

097. (M. A. Y.). "At Us dissatisfied isn't present", is one of basic provisions of the Brotherhood. Harm from discontent is great. It first of all cuts health. It poisons the surrounding atmosphere and consciousness’s of people adjoining to discontent. It complains and rises against karma. It happens nothing without the reason. That surrounds the person, is a consequence of its karma and all its last acts and actions. In case of the Assignment or special mission the destiny of the person is defined by them, but ordinary people bear on themselves past consequences. As for the accepted pupils, they are under continuous supervision and the guide of the Teacher, and at known degree of trust the discontent doesn't have a place. Be afraid of this echidna and try even in small to find pleasure. Even the beggar has a pleasure to the sun of a bike.

098. (Guru). In heart the pleasure contrary to sadness of the surrounding is approved. At first what could be glad is consciously found, and then the pleasure arises already in itself, regardless of the fact that outside. Pleasure source – heart, but not in itself, but integrated with Heart of the Lord. In this unification with Heart Great we will look for sparks of pleasure, pleasure strong, not saddened by anything external.

099. (Feb. 19). And one more mistake can be avoided easily if not to think that "as I will be happy if there is something if my life changes and that weighs me now" will leave. All this the self-deception – will leave one, another will come, and again the consciousness will find, than to be afflicted and what to worry because all this is covered in our consciousness, but not in external conditions how Maya tried to transfer the internal reasons to external conditions. After all that for one is bad, can be good and desirable for another. The optimist and the pessimist look on same, but perceive it absolutely differently. Therefore we will learn to perceive life at all as did it earlier and as dictates it a step of new understanding of the world.

100. (Guru). Our rule: if to do something, it possibly to do better. And if it is necessary to go through life, to pass through it and through all its tests and difficulties it is necessary too as it is possible better – "as on a string a chasm".