Agni Yoga's facets, 1971

1997 - year of the 100 anniversary since the birth of Boris Nikolaevich Abramova.
The feat it brought Light in our life. Its appeal was: respect each other, show patience and tolerance, carry out the Precept of the Savior – "Love the neighbor, as it".
1971. 001. (Jan. 1). There is no justification to the people knowing that they cause other sufferings or the troubles, and still doing it. Ignorance still can excuse, but knowledge – never; this already conscious causing evil to people. It is necessary to pay at a rate of the done harm. Suffering from it isn't easier, and they are ready to forgive if spirit is rather high, but the Law of the Karma isn't considered with it and has to be executed up to the end. It is possible to regret torturers heartless because their fate is unenviable. Be sorry dark, tormenting you the cruelty because they should pay for each tear. The law is relentless! In the ignorance think that are unpunished. Blind ignoramuses! Regret the blind men, digging the own grave own hands. Better when don't know that create. For them it is possible to pray, but when know, neither forgiveness, nor prayers not to help with forces. It is possible to make attempts to explain not knowing, what harm they cause. But if it is results won't yield, it is possible to depart, both to wash hands, and to provide them to own destiny, and already not to interfere any more during their karma, and, not to have the main thing, the evils in the heart against your torturers. The mankind tragedy that bad people create the evil and think that are unpunished. What wild delusion! If knew that it is necessary to pay for each particle of the done harm completely, would arrive differently. Imagined impunity and irresponsibility generated the evil in the world. The law of the reasons and consequences corresponding to the reasons operates the world. From it nowhere not leave. And if you are sorry and you forgive your torturers and even are ready to pray for them, the benefit to you, but nevertheless know that the Law doesn't forgive. Not to enter the debtor into the New World: it is necessary to pay off at first. It concerns all inhabitants of your planet. Also you look: already pay, it is so much misfortune around, diseases, sufferings and a grief. It also is payment for the past. Here rescues anything: neither money, nor power, not situation. And it occurs on all space of a planet. Time of deadlines accelerates events, and also consequences of the generated reasons. Know about invincible power of action of Space Laws. The knowledge force allows sustaining everything up to the end.
002. The end of Cali Yugi will be noted by an unknown press of karmic conditions both in all-planetary scale, and in private life of each person. The last payment on accounts for last debt is necessary. The person burdened with debts can't enter into the future. Satia the South has no consolation for debtors. To remain behind a threshold of the New World is the most terrible that can expect the person. There are conscious attendants of darkness. But everyone will enter in whom is though Light sparkle. Time of final accounts will define destiny of each person. Terrible time goes solutions of destinies human.
003. (M. A. Y.). You can accept, and you can reject. The benefit accepted because, rejecting behind whom there is a Lord, reject it. The litmus piece of paper works unmistakably. Not you reject or you accept, and not you, but Light which in you, reveals Light or darkness in those who comes nearer to you. And from this reaction to luminosity it is impossible to leave. So one, without knowing why, are kindly favorable disposed and it is friendly, others start bearing malice and harming without any occasion on that of you. Be very attentive to these manifestations in people of darkness or light. Not for you, but for them it is important because by the relation in the present determine to itself the place in the future. Mankind division on poles goes inevitably and naturally.
004. (Guru). Friends Mine, you keep, all strength of mind having collected. The hardest time approaches closely. All of Rowers Light it in the unprecedented tension, and also the darkness.
005. (Jan. 2). We Attach special significance to the Communication moment. Why? The spirit perceives our vibrations and eats them. The harp of spirit sounds on a wave sent by us. It chooses from an uncountable set of energy surrounding spirit of energy of the Beam sent by us, focusing consciousness on it. The right and freedom of choice belong to the person. The uncountable quantity of the various phenomena of a various order crowds at an entrance to his consciousness, but he chooses that considers as the most necessary at the will. Thoughts and images from last fulfillments crowd around, demanding to itself attention, but it chooses that to conformably its aspiration to Light. When Communication comes to an end, it is surrounded by thoughts usual, surrounding it in daily occurrence. But also here at consciousness patrol the power it has thoughts not light and dark, allowed in the past once, not to allow. The receiver of the consciousness which has been adjusted on a wave of thoughts of fine and pure, dirty thoughts doesn't permit to enter. Protection of consciousness is necessary a constant because darkly around, and useless it is necessary to be preserved against invasion of thoughts sharp-sightedly. Thoughts such, going as from outside, and from depth of own past when acts and manifestations of subjects and get rid of properties of the lowest nature and willfulness of an astral were allowed are dangerous. These echoes of the past come to light in views alluring bright and attractive to tighten consciousness in the funnel and to cause a combination of consciousness to them. This recurrence of the past is dangerous if to fall under their influence. Therefore patrol has to be severe and continuous, and the will – not to allow indulgences and concessions to an astral. The power is approved over all covers and over an astral first of all. It unknown to awake consciousness can cherish in windings and dark back streets attachment to that was once allowed in the past, and doesn't want to leave this freight. But the lord over an astral – the person, his master, and it can force to reconcile this irrepressible cover and to lead it to silence. Fight against the astral is difficult test for ways of each pupil. Exceptions we do not know. Though forms of this fight are very various, but its essence that the astral strongly seeks to involve consciousness in an orbit of the desires and desires. There is no number to them and a limit. It is enough to concede to them in something as desires start growing, amplifying and inflaming, demanding satisfaction. The drunkard and the addict serve as a graphic evidence of impetuous desires, appetites and willfulness of this ardent cover when the person gives it the power over.
006. At understanding of a bipolarity of internal essence of the person fight against the lowest nature of a message it is already easier if the consciousness concentrates on a pole light. The freedom of choice always remains behind will what it was. It should be understood up to the end. The power over always belongs to the person, even then, when he abuses it and sends it to the evil. And the power over itself gives self to an astral, of his the own power. It having realized it isn't so difficult to take it and back, claiming a primacy of spirit over everything that occurs in covers. Covers temporary, the spirit is eternal. This temporariness and mortality of covers causes the power of spirit over them. And at resistance and constancy of aspiration to improvement of a cover are compelled to concede the Supreme power to spirit. The spirit the winner will be always if it is realized.
007. (M. A.Y.). When will ask why a lot of time is found for thoughts and experiences of personal character, answer: the advantage or harm which the person can bring to the world, depend on a light-bearer of its aura, and the last – with its feelings, thoughts and experiences that is on a condition of his consciousness. Therefore so much attention in the course of transformation of human essence also is paid to the last.
008. (Guru). More and more strain in the aspiration to Light, so that strengthen the luminosity and the Light which in you, the good bear to the people, and the world. Each your effort is immutable will yield a fruit, and sang you will reap from the diligence to serve as the Light to General Welfare.
009. (January. 4). The spirit of the person was given the power "over any flesh", that is over a matter of all worlds on all plans of existence: on the plan terrestrial, astral, mental and fiery. But people directed energy the on mastering only the plan terrestrial, losing these opportunities of the highest. Directed to mastering by a matter of all worlds the power over it receives to create because creativity – destiny of the person on Earth and in the Worlds; rower of spirit not of ghost, not Maya, not of groundless dreams, but of fiery reality, attainable in of Boundlessness. Allocating the Deity with omnipotence, an omniscience and pansophy, people that was told them forget: "You are gods". And not they who have refused Me, Told to them it, but you, you who directed to Me and have betrayed to Will My, – the benefit to you, sons of Light and Life, My children.
010. (Jan. 5). Work and of aspiration – it keys to the future. They will lead to the purpose. How to define the validity of the phenomenon? Heart. It moves forward on a proscenium. "Depart from the evil" heart and "you will create the benefit". Withdrawal only a brain doesn't yield results: roots after all in heart. Fires of heart burn all litter. When they brightly burn, the person is released from are nasty. So, the first care of those fires of heart didn't die away. In a fiery hearth on fires of heart Agni's wings are forged; the liberator of spirit – it the fire. Fire is supported by communication with Hierarchy of Light.
011. (Jan. 6). "There is a Prince of this world and has in Me no anything" is a powerful formula of protection against coming nearer darkness, from dark, from the evil in any form. She acts powerfully and protects if in the heart of people has no anything able consonance with darkness, any elements of the evil or darkness if heart is cleared of everyone are nasty also litter. Then the dark are powerless to harm and cause reciprocal vibrations of not get rid properties in its essence; means, the first condition of immunity of spirit – it the heart of cleansing. Addressing to Me always the help I Give in fight on darkness and with myself. But also he has to be ready without a regret and concealment to leave century litter. There are the things not compatible to the statement of Light in. They should be set aside, and in the spirit of from them to be averted, and to uproot them from heart. And to the person will seem then that he most from itself tears off part. But it is deception. Not itself, but the crude rough astral matter is thrown out by him from an astral cover. The astral is not it. The astral cover should be dumped from itself in general as it is necessary to dump a physical body and all other temporary covers. Therefore astral cockroaches it is in the bosom inexpedient to hold. When all litter able consonant to darkness jumps out, and in a microcosm of the person remains nothing from darkness, then no approximations of dark substance because they are powerless are dangerous to harm or angrily and to force to vibrate in unison with the evil-tricks, inventions, of allure, seductions and delusions. Such condition of consciousness also will be armor, not perforation darkness. Immunity of spirit is based on it. Unnecessary freight we will leave below, our way goes to Light.
012. Each approach dark can be used as a powerful push to Light. Energy of their impact, calling of powerful power counteractions of spirit, address for useful work. So dark the heart cleared of any litter can force to serve Light. Let's be glad to each victory over darkness because it is got hardly. The Teacher Rejoices to each victory because we work together and together we go the merged heart. When dark see that all their efforts yield results, absolutely the return expected by them, in rage powerless recede in darkness from which came.
013. Release from the astral conductor while the person on Earth, is Arhat's achievement. Having executed the appointment, the astral doesn't become necessary. And therefore, while it to eat, reckon with it, to concede to it, to his willfulness, requirements and desires we won't be. It not we, but only our tool, the spirit tool, its tool subordinated to our will and, perhaps, taught us that now doesn't correspond to extent of development of our expanded consciousness. "The slave is afraid of the owner", an astral – the lord, the person Highest "I". Let's so joyfully and victoriously enter new understanding of new relationship with the covers which are subordinated to spirit and are under its power and control. Understanding by the person of the power over the covers gives this power to it in hands for full mastering by them.
014. When the destructive wave of force hostile manages to be stopped and directed on useful work is a victory over darkness. And then the pupil reaches that step at which both dark and Light forces start serving him, and nothing can already stop his advances on the way to Boundlessness. Gradually the consciousness, and problems personal extends, terrestrial will start being replaced with problems space, leaving a framework of a present situation of Earth. The thought directs in the future in which everything is achievable; thought magnetic. It attracts from space of possibility of future stays and breaks through message channels with the Distant Worlds where that isn't reached yet on Earth is already reached. Thus, the vision horizon extends, and already specific tasks of his evolution are set for the person: mental energy, cooperation with spatial fire, transformation of the person and planet on which it lives and to decorate which the power is given it. Many the immediate and urgent tasks on decoration of a garden terrestrial arise now before mankind which in the ignorance and darkness destroys Earth, kills and makes the life on it miserable and prepares for itself awful destiny if doesn't come round and won't address to light creation and construction. Let thoughts of it and of responsibility for Earth, for the Space House, fill space and reach probably bigger number of consciousness’s that people understood that they create in the madness on Earth as seek to blow up and destroy it and that to lose the only shelter in Space. Where will continue the way where will find the shelter mankind if the planet blows up? For life on the Highest Planets the few are ready, and to adapt to new conditions on the lowest planets be required eons times.
015. (M. A. Y.). The person is a magnet, attractions terrestrial attract it to Earth, attractions the highest – up; to which to prefer, that is the choice, depends on his will. Otherwise it is possible to appear in position of the person who is torn apart on part by opposite energy. The choice is made firm and final: either up, or down. It is impossible to serve God and a mammon or to sit on two chairs. At a known step the choice has to be resolute, final and irrevocable.
The Mammon (Greek) – an evil ghost of money-making.
016. (Guru). To the friend tell: it is easy to you to distribute, you distribute not the – read of books or received from others. But when the Intimate Knowledge is acquired by long efforts, work and aspiration, protection of treasures of spirit becomes obligatory and their delivery is accompanied by understanding of responsibility for each told word. And, if the donation happens incommensurably to consciousness receiving or excessively lawful, it is necessary to pay. The knowledge not, others, is got from books or from other people. The knowledge gathers on particles on the basis of experience of life and the receipts going from depths of spirit and sent by the Teacher in the Beam when the beams self-proceeding already from essence of the pupil are approved; in this it a difference in knowledge of the person.
017. (Jan. 7). The card of a horoscope shows, what spatial energy and in what angular combinations sate a microcosm of the person. Being a particle of Space, the person isn't separable from it. Influence of the Far Worlds happens on lines of magnetic communication. Energy these affect both a dense body, and mentality of people. Stars induce, but don't force, that is the known freedom of action is provided to human will. One live by the principle: "Float My boat at will of waves", others take strong a wheel in hand and direct a spirit castle at the chosen course. The will is a powerful factor in spirit life if it is put in action. And if this will is merged with of Will Teacher Light, even at very difficult horoscope of people victoriously moves ahead on the way of Light.
017. (Jan. 7). The card of a horoscope shows, what spatial energy and in what angular combinations sate a microcosm of the person. Being a particle of Space, the person isn't separable from it. Influence of the Far Worlds happens on lines of magnetic communication. Energy these affect both a dense body, and mentality of people. Stars induce, but don't force, that is the known freedom of action is provided to human will. One live by the principle: "Float My boat at will of waves", others take strong a wheel in hand and direct a spirit castle at the chosen course. The will is a powerful factor in spirit life if it is put in action. And if this will is merged with of Will Teacher Light, even at very difficult horoscope of people victoriously moves ahead on the way of Light.
018. (M. A. Y.). Power of aspiration consists in its magnetic properties. They attract to themselves elements, conformable to aspiration. Certainly, power of aspiration is connected with thought. The strong directed thought – the phenomenon of a fiery order. It is possible to attract with aspiration from space of thought of any property. The space is saturated them, but on layers. There is no refusal in attraction rather in an attraction to consciousness, thoughts, both the finely and light, and dark and low. Everything depends on a free choice and the direction. And if someone is overcome by bad thoughts against which it has no forces to fight, it means that in the past once he freely, at the will, chose these thoughts, them grow up and strengthened to such an extent that it appeared at them in a dependent. In this case it is possible to work with a formula: "I generated you, me and will kill you", that is own generations are overcome by their generated who has realized that at a sufficient tension of will and aspiration he can reach it.
019. (Guru). Already you see as from the immense tank of spatial thought it is possible to choose and attract to itself desirable and necessary thoughts and without fluctuation and delay to reject thoughts wandering, not light, appearing in the field of consciousness on almost already get rid channels of an attraction. That is why, when there is a process of clarification of consciousness from any litter, severe control over thought is so insistently necessary.
020. (Jan. 8). Nobody will deny the fact of influence of a sound on mentality of the person. Value of music is in this regard great. The blow of a bell gives a sound extending on long distance. In this case the peal sates space with sound vibrations of positive character. Not to compare influence it to cacophony of loud-speakers. The sound of bells is saturated with solemnity. Influence of these sounds the definitely positive. Sound – it the phenomenon fiery. It is connected with color. The peal causes response in a human body, and this reaction is beneficial. Each metal gives the special sound. The sound of silver possesses very high harmony; already understood that in silver vessels water is ionized and gets special characteristics of salutary character, - also will understand also curative impact of a peal on the person and even the nature.
021. (M. A. Y.). The sounds of bells, organ and various musical instruments have the lead man in a solemn State and set it out on a certain wave. But it was not without fanaticism. Some sects in America at their gatherings have introduced jazz music. The principle is so vulgarized, and the solemnity is replaced with cacophony of fussiness. But people understand the value of sound, and the solemn gatherings sing hymns. They facilitate the pooling of minds and adjust them accordingly, if these hymns are strong enough, harmonious and festive. Should have been in school and apply this principle too consciously and with a certain aim of bringing students into a harmonious state of mind. Too much disharmony invades life.
022. (Guru). Music has a huge impact on the State of mind of the people. The only question is what music is. Music can create and destroy, may make harmony and disharmony. Music can be harmful, disruptive ' and murderously operate on the mind and nervous system. The State must stand up for the people from harmful music, destroying his mind, health and balance.
023. When the voltage is no longer in Our earthly measures, we can help the understanding and the desire to support us in these moments, without asking for anything. And then feel how great Burden of this world. Where are they willing to support us with their unwavering aspiration and confidence! Human natures in the serious moments Teachers leave him alone even his disciples, and the brunt of the cross falls on his shoulders. Now comes the responsible moment in life of the planet. And I want to have united around the Warriors of light Focus Hierarchy, leaving care of worldly affairs. Of course, drink and eat, and dress the body and put on shoes, but the basic and primary thought let it be about the main thing, that what affects the whole future of mankind. Participants, whether they like it or not, there are people, some on the side of light, some dark. We want all of our people of conscious participation and conscious, selfless desires to share burden of these days with us. We have had help during these hours have merit.
024. (M. A. Y.). We usually come to get to take. But so rare those approaching to give to help and share Our Work and loading. How much we appreciate their coming to help. Of course, they receive a hundredfold for selfless dedication, and they did not come to be, but to share with us the burden of worldly Burdens. Only love can look at this feat, love to a teacher of light. The benefit to them brings the energy and the Light on creation of the Great Temple of Life. Their contribution will be valuable.
025. (Guru). Give space to the planet give Lord, give people – that is the aim of a true Servant of light. And the biggest giver is the largest and the recipient. But coming just to get anything to anybody without letting let them know that their share will be scarce.
026. (Jan.. 12). 026. (January. 12). In every spot on the globe my Presence can be notable, because a fiery body over terrestrial measurements time and space. Mental body and thoughts possess big degree of freedom, though not such, as a body fiery. Even the astral is much freer than a dense body. The thought and consciousness constantly pass from a subject to a subject. It is possible to subordinate this process to will, keeping consciousness on the desirable phenomenon and that is connected with it. Thoughts good this way get into consciousness if the phenomenon is high. The phenomenon of Lords will be among the highest. So Light Ladder, the Ladder of Hierarchy is available to consciousness, in whatever body it worked. Sacred Images and subjects facilitate consciousness keeping on the chosen phenomenon. Each subject serves as though as the conductor or a mediation link. The aura of a subject works. By it is explained as well action of amulets, teraphim and ancient things. Influence of aura of the person still admits, but influence of aura of subjects, dwellings, the cities and districts isn't understood. Everything has the aura, and everything influences everything. The woods, either mountains, or fields are full of these influences. Influences of the modern cities are terrible, influences of people spiteful, sick and unfortunate are terrible, and all people are exposed to them – they know about it or not, want or don't want. Everything interacts in the world surrounding the person, both in dense, and in Thin, Mental and Fiery. In vain someone thinks that something can protect it from these influences, from communication with the world which generated it, or from star influences, from beams and vibrations of the Far Worlds. Warmth of beams of the sun warms a planet and gives it life. It is not denied fact, it is realized. As also all other facts of influence of the various phenomena on the person demand understanding.
027. Having taken the Boundlessness way, whether it is possible to be surprised to that every day before consciousness it’s all new and new sides are developed, and there is them no end and a limit. The concept of Boundlessness opens opportunities everything new and new cognition of Space and the surrounding person of the world, cognition infinite, not limited to anything. Sides and aspects of the Universe are so diverse that not in forces them to capture any imagination. And how the culture of thought, behind heights reached by it was high, appear new, higher, going to a boundless height. With mistake will be touched and be content with achievements of a modern civilization because in some centuries they will seem to people infantile and pity in the ignorance of understanding of eternal Space Laws. And only the Intimate Knowledge laying ways to true culture of thought, remains the mankind guide for all times.
028. (Guru). Characters are generously promised. It is necessary to take the not denuding heart. It's guiding signposts to the future. How to enter into it, if you closed your eyes? So let the heart be open mind does not obscure the buzz and generalities. Great time great causes for not wishing to pass by, not resentful wanting and not able to see, will pass, not transforming their essence, and leave them outside the new world.
029. (January. 13). The last revolt of darkness against Light will be awful. In each person it raises with all the force that fades in him any aspiration to Light and to ship consciousness it in a gloom. Not everything, not all will sustain this impact. In planetary scale it will pour out in new madness’s and fury. Also it will be very dark on Earth. The darkness of night is very much condensed before a dawn. It should be known to meet the highest wave of the evil fully equipped with firmness, hardness and courage; but this it already the end, the end to darkness and this, who with it together in a conscious counteraction to Light.
030. (M. A. Y.). Now it should not be allowed to obscure the horizon shadows of the past of the future. Said to hard domination of will over all attempts to immerse the consciousness in Astral what once lived. "In the past, all burned to a fiery Yoga."
031. (Jan. 14). "That bind on earth shall be bound in heaven." What have learned, knew what believed that collected and realized on Earth, in the subtle world is your wealth, opportunities that you will implement in the world, where everything is going on Aboveground, moves and is thought. For freedom of thought should be free, and that the accumulation of imagination were sufficient, then there is a need, or rather the knowledge of material, with which you can create in the subtle world. People come there with such meager imagination and lack of needed to of the world knowledge with such disbelief in life on the plans and any opportunity that denials by its stillness of thought become like stone graven images. And if the world of earthly things to move a hand or foot, it is necessary to preface the thought, in that world without the traffic in ideas move impossible. Some slept, others are standing, others crawling, fourth, fifth go fly, and it all depends on the condition of man, from the savings or the knowledge that it has collected on Earth, and most importantly, the availability of Agni. The fire will motor power one incarnation man fire gained during his life on Earth. So, living on Earth in dense bodies people are divided into spendthrifts and Agni's stores. Actions of their stores or wasting fire people. All human emotions and thoughts it is collected or lavish fire. Why is it important to know at any given moment, wasted or going to man's most precious asset, which can be owned by it on the ground and in the worlds? Agni, so few notable in earthly life, becomes a decisive factor of human life in the world aboveground.
032. (M. A. Y.). How Agni collects? First of all – control over thought and restraint of feelings. The condition of constrained energy has to accompany the pupil in manifestation of its activity during the day. With fire growth fieriness involves Agni's waste. The impetuous flame is especially inadmissible. It painfully exhausts forces. Certainly, the pupil has to give and share that he receives from the Teacher. But this donation has to be supervised by will and occur without any violation of balance. The uncontrolled donation of the lit heart always will be accompanied by exhaustion of forces and an illness. It is necessary to acquire and make firmly a donation wisely. The hot horse is constrained a bridle by a strong hand of the skilled horseback rider as precisely "the silver bridle of spirit" is put on and all feelings of the pupil.
033. (Guru). The reserved donation or delivery of mental energy much more effective and is longer on the consequences, than impetuous. Labrets open and the read book lose the magnetism of an attraction and interest to. The person, who devastated the treasury to the bottom, loses properties of the magnet and assimilates to an empty peel without the internal contents. Therefore words of talkers are deprived of a magnetic. Idle talk is considered defect among those who knows that the word is Fire carrier. The pupil observes the speech, supervising each said word.
034. (Jan. 15). Not one, but many times it is necessary to face the same counteracting living conditions. It means that something in them isn't overcome and demands from the person of increase of its overcoming power. Means, its sparks are weak. Character of karmic conditions depends on Agni's increase, it people around. It is enough to increase spirit on counteracting circumstances as they die. There is no other way to be exempted from them. Otherwise they as Heracles's poisoned clothes will stick and cling even more to consciousness. As they say, life always beats on a sore point that is in a weak place that is to the most unprotected while it won't get stronger and won't become covered of armor, already protecting from external blows. The destiny very much beats the unfortunate, weak-willed people tormented with life. It is necessary to be strong. In the course of evolution of types the strongest survive and the most adapted for fight. Thus evolution is considered neither with life, nor with sufferings of live forms. All of them die and are replaced with the new. All forms of life are mortal, but are immortal life and that of the spirit-monad round which the changing forms investing it are formed. All planets are covered with remains of bodies of plants, animals and the person to give the bottom to nascence and existence of new forms of life. The eternity of life consists in continuous change of its external forms.
035. (M. A. Y.). It is impossible to feel sorry for itself, the body and the temporary mortal personality, concluded in it because the spirit of the person goes to bat in a matter that by sufferings and world cognition through the external form to gain the experience necessary for an ascension on a ladder of life. Both a body, and the personality will die, but the Immortal Identity of the person enriched with their terrestrial experience will continue the Star Trek in Boundlessness.
036. (Guru). Everything that is required from the pupil going on the way is concluded in one word: victory. He has to come out the winner from all tests and difficulties of life. Thus the victory consists not in destruction of external conditions, and in a victory over by itself. The victory over external circumstances if they aren't accompanied by a victory inside is useless.
037. (Jan. 16). "The person is a magnet", and aspiration of the person too magnet. The strong aspiration always brings sooner or later the desirable. As though the network is thrown in space, taking from it the elements necessary for implementation of that is put in aspiration; when the aspiration fiery and fully string, the spatial answer can't but be. It is most difficult to reach an aspiration fully string when everything is excluded from consciousness that with it isn't conformable and that shatters its solidity. The aspiration attracts and attracts from the spatial ocean those elements which are put already in the aspiration. It is impossible to attract that doesn't contain to some extent in directing consciousness. It corresponds to a formula: "to the having it will be given, and that has" will be taken away from not having also. The immutable Law of the accord and compliance works. Put in consciousness of the necessary elements– one of tasks of the pupil. The Life doctrine generously gives those elements which are so necessary for aspiration saturation by the necessary properties attracting from space reciprocal vibration, but enriched and overflowed with elements which were put in aspiration. It is necessary to enclose to what it would be possible to put in aspiration. Otherwise the aspiration won't bring desirable results. Collecting of such rightful elements sating aspiration for an attraction all new and new, conformable it, from space, can become conscious and purposeful process. Completeness, solidity and indivisibility of aspiration are very important thus. The consciousness has to be in the full accord, or harmony, in an exact consonance with to what it directs. Unconsciously it many people, but on the plane of the lowest use this property of aspiration and magnetic force, attracting to itself the phenomena imperfect, corresponding to their desires, passions and defects and purely terrestrial interests satisfying them. This law works as well in all other fields of activity of the person, works everywhere: both on Earth, and in the Worlds. The magnetic power of aspiration of a bike and not greatly also attracts to the person of opportunity according to those elements which are put in the aspiration.
038. (Guru). Solidity, indivisibility and full-strings of aspiration will be the success guarantee. In the flying plane, in the rushing train, in the floating ship all people and each person are separately subordinated to one movement, one purpose. In the same way and in a human microcosm at its movement to the purpose far everything submits to its achievement. By the ship there is the various lives filled with different interests, tasks and work, but the ship moves to the purpose. As and in human life of a condition it demand from it this or that work, this or that performance of a debt, and the body demands it clothes, food and a shelter. Many details enter into human life; but all this as by rushing train; it is subordinated to purposeful movement to absolutely definite target. Understanding of the purpose uniform for the sake of which the person on Earth for the sake of which lives is incarnate, works, rejoices, suffers, and accumulates knowledge and experience, is for it the most necessary problem of his life, understanding and submission to movement to this purpose.
039. (M. A. Y.). The main driving force, telling the person the necessary energy to propel it along the way to the stars, will be all the same love for the Hierarchy of light. Among the most sublime thoughts, hopes and aspirations, and achievements, the sourcing of these and those, amidst all that happens to us, we will not forget about this powerful engine of life and of those who opened our eyes to the meaning and significance of our stay on Earth.
040. (Jan. 17). I want to lead you to understanding of the Space Moment of a planet. I want to bring clarity in that has to do each of you. Battlefield – all planets. Enemies – all supporters of the old world, friends – everything, who against it. Poles – two, - darkness pole, pole of the old world, led by those who rose against Light two thousand years ago. Light pole – the World New, with it We. Be not confused mistakes and imperfections of the New World. Evolutionarily it on a right way though "the flour also isn't pure at the middle", but another isn't present. The center of darkness removes a visor and reveals itself. Without head – are doomed. Head is destroyed, there was that it generated, remained too for destruction. Process of self-identification, decomposition, self-destruction and darkness self-consuming began; will go promptly. The people will rise, breaking off chains of the old world, a victory behind them, because We with them. Also we Inspire them on this fight and We Conduct it by means of all those who for the World New.
041. We accept all that come under the banner of the new world, without distinction as to color, creed and nationality. Peace activists gather New. "Victory", for Trumpet in the subtle world it already is. While the majority of mankind there to later fall into a world of tight. When a creative work is said to cause in the World Can, and result in the world. Because "blow victory".
042. (M. A. Y.). The benefits to the one who will read us live, us who have left the world terrestrial. Our union is strong then. To have allies in World Aboveground – means to be the winner in fight terrestrial. The darkness of subjects also is strong that its roots – in World Thin. But Light there is stronger than it, but this condition demands ardent understanding. Great Forces of the Hidden Worlds are involved in construction process on Earth of the New World. These are your allies in your fight for Light under the Banner of Lords; cosmic it this of fight. The Armageddon came to an end a victory and destruction of the Prince of this world and its citadel of the evil. And now fight goes already for the statement in the dense world of New Earth and the New Sky. Precipitancy of events will amplify. The darkness reveals itself for destruction final. Benefit of all, with of Light going.
043. Boundlessness is inexhaustible, and going on the way to it can be enriched infinitely with spatial treasures, but within consciousness capacity. Wishing to receive has to expand and expand it incessantly if wants to strengthen a receiving stream more. It extends from within and outside. From inside –is deepening of thinking’s, the outside – acquisition of the knowledge, promoting this task. Not all knowledge expands consciousness. The narrow specialty limits it, concluding in a close framework of specialty. The science so grew, and specialties were increased what to specialize without prejudice to consciousness is admissible only on condition of synthetic understanding of science as a whole and that small place in the general scheme of things which is allocated for this specialty. Otherwise specialty as the small bagatelle before eyes can cover all horizons.
044. (Guru). Speaking of expanding consciousness, and let's not forget the beloved craft. Love begets knowledge which results in amazing and unique works of art and has contributed to the art. Encouraging these artisans and supporting them, the State develops in the bowels of the folk art and raises the consciousness to a higher level. The origins of folk art are hidden in the depths of thick people's and require a conscious and careful.
045. (M.A.Y.). Insatiability to received knowledge is good because points to an aspiration fiery but is good only under a condition if balance is observed. It is necessary because fire can burn, and the impetuous flare is inadmissible. Fires of a microcosm human need mastering by them and severe control.
046. (M. A. Y.). We begin to see clearly in the future aspiration in it. Where thought, there and consciousness. Transference of consciousness in the future – one from of conditions the following on the Path. It is a lot of imperfections in the present, but it is possible to overcome them only in the future. Therefore it is possible to designate the future we weed realization of achievements. Safely go to the future: in it all.
047. (Jan. 20). Balance bipolar, that is remains it as at the most favorable and joyful combination of circumstances, and the heaviest. And if on one of poles it isn't possible to keep balance, and on the friend strong it won't be because can't be that. Test for the fortress of balance doesn't pass directed to Light because without the statement of this quality further a known step it is impossible to rise. It is good to learn to pass mentally through tests on both poles, imagining favorable combination of circumstances, and then absolutely opposite, and passing through them. Then collision with them in the valid life becomes such, as if they already were in the past and the consciousness victoriously passed through them, having kept balance.
048. (M. A. Y.). Stand as the granite rock among the rough ocean about which unshakable fortress ocean wave’s break. And, how they were huge and are strong, scatter splashes about inflexible firmness of granite.
049. (Guru). Will learn to demonstrate strength not only when everything is good and Fiery Leadership clearly, but also when surrounded and dark collar around and is raging the horizon of the future closed clouds. Check the lights on the resistance spirit will accompany the student until the flame of the spirit takes hold it firmly and forever will not be Inextinguishable.
050. (M. A. Y.). Faith to the end, in spite of everything, and the entire contrary, judgment is the winner. Maya can create fierce, from grasping the obvious path of mendacity. But the spirit prevailed will say, Mayan, recede! Know their way, know where and who to go to, you can't block Me the way envisaged. "
051. (Guru). The belief is the powerful force opening all gate. If "aspiration – a key from all gate", motive force of aspiration – belief, a deep-seated faith in possibility what, to what directs of heart. The Maya – the enemy of belief and it’s the constant antagonist. Bases are given that the base of belief was unshakable and strong. The Maya won't dare against Bases. By Fiery and repeatedly approve Bases in the heart if you want that the belief remained firm.
051. (Guru). Faith is a powerful force that opens all doors. If "desire - is the key to all gate, then motor of power of aspirations – a faith of unshakable faith in the possibility that, of the rushes. Maya is enemy of the faith and the standing antagonist her. The basics are the foundation of faith was undaunted and durable. The Maya did not dare to against the foundations. Fiery and then signs off the basics in your heart if you want faith remained strong.
052. (Jan. 23). Let's resourcefully collect all signs. It very much will aggravate vigilance and readiness. It isn't enough to send a sign, it should be seen still. People are usually so occupied by and that to time for the most necessary any more doesn't remain. Demands to catch sign all attention and all consciousness, and it is necessary to depart from it. Many times it is necessary to repeat that the formula "be rejected from itself" remains that condition without which the perception of spatial parcels is impossible.
053. (M. A. Y.). We attach very great importance to dreams. After all, is communication with the world, and every dream has its own value and can be considered as a given character. Take the spatial parcels fully conscious to very few, but dreams are available to almost everyone. And when before going to sleep is set to tune a wave of consciousness and dreams are particularly important and content.
054. (Guru). Those who Set Us to work together, stay on all the time in Our future plans, unless, of course, maintain focus and dedication. Many believe that death can affect relationships, but so do those who believe in it and forgot that crushed to death and it can't break it Silver threads of the spirit. Let the heart will tell you that the invisible can become more real than the visibility of the obviousness of the dense, and that barriers and restrictions actually feels like a fiery lie in our minds.
055. (Jan. 24). Free will is given to man not to give it to other people. Even the transfer of consciousness through the Hierarchy is not a rejection of free-will. Even more implausibly fall under the influence of ordinary people and allow them to influence the will and it’s suppressed.
056. (Guru). After a night-day, after the storm – the Sun. Thickening darkness and tension over the planet can judge the Light future, judgment people. Opposed the Act governs the world. New heaven on a new glow transfigured Earth Eclipse the memory of the past. Joy of Mysterious – it reaching the heart.
057. (Jan. 26). For that it waits? It is necessary to work. How? Rower over itself is of the confirmation self-luminary. It will be entering of the share into the Bowl of General Welfare. And it is very important for maintenance of a network of Light planetary. It the world keeps. Each thread of Light stretched from someone to someone, it is possible to be glad because the network extends.
058. (Guru). You can imagine good influences of creations human, created by the hands radiating Light. These stratifications are very strong and accompany these creations during the whole time of their existence. Correctly some subjects were called sacred. But idea of good aura of rightful subjects should be expanded. The objects of art sated with beauty, bear on themselves these beneficial radiations, because Beauty, Harmony and Light – the phenomena, not separable from each other. In this regard value of art is very deep because it bears to people Light. Still a lot of things should be told about great value of art. Not to lift consciousness of the people up to the necessary height if art isn't included into his life and there is no one of bases of transformation of human essence.
059. (Jan. 27). Let's constantly hold the Face of the Teacher in the heart. Why it is necessary constantly? To be protected from the dark. The image serves as protection from dark; they don't dare to be risen then. Reflect about last mistakes and concentration on them is created by channels for approach of the dark. The past is burned irrevocably. Everything is burned that from darkness. The reading over of letters of Mother Agni Yogi is contact with it.
060. And yet no matter how was mighty onslaught of dark, it is necessary to endure, because there is no alternative. Day and especially at night, if you don't take precautions, they are trying to put out the lights light, tossing the most embarrassing fudge. They know what it is you need to exert its effects frailties. And all, that have not yet been eliminated inside may be undesirable effects. And only completely purified heart has immunity, although it is hard to fend off waves of darkness. You need to arm them to face the onslaught of hard dark.
061. (Guru). Difficult feat to perform Light because requires cardiac energy consumption, i.e. Agni. Difficult because the darkness has settled over the land and recovers the energy spent is difficult. But ache off overexertion mental energy easily and simply. You have to be very careful when granting power weaken not issuing a legitimate beyond measure. Once again remind of Ramakrishna, rending mentally our adorer and of admirer.
062. (M. A. Y.). The more above-person thought, the less possible errors in it. The more contaminated with thought and feeling of selfishness, the more in her delusions. So Testament "let him deny himself" first and foremost attached to thoughts. Be itself does not mean to drag themselves everywhere and impose their grief, sadness and anguish. Very much like people with mental rest with the other and loading them immensely for their. These properties are not allowed in the student. Carries out close don't permit. But really appreciate every care and diligence not to burden the. Have understood, what is paid to Supreme, allow always.
063. (Guru). Each rejection usually causes opposing, especially negative ideas. But, if even incorrect idea expand to it’s of opposite, that widened and correct knowledge cover itself of initial infidelity. Thus, not denial, but approval can make a creative adjustment and give the idea of correct understanding.
064. (Jan. 28). Happiness is determined by the relationship with the hierarchy. Even his cross can be worn with joy if the relationship is strong. Special properties of thin and Fiery Worlds are transported into a world of tight. This is the merging of the worlds, and all three worlds merge and merge into human consciousness. In fact, they are inseparable. Separation occurred when immersed in matter of the physical world. There was a time – and it was long ago, when a person, being a body, lived in a world of earthly things and the World Aboveground. The gates in the thin world were opened. And here again there comes time convergence disjointed worlds. Of course, this will change in the root of human life. Even simply taking for granted the existence of Aboveground World changing human consciousness. One-sided consciousness, standing on one leg, could not climb the ladder of light.
065. Sent a ray of happiness. It should take, i.e. open heart toward him. Consciousness should rise before him, to meet him backwards. In vain he would knock in disbelief or doubt, closed heart. Open yourselves towards the beam.
066. (Guru). How to meet us? Light of heart is its fires. The gone-out heart will scent nothing. Fires of heart you store above all. Them you will take place in the future and you will meet it adequately, in consciousness full and understanding.
067. (Jan. 29). Not only can you open heart towards the expected joy, but can it start say in advance in his/her heart, remembering that human consciousness is a laboratory for all the senses. It will win over external conditions, giving no cause for joy. In microcosm his man himself ruler, and can it cause everyone’s feelings within yourself regardless of what outside. This will be not only to master their feelings but also their management, and creativity in the sensations of consciousness. As far as it can be a powerful, hard to judge by that burnt at the stake early Christians with enlightened person and enthusiastically sang sacred hymns, entirely without feeling pain; ordinary sense – for ordinary people and in usual conditions of life. But heated battle soldiers during the attack don’t feel wounded, sometimes even received strong. Much is not felt by humans in times of particular upheaval. Some yoga the conscious effort of will bring him to not feel pain. Walking on hot coals or sitting in the snow in a one shirt – all from within the same field victory over the usual terms of dense world. It is important to understand that man is a laboratory for all the senses.
068. (Guru). The lesson taught, understood and acquired, usually doesn't repeat again. Therefore it is very important to be able to see what exactly bears in itself this or that phenomenon concerning your life. We come to Earth for assimilation of the next lessons of life and experience accumulation. Terrestrial existence has no other purpose.
069. (Feb. 1).Now, to hold communication, tension of all forces is required. In the world the chaos storms and the consciousness is torn apart by antagonistic currents of space. Planetary the disbalance use the dark, inducing people on mad and destructive actions. It is possible to resist, but holding force all Us. It is impossible to interrupt aspirations. It is impossible to distract terrestrial vanity. It is necessary to be together constant and inseparable. It is necessary to set aside usual thinking! "You hold Me strong, every minute, in all steps".
070. (Guru). Did the Teacher Gives the learner all he knows? No, he's always in line with the capacity of his consciousness, and other properties. And is it the head puts all that matters? And is it not taught how to be prudent in granting knowledge?
071. (Feb. 2). On the one hand – infant materialism, denying all that on top of his limited understanding, on the other, a monstrous superstition, obscurantism, witchcraft and the most harmful forms of magic and the Ministry of darkness. What other signs of superstition should be looked for to make sure that the plight of humanity? Military tools of mass murder, poisoning with chemical and bacteriological weapons, the terrible spread of drug abuse in all forms of alcohol, water pollution, destruction of forests and animals, birds and fish – as if mankind in pursuit of his lose one’s senses to destroy itself and all life on the planet. What further evidence do we need to believe the ancient prophecies about the last time the end Kali Yuga! Much more one can add to all this from that, what descend now on the ground. But one thing is clear, without additions that cannot go on so, if people want to survive. Otherwise the end of Kali Yuga may indeed be the end.
072. (Guru). You cannot break away from the focus of light even for a short period of time. Time: time is the unusual concentration of darkness and the special features, decide the fate of people. For those who know about the significance of the moment and clawing out with the Hierarchy of light.
073. (Feb. 3). You cannot mix contradictions with opposition (contrast). Contradictions have denied and neutralize each other, the opposition - claimed. There no day without night and North Pole without South - is the opposition. But the controversy did not argue. They destroy each other and, above all, the consciousness in which they thrive. So, from the insuperable controversy is old world, which undermine its authority. Contradictions are parts of one whole. Opposites - the beginning of antagonistic and irreconcilable. You cannot reconcile the monstrous wealth with desperate poverty or welfare – the destruction of fauna and flora. Too much the opposition now in the lives of people and, if not destroy, they will cause an explosion and destroyed all achievements of humanity. Harmonic fusion of opposite’s lies at the basis of life, the clash of controversy, on the contrary, generates only destruction. The chill of winter gives way to the warmth of the coming summer and rich gifts of fruits of the Earth. Decision of life in harmonic combination of opposites, but not in a collision and of struggle the irreconcilable contradictions.
074. (M. A. Y.). The opposition raised consciousness, is welcome: they enrich it. But we should immediately throw out the contradictions Wong, because they make decompositions elements. Resist house divided within it. Resist consciousness, torn by contradictions. Inner harmony and peace can be achieved only if human consciousness emerged from the controversy.
075. (Guru). See how blend colors, shadows and light in every good picture! But if instead the harmony of tones to make dissonance destructive, that is preventing their contradictions, inconsistencies, the picture becomes a daub. So you can see that opposition (contrast) also the consistency in the basis of all creation.
076. (Feb. 4). The brightest and the most striking evidence of signs will remain without consequences, if doubts, negation, and mistrust clouding the mind. Not wanting to see and not see anything unbelieving. The receiver is very sensitive to human thought, and if-dull mistrust or rejection, perception can be killed. Psychic energy requires denial, but not approval.
077. (M. A. Y.). Let's not forget the most basic victory conditions: to continue the steady movement along the way, no matter what. All: and thus, prevents only milestones along the way. Nothing can stop the aspirations of spirit if realized finally that all phenomena that occur in time and fleeting and shell are mortal, but immortal spirit and its movement towards the Infinity cannot stop anything except himself.
078. (Guru). You cannot set the rhythm forward movement of consciousness depend on the perceptions, dreams or marks if they are not in tune with nature, or check with your personal wishes and moods. A lot can happen. The decision to go forward must be final and irrevocable.
079. (Feb 5). How much effort must be made to achieve notable success in the field of concentration on a particular subject? But a simple feeling of love allows you to focus on any object, phenomenon or man without any effort. It all takes place by force of heart energy. This is why we say that love is the fastest path to the most difficult achievements. How much the self-denying feat happen the power of feelings of love. Keep constantly Lick Teacher before his mind's eye is extraordinary, but with love comes easily, naturally and simply. And, if this is not achieved, one has the feeling of love to a Teacher of light multiplied.
080. (M. A. Y.). Love unites the hearts, minds and thoughts. Being a phenomenon of above -person order, love knows no tight restrictions and senses the distant, but loved ones regardless of time, distance and other conditions. Love transcends even death and going through the border. Few people think about it was sense and little used consciously force her. Every feeling in the limitlessly, its infinitely and feeling of love, which means you can grow and multiply it in front of all the restrictions. Speaks of love and selfless and free from self. Because the opposite pole of her love, selfish, minds and requires all the links for you. At the extreme of its manifestations it is like a chain of choking. It is seeking to borrow, while true love seeks to give away and bring the gifts of your heart who love. It is necessary to remember well the Precept of the Lord: "You love Me and you will double force".
081. (Guru). If we discard the temporary nature of tight encirclement and conceive of that thread that connect with the Hierarchy of light are stretched over the top of the circle, and wait for the promised would be easy, joyous and light. Clouds do not wait, but the seeming hopelessness of tight conditions and darkness that surrounds the Earth. But the future was destined to irrevocably decreed, but not darkness but Light upon the Earth judgment.
082. (Feb. 6). Rush, first and foremost in the thoughts their own. The idea will be pulled tight body and all of its shell. Magnetic thoughts are that it pulls behind oneself all conductors; gravitation powerfully. Love is alleged and proved; in of action hidden of fruit aspirations.
083. The apparent cooperation with delicate Peace will open a new chapter in the life of mankind. Swedenborg in this regard can be considered to be the forerunner. He gave a clear example, and with the full alert, the opportunity to interact with one incarnation, or so-called dead. The trouble is that the communication sought to lower the spirits of strong of the lower strata of the astral that is very dangerous and unacceptable. Connecting worlds will be allowed after the lowest layers. Pure Land and the liberation of the planet aura of dark oppressors will make this communication safe and natural.
084. (M. A. Y.). Continuity of life and of reason chain indicates that the links established between the spirits in the past, continue to exist in the present and plan the inevitability of contacts in the future. Well, when these links are good. You need to very carefully install new respect, "not allowing passers-by to heart." Good move in the thin world, knowing that there are friends. Not to mention the hierarchical relationships that open before the man special opportunities. Who to whom comes, with that’s and abides. Well make this aspiration of the elements of consciousness. Aspiration is possibilities for subtle world.
085. (Guru). People often ask: "Why not decrease and not burdening of spirit does is facilitated by circumstances?" Yes just because of the pressure from the bottom up to the top spirit helped. Otherwise how could climb. Well-being and prolong human existence in carefree by its orbit and keep it so tightly that no rise does not have to think about. But under pressure and pressing flaring up flames of spirit, and the movement again becomes possible.
086. (Feb. 7). The Adept status membranes depends heavily on consciousness, an ordinary man – on the contrary. But in between these two extremes there are many intermediate steps. Student aims to mastering their conductors. Especially disrupts power over them as a clear expression of disbalance disease and disharmony. But it is normal to it. But it also happens that the disease weakens the dense shell and spirit is enhanced by the body. Just because it's called the disease "understood a visit to Lord’s. Even and be ill one must skillfully. Not I to be able refined constitution bear without of result of earthly storm. Yet under all conditions with the disease need to struggle and to prevent physical small-small out the lights of the spirit. Spirit it over of all. And although he given "the power over anyone the body ", and before all above all on his own, but will must seize this power, knowingly, step-by-step enter in it’s of claim.
087. (Guru). We walked through life, knowing much of what did not know even close ours. Just go and you. And those who are around, many do not know what you know. Responsibility for knowledge is not easy, because many of the obligations imposed; no human is laid, but above ground, and because the violation of their unacceptable. Obeying the unwritten laws of spirit, unknown to the outside world and the surrounding rises in areas outside the limits of dense world disappear.
088. (Feb. 8). The advent of fire would rapidly and in a manner that dust will all obstacles human. Before the powerful flow evolution of people powerless. Mighty evolutionary flow tends to run its course, and all combat and reverse Jet in it can be likened to small whirlpools on the racing surface in the future. How can they stop this cosmic movement! We, in turn, are warned: who doesn't want to be thrown out in the form of cosmic litter the sides flow evolution must strive and move along with this thread.
089. (M. A. Y.). We recover one sight in the future to the extent that fixed it. Does not have access to the future consciousness, is set in the past. In this case, means the world's past personal experiences of the self that binds man to his elusive personality and what it surrounds to life in the body. But the past can be a wonderful spirit, highlighted by a staggering feat and heroic acts. But even then should not dwell on them too long. For the sake of future lives, and the future is the engine of life.
090. (Guru). It is useful sometimes ask themselves what good was in life and how a house adorned his earthly, the planet itself and its aura. All is imprinted indelibly in scrolls of Akasha. The pattern can be wonderful spirit but can be scary and obscure. What made you to Earth to decorate?
091. (Feb. 11). How does this phenomenon normal life, just think of the singularity of the coming time, without losing balance and not this. Only then may withhold communications with us. Otherwise all upset in the chaos of experience. They don't need, but want complete peace of mind and an understanding of what is happening. Is what We have been preparing for a long time and have been waiting for centuries. All the forces of light are stretched to the limit. We should leave all personal thoughts to fully and inseparably be with us.
092. (M. A. Y.). All the energy of the Hierarchy of light fixed on achieving victory and claim the last Championships and superiority in the world are already busy. And your task today is to leave personal thinking and join the Hierarchy of light in Her efforts to approve Light on Earth. Extreme measures are taken to crush the darkness and the entire warring world. More time goes by.
093. (Guru). You can plod behind the events, and you can fly ahead of them. We prefer the flight "ahead of the cyclone. And those who want to be with us must not fall behind. Remain in My chicken coop in this terrible time of death.
094. (Feb. 13). Karma, not get rid on the ground, overcome, in the subtle world. Better get rid of it because of tight world and join the overhead stay without load. From this point of view, the word «worse is better» becomes clear as difficult and full of the most serious tests of life means paying old bills. Not of blame and forgiveness of those who have caused you to evil and suffering is nothing like releasing yourself from the karmic connection with them and freedom from them in the subtle world. Better meet their friends than enemies or ruthless creditors. Need to know what each spot of dirt on the aura of a hook or aim for dark attacks and gives the right to believe that the dark master of the untreated one Berry-aura to them.
095. (M. A. Y.). Psychic communication keep very hard, but still something in this direction must be made. And if they don't, then there is no understanding of the depth and the responsibility of the moment. Who will help us with its integral and separable, aspiration, not those who consider themselves to be friends? That, who pretends on of peculiar nearness, part of difficulty’s ours no on Worlds, but on the act.
096. (Feb. 14). And yet after all the aspirations of the people, after all tests and books should be looked for in itself, because the Kingdom of God is within you. «Thus, the alpha and omega of all spiritual searches remains man’s him. As a microcosm, it reflects and embodies in microcosm and Macrocosm contains everything. It's all in a latent state, and all the evolution of spirit, in all its forms, is nothing but a constant erection hidden in it. Way to identify the internal essence of man is done consistently and gradually. The man is all new and new forms, gaining while staying in them new properties and abilities and making them forever in his Bowl, guardian of all his achievements. This path of growth and development, or rather, disclosure, has no end, and there is no limit to the growth of the power of the spirit. It was people, "you are gods". But only to a very few reached the meaning of those words. People would prefer to consider themselves "slaves of God", absorbed psychology of slavery, despite the fact that were called "sons of God". Apparently the voluntary humiliation spirit justify in their own eyes, their two-footed behavior. But the Fiery reality there is no escape, and the path remains open: or climbing to the shining heights of spirit, or roll into the abyss.
* Latency (LAT. latent is) is hidden.
097. (M. A. Y.). When self-employed their personal feelings, spirit can rise above her, leaving her at the bottom, and climbing, to touch his spatial thought. There is no place in the space of the great personality of small, drowning in a tightly-terrestrial Mirage Raceway Maya. Short dreams of Maya land. Nothing can last beyond small and few terrestrial manifestations. But the idea might fly over and in this flight to attract new members, which are already in the circle of orbit. And extending "the longest line" will be the winner of Maya land.
098. (Guru). Very typical noted that student all the time going on violent struggle between dense and aspiration is to the truth of the Fiery reality. If you win the first one, he plunges into the twilight of despair if the second, fiery thoughts fill with it and take a toll on their wings in the future, is no longer associated with limitations of the present. The Teacher Gave the future as the realization of all achievements. What if our dreams, aspirations and hopes are not implemented in the present? The future is ours, and nobody will take away from us. And in the future, everything is possible and all within reach and the future belongs to us. And if something is not fulfilled now, it means that it absolutely will come true in the future, in certain circumstances, in this world or the other.
099. The exit is up free always over all heaps and creation of the past. All we build and we can destroy. The lord is of people in an inner world itself. Even Us accepts and rejects at the It will. In it is Its power and of the curse, and of curse, and of freedom, and of the slavery. Two pole of possibility of the person, in everyone its contrast is covered. Can infinite see Light and chasms utter darkness? Can go up or in an abyss to slide, - the bipolar consciousness is opened to Light and darkness opportunities; and the choice is free.
100. (Feb. 15). Not forgotten and not abandoned, but provided for a while its own forces so that they have become stronger and have become even more resistant counter flow of opposing phenomena. This may help if your consciousness to assert the fundamentals. Unswervingly Passes and passed all but the basics remain inviolate forever. You can build on them. Spirit house, built on Pillars, can stand against the vortexes of Earth. Its sad fate will not be affected by the House, divided within it. Fundamentals do not know neither separation nor a contradiction, because the monolithic integrity – their inherent property. Change the human theory, of thinking, perceptions of things and all kinds of misconceptions, but unchanging Basis. Secret Knowledge built into them, so it is an aspect of eternal truth, not transient in centuries. And the question: "what is truth", can be answered: "truth is the representation of the human world, built on the Foundations. In all the great religions and philosophies one can find fragments of these bases, but only fragments, because all of truth no implicate in of consciousness human. Planetary spirits is available in sizes, incomprehensible to the human mind, but even They are not up to the end, because the truth is boundless, and reveals she is constantly, even in the Great beyond comprehension the essence of its Cognizing in the evolutionary current of space life. But the Basics remain the same at all times. House his spirit everyone can safely build on them.