Agni Yoga's facets, 1953 (151-230)

151. Understand the meaning of son ship. You are close despite everything, but it is not still overcome. The beam kinship is stronger that the relationship of consanguinity. You know that every phenomenon has its roots. The good has good roots, the bad has bad ones. Search for the cause of every phenomenon in its root. The consequences will show the cause. And you should fight and eliminate not a consequence but the very reason, the root if the phenomenon is undesirable. Here you see the manifestation of harmful phenomena which are unnecessary or invalid, whether in yourself or in the others - it does not matter. Where are their roots? They are in the astral plane. Here is the root of everything. This is the lowest shell containing root nodes of everything that that sticks in human throats. And people are ashamed of its rage if the spark has not extinguished in them yet. They carefully hide their faults and shortcomings. How many secret do drunkards, thieves, homosexuals, vampires have? What horror was hidden deep under the defects of human guises? And their roots are in this fierce ground and saturated with the lowest passions form, in the bearer of the comic beginning. So taking the path of the Arhat, we will talk about his deliberate destruction. We will talk about the deliberate destruction of the astral shell. The enemy must be killed, and not in others but in yourself. We see his especially rampant display in the frantic tangle of furiously fighting dogs. It is obscenely and inappropriate for a man, a Light bearer, to have this animal heritage once played its important and necessary role but which is unnecessary now. The astral serpent is encircling the Earth. By cutting off his head and killing it in ourselves, we become free from the power and approve our power over it that enlaced the world with its rings. It that engirded the mankind causes natural instability, for they cause whirlwinds and astral unbalance of the astral matter in people. The interrelation is strong, and the waves of astral whirlwinds are rolling far ahead disturbing the harmony and balance of the planet body of the planet just as these vortices in the human body. A sick body makes the planet sick too. It is a complete analogy. But it is only collective consciousness instead of a single one being girded by the astral dragon. And he who entered the path of the Arhat calls the dragon for a battle in order to having won it inside him, like an ancient hero; call the planetary one to fight in the name of happiness and salvation of all mankind. It is a great feat, but it is easier to make it in the battle with the world dragon that to win a victory over it inside oneself. So let a hero’s hand be ruthless winning over the winning ancient serpent. But it is very enduring, insidious, and it takes very seductive and attractive forms. It tinges its external garment with bright colors of paints it its external attire. The enemy should be knowable under all forms to make the blow hit the mark. Watch life. Its manifestations are especially impressive in people, for they surrender it blindly and avidly. It is a conductor of dark influences. Everything that has a body dies without food, and everything feeds with it: the spirit, the soul and the body. Slay the wicked staining the Light clothes, deprive him of food and nutrition. It feeds with emanations of astral eddies inside it and in the others. It eats often destroying a physical body. Kill the destroyer. In a fit of intense irritation it can instantly devastate the Treasury and burn phosphoric fabric. It destroys the protecting network and makes terrible breaks in auras and they gape like open wounds; it makes possible the access to the most horrible creatures. This is not a harmless poor shell requiring care and attention. No, this is an insidious enemy which is ready to deprive you of all your savings every moment and use them burning into its whirlwinds to pass all bounds because it evolves in evil. So let the spear not sleep over the dragon. So let the destined winner know the essence of the enemy, and that the enemy can have no mercy. And that defeat is unthinkable. The heroes of ancient times were revered by people. For a hero did not accomplish his personal affair but a planetary and panhuman one. So a struggle and a victory of the beast in itself is a feat of common values for the whole mankind. Kill the Serpent.
152. (March 21). The Most remote corners take space waves. Also there is anywhere no rescue from them. The person replies on them with the microcosm; to react all its physical and the mental apparatus. The device human answers entirely on the essence, and from responsibility not to leave. Fragile covers don't maintain and fuse. Heavy is in the world. In torments be born the New World. Now it is possible to resist and close times to pass without falling, having only entirely betrayed itself to the Lord and the thought having completely turned to Him. It is possible to keep on the roll, being a supported magnet of its spirit. But below the abyss raging will overflow. Below - death and bodies, and spirit. Here days when only the magnet of aspiration will give strength come to resist. Herds of the biped are still blind. But eyes will open at all soon also will start rushing about in horror crowds. Many already rush about, but yet in all planet scale. Perturbations space cause perturbations terrestrial. And the horror is rescue. The heavy strip should be passed. And not shorten a stride. Waves will become frequent, causing reciprocal vibration in everything and destroying it everything, to resist not able. Still external at the majority outweighs and muffles growing power of inevitability fiery. But it only while. Waves go crescendo8. Many already writhe, but still don't understand a kosmic of waves fiery. Having only understood will be terrified and having only terrified will begin to see clearly. But to us from the Tower masses human are visible, worrying under a whirlwind, as fields of immature bread. Many ears will lie down, being broken. Will bend down to the earth much, and not to rise already again. Who will resist? In Me you will resist also Me. The consciousness is filled with Me to a capacity limit. And not the Chaos of darkness external, but the Lord sounds the main note, it muffling. Sound on a note of the Lord. The accord you will resist and the accord you will pass. To someone it is easy; But unless it can be easy My Burden the divided? And the one who passed about mine through everything up to the end, with Me till the end remains and after which has no end.
8 Crescendo (English) — the maximum increase in intensity.
153. I imbue the threads of aspirations stretched to Me from your own microcosm. But it is you who tighten them according to your own will and desire. Every aspired to Me energy becomes saturated. I cannot imbue without proper energy outgoing from you. Therefore I say: "Strive, seek, knock, and ask. Go ahead, manifest self-outgoing activity. The Deathly consciousness is fruitless because of the lack of aspired energies which provide the receiving. So the one who has will receive, and the one who does not have will deprive of the possessed. This is the law. There is no passive yoga. The proverb “no pains, no gains” is the expression of human wisdom, and it provides understanding the essence of law aspirations. The mechanics of the Law acts, as the finest car in the greatest correspondence. We need to understand what aspires to Me and how. And we need to understand the immutability and inevitability of consequence of directed to Me energies with magnetism. Not a vague expectation of unknown heavenly benefits but the intense Beam of My responsibility is directed to Me on the slightest thought and particularly when it is consciously aimed knowing the law. Not faith, but an exact knowledge of the immutability of the law leads the Arhat in the track of the Lord. I never leave the learner without answers. But give him all the clarity, the lucidity, the certainty of the query. Taking the phone, know what, how and with whom you want to talk. And while speaking on the phone of long distance save every minute. The words are short in essence, and the thought is strained, and a person stays on the stretch of attention and concentration. What can vague babbling give when the speaker does not know what he wants or why they are switched? The same conditions are required for My wire. And I require even fuller concentration not in the telephone booth, but in the cabin of the spirit. But it must be also isolated from the Earth sounds. Not a call but My Name repeated seven times will be a signal. The rhythm of repetition also neutralizes waves of surrounding energies. And the contact is ready. So you keep a record. Amplify the awareness of the process. Comprehend the immutability of corresponding responses and remember that the Lord is always with you and always ready to answer the call of your spirit: for He is awake in the Tower on Watch.
154. The Lord Says, “How do you do, My son”. Correctly! Each reference must be applied immediately and strongly. For the applied is immediately followed by the new. I am glad to see readiness in My disciples. Do not be astonished, do not discourse, but execute, - and the results will not detain. So, the speed of execution will give birth to the speed of response and further income. And the wheel of cooperation starts spinning faster. We uncontrollably approach the executive employee. There are few who are ready to execute the Lord’s orders. Why? In most cases, there is a lack of trust or faith. The brains do not believe in easiness of miracles. But you believe in, and here are the results. But the ease of perception must be always strengthened and sharpened until its sharpness reaches the clarity and reality of a face-to-face conversation. Thus, we will spare no effort for rapprochement. Each side thought makes perception dim. And the more they are, the greater this dazzle is, until My thought drown in patches and spills of outside thoughts. You cannot clog the wires. And the process is facilitated for Me who sends. [Here is a delay; consciousness cannot find the equivalent in Russian. The Lord does not speak Russian, and it is not always easy to transpose the energy ...] "avidly", "clearly", "obviously", "strongly". So you are looking for the definite attributive feeling its essence, but you could not choose the right form. This stems from a lack of exacerbation of the fiery consciousness. Poet’s words flow freely and smoothly in the moments of fiery ascent. Kovalevsky also found the solutions of hard tasks in such a way. So the accuracy of transference depends on the degree of trained exacerbation of the fiery consciousness. The delay was caused intentionally to emphasize the speed of the process. « It is increased tenfold». Here is a required definitive which was so vainly searched by the consciousness. But know that a greater degree of perception requires neither ancillary items, nor the Face, nor anything else. Everything is done in the spirit without any mediation. And the facilitator is the astral teraphim that are a known mental build created to achieve certain goals. We speak about the astral teraphim, but any clear, long-established idea repeated rhythmically from day to day because of its height creates teraphim of rather a mental order. People build phones, telegraphs and radios on the Earth. The Arhat creates all this in the Subtle World and uses this with the same ease and convenience, and maybe with more than people do. Because it’s psycho-physiological apparatus does not require any space or equipment. Of course, this lightness and simplicity are relative, for how long, how many years of efforts and aspirations are hanging on each thread of fire abilities. My son, I gave the analysis of the perception process thought the Teacher. Apply it to action. Confirm the essence of a contact in your mentality. Your task is to give the essence of the process and the psychomechanic of mental hearing or clairaudience in clear, concise and strict forms which are applicable for modern consciousnesses. They must be given through the single wire of far distance to the Teacher. A fire wire is as real as a terrestrial or wireless one. There is no need in radio wires, and the spirit does not need them too. But the receiver of the spirit must be open. An astral pipe can ease the isolation of the currents, but it has an extra value and it is good as a symbol for concentration. But the fiery spirit does not need anything, even in characters. They are needed only at the beginning. Then they all are removed as obstacles. If someone needs a straw to get off the ground, let him use it, for it is required just at the beginning. So, My son, intensify the degree of the contact to the phenomenon of apparent reality. The rhythm of applied efforts gives its fruit. I claim the reality of the fire wire.
155. (March 22). How do you do, My son. Correct, the circumstances are not the obstacles for us. We will calmly, firmly and confidently overcome everything. And no difficulties can stop us there because the Communication takes place without any dependence on them. Here was an obstacle. Confusion, or pain, or any other emotions would break the contact and interrupt it, if not the will. So, let us learn from everything, and it will serve us, and help us, if the rod in the hand of the will is firm. "Let your heart not confuse". Let the spirit not be embarrassed with anything, and make the desired contact under any conditions. Let missiles explode, let people toss, let the storm begin, but if it is time to fellowship with the Lord, you can solemnly and surely remote everything external and bring the fire wire into action having previously insulated yourself from the storm. And now there is a sandstorm outside the window. This contact was impossible earlier. And, moreover, there is no light now. But how can anything stop the current of fiery Communication if the fiery power of the spirit has already adopted its will. I Hear and Response if your will has overcome the counteraction of the earthly conditions. So learn the immutability of the fiery events rhythm. If only to understand what power has a fiery human will and as consciously designed, it wins any opposition of the environment. You cannot learn how to apply it, lying on the warm stove or in the quiet and smooth conditions of well-being, only in the whirlwinds of opposing waves, keeping the mirror clarity of consciousness; you can manifest the power of the fiery winner. So we approve the will of the spirit in life which subdues external energies to the consciousness. Confidence in the permanence of intimacy and independence from the occurring environment and natural conditions will force his hand. Of course, currents have their influence, of course, the spatial conditions cannot affect the message, but there is nothing which the human will could not overcome, especially joining My will brought into action. My Will! Here is a raging storm raising formidable waves, there is noise and vortex. But I can ask the winds and can ask the waves to calm down. And they will, for I am the Lord of the elements. But why do you so deeply and wholeheartedly believe words, My favourite? Why is there any shadow of doubts in your mind, even the slightest shadow of doubt? Have you thought about that? Was not you ever a witness of how I, your Lord, did so in front of you and did you see it? Is not it from the forgotten past that it was immutability of faith-knowledge and it became the power of the fiery will of your Lord, My son? With this faith, or rather sense-knowledge, you will pass all obstacles and tests, even the most difficult and insurmountable. For the handle of the inexhaustibly strong lever of the spirit dynamics is in your hand. People finish the earthly school and acquire knowledge. But your teacher is the Lord. The immutability of the growing knowledge accumulation is aware. There were much more difficult times, and there was no more favorable to spirit promotion and finding. Most difficulties become the steps of the staircase and ease the way for the spirit. Understand the antithesis: the difficulties make it easier to climb, and give opportunities according to their force: the big ones are big, the paltry ones are small. Rejoice the obstacles and difficulties means to enjoy the opportunities made for promotion, experience and knowledge. How could I give such a bright example of overcoming the external conditions, if the today’s storm has not extinguished the light and if you were not embarrassed by this obstacle which could easily break the sublime tension of the consciousness sentiment? So let us learn from life and in life. And the time will come when you are in contact and keep the Records under any circumstances being driven by the rhythm power. And then there will be an hour, and the Communication will become constant, and then you will be able to imprint the thought of wisdom on paper at any time of the day or night taking it from the Ocean of Life Teaching. The ocean is already available. And your consciousness has been already drawing its treasures making their shell suitable for people, your brothers. Your mind is a transformer of spatial treasures. The true value of mediation lies between Heaven and the Earth. Prophets of antiquity were passing the Great Will to people. They heard the voice of God. But there is nothing new under the Sun. The essence of spatial fire energies is related to your consciousness, and breaking it in that is being understood and put into a clear, precise, and complete form it crystallizes and is ready for the world to influence the humanity. The only difference is that you are not a prophet but just a man, the same as your brothers, but you have just gone ahead them in the understanding of the cosmic laws. And what is available to you and them, and what you can do, they can also do if they believe in My words imprinted by you, check them, apply and test them. You make My will, and let them follow it too, otherwise it remains in their farms, coops, and mud molded houses. And the Lord wants to give everyone a Palace, a body and a spirit. It is a Palace instead of a chicken coop or a pigsty. And moreover it is for free and in perpetuity. I show the direct path. Are you really deaf? And you who accepted the people’s treasure will tell them that the terms of space opportunities are not repeated. Right now, just now the doors in front of extraordinary opportunities are open for people. A nodal wave of turning the planetary evolution will come down, enter their banks, and the river of life will flow smoothly; but who came to Me at the moment of epoch changing and affirmed by Me for the whole next cycle will take the print of their closeness to the Lord. So I affirm the greatness of the future at the predawn. And you are in it. You will manifest it in the future greatness of the spirit.
156. Hear! It is important to catch the first word and start writing. A further perception already goes smoothly and without delay. But tension concentration does not weaken any moment. Now I can Say: If you do not know, then you will know. Of course, we can and will write on the topics that you do not know, but now it is easier to develop what is already known, and lead the process of saturation for the already nominated consciousness adding the new only on occasion. The law allows giving according the lines of desires and requests, so the questions-landmarks of receiving are valued. The strictly stated question is easy and legitimately to response. But if something that was never interesting for the consciousness is affected, the law will not be met, since there is nothing to attach to. There will be no short circuit. That is why the Teaching needs disciple’s questions. We answer only the question. Of course, we Give warnings, and messages about what is happening, but the scope of Cosmic knowledge is saturated by the queries appeared in the consciousness. When the appeared issue is accurately posed, and it aspires to the Teacher, the answer will always be found. But let it rip evidently and enhance its pole of attraction.
157. Mother knows, but she can change nothing because it is not the high time. We should wait for changes in this solution. We must still endure. The hidden is very close behind the thick veil of fate.
158. (March 23). The one who was hit by the enemy by negligence will not be honored. There is no honour for those who have subjected his nearest to abuse. But it will pass. Everything will pass. Everything, everything, everything that is and that will be. Only He, a Silent Witness in you and I are merged in the whole. Do not mourn because of inconsideration and betrayals of beloved ones. I will protect. And there will be no disappointment. Everything will pass. You can shield from the enemy and what about the friend? So remember, that loneliness will change nothing. Let the transient wave go and do not stop your consciousness on it. Let it go into oblivion. The Hand of the Lord does not sleep. How many arrows has it averted? You need to tune the consciousness in order unexpected and unforeseen blows not to break the balance. It is difficult to deal with ordinary phenomena violating calmness. But they can anticipate, prepare and overcome them. But suddenness is much harder. We will harden the spirit with them. You can mentally go through them in your imagination piling up surprise on the other. You can color them and make them semi-real. You can, you can, and you can become your own tester who tests his own shells with certain trial. The Highest ones experience and look. The teacher leads the student through a series of tests. But the Arhat who holds the fate in his own hands can facilitate the work of the Lord being a self-tester. He is both a tester and a tested. Consciousness always knows how it should go through a test. People like to dream. There are many people who live in a world of dreams, coming off from life. You can use this ability to create such conditions in your imagination that are needed to overcome difficulties and pass them in your heart in such a way that are appropriate for the Arhat. A test, being not passed in life, can be mentally aggravated again and again by going through it, but it is successfully broken in consciousness with sufficient brightness of the imagination. The seal of consciousness, being finally put on the ongoing event, can release the spirit from necessity to go through it in life if the decision of the will is firm and adamant. So minutes of rest or changing the labor can be used with certain benefits. The shells undergo testing, and He is a silent Witness who looks and imposes his decision. He is silent and impassive, standing above. So you see again that the arrow of harm directed from your friends to you has brought a drop of the most valuable experience and a new opportunity of self-testing in the consciousness avoiding the need to pass them out. After completing this process, you have to burn generated images with fire of thoughts leaving just the juice of experience, i.e. a final decision of the consciousness, so as not to cause their effects in reality. And here circumspection is needed. I saw myself that calmness is important and misbalance of surprise violates the bodily functions and prevents required tune of the consciousness. Because of this the watch must be strengthened much more. It is not enough just to notice an enemy. One needs also not let him go inside. He will bring disharmony. So a stroke from the nearest is very dangerous due to its suddenness. Let us arm ourselves both from friends and enemies. There is a lot of grief brought by the nearest. One needs great discretions with all the subordinates. And you can open your heart only to the Mother and the Lord. There are extremely few close consciousness’s which do not burden and prickle. They who destroyed their twins will never hurt. They are usually wounded, and the nearest ones, but they never do that. Since there is no more karmic in them, it fell and died for ever. But know who did not outlive and mortify them, can make wounds and pricks because they still have no power over the untamed beast. Do not be afraid of anything. The Lord will protect. And save the bitterness of experience, for it is needed for human cognition. My son, do not worry about anything. Collect only juice of knowledge and experience because the teachings about people are short, but the cognition is long. Peace to you.
159. My son, distance is far, but you hear the call. I Answer! Do not worry about the motherland. According to the law of opposition, the field of the Light Town is shining, and everyone will receive as much as he could take among the earthly and heavenly gifts. It will blossom in the spirit. The second is the burden distributed on soldiers but we are given a hand in carrying it. So the burden is not for oneself, but for the world. You and your health should be conserved. The economy of forces should be reduced to giving them only when they are absolutely necessary. Fear and anxiety make people especially weak. Therefore I say: "Be Calm". The Lord will protect. I Say against the evidence. There is no special danger, but the lungs should be protected, particularly from unnecessary emotions. And I will say about the burdening nearest that you should not waste your energy on mutual misunderstanding. Love and friendship are something which does not always depend on our desire but on many other reasons. But you need to keep at least some degree of unity.
160. Well, now let us talk about the other things. The degree of proximity is a degree of understanding and merit. You are near because you deserve it. And it is inherent. But you should repeat it many times many times to unswervingly sink into the brain. Hesitation and uncertainty are harmful. The base of proximity must be approved in conscience and stay on it unswervingly and steady. The achieved does not dependent on anything, on any conditions. How to overcome the fuzziness of the latest hours? It is devotion to the Lord and indivisible merge. The Lord is close, but it is this understanding of the closeness must be kept under the muddy waves of the surrounding. And it is especially difficult when everything hovers. The very fluctuations will cause shifting. But we must resist. Adopt the continuing merge.
161. (March 24). It is the last anniversary. Yes! And as in the first age there was a chronology “A.C” and “B.C”, the mankind will count it also before and after the Coming. The Year is great-planetary. We will name it so. It is a year of great reorganization and shifts which are expected but sudden, great but the unprecedented and unintended with human consciousness. There will be a new World in the Glory and Shining of New Rays. It is a year of ray-bearing opportunities. It is a year of the Court and the Sentence for everyone. The Merge will exist in understanding the inevitability and urgency of evolutionary steps. People set up dams, but they hardly can block the Gulf Stream. So the day of the annual fest is a day uniting all the Warriors of the Light in the awareness of the upcoming change. Armageddon is over. But the raised waves have not gone down yet and a human cauldron is still boiling, but the conditions of this boiling no longer exist. The Day of Judgment and Decision are just after Armageddon. And the opponents of light will no longer be the fighting and countering ones, but they will only be a party submitting the Highest decision unquestioningly. The victory is irrevocably and strongly approved. Now the power of Hierarchy is being claimed because it is high time for that. We do not speak about what is visible for eyes and is related to reality. There are already millions of burnt-out brittle shells that could not withstand the tension of fiery waves. People can already hear the roar of the elements, the terrible and inevitable roar. But the madness of human beings still continues to toss in the cells of hatred and malice, and bate in the chains of violence. People live in misery and perturbation of the spirit being bent to the ground under the weight of accumulated dark energies. But they still cannot recover their sight. They need a kick. And it will be subsequent. The way is light and immutable for those who are joined in faith and love for the Lord. You can definitely reach the assigned, but having previously gathered all the forces of the spirit. And it is necessary to gather them, otherwise you cannot resist to the giant wave of explosion. Thus, new cosmic energies are in the range of action. The distribution of forces comes to fruition through the Rays of Hierarchy and hierarchically. Everyone will obtain but hierarchically and according to the degree of embedding. The saturation of the spirits will be ultimate, and the one who prepared and brought the pitchers and baskets will generously stow them full of gifts of Evolution. Those from black poles will receive too, but it will be from the focus of black lights accumulated and attached into the power of the cosmic law. So the one who seeded will reap, and the harvest will be great in both good and evil, as in the Light, and in darkness, and for someone it may be the last harvest on the Earth. Those defaming the planet with their black breath will leave the arena of life. And if they still have a part in it, they will not have it any more. Rejoice, rejoice, and rejoice. On the day of great darkness let us approve the fiery anticipation of the future Light Town with joy. It is the Light Town Kitezh and you who are levying. There are a lot of you, forebode, and many of you, appointed, who has not realized it yet. Rejoice, because you will soon hear the ringing of the bells gathering the light wayfarers by the call of the Lord in a common understanding of progressing greatness. The fire network of the Light vibrates trembles and sparkles bringing back the tidings for the hearts of those who can already see in the spirit. And your joy may be full because the future is close. This joy is not about oneself, not about the small affairs but about the great preparation of the Stronghold for thousands of years. And now putting away the earthly care and casting aside all the market thoughts, all smoky unnecessary fussiness, everything that is and is not today, that will not and cannot be tomorrow will join in the spirit of joy to the Holiday of the Stronghold in the inevitable, unavoidable and approaching light. Let us rejoice the coming light.
162. She is one of all and the only one. The exclusivity was correctly understood. And that she is the one you can appeal to. This insight comes naturally to you, but the approached are too far from it. She is the focus of the entity transferring the Teaching of life. And nobody except us and out of the Stronghold, do not have its degree of knowledge. She is the Mother of Agni Yoga for the ages. It is the era of women headed by a woman. And the great Commission is entrusted to her. With her departure nothing stops and nothing ends, as the spirit of fire Annunciator belongs to the immortal. And you will be with her in the special Communication. So I allow amplifying the proximity, and this is My approval. I unite the consciousnesses for carrying out the order. The fiery announce is given. The world sees it. But this approval among the people in the enjoyment of what was given will require a number of long centuries. And you will always be staunch and close the closest assistant and director of all the directions of Her spirit. I approve the Staircase of Closeness not for today. But "today" it is important and significant as a nodal transition moment, giving a particular direction. He knows about the depth of your communication and its importance more than he says. Your consciousness gradually gets accustomed to the seriousness of the task. And when you are with Her, you will differ from the one you were on Earth for all these years, and you will be a mouthpiece, the complete and perfect voice of her Guidance. You will show Her face, as She shows mine, and I am the voice of My Lord? You will perform Her will, My will, revealed in it. And having accepted Her with your heart and in the heart, you will show My Face, for I am inside Her, and I am with you who are mine inseparably. So take away everything that can stand between you and She in the partition wall. And you who approved three beams and She manifested the five will give the Face of the Mother of Agni Yoga the approval of the phenomenon. Prepare your consciousness to the mystery of the merge with the Ambassadress. The higher you raise Her in your consciousness, the better and deeper you fulfill the order. You will approve the invisible aspect of her mission for the world and in the world. It is accepted: the nearest testify. And you are the nearest for Her. And your certificate will be unsurpassed. You will wait in a profound understanding of the Order. You will be a sponge absorbing the rays for their approval. My light is in Her light and Hers is in your. Let us see My Light in your understanding and approved in your manifestation. You will show her Face in yourself, and reveal the Greatness of her Face to let Her who does not see her reflection in people could see herself in full length. She will see her affirmation in simplicity, beauty and love inside you. She lays hands on the feat. So I approve your close proximity with the Light. So let it be according to My word which is fully consonant for you.
163. (March 25). We enter the period aggravated with manifested elements. Being unbalanced by the people, they should exhaust themselves on the bearers of disequilibrium. The elemental strike is sooner or later, directly or indirectly, but always directed at someone who has violated their peace. And if the breach is long, and the strike is short, then its strength is great. (My friend, there are many external thoughts! They interfere!) How can a microcosm not respond to the outside storm when it is a part of the world, and it is an inherent part? A human apparatus notes what happens outside it, but you should not be confuse it with the sensation of the watching apparatus. The thread remains outside. All consciousness is necessary to build on a crystal of the will.
164. (March 26). A person will commit a number of physical movements and actions, wherever he went and whatever worked or performed. The will stand for a number of actions. This applies to both physical and mental work. Consequently, a huge area of human activity is subjected to the will. So the enormous sphere of human activity is subdued to the will. The will make a plan for any action and a microcosm of the human unquestioningly follows it. The scope of the conscious will activity needs to be expanded. It should contain the range of processes which are still considered to be uncontrolled. The will subdues everything. But the degree of it is different. From is the narrow-minded and unconscious to the planetary and space. The will is fire put in action. Everything created by human hands, can be seen as a will crystallized in the matter, whether good or evil, collective or single. The will directed to any sphere or area creates the planned forms from the matter. The Sphinx, the pyramids, Notre Dame, the paintings of great masters or immortal works of a writer or a philosopher is often the products of the concentrated will prolong tension. The fire edge of the will directs the spirit to the appropriate sphere and creates the planned thing out of the elements. And if the will of the individual is power, so what can we say about the will of the agreed group, this new powerful, but still little perceived effect of the future. The path of usual application of can be explained to some extent. The picture of future actions is created in the consciousness, and these actions are the very approval of invisible things in visible ones. The process goes from top to bottom through the shell. It is typical for usual actions. The Arhat takes his actions away from the realm of the ordinary. He creates a thought. The will is directed to the elemental matter of thoughts. He makes clear, precise, and finely decorated paintings-prototypes of future actions or claims. But he does not perform them. Particles of invisible luminous matter form a vibrant, dynamic, fiery energy form attracting to it the elements of matter solid, thickened them and pull people, things and circumstances in the orbit of this attraction. And they become thicker like snow; they grow on the axial lines of the main Crystal as the Crystal grows in a concentrated solution. Power of the Crystal primary main idea ensures this growing within the orbit planned by the primary Crystal. As there is a hidden flower inside the lotus seeds giving the completed form with time, as there is a hidden fruit and a form of the future plant in any seed, and in the grain of the primary generated by consciousness for the action of a thought crystal exists a picture of what should be manifested then in the dense world. A crystal of initial thoughts will always increase and always bring and emerge in tight conditions once they will soil or collect necessary elements for their crystallization or design in already tight conditions. So Sergius laid a huge magnet of crystallized thoughts in the heart of the country. This Crystal builds up the elements corresponding to time and age. But now the soil or sphere conditions have changed. There are new rich conditions suitable for display, and the Crystal is acting powerfully creating attraction and a huge, complex construction of great scale. The Thought, the Crystal of thoughts, the external construction, or results are always given but in a good time that is when external conditions contain the material which can be used for building on the axes of attraction. A seed will not grow on the bare stone. But wind, i.e. the movement of matter into matter brings a handful of dust, and it covers the grain. A little bit of moisture - and a sprout already makes the way to life. The thought gave the fruit. The thoughts sown in this incarnation and in the unfavorable environment will attract and create the conditions based on the current life or the lives of the future. The thought crystal is immortal. The fiery energy is imperishable. The fiery will is immortal. It is a begetter of fiery thought crystals. And a man is its lord. The Arhat is a conscious creative fiery center of fiery thought crystals.
165. The solar nature bears the focus of fiery energy. It gives the Light. But it does not give them the happiness of the world. The earthly happiness and the Light are inconsistent because there is nowhere to lay the head on earth for the one who follows the way of Light. And whether the delay is needed on the way? All you need is a move forward in any conditions. And if the disciple's fate is in the hands of the Lord, and if an extreme charging is allowed, if the Lord Permits it, it means you can go quietly. Let all the Earthly rise up and rush onto the going winner, but his way is only forward. Everything must be endured and withstood without losing forces. They must be preserved until the end of the battle. The challenges can be taken bearing in mind the finitude of everything. Where to find the strength? In the thoughts of the Lord! How not to exhaust them in the debilitating conditions? Having locked you in the spirit armor and veiled the fantail. One has to learn to turn off the mind of interest from the film of the current day. As in the movie, one should only be a spectator and a stranger. How to learn otherwise how to be in the world but not of this world? The animals cut one another’s throat and devour each other, but they are animals and they are from the world. They are tellurian. But the one, who found the motherland of the Lord in his heart, is not earthly any more. My son, you have to go through everything. The Lord Knows that it is hard, the Lord Sees that it is hard. But He Passed the same path. And the spirit was tempered at enormous hardships. I Want to quickly finish this hardening. I want to give a good sword. Without the sword you can not defeat the earthly Dragon. Therefore, My son, the spirit's power must be mustered and brought into the battle, in life, in the very thick of life. I do not need sickly hothouse flowers. A dour, hardened winner who proudly overcame all the narrows, all burdens, all pressings is welcomed as a Ray-bearer. I affirm three Beams in the rough conditions of a personal battle. Who said that the victory would be easy to reach? It will be. A victorious way is immutable but not because of its easiness of conditions and not in silence, thunderstorm and dense whirlwinds where the Beams of the spirit power light up. The victory is approved. I approved.
166. (March 27). It is true. Armageddon is over. The dark have already suffered a complete defeat and they become their own grave-diggers. They demonstrated their foolishness in the planet scale. They have worked splendidly, for the glory of the Light Hierarchy because not knowing that appeared they as scavengers, and cleaners, and gins building the Temple. Everything was turned to advantage. Their own weapons will be against them and it will destroy them and it explicitly begins now. The master knows about the defeat, but the servants, especially in their mass, do not fully understand the despair and hopelessness of their situation. The darkness will devour itself like a scorpion in the ring of flame; it will make the last hit or prick. Yes, My son, the tension is limit in order to grow the fiery wings and it would be easier to get off the ground. Winged people are a symbol of the upcoming evolution. It is a victory of air over earth and water. The victory of Aquarius over Pisces. Pisces were swimming, and a lot. Navigation has unspeakably developed. But Aquarius is air. People fly. But before you go, you have to start flying in thoughts. In the thoughts overpowered people the element of air, and the man began to fly. Aeronautics and its development is a symbol of victory of human consciousness over the element of air, the last before the fire. Of course, the people of this element will feel the favor of the Aquarius Era. But in all the spheres there were people of fire who subordinated the elements. But the main note of the fire element is mobility and charging. So the doctrine of tension claims it in life as the highest form of consciousness expression. You have to get used to tension, join with it, assimilate it with the consciousness of pulsating fire energies and make this state a normal state of consciousness, not being tired and not exhausting the forces. This is possible only by the preservation of harmony, serenity and balance. Otherwise, the human apparatus will not withstand the tension. Therefore, the equilibrium is a form of expression of consciousness life on the fiery stage when vibrating currents of fire energies in the microcosm or energies passing through it and met by it are subordinated to the Fiery will of the winner. Three Beams are given to the winner who managed to successfully have revealed the limit degree of tension without losing serenity and balance. This test is difficult but the victory is glorious. You can easily win with complete understanding of the values of passable trials and with knowing the vicinity of persistent Leading Hands of the Lord. Blind testing is for blind or at the lowest levels. But the Arhat knows the meaning and value of each test, its purpose and effect, and that knowledge gives forces to overcome. You can overcome everything; you can survive everything when the Teacher Shows the essence of the testing. If the test is taken separately, without relationships, by itself and without understanding its purpose, the spirit will not accept their unbearable burdens. But happily and firmly goes a fiery winner to the goal intended by the Lord, for the objective, the means and ways leading to it are clear. So you can say: knowledge is power. I will Give the power to overcome and achieve. I Give at the limit of your spirit’s tension. And when the forces are exhausted and it seems that it could not continue any more, the caring and patrolling Hand touches the fighting out of feet warrior. So when it is unbearably hard, remember that the helping Hand is close to us. At the limit of stress and exhaustion of the forces give I knew power. And we will win you and Me standing behind you. But the degree of calmness must be still strengthened and deepened. It is not enough to have just external restraint and calmness. Let it reign inside. Thus, our way is to light and over the top of the market evidence. Be still and know, but be quiet in the spirit. Let the silence of dumbness be a form of the spirit life manifestation. For close are the terms. And we must learn to manifest My Face, and exactly at the limit of tension in intolerable and disharmonious conditions. So, let us betake with a new force in the thickness of life for victory and claim the power of tranquility in the boiling cauldron of human passions. So went all the Teachers and their students, namely the nearest ones.
167. At the violation of the equilibrium the barrier network drops and leaves the fortress unprotected. And a man reveals himself to any influence from outside, up to the disease or even obsession. The microcosm becomes a passage yard, accessible for the lowest entities. The harm is great. If only people knew! How vigilantly and watchfully could they guard the Temple of the spirit from pestilential influences of the lowest layers of the subtle world? There are a lot of those who like to profit at someone else's expense. They often wait for this moment to pounce feeding on internal radiation of an organism. Victims of unbalance are these unfortunates. The importance of spiritual balance is great, and the decision must be also great and irrevocable. It is forbidden to break it. You can develop a skill to make irrevocable decisions with intense and powerful order of the consciousness. You can already give the examples with good results. Vital decisions are also considered to be irrevocable. All human creature strains in the approval of the accepted decision, hard, definitive, and accepted forever. The path of irrevocable decisions to the benefit is the shortest way. Why should you restrain yourself and suppress the flare-ups of the astral or struggle with irritability, when one but mighty, fiery, final and decisive effort of the will can once and forever order never to destroy the essence even with possibility of its manifestation. Reply with a smile for the animal rage in two-legged fellow. Is not it an achievement? Why to affect people, to suppress their will, to order them or ask, when one polarization of its microcosm in a certain wave is enough to paralyze or neutralize in the nearest any undesirable effect the spike of which is directed at us, or even just to help. The power over yourself gives your the power over the others. And only the closed itself has it. It is necessary to close yourself from everything below, and open to the Highest on the Hierarchy of your Beams Stairway. It is not about compassion, not about helping people, not about love for humanity, but about the closed chest and the unhurried mountain. The devastated one is similar to an empty husk. And the spiritual donation does not mean devastation. And compassion is not dipping into the well of despair of suffering people, but it is lifting him up to oneself with a force of unexhausted magnet of the heart. You can not be compassionate not realizing the essence of this opposition, because both will fall into the pit. So when approving the qualities, you can apply the principle of irreversible decisions. This is also the way of the Arhat, the shortest way of achievements.
168. (March 28). If there is no thought of distances, if there is no spirit of distances, the proximity of mine is understandable. The aura of the Lord is the essence of His. Entering the orbit of its actions, we touch the Lord and feed from his essence. People do not know this, but the disciple knows. And this Communication becomes life for him. So there are no distances for its rays. They are everywhere. But you can only take their aspiration and awareness of them. They are here, they are around, but they require awareness, like everything that wants to be learnt or experienced. To recognize you in the Lord’s rays means to be in them. An eye cannot see the subject until it gets into the focus of consciousness. As you can look and not see like many others do. Look and do not see, or feel, do not see or listen without hearing. It is in the nature of human. But the Arhat hears without listening to the sounds of Earth, but hearing the whispers of My inaudible steps. So again we come to the name striving. It is right to feel yourself near Me, in My Tower. Just, as it was admitted. A few are admitted, more selective and more exclusive. Each called can be elected, and elected can be admitted. He can but the aspiration is needed. The fiery is indomitable. So bring your aspirations. It is the law and a fruit-bearing one. It embraces and knocks, and searches, and according to the same formula, "Ask and you shall receive." All is the same, all about the same in all ages and among all peoples. Everyone saddling a horse of aspirations always reaches his goal. Impregnation and saturation with the Lord’s Beams give the aspiration. We saturate with aspiration. But the pole of the spirit attraction should manifest itself. Then the talents will enhance. Otherwise, it is impossible to receive the Light, and without it there is only darkness. So do not live without ambitions to the Lord who is the Focus of everything. He is the way, the truth and the life. He reveals My Face or My Rays in himself; you can go in life, the life of sating, of-self-reference. Those who are not assimilated with the consciousness will not find the Light. Existing in Me bears the essence of My Light and gives it to the world. This is Ministration. Not in words, not in writings, not in deeds, but in light of My essence poured through the pupil. Create and Give through the nearest, they are extremely needed. For anyone who comes to them, awakens his consciousness to comprehension, understanding and assimilation of my Rays. I Stand invisibly visible and Create through My warriors. The Warrior is the nearest creative principle. And then you are the son of our entity. Our Light will be given and is given to the world by you because you are a node of Light transference. This nodal transmission is important. They kept the network of light. And it is our particular attention. It requires daily care and coherent watch. We watch always.
169. Do you want to know about the events? Write. The execution path of My outline is unknown to people. It is a defeat of the dark. They are powerless to fight because they cannot foresee. They act, but not knowing their defeat end that I know. Your country is the stronghold of the impregnable Light Citadel of light and the new world. There is an Enemy, against Me raised and his hand lifted, who rises again, and at the head of the going against Me there are the same scribes and Pharisees, the shape changed, but increased in force till the size of the world and armed with a force of a golden calf. They have collected heaps of gold and all earthly resources and strike the world. But the edge of the powerful blow of their black pole is directed at My Country. Soon will they show their faces to the world and will be opened. And the ancient face of My enemies and the eternal enemies of Light will be opened. And great and shameful will be their defeat. The nations of the world will see the enemy, exposed, unvarnished and defeated into ashes. The risen against Light and their servant will be evidently vanquished. The poles have changed, and they, who began to hate Me, with the hands in darkness of blinding, ignorance and hatred, were building the greatness of My Country and, having constructed it, they saw that this greatness is erected on the tomb of their misanthropic and malicious intentions. They want to destroy, but i will guard. They want to raise people, but they will not. It is time of the evident Light celebration. And they will be divided in themselves, and they have already divided. This split will go deep with the approach of the Arrival. The part will follow Me, not from the dark, but from deceiving and being deceived by them. And many of them will accept Me. And you accept them who accepted Me. Your word will be solving in many respects. I will specify the decision. And if you are feeling the thought now, you will definitely feel its form. I deepen the Communication up to the capacity limit. Be awake on the watch.
170. We see everything form the Tower. So there is faith until the end, faith in the knowledge of the Lord. And if the Lord says, “Yes, I affirm!”, so who can say no? So, My word is immutable. But faith facilitates the achievement of consciousness psychology. Of course, faith is a mover, and a fiery one. Faith is the apprehension of knowledge and recollection of what was on the whole Manvantara on a plastic core of principles for the first races. So the past is connected with the future approaching the highest point of Connection at the top of the loop planetary Range, but the merge is only a projection. In fact, it is not a circle but a spiral, and the starting point of Manvantara is always "over" the point of its completion, at the top, creating a spiral of Evolution. So, knowledge of the Cosmic Laws is embedded inside, and it is a deployment of the latent potential of omniscience which is in the essence and depths of the spirit-Monads. The statement of the philosopher "Oh, rebel, the bottomless thought, from My depths" is correct, in fact. It is immeasurable, as the vertices of space. External shells do not show, but they hide it. The truth is in the depth. Venturing into ourselves, we comprehend the true knowledge. Everything is in a man and a man is everything. A man is Alpha and Omega of reality, for it is the drop of ocean Infinity, being the very Infinity. A man, a bearer of Cosmic Truth is a bearer of secrets, not a philistine, but a Man. Thus, the knowledge of the secret testifies the heavenly man, not earthly, crucified in matter, but heavenly, crucified on stars and making his infinite way following the stars. So, the way of infinite perfection is approved. So, the spiral of the Cosmic Evolution is infinite and the way of the spirit immortality is the way to Infinity.
171. Being invisibly visible I am standing at the helm. And I direct the events. The moment is especially responsible for the coordination of much accordant consciousnesses is necessary. I provided and put the emphasis of places. They will be an expression of national expectations, and here is their force, for there are people behind them, but they do not keep silence, they understood their unity and force, they recovered their sight, My people. The best of them will be joiners of consciousnesses. And the enemy has the worst. So, logic of events is in everything. The victory will go under the sign of general unification of those who are with Me. We will dot one's "is" in order to make the last planetary division evident. But everyone lifted a hand against Me, or My affairs, is doomed. So, trumpet about the victory, for the path to it is predetermined. I'm in the Tower, but with them, I'm away, but close to them who claim My victory. The heart of a new country is pulsating in My rays. And the enemy is ancient, and the servants of his convicted Me. People do not understand the essence of the events, but the key from them is in the last end of the last act of the planetary drama between the Light and darkness and the defeat of the last. The Golgotha is only one of the world's tragedies. And now there is an end of the last act. And darkness will pass into darkness. They rejected Me who should be put at the head of the corner and erected the Babel Tower of incomprehension. Now it is to be destroyed, and those who rejected Me too.
172. (March 29). My son, I rejoice seeing your avid persistence. Unshakeable aspiring is the quality of the Arhat. Common righteousness does not have a path. Otherwise, all would become the Arhat. Ardent aspiration of all-triumphant spirit to Me notes a fiery path. Singularity is a sign. Aspirations and originality of his manifestation point to the soreness of an individual approach. O is like the others are not our way. Go your own way, swim in your own boat. Spread the originality of your self-referent rays. A stencil of followers is not for the Arhat. He is the Light, the path pointed to those who will follow him. The Light of the Lord burns with its self-emanating light inside Him. Appreciate gemstones. We call them nuggets. The mystery of gems will you understand as a symbol of beauty of the spirit. The nuggets are particularly appreciated. It is easy to be like everyone else, and not easy to be yourself. The value of Individuality distinctness will be understood as a way of embellishing the evolutionary path of sourcing. Every turn of the spiral is unique. We need to understand the analogy in diversity and identity in the natural. One day is like another one, but none is repeated. The Lord is inimitable. The spring of life always beats the new jet. Inimitable is the property of ardor. The spiral can give million days, and none of them happens again. Repetition means stagnation and death. The repeated is only that extirpated their electrons and gave dead lead sealed the wings. The Teacher is forever new. A light source emitting rays sends them into the forever new, unrepeated space. As The Sun Is The Heart Of The Arhat. It is forever young, forever new and unrepeated. The call of the novelty and natural is a sign of true Discipleship. I call to new untried places where there are ripe and especially juicy berries. I Know reserved places, where no one had gone before. In the reserved magic forest steps My follower, like in a wonderful fairy tale. And the secrets of the aerial world guarded by monsters are ready to reveal their depths to the audaciously daring. Someone who has not eradicated his fear should not go to the forest. The monster shows mercy. Each treasure is protected by them. And the more valuable it is, the stronger the guarding dragon is, and the more fiery forces are needed to overcome it. The power of fire is needed to overcome, digest and assimilate the subtle energies. They require mastering. The one who turned his face to Me will receive inexhaustibility of my Light Beam. Wide and deep is the octave of My Rays. The consonant to My Beam enters the realm of consonance of the infinite light. The wonders of Infinite have become true in the light of available sourcing. And not miracles, but acquired vibration of the energies which are overt, tangible, like a ray of the Sun. There are no miracles. We need to understand the absence of miracles in the wonderful world of the highest energies, as real as tomorrow, the same material as a beam of a distant star. I sate your consciousness with cognition of new energies. I multiply My proximity in the vortex rings of light. I make the Teacher’s saturating Ray the real food of the day. I turn the above-essential bread into the bread of life which feeds you with its fiery essence. For verily I am the bread of life, and those who tasted it partakes the food of immortals.
173. I Say: "Watch therefore in understanding what is happening. Deaf and blind watchmen are inappropriate. So open the eyes and blow the ears with understanding. I Say: "Travail to the developments, for you are taking part in it, known for Me, but unknown for you. The tension of consciousness toward the ongoing phenomenon of life makes us participants of this life. Now stand back from life. People collectively take part in the country life. I approved the nationwide cooperation. Leading nodes of consciousness’s, brought by understanding over the sea of consciousness, are the focus of mass attention and the distributors of nodal transmission. This is the value of the network. But you need to understand and feel with an open watchful heart. So the people of the New Country hearty unified to understand his fate is directed with the Leading Hand of the Lord. The power of the unified group is irresistible force. Ilya Muromets feels his mighty awakening force, as he is ready for unprecedented feats. All heads are turned to the heart of the country, and general saturation of consciousnesses with My Rays becomes easier. Over the country shines the network of light with new opportunities, the nation will tell his word, but being united in My Light. The events will make giant steps manifesting themselves only superficially. The main flow is deep and hidden from enemies. Shoots broke through the thickness of the ground and stretch to light and air. They will unite with the light to give the abundant harvest. The put forward with a moment have to become the voices of collective decisions, otherwise, they cannot withstand and the approved chieftain will become a spokesman of the collective will and aspirations of the enlightened spirit. The joints of transference and understanding are needed for saturation and cementing of space. There are a lot of spirit successors because the heart is awakened. They are unconsciously waiting for the Arrival. Old frames will be soon thrown away. The frames of limitations will soon become a foot and a step to limitless possibilities. My country put on new bright clothes of the new stage. The transition is difficult, but the river of life will smoothly and powerfully overflow breaking the ice. We see the battle of chiaroscuro and the lights beating violently. I am powerfully standing at the helm. Who is strong against My force when the time came to do the will of the period? I execute it and I ask the executives to stand up tightly, neatly, and hard. Everyone should be on his place in the tension of aspired awakening but with great calmness of mind, for we enter the realm of the unusual and unexpected. The wire should be held firmly. The hierarchy is in the tense final. The Tower is flaring with the sent Rays, and the space sings. It is a song of the spatial fire, or the song of Light sounds over the rising country and it is heard with a sensitive ear. The bells are still buried in the depths of the castle. Presage the unprecedented triumph. Everyone from the Light will come to celebrate the fest of the risen spirit. I am waited. I will turn a new wonderful page of life. I will make your life a fairy tale. I will repay a hundredfold. I will make you, the nearest, the source saturating the spirit of the waiting. And you will shed light forgetting about yourself in the light-bearing feat, in heroism of bringing light into your life. You will bring My Teaching to people starving for the Light. To feed the satisfied and to feed the hungry and waiting are incomparable phenomena. It is a great joy to give them who are truly wishing and eager. The new are waiting. The new are rising. The new will understand the value of the treasure. They must be felt with a heart because their offerings to the Light will be great. I will come to the shown country. I will come soon!
174. The severity to yourself and softness or tolerance to people. You can forgive everything to people but nothing to yourself. People do not need people our forgiveness, for everyone has his own way. But you should not forget yourself either small or big. You must put a seal of needlessness and inexpedience on everything that does not correspond to the goal. We destroy the opportunities with everything that does not accord with the aim.
175. The events are coming under the sign of surprise. The events should be hourly waited. You should leave ordinary measures. Everything will essentially differ from what we expect to see. There is no threat of foreign intervention. They will float on the waves of the nation will, usual nations do not have it, by Mine has. It is a powerful, all-in-one, waiting for a leader entity. We must learn to take part in people's lives. The Protection Has Increased. Behind strong walls the externally invulnerable future is forged. Not the performers, but the executors. There are no performers. I Accomplish. They have no own will because they feel the moment. Enemies, both explicit and hidden, are brought to silence. They are right in waiting with some trepidation. I ruled with My son plenty of times. It is a case known since ancient times, and helpers are the same; old, old and tested hearts. And he will be met as their but posed by Me and vested with power. And if I am in the Tower, you are in Me and with Me defeating the spirit of space. I am waiting for the called. You are the called, not a chieftain but the closest and pointed. But it is not you, usual, obliged to die in the spirit, but you born again from My spirit. I dress you in the Light clothes, and the old ones will not be needed any more and will not come to the heart forgetting about them. I will remove, remove all hindering. And the path to the commanded greatness will be clear. The resurrection of the spirit will decide the people’s fate. There will be Light.
176. (March 30). The Lord said to stay inseparably. "We (you and the Lord) may be an expression of your essence. Politics is a temporary thing, and you cannot be blinded with it. I will implement all the intentions and aspirations. Now it is not a storm, but a windstorm pulling out trees. Give the fullness of desires and selflessness. The acuity of perception can be reached with self-oblivion. The Lord is willing to give everything you want. You give the desired degree of self-denial. Great affairs have started, and there is no place for small things there. Fieriness means ubiquity and its different steps. Thus, you can know everything joining My conscience and without leaving your room. But you must forget about yourself staying there. It is necessary! You must! It is necessary to forget about yourself. You always have an access to the Tower. You are, but not your interfering shells. You obtain knowledge, but the shells darkening it do not. The mute, silent, inaudible but realized voice of your spirit is My voice. Both merge in the spirit. Yes, the space breathes with My Face, and everything is filled with My Rays. I sate the Earth aura with them. My son, My light makes the stages of evolution. All Mine are to act. And each of them has his task. No one will contravene your way because everyone has his own. Your Order is to approve the Mother and show Her Light to the world. My light is in the light of Her light, and you will claim it. So the inseparable Light will be given in My Word. Write the Instruction: to indicate the reality and the proximity of the Highest World and the availability of the ways that human consciousness is a sphere of his approval. But the consciousness must be opened and the impermissible must be allowed. And the inapproachable will become available, and the invisible will be visible. In the mind there is a field of the Light Borough. There is Armageddon in the consciousness. The earthly and external was only a reflection of what took place in the consciousness of mankind. Thus, the key to the world situation and planetary reorganizations is in the mind. So, My Beam is powerfully directed to the polarization of consciousness. So, My people, you washed your consciousness in sufferings and trials and battles sending it to the rays. Not a single, but already a mass consciousness is forged in the fiery crucible of the world. And it, my Country, is onward and at the crest of the evolutionary wave. I create a new step with it is the first to obtain a new earth and a new sky. I foresaw everything but the motion of the ship is powerful. It is necessary to merge with energy of coming power.
And everything acts in the same way. All the soldiers are on-site and in action. So, act on the visible and Invisible plans, but the visible must be entirely joined to My Affair. You should merge with the leading note with the essence of your consciousness. The degree of consciousness preparedness and understanding will measure readiness. We must be prepared. I will not Conceal that the task of this Assignment is not easy. The New, as such, will meet resistance, and it must be overcome. But My Hand is with the one who brings the Order now. And the ordered do not know defeat.
What is there? They are active and urgent preparations for the Coming. Do you remember the dream, a symbol of the waiting and gazing at the door in tense expectation? They feel and know that time has come. And it is not the opposition but the frantic response of My Tracings. People woke up to realize their will, and I approved to the date. Do not think a lot about how it all will happen. Everything will be. And there is, and the speed does not slow down but just accelerates. The Leading Hand accelerates the process of completion and transition. Have a little patience, for the time is coming. I will not take mercy for those who tried to implement the Plan of the Lords! The planet destiny is on the cosmic scales. Commensurability dictates its laws.
177. Yes, My son, I hear, as always, and as always, I respond without delay. Let us write about the enduring. It is timely to remember about the immutable, unchanging stone of the Basis in the center of a boiling flow. Everything changes in the majestic flow of the cosmic evolution, and a small turbulent flow of the earthly life from height is no longer significant and self-sufficing. So every phenomenon can be seen not in itself but as a step towards the single objective of completing everything, and especially a separate spirit-Monad in the ultimate high point of the world evolution. But this endpoint, how high it was, ever aspires to even greater heights of the highest. A Boundless Ocean of spirit-monads aspires in the spirals of infinite perfection. A small circle of separate incarnation begins at the highest Level of the spirit grain descending through the Mental and astral plane on the Earth one, then it rises again to the initial point which is already higher than before. The movement goes from the top downward and from the bottom upward begetting a phenomenon of a spiral. The motion can be visualized graphically but not exactly. Because where is in space the top and the bottom, South or North? Everything is relative and conditional. All the measurements are taken in relation to something intended to be theoretically stationary, or permanent, like human chronologies or relative divisions of day and night. A night, a day or a year is good for the Earth, but they are ridiculous as a measure of the space extent. And everything is in everything. But a man is a measure of things, and he is a single measure of cosmic things. So the space, its latitude, height and depth are measured with consciousness. The human consciousness is a measure of things. Consciousness is a lens through which one can see the world constantly changing its orientation. It is like an eye, it sees nearby and afar randomly changing its focus of concentration. And we directed this focus to the heart of My Country, and the focus of application gave the impression of a particular order. Now the consciousness shifted its focus to the vastness of space, and a gigantic spiral of Pan-cosmic evolution of everything that is, was and will be spreads out in the focus of aspiration. We need to understand this amazing property of consciousness, like an eye can clearly see what it wants to see, whether it is a rose petal in the hand or a distant tree on the horizon, or a star flickering in the depths of the space ocean. In the end, consciousness stands behind the ability of an eye, for the eye is only an apparatus and it is consciousness that sees. Take away the consciousness, and the eye will not see, and ears will not hear, for only He staying behind sees and hears. So, again we come to the cognizable Centre, the center of consciousness, or the Eternal silent Witness of all things and phenomena standing deep and constant, and on top of everything, and behind everything that flows and changes in endless spirals of the Cosmic Evolution. And whatever long is this spiral, including Manvantara, He, silent, contemplative, and eternal, will stand behind it, abaft it and out of it. He is out of it, and He is in it. Billions of years will pass, the great Manvantara will finish, and another one will begin, and the third, and He being silently present in Me and in You and in everything that is, was and will be, will remain the same unemotional, cold, over-extended, meditative Light, a silent witness of Being. And this Silent in you that is over and above everything is you, forever living and who is said “before the beginning of time I am”.
178. (March 31). The space obeys subdues to the dictates of the spirit and brings the far news. It is a spirit, spirit, spirit that reigns over all. The spirit provides power. In the spirit, in the spirit, in the spirit, all the options open. Take away the spirit from its entity and a shell will remain empty. Everything is in the grain of the spirit. Grain of the spirit is a spirit with all of its accumulation at appropriate steps. A human step is a step of self-conscious spirit. And how many millions of years of long evolution should pass for the spirit Monad to reach this stage. And even for centuries of historical life the human body has not changed at all, and you can imagine how many years, exists the given human form of a self-conscious on our planet. It is a long term evolution. Therefore, the achievements are more significant. It is wildly, pointless and ridiculous to consider a person in a short separate earthly life. This absurdity bears the others and the humanity beads in the grip of voluntary self-restraint. Who taught this absurdity when all the teachers of wisdom kept harping on the immortality of the spirit and the eternal life. Devil's chains are the bonds which put people in the Dungeon of self-involving to fall into. And people have no choice but to quit into the infinity of the spirit. But you have to admit the spirit. One absurdity leads to another one, one reason causes thousands of others, and a woolly tangle of planetary ignorance, like an octopus, wraps and holds the consciousness of people in their tenacious tentacles. I will bread the chain, have frozen the spirit. The Dungeon of consciousness will be destroyed and freedom will be given to humanity, the freedom which only accessible for him, for he has forgotten about the spirit freedom. Blind and deaf will say: "See, and open your ears. And if you do not know, you will know ". So, new knowledge not a human one, is as old as a world, it is unified and eternal but unrepeatable in a new spiral of evolution, given to the mankind impoverished with a spirit. The limit of this knowledge is Infinity, and the area of Teaching is space; and the Earth and a man are the integral part, inseparable from the whole. People will get back the fiery centers by disclosing them. And those who go ahead, with their life, their example, their body-bearer of opened centers, will give the world phenomenon of open treasure in the microcosm approved by the human on Earth. Not in theory, not on book pages, but in the earthly life will them cognize, the evidence of mastery of this fiery inheritance, the evolution of mankind. While a new sky and a new Earth will not prevail in human minds people will not see them: because consciousness creates the sky and the Earth. The consciousness has a key to everything, since the decision only in spirit. So it is a new stage of the winning spirit, on the ruins of old prejudices, superstition and ignorance, freedom releases from the bondage. Because there is a Call break the chains. Ignorance, or unknowing, is their name. And you, who deny, deny for yourselves, staying in their dungeons of the spirit, but do not bother, them who come for the light, to get it full. The denial has made you stinking your light has darkened, and you buckled under the weight of the imaginary absurdities, hidden behind the sacred name of science. Only true science is free from fabrications, it is free, fierce and turned to the future; it is not related to anything that strict its daring light. A new science of a new world opens a field of unlimited possibilities. And a team, this huge organized entity, will make a lot of valuable observations which were inconceivable, impossible and inaccessible in the old world. Waves of cosmic impacts, the phenomenon of solar prominences, the magnetic currents, and the combination of stellar configurations will be reviewed and examined with a huge collective and proofs of explicit evidence. The tests of mass mental impact on many of life phenomena will be possible. (Concentrated and condensed) focused and concentrated energy of humanity masses of humanity will rush to the approval of the phenomenal part of the fiery or mental energy of the spirit. A new page of unheard opportunities opens to the knowledge, which is not far and murky but clear, vital and applicable in the conditions of life on Earth. A new science and a new knowledge in new abilities will finally give the new mankind opportunities which they tried to give to religion but could not: because the ultimate goal of every true religion, philosophy, science, and life itself is giving knowledge to a person.
179. (Nov. 1). The Ray of consciousness belonging to the testing studying or investigating can be directed to any area, any phenomenon or object, close or distant, small or large, in the past, present or future. As under the searchlight every object becomes brightly visible, as a beam of consciousness snatches it from the environment and makes it explicit. The higher the consciousness is, the stronger this manifestation is. The bearer of three rays may send a ray of consciousness in every sphere of the three and study the phenomena. A disciple is called so because he is always in a State of continuous Cognition. And each them is a student of the Highest, irrespectively of his level. And the once started process of Teaching never ends. Forever Teaching, exploring and eternally learning is a dual nature of the Arhat. Not bilateral, but lopsided, and hence limited would be it is essence if he violated the law of giving and receiving. A wheel of climbing or giving and receiving, would come change its rotation and the legitimacy of the movement. You can direct the ray of consciousness to the most distant trips and on the most difficult and obscure phenomena, if the significance has already established in consciousness of the rays. And the phenomenon, lighted with a beam, will invariably reveal its essence under the ray of consciousness. Even in ordinary life ordinary people pay their close attention that allows them to collect the necessary phenomena in its focus and opens the observed area for the aspired consciousness. The Arhat’s process is exacerbated and deepened, and it often does not need either books or manuals, approved by science. Without a single device or an external manual reveals a ray the essence of the studied or researched phenomena and knowledge comes outside normal conditions and measurements. A synthesizing essence of the Ray consciousness puts the unlighted as a phenomenon as known and integral part of Space the appropriate place in the overall scheme of things and it is taken in its relationship with the surrounding world. And a studied phenomenon is obtained synthetically. Hence there is penetration depth, understanding, and wisdom. As an experienced physician symptoms restores the full picture of the disease barely noticeable, invisible to ordinary people, by the Arhat by invisible external actions and human manifestation sees his inner self even without resorting to special measures. The whole is partially restored with synthetic and lightning-quick non-preventing analysis of the phenomenon. Three beams are focused in the grain of spirit and shine through the shells. And the more they are cleaned up from nuisance, the brighter it shines through their beam, each in its field. Tension of the microcosm increases the tension of Rays and far-sightedness of perception. Tension in itself is already a known state of pungency when the entity begins to glow. The tension is to be welcomed as a light-bringing way. You must approve this tension as a form of expression of consciousness. Tension is a path to mastering the lights. You cannot avoid it, but you should strengthen it, without disturbing the peace. It is required tranquillity of tension, or tranquillity tension, that is extreme intensity on condition of the full tranquillity and balance. Otherwise, in unbalance any degree of tension will produce devastating consequences. You must completely understand the indivisibility and inseparability of these two phenomena: tension and calmness as two sides of a single thing. One cannot manifest without another. Tension without balance will quickly destroy the human apparatus. Balance without tension does not give lights and will not be effective. So we State the calmness action and during the action and the tension. Thus, you cannot lose balance under any circumstances at any voltages. Because we keep maintain this balance and calmness in tense action and suspense surrounding areas. Not in the fallen swampy quietness, but on top open for all vortexes, is preserved the calmness of the spirit greatness, or the greatness of calmness.
180. (Apr. 2). Splitting is done, and it is easy to separate without affecting the Karma of the uninvolved. The purpose of Armageddon is a process of splitting, to divide the adjacent areas to their poles. When mixing languages of Babel construction mingled the builders of the Tower. The dark leaked everywhere poisoning every undertaking. For the separation was necessary. Layers of light shares from the Centre, or the hierarchical focus, and the layers of dark servants and those with them gathered at their poles. So the cleaning of the country form irrelevant elements goes without delay. Gins have accomplished their tasks and no longer needed, and, therefore, they are cleaned, and unexpectedly for themselves.
181. The tension will give no result if there is no balance, because the energy will be spent in vain. There will be a sad devouring of energy and the devastation of treasuries. Any tension is acceptable, provided that leverage of tense energies is hold with a strong arm of the will. Like lightning, spark the energies in the microcosm and they are directed outward but not spontaneously and reflexively, without control, but with a will directing it as a blade in the hands of a skilled swordsman which is sent where needed and when needed. Thus, restraint is valuable due to self-control. So, the restraint is evident only in action. The energy is exactly as much as it is allowed. No uncontrolled actions or reactions. Self-control, or possession, mastering all the energies of the microcosm assumes their spending, but only with the conscious assent of the will. Exhaustion and every act leading to exhaustion are not valid as destroyers of psychic energy. Forget and remove the control of the will means to give oneself to the power of emergency or at someone else's will. Every needless word or reference to another consciousness creates a chain of inevitable reactions, the consequences of which must be inevitably taken, and irrespectively of your own will, but of the will, mood or whim of the consciousness. With every joke give we ourselves to the power of others, for we unconsciously expect them to react properly, and we put our consciousness in dependence on something external. Because the adoption is good when it does not require anything from others and letting their will react as they want without affecting the speaker and not binging him. So you can hold a conversation between consciousness and conversation, free from need to portray a windup doll when a strange hand is pulling the rope. We need to finally recognize the dignity of the spirit. Towards the light you need not neither puppets nor buffoons, nor corky men. We will deeply understand the dignity of the spirit not willing to jerk in convulsions and reflex spasms under the currents of any oncoming consciousness. Everyone can express his individuality as he pleases, but the balance and the state of the winner’s consciousness does not depend on contingencies, mood, incontinence and inability to control oneself. You cannot put yourself in the position of a servant or an applicant waiting for charity, or a smile, or endorsement, or acceptance, or praise from anyone. Everything is in the Teacher, and only in Him. The state of consciousness in the other microcosms have no influence on the way upward, unless the pupil imprudently makes himself dependent on them and gives the teacher’s prerogative to a random strange consciousness. Everyone will leave, both the nearest and the furthest. There are moments of solitude, here and there. There were such moments when there were none thereabout. But the teacher was always invisibly with you. So, how can you pass the things belonging to the Teacher to anyone, even momentarily? It is said about freedom, but freedom of consciousness is different from friends’ and enemies’ ones. You cannot insulate or separate yourself from life and people. And relatives and friends in particular, but the freedom of the spirit confirmed by the Teacher can and should be protected in the fullness of its understanding. The dignity of the spirit, and freedom, and balance of calmness are closely linked. Let us protect the path of the Light. Freedom must be realized. It is in the spirit. I approve this spirit freedom.
182. So, let's write on the contrary to conditions. Experience will be successful. For nothing is an obstacle for us. You need to achieve such a state of consciousness that a contact can be made for your own will in any conditions. How else can you learn to overcome the tension of the lowest spheres? The uninterrupted rhythm has its force. The teacher will support every right impulse, or action. Fatigue is his passivity, but if the spirit is awake, the fatigue state can foster perceptions and even facilitate a contact. The spirit never knows fatigue. This fatigue is from the body, or membranes, but not from the spirit. The spirit is an eternal, inexhaustible energy of life. It is only necessary to enter the consciousness. It unfolds from inside to outside. Everything is inside, and everything is in the spirit. The spirit can give the inexhaustibility of the fiery energy. Just for a moment to remove it from the consciousness of membranes and migrate into the grain of the spirit where the eternal, imperishable, eternal, inexhaustible energy is pulsating with the highest light-fire. Inside, in your own depths will you see this fiery might? It is yours, it belongs to you. We have just to encourage it. We have to encourage the nymen. You are gods possessing the secret key to the eternal energy source. It is in you, it is all over, and everything is driven by it. And after realizing it in you and having its power it has seized over all that is out. The recognized power of the celestial, the spirit grain means truly become a son of God, or a Godman, or God. Calling numena forces, you can start to claim the life. Now with a little effort of the will you have overcome the hoarseness of human infirmities with the power of the spirit. Know that you can do everything in such a way. It can be overcome, and the power of forces emerges in you. Discover your essence because it is necessary. Do not disturb it with doubts, fluctuations, and earthly considerations. Just do not impede them, simply open yourself, and it will be a powerful flow flooding in your open heart. There is everything in this simplicity and accessibility of all, and this simplicity shows its inaccessibility. Consciousness does not allow human greatness and availability of simplicity. But it is said, "be like children." Do not enter the realm of the highest energies without the approval within yourself, without realizing that everything is simple in the spirit. All the invented constructions of earthly minds and false sciences must be put aside. There is power over all energies, fleshes, i.e. over everything that has its form. It is given, but who will believe in it? In fact, textbooks in physics say nothing about it. But if you will not be like children, you will not enter the world of the highest tensions. We previously called it the Kingdom of God. The case is not in a title. Fiery cosmic energies create spheres around the Earth, and consciousness could withstand this charging being in these spheres. It is a birthplace of the spirit grain. And the spirit draws its infinite strength in this fiery ocean inextricably connected with it.
183. (Apr. 3). While communicating, on a pure white screen of consciousness thoughts appear. But how important is it that the screen is clean from their own and others' thoughts. Silence of separation from the outside world opens the access. And this silence noiselessly sounds as a thought of the Lord. Silence of dumbness is saturated. It is noiseless because it does not sound from Earth. Strain of great tranquility is charged with the aura of the Lord. You can only acquire the calmness and tranquility. Because the greatness of consciousness is one of the key turns to the secret doors of knowledge. We will approve calmness amid the storms and vortexes. Sense the solemn Majesty of calmness where earthly voices and sounds became silent. Closeness of the Lord is integral. Not from Earth is this closeness. Knowledge flows on the channel of Proximity. The closer it is the better and more perfect it is. There is no end to this approximation; there is no limit to this merger. To merge the consciousness with the orbit of the Lord’s spirit is an unattainable goal in its vastness. Because the Lord is looking forever and he is forever rising to the tops of the infinite way. And the looking for him and aspired to him are involved in a fiery spiral of the Hierarch’s aspirations. The path of the infinite disciple’s ascent and the path of infinite ascent of the Teacher merge into a spiral. So follow My path because I Am the Way and the Truth. Among the ocean of Infinity, among billions of evolving forms, among the stars of infinity there is a visible, accurate, impermissible and straight path shown by the Lord. Let us all it the silver Bridge of the spirit. Realizing his oneness and eternity of the foundations, you can go without hesitation and know that there is no other way. Because the sense of urgency and uniqueness of a chosen path is knowledge of the Arhat. Because the entrance and the path that lead to life are narrow, and only a few are following it; because I speak about firmness of winner’s steps; because I see the print of selection on his forehead. And I claim a victory of the spirit, without any doubt, no hesitation. When everything is in the Lord and the Lord gives and will give everything the spirit requires. No earthly treasures are given, but the treasures of a distant way. And the treasure of the stone in the heart begins to shine and play the lights of the Highest energies. Crystallization of condensed Light is legal. The Crystal of fiery energy grows to shine lighting the centers.
184. My son, I am glad that your step is immutable among opposing conditions. The aim is correctly understood: to overcome the whirlwinds of dense layers and charging of surrounding areas. This is the stage of your spirit stairs irrevocably leading to Me. And I turn My Ray giving the daily bread of life to you who is aspiring to Me in darkness of unbearable conditions and who is overcoming it victoriously. Devotion is nothing else but a state of recipient and saturating consciousness which focus of the magnet is put on the Hierarch. Legitimate and fruitful is the receiving, and those standing at the door, unsatisfied, with insatiate aspirations do not know the immutability and simplicity of the Law according to which the asking and knocking is always given. But an appeal to the Highest should be direct and selfless. And if one appealed thought has a hundred of doubts, distrust and suspicion, then how can we speak about the receiving? It goes in accordance and compliance. As the call, so the echo! It is necessary to learn strict irrevocability of treatment and understand the inherent immutability of the response. Who will put a stone on the bread-begging hand? How cans the Lord not saturate the consciousness avidly aspired to it? Therefore I Say: "I Gave, I Give, And I Will Give. But people would rather be shipped in waves of doubts, hesitation, fear and anxiety rather than find a non-depreciated heart adamant of aspired treatment. It is difficult for two-legged consciousness to understand the simplicity and beauty of the law. And one should stand on three legs, having approved three essences: body, soul, and spirit, feeding both of them. The spirit is in the base. A vague notion of the soul will replace the sphere of consciousness, to approve the phenomenon of the spirit.
185. Be ready to new unexpected developments and save calmness. Learn to accept them, without disturbing the tranquility and balance. Do not accompany their getting with a flash of the astral body. The scale of astral joy and grief may not violate the spirit monolith with their vibrations. You do not need them. Race of coming events is irrevocable and the consciousness should be prepared for them in order not violate the reflectivity of its surface. The consciousness should reflect My beam. Can it do that, only without flustering hesitations? Every emotion of joy and sorrow distorts the reflection. We need to enter the future, bearing in mind, being not hesitated with any phenomena, a clear, accurate and undisturbed reflection of the Beam revealing My Face. My Face in your smoothly and quietly reflecting must not be distorted with blows and vortexes of the Earth. Keep calm. Understand: earthly joys of an astral order are as harmful to the Crystal of consciousness as sorrow. Two poles of a single thing must be put in one, in the center, and approve indestructible and unhesitating serenity in it.
186. (Apr. 4). Dark minds which do not master the quality of serenity are distortions of things because it does not reflect the whole on the sleek mirrored surface of the consciousness crystal but it reflects it broken into thousands of pieces. As in a mountain lake after the whirlwind, calm waters of which clearly reflected the world, it instantly disappears at the slightest disturbance. And they, with their undisciplined thinking, can not have the Communication for a disciplined thinking implies a condition: a mirror surface of the consciousness must be kept unflappably tranquil, as in well-known example of the Teacher’s reflection in the pond. And then the film of my thoughts can be clear giving complete reflection in consciousness but without distortion. Of course, the quiet mind can reflect other extraneous thoughts. But the Communication implies wires and full concentration. We should deepen the understanding of calmness, for only collected or concentrated calmness is valuable. A single calmness without the focus of its application does not give fruit. The focus of concentrated calmness directed to the Face of the Lord will give a corresponding reflection in consciousness. The consciousness, like radio, can be tuned to any wave, and the spirit but no other people or circumstances must be its tuner. Everything aims to tune the consciousness to its own wave and make it sound in unison with it, especially people requiring from us a reaction of a particular order. But a disciple has one tuner who is let to the apparatus, and it is the Teacher. He is allowed touching the harp of the spirit, and the microcosm and the heart focus are open for Him. Opening hearts to the Lord and, besides, a conscious and strong one, is an act of great importance. Of course, anything cannot be concealed from the Lord because he sees. But the openness of the heart is more than understanding the impossibility to hide anything because opening the heart is a phenomenon of active aspiration when there is no stockade of selfness. It is always said about the liberation of consciousness. We liberate it with tranquility and aspiration. And the earthly life is something from which you should become completely free, taking the most vivid, and active part in it. How to appease this pair of opposites? How to learn to be in the world but not of this world? The solution is simple. The consciousness is removed from the shells and it does not identify itself with their movements or just with them. My body, My feelings, My thoughts, but it is not Me. Everything taken, carried, experienced, or cognized by Me is nothing but temporary, transient, like a picture in a movie or a play on stage. A life flow is not the one who beholds it. We need to understand this great Division and the separation of the highest “I” or immortal Personality from everything that can die that is changes and constant replacement of one thing with the other old with new, this day with tomorrow. The rhythm of alternation and changes is a form of their expression. The great Silent inside is watching this everlasting change of phenomena extracting from them the experience crystals and wrapping the spirit grain with these condensed energies, the single clothing. Let us call it a body of light because it is weaved of crystals of condensed light. It is changing, but it is never dropped. Fire clothing is the eternal spirit apparel, but the scale of these lights and their degrees of distinction goes to inaccessible heights. It just can be said that fiery spheres ate the eternal spheres of life manifestation.
187. My friend, go ahead, all to the same aim subliming every experience. My hand is with you in all that goes with it. Yes, you are right, the Teacher’s aura sounds as a song of light. And, just as everything has a smell, everything has its sound, or its primary note, a human aura sounds in harmony or dissonance. Everything has its note, all makes the note, or a song in a great Symphony of the universe. But to hear it on Earth is not still allowed. An ear becomes thinner to the fourteenth hearing. And you can hear a song or a sound of objects, creatures and plants. A combination of elements and smells is fragrant. Thus, a rose song and a song of river mud are different as light and darkness. But everything sounds. A universe of sounds or is a sounding universe. There are only a few who thought about it. Beautiful is a song of flowers. An amazing song of a blossoming apple-tree or cherry, and sadness wafts from the autumn faded songs of plants. These tunes also have their rhythm. People unconsciously say: I sing for joy. The song is much more than you can imagine. The sound wave of a song, can tune a human body. Let the nation go in the future with a song. Birds also sing their anthems of creation. Let a man become like their small brethren; because a sound manifests the state of the human spirit. And if a man sings for joy and joy is expressed through a song, in turn, the song is any feeling or emotion. A song for your heart is powerful tonics. The song is a key to human hearts. And if we sing, the same song is needed for people. Why are there songs in all religions? A sound is a powerful tool of exposure on a nervous network. It begins to vibrate on a key of a sounding song joining its listeners. The song is a unifier and harmonizer of consciousnesses. And art is a school of refinement and harmonization of the consciousness. And what cannot be achieved with a long lecture or sermon, can instantly be accomplished with a song performed in a proper manner. Submit the art as a powerful engine of culture.
188. My son, I give you the armor of fire. Over the abyss of life I raised you, I turned a fairy tale into reality and I give a part in the future. It is a large part, but it is in front of Me as yesterday, being imprinted in future scrolls of the Lord. The Lord plans your life and we just have to harmonize your will with His for complete manifestation. Without your free will freely merged with Mine the fiery plan can not be realized. Because I ask you hold inseparably. Now it is an especially responsible moment. It is a moment of joining consciousness with identified and approved opportunities. Yes! Yes! Your future is approved. And you can rejoice your future in the twilight of last test. They will run out and the light will approve. There will be difficulties then but the bonds of karma will be removed and there will be no pressure of dense layers. The winning light will approve not in the dungeon of burdening conditions, but on the light space of a newborn country. People's karma and personal karma personal flows to the point of merging to manifest already in new shining forms. Be Patient. There is not very long to wait. The latest wave can be met in the consciousness of great changes. Yes! Yes! The event do not go but rush on the wings of light. Believe the Lord because he knows. And I want to see you and physically strengthen this proximity. Think about future opportunities. The triad in the conditions Of My will give a full-toned chord. So, physical presence of the Lord leaves its indelible trace of fire forever. And now, your proximity with old dense proximity was once approved and captured. Hence there is ease of communication and relationship. Everything has its roots. Everything is approved on the ground with hands and feet of human. This formula can be understood even deeper. And only being approved here on Earth, it is also approved there, in invisible spheres. Thus, make your consciousness ready for a meeting. Give the highest degree of calmness in order a mirror of consciousness could reflect every detail. Emotional rapture is priceless. They greeted in delight and in crying of crowds with olive branches, but under external excitement of astral manifestations was a beast. So, arm yourself with unprecedented calmness because you will be a witness of the unprecedented. I need monoliths of tranquility and balance. I will rely not on cheering crowds, but on them and I will manifest myself in them. They will reflect My light not distorted with a personal phenomenon. And the closer you are to me, the more tranquil your consciousness becomes, the more perfect is the reflection of My light, the fuller manifests My Face. I will share on hosting Me and manifesting My face. The manifesting will show My will being sent with an instruction. Because I tell you: "go in My Name to finish My Affair”. My son, the future must be met in full awareness of what is happening.
189. Write. About extraordinary things. Usually everything. Where is the unusual? It is hidden in usual. And the usual is a form of unusual things expression. Everything is usual for consciousness which does not want to think. But there is nothing conventional for a thinker. Whether seed germination, or a Ray of the Sun, or a sound of the human voice or pulsation of a heart – everything is wonderful, full of secrets and associated with fiery phenomena. We live in a world of wonderful events where wonder is at every turn. We just have to withdraw a grey blanket of commonness from everything, thrown by a crusty way of thinking. Having dropping lifeless cover, you can watch and learn without end. Everywhere is sparkling life going into the depths of the past and far-sighted, and open to the consciousness with one of its numerous facets. Studying any of them instantly opens another one, followed by the third, until the feeling of infinity in any phenomenon touches the perceiving mind. In the ocean of Infinity is moving the Earth to the distant fiery aim changing days and nights. How many were there. And how many of them will be. But not a single day or night are repeated. Soreness of things and phenomena, infinite diversity in an identity-is this not a miracle? Myriad of forms are around, and none is repeated. A perpetual motion of everything in everything never stops pulsating, fading or flaming like the heart pulse is repeated in being of everything, and a spiral as a framework expressing life of each form-is not it a miracle? The great identity is in great unrepeated diversity: among the ocean of forever changing phenomena completely motionless is only a framework of the law according to which this movement is made. We who know and study these laws, aspire our consciousness to the eternal basis of life, and forever changing becomes for us an expression and an aspect of the unchanging. The Enduring is seen in transient and eternal in death. You can write the same hundreds of pages, because there are no such pages that can exhaust the depth of any phenomenon related the Infinity with all its facets. Meaningless is a phenomenon, taken separately and snatched out of the world which it is linked to. But who will see these binding threads? Who will catch the endless chain of causes and effects staying behind? For us every phenomenon is only something completely turned to the future, an instant shape of the aspired body which We Saw in a brief moment of the present. On this day we define the next day, on the present determine we the future. Only our present is present reality but not obviousness. Call to understanding the reality. Learn to watch and see. Learn to understand Life. Go headwords.
190. (Apr. 5). The events are going swifter and swifter. Sharpen your ear to undivided attention. There is a decided his way there. The decision here gives the direction there. The indecisive undergoes karma fortuities. The decision should be hard and preliminary. Karma is growing of grains of the old random and irresponsible decisions. Self-responsibility is needed. Thus, you have to pay yourself. So, let us put a seal “inappropriate in the future” on the thoughts and feelings and acts of irrationality. This phenomenon should be thought through, and you must simply but firmly say, "In the future it will not be allowed". And with this inscription should you send it to the store of memory. So, the unworthy will find its place and condemnation. Cleaning the consciousness is constant and requires alertness. Conditions for evolving consciousness create the situation where everything from the past, no matter how good it might be, undergoes the substitution with the Highest and Best. The best can not be in the past, because the rising consciousness in every new moment is above the state of the past. And a good past is not good anymore because of this. Thus, the past bridges are burnt and there is no way back up. New understanding does not approach the situation with old measures. The Arhat forever claims a new consciousness and constant reassessment of values. All the previous divisions into good and bad should be left. Good is that must still being achieved at this stage and at the next and the highest ones? The process of overcoming is an exemption of the old from the consciousness and approval of the new. So, dangerous are reflexes of the past that claim earlier, already passed stage of consciousness. For the Arhat has no return to the past. Because only future is alleged. Because it is better not to remember the past in order to avoid causing past karmic approvals. The ideal or goal of the consciousness is good because they are unachieved. And the higher and more unattainable, the better. Previously unattainable ideal, firmly and strongly embedded in the consciousness, will be a leading magnet not being a risk of quick reach and becoming the ideal of yesterday and leading backward. Because when there is an elusive ideal of the Lord’s appearance is on the right way. The Face of the Lord is ideal, always leading, forever new and previously unattainable in originality, young, unfading and involving. The consciousness cannot get enough with the Lord’s face, for he who aspires forever is forever new in the novelty of his rapid fiery ascent. Stay tuned and forever new in your eternal run to the Teacher. In a world of constant movement undergoes the consciousness and its products the law of motion, change, and evolution. A physical body is renewing constantly taking the flow of new matter and throwing out old elements. Termination of the Exchange and stagnation means death. The same is for consciousness. The only difference is that a physical body dies obviously because of metabolic disorder; consciousness can decompose alive in the living body and give a phenomenon of dead consciousness. A living dead is not a frequent phenomenon. Whom did the Lord have in mind, saying, and «let the dead bury their dead" So, consciousness either grows or decays. The last process is often elusive. This is a particular danger. Involution of consciousness by a dead carrier does not usually slow down. Only extinguished hopelessness of eyes can break a secret of decaying consciousness without feeling its real falling. Let the action be revealed. Let be errors, misleading, fighting, searches, let life be, but not lifeless of stagnation. It is better to mistake in action than decay alive. Thus, a decaying consciousness stinks. I call to new forms of manifestation My consciousness life. I call to a tense action. I require effective aspirations. Be new forever. Every day brings something new from the Teacher. Let the gift of novelty be the best offering of your Lord. The Teacher wants to see you forever new and forever young. Youth of the spirit is the phenomenon of fire. A stooping, faded away senility is frightful not in the body but in the spirit. And the spirit is in the eyes. I most likely will call the rogue with a spark of the spirit, than the tailcoat killed the spirit. We have a special score of people different from people’s one. The potential of the spirit is seen in human entity. Coffins painted is the legacy of the old world. Their place is in the cemetery. But on the day of resurrection of the spirit we will talk about spirit bearers, who have won death in them. Not about bearers of death and decay, but of life and fire bearers shall we talk. Enlivening metabolism in the sphere of consciousness creates the phenomenon of luminosity. Consciousness begins to glow. Fire gives a clear result. The light-bearing consciousness gives us appreciation of its height and quality. One makes light of one candle, the other - of two, the third – of three, and who - in sixteen, and who - in forty-nine. So different are degrees of spirit lamp intension, but they are obvious for us. We see from afar. From the tower we watch them, the carriers of lighted lamps. And we know that one lighted up gives the potential of many candles. Because, of our concern about the carriers of light is among the darkness, of the world. To the day of Resurrection will they come, and with power of united lights will they give a clear consequence. They hold the world. The Hierarchy creates with them. They are the law and warranty of the coming victory of the Lord and a final approval of the Light.
191. No tricks will save from the last estimation. One will have to pay for everything, and in a planetary scale. Each wave of opposition will I make into benefit. Nobody and nothing will help. Fair retribution will not slow down. Behind them stretch things of thousand years ago. And Karma has ripened. Gold will not save. Rejoicing and evil-intentional are not needed. And the secret is hidden will become open for a clear consciousness of the world. Will you fight against Me? But you will not win over Me. I see and know all the intricacies of misanthropy. The realm of darkness is over. It is necessary to have a very short patience. We believe the Lord until the end. We need to understand the inevitability of completing all dark acts. And we need to understand that the rebels against me will be swept away. Tolerate their lawlessness before the time will come. But the time has come. Long-tolerance of people’s will also have certain terms. Pyrrhus was victorious, but he understood his defeat. They do not understand, because I blinded their philosophizing. It leads them to defeat which is final and complete. A measure of my cup is filled up, and the lightning of the spirit is ready to flash. But I will collect the disturbing in order my fiery vain will not spill over the innocent. I will incinerate those who lay a hand on My nation. They who abased it lifted it with their own hands and made it strong. Energy of the creation is turned to creation. It is out of their control. A skilful assignment to crafty hands will turn against them but with decuple power. Complicated is a karmic tangle. You will not understand on the surface. But close is the estimation. Near is and inevitable.
192. (Apr. 6). Careful monitoring of the events chain will reveal their nodes. The nodes will show undercurrents and their direction. This direction will become sharper and keener every day. The events will go spontaneously, that is outside the control of individuals’ will. It is necessary to pay attention to this overwhelming spontaneity of phenomena with their nodal order. Like an avalanche downhill, they will go accelerating and someone will be enticed away. Each will play his intended role and after playing he will go away. Someone is trying to conduct, but the caliph is for an hour. The tower is a remote control. On invisible wires is hurtling the directing energy. A steering wheel is turned powerfully. Spring is warm. Greenhouse frames are removed, so that air, the Sun and the light will be unlimited. And flowers have just to stretch upwards. Acute joint strength, having felt that there are no frameworks will manifest it with the expression of its will because they know what they want. And My will and the will of the people will merge into one stream of claims assigned on the tablets of the Light. Space is the future and the joint energy will flow into a finished form. Who can stand against irregular forces of a wave if it is directed by the hand of the Lord? Leave, leave, and leave all who should. Removable is a pay of restrictions. A new song sounds in space.
193. The great silence surrounds an open ear, and this silence is never voiceless. It sounds. The voice of silence gives an explicit style, but even the subtlest earthly hearing will not catch it. Learn to hear the voice of the silence is to get in harmony with the infinity, and open the door to the direct Teaching. And then to know, you do not need books. Knowledge is direct, or sense-knowledge is the property of the Arhat. Its degrees are different. You can simply know being even not aware how; know all of a sudden, without any focus and without any efforts. You can sense-knowledge preceding the thought and a focus. But to listen to the voice of the Silence leading the spirit in a State of complete serenity and detachment from the earth is a special sense-knowledge degree. Of course, if one way is through the Lord, knowledge flows through the same channel, that is via the Leading Teacher. A contact help to make a connection, and the wire begins to sound and vibrate with far news. This degree of hearing requires realization that the earthly belongs to the Earth, and the Highest belongs to the Highest, and nothing earthly, whatever important it may seem, can prevail over that of the spirit. And when the center of gravity of the Great Silence won the sounds and songs of the Earth, the wires work without failure. On the key relevance Bats World spirit and the futility of all the tricks and illusions of Maya is tuned an open ear. We need to understand that nothing can become, or serve as a barrier between a perceiving consciousness and the Lord. And when it is introduced in the consciousness with all the power and all your mind, and when the will overcomes everything on its way, then, and only then, the path of the spirit transfiguration becomes indispensable and the transmutation of base metals into precious ones goes without stopping, but only amplifying and refining in its continuity. A sin is frightening not in itself, but that it is a stumbling block between the crushed consciousness and the Teacher, and it separates, and cuts off the saving wire. But it is good for those who even in the weakness preserve the concept of the Teacher as the connection are not interrupted and the Ray of transmutations continues its light-bearing action. So karma is overcome. The robbers and harlots aspired irrevocably became able to transmute their essence. A person cannot become ideal immediately. Evolution takes place in stages, but the ultimate aspiration of all states of the consciousness under all conditions of his light-bearing creates immutability of the path. How can you say to the man, "Conquer the craving for food”, and he, who failed will not be let through the gate? But knowing that everything can be overcome and constantly rushing to the Teacher, a disciple unwittingly approves his contempt for food. So, misunderstanding the essence of phenomena can easily stop the path of Ascent. But once it was said, "go, go, and go through all". You need to pass without stopping or slowing down the steps through all the weaknesses, stopping, falling, through persistent recurrences of the selfness, through the echoes of past existence and savings which are not relevant. They all will cheer and will raise its head from time to time, as though trying their former power over the consciousness and becoming a great lump of a stumbling block on the road, when the consciousness will ring them. But the skilled pupil will say, "the ghosts of the past, I am not afraid you, you cannot block my running to the Teacher. Echoes are timely and your power over Me is over. Yes, I let you come, yes I let you sound, but only to examine you and make sure that you have no power over My consciousness any more. Yes! I will live on earth, giving the earthly to the earth, but my spirit is loyal and given to the Lord irrevocably and forever”. And the echoes of the past forgotten, old, and ancient little by little, one after the other will lose the power of their attraction. Lay down the arms only because the voices of the past sometimes sound in the consciousness means to recognize the defeat. So the voice of silence is available only when a man is undefeated for his savings. After straying from the path of obstruction you must undergo as it did not exist. One must pass through it as burning everything that can become an obstacle with fiery essence of your aura. To the treasured doors should you go without slowing down your pace even for a moment not being embarrassed for any moment? And when someone thinks you are where you have been seen, you are like an arrow on the flight, you are already far ahead being invulnerable with what was earlier. An uninterrupted and continuous path is a way of the Arhat.
194. If the path is in the spirit, if the decision is in the spirit, if everything is in the spirit, everything is allowed. And you can own all things, and do not deserve the Teacher’s censure. And you do not have to be reproached in the non-eliminated sense of ownership. You can have three hundred wives and nine hundred concubines and be the King of the spirit. And you can have no one and be a pathetic slave to lust. Since everything is the spirit. Admitted and allowed is everything but only when it is weighed on the scales of the Infinity and the scales of the spirit outbalances the Earth’s one. In this great freedom is the spirit. Free, free, free, freedom has the one who recognized his power over the earthly attraction. He who is conscious is allowed.
195. (Apr. 8). I am with someone who is always with Me. I am close but over. I am away but close. I am far away but with you. I am close but for the conscious. The temple of spirit is hold with human hands. Where are the holding hands? We will not make errors. Wrong is everything that bothers. I will response. Live communication is characterized with an inimitable picture. Neither is repeated. New and growing understanding gives a new form of expression of a single truth. Someone thinks to succeed having compromised with nothing but one must give up you. And then the eternal, which is in time, will be clearly above the area of average. Eternal in itself is given approval of temporary and the eternal is claimed in a man. But you have to understand that the temporary is a form of expression of the eternal. So in a constant change of events can you see a principle of eternal renewal? Unity is in multiplicity and the eternal is in the interim. The temporary is a cut of eternity in the present. Now is a chain of causes and effects stretched into infinity, but drawn in a cross-section of the moment. From eternity and infinity will not you go away? It is everywhere and around us. We were looking for eternal in transcendental heights but it is around. We were looking for immortality behind the coffin, but it is in us. We consider it to the distant future, but it is ours in the past, in the present and in the future. For it is in the spirit. But a man is a spirit imprisoned into matter. Awareness of the shackles, or shells, or robes wrapping the spirit, and everything that is not I engage in the immortal. The Lord claiming life and immortality in the mortally and temporarily breaks the fetters of the spirit. We are not temporary but immortal in our essence. And a man becomes who he considers himself. Who are you? Gods? Who are you? Worms? Who are you honoring yourself in the consciousness, the very one you become in reality? If you honour yourself with a body, measure life with a stomach and live to eat, your life will come as a circle of your approval. And that argues a person becomes his form of expression. Hence there is a formula that you will be given to your faith. And the fact that a man took himself as the truth manifested in a form of a thought gives him his look right up to the moment when he will change it to something better and higher with his will. Lots of scary forms are created by people. The denying everything makes himself nothing. Those who deny the life there, put themselves into the of immobility and stay there as petrified graven images, because He creates a thought, and it is three-planed, that is active in all three plans. The body has died and is buried in a coffin, and a live and creating thought, continuing to reside with a person actually and explicitly creates a form of his expression and makes him the one he thought himself. A stone bond of self-bringing is something more terrible than you can imagine. Every grain of thoughts gives relevant shoots. But when everything is weighted on the scales of infinity and the whole life is built on the key of infinity, everything and phenomenon takes its own rightful place. And a particle of dust will not hinder the space, and obviousness will not hide the reality. I speak about the same, about the overcoming a mirage of obviousness and approval of reality. The comprehension of life can be reached; having realized that every single phenomenon is only the smallest part of the whole and the temporary is a facet of the eternal manifestation. Then the contradictions of incoherence disappear and chaos of the consciousness turns into harmony. And the reflected world becomes an expression of not chaos but harmony. So, chaos or harmony of the universe depends on the consciousness beholding it as a measure of things is the very consciousness. Of course, there is a world outside us, but the world of a young man and a dying in agony old man, a world of a savage and a philosopher are too different to understand how consciousness looking at one and the same world imposes its frames on it. Manifestation of reality in the mind put a man into the situation when he becomes the sighted among the blind. Manifest our understanding of reality.
196. I give a new order. I send a thought on a new wave that I need from you now! Understanding of what is happening is required. Why? That is columns, the breaking opposite currents. Your consciousness is used by the Lord as a regulator and distributors of a pressing, host-dependent world. Know that the solar nature bears the focus of fiery energy. But how and in what way does this distribution go? You feel only pressure, unbearable and constant, to become enveloped only temporarily and for a short time. This is your Burden. And this is your home. On thin plans it wears different forms. But the essence is in cooperation with the Teacher. It is much deeper and bigger than it seems on the surface. A human fiery battery fulfills its invisible function. Enjoy the possibilities of this cooperation. Hard working is the Teachers. The more valuable is this assistance. Then there will be a conscious cooperation. But we must, first of all, strengthen the forces and assimilate the consciousness. Get accustomed gradually. This burden is not from Me, but from space. On the crest of events rush the Light horses ahead of dark horses. Open your ears open and wipe your eyes. The unprecedented is happening.
197. My son, you must show full confidence and do not hurry with conclusions. The desired will be pointed. A wave of consciousness is visible to Me. A vortex of events is. We will have to cancel lie as a form of a statehood expression. Much is minded in a hurry. The wishing to resist must become the voice of the people's will. The beam combining awareness is strengthened to the limit. It is a long-awaited moment. Anticipate the usual mind for impossible. If you know the ultimate objective and results are set, zigzags of achievements cannot be worried about.
198. The tension of centers is always accompanied by varying degrees of their luminosity. A working hand is shining, a working man is gleaming. Only hard work, when a heart is strained, gives the phenomenon of luminosity. Thus, we say, "Strive for better quality”. Quality is improving only at tension. It is necessary to do any work wholeheartedly. To do so means to be in a state of continuous luminosity. And even light is valuable as opposed to spasmodic flashes and twinkles, so you can speak about the flatness of tension. The work is valuable and needed in the conditions of clear and peaceful consciousness. Spasmodic nerve attempts burn the wires with fiery energy and destroy the organism. We will train to work hard-rhythmically. Agreed labor gives collective lights. This is a sphere of the future science. You can see a plant burning with lights of coordinated tension. Maintaining these conditions, productivity increases tenfold without requiring over-conventional energy costs. Concerted collective strain can do miracles, for fruit-bearing of work grows in direct proportion to the coherence but in progression of acceleration. The science of the team will approach this issue from the point of view of psychological or fiery energy and its laws. And another mystery will be drawn from nature. Where two, or three, or a hundred, or a thousand gather in the name of uniting their energies, the power of the fire among them will be approved. Thus, power of unified collective is a terrible force. Put together the peoples of My country in one fiery family friendly of a giant group. And My Country will be a magnet of the planet leading all the nations of the Earth with its united force. Tensions have already given extreme luminosity of auras. Their harmonious combination in the spirit is needed. Victory goes overhead ways not foreseen by enemies. Their dark association will be swept away with a powerful wave of the collective. Great is the people's power who realizes the fire people.
199. (Apr. 8). Hello, My son. I love the accuracy in time. Rhythm is the precision of the movement in time. The more, the better is. You can watch this accuracy in nature. Space is the best chronometer. And the rhythm is in the base. The accuracy in time should be observed. Even, if subconsciously, if conditions do not allow, the Communication does not change its rhythm. On the wings of rhythm is it easy to fly and fruit-bearing is this flight. Foundations of success must be respected.
200. About the close terms. When it is high time, the space is full of forms for life manifestation up to the tensest degree. And these images are flowing and wrapping the matter of a tight plan. His matter, being melted or fused to the desired point, is poured and is inscribed by the form, just as waters of the River take the form of all the bends and uneven places of the seabed and shores. And the River of the historic life of people rushing into the future along the planned channel adopts and expresses itself in a certain form. This applies to nodal events, when all the power of the Hierarchy is strained. Who can say what the next day brings with itself? But we can, as we see. Forms of its manifestations are inscribed by us. Our day let us call it so. In My days My nearest know their place and affair for sure. So we do not need express thoughts. You can happily and confidently wait for the achievement of the final events. They will not slow down and they are not lingering now. They do not know, but you know. Dark destiny performers are traditionally devoted to their masters and do not understand why all their tricks are broken and thinly conceived intricacies fail. I am destroying their intents. And each their endeavor turns against them. Cosmic conditions make a definitive victory of the Light. My country is strained in its great final anticipation scenting the inevitability and proximity of changes. Victoriously steps the life in the rays of the Light. Kings for a day know their doom. The Lord Maitreya picked up the sword of justice. A ringing rendition is the decree. This natural strain is mightily. The fate of the resisting is dim. There is a decision of the world in My aura. I raise the country on the wings of mighty aspirations.
201. The signs are given by participation. One needs to stretch himself myself on the wave. Understand that we are the Warriors, and we have a strong network of Light. The soil is prepared for a sewer. Vigilance, alertness and stress have exacerbated the perception of the mass. A set magnet flares with spatial tension as the most powerful node and distributor of fiery energies. What can the dark counter to the flaring Light? Withered leaves of yesterday?!Who needs blanched rags? The life has left the forms of the recent manifestation. And they immediately became skeletons devoid of flesh, and blood. Who wants to go with the dead? So the space is saturated with a new call. My hand is above it all approving the approximation of My days. What will you do? Join Me inseparably shielding the spirit with an armor of restraint before the Order.
202. The beloved son, love conquers everything: time, and space, and death. This is a mighty magnet crossing the rage of the elements. It is energy, weightless and intangible, but it is seen and perceived. Thus, a beam of love can be seen clearly and its warmth is felt within a heart. So, My First-called stays inside Me with Her magnetic power, and I am inside her. Love won a division of a dense world. And you are in Her heart at the distance of thousand miles. Love is a channel of Communication and convergence; this is a phenomenon of fiery light-bearing. Love and light are synonyms. If you are asked, how you can succeed, answer “with love!” If you are asked, how you can get closer, answer “with love!” And you can win over yourself only with love to Me. So we call it the fiery winner. It knows no defeat, vibrations and fear. Love is a gem, a sacred stone burning with magic, self-emitting light. The one who found it carries it as the most valuable treasure. Someone thinks to move without love. There is no ascent without it. And it cannot be replaced by any other qualities. All the other qualities are facets of its versatility and its only one to shine. Remove it and the light will go out, and all the qualities will lose their luminosity. What is dedication without love, or compassion, or aspiration to the Teacher? A great feeling of self-denial is only one facet of love. You cannot show self-denial without love to what is renounced by a man. Love is the Sun of life. Love is a number of happiness. Love is a fiery gift of the sky. Love is fire. Are you who have won over the space and time, be blessed carrying your treasure? We see the carrier of a Stone running victoriously on the face of the Earth. What fills the fiery chalice of life? Love, what is the drink of the immortals? Love, what will you see after passing all the tests, all of the abyss and climbed all the peaks? Love shining with eternal light, with the Light of Eternity. How to find waiting for you and destined by Me? Follow the lights of love. See sharply: the bringing them are yours. You understand and cognize the Lord in His love, being submerged in it. The Lord’s love is immense. Rise to the greatness with your heart. In its comprehensiveness will you understand infinity? You will save all the spirit achievement with it. It, it, it will overcome all. The one who has understood the mystery of love does not know delays on the way. A coherent rhythm of climbing is known to him. The rising love does not know and cannot know defeat. There is no such darkness which cannot be dissipated with its radiant light. Having understood its power, a man is the destined winner destined. Going up to the Light goes with light and by it. Love is the winner of death; I give you to the miracle of your humanity. I bring you to the world in the majesty of your infinite power. You are the reigning over all worlds, shining in all spaces; I give your light to people for a new understanding of inexhaustible nature. Light and life are in you; in you is the power of evergreen, everlasting youth of life. A saving network of the world vibrates and flutters with you. You built the temple of life. A new World is born by you on the ruins of malice and hatred in bloody colors of the old. My son, I give you a wonderful life mascot, miraculous and powerful. With it will you reach me who am waiting for you under the tree Al′gario?
203. (Apr. 9). Succeeding days of change started with brilliant victories. The difficulty is not in a victory but in that the consciousness of the masses would be relevant to the existing and would be on high. Otherwise, it is not victory but ruin. The consciousness should ripe, as a stage is determined by the consciousness. Everything is good that is done under pressure, now it must be made with free will and consciously. The maturity of the people is in this. The monolith of the conscious will of people's is irresistible force. And only my country can rightfully be proud of this achievement. The humanity comes to it, and a Consolidator in the light will be a New Country. Look at its heart. It is being covered with insuperable armor. Ilya straightens his shoulders and looks around. The dress which was not made-to-measure will burst on all seams. Clothing must be good, beautiful, traditional and old Russian. A Russian Warrior likes everything Russian. As card houses will fall the constructions of the dark. The powerful breath of life will sweep it. I create with a hand and a foot of human beings possessed My tracings. When the building is ready, the scaffolding is removed. They also have their terms. And as large as life stand the building bethought with love. The capital exults in victory feeling a great turning point. The joy of a new stage will fill heart with love. Birth pains calm down. The Light construction is finished. Do not apply the measures of the past to the future. Under the sign of unexpected novelty will flow the events. Many faithful hearts will preserve the conquests of the spirit. New consciousness does not need old frameworks. Creativity will enhance, and invisibly to your eyes everything vital and relevant will be filled with the Light. My, staying at the origins of life, will direct the creative will on the desired channel. The one who are able to give will be guarded and raised. And the boundless field of creative possibilities will open in front of everyone. Prospering is expected in the country. A fairy fiery flower lights with its fiery color transforming lives. Psychic energy to be understood will be a life builder. Abundant are the sprouts designed and directed by karma to the best terms. The bearers of knowledge are born. The receivers are ready to exercise. The light-seeders will have to work hard. Great is famine. Every sewer is on account. Scheduled is a crop field, and the waiting are appointed. Filaments of future splicing are carefully selected. In the subtle world is the Connection already installed? Thus, the unexpected meetings will be awaited. And the destined will receive as the cracked ground will absorb moisture. Good luck, good luck, good luck will accompany My sent. All obstacles, all counteractions, all difficulties will be revealed only to adopt and highlight the value, and necessity, and immutability of the given. They are needed as shadows in the picture. There is no accuracy of drawing without them. There will be no dark destroyers, but the law of polarity will be, as it was, and the opposite pole of the phenomenon should be revealed for the approval of the proper pole. Thus, signs of victory and success will not be accepted for return. They objecting will scream for their pharynx are loud and their shouts will tint the victorious circle and will attract the required degree of attention, that is, create necessary conditions for the adoption of the plan. Learn to understand and enjoy the conditions facilitating and contributing and will not accept them for signs of the back links. The law of polarity should be understood in life. For approval of the plan should its opposite pole be revealed and proceed to implement the plan after letting it sound. Because, for example, everything dark and unnecessary is called in the disciple for a fervent approval, that still exists in the recesses of his mind, to call force of the opposite pole to life and affirm the Light letting darkness sound. And when there will be a counteracting wave caused by opposing to the law, let it sound without losing either calm or confidence or knowing the immutability of the wheel movement of necessity. And when it gives out and wastes its energies, you do not give it any opportunity to make a hit, you will be able to act firmly and confidently without any resistance. Someone is avidly breaking in the door. Open them quickly and unexpectedly. The fall will be quick and in accordance with the pressure. Take the blow directed to you without reacting and passing its energy beside you. There is nothing more awkward than a broken nose because of the fall on a non-existent barrier. Learn to make your enemy’s strikes empty. Here is the vortex of unbalanced energy of the biped consciousness rushing to you. Open the gates of equilibrium and imperturbable calmness without any reaction. And quickly, rapidly is depleted the tangle, there is empty exhausted shell under your total control. It made itself empty and has nothing to set against you. Great is the power of calmness. No one can withstand balance. If only would people understand the invincible power of balance? The power of silence is the indescribable power. Silence is a form of balance and calmness of the spirit.
204. There are two connected together. There are two, visible and invisible, in one. One is outside, and the second is inside. One is from the flesh; the other is from the spirit. It is the oldest division of a man with his true human polarity and contrast of two natures in one. More detailed subdivisions are triple, quintuple, sevenfold and they do not change the essence of the phenomenon because at every level of existence can you see the outer shell and its bearer staying inside. If the plan of life and a related form are on one side, the entity quickening this form or a manifesting consciousness is on the other side. When there is a three-plan division or a membrane separation, the consciousness can operate separately on each plan of the three. So we have the shell and consciousness standing behind her. The same division to two beginning can help to easier comprehend a phenomenal side of this effect. Three characters of the Arhat are separated, each for its plan. Sleep is not understood with science. Sleep is a state of the microcosm when the consciousness goes inside. The first shell is physical, as it relates to the waking consciousness, and it lies dormant. Consciousness leaves the physical body. Where? In the other shells and it operates there. The Arhat does it deliberately. Leaving in the shell of a thin body, he realizes that he is outside the physical body in his fine shell where he can move, see and hear, and perceive himself as real as in a physical one, but taking into consideration the characteristics of the far plan. Of course, the average person falling asleep shows some activity in invisible spheres, but the consciousness does not keep memory of that. One must learn to capture impressions of the thin shell of the brain within a physical brain. It is not more difficult that to catch thoughts. Only a skill and alertness are needed. To transpose the subtle impressions can be learned at the tension of consciousness in this direction. There will be much chaotic at first. Harmony and clarity will appear then during the gradually mastering the technique. It is good to fall asleep with the idea of conscious retention of subtle impressions. Conscious effort and work is needed everywhere. Nothing is given for nothing. But to get you must know what the consciousness wants. Falling asleep, you can give yourself a task or an errand for the subtle body or the mental one. It will be performed the same as the physical body performs quickly and obediently thousands of movements. And if you want to wear a coat and go out in the street, the body unquestioningly performs a variety of desired movements. The other shells do the same. The Lord being inside should realize his power and right to dispose his assets. The shells are created and exist to be completely obedient to their owner. It is not magic but life. And the secret lies in the extraordinary simplicity of the law. Just the awareness of the right and opportunities is needed. Recognition always precedes mastering. And the essence of mastering lays cognition. While the will cannot dispose its possession according to the law, and it is not aware of its force, no one can begin the submission of three natures. But before this his complete and clear picture of abide began imprinting in the understanding of the pupil. It is something much more than random astral allocations which bring the consciousness where they want and only partially subject to the will. The Arhat is the Lord of the three, the same full and conscious, as a normal man is a master of his physical body but even more. Begin the process of refinement of the consciousness and moving it into the realm of invisible worlds. Triplicate is claimed in one.
205. (Apr. 10). When your mind grows muddle your mind and the ghosts of Maya surround you with a dense ring, know, and know it will pass. The essence of Maya tenets is intransience of all these manifestations. "Ghosts fed by it cannot separate Me from the Teacher and block my way." The Kingdom of Great Silence is outside Maya and the spirit is always open. But three steps must fall silent in front of the gate. Great silence surrounds an open ear which is open to him but closed for the Earth. Earthly voices fall silent, and the noise of the crowd at the great entrance and grandeur of Eternity is the face of your own. Breathe of eternal life touches the consciousness for a moment and fills it with fiery images, images of the eternal reality. So, the voice of the Silence, sounding in the centuries, always gives a facet of the eternal truth. The voice sounding in centuries millennia, in the spheres of times is the voice of eternity. Fiery grandeur or the greatness of the fiery world, which is always there and that is the homeland of the spirit is eternal in the infinite ocean of transience. In the constant change flow the form of the three, but the fiery world stays forever. We call them Sons of Eternity heard the voice of silence. On Earth should you go with earthly feet, and it should be passed but only to make the secretly silent the explicitly fiery. The fiery Light should be manifested and revealed. Giving yourself to the Lord is not just giving Him your consciousness but it is an entry into the Kingdom, the world of silence, the world which is not of this world. Majestic solemnity of fire is a form of the highest life manifestation. Solemnly, in silence of the three, made their way the Earth's Great Spirits, and through the silent voices of the three shined their fiery greatness. Solemn was the way of the spirit and there was no vanity in it. Pouring out the light from his essence they were smelting and refining the Earth’s matter as fiery meters of thick matter. And their Light penetrating the aura of earthlings cut and refined their rough thick shells. The density of human rarefy are the carriers of the Light. Rays of transmutation are in action. And they will sound and saturate the earthly aura influencing it, until it becomes the patron of the Earth and crystal clear in their shells. From thin to dense, from thick to thin and fiery-these are steps of evolution. To give the material its desired shape, it must be melted. In the crucible of the world are being melted down old rough forms to give new, purified and refined ones. The Lord’s transmuting rays transmutation Lords are doing great. I accept responsibility for the Earth; I manifest the Highest that your planet has. Everything is in Me. The future of your planet is in Me showing the way. I lead a fragile Earth ship to fiery tops. I show the way at crossing of star rays. I take the cross of transmutation of dense matter in matter of fire am always with you on ways of live transformation. I tell about permanent dying of old forms and eternal resurrection of new ones. The path of eternal resurrection is My way, the way of the eternal life resurrection. Carry the cross and the Crown of thorns of human ignorance is always on My forehead. And My sent with blackthorn crowns of ignorance are always adorned. They also bear the cross of My great Commission My sharing it with Me. And they carrying My light have My love and my concern. And you carry it too. If the burden would not be so heavy, I would stay in a state of permanent unhardened joy. But the way is hard. But the shared My will are Mine. They access to Me "without report". The doors of the spirit are open for My sharing. Soon. The Light song will soon sound in native freedom. And the ancient, native and close will manifest on Earth with a jingle of bells of a buried Borough. She unforgettable was commanded to love by Guru: ancient hills, ancient rivers, ancient mountains and great people who took My cross in the name of the spirit resurrection. But the best rock is prepared. Great is the power of the Hierarchy and immutable is the way of its tracings. The predicted will become true. Truly is so. I am speaking. And I testify the Light victory.
206. Your Scriptures are priceless. And there is nothing which can be likened to them or at least be compared. The print of singularity lies on every word. You can understand their force just in action and in their impact on human minds. There will be no indifferent: they are either to be condemned, or to be risen. Be able to value and understand your future opponents and pay tribute to them. They are your best assistants. Without them the agreed will sink the Light of your words in a sea of generalities. And many of them, consented, will give the phenomenon of ardent friends. Do not keep friends disguised. You must have a lot of eyes. But always remember that no one will cheat loneliness.
207. I bring the consciousness in a state of readiness. Commitment means constant heart tension to Me, and in a dream, and awake. It forges a link. It flutters the silver thread. The presence of the Lord is generous. Application of given indications is a stage for new receiving.
208. (Apr. 11). Success is achieved by repeated efforts. The experience is repeated until you achieve the desired results. To stop it sooner means to recognize one’s defeat. We have some experience of manufacturing for centuries, but the results are always obtained. The goal must be achieved at all costs, regardless of the expended time and effort. Perseverance in achieving the goal is a quality of the Arhat. Before a pupil there is a series of difficult tasks that require persistent and prolonged persistence, and self-referent voluntary efforts. Thousands of years slept a man unconsciously. The third of life was passing in a state of insensitivity, almost without leaving a trace on the wakeful consciousness. The introduction to the subtle World was unconscious. Forces from there were taken automatically. The Arhat reveals this most wonderful page of human life in all its fullness. And the area previously closed and self-shut becomes as vivid and real as the life on the Earth plane. The body rests and idles but a subtle body is active, and a thread of the consciousness is constant. First of all there will be only fragments not connected with one another. Then they will combine and obtain harmony. And, finally, a continuous thread of consciousness will stretch from the beginning to the end of the sleep period of sleep completing the full daily activity, or rather, a spiral of the coherent consciousness. Sleep is like death. A small continuous spiral is a symbol and a prototype, and an approval of the bigger spiral. Then after the death the mind got used to continuity of wakefulness is not interrupted even after leaving its physical body and its death. The task is serious. It is worth hard-working. It gives great fruit. But the results will be achieved through the short term of interruptible attempts. The principle of repeat attacks or attempts, or a rhythm in achieving the goal must be understood. It reaches unattainable. The unachievable is achieved with repeated, rhythmic efforts. Let the rhythm exist in the sphere of spiritual attainments. There is no advance without this rhythm.
209. Write. You have to wait for two days for new events, the awaited but unexpected ones. Who knows their origin? But the fetus must ripen under the Earth and be hidden, that it might be seen. A seed cannot ripe in everyone’s sight. What likes to be buried? Grain. Faith is knowledge of immutability of what is expected. Faith must be manifested. Faith has no limits. Faith is knowledge of the law immutability in action. There will be no success at the violation of the rhythm. Select the time "from and to". Let it be an hour, or 60 minutes. The Communication must capture them.
210. (Apr. 12). Prosperity is in the spirit. You can lose everything and lose just outside, but to be a winner. Finding unseen treasures does not depend on the external. Why cannot a student say, “Teacher, I fail because circumstances prevented Me"? The entire process takes place inside. The external is only scenery flashing in the window of the train. One needs to separate the spiral of the spirit ascent from the contingencies of dense matter combinations. And if someone says that he was unable to cope with something outside and therefore was not excelled, he deceives himself because could not cope with him. A line of success goes inside. We should disconnect a warrior inside and surrounding conditions requiring overcoming something from inside. We overcame the attraction of dense layers and we possess all we have overcome. Overcoming means mastery and power. My inalienable is forever, only that is in the grain of the spirit. Everything else is separable and it will surely separate because you lose everything and a man is deprived of everything, even all his bodies, or membranes, so that he could understand that nothing belongs to him and nothing can belong. The understanding of temporary imaginary rights on different combinations of matter already means relief from feelings of ownership or whatever else. We cannot assign not belonging to us. Matter imbued with the spirit of the provisional holder must be returned back. It is diluted and transmute according to the stage of the spirit. All the mankind is involved in transmutation and refinement of matters of its planet. The flow going through the microcosm of the matter becomes thinner due to its bearer. A human ocean is a form with daily and continuously leak of refined, huge masses of the matter. Transmute is three-planned, for every shell, physical, subtle and mental, passes a flow of relevant matter. The process is very complicated. Breathe odor, radiation, heat of feelings, thoughts and all metabolic processes in all plans to capture the broad spectrum of matter. Circulation of exchange is great. And matter being redesigned and refined serves as a matter enabling other forms of material, and a foot of life. In this respect the cooperation of all the kingdoms of nature is amazing. The purpose of the human microcosm does not have its imagined property but makes thinner and rarefies all that falls within the scope of its impacts. The things saturated with good aura bless the world. Everything has its own form of aura and, consequently, it has its own form of impact. Thus, any treatment with unfamiliar things requires caution. Their impact can neutralize the thought. The highest and strongest of all the known energies is still a thought. The idea is a magnet of three-planned action attracting and gradually wrapping itself with particles matter. So, deep in the thought world, the thought is finally vested in flesh on the physical plan. The attraction of dense particles goes already without further will of its begetter. This property and the aspiration to three-planned identification should be understood and learnt. Being born and launched in space, a thought will be vibrating until it sooner or later puts itself into dense clothing that is until it happens on Earth. A thought is a magnet-crystallizer of dense material. As in a saturated solution immediately begins the formation of visible crystals or forms, as soon as conditions are conducive. Magnetic properties of thoughts are not limited with any time period. Conceived and thought ten incarnations ago can suddenly come true if the environmental conditions and the composition of its elements favor that. A seed can be poisonous for centuries. Similarly, good seeding will not fail to germinate. The vitality of thought beans is also typical for sworn items, treasures and tombs. As well as the fatal objects or things saturated by the impact of thoughts. Do not want people to understand the power of thoughts although they cannot move either hand or foot without their thought. You could say that every center of consciousness, or a focus, or a spirit-monad in any shell has the ability to manipulate in some way or another kind of fiery energy. This ability increases the Hierarchical staircase of everything until the alleged power of spirit-monads saw it, i.e. over all forms of matter and energy of all plans. The path is long and slow, and it requires hundreds of millions of years to be completed starting a new stage of the new to be captured. A creator of the world, a creator of the solar system and a Galaxy Creator differ from one another in their degrees of mastering matter-energies. But there is no end in the infinity of the fiery spirit power.
211. My son, do you want to approve the fiery in the earthly. But fire and Earth cannot be combined. For the path of fire is difficult. You need to start a new life in the spirit. My son, contrast the spirit calmness and aspiration to the trembling opportunities.
212. Long-long time ago when (on Earth) were neither poor nor wealthy, there were only people living on Earth. And there was a man. He was like everyone. Well dressed, well worked and just drank and ate as usual. In a crowd of people did not he differ from the others? He was one of many and throughout his life flowed as the others’. And the difference was only one. At night when dreams closed people’s eyes submerging them into the subconscious, something marvelous began for him. He fell asleep but his consciousness framed with the light of a luminous body continued to stay awake. A new, mysterious, wonderful world opened before him its endlessness and limitlessness. He saw a distant star approaching to it with the speed of light. He saw strange vegetation of unseen animals and a familiar human look. He could move where he wanted and see what he wanted to see. He loved knowledge. Properties of flowers and plants of the Earth were put before him in a new light. Some of them emitted bright rays of life and he saw those scents of outpourings in Light waves. The Earth in its fine form was shining with inexpressible colors, and everything was available to him, the bowels and the heights. He saw the earth people dressed in light transparent bodies. Many of them were as conscious as he was. And they arduously resulted in harmony and balance of matter waves. Aggravating and loading himself with experience of invisible Worlds, he would return to the ground, woke up and continued living as all the other people, with his peaceful and quiet life of workers and farmers. It was the golden age of mankind. And there was only one difference between him and all his others. He knew and they did not.
213. My son! The degree of intimacy to Me has no limits. The whole life is worth being given to its deepening. What are the conditions of proximity? Love, desire and application! The first two are said not enough. Application is little understood. Without it there is no promotion. The application is approved with My own hand and foot, the essence of the Teaching. Only the approved can manifest the Teaching that is the truth. Truth confessors are needed. There are a lot of speaking and listening, but there are few applying and professing. Application is approved in the microcosm of fire energies embodied in thoughts. A thought is applied and it gives a deposition of crystals in the Treasure of the Chalice. The Stone Treasure consists of deposits of applied energy. And the energy deposits are magnets of attraction for new deposits. So there is a process of accumulation. Wish to make the joy of making a part of your daily meals. The miraculous growth of treasures and its multicolor lights can be enhanced by using explicit instructions. You can end your life putting the embodiment of the Word. Severe and strong desire to apply My word, and be his expression will be force of the going Arhat. Energy deposits, approved in their application, show their specific force. Not a Word is belief, but fire with approved in itself truth. I am the Light unto men pillars, of the feet of My Truth My Teachings Are Teachings Themselves. Granted in all its comprehend sevens. And I Call to become in effect My Light. Words will not save. It will not produce fruit. Nothing will give the fruit-only application is busy breeding, may influence crystal growth of psychic energy. The deliberate hoarding of treasure is the way of the Arhat. The way the application will adopt in life every day. There is no other way.
214. (Nov. 13). So with the new power repeats the teachings of an ancient, but it is something never previously issued to the public? Hi Light It maintained the principle of mosaics; each pebble is not a stone, but cut pearl strands, leaving in infinity. Plexus has many such threads in a single rope exercises, but extended from the past into the future, and is a Teaching life. Where to start and where to end? Not Infinity? The plastic mind of the first races was depicted in entity of the framework; because there is nothing new under the Sun. There is only a summary of what was is and will be, and that gradually unfolds before the spiritual eyes of rising consciousness. So you can talk about the eternal unchangeable basis of knowledge and of external changing forms it. The principle of constant and changing the evolving wrappers, his trick, relates not only to the fiery grain spirit, but also of all things. Two opposite parts of unified Truth are hidden in everything. With this key you can approach the understanding of phenomena and this phenomenon in attempt to see its opposite point for the comprehension of the essence, of things, one in essence but dual in the manifestation. To see a basis under the forever changing the external cover is already an achievement. Therefore I say to you: you are gods. Each Stone carries the eternal basis of life. Know find it in yourself and finding your consciousness to justify it. And the treasure will grow in understanding. And not on sand but on the stone to build it spangles the Finder, the House of the spirit. Love among the flitting spangles bustle of attention to the stone. I am the Stone of eternal reasons. For Me is the creative building solidly. And I am with You. Because there is a call, "come to Me". From the world of planet-Maya call humans to Me in the world of the imperishable. How many kingdoms changed their live forms! How many of them have destroyed towns. How many times has the world map changed its face? I Am forever on the forever changing veil of illusion. Come to Me all who are tired by constant jogging for her elusive and changing phantoms. Anyone is tired of perpetual deception of the senses and the phenomena, which turns away from the vicious circle, of dead births and deaths. I am to slake your thirst from the immortal spring of eternal life because I have a stone of its foundation. Come to Me. But you should come. Receive and at the time to come but temporarily. Did you give the world their Information’s evidence of an inexhaustible source of the Lord’s wisdom and the eternal freshness of his jet never repeating? Do not take a new turn for the repetition spiral, perhaps even close in terms of points? You will give him the world an example of the Lord’s disciple in the smallness of its successor there and by faith, vigor and dedication of its unbreakable continuously and rhythmically receiving knowledge of his consciousness growing. Let Me know a wishing request that My word is life. It does not mean abstraction, or theory, or distant after-passing requital somewhere and sometime but life among the normal, and routine work approved every day. Let them know that I am available and My every aspiration is in the heart. Let the precepts of My book of Scriptures take it in life and make their life. And every aspiration will repay hundred times. The daring will be satisfied by Me. No one will be left unanswered. But you have to come, but we have to move, but you have to bring the even grain; because it has been given. Keep and bring at least a little. Cannot give to the poor, for they do not have what to take, or what and then sleep. A blank wall of unfolding and denial does not allow gifts of the spirit. Won a small purse, take it fully. The prepared huge basket will be filled with them. No one will deny. But the Act cannot be violated. Because we bring, bring at least a little, to make it as applying. And do not be confused by the gift, for whatever you brought me, I will turn all the treasure of the spirit. For your energy, turned to Me, Transmutation is higher on the transmutation of the sibling of opposites. Your bad, I brought, I take, but Return full metal. I am power, the weakness of your transmutations. I am the flesh of your savings. I am deranging to your fiery performer. Follow Me, but the cross of imperfect past your savings with you take to bring them into the light energy. And you cross rejects what is taken for you to transmutation and turned into a refiner in the values of the spirit if to reject the cross? Are there no beggars or are they left with empty hands? Therefore I say, "take up your cross and follow me, and the heaviness of the cross will change in the light and will treasure the wings of flight". I Said.
215. (Nov. 14). Right, My son, ridicule a new wave of external conditions requires special tension to overcome it. It increases the power of crosses on the growing resistance. Overcome it whatever the cost. The defeat may not be even thought of as it cannot stop the way of climbing. Wave to fall down ability to cope will remain with us. You can only win. Also it is necessary to know the limit of their physical strength in order not to go for it. Otherwise, the natural balance will be broken. Help the external conditions put in desired frames. "The Lord of Shining Faces, Strengthen the power of Their Motor works afflicted the ears". We will continuously bear in mind. I am the one who gives force. Everything around them is absorbed. And the more light is inside, the higher the difference of potentials is, the stronger absorption is. Because only in Me can you withstand and My force against chaos, invasive from everywhere. Remember that you are like a rock of the world in violent sea of chaos. Give his onslaught. In addition to the dark and the time on the planet is the everlasting struggle with the forces of chaos and their transformation in the energy of creation. The world is shown, as the dam is safe from its effects. But terms of timing are especially dangerous to the invasion of chaotic energies. The elements of the primeval Chaos of the creative will were organized, divided and brought in a state of harmony. They are constrained by this creative will in equilibrium, but the desire to break it to them faith extra ordinarily-break and return to the primitive state. The onslaught of forces, of self-assessment chaos happens in every subtle consciousness. Dark is a purely planetary and terrestrial phenomenon. Chaos is a phenomenon of the cosmic order. It goes to all the planets, and it is different. The issue is great and cosmic. If we discard the dark phenomenon, covering the problem of combating, chaos rises in all growth. The Light is a winner of chaos. Creation is the fruit of this victory. In the microcosm can be seen the human phenomenon of invasion of chaotic energies, and they oppose the will of organizing. Thus, the consciousness of the Arhat was born to overcome the challenge. The dark can be defeated. But how rein in chaos?
216. (Nov. 15). My son, drive away doubts in My Vicinity. Close yak may be a lot of conditions, changing its extent and nature. But the Closeness remains unbroken. We argue it only when we know that there is no turning back. So leave all your doubts and insecurities. It may be allured in tunes. It is a difficult time for a planet because the angles connections are set in phenomena. Connecting threads of karma is not easy. To the final outcome should all the threads be connected to the new building? You should prepare both externally and internally. A loss of detail can change the font style; because My shape sent special attention. Signs are Given. And through the close is in the particular. Bring a great offering according to the word of your Lord. Arrows are flame, incinerating and burning all around the symbol already reaching the energies waiting for untrained weak and dark. You are saved and prepared. Save readiness, because it has fire immunity. The burden is not from powerful fiery waves, but from the invasion of chaos. And the waves are formidable, but give up aggravated. Chaos plagued incredibly. Fighting chaos and controlling the tides new page in life of your spirit. This step is of the coming, of the Arhat. Scope the people who are unknown. Perceived them but mysterious and bring our apologies. Balance is the opposite of chaos. Thus, balance is harmony, while its randomness completes violation. Never consider draws advice. By Me, by Myself, all by myself is your entire mind, and your experience. Those are edifying you and hundredth, of fruit-bearing action, of yours to give. Because all attempts are to throw away in any form you taught. I am your Teacher and the mother, one of yours. Of course, every man is your Teacher. But, after listening to the guidance of people, act according to your thoughts, not someone else’s. Who of them blind can give your depth of penetration and the extent of the reached fire? So you have one Teacher, the lord. You can only follow Me, but not anyone. Let the Teaching show how to do better. But if he will not be able, he has no right to teach you. Learn at all and in all. Every fact and every man is your teacher. Your Teacher is one, the Lord. The opposition is understandable. The one who can not reconcile and understand them can not be a disciple. Understanding of common things in the aspect of duality is a property of the Arhat. It is not Scholastics, but life without the skin. Let everyone teach, but you know the only Teacher, the Lord, keep silence and know that they teach in darkness. And even more. A measure of things is a measure of your consciousness. How does latitude of the measure exist in the narrow bed of their understanding? The seeing one side of the coin is blind. One needs two eyes. But everyone is staring and gawking. But who can see? My son, stay with Me and in Me inseparably. It is now more necessary than ever. Teach you consciousness to stay with the Lord every moment, in suspense or leisure. Thoughts are about everything but with Me. Let any tension, but by Me and with Me. Give Me a degree of tension. You cannot withstand even normal tension without Me. But with Me can you show any degree of it. For My power will act for you. Never, under any circumstances will the one weaken in action with the Lord, and in him. Then the invading of Chaos will be powerfully neutralized. My Affinity enhances every quality of the spirit. A source of inexhaustible power is open to consciousness which has reached the degree of retention of the Lord’s Face in action. But many, even devotees, instantly forgot when the moment of action comes. This is the main mistake. You must keep your consciousness on the Lord in suspense of activity. You must combine normally incompatible things. Each action is premised with My Face. Let the living connective thread tremble and vibrate forever, but particularly tensed in action. One of the main action qualities is unification with the Hierarchy. It time to understand this practically and vital. Learn to act in unity, uniting the consciousness with the Face of Hierarch, carrying it in front of yourself and placing it between your consciousness and an object of the action. Your entries are successful only under this principle. If you want to be successful in everything or anything, premise the action and the desired with My Face. My son, learn the secrets of success and overcoming. With Me will you win over all? I am you banner of victory over all conditions of life and death.
217. My friend, do you see how difficult the incessant exodus is, although it is fruit-bearing and gives tenfold energy, but it still must be approved. When you go in the world in My Name, the status of the ongoing exodus should be achieved. Again and again you have to try to introduce the principle of non-interruptive that flash light turned into steady non-flashing light, for a Flash of light like human beings filling My Face. The smooth glow is a great achievement. Before creativity is clearly fruitful, a permanent image of the Lord is stubbornly embedded in the consciousness. Fruit-bearing is the Face of The Teacher. Fill the essence with it. Inexhaustible energy is radiated. Let the consciousness to knit the phenomenon of the Light. Let the light of this will become necessary as the latest food, like breathing. Truly, the light of the Lord feeds the spirit. And the phenomenon can be increased infinitely and it infinitely can come close. The truly incurred will give fruit. There is no reason without investigation. Growth of a fruitful rhythm is exponentially growing. The secret of the shining Face must be understood. Merged with him, his essence will become expressed. What expresses them? Death! Is that the express merged with the Lord? Light! Verity My Face for entire being. Show the Highest in the world. Dim and poor is the life without the Lord. Heart and mind are empty. Glitter lighted by vanity does not replace the power of shining Faces. The Son’s Face shines through the will you call in my heart. The Face is beneficial. A Face giving the benefit will be pleasing. Benefaction of the Face confirmation is in a heroic Light. It has irresistible power. It is a Light-bearer. In the Beam of My living is My Face saturated with benefaction. External power, reactive power is to overcome with internal Face. Take My Face. Light My Face and you will win it all, you are the destined winner. Destined to win but in the Light. Destined to overcome the three but the crowned Face and its secret receptions are confirmed it them.
218. (Nov. 16). The Foundation is so deep and firm and forever that the building which stood firmly with you will be filled up to the end of the century. So among the transient is built the Temple of eternity. And there, in the Temple of eternity, exists a great service. Separate the temporal from the eternal, a share for two and pole Maya current events see the other pole, the eternal being. And then all the, all the Universe, the Cosmos, zipping along scourges their eternity, acquires a different aspect, becoming the outer manifestation of eternal life. The Arhat lives in eternity. To comprehend the eternal in time is the achievement of the Arhat. The world not of this world reveals its secrets. The consciousness of the ordinary person is all of this day. And all its interests and aspirations are focused on the bottom of the current events. The Arhat can be in the thick of life, among the most stressful conditions, but his every action, every thought there is only a chain leaving in the infinity. He deliberately expresses an approval of transcending in the transient. And wherever he lived, at any age, in any nation, a thousand or a hundred thousand years ago, or in the distant future, its essence expresses itself and bears the seal of the Hierarchy. Eternity is the Face for you. And know him drenched in the light of eternity. Under various forms of its expression is still the same one eternal Truth of life. The son of the eternity is Called the Arhat. He is a Son of immortality. A coherent thread of consciousness is from life to life. Nicknames and shortcuts of the earth people are given from entity, they do not change. But he, the eternity of white illumined light, is always accessible to people on Earth. All the same, a single light, but taken in the context of the time and era. Its objective is to put this light in an accessible form to the consciousness of his contemporaries, and in the shape of the consciousness. Thus, the phenomenon of My Messengers will always be. And there are dates of the mankind conscience, and each turnover of the spiral requires a new approach to the Truth. Not truth and the cosmic laws become obsolete, but the form of their expression, their robes or temporary grows evolving consciousness. Do not deny and do not break anything, but Say only a new forms of the same common Space. And the Arhat giving a new form of expression of the truth to the right of people has an access to the Truth without time sheets. From here is a secret knowledge of esoteric schools usually inaccessible for masses but open for each heading toward the consciousness hidden for crowds but explicitly looking for it. Because there is nothing secret that will not become clear for fire headings toward the spirit. Now this formula is strong as never, as the climax of the final Teachings of life and shed are widely given to all, all that lingers. An abundance of unprecedented has been existed since the Fiery Epoch.
219. Write, My son, engaged in revoked. To light My can acquire at the request of the heart. The Teacher is always at the door; your door is only to open. But the best door must be kept open permanently, so that the Light flow is not interrupted. Focusing on the Lord will not only hinder the work of the day, but, on the contrary, it will strengthen and deepen. The combined energy, as every job can be dedicated to the Lord. There is no need to think that one work is good, the other is bad. Good is any work, which due to the tension, causes luminosity. Then the value does not exist in itself as in the reaction of the organism, which thanks to the fiery energy of the tension starts to emit the Light. Destructive work is darkening. Boredom is a Buster of psychic energy. A human target is to reach a state of light-bearing. This is most easily to be achieved with hard work. And then the man, the light-bearer, performs his cosmic appointment. Welcome to tension, generating the Light. Continuous tense of rhythmic work gives rise to the phenomenon of continuous luminosity. So welcome workers-enthusiasts. The value of labor is to understand as your mental energy. Aura is accustomed to vibrate at a certain vein of tension. A fiery human is a machine put into action. You can watch as the fire energy is pulsating in the microcosmic sending currents of glowing energy in the right direction. The scope of the microcosm glows shimmering lights. Thus, gracious work is stressful for light-bearer. A man must learn to radiate light from his essence. And labor is the shortest path. To love the working condition of an organism is stressful. Inactivity of slackness does not light and it is harmful. The work of the Light-bearer lights fires and approves the light-bearer.
220. (Apr. 17). People should think about what he does. Dreamers do not need that. This is life. Too much had them torn from life, seceded from it and died in the slide. And alleged is the feat in life and for life. In the boiling cauldron of life, in the middle of the worldly sea, not moving away from life, they are instructed to approve the Fiery Yoga. So we send pupils into the world. The nicer is the victory. He who won over the Dragon of bustling and everyday grey life is a true winner. Previous feats were facilitated with isolation from life and people, now the walls of spiritual isolation are being broken. You cannot get away in forests or in the mountains. It is necessary to take the fight among the harshest conditions of modernity, stepping down in a stronghold of the spirit. One protection is a barrier network, one refuge is awareness of oneself in the Lord and one slide is armor of the spirit. So the winner of the fight which leads through the power of the spirit opens violent onslaught of worldly influences. And he should overcome everything and everyone, and then resist. Not a feat, not for personal self-improvement, because it could be easily in the mountains, but for the world. The world is given a certificate approving the Fire of Yoga in the world among the most ordinary and unbearable living conditions. You Submit a new path and you Are evidence of the unusual in the usual. Among the ocean of worldly I Put a beacon of light for all who want to join the fiery path. The Lighthouse is open to elemental shocks because breastfeeding meets their onslaught outdoors. And the forces will be multiplied, because the power of the dam, because of the aluminiferous fiery energy will make your arms stronger. Realize your approved power. Know it is getting from the counteractive force. Everything serves you to accumulate moral energy and to ramp up a crystal. From now it is not a combat, but amps for each opposition and opposite or serious condition because your fiery will identify and approve it in your clearly and tangibly essence. Henceforth not counteractions, but amplifiers for each counteraction and an opposite or heavy condition you’re fiery will reveal force by life and to confirm it in you obviously and aloud. Raise the spirit on everything, to spirit mismatching, knowing, that the victory in the spirit of is not that other, as revealing of power of the internal fire growing in process of increase of an impact of dense influences. It is necessary to increase spirit both on people and on conditions. The higher the wave of their impact rises, the more irresistible and more firmly the spirit tower rises. Rescue in a spirit tower. A spirit tower is a symbol and a prototype of my Tower – Stronghold, terrestrial and heavenly, of in three worlds flaring Light. Remember: a spirit Tower, in three worlds rising powerfully. The winner is confirmed by Me in life. The tower of the spirit flaring in three of you I Confirm.
221. The observations and experiences of life are collected in the Chalice of experience. Especially good is bitter experience. Cold aura is not alive. It is unpleasant, because it absorbs the vital emanation of the life-bringing aura. Such people are best avoided. You can try and keep in mind. Just as consciousness, you can open the beam; you can lock it to outside influences.
In the Tower there is like control of the world. Focus on My country. No one wants to understand the close timing of events and the inevitability of changes. Darkness is especially frenzy before the end.
222. (Apr. 18). The consciousness of the Arhat is the center of the focus, or a circle, through which physical, subtle and mental forms of the world can go. Its objective is the lens, or crystal consciousness, keep in clean, so that the wave of current through it matter do not affect the substance of the stone. Balance and serenity is a basis of the prismatic perspective. The plane is a three-facet prism. Prismatic vision first and foremost has vision or three-sphere vision of the spirit. Every phenomenon in its nature has its own form. These forms are related to one of the three plans. Natural vision, we see only the physical form but do not see a form of astral sadness, anger or love, or scent of roses, do not see the forms of our feelings and thoughts. Only in dreams flash before consciousness snatches the unseen world. For the Arhat forms two Invisible plans just as real as visible, because his consciousness awakens to the phenomenon of all three. At first, only glimpses are caught. Then perception becomes harmony and completeness and consciousness lives freely in all three plans. The border tight contact with the astral, and the world of astral-mental, and the final borders of their suits merges with the fiery world. But all the worlds are one in another and there is a division of consciousness. Vigilance is required to see subtle manifestations. Their range is wide. They will be gradually included in the consciousness without disturbing its equilibrium. The consciousness must be configured on the key of extraordinary and miraculous expectations, because there is a destructive shock of surprise or amazement, or nervous spasms trending consciousness in paroxysm moments. All these phenomena are enemies of balance, they are cool, cautious and calm. Because there are mighty blows of tight conditions, because their purpose is to approve the balance, not unsteady nothing, and full independence of the crystal consciousness, or mirror of consciousness, from the phenomena it is broken or becomes affected. Thus, a strong mind does not tire. Serenity among the rest is not merit. The serenity stone or rough motionless consciousness is not an achievement. The achievement is calmness amid the storm of delicate and acute senses of consciousness. Do not complain about the difficulty of the conditions and the burdens of life. It is forged into the armor of the spirit. Whatever the difficulties, the pelage of mind must approve it bearing in minds the conditions of Guarding. It was also said that one must understand the faith as immutability of knowledge. Command is mending there and the timing comes. Why does the veil of Maya obscure the reality? The heart must hear and tremble is happy to close out. The severity of the uncertainty should be cast aside because everything is near. I cannot openly identify the currents, because there are a lot of enemies. Believe the Lord and made signs. The vision is right: a hut is swept and a mistress has nicely dressed up, and she waits for her long-awaited guests. Proper is also another vision: by the power of the Lord you hold yourself over the life depth, and the nearest are for you. The signs must be shown special attention. Calls heard are warning signs and the words indicate the resulted change. Confirmation will not slow down. Get accustomed to perceive without intruding a thought in the tape of perception. It is difficult to separate your thoughts from the Teacher’s ones, but the merge is needed right to do that, to let the currents flow merging in one direction. Milestones are given for that. Gaining a momentum as the primary or first thought, the consciousness rushes at this direction attracting desired items from the aura of the Teacher with the consciousness. Of course, the process requires tension of selflessness. Because yours is from the Earth, and the Lord’s is from his world. Do not be confused because of the possibility of your thoughts invasion. They will shift some time. And their harm is not so great, because they are in harmony with the Teacher’s thoughts being within acceptable boundaries. This is the very value of entries. There are no deviations. My son, crystal purity My thought you give on a task and in degree, Specified Me. It is important to convey the thought. Its form plays a secondary role. I gave examples various degree crystallization by yours consciousness of My thought. For different consciousness will Read their Records, and everyone should find something comprehensible in them. So, do not be embarrassed with the given form and enhance the form of merging and Communication.
223. The light comes through the aura, but through the aura of a certain tension and condition. For perception the aura is put in the state of calmness. A tangle of emotions stops the process. A known state of aura makes it totally immune. And the first condition of perception is calmness. The second one is focusing on the teacher's Face. The third is overcoming a feeling of separation in the consciousness that is a victory over time and space. The fourth is complete forgetfulness of what seems impossible for an old consciousness. The consciousness is likened to a clean sheet of white paper which clearly and distinctly abides the thought of the Teacher. The fifth is a degree of capacity or the expansion of the consciousness. You can give something greater than its size, but it can be destructive or cause something similar to indigestion. We sometimes give through a channel of clean psychics, but that is perception of a different order which does not require ardor and tension of the consciousness. The sixth is awareness of great serving. The seventh is the veneration of the Hierarchy. To aspire to the Lord means to raise the vibratory tone of auras to some extent of conformity to the Teacher’s aura that is set it up on the appropriate key, like a violin. Aura assonance sweeps away the barriers of distribution. To understand ours, everything yours must be left behind the threshold of perception and bring great willingness to give people the received knowledge.
224. (Apr. 19). We have a clear idea for the ear. Consciousness is a scorching and stimulating center. The focus of the consciousness is single, but it can be directed to stay in a dense, astral, mental and fiery sphere, the sphere of the spirit grain. The will directs the focus of consciousness. In every field the consciousness must not equate itself with none, because its essence is a silent standing behind. And only identifying you with him, a Silent Witness of things, it sets its foundation on the rock of eternal reasons. Wherever is the consciousness manifested, it is always associated with all the others in varying degrees. To feel yourself in the dense world, a human needs all his highest leaders. They cannot be separated without dropping a shell after death or leaving it in a state of sleep. Therefore, in the dense world everything acts together, each subsequent level separates the lowest conductor, at first, physically, and then – in astral. We do not speak about separation of the mental, as among the earthmen there is nobody who could act in a fiery body living on Earth, because the body has not yet crystallized this fire. My son, concentrating your consciousness on Me, you join the highest sphere accessible to you. The focus of consciousness of the dense world is put into My world. And his light refracted in the crystal of your aspiring consciousness results in clear visible forms of thoughts. This is the transmutation of the highest in the densest. You need to take off my light and, after sharing, give it in the world and to the world. So the subtle is claimed in the dense. The consciousness is the intermediary between the world of the highest and the Earthly one. Miners of silver or are they who mastered the process of firry transmutation of My light into a clear thought. Many catch My rays and spatial thoughts bringing them to the earth. But conscious refraction of my thoughts is not explained but refracted thought the receiving consciousness is a property of the Arhat. I will sharpen the edge of perception. I will give a perfect form to the thought, but the products of perception must be painted with their self-emitting rays. And then My thoughts will be refracted with the fruit of true individual creativity. The true means the right-shaped. The individual means something passed through a crystal of individual consciousness. I Can paralyzing the mind give an expression of My thoughts, such as it is, but there is no merit for the recipient, for then the phenomenon of conscious individual creativity ceases. Mediums perceive instinctively, but it is great harm in it. So it is not passive medium, but an active medium fire conscious perception of the fiery energy of My beam and their refraction in the crystal of the consciousness. The more and more perfect a crystal is the brighter and fuller and richer this refraction is. Lenses are different, and they have different price, but they also have various quality. Similarly is the case with the crystal of consciousness. Work of the refractive index and absorption of treasures is great and it requires subhuman efforts, perseverance, and consistency. So the way of the Arhat is straight, for the Arhat is the overcome. My son, you ambition, fervent constancy make Me glad. You put Me in the focus of life have the key to comprehension of life. The flowing of your thoughts into the receiver of consciousness is free and extensive. This is a victory. And you who won are not afraid of shell changes, for you are with Me and in Me. In Me staying, the benefit is to you! Do not be confused with waves of life events, they will just raise your at the proper height. What to grieve when a rook of the spirit is powerfully rushing toward the goal not knowing obstacles? With Me you will win over everything. In the gearing run to the Teacher strongly fuse rough heavy particles of the lowest matter. The run can be accelerated. Let the run will a flight, since fiery wings are growing. You will assimilate My power and become a transmutation of human hearts. And so there is a conscious and unconscious effect on people. It will avidly increase and give a strong result. The hour allotted to the Lord! Who can bear the fruit of the Communication Hour? Whether they are steps of eternity? They will help you enter the infinity. And how many of them have been already passed! Every overcome with Me is a guarantee of life. I send you joy in My rays. Rejoice the mysteries of life. Hail The Light of the Lord. Rejoice the infinite way! Hail endless opportunities. Rejoice the ladder of ascent. Hail the steps of eternity. Hail the proximity of the Lord. Hail the Light of Communication. Hail Fiery Mother’s love. Hail the immutability of the future. Hail the completed Temple. Rejoice My Beam. Rejoice the fiery thought, rejoice the near Coming. Rejoice the possibility of sacrificing. Rejoice the Great Serving. Hail the unhinged son ship. Rejoice the predestined victory. Rejoice the prognostication of the Teaching. Hail the resurrection of the spirit. Rejoice, rejoice, My son, the new over-ground rays.
225. About the city of the future. The city will be. You will see its construction. It will be built in a magnetic center. It will be small. Its inhabitants have already been appointed and implemented. The Citadel of Knowledge will be important. There will be the future of the mankind. There will be a display of the Stronghold in the Earthly conditions. It will be created according to My plan. It will be a prototype of the future humanity cities and will be the ideal of the earthly city but with flesh and a form. Common-residence is its basis, but in the forms of a new era it will be a center of culture. Best of all religions will be assembled in it, but it will be synthesized in the spiral of evolution. The Teaching will be revealed in the aspect of time as the earthly tree of common knowledge. There will be schools for those who will go on the face of the Earth to carry the Light. For each country there will be carriers of knowledge. It will be the seat of my disciples. Of course, it will be in the Altai. There will be Ashram of the Lord. A few nearest will see Me there. Miracles will be for priests. There will be what has never been on Earth. Art will honour the Highest. And serving people and humanity will be a single and sole purpose. This city will be the Light for people.
226. (Apr. 20). My son, life puts you in such conditions, when you call for an understanding heart. Freely ask what your hearts says or wants. Heart to give freedom to identify himself, and his voice will sound all clearer and louder. It has been too long in captivity. Great prisoner calls it. Earlier, dominated the brain will now prevail. This new Era is the era of the heart. The Epoch of Maitreya! And its head is called "Great Heart". The heart is the principle of perpetual motion, double expansion and compression, amplification and attenuation, they are two in one. The movement is spiral in time. There are seven principles. It has seven shells which manifested its eternal movement. The lower four are not eternal, forever throbbing of the grain triad which is immortal. The Ultimate Supreme is the essence of the heart-pulsating light. The subtle body is clearly felt and even escalates the heartbeat and breathing. This supreme principle of pulsed light or a spark put in all things. It is an electron, atom, crystal, cell, plant. It is all over. This is the essence of spirit-monads. The Grain growing constantly gives penetrating beating at all that it reflects, in whatever form these shell exist and at any plan they are concerned. Feel the pulsation of the heart in every cell of your body, and then combine it with the heart. A merger means power over what is combined in one center and awakening the hidden light in each cell. Most of the cells and they are dim. Awakening them by understanding a single heart, pulsating in each of them, is a revival not only of each cell, but also the whole organism linked to the Light. The body becomes luminous and flying. How to repair a diseased body? It must be given a full pulsation of the heart. One needs to sell it in every cell after fabrics pulsating light and so raise the vibrations, while feeling the heat of explicit or even heat that permeated every consciousness that has intensified its activities and has established a relationship with the Centre-Sun, the heart. This disease is caused by violation of this connection. A good host daily inspects the entire household. A good host body daily sends a beam of consciousness to all members of the body supporting the network of the light microcosm in full harmonious order. You cannot expose the body to vitality fabric which must clearly vibrate in each body part. A short but complete concentration is on the legs, hands, head, heart and lungs to consistently give a feeling of increased vibration, and the inflow of forces and energy. The tone of the organism immediately rises. This is the best method of treatment. You should not make mistakes focusing only on a sick body. The total concentration of the consciousness of the whole body is necessary for total harmonization which depends on disharmony of the private. This way is amplified a vibrating tone in all membranes and increases their luminosity. If watching this process, after some time you might notice that the body is light, it glows brighter. The auras of all three bodies increase their tension and brightness of the radiation. Concentration in the Beam or in the Face will make the investigation particularly tangible. The goal is to feel the pulsating heart aluminiferous throughout the body as a whole and in all three environments. Pulsation of the heart of the spirit grain permeates the three and gives them a fiery tone. Awakening the sleeping cells of the body is the task of the Arhat. The cells of some Centres were hundreds of thousands of years. They need to be awakened. Ignition Centres are awakening from sleeping in the nerve cells of the Centre. Awakening should not be alone, not alone, not by stimulating the consciousness of the Centre, but increasing the pulsation of the whole organism without disturbing the harmony and the relationship of its parts. Give predominance to any middle snatching it from the common light-network microcosm, then break it and cause undesirable and dangerous implications. The Teacher specifies only the right way. Then I will walk up to a pulsating whole entire microcosm with a focus on the heart. Listen to My heart more often. It is everything. The heart is an organ of eternity in a man. Not a leg, arm, head, or heart pulsating forever. Listen to them giving the freedom and identifying them. Do not rape. Let it reveal its eternal powerful fiery essence. It is a source of inexhaustible power. It treats the beams of the Lord. It is a center of the world. You need to find time and give it life. The culture of the heart is the science of the future. The impact on people and protection against them is in the heart. When the powerless words fall silent, follow your heart. His energy has no obstacle, for the patron has no distances. It forever, therefore, not limited by anything. The grain of the spirit is the heart, framed with energies of fire. You can order the heart to send its light at distances far away, and it will do the job. All Centres serve him and are subdued by him. At the heart of the taciturn and the awaking cannot operate with fire Centres. Hence there is a formula "Have a Heart". It is the Sun, the Sun system of human body. Without it there is no life in any cell, as there can be no her on any planet, if it is separated from the Sun-the center of life. The heart is everything, because everything is in the heart.
227. One should not think that something external may break our relationship. It can be torn only inner conscious departure. After a certain level with given freedom of action, may be the ups and downs of the spirit, the fight could be a temporary predominance of those or other attachments, but departing from the Lord it can be no longer, because there is no turning back. Because neither time nor thought is not needed in this place. And now let's make a step further. It is spilled everywhere, in every cell of the body, in every atom within the microcosm and outward. Feeling the fullness of microcosmic form of consciousness, you can expand and deepen, ripple the consciousness of the Macrocosm more and more. Just as the microcosm has its pulse and rhythm, the macrocosm has it too. Macrocosmic rhythms or pulsations of the space are linked with the rhythms of the spatial fire. They can be called breathing space, or the breath of nature. These rhythms can also be catching, like a trapped pulsation of the heart, or light, in its own microcosm, pulsing heart. There is a surge of light, or the rhythm of the light itself. Violation of this surge causes the disease. A sick body is the body with broken links of light rhythm. The planet can get sick if its relationship with fire is broken. Humanity itself is the highest principles of the planet. The conscience of the mankind as a collective essence can violate the pulsation of light and spatial distribution of molten planetary energies just as violating the rhythm of the individual in the microcosm. For there is calmness and balance, that is a harmonious state of the energy in the consciousness. So, the consciousness is the violator to restore the rhythm or pulse of this light-fire in its microcosm and a distributor and a controller of the same light-fire pulsating in the body of the planet, or the Earth. And if any part of the planet is threatened by storms, disease, pandemics and disasters from arising, the Lord Sent there by his students, a microcosm of which governs and leads in the harmony of the broken rhythm of the balance of nature in the area. Hence the idea that there is no castle standing if it is not even one of the righteous. Purely scientific energy relationship of human and planetary microcosms was a formula accessible for understanding of the masses. The cover of clericalism should be removed. Everything from the truth has its own rationale. And Testament "friend, do not lie in the earthquake" refers to a person who is disturbing the harmony of light-fire rhythm in its microcosm, thereby violating it in the microcosm of the planet, since they both are organically linked. With the thin fiery energies of the higher power, the man has a wide distance and is similar to a wireless telegraph station. The higher and higher the consciousness is, the Greater and wider the impact is. Consciousness of the Lord is to improve and lead in the harmony of the whole planet. Latitude of this effect depends on the level of consciousness. We need to understand the cosmic character of their minds and come to understand her outside her room. Why tamper with a great and beautiful reality of depreciation of human purpose and lack of respect his fiery nature and its interaction with the surrounding world and the Earth. A human destination is high and deep in this link, but requires the awareness of life. Man lives and life, strongly saturating the surrounding space by radiation, which in its essence is the appropriate response of vibration in his environment in the far distance. Microcosm of the pupil and a microcosm of the Arhat associated with vibrations and their rhythm with a microcosm of the Lords has a special power. It should be aware of. There can be no power without the knowing. Power perceived is power; the unconscious is the energy behind in vain. Awareness and mastery were inseparable. The power of the conscious is the force gathered for the action. Having realized it, you can make this energy in life. The significance of the fiery batteries, fire apparatus, and the cosmic character of its impact on the surrounding should firmly grasp, and understand. Irresponsibility and ignorance has created too many misfortunes. The impact is not direct, but it goes through the highest principles. Universe operates through higher and only later manifestations in the lowest, i.e. in dense matters. And the effects are in the aura surrounding the human microcosm. The impact is strong and determined, but invisible to the eye. Receivers must be My Light is particularly aware of the power of its influence and its responsibility to the areas surrounding it. All deposits are clearly and heavy, light or flame, depending on the nature of the radiation, and causing a reaction in the surrounding area. So, through the expansion of the light-bearer goes consciousness with the consciousness of his cosmic touch. Therefore, awakening the sleeping cells of the body is given as a task of the day. To enhance the vitality, fiery luminance of the body lifts to the subtle consciousness to participate consciously and intently. You cannot overcome the tension surrounding the tight conditions without calling to life concealed an inexhaustible capacity fire of the microcosm. The heart is the center. It can be already outside the physical body, the aura, the barrier network before and beyond the microcosm. By cognizing you, know peace, because the man is everything; My son, remember: the path of ascent is not interrupted with anything, at least of all with the antics of the lowest casing. The giant is on top. So commands the ancient legend.
228. All surrounding a person strives to sound in unison with him or on its way. But man, in turn, has a tendency to sound in unison with others. As a bustling city and majestic solitude in nature, it gives echoes. The effect is mutual. But the area surrounding the man starts to vibrate in tune with its aura, and things, and objects, and space. High is a human impact. An aura in any environment, whether it's nature or city, subordinates its vibrations all around, and sometimes for very long period. These are holy places and sacred objects, saturated with aura of their owner in consonance with its vibrations. Nature has a tendency to obey the radiation of the human aura. Stones, plants, animals, everything is consonant to a man. This energy aura is to regenerate the structure, or the soul of things. The man is a great transmutation of all that surrounds him.
229. (Apr. 21). It was already mentioned: immutable is the Lord. His variability should not make that consistently in light of its own. Only the hierarchy Ladder is stable and open always for heading toward consciousness. There can be no success in the oscillation of consciousness or uncertainty in the proximity of the Lord. Proximity is inherent and on top of everything. We are at the heights we must climb to the consciousness leaving the bottom of the poisonous environment of the valleys. Heavily in the world, the birth pangs of mother the Earth bringing a new, painful world. And the children of the Earth suffer along with their mother. I believe that misunderstanding of the moment comes from the lack of a deepening in the essence of the process. The conditions of life of the peoples of the past incinerated. The new has not yet approved everywhere. Turns out the phenomenon of instability between what it was and what it should be, and the waves his shaking the world. Not able to accelerate, because force lead country already stretched to the limit. Exit is the approval of the balance of an individual. Need to chill and wait deleting poignancy of impatience. The Call is waiting for a creative and beneficial fruit. Could not communicate be infertile. The chalice can be filled with experience at all and any circumstances, no matter how serious they were. The proximity of the Lord is fruit-bearing. The Beam cannot say where there is no awareness of its public. Have to go through everything, but with me not coming in consciousness from me, whatever the monsters and ghosts nor stood in the way, what would be the ugly mug and causing no adults from the past. How else to overcome the Dragon, when visible and explicitly brought to mind all the dark, everything is negative, everything that was accumulated detains them for many, many years. The Dragon will stand behind the door in everything that attracts and detains seduction. He will and can take any form. Its purpose is to distract, harass, Woo and eventually block the way. This is a many-headed Monster. A decapitated head grows back. Its shape is constantly changing because, being the product of the elements, they acquire them, depending on the State of consciousness, linked inextricably with their offspring. The strength of the rebellious spirit is burning his past and it seeks to combat monsters guarding the entry. And we need to increase the spirit of everything that becomes a barrier. Each monster should be hit, not in the head but in the heart. While strong is the unity, while with me without hesitation and uncertainty, do not confuse belching past and present errors, until you do not delay any attraction, you can calmly and firmly go for the meant victory. The victory is in mind, it is in the spirit. A state of mind determines victory; no errors, no difficulties are guardians of the threshold, but it is the condition of the spirit triumphant. For the winner is in a spirit of the fiery path judgment. And how hard it is to understand that, having lost everything and not having anything and being in the most impossible conditions and to become and be a winner. But it is vice versa. So, the winning is not external, good or bad, happy or serious conditions, but in the mind, but in the spirit. It is in the spirit of winning. And we must keep the spirit. The eternal relationship of a father and a son’s bond does not depend on anything external. When the consciousness of the prodigal son is drawn to the father, and the light swing open the gates of assumptions. I am talking about the mercy of God. Not charity, but the integrity of the bonds of the son with the father. I realized in me who will never be on. All of which is to burn it for heat. Remember and know: immutable is the Lord. My son, stand up. Remember: you are always with me, and do not be confused of anything!
230. The Burden of time is specified as cross human. The cup of poison is to drink, and it does not matter in what form. Cross to get to the end and not everything is equal in some way. Go My way. And, having taken the cross and Chalice, you still walk, and the spirit is not lost, and the fire does not extinguish. Walk. And there is a need to maintain a balance and to extinguish the fire to every flash. Serenity is the tension of a burning flame, anxiety-intermittent, irregular and unsteady of any cross-flash. Disharmony of external conditions is given for approval of harmony and anxiety-calmness. Wedge knocked out a wedge. It is a burning heart walking with the Lord.