Agni Yoga's facets, 1953 (101-150)

101. (Feb. 25). My son, the shell should be led to silence. A big waste of psychic energy is to follow their fluctuations. We need to understand the silence as a state of consciousness by the ceased and suppressed shells. Silence is a state when selfness is silent. And it is said, "There is a sonorous voice out of the silence which is the world. A consciousness fully aspired to Me cannot stay without a response. But you need to find the courage to face a wave of darkness, in order not to let them flood the fire of the spirit. How can we resist to the darkness? Only with the fire of our heart! A strong immersion in the spheres of My manifestation creates and strengthens the thread of connection. I will not become silent but only with your aspirations to Me and in My World. It is so far from your world that the decision to participate must be strong, stronger than the sounds of vanity energies. The one to sound is just something that fills the mind and dominates over it. If Mine, that is Mine; if the earthly, that is vanity. The Removal from the earthly world and from you is a dismissal of the bustle of the current day, and it is in the spirit. It is necessary to have an extraordinary tension of the spirit, for the power of darkness is unprecedented. In order not to lose heart, you need courage too. It is better not become dispirited even at the disruption of all expectations, rather than to lose the fire of the spirit by their implementation. And it is better to lose everything but resist than to acquire the world having lost the heart. I need the ones who think about Me but not about themselves. Mine must be put instead of yours. You can look into the past. What did a small personal "I" give to the spirit, how did it fill the consciousness, what was its life like before the Lord entered it? Return to a circle of blind vegetation of spirit? It is an awful and silent emptiness which inevitably replaces the Communication. Thus, let us save the innermost and not only from people, but also from the subdued still covers. Which enemy is more dangerous: from outside or inside? And where must the watch be more alert? Let us understand how the serpent of the astral matter flows through the astral bodies of people to feed them with its qualities and characteristics. The serpent should be defeated both in you and in the others. It does not matter where he raises his head and gives a mortal bite, through its shell or through someone else’s. The existing lowest astral selfness of a man as strongly goes wild in its nearest, as in itself. Harnessing it in ourselves and in the others, we win a victory over it inside us. And a human is not only a watchman for his brother or neighbor but he is also a guard from himself and the stifling embraces of the serpent astral rings. Polarizing your consciousness on the wave of cautious reserved calmness, you deprive the serpent of its manifestation power. The power of balance prevents its movement at the root. The spirit balance strikes the Serpent's head, and it droops limply unclenching its rings. For it is said: no one can stand against the balance. The highest degree of calmness and equilibrium of the spirit must be revealed. One needs to adopt them as a powerful shield. The power of balance is immeasurably deep. The fight with the enemy is both inside and outside through the polarization of consciousness. Do not speak, do not convince, and do not argue. We should fall silent behind a strong shield of our faith and adopting the balance of fire turn the lever of the thoughts in the desired direction. We need to understand that only the silence moves. «We need to understand that a real action happens in silence. There are enough words and external demonstrations that do not reach the goal. The order of all consciousness is needed in order not to let the astral shell sound. The very thought of the possibility of such manifestation must be crushed in the bud. Serenity cannot be violated in public, whatever they say and do. The fury of blind astral shells cannot and must not infringe a regal calmness of the spirit. The loss of balance is a defeat and a loss of stored fiery energy. One must finally understand that the loss of serenity and equipoise is a total loss. I Claim the fiery Power of balance!
102. A strained filling of hearts with the Lord makes Communication tangible. With a steady rhythm time is clearly irrelevant, that is, you can already write even beyond the normal periods, if a pulse is felt. I want you to aspire to me completely, as the strange intrudes in gaps and cracks, and the fiery energy leaks out. You need to reach a certain degree of tension where the Communication takes place. This tension is supported with a heart. It can be enhance with love deliberately sent by the fire wire. For the love is light and proximity. I will not forget; I will not Leave, I will not quit, if a heart aspires to Me in love. Love is a great magnet. Love is a great engine. The love of the Lord overcomes the barriers of a matter. "Be able to love if you ascend”. The call of love will bring the answer of the beloved”. A Call! How beautiful this word is! A call rushed to the space dissects the layers of the lowest matter as a lightning. A call and a response are the great law of duality moving due to the magnet of a heart.
103. My Tower is an anchor of the world salvation. The aspired has found his way. It stores the keys to future findings of the mankind. It is a plan for the development of a new race. There are origins of knowledge and wisdom. My Tower is a fiery Pillar of light which goes to the Worlds. It transmits wisdom of the highest worlds to the Earth. And far worlds send their far tidings through it in the earthly world. The one, whose consciousness is sent to the Tower, finds the magnetic connection with it, and when the earthly connections break, the song of the life space begins to sound. And when a spirit gets free from a body after death, the gravity force appears and overcomes the Earth's magnetism aspiring to the Highest Spheres. But the magnetic link must be installed while alive. It is late to start creating it when it is time to act. If the Chambers of the Tower are open for someone, he is Mine who reached it with My Beam. For whom if not for them are all the hidings opened? The Tower treasures are prepared for the heirs of My fate. And I'm waiting for those who are ready. You need to release yourself from the bondage of Earth in your consciousness to be accepted by Me. How the fiery drink of life will be poured into a jar, if it is filled with a drink of the Earth? And how will I fill the baskets with life breads, if they are stuffed with earthly rot? I am waiting for the released. Those who come and bring their living things dilute the fiery drink with water, each according to the power of the living. The cleanness of conscience consists in clearness of a crystal free from any earthly impurities. Because the one who gave himself to the Lord undergoes a process of transmutation under the light beam which remits old accumulation. During this process the unwanted slag is discarded and separated from the pure metal. A devotional heart obtains a Beam. And I will also say: it is necessary to clean the aspiration from the bothering and burdening. The load on the boom impedes the flight. Disburden yourself.
104. (Feb. 26). How to live in this world, to coordinate this and that world in order this world could not hinder with its strong but disharmonious vibrations? How to put out the triumph of vanity in this world? With aspiration to true actions! The real action is an action which base is ministration to the Lord. Does not vanity sound because the earthly things are inside you and it is attracted to the Earth? One must approve the power of the Highest attachments. The Law of related opposites joins related or analogous elements. Two opposite beginnings starters, for example, male and female, are attracted to one another with a mutual attraction. But the man is a human and the woman is a human. The human is the basis of uniting the opposites but only the related ones or analogous elements. They are similar in essence but the form of expression of these analogous elements is different. You need to understand this unity with the opposition of Poles in one thing, phenomenon or order. Because to overcome the vibrations of this world a man obtains the opposite pole of a phenomenon from the Highest World to attract the other half from there. Consciousness is polarized in the vein of solemnity and tranquility aspired to the highest. It's like a funnel for the Highest Beam, when the consciousness is tense expecting the perception and understanding of the Beam vibrations. The serenity is not from earthly vortexes, and the solemnity is not from vanity and yearning to the Lord, but the aspiration to the Lord is from the anticipation of His Ray. So the elements from the Highest World firmly established in the consciousness can overcome the roar of earthly voices, having closed the connection of both poles.
105. (Feb. 27). To enhance a magnet attracting the higher energy of the world, you can collect your best achievements, your best thoughts, your love and your devotion, your aspirations and the accumulations and into a ball of light inside your consciousness and direct the Teaching pole to the Lord in order to saturate it with the power of subtle energies. You cannot expect the gifts of heaven, being immersed in the care of the day. Collecting the elements related to the Highest World goes deliberately, and a complete detachment from the Earthly Affairs of Earth is needed. You cannot be used of God and Mammon. So the monolith of consciousness inseparably rushes to the Lord’s Ray and, being covered with it, it merges. Short-circuit currents are strong enough by the sufficient tension of the accepting pole. So let us adopt a new and more profound stage of overcoming the energy of surrounding dense world. You cannot establish communication with the Highest without collecting enough energy in the consciousness and without increasing their tension to the extent when the locking of energy currents becomes inevitable. But the lever of the will still is in the hands of the aspiring consciousness. Energies of the dense world break the monolith of the aspiring consciousness because a terrestrial magnetic forces pulling down are very strong. But the strong-willed conscious polarization and concentration on the focus of sufficient high, previously accumulated and approved energies creates such power which overcomes the gnashing of earthly conditions. You cannot forget that the element of copability remains inevitable under any conditions, and it never stops the fight between the lowest and the highest, while there is an unwinding of the evolutionary spiral. So we must get to like this state of perpetual spirit struggling and overcoming the lowest with the highest. The Lord is the Fire, forever looking to the spiral of ascent and powerfully crossing the monstrous resistance of the cosmic scale planetary elements. Let us assimilate to It and learn to overcome all, every any resistance, the power of which will increase with the growth of our spirit. And do not be embarrassed by the power of growing resistance, but let us rejoice, for they are obvious indicators of our growing fiery might. The seed of knowledge is growing. Our experience is growing and a step of immutability leads the spirit to new victories. I approve the Victory. I overcame the wave and the vortexes of earthly energies directed to you, and I affirmed the Communication in spite of their force. Let us rejoice at a new victory. There is a mystery and power of your growing might in fighting and overcoming. I greet the Winner.
106. Let us talk about of assonance. Communication and of assonance! Communication is of assonance, the assonance of a disciple’s consciousness with the Lord’s one. How does the lowest consciousness sound with the Highest consciousness? Obviously, elements related, or conformable. Accumulation of the elements of the highest order or the subtle energies in the spirit grain stipulates the possibility of communication. Let us concord with the highest we have inside. Therefore, the goal of climbing and is accumulation or picking up the subtle energies that form the basis of consonance within the spirit grain. Each local culture is a consonance of what is in the perceiving consciousness with the affined being outside. Similar things are perceived by similar things You cannot see and comprehend what is outside, if it was not sometime and somewhere put in the depths of Individuality of cognitive analogous elements. For I who passed through all beliefs and all nations point. I point because I know; I have gone the long way which my followers are trying to go now. Life experience gives you savings. The accumulated subtle energies collected during the long millennia allow to approach the life Teaching and draw new elements from it with the power of attraction of previously accumulated elements just on the line of the related opposites attraction. By consonance of the things we have inside us with the consciousness of the Lord. Therefore I say: the having will enrich, the lacking will lose his possessions. The decision is correct: the consciousness, being swamped with waves of the worldly sea, could not always come into contact easily. But if you call all the richness of your past realized and achieved savings even in this latest life from the depths of consciousness, the perceiving pole of consciousness will enhances its magnet that attraction or assonance, or perception of relative energies of My Beam becomes inevitable. So the conscious polarization of your perceiving apparatus brings the law into action, and we can overcome weaker poles of earthly energies attraction. They also sound phonically. And when they fully grasp the consciousness, the concentrated power of their energies gathered in the consciousness defeats the attractive force of My Beam and vanity triumphs. But the weakness of these turbulent earthly consonances is that in the sphere of finite personality there are short outbursts with the elements of the astral matter. According to the laws of the transient world, they must be and they are replaced with new ones darkening the whole consciousness. The captured consciousness sounds and vibrates on the key of vanity. But the power of accumulated for millennia subtle energies enduring in the spirit grain and consciously focusing on the extreme magnetic attraction is stronger than any transient flares or swells of temporary dense energies. We just have to realize their power, the joint force of those long past saving. The collected in the focus of consciousness attractions powerfully overcome the transience of the current day vortexes. Treasures of the beam are taken by force. The one who apply his conscious effort and dedication to collecting and approval of the subtle fiery energies in his microcosm overcomes any resistance of the lowest spheres whatever swirls rage there. My name, My Face, My Beam immediately manifest their power as soon as the consciousness applying their force polarizes the pole of its attraction according to the required extent of magnetic tension. The doctrine of tension is universal, and any occurrence takes place only with a proper tension of the opposite poles. The rhythm of high tension work is determined with the attracting power of the fiery energies. So I give you a new powerful lever approving its power in the application. Henceforth, no matter how fiercely sounds a wave of the Earth’s life, there is a handle of the lever that could overcome any tension of dense energies in your hands. Your savings are your everlasting friends ready to stand in all their strength at your spirit’s call and merge in assonance with the Light of My Beam. I will give all opportunities, but you should also give the pole of focused elements of attraction, where to send the Beam and how to appeal it. If there is wet muslin instead of a shield, the Ray penetrates limply, being thrown away and repelled by amorphous surface of consciousness. The crystal lost its form, lost its edges and became amorphous. Slime of the consciousness does not have any attractive force. Thus, I immeasurably give to a winning warrior who consciously travails in action and takes the gifts by force. And I do not count the given treasures. One needs a powerful crystallized aspiration like a spearhead of a battering-ram, because all its power is focused for the power of actions. The harder and more organized the more powerful. One may ask how to be with dark accumulations and impulses? But they are reflex and automatic, and they have no power when there is a discrepancy of their essence with the height of the stage reached by consciousness. I speak about the ascending consciousness. The descending consciousness has another path. It is said about the way of Light but not about the way of darkness. They have their laws, they are the same but leading in abyss. Our way is to the Light. And the Light wins. Let us rejoice at a new stage of overcoming. I named the son as a victor. Remember and know that you are going to the victory with Me. This victory is inherent. I will adorn the winning way with gems of findings.
107. (Feb. 28). I affirm the superiority of the spiritual over the material, the highest above the lowest. But to make the highest win, you must bow your heart to it, to the highest. It is necessary to come to love the world of subtle energies manifestation. Love gives final clearance as a magnetic state of the aspired consciousness. The response to the call always reaches its goal, but its views can be different and often not in a form that was expected. Many different conditions can affect the form of the reply. Sometimes just one word reaches. Also it is not always possible to provide the time and place of the answer. The phenomenon of space currents is extremely significant. Because one should not predetermine the form of response in advance bearing in mind, however, that in one form or another, but the answer is inevitable. You can also consider magnetic properties of the thought always bringing the phenomenon of closing current and phonically determined combinations but it is all in time which cannot be determined for every thought. A grain of thoughts give shoots at the proper time. A stream of thoughts flowing above the previous crop is explained. But each thought brings the answer or the fruit according to its kind. The thought aspiring to the Lord will obtain the saturation of the magnetic pole from the Lord. So endeavor with a thought. Formerly a teacher and his were together. The current space conditions require the expansion of the network of the Light up to the limits of the planet, and the principle of direct communication with a pupil is replaced by mental relations over a distance. As the thought has no distance, the power of the desired degree of a contact does not depend on farness. Everything that you need and you can give to a disciple can be passed with a thought. The exchange of thought currents reaches a state of tense rhythm and such force that many pages are filled with the Records. Of course, there is still a dream and Communication on the thin plan, but it will be told later. There is a need to sharpen the thought. One needs to learn the art of thought crystallization. At first, there is a usual human speech, and then they are written communications; now a thought replaces both of them. Of course, it is better to be together because what will replace the intimacy of the Lord? But every disciple has his Mission, and he should go through some periods in the physical distance from the Teacher. Valuable flowers are often planted separately and in a particular soil and exposed to the ordinary atmospheric natural conditions. Do not doubt in wisdom of the Leading Hand. All opportunities to succeed under any conditions are given. (It is unusually hard to write).
108. (March 1). We are not going to think about difficulty of our fate. Bitter thoughts give bitter fruit. One has to go through something that gives us life, because our life is something that we cannot change, something out of our control. This is something irresistible, external and we will call it iron chains of karma. But we will not regret about their invincibility because it has no sense. Until time has not come and the hour has not struck, our efforts to change something ahead of time will not give those results which must bring the terms. For the humility of spirit must be shown. There is nothing which could not be overcome by a human will. But it is not related to the will of the karma Lords, though it can be overcome but only feasibly and with meekness. Only the highest spirit can carry its cross having subdued its rising shells. This is a highest humility when your lowest beginning is curbed in you. This is a victory over karma. Not something from outside is overcome but from inside, in oneself. And the formula of this overcoming will be, "The Lord, in Your Hands I commend My spirit, thy will be done ". So, there is dual victory: passive and active. Of course, passive victory requires no less activity, and tension, and fight, but it is outwardly invisible, a man is externally passive. Great victories are achieved in the meekness of the spirit. It is not a stooping acceptance and tearful gloom of limpness, but it is tension of all forces defending their stronghold from the onslaught of external energies. So humility of the Savior was a sign of the greatest victory. The Regal power of humility must be understood, as a heart adamant having humbled the selfness shines with all lights.
109. My friend, Faith until the end is the first condition, the second one is to put everything on a map. Neither half measures nor the half-heartedness are inappropriate there where the consciousness wants to rise above the low cycles of times. The Infinity is commanded and it is improper to dig in dirt of close quarters. A liberated mind looks widespread and far and it values phenomena of the aspect of the distant or near future but not in the context of the present hour. Only moving a phenomenon to the future, we can get its right assessment and understanding. Chicken patency and chicken reality do not respond to the eagle over cloud flight. We aspired to the future and asked those who lead the humanity. Our Testament is "live in the future". Only thus we can withstand the pressing and darkness of this hour. Who can deprive us of the future light and who deprives us of those fruits for which great efforts are applied; great work and great difficulties are overcome? Farmers, making their work, expect to have abundant harvest. What did you do, what seeds did you sow, what work did you make and what shoots do you expect? There is no effect without a reason, and there no work not bearing the consequences. Work is approved. It is work with inevitable results. Be able to distinguish the great from the small and good fruit from inefficient seeds. A measure of the future is a faultless criterion. Distant seeds can be the most fruitful and breeding, and who knows whether we are the harvesters in the succeeding centuries. Personal, philistine measurements should be left. The personal has its right to exist only when it is merged with the phenomenon of the Common Good and it is a harmonic inseparable part, as a rose-leaf makes beauty of a bouquet. A personal world separated from the Common and above-personal is condemned to eternal degeneration and it is convicted by the stage of planetary evolution. A man is a part of space, a part of the planet, of the nation, of the family; he is a necessary link in the endless chain of events. Not by itself, but as a part of a whole. There is a degeneration of the human consciousness and the consciousness of humanity in its unity as one planetary family. The formula "One flock and One Shepherd" comes true with a stage of human evolution. And it is not in understanding of the past limited interpretations and religious statements, not in the aspect of the church votary but in the whole purity of planetary life. The fiery waves move the wheel of evolution sweeping away all the counteracting in its progressive run. And we affirm the approaching stage of evolution.
110. (March 2). My son, I will not tire of repeating: nothing useful is born in welfare. Therefore, the harsh life will turn on the page bravely. Courage and heroism are required not only on the fields of battles but also in everyday life. How else to withstand the onslaught of the waves and resist them? I Say, you need a courageous calmness of mind. I am the ruler of Shambhala; I maintain the courage in the human hearts before great changes. When horror will propel the crowd and everything around them will fall down, the having brave hearts will rally around them. And they will go. Let us understand that the best that is in us is useful and necessary for people. The light insides us shines upon the others whether we know it or not. And only the network of light that is still in us holds the Earth. Interactions of human energies with the planetary energies are so powerful that they only keep the planet from decay. When the highest principles, or energy, leave the human body, it dies and decomposes. The same way is with the planet. It begins to degrade when the light of its high principles enclosed in humanity begins to fade. Those few light bearers who still have it courageously and lonely watch and protect the Earth from the horror of decomposing and carry the burden of this feat on their shoulders for millions of parasites. Hence the burden is excessive. My warriors courageously standing in the darkness as luminaries, you Send My Rays of light to strengthen a planetary network. You are My assistants. I send the approving Ray to your courage, for I called you Mine. I was, I am and I will be with you.
111. I want your state to approach to the state close to a stretched bow. The state of consciousness should become tense, and the tension must be the tension of calmness. And remember: tension of calmness. And it can be reached only among the worries and anxiety when the outer wave of hard life and worries is opposed to the tension. Just calmness without tension will not be able to neutralize the effect of external influences. So the waves of the opposite conditions are called, and they give the desired degree of manifestation for the opposite beginning. The spirit grows with increasing obstacles and difficulties. They are growing and they are fomenting the resistance elements. So there is an inner force due to the external resistance. We love this exertion of a battle in everything and everywhere. Nothing is given for nothing. We reach just making efforts. Make the effort and I will help you. The state of constant struggle is a state of the Arhat consciousness because I Call the nearest My warriors. Only the struggle provides the conquest of subtle energies which are always strained in their essence. It is possible to enter the world of the highest tension energies only in a state of the highest exertion. And this tension must be a tension of calmness. Life teaches in its whirlwinds to this level of achievement. The waves are roaring, the ocean is raving, the lightning is flashing, and in this chaos of elemental wrath a calm cold light beam cuts the grave darkness from the Tower of the lighthouse standing on guard and preserving bold navigators. Calmness is not valuable in the constant quietness and calmness. But in heat and fury of the battle among the screams of battle and lamentation, among the earthly vortexes and subtle clashes a state of tense composure is a level of the highest achievement level. And we will approve the next stage of equilibrium, the equilibrium during the storm. Inside the cyclone there is a rod, an axis, or a center of balance, the center of tranquility. Let the stronghold of spirit become the center of tense balance and immobility, - as an axis of the huge turbine about several thousand revolutions per minute. I give the conditions for strengthening the qualities necessary for a further joint work. Cooperation with the Teacher lays a claim to the disciples. And each new stage of convergence requires its height and frequency of working wave energy intension. I always adapt the body to new opportunities and new conditions of My Beams tension. I require the reciprocal understanding of the value of the current task and the conscious adaptation and assimilation of the body to the wave of higher tension. The conditions will worsen until the spirit’s clothing or armor becomes firmer to withstand the pressure of subtle energies. An accommodated organism will pull to pieces the Beams of My Aura if there will be no proper tempering. So not complaints, but understanding is required. Enjoy the possibility of a closer approach of the Lord through the burdens of current exertion. The leading and directing towards good Hand protecting the immutability of the way will be felt in furious whirlwinds of elements. Not for darkness I Gave My favorites but I want to bring even closer and strengthen your essence next to Me. We need to understand that the degree of approximation is different, and the closer it is to Me, the harder it is. Let us love the approaching exertion. Let us hold faith to the Leading Hand among all conditions and be ready to admit the increasing levels of tension.
112. (March 3). So, the degree of proximity to the Lord is different. But you can divide all the aspiring in two types: the seekers and the finders. The Finder is the one who found a concentration of all his ambitions, aspirations and achievements in the Lord, who will not look for something outside Him, who was never and under no circumstances tempted to search for another source of knowledge or a new teacher. And among those who found there are a few who from childhood had strongly, clearly and with all his essence known the Teacher’s wisdom. The seekers are unaware of this certainty but their past findings stimulate their spirit to search, and they consistently and strenuously seek going from one person to another, until their spirit says, "Here is the Teacher." And a process of searching which sometimes lasts for many years is finished. Of course, the degree of the spirit knowledge is different among the seekers. But the way, whoever has found it, is steady and invariable. There can be a struggle, fluctuations, minutes of weakness and recovery, but for the one who found the Face of the Lord it is always a single leading beginning. The Lord knows His own among the seekers. They still have not found, they still do not know him, but He Knows them, and a printing of the selected lies on them, and the vibration of the Teacher is offered to them. And the signs are often given. Good for them who found the Lord in their hearts, because they know their way and they will not be distracted with spangles of doublets. No earthly authorities and knowledge can disturb them and detract them from their path. The knowledge and wisdom of the Lord eclipse all diplomas and academic titles. The finders know that everything is in the Lord.
113. My son, you need to go the path of steady labor and fins joy in the very process. Correct and solemn strain of energy in labor brings joy. This is a feeling of joy because of work, whatever it may be; there is also a victory over the spheres of certain energies. We will understand the joy of creative work as wings. Creative work is an exciting food for the spirit. When the aura vibrates with the energy of fire, a spirit song sounds in space and the worker’s aura egg becomes saturated with light. Work must be widely understood. Work is a way of the centers firing and a method of their maintenance in a state of constant burning. Aura strains in labor. Work saturates and recoils the aura lights. One needs to get to like this state of working light strain. The rhythm of a satiated work is valuable as the best exercise to maintain the aura in the fiery condition. Sadness kills the lights, as well as an odious work. While understanding the mysteries of work as a method of awakening the lights and keeping them in a state of intense burning is a path of the fiery ascent. All great men were great workers. Fire does not tolerate either stagnation or idleness. But any work is valuable only when it is joyful. To find an opportunity to work happily under any conditions and performing any work is a property and a skill of the Arhat. Make yourself or somebody work is possible, but only a few can work victoriously-happily in any field. Spasmodic nerve impulses in labor are destructive for a body. Ceremonial rhythmic tension and joy, calmly and evenly lit in microcosm fiery energy will be right. The credibility of labor fineness is great. It lights people’s hearts. Fiery employees entrain people as a flow of sand. The fiery credibility does not need words. A personal fiery example makes both winners and followers, and disciples. My son, learn to work fiery. Love the very process of fiery creative work. The state of fiery tension grows fiery wings. One should leave the philistine attention to labor. It is necessary to remove the emotional element. Astral emotions are not needed. Useless and wasteful idleness of energy is just excluded. There must be a solemn and courageous work in the Name of the Lord and for Him. When auras light fires in the hearts with their intense light and the space lights up with light, there is a proper understanding of its mission in everyday life. The rightful work, the hardened, gloomy work creating wings or chains, the fiery aspiring work, - these are ways we understand the types and forms of labor. Feeling the joyful recovery from a seemingly dull but intense work was entirely correct. The stage of achievement is felt and evaluated correctly. Any difficulty can raise him or kill. Let us understand the mystery of vivacious work. There are hidden fiery opportunities there. And when the hearts lighting up with creative enthusiasm are the object of work, this work is noble. Not in empyrean heights, but on earth and under close conditions ignites the sacred flame of the centers. So understand and love the fiery labor as a path of fiery tension. The quality of labor is fiery tensions in any area and at any plane of existence or manifestation. And the hardest is to create with a thought in the fiery tension. There are a few workers of fiery thoughts. I affirm the fiery calm and solemn tension of light-bringing labor. I approve the start of fiery work understanding. Remember: in charging and under tension great gems are born, My son.
114. (March 4). Never, under any circumstances a distant goal can be forgotten. What is this all for, for what purpose is this this long hard way and endless hardship and suffering, what is this dense evolution for?! The single purpose is to climb, to master fire and become fiery. And all that happens every day in the twilight of life, everything happens for this common goal. If all is done for the sake of it and it takes all that gives life, for it, remembering the greatness of fire, and the Realm of the infinite Light, about our inalienable domain and power over all energies, then you can go through everything and can reached.
115. To strive in the correct direction will be the solution of the question. And then every made step is an advance. Endeavour! A prolonged aspiration creates inertia of motion, and it becomes natural and legitimate. And there will be a moment when the wings of aspiration easily and freely take the aspiring to the same distant common goal. The step of immutability is produced and among the Earth vortexes and uncertainties a confident fiery solid pace of a winner is born. He, a winner, towers as an impregnable fiery spirit among the burgeoning rushing flows of time of fleeting relative phenomena. He is aspiring in his motion on the waves of the ocean of relativity and immovable, as a rock in the jets of the flowing matter. Two poles of the opposition of eternal couples of a single thing are approved in one, in the consciousness and the spirit comprehended a mystery of two: the eternal in the temporary and the temporal in the eternal. The Spirit in a matter and the matter in the spirit are united in the winner. The approved winner goes among the seemingly contradictory and impossible living conditions. And the most ardent controversy, the very difficulties cause wins and advances; everything and all forces both good and evil serve him, the winner. And every stone of opposition, every obstacle becomes stairs of the ascent staircase which promote and help to the rise. And then there is no doubt, then there is no fear, then there is no stopping for, as the movement of the planets, the immutability of the path becomes invariable. It is the way of the Arhat, when there is neither outside nor inside factors which can stop the fiery aspired consciousness. The path of the Arhat is the way of the winner. And I'm standing behind; I Note its direction in scrolls of future times because I see the Pearl thread of the spirit tracery. I joy to lead the winner. I joy to see that nothing can frighten him. And his enemies and darkness are the foothills for his legs, the winner of time and things. The winner of the three, I affirm you in the greatness of the fiery path immutability. Fiery path of victory is seen to Me up to the end, to the point of merging with the mystery. And do not I affirm you who were steady among the wrath of darkness and chaliced down, thousand-fold in the coming victory of the light? The staying in Me has a light warrant.
116. A sense of growing power, strong, confident, and sensitive is right! This is cognition of the victorious fruits. Seemingly, there is nothing to rejoice because the darkness is around, but the quiet joy grows in a winning heart. It does not depend on anything from outside. It is the winner of the external. It powerfully stands among global volatility. And they who do not know Me will not win a victory over you who cognized Me and I took into your heart as Alpha and Omega. And when the hour comes, they, having scented the power of your will, of My light, will follow you like sheep for the leader of the herd. They will go in multitude. Because the wires of the spirit are invisible but strong, because the Space Right has its power over the human constructions, reasons, thoughts and desires. You will pardonably direct the flow of consciousness, go forwards, make the others follow you, for I have appointed you. I, your Lord, claim you in the Majesty of the future. Be it so. I Said.
117. (March 5). My friend, I am in need and I need your help. Whom can I call for help? Of course, they are only the nearest. What is in this help? It is in the state of their consciousness. If it is filled with it and with oneself, there is no help! And if it is filled with Mine and Me, how is it? With requests for help addressed to Me, or with their regrets about their difficulties, or discontents directed to Me? No!!! Only the consciousness can help me, being in the state of equilibrium and serenity. Balanced strength of intense consciousness, consciously or subconsciously, but constantly and continuously goes toward Me is required. A joyful, cheerful, firm unwavering desire is needed. This harmonious aspiration of the entire microcosm, aspiration of fire in its tension reaches the degree of the Ray Bearer and the Ray Disciple aspired to Me, and it creates a magnetic channel the assistance the Lord says about. It is total self-denial. "Who can help me with his direct and inseparable aspiration?" Who can the Lord rely on? Whom can he trust the light network? And where are they, truly helping, among billions of people? Staying on the known stairs, they think of giving down and getting on the top. The Arhat, as the Sun, always thinks about giving down and up, to the Lords who work in the interest of humanity in great tension and bloody sweat. And the light and the rays giving to all ends of the world carry their seed of help in the Beam of the sunny Arhat’s heart. In this self - denying tension grows and strengthens the power of his aura, forming the shape of three rays’ force, three plans, for its essence and of three essences. Two, three, five, seven, and higher rays are the Hierarchical stages. The strength of these rays increases on the wheel of interchange between the pupil and the Hierarch. This strain is mutual. The assistance provided to Me is returned back. I say that not for the next but for everyone in order the secret of increasing power to be realized. Mine do not need any rewards, any renders, but the law is irrevocably put into action. In moments of need and special tension we are like an impenetrable, undaunted front. I need the strong, the persistent, those who will not leave Me and My Affairs in time of need. And who knows when it comes. For tension is a constant readiness. The warrior is always aspired to the Lord in his desire and willingness to help. So My Warrior forges a fiery everlasting yearning and his armour is likened to the Sun of the great Heart that will never fade.
118. (March 6). The message is here. Today you will hear about Stalin's death. Today, you will hear a lot. We will fight for a hand of our Motherland as it became sick. It will recover quickly, for I am with it. And you help. Incessant thrill of opportunities will be the key. Watch. The hour is approaching. I watch and Manage events from the Tower. In the moments of universal confusion I create with Mine. The message is over. Take My advice. Hide the face, time didn't come yet. Events are looming. One must resist. (In the morning, while sleeping, I saw the River breaking ice before the debacle. The water was rising under it. It was covering with ice wrap again, but quickly melting when the Luminary was sending the beam from the clouds. Spring was coming. The River was swelling rising ice).
119. The events of the Earth will go respectively to the stellar marks. Their way is ineluctable. Calmness is needed to maintain the state of Equilibrium to be a firm base of the planetary Light bundles. Channels of communication will be stretched to the extreme. Thus, calmness is asserted. A symbol of the river (from the dream) broken the ice is correct. The surface arrives and freezes barely when the Star hides behind a cloud. But the layer of ice is thin. There is a mighty flow of life under it and it will break any moment. But the boat is prepared. The spring is coming. There are long-weighted terms. The events have threateningly loomed. Get ready to meet them in the spiritual armor. Flows of life are out of control of human hands. I am at the helm. Can we stop the River breaking its chains towards the Rays of the Spring Sun? Be courageous. In the hour of confusion courage is needed. Everything is good in its season, and there is time for everything under the Sun. I call the wise to stay awake during the key events. There is the twelfth hour. (Recorded in the morning around 4:45) Then I went to work, came back about an hour and, without entering the room, I asked Ninka in presence of Ludmila S. to take this notebook with the Record from my room. She brought it, and I read it to them. We were reported on Stalin's death at work after 12 p.m. The foregoing is certificated and the correctness of the report is testified).
120. My son is not it high time to leave any doubts in My inherent Proximity. Do not doubt in the nearness of the Lord. I enhance the Communication, and you should give the highest measure of tension and readiness. Attune your body to My vibration. I want to feel you flame-sonorous to Me. If Infinity is in everything, the mentioned qualities can be refined and enhanced infinitely. Deepen the awareness of Closeness and Communication, because I am with you. For human consciousness there is only what it is directed to. Direct your consciousness to Me expanding and deepening the channel of connection. Sound with Me. To sound with the Lord!!! Is not it an achievement!!! And you will be fiery-sounding. I will open a magic, miraculous lyre for you. A Seven-stringed harp of the spirit is a wonderful gift of Apollo, the Sun God, and My lights will light you with fires. And the flame sounding will become your life.
Because you - a being of fiery. You already sound on My Beam. Sonority goes as crescendo. Take away everything which impedes. What will you put between you and Me as an obstacle? The promised opportunities are already implemented in your life. I gave you a testimony of nearness in the morning. Let the thought of your Lord freely flow in your consciousness over the silent and curbed shells. Yes! Yes! And the Mother is preparing to the Greatness of an Hour. And if you waited, how she was waiting, and if you are in tune and replied then how consonant is she; and if it is hard for you sometimes, then how hard is it for her who is responsible for cosmic waves and planetary charging with all her center. Think about Her who carries the cross of life and loading for you and for many. But you help and share these loading for millions of parasites. But minutes of your weakness, when Her loading is not shared and it increases, because in moments of weakness of the spirit you cannot divide this load, must be excluded in the days of special responsibility. Therefore, I call for Unity and Offer a special trust pointing on help. Help the Mother with the inseparable aspiration to Her because we are inseparable in the spirit. Do not divide Us in your consciousness. Our Proximity and of Merging overstepped the limits of division. Verily, I am in Her and She is in Me. And as I feel your state and aspirations, she feels it too. Do direct you’re thought to her in order to strengthen it. She is the closest to you. She trusts you fully. You have no elements of inconsistency between you. She waits for this encounter and it is well-spent, as I Vouched for you. Surety stipulated the Bailment. Your Bailment is considerable. You will carry My news in the greatness of the spirit virtues. You have the authority to speak and act on My and Mother’s behalf, and you get the fiery sword of the spirit. So be watchful. Note the lamps of visibly growing power manifestation in your feelings. And remember, nothing can withstand without damage the fire power of you Lord. I give you the power to Act within the limits of My might realization in you. Dare, Child! My beloved son, dare. I will approve the daring, the most fearless daring. I Testify the power of daring. And I approve its power in you.
121. (March 7). My son, We will approve us in action. The attraction of manifestation is in action. Let's call them the actions of proper manifestation. Do not forget the duality: physical, earthly, psyche, mental. Action properly approved in two worlds, the visible and the invisible, is proper and legal. The consciousness creating the required mental form through the entire microcosm has steadfastly argued the phenomenon of execution obligation of execution. It is called faith. It is better to call it faith-knowledge. The strength of the current wheel performance is based on the faith-knowledge. To faith-know means to reveal the face of immutability and understanding of the Act. The suppressed elements are our contributors. The essence of a human man is revealed in four verses with one dominant. In their microcosm they are firstly bridled and subjected to the nature of the human will. Subordinated in it, they are subjected outside. The power over three rests on the power of four. Elemental spirits or energies of the elements are subdued to the human spirit. In walking on water and fire, in rising into the air we have a phenomenal way of elemental subordination. The human essence is directly related communicates with the elements. All the elements, - water, Earth, fire and air, - are expressed quite material. The atoms of the periodic system compose body tissues and bones, and even nerves; 75% is H2O(water); we breathe with air, not only with lungs but sometimes with the whole body; nerves and brains are a gist of the wire, and batteries of human electricity, nervous energy, that is fire. So four elements reveal themselves in a man, and the fiery one is the highest. A low mastery of elemental matters is already approved in every human. But it is told about its complete and conscious mastering. Mastering the matter of four can only be spontaneous with their equilibrium, i.e. with total calmness of mind. It is worth noting, as at the slightest breach of balance or calm breathing bewitches and loses its rhythm; hands come into a state of uncontrolled movements and disturbed exchange of substances in all organs of the body, i.e. the ratio between water and land. "Water, water! Give it water now, he is so excited, "unconsciously, but surely shouts a man. In the phenomenon of mind there is something so important and significant that it is impossible to exhaust the topic, for its complete understanding requires a level of understanding. And each stage of consciousness requires a new understanding of calmness and a new form of adoption. And it is a benefit for that one who ignited the understanding and aspiration towards this great synthetic quality. I Say "synthetic" because a balance must saturate the entire microcosm of a man, all his body, or the beginning, from the highest to the lowest, and in all forms of vibrating energies in it. Four and three are in a harmonic state of balance and tranquility under the Scepter of the regal fiery will. I affirm your power over the four. I give you the understanding of natural phenomena. But these four elements of a physical plan are only a reflection of the four highest being above them, over which, in turn, there are four higher and thinner ones.
122. "The Lord of seven gates, unlock me, your son, the first, the second and the third gates of Teaching ". You have to go over three, they correspond to the beams. The outgoing Beam is also a ray of knowledge. We learn with our light. The key is given by the Hierarch, but the aspiring turns it himself. The opened gates give them an access to everything. The first are after the first, the second are after the second, the third are after the third. He, the leading, meets you behind every door. Each gate is the next stage of Teaching. The first gate is a physical world but not in itself, but as the lowest form, or an aspect of the seven, as a scale of material vibrations, too sevenfold, triple on the merits and the four elements. 3, 4, 7, are the symbols expressing its form. The second gate is an astral world with the same units and in conformity with the first ones. The third gate is a world of psychic or mental manifestations of the world, also the centenary and also with two inferior in harmony. For each of these three worlds there are their own guides, or forms in which consciousness can manifest it. Adept being on each of them knowingly acts as easy and simply as on a physical level. This skill requires full and unconditional obedience of all the three to the will of the highest “I” standing over them. All the three are temporal and urgent. But the highest fiery essence standing over them is out of terms. Consciousness is transferred from the lowest three in the fiery grain; it is released from the power of the lowest three and it has its power over them. And then the gates gradually open with the authority approval. The principle is simple: there cannot be higher perception, if physical, astral and mental bodies are not in the state of equilibrium. Their vibrations dampen the rhythms of subtle energies. The one who did not break the attraction of the three could not match to the highest attraction. A human is a wonderful machine. Consonant spatial waves, but, only given to a condition of harmony and balance.
. So stiff the three. Bridles and harmonious sounding, in every of seven strings, is a cognitive tool in the microcosm. Each of them, taken by it, and apart from the principal, is devoid of reasons and sense. Because the human’s physical existence is ridiculous without regard to the two and the highest, and it means death of the spirit. I was speaking about eternal life, but it is on the three. I was speaking about immortality, but it is only in the spirit grain. The existence of the astral plan after death does not mean immortality, exactly the same as on the mental plan because the existence ends with death, and decomposition of mental and astral shells. But the true immortality is higher. It is reached with obeying of the three and with transference of t consciousness during the Earth life to the sphere of the highest “I”, in your, the immortal Triad, in the spirit grain. A fiery body, its form is not subject to death. Its essence is woven from the crystal deposits of the highest energies during all human lives collected in the Chalice. So those who understood the secret of immortality are called the collectors of treasures: they collect crystals of immortality or crystals of non-destructive fiery creating a crystal of immortality. The stone is inside, precious, blazing, a bearer of which he is, and it shines with all lights when the fetters of the three are dropped. I awaken the spirit to realize your inherent eternal treasures. It will be the Centre and the throne of consciousness shining through the lowest and denser covers of three lowest shells. While making this record, you claim the light of the spirit grain through the matter of the three, which fell silent for some time, in the lowest physical world. Thus, I named you a winner. It is easy to write, but what the price of this victory was and how many years of effort and how much aspiration it took. So in the difficulties of our life we approve victories one by one. Welcome!
123. (March 8). The Lord Says: "Never question the received messages taken from My Face”. There is no need to analyze them at the moment of perception. This prevents the transfer. Perceiving its activity, i.e. the movement of matter (intellect) mental in its conductor, you should limit it to the unavoidable necessity. Physical movements are confined only to the process of writing and the visual one, all the others are excluded. But these are needed for the Record. The same thing is with the brain. In the working tension there is just what you need for recording, all the rest is excluded. The symbol of analytic scales, that is thin, was shown in a dream, and the state of chaos and their attempt to forge identifying the loss of balance, impaired with gross and sudden invasion of people coming from the side and torn apart by astral whirlwinds. Ii is interesting that the strangers always intervened into their work roughly the tuning. Shield from the people with an iron curtain. Apply cold therapy. Let cold, icy restraint and calmness is your frosty shower for lawless astral shells. Ice conditions are valid and useful. Not cruelty, but usefulness. Otherwise, you will be torn to pieces, turned into dust and stepped on with a foot. People’s astral is violent, and without control too. Protect yourself and be on guard with all people without exception. Never trust and confide unexpectedness of their emotional outbursts. The shells vibrate differently for everyone, but it is impossible to give yourself at the mercy of other people's frenzy of shells without serious damage to one’s essence. Anyone interested should never be disclosed. Confiding of oneself is a transfer of all the strings of one’s psychic harp which they can pull at any time depending on their own mood into strange hands of another consciousness. "As a locked casket, as an unhurried mountain..."-stands and do not give your treasures of equilibrium to somebody’s maul. With what work it collects and as it is persistently furious and rigid though often and unconsciously, his people who are quite often pushed by shaggy hands seek to break. Vigilance should be strengthened. Preserve treasure. Cruelty to a thin device of the nearest is a distinctive property of people. Everyone is good, but the consequences of this goodness are very severe and painful. The power of extraneous effects can be internally paralyzed with a timely order of the will and a cocoon of a thin matter protecting with repetition of the word (Aum) or the Name. The wave of repetition breaks the oncoming wave. Yes, My friend, the Earth conditions are powerful, but they should be resisted with all the power of the spirit. A defeat is unthinkable. You have already seen how strengthened a network of protective barriers is. How long can it withstand the astral vortexes of the bipeds? The body could not stand that before. I strengthen the spirit armor on life and in life. It is for the future. One must learn to go through force and tension without losing his serenity and balance. The rhythm of the individual microcosm vibrations must not be disturbed from outside. You cannot betray the essence of the rhythm. For individuality of forms is the basis of the shown world manifestation. So, the seven stringed harp of Apollo has forty-nine strings in the human microcosm, there are seven strings in each of the seven principles. Take a separate principle, it is single as such, but it is dual in itself. The opposite poles make up the third point of the triangle, the son born by two, and then they create the fourth point, the opposing third and making the fourth point they create a square. A year is a whole, a unit; winter and summer are poles giving the neutral point of the spring and autumn, with + and-, which are seemingly neutral, as winter and summer, but in relation of the temperature they are quite opposite. Spring and autumn are the spawn of the poles «winter” and “summer”. Due to the difference in temperature between these two poles there are transitional periods of spring and autumn moving in a spiral from one opposite point(winter) to another (summer). Not winter and summer are important, but what is important is the principle of a single, double, triple and fourfold in the being, in all things and phenomena. The elements of fire and Earth are antipodes. They create or spawn the elements of water and air which are opposite to each other on the merits-the same four united in seven principles. The three highest principles boo run the four independent are added to them. The starting point of the earthly manifestation is created by the highest triad, for which this starting point is not the first in the process of creation, but the fourth (or the starting point of winter). One needs to look for a solution in centenary of the manifested.
124. (March 8). My son, how do you do! I feel you undoubtedly. This task is not to clutter up the wire with personal assumptions. Support of strict aspirations is required and real. It does not burden either Me or the Mother. The network of light enhances and maintains a channel of convergence. Communication will be brought to a degree of clear seeing and clear rehearing. The spirit wire and its possibilities will be made more realistic than earthly phenomena. I will evidently lead you in My World. My guidance, being strongly operated is the steps of approaching. You use them to go up to the Realm of light. Tell yourself, "let the difficulties of My life be blessed because they are given opportunities. So, let us understand all obstacles and hardships as opportunities. I rejoice your zeal to Me despite the piling up difficulties. And who knows whether they help to strengthen or not. Let us enjoy the close life conditions which make you aspire to Me. My son, it will be such time when your proximity to work will be invaluably needed. Whether you feel miraculousness of the future years, with Me in collaboration forced to be carried out? Son My darling, in waves of people around you heavy conditions you fight victoriously. My Remember and know: every smallest victory is a wonderful thread in the wire connection. Do not be astonished with My generosity, for the Order is great. But I promised the Infinity. And the approved will be approved there too, and the united here will be united there with a shining bridge of the Light. My Son! I send My love and care in the Beam. I strengthen the connection. The winning Warrior! I rejoice with the Mother that that our son is raised in the fiery power of his spirit. Arise, My child! I Call the rebelled spirit to the fiery baptizing burning furiously attacking darkness with the power of his burning wave. Be as a strained string, sounding of My every touch. Only the stretched one sounds. The sound of strained strings is heard in the Tower. Everyone has his note. Sound hard and flamingly. My orchestra consists of the well-tuned instruments and each of them sounds properly. The great Symphony of light and life prepare participants to it. And soon it will sound covering the victorious sound rays of the entire earth aspiration. Our world is the world of invisible ray power. The Fiery rays of the Light rays’ storage regulate and direct the course of life. And you, the approved bearer of the three, are called to rule over the planetary life. In the power of My three Rays your rays will shine and reveal their power with the power of My Beams. Opportunities have become the reality. So let us call your step a stage of implementation. The Lord, the mother and you are the steps of the Light indulgence. And your light will be a creative fire for all people. The light is from My light, My light is in your and Her light, and you gave it to the world. She is your cosmic Mother, and I am your Father. The eternal bonds of the Light connection are over the world and time. They shine and light up rhythmically, like everything in life, and everything from the light. You will find the source of eternal joy, eternal youth and the flame of the indomitable ambition inside us. So, remember: I, She, and you; you, She, I. You will enter the very thickness of life but with us, because we will be with you and for you. When you are with Her, you will see My light because She is in Me. The Son will bring the Light to our suffering world, since our son has ignited his spirit from our Light. Show your awareness of the importance, depth, and responsibility of upcoming assignments. Increase you readiness in hundred times. Be courageous. Now there is only one goal in your life, and it is execution of the assigned mission. You incarnated and came on Earth for her sake. Your life is given to you and it is voluntarily chosen by you for her sake. I point you the purpose of your incarnation. I will enliven the memory of ancient scrolls. I am preparing for the time.
125. (March 9). A connection string with intense aspiration starts to sound. The string can sound, just being stretched, but the aspiration will be its clef which strains it. A spatial and single wire is like a string. Let us call these wires the Strings of Light. Everything has a voice, or a note, in nature, and everything sounds. A sound is a form; one form of one thing’s being which is seven-stringed, or seven-aspect by nature. The centenary potential is hidden throughout for gradual manifestation in the spiral of evolution on all seven plans. The hidden in the potential is hidden win it; a spirit-monad corresponds to what is outside it. The seven outside respond to the seven inside. And a disciple sounding on the Beams of the Lord gradually awakens their latent potentiality enclosed in him. The stages of consciousness are the degrees of this disclosure. In the process of expanding the hidden properties of a spirit-monad lies the evolution of things. This potential unrolls from inside to outside is potential like the ovary of a flower. One must realize that everything is inside, everything is already found, and the wellhead of inexhaustible opportunities is in a man. And it must be searched inside a man. Corresponding with the Highest, we reveal those properties which were hidden in us. And the time will come when knowledge will pour from inside. Sense knowledge and faith knowledge are only its beginning and omniscience is a far unattainable end. Even the Lord Buddha, the man of the sixth Circle, denied his omniscience. But you can know everything within the planet, and the spirit completing his planetary evolution on this planet, is approaching to it. This knowledge is not human, but it is knowledge of Space. There are a lot of fallacious things in human sciences, but we speak not about the earthly wisdom but about the wisdom of the Lords because they Possess the keys to space knowledge, and a disciple gets them one for the other. They are seven. They are seven keys to the hiders of cosmic knowledge.
126. "And I commanded the winds to calm down. Who can rule the winds, who obey the elements? It is the one who subdued four elements within him. The same storms occur in microcosm. And the same Lord of his microcosm command them to calm down, to manifest harmony and come into a state of equilibrium. The equilibrium is stated with a will and an order. That is why mastering the serenity and poise in oneself means so much. For the calmness of mind and the balance are indicators of power reached by the spirit in its microcosm over itself and over the same elements outside. Balance is a symbol of achieved power. Thus, it is written that calmness is the Crown of the spirit, or a wreath of victory restrained inside. As well as the qualities are infinite, so the degree of authority is approved and expanded up to infinity. Let us confirm the balance. There are qualities, without which you cannot achieve the desired. Without the balance you have no power because they are synonymous. And we raised the degree of balance manifestation, as it is in authority. The power of the spirit is the highest notion because the power is in the spirit and of it. "I tell you this so that you can have the world in Me; you will have sorrows there, but be courageous because I have won the world". I won over the world having won over Myself, and I call you for a victory. I ask you to deeply understand the value of this victory. Since there is a victory over the three and the four inside you which means the victory over three plans of existence: physical, astral and mental ones, and four elements which are Earth, water, fire and air. Do not dare the monsters to a fight, do not leave for distant countries; there are all hostile and uncurbed elements inside. They are truly hostile and antagonistic and full of counteractions until they are not subdued and mastered. It can be compared with a hydraulic station on the stormy mountain river when bridled energy can be used for good. Energy elements are useless until they are not tamed. And how easy it is to rile over it and store it when a powerful dam firmly restricts its forms collecting it for the further spending. Mastering elements, like everything, is also in the spirit. Everything is in the spirit. Understanding the scope of the microcosm is a wonderful laboratory for experimentation and exploration of the world of a fine native energy. It is better to say all and different energies because a man has everything. The Microcosm being a reflection of the Macrocosm, like a drop of water from the ocean, contains everything that is in the macrocosmic ocean. The laboratory of the human organism is wonderful and not studied. Even the lowest of the seven principles, the physical body is studied only superficially, and it is juvenile. As butchers, modern physiologists interpret the subtlest apparatus of a human body and they want to see it just with a physical eye. But to begin to understand the function of any physical entity is possible only by two ways, that is psychic, and count the two: visible and invisible worlds. You cannot understand the physically visible human without the awareness of the invisible man standing behind him. In the most perfect modern laboratory the body of the greatest artist or a simple woodcutter can be decomposed into tiny particles and explored, but the first thing is a huge spiritual world. The methods of modern science to study the human microcosm are unsuitable. Without understanding the law of micro- and macro worlds conformity and their seven’s structure all attempts to move on will be fruitless. So, three and four in one are the forms of its manifestation. The mastery of these forms is the mastery of their energies which are the same both inside and outside in their essence, for they flow as an uncontrollable stream through all the three of his body in the form of four elements which are in him today, but they will be in the earth, air and matter of his environment tomorrow. What is inside exists outside. And that obeys inside him easily obeys and submits to him outside him. The one who subdued a matter, the matter of microcosm in all its kinds and degrees already subordinates and sets his power over all and every matter in the world outside, because a man is everything. We need to understand the balance because it is a symbol of power.
127. (March 10). The offensive changes throughout the world are doubtless. Peoples have picked up their ears in anticipation. They are unconsciously waiting. They understand that it cannot last anymore because it is hard in the world. The human spirit cries aloud in chains of self-limiting. Those who are not able to meet the aspirations will remove the peoples from the arena of actions. Everyone opens his eyes. The space is full of new ideas for human relationships. The call of cooperation sounds. The spiral of evolution rotates. Nations want air, life and light, but not bread and circuses. All eyes are striving for the motherland, waiting for the Word. And Her word will be told. She is already followed, but there will also be those who are attracted with the Light. All those, who do not want to die in the darkness of self-restraint and backwardness will follow Her. The credibility of the fact will be a leading impulse. The pennant in hundredth of hands is powerfully raised. Sacrifices were not vain. The Light has won.
128. Nature with its kinds and forms is not considered. The huge layers of Earth are filled with shells of once-living plants and animals. Their body is given the Earth ashes; it is the body of its formation. But the spirit in its form is immortal; it passes the body without taking it. Life is in the spirit but not in the form because everything is in the spirit. It grows due to the carried forms. The form is doomed to death and suffering. The purpose is life, not a temporary one, in forms, but the eternal on which is in the spirit grown through the form. The old forms suffered for better future conditions. But the other way was impossible. Worrying about happiness of the planet, they made the decision of necessity. But there are no victims without rewards. The people’s happiness and their will have won. Everything is ready for the great sowing. The people’s heart is waiting. The best will be in power. Our Hand of Decision is inexorable. Let us affirm the Light. Sweep away any opposition. In the name of victims we will incinerate the antagonists. Our future is light. The floods of light are over the country. There are only recent efforts, and the light will be visible. Hearts are hardened with courage. My people are brave. The next step is unexpected for enemies. Wait for ten new attacks on opponents. Do not be merciful with the dark. But even they were warned, so that they could make their final choice. But who has chosen the darkness, would go with darkness when the day and Light would come. And it comes - shining Day of Light.
129. There is nothing to worry about. In great cases the small will fly away. It is important just not to obscure the great. The small will leave our lives and it will be replaced by the great. But in the darkness under the Earth there are wonderful raping shoots. It is necessary to go forward without slowing down the rhythm, either external or internal. An uninterrupted rhythm is a secret of success. If the imperfections were an obstacle, there will be no possible promotion and ascent. The imperfections and weaknesses are not obstacles but the stones which tramples the leg of the going to the top. Thus, our consciousness will never be concerned about imperfections which should be overcome. We will watch them as something dying off, but being previously alive and daily dropped down by the organism. But let the awareness and availability of their running to the Teacher and the rhythm of communication do not be broken. One needs to pass along the glowing line without slowing down his steps, even for a moment, under any circumstances. For all condition are only flashing roadside signs. But the way of the spirit is immutable. And My proximity does not depend on the dropped shells. I want to see that there is nothing to confuse you. I want to hear the steps of immutability of the ascending spirit. I want to see the shining forehead of the winner. Let the blind sit at the Western Wall and remorse. But the Warrior, aspired like a boom, does not carry outmoded particles in his armor. Leaving behind the form of the past hour, it is always new. But the form of yesterday is trying to hold a consciousness with its tentacles. But he is free from the chains of what has already been. The form of past hours has no power over him. If only to understand the strength and importance of liberation from all that has been and that does not exist anymore. He goes free from the chains of the past and free from the chains of this or just the former. Why is the power of the past related only to the distant events of life, when the immediate past puts even more serious chains which often prevent the move or slow down the growth? You need to understand the enemy in whatever forms of his manifestation. The Past is the enemy of Fiery Yoga, both far and near, and the nearest. Does it matter what slows down the steps of immutability? So let us find the next liberation of consciousness. Not the rags of the past but the path to the light and the way to the future. How many are the sitting and staying in the forms of yesterday. It is necessary to release the consciousness from the power of passable forms. We make free from any slavery. What could be sadder than slavery by own creations? Are they are only for destruction; and they are destroyed with fire of continuously coming new savings and findings. I release you from the power of the last son. Now go firmly into the light of freedom from the past. And take My gift with all the power of the spirit understanding. The presented gifts need to be understood. The evolution of the world goes without luggage of previously finished times. We do not need any swag from yesterday. We do not need lead on our wings. A spirit, free from everything, grows his mighty wings for distant flights. Everything will be fine. I turn everything into good. I extract the most useful for my experience juice from everything. This is a way of a winner who continuously accompanies Me. And this needs to be understood: everything inures in benefit. Because there is a great goal onward, and that goal dyes each phenomenon with its light giving it proper coloring and drawing the current phenomenon of life to the foot of the ascending way. Thus, a path covered with victory. The Devoted to Me does not know defeat. The continuity of your aspiration to Me is already a great victory over the whirlwinds of dense conditions. And it has been said so much about the aspiration of immutable forces. What is everything and anything for us when the Lord conducts us? My son, understand the Warrant and Surety over the Earth and the earthly. Keep the winning way from the fury of the lowest matter. And understand: the way is in the spirit.
I won’t be tired to go on about value of spirit, because all in it. I will not be tired of harping on the importance of the spirit because everything is in it. It gives life; the life gives and creates the life of consciousness. So I affirm you in freedom from tenets of the past, for you are the son of liberty.
130. (March 11). Only few realize the possibility of a single wire with the Teacher. It is hidden and invisible, but it exists. It trains or weakens depending on the space currents. And it should be always considered without referring it extremely to the lack of aspiration or other personal reasons. But, in general, it operates trouble-free. Clearness of transfer and ideas perception depends on individual hearing.
131. The conclusion is correct: the elements of earth, water, air and fire are ruled from the top. Fire manages all of them, air rules over water and earth, and water rules over earth. A spatial fire moves masses of air and water heating them and the earth, the winds raise up the waves, the winds and the water destroy and move the masses of the most inert dense matter, the earth. They closely interact and affect each other. The same interaction and influence exists in the sphere of the Earth, both astral and mental. In a man, a prototype of the Macrocosm, the idea of movement arises in mental, passes through the astral plane, and a person runs or walks. And so is everywhere. The higher the three and four are, the more flexible a principle or an element is. Everything is subject to the free will; only a degree of subordination differs from barely visible, embryonic, to regal. A diet is needed. A diet brings all the beginnings into a harmonious state. Fermentation is caused by sugar. It is bad, of course. The oil prevents the refinement of nerves, and especially vegetable. On the famous steps the one and the other things are completely eliminated. The known water and aeration schedule is applied. The pores of the body nourish themselves with water and air. Food is enhanced with special lotions. A body needs care. The device requires a known treatment and care. In appropriate time everything will be accurately stated. Our medicines are given for the same. The body should be strengthened and prepared for the fire. Prevention is required for all three bodies; each is according to the structure of a conductor: physical, astral and mental. The physical one is a diet, ablution and balms; the astral one is the emotional mode and watch over the senses; and the mental one is control over the thoughts.
132. It is right that some of the tasks can be entrusted to invisible helpers, ordering them with My Name, because you cannot spend your energy and time on details. This area of the invisible cooperation should be strengthened. Then it will be a clear tangible form. But there is a lot of the wanting to be helped. They should give a clear image of the desired decisions entrusted to them for execution. Countless crowds of them are in the service of the Lord. Because the elements serve Him and the natural hierarchy of spirits is within his authority. The spirit of collective humanity displays the balance of elemental powers, and we bring it into the banks at the cooperation of natural Hierarchies. The collective will of mankind is a terrible force. And this struggle with the elements is strained, because there is a large violation of their equilibrium by mankind. The elements of the microcosm and the planetary elements interact with one another.
133. The Highest ways are inscrutable. But when the purpose is famous, the direction of events can be understandable. My friend, admit a wave of spatial influences peacefully. Its rhythm is heavy. We must prepare for unprecedented charging. For the powerful energies are directed to crush the last obstacle. Sweeping away the obstacles, they gravely affect the delicate organisms. Solar nature bears an emphasis of fiery energies in itself. It is a spatial service. Do not weaken the Ministration in the burden bearing! It is useful to remember that alternation of a rhythm is relieving. And it should not be a spatial pressing to explain the difficulty of surrounding conditions. It is just the opposite. Who has ever said that the way is easy? And we need to understand that there is a lonely path of the rising spirit. Reliance on people and human deeds is a sign of unrelenting consciousness. Focus on yourself and the Lord who approved the pupil. The consciousness must be excluded from the world of feelings and personal experiences because they are unnecessary even for their bearer. But do not think about the ease of life when the fate of the planet is on the edge of the sword. We must be patient, it is not a long time left. I send strength, vivacity, and nearness understanding of the commanded tales.
134. (March 12). Neither past nor present, nor future, but eternal is the basis of existence. And the form of eternity in the transient is the Law. The Law of opposite duality is in a single thing, the laws of numbers, the laws of geometric constructions, the laws of cycles, circles, and Manvantara-they are all invisible guidelines without form, weight, or color; they are the essence of eternal life expression. They represent an aspect of eternal life. The planet may die and disappear without a trace, but the laws of building, growth and life of the crystals based on the math and solid geometry principles will remain to live in space in order to incarnate again somewhere in the visible forms of crystals. And such is in everything because everything is subjected to the law. I said that God is love. I Say that God is the Law. I am telling you not about human laws but the visible manifestation of a matter within the law wherever there is a matter. Pouring into the limits of the law from the state of chaos the creation acquires slender finished forms and goes from nonexistence into the being, from chaos in life. "Only with understanding the laws of measures, numbers and geometry you can enter the Temple of Teaching," said Pythagoras. Knowing the laws of small and large cycles, you can anticipate the manifestation of life forms on the planet in the aspect of the human life history. And the essence of the process is throughout the same. It is the ambiguous, leading to the third and the fourth start, square, circle, ascending spiral and its rings going in the future and giving the number of cyclic similar manifestations. In such a way essentialism of the infant French encyclopaedist is replaced with a wave of Romanism and aspirations to invisible and unknown to later become vague mysticism, and return to the deep, life dialectic materialism in order to finally understand that the shining tops of Lucida matters and the matters of Matrix overpass to the highest area of the spirit. So the spiral turns with its antipodal points and gives its new higher turnover in time. The phenomenon itself goes to their opposites, and, creating the transitional third point and raising it, it gives the last a new reversal but close in its essence, and, having closed the circle and driven by the impulse of evolution, it generates not a vicious circle but the spiral of evolutionary motions. Plants, animals, people, and atoms are subjected to the law of the spiral circular movement. So the universe is perceived only in the form of the law because the Space is a matter expressed in the framework of the law. The law is everywhere.
135. Of course, the essence of evolution brings a human up. For it is legitimate aspiration to the Lord. Everything that exists, every life form aspires to the approval of the highest inside itself. This is the essence of life. Conscious attitude creates deliberate attraction. And a disciple becomes the one to whom the consciousness is directed. I feel the aspiring heart on the Tower and the answer is soon. But one should become the Lord at least to some extent. Let it be small at first. The Measure of assimilation is a measure of receiving because similar things are perceived by similar things. Elements do not conform to prevent access to them. And the greater the discrepancy is, the weaker the received degree is. Liken to the Lord, at least in the small. The small bears the great if the connection is not interrupted. The mover of faith is powerful because the aspired person without seeing and knowing is already on the way to his findings for the magnet of faith is powerful. It expresses a person's ability to sense-know contrary to evidence that is knowledge of reality because the validity and obviousness are antipodes. I will not cease harping about aspiration, for there is no other magnet to snatch out of the closed circle surrounding the obviousness than this. And we cannot go forward otherwise. The fight is narrow and strenuous. Rings of a grey Dragon of everyday life is frightening and a grip is close. The enemy must understand it. Be defeated is to die and surrender yourself to the death of the spirit. We must win at all costs. The darkness of defeat is in and around. You cannot lie down arm or for a moment, and you cannot calm down on the victory not for a moment because its rings start immediately curling, searching for a way to easily and strongly throttles the lights of hearts. Bog is dangerous because of its invisibility under a green blanket and it swamps everyone got there. Everyday life has the same absorbing power to show it to the knowing and watchful. It is necessary to know the enemy in order to defeat him. There is a defeat in ignorance. A trusty and reliable warrior always holds his weapon during the combat until he can hold the sword in his hands. And he understands that he does not know the mercy of the enemy. One must understand all the inhumane cruelty of the dark consciousness. And we should fight up to the end. And when he is languishing, the powerful hand of the Lord will rise up to protect the elect.
136. (March 13). To equate personality with consciousness is a false approach. There are people whose identity is resistant, aggressive and filled with passions to such an extent that they may even deny consciousness because of exorbitant passions that is to follow the formula "Our soul will lose it." Not about love but about a person it is said. Therefore, the identity is one thing, but the consciousness is something else. The Arhat who has attained the degree of coherent consciousness loses his identity. And the more it is dissolved, the brighter the individual consciousness is. So the lost his soul, i.e. identity, finds it, the soul. The identity must be destroyed in the same way as the body because the identity is personal, temporary and doomed to destructions with every incarnation. With each new incarnation a new identity with a particular combination of appropriate properties and characteristics will be born. Personality is a bearer of different personalities in its successive lives. Personality, as a bead of a necklace, gives Individuality to accumulate it and collect items for its immortal savings in each separate incarnation to accumulate them in the spirit grain. You can totally ruin a world of personal manifestations, and save time, and enhance brightness, solidity and purity of the Crystal consciousness. Live an above-personal life, live the consciousness of your immortal Personality means to achieve true immortality. Someone who focuses his life on the mortal and doomed to die personality devotes himself to death. All the conductors of personal consciousness destroyed with nature during one incarnation cycle. And when the circle is completed, it ends up on the stages: death of the body is a physical, astral and mental death of the body. Each death has occurred in its corresponding shell. But Personality with all their savings and consciousness, if its elements are already collected, continues its way through the new shell-collectors experience. The immortal triad cannot manifest on the lowest plans because it has no conductors. So it needs an appropriate wrapper for each plan. It does not require just astral as a temporary and interim sphere of manifestations, for it is possible to live without it. You can even clearly and distinctly imagine a man on the Earth whose minds have no place for astral whirlwinds, passions and all those qualities which are typical for an animal state. The astral existence is an intermediate state, but it is not obligatory for increased awareness. The Adept of the highest wisdom does not contain anything personal, any private thoughts. His shells are bearers and voices of the above-person consciousness. Therefore it is necessary to extinguish in itself the world of personal displayed, if the purpose - Arhat step. You can suffer, worry, be upset, but not for himself and not for the related to the small world of your personality. Let the experiences be for peace, for the people, for the nearest but not for yourself. A swollen small ' I ', ascending in a soap bubble of its temporary existence, should burst and go to drops leaving no trace. And the more swollen it is, the stronger it bursts, just like a soap bubble. Everything that was perpetrated in the Name of the personal "I" in a small variety of its manifestations is doomed to die. And it is told about the curb and supervision of the lowest shells because they are only tools and a tool of the highest “I” and that is all. But they are nothing in themselves. So you need neither grief nor complaints or grievances about us. So, the immediate challenge is a transfer of the above-personal and the panhuman to the personal and filling the sphere of the personal manifestation with the above-personal. You should subdue yourself, it is necessary to temper yourself. The human meekness is inevitable. It is important to subdue and subjugate all the three needed to clear the field for identification of the highest “I” that is individuality. One needs to lose your small ' I ' and only then the grain of the spirit will shine through all the three cleared of personal rubbish. Everyone who cares about the identity approves his death and carries stones for his own spirit crypt in the darkness of which he will be after death. After the famous stage the personality becomes a painful, hurtful and unnecessary node which is deadly dangerous and requires surgical intervention by the fiery will of the recovered spirit. Selfness, the bearer of personality, crumbles!!!
137. It is mistakenly to think that if something should be, it inevitably will be. "Should be" means that people are given the full opportunity to have the predicted, but the final condition will be still a human will. It should let or, at least, not impede proper and legitimate reactions collected for this reaction of elements. The sad phenomenon of missed opportunities and unfulfilled prophecies is based right on this. Everything is ready for a particular order and it could have been preparing for centuries, but the human free will intervenes powerfully and chaotic and violates the whole constructions. Missed opportunities are to sorry about. When and where will they be collected due to the required combination of the elements? Nothing in the world is repeated. The missed opportunities too. And I demand to strain the vigilance and alertness to the limit and tune the essence of consciousness on the key of My nearness in spite of furiously growling patency and affirm the inherence of the Lord’s closeness. In the life of every day, in the morning and evening sun rays, in the lights of tense work, in the whirlwinds of triumphant bustle, in sorrow and joy – always, everywhere and everywhere we should remember the great commandment: "Se as with you», because, truly, I am always with you. To win with this formula of earthly attachments is to understand another formula: "Be in the world but not of the world." A brilliant artist performs on his role on the stage with all the vitality, sincerity and enthusiasm, but he always knows that it is not a real life, it is just a game. The essence of Maya needs to be understood. And in the evening going to bed after the stage lights faded away and the stage where the actors had played their roles became empty one can easily come to the unworldly world, the Lord’s world. But you cannot do that having not renounced the earthly vanity and remnants of the day and rags of commonness. If it is difficult to comprehend the illusion of Maha Maya, the importance of the today’s Maya today can be always understood and then removed with a strong hand. You see, My son, how today's victory creates the need for another, higher, as a bridge to the inevitability of the new, higher. Having won over the fog of the current Maya, you begin to see and feel the contours of Maha Maya. There is no end to struggle, no end to overcoming, and no end to opportunities of future victories. And who can say when there is a day of Great Peace, when the Lord allows laying down the arms. And until that time we must fight hard as the way is long and we cannot weaken. You will find the inexhaustibility of renewing force in Me. But I can give it only to the winning warrior. Let us leave complaints, frustration, impatience, conviction and fatigue. Do not wait for a long time. The way is long. Impatience is not an engine. The real engine is the calmness of mind and the world that surpasses human understanding. Collect the thoughts and aspirations of your own around the Lord. Let us cut the threads of earthly attractions and make the spirit free to fly. I am with you but outside the magnetic field of the lowest energies. Power aspirations give fiery wings of the spirit. Endeavour!
138. (March 14). In some schools of the sacred knowledge it was prescribed to the pupil of the famous stage to go through life without having his right to raise a hand to defend him. Your external lowest “I” would willingly go all out. He must endure insults, offences and even blows silently and humbly. Astral was not allowed to raise his ringing voice when its Majesty Selfess was obliterated by human feet. It was a school of curbing the lowest shells and the methods of this curb. And it was not so much externally that one could not answer a Word for a Word, a blow for a blow, but the internal serpent was not allowed to raise its head and sting. This discipline is tough. Only a few succeeded. But the stage of curbing the astral must be passed. So, people abused you. You must internally keep silent. When there are beggarly thanks or injustice, deception, impaction, thousands of small hurtful and painful pricks, the spirit rebellion, you should still be quiet not allowing your astral conductor sounding with its usual tone. Do not feed it, let it die foodless. The Arhat does not need an astral, and the last must die. An ancient tyrant and a lord of an imperfect old man were sentenced to death. Some people are right considering that to manifest personal emotions is bad manners. And it is not even a bad tone, it is a shame in the eyes of the nearest to manifest your slavery. You cannot be proud of your slave status. A skein of personal thoughts, feelings and sensations has to be thrown from his microcosm, and it should be done consciously. Serenity is a whip of the furious astral. Restraint, equanimity and balance are a muzzle for uncurbed animal shells. By all means, all methods and ways one can reach the stage of the astral curb. People earlier ran to extremes and came to self-torture and fanaticism to subdue the beast, but the only right would be to subdue the spirit. Do not give it food, do not indulge its emotions, narrow the range of its activity and put out its fury. It is difficult to understand your lowest “I” as not “I”, as the unnecessary and hostile one to the highest “I”. You should look at people in brothels. Whom do they serve, smarm, perish in the atmosphere of the lowest emotions saturated with vapors of alcohol? We need to understand who is the enemy and to what. The astral is doomed, just as a personal small "I", its mouthpiece. The light of the higher self is being approved.
139. Yes, it is really so. The mystery of the Records is based on the secrets of the Face. For, verily, the Lord’s Face introduced in the heart creates with the outgoing Light. The Light of the Lord is life-giving. The essence of should appeal to Him, they should turn their heads toward the Beam. However, there are a lot of those who stupidly face away. Dullness is a terrible thing. And especially disastrous is a vicious dullness of denial. You may not know, you may doubt, you may search, but why to deny what people never even thought about and does not have the slightest idea? A huge field of unexplored phenomena lies in front of the mankind. Can we deny the possibility of new knowledge only because of ignorance? Can we assume that people already know everything when even psycho-chemical and physiological processes of the human body are not yet examined in their interrelation? And what is the invisible axis of the Crystal surrounded with these crystals accumulation, what are these invisible, but real force lines of gravity? And how many mysteries are around us. They fill the life. They require their cognition by a man. But the greatest of mysteries is a human himself; he is the highest Space phenomenon. Not a two-legged bastard, an anthropoid mammal, but a human, a bearer of the mystery world which contains everything. As people devour and destroy each other, the book of knowledge lies beneath seven seals inaccessible to the two-legged. And, choking with blood and violence, the human spirit is buried under the sea of global ignorance. Meanwhile, evolution is not waiting. Gifts of evolution are prepared. The temple of knowledge is ready to open its doors. But where are the ones who will come in? Everything is denied, and the more you deny, the more they become stupid. And they reap the fruits of their negation dullness that is blindness of the spirit. The call for fair, impartial, open and focused knowledge sounds in time. The range of human knowledge requires a full revolution from top to bottom in all the spheres. A building of modern science is built on the false foundations. Science is devoid of synthesis. There is no synthesis of all phenomena in one slender complete worldview. You cannot know everything; the human mind cannot admit all branches of the modern science. But everything can be synthesized in a clear and precise concept of life. But there is an area of knowledge which synthesizes all the phenomena of nature and life in a clear, concise, and comprehensive formula of cosmic laws, the underlying basis of phenomena, both large and small. It is the cognition of laws which gives a human the key to synthetic cognition, or knowing life. However, synthetic cognition has no specialty, but who bothers venturing into it and climbing to the top of understanding with observed boundless horizons and everything placed in their orbit in the interrelation of the parts that prevents them to choose the desired profession? The specialty is not an obstacle in a synthetic world, but without it only swells the phenomenon of the blind-born. And a man does not see a forest behind the trees. True science is cosmic. You cannot exclude or separate a human from the space, because he is an inseparable part. And he, a cognizing thin device, cannot be observed outside the live direct connection with all the Space or, at least, our solar system. And it lives, just as people live, within the boundaries of the great Cosmic Laws. In the change of seasons you can see a time spiral which is associated with a spiral of floral life manifestation and a spiral of the Earth motion around the Sun. A human moves aim the time spiral, in the spirals of day, and night, winter and summer, with the movements of the Earth around the Sun. How to deny the obvious? How to separate it from the reality? Why not approve it in the human science on the rights of citizenship laws spirals, circles and cycles, and the Manvantara. Why to keep sinking in ignorance of misunderstanding the fundamental laws of life? The great cosmic laws do not stay in the depths of Space, but everything from the atom to the Sun is subordinated to them. They are in life, and they are all manifestations of life. A false Science builds false illusive evidence and gives a false answer to the questions of life. Putting the mind in the Dungeon of specialty deprived of synthesis and disconnected with understanding of the cosmic laws, modern science has reached a dead end. One needs to accept the basics. One can build any kind of science on it but only synthetically. What do we need all this for, any science, any life and all conquests of the mankind? Is it just to rot in a coffin being ravened by worms? Is this a human assignment? They speak about the future generations, about work for them. But they will also be eaten by worms. And does it matter whether they eat them today or in 100-200 years? Is not it time to bring the consciousness and the human spirit at the expanse of space life and understand not in the Church hymns or ignorant blind faith or superstition but in life its majestic and endless possibilities, all beauty, and all the greatness of the Outer construction of human life as its participant with a crown of immortality? The banner of peace is raised in the name of culture and knowledge. The connection of three spheres, or three worlds, invisible and visible aspects should occur in the human consciousness. The call to meet everyone who has a spirit cell, who follows the Lord’s pennant, who aspires to the Light sounds under the standard of Light. People who forgot about the spirit under the color of Light, we call for you. Cosmic timing you denied have already come. It is high time. The doors of the Teaching temple are open of Teaching, come everyone who is ready. We will say to everyone who came, "If you do not know, you will know." For ignorance is a death of the spirit. And we call for Knowledge. We approve the Light of Knowledge. We give the Teaching of Life.
140. (March 15). My son, destroy convention of our relations and your dependence on what is happening on Earth. It is indifferent to us, you and Me, our proximity and communication, whether you are here or not, whether you are poor or rich, healthy or sick, at home or in exile, will see it or not. It must be understood with a heart. Why to put My relationship with the Lord in some sort of dependence on something that will or will not happen. Many centuries have passed and a lot of events have happened. The face of the Earth has changed, new kingdoms have been born and new languages have appeared. A lot of times you died to be born again, but the threads of yours connection to the Lord were not broken. It was only strengthening it and refining; and My hand always carefully guarded you showing the way. Does it matter how and where your proximity to the Lord is. Take away the elements of temporary life manifestations from the realm of Communication. Let the temporary not hinder the eternal and let the power of Communication increase regardless of what can be and what will be. The importance of the future is great, and the way of the Motherland is glimpsing, and you will splendidly work for it and the world. But the sacred bond of the Father and the son are implicit. They are over everything that occurs in all three plans. The essence and mystery of their manifestations is revealed at each level of the three in a varying degree, but it does not depend on the transient currents of events and phenomena of these plans. The proximity of Communication overcomes obstacles and conditions of each manifestation, in spite of them and against them. You are writing now despite the vast distance separating us, because Intimacy is over distance. You are writing being extremely engaged in serious hindering disharmonious live conditions, because it is above them. Strengthen and realize the totality of the father and the son. Always be with Me, always be with the Lord, - and let it be your bearing. Remember, "I am always with you". Let this short formula will be your prayer, your reference, your affirmation of My closeness. Nearness must be affirmed consciously, especially among the whirlwinds and gloom. My hand is vigilantly over your. The glittering sword of the Lord’s spirit does not stop shining in the protection of the beloved disciple. Keep and Guard. But help strengthen their awareness of radiant thread connections. The Ray is sent from distant mountains. It envelops your essence, but only full awareness of the inosculate entity is required; the State of your consciousness is not dependent. Not the Beam is obscured at the moment of weakness and not it sounds, but only consciousness weakening the relationship. The brightness of the Beam awareness charms. The vortexes of the Earth are malicious. And remember: there is nothing either inside you or outside that can disrupt the beam. It is inviolate and it stretches as My Proximity.
141. Write. Do you know what are you writing today? No, you do not know, even now writing these words. But I know. We write about the importance of a sharp look. All eyes can look, but almost none of them that can see. To look means to see. You can watch and see. The Arhat masters both poles. He knows how and he can look and not see when he wants it, and he can look and see at his will. It all depends on where he directs the focus of his consciousness. To look and not see is, perhaps, even more difficult, as it requires the highest concentration of consciousness on something or someone. All the senses are of the same polarity in their application. And the transfer of consciousness from one pole to another is a mastery of the Arhat. But when he looks at the thing and his consciousness is focused on it, there is an astounding phenomenon of the light beam crystallization and the picture imprinted in space remains in the consciousness. Clarity and precision of the consciousness lies in the difference of their variations. If we take the average man’s consciousness and the consciousness of the Arhat at the moment of imprinting or photographing an object, we can see the following: while the mind and the visual apparatus of the Adept provides an accurate, clear, distinct picture with all details of the contemplated object, there is something formless, vague that is and indefinite obtained from the untrained mind. A slippery, not seeing sight of a layman gives relevant pictures, and millennia of experience separate two consciousness’s that can maybe seat at the same table. That is why My freedom cannot be judged by someone else’s freedom and - vice versa. For the ability has its previous secular experience of long accumulation. This is why jealousy is so ridiculous. All the abilities are obtained due to a long and difficult experience. Thus, the clarity of visual impression perception depends on the accumulated consciousness. And when the consciousness is completely embedded in the process of visual perception, clarity and sharpness of the image increase. The vigilance of eyes depends right on this. Sharp observation of sight is visible in an eye. Of course, artists go ahead of humanity in terms of sharpness and clarity of visual impressions. Crystallization of light and color rays on their minds obtains such force that even when their eyes are closed they clearly and distinctly see the desired image that they have seen the previous second or much earlier. Musicians, tasters and many experts have sharpened their ability of perceptions to such an extent that they can entail any of former perceptions in their mind with startling reality. It is the same crystallization of energy in a particular order. Perceived energy is converted, refracted, or rather, crystallized in its form. That is a human destination to crystallize spatial energy in forms. Thus, proceeding, or passing through the human consciousness, everything that this very consciousness is directed to becomes crystallized. The process is continuous. And it all depends on the consciousness direction. Where are the thought and the consciousness turned to, where are they fixed, what comes off the assembly line of the microcosm. Because people enjoying the beauty of nature or works of art and living in the world of beauty, reward appropriate mental space with products or crystallized forms of discretion or imprinted vibrations. What can be said about crystallized creatures of the consciousness drowning in a drunken stupor of a stash? Even without the required precision, the form of such a consciousness is very vital, as it is full of astral matter elements. The composition of any crystallized consciousness is complex because the matter is full of elements of three planes. There is human creativity in it. One can imagine what billions of minds do. And beauty is approved to withdraw the elements of ugliness of human creativity. For any ability is a double-edged sword. It can be a blessing in case of a good consciousness, but it can be a curse in the other; because you can imagine what film of crystallized evil does it leave in the consciousness of a sorcerer or a dark hierophant and what crystals are accumulated in those depths. What could be worse than crystalline deposits of black fire? So let us protect from darkness and ugliness in all their shapes and forms, because they are dark. The upward path is good because the ability aggravation does not threaten with an abyss. Like a great artist, the consciousness creates images and pictures brighter and deeper one another, and the planet obtains this creativity giving it subtle energy deposits in beautiful, complete and harmonic forms. Creation of an artist, a composer and a writer is a conscious crystallization of spatial energy. On the pages of great writers we can see these crystallized images and pictures of their work. They exist not on printed sheets but in space. The process of reading a book is something deeper and more occult than one may think. Live images are created by giants of thought, and they nourish the human consciousness. They enrich the treasury of the world. An eagle‘s eye is approved for creativity. But let its beauty become the base of the culture.
142. Why do not all wake up their past savings and the “chalice” does not sound? Shells prevent it. But the disciple relieved the lowest conductor’s density with his aspiration removes the veils shading the Chalice Light. The Grain of the spirit (or Personality) rushes forward and reaches such speed of flight that the lowest dense shells cannot withstand the resistance of spheres pressure, the Individuality releases from them, and they remain at the bottom. The individuality being free from them deepens into the radiance of crystalline deposits collected in the "Chalice". The fullness of liberation depends on rapidness of the aspired promotion. Most of the Chalice treasures remain sealed for the whole life and only a small part of them manifests in this incarnation.
143. (March 16). My son, today we will consider life as it is. We are immersed in the matter in its dense state. We cannot leave it until it is in the body. And if we could do that, what would be good for the spirit? Conditions of dense existence are absolutely necessary to ascend. Without them you cannot mount the Light stairs. For dense existence does not mean chains but the wings bringing on the intangible levels, i.e. in the spheres of the subtle matter. One must understand the benefit of dense existence. According to the law of opposition, the finely-spiritual is perceived in the tightly-material. The whole evolution of spirit is built so that it rises from the lowest point of matter to the top of its planes, or states. The matter is everywhere, thinness of its energies changes on the scale. And all its manifestations have their forms. Even the ray is material. Even light is material with its particles of luminous matter, crystals of which can be seen with a prismatic vision. Lucid fabric and Matrix fabric are as real as the Sun. And the human spirit clothing in appropriate shells passes the whole scale of material-worlds from top to bottom. Realizing the value and necessity of dense evolution, you can make the second step, which is to learn to consciously draw the moral from the surrounding dense conditions because these are the most valuable life lessons for which the Lords of karma create the very human conditions necessary for advance of the spirit. A position of the pupil differs from the ordinary person’s one only by the fact that these conditions are exacerbated, that is they are thickened to the extreme possible range. This is done to accelerate his evolution. Thus, the student’s life may not be easy because of the circumstances. And the disciple must reveal self-abnegation of comprehension. Just aside, just having moved away from yourself, having casted aside your identification with inferior shells, he faces the attack and the burden of inferior influences. An invisible Leader manages and directs the course of karma. But you need to have the above-obvious trust, i.e. the trust over and contrary to evidence because the combination of external conditions can be very serious and it might seem that the Lord has left. But one should overcome Maya’s deception. Sense-knowledge wins. But how valuable is this victorious state of consciousness among the hardest conditions. I praise for this. A winner’s crown is not light but lambent under the tight conditions. You need courage in order not to get confused and notice hairy activity emanating from the enemies. The overcome flesh opens brilliant opportunities to the spirit. And only subduing the lowest and mastering it you can go to the conquest of areas of the highest tensions. So the winner’s path is claimed. I See your victory. I am glad to lead the winner in the burdens of the external environment and the opposing vortexes. Remember that each and every opposition, every burden of circumstances, every difficulty and unbearable surroundings are victorious stages of shining spirit staircases. I see the lights of the winning centers ready to flare up. I see the light filling the aura. I see the miracle of three ray birth and rejoice a victorious step. It is not an easy win, but when the goal is to merge with the Lord in the light of these three approved and manifested rays, so what can stop a firm, confident pace of an intended winner? (In my dream I am in a small boat on high waves, but the boat is very steady and strong. And I was tossing on that river.)
144. (March 17). Write! Terrible events are impending. The elements are rising for a jump in order to rush at one another. We could hold them until the deadline. But there is the term. Who will govern them, when a wave of punishing directs its hand of Justice? The doomed continue their vicious dance of shadows under the raised axe. Shadows, having forgotten about the light and given to darkness, will die before the sunrise. And only then the Sun of life will shine. A catastrophe is imminent. There are already many indications of elemental violations. Thousands, hundreds of thousands of brittle shells are burning out. The dance of death is whirling across the planet. The elemental waves are heaving. A space fire is tight and causes a reaction of earthly matter, which balance between the elements is severely violated by the energies of human spirits. Disorderliness of huge collective consciousnesses causes firmament vibrations as a powerful vibrator. A planetary body is quivering, quaking and shaking, for its soul, the humanity is being torn apart by the lights of black flames. And that half of people, who have the won black lights inside their minds, will merge into a huge homogeneous dark mass, as droplets of mercury, for the terrible impact of elements caused by magnetic attraction of the black flame. Horror will be the salvation for those who have not recovered their sight, but they also have not lost the spark of the spirit. The poles would unite according to the opposition centers. The dark will do that to take a hit of the elements; the light will take the last powerful rays.
145. Can the physical treat its subtle body? Yes, it can. You can do it, having allocated. But even a simple process of sending waves of energy into a sick body has its impact on the physical body through the thin one. But can a physical body per se have any effect on anything? Of course, the activity is manifested through all the three sequentially from top to bottom. The lowest unquestioningly carry out the orders of the highest, if consciousness does not impede. The process is simple. The order is simple. It does not need either long suggestions or concentrations but a clear and precise order of consciousness after which any return of consciousness to given orders would be harmful. You cannot shoot an arrow, having tied it with a thread and pulling the lace back. It will not fly and reach the goal. Or, having planted a seed, it is impossible to open it up all the time and look, whether it begins to germinate or not. The order must be accurately and strongly aimed knowing that the arrow will reach the goal. Repeated orders are permitted only with rhythmic premises as the strokes of nail hammering. Holding of the consciousness order is the same as turning off the knife switch and it prevents independent actions of the fiery energy. And it is everywhere. Not only in the treatment of yourself or another person, but throughout. Psychic energy must be given the direction and the order, but it will act independently. This feature of a separate independent action following the order is one of its typical properties. A man may have long forgotten about it, but the results are still direct. It is based on the idea that brings the fruit. It is a magnet of energy in the microcosm, and its attracting power is taking action. Hence there is realization of desires, a property which obtains extreme strength at the stage of the Arhat. So wish carefully. A human often appears under the desired conditions which he who has already risen up does not need or desire any more. That is the reason why the Arhat declines wishes. They are temporary and transient, but they impose the restrictions of already passed stages eliminated by the consciousness. An inadvertently let strong thought about respect and human attention or a high status could bring it when the advanced consciousness needs seclusion and isolation from the arrows of human attention. So there is an unnecessary delay and a waste of time to neutralize unsuccessfully desired conditions. Therefore I say: "Wish carefully." And expressing your desire say "thy will be done." And He knows what to approve and what to put out. It is better to put your will and thought into the Lord’s one and create with it in total harmony. To preface in every action will be the right decision. As your will can be mistaken. So the whole life is based on the confluence of consciousnesses.
146. (March 18). Yes, you are right. My Proximity gives already more that you can pass on printed sheets of a letter, but correspondence is necessary. For one must step with earthly paces on the Earth. And all that is given is given for approval and implementation on the Earth. While on Earth, you cannot avoid its visible or invisible aspect. For the refuge of the spirit is certainly not in the lowest layers. A planetary chain is forms of planetary essence manifestations expressed in its sevenfold aspect. Thus, any principle or shell has its own plan and only three on the top are merged. Truly, the Trinity is consubstantial and inseparable, as well as the highest Triad of True Individuality which is immortal and timeless. And the plan is for it. Do not mix the subtle body with the lowest astral plane. The last is destroyed on the stage of the Arhat, but it is not subtle required on the Thin Level for manifestation and living on it as physical is referred to the Earth. The lowest Triad without its astral twin can shine and glow infused with lights and spirited and refined with beams vibrations. The phenomenon of the relics or a dead physical body which does not undergo decomposing is related to the excretion of decay products which infect and saturate living bodies of the living corpses out of their bodies. There are many living and even outwardly healthy, but they are already decaying alive. This sad phenomenon is contributed and reinforced by the decaying elements injected in a human body with dead particles of dead animals devoured by him. And when it is amplified with wine, fermentation products and cheeses, and relevant thoughts and emanations, then you can imagine the horror of living decaying shells. There are many of the living corpses and most of them clearly stink. One could write an entire book about human scents. The scale of them is extraordinarily diverse. Many will deny it but even dogs know more than a two-legged owner of sometimes repulsive and disgusting odors, or even stenches. Every thought, feeling and emotion causing the body reactions is accompanied by certain smell. Repetitive processes generate strong and typical for this body smells. The disease is also attended with its specific smell. Sublime and clear thoughts and high-order emotions give the incense psychic products. There are people who exhale fragrance. There are emotions and feelings which cause this fragrance. You can divide people not only by light-and-shade but the essence of their emanations which give smells of a certain order and density and in the scale of smells, like the audio scale on a certain place. This sphere is still poorly explored. But you can say that just as everything has its shape, color, and a numeric key, everything existing including metals has its own odor. And in the Subtle World, where the aromas of the highest layers and the stench of the lowest ones are reality, an olfactory aspect of being is particularly vital. The refinement of the olfactory in a physical body points to the refinement and the awakening of the centers, and it shows a famous stage of spiritual development. Modern cities can rightly be called foul-smelling, for human amassments stink. Not from dirtiness or purity they depend on, for they can be easily removed, but on the depravity of consciousness. The lower and more defective it is, the keener their radiation is. But a perverse mind of stench carries with itself and poisons the atmosphere of not only physical, but also the Subtle World. So let us name this sphere the world of scents. And it is so wide. Batteries of fragrant energies are flowers and trees. You could say that the highest fiery energies are fragrant. Rose, eucalyptus, cedar, pine, peppermint are the bearers of thickened fragrant energies, and they are particularly powerful. Each grass, every tree, every animal has its own special scent. Wild animals live in the rich, diverse and vibrant speaking for them world of smells. Smells serve them as address-offices, books for visitors, newspaper news, passports and documents. The language of smells is rich for the animal world. And organs of smell give them the whole world of sensations. Even the hostility is felt due to the smell. At one time people also had very keen sense of smell and nosed each other at the meeting to identify a friend or a foe and his essence. This ability is now dormant to awaken again, but at a higher level of the center expansion. Its thinning indicates the fineness the mental apparatus. People who are troubled with smells are sophisticated organisms. Smell or energy radiated by a human can be likened to subtlest gas which fills the surrounding space. It is clearly felt in human breath. You can imagine what masses of these invisible gases emitted by humans continually saturate the atmosphere of the planet. But with what? Odors on the scale are distributed on the Earth according to layers. You can speak about the fragrance the Highest Spheres, for the higher energy is, the more fragrant the smell is, and the lighter the gas is. Thus, we love mountains. The stench of lowlands is heavy crowded by the ignorant mankind. We do not like crowds. We do not like modern cities. Like heavy gases, the stinking fumes of fetid gases and radiations sprawl out lower and lower forming a leaden phenomenon of the lowest layers. A disharmonic state of any conductors also begets the phenomenon of heavy gas. We say: the stench of irritation is awful. Odor of sadness is unpleasant. Anger, pride, envy, greed, and fear are flashing with their colors, of black lights, and all are accompanied by their specific smells poisoning the atmosphere. Evil is foul. Welcome is good and fragrant. Fetor is the smell of evil; fragrance is a smell of goodness. Let your actions, thoughts, and feelings be odoriferous. (The day is difficult. It is like a gust from the noon. And it became intolerably physically painful. It is a lungs ache; I can neither breathe nor bend). (Earthquake in Turkey)
147. It is the beginning of the end. Oppression is unbearable. How will you meet it without knowledge of the heart and kindled lights? Hide your breath inside. Do not come out of the Spirit Tower, otherwise you will not be protected. The Lord has warned. It is one small dent that can wash away the protective dam. Decree: "withdraw in the armor of the spirit". The non-resistant due to his imprudence is unreliable. All measures must be taken to protect. Do not bring either thoughts or emotions beyond the range of protective barrier network of the aura. I am the only Centre of aspirations giving the Ray. All foreign in thinking will be magnets of chaotic energy attraction. For magnetic essence of the microcosm directed to a radiant Focus of the Hierarch. Be awake. It is an unprecedented moment in the history of the planet. I have stood on the salvation of the world. And you will consolidate to the limit. Warriors, keep the last call! To the Lord, for the Lord, about the Lord, to the Lord, before the Lord, through the Lord! The Lord will be a key of aspiration magnetic waves. Enjoy the moment because we are in the nearest ranges. Excessive burden will be a crown of light. One exacerbated the impact of cosmic waves by attracting external foreign unwanted energies. Adhere My Word until the cancellation, a protective veil can be strengthened and you can continuously be in a cocoon of the spirit. You can even have a tuning fork. Our triad is strong because of dynamic power. Father, Mother, son. But She is with Me and in Me. Do not divide the indivisible in your consciousness, and you will irresistibly strengthen the focus of attraction of a single thing to two poles. We are coessential, and the Son is from our essence, ne in two for the manifestation of the third son! Now the process is taking place in the spirit of giving birth to the Third from the Two. We merged in the spirit approve the Son of Light. The prepared heritage is waiting for us. Enter the vault of understanding to understand the sacrament (of the spirit) of the second birth in the spirit and become twice born: from water and fire. Sustainability of the saving network of the Light is needed on the planet as never before. And only tenacity strengthens it. I will give irrefutable signs – the beginning is already led — physically overwhelming, so that adamant consciousness will enter the adamant of Invisibility. Everyone who laid his hands on you will be sorrowful because rebelling against you he rebels against Me and has a final conviction. Realization of Mine is an acid test for doomed servants of darkness. And a kickback on a fragile shell that hit My armor will be powerful. Because Itself is on Patrol and I Store. And not you but the Lord in you will Raise the sword of fire and Send the striking Beam. Armageddon is over and the dark are bleeding. Their path goes in the darkness of decaying. But they would better not touch Mine. I will cinder. The call of the last hour is not passivity of fish but it is a fiery smashing sword. I will save Mine given Me with My Beam to the Lord. Be powerful and fiery in faith. The Lord Is Great. Lay the carpets of expectation in front of the spirit tabernacle, and let the heart light Burn inextinguishably. I Came To Judge. You will enter the life of a new world as a winner coroneted with a crown of Light, and everyone from My Beam will strongly serve you. Affirm the royalty of the spirit dignity because you will show it among the consciousness’s who accepted Me and who accept the Son in the Law of the fiery consonance Space Right. My son, you turn and open a new page of planetary life. I Said.

(At work, for about 2 hours, I felt ache to the right of the heart. I could not dine. I was lying for 5 hours in chill. I couldn’t breathe and bend because of the pain in lungs. A lot of people were feeling bad, many suffered from heartaches). (There was an earthquake in Turkey).

148. (March 19). You, the Mother, the Father are three stages of the Stairs. She loves you and knows about you much more than tells. But then she will tell if not everything but a lot. She is My inseparable; she was, is and will be. Our cooperation has reached an extreme degree of confluence. She is an adept who has attained Godly immortality. Now I am watching you. It is a serious moment. The harp of the spirit should be protected, so as Crystal strings will not burst. And nobody is allowed touching its strings. You can play it yourself, or the Mother, or the Father. People have not been spared the strings of the heart and treated horribly, not only with other people's hearts, but also with their own, because their harps are in complete disarray. An instrument must not only be tuned but also kept. Otherwise My touch will not call a harmonious stringing. And we have to perform very complex things and even whole symphonies. Customized tool requires a diligent and careful attitude. And space currents are less dangerous than rough human touches. Be respected for your ability to handle with the thinnest devices of your nearest and highest. When you are with Mother, do not forget about it. Love on the part of her beloved but without required delicacy made Her upset and violated the tune of Her organism up to the degree that She was literary sick of that love, care and attention of unrefined consciousnesses. Assonance is also needed in order not to burden. You can give her love, care and understanding but in its presence the lowest conductors and their activity must be quenched. And let the imperturbable and royal calmness of the spirit be the key that opens the door of closeness. Love is good and necessary but when it is manifested in tranquility of a spirit. Its emotional swirls are unacceptable. One should bring oneself into such a state that Her spirit would have a rest in his presence being far from those tensions which people who come into contact with Her unconsciously require from Her. It is very tiring, and a long communication with this arrangement of consciousness is inappropriate. Thus, habituate yourself to calm down yours in Her presence in order not to disturb Her auras with emanating currents. She should find in you something that She has not ever met in any person. They always told her with all their essences "give" and demanded that. But you should give Her everything without asking anything in substitution. And your receipt will be great because the saturation will be natural without burdening the consciousness. One should tune himself to make her feel adamant support in everything. All coming into contact with Her will think about itself, but you should think just about Her and about what you can give her. And remember: the degree of generosity and oblation to the highest is a degree of reception. Let each of her initiatives be accepted, supported and affirmed by you. She will create by you, but if you forget about yourself claimed the threads of connection and demonstrated Her trust and love to you. And when the others come to see her revealing their unruly and dissonant feelings, you will be quiet and you will know that a true love is creative but not heavy. It shines like the Sun, not suffocating, not stifling, and not tiring the one it is directed to. Learn to love. This is a great art. Many believe that to love means to load all of the selfness on the beloved. The highest are stifling of such love. It is difficult to sustain it for long. Be humbly indispensable, not asserting yourself but bringing all you essence to serve to My Beloved.
149. My First called lives by Me. All is for Me and about Me. All her love is filled with Me, and her life became a continuous manifestation of great service. The personal has gone and it was substituted with the cosmic. The Astral has dissolved, and the whole low-human, astral sphere has passed away and was replaced by the highest. Everything is happening in the name of the Lord. Great works are done. Physical suffering voluntarily accepted in the name of love for humanity is sharp and lasting. Disclosure of the centers and the opened centers being the source of great joy and deep experiences in the earthly conditions are a grievous cross. For collective human emanations are like salt water poured on wounds. Work with the Lord requires incredible tension. The cross is carried bravely. And there is no fear. It is revealed in stability which is a rare quality. A symphony of qualities is approved on the scale in harmonious conformity and equality. She is fully devoted to me with all her heart. The silver string vibrates without terminating the harmony currents, and the Beam illuminates a steady and permanent pace of the fiery winner. A fiery body is confirmed. She reveals the highest stage of ascending among those who deny the Light. She is a way to Me and to the Light. She imprinted it with her arduous life and her feat. I Gave the Fiery Teaching Through Her. She revealed the future path of humanity, that is revealing and transmutation of the centers and inclusion to spatial life and work. I opened the ocean of knowledge and Teaching for her: she lives, moves, and has her own being there. She is in a state of constant dialogue with the Lord. She Gave the world an example of what should be a man in the spiral of evolution. She is one of those a few who once in a century is allowed to enter the Stronghold. But it was long time ago. She is a Light ambassador. She is the earthly embodiment of the World’s Mother and Daughter of Light approving self-emanating Rays, she is a bearer of five Light Rays. We named her the Mother of Agni Yoga. She is exposed to the fiery crucifixion under the hard conditions of the flesh. My First called and My nearest. And you are Her son. Remember!
150. (March 20). My son, the word "over" must be understood because, truly, we are tied with Light bounds over the entire world. The stages of Communication and Proximity exist even over the stellar combinations. The spiral of the fiery spirit evolution does not depend on the configurations of stars, as well as the disclosure of centers? For if a man is given dominion over all flesh, this power is affirmed over the well-known range of matter scale octaves. Star signs can be used for the best combinations of external with internal, but just as an accessory phenomenon. And if the stars have not control, how could dregs, dust and bustle of the coming day be powerful? No, My son, there is no such power over the fiery spirit. So being in Me know the all-winning power of Communication and remember that the Lord is the first and all the other is just after Him. Everything else goes then. The Lord dominating in the consciousness and being above all and everything manifests the Light will in your will. "Thy will be done". It is what you say. Because your will is free, and only the call is answered and My will is approved in accordance with yours and never do against. But when your consciousness says the saving Word, My Beam Light is claimed to the tune of the call. So: not slavery, but merge. The disciple’s will manifest singly and independently, being alighted with the internal impulse. Dare! But you must dare alone with freely aspired heart and spirit. The power of daring is royal and free, its force and meaning must be understood. There is a hidden decree to reveal a Free Will in the call to dare, but it is a fiery, strong aspiration to the Highest. The Spirit fiery aspired to Me obtains in all milestones. Conscious work with the Lord in all plans in the bodies is possible, but with sufficient preparation and separation of three bodies. And who knows, whether there is such work somewhere and somewhat which is not still open for the physical brain because of certain circumstances. This Work is already being done, and when there is the right time and conditions it will be agreed with the earthy awake consciousness. But now only vigilance to the phenomenon of thin characters going from the realm of dreams is required. So we take an active part in the Subtle World. Know the magnetic force of the strong wave aspired to Me because it is saturated with Me due to My strength. I always reply to Love that is the reason why it is considered to be the strongest magnet. Is it a winner because just as the morning sun dissipating night darkness and shadows, love wins and it shines with a magnetic over all the Earth's living conditions, and it is not interrupted with either life or death. There is a hidden essence of immortality and victory over the mortal in it. The love for the Lord is triumphant. So Love the Mother. On the beam of love you always get the answer and you are connected with Us due to it. My son, understand the power of love giving and bringing gifts. To send the ray of love to the Highest means to absolutely get back the light beam, for the call of love brings the answer of the Beloved, that is the law. Therefore, my son, I claim you in your love to your Father and Mother. My contention is a sign of inevitable findings and achievements. So be calm in the immutability of planned ways. There will be achievements. I gave you the warrant. And everything that is required from the son, it is to bravely, courageously, calmly, confidently and firmly go through the inevitable trials of the inevitable. I See how your spiritual armor becomes stronger and the power of the spirit increases. Correctly! The feeling of growing force is distant lights of the approaching fiery power which must be approved in the spirit. My son, honour your Lord not in words but in deeds. And manifest the power of My Beam in your actions. Many say beautiful words, but you should say nothing and know that your Word must be ambivalent in force, that is approved in consciousness and action. Only the Arhat’s word must be applied to life and put into, that is affirmed in the consciousness. It is the third point generated by two: a thought and an action. Just an applied bears approved energies in the microcosm. And then the body of thoughts closes itself in flesh, i.e. a form crystallizes giving clear deposits. The power of words is great. To appear the spoken words and be an expression of their essence is a feature of the Arhat. Level is high. But you Lord Was and Is the Truth approved with his hand and foot. And you will manifest My Image. So study and understand the secret power of the word. It is empty if it is not imprinted with achievements and not approved with application. I trust you the secret power of words. Say: "Use the arrows of light with caution and do not throw fiery arrows into wet muslin. Enter the life with the fiery energy of the sacred word meaning. Because the Word the world (is) was conceived.