Agni Yoga's facets, 1972

1972.001. (Jan.1). And that advantage to the person if the whole world gets, and the soul will lose. Also I put it on a roof of the temple and I showed all kingdoms terrestrial and I told: "Everything will be yours if you fall, having bowed to me". So on force its darkness offers each spirit a terrestrial be seduced in different forms to avert it from the Way of the Highest. To whom that: to whom a kingdom terrestrial and glory, and a coma and wellbeing narrow-minded, abundance of fruits terrestrial and prosperity, but essence of test one – is offered something rejecting not passed test of spirit from a direct way to Light. All dramatic nature of the made wrong choice can be understood only on consequences. Not at times becomes ripe a pole of consequences soon, but becomes ripe inevitably, and not to avoid results. Will pass years, the fairy tale terrestrial and where the erase spirit which has refused in a minute of need to help builders of the New World will go will come to an end. The country washing, and arrows fly, and assistants are necessary to it. But, alas, how there, who refused and unfaithful portions under one pretext or another. The darkness seeks strong to tear away the remained. When I Ask: - “Whether you will follow Me?” - I Foresee the decisive choice. All evaded, and all departed and chose curve ways, though consider itself on service to Light, but actually fill up herd of the self-seduced. Therefore the choice the last solves everything. And though the made right choice and going on a feat also speaks: "Yes this Bowl passes me", but the way thorny is accepted by it, a way difficult, the Light Way. Be not afraid of its burden. Because I will assume burden it if the decision is made truly. Who wants wellbeing and life happy; them will have, but won't have honor in My Business if chose a way of content terrestrial and on Call didn't go. No self-justifications and reservations will help to make black white. Deserter’s spirits – so we Call running from a battlefield of the Lord. Dark whispers surround unsteady and whisper words of a creep away and induce to leave, both to run, and to give up the begun business. And who will do it, if not you knowing Will Lord. Through whom new thoughts will join consciousnesses of the waiting; after all knowing so few. Dark succeeded. Really allow their celebration? Where hands wishing to help,
002. (January. 3). The lord of shining power, I, Great bring You, fruits of My aspirations, works, both fight and efforts; in You My of the happiness, in You My of hopes. My heart burns with you. I give you everything, everything that I have that in the Tower You Could pour all this in a shining Stone, fires burning in a breast. Shining Stone, Treasures the Stone, You lit, but Me wearable in a flaring Bowl in a breast.
003. (Jan. 8). The flaring Bowl full of fire, it is difficult to bear without spilling. You store balance. If at a flaring Bowl you aren't able to hold it, races to lap the part of the force will lose part of fiery drink, and the Stone of shining power. And drops Energy Mine minutes of falling will spill in vain. Entering Communication in tranquility full, try to keep its (tranquility). Not balance – the enemy of mental energy. In not balance and balance energy of spirit, the fire eating and the fire creating is shown. Its polarization has to be in hands of the person. It has to seize fire, differently will burn his fire. To mastering by fires I Teach. Yes! Yes! Control over itself, and ability itself to own, and vigilance, patrol and vigilance constant mean that the will already operates fires. Actions of day are so small, but under complete control of consciousness to mastering by lead. As fruitful and ascending there can be every day our life terrestrial. And then the course of life of the person turns into the life ladder our life becomes which fiery steps every day. In tranquility full, it is strong it claiming, with Me Communication you will enter. Qualities of spirit let wings will be that the spirit directed learned to fly rather.
004. (January. 11). The location of consciousness on a planet is defined by its environment. The subjects seen, around reflected in consciousness of the person, serve as the reference points, indicating to it a place where it is. Sitting in the room even blindly the person that around, mentally connects himself. And thought stays where a body, that he sees and perceives. But if conditions of any remote place and the subjects characterizing it, brightly, both it is colorful, and vitally really to approve in consciousness, having thrown out from it a picture of a direct environment, the consciousness feels any more in the room, but in a place far. During a trip in transport and on the downtown it is possible, having closed eyes, mentally to imagine that you go on the city suburb, and to present it very vividly. Nothing changes, except visualizations or the images surrounding focus of consciousness. Consciousness transfer in desirable point is achievement of the yogi. Thus full dismissal from visualizations surrounding consciousness and replacement of this environment with to what the thought is directed is necessary. Then depending on depth of concentration, clarity of representations of a new place and completeness of dismissal of that around, the new environment will start speaking for itself. Such immersion in other situation is observed when reading books.
005. (Jan.. 15). The distance exists for three-dimensional consciousness and subjects of the three-dimensional world. Beam of the Far Star, directing in space, bears the impress with itself all events on it. The planet can go out and be destroyed. But beams from it, flying in boundless space, bear with themselves everything that ever there was on it, everything from the beginning of her life and up to the end. The past is imprinted in these beams rushing in Boundlessness and in them exists. The present is the section of this beam taken in this or that point of its space wandering. And as distances in your measurements of space aren't present, the present it exists nowadays, both here, and always. The beam which has directed in space since the beginning and until the end of life of a planet, is the material body extended in this space in all directions. Planets already aren't present long ago, but spatially the beam exists, exists financially, but not in the form of a matter dense. Secret of time and of space – great; other measurements not three-dimensional, - memory human, structure of thought, consciousness. As yesterday isn't present on a planet because it dashed away in space, in beams reflected by a planet as there is also no the past imprinted by memory, in a body of the person, it out of it, in the same place, where also yesterday. It is mentally possible to get into these layers and to feel reality of vibrations filling. So, having shipped the person in a hypnotic dream, it is possible to force it to endure really and brightly that was many years ago. All for the consciousness, be able to tune of itself on certain, conformable, the desirable phenomenon, a wave. If before the drowning man to ruches past all it’s of life, that, evident, exist the engraving film its. Spatial cliches of the past exist in Akasha's rolls, in layers of the thinnest matter of the highest measurements. Thanks to the directed advance of all heavenly bodies doesn't repeat anything and each moment of life is new. The past, because it in the present is available the beam of the Far Star which once has gone out, but only now reaching Earth, bears in itself this past shown in the present. The past get-at-able to spirit, - because it in the present. The Beam of Far Star, formerly extinction, but only now reaching of Earth, rushes in itself this past, showing in the present. Stars already aren't present, but the beam retells the matter in aspect of the present and is for perceiving consciousness present. So, the past is finished in the present in any point of space, the proximity or which range exists only for the three-dimensional world, but not actually. In of reality all nowadaus and here, but in of different layers of space, or in its different him of the measurements. The present is a past consequence; the future is a present consequence. Process will extend in the direction of the fourth perpendicular, that is in time which isn't present because all here and nowadays. The secret of space and time is slightly opened partially at release from a body. Other measurement of space immediately puts consciousness in other conditions not similar in many respects to conditions of the dense world. The impression of separate perceived objects and sequence of the seen and felt phenomena remains, feelings are transformed, moves thought and a body, a thin body, is capable to flights. The reality of the Thin World is undoubted for those who visited it though it and is non-material, that is material, but differently, than the world dense because everything is material, even though. Also financially and the past existing and imprinted in Mira Invisible, in space of other measurements. The past is imprinted in the beams rushing in chasms of space at incalculable distances if to measure them in a terrestrial way, but not existing for fiery consciousness of spirit.
006. (Jan. 16). In the world created by him of the mental images lives the man. By them it is movable and we operate. Until creative mental image, by him manages the creator him. But being created, he becomes the ruling. You can create a picture or plan their future actions, but act will the man in accord the thought strohgly. These habitual the thoughts are strong, stronger at times of new, perhaps, the best. And whatever did the man leads his thought is new or old, no all if equally. Conduct that of the potential which stronger? The thought leading require more attention to you, because is woven the karma of man; the world aboveground of the distinction of people on their thoughts. In the world of thoughts all measured thought wealth and, invisible and, imperceptible here, inseparable reigns she there. About the thought leading- think.
007. (M. A. Y.). The legend about the only thing remained was given, and you can't complain that aren't warned. As and lagging behind opportunity had strong to think before lagging behind. But even Peter renounced three times, though was warned. A lot of directed devotion should be shown if you don't want to lag behind. Lagging behind darkly, where and when they will find opportunity again to stick and to whom? Your ship will leave far forward, not to catch up with it and how to catch up when and now forces don't find level with to go. Force the beginning of the affairs put especially strongly has initial time of a cycle in itself. These are days of the statement of new steps and new opportunities, then, the projection of a year way on which the foot will go is as though created. It is possible to plan in the accord with the Doctrine Light - which it is desirable to approve and execute. Plastically future in hands fiery the spirit directed to the Teacher.
008. (Guru). The unification has force when it is carried out. Unity in of the words, - isn't valid. Verbal unification it is possible to destroy the best constructions. Words – anything if aren't approved by affairs. Therefore and there are so much destructions that words were accepted to affairs. Consider one business of worthy ten thousand words, even the highest, one thought approved in application – thousands unconfirmed. New cycle begin with the appendix in life of all of that so well studied and acquired theoretically. Life severely will show, where they, weak places in spirit armor. Let they won't be hidden behind a paling of fine words, fine, but not enclosed in life. Life severely removes paints from faces of people, baring their essence. It is necessary to know, it is necessary to see, it is necessary to understand and still not to be averted from the person without a mask. And it which hasn't been covered with words nevertheless will be able to bring something special on creation of the future if it isn't rejected. The tolerance is Arhat’s quality. The robber and the loose woman serve as the certificate. We do not reject anybody, the last line, but new opportunities to everyone isn't passed yet we Give with new forces and confidence to begin a cycle new.
009. (Jan.20). The reference point of a year cycle means awakening of life and receiving opportunities of crops of new grains for receiving desirable shoots Regardless of the fact that was, it happened or it is made in the past, it is an opportunity for crops in the sphere of consciousness of the new reasons, according to the accord new consequences bringing. From the elements making the content of consciousness, new combinations of the new opportunities, directing it forward to new stays are created. What there was a past, the way of Light is always open for advance. Even from an evil way always it is possible to pass to Light way. This openness of ways for spirit advance in any direction always accompanies consciousness incarnate, and the choice is possible always. Such situation that the person was deprived of the right to a choice free isn't present and doesn't happen. When material living conditions are the deadlock, the area of spirit remains free and open because up anybody never can block aspirations to it. Often happens when during a heavy nightmare of people forces itself to wake up and, going to the world of another dimension, exempts itself from heavy experiences. In the same way and from hopeless conditions of Earth the consciousness can escape in area of spirit over which Earth and conditions terrestrial isn't imperious. On Earth people live under the power of the environment, in the mental cages of different designs created by them and materials. But the yogi eremite in mountains is free from all these heaps and conventions of life. Fashions, traditions, customs, an era, in addition, impose the framework on consciousness. The slavery human, taken in all the width and depth, is more tragic, than can seem. Many people slaves, except everything, also habits, tendencies, passions and defects. In a close of mental cage lives the person, with of clip wings, never any knowing of liberty. The yoga is a way of release of spirit from all limiting it clogs. Even understanding of restrictions and coherence of spirit the physical body in many respects can help. The body is good until his inhabitant didn't outgrow his borders. Even it becomes prison if ways to go beyond this physical cover aren't found. For this purpose spirit life is given. Thought – the spirit tool. It isn't limited to anything, except consciousness limits, - it liberator and enslaver. For thought of a barrier anybody can't put, except the person. And the thought which hasn't been connected by anything, can lay on a threshold of a new cycle new ways for the directed spirit. Each new grain of thought gives the shoots. The free thought will lead spirit to elevated freedom when, having been obese, the consciousness can leave it. And then the body not a cage will be for spirit, but its device allocated with all opportunities.
010. (Jan. 23). Better to have nothing than to have and be a slave to what you possess. Things are great encumbrance for the spirit. Because we want to destroy the notion of a property and replace it with the notion of temporary use appropriate for living things. Damage to property not in things, but that consciousness is connected and bound to him. The very notion is ridiculous, because property ludicrous matter from which things are considered his. Atoms may not belong to man, but the combination of them – can, in this bankruptcy of property. For life must be very few things. Future frees the individual from any property, giving it everything that is necessary for life, but for temporary use. The concept of ownership gives rise to thoughts of her. With each thing he owns, net links consciousness thread thought attached to things. The more things are the more of their thoughts. A miser is a prisoner of the Dungeon, whose walls are made of things that he considers his own. Will come out from there until you give in the spirit of them, will come neither in this world nor that, because we thought the world was thin with him. Curse hanging over the person and property of crushes him to land. Aboveground in the world everything is connected with the concept of ownership as the iron core on my feet. There's nowhere to get away from things that are owned by that person thinks that owns. The Wanderer has nothing, no shelter, there's even freer than the average person, surrounded by familiar things. Because Show: "have it all, but nothing to find her.
011. (Jan. 27). Our predictions for the future, but are unstable and error-free wrongly state of human consciousness, and the best projections of future dissolve in the darkness of human ignorance. We give, but we need to take, and when there is no sustainability, can I expect good results. Similarly, in the life of a disciple are given better opportunities to climb. But how often does it at random response ready by outsiders and preventing ingredients. And then there are gripes about why something didn't happen, as was said by the Teacher. The free will of man is a factor to be reckoned with, and he frequently contributes its violations in the proposed period of life. And here again come new opportunities to people. We Shows the direction and paths, but the freedom of the individual. The choice is still free, just and free choice given you elects any possible way. Both orders will, depends not on us but on you. But when the choice is made and the die is cast, the inexorable Law of cause and effect is effective and is already moving along the chosen path forward to the moment when again will have to choose the best or worst possibility of given life. And then there is nothing to blame the mirror, if the curve chosen path and flip it into consciousness, too, becomes crooked. So, the New Year brings with it a new opportunity and ardent aspirations of success in the future. This is the only bridge to it. And let not it, but it is the future, Commandmenting Us, serves as a magnet. And however was difficult in the life of the spirit to us, heading toward the future you can't take that away from him, and because all this is unique to it. In the future the spirit would fall under, consonant with the spirit and by name. Consonance is present thoughts and actions of each day. If their review and weigh in that aspect, you can define the character and nature of future accords. So, according to that chant your piece, measured and its future. Ample and wonderful opportunities are prepared a course of planetary evolution and of the new cosmos-spatial conditions of the astrophysical moment, but the person free will has to take them. And the free if the fit is no little possibility of consciousness by will. In Beams we Send to ready consciousness’s these opportunities. Each comer has to take. The children bring the pieces and put in your mouth, little children. But adult spirit to take itself should not blame at someone, if the piece is passed. Even the rays break and matter their ignorant scatter around. Subtle energy, fiery relationships require careful. They are useless in the hands of ignorant. Daily stress new features of force can be assembled to deliberate assimilation sent in beams of happiness
012. (M.A.Y.). Assistance is provided in the main, but not the trivia. Not about an old sole care. Do not complain much, if dark hurt on trifles, if only in the main do not succeed. This is petty sabotage is because weaken their major blows, and it remains the only annoying. But if the consciousness goes to them and consistent with the trivia grow into the community. Bad if dark not marked. Thus, weak spark.
013. (Guru). Think more about trivia and soles, not about how to help. Looking for the truth not the upper world, and you drown in the hectic, believing that "the rest will follow" you. It will be put, however, but if there is about the Highest a care.
014. (Jan. 29). When aggravating dense conditions surround a stone wall, it is most difficult to keep the direction, keeping in consciousness the leading purpose. The path to the Lord, whatever obstacles nor grow up along the way. This should be remembered always. Maya becomes too real. Maya, recede. Keeping in mind the ultimate goal of ways and will be breaking the Maya. Go to the Lord – here's the formula of life traveler great ways. Sooner or later, young or old, here or there, but you'll get. Dark take part in frantic chaos into these obstacles. In the face of the surrounding darkness is your way to the Lord. Many voices distract and a lot of disturbing strongly. All, that disturbs, - not necessary. You can divide all the phenomena of life current for impeding to go and promote. And heart to the last to give. But all that hinders has its positive side, which gives the experience of life and teaches you something. Therefore there are no circumstances opposite for this purpose that solved the way up to the end. Serve both friends, and enemies, and that for, and that against, say, all life and all conditions. It also will be a way of inalterability fiery.
015. (Jan. 31). Decision and exit are listed, feel free to go ahead, fearing nothing and stopping at nothing. The ghosts of Maya and will give way to the enemy back down, because the road goes outside, but not in the minds of your. And, destroying obstacles in consciousness and without fearing enemies, thereby the way is cleared away. First of all in the mind is overcome everything that gets in the way. And, when the stirring is overcome inside, external loses the force to disturb. I am the way, the truth and the life, but I am in you. I was arguing in the face of much exaggerated evidence, go through and elect a triumphant decision correct. Maya, recede, the Lord is with me always and everywhere, from now until forever. See for yourself how difficult Light asserted before darkness. That's called for help and apparently it will get, and not afraid of darkness and Plexus already difficult conditions. Like in the heart is a constant reminder of where leads the way and to whom. Obstacles and difficulties are not over the foot path or carpet feat, because, truly, a feat will be through the Gorge of life go. Hand I give, I will bring the truth, but hard to hold on to it. We have all the difficulties of life, if in the mind of the merged and are inseparable. You remember: anything and anybody can't get up between us if don't allow that; but, if see whom or something, getting between of us, at once they remove. Better in the spirit be with me always. And that I was first, and then everything else. So one full let and is current year before your consciousness. Together and are going to look at all that it will bring us together and decide.
016. (Feb. 2). Keep thee, how will stay now-Suk haven, in which were kept? But words, and don't reach the ears of grow deah – their darkness laid. Once understood, but what good is the missed opportunities will not come back. Scary is the blinding darkness, when the eyes do not see, and ears watching, can't hear, although the words penetrate the brain. But the will is free to choose the path of darkness or light. The chalice broken have long Said. Are you trying to make by the wreckage. But such vessels don't please by a festival of spirit. And the holiday will come and will be on your street. But darkness takes its, it belongs by right of cooperation with it, or name. You ask where in the victory, if loved ones have not accepted it. But I have overcome the world, being all on by furious onslaught madding darkness, because the spirit of victory, but not somewhere outside. Saying you won a powerful, focused Show spirit all forces to gather in his Citadel, and keep away from those who have been passers-by. Victory and defeat only in the spirit of. Remember that loneliness, nothing will change. Through the loneliness got to go through. As the darkness will creep up if isn't neither greyish, nor almost white behind which it is possible to hide. Consider each move away from excessive load. It will be easier to go. Degree of loneliness of spirit is as inevitable as the homeless person walking. By all, devoid of all, herself the winner and his cross, this comes to Me the winner. I, I force Will allow to rise over a whirlpool of life and to win against life.
017. (Feb 5). Take as a basis the inevitability of the most difficult trials, struggles and obstacles resulting from an ardent aspiration toward the light. These difficulties can be measured and the extent and power of aspirations. Where it is absent, environment resistance spirit itself is not an ambition. The shortest path to the Lord and will be hard. Are noted dark strongly – a sure sign of correctly chosen direction. And all their attempts to alienate you close your testimony is that they serve the purpose of attempts. The one, who We are fated, will reach. The one who the darkness is fated, with it remains. This struggle between light and darkness in the soul of man goes constantly. There are both powerful magnets: magnets focus light and darkness focus magnet. Very painful consciousness flounces around the Fiery characteristics separating the sphere of these tricks. This is dangerous and incompleteness phenomenon usually ends the consciousness regarding ads darkness, no longer able to withstand Light and thus recedes into darkness. Blinded by darkness and not withdrawn understand what happened to them, often continuing to take themselves to the service of light. It's about them says, "I don't know you, depart from Me, who practice lawlessness." Where did they depart?
018. (Feb. 6). Perfect may have been mixed up ugly. Because convicted ugliness. Beauty is the criterion of the unmistakable, especially in the subtle world. So there's layers are separated by sex and beauty. And the Earth art, used Beauty is light to people. Collection of world art treasures have become oases of light amid the gloom of the. The same is with Me and the music, though, is far from any and all that bears the seal of beauty. Once the beauty of life on Earth will bloom, and then art enters life as the Foundation. Art nourishes heart and enriches the minds of a new understanding of life. "Through art have light."
019. (Guru). How hard is it to hold on the crest of the wave, but with our help you can? Continuous uninterrupted wakefulness that is not replaceable patrol is so important. At night it is more needed than in the daytime. Claimed from the evening, before going to bed, when a "State of mind". Physical shell is sleeping, but astral can take liberties and go past get rid experiences. Night watch needed as protection from intrusion of dark.
020. (M. A. Y.). Yes, there is the holiday spirit – so it was. Consciousness and its rhythm, its laws and are subject to periods of recession must survive by keeping the directed courage and faith in the ultimate victory of light. It's so hard when around lots of darkness; but not darkness, but of Light - ahead. By this thought and go.
021. (Feb. 8). Be going to become witnesses of things unknown. Love, love, and love the right to approve is necessary. Invisible and denied by the visible it becomes obvious. And everything that My Beams will concern will change. The love can blossom if the care of it is shown. Be shrouded in My Light, so that to the enemy not to get. "The feeling is a power smithy". Strength of the spirit breaks of obstacle of outers restrictions. Concerning Light, the person himself starts being shone. You change love.
022. (Feb. 11). External human life on Earth flows the turn, but internal goes, submitting to spirit laws. External it is stretched in time for some ten years, internal – out of time because the spirit is eternal. The consciousness can direct to one or others, preferring temporary in itself or eternal. The destiny of the person depends on this choice: "Going to fathers with them will come, going to Me – with Me". So the person solves a choice of ways and by this choice determines the future.
023. (M. A. Y.). Strong and steadily it is necessary to hold the boat on rough waves of the everyday sea. Waves can be large, and elements can be strong opposition, but not embarrassed by this strong spirit, which knows no fear and knew that the leading Hand relentlessly and constantly over it. All external, however difficult and overwhelming might seem, the only Maya. Spirit, who knows where and why he goes through her magical power is begin to see clearly Infinitive in the veils of reality and promote his fiery doesn't interrupt.
024. (Guru). If on the Earth and in the worlds of human purpose and bring light to people and everything that surrounds it, this is what sent his main deliberate actions. It was his aura must be such that the radiation it was bright. And it's so hard in a busy world. The purpose of life and Teachings are to approve light aura. Striving to light primarily seek his approval in microcosm his to become the shining light of the world.
025. (Feb. 14). Polarization of consciousness can be produced in different keys, for example, in the vein of solemnity, or aspirations, or restraint, or goodwill, or devotion, or even an entire Symphony. Define the will and thought. Only the weak-willed mood, exciting and subordinating its arbitrariness consciousness astral are unacceptable. Each condition of spirit consonance with the becoming spheres of space and their inhabitants, who at times seek to influence. A brighter mood has nothing to fear from these accords, but struck with darkness different undesirable feelings infection is unavoidable. In the accord constant with these or those spheres of space there is a person. The permanence of certain moods, good or bad, creates a constant connection. Being on Earth, everyone embodied already allocates for itself a place in layers of the Thin World. This place is determined by the nature of human aspirations. Aspiration is the engine. Aspiration results in higher realms and in the lower. Aspiration can be consciously willed. The destiny of man, leading it into the future, depends on himself and his aspirations.
026. (M. A. Y.). On the key of a certain sentiment of mind set during intercourse, you can hold yourself during the day. Experience will show how this is difficult, because typically the areas surrounding him are dramatically inconsistent. Typically this environment resistance is very large, and only strong perfumes can resist and overcome opposition to him. The majority of even trying to resist, preferring to go with the flow. If you mark all the absurdities of fashion, many customs, quirks, habits and behavior of certain people, you can marvel at a lot of dullness, cruelty and ignorance of man. To illustrate a few examples: the mutilated ladies legs of old China Post native American torture, dishes in the ears and lips of savages, incisions in the own body and scars from them and many thousands of features, and cruel, and stupid, and pointless. The tragedy is that the masses unquestioningly obeyed all these lies of ignorant minds, and only strong spirits fought against them and freed the people from them.
027. (Guru). Educator of humanity called the few people who end their lives put the liberation of peoples from all forms of slavery and practices, prejudice, ignorance and all sorts of misconceptions. And since people are immersed in them with the head and don't even notice their chains, the task of liberation is a truly Titanic. People do not forgive those who bear them freedom. Because so many persecuted, tortured and slain among the best representatives of mankind throughout the history of the world. Darkness always strong very busy against them and fought them fiercely. And ignorance, anger and delusion of human were always on the side of darkness.
028. (Feb. 17). Each increased aspiration forward and lift forthwith cause resistance and opposition to the vigor for strength. Take part in this dark and chaos. A wave of resistance must be overcome, and then we can move on. The attraction of the Earth is very strong. They're not necessarily, but the power of their bad connects the wings of the spirit. Never get off the ground if not for the inevitable transition to the world of subtle and relief from tight world. But his attachment to the earthly man is so great that even and there is sometimes considerable time to get rid of the earthly remnants. No wonder the same people wore chains and sackcloth hair (of vlasyanica - clothes of sacred eremites) and debilitated himself by fasting and prayer, just to free himself from the power of the only world body and tight over the spirit.
029. (M. A. Y.). Get over yourself old man hard yet because all the lower casing of the insurgent spirit full of heavy particles of not gets rid properties. From these particles is dense, astral and mental matter free themselves overnight. Cleansing is necessary, but takes time. To understand the differences between different types of least dense matter can be taken to compare body drunkards and a spiritual Warrior. At first it decomposes already during his lifetime, is degraded by heavy dense smoke particles contaminated fluids of matter, the inferior second it is so cleared, and matter it is so pure that even after death it may persist for a very long time without degradation. The same difference exists in matter of the astral and mental bodies. The question is very relevant, and cleanse every aspiring to light has to go through the process of purification of all its membranes.
030. (Guru). In the darkness, in a storm by the beam boat heading toward seeking spirit to distant harbors. And the gloom and of enrages elements are inevitable, and the inevitable fight with them and a victory over them. For the insurgent spirit of no progress without struggle and overcome. For the Kingdom of God is taken by force, and his effort to inspire him.
031. (Feb. 21). Everything that was once thought over in consciousness and it is accepted in it, remains with the person on the future and is carried away in Elevated. It isn't so easy and simple to be exempted from former accumulation if they not get rid and didn't lose the attractive force. Of time before time they will come back and demand the statement. The combination to them strengthens them. The astral wants to live what it lived once. The age has no value, because it is all about the thoughts and not get rid desires. It isn't enough not to do of something, it is necessary not to think of the things not compatible to the reached step. A lot of defeat by darkness occurs from old, once the allowed desires and thoughts. Main – to fear a combination to them, which means recognition and desirable to be under their influence?
032. (M. A. Y.). It is important to go through, "knowing, who’s Shield over you." Not feeling Beam does not mean, that it is not, but merely indicates, that consciousness is overburdened with its. Their consciousness fills normally, the self, and the self – as the palisade surrounding the person. Through it is having trouble receiving the parcel. Having done everything possible, it is necessary to wait time. All will return, again and again is palpable.
033. (Feb. 24). Be on the crest of ignorance is inevitable. It seems then that there is nothing that everyone has left, that left the Bishop. And through this also needs to go through, and not once. This is called alternating rhythm of consciousness. And there's nothing wrong with it. We just have to know to confidently and firmly, that the new upgrade will give new insights and open up new horizons. However, this condition is exacerbated by efforts of the dark put out light inside. But an experienced traveler, firmly established on the bases would not be embarrassed by anything.
034. (M. A. Y.). During upswings to manifest the spirit and dedication of the Hierarchy, and aspiration, and love, but in moments of consciousness is difficult to unusually Pralaya. Through this ordeal can victoriously pass, if you know that it is temporary, that it would end, that again adorn the heart and lights will all close, feasible and joyful.
035. (Feb. 26). Despite the fact that human life is an expression of the Maya, that all phenomena and time and transient Maya real for consciousness and is of great importance for the evolution of the spirit. And the conditions in which are embodied, are exactly what we need it to and useful for him to move. All of the temporally, but as long as it is before consciousness and surrounds it, it clearly, vividly and clearly for huh. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the reality of karmic conditions when running through them. Let it all just a dream, but these dreams are the joy and the pain and grief and suffering experienced by the person. Strongly Maya is valid, although not actually is.
036. (M. A.Y.). The Mayan Earth runs out, begin Maya sky train world. Which is brighter? Bright Above-earth Maya, because there becomes aggravated all and strengthen all. And only in the Fiery world of is dissipated "seduction of time, space and things." Through all kinds of Maya should undergo a people, to know the eternal truth of Things ".
037. (Guru). The doctrine asserts the enduring in man's life. Gathering his items looking to immortality asserts a spirit spark of the eternal light. To assert in the face of Maya reality will enduring feat of spirit.
038. (Feb. 27). Empathy and understanding someone else's grief can vary substantially. Sometimes people, in compassion, come from thinking about you and imagining themselves in similar situation and feeling sorry for themselves, and then flows thought about yourself. And sometimes a sympathizer, forgetting about yourself in the position of suffering and seeks to provide valid assistance. Help and committed them, but help them not from the heart.
039. (M. A. Y.). Deaf and blind, but which can be sighted, at times need help more than knowledgeable and the begun to see clearly. So don't be surprised and don't worry that Teachers are less likely to Touch is too great and the need of hunger among the deaf and blind.

040. (Feb. 28). In the Thin World distribution of his inhabitants on layers, or spheres, happens automatically, according to the accord of the internal maintenance of the person to the sphere corresponding to it. When accumulation of spirit settle of energy in conformable to them a layer, it passes to another, higher, for a discharge of the energy already higher order. This way it raises everything above and above as far as it is allowed by its highest accumulation. For conscious stay in this or that sphere it is necessary to have in itself what it would be possible to live there. Accumulation of dark and light spirit is various. Areas where they stay are various also. Magnetism of the spatial spheres attracting to of spirits with various accumulation, is so powerful what to oppose to it is impossible. After all the one incarnation somewhere has to stay. Here it also stays there where attract its aspirations, that is equally effective collected by it on Earth of energy.
041. (M. A. Y.). Harmony of spirit with the spirit of the time is set. The aspiration is crucial. Two feelings in man are the strongest in this regard – love and hate. Both this senses - magnetic. Their magnetism is so powerful that is experiencing the death of a dense shell. Moreover, these feelings with a man endure even in its new incarnation. These feelings can be called immortal. Love begets magnetism of bright lights, hate is iron. The choice - than to live, depends on the person.
042. (Guru). The key, on which the configured or that held human life on Earth, opens the doors to him in any area of above-ground world. The art in this respect is the key light. Higher realms of aura's are decorated with works of art. Each earthly creation of human hands has a thin twin. And if his dense form, die thin exists in space. These forms also are distributed to layers, depending on their internal content or degree of light-bearer. Selection occurs for light and shade, as well as people. "Through art have light." True art and his works educate human consciousness to high, luminous spheres of space. Value of art in life of people is great; its value for spirit evolution is great.
043. (March 1). To know a person and do not condemn, with that knowledge, it's hard. Main thing is not to allow bad feelings and resentments. If someone has done you wrong and you know it, do try to bad feelings against the evil of the maker do not have. For us the human face is not a mystery. Dark, and the great powers, has repeatedly approached us in our earthly incarnations. And We know this, yet denied to Our aura is not peculiar to us by the stirrings of feelings. Do not let you to your detractors could to repay the light that is in you.
044. (M. A. Y.). If during the day in the life of a normal to behave as if the Light was next Teacher and Saw you’re every move, it would display the deepest fundamentals. But who is now, in the age of the atom and electronics, really believe the Bishop Said: "Behold I am with you always, all days, until the very end of the age".
045. (March 4). Knowledge of a human nature, under a condition silence astral, – great achievement. When indicated, having received a blow in one cheek, one substitutes another, did you mean precisely this fact – the silence of the Astral, that is such a degree of power over him that no offense, nothing caused by anger, could not have human cause a frenzy of astral and take it out of balance. It is internally, astral did not respond to the dark interference with the required student. And then he only has the right to raise the sword of fire or send an arrow, but is no longer protecting Myself and Myself. But Testament to nonresistance evil people understood literally, distorting its essence. No, we are not sheep we have seen examples of the defenseless. Not you represent you, and May not perform, if mastered his astral shell and if the tide spite human can answer an unwavering poise and calmness, not immediately. Remember: nobody and nothing can stand against the balance. Equilibrium – great power. Hot coal gather over a cinciput the evil of the maker, encountered the rage for great power of balance.
046. (M. A. Y.) It is a lot of not goodwill, rage, condemnation and inventions of everyone’s you have from your. Be not surprised – they, maybe, and unconsciously, but already on dark service. Don't answer their actions the same way dark feelings or rage, but, balance of spirit storing, better them regret because their fate is sad. Not on you take up arms, but on Standing behind you. Against Light go, condemning itself to darkness. Their destiny is unenviable. You see, what crushing karmic blows receive, not from you, but as a result of counteraction to Light. To you doing harm and blows and the Lord cause, because his Beam – with you. Not easier from it to you, their sufferings, but the Karma Law – over your will aren't necessary to you. But the malice to them doesn’t bear. It wasn't without reason specified to pray for enemies. It is the best way mentally to be protected from them and to make it impregnable. If it is difficult to pray, at least it is necessary to regret them.
047. (Guru). All measures of protection against enemies and resilience are justified, if emotion, astral darkening personal feelings, does not participate in them. The main thing is not to taint astral feelings and emotions dark minds up on you. You Said it was a long time ago that litmus test to detect the human entity. That's one cannot indifferently walk past you without identifying its carefully concealed nature. It is very difficult. But the Division that occurs in humanity must go to the end, and everyone should find its essence. On you not viciously rising against you, but against the light goes. This is their loss. But it can be happy for the host you are those who gravitate to the pole light. Do not forget them in her heart.
048. (March 5). If you would be able to see the status of each family, would understand that the last payment on the old debt. In the future you can login without debt. Because so much illness, suffering and disasters. You cannot release anyone from payment. Entire Nations pay off his karma. But someone has beset with new crimes. It is those who are not destined to enter the future. The future must be free from the past, if the past is a spawn of darkness. And someone is happy that is enhanced by the ability to reset the chain of Karma through accelerated reckoning. If could see the provision of each family, would understand that the last payment on former debt.
049. (M. A. Y.). The bright quality of the spirit, you can each develop, deepen and expand infinitely. The primary concern is about this. You can do this always, in all conditions. There can be no omissions or boredom form value qualities. And the opportunities life gives a lot. If only the will was consciously directed on the statement of qualities.
050. (Guru). A little time is left for the "burning of oil in of icon lamps". Wise will try to use it, not darkened Lucifer ousts opportunities there are unworthy or inappropriate. It is necessary to reach it. Reach it. Let every step will be in harmony with it.
051. (March 6). I love the people few speaking, but doing many. Now to ask questions not time, but to listen to time. We Lift consciousness over the life abyss; lifted – able to see. Where here to tower spirit if feet grew to the surrounding. Imitation the Teacher shows deep understanding of Bases. Elements of the unusual are brought in the usual.
052. And yet is not decisive is how people treat you, but how you treat them. Their relationship is imposed upon them, and yours is on you. You and stay with him. The liberating condition of some people over others is to love, and the binding is hatred. People rush about between the two extremes. "The ruler of this world and does not have anything in Me." Just think about what a great spirit of freedom from the power of darkness over the consciousness is in these words. Me imitating, aspire to nothing pulling down did not have power over you. And dark too the authorities won't have if in effect yours doesn't remain anything able consonance to darkness. So cleansing from the darkness is consonant with the primary objective of consciousness, heading toward the light.
053. (M. A. Y.). Every impure spot on aura is the target for enemy arrows or the opportunity for them to be hooked to harm. It is impregnable for are nasty cleared of darkness elements aura. In fact if you can assemble the elements of immortality and of light, on the opposite pole you can collect and accumulate elements of darkness. If I become aware of the importance of the process for the future, it would be easy to avoid many mistakes. Every sense – good and bad – leaves the aura glyph. And these signs, or markers, carry away a man in the future. Their accumulation should be reviewed more frequently possibly without regret throwing out anything that does not conform to the spirit of the stage reached. Ablutions are needed and the spirit and the body.
054. (Guru). A man looks at an object or person, and the imprint of see remains there, with brightness perception usually depends on the degree of attention or interest attached to perception. These pictures of the outside world in consciousness accumulate in abundance. The nature of their relationship to him is the inner content. Logging into the same picture gallery, two people will take an entirely different perception. These perceptions, they depend on the human angle, and angle of view-from the general direction of attention. For what it is, and sees a squint. So from the earthly life to the Sky with a killing people that it has attracted attention and in particular on the concentrated his thoughts, takes with itself in the form of bright, persistent, full of images and continues to walk in their surroundings, while energy, they concluded, not have exhausted their force on it.
055. (March 7). In the laboratory the human microcosm consciously, it can be called any feelings and sensations, such as a sense of solemnity, or devotion, love, and joy. You can call the sensation of heat or cold, vivacity and evocation. This is very useful to practice. It is useful to carry out, for example, Communication in a desirable key or a mood. Set up consciousness for all wave to learn it. In the end, Bishop Power, can it fit in any mood, his microcosm, regardless of what happens outside? From the depths of the spirit, you can call the desired feelings and sensations regardless of external conditions.
056. (M. A. Y.). Ability to assert a certain inner State regardless of external conditions and even against them is of particular importance during a stay in the subtle world. There may be side effects are particularly strong, and the Citadel of the spirit should be secured firmly. And especially you need there. All the good feelings of the Earth and spirit quality aboveground need more than ever the world needs them.
057. (Guru). If the artist is depicted with photographic accuracy on a cloth of some kind, or picture, or article or person, this type of art is called reproductive. In this regard, even the color photograph was ahead. True art must be no reproductive, but creative, when the creation of hands human idea is attached. Such art is going through. People are very sensitive to feeling the ideas embedded in paint, music or marble; however, not all, but true judges – always. So, true art transmits the idea concluded in it through an external form.
058. (March 8). This holiday is approved by us as a symbol of liberation of women and establishment of balance of the beginnings. Too long the woman was humiliated that it was possible to reach complete equilibrium in a short space of time. But the country which will succeed in it, rather others will go ahead. It is impossible to go on one foot, even to stand tiresomely. Humiliating and suppressing one of the beginnings, the country allowing it, assimilates to a one-legged being. Its evolution is late. Equality of floors furnishes the clue for advance in the future, advances fast and full-string. All energy of both beginnings take part in evolution, and the country which has approved balance of floors, will blossom and will be enriched out of any comparison with those who breaks the Life Law.
059. (M. A. Y.). Every phenomenon in the world around us is based on the combination of two opposites when the two get third, new, generated by the connection of opposites. In the areas of animal and human, this principle is expressed in the offspring. But this is a world in the plane. In the field of spiritual it generates creativity in all its forms. In the works of the highest is also required along with the masculine and the feminine. Only then can appear higher and creativity in all areas of life, when the feminine element present in it on an equal footing with men, as equal and not depressed.
060. (Guru). Dialectical law expressed in being versatile. It is manifested in everything: in the periodic system of chemical elements in the music scale keypad, color scale of light spectrum, in the annual cycle of the seasons, the rise and fall of Nations. The great law of opposites embraces all the phenomena of life. Without it there is no movement, no life, and no evolution. And the whole world is subordinate to the interest of his power.
061. (March 9). Movements travel and flights in thoughts as are real, as well as physical, but only in other plane. It is useful to practice in it because it serves as preparation for movements of a thin body in both worlds; future, shown of thought, a step to its realization. Motionless people first of all aren't mobile in thoughts; but basis a life – movement. Mobility of consciousness is the quality necessary for the pupil. The yogi at a full immovability of a body can be more mobile actually many times more, than the inhabitant who is fussy running about the room. The sense of true movement should be understood. Fussiness of thoughts is especially dangerous. Therefore We specify - tranquility. The tranquility of tension is feature of the yogi. Pity, unworthy fussiness of thoughts, words and movements will be its antipode. Fussiness – the devourer of mental energy. A little people think of harm of this phenomenon. Fussiness of life generated the superficial and thoughtless attitude towards her. To greatness of the Universe vanity human, but solemnity doesn't beseem it созвучит.
062. (M. A. Y.). To unite consciousness with the Teacher – means to become with it in the spirit of conformable and to start sounding in his key. Precisely, in it, but not in, - dense and usual Its singularity will be the main feature of this accord. Commonness, the ordinary is there enemy of Yoga. Many directed hearts went out under pressure of the ordinary. As by it of fight, as no yield its influence? Only of the constant aspiration to the Teacher and is memory about It constants. It also will before standing uninterrupted, or spirit wakefulness. The parable about the inextinguishable lamp of spirit is told to people long ago. Now, more than ever, this wakefulness because it is very dark is necessary and the darkness strong was up in arms against in what heart spirit fire burns.
063. (Guru). We welcome and affirm the unusual also in art. All great in it is unusual. The spirit of a true worker art fearlessly destroys the wall erected barriers of ignorance. Truly he is a pioneer in its field. The beaten tracks will not be one who knows its way. Following is the property of stenciling. Freedom of creativity it is possible only two of the strongly spirit. Art should be free from the chains of routine and cliche.
064. (March 10). The contact a wire demands full self-dismissal. Consciousness filling by and interferes with spatial perceptions. At the centers lit the wire sounds easily. But to force the centers it is impossible and destructive. When the space is silent, it is necessary to wait.
065. (M. A. Y.). How to be when friends make us sad and cause damage on par with foes? It has been said that we should not fear enemies, but friends, because they had to get the most blows. From enemies – defense, but friend’s heart often outspoken, and strikes a particularly sensitive. Not on their badness, but for self and levity. Think about themselves and are busy with myself and other people's experiences are not reaching their ears. Especially this won't be upset – it has always been; lonely the road to rushing of the spirit. "Nothing will change" Loneliness. And friends also have to forgive, for know not what they do.
066. (Guru). The spirit is likened to the gardener's apprentice. Taking care of his inoculation, where it is located. Spatial grain sown by them, will give their shoots. And, if they get to the hearts open for Light, - growth is invariable. But whatever, the aura surrounding the pupil radiates emanation, the impregnating is the environment. And in whom there is a spark of light, they were shaking. (A) In whom they do not exist, stupidly turn away their heads and often answer bad boom.
067. (March 11). Sometimes in dreams can man be such thoughts and actions awake he allows himself. If the desire is not extinguished root and it’s still situated somewhere in consciousness, sleepy visions offer request access, especially before going to bed is not a regulation of thought. Spear over the Dragon never sleeps, neither by day nor by night. It should not be forgotten. Dark enjoyed every stain on the aura, so that through him toss the shameful thoughts, exacerbating ongoing properties. Wake cycle spirit implies severe control of thought. Desire, not nurtured thoughts, dying.
068. (M. A. Y.). Purifying the consciousness of every litter there is a prerequisite for promotion. Little to prevent thoughts worthless, we still have to clean the conductors of coarse particles of astral matter and replace them with light and bright. These rough particles astral matter consonant with certain segments of the astral and magnetically attract to their possessor. Harmony there is high and low. The past is very dangerous because it involves consciousness in the lower layers of the astral. Low harmony determines human attraction to the same sections of space and with its release of a dense body.
069. (Guru). For those who have decided to irrevocably his way to the end, promotion takes place at all and any conditions as dense and thin. Nothing and no one will make him turn around and retreat into the darkness. "No cause, no circumstances, either the character or cause all
070. (March 12). You can wonder why life on Earth and its need for conscious experience and long-term stays in the world Aboveground. But if you go in the thin world without experience and knowledge, then there will be no money to live. This is a first. Secondly, the aura of sacred and profane content of the subtle world filled with mental products of thinking humanity. And even thinking time incarnate is based on the fact that they brought with them from dense world. Both closely and inextricably linked world. However, mountains, rivers, forests and vegetation are not subtle world embodied and one incarnation, but they can decorate and enrich new forms of human consciousness. What made people on the Earth, there is a subtle forms and in the world Aboveground. A subtle world created by thinking human, quite resistant and is they partly something filled with subtle realms.
071. (M. And. Й.) Building on Beauty and Beauty creates on Earth and in the Worlds the forms being in harmony with bases of construction hierarchical. Hierarchy of Light and those who approves evolution real, build on Beauty. The world terrestrial, a garden terrestrial, needs jewelry both for terrestrial and for Thin the worlds. Life construction on the Distant Worlds is based on steady following to the principle of Beauty. The fine thinking generates fine forms of thought and fine creations of hands human. It wasn't without reason told that "The beauty will save the world".
072. (Guru). Even beauty of terrestrial attires not without value for the Thin World, precisely, as and beauty custom. Crowds of people in World Aboveground invest themselves with clothes terrestrial; usually in in what there were they on Earth. Both not a rarity to meet crinolines, and corsets, both dress coats, and cylinders, and other absurd of fashion and there. Many unnecessary and ugly are brought with himself by the person to the World Thin, fine, disfiguring it instead of decorating. The environment a disgrace creates pressing dark atmosphere, so characteristic for the lower class of an astral. The problem of the future, lying before mankind, - conscious to decorate it not only a terrestrial garden, but also elevated.
073. (March 13). If the earthly human environment that is often ugly, in the thoughts surround yourself with the beauty of nothing. When the mental neighborhood beauty, plainness is power over the person no longer holds. Wealthy people often create around themselves like a beautiful environment, but this does not become better, because "man is the measure of things, but not the external environment. Want to say, - how internal state is crucial in determining the fate of man.
074. (M. A. Y.). "Don't want to see the perfect host teaching". Why? So that avoids disappointments. After all, accepting the Doctrine does not become immediately perfect, rather because of the depth of his essence raise head all his property, continuing to be previously. And who can say how long it would take for it. So better not aspire to personal contact. But collect squads serve is still necessary. But this is a problem for another order.
075. (Guru). Use of the most appropriate time for approval of a necessary for learner qualities is its priority. There could be boredom or unthinking immobility for one who realized this. Exercise in vigilance and watchfulness, in thought, in aid flights near and far, in improvement, lightening areas and much more can be done in any setting. After all, he wrote the "city of Sun" Campanella even in prison. Nothing can justify the mental laziness.
076. (March 14). One incarnation take the liveliest and close involvement in the Affairs of this world. Many affected by strongly. The impact is and from high and low minds. The world seeks to unite with Thin tight. Worlds are connected tightly. Combining worlds is a plan of evolution. Of course, it must be natural and legitimate. Phenomenon of a usual medium illegally, as invasion of crude consciousness into the lowest spheres of an astral perniciously. Also the lower mentality is undesirable. All lower down and tends to prevent evolution. Awakening of the centers should happen naturally through expansion and growth of the consciousness.
077. (M. A. Y.). Do not want to see in the sky recently perfection. They are still human beings, faced with the challenge to overcome themselves, their normal earthly imperfection. You can't ask people what in them yet. Better help them so hard, avoiding conviction. Know the person does not mean his censure. Recognizing human essence is given to those wiser than help them, imperfect, take the path of self-improvement.
078. (Guru). Even the small and not always apt to name Envoys claim hierarchy is important. The main thing to remember is that when the time comes that great work of their hands, many will take them as lawfully entering into life. And who can see the little from which is born a great!
079. (March 15). In case of the valid need We Won't delay. But to judge degree of need provide to us. And who can know when there will come this moment? However from experience of the past you remember how the necessary Help was repeatedly rendered. The help appears much more often than it is noticed. Beam with you. And it means that without the knowledge of ours anything can't happen to you. Dark long ago would destroy you, if not the Beam protecting.
080. (M. A. Y.). The terrestrial consciousness all the time clings to three-dimensional representation while Communication is already the phenomenon of the highest measurement. Why it is necessary to draw in the imagination "here" or "there" when it occurs over distances and a place. In space of the highest measurements terrestrial measures aren't applicable. Also it isn't necessary to burden itself usual reasons about this or that place when process is made in the spirit of. Even the thought out of temporarily, even in an inner world already isn't present neither top nor a bottom, neither "here" nor "there", neither big nor small, measured in the meter. Think over the most usual thought and, its outflow in a form, tell where it exists. So gradually it is possible to accustom consciousness to measurements of the Highest Worlds and not to darken it limitation and immovability dense.

081. (Guru). The human mind and its mental phenomena have subtle order products. You can't weigh them, neither measure nor make them habitual method of analysis. Thought of as a real phenomenon that has form and consists of a thin matter, is denied. All deny it, than live and that is the basis of life. But think all and all enjoy the energy of thoughts. This monstrous contradiction is not realized, and by denying the sentient being, people deprive themselves of judge-ment power. The time will come and the thought will examine laboratory-scientific. Then the deniers will understand the hidden force that can grow in its power depending on the number of to be in harmonious consciousness.
082. (M. A. Y.). For what tests are necessary, to difficulty, a overcoming of the lowest nature? Only in order that, having cleared, to approach even closer to the Lord. Each pupil for Him burden shows also the encumbrance, caused by a huge difference in radiations of auras. Means, the radiations everyone wanting to become as it is possible closer to the Lord has to lift up to the demanded height.
083. (Guru). If the absence of our show in the same degree of internal State, which, when combined, have a lot to succeed in its move towards the light. Someone is in front of the judge "sample of honesty", but it will be when measured in "dark alley" is one. "By doing so alone", is regarded as an understanding of the basics. Front face space wise behaves as if the Teacher next door. The Fiery reality is unusual measures.
084. (March 17). You can introduce yourself a Europe or an Asian, black fellow-skinned. You can imagine yourself in any condition: sick or healthy, young or old, rich or poor, the ruler of the whole country or the latest political activist. You can introduce yourself in the future judgment of mankind. But if all these phenomena occur with man in reality and if there persisted a yearning, a Teacher of light and steady progress on the road, it can be considered that the problem of life solved correctly. That is, despite the feature of external conditions, the line of evolution of spirit remains the same – aspiring to light fire. External circumstances are given for overcoming that anything couldn't detain the traveler of the Great Way anymore or reject it from the chosen purpose. By itself, a dense neighborhood of man be meaningless if reject the spirit and promotion it into infinity. Entire peoples and even race went from a historical scene, not leaving a trace of personal lives of individuals. Even private life of great-grandfathers is forgotten. Not the case, but that the spirit takes from it for his ascent. And if, on the one hand, you can say "everything goes", on the other, you need to add: "But dwells forever".
085. (M. A. Y.). Of the Successful swimming by the rough sea manifestation in is contained of elements; accurately also and in life. The uneasy sea of the everyday many opposite phenomena promises to the person. To plunge and live in them only them – means to deprive the life of sense. Many such senseless lives poison Earth atmosphere. The doctrine gives to people the purpose, gives to people aspiration and does human life intelligent; in these its greatest value.
086. (Guru). From various combinations of colors artist can create countless images or forms if the imagination allows. Likewise, the average person, if consciousness is extended, can create outside of the tight restrictions the thought. Knows no boundaries and limits creativity, mental, if thought was set free. It is often connected by terrestrial gravitations, is frequent darken vanity, is often directed on anything. Like a bird with wings, cannot fly. But going with a Teacher of light limitation of thought does not know.
087. (March 18). "Man is the measure of things." Not things and his environment are determined by the attitude of man but himself, his internal state. You cannot lose the balance in the most adverse conditions and deprived of everything, and even feel happy, and, on the contrary, having everything is very unhappy. If two people looking at the same thing feel completely opposite feeling here, it means that no external, but the man himself is the measure of things. So, the pessimist and the optimist, however, can relate to the surrounding differently-one celebrate life, the other her contempt. Victory over the others is that it does not upset the balance of spirit, whether it's good or bad. The fairy tale on the happy person, who didn't have even shirts, is very instructive. Remember, you can: "I have overcome the world." You can reflect on what was this victory, because no external circumstances, but internal State was determined by it. "The Postponement of the being in thought" gives you this opportunity. True, the holiday spirit comes back then for the winner. I want to make it clear that such a man is given dominion over everything outside that under all circumstances the likeness to human remains itself.
088. (Guru). As it is possible to mourn or rejoice concerning something if we don't know that finally it will bring, – of grief or joy. Often people are opposed to what strong carries them happiness, by contrast, welcomed the cause of future misfortune. Because wisdom advises to keep balance at all times. Constantly changes. Astral spirit you can't rely on him, because he constantly carries away the consciousness to the poles of opposite feelings and makes man a slave of his tyranny. In the world of man is released from aboveground astral shell and dropping her, not even perceive that he lost his "I", for it continues to be felt in its entirety and without astral.
089. (M. A.Y.) "Happiness is in the spirit." Understand this claim throughout its depth. If we look for it somewhere outside, will be futile quest. What people believe for happiness, so fragile, so temporarily, so ephemeral that last no longer than a certain period can, for him and becomes a habitual eradicates, ordinary and boring. Astral does not stand up to long-term happiness, because the vibrations are dull astral demanding change and replace them with new ones. Hence so many disappointments, so many shattered hope. On the astral emotions cannot be approved. They cannot build up. Temporary shell and let it do all the time. Neither myself, nor the people in distress cannot be relied upon to astral.
090. (March 19). The evidence says no judgment the future, and I say:” Yes”. Consciousness fluctuates between two extremes of obviousness and validity. The first is visible, weak and very convincing, the second of the five external senses escapes. But sense-knowledge still remains. It goes through the heart. Listening to what says you can catch a whisper of the heart, really. Hard to say what does not see eyes but that senses the heart. But on the heart and life will be wonderful and magical reality.
091. (M. A. Y.). Save the aspiration, no matter what. It is the only motor spirit. When the lights go off and the twilight consciousness, just descend on aspiration will transfer "through". It's like an arrow flying in the future. All you can take away from the person, but the future belongs to it integrally. Live in the future and for the future – in it all.
092. (Guru). The main thing – not to permit that "a matter of a false commonness" dimmed the future horizon. This "commonness" will consign to the past as everything left that was earlier and it seemed such exciting and real, but the singularity connected with the Teacher and the Doctrine, remains with you, on it build spirit life. Life of spirit and body life – which prefer? To that we will give, with that and we will arrive.
093. (March 23). Violent transformation of consciousness is impossible. It is necessary that process happened voluntary. We don’t interfere in karmas human and free will we do not suppress; in these all difficulty of care of the world. When people will understand that further so can't proceed that differently they will destroy each other and the life on a planet, then, maybe, there will come enlightenment and situation will change. New Beams will help world transformation, but the free will of people will be a decisive factor. Choice free: to address to good or to remain in the power of the evil. New Beams will make impossible existence on Earth of Hierarchy of dark and conscious attendants of darkness. In it value of approach of Satia Yugi. It is a lot of already signs of influence of a century of Aquarius on consciousness of masses. The last collision with leaving race will be awful. And so already spatial pressing increases. And there is so much trouble around. Final payment on last accounts can't be soft.
094. (M. A. Y.). All powers of darkness strain in terrible effort to be kept at least by a way of destruction go on the terrestrial. It is impossible to wait for simplification while last reasons won't settle the energy.
095. (March 24). Before of the great events always calm. But this is the calm before the storm. How would the dome security Put the next, protecting from poisonous arrows and spatial chaos. We should be waiting, without falling into doubt and denial. Bases aren't denied, and the Arrival promised mankind. "His Kingdom will have no end."
096. (M. A. Y.). The thin world currently undetectable, it is like no, he does not exist. Evidence has tended to overshadow the reality and so that strong not negative ceases to be; and similarly in the other. Strong Is the Maya. Competes with the basics and even fog envelops the mind. At such moments, good build strongly on approval of the undoubted and dispel the delusion of strong allegations that was given as evidence of the Existence of life. Maya not succumb, as will lead to deadlock and will put before deaf the wall. On the day of the great Feast will assert themselves on fundamentals.
097. (Guru). The great Arrival meant the culmination of all the forces of light voltage when Power Hierarchies are expressed in action. The action is the basis of life and those who really goes for the Lord. You can give yourself clear and impartial report, as this principle is carried out and approved someone who considers himself a disciple of Teachers. Not in words but in action expresses the essence of the learner. And if adherence to the Teachings expressed in idle, then the Foundation beneath your feet is gone.
098. (March 26). In terms of Space is no place for personal. Lower self is at the bottom, and the spirit continues to rise higher and higher. Problem space is so complex and difficult, that requires total consciousness. Consciousness is divided within itself, attracting and personal and minus-person does not stand up to segregation. Higher returns must be complete, without residue. It is a personal full-return, full-aspiration and estrangement by him. So, self-servce and of the Great Services are in compatible. Yes, you can love everything: nature, people and creations of human hands, and work, but if this love is giving not taking, not restricting, not overwhelming and does not require anything. The way to Light is difficult. Let's rejoice even to small advance forward.
099. (M. A. Y.). In person you can see both good and bad, but it should be good. That's the difficulty, because finding bad things; it is easy to overlook the positive traits. Thinking good of man, his raise thinking bad and denouncing, are doing even worse. The ability to invoke a dormant in people welcome belongs to the most valuable qualities a person.
100. (Guru). When the Teacher covered the entire Beam, previously hidden, essence and soul rise up from the bottom of all the bad and good properties: bad-for eradication, good – for adoption and growth; which will prevail, depends on the person, because the choice is clear. And begins the struggle between what pulls it down, and that brings it up. She continues in the subtle world, when the outcome of the destiny of man. The defeat of the highest Duady is already fatal. Better win, still on Earth, to freely and without delay to ascend to higher spheres.