Agni Yoga's facets, 1953 (321-400)

321. The given guidance should be crystallized in a bowl in the form of deposits of energies. Crystallization of the collected fire energies is possible only if the application of the guidance in life. The phrase "indicate the stick experience" should be understood literally. Someone thinks succeed without applying the Teachings. But then the theory will be studied only in the brain, not giving any sediment in the bowl, and with the brain and die, or, in any case, will not be able to survive the mental body. But that means experience and applying deposits in the bowl, it stays there for life. You can know about the existence of the Dark Lords, the large degree of knowledge, but this knowledge is not brighter. Knowledge without application is the essence of a tree without roots: the fruits give may not. Energy, pending and crystallized in the bowl, become an integral part of an immortal man and manifestation in it natural and simple, and even without much effort. The man is an essence accumulated them energies. The purpose of the teachings and is to perform it himself, that is, show the truth. Talk about the truth, it is one; show him the truth that is something else entirely. Manifest a path of Teachings and a way of life. Appreciate the nearest in degree of manifestation the Teachings of life, i.e., on the application of the Teachings in your life. A fervent application has a specific care. You can count all the books, but if you do not have experience in applying knowledge gained in life, changing shells will take everything and work must begin first. For, the theoretical study possesses great knowledge. We are not theorists, but expert men. The theory is only an aid. Each approves knowledge in life and in practice there is a contribution to the Treasury. No theorists are among us. Each is the Truth of your consciousness. These are the same and our students. The closer you get, the deeper the application of decrees of the Lord. Hearing my words and applying them to build a stronghold of his spirit in stone.
322. Space! Great is the womb of omni-capaciousness! You do you have something that exists and that is, was and will be. There is in you, but you are out of time. Any physical form, excelled at the time in the world busy once again goes back to where they come from, and where it originated. Huge, visible to the world, once the whole or parts will be consumed and absorbed space. Here is goes off and dissolved the whole solar system. Where has it gone? It is in the space. Where did it disappear? It is in space to give new energy to new forms of manifestation. We always live in space, we live on a planet. The spatial laws of life should understand, for Eternity lives in space. To get accustomed to the spatial existence we follow the thought of the space. It is the realm of the invisible worlds. It gives knowledge, Rays and strength. Powerful invisible energies are saturated with it, and they, spatial, create all the already perceptible, life forms. The future and the past are there in space. And a brief Instant cut, giving the impression of the physical world, only just a wee bit and an Omni-infinitesimal part of the diversity of space forces, escorted by moment approved. Live the Arhat with a bright, full, spatial life not limited with the dense. The space is divided into layers. Each of their agents or shells is a woven matter of these layers. Conductors, or shell, substance of matter layers match. In considering the issue broadly, we can say that the new man thought-forms agent of spiritual order-in the spiritual realm can enter. Sensual-emotional forms of thought, consciousness of the render like apparel, or liner in scope, consonant, and involve consciousness. Of course, the three bodies remain core, but form their expression varies to infinity, giving conductors of different density and sparseness, different segments of the relevant. In the sphere of spatial it is entered by clothed agents, each of which has a consonance only to the degree and nature of the matter, from which he made his carrier. The material body of their conductors is building here on Earth, their thoughts, feelings and actions. What is vibrating microcosm within you, and builds a matter of its conductors. Because each-creator of the Ark which is the bearer of his spirit in its seven complexity.
323. (June 18). My son, the Lord from the Tower sees as the river flows around the world. See pitfalls and cliffs and reverse currents and whirlpools. But it has water flowing into the ocean of infinity. All those moves are born along by the global flow of the evolution of the great cycle completion. And the small opposition eventually drowns in the great forward motion. To or join the great stream, or get over it, as in a tower watching over the spatial phenomena, but merged with a single Silent inside is Seen above at the bottom to the matter. The Teacher Claims to continue in the temporary and perpetual motion of the great eternal, and he is now standing over time and the time contains and includes it as a form of Teaching and a sequence of changes for a matter state. And if I am in the Tower and you are in the flow of unity: I am from eternity; you are the life of the world, the formula of great life that will be found. For centuries there were parts of a single knowledge. A path for humanity is cut through the space crossed by the new Rays uniting its layers. What was impossible a century or even half a century ago? It is now spatial Beams that are changing so that the consciousness is released for the actions and activities of the spatial or the Earth is a broad planet. For the clear and powerful, personally-human is human. Personality is a team, I and My means “our ". With depreciation, insufficiency and death of identity it is growing, growing and growing in the Individuality that is a form of the immortal, incarnations from one life to another person. Shifts are going on all over the world. Man wakes up from a centuries-long sleep, a person previously been in prison of small limited individuals. The team, the Commonwealth, the community is the stages of consciousness liberation from the small world of personal manifest and progressive initiation to tank nationwide and general-planet thought. Now everything is for us and we are hungry and oppressed Indians, Negroes, and speculators of global predators. Thus, it has entered the sea of thought planetary. So, expanding the consciousness, we go out into the ocean of thought space-space, not contriving beyond the small planet. It is necessary to understand the historical events and developments of folk psychology. The goal is achieved in different ways, but we will not complain, if these ways do not always coincide with our understanding of the best ways of today. Nature is not considered to have victims. Lived and died billions of forms are to transform the planet new garments. But life of creative forms has only increased its strength and gave a more in-depth content and new expression that is too doomed for destruction forms. We need to understand: life is destroyed but not the center of the coagulation of matter and energy, but its form is attached to the growth and enrichment of domestic grain. We will feed the spiritual grain of the temporality and knowing that the person is a temporary death and passing the shell of individuality.
324. Consider the essence of cyclic phenomena. Day is a complete cycle. They consist of day and night, the two poles of the opposite. “From…to” is the gradual change of the phenomenon to the opposite point. A day is always 12:00 am. The longer the night is, the shorter the days are, and vice versa. But the amount of night hours and the sum of daily hours are the same even on the North or South Pole of the Earth. In whatever point of the circumference of the daily cycle we are there is always and should be another point opposite it on the merits, but the related form. It is the same with the cycle of the year. So every cyclic phenomenon to be emerged in time should crack and give two extreme poles of his being and show a gradual transition from one pole to another in run time. And depth and length of the night always gives the longitude and the brightness of the day. The poles cause the effect on each other. Any cycle is under the same law. The cycle of human and all life begins with birth and ends with death, touching these boundaries. The ascent to the zenith of life at every point of the heyday and the accumulation of forces has its opposite point in the arc of a sunset and vitality, then the full attenuation. We need to understand that any phenomenon in time, culminating, or took, has its own antithesis, and it is only due to its genesis. The birth leads to death, youth and blossoming to senility and withering. Rise leads to fall, tide – to ebbing, joy - to grief and all these things are mixed up too. The phenomenon for its creation should be removed from the equilibrium and lead to one of the Poles that their birth was already automatically invoked in its antithesis and gradual transition to it. Cycles of all life are processes, Earth, or people, or the state, or a tree, subjected to the Act. On the shadow side can judge its opposites, on the crest of the wave-about her depression, high tide on the low tide, on the morning of the party. We are aware of the phenomenon of large cycles, ups and downs, the beginning and the end, the rise and damage each. The rise and decline of the cultures and peoples is an open book. To describe the joy of seeing, know that it will be followed by a two-footed, grief, and for Biped rise-fall two-footed. A two-legged psychology of a man is a subject to the law of rhythm of opposites. Calling to equilibrium, we want to bring the consciousness of the iron range. One must firmly grasp that, arguing the phenomenon, condemn yourself to become the object of which would be sent to its opposite pole. The joy of owning the thing carries the sorrow of her loss. A chain duality must be split. The balance of the spirit in all conditions means the complete power of consciousness over each of the poles. Setting power over one, the other, undesirable, will it’s subjected. Do not allow emotional extremes because an emotion unrevoked should give its opposite. No need to let the consciousness out of the framework of balanced serenity because immediately substitute itself for the opposite poles of a phenomenon. You cannot get on the ball. But is it worth it to nominate a roughness, any heel it can establish itself. Ball or circle of consciousness, at equilibrium invulnerable and nothing against him and could not resist. But as soon as the astral whirlwind violates and its surface is broken, the spirit is lost in vulnerability and the spirit immediately becomes a victim of any outside influence. In the wheel of time is started up the pole with the need to produce a series of sequential processes until the entire cycle or circle phenomenon. And only after the person is released from the karmic dependency, they generated. See how a happy Mother enjoys the child’s health and happy laughter and crying bitterly as the okra of his illness. And so is everywhere. The Arhat denies one pole phenomenon frees itself from the other and from the power of the phenomena of consciousness because the Claim of balance as the way of life of the released consciousness. Everything is allowed, but if a full, powerful, and indestructible. The path the Lord is the way top of the approved balance. This is the way a Regal Yoga. This is the path of power and might. This is a way of conquering the elements and mastering the elements. Can you give a book about the nature of the Equilibrium in the human and the cosmic aspect, but do many understand? Great cycle or circle, there is also the phenomenon of the bipolar, the circumference of which moves in a spiral of evolution. He is real and inevitable, as the cycle of the coming year, only immeasurably large. Knowing this movement, we know the future on the Earth and the whole mankind. But where is the center of the generator, where the equilibrium point from which it is erupted for the pole display? Where are the pillar and the ground of all? He was Silent standing outside and only contemplation flashing poles dual phenomena, he knows. It is necessary to seek a solution. He Stands Above. He has supreme authority and power because he Is an indestructible higher balance. For it is outside the duality. It is the Mystery and the solution. And he keeps a secret of living in great cycles. He, he, he is Lord of all and overall.
325. (June 19). Be aware of that all that the pupil wants to assert itself and achieve, and the Teacher. And it held previously, so Specify the path and the shortest one. Their paths have no humanity, except that in the abyss. But the way universities are going ahead. They are the expression of the cosmic will and because the approved space. The essence of the Path remains unchanged at all times to all people in all parts of the globe. Spatial fire draws a microcosm of man and the Earth of fire manifestation in the world. Call it through approval of the cease-fire in the macrocosmic microcosmic, or human. I am the Lord of the flame, I am the Centre, reduced the sib fire from the sky to the ground. And through me humanity gets. Responsibility for the land is responsible for its fiery transfiguration bestowed her Highest in the heavens will. In this great making of workers is everything. Everything must come to an understanding of the job. Pointless and absurd vanity of earthly life, if there is no flame of understanding life. Live to die without leaving a trace, have a degree of animal consciousness. After millions of years of existence cannot negotiate ignorance and evade responsibility. If I did not know! But you are always taught, always being on guard. No such people, there is no such person, who was not in The Hierarchy. Dodged, reject, in darkness rising pay heavily and explicitly. Where degeneration people, doomed to stagnation, begetting themselves? At the time of Proclamation especially the tense balance of the Lord, and especially thick karma and karma is personal, and particularly acute responsibility for the printing of it is put on a century-how would the selection and appointment of the way to the junction, non-abolition but voluntary. Among the unstable conditions and the musical firmament erupted with consciousness, what firmness, understanding, calmness and balance should show, lest he defeated the Vortex energies gathered for manifest them on the ground in new forms of life. Apprentice likens himself to the Teacher during the construction of the new and the old. The pupil is the focus, Ray takes, breaking a Beam and Beam world gives. Not in peace and quiet, but in the thick of life beneath the waves of violent elements, as a breakwater, stands firmly in place trusted. Shine and split charging is his task. And the severity of the test results in accompanying the process of job execution. But bond wins the Lord Gave. But aid flows invisibly. But close, close is rededication and joy will complete the execution dates. It comes close. Not visible, but close, close and integral.
326. My son, the Beam of light is not always to our services may be the cause of space. But you want to keep forever. Change the currents, and again space will ring close to shock. Many may be reasons that facilitate and impede the contact. First of all, the state of your consciousness is important. Is it too was vanity? Not whether it has tended to overshadow the horizon as the Palm of your hand before your eyes? Even a small piece of the spiritual eye can deprive a spatial perspective or a motel in the eye. Because consciousness is cleared of all rubbish. Shards of thinking the day are too sour, unnecessary and harmful, but separate from me and hinder communication. You cannot wrap too deeply in the consciousness, you get hurt. And do us not then, when consciousness is already fall under the influence of the ambient, but it was in the time of the invasion of his consciousness. It was then we avoid ourselves and protect consciousness from theft and torture of his whirlwinds in the external environment. There is a limit to immersion in a matter that should not be running. Otherwise the wave sweeps over and has to swallow some salty water. You cannot weaken the watch will.
327. (June. 20). Certainly, hard! But who promised the ease? A struggle and a victory are promised. And a struggle is on the field of own consciousness. Inexperienced can think that something in the person struggles that is out of it. But it is illusion, and one of the most dangerous. Overcome by the person. The new growing from depth wins grown around the old. The shabby person is to attract from itself the person, speaking the church language. In a grain, in a fruit, in a kidney dismissed it is possible to see the law fling unnecessary covers when the life sprout has got stronger. It is impossible to cling that has become obsolete, has carried out the problem and became unnecessary for the further development. As soon as the energy which has brought experience crystallized in grain, do not become necessary generated its entering conditions. Here, we will put, life is lived, experience of the given embodiment is collected, and a person dies. And everything that was around: Things, both circumstances, and conditions, and affairs terrestrial made - everything that from this world, becomes already more perfect the unnecessary. Other worlds, other problems and new life in a new cover on plans of others of life wait. If the consciousness clings to the past, rolling in its heaps it with the past and remains, stopping possibility of the further advancement. It is necessary to learn fast conscious dismissal from any living conditions, from any condition of the consciousness caused by external influences. It has already been specified that the dream is similar to death that, falling asleep, it is possible to be released mentally from vanity of day, as though training consciousness by the time of great transition. But the problem in application is difficult. Vanity sounds, seizing consciousness. It is necessary to overcome vanity sounding. It is possible to study always, stopping a stream of any thoughts which have seized consciousness, and replacing with its wave. To sound on a wave surrounding, being able not stop imperiously it, already will be slavery at casual combinations of a matter. Shaggy feelers of disharmonious vibrations last from everywhere trying to grasp consciousness and to sink it in the muddy waters. But it is necessary to resist, without losing balance. It is possible to do everything, to perform all work, all problems which are presented by life but without losing balance of spirit with such work reached and confirmed. Whether a little that sounded sounds and will sound outside, tearing apart ears and burdening spirit, the power to it over them we will not give, even if it would be necessary to offer something. "Something" will pass it, having stayed there where everything leaves, but the victory reached with the winner and remains. In an opposite case there will be a following: waves of external conditions will be rolled away in oblivion, but spirit, defeat accepted, with it will it be. Therefore, victorious balance and calmness in a victim is brought to nothing. There is nothing in the world for the sake of what it would be necessary to lose that is the most necessary condition of an apprenticeship and communication with the Lord. Whether a little that occurs around. It is impossible to give the consciousness to the power to the passing. But the power over passing, in the spirit of confirmed, can be kept only in covers indication qualities which are condensers fiery energies, or forms, in which they become manifested.
328. The purpose of the student is merge with the consciousness of the Lord, to be themselves, merge it, be so fully and completely, as the Teacher Is Himself of his Lord, he goes. The student must achieve what has already reached the Teacher is full of perfect integration with the leading it. Saw or knowing Me saw and knew the father because I am in the father. I-Lord, in itself, nothing, but his father, Me, My Lord, it is through Me the essence of its and Its Rays. Spokesman its Fiery greatness I Am, because I Create will it, senting Me. That is the law. Each link is a link to her higher. And higher should be even higher to the inexpressible Light. The degree manifests the Light with no boundaries as well as unlimited and very light. Varied and limitless is space. The stronghold on the planet has a stage or screen in the sphere of infinite light. Hence there is an infinite way. Hence there is a bottomless depth or fullness of potential mergers. And here is the unlimited potential of the spirit. Where and what to look for solutions? It is in a merge with the Lord. This merger can give it substance and become the only possible expression of consciousness, when the light of the Lord fills the entire microcosm, displacing the Moon essence and replacing its Sun. Show them higher, or will, who Sent Their Beam Illuminated once and gave human consciousness is the goal of every human being. But people are themselves and their self, ready to lose and lose what makes each person. Ray Senior Hierarch combines several overseers. In moments the cycles of the Hierarch power are the Lord’s Rays leading and accepting responsibility, and carrying the order to be Proclaimed. You need to show the full potential fusion measure, knowing that this is the whole meaning and value of human life on Earth. Manifestations the desired stage of the merger Call the Arhat. Do not tire of deepen what no end and limit. Next to the Lord is fusion with no limits.
329. (June 21). Marks of achievements follow a completion making his mental environment. But if they do not enslave consciousness and not subordinate to his authority, it does not create a line of power attachments, it established forms of compelling attention as convict chained to his wheelbarrow. On the mental freedom are the mentions from authorities external to the human soul being external or internal. It refers to the mental freedom of man from power over his soul band (i.e. external circumstances) which are internal (i.e., absorbed in his inner world through consciousness). Three rivers flow through the consciousness refracted in the sphere and becoming its domain of consciousness phenomena after a part of the content of the microcosm, as though constantly spinning the movie life, moving from the outside world into the world of domestic and leaving in the past, in the archives of memory. Some sections of its road to consciousness, and it are kept for them by calling them from the past. Some do not ever mind, but they all remain inside, unseen by influencing its owner an entity, and the energies of the experience. The film incarnation is placed in the famous frame inevitability within which the person is a fraction, or a degree of freedom. From the framework of karma it goes out. You cannot be from black to white, from blond to brunette, but the freedom that you can seek and achieve, and which is not limited to, lies in the freedom of the spirit, do not related by three and three in the realm of phenomena taking place. Many mistakenly try to find freedom in the world the physical astral and mental. Of course, the degree of freedom provided by each of them is different. Great freedom of the astral world and almost limitless-mental, but they all still linked with consciousness. And astral consciousness can be self-caused in a guru prison than on Earth, being closed in hopeless circle astral strengths and submission consciousness of images created on Earth. Prisoners of the self-willed make a self-caused Call. If freedom of the spirit and the spirit of freedom is achieved on the ground over the three-there is no freedom. Because looking for liberation from things, from things and affairs by in spirit. Look for now. Large and significantly it is, so that without creating a thread with film’s life there is passing before consciousness frees in the spirit from the power of the three. I Say: can you do everything, but in the spirit of staying impassive free, not bound to that flowing past consciousness. Here is what it means to be out of the stream. For two of the deeds were committed by a slave and free to weave a chain of another magic carpet. Lead to true freedom. I want to free the spirit from the authorities of the three jailers: the power of the flesh, from the power of the Astral, the power of thought. All three are there to obey and be at the mercy of the will of the human spirit, and not vice versa, as is usually the case. The three lays a region of freedom, and the spirit which moved over them, finds her. In the realm of the spirit there is freedom. And this Kingdom is inside a man mastered his shells, wires, bonding with each of the three. Balance and calmness have a framework manifest of liberty, or the framework in which can manifest freedom. Claiming their freedom is their claim. Giving the chance repeated experience in things
not gets rid and unbeaten in consciousness, I want to release consciousness from their power, that saw the increased spirit their empty cover, for the sake of which you shouldn't endow the freedom. You can get a lot of passing through it. But it is way to strong spirits, the weak will be tightened, and whirlwinds astral body does not release, but even the worst of enslavement. Many emotions, all the emotions of the astral: fear, anger, resentment, sadness, obsequious and other forms of servitude consciousness astral essence flow and whirlwinds, in its occurring. Each Vortex is a link chain that impairs the freedom of the human spirit. Fear manifestation your manifest slavery. Courage manifests the freedom of its manifest, for the quality of the degrees of freedom over the power of the energies of the three worlds. The Arhat is the Lord of the three, the three Rays of the freedom spirit of its approved. The Ray is a symbol of freedom. The fire of the Ray is energy, deliverance consciousness from all forms of slavery. Fire guts are free from the tyranny of fear. White, cool, radiant flame of impartiality releases the mind from astral eddies, in slavery which is two-footed, consciousness. The call for freedom is in the spirit. The call to the qualities, forge armor spirit liberated from all bondage. Give the conditions and experience of life, the fruit of which freedom of spirit. Not in the Royal Chambers, check books, not gold, not in this, but in the spirit of freedom. Better in serious Earth, being limited to all and in all, pin down the flaming shell of liberty rather than having complete freedom in the Earth, be hopeless slave of the environment and the Earth's environment. Putting in a hopeless Earth conditions, output in the boundless scope of freedom of spirit to Leave open. And the degree of restrictions Does these stairs. The victory was promised. Everything is made to rededication which I have done. It is to lead. Sate accomplishment of the desired and eliminate to release it. The gift, I brought beloved disciple, is the Supreme gift of freedom of spirit. Serenity is the Crown of the spirit. Why is it calm? Why not some other qualities? Is it because tranquility is the highest form of spirit freedom manifestation? It is calm that crowned the spirit of freedom and the power of the three.
330. (June 23). Freeing the mind from the three authorities and three Beams by approving, you can deepen the knowledge freely. As the gates opened and the Teaching now, but the load hanging over consciousness, prevents the flap the wings. Terrestrial attraction afraid do not in themselves, but that does not give the consciousness of escape from the Earth's spatial area. So the House looks forward to receive the inheritance, but heir chooses to sit in a voluntary prison, sordid and beggar. For the master is the liberator, the wings of the spirit testifying to long-haul flights. The hardest free thought and free themselves from thoughts. The so-called obsessive images are nothing but thoughts, penetrated consciousness, or generated by, who continued to hold a magnetic field the focus of consciousness, once they have fulfilled their purpose and are no longer needed. The Will, the premise of the thought is presumed, and it can and should be able to focus the consciousness and quickly move it to another subject, not allowing the same images to attract to itself the consciousness. Require training and skill. The results did not slow. Just know that it is easier to produce thought than it released. But the thought of an emitted must also increase. On the thought of Dan power which requires understanding and application? The victory, achieved in this area is significant, however, that, having mastered their thought and surrendering the idea will, people could just as easily and powerfully over and thoughts of other people as their own. The power of an approved, automatically apply to other consciousness, this power is not approved. Hence there is universal formula One wins everything, who himself will be able to win. "Some seek power over human beings and worlds outside you in other ways, but there is no other way. The King, who has everything, can be a slave to everything and everyone, and to the poor in spirit, and the beggar is Lord and the Lord in spirit and in spirit. Not external but internal determines the level of power, for power is in the spirit. Of course, the power of thought defines and power over areas of astral body and earthly, for thought primary. Savage before radio apparatus grand piano will stand not knowing what to do with them, and let the book will remain sealed. Before you know, you know. Keyboard octave fiery energies of thought can learn and can learn to use it, as the pianist-piano. Then the phenomena of thought can become as natural and available as energy sounds of musical scales, as have the same octaves, tones and tints of the same laws, but several rungs above. The first and basic condition strong thought is that it must be devoid of emotional start. Many people think that good thought, but this is incorrect. Cool the emotionless thought belongs to the field of higher and therefore governs thought, charged astral body fluids. Strong fire thought not to have thought emotive, and the fire of the heart does not have astral fire of the lower shell. Feelings and emotions are the essence of the phenomenon of a different order. A man, the highest chain of astral shell and released from its astral whether on earth or after death, retains all its higher feelings. He can love and enjoy nature, the dyes and colors without the participation of the lower astral body which at this stage of evolution just does not need the astral world that is an intermediate state with all its heaps. It moves higher and higher into the flight of the spirit. An impersonal thought is stronger than personal thoughts, since the second is closely related to the same astral. Thought is accurate, colorful, stronger formless thought, and the thought subsequent easier and closer to the consciousness of thought before because thinking is crowned with a final thought. Personal thought is weak so that it comes about identity, having a small sphere of influence and only related to her consciousness. Spatial idea above-person can conquer the masses if it is crystallized. So again we come to the indifferent as a condition that fosters above-emotion thought, the essence of the above-astral plan. Need to learn, you have to remove the Astral from deeds, words and thoughts. Deeds, words and thoughts should be the impassive calm and only then these expressions of inner fire, these forms will be able to keep the quality of fire higher voltage, not weakened and diminished by impurities astral fluids.
331. The proximity or distance of the Lord by fire. The brighter the light, the closer the flaming heart Calling. Because the heart is lit and is called flame sonorous, that sounds like is on fire at flame of Great heart. In the age of the heart decides to heart. And the question is whether it awoke. Sounds have wakened. Call it the sound of the song of the heart burning. Far spread its inaudible sounds, and make sound and awaken those whose hearts still sleep. Heart consonant Heart disciples of the Lord, the hearts of your students consonant your hearts, and widely, widely is carried on the face of the Earth the magnificent song of fire. In an atom also beats and pulsing heart. So all the nature lives with a heart and every heart are consonant to the other hearts. The Envoy to the heart starts to pulsate in the whole area around, coming in a harmonious state. Disequilibrium elements and earth elements called disequilibrium of hearts of human impact on them through the channel of the heart. We have just passed the pulse of space across the Ladder of Hierarchy from top to bottom, from heart to heart. One lights the hearts of fiery energy, burning inside, owns and can regulate and manage this energy, hidden in the essence of each subject. Magical power is the power of the heart. Mastering the elements is the essence of mastery of the heart lights. The Law of compliance is powerful. The fire of the heart is unbeatable. Performed by the prayer of the heart is fire in action. I Said: «Make love". Not if your heart created with a command? Great is the creative fire of the heart. On the channel of the heart is a concordance to the fiery Mother. She, far, flame is consonant close. Her distant, the sound of the heart in a attract Far, close to the heart of your lights, tune Light claims of great heart. Being in itself it is the light of people and the world. It took Me. It accepts Me accepts the extent of its adoption and the proximity to Me. So after the Mother of Fire not only prognostication, but also the proximity of the Lord consonance it is consonant to Me because in me It which brought the world the fire. The essence of fire is approved and the fiery heart works. Flaming threads the hearts of spatially linked. These strands exist over the three realms. We need to understand the sanctity of the fiery manifest, open to lower realms. Thus, the creation and adoption of fire always goes over the three that were forced to fire to obey. Because the Talk: fire heart dominates the three. I know: unconquerable is the heart.
332. (June 24). Nothing is terrible, but a bad lot. The Teacher Defends and Protects from unknown and slavery, but not from consciousness of a life curve. We have to live on top of ordinary life.
Today we will write about things unknown, on the impact of the Rays of distant worlds. The fact is obvious: the Rays of the distant stars reach the ground. Whatever the phenomenon, but it somehow and that something affects. Of course, the Rays have directly and indirectly. Right-causing noticeable changes, indirectly, in the matter. Each Ray has a rhythm, or a light wave. The most sophisticated and complex organism on Earth is man. A man matter is particularly moving, easily irritated by exposure to sunlight. For the man is particularly sensitive to the effects of the spatial Beams. No bones react, but thin is the nerve of plexus, and through them, the impact is transmitted to the whole body.
333. (June 25). As it is above, so it is below. In the world of the human, like oceans of stars, one star is like. And it communicates. The idea is stretched to the subject or person, or to another human being, with its own image in the third eye, as though stretches a Beam. It is very clearly and understandably, when a person looks at something and Beam eyes, like the Beam spotlights, illuminating the contemplative object. Blue Ray puts out Scarlet flame. When looking at person irritable erupted Scarlet lights, watch carefully and quietly, wrapping its Blue Ray, Scarlet flame aura goes out. To neutralize the Beam color consciousness should be the essence of its opposite. People, not knowing that constantly interact with their Rays, carrying each other a blessing or a curse, joy or sorrow. But it refers to the conscious application of internal heat, the Rays. The Rays of loss rarely deserve this title, being vague and informal in thoughts. Everyone can have an undisciplined will. But when consciousness is gathered in the focus by color and Beam thoughts it is sent with a purpose of the impact which should be powerful and reliable. How can two-legged cold dispassionate flames be connected with the high Beam? Brief is a temporary cramping of the Astral. But higher always incapacitates and governs the lower. Each emotion is accompanied by a Flash of lights, astral highlighting its color the whole aura, to one degree or another. Every feeling of higher octaves is also accompanied by collared lights. All quality shine with their flowers and at the time of their application is especially hard. A battle of lights or a battle of the Beams is permanent in the never terminated human life. It neutralizes the only phenomenon to the contrary, the same color of the aura, or Rays, reinforce each other. To suppress the user undesirable condition of its aura, it is necessary to establish a State, directly opposite him, and by strengthening its conscious use of sunlight, to achieve the desired result. It is important to understand that thinking about a person bad or focusing on the negative state of the aura, we merely stress the fact that we would like it to put out. Therefore, the mental image of a person under the influence of light, to draw in harmony with the color of the Beam and the Transfigured form, painted and charged sent Ray implemented in egg of its aura. Of course, you cannot transform the keeper of darkness, but put out its Ray of the lower lights its aura and neutralize them, and you can always immobilize. But this is possible only with the full preservation of the equilibrium. Be in harmony with the vibrations of dark consciousness Astral-this means falling into the same pit where it resides, and taste completely away from the lights of darkness. The recent experience of the dark attack is exactly what gave the opportunity to touch on the exciting field of radiation interactions and relationships of human auras and ways to combat the dark opposition. Trusted sword Fix conscious ability to apply it in life. And the dark only serve for free, giving invaluable experience in managing the dark lights, neutralizing them and subordinating them to his will. Experience the comfort. Let your consciousness be drawn into astral eddies of the lower turbil′ony16 and dark minds is to lose everything and be the same. New weapons give the color Ray. Can be applied widely because the limits and boundaries of its application no, and nobody can keep away from the power of the impact of the color of the Beam. I Could, if it is known and if you could act on the high tide. But could not because their own Astral. Because the powerless, porous, and blind. The basis of victory is balance and calm.
334. On the part of the subtle world all processes occurring in a man are colorful phenomena, or outbreaks of fires of varying duration. Every thought, every feeling, every deed colors the aura of its color. Color effect is inseparable from life and movements occurring in microcosm. Especially utter and bright are love and hatred. And all human relations are reduced to a game of lights and colors of different voltage. Each is accompanied by its color and each color, deliberately caused will produce some impact on the human and Centres on his nervous system. Especially receptive are the radiating eyes and receiving Centres. But the more powerful color lights hearts, going straight from heart to heart. Cool silver Beam or thick blue can instantly put out the fussy restless excitement of small lights astral shell. The sound of the human voice gives its color range. Even the memo or voice produces a color effect. In the aura of strong spirits mix certain colors or color prevails, forming the so-called Beam, or energy degree special voltage, coloring its color every thought. Being sent on long distance, gives Ray a clear because the thought is clearly Light-bearer and bearer of great potential. People are blind in their actions and often powerless. Like the elephant walks through the thickets of life perceived mystery Rays, staining its Rays all that comes with it in contact: and items, plants, and all living beings, and humans. The effect of two genera: habitual, unconscious, involuntary and powerful product, manufactured to a particular exposure. Powerful is a good media exposure. Where is the foot of the Hierarch, thousands of years shining gleams the sacred lamps? Hence there are sacred places and objects. Light and color essence lights are inseparable. Nothing can resist the light collared Beam of consciousness. When my Light merges with a pupil in order to obtain the desired result, the effect is especially powerful. Rhythmic assumptions such Rays overcome all resistance and opposition. Here is this is the condition where the darkness is powerless against the Rays of light. Cool calm tranquility flame silver Beam can extinguish any outbreak of evil and dark tricks. The Ray destroys the astral of a constructed dark consciousness under the root of all malicious. Dark fury is powerless under the Ray of light. But for this to be the bearer of light, the bearer of light, the bearer of fire all-conquer. The winner is he who learns the power of fiery flame. It does not matter what evil intentional; dark as upright and steadfast, and fire heart, Rays of the generator. The armor of the flame serenity and equilibrium break dark desire, being instantly burned or eliminated by the bearer of the Rays, and bitter Kickback recipient. Do not need words, where is the conscious Ray or Rays. The power light should be aware of. Beams are begetting happiness and bright beginnings. Fires caused by the Rays, there may be a certain length, or act at the time. It is important to stretch out the fire in time, increasing parcel rhythmically. My Rays can fill and fill the whole world. The Lord is like a livebearer. The collared banners of Chiefs are Saints once had a value by the Beam. The world of man is a world of infinite variety of collared auras, colors and lights and the Star World is like. (Two days ago on the US hit the dark impact, enveloping the consciousness and the flooding it. Serenity saved and the morning hatching a plan of response. It is responded according to the above by applying it to the case).
335. (June 26). It is important to increase the spirit of each counter condition of life or circumstance or person, or any event, whether inside or outside. The growth of the spirit path or a way is to overcome. If something were corrected by the way and stopped climbing and turned stronger energy fiery tense up in their strength, not escalate and not the opposing energies are a challenging one. Narrow struggle is inevitable and victorious merits. But it is not all. Only the winner is destined-winner always. Fallen souls are defeated soul lights fight and the victory of extinction and the stronghold of the spirit lost in the power of one of the three. Three Ray are symbols of victory over the three, when the physical Astral and mental beginning are in obedience to the spirit. Exciting and thrilling is the fight for the rule of the spirit over the three forces. There is no limit to his power. There is no limit and fight. But rules and governs thought, submission will, for the spirit of the three. Ultimately it all comes down to managing the spirit of all the cosmic energies, boundless in strength and diversity of its. If the development and approval of a whole planet required of astral seven circles (Moon), and if this series all the same power over astral did not give, how many laps on earth you want to master mental and the full development of higher Manas? But the same path is a way to overcoming and domination. Obstacles, difficulties and struggle, causing intentional voltage fiery energies of microcosm, increase their degree of countervailing forces. With increasing obstacles the force is also growing up. There are an enemy and a sword. Awareness of the force is growing properly. No matter how much the attack dark or the onslaught of natural conditions, it is to take up spirit arms calling from the bottomless depths of its life and boundless inexhaustible potential of the power of the human spirit. Sleeping might awaken. I, the Lord, His power, the power of His inexhaustibility might vouch for your strength, I called for approval. But its inexhaustibility should be aware. You can, you can, and you can draw on the strength of inner fire conscious. In a moment of special difficulty tell yourself, "Oh, infinite power, from the depths of My mighty, all-overcoming, invincible, Tierra del Fuego. Lightning spirit from the inner fire is born. Sword of the spirit underlying the fire glows. Microcosm is a world of boundless, immense fire capabilities. But you need the magic light of spirit to highlight hidden treasures. Those who are outside will find everything, but not the treasure of fiery. And it will be taken away from the band found it, but are the fiery treasures because inside, deep, not subjected to transformations. I, the Lord of fire, at the dawn of the Fiery Epoch of the sons of the fire to the fire Call. In lights, lights and the fire-Father is a fiery winner.
336. As My Rays can saturate the ground? As you can understand the words "I am with you always"? For mankind is impossible. But on top of the world around and on top of all the worlds a fiery world. I, the Lord of flames, Fiery Body its Fiery World Reside. Fiery world of things has no earthly dimension. If even the usual thoughts no boundaries and limits, unlimited and anywhere-substance thought of Tierra del Fuego. To me looking in the fiery essence of My contact is always with Me and I with them. Space only in the world of the Earth measured in kilometers. Even in the world of Astral already applied measures. But the Fiery world is outside human dimensions. The notion of "near" and "far away" in the world of the spirit cannot be measured by conventional measures of length. The fire pervading and omnipresent fiery responses are measured, i.e. the degree of tension and length and nature of their waves does not know the distances. If short radio wave transmitted around the world, that is vibrates throughout the aura of the planet, then what can you say about a fiery aura of the Lord and waves His microcosm emitted? Not everywhere whether bottled His fiery presence? Not sated by the whole aura of the Earth in its higher octaves fiery vibrations? And if I said that I am with you all the days until the end of the century, then, is not whether the Fiery presence of flame aura Master an essential asset of your planet and its Fiery Body until it reaches everybody? In the spirit-Fire I am with you. And once your breaks away from the attraction of lower worlds and membranes, they are relevant, to immediately fire the closeness of My becoming clear, tangible and real. The ear does not hear, the eye does not see, but the heart of senses and picks up vibration fiery thoughts. Because of the proximity of My fiery in spirit is integral. We just have to rise above three in spirit. Contact and intimacy have the ability and skill to overcome the attraction of the three. In spirit, I am with you in spirit, but not in body, not in the feelings and thoughts of the Earth. Yes! Correct! I am the Highest on your planet. I am the focus breaking the highest and finest fiery energy. I am the Light focus. I am the beginning and the end. A path is only through Me. I am the Gate in the fiery world. I am the unifier of mankind. I am the Shepherd of countless spirits of mankind, the fiery essence of glue in one indivisible whole in the Fiery spheres of being. True, I am in you and you in Me. Not in your nature, but above. The spirit is there fire. The fiery essence being recognized rises above the limitations of time space and things. I combined everything and I Combine all. Brothers in Christ are My fiery spirits, and the fire of this spirit ignition. And you, an Lick My in a distant mountainous Stronghold, rights, not feeling the distance, and you, My current here, about themselves and the approver, rights, since the fiery Essence with our I both here and there, and everywhere, but over three because my Kingdom is not of this world three, not from the three worlds, but above. Of course, because My, My light in the areas of the three manifest, but not from them, not from three, but from his father-fire. My son, I send My blessings and My prosper, and the key to the doors Close. They are love. My son, long millions of years of evolution are given in order to come closer to me, to get back to Me with the knowledge gained, in order to evaluate and order gifts of Evolution, I decorated and accumulation. Nearing the time is a feat.
337. (June 28). The balance between internal and external must be found. If the predominant external, spirit cannot occur if the internal, the action freezes and the person becomes groundless dreamer. The balance between the two occurs when the inner is expressed in action, action and manifestation in the application. Great spirits, coming to Earth, internal wealth you’re revealed nearby external actions. The fire has reached a certain degree of voltage, cannot be shown in action, closing the circle of his being and giving dedicated spiral. In, or having a spiral effect, inner fire completes the turnover of spirals, ready to show the following. Internal is not shown in action growth and advancement of helix. Because the leave person effect because in action is the fruit of his aspirations. The activity comes to a man to the ground, giving half the turnover of the spirals of life in action, the other half of which in the world of Invisible consists in accumulating energy for new actions, or life. There's also assimilates and experience the action of the former life, bringing each dedicated at life on earth energy, shown in action, before its completion in the spirit of those planes of existence, where thoughts and feelings. Because the energy of the resulting down can look to their owner in the abyss or bright Agni can offer to the tops. One only there it is difficult to change the approved direction on Earth microcosm. The amount of its energies, approved in action and effect, engage it in the direction taken in life, the last moment of transition in the world of Thin is the station of departure, takes a train on the latest Rails and defining the way forward. Because of the need to protect their earthly activities as leverage shooter working, the train on, the Rails. The levers are set in motion the idea means the direction of the movement ultimately gives is not an Act, but a thought. So, human thought is. The earthly realm is the sphere of approval of thoughts in the matter of the plan. At each level the thought is manifested, but under conditions peculiar to each plan. The higher it is, the freer and fuller it is. The human body is a machine for manifestation in action higher, subtle energies of fire, or thoughts. Man is the medium of thought. Everything alive is the bearer of a fiery energy. There are flowers, trees, cockleshells. Animals are astral medium. The tree cannot think, although in every cell it is the mind. Thinker is just the people the media capital of fiery energy. For it is the Crown of creation. A scope is a field of thinking because thought reigns over the world.
338. (June 29). Let us not talk about the appreciation, but some degree of love and attention required to break away from the lower and look out into the world of My. And how can it be otherwise, if earthly dimmed the entire field of consciousness? Shroud of earthly ghosts can be broken only when the Ray of consciousness to me anxious. But they are crowding in front of consciousness in the immediate vicinity, not releasing him from his tenacious hands. It is bodiless, but tenacious, so take the flesh of thoughts. Thought the dense the Earth gravitates. It should not be deceived by the subtlety of mind matter. Its scale is very wide: from serious thoughts lead to the Earth nearby and leading and trailing on the ground, and in the sphere of earthly attachments restraint, to the highest, fire, rising up, like a light gas-like glow. It will not be a mistake to say that the thoughts cause specific gaseous substance on its entity. There are gases on Earth, heavy and light. Some fly up, the other goes down, trying to take all the Hollows, precipice and Valley. The lower, the heavier gases are collected. In deep wells and mines are often going difficult deadly gases. Serious tight thought, like the human envelop the gas cloud, bending it to the ground. On the sensitive scales could easily find that the weight of the person, aggravated by serious blackout thoughts, live and literally increases. The person feels this physical gravity in all the members by such thoughts. But there are light and airy steps of joy. Joy and thought good to give gas, up to claim. The tension of thoughts of light, and light, and offering can reach such a degree that people clearly rises above the Earth and goes and flies, delighting in the way the talk of higher spiritual subjects. Big can be a burden and ease of mind. Of course, people captive, prisoner from their thoughts. Meanwhile, every thought is a form which places a person shape, with varying degrees of mobility or immobility in which man acquires its properties. Hence there is an expression "ships of thought», on which you can sail away, if they are mobile. Thoughts give crystalline deposits, the substance of thought. Because each thought brings up either wings of spirit, or forges a chain because crystal formations thought to have magnetic properties, aspiration the human microcosm or up in the higher realms, or down, to the ground, or even lower. You can win, breaking a tie for his thoughts. But the man responsible for all of humankind and should, wants it or not, to bear the entire burden of spatial global thinking. Not escape from spatial grief or joy. The Rays of the planets can these conditions facilitate or deepen. So willy-nilly out people in the region living space. Now people especially clearly bear the burden of the spatial thinking and responsibility for others. Neither the position nor the wealth does not rescue from a common fate and pay for everything and for everyone. The goal is to bring awareness to understanding the inseparability of suffering and happiness common to all members of the human family. One Shepherd and one Flock is the only solution to which people should come, at least for the sake of it had to allow planetary partial disaster. How else to awaken the human spirit? Buffeted by the worldwide horror, people can still become sighted.
339. Touching to fiery Essence of the Teacher, the fiery essence of the student wakes up. Fire is born to life.
340. (June 30). In whatever state of consciousness was it either strong or earthly attracted, you can always find something moving up along the way and strengthens will. And in moments of attenuation of consciousness when a thought vibrate barely noticeable, somehow and somewhere, and that somewhere is still possible reinforce in ourselves. There are moments when the mind cannot fly, but no such moment would not strengthen any quality and deepen its root. For example, if a State of mind prevents Rapture thinking and spatial currents are not conducive to that same may hinder adoption and strengthen the ability to own, or restraint, or the art of removing emotion from words, movements and eyes. Step taken in can be done in any circumstances. This will help keep the inertia of motion and aspiration. Isn't that exciting task to stay calm and strong in a moment of weakness? Best teacher of life. And you do not lose a moment to improve and build something. It is mistakenly to think that the main gate and the facade of the castle must be protected and covered. Every weakness reduces protection. Chain is not stronger than its weakest link. Consciousness is continually improving its performance and adoption of it in action when all conditions of the spirit there is something very valuable and useful. So, for example, can always be observant, sophisticated or approve the face in the third eye, or send an arrow using the loved one, or a dream of the time when will beat their swords into ploughshares. We need to understand that the lifting points are always hollow waves, her depression, and that a rising spiral in either his turnover has its lowest point. This is the point, or the time when the past seeks to reduce consciousness and when it is, in fact, it is a manifest is the threshold, below which the mind refuses to go down. It is to be on guard of the progress during the recovery. Consolidation and approval is valuable in these moments especially. It is necessary to show its strength when a wave of damage may only be a skilled and experienced Warrior and a true disciple. To show their strength at the moment of weakness of the spirit is this not the achievement. Collect the energy of their own in the Citadel and force their approval when the personal "I" in to sprawl strives to formless inertia passive condition is already a victory. Keep the Crown winner United by the power of the spirit is the way foreign winner. So the bowl can be filled with useful experience in all conditions and at all States of mind.
341. The shortages. With the removal of the media sternum is a direct link. I could always tell, even apart from the will of your own, but merging is valuable, but not submissive. Submissive always temporarily and causes a reaction. Merge same constantly and goes, amplifying. It is subjected to the slave. Because speaks of son’s filial and merging of consciousness’s, and voluntary. But mergers require detachment from themselves. My Covenant "Deny yourself and follow Me" remains in force. But loss is in the spirit. Many have searched for in the body, but not succeeded, for breaking the law. The body given for life on Earth and complete submission to the will, but not torture is because it requires attention and care. Why hate the flesh and matter when both are given for manifest power of the fire of the spirit? The fire of the spirit is always manifested in the matter of the three plans and no matter manifest. Even on the above three plans, higher lights appear in the matter of the lower, in the matter of the fire her gradation. The matter will not go away. It is said about harmony with the infinity. Now let us say about harmony with matter and its fiery essence. What is the subordination of matter will not harmonic fusion of consciousness with its innermost essence of fire? The idea is to raise the object from the Earth. How? A combined fiery consciousness correlated with fiery particles of the material essence. And the fire of consciousness or the spirit regulates the magnetic State of combinations of particles or atoms, the matter of components. One who can climb to the air admiration of the matter of your own body can make the same experience and a material object. But we must learn to admire the spirit, for there is a fly from the ground. Every aspiration of the Highest world is useful, and the Lord is an aspiring focus.

‘Part II

342. (July 1). Time final came nearer; approached closely, - explosion can be every minute. And it is necessary to keep, as on a fire of flammable substances. Force and energy are pumped to the last limit. Where that drop which will overflow a bowl of space tension? The horror of accident is rescue. Fire has to clear space. There are days when extreme degree of courage is required. All will be shaken to the basis and the Babel tower of heaps planetary is destroyed. There is no other way out. Accident is inevitable. To heart it is heavy waiting for inevitability fiery. All survival equipment is settled. The decision remained one: to clean a dam constrained by us, and to allow Fire cleaner to make the terrible work of clarification of a planet. Dullness, obstinacy, rage and ignorance human can confront to forces terrestrial, but before spontaneous power space as a house of cards, will scatter and all constructions which have dammed the river of life will be distraught. To consciousness of inevitability of accident of Prepare The prevention I Give that the consciousness at the right time didn't become puzzled and it wasn't keen in circulation of fiery whirlwinds which will be carried by over Earth. The condition of consciousness at the time of accident planetary will play a crucial role. Mine will be protected, but it will be necessary to show degree of balance of the most intense. Spirit fire, and only it one confront to a destruction whirlwind, preserving put by me and those who it is foreordained to Light. From two living there will be one, and from remained everyone will have to undergo and sustain fiery squall clearing. The skilled captain, knowing and seeing rushing squall, takes measures in advance, having pulled together in rings sails and having cleaned superfluous, and quietly maintains an impact of elements. But grief squall to not seen. And whirlwinds future should oppose consciousness prepared. It will resist. The attire fiery will protect from burns. The ship of spirit will sustain squall because the helmsman is skilled. But the wheel has to be in firm hands, and the direction is exact, and we don't shake a course. The Lord Warned!

343. (July 2). Undergone it will be up to the end rescued. The patience was up to the end specified always. If the patience is shorter than things and conditions undergone to what it and what it will give? To stand till the end and to pass through everything, without fluctuating and without receding in the spirit of will be a victorious way. The shabby consciousness constantly seeks to put a way of spirit to dependence on external conditions. But then no patience will suffice because conditions external because cry also a gnash tooth - their destiny are bitter and heavy, and is inexpedient to stake on yarn length. To put a way of consciousness to dependence of that is, пли will be, or can be, means to do itself by the victim of external combinations of a matter and spontaneous combinations. Way lives there is a way spirit, going the track independently because, that occurs outside and as flows external life. Whether an imperial throne, whether a monastery cell, whether the tent of the nomad, or a workshop of an skillful master - has no value because the spirit knows the way and punches in the millennia the approved aspiration stratifications of material conditions, becomes over them and goes to the purpose contrary to everything that flows by it in the world terrestrial. Staking on external, not to avoid nor damage, nor ruin and burdensome long gloomy delays because it is sung in the spirit of and from spirit, but not from Earth and terrestrial. Great illusion - to believe outside something, able to cause an ascension way! Then each hero, both the devotee, and the envoy of Light would be the loser because they fought and all overcame that blocked them an internal fiery way of spirit. External it is given for identification internal. Fire is show without blows of counter energiya can't. The hero on all counteracting increases spirit. It is possible to wait, but under a condition, if fire expectation not угашает. But to put the fires in dependence on conditions expected in the future - means to stop a continuity of a way and to become the voluntary victim of accidents of external combinations of a matter.

344. (July 4). I am with you always. Therefore when the Voice of the Teacher becomes silent, the question can be raised only so: "Why the consciousness is silent? ». During the lifting periods nothing disturbed, both the consciousness sounded, and spatial currents and a force were overcome. But when they are especially heavy and consciousnesses coincide with Pralaya, to overcome them extremely difficult. It would be possible to increase spirit and on them, but fire not always burns. Has to burn, but doesn't burn. Degree of an unquenchable flame is the highest achievement. But even the Christ Left to the desert. Even Teacher of K.H. I was ill. Let's not make to the consciousness the excessive demands. Important at the moments Pralaya keep shape human and not lose achievements. For a jump it is possible to depart back, but not too, differently it is possible to come to be after a jump on a former place or is even closer. The point of descent of consciousness shouldn't be lower than the previous. Therefore karma knots during these periods should be passed especially carefully and carefully then not to regret about the irreparable. Certainly, from the point of view of the terrestrial all are acquitted discontent and bewilderment. But Christ Redeemer Be is crucified, Origen pined in prison, and all were tormented, and are pursued, and were exposed to an abuse. The cross of Great Service is heavy. But in Space the great Law of balance reigns, and deprivation here means receiving there, or is frequent - receiving here, but on the Highest Plans and in Spheres, not always cognizable. It is possible to tell one: realized or not, but the Beam over you always. Therefore we won't be mourning, but, having collected energy inside, we will quietly endure a hollow of a wave of a rhythm of consciousness, without deepening it below lawful level. The belief is necessary not at the lifting moments, but in minutes Pralaya consciousnesses.

345. (July 7). My son, to terrestrial eyes world movement, but - only isn't visible to heart. The darkness is condensed and presses on heart. To the son Decree: "Courageously stand". The tall weeds are a garden. Why to cultivate a ryegrass? How many water flowed away, and all of us stand and we Stand. But ways, and damage stay are inscrutable becomes. There, where I - Victory! Going with Me to a victory will come, but it is necessary to go all the way. What advantage to stop on the way middle? The way back is heavy. But the belief staunch, but persistence, but firmness reaches the goal. I give hope and I Point to Proximity. Don't choke with waves of the present hour. Observe aspiration to focus. Without focus aspiration is not fruitful. Without fruits - the personal aspirations which aren't leaving for a fencing of egoism are fruitless. Together with the personality are doomed to death. Not leave, but it is necessary to hold! I won't Leave not the left Me. World situation is fragile.

346. Records are necessary mutually. They feed spirit and give the chance to the new. It isn't important how to write down, important to transfer essence of thought. It is much more difficult to catch essence of thought, than to give it a shape. But harmony between form and content, of course, both is possible, and is achievable. The merge is deeper, the harmony is more perfect. The main thing, it isn't necessary to argue. To estimate and weigh received it is possible then when Record is finished. The voice of the Teacher won't break off therefore alarms are aimless. The screen of consciousness shouldn't get littered with personal thoughts and images. The hunter in collecting of treasures is tireless. Unless Gifts Mine are the usual? Why the consciousness earlier was silent? My son, don't philosophize crafty, simply open a soul window. In the spirit of all it is simple, because spirit out of Earth. Where those receivers which can consciously crystallize in forms of thought of the Lord? Therefore we Appreciate a pearl of the ripened spirit over outgrowths of the lowest covers! That isn't permitted to the slave, is permitted to the son without loss of the right of a sonship. I speak:" Be approved in understanding of Proximity of the Teacher. Grimaces of covers from the sphere of Communication clean". Communication goes over covers - three. Because the spirit approved over them is. The spirit sphere is inaccessible to them. You spirit nestle to Me. Spirit in you - always therefore the spirit wire is indestructible. Wires of three are unreliable, and astral - is dangerous. My words crash into essence of spirit and already then are imprinted in covers. Relations are strengthened by spirit fire. Wire binding - fire. Not to leave of the future and from understanding of the Highest World if heart didn't die in the Lord. Comers are live in the Christ to the Christ.. When die away fires everywhere, I want the close heart to sate fire. The lord is invisible to term. But your hour will come, and you will see. Terms are hidden by the law, but the future is integral. The victory guarantees Light Day in darkness pre-dawn. Rejoice Proximity of the Lord. Rejoice to approach of terms. Also you remember: Light with you.

347. (July 8). Merge over three is merging over moods of the moment, over thoughts current, over a physical environment means. Spirit is over three. Can live without them and out of them and live in Light space. To merge in the spirit of we will direct. Some seek for merge in the sphere of three and complain about difficulty of achievement. And they are right, because that, that is simple easily in the spirit of; improbably difficult also it is unattainable in the field of three, the unsubdued. My son, I Speak about spirit awakening to understanding of a kingdom of spirit. To understanding of the ocean of spirit I Call also its laws. Only the spirit the live creates, and only spirit doesn't know death, and only a spirit kingdom out of a kingdom of death of being replaced covers and forms. Everything that has the form which has been given rise from three - is mortal. Why to direct spirit in the field of death when the homeland it is a kingdom of eternal life. Eternal in mortal and temporary there is a spirit fiery immortal, concluded in passing forms of a matter of three. The winner of spheres of the lowest It is called the spirit which has approved a primacy. The consciousness is simply transferred to the sphere of the spirit which doesn’t know restrictions. It is possible to fight against windmills of a material world, but whether it is possible to change laws of darkness external and to struggle with the evil, without having subdued three? Whether it is simpler to be removed in a spirit citadel because, only staying in it, it is possible to tell:" There is a prince of this world and has in me no anything". Don't oppose angry because not in covers, but only in the spirit of and spirit it is possible to rise against darkness. But covers not subdued will be involved in a wheel of causes and effects. Proximity of the Teacher is in the spirit of. In my Kingdom there is nothing from this that nowadays you are surrounded, all this disappears, and is forgotten, and it isn't necessary. And however, life flow a bright and colorful stream - spirit life, outside the conditions of terrestrial. And even here, on Earth, it is possible to live, having released in the spirit of from an attraction of three and in the spirit of freedom having claimed. In the end ends, will pass all. Whether costs to that will pass, to give strength of mind more, than it is absolutely necessary. In temporary it is necessary to find threads of life and from them to weave a yarn for spirit attire. Not on covers isolating, but on metal of a wire there is a fiery current. It is so possible to separate essence from external covers. Imperial clothes and sackcloth the poor will decay, and their form will be dissolved in a matter from which they were created, but spirit - the carrier of all and any attires and covers, being the center crystallized Light Fire, in a matter of three can't be dissolved. Therefore we Approve spirit life over forms investing it.

348. I Am the World of the Spirit which won Earth and has risen over it. Spirit is the child of stars. Living on Earth and clothing its matter, he nevertheless is on it only a guest. The spirit is an eternal wanderer from a star on a star, from system on system. For Space millions years is an instant. Also is out temporary and spirit. It is necessary to learn to think space. There, above, having dumped three, the spirit stays in borders Fiery World. But for acquisition of consciousness fiery and for conscious life in it is mute the Fiery Body has to be it is issued in the same way as the body physical, astral and mental because each sphere demands the conductor corresponding to it for manifestation was made out and issued. It is possible to call each lowest cover the builder and the collector of elements of the highest. Certainly, collected energiya grain clothes, but through covers there is a collecting on their plans is. But as a star from a star «different operating in glory", and the experience gained on everyone, is valuable a side acquired. It is impossible to imagine all variety of Space and the star worlds from which Earth is on one of the lowest steps because only on it conscious human evolution of mankind occupying it began. If to imagine seven Circles, on our Earth complete, and seven on solar system of higher, than ours, and so indefinitely, (because Space is immense) that the ladder of spirit will be shown in all its incomprehensible boundlessness and terrestrial measures of time will be not applicable. The Highest Spirits Could is witnesses of extinction of the whole solar systems, life and which death was as a grain of sand before Eternity. The Highest Spirits Could is witness’s extinction of the whole solar systems, life and death which were as a grain of before Eternity. A (first letter, first is always!) Is before beginnings of times! There are two worlds, two Spaces - Space in time, in a section of time of the shown forms, and Space in Eternity, real always. The second is from spirit. The ocean of spirit is the ocean of Fire, eternally real, incomprehensible in intimate essence. I call to understanding of the boundless world of spirit.

349. (July 9). Process of transformation of spirit is process internal. It is possible to call successful external conditions those conditions which accelerate this process, and unsuccessful - slowing down. If surplus, money and content slow down spirit growth, so they are harmful certainly. Usually the grief, both difficulty, and troubles promote growth. From here absolutely new division that is good and that is bad. From here the good can be very bad and harmful and stopping advance, and heavy - useful. As the As Can the Teacher to be afflicted life of the pupil heavy and difficult and full of tests and chagrin, if He Sees fast and bright blossoming of spirit. The Teacher Can to be afflicted, seeing, as sinks consciousness in a stupor wellbeing and content and as die away fires spirit. The Teacher has other measures. The Teacher Wants that the pupil applied his measures and understanding. Drove, pursued and trampled on all light carriers. The history teaches that light in wellbeing isn't switched on. Feat and self-satisfaction is from different nest; easy life I didn't Promise. Someone has it, undoubtedly, but they aren't pupils of the Lord. Glass spillikins scatter into smithereens from hammer blow. The glass cover is fragile. The lunar heritage gives fragility to a cover. Lunar glass is the phenomenon of an astral order. The dead planet reports to an astral the properties connected with elements of death and decomposition. Get to tenacious embraces of an astral equivalently to come to be in skeleton embraces. I Came to destroy everything that interferes with spirit ascension. But the most difficult, both resistant, and counteracting are mental false generations of mankind and a terrible perversion of thought. The mankind rolls in labyrinths of false representations and the ideas which are heated up by eyelids. From them is all disasters human. How many the false was heated up by religions on short, pure, true first-doctrine first-messengers. Held down by chains of numb forms of thought, the mankind can't move. And the spirit - a basis of life and reality - is expelled from life. I want to approve a primacy of spirit and to put it above all.

350. (July 11). That happened, inevitably as inevitably and that happens. It is impossible to accelerate that there was no destruction; each fateful will leave in time. Planned people can't prevent a current of events. Really victims brought are brought to please to the individual? Followed ways of our decisions we will not be slow to clean. But in days the last and the patience is necessary unusual, and belief staunch because it is dark before a dawn.

351. (July 12). Here it is spoken about dismissal from the world terrestrial. Unless it is renounce a body? But after all a body is the spirit temple. Or with feelings, but feeling is a consciousness feeler. Or from beauty of the nature, but the fiery dragon of a solar plexus eats them. And how to renounce that world to which the person for his comprehension is sent. Look at the star sky. But it is too world material, flesh world. It is impossible to renounce that is a section of Boundlessness and a physical form of expression of spirit. If isn't, the body will die. It is impossible to renounce food, either clothes, or at home. All this is necessary. But there is something that it isn't necessary for the person at a known step of his evolution. It something is his egoism, its small personal world of illusions and delusions, its small "I", separating it and isolating it from greatness of the boundless world and disturbing to it because of a fencing its small "I" to see world life in its superpersonal, space aspect. That entire are, all is necessary, all is necessary, except for small personal "I". The inhabitant concluded in an iron circle of the personality, is the phenomenon anti-space, excluding from the Universe. The history erases the world of narrow-minded existence from the tables. Narrow-minded interest’s people lived always. And a trace remained neither from their names, nor from their thoughts, neither from their houses, nor from their clothes, from their manor. All was devoured with time cycles. But the nature continues to live, and stars - to shine, and spirit - to weave an infinite thread of life. Plunging into a personal world, the person betrays himself death because it is mortal all that is connected with the personality and her interests. Always the Uniform Doctrine under different forms of the expression what they were, directed people and wanted to lift people from a vicious circle of small private terrestrial life to the Worlds the Highest, in spirit area, to spheres of enduring Life of the World. Any true Doctrine seeks to tear off from chicken reality, - to tear off and lift. When the egoism fencing, the world personal is destroyed, joining the World Space, merges with it and becomes the world superpersonal, or the spirit world, without losing the Identity as consciousness center because the consciousness is transferred above and already the nanosecond embraces itself the elements which are subject to death and destruction. If, being beautiful and healthy, all purpose and sense to enclose lives in these phenomena, that what grief will be at their loss because are doomed to death both beauty of a body, and its health. Only transferring consciousness to inherent values of spirit, it is possible to avoid both death, and decomposition; therefore not dismissal, on containment and understanding of value of true treasures.

(I dreamed two letters. One is everything to Me. Another is only half from Mother.
The dream was confirmed. The letter I received really, and from Mother).

352. The magnetic field of consciousness never happens freely, that is unoccupied. Always something radiated or perceived by it is in a field of his sight. It "something" always is according to the consciousness receiver. The thought or the image not peculiar to consciousness usually jumps out of it; but thoughts habitual stick strongly. New images and thoughts the aura paints the shades when passing thoughts through it. Therefore for the whiner all is sad and sad. It even paints pleasure in funeral tone. It is difficult to remake the aura developing on years, but to allow only chosen thoughts in consciousness and it is possible, and has to. Fire changes properties of aura in its basis and when it brightly burns; thoughts get shades of a positive pole of life. But fire not always burns. And then special vigilance of consciousness and patrol that waves of undesirable thoughts didn't flood consciousness is necessary. And then the Shape of the Lord can show the force, keeping consciousness at known level and without allowing in it the thoughts sent by attendants of darkness. There are a lot of them on that and on this plan. We are ready to damage and send dark thoughts always. By own efforts not to resist because the arrow of the evil flies silently and its direction is seldom known. The beam protects from evil parcels. But the Beam demands continuous understanding of in its orbit. It also is the best protection. The consciousness, unseparable with the Lord, is impregnable for any attempts of the evil, obvious and secret, visible and hidden, conducted and unknown. It is necessary to realize all power of Light that it could freely is show in consciousness. The not the conscious it is the greatest obstacle for its manifestation. From here formula: Whether "You believe? ». Because consciousness opening to Light radiated by the Lord, a most indispensable condition of its receiving. I - Light giving, but open itself to Light. Be not closed from Light and don't close consciousness to Light waves. The consciousness filled with the Lord, Light of the Lord perceives to a limit of the capacity. Be filled with the Lord. Minutes of weakness are inexcusable and aren't reparable because points of darkness leave the glyphs on aura when light grows dim. Degree of readiness of a constant is Arhat’s achievement. I speak about continuous presence of the Face of the Lord at consciousness. I want to strengthen and arm spirit, but it is possible only on condition of continuous prestanding to the Lord. It is better to keep Shape of the Lord in minutes Pralaya consciousnesses, than to forget about It on the roll lifting. Without the Lord there is no way. And when the consciousness forgets the Image Leading how the ascension if the Face of the Lord is force, directing consciousness up is possible then? Therefore we will collect the light about lightful Shape. The hour spent in oblivion of the Teacher, is the lost hour. It is necessary to approve in the third eye Shape of the Teacher especially strong in minutes when fires weaken. It is difficult to avoid a rhythm and waves of consciousness, lawful lifting’s and admissible damages, but the Shape of the Lord can be kept in consciousness always as the most necessary achievement which should be claimed in every way spirit. While the Lord Lives in heart is lost nothing but when it isn't present, everything is lost, even at seeming success. Therefore we will collect all forces to keep on a wave of achievement and not to lose Light of a firefly Face. To the son blessing I Send. With the son it is happy because the winner I See, all obstacles overcome. In a victory I Approve by the Beam fiery. I Told.

353. (July 13). My son, the full-directed Lord Answers an appeal always. It is necessary to understand this constant readiness of the Highest World to reply. Psych equipment is in effect the as it is simple, as conversation by phone. But the solemnity and completeness of the address is required. It is that area where incompleteness is unacceptable. The vague address and results will yield the vague. Compliance and the accord is a psych mechanics basis. The aspiration to the Highest Shape will sweep away layers of the lowest matter interfering; on power of aspiration and overcoming of energiya of the lowest spheres. And still it is necessary to acquire: on a key of the address the answer received sounds. The words "on your belief it will be given you" should be understood so that the donation goes according to the accord, on nature of inquiry directed as the law of a magnetic attraction is put in action. The love attracts love, pleasure - pleasure, courage - courage, to knowledge aspiration - knowledge. What inquiry, such is and a response. But also it is necessary to ask skillfully. It is very difficult to destroy the power of usual evidence because the world thin, but the real phenomena, isn't visible to an eye. And here heart as the body operating over the world of three measurements is necessary. I want to approve in reality of the phenomena of the Thin World. The world Thin, not roughly astral phenomena, is approved, and it is possible to see it and has to, without plunging into an astral and without coming off the world terrestrial. In it is essence of connections of the worlds: the statement thin in the dense. Yesterday is important as the moment of the statement of a new cycle and cooperation with the Lord. And buds of a flower were developed in a good - times as a sign kind. I want that readiness was expressed in heart filling by the Lord. The lord creating Light will fill heart with Light. Fiery sword Lords always on call to protect and to stop dark shifts. Dark attacks shouldn't be surprised: rage in rage of powerlessness. It is impregnable being in the Beam of the Lord. The board sent grows and gets stronger understanding of the sent happiness. The Lord Leaves nobody in need and a minute of danger. Therefore to believe on Us all consciousness it is possible strongly. There will be no derogation of power of the Lord on fires of aspiration all-conquering. Correctly, which overcome in has the negative pole the phenomenon or quality, the positive pole approves it. Only lukewarm, that is the pole not approved, isn't present opportunity neither to overcome, nor to claim, that is there is no way. Easier in the enemy to recognize the disguised friend, than to see though a spark of possible light in the one who neither is cold, nor it is hot. So, I arm for all occasions, and the strongest board is a love to the Lord, constant, vigilant, sharp-sighted, full of readiness and self-rejection. What is the love? The love is a fiery wire to heart of the Lord. Works always, while sacred fire of this feeling burns; know: more strongly the wire isn't present.

354. The lord Knows everything that not known at all by you because all your lives lie before Him as the opened book. On them and judgment is. The lord knows the direction of thoughts and brings the amendment in case of need on life. The legend of zero Lord the voluntary gives the chance to the Lord to show the will because the free will is sacred. The formula "Yes There Will Be Your Will" as though opens the microcosm sphere to influence of the highest will. Voluntary opening of heart from the person is a necessary condition of hidden cooperation. And in big actions, and small this principle that the free will wasn't broke is applied. At will violation the value of action vanishes because there is it belonging to foreign will and merits not having. When we arrive under influence or pressure of foreign will, responsibility for an act on ourselves we don't take and karma of consequences we don't bear. Therefore the benefit that who others don’t enslave will. The violence is fraught with those terrible consequences and chains which are imposed by it on the tyrant. In chains the going - so we call them still going here, but held down by consequences there. Therefore the violence over will of the stranger is condemned. Coherence and the accord isn't violence, but merge wills in aspiration to the Prime target.

355. (July 14). Communication is by spirit and in the spirit of. It will be easy experience Proximity if to occupy a field of consciousness with the chosen Shape. Whatever image appeared on the consciousness screen, it now attracts to itself (himself) and attracts another, with it connected. So the Face causes a chain of images or representations, to its gravitating. The magnet of an image works. Being approved in the third eye, to constantly operating magnetic force it is similar. Laws of a magnetic attraction work precisely. But the consciousness should be able to be kept in focus of an attraction. The beam on the consciousness turned to me, works especially powerfully. I Direct the Beam, aspiration the perceived. Mutually aspiration mutual, love the called. Therefore we Speak: on a love thread, or a heart thread, there is a life-giving exchange of sparks, or Light. The Lord Wants to make the Proximity more real than the Sun. The Lord Wants unearthly to approve Light brighter than light terrestrial. The Lord Brings is fire for assimilation, realizations and actions. So operating with the Name of the Lord creates it fire. It is possible to premise to action thought that it is created for the sake of the Lord, and it immensely to strengthen it. Each action has this or that degree of magnetism of persuasiveness, or force involving of people in imitation. From here are pupils and those, who follow Me. I Sate consciousness with My thought on degree of its ability to apprehend and, having refracted, realize. Therefore there are no two identical channels of transfer and light self-proceeding. Is close, similar, but identical isn't present. And the Identity is brighter; the refraction of my Beams in consciousness sides is more peculiar. We appreciate the semi-precious stones refracting and reflecting Beams by the flowers and the sides. The monotony and repetition would be death of spirit. Therefore assimilation is individual and refraction by consciousness of Beams sent is appreciated especially. Not distortion, but refraction. The distorting is a lot of and fruitful so inexpressibly it isn't enough Light quenchers, but receivers. Over everything we Appreciate beams self-proceeding. To me pleasure to see Light realized, to the world radiated by my elite. My Beam with them, my Hand with them, my board is lifted on protection them, My Light accepted and acquired by heart. Receivers of spatial fire we Call them, light to Earth of the bringing. Because we create is you and I, is in you Existing. Creative power of the Face of the Lord creating should strong be understood not in words, but in life and in operation. I create Great Action. The action feat from Light of My Beams because it is created in them is inseparable. The feat of merge of consciousnesses because tension demands extraordinary and overcoming of the connected force of influence of energy three is great. I being above three, consciousness by a magnet of my Spirit above spheres three Lift. And My thought fruitful is imprinted on the consciousness screen, penetrating broken off for the period of a cover of three lowest and obeyed conductors of spirit. My son, in Light Mine you will see and you will find a boundless way of cognition. To what books if the bottomless ocean of Space Knowledge becomes available. Therefore care not about books, but about the device learning. Not to take with itself in space of printed pages but if it is furnished the clue from the Knowledge gate, to what then books?

356. Connection of consciousness human with focus of consciousness of Hierarchy gives to consciousness of the person a new step of understanding. I call for Me for merge of consciousnesses. The way human is a way of ascending consciousness. The ascension, that is consciousness expansion, goes in all worlds, having captured three and having released from them, in consciousness the World Fiery, eternal, to approve and become essence fiery. Difference of three is temporariness of each of consciousness conductors, but the conductor fiery is eternal. Eternally is Fiery Body. The step of the beginning of registration of the Body Fiery is a step of the adoption of eternal life of consciousness. It is possible to see how development of the astral beginning exercised the wit with life and as development and the registration of the mental body which still far hasn't been reached at sets exercises the wit and approved. But it is followed by a task the highest. By the end of a cycle of life of each of bodies its cover wears out, grows old and has to be dumped, but the Body Fiery, capable to infinite thinning and transformation of elements, it making is eternally young. Just as atoms of a body physical change and updated incessantly, elements, or energy, the Body Fiery change also, ascending up to the heights of not predicates, a limit to which isn't present. Because the true kingdom of Boundlessness, or boundless improvement - evolution which isn't present the end here begins. In this world of boundless opportunities Calls the Lord. And it is possible to enter it, having seized a matter of three. Specify a life which becomes a way of understanding of infinite Light.

357. (July 15). I Approve boundlessness am in everything. It means that each form of life is a thread stretched from infinity of the past in infinity of the future. It means that anything doesn't come to an end. And life as it is, and is expression of the boundless principle of life. In anything, it is impossible to find in one phenomenon the end, I began. Even the disappeared or died-out form, having broken up to components, its emanations saturated, continues in any look in the energiya to influence the elements bearing in its prints. Forms died, but the matter, them refined through which they passed, continues to make the crust of a planet transformed by them. Process is difficult, immense, and unbounded, and is connected with all Space in myriads of threads; visible and hidden because each atom and each form of life is only part whole, inseparable from it.

358. Who or that becomes a wall interfering between Me and consciousness directed it is necessary to know. But always something disturbs, and it "something" it is necessary to establish. When heart completely belong to the Lord, is easy to clean from a way stones interfering. But heart fire is necessary. Fire will sweep away ghosts of obstacles. The face gives, but accept, that is become the receiver. The receiver is the vessel open for reception of something. Means, the vessel has to be open for reception, either receiving, or perception. Many, receivers up to the top having already filled with unnecessary garbage, wait for parcels, forgetting that in a vessel overflowed it can't be poured in anything. The law is simple: exempt the consciousness receiver from all it filling and quietly accept waves of thoughts, Me sent. Wait for a miracle, but the miracle isn't present, there are the laws of mechanics demanding observance of the elementary principles of psych mechanics. As it is possible to see an image sent by the Lord when there are so much subjects before eyes and the consciousness is connected with everyone by a thread. They unnecessary, loom before consciousness, dimming Light of the Beam. Therefore release of consciousness is inevitable. It is necessary to learn to exempt consciousness from stirring mental litter quickly. Any more I don't Speak about litter of astral emotions because the last does the receiver deaf. It isn't enough nobility. It is necessary to learn to apply psych equipment rules automatically and without couriers of thoughts, simply, but strong releasing consciousness. It is good to have as though the plan, extents of desirable concentration and aspiration and detachment from affairs terrestrial. After all without the mental precondition even it is impossible to leave the house. And almost all actions of the person are implementation of the plan drawn up by thought or an image of action. The rhythm is a form of the crystallized plan connected by the periods of time. It the constant prayer, morning or evening which rhythm is never broken is strong. So, control levers - in consciousness of the person, but he has to turn their.

359. (July 16). My friend, whether you think to escape responsibility for thoughts? But after all thought - the energy deposited in the Bowl that is forever, on all lives. Adjournment crystal, being a component of essence of the person, gives the coloring, or a tonality. The tonality means ability to the accord. The crystal begins consonance the color and on the essence every time when external circumstances are attracted by it to the statement for manifestation. Thoughts have to cease in operation or be shown in a visible form. Thoughts trade in manifestation. Therefore thoughts are the future actions approved in a microcosm as grains of future actions. The thought small will give rise to small action. But it is possible to generate and giants. The rhythm and constancy a harvest give the strengthened. Low thoughts, seizing consciousness, at continuous repetition too create the peculiar terrible rhythm, and a grief to the sower. Thoughts come back to beget periodically. It is necessary to meet a wave of negative thoughts fully equipped because new strengthening and their deepening or neutralization and repayment depend on will of the person. It is possible to meet them as welcome guests, and it is possible to incinerate and destroy in a germ fire of the increased and towered thought. It is possible to understand that ascending consciousness, strengthening the fires, raises thought, potentially stronger and always able to overcome past generations. From here is full possibility of a way constantly victorious. It is necessary to know only that effort of consciously enclosed will in the present above past actions by force of increased fires. And everyone wishing a victory easily reaches it, it is worth making effort only. And it is possible to tell it:" Past generations, I am not afraid of you; you can't block my way to the Lord". But to plunge powerlessly into waves of last generations, creating a wave new won't be a victory. The karma will be complicated, and a number of new efforts in the future for a gets rid and neutralization of the new wave strengthened by imprudent levity of the traveler is required. To thoughts positive and light, up attracting, it is possible to lay a statement hand, carefully crystallizing seeds of thought growing. They will yield the kind fruit. They can be welcomed, consciously postponing in the Bowl for increase. The invisible and inaudible thought creates the world of acts of man and therefore demands attention and care of the special.

360. It is better not to touch a fiery wire, when there is no confidence of purity of the thoughts. Vibrations of thoughts are transferred to a wire. And before undertake it is necessary to approve thought. It isn't necessary to bring in it echoes of thoughts terrestrial. Its purity gets littered, and the thought perceived is painted by an element alien to it. Purity of the receiver is necessary in order that the thought perceived kept the spontaneity.

361. (July 17). I approve power of action when all strength of mind is in operation collected. To collect forces and to rush them in one direction will be a success sign. To spray the forces on trifles and on trifles everyone is able. But collectors of forces skillful aren't present.

362. (July 18). Here, there are minutes when, despite all efforts, it is impossible to make Records. From where then mistrust! After the entire person in itself - anything, creativity goes communication with Hierarchy. Without Hierarchy the spirit can't create. Creativity is such degree of tension of consciousness to the Teacher when the Beam it starts working, being combined with microcosm energiya. The combination of energiya and the highest is expressed in creativity. In a general sense creativity is a combination of fires of heart to space fire. Therefore any creativity, being the statement of fire, there is a benefit. Certainly, I don't Speak about creativity of black fires. There is also a. Why concentration on the Face causes impulses the creative? Fiery Shape of the Lord, being entered into a field of consciousness and having occupied it entirely with fiery essence, influences heart, revealing the potential of its fires. The combination of these fires generates a creative impulse. The same action is shown and the Beam sent at merge to it. Birth of a creative impulse in consciousness very much character but for a known step of an apprenticeship. Because all so created pupils. The fire of the Lord is fire creating. It lights creative lamps of spirit in those who follows steadily. Creativity is destiny of the person. Therefore to follow ways of the Teacher means to follow ways of development of creative power. Youth, force and people value are shown in his creativity. The national creativity growing obviously is a sign of ways hierarchical, the Leading Hierarch of the specified. The way of creativity is a way of evolution and stays. Stagnation is condemned by us. At schools since the smallest years, from kindergartens from toys it is necessary to accustom consciousness to creativity. Let creativity become natural expression of energiya of a microcosm. Let the thought will learn to create. The process is important. Let build, both create, and create that want, but let create. The school will put on the correct rails. Creativity should be understood widely: both the engineer, and the commander, both the scientist, and the innovator, and the teacher of national school - all creators in the sphere. Certainly, art above other areas of creativity because enters consciousness into the world of boundless opportunities. But it must be kept in mind and that borders to improvement and improvement of life aren't available. Only the art area most closely brings through beauty to not predicate world. Therefore ways of creativity It is approved. Ways creative we Call lives. We give new understanding of art, we Approve creativity national as new step of evolution. We approve creativity for all.

363. The Lord, I want to know in your Beam, that occurs in the homeland < ... >.Listen, My son.
The spirit national is strong, is invincible. Neither the yoke Tatar, nor invasion of other-tribal, disaster external - won against nothing against it and won't win. To My Doctrine Prepare spirit of the great people! Tests - approach steps. In total is in the benefit. Difficult, but is in the benefit... I tempered in tests and I Prepared. The power will be worthy the risen spirit. Able to see will conduct. I direct events by the end foreordained. And everyone - a step approaching. Someone wants to make in own way. Against Me?! Someone applies the hand, but mine at a wheel, and therefore apply only to oars. What ahead? Light close and pleasure public! It isn't necessary to be confused anything, but strong to wait for the bequeathed. I speak about the Hall unknown. The favorite Country should climb the happiness mountain, but lifting is difficult. Everything will leave, too often being replaced steps of ascension inappropriate and, especially, the interfering. Not for this purpose million works and victims that because of one or several interferes to slow down a way victorious. The necessary gather term on need degree. For each work is the. But the most necessary will be - Messenger Doctrines. The pledge put for term. Term will come, and the pledge will be removed. And forces, pledge constrained, will rush, as waters on the soil exhausted with heat. The soil is exhausted and thirsts for water live. It is a lot of thirsting strong. Escapes ripened, and the field is ready for a harvest; from the best grains we select the best for the following crops. Sowers we Prepare. (Record you conduct, My son, truly, according to Mine). To us it is unimportant who will leave before whom and as, but it is joyful to be in anticipation of long-awaited. We think about of revival of spirit national in the statement of his will, not the worst, but the best, hitherto in a shadow of the former. And again appearing in power will be better, purer and higher than the predecessors. It isn't necessary to demand purity from a sweeper sweeping if only swept purely. To Egyptian vultures, the Homeland surrounded, the gain won't be. The party will collect the best, and the best will reveal expectations of the people. The herd will be uniform. And I am a Pastor. Hated will be saviors. It is necessary to be valid focus terrestrial, uniting. The essence will change to an opposite point of the expression, but the form uniting remains. New remains inviolable, if it in the benefit. To the past isn't present and there can't be a return. And new is to new. From spirit the people, in the spirit of revived become given rise’ - and ardent life will begin to sparkle a powerful stream in the field of spirit. Without couriers of thoughts the great future will come. Proximity of a fulfillment of bequeathed Specify.

364. (July 21). Record can be made, because Space is great and it’s much-expected not to settle any Records. I will aggregate I howl Mine before days of the Decision. Certainly, solves a way will human, but in merge to the Highest. Without it the way of fulfillments conducts in darkness. Signs special before term approach will be given. They should be seen. Only skilled and patrol consciousness can see. Clarity of the receiver at an illness hangs. Sacred pains and diseases aggravate it. Microbes - enemies the person - carriers of decomposition and enemies of evolution. Weakening a protecting network, weaken organism counteraction to powers of darkness, from everywhere creeping. Therefore microorganisms are carriers of diseases and an infection, enemies of the fiery centers.

365. (July 22). The face defines the direction of flight of thought in area superpersonal. In the Face sphere personal the place isn't present. It is impossible to take in a clear atmosphere of mountains with itself dusty toys of Earth. They there simply don't have a place. And with freight of Earth not to raise thought to the Lord because thoughts terrestrial will attract to Earth. So release of thought is an indispensable condition of merge. Wins against thought the Highest - communication is established, and Light of the Face flows. The terrestrial wins - terrestrial thoughts join the consciousness receiver. Have everything, but exempt consciousness from the power of thoughts terrestrial at least minutes of Communication. As My Beam in consciousness if on its screen wriggle will be reflected and conduct the dancing of a shadow and ghosts terrestrial, in the days, in oblivion leaving right there to be replaced new, so empty and temporary. How many time should be repeated that illusive evidence and thoughts it isn't reality and aren't necessary. It is impossible to encumber with them consciousness because then for my thought of a place in it is mute doesn't remain. Thinking scraps are especially aimless. To what are they? It is better to think one thought out, than to litter consciousness with inutile splinters. But the tail tries to keep step with each of them, forming in the future a starting point for scrappy thinking. We love the finished, well made things. Nobody will buy the semi-sewed suit. Why then are allowed rags not properly executed, and the main thing, aimless, that is inexpedient thinking? My son, minutes of weakness are important that shortcomings are especially bright at these moments and it is possible to see obviously their harm in all volume. And these minutes it is possible to be especially sharp-sighted that can strengthen weak places, clearest and accurate see their essence and size. It is necessary to understand insolvency and harm of sketchy and chaotic thinking when the crystal of consciousness breaks into small splashes and sinks in spangles of these splinters. At this time it is necessary to bring together itself in focus, or in the center, sweeping aside alluvial foam of the external phenomena. Let the Face of the Lord will be the focus collecting scattered sparks of consciousness in the Stone. Without the Stone - the collector together the magnet of energiya of a microcosm, isn't present "standing to a hail", or spirit citadels. The Stone carrier preserves the treasure against plunder by conditions by people around what they were. The treasure not saved remains to beggars and spirit both the spirit, and the fire fading.

366. (July 23). Certainly, under all conditions the main factor nevertheless is the aspiration, and besides uninterrupted.
(It was heavy to be sick. Speed. 39,4).

367. (July 26). Permissiveness measure only then it is applicable; when the Lord in consciousness predominates. Otherwise consciousness submission to the phenomena passing is inevitable. But how to be when fire fades? Full attenuation is inadmissible. Sacred fire has to burn always. It can brightly burn or to be hardly noticeable, out of need and to conditions, but - is continuous.
Will be, will be, and will be! Will be promised!

368. (July 27). On far distance the echo of mistakes rushes. Not mistakes are important, but office, they caused. There are the phenomena approaching to the Teacher, and distancing from Him.Things distancing we will remember. Already I Told: everything is permitted, but with Me. Because I Am measure permissiveness.

369. (July 29). (There) All is to the best. You to a difficult task didn't realize a way; to the most difficult through the difficult. The way of a feat is a way of overcoming of difficulties. The feat is created in works, difficulties and in burdening by circumstances. It is necessary mentally, that is in consciousness, to overcome evasion. Or lie down under a wave and to be it broken, or to rise on its crest. The middle isn’t present. I teach essence of overcoming of life. Spineless it isn't necessary. Hold the Lord in consciousness. The way of overcoming of life is Light way. Each subsequent step is overcoming of the previous. We learn to see sharp-sightedly all everyday then to learn not to see it and to close eyes and ears to the terrestrial. The way of end is a dismissal way from all terrestrial. But through it is necessary to pass and taste before from a fruit. Only having passed, it is possible to overcome. Not accepted terrestrial evolution there is nothing to overcome. Therefore the person is higher than angels. Works of overcoming generate fires; thousand works and one thousand fires, while all way doesn't become lightful. I will help, but make effort, fire the cutting. If My fire isn't met by yours, there is no flash and a combination. Therefore it is necessary to bring at least the small. The big grows from the small. But not brought it is fruitless events, but in process of readiness of consciousnesses hurry. To accelerate - means to destroy. Impatience - an immaturity sign. Creative expectation is fruitful.

370. (July 30). The fiery wire should be kept clean and constant readiness. Purity of a wire is broken by foreign impurity that is thoughts and feelings, and readiness - attenuation of fire of tendency to the Teacher. Therefore quality of constancy is appreciated especially. It isn't enough to seize a wire and to receive it in using, it is necessary to support constantly him in a condition of due readiness. The fiery device of human spirit demands big care as any terrestrial thin device or the device demands that. Giving terrestrial, the thread silver terrestrial should be preserved against contacts. Otherwise mixture of currents will have a pernicious effect on susceptibility. Giving Caesarian to the Caesar, it isn't necessary to forget that the Highest is subject and belongs to the Highest. The consciousness turned to stars, sees stars, to Earth - Earth, but the lever translating consciousness is similar to the radio set regulator, is at the will disposal. It will be always wrong tell "I can't", better to say I "do not want". Because the will knowing firmly that it wants, is a wheel channelizing a course of thought. It is necessary only that the direction of my will and your will coincided just as small inflows with the uniform river of life merge. Without having merged, will get lost in sand and will be lost it is unknown. There is no condemnation in the Teacher, but only desire to give the best way and to accelerate. The teacher Regrets for the hours lost for the Doctrine. The Teacher Wants fire burning in heart of the pupil, bring to extent of burning not fading and unshakable passing whirlwinds terrestrial. It is possible only when fire reaches degree of intensity pumped, as fire when welding metals. Building height, nor wind, external conditions if only there was a current isn’t terrible to it nor. People don't understand that firmness depends on degree of tension and that only degree of intensity of a flame of heart gives the necessary contact. Therefore heart burning is valuable. As in a blowtorch flame, only under a force the due force of fire intense turns out. Without a force the same fuel gives children and soot; also the string loose gives a sound jingling. It is necessary to put consciously itself in the provision of tension pumped and to rejoice if circumstances external promote it. Often the pupil is out of ignorance afflicted with what should rejoice. Without aggravation by circumstances there can't be a communication with the Teacher. Devotees consciously and voluntary put themselves in conditions of tension constant by means of a prayer, work and wakefulness vigilant.
Means, but the purpose is important not. The Teacher Helps to create conditions necessary and is afflicted, seeing misunderstanding of the pupil and desire to be exempted from a force, inevitable at ascension. In this or that form, but this force is inevitable. It is impossible to wait for easy life when the side and spirit life already is passed I started sparkling the not repeated forms. Decide it is necessary, in what tension passed terrestrial lives those who followed ways of the Lord. It is necessary to prepare consciousness for a condition of a feat of constant tension of spirit. This tension of fire of spirit has to exceed fires of all addressing. The burning will go heart, and it is necessary not only to meet them, but also to give the fire of heart, but degree of intensity of the highest, differently comers will leave not satisfied. It is necessary to increase spirit on everyone asked for the help. The desire to receive the help is consciously expressed or not, but it is necessary to reply to all, heart fire brought. The Teacher Replies on fire of heart of the pupil, and the pupil - on all, to its addressing with spirit or in the spirit of. Symmetry of a scale of ranks of spirit is so created. It is impossible to break it, without having broken all construction. It is impossible to take, without giving. Life-giving interchange by fires goes from top to down and from below up on all ladder of spirit. Receiving, we give, and giving, we receive. The secret of a donation becomes obvious at law observance. I give because Received from the Lord; you give because from Me you receive. Only it isn't necessary that terrestrial interfered in an interchange wheel. Terrestrial is to terrestrial. Over the terrestrial there is a live-carrier exchange of Light. A food terrestrial is acquired by a body, a food fiery is perceived by Light Body. Which is more important? Of a food of Light-Fiery we will think. It has to occur as is regular, as well as a food corporal, and as rhythmic. Without food the terrestrial we consider they unfortunate, but deprived food of spirit of that we don't notice though often such deprivation comes to an end death in the spirit of. It is a lot of insolvency in thinking of people of Earth. But the spirit too needs food. The doctrine of Life is food for the spirit, so necessary to the yearned people. And time of its distribution comes nearer strong.
(I dreamed that at Me on a wall wings which I can use at desire hang and, putting on them, to fly).

371. (July 31). The thought not written down dies for the future. Book-depositories are necessary.

372. (Aug. 3). To Me the directed desire doesn't remain without consequences. But the date of performance can't be specified. Who can follow a way of an eagle in the sky? Who can see ways of execution of thoughts? They are inscrutable, that is are inaccessible to mind terrestrial. TheTeachr lifts consciousness of the pupil over a karmic flow of the lowest plans. It is impossible to block a karma stream, but above it is possible to raise also that to change influence it on consciousness. In it is a victory over karma. The broken toy causes a tear in the child, but for the adult has no value. Children cry and are afflicted on trifles. There is such height of spirit when already anything below being doesn't affect consciousness. The karma is so won. Can't add growth on an elbow, but it is possible to increase spirit infinitely. But even the impossibility of increase in growth belongs only to the terrestrial plan. On other plans of opportunity extend. And on the fiery plan of spirit they aren't limited to anything. Therefore, the higher, the opportunity, and the lower and closer to Earth become wider, the not more movably and are more connected. The lowest laws of a matter can't be broken, but to overcome them by means of the highest it is possible. So the body has weight and gravitates to Earth, but also its weight can be polarized and neutralized by laws of fiery thought. It is impossible to change the ugly, painful and hunched old age, but, having dumped a worn-out body; it is possible to get a young blossoming thin body, if the hierarchy law as it should be. Steps of overcoming of life are boundless. Possibly is everything, but in the corresponding conditions. Eagle flight and pigsty are limited to the opportunities. The Teacher is on the guard to give away the best. But for bearing an assignment and carrying out mission usual measures are unsuitable. When there comes performance term, restrictions terrestrial will be swept away and the hidden Hand of the Teacher plans an inalterability way. And then it is necessary not to delay, but entirely to be given to Will Leading that the way was harmonius, it is fast and imperceptible for an evil eye. The legend of two will of the Lord inseparably from Assignment execution. Successful performers of My will all went by the legend of two Will Leading. Will Highest directs Envoys of Light and the benefit to the one, who prepares for performance of voluntary mission of life in understanding of this law.

373. The most terrible is a non-execution of the Decree. The decree is an advance condition. Rejecting the Decree, we stop possibilities of implementation of the foreordained plan. From where there is a neglect to the Decree? - Is from the same nest of mistrust, doubt and egoism. Three echidnas prevent to direct consciousness in the future and to live in is mute. Whether it is possible to live in the present? If it - past end, isn't present if a springboard in the future, it is possible as it is connected with this future. But nevertheless the future is a core of aspiration. Whichever there was a day tomorrow's, but somewhere in the future the moment of implementation of the most intimate desires, if they from fire lies. Consciousness transfer in the future is a solution of the problem of life. I didn't settle, following a hay bunch, but a magnet directing and leading to realization of the purpose of aspiration. Where those thirty silversmiths for whom it would be possible to exchange inexhaustible opportunities of future stays for the passing moment of the ephemeral present. Therefore the future and the Teacher is an essence of a basis of advance. The real step of consciousness of the Teacher is future achievement of the pupil. In the present it already has a prototype of what it can and has to become. But the Teacher is fire, strong directed in the future over impossible and heavy conditions of the present. To it we will assimilate at least in a small measure, knowing that great and measures demands the great; because only small consciousness will limit itself small. Let's give Records in all conditions of a condition of consciousness. It is easy to write on take-off, but the considerable consciousness that even to find an aspiration spark in the condensed darkness is required. I Won't forget, I Won't leave, and you won't reach yet the put. Courage is necessary not at heights, but before a blank wall when the circle of a terrestrial hopelessness becomes isolated. This test is especially heavy because illusion of the moment of test is carried to a limit. The tested soldiers who have passed through all difficulties by winners are necessary to Me. But there is no eternal test, though it is heavy in darkness pre-dawn. With Me it is necessary to pass through everything therefore the step of the winner let will be an inalterability step.

374. (Aug. 4). Why to Me your thoughts? To Me it is close from them. Take my thoughts and on their wings direct in boundlessness space. The thought has wings and bears there, to that sphere to which belongs. The sphere of boundless thought - my Kingdom. In it I Direct your spirit. And you want to creep on the ground. At creeping there are no wings. And they are given you. There is no show more sadly how to see creeping the one who has wings. It is necessary, it is necessary to tear off thoughts from Earth. And, having torn off, to direct to Me. It is necessary that the spirit from Earth was averted. It is possible to go on the ground and to do terrestrial things, but in thoughts and thought it is necessary to come off Earth. And it is simple to make it. It is necessary to fill only consciousness with my Face orotundly. And fully-sonorous becomes ardent-sounding, that is sounding on a note I wash. Look as your world without Me is sad and sad, as the deadlock of a dark alley in dark cold autumn night. I am a key opening a gate in open spaces of Boundlessness. It is necessary to turn a key seven times. Many go to lives around, like a squirrel in a cage is a symbol of stagnation of consciousness. But spiral ascending spirit I broke circle borders. The spiral of ascension raises wings. Why to take turns of a spiral and an ant situation point for dead life of a circle, when it only alternation of waves of a rhythm of consciousness. Without a rhythm there is no ascension, but the rhythm has the polart. The skilled traveler darkness before a dawn, a wave hollow before its crest, the pole of ant situation approving approach of Light, won't consider as the phenomenon of isolation of a circle of former blind life. You forces, growing invisibly and quietly at the moments Pralaya consciousnesses, realize, as the steel powerful spring contracting for blow, which new ardent take-off of spirit follows. Wings are given for flights. You will highly depart. We face great events. Inalterability of the planned way is not cancelled. The beam is persistent over the elect. The hand of the Lord will approve the future. And therefore in great tranquility we will meet waves of events

375. Attraction of the sphere terrestrial or the images created by the person and relating to a material world surrounding it, very strongly. They fill consciousness, tying it to Earth. The person lives in peace the images created by it. Flammarion's thought carried away it out of globe limits. Thought he lived in the Worlds Distant, having filled with them the consciousness. The magnetic attraction took a field of huge scale. There are the thoughts possessing flight properties, and the thoughts which have been absolutely deprived of them. Thoughts have weight. Some so - heavy that fall down together with the carrier. These are brown dark thoughts, muddy and rather dirty shades. Flight thought is lightful. On an invisible scale of elements consists of the light flying gases, which are letting out invisible rays of light of various intensity and coloring. These Emanations impregnate and sate subjects which people own. The devices fixing radiations of clothes of sacred and the criminal will be invented. Hidden will rise in a row not denied realities. People will understand that purity of thought as is necessary and real, as purity of a body. The lightful thought gives to the person wings, as well as thought of the future. The thought of the past always attracts down, because not last, but the future bequeathed to the world. In the course of thought evolution is all future of mankind. The person moves ahead thought. The thought operates the person, and conducts thought. Behind thought of the leader all being of the person and all his covers, as train cars - behind the engine directs. To thought we will pay tribute, because in it both freedom, and chains.

376. (Aug. 6). "What advantage to the person if the whole world gets, and the soul will lose?" What advantage if there is an embodiment in life of the precepted fairy tale, and the consciousness, its expecting, will go to darkness of decomposition? And to what then the fairy tale which has become life when a microcosm and its covers fiery, it’s caused won't be able perceive energy. Therefore not that matters that occurs, either doesn't occur, or there can be outside, but that happens to consciousness. The center learning the world regardless of the fact that occurs in the world is more real than all events. All flows continuously and constantly changing. Change of the phenomena - the law of life of a material world. But the lifeline of consciousness too changing lies in other plane the phenomenon. Burned down on fires, tormented a body, deprived of the person of everything, even life, but in the last minutes, losing all terrestrial, to a terrestrial cover inclusive, the consciousness exulted, being filled with delight of spirit. The spirit became higher and over a matter. Because not outside, but inside, in the sphere of spirit heroes of spirit believed all treasure the, all property the, all present and the future. The person, who is fearlessly facing certain death for the Homeland, too is the hero of spirit. He knows the Doctrine or not, but the immortal essence wins against it matter illusions, having waved the fiery wings. Therefore the abutment center, the support, the basis of life should be transferred from the outside world to the internal. It is impossible to put fiery immortal essence of the awakened spirit in dependence on something flowing by consciousness in the huge river of the dense world. The spirit enters this river periodically to gather the necessary experience and knowledge and to leave it stronger, cleared and free after each next immersion. To believe in it the house, the shelter is unreasonable. I call to the statement of spirit over waves of a dense matter. I approve its freedom and independent existence. I speak:" Depart from life of a dead, which form are doomed to death". It is impossible to tie the consciousness to a death chariot. Disintegration and destruction - destiny of material forms. It is necessary to find the Stone of the eternal basis of life in itself and, on it having approved, to rise out of a stream. It is possible and wait, but "believing on Me all consciousness". On Me, which is (in you) inside. Because truly I Told: "I in you, and you in Me". So we will approve a step of a victory internal over external that but in total weapon to meet the future transformation of life. Winners of life, but not won, being dragged with the given hands behind a death chariot are necessary to Me. Not death I Approve, but life, and I Wait for winners strong.

377. (Aug. 7). How to find a point of support among perpetual motion of all real? All moves: and in the person, and outside. The person with all the difficult organization visible and invisible, is only process. In movement all: both thoughts, and feelings, and consciousness. If to extinguish external, the inner hidden world comes up on the consciousness screen. This world is even more mobile, than the world dense. So again we come to the Dumb Witness beholding the ocean of perpetual motion of a matter. Its homeland - the World Fiery, death not subject. Silent and eternal, It only records through the growing and being improved covers the world of perpetual motion which extends and grows as refine and transfer devices, that is covers feelers by means of which It makes contact with visible and invisible spheres are improved. Degree of received impressions and records depend on perfection of the learning device and its refinement. All have eyes, but the artist sees colors and the shades which aren't existing for the inhabitant. In a word, the step of evolution reached by the person, causes character and degree of his perceptions, their width and depth. Also there are no two identical worlds as there are no two identical consciousnesses. And still Silent, inside the staying Collector of treasures of knowledge and experience in imperishable storages is round what the world of the phenomenal phenomena rotates. If kill or destroy a physical body as it was destroyed many times by death, It, Silent, remains in all the inviolability. If to dump a thin and mental cover, integrity it won't be broken and all accumulation remain at It. Because the storage fiery isn't is to destruction. In It also it is necessary to look for a basis. It also is the Stone of the eternal basis. It is possible to throw all thoughts and feelings outside as in fight and to be dissolved in the world external, it is possible to concentrate inside on emotions or thoughts, but it is possible to lift consciousness to It beholding life silently, and to feel depth of Great Silence. Great Silence surrounds a sanctuary of the Silent Witness. The voice of Silence is a voice of the Eternity being over the world of changing forms. The eternity is motionless. In eternal motionlessness, in its framework there is a perpetual continuous motion. Constant in changeable, eternal in temporary, immortal in mortal it is necessary to find and realize. I which Is, I who was before the Beginnings of times, and am the Silent Witness in you, record everything, through what passed your essence. I Am the Stone of the eternal basis of life. In Me also look for.
378. And still on Earth it is necessary to live, and still on the ground it is necessary to pass and take from it all that it should give. Earth is a step of evolution of human spirit which should be finished. From Earth not leave. And where? However, the way to the Worlds Distant, but through Earth is specified. Earth is a starting point to the highest planets. It is a lot of, much still it is necessary to take for Earth from space. Debt of mankind to a planet - transform the terrestrial house, to transform and decorate. When mighty space forces and knowledge will come to the rescue to mankind, conscious transformation of crust in a garden blossoming will begin. Michurin was right. But its doctrine can be expanded on all terrestrial economy. Both oceans, and mountains, both air, and people and the countries of eternal ices are subject to reformative strength of mind of the person. It is possible to plant trees and shrubs in Sahara; it is possible to kindle ices of Greenland. It is possible to recover the winter tundra when atomic energy will be on creation service. The mankind can even work wonders with the connected efforts now. The homeland specified a way of transformation of the nature. But it is possible to step further away. Forests are magnets of an attraction of moisture underground and atmospheric. Sahara isn't terrible also. It is necessary to create plants of production of the black-soil or the soil artificial. Materials will be much. It is necessary to look. The cities will give million tons of fertilizer, but processed for years. It is impossible to infect the soil with harmful bacteria. Modern fecal fertilizer is inadmissible and is pernicious for health. Years are necessary to make it suitable. Not on wars, but on transformation of crust have to be to ruche energy of mankind. Bogs, deserts, sand have to be wiped out. Modern destruction of the soil is a crime of this country before all mankind, and also deforestation, sandy storms, dry winds and other. The integrated mankind will work wonders. Crimes against viability of a planet will be considered inadmissible, in whatever country they occurred, and to be subject to condemnation of the Supreme Court of the people. The death of the old world will open new opportunities and will give means to their implementation. Nothing will stop a gait of the new to the foreordained world.

379. (Aug. 10). For directed eternally Earth not a dungeon, but a way piece; directed lives consciousness in cycles of times and big terms. Not by hours and minutes it measures life. The consciousness adjoins to Eternity, rising over twilight of days and nights (day). That for it is this life or that, when all uncountable lives only a threshold to Eternity. Boundlessness waits for the one who was exempted from terrestrial gravitations. There are periods when these attractions amplify especially, covering the space horizon. Then the silver thread is necessary especially insistently not to lose the direction. Thousand consciousnesses are directed to spheres terrestrial, millions are content with Earth. The consciousness doesn't go beyond a direct environment and therefore sinks. The deadlock from which there is no exit is created.

380. (Half awake). Break off chains of the three-dimensional world. The decision in that over life of the three is dimensional world to rise. The consciousness should be lifted from Earth to the Lord.

381. I with you always, but over illusions of the three-dimensional world. I am close, but my Proximity isn't measured by terrestrial distances. My Proximity out of distances and is over them. It is out of three measurements. Therefore My Proximity to the terrestrial mind which has been held down by chains of the three-dimensional world is incomprehensible. For Me there are no distances as there are no them for love and for thought. I Answer immediately as soon as fire of aspiration reaches my aura and concerns it. It is necessary to overcome in consciousness distance, as something nonexistent. It exists for feet, both wheels, and wings, but doesn't exist for fire. Fire is the phenomenon of the World of the highest, over-three-measured; when heart fires flash, they win against space and division illusion between the Teacher and the pupil. Fire of heart you will win against all obstacles, all conditions and everything that is limited to the three-dimensional world. I can’t reply when heart because the wire fiery fades is silent and there is nothing to transfer vibrations fiery. The silver thread is supported by heart fire." Fire, fire, descend on the directed heart and claim in it is mute the degree of constantly burning flame". Mother Fiery the fire lights your essence, and thought, to It directed, forces a wire to sound. I and is one. We are unseparable in consciousness. Therefore love and aspiration to Mother and love and aspiration to Me single-existing’s on the value. By love to It approves in Me, approving it, Me you approve. The love and understanding are necessary. You as are necessary to It, as well as It you. Mutually strengthening fiery powerfully goes love and devotion. So we will be in good spirits all three are uniform: I, It and you am a son. The chain indissolubly powerful, able work wonders at the appendix with you this energy in life. In this understanding the secret of successful performance assigned to you consists in the mission future. Assignment you will execute, but force integrated ours. Strong I Connected you Light bonds, indissoluble neither in life, nor in death. Therefore I Speak: you will reach to put and the Word My you will incur waiting in a set. I will give feeling of power of fire invincible anything. I will give fiery consciousness of Proximity of a constant. I will deepen the begun cooperation, but give completeness of love, but give completeness of aspiration, but give full-devotion and belief without borders and conditions, belief up to the end. Live in peace mine, live my thoughts, don't distract anything from feeling of Proximity and don't permit anything external go out heart fires. Mother yours, to you this, deliver above all terrestrial and remember: It is appointed to you to make foreordained by my Decree. In the spirit of we are merged over restrictions terrestrial and when it is realized strong and it is intense, fire creative burns with a special force. To feel the future, the same degree of aspiration which overcomes distances is necessary. Means, it is necessary to become over time and over time that is to escape from a circle of the present terrestrial moment. The same fire of heart wins also against time restrictions. To live in the future - means fiery heart to rise over close framework of material conditions. I learn life to transfer to thought, free from fetters of the dense world. I'm saying: inevitably future, as sunrise of the future day. Therefore the consciousness in the approved is mute enters into future life the winner powerful. To me are necessary won a present gloom aspiration fire in the future, and that overcome a darkness impact, and that passed test furious terrestrial Maya. In darkness pre-dawn won are show the most approximate and suitable for big tasks. My son, your love to Mother in my Beams I Approve. The main in the consciousness put ahead of all other. Earth voices from essence of a uniform way don't distract. And what you did, don't forget the Lord the thought about which is essence of fire of your heart. You remember the Lord.

382. (Aug. 11). When I in consciousness Take priority, a cognition is gate is open. To that to give overweight - My or, depends on directing will of the person. But the will has to can rise on all that disturbs Communication, has to want and can. On the guard of protection of Proximity of the Lord there is a will which is voluntary choosing a way of Light or darkness. In magnetic zero between focuses - the consciousness is Light and darkness magnets-. In each consciousness at each this moment overcomes an inclination either to light, or to a dark camp, and the direction of movement of consciousness depends on the will allowing and approving a victory of light or dark attractions. From here extraordinary importance of will. The will is the force demanding understanding. Its potential is inexhaustible. But it is necessary to enter the rights of possession consciously, that is it is necessary to realize infinity of that power with which the person is allocated. Will - the phenomenon of a fiery order. Degree of tension and will power depends on degree of tension and force of fires of a microcosm. The person who has lit the fires, it is infinite more strongly than what fires aren't awakened yet to life. Sons of the Flame are stronger than dark attendants so that those can't even come nearer to them, being not scorched by fire causing in them inexpressible sufferings. The way of an ignition of fires is Light life. So again we come back besides - to accumulation and growth of a fiery crystal of mental energy. When in consciousness the necessary degree of tranquility and balance is established, microcosm forces again can be collected in the center, round a crystal of exactly burning flame. Then the protecting network and fiery immunity of a microcosm from external influences is strong is established strongly. The center and stability center is found, and the hero of spirit is ready that with new force to create a feat in commonness life. The ordinary -is here the enemy of a feat and a great quencher of fires. But the everyday can become steps of a fiery ladder. I won’t be averted, but the face should be turned to Me without damage and fluctuation and fully-directed. How to explain is better and fuller, what everything, what the betrayed and loving pupil does, he does for the sake of the Lord? Its each step is taken in the due direction according to the far purpose. Whether two steps to Me and three back will be an ignorance step? And whether there is no more gorsy way, than retreat arrhythmic or destructive marking time? Let's consider Pralaya consciousnesses not as retreat, but as accumulation of forces for new lifting when the seed invisibly collects energy for germination. And then the fiery flower will give in due course new petals. All serves what will is steadily directed to ascension. For the awakened fiery will there are no absolute obstacles. It is necessary to understand only that the battlefield and overcoming is own consciousness, and in is mute, not outside, namely in is mute, in itself, in the sphere of the microcosm overcoming is combated also and the victory is reached. Many believe it in external, in fight against external conditions while actually all is overcome in the spirit of and spirit. And a victory in itself approved it appears also the winner of all external obstacles. Than one person wins against crowd of the biped raging before it? Shout, wave hands? No! Peace of mind and the balance to which force the animal of crowd unconsciously submits. Let's not be tired in overcoming of external conditions by the corresponding polarization of the consciousness and the statement in a microcosm of the necessary fires, to the moment of the conformable.

383. It is necessary to understand well that the secret of a victory and overcoming external consists in secret victories inside, or in the correct mood, or polarization, microcosm fires. He is necessary words to console the crying person. Having polarized the consciousness on feeling of calm and the world, it is possible to drain tears of the neighbor. It is possible to allow both words, and gestures, and actions, but only as the signs accompanying the unshakable solution of will inside, coordinate with fires of all microcosms. The purposeful will which has united everything to energy of a microcosm in one point, like blow of a unicorn, force has the insuperable. I learn to collect in focus fiery energy for action. I learn to understand that not outside, but the action force, imperceptible to an eye inside lies. The tranquility is the great force necessary in operation. Without it action is deprived of force and efficiency. You learn to act in a condition of Great tranquility. Who comprehended secret of power of action? In tranquility and balance it is hidden. It is better to lose everything and to lose everything, than to lose balance and tranquility. Where to find those words fiery to introduce in consciousness need and inevitability of the statement in the spirit of these great qualities? They should be claimed everywhere, always and everywhere, in all little things in life, continually, incessantly. Only this way, constantly being awake on patrol, it is possible to show them not only in trifles, but also in the big. As it is possible to shorten a stride victorious when so much still it is necessary to make so many to overcome, so many approve. It is a pity for missed time. Twilight of spirit disturbs a discretion and implementation of opportunities. I am a hammer which is splitting up glass. I am a hammer, forging damask steel. Soldier unrestrained, fiery and victorious I Want awakens in the spirit of the one who addressed to Me. Not the world, but a sword are Brought by me in life, and this sword Give in hands of the winner. I claim, I Approve a victory of the risen spirit. I send blessing to a way new.

384. (Half awake in the morning). You study never anybody and to be afraid of nothing, overcoming unnecessary awe.

385. Listen, My son. Currents of events can't be stopped even if would like. In it are involved both people, and conditions. There will be no use in anything to the one who will go against the Hand of the Leader. Will leave all is, will leave inevitably. New, new are called. For a new step of consciousness new people are necessary. Month suffer. The next event is change cardinal. Fateful will leave in a stream of events without counteraction. The foreordained of term to cancellation not to be. And you will move into a chain of events. Rejoice proximity of hour. Mother knows exact terms. To it trusts. I Test firmness of those, who the foreordained to the closest steps of evolution. Mother wants rapprochement. I Know how and when to turn levers of events. Occupations you will begin, but you won't terminate. Wait tensely. The subject of events is dangerous because spatially to distribution isn't subject. You will know everything that is subject to announcement. But there are terms intimate, Hierarchy the protected. Can't be reported to a fulfillment protect from influence of the dark. The magnet of heart affects a long distance and attaches the directed spirits to the center of events.

386. (Aug. 12). The current of events provides a definite purpose. Whether everything is equal how the traveler reaches top? The purpose is cut down by us from substance of a spontaneous matter, and an image, created has to be realized. The way of implementation of creative power of Lords is immutable. The developed sight can see these pictures of the future. They always are in compliance, or the accord, with command of Space Will, or the Space Plan of Evolution of mankind of our solar system. The space stream of evolution can't be stopped by dark shifts, because the dark - the phenomenon planetary, but not space, taking place only on our Earth. Space Fight is fight with powers of Chaos interfering in a stream of world Evolution. These forces discompose elements, and fight can reach the huge sizes in such special case, as Earth. During Space Fight the dark can harm to terrestrial evolution and detain ascending movement. Therefore also the phenomenon of the Armageddon was necessary and ended successfully with our clear victory. It is necessary to enter into the course the flooded banks forces majeure only. To forces majeure broken can be it is necessary to give vent if the consciousness of mankind doesn't show due degree of harmony. Inevitability of accident is caused by a planet not consonance mankind, and with it and can be eliminated. Collective mental energy of people of Earth is terrible force, destructive or creative depending on consciousness level. This energy directed on construction public, will be creative force in aspect all-planetary. But it directed on destruction, serves as the lever discomposing elements. Even the long cannonade of modern artillery pieces breaks this balance, causing long rains and floods. But it is a consequence obvious. It is possible to tell definitely and precisely that any energy directed on destruction, and in particular, a stake collective public feelings of hostility and hatred, conduct to accident planetary, saving up pernicious energy of destruction and bringing elements out of an equilibrium state. If the aura of one sacred or yoga can be blessing for whole the district that disharmonious vibrations of the spiteful people will be a damnation causing to action the strongest forces of destruction. But We Won. The country New is protected from influence of forces of destruction by mental energy of the people directed collectively on construction and peace creation. It is protected by space beams because is in harmony with their evolutionarily creating power. The orbit of protection includes all countries which go together with the New Country. But the nations spiteful, sated with aspiration to destruction owing to space justice will have to assume blow of elements completely, having attracted them to itself powerful magnetism of the black fire generated by the whole collective. If don't come round and won't see reason, will betray itself to rage and a mad impact of elements, then removed from an equilibrium state. To term tension of elements reaches culminations and a grief to instigators of a world fire because forces of destruction will address on them, sowers of death and decomposition. The sword of space justice strikes unmistakably.

387. My son, the thoughts given on Service, is thoughts, to Me approaching. The Highest form of Service approached through service is service by thought (mental). Constancy of prestanding is impossible without the thought given completely on Service. The thought is an energy, or force. It is possible to consider always, on as where this precious power is spent, and it is easy to define degree and tension of service to the Lord. It is possible to mislead easily others seeming full-devotion and full-tendency. But before by itself at strict and honest self-examination it is possible clearly and sees impartial completeness and service depth. And criterion in an assessment of the legend of the thought to the Lord will be faultless. The thought and the consciousness which has been entirely devoted to the Teacher also will be a faultless measure of Great Service. Will ask and how to be with thought when performing everyday work usual? But if mentally to devote any work to the Teacher, deepening and improving its quality, it will be the same form of Service. Work strained and concentrated, causing microcosm fires, will be also lightful, that is good, generating light round the kind worker. The thought of others, of the Benefit the General, enclosed in quality of performed work, thought conscious, serves the same evolution for the sake of which the Lord Works. Not about work blessed there is a speech, but about the thought dissipated for trifles and a self-service, when the space needs the thought connected to the Lord.

The pupil has to reach that step of consciousness when thought it expresses itself thought of the Lord, and not during the periods of lifting and spirit admiration, but always, constantly, at all o'clock in the afternoon and nights and subconscious during working hours. Often the thoughts which don't have any the relations to My World, take all field of consciousness, excepting My World. Whether it is possible to speak about any full-tendency and full-devotion then? The severe assessment of the thoughts immediately will show you stand also height of the service. And then time which hasn't been given to the Doctrine and service, it is possible to fill with purposeful thought consciously. Service when heart and thought irrevocably and are completely given to the Lord is called great. The face entered into heart, will allow executing also cares of day without interrupting communication. If to track during the day, how many thoughts are given Me and how many to them, the self-deception becomes impossible. And then, having defined the valid degree and quality of the service to the Lord, it is possible to direct to orotundity of Great Service. It is thus good not to forget to hold the image of the Lord in the third eye. The self-deception and self-flattery can't be Arhat’s qualities. Having weighed quality of the consciousness concerning thought, it is possible to expand and deepen thought purposeful. As and concerning people a starting point it is possible to accept the same criterion. Let the comer of what thinks will tell, than suffers, what questions aren't resolved. And the picture of life of consciousness becomes at once clear. It is a lot of touched the Doctrine and imagining on Service. But the lips honor Me because heart will Far defend them from Me. And thoughts are occupied with anything, but not the Doctrine for which the place on boondocks is allocated. It is a lot of such attendants. And the place, but not on what they count will be them. As also you, in anticipation of terms severely define that in your covers still remained from egoism and a self-service, Feat forthcoming and performance of the Assignment will demand the full legend of to the Lord. At Mother you will study completeness of commitment and a fully - soundings with consciousness of the Teacher. I want to see you full-sounding on My Beam. At once it is long this tension not to sustain therefore I Accustom gradually and in beat. In work in the Name my decision. Work direct and direct, connected with an assignment, will inexpressibly facilitate a task. Readiness you will bring the full. In the Beam sent you will open a source of inexhaustible intimate knowledge. Learn to derive strength of Beams. The beam demands understanding and consciousness. It is necessary to merge with it continuously and to become part it. Three beams mentioned are result of assimilation of my Beam. The beam is a mighty trans mutating force. Conscious acceptance of the Beam is similar to a window opened towards to the morning Sun. At many touched windows of soul are still closed tightly and curtains are drawn. The beam of the Lord is the sheaf of Light bearing it the Image. As the sponge absorbs water, so the consciousness which is consciously open for the Beam, perceives essence of its vibrations. The beam of Mother as is real. It is sent or in my Beams, or separately. To you it is sent. The organism and its covers, the easier is more cleared the Beam is perceived. But the most necessary condition is a condition of full tranquility and balance. Then the perception of Beams goes the full-dimensional. To rays of light we will be glad.

388. (Aug. 13). Never it is impossible to foresee in advance, in what the phenomenon if the reasons, it caused aren't known will pour out. By the reasons we determine a consequence. And, creating the reasons of a certain order, we wait for consequences, to its corresponding as the plowman waits for a crop of those seeds which he seeded. We have seeds different. One give shoots quickly, others - in some years, but is also such which give shoots in centuries or even the millennia. Seeds of thousand-year viability It is applied to big affairs. Each Arrival of the Lord to Earth is crops of centenary and thousand-year grains. Crops are made by Him and the next. Crops field - consciousness human, seeds - fiery grains of thought lightful, and shoots - products of assimilation by people of fiery crops. As the lightful thought of the Teacher refracts in consciousness human, depends on heart perceiving. Process should be resumed because on the rotten soil seeds degenerate to unrecognizability. From here - need of clarification of the Doctrine. After Doctrine distribution its distortion and need of a new amendment soon follows. But not about it is speech. Doctrines are given consistently, on steps of consciousness of mankind, and the Doctrine given nowadays, is the culmination and end earlier this. Seeds of thousand-year prescription give shoots, that is prepare consciousness for perception of the same, Uniform, Life Doctrines, but on the highest scale. The new Doctrine represents itself logical continuation and expansion old, but in the new aspect adapted to grown consciousness. The doctrine always is given in such form that it mind can't settle depth. Can feel, feel, but not comprehend. Superficial studying these Doctrines isn't before comprehension. It becomes to approve inexhaustibility of the highest wisdom for looking for honestly in all centuries. And depth of the new Doctrine won't be settled throughout the millennia that each looking for could gather much and still not to reach a bottom; because wisdom of Lords is the phenomenon of depth bottomless. Doctrine one tree in all centuries, but its branches is various. But roots one, the space source of waters, their feeding also is uniform. If people understood unity of a source and proximity of branches of the uniform tree, how many unnecessary heaps would leave life of the people. Framework of the limitation and misunderstanding they impose on Space Laws and argue not on Space and its phenomena, to a contradiction not subjects, but on the small and narrow understanding of the world lying before them. Can't human embrace mind the space phenomena without distortion and comprehend that contradictions and misunderstanding it is covered in its cranium. There are no contradictions in the Doctrine of Lords, in whatever millennia it was given and whatever forms and names it carried because it is uniform. The latest stratifications and heaps not from Lords, but people. The essence of a uniform tree of the Doctrine of Life is uniform. The Christian world which is torn apart on thousands sects and beliefs, can unite on the Gospel if accepts the Doctrine of Live Ethics, culminations evangelical truth and uniting steps of human knowledge unity of the primary source. But it is necessary to reject all interpretation and the heaps which have collected around for two millennia. The herd isn't uniform, and the Pastor Isn't uniform. Ignorance and misunderstanding is the pastor, and the herd dispersed. The contradictions which have nestled in craniums of silly persons, stuck to Doctrines of Great Teachers, having stirred up and having polluted Doctrines, and people choked in them the created heaps. The teacher Calls to primary sources of the Doctrines given earlier that in the light of the Doctrine of Live Ethics to understand their beauty and unity and a deep inherent value.

389. Inexhaustibility of gifts of Boundlessness on ways of evolution of spirit is Arhat’s knowledge. Certainly the knowledge human, but is boundless Knowledge Space. But even apologists of official science can be asked, where a limit and the end of its sphere? Once it limited to Earth. But limits terrestrial to the remote Galaxies were moved apart, and the secret of a structure of atom took away consciousness in area infinitesimal. But there is before mankind a new science and secret of hidden beams. From beams we pass to radiations which all real possesses. Here boundless area of the new knowledge available to people; this that and will give science in area invisible, but real world. The thinnest devices, invisible radiations of plants fixing the sphere, animals and the person will be created. They will note their degree of tension, both character, and movement, and the changes happening in these spheres depending on a mental and emotional condition of those organisms which possess them. The huge world of thought becomes available to supervision and the brain human - the physical device of thought will be studied from the new point of view. It is so combined spiritual and material, invisible and visible. The photo of thoughts by means of supersensitive devices becomes possible. And the sphere of the mental world will pass to area of real science. Photosensitivity of the highest order any matter possesses. These thinnest radiations can accumulate on subjects. Subjects see, both hear, and fix radiations going to them in the substance. So each subject being in the room, as on not shown film, bears in itself history of that in it occurred. Under any conditions and somehow the movie can show this. And, perhaps, time when special devices, like a movie camera, will give manifestation of this tape on will come is thin the sensitive screen. Still the similar thin device was only the device of distinguished human spirit. But similar people are so rare that their susceptibility couldn't have scientific value and to studying of science was inaccessible. All know that the most wonderful camera is the eye. It is necessary to go a little further and to assume that the camera of an eye and a brain can perceive not only roughly visual impressions and images, but also more distinguished and invisible. Usual dumb suggestion or transfer of thoughts in the form of pictures or images is no other than application in practice of light-beams of thinner, than usual, about. If someone in the third eye causes a bright and distinct image of other person or a picture, nobody will begin to deny that this image or a picture somewhere somehow exists. Question only in how catch them by means of the device or by means of other consciousness. Thought-reading close and at the distance, identical thoughts and the fancies flashing at two people at the same time, prove possibility of this phenomenon. But the supersensitive device fixing bright, clear and accurate thought of the person can be already designed. It is accepted to speak: his eyes flashed deep fire; his eyes lit up. In other words, people note an eye beam. Here these beams also can be caught is thin a sensitive plate first of all. Work is necessary, experiences in the dark are necessary! It is necessary to increase sensitivity movies. Much is depends from tension auras of the tester. The science faces the most wonderful opening, but strong impartial mind, and area invisible is necessary, but the real world will open the doors.

390. (Aug. 14). The world of the person is limited by the sphere of his representations. Having expanded and having enriched representations, it is possible to broaden this world. From here is consciousness expansion as a basis of its evolution. Two human worlds can be filled with absolutely various representations and thoughts. These products of mental activity of the person can be the evaluative order promoting advance of mankind. Then we have before ourselves the mental world of the figure of General Welfare. It’s all being is directed to evolution, and the consciousness powerfully ascends, entraining others. Its microcosm is the sphere directed with a space stream of spiral ascension of all real. In Space in movement everything and this movement is evaluative. Such consciousness, being conscious part of Space, moving with a world ascending stream, expresses itself space, or the Highest, Will because is in the accord with it. The standing bog separated from a stream of Space evolution, is a willfulness and egoism symbol, generating decomposition of the mental device of the person and his products. Leaving to the space ocean, the expanded consciousness joins the world course of evolution, and the essence of a microcosm expresses then aspiration. Dynamics of the directed consciousness allows setting in motion an interchange wheel with Space, and the life-giving exchange of sparks and fires becomes its psych life. The consciousness moves ahead, mutually generating with Space, and, having become part it, leads space life. The isolated world of the inhabitant is the phenomenon anti-space and unnatural because even small colleagues of the person live in the accord with the nature. Having separated from the world, the person created the artificial world, and there was its inner world the world of phantoms and the illusions, separated from reality and real life of space. My other-worldly kingdom, not from the world of human illusions and the heaps distorting space appointment of the person to be the spokesman of space life, but not a musty narrow-minded bog. Foxtrot jazz the first civilization is a laughing-stock on culture where the spirit human is torn off from Space and is concluded in a dungeon of darkness external and ignorance’s planetary. Life became distortion and a caricature on the highest appointment of the person. Waves of vanity and platitude overflowed aspiration, and the way of ascension is lost. The new Country chose ways new. Creative activity is approved. Art is ennobled. Old forms are broken in a root. The direction is taken correctly. Work and difficulties will generate fires of spirit and will break consciousness dams; therefore also unknown blossoming, Homeland the forthcoming. New ways give the new opportunities, which yet aren't considered in powerful scope still far aren't considered and aren't applied in life of possibility of powerful potential of collective energy. The ruches it is conscious on construction of all life, will give consequences striking, and in the not the estimated directions. The river of life going in the accord with space currents can't be stopped by anything. Therefore unknown blossoming expects the Country. Knots of collective aspiration bulk up, accumulating forces, and the violent growth of creative undertakings of a consequence will bring in compliance. It won't be necessary soon a directing framework because the spirit which is carried away by a space stream will freely direct. Not inhabitants, but builders came to the world scene, and lifting of a creative power will carry away for itself other people. The future is great. The country the Leader will give Light.

391. My son, Hand the Leader stays over spirit, to Communication by the directed. It is necessary to be accustomed to see the Hand Leading in life. Life consists of elements terrestrial and spiritual. The sphere spiritual has to be turned and open to Me. Terrestrial feet it is necessary to pass on the ground, spirit to Me having turned. The magnet and focus of an attraction should be concentrated in Me. If I - the aspiration center where the spirit can direct? Only to Me. If I - the center of all achievements and hopes that can reach spirit? Only Me and World Mine! Therefore Told: where is your Treasure, there is and your heart. So, believing everything in Me, it is possible to succeed not greatly. Many, having directed to the Doctrine, objects of aspiration out of Me believe and, arriving so, pass by Me. But how it is possible to pass by if I Am the Alpha and Omega? But having regarded Me as of paramount importance, it is possible to see a uniform way to Uniform Light. It is possible to wander much in darkness. But light ahead excludes wanderings. The gait of the foreordained winner is caused by knowledge of a direct and only way to light; really, but it is narrow, therefore and it is difficult to find. But found goes it is immutable. Much on a way it is scattered magnets terrestrial, attracting, but power of my magnet eventually overcomes force of terrestrial gravitations if my Face is incentive leading. The image of the Lord in the heart found doesn't become the traitor of a way. On the aspiration unrestrained is necessary. Also it is impossible to come off me in consciousness. We go together to the Garden My. The purpose isn't close. Opening of a direct way of Light - great stay. Many look for. Whether many found? From where there are so much searches and so many delusions? If knew, wouldn't rush about, blind, in darkness. And through how many delusions it is necessary to pass to find a way? I told:" I Am the Way", but nevertheless out of me look for. And again Doctrine specified uniform way, where rescue. And still don't understand that without the Teacher not to pass. And still don't understand that the center of all real is uniform and Hierarchy focus is uniform. Follow the self-approved teachers and follow the ways conducting not in life, but to death. Where the ignorant Teacher will bring, me not learned? But knowing will bring to Me, and not it, but Me will approve learned and Me put. The statement of the Teacher in the hearts of addressed to the Doctrine of Life will be a sign of true action. Approve the Lord in a fit of temper to you comers. Approve my reality in their consciousness. Clear a dust with shabby hardened, but dead representations. And that that came without freight of terminated times, open breadth and beauty of the Doctrine and tell: probably everything, also isn't present a limit of power of creative will of human spirit. Not the slave, but the creator of people, and the matter of a planet is subordinated his ox. Not the slave to people, but the employee of Space energiya, and ahead - Light of incalculable opportunities. Give wings to spirit and direct flight. Don't limit to anything aspiration of courageous spirit. Hunters welcome fiery. Open to spirit a gate in Boundlessness.

392. (Aug. 15). It was told that understanding is almost already mastering. It is possible to add that without understanding isn't present and there can't be a mastering. It was also specified that the power and that it is possible to work with My Force is given. How to work with strength of the Lord? How to work with the specified Beam? The delegate speaks on behalf of plant. Behind it there is a collective. The commander speaks on behalf of army, behind it there is an army. The Leader speaks on behalf of the people, behind it there are people. When the person speaks or works for itself, or from itself, the person because "I" am not enough of it is weak then. But when behind the back there is an amicable solid weight, that, at understanding, "I" grow respectively. Therefore strength of the leader of the integrated people is great. Mucey Scevola put a hand in fire and is quiet and with a force spoke with enemies. Behind it there was Rome, severe and mighty. When behind the back the country, the one, who acts from Her Name is strong. To the son I Let the power speak and to work on behalf of Mine. To the son I Give the power to act with My Beam and in the Beam. It should be understood and realized. For the delegate - collective, for the commander - army, for the leader - the country, behind they are these, behind those - those, and for you - the Lord. I for you, My power for you. Merged with Me, in Me staying My force the right I Allow to act. Without awareness of My power there is no power of action. It is necessary experience and to understand strength of the Lord that him to use force in operation. The so going in the Name My and Name My affairs the creating defeats doesn't know. It is a winner always. I called the winner, but the one who in My power understands secret of merge and coherence. The integrated strength of the Lords, all power of Hierarchy stands behind that who acts with My Name and in the Name My. It is necessary to realize itself in Beams of this power, it is necessary to realize this power. You in it anything, but with Me merged, receive My force. This understanding should be brought to extreme degree of reality. It is necessary to become continuous part of Beams of Hierarchy. Showing My Face and force it, about the little, about to forget about the pettiness. The ambassador of the great country, speaking on behalf of it, force expresses, but not itself and the. Working with My Name, the egoism, the "I" should be cleaned from consciousness. Not I, but You, the Lord, not to Mine, but by your force approve energy the fiery. When all consciousness is concentrated on the Lord, da power of action is great. Apostles went to the Name My and created a formula "For the sake of the Father, both Son, and Holy Spirit". But the form remained not understood by followers and force lost, without being conscious. Nowadays I Send to the world to pledge to the world the Word My and the power bearing the Word Mine I Allocate. I with you always, and My Hand in each action made in the Name My or Name by Mine. I am for you. It is necessary to understand all power of Hierarchy before working with it. The integrated strength of Lords is the Highest Rower on a planet. With it we Act directly or through Sent ours, those whom Invested trust. Tell something from itself and, and tell something on behalf of the Lord, and see distinction. It is so possible to enter into the sphere of power fiery. When to slime of narrow-minded thinking and mere words behind which there is a small egoism human you will oppose My force, force the Beam becomes obvious. It is better to be the spokesman of will and power of the Lord, than to show a pettiness of the egoism. To realize itself in Me, to feel a contact of power fiery there is Arhat’s achievement. Realizing, it is required to feel, exactly, influx fiery force. Not the fear, not doubt, but feeling obvious fiery invincible power accompanies understanding of the given power. When it is cleaned small "I" and I in consciousness take priority, there is no restriction of the power realized. Restrictions are imposed by not the conscious. When each atom of an organism is sated with the Beam, where a limit to merge? Tell itself so: "You sitting, I don't know, who for you, but for me the Lord. I speak and act with the Name Its in full consciousness of the power given!" Whether it is possible to recede or suffer defeat, if behind the back Hierarchy? The winner fiery I Welcome in the light of Beams Hierarchical. In the spirit of the sacrament of acceptance of the power is made. Over souls human - the power is given. The fiery Word My, through the messenger transferred, will be similar to a lightning. There will be friends, there will be enemies, but indifferent and should will because it bears in itself blessing of acceptance and denial condemnation. Will uplift and will humiliate, but you be silent and know that I for you. I prepare for Great Hour. The knot of events Stuck. Realize told by spirit and heart.

393. The power approved isn't subject to restriction. It is possible to limit it to only own consciousness and misunderstanding. It was once told:" On your belief it will be given you". Now it is possible to tell: on understanding you receive. Because a key in consciousness. Don't limit itself in the opportunities as extent of understanding will define also borders. The fiery device of the person is wonderful, is wonderful and spatial. Being part of Space as an ocean drop, it is allocated with the potential of boundless opportunities. If to consider itself as the inhabitant and to everything to apply installation narrow-minded and life will become isolated commonness circle. But installation space, on Boundlessness, on the horizon immense spatial, will output consciousness to spatial spheres and life of space becomes reality. Each consciousness moves to the future. This movement can be directed consciously to Spheres Elevated and extraterrestrial. And the direction which has been correctly chosen, steadily will lead to the planned purpose. But chosen ways of blind men Earth won't come off and a vicious circle of limitation doesn't leave. And being on Earth, it is possible to consider itself not from Earth, but the citizen of the Universe. I want to expand consciousness to Space limits. Only then the terrestrial will receive the correct assessment and understanding. Small screw necessary the huge car of the Universe it is necessary to realize itself. So the consciousness will step through death limits because terrestrial by the terrestrial it is limited, but not the space. But we limit them. These restrictions I Want to destroy. The will creates dams for spirit, and the will destroys them. To fiery will free I Want to give wings of creative thought for flights out of Earth limits. If to transfer life to thought, and life will be limited to thought, and the thought is boundless and isn't limited anything. Eagle wings are so forged. Thought, to Me directed, fiery wings receive, and space open spaces before daring consciousness reveal. Don't trust, but know. Behind belief the knowledge comes. The free wings which haven't been sealed by human ignorance and prejudices are necessary to me. And then victorious flights of thought we will make together. Here we think: The lord is far and is invisible, but we are powerfully carried away on wings of his thoughts; because the Lord is close. The aspiration punches bark of a surrounding immovability, opening doors in space. And the space brings a distant message according to the accord with aspiration of spirit. The great law of magnetic strength of mind is put in action, and - is conscious. Whether it is possible to get knowledge from crinkles of the brain? No, but from space it is possible. We go to a book-depository behind references, but the Treasury space is too a book-depository, but Knowledge boundless and inexhaustible. As the magnet attracts sawdust as precisely and consciously directed energy of spirit attracts the necessary knowledge from a spatial treasury. And I Give the guarantee of an attraction of thought. The law is simple: call and response are immutable in the mechanics. The psych equipment is Arhat’s real achievement. Not laws and rules work smoothly. It is necessary to know only when and what lever to put in action. What energy to direct and where. In boundless space the consciousness can get lost. But also there on the guard there is a Hierarchy. Its guiding fires are faultless and right. Channelize correct, and the traveler terrestrial doesn't remain without the Hand of the Leader. I will sate all aspirations. Way faultless I will give that the spirit in boundless spaces of Light didn't become puzzled. We worry but will meet directed in them. Because I with you always.

394. (Aug. 16). The direct thread, or hidden fiery wire, connects consciousness of the pupil with consciousness of the Teacher. This wire isn't subject to laws of terrestrial restrictions, for an eye is imperceptible, but thin sight can be visible. Being from fire, it is connected with the phenomena fiery. Fire for an eye though color stars and spots can be visible refined by sight is imperceptible. Speed and frequency of fiery vibrations lays beyond usual limits of an audible their sight. For a psych eye they can become the phenomenon usual. And the organism is accustomed to them gradually. Fire for unprepared consciousness and a body is destructive. The Highest fires and Light for fragile terrestrial covers are intolerable. From here for many years prepare to the phenomena fiery. At tuberculosis it is possible to observe sometimes how the physical cover under the influence of unconscious and unused fire of the flared-up center of lungs fuses. Therefore prevention fiery demands big care and an address subtlety. The best and most necessary condition for development of internal fires is a balance and tranquility. Not constrained and uncontrollable flame burns through wires of nervous system and burns phosphoric fabric. As if after explosion the cash combustible material of an organism is settled. Therefore not constrained emotions or an impetuous flare of fires it is inadmissible. The ideal is a condition of exactly burning flame. Therefore the peace of mind, not the fluctuating the phenomena of the outside world will be the correct form of identification of exactly burning flame. The tranquility is the form of government force of fires, or extent of mastering by a flame. Fiery currents of an organism undertake in a framework of will and it already go to action. Eyes - the device fiery therefore extent of mastering first of all is reflected and shown by a flame in eyes. On fires of eyes it is possible to judge a step of the power reached over fires. Kindle of fires and management of them is the purpose of human evolution. For fire and for thought fiery there are no distances. Proximity of the Lord is the phenomenon of a fiery order. If all is fire, and we is beings fiery. Understanding of fire precedes its mastering. Products of mental energy are generations fiery and to destruction aren't subject. The treatment of fire dangerously and demands ability because the incorrectly applied burns down. Fires seek to pour out in a form given by it by thought and will of the person. Elements of fire, as well as all other elements, are subordinated to the person. The uncontrollable can learn to be operated powerful fiery energiya. The way to the fiery power lies through the statement in itself balance and tranquility. The quiet condition of a flame is its condition when it can be thrown by will in any direction. The fiery wave can be directed, but in a framework approved by tranquility of will. Fiery potential of spirit in tranquility are show. Therefore the condition of tranquility and balance should be held any price. The tranquility of a flame of internal fires is necessary everywhere: on Earth and in the Worlds. The tranquility of exactly burning flame of spirit is an achievement wreath. The tranquility is tested also is approved by life and in life. In the pupil the tranquility is a step of necessary achievement. I approve tranquility among a storm and in operation. I approve it in great and small. To tranquility of power the statement I Will gives.

395. Greatness of Space Laws consists in their simplicity. In it is their difficulty. Mind human looks for difficulties where they aren't present. The Doctrine of the Christ is simple. The law of the accord or the law of a magnetic attraction of related contrasts, but its all-universal is simple and mighty and prevents to see its width. Space can be comprehended within manifestation of its Laws. The law is available to studying and application. The law applied in life, becomes part of spirit, it applied. It is possible to think images, creating the sphere of mental representations, but it is possible to think the principles of Space Laws, creating the thinking sphere without forms. The thinking without forms will be the highest form of thought. The form is limited to the expression. The thinking without forms of restrictions has no. The feeling of love can be expressed in forms and is directed on certain objects. But the love space, like Sun beams, is poured everywhere. Only getting to Earth, beams of the Sun come to light in concrete forms of atoms, flowers, herbs, trees both other things and subjects of a material world. The source of beams costs out of forms created. Coming nearer to the primary source, we concern essence, leaving forms outside. Forms are a secondary display of fiery energiya, but the creative forms to energy have no. The creating principles are deprived of a form. The form is a symbol of a limited and final display of invisible essence of the creative principle. Therefore there are two worlds: the world of the created forms and the world of the principles, or laws, forms of the deprived. The creating principles are embodied in the created form, but the principles of a material cover have no. Even Light is given a shape of beams, but its essence remains hidden. But the beam bears in itself laws of creative life and therefore creates. Power creative is hidden in invisibilities, as well as all creative fiery processes. To comprehend invisible essence of visible manifestations of Space beams will be penetration into area of intimate knowledge. In the sphere of invisible beams Space secrets are hidden. The space of the highest measurements is space of the highest beams and the energiya which are subject to registration by a creative impulse of human spirit. Creation from Great Chaos of the visible Universe is application in life of power of creative beams of the Wreath of Space Reason that is Hierarchy of Planetary spirits. Without comprehension and studying of the sphere of incorporeal non-material Space Laws and the principles the highest creativity Space is inaccessible. The Hierarchy Creates in the accord with Space will, or Laws of the world deprived of forms. In the Uniform Doctrine of Life contours of Great Space Laws are planned. Their studying enters into the world of creative opportunities. Spatial life and space creativity, applying levers of the Supreme laws, to usual human creativity doesn't correspond. But in creativity human possibilities of development of creativity of the highest are hidden. Therefore it is possible to call art a way to Boundlessness. Without having borders, it on Earth approaches to ways of creativity spatial. And boundlessness of a creative impulse on Earth is learned. So the spirit human concerns sides Fiery World, inexpressible on Earth, but the taken shape forms decorating and approving Earth. To the world of boundless creativity the Lord Calls and creative opportunities Opens to the directed consciousness.

396. (Aug. 17). My son, where direct blade of aspiration? Thoughts are disseminated through all directions, like sparks of a Bengal light. And if each of them a magnet what is attracted in consciousness by similar fragmental thinking? As lens thoughts have to be collected in focus, in which center there is I. Then a magnetic attraction of the center will work on the Beam. The mechanics of Communication demands concentration. The thought copes will. The will plans that it wants. The consciousness goes on desirable, and all microcosms directs in the same direction, as a thread behind a needle. Completeness of the directed concentration hardly is reached. But the love helps. The love directs to darling with little effort, naturally and constantly. And where in usual conditions forces are spent for concentration, love succeeds easily and freely. The magnet of love is very strong. You love Me and you will double, decuple forces. The psych equipment, on a love key displayed, is easy and fruitful. The lines of a magnetic attraction established by love, freely overcome space. Deepen the victorious feeling which doesn’t know barriers dense. Truly, love great acts came true and come true. Without love there is no way to the Lord. Many years of vain efforts are required where the love reaches instantly. The magic is cancelled because the feeling of love is unfamiliar to magic. Formulas and spells can't replace an all-conquering flame of feeling. Work and reach love. The love is fire of heart put in action, or a working condition; for love and devotion, readiness, and aspiration. And force them is measured by love. Neglect can't nest where fire of love to the Teacher to the elected flares. The love will transfer through all abysses and limits because to death isn't subject. If you want to succeed and reach, love. The direct line connects loving to darling. On it there are waves of vibrations sent. And they are perceived by love. So threads of love it is strong connect the pupil and the Teacher. There is no communication of stronger. Also there is in relationship human nothing finer, than fiery feeling of love between the Teacher and the pupil. From an embodiment these sacred bonds are transferred to an embodiment. The chain of life is soldered by them. And feats made by miracle of love are lit. Who knows where and when the saving feeling, but once kindle lit up, doesn't die for ever? On fires of love we Judge Devotion and but to them to themselves we Approach. The proximity to the Lord is measured by love. The centers because fire generates flare up with it and causes to life fires. It is possible to call love the engine real, or the life engine. Fire of life we Call love. The highest manifestations of love differ from its expression on the lowest plans though at the heart of it and there is an attraction of opposite principles, uniform in essence, but different poles in manifestation. Even the Highest Beams and Energy are combined on an attraction, - and the Highest Beginning bipolar. Divine Love we Call Laws the Highest attractions, fiery on structure, opposite on properties, and consubstantial in essence. The fire of the love that has been consciously directed - great force; creates in compliance with energy premised. The beam of love sent by the Lord - the real power transmutation not only the one to whom it is sent, but also conditions surrounding, and people standing close by. The beam of love of the Lord is sent to the devoted pupil. Beam - the creating force.

397. Spirit increase. The pupil, the Stone bearing, has in himself fire of a crystal of mental energy. The crystal grows, increasing power of a flame. Fire causes environment counteraction because it is antagonistic it on the essence. Everything directs to extinguishing and suppressing a growing flame. Not only house him are enemies to the person who has found the Stone, but also the essence of terrestrial life, because fire not from Earth. The counteraction purpose is to extinguish fire. And if attempt wasn't successful and the flame got stronger, increased on counteraction and became stronger, against it having won, for the first the second attempt, then the third, and so endlessly follows. By means of dark quenchers the languid flame is extinguished, and its carrier comes back to a former circle of hopelessness. But strong gets stronger after each attack, after each attempt, and the wonderful crystal grows. The treasure needs protection conscious. Increase of fire of spirit needs burdening by circumstances. And each influence terrestrial needs to be considered as tending to suppress the growing force. It isn't necessary to allow that external attempts shook and rejected exactly burning fire. As the soldier protects the life a board and a sword, with so firm hand covers a board spirit fire, without allowing anything influence it. They will come, quenchers of fires, force of exactly burning flame it is necessary to them opposite, watching that from influences human it didn't fluctuate. It is necessary to increase spirit on all and on everything and force of fire to outgrow the increased opposite circumstance. Tests are sent with the same purpose: to strengthen fire of spirit and to allow increasing relics of a flame. Aggravation of circumstances accompanies its growth. Difficulties of a way are only polishing of sides of treasure. Press- means of strengthening of fiery tension of a flame. Weak sparks are easily blown by life. We see extinct souls, dead consciousnesses decaying. We see the people killed and broken by life. The winner doesn't know defeat. It is impossible to extinguish fires of the one who it is foreordained to a victory. The winner fiery I Call the one whom my Hand devotes. I see the blade of spirit which is getting stronger from each blow; flaring sword the winner I See over a forehead. Fiery victory, victory of fire I Approve over all living conditions; it is invincible the growing treasure.

398. (Aug. 18). I believe that there can't be an address without the answer. Somehow and somewhere and in any form, but the answer has to come. Speed of the answer depends on skill if it concerns Records. Ability quickly to enter into a stream of a mental stream depends on practice. Then it will be possible to reach a constant condition of consciousness of Contact when thought the highest can be constant to services. Both to speak, and to think and it will be possible to work as though in a condition of Communication uninterrupted. The face, in heart introduced, will work at any time. Process of Communication goes, going deep and extending. Levers from a wire fiery in hands zero. Constancy of Communication - the purpose possible for ardent aspiration, and its deepening, the end and a limit not having, will be a spiral of the rapprochement having the beginning, but not having borders. On condition of correctly taken direction to each step it is possible to be glad. Why the Teacher is always new? The spiral of being developed and extending consciousness of the pupil constantly opens new sides and new spheres of cognition, without repeating any step. From here is eternally new understanding of Space. Only stagnation of consciousness conducts on the same track, depriving of new receipts. Then says that creativity ran low, fire went out and receipt of a new material stopped. But when fire burns, it is possible to write, without being afraid of repetition because the spiral allows analogy and similarity, but repetition – never; so fire inside cause’s possibility of continuous new stays. The direction of thought planned by consciousness attracts it forward, deepening and expanding the begun. The more threads of thought it is stretched in the future, the consciousness is broader. It is possible to approve new threads of thinking consciously. Records can be considered, how threads of the rope stretched in Boundlessness. Each Record is a section of this thread in the present. Not something finished and finished, but only temporary step of infinite thought taken at present, but directed in the future and subject to repetition, but in more profound and expanded look according to growing consciousness. Records move ahead in the future, going deep and extending, without having finished any situation because the spirit grows and creativity extends. Therefore the method was given also the Doctrine of Live Ethics. There is in it nothing finished. Each situation - only a stage in development of certain thought at present. This possibility of infinite deepening of given thoughts is felt by going consciousness. This system we Apply always. We Have no finished formulas. Because in completeness death. And Records are the threads stretched in infinity, each of which can be developed infinitely. Seeming repetition is given more profoundly than previous its statement. Speed or slowness of speed depends on precipitancy of ascending consciousness. But its spiral ascension excludes proceeding road.
399. (Aug. 19). For success of perception it is necessary to be able to overcome tension of the surrounding sphere. But the most necessary is to punch an environment of the sphere of own aura’s egg. At the majority the aura is closed and the consciousness out of its limits doesn't leave. Thought of others and thoughts wide are valuable that tear off consciousness from aura. Walking it is possible to call prisoners the consciousnesses concluded in dense cocoons of own radiations. Next task: to overcome tension of vibrations of the aura and, having overcome, out of limits of the environment to direct consciousness; therefore and fruitful aspiration to the Lord that allows consciousness leave because of an egoism paling. How the own small world attracted consciousness, to consciousness eventually in becomes mute is close and intolerable. It will want on a scope, there, where feelers of the personal world already any more don't twist consciousness. Certainly, the world personal -is a dungeon for spirit, and people - prisoners. About what freedom can speak biped, confused on hands and feet egoism chains? Before directing to freedom, the slavery, both the dungeon, and the chains should be realized. Often they are dearer to the person, than freedom of spirit of which it at all has no correct idea. Rich and poor, healthy and sick, happy and unfortunate, clever and silly, self-satisfied and modest men - all bear these heavy chains, at all without suspecting about desperate slavery. I Came to the world to destroy century bonds and places of the conclusions on which people huddle. Unless it is possible speak about freedom to the slaves who haven't realized the slavery. Many speak about freedom, but in gorsy dungeons of conclude. Each great religion at the origin meant release spirit human, but, degenerating, instead of freedom chained spirit in iron chains of dogmas, prejudices and superstitions. Restrictions of religious prejudices are the heaviest. So, what there were chains, their essence consists in density of an aura's shell. It isn't force and aura fortress, and on the contrary, its weakness. Power of belief is good and is force when it is based on knowledge of space laws, that is has communication with power of spatial fire. False belief, representations and knowledge cut consciousness from the tank of space power, and the aura becomes similar to the wrinkled fruit because a food fiery from space doesn't receive. Fiery Laws of Space, becoming part of consciousness, connect it with the tank of space fiery power. Depart from life dead, release the aura from clogs, enveloping the microcosm sphere, direct to true freedom of spirit. Many are directed in search of freedom, but look for it not there. Revolutions and reorganizations national exempt consciousnesses are from many heaps. But it stubborn and persistently seeks to return to a former framework of limited and irresponsible existence. Therefore deepening of gains of revolution is protection against past chains. But nevertheless true freedom - in the spirit of, released from the power of covers; in the spirit of which went beyond own aura; achievement of this freedom demands persistent, a crust persistent and conscious work. It is possible to be exempted from the power of emotions, without allowing them to be late in consciousness and to shake aura it is more or less long. Immediately throw out them from consciousness as soon as fluctuations reached it or even at the very first moment of penetration, having put before it a spirit board. Protecting itself so, the freedom we protect from the next attempt of people and conditions to throw new clogs. And there shouldn't be a pity nor to itself, nor to people. Whether it is possible to feel sorry for those who puts on chains you? As also astral whirlwinds to involve in which and to infect with which all people and especially standing close by aspire the neighbors, there are the fetters imposed on consciousness on this or that period. Earlier on the arena on people threw network, that they not could be protected; network, enveloping a body, I bound hand and foot of it; the person became both defenseless, and helpless. The same networks people at each other and, go out throw unconsciously spirit fires, turn it into pity defenseless creations which fall a victim of surrounding conditions. Be able to stand sharp-sightedly always on protection of the freedom. Don't allow anything to interfere in your microcosm without the sanction and the statement of your will of the conscious. Be always on patrol. Whether there is more necessary patrol, than protection of freedom of the spirit? Here also understanding of own force and the power over the world is necessary. Really to somebody or something we will give the right of the primogeniture and the power over an own microcosm? The slave remains the slave. Slaves, but employees are necessary to Me not. The weak-willed slave is despised even by those who brought them to this condition. But to a similar condition of people, first of all, brings itself. In the won souls, in the opinion of them you see the self-condemnation press. Eyes of prisoners, fading spirit fires are sad and sad. I call break off slavery chains; to true freedom to Call. Each submission to movements of an astral cover is a new link of a chain prison. The astral has to be led to silence. It is necessary to be exempted from an astral cover. The lowest astral is nowadays not necessary for evolution. The first the most necessary condition of freedom and the power to which the person aspires also consists in final release from it.
Often happens, what not sympathy is demanded from you by people, but passionately and tensely want to involve you in an astral funnel of the whirlwinds and to cast into the same hole in which sit. Be preserved against them. The statement of tranquility and balance of spirit is a way of release from an unnecessary astral cover. Without having a food, dies. With its destruction the spirit to freedom is born. Has no value where and in what conditions there is a spirit, but the victorious condition of consciousness is important extremely.

400. Write, my friend. Your writing is necessary for the future.
The face of the Lord in the third eye brings consciousness out of a close framework of aura’s egg. Therefore and it is difficult to concentrate on it is mute it is long. Usual extent of vibrations of a microcosm doesn't correspond to tension of fluctuations of the Face, and the consciousness doesn't maintain. Means, height of radiations should be lifted to demanded level that discrepancies it was impossible. So we see how all Instructions conduct to the uniform purpose: to rise over usual level, to be released and join freedom of spatial life. In it is release. And the way lies through the Lord because It is a threshold to spirit. Achievement and the statement of any qualities have the same purpose. All of them are steps of freedom and liberation of consciousness. The fear is extreme degree of slavery and coherence, and courage of fearlessness - freedom. Release is in thought. Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to make thought free. The thought should be released. In order that to release it, it is necessary to seize and approve by it the power over it. All ascending ways bring to Me, that am to final release. Because I Came release you from authorities of a material world over your consciousness. Too long I stayed the person in captivity at death. It is possible to call an era of release the World New, future in freedom beams. You don't judge and won't be judged. And why to my freedom to be judged foreign freedom - so ways of release and people already earlier are specified is called "freedom", because in release of human spirit the purpose and a certain step of its evolution. Face my, entered into heart is a window in space or the bridge in Boundlessness. Through the open the window is aroma of mountains
and blinking of the Distant Worlds. Dismissal in consciousness from life dead opens a gate in Boundlessness, to spheres of boundless freedom. Shining and flying there is a person. So the Face of the Lord gives the lit-up way to spheres of the Distant Worlds. Look for the truths of a shining Face of the Lord. In my Beams force of your beams gets stronger. The beauty of the world terrestrial is born the reflected beams of the Sun. And the beauty of spirit is born reflected my Beams, from your essence the proceeding. The secret of power of the Face of the Lord only in application is comprehended. Its beams realized and assimilated, are engines for consciousness, lawfully and naturally changing it. If enter into My World and to merge with My consciousness if to be Me internally or even as though having externally entered into essence I wash, it is possible to refuse the personal world of the past easily. So the soul the lost approves in him the Lord, merging the Identity with Great Identity, but without damage and derogation of the first. Not in the small identity of a short terrestrial embodiment, but in Identity life and immortality roots." The lord of seven gates, teach me to pass through everything, without shortening a victorious stride. Lords of My soul, My Light, beam My dad will flare up with your Light, and there will be My light from your Light given rise". In silence, but the Lord obviously Comes and Approves the throne in a sanctuary of devoted heart. My son, you are free if attractions Earth fires of heart overcome you overcome. And then not in condemnation mistakes made, but in a justification because increased spirit on everyone. It is better to be mistaken in making, than to become lifeless in stagnation. There are no people perfect but when fire of aspiration overcomes smoky fires of delusions, the way of the winner isn't cancelled. It is necessary that equally effective various energiya of a microcosm to Me directed and the more powerfully, the best of all and more poorly.
Look, there are two: the winner and won, the carrier of Treasure of the Stone and the beggar. One - forgotten by all and driven, not having anything - neither things, nor the house, a place where to bend head, neither clothes changes, nor friends, relatives. One... Left all... And another is surrounded with honor and worship, having everything that wants, using all benefits terrestrial, self-satisfied and satisfied, and possessing everything that Earth can give. But not having and deprived there can be the winner and the owner of Treasure of the Stone equal which on value doesn't have anything on Earth, and the second, possessing, - the beggar spatially. Whose destiny you will prefer?