Agni Yoga's facets, 1953 (231-320)

231. (Nov. 22). When the monsters of darkness creep out from their burrows and dim is the horizon encircling a dense ring, there is one way, the way up which is always open. A personal battle with them cannot be avoided. They are losers of the legions. This is so called the fallen unconscious. The lowest is a degree of its contents and it is a complete paralysis of the will. Will it fire in action, designed and approved? Dead and alive the consciousness, of a degree of fire and vary. Ladder creatures of the Hierarchy are varying degrees of ardor and in the realm of the human spirit, its height only and defined. People invented the whole system of using methods, while there is only one way: it is tension in making. Life will not be slow to put in the right conditions. And then it is necessary to show the fire. Action, action! The action is commanded. Let it be only conscious. The goal is single, that is to achieve the stage of intense fire. Because every action you can do it, that is serving this purpose. Modern life is a great vanity. Show of flashing fire a busy bustle of calm waves will be a great victory. And the stronger the fuss and mindless of enrage bipeds, the grander and more firmly peace tower rises above the spirit flows from the worldly sea. Peace must be achieved. The agreement reached in one, which immediately increased. There are no limits to the greatness of peace of mind and, therefore, no end to the tests, of his claim. And if a disciple threatens to blunt grey monster of human vanity, then the Lord bursts waves in the aura of the planet chaos breaking the balance of home; it is harboring of humanity. On the consciousness is the test. And the onslaught of the elements required overcoming it the highest degree of pungency of the spirit. The State is constantly and continuously defeating consciousness should become a way of life. Every error or failure is not an error and not a defeat, but only ahead followed by more complete and conscious victory. The defeat should be understood as the possibility of stockpiling and gathering forces for a new victory over the same. It lost, immediately detects where there was an insecure place, where the manifest weakness was and which must be countered with a strong strain of the fiery spirit. If it ever ran out today, it will be enough tomorrow, when the consciousness will bring the desired effect; because life is the best Teacher’s it is used to climb. Because worse is better. Approve the balance and hence the power, of the spirit in the conditions unbearable and not lose it will be a victory for the fire. It must be the spirit, of the reaction and not to bow before anything. Internally lean. "Short are the Teachings about people, but long is experience." Faces of humans need to be learnt and understood. There are many contradictions and absurdities in a man. Astral libertinism is horrible, and the inability and unwillingness to think even against you. Persuade useless, but watch it because long cognition. The opportunity to study gives a daily hand. And it will come for the future. One needs to know the person in you, in others, because it is with the essence of the nature, of the human face. And important experience must not be missed. Where and when will there be such a favorable combination of serious conditions drew the essence of the Biped consciousness? Why not take an advantage of the experience instead of groaning and reprimands? Not a condemnation, but understanding the usefulness of masks. Learn to observe renounced personal emotions. Give people the rave about it. You keep calm abiding and remember: If you ask for help, never give advice without being asked. To rage talk and going nowhere, will come to you, because there is balance of the spirit and the light, and a magnet which attracts. Balance is the highest achievement of the spirit. For the sake of his achievements it must undergo everything, even the most difficult. It must be overcome, and we should win, and we must achieve victory without losing strength.
232. See, My son, the Peace River flows in front of you. Do not identify yourself with its flow. We are facing over the world, so watch it while you are with us. Learn the contemplation of hilling. His consciousness is out of the stream. Do not bind his State with him. A thousand years ago, the same river was flowing around the world. And so did we, seven, Beheld it. Only by separating yourself from the flow, you can send it over. And you can behold. Considering himself in it, gives it power and becomes part of it. The Lord Is domination and potentate, but to rule you have to get out of than commands. And then you can go and the Earth and the Sun, but the consciousness is the eternal Witness of the world will flow unto thee, contemplative and winning the world current events. Raise you above the world and starting, saying: "Behold, this day, one of the days of infinite earthly to life as had always, towards its distant goal of completion in the House of the world." As always, new fights with old and future with the past as are people in ignorance and Maya, and somewhere someone suffer or rejoice fleetingly. It has always been, and always will be, until it reaches all. But we are over the world, and you're with us. There are a lot of them unfamiliar. But you know. Do you know the Lord and My heart found? This is son Called non-abolition. Your is Ours. Hundreds of millions people do not know Me, but you know. How can I not mention and do not bring Me what is mine. With Me, with Me, with Me and you. Need to remove consciousness from the world outside, to thread of consciousness of the Centre and separated from the external. The need is in Me and on Me anymore. You need, need, need to defeat the Dragon. Only from above, but from the mountains one can see its endless spiral rings, going from the infinite to the infinite future. But you're with Me outside. So consciousness is in its own fiery spiral, where the element of time becomes part of the great eternal "now", and even the great cycle. Be off the road near the racing machine, but motionless is the horizon with one jet of water from the sides of the ship but completely motionless under the distant stars. In perpetual motion is the Centre fixed as a base of eternity, that is, in fact, strives for understanding and deepening the knowledge enclosed in it.
233. (Nov. 24). My son, do not count the days when before our Eternity. We must learn to live in eternity. This is My World. Consciousness always wants something for us, for the world, and their endless desires consider it. Eternity and personality are two incompatible concepts. The Silent Witness inside wants nothing. He only looks. All measurements are human and name it to enclosing. Will these years and many hundreds and thousands of years, and will permanently. And it is light and hard. Where do find the strength to pass them all? He, who started all the mystery in itself, concludes. To grasp or at least come close to it his consciousness means to tear away from the external phenomena and focus on it. Passionless Recorder inside, not knowing nor joy nor sorrow, nor youth nor age, nor desires, nor everything is going through the three, dispassionately, without vibrating captures the transient sensations. And consciousness, being set for it, can begin to comprehend the greatness of the eternal calmness. Do not worry about last year's snow. Everything that happens around the snow is alike yesterday. Suffices and nothing will not leave after itself. Why engage the mind to flashing’s days and nights? Whatever happens outside, even in the most terrible and awful, he is Silently Watching as he dispassionately will look at the hard, as has ever observed on thousands of such hours, long in the past. Let the shells become accustomed to express themselves, even the slightest part of his mystery impartiality of eternity. The Scope is a scope of human passions and the feelings and thoughts of the Earth. In his Kingdom, the Kingdom of eternal peace, in the Kingdom of silence, there is nothing than lives the three. To bend three it needs to lose in whatever form or be manifested with the submissive consciousness of their power. Not everything is as it is or as it will be when the "this" or "that" even and memories will not stay? After all, and (lots of) forty years ago on this very day the consciousness will suffer from the present authorities, because it is not real scary, but his power over the mind, the power of time and the Phantom is not justified by anything. Give My power over him, suffer a consistent staying forever in you, unchangeable, and extraterrestrial. Where was yesterday and did you take care of it? Where is joy and sorrow? Look at the current day as waning irrevocably determined on the past to the realm of oblivion. And people can think and do as they want, because they do not know. The Arhat comprehends the mystery of the spiral life and consciousness picking it up and bringing it to the Centre, or a core, when the external net speed is already affected. On the famous stage of consciousness it can no longer give itself in the power of the present and for the people, for the sensitivity it has grown so much that it simply will not stand. Because the threads that bind it to the phenomena of the present bread off until there are steps of consciousness above a person.
Be patient just a bit more. It is your future. It is the joy of walking. It is unwise to lose hope before the end.
234. (Nov. 25). Do not run out of the voice of the Lord. But he is a subject to the law of rhythm and sound waves. You cannot claim its permanent and the same tension. In addition, there are many conditions that affect the nature of the transfer. But the Teacher’s voice plays the best in mountains, where there is density of the atmosphere and there is a saturation of the thoughts. Deserted is the terrain, the easier and better is this perception. Mob human murderously operate on the receivers, for being open they should absorb and overcome a lot of poison that is not sometimes under force. The Feat calls service in the midst of a human. And record this feat. The depth and value is not understood, because it is necessary not only to overcome and extinguish the stress of the environment but retain consciousness at the height of the wave crest. All around, every meeting, every glance, every touch to UN-magnetize the fiery magnet and take part in this strength. It is sometimes impossible to avoid the contact with people in the city. Thus, the tension level requires a superhuman. People unconsciously feeling the force of a magnet to attracts to him and snatch a portion of his forces by all means. For the watch is absolutely exceptional. But even it did not always protect. Therefore is the surrounding. You should manifest impenetrable. Stop discussing the burdens of the present hour and, with the thought of the present, look in the future. You can see yourself in the desired conditions. Its scope is not limited to despair that around. The future is not bound by iron chains of karma. It is the root of freedom. Karma is everything. Outside the karma there are no phenomena. But the degree, nature and Karma tension can be changed by replacing the denser with more subtle. The burden of life must be humbly, subduing both astral and not letting him rule over consciousness. The clown needs to put out. Smiles and antics did not go through. To increase the spirit of all the running against the media the essence you need to overcome it in yourself.
235. To show My own you need to discard yours. Your and mine are not compatible. How can you identify fussiness, or minor employment, or discontent not violating the purity of the Face. The small earthly feelings are the enemies of consciousness merging. Before the merge, the consciousness must be clear. To clear it means to remove all the inappropriate, either a way or a shape. How to shoot for the top filling the lowest consciousness? How to give fullness to the aspirations of the vessel spirit not clearing the bottom of accrued seashells? Unwanted cads grow in the mind like shells on the bottom, and require periodic cleaning because the vessel slows down. With the ardor of the consciousness the growth is not formed. The same is not formed in the element of air. Sediment yields water of astral elements. The Earth exists in general due to inertia of the particles unsuitable for navigation. For a movement on the Earth one needs to fire the engines of more powerful and special devices. So the conditions of the elements depend on the speed of the movement which in the element of fire is quick without the resistance of inert particles. Because different are ways of an eagle and a turtle. Consciousness, I saturated, acquires the property of ardor with all peculiar features. Because you can quietly, sparing nothing, separate the desired from the unnecessary in your mind. There is no need in filling the consciousness with experiences and impressions of the day but you need it, with the idea of My consonance. So every step of life, I approved and justified, is valuable and you doing not need anything from me being separated. Justification of life is in Me. I have confirmed the value of any phenomenon in the consciousness. So according to the consciousness of the Lord, there is the essence of everything within us and outside us. No Lords have any life. Without it there is only death. Because the Lord is way of life!
236. (Apr. 26). The rock of life, or the stone of life, is a state of consciousness where everything is subjected to death, where it is moved above justification itself on the phenomena of death. The more elements of immortality are gathered in the consciousness, the closer it is to achieve a coherent state of the consciousness. People are building a new day today. We even built our towers on the Millennium. Is not it strange: in the heart of Asia stand the constructions of thousand-year-old and people live there. The ancients were able to build for centuries. Latitude of consciousness measured its endpoint and source-last until they both will merge into infinity. Do you know that the paucity of understanding is restricted with prison walls of personal consciousness, or the length of life which is enclosed within a single embodiment? How can I restrict them when life clearly does not fit it because the future of the world and the past of the world remain after death? Thus, everything goes from thinking of this earthly personality, and it can be attributed to enlivening men filling the Cup of Amrita. The value of knowledge is temporarily. There are not fabricated pseudo-scientific theories, but knowledge is such. Say, knowledge of the mathematics laws or the structure of crystals or properties of magnets are known. Secret knowledge is different from human knowledge, however, they are changing the external form of expression in accordance with the age and level of human understanding; it remains unchanged in fact. The stone of great knowledge is all the same. Only change the lights blazing inside and change the coloring of its faces. Flame coloring depends on the luminaries and the cycles of time, visibility from the levee, of consciousness of humanity. But the finder of the World Stone affirms the elements of immortality in his consciousness. All mental products of consciousness are divided into two parts: doomed to die and related to the eternal. The degree of attraction towards one or the other defines the scope of this consciousness. It is very important to know that temporarily and care will be appropriate to temporality and smallness, and that is timeless and goes in a century to give eternal attention and respectable care. The temporary is strong and noisy enough, so that you can say, "go your own way into oblivion. It is not up to you. For today you are and you have no tomorrow. Maya, recede! From the dead sea it is not my type ". Ghosts of current evidence are to oppose the will, of destruction dispelling their foggy shroud and flinging their minds. The fight is not with the people, but with the mirage of Maya. Fighting is great and infinite, because the Great Illusion has many faces in their manifestations, and just outside, in the realm of the Eternal Silence ends her power. But it's outside the loop. It is easy to understand the management and submission of the astral. Can you even imagine the mind calmness and the absence of ordinary emotions and feelings? But when students stop thinking and repeat a mantra or a prayer, or a formula they simply stop thinking, when unrestrained flow of thoughts zipping along their usual consciousness stops running, and then we have the phenomenon of subordination in the mental world of consciousness. Thus, the elements of mental streams rush too time and fleet. It is not the idea, but the current form of it. Because the dive into the realm of silence is a state of consciousness, when it rises above human thoughts and enters the realm of eternal fiery thoughts enduring itself in its entity. Human thoughts and thoughts of the fiery essence of the phenomena are put in different order. Only tempered consciousness can catch glimpses of these fiery thoughts and translate it into grave and serious forms of earthly thoughts. A process of fiery transmutation on Earth is difficult. The Lords were these fire transmutations of thought fires in space in the form of earthly thoughts available for people, so that the earth’s people could to bring even a small fraction of the knowledge. Fiery thoughts are not transformed by Adept and not cast in the image, though there is no ever available for understanding the ordinary consciousness. Even the temporary molten of epiphany earthlings are grains of cosmic thoughts, and it is the same transmutation, but on small scale of random manifestations. Fiery intermediaries are valuable. Once they become the treasure state, being especially carefully protected.
237. There is a need to understand the process of fire records. The Consciousness strained to Me. The beam energy in the Crystal transmutes or refracts it, placing thoughts in concrete images and capturing them on paper. The fiery energy results in a stable form, and it is already available for people. Without this fiery process of refraction of spatial thinking the pages of records would have stayed clean and no one ever saw My thoughts clearly etched. Let us not downplay the importance of the process. Give a new knowledge to humanity. And you are a transformer of the fiery flow in the energy available for general use. On every corner of the street there is a transformer and electrical power is distributed over the network becoming available for use. Without it wires and bulbs are to burn. It is a complete analogy. The receiver must understand the Arhat fieriness. The fire apparatus is thin and it is adapted to high tension currents. And it should not be a surprise that the pressure is high. How could it be otherwise, when the receiver has his power over the world? You want to get accustomed to even greater tension and pressings to fruit-bearing consciousness. There is no limit to the fiery power. Stress always goes crescendo and waves, one being higher than another. The need to assimilate the fiery tensions must be understood as well as and its inevitability. The doctrine of the tension is the basis of evolutionary spiral of consciousness. You got to love the State of fiery stress. We rejoice the opportunity to succeed. Leave all complaints, dissatisfaction and frustration out of the tensed than pressings and the transfiguration of the fiery energy is getting closer. There is only one inevitable condition that is preservation of peace and balance. The tension of the microcosm is for attraction of fire currents. The emphasis is put on fiery energy of the transformer but not on the light bulb. The Arhat marks the emphasis on fiery energy. This pillar of flames and fiery energy is a distributor for Planetary Network of the world. I have delivered the force gathered for the final onslaught. The network of light is to be hold at the desired tension. Do not grumble the foundations of the bridge, breaking the breast of its head element counter. Hold tight, hold tight with My power because the rock of life laid the foundation of its existence.
I am your future. The future is comfort. The joy of the future is better than the present grief.
238. (Nov. 27). My son, the way is a process of consciousness expansion, exciting all available fields. You cannot define its borders without saving the memory of all. Awareness or understanding of the phenomenon means accumulation of Chalices in action. There can be no memory of everything passed, but it is the entire experience of the past crystallized in the microcosm every time when it acts on the stage. Eagle’s eyes see and discern what is not under force compared to normal vision. The acuteness of this view has its unconscious focus on the fruit of thousand-year savings. We may not compare two My consciousness’s and judge because of Chalice experience accumulated in a completely different way. Because it is absurd to envy for there are many works, experiences and sufferings of each achievement or ability. And even absurd is condemnation, because who knows what lies behind the veil of an external event or act. Know and condemn are different phenomena. The more a man knows, the less he condemns, for knowledge eliminates the condemnation. Condemn means ignorance. But you know, lest to be touched masks. We know it is not in the condemnation of a man. Analysis of consciousness and its merits is not a condemnation. Judgment begins with the participation of astral in even-handed previously under discussion. Astral interference in any process of research is like a drop of water in the Crystal stream source. Because convicted is condemnation. Also he astral and its manifestation are convicted. Passing through the scope and shell corresponding with a person has to pay tribute to each of them, because they achieved something which is not in them. By themselves they do not matter, because they are only a means to the goal. And once the goal is reached, are no longer needed. Objective crystallization is in the grain of the spirit energy accumulations but it does not go through the picked up. Because with each incarnation of the shell it is to resume in accumulations until the end, and we must discard it as unnecessary worn clothes. In the laboratory of nature there are even discarded shells, because their value can be quite different depending on what spirit is wrapped with them. The degree of sparsely dropped matter is determined with its suitability for further processing. So you can safely go through life knowing that we give everything and that is not ours. Only the spirit grain and its accumulation are not removed.
239. The beam is sent. The Beam is given for us to realize. Merging Beams with aura creates its transmutation. Ray transmutation is active. Knowledge can enhance the process. The burden is not from Ray, but it is astro-chemication of the planet. Until I come, it is easier to understand that there is no life without me. I Want hard boards to be removed from human consciousness. But it is the light of My fights. Accounting actions Run but see no reason for self-hatred. Stand on guard of your happiness, but show bravely meeting of the darkness raised in the consciousness.
240. (Apr. 28). I Will Satisfy The Desire To Communicate. The stream energy brings new ladies. What the earlier remains unchanged forever if there is no doubt in My words. But the degree of consonance should be given. But aspiration must be manifested. But the screaming fuss surrounding you must be overcome. In the consciousness there is a need to move it and enter My world. My son, you have to show more overcoming power because of increasing resistance of the medium. The stronger the vessel is, the greater the inertia of the element must be overcome. Laws are everywhere the same. Increasing the resistance, you feel growth. It is not on the imaginary alienation. Alienation was not given. The Teacher is near. Maya, recede. Each traversed level has something inherent, requiring the overcoming of an obstacle and a promotion. This is something to win. I named the Winner because the path goes through certain stages marking the victory of overcoming every resistance. Do not stage fights, but the inertia of the matter particles moves the spirit. They are in themselves and outside. The more layers are there, the more rapid the flight you want is. In the stratosphere slow wings are not deterred. Without resistance the medium cannot be kept in layers, either in the lowest or not. Obstacles, difficulties, pressing and tension are elements that uplift the spirit and support it at proper height. If you remove them, you will fall into the lowest layers of the inevitable. The element of fording supports a going ship or a flying plane. And if in the lower realms can stop, they are in the nature of air, and they are unthinkable in the elements of fire which is the movement of sense. Thus, we collect forces on the edge of the spirit sword. The resistance rives to the nodes. The elements are good, as it is a motion subjected to the will. Elemental fury challenges must be overcome. It must be a strong and skilled helmsman. We are not afraid of any transitions, so do not be afraid too. Win all the reactions. Allow nasty conditions, so that the essence of surmountable was like the undisguised. Shroud of illusion with phenomena sets the mind free. Enter a new country free from bondage and illusions of the Earth. Enter it, too much of the liberated and much longer. Of course, changes are coming. Invisible fast, elusive are enemies and the bumps on their part did not cause anything. There would be a hit would if you knew what and how. But as soon as their nodal events are invisible, and they immediately enter the center of tension is transferred to another location and a loaded hand does nothing in space. But tireless is the Hand of the Lord, braided the thread of events. Soon the event hosts will become apparent, but the enemies are already inaccessible. They do not have time to keep up with developments and late all the time. If you knew! But they do not know. Because invincible is the hand of the Lord. And you are coming with Me, being unbeatable. The spirit is above everything. Flesh or fabric, or material that exists in order is to be placed. To obey the spirit is his property. And this property of matter is to be known. It does not have the will. Lack of will is a property of matter. Inertness of matter does not have a will, but it is still weak. These degrees of inertia are different. Go to layers and depend on the degree of dilution or refinement of matter. Fabric recycles, or refines and produces the fiery Centre of spirit-monads reached on the hierarchical ladder of essence. For every spirit-monad is a form through which goes its flowing flush of matter, transforming and refining. You should not assume that this applies only to human or animals. This applies to all that is from the form: from the atom to the planetary spirit and above it. The principle of every form is different. One Kingdom is another. Transmutation and processing exists in the planet space. Do not identify them with refined matter and do not relate any plans to it. Eternal transmutations passing through the center of the shape of its streams does not depend on the existence of a current passing through it. There are two opposite poles of being. They are Two in one. They are two aspects of a single thing, the eternal in time, the unchanging in the changing, consciousness in the flesh, the spirit in the body, the person who was crucified in the matter.
241. If love of the Lord depends on your mood and state of mind, it would not be possible to give the way forward. Because I said: the Lord is immutable. Is it from the three streams of matter passing through your microcosm and your life casing? While living in them, they do not remain with the Lord but with itself. Abide from their climb into My and above them. My bread, given to you today, is nourishing you today. It is just one slice of bread but it feeds five thousand. It is bread, I have given you every day, but it will feed thousands, perhaps millions, and the sated will collect full baskets of it. And this parable is not understood by people and misrepresented they misunderstood and others. My single life is to saturate the bread of mankind. Enough for all and it still remains. Bread was five-under with human pentagram. There is a ruddy pentagram of five fire Centres and saturation requires certain corresponding; because I Gave five loaves of bread, which is the Teachings of life. The Arhat knows that a beam of My transmutations is put into action. For the bread of life is present today. Be aware of happiness and sent images of Maya are not to be deceived. (At work we were driven to the limit of endurance; it hurts
chest from speaking 4 hours and wild environment. It cannot be physical. In the morning, it was not able to burn anything.)
242. (Apr. 29). In vain you supercharge a moment of consonance. It is a consonance with sentiments, but not with Me. Be with Me in a moment when burdens become harder than in normal times. But I have to go through joy and sorrow. The Lord will not leave, but it should not be left outside the scope of consciousness. I want to be together, but when your mind wants to do the same. Enter Me and dissolve into Me. The phenomenon of self-denial in thoughts was said to be under everyone's circumstances: there is a lesson bringing knowledge. We must learn to extract it from oncoming events. You need conscious consonance with the Ray but not the vibrations of membranes. Win over it, but the same unnecessary is delayed. It is a difficult pass. The future is inherently. But now you want to have courage in breaking. When it is dark, it is a comfort of the Light, when I turn off all the lights, you get your courage. When there is nothing, understand that everything is in the spirit. As I said: the poor are blessed in the spirit, and you tie will be comforted. Those are now poor spirits; Maya has all the savings, the mirage of obviousness brightly is ablaze. But not the poverty of the spirit is the only Pralaya of consciousness. For darkness is to light in the morning. For Pralaya consciousness it is a new strong recovery. The Lord believes.
243. You can see how unfortunate the life is. It must endure to the end without losing yourself. After it is freedom. How would you need to reach the first station and then you can change the train. You do not get off during the move. Patience is to assemble. Before My tormented beasts are on the arena, I am rending terms now. Not without anguishing.
244. (May 1). It will have no effect if not only it breaks the relationship. It is for errors from the membranes and time function.
245. My friend, I call to your Hear! But it is not always propitious. The reasons may be different, from the personal to the spatial. Correctly! Self-blinding is limiting and fearful that the victim sees his delusions and believes that the path is chosen and the leading direction. This tragedy is lost. There are a lot of them, self-blinding. They will say, "Go away from me, I do not know you making lawlessness." There are many dark servants of the conscious, but there are even more self-blinded believing that they serve to the light, but darkness and confuse becomes self-binding for them. They cannot stop, for this vain is all attempts to see forcibly. One should knock forehead themselves on a blank wall of their delusions to see and understand what goes wrong, where their thoughts are and what the wrong way is. You can only learn from your own mistakes. Mistakes are never told. Otherwise, it would not be wrong. Collective delusion can be atrocious and reach a huge sphere of distribution. Female women's feet in China are examples of vibrant and compelling phenomena. Hundreds of millions of women are victims of a terrible absurdity, a long, painful and pointless one. There are thousands of such examples. Mankind lives among forms of absurd, outrageous and harmful by themselves, and they blindly obey. Have you thought about how much damage causes black coloring service? Or overcrowding of cities? Or it is absurdity of the mod and bad servicing? Or devouring corpses? Or causing pain to others? Lost are the treasures of the spirit. Their surrogates are fleeting ghost’s delusions. Humanity is like a shroud shrouded in them. You need a strong mind to rise above the sea of human creations, and see them all. A few rose re our students. Who taught the people to believe in death, when all the living shouts about life forever going? The chain of human understanding of life should be split. And you cannot constrain the consciousness. All teachings have attempted to remove the bandage from the eyes of human ignorance over human allegations. A new understanding of life can be built on the grave of human prejudices and misconceptions.
246. What are we writing about? All the same needs to replace the obvious reality. It denies the reality because it is based on personal conscience. It hurts Me because there is only my pain and My consciousness, but there is no rest of the world. But it does not exist and for all those millions of minds that are busy and tortured personal maintains or enjoy personal joys. This is for the people. But for the Arhat a personal world does not exist. He may be busier than anything but personal. Personal is dead for him. Because broad is his world. Thus, it is personal suffering by suffering for the world and for people. Personal needs to be killed. It is necessary to replace the personal universal and the world. There is no alternative.
247. (May 2). The time has come when personal karma and My Karma must match; otherwise, it will be the destruction of both. Consciousness that could not continue anymore becomes adapted to the human spirit. Conditions are compounded to the spirits started yelling about the impossibility and bearableness of these conditions. (At night, having woken up, I thought, and that thought
Has a thought "Happened? Wires are burnt. Then the next thought came, "The Treatment does not help. And I become ill since that moment. Sit, watch the Centres, but nothing happens).
248. From the beginning of time I am with you all days. Always! Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt, ancient India, how many people took as much as Kings died, but I, like now, was close to everyone seeking heart, directing it. And the same way as they lead now, those few did not. Time, place, era didn't change essence My relationship with those, who followed Me and with Me, laws of proximity of the pupil and the Teacher. Has always been the case that the apprentice among various external conditions had to strive to Me, find Me, endorse the closeness of My hand despite all the opponents to the circumstances. Were the enemies of My enemies, all the same, and they were enemies and close My persecutions. The cross always existed, even in the glory makes clear, and because heavy printing knowledge in the sphere of the Earth, and My condition always came to the people was the One among the ignorant savages. This condition is already a kind of grave offerings, many of the relatives of My familiar on serious earthly experiences. To be among the savages, often ignorant or hostile, is difficult. But what was among the early races. But even among them was easier than with the civilized savages. Among those though was the faith and devotion of the Hierarchy. Nothing is the same. You, your relatives, were always with Me. Few related among them concerning their qualities and eradicated. And, of course, know all of you. You are in the book. There is life, and the price of its defined acts of past lives. I know all of you. Know the availability and the degree of its each. Know, know, and know the past and the future. You know yourself in terms of the brief earthly life, and I'm a millennia. And knowing you, saying: the future of your great! Who takes it from you, I protected? Over the desert there is heat and cold snow. In the House of the father we are prepared for shelter exhaustion of the Wayfarer. It is ready and close. I Said. (Hopeless grievous Days are all sailing somewhere with difficulty).
249. (May 3). Why is one to fall silent? Because the wave is its antithesis, excavation, trench, its lowest point to the phenomenon of its crest. The higher the score, the lower the hollow shaft before him. Expect a large shaft, the ninth, and the phenomena of the opposite threshold do not allow him. After all Pralaya consciousness, there is the lowest point, or depression in the waves of consciousness. Everything goes in waves. In a hollow between the waves there is no visible horizon. And when Pralaya of consciousness had reached it, the surrounding ring closed. But be aware that the horizon remains the same boundless, what was before, and that waves carry foam events. Will one open the vast of Distance raised once to the crest of the wave again? The movement of consciousness in time is subjected to the law of the rhythm. This rhythm gives the wave phenomenon because of the undulating movement. Waves are polar, that is they alternate rhythmically their rises and falls, the phenomenon and its opposite. Therefore, we do not violate the rhythm of consciousness. Be calm and confidence in the new wave waiting for the inevitable, and the victorious rise of the consciousness. The knowledge of the law eliminates the unnecessary anguish, doubts and insecurities. Maya Pralaya consciousness is inevitable. It is expressed by the formula: "the Mail left Me, the Lord?" or "my soul is exceedingly sorrowful, even to death. Before the resurrection of the spirit and the rise of the highest Avoidant wilderness is particularly strong. Revert everything, and with other powers. And there is a tangible proximity, and the saturation of the communication, and the tension of the molten flow of thoughts. Transgress of the law cannot give the highest rise without interleaving. Why be upset, however, that serves as a prerequisite for the takeoff of consciousness? There is no day without night and dawn without darkness, his predecessor. And human life is coming in waves, replacing a hammer. In life nothing is monotony. Alternates are legal. The essence of the difficulties and constraints faced by the only downside and guarantee living conditions right opposite. And that is in most of their burdens, difficulties, that is a key to future prosperity and flourishing of all possibilities. Therefore I say, "Come to Me with all that labor and heavy laden". By the power of the law I can vouch for the fact that the waves, of life on Earth and in the worlds will give phenomena and conditions contrary to fact and raise legal: not a consolation reward, but the inevitability of rhythmic movement, of life. The Arhat knows that every rise or fall of consciousness, each flash of feelings or personal attachments, each personal joy or dismay of the characters are inevitably coming phenomena of the opposite nature. And it is the state of mind to avoid phenomena of neutralizing one of the poles currently available to the consciousness. In certain cases the rhythm can be adjusted. The rhythm of consciousness and wavelike motion in shells can be subordinated to the strong-willed wave, never letting the phenomenon grow at the pole. Calmness and balance of the consciousness is smoothing the undulating surface and bringing it to the state of secularity. Within the microcosm everything is subordinated to the will, the rhythm.
250. Immortality is in an atom. But it is not in visible forms. The immortal form that builds the immortals is mortally. This is a paradox of life. The Teachings of Christian science are the truth, the basic provisions of the primacy and authority of the spirit are correct, but his followers however all get sick and all are mortal, and whatever age. By understanding the laws of the spirit, the power gets over the flesh, or matter. This is a tragedy of their Teachings and his Heralds. They say that with the help of Fiery Yoga - Mahatma M. lives already for about 400 years in the same physical body. And his closest disciples know it. Through the human body of flowing continuous matter stream completely updates the whole body composition within seven years, so that at the end of this period it does not remain any previous atom. The atoms do not die and do not age. Science considers life expectancy of uranium for about four billion years. If the atoms that make up the body do not age and change, what is aging then? An old wrinkled face is forever young changing its atoms. The mankind believes in the elixir of life, in the philosopher's stone of immortality. Many legends exist. But what is that very age that wears it out? If this is not the matter itself, then what is it? The Fiery Atom does not sleep, but the cells of the body are sleeping, being dim and full of vitality. You can wake up, you can make a glowing, and a body can glow. The Saint's body is not decomposed. The relics are not superstition but a scientific fact. A body with enlightened illuminated sections can sit on the water and rise into the air, does not feel cold and does not burn on the fire. Knowledge of Yoga gives already partial authority over the matter. The atom may not burn, but the body is burnt. Full of fire, with enlightened sections fire obviously resists. So Yoga changes the properties of matter. But to die, and death still WINS. And however the Lord Can dwell in the physical body, there is no either death or old age being put up. What is the mystery of the body death comprised of immortal atoms? Atoms take shape of the purported spirit. Look at a man, at his hands. If you create a fiery form of an eternally young physical body and use Yoga to nip the usual modifications of this physical form, the combination of atoms in the cell will not go the normal way, but through the will of fire tracing. The subtle body is not the normal way, by contrast, usually after death his whole appearance is changed and the person acquires the appearance, corresponds to the period of life when on the ground, his body was in the prime of life. Mean age was not the subtle body. What is the secret of old age? Physical Centres limited the cycle of time before they begin to lose their vitality. It is their decision. The Arhat who has mastered and subdued the three, has attained immortality, and may already largely own the physical body and the balance of its form. He can fight disease in the usual order. But this is only a step. The power of the Lord is above. It is to keep the tension at the height of the fire, when the external impact of not violating builds a form that will already be an achievement of the Lord. Of course, there is an old astral above all. Each increased beating of the heart wears out. Therefore, the solution must be sought in the great fire of solid balance and tranquility of the Lord. For peace of mind there is the Crown of the spirit. People always worry and always have something to go through. This phenomenon is not a microcosm of the Lord. The world is not disturbed. In tranquility and balance there is a key to immortality. And it did not destroy the path to mastering the Philosophical stone. The body of people living on Earth is full of fluids and it decomposes due to unclean foods, thoughts and emotions. Food mode of the immortals eliminates this possibility. The control of thoughts and feelings prevents the infected fluid from outside invasion. Fiery food of Prana and isolated from the venom lowlands are the third condition. The physical body of the Lord is separated like a fiery wall or sheath of flames from serious vibrations of the Earth. Live never communicates with his senior facilitating the conditions. Here is the path to the body immortality. A compacted astral is a stage of a material achievement in the same direction, but being above. But, with regard to the physical body, through increased luminosity of the cells and raised vibrations there can be much ardor to move towards the authority over the own body. The fiery power of a disciple and the path is open. It is especially feasible power in a small world. Many errors are that to ascribe in the subtle world.
251. (May 5). We live in matter, and we must obey its laws. Otherwise, it will subdue us. Victory is subordinated to the law, i.e. in the discipline. Discipline and obedience are related to the law. Also the psyche has its laws. They are inviolable, meaning they can be broken, but the consequences are inevitable.
252. Pressing forces Admit opposing, because I want to have you closer. Come, having been refused entry. If the outside world does not cling, the devastated everything sticks to Me. For the outside conditions such that consciousness turns away from them. Turn away from the Earth. During the periods of pressing we need to move away.
253. (May 6). Why is it the constant anticipation? Why is it always the image of the Lord to keep the third eye? It is to overcome the resistance of the surrounding environment. Otherwise, you will not overcome it and the link will be broken. The power of vibration environment immediate environment is such that it unwittingly grabs consciousness manifesting the credibility and strength of the evidence. It must win. One should give the tone of internal tension exceeding the tension potential of the response to the external forcing. When the thought is constantly focused on the Lord and His eyes, the fight can be fought successfully. Earlier it was. But the pressing of external influences have increased, and the face of the Lord is not approved by the constancy of the exodus that could not exert its powerful impact, as the third eye appearing only occasionally. I give life lessons for the adoption and application of the Life Teaching principles. Learn from life itself. Life indicates where the weak spot is. It is necessary to strengthen this side of the consciousness and the Citadel of the spirit. Otherwise, you will not avoid harm. The Arhat cannot admit to something external domination over it. How can you give the passing power? It can be done with increasing the spirit in the counterbalance and seeking for isolation and alienation of oneself from the Lord. It is a Kingdom not of this world in the world of work which is approved. It is Dragon obviousness is the face of the Lord in the rays of the light. We need to understand that this struggle never stops. We need to understand that one victory obliges to another and that one difficulty is crossed by another, a large and daunting, because the growing consciousness and requires the opponent to the growth of the sword. If not, the opposing forces will not be able to increase the spirit. One needs to temper himself and get accustomed to continuous and increasing tension. Inexhaustible are energy resources. His inexhaustible force is needed for a call. We need to understand that it is only a single power of the spirit to overcome it. You need to understand that the power of the spirit begets the struggle. One must learn to welcome challenges. The difficulty is the engine of evolution of the spirit. Let the challenge of the current day overcome the Dragon of deceitful generalities".
254. To manifest thoughts of the Lord is possible only under the condition of detachment from oneself. The thought of the lowest impedes to manifest higher thoughts obscuring the fragments of thinking. To join My thoughts one should not only rise above the sea of everyday conditions, but also over the sea of everyday feelings and, that is more important, over the sea of everyday thoughts. My Beam carrying their Light charges involves a net receiver not filled with anything. If the receiver is already filled to the brim with your content, it cannot join grace energy of the Lord’s Ray. Mine and yours are not compatible. You can do anything, but you can leave the receiver clean and empty. Concentration at work does not really mean to overflow the limit of scraps routine. Even the feeling of solemnity being already approved can halt the fussy flow. To allow the Ray to consciously and intently join the consciousness, get him, or allow him to enter the tank. The Teacher understands the burdens, but the Teacher did not see why it should clip the wire of the Communication. Self-awareness in the beam must be a continuous and permanent state of the consciousness, and not in the mornings or evenings only. It can be the microcosm of the illuminated like the beam spotlights. The beam of light is like a cross making up every atom of the body, and all conductors and matter. Constant awareness of themselves in the Lord’s Ray is as needed and necessary as breathing or the beating of the heart. Let an organism inhale the Prana beam to the pounding heart pulsating with the rhythm of the body sent by the beam. A thinned rhythm goes through the refinement and understanding the rhythm of Pulsations of cells throughout the body, you can join the rhythm of vibration in the energy beam. Awareness enhances its power. An unconscious or hammered wave of self-starting normal vibrations in the aura charged emotions or thoughts with fussy generalities, and the beam can not reveal it. The formula "believe?" prefaces the conscious willingness to the Ray receiver or energy granted by the Teacher. Without the readiness of the receiver there is no acceptance. Relationship of giving and perceiving poles is possible only when the path of energy has no obstacle to the mediastinum. Tranquility means a harmonious state of the receiver and the mirror surface of a Crystal consciousness. The essence of the Lord Sends its Beam. The image is symbolized. The Face is the essence of loaded beam energies at a certain tension. For in the beginning, at its inception, and in the end, the receiver is a shining face of the Lord. And each plane incision or section of the beam at any point of its length there is a blazing Image of the Lord. It is sent by pressing the Beam that is happiness. You must be aware of that. Unconscious treasure remains to lie in vain. The Ray assimilated with the disciple’s aura absorbs the light of the Teachers, and becomes a disciple of a microcosm reflecting and expressing it, that is a face of the Lord. To constitute a doctrine or the truth means to manifest them in My Face, i.e. to be in Me, to stay in Me. He who abides to revoke in Me is the winner. I have overcome the world and follow Me Call to victory over the world of increased force. Its force did not win because of its power, as everything is of the world. An attempt to conquer the world is a matter of force, without Me it is doomed to a complete failure because it is logically absurd and untenable in the essence. The power of its own and all Mine is out of this world. How can this world overcome them? This world is the essence of the highest fire energies of My world; the consciousness is open to accept his energies. In Loch there is a saying, "go below the beam. The Ray is a leading power. The Ray increases power. The Ray is the only anchor of salvation in the stormy waves of the worldly sea is worldly. Power of the Beam is sent to grasp the heart.
255. (May 8). Who can deny the burden of time? It is difficult in the world. Karma does not go anywhere.
256. (May 9). My son, testimony to the light may not wrongdoings weakness. The past of a man manifests itself in the present. And it is killing the old man in it. But it is better not to cut it off, but make the fouling catch or destroy the root. Where and what is buried and hidden in the root of human evil? The accumulated lowest energies thicken their crystals. And the astral accustomed to vibrate in unison with them is their voice and their manifestation. In it, in the astral plane, there is an accumulation of fabric with a certain density and composition, and it could give a certain degree of vibration. Drunkard accumulates his mass of densely-dense lowest astral matters heavy-clouding its essence and strongly wishing to live with the emotions or vibrations, which this kind of astral matter can do alone. And in the absence of the elemental highest scale of another field the consciousness life does not provide identification. The horror is in the frustration of limited lower manifestations. The struggle is impossible and unthinkable because all the consciousness is captured and entangled in the astral sphere. But with the earthly world and without giving him to rule over consciousness, the astral avoids slavery. Eat everything, but in the thralls of gluttony, as power guzzlers. So it is not a fact but in respect to it. Living on Earth, the world cannot be avoided, but authorities on the consciousness should be avoided. Let nothing hold its sway over the spirit, but the spirit is everything. The root is that the crystals of accumulation master the consciousness and control its power subordinating the energies. If there is no phenomenon of subordination in the roots, there are no forces. Because asserting its authority over the energies of their savings is necessary for understand that a man is not to conquer and is not covered under their authority, he is free. You can do the same thing being a slave or being free. It is not an Act, but a state of mind. The slavery is not allowed. But Freedom is. Measure everything allowable, it is in the consciousness.
257. The means to prevent any unwanted phenomenon is to destroy it mentally, as the kernel destroys the impending tornado. This mental destruction of existing phenomena cuts the roots nourishing it and allowing it to exist. Any physical phenomenon in the world can exist without a counterweight, or bases in the Subtle World, it gave birth to him in the material world. The destruction of the astral phenomenon form means its physical death into the world of earthly things. You can destroy any phenomenon not even touching it. A physical phenomenon exists in the present; the astral one exists in time. Destroying temporary long form things crushes the opportunity of its brief existence in the physical world. Tomorrow is not present; the date preceded the astral form existing in the future. A destruction of this form has its genesis in the astral world, we deprive of its material manifestation. Or in the subtle world we create an image of the desired phenomenon and hereby affirm it (their) future roots which sprout to revoke at one point. For one day, sooner or later a thought will obtain its real earthly form. The crystal of generated energy cannot manifest on Earth, for this is the law of thought: to manifest on Earth at any cost. A thought, being out of temporality, reigns over the brevity of temporary existence that is immediately apparent as soon as it attracts the necessary elements for its manifestation by the power of his relentless coagulation in space. Because knowing this law and its immutability you may not avoid any efforts, cold, precise, calm concentration by creating the desired shape of things to come, reveal it for approval in the earthly life or physical conditions. A frightening, compelling, powerful action of thought is an invisible, inaudible, and inevitable fate. The order of thoughts is consistent, if giving it knows the law and makes uncertain the law thinking their hindering the steady implementation of the elements of doubt, hesitation and uncertainty, which inevitably are embodied in matter violating the monolith of immutability. Execution of mental order not only does harms because of weakness of the order, but it provides the volatility of the immature consciousness which undermines the Act transference. The wheel of the truth and the only thought created it can and it often weakens this momentum. You thought to build and destroy, but it is only thought without any doubt or hesitation. The kingly power of a thought is knowledge of the Arhat.
258. (May 10). A message sent with a purpose and with the knowledge of law is especially strong.
259. (May 11). You should never be at the lowest point of the conscious state. But it is at the highest. And then the distance from one high point to another and its constitution is a path of ascent. We need to link the consciousness with them, but not with those at the bottom and that is the line of motion of the shells in time. Until death the consciousness will be striving for excellence, aspiring to Him and release of the body. But if this is the same mind as the starting point, it will take a lower incidence and focus on it, the magnet aspirations will go away into the relevant areas of starting points. So there is a tendency of different orders that can be justified on the highest. Of course, the main idea will be heard in the mind opening the inherent possibilities, but the conscious direction of the mind on a particular channel of aspirations will ship the phenomenon firmly guided with a hand of an experienced and strong helmsman, while in the absence of power and ascertain of the microcosm it will be similar to a ship without a rudder and wind to be at the mercy of elements and currents. A conscious will is crucial in this case. Therefore it is stated that all acts are committed with the consent of the will, but in spite of good and bad. For then the will becomes strengthened, but not destroyed. If a person has a strong will of his indignation and his sword, phosphoric tissue remains intact, but if instead of resentment wins the astral and layman irritation flames, phosphoric tissue burns, and consciousness becomes the gravity of the error. Therefore, the Arhat admits no action that runs counter to the desire and the sanction of his will. Transferring power to the will, you cannot have anything to do without its own purpose. This does not mean that people should immediately be perfect, but it does mean that everything you do is done with the approval of the intervention and force. So, anyone’s power over the consciousness is not given. The ship can choose any ocean or sea, any berth or rest, any repairs or cleaning and meet any wave, but obedient is the helm of the will, and there is an escape. Rudderless of death is inevitable. This is dangerous for medium ship. Because inertia, laziness, lack of will are convicted, given the lack of hands for the guide. For the subjection to devastating circumstances is helpless. Because there are no one's opinions, no one's desires, no one's emotions, and you can not obey the will of his royal prerogative to pass it to somebody. The control will consist in the fact that everything that comes from people or from the inside is to be passed through the consciousness illuminating the beam and being allowed, permitted, allowed, approved or authorized by their own will. Without this seal there will be damage and inevitable harm. Even the good and the best will apply a seal. Even the Teachers Insist on consciousness merges, not on obedience to the will of the pupil, and enslavement of the Teacher’s will. The formula of "Let there be, O Lord, Thy will" implies precisely the fusion of two wills, forward to the light, but not slavery and helpless subjection of human consciousness. It is the hierarch. A free will is a fundamental law of evolution. There will be no free will for the climbing spirit. The slaves do not need to bend. The son is given inheritance by right, but not the slave creeps. Therefore, all regret, anguish and remorse are cancelled. There is no oscillation for the immutable way through all that is in the mind: out of date and still persisting, good and bad, good and evil. All the best in a person at a given time can be bad and useless after a few steps of the spirit’s staircase. But the Arhat knows the approver: loyalty, courage, ambition, solemnity – if it is properly understood, it is a face of a positive aspect of consciousness, and while expanding, it may be stretched to the Infinite, for the essence, the very essence of qualities. For example, persistence in doing good or aspiration to the light or devotion to the teacher is always under all circumstances without regard to the goodness of his nature. A willful construction of life can be clear and firm because the ultimate goal of life is the center of the statement in its light in all its boundlessness. And I say, well and bad, I will set the good and for the good. Therefore I say: Do not be embarrassed by anything, but we have full confidence in the arm leading to follow the Lord. Students are chosen from the very heart of life, and there were not saints among them. One does not need holiness, but we know the quality of consciousness allowing the phenomenon of discipleship. It is our court because people do not like a human court. Thus, people are often ascended but the disciples are not suitable. For our measurements are different. Devotional robber preferring golden and oil virtue and the harlot - Hypocrites ascending thanks to God that he is not like the others. No actions are evaluated, but the degree of freedom and the disconnectedness of consciousness passes through life. Great people are not on their small defined, but they are in all great features of the fiery spirit. They are not on the weakness of their criminal records but at the tops of spiritual treasures left by their humanity. For the flesh is weak, and the weakness of the body and mortality, but great, immortal and fiery spirit. Flowers of the spirit are the thread of life, asserting immortality.
260. (May 12). World Teachers is the Kingdom of the eternal truth. There is no space and matter of the astral plane on the scale. Giving the Teachings, the Lord wanted to pull out from the astral. All the precepts and commandments meant this. Destroy or at least weaken the astral shell and approve the Supreme Guide. Astral has already played a role in the evolution of mankind and no longer needed. The next step is the essence of, excepted from lower astral Guide. The feat is to rein in astral and release from it. Every curb, even small, will move in the right direction.
261. (May 13). What to do when the consciousness falls silent? It has its own spiral. It is forcibly compelled to sound her ring. Inevitable is Pralaya of consciousness. How to distinguish the decomposition of consciousness from Pralaya? Only litmus is ready to serve. The degree of service is defined by aspiration. The wait will not be effective if it does not fire secretor aspirations.
262. My son is not a dream but a reality. People are imprisoned by their own thoughts. Here they surrounded you, these invisible, but clearly visible in the mind of thoughts, and closed the circle, and cut off all outlets in the area. The ghosts of this consciousness took possession and made it their world. Each of these ideas has its potential effect on a magnetic focus of the consciousness. And wherever you tried to steer your mind out, gravity operates and produces the consciousness of the enchanted circle of present life. It will destroy despite all his strength. Flash goes forward! How much of truth was there in the last of these closed rings. Where have they all gone: the people, the conditions, the thoughts? There is nothing, not even clear memory, they have not left: neither people nor the environment nor thoughts. It will be held. Take everything that now surrounds leaving nothing but the joy of liberation. But the future is yours, but the future belongs to you, the power of this exemption. You can find it in this release. But they are outside the terms of personal consciousness. But now, even a super-person, the sound of its note, and if it is heavy, even a super-person does not find relief from sadness or joy of the spatial sound. But the future is free from spatial constraints of the present, because the future is in freedom of consciousness, and in the future of the super-person. That can tie the wings of flying thoughts or thoughts of impersonal for the super-person that is not associated with any of this, nor the interim little ghostly beings which even and not in the future. For individual living today will die with all their personal world and its attendant worries as have died, who lived centuries before us, and their cases have died, leaving behind a dead city, sand deserts. Are the spirit of living outside time and the experience of life? Because the Ghost is present, and the idea prevails over him. We live outside this power. There is weeping and gnashing of teeth. Is this hell a terrible despair which sinks into small minds? The Arhat is free from the surrounding chains. He lives out his idea. Just a thought is freedom. Not in others, but in the thought. You can be free in the heart of this bustling and be a slave even in relative well-being of prosperity. Slave is bound with this hand and foot. Is not it in the consciousness of freedom? On top of any conditions stated freedom of the spirit. The Arhat can enjoy it in the boiling cauldron of triumphant bustle, powerfully by approving the supremacy of consciousness over the ghosts of the current hour. They grimace and break the weak minded having forgotten about the primacy of the spirit. But there will be release of the spirit, because everything is in the spirit. In the depths of consciousness we will look for cherished freedom in the depths not affected with the flow of current earthly phenomena.

263. (May 14). The mountain conditions at different altitudes destroy the mirage of chicken obviousness. There is density of the mental atmosphere in lowlands to flock demonstrations. Breathe in a pure and free mind. Captives of the valleys refer to the advanced consciousness in the grip of human crowds. High pressure in the lowest layers becomes especially thick in the cities. If every passing person leaves a warm gray gloves, how much is everywhere in the field of human to collect. In the cities there is no salvation. Aura is continuously under the strong collective influence of human masses. And only the protecting network can contrast to the invisible influences. But even the Teacher K. H. roots from the dark conflicts as in the lowlands. What can be contrasted to the putrid breath of narrow-minded life? The part which goes through consciousness can be neutralized only by consciousness. Because consciousness puts a seal on each thing, it falls within the scope of its beam. For all the other events the only protection is a barrier network. It should be kept in order. And since it is not every sneezing, there is only one way out: to decide firmly, categorically and definitively not to let anything happen around to capture the consciousness and vibrate in unison with received impressions. And both control and watch are interruptible so as they are not stormed with regained consciousness and not marred with this chaotic and unbridled state of the outer sphere of environment. With the surrounding external conditions and their impact on the psyche of its struggle cannot be stopped nor for a moment, otherwise, the wave little womb of narrow-mindedness will flood the consciousness. Also one also needs to mentally increase the durability and brightness of the barrier network. The human aura coming into contact with it and it can completely demagnetize and make it completely defenseless and helpless for every biped consciousness. If you can tolerate the death of its opening, inputs can be previously protected from any foreign creature? I was struck by the whole world; all the darkness of Earth rebelled against and rushed on the attack. But I won the world as profane and everything that the world had nothing in Me. Therefore, not having in itself the elements of secular born from the common hassles, and isolated from the consciousness, separated as something from the realm of the environment, you can resist. But fortress, and strength, and resilience are in Me. No, I did not survive the battle. It is just the aura, devoid of My light which does not survive the onslaught. But together we are to hold out and we will survive any battle, any opposition, any loading and bustle under circumstances. Let the frantic environment comprise the darkness of human excesses and ignorance. Everyone is free to manifest himself according to the essence. But his consciousness must protect him from madness. Thus, I do not take part in anything to endanger the tightened consciousness in astral whirls to act insanely as human membranes. Let the rave, unless they will manifest themselves, and you can stand back and remember: to fall under their corrosive influence means to lose all your achievements. You have to be strong in all conditions and you need to be stronger than anyone around you. The consciousness of the Arhat cannot obey the Biped thinking grimaces. This price is too expensive to be paid for the spirit’s freedom and to give it to anyone or to sacrifice in whatever conditions. You need balance and serenity, because of the need to protect the Stone and save all the forces of the spirit or, at least, to preserve the treasures that would be given to the body. You can get a new body but what about the return of lost and stolen treasures? And where are those spoiled? Whether they firstly disdained to turn away from your chipped and an empty shell devoid of power and light? Do not recognize, deny, but unconsciously respect and be with it. Thus, we collect it in itself, in the Centre, in the stone of his own consciousness and his rays stretched out outside to be concentrated inside. And the strands connecting it with the outside world chop out and do nothing and they will respond to outside events. Dispassionately, without investing a single emotion, let us do something that is required for life, but hands stretching to the treasure through the lights of the barrier network should not be missed. The fire burns, and it hurts. The fire of My Light is a protective network. The face of My consciousness is strengthened and the damage is filled with a flood of new forces. Remember! You must overcome it, and do it with Me. Lift the shield, fortify clasps, chain the rings and be ready for battle in the experience. It is up to you to be ready to meet him and overcome the spirit of its looming waves? Everything is in the spirit. The decision and the victory of the spirit are there. The Ruler is invincibly armed. And I am always with you. (These days are Terrible. The load is over measure. It is physically gravely. I hear nothing. All is gone. Hope for the future to be extinguished. There is no clearance).
264. (Mai 15) A heavy wave needs to survive. Think you can survive anything, "knowing whose shield is over us." Since everything is experienced sooner or later, it must end. But the Lord does not appear. And there is a great joy waiting for his overcoming and leaving. They are not the ghosts of this joy, but they are in Me. I am with you, so gather your courage and steadfastness and faith to the end of the days. We live not at present, but above it. The snarl can be defeated only with the power of the spirit, as the foundation stone in the depths of their own, but not in the flash of the days and nights of fleeting peace. Consciousness needs to remove the transient rising the spirit and vein over the temporary mode of terrestrial conditions. Who talk about the ease of My path? But they were all like treasure. For the spirit must be built in stone. Timeless are the chest treasures, the shining, and a symbol of the victory of spirit over matter.
265. (May 16). I want to work in peace knowing that our spring oozes out of you without ceasing. Act in silence means to act. Many understand moving hands or a speech. But they are silent and completely motionless outside great actions and they are invisible. Every movement in visibility is just a reflection of the invisible. And that is in all. The idea is the same movement in the matter. But the Silent Witness is speechless and immovable to countless movements. Being immovable he originated the movement. Being speechless, he gave the voice even throughout the stone. The mystery of silence should be understood. The mystery of movement is around a single axis, or a single point in any phenomenon to be grasped. Two opposite poles of a single thing in any phenomenon are moving towards the Centre of balance. Great serenity reigns in the central point of the cyclone, the strength of which is based on manifestation of polar energies of polar. Therefore, in any event, you can find this calm, if consciousness moves to the Centre. To be on the periphery is to expose you to the manifested energies at the poles. So the salvation of human joy or sorrow is not joy or sorrow, but at the point of equilibrium emitted by them. This is a state of neither impartiality when consciousness is not allowed, nor the other eliminating the need to eat the fruits of the spirit of opposing phenomena. So the formula "do not get attached to anything and you have nothing to lose is a formula that asserts a central point of impartiality or balance. Any emotion or feeling and consciousness make them the opposite aspect because the broken balance in the microcosm must approve their opposite pole to restore the balance of energies. In total the shown is doubly. Destroying one of the poles of the phenomenon means destroying the other. If you withdraw from the microcosm the manifested personal joys and contentment, and personal frustration and discontent will be deprived of them. And only then can you begin to assert polar phenomena of a super-person. Suffering for peace or joy of the overland, reaching orbit the planet, will circle the consciousness of the space. And only when you can accommodate sensory sweep passionless, there is a planetary order. But when there are all the conditions of the heart, by approving the phenomenon of things one should not forget, above all and above all he is silently standing in the Centre. It is better to be meditative, but not because feelings and emotions are deprived of the opportunity to see and the obscure nature of the phenomenon of mirage personal emotion. The astral vibrating in polarity of the phenomena is various, and it will yet lead to silence, to the continuous veil of emotions and movements, and it will find the center of balance of the consciousness. Human consciousness is full of small pleasures; children are upset and troubled by the continuous. The flow hustles to stop, you have to get out of it and release the consciousness, which, like a squirrel in a wheel, jumps from one to another phenomenon. The Farther is from the Centre of the larger circle, the stronger is the antithesis and vice versa. Polar difficult conditions have led to the opposite pole and consciousness will have to take place and, through him, as immutable law of polarity. But it is folded tremendously. The deteriorated external raises the balance of the spirit, and what is more the rise becomes higher. Not the height is beyond consolation, but the immutability and force of the law. It is not a posthumous consolation, but knowledge of balance principles. So we will adopt this balance as the basis of life and ascent of the spirit in the matter.
266. (May 19). There is only one way out: happily wait for the future in this joylessness.
267. (May 20). You need to be able to focus. It is the ability to deal with. The whole their essence needs to turn to the Lord. And the answer will not slow down. If the Lord is always at the door of your own, you are not from His deafness. Your ears are to stop up the invalid state of spirit. It does not matter what, how, and when will the desired and expected be, but questioned the essence to have the possibility of perception which puts out the fire needed for perception of the fire. It is better to wait for the fiery life and not wait gathering the harvest of the spirit than drowning in doubts about hopelessness and meet the expected chipped. You cannot lose faith in the proximity of the Bishop. Awareness, of the proximity, of contrary evidence and any and all conditions and feelings have a victory over time space and conditions for the lowest layers because, the Lord, is the spirit and the spirit. One needs to find the strength to overcome the obvious growled. It is important to discard the wavelength the lower energies. It is necessary to conquer the surrounding; otherwise, there will be death. My dazzles sound ignorant, but an imperious order is wise: Maya, recede. «You must always be with Me; a state of confluence makes the usual state of consciousness. Look at them over the centuries of the past merger with the Lord. The living conditions of their age were quite different and are not like the ones on the other. But confluence was the one unchanging in centuries. The same powerful Mergence of consciousness’s won all these earthly circumstances and has raised consciousness in prevailing over the temporary combinations of matter. Because Saying Communion and intimacy occurs with all the states of consciousness: external and internal, under any external circumstances.
268. The Lord will awake your consciousness to the inalienability of property. Let it become real, as the air is inhaled. My friend, the stream of your thoughts must be stopped to absorb the flow of my own thoughts. Machine consciousness captures My thoughts, but the film must be clean, without their fingerprints. It is either mine or his own. Either am I in the minds of your Kingdom, or it is you and your self.
269. My son, adoption of desired qualities requires a long time. It is not enough to wish quality, it is necessary to apply the desired, so often that it has become flesh and blood that is an integral part of the microcosm. Because it is in the mind until we take this root deeply and firmly to the root itself. Imagine yourself the owner of quality, especially in moments of fitting the flame, but you master them in a completely different way. I do not tire of harping about qualities, inseparable from the concept of the Arhat. We will talk about peace until it becomes a form of expression of consciousness. A little reading, a little understanding, a little thought, a little wish, a few days spent in its approving, and you need a never-ending chain of actions claiming the qualities for which it is a struggle. The fight over the confirmation of qualities is infinite, for property of any quality is of its infinity. Thus, the state of consciousness is constantly approving the quality which should be an expression of the consciousness. There is no such moment when consciousness is not expressed in some quality: there is no irritation, no gloom, no shortcomings and weaknesses, but authorized the spirit quality. And then the Symphony of qualities is not a dream but reality. So, the continuous struggle for his consciousness is staggering at the infinite staircase of the climb. You get to love the state of struggle. Without struggle and effort nothing is given. You need to gather forces to overcome relentless. But I am behind you and Give you My hand as a guarantee of the ultimate spirit victory. The approval of the state fight is constant, never declining, and it would already be a victory. The Arhat cannot calm down, because the infinity of any quality requires further refinement. Because of his effort is the realm of the spirit. Because at any stage nor was unconscious, the fight will be the calling of the moment always. This is the way of the Arhat’s state. Without ever sighted responsive alertness and sharp-sighted watch, and extreme tension of consciousness the fight turns into standing swamps and its decay is inevitable. Because the tension is welcome in any form and condemn the inaction. The Sepulchral rest of expansions are the destiny of the decaying Consciousness’s. Our cry is an action. The action is fighting and winning. I am the light claiming victory. I am a Messenger of the infinite. I am a rising standard bridge. I win over the spirit guaranty. I am the spirit of prop. I am the Horn sounding triumphantly. I am calling for battle. I am an emerald of a mountain stream. I have a world beating powerfully. I am the lightning spirit of the Lord. And I am the Fire Lord, the beloved son, and I Command the Sword fight and the winner of the Hand.
270. (May 21). The approval is unquestionable, so let us call the fight against the ghosts of Maya and the authorities presented over consciousness. I Am, I am always with you all the days until the end is the Foundation and a starting point of thinking. It is built by the scope of the internal world. The roots of the principles of thinking will give powerful trunk, rich leaves, fruits and seeds of the tree Al′gario (tree of life). Diverged from this framework, you cannot detach the consciousness from the root. Grass and weeds growing in consciousness and nesting there for centuries is from the tree of life. But it grows displacing all the extraneous and being illegally implanted and temporarily. The roots of the mighty tree are fed on deep water; the tree of life is fed on waters of eternity. In days and nights it stands firmly without fear of hurricanes ground, neither heat nor cold. For the days are coming for years and the whole life but the tree of eternity is going back to the motionless layers of matter and the Pinnacle-Infinity rises over the cycles of life on Earth. Breath of eternity, referring to consciousness, makes him voice and bearer of the eternal. And not the temporary things are related to consciousness but eternal and enduring ones. In the ocean of temporary phenomena the task of the Arhat is to show the face of eternity that is the great Commission of the upper world which is given from now until the century to dedicate the entire life and activities to all these plans. The greatness of infinity, fire, and Light bearers is manifested in all shells. The greatness of fire is claimed in earthly life as rebirth and transmutation of membranes and fiery body. An invisible complex laboratory of the microcosm is already in action. The consuming of lights Centres creates the process of Transfiguration of the exaggerated reality transmuting not only the person, but the entire surrounding area and everyone who comes into contact with it. The strength of the brightly colored lights of microcosmic transmutation modifies and refined all, it comes into contact, and there is a single criterion of human essence value living on Earth and in the worlds. Because carriers of light, and the envoys of the fiery, and trusted My bear Order deliberately. So the introduction of light into the darkness of his environmental microcosm is the task of the Arhat. Three Rays born in essence make the thought of their Light-bearer. And if it is not limited with time or space, it creates the transformation of the Earth and the Ground being from sunlight of consciousness and carrying the power of creative carries. The power is in the distance. They are not bastards of thoughts, not spatial clots of mucus, but rays of radiant thoughts, like a beacon of light sending fiery consciousness in all the ends of the Earth. The order becomes the inviolable law of life and shape manifestation of the consciousness. The Arhat is a Light-bearer. The Arhat brings us, employees, the Light. Their Light is Earth. The Earth Light holders rescue the planet from decay, death and ultimate destruction. It is important to understand how the law of life manifestation in the matter.
271. (May 22). My son, I want the burden of your spirit to be turned from dark Plata Mai (and) I drew. I Want it in joy and grief, in private and in public, in the writings and the rest to stay to with Me. And if I am always with you, you will always be with Me. Let a hand or brain work, but let the heart stay with Me to dwell in the sense of continuousness. Thus, I am the very life. But in the silence when cease submitted the shells, the Lord becomes close to you. To win the same Maya Pralajâ is also needed. My silent voice is obviously heard when worldly voices sounding in mind cease. And who knows the very minute when a voice of Decree knocks at the door. My favorite and most importantly, the closest one whoever takes the field of consciousness is clear, vivid and strong. For the love of the Lord is a powerful engine. I came to love with all My heart, and the magnetic force of the heart resulting to me incessantly multiplies. Not Me, but you need your love for the Lord. Love is a magnet crossing everything. How do you want to conquer the world? The love of the Lord will help you conquer the world. Here I give you the key that opens a secret door to happiness. Its Name is love. It opens all the gates. No doubt, not regret, no fear or despondency, but love that is all-conquering and breaking all closures. And is it so hard to love. The favorite flower is watered daily (or even twice a day). A sacred flower of winning love is carefully and thoughtfully grown. And your mind, I love and with love, like the fiery flower of love, there are petals of fire. Colors of fiery Call are to open the consciousness. And we care about them. Inside the shells under external covers matures and expands the sacred flower of the spirit. Thus, the ruling hand agitates the shell preventing the growth of the spirit. We do not need their excitement because it violates the calm surface of the spirit mirrors and gives a distorted image of Maya. Make calm faces of the Crystal consciousness; strengthen the consciousness and the mind to immediately disappear losing ghosts being so obviously oppressive and enduring. It must not only understand, and internalize, and apply. So, these ghosts are due to the disruption of the reflecting surface of a consciousness mirror. Waves of the outside world distort the surface of the spirit and violate his calm immediately giving rise to apparent ghosts of obviousness. Because the alleged calm is abiding. Therefore, we are not allowed to have anything external, to violate equilibrium of the spirit, this great life of the fiery consciousness. It is time to understand that without adopted balance and calmness there is no promotion. A really inexperienced swimmer will save the circle in an ocean storm, nevertheless it is hard to grab and save. Where is the exit? It is in the approving of great, solemn, regal calmness. Let this wild darkness go, let the rampant self be blind, and you will say nothing and know that balance is a great strength which cannot be defeated by anyone or anything. The awareness of its solemnity is strong. The love Festival manifested in balance and calmness of the spirit has the power of fire, victorious over everything.
272. It is a calmer approach. It crowns the foreheads of the winner. So it is named the crowning of the spirit. It is correct. The tests are given for the adoption of the necessary qualities. A test for testing is the lost time. But the test confirmed or consolidated quality is a ladder of the spirit. If you call the test skill assertion, the definition of this expression will give the purpose for which it is given. Because the Arhat retrieves precious juice of life from all the tests which are puts by the Lord. Their attitude to life and many of the concepts are fundamentally reconsidered. A test of vegetable oil is not a meal for the Arhat. How can you grieve that these are climbing stairs? Only the philistine thinking of frameworks imposes the seal of the Church on him. The luxuriant and joyful one is free from winner spirit tenets of Maya through subjects to the waves of matter. He is the Lord of the three, and he knows that they have to overcome and win for forging armor fire and raise their spirit over flesh, like a Phoenix from the ashes, reborn, powerful, joyful, sparkling with juices, bristling with life. Be able to joyfully celebrate the wave test. Be able to meet the leader. Let the victorious state of consciousness be the very essence of its expression. Bended is not discouragement, but luxuriant joy of victory which is in the heart of the one who intended to Me. Remember that you are always a winner. Distinguish the elements of winning given in trials and meet them with the consciousness of the truth laid out on the shield. You cannot physically weaken a problem. You can get tired of tension, this is fixable. But the flame of the spirit, the fiery winner will never, under any circumstances, and the nastiest conditions be spread on the brow of the winner. The fire sign nature blazes up neatly like a sword. To bend the spirit is not a property of the Arhat and it can never be His manifestation. I, your Lord, Crowned you with a Crown of the winner and guarantee of the Game. Think on the essence of what was said. Harmony is the basis of climb. It should be consistent with your consciousness, with the consciousness of your Lord. It must be consonant with the victory laid out in the Lord. It is consonance with Me in the allegations of you data and commands, the whole essence of the microcosm. A consonant compliance wave with wave of the Lord’s thoughts is your task given today but forever. A sound is narrow-minded, a wave or waves of two consciousnesses is blind and ignorance is a simple thing. So do everything. But the Arhat is one of hundreds of thousands and millions of people. He cannot assimilate with a man in the street, even well-intentioned one. He has his own wave of consonance, his high consonant flame high. Compassion is not a consonance but condescension and uplifting to myself. When the compassionating and receives fall into the pit of suffering consciousness, it does not help. To lift them up and call it is a wave of capital consonance. The lord, feeling pity, Lifts consciousness to Itself, to the World You. Show and raise the lowest consciousness following the call of compassion. But you are in tune with the Lord, and then consonance with Me will raise others and surrounding you to the height of your consciousness, but never descend to the level of the surrounding consciousness and dive into the bleak. The Arhat rises to the low, but not to him. As well as the lowest is strong and it actively seeks for the waves, their flood the consciousness surrounding Me is great and indefatigable, so that a great watch is required. The great watch is the consciousness of the Arhat. I have overcome the world. Here is the world that comes to you. That is his contraposition. The Lord is in you abided. How to win? Power the Hammers of your support. It is said: act with My power. Invincible force of the Lord is realized. Is the world unconquerable? My world is. Where can you take forces? From Me. How can a winner pass through all the trials, through all the battles and combat? With Me! So Will the Lord be closer to the flesh and blood and brain, and all shells, because you and I are the one, outside and on top of all that is temporary. How many phones are replaced, how many conductors are dropped, but now you are with Me as always. Not from the body and the bodies of the Lord, but from the spirit, and with the spirit. It is in the spirit of the Lord. Waves of sound membranes curb and let the wave of the Lord’s spirit to fully and joyfully sound in the spirit. And then the beam of light waves, which would become the light of thane, will manifest the essence of your microcosm in the outside world.
273. You can write wherever you want. But you have to bring yourself into a state of communication and concentration.
274. (May 23). My son, concentration and Communication is required to overcome the resistance of the surrounding environment, i.e., to defeat its vibrations. Without this subordination of the lowest wave energy the higher waves have no contact. Environment resistance must not only overcome, but stay on the crest of the bridge to put you up. In the field of subtle energies, the manifestation which may be unconscious needs clarification of process understanding. Different strings have different sounds and combinations. For every part of the Symphony has its own key. An experienced musician acts firmly and confidently extracting the desired sounds from his instrument. I want to make you an experienced musician with a string lyre of Apollo. The Symphony spirit requires experienced hands and a customized tool. Qualifications are approved by the configured lira of the spirit. And if the specified key is fear or doubt, or irritation, then what will be the melody in this vein? Will it break Crystal strings? For a specified key gives color and soul that is scheduled to be executed. In the vein of solemnity, dedication, ambition and love it can give a magnificent Symphony of life. And if we want all life to become an endless song of the spirit, the keys should be chosen accordingly. The law prevails in the spirit world. Plasticity of the fiery lightning substance gives the fiery form of creativity in harmony with energies of the Messenger. So before execution or before beginning the process of creativity it will be proper to preface the clear, clean, and retain idea of what and how to draw the spirit in manifestation of its creative power. And in the scheduled form it easily and freely flows resonating with content. A creative process can be clearly aimed and it gives some results. Elements of vague uncertainty have already no place with a clear form and aim. I want to say: there will be no mercies from Heaven and I do not want any anticipants. The Arhat with his overbearing hand takes from the world of treasure all that you need for creativity. The psychology of beggars is a product of ignorant thinking. The son picks up his father's legacy was picks but he does not request. He takes it on the law of primogeniture. But he should take it skillfully. How can it be taken and created by someone who does not know what he wants and what he needs The idea of the desired should be framed accurately; otherwise, it will join creative energies. But molder is the spirit. The call to the creativity spirit and a path is directly shown. There is no limit to the world of creative possibilities. It is the call of this world.
275. (May 24). The thought is conscious. From amorphous lay-bearer solids they create a form, the charged energy of its fiery nature, but energy with its granulation in the consciousness. The arrow can poison or send a message. You can send it or miss the target and the objective set at the discretion. The consciousness making out a thought invests the soul of a thought in its essence. Brighter minds will light it, fire - with fire, poison - with a bearer. Just as a tree bears fruit in its own and thoughts born, like a fruit coexisting his beget Being born, it begins to exist in the associated magnetic umbilical cord to it’s beget. This umbilical cord begets thoughts and these sent thoughts are energy and the nature of this energy, born and vibrating in proper and the same channel in space that captures the essence of their vibrations to his begetting influencing it, in turn. If you imagine yourself as a compressed ball of juicy lemon in an uncovered human mouth dripping lemon juice and winces and a man grimacing from acute acid swallowing this juice, the impact created in the consciousness of thoughts is very clear. Saliva is secreted by salivary glands, and it is proof on the impact of invisible thoughts. And so is everywhere. Each thought has its influence. And not only their own but someone else's becomes invisible but powerfully bringing the investigation. If you take the idea of courage or calm and firm focusing on it, you will create a corresponding image or shape; there will be an immediate impact on creative consciousness and it will be immediately manifested being immutable. The brighter and stronger and more colorful the idea is, the stronger the effect is. Consciousness that generated and satiated a thought with their energy is saturated and powered by energy generated by his thoughts, in its turn. There is full interaction and ongoing compliance. The idea created by a man nourishes and feeds him. And the courage and solemnity, tranquility essence of quality created and nurtured the thought. And the approval of the desired qualities for the future manifested form a thought should take its clear creative shape. And when this image, or a child, or the essence of living has the invisible Plan, its separate existence of self-sufficiency begins to manifest its impact on their creator and begetter. Feeding the power of thought is enormous. The brighter and stronger thoughts creation is, the longer and deeper the impact on oneself and others it has. The idea charged with emotions or vibrations the heart causes appropriate responses. The usual chain of thoughts is peculiar to this consciousness, and it envelops its scope at the specific tension and nature in the case of persistent durations being like a vicious circle or a magnetic field around their creator, a circle with a process of continuous interaction and strengthening of both poles: a creative poles and a pole of generated forms. In the case of rightful thoughts which are good and positive, this will be the area of blessings, of joy and growing force elevating the consciousness. But be afraid of a closed sphere of evil. As creeping bastards, or spawning snakes they are spanned out dark thoughts, saturating the begetter with dark energies feeding life force of its own entity. Power of courage and fearlessness of the thoughts gives the power of the spirit. The energy of thoughts, of fear, anger and sadness, vibrating in the thoughts, the fiery energy in its begetting absorbs, or kills, or simply neutralizes it. A psychological technique of energy thoughts becomes self-evident even with a small reflection. An invincible army full of courage and great is his power. And this power is transformed into nothing, as only courage gives a way to fear. The thought of fear instantly paralyzes and kills the fiery energy. The man is insecure; terrified, he could not even raise his hands in defense. For the magnetic force is thought by consciousness and supplies full value of its power. What and how to nourish consciousness committed in the thought? It is a question, a report which should give everyone who knows the power of thought. The idea being the Supreme factor of life cannot longer remain outside the sphere of mankind attention. Talk to the scientist views on anything, but on the main, a purported world of human consciousness and lifesaving does not accept a creative talk. Ashamedly fall silent tongues of scientists as soon as it comes to the Regal radiant thought of the same thoughts without which it is impossible to think. Go around and around, use force and courage to recognize it in them. Like ostriches hiding their heads in the sand a process of thinking in the darkness is nothing and the heap of sand world of reality ceased to exist from their rationalization. But the psychology of an ostrich is much different to a human thinker. You cannot get away from reality. Power of thought is to be understood. It is done with a thought to write the same thick textbooks as textbooks in physics, chemistry or mathematics. The idea to study and analyze has exact certain laws of manifestation and its scale of demonstrations. And the closest thing in this region lies in the field of magnetism, light and invisible rays of open science. In the area of short radio waves we must seek a solution for close range of thoughts of exactly this area, only a little higher and with a little bit more perception. Science has entered the realm of unseen and found the solution. The Institute of Ideas - let us call the laboratory where you will investigate energy available to humanity in such a way. You are the creators of a new world with a new face of the Earth, so how can you pass by the forces of energy with this transformation. And when you consciously arm yourself with fiery thoughts and your will examines its laws, you seize this power to lead all peoples of the Earth in the shining expanse of boundless possibilities.
276. My son, strive to get His knowledge. I am powerfully towards the goal laid out through the darkness, and the Valley, and the Valley of the Earth. Can I obtain knowledge without a Teacher? You can, but not knowledge of space. Direct knowledge receiving from the Lord has the advantage of the Arhat. Think about how far are people from the possibility of such a receipt. Negation represses this way and cuts it off. You need to know before the show, and we should be able too. Knowledge of the Arhat is vital. We are not proponents of abstract theorizing. For us the knowledge means vital authorization and in the life of the applied knowledge of the laws of space. We consider a person a citizen of the universe with the right space, but with awareness of their place in space. A citizen of their country is the first step, a citizen of the world is the second, a citizen of space is the third, and a citizen of the infinity is the fourth. Eternity and Infinity do not share. We will write about the law of outer space. Voluminous and massive is a collection of rights and codes of human, but it is not needed in Infinity where the right space reigns. The book of depository will fill the volume of human knowledge space. The Earth science played a role and brought mankind to the gates of cosmic knowledge. And now I give the order to give a science with consciously different direction and from the relative and conditional knowledge to bring it to the vastness of space. Cosmic knowledge - that is a year’s call of the future science, one for the planets of our system. The laws of relativity help to approve it. Fabrications of human will are not in this place, for Which I Have raised outline. Open is the storage of the mountain. Find staff that is sighted and sighted, put it at the control panel of the planetary science. Heaps of ignorance will be rent in the archive. And I have pointed, so I will Give. We will build the Temple of eternal knowledge. In the Temple of science professors are the Arhat who has diplomas of the space for a fiery seal of the Lord. Gaining the space knowledge you know how to confirm. Prison policy will be destroyed. A new, new, unusual but clear and conclusive Call is to build the University of Life, where the rector, professors, the Arhat and students are disciples and apprentices for pupils and staff. I Said.
277. (May 25). The Lord of Shambhala is the Lord of the Seven Rays. There are seven principles of being and each principle corresponds to the beam, a symbol of mastery, of the corresponding layer, or the type of matter. Seven tones of the musical scale give all the richness and diversity of the world sounds. Immeasurable is the creative power of the radiation spectrum in the fiery aura of the Teacher. On the strength of the Sun beam it can be measured by huge deposits of coal or the thickness of the layer or richness of the vegetation on the planet. The mystery of the Sun ray is an object of study for space science of the future. The Ray is a creator of life. And I have life. My Rays giving life saturate the planetary aura giving it the impetus of evolutionary nature. The Mother of the World gives the Teacher’s Rays particular power. And the joint strength is a new step in the evolution of the planet. In the climax of the final cycle it ends early and it gives direction to all subsequent new cycles. A circuit board of flame tension with special strength lies in all the actions of the fiery spirit responsible for the fate of the planet. For the aura of the Lord is strained with energies of extraordinary power. The fire is raging as a microcosm of the Lord. The brightly colored sun shining is a microcosm of the Lord. Sun life itself is the essence that shines through all the rays. While there is a Ray-bearer of a small land where the Light Lord lives and feeds the Earth. The Light Lord is diluted and he transforms the earth’s fabric in all its conditions. And together with the Earth humanity undergoes its transformation. The process is parallel because the Earth is for mankind and the bearer of the highest principles. Now the process has reached the transmutations with extraordinary tension. Thus, there are powerful tight beams of the Lord. It is an unprecedented moment in the history of our planet. Cosmic and earthly is the chalice of the transfiguration. And gravely liable flesh of these rays reaches the fiery heart tension because it must give a voice in unison. The flesh should be combined with fire; otherwise, there will be construction and destruction. So might the rays create a new stage of planetary life? I am the Life.
278. My son, I see your aspiration and it is your answer in conformity. The call should clearly resonate with consciousness and My thought to sate. It is easy to operate when there is a connection bounded with cement love. Do not worry about their weaknesses, their Focus. Everything is possible with the Lord, and especially under pressing and tension. Love the tension as destiny draws you. And if you manage to make it happy, you will be named the powerful winner. Defeat the joyless joy is an achievement of overcoming vibration of the environment and complete victory over Maya. This victory is a delight of the spirit and inspiration of fire. Drink the Fiery joy; it is food of the Arhat spirit. The full legend will make the Lord’s will a Chalice of fiery drink. It was said, but your sorrow will be in joy. But first the courage is to assemble; otherwise, there is a turbulent flow. The rays of their Call essence have to overcome resistance of the environmental sphere. The fire in you increases the effect. The flower of the fiery spirit grows invisible to you but I was clearly visible. Because you know: you pay not for old karmic debts but for the fiery forged armor which will be able to withstand tension proximity of My aura. I want to make your closer. Approximation of the spirit is not a sin, so remember about the limit of tension. Only the relative stress and difficulties replace joy of possible approximation that they supply. I, your Lord, am with you in sorrow, in joy, in peace, and I work hard. For the hail is to the Lord. We won, we won, and by My Rays we, you and I, will win the peace. I say: the achievements or brim capacity of the spirit. For I, your father, am a son and a Light. A fervent pearl seeker likens to you. In depth, under the pressing of the upper layers are shell pearls. Thus, it is difficult to stay in them. But the armor of the fiery in the thick matter is forged, but not in the transcendental heights. A man should get his feet on the ground and, while passing, satiate the spirit. Where is your essence, fiery trail remains? As the lights of the aura breaking the energy environment leave the space channels. It is a great feat of overcoming the lower density of layers and saturating them with light. The works of the spirit are in a merge with Me, so Rejoice. Make The Case Of the Lord. Trust My close messengers of the Light, the Light in darkness of bearing. And you are not tried to be close at feat. I am not tired in doing. Because I follow you, and the fog of fatigue will turn in a fiery glow. My idea sounds in your consciousness like an endless song of the spirit. Opportunities are multiplied. And when you are pressing fatigue, you ask, why it is so hard. I am standing behind you. To count you should lift your spirit. For bringing it to the level of the threshold you must meet the winner at the gates of promised and awaited joy. I Said.
279. (May 26). My son, hardness treatment (to the Lord) should be full and complete in fullness of it and echo. The fullness of desires gives a resounding chord. When all the strings of consciousness are strained to Me, a phenomenon of full-fusion complete harmony is difficult, because the tool is consonant to a man himself and it vibrates with his seven stringed lyres. Because talking about making the Teacher is full and relentless. Where are they, full-devoted, who bring their consciousness to My fret? A Life desert is not decorated with flowers of devotion to the Lord. Little are fiery colors on the Earth. So appreciate every sign of devotion. The Lord does not forget offerings of the spirit. The Lord is willing to conform. Touch the body charged with electricity. Get the spark of contact. Fire apparatus of Lord immediately gives the spark and talk when the consciousness is to his right. Dielectric interface than almost all would not give either sparks or current. My lamp, hot wires and base metals should be kept in order. Here you are from dense layers of consciousness; they aspire to Me with great love. You know that every effort sent to Me is given the germ of eternal life. How would the seeds rise for a meadow from consciousness? Sprouts will be given, and each in its time. Labor assertions of unity are not vain though the harvest of immutability for the consciousness is not weak. Who said that a State of constant tension and assimilate was easy? The tension required for the assimilation knows the term. Consciousness is to wind with a new form of expression. But when the goal is achieved, it becomes commonplace and inconspicuous as the pressure of the atmosphere. It is difficult for mankind to the degree of tension, which are the Lords. A usual human machine does not survive even for a short time. Hence there is a lengthy preparation of those appointed to the Stronghold. On the mountain you will remember. It is your Home. Necessary qualities are acquired with the Teaching of life lessons. You can rise in ardor to a certain degree of tension, and then an access is possible. And now you are a sewer of seeds of the Fiery Lord in life. How many thoughts of Mine have passed through your consciousness and, having received the form, left it in space. Them, not knowing what feeds on humans, saturated with the consciousness of the masses. For them, My thoughts, your consciousness is refracted as a print of singularity. Thus, they are implicitly in the human consciousness. Implicitly, but is powerfully. The saturation of space value is high, and the process is urgent. His feat of making Light must be understood in all its breadth and relevance. Do not ascend in the pride, you just know. A great strength is in simplicity. The call to simplicity is finished.
280. Awareness of themselves in this or that place depends solely on those mental images, or images that are in front of the eyes, irrespective of whether they are open or closed. If closing the eyes, thoughts surround themselves with furnishing in rooms across the town or around the globe transferring the consciousness fully into it, the magnetic pull of the surrounding objects loses its force and consciousness can clear and complete itself, or feel quite different from the situation, or the place in which it is located with the body. The process is not easy because it is difficult to break away in the minds of surrounding familiar subjects. Even in the next room or in a corner of the same room it is hard to imagine it, but the force of his consciousness had its infarction somewhere out beyond the visible eyes, places, already on the way of transferring the consciousness to any point of the Earth, and may be even higher. I always feel your aspiration to Me. But an advanced disciple fully transfers his consciousness to Me and I can feel it in My Tower, or he visits Me mentally, if there is subtlety of sensation and exacerbation of the reality degree. Practice your consciousness to the isolation from the surrounding, it is useful. You need to make similar excursions, and best of all with a purpose. A lot of people are in need of assistance. Why would not they help personally having their consciousness within the scope of the conditions surrounding them? Consciousness learns to overcome the limitations of space. This is particularly necessary for enhancing personal impact. The spirit is not limited with time or space. Properties of the spirit should be aware of it. I am staying with you; I do not know the restrictions. Learn to be like Me. Daily exercises are useful. It is not a provision that the astral without special indication is harmful increasing the psyche but that is the way of the spirit.
281. (May 27). My son, the phenomenon of ardent foes is inevitable. But now these are the weapons of your thought. The strikes will hit the thought. The material will break down the invisible fire. They will make energy at the grassroots level to visible things, and you are going to hack their invisible roots without which they will not be able to exist. Destroying and depriving the astral double phenomenon, the matter form should be exploded. And build and erosion is always on the same plan: through the subtle in the tight. In the astral world we have destroyed the age-old construction of ignorance. Human piles are destroyed. The result is a great old world of Coastal drift erosion in its earthly real identification. Fire thought We burn delusions the human. We destroyed the colonial phenomenon, and people woke up. We have destroyed the idea of slavery, and fear and dependence on anything, and we powerfully transform nature. Destroying the old we Build a thought as opposed to new forms of thoughts, and these forms of pouring are a free mass of the matter. So, it is the new world. Complete analogy exists with a new building breakable for erection. Without destroying the old and clearing the place we cannot erect a new building. But we do this process with the help of thoughts. We created new shapes, bright and colorful, with all the details are that is in the Subtle World, as they are models of the Earth. And a human thought grabs for them, because the old forms no longer exists. Whoever grasps the archaic images he is doomed to failure, because they are exist only in this microcosm, but not in space, and because he does not have the spatial sanctions. How spatial veto could apply to all human decisions, not being in step with the evolution. As a result, it is a full doom to fail all the Affairs and undertakings aimed against our intended plans. Card houses they built are scattered from the blows of time and intense failure crawls out under the constraints that they might not expect it. It should be noted that all the measures taken by the enemies of the new world turn their edge against them because the sting of poison concealed in all their endeavors. And they wanted to hurt and weaken people of the new world causing a grievous blow, but the phenomenon is for the benefit of the new world; because My hand is over the new country and those, who are with it, because there is a future of humanity. It is mistakenly to think of refining the first forms of building. A period of reorganization is difficult. But there is no other way. The phenomena should be seen as a powerful and gradual growth of the majestic building in the new world gradually freeing itself from already unnecessary things. Then all the scaffolding will be removed and the place will be cleaned from the building material, flowers and trees will be planted, and the beauty of Builder’s design will become apparent. But to understand the ongoing process we must rise above the personal and see the benefit of humankind. Sacrificing the personal, we enter the world of insight. Personal points are necessary to be removed and replaced with the world. But only a cosmic eye will be the solution. Thus, on top of the planetary there is space. Use and need something that is useful and necessary for evolution. There is no other criterion. In the useful a body was hanging on the cross being in agony, but the useful is for the world. The personal and space do not always coincide. And you cannot understand outer compromising the personal. The world of personal piles is destroying, destroying the thin build on which it was based. A personal creating leads to the phenomenon of broken things. To make the world thought and become a part of it you should express it in yourselves. A new Earth and a new heaven, while the phenomenon of individuality, personal places will not leave. To enter the world you have to live with the interests of the people, the country, the world, the mankind negating a self-sufficing circle of a personal world. It is not by itself, but it is only a part of the great whole and it is valuable only as a part but not as a self-target. The Self-sufficient, being separated from the cosmic existence is absurdity and it is nothing but stagnation. Arguing about the superiority of a super-person and the outer we are limited over the personal.
282. A feat making light in life is the most necessary thing. This is Yoga. So there is a feat of yoga in life. Yoga is the use of fire in life. The path of Yoga is the path of the fire. Microcosm is a medium light-fire satiation where the light becomes the center of the space around, as the lamp has strong tension in the darkness of the night. The difficulty of the feat is that light should be smooth and continuous. A flashing lamp is invalid because it will inevitably blow. Only balance gives the light Inextinguishable. Because carrying light in all conditions and in all States of consciousness becomes an obligation. It is a commitment to shine in voluntary limitation of consciousness. Shine on mood and depend on the State of the membranes is not a form of the Arhat. The Arhat Servicing is not interrupted. The sun always shines and always in space. The Arhat is the sunshine of life of Earth and the Sun, shining light of My life. Periods of loneliness and hoarding or recuperation are not shade periods, but during the crystallization of the Light. Before you give, it is necessary to have a gain. Crystal lamp or psychic energy stone Films is Eternal. The medium Stone of Eternal Light Treasures have a hero, or an ascetic accomplishment of Great Making, or great service. The Light is to serve it. The temple where there is great service is life. The temple walls are limited to space, but space is in all dimensions. Limitless is the scope of service. He who abides in Me has permanence of service manifestation. He who abides in Me brings My Light to people. My light is in the light of the refracted light given to people by the Arhat. The light is in your Light, lit by Me, and it gives people the Arhat. The light is from the light, from a single eternal light that burns in the microcosm its light rays. The lamp may not blink only if there is humility and obedience. Smooth light burns. Beams of disturbing light interrupt us with fear or doubt that is a destructive dissonance. Light a distant star burning in the space over a small planet. We are the stars of distant worlds. We are not earthly and not from the Earth. It is dust from the ground, from the cover. But we are guests from distant worlds. It is our homeland. Earth is a temporary home. The Lord was not from Earth. With a distant star comes the Lord. And you are My Ray of Light born from my mother's world, and you are not earthly but unregulated. The land is given to the realization of infinity. Call it the vast expanse. It is to show the limit of straining, but at the equilibrium.
283. (May 28). Knowledge is given inherently. A process does not depend on the external environment. Influence of my hand is over the infirmity of the flesh. While there is a desire and so far from Me, rings and sparkling crystal of a mountain stream. Know that people interfere with unduly burdening. But the human impact is to learn how to transmute on lamps. To do this, and only this, is related to people. Every effect, painting the aura but separating the network should not let any foreign matter inside. Otherwise, you can weathercock for someone else. Solemnity, tranquility and balance are to prevent the wave impacts. But you want to watch. The ship slices through the oncoming wave, without violating any of its own, neither the integrity of the hull, nor harmonious aspirations. Auras can not avoid interaction, but submissive tone of alien and lower energy is something completely different. We live in a world where myriads of energies and rays are directed at us. Life is the interaction with others. You cannot avoid being a part of space, the vibration of the whole. But they are clearly responsive and hidden, consciously and unconsciously, the inner Centre of their equilibrium remains unshaken and unchangeable in its elemental wholeness. Three streams rushing past before the eye of the Silent witness cannot engulf it and devour their waves. Resistance is the quality of the Arhat. Know the inviolability of monads. And knowing, you claim the eternal in the temporary. The world is complicated and multi-dimensional. Consciousness must master all the measurements and learn to keep the thread continuous on all plans. So there is a Teacher's Hand, as we go into the unknown, the unknown disciple, but already covered by the Teacher. The value of savings is experienced, and without it you cannot exist. Hence, the harsh life experiences it with My own hand and foot. Do not avert from life lessons. They are needed, and those that are conducted by the Teacher. Confidence is in the wisdom of the Leading Hand that runs their lives of the Arhat, when a fiery formula "Yes, Lord, Thy will" becomes assimilated and transforms into a form of conscious merging with the consciousness of the Lord.
284. My work is force. Mine stay in Me. Mine open the door of happiness. It is My access. Mine represent the face of the spirit. My lessons are not aware. My home is on the land that others do not have. My abandoned does not happen. My fear of death is not known. My eyes are good. My children are of fire. My way is enjoined the otherworldly. My concern is the Lord. Mine are robes of Light. They are My Teachers. This is My Light Servicing.
285. (May 29). An old problem is solved in blacking descent. And all the body died and will die wrapped and now wrapping Teacher’s knowledge. Because the displayed forms of each form are limited by a cycle of time in the world. There is not enough faith in the immortality of the form. Animals do not know about death and still die. You cannot think that belief in the inevitability of death attracts a body or a belief in the disease. The laws are everywhere the same. Worlds die and are born. The Aim is to manifest the eternity and the continuity of life in the chain of transient forms. Death is inevitable, but the forms stretch the limits of the law and can be extended using a yoga term of existence in a temporary form, i.e., in this case it is a physical body. The immortality of the spirit is to achieve a degree of coherent consciousness in all shells, as well as outside the three lowest. But the question is to extend the service life of the physical body and the victory over old age. The way to solve this problem you can specify. An urgent problem and in some detail its need to understand its people. Can you try at least one a day or even an hour turning the consciousness of its astral shell, i.e. without any emotion, that is fully solid and passionless balance? The manifested astral is wearing out the physical shell. It also wears it out not to work but it had deteriorated and discontented wild conditions. Work, whether it is joyous or fiery, raises vitality and rejuvenates the body. It is the spirit of yin. A state of awareness of the eternal spirit youth, being unappreciated by alchemists, is not within the microcosm of the fluid decomposition. There are two thoughts. There are thoughts of death, destruction and degradation, and thoughts of life giving. Some carry vibrations of death, the others bring life. Yoga’s way of victory is over old age and it had only a thought of the second order, but without the breach, that is a subject of the indissoluble balance of adopted forms of expressed consciousness. This is the state of the Arhat consciousness. The elixir of eternal youth is a fiery drink with pulsating energy of rightful thoughts. If the elements of death and decay are missing in atoms-builders of any form, it is the astral that is a stronghold and the Foundation of the process of old age. Astral dies in the Arhat. Degrees of The Arhat are shipped. The Arhat teacher’s degree owns the key. Animal food is harmful because it is full of animal’s lower astral fluids, especially blood. Vibes of decomposition, especially poison bearer. Eaters of the dead filling their essence with these fluids are especially prone to rot, even alive. The question of food is important. Pure food lacks of astral matter. But even in plant food it is dangerous when it began to decay. The introduction to the body decaying food is absolutely unacceptable. A diet of the Arhat is especially strict. Colon cleansing is necessary for the same purpose. It is to withdraw decaying particles from the body. The intestines must always be clean. What are the accumulations of decaying substances-food residue-are people’s years of willing poisons-decomposition products! Dead cells covering the body prevent the access to Prana. These sections also decompose; the decay is accompanied by the smell of decomposition in the clear. These dregs from the surface of the body should be removed daily and even twice a day. The body must be clean pores are opened the body needs to breathe freely. What is then? Poisoned atmosphere of the cities, or poisons of people’s expiration, or thickened mucus and intense passions and emotions of the scope? Only in nature, but far from the only people at the heights can be achieved the desired conditions. Press the issue. Harmful human clothing exists in a form and material. Clothes must never violate natural circulation of the body. Many diseases are from non-compliance with this condition. Secondly, good white wool and linen must also be white. Services of modern cities do not meet the principle of vitality preservation. Black clothing is designed to kill. Service is not overlooking the harmful world. Why are there so many diseases? Ancient Greece clothing issue was solved properly. Nudism is not a permitted solution because the direct rays of the Sun can be (and are) very harmful for the body. Breathing or the skillful use of Prana is also one of the important conditions. And, finally, the intense need for intensive labor. Labor is the favorite for a Light-bearer; to work for labor and creativity is a life giver supporting a fiery stream of energy. Under these conditions the fire of life is pure and does not smoke harmful products of combustion and poisonous gases. The body is purified from fluid decomposition. And it is a vigorous and blooming age. This is the intended path. But thinning and increasing the conditions of aging processes in the body can completely stop at one and the same level of metabolism. Here is the application of fiery Yoga that becomes inevitable.
286. (May 30). All that exists is a form of varying duration extended in time. The length of the forms in time can be from a few seconds to millions and billions of years. Within seconds, millions of years of fluctuating life there are different element atoms. To Die and be born is a form of the vegetable Kingdom keeping each in its immortal incarnations from the essence form. The same atoms, losing or gaining electrons, changing forms of their expression and forming new ones, will retain a constant Centre of gravity, or a kernel of their entity. If life is short in a physical body to replace the longer elements, they are kept them near the entrance of attraction, the decay and disintegration of the body break. If an outdoor piece of meat and nut wheat bread, meat will rapidly sliding block can remain for years in favorable conditions. So the elements of hidden in the adopted person. Easy food is digested rapidly, reducing the possibility of decomposition of her body. Especially easily decomposed products of fermentation are expressed in their harm. As such, the cheeses are especially harmful. Heavy, oily, fatty oil give a lot of soot and fume-fire smoking. It is hard for the body. There are substances which give a clean, bright, clear flame. Let us put it this way: there are foods that contributed to the spreading of black, or lower, and vice versa. Products of fermentation and decomposition of the human body are saturated with poisons. Consciousness is greatly facilitates or impedes the process of assimilation. Than tierce’s consciousness, the easier it neutralizes poisons. Hence there is a formula that is not food, but the idea that defiles a man. However, after the famous steps of the diet becomes inevitable, because otherwise you cannot manifest the refinement of the organism and its purification. Decaying living people is also common. Foul dead consciousness. The body of a deceased person has a form from which left the fire. And the lights fade and droop even when life is inevitably partial decomposed. A diet or an infamous post is nothing but a temporary method of cleansing the body with foods that are quickly decomposing substances or substances that cause fermentation. Abstinence from food oils and sugar properly. The revision of the human diet must be considered throughout the state. It will not be a mistake to say that the longevity of people due to the 25% quality by the food they eat. The second factor is the idea of third-state of astral and the fourth-the quality of psychic energy, or portable fire. It should be noted that the decomposition process is not limited to the physical body. It can be spread on both the astral and mental Guide and especially easy, due to its complexity, is the decomposition of consciousness itself. Because a known tension level of psychic energy fire all binding required. Is harmful and unacceptable phenomenon of retired people? Standard tension energy flow generated by a familiar work, is terminated, the fire can spread, causing as a result of illness and premature death. The phenomenon of the retired people is a crime against the person.
The less food is introduced into the body, the better and the faster it is digested. Thus, gluttony of a stomach is harmful.
287. My friend, how do you turn sweet into self-sweet? The way of making bitter in self-sweet is the path of the Bodhisattva elected by them voluntarily. You can call it by transmutation of lower to higher and higher in the highest. It is a way to overcome and there is a way to put the dark to light or in or around. The process is the first inside, then outside. The conscious realization of life manifested in the phenomenon of life more than the top step and its transmutation. Everywhere throughout goes higher, that is, from a lower, that is. Let's call this way of life, or by steps of evolution. The light inside, transmutes the gloom that outside. The Light, Silent witness transforming the first shell, inside which He is outside, or around itself, external to it, and radiant and shining through three and three, covers the matter three plans, relevant and vibrant in their sibling. Pure glass should be a lamp or lamps. So it is with shims. Only being cleaned let in light. Otherwise, the light that is in you, there will be darkness. There is a broken light fixture. They are Dim and smoking. And stained glass stains its shadows hits all around. Wipe the glass down and keep them clean and the light that is in you, will light without spots and shadows. Let it be he's not even good, but-without spots. And then the gloom and bitterness out will become lighter. The lighter and lighter atmosphere will be around until the glow of this light in belittling that does not immediately fill the environment. And when the rays are right, the three firstborn are conquered and ranged. The Arhat has a spa area where he lives. It could be called the ionizer of others. Thunderstorm, then there is a level of spatial fire, cleansing, give the phenomenon of ozone. The fire of the heart of the Arhat is the apparatus with azonic feel. The microcosm of the human sphere is constantly and continuously emitting energy in space interacting with the energies that are in it. The combination of opposite energies in the sphere of the aura's magnetic field gives a way to the strength of a magnet, because a man is a magnet. The man is a magnet; the energies of his surrounding transmutation are in good or for evil, in darkness or light respectively. The strong magnet powerfully overcomes all resistance, and even stressful energies, against the current, gives a wave, polarizations receivers on its wave or, in the case of strong opposition, neutralizing them. There are also special cases, when the glow of light causes a frenzy of evil, but it is only in the case of explicit religious dark. But their effect neutralizes the vibrations of light because darkness is powerless in front of the light. The impotence of darkness before light we need to understand. No darkness cannot resist the light, s conscious its power and strength and powerlessness of nature, or essence, of darkness against light. Darkness itself is nothing, or the absence of light. Because there is Arhat who realizes his strength, and He is the winner of darkness. Not having realized the power of light and various laws vary they retreat in fear of the darkness. But the darkness is a bull of a cardboard, a force built on nothing, and carriers of light never hesitate or are frightened of darkness. And he who overcomes, the light inside, and there's a transmutation, or creative in the light of the dark, rough in the thin, lower in the higher, spiritual, material dense in subtle, of the fire and self-bitter in self-sweet . Because life is a fiery drink, call Me! Drink from the chalice of immortality, representing your passing into the eternity.
288. (June 1). “The Teacher is always at the door" is the formula of your life. Life threads and threads of death there are thoughts that bind the consciousness to the Poles either Light or darkness. The Teacher Is a pole of Light. Because each aspirin thought is bestowed of life. Do not overload yourself with considerations. The principle is clear and simple. Every aspiration to him directed, already in itself is good. Visualization in the third eye of Its Shape is the essence of light; it sets up a process of transmutation of varying duration. A constant holding the same in the third eye of the Teacher’s Image makes the process continuous. That is why this life is a very great achievement. The process of consciousness transformation is not interrupted any way because the radiant face of the Lord makes the Light of its new stage regardless to the consciousness under transient conditions of this life period. Each segment of life is meaningless in itself, but it is valuable only insofar as it enriches the experience and increases the accumulation of the chalice. We need to understand that all the events of our life nothing if they do not have enriched the contents of the chalice. So a whole life, the crazed Moon reflects without live active conscious thoughts and activities that can easily be removed from the book of life. Therefore, the value of life is not life, but the attitude to the consciousness. A weak-willed is automatically pushed aside and the subordination of environmental conditions is harmful because it will certainly have suppressed fire life microcosm goes out. People crushed the life-finished people. And extinguish the spirit of them. We do not say that people and circumstances change,-the weeping and the gnashing of tooth-in the darkness outside that is always nothing but consciousness opposed to darkness and past consciousness of fiery internal support with external conger. Appreciate his oppositions go activity of human consciousness. Life is a struggle. And the Warrior of light, being in the battle, having rest, or sleeping at night always keeps the weapon with him by surprise he not will catch any surprises. He is ready for the battle. Constant patrol readiness is to stand up for the approval of the ceasefire; its light, its dignity (spirit) is the attainment of the Arhat. The testament "spirit regaling" has in mind the condition to maintain ceasefire in the sanctuary of the heart on the altar. There are people — soul snuffers taking the Light, conscious and unconscious servants of the dark and vampires all genders and species. Beware of them. Great harm is to those who extinguish. They need to recognize and avoid the need firmly and resolutely. You can even send an arrow in the case of special protective active harmfulness of these carriers. They are bearers of light and darkness. The darkness cannot be extinguished to the Light, but the thoughts can have a secret message. Dark whispers are from their ranks. So the key to overcome life remains forever in the hands of the winner. The Teacher’s Testament is to struggle and win.
289. The Validity of provision is confirmed only by experience. If the person committing unnecessary or harmful actions thanks to them, or because they cease to do necessary and useful, will that benefit or harm? If a person just because it has something negative, stop manifest is positive, it does not terminate it their progress? Cross over to the people, and includes everything that is recyclable. And the need to move forward under the weight of the cross, and moving until all of the self-bitter will not be transformed into self-sweetened. Instant Insight is rare, but it does not cross the accepted. Someone can surely think that the robber is immediately committed. His aspiration to the light gets the approval of the Archbishop, but this should go a long way to overcome itself. The hungry will always dream about bread, and we cannot demand from him the victory over the feeling of hunger, not towards it, and not having a balance of physical. The path is voluntary, and no judges. The judge is over himself. But nothing let will stop and will slow down the running to the Teacher. You are to go despite any conditions or weaknesses. Conditions and weakness are in the elimination if intransigence of aspirations to the Teacher remains constant. The call from the depths of the past is eliminates to master them and rule over it. There is no need to be embarrassed about anything. The uniform and progressive motility, given in physics is a good example. But even better acceleration in geometric progression. The pattern remains, but the speed is increased. If it stops because of each species flashing in the train, the train is forced to cease the movement. Flashing details of the way may not occupy the spotlight. Delete all in his time, not only paying the attention to this. What should lead to Me? Go; go, like elephants spreading shrubs and thickets of conditionality. You cannot linger on anything; otherwise, the guest star will be hidden behind the rock.
290. (June 2). A way traitor is a man who allowed or allows a break in the filling and the receipt of light. "Our source is oozing into you without ceasing." But a person can tolerate such a state of mind when he prevents or stops the invigorating spray. Consciousness is immune and responds to the vibrations of light. The Fabric of the Beam ruptures the ignorant. There is no good in breaks of the current flow. The quality of permanence is inseparable from the climb. Thus, leave the Lord means to betray you. So again we need a permanent exodus. How inhuman effort and perseverance should be to reach this state of consciousness. So is again the concept for his approval. Someone thinks succeed jumps. Like a jumping calf in the meadow. Not suitable for racing. Pralaya consciousness is rhythmical and does not depend on those or other acts as just other hollow waves, once consciousness was at its crest. This is sequencing rhythm does not violate the rule of law, as the rhythm of day and night does not violate the planetary evolution. It is perhaps surprising that the changing of the seasons and the cycles of the Zodiac periods represent a shift, or manifest the polarity. Harmful is a high-handed rhythm of the consciousness state of My disciple. So you must learn to distinguish the essence of different states of spirit to clearly see where the damage and devastation is, and where the path is straight. Once again I repeat: a harmful act is caused not by the Act, but the attitude to it, or a reaction to it. When the silent shells harm is not. From tenacious vibrating membranes consciousness should raise the above without breaking the rhythm of their self-will. One needs constant tension and constant alertness to tame the impulses from these outgoing.
291. (June 3). When a person is climbing and nothing prevents him, it is easy to maintain the unity. But it is difficult when the bag nasty circumstances. The same is anticipation. When fatigue, disappointment and discontent fill the heart and is the darkness of mind, keep the desired degree of exodus becomes almost impossible. The stage of the Arhat requires a known state of consciousness that we hold against all external that allowed the Teacher to overcome. Then in the stillness and silence we must gather forces to confront the next wave of opposition. The teacher does not want to mind has been broken by the power of the nastiest conditions. The Teacher makes sure that tension did not exceed limit legitimate rule. Such tests which could overcome the will of the pupil were never given. And often too heavy a burden on the limit tension becomes easier. As I said: "My yoke is easy, and My burden is light." So the tests given by the Lord are to strengthen but not to weaken it. We just have them undergo, endure to the end without falling and not bowing under their weight. And having lost everything we retain the triumphant state of consciousness, and we can achieve much more than preserving everything, but losing the spirit for it is not external but internal, and it determines victory. So nothing has been lost and only deprived unspeakably closer to victory and goals than someone who is surrounded by all and has all that it needs. The deprivation is getting. Because the deprivation of means getting outside and in spirit, because the law of equilibrium, or compensation that is unmistakable. And the one with the finest of all their wealth is on Me and in Me, and it will never either prejudice or ruin, for I am always with him. But based on anything external and putting himself at the mercy of transient conditions it gives himself to power the external variability and variability. So, the question is simple. Where and what is the point of consciousness, the Centre, at which it asserts itself: outside or inside, for Me or for something outside My Microcosm? The attraction goes to the Centre of the bearing. Even to things and subjects on which to focus the consciousness, to attract setting them a magnetic connection. But how strong it focus on the Lord, in belittling and strongly. It does not require any laborious efforts. You just need to care of the heart or the legend of the Lord’s heart. For where your heart is mule, there is brevity of the moment. Now in the Teachings of the "heart" it is culmination of the final as the antechamber to the construction of the heart Temple and the approach to space understanding. But the Temple of the heart is My temple. And it is the Lord which is the cornerstone of, derived at the forefront. So the Lord’s build can only be a solution to the issue. Without Me anything does not happen. For everything created without Me builds a "vortex of destruction." On that rush are all the hope and all the faith. It is on Me. Where is the future? In Me. Whom can you contact in the hour of need and thickening darkness? Me. Who destroys all obstacles? I. Who destroy the enemies? Who will win? Who ignites the lights? Can anyone stand against hurricane? Who will overcome all? I, I, I! And I am with you in your consciousness, and I pose a stronghold of the heart.
292. Configure the receiver of consciousness in the wake of the aspirations to the Lord. It is the first condition for perception. When it is met all the subsequent becomes easy. But the sound should just select a wave. Otherwise, the cacophony of sounds, rather the thoughts, lets the primary wave. And during the whole process of perceptual consciousness it keeps the mood at the specified key. Then, without stopping, it is poured into the consciousness of the stream of thoughts from the Teachers. You can call this a wave by wave because it must win and drown out all the sounds and thoughts of the Earth and excel in the mind. It splits its clear tones and all incidental waves being opposite to bursting in the field of consciousness during the whole process of perception. But the focus unshakably remains on the aspirations. And this focus is the Lord. And if you want to strive to Mother of Agni Yoga, you have to explicit investigation and proceed through Me. Do you want to write about it in a memorial day? We will write about it. A step to overcome the earthly attachments to name her stage for earthly overcome and pull of higher is in action. This is a distance from the Earth. And also and separation from personal, because everything is concentrated is in Me. I have lived and yet nobody on Earth has reached My Face. Associated with Me are inextricably and loyal to Me and certainly to the end. It represents the character shining to the Teacher. There are no signs of higher trust. And it is in a state of constant communication explicitly with the Lord. Manifested in Me, the Teaching is a truth concluded it. An Order is high; the entrusted mission performs and runs to the end. On earth ends the way termination, as is hereinafter referred to the spirit of the final. The open tension requires extraordinary treasures. It is difficult to bear the burden of grilled Centres in serious earth conditions. Touch of the old world for a poison-bearer and conditions of Armageddon require supra-human strain. Waging named, as it was the battle with the dark power of the spirit which is pitched and the winner was always in superior. The spirit of the closest, with thousands of proven loyalty and dedication, their blood it’s not once live. The Ladder Tree stands to Me at the next stage being available for the person. Remember and know: the rays and the stone are trusted and entrusted with power.
293. (June 4). The time will come, and it will be distributed widely and freely, not forcing anyone. The starving poor in spirit, like a sponge the water will absorb the Truth Teachings of life. Someone will have to show up. The preaching went left. In life will have to contribute towards their covenants, fiery life. Here are two and the crossroads put a small column with the plate and the words, "happiness in work inspired" or "Teacher of light Is a lighthouse leading", or "art is a way of life", or "art for all", or "Path of Yoga is the path to immortality," or "Will win all the difficulties, or the discipline of the spirit there are wings", "The power of knowledge, and joy have a special wisdom." And thousands of other, concise and vivid, shrill consciousness, small brain can decorate intersections of roads, stones can be established over the entrance to museums, libraries, schools, nourishing and enriching the thought. Being concise and clear, they will be on the pages of printed sheets, respectively, they will decorate tutorials synthesizing their essence and purpose of pointing the Majesty of science. The phenomenon of communism will make them acceptable to all, because knowledge cannot do that. Nearing the time is a wide sowing of life seeds for a sewer. Seeds of light from the light through the pupil of the microcosm cover the expanse of new country and harvest will produce great and quick. When the soil is soundly, you do not have to worry about young growth , but sowing good seeds must be full, and those that are needed for the bread of life will eat everything and sowing-for all. Limitless is the variety of perceiving consciousness, and everyone should find something for himself and something for your, it is this consciousness of power. So widespread is the consciousness of the sewer and accommodate all asylum-seekers and coming. Your knowledge will leave you and each give consciousness, within the limits of its capacity. The greater the Teacher is, the more minds can be consonant and conform to Him. One must learn to be understandable to all, even to the disguised enemies of friends. Clear and convincing logic of life, irrefutable and sound, will conquer the unfinished opposition. The power of adopting the Teaching will absorb and will dissolve their unpreparedness. Convince new songs, new poems, new stories and pictures of the Teacher. Through the will much is given. The influence of high art that enters the consciousness is direct and without words. Art is a powerful force of transforming. The Ways of art is in the Light. But other ways are not to be diminished. Everything is penetrated with light and especially with his invisible rays.
294. My son, why do not your spirit the terms of the nastiest? Each entity incarnating on Earth bears the burden of its imperfections. As a result of the fight embodied in matter the center of consciousness that surrounds it increases the potential of consciousness. There is no guilt of matter when one overcomes the Alps and covers themselves with glory, while the other, lying behind the stove, flea traps. The magnetic essence aura attracts relevant conditions. But the spirit of a winner overcomes all sorts of conditions because the spirit is not matter, but in space which property is its infinity. Consequently, limitations are not outside, but inside. Neither matter nor space cannot be ascribed properties the limited consciousness. Limited availability is in us. Understand the limitations of the small mind. But what limits the mind of the son? What is its spirit that I have to approve? There is no idea whether it is the same consciousness that is generated? You can surround yourself with thoughts as a fence or a wall, thick and high. And because of this fence becomes invisible world is boundless. And you can only remove the thought. When with me wholeheartedly, the power of self-restraint of fence collapses to again fall under it, only Me, ease, obscure thoughts of the current day. Freedom is in Me and with Me, because everything you search for concentration is in Me. Beyond Me there is gloom. Thus, the magnetic force of consciousness attraction should be strengthened in Me and fill My consciousness to a certain extent of the magnetic force in small thoughts, and the mundane has been neutralized. In short, we must increase the spirit. The increased spirit needs a valid counter, like the walls of the boiler, to show the power of steam and give it a useful application. If couples would deny the necessity of the strength of the walls, thus he will deny himself opportunities to show force efficiency. The stronger the walls are, the higher the pressure can be raised and the greater force can be shown; the stronger the resistance of the walls or the counter of their internal power is, the higher you can lift the pressure and give higher tension. Surrounding laws are all the same. Why does the son protest against the conditions when the power of light measures pungency of the apparent? Great is the spirit that spent the live without powerful opposing conditions. After all, I revolted the whole world with the Teacher, the Prince of this world. The darkness of this world rose gathering all his strength. And, having collected them, it caused a phenomenon of powerful flashes of light not growing for centuries. Look and see how constant the tension is, and a super-person tempers his armor and collects clear forces granuling the Stone of new facets of growing light-fire. This light-fire growing in power is visible to Me. It fills a wrapping counter. He will give explicit evidence soon. The Aura's flower grows and grows stronger. The Aura is prepared to exit the shell of the increased spirit and drop it off into the ocean space. My son, you are waiting for freedom from captivity of matter staying in it. It is the only and the most self-precious of all freedoms because it is inherent in life or in death. The contempt does not climb because everything that surrounds you is given to climb faster. Because the conditions you are thinking about are not sins. And know that they are brought to me extremely quickly. The already manifested degree is to overcome the fierce, and it surely will hang the spirit before the last trailing decoration, the right for new achievements in the new field of activity. My son, I am standing behind you ready to support your spirit in the fight to overcome the burdens and give you the Crown of victory. My son is watchful in the awareness of the proximity of the Lord. Layering each unfamiliar things of proximity to a man, he must overcome and neutralize, or, as they say, master them, otherwise, he and the thing will affect it.
295. (June 5). My friend, what is the phenomenon of light that you prefer? Adoption of the Light itself is the goal of the fiery Yoga. And the light of the abovementioned begins the great transformation of the three. Of course, the matter is composed of atoms. The atoms of the stones from the walls of the cells or from the cave in the hermit of Yoga and the atoms of stones are taken from the dungeons where torture was carried out by the same rough physical composition. But they are deeply different from seal associated with them, and a composition of the astral and other kinds of matter that they are sated with. These are the same and stratifications of vintage necklaces and other ancient things and objects. Saturated with everything, and is very different. Is full of different kinds of energy, or matter, but where is the line between them and who saw it? For us, there are no two pieces that are exactly alike. Sense-knowledge begins from the moment when a person starts under the foreign form of sense with these invisible physical eye layers. Seven principles of a man by man are not limited to the explicit or hidden as there is in all that wraps every spark-Monad. For the stratifications cannot be limited to one plan. And if they are even the stones that people consider being dead, what to say about the man, the walking receiver of emanating vibrations from all that happens around him. Than being full and crowded with it, infinite millions of centuries of its existence in various forms start with the primary fire, the spirit- monads. What a powerful Centre of accumulated energy is past in all the lower kingdoms, and it subdues to them, and assimilates their energy. Thus, in the immediate environment can we accept either combined spirits or karma necessary for high impact of human auras on each other? A person continuously and permanently affects everything: people, animals, and plants, and objects and things, and psycho-magnetic conditions, and all the layers of its surrounding, invisible and visible. That is why preserving balance and supports in the heart inside is so important and necessary. Keep it as a permanent Individuality with the bodies and membrane forms of expression which are necessary because otherwise in the case of its denial, it immediately begins the process of decomposition and loses accumulated energies of fire connecting them all. The complexity of the human brain is great and immeasurable. But outside the brain it offers the unlimited field of available sense-knowledge. Recognition of faces and recognition of the thing or object essence is based on it. Items are clean and unclean, evil and good, light and dark, regardless, and despite, perhaps, identical to their outer shells or forms. A strange thing is that it causes confusion of auras. Few people think for good, because little things are good. Layering each unfamiliar things of proximity to a man, he must overcome and neutralize, or as they say master, otherwise, he and the thing will affect it. You can permit yourself to feel the hidden properties of things and events, but to obey them is not allowed. Thus, a man is a center of it, but he does not report. A formula for overcoming life is wide and has deep significance. The Centre must be unshakably preserved in all conditions, all worlds and all shells. Claim your "I" and Call someone who understood and found his true personality being a collector of treasures. One must resist, resist at all costs, save and guard his inner sanctuary, or the Citadel of the spirit. And save it, his soul, his personality, his lost lower “I”. As in the arms of the identity, or self, a loss of Individuality, as an absorbent of the energy comes from the outside through the shell. As it is said, he who loses his soul, will be clinging the illusionary and temporary "I" and lose his mind along with the death of its provisional and ghostly shells. I am constructing a stronghold of his immortal spirit being in his claims. And the form of its manifestation is a continuity thread of the consciousness.
296. Should I write? I Need. There are rare receivers. The value needs to be understood. Can anyone replace the next? How much action do you have to preface that this cooperation is to be held? Who can express a thought without distorting? And where did they arrive, even among the receivers? So, realizing his value and the indispensability, you can continue and deepen the initiated. Cooperation with the Lord is approved. Seeds are collected for sowing. A giving hand giving of fire must be strengthened. The power of thought depends on the saturation of its fire heart. It means that lights hearts need a public prayer and not only it, but also to save a public prayer. Therefore, it is necessary to go through the process of booking the fiery. An unprotected heart burns. The fire of mind means steady burning hearts without outbreaks of fire damage. The balance is the first and foremost of the mastery of the fiery heart, and then all the other lights as their disclosure. Subtle and difficult is the art of living keeping the flame evenly burning in the heart. In the Words of instability they are not allowed. The power of the spirit aspires to the mastery of fire and thought, the patron of forms. Never mastering the lights did not occur in the lungs and pleasant conditions. In the storm, thunderstorm and pressing and under the onslaught of the elements is the ability to master the fiery treasure. Fire suffers. And power is held. And these are his effort to admire him.
297. (June 6). My Call to the degree of Proximity is to be approved. A comparison can give a presentation about it. Not all are close, even long ago, because she said the men for millennia. It is a value of its inalienability. The nearest door is always open for convergence. And you can deepen your understanding, and can bear witness of the light who is food and life. Certificate it in the light of the Summit and the Media, for it is a duty of every disciple; they voluntarily assume the received. It is not forced but natural expression of the fiery essence in the heart of the appliance. A fire magnet draws explicitly. They need to saturate millions. But one lamp can light thousands of others, and a lighting lamp is in force, but not in brightness of its damage that is not responsible. So under a voluntary mission it is to shine and kindle in harmonious aspirations without violation. The oil comes from the outer shell which is luminary, because you can give it away while constantly renewing. The Lord’s will never leave you in action. Legitimate is the exchange of fire. The wheel and return is legitimate. My proximity need to be approved every hour. It counteracts all around, because My proximity is not from the Earth. It is the world of flesh. Because the continuously fight is for the approval of the Lord in the mind. Against the flow of washing life, it is in the mind of the eternal Stone Foundation.
298. The Teacher’s Aura has pumped energies of extraordinary tension. Entering the contact with human auras, it increases its tension. You can see sometimes how a simple light bulb being dim lights brighter. Changing the tension, you can force it to burn brighter and brighter until it blows. Therefore, from the metal light bulb and its tension is dependent on the tension current, it can withstand. The same is related to your aura. While approaching, only a few will be able to withstand this burning. For the aura grows slowly and gradually. Two conditions must be born in mind. The first is that the aura of an apprentice amplifying the beam from the Teachers does all of the energy, both good and bad. Because the action of the Act for a fervent disciple has both positive and negative quality, the first thing is for approval, the second is for Burnout. The second is a degree of tension caused by the Teacher that should not exceed the lawful strain otherwise, there will be inevitable death. Because the Teacher consistently teaches the disciples aura to endure more and more increasing tension leading him to the limit of body endurance. It will complain about the difficulty in this assimilation, but a knowledgeable and growing student is destined to this charging and it will be holding it joyfully. For it brings him to the Lord. The charging can be withstood and it is significant but subjected to the balance. Thus, the balance condition is absolutely necessary and inevitable while approaching to the great individuality. Know the purpose and importance of quality does not stop at nothing to acquire it. The challenge is an approval of balance and serenity and the approach to the Teacher, or the existence of an Everyman. It provides balance and tranquility in a tense action. And then the vibration of disciple’s aura begins to ascend to the vibration of the teacher’s one, and a degree of conformity is approved. Without that there can be no Intimacy, no relation, and no contact. And if it is a usual prayer with a spirit of an ordinary man, while elevating his aura instantly he can achieve the effect for long, long years and persistent efforts, and knowledge of what is put before him. The degree of recovery becomes a normal state of consciousness. Being clothed in the unceasing prayer, or, in the language of our time, we must stress the fiery energies microcosm thin and raise your vibration to scale the degree of consonance with fiery energies of the flaming Teacher’s aura. The status of a permanent exodus accustoms the student body to feeling the Fiery Rays of the aura constantly changing and raising the vibratory tone of his aura. The fiery aspiration to the Lord, zealous and indomitable, is sweeping all the obstacles and resistance being the best tension amplifier. In this case, the receiver is ready for the permanent effects of his refined metal. The main is consciousness and uncomplaining attitude to the process for complaints and grievances to prevent currents of fiery energy. The Aura lights the Rays of the Lord and always upon the Earth. But how little anyone in contact with them and is consciously. And how many works to do, to be in their radiance in revoked. Here lives the ascetic life of a disciple, complete works of exorbitant and the great acts of the spirit. In great suspense of all forces of human life is a spiritual warrior spirit or student. We send the feat for it is lit lights aura and to bring into a state of tension. Who does not want to take the path of tension, he rejects bringing unrestricted. Random ups and occasional glimpses of communication are not objective. The Arhat is blazing a stressful magnet that is in constant Communication with the fiery Beam of Teacher’s energies. The degree of approximation is unlimited.
299. (June 7). The Lord of Shambhala presents himself on ways of endless ascension of the spirit. Testify about an uninterrupted single life poured in billions. Testify a single Father-fire, a satiation of each form. Maintain the fiery scale from top to bottom, from the depths of the universe and its highest peaks. Maintain the staircase of the spirit manifested by the Hierarchy. Claim the victory, the end, the great and universal outer aspect. Maintain life as it manifests itself in the form of various degrees of light-fire. Argue the world of fire, the fiery world as the basis of existence of the revealed world. Approve a person as the essence of fire, the shells of matter revealed for the gradual adoption of the Light within oneself. Give the evidence to the world for new ways intended and collected by the spirit under the banner of Maitreya, the Lord’s coming. I say, «To riches, to understand the great purpose of a man on Earth is his temporary abode at the starry path climbing to the infinite light". The way of a man to the stars is limit with a circle of eternity and infinity and manifested energies. Maintain the space without borders and begin it as something that exists and what was, is and will be forever. Claim the infinite space and eternity spawning as all holding a bosom of the Mother in the world. Submit My envoys as the next spirits, the Lord’s light of world carriers. In anticipation to the beginning of a great fiery era fire gives everything initial, all the binding-powerful integration spheres and worlds as a proof of the world existence. I Say: fire is given to a human for mastering this powerful element and controlling it. Consciousness Satiation of mankind is the eternal understanding of life and everyone who is close to Me is inevitably given the full Cup. Everyone who comes to Me becomes satiated to the limits of the capacity of his spirit. They eat everything but still cannot get enough of the earthly fruits. I Give the bread of life, recharging the soul with fire of forever indomitable ambition and invisible power of the spirit. I Call all to the Chalice of life and its fiery drink is free for everyone. Hunger and thirst are for the spirit, so come! For you I cooked dishes that feed the spirit and I prepared place for everyone. A call was thrown into space, but everyone has come and everyone has taken their own hands closing the spirit. On the name and match will they receive, but it will not be on anybody, even a small particle of this wishing. People have forgotten about the spirit in the world. However, it came up. A great divide came to Me and I will make planets space phenomena. And when it is fulfilled, I will not have a Division for flocks and shepherds, I will be the one. The life arena is dark. A new Division of mankind claims not to light and darkness, as before, but to the spirit. Because the spirit of togetherness will be satisfied by Me in the heart, when there is time of Maitreya. And I, invisible, secret, will show My Presence in human hearts. And the secret will be revealed. The Fiery energy of My spirit will go on all the wires, and each engine-heart-will give tension to power its in line. The engine is the heart of the word care. The abandoned and launched mechanism will not work. In the great Era of light victory there are left faces of the greatest tragedy in the spirit. There are irreparable. Since the beginning of the era it gives the direction for every spirit at all subsequent cycles. If a robber is not rejected, publicans and the harlot, the doors are open to all and the excuse is incoming. I Call for everyone and say, there is nothing that could prevent your approach to Me, there will be someone who directs the spirit. Maitreya Teachings are for all. The Last call cannot oversleep. Thus, the unreported will remains with nothing.
300. My son, the aura of your answer gradually gets accustomed (vibrates) on the wave of the Teacher’s aura. It vibrates the entire microcosm, Ray assimilations and tonality. Everything sounds in nature. It is in consonance with Me, the organism itself already begins to sound a note becoming flame-sounding. Every sound has its note. Thus, it can increase the power of My beam. The small consonant is related to great consonance. This route leads to consonance expanding its degree. A faceted crystal of consciousness may sound according to the number of faces. The shared space and the ultimate goal of person-number of faces on the crystal consciousness liken the faces the multifaceted cosmos. For the Lord he is not limited with anything in line with multi-faceted crystal of the consciousness. The beginning of cooperation with the Lord has revealed. It is its end. Think about the possibilities of revealing the depths of knowledge by the direct Teaching. This is only the beginning!
301. The human consciousness, much like the beam spotlights, can be easily and freely directed to where the Lord and the owner want. So you can see and hear. Around the world of the infinitely varied forms and phenomena, and one consciousness chooses the desired and it focuses the beam, snatching what it wants, or what it involves a conscious or subconscious would, now or previously demonstrated. When your consciousness is focused on Me and My World and the Ray of consciousness covers or wants to highlight something which operates the law as smoothly as in the world of conventional phenomena. The focus of attraction is the essence of consciousness. So you can see the idea in the original direction and take the magnetization of thoughts extract from Me. Of course, the Lord will give what we need and what should be, but as good and the degree of an individual quest. Of course, knowledge is always to glow past to gravitation in the microcosm of the energies, or by name, but energy establishing harmony can be engendered, consciously and with a purpose. The mechanism of perception or psychological technique is simple and clear in its process, and it is reduced to the formula to get the goal. «It is only necessary to remove the elements of doubt, uncertainty and randomness from the process. Nothing happens. The record does not involve random thoughts, but there is a law of magnetic consonance and conformity. The Pole and the Beam energy of a perceiving consciousness come into contact causing a number of thoughts in the minds of creators with a particular form. I want to provide precise knowledge of techniques intended to precise methods of this Teaching which were always on hand. Not occasional handouts of the sky, but slender and harsh methods of obtaining direct knowledge. Of course, the world of the Lord’s knowledge is inexhaustible. And because the draw can be safely, without fear, that source will dry up. A rhythm, as in everything, facilitates the process, but it is necessary to adopt the understanding that knowledge is always in the consciousness which begins to sound at a particular wavelength and adjusts accordingly. Of course, everything violates and it is in a stark contrast with the old way of thinking and teaching of people, but the old thinking should be stopped until it dies completely. For the repeated adoption is often useful. With the Tower of a visible path the spirit of space is proposed by the spirit, for the parcels are coordinated in accordance with the clichés of the future. Our students, following the Order, may not know how to break their work in the coming centuries, but the Teacher has the future in his mind being invisible to anyone. The purpose of the records is given by the approval of the Lord as the rod and the basis on which it should only be forged in the world of human perceptions. Thus, I Will Come. And the light bringing peace will be given to the subsequent cycle. And the light that will be realized is to realize through the next realization. Only breaking My light in the minds he can suffer in peace and give it to people. The value of orders is high. I am preparing to implement the Mission of life for this predestined incarnation. The Relevance of Assignments should be greatly aware!
302. (June 8). Of course, the ease and simplicity of each achievement is relative. Everything is easy and simple if there is a build-up and it was once attached. An artist quickly sprinkles the portrait that is astonishingly similar, but how many lives are behind the speed and this skill. And there is such a situation with all abilities. And it especially relates to fire. Knowing this, you can make a conscious effort to approve the required qualities. It is important to understand that the inflamed Centres mean approval of the properties and qualities of fire. For example, the fire of the heart eliminates the appearance of fear, or sadness, or timidity, or inferior. Lights inflamed report person properties and qualities of the flame. For the first condition is the kindle of lights. Of course, when fear and cowardice do not blaze with lights hearts, fear does not go down in the fiery heart. This interplay of lights and qualities should be well understood. The lights of solemnity or the courage has a fiery quality or a quality manifested in the form of lights. Arguing the quality of lights or conditions, the appearance of lights becomes possible. The same calmness and balance form is exactly a burning flame. So fuss, anxious, distrustful, doubt, fear, there are forms of expression of the spirit, in which none of the lights may not manifestation how cannot fire the lamp ignition without oil. Necessary conditions for lights manifestation must be created by a disciple himself, and then the lights will flash and flaring up they will take the desired shape. Unbridled glowing can burn through wires. Hence there is an eternal watch of moderation and full control and subordination of fire elements. The Lord of the microcosm with the power of its claims is not a slave, but the owner of the space forces. You cannot master the blaze saving the slave mentality. The Power propertied and invested with power is a man, a King of nature, heritage, and commandment in the realm of fire. The fiery world is not for slaves but for Kings of the spirit. Not arbitrariness is Jesus deity, but manifestation of the fiery spirit of a discipline that adheres to the law. Just follow the cosmic laws that give the wings of liberty. Violation of the law is arbitrary hammering the chains of slavery. For the Lord is coming to execute the law but not to break it. So you freedom of its manifestation is in the framework of the law, and it will become infinite and unlimited, the unlimited scope of higher laws manifestation. And because the same thing cancelled a miracle, because it implies in an immature human consciousness, it is a violation of natural laws, when, in fact, it is the highest law. Knowledge is a great liberator. Lit the fire Teaching that destroys the shackles of ignorance. Can a man understand what monstrous piles of clutter hide his consciousness from the truth and do not rise above them and will not see those voluntary dungeons which languish in the human spirit? False religion has false, false, false, false forms of life; it is so immersed in the world of ghostly obviousness. And the world is old, and it is out of the way with the new. But in the new we need to keep a close watch, not whether to nest where there are the corners of the old world for survival. And the new wine, and new wineskins, and new forms of life, and Earth and Sky – everything is new. And the old is in the new place. But the manifestations of the new world, first of all, will be in the human consciousness. The external form is only a consequence. It is necessary to awaken the consciousness of people from centuries of slumber, or the age-old misconceptions, or old heaps upon the Lord. Planetary awakening of people should be seen. And we woke up. Shifts are great. With the old consciousness there is no construction. Only new is new. And from the new everything pre (the spirit) prepares a lot. It is truly a bridal spectacular. Completed building is in the world of Thin, and now it is intended to be poured in a ready-made form. It is difficult to grasp the dimensions of human eyes and see the Foundation and roots, but the size of this is already possible to judge for the future, which is close, joyful and bright. The future and the light of its essence are close.
303. Let us speak about the secret of sounds. The sound of the human voice is magnetic. Sound and color are matched. The sound calling the astral light is double. Color sounds. Each flower has its color or colors. In nature all sounds, or everything has its note. In nature everything sounds with their flowers. Even the artist's painting sounds with consonant colors representing the impact on human psyche. Harmony of colors gives a harmonious chord. The human voice is consonant with the colors of his aura. The mighty aura gives voice to a certain tonality, its magnetic power. Thus, the impacting voice subordinates. You could say that affects every human voice calling on its entity or harmonious and disharmonious state of the aura. Every voice is creative or destructive, or giving, or taking. A good giving is constructive and creative. The long speech is related to a human and has a definite effect. You can light up the Epiphany or, on the contrary, overwhelm the aura of the listener by killing its vitality. You can attach sound voices of thoughts in words spoken but not contained, and then the impact, being determined, will be especially strong. The combination of the same sound of words and thoughts is harmonic and triple, even stronger. The Word carries the image or idea expressed in the form of paintings that are sometimes bright and clear. Committed by images of the impact is a feature. In addition, every letter has its own vibratory key that affects nervous nodes of the human or animal body mechanically, with vibrations on the whole or partially. You can consciously use magnetism to vote, but for this we need to know and invest in sounds of thoughts, the images of the impact in the form of sound carriers. The sound is just a line, one of the faces of the whole which is a combination of its constituent elements. The teacher enjoys his instrument consciously knowing what is what. So it is with the sound of the human voice that is deliberately applied. The sound is not only color. The sound is fire. Fiery level gives each letter, each note. Strong are letters, vowels in particular. The Fiery scale of sounds is combined with the colors of color and there are lights of sound creating it. Each spoken word is the phenomenon of fire and it is the power of fiery energy being radiated from the body. Speaking of lights is a form of the microcosm. The fiery-bearer of the essence is a person that is brighter and deeper that a phenomenon. When sounds or words work in erupting the nerves as the wires going to it and transmitting currents, this fiery outburst outside the entity exists in the form of fire. Traffic lights in the speaking person are combined with the movements of his aura, and it gives a combination of sound and fiery phenomena associated with the phenomena of thoughts. The entity of the three-plan-words supports the physical astral and mental impact. The word is power thrown in space. A man, being a three-plan entity that invests in a sound or a word obtains the energy of all the three, and the energy fired into space affects the environment long after the words which are not just said but forgotten. The generated energy will remain in space, being associated with begetting his umbilical cord with magnetic connection for overcoming their consciousness. When do they return to their begetting the Centre for neutralizing or reinstate in the balance? Because it is written that every spoken word should give the answer. For everything is back to normal. Triple charge of speech or sound can be very powerful. Conscious strength is particularly honed. In addition, the spoken sounds evoke the harmony, or the echo of the respective areas. For example, physical memo is causing physical vibrations in the surrounding dense objects. Wood or glass, or metal, not to mention the strings can vibrate and vibrate to the sound. And if it vibrates the stump, how vibrates at the sound of the human nervous system. It is said about the physical appearance of the impact that is one of the facets of the sound effects. Thus, there is importance of silence. After all, if the voice is on the other, it affects it, and to his own nervous system, and may be stronger than someone else’s causing fluctuations in a particular order which correspond to the three-plan entity. The man simply stringing words can be your own executioner of titles without knowing it because every word pronunciation carries the same fiery wave of blessings or condemnation of begetting. Great responsibility for the spoken words exists since there is a deep meaning of the word.
(The record is made according to the latest indications of the conscious application of the magnetic thought power aspiring to the Teacher’s Aura).
304. (June 9). So now put marks for answers and for questions because the question means yearning for something. And can stars or lights correspond to organs of the human body? The influence of the Sun and moon on the earth's life and the origin of life on Earth are evident. The Ray of light of the sun light beats its energy in each particle. This surge is reported for each atom. It pulsates in the spirit-Monads. Hence there is the same pulsation of the heart-the Sun, whose father is the Sun of our system. A system Centre spawned a Centre of the body, and it gave him its strength. The lunar astral body or that originated in a man was formed when he was on the moon. The astral is a lunar legacy. The pulsating Centre of spirit-monads assumed the astral matter deferring in the grain of the spirit energy with magnetic properties, which new incarnations exist in the form of gathered around their grains astral elements of matter. All Stars send into space their Rays of varying degrees of tension. The Rays are doing. They do not only the Rays of the Sun, but all and all kinds of rays. The rays are energy. Connecting polarity with energies emanating from other Centres (or stars), they give rise to the phenomenon of different orders or plans. The closer to the Earth the radiating Centre is, the stronger the effect is. Energy Rays with energies of the spirit-Monad over millions of years of its existence pose or coagulate in the Centres of thickened fabric which are in line with the Beam across the center of a distant star. Because each planet with its Rays participated in building the physical human body elements of which are scattered in the heavenly space of the respective Centres. Creative Logos are Centres of creative energies, creative life forms on the Beam. The creativity of the solar Beam is clearly visible in the Kingdom, being a combination of the earthly energies with luminary ones. Just create the planet. And a plant and animal life in the Moon and the stars are zealous and take active participation. And they always have it. The weather is a state of the atmosphere that depends on the influence of the moon. The harvest is due to the Moon and the Sun, and the configuration of their Rays. Life always depended on the luminaries staying behind. Thus, its elements are in the sky and they are sent to the Earth in the glow of their energies to mix and generate a new form. At the birth of a man the Rays cross making a skeleton on which his physical, astral and mental body is built. The combination of Scan occurs under the influence of the Rays of the stars and planets. A form of heart, lungs, or liver expression depends on the combination of Rays of the stars at the moment of birth. Interconnected stars are always definitely accurate, and their angular relationships can be calculated at any given moment. For luminaries and their combinations is not only human life but also the life of the people. It is etched in the stars. Invisible and visible rays have a powerful begetting, and engine life, and regulators of life for everybody and every form of life. If the waves and even sand movement depends on the rhythm of light, what to say about the matter at all and everything living and having breathing? Even the air magnetic Suns, varies in each moment. Elements of matter spilled into the Earth's atmosphere are combined in various combinations under the action of these Rays. The Sun Ray chases and dispels fog. This effect is clear. But here is the rain, and the storm, and the wind. Everything is from the sky. The man is a center of the nucleus impact of Ray extent on many hundreds of millions of years gathered in the spirit grain crystals of cosmic energies. Astrology and Cosmic chemistry and astrobiology, and astrophysiology, and astrophysics are sciences of the future. This knowledge is concentrated in the inner sanctum. But here comes a time when humanity will give a part of the sacred knowledge. It is important to understand that the invisible and visible Rays are the foundation of the life of all things in all its forms and on all planes of existence. The Rays have the visible matter, shaped and governed her life. The Rays are regulators of every life. Rays or staring lights space are sculptors of all life forms. The fire-Father is a begetter of things.
305. (June 11). When the oven expenditure forces tightly close the channels through which energy is consumed, there is an accumulation of new energies. They quickly fill the wheel of giving and receiving. In the accumulation period any excess return is not valid. There are impacts and waste of energy and it is karmic ally necessary to avoid them. And they are voluntary. They can and should stop when the limit of the devastation is closed. The level of psychic energy in the body is necessary to be watched. And in moments of recuperation the best channel is of the Hierarchy. But while spending energy is inexhaustible, spending time stands in contact with the Hierarchy of the eternal. Here is the life giving a lesson how to spend energy not wasting it. We spend two days of sample spending energy in different conditions: in contact with the Teacher and without it. Setting the difference, you can do the second step in two ways. The first is to experience energy in normal contact, the second is to waste it and select a contact wasting energy that is not his but the Lord’s one as if standing on the sidelines. "I do not act, I do not create, but the Lord he who abides in Me." The apprentice is the Teacher in such conditions, and when he sees himself alone he does not pass. One must learn to consciously deduct them from the tank fire of the Teacher. It is necessary to act but with the power of the Lord. We are limited to the forces, but we are not limited to the strength of the Lord. So once again life teaches, in such a situation, when a lesson is needed because the conventional measures can no longer pass. Consciousness is attached to the inexhaustible reservoir of fiery energy which is scooped with the carriers of light, without sating and not getting tired in the making. Where does this incredible productivity and inexhaustible energy fire exist in all from the same tree, from the reservoir? And if someone says that weaken his forces, the conditions of its pressings and accumulation, and have not been met. Of course, giving and spending means to restore, but strict adherence to instructions is necessary for proper metabolism. The surrounding conditions are a bottomless barrel absorbing the energy of the spirit. Because giving away the will must be wise remembering that every moment of impact must be reserved and then there should be a kept will, as the waters of the River at the power station used for smooth and controlled spending. Distribute when the outbreak of unbridled energy is not constrained by the will, and certainly harmful labor, like the breaching dam. Water-workforce is gone and the station cannot work. For the restraint at the time of application and waste of energy are urgently needed. The uncontained will is glowing in empties of the Treasury quickly and completely. And even the current wave of fiery energy that should give spasmodic convulsions is devastated. Harmfulness and weaknesses do not reach. In moments of devastation we need to fall silent, tightly closed and stopped the energy currents going outside. A shell exhausted itself is similar to the devastated people. Miserable, powerless and flawed one that negligently devastated itself is an empty shell devoid of fire, the victim of any chance objected to the impact of any consciousness, even weak, and especially evil. A great harm over legitimate devastation of the treasuries is invalid. Hence there is watch. We stand on guard of the vigilant of its treasures. For the first who come to their heel will be granted. A pathetic singer has exhausted its voice. A flawed leader is the one who gave all. The magnetic effect of the aura immediately stops and becomes the one who gave without measure and imprudent pluming role is similar to the flower with ragged petals. As in the boiler, the stock of pent-up forces should always be, otherwise, the action is impossible. Forefend treasuries — so let us call the next task that is put into life. Life at the behest of Teachers puts required tasks without the permission of the further promotion. It is particularly important and useful to contain energy ended once in the action and the apparatus to operate at the idle wasting precious power. Here is the required steam of cranes releasing the power preventing the expiration of energy by inertia. Moved and lost is the balance of people without the end to wave hands and experience of the perfect action for a long time after it ends, and currents of energy stop. Knee-jerk and obsessive thoughts are of the same order. It is necessary to learn from action, immediately stop the current energy, shifting the focus of consciousness to something new and desired. Experience of complete actions is very useless. It is better to reserve energy balance for your spending. A man wants neither be possessed nor tamed. Because the alleged restraint as the basis for the ascent and the key to mastering the fire power. Calm, balance, restraint and three regal birds are from the nest. It is a mastery of the Claim.
306. My son, drawing near to Me you has to go through three stages: the Earth, the Astral and the Mental in terms of the Earth, the astral and the mental. On earth you will pass dense, serious conditions that will lead to Me. Much more flexible are the intermediate conditions of the astral. They must go quickly, without lingering, but only manifesting the desired degree. Broad are the boundaries of mental horde. The Earth attraction is weak and the spirit can breathe freely. There are earthly ambitions that is on the Earth without being approved are serious matter of dense matter that irresistibly unwraps the spirit to desired and intended purpose. The unanswered will get the saturation there, and proximity is also perceived, but it is invisible, though it may be clear and visible. You should not spend unbelievable efforts for permanent approval to the Lord and sweep the daily aspiration of earthly whirlwinds, as the consciousness barely contacts with the current life. Here is a constant struggle for approval of very strenuous Teachers in the consciousness and the nature of the environment that rise to strong self-audacious state to come closer to Me depriving it every minute. And any recovery that is reached by consciousness now, any life environment of that hour is trying to put out all the lights. For we need to approve the Lord in the heart, continuous, uninterruptible and stubborn. And how firmly would it be approved today, it must be approved harder tomorrow because the strength stipulates resistance. And only the strong and aspired can tirelessly overcome this terrible world opposition to the dense, manifested to My World. In this relentless fight and victory is the feat of the Earth. It is not so in mental. The power and attraction of Earth become weaker. The spirit is no longer held with thousands of strands downstairs but it can flap its wings. Intimacy becomes evident; it is the evidence and the validity of the match. You can learn without end and without end you know the renounced small Dungeon called the earthly environment. In a brutal prison, bound with hand and foot, the spirit dwells on Earth in the flesh of the living. In the grim prom called a body, the inert, fixed and earthly feeling is restricted having no possibility to move and flight safely. You need courage to keep unheard fiery thread connection with a teacher. But there are the walls of the Dungeon. The space is open to the Holder. Flights are driven by thoughts. Just think how much effort should make the Arhat in the physical body to rise above the ground or sit on the water. It is simple and natural in the subtle world and it does not almost require any efforts. Agni lit in serious Earth conditions and supported by the Earth is a gas rising up there. Objects are there explicit forms of aspirations, and they nourish conscious energies. The creator of the entire environment powerfully and potently creates a world of its own, not being torn and diverted with countervailing forces. The karmic iron ring of dense conditions is put off. And it is for those who have shown and confirmed their intention to land. For what will, and will direct and as one who sowed nothing in the mind of its own and is not directed to Earth, being content with what you have-the darkness of prison Earth. But the burning, but the thinking and aspirations of its satiation frontiers do not have. "Seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened to you, ask and you shall receive". Strong and the flame are carried out where there are no dense conditions. And grains of endeavors in serious conditions of earthly life are pledged, and there will harvest of hundred times. Why are My parables and My words applied to the world of earthly conditions or attributed to vague and dim Kingdom of God when the world is Subtle is a field for harvest after the liberation from the body. Rejoice each grain of aspirations; each earthly transcending will be adopted as a link to Me, and it brings closer the bond of the Light manifestation in the Subtle world. My son, the last hours of the battle are for your closeness to My approach. Even a little bit more effort-and doors the Dungeon will let you fly. Condensability darkness and hard ahead but the purpose of the Arhat is an exemption from Land on Earth. In the body the body limitations are broken, the shackles of the spirit are destroyed in the dungeon and the walls of dense conditions are swept away. Overcome them-and then they break down. Thus, I affirm the life overcoming. And now, when it is dark, I argue your victory over all the glowing terms of dense combinations of matter.
307. (June 11). (M.A.Y.) I act with a stone. The Stone is a capacitor of spatial fire, it attracts tourists and rich aura of his owner (whom I will give). Each center is a receiver of power stones. The successor of My mission, the favorite son. Strong communication is inviolable. Yes! Relationship. Direct link. I will tell you something important. I Changed terms. I Approached unspeakably, - on the verge of achievements. Love the place with me. Have Patience. Know that hard. I feel. Truly! We are in the heart of the Lord. His Rays saturate us with invisible power. My aura can be sated as freely as the satiation aura to it. It is tightly in My heart. Our communication is on top of the transient. You, beloved, are with him inseparably. There are three of us in the chain that goes up and down. Three managers linked together hierarchically. Write. Mark the number. Strengthen the link. Strengthen yourself. You have already won and you will do this again. Give your Mother permanent attention; enlivening exchange of sparks; because you need your desire and love. It feeds the convergence. Favorite is close to heart. Now thread the heart connection, tension. Not to alarm and not worry about anything. All will be. Give time. Unprecedented witness will become, and with me. Scared that My joy and My works and My proximity to it. The approach is extraordinary. The closer will close. Become a contributor of entity given by Me. Sate and will I satisfy the teaching life. You will replace Me and manifesting yourself as a Lord as I contemplated, you will accomplish the life mission to the end. The promise waits, shining with Rays of light. In the joy of going to work forget the dark pre-dawn hours. Darkness is thickening for destruction. The phenomenon of happiness is open for the son, and it is the Light.
308. Know and see and every grain of tensed energy will be collected for good. All the living is straining their energies for the construction of their personal ark life. In this Ark media of his essence it floats on the ocean of life. Voltage is expressed in exchange with the energies of the surrounding world in the respective plans. The shells dressing a human create the magnetic attraction of energies in the spirit grain. And no matter what is the plan for human activity, the conductor, or the body, is portable, and it is created by matching with the entity of the enclosed inside. The correspondence is conditioned with Scandas, Scandas – with horoscopes, horoscopes – with karma. Not always a physical body is energy savings. The fire is not combined with the flesh. But mastering the physical shell is largely dependent on the will of its owner and the energy accumulated in the bowl. A musician takes control of his hands and his incomparably faster than someone who never liked music. It is difficult and requires a great deal of tension all assailable for the first time. Accumulation of energy qualities requires time. Crystal quality is increasing gradually. And the essence of life is reduced to the accumulation of grain, or the accumulation of the bowl. Because the real buying is experience, given life, but not that man is around. Because everything that is taken away, except for the fruit of the experience. Why has something, or owning something earthly, everything will be taken away? And the wise can say: not mine, everything is given, to be his looted livestock. Here Omnia mea mecum Porto is a formula of the deepest wisdom stating that their inherent riches man is in himself and with himself, but it is not something that has nothing. But many could say this formula of life is short. The one who realized its imperishable, inalienable treasure will be his enunciate and accumulation, as the Ark of the energies accumulated and will be its bearer. Delve inside yourself means to enter in its Treasury and scooping out the wealth accumulated. But before you draw, you have to accumulate. Because it is written that one is given two talents at birth, the other has three and so on. The purpose of life is enriching the treasure. If it is enriched, it is fulfilled, if not, the lives are lost in vain. All grief, suffering, difficulties are all jerking off and without purpose they are all in vain. And then they are deleted from the book of lives as an entire page, nothing is given to the spirit and no experience is brought.
309. (June 12). Freedom of thought is a symbol of eternity, and the same freedom in the worlds of higher. Thought and thinking everything is possible. There are no such distances which could not be overcome, and what could not submit creative imagination. And if we imagine space is a dimension in which the reign reigns thought and matter of thought, consciousness and delicate glow, obedient faith a matter of thought, it is and will be one of the higher realms of the world of thought. Even the Earth's evolution is to so pad and the thin fabric and exacerbate the will, to the first subordinated the second fully. Fire actions are on Earth, as a victory over a fire, cold, Earth and water, the essence of thought apogees. The seventh race of the seventh Round at the moment of its completion will reveal them, the people who do the thought in the diluted light layers of Earth's matter which is a thin, transparent and docile human will to a very large extent. Authorities promised to a man dominion over all flesh that is the matter, the ultimate purpose of human evolution, and the prototype given in the phenomenon of thoughts and the power of creative imagination. In particular, it is the hidden value of art. For art is a world of creative possibilities. It is the art of the person in contact with the conditions when his creative power overcoming inertness of matter can do does limitless without knowing the limits and restrictions. Even now, without even knowing the human spirit in the arts it pushes the limits of dense and free works. Of the working material of letters and words, like Builder buildings can create it that is his creative imagination. Even literary creativity limited to latitude, very colorful and creative power of thought. Because a thought can be put into a concrete form by means of words and their combinations that is a working material of the artist. The same is freedom and the same is infinity and sounds. The world of musical possibilities lies in front of the art being limited. And is human creativity limited at all? That is only the power and might of his creative ideas. The world of human creativity is unlimited potential, and someone who does not want to chain and limits their creative power to riches. Everything that we see around, there are products of varying degrees of sophistication, creativity, the spirits of those or other degrees. Countless stars of the products of the creative force, the visible and invisible worlds, too. It is a center of life. And the underlying is a spirit-Monad on one of the endless stair. Little did anyone of what it wants. But it should be according to Me. Evil intension flies through the open crack. There should be no gaps. And contact (must be) is constant. The Warning is (given).
310. My son, true, close is the time of feat. Forces are in anticipation of all nature. If there is fire, how can a fiery building not sound on the phenomenon of Coming and do not have presentiment of it? Nature is insensitive. But it is ignorance. But what storms, rains, storms, drought, as no reaction on the phenomena of flame psycho-magnets. Seven stringed lyre spirits meets seven-string lyre, or spirit-matter, and sounds with it in unison. Powerful is the apparatus of a man. His subtle energy affects the soul of things. In the endangered areas there are our messengers, and they have a fiery aura of health benefits for the whole district causing the natural elements of the landscape in a state of harmonic balance. Hence the special importance of the planetary network of light as regulator of the energies of the Earth by means of correct their interaction with spatial energies through the flame of the human microcosm. Balancing human impact on the planet is inhabited, we need to understand. Flaming threads linked all things among themselves, as a whole. Imbalance in one implies a violation of it in layers, and far is rolling echo of the disharmony go phenomenon. Disease of any part of the body affects the entire body. And it is in nature. Humanity is part of the nature of the planet, part of the cosmos. As the bearer of the highest principles of the planet, it brutally violates its natural equilibrium, when the human soul becomes ill in the masses. A healthy mind and body should be healthy because health is the normal condition of normal human body. So the planet can be healthy only in a healthy spiritual humanity. In the higher Worlds of elemental instability such as Earth it is not observed. Particularly susceptible is the spirit of human nature. Nature and human spirit are connected. Power over the elements, the taming of storms and hurricanes, the earthquake are not a fairy tale, but a fervent reality. "And Commanded the winds die down" — a phenomenon telling many Testaments. The Arhat is the Lord of elements. The conscious power over the elements of humanity is approaching. But the threshold of Teaching will already not magic but science, and then merge the two great rivers: the river of explicit knowledge-science and the ancient River of secret knowledge stored by the Lords till the end. And it will be one of the greatest rivers of knowledge, not torn by more darkness of ignorance. The invisible and the visible borders disappear. The three worlds will merge into one, single, on the merits, but in a ternary form. Trinity of consubstantial and inseparable from the pages of old dusty books and obscure writings come down and go down in life, to imagine itself the essence of common things in the world shown on all planes of existence. The world of earthly is cosmically anxious to unite all that began. And there is a focus of uniting The Hierarch. They go through it. And the moment of greatest separation and will feature Association, when the power of the hierarchy is established. And we will demonstrate the unity with the focus of the approvers to at the time of Planetarium to be on the crest of the wave. The consciousness of time prepares the Beams of the Lord, in order to give the desired minute top-note harmonies. Therefore I say: "Watch therefore, for you know neither the day nor the hour. I Said.
311. (June 13). The decision is correct. It can be contacted in any conditions.
312. (June 14). An attempt to focus and make a contact with the teacher in a tram in the normal period of the morning was correct. Neither the noise nor the people have prevented the feeling of invisible presence and thoughts. Trace the path of convergence. At first, the individual word captured with sleep on the border between sleeping and waking. Then the whole phrases took several years. Then the phrase began to grow in number, but it was patchy and half asleep. After this were brief individual passages and, finally, the entire finished page. Then the State of drowsiness turned into full wakefulness, but records do not hurt, and finally they began to be conducted normally, and a pencil, but the pen in the notebook. The way is long and hard. The conditions of complete silence are followed by noise. At first it hurts: the noise on the street, and the barking of dogs, and the conversations below or in the next room, but it was overcome. Now all this is prevented, but our goal is to overcome everything and all sorts of conditions in the external environment and to develop the ability to enter into communion is always, whatever the external and internal conditions. Correct was suggested as Hindu during the street fight was sitting, concentrating, without seeing and hearing anything. It would be good to watch, to communicate, to observe, at least, briefly, everywhere and always heaping thoughts on paper. Let the rhythm of communication enter the consciousness in order nothing can disturb it. Even if you cannot write, let the thought linger to the Teacher. At first, as before, the band will interfere. It will be overcome, and the spiral of the Communication rhythm will grow in strength and tension. Everything is great and significant subject to rhythms. The rhythm is the movement of stars and the whole life of the cosmos. Wisely place the rhythm of life consciousness in the main. Of course, it will not interfere with the beginning. But it is bothersome to overcome. To overcome the force of the impact of any external energy or environment there is victory over matter. And, like a grain of mustard seed, small, established at first attempt, the investigation will give great. The goal is to setting the rhythm, winning all of the combat and the conditions have to be able to write whenever there is a momentum, a full exemption from the outside, and the complete mastery of him, and the victory of the consciousness on the external environment. One way is to the Teacher and there will be a merging with his consciousness. Why do we take this phenomenon as temporary, when you can make it a permanent expression of consciousness? There were examples of pupils, fully and undividedly transferring their consciousnesses to the Teacher. Complete and unbeatable, and temporary and partial merging of consciousness’s are just steps to the dissolution of the personal "I" in the minds of the leading Hierarch in fully preserving their individuality. And being approved by the solid state on the ground, it is approved in the worlds, and after that link it is allowed, or approved on Earth in the world of Invisible power. The objective is small and the effort must be large, stubborn and loyal. But already overcome a lot and have adopted a clear rhythm. It is necessary to make his starts and strengthened. You will notice how after each interruption rhythm. Records lost their force and ardor. Let the first in case of changes in the external environment in the moments of communication will it be brief but complete and in depth with full oblivion of ambient, or even partial, if, otherwise, it is impossible. You cannot, for example, drive a car fully immersing them into focusing on the Teacher and forgetting about the outside world. A catastrophe is imminent. But, sitting behind the wheel, it can be all unallocated field of consciousness to the Teacher with the only requirement being to the right.
313. Limitations should be eliminated or struggled, but we should not torment because of our own mistakes. Lacerations are devastating, as well as remorse is aimless. You need to eliminate and extirpate, and what is the most important, there should be such states of consciousness in which heaps do not hide the way and consciousness is victorious, for errors are nothing when the grain of the spirit is strengthened. It is not a problem when uneliminate pulls the spirit down, but the trouble is great when those continue to get rid of the conscious energy of the slanderer to the Earth and My circle is closed and the consciousness is retaining in the sphere of attraction. The Eagle can descend to the hens and chickens below, but staying in the chicken coop it will lose its Eagle's nature. Not those attractions are dangerous, that those pulled into the spirit of the Earth; each mind has a lot to get rid of, but those are close to the circle of hopelessness preventing the possibility of flights. Thus, you cannot have the given power over consciousness. Since then the consciousness will be riveted to the land and the way of the climb will be impossible. Hence there is a note, "not to get attached to anything. Do not attach to anything in your consciousness". The teacher is a stone that can not only tie even if his consciousness is bound to eternity. And the damage will not reveal because the teacher will fill the heading Lights towards the essence of the consciousness. So again I say, where your treasure is, there your heart is.
314. For a student life is a school. And everyday experience brings him the inimitable. The records required for crystallization of lessons gather the experience. Many will go through apprenticeships to one degree or another. Entries will need them. Experiential cognition and records of those who have gone before are as needed and useful as are tutorials and guides to study physics, chemistry or mathematics. That would be if everyone learns these things himself collecting only his personal experience without textbooks that is the fruit of the collective efforts of those who went before him. In this indispensable and valuable savings it is experienced. Teaching the laws is everywhere the same. At first you go to the Lord, and then to the next. Go and accumulate experience and pave the way to the unknown. Their experience and knowledge are given to everyone who comes and wants to go after them. But without ready experience and savings going ahead it is impossible because even the textbook of physics will not make normal consciousness, if the experience of predecessors did not take it. Because the Entries have their value for indication of the path towards the Teacher and the Student’s Affairs become approved. 315. The Lord Presenter! The closer it becomes, the greater the Look is, and the more it grows closer to its understanding. You can stand by and do not understand. And you can be away but close. Intimacy is in understanding but not in the physical distance. Understanding is followed by the precepts of Islam. Application and understanding of the two sides is the same thing. Sacred objects are brought. The sacred Call subjects the higher thoughts. There are things of thoughts to the earth aspiration, and things of aspiration from Earth. Trusted objects have their sacred value. When the thought is turned to them, there is a link with the higher set. Everything around in addition to its direct meaning is full of thought emanations attending it. Things that are thought as threads are associated with the Earth. And Prometheus is the owner of the heavenly fire; he is confined to the Earth. But the Lord directs the only Presenter from the Earth elevating the land with them. The Earth as the center of the nucleus has small personal life that is lie. But its value is high as the foot of the life for this great man is to climb along with it. The earth rises along with the person. The whole flesh trembles at the memory with the powerlessness in the matter of the spirit: the release of trembles at the memory and the release of a decrepit form of the rushes. The Lord leads the entire Earth. He leads it with everything on it to a higher level of evolution. Is the evolution of the Earth and its membranes from the evolution of mankind and the space evolution? The assertion is that "the star differs from a star in its glory", and it refers to the evolutionary stage of each planet in the general-cosmic building. And humanity ascends due to the star of a certain stage. All living things with every center spirit-monad on the stairs are inherent to any hierarchical place. From small to great and from the bottom upwards is the great Stairway of the Light and everything that has to come into this being. The Lord is leading the Cheers of all things on the planet on the staircase of perfection. Only darkness and its servants are rushing down into the abyss. But it is to light up.

316. (June 15). Let us speak about the ways of distant and fiery aspirations. It is the evolution of emerging stars. A fire prototype is chronicled in the higher Realms. It exists now and out of time. Just as there are laws of Space that exist in the forms of the fire and the future of the planet they are to the end, until will be bestowed. Glimpses of the days and nights lose their power over consciousness rising above the ghost present in real things beholden in future cycles. Because of the way the evolution is embodied in eternity. Turning to it, the consciousness emerges from the enchanted circle of a small circle; it gives births and deaths and touches the infinity. We live in the eternal. Our building is from eternity. And your planet's eternal ways of building is planned and approved in accordance with the Will of the Highest space. Having a distant fire plan, knowing the meaning and purpose of large planetary Circles, we can ship the Earth lead unerringly to the goal. Humanity anticipates and plans for the year. We are in the tens of thousands of years, having in mind the millions of years, leading to the ultimate goal. Taking the great circles, we exit the time frame and, rising above it, we Say Infinity existing not in our days and nights, but within the cycles. Because all the earthly calculate the relative merits, but accurate loops. Accuracy of cyclical movements gives astronomy. And the stars determine the ways of the Earth's evolution. In the great stream of life the value of little time is lost, just as small affairs and personal life of “I”. The spirit turns to space buildings, gets the wings to grasp the spatial life which is timeless. The secret knowledge is of the out time. It is a framework of cosmic laws in which the life of the planet exists with everything on it, and gives fire built prototypes when something should be translated into a visible earthly form. We are humanity in conformity with this by the fiery giving it in moments of complete large and small cycles that are a part of great knowledge, so that you can absorb it. But large and small is the Proclamation, and every Proclamation refers to the same purpose of completion of planetary evolution on our Earth. I say, the thin tight will be not subtle, but the fire becomes worldly and, eventually, terrestrial-fiery. Because we say that the future is a real engine of the evolution. Anyone who takes our Teaching and gets on with the grand plan becomes his voice and a part of the world for the fire apparatus regulating and driving the evolution. Turning to fire engines, the life itself becomes a fire engine and it works for the Teachers. The Lord of Shambhala is a fiery Engine of Life, the power flaming with fiery energies of crystals and the power of extraordinary inexpressible tension. The Call in this creative life and the creative world of the imperishable flame Kingdom in which consciousness rises above the Earth, and the earthly, and the personal does not come from the world of the spirit and does not leave Things overseen. A great Work can be done away from the Earth and its attachments, but without leaving it in the street. This great fire is a victim of the consciousness. While living in the eternal, the earthy leaves for those who follow the ways of ascent. Since everything is indwelling. The great wheel of the scheduled is put in a spiral of evolution. We want to raise the consciousness on a little of this in order to enter the greatness of the future that is current in the fiery forms and change on those plans where the transformation has its genesis. In the world of My Call it is to his house. Everything that is around sees the entire pass but the fiery tale in life becomes a fiery reality.
317. Write! Since time is immemorial, people have got used to take down their inherent property. Because their body is off the ground, the body itself and each thought are to be His. And I called it "I". This is the great fallacy because people have nothing and nothing belongs to them. Not on the property stating that too harmful an illusion, but a visionary about "Me". It is difficult to imagine that everything that person inside herself reveres him and her: body, emotions and inner world of thoughts, ideas and submissions is not something which belongs to him and without this self-property. You can take away the human body, but his internal world will remain with him, and its fullness will not be affected. You can take away the astral and imagine how clear works the idea of these non-transitory emotions. You can imagine how the whole mental world of a person suddenly has changed other, new, nothing to do with this are: images, perceptions, thoughts-all new, similar to the former. You can take away and mental shell, silent, staying inside and watching the eternal witness to far-reaching changes that will remain elusive and inviolable. Here it is it is our sole of inalienable property, and eternal heritage accumulated treasures collected over millions of years of existence in the fiery grain of the spirit-Monad. And you have something, and "I" am it, silently watching, being mute and eternal, and living inside and outside all membranes. Forever living, out of time-so let's call it. And you truly the gods have it in themselves. Consciousness can be transferred from the outside to the inside, first the body, then in the astral, mental-it will be provisional and changeable state of consciousness, not of his robes, temporary and changing with each incarnation, aging, eliminate and collapsing, as they decompose, discharged. Only powerful silent force holds together their matter and gives them a definite shape. And it is worth restraining them, leaving them as immediately as their matter begins to break into constituent parts. It is easy to trace this process of death in the physical body. But a similar phenomenon occurs in the astral and mental bodies, as soon as their Owner silently leaves them, taking in the fiery Sphere of its power unifying their matter. He is a powerful magnet, fiery, unifying and being attracted to the center of matter. For him, silent, its magnetic force is picking up treasures the experience in all the bodies, at all levels, and to him, the fiery, to raise the consciousness and elevate it if the spirit wants from the realm of fleeting enter into the Kingdom of eternal life. Collected treasures are enriched with the fiery within the dwelling. The grain of the spirit is growing. Even in the life of the Earth, you can see how many times completely changed the content of the Astral and the mental. But he remained the Recorder that created preconditions on the current wave of matter by three plans. Fiery and silent witness’s memory is perfect and keeps everything starting from the inception of the spirit-Monads. Imagine the impossible. Over cycles Am I, Silent, who is in you. And only when the silent movement in the shells and they are mirrored in the calm of his stills, the fiery essence can manifest My consciousness. Because peace is the way to approach the Lord inside because the power of it only in the greatness of mind is full, indestructible, absolute. And only then the breath of eternity can touch humble membranes which are approved by the power of silence. As the voice of silence is a voice saying with no audio when three steps fall silent previously always being in motion. Look for the comprehension of the mysteries of the mind. Look for the comprehension of the Mystery of silence. Look for the comprehension of the mystery of the Silent, you are staying and being before the beginning of time.
318. (June 16). Charge My strength in you. All the energy is from the upper world. Or, as say the ancient, everything is in the Father, and from the Father. The Consciousness and Its Beam are also illuminated with Him. Now I give the new Rays to build the next stage of life. My power is motivated by the Talents. How to be in a command of trusted wealth and where is the direct force? Use the right given in its sole discretion, but you will have to give an account. Everyone is either a collector or a waster. Fire is trusted, so it is painstakingly accumulated; you can either squander or multiply. Talking about fierce- is responsibility. The quality of the drives, or capacitors, is in fire space. Shortcomings and vices are his plunderers. Every word, every action, every thought, every feeling a man is either accumulated or wasted. Wasters are harmful and dangerous that not only their fiery treasures of lavish, but their neighbors. Having wasted it he takes another. Devourers are alien energy vampires embezzled the Call of these spongers. Theft of someone else's property was punishable by law, but these self-harmful remain unpunished and invulnerable to human laws. Thieves and robbers of someone else's domain, the perpetrators of life, you can avoid the Court, but of space liability you do not leave. But the time will come, the State will learn to preserve native treasures and fiery force them from looting. In the meantime, there is a dual Watch: protection from foreign attempts and to guarantee their own actions. First of all it is necessary to understand that the work is properly distributed, have driven and energy capacitor. Even the muscles become stronger and grow of labor spent on exercises or physical work. But its conditions need to be healthy and normal. This is a very important issue common to all mankind. When something will still understand that well-to-do public and common is the foundation of personal success and personal etc. Caring for others is also taking care of you. And it cannot be buried with impunity in luxury when somebody somewhere is suffering a horrible disaster. Millions are starving, but muffled is the human heart. And it is thrown into the sea. We will no longer tolerate the planetary wasters. Great harm because waves of misfortunes, weight folks being sent into space, saturate the atmosphere of the planet and disrupting its balance, decreased its vitality, as a true scourge. Know or unknown, but everyone suffers. You can get away from the Court, but not to walk away from the spatial effects, and it is hard to pay all. One for all and all for one is the expression of the universal formula of responsibility for the State of mind of each man. Once the spatial conditions do not interfere and the isolation of consciousness was possible. Now the Rays broke the barrier layers and border areas approaching the merge visible and invisible world. And the waves of the mental state of the masses are widely and without obstacles are on the face of the Earth, giving rise to grimaces of horror, sadness and pain. Cain once could say that he is not his brother's keeper. Now he is responsible for a murderous state of mental energy mass that falls at all. But of course, as always, you have a fiery nature. It is a deep cause of the global phenomenon of consciousness depression. Hearts are courageous, so you can drink a cup of spatial natural poison, but watch need not to transgress legal boundaries. Ray Teachers protect at the limit, but evade the bowl. Because the difficult because the unbearable, but poisons are particularly are feathered in beautiful colors. And the heart learns to develop mental antitoxins. The Fiery is tempered. I Said I will benefit everything. Know all the benefits the one who gave himself over to Me completely, irrevocably and forever. A skilled driver the vessel is moving ahead with any wind, but the rules of leadership need to know before you dare in action. Because the training continued, as in an ocean of space conditions are diverse and complex. We need to understand that wherever we were, no shells, no warped and on whatever terms or had consciousness, we are always in the bosom of the Space, obeying the laws of space life. The external form is secondary. Realize self-center energy manifestation in space, will be the understanding of the values of the human spirit that can rightfully be called a citizen of the universe. The call to understanding the spatial life is the life of an invisible but apparent human-related and all their energies on each atom of the body, and all its membranes.
319. The Scope of unknown knowledge is limitless. Knowledge is recognizing the properties of matter and energy. Knowledge is power and aspiration. Matter is the weight attached to the will. But the matter could influence only through its energy. Thus, the effect is always on energy. The impact energy of thoughts has its influence on the energy components of the soul of things. A body weight is its stuff, but the form of this mass phenomenon has a fine order which may exist apart from the masses. Take a look at the rose closely and carefully, and close your eyes, imagine they are already separated from the dense mass of coarse cloth. This is the soul of the subject, or form, independent of her tight body. Thing can burn, but the form it will invisibly exist in Slaughters after the destruction of the thing or object. Objects of the physical world, their bodies are destroyed, but forms existed, their souls, continue to live in the unseen world. Because the impact is on the soul is a shape of the subject. Create the soul of things, or mental-fiery form of it, is to build the thing, destroy means to destroy and destroy thing. While creating, we create a subtle build in an invisible World, disrupting, destroying the first there. Because without our approval and contrary to the will of the Lords could not be created or resist that our plans do not match. The new country will be blossomed by because we have decided, with our Fiery will to the invisible soul of phenomena. For there are not only things, but things have a soul, that is an invisible thin image or shape his looming manifest. Do you want to do on Earth, create a prototype of the phenomenon in the world of Thin, do you want to destroy, break down the soul of it, its shape, and it just keeps. In the world of Thin root phenomenon in his soul. Destroying the root we destroy a phenomenon not even touching it with a finger. Image creation or destruction is put into space, and it works on energy; it is nested, as directed on the form, the soul phenomenon. Souls look like a form of a single thing existing in the world of Invisible because it is so easy to capture this form in the third eye. Eyes like cuts into the object, enveloping power of his soul form. Capturing a piece with all the details and bright in the third eye, the power of its above it affirm and own them and approximate to the essence of his influence. True: there are bad and good eye to eye, so have all the force of it’s for evil or for good, without knowing and not realizing the power of their own. Because the need to surround yourself with strong armor of invincibility and will not allow its sanctuary because let in pass key in the wrong hands. All make a mistake trying to influence physically and destroy the physical form, but she (the soul-form) is only in force from such destruction. Burned, tormented and killed people, but the form of ideas and images could not kill them, and the form of the physical media, experiencing them, eventually won. Avalanche fire of thought-forms, our world is sent for approval, did not stop there. For, the world will die old being doomed. His body is in the Subtle World being destroyed by us to the ground, and the dance of the dead is not going to save the race. The phenomenon of the destruction of the old world will be accelerated. Our Hands are on his undertakings. Will not give fruit tree dead? So the sword dancer and a creative Ray are in the Hands of the Arhat. So the idea of fire and creates and destroys. So cautions have to be sent into space the fiery desire for order will be realized. The visible matter should take the form of invisible shapes-soul, created by thought. This law is immutable. Sooner or later, somewhere and somehow, this form shall be clothed in flesh visible. Suggestions, witchcraft, magic, magnetic effect- everything attempts to grasp the huge, powerful, overwhelming power and force fire power. May not be its mastery without realizing it. Give power and awareness of her deepening, making it a real sensitive themselves. Most importantly-understand. We create thought. We create powerful and irrepressible and always Win. Party power of the Lord is called to become a son. The creative power of My do not know defeat. The creative force behind My right is to act as a true winner of the fire. Live through fire power and the surges ensure the saturation of your microcosm. I am in you with a creative power of creative. Going by me, and in My Name, and My Name is destined for the winner of the world: inside and outside. By the Ray you feel clear and by the Beam you create. Can you understand the power of My Light? Drive doubts. I have a bold —the shield. Better to believe in the power of your Lord, and know it, and Act, rather than drown in the mire of the philistine ignorance. Because all the previous perceptions of what is possible and what is impossible, we must discard the Strong Hand, came to the verge of the impossible, incomprehensible and incredible in terms of conventional philistine understanding. We must be prepared to do the impossible, and from the scope of the visible phenomena of the exhaust; because I give a key to understanding. A Scepter is in giving the approval for the next stage. Be ready and in good spirit to the unusual. A disciple of Lord and knowledge equips respectively. The legacy is the real factor in life. Close accomplishment. And the fusion with karma, I have sent exactly to this goal will give the conditions necessary for the manifest service and the full-length films of the mission. Every word of the Lord is meant to be, as the Lord sees and knows everything. I Said.
320. (June 17). We are talking about knowledge. Maintain knowledge. Believe it or not, but be aware-this is the formula of life. But if someone who has no knowledge of, wants to step up and come to be? If faith leads to knowledge and, before you know, goes out by faith, not is there any faith the only possible way of climbing? Faith is the engine. Even a small consciousness through faith can come to great knowledge. But if there is no knowledge what is the belief like? Without knowledge, but faith who will reveal, who will know? It is a long way of knowledge, and for anyone who comes to him by faith because the first steps without faith does not pass. The path of faith is named by the heart. Faith is the anticipation of knowledge. Can you proceed without faith, if not more knowledge? Think.