Agni Yoga's facets, 1969

1969. 001. (Jan. 1). "Than bigger attacks, those strongly approximations of opportunity". This situation isn't easy for assimilation by that it is difficult to maintain these attacks, without losing balance. If balance is lost, it is already impossible to be protected. And forwards use it. Wrecking creeps from the Thin World, and it is impossible to see all its artful designs. Exit one – to arm with courage, tranquility and composure. After all if something can't be helped at present, so it is necessary to wait quietly. In a consolation I Will tells: sooner, or later all comes to an end. All tests temporarily, but the spirit is eternal.
002. (M. A. Y.). It is wrong to think that to us it was easier. If I needed to approve everyday itself in pleasure and in Light, so the press and encumbrance by circumstances were bikes. Neither given – nothing exempted Proximity, nor distinguished perception, signs from spirit encumbrance by circumstances. Also I went on a limit. When to you it is heavy, think of it and you remember that in ease, spooky and sorrow less wellbeing of anything valuable didn't arise.
003. (Guru). There is a statement of the Name, and the circle of consciousness’s accepting it gradually extends. It is necessary for the future. Whom It doesn't sound, will counteract. By counteraction determine and against the going. The old world has many the obvious and hidden supporters. And not how the person but as he perceives the future calls himself, opens its essence. On this sign also you judge.
004. (M. A.Y.). It is necessary to destroy charm of the astral world. It doesn't mean to deny its beaut, or appeal of fine forms, flowers, the rivers, mountains, the woods. But it means that it is necessary to enter into it, having rejected its mystery, mysteriousness, fear before magic of its manifestations and thoughts that the ordinary people who have entered into it acquire there any knowledge, or power. With what entered such and remain unless only strengthening detection of qualities available already in them and properties. To be fascinated there is nothing, to tremble there is nobody, it is impossible to be afraid because fear use to influence on afraid and to make with them some focuses. It is necessary to enter their quietly, without any fear, courageously keeping spirit advantage. And to tremble there is nobody, because around the same people, as well as on Earth: both good and harmful. But distribution on the layers corresponding to the nature of the new newcomer usually relieves of the unexpected and unpleasant neighborhood. Communication with the Teacher and Hierarchy puts in facilitating conditions. Not knowing anything on Earth about World Aboveground won't know and there. Denied not see that, what denied, or denied. Angry will see angrily more fully, than on Earth, and kind – Light.
005. (Guru). Mind sober, sharp-witted, practical, and capable quickly to be guided in the most unusual conditions, – such has to be mind of the pupil, and then the consciousness will keep it the necessary degree of tranquility. Many are lost, having come to be in unusual conditions. This confusion is very destructive and absolutely useless. It is necessary to temper consciousness against any surprises and shock which they can cause. From surprises it is impossible to be protected, but to arm consciousness against shock it is possible, and he can strong order to react to everything, even the most unexpected and tremendous, absolutely quietly. It is easy to tell it, but it is so difficult to hold down such armor of spirit against all surprises in all worlds.

006. (Jan. 3). Power of aspiration causes the corresponding force of resistance of environment. This law of psych equipment is shown constantly. And therefore any counteraction both all disturbing and interfering advance of spirit can consider as the certificate of power of aspiration and an inevitable consequence of fires of the heart lighting this aspiration. Omnipotent fire spirits have a difficult karma. Because, these difficulties serve of steps lift. And, when the spirit finds in itself force to oppose them power of balance, there is it invincible. It is already impossible to stop such advance. Want to rise and have achievements all approached, but to shape the necessary qualities of spirit, to shape consciously, persistently and the few are constantly inclined only. But if to consider each blow of enemies as accepted for Light and strengthening spirit armor, the relation to strokes of bad luck will change in a root. Then courage, both tranquility, and balance achievable become quite.
007. (M. A. Y.). The temporary mortal and passing identity of the person is so necessary and necessary, as well as his Immortal reincarnating Identity because the personality collects for Identity elements of immortality and a material for conscious manifestation of Identity in the Highest Worlds. It is necessary to acquire only strongly value, sense and a role of the personality mortal. If, consider it as end in itself, its existence is senseless. If, to consider only as means, the tool for achievement of exact, definite purposes of Identity, the sense of existence of the personality is of particular importance. Very few people realize it. Only understanding of that task, which is assigned to the personality, does human life purposeful and full of value.
008. (Guru). Ability to give is not prohibited, but at the same time, many carrying a formula are an art, and, moreover, are not easily attainable. I drew attention to what the Scripture a formula so deeply by the value that the exhaust all their depth impossible – to grow to the consciousness of the one who Gave them. Why give to the art within, consonant with the point it is necessary to add depth and thoughts to which they could draw to absorb as much as it is able to accommodate their consciousness. The works of great writers and philosophers do not die in centuries, because to get to the bottom of the prisoners in them thoughts only slightly.
009. (Jan. 5). "In darkness external – crying and a gnash tooth". And feats great are made in it. And there is a payment on karmic debt dense. Therefore I Say: "dense" that is also the elevated karma defining a way of the person in that world. High Spirits usually Suffer more, being in the world terrestrial, than ordinary people. The device of their spirit is refined, and perceptions are aggravated, and the Bowl of poison terrestrial is Drunk by them to the bottom. If to track life of outstanding people, any more without speaking about great, it is possible to note, their life was how strongly burdened by circumstances. People make a big mistake, believing that sufferings of others don't concern them. But after all they breathe one air, and Earth atmosphere rather its aura, is saturated with emanations human, their thoughts, their radiations, and each earthling, wants it that, or not separate of that Wednesday in which lives. Wealth, nor situation, neither a blindness, nor ignorance – can protect nothing the person from dependence on the world which part it is. Here someone, having fenced off by strong walls from people, thinks that it is impregnable and it isn't available to a grief human. But something presses it, something deprives of pleasure, something oppresses and something strikes with time a serious, incurable illness. Not to be protected from spatial influences of the human ocean by anything. Thoughts will find an entrance in the most unexpected place. And thoughts happen different, and many strike fatally. It would be possible to be protected by pure and sublime thinking, but such people don't separate themselves from others and are always ready to assist, without sparing itself. Egoists and angry move away, with the rage attracting to itself the corresponding conditions and perceptions. Cain mistakenly considered that he isn't a watchman to the brother. Kain psychology is insolvent at least only because the person – part of the world, and is inseparable from it, and bears on itself responsibility that in it occurs, bears at a rate of the consciousness. Great Spirits Take this responsibility voluntary.
010. (M. A. Y.). People need to know. Knowing no one will touch the poison, or contaminated food, or clothing. If they know that anger even more poison-bearer that she had poisoned themselves first and foremost as well as ones that will refrain from knowingly causing Me harm. But until you know and not believe that evil, been forced by others, come crashing down on them, and that the core of the effects there is no escape. And if it’s not media strikes anger them immediately, then this does not mean that its venom is not entered deep into the system or body poison-bearer and that the consequences of this poison is never and nowhere else. If, people only knew how to amaze you by their acts themselves, would have abstained from many for the sake of self-preservation, - but hampered by ignorance and denial. Soon science eventually veil over many of the phenomena of life. And then more will understand and, will be terrified what, they realizing.
011. (Guru). As bitter the gained experience, but as are valuable and sweet its fruits! Therefore with bitterness of process of acquisition of knowledge we won't be afflicted too. The bitterness will pass, experience remains. If, the child to the treatment of fire is taught by the first burn and the first pain, adults are taught by the same pain, but already in other variations. Arrive with people as would like that they arrived with you. It is a wisdom precept. On evil acts and behavior of people it is possible to learn much.
012. (Jan. 6). On life current you are convinced that Light which in you, divides people into enemies and supporters of Light. Enemies display itself in the hostile attitude towards you even if it doesn't concern them but only gets to a field of their sight. Supporters of Light, generally unconscious, are friendly located to you and display it the relation. More Light which in you; this relation more sharply comes to light from that and others. When Light is very strong, the hostile relation turns into prosecution and persecution. Such I was, the course of life of light-bearer is and will such. It is considered that blows are accepted for Light. Finally they bring the benefit, because, strengthen your Light. The board of Light should be held a strong hand. The board protects when keeps strong. Neither to lower, nor it is impossible to put – you will remain unprotected.
013. (M. A. Y.). Few accept the assertion that "the growing spirit needs must be difficult circumstances", must also learn to see how and what is expressed is growing and what are the benefits of further encumbrance. Then you will enjoy each received shock and begin to understand the words that «worse are better". Enemies can cramping and circumstances, but where to, - if, to gate of the Monastery Village that is what and rejoices. So, taking care that, they only not pushed down. And then there are terrible, no personal attacks, and no weight bearing.
014. (Guru). And yet I Say, that we should all suffer to the end, and stand in the light. This formula is very ancient. She points out that both then and now, is walking on the path of light. The same difficulties, same test, and the same struggle and overcome the same dark evil-make of ruin seekers of light.
015. (Jan. 7). We attach great value to desire to work for the public good. When wishing will be quite a lot, there will go Satia of the South. Readiness of consciousness’s and astrological terms are in direct link with each other. Space Terms not always reckon human with desires. Victims of the last war and concentration camps absolutely didn't want them. The karma wasn't counted as about tens of millions injured people. Therefore and the remained few years can make prompt changes to situation all-planetary. The space Magnet defines events, and to people not in power to fight against inevitability fiery. And earlier the centers of world culture moved repeatedly. The whole states arose and perished. Catastrophe Roman Empire nothing could prevent. As well Epoch Maitreya approaches will stop neither diplomats, nor poisonous gases, hydrogen bombs. It will come promptly, and our care only about that "not to allow a leopard to jump". When terms will come, it won't be dangerous anymore and its convulsions won't cause world accident. Terms go.
016. (M. A. Y.). With what work the consciousness comes off "curve conditions" lives. How many persistence and persistence it is necessary to show not to plunge into them with the head. They strike with the insignificance and still demand to itself attention and take away time. The way out can be found in that, paying it an inevitability tribute, and nevertheless to keep the most necessary in consciousness in the foreground. So, the singer on a platform before, huge crowd focuses energy the not on it and not on surrounding, but that he should execute. Internal concentration on the most necessary was distinctive feature of Carriers of Light. And though their kingdom was other-worldly, in this display They the activity, without coming off the basis.
017. (Guru). Correctly you do, doing justice to those who in these difficult conditions makes efforts approving My Name as far as it is possible. Certainly, it is necessary for the future. Life of Spirits Great can be considered always as a step to the future. And all attendants of Light too put steps to the future on the force and consciousness. Therefore the understanding of essence of the put steps enters consciousness’s human into a future orbit. In it sense and value of the statement of a name of those who to lay for the future the wide road in understanding human.
018. (Jan. 8). Long time ago people used to live half in the subtle world and half in the tight. Nature felt inspired and alive as seen lots of fine creatures of different evolutions. And know that there are spirits of fire, water, air and Earth. Then, immersed in the visible world, earthy, subtle vision, lost and the curtain dropped on their eyes tightly. The new era will go under the sign of connection of worlds, and gradually the world Thin again will go down in the sight of man. Then will come the subtle world dominance over dense, sometime, in the very distant future, man will reach the moment when the world is too tight thinning and dense respectively, his condition is replaced with thin. The planet is visible and invisible, and life can be on the other.
019. (Jan. 9). With courage, with patience and not souring your karma is one who understands that its creator – he and no other, that the teacher Wants her ease within the rule of law and that the best way to put out as soon as possible is to repay the old debts. Who knows what might have occurred in the past? Fee for karmic debt is inevitable, and there is no alternative.
020. (M. A. Y.). Let's say on Earth habits, or rather, a course of conduct necessary for a decent phenomenon spirit in the World Aboveground. A glutton at the sight of a table full of Viands, automatically it will direct to satiate hunger for food, - and so, in everything remaining. If, the will does not impose its veto* on any of the lower desires of human nature then, who will impose it in Kama Loka, where temptations picturesquely and vibrantly confronting its inhabitants? And fasting, and prayer, and abstinence, and artificial *** Stern, who had been a hermit crabs, are important for the subtle world – and it is for Kama-Loka**. But no amount of effort will not give the desired results if not eliminated the essence of desire. Desire depressed but not necessarily lift his head, get rid, and final, deadly struggle with them is inevitable. You should know all this and firmly grasp to prepare yourself to an after-mortal existence.
* Veto (LAT.) – ban.
** Kama-Loka (Skt.) – scope of the astral world.
* ** Art (district originates.) – Test.
021. (Guru). The man firmly and definitively dropped the smoke already longer than being inspired with the desire to smoke a cigarette, particularly if enough time has passed. It can be applied to all other human weaknesses. Will not embarrass his Phantom smoking and in the subtle world, which are prone to regular smokers. How long will this last, to free them from such a seemingly harmless habit as smoking, in terms of the astral world? But habits and inclinations are very different and sometimes very, very bad. Particularly injuriously habits think unclean or spitefully. It is very difficult to get rid of them. Liberation begins on Earth, there can be continued, but the habit that had been growing all the time on Earth and no longer constrained by anything, is not easy to stop, and get rid of it is not even a desire, if not was it on Earth. Its strength must exhaust all your energy on the mind, it gave birth to. A world of reasons, w.i. the Earth's world, creates a world of consequences that exhausts the man during his stay in Aboveground. The ancient formula remains the same at all times: "you reap what you sow". The sower and the Reaper – the man himself, and the cosmic laws are played to the end, no matter what people believe, and that he acknowledges and that denies. You can still pray to the deity, as people think, but the cosmic law of featureless.
022. (Jan. 11). It is possible to love and that world and this and, without seeking to pass rather in that; it is simple to try to unite both in consciousness. After all the reasons of many phenomena occurring in this world, are covered in that, and, seeing these reasons, we already pull together the worlds. As a matter of fact, the world is uniform, and division is caused only by limitation of consciousness and imperfection of covers. It is necessary to think of unity of the real. After all even division into a past, the present and the future are conditional. The relativity of time is established by science. It is a lot of relative in human life. We Distinguish of reality from evidence. The evidence mirage, or Maya, is created by covers. We Approve of reality.
023. (M. A. Y.). The unworthy behavior or thinking is caused usually by misunderstanding of value of acts and thoughts for the future. The future of the person influences both that and others and forms it. Everyone would like to have bright future, but to create it consciously doesn't suffice neither forces, nor desire. Forces should be found, and desire to approve. At first it is necessary to clean litter, to take all acts and actions under control and first of all thoughts, without allowing a reflex neither in those nor in others. When the person at first automatically reacts to something thoughts, feelings or acts, he displays an uncontrolled lunar reflex, destructive for fiery consciousness. Forces should be found for the sake of the future firmly to take the destiny in hand, having established severe control over thought, and then already, as a result of it, and over behavior and acts.
024. (Guru). The principle of continuity and insistence and diligence are particularly hard to apply in the process of overcoming the old man in himself. One effort does not produce anything. Need a constant repetitive efforts continued until the desired sound quality does not come about in the mind. Too much trouble, and planetary from today's hero is not the one you want, as it were, a heroic act, but the heroic life of approval of light on the planet, the inhabitants of which the patient forgot about light.
025. (Jan. 12). Higher and lower realms are in the mind of a human, and while living in them, people are thus come into contact with the relevant fields outside it. The self-confessed beauty and established it in his life in dense body is surrounded by will and beyond, in other worlds. Light and Beauty are at one extreme of life. If, learning how to apply it to a bushel of thoughts, feelings and actions of his, would the existence of this remarkable man. Where there is no beauty, ugliness and deputize the darkness, not separable from each other. Beauty means harmony. The harmonious state of mind makes a wonderful aura. Equilibrium conveys the highest degree of harmony. Higher spheres strike their harmony. Spirit, looking to them, installs a magnetic attraction to them. The man is a magnet. And he always gravitates to the consonant it magneto areas of space. He already belongs to them, due to the nature and properties of magnetic radiation of spirit nature and his aura. Already on earth people designates its affiliation to certain areas. In ancient times, sometimes called "sons of perdition", as understood their doom and belonging to a pole, the darkness. The essence of the phenomenon is the same, take man in a Toga, Heaton or white tie. Light gravitates toward the light, and darkness to darkness. The magnetic pull of their supported by conscious or unconscious wishes and desires, needs to realize, if he wants to think about their future and to define its direction and character. Magnetic energies of the human microcosm can control his will. Their attraction can be controlled. Essence of the aspirations is magnet. Aspiration directed thought. Think, or not to think on something-in the power of man, the creator and beget his thoughts.
026. (M. A. Y.). "By" beauty "saved". Can you briefly tell about the meaning of beauty? The higher Worlds are full of Sky Beauty. Beauty and light is almost synonymous. If people thought always perfectly, he reduced the sky to land and the Kingdom of light has on Earth. So much depends on the light full thoughts! But the creator thought, man does not want to recognize the leading principle idea of life. By all measures, it diminishes its role in building the human conditions of the surrounding. He denied that sets in motion the muscles of his body and even causes his brain to function. Denies he is a fiery energy and mental underlying his entire activity. Truth, beauty and fiery not denial reality live next and dropped from the accounts of life.
027. (Jan. 13). Billions people in this world and in that. An infinite variety of consciousness’s, and relatives so isn't enough among them. In the Thin World they are distributed on layers, in it is on inclination to them in compliance. The general level Is lifted by means of thought and space saturation by a certain number of ideas. Problem is of extraordinary complexity. The karma allows a shave only in exceptional cases. The general influence by thought is impersonal. Perceive who can. Karma – the great assistant to us in awakening of consciousnesses. We Will be conformed to the cyclic periods of astrological influences by which the course of evolution of terrestrial mankind is defined. And at the right time we Sate space with the necessary thoughts. The doctrines given by us on the verge of Great Eras always conform to the requirement of the moment and the general condition of consciousnesses. The doctrine is given in both worlds. Access to it is invisibly open for all, is truer – for each consciousness opened to it, able to contain its provisions. Often same formulas of the Doctrine are said in different corners of the globe by absolutely different people – spatial saturation works. Consciousness’s of relatives are as though the conveyors which are constantly letting out in space and spheres surrounding it a stream to us necessary ideas, sets invisibly impregnating consciousness. In it the essence of spatial Cooperation consists. The century Maitreya will strengthen cooperation visible and invisible. The persistence of a gloom will concede to force of beams of going Light.
028. (M. A. Y.). Because and opposition from the darkness that do the will of him who sent. Otherwise it may not be. And wonder and feel disappointment and resentment. It has always been. If, kept fast the balance and not broken the rhythm of interaction, - consider this a victory. Not easily achievable. Weak spark, if there is no evidence of darker struggles, - the end of Kali Yuga, in this relation, particularly noteworthy. We, of course, protect and preserve the allowing karma, but you must make known the Light each senshi is a great Watch and be constantly on guard. Before a final victory of Light the darkness shows intense resistance. It is necessary to be ready to meet it fully equipped.
029. (Guru). Be kept in the light so hard when extends range of dark leashes. But hard to hold onto, and is inseparable from the Lord, and "every minute and every steps. The Teacher, giving an order, called for just such conditions. End times are hard, and you will enter the future winners. Strong keeps, soldiers the Bishop.
030. (Jan. 14). Whether it is possible to be surprised to what inhabitants of the Thin World don't wish to look at Earth? After all and in the dense world, getting to this or that environment, people become isolated in it, and they aren't affected any more with that is made in two quarters, in the unfamiliar house, or other city, or in the neighboring country. Events of the general character interest, but the tide of life of the usual – only so far as concerns the looking. Often at all don't know that is made in the same house if residents don't disturb. Conditions of the Thin World capture the person as is strong if isn't stronger, than terrestrial, and there is no desire already neither to look, nor to be interested in affairs terrestrial. It concerns the ordinary people being in Kama-Loka. In Devachan all are shipped in themselves and the experiences, there not to Earth. Attendants Light Look after both about Earth and about the Thin World also Carry out Hierarchy outlines, having everyone the task.
031. (M. A. Y.). Usefulness of grief and trouble is unquestionable, but they need to be to meet it skillfully and coming to terms with their inevitable when they begin to weigh down the mind. This is especially needed when the karmic ally through them already have to pass regardless of the effort of will to fix them. But in this case the utility of their great. High Spirits often have heavy karma. This utility will help you come to terms with the inevitability of many experiences.
032. (Guru). Simplification in that, the condition of consciousness and spatial currents all the time change and how it not was heavy at present, it quickly enough passes, and the general condition of an organism changes. Feature of an astral consists that frequency of influences or feelings causes monotony, and their sharpness becomes dull. Callosities, or tolerance of skin often grow out of the organism resistance to external influences, and the coarsened skin serves already as protection. The same security is developed also by covers if receive too painful blows. Some kind is of mental training. When it is frequent alarming, any more doesn't disturb anything.
033. (Jan. 15). The identity of the person – the phenomenon temporary, but the spirit is eternal and Identity is immortal. Therefore how the lowest chetveritsa persisted in the shortcomings and the properties which are subject to an get rid, the highest "I" will win a victory over the lowest at a inflexible and the firmness of aspiration to Light rather at persistence of desire to follow the impulses proceeding from the Immortal Triad. If these, or those undesirable properties were approved and lived for eyelids, and eradication them too demands time. At times past echoes will interfere in consciousness. Peep they can't give, as well as to stop on them thought. Deprived of a food, will decay, both it is faded they, and will lose the power over the person.
034. (Guru). At the successful pupil the highest "I" become a mister, and a body, both an astral, and the lowest "I" am slaves it. It also will be the correct solution of a task. In self-control and self-checking display this domination. Desires and thoughts are under severe control of will. Willfulness of an astral and egoism is bridled. It has crucial importance for Elevated stay and does a meeting with guards of the Threshold victorious.
035. (Guru). Inexperienced spirit suspends your progress before many expected and unexpected obstacles. Skilled will not stop even mount. Dark often take advantage of the inexperience traveler to the fabrications to suspend at least for a while the permanence of moving spirit.
036. (Jan. 17). When egoism movement in covers becomes silent, the world outside usual restrictions opens to consciousness. To extinguish sounding of vanity and commonness it is much more difficult, than it seems. The aggravation of susceptibility doesn't facilitate, but complicates process. Also it is impossible to come off life. That it didn't occur, burdening by circumstances is given. But under a press the steam-engine starts working even. The doctrine of tension is the doctrine fiery. Pressure, both press, and tension when the way of Fiery Yoga is chosen is inevitable. Chosen don't recede! There is no way back. And through everything it is necessary to pass and reach victoriously. Unless it is possible on something or somewhere be late, when hurried away? Each delay threatens with loss of opportunities. And on what be delayed? What it is possible to exchange for the future shining by Light?
037. (Guru). We should establish in the minds of the idea of the inevitability of Age of Maitreya. No matter how opposed the old world and the remnants of the Cedras departing the race, nothing can delay the onset of a new world. The wheel of history will demolish all running against its laws. The victory of the new consciousness and the impending doom of the old should take place in the future. All counter just before time. The frenzy of evil and debauchery of darkness suggest that dark smell its doom. And all those terrible poisons and guns of destruction who are preparing for peace, they have indicate only that the death, preparatory to others, they prepare themselves. Terrible is of fate of dark misanthropy.
038. (M. A. Y.). The closer the fit deadlines, the more events on the planet deliver. This enhancement is already one can discern the tipping point. Rhythm of alternation of influences stretching V.1 and upcoming Satia Yuga will go * toward the crescendo Satia Yuga. This alternation can be judged on how this substitution is performed. The advent of the new century will happen rapidly.
* The Crescendo (it) – increase, increased.
039. (Jan. 18). Life running an Arhat Aboveground differs from an ordinary person's life. Ordinary people, if they do not fall into the eighth sphere, that is only true in cases of exceptional fall spirit, go into Devačan and immersed in a subjective state of Bliss is available. But the Arhat, Arhat, can't waste time on such a State of personal experiences. He works out there consciously and tirelessly. He participates in the Earth and ground events. On his of the care is of humanity. His ignorant people think that Great Spirits Leave Earth and Live in bliss and peace. But this is incorrect. They are continuing the work that Were on the ground to perform a fresh, urgent mission.
040. (Jan. 19). Elevated it is possible to call the country of implementation of desires, dreams and the aspirations expressed in aspirations of the person during his life on Earth. All is realized – both good and bad, but in spheres corresponding to aspiration. The law of the accord operates implementation. Fruits of aspirations are reaped. And from the reasons of the thoughts put in consciousness and from consequences of these reasons there is no place to leave. The person can forget about thought or experienced, that is accepted and allowed in consciousness once, but doesn't forget the Law, forgets nothing and shows the account on realization where everything is created and moves thought. For each word it is necessary to report as behind the word there is a thought. Therefore of terrestrial life, being the sphere of the reasons created by the person bringing the consequences in Elevated, has for stay in this last crucial importance. The world of the reasons and the World of consequences, it is so possible to divide the world’s terrestrial and Elevated. Not the masterful man over those conditions in which it is put by karma, but is imperious over the thought. Even the heaviest circumstances can promote creation of the reasons, kind consequences of the bringing. In Elevated the spirit steadily comes to that or to whom it directed on Earth. The necessary aspiration should be strengthened a rhythm and to do it conscious. "Who to Me will come, that with Me and will arrive". The condition is expressed briefly and clearly. But it is necessary to want and prove desire it action. After all only the thought enclosed in operation, generates the necessary energy. The aspiration to the Highest Shape lays in space to It a way.
041. (M. A. Y.). Merging of consciousnesses foregoes his and saturation of Our self-filling. The world is filled with cares and the details of the current day, but our world merged with World Rulers and his consciousness. To get to it and get in this world, you must temper its frantic sounding his harness, then the sound of another world to become available. Of course, all this is known and discussed many times, but this still does not mean the application in life. And therefore have to be repeated. Repetition reinforces the Foundation. Don't be afraid to reps. I should be much to repeat until it is approved in the application in practice.
042. (Guru). "Coming to Me no means cast out." As anxiety, when even the thief and the prostitute were brought closer? And each move can be only want strong, stronger than wanting things or conditions on Earth. It is the spiritual force of attraction should it prevail over worldly and earthly things. Their brevity and transient and limited displays of let serve as a constant reminder of the impassability of spiritual phenomena. No them, not the phenomena of life spirit and it is necessary do the support.
043. (Guru). Think about the beautiful or beautifully not thinking didn't simply and easily. Thoughts are used to roll on the generalities of the rut in which there is no beauty. Make beauty in life can only someone who understands its importance. Beautify Beauty means to open the mind gate in the upper world and make it available. Beauty thoughts make her Clair-radiant. If we trace the thoughts of ordinary for a day, a little beauty you can find in them. Yet the call of Beauty was pronounced in order to exalt human thinking and bring it closer to the Highest World. For applications in life was pronounced the notion of "Beauty". While there is still time for her to make, its application in life opportunities should not be missed. When a human has the beauty of life, all the wealth of Spatial Treasuries are open to him.
044. (M. A. Y.).Prosper spirit is successful against all obstacles, both internal and external nature which had to cope with every fiery striving to consciousness. Oppose due to aspiration and directly proportional to it. It would seem, with enough strong aspiration nothing would get in the way. But the phenomenon of earthly and spiritual phenomena is subject to the same principles. For example, the resistance of air supports the body flying bird. The plane of an old design would be scattered on part from resistance of the atmosphere caused by speed of flight of modern jet devices. And increasing the speed or the power aspirations of spirit requires a corresponding adaptation of the organism to overcome rising resistance. What storms, combat and darkness caused a revolt against themselves carriers of light! You may recall how people in their struggle and resistance to light rampage. Records of the past are keeping this much evidence.
045. (Guru). Life experience, heavy and bitter, teaches that the people, who have touched the Doctrine, don't cease to be the people allocated with the congenital merits and demerits. And who can tell, what is the time it is required everyone on overcoming of the last (that is shortcomings) in it. As mistake will consider that if someone reads the Doctrine, it becomes an ideal in the relationship with friends. It is a lot of chagrin and troubles is a consequence of similar misunderstanding. The Teacher directly Says that the person who has seriously undertaken the Doctrine, even becomes worse as from a bottom rise and properties not get rid and dozing there raise the head. The Teacher Speaks: "Not are touched masks". It is necessary to know severely friends and, knowing, not to condemn. The Teacher doesn’t condemn pupils, though Knows perfectly each of them.
046. (Jan. 22). Only return of all of – all aspiration, all desire, all feelings, and all thoughts – you will succeed. The intimate Knowledge makes certain and very severe demands to the one who wants to seize it. If the preference, either advantage, or love is given something to another, to spheres not to pass it. If for the sake of it the person can't refuse something, or to leave this or that habit, or to reject any not get rid property, they for a long time will detain him at a step further which it will be to promote not in forces. To give everything, to renounce everything, to leave everything, even memoirs, – will be the correct solution of spirit for which return back already isn't present. Let's not exaggerate value of this decision. The spirit simply grows to understanding that treasures which it acquires exceed everything on the value that it had still. Nor despond deny, nor regrets, neither fluctuations, nor examining back places any more doesn't remain. Whether it is possible to exchange pleasure of spatial flights and knowledge of new conditions for ways of movement on the ground, or even in planes? They are incomparable. Whether it is possible to exchange pleasure of feeling of Aura Teacher for contact with radiations of aura of people of Earth? Or vibrations of Spheres of the terrestrial layers Highest on heavy emanations? Not the victim and refusal – but understanding and understanding of invaluable treasure of achievements and their comparison by that was once when the Knowledge didn't light up consciousness of the directed spirit.
047. (M. A. Y.). No rage to enemies, to opponent ardent, to wreckers obvious and secret – not have. Fight, stop their intrigues, be protected from them, but clarity of spirit, but balance, but a light-radiant of aura don't lose. Decreasing to them, vibrating with them in unison, you lose the defense and you become vulnerable them. Therefore an ancient Precept "Bless hating you" comprises ancient wisdom. Surrounding Light and sending it to emanation on the enemy, you become impregnable against his of rage. It isn't a condition of a defenseless lamb, but a center of the fiery strength of mind, lifted a sword for protection of Light. Enemies before balance of spirit are powerless. Balance is of power. But infection with rage black and other unworthy feelings deprives spirit of all accumulation. Even the simple irritation burns phosphoric fabric and does the person powerless and devastated. Therefore the Precept not to have rage to enemies and evil-take dark it is full of the deepest value.
048. (Guru). What brilliant opportunities attendants of darkness for strengthening of strength of mind and their increase give. The more diligence from their party, the three is more than opportunities light. So let and dark will serve achievement of the purpose far.
049. (Jan. 23). Infinity means also the immensity that is its inability to hold the written page. Everything will be very trivial part of what is written and what is impossible, for the record the Infinity has no borders that could be a sign. Fiery insight gives some idea of Infinity, but it is not embedded in the written sheeting. So we will enjoy every opportunity to capture at least what little our consciousness covers at the moment. Over time, the scope of the infinity will increasingly grow in the human view. Comparing understanding of infinity of the human two, three thousand years ago, so that, what given to people in the present time, easily seen as increased awareness of the opportunities offered by this great concept. Terms of infinity and eternity so little included specific thoughts and views. Teaching Life has expanded their scope to include the infinity of all things visible and invisible worlds. Infinity wrap up flesh of thought. And even the time entered into it, though, having lost its absoluteness and acquiring absolutely unexpectedly for the scientific features of conditionality and relativity, it is still far from being understood. Adoption of the Angel of the Apocalypse that "time would no longer be" doesn't seem so weird and fantastic as it could appear before, even from the point of view of modern science. The sun rises above good and evil. «Now we can say that in the infinity is a place both, but in different fields, if they are outside the Earth. On earth are still together, but only for now, but time is too short before the Era of light. Enter narrower in the streak of great discoveries and great changes in people’s lives.
050. (M. A. Y.). Spirit acquisitions are incommensurable to things terrestrial and terrestrial property, to wealth or situation. The nature of terrestrial conditions covers in itself the properties canceling pleasure from possession both that and another. Both that and another is anything, if there is no health or the world in soul. And in it they are very fragile. As often people instantly lose also situation and wealth. Bases, but they are strong and unshakable only in the spirit of. So, only the phenomena of spirit can be a cornerstone at life construction. On these bases it is possible to build for a long time and strongly.
051. (Guru). Even on Earth, people strive to build long lasting and durable. Live longer, live forever is not the desire of the body but of the spirit, which senses the right its infinite life. The body must die, and then continue life is possible only in spirit, - but how? Who will help find a solution to this problem? The doctrine of life provides an opportunity to address the issue of life and death. Why can it be named the teachings of life which claims to everlasting life of the spirit and point the way towards a coherent state of consciousness, i.e. immortality?
052. (Jan. 24). Absolutely no matter, enemies of Light how try to break harmony of consciousness if after all to some extent they reach the. But it is very important to see whom they elect intermediaries through who make influence. Thus it is possible to see and understand that the intermediary often doesn't suspect the unenviable role. Through whom the dark evil-design would creep up, it is necessary to be always on the alert. And relatives and the friends who aren't suspecting about dark inventions, are elected by opponents of Light, using that they and to mind aren't come by possibility of cooperation with darkness. Who differently throws irritation, discontent, exasperation and complaints? The harmonious, light condition of spirit excludes them. Through any crack, it is as though small was, dark creatures try to intrude. Nor mercy, nor pity, for indulgence from them it is impossible to wait. Only inflexible firmness of spirit and uninterrupted communication with Hierarchy can help to be protected from them. Also it is necessary to remember that in a sanctuary of spirit it is impossible to allow anybody.
053. (M. A. Y.). The throwing of beads It is clear enough. Many are inclined to get something secret and even strive for and demand it to immediately, getting what you want cause which gave the blow. Often this is done unconsciously, but the damage from this is not little. The innermost needs special protection. It's better to know than not come this way.
054. (M. A. Y.). Can't people create within us the feeling of happiness, if it is not present or has a heavy pressure Wends day, but reinforce the calmness and balance can? So we will learn to pass tough bands of earthly life in tranquility as full. Actual lived opposable wave, peace of mind. Better to meet in peace, than to be torn apart by wave’s disbalance.
055. (Guru). Understanding of an indestructibility of grain of spirit should be strengthened. It isn't vulnerable anything external, and even measure bodies can't destroy it. It gives the necessary degree of balance. And if it is possible to break muscles and bones, it is impossible to break spirit because it is indestructible. From strokes of bad luck it only gets stronger and gets stronger especially strongly if meets them in balance.
056. (Jan. 27). It is necessary to think that means to keep inseparably and as to carry out it. The thought in movement also passes all the time from one subject to another. But even in this case the person subconscious, without thinking at all of it, knows, where he as he is dressed and that it, instead of someone another. Here it is good to approve the same subconscious thought and about the phenomenon of hidden Presence that the formula "I with You Always" became inseparable from consciousness. It doesn't mean that it is necessary to concentrate constantly, but it let will be so introduced in an interior that reparability won't be already places. When the person somewhere goes, he takes, without thinking of it, all with itself. Here the same condition concerning the Teacher should be reached wherever there was a body and then the thought was occupied. It also will mean – to be always together and inseparably. As then otherwise learn to hold the Teacher "strong, every minute, in all steps?"
057. (Guru). A flaw in the character of hard-hitting and without judgment would indicate only the guru. And to be taken without frustration and protest, because who else could do it, and that's the way it should. Such instructions are given to facilitate the Elimination of certain qualities. And even, if something is said so, it should be eliminated.
058. (Jan. 28). One people at epidemics catch easily, others – don't catch at all. The reason we will look for in activity and force of mental energy. At attack of the enemy the country will mobilize the forces for protection. At attack of pathogenic organisms the body and spirit collect Agni's energy for opposition and protection against infection. When forces and guards around are collected, it is impossible to weaken or interrupt a patrol. The organism state of siege appears as though. Breath amplifies, and the body is surrounded with a protective veil and especially at contact with patients, - tie with Hierarchy strains. Light protects system from invasion of darkness or an illness which interferes in unprotected organisms, causing a disease, disbalance, disharmony and a darker and mentalities and a physical body. The mental energy is more strained; the security of an organism is higher. The main thing not allows germs of an illness to develop. They are in many organisms, but in one, in the favorable environment, develop and strike fabrics and bodies, in others – can't raise the head. If male nurses fearlessly and without catching entered into the plague centers, so their security and consciousness transfer on Hierarchy were great. The person possesses the powerful battery of fiery energy; they protect him from various diseases if it can put them in action. Ramakrishna fell ill not because couldn't be protected or that Agni's energy he had a little but because it generously spent it over lawful norm and itself didn't spare. Epidemic strikes the people when Agni's Light hangs in it.
059. (M. A. Y.). Ordinary consciousness easily subject to ordinary illness and without a murmur counter gives in to her and, at best, dutifully takes medication and performs the prescription, but he primarily mobilizes all forces of his own organism and begins to fight the disease itself, not giving her the opportunity to log and develop. Even with mental illness should not be allowed inside. Of course, medications can help, especially if their action is supported by psychic energy. But not all drugs are useful. Facilitating one, harm to another. Many are shaking the heart. Universal panacea after all we assume Agni. If Yogi can go on hot coals without burning of the feet, or sit in the wind and cold in a shirt, then incinerate embryos contagious disease in them, or in others it may well.
060. (Guru). Whence come thoughts of worry, a vague anxiety, and anticipation of trouble or even feeling them? Their supply of own and who viciously and closely as they savor light aura? You should notice these thoughts and feelings and throw away immediately, knowing their source and target. Troubled feelings full consciousness, unknown throwing up, very hurt by of the mental state people. Clouds of thoughts rush through space, is open to all of them out? So need to return again and again to watch and guard for the savings from the invading no lighten and dark thoughts, and even evil. Earth's atmosphere is full of them. Immunity is achieved through the Hierarchy, but provided a strong watch.
061. (Jan. 30). Even moving to a new city, a person loses touch with the immediate environment and is moved to another domain. And what was once stood in front of the eyes and stimulated my thoughts involuntarily, goes away and is replaced by a new one. This isolation from the world around particularly strong; person dies and knows during that, what a grossing in another world is inevitable. And immediately becomes totally unnecessary things and conditions that were previously impossible, to live at home, clothes and food. And how many worries, Affairs and thoughts you can safely leave along with the body. And take away with you is so very little of what people have become acquainted and that suddenly becomes totally unnecessary. Irrelevance of earthly things and extremity conditions need to realize as early as possible to separate temporarily from what comes with him. Come from thoughts, desires and inclinations, lust and passion. But all this will can discard all unwanted and burden on spirit, but again dismissed early, well in advance, but not at the last moment. At the last moment in time cannot be just to do it. Need a timely preparation. And training after mortal condition of the spirit, generally speaking, is the whole human life on Earth-from beginning to end. All temporary and mortal sooner or later here or there but will have to leave. All timeless, enduring, appropriate in all worlds, and particularly for the conscious stay Immortal triad in the worlds of higher, especially valuable and need for immortality, the collected elements on Earth, are staying in these Areas. Lightful the meaning and significance of earthly things and it is necessary to clearly understand and separate what is taken with him beyond the tight world and that is left on Earth.
062. (M. A. Y.). Cooker, pressure on the mind, and there is a burden of this world, and there is a Burden of this world, and there's a poison Chalice, have a drink spirit in a busy existence. Than higher of the spirit, that heavier of Burden. Know the legend of the Giants, holding the land. The bearing Beam is inextricably linked to Burden an equal soul. By studying the life of the great Spirits, you can highlight the magnitude of the Burden they Carry, or by the amount of venom they Bowl Have a drink. The feat, untold, make each of them, cannot be separated from the Earth, or the Burden of Bowls with poison. The crucifix is a symbol of the spirit, but the stark reality, through which Pass these great Spirits. Their exploits and honor the understanding and awareness of their value for humanity as a whole.
063. (Guru). The reminiscence that came true or could be made once, as self-examination can serve spirit advances. If the relation didn't change, so in this question the spirit stiffened on former positions; if it became perfect another, it is possible to measure advance and even to determine its size. Sadly appear at of former line. Means, life taught nothing, both the highest thoughts and words were not applied in life. Similar self-examination is very useful.
064. (Jan. 31). The subject can be identified by the shadows. And the greatness of the coming of light can also be identified by its opposites, darkness, wrapping up of Land before coming. On these grounds can be judged. It has never been such evasions from the norm, as in recent times. It is the unusual forms of identifying evil accusation are at the opposite pole are the power of light. Crime, drug abuse, violation of all international norms, agreements and commitments, the treacherous attacks and wanton, unjustified aggression are all recent signs of peace, accompanied by earthquakes, floods, fires, epidemics, disruption of the climate and other disasters. The planet is sick. The decomposition has touched lives very deeply. The last days before the coming of the grave will be.
065. (Guru). The question is still the same: you have done over the years to become really by the hierarchy of light? That was actually not in words and good intentions but in reality? From the answers it will judge your actual progress. Said and think much but done little. And where is your case?
066. (Feb. 1). If the person lives only the outside world and all thoughts, aspirations and desires it concern only this world how and then he when will leave the world dense live? There will be nothing to live. The tatter of dense thinking which doesn't have a spiritual basis will tie consciousness to Earth. Condition heavy and gloomy for recognizing only one terrestrial world, and especially - bad and angry. The world Thin has for them no consolation.
067. (Feb. 2). "The Kingdom of God is within you." In the deepest depths of the spirit is hidden its fire power. Not in wrappers, transient and temporary, but inside, in the Citadel of the spirit, immortal and eternal incarnation, unbreakable, is the essence of man. Shell hides it. The man, identifying himself with them, shares their fate. "Envelopes darken of the knowledge of spirit." But through their integument breaks at times outside light that's inside. Fiery grain spirit to everyone. But it’s totally not visible Light, for hidden external layers. The intensity of the light depends on the savings. Although it is not uncommon that many reasons could not be revealed. Only freed from all temporary casings spirit can flare up all the lights of their savings. And then the Lord inside is revealed in all its power. Light for him collect his shell, which confer upon him. The harmony of light inside the membranes can be identified it more fully. Boundless power of the spirit, mastered their lights. Make possession thoughts, feelings, wrappers and the fiery - so advance of the spirit up on the Ladder of Light. What lightly attainvable is getting close and when lights are shining? Look, look, and look for in the depths of their– the outside will not find.
068. (Feb. 3). It is possible to call a human microcosm "laboratory for all feelings" because these feelings can be caused consciously by will, as well as thoughts, to its accompanying or their generating. Any thought can be accepted or rejected. The feeling can be strengthened or aggravated, having concentrated on it. It is possible as to play a harp of spirit, as the skillful pianist on a grand piano. To the aid mental energy is called. Each organism has the stock, but it is possible to call from outside. As joyfully the pleasure is scooped from space, mental energy or spatial fire is so called also. Strength of mind when are called are inexhaustible. It is impossible to be a defenseless being. The dark rack will snatch immediately and will tear to pieces. The weapon of Light is given for protection. If, thin sight could see, how many spiteful creatures watch with gloating, whether it was possible go out fires of spirit and to bring confusion and disbalance! Stand as the rock, fires wonderful are forced by firmness of spirit. Both the alarm, and concern, and a clouding are thrown elaborately, sophisticated and on purpose. Not so simply everything that is created. Recognition by the dark is a sign, characteristic for those, who connected the future with Me up to the end, forever.
069. (M. A. Y.). Experience of the adoption of provision of thought before withdrawal to a dream we will deepen and we will expand. It isn't enough to give the order stopping possibility of undesirable dreams of a certain character. Dark will find other openings to creep up. Means, it is necessary to arm and against them, having established for the period of a dream special connection with Hierarchy and having premised strong thought of that the protective condition of communication protected all the time, but especially during a dream. Patrol has to be active. It is impossible to calm down on illusive safety. Fury and possession of darkness amplify on all planet because feel the end.
070. (Feb. 4). The compassion – feeling worthy, but pity dangerously that is easy to catch experiences sorry and together with it to come to be in a clouding and despair hole. The compassion and pity differ from each other. The compassion is effective. Pity plunges into experiences felt sorry and get stuck into them, multiplying their force, but without disseminating them. Actually the help sorry doesn't appear. The compassion of burning heart alleviates suffering of the one who needs the help, the lightful radiations. It isn't considered with a twilight condition suffering, but with the light fills in it. Approves feeling pity in other consciousness, but at all what filled consciousness of the suffering. The border between compassion and pity is very thin, and if not to learn to distinguish it, the damage is inevitable both for sorry and for the sorry. And if the feeling pity is saddened and balance, what advantage of such compassion loses? Borders between compassion and pity can't be crossed. But, when everything is made that is possible, the decision is transferred to Hands of the Teacher.
071. (M. A. Y.). People are persecuted and harassed all the great spirits. They are literally expelled from dense world. They persecuted and those who followed them. Chase and you too are trying to drive out of the world of. Be persecuted in the country honorably. Drive's - all the same dark spirits, whether they are operating in dense, or thin bodies. Effect of space conditions or special mission Envoys Light dark is given some freedom. Of course, the Hierarchy of Light can prevent and stop their activity, but live in a world where light and shadow are crowded and people learn to consciously where you have to follow the path of light.
072. (Guru). Correctly, the entire internal baggage, from the beginning of adult life in this incarnation, it is necessary to rethink, to impose on all print new understanding and reclaim memory from all thoughts, do not related to new levels of understanding. Everything should be reconsidered as if all is different, new, correct point of view. And then you can go with the new understanding and new attitude to everything. Special review and re-evaluation shall be the worst properties. They need special attention. Robe of the spirit should be clean, inside and out. About clean clothes must be taken care of in advance.
073. (Feb 5). Together and inseparably it is necessary to keep always and when circumstances are aggravated, the unification amplifies even more. Any more waves on the sea, and is the whole storm. "When end? » – will ask weak of the consciousness. The end isn't present. After all fight against chaos can't terminate neither today, nor tomorrow. When the spirit leaves to the Space Ocean, tasks increase is thousand fold. Ideas of rest should be dismissed. Perpetual motion and rest are incompatible. The seeming calm is Maya illusion. Even Devachan's condition represents itself assimilation of terrestrial accumulation and preparation for a new embodiment. Therefore we will think not of rest, and how to carry out the next achievement and carefully to select that undertakes further with it. It is impossible to overestimate this achievement. Once all thoughts thought over earlier and accompanied in the created images, will appear again before consciousness and will show the rights to the entrance and a shelter. And if sheep from goats weren't separated and goats the entrance wasn't prohibited, invasions of thoughts unnecessary, dark and harmful it will be impossible to avoid. But when the labrets is checked, laid and locked, to anything over the checked access to it already isn't present.
074. (M. A. Y.). Fear paralyzes the will and therefore not valid. It is through fear of people able to log opens what he dreads. Even troubles are amplified if there is a fear of them. Standing watch also means lightning-fast mobilization readiness of all the forces of the spirit to resist winds and opposing anything that seeks to destroy the approved balance. Fear is an imbalance. Fear and balance do not live nearby. There is not one positive trait from the specter of fear. Call it the bugaboo, because in reality it is a phantom, psychic bastard unbalanced mind. And, if the feeling is thrown from consciousness once and for all, the benefit of this awesome, for of echidna, it eats up the Fiery energy, ceases to exist.
075. (Feb. 6). The more complex a machine, the faster she can stay because the slightest wrecked machinery litter. It is the same with human apparatus. And the challenge is to keep from getting inside the foreign that would slow the growth of consciousness. Ross DeWitt dreams can be and from a purely external cause. But they adversely affect consciousness. Balance protection requires a lot of care and attention, especially if you live in normal conditions.
076. (Guru). Some travelers believe that if external conditions have changed their lives in some respect, they will be happy and have peace of mind. This is wrong; because as soon as that happens, there would be new, unforeseen, but such aggravating circumstances that would all change. The man released a karmic ally dose of happiness, and vain attempts he's zooming by changing external conditions. Lever happiness inside it is in spirit. And approved or is it from the inside. Believing their luck or spiritual peace and balance in something external – means putting it into dependence on the volatility, fluctuating and constant change of worldly sea waves, which often gets excited and where no rest.
077. (Guru). Be clothed in constant prayer is to free the mind from third-party thoughts and fully direct it toward the light. People believed that everything he thinks is important, while often it is completely unnecessary and even harmful. And by stopping the flow of conventional thinking, not only did he have nothing to lose but to win. For idle thoughts do not need. And it is better if the work takes place against the backdrop of prayerful State of consciousness. After all, work is also a kind of prayer or exaltation of energies up. After all, labor should be luminous, when the correct voltage energies increase the luminosity of the aura. Work can be inspirational and even fire. Light bringer, inspired work, illuminating the aura of lights, truly human is like the inspirational prayer. The spatial consequences of both are equal.
078. (Feb. 8). Necessary quality of the student's is of the handwriting. You cannot learn it on someone else's experience. Experience of recognition is one of the most difficult. Not according to the Judge. Words do not attach any importance until they were confirmed cases. Spammed and the mood of nothing to say. Only persistence and time tested quality to-do. Checking for consistency is needed. The one who judgment the future, will find the entrance.
079. (M. A. Y.). For us is not external human expression or his words, but his inner self, and not so much in the present's terms, how much potential. Only sense-knowledge can give some idea about it. A moment fit often painted and case. Now fit don't trust.
080. (Guru). Our rule: at first to think, and then to tell. At first to check, and then to trust, and rely at that, what streak of the heart it and its own judgment, but not others.
081. (Feb. 9). Our manuals concern not only personally you, but also those who will come after. Therefore they are directed on transformation of the old person, or the person of the past, in the person of the New World. Distinction between them is on consciousness. And on consciousness and its enlightenment our efforts are directed. It is necessary that the consciousness was in time behind progress in science and technicians, - otherwise inevitably rushing. Otherwise each kind undertaking or opening will be turned into the evil. Already you observe this realization of many positive phenomena in the phenomena negative, harmful and destructive. Hordes of darkness, horde the hell it is diligent and яро work on it. Bridle madness of darkness – the task. But cooperation of everything that costs on the party of builders and creators is necessary and opposes the forces to destroyers and misanthropes. Both poles collect the forces for the last fight. And as We on the party of builders, the victory is predetermined. But let with it We are helped by all, whose consciousness grew to understanding of gravity of the moment and the responsibility for destiny of the world and mankind.
082. (Guru). Stages laid out in the past, lead to the future. Bright steps past lead to a bright future – cause and effect. If Buddha – the past, the Maitreya – of future. A lot of light-speed's last Great bearers of light. They should be studying, not dividing, not dividing but uniting in a synthetic understanding of their inner values. The Greek philosophers, and Zoroaster, and Secret Teachings of India will be in the same great evolutionary flux of life.
083. (Feb. 10). At Us personal isn't present, it is replaced planetary and space, - all about others and anything about itself. To the winner of all says goodbye. The victory over the last person in itself is Light. The darkness of the past and Light of the future compete for the power and domination over the person. And it is so important who will win. The winner we Do not reproach past. It is justified, justified! The victory over it reaches a justification. The spirit, and pleasure on heart, pleasure of release from past chains, pleasure of mastering by the fires, pleasure of the statement of the power over them, pleasure of freedom from the heaps so long pressing consciousness by the freight exults. It is worth thinking over that the victory gives and that involves defeat to leave any duality, fluctuations, incompleteness and indulgence to all to that is subject to unconditional, severe and ruthless elimination. For eyelids weeds increased, and their roots deeply left and ruthless fight has to be resolute with them. But that the victory is stronger, and pleasure at Us one, when fires of Light imprint it on aura the winner.
084. We Insist on expansion of the consciousness. Why? It was told, that "The world Thin – on consciousness". But, after on consciousness is and the dense world. Also distinction between consciousness of a holder of a brothel and consciousness of the tallest philosopher is great. If to imagine all variety of conditions terrestrial and the people and the tribes scattered on the person of Earth, it is easy to understand and an originality of their consciousness’s and how the world is individually perceived by each person, - even living in one house, at times, so variously look at the world. Therefore a bigger variety in perception of the Thin World shouldn't surprise us still. It is more mobile terrestrial, it is more available in many respects, and his inhabitants are limited in the activity not to external conditions, but a condition of consciousness. The Thin World is open and available to some in very wide limits, for others are limited by a dark cellar. For one it is light and joyful, for others – it is gray and burdensome it is intolerable. To variety and width it is necessary to get used and acquire situation that the consciousness is a measure of things. Width of understanding of the surrounding person also depends on it at present the world. Stock up with consciousness is the purpose of the pupil. The beam is sent with the purpose to expand consciousness. Acceptance, or acceptability, that is sent will be the main condition. It is easy to deaden a susceptibility – and first of all denial. The evil and harm of denials are understood by those who concerned Knowledge, but not understood by negated. How many disasters are caused to mankind by denial of the Thin World and alternating changes of life? It will give rise both irresponsibility, and seeming impunity, and ridiculous idea that consequences of own acts and acts can be avoided. A lot of evil occurs from ignorance. And if Cali the South was an eyelid of ignorance, Satia of the South will be an eyelid of education, Knowledge and Light. And its approaches knowing about inalterability will prepare the consciousness, it expanding to come to a going Era of Fire and Light fully equipped with understanding of Great Change.
085. (M. A. Y.). Eventually all quicker also will quicker sink usefulness of the next tests. And then there will be already at once a question: "And what necessary, instructive and useful bears for me this phenomenon? » Earlier it was called as difficulty, test, trouble or burdening, and now – an approach step to Light and extraction from it new opportunities. Analyzing the past, it is possible to notice that, despite harm obviously done by some circumstances, the advantage of them was great also results the obviously noticeable. Burdening took place, and the advantage remained, and forever. For the person mortal, perhaps, and of the burden, but for of the spirit, - undoubted advantage and, at it’s of realize, of joy.
086. (Guru). When all is unity, and peace can no longer separate the rich from the subtle world, but treat them as one indivisible whole, closely connected among themselves in their detections. And really, no phenomenon of dense world can't take whatever fine or cut off from it. Even the flower field, external form which adorns the Meadow, with the subtle world entity and it abides. And the seed of this flower, being the subject of a dense world, invisibility and shape future bears its flower and the energy that gives it life. So, no phenomenon of peace cannot be separated from the dense Thin, because the two worlds are just only two poles of a single, unified thing indeed, but ambivalent in manifestation.
087. (Feb. 11). Human perceptions of Us are varied, and none of them is correct. Only very close is more or less correct knowledge. The main reason is that these views on consciousness are a first. Secondly, we open this, or that aspect of our entities in accordance with the requirements of the moment. Letters of the last century can give an indication of how far We have defended from understanding those who should have been involved in the work. But the closer we become not Thinking – were the causes. Now open a closer approach to us. But even two people who read the Teachings, it is different; also different and Faces Our in their idea. Everyone sees something he wants. You cannot open because the closer a lot of passers-by. But after successfully passing the inspection and testing is a close approach.
088. (M. A.Y.). The consciousness of the person living on Earth, on level and nature of the thinking already belongs to certain layers of the Thin World and to them gravitates. It isn't so difficult to define that it for layers and what degree of inclination. But also it is useful for the person and it is necessary to know character, force and extent of these tests in advance to have idea of where its spirit after release from a body will be attracted. It is very good to analyze character of some people, their aspirations and tendency to make concept that waits for them in Spheres Elevated. And thoughts and feelings possess obviously expressed magnetic properties. Here the person at times can dream only of that something or someone to see or something to worry, there the thought and desire will instantly attract him to desirable conditions. Business only that if these desires purely terrestrial, it is impossible to satisfy them if they a spiritual or unearthly order, the satisfaction is achievable. Wishing to enjoy Beauty of the Elevated World will be fully satisfied. Everyone will find on itself. Knowing it, the aspirations can be sent to the respective spheres, to tell more precisely: it is important to approve aspirations, and they will already automatically establish conformable attractions to the corresponding layers of the Thin World.
089. (Guru). Each aspiration and each desire will cease in Spheres Elevated. But they can be owned, them to direct and to supervise. All events in an interior are subject to control. After, all these of the aspirations, as hooks with of bait in hands the fisherman. On each of special bait and of getting special! Control is necessary not to fall a victim of undesirable inclinations and attractions. Taken care of the consciousness on Earth won't regret about one effort.
090. (Feb. 12). How many the unnecessary is told usually during the day. Behind each said word there is a thought, and behind the word unnecessary – unnecessary thought. Therefore control over everything that is told, means as well control over thoughts. It is wrong to think that reserved silence will cause condemnation or not goodwill more likely on the contrary – respect and even frays before unclear because people usually don't know control neither over thoughts, nor over words. The reflexes, long ago the established mental habits to stir uncontrollably or to speak will be an obstacle to implementation of this restraint, without supervising nor quality, nor number of words. It is necessary to learn to speak even less and so that the thought put into words, was stamping and short. As many people everywhere speak, and especially during concourses. Therefore so it isn't enough and inattentively listens to them as there is no sharpness and the clearness of thoughts and heart isn't enclosed in them. There is no worst delusion, than to submit to conventions and to think that owing to ridiculous politeness it is necessary to speak. Especially harmfully when the person stirs because can't already keep, because lost over itself the power and obviously suffers speech incontinence. It means full dissoluteness of mental energy and its continuous squandering. Usually this condition comes to an end with an illness. Each bridled thought and the kept word will be accumulation of mental energy. And restraint is no other than conscious accumulation in an organism of fiery force. I emphasize conscious because the stub too is silent, but energy doesn't accumulate.
091. (M. A. Y.). Firmness of spirit is necessary for opposition to dark influences, and especially from the Thin World. People are under continuous influence from there but very few people know about it, and even from knowing very few people oppose or protected from dark influences. From light there is no need to be preserved, but dark can harm very much because interfere in thinking, break its system and often inflate a fire of desires. Saddening nature of dark suggestions is felt obviously when the person wants to realize, this dark, pressing feeling from where creeps; as if and the reasons aren't present any but as if the black cloud hung over consciousness, depriving of it pleasure and Light. Approach of dark substance is very characteristic. The alarm, concern, clouding and many other unpleasant feelings are caused by it. And here also it is necessary to show firmness of spirit and to approve the Lord in heart. It with you always, so is what to oppose to darkness. The consciousness merged with the Lord, will be insuperable protection against the evil. It is impossible to allow weak-willed and uncontrolled invasion of all these influences into consciousness. It needs protection and continuous patrol.
092. (Guru). "Fire wonderful is forced by firmness of spirit". As a lot of things consist in these words! And what force application of this Decree of the Teacher gives! All Carries Light Phenomenon of inflexible firmness of spirit. Neither dungeons, nor fires, neither animals, nor tortures – nothing could break power of their spirit. Firmness of spirit is necessary in both worlds, and in the Thin World it is perhaps even more necessary, than in the world terrestrial because there everything amplifies and becomes aggravated. Firmness – the most necessary quality of spirit.
093. (Feb. 13). Notion of the” Father House” when it will start extended recess. And where will those who reject it? There is no refuge for them in the World Aboveground. But somewhere should spirit relax from all that had to be moved on the ground. "Among the cruel and dark" is not necessary for the conditions. You can often go back to the notion that more objective vision. And about the psychic and subtle properties of the father's house you can conceive of. The easier it will be faster to walk the lower classes, without lingering on them. Let the Father House concept becomes a magnet.
094. (M. A. Y). Even when communication in the spirit of is strong, about memorable days it is necessary to remember. Memory only will strengthen it. Too people of Earth easily forget about everything that leaves a field of their dense sight. Left feel vibrations of this memory, if it is accompanied by the thoughts warmed by warm sense-knowledge. And even the indifference, not goodwill and rage are felt by them. Energy of thought belongs to all worlds, and borders dense for it don't exist. We know who forgot us and who remembers. The future develops thoughts and feelings of the present day.
095. (M. A. Y.). We will not forget and we will never forget. We will meet them. Their aspiration to us and our expectation will create the right conditions. We will prepare a place for them to have somewhere to come to them. Return to the father's House-mutual pleasure for those who returned and those encounters.
096. (Guru). The spirit increases in the force under strong influence of opposite circumstances. And the counteractions, the rapid growth are stronger. It is impossible to allow that they could break spirit. It is necessary to stand up to the end, as the valorous soldier who isn't letting the weapon go while heart fights. Spirit break – means suffer defeat from life, and remain at the broken through, and return back with anything. Not about a victory over something outside it is spoken, it often doesn't depend on the person, but – about a victory over, about that the spirit wasn't broken by anything. At seeming external defeat it is possible to be the winner powerful.
097. You see as the oppression from people approaches to Me. And the more oppression and burdening’s, the quicker rapprochement. Don't understand in the majority to Me the directed spirits as this oppression and burdening’s by circumstances are useful. They strong kindle of spirit fires. After all even flint needs blow from outside to cause a spark. Analogy is full. As grow the spirit of our soldiers from continuous fight and battles, from prosecutions and persecutions and inflexible opposition to darkness increased. All weak, fluctuating, unsteady, doubting disappeared, without maintaining a press. Who is loved, that and have a drink is especially severe. But pleasure at Us of the winner meet, and pleasure at Us send him the happiness Beam.
098. (M. A. Y.). What rich internal life flows in consciousness of the going pupil? Consciously I speak – "going" because many mark time, many are occupied with the private matters and experiences or shipped in the vanity sounding, many doubt, and many forgot about us and consider that the surrounding has bigger value, than spirit life. You know about a symbol "the going Arhat", the same understanding is applicable and to the pupil. And not the proximity dense measures proximity in the spirit of. Often range caused ardent fiery rapprochement. The proximity in the spirit of doesn't depend on distances, doesn't depend on in what body, and doesn’t depend on anything external. Also she is approved over appearance dense.
099. (M. A.Y.). Among the most difficult to keep environment tired joy. But the man is given a choice: either is a weather vane for wind or someone else to claim and retain their own mood and the desired state of mind. Impossible to follow and obey the astral influences feelings of people – they are not permanent and are changing rapidly. You cannot rely on any. Still assert their persistently and firmly, and try to hold it as long as possible.
100. (Feb. 16). Everything is achievable, but in time. And how many it is required for acquisition of this or that ability, that is a kindle of this, or that center, depends already on features and spirit accumulation. At one ability are shown early, at others – through for many years, and others haven't enough and the whole life. It is possible to tell one that violent and premature open slightly the centers very dangerously and can lead to loss of mental balance (madness). In Our Mountains where the mental atmosphere is rather pure, this danger decreases, but all the same any premature and unauthorized irresponsibility in these cases is unacceptable. The success and safety are caused on condition of guidance of the Spiritual Teacher. Indisputable condition is consciousness clarification from any litter. It is necessary to know the law accurately: "Similar it is attracted of the similar".