Agni Yoga's facets, 1970

1970. 001. (Mother World). To children of Earth I Send in Beams of Energy of the New Era. They should be accepted, realized, assimilated of heart and then already to approve them on Earth. Let's track as there is this statement in masses. New Beams of the woman of heart concerned, and she woke up, and nowadays on a face of Earth this awakening, and the New Country ahead amplifies. New Beams of heart concerned – and art prospers. New beams of a brain concerned – and the stiffened heaps of the centuries, held down spirit freedom fall. So My Beams awaken the world, both people, and life the force. People persist and fight against them, but unless the person against Space Forces can resist. Life will change, despite everything, and the New World will win against the world old, because My Beams over Earth. It is better to adjust consciousness in the coordinated acceptability towards to Beams and to become that on the party of the New World. The New Sky and New Earth are promised people, and they will be given them, and force of powerful Beams of the Star my distant will change life. It already changes obviously, and only doesn't see blind where spirit evolution is directed. Will Sky it is traced in stars, but it is carried out on Earth. And to children of Earth not in power break it or stop process of its implementation. But it is better meet it in the spirit accord, because, what should be, inevitably will enter into life. Forces of evolution are collected in energy powerful and directed to of Earth. They should be accepted good will, differently will break and displace them contradictory. The surf of waves of the Space Ocean is powerful, and it is possible to direct with a wave and even on its crest, but a grief going against – will sweep away and away from Earth will carry away in space chasms where the space litter jumps out. But those who will go with evolution together, are fated a victory over old life terrestrial. The beauty will be approved on a planet Earth.
002. In the spirit of a victory over complexity of life. They (these difficulties) can be not touched because curve not to make direct, but, having dumped the power them over spirit and having become over them, that is in the spirit of them having won, it is possible to win against them and outside. Difficulties of life are won themselves, life is won itself, and the world is won too itself. I Won against the world, without touching the world and without fighting against it outside but only inside overcoming the external. In them, in the spirit of, against it we win and that we win against the world outside, which around. And, without having raised a hand in protection of, the Savior Won against the world. In itself all is overcome, inside, before overcoming it outside. In the spirit of the victory is hidden. In the spirit of beautifully meet a wave.
003. We Look out into the future, because in the past, nothing more can be changed, but in the future. The creative power of the human imagination can create a chain of new causes of old-how would the transition to the new track, or a new path in life. Habit makes a person instinctively keeps rolling on rut, following a chain of causation. But the future is remarkable because it is the consciousness can create new forms of life, for the future of plastic in the hands of a man, - because, we call in the future. We cut down the picture of the evolution of life and mankind can only strive for in the future, understanding the wonderful opportunities that are given to him. It is possible in the future. Evolution is gaining these features of the future, in which you can work outside the limits of the present. Consciousness is in harmony with the higher stages of evolution laid down the Hierarchy of Light in space, and climbing on them becomes available each striving to light the spirit. The main difficulty was to break away from the customary to the past and break down the walls of misunderstanding the next tasks evolution. The shining future is standing before mankind like tomorrow. You must register your heart to come into contact with it. Each new day is a stage, and this is the future. And no one and nothing can arrest a person if he will direct the Fiery. Because we say: endeavor, leaving behind the cargo without mercy past heaps. You cannot log in to the future, being bound hand and foot by the imperfections of the past. "In the past, all burned to a fiery Yoga." But Yoga is a way of life; yoga is the "narrow path that leads to life." And pass into the shining future of humanity is possible only by it.
004. This day will start breaking those barriers are haters of light to block his way. Clearly and heavily channeled the energy of destruction on anyone who wants to make to the world the light of the future Lords of light lit. The fight is not easy for those who go Our way. Don’t be a fool, believing that the way this is easy. Everything rises on of bearing Light. They persecuted and harassed Us, drive and you will be, and it is for that smell on you Rays Hierarch. And does it really matter what form this stubborn opposition to Hierarchy comes to Light, for going against you go against someone who Called you go after him. In the days of the great division of mankind on the poles of light and dark shadow is particularly outspoken opposition.
005. (Jan. 2). The usefulness of the obstacles can be understood even wider and see that each spark of life embodied in matter, makes the way through it and is gaining greater and greater freedom of expression, developing features of the environment in which it is located. And plants, birds, fish, and animals are all in the process of long evolution not so much adapted to this environment, how many are overcoming their resistance and learn more or less it. Rights were a thinker who stressed the principle of overcoming. It is particularly evident in human life in General and in Our pupils – in particular. Each new step is overcoming the imperfections of steps leading up and mastering new skills or qualities of spirit, or fire which in those qualities and abilities is expressed. And all this is done with the obstinate resistance to environment and the conscious opposition on the part of the dark that leave no aspiring to complete victory of the spirit over darkness. And in this particular difficulty, since save aspiration is only possible with inflexible tenacity of spirit. And wait there. Their feet should be the way; no one will take him for a disciple. Just as food is to take, chew, swallow and assimilate the man himself, just as he must learn and experience life and rise in spirit to all of his Ascension that. Has to say about it all over again, because of environmental opposition and resistance is too strong and is growing all the time as the forces of the spirit. And the higher and stronger spirit, the more powerful opposition. Every student reaches the point where it starts to get resistance and take effect from the forces opposing him. And the harder obstacles, all the more powerful because it causes the lights fight from the depths of his spirit. And the victory becomes an obligation, because way back anymore. When passed this trait, the pupil becomes Our forever. And then there is nothing that could stop him.
006. (M. A. Y.). One of the obstacles impeding the path is clear. It obscures a reality of strongly and, like a dark cloud, closes the blond gave. Of enrages darkness especially increases in these moments, and Maya can temporarily get overwhelmed. But whatever happens around tight will keep the silver thread of spirit, because all of the temporally, but it is constant.
007. (Guru). To the winner of evidence dense intimate opportunities of spirit open.
008. (January. 3). When Bases are strongly put in consciousness, anything can't shake it any more: nor personal experiences, nor burdening’s by circumstances, nor condensation of currents, nor dark attacks. At a difficult moment it is possible to lean on Bases always. They won't change because are unchangeable and constant. In them the enduring is imprinted. Therefore Advise them Is given to repeat because when everything fluctuates, on them it is necessary to be approved even more strong. And when personal mirages or constructions and when Maya next illusion is scattered in ashes fall, Bases unshakably remain a spirit shelter. What surprises would be brought by life, know firmly that "and it will pass", will pass everything, and it is necessary to go to the World Elevated, fine, having left evidence dense, but carrying away Bases with itself. And there, among a transient of thin conditions, they will give a support and will help keep unshakable balance. Forges of basis in that, what ascends to the Fiery World and are based upon the enduring. When Spoke about the Stone of the Eternal Basis of Life, I had them in a look. The more often to them to come back, the stronger the consciousness is approved on them. Babylon, Rome, Byzantiya fell, but Bases from it didn't hesitate for a time. The personality shown in this or that body will die and will cease to exist, but Bases from it won't undergo any changes. Everything will change, and the New World will be included victoriously into mankind life, but Bases remain still unshakable and unchangeable. It is possible to be approved only on them.
009. (M. A. Y.). Re-read the entry is very useful, because it helps you remember what was forgotten or that had not been made in life. You cannot learn everything that is given, because it takes time to assimilate. If you trace the life of the average person, it is easy to see that for all his earthly life it changes relatively little and that their characteristic features, strong in him, he takes away from grown-ourselves and go on. And even thinking that they have transformed themselves, often remain almost the same as the incarnation. And only fiery staring perfume successfully exempted from many of its flaws and imperfections. Need an irresistible impulse, which moves forward with such rapidity that the heavy, dense and no get rid previously does not stand up to traffic speed and begins to fall away. The Teacher says; strive for power aspirations are overcome everything.
010. (Guru). To defeat obviousness, it is necessary to clearly understand and imagine that it is it yourselves. In some cases, it is very easy, for example, where the sky meets the Earth on the horizon, the knowledge or the experience to help. But it is sometimes difficult to unbelievable. The first property is its obvious ambivalence. The satisfaction of something today is next day grief. But of contrasts there is no escape. It's not about them, and how they relate, where only the pole phenomenon turns its face to consciousness. Wisdom is able to perceive at this point and the second, opposite, pole, and seeing them both and knowing that for one, be sure to call the second one allows it, established in the neutral-point balancing the two, keep the right balance, and not deceive ourselves, and not come to the naive enthusiasm. So Yogi never rejoices too and doesn't come to the delight of the fortunate circumstances. He keeps a balance and in sorrow and joy and is like a tree, the same summer and winter. The illusion of obviousness, it cannot deceive. He does not give in to the moment, knowing the rapid nature of such phenomena. So, bipolar vision, or understanding of life, allows him take off the mask of many phenomena deceptive obviousness.
011. (January. 4). "Undergone it will be up to the end rescued" – only this formula it is possible to pass through all tests of life. Thus the patience it has to be active and active. Sitting idly doesn't give desirable consequences. It is easy listen to the Instruction: "Go through everything" but as it is difficult execute it! Every year tests will be more difficult. Obstacles will be piled up as the mountain. And will seem, that the exit not. But nevertheless it is necessary go, both only forward and only with the Teacher, without breaking off saving communication.
012. (Guru). The main thing is not to change a progress rhythm. If to put it in dependence on temporary and constantly changing external conditions, it will mean destruction of a basis of advance. Constancy of aspiration and spirit ascension can't be based on inconstancy of the passing phenomena. Spirit kingdom which other-worldly and which is the spirit homeland, is free from influences of those spheres where crying and a gnash tooth.

013. (January. 6). It is easy to break contact, difficultly to restore. The harmonious condition of mind and body is necessary. The harp of spirit needs a mood. Modern life is deprived of harmony. The main enemy is vanity. Work doesn't disturb if vanity isn't brought in it; lack of rhythm harms. The rhythm in work keeps energy of the worker and very much strengthens efficiency of work. The conveyor system is good and doesn't wear out an organism only on condition of rhythm observance. Speed of work only then doesn't work is destructive on nervous system when it is caused by a rhythm. Fast, but arrhythmic work tires extraordinary. On modern hydro - and power plants huge electro turbines work with such speed that seem motionless. The slightest violation of a rhythm of movement will instantly put out of action. As violation of a rhythm and is harmfully reflected in the difficult equipment of a human body. The rhythm question in work is important extraordinary. Speed of work can be increased only according to its rhythm. Otherwise results will be negative. Nervous movements of the person are arrhythmic. Fussiness is arrhythmic; harmony has to dominate in life of people. And fussy life of the cities became disharmonious. Therefore there is so much disbalance people and so many diseases. It is necessary to pay attention to harm of arrhythmia of work. People very much suffer owing to this reason. Once harmony and a rhythm come in of mankind life as of the obligatory conditions of anyone prosper. The rhythm is a basis of Space life, and it has to be consciously approved in human life if people want to follow evolution laws.
014. (M. A. Y.). Arrhythmic in music is destructive and corrupting effect on the mind. That kind of music one must immediately retire, because it is not allowed to decompose human organisms. Unfortunately, this disaster has not yet understood by people. Unfortunately, on the radio, television and pop concerts at such music allowed and encouraged irresponsible lover’s disharmony and disintegration. It's time to stop this lawlessness. It's time to understand its harmfulness. It's time to protect children and youth from this poison.
015. (Guru). Musicians, artists, poets and all true artists understand the value of harmony and rhythm. The harmonious combination of colors gives a cloth beauty and value. Beauty is based on of harmony; without harmony no of beauty. Art, of beauty and of harmony are the highest values of the human spirit. When talking about beauty, separate from it neither harmony nor the rhythm, because Beauty is revealed through them. Will be a time when Beauty will enter into all areas of life. Clean, bright, beautiful and harmonically built in all details become factories, towns and villages. The time will come and the beauty will conquer the world, because it would be harmony and rhythm.
016. (Jan. 7). Keep the harmonic State of mind hard to unusually because surrounding disharmony very strongly affects him. Silence can still be found in nature, but even its balance heavily disturbed man. You can find quietness inside the Citadel of the spirit. This requires complete introspection. The sound of silence is rich in great contents and its effects on the organism positively. Good everyday at least for a few minutes to dive into the world of this salvific silence. It's not a dream; it's not a concentration on any thought, or feeling or sense. This is just a pause of everyone’s thoughts and feelings and the entrance to the realm of sounding silence. Silence is not the absence of sound the perceptions, but only this perception has other dimensions, the normal ear is not captured. We must learn to listen to the quietness.
017. (M. A.Y.). In the mind of Swedenborg's world is this and that’s not segregated. The judgment of the future will be marked by connecting worlds. Worlds Connect in the mind of man. Externally in the world, nothing will change, because in fact the worlds were not separated. Their separation has taken place only in the mind of man, and therefore it does and will come to bring them together. Too many things were tight, while in reality they are subtle. The thin world is full of objects, terrestrial, that have the form, color and smell, all the properties of the items, except for their density, hardness, and weight and so on. By exterior form and color which can log is no different from the same plank in the subtle world, but you can easily pick up subtle thought because thought can easily influence the subjects of fine world. Using this property, there easily create thoughts and create the desired combination of forms. Possibility of thin conditions is very wide, but requires the removal from of ordinary earthly measures.
018. (Guru). Burned picture continues to exist in the subtle world. The ideas in the book are not destroyed, burnt over the death of the latter. The destroyed city on earth continued to exist in other dimensions. So are measures of the Earth and measures above ground. The destruction of the subject matter does not mean destruction of his fine form, but the form of the subject fine destruction always causes and to the destruction of its dense form. Dense objects feel vibrations of thought and react to them. With objects, not to mention flowers or plants, you can chat, filling them with good aura. These exposures they retain for long time, carrying with him a blessing or a curse.
019. (Jan. 8). The phenomenon of an Order (from a Teacher) says about the tense of the moment. Order is carry out strictly. It is necessary to like understanding of the hidden value of the events. One must rely on the Guidance of the facilitator. This time limit cannot be accompanied by signs. Unusual times could not be conducted normally. We should all gather strength to remain on the crest of the wave. Not honor show blunt not misunderstanding the honour to bow in or succumb to weakness, limp doesn't honor when you have to be persistent and undaunted Warrior, turn into greyish, the blind man in the street, behind the stove, not hiding the honour to meet the Fiery waves in grey robes generalities. Maybe there comes a time when you need to collect all the consciousness to survive it to swirl.
020. (M. A. Y.). Each sign given resourcefully pick up and note. Conditions don't allow sow them over need. Repeat no is. It is necessary to put all vigilance and force to collect. Let whirlwinds be carried by, you know and the main thing don't deviate. The hurricane shown let only will strengthen power of your spirit. It is possible to resist only in spirit towers. Planetary events force will allow resist up to the end because the understanding of the events is opened. On intensity of identification of darkness you can judge power of the future Light. Light is ahead.
021. (Guru). The Alarm sounds! Alarm for of the keen ear. Deaf won't hear it. And stupidly be repeat narrower not necessary anybody of the words. And of the judgment time rapidly comes. As be ready to it owe all feeling Great Approach. Let everyone will wonder: whether I am ready? In the past everything is burned, there is only Light of the Future.
022. (January. 9). The treasure of the Stone is increased in circumstances of the most difficult or constrained. The prosperity is inseparable from works. The more works, the there is more than fire. Wise welcomes difficulties of life because knows that without them it is impossible grow. Or in understanding accept difficulties and of the works or refuse advance. There is no middle. Inexperience and ignorance want to succeed among silence and rest, without being alarmed anything. Expectations are vain! The silence and rest are admissible only for accumulation of the spent energy. But as many strive for rest, without understanding that it causes stagnation and a go out of fires. In the Stronghold don't know rest.
023. (M. A. Y.). Unless it is possible imagine the Arhat in inaction? Even, when His body not movably, act of the spirit and, even more tensely, than in a body. It is necessary to leave dreams of rest. Water under a stone lying doesn't flow. Even rest in Devachan isn't rest, but assimilation of the best terrestrial stays. The nature doesn't know rest. Space doesn't know it. Life is continuous movement.
024. (Guru). Our life flowed in the writings of the tireless. Thanks to them, it was that people leave behind a legacy; room not knows. And difficulties and trials have not been circumvented. The bread of life is mined in the sweat.
025. (Guru). Carefully, carefully and attentively select all signs. They will serve as marks, as milestones of a way to promptly coming nearer the judgment future. It is impossible to miss anything from the given. Time the special, demanding tension of all strength of spirit. And signs are given at the right time. Check by time is the most reliable.
026. (M. A. Y.). Mental energy, as well as any energy, demands the skillful address. For use of energy of water dams are under construction. At first water should be collected, and then to use its force. At first mental energy should be saved up, and then to apply in operation. Mental energy, or Agni, collects slowly. There is a lot of ways. Balance keeping will be one of the main nevertheless. Quality of balance is many-sided: both the tranquility, and restraint, both reticence, and fearlessness, and many other properties are included into it. Only disbalance, either dissoluteness, or fear, either fussiness, or irritation to it are unknown. So, if Agni we want to save up, we will be persistent in the statement and deduction of the corresponding qualities.
027. (Guru). As the most valuable property of the traveler of the Way boundless we will consider a steady when the Way doesn't interrupt anything: neither pleasure, nor grief, neither illness, nor good luck, neither praise, nor abuse, neither rage of cruel hearts, nor attacks of the dark. When nothing is already able to block the Way and to stop advance, then it is possible to tell that the goal will be reached, it is as though far was.
028. (Dec. 12). Deadlines specify as well that it will be time of final and violent tension of darkness. Impact the last will be very strong. It will be very difficult to stand him. Heavy time for all and for the knowing is especially. It isn't necessary to wait for simplification because aggravations in all types are inevitable. Many won't sustain physically. Much is of premature deaths. Cancer diseases and tuberculosis will increase. Exasperation and misanthropy will reach a limit. It will be very dark. Even the best undertakings dark will try to turn into the evil. And even the knowledge of the future won't facilitate burden of the current time.
029. (M. A. Y.). I remind again words of the Lord: "And your grief will be in pleasure". Other pole of the phenomena we won't avert. Before the end of a dark eyelid on its tension it is possible to judge a coming Eyelid of Fire and Light. Light is ahead. These thoughts also we will take place in the future. Light of the future is great.
030. (Guru). That's right: only the inner sanctums of the decision. It has already been held. But you have to be as subtle forms of finished already enter into the future of education. A future that will already have, already exists, but in the world of other dimensions. And when the time comes, it will be victorious on Earth.
031. (Jan. 13). Among vanity and life turmoil, among various experiences and impressions it is so easy and so simple to lose accumulation of spirit or it is simple to forget about them. Among people there are a lot of forgotten about spirit. Everything concentrates round the temporary personality, and further her interests, conveniences and content the thought doesn't go. Therefore destruction of the phenomenal world is so dramatic for the person leaving the world terrestrial. Even knowledge particles in life of spirit are of great value because give a material for consciousness life in the spirit world. Both thoughts, and conversations, both books, and acts of a spiritual order give to the person such materials. Poets perfectly understand that means to lead life of spirit and to create thought over the ordinary. Thoughts of the fine are from of the spirit. That, who learned lead of the spirit life on of Earth that in World Aboveground will see, that opportunities in this direction become even wider, more wonderful and richer than it.

032. (M. A. Y.). And it is necessary to share the wealth with those who has no but who wants it. Let no reasons stop giving hand. Not all can give because have nothing or have, but not the, and taken from others. But having and receiving generously from the Teacher of treasure of spirit it is obliged by them to share.
033. (Guru). Yes! That's right, a man so quick and so easy to forget about the heavy, as soon as the next wave of troubled worldly sea rushes to him. Good to learn these waves meet, hard to hold out on what is more important and more just, and without which nothing will live in no the dense world. For this purpose it is necessary to Master the mind and to His favorite was a bright Image not to obscure any.
034. (Jan. 14). The finished and exhaustive provisions can't be given at least because synthetic ability of consciousness all the time grows, and each situation can be expanded and deepened incessantly. The above the spirit raises, the visibility and understanding horizon becomes wider. There is no this completeness and in the Doctrine of Live Ethics, there is no it in one Doctrine given earlier. This incompleteness penetrated each word of the Christ. It and is clear, because in movement all. Principal feature of knowledge in that, what it is possible expand and deepen constantly.
035. (M. A. Y). "Light bearing it isn't visible". But others see, and feel proceeding good fortune, and consciously and unconsciously last, burdening sometimes unreasonably. You don't know, how many you give, and only on response you can judge that was given out much moreover, than assumed. On appreciation degree sometimes it is possible to judge the donation size. I speak about it therefore that knew that you can already distribute with advantage the received treasures. Everyone, in whom there are Light sparks, will accept your gift. Only enemies of Light will answer with blow, closing these it the road to the future. Wisdom of distribution demands discretion and ability to be able to give on consciousness. Everyone coming behind Light should give it, but no more that, than it can contain. Imposing of the Doctrine is inadmissible.
036. (Guru). Christ was a carpenter who worked with Saint Sergius and many buildings were built. The body needs a physical work. Such work is needed to balance the aspirations and the activity of the spirit. Otherwise balance isn't set. Otherwise you can break away from Earth. The dreamers are the opposite of a groundless yoga. You can't leave, because the land along it to reach targets far away. Following the rule of "hand and foot" human from earth does not have successfully evaded and did not leave her street.
037. (Jan. 15). Independent of human existence from the surrounding world, there is not and cannot be. Food, drink and air, inhaled them, give the body what it needs to be for life. For seven years the body composition changes and is updated completely. Link to the world outside the tight body is inseparable. In the same situation, but with respect to the subtle World, already is and his thin body. Astral matter it is in constant exchange with the subtle world of matter. The same process happens with the mental body. Thoughts are going after each other all the time, and the flow of matter flows through mental mental sheath. Being a part of the world, man cannot tear myself away from it and exist separately. Astral emotions and thoughts of all humanity, joining in an ocean of space, are in contact with the consciousness of individuals, every human being capable consonant the thoughts and emotions of an order. All is one, and man cannot break away from him. Fantasies about independent existence are groundless. Everyone is responsible for all and all for one, and bear the burden of loss. The idea of a single stud or a United, harmonious, friendly, coherent family of common to all mankind, is feasible. And only then humanity will be able to continue its further existence.
038. (M. A. Y.). . To be able give to people Light – what it is amazing ability or property? It is good to ponder upon it more deeply and to understand this unusual feature of Carriers of Light. So it isn't enough of them in the world. All sank in twilight of the ordinary. Where they, capable give to spirit food? The pearl of consciousness should be appreciated.
039. (Jan. 16). We prefer a path of singularity. No cliché in our actions, thoughts and endeavors. The Teacher is new in every coming day. In the infinite diversity and variety of the Cosmos can be avoided, trample many feet. The basics are always the same, but the form of their expression is new and inimitable. The likeness of evolution spirals nature never repeats itself. Update, but does not repeat, the law of life. No two moments of the same. In time spiral as would be repeated spring, summer, autumn and winter, but this repetition seeming, for each upcoming spring again is not the same that was already a new carrier update and new features, new steps of development.
040. (Jan. 17). Strong of body needs. Even in the Thin World they give about it knows. But master them all necessary. Victory over the feeling of hunger is not in that, what him destroy, and in that, what over him firmly establish of rower. So, people, not eat two the days, feels himself and miserable, and weak, in then time as, this sense absent during the treatment of starvation. The entire affair in the state of consciousness and in the skill own of the feelings. Mastery of himself, which said the doctrine, there is one of high achievement. Keep practicing it constantly, since life itself makes this much opportunity. And this learning is of great importance and for the State, because after mortal frees the spirit from earthly remnants. Nothing is so hard does not bind the spirit one incarnation to the Earth, as it is these remnants. The entire earthly environment seeks to rule over man. No wonder the ascetics were removed in the deserts, forests and mountains. Not the earth itself, but the conditions of tight curves environment created by man, get in the way. From natural beauties shouldn't be exempt because their beauty does not associate, and releases. Carry away with them the images of Earth beauties is to enter into the thin world with good savings. Bind not of beauty, and the ugliness in of all forms and the aspect.
041. (Guru). The thin fabric of the lower duady, then there is a fourth and fifth principles of man, has a certain composition, depending on their personal preferences, habits, thoughts and feelings. The cleaner and more perfect man, the finer and not dense this matter; than erotic, lower and rougher, the denser and dared. The subtle body at all, but part of him is very different. By the nature of the composition of each body meets and implies to kindred on the composition of the segments of the space and they dwell. Task student - pad and thin its subtle body and create a natural and has already attracted to Higher Layers deserves Aboveground World. You can almost imagine accurately, knowing the character and tendency of the person, to which of sphere areas it will be drawn. However, the attraction to the lower fields are usually accompanied by antagonism against this attraction on the part of all the best that there is in man, and if it's hard enough, the best overcome. People need to know the inevitable and often compelling effect of your thoughts, feelings and actions, because they all either refine and purify or coarsen their delicate body.
042. (M. A. Y.). When it closes the circle of hopelessness, it thought the dense destroy it and realize that all that temporarily flowing like a stream through human consciousness that hopelessness, this is nothing but another illusion of Maya trying to obscure his haunted Star Trek spirit into infinity. Just before Infinity (face of Infinity) become null and void and without any temporary values and such short, compared with her experience of man, all of his difficulties and trials. Even comparing the length of stay in this world and that it is easy to see just how short life is. But the veil of Maya jumped hard to look reality in the eye. One must force understanding gather and say firmly with the resolve with: Maya, recede. "
043. (Guru). It cannot be denied that there are. There is no denying that experiencing the trials and suffering person if their burden he bears, but understand their significance can and should be. And this understanding will free the person from their power over it. Great Spirits have suffered heavily, coming to the planet, but understanding the meaning of this suffering has given them strength to endure it all to end. There is nothing more bitter senseless suffering, is not known for what endured. But when one grasps that each stroke of fate tempers armor spirit and gives new and valuable experience that cannot be acquired in any other way, then and the attitude to all this is changing radically, and then bravely, bravely and calmly you can find waves and endure everything.
044. (Jan. 19). When happy and wealthy man helps poor and the poor is one thing, but when it does heavy destiny that needs people – his great merit. And if energy sends its Arhat help, it does not mean that His own backyard, not in want. Only dedication is helping, not thinking about themselves and their suffering. But this degree of dedication is already a feat. Rejection of self is the first condition of following the Teacher of light. It is difficult to Study, if the man is full of himself and his personal feelings; rather, it is not given. So, dedication is the path to the light as soon as possible. But people prefer to bypass the track curves that do not result in a goal, but creating a mirage of promotion. How many self-deceive of travelers flung far too where they believed. Aspiration is well, when driven by of love, of devotion and of selflessness. After all you can and shoot into the abyss. A lot of dedicated people, but not in the way you want to, and not to the right place. Where are they all? Where they took away on a curved aspiration?
045. (M. A. Y.). Why do you think the life of a disciple is sometimes penal servitude for life? Apparently, there is a reason, and quite compelling. Indeed, some periods in the life of the disciple can be very serious. To this we must be prepared to pass them to always be victorious. Not easy to keep winning State of mind when tests are at the limit of the force and when it seems like there is no end to them. But keep you faithful to the Teacher of light and go through victoriously. Path the feat covers not of roses.
046. (Guru). Why do so many dinner favorites, and so little, so much aspirationyng and so little off points, only a little, rising. At first the path is easy and not darkened. Beginner all the time gets characters richly and lavishly. It burns with aspiration and inspiration; he gladly fills the consciousness of Teacher the gifts. But it is time, and the period test, and gradually changing all. You need not only take but also give. It is necessary not only learn but also teach. You must not only think about themselves and their ascent but also about others, and often with a disregard of, and interests of its Up Stage. But the obstacles are piled up like mountains. And dark surround and close the circle. And if faint the light , he can easily go out, but if strong, the inevitable struggle, victory in which only achieved inflexible resistance spirit. That's why it's so incredibly difficult path of time as a pupil.
047. (Jan. 20). If consciousness is unswervingly upheld the basics and if you learned that the proximity of My overall, you can calmly and confidently move on. You never know what thoughts might burden, and you never know what could happen around and that can interfere with strongly, adherence to these two conditions would not break the rhythm of communication. The trust must be the Leading Arm, because without trust promotion impossible.
048. (M. A. Y.). It is on the verge of despair and hopelessness (seeming) can be close to a brilliant victory, close as ever. Heavy obviousness and visibility may obscure new achievements and new opportunities. Not able to see Earth's complexity growth spiritual eye. Maya closes not only the future but the fiery glow of the joyful reality of the present. Maya, recede!
049. (Guru). The learner has to constantly overcome various weaknesses and deficiencies. And when in times of difficult tests, it does not allow them to once again seize them under whatever pretexts, it is to be congratulated on his victory. Dark frequently seek to bring a person to despair to awaken it to its inferior properties of nature get rid. To easily overcome themselves when bright lights are burning spirit, but the real victory is in all its conditions and terms, even the most bleak, the most aggravating and seemingly hopeless.
050. (M. A.Y.). Why is it necessary to wait for some special conditions, when you can help a friend, just sharing with him his light? One wishes sincerely help already provided some care. Good kindness to man always at it has a wholesome effect. And don't even need of words. Invisible, not the powerful, silent swap comes from between of people, coming in contact with each other.
051. (Jan. 22). The spiral the time is repeated all, obeying the law of rhythm. That same is winter, spring, summer and fall. That same year, repeating cycle for millions of years, but every spiral turn, is similar, but not identical to the previous and subsequent. This constant, constant repetition of the same, but always new and different from what has already been lays the secret of the similarity of the sibling opposites recurring phenomena. No two of blade are similar, and there are no two identical points in time, though it seems at times that are similar they are. Yes! Are similar, as are the fingers of the right and left hands, so similar and dissimilar to each other, both are morning and evening-up and light was fading away, both male and female are similar in that both are human. Will be born, live and die over millions of years, and no life is not repeated exactly. Each comes in its way, differing from one another always. Nature, always repeating them, does not repeat exactly anything. Unity in plurality, repetition in not natural, life with the constant death, i.e. changing forms, so manifesting the great law, expressing the properties of opposition of things unified.
052. (M. A. Y.). It is also not believed and Atlanta in the inevitability of future events, and even installed the death penalty for those, who point at the terrible signs of the time. History repeats and in this. Do not believe people and no want know, and no understand, that it already cannot go further than, that to the action caused by such energy, which, in the present state of consciousness, operate it is impossible, as be rush themselves the people at the destruction. But there is still time to come round, there's still time move at the side of the forces of creation. Choosing the latter will decide the fate of mankind.
053. (Guru). So much has been said about the end of the Kali Yuga and as many prophecies given, that it would not turn a blind eye at the reality, of the looming as the next day. The New Age of Fire should occur. Of course, she comes under of fire and the storm. And the cleaner will of fire. The Fiery waves go, increasing. They I of forges can accommodate only organisms already inclined to take Fire and can withstand it. People with the least of spark light-fire, will survive the onslaught of the fire element. But cannot bear those, in who not even a spark.
054. (Jan. 23). In the past century people lived in a totally of the different environment of life. Her tempo is other. The planet is changing rapidly from many sides of the human condition, which puts a new stamp on everything, that surrounds a person. Flow of life quickens it’s the run. Earlier, at dozens of years man was not worried that, what he undergoing today for the year. Means of communication is to become other. Radio, television, film, computer, aided manufacturing-all the leaves its distinctive mark on of life. Acceleration is by law the progression. And consciousness to follow him must be able. We talked about the transformation of the world, more precisely, about the transformation of consciousness. But this transformation will go both to the external environment for human transformation, as well as with the transformation of the planet. Mankind, embodying in it the highest principles of the planet, captivates and she in this difficult process of cosmic transformation of the world.
055. (M. A. Y.). Ask, why doesn’t the veil is more widely are slightly? First, because that, what in terms of city open slightly is very dangerous. Secondly, only completely purified consciousness can move it without the threat of contagion, or possession, as the layers of different and attunement is compliance. On the heights, which do not touch the poisonous breath of cities, there are open slightly veils and visions. But there many other details shall be provided. And the good thing is that the person is protected by a veil of contact with some events that might adversely affect his psyche. The already lower classes have become dangerously close to astral. The already massive content becomes the scourge of humanity. Times are hard, difficult time, a time that requires extraordinary action on the part of the Hierarchy of light.
056. (Guru). Protection and enforcement on the part of Teachers not yet remove the pupil from having your own watch. Useless shield, if it’s not holding tightly to his arm. Useless and weapons light, if not the skills to use it. And the armor does not protect the soldier from hitting the enemy if he takes the hand holding the sword. Accuracy of eye, hand and fearlessness hardness of heart need in addition to armament, otherwise it to anything.
057. (Jan. 24). For the Karma does not matter which lead to human suffering by understanding what it teaches. It is important that the goal was achieved. The suffering goes away – knowledge will remain. It's not cruelty, but usefulness. However, suffering is not easier, because have yet to suffer. If the lesson learned, suffering, learning this lesson, dies. When understood that their suffering is easier to endure. The law is universal: the plants nourish themselves of insects, birds and animals. And insects, birds and animals are fed and plants and one living form is another. But the Bearer of Light Lay of soul his "for the other your". The Highest of Them is - for peace. The law is of universal.
058. (M. A. Y.). To acquire the strength, independence and persistence some periods have passed one's life, as though without a Teacher, without the support and explicitly in loneliness.
059. (Guru). "Yes pass of Me the Cup this» is human nature takes its voice before the face of tests. But they are inevitable if the spirit wants ascend. Thus, have the Bowls is of the necessary condition the feat.
060. (Jan. 25). There are martyrs for the faith, martyrs of science, martyrs for the truth and, finally, martyrs for the Light. A new consciousness is born in of pain. Variety they, but they are inevitable, and at the suffering of the condemned all running along the path of light. The reasons to that is much. Home-this is, that of light hated the darkness and obvious and secret, the conscious and the unconscious the myrmidon her. They obsess bearers of light of all means, by all measures, all the dirty tricks and have all the evil people who are obedient to their suggestion. Poisonous breath of the old world can only be carriers of light and not poison their minds, because they have to live in this murderous atmosphere. Spirit, which moved above the level of generalities, cannot fail to feel the full burdens of imperfection of life, and, above all, the great Burden of this world, which as Light bringer has the spirit to take on. So the way of light becomes with thorns. So bleeds the thorny grown of bearer light.
061. (M. A. S.). They burned on the stake, tormented animals, killed in prison, and wearied you betray torments not less serious, in other ways and in some form, but the pain remains, and ardent pursuers – all the same, only their appearance changed. So repeats all over again on the new circulation in spiral time in forms look different, but, in essence, earlier. Not once have already suffered in the past from them haters, are suffering now for the name of Lord, for raising his arms with his torch of his name inevitably brings to you the wrath of darkness. But the end of the Kali Yuga means and ends the dark ages, and darkness, who reigned there. Be aware, that the last days of the reign of the dark are engaged to irrevocably decreed victory of light and new era Satia Yuga.
062. (Guru). It is difficult? Yes, really, and yet we should hold on and hold out to the end. All seasoned first successfully tests may be negated if the latter is not soaked. Because all the forces of the spirit one must strain to emerge victorious and of current tests. Be aware that endless tests.
063. (Jan. 26). Listen to the voice of the spirit. Accept the Decree be with Me always in of the spirit, moving away from himself, from his own personal “self”. Or Mine, or his! What fill of the consciousness? Salvation is in of the spirit. Going out and the decision must be sought not in the life of the individual small and temporary, but in no transient. But transient is only in of the spirit. In of the spirit looks solution, above of earthly life. Even the yesterday's day passes, but remains the spirit. Even of earthly life will be held, but remains of the spirit. Spirit tower over the world of earthly vanity stands firmly, as a rock over of the raging sea. Consciousness, is loaded into the tossing wave of the life sea is worldly splashes, but that'll be smashed on a rock of the spirit, if as she assert.
064. We often have seen the same situation from different perspectives and from different angles, what deepen and broaden it. It does not repeat, but of expanding concepts prior to its possible limits. But where those limits, if all there is in the infinity and all its parties for her? So, understanding can be deepened dramatically. When are wandering thought in life, given us the formula, a touch of infinity and chest inexhaustibility of thoughts. Sometimes a brief formula can have inexhaustible treasure thoughts, pulsing light to their ages and in time; and every the man, receiving with her accord, scoop from her. Ask: why do so many Give? Answer: you need to give it enough at all and that everyone found on its own. Do not Give for today and not tomorrow, but for the future, not a limited understanding of the moment.
065. (M. A. Y.). Even in the rhythm of everyday Contacts, you cannot log on after being shut out Me. But on My self-outcast need to contact took place. But how much different and constantly flitting circumstances prevent him and require permanent address, that is, the application of force. It is Said that «Kingdom of Gods of force takes". And be required of the great stubbornness, of persistence and of the constancy in this inflexible aspiration to of Light. Flashing lights aspirations, how many of them wasting away under the breath of the old world, corrupting whiff! And how difficult it is to carry the aspirations of ordinary life is fire! Great Service calls this feat to perform Light to Light not knowledgeable people.
066. (Guru). Every difficulty requires the work to overcome it. Labor, in turn, calls for ceasefire to be effective. The more work, the more fire. That's why the difficulties, obstacles and opposition welcomes student understanding, what is the secret of success. And, when this understanding attached them in of life without of the distress, of the complaint and of the discontent, Exult the Teacher of the ascent overcoming it of the spirit.
067. (Jan. 27). Not firmly of teaching in the hands not it in their lives. Each building requires harmonius of people. Harmonius depends on the harmony, at that it is adjusted the man. Each normally it is adjusted for a certain harmony. Not good the harmony of irritability or of the gloom. Much is not good the harmony’s. But any the harmony one may rebuild. A good technician should be able to configure itself in any way. It's time to have long to learn how to configure itself to your desired tone rather than allowing anything to configure it differently. Floating in his boat alone holds the steering wheel in their hands and transmits its prow as wants and where he wants.
068. Man or he owns himself, or the instinctively favors to the power of circumstances and people, and allows them to influence yourself. One can imagine what sad fate prepares himself a world not opposing astral where opposing him could only strong and vortexes hardened will. And how they can help others or defend others, if you cannot protect a weak will. The development will come with understanding. It is very important. Not all will develop useful, but only the will to welcome. Weak and limp beings are unfit for evolution. Naturally strong and persistent species survive. How many wonderful spirits dies for lack of firmness of will. Can I trust the teachings of unstable man, even if he is good? Even the robber can show more persistence, dedication and ambition than the weak-willed and weak pettiness or the same virtuous “good”. Measure judgment the Teacher in attitude of student guide other is, not similar at normal. Mapping out the disciples, you must apply the depth of understanding of the suitability and usefulness to human evolution.
069. (M. A. Y).The considerable will is necessary, so that resist in the Doctrine in modern of the living conditions. It borders already on a feat and heroism, because maintain an impact of counteracting forces it is necessary one and, as though, without the visible help and in an environment of misunderstanding and indifference to problems of evolution and the spirit questions. And only the consciousness of spatial value of execution of Light helps maintain this excessive burden and to move on the way. Value of a feat of execution of Light is great. Who can estimate it? All are so occupied by themselves and the affairs that to them not to of Light and not to questions of spirit; time and so don’t suffice to cope, with the huge mass of small everyday efforts and of cares. People are stout of small employment. The death it believes a limit. But what with itself take there, in the World Elevated those, who didn't take care of values and the accumulation of enduring treasures of spirit, integral even by death?
070. (Guru). Bring and we are stones the on creation of the Light Town. How construct I, if builders don't bring a material. Everyone can think of that, what bring and how many, and to be glad if a gift it isn't belittled. The gift every day is valuable. Everyone can wonder: "And what I will bring today? » So an everyday gift there are bulks and the Town of Light grows. In the ranks of builders of the New World force the duty up to the end allows to fulfill understanding of.
071. (Jan. 28). Every light worker is susceptible to attack by the dark. These attacks have aimed to curb his path and turn away from the Hierarchy of Light. The weak can and parted. But the spirit is strong with each attack or deepens the conditions just yet more densely adjoins to a teacher and becomes even stronger than it is thanks to them. And then attack darkness serves it to rendezvous with its Hierarch.
072. (M. A. Y.). Did we ever talk somebody, that the way easy? And now you can see for yourself how it is difficult. And the further you go, the harder it becomes. And because so little is reach. And because only inflexible resistance and can withstand wins through. Not on and leave no one, but some of the ways to pass yourself as one, without the support and assistance. How else unswervingly establish him in light as not having gone through everything?
073. (Guru). If terrestrial life has to be lived till the end and judgment karma to pass through all, whether it is better to pass that through all this adequately how it befits the hero of spirit? Not honor if who looks for oblivion in wine and drugs. Not honor if who curtails from a way of Light to darkness. The wreath of Light will top a forehead of the winner.
074. (Jan. 31). Under all conditions of people – the master of fate. And only sacrificial Service to people of Carriers of Light causes heavy consequences any more as result of any mistakes, but as a result of the victim. And then more victims, especially is bitter the Bowl of poison terrestrial and the more so the Burden of this world is heavy. There is no contradiction because this victim is voluntary and it is usually brought consciously. And not for the sake of own wellbeing or happiness there are for Great Service Great Spirits, causing on itself an impact of darkness and being the focus breaking its waves. When there will come Epochal Maitreya, situation will change because dark from a planet will leave and time of murders and a crucifixion of Carriers of Light will come to an end. But the end of Cali Yugi is especially fraught with terrible acts of darkness. After all it is darkness exercises the wit in researches of the best methods of massacre of people and improvement of the bacteriological and chemical weapon and poisoning of all live. All this consequence is awful, and the destiny of makers of the evil is awful. The end of Cali Yugi means the end them to existence, the end to a misanthropy and rage, the end to misfortunes, disasters and disbalance which shake the world. The new Era will be approved under the sign of cooperation of all and in everything.

075. (M. A.Y.). Be not surprised to features of the current time and that disbalance planets so heavy responds on an organism. Especially the most sensitive spirits suffer thus. The planet is very sick, people, more than ever are ill also. Strength of mind still somehow it is possible to fight against general decomposition, but it is necessary to feel as far as it is great.
076. (Guru). Only ponder: heads of state and government wage the most brutal wars, using the most lethal weapon and the most unlawful methods of destruction of people for the sake of a profit and profits of the monopolies and a robbery of other people.
077. (Feb. 1). Rescue is in of spirit towers. External in anything not find it. Not to be kept by usual measures any more. The impact of the elements discomposed, is very strong. But the spirit is indestructible if the consciousness concentrates on it, but not on something external. The old world is doomed as well as everything that clings to it and connects itself with it. Not in the past, but in the future the solution of the world. In an abyss the world old, blinded by madness aspires. It doesn't stop any more before anything. He counts on impunity. Supporters of the old world forgot about responsibility. The abyss between Light and darkness poles goes deep. Great Division will go up to the end, from edge and to edge.
078. (M. A. Y.). Don't try to reduce to itself the salutary power of Hierarchy of Light, but you seek to rise to It to enter into an orbit of its life given Beams. Below there is nothing to lean. Only having strongly approved on the Hierarchy Ladder, it is possible to keep under the pressure of darkness.
079. (Guru). Waves of chaos will wash away all barriers and will flood the consciousness’s which haven't adjoined strong to Hierarchy. It is necessary to keep inseparably, without coming off for an instant. Danger is great if it is necessary to speak about it so persistently. From the phenomenon of the Teacher don't distract. Final, difficult terms came.
080. (Guru). Trouble all that build on sand, on the personal assumptions, desires and calculations, but not on Bases, not on the Stone of the Eternal Basis of Life. And then come to despair when all personal constructions break up as houses of cards from collision with reality. Strongly, without being afraid of destruction, it is possible to build only on the enduring. All the rest will be dispelled downwind as dry autumn leaves.

081. (Feb. 3). The destiny doesn't spare the Light Bearer. All were torn to pieces, torture, and drive (away). The law of the victim is of the demanded atonement. Sufferings they Imprinted they of the knowledge given to people. Ways of the Highest Will are inscrutable. To give to ascending spirit all benefits terrestrial and all wellbeing – means to stop its ascension. Therefore doesn't spare of life of his chosen one. Therefore, of each Carrier Light or of the Spirit, which has been ardently directed to Light, Walk without of the distress? Don't envy of the felicity because their fate is sad.
082. (M. A.Y.). Pleasure of service to Light of Light Bearer in the heart his not belittled in spite of the fact that the burden of the Burden of this world is great. Both big and small Carriers Light Bearer the share, Bear, without grumbling, without becoming hardened, without complaining and without losing courage. Strength of mind is concentrated on giving to people that, they are able to give to them. Personal interests and conveniences are forgotten. Not about itself, but about the world, but about people care. Personal it is replaced super personal and universal. Big "I" take up a place of the small. So there is through life an Attendant of Light in Great Service to people.
083. (Guru). That is why there are a lot of invited and so few elite. Seeing wisdom and power of the Great Spirit, everyone wants to join It and answers Call. But the way is thorny and is long, and tests are heavy. After all it is necessary to go the track laid Called that is to some extent to pass that, through what It Passed. And here the terrestrial and Elevated enter race for power over consciousness, and the result of fight will define, whether becomes called by the winner or won.
084. (Feb. 4). Measures usual don't suit for judgment about the phenomena of a spiritual order. And where, apparently, the damage, ruin or failure, exactly there prepares a rich harvest of spirit. The worlds dense and Thin are incommensurable. And the anguish suffered on Earth, for the directed spirit turns in the fruitful stays which consequences to repay smb a hundredfold reward the person for everything that it underwent. So life is arranged that through sufferings and death of a form life gets the most valuable stratifications necessary for further development of those clothes this form. This center of the center of life is available both in the person, and in an animal, and in a plant, and even in atom. In the person it is concentrated in his Immortal Identity, at a plant – in the seed center. It can grow, develop and evolve infinitely. On a ladder of life all forms move ahead and evolve, submitting to the law of cycles and a rhythm. Life in Boundlessness real is immortal, and potentially the attribute of immortality each shown form possesses. Even the science recognized eternity of a matter and life, that is their immortality.
085. (M. A. Y.). How do you reconcile the consciousness of disciple the suffering through which he inevitably take place? Speech and thought the acuteness of feelings do not destroy. Surrounding does not bring relief. Spatial press is unbearable. Where are the search and relief and consolation? In a feat that despite everything, seek help people. This oblivion itself shall be concluded and the decision, and the only way out.
086. (Guru). Teachers from the judgment of ordinary judgment differ greatly. There is no heroism without self-renunciation. Carpet covered with dedication feat.
087. (M. A. Y.). On Earth distances, that is, proximity and distance, measured in kilometers, in the World Aboveground –aspiration and condition of the spirit. The idea that there's a whole movement, overcomes distance instantly. If a man has mastered the thought he is directing its flights if the idea holds man she moves his go where directed. In the world of Thin reins thought. This is why master thought necessary. There is a State of consciousness, but consciousness lives on the thought and creativity of spirit unfold before him. Radiant and light bearer is for pure heart.
088. (Guru). When the curtain opens slightly, suddenly close becomes and judgment future sounds on the key of immutability. But when closed the eyes of the soul and the shroud routine closes the horizon, all somewhere goes, goes away and the joy of feeling of what was next. Of States of consciousness so much depends on the ability to adjust it to the desired wave. The Teacher is with us always, but consonant so often suffers.
089. (Feb. 6). "I am with you always, but it is understood in the world. Merge – into the light. In the light of his will see My light. And I want to have a detrimental effect on light. All favors to get.
090. Each provision requires approval of the Teachings and her feet with his hand. If it is approved by someone other than the learner is not any good, because someone else's experience, someone else's knowledge and power are not his alien heritage. Everything is achieved through his own efforts and work. There are many who want to warm up in someone else's lights and even migrate over someone else's of prosper. The phenomenon is very sad that self-deception is stopped when of self-deceivers had to stand on their feet and be one. Loneliness is a very good test of their forces and their actual attainments. And many are insolvent.
091. (M. A. Y.). Where everything merges in one, usual distinctions or divisions of value have no. The tree of uniform knowledge can have many branches, but it has one trunk. Wise, beholding branches, never forgets about a trunk and isn't confused that they differ one from another. Many branches of a uniform tree serve it as ornament.
092. (Guru). In Light space where everything is uniform, divisions human disappear. It is difficult to imagine as billion contradictions of life suddenly disappear and are replaced with harmony and coherence as fight and spirits stops ascend, internally reconciled, in the Monastery of the Father. But we have certificates that it is valid so. And even on Earth High Spirits Tested that world, which is above anyone understanding. Than spheres of the shown life, subjects they disharmony are lower. Than above, that is coordinated. There are spheres of harmony of the highest. These are Light Spheres, there Light of the highest tension.
093. (Feb. 8). The identity of the person whom the lowest owns its "I", his egoism, makes the actions and of the affairs, which to the detriment not only it’s essence, but even and of physical body. Both drunkards, and the addicts, both smokers, and the disgrace is everything destroy itself the physical body. It is hard to bridle of egoism willfulness. People went to the woods and deserts, indulged in self-torture, exhausted itself with posts and a prayer and applied many other severe methods to restrain a body rather an astral. The egoism wants self-satisfaction, wealth, indulgence to all the desires. But the person is embodied to humor at all a body and an astral and to collect the necessary elements of experience and knowledge for the highest "I", for the Immortal Triad, for the Identity. And the egoism is for this the last the main enemy. Evolution guide not settle nor with interests of the personality, nor with her desires, if they disturb accumulation of the necessary experiences for the person highest "I"; therefore, did all fiery to Light direct Spirits so often pass on Earth through heavy sufferings. Their personality strong is sacrificed to interests of their Identity. Great Spirits Understood for the sake of what they should assume a heavy cross of life. The highest "I" live love to all real and, of course, love to people. This love demands service mankind and dark oblivion of, the personality and her interests. The personality goes to bat on a life cross for the sake of Immortal Identity of the person which prime target is service to people, and motive force – love to them. Wisdom of understanding of sense of Identity, its tasks and interests forces the person consciously, without complaints, exasperation and with pleasure meet difficulties, obstacles, chagrin, pains and sufferings, knowing that for the sake of merge with the highest "I" it is necessary overcome, bridle and subordinate the lowest "I" and to seize of. Unless Lords don’t know, through what sufferings Light Carriers should pass sometimes? Know and See. And if don’t hurry to stop these sufferings, so through them something is reached such big that it repay smb a hundredfold compensates new achievements everything that it is necessary to undergo. All crucified have a bad, murdered and torn to pieces Attendants Light Pass through life on Earth winners small "I", Passed for Love and Service to mankind. Certainly, the Highest Forces Could stop this process, but Great Service voluntary, and immortality and merge with the highest "I" are reached only by those who voluntary takes the cross and follows a way which was Specified by Me who Passed and has Learnt of all Way.
094. (M. A. Y.). Yes! The soul can "grieve fatally" in anticipation heavy of a cross, but the spirit courageously accepts the Bowl. In it is all greatness of the Victim Great. The understanding of greatness of this feat of force allows consciously and to bear courageously the cross of life and to overcome everything, that prevents go victoriously on the way of Light.
095. (Guru). How useful each burdening circumstances! The Teacher is happy when he sees how each such weights are deliberately removed them a lesson taught. Fruitful life is a wise move, and fast, and its leader. Help to overcome all the currents and power space.
096. (Feb. 9). The body has requirements which need to be satisfied that it could live. It is requirement to eat, drink, and sleep and so on. Paying tribute to a body, it is impossible to allow that these requirements seized the person and were out of his control. Examples of a terrible gluttony and many other unreasonable excesses which subordinated it the person are known. The power over a body is necessary to be free in World Aboveground from terrestrial gravitations and corporal habits which if not to be exempted from them, seize consciousness and create for it illusions of terrestrial remnants. The person, free from them, can live spatial life bright, interesting and full of various impressions, plunging into spheres, conformable to his aspirations. It isn't so difficult to imagine the world of the musician living in spheres of sounds when it can create, not limited to terrestrial conditions. Elevated creativity is available, and in those areas where the person is attracted by his aspiration. And, when the aspiration is free from dense terrestrial elements, it has lawful satisfaction, attracting to itself possibilities of its implementation. Are carried out in imagination and low-corporal aspirations, but immerse the person in gloomy, in the lower class of an astral, and stop its ascension. The wide field for work and for creativity opens to light spirit. Both to learn, and it is possible to study in World Aboveground, it is possible help people, as needing the help, as well as on Earth, and as aspiring to knowledge. But for this purpose it is necessary to be exempted from terrestrial gravitations.
097. (M. A.Y.). Peace of mind not to destroy, but to add to the understanding of the subtle world need to have a complete sense of things. Peace will remain the same, but the advanced and in-depth knowledge is not visible bodily eyes facet. Even the usual paints can transmit the artist much more than passes the picture. Even under foreign of mask can hear the unmistakable sophisticated heart human inner self. Cognition of the invisible World opens inside the essence of things and gives them a complete and bulge images. Second sight opens possibilities for understanding the hidden sides of the wonderful of the world around us.
098. (Guru). Often one wants to throw off some karmic circumstances, bearing in mind that the release of these in themselves and that they will not leave him until he pops them in the spirit. And slavery, or dependence, and the release are in the spirit. Within himself to find out exactly what binds and puts it under external conditions, what gave it authority over them and that keeps him connected in spirit.
099. (M. A. Y.). In anticipation of the offensive, the Timing is set on the key readiness consciousness. A lot will have to just leave. In the new world would have to come without baggage allowances, but fully prepared to serve the people. In need of help will be so much. Misunderstanding and fear of unfathomable create confusion. You need to calm down, explain and help restore balance. But to whom will appeal, except those who know. Each nugget of knowledge will really need.
100. (Guru). It is hard to imagine that somewhere already decided everything and that old world lives out its last days. They will be easy, not everyone will stand the tension. Those, who are ready, will meet; it will be easier to withstand waves.