Agni Yoga's facets, 1953 (401-644)

401. (Aug. 20). Directing on a long distance, aura’s egg and its magnetism should be overcome, differently not to come off. It is impossible to take with itself a physical body. Distant flights for an astral are difficult. Therefore, their auras should be punched and to come off them, but in a body mental it is possible to depart far, even on distant planets. Therefore, the aura of a mental body, as well as its cover, remains with consciousness. There are no distances for a body fiery, but it is yet ready. We appreciate the pupils who have seized menthol which mental body is already issued, and in it is mute they can operate on the corresponding plan of consciousness. We speak about overcoming of aura of a physical and astral body, about punching consciousness their thickness. Then the space is available. It is possible to leave and in an astral, but it not valuably and conducts to a psychic and therefore it is undesirable. But also the body of thought can work only when the thought is bridled and subordinated.
My son, constancy of aspiration and a rhythm is a success basis. The casual aspiration isn't valuable. How it is possible to put Proximity of the Lord in dependence on accident? The broken-off rhythm breaks regularity of communication. What would be if Space Laws would become in operation arrhythmic and movement of stars would be broken? Laws of movement macro - and a microcosm in everything are identical. The consciousness lives a rhythm. The consciousness fiery can consciously join rhythms of spatial fires. Terrestrial conditions of a rhythm shouldn't violate. All of them temporally are. Whether it is possible timeless to sacrifice to the passing? And the trace doesn't remain from all that nowadays so heavy and persistently surrounds consciousness. But the way and its purpose don't depend on flashing types. It is necessary to pass through everything, having kept fire of aspiration and deepening experience and knowledge. Experience and knowledge remain, but the movie of life becomes perfect other.
It is extremely difficult to come off consciousness a familiar spot, but it is useful and it is necessary. The consciousness becomes rooted to the spot, surrounding itself with habitual representations or pictures of the surrounding district, subjects and walls. This habitual mentally about the environment needs to learn to be overcome and extinguished, imagining other physical conditions on desire. The reality of an environment is created by these pictures, but not to that is actually. Consciously caused representations of the district remote connect with it consciousness and approach its opportunities, up to the valid contact with it, that is flight in a nose in a mental body. But also without flight far it is possible to make close. Before learning to fly in a mental body, it is necessary to learn to fly thought about the world. It is difficult to fly if the thought isn't mobile and chained to the room.

402. (From Mother). My darling terms came; nor postponements, nor delays won't be! It is necessary to wait for succession of events lightning. What to tell? Unless that the it is foreordained is immutable will come true. Pleasure I send to fast expectation and proximity of a meeting.

403. Let's write not contrary to opposite circumstances, but thanking of. Already I Said that everything I Will turn on advantage and everything will serve and help only, even attacks enemy, even dark angrily-to intend. If monsters of a leg of a throne, a shift of attendants of darkness - the bottom on which the foot of the winner goes. Let cover a way with the angrily-to intend, for that the victory will be more nice, whether to them to fight against My Beams, whether to strike with it the one who is protected by My board? Counteraction will be always that developed, fires grew and got stronger. Not a victory if the enemy is weak and insignificant. On the enemy and the sword is. Quiet, quiet and serene life not for the soldier is. Nothing will disturb when you will be constantly disturbed. Even about a volcano it is possible to learn to sleep peacefully. Only in tension of concern it is possible to learn to approve tranquility. Therefore be not averted from given tests, but approve demanded quality. The tranquility will be tested until will be approved victoriously. The small is costed by tranquility in words, but much - in practice. Without test there is no statement. Without overcoming and the victory aren’t present a feat. Hastily I Prepare. Direct a look in the future, for the sake of it is possible both to undergo, and to win. Undergo without a victory and overcoming - in vain spent both time, and forces. Humility understands of sent tests. Fight becomes intelligent and purposeful. For a bowl bitter is possession the Stone, but not lying not. It is precious and mean. Without having drunk bitter drink to the bottom, not to see and not to take treasure. So, believing on Us all consciousness, we will be quietly and to meet inevitable tests courageously.

404. (Aug. 22). Gods weren't and isn't present. There are the spirits which finished human evolution and have become Planetary Spirits. When people saw the changed essence of the Savior, fell face downwards, being not able to take out Light of not predicate. Also made Christ Redeemer God's, expressing these honoring. But the Savior Wasn't the Almighty, but Planetary Spirit. The pupil has the Teacher and the Father. Each Lord Has the Lord and the Father. At the head of each planet there is a Planetary Spirit. The planet, the higher and her Driver is higher. If the earthling sees shining great essence of Planetary Spirit, in the ignorance he immediately will tell:" This is God" because magnificence fiery is dazzling. Don't maintain Light of the Highest eye the terrestrial. There are a lot of planets, and it is a lot of sun. The fiery Hierarchy of Planetary Spirits is infinite and is incomprehensible, - rises in Boundlessness. If the Lord of the Sun is inaccessible and incomprehensible what to speak about others, out of our system of the staying? We Say only about that, what we Know. . Christian God in narrow-minded representation of believers we not Know. We consider this representation by ignorance and misunderstanding expression. It is impossible to imagine God, sitting on the remote star. And in is what form? The highest hierarchical Principle can't be moved into a framework of human understanding. The word "God" we Avoid because this great concept became an ignorance and limitation symbol. Inexpressible and not predicate Greatness the biped asks to help to make successful commercial transaction and puts a gratitude candle. Whether blasphemy it? In some religions it was forbidden to say the Name of the Highest Incognizable. In languages human there are no equivalents for expression of the Highest. Lords Saw the Lords, the highest themselves but anybody never will begin to claim that It Was go the Highest. Certainly, sacred or the devotee, having taken away a shining Face of the Lord, by all means will appropriate It the name the highest. The word Lord is meant by the Lord, but not God: God - mister - the Lord. It is a lot of ignorance’s and a lot of misunderstanding. The parrot too repeats high words and too without understanding of their sense. And still "without God there is no way", and still the Highest hierarchical principle Is approved. The word "God" should be withdrawn from the use blasphemous that the people cleared and unbiased, again could approach to concept to the Highest. Otherwise it turns out:" Who ate my cucumber, you? - No, not I! Really, not I »! So blasphemously are profanation concept the highest, lost nowadays the sense. Language clarification is a thing the most necessary. It is impossible to call cucumber god from capital letter because it will be blasphemy. Small “the competent” it is possible to make silent, having shown them their ignorance. Saying the word "god", the person Great Unlimited right there immediately limits to the sizes and limits of the cranium, forgetting that if God is infinite, extremities and limitations of a brain of the speaker anybody to disprove and won't be able to deny. So, god of each person is no more and not above understanding and height of this person also deserves recognition on height and degree of his consciousness. Measure of god of each person is width of his consciousness is. And therefore, as though strong it declined this word in all forms, its depth and its value from it won't increase. Therefore everyone, imposing the god, that is the understanding, restriction and ignorance to another, muzzles on near the thoughtlessness and poverty. Therefore imposing and, especially, violent, religious beliefs is a crime against spirit. The ignorant fanatic or the fanatic is similar to the jailer. Freedom of confession of Truth is the integral prerogative of the person. Not the modern attendant of god but the Teacher is the one Who Knows more, and only knowing can learn more. How the one who knows nothing can learn? Deadlines of foreign knowledge of knowledge don't give if it isn't accompanied by experience. TheTeacher Gives skilled knowledge. Religions sink under weight of dead freight because attendants lost them knowledge sources, having grasped dead forms and become obsolete words. The tragedy of the mankind which has lost God among false forms of his understanding is great.

405. (Aug. 23). Life is everywhere, but its forms are various. But the essence of grain fiery, animating any live form where it was shown, is only-begotten to Space Fire in the depths. From below and up to the top there is this distinction external at a Single-existing internal. This fire connected all existing together, and the purpose of everything that is - evolution, from atom to the person, from the person to Planetary spirit. And as fiery grain increase evolves, finally evolution real is fire evolution. External covers of grain accrue, being condensed to density limit, and then force of internal fire begin will be refined from dense in the thin. Process is long the Circle takes billions, tens of billions years. If life of atom is measured by several billions years, how many tens, and perhaps, and more than billion years it is necessary that the atom became self-conscious spirit. But before reaching Earth and consciousness, the spirit-monad had to pass lunar evolution. And who can tell, in what look and at what step of evolution the spirit-monad entered on the Moon? And how many planets of the highest there have to pass still spirit after Earth or end of a cycle of our Solar system? Evolution is infinite. To limits to development of borders isn't present. And forms of its steps can't be caught by a brain. But the fiery essence of a spirit-monad is ineradicable and isn't destroyed even if the planet will burn down. The consciousness, is evolution gift, got used to identify itself with the next covers, the most dense. The purpose of evolution is a transferring of consciousness to grain of spirit and life in is mute the never-ending. The more deeply the consciousness gets into spirit grain, the more it extends because bottomless accumulation hidden in it is mute. Fire of grain is connected directly to spatial fire because it is engendered, or separated, from fire a thread not interrupting, as the Sun beam with the Sun. The infinite space periods sink in Boundlessness, as a stone at the ocean because even these terrible intervals of time are incommensurable to Boundlessness. Both an instant, and billions years is only an instant in Boundlessness’s. But the fiery essence, the center of grain of spirit invariable, isn't subject to time, because out of it. Stratifications are subject, but the center isn't subject. Also it is mute - the beginning of the beginnings and a final point shown, the Alpha and Omega of all cycles of times. The person can become the conscious carrier of depth, in its hidden because the person is everything and everything includes in itself and embraces. In it - everything is hidden at the beginning and being shown at the end. The person is the Absolute potentially. The words "You Are Gods" bear in themselves this idea.

406. The following stage of evolution is self-renunciation, or renunciation, dismissal, separation of the "I" from the covers and their activity. Covers, bodies, or conductors, are necessary for identification on the corresponding plans. But at full registration of all bodies their independent, separate manifestation on everyone, and especially, on the Highest is possible. Without means of a physical body it is impossible are shown on the plan physical. As and on others is. But the corresponding conductor, or a body, it has to be created, or it is constructed as the physical body was under construction. Its registration is finished, as well as bodies thin, or the highest astral. But at the majority menthol isn't finished yet, and the fiery body starts being made out only. Registration of the Fiery Body requires awakening of the fiery centers of the person, and activity coordination, or functions, fires, and the statement of heart as its center, combiner. Awakening of the fiery centers is accompanied by ability of separate manifestation of consciousness on all three plans - physical, astral and mental. This way the first there pass pioneers of human evolution - pupils of Teachers of Light to specify to people the following step of evolution. The doctrine of Life plans the closest ways of evolution, pupils pass them that people consciously could follow them. Without existence and the knowledge of the purpose can't be ways. This purpose should be known; differently life turns into senseless vegetation on planet bark. In total for the sake of what people live and work, means this uniform purpose. In it is appointment of the person because the awakened centers do him by the participant of spatial life, outputting consciousness out of Earth limits. Both Earth and the person receive the certain place in Space: Earth - as its temporary residence, and the person - as the center of consciousness directed in the Worlds Distant. There can't be senseless a human life and not have appointment when each atom is a miracle and an embodiment of expediency of Space Laws. And if someone doesn't know this purpose or yet didn't realize, not wine of Space in limitation of small thinking. Much Lords Worked to destroy ignorance human, and people much worked to destroy their works, and succeeded in the ignorance much. The last rate is made. And the mankind either will move forward, or will be lost. The bikes of the victim brought by the Best Country, and it will set, and already moves forward planetary evolution. The doctrine of Life will comprehend work human, having given it an inherent value and value and having made it work creative. Creativity warm becomes creativity fiery and, having become fiery, will set forward awakening and development of the fiery centers of the person. In fiery warm creativity of the person the potential of fiery opportunities is put. Wisely the plan of nascence of New Race which will possess the woken-up fiery centers comes true. The plan of the evolution which has been drawn up by Lords, fiery is fine and space is immutable because it is given in coordination with Will of the Highest, Space.

407. (Aug. 24). How to reconcile sad existence terrestrial with pleasure of spatial life? Only the ardent aspiration in the future, where are erased and disappear close conditions of the present. Full transferring of consciousness to the future is the only solution of a question. How Great Spirits Could, coming to Earth, to be reconciled with poverty of human consciousness surrounding them how could sustain burden of ignorance and a gloom? Only directing and living in the future and directing in it mankind! To the fiery Comet which has been eternally directed forward, it is possible to assimilate the Fiery Doctrine of each Lord. To the heavenly bodies always directed, the Life Doctrine is similar. About life tells the Doctrine, but not about death and deadness of stagnation and attenuation. Life fiery approves the Doctrine. Living conditions terrestrial are close, but wings eagle eggs in narrowness arise. Closely and darkly in a shell, but here the baby bird punches it and, helpless and weak, is chained to a nest. It depends on external conditions and the parents. But there is time, wings grow and, at last, there comes the moment when it wins against elements. And then it is high, highly in heavens freely soars over Earth because wings grew. Wings fiery grow, but it is necessary will show patience. Take-off on weak wings involves falling, and it is possible to damage them. It is great also freely future, open spaces over Earth, but everything is good in its season, and time of anything under the Sun are boundless. Of inevitability and of inalterability of terms we will think.

(In a dream I saw Mater. I passed, and it is successful, through any tests where from It the dark tried to separate Me. But I aspired only to It).

408. (Aug. 25). Someone thinks to succeed, without having broken a shell of the personal sphere, or an environment of the personal world, that is wants great to conclude in the small. But it is impossible.

409. (Aug. 26). Release is close. The consciousness changed. Focus can show, but on consciousness. Without compliance of consciousness it is shown can be nothing. The belief is necessary up to the end, hope - up to the end, aspiration - up to the end. It is the last rate, and on a game all is put. Because only undergone up to the end, or sustained everything, reaches. It surrounds rises, being caused to counteraction by fire which is lighting up in heart of the pupil. Prometheus stole heavenly fire, but itself it was chained to Earth rocks. It is heavy to bear fire on the ground. Surrounding it isn't combined with fire. Even own physical body counteracts while it wasn't rarefied enough. The word is a purgatory on Earth. It is possible to be inclined under weight of a burden, to hang and a mouth, but a formula of the fire spirit - we "Will be overcome". Therefore fire execution in life terrestrial is a feat. If it goes out each opposite whiff, fire is weak. In sanctuaries of ancient temples the price of life supported the sacred fire. In a heart sanctuary the price of life supports the same inextinguishable sacred fire of spirit because without it there is no life, without it death. Death of spirit and death in the spirit of is the most terrible that can comprehend the person. Spoke earlier:" Beliefs not fade". Unless matter in the belief? It isn't belief, but on fire of spirit which was supported and ate belief or hope of the future. The present can't give food to fire, but the future burns with all fires. It is necessary to learn to overcome present vibrations by aspiration fire in the future. Fire wins. Speaking about approach of the Fiery Era, we first of all in ourselves approve fire and, having claimed, we support him in every way spirit and heart. To the carrier in heart of fire it can't be easy among opposite elements. Elements are set in motion by fire, and their counteraction is inevitable. The feat consists in that fire inflamed, shining and warming everything that seeks to extinguish it. The sun shines over kind and over angry, and fire of heart lights up everything around, without asking the identity card. But in people this fire causes strengthening of the congenital and often hidden properties. It is possible to call this fire developer of true essence of a human nature. It is also possible to call it a transmutation of hearts human. Because at contact with it all, able ascend, directs to Light; but the darkness rages. Because at contact with it everything, able ascends, directs to Light. But the darkness rages. This reaction reveals the hidden enemies of Light. Each pupil is developer of darkness and her attendants. You not accepted and abusing and to you counteracting Me don't accept, will wear and to me counteract. Especially sharply now there is this division on accepted and rejected. And, apparently, small and imperceptible rejection of envoys my and close mine, consequences has great and terrible, plunging rejected into darkness embraces. So reaction to fire is the truest. The fiery aura of the carrier of fire is light or darkness indicator in auras of those who makes with it contact. Heart will prompt, where the enemy and where the friend, but also vigilance is required considerable.

410. (Aug. 27). The doctrine of Life is the mighty force, directing consciousness in the future. The present is the step of evolution reached by spirit at present. On the present it is impossible to be late because it will be stagnation. Real is an instant on a way to the future. The present purpose is the future. How was well real, the future is always wider than it, both is deeper, and is more considerable. Only the decaying consciousness has no future. Fallen souls too have no it. They too move in time to the future, but this future - regress, attenuation and death. We Speak about Light ways. The light way to the future is similar to a ray of light: Goes, always extending. It isn't necessary to forget only that if there are Light ways, that is and the darkness ways which essence is opposite to light ways. If the darkness lives past and directs back, the future - the engine Light. It is possible to speak about the heavy present, but future levers in hands of the person because in the present he puts the reasons of future consequences which always are according to essence of the generated reasons. So the present can be considered as the moment of crops of those reasons which will give shoots in the future, and on compliance. Those can be saved from creation and crops of the thin reasons, or seeds, thin consequences bringing more consciously, with it is necessary to be deceived and mistaken. Thin grains won't give shoots good. Therefore crops in the present it is possible for a network carefully and after careful consideration. Certainly, these grains are thoughts, words and acts, or actions. Someone thinks to avoid a harvest of the crops, but it as is impossible as it is impossible to avoid the future tomorrow. It will be, and it is inevitable. The future sated with consequences of the reasons, generated by will of the person and to it gravitating under laws of a magnetic attraction of its aura in which seeds of the karmic energiya causing an attraction and creation of conformable it of consequences are concentrated is inevitable. Karmic consequences as can't be avoided as it is impossible to separate from own essence in which magnetic grains of karmic attractions are collected. Two persons go across the ocean to look for happiness. And their destinies can be absolutely various because on an aura's attraction are produced. From the moment of the birth of the person of energy of the karmic grains put in aura of the person, start working, inevitably creating an environment corresponding to them. And the only factor, able to change them, it is will of the person, not simple, but fiery, awakened heart fires. Only fire of heart and on fires of heart it is possible transmutation and feather to give rise karma fires. And the more powerfully they inflame, the power over karma current is more shown. Certainly, the Hand of the Teacher can alter or even to extinguish karma, but only in the presence of fires of heart of the pupil or asked for the help. But the general rule such is that the Highest will human doesn't interfere with karmas. When the pupil consciously says "Yes there will be your will", he transfers voluntary and consciously the destiny to Hands of the Lord. But it is a way of the elite and to the general rules isn't subject. Whether also much it on forces? Because the majority looks for simplification of karma, but the way of an apprenticeship is difficult, and will transfer to the will of the Lord of simplification of a way at all doesn't mean. Karma change - yes, but not simplification. The aspiration causes environment counteraction. It is stronger, the counteraction is stronger. Work of overcoming of terrestrial counteractions, resistance and attractions is great and heavy. And still it will be ascension and overcoming karma, but not burdening of new, subject to atonement and stopping a way. The seeds of a karma created by the pupil are created in other plane, than usually. One can be told: there is nothing that the fiery will of the person couldn't overcome. And if this will works in the accord with will of Lords of the Karma, where overcoming border? "Execution of my will you give the chance to me to execute your will". In the will accord is a victory. In the accord with will of the Highest is overcoming only. In the accord with will of the Highest - overcoming of all. In merge of will of the person with Will Spatial is power and power of the person over a kingdom of three (life plans).

411. "What can the good be from Nazareth?" - So the darkness thinks and looks for in everything angry. There can be no phenomenon only bad. Destructive and creative particles, or elements, are in everything: forces centrifugal and forces centripetal, forces to good and to the evil directing, forces antagonistic, forces of the past and of the future. Even in evolving consciousness of the Lord there is that He Is, and what It Will be, having changed the present. And in such great question as the new step of the whole people or the state, is that it is necessary to overcome, get rid to become more perfect. As in the certain person at a contact of the Ray of light comes up from depths of consciousness and all amplifies kind and angry, as and in country life: the bad - for overcoming, kind - for the statement and growth. To see only one bad or only good will be a mistake. It human narrowing’s suffered. But if evolutionary potential prevails, so the country ascends and if this prevalence is considerable, the ascension becomes prompt. The world old is deprived of incentive of an ascension because forces it are settled. The world new covers in itself mighty forces and, despite is imperfect forms, is full of life, aspiration and creative force. In prompt movement in the future imperfect particles are doomed to falling away, lag and death, but all the best and vital remains, will prosper, approving ways evolutionary. The usual consciousness isn't able to catch the hidden springs of consciousness mass therefore its judgment will be always incorrect. But of a violent thicket I Undertake to make a grove and this grove will be decoration of the world. But there are the laws of terms causing various stages of advance. And who can make bold to tell: I came Hour. The Hierarch Leading Can makes it only. Therefore, having bent consciousness to will of the Leader, it is necessary to wait for execution of the terms conducting in the Hall unknown.

412. (Aug. 28). In Space there are powers of Chaos, force of destruction and creation force. Existence of these forces in this or that look and quantity is available in all phenomena. Holding and focusing consciousness on them, them both we strengthen and we claim. The eye opened on good, in each phenomenon of force light and construction causes to life. From here is kind and evil eye. Well not only in people to see good for his statement, but also in subjects, things and the phenomena. The consciousness which has got used to the statement of good in everything is consciousness of the creator and builder kind. We will be saved from becoming destroyers. Because, becoming those, we serve darkness and the evil. Therefore reaction of process of the destructive thinking seeing in all elements of chaotic energiya is so painful. Obvious helpers of darkness differently to think and can't. It is better to be mistaken in good exaggeration, than to strengthen darkness, causing to Life of energy of decomposition. It belongs to all phenomena of life of Precepted to have an eye kind. Let your eye will be open on good. Eye, good claiming, is an eye builder the kind. Consciousness beam, being directed on constructive elements of the phenomenon, a creative power of the benefit causes to the statement and identification, as though breaking through in Space the channel and creating for this purpose the necessary conditions. It is especially noticeable in public. Even exaggerating their kind and merits, we do the carrier them better. That condemnation, from here the Precept is harmful you "Do not judge". Not the court kind means, but angry, negative elements strengthening and approving. Cutting down in substance elements Plan evolution, good, on good and from elements good we Build. The Hierarchy dark adheres to the return, causing to life of power of darkness, Chaos and destruction. In it their main harm. Service of evolution and involution are opposite on a being and methods. In life of the people sowers of a distemper and decomposition are especially harmful. To dark focus I Will allow to come to light for its destruction. The attendant of Light, the attendant of good, and an eye has to have kind, but don't look for good in conscious servants of darkness. With them it is necessary to fight but not to fill with them the consciousness involuntarily not to strengthen energy them, to stop their shifts, without burdening them, without occupying with them the sphere of the microcosm and about court and condemnation. Discussion isn't condemnation, and the criticism healthy isn't criticism destructive. This distinction should be understood. Replacement bad good or good the best is constructive. To see reality doesn't mean to condemn, but it is necessary to learn to see both of its poles in their correlation. Imperfection isn't the evil, but absence of good. Without understanding of couples of contrasts and their Interrelation the spirit in a reason of the phenomena can't move ahead. All Doctrines are based on understanding of a polar in everything. I who has brought in the world not the world Give My world to you, but a sword, and I Speak: "The soul lost it will find". So any Doctrine of Life is based on comprehension of secret of couples of contrasts shown.

413. Lets not consider that the degree of understanding of the phenomena reached by us is immutable. Boundlessness is in everything, as well as in understanding expansion. To understand any phenomenon up to the end in all depth and communication with the surrounding it isn't given. But it is possible to Come nearer to it constantly, that is constantly to pray to expand consciousness, it yet won't capture all visible to consciousness the horizon which extends with its growth. Process of growth is continuous, and it is impossible to be late because the growth inhibition of consciousness means its decomposition. Feature of consciousness and its mental products is in Tom that their essence is movement, but not stagnation. The above and refined a matter, the quicker it decays when it is left by life. Even fish starts decaying with the head, that is with is thinner the organized parts of her body. But life of consciousness consists in movement and when this movement of consciousness, or fire, fades, it is imperceptible, but uncontrollably starts decaying. The fluid of decomposition is terrible and destructive. All organisms catch its poison. Live walking dead persons, or people with numb consciousness - the phenomenon heavy and infectious. Decomposition of vegetable or animal fabric, but awfully thin show of decaying consciousness is unattractive. Fiery - life - giving, burning in heart, is a life - giving more than in one sense. Fire is life. Fieryful, or Agni Yoga, is the person, fire, light and life to people the bearing.

414. (Aug. 29)." Only full measure you will force the way". Completeness of aspiration, completeness of devotion and completeness of belief is necessary to the Lord. Last condition the most difficult. It is hardy and sticker a disbelief tail. It is small, but it is tenacious, and consequences have deep, as prickle roots. A number of actions follow from mistrust, with it, apparently, not the connected. From here goes both Decree violation, and neglect of performance of my Affairs. The lean belief to the Lord won't think what still to bring both as though even quicker and more successfully to finish the charged. In it is and roots of doubts. And if I Speak: will come true bequeathed, what imposes a gray cover of commonness on My words? Many read the Doctrine, but those who trusts Me certainly and till the end and my words accepts without excuses and doubts, less, than on a hand of fingers. Devotion unconditional, based on belief until the end of the unconditional - the phenomenon rare. While all goes smoothly, warmly, and is nourishing, and in a consent with desires and sweet dreams of the reader of the Doctrine, all is well but as soon as there are severe tests and a blank wall of dark counteractions, the belief of weak spirit and the Lord any more hangs Isn't the driver of all thoughts, both feelings, and acts. The present overflows consciousness fluid waves. The belief and trust contrary to evidence, contrary to everything that around and that seeks to extinguish, eat it quality of the true pupil. Many show completeness of belief, devotion and aspiration when I Come also precepted becomes a reality. But in a gloom of a threshold heavy completeness of fires of these qualities is pledge of the Guarantee of the Lord immutable. Inalterability of the Guarantee of the Lord crowns fires of belief immutable and the unconditional. Not blind it is belief of the believer, but fiery, on a feeling-knowledge based and to only able to see heart available. Faith-knowledge fiery is quality of the awakened heart, displayed the fires. All will come true by the word of the Lord. And if something goes not as someone wants, the reason of discrepancy should be looked for in itself (himself) and surrounding imperfection, in the inability to see reality, but not in weakness of power of Hierarchy. Similar mistakes can become fatal because it is necessary to understand all power of Hierarchy. Not on weakness I don’t finish the enemy, but on complexity of karmic textures because can fly and the heads of not guilty. Not can brain to consider hidden threads destinies human. Therefore I Speak: everything is good in its season and terms. I can’t break the law of terms, because is sent not break, but to execute. In the next I Want to see completeness of devotion, completeness of aspiration and completeness of belief to the Lord. Lukewarm! How much harm to business they did. It isn't necessary them. Let relatives will be saved from these harmful qualities. It is better to trust and wait ardently, than to wait, having lost belief. It is better to direct endlessly and without a measure in a gloom and without seeing a dawn, than to choke in darkness waves. Belief to the Lord we win.

415. (Aug. 30). And still the formula "Yes There Will Be Your Will" remains not understood. On the one hand, saying it, put hands, calm down in making and, being entirely assigned to the Lord, think that someone and somehow will make all for them. Deathly assignment is worse than mistakes. In this regard the wise national proverb "God helps those, who help themselves" brings the correct amendment. But, on the other hand, people substitute for the will the Highest will and approve willfulness of egoism. The statement of will of the Lord means Board understanding which excludes fears, doubts, vanity, concerns and uncertainty. We trust the Lord and we know inalterability of ways of the future. From here the feeling of tranquility and consciousness is born that without will of the Lord of hair from the head won't fall. Having approved due degree of tranquility and consciousness of protection, it is necessary to understand that all has to be made by hands human, and not with someone's, but the. So is show amateur performance by an impulse going from heart? And when the necessary degree is approved by its fire of aspiration, it is possible to wait for the Decree of the Lord. So between willfulness of egoism and deadness of assignment the golden mean expressed by a formula "The Lord and Will Be Your Will" lies. How it is possible courageously and to meet a wave of an inevitable karma quietly? Only the will legend to the will of the Lord, about than to be anxious when the Hand of the Teacher seeks to give away the best? But among tests and difficulties it is necessary to be able to resist in understanding of power and invincibility of will of the Leader. The doubt and uncertainty in it stop a help and communication thread. Vera Lord’s, trust and confidence inflexible is the powerful magnet approving and attracting the help. Question is: «You believe? » I assumed belief from the one to whom it was assisted because the belief creates magnetic necessary conditions for perception of fiery thin energiya. On belief it is given, that is on degree of power of its magnetic attraction of the necessary energiya. The strong and directed belief represents itself peak of the thin energiya sent to space or to the Teacher which magnetic properties inevitably attract the desirable or necessary statement. So the belief to the Lord is the powerful magnet attracting and overcoming with the force resistance of dense layer to a matter. This belief from the legend of two will of the Highest is inseparable. Also there is no such force which could overcome a mighty magnet of belief in all-conquering power of Hierarchy. It is possible to create and work with consciousness of this power. Having betrayed itself to will of the Lord, power of Hierarchy can be claimed in life. And this statement, first of all, is shown in operation. Not in weak-willed passive assignment, but in fiery self-proceeding action. So, being in will of the Lord, it is possible to work with the Beam of the Hierarch. So, having merged the will from fields of the Highest, it is possible to work on the Beam. The formula "Yes Will Be, the Lord, Your Will" means merge to will of the Lord the conscious is directed. If to consider coverage of usual narrow-minded consciousness, its limitation, scarcity and poverty can be surprised. The fiery will of the Hierarch within a personal nesting box can't be shown and be approved. But when the will of the mere mortal destroys his walls and, having directed up, merges with will of the Lord, anything personal not limited, the secret of the told formula starts revealing to the consciousness which has broken the chains. It is necessary to understand, at last that the person in itself anything that the personal will he can't create fiery that, approving will of Hierarchy, there is he a giant and is limited in growth of the power only by extent of understanding of will of the Highest in. Therefore "not I Create, but the Father staying in Me". Therefore doing not wash, but your will and will be, the Lord. Heroes, envoys, attendants of Light - all went, both won, and created feats power of the Highest will, in them approved. In it a source of inexhaustible force, in its pledge and the victory guarantee, in it a way the Highest, in its fire the statement and overcoming of. The fiery belief needs to be kindled in itself a flame unrestrained, and not blind, but able to see, not belief of ignorance, but belief of knowledge. The betrayed spirit in my Hands is invincible. To Will Mine indulged there is a winner fiery. The builder powerful, a lion, the creator of life, it, the will to Me given, not the weak-willed bent slave, but is the tsar of spirit. Because the will to Me given the will, intimate immortal shining essence, in Me approves because I in a mute the Monastery Claimed. The lord who has entered into heart of the pupil and there a throne created, fiery force invincible in devoted heart Claims. Both the old person and all his covers will rise and furiously to fight for the former power and darkness of limitation, but the winner the foreordained knows that when it goes with the Lord, defeat is impossible. And when will seem that the Lord is far that anything isn't present that the promised - the fairy tale, then is especially close a victory the foreordained. Not to avoid hour of fight, tests and overcoming, but going with the Lord - the winner always. Are inscrutable ways the Highest, but victorious. The Lord is far and invisible, but is close. Its board is powerful and impregnable, and on it is traced "Victory".

416. When the person goes through the life, burdened with the imperfections, force of his imperfections on is mute or on his people around and is settled. When the person becomes the accepted pupil, on shoulders of the Teacher all weight of a transmutation the pupil of the imperfections force of fire of the Teacher lays down. The Teacher, seeing in the pupil qualities necessary for an apprenticeship, assumes a task to melt the lowest into the highest. And if before acceptance human life followed the normal way, and after acceptance transmutation process was approved, there is it force of the Beam of the Teacher on condition of existence in the pupil of aspiration obvious. Existence of imperfections axiomatically, the phenomenon of an occurring transmutation isn't denied. Therefore, strength of the Teacher, to the phenomenon of ascension of the pupil enclosed, it is necessary to understand as the only source of its transformation. Therefore the Teacher, truly, is a way, truth and life. Therefore without the Teacher there is no ascension. Therefore the Alpha and Omega of life of the pupil is the Teacher who has assumed heavy burden of its transformation. Therefore the advance way if heart of the pupil is directed to the Teacher is immutable.
It is necessary to learn to direct in the future. This aspiration is necessary. Like a stem of the going vessel dissecting waves of the terrible sea, overcomes resistance of elements directed in future consciousness, rejecting on the parties counteracting elements. But once the ship stops a course and to the helmsman to let go a wheel, the ship immediately becomes a toy and the victim of elements, and any more it, and they win against it. As and directed in future consciousness firmly overcomes elements while it is directed. But the aspiration lost becomes a plaything of destiny and circumstances. The Boundlessness Ocean while the consciousness in movement and is kept the direction correct is safe. The inexperienced seaman drives to the coast, forgetting that at the coast reefs and banks. Ocean waves aren't terrible, the impact of elements because the fiery power of aspiration overcomes weak-willed inertness of a spontaneous matter isn't terrible. On main road passed some people. Asked one: - "Where a way you hold? » I answered:" On a market". - "Well and you? " - "On a funeral". The third answered that hurries to conclude a good bargain. The fourth went with the complaint. Asked the last about the same: is "In Boundlessness", - the traveler answered. So same way there passed the people, who have lost a way, and only one knew where goes and why. Many go main road of life, but it isn't enough knowing a way.

417. The lowest consciousnesses don't know the future. Twist nests, do food stocks, but don't know because do it instinctively. Greatness and height of spirit are measured on its ability to realize far sides of the future. Framework of the present is moved apart in both parties, expanding the horizon. Radiuses of consciousness of the future and the remote past take also a detour of expansion of consciousness the corresponding. And only then the maintenance of the present gives the correct prospect. To consider it separately and irrespective of also other pole of life will be a sign of ignorant or small consciousness. In the presence of enough long radiuses it becomes easy to understand that the person is a traveler from the infinite past in the infinite future, or process of continuous expansion and consciousness expansion. And then terrestrial stay becomes a way to Boundlessness. Not sketchy senseless self-sufficing existence in any final interval of time, but a way infinite. Someone dreams of an elixir of life and immortality, but this elixir is already found, and a name to it - Knowledge because it gives understanding of life which has no the end, began. Immortality of spirit consists in understanding of this great concept. The spirit can't die, but it isn't realized and therefore the kingdom of death triumphs and death sang collects the harvest among mankind. It is impossible to look for immortality in constantly changing forms, because it not in forms, but in the spirit of. Means look for not there. And while immortality will look for that is mortal and that is subject to the law of change of covers, all efforts will be fruitless. In the sphere of final temporary forms it is impossible to look for the infinite. All Doctrines of Lords seek to lift consciousness human of the sphere which is subject to death that is change of its visible forms, to spheres of the phenomenon of the spirit, being above the world of that is replaced constantly. The person is the carrier of the immortal beginning embodied in the world of eternally changing forms. It is eternal; forms are mortal and are subject to terms. Identifying itself with forms, to them lived, ties itself to a death chariot. The spirit has no neither forms, nor covers, but can spiritualize and give life to any form because the spirit is fire of the life shown in each form depending on a step of evolution of a cover, investing spirit grain. Even grain of spirit has a form, but the one who stays inside - without a name has no it only, without a form and without the color, standing out of time, out of terms, out of forms. Invisible, but comprehended, forms not having, but is real. The person is the Carrier of secret of immortality, secret of life, secret of boundless Space Life, the spirit combining the beginning and the end of everything that is, was and will be.

418. (Aug. 31). Watch heart treasure that it there was it in neglect. Heart can be fed. Heart needs a food as well as a body. Body we feed every day why about heart forgot? Heart eats love and aspiration. Love fiery to the Lord is the best food for heart. Heart eats fire. Even in food terrestrial vitamins - elements fiery are necessary. But heart eats fire without impurity of dense parts; deprived of Mine peep, can decay. Heart leads the life. As the metabolism and as the rhythm and an order in acceptance of the food is necessary is necessary to it. People forgot that they have a heart. Therefore many hearts dried up. The culture of heart demands that it lived feelings. The feeling of love, compassion, devotion, courage, and fearlessness feeds with the fires it. High feelings give distinguished food, refine and heart. There is a food insalubrious, terrible and fatally harmful. The fear, irritation and doubt poison heart fabrics with poisons of dark fires. Their deposits feather gives rise tissues of heart, deadening them. Under the influence of these poisoners many hearts alive decay and stink. Not without reason all emotions are accompanied by smells on the essence, and often the very unpleasant. Fires of heart possess smells and aromas. The scale of black fires gives various degrees of a stench. Scale light and pure is aromas. The highest feelings smell sweet. The fragrant is clean heart. Prevention of heart and its healthy nutrition are that to the sphere its black fire and his offspring’s aren't allowed. Feelings and emotions of a terrestrial scale, a stench a microcosm filling, can't serve as food to the directed heart, without putting it heavy damages. The stench of the lowest passions is awful. It is unpleasant also pushes away despondency stench, fear, concerns, envy and other experiences, so usual and peculiar to people. The shy person carries in the heart the echidna of fear, poisons with the stench the atmosphere surrounding it and people. There are people who constantly radiate a stench, and there are people, who smell sweet. Inexpressibly it isn't enough of them. But there is a lot of stench of the bearing. All processes of an organism - invisible and visible - are accompanied by smells. To these smells gives a tone heart. The aura of the attendant of darkness the evil stinks. So division into Light and darkness can go and on smells. Diseases too are accompanied by smells, but can't be a sign of dark service. But servants of darkness are fetid always; they are ill or are healthy. It is necessary to consider also that there are also poisonous aromas. Only fiery consciousness can distinguish borders. But one is undoubted: decomposition physical or mental is always accompanied by a stench. The pure food, ablution, stomach clarification, prevention of thoughts and emotions exempts an organism from the lowest smells. But no measures can deprive the lowest consciousness of a smell inherent in it. Even thoughts have the aromas - positive or negative, depending on with what feelings they are connected. Unfortunately, the modern science and medicine pay not enough attention to this question. And meanwhile, even at small supervision it would be possible to collect the richest material. Science about aromas and smells -is so we will call new branch of knowledge.

419. Because, where your heart, there and your treasure. That was given heart, that was given also thought, but the thought goes heart. When heart is given to the Lord and the thought directs to It persistently and continuously. Means, it is more important to give heart. Thought directed only a consequence. In the area of heart there is an aspiration of thought. Therefore it is most important to direct heart, or to direct heart. The directed heart is a magnet fiery in operation. But how awaken and direct this mighty engine? Let movement of heart will begin at least with the small. There are moments when it at least for an instant as though wakens from century hibernation and is filled with special feeling to the Teacher. It generates aspiration. Small sparkles deposit of energy in the Bowl, and the following flash is already stronger. It is necessary to protect these manifestations of the highest energiya; they are subordinated to the rhythm and frequency law. They come back again and again, and each time with a bigger force. By Preserved it is kept. Stored carefully in heart depths, it grows, spreads, bearing fruit more often, both more, and more plentifully. Any more flashes, but fires, any more fires, but exactly burning flame. Not instant or short feeling, but powerful song of heart. So from a kernel small, carefully buried, consequences grow the huge. And the mighty magnet of heart puts the fires in action. On threads of hidden energiya there is an attraction of fires, and treasure spatial keep an open mind and freely joins the awakened heart. Heart woke up, therefore, the way is found, and the treasure found in heart, grows in the fiery magnificence. But it is so important not go out at the beginning the first flashes of fires, let it there will be even small sparks. Heart potential is great and inexhaustible. It should give only freedom to come to light and not to extinguish its manifestations. The gardener carefully looks after rare and valuable flowers and plants, especially the first gentle escapes. He knows their value. Who wants to be the gardener of spirit, has to manage to preserve the first shoots, to understand their irreplaceable value. Grief not distinguished because weeds will quickly strangle them. To each person the term and when it comes, all vigilance is required to see and distinguish sprouts of spirit and, having distinguished to preserve. Where and when, having been lost, they will ascend again. And where to take Light grains? The heart voice is faultless. Heart will specify and at the right time will whisper on a nice ear that time came. And who knows that it is better - to lose or wait for term. Both that and other demands vigilance because the lost can find again, but found - not to distinguish. Therefore is specified to arrive on patrol by everything having at least a spark of spirit. Coheirs everything, but managed to take. It isn't enough to find treasure, he should be held. Among tinsel of false values it is easy to get lost to treasure. Shine of false stones can blind. Time of recognition of true values comes. Their owners will have to make crops, and for looking for quality of recognition will be especially important.

420. (Sep. 2). The value of readiness can be assimilated chain fortresses, if its entire links as it should be. But if today readiness is shown, and tomorrow is forgotten for an hour, on two or for other term, links of a chain of readiness are broken, faltering readiness doesn't suit for an apprenticeship. Chain with the torn-down links in business doesn’t take. Quality of the constant guarded, always ready readiness should get by all means. It means to be ready under all circumstances, in all conditions and at any moods and conditions of spirit. Quality of continuous wakefulness is the sister of readiness. Vigilance and pretending is uninterrupted from the same nest. Synthesis of these qualities is expressed in constancy of Service. Constancy is the main quality. If the pupil rushes about between illusive moods and they will define extent of his service at each this moment, the curve of aspiration will give the broken line which will terribly distort reaction to influence of the Beam of the Teacher; and the microcosm of the pupil, but a number of smoky disharmonious flashes will give not self-proceeding beams. These phenomena are destructive. Besides, signs sent can't be properly caught by disharmoniously adjusted organism and if are caught, in the distorted look. And today possibility of Communication was missed. The fact of a parcel remained in consciousness, but the essence wasn't apprehended because the consciousness didn't show the necessary degree of readiness and wakefulness. The missed opportunity doesn't repeat. It is necessary to wait for new combinations of various conditions. What is the time?

421. It is impossible that one person could forgive or give absolution to other person that is neutralized or stop a course and development of the reasons generated by this offense. Roots and consequences are of these energiya out of the power human. The wheel of the causality which has been started up in action can't be stopped neither repentance, nor sin remission even for a payment. The formula "Your Sins Say Goodbye to You" is and still given. But even to followers It is told: "Take the cross and follow Me". In the opinion of the addict the self-condemnation and falling press lies. Sins, that is the acts causing heavy consequences, impose on spirit, them allowed, the hopelessness press. The damaged souls can be learned on eyes. Cause and effect are connected by a straight line. Harm making a mistake puts first of all to itself. The microcosm it is possible to name Itself-wounds action reprehensible. The known quantity of mistakes can cause a stop of evolution of spirit that heavy lays down on consciousness a hopelessness plate. Not the Teacher Exempts from consequences of offenses, saying the specified formula, but from pressure of the freight preventing to spirit to move on a spirals of evolution. Having exactly dumped the weight paralyzing spirit, the released consciousness of a way of ascension directs, but having taken a cross with itself, that is karma of the made acts. Thus, not about remission of a sin it is spoken, but about release from its power over the consciousness, disturbing to consciousness to move. The press of hopelessness is removed from spirit the power of the Teacher, and spirit, having risen, can continue the interrupted way. This opportunity is given all, even to the robber and the loose woman. Under the influence of Light of the Teacher of people finds opportunity to direct spirit, without looking freight behind shoulders. The person finds the greatest freedom, freedom to ascend spirit, despite everything. Only this way it is possible to understand atonement and the expiatory victim of the Savior. Everyone was given a way and opportunity to dump the chains disturbing to movement. The hopeless isolation of a circle dooming mankind to stagnation and regress is expiated and destroyed; the Victim is brought that people could ascend.

422. (Sep. 3). Dark don't doze and we are ready to use each oversight, each crack to do harm. About people the foreordained it is possible to observe special stir and swelling of dark counteractions. In all ways they try to filter into the sphere of a direct environment, sending people of small consciousness who serve them on ignorance, and hide behind them. The attention dark indicates force of growing fires because attracts a flame burning both light, and darkness. The guarded vigilance is necessary for recognition of opponents of Light in their attempts to do harm. The question was asked to dark enslavers: "That from Me it is necessary to you? " The answer didn't follow. Why? Because they should destroy you any price. But the Lord is on the guard. It can allow test to see and understand force of dark influences, but a board on the guard always.

423. Connection with spatial fire is established consciously, that is reaction of a microcosm to influence of fiery beams of stars is caught obviously. The organism human with all its complexity can be considered as a multistring harp on which beams of the Distant Worlds play the Space symphony. The centers of the person correspond to the centers of Space and accord with them according to a system of an individual human harp. Impact of beams on different organisms unequally. But the difference in extent of their conscious realization is especially great. All mental processes in the person happen under the influence of beams. So-called moods, feelings of depression, lifting, ease or illness depend on spatial influences. Certainly, surrounding conditions direct influence also. But even extent of their influence is caused by a condition of the organism adjusted or upset with distant beams. Also considerable value has also influence of a combination of magnetic conditions of the moment. If overcast is reflected in the centers what speak about temperature, atmospheric pressure and so on. The person is thin the feeling device reacting to everything, and it is necessary to be able to understand these reactions. If all reasons to see in indigestion or the next trouble, the horizon of the reasons causing mental activity of the person and complexity of his perceiving device becomes narrow. The intimate astrology deals with interaction of beams and the fiery centers. The law of the accord and compliance lays down in a basis, both a microcosm as similarity and reflection macrocosm becomes the basis of understanding of the person. The person not only already part of the world, but also the top management in a chain of space accords. After all even the flower field can be considered as a display of the accord of its elements with a force of spatial beams. That it didn't seem too abstract, it is possible to remind that the plant is, first of all, the store and the condenser of beams of the Sun or space Fire; but are condensed not only Sun beams, but also Moon and stars. Ability to condense them possesses all live and any matter. This phenomenon is inaccessible to rough researches, but the memory of the nature fixing all types of beams, serves as the proof of a susceptibility of a matter. Things, subjects, stones and living beings fix in them everything, round them the events, ability, anything the general with usual memory not having; the stone has no brain, however on necklaces blood and events, their life the accompanying is quite often imprinted. Reflection of the phenomena of people around, or environment beams, are fixed by a matter of subjects, which as well as all living, septenary on the structure. In the highest its conditions it is necessary to look for a solution. Septenary beams of stars, septenary person. Compliance, or the accord, occurs on a septenary key by a combination of the elements, to everyone the corresponding. Color, sound, atoms - all septenary in essence, having five additional tones, sounds and so on. Beams are combined, or distributed, being apprehended, on compliance between structure beam and the perceiving center, that is the person, either a plant, or an animal, and on degree of its refinement are realized. But irrespective of understanding they, nevertheless, are depicted, remaining in thin layers of a matter.

424. (Sep. 4). So happens always. The wonderful ability acquired by the price of long efforts, work and aspiration, becomes usual and loses the importance. Eye structure is a miracle. But to this miracle got used, about nobody is mute thinks. And all began to stare, but not to look, look, but not to see. As also ability of perception and record can lose not repeated freshness of miraculousness and, having become covered for a short while the ordinary, to lose part of the flame. The ordinary is the enemy of Ardent Yoga. The most wonderful achievements grew dull under her pressing hand. Let's keep spirit of singularity in everything and we won't allow triumphing to a gray dragon. It will make all gray. It is necessary to strengthen and deepen Communication process that thoughts sent smoothly flew and imprinted on page places. Let the consciousness completely will devote itself to hour of Communication, without allowing thought to deviate on the parties. And the victorious Image of the Lord will be a torch conducting process in gray darkness of an ordinary, let. And in the third eye, both in heart, and before terrestrial eyes, and on writing-book sheets, and there, in the distance, behind mountains there will be let a flaring Face, lighting up a gloom of daily occurrence and shining a way. It is necessary to achieve that the Image the Leader became the real engine of life. Not in a separation, but in merge to Light the sacrament of Communication is created. Many sacraments were invented by church, but the most important wasn't seen. And without it, at least and weak and slightly noticeable, the ascension is impossible. The face creates the force and ties the directed heart with the Carrier it. I strengthen given earlier that the sacrament of Communication didn't lose a wonderful flame and inexpressible freshness of novelty. What new under the Sun? Anything! The Teacher is eternally new only. To light fire, it is necessary to rake ashes, to bare coals and their extinct red heat to give rise to new fire. In the same way it is necessary to dump ordinary ashes, because under it - fire. Heart fire is carefully and carefully protected from external influences. All Doctrines speak about secrecy fiery. Anyhow preserve treasure against violation it? Elements fiery, being the most active, causes ardent counteraction of all other elements, and consequently, and all life because life is under construction elements.

425. My son, victory is reached in an everyday, and in it is a feat. Life should be approved where the death everywhere reigns. In a death kingdom, in that kingdom where everything is mortal, the fiery seed of life, and the fire it is approved supported in every way spirit. To allow it to go out - means to lose everything. So the devotee becomes a fire-keeper or the fiery keeper of an intimate flame of life. The distorted religions created a death cult, We Approve a life cult. Life is the fire which is reduced to Earth and consciously protected by its carriers. Fire can be strengthened and strengthened action correct, that is lawful, and that is flame structure the corresponding. Let's assume that someone wants to strengthen the fires, but staying in a condition of timid fussy obsequiousness. In this case action and aspirations, being antipodes, obviously neutralize each other. But if the condition of consciousness is courageous, quiet and firm, the flame will get stronger and will amplify according to degree of tension of these qualities. So actions, words and thoughts can be expression of fiery essence of a flame, but also on the contrary is its guarantor. So the condition of heart and consciousness creates conditions, either favoring to fires, or promoting their attenuation. Compliance or coordination between internal state of consciousness and its external expression is a basis of behavior of the pupil. It doesn't mean to open itself everything, but it shows known degree of advantage of the spirit approving an inherent value, without submitting to conventions of the human invented bonds which have bound hand and foot of people. The should be born in life and to approve the, but not to be a weather vane for others wind.

426. There is a truth human and the Truth Space. The first is relative and depends on a step of evolution of the consciousness, the second - is immutable in centuries. The truth of the Beam of the Lord [is the eternal truth of the real. Therefore merge to the Beam means merge to truth. Its degree, though is limited to consciousness perceiving it, however on it the press of wisdom of the Teacher lies. The less personal element is added to perceptions; the essence of the apprehended is purer. It is necessary to direct to that the personal element was withdrawn completely and absolutely. If the pupil can say a formula "Not I, but the Teacher Staying in Me, He Speak", then a gate of pure knowledge is close. Thus, the main condition of knowledge there is the same Precept: "Be rejected from itself". In it all essence of self-rejection. To this self-rejection of people studies as lives, forgetting itself in favorite work the happiness of favorite work is blessing of the worker. Work not for itself, but for General Welfare, and learned to work for the sake of it - on a right way. Not as words said, but affairs the person approves himself. And action of General Welfare above all other affairs human. The correct way leads to the true purpose. And the old person, or egoism of the personality, will be dissolved on fires of the lit-up labor feat. No diligence and efforts will give that fiery consequence, as time of intense lightful favorite work for the sake of all and for their benefit. Constancy of a lightful press will give rise and supports fires of the centers. Therefore we Approve glory to work lit up. Also it isn't necessary for this purpose any special knowledge, books, or comprehension of occult wisdom. Simply and easily, forgetting itself, the person on the way of creative activity directs, putting in it all the heart. Value of work in awakening of the fiery centers is great. And if work black out, work hated, work dependent kills fires and deadens spirit, joyful work ireful. Not as damnation work is given to the person, but as blessing. Work understands widely. Tension fiery, work accompanying, will give the necessary degree of luminosity. It is possible to determine usefulness and works by degree of this luminosity, and the worker. Such work is blessing for spaces because disseminates darkness surrounding. Work, light generating whoever created it is blessed. We appreciate workers-slighters and we Help them with their light work. Both to the scientist, and the engineer, and the worker we Help with their works on planet improvement. Nicknames terrestrial have no value. On a treatment of light and shade there is a selection of spirits to light camp. It is necessary to fall in love with work as that and it is possible to accustom to do joyfully any work even boring, even uninteresting and even alien to spirit. In it is discipline of work. We will be saved only from work misanthropic. The pleasure in work is achievement of spirit. Let's work light-and it is joyful whichever there a work was. It is better to live heavy life from songs, than to roll much in satiation numb. We speak about the never-ending victorious creative song to the works Work - a creativity basis. Creativity - the purpose and purpose of human spirit. Creativity fiery - destiny of the person, also comes to it the person through works terrestrial. The step of terrestrial work leads to a step of Space creativity. And if in the beginning work it is lit up impersonal, at the end - Boundlessness and immensity of spatial creativity. So small sparks of labor tension inflame in the fiery is ardent the flaring microcosm creating new forms in space of Light. Radiant is chain of a labor feat.

427. (Sep. 5). Lords Create the Plan of evolution of mankind, creating forms it in World Highest. The plan, being condensed, goes down to the World Thin and already then it is carried out on Earth. Principle: from thin in dense, from the invisible - in visible. The same way the person creates also. Only creativity captures him the layers available to consciousness. So the lowest consciousness above the astral plan doesn't rise. But essence of process the same: from the invisible - in visible. Representation, or the model of that is conceived is at first created, then intellectual representation is given dense shapes. The thought is carried out always, sooner or later attracting elements of a dense matter. It is necessary to know this force majeure of thought. Will of the person, being from fire, creative force has. Therefore the one, who knows process, can carry out the creative undertakings, knowing that the law works smoothly and is immutable. The form which has been started up in space will clothe in a desirable look, and implementation, is young or late, but will come always. The thought will be embodied in forms dense. It isn't necessary to ask or convince anybody about anything. It is necessary to think only clearly, it is accurate, certain and it is quiet, knowing inevitability of execution. The wheel of execution will always come to the specified purpose, having yielded desirable result. Certainly, fluctuations, uncertainty, an ambiguity and doubts will enclose themselves in the drawn-up plan and will give conceived the properties, often neutralizing and darkening the main thought. Therefore the absolute, unshakable belief in inalterability of the Space Law is necessary. The fiery will is cut in a root and will be paralyzed by disbelief. Elements are passive. Even fire submits to will of the person. Registration of the phenomena of the future in will human. The future is a plastic material for creative will. Neither in the past, nor in the present is it impossible to change anything. But the plastic essence of the future is subject to registration by will which sets thought in motion and casts desirable images. About them the invisible matter is coagulated, being condensed until will accept visible forms. Thought it is possible to create any situation and a combination of elements within the law, projecting it in the future this future once became the present moment. People create unconsciously therefore their creations are weak. But Archat knows inalterability of the law and can quietly create as the will wants it.

428. (Sep. 6). Somewhere once and someone spoke: "I can't that or it". It is incorrect. The person all can, all can undergo, sustain, take out and make. It isn't spoken about things fantastic, but about the limits of opportunities of spirit which don't have borders. Potential of human spirit is inexhaustible. For example, it is possible to ask, to what limits the will of the person and who saw these limits can grow? Or where is courage limit, or tranquility, or love, or devotion? Where limit of accumulation of mental energy of spirit? And if Kovalevsky immediately solved complex mathematical challenges, whether that is this ability final both further it and above her people can't step? Or where limit of evolution of mankind? Than the knowledge, and in general is limited whether it has borders? It was already specified boundlessness of qualities and possibility of their unlimited development. Limited possibilities of development of spirit indicate all this by nothing its inexhaustible potential. The person can be considered as disclosure process, or expansions of this powerful potential of the spirit which doesn't have borders; therefore will stop at any step of achievement in something the greatest mistake and a crime against fiery evolution of consciousness. Boundlessness is poured everywhere. Any form of life is a temporary section or aspect in time of its boundless expression. Boundlessness isn't limited to anything. Therefore, growth, development, expansion of the fiery potential hidden under each temporary form of life, is an inalterability way. In movement there is everything, expanding and increasing the forms of expression investing each grain of life, or a spirit-monad. Who will begin to deny that there was time, when the atoms limited in the expression to be a uniform form of expression of the dense world on Earth that was expressed by a code name of the phenomena of inorganic chemistry earlier? Atoms, being combined, predominated, showing a certain step of evolution. Then there were steps of vegetable and animal life, having come to the end with the person as a transitional form to the highest him, the person, and a display. If to take a microcosm of the primitive person, just started to develop a speech power, and the modern average person, the difference in mental baggage of that and another will be the striking. Even spirit involution that is falling in darkness shows advance and development in the evil however, limited in the potential, as well as all that goes against evolution. But progress to the benefit is boundless, that is the process going according to Space Laws and the Plan of Space Evolution of the real. Really, it is possible to tell: all directs in Boundlessness, to boundless identification and the statement of the fiery potential put in everyone spark-monad. To know line this process goes unconsciously. And only in the person, who has reached a certain step of knowledge, he can become conscious and directed on the desirable course in the desirable direction and for achievement of precisely planned purpose. The plan of evolution Is approved by Lords. And the Doctrine, the Name given, places milestones and signs of a way on which safely and the mankind in boundlessness can unmistakably move ahead, developing the fiery potential in the due direction and compliance with the space appointment. The small consciousness can be limited to a fulfillment of good deeds and prayers, because also this benefit. But open spaces and possibilities of Space evolution of mankind, its way on stars are boundless and its brilliant fiery future of the coheir Space Logos expands consciousness to limits of Boundlessness and with the Creator Space does the person. It is necessary to see in each quality, feeling, ability of the person this potential of boundless opportunities and ability of development and the thinning, not having a game end. In total - only the beginning, forced to yield fruits inevitable as movement of stars, repeated and rich as crops grains. Insatiable to knowledge can calm down: once and somewhere knowledge sprouts, to its nowadays put, will give the plentiful outcomes which sizes and wealth and a variety he won't be able to imagine at all. It is possible to study everything and always, putting consciously seeds of future shoots giving always a crop-five,-ten and - more. Space Bosom in which the person, like a huge field of the plentiful juicy, fertile earth stays. And all undertakings of the person yield a harvest not excellent and, as it are important that the sower, who is as well the reaper, sowed seeds in the accord with evolution requirements; because the field of a harvest is in a microcosm of the sower, enriching it with pleasure of space achievements. Who will want fill the essence with thorns and prickles of weeds, too a fruit of the bearing. It is possible to add still that crops and harvest process in a microcosm human happens continuously, without stopping for an instant. The conveyor of a seeder and reaper of human consciousness operates constantly. But When grains get out consciously and with understanding of responsibility and the law of causes and effects, then it is possible to tell that the person takes evolution of the spirit in hand. Chaconnes it is extremely simple: grain kind yields a fruit kind. Cause and effect are only-begotten on the essence. About conscious origin of the created reasons it is spoken. Lords are Creators and Founders of the whole world of the reasons. Generating certain reasons, it is immutable Wait for consequences precisely defined by the law. Perhaps, the millennium, depending on length of grains Wait. Grains of causality are caused by terms, keys from which in hands of their Creators. By lords of grain are put for term. So, it is necessary to understand that levers of put opportunities in hands of the person; that future belongs to it, that the owner is the person, that it can plan it at discretion, turning the necessary lever and putting the desirable reason. The person in the microcosm is the sculptor of his future. And not only the, but is also microcosms human. People are so connected that can't but influence at each other. It is great and invisibly this influence. Mutually responsibility is great and inevitable and everyone, who learned more, better and above, has teach and others. But everyone, learned bases of evolution has to notify about it a circle of the people which sizes correspond to the width and height of his consciousness. It is the law Arhat’s. Arhat's law is the law of an eternal donation.

429. Know, the belief is power invincible. The belief is knowledge of what doesn't know a brain, but knows heart. The belief is fiery knowledge inaccessible to feelings terrestrial and to intelligence. Being the fiery nature and being fiery force, it is knowledge of spirit. The spirit in fiery depths can't be mistaken therefore the belief is truth knowledge. The belief created great causes and the feats sometimes demanding the whole life. Therefore the belief can be called the life engine. The skilled knowledge is result of belief, because, before that to learn, it is necessary to believe in possibility of knowledge. It is possible to call it a key to an intimate gate of comprehension of life. To comprehend a known number of the phenomena in life, it is necessary to believe in possibility of their existence and in possibility of their achievement. The beam of the Lord doesn't become until then reality while his power recognized it in the consciousness doesn't realize. How it is possible to speak denying about awakening and development of the fiery centers? The belief is a way of the highest cognition. It is possible to go and without it by experience obvious, but it won't be Arhat’s way. It is necessary to believe at first in opportunity and approachability unattainable before reaching. For the denying it is barred the way. Recognition of opportunity something already is known degree of unconscious belief.
How it is possible to allow and understand all power of Hierarchy without belief existence? The person believes that allows consciousness. The consciousness allows heart force. The brain belief is fragile; the brain belief has the insignificant price. Therefore believed after a miracle it isn't necessary because remains in a camp of ignoramuses. The belief, based cash experience is great, but the fiery belief is stronger. Without it even the skilled knowledge dries, but blossoms magnificently when belief fire brightly burns. Without it even fiery signs given poorly shine consciousness, quickly go out and are forgotten. Therefore in every way it is necessary to approve in itself belief - this fiery engine of life. It is necessary to trust, despite everything and contrary to everything, even evidence, even to own eyes. I speak about fiery belief to the Lord. When it burns with a bright inextinguishable flame, there is then nothing that could break the hero. If you want to pass the hero through life, without fluctuating and without evading, trust the Lord. Miracles don't yield a fruit. How many miracles accompanied a way of the Great Victim, both It Was lonely, and is left by all a minute of great need. So is even the miracle doesn't convince. But belief a sign of the awakened heart - in itself already a miracle, which above all other miracles because testifies to fire. It is possible to call belief the heart flame, burning contrary to a surrounding gloom, or Light which shines in darkness. The belief is the guarantee of receiving and implementation of for the sake of what its fire burns. The belief is the premessenger of fiery experience. The aspiration to the purpose far can't be born without belief in the far purpose. Power of intimate knowledge is reached by a measure. And you acting in the Beam wash before working, fiery heart to the Lord believed. Show understanding of boundlessness of power of fiery belief! Let power of the engine grows. There is no limit to it. The belief can be raised and strengthened consciously. Believing in power of the Lord, the force, the power you strengthen and you do strength of the Lord by the force. You claim force It, but claiming it in It, itself you become her owner. Therefore the belief moves mountains. Would shake, strength of the Teacher has to increase when the pupil approves it, but strength of the pupil increases. So kindle wonderful fire of heart, invincible anything. Because gift. To me brought, I Return hundredfold; honoring from the same root. Esteeming the Teacher, itself approve it is thousand fold. It is necessary to understand secret of relationship of the Teacher and the pupil. In fiery lifting the pupil a number of energiya to the Teacher directs: honoring, love, devotion, self-rejection, and these gifts, to the Teacher brought, become forces fiery him are a pupil, own microcosm; therefore I Speak: I won’t take an anything, but I will render a hundred times. Gifts, to the Teacher brought, are fires, in the microcosm the lit. Not the fiery belief, but to you, fires not having is necessary to Me. I am the Lord, Approve fiery power of belief. Belief is in Me you will reach all gate!

430. (Sep. 7). (Morning). Will leave as Told, but give time. Excessive speed will destroy.
Thinning is that the consciousness learns to perceive the hidden properties of things and the phenomena. The flower isn't limited by a form. Its smell - already invisible property, radiations - also. Combinations of elements of elements, a flower of components, too aren't visible on a surface. It is known of medical properties of some plants, but their occult properties know the few. So properties of the phenomena, like a floating ice slope, are hidden by the most part under a visible surface. Secrets of metals, as well as secrets of plants, will make a subject of studying of science of the future. Its bases are hidden in a periodic scale of system of elements with their seven main and five additional elements of every period. Color, taste, smell, weight, frequency of vibrations, either number of fluctuations, or palpation of heart of each atom, that is number of its blows in a second, are the basis of distinction of their properties. The same signs, but strengthened by stratifications of covers of grain of a plant and their features, and the main thing, radiations; make an originality of its qualities in the sum. Plants, as well as all live, differ on elements, belonging mainly to any to one of four. If the rose or a cedar is representatives of fiery elements, a fern or an aspen to it obviously don't belong. On elements chemical elements, people are distributed also, and animals and the belonging to these or those elements correspond each other, consisting in a structure the of related elements. Usually diseases are caused by violation of balance of a matter of elements, and the shortcoming and replenishes with its corresponding species of a plant or a mineral. From this it follows those nobility occult or hidden properties of minerals and plants, important extremely. The cycle of year has two points of an equinox and two poles - winter and summer. As also the period of chemical elements has two special groups: weak the fourth, transitional, and group of the neutral gases corresponding in a cycle, or the period of year, to points of a spring and autumn equinox; and - poles, that is elements with the strongest metal and metalloid properties. It would seem, what the general between the period of year and the period of chemical elements? But the compliance law in them is obviously expressed. If to take the branchy tree which branches were inclined to the earth, and, having imagined its roots, a crown going to the Earth and there branching, and lines of magnetic forces of an ordinary steel plate of a magnet, it is clear noted by iron sawdust on paper, over it put, it will be clear considerably that to roots and foliage too, like iron sawdust, settle down on lines too invisible "magnetic forces", or aura of a tree. Because atom - a magnet, a plant - a magnet, the person - the magnet, which magnetic properties become complicated and branch in process of a life ascension on steps of development of forms. But each form of manifestation of a spirit-monad, in whatever kingdom of the nature it was shown, represents itself a magnet surrounded with a magnetic field of its radiations, or aura, that is lines of magnetic forces. Lines of magnetic forces, or the aura of a magnet, can be obviously visible at experience with sawdust, but under special conditions it can be photographed. The aura of plants, animals and the person can be caught in a smell surrounding them as though with the sphere. Radiations of plants were already photographed. With pictures of human radiations experiments are already conducted. The secret of a magnet and the law of compliances will allow approaching to these phenomena impartially. Having established the general for all forms the magnetic basis of their essence, it is possible to pass to the analysis of what of four specified points of the period, either a circle of the phenomena, or a circle of aura of a form is prevailing gradually. Four points as in the period of year, is in each phenomenon. But in metal of potassium fiery properties, as well as in a rose, and, therefore, prevail radiations have them in themselves mainly fiery elements. Division of existing forms of life organic and inorganic on elements will be a basis of new science. Prevalence in this form of a matter of these or those elements will be determined by flowers of radiations, or by aura, the devices similar by the principle with modern tintometer, but more difficult device. The photo diagnosis will be a new method of definition of diseases. Each atom has a range of a certain color. It is impossible to separate a matter from its color expression because color is aspect of life of a material world from top to bottom in all phases of its expression.

431. Why it is possible to speak, without repeating, about the phenomenon of merge of consciousnesses? Because steps of this merge are very various. And everyone new is deepening and expansion old. At approach to Light focus tension of the Beam amplifies. So approach means tension strengthening. Frequency and extent of fluctuations of consciousness amplifies, it yet won't reach tension fiery and doesn't become itself fiery. The immovability terrestrial is got rid by consciousness, the reflex of water elements, instability and fluctuations of air and assimilates intensity of a flame. Elements are won consciousness on the steps expressing their essence to some extent, or their combinations. Ubiquitous elements of fire are the highest. The consciousness which has approved properties of a flame becomes ardently sounding, that is capable to reach it, the consciousness towers, rises, strains the fires to accord degree with consciousness of the Teacher of the Leader. From here the most necessary condition of aspiration intense, susceptibilities sharp, vigilance guarded and the general condition of intensity of all organism. The organism has to be finished to such conditions, when it always in tension and on the alert. All strings of a harp of spirit have to be tense, that is strained, and then they can sound. Idleness and inertness stupor is the phenomenon unfamiliar and inadmissible in the pupil. It is necessary to fall in love with a condition of a constant limit straining. Not damnation it, but blessing and way the shortest to the Lord. The condition of fussy concern and small employment should be turned into a working condition of constant fiery intense tranquility. Tension isn't a condition of vain concern, but tranquility tension, or tranquility intense. Power of intense tranquility will give rise to the most wonderful fires of the spirit, shining beauty and giving deposits of light-dawn crystals in effect a microcosm human. The fussy concern gives the small dirty flashes which are running across and quickly going out, deprived forces, but perfectly exactly burning flame of tranquility intense. And then it is stronger, more majestic also imperturbable, to those suits closer and it comes nearer to regal tranquility of the Lord. Qualities of spirit have to be strengthened and strained infinitely that the spirit the fires could come nearer and enter into the accord with fiery aura of the Lord of the Flame. In a step of usual narrow-minded existence unless it is possible come nearer to the Carrier of fire and to begin to sound with it in the accord? Complaints about concerns and the blows of life which aren't causing the phenomena of tranquility of unshakable, is destiny of small consciousness. It is necessary to fall in love with the continuous and incessant blows of life which are giving rise to feeling of fiery power of tranquility. It is force finishing achievements of spirit. Ingenious leaders in tranquility the most intense in a tuft of events showed the force. Feats in greatness of tranquility are made. To show greatness of tranquility on a crest of a terrible wave of events terrestrial will be act of a feat, worthy Great Spirit. Greatness of spirit in a feat is approved. Tranquility tension at top of concerns human is already a feat - a threshold of acts great. The secret of tranquility is secret fire of mastering and a victory over fiery elements.

432. (Sep. 8). The refinement of abilities of perception too has no limit. In watchfully concentrated consciousness there is a thin process of registration, or crystallization, thought. The beam of thought of the Teacher, like a ray of light of a projective movie camera, falls on the screen, and only the screen of consciousness can give and gives the necessary image. Quality and purity of the screen play very important role. The screen silver is good. This tone of radiation of consciousness is especially valuable to the clearness of perceived thought. Silver aura is an indicator of the highest degree of susceptibility. Certainly, the screen has to be pure from foreign displays and forms. The fluctuating surface of the screen of consciousness, like a worrying surface of a reservoir, absolutely distorts an image transferred by the Beam. Laws in everything are identical. With concentration the tension of consciousness transfers to the screen intensity of tranquility, as though pulling its surface and excepting possibility of its fluctuations as a result of movements of the environment surrounding. The perception is made in one key, or tone evasion from which breaks integrity and symmetry of a given subject. Certainly, process demands the special tension of dedication because, without having rejected from itself, without having forgotten itself, it is impossible to bring perception to the necessary degree of acuteness and faultlessness. The thought is sent accurately issued, and force of the Beam is strained according to energy of an active pole in a due condition. The passive pole of consciousness perceiving too has to be brought to a condition of full readiness. Reduction of the consciousnesses in a condition due readiness demands the known trainings, skill and refinement. In the beginning it is most difficult to eliminate influence of influences by affairs of a direct environment. Stirs is everything, rushing into consciousness and breaking a harmonius course of imprinted thoughts. Tension of vibrations of the surrounding sphere should be overcome in the consciousness by all means. Especially roughly the astral against these stirring conditions rises, the excitement doing especially strong harm. Fluctuations of an astral cover are given to full silence and submission, differently the perception is impossible. Scraps of day thoughts are as packs of vagrant hungry dogs snatch on consciousness, trying distracting it from a goal. They too should be expelled firmly and resolutely. The creating Image of the Lord has to predominate in consciousness, expressing to itself essence of the Beam. The circle a protective, surrounding microcosm a wall blocking from penetration of undesirable substance is also necessary. But the main condition - ardent understanding of the Beam sent. Strong focus of an attraction of energiya of a certain order is so created in space, and process of perception goes lawfully. It is necessary to enter into process the phenomenon of accurate definiteness also. The consciousness establishes in advance as though a framework, or milestones of conditions of perception. It can be made especially in each separate case. Sometimes it is possible to strengthen consciously feeling of Proximity of the Teacher hidden; sometimes it is possible to give strength of aspiration intense. The strong desire to issue the thought which has been earlier thought over, too gives a consequence the obvious. The desire of heart in the light of the Beam easily crystallizes in corresponding forms. Degrees and forms of perception can be very various. The consciousness can't be limited in the expression by proceed ways. It is possible to specify conditions facilitating, but to accept a stamp - means to put on shackles. But focus is necessary. Even in case of a spatial wire the Face protecting will be a bridge abutment in Boundlessness. It focuses energy of consciousness, without allowing them to blur in uncertainty and to direct it isn't known where. After all and in space there are dark chasms. But Hierarchy is as a silver way to light spaces. One can be told: there is no limit border for the consciousness directed lawfully. Lawfully - means in a unification with Hierarchy. The ascension on Light and Knowledge ladder, but not aimless wanderings in darkness turns out. Many wander because forgot about visions light. A little human consciousness in greatness of Boundlessness without Hierarchy is lost and chokes in variety of the met phenomena. The leading Hand of the Hierarch erects consciousness on steps, putting it in conditions, conformable to inquiries of spirit and requirements of a passable step of development. Legality of ascension is approved by Hierarchy.

433. Through heart tested there are life Beams. Heart usual won't catch them because are thin. And usual Beams of unusual energy aren't sent to heart." Also there was over It a Beam", - tells the legend. The beam is gift of the Lord to the one who follows It. And the Lord goes in Beams of life of the Lord. Light the Highest in Beams are show. The beam is a form of expression of Light. The form yet doesn't open its contents, because its depth inexpressible. Science about Light and science about Beams is in the most rudimentary condition. The highest World is show in the form of beams, radiations and color educations, to a terrestrial eye of the inaccessible. Beam of the Lord, being a form of expression of the Highest World, already on Earth enters consciousness of the one to whom it is sent, to the Highest Spheres of the Elevated Worlds. Magnet of spirit of the Hierarch, establishing an attraction, defines a spirit way in the worlds in all covers and spheres of its stay. Over a physical form the attraction on the highest Beam works and to time of life of a physical form isn't limited. Therefore the consciousness display in focus of the Beam of the Hierarch is high achievement of spirit. Certainly, my Beams fill the whole world, of course, like Sun beams, they light up and kind and angry. And everyone receives on consciousness. But it is spoken about the Beam of the special purpose realized by that to which it is sent. Receivers, or vessels shown, for reception Light Luče Lord, assume elite because there are a lot of the invited. Work on the Beam only the next, though My Beams sate aura of Earth. Elite points to that step of thinning, or organism depression, when assimilation of the highest thin fiery energiya becomes is available. It isn't an arbitrariness of the Highest Forces, but lawfully deserved gift of evolution to the spirit which has rarefied density of a matter of the covers on years of persistent work and efforts throughout long centuries of cooperation with one of Great Teachers. The award deserved for a number of heavy, full tests of lives, executed by devotion and sated with love to once and for all elected Driver. The board sent is shaped in the millennia. Therefore I Speak: for my dear I Will lift a board. Therefore I Speak: the right of a sonship is integral. Therefore the Beam of an attraction works powerfully and temporariness of passing conditions terrestrial the force overcomes. Conscious stay and feeling of in the Beam of the Lord is fruits of sent happiness. To measures terrestrial we won't measure the Beam, but its consequence in extra temporariness are show and over three. And in life terrestrial it gives consequences obvious, but out of visibility, and in the Hidden Worlds the main force it, fruits in Elevated the bearing. The essential Beam, to the pupil sent, becomes his breath, food and life. Bread your essential in Beams is sent you nowadays, but people are deaf and blind to treasures spatial. The tense string, vibrating, rings, but the rotten stub doesn't ring. Both it is stupid, and it is deaf, and I decayed. The tree kind rings even, but the moldering stub is hopeless. Doors of cognition are open for all. Beams - all. Come and take evolution gifts. Consciousnesses of many are ready, but don't know how to approach. The learned dead formulas disturb. Who held down to you your chains and carefully put on you that Light of the Worlds of the Highest didn't concern you and didn't destroy a kingdom of ignorance surrounding you? The beam breaking chains of ignorance of prisoners involuntary, calls in Light Kingdom. Rays of light over Earth, but it is necessary to direct to them voluntary and consciously.

434. (Sep. 9). Claiming and deepening desirable quality, we create its century crystal. The person possessing courage once saved up it that is collected and concentrated in the essence in the form of the energiya postponed in the Bowl. Energy is deposited in the form of crystals. It also is collected treasure of the Stone. The person who consciously develops is called as the collector of treasures and approves in itself the qualities, which crystal deposits or which crystallized energy, remain forever in spirit grain. It is joyful to understand that efforts, on collecting spent, never goes to waste, but everyone, even self-slightest, and gives a particle of a crystal of Treasure. We know how crystals in the environment of corresponding are increased, and we Know how in the conditions of saturation the crystal if accumulation conditions that are a condition of a saturation of the environment are met almost instantly can grow. Therefore, if the consciousness is saturated desire of the statement of this quality, conditions for saturation by it of the sphere of a microcosm and its crystallization will inevitably follow because inertness of surrounding conditions submits to fiery will. Will counteracting easily to neutralize, that is the one who with Us, knows, that it always the winner, because in the Beam. The consciousness identified with the Lord, can't be inclined before counteraction of foreign will. Also there comes the moment when all forces, both kind and angry, start serving the winner that it could accumulate victoriously fiery Treasure. And darkness, without knowing that, serves for a final celebration of Light. The crystal of desirable quality accrues while quality is approved in application that is in life, generating the energy necessary for process. Therefore for the pupil there are no abstract qualities. All of them are approved on life and in life. The fiery aspiration always generates the conditions necessary for its implementation. Therefore the collector of treasures never comes back empty-handed. The aspiration is stronger, the collecting stays is richer. And when it is spoken about power of tranquillity or courage fire, not repetition is said, but given the chance to deepen them new stays that it was possible to increase a crystal already put and growing in the Bowl. Process of continuous increase of treasure of the Stone can be made way and the purpose of every day. Getting up in the morning, it is possible to wonder, what I will make today to increase imperishable wealth. How to save it from squandering because also it is possible? As and then to accelerate it is growth? Conditions of the favorable environment, consciousness created, can establish the rhythm of increase, having determined consistent pattern, and then accidents of life and circumstance not favorable on a rhythm of accumulation of influence won't have. There can't be a fiery winner a toy of casual combinations and passing influences. The way is steady and direct. The feeling of process of adjournment of creating energiya in the Bowl and increase of a crystal can be made notable obviously because the correct action bears with itself pleasure of spirit which accompanies each stay. Balance, among whirlwinds shown, is accompanied by pleasure of satisfaction correctly perfect action. Because invisibly, but obviously new receipt enriched crystal sides. Hidden processes of a display of qualities of spirit in difficult laboratory of a microcosm as are real and vital, as well as any chemical process. Only this chemistry is chemistry of thin energiya and elements, to them corresponding. They are material and really exist, but in Spheres of the Highest measurements. The purpose of life human on Earth is the task to save up Stone treasure that is to collect the elements necessary for manifestation of life of spirit in Spheres Elevated. Immortality is approved in the presence of the saved-up Treasure because it is imperishable, vnevremenno and to destruction isn't subject. Bees collect honey from different flowers and to a grinding, but stocks bring together him the great. As also the Bowl treasure every day and continued work gathers, work conscious, work purposeful, work of thousand-year duration. I want to Tell: there is no higher task, than to save up an immortality crystal because the Stone is condensed fire and light in darkness surrounding as a torch serves. Not the private matter is created by the collector of treasure, but universal. So the knowledge collected gives deposits obvious, shown in properties of crystallized energiya. Qualities - Essence magnets of an attraction of great Knowledge because the Stone is a mighty magnet condensed Light Fire.

435. Yes, my son, the life phenomena come, and the life phenomena leave, but I Stay for ever and ever. Therefore the basis of life is under construction not on them, passing, but on Me. And how it is possible to believe the basis what is today, and tomorrow goes to oblivion? In swift-flowing your life, change of its constant of the phenomena only I am invariable and eternal. Changed watercourses, there were new islands, the world map changed, the whole states and the people disappeared, tens generations of people, their language, customs, and sciences, and I who has given my Doctrine two thousand years ago, as permanently with us now, as well as then, as before, long before yes those days, as well as after, in distant future centuries were replaced. Me tried to put into gold copes and to bury underweight precious stones, but I not there, in the stone arches, but in life, among people, to it close and available when their hearts are open towards to my Beams. Why the word My, what A (I) with them to Arrive, carried in clouds why withdrew Me from life and discharged of the affairs when I Stand vigilant on the guard of affairs human, ready strong to come to the rescue to everyone, addressed to Me all consciousness? People forgot completeness of the address, fell into incompleteness, and their thinking forked, having lost Focus of the uniform basis of life. Even eyes won't be able to see if lose focus of the center and will be their two or the several; after loss of focus terrible distortion of all visible worlds around will follow. The same chaos and distortion of reality comes when the uniform basis and the center of the real - a chain of the Hierarchy conducting a planet is lost. In life of the Distant Worlds the beginning hierarchical remains the same firm basis of life. The form of a display of life human, space approved is expressed by a formula "The Herd Is Uniform, the Pastor Is Uniform". And for your planet this pastor - the Hierarch Leading, Am I. I want to unite mankind in a uniform family of the people. Fiery Precepts of the Doctrine of Life I Want to aggregate dispersed and wandering in a gloom of ignorance of sons of Earth. The combiner of consciousnesses is the Hierarch-driver. The sixth race born on fire and a storm appears on Earth under a uniting banner of the uniform Driver. The World banner, Lords this, is a banner of Lords, a symbol uniting mankind on the basis of understanding of three worlds, nowadays merging at a new step of consciousness to one world, uniform in essence, but ternary in manifestation. It also will be the basis of the New World. The new understanding of the person on Earth and in the worlds will be a new step in evolution of terrestrial mankind. Focus of progress of all people of the Earth will be concentrated on Me, and the way to mankind will be specified by My Star powerfully, and is obvious, and victoriously.

436. (Sep. 10). The person who has raised a hand, has to lower it, having opened a mouth, has to close it, entered into water, has to leave it, started talking, has to become silent, are showing action, has to finish it, that is, having brought the microcosm out of a certain condition, has to bring it again into a starting position, or restore the broken balance. Karmic process is shown that, having begun a number of actions and having brought them to a certain point, the person creates it need to settle it up to the end while broken by it, removed from an energy or elements equilibrium state, won't enter into coast that is until the consequence generated by the reason, completely won't be settled on the one who generated it. The party of a consequence can be short or long depending on conditions. The person, who has reached the North Pole, has to do all way to a point of appointment and back. Action arises, amplifies, develops, reaches culmination, begins to decline, weakens and at last fades absolutely. The cycle, or action circle, is complete, action ended, having brought the consequences. Workers build the house, erect the base and walls, there is a construction process. The house is finished; destruction process while eventually on a place of the standing house there will be no heap of ruins to pass into nothingness from a face of Earth through any period begins. Certain circle of a display of each action. There are these circles small and big, short and long, taking the whole life or some lives. Action grain already covers in itself a circle of its manifestation of this or that duration. For small consciousness all his life and all its actions pass a small circle, or small circles by the nature of the. Far circles of life of big consciousness disperse, taking masses of people, the whole people and the whole eras. Sometimes action generated leaves far forward, taking the whole millennia. The feat of the Great Victim was action of a circle of the huge diameter, captured the circle all Earth up to the end of its evolution and life. Action circle, moving in time, gives a spiral; her steepness depends on many conditions. In case of human consciousness there can be it cool or flat. Depending on speed of its development it can lead spirit to a point much more surpassing in height a point starting, can only a little above, can lead to the same point, having given any more a spiral, and a circle. And in case of regress, or a descending spiral fall even below, having begun an involution spiral. But it is important to note that any phenomenon, circling or filched, always comes to a point initial, or merging with it, or being located over it. Evolution of the phenomenon is measured by distance between a starting point and the subsequent similar arrangement it on a spiral. All comes back by the beginning, but in the highest plane, only stagnation doesn't give phenomenon lifting on a spiral. Knowing the law of advance of the phenomena in time, it is possible to provide in advance phases of development of any action, remembering a balance point to which it has to come, or rather which it has to pass in the progress because, having finished a circle or a spiral, it can't stop, but begins a new cycle of manifestation on the plane of the highest. The spiral of days and nights, both action finished can't interrupt and settled serves as grain, or a prototype, actions of the subsequent, but not the same, and enriched with experience, to its previous. On such spirals similar in the rings of manifestations, there is a life of any form which exists under the Sun. On this ring of a spiral it is possible to see its movement in time and to predict all phases of an display of its following ring which all points are similar, but aren't identical with points, or forms of manifestation of life of a ring, or a spiral piece, to its previous. Therefore studying of the phenomena of this circle or a piece is very useful and instructive to understand similar manifestations of the following behind it. In time it will be the future forecast obvious and faultless because laws of a spiral remain an invariable form of a display of all real. Speaking about big Circles and Cycles of life of Earth and mankind, it is possible to apply the law of analogy of the Great evolutionary spiral and to them. Laws filched, like the polar law, are shown everywhere because life is based on them, that are they are a form of expression of life. The above rings filched from each other, the there is an evolution of this phenomenon more promptly. Arhat’s consciousness concentrates in a spiral core, both rises up, and ascends, without being is show on its external rings (spiral), without merging with them, but only beholding their phases. It is the condition of consciousness expressed by a formula "Be in the World, but not from the World". The central condition of consciousness allows to see all circle or all circles of a spiral, without identifying itself with only one point on its circle, that is with the short moment of the present which moves ahead in the future in this place and at present time. Thus, Arhat's consciousness rises over time and its phases and can see and feel the future as inalterability of a display of new forms of life on the highest planes of an evolutionary spiral. To any action finished and finished, even bad, it is possible to give its highest expression on a spiral, having taken it on the plane of the highest. So terrestrial love can become is prototype of the highest unearthly manifestation. But the relations between the beginnings can become we weed display of the highest elevated creativity, or creativity Space. So I began on Light plan are show creativity Space. So I began on Light plan are shown creativity Space.

437. When action finishes the circle and comes to a starting point, the same or similar, there comes the moment of an equilibration of forces set in motion. The moment of balance is that moment when the will can freely begin new action of this order when this undertaking will be rhythmically lawful. Seeds of actions can be scattered only in fixed hour. Wisely know crops time.

438. (Sep. 11). My force wins any obstacle. It is possible to go through life strength of the Teacher. It is possible anything and nobody to be afraid. In it is possible to find tranquility. Dark attempts won't stop, but will be broken by force of a protective Beam. How many they were and how many they will be. They too serve advance, strengthening vigilance and resourcefulness. In order that the soldier was always in readiness, he has to know that the enemy doesn't doze. The tool in work doesn't rust and the plow shines. The divergence of a muscle causes its necrosis. The best working condition of a microcosm is its constant tension. It is necessary to stand guard always and on the lookout. Surprise often uses dark to do harm or to break balance. It is possible to be protected from expected blow, but only constant vigilance allows reflecting surprise blow. To weaken intensity of a protecting network - means to send itself to the victim of accidents and arbitrariness human. In laboratory of high-tension currents the attention and intensity of workers doesn't weaken. People are surrounded with even more powerful thin energiya; they should be able to be operated. Their blows to a nature human can be painful and destructive, especially when are directed angry zero or when they are disharmonies energiya of a human body. Protecting network - the best board from influence, but it is necessary to keep in an order and readiness. The astral subdued often puts the owner in dangerous and defenseless situation. Having flashed, it opens a protecting network, leaving in it a gap and giving careless consciousness on favor of the winner. Concerning a security isolation, isolation and restraint put the mental device of the person out of attainability for tenacious hands. Unnecessary and harmful disclosure of to foreign consciousness creates the channel for influence therefore silence is better than silver and it is better than gold. People in each best like to put a line. Why to do itself by object of undesirable opportunities. Earlier people went to asceticism. The asceticism is nowadays approved in the spirit of. Which is more difficult? The asceticism in the spirit of in life usual the terrestrial demands the special tension of sharp-sighted vigilance and continuous patrol. To the microcosm sphere strangers aren't allowed. To Armor of spirit the consciousness surrounds itself. Remember: tranquility the best board, balance not perforation. The return blow of the dark energiya hit about armor of balance and rejected back, on beget is heavy. In an equilibrium state staying, it is possible to reflect any attack of the dark. Don't maintain fragile covers of force of exactly burning flame. So a task of the pupil is protection of the microcosm from harmful effects human and environments surrounding. Levity of a lulled isn’t quality of the pupil. It is necessary to understand that the essence of life of the terrestrial narrow-minded growls and counteracts light carrier. From here and need of a patrol condition of the consciousness which isn't interrupted not for a moment.

439. The consciousness of the carrier of light always belongs to the plane of the highest, than consciousness of people, it surrounding, and his contemporaries. In it is its difficulty, and in it is its feat. As person of the highest race is among savages. So it also is actually because consciousness of the Adherent can outstrip the general development of humanity on all, and in rare instances and more. It is necessary to live in a vice of the lowest consciousnesses. This burden of surrounding imperfection should be born not only It Highest, but to each high distinguished spirit. Where the lowest consciousness feels quite at home, the consciousness distinguished chokes and suffers. In the development it stepped far forward, and it should rotate in rough, imperfect and not conditions corresponding to its level. Therefore bearing voluntary mission is in heavy living conditions a terrestrial feat terrestrial make. The purgatory phenomenon on Earth especially aggravates to drain bowls of poison. It is necessary to understand sufferings of the developed consciousness in a vice of greenhorns. The question is often set: when it will be easier? Unless the consciousness can, ascending and attenuated, to do a way to easier? One only thinning in itself forces feel sharply burden of imperfection of the low plane of consciousnesses. But it is necessary to pass through a purgatory, a bowl of poison to enjoy, pressure of the lowest sphere to undergo and come out the winner from this continuous collision of the highest with the lowest. And not only to win, but also feasibly lift the general level of thinking human. As the tow pulls for it barges, slowing down the run and the attendant of Light all of energy they believe on Service to General Welfare. Easy feats don't happen; also there is no easy life of those who follows the Lord.

440. (Sep. 12). It is good to create My Business by the thought, which haven’t been connected clogs by the terrestrial. It is good when thought the highest isn't painted by impurity of thoughts terrestrial. Thoughts terrestrial bear on themselves all signs of the soon the passing nature. They as are short, as well as terrestrial affairs. But they have force, surrounding consciousness with a dense veil, sometimes so dense that the highest jumps aside thought from this isolating a payment, as a ball from a wall. Contact, Communication and cooperation become impossible. The vessel brought for filling, is already overflowed to edges with products of the reek of alcohol terrestrial. Necessity of thoughts terrestrial while the person on Earth, it is obvious. Thoughts terrestrial are necessary, but having thought over and having performed work and affairs which life puts before each person and of which it is necessary to think, it is necessary to learn to exempt from them consciousness immediately. All trouble that behind time which is really necessary for a terrestrial thinking, the long unnecessary tail of thoughts as a gas cloud behind the faulty car, poisoning the surrounding lasts. Especially contagious this unnecessary tail when the necessary business thoughts are poisoned small everyday emotions of chagrin, fears, offenses, troubles and other experiences, personal and others' and especially irritation. The brown-gray muddy ball, a dense cover the surrounding device human turns out. It is necessary to put the cogitative device in full order. It is necessary to do terrestrial things, giving them due thoughts. It seems about terrestrial there is so much, how many it demands circumstance. Quickly, distinctly, with concentration, but it is no more. And, having finished, immediately stopping a stream of thoughts, transferring them to another. It is necessary to learn to hold consciousness free and open, without encumbering with its scraps of unnecessary thoughts, and the main thing, emotions because emotions do thoughts persistent sticky. Day can be transparent, pure, ringing and clear, or - heavy, gray and cloudy, either hopelessly autumn and rainy, or uneasily windy. The mood of day is a background, on which are show affairs day. At control over thoughts the will has to establish von the necessary. When this background is Service to the Lord, and all affairs terrestrial this day will be painted by the main shades of a background, as Earth at an o'clock of sunrise by beams of its light. And on this background life can already play the terrestrial symphonies. Service will be a basis on which drawing of day is weaved. Commitment of consciousness will allow and will teach, passing through life, not to be enveloped by the heavy not fused particles of a dense matter. The matter of dense terrestrial thoughts is often inert and inactive and possesses big weight, gravitating from top to bottom. Consciousnesses, it invested, steadily sink in the viscous atmosphere of the lower class. Each thought has a certain direction. The thought of new clothes, either purchase, or the apartment, or the book is connected with a subject with which it is occupied. And if the thought directs only to subjects or affairs terrestrial, and the consciousness strong ties itself them to Earth. The dense sphere of terrestrial gravitations we will learn to leave. The connected consciousnesses can't move. Coherence of consciousness is death of spirit. Therefore it is important to determine the moments when the consciousness from affairs terrestrial is released completely and entirely directs to the world of the phenomena, with affairs of a direct environment not the connected. People go to the cinema, theaters, on walks, have a rest. The same walks, or thought flights, to Spheres Elevated are necessary. Too long people tied themselves to Earth, to Earth directing. The edge of aspiration of thought has to be nowadays directed for limits of a usual circle of consciousness. The teacher Plans objects of aspiration. The doctrine opens the wide horizon for thoughts; the huge field for application of its energiya is specified. The confined narrow-minded and muddy world of the person collapses that unlimited he could see the world. And the thought will be the lever outputting consciousness from the world limited in world unlimited. The analysis of each thought precisely shows that it costs with what it is connected and where attracts. Already it is impossible to plead ignorance and misunderstanding of a little, mustiness and a prison of that sphere in which their lives the ordinary person. The Teacher Wants to exempt consciousness from slavery at thoughts of the lowest by means of thought of the highest. The thought the lowest is similar to asthma of a heavy nightmare. Thought the highest is the winged messenger of freedom of spirit. Thought - force two-edged: both wardress, and liberator. Its character depends on the direction. Both the criminal, and the devotee - both use thought. The terrible force of old centuries-old terrestrial gravitations can be neutralized only thought. Task before the person - win against Earth attraction. It gets rid of lunar heritage, but this past. Earth - the present and therefore win against its attractions especially difficult. In a camp of the winner the Teacher of all who doesn't want to be the slave to spirit Calls. Call for fallen in love the fetters is fruitless. Call is turned to wanting freedom.

441. Let's consider that nothing minutes you that are permitted by will of the Teacher. Protection of the Beam assumes protection within the conditions necessary for advance. Protection not only doesn't exempt from lessons which should be learned, but, on the contrary, promotes their passing. The understanding of the Beam includes understanding of it and a worship of egoism for will of the Teacher. The care of the Beam doesn't exempt from the necessary tests, but promotes that they are taken place quickly and systematically. Complaints and discontent indicate uncertainty in force of the Beam or unwillingness to agree with the solution of will of the Leader. If there is a belief in power of Hierarchy and care of the Teacher, unless there can be a place to fears and concerns? And if they are, that is whether belief? And if there is a fear of threat of tests of any order, where a worship of the will or will of the Leader. Therefore, fears, fears and concerns, despite everything, outside to the events, are inadmissible certainly and demand full and urgent eradication. Their harm not that they burden and sadden consciousness, but that call into question power of Hierarchy and belief in Care and force of the Leading Hand." Are sure be in belief" - a precept of the Teacher to pupils. The tranquility not only in restraint and restraint of is shown, but also in inflexible confidence of protection hidden the Beam which evidence and all fears of people of the people around, got used to be afraid of everything and always because don't know the Teacher can't shake. The quiet belief in hidden power of the Lord is achievement of a known step of consciousness. And external conditions will torment with concerns, both afflicting , and seeming misfortunes while the crystal of shining belief in strength of the Teacher won't begin to sparkle all the sides and humility of the will before will of the Highest doesn't become quality obvious. Whether it isn't enough as could be if... But this condition of life under these circumstances is at present the best for achievement of the results planned by the Teacher. Therefore they need to be used completely, having shown qualities inevitable. If the Teacher Speaks: it is necessary it is necessary to pass, so to pass, and through it. If He Speaks: it is necessary to undergo, - it is necessary to undergo given conditions. I claim: all will serve but the benefit if the confidence of force of the Hand of the Leader doesn't reel. It would seem, unless harm from doubt small is great, but the Apostle started sinking and could become the elements victim because of doubts yet I didn't get rid. Elements immediately open the mouth and are ready to absorb the turncoat from belief to the Teacher immutable, unshakable and all-conquering. The one, who wants to be a winner, always has to show belief in our power, belief ardent, fiery, and victorious. Whether "A little that can happen, but the Lord with me always and Will protect, having given a way the best", - the pupil so speaks to himself and in the force increases. There is a small truth of evidence, and there is a truth the highest the Hidden World. Not in human evidence, but in it force fiery, forging destinies of people. To merge with it - means victoriously to rush forward in full sail on crests of waves of the rough sea, using powers of the bridled elements for advance. The consciousness merged with the Lord, all powers of elements counteracting on advantage to aspiration to the fiery turns.

442. (Sep. 14). My son if you want to be closer, even closer, makes effort. Without effort and efforts it is given nothing. Everything can be reached, but having spent the corresponding quantity of energy. I will help, I Will help, but make effort. The energy put in effort, magnetic. The help goes lawfully, being combined with forces premised by consciousness towards to my Beam. The ear perceiving a sound, passively, but this passivity is actively strained, that is the consciousness is actively concentrated for perception. Without existence of force directed to perception, an ear will hear nothing. It is possible not to hear the whole conversation which is occurring nearby if the consciousness is concentrated on something another. Therefore at perception both poles, and both centers of consciousness, are active. Only activity of a perceiving pole has passive character. Passive aspiration is necessary at perception, difficult dual essence. If this activity passes in usual, own thoughts usual will fill consciousness if it isn't strictly limited to aspiration to the Teacher, thoughts terrestrial, goodness knows where from come and casual, will plentifully join the open receiver. That is why it is much spoken about the framework establishing the course for thought, of the pure screen of consciousness and other necessary conditions. Mediums too perceive, but the lowest centers, opening itself to any dark lowest influence. Certainly, the Teacher could preserve, but the receiver is usually so polluted and to grasp black to touch that its clarification is inexpedient because doesn't exclude new capture and a contamination. Therefore mediums held at temples only earlier until they didn't leave its walls, but they should have left once at least protecting walls as access secondary was forbidden certainly. Being without protection also it is infected with contact of the lower class; the receiver was already unusable, involving dark influences. As a rule, the medium is the person deprived of will. The more it is extinguished, the there is a perception more intensively. Will Yoga, on the contrary, strains fiery at the moment of perception, standing on protection and patrol of a hidden wire. And if the Beam of the Teacher always over the pupil, after establishment of a rhythm of perception at certain o'clock it is possible to reach such condition of consciousness, it is possible when to perceive at any time at will if the consciousness permits. Experiments of sent thoughts will be repeated at any time in increasing frequency, but without breaking usual work of day or a dream. And at last the consciousness will reach that highest plane in which will arrive constantly, being not taken a stream of thoughts terrestrial, but creating terrestrial affairs, without drowning to them thought. Dismissal from terrestrial becomes a constant condition of consciousness, and the duality of a formula "Be in the World, but Other-worldly" will be understood and acquired vitally. Difficult at the first steps when fights terrestrial and heavenly but when balance is established and the point of the median center is found, consciousness, without harm for itself and without being burdened, can send the beam to the world terrestrial or the World the Highest at will without fight. So again we come to conditions of balance of spirit, where it is counterbalanced spiritual and material, showing aspect dual in uniform and unities in a duality. Both poles of a uniform thing are given also harmony and are open for learning consciousness.

443. Let’s not be mourning, passing through life in the conditions of the heavy. It is necessary to pass through life what it was. It is easy, it is difficult, and all is equal if the spirit knows the appointment. And in a way there are transitions and lungs, and difficult. Happen also dangerous night when danger trap continually. But it is necessary to reach the purpose. It is impossible to stop: neither on more coolly, nor on the edge of an abyss, on a narrow footpath. The stop, lodging for the night and rest can be made in the conditions of the favorable. And it is necessary to go to ways, without being late because the way is urgent and the far purpose is desired. Reached the shelter, and warmly, and a cosines, and care waits also. However, it doesn't leave and in a difficult way, but it is necessary to pass it the feet, though in care beams. I would like to meet rather, but there is a limit of forces human and endurance, and it is necessary to reach, without having sapped strength. Many think to go on the way, covered with flowers, forgetting that on stones flowers don't grow and sand of the desert of life is fruitless. Severely and firmly, knowing inevitability of a terrestrial way, the spirit tempered forward directs, without stopping and without being confused anything." And it is necessary to pass through it", - tells the tempered heart, overcoming the next task. Casually nothing happens and if the vital pattern develops special drawing, whether that next stay its purpose? Difficulty of any new conditions is that they should be assimilated, adjusted harmoniously, to overcome and subordinate to the directed currents of will, and besides so that the will defined their tone. The leading role can be transferred to accidents of external conditions, but it won't be the solution of a task because Arhat’s will subordinates to itself chaos and dispersion of external influences. In a word, the next problem of overcoming of each new piece of a way should be realized and, having realized, to come out again the winner, not for a moment without losing the direction and the purpose. Teacher Loves to see, as anything not confuses unshakable force confidence of spirit, which knows the way. Who and what can take up it? Passersby, either fellow traveller, or temporariness of combinations of casual conditions which will disappear tomorrow how a smoke, at the same time with passersby? No! The way reserved will be not broken by anybody and anything if power of ineradicable, not destroyed essence of the person is realized. Hand I Give. I will carry out it is safe. Let's reach the put. I Told.

444. (Sep. 15). Write, My friend. For those, who rise for you on steps of intimate Knowledge, these Records will have extraordinary value. Where differently it is obtained they the developed essence of many laws and will be able to taste from an individual fruit of skilled accumulation? The way of an apprenticeship isn't new, but we don't repeat because isn't present on Earth of two identical consciousnesses. Consciousnesses conformable it is obtained sang from real experience of life. Each pupil is conformable with the Beam of the Lord. My children, from My Beam given rise, belong to one voice-frequency key. They also will be sated with Fruits of your works. At the time of the Doctrine culmination the next spirits give a number of the creations differing on Beams, belonging to one of Beams of a range of aura of the Leading Hierarch. The beam of the Lord not one-color, but has seven main tones. Each approached replies on any of Beams mainly, and only developing a tonality and synthetic consciousness, starts reacting gradually to vibrations and other Beams of aura of the Teacher, generating in it beams self-proceeding. Degrees and depth of accord of each consciousness are very various: from hardly answering to orotund on this or that number of Beams. Paloria, or full merge of consciousnesses, gives a chord a full sounding. Consonance with consciousness of the Lord in any, even small degree, already will be the benefit unconditional. And it is so important to begin to sound. According everyone brings elements with itself. It is necessary to bring at least a particle small to establish tone. Nothing brought remains it is deaf, it is blind and mute to influence of Rays of light. But begun to sound can receive; strengthening the accord it is boundless, because even a paloria - only a step to deeper and perfect merge. It isn't necessary to forget that, like a comet, the consciousness of the Lord is directed forward, to new stays and heights. And with growth and an ascension of spirit of the Hierarch can grow and ascend infinitely and those, who follows It. So the approval of the accord is only the beginning, but the beginning which doesn't have the end. Degree of the reached accord is reflected in aura and its flowers. Intensity and its tension amplify until will give in turn beams obvious. Degree of rays-full aura is Arhat’s achievement. Then registration and strengthening of the born beams follows. The Beams is bearing radiant. Beam - the phenomenon of the highest plane of the life which isn't exposed to those changes of forms, that is death which reign in the world terrestrial and therefore change of bodies, or covers, doesn't influence the highest beams. Energy of radiant aura has powerful impact on Wednesday surrounding, causing counteraction of inert elements. Therefore fight against surrounding imperfection is inevitable and invariable destiny of a Beams-bearing. It can't extinguish the light. Therefore, can't avoid influence it on spheres terrestrial around. And the law of action and counteraction comes into force automatically. The phenomenon it is heavy for consciousness, but develops firmness of aura, so necessary for a dismissed fiery flower of spirit. Firmness (also) is approved by spirit consciously as a form of a display of again born beams. It isn't enough to allow to a flame to flare up, it should be approved strongly, quietly and exactly burning. Therefore all qualities of spirit are forms of a display of fires lit in a microcosm. Quality is show without a form can't. Fire not properly executed will give only foggy indistinct blinking, but not force collected for its manifestation in life. So qualities of spirit are forms of its fires. The stamping form makes out a crystal - grain and a basis of fire of this center. Fiery laboratory of a microcosm is in operation. Carriers of a flame go through life, saying it with light sparks. Particles of their aura, directing in space, leave in it is mute deposits obvious. As channels and spheres light leave carriers Stone is in dark and to the dense atmosphere the terrestrial. Circulation of pupils of Lords on a face of Earth is to dig these light channels. Light network - on Earth - a hand and a foot human, and over it - waves of thoughts and light, already circulations not demanding is so approved. Network double is and below, on Earth, and over Earth. Nowadays the elevated network with knots of transfer amplifies especially, whenever possible covering all planet. Treasure the found can be glad. The heavy feat of execution of light and the statement of its network is action the most necessary because for Earth this process of its maintenance is a planet matter of life or death.

445. (Sep. 16). Write! Precipitancy of evolution assumes each subsequent manifestation of this form on a new and highest scale. How the difference with a form previous was small, the new form represents itself accumulation of experience of a form old plus being formed stratifications of life current. It isn't necessary to understand this phenomenon narrowly, applying it only to the person or an animal. All forms life, since atom, layers this experience. If the one-celled the organism is accustomed to react anyway on external influences and if after his life speed of its reaction to them was accelerated on one million fraction of a second - it already is progress and accumulation of certain ability. Space life in time moves forward, extending and being developed. Deposits acquired in manifestation of this center of life of properties of this or that order occurs automatically, submitting to the law. And only in case of conscious evolution of a human microcosm its spirit can choose the direction. Accumulation of impressions and reaction to external influences go continuously, and each influence leaves a trace in the form of deposits obvious. Only in case of conscious strong-willed evolution there is a question: whether are necessary to the person of a series of these impressions chosen by it voluntary, or not. The person at will can go to a brothel, to art gallery or on the seashore. The choice depends on it, and a number of impressions, to a choice accompanying, will be a consequence of manifestation of his free will. It seemed, karmic conditions exclude a freedom of choice and their consequences should be settled up to the end. But even at karmic calculations of people after all can choose and solve, whether meet to it a karma wave courageously, with firmness and beautifully, or to sprawl under its blow, like a dirty wet rag on the dirty garbage street, that is whirlwinds of a karma to be bent down to the Earth, having lost the advantage. Means, a freedom of choice of people never loses. This it’s inalienable right. The will remains free always, only it can be shown not in that plane in what her person, but would like to show above. So free will spirit at two crucified on a cross of robbers it was shown variously: consciousness one it I chained to darkness, in which it and remained, another - directed to Light and opened a gate of the Highest World. Both were powerless against iron chains of karma, both of them couldn't change, but it only on the lowest plane of life. The freedom of choice nevertheless remained behind them, and they showed it on the plane of the highest. Therefore, in any living conditions, even being held down on hands and feet clogs karmas, the freedom of choice and the HIGHEST DECISION is provided to the person. Nobody can take away from the person freedom of spirit except him under no circumstances. Even in a case the most brutal obsession in this bestial condition I brought the person its free choice. So, the highest decision is integral and possible always and the free will can itself show in its acceptance. All complaints about difficulty and hopelessness of situation are insolvent. It is difficult to imagine situation more desperate, than position of the person crucified on a cross, and still both the highest decision, and a freedom of choice, and an exit from desperate karmic conditions it was found and it was made correctly. The correct way - an ascension basis, both anybody and can take away nothing from the person of opportunity to elect him, anybody... except the person. At the lowest steps it is possible to be saddened mistakenly by seeming hopelessness of situation, but the way of Arhat who doesn't know fluctuations is direct, having always before itself both a freedom of choice, and the decision the highest. The inhabitant can plead from call by difficulties and conditions interfering, but Arhat’s way is open, and the fire spirit of a condition of hopelessness doesn't know. The spirit world is unlimited, and in is mute - the decision. People look for freedoms where it can't be. To freedom of spirit the Teacher, only integral and is achievable Calls. The prisoner put in a dungeon of a dense body with all its imperfections, diseases and restrictions can speak about what freedom? Only familiarizing with spatial life can give to spirit freedom. Only in release from the lowest matter and the power over a body terrestrial, over a body thin, over a body mental true freedom consists. Only the power over gives freedom is. Only submission of three and mastering by three removes the lead press from spirit wings. Only the highest decision leads to desired freedom. In tenacious conditions terrestrial, in fetters of the dense world isn't present and there can be no freedom. But I who has won the world, Speak about the statement of true freedom, about the fiery power of spirit over three lowest covers and kingdoms, or the worlds, to its corresponding. I Approve freedom! Freedom of spirit and in the spirit of I Approved and I Approve by columns a foot of Mine. To Me yes will follow to Me directed.

446. All of energy of spirit: dreams, aspirations, the thoughts scattered everywhere, it is necessary to collect in uniform focus of consciousness and will and collected force to rush on the statement of the power over three. Searches in the false directions don't lead to the purpose and spend mental energy. Why to dream of imagined freedom terrestrial and to plunge into embraces of the ghosts promising unrealizable freedom when the way to it is direct and clear. It is release from the power of three, the statement of the power of spirit over them and a fiery victory over all illusions of Earth, an astral and thought. Your power I Approve and a way to it I Give and the closest approach of Specify. Again collect all strength of mind in one, in the center impregnable, eternal, and fiery. You which inside, invariable, you are a lord. Are invincible you and I, merged together. As in a point of an edge of a ram all force of blow is concentrated, and you to energy the scattered return to itself and, having become in the center of the essence and its center, show the fiery power not in three, but over them. Three victorious beams I Approve. Force and power to realize the, the power over the world terrestrial, and astral, and thoughts I Give. In Me you will find the force, Me you will win and you will reach. Invisibly the sacrament fiery comes true. To the elect power I pre-charge. That to us before that is created outside when the treasure of the power and freedom of spirit over three is Approved in you by the Lord.
In each these conditions it is possible to choose the correct decision always. And business at all in what these conditions, and in that the decision chosen was correct. So not outside, but the center of gravity and a starting point for thinking inside is necessary.

447. The purpose of an embodiment of the person on Earth in this life consists in approving a number of new energiya in the microcosm and, having claimed to accumulate them in order that they formed crystals of these energiya which are included ingredient into structure of his body of the highest deposits. The saved-up crystals of fire aren't destroyed and, being a component of the highest body of the person, that is grain of its spirit, follow it from life in life. Energy crystallizes only when it becomes a component of its being and expresses itself his essence that is when it is approved by it in life. It isn't enough to tell about the let type of energy, insufficiently think about it. For the statement it should be shown in operation that is to apply. The inherited qualities of the person brought by it from antecedents are the energy, crystallized by it in the microcosm, the given crystal fiery educations thanks to their application. So the crystal of courage is result of the energiya saved up once. Collecting and the statement in itself these or those qualities is crystallization and fire accumulation. Fiery qualities accumulate in the crystal educations postponed in grain of spirit. Antipodes of qualities are their destroyers, or devourers of saved-up fires. So the fear burns out crystal educations, devastating a treasury. The patrol consciousness conducts ruthless fight against devourers, wrestle for life or death. If stores and life-giving magnetic properties build qualities and approve immortality, or the life triumphing over three lowest plans of life, their antipodes, destroyers and fire-eaters, bear with themselves death because, destroying crystals of mental energy, or life fire, do covers of the person empty. The bowl of immortality is filled with treasures of saved-up fiery educations, or fire deposits. And in it is the purpose of life terrestrial the person. The task of the statement of qualities goes not to a name of abstract virtue. No! It is a consciousness matter of life and death after its release from a physical, thin and mental body or from each of them separately; without its deposits surrounding subjects will be nothing to speak to consciousness. In World Fiery without the saved up treasures are poor person. Isn't present in it is mute elements with which he can answer influence of the new environment for which it is deaf and I grew blind. Even in the world terrestrial we react to external impressions the saved up experience. Without its deposits surrounding subjects will tell nothing to consciousness. Experience of million-year prescription is covered behind our ability of recognition and ability to use the feelings and their bodies, as and in the Worlds of the Highest. Only in terrestrial we already many learned, it is less - in astral, it is even less - in menthol, but in World Fiery the doctrine just is necessary because there are no sufficient accumulation for manifestation and the statement in is mute consciousness lives. Therefore collecting in the Bowl of fiery treasures there is a task the most urgent. Who will want to enter the beggar into the World the Highest and not to make everything that is possible, still here, on Earth where goes and where it is possible to conduct accumulation of the necessary elements. Also people from Earth go to the worlds others saved up or spent, rich or poor. But not money estimates the saved-up wealth.

448. (Sep. 17). It isn't necessary to be afraid of a combination of undesirable conditions. Their wave can be cut an edge of the concentrated will, to destroy its astral basis. The phenomenon of fear doesn't give tension of fiery process of destruction of the phenomenon so necessary for a successful conclusion undesirable. In consciousness of force and tranquility fire strains will, and the beam of destruction is sent to space; so collapse dark frauds and artful designs. Even only one directed edge will confuse the forward and will paralyze his spiteful energy. But the tranquility of balance or balance of tranquility has to be always a form of a display of power of the Beam striking. Let's speak today about means of protection and defeats. Three specified beams are light and blessing for friends and supporters of a light camp. But for enemies each beam is a sword, it is a lightning striking. Protective properties of mental energy increase in process of growth of fires and accumulation of a crystal the all-initial energy. The sword in hands not able to them is useless to use, the board isn't necessary to a hand, not able to hold it, to what onions to the shooter unskillful? The weapon of Light is well in a firm, skillful and skilled hand. The thought fiery knows neither barriers, nor obstacles. Who and what can against - to stand to it if it is sent by the heart merged with Power of the Lord? Conditions and people are defenseless against a beam. Conditions - because, being a combination of elements, no will have, are inert on a being and are only a consequence weak and usually not purposeful acts of man and, besides, their astral essence, a form, or the basis, openly and is absolutely defenseless for the thought directed for their destruction. As for people, their vulnerability, even dark and greyish, is based on their profound ignorance and denial of invisible power of the person and power of thought. Only dark attendants of known degrees consciously use it, and with them fight is more difficult. But also they not in forces against - stand relics of the consciousness operating in the Beam of the Lord. Understanding of merged with fiery power of the Lord does a Beam-bearing absolutely impregnable for dark attacks. The darkness militant against the Stone carrier is powerless. Means, the first condition of protection and attack is an ardent understanding of merged together with Light of the Teacher. Merge of consciousnesses already in itself is a board not perforates. The second condition of success is that it is necessary to realize up to the end that the darkness not substantivized adjective and therefore can't struggle with light as darkness can't oppose anything to a beam of light disseminating it. The darkness against light is powerless; it is worth sending a beam it to its thick. Power of darkness only that often lighters can't give nor a flame, nor light rather bright shine a surrounding gloom. Often fear, fear, uncertainty, doubts, fluctuations, irritations and other devourers extinguish and without that a languid flame, and then the darkness wins and triumphs. Triumphs not on the force, but on a lack of light from this who wanted to oppose it. Ardent understanding of force by the, decupled strength of the Lord, ardent knowledge of that on the essence the darkness against light is powerless, gives in carrier hands its weapon invincible. Therefore I Speak:" Build a stronghold of the spirit strongly". The house of cards will scatter from the first whiff of a wind, and the whirlwind will dispel it. Construction on Me is the unshakable and indestructible basis of a citadel of spirit, both all darkness terrestrial and otherworldly not in forces to shake it. The darkness has no substance because it is only absence of light. The darkness has no roots in Space, being a special case of the temporary manifestation only on our planet. The chaos isn't darkness, but a material for a creative power of Light. Without having roots and the basis in space creation, it is the phantom, a ghost, the terrible nightmare arising and being approved where absence of light is observed. The people denying light in, the people who aren't recognizing Hierarchy of Light, serve darkness and darkness multiply the consciousness. The darkness is strong ignorant consciousness of the biped. The denying Light is servants of darkness. But realizing power of Light the invincible weapon has also a not perforate armor. To Arhat’s fiery striking beam the darkness has no anything what to oppose. Therefore weak and defenseless eremites and devotees were stronger than all shifts satanic if with an inextinguishable torch fire of their spirit burned. Power of darkness not it consists in force, but in weakness of her opponents. Therefore I Approve mighty victorious impregnable fiery power of spirit of the carrier of the Stone.

449. Awareness of fiery power of the Lord understands of the force. Its power approving, yourself you approve in it. It is possible to forget about the a little and weakness when Beams of aura of the Teacher fill in your consciousness. The treasure realized should be held. It is necessary to keep consciousness of the force in Beams of power of the Lord because in itself you anything, but He in you is powerful. It isn't necessary to come off in consciousness a source of inexhaustible force. In Me all yours is. And I in you am Light of boundless opportunities and relics. With Me and in Me all is possible. With Me you always is winner. Don't avert the person from me at o'clock of heavy tests because I Give them to you for the statement your fiery and an display of force of fires in you. 11ыне your force increases under all living conditions because all winds serve the skilled miller. The ship goes against a wind, dissecting a wave. Elements serve the one who knows how to operate them. All inures to advantage and to the benefit learned a way (that is to the one who learned a way). Therefore quietly go through life, knowing that I with you always.

450. My son why you can't keep consciousness at height won? It isn't enough to win, it is necessary to hold the taken positions still. All works and efforts are otherwise vain. The good soldier at a busy boundary dies in the last ditch, that is reached won't give and will battle to all force, all abilities while the hand is capable to hold the weapon. And My soldiers, Day breakers, all force keep consciousness at the reached step its level much more exceeds usual consciousness. Pressure of the environment presses fires to Earth. Everything all essence rises on daring to rise on Light steps. And still it is necessary to resist, and still it is necessary not only to resist and keep, having kept won, but also to move ahead on the following step. Therefore for my employees the symbol of the soldier is chosen. Counteraction of the environment is the inevitable satellite of ascension of spirit. It is a consequence of the simple law of mechanics. But this counteraction gives warmth and fire. The race car melts at contact with the atmosphere of Earth and gives fire and is sung exactly thanks to movement and resistance of the environment caused by movement surrounding. Laws in everything are identical. The stub in marsh still water doesn't give neither fire, nor light, and only decomposition fires, dim and muddy, it is possible to observe sometimes. The condition of struggle, victory and achievement becomes a usual condition of consciousness of the carrier of beams approved. And this condition supports and strengthens in it light life. Life fiery a microcosm is approved by fires obvious, and fires born demand special conditions for the display. One can be told: inaction isn't peculiar to a flame. The nature of fires demands action. Therefore the kindle of fires is accompanied by actions shown. Fires grow, and actions go deep and spread, seizing spheres of all three plans for independent manifestation of consciousness on everyone. We love action full, that is the action which given known tension of fires and has strengthened the fiery-bearing. Such action is accompanied by feeling correctly and has to the carried-out task, or work, and brings feeling of satisfaction internal state of the centers. Not sleepy stagnation and boredom, but joyful lifting of creative fiery energy of spirit. Let's fall in love with work intense, it will help to keep at a step reached and, having saved up energy, to move further. So on particles, on sparks, both here and there also we will collect and save up everywhere precious fiery energy, knowing well that fires are shown, both become stronger, and grow in operation. Is very characteristic note that known steps of consciousness are accompanied by ardent development of creativity? Creativity - an indicator of born fires. So, for deduction of the won height we will strain and we will strengthen quality of work. It can be developed and strengthened in all directions and endlessly. Therefore, there is no limit to force of growing fires, degree of their tension. It is interesting to note that strong degree of quiet tension of fires of a microcosm was reflected in handwriting, having given it special flatness and smoothness. So strengthening of crystal deposits of fire gave a consequence obvious. If to consider life from internal, irrespective of a current of the external phenomena, the hidden work of fiery laboratory of the person it becomes notable the real. Because all events outside have only one purpose and one appointment: to awaken and issue fiery essence of the person. Value of the person in Space is great to us, but it can't start being carried out until will wake up in it and its fiery centers, a flame the giving rise won't start working. In great works it arises and made out fiery body of the person - carrier of immortal spirit!

451. (Sep. 18). Write, write. The Treasury of knowledge of the Lord is inexhaustible. Access you have. Therefore take quietly, surely and safely.
Chagrin terrestrial flows as river waves, but the boat moves. And it can move; only overcoming elements resistance. And then quicker goes, with those big waves parts. And only having wings and having risen by air, it will be able to avoid influence of water elements; having avoided one, gets to elements another, elements of air with its laws and counteraction. The elements are thinner and it is easier than water, but demand movement acceleration, and already it is impossible to stop because the stop is followed by falling. But the fiery elements demand movement of the prompt and even more difficult device of the human device. Only fiery wings can sustain conditions of elements of fire. Someone thinks to reach and have a rest. But so thinks of low-experience and ignorance. Even the elements of air don't allow stops. Also they are inconceivable in the environment of the fiery. It is necessary to be accustomed to a condition of a constant and the all amplifying tendency and tension. If in the beginning it was possible to remember and write down one word, then - one phrase, then - two, three and the several, and, at last, I kiss also the whole pages, there will be time when it will be possible to write so much, conditions how many will allow. The equipment of record mechanical should be accelerated and perfected to a limit that physical process didn't detain. Not to keep up with lightning speed of thought, but it is possible to facilitate. And here as it is necessary to save both forces, and time. It is necessary to learn to do everything quicker that is to make a physical body more obedient. But it only the instrument of the spirit, obliged to submit to its more and more raising requirements. The body is given to serve the person. The slave obeys mister. The slave can't dictate it the conditions or bother with the desires and whims. Its duty - to obey will of his lord. Therefore full and unconditional submission of a body to Arhat’s will also is his next task. Mastering, as well as in everything, begins with "consciousness. The power given to the person over the body, it is necessary to realize first of all. If the body implicitly moves in the necessary direction and does what wanted by his owner if the hand if a number of function is subordinated to will of the person is raised and works, it is necessary to realize only that there is no limit of the power of will of the person over the body. And where the sphere of any actions or movements comes to an end, on a scene the conscious order of the pointed will give to sub consciousness to the sphere of involuntary actions there acts. The order of will is executed always if don't stir it fluctuations and uncertainty. It is necessary only more often and more consciously to exercise and develop regal attributes of the power of will human over all covers of the microcosm. Force is shown only in operation how its potential was great. And degrees of this potential, and its power it is mighty to be revealed only by action. Therefore the statement of will and the power over a physical body and all other covers exactly in operation is specified by a number of the acts corresponding to a goal. The word "I cannot" is excluded from Arhat’s everyday dictionary and replaced with the word "I don't want". Fiery potential of will is given to a condition of constant combat readiness. The will is at any time ready to action, to actively to reflect waves of elements counteracting or dark attempts of the biped. The condition of passive inertness is absolutely excluded from life. Patrol and the guarded vigilance indicate not only the constant tension of consciousness, but also tension of the will always ready to action. Condition of the dismissed lack of will is the enemy of fiery yoga. The condition of constant concentration and smartness of consciousness is required. The good soldier is tightened and built always. The discipline of will and lax dissoluteness of consciousness are incompatible. Always on patrol, always on the alert, always the tensely collected goes through life a soldier of Light. To lay down arms in powerlessness before something, even before the most terrible and strong enemy, won't be the decision of the winner. David and Goliath is a symbol very instructive. And who knows limits of power of fiery will when its power is called by spirit consciously. Potential of will is inexhaustible. Therefore approving the power over a body physical, this condition should be known, understood, remembered and put. Not in despondency of renunciation and depression, but the power over, wings to spirit the raising is violently and joyfully approved. Violently young escapes of a mighty huge tree of fiery will grow. Because, fiery are created the worlds. And I Call you to greatness of space creativity. Creative will, having approved the power over all elements, approves it and over matter layers, taking and spheres of a being shone matter. With their submission the will grows also. Beams of the Lord - the highest matter, are subordinated his ox. Transformation of the Savior is a symbol of the power approved over the highest being shone matter. Where a limit of the power of spirit over any flesh when even the Beam is a flesh of hidden Light? I exempt the person from chains of ignorance and I import it into a kingdom it, to it intended, into inheritance - a kingdom of boundless power. To become with the creator Ardent Logos, the force it is necessary to realize before that and, having realized, to start approving its step behind a step. Boundlessness of fiery potential zero spirit human I Approve.
In what that modus vivendi which expresses essence of a step reached consists? It is expressed to one (the new - overcoming, overcoming of the next counteractions caused by growing powers of consciousness. Water can break through and destroy a dam, but the working wave goes will of the person. Before elements will serve, them it is necessary to bridle subordinate and force to obey will.

452. The center of the person not in the head, but in heart. And in it is necessary to look for and prove the center. The head will die together with a body, and life will leave a brain, but heart remains the integral property of the person through all embodiments. Certainly, its physical cover is mortal, but that fights and pulses in a breast, there is a gift of life immortal. At an exit of a thin body the feeling of heart beat remains and even amplifies, causing a detonation in all thin cover. Spirit-monad - this spark of primary life - bears pulsation of oven life through all forms of the identification of a matter. This center, pulsing both in atom, and in a cage, a plant and animal, clothes more and more difficult external covers, always remaining the center, the center of a kernel round which accumulation of all lives accumulate. It is possible to lean on heart because it is eternal.
The fiery center of beating of eternal life never ceases to pulse. Not that miracle that heart human fights all life and that its beating is eternal. It never began and never will stop. Pulse of Heart Space is eternal. It always was, is and will be. There was no that time when it didn't exist. Spirit-monad heart, outgoing of Uniform Great Space Heart, a flesh from its flesh, blood from its blood, spirit from its spirit, essence from essence it, bears in the secrecy, as a drop of water of the ocean, expression of its hidden potential in all its immeasurable depth. Therefore I Speak:" In heart look for". In it treasures are hidden, the value and which value can't capture a brain. When Arhat in full consciousness proves on the Highest Plans, invested with a mental body, where then his brain? Whether is it an obstacle in known steps to full manifestation of the hidden abilities of the person? And unless memory is in a brain? Many openings are done by scientists at scientific institutes. And unless someone from them sometime found those accumulation, at least the current human life which it collected during the last embodiment. It is possible to find muscles, sections, fabrics, but not pictures which, it is similar the movie, is imprinted and collected somewhere. Heart and Bowl - a treasury of collected experience, are unseparable. Deposits in the Bowl happen in the form of energiya or their crystal educations, and this energy under the corresponding conditions are shown in shape just as the beam of the projector gives a visible form only on the screen. For manifestation of these energiya the consciousness screen is necessary. The vessel containing all assembled stratifications, investing a kernel - heart is called as a bowl. Means, in the field of the center of life it is necessary to look for not only all future possibilities of disclosure of its potential, but also all experience of the passable forms of life for billion years of life of a Spirit-monad. So in heart sources of a great cycle, the beginning and the end of everything, the Alpha and Omega of the real are hidden. All infinite variety of visible and invisible forms of life are embraced, generalized by uniform great concept which simply and comprises everything. This concept is heart. Energy of heart is inexhaustible. When it is called correctly, that can serve the person. It also is a space source of fiery power. As it is boring, it is heavy and tiresome is heartless work. But once you enclose in it a heart particle, and the most unattractive work becomes interesting. Heroes created great feats heart. In it, in heart, force, capable move not only mountains, but planets and the whole solar systems. Creative power of spirit in heart is hidden. Heart is the son of life, the Sun of system, the Sun of Space. Heart is a center, it is all.

453. (Sep. 19). To hear a heart voice, it is necessary to lead covers covering it to silence. In silence the voice of heart sounds especially clearly. Value of silence, or silence, still so a little understood. Sounds of life terrestrial muffle a silent voice; but it is good to listen sometimes to it and to wonder that tells heart. The brain knows a little because it is limited to the feelings, but heart knows. Heart knows much because the sphere of its display isn't limited to physical barriers. Heart too thinks, but in own way. The logic of thinking warm isn't similar to logic brain. It is logic from fire. There is it ways fiery and sometimes doesn't demand time. Heart simply knows, without tiresome process of reflection. Feeling-knowledge could call a heard-knowledge even more precisely. Especially at the first assessment of people, when there is no time nor to learn, nor to think, well to wonder: "And what heart thinks?" or simply attentively to note its feelings and reaction to this person. People speak "warm melancholy", but never will tell "melancholy brain" because know that feel something not caught by intelligence heart can only. Heart is a barometer for determination of character of spatial currents or a spatial note of the current hour. And that not in power to a brain, heart feels without any effort, automatically, that is simply knows any unknown ways. The kind worker a brain well worked for the person. Now it is necessary to let pass to heart, let it will work for the benefit of the owner. The brain demands control, both restraint, and managements of will, heart demands freedom. Heart can't be forced; heart can give freedom to come to light only. Heart too long was neglected also neglect. Therefore heart life with all its inexhaustible wonderful opportunities is nowadays approved. Not about sweet sentimentality there is a speech. Sentimentality is the warm feeling broken and perverted by a brain. But as it is wonderful, say, feeling of love! Both invisibly it, and is imperceptible, and it is impossible to weigh on scales, but what great acts were made for the sake of it. Heart is a receptacle of great fiery energy of love and a smithy of this power. Let's take love for the country, or love to the Teacher, love to science, art and other types of love, but not the personal - the person lit by this great feeling much made. Love is the mighty force, and the generator of this force - heart. So heart - both the engine, and beget of power. The doctrine about heart is the statement of fiery strength of the person and his fiery essence. In possession of heart there is an energy which isn't submitting to a brain. It is possible to force to work a brain, but heart demands other approach. For it is necessary to create conditions corresponding, and heart will begin are show the potential. The crystal harp won't be audible at the intersection of bustling streets where loudspeakers as also a heart voice while it is muffled by noisy and fussy activity of a brain shout. Therefore, there are two activities: external, superficial, noticeable, rough, short, not extended activity of a brain and silent, imperceptible, mighty, taking the wide invisible sphere, and powerfully influencing work of heart. The thought sent by a brain, is short and inefficient and right there and is settled, but the thought sent by heart doesn't know barriers and distances. Therefore are powerless the brainy against the person armed with heart because heart is Light weapon. It is possible for so short and rough waves of brain influences against to put hidden power of heart. It is quieter, the more strongly because the tranquility is a form of a display of fiery power of heart.

454. My son, you is right, force of Communication is approved by heart and goes energy of love, it generated. The life-giving exchange of fires between consciousness of the Teacher and the pupil a power of love is created. The love wins both time, and space, and pressure of the environment surrounding. Therefore it is called as the winner fiery. Where to take forces for ascension in intolerable conditions dense? At it, at love! Truly, it is great feeling, power the giving rise. And if to you I tell:" Leave everything and through deserts, the woods and mountains go to Me, to the Stronghold", whether in love you will find forces to overcome all difficulties of a way? And you are called, and already you go, and you will reach, movable by this victorious feeling. Yes, yes! Me approve by heart and in heart. Let heart live Me, than the brain or hands was occupied. Give to heart yes care Me in itself to keep. The brain on the structure won't be able to hold the charged is long; at it and without that there are a lot of cares and work, but heart can, and - without any squeezeed-out efforts, and simply loving. And as it fights irrespective of, you understand it or not, and it loves, and remembers, and it will hold the Image of the Lord not greatly and truly irrespective of the fact which the next work is performed by a brain. Heart can both charge, and to entrust. After all it is so important to keep entrusted in the spirit of and heart because fights always can keep in the spirit of only. Fires of heart are thinner and are longer than brain fires because fires of a brain are supported by heart. The culture of love is culture of heart. Everything that lives eats something. Heart eats love. The love feeds heart. Heart can be wrinkled and dry up from a lack of a food. Heart can decay and stink. But where fire of love to the Lord Burns, there heart leads a full rich life, pulsing light currents. And when your thought will concentrate on heart, know, as it there lives Shape of the Lord, shining all the Beams. So call heart my throne before which fiery service of spirit comes true. And you who has approved Me in the heart, in Heart we wash themselves you claim. To find the place in Heart of the Lord and to approve itself in It there is an achievement integral in life, death. My dear in Heart I Bear in centuries of the millennia where they were: in that world or in it, and in whatever conditions they were embodied, the Beam with them always. The thread silver, weaved of the thinnest energiya, terrestrial isn't subject to a decay. I, outside real, am I, in you staying. Seeming division is not from spirit, but from a flesh. The world Fiery knows neither divisions, nor distances. The unity is attributing of the Highest World. It only on Earth division reigns. And it illusive, because beside the point, but in a form. The lowest consciousness sees division in everything. The highest speaks: everything is uniform. And force binding all together, heart is, and communication is carried out by love. Whether you know, what in life terrestrial it is possible to reach only it? It me you reach for thousands, thousands miles. By it far you do close and notable it is obvious. The love is the fiery phenomenon of the World of the highest measurements, not subordinated to laws of the world of three measurements. Therefore this powerful lever set in motion, can overcome everything. Love Claim as your food for spirit, heart and body!

455. (Sep. 21). Light is switched on by thought. Brain - the physical device of thought. There are thoughts corporal - from a body, astral - from emotions, intellectual - from menthol, and there are thoughts the highest, from the Fiery World, thought fiery, lightful. Thought the highest is bearing light and it lights, directing consciousness to the Highest Spheres. Antipode of thought high is the thought the lowest. Thoughts terrestrial are harmful not in itself but when they are saturated with astral fires. Qualities are a form of expression of wearable fires, as also qualities negative. The irritation, rage, fussiness is forms of a display of a black flame of various force and tension. Their properties absorbed also load thought; thereby will show the height, degree and character. Thought is magnetic. The sum wearable the person of thoughts creates in him magnetism of a certain look which attracts to itself or is attracted by the phenomena of a related order. Thought the highest generates the sphere which magnetic essence attracts the person to Light Spheres. Thoughts terrestrial, but astral, sated with smoky fires of passions and emotions are the heaviest not. They are as weights standing. Magnetism of black fires, carrying away the person in the lower class of an astral, it is dangerous that, being keen, the person can't overcome it anymore and get out of this sphere which invincibly sucks in it the pernicious attraction. Without having in itself the centers of a magnetic attraction of higher order, the victim of dark attractions can't oppose anything to them. Therefore rescue only in thought of Light, in the statement in itself its elements as grains of the highest attractions. It is possible to seize and stop thought the lowest, having experienced and having realized its pernicious magnetism. Only this understanding will give strength to stop influence it in a root. The thought can be thrown out the lowest of consciousness if harm of that sphere where it carries away and danger of immersion in it hopeless is understood. Therefore domination over thoughts is approved. Terrestrial and corporal on Earth not to do without thoughts, but the astral beginning of the lowest order should be withdrawn from them, and besides so that thought the highest the light lit up all acts and actions. There are thoughts pure and thoughts dirty. It is necessary to attend to purity of thinking. And the main thing is not to encumber consciousness with emotions and thoughts of the lowest order. Long stay in the atmosphere of the poisoned thoughts terribly. Weed thoughts jump out of consciousness, as litter from the house. Who at itself (himself) in the house suits a dump? The lowest thoughts are even worse because are fetid, and are hidden a terrestrial eye. Why some actions to accompany dirty thoughts? Pure departure of functions of a human body is a thing both necessary, and lawful. After all it is told that in itself there is nothing neither pure, nor dirty, only seeing dirty becomes seen of. Two persons can make the same action: one it is pure, another it is dirty. Pure departure of actions is very important. And the thought here plays a taking priority role. Patrol was specified, mainly, from thoughts that the thought unworthy didn't take control of consciousness. There is nothing worse, than to be in the power at own thoughts. It is necessary to show ability to dispose of thought. Ability to configure itself to the accord with thought of the highest should be developed. Mastering by the Plan Mental assumes first of all the power over the thoughts. And the first task is an ability to choose the guests invited in the consciousness to interview of thoughts, and to throw out immediately and immediately guests uninvited and undesirable. The power over thought is given to the person because he is her mister, but this power should learn to use. Even the sweeper won't sweep, isn't taken yet in hand. The clouding low thoughts deprives of Light access. The clouding low thoughts turn the person into the slave. It is possible to be hungry and to satisfy hunger, but desire to food and gluttony already will be chains. So in thoughts is and freedom, and chains. And from chains of slavery exempts thought.

456. The Lord, where огнь, devouring Earth, where Light troops? Where terrible signs of the end? All is dim and heavy, and the gloom world is hopeless, and the people rolling in waves of restrictions, on and for other sent are stupid and ignorant. Where a sword dissecting darkness? Where waves of the future Light? Where all promised by you? The gloom condensed over Earth is close, and the darkness is hopeless. My son, March Ides came, but didn't pass. And the sword brought didn't fall yet over secret and obvious attendants of a gloom. Didn't come, but will come, didn't fall, but will fall. Not darkness triumphing, but winner Light is bequeathed. Give term, I will find to all time, and humiliated, forgotten and trampled will receive the part in the phenomenon of the New World. Tests, suppression can't to last infinitely. As also terms come to the end. Didn't come, but come, and the blow of a sword lifted will be terrible. The estimate of counteraction of dark energiya, rebellious I will operate, life levers from hands unworthy I Will take. The kingdom of oppression of spirit will end with a kingdom of its freedom. Light triumphing, winner Light becomes the governor of affairs human. Payments lead hard times will be removed from consciousness human. To someone is cheerfully, carefree and in wellbeing. But a grief Light dawn overslept in a stupor of illusive wellbeing. Better in need and hunger, but able to see, than in luxury and surplus - blind. It is better to be pursued and undergoing, than the persecutor and the oppressor. Me pursued will pursue also you, me drove, and you will drive. But in glory I Will come. I will come soon. And before my Right hand all will be inclined in silence and awe, before greatness unclear, but obvious. When you will come, the Lord? I Come soon. Sensitively and sharp-sightedly arrive on the guard. Clothe the trust armor to the Hand knowing inalterability of traced terms. Terms are conducted to me in their intimate, terrible, inevitable display, terrible for enemies of Light and blessed for friends. My son, arm with the last patience before explosion and light approaching behind it. I demand trust up to the end, especially, when in a pre-dawn gloom all fires go out. Patrol of night it is necessary to stand before light while the life star obviously won't begin to shine over the horizon. While wings grow, the baby bird of spirit is helpless and is defenseless. Only they, life to it and wings given, Protect it, won't depart yet. In wings is freedom, both force, and your protection. Raise fiery wings of spirit. The sun of life will begin to shine over all: both flying, and creeping. But space and Boundlessness open spaces only for having wings. Eagle wings grow on rocks, in a nest, is high over Earth where doesn't reach poisonous breath of valleys. I speak about heights of the begun to see clearly spirit, managed to break off chains of Earth. My son, flights over a chasm require courage. From a nest it is visible far down, but abysses when wings if care and discretion is shown grow aren't terrible. Nest borders - to the devil of a protecting circle, be afraid can break. The beam protects, but in a circle of the Beam it is necessary to arrive not greatly.

457. (Sep. 22). The combination of star signs not always happens favorable. From here is and painful reaction of an organism to spatial influences. The human device is the tool on which beams of stars play the space melodies. Only in consciousness human at their translation into dense language of Earth there are they from messengers of the Distant Worlds the terrestrial bastards who aren't remembering relationship. Heavenly fire is trampled in a narrow-minded bog, giving only ashes of a gray raid of life. Beam-bearing communication with Space and the perverted wrong side of life, Space human life is so lost, turns into pity senseless vegetation on planet bark. Even the stone reacts to influence of spatial fire. Especially the organism human sounds on it. Each nerve, each nerve ganglion replies on beams of stars. The morning anthem to the Sun of our small winged colleagues is reactions of nervous system of birds to light influence. Life of animals and plants settles down on beams. On them depends both functions of a human body and all most important processes, as, for example, conception. Matter isn't that for a long time it is proved. Lira for space influences the person has to realize himself. Why to attribute all the conditions to indigestion or only the external rough reasons? At some attention it is possible to define, the string why sounds: whether from an external contact, or from a contact of distant beams. Having established character of a contact and having separated heavenly from terrestrial, it is possible experience and to establish the connection with fire of space and to realize itself as a particle of the Space life which contact with Space never interrupted. Spatial beams feed a human body, saying it with energiya necessary. It is hard to accept this simple and indisputable truth. But, maybe, the example of herbs and the flowers succeeding under beams of the Sun, will remind the person, his organism to perception of light vibrations is how more refined. The obvious energy of a ray of sunlight is more difficult - with the Moon but what to speak about influence of a range of planets or distant constellations. The influence is deeper; is more difficult to catch it. Experience will be able to convince only. Therefore the science of studying of influence of beams of spatial bodies to Earth and its vegetable, animal and human world will be approved on bases of an experimental method, a method of strictly scientific, modern knowledge armed with all achievements. Stars are divided on elements. This division sharply passes through all worlds: mineral, vegetable and animal. The prevalence of these or those elements caused by spatial beams combines in this form of life elements, to elements corresponding, and in their due combination. There are, for example, the lunar plants which have collected in properties of elements of water. There are plants fiery, concentrating in the body energy fiery. The willow and pine, aspen and eucalyptus, fern and rose is who will deny their sharply opposite qualities and properties. So division of all on elements and consequently, and on beams of stars engendering, will be already the main, instead of any as it became still at the incorrect, invented and not corresponding classification, at least plants. Classification of chemical elements opened at once laws of their life and interaction with each other, the same will happen and to classification of all forms of life by elements and their belonging to stars, they engendered. As also the mankind will be divided not on skin color, a nationality and other temporary signs, but on beams. Belonging of people to this or that star will help people to unite and realize the force as collective, consubstantial to the Lord and a star, behind It standing. There are nations especially hardy and persistent, learned secret of a beam of the star. Certainly, all know not, and only seized secret science, but they hold in the millennia keys in the hands and the colleagues not sprayed. Even in the Thin World such people keep together. Unfortunately, they answer in the enormous majority only the lowest octaves of a beam of the ruling star, but nevertheless are united by it strongly. But is I shone higher, and domination will belong to those who are born under them. The lowest submits, but the highest operates the lowest. Uranium dominates. And not to children of Saturn compete with it. It is deep and spatial fight. The people, in it involved, only tools of beams of the stars and blind spokesmen of fight space. The attraction and pushing away goes on beams. Beams unite the people. The people go, submitting to Space Commands, that is a tracing of beams of the Distant Worlds. Collision of the spatial beams which have caused great fight will end, and force of beams will approve the New Era. All events on Earth go under the influence of hidden beams and them one and are caused. This great and often invisible force is denied by mankind. But Uranium wins, and there comes the Uranium Era. Beams - masters of life, and in heart of each person the beam of its star which has given to it life invisibly dominates.

458. (Sep. 23). Knots of Light normalize the correct and uniform distribution it on a planet surface. The protecting planetary network turns out as though payments isolating, or. Knots of transfer are transformers of the device of the human body bearing on an emphasis of tension of fiery energy of powerful by a dynamo car of spirit of the Leading Hierarch of a planet. Natures fiery can bear on themselves an emphasis of a press of fiery energy only, but the burden is great because a measure of loading is the limit straining. It is the highest form of Service of the person, demanding special thinning of an organism. Beams have to refract, that is to be transmutation. Not refracted by consciousness, they run low for Earth, departing to space. Plants perish without light emanation. They too are absorbers, transformers and prana distributors. Also the part of a planet deprived of knots of transfer, or the centers distributing dies off also. If these centers were removed from some places, underground fire immediately would break. Certainly, each person perceives light because without it there can't be even his physical body. Antithesis of light is the absolute darkness excluding any forms of life. Even dark is light denying, live its reflections, cutting a bough on which hang. Even the most darkened to be visible and to exist has to have in itself (himself) any vague and feeble semblance of light fire. Otherwise it will be anything. Let this fire will be dim, smoky and is gloomy, but its sparks distorted nevertheless from the same Uniform Light. Light is in all. "And, if light, which is in you - darkness, that what is darkness?" - So the Teacher Asked, knowing them, Light of the reviling. So, the life, any life is the statement of this or that degree of fire being, in turn, modification of the same Light because Light is its highest form, and a form fiery, but already inaccessible in an intimate fiery for an eye terrestrial and even the thin. Because prismatic sight or the sight refracting fires of crystals of the thinnest energiya, is the highest achievement of spirit on your planet. Not refracted by a fiery eye, they don't exist for consciousness. The world Fiery is closed for the lowest consciousness. But the purpose of the person on Earth exactly to assimilate consciousness Fires the Highest and Hidden to make area reality. Influence of spatial fiery beams will amplify that could begin to sound on them all. The wire which hasn't sustained tension fuses. Means, it is unusable. Unusable organisms will fuse. I told: unusable life will leave. The kingdom of the future Light is the Era of special tension of fiery energiya which will sate life. Rotten covers are doomed to a burn-out that is destruction. Therefore we won't be afflicted to press unreasonable, because they prepare our device to their gradual assimilation. Let's remember also and a limit straining. Someone will want to avoid need fiery. But rescue won't be, even the air inhaled will be saturated with fire. Rescue is in feasible assimilation of Light, urgent and urgent, nowadays displayed in a terrible threshold of the future. To the most important we will find time and a place. Before accident readiness of consciousness has to be shown.

459. The Lord of the Shambhala, Light bearing and Light claiming, Speaks: the horror will be rescue because will force the heads inclined to Earth, to turn to the Sky. Fateful will be lost, but able to contain at least a little bit of Light, by it will be rescued. Aren't terrible: water for water, Fire for fire, Light for light, because related elements amplify at is combination. Therefore collecting in itself the necessary elements capable against - to stand to the future fiery waves, it is necessary to save up urgently. At the most responsible moment of a planet My employees on the force will flash the dazzling centers of light which become regulators of the come great confusion which has seized crowds. Are deaf and blind, they will rush in search of saving light. And to them, on My guards standing, the address the rushing about in horror of consciousnesses will be directed. My sons armed with my Beams become to the aid of a planet as the last hope and a shelter for them, about Me forgotten. Be awake because Hour is close. I Told.

460. (Half awake). The belief has to learn a measure of the account of grain.
My son, the account of grains trusts in the only close. Light grains essence of a pearl of knowledge. Everything who will manage to find use them, but the account keep only entrusted because have access to My Treasury. It is a lot of flowers in My Garden, and in everyone - Light pearl. It is a garden of pleasure and a knowledge garden, a garden of pleasure of knowledge, or pleasure of the continuous cognition which isn't interrupted by anything. One believes the wealth in things which own, others - in the benefits terrestrial, but wise believes it in knowledge. The knowledge is inalienable property of the person and, besides, the hidden. The knowledge is immense and boundless. There is no such brain which could capture and hold it. The knowledge is valuable, but the fiery device learning is even more valuable and able to get this knowledge from an inexhaustible Treasury of Space. It is impossible to carry this Treasury in consciousness, but it is possible to reach its condition that access was open always and that at any time the beam of consciousness could easily and shine freely the necessary area and take from it the necessary facts. E.P.Blavatsky conducted scientific conversations with scientific stars of the time. It didn't graduate from universities and had no scientific degrees, from where it took the knowledge striking her interlocutors with depth and width of thought and surpassing them scientific dogmas in force and originality? It is possible to reach that archives of spatial book-depositories became available to consciousness. The Buddha researcher not only received ready knowledge, but also learned at great university of the nature, investigating and studying the phenomena as does it the student in modern laboratory. Three bodies of the divided permit independent work on three plans. But the World Fiery because his Fiery Body was open for It also as is issued as the physical body of the ordinary person is issued. Means, the main value not in the knowledge, but in the conductors, able deliver it directly that is without mediation of any external subjects, devices or grants. The small personality isn't present a place in Space, but the phenomenon of the personality as the mote in an eye, prevents to see a wide field of cognizable objects. So the first condition of direct cognition is dismissal from itself, from the small personality. Like the Iron Curtain, there is it between possibility of space cognition and consciousness of the person. To be born and receive wings, the butterfly surely has to dump a cocoon or a baby bird - a shell. So for the birth of Identity, immortal and enduring for eyelids, the person has to be born again, having dumped from itself a cocoon of the personality limiting it. Clinging for become obsolete and become already unnecessary form of the former expression, blocks itself a way to a space scope. Not to fly to a butterfly, without having dumped a cocoon. Remain in a cocoon means death. Not to fly, remaining in a vice of the personality. Fetters of the personality are death to spirit. The astral is a form of expression of the personal beginning in the person, a support of all mortal and passing that is in it. The astral, like a physical body, is doomed to death in each embodiment. Identity needs neither the personal beginning, nor an astral cover. Astral peel, being dumped in the Thin World, to a cocoon dumped by a butterfly, it is similar in essence. The difference only in that, what it is constructed not from physical, but from an astral matter, and is similarity of the person living in it. Nowadays, on the verge of the sixth race, the astral isn't necessary. Devotees spoke about a kill of a flesh and about cruel deadly fight against it. Not against a body fought, but with ardent, hardy, longing essence of an astral. Body is the servant of the person; servant true and reliable. Why him to kill and to destroy? But the astral has to be destroyed as superfluous at a new step of human evolution. The resistant much in it succeeded. Restraint of British is achievement of these people that is mastering by an astral. To show the emotions, that is movements of an astral cover, it is considered at them a sign of lack of education. Without an astral cover of people can live, without feeling loss. But British were suppressed by intelligence. The brain put on the first place, killed heart. Heart as body of the highest direct cognition, as the carrier of ability of a feeling-knowledge is nowadays approved. When the thought plunges into heart, then an intimate gate opens. In heart look for; in it is way.

461. (Sep. 24). The essence of compliances is that the grain of spirit penetrated by vibrations of a beam of the star, from environment of all three worlds attracts to itself elements, to a beam the harmonious. The horoscope, or a framework of a display of spirit on this embodiment, too represents itself a combination of the magnetic energiya attracting particles of a matter, to beams of stars corresponding, and in a due proportion. And spirit grain with saved up in the world of forms energiya has to are show through the covers - physical, astral and mental. Elements of covers are attracted on compliance and karmic, but ordinary people usually have no bodies allowing them to reveal all the accumulation because the purpose of each new embodiment consists in approving and developing in itself the properties planned by the next immersion in the world dense. The horoscope can be considered as a framework, or the form limiting freedom of spirit. The spirit seeks to overcome these restrictions, but its main objective - to overcome not it, and the counteractions disturbing to the statement of properties foreordained by this embodiment. The outstanding sculptor of a former embodiment any more won't be him in new, but has to develop already other sides of the microcosm. Time they reached is never lost, only we weed manifestations of all assembled accumulation usual terrestrial conditions can't serve. The person is given a certain tool, and with this tool it and has to work, skillfully using all its opportunities. The hour tool it is impossible to hold down horseshoes and vice versa. Can fly only wings having that are belonging to elements of air, or fire, which wins in total the subject it others. Therefore human life is under construction on compliance with essence of elements, in it put. The spirit is higher, the more freely it overcomes influence of star beams. Arhat - the winner of star influences. And any more stars operate it, but he is a lord of the microcosm which stars influence. The fiery will - the highest force on Earth and - wins the worlds even against stars. This will show in covers and from covers of three kingdoms, because it from fire can't. But through covers can. Thus, the potential of fiery will should be looked for in the potential of spirit grain, which over three. Spirit kernel from the Beam of the Lord, so a victory in merge to this Beam, or will of the Father Hierarch. Therefore the statement of a formula "Yes There Will Be Your will" is the statement of the fiery potential and a victory over kingdoms of three and covers of everyone. All restrictions - to a known limit beyond which freedom kingdom, showing in the form of the Supreme laws begins. It is necessary to understand that a framework of the law is a form of a display of the highest freedom. Therefore freedom is reached by knowledge of the law.

462. So, the way to intimate knowledge lies through heart, and it is a way of knowledge direct. Here in a dream two cases of such knowledge were shown. Heart simply knew that has to happen exactly so, instead of differently, and happened as told heart. In life in reality it often occurs, only we listen to heart and its messages a little. Some attentiveness could facilitate development of this ability. The knowledge of some things already is in heart. But this knowledge should be replaced with a brain that is from heart to transfer to a brain which the consciousness uses as the working tool of day, or a wake condition. At the solution of any problem, without waiting at all mornings, it is necessary to put thought on heart and to try to realize that it speaks. The brain speaks always, drawing the conclusions. To it we listen and to it we submit. And it became a habit. As it is possible to approve and make habitual heart sounding in life usual. And in process of the attentive attitude towards him its voice will sound in increasing frequency, everything is clearer and clearer; the victorious song of the heart learning over restrictions of the dense world won't begin to sound yet in consciousness. Before it is necessary to believe in power of heart to start applying in life and be guided by it. And the order should give suggestion to itself through heart, especially, filling up when the brain stops the conscious activity. The brain sleeps, but heart doesn't sleep never, because on the guard. Whether it is better to him who is awake, to charge performance of similar tasks? Even it is possible to talk to it, as to a special being or essence, in us staying. Heart it is possible to persuade to work. You want to give something to someone mentally - act through heart. The result won't slow down. You send a message distant - send it heart and through heart. Radius of action of a brain is very small. He is limited by the extent of sense organs - its tools. But heart because it is the device fiery isn't limited. It not theory, but life is. Now there comes a heart era. Opportunity and ability of heart should be transferred to life that is to apply. How heart if it isn't called for action can wake up and is in full neglect of inexhaustible opportunities of the fiery potential? Wish heart and act with heart. The brain has the field of activity. But it can't bear heart function, and not only in usual sense, but in the field of the unusual and super dense the brain is powerless, but heart is omnipotent. The muscle develops exercise that is application as also heart - only it in operation shows the force and the opportunities. On a stone wall the magician did a tracing of a door and, straining will, opened this door to the sphere of the impossible. And doors of the temple of heart open fiery will to spheres of wonderful spatial life of extra dense conditions. The brain there has nothing to do, because a brain field of activity - the world dense. But in the Thin World heart reigns. Together with a body the brain dies also, but doesn't die neither thought, nor heart. Let's study thinks heart is. During clever making activity of consciousness is transferred from a brain down, to center area, under a spoon, to a solar plexus, to the heart bottom. And whether heart awakened, stopping activity of a brain? Let the brain even will be occupied with the usual work, but it at all won't prevent heart to carry out the next task, without disturbing brain work. And still it is necessary once to start - to give the chance to heart will show the force.

463. (Sep. 25). My son corresponds to greatness of understanding of Shape of the Lord Expansion and growth of consciousness of understanding spirit. Only similar it is comprehended similar and - at a rate of the likening. In total from My Beam is Mine. Therefore I Call you mine. Mine grows and succeeds in process of assimilation in itself properties and my qualities. My light, in you refracted, light self is preceding shines. My light became your light. The uniform herd is so aggregated. And I am a Pastor. The sixth will be aggregated, having assimilated my Beams. My son, achievement it is valuable without thanking, but contrary to conditions surrounding. Also it is measured by forces counteracting. Not under the Sun the lamp is bright, but in a gloom of night the darkness shows greatness of Light, and a gloom monster - a leg of its throne. But in space understanding an antithesis of Absolute Light is the Absolute Darkness, or Chaos. And in construction space powers of darkness are only dirty outgrowth on a small spot of dirt. Let's not exaggerate the planetary phenomenon of the dark. The sixth, having united, will give the phenomenon new because among new race of attendants dark won't be. It is necessary to go to the future with open eyes, knowing the Plan of Evolution of the races, traced by Lords. The plan is cut down in elements; the Plan is crystallized by fiery energiya of SEVEN. But it has to be introduced in consciousness human, to become part it and a uniform possible condition of creation of life. Before making movement or to perform work of day, the person has to know as it will do, that is to have the plan. Without the plan it is impossible even to build houses. As and is in the great. The plan of Lords has to take shape obviously in consciousness human, nestle in it as the only solution of life, and already then, conscious, to be carried out in forms on Earth, in life shown. Hitherto the mankind counteracted Light, going curve ways. But Light way is direct, and the Sixth shows way following to the highest, given hierarchically. The false science, false religion, false understanding of life didn't promote space ways. Lie from life of people we will clean. Let's give true science, true religion, true understanding of appointment of the person and on Earth, and Space. Let's connect in consciousness of people of part, darkness the disconnected. This world and the World That Is combinable in one integrated whole - true shape of the Uniform Thing. The travelers who have dispersed on back streets of life, we will collect. To them, Me integrated, we Give domination of the power over the lowest consciousnesses that also small these could lead to Light. All will change. Both the New Sky and Novaya Zemlya become a brilliant reality. Great division, having concerned science and religion, will separate and will burn everything that is in them false. When religions will be cleared of heaps human and their fundamental principle is shown, their seeming contradictions generated by human misunderstanding will disappear. The unification will pass through all life from top to bottom. And even wild animals become friends of the person. All live becomes a uniform family, having united in harmonious conditions of the pacified elements which aren't hostile, but friendly and colleagues to the person. Having merged with a space stream and having become conscious part it, it is free also the light-the mankind will direct to execution of the world appointment. But the first escapes of future shoots arise and make the way to life now, in terrible conditions of transitional time. Also it is great and immeasurably values you, sowers of spatial grains on an immense field of spatial life. Your thoughts, being fruits of the assimilated Beam, are those grains of Light which give the obvious shoots. And if sowers not you, my relatives whom then to entrust an arable land? The value and appointment in creation of the New World should be understood. Derogation, either misunderstanding, or denial are equivalent to ignorance. The value of the consciousness should be realized. Humility isn't reality denial, and knowledge of the mission - pride. Self-abasement humiliates consciousness and does it low. Fiery beginning in the person, force the realizing, above the blind biped, in a dust across Earth is creeping. The advantage of spirit should be held highly. The advantage and understanding of the power are inseparable. The advantage and pride of spirit of fiery property understands of a pearl of enduring essence of spirit. Not the bent reaper, but the sower is sent by Me on an arable land. The field of fiery crops trusts only in the next. My children, the soil of the pro-big fish deeply, both the crop will be good, and the harvest is plentiful. But without crops, you created, and your works, in darkness pre-dawn invisible how to expect shoots?

464. Work of nodal consciousness is diverse. It occurs on the visible and Invisible plan rather on all three plans. The delicate work isn't always available to understanding. To that there are a lot of reasons. Let's track the sphere available. The beam is sent by the Lord. The center of consciousness perceives it, assimilates, that is acquires, and gives already the finished goods. Energy of the Beam crystallizes perceiving consciousness in certain mental forms, and these forms nodal consciousness, like the conveyor, radiates from itself, sating with them surrounding space. I send not Records, but the Beam, your consciousness casts, or will crystallize its energy in forms so clear and accurate that they depicted on paper, give the harmonius and finished statement of some sides of the intimate Doctrine. Transfer knot, catching fiery energy of thought and making out it, like the sower, continuously throws into space of grain of hierarchical thought. The same occurs and without Records, but Records claim both a rhythm, and system of transformation obvious. Records demand the finished crystallization of thought, and in it their double value: on the one hand, they invisibly sate space of big radius, with another, can serve as incendiary focus, thought giving rise, for each consciousness which will be able to read and acquire them. Advantage is bilateral. It is necessary to understand that the thought before it is recorded on paper, has to pour out in a form obvious and finished that is to be born as self-sufficing essence on the Plan Spiritual. And only being born there, it can accept physically visible shape in the form of Record. Not any consciousness easily catches and makes out spatial thought. But the thought imprinted on paper, is already available to the majority. Even if not everything understand, even the small part understood is already useful. The knot of transfer has also spatial value that is value for a certain district in which it is, for its saturation. Anymore the channel, and the whole sphere of Light breaks in darkness surrounding, serving as a magnet, Light attracting of the Stronghold, and the center radiating it in turn. So accumulation and crystallization of Light can make by Ashram that place where Light collects and gathers. Certainly, such walking Ashram is, first of all, the carrier of light, but also the center saved up, motionless, will be called as Ashram in the usual sense this word. Ashrams - the phenomenon rare and therefore are protected by us especially. The words "My House Se is" is my statement it on Earth where they were told. When Told: "you are gods", Wanted that people realized the value on the highest scale. I want that the value, both the value, and the indispensability my son realized. It isn't necessary humility in the usual sense where force of Beams of the Lord is transferred to the entrusted consciousness. And, if you in itself anything, that My power armed you is all. Being the Face of the Teacher, his force, his power, his power, you show and you can act as essence, or the Identity invested by the higher authority. The ambassador of the great people is power of the country which stands behind it because it is authorized by it. And for you - the Lord, force of the Beams to you entrusted. And not you, but It in you are worthy understanding and the statement of the highest. Celebrate hours when you show my Face because your essence at this time changes and from small on Earth you can become great in you weed. You are anything, but a Bike of the Lord, the throne in Your in heart the approved. Its greatness, its power, its power, its force, its tranquility of a reality in yourself obviously and you will become great, it’s Light. Rise, My son, in understanding of power of Light. Invested by My power I Send you to the world; I will Send soon. Prepare the consciousness to containment of qualities of the Lord. Entrusted Mine show My Face. Transferring the consciousness to me irrevocably, undividedly and forever, in Me you stay heart and A (I) in it.
Thought at perception it is necessary is tenacious to grasp and keep in consciousness, then it will start turning all the sides, won't be settled or apprehended yet completely. The thought which has been just missed, indicates insufficient vigilance of consciousness. Where now it? Overdue attempts to grasp it are fruitless.

465. (Saint. 26). Human insolvency is terrible. Affairs don't correspond to words, and words - to thoughts. The broken line of spirit turns out. Behind the distorted form it isn't visible contents. Compliance demands that external was conformable expression internal. The hypocrite and the liar create the forms of expression which don't have in it the bases, not the phenomena - but their ghosts. False expression of spirit as, for example, fussiness, it is harmful distortion of a condition of spirit under the influence of small feelings, it caused. The spirit and advantage it indulges for the sake of something external, so insignificant, as well as the generated feelings. The consciousness and actions are chained to a surface, dirty, foamy and unreal. The small moment undertakes, and in a service greatness of immortal spirit and its advantage is brought to it. As the hypocrite and as a little he is respected a little has to respect him. The rights of a primogeniture and primacy of spirit are sold dirt-cheap in exchange for illusive tips. It is difficult to imagine a condition of bigger slavery at people and conditions, than a condition of the person showing a false type of spirit to please of people around in any occasion. To be oneself everywhere and always the person knowing the price to a pearl of the spirit can only. Lock essence of the microcosm from access of strangers not hypocrisy, but treasure protection. The soldier on the guard is not the hypocrite. But grimaces of obsequiousness, flattery, hypocrisy, both fussiness, and small vanity are disgusting. As peacocks, dismiss people pomposity feathers, and under them - lie. Also people, but masks go on the ground any more. Whom do they deceive before whom wriggle to whom want to show what isn't present and what doesn't exist? Not they are terrible, not the phenomenon of these small passion, but results of lie, lack of fire and ashes of an extinct altar are terrible. The external form doesn't correspond to the internal contents. For able to see eyes - the show is awful. The dissonance caused in space by the phenomena of a similar order, is far and destructive. Far its echo rushes, poisoning the consciousnesses, not able to distinguish. The dragon grows from a small worm, devastating souls human. The Name My saying and it blaspheming isn't my servants, but attendants of a gloom. Hypocrisy of sectarianism is awful. Why the Name My will wear and belittle cruel, heartless, bastardy fanaticism? As parrots, go on words of the Writing, but even no bird's advantage of spirit have. Those though fly, and these creep and kowtow to the stiffened forms of fanaticism and thoughtlessness. I will raze everything to the ground because the planet has to be peeled or be lost.

466. To show power, it is necessary to show in it belief. Before showing, it is necessary to believe. Without a condition of belief there is no force moving mountains. Condition is difficult. People lost belief in great and became insignificant. It is necessary to recreate the lost belief and a citadel of power to construct, putting a stone behind a stone once again. It would seem, abstract concept - belief and force, specifically displayed, and aren’t connected, but this gap seeming. The belief also is immutable knowledge of insuperable power of fiery all-initial energy not knowing restrictions. And if by its huge planets that are whether something that it couldn't be set in motion are movable? If to find an emphasis for the lever, it is possible to lift Earth. So Archimedes thought. Where that emphasis, leaning on which it would be possible to show force of energy fiery? This emphasis also is belief, or immutable knowledge of force of energy of Fire. This belief, both this force, and this emphasis isn't present in the pupil, but it is in the Teacher. It is necessary to go its way. If It Showed and Shows it, and the pupil can show too if reaches a step of understanding of its appendix at least the initial. Begins is always with the small. What begins? Application or the appendix in life is of all-initial energy fiery. Everywhere and in everything it is possible and has to learn to apply it: both in great and in small, and day and night, both in a dream and in wakefulness. This mighty force submits to will and is at its full disposal. It isn't enough know that it exists; it isn't enough to believe in its power, it is necessary to apply it that there was it the integral property of the person. Illness, wounds, indispositions, pains, violation of functions of an organism - all submits to it. Before doctors, before drugs, before something always and in everything it is necessary to apply it feasibly. Its appendix will always yield results, and they too need to be able to be seen that there were they obvious and indisputable. In cold, in hunger, in the field of the statement and a display of various feelings the field of its appendix is boundless. It is possible to force itself among heat of the desert to feel cold and among snow - heat and to stop painful feeling of hunger. Practice constantly in everything, in big and small, it is possible to raise consciously the winner fiery. As the person in a copper of the everyday sea, from all directions exposed to blows and elements, and people is helpless. It is weak and is defenseless. But it is not person, and inhabitant. The one who realized that in his hands the lever of invincible force, becomes and it will apply and in life every day that grew and was approved in is mute consciousness of force of treasure which it owns. How to apply is here a question. Always were both fire, and oil, and electricity, but how many millions years passed before the person learned to apply them, - as and with energy fiery. It is necessary to understand that its carrier is the device of a human body, the device fiery, capable to accumulate this power in sizes unknown. Spheres of a display of all-initial energy go on steps, or on a scale. In movements of muscles, body organs, in a brain - the same energy, but already transformed. Even degrees of a display of thought have the fiery scale from its lowest octave to the highest. All layers of matter energy fiery operate. Elements are subordinated to it. Therefore, it can be applied absolutely in mountains. Condition is difficult. People lost belief in great and became insignificant. It is necessary to recreate the lost belief and a citadel of power to construct, putting a stone behind a stone once again. It would seem, abstract concept - belief and force which is specifically shown, aren't connected, but this gap seeming. The belief also is immutable knowledge of insuperable power of fiery all-initial energy not knowing restrictions. And if by its huge planets that are whether something that it couldn't be set in motion are movable? If to find an emphasis for the lever, it is possible to lift Earth. So Archimedes thought. Where that emphasis, leaning on which it would be possible to show force of energy fiery? This emphasis also is belief, or immutable knowledge of force of energy of Fire. This belief, both this force, and this emphasis isn't present in the pupil, but it is in the Teacher. It is necessary to go its way. If He Showed and Shows it, and the pupil can show too if reaches a step of understanding of its appendix at least the initial. Begins always is with the small. What begins? Application or the appendix in life is of all-initial energy fiery. Everywhere and in everything it is possible and has to learn to apply it: both in great and in small, and day and night, both in a dream and in wakefulness. This mighty force submits to will and is at its full disposal. It isn't enough know that it exists; it isn't enough to believe in its power, it is necessary to apply it that there was it the integral property of the person. Illness, wounds, indispositions, pains, violation of functions of an organism - all submits to it. Before doctors, before drugs, before something always and in everything it is necessary to apply it feasibly. Its appendix will always yield results, and they too need to be able to be seen that there were they obvious and indisputable. In cold, in hunger, in the field of the statement and a display of various feelings the field of its appendix is boundless. It is possible to force itself among heat of the desert to feel cold and among snow - heat and to stop painful feeling of hunger. Practice constantly in everything, in big and small, it is possible to raise consciously the winner fiery. As the person in a copper of the everyday sea, from all directions exposed to blows and elements, and people is helpless. It is weak and is defenseless. But it is not person, and inhabitant. The one who realized that in his hands the lever of invincible force, becomes and it will apply and in life every day that grew and was approved in is mute consciousness of force of treasure which it owns. How apply is here a question. Always were both fire, and oil, and electricity, but how many millions years passed before the person learned to apply them. As is and with energy fiery. It is necessary to understand that its carrier is the device of a human body, the device fiery, capable to accumulate this power in sizes unknown. Spheres of a display of all-initial energy go on steps, or on a scale. In movements of muscles, body organs, in a brain - the same energy, but already transformed. Even extents of manifestation of thought have the fiery scale from its lowest octave to the highest. All layers of matter energy fiery operate. Elements are subordinated to it. Therefore, it can be applied absolutely in all areas of life, and in all layers real, and on all plans of life. Certainly, thought the highest sets unconscious fiery force in motion. The thought, itself, in turn, operates energy too being energy. The highest always operates the lowest. Silently, quietly, but the conscious thought, that is the thought generated for achievement of certain results powerfully works. It is necessary to understand very much that the thought which has been emotionally burdened by an astral, or particles of an astral matter, is heavy, isn't elastic and weak in comparison with thought passionless and pure from its impurity, therefore balance, both impassivity, and tranquility - the main conditions of fiery power. The thought cast in an accurate form, quietly resistant, will sweep away from a surface of a worrying astral matter its images as the whirlwind - dust blades of grass, and replaces them desirable images and constructions. It is necessary to understand this superiority of menthol over an astral and thoughts of the highest over all three plans. The tranquility, impassivity and balance are forms of a display of fiery power, and in these forms it is necessary to learn to apply and carry out power entrusted. I approve mastering by fiery power by conscious and its systematic application in life always and in everything. Understanding of that the Lord Reached and Could, will help both to reach, and can. To me yes follow. Go my way. The power given over a flesh, that is over a matter, isn't limited to any framework, any limits. It is necessary to direct only spirit in this most wonderful area, and secret doors of power will reveal before daring consciousness. It is important to understand that application doesn't demand it words. Words were necessary in magic for accumulation of fiery force, but the magic is cancelled, and the thought replaced words: there are no those distances, there are no those walls, there are no those layers of a matter which the blade of the perfected thought couldn't penetrate. It is necessary to experience power of fiery thought and it’s the acute ability not theoretically, but in practice, in life, to experience and to apply. The thought - is the tool, capable to accumulate fiery energy for action. it can be collected and cast in a form, that is to give it a desirable image, and she already, without any intervention of additional will, will act in the direction, in it put. It is important to generate and create. Further the created image which has been dynamically loaded with force of fire, assumes independently. Force of its action will be shown by all means sooner or later, anyway, but consequences are inevitable if the thought generating was strained. The psych equipment demands ability to apply it. Ability is reached by experience. Experience is applied in life. For this purpose embodiments on Earth that in the conditions of close and limited boundless fiery power was approved also are given. The mysterious Stone - a symbol of occult power and miracles, but grows the sides after each experience of practical use of force of all-initial energy. Experience is successful or not, but force grows that to turn temporary and seeming failure into a new side of the treasure, flaring wonderful fire of life immortal.

467. (Sep. 27). You want to write? You want, so and you will be. Because your desire merged with Mine, is subject to execution. Write. The main thing that will merged in uniform aspiration, and then isn't present anything on Earth, able to them merged, against - to stand. If each time, expressing desire or thought, to think, whether she will be coordinated with desire or thought of the Teacher as it is fast and victoriously the way would become. When the thought and desire go in itself, without being combined with will of the Highest, the phenomenon of egoism is approved. But after all we speak about merge, about merge wills and consciousnesses. Not my will has to merge with yours, but yours - to become expression of my will. I told: execution of my will you give the chance to me to execute your will. So two will, two fiery streams connect and merge in uniform aspiration, being expression of will by the Highest. The egoism always wants and this "" is separated from Space by a dense ring of the personality. And desires - empty, and thoughts - empty, and lives - empty, to death fateful. So fights and the biped egoism, a small circle of the manifestation to destruction the subject vegetates in a close framework. When walls of a dungeon are broken and the particle of space life realized itself that, then, and only then, the necessary degree of the accord with spatial life can be approved. Forgotten itself Me remember. And rejected itself Me accept, and small life of egoism betrayed to life burning by great, space part becomes. My son, whether beating of life great trembles and pulses in your heart? How you believe? In the heart cleared of unnecessary litter, is show great life. Also it isn't necessary to go anywhere behind it, especially on a market. In turmoil of life of pulsation of life great not feel. But if, being on a market, to force it to find forces to approve tranquility of silence, even in turmoil, even on a market, it is possible to overcome vanity. And if the thought and desire under all living conditions are directed on the statement of great tranquility of silence, my desire and will washing victoriously merge with all your being. Sensitively see desire of the Teacher and, having established the accord, know: the victory is inevitable. The accord wills - your will with my will, opens the most wonderful page "Books of Lives". But there are also such lives which register on death sheets. These pages escape and indulge in destruction. How many in vain spent efforts, a fruit of not bearing. But We Speak about life. Each act and action, not with Me created, isn’t necessary. But fruitful work, and fruitful everything made in the accord with a way specified. The aspiration to the accord changes life. All organism begins accord and to vibrate on a note of the Teacher, lighting the fires and becoming fiery. There is a thinning, a transmutation dense in the thin. The display of fire requires known degree of a sparseness of a matter, and degrees of this sparseness are infinite. Both the Teacher, and the pupil, having physical bodies, apparently, from an identical matter and the same atoms and molecules consisting, on degree of refinement and depression differs from each other, as the Sky from Earth. Million years of long evolution divide these two, seeming identical, bodies. This is the Teacher and the pupil. What then to speak about bodies of the huge majority of the biped. Therefore it is necessary to be able to see these degrees of refinement in the relatives, unknown and unattainable at present for ordinary people. From here precept: "Friends, refined incessantly". The condition of the constant accord with vibration of the Teacher inexpressibly quickly refine an organism also does it ardently sounding on the sent Beam of the Teacher.

468. (Sep. 28). Uncertainty in the process of perception is nevertheless a consequence of its singularity. It is necessary unusual to make usual and every day that is to transfer to area of usual reality. This way connection of the worlds also will go. If on the thin phenomena the cover of any illusoriness is imposed, they and remain in the field of ghosts. And We Say about reality, that as really exists as there is a Sun, the Moon and air, only in other measurement. But the thought and mental pictures for us are real, despite the belonging to the Thin World. Are so real both thoughts, and images not ours, as well as spatial. The question any more in, whether is they or not, and in how to make them property of the directed consciousness. Directed because in aspiration also there is a key from a receiving gate. At known skill to direct - means to receive. Even the aspiration to unknown forms or objects brings any extent of their cognition. Therefore the consciousness, to Us directed, will be always fruitful, that is thought, to a magnet is similar, will attract to itself educations corresponding to it by the nature of the. The law of a magnetic attraction concerns not only thoughts, but also all mental activity of the person which as is based on an attraction conformable, or related, the phenomena. The person is the center a proceeding, radiating number of certain energiya, and its mental environment is result of a magnetizm of these energiya. And as the person generates itself, free will and for choice to the, and an environment it is a consequence of the directed free will of the person. Having allowed thought, both especially strong and bright, it is necessary to think and of its magnetic essence, that is that this thought will bring with itself and will attract in an environment of the person. Knowing it, it is possible to throw out already consciously all thoughts, bitter fruits bearing. How thoughts of human not goodwill, rage and blows struck by them were fair, nevertheless they will bring a response by the nature of the and therefore are inadmissible. How our enemy, us wounding, in thought, to it sent was bad, it isn't necessary to plunge. Why to shroud itself in a gloom snare, a gloom attracting? It is better to go on tops, paying attention to a positive pole of life and to see in all, even in bad, good, increasing that their good. Enemies should be known, them to stop actions, but not to allow at all neither rage, nor thoughts spiteful. It is necessary to know, and still to provide wreckers dark the dark fate which doesn't pass them. But to be taken in a wheel of their spiteful flame will be already damage to spirit which and it is necessary to settle up to the end to the most allowed it. Provide Me My enemies, but also and the enemies. I will operate not greatly and rage them I will subdue. They are your teachers and are given for understanding of some properties of a human nature. Also know that your enemies - my enemies and hostility them is caused mine by the Beam. After all each of you - my relatives, is a faultless reactant for darkness definition, than it was covered. You not accepted Me don't accept, and to you counteracting go against Me. The so usual human relations in case of an apprenticeship get the absolutely special and profound value. So only one word directed against the Teacher or the Doctrine, can be decisive in destiny said it. Let's approve a current of thoughts and each again coming we will consider from the point of view of its magnetic essence because she surely will show them, and not on someone another, but first of all on us. It is good to hold the Face of the Teacher in the third eye. The thought of the Teacher - as the filter clearing, bad won't allow thoughts. Not for the sake of abstract virtue control over thought, but for attraction of spatial knowledge is approved. Because when the consciousness isn't littered with garbage or scraps of unnecessary thoughts, purely and freely the stream of thoughts of the highest joins the receiver. It is possible not only hour or day, but even to carry out all life, having adjusted the receiver of the spirit in a certain key. And when this key - aspiration to the Teacher, isn't present the end and a limit to parcels received. Someone complains about a lack of the management and attention from the Teacher. And it is right. Really, both attention, and the management are show in small degree. But their degree is small only in case of office of thinking of the pupil. On small call and a response is small. The consciousness is so occupied with vanity of day that for the Teacher of a place doesn't remain. What is measure will measure the sphere, to the Teacher taken away, the same measures also reciprocal vibration of the Teacher. Usually people don't find time to give its to the Highest, and then complain about insufficiency or a management not are show but when the Teacher was given the first thought and when the first place and in consciousness, and life is allocated for It, the stream of sent opportunities is inexhaustible then. Communication becomes real and obvious. The consciousness grows, and fires of the invisible centers inflame everything more brightly and more brightly. The way to the Teacher is a way to the wonderful magic country where the fairy tale becomes reality and impossible becomes possible, opening the worlds of new measurements.

469. Going for Me, to Me yes will follow, without detaining attention to anything surrounding. Maya attention is inexpedient because the phenomena have no her under themselves bases. Real it seemed, eventually all its essence is nullified, passing infinite process of replacement of one phenomenon by another. Here terrestrial human life came to an end, and not to return any more any means of that passed and terminated. However, can cause from Akasha the movie of the leaked life with all reality, but nevertheless it will be any more life, and only its print, a picture from nature. Live, colorful, real, but not being the life is. In usual life always something and somehow can be changed. But already nothing can be changed in Akashi’s rolls - neither to change, nor to add. Life as that, life on Earth, has reality only for consciousness learning it, but not for consciousness nearby the being. It also gives lives a print of individual consciousness, it beholding. How many the heads are so much worlds and outlook? So Maya show not only passing events, but also their personal understanding and interpretation. East wisdom says that life is only game of Great Mother of the World.

470. (Saint. 29). I approve unification over moods and fluctuations. To put unification in dependence on them - means to give it to the power to astral whims. How much time was involved by it the unsuccessful carrier in trouble, how many mistakes and connivance allowed? After all the astral is a concourse of all unnecessary that else nests on dark corners of consciousness. The power is approved first of all over it, but not to it is given. Yes! Evidence is dim. Yes! Each hour and every day become complicated even more, and life becomes more difficult. But the Doctrine speaks to nobody about ease and it doesn't promise. The new World is included into life, but didn't enter yet. New buildings prepare, but are yet ready and there is no place to enter still. Therefore it is necessary to wait in the dark and on cold. But when will be ready, you will enter the first. Nothing is postponed, but it is impossible to erect a roof before walls and a wall - before the base. It is heavy to wait outside. But We Wait. And unless it is easy where million lives is on care? Whether it is possible to facilitate a way? It is possible, but the most difficult way is a way the shortest, and I Want that everyone approached to term probably closer. After term execution the value of approach becomes other. Temper, in difficulties acquired, remains the integral property. But only in heavy conditions it is possible to gain those qualities which are necessary for builders. Means are necessary both qualities acquired, and conditions, their creating. But someone wants rest and life safe in which never before wasn't born anything kind. The astral directs to wellbeing terrestrial, and the spirit wants a feat. How to reconcile antipodes? Only submission of the lowest to the highest! The spirit always knows the decision the highest, but the astral counteracts. I dominated millions, millions years and nowadays the power has to leave. Without cruel last fight won't concede. The head will be raised by every time as will weaken spirit patrol. On a place of one cut others will grow. Therefore to strike it is necessary not in the head, but in a root. The essence of the tyrant it is necessary to kill and so that already never more rose. It should be deprived of food, not are show emotions and without plunging into them. What there were living conditions and difficulties, the astral have to reconcile and break off and in any way not show itself. He has to be killed, that is led to the full silence, any price, by all means, and differently the way to a further ascension is closed. Suppression of an astral and restraint of flashes and its display will be the closest steps of ascension. Force I will allow to win against an ancient Serpent.

471. My son always follows achievement fixing reached and test of durability of achievement. And if test isn't passed, reached is taken away and it is necessary to reach again, in the conditions of already more difficult. Not someone who is standing over takes away, but the stumbled loses a fruit of the works. Therefore retreat is inadmissible. Therefore the moments of shameful weakness are inexcusable. Too the price for connivance and indulgence of own weakness is great. From the pupil hardness not only on a lifting crest, but also in a hollow of the wave caused by rhythmic advance of consciousness is required. To keep balance of spirit in any point of a turn of a spiral will be already a victory. Take-off and falling of spirit have to gain legality and a rhythm. The ship, steadily rushing to the purpose, goes, falling and rising on waves, but neither the course doesn't stop, nor doesn’t the direction lose. Not to avoid wavy rhythmic movement, but it is necessary that it happened within admissible legality. Otherwise - not advance, but retreat. Ability is beautiful to meet waves is reached by experience. The skilled swimmer never loses the directions, at least the next wave and closed the future horizon. Inexperienced will sit down on the coast and will indulge in vain hopes. But skilled won't stop and it won't be frightened by a type of storming elements. In total it isn't conditions, but in experience, ability and the firmness of will. Anyway, but this and tests sent it is necessary to pass through life. Whether it is better pass through them the winner because defeat at all doesn't relieve of burden of test and doesn't facilitate a way, and, just the opposite, makes heavier inexpressibly. Therefore other exit isn't present as soon as to achieve a victory. It is necessary to realize inevitability of a victorious way. It is necessary to understand that there is no place to go more, as soon as from a victory to a victory. The retreat way, or way of falling to a chasm, - is impossible. It is already impossible because the border when return to the past is possible is already passed. And before it isn't passed, we in pupils Don't take. Back return isn't present, the way remained only forward. And only victorious and overcoming all difficulties what they were. The next wave should be met with consciousness of an inevitable victory. I will victorious, persistent, immutable as movement of stars, I will claim. The consciousness forced by an astral, wants to be pounded in a small back street of a most regret and weakness, but even it is inadmissible because only the consciousness of the force beseems the one who was given a spirit sword. Therefore it is necessary to strain will and, having collected forces, in fight already tempered, with a bigger hardness and confidence to direct forward. Pity words of weakness and derogation won't rescue and won't facilitate, and complaints won't help. Exit one: forward, forward, forward; forward, carelessly and fluctuations, only forward, because ahead - I following the star. The melancholy is inevitable, and also - and sharp feeling of surrounding imperfection and pressure which are especially heavy. But force of steam can be shown only under pressure, and the it is stronger, the force of its action is more powerful. Condition accelerating we won't honor for misfortune, because Light ahead, but not darkness. We do not leave without care and attention not for a moment, but among heavy press not always it is possible to feel an easy and imperceptible contact of the Hand of the Teacher. It is impossible and on - to mankind because, leaning too, it is possible belief in the forces to lose. Not assignment, but fight and victory precepted, power the forging. So, My son, I See you the winner powerful, triumphing over all conditions of currents counteracting. Strength I Give and tranquillity I sate. Know always and remember: both we will worry, and we will reach. Everything we will endure, happiness precepted we will reach, you and I, which is in you. Care is about swimmers fearless and courageous, not afraid of anything. Our swimmers of the coast of happiness reach in the put term. Also remember that you at Me. It is a lot of My, able to Say this saving formula. But said a strange thread communicates with Light Stronghold. Light of My Proximity make more obvious, than darkness surrounding. Because I won against darkness which nowadays tries to weaken and win against you, and you, the winner, Me the foreordained already broken. Victory I See traced on a forehead because minutes of a special press especially brightly and obviously fires of the centers start inflaming. Don't break their light an inappropriate condition of consciousness not to be cast into ruin. How sadly see the lowered gray feathers of the hung aura instead of victorious fires of the centers. My son, I rejoice to your victory because approved it.

472. (Sep. 30). We go undoubtedly, we go without fluctuation, and we go, as on a victory holiday. I will eat the never-ending victorious song of spirit. In pleasure and a grief, in difficulties and tests are identical always. The end to tests isn't present. Even the worlds are on test. Difference only that test from personal became individual, from individual - space. Test is the statement of new steps of evolution, their vitality and stability. The form of a display of each new step has to become steady to survive and have the right to existence therefore test as the form of the statement eternally new is the benefit. Therefore we Rejoice to tests as inevitable and to significantly possible way of ascension. Only ours burning, our cares and our pleasures became planetary and space. Spatial life, demanding dismissal from personal, replaces personal universal. The horizon extends immensely, and life of the Distant Worlds becomes inseparable Earth from life. We live in three worlds: terrestrial, thin and fiery. We live in them, in whatever body was. The stronghold is focus of connection of all three, open for all worlds. Certainly, this condition demands the open centers, and tension is great. But it is necessary to reach us, and a condition of unknown tension to make as usual as, for example, atmospheric pressure for an organism. Differently speaking, each pupil has to adapt the microcosm for Stronghold living conditions. They are absolutely intolerable for an unprepared organism and therefore exclude any possibility of stay at Us those who has no corresponding training and tests. Opening of the centers and assimilation connected with it tension demands very long time, special conditions and care. It is easy to burn down. The one who resolved to reach Us and to be with Us, isn't confused anymore any tests because knows that they are given as an inevitable way of a kindle and the statement of fires. To become a being fiery, it is necessary kindle fires, to be approved on fires, to become tempered in them and to assimilate the thinnest intense fiery energy of the Highest World. If before consciousness not greatly to hold the purpose fiery far, each step and each test will be comprehended and the direction isn't lost. It is possible to pass through everything, both to transfer everything, and to sustain everything, and to win against everything, if only the nobility clearly and definitely for the sake of what something is undergone or is tested. It is so possible not to lose ideas of the leader. So the mankind shares on what know where and why go, and on what go blindly, without knowing where, without knowing, why and for what. The spirit has to comprehend the existence and the purpose before moving. Hardness of a step and steady depend on degree and understanding depth. And still the main process is made in thought laboratory. The thought causes a condition of consciousness and degree of its relation to the surrounding. The thought is the working weapon of spirit. It goes ahead, breaking through the channel for action in substance of elements. The fiery pre-messenger is sent the first, magnitno concentrating energy for achievement of the purpose, in its enclosed. If people understood silent, inaudible, silent, hidden, mighty, pro-butting space thought action!! Iron is impenetrable for a tree, and diamond - for iron, but there is no substance, impenetrable for fiery thought. Energy is all penetrating doesn't know obstacles. Only the owner of this terrible weapon doesn't know neither property, nor force it. Each soldier he has to know and be able to put the weapon and force into practice; in those practices constantly that the hand didn't stiffen. Exercise and application of the highest energiya for the pupil become way of day. A little that it is possible to tell. Ability won't come from someone else's words. Ability is reached by experience and the knowledge appendix in life. The weapon in which application skill isn't acquired and which don't know how to use is useless. The weapon of thought should be studied in life and in practice. It is necessary to understand, at last, that the thought dumb, silent is more powerful than the word. With it also act. Especially where words are powerless or are impossible, act with thought. The thought flies about the globe instantly. But even the stratospheric plane requires time. And so in everything! Ahead the thought flies. It is necessary to see how human necessary ideas that the mankind in the necessary direction could move take root into consciousnesses. The new World first of all is under construction by distribution in the mass of people of the necessary concepts, harbingers of actions human. The world is under construction thought.

473. Without a display of the negative properties and qualities there can't be a statement of their opposite pole. Bad are show for a gets rid and transmutations in the good. At first it is necessary to reveal that is subject to melting in the superior quality, and then already to claim you the highest. In its sense of tests that is clarifications of that is in the person and that it is necessary to change.

474. The shining Shape of the Lord creates the Light, turning spatial treasures into concrete forms terrestrial, visible and available already to people. Both transferring and refracting the consciousness of the next serves. Both it is simple, and it is wonderful, but pages of Records are filled in obviously with products of the assimilated Beam. So the Beam works. Force of it is show in operation, bearing fruit of the obvious. Fruits of my garden in order that people could taste from them gather. It is a lot of flowers on my meadows and many fruits in a garden. Everyone collects on compliance with the spirit, showing not repeated originality of the chosen combinations. Creativity of spirit is shown in an originality of combinations of combined elements. The press of identity notes this creativity, and transfer of consciousness of the pupil to consciousness to the Teacher is expressed not in submission and absorption, but in merge and bright blossoming of individual creativity. We create together because the merged consciousnesses can't be shared. The soul afraid to lose is mistaken. Not soul loses, but ardent egoism of the personality identity could flash all fires of accumulation. Friends Mine, whether you can call at least somebody who lost, having come nearer to the Teacher? All got, and all increased. Not the bank account and not a hard coin, but increased obviously and fruitful. Enhancement it is expressed not only probably, but also in measurements of others, an eye and to consciousness not available, not visible to you, but seen to me. The aura which is persistently growing and blossoming by new energiya and fires, I See and I Rejoice to growth of a flower of spirit. I rejoice and Speak: "Friends if you arrive with Me up to the end, your pleasure will be deepened by new understanding of wonderful process of disclosure of a fiery flower of spirit". The Teacher Is anxious with that disclosure happened harmoniously and it is natural, without unnecessary jumps and disbalance. Uniform rectilinear movement best of all expresses the hardness and inflexibility of a shining way. The way is necessary to us still long, and I Have to arm you on all cases of a way. But one I Can whisper nowadays: the brightest your imagination not in forces to represent beauty and width of the forthcoming stays. Hour will come once, and the consciousness sang will reap the fruits of a way the shortest and the most difficult. It will be incorrect to think only of one grief’s, difficulties and burdening’s. After all the purpose all of them - pleasure and finding of things of not predicates. And you, who have been held down on hands and feet by iron living conditions, know that fiery your wings grow to fly freely and light-Light in boundless spaces. It here you are prisoners of the dense world, but there you are free. Each drop of chagrin and loadings collects juice of fiery energy - the spirit engine in open spaces of the Thin World. And those which are bearing malice, sitting, both self-satisfied, and satiated good things of life terrestrial, alas, have no wings and won't fly. In struggles of spirit and difficulties and in utter darkness of the condensed gloom it isn't necessary to forget other pole of life, a kingdom of spirit, freedom and Light kingdom for which nowadays you prepare yourself.

475. (Oct. 1). Force collecting for action. Without force there is no action. Energy is shown in operation. She should be collected. It is better not to show at all actions, than to show it, deprived of force. Incompleteness is pernicious in everything. The unicorn will be a symbol of the correct action. All microcosm, all his bodies, directing to one purpose, collect energy the in one focus, in one point, and to this point there will be a point of the appendix of all energiya of a microcosm in focus of the necessary action. Then the blow of the fiery energy called for action, will be insuperable. Action can be expressed in thoughts, words and acts. Let's take for a word example. Usually words human when they aren't saturated with rage and not goodwill and other passions, are deprived of any force. Covers of words are empty. But when all essence of the person is concentrated on the word said, and the main thing, the center of his heart, the blow of the word is powerful. The monolith of the integrated energiya creates the form loaded with dynamic fiery force. And then the word is hammer blow in space. If the energy, called for action to connect to the Beam force, the Face and the Name of the Lord, the word the told becomes the mighty weapon of Light. Certainly, such words will pierce in the purpose as a bullet in a tree, cutting object of aspiration. Then aren't necessary neither gestures, nor standard oratorical practices. The arrow of thought given a shape of the word, it is immutable succeeds. The word can be said in the form of sounds or only mentally, the way of expression doesn't do any difference in a consequence. The same principle is applied and to acts. To do something with concentration - means to aggregate energy them. To do one, thinking of something perfectly the friend, it is equivalent to rowing by two oars in different directions. The boat will be turned on a place. Therefore it is spoken about the concentrated aspiration of all bodies in the uniform concentrated action similar in the aspiration to integrated atoms and molecules of a shell, let out of the tool. This integrated concentration allows it to cover huge distance instantly. And then force of the concentrated blow is great. For success and speed of action it is necessary to bring together all itself in it. And, having collected the force, connect to strength of the Teacher. Certainly, strength of the Teacher it is possible to create affairs not personal, but hierarchical. Therefore true action will have cosmic-spatial value. Power of thought, the word and an act can give invincible, but on condition of their superpersonal character. Collecting of mighty forces to action in the sphere of the personal world will strengthen the phenomena of egoism and will give a chain of heavy and very strong consequences. Power of implementation of thoughts will amplify therefore dismissal from itself is inevitable. True action has to be impersonal. The affairs created for the sake of the Teacher and the Name of the Teacher can be a sample for action. So collecting in focus of fiery energiya on all three plans goes the Name of the Teacher. Action becomes hierarchical, expressing not small "I", but essence of the one Who Costs for. Then, truly, power of the action breaking all barriers and counteractions is approved. Action becomes victorious. Power is given obvious shapes, bringing inevitable consequences.

476. (Oct. 2). Service happens Great and small. Time is found for small service so far as it suits small consciousness or allows it. It can interrupt a course of affairs every day and entirely to be given by times to Maya illusions. Great Service doesn't interrupt never and anything. On a key of Service all consciousness is adjusted. Whatever occurred in the microcosm or round it, Service goes continuously, assimilating to the ship which is going towards the aim. Different there can be a weather and the weather conditions, different freight, both passengers, and the team, but the ship goes whatever occurred in its case how life proceeded in is mute, and reaches the planned goal. Great Service doesn't put itself in dependence on something external. Certainly, external conditions influence it, just as the going train or the flying airplane, but from it change neither the movement direction, nor the appointment purpose. The difference in that before the ship, obstacles invincible can rise by train or by plane, but spirit can always rise by such height of aspiration where to fiery flight of obstacles doesn't exist. Obstacles is on Earth, and the lower, the more inertly and not more movably their essence. But there, in height, nothing interferes with flight of an eagle of spirit. It can rise even above a thundercloud and storms spatial. All this below, but is areas the highest where the way isn't darkened. Certainly, for Great Service it is necessary to rise over Earth. Certainly, flight because the stop means falling is necessary. The fiery elements support the directed body only in flight. It is necessary to fill a failure between Great and small service and to make small Great. Small service begins with the small. At growing aspiration it grows also, gradually increasing both in force, and in duration. At first a number of actions rhythmical, such, as, for example, a prayer, either reading the Doctrine, or the chosen places, either a parcel of thoughts, or contact with the Teacher is established consciously. When in a number of actions the rhythm which isn't interrupted by anything is established, there are intervals, and they should be filled. Spirit amateur performance begins. Work is multiplied, self-tasks grow. Time given to the most important, is extended. But any work can be devoted to the Teacher, achieving the superior quality it and concentration. If all work what it was to devote to the Teacher and to create it for the sake of him, the most part of time is filled with the service phenomenon. There is a dream and free time. But, approving thought on a certain key before a backfilling, it is possible to allow to direct the order the efforts and energy the in the full order and to the discretion of the Teacher. And fall asleep with this thought always not greatly. Why free time or rest can't be spent in the presence of the Teacher; unless in it is something bad? Consciously and subconscious it is necessary to reach such condition of consciousness that Great Presence was notable or at least imagined always. In it the continence helps with the third eye of Shape of the Teacher. Both patrol and prestanding can't interrupt. Whether patrol interrupted means its absence, and pretending on moods - game with fire? Savages pray to the idols when everything is safely and they are mercy, in case of failures they beat them and punish. Let's not assimilate to savages in pretending on moods. It is impossible to give that is subject to an inalterability display in an astral charge. Property of an astral is inconstancy and variability. It is impossible to love today the Lord, and tomorrow not to remember at all him. Or to spend hour in the aspiration strained to It, and in following to forget about It absolutely. Great Service assumes prestanding constant, aspiration uninterrupted, patrol not replaceable and a condition of the consciousness realizing under continuous influence of the Beam. It is possible to do everything that demands life, but with Me, it is possible to go round the whole world, but with Me, it is possible to live all life or lives, but in Me staying and without coming off Me consciousness not for a moment. And I will enter into all affairs, and I Will fills life. I will give it the highest expression and service small I Will make Great.

477. Space full the broken beams are the parcels unaccepted and rejected by mankind. The daily bread nowadays is given and in ignorance is rejected. If people could accept all sent to them from the Highest World, Earth would change instantly. If the heads which have been stupidly filled in Earth, could be turned to the Sky!! It is a lot of, so immeasurably depends on free will of the person much. But the tsar of the nature, freeborn spirit, prefers to stay in slavery. The freedom of choice opens a way to a gloom or to Light. We look for the raised heads. Where they? Therefore mission of our envoys in awakening of consciousness human is great. Nowadays it has to be woken by all means and by all means. Powers of the growing intelligence which haven't been counterbalanced by woken-up heart are directed on destruction. It use dark, breaking balance of elements and causing Chaos. Movements of a decaying matter, generating pernicious gases, bear to a planet death and devastation. Dying off of green bark - the phenomenon so terrible that represents threat to the existence human. But people are deaf. Unless it isn't enough prevention it is sent and signs it is given? Unless few prophetical dreams? But about them even are ashamed to speak. Pressure unknown and heavy rain of signs will amplify, all measures won't be settled yet. Accident - only an exit from a stalemate, postponed until the end, an exit the last and terrible. In case of need space laws don't stop not only before destruction of known part of mankind, but even the whole planet if its harmonious communication (with whole) with Space is broken. The sphere of a human microcosm is in just the same relation to Space, as well as Earth. As the organism which has lost communication with the Highest World, with space, with fire feeding dies off and collapses. Therefore, the next task of the person is to allow Light in the essence. Even rejecting it eats of. As situation will change at is his conscious perception. The astrological moment of a planet indicates the unknown tension of spatial fiery energiya. Therefore, opportunities amplify to a limit. The steam forced in a copper, but not used, causes explosion. As is and space fire if it isn't combined with a flesh terrestrial. Now each person is similar to a powder keg, ready to blow up because of each trifle. Consequences of these explosions will amplify, causing heavy diseases and death. It is impossible to reject fire with impunity. People are torn apart on part by unaccepted or trampled fiery energiya. Only accepted and directed for the public good, there are they beneficial. Elements are destructive until are subordinated. Everything is given to serve the person, but on condition of assimilation of energiya by consciousness. Fire of space accepted by fires of heart, isn't dangerous because assimilates and serves in the benefit. Fishes in elements of water, a bird in elements of air, animals on the earth live, and each look - in own elements. Make all Universe your elements, become its integral part, merge with spatial life and its beams, and the immense receptacle of Mother of the World becomes your house, your Homeland which it, even being unconscious, was always.

478. (Oct. 3). To feel temporariness of the house, the body and the bodies will be already achievement, to feel not in the theory, but in life. How many houses replaced, how many conditions, how many people of people around, and still remained the same. The body was updated, the thought and feeling and views of things changed, but It inside staying, Silent and only looking round which as a wheel round a motionless axis, life events rotate, He continues to look, collecting experience juice. Both thoughts, and feelings, and lives is all this not "I"." I" is over everything that passes by. The task to identify itself not with temporary in itself and around, but with the Eternal Witness inside, silently beholding life is great and difficult. It isn't enough to realize greatness of the Silent Recorder, in staying, it is necessary that the seal of its power was set to all covers, penetrating them and sating them with light of the eternal flame burning in intimate depth of spirit. It is necessary that this flame was reflected in all acts and thoughts, in all essence of the person. The formula "Be in the World, but Other-worldly" is the solution of a question. It at all doesn't mean to be from the Thin World. Mediums roll in its phenomena, but they further away from realization of this formula, than ordinary people because the temporary and changing stream of the astral phenomena becomes their life and reality, capturing consciousness. In this regard the World Invisible is even more dangerous a transient of the phenomena, especially aggravate. The world mental is mobile even more. Means, in all three worlds the support should be found inside, in itself, and to approve it. Exactly here, now, on Earth, instead of to wait for release from slavery at the covers in other worlds.The circle of release is planned and approved in all details on Earth where the elements necessary for this purpose gather, and release is carried out where are unchained the dense world and its restriction. But they are removed for comprehended their essence here. Therefore degree of understanding of essence of the covers here, on Earth, and release from their power will be during lifetime extent of release from them and there because here the person lives in all the covers. Making movement by a hand or a foot in heavy winter clothes, the person sets in motion not only a hand, but also a shirt, and all attires, up to outer clothing, fur. And with covers. In motion are set all. And control over all only on Earth also can both be approved, and to deepen. In heavy conditions the astral and rushes about thought especially rises. And in heavy conditions they are given to submission and bridled. It is necessary to bridle both thoughts, and feelings. The thought subordinated to an astral - as a mad horse without a bridle, bears where wants. Many rage in a vice of its tyrannical power, but the Silent Witness looking silently - he is a lord. Thoughts round It we will collect. It is necessary to feel the essence of a transient of movements in covers to reject their power. It is necessary to learn not to give in to others emotions and not to catch them. Vibrations of an astral matter are especially powerfully transferred from one person to another, taking his consciousness. To be the slave to the clown wriggling in others and in, to be a doll which the first comer pulls strings and which in unison with others movements starts waving a hand, feet and the head, - a shameful show for immortal spirit. Let wriggle, both break, and everything who wants - on that and free will rage, - but you be silent, be silent internally, break off in the covers and know that movements in them are not life, but death, there is a phenomenon, to death leading and to death doomed thanks to temporary and passing essence of covers. Great illusion is great terrible delusiveness. But the power nowadays should be claimed over three that externally and internally they submitted to the one who was given this power from a century. The enemy of the person, the most terrible and persistent is in it, his astral, in it and in all people surrounding it. Enemies - all slaves to its unrestrained flashes. Fight against it both in itself, and in others and to it counteract, knowing that having only won against it itself, in others him to yourself you subordinate. Seeing its violent movements in others, in itself lead it to silence and, having only brought, act. Let lips will be closed and the body is motionless, yet didn't see that own astral is bridled strong and the hand, and only then is firm reply. Movements in it is mute are infectious awfully. To them both in itself, and in others it is necessary against - to stand all strength of mind. Enemies to the person not only house it, but also everything, who in slavery at an astral. The astral has to be subordinated first of all. It is followed by menthol. Release from its power is necessary at least because people live under the power of the thoughts and mental constructions, firm, persistent, taken shape for eyelids and often false at the heart of the. Let's not speak about three whales. The three-whale outlook (and the world concept) still, however, modified, still reigns in science. The thought is held down, thought in slavery. Thoughts not freedom tool, but enslavement tool. The power over thought was reduced to slavery at the stiffened mental formulas. Not the person is imperious over them, but they, eyelids stiffened, dominate over him. It in scale world. But also in life of everyone business is not better. The person becomes the slave to each thought come. Not he, and thought disposes of him when wants and how many wants. The person generates thought and immediately falls under the power of the generation, at all without noticing an unnatural state of affairs. And two covers, having amicably united, create an interior on the arbitrariness and the desire. And he, the born master, voluntary and strong indulges in slavery at the generations, both astral, and mental. Slavery double. Lives all life the slave, and in slavery, and the slave leaves there where can reap the fruits only on Earth of the approved slavery. It is necessary to understand all depth of a shame of the slavish condition. It is necessary to see itself in the power at the covers, prison and the chains it is necessary to behold and understand horror and conclusion hopelessness before finding forces them to dump. The horror of a slavish condition not is in the slavery, and that the person not understand and not realize situation the. Pig in dirt, grunting from pleasure, too doesn't realize, but after all it is a pig! Before rising, it is necessary to realize and be indignant with spirit. I call to freedom of the freeborn. From itself it is necessary to be released. The formula "Be Rejected from Itself" has to be show in life. Otherwise - the end and gloomy slavery both here, and there. Covers, death fateful, have to be understood, realized, subordinated and saturated knowledge and a flame of spirit, their mister and the lord. Not it has to express their essence, but will of the lord staying in them.

479. The purpose - not only to lift consciousness to the highest "I", but also to live in it is mute feasibly. Memory of last embodiments is no other than stay of consciousness in the immortal reincarnating Ego. It remembers, and it knows. All three lowest covers can remember only a circle of this embodiment, no more, because are born only in is mute and with it finish the existence. But sutratma both remembers, and knows. Sometimes this knowledge of the past concluded inside, makes the way through covers and becomes property of usual consciousness. It is possible to tell still that three lowest covers perceive and express that part of last accumulation and abilities which is allowed by structure of their bodies or this combination scand.Therefore Ego really is the prisoner in more than one sense. And nevertheless sutratma is the great actor. The role is as though bad was and suits are nasty, he after all plays seriously and gives the best execution if knows a life. Ego is the highest Identity of the person with all experience saved up for all its embodiments. This experience and accumulation can be very various and the different height and value. The value of accumulation of Great Identity differs from accumulation of the ordinary person, as the Sky from Earth though both possess immortal reincarnating Ego. Even if to subordinate the covers, and to develop memory of the forgotten roll, and to reach unification with the Ego, all the same it won't make usual Identity Great. And only merge of consciousness to the Teacher opens doors in area of boundless opportunities. In a word, by own efforts not to pass, even having big achievements. From here - need to have the Teacher because the Teacher is the Torch leading. And how accumulation of the pupil, they are a grain of sand in comparison with the mountain of accumulation of the Teacher of Life was great. But there is such extent of achievement of Ego, when it realizes itself part of the Beam of the Lord, it generated and from it proceed. Then wisdom of the Lord becomes property of the one who found in it (himself) the Father. Also it is wisdom not it, not the pupil, but the Father, which in it. So without Hierarchy there are no achievements. And when spoke: all is in Me, I Approved bases. It is possible to understand, the mind which hasn't been lit up by wisdom of the Lord how is blind and limited. Great scientists of this world know nothing, the intelligence which hasn't been shined with Highest Manas, is similar to an eagle with the clipped wings - can go only on the ground. Therefore the terrestrial science is the science creeping on the ground. From Earth it should be lifted, having given it wings. On the one hand, it should be exempted from bonds of dogmatic materialism because spheres of a matter are boundless, with another her attendants have to become more distinguished spiritually. The true science can't deny any fact. She can explain only them by means of space Laws. All Law is spatial, aren't present laws human. Unless the code of laws of the Roman right or to it akin, being symbols of human imperfection. Because the laws composed by people aren't necessary to perfect mankind. It isn't necessary neither vessels, nor lawyers, prisons. They aren't present on Venus. They won't be and on Earth. But what is the time will pass before it will be executed. So, on Earth the knowledge of the Lord, in the Life Doctrine is approved the given. Only this knowledge will lead to knowledge itself and surrounding. Terms come revival and updating of knowledge ancient, as mankind, and new, as beam a rising sun.

480. (Oct. 4). My son, the future isn't cancelled, but will help to live to it understanding of uniform reality that was on what to lean. Movement is necessary to keep at height reached. Movement updates opportunities, and only it one serves as the guarantee of eternally new knowledge. In movement sees consciousness new combinations of a matter and imprints them. But when the consciousness is silent, it means, there is a new accumulation to new take-off, higher. The passable way we will consider not as the decline moments, but on consciousness take-off, and then the principle of spiral ascension becomes especially obvious, there are moments when the future sounds especially brightly. Usually it is the periods of tension of a flame. Very long-term future can become ardently sounding and seem really close. It not delusion, but feeling of reality is. Seers felt it for thousands years. To move consciousness into the future, having destroyed present walls, it is possible only for fiery heart. But prototypes of the future exist already in the present, on the Highest Plan of fiery prototypes of evolution. So, if, on the one hand, this providence is feeling of the far future, with another is there is an order in the present to the highest reality existing nowadays. So the pole of the future adjoins to the present on the Highest Plan of prototypes where time doesn't exist. Next is secret, incomprehensible for mind, but learned by the heart which has given in centuries of last phenomenon of fiery enlightenment that is and that will be.

481. (Oct. 5). (Half awake). I am a Guide. It is necessary to hurry. My Hand is with you. It is persistent; always together.
Shifts are required. You see leaders before events. Hour pre-specified came. And so a lot of things were already postponed. Correctly: the change begins. Great change! Soon secret becomes obvious, and will rejoice heart to a fulfillment precepted. The lord Enters into life obviously armed with all Beams as the Ruler of the destiny of the human. Each phenomenon, reaching apogee, causes nascence of forces opposite and when its recession begins, forces opposite, to it caused, start growing and overcoming the beget and, in turn, reach culminate. Historically the moment is inevitable and we won't avert. Roots of events not on a surface, but is in depth. Them we Approve. Sowers, prepare for crops. Crops are great, and the field is immense. To the best it will be entrusted. The best will show performers. And in the hearts of the human the best will prosper. Will of terms Come to execute that specify, Will make, and will connect roots, a damnation the disconnected. Know about the elite and the Banner of the Lord strong hold. To you it is entrusted. Don't look at a little - in my Affairs a bike you will be. Beams I will ennoble. And power in itself having realized the envoy shown you will give the testimony of power of the Lord. Itself who was hitherto, it is necessary to forget. The new attire is given for mission execution. New expression of should be realized in the light of greatness of events. Not the inhabitant you will enter into a hall unknown, but my son, my power the invested. Because as you will create affairs great to yesterday measure? Day small, day dim, day, Light deprived and will be forgotten. The butterfly that has dumped a cocoon, already never comes back to it because to winged creation in it is close and dark as in a coffin. And you, my force in the spirit of changed, will enter new buildings of the world not only desired and waited, but also having the power. Mighty wings eagle I Will give that you could raise over life both dare, and dare, and can. I told: Voice of Lords you will order. But the Voice has to be valid. And to tell this force on behalf of ours nowadays in you I Claim. Powerful scope is necessary not to catch fleas, but to decorate the Homeland of the woken-up athlete with flowers my garden. Learn told to accept fully and to carry out the Decree strong. The lamp can shine and in one thousand candles if the wire is serviceable and the central station gives current. The Stronghold center nowadays strains with a special force, sating wires and receivers to a limit of their capacity and endurance. My dear, know your grief will be in pleasure. Because soon I will cement for mountains is Star, but it is already close. The shown meeting of understanding approaching by pleasure we will fan. The lord Wants close term and feeling of the events to make property of consciousness. The Lord Provides everything and Speaks: "Hurry in readiness". We prepare events ways inscrutable and when there will come terms, nothing will be able to prevent its implementation. Undoubtedly, Proximity washing force allows keeping and sustaining up to the end. Not settled, but saved up and collected I Want to see mine. Events hurry. Hurry to fly ahead.

482. My son, you see itself that your Records and words of Mother coincide. Thousand vests not is obstacle for association of hearts. Association and merge - in the spirit of, and spirit out of time and distances, because spirit - the child of the Fiery World. It is necessary to learn to show spirit and its force. Whether the victory over a flesh not is a victory of spirit and the statement of its properties reproaches to dense conditions? If to learn to transfer consciousness to the spirit sphere entirely and completely and if to learn to realize itself spirit, but not a body or bodies!! ! True life is in the spirit of, but not in covers. Body - not spirit, an astral - not spirit, menthol - not spirit. The spirit is you, eternally real. Out of time is out of a form, without color, without a name and without nicknames human. You’re suffering soul - a spirit cover. Spirit is over it. Show time for the statement of essence of spirit in itself. You also are the spirit invested by covers for manifestation of by a pas the corresponding plans. Body is not you, but your tool to see, hear, smell and perceive the world dense. Through a body the spirit on Earth is shown. It is impossible to identify it with the clothes. The power over a body will be born from understanding of the purpose and purpose of the last. Terrestrial appointment can be executed only through a body which is obliged to serve. The body can't neither doubt, nor hesitate. Mind fluctuates; the body always implicitly executes all orders of the owner. Disobedience nests not in a body, but above. If it is necessary go somewhere, and the body doesn't want, not the body, wants, but an astral. The body neither wants, nor doesn't want; the body only obeys and doesn't argue. But the animal willful, an astral, revolts as wants. The desire is property of an astral. It is necessary to understand properties and essence of each cover that the scourge of will was directed against necessary (cover). Astral irrepressible - as the disobedient child, does that wants. The astral should be appeased. It is possible even to try day to carry out without emotions, or conversation, or I will meet with the acquaintance, or work of day. It is possible to give to itself tasks for a certain time to switch off this rebellious being from the use; deprived of food, will weaken. The body eats food, an astral - emotions and experiences. It is possible to draw to itself in the imagination the whole pictures or life events, when the consciousness meets them, having switched off this unnecessary cover from the circle, or from the sphere. From eyes, from a voice, from gestures it is possible to exclude absolutely this burdening beginning, and the main thing, from thoughts. It is possible to compare the words sated with emotions or passions, it is possible to compare the same words said passionlessly, and they are sated with fire. It isn't necessary to mix astral passion with fiery intensity. Many mix. The astral whirlwind is a cart with empty cans: noise there is a lot of, but uselessly. Taming of an astral is made by switching off of this conductor from life of the consciousness which is more and more becoming frequent and systematic, yet it won't become final and irrevocable. Unnecessary clothes throw out and it cease to use. The astral is subject to the same fate also - is abolished as superfluous. It is necessary to notice that all qualities negative, somehow: offenses, irritation, fear, rage, envy and so on - this entire no other than manifestations of the same eternal enemy of the person who is putting on different masks out of need. To it all the same, in what clothe if only to sate the insatiability with any emotion. Suppressed in one, it will by all means be shown in something another. And it by all means will find to itself (himself) a justification behind which will hide the essence. All imperfections of surrounding people or difficult conditions will be given, but never the person will find in himself courage to confess that flash happened not because someone and something told or made but because the serpent ancient raised the head and stung the carrier. It is easier to hide for others and to justify the next fury. Therefore learned mercy to the enemy doesn't know. The astral copes thought, but not on the contrary. And the thought, from it released at least for a while can bridle it only. The astral lives flashes, but the passionless thought is quiet and smooth. In that it is force. Astral restraint prepare in silence thought of a quiet frame of a display of activity of the person creating in advance in all covers. So one cover dominates over another on steps is. And over all - spirit. The fiery power over all also is transferred to it.

483. (Oct. 6). My friend, service obliges too much. And degree of voluntary obligations of the pupil causes the Guarantee of the Teacher. If, on the one hand, a number of actions, with Service connected, with another - magnetic force them, invisibly connecting with the Teacher both the help attracting it and attention. Because Service is made in Light, the Lord they sent. Service is the phenomenon of light burning in the pupil. Service is an inevitable and natural consequence of the Beam. For its bigger deepening the essence can be concentrated on Me that my Face entered the statement into all affairs of day and night even more persistently. People belong to sects, beliefs, parties, circles, the organizations and thousand divisions invented by them valid today, and you - mine not for today, but from a century to an eyelid. In beams of my care you bear burden of life, and any more for yourself, but for Service. It is necessary to understand that all events with you finally have one purpose - to become even closer. The purpose of your life is rapprochement with the Teacher still bigger. Nothing can separate or alienate you from Me, except will of your free. Tests and difficulties too are given for rapprochement. It is possible to put the life so that each step, each action, each thought approached to the purpose, but didn't delete. And the highest form of amateur performance of spirit is works it’s incessant, on rapprochement with the Teacher believed in all days of vain life terrestrial. In vanity and a commonness to approve a way unusual there is a great victory of spirit over spheres of heavy terrestrial gravitations. Let's call this way a way of the statement unusual. Unusual in usual will is a display of the Highest World in dense. And if Mine care of you, that and your care of that, that all measures, in all ways, all thinking, and all aspiration comes nearer. I will meet yours directed to Me energy and everyone I Will sate and I Will magnetize to a limit of its attractive ability and I Will return to you, aggravated by fruits of stays. Because that directs to Me, invisibly, but wonderfully grows, bringing a plentiful crop. It is possible even to address and tell: "The teacher, power of the tranquility I want to strengthen and my desire to You I turn. Help!" I will help, truly I Will help if effort make to apply in life quality approved. Application also is the statement in itself that, than you want to possess or that to reach. You create your achievement with Me it is close and persistent standing near. The teacher is closer close, but the brain and feelings darken him knowledge of spirit. But a brain it is possible to subordinate and feelings to force to break off, and then there is a Proximity washing obvious, as light of morning. The brain is good when works on a task. But when chaotic thoughts break it communication and Communication process, he is not the servant and the assistant, but a hindrance. Mind and his servant, a brain, it is necessary to bridle that the place knew and didn't interfere at an o'clock of Proximity of the Teacher. The thinnest threads of communication fluctuate from dense intervention, introducing elements terrestrial. Means, it is necessary to attend to uninterrupted and not broken purity of contact. My thought is clear and the stamping both easily and freely reaches consciousness, not darkened and not littered with scraps and a tatter of thinking of day. Therefore contact best of all works well immediately after awakening when mind is true as a leaf of white paper. There is no limit to depth and concentration force on the Lord. It can be deepened more and more, to completeness, words of the inexpressible. And then my voice can obviously sound, muffling Earth sounds. I meet halfway; I go for help in all who directs to Me. But, understand, it is necessary to direct, before and to receive. Such is the law. Energy, from a microcosm proceeding, plentifully and fruitful are sated the Teacher. It also is the phenomenon of the highest amateur performance of spirit. Without call there is no response, without aspiration - receiving and a harvest. Brought receives. And the more I brought, the will receive more. And when the microcosm is saturated intense fire of the sphere, the energiya to the Teacher directed, process of saturation goes a rhythm in full accordance with force of pumped energiya. Therefore It is told:" Look for, and let's find, you knock, and will open to you, you ask, and it will be given you". Because in the powerful indestructible law of the magnetic fiery accord is put in action. So the ascension of spirit is created by communication with the Teacher and is based on the law.

484. Let's not consider hours of Communication. They are given Me. Well and the rest of the time to whom it is given? Why not to give it all to Communication? Why not to make Communication by a constant, uninterrupted condition of consciousness? Through the Communication sphere as though it is possible consider a stream of life current. It also will be prestanding continuous. After all the person in this or that mood can spend the whole day, or in certain clothes, or in a certain room, the house, conditions. Here such condition of the life also can be made Communication constant, or prestanding uninterrupted. It is possible after night Pralaya, sending horses of morning to midday heat of life, to make Communication, or prestanding, a frame of its display. Having put on new beautiful clothes, it is possible to spend in it the whole day, carrying out its tasks and at the same time understanding itself in it. As it is possible to introduce consciousness of prestanding in depth of the being and, showing it a form of the expression, to do and carry out the everyday tasks. It is so possible to learn on life and in life to be My Face and it is so strong and profound that to carry away this condition with itself and to the Worlds and to carry by it through all plans of existence. In Him we live, and move, and have our being - in It we live, in It we move, in It we have the life, or existence. But it is not God far, both unknown, and nonsense sorry, and unconscious, but our Lord, live, real, close, felt and realized, the Highest that we can experience , both Head and Guarantor the Highest who Stands behind It and Which It Follows as we follow the Lord. It is an embodiment of the Father, Which in It. So the Highest, to us available, the Lord learned and approved in heart, also we will make by expression of, having entirely filled with It the consciousness. Here way the highest, way celestial, way of stays of the greatest. Through the highest is to Inexpressible because the inexpressible and unattainable part of essence of the Lord also will be expression and an embodiment Incomprehensible. And It - in us, Shows in us force of the Beams not on holidays, not at o'clock of Communication, not at the aspiration moments to It, but always, is constant and isn't interrupted. Here understanding of in the light of its uninterrupted also will be implementation of prestanding constant. Time begun can be deepened infinitely because bottomless depth of Communication and has no restrictions. This only terrestrial consciousness limits itself, but the Proximity of the Lord is boundless. Closer than a body it, is closer than an astral, is closer than menthol, in grain of spirit it is necessary to look for its roots, in the far, infinitely remote past, in Beams of the Star of the Father under which it arose. When? Where? Who can answer it? In Eternity we will look for life sources, over all passing that flows before an eternal Eye of Dumb Witness. I Which in you, I Approve the highest immortal your essence, nowadays, in the days, in you displayed at the moments of merge to your Lord. Light which in you and shines obviously and powerfully through all your covers, expressing immortal your essence. Not covers shine the light which from them, but covers shine light of fire of the Highest which through them and through them Shines - despite their lowest, in comparison with it, the nature. So thinning and depression of conductors can become reality and the matter - is spiritualized, refined and ennobled before expression, worthy light invested by it. So light which in you, light, but not darkness, becomes a display of your essence in life. I am the Lord of life and Light, Testify reality of My life through you to people. Let know that It is achievable. Let go away, you laid, a hand both your foot, and approved to lives usual, among ordinary people and usual conditions. Too long people moved away from life. Too long hid behind thick stone walls. Nowadays the feat is transferred to the thick of ordinary human life, and in noise and its turmoil, in a celebration of vanity and commonness the celebration of the unusual - the Highest World is approved. The way passable let is the proof of That behind achievement by the highest, Communication with the Lord, it isn't necessary to go anywhere, it isn't necessary to leave anywhere, it isn't necessary to look for anywhere because here, in the depth of yours, in your heart I Am, staying eternally. So the combination of the Highest with terrestrial and usual in the terrestrial and usual is shown is. And anybody will be not able to claim that the Lord is unattainable that He somewhere in an inaccessible height, either behind mountains, or behind gold copes. Not far It, not there It, but in life, in its center, in the thick where million ignorant and not found look for it, without knowing how to start. Write that knew, and, knowing, directed, and, having directed, found that you found and about what you testify the life and pages of Records. You the son I Call, Me by the approved, approached and gifted gift of beams, and I Speak: let those who wants to go, go away specified. I am the Way, Truth and Life. I yes will be followed by the going.
Earlier sacred and eremites reached. Nowadays a gate is open for all and each directed spirit can reach. Direct!

485. (Oct. 7). Life - this field for the constant and consecutive appendix and application of the Doctrine of Life. It is possible to attach the Doctrine always and in everything. It is possible to devote every instant to it or development in itself this or that quality. Why to waste time when life is so short and for this term it is necessary to make still very much? Really it is possible to spend in vain time when million hungry wait? Degree of our statement in the Doctrine in practical, its vital assimilation, also will be for them waiting, food because, applying, we introduce in themselves and we claim in themselves energy of light which will be food hungry. Light the approved we feed people and it is we saturate their auras. Therefore quality specified isn't business personal, but spatially useful and universal. Our qualities, being receivers of Light and collectors of the thinnest energiya, feed both people, and a planet. So service to General Welfare extends and goes deep, taking all microcosms with all its functions. Has no value where there is an attendant of General Welfare that he does and then he is occupied, but a condition of constant readiness and the statement in itself (himself) light, all surrounding sating, and will be the highest step of Service. What it is possible to bring to the Lord still? Constant light-emitting condition of intense readiness when approved the receiver of Light holds Communication always opened and accepting Beams of the Lord and light radiating them self-proceeding. Service to Light, Light and in Light is so we will call it. Inertness of elements, darkness surrounding, generations dark both stagnancy and ignorance human - all this rises on light carrier, and it is necessary that light flared up not only didn't go out, and, on the contrary, inflamed all brighter and brighter, poorer and stronger. In weak consciousnesses counteraction of the environment extinguishes light rudiments, but consciousness strong and potentially growing the force on darkness and resistance multiplies. From depth of the spirit, with the Lord merged, the fearless soldier takes the inexhaustible victorious luminous intensity, which tension it can increase to any limit exceeding power of militant darkness, by it up in arms. Always it is possible for this tension of darkness against to put the bigger potential of tension of light connected to a perennial spring of its boundless power that is with Hierarchy. The address has to be powerful, both conscious, and immutable, knowing that refusal can't be and doesn't happen. I reply always when due degree of the address is shown. Because the hidden My presence more brightly bright, is lighter light, closer close, more really visible obviously obvious and well always, anywhere and everywhere for this purpose, in whose heart I Approved Myself, and whose heart I Made the monastery, and where the throne Created. So the Ocean of Light becomes the tank feeding spirit which feeds with the light a planet and spheres, it people around. Yes, yes, a source of eternal life I Approve. The envoy bearing the Banner of the Lord accustoms the consciousness to the constant statement of Light. Eternal Presence conscious does it by the spirit showing Truth at a rate of the understanding. Star from a star differs in glory, but sent mine everyone is similar to a star - bears my Light in life terrestrial. In Light Mine day cares burn down, and vanity calms down, dies personal and my World, Light elevated fanned, rises in all the beauty and magnificence. In the conditions of change of races and eras the extraordinary tension of my aura doesn't allow to be among people as it happened earlier, but sent mine replace Me and, being my Face and Me, create my Business. I act through the next. Influence of Beams can feel to some extent everyone because they over the world, but the one whom We Call "can be Me only is approved full". Extents of approach to this step are infinite, but it is reached the next. So ardent application of the Doctrine leads to the purpose desired. So the Face of the Lord becomes consciousness expression. So small service turns in Great in Light victorious Mine!

486. And now about Mother.
Our envoy, Envoy Light, the White Container approved full, nowadays shows herself to the world. Light inexpressible, It brought, can be shown to people only in centuries of the futures because it isn't ready to apprehend still consciousness of people it in all volume and value. The witnesses, next to whom it is entrusted, will give the certificate, and through them inaccessible becomes available. But not is now, and in centuries. Consciousnesses human are so darkened that Light, to it sent obviously, learn only when it leaves them. But you will testify to Light She. Secrecy of a messenger it you will approve, value of mission you will specify and you will give to people understanding it in shape, steps of their consciousness of the available. Let will understand that in the person of it had the Highest on a planet, available to them, but inaccessible in the deepest importance. In terrestrial living conditions It showed force of fire changing a matter of a physical body, and approved by the life opportunity on Earth of a transmutation fiery. Opening of the fiery centers, the most important in conditions dark, usual, the rarest achievement interfaced to the greatest dangers and sharp and painful sufferings. The crucifixion of a physical body on a cross of life terrestrial lasted for years, bringing not predicates of pleasure and inexpressible sufferings. By hand and the foot in a vital terrestrial way she approved milestones on which the mankind in the development and thinning and in the future disclosure of the centers will go. Ahead going assume all burden of a laid way that the subsequent was go easily and freely. She is Mater Agni Yogi - specifies to mankind a way to the future transformation which is space heritage of the person. And if I Approved Agni Yogi's Great Doctrine by columns a foot of mine, it gave to people an image of how in a human body its principles have to be applied and as the most amazing process of disclosure of the centers in its gradual sequence and with the phenomena, with it connected is made. Through It is given the Doctrine Fiery, and each line it It realized the appendix and its application in life. It was Truth of Fiery Yoga and was an embodiment of this Truth on Earth. The word My Light fully and beyond all bounds I revealed to extreme limits of capacity of the microcosm. Completeness of Great Service is shown by It. The symphony of qualities is approved, and five beams began to sound. Container of five beams step Beam-bearing is show. So on demolition of the old world Seven my Beams began to shine also five - it. Merge our twelve-real force and to Great Service gave the extraordinary. These Beams will light up a way human for many millennia because are immortal. In Me approved, in My Beams, with beams five, self-proceeding from powerfully burning centers, It sates and will sate consciousness of mankind for eyelids. It I Approve as Proclaim Message fiery the New Era, a cross accepted that Light was to you, in the future centuries coming. Being an embodiment of Mother of the World on Earth and the Entrusted Hierarchy, the Great Assignment executed up to the end, having transferred to the world the Doctrine Our, to term the prepared. Мother Fiery Yoga is Me the most approximate.

487. Who told what the Doctrine of Life is given only for lit up, righteous persons and the released people? Who told what it for the elite? No, the Doctrine for all, for workers needing both burdened, and bent under weight of the karma, drowning and captivated in Maya networks. Not for sacred the Doctrine, but for people of the simply, the most concerned. The merit if the twice-given rise counts its sheets isn't great. But if blinded by Maya, in ignorance the drowning grasps it as for a last refuge, as for a straw as for the last hope of rescue, his merit will be really great. Not for the sacred the Lord Came to the world, but for tax-gatherer both sinners, and the robber, and the loose woman. As and nowadays everything in whom the spirit spark didn't go out still, all can taste from Light fruits. It is incorrect to think that if the person took the Doctrine book, he became perfect. But to become perfect, the Doctrine should be lifted because without Doctrine not to reach. Way I give for all, come and take. But, righteous persons, of the righteousness you aren't proud because the Judge I because I See and Hear, and my scales are faultless. So we will leave any court, distributing Light Doctrine, which for all.

488. Give Me your desire, give Me your aspiration, give Me your thought of what would like to become you. And, having accepted your gift, I Will sate it on essence it and I Will return to you pumped and aggravated and force decupled by the filled. Also there is your desire, and there is your dream of, and there is your thought of your improvement, of your improvement by a reality. Your aspirations, to Me turned - as funnels magnetic, sate views of yours with My force. Everything that you direct to Me, I Claim and I Give life conceived you. So, if you want to succeed, all being your, all thoughts your, all your desires about the ascension, about the improvement direct to Me to be filled with force necessary for their implementation. Your forces without Me are limited, but with Me you will reach everything that you will wish. But consider desires and the aspirations. In aspiration to Me all slags, and only pure metal, without impurity burn down, remains. So, if you want to approve courage, constancy, tranquility, devotion, love and all qualities specified if you want to show the symphony of qualities in their harmonious combination, direct bright accurate views of yours of, the visible qualities in creative imagination possessing, to Me, strong direct, strong direct, a firm hand. Also I Will give life to your images and your thoughts and, having sated them with fire, I Will return to you, vibrating force secret and fiery that obviously they were approved in you. You can't but reach desirable if you want and if Me you call, to Me having directed the desire. Because Told: I will sate all your aspirations, to Me turned, and I Will give them life. Also it is fast and victoriously there will be your way, and stays aren't repeated. And the rarest achievements become a daily meal of your spirit. But with Me arrive, but without Me don't create anything, but to me devote all your thoughts, all your understanding, all your desires. So the way the shortest is a concelebrating way with the Lord and a gift of all microcosms to the Highest.

489. My son if the Lord Told that will be by the word its, isn't present force in the world, able to cancel the solution of Light. Therefore it will be executed pre-specified to the world, it will be executed pre-specified to relatives, everything will be executed, you pre-specified. But give term. Fruits ripen to term. Karmas personal and karmas national are combined at nodal events. And when the national karma will ripen, your karma and yours will ripen also. And new combinations of karma personal will be already with Light the future. I knot events. And terms play a crucial role them. Expectation is heavy but what and is no place those who have nothing to wait? The trust is up to the end necessary that sang Light fruits ripened. Therefore specify in silence and silence, having densely closed a visor, to rise on the guard great before the future terrible days. Specify to be with Me unseparable, having merged all strength of mind. Hand I Give, but also you the stretch to follow Me steadily, without coming off in consciousness not for a moment. Great Change is terrible. Come off are scattered will be in whirlwinds of events. Round anything isn't present, any support, all in Me, only in Me. You can be approved by force everything, it is effective; it is active and directed on Me to be approved.

490. (Oct. 8). Sharpness of perception is connected with force of fires. To aggravate perception - means to strengthen fires and to give them bigger tension. Concentration also is tension. Deepening and straining it, force of fires we increase. As also the wire starts sounding at concentration intense. It is necessary to distinguish tension from the strengthened fussy dispersion of consciousness. Basis of concentration is the strengthened profound tranquility, a fussiness basis - concern. It is necessary to give tranquility tension skillfully. Press is exactly and strongly burning flame increases in the tension. The second condition of a sharpening of perception is the brightness and figurativeness of the contact isolated from influences of the phenomena of the environment surrounding. Payments isolating from a thin matter of mental energy protects from external influences. Its reality and force can be brought to visibility degree. Ability to protect itself a cocoon isolating, shrouding in it the sphere of the microcosm, depends on practice and experience. Arhat is similar to the builder, the artist or the sculptor. Only instead of a usual material or clay it is served by a plastic material of an invisible matter from which it can create images and the forms which are seen on the Thin Plan and powerfully influencing both on its own, and other consciousness. Work on the Thin Plan deals with this thin substance from which images of thought are created. If to present before itself a flower, a tree, an animal, mountains or in general any picture in the third eye, a matter from which it is created and which forms are obviously visible by our internal sight, and will be this plastic substance of thought from which it is easy and free, and the main thing, it is consciously possible to create anything. This hidden, but the obvious material and energy, it making out, are at the full lawful disposal of the person. Means: there is a substance - a material, mobile, plastic from which the form is created, and - energy, it’s creating, and zero, this energy directing, focusing and coagulating. Strong spheres of a display of mental energy are subject to fiery will. With what people unconsciously deal, without giving itself the report in effect, in value of process, for Arhat is tools and working instruments of his creativity. Power of thought in ternary aspect of its display is great, and it uses it consciously. The image created by will, force has on brightness, clearness and quantity of energy, in its enclosed. Both it will carry out the appointment, and the task up to the end if by that it is allocated and consciously released in space for performance of a certain mission. Being live self-sufficing essence of the Thin Plan, works there independently and irrespective of the creator or an involuntary beget as it happens to people. But, consciously created for a definite purpose and influence and consciously directed, it is strong extremely. The usual consciousness from its influence is absolutely defenseless because at all doesn't trust in possibility of the similar phenomena. Power of influence of products of fiery energy created by will fluctuates from small and hardly in visible educations to giants of power and action, seizing Spheres the Highest. The plan of evolution and prototypes fiery, created by Lords for its direction and the statement on Earth, is the Highest aspect of fiery creativity of spirit. Creativity human differs beside the point, but on degree. Both tension, and efficiency of its products can be strengthened indefinitely. Products of fiery creativity, influencing on Wednesday surrounding, coagulate round itself a dense matter magnetic force and eventually уявляются already on the plan physical in visible forms, to prototypes mental the corresponding. Bastards and a tatter of usual unconscious thinking aren't strong. But, as the arrow, pierces space thought conscious, invested by the corresponding form. What can the denying oppose to it? Whether the victim will be foreign thoughts and casual influences? Payments the isolating will protect from casual blows or the thoughts which are consciously sent by hostile evil will. Means, is both the protection weapon, and attacks; protection - payments, attack - a striking sword of fiery thought. Therefore it is possible to tell: "Take care, ignoramuses". Archat attacks never, but there are conditions when the striking beam has to be sent. The same energy fiery serves both for protection, and for defeat. Degrees of ability to use the fiery force of mental energy fluctuate from initial to the highest, insuperable in the power. Here, as well as everywhere, everything is reached by practice and conscious application of the law. The force and the weapon should be realized before learning to use them. With small, in experience every day, invisible fiery power of spirit grows and becomes stronger.
My son is approved by the powerful. It is your step. It is My Gift by day to My son.
The spirit you betray in Hands of the Lord for saturation it energiya the Highest. And to will it you give that It Separated light from darkness in your microcosm, without breaking free your will.

491. Communication between the World the Highest and the world terrestrial is approved. And a connecting link of this communication is the person. Flowers too this communication are show, being receivers of fiery energy. All live serves as though as funnels in which direct energy of space. But the person - the device especially thin and especially adapted for absorption of the thinnest energiya. Having absorbed and having assimilated them, to Earth gives also surrounding for a food. Therefore the mankind is necessary for maintenance of life of a planet. Channels of connection are installed by a microcosm of the person. In consciousness human meet and counterbalanced energy of all plans, counterbalancing the synthesis underground fires of the world lived by it. Anything and any center of life can exist only with balance established. At violation of this established balance a human body, having blown up, would scatter on thousands pieces if its balance at least by pressure atmospheric, suddenly disappeared was broken. But it is only special case. Not smaller accident would happen at interaction violation between forces centrifugal and centripetal, or between functions of body organs, or magnetic poles of Earth. In a word, balance is a basis of life and existence of everything that is, was and will be. The same balance exists between the world terrestrial and the World the Highest, but the regulator of this balance is the electromagnetic battery of a human body. Distribution of fiery energiya to surfaces of Earth depends on its correct work and in spheres, it people around. The person the consciousness can close this access of life-giving spatial energiya and deprive Earth of their access. As the person deprived of the necessary amount of fresh air gets sick, also Earth deprived of the share of Light, or fire spatial, via the human device of the received so gets sick. To be averted from the Highest World - means to deprive Earth of a food life-giving. And then gets sick both a planet and mankind because balance of a metabolism is broken. Also there come days of a great Distemper and not organization in all spheres of life planetary. People complain that life became intolerable, but the reasons, the main reason for all evils, don't want to see. They were averted from the Highest World, and the World the Highest was averted from them. Balance is broken in a root. It is a little more persistence on darkness, and explosion is inevitable. The religion was given for establishment of this communication. The religion didn't succeed in it, and communication was broken. The few resisted can't stand endlessly that tension which is lawfully distributed on all. Therefore the Fiery Doctrine of Yoga urgently is given, to establish the highest and receivers of spatial fire - organisms human - to bring communication into a due condition of a susceptibility and assimilation of spatial energiya. The exit has to be found, and people at any cost have to address to the Highest World because differently it is impossible neither Earth existence, nor mankind again. Nowadays the emphasis of fiery energiya is born on themselves by the few chosen fiery natures, being exhausted underweight excessive and suffering for million drones. But balance is broken already so deeply that further so can't proceed. To border, admissible the law, the mankind approached. Behind it is explosion and approach of balance beneficial. But how many has to be lost and become victims own a not minded. People will prefer to choke in the asthma created by them, than to turn the heads to the Sky. So days before the end testify to dark oblivion mankind of the Highest World and its Laws.
Native mine, suffer more a few. Not for long it was necessary to wait already, suffer.

492. (Oct. 9). My son, your desire it will be granted. Understanding of force I Will gives. But before the statement in itself any quality it is necessary to bear on itself blow and counteraction of its opposite pole. Once you begin this statement, property its shadow, its antipode, rises in force of the, equal degree of the desirable statement of its antithesis. In the pupil therefore all hidden dozing negative properties and shortcomings that their positive aspect could be approved, take root, sprout and bear a fruit raise the head. And the above the consciousness directs, the more wants to get qualities, the there is a shadow pole more powerfully. Both a wave caused by aspiration and the risen energiya it is necessary трансмутировать and to change the positive in energy. Two poles of a uniform thing exist in everything in direct compliance with a force on the ends of the power poles. Wishing to put in action the phenomenon necessary, thereby its antipode, until then inert and motionless, we awaken to life. At the statement of merits it is necessary to be ready to meet a wave and a pressure of focus opposite. And while in the Tower the Lord Prepares implementation directed for It for the statement of quality, his negative double tests consciousness in the hardness of the made decision. And as soon as the impact is overcome and readiness of consciousness is shown, Gift my, poured and approved in the Tower, can be accepted. Inside and outside the corresponding extent of counteraction is caused by speed of movement and environment resistance. Therefore fight is inevitable. Therefore the victory is inevitable because approved as me can't but show in consciousness, but not without fight inevitable. To express desire of heart without readiness to assume blow of force opposite will be an ignorance sign. Each point of a circle of a spiral of ascension has the contrast in the point located on the end of a straight line, passing from this point through a spiral core. And this point should be passed to reach another. In all phenomena of life and at the highest steps of consciousness there is the resistance which tension should be overcome will. The plane of consciousness or a spirit step is higher; the tension becomes more powerful, overstepping the bounds of any human idea of them. Impact of elements and Chaos, which We should overcome, any more is not in measures human. The condition of continuous struggle of the overcoming and victorious and its tension should be made a usual condition of consciousness and to get used to it so that this tension became so imperceptible, as force of terrestrial gravitation or atmosphere pressure. Tension of spheres is a condition of the Highest World, and wishing to enter into it consciously accustoms the microcosm to this press unusual, entering them into a commonness framework. It is possible to observe obviously how the Life Doctrine, being approved, submits to the same law, causing in mankind of a wave of militant darkness and counteraction. And when the Lord Bore the cross on the shame mountain under a raspberry, spittle’s and crowd mockeries, the same dark wave, to Light counteracting, rose from a gloom to shade greatness of Light - an opposite pole of the phenomenon. Therefore Light Doctrine therefore not to avoid ardent enemies therefore the soldiers armed with the weapon fiery, soldiers resistant, resolute and knowing are necessary for its proclaim-message won't enter into life without fight. In space scale an antithesis of Light is the Chaos, but not dark and their hierarchy being a temporary outgrowth in that specific case of your unsuccessful planet.

493. Bowl of My Hour doesn’t spill. As any Record as psych magnetic conditions of the moment are unique is unique. And apprehended at an o'clock this can't be identical with apprehended in following. In it reason of not repeatability of spatial perceptions. Be telling more precisely, one of the reasons. In any case, the formula remains firm: the missed doesn't repeat. But there are moments of especially favorable spatial combinations of currents when the perception carries the bright press of singularity, and then it is especially a pity for the lost treasures. The gap between sent and perceived mankind is terribly great. But that is peculiar to the inhabitant, is inadmissible and inadmissible in the pupil. The collector of spatial treasures can't plead ignorance because collects not for it, and for people. And if it who will make it for it to give to people the missed doesn't collect? And where are they, collectors? Therefore the Assignment rushes carefully and sharp-sightedly not to miss and to deprive of people of that they should receive via the receiver entrusted. At accurate understanding of the Assignment it is possible to understand that any precomes conditions can't prevent hour of Communication because the reconciled covers and my Beam at this time become silent takes priority. Therefore the condition of constant readiness is especially appreciated by us. Whether many can tell, what rhythmic they reached tension of readiness? How much persistent work, thousand-year efforts was required to approve and aggravate susceptibility and to establish the necessary degree of proximity with the Lord? And when opportunity is reached, whether is admissible to miss a harvest-time? Whether it is possible to find replacement to such device of spirit, readiness for Communication not showing when it was necessary to premise and provide so much that the necessary channel of perception was created? And for performance of a certain mission! Energy of the Lord in vain can't flow, and there can't be neglect in for the sake of what, perhaps, and this embodiment is given. Single wire is the phenomenon bilateral. If on the one hand - the Beam, consciousness of the Teacher, with another is consciousness of the receiver strained in readiness. Someone very much would like to perceive, even touched the Doctrine. Or conduct Records, using a spatial wire. But he can sit the whole day or the whole year and still nothing to reach if the eyelids which were before, ability wasn't developed and connection wasn't established. Achievement deserved should be appreciated, and to realize all depth of its importance, and to be preserved that the most wonderful singularity didn't become covered with gray ashes of an everyday under which the spirit flame fades. Perhaps, Great Service already began. Perhaps, Great Mission is already carried out. It is necessary to open eyes and to understand that creativity in the light of my Beam and is the phenomenon of Great Service. Behind trees it is possible not to see the woods and to wait for something other when the unusual and the most wonderful is already made. Correct assessment of achievement not self-conceit, but awareness of the importance of a step. The assignment and performance have to be realized. Become the irreplaceable. To the rarest receivers of replacement isn't present. And the irreplaceable, the achievement is higher. I want to lift consciousness to understanding of the identity and understanding of a pearl of the spirit. The Great Shown value I Approve!

494. (Oct. 10). Who can tell, where a limit straining? Who can outline borders of power of the spirit when it is called consciously? Whether it is possible to limit the unlimited? Who can know borders and limits of will human? If Boundlessness is specified, it is necessary to look for and see it in everything. The main property of qualities of spirit is limitlessness of their potential any limits. And it should be understood. Certainly, at each given person at each this moment of property of spirit is expressed in any framework. But this framework is created and put on by consciousness. The essence of qualities is boundless, outside the framework, and potentially the can extend and develop endlessly. Power of will is especially striking in this regard. All that sees an eye and can embrace reason is created by will. What then its potential? Before rush consciousness in a certain direction, it is necessary to consider opportunities. Before calling will for action, it is necessary to realize boundlessness of its potential. It is possible to tell directly: the person all can, all is available to the person, and the only restriction within which can and the will has to be shown, these are a framework of Space Laws. And as everything submits to the Law, therefore, the Law is a form of a display of boundless power of will. And this Law any more restriction, but creativity tool. Antipode of the Law and harmony is the Chaos. From it the will of Founders Creates the shown realized Universe. Energy of Chaos, substance of elements, weight types the organized, output will from a condition of Chaos, a matter in the septenary essence on all plans of life are a material for creating creative will. Will personal, Will individual and will Space - so there are its steps, and everyone expands its potential on essence of a step. The circle of will personal, closed by the personality and lasting one embodiment is small and limited. The circle of will individual already breaks a circle mortal and, taking a chain of lives, immortal essence of will are shown, but boundlessness of will should be looked for in Will Spatial spheres which carrier is the person who has reached Space consciousness. The will Ardent Logos is boundless in comparison with ours, but after all and they once were too peopled. Difference between their will and will ordinary mortal beside the point, but on the scale and a form. In any case, it is necessary to realize that the area of fiery will is area of boundless opportunities of spirit. It strengthens the person in understanding of an all- approachability, because will - the engine powerful. The will should be woken and called for action. At people the will sleeps. At people the will is chained in misunderstanding chains. Will are put on clogs, fetters, and on everyone - "It is impossible for an inscription, it is impossible, unattainable, it is forbidden, it isn't accepted, it isn't known that will tell", and thousands the thought up chains are thrown put on) a fiery bird of happiness who only one on the mighty fiery wings can lift spirit of the person and carry away it in shining boundless open spaces of boundless, inexhaustible opportunities. Fiery power of will and its opportunities should be realized before dare, dare and can. Where can to direct the prisoner, held down on hands and to feet ignorance and ignorance brains of people around. In slavery the given rise seek to remain slaves. Given rise to creep even don't think that the will can raise fiery wings. But the person was given free will, its greatest value and the right. And it locked this weapon of Light on thousands locks or turned on service to darkness. If energy of a microcosm are set in motion by will and if yoga’s erase far-fetched borders between conscious strong-willed, that is any, and subconscious, that is by the involuntary phenomena, and in Macrocosm the will works too. And the same will, only in scale space, sets in motion a body or Macrocosm’s bodies that is a planet, having generated mighty energy the interplanetary. Power of these energiya and forces is immeasurable. And still they are generated and put in action by will. The statement this that people - God's sons and that to the person is allowed to put over any flesh, there is the peculiar form of expression available to the person of the last centuries, Space appointment of the person and the instruction on the mighty fiery potential of his will put in it from the beginning of times. People perverted great truth, turned the person into the slave, defamed it and made it a pettiness kowtowing. Nowadays time of release of the fiery prisoner, eyelids chained, and time of awareness of space temper of primogeniture of spirit human came. Fetters should be removed. And when the fiery ruler will spread the wings and they will wave, the way to spatial life will be open. The victory over space and exit to the ocean of spatial life demand a display of will of a certain potential, or tension. Therefore the will to action is approved. It is necessary to remember, what even at initial steps will of the pupil merged with will of the Teacher - mighty force. When merge of will of the pupil to will of the Lord will reach due degree of tension conscious, anything then against-stand to it can't. For wills, merged together, barriers aren't present. And if the Lord Creates the will merged with will the Your Lord that the law goes on all Hierarchy from top to bottom. In it is the key from secret power of will. It is necessary to know and understand that if the will approved something in merge to the Highest will, approved will be carried out if harmony in merge was shown. Willfulness is defined by absence of the accord. Light is with light merges, but not with darkness. The directed merge will, to Light. Willfulness is the address to darkness and a separation from will of the Leader. But the merge law wills is mighty and insuperable. It is given all that you ask, everything that you want will be executed, all doors will open and desires will carry out, but in the harmonious accord with will of Light. Otherwise the world from execution of dark desires would collapse. So, merge wills I Claim also Specify that power approved, fiery, grows in operation. Applying it in operation, it is possible to dare, without limiting itself to a commonness framework. The center of the appendix of should be transferred to thought. Even in case of words and emphasis it is necessary to do on thought firm, stamping, fiery. But it is better without words. Words are tools of the lowest plan. In space the thought works. The word silent is stronger than the word saying. Silent words are forms of crystallization of thought. The thought is set in motion by will. Will - a basis of life of the world shown.

495. The envoy Entrusted, Agni Yog, Gurus - so called him when spoke about it, from us before to time left. Not now, but then, in centuries, people when Light of the Doctrine will light up them will understand it. And even we, its seeing and knowing, whether can tell we that understood light, us lit up. There, where the two step foot of the Envoy of Hierarchy, is affairs blossom special color. Passed for many years, and seeds, to them put, gave shoots: one-five, another-ten, and others - and-hundred. And we tasting already from fruits of the Garden of Moria, whether by it and its Light were lit and whether thanking it have this opportunity? Here, it went on the ground, and people saw it, and he looked at them the blue eyes. But many understood what saw these eyes how saw these eyes and Whom they saw? Once a century from two and a half billions people the elite and worthy is allowed in the Stronghold or is caused there for receiving the Assignment. And it was There. And he saw the all-permeable blue eyes. The eye is a miracle of a human body. Everything stare, look - the few, but see only units. Steps of thinning of an eye are boundless. The fiery eye is open for all worlds. The fiery eye sees. Ardent Agni Yog was about whom It is told: da having ears hears and having eye sees. Creativity fiery is available only to the one who has an eye Eagle. The owner of "An eagle eye", given to the world images of Fiery creativity, was the intermediary of connection of two worlds - the world terrestrial and World Highest, two cultures - cultures of the East and culture of the West, and a link connecting. He, seeing the Eagle Eye, chose the Country New. This special understanding of the Great Country and its mission especially is deep and intimate that Great Fight and the Head of a planet chose it a vessel shown for perception and the statement Energy and the Beams creating a new era of mankind. In her accepted and in effect their realized; it becomes their lawful and recognized Driver of people of the world on ways of the statement of the future Kingdom of Light. The hall unknown, the Lord precepted and pre-specified, on Earth, in the world dense, will be display and the Country New will be physical expression of the Hail Hidden, on Earth in a flesh display. There was a Guru, and behind him It which has Sent. Through the envoy we approach to Sent, and then the channel is direct and is the next. To the Highest there are approaches direct and close. The envoy is a direct link of connection with That Who Sent it. Much people around and near go, without finding an entrance. The guru an entrance specified the next, nowadays approved and approved. Through it, through the Guru, you have the Highest. Before Great Arrival channels connecting strain with a special force. And even the body physical not always maintains a press.Great days it is possible in readiness of spirit, bearing in mind it, to the Lord approached us. Whether it is possible to separate the pupil from the Teacher? The Teacher and the pupil are the steps of Light nearby lying. And if to approach to the pupil and to become at a step next to it, whether that will be this step of one of most close to the Lord? It is necessary to understand that you have. It is necessary to realize proximity and responsibility of proximity. Удумать0 it is necessary as value of the one who stood at a step, to the Lord of the next is great.

496. (Oct. 11). Also won't be more neither grieves, nor a grief, lamentations. It is so spoken about the person who has dumped from chains of an astral. Achievement of impassivity superhuman and finding of tranquility indestructible is reached only with destruction in itself the comic beginning. Both the grief, and pleasure, and suffering remain, but their essence changes in a root, being deprived of the personal beginning. Feelings planetary and feelings space, having gone beyond a circle of the personality, attach consciousness in the first case to consciousness universal, in the second - space. Borders of the sphere of a microcosm are moved apart, and auras of radiation of consciousness merge with limits of terrestrial aura of a planet. So the consciousness of the Lord of the Sun covers limits of all Solar systems, pulsing energiya of cosmic-spatial extent. And a task of the person - go beyond an egg-shell of the own aura closing in his Identity. Love to the personality to the sizes public, covering the country. As also work for the public good belittles self-sufficing value of the personality. Therefore the bowl of General Welfare contains immortality drink because fiery drink dissolves it in a microcosm century heaps the karmas generated by those persons in which immortal Identity of the person clothed. The small consciousness can begin with torture and a flesh kill to restrain rage of an astral cover, but the consciousness big simply moves apart the sphere of the interests, replacing personal universal. And then the microcosm starts reacting not on personal, but to the general and to vibrate in unison with the sphere of the expanded aspiration. If the consciousness connects itself threads with subjects, it surrounding (which around), and, being filled with them, spheres itself small, at the aspiration on affairs public and universal it moves apart restriction borders, coming to a scope superpersonal. The love to mankind and love to neighbors is considerable not in itself, but as the beginning releasing consciousness from a close framework of an astral. The love to people kills a serpent ancient. To think of interests and happiness of other people, about happiness of all mankind will be a way outputting consciousness from a vicious circle of the personality. The sphere of expanded consciousness also measures greatness of the person. So the Doctrine of Life means all, covering all mankind. So words human, both acts human, and thoughts can address the edge on themselves and to themselves, closing a circle small, a circle personal, a circle, death fateful, or, on the contrary, from the center of consciousness there are they to the far periphery, covering all planet and people, it occupying. In it are show essence of each word, each thought, each act. Far fly and far arrows of thoughts not egoistical lay down, outlining a circle of individual consciousness, but thought personal pierces the identity of her carrier, getting stuck in an astral cover. Therefore people in its embraces because it is close them in a stuffy dungeon of spirit choke. So any business made in the name, for own personality is similar to a death nail. But everything made in the Name My for General Welfare and the benefit of others, is filling of the Bowl of immortality by life drink because each superpersonal act pacifies and killed an astral, the enemy ancient. To live and torment the owner, the astral needs food. As food the astral is served by personal emotions and a think about themselves. The astral demands that greatness of Boundlessness and Space and fiery freedom of spirit were chained to it, to this inhabitant, in this cover display so that it, small and limited, with the chicken interests and several ten years of dark gloomy life, occupied all horizon of consciousness, having excluded all other world and all people, directly with it not the connected. Doomed to death, wants to close a circle of hopelessness consciousness and the world to reduce to the sizes of a pin head. The Teacher Speaks about freedom of spirit. In a vice of an astral of freedom can't be. Many under freedom think of freedom of its display the unlimited. In the drunkard, the addict and the miser it is visible to what this imagined freedom leads. Freedom consists in full restraint, humility, submission and, eventually, a kill of the astral conductor which becomes nowadays not necessary. It is very difficult to agree with it and to understand that our chagrin, offenses, irritations and a grief are necessary to nobody, and least - to us. That it is possible to live and without them, having broken nothing the Identity that these emotions only darken feeling of the world, closing itself the consciousness horizon. Release from them is release of thought from unnecessary litter and consciousness release for the phenomena of a superpersonal order. Through the personal is to individual, through individual - to space. Personality not is purpose, but means. When the goal is reached, need for it disappears.

497. Everything is good in its season, and time of anything under the Sun. To all time is and terms. The fruit before a tree can't grow. And fires of the centers flare up and work in a certain harmonious sequence. Premature disclosure of the center or its impetuous flame does to an organism irreparable harm. And then I Speak:" Care". During disclosure of the centers the quiet harmonious condition of consciousness is especially necessary. This is that time, when the astral shouldn't give flares and disturb balance. Astral explosions destroy fabric of a protecting network and do an organism defenseless just while protection it has to be especially intense. A certain mood of consciousness especially favors to process, and the first condition - tranquility and balance. It is very desirable that in this transitional time the astral stayed idle completely. It is easy to tear the heated string of a nerve. It is also necessary to be preserved somehow against people, it is strong itself from influence them having isolated. It is best of all to allow nobody inside, unless the next and well checked. Close, thanks to frequent contact of auras, influence especially strongly and if influence is negative, harm is inevitable. Before the pupils passable process, isolated. Nowadays conditions not always allow, and terms don't wait. And then precautionary measures are aggravated. Each reaction of nerves gives tension of nervous fabric, or fire display. Opening of the center is emergence in this nerve ganglion of a condition of continuous flash, or tension fiery which can't allow an excessive surplus load and without that already loaded center. From here - need of known rest and even privacy. The hypertrophy of sensitivity and susceptibility accompanies the phenomenon, and it is difficult endured by an organism thanks to rough living conditions. But at this time the Teacher on the guard to protect within admissible and to prevent possibility of unnecessary excesses. The flower fiery demands special conditions of safety. Terrible time had given the chance to facilitate disclosure only to known limits because the general condition of a planet can't but be reflected in nature of realized perceptions. But that the merit is more valuable. The Teacher Can't break growth laws, but also Can't allow that opportunity was missed. But the strong belief and trust to the Hand Driving that to have a hard time is necessary. The Teacher Won't lose the moment to instruct necessary, but also the ear and heart have to be open for the Decree. A lot of things Could accelerate if the consciousness didn't disturb. The most important obstacle is the litter encumbering a field of consciousness, and the reek of alcohol of everyday vanity of day. As a muddy veil of slime, they dim the consciousness screen, interfering with penetration of currents and paralyzing Beam action. It is necessary to exempt consciousness from unnecessary ballast. The Beam should clear away the receiver that didn't become deaf. Better all this can be reached, at all without allowing vagrant casual thoughts. In time works thoughts about work. During thought rest, of course, flow but as it is important that these thoughts met an expediency condition that is steadily and firmly would conduct all to the same planned purpose. Whether it is good if the thought, force having, pulls down or back? Whether it is better to choose thoughts, to the purpose inevitably attracting and consciousness the lifting? In a word, the ideal is when a microcosm, all, entirely, to a comet is similar, is directed fiery to the purpose far. Completeness of aspiration, or full-tendency, assumes that all energy of a microcosm is strained in the necessary and desirable direction, giving in force equally effective the highest efficiency. Poorly, when energy the contradictory neutralize also weakens force forward integrated energy of a microcosm. Full-tendency isn't less difficult, than full-devotion, and is necessary not less. The arrow flies and succeeds, but all particles of her body take part in you weed. Mighty inertia of steady movement should be created. It will transfer through. Let the aspiration to the Lord become the essence of expression of life of consciousness. It is easy to direct and easily to fly when everything is given to the Lord when anything isn't present the: things, thoughts feelings. Everything is given Him who has Called on a way of Fiery Yoga. Here it also is that condition of Service where incompleteness is unacceptable. The simple parallelogram of addition of forces will show all pernicious influence of forces, it brought. Who can give the shining adamant of the aspiration which hasn't been split and without cracks? Only the carrier of the Stone can give demanded degree of tension of fire. The centers, opened to fire, the Stone give light of power. Treasure weightless we will protect all thoughts of spirit.

498. About what you want to write? About You, Lord!
I Am an inexhaustible source of new stays. Every day it is possible to nestle close spirit to my spring and to get new knowledge. The stream of a source of life is unique. Eternally beating and eternally new, inexhaustible in zones of times is. Therefore the comer to Me never thirsts again because I will give to drink, both I Will feed, and I will sate his spiritual hunger. Those who approached to a source of eternally beating Knowledge, already understand THAT the daily bread, day's given, represents itself daily rhythmic familiarizing of consciousness with a not to sticked spring of wisdom of the Teacher. Allowed receives and, being in the world, access to the Treasury has. The distance of value has no. My Proximity out of distances is. For three-dimensional consciousness the world three-dimensional but for fiery the same world becomes multidimensional. Three measurements - darkness fetters. Fiery source out is of three - dimensional restrictions, as well as consciousness fiery. I am with you in life, but not in clouds. The comer, receive the part!

499. (Oct. 12). Readiness - a success basis. If the receiver is ready, the perception won't slow down, because the Beam in operation always. Someone complains that the Voice of the Lord isn't audible, but He Told: I Won't breaks off. The reason should be looked for closer. If people understood the quality of constancy shown by the Beam, in itself this quality approved! Property of Space Laws in their rhythmic constancy is. The spatial phenomenon, the stronger is approved this property. Celestial motion is to that an example. In it Will Fiery Logos is shown. It creator we are going to be, to Them we will assimilate in a display of laws of Light. Aspiration on great and leads to results the great. Love to the world to the Sun we will assimilate, always pouring out Light from the essence. If the person comprehended it!! If its microcosm, to the Sun it is similar, always I radiated light from myself on all surrounding!! The Lord Is the Sun of the world. His Heart is the Sun. The heart to Heart of the Lord we will become similar. The purpose and appointment of the person - to become the sun for spheres, it people around. The purpose of the person - pour out light. The aura it is necessary so трансмутировать and to light the centers that Light of the Sun of Heart of the Teacher became light your self-proceeding. The statement of light in itself demands conscious application of its laws and their studying. To that conducts a way of Fiery Yoga, because at first - a spark, then - a flame, then - light. There are conditions, light going out, and there are people - light quenchers. The first can be as outside, and in the person. Are powerless external if are strong internal, causing its burning. But if light which inside, becomes darkness, a microcosm becomes moon are-like, the dead Moon consonance and showing all signs of decomposition. But all shifts and intrigues of darkness external, all conditions decomposing against light victorious, strong burning in heart are powerless. Astral emotions can be considered from their light of unfading properties and to see that feelings small are the most terrible enemies of Light and the person. It would seem, what harm in small offense, either irritation, or the word venomous? But then light which in the person becomes darkness because they envelop covers it impenetrable slime fetid. The carrier of light bears light in itself always, but not on mood because to the Sun it is similar and the astral - a light-quencher broke off in it. That is why balance is offered as an indispensable condition of execution of light unfading. The approval of the symphony of qualities is required, not broken by fluctuations of an astral cover. These fluctuations are shown the bilateral in pleasures or griefs about affairs fussy. To rejoice, admire, most to be satisfied the small phenomena of private life as it is harmful, as well as mourn them because and scoop an astral the food and them lives in them, involving consciousness in the lowest sphere. The absolute value of impassivity consists in its belonging to the Sphere of the Highest. So qualities the highest are attributes of the Highest World. Be as the Sun. But the Sun over the world, in height is. And the consciousness should be lifted over life, in height, there, where don't reach small feelings terrestrial and where refinement of layers doesn't allow them to keep. Therefore the way of Yoga of Fire is a way on tops. And the Sun can shine only over Earth. From here - call to understanding of spatial life. Over Earth the consciousness raises, Earth having come off. Attractions of the lower class of Earth are very strong, and they should be overcome. Luminous intensity inside overcomes an attraction of the lower class when this light is stronger than darkness surrounding because light which in you, there is winner light.

500. Yes, My son, you are right. Only when Lord and Business It stand ahead all and first, the way is found. And then aren't terrible neither ghosts, nor Maya snare. Many, directed behind ghosts and fires marsh, forget about the most important. Й when the ghost is grabbed settled and ashes of the broken expectations remain from it in hands of the person, the most important is missed. But when the Lord in consciousness Takes priority and Put it, even Maya ghosts aren't dangerous because can't distract consciousness from a way of understanding of true reality. The majority of people, the huge majority, all life chases Maya illusive phenomena and, Maya drugged and blind, go to the World That, so anything and without having found. The mental device of the person is arranged so that the phenomenon taken for happiness, being reached and causing repeated reactions in nervous system, ceases to be novelty and passes to the category ordinary, leaving in hands of the person an empty peel. Therefore all affairs human are doomed not only the transient, the short line or a small circle, but that the consciousness of the person never can be content with that has, and to be this happy. The limit and the end to desires aren’t present. The astral is insatiable. To lead life of desires, satisfying his insatiability - means to go on the way of impracticable, being an urged-on scourge of this willful tyrant. Arhat’s way is as follows: life terrestrial is given for experience. The purpose - merge to the Lord and a display in itself its Face. Seduced Maya is as tests for recognition and office real from unreal, true from false, temporary from eternal. Everything that it has and surrounds it, has no self-sufficing purpose and is only means for extraction from life of fruits of skilled knowledge, which, only which, it can take with itself(himself) from life of the terrestrial Sphere in life Elevated. And the knowledge which is invisible, imperceptibly, and intangibly, and is immaterial, is more real and more concrete both things, and houses, both clothes, and money. If to direct consciousness on accumulation of things terrestrial, it will mean collecting of fruits of the Dead Sea, which is crumb in ashes upon transition of the Great threshold, doing the person beggars. It is the rash placement of the capital to the enterprise doomed to inevitable and full bankruptcy. That is why there are so much bankrupts of life. Not there spirit values are placed, and unsuccessful holders of exaggerated values enter area of the great unknown, deprived of everything. My treasures don't rust. My treasures, spirit found, can't be taken away neither in life, nor in death, and percent bring true on the spent capital, and the owner them do by the owner of incalculable values of spirit. And people continue to catch at shadows, sufficing imagined things by which it is imagined own, and dooming it to full final bankruptcy. But even things are permitted, and even their acquisition if at the center existence of the terrestrial human the Lord as a basis Stone is put. Then even things terrestrial won't have the self-sufficing value and value. Everything is good, but with the Lord, and everything is bad, and everything is unnecessary, and all is senseless without Him. Only It one Can give sense to our existence and justify even possession things for short time of life terrestrial. Not things are harmful, but a perversion of sense of things which own. Everything is allowed that everything to that the correct place is found in an evolution spiral is weighed on Boundlessness scales, that is. Certainly, it is necessary both a body, and other covers, but not as those, and as tools and instruments of the immortal spirit using them for accumulation of the Bowl of Amrita. Ashes of body’s human cover Earth surface, but sense of spirit not in the ashes dumped from time till time, but in fruits of the experience got through them. Therefore let and the body lived by spirit, will borrow sub office, but not self-sufficing situation on an infinite way of ascension of spirit. The spirit is uniform, and it is a lot of bodies (and three times - covers). The person can a being mother and without them if his consciousness in them didn't get confused, to them wasn't stuck and managed to identify itself with enduring essence of spirit. Looking at the body, it is possible to tell: not mine and not I. Looking at the world dense, it is possible to tell: not mine and not I. Seeing things, in possession being, it is possible to download: not mine. Mine everything inside and over, over feelings, emotions and even thoughts. Silent Looking inside - It My oven integral Treasure.

501. (Oct. 13). The Teacher Knows and Is ready to help, but something has to be made. Not to be assigned and not to wait, but to work most, applying received knowledge. The inhabitant can feel helpless, but not the pupil armed with knowledge of laws of mental energy. And it, barriers not knowing, is entrusted with the performance of the most difficult tasks. Also it isn't necessary to puzzle over how it will carry out a task. Arhat’s business - a task to give, having accurately outlined an assignment and having created a picture of final implementation desirable. But the fiery performer will find methods, ways of performance and a way. Mistake will go deep into ways of implementation. It only will tie it wings and will break symmetry of creation of the final form planned to manifestation in the world dense. Also in many cases when term isn't urgent, it is necessary to be able to wait. This ability is that the consciousness is adjusted on a key of immutable confidence and knowledge that the drawn-up plan has to be carried out and that usual conditions prevent it can't. The put grain doesn’t disturb and don't look, whether it started sprouting, but surely wait for shoots; as and with the grains of mental energy thrown into space. The made crops of shoots can give. Laws work smoothly. The confidence, either belief, or immutable knowledge are necessary only in order that to energy of the put grain not to destroy the fluctuations, doubts and thoughts, opposite to the conceived. The doubt and uncertainty cut roots of sprouting grain, and it perishes. Also the unsuccessful the applied of laws of mental energy why his energy is effect less is surprised. It is necessary to accustom itself to that, having created a desirable image or a picture wished, subject to implementation, to give the consciousness order. It is possible even words: yes will be so, I claim. And further quietly and surely to wait for that day or hour when the statement will be carried out also the invisible it will be embodied in visible forms. Thoughts flying and unsteady should learn to give due stability, and then thinking in the creative, potential carried out in life, will steadily grow. Degree of a desert lion especially carries out thoughts. The secret of a pre-implementation invisible in visible should be understood because the phenomenon it is based on the certain immutable laws which application is easy and available to the one who knows. Because knowledge - force. Not squeezeed out shy uncertain attempts, but strong knowledge of inalterability of the law and consequence of fiery thought, inevitable and inevitable, as destiny; difficulty that the law is too simple, available and easy. But a key, or the lever of its application is the confidence, or, simply, belief, that is knowledge of that the law enclosed can't but yield a due fruit. Usually the first part of process is made correctly but when the mental image is created, its involuntary destruction begins and intervention in that part of process when it has to work independently. Separate, self-sufficing, independent, independent action of mental energy should understand and be not to disturbed the performer fiery to finish the assignment given by it, having transferred all consciousness already to the new. Many tasks can be planned thus because execution of one not only doesn't disturb and can't disturb execution of another, and, on the contrary, arresting consciousness to a new task, doesn't allow it to come back to the first and to disturb the put grain demanding full inviolability. Certainly, crops can be watered, but only with thoughts, life giving and strengthening as moisture strengthens and gives strength to grain sprouting. Inalterability of the law should be understood.

502. Believe that the Name of the Teacher should be remembered at lifting heights. But it is especially necessary minutes of falling because nothing can and shouldn't believe a barrier between the Teacher and the pupil. It is better to approve Proximity of the Teacher in darkness, than to forget about Him at tops. If the Teacher is inseparable in consciousness, He is inseparable and in all points of a spiral or in all points of wavy movement of consciousness: and on the roll, and in a hollow between. One is inadmissible: it to be completely overflowed by an egoism wave to dark oblivion or discharge of the Teacher. We will be so inseparable both in pleasure and in the mountain, above and in lowlands, at the beginning of morning and in a gloom of night, surplus and a shortcoming, in public and alone, in take-off and on Earth. Only is provided that everything will serve to the benefit. Only is provided that everything I Will turns on advantage. To forget about the Teacher or to discharge him in consciousness only because this or that undesirable act or connivance is allowed will be a sign of a profound ignorance and misunderstanding of bases. Whether there can be at once a pupil perfect and not make mistakes? There was no such case. But in fight incessant and aspiration by itself unnecessary dense particles are got rid and disappear. Not the phenomenon is important, but degree of its power over consciousness. All is permitted to the consciousness exempted from the power of made affairs. So affairs in freedom and in slavery come true. And the made offense in freedom of a brand of the slave doesn't bear, - so people on slaves and misters share. Slavery and domination is over by itself, or at itself. One all life carries out in a condition of hopeless slavery, another fights it life and approves freedom and domination over by itself. The border between slavery and freedom at own acts are thin. Aren't free neither the drunkard, nor the addict, neither the glutton, nor all those who in the power of an astral. But enclosed the hand in the Hand of the Teacher and with Him life passing the freedom claims and to freedom goes. So nothing can justify separation of thinking of the pupil from the Teacher even temporary, even mistakes the caused. Because mistakes anything when spirit grain gets stronger. Covers can live still the settled lunar life, but grain already gets stronger, gains power and forces that finally and irrevocably to dump the power of three. With the person - to collect the purpose of all events from all events with it of energy, grains going on strengthening and its growth. Care - about grain because in it is mute - life. Therefore from each life experience what it was, we will study scoops to the energy, necessary for advance. If life - school, all that in it, serves for lecture and extraction of lessons necessary. And if the Teacher in consciousness always - it is plentiful and fruitful a harvest. It is time to pay already attention that the doctrine or training of the pupil goes constantly and continuously and on everything. There are no aimless and unnecessary phenomena. Precisely on the life and on all events with it becomes tempered the consciousness in recognition of given tests and extraction from everyone elements, necessary for filling of the Bowl of immortality. Vitally and specifically the statement is understood that life is a school. On examples, life given, I explain their sense and value, expanding experience. Only at such understanding of life it is possible to reconcile with its difficulties and tests, both seeming contradictions, and inevitability and need of those experiences and tests which it so plentifully and, apparently, ruthlessly presents to consciousness. It is thus very important to understand the purpose or sense of this phenomenon through which it is necessary to pass. Not understood, it remains in vain, and it is necessary to pass through it again and again. To what excessive expenditure energy, when the guarded vigilance and recognition always will help to understand the purpose of overcome conditions. It isn't necessary to forget also that the Teacher always on the guard, ready on life to explain sense of the events with the pupil. It is necessary to pass through everything, life given, as well as through the life. To construct life on an apprenticeship key - means to study always, as all and on everything. Certainly, such condition of consciousness demands special attentiveness to the events both inside, and outside. Whether also it is possible to be afflicted if life presents especially valuable lessons? Their roots sometimes are bitter, but the fruit is sweet. While on Earth, we will approve them in a condition of training continuous, remembering that Amrita's Bowl is filled on Earth.

503. (Oct. 14). My son, in the spirit of anything can't prevent merge, because spirit - from fire. Consciousnesses connect fiery thought over conditions terrestrial. Spirit in the person - always, thought - on a service. Therefore, for contact it is necessary to turn the aspiration lever only. And as the Teacher always at spirit doors, and its Proximity is integral while the aspiration in heart burns. The bridge to Us can show the mountain, but the reason will be not in Us, but in consciousness of the person. For contact fire is necessary. Fire has to be accumulated. Without it there can't be a communication. It can be spent a number of devastating actions, and then, of course, merge becomes impossible. For example, the irritation devastates the receiver, and attempts to connection in a condition of irritation of success won't have. All fire extinguishers, such as fear, doubt, fussiness and all other, become a blank wall between the pupil and the Teacher. Therefore the way from everything disturbing because fire leaves an unusable receptacle is cleared away. But when the receiver of consciousness is open to the Teacher constantly, danger from invasion of fire extinguishers decreases considerably. The teacher Protects, but protection of a wire goes from two parties. Some complain about scarcity of parcels, but their completeness is caused by completeness of the address which isn't always observed. The main thing is to weigh on scales of Boundlessness not only a thing which it is owned, but also all surrounding, all that outside, and all that inside; and all this invisible and visible, to put on a due place and to allocate for all this time, and to pay attention on degree of its importance in aspect space. Certainly, the phenomenon small, but before an eye, can cover the horizon, but it is necessary to learn to look at the phenomenon not an eye of personal egoism, but an eye boundless. The world eye and eye boundless too are approved in life by a way of continuous application to current affairs and the phenomenon of scales of Boundlessness, or measures of scale space. The space consciousness of subjects also differs from narrow-minded that measures his others. Certainly, vanity of small affairs and trouble and chagrin everyday burden and disturb very much, but and it is necessary to apply the principle of carrying out longer line to them. Only in greatness of Boundlessness they will lose the ardent self-sufficing importance. It is a lot of ways of release of consciousness from burden of affairs and the phenomena current. It is impossible to avoid them, but to be exempted from their burden and it is possible and has to. Life narrow-minded is similar to a web - takes and exhausts consciousness. Many consciousnesses, to light concerned, I broke. How to preserve the major? The first condition is the nobility of the enemy, the second - to approve a condition of wakefulness uninterrupted, and - not to forget the third that the Teacher Is also anxious to protect beauty of your feat. The best cults grew dull from the ordinary. Even metal grows dull from time. But precious metals and stones don't grow dull. Means, the essence of consciousness should be collected from substance of elements corrosion-proof. The treasure of the Stone grows, but multiplied by the thinnest energiya forced. There will be no growth in a bog. Only dirt will stick around. Only the highest plane of life on which the consciousness was approved, will give the decision necessary. Emanations of surrounding terrestrial spheres are poisonous. But the consciousness should eat. A food by poisons brings the poisoning phenomenon. Only fiery consciousness has fiery immunity. Rescue on fire. And winner fire will manage to turn the most bitter into the sweetest and poison - into dazzling coloring of fiery plumage of wings of spirit. The transmutating force of fire in the spirit of is hidden. In darkness external - crying and a gnash tooth. But in a gloom there is a hero of spirit, in the heart from the Stone giving rise to light.

504. In consciousness the key from all opportunities lies. The way is defined by consciousness. The consciousness is the sum of visualizations at present time. The direction of consciousness of the current hour is defined by it. Life of consciousness depends on with what it is filled. The choice depends on will. Therefore, life of consciousness is defined by will. Possibility of a choice is always available in everything. Therefore the choice of ways is so important; and not ways, but thoughts allowed because the thought dominates in a kingdom of three. The thought isn't the moment phenomenon, but a thread stretched from the past in the future, a consequence the bringing. Thoughts thought over pass through the consciousness screen again to return on it. Circular spiral movement in everything is. Therefore and "the wind into place" comes back. And any more a wind, and the thought strengthened, a fruit the born. The moment of emergence of thought in consciousness is the moment and harvests, and new crops. Return of thought strengthened is inevitable, but when understanding the guest it is possible to meet it so that more it didn't return any more. The right of veto belongs to will. When the thought come any more has no anything in the increased consciousness, it will be a seed, not bearing a fruit because the soil for its introduction isn't available. Therefore some thoughts only slide on consciousness, without leaving a trace and without bringing consequences. But the thought attracted by essence of consciousness and nestled in it is mute; the consequence will give the obvious. From here - need of development of immunity against thoughts of harmful, yet gets rid attracted by a magnet. The analysis of a being of this thought will find that hour its suitability and expediency. When the consciousness is entirely directed to the uniform purpose, places unnecessary or harmful any more doesn't remain. Precipitancy of flight excludes burdening by unnecessary thoughts." Last satellites, there is no time to be engaged in you". The spirit directed flies ahead of thoughts heavy. The choice of ways depends on a choice of thoughts. Let's preserve thought.

505. (Oct. 15). Each great purpose, except the essence, has a form, it expressing. This form still isn't present a pass to Earth, but it has to be reached. It isn't present in the world dense, but in World Thin it exists in all details. Thus, achievement of the purpose is reduced to that to make an invisible form visible and a phenomenon prototype of the world of the reasons to transfer to the world of consequences, thin to make dense. It is a usual way of creativity, and not only human, but also space. It is so created all that was, is and will be. Therefore first-image created, or the phenomenon model, is created first of all. And to the purpose, achievement subjects, have to be possibly more brightly and are more particularly issued. Not indistinct foggy uncertainty, but the tableau, clair-radiant finished vivant of that is subject to a display in the world dense, is created by creating consciousness. The plan is necessary as terrestrial reflection of an invisible prototype, as its form of future expression. The plan is the first step of a materialization of a non-material image of idea or the purpose planned. At first construction is in consciousness, then on paper, then in life. The main reality consists in invisible idea. Without it steps of a further materialization are impossible. The stronger, sharper and is more certain the idea or thought is issued, the implementation is easier. The dynamism of an image and its ability to an embodiment in dense forms depends on clearness and definiteness of a form. To be able will think bright vital concrete forms of thought Arhat’s achievement. It isn't enough to create an image, it is necessary to blow into it soul live - a fiery particle of will creating. Mental bastards of force have no. As also words said have to express all clarity and simplicity of ideas. It is necessary to learn to speak even more shortly. And day’s brevity will be a concentrate of clearness, clarity and definiteness. Invincible correctness of persuasiveness and logicality has to consist in the essence of the purpose and in its verbal expression. Words as arrows have to pierce in the purpose, striking object of expression, but it only in case of need. In general words aren't necessary. The dynamic force of a mental prototype doesn't need words. I speak about power hidden, invisible, and creativity. Words - tools of the lowest, terrestrial, the plan. Not words, but silence works. And great causes in silence are made. The power of silence is understood a little. The Highest Spheres creating life, as well as consciousnesses, on them staying are dumb and silent. From Silence the silent Voice of Inalterability sounds. And the Highest creativity of life happens in Silence depths. In it arise first-image- seeds of thought of the future realization. The spatial receptacle stores them to term. And when the arable land terrestrial is prepared by a course of evolution for crops, in its invisible fiery grains direct and give shoots obvious. For many years grain fiery because doesn't decay can wait, and worms don't eat it, and the mole doesn't destroy, but term comes - and the hidden image is embodied in dense conditions. In it value of thoughts and value of thinkers kind. Sowers of hidden crops, the benefit to you is, life terrestrial feeding the fires. Most difficult and more necessary than everything create first-image the hidden. But if it is created and already exists in menthol, any conformable consciousness can apprehend it and carry out in life. The majority of inventors and the scientists, who have opened new formulas of life, are only reapers not them deeds of crops of hidden thoughts. Receive ready of the Space Treasury, attributing a merit to it. But the space Knows, because space - the Great Recorder. Merit found only in refinement their perceiving device. Told that "I In itself anything", Knew about spatial treasures, prepared to the person great thinkers and researchers - Adherents of Great Knowledge. When the consciousness of the person concentrates on a certain idea or thought, it directs to the sphere where these ideas or thoughts stay, and attracts to itself on power of the aspiration and concentration of idea and images, related and uniform with what fill consciousness. The harvest turns out plentiful and absolutely natural and inevitable. Not tips from the Sky, but the deserved requital for works and according to the Law Space. Therefore the persistence and achievement of any purpose always bears fruit both obvious, and inevitable. Elements of problematical character, guessing and uncertainty from this process should be withdrawn absolutely, and besides a resolute hand. The fruit of stay is inevitable, as tomorrow. And therefore the hunter can be glad: anybody and will take away nothing from it inevitability of its stays through display aspiration. Too much place is allocated by people for accidents, forgetting about action of immutable laws of thought and consciousness. Arhat acts in Law spheres, and there is no uncertainty in his creativity. He simply knows the Law and its immutable consequences. Unless is accident, what pages of Records are filled in with new stays? Unless is accident, what a garden of knowledge grows and the consciousness extends? Not accident, but only Law consequence. The consciousness of the inhabitant rushes on rough waves of the everyday sea as a straw, without knowing where to be stuck, and in the power of elements. But Arhat knows where his boat directed by a firm hand floats, and knows how to put levers of Laws in action. If people understood, what immutable power consists in a formula "You Knock, and Will Open to You, Look for, and let's find"!! ! Not favor and tips of the Invisible Creator, but immutable, inevitable consequence of the mighty Space Law. Why to ask where all Life opens before the person all the opportunities? Maud needs to knock after all most, as well as to look for. And even it is possible and to ask, but on condition of absolute knowledge and confidence that this request can't but be executed. Where the law comes into effect, consequences are inevitable, and it is necessary to know only. Shy applicants of the benefits heavenly break life system, and humiliate the right of the sonship, and about the primogeniture forget. But God's sonship is all.

506. (Oct. 16). Whether can give the Beam of the Lord the Light if the mental condition of the perceiving doesn't correspond? If the consciousness from the conductor of light becomes not the conductor how light can get into it? Current can be given and is given, but the glass surface doesn't pass it. Conductivity of the sphere of a microcosm is caused by consciousness, and the Beam gets only into the open receiver. It was said many times that communication with the Lord has to go over passing moods and variability of external conditions, sometimes very adverse and disharmonious. But the plane of contact is established over them, there, where the unbridled vibrations of the lower class can't get. Therefore it is spoken about balance because the highest entrances are protected by it. Whatever occurred outside, it is necessary to learn to store balance of spirit. We will be tormented with external conditions until the armor of spirit won't get stronger so that becomes not perforation for any vibrations of the lowest order. While it isn't shaped, it is necessary to undergo because other protection isn't present. It isn't necessary to hope for favor of karma because it is necessary to pay bills. To lay down arms and be involved in funnels of violent surrounding whirlwinds astral will be defeat and loss only. Exit one: darkness impact, gnash of heavy conditions to win in the spirit of. Not it is necessary to win against conditions and not with conditions to fight, but who is exhausted under their blows, it is necessary to win against it being saddened and losing tranquility and balance reached. Both a back to bend the weakness and the desire under weight of counteractions it is necessary to replace with firmness inflexible. It is necessary to understand that defeat can't be and that it is necessary to sustain everything up to the end, without having lost any grain of treasures collected and achievements saved up. Durability reached is tested life. There is nothing to test that doesn't have anything. But to give it is more; degree of capacity of the receiver needs to be tested. I Can't pour Light gifts into a sieve full of holes. Firmness of spirit is approved as most necessary condition and advances, and receiving. The tranquility and balance of spirit is forms of perception of Beams of the Teacher and a form of a display of beams self-proceeding and fires approved. Exactly burning flame of the awakened centers, being brought out of a condition of quiet balance, will burn the conductor. Therefore other decision isn't present and the victory as the only exit from the created situation is imaginable only. I called the winner. Hardly the victory is given it should be approved by all means. Back return isn't present; there is no place to recede. All ways are behind barred. I emphasize that there is no return back. It also is an apprenticeship sign. We take in pupils only when retreat can't be. Therefore, having collected forces and having called all firmness and courage and believing all consciousness on the Lord, we will win also against this impact of militant darkness. You are surrounded dark from all directions, you are their enemies. They find all cracks and all ways to do harm, and use all channels approaching. Except spirit fire, except fire of Firmness inflexible, it is impossible to oppose to them anything. It is necessary to fight with them. They stop malefactor, to answer blows of darkness with a ray of light, but on condition of preservation of full tranquility and the balance resistant and unshakable, as the rock. Only victory! Lack of other exit will give strength to a hand of the foreordained winner. Weakness of spirit is unacceptable. To allow weakness and to lose courage - means to lose everything. I approve invincible, inexhaustible strength of mind. Decrees to close densely took away also message fight by the uniform beginning of spirit and alone, allowing nobody inside. Even relatives concentrated can break force and it is besides very easy exactly thanks to proximity. Their steps of achievement others and therefore distinction in degree of tension of vibrations can unexpectedly damage and weaken protection. The hero conducts the fight in private both with himself, and with darkness. Great feats are alone made, and at o'clock of special tests the spirit remains one, provided to own forces. Inexhaustibility of forces of the uniform beginning of spirit should be understood in fight when to forces counteracting, except strength of mind, there is nothing to oppose. For them which have surrounded densely, there is a darkness and forces terrestrial, and behind the spirit daring in fight, only Light and the Lord. But to It you will win. Because I See a victory!

507. To loneliness and nobody will change anything. The loneliness should be understood. One is born the person in the world and one leaves the world. All most considerable moments of the drama of human life are endured by the person alone. "Father, the Father, why left You Me?"- The Savior left even pupils when came Hour told. In Mysteries ancient the dedications examinee was left one and in deep loneliness enjoyed a bowl of hopeless bitterness up to the end. And only for the morning when Light had to light up the winner, this terrible loneliness was broken. It is possible to live under one roof with people and even in one room, but each feeling, each experience, as well as all life, at each person goes irrespective of experiences even close people. Certainly, a lot of things are endured together, but the process of experience goes individually, in a microcosm, on the person, the isolated, lonely lifeline. And even if you are hurt by tooth, it hurts you, but not your friend. And you personally and individually pass through all feelings accompanying it. And so is in everything. It is necessary to pass through conscious loneliness. Because Great Silent, is inside staying, stays in great loneliness and in great silence. The silent Witness, in silence Real - is lonely. Everything, that around, not ours is; die both people, and things, and conditions. Confidentially, deprived of everything, in great loneliness there is a spirit with the Lord, Silent, inside staying, and, merging with It, passes a step of silent loneliness of spirit. Just as the step a without the house of the terrestrial has to be passable, this greatest test because it is necessary to pass through loneliness is taken place also. And having only passed through it, the consciousness can join consciousness of billions the forms poured in Space, having become part them, and to feel itself as a continuous link of all living, having merged with them and having become part them and part of the world, without losing the center of the consciousness which has passed a step of loneliness. The space consciousness through a step of loneliness is reached. And two poles of a uniform thing merge in consciousness in one unseparable whole. Standing over in great silence and loneliness it joins and entered into everything that exists outside. The part becomes whole, and whole - part, merging in one, real from a century. Therefore in the internal spirit sanctuary, where the throne The Lord Claimed, anybody never it isn't allowed, because there comes true Great Sacrament of Life. When the way is complete, the spirit finishing over the last gate sees the last tracing. And this tracing is expressed all in a word - SECRET.

508. The lord, bread my essential give Me day’s! My son, hunger of your spirit I Sate with life bread nowadays, day's given. When the consciousness is turned to Me and sounds of Earth don't muffle it, the song of spirit sounds and its voice is perceived by consciousness. Also it is necessary to have great strength of mind not to allow winning to Earth voices, loud sounds, noise, and vanity of this world. The loneliness helps. Because the loneliness moments when the spirit remains with itself, feed consciousness with energiya the highest. It is necessary to learn to pass alone a way and it is necessary to study at the loneliness moments scoops forces and to restore balance of spirit. Because, Calmness Silence there is a silence of great balance! Plunging into spirit depths, it is necessary to find there rescue from darkness external, where noise, both vanity, and crying, and a gnash tooth. From depths of Silence the Voice silent sounds. Not outside, but looking for not predicate the fiery Treasure inside finds. Renunciation is in the spirit of. To everything that around, it is possible to tell:" It isn't necessary anything because there is nothing mine. One came, I will leave one and I will take nothing with myself from this that I have, and nobody will follow Me. Everything, that is from Earth, on Earth also remains. From spirit I, and the phenomena of the dense world only the stream by flowing". So starts thinking of spirit, dumping the chains and the covers. Imagining itself the owner of imagined property, people not only ties itself to this thing or things, but also ties the consciousness to a mental image of a thing and, dumping a body and without having broken this link, continues, and has to continue, own that it is necessary to exist as reality only in his consciousness. And there, in the Thin World, it is possible to surround itself with ghosts, not gets rid on Earth, and in their environment to continue to drag the illusive existence so strongly approved and proved on Earth. Because, that is connected on Earth, will be connected and in the Sky, that is in World Invisible. Therefore danger of seduction by property is great. Scales of Boundlessness are necessary for release of consciousness from the power over it these ghosts. The person, before death distributed all manor, arrives wisely because with consciousness released leaves the world. But even this release isn’t as simple as it seems. If the person lived all life in one house and in one room, the mental image of this environment took shape so strongly, and in the thin form that long after death the consciousness will continue to stay in habitual and familiar four walls. Travel is necessary, the separation from a habitual situation is necessary. Only very high consciousnesses strength of mind can destroy this power of a habitual environment. From here precept: "Don't become attached to anything and consider nothing". In this world terrestrial we only guests from the world of other. And nothing belongs to us. And it isn't a pity to leave anything, and it is a pity to lose nothing.

509. (Oct. 17). About Proximity of the close. If it is specified that the Lord is closer close, so it and is. Behind vegetables it is necessary to go on a market, behind sugar - to a bench. But that is closest, shouldn't go anywhere because the Lord is closer, than heart. To feel heart which fights always, on it is necessary to concentrate. To feel the Lord inside, the consciousness should be turned to It. Completeness of the address is difficult. But it is possible to approach so close that the Shape Shining covered all field of vision when in consciousness of a place to anything else any more doesn't remain and only vibrations of its aura penetrate a microcosm, filling it with light. It is possible to make feeling of proximity feeling constant, as feeling of heart, which in us always. And the feeling, how many awareness of inseparability of eternal Presence is thus important not so much. Awareness of constancy of Proximity can be deepened and expanded continued. And the works, the enclosed consequences will give obvious and fruitful. It is possible to finish reality of a hidden Face to such an extent that on all that is or will begin to look before eyes as though through the Image of the Lord, leaving on all deposits of a network of Light. Glasses of points not only don't prevent to see, but, on the contrary, improve sight. And the Shape of the Lord in the third eye will allow seeing world around things in their true relationship and proportions. It as though the wonderful lens applied by spiritual sight in orders that instead of evidence to see reality. This wonderful lens can blind make able to see. To stare and look doesn't mean yet to see. The people staring and looking are called blind. The Lord Called. See the few, and hear the few, having ears and the eyes which centers are open. The conscious constant Proximity of the Lord awakens and makes active the centers. As the Sun beam on a plant, works the Beam when awakening the centers. And the Face, in the third eye approved, starts the centers rotating, causing in them fires obvious. Under mighty continuous influence the pupil who has approved Proximity of the Shining Face of the Lord puts himself. The Shape is brighter and more real, the influence is stronger. But minutes of special concentration and Communication influence doesn't become denied obvious. We create together my force in consciousness, My Face the approved. Process is real only for learned a way, but is available to each daring consciousness. Between Me and directing to Me can't be and there are no barriers, except for what were erected by him in the consciousness. It is necessary to understand this most wonderful possibility of approach to the Lord when the way is open if the person didn't block him. How many efforts it is necessary to make to gain the university diploma. How many works and to feet, and brains! As works it is required to achieve situation in life. Even the house can't be built without efforts. But for My Proximity it is necessary to open heart only. And not only to open, but also to hold it’s open. Open heart to My Beam is the heart which has found a way. If to open heart only on holidays or on moods, current interrupts and lamps start blinking. Blinking for nerves are tiresome lamps: wear out the main metal and easily fuse. Therefore precepted constancy is. Heart can be closed for worldly voices, but not to the Ray of light creating. Many misfortunes caused swings arrhythmic, wanderings and evasion. But the way of the winner is direct. With Me, continuously, it is necessary to pass through it. In ante stupefy of pleasures terrestrial or a clouding of a grief it is easy to forget about the Lord, but on that and heart always fights to remind of the most necessary. Therefore it can, and only it - heart, to be a place of stay of the Lord, in it the Monastery created. So we will approve heart as guards of the Highest World and a link binding between invisible and visible. Proximity I wash, anything integral, it is necessary to put ahead of everything and ahead of all and all. To in what consciousness I Take priority, I Open doors of continuous cognition. And, if you bring Me gifts of the aspiration is not gifts it, but baskets which generously Fill: fruits of My garden also I Return to you. I Don't take, but I Give, without considering; and brought without the account receives endlessly. Proximity understanding is fruitful.

510. (At night half awake). Pleasure and Light is ahead. Behind is dark, ahead is light. Resisted an award will receive and sang will reap. Only my Light remains over the country. Obviously uniform herd I will collect. I testify terribly to an Hour of my Arrival. To the son hello! You will go, truly invited, both desired, and necessary excessively. To the son - and hello, and care is. Change goes the full secret and obvious. To Me trust. And at you clean litter. To work early. I will tell when it is possible. It is necessary to clear conditions. The problem of construction passes to the plan spiritual. Material it is rather strengthened. You have to wait each hour for variable events. (I wrote down in a light slumber. 3 h. nights).

511. My son, whether you know that not to avoid the foreordained meetings, the foreordained people, the foreordained places and the foreordained affairs. It is necessary to know only that is fated. The Lord Knows, Sees and Provides the best combinations. While the karma was personal, it was difficult to change its current but when it merges with public, provided, and terms come, everything changes, as on wave of a magic staff. The hall predicted will come true, and you - in is mute. It is easier to direct a boat on a current of a mighty stream of a karma national, than alone to direct it against currents opposite. The consciousness of mine ripened long ago, but the general only ripens. From here is feeling of difficulty and burden extraordinary. In due course Space beams, our Beams and currents spatial merge for transformation of mass consciousness by them, and shift becomes inevitable. And only then hidden secretly the visible it becomes obvious. The change came, tension of the merged beams and energiya is given. Inevitably is of a consequence. About them also It is spoken. Beams make out essence of expression of consciousness. There are no forces, able to counteract a current of the Space Magnet. Movement of culture on bark terrestrial, blossoming and falling of the people was caused by it. And not children of Earth to fight against power of huge space energiya. For them we Date Karmas of the people, and our Beams - in the accord with a tracing of Space Will we Direct. We guard Great, weaving threads of events, moving the foreordained spirits into fields of activity intended. Mighty forces will inform to due point beginnings. Invisible is forces and assistants on service at spirits the foreordained. In the accord with the World Hidden the performance of the mission comes true. People feel the press hierarchical and speak about messengers of the elect. If to gins Permitted to build, the Hand in the Help to terms the foreordained really will slow down? Therefore we will be approved on Hierarchy in awareness of its Power. All is made in due course. But when Luminous intensity approves the power in Command the Highest, there can be only an execution, but not counteraction. Earth will be shaken, and enemies will be plunged into ashes, but implementation of the precepted won’t slow down when the Word of execution is said. And, truly, so and will be. The consciousness by an o'clock of execution should be prepared; because knots of the Network of Light will be in special tension. Opportunities are show Service will grow in one thousand is multiple. About term of the beginning of Service obvious and open I will tell especially because was Prepare for affairs considerable. Energy of activity will begin to flow on channels, Me specified to give the highest degree of efficiency. Everyone will be irreplaceable on the place. About Mission is of the son special Decree. The will is transferred to me, and we will act is merged. The darlings you will keep near. To strong will help, released from attractions usual. Strength of awareness of greatness of tasks I will give. My force you will direct. Force wonderful implementation of Decrees Mine you will receive. The fairy tale I will make life. Column of a flame you will pass through life, will I wash executing. Understanding of my will in yourself to the giant you will become similar, and My will you will create My Affairs. The affairs won't be. Everything will be mine. My Affairs, My cares, My pleasures and grieves. You will live the Lord because I in you will approve the phenomena of the New World. I will give power Signs. Stone you will receive. And the Ring I will give. Mothers you will be the faithful son, the strict performer and the faithful assistant. Inheritance you will receive through It. Remember. In total through It is. For that I Prepare that met with open eyes. Downloaded realize and prepare. I Told.

512. (Oct. 18). The first thought - about the Lord, the second - about people, and the third - about itself. And as the first grow and the second, the third decreases and is nullified. Gets rid of the astral conductor and fight against the personality and egoism is carried out systematically and systematically. At a step of space consciousness the personality in the person disappears and the astral - a serpent an ancient, twisting microcosm the suffocating rings dies. The essence of both beginnings, so closely connected between it, is expressed by the word "I" in its usual understanding. The person connects everything with the concept "I" relating to the personality. And each time when the person speaks "I", he approves in itself (himself) the personality. Therefore at known steps of an apprenticeship the word "I" is output from the use. It is replaced by the word "they" and, at last, "we". When the word "I" is said, not only there is a statement of the personal beginning, but the thought, directing from the center to itself, to the "I", closes the microcosm sphere a small circle. I, I, I - twaddle people so narrowed the world that all other of it is excluded: both people, and their interests. "I" predominate only, poisoning all system with decomposition poison. The person own air exhaled by it can't breathe - there is a poisoning. As and with I, I, I is twaddle consciousness. We Know I, I, I is twaddle people at whom "I" don't descend from language, and We Brand them egoists. Therefore withdrawal from the use of the words "I" - a symbol of the personality and an astral, already in it deprives these two beginnings of a firm support - as if the head is taken away from a monster because really the egoism inflated to limits of an exception all rest became a monster in the person. When the first conscious step is taken, it is possible to make and the second, trying to exclude from consciousness personal thoughts, that is the thoughts directed on, inside. The success in this direction destroys a shroud mental in which the person shrouded himself and which separated it from the world which continuous part it is. When the egoism paling is destroyed, Identity is already exempted from layers isolating and the spark-monad can realize itself a drop of the ocean infinite. It is possible to think of the Identity and the Lord, either Lords, or all Hierarchy, either all people, or all consciousnesses and all living under the word "We". So the small circle personal "I" to limits of Boundlessness extends and there are "I" big, immortal, the phenomenon with the center everywhere and a circle anywhere that is unlimited divine spirit fire. Through understanding of the Lord in them we come to understanding of the word "We" and in it we merge with the plane of space consciousness.

513. Look round attentively to understand causes and effects of the phenomena. Cause and effect is one unseparable whole, stretched in time which one aspect is called as the reason, and another - a consequence. Different and opposite poles of a uniform thing are separated. From here is turn out both thoughtlessness and misunderstanding. Grain crops, sprout, growth and the birth of new grain give an example of a cycle of the phenomenon finished. As the causality cycle comes to an end also. It is already possible to dispose of new grain at discretion when the cycle is finished. But shoots grow by the seed nature. Therefore deception is generated by deception, force - force, courage - courage and so on - by the nature of the. Quality and viability of the phenomenon and condition people around powerfully influence. The usual consciousness sees only one pole or one phase of that whole, the clairvoyant - all. The future prediction, or destinies, is based on ability to see the phenomenon as a whole through the fourth measurement that is in time. People see only the end, either only the beginning, or only a section, say, one point, or one phase. And, seeing tails that is consequences often don't understand essence of the events. Not reality see, but tails of that occurs, and judge on them. And the judgment always turns out one-sided and limited because deals with that already passed and ended. It is better to see event origin that is the reason, than its end. And it is better to see spatially the phenomenon stretched in time, than only one pole of causality. But worst of all be content with tails. And who knows when heart gives a joyful message, whether it feels that something somewhere arose very considerable and light. Just heart it is possible to see because the eye sees only at length of the wave. As restrictedly hears also an ear. The heartily sight and other feelings, feeling-knowledge bringing, not from a brain; at all without seeing the phenomenon as a whole, heart it is possible to guess its essence: from Light it or darkness, or other aspects. To look attentively means to look heart, defining, what reaction its device on the phenomenon analyzed gives. It especially brightly can be shown at contact with people. Try to pay attention not to words said, but to the essence hidden behind them, watching closely heart reaction. Results will be very interesting and unexpected. And behind an external form of the word there will be it is experienced there, often opposite and not corresponding to a form, contents. So heart the consciousness learns to get into the essence of things hidden under external covers. As the essence of a subject and its aura, aura of the person, a place, the house and so on is defined also. Let's learn to see behind covers because each phenomenon stretched in time, exists in the integrity on the highest plane of life.

514. (Oct. 19). The face of the Lord is a key from Communication with That Who is hidden behind an external form of the expression. These are a gate for an entrance to the Microcosm of Great Heart. It is also possible to name him Macrocosm because It is merged with it together. The circle of consciousness covered by this Identity, is so great that the consciousness of the pupil, though can scoop from it, nevertheless capture it or isn't able to present its depth. But in this circle it is possible to enter, merge with it and, expanding the consciousness, to scoop from it endlessly. Receiving doesn't have a limit because the limit could come only when the consciousness of the pupil would reach height of consciousness of the Teacher, and it is impossible as million years of evolution, all, separate consciousness it from consciousness of the Lord. And if the pupil in the development moves ahead, there is forward as also a Teacher, with the speed many times over exceeding a step of those who follows It. Thus, inexhaustibility of sating Consciousness of the Lord is an immutable condition of Communication. It is possible to take endlessly and a limit gifts of Great Heart. And Heart it - as the Sun, always in height also is always ready to light up the Light the consciousness turned to It. But it is necessary to address and the consciousness to turn to Light of the Great Identity Greatest in aura of our planet, and perhaps, and above. Because not to Earth, but light of the Distant Worlds measures Inexpressible Light. And this greatness solar, filling our consciousness, becomes so close, both available, and inseparable, so enters into consciousness that any, even the loved one, can't become closer. The proximity of people - external, Proximity of the Lord is merge of essence of the person, which inside, with essence of Great Heart. What extensive experience for million years of uninterrupted conscious existence is saved up, what Knowledge!! The condition of the centers which are strongly open makes available all plans. What depth of Knowledge and what possibilities of new cognition are hidden behind an external form of a shining Face of the Lord. Yes, yes, both Sees, and Hears, and Knows. What I will conceal from the Lord what I will hide from the Eagle Eye? What evil can succeed in an evil-shift against a board lightful which protects the pupil? Who comprehended borders of power it? Who knows force of Beams? Who settled them? The Lord Bears is in himself inexhaustibility of all qualities of spirit. Therefore for the statement of the qualities it is possible to take from It. Let qualities of Spirit of Great Heart become a measure of achievement of the planned qualities. Through the Face vibrations of the Beam of the Teacher join a microcosm of the pupil, and in Beams there is an association of a microcosm of the pupil to Macrocosm Teacher, and through It there is a merge to Macrocosm the Universe. Inexhaustibility of the Beam in an everyday is show also gives the chance to the directed spirit to fill up the knowledge of the line of a magnetic attraction of the directed energiya of the consciousness. And how this aspiration, whatever areas of knowledge it was deep and broad took, the Beam is ready to reply always. Because the consciousness of the Lord is synthesis not only all knowledge reached on Earth by mankind, but also something immeasurably pains the bigger. Therefore each comer receives. And if billion consciousnesses approaches and will direct, there will be no which remains no saturated, and according to the accord, that is the directed consciousness receives what thirsted by heart because on heart there is a receiving. But refusal isn't present to anybody. It is necessary to think as spirit gifts if not five thousand, but billion can be saturated and everyone can receive richly Great Heart at will to the. It is possible to imagine all power of this lightful battery. It is necessary to imagine all variety of consciousnesses human and all distinction of their aspirations. The formulas approaching to the Highest Identity are given to mankind. Gate to the Treasury is specified, the way is open, but people pass by and in a pursuit of ghosts miss the most important. Having filled consciousness with passing phantoms and clinging to them, not only live in this environment on Earth, but carry away with itself these forms to the World Thin, littering and the highest planes of existence. The world Thin is littered to a limit with illusive constructions human. The Lord Calls for understanding of reality! The Lord Is Ready gives knowledge endlessly! But it is empty around, and receivers of knowledge aren't present. You, the few, able to apprehend as it isn't enough of you in comparison with all mass of mankind and as it is difficult to you in a vice of the blinded consciousnesses. But time comes when the consciousness universal will start waking up. And you having eyes and ears, you will give from that knowledge which the Lord generously gives you. The knowledge received for, right there also is settled. But the knowledge, for others pscooped, will be sated without restrictions. The main thing, it is necessary to realize that the source of given Wisdom while the consciousness of the receiving is turned to the Lord will stick never. I Won't be averted and not to Preston. So the bottom of confidence turns into the belief rock, into a shining adamant of knowledge of inalterability. With knowledge of inalterability of the Law I want to sate. To make Faith Want immutable and expressing an invariance and indisputability of Space Laws. After all if all comes: both the Moon, and Earth, and the Sun, the Law won't come. I claim in a belief and knowledge inflexible. In a faith-knowledge I Claim.

515. Knowing and still made no error of a justification has. To what is then knowledge? Certainly, people, and especially close, can unreasonably burden. But on them also there is training, because test incessantly is. Failures are and still inadmissible. Become tempered in trifles will resist and against the big. It isn't necessary to be afflicted with tests uncountable. Urgent way and time presses. It is better to finish training, having undergone everything, than to meet the future the unprepared. Let's treat consciously conditions, specified, what link of chain armor should be strengthened still. There will be time, and it is close when each step becomes especially responsible, mistakes then can be fatal on the consequences. Therefore haste of tests. Let's be glad, they will relieve us of possibility of mistakes. Flashes of an astral belong to mistakes inadmissible. The self-justification won't help. How there were provocatively circumstances, the astral has to be subordinated. Otherwise impassivity not to approve and quality it will be theoretical. Antipode of great balance is so strong concern and disbalance. Approving a positive pole of the phenomenon, we won't forget its antithesis, always ready to fall upon the turncoat. Creeping there is no place to fall. But flown up highly can break if lowers in you weed a wing. Force of a victories-carrier in a spear not dozing lifted over a dragon. Means, the guards great don't interrupt not for a moment. It is worth weakening it or to remove, the blow follows immediately. Never, with one person, even with the most approximate, is vigilance and vigilance not leaving consciousness. Let this patrol condition will be a form of expression of wake consciousness. Relatives, the distant on inevitability guards great not influence. The condition of intense vigilance will accompany everywhere and always. It will give flame tension, will preserve against surprises and will help to avoid mistakes. And the main thing, an astral will hold the bridled. The bridle on feelings is necessary as the most necessary and inevitable step of an ascension. The power over feelings are show not only in ability to constrain them, but also in management of them and abilities to cause feelings by order of will when the consciousness already is laboratory of feelings irrespective of external conditions or reproaches of. But to it spirit it is necessary strong to put on all feelings. The power approved is reached in tests which will proceed until demanded quality won't take shape strongly. Let's not forget also that life - the best teacher, which activity is show as soon as the desire of acquisition or need of the statement of this or that quality or property was issued. Consciousness movement in a certain direction immediately causes resistance and counteraction of the environment connected with the chosen direction. Resistance is in direct ratio power of aspiration. The statement of the necessary qualities gives strength to elements, the opposite. From here is inevitability of fight and victory. Potential of aspiration has to win against counteraction force, yet won't create a desirable fruit and won't gather energiya and viability from the counteracting pole, force of the receiving.

516. (Oct. 20). Certainly, atmospheric and all other conditions influence, but spirit over everything and the World Fiery above all. Therefore it is possible to reach such condition of consciousness when already nothing interferes with Communication, though influences it to some extent.
It is necessary to study mental creativity. In this creativity the main place is taken by though, that is a fancy or fancies created. If at Communication clarity of the Face of the Teacher puts us in direct contact with It, it is possible to understand, what huge value has clarity and reality of a created image. In order that Communication took place, the mental situation around should be created corresponding and bright to an exception of everything, to Communication of not relating. At most, stability and firmness of these mental educations success of perceptions also depends. For this purpose it is necessary, that the created mental products were stronger and brighter than subjects of people around and eclipsed them the force, overcoming the influence their attraction. It is possible to strain to such an extent force of the created images not to see any more a situation of a direct environment. In World Thin where everything moves thought and everything is caused by it, ability to create mentally has huge value because there energy all-initial and thought are the real factors of life creating living conditions of spirit as is certain as here, on Earth, create their material conditions and an environment. But here, to take down or build the house or to create a thing, it is necessary to work hands. In the same place hands it isn't required, but the thought is necessary. Certainly, the thought is necessary and here, but on Earth it can't influence a matter directly, though costs behind each movement of a hand, being and here the main, though invisible, a condition of any work and creativity. But it is now spoken about ability to think brightly and accurately because brightness and clearness of thought lies in the basis of any action and in particular the mental. Characteristic of a fancy is that circumstance that, being created and finished, it receives existence independent of the founder, developing energy in the direction put in it and on the essence, influencing thus both the surrounding sphere, and the creator. Mental terafy there is no other than the fancy which has been consciously created for the purpose of achievement of absolutely precisely planned consequences by means of energy, in its enclosed. The second feature of a fancy or live mental essence, or, simply speaking, thoughts, that it strives for the material plan is, tending to collect to itself, to attract to itself and to condense round it already material elements to be embodied in the world dense. This aspiration of thought to be embodied in a matter terrestrial is considered a little. But the thought is immediately embodied in forms terrestrial as soon as the combination of external conditions allows. The thought not only is embodied when external conditions allow such implementation, but it magnitno creates and combines combinations of these conditions. If the thought is rather strong, bright and issued, that, like water, a stone hollowing, it eventually nevertheless respectively will combine external conditions. The thought is stronger, it is more certain, the more powerful it action. For thought it isn't necessary to time. In case of impact on people it affects immediately and huge distances. More difficultly with subjects, but also their matter is under strong influence of thought, becoming impregnated with it through and bearing on itself its print. The thought of the person is so strong that it or destroys fabrics wearable to them clothes, or, on the contrary, as though them keeps from destruction because on atoms and molecules of fabrics there is an influence of magnetic essence of mental energy. But it occurs unconsciously. When the will of destruction or creation is put in thought and goes consciously, its consequences not averted. If people understood, that they create and destroy thoughts the. The person goes, eats, sleeps, works, talks, and behind him, in is mute, the thought, an image, to it created, one sits, two there is, a lot of, and everyone creates for it, causing on the carrier of energy of destruction or creation, a damnation or blessing irrespective of, whether the founder of these powerful, continuously operating nucleus's energiya that he created thinks. The karma is energy of crystallized thoughts of the person, once and somewhere to them created. Arhat, the conscious creator of life, knows creative power of thought. There are no rash actions at it, and especially mental. Thought - the weapon, it perfects and aggravates to a limit, crystallizing it to a condition of intense vitality and assuming all responsibility for the actions. It is possible to learn to work with thought. Meeting human counteraction, it is necessary to be silent, having created only thought of bigger potential. It isn't necessary to speak. Time of words terminated for the learned. It is necessary to think only: powerfully, brightly, accurately and in the benefit. And pity attempts human on thinking will be scattered by ashes, is equal as their weak fancies before a strong conscious fancy of the one who knows the weapon. We Don't break free will of the person, but our Stronghold and the relatives from attempts human we Protect. Therefore to be protected the right to our people we Give. The formula "Take Care, Ignoramus" has force. It is necessary forces and the decision inflexible much to resist against whirlwinds human and thoughts, spiteful and decomposing. It is necessary to resist, and all strength of conscious thought to the aid is given. It is necessary to become the soldier, differently not to sustain.

517. Permissiveness measure is not for all. The weak consciousness can make from this something, in a chasm the attracting. Tactics Adversa allows a display of a negative pole only in order that the positive got stronger and increased in force for suppression of the phenomenon undesirable. The will allows sometimes offenses, consciousness steps not corresponding to understand the nature them for full a gets rid. What it is better, is usual food, without thinking of it, or strictly to fast, staying all the time in ardent thoughts of tasty and plentiful viands? Strengthening mental aspect of desire of food, the person does harm to more bitterly, than in the first case of a usual food. It is better to meet desire, than to indulge in thoughts, it cherishing. It is easier to reject that is tested if the phenomenon nature is understood. Ascending consciousness, passing through the weaknesses, becomes as though over them and seizes them. All eat the devotee, and the inhabitant, but one won against food desire, another - the slave. So is in everything. All is permitted only when the consciousness doesn't fall under the power legal, otherwise the principle is inadmissible. We have no ban, but only for ascending consciousness. Very harmfully to live under the power of unsatisfied desire, feeding with it the thoughts and falling under their influence. The infinite wheel without an exit turns out. No ban we Have, everything is permitted, to mister is permitted, but not to the slave.

518. (Oct. 21). Yes!! You are right; nothing has to influence extent of the reached Communication. It is very difficult to hold it. Often so-called repentance disturbs. This word isn't present in our dictionary. Understanding of the mistake is one, but a torment the made mistakes - something aimless and disturbing. Understanding is effective because it means impossibility of repetition of a mistake in the future. Torments weaken a communication thread, burdening it is fruitless. Torments are fruitless. If the pupil is allowed, he has to know that heart of the Teacher is opened for it always. Mistakes exist in order that on them to learn and to be exempted from them. Let's study so on everyone, considering the weaknesses and connivance. It is necessary to set the understanding seal to everyone. Don't maintain a beam of analyzing consciousness thought, neither a mistake, nor offenses inexpedient. The thought unworthy, shined with a consciousness beam, burns down. With itself it is possible to be ruthlessly severe. A lot of things can be simply with spirit advantage. Especially - small feelings and vanity. Let's take for an example fussy obsequiousness. What can be more humiliating? Or irritation? In the light of Boundlessness small feelings terrestrial burn down, releasing spirit and clearing grain it of stratifications unnecessary. Scales of Boundlessness are applied not only to things, but also to everything that in us and out of us occurs. And as soon as the tested phenomenon on them is weighed, immediately it takes a place belonging to it by right in the general scheme of things, without closing all horizons. People live so, something that at them before eyes at present, and what occupied their consciousness, excludes all the rest. Something turns out incommensurable. It is possible to imagine the planet rushing in Boundlessness in zones of times, and great procession of spirits on the one hand, and the person who is bitterly crying over the broken favorite thing. Both the broken thing and splinters filled all consciousness, having excluded the world and having sphered spirit of the small sphere. On such small closed spheres, hen houses, pigsties, sour lodges, cellars and the other conditions surrounding consciousness, people huddle, at all without noticing the capture, so it became both habitual, and usual. The conditions, but isolation of consciousness because even in a dungeon it is possible to be spirit free are terrible not. Hen houses, pigsties, cellar both gold, and any other cages and consciousness jails to the small sphere it is necessary to destroy. You build the dungeons, and in them you choke. Prisoners voluntary, the most plunging yourself, you will cherish, care and preserve how long a blindness, depriving you advantages of spirit and turning the person in a mole? Also he needs to creep only holes underground, dark. Boundlessness as an anchor of rescue from darkness of not made by hand and man-made cellars is given. Rescue by everything that follows Me. But direct, but spirit from Earth rise. Then Earth trampled, both scolded, and humiliated, you will lift together with yourself. Look for universal panacea of life, and it - in consciousness, in freedom from the power of Earth enslaved. Freedom is in consciousness. Therefore I Direct consciousnesses from spheres it is small and limited to Boundlessness spheres. The piece you will measure the aspiration. But direct. It is necessary to awaken consciousness and so I Would like that fire of consciousness flared up because Fire came to reduce to Earth. Yes, yes, yes, the current state of affairs can't be tolerant further. The energy, sent to mankind, and opportunity new at sleeping consciousness will bring destructions great. It is impossible to sleep more long. Fiery energy is torn in the dungeons, limited to spheres small, threatening with explosions. People already go, to powder kegs similar, ready to flash because of each trifle. The spiteful flame doesn't hesitate to break, doing harm and to people around, and its carrier. If only saw, on what fiery power and where goes is spent. But terms don't hesitate, condensing and without that piled on the agony. But ears are stopped up, and eyes are closed. Blind men live on Earth and blind go to the World Thin, from one hopeless getting to another. Horror in that considers ant naturalness of blind dark existence as a usual and normal state of the person, without thinking of freedom of spirit. And already prepare prison for those who can proclaim it. However, so was always because all were torn to pieces by messenger. But even if it and so, nevertheless there is few elite, and to them, the little, Word My. You - Earth salt, holders of the Network of Light planetary, you and through you are light, and without it, you accepted and you extended, the darkness would embrace Earth. Therefore not condemnation to you, still the person, but recognition, support, care and the help washing, and love. Receivers Light Lord, the value realizes. Rescue to the world you bear. Not I, but you - on Earth, in the middle of mankind. And through you, Me accepted, my Light to people I Give. Not about a little, but of the greatness think, you, me called and approved.

519. Energy of the pupil, to the Teacher directed, is similar to the networks thrown in the sea for a valuable catch. Catch bring the rich. The three are more than networks, the more deeply was to scatter, and it is more catch. The sea is deep, is rich with fish and is inexhaustible. The more often throw networks, it is more catch. The consciousness of the Teacher is similar to the deep sea. Who can tell that learned and investigated it up to the end. It is much imprinted in books, and Great Doctrines are given, but the most secret in them isn't given. The most intimate in books isn't present. Many books are written by symbols the devoted, but to symbols it is necessary to have keys, and they are transferred only orally. Therefore there is a wisdom expressed by a letter traced, and the wisdom expressed only by the word. Secret wisdom still never was property of human book-depositories. A lot of intimate writing is stored at Us, and still the Highest, not predicate, Knowledge can't be imprinted not only in a letter, but even in the word human. And only silence, Great Silence, can express it. Therefore the greatest dedication in the Greatest Silence is made when the voice of Silence sounds silently. The one, who speaks about the secret knowledge, has no them. Knowing doesn't speak. The press fiery on lips Learnt is strong. On a measure growth reason of mankind secret becomes obvious and intimate wisdom turns into general use and becomes property of all; but the press of secret remains on everything that is still inaccessible to people because of their unpreparedness. Even hand-written wisdom till time is based in our book-depositories, without being subject to publication. Space Knowledge, name to which Inexhaustibility and Power, is given to mankind according to a step, it reached. And even that partial that is given, meets stupid persistent counteraction of ignorant crowds. But there are so much books, and "we know very much", - the narrow-minded self-conceit as it exclaimed hundred, two hundred, and one thousand, and one thousand years ago exclaims. And how many the new is open since then, and where the end for opening in field of knowledge? And what the mankind through two will know, three thousand years? And still the relation of knowledge human to Knowledge Space will be the relation to Infinity - п: ? where п - the size of the knowledge reached by people, and? - sum of Space Knowledge. Here with this measure also we will approach to area of the Great Knowledge which part available to Records, is in our book-depositories, and another, inaccessible and Secret, hidden in consciousness of Lords and being at the disposal of the Wreath of Space Reason of our Solar system, represents the inexhaustible ocean of Knowledge Space.

520. (Oct. 22). Creating power of the Face of the Lord can be understood only heart. As also the Beam only in life becomes reality. Many live without the Beam and without the Lord. But also moles too live without light. The spirit eats light, as a body - food usual. Scale of light of a bike. The ray of sunlight septenary and each division has it seven more divisions. Beam solar, visible, one of its worst manifestations. Highly on a scale of light there is a Beam of the Lord. But even usual light feeds a body of the person and any live organism. Without influence of light there are no stones even. Because it extends is on all existing. The future science will put studying of beams on the first place as beams build and create all visible forms of life. Beams - builders of life. So we will call them. By analogy it is necessary to assume that the dodecahedral essence of a beam with the seven main and five complementary colors is peculiar not only to Sun beams, but also any star, and any center of life in obvious or hidden, that is potential, a condition. And, if heart is the sun of an organism, therefore, each heart, and not just Heart of the Hierarch, possesses the same properties in the inexhaustible potential. And evolution of a spark-monad can be considered in aspect of a display of beams self-proceeding. Width of a light scale helps to understand it in all limitlessness. It is possible to tell that all radiates from itself light. Only light radiated by a flower, a tree, an animal and the person, differs and in essence, and on degree. And the cockleshell too radiates it, and even a stone. But matter consists of the smallest parts of the being shone electrons forming being shone atoms. Means, the essence of substance is of a matter lightful in in the structure. Any combination of atoms light-bearing. If to reject usual restrictions of sight, it is possible to imagine that all existing is being shone with different intensity and different flowers of education which either isn’t mobile, or move in environment. Light-Universe all that in it is sates with the light. Being shone fishes of big depths are shone in the dark oceans. But fish remains fish where she was, that is her Light-bearing put in it potentially, is in everyone, only degree of a display of this potential is very various. So, Light-potential possesses it - from the Sun to a planet and from atom to the person. The essence of evolution of all forms consists in disclosure of potential of light. Power of beams isn't realized by mankind. The insignificant part of beams of the Sun gets to Earth and planets. Where there is all incalculable force of its beams, on Earth and planets of not fallen? Obviously, in space. Where there are myriads of beams of stars and the sun, big and small? In space. These beams loaded * with electrons, form condensations, either fogs, or the arising worlds which are already consisting of combinations of atoms, the rays of light which have arisen from electrons. So beam universe by rays of light it is created. The secret of a light beam is great. It isn't comprehended and in a ray of sunlight, though available to studying. After all the ray of sunlight bears in itself essence of a structure and a chemical composition of the Sun and charges of powerful electromagnetic energy, bipolar in essence, triple in manifestation, septenary on structure and dodecahedral on a tonality. But after all each element being in the Sun, gives in a range it the color. Means, to fit it is necessary to add still colors (97) ninety seven elements open and forty seven yet open, that is hundred forty elements. Invisible beams of a solar range, of course, aren't limited to ultra-violet and infrared beams, but go to both parties from a visible scale. Each separate beam too is dual on a being and is triple in manifestation. So inexhaustible unexplored depth we see in the Sun beam. It is same and in beams of stars because also stars have the ranges and are perhaps less powerful, but too interact with light spheres of live organisms, as well as with any matter consisting of light to an emanation of spatial beams. In Space everything mutually generates is mutual. Nothing can be separated and isolated. Beam communication is deep. It is hidden in the subsoil of a matter and comes to light in all real. The beams weaving life of Space can't remain out of the sphere of studying of science. Denial of reality will be an ignorance sign. If the ray of light rejected on the screen by the projector, gives illusion of reality and people, looking at it, cry or laugh, that it is possible to tell about Beams Space, builders of life of the Universe. Not "in glory the different a star from a star", but in the beam-bearing, in degree of the Light-bearing, in character, a structure and intensity which this star reached at this step of the evolution. As also person height on the same ladder of light depends on degree of the Light-bearing reached off. Evolution of the person is the statement of light in itself. We have the highest demonstration of this situation in the phenomenon of transformation of the Savior when apostles fell face downwards from Light intolerable, from its Essence of the proceeding. Are shone sacred and devotees, even it is visible for a simple eye. Some icons and sacred subjects are shone. Pictures of great artists and many things are shone. All is shone with visible or invisible beams. Because all from Light and all from Light. Only forms, character and degrees of this luminescence as are various as the world is various. Emotions and feelings human are shone with light or dark fires. Bodies are shone, thoughts are shone. In total is light, and all is in light. And only if light which is in everything, in each thing, in each subject, in each being and in each phenomenon, - darkness, what darkness? So ubiquitous Light it is necessary to understand not clerical, but scientific space because from reality not to leave. However, from it is possible to hide for heaps of the Scriptuses read by numb heart, but after all and the ostrich hides the head in sand. Let's not assimilate to an ostrich, hiding from reality. Because life is isn't denied.
(The day before yesterday I heard words when slept: "It is eliminated from a position". Today words came true. Dark cleaned).

521. My friend if you more trusted words Sent, a lot of things would be facilitated. Small mistrust distances opportunities given and prevents to feel reality. I see, I Hear and I Know, and the future, as the open book lies defore Me. Therefore I Speak:" Trust the Lord, and on the Stone of the unshakable basis you will prove the life". You yet don't see, but the Lord Sees and signs Gives that your consciousness in things invisible, but feeling-known, to approve. Therefore postpone measures human and live in the future which has been foreordained by will Forces Highest. Correctly I guessed immutable inevitability of a victory of the future Light. Truly, for the future all dark remained already behind. Still a shadow over Earth, but the terrible cloud passed some more strong peals of a thunder, and bright sun will begin to shine over cleared washed to Earth. Live in the future. Light-it and is joyful. Weeds still will give poisonous shoots, but also they will move away, and the crops field will be pure. As and in your consciousness will separate all that from Light, that from darkness that light shone and the darkness didn't disturb it. Sprouts poisonous will dry up and will wither, the consciousness will be cleared, and there will be its light without a shadow of gets rid heaps. The light-future, and you in are mute - the accomplice of a victory displayed. And you bore a heavy burden of opposition to darkness, burning through it on heart fires. Therefore also it was heavy so. But the pleasure goes, and not darkness is. And I, your Lord, Testify nowadays that the New Sky and New Earth obvious already receive registration. Light alternates with waves of leaving darkness - winner Light with darkness won and prostrate in ashes. In the heart much you blow a victory because, truly, Light won. Anything, whether you hear, nothing will damage to you and won't belittle you, my Light of the beheld. Give time, and the told fairy tale will be approved. Drive doubts. I am firm board. I safely look forward support. I - to wings eagle fearless weed. I - powerful spirit aspiration. With Me to a victory over the world we will come, over the world of grief and a grief I (got down). Cheer up in pleasure of expectation. Dark days of karma came to an end, the karma of Light will tell the word. With pleasure of light let the consciousness hidden from a display to people to term burns. Shine in silence, time in word and deed openly won't come yet to shine. And the pleasure your da will be perfect and yes anybody won't take away it from you, proximity to Me in your heart the sprouts the given. Outcomes of pleasure of understanding of Light, the future victoriously are valuable. My son, Heart of the Lord it is opened to you and his Beams over you. Be light you and da your way will be light. You I Approved and I Claim in rays of light, you won't reach yet a victory. Know you will win against all. Therefore yes your heart anything from this, what not from Light isn't confused. Stand, unshakable and powerful as beseems the winner because to a victory it is foreordained. The winner it is foreordained I Designated, and a way of a victory I Approve three times. For awareness of greatness of the future I Prepare. Strength I Give, forces I multiply that to celebrate a festival of Light in attire worthy. They don't know, and you already know. And I am for you. In pleasure about the future we will meet going happiness.

522. (Oct. 23). The silver Lotus is always open in the direction to the Teacher. At first there is an essence, and it is followed by all the rest. The small wheel directs a ship bulk. Its direction depends on turn of a wheel. And the Lotus, to Me directed by beams is sated with the, my Beams. On a silver thread there is saturation. Therefore the main care - about safety of a silver thread and about always to keep it in a due ready state and tension. Not only during Communication it is necessary to represent it brightly stretched to the Teacher, but also at all o'clock of awake life of the pupil, and also before going to bed, at the moments of a fall asleep Infinitive fall asleep and in a dream. Communication doesn't interrupt never and anything. We got used to that the head, hands, feet and other are the integral our accessories, we think of them or not. As also representation of thread silver should make the same constants and components part us. Difference only that with a body we can and have to leave, with a thread of silver communication - never: neither in life, nor in death which isn't present. And then the thread silver will constantly sound, transferring vibration of the Teacher, and the aura will get used to tension of susceptibility uninterrupted. The face of the Teacher which is clear and visible, will help to strengthen due extent of continuous prestanding, and then in a dream or in wakefulness, behind work or in silence, with people or alone it is possible obviously scoop from wisdom of consciousness of the Teacher. Why to think, what it is available only minutes of Communication when this opportunity is open always? It is so necessary to expand and deepen Communication that merge of consciousnesses became a usual condition and wakefulness’s, and a dream. And then it is possible to tell that in It, in the Lord, we live, both we move and we have the life. It is necessary to understand that Boundlessness Precept is hidden in all phenomena of life and, therefore, Communication can be deepened and strengthened endlessly. The knowledge of Communication is dangerous. But it the first steps are dangerous to the again suitable. For aura of the spirit which has got used consonance throughout the millennia, danger isn't present. The Teacher Will always warn when special discretion is required as process of Communication demands special vigilance and care because we deal with powerful thinnest fiery energiya. Imperceptibly is all way of life of the pupil changes. Correctly noted, what even the laughter intense becomes already burdensome. It is well to laugh for clarification of glands, but even it is necessary to laugh skillfully. So the at occurrence of new energiya brings the inevitable amendments in life and its use. Gradually is all life in process of transformation of internal essence changes. Already you know how it is possible to talk as though to the Teacher, receiving answers to thought directed. This phenomenon can be deepened still and even during conversation with people to receive the necessary instructions and explanations from the Teacher. It is necessary to direct only during such complicated conversation consciousness and to the Teacher, instead of to the interlocutor only. Results won't slow down. Help to the pupil always and in everything, where seeds of Light are scattered and goes crops. So service is made in the presence of the Teacher, force it and by means of its obvious. It isn't necessary to forget formulas "I in Itself Anything" and to work with force of communication with the Head. And life in increasing frequency, more and more, everything will be filled brighter and more brightly with the wonderful. The life becomes miracle, bringing incessant sparks of new unexpected opportunities. The main thing - don't limit itself to anything in the field of opportunities given. Prejudiced and limiting preconditions stop purity and degree of opportunities." Everything is possible now" - so you think. Heart opening to the Teacher also means also absence of any prejudiced judgments limiting its power or the sphere of opportunities of the unusual. Measures and a framework of commonness it is necessary to leave and cease to be surprised. Or, if to be surprised, to be surprised to everything, because heart beat - a miracle, thought - a miracle, the eye device - a miracle. Are surrounded with miracles. It is illogical to put them borders somewhere and in something. We live in peace miracles; it is worth opening eyes only. Sight and hearing opening and other feelings more than in one sense is valid. The proximity of the Teacher opens all riches of space stays. Therefore fruitfull merge of consciousnesses. Aggravate keenness. To whom I give, as not that, which is able to apprehend. Complain about scarcity of receiving, but not what heart is opened. The measure of abundance settled, full and pumped, remains a measure of a donation of the Lord. But give, in what to give. But bring the baskets, but bring the jugs, but bring readiness to apprehend Wisdom of the Teacher, and at will to yours, and on your aspiration, and on your eagerness it will be given you. I will give. The Teacher Told.

523. You want to write about legends of Altai? Take pencils and paper and sit down quietly. And strong direct to Me all the being, having forgotten about all surrounding. Concentrate thought on the desire, having excluded all surrounding impressions. By thought be transferred to Altai, but with Me, without coming off Me in consciousness not for a moment and as though plunging into depth of centuries and leaving from the present day and an era. And so, having stayed some time in silence, try to catch either thoughts, or the images arising on pure, nothing the busy screen of consciousness. Let at first they will be vague and abrupt. In repeated attempts their brightness will amplify, and the wonderful moment when images and thoughts a sparkling stream will begin to join consciousness will come. This time will come. From invasion of foreign fancies over/about / protect itself around, without forgetting about a thread binding with the Teacher. Desire I approve.

524. Correctly! Rhythmic repetition of the Name of the Teacher has force directly proportional to number of repeated times and concentration force on its Carrier. As bell blows, in space the said Name sounds, creating waves of influences. These waves bring all surrounding sphere into a harmonious condition and transfer vibrations to distances far aspirations to focus, breaking through the channel in space. So Light is network becomes stronger. But also the wire single too gets stronger respectively. But why threads of communication and a network of Light to limit to one Earth, when all Space before us? The distant Worlds are mentioned in the Doctrine not in vain. The consciousness has to leave Earth sphere. And the Distant Worlds are given as focuses of far aspiration. At the head of everyone there is a Hierarch-driver. So communication with Hierarchy is extends, bringing waves of distant influences. Beams of distant stars are concrete Beams Lagos’s Fiery. To direct to them and they can be perceived as it is conscious as Beams of the Lord or Beams of Hierarchy of Seven are perceived. It isn't necessary to forget that each Lord has the Hierarch and who knows, on what distant star the Lord of the Lord Stays. It is boundless and the bottomless power of Hierarchy, because Yaakov’s Ladder goes to Heavens and Boundlessness. If the Lord the Buddha Denied the omnipotence and the pansophy, It, of course, Was right. But it is possible to imagine, what after all a difference between his knowledge and ignorance of biped inhabitants of your planet. Not yours It Was planets, but distant. And what this difference between his knowledge and knowledge and power of his Lord! The will logos’ - Spirits High, Former too once people, set in motion our Solar system. The will moves the worlds. What it? Whether it is possible to present its power and to compare it to will of the earthling? So boundlessness of Hierarchy will be an understanding basis. And this boundless mighty force is open for achievement of the person. The formula "Not I, but the Father Staying in Me, He Create" shows a source and the reason of any power. And if the person in itself anything, he becomes everything at merge to Hierarchy. The wire single connects consciousness with the elected Teacher. The wire spatial can connect to Focuses of Space Forces. And the Distant Worlds are given as objects of aspiration to connect spirit to Hierarchy of space. The formula says:" I and Father". The communication thread on the Beam consubstantial directs consciousness in space open spaces, pointing to God's Kingdom inside, that is to heart as the center and a means of communication, and putting forward measures fiery when distances don't exist anymore. Space full Beams, from the Centers hierarchical proceeding and connected between itself not planetary, and a space Network of Light. These Beams can be scooped consciously, directing consciousness to the chosen Star. Stars influence and without aspiration to them, and not only influence, but also define and regulate planetary life to such an extent and depths that mind human still isn't able to capture and understand this powerful influence. But when receivers human device consciously open for acceptance of distant Beams, force of their influence to increase tenfold, because harmonious assimilation, or assimilation, Beams distant will powerfully feed a microcosm human. The centers of perception of spatial star beams, or energiya, are available in each organism. But they sleep, just as their carriers sleep also, senselessly fussing on a bark surface. But the centers are wells of beams. The centers awakened collect in themselves and save up power of spatial fires. And cooperation with the Distant Worlds - Focuses of space power and force - becomes bright and wonderful reality. There is no limit of opportunity to save up power fiery. All Space is ready consonance in harmony with the Stone carrier, sending it the Beams of blessing and crystallizing in it jewels of crystals of fiery energiya. The ardent pentagram becomes spatial-open, involving in itself and crystallizing in itself spatial power. Inexpressible opportunities open before human spirit, surpassing any it’s idea of them in dim measures terrestrial and breaking all borders of usual imagination. Treasures of the God's Kingdom, either Treasure spatial, or Space, consist in the Beams Fiery Logos' having property to gather, collect and crystallize in the form of clots of the Highest being shone matter in the centers of a microcosm human. Accumulation and growth of crystals of power of spatial beams do of the person of god. Words of the Savior "you are gods" not a beautiful metaphor, but the deepest, intimate, wonderful achievable reality. The distant Worlds feeding us with the beams are not denied fact. Who will dare to deny value of the Sun in planet and person life? It is necessary to take still a step and to recognize and other spatial centers, studying, investigating and observing their powerful impact on all live. It is necessary to connect together astronomy, an astrology, astrophysics, iatrochemistry, astromagnetism and to merge it everything in the uniform great Doctrine about Light.

525. (Oct. 24). (Half awake). The reality will shine all fires.
Let's write about what isn't present, but that will be. "Will be" is the great word. The essence of the future is imprinted in future rolls. The future exists in the invisible. The statement of the future is the statement invisible which is; in visible who owe it is show. Therefore the statement of the future is the statement of reality. The reality fiery in all magnificence exists in the Fiery World. Magnificence fiery should be reduced to Earth, that is to lift and ennoble Earth to it, and Earth, and it that on it. Fiery in thin, thin in dense, dense - in thin and fiery - so there is Fire way, conceiving all and fire and finishing fire. Transformation fiery concerns not only the person, but also all real because, distinguished, the person distinguish and Earth, towering, ennobles also Earth with itself. And the step of evolution of a planet, and a step of evolution of the person and all live coincide. It doesn't mean that the person and an animal stand at the same step of development, but it means that a matter planetary, investing any form on Earth, corresponds to a development step, Earth and all living on it passable. The geological structure of a planet and roughness and density of its matter precisely corresponded to density of those forms of life which were on Earth and the period of the densest and most material condition millions years ago. The terrestrial matter since then because the lowest point of consolidation is passed was much refined and end of a cycle goes on an ascending arch. Where goes? In the future imprinted by creative power of Hierarchy of Light on fiery tables of far times. If to withdraw an element of time which isn't present, from consciousness, the line dividing the future from the present disappear also great eternal "nowadays" in which is all that was, is and will be, gets forms of fiery reality. Therefore, directing in the future and involving essence it in the present, reality, real, that is, we claim. Not groundless dreams, but an embodiment it is invisible real in probably existing. Realists the valid we Call those, the few, understood essence and secret of fiery construction. It is impossible without merge to Hierarchy because fiery construction in life is great Action of Hierarchy of Light. We call in the future not for a separation from Earth or of the present, but for consolidation and registration on Earth and in the present of that already is there, in the World of causality fiery. The world of the reasons Is embodied in the world of consequences, following the creation Law: from the fiery - in thin and from, thin - in dense that from dense again to lift to Fire World. There are big and minor cycles of this process, but its essence remains invariable. And a microcosm, following tracings of Laws Space, submits to the same scheme. The thought is fire and the phenomenon fiery. The thought generates an image, the image is condensed and clothes a flesh of the Thin World and already then is embodied on Earth in the form of the house, the car, the airplane or any other thing. There can't be creativity by other way because at violation of these steps it or isn't effective, or is fruitless. Here - the books deprived of fire. Who reads them, and they how soon go to oblivion! As words, fire basis the deprived is quickly forgotten. But the fiery Word of the Lord stays forever, keeping an imperishable fiery basis. Therefore it is necessary to learn to create Fiery, following Law steps. Therefore it is necessary to learn to create in the accord with the fiery prototypes of the future existing on the highest creative plan of prototypes, cut of a being shone matter creative reason of the Creating Beginnings. Merge to the future is a step of the giant and strong aspiration to evolution. Arhat's purpose - to get on the highest plane of consciousness, into the world of creating prototypes, to merge with them, to understand them, to comprehend their essence for bringing down and consolidation of fiery beauty on Earth. Because prototypes fiery are answer the principle of beauty. The higher they, it are more majestic and finer than their form. So, Great Making consists in the statement of the invisible. Builders of life only in the future Look, because fiery power of the future - great force. You (look) It is possible to see, how powerfully a mustache Drivers of mankind consciousness of people in this future. The construction is more majestic, the network further is showered. To involve consciousness in a magnetic spiral of the future - means to furnish the clue fiery force. It is impossible to move to the past, back. It will be violation of Space Laws and the Evolution Plan and therefore will always cause decomposition. Way only one and this way is in the future. That entire are, is directed in it by force of things. Evolution real is a form of a display of life of Space. The doctrine of Life gives essence of prototypes fiery, hierarchically approved, for acceptance by their mankind and their embodiment on Earth. The immutable and only way is specified, and there are no two ways about it, unless in darkness of decomposition and death. And this way to the future also Is I, the Leading Hierarch of a planet. For the future I Call and in the future I Direct a dog, able to ascend, any consciousness in which the spirit spark remained at least. Nowadays, when evolution promptly moved forward, the choice of ways is extraordinary important and dramatic because means either life, or death, it is possible because to move either to the past, or to the future. In the past is in death and decomposition embraces, in the future - in life. Choice one: either light, or dark; because deadlines came.

526. (Half awake). ... and this appointment opens to spirit in time and space.
So, appointment of the person is to incorporate Light and to become the light of the approving center conscious. Stone carriers also are Light the collected. Ability of light to crystallize in deposits obvious is axiomatic. All plants are collectors at least solar energy, is equal as animals and the person. But in this case it is spoken about the crystal condensations of light collected by the open centers invisible to a usual eye, and about accumulation of mental energy. Mental energy can be accumulated in large quantities; there are no limits of accumulation of fiery power. Saved up, it gives a century crystal which becomes inalienable acquisition of the spirit, stored in its grain and passing of life in life. It either grows, or decreases in the force. Conscious accumulation of mental energy is a task of each pupil. Power of action only with mental energy is possible. As a matter of fact, without it there is no life. But it is a question of the systematic, considered, expedient method of collecting of treasure in the Bowl. Fiery energy spirit from the outside gathers. The inexhaustible tank of this energy is the Hierarchy. Means, it is possible to scoop it hierarchically. And the formula "Not I, but the Father in Me" also shows the main condition of an attraction of fiery power. First of all it is necessary to know that it exists, and that it is at the Hierarchy disposal and what to scoop it is possible from Beams, Hierarchy sent. The person is a magnet, consciousness - a magnet. The magnet of the spirit which has been consciously polarized, scoops precious power. Therefore, the magnet human, or the magnetic sphere of a microcosm, corresponding image also is adjusted, like a musical instrument, in a certain tone, or a key when all strings of the device sound on the certain harmony. The musical symphony can be executed only on well-adjusted tool. The microcosm has to sound is adjusted. Means, a harmonious quiet condition of consciousness is a condition inevitable. But also on j well-adjusted tool it is possible to play anything and in any tone and a key. The solemnity will be a right key for a magnetic attraction of fiery force of Beams hierarchical. The solemnity antipode, fussiness, not only destroys the device, but also the magnetic force of an attraction brings to naught. The constant condition of solemnity at spirit advantage approved will be a condition, not only Beams attracting, but also holding force them from squandering. Not important inflatedness of soap bubbles, but conscious protection of the treasure acquired thanks to fruits of heavy thousand-year efforts. Let's protect the intimate. What are the qualities of advantage and virtue? All of them - magnets of the energiya put in the person having them, mental energy both attracting, and holding. Let's take high qualities of restraint, reticence and self-checking. Whether are they the locks interfering fiery force to flow away aimlessly? On various keys the microcosm human is adjusted. It is possible to adjust it on a key of accumulation of energy fiery. Why the body immovability was ordered? Whether not therefore, what each movement and the more so, so-called nervous and meaningless, there is an embezzler? Minutes of silence, silence and motionlessness, in all covers displayed, collect power treasures if the silence of silence in the light of Hierarchy is created. Among o'clock in the afternoon or night find time for silence and spirit silence when movement at all beginnings of the person calms down and when the Voice of Silence can be heard. Not about heard and it is experienced there will be our Words because it is great, but about minutes of an attraction and accumulation of power hierarchical. So reduction of covers to silence is collecting of force of fire. In a usual awake condition we can supervise menthol only in certain directions, keeping this or that current of thought. But the astral beginning can be given to full silence and rest, without putting itself any borders in its full restraint and a divergence. At astral silence, even partial, force precious will obviously inflow because the astral is a mad embezzler and the spendthrift. In this regard the astral is similar to a sieve full of holes. Restraint in gestures, words, thoughts and acts are show the sword at itself always, but rises only when it is necessary. In vain the sword in a hand of the skilled soldier won't flash. To be in Me always is means to be in an orbit of My power. To use the force mine - means to have access to the Treasury of world fiery energy. But also the device human has to show the necessary degree of capacity. The small copper bursts from steam tension, over defined to it. And the nervous system can sustain only known degree of a press fiery. Therefore I Speak about tension to accustom an organism. Be not afraid of tension. Tension is the form deepening capacity of quantity fiery energy which will be able to hold an organism when collecting mental energy. Ways of accumulation of treasure are open. Wishing and directed can come and take.

527. (Oct. 25). My friend, belief or confidence is the strongest magnets. As force which is invincibly attracting to, attracts the consciousness assured performed by something the elements necessary for an embodiment in the dense world of the desirable phenomenon. The person speaks to himself:" I want that it was". And if his confidence is unshakable, the desire of heart can't but come true. It isn't necessary any efforts, only one is necessary - belief unshakable. Already we know that a microcosm - a magnet. At the belief or confidence phenomenon its action amplifies, and then the energy put in a strong-willed impulse, works smoothly. In case of desire when the person speaks Me "want", of course, the will which potential is boundless works. The belief is the statement of this potential in operation. And Arhat any more doesn't trust, and simply knows that that can't but be carried out, on what energy of desire that is will is directed. Desire - fire, will - fire, thought - fire. The fiery image conceived, given a thin shape, is carried out on Earth under the inalterability law. At this process belief, confidence or the knowledge in inevitability (embodiments is simple or) investments of the fiery phenomenon through a thin form in dense is only a consequence, simple, but inevitable. Karma is inevitably. It is known to all. What lies in the karma basis? The same fiery energy of the thoughts, poured out in acts. The same is inevitable in the consequences energy work in this case. The corresponding mood of consciousness, persistently and firmly approved on the chosen consequence, reports to a magnet human property continuously and constantly operating force attracting the corresponding condition. This statement of inevitability of a consequence wished by will is expressed by a formula "Yes Will Be So" or a formula of the Lord "I Told". The main thing - exclude from process an element of chance and instability. Fluctuations of will can't but be reflected in a consequence because bring in work of a particle of a surrounding matter attracting to the alternating waves neutralizing each other. If to give the order, right there to cancel it, again to give and cancel again how it is possible to expect accurate execution? As a result force of action will come to naught zero. The elements attracted for implementation of magnetic fiery energy of will, gather, as sawdust at the magnet ends, on lines of the direction of magnetic forces. The dense matter joins the created form in the accord with its construction. And focus of an attraction is the will. The created image shouldn't be kept in consciousness. Grain sprouts, being only buried that others of energy didn't break its growth. It is possible to come back to it rhythmic. And it will be similar to watering of the put seed which even during watering remains in rest that could sprout. The law is simple, but is difficult in application because in usual consciousness human stability isn't present.

. 528. (Oct. 26). The lord where I will find a spring, spirit My feeding? Where I will find a shelter? Where I will direct the eye among the uncountable worlds and the life phenomena? For what I will grasp among the rough ocean, one and is in a gloom? On what My world I create? Who never leaves, won't forget, won't betray? Where I will find the highest measure of justice, love and care? Who will support at an o'clock difficult? Who will sate hunger of spirit? Who will be with me always and here and there, both in the mountain and in pleasure, and in life and death, in fight and a victory? Whether You, Lord! - Truly, My son, in Me real from a century. My beams of steel i understand, you became mine, and I you Express the thoughts. And when the thought your personal will die and when thought washing will fill you to capacity limits, you will show then the Face my many-sided sides of the self-proceeding beams. As the Teacher would tell that He would answer, as though He Arrived and that would make - you will think so, replacing the personality with My Face, in yourself displayed also you will become Me expressing My Beams. Also there will be nothing yours, a dog becomes mine. All life is divided line fiery on My hand, and by everything that behind line and mine, increase incessantly that grew, both spread, and blossomed all beams of happiness and that the particle of, from Me and from the world separated and given to you as a temporary form that you could apprehend Me dried and grew thin. And I Which in you, I Will grows, filling all sphere of your microcosm and shining all beams of not repeated your Identity. There are no two identical microcosms. Everyone refracts energy of life in own way. In this not repeatability is beauty, variety and inexhaustibility of spatial combinations. Light the not repeated you will shine in space as shine light not repeated, far stars. And this Light, which in you - mine. Aspire to that essence I wash to incorporate in sizes of capacity of the Stone because my light attracts your treasure with the magnet, attracts and, holding in itself, to them accrues. Steps you will pass so: I, you and the Lord, and We merged together. Let it "We", us forever connecting, become a predominating form of your expression I. Saying "We", communication you approve in operation when you do it consciously. Do consciously everything, killing the last shields reflex. It is necessary to bring readiness to degree of ardent readiness for action tetrahedral. Its first basis - I, Hierarchy, on the Beam, you engendered, the Father; the second Boundlessness scales, It you will commensurate the phenomenon. You winning, the soldier will be. Also remember that my Light which in you, is in operation approved.

529. What is the Yoga way? The way of Yoga is a way of the statement undoubted. From area of the unknown are transferred to area of knowledge of the phenomenon of the infinite world, and the tool of cognition the distinguished device of a microcosm becomes. Conductors are dismembered to operate on each plan separately at full preservation of consciousness. Accumulated fire does it possible. The fiery yoga and way does fiery. The world can be considered in many aspects, or from many points of view. Highest of them will be fiery. The world concept when all existing is represented this or that form of fire, live or stiffened in a long form. Inaccessible to an eye the existing doesn't mean at all. Many phenomena can be found only by means of thin tools. And feelings of the person at all aren't a reliable support. What mass of things and the phenomena we see an intellectual eye, never beholding them an eye physical and in nature. Our bright representation of the North Pole it from it doesn't change brightness. And the world of spiritual representations can be many times brighter than the world physical. It is possible to call comprehension of invisible reality yoga’s way. The knowledge is made out only when it, passing through consciousness, clothes in concrete images. The consciousness purpose - transpose not properly executed energy in obvious forms, creating these the world of intellectual representations.

530. (Oct. 27). (Continuation). The consciousness transfers to energy to forms. If process is correct and forms are created in harmony with Space Laws and Truth, construction space which is always based turns out, and has to be based, on the principle of beauty. If - No, that instead of construction heaps with which the mankind litters space turn out. We, having cut down in World First-image the leading Plan of Evolution of mankind and a planet, we Build on the principle of beauty, having decorated the Highest Spheres with works of its creative power. And when people build in the accord with our plans, truly, on beauty build, carrying out Will Highest command. All personal constructions limited to this short passing moment of life, belong to area of disharmonious constructions because in Space there is no place for egoism and its products. Therefore the World Thin is encumbered. The palace and bodies, and spirit are promised everyone by us. But this palace of people has to construct itself in close merge of the heart to Hierarchy. Time will come, and, having refined and having rarefied, present dense forms of Earth will disappear. Its matter becomes plastic and will reach that degree of plasticity which the matter of the Highest Plans from which We Create our fancies has. It will be easy to create. People will live, surrounded with products of the creativity the same as now they live in the cities, surrounded with products of the material creativity. Only they will build the environment of this far future only thought. And then the beauty of creations human, embodied in obvious forms in the accord with the Plan of the Lord and his constructions and in harmony with Space Laws and outlines, will give not only the palace to each spirit, but also, really, will make life fine. From the World Thin, утончаясь, loosened Earth will reach area Fiery, and fiery forms of beauty become property and reality of mankind in which it and will stay and live so really and consciously as it lives now on Earth, only in brighter consciousness and conditions of much less passing duration. Everyone will build and reap the fruits of the construction on consciousness. The world external, future, a microcosm of the person surrounding, becomes expression of his consciousness, merging with other world in its realization and in creation by his consciousness. Truly, the person will tell then:" The world is I". The world will be for it is the Highest "I", with the world merged, and in consciousness of that "I" being reflected. Than will capture in the creativity a microcosm of the person more and the more will include, the three is his world external which, having entered into it more and having merged with it, becomes its inner world. External will merge with internal, and there will be no border meanwhile that outside, and that inside because "I" become all and all becomes "I". This heritage of far foreordained future mankind even nowadays is felt and endured on Earth by the people who have reached consciousnesses of space, or fiery, when "I" is dissolved in the world and the world joins the center learning, moving apart its borders to Boundlessness limits. Nirvana The nirvana and the highest condition of Samadhi is this great merge in the boundless Fiery World with magnificence fiery and beauty fiery. So the way of Fiery Yoga to the fiery future directs and directs steps of the person in the accord with a course of the evolution planned by Hierarchy for our planet. And how the purpose fiery was far, each correct step, Yoga specified, approaches consciousness I this purpose far and coincides with a way fiery. Therefore the Yoga of Fire directs ardently in the future. Therefore to embody magnificence and beauty of the Fiery World on Earth there is a task of the yogi. Earth should be refined and it to change a matter and, having changed, to ennoble together with growing and утончающимся consciousness. Ahead - great infinite work and transformation and consciousness work, and planets and a loosened of its matter to a condition fiery. Clothing in covers from a dense, astral and mental matter, their spirit утончает and, dumping them, with their refined matter fills spheres corresponding. Bottom of the former oceans, both subsoil terrestrial, and the surface of Earth are covered with myriads of remains of bodies once the living forms investing a spark-monad. They refined crust, having passed through the forms a planet matter. And the mankind is the same huge filter through which physical covers, being rarefied and утончаясь, the terrestrial matter flows. Than the spirit, especially утончается is higher and the matter which atoms flow through its microcosm is spiritualized. Attenuate and discharge dense in thin in all spheres the person is urged to be. With it not only, but also the Earth, the shelter, the house, in Boundlessness Space real, decorates and prepares for itself the magnificent city palace, a hail hidden, thin, to it created in which the spirit when the dense will be changed in the thin will stay. Way of Fiery Yoga way to the fiery future specify: from the dense - in thin, from thin - in fiery. So the person is a transmutation of a matter terrestrial and a transmutation of energiya space. And great laboratory power, performing this great work, is its microcosm, its device, consciousness and his will operated.
531. My son that you want: achievements of Great Knowledge or abundance of fruits terrestrial and terrestrial wellbeing? That step when it is possible to receive at will to be reached, consciously choosing the desirable. Desirable we will give, but the choice has to be made and responsibility is realized for where the will goes. Wanting knowledge we will give knowledge, without having deprived of the necessary living conditions, wanting abundance of fruits terrestrial, we will give them, but we will not give knowledge if terrestrial fruits in consciousness predominate. The magnet fiery works powerfully and unmistakably. The seal of execution will be set to desires and your aspirations. Realize it and carefully outline a desire circle but if in head of desire the Highest is put, the fiery magnet of will work on the highest attraction. The step is reached when to want, have and receive become synonyms. Reconsider the desires because to direct consciousness through receiving it is necessary very circumspectly. Force which is carrying out conceived or wished it is possible to generate also a wheel of execution to start up in space, but what if this desire is the phenomenon, from Me separating and distancing or even detaining on a place? Scales of Boundlessness should be carried in the bosom and on them to weigh the desires. In order to avoid a mistake it is good to move the phenomenon into the future and in aspect of the future to consider the reason being grain of this future in the present. The consequence will be in the full accord with the reason and desire - with implementation. The way of an ascension is infinite, and on this way it is possible to grow such shoots which absolutely will close it, and it will be impossible to distinguish already behind thickets where conducts a way. Therefore wish circumspectly. The person constantly wishes, but, without having the power of implementation desirable, is powerless to generate powerful insuperable consequences, and in it its rescue though he and complains about it. But for Archat the exit isn't present because the fiery desire will be granted and if it wasn't thought rather over or isn't weighed on Boundlessness scales, it can appear weights standing. It isn't necessary to wish to anybody thin, even made to you it is evil. The desire will be carried out, but the karma will be at liberty, generated a consequence. It is better not to wish at all. It is better to kill any desires. Desires are chains self-imposed, it isn't necessary to wish anything. Only when all desires and all aspiration are concentrated on Me and in Me, mistakes can't be. Let the Lord become the only focus of aspiration of fiery will growing, and then the sting from desire will be taken out. With Me all is permitted. I want, but with the Lord, I wish all the heart, all being, but for the sake of the Lord, for the sake of It and for It. If the Lord is the aspiration center for all fiery energiya of a microcosm, it is possible to warrant for quality of grains and shoots. On Boundlessness scales my press and they are faultless. So to big affairs and measures we will apply the corresponding. At some schools it is offered to pupils to kill any desires. But this condition can be understood only at containment of couples of contrasts when at destruction of personal aspect of desire will be born its superpersonal opposite essence. For example, it is possible to withdraw from consciousness of enemy’s personal, but that strenuously to struggle with enemies of the Lord and Light. It is possible to forget about personal wellbeing, but that brighter to think of the purposes of General Welfare. At containment of couples of contrasts the space aspect of the phenomenon takes a due place. Couple of contrasts has the balance center. Whether scales turn out? The power is given, but in application it is necessary to give the account. Therefore discretion is underline. The step is higher, it is more than responsibility, and the consciousness of a step of responsibility space doesn't come yet. The approval by "full" comes at full submission of an astral when the serpent ancient is destroyed. Release during lifetime on Earth from an astral cover - great achievement. The root of personal desires in is mute is concentrated. When the astral is dumped, power of the power is approved fiery.

532. (Oct. 28). Today significant day - new Beams are included into board. It will be marked by shifts of consciousness national. And in the New Country will give evidences obvious. Beams regulate consciousness life. Events go on Beams. All live reacts to them obviously and under the influence of them works. It is possible to imagine the device of the organism merged in consent with Space Beams. During Great Fight when beams of the evil and Benefit Beams in huge fight worked, the consciousness had to make a choice, confronting to dark influences. But Light won, and beams of darkness will die because their focus is extinguished. Force of the beam which has been torn off from the center, runs low over time. Therefore to good shoots in the hearts of human counteraction of beams of the evil will steadily decrease, won't disappear yet absolutely. In the New Era they will be absent. In it is a victory of stars. Planetary beams of stars also are Beams of Hierarchies Ardent Logos. The aura of the person is surrounded with the small sphere, aura of Lagos - huge aura' egg. And people, as well as stars, inter act the auras. The highest planet operates the lowest, and people. Archat operates himself, without submitting to influence of human microcosms, but lighting up them the beams. The Beam-bearing should be strained to a limit put and to be light in a haze of close morning. It comes. It is necessary to merge with Light future so that there was no shadow and that the consciousness became its not darkened carrier. Light will be apprehended by all, but Archat will be shining among light accepted. Benefit beams building, bear creation to everything that to them is conformable and that is harmonious in itself, but destroy the disharmony centers as the beginnings, to its counteracting. Bear pleasure and blessing for light hearts and fire destructive - for dark. Filling with energiya an organism, they strengthen in it creative harmonious forces of the benefit, but strengthen also energy of destruction and chaos if they are available in the person. Therefore Beams - amplifiers of energiya human, only to hearts light bear the benefit, but death and destruction - to hearts dark. Darkness or light is in heart. It also is court the last. Influence of Beams will amplify, and a grief to hearts crude because will burn down in the nasty thing. Self-burning the fiery energiya self-doomed in beams becomes the phenomenon frequent in a transitional era from darkness to Light. All dark will fuse. Fire of eating is caused by own energiya dark, not gets rid in a microcosm, but strengthened by influence of spatial beams. So each is judge to itself. The tragic element of a self-condemnation should be understood in all depth. The evil was tolerant in Cali the South because it’s self-consuming went slowly, decomposing gradually consciousness. But during Light era process is made promptly thanks to new powerful beams. To be protected there is nothing, because uniform protection - heart and if it from darkness, rescue to it isn't present. So strikes unmistakably a sword of space justice which Beam is. Beams of blessed Light can be met fires of heart open, and the benefit accepted them in good. That who got used to influences of my Beams and I assimilated them, new Beams bear pleasure of merge to Light because my Beams in Beams Sent Me are strengthened and with them are merged from the beginning of times. Are strengthened nowadays, but are merged always. My beams - Light the person. Hearts dark, Beams strengthened, will cause on them force the destructions generated by them in spheres of their environment. And fire underground, attracted with their pernicious magnetism, will complete destruction of such microcosms by cataclysms in which orbit all of them will be involved by magnetism of black fire. The darkness deprived of a root, continues to rave, causing on itself forces space. As the horses of darkness brought over an abyss is enslavers dark: Earth came off, the driver isn't present, and a way only in a decomposition chasm. So, assimilation of Beams is inevitable. Correctly, it is possible to absorb consciously the Beam all being, representing as vibrations sate it all covers and merge with them, and becoming their component. The microcosm shown becomes as though absorbing filter of Beams. And the Beams which refracted in the sphere of a microcosm and have become part of it, will give light obvious in beams of a microcosm of the self-proceeding. Also there will be this light food the person. The heart is more cleared; the Beams will be more brightly and more stoutly apprehended. Therefore I Speak about readiness. In days of greatness of Light it is possible to reject all stirring without fluctuation. People still fuss. But they don't know. Knowing will strain all strength of mind not to miss the slightest particle from a substance of going Beams. Let the pure screen of consciousness become the screen of absorption of fiery energiya. But the screen has to be pure and a certain magnetic perceiving structure. Beams can be scooped consciously, strengthening this power. Ilya Muromets the sandy sat while the force I didn't realize. Understanding process, that is mastering, a little still is understood. It is necessary to focus to a thicket consciousness on processes occurring, causing images bright and picture. It is necessary to visualize them that are to do as though visible to the third eye. It is possible to imagine as My Beam, surrounding an organism with the sphere or a circle, it is absorbed inside by every time of a body and, getting, becomes its component, creating transformation and bodies, and spirit. It is possible to feel under the influence of beams constantly. It is possible to make feeling it is uninterrupted. It means to clothe in a constant prayer because the prayer is merge to Light. It is possible to scoop all qualities of spirit because the Beam shows the Face mine from the Beam. We scoop on an attraction, sending attracting magnetic wave of aspiration. From My Beam it is possible we will sate all qualities of spirit obviously and powerfully. Sent happiness don't reject not to assimilate to the merchant who has thrown a stone - treasure of a distant star, in a stream. Be awake in entice of Rays of light. I give all necessary for urgent application in life. Sharp-sightedly guard in full readiness of spirit that not to pass signs of terms.

533. I, the Lord of the Shambhala, Testify that the New Era was approved. The phenomenon is marked it is Beams new, lit up Earth. New Ayr is Ayr of Beams Fiery, transforming consciousness of mankind. From now on patterns of life of each spirit will develop in a new way, depending on new space conditions. The person - the child of star beams, to the elevated homeland will be attracted powerfully, and terrestrial magnetism any more won't prevent. The spirit human is given wings for star flights on channels of new Beams. In the house it was dark, and light didn't get. But here a window opened, and light filled in all inside. The house the dark terrestrial lit up with Light, until then to Earth unknown because Beams new still never before Earth reached. Energy of these Beams, having impregnated consciousness, will change also life because life human is created by consciousness. The hierarchy will be included into life as the beginning leading, and not laws human, the evil generated, but laws hierarchical will be the unwritten code of spirit. And I, a planet the Leader Will am the legislator. My children, sheep of uniform herd, will reforge swords on shouted, and the world which has won bloody wars, becomes destiny of people. The darkness kingdom terminated, gloomy shadows, and winner Light victoriously Earth will dissipate will fill in. Rejoice to Light victory because it will fill all life. The life of the Distant Worlds hitherto unattainable on Earth, becomes are show on your planet the fine forms. And the Country the Best will be the Leading country to spheres of transformation. Its crucifixion, for the world of the victim, came to an end. There comes time of recognition all-planets. Dark scarecrows still wave wings death and destructions, but decomposition of darkness will go with great strides, carrying away its reek of alcohol and garbage of space litter from Earth atmosphere. Condemned will go to Saturn to darkness of decomposition, having forever freed Earth on behalf of the. The Last Judgment is really terrible because stay of decaying consciousnesses on a fateful planet of decomposition really is awful and in language human is inexpressible. The destiny of dark attendants, to leaving from Earth of subjects, and any more to the astral world of terrestrial aura, but to Saturn, out of limits of our atmosphere is awful. In it Earth clarification double because the atmosphere of darkness filled with poisonous gases and generated by the evil is cleared also. The car dark still works, but as it was told, on idling. Its speed will be slowed down, won't break off yet absolutely. Summer lightning’s of Light flash everywhere, strengthening Light Network. Earth clothes new attire. Perhaps, here and there measures should break an old tatter measures space and someone from doomed very will suffer. But the litter has to be cleaned, at least at the price of death of everything who itself (himself) shows it. Someone should suffer. It would be better if left the world because fire burns down. In the cleared atmosphere of Earth the consciousness will change, and the Doctrine of Life will be understood by mankind. Certainly, fight is inevitable because inert stagnancy of consciousness in itself will interfere, but already without active intervention of the hierarchy which have left from Earth of the dark. The ascension on a ladder of Light becomes incentive of life, both fight and efforts of people will be directed on a gain of new steps of life. Both fight and need of overcoming remain because the field of new achievements is boundless. But any more there will be no contradictory influence of militant dark hierarchy. Light is future. With pleasure heart we will fill. Fiery hello to employees of Light, darkness the won!

534. (Oct. 29). My son, the greatest and most considerable events of life planet-spatial take place before people unnoticed. Great Fight ceased. But who knows about it? Only is the few. Beams new lit up over Earth. Who noticed them? I received defeat and the prince of this world is destroyed. Who believed what it is and who from knowing about its existence knows about the fate which has comprehended it and the Great Victory of Light? People live out of reality, in the illusive world created from fantastic splinters of their own imagination. The way of Yoga is a way of knowledge of reality and familiarizing of consciousness with life space. The sphere of reality isn't limited to Earth. Worlds Distant live not in itself, separated in huge distances, but take the most direct and active part as in life of our planet and processes, on its occurring, and in life of all our Solar system. The personal small consciousness is occupied only by itself and the tiny world around. The consciousness growing covers interests of neighbors, the people, and all country and, at last, all globe and lives interests universal, having broadened the sphere. Arhat’s consciousness leads not only life all-planetary, but also joins life of the Distant Worlds. The astronomy enters us into spheres spatial. The astrology speaks about influence of star beams and about what participation, powerful and bright; they accept both in lives of the people, and in life of each person. The horoscope of the personality and horoscope of the nation testify to it. The astrophysics and iatrochemistry speak about a substance structure, terrestrial and space magnetism and communication of these forces with matter life. Agni Yoga claims that the thought reigns in the Universe, the thought which hasn't been limited neither time, nor space, the thought feeding spheres terrestrial and the sphere of the Distant Worlds, thought - energy fiery, connecting all stars in one coherent whole, not divided in the distance because for fiery thought of distances isn't present. In spheres of fiery thought it is necessary to look for a factor uniting our system in one indissoluble whole. And in the field of fiery energiya magnetic and in the field of light-beams it is necessary to see the great principle merging the worlds together. Secrets everywhere surround the person. Force of an attraction planets in the orbits keep. What is the attraction? It is possible to see beams, but the powerful force of an attraction is invisible. To call the phenomenon, having pasted to it a label, doesn't mean it to study or to understand. Forces of nature aren't understood, though called, both classified, and studied more or less deeply. But the essence of the phenomena remains out of the understanding sphere. Means, measures human, three-dimensional, there isn't enough. Only measures of three worlds Invisible and visible, can give understanding of reality. Expect unknown blossoming of science. Armed with all devices and the thinnest devices it will enter the person into area invisible, but obvious reality. The invisible Worlds won't be denied as we don't deny the physical world. But Agni Yoga goes further away. She says that the person is a part of the world that is a microcosm in which all Space is concluded and expressed in the potential, hidden condition that the structure of this small world is in full compliance construction the world big and with a structure of our Solar system. Those planets, or Logos fiery, have the reflection, or the compliance centers, in an organism human, being closely and obviously related via channels of the Beams which are the constant threads binding and transferring to these centers the vibrations. Agni Yoga says that the knowledge of the microcosm and awakening of its centers, with Macro-Universe connected, will give the chance to the person, having learned in itself, through itself to learn both the world surrounding, and World Distant. Agni Yoga says that the device human - the most difficult and most refined tool for Universe cognition, can be consciously adapted for cognition of the Worlds Invisible, and the Worlds Distant, and all that was still inaccessible to science and that by means of this device it is possible as successfully to study the phenomena space and thin, and even fiery as the person so far studied the world of the phenomena roughly physical. Agni Yoga says that there are whole spheres of the phenomena, to already any terrestrial devices not available and only possible for their comprehension by only the fiery device of a human microcosm. And Agni Yogi's task is to arm the person without the uniform device. Will rust, both will become useless, and all devices terrestrial will turn into ashes, but the fiery device of a microcosm doesn't rust, on the contrary, over time it is improved, will be refined and becomes even more diverse in the functions. This most wonderful work on thinning and improvement of the fiery device of Agni Yoga gives the chance to make to everyone approached to it. To taste fruits of Space Knowledge, the microcosm should be given to the corresponding working condition and to make it with skill. Evolution of the real assumes development and improvement of all in everything to boundlessness. All feelings of the person are boundless potentially the: sight, hearing, sense of smell, touch, taste. It is necessary to understand that potentially they aren't limited to anything: neither time, nor space, any physical limits. Basis of an eye physical is the eye the psychic. The ram before Raphael's picture remains a ram, though has eyes and stares. But sees not a physical eye, but mental, or the center, behind physical body standing. Here this center, still a little developed at a ram, but already more distinguished at the person, also will allow it to see at further thinning outside physical restrictions. For fire there are no obstacles. When the centers and a flame are lit proceeds from them, start subjects terrestrial losing the impermeability. Like gamma beams they pass through firm subjects, but unlike them - on distances huge, as and with all other feelings are. The problem of a bike and efforts demands the great. Only having given all life to Fiery Yoga, it is possible to reach. In this question there can be no incompleteness. Thinning and improvement of the device human demands certain conditions and a way of life, and the main thing - a mentality, that is special care of thought, and complete control over it, and mastering by its power. Before being accepted to culture of feelings, they also should be seized. The culture of will is necessary also. But the Teacher will specify in time to each way which have directed sincerely and ways of achievement. Ways are open. The Teacher on the guard, ready meet and specify an entrance to everyone looking for by heart.

535. It is undoubted that force of Beams increases and they can't but influence heart. Assimilation is required. As a matter of fact, all evolution of a stark-monad consists in assimilation of new energiya and ability to react to them. Otherwise influencing energy won't give deposits in grain. In case of human evolution only the Bowl sounding on going vibration will give in itself energy adjournment. In the absence of the accord vibration takes place completely. The perception is based on ability accord. And the susceptibility depends on accumulation of according elements. The spirit, the multistring and refined its harp and the higher it ability to sound on the highest influences is higher. The highest tonality develops when opening the centers when the fiery center registers not usual octave of the vibrations hitherto perceived, but on the whole octave or even it is more, above. Registration of vibrations goes on a scale, raising all is higher and higher. And so to the fourteenth hearing sharpness of perception of the open fiery center of an ear can rise on a scale. The same concerns both eyes, and sense of smell, and all other feelings. On octaves it is easy to understand perception if to imagine that in the sphere the terrestrial person is surrounded with the bright real and colorful world, by means of feelings to the perceived. But in World Thin the person is surrounded by the same real world learned by it by means of the same feelings, but on the highest octave of vibrations. As and in World Mental where feelings again will be refined, rising by the following octave, or a step similar to lowest, but more distinguished on a tonalities. The same occurs and in World Fiery. Steps of feelings and the feelings, but not ability to see, hear, smell and so on are transposed only. Ability remains up to the end; raising on a scale everything is higher and higher. Opening of the centers in dense the world in a physical body means that these abilities functioning only on Plans Highest, start acting on the plan terrestrial, transferring impressions registered by these center to the sphere of terrestrial consciousness. Clairvoyance is bringing down of thin sight in conditions dense. Certainly, similar refinement of an organism and a combination thin with the dense creates double tension for the learning device, and it is necessary to get used to this tension so that it became usual and burdened neither consciousnesses, nor health. Even mediums at the sleeping centers, when it is cleaned only mediastinum between physical worlds and the lowest astral strongly undermine the health. In case of awakening of the centers special care and care with the organism is required. The food mode is obligatory, a mental mode, or control over thoughts, is obligatory. The emotional mode is inevitable. And qualities of spirit, will approve, become a form of expression of the energiya proceeding from a microcosm. Thus violation of forms of this expression involves heavy consequences. If, for example, instead of tranquility of the expression of a microcosm approved by a form human there is a concern or irritation, the last that is impacts on all device of the person, to explosion will be similar when its phosphoric fabric accumulating fire, is burned out instantly. Heavy those who break a mode established get sick. It is impossible to play with fire. From here all most strict instructions of various schools, posts, diets, abstention, vows of silence and many other details originate also. Purpose their one: to make the superior qualities of spirit a form of expression of energiya of a microcosm that its fires could freely and be shown without serious consequences in the forms permitted by the law, without breaking balance and harmonious interrelation of all system and without doing harm of the correct polarization of all its centers. From here inevitable need - to approve demanded qualities. In process of their statement the centers can lawfully reveal, without causing danger of death. Usual living conditions, as a rule, don't allow awakening of the centers. Air has to be pure. The privacy is inevitable, and also a cold and hunger mode. But partial the slightly open it is admissible even in the conditions of the city, but only under supervision of the Teacher. And then observance and the statement of qualities of spirit, control over thoughts, feelings and emotions both eternally able to see intense vigilance and continuous patrol, and also uninterrupted communication with the Teacher are absolutely inevitable. The severe school of self-discipline should be passed if you want to hold and receive fires the desirable. A lot of determination is necessary that in the conditions of terrestrial to go on the way of Fiery Yoga. But My Hand is over going in full readiness. And with Me it is possible to overcome everything, even itself. And small "I" overcome with Me will go up to the end, to a clear victory to merge with Me together.

536. (Oct. 30). Thoughts of the benefit always bear with themselves light and connect the thinker kind with Light. Light-bearing lives in light, and light in itself feeds with thought and supports because light-bearing thought of the benefit, being energy of the highest. The thought influences all conductors of a microcosm and sates them on essence of the radiations. Fancy - not only the picture created from a plastic matter of thought, but the live essence loaded with a certain type of energy which gives the emanations and surrounds a fancy with the corresponding aura. These radiations are conformable to fire, it generated. Fires happen different: from black to light, the highest, shining. The scale fiery is great. The consciousness conveyor, like an inexhaustible stream, continuously radiates from itself the continuous belt of the thoughts which general tonality and character are according to essence and fires of consciousness generating them. And people on Earth face move, filling its atmosphere with light or darkness, bearing pleasure and blessing or a grief, diseases and damnations. In energy charges with which their thoughts vibrate, light carriers, thought shining filling spheres terrestrial, are benefactors of mankind, the revitalizing of life, happiness and health to people bearing. But poisoners dark not only poison also people, with them adjoining, but also all atmospheres around. Therefore you think clair-radiant because appointment of the person - to shine and bear light in the dim atmosphere of Earth, to bear light to people, lighting up their life and changing it dark in the light. It isn't necessary to forget that the person thinks constantly, so the thought device always in operation. And streams of good fortune or venomous gases constantly stream from it. The fetid or fragrant sphere of a fancy corresponds to nature of the thought, and for the open center of sense of smell each thought has a smell. Energy of thought, making contact with the environment surrounding it, gives reaction obvious, either ozonizing, or poisoning her. Cleaner of aura terrestrial is the kind thinker, neutralizing poison and a stench of dark poisoners. And though Great Fight also terminated, but a bike work on clarification of spheres planetary from the condensed layers of brown gas (is huge). As the open book, before the lit-up consciousness is shown essence human. It is necessary to look only. Both eyes, and a voice, both gait, and the general shape of the person almost can give at once an idea of that order of thoughts which can dominate in is mute. The conveyor of thought works automatically. Light-bearing are units. Dimly is around. Those who consciously works in Hierarchy Beams, inexpressibly it isn't enough. Therefore to them - Light and care incessant because with Light of the Teacher shine. It is necessary to understand, at last, irreplaceable value them, light of the bearing. Severe justice and expediency demand protection them as channels saving, life of a planet of the feeding. And our Hand vigilant is over them. Not a personal favoritism, but commensurability and a merit before mankind the obvious. So holders of a network of Light planetary are our elite, Us put and our trust the invested. They are on Great Service to Light. It is time to my soldiers to leave narrow-minded idea of. Usefulness they already go out long ago of the personal world, feeding with light Earth atmosphere. With magnet of My Spirit power of the magnets sate and magnitno improve spheres of the environment on distances huge because the network of Light is stretched through them over Earth. Communication centers happen different potentials and tension, reacting on essence of the beam. The conveyor of consciousness of my guards in space surrounding them radiates my thoughts. And in it their special value is. There are cases when special influence requires personal presence of the Teacher. Therefore it is possible to understand necessity and need of influence close our employees in those points of their residence where they were put by my Hand. With it Me replace and my Business create. In it mission of each envoy. it should be understood in all depth. The beam stretched from the Stronghold, ozonizes all to the district on which passes, and, reaching communication centers, gives in them focus of beams self-proceeding, a reflector of the receiver strengthened according to perceiving and transposing ability of consciousness. Indispensability of my envoys will be necessary always because work on introduction of Light in life because potential Light Mine and the potential of light of my envoys always will surpass many times over a Light-bearing of the environment surrounding is infinite. We go ahead of life and we Bear Light which life follows. It is necessary to realize essence of activity of the spirit, Light of the Worlds of the Highest to Earth of the bringing. The best distributor and the carrier of light is the thought. Isn't present for it barriers, distances. On hand (at) consciousness - always, ready to obey the order will and immediately to fly there where to it will order, bearing with itself a beam sent it. Realized in my Beams, amplifies it is tenfold. The power consists in understanding. It is necessary to realize power of the thought, with Me merged. As who can against-stand to it? Not to dim and weak thinking of people of Earth to struggle with fiery thought of the carrier of light operating in My Beams. My soldiers, with My force act. To you I Give the power to create fiery energy of Light. But power of thought realize. There is it no barriers and limits. But the weapon you keep in readiness. But you create with Me full merge.

537. The knowledge of property of stones is lost by mankind. But stones of property have, and these properties are full of the hidden value. When its sides are ground, the stone gains property reflects the Beam. The beam is reflected on color of a substance of a stone. Red gives a red beam, blue - blue. Matter in beams reflected. The stone colorless and pure will reflect all beams of a range. The stone is as though a symbol of human essence and its aura’ flowers because there are also auras one-color. Between flowers of aura and between beams of stones there can be an obvious compliance. And it is correct to think that the similar amplifies the similar. Certainly, the beam - in it communication and compliance of stars with stones is appropriated to each star. The relationship is defined by the color accord. In a stone unfinished these properties are hidden, in cut - are revealed. The number of sides gives wealth to beams, strengthening them in movement. Certainly, these beams influence as any beam influences. And, of course, each stone is as though the receiver of beams which it reflects. Similarity to the open centers obvious and striking because the centers are too wells of beams. If long to focus attention on a beam of a stone of a certain color, influence is inevitable. Property of stones is absorbs and reflect beams. It is possible to combine so stones and to arrange light sources that all surrounding will be filled in with beams. It will be as though a prototype of Spheres of the Highest, shining. In beams the essence of life is hidden. And stones as though allow concerning some sides of its display. Certainly, in a beam the secret is hidden, and isn't present on Earth of devices to get into it. Structures of crystals, light of the refracting are deeply instructive. Sides artificial to side are natural rough imitation. Crystallization isn't property of a dense matter only. Energy the highest possess the same property to be condensed from the centers for lines of their forces and to give Stones. Crystals of fiery energiya are visible by prismatic sight that is the sight capable, like a prism, to decompose a beam and to do it visible in its granulations. With crystals of thin energiya the Invisible World is saturated. These crystals, unlike usual stones, give light self-proceeding, showing powerful impact on all surrounding and, in particular, on the person. It as though is usual jewel, or crystal, but not the visible usual eye and loaded with powerful energy. Not only crystals of mental energy, being light condensed, can condense light, but also the centers of a human body possess the same property, absorbing beams of thin energiya, coagulating them and increasing crystal formations of these energiya. This ability of the person to absorb and condense light and to hold it in the absorption centers which are in its microcosm, is boundless, that is there are no borders to growth of the crystal deposits which size can reach the huge sizes. But then the person already ceases to be a person. Logos Flame is an example when the Stone - the Treasure fiery, collected round a stark-monad, self-proceeding can fill with light of beams the whole world. In the Sun of our system we have an example obvious. Each person carries in himself treasure fiery, steps of spirit it’s corresponding. It collects and grows from life in life while the force doesn't light the centers sleeping until then and doesn't do them by open receivers of the thin energiya which are collecting and saving up fiery crystals in an ardent pentagram human, which starts sparkling and shining all fires saved up. Condensed it is possible to call the collector of light the person. In invisible essence light of beams collects, crystallizing in the microcosm of adjournment of condensed light and starting being shone and shine light self-proceeding. The carrier of the Stone is a slight-bearing, the owner of the highest, both the most valuable, and the innermost treasure which can be on Earth and in the worlds. The middle phenomenon between stones precious and Treasures fiery are stones sacred, possessing property of beams self-proceeding. Metals some known and unknown to people and, especially, their alloys, as well as some substances and stones possess ability to absorb and coagulate energy fiery in various combinations and beam combination. All live arose under the influence of certain beams of certain planets or their combinations which have given a crystal of essence to future form. Combinations of these beams and condensed a beam energy, collected and absorbed by the aforesaid condensers, can correspond, or accord, with different types of the phenomena, making powerful impact on sibling species of living beings and plants. Having such stone or other accumulator of energiya, it is possible to have the power over a number of the phenomena having with it beam power - communication. There are metals or the stones comprising huge stocks of fiery energy, powerfully influencing not only on their carrier, but also on masses of people and the whole people. It not is teraphim, which charges can be extraordinary strong, but, so to speak, natural containers of a huge charge of condensed Light. And as the usual organism human doesn't contain it and a small share, to counteract power of the one in whom the Stone treasure trusts, people, of course, can't. From here is the double power of the Envoy Fiery, bearing the Hierarchy Assignment. The entrusted people in size and responsibility of the Assignment are given the Stone of this or that power, and its energy, strengthened by continuous inflow of fire of the Stone, allow to make affairs, which not in power to ordinary people. Force of such Stones is inexhaustible, but power degree the different. A lot of the most wonderful things are at the Teacher, and entrusted, the power received, to them access has. It is necessary to win rather both an astral, and its citadel - and person that Treasures of the Teacher could use infinitely because fiery power can be used only for the public good people.

538. (Oct. 31). The strong-willed aspect of a fancy is usually absolutely lost sight. In case of need it is possible to order to wake up at night in precisely certain time. The created thought way will stand near a bed as the guard true and, on the dot, according to the order, will make the influence and right there, having discharged the energy, itself and will settle. In the next night it any more won't awake. If to load it with additional force and to give the order on action duration, he will execute the order automatically. The habits deriving the strength in are so created is long created fancies. The thought is deprived of the consciousness that is it can't in itself curtail from a way specified or change the essence. It grows in space; magnitno attracting to itself a substance of uniform fancies, but the consciousness in it is absent. Being consciousness generation, a flesh from its flesh, it bears on herself its press, but she always submits to it and can be suppressed if new energy of bigger potential is premised to it. The law is strictly automatic. The will identical strengthens the thought opposite - it neutralizes, giving the rest in this or that party, equal to their difference. Than it is more in thought of fiery elements of will and the fire degree on a scale fiery is higher, the action of thought is stronger. Conscious will action of thought can be limited to a certain term precisely. People incessantly live, submitting to influences of thoughts, personal and others'. In this sea of various influences it is necessary to float, protecting itself from all. The question of a protection of spirit is very important. As natural protection the protecting network usually serves. Supported orderly and balance, it serves as a powerful board. The second protection is a circle. The third protection consists in creating round itself the sphere, like the egg shrouding all microcosms with a dense wall of a thin matter of dense white color, milk similar to color or a petal of a white flower. The cover is denser and denser, the protection is stronger. It doesn't pass the external influences going from people, from their auras and from thoughts, and protects from other adverse effects. This type of protection can be made constant, having given to a fancy egg-shaped the order for long term. It means of protection personal. Visualization of in the Beam of the Lord has influence the protective very strong. Or brightly imagined silver thread of communication. As well as the Face of the Teacher in the third eye or representation of in the center of Great Heart. Influence protective the Name repeated also is very strong, as well as thoughts of a protecting Hand of Hierarchical and its power. All types of protection can be strengthened indefinitely. The conscious appeal to Hierarchy never remains without the answer, and in case of urgency the Help comes immediately; so in hands of the soldier the whole arsenal of protective equipment. In a root of any protection the thought premised, and in it - a protection basis lies. Certainly, it is necessary to learn to stand on own feet, without resorting to saving protection. Power of the consciousness connected to Hierarchy, but independence is inexhaustible, self-action, itself - working, self-defense, self-advance - prosperity bases. When at an eagle wings grow, he flies one, without support. So, the thought which is consciously applied, is the mighty weapon of Light. In its application and ability it is necessary to treat him well to understand and learn this address. The thought is silent and words doesn't need. The silent thought is stronger than the word. You learn to act with thought, without words. Words are often powerless, and sometimes and are impossible for many reasons. The thought is possible always and under any conditions. Mental conversations are usually more effective, than conversations or arrangements usual. In case of the order it has to be given with unshakable confidence of its performance because fluctuations of will are immediately transferred to object or the subject of influence. Let influence will be always in the benefit because karmic consequences of the order assumes given it. In this area discretion special and consciousness of full responsibility is required. The affairs created for the sake of the Teacher, in this sense of karmic consequences on the performer don't impose, but only in this sense because approach to Tom for the sake of whom business is created. Here the affairs created for the sake of General Welfare enter also. But the sphere of personal interests in case of similar influences is subject to especially aggravated responsibility. But it is possible to be protected. The phenomenon of a defenseless lamb doesn't correspond to concept of the soldier. To protect fairly interests it is permitted; otherwise will crush. Nowadays Light enters the winner, claiming, and a karma of the dark - full submission. Suppression of will of the person is inadmissible. The will is free, but the dark will of dark attendants have to be not only is subordinated and suppressed in a root, but also completely destroyed. And any reasons about a free will here are inappropriate. The free will for the dark terminated forever, the free will remains an inviolable prerogative of the person, but not attendants of darkness. Neither pity, nor mercy, indulgence to conscious servants of the evil can't be. Pity is admissible only as an arrow striking arrogance of their self-dazzle or in case the fear moves in heart. There is no such pity worse for them. The thought loaded with the strong-willed order, leaves in: space for assignment performance. Who can prevent it or to stop it? Could if knew or would trust, but don't know, and don't trust and therefore are defenseless. But dark knew and strongly used this channel for dark influences. I arm for the future and therefore I Ask action of thought to realize. Received its power will be strengthened by the power repeatedly, but understanding is required. With this difficult weapon of Light the address should be learned. It is important to understand that fiery energy of a microcosm pours out, or is condensed in a certain form, a picture or an image, and this fancy is given a certain task which in it is put. As the archer or a kernel from a gun, is started up thought in space, hitting the target. The thought has to be released before it will start working. The arrow attached to onions, won't reach the goal. Therefore thoughts of people, which bird winged thoughts leash. The power and power of thought should be realized immediately.

(In the morning blindly I saw going snow, in the afternoon it went).

539. Truly, My son, Business of the Lord you make. The world is filled with My, but no gift of realization has. And treasures spatial remain to lie in vain for not able to apprehend them. As link binding between the Highest Spheres invisible, between Light Spheres, and terrestrial that serve the few which can. Therefore I Give the chance also the right to scoop endlessly and a limit on the capacity. Snow - not a clarification symbol, but the valid cleaner of space. After it the atmosphere cleared of the reek of alcohol of terrestrial and a dust, starts ringing, bringing messages spatial. Today I Tell: the life mystery comes true. The step new spirit is approved on Earth. Spirit-mind is approved in the light of New beams. Beams - builders of life - weave spirit patterns. Earth puts on new attire. As the son in Beams of the Father, as Earth in Beams of Mother of the World as the worlds in Beams of the Central Sun, life is so made. Spirit in beams directed to spirit protection forges. Forms of life are shaped by will. Smith’s everything, and - not the happiness, but all-planetary. In a fiery smithy people forge happiness the emerald. And My Specified as it is necessary to lift a hammer of spirit and how to strike blow that he caused sparks creating (creating) light fire. The Hammer of transformation of life is lifted. Its blows are similar to a space rhythm. It - a spirit Hammer - creates transformation of that is, that will be. That is, is under continuous blows of Space rhythms. Rhythms of fire we Call them - waves of energiya going. They go in life Beams, nowadays death and destruction beams not constrained more. Light victory bears fruits the obvious. I want that understood a new step of transformation and a process spatial. In cycles of times the step, to Earth passable, is significant. From now on it enters close cooperation with the Worlds Far on equal terms, not defective a killing beam of an ominous planet. Process of reorganization is included into a construction stage, and powers of Hierarchy to rush on it. Clarification and construction all-planets - here stages of this transformation. To builders light - an appeal: "Start".

540. (Nov. 1). If the human body is similar to a harp, therefore, it can be adjusted on any harmony. It's true. And business all in that nobility and learning as it do. The consciousness always sounds on any string: whether the person rejoices, whether will grieve, is irritated, or is quiet. The condition of consciousness at present also is a mood, or sounding on a certain note. Quality shown too forces consciousness to vibrate in unison with it. Some qualities give a chord, all qualities - the symphony of qualities on which or with which all microcosm minutes of containment sounds or it is constant. Attuning of such thin tool as a microcosm human - the phenomenon very difficult also demands knowledge of process. To adjust an organism is means to bring it into a desirable condition and, of course, in a condition of harmony because to a disharmonious condition of a detuned people bring themselves constantly and constantly in it and stay. When the person is angry or suppressed more or less strongly, all his device sounds on a depression or irritation note, on a note of the lowest vibrations of the lowest scale of emotional movements of an astral. Vibrations should be lifted. It is necessary to create tone that it began to sound on vibration of the highest octave. Not rough the lowest, but to thin and highest energiya the person has to begin to sound answer in unison. The rhythm of repetition of the sacred word "Aum" setting in motion of energy highest, creates sound or both sound, and a mental wave, and on a wave created the consciousness starts sounding. Possessing property of the magnetization, the begun to sound consciousness immediately establishes power lines of an attraction with spheres corresponding, that is with spheres of the thin energiya being on the top register, and after consciousness, following it as barges behind a tow, starts sounding in tone and all nervous system, and it and all organism with all conductors. The tonality is established by the consciousness which is setting demanded tone as it is set by the tuning fork. And in this case the tuning fork is very good because also it helps to force a nervous network, a harp similar to sound on a sound wave. The sound forces to vibrate nervous system easier only. Any sound, from a glass gnash on iron to a voice human. All sounds influence the person. But influence of a tuning fork especially strongly because it gives a pure note of a natural scale of sounds, monophonic, in unison with which sounds a certain center, entraining and all system. The centers of the person correspond to a musical scale and therefore especially willingly react to musical combinations of sounds or certain notes. The sacred word and tuning fork can be combined. Instead of a tuning fork any musical instrument can serve. It is possible to strike chords corresponding rhythmically. Music adjusts nervous system on a certain harmony therefore chants and musical instruments in temples because sounds influence powerfully are entered. Sacred music and sounds have value special exactly that is voice-frequency impact on consciousness and it’s attuning on a certain harmony. Thus the rhythm plays special role. The name of the Teacher also should be repeated rhythmic, creating a wave necessary. Certainly, the solemnity gives tone of a certain height of fluctuations, and in this way the consciousness sounds in unison with energiya thin. It is possible, having chosen any quality and having concentrated on it is mute, to force consciousness to begin to sound on its note, having filled with this sounding all microcosms. Qualities are forms of a display of fires, or the highest energiya. Creating it a form aggravated, the consciousness starts expressing essence of their flame itself and becomes ardently sounding. The statement of quality in life it’s fiery in microcosm implants energy not temporarily, but is constant, creating as though a string, capable to sound independently and to paint consciousness the color. The constant conscious attuning of consciousness on a certain harmony gives it the highest tonality that is ability accord in harmony with energiya the highest. Certainly, and thoughts sound, and, of course, the microcosm first of all sounds on thought. Each thought sounds in the key, adjusting and all organisms. But when all external receptions of an attuning сharmonius with thought, influence turns out especially powerful. Surrounding conditions - sounds, colors, aromas, smoking and all other - are the same means applied in order that consciousness sounded in a certain tone. They facilitate achievement of a harmonious condition. But Archat a harp of the spirit forces to sound in the necessary tone fiery will, replacing all subsidiary means with fiery thought and vibration of a silver thread. And where it was what there were conditions people around, the fiery device of its spirit doesn't need any external adaptations and conditions. Will it can overcome everything, using power of invisible energiya. And even the voice can say its sacred appeal without a sound. The highest though music of spheres and sounds in space are silent that is terrestrial energy. But on Earth it is necessary to do everything possible for consciousness reduction in a condition of a harmonious tonality because conditions and people are terribly disharmonious and to resist against chaos of the unbridled vibrations generated by people, it is very difficult. Therefore it is necessary to sound on the note, it is necessary to sound the note. It is necessary that the powerful note won always against a hoarseness of a human infirmity surrounding. Always I won. Not to win - means to lose all and to become the inhabitant. To what to the inhabitant all is achievements? In the bog to it both it is habitual, and it is convenient. Why to it to sound on any highest vibrations of thin energiya which for it don't exist for the present? To obey to emotion of a certain order - means to begin to sound all organisms in unison with it on its scale of a display that is to go down to the astral sphere. Therefore emotions are killed and their carrier - an astral and impassivity is approved. The harp of spirit has to be kept in an order and to be always harmoniously adjusted that consonance to the highest energiya fiery.

541. The spirit directed to Great Heart, joins its vibrations and begins to It созвучать. On the Silver Bridge vibrations of Great Heart are transferred. Through all space will throw the Bridge. Its one abutment is in Heart Great, another - in heart, to It directed. On two foundations the Bridge keeps and those two is strong. Great Heart Bridge abutment is unshakable, and the same firmness of an abutment has to be and in heart, to it directed.
Firmness is necessary when all fluctuates around. To approach forever and to merge together, it is necessary to pass through all worlds: Invisible and visible. And if on Earth where all so usually, it is possible to hold strong communication, in World Astral where all is aggravated to a limit and where whirlwinds of the generated energiya, there this stability involve in the funnels it is necessary it is tenfold. There it is possible to resist only communication with the Head. It is possible to imagine a set of intense energiya magneto similar, attracting strong consciousness in the snare not gets rid and still the attractions which have remained in the person. Force of a magnet of Great Heart helps to overcome them and to continue a way, without evading back, in the parties. It is easy to lose a way at night in the wood bewitched where monsters from all directions threaten. But the Silver Bridge is over all lowest worlds and, on Earth approved serves and there as a strong support. The denuing remain, deprived of everything that they denied because in the Thin World there is for consciousness only that it claimed. But the abutment of the Bridge the approved will know a direct and shining way. The way human in World Thin is long. Its milestones are outlined here, on Earth. In the world of consequences it is possible to reap only that, the beginning to that, or seeds of that, are put here, on Earth. The person, in the dense world the living assimilates to the continued sower. Sows endlessly and without analysis, without thinking nor of crops, nor of a harvest. And there, in World Elevated, there will be at it nothing, except consequences of the seeded grains and an immense field of shoots, bad and good which should be reaped. Also there will be no place to leave from an unsuccessful harvest because all - in consciousness of the person, and conditions astral are defined by energiya, in an own microcosm the person the generated. Here it is possible to go to the wood, on the river, to theater, to take the book or to meet people, say, to leave from itself. But not to leave anywhere from the generations in World Thin and from consequences of own crops. The root of all evil brings the angry, but good shoots of kind crops blossom. Sowers - everything, about responsibility for crops forgotten. But knowing it will be careful with each act, with each word, with each thought because they are seeds of future consequences. There it is possible new to begin crops but after the harvest is finished and forces of the generated energiya are settled. In it sense of one of stages - purgatories, or places of neutralization of the lowest energiya. If in this world the future of the person depends on many conditions and not always in his ox to change them where everything is created and moves thought, the person entirely is in conditions, him for himself created. Whether in the palace crystal lives among the strange fine the nature or in a fetid cellar without an exit and light - business of his hands because both that and another is created by those energiya and images which it generated. Evil thoughts gave evil shoots and ugly forms of mental production of his consciousness created by it continuously during the whole his life. The consolation that kindly, evens self-slightest, too will give shoots and will bring pleasure in a proportion with all other shoots. The fine thinking will give rise to fine forms, without thinking at all of them. The law of the accord works. But also on the contrary: the lowest feelings and thoughts create terrible repellent forms which surround beget with a desperate dense ring, yet won't settle on it, their generated, the energiya up to the end. All are subject to this law put by the person in energy action: both good, and bad. Both that and others are settled, or got rid, on the corresponding planes, or existence plans. Certainly, aspiration to the Teacher and thirst of intimate knowledge will be saturated up to the end on power of aspiration, but on the Highest Plans. On the aspirations it is possible to expect a spirit way in the Hidden Worlds. Each consciousness on Earth has any the general equally effective its aspirations, giving to it movement in a certain direction. Here it depends on his will. There it is possible to continue only in the area of the direction of the energiya caused to life, their impulse won't run low yet. Well, being on Earth, to shower a network distant and currents of energiya to direct out of limits of a circle of life terrestrial. All people limit the plans to a grave which to all of them shows a limit. There are no these borders for the pupil. Continuously his life outside death proceeds, and in this wonderful, fine area of the Hidden Worlds he stretches the thoughts, the actions, and desires and on the aspirations reaps. The Denying of niches in the world spiritual but as the one who prepared the consciousness for it is rich. There it is possible to fly, there it is possible to see, hear and feel, there it is possible to learn the worlds and the Supreme Laws, there probably many, inaccessible on Earth. But it is necessary to know about it, it should be studied, it is necessary to be prepared for it. To move and fly there it is far and free, fires for flights should be saved up here. Otherwise it is possible to be become the motionless idol. In a word, saved up and collected here, can go quietly there, armed with knowledge of spirit. The hand of the Teacher will support him and will help to collect a harvest in five, six, ten, hundred or more крат. The benefit to you, preparing itself to a way distant. Plentifully collect knowledge grains that the harvest was great. And who will strong seed, that sang will reap. The law is your ally. The law of the accord and compliance operates the world. Its levers in hands of the person. It is necessary to realize it only. So responsibility for the actions becomes three-plans and the thread of lives from infinity of the past is stretched in boundlessness of the future. The death is denied, and life eternal is approved.

542 . (Enov. 2). Communication interrupts when the thinking is filled with splinters of thoughts of the present day. It is necessary to set fire to a tatter of a false commonness. The receiver has to be pure. First of all - mine. When Communication is regarded as of paramount importance and it is considered the main factor of life, there is it uninterrupted. Day or night, but the Sun always in space, and its beams fall to the ground. And the Sun of Great Heart lights up the microcosm sphere even then when the consciousness is turned into twilight of life terrestrial and is occupied with work terrestrial or inevitable affairs terrestrial. But at the Communication moments the consciousness is turned to the Sun that not to miss Beams. It is good when all circle of consciousness and all sphere of a microcosm are filled with the Face, in the Beam real. The beam bears in itself the Face sent it. Through the Face -is and connection. And the Face approved in the third eye, also connects to the Beam because is its side, or the plane, merges to consciousness. In the Face, visible contact with the Beam happen spiritual sight. It more brightly and more vitally, is more valid Beam influence. The face has force because in it force of the Beam is shown. Face and its radiations take a detour, or the sphere of the Beam falling from space on the one to whom it is sent. Clarity of the Face it is possible to finish to such an extent realities that it is possible to see it, strengthening that and Beam influence. Clarity of the Face of the Teacher puts the directed consciousness in direct contact with It. Can reach such an extent acuteness of perception and tension see it always, and any more in imagination, but actually, in movement and paints? For this purpose it is necessary that both the consciousness and heart were absolutely cleared of any litter and all stirring. The phenomenon it is possible only at full-sounding on vibration of the Teacher. The sphere of the personality and the sphere of egoism of the Face can't contain because are small. Business of clarification of consciousness from unnecessary and stirring elements is sine qua non condition. For the sake of something uncertain it is made by him but that Beam force, thanks to clarity and purity of the screen, to reveal completely, instead of partially. The partial perception is limited to a framework of the personality, full, spotless - anything. Doomed to death, that is an astral and the personality, it is necessary to clean after the journey because dim and eclipse Light sent. Movements and life in an astral cover aren't necessary. Without them life becomes bright, colorful and full-sounding. They is shackles standing, lead on wings. To the bird attached on a string, the person, from them not released is similar. Can fly up it is low both nearby and immediately falls to the ground as soon as the limit of its length is reached and a push on a lifting limit, to Earth attracting, painful very much. Only the spirit, free from astral and personality chains, can freely fly. The astral and egoism from everyone улета return to Earth, limiting its height to the not gets rid energiya. Impassivity, tranquility and balance of spirit are forms of a condition of consciousness in which the astral can't come to light. The statement of impassivity is death of an astral cover. Impassivity is approved in life. Qualities of spirit forge an armor of light. The printing of the statement of my dad will be over all your efforts, to freedom and Light leaders.

543. Bowl of My Hour doesn’t spill. Anything external shouldn't influence Communication. A little that can happen in life. It is impossible in dependence on casual conditions to put the major. Otherwise mix up that above all, that below. Clock of Communication should be put out of a stream, and not to let in a stream wave in them. Let waves of external influences don't get into a sanctuary. It always was located in the depth of the temple, behind thick walls where didn't reach noise of a market and worldly vanity. Let Communication be created in silence of Silence, which above lives because is the source of life. It is necessary to learn to go deep into silence of Silence which World is. About the World above any human understanding it is said, about the World costing that around. It is my World. My world I Give you, in Silence real where noisy steps of vanity calm down. Look for moments of silence, and in them - the World. Great Silence reigns on open spaces space because there is no vanity. This Silence sounds, sated with solemnity and beauty, and sounds of heavens aren't similar to rough sounds of Earth. Harmony of the highest accord can be audible only where the terrestrial ceases. Ear open for sounds space, deafly to sounds terrestrial. Sounds terrestrial shouldn't cause movement in covers and adjust their harmony. The world my, silently sounding, only it one let sounds on strings of a harp of spirit. And if outside it is heavy, were successful in silence of Silence which World is. And then my World will tell the eternal word, because over the terrestrial - eternal and over passing - Boundlessness. Need of the external conditions necessary for advance, I give, because my Hand over all your life. And human establishments won't concern it. They can concern others and concern, but you in my Hand, Me protected to become a vessel shown and drink of life to collect. With its fire you will feed Earth because it is put over it. Store tranquility in life and to voices of Earth doesn’t bend the ear. The gnash terrestrial offends a nice ear, and sounds of Earth should close it. Be quiet in belief. Concern nothing you. By will pass - and won't see, near will be - and won't mention because are protected. That is intended for all, to itself don't apply, for you a measure others. You pass life under my Hand. You pass life under signs of the phenomena which shouldn't and can't affect you. But under a sign it is necessary to pass to become stronger in belief in Power of the Hand of the Leader. Really I Won't protect the elite My and close mine under a board I Won't put? About what alarm, when I is for you? It isn't enough that to whom happens or can happen. But I Speak: nothing will concern you, in my Charge your life of the given. Be not anxious about anything. Everything I turn on advantage and to a greater prosperity. To me the comer not thirst and a lack of anything won't feel for ever. Apply on seven ends. The guide is in belief because I See and I Hear and the messenger already saddle a horse. My house со is, and my board over it. In twilight of a haze pre-dawn with Light hidden burns. And the darkness won't concern it and is inside allowed not will be. My house and in it is My children. Whether of them I take care? My son, learn to understand as lives as My people bypass in the unknown way narrows lives. For all is everything, but for you is foreordained by me. It is so necessary to understand all power of Hierarchy not on printed pages, but in life. I will protect, because with you always.

544. (Nov. 3). It is necessary to update belief as inalterability. I don't trust, but I know. What I know? I know it is immutable, unshakably, that a form of an display of that, in what I trust or that I know, will be such as what approves it or wants to approve knowledge. I don't trust, but I know that this bad person shows the good hidden properties of the nature which are in everyone. And it shows them on belief or on knowledge of the person approving this phenomenon (consciousnesses). It is possible to take still a step and to replace belief with knowledge. I know that will be so, and a framework of inalterability I impose on the knowledge. The seal of inalterability I set that has to be shown in the conditions of the dense. So the belief that will be, is replaced with inalterability of knowledge, firm as diamond that the phenomenon, knowledge approved, will inevitably pour out in forms, knowledge the foreordained. The power of the Lord is based on inalterability of knowledge. The Lord doesn't trust, but Knows is. The belief merges and dissolved in knowledge. The belief, asking to help its disbelief, is far from unshakable inalterability of knowledge. In belief usual human doubt elements too are still strong. The belief of people and therefore that they receive on the belief, is mixed with the disbelief components, undesirable conditions of the bringing is split. Here these elements unnecessary and harmful, same fruits bearing, in the difficult phenomenon of belief in something should be withdrawn absolutely. And therefore the belief undermined and deprived of purity and solidity, is replaced with knowledge immutable, or inalterability of unshakable knowledge of that the phenomenon, will called for the statement, can't but come to light in the traced form. The human body resounds on thought that is sounds answer in unison with the premised thought. Thinking of the person it is bad, causing the hidden bad properties of his nature, thought we force it to sound on them according to the premised thought. It is necessary to increase high qualities in the person ten times and bad to reduce in as much, trying not to stop thought on them because the thought will cause these properties even if they aren't present to life. It will wake them because prepared for them a form. When the thought potentially grows and becomes fiery, that is operating powerfully, it is necessary to think about people very circumspectly because their acts and behavior will accept them the forms corresponding to our thoughts. You think clair-radiant and in the benefit. It is better to be mistaken in good, than to strengthen the neighbor in darkness. So there is a conscious transformation of people who make with us contact. It is necessary to know people and it is necessary to combine this knowledge with ability to cause light from essence of each person, thinking about it is kind that is approving by the will good forms of his identification." I and knew" - a formula two-edged. If the knowledge was strong and immutable, the person about which act this knowledge was firmly premised, could become simply the victim of strong confidence of the consciousness, imprudently put some idea the unusable. Good forms of a display of behavior of people around can be anticipated thought, creating it channels for action. Expecting harm everything will be thin, if his thought is strong. Expecting from people only bad there will be all badly, and people will show only bad according to expecting consciousness. Therefore with a growth of fires and internal force creating thoughts should be sent circumspectly and under control. People make three quarters of acts under unconscious suggestion from the outside. As it is sharp-sighted there has to be a patrol that most not to fall a victim of foreign thoughts and the neighbors not to make victims of the malevolent suggestion. Therefore you think in the benefit. And seeing acts malevolent from outside, create a desirable form, and in it easily and the free will of the person because people of usually firm forms for identification of the energiya have no will freely join. Prepare for them you. Take care of them. Be creator’s peoples in the benefit because there is a lot of creating in the evil. And when in a basis of process the belief, but knowledge of is put not that all will be immutable at will of your decision, good consequences, as morning of the future day are inevitable. We think of ourselves too much. Let's think and of others; and the benefit, and to us, it’s sowing and claiming in people will be it. Let the power given are show in the statement of people in the benefit. Rush about to energy human, to fit it is necessary to give vent, having prepared in form space for them good. The same forms of a display of the energiya can be created and for itself. It is so possible to pour out qualities approved in the corresponding forms created in advance by thought. Energy will move to them, as the train on rails. Without a rail the train, without a form in advance created and prepared won't move, the thought won't be embodied in it. Casual forms are chaotic and deprived of contours. Shapeless thoughts are affectless. Let's think of how it is possible to create people, we people around.

545. My friend, victory to a victory discord. We acknowledge a victory full, excluding possibility of repetition of the phenomena undesirable. The full winner is approved full. Let's win against everything, but not at once, and a step behind a step. Therefore there is on steps spirit ascension that it is impossible to reach at once everything. But each step demands a clear victory over the phenomena, it accompanying. The baby bird flies about a nest, and only adult eagle ventures distant celestial flights. Therefore the first task is to raise wings. Wings grow thought brave, daring, appointed to a big circle. To them also will pass life. The thought defines appointment. It is necessary to understand that all is created by thought. People go, something does, something builds, somewhere hurry, but all is created by thought, and behind each movement and an act of the person there is a thought. It is impossible to lift for the present thought a stone and to put the house, but the house is under construction thought because it is necessary to think before, and then on thought and to build. The thought - behind everything also precedes everything. If the person wants to have something, to reach something, to create something, in the basis wished he has to put thought. The building without the base on which costs is impossible; and the phenomenon can't be carried out if in the basis it the thought isn't put. Mental creation of subjects also is considerable that is the base of constructions dense. Nowadays emphasis is placed on thought as basis of the real. Three-plan creation of the world begins with the thought which is pouring out a shape, given, at last, a matter dense. The thought fire is put in the basis of each construction. And if we want to create something, we create there, in the thought world and if we want to destroy something, we destroy at first the mental basis of the phenomenon, then an astral form; physical, without having the base, a basis, its matter linking together, collapses, creeps away by itself. It even doesn't need not to be destroyed because it is not usual dense form, and its corpse deprived of soul, that is the invisible, linking particle of its matter, a basis. As soon as the mental and astral beginnings leave the person, his physical form starts decaying. But invisible soul, or the invisible principles, has not only the person and all live, but each subject and each thing, however, in other look, than, for example, at the person. Energy of creation and energy of destruction goes on an invisible form of the phenomenon. The inveterate habit in the Thin World is expressed in the form of become numb stability from the condensed and dense thin matter. If fiery thought to destroy and burn this construction, or hardened thought-forms, having inertia and life, the person is immediately exempted from oppression of a habit. People fight against habits, and often unsuccessfully as begin not with that end. But having destroyed thought-basis the thin phantom of a habit, a root it in World Invisible cut. The thought is the most powerful weapon: both destructive, and creative. Why to wave a hand, both to tire feet, and to strain muscles when the thought fiery, silent, silent and inaudible, knowing no limit and obstacles, can destroy and create not only the phenomenon small, but also the whole world? The fiery weapon - is two-edged. We aren't destroyers. We are Builders of life. But creation of the dark we destroy in a root. They could win if we were able to oppose thought of bigger potential. But Light is stronger. With defeat of the owner of the root lost. Therefore process of clarification of a planet and destruction of all dark undertakings will go fast paces. With everything that from darkness, it is necessary to fight, opposing to shifts dark power of the fiery thought which has been strong connected to Hierarchy. Therefore I Give the power to create my Name. We Create on the Highest Plans, that is we Create thought. Whether there can human be any undertaking against the thought which feeding basis is connected to the beginning hierarchical? Creating in Me, and Me, and my force of defeat doesn't know - the winner always. But to realize creating power of the fiery thought connected to the Teacher, it is necessary. This awareness of its invincibility gives power. And then the belief is realized into immutable knowledge. It is necessary to learn to create and destroy thought. Neither words, nor acts it isn't necessary, thought action is necessary. Close living conditions, closing all entrances and exits, a scope of action of thought can't limit to anything. And the more closely below, the free thought dumb more ardently can create. It isn't groundless dreams that would be good and that was it is bad, or how it would be good if there was so and so, - No. It not dreams. It is the sharp, exact, short fiery order of the thought creating an immutable consequence on a formula: Let it be. The first stage of action is destruction of a root of the phenomenon in World Invisible to the basis, imprinted by the inalterability press. The second - creation of a desirable form thin - an antipode of the destroyed phenomenon for the statement it for the purpose of a final display in the world dense. The bilateral nature of action needs to be understood. One destruction without replacement destroyed by its antithesis will be violation of the principle of construction. All forces bipolar. And if it is allowed to destroy the power, it is allowed and to create. Fiery energy, uniform in essence, is dual in the manifestation. This power demands understanding before starting its application in life. Whether the person who has realized power of thought can argue, worry, worry, be anxious and fuss and learned to apply it! No, can't. Very strong people, even physically, are usually quiet. Conscious force gives this tranquility. The defenseless blind biped pettiness can be exhausted in excitements and concerns, but not the one to whom it is allowed to create and strike the power. My soldiers, I Arm you with an armor fiery and Light weapon victorious. On your understanding will be both your forces, and ability to own it. Doctrine basis is application of its provisions in life. Claiming it will be given on force of his statement. Wanting to have and reach, approve achievement in life, having applied given knowledge. Twenty four hours per day are given to learn to apply. Everywhere, always and everywhere, every instant it is possible to raise power fiery, using the given strength. And the treasure of power will invisibly grow, burning with crystals of fiery energiya. The treasure is raised consciously. Grows in application. I with you and Give strength Stone treasure mighty, shining make.

546. (Nov. 4). Specify lord consciously to bring light in life and to replace with it darkness surrounding both in people, and in the phenomena. The aura reaches a condition of a light-bearing, influencing everything that around, and changing it. It also is Great Service. The egoism can't shine. Means, it is necessary to forget about it. The self-forgetfulness, self-renunciation, and dedication is such qualities of the spirit which forms contain in themselves and allow to reveal a lightful flame of heart. Rejection from themselves, from the egoism, the personality and an astral is removed from a microcosm by lightproof covers after which removal already nothing prevents to shine. Auras human because dense caps of egoism, the personality and an astral are put on everyone are dim. Than the movement which is occurring in them is stronger, especially lightproof there are aura vibrations. In case of ardent manifestation of egoism and an astral the microcosm is shrouded in dark fetid gas and light of the person in waves of fetid radiations goes out. Radiations of dark fires shroud an organism in a death shroud through which life beams don't get. Therefore hearts human need clarification of fires, them wearable. So transformation of the essence becomes the purpose of life of each person. And light which inside and Light of my Beams create this double transformation, leading covers to silence. They can sound, but only in the light of the joint vibrations of my Beams with internal light which is hidden under all covers. Mediastinum between light uniform, consisting of mortal and temporary covers, it is necessary to move away that nothing disturbed light merge. Minutes of Communication covers are given to full possible silence that my Light didn't eclipse and didn't stir connection it with internal light. The condition of impassivity which also serves as a form of a display of light is temporarily reached. It is good when the consciousness can contain thought that qualities are forms in which is show and light in the person is expressed. Qualities negative carriers of light can't be. It is impossible in rage are show light, neither in fear, nor in irritation. Their vibrations aren't combined with a scale of vibrations of light. Therefore also it is impossible to serve two misters: to darkness and Light, "I" small, personal, and to the highest "I" person. With leaving dark from a world scene the problem of transformation of microcosms human will rise before people in all the completeness because departure of attendants of a gloom yet won't make people perfect. The difference will be that evolution will promptly move forward, not constrained by more artificial dark dams. And, as once when there was no darkness over Earth, and there was a uniform herd and the Pastor Is uniform, all people of the Earth in service Light United will unite. The hierarchy will be included into life and consciousness of people as the beginning leading. Wars will terminate, conflicts will go out, masquerades and comedies of conferences will stop, the rage will cease, chains will be removed from the small people, and mankind rhinitis all the forces on construction of life and ornament and improvements of a garden terrestrial. The terrestrial garden is started, grew with tall weeds, it is a lot of in it litter and decay. Not on destruction and destruction, but on creation and reorganizations will direct mankind the forces. Winner light will be included victoriously into all undertakings human. Attendant’s dark and henchmen of darkness will be withdrawn from establishments terrestrial. Selection on treatments of light and shade and the passport of flowers aura’ will exclude possibility of deception, and wolves in skins sheep to affairs won't allow. Clarification will go full from top to bottom in all spheres of life invisible and visible, public and state. Justice will be approved, as well as the rights human. The lives which were covered to levers are allowed any more won't be because harm from them which are covering with masks of the benefit is great. Work forthcoming is great. For it also I Prepare. Through light carriers my Light will be included into life. The work field is wide, and crops are immense. And degree of readiness is required corresponding. The doctrine becomes a basis of life of the people. The world Invisible - the reality approved by science. The matter will be understood in all the secrecy. The matter lightful will approve Light. Speculation will disappear, and the profit will cease to be the purpose of life and policy of the whole people or small groups of businessmen. Light which has got into all back streets of life, will shine their gloom, both secret and hidden becomes not only obvious, but also intolerant and inadmissible more. Many modern phenomena of life in the New World will be simply intolerant. The future and ahead of going to it - the Country New is great. Through it Light will enter into the world for all people of the Earth. Light citadel in it is approved.

547. Truly, My son, time come other. And if the dog doesn't come to call of the one who follows against Light, the following for Me good luck will be in everything: and in big and small. And the more Earth will be cleared of consequences of prostrate darkness; the flowers on a good luck carpet will be brighter. Time of an afflict terminated. As also rage of Communication involves good luck. And where border between successes Light? If in Me resisted in darkness surrounded, how you will get stronger in Light which has disseminated darkness? Failure is recognition by the dark. And if the darkness is prostrate in ashes, failure with them and leaves and it is replaced by good luck. Light victory is approved. Winner Light is approved. In you winner Light, bearing to you good luck and a victory in all your affairs is approved. And if I Come to judge with Glory live and dead, and you, accomplices of my Affairs and successors of my property, with glory you will enter into new buildings of the world and success in your affairs will accompany you. And that ask in the Name My, it will be given you. And that you will wish for Light, it will be executed. Also it isn't necessary to ask. The coheir doesn't ask, but a beret necessary for General Welfare. Not about the benefit will be peeped coheir Treasures of mine. But all necessary to it for its business and the necessary working conditions strong will be given. Be glad to new conditions of a way. Beams new, darkness sweeping, do it possible. Horses of happiness are ridden out and already wait for those to whom they are intended. And yes there will be your pleasure in success the futures for nothing to my hearts betrayed and tested in terrible days of fight of Light with darkness. I want that your pleasure about Light United wasn't saddened by anything. All counteractions, all phenomena opposite and undesirable will be given only for the statement of your power over them that saw that nowadays the victory of Light is approved in everything for those who with Light. And in Light the won da your pleasure will be perfect. I want to see you joyful and light in beams of the come dawn. My gift accepts for a display it in your life. Days of grief passed, days of pleasure come and terrible events not for you, My Light of the accepted. Nowadays in the aura you will incur karma of good luck and success in your affairs. Because in Me concentrated the aspirations. Whether all of Gifts My? Everything, but on fires of the legend of to Me not belittled. With full devotion from good luck ears. But all will receive brought at a rate of the brought. And the benefit to you, who have worked in days of darkness, without thinking of an award. The Lord doesn’t forget any effort made for the sake of it. Fruits of the works suffered for the sake of the Lord, are inexhaustible in the energiya. Five works, five fruits and five thousand sated; it is a lot of works, it is a lot of fruits and a set of the sated. Understand widely! Nowadays time came when told by me it starts being realized obviously. And precepted a reality becomes. Your thought in my Beams has force. My force will carry out your thought. Therefore your thoughts have to be conformable to the Beam. The more is conformably, the more powerfully. We create merge of consciousnesses. And your force not in you, but in merges to Me. I want to make My Presence obvious by the light of day and in the silence of the night, and not just minutes of Communication. Time, when opportunities given increase a hundred times came. Nowadays came. The fairy tale I Called precepted time. It's true. And when with Me alone, magic pages of the fairy tale wonderful are turned. See as hidden secretly obvious forms starts accepting. I want to sate you with awareness of power of beams new. Uranium is included into board full at an empery of its beams. Uranium - the winner. Uranium - with the governor of a planet of Mother of the World. Beams integrated to the world bear Light.
My son, you Mine. Achievement is the rarest. Not much it is allowed to show beams self-proceeding in My Beams. I will tell still: force of beams increases, approving a victory. You Mine, and in Me all yours. That out of Me is not yours. That is temporary, while on Earth. Be approved in Me hourly to testify to Light. Considerable the witness you will become. You cost before a new wonderful step of life. It is necessary to meet it with understanding.

(Days small success and executions of the conceived thoughts).

548. (Nov. 5). Consequence of a rash act is the results being according to essence of the reason. Repetition strengthens accordingly of consequences. It is possible to interrupt a causality chain, having only withdrawn one link: either the reason, or a consequence which, in turn, is at the bottom. It is possible to make it, having created in the imagination the phenomenon opposite to this act, on bigger potential. One neutralizes another with overweight towards the generated antipode which already itself is causality grain, but the character opposite to the destroyed link. At growing fires it is easy to make it as the potential of thought increased without special work overcomes counteraction of energiya of the reasons seeded earlier. In it simple guarantee of a victory. New force extinguishes nests of the karmic energiya put in a microcosm. Both meetings karmic and all relating to karma, fires growing meets, and fires regulate former scores. And that it would be difficult to meet and settle once, without any efforts is neutralized and extinguished nowadays by force of fires. Let's take for an example the phenomenon of enemies who could torment us with the discrepancies. Adjoining to aura our, sated new energy and facing radiations of a protecting network, the former the tormenting will lose any desire to communicate and do attempts to suppress our fires the weak radiations. The consciousness armed with fires, so outgrows the opponent that they voluntary die light carrier. It is necessary to increase simply spirit on everything counteracting both inside, and from the outside. Therefore the main objective - raise power Treasure that is to collect inside and to accumulate crystals of condensed light, increasing the volume and Stone force. Look for the God's Kingdom... and the rest will be put to you. The God's kingdom found is assimilated to treasure. It also is Light Treasure, or treasure of the Stone growing and ratify in human essence. When it is found and grows all external ceases to have the self-sufficing value and to serve as end in itself. The purpose one - increase Treasure that it began to shine all sides, winning against all both inside, and outside and overcoming all obstacles and counteractions. The treasure fiery is stronger even than influences of stars because, going with Me, they overcame. About opposite influences it is spoken. Beams, conformable to the Stone, it isn't necessary to overcome because also they promote its growth. Qualities of spirit are a treasure side. It growing, kindle the centers also awakens abilities new. It gives the chance to fly. It disseminates darkness. It sounds to my Beam towards fiery beams. On it, in silence or in fight whirlwinds growing, I See at approach to Me My elite. Holders of the Stone if the whole world you lose, treasure having kept, whether a great victory win? And to what to you the whole world acquired if lost the treasure? To what then all: both life, and world, and things? Let's raise so treasure fiery as the most valuable that is on Earth and in the worlds. For the sake of it, in us burning passed infinite evolution of forms from a stark-monad initial. Let's preserve treasure because it can both be saved up, and to waste. All actions, words and our thoughts we will divide into two groups - spendthrifts and stores of crystals fiery, entering into the Stone structure. Everyday handfuls it is possible to fill the whole mountain, but everyday working. The treasure collects every day, continuous, persistent work, and besides - conscious. Plunderers of treasure from life of consciousness we will carefully move away. We will be preserved against people - plunderers and devourers of mental energy because she is a winner fiery - and there is a collector of crystals of fire as gives deposits obvious. Let's assimilate to the Sun giving light, but not themselves. Let's learn not to give the essence, not fire crystals, but light, they radiated. The spirit citadel, treasury where the Stone is stored, an inner sanctum of a residence of Dumb Witness, is inaccessible for anything external because it is the Monastery washing, and the Stone treasure is stored in it, by all the light of the giving. I repeat: light is given all, but not a light source, not the lamp. The stone powerfully grows in certain conditions, as a crystal - in the saturated environment. The saturation of the environment should be created, and tension will be the first condition of saturation. Let's fall in love with a condition of tension constant as an indispensable condition of increase of crystals of fiery Treasure. Under pressure of intense energiya new deposits take shape, increasing Stone sides. Let's fall in love with tension fiery. Let's feel its creating force. To give a crystal, energy has to reach a certain degree of tension. Can be tension of rest or action tension when or potential power of the Stone is felt, or she in operation is approved. Only mustiness of rest of a standing bog isn't peculiar to its carriers. So fire crystals grow in silence of silence. So in action tension they increase. Silence and action is two poles of a display of power. And if the silence beginning, or silences, we bring in action and intensity of silent action in silence, power of action we learn, that action which raises Treasure. Silence and action - an essence of a pole of a thing uniform which force in balance is approved.

549. If people knew force of beams, as though they directed to them. Derive strength of beams, using their attraction. Open itself them to influence. Force shown spatial beams you seek to perceive consciously. Towards to beams direct. Directing to a distant star, the beam it is approached and we make contact with Lagos ardent. Addressing to Drivers star, force them we join somehow. On quality desirable it is possible to address to different Drivers. The astrology acquaints the person with Logos’ fiery and with their communication between essence of the person and beams shone. Beams weave a pattern of human life, and their combination and a combination those with will of the person create his life line. How not to know star heritage, for the rest of life given? It is possible to tell that the will of the person weaves a pattern of the life from elements of star beams in their combination to elements of Earth and the center of this difficult work the microcosm of the person is. The lunar person or the person with the sleeping centers, being in the astral power, karmic is subordinated equally effective forces of the spatial beams meeting in its sphere, or essence. But what centers wake up and fires grow, fiery will gives to these combinations the necessary and desirable form of an display, having as though refracted in itself force of star beams, at own will directs their equally effective. Stars operate that that can't operate it (himself). Everyone is given a combination of wonderful elements in the various combinations, everyone is given talents. Question that everyone made with the received quality and as it I applied as of it disposed. Also the will of a free choice is given all; one float on the life ocean there, where them bears at will of elements. Others choose the direction and float to the purpose, will of the chosen. - will to develop the evolution purpose up to full management of elements of all kingdoms of the nature. But the person was given the power over a matter of all plans. On the terrestrial are necessary both hands, and thoughts, on the Highest hands it isn't necessary any more. But the will is necessary for creation on all plans. The will is fire in operation, forming a matter the lowest. Everything because all depends on steppes of subordinating will submits to will. The will is shown in each movement of the person. This most wonderful that is in is mute. The will order, and the person flashed, submitting to it, creates affairs, both big and small, and feats great. All that is created by hands human on Earth, created by will. The thought operates everything, ideas operate the world, but also thought, and ideas the fiery will operates. The thought is sent by will. The thought is created by will. Behind everything and over everything there is a will. The highest prerogative of the person is the will - the highest that in is mute is. The will can be developed infinitely, but in the accord with Will of the Highest, and then there is no limit it to power. Will human not an essence will, but willfulness and therefore its force is insignificant. But the will merging with hierarchical, potentially grows in direct dependence at most and merge degrees. Because in itself personas anything. Will is show in the power only in merge to will of the Lord. So on all ways ascensions are met by the Lord. Without it ways aren't present. And where the look addressed, everywhere meets sincerely looking for the Shining Face Lord.

550. (Nov. 6). My son, events become ripe. Their approach disturbs usual perception because the space is uneasy. Powers of Chaos caused dark, broke balance of elements. Elements worry, threatening with cataclysms. Tension somehow should be discharged and sent blow of elements to a certain course. It is a problem of the moment. Planet under blow. Aura terrestrial worries, forcing vibrate organisms of people. Heavy sick at which just I passed crisis, like Earth. Complications and consequences of a deadly illness are possible still. Too much could help and a lot of things to facilitate consciousness human, but - in weight it continues to stay in darkness won. As after the terrible storm which has been carried by on the ocean, waves still go, waves of elements so didn't calm down. Accident nevertheless is inevitable. If not to give the category, it is impossible to begin constructions all-planets.

551. Show a little more patience. The end crowns business. And it will crown as the Teacher Wants. And to your pleasure I Want to accustom you, to pleasure not about terrestrial, and about the spiritual. What to rejoice to what is today and tomorrow goes to oblivion? Whether such pleasure will be expedient? Why the pleasure to doom to death, binding it to what is mortal? But We Speak about immortal sources of the pleasure which essence doesn't run low in time. The pleasure of wisdom is pleasure about the enduring. To it also we will rejoice. But the pleasure terrestrial is the pleasure to death fateful, because the mortally terrestrial. To the doctrine of Life we will be glad. To the teacher of Light we will be glad. To ways of an eternal ascension we will be glad. To immortality of spirit we will be glad. Let's be glad to everything that from Light because Light is eternal. And to our chagrin we will be glad because they restrict us to Light gate. And the highest pleasure we will find in that world which I Give you. In the world you will have grief, but rejoice - I Won against the world. To this victory I Conduct you through a grief and pleasure the terrestrial. It is necessary to pass through pleasure and a grief with Me inseparably. The separation from Me in pleasure or a grief terrestrial is way treachery. Whether it is possible to forget about the Teacher in twilight of a grief or a pleasure dope about terrestrial affairs passing? Both that and another is Maya, aspiration us to divide. Therefore - enemies to me ardent feelings terrestrial, you involving in Maya snare. Certainly, everything we will win. But, why indulge in seduction of feelings passing? Not about reality we are tormented, but about phantoms of the imagination. The reality of the future almost never turns to the person in that party which forced it to be tormented and suffer because of estimated troubles. Therefore torments that can be or that can't be are senseless. Better, having made everything that depends on us, to betray the future to will of the Lord. Actions and foresight are admissible. But torments groundless are inadmissible. We are tormented not that will be, and that we imagine that can happen. Where confidence of the force and inalterability of power of thought? My son, learn to direct life events will and thought, without paying attention to seeming failures. They - for timid and fluctuating, but not for those who the force I realized. I warrant for success if be filled with the Lord.

552. (Nov. 7). It is necessary to work much before being exempted from terrestrial gravitations. When Told that there is a prince of this world and has in Me no anything, Meant not only the former owner of land, but - communications of spirit with a planet. The threads connecting a microcosm with Earth and binding to it were torn completely. The spirit was free. In it also there is highest freedom of the person on Earth - to be exempted from Earth. The spirit finishing finishes all scores terrestrial and is ready to come off it in the distant you weed to other worlds. Even once a millennium doesn't meet it, because the separation phenomenon from Earth - the most rare achievement. But to it conduct lifting steps, and consciously directing reaches on the forces. It is a lot of freedom degrees. Strong attached stay after withdrawal from the dense world in its lower class. The spirit fires, the not more movably their owner are weaker. It is possible to be in World Elevated the stone idol when attractions dense don't allow movement. Many doom themselves to immovability, approving death and dying in the spirit of. The freedom of movement in World Thin depends on saved-up fires and not coherence of consciousness. From here precept:" Don't become attached to anything". If the person all life stayed in one house, without moving away anywhere from the town, both without wishing to be removed, and without thinking of any movement, his consciousness and in the world other will be so inert. Energy, on Earth not engendered, in that world are shown can't. But the one who, sitting on one place, thought flies about the world and the worlds, in the spirit of already came off and will be free. Grains of the energiya, able to give desirable shoots, it is necessary to seed here, knowing that unattainable and impossible here, there and probably, and it is achievable. But extra density of conditions should be understood. Certainly, the clothes are necessary and there to invest mentally nakedness of a thin body as it clothes on Earth, clothes not mental, but dense. But it, perhaps, everything that is necessary to the person. It isn't required to other property because it isn't necessary anything from this that was so necessary on Earth. Imagine that here, on Earth, in the world dense, the person comes into a fortune and suddenly at once gets opportunity to do that wants, to go where wants, to get all that wants. It is free. Here the same inheritance receives everyone in space. There the person can fly where wants, to do that wants, to have anything, creating it from a matter of plastic thought. And here necessity of terrestrial accumulation also affects. The consciousness of the savage will be content with a pity hovel, successful hunting or fishing and the overflowed stomach. All this is created by him to itself (himself) in the imagination. And fruits of his imagination become for it a reality. The world of human aspirations is considerable that each of them puts seeds of the corresponding energiya. From them also will create to itself the corresponding opportunities and an environment. It is possible easily and to determine conditions of its otherworldly existence by a world-aspiration of the person freely. Because that is connected, or is caused, on Earth, will be connected, or it is caused by forms of the manifestation, and in the Sky, that is in World Thin, after death. Terrestrial give terrestrial, having precisely limited coverage of the energiya necessary on Earth, the sphere terrestrial, dense, that is having applied to generated energy Boundlessness scales. But a lot of things can be stretched out of death limits there to develop energy generated in the direction hidden in it. For example, thirst of knowledge, communication with the Teacher, studying of properties and conditions of the Hidden World, planet and its spheres, Worlds of Distant, historical records of Earth and so on. All this and a lot of things, a lot of things another, is available where it is impossible to kill, speculate, eat, drink, to save terrestrial riches and to make all that the person on Earth got used to make. Certainly, all this can be done in imagination, littering it with products the lowest, heavy, similar with Earth, layers. Many sit over fragments of terrestrial heaps, at all without understanding nor the coherence, nor the blindness. But We Speak about freedom of spirit and about life of spatial reality. Yes, yes, and there it is possible to meet people and to enter with them into communication, and to enrich each other mutually. Meetings can be good and mutually useful. There it is easy to attract spirits conformable. But freedom from a terrestrial peel is necessary. And this differentiation from necessary on Earth and unnecessary there should be made on Earth, differently things terrestrial and the phenomena thin will mix up, burdening spirit. Boundlessness scales are in this regard faultless. And many terrestrial ceremonies accompanying transition to the World Thin mean to exempt consciousness from litter terrestrial and terrestrial property which, like heavy chains, holds down there not released consciousness, tying him to suffocating ghosts of the things which were in terrestrial possession of the person. Extraordinary important, at least before the leaving from Earth give all to the last to exempt consciousness from the power of things and property. Not released and not given and That goes to the World in dense forms of a usual environment which closes from it reality of the Thin World a dense dome of the images of thought created on Earth. The businessman, all life stayed in the office, sitting in it also passes to space. Also can imagine all absurd of the similar phenomenon when somewhere in Invisible Spheres you see a bright image of a business office, and in it the businessman shipped in considering of the next speculation. It is difficult to imagine all absurd, all absurdity, and all discrepancy of this environment with living conditions spatial when the person is given all opportunities to carry out all the highest aspirations and desires of spirit. Therefore It is told about not collecting of treasures on Earth. But nowadays I Speak:" Own everything, have that you want, but having weighed possessed by you on Boundlessness scales. Because these scales define possession of a thing for term, the thing nature the caused. And when the term comes to an end, automatically unnecessary there is a possession. Scales of Boundlessness give the guarantee of freedom of spirit and terrestrial take away terrestrial, the highest - to the Highest, and Caesarian - to the Caesar. Rapidity and temporariness and the nature of terrestrial things and conditions should be understood, differently there will be no freedom. Lead life terrestrial, but you remember always that all terrestrial is temporary, and you, you from spirit, you not temporary, but boundless. The sword of the Lord Brought to separate spirit from Earth, spirit, Earth absorbed and connected. It is impossible to live in shining spheres of space to narrow and small measures terrestrial therefore and it is necessary to make from terrestrial measures consciousness free. Here the house, and there - "where I, there and the house", there and the world is necessary. There all Mine, because Omnia mea mecum porto. Formula "Where I, There and House" it is necessary to understand and acquire on Earth because it is a formula of the Thin World. The sphere of a human microcosm is the true integral house of the person which, being exempted from the lowest covers becomes the eternal house of spirit.

553. (Nov. 8). Fiery energy obeys the order will. The will has to learn to give orders. The order is given clear, short, and categorical. The order doesn't repeat because it is immutable and exact. The order doesn't repeat as possibility of its non-execution is excluded. The order isn't a request. The order is given in full unshakable confidence of its execution. The consciousness is adjusted on a key of immutable performance of the order. The rhythm and repetition are applied at creation teraphim and other conditions when the lamination of mental energy is required. But the order, as blow of a sparkling sword which dissects space is lightning. Elements need the order, a lightning similar when experiment of their taming is conducted. Equipment of the order is as follows: all the being of a microcosm strains in uniform strong aspiration, collecting everything energy in order focus. And when it is reached and the order is sent to space, the consciousness is exempted from it and separates, as the sent letter or the telegram from the sender. The consciousness only knows that the goal will be reached and will be able can be. The letter can get lost and wires to be interrupted; but for fiery energy of obstacles isn't present. The order, as well as lamination of mental energy, can be turned both to people, and to conditions. It is easier to address to conditions and circumstances as in this case it isn't necessary to meet direct counteraction of will of the person. In this case the order and a lamination will carry spatial, but not personal character. The order given in a condition of uncertainty isn't subject to execution. The belief or knowledge can't fluctuate in that or that fiery energy premised can't but give consequences. The small knowledge stops inalterability of a parcel and decomposes an inevitability of consequences. The same essence is concluded and in playful belief. Both that and another is only knowledge of equipment of the law of a display of fiery energiya. Thus all it is reduced to thought influence. Thoughts trade in manifestation. Thought three-plans and, arising on fire, dense forms seeks to accept steadily, having passed through the World Thin and clothing in it is mute in a thin form. Physical conditions of mankind are no other than think of the carried out. It is one of phases of action of thought. But there are also others, hidden from looks till time and are showing in accidents, disasters or formation of spatial bodies, before origin of the world’s inclusive. The thought and energy its fiery as a basis real, that is the base on which all is based isn't understood. The thought is a basis of everything that exists. And not the belief in it is necessary, but knowledge of this law. The thought dominates not because the person of it wants but because being energy fiery and the thinnest, it costs above all other energiya and subordinates them to the force, influencing on all that below it and making out the world dense. But to issue a matter dense, the thought has to have accurate and certain forms. At creation of a fancy it isn't necessary to clench fists and to grit teeth. In silence and silence and at full tranquility creating images of thought are born. The tranquility is more perfect, the results are more striking. The astral beginning disturbs, bringing elements of the lowest vibrations. It should be eliminated. The power of thought not know limit.

554. The pleasure about passing and a grief from passing is slavery chains. Whether everything is equal, what chain arrests to Earth? Chains of wellbeing are more terrible and strong, than chains of misfortunes and chagrin. Of chagrin it is possible to be discharged and that to depart from the terrestrial. But it is impossible to break off wellbeing fetters. Who won't want to lead full, quiet, happy life without cares, without responsibility and without any troubles? Who won't want to eat with pleasure, and with pleasure to drink, and not to grieve for anything? Only the hero of spirit can dump these fetters and voluntary refuse Maya snare. Usual consciousness only a grief, sufferings and diseases can avert from Earth, refine attachment threads to it. Very few people will be sorry, leaving the world dense, the diseases, chagrin the and close heavy conditions. And here, to make the person free, the conditions doing this freedom to possible, but human life - heavy are given; as for the accepted pupils, their situation special. The full bowl of bitterness terrestrial should be drunk up to the end to come to the Teacher free and tempered in all living conditions. Devotion conditional is that the pupil shows it only in certain conditions, putting itself in the category of pupils conditional. And it is necessary to me that aspiration and devotion it was shown at all and any conditions, what they were. I am degree of quality of devotion the tested in process of spirit growth. In tests it is necessary to resist, spirit without hanging. Why not all develops as it was supposed? If to look at things through points of chagrin, it is possible not to notice the main thing. Look, but not to see. Looking many, but seeing few. The pupil has to be seeing. But if personal chagrin and misfortunes stand in my Light then, the spirit is yet ready that it to apprehend. Over the personal is My World. My light shines behind egoism fencing. A little that can be in a personal world." Mine" is outside personal. Personal goes to bat on a life cross that died. Personal indulges in death. Only having dumped fetters of the personality, it is possible to move further. Hard? But it is possible to go and with freight. Darkly? But My Light Specify way! There is no choice? But the way to Me is open always, and the way remains only up.

555. (Nov. 9). (Half awake). That My Name the statement entered into is all your affairs. Thought of you is. Approve a way and to tower again.
My friend, to a current of events that we will oppose is? Power is of spirit. Where to take it? In Communication with the Lord! It is possible to take at will. It is permitted. Energy space in the Beam is. It is possible to make out at will to the in that form to which directs or which wants spirit. To energy I Give, but has to issue spirit. I can help, but to make effort it is necessary most and to direct the free will. Give, to what to apply. The law doesn't allow moving stones. But if was show aspiration and will, we Apply willingly and strong, without breaking the law. Therefore also formula «makes effort". This formula is applied in all your affairs. You want and wait for the help? The help will be rendered if to a log you don't assimilate and be not assigned, to the become wet pack it is similar or to a bag with sand. Show ardent, accurate, strong-willed activity - and to energiya it I Will apply the force for the full statement of your will. Act. You don't sit it is dead, to not resisting it is similar. Energy opposite should extinguish energiya, strengthened and supported by me. I will help, I Told. The doubt in success is the doors open for failure. Unless it is possible doubt where the Hand washing it is given to the aid. Drive doubts. I is courageous a board. In Me and on Me it is possible to be approved only in life. Tests I Give not for tortures and torments, but for the statement of the strength of mind, which has been foreordained achievement. Will Want to strengthen and understanding of the approved power. The power is given, but is show it is necessary on life and in operation. Theoretical qualities and properties are unreal. Groundless dreamers aren't present among Us. And you we Want to accept in our family. You won't enter without qualities, life approved and checked. Therefore in Me be stronger than the granite rock. It is easier to destroy the rock, than an adamant of my decision. But your victory I Imprinted My decision. Therefore it is quiet, light-and safely goes through life thickets. And when you will get up before a blank wall, know that it for deaf and blind. Your will before the bulks blocking a way is powerless. But it connected to Mine, turns stone bulks into houses of cards, and the way becomes again pure. The blind and stupid force of evidence, on you directing, you will sweep away My Beam. Because I Allow you the power to act with My Beam. So beams your self-proceeding, with Mine united indissolubly and strongly, will break any combination of external conditions. It isn't necessary to apply the principle of impossibility to action of My Beams only. That is impossible for people and these conditions, to people, to their forces and their opportunities and belongs. But among constructions and establishments human there is nothing impossible for the Lord; therefore, armed with My Beams and My force, quietly and firmly go through life, imperiously eliminating and crumpled all counteractions human. The power is given not for affections and dreams, and for severe, firm, its resistant appendix in life. Isn't confused anything going in Beams of the Lord. Ghosts surrounded you and wriggle, being condensed and growing bolder from each doubt, uncertainty or fear They will win and will strangle you if to doubts and fears you cowardly concede if you give in to their illusive force, from your weakness increasing. The winner doesn't doubt and doesn't fear. With Me isn't present and there can't be a defeat. You will be successful in everything in what you act in common with Me. I approve various unities victory ‘various unities’.

556. All pupils are divided into two main types: pupils conditional and pupils unconditional. The way of a conditional apprenticeship - a way vague, lasts only until it is convenient and there corresponds to desires and moods, and the main thing, to conveniences of the vague pupil. In case way conditions don't correspond to consciousness, the way interrupts for this or that term. Such pupil can follow on the way only under known conditions, and his advance entirely and depends on them. The pupil puts himself in dependence on how combinations of external circumstances will turn back. Communication and proximity to the Teacher - everything depends on how affairs are. Both love, and devotion - everything is conditional, and everything is constructed on a transient of the external phenomena. The pupil the pupil unconditional, going the unconditional way, burning with devotion and love unconditional can be accepted only. It means following on the way under any and any conditions. Wherever, both whenever and whatever occurred and whatever it happened: in diseases and health, surplus and hunger, cold and heat, youth or an old age, here or there - the way is invariable, both the Teacher is close, and doesn't hesitate neither love, nor devotion, aspiration. Whether with the Teacher, or it is provided to itself, but goes. On the roll or between, at top of terrestrial success or alone human oblivion, but the step is immutable. The major can't and the Lord to be put in dependence on something. Let there is a life, changing the currents, but the Lord and that passes is unchangeable; so there are pupils true, unconditional, accepted and others, chosen an incompleteness way. And if over the first - the Guarantee of the Teacher, over the second dominates Maya. Doomed to failure it is possible to call them, though be successful they can in affairs narrow-minded. True good luck is measured by longer line. Lead her rather long from any phenomenon to the future, both sense and values of the phenomenon become clear. And if something or is for tomorrow thought for today by success and a prize, in the phenomenon analysis in the long term, say, fifty, hundred or five hundred years, the sense of the phenomenon absolutely changes. The first dose of drug or shot glass of wine can seem in formidable, but in the alcoholic and the addict we see consequences terrible. It is possible to reject the Hand Driving, having pursued Maya next bait but what to appear among astral vortex rotation to one, unaided, without a powerful Hand of the Teacher? So wisdom consists in carrying out longer line. And the way of an unconditional apprenticeship, unconditional love and devotion is a way of carrying out to Boundlessness of the line of the long.

557. (Nov. 10). Truly, My friend, isn't present in life of other way, as an aspiration way to Light. Many other roads people go, but go in darkness. There is one more way - in a chasm but who will want to direct on it from those who are appointed to me? Going in darkness to Me too will come when will punch hour them. All will come, except off springs of darkness; because the evolution way is immutable, and with it there ascends also Earth, refined. And as it towers and rises on the steps, all live rises with it. On Venus rough forms of life, possible on the lowest planets are already inconceivable. So, being spiritualized and rarefying wearable forms on itself, spiral there ascends Earth. Also those far days of the general Light which for all will make a way uniform will once come. And this way will be to Me. All ways human will merge then, and there are they one unique life and Light. So it also is on the Highest Worlds Distant. People will go, changing a planet, and changed Earth will carry away for itself lagged behind. The step, it nowadays reached, is a step of a great change. New Sky and New Earth precepted; Earth updated in the light of Beams new. Approach of a new era nothing will be able to detain. All interfering has to be lost and leave from a step of the future evolution. In planet we Plant trees and shrubs, deserts we Will destroy, we Will remake climates of the countries. The terrestrial house of mankind we will make fine and well adapted for housing. Now transform the nature, and we will transform Earth. Disease it we eliminate, aura we make healthy, the correct metabolism with elements and energiya Space we restore. Great tasks face Us, and children of Earth, not black out more beams of darkness and its attendants, will amicably be accepted to restoration of the broken balance of the house terrestrial and to its reduction in a full order. Treatment of aura terrestrial and the statement of health of a planet can be executed on condition of cooperation of all. And all should be involved in construction all-planets. Plead ignorance. But we illuminate all and everyone we make responsible for Earth. Understanding we give and Light of the Doctrine of Life we illuminate all. The gospel of the God's Kingdom that is the Gospel of Light approaching in Beams of new victorious thin energiya space we make available to all. Since small years will be accustomed to think of Light, of stars, of a miracle of far beams. Life bases in the light of new science will be taught at schools. What huge work ahead. How many it is necessary to make. Also those, who already knows will be so necessary...

558. Where it is possible to leave from it? Anywhere. Therefore, it is necessary to get rid only of that doesn't correspond to this step of consciousness. To get rid - means to replace bad good. Any abstention is good: and in food, and drink because accustoms to discipline, but sexual - in particular because helps to accumulate mental energy. But it is best of all if this abstention doesn't attract thought to from what the person abstains. In that case abstention of the goal doesn't reach because the thought exhausts energy. It is better not to indulge in abstention in food, than constantly to caress thoughts of it. And so is in everything. The phenomenon is got rid in the spirit of. Act is only a consequence of thoughts. Fight is conducted by spirit and in the spirit of. The uniform beginning of spirit wins all. The body cannot make any movement, and the astral to break off absolutely, and still great causes and tasks can be carried out the only with a force of one spirit. And, of course, in this case on the first place the thought will be the performer. Thought - the child of spirit, thought - the instrument of execution. The thought is a basis of any action. If to destroy this basis, and action will come to naught zero. You learn to act with thought, having transferred to it the center of gravity and on it placing emphasis. Accustoming it to work with thought, we are accustomed to conditions of the Thin World. Actions of people are stopped not by words, but thought. The inaudible, silent, silent thought in silence creates the business on a task, in its enclosed. If thoughts usual so strongly influence the person that deprive of him appetite or a dream as the thought created for a definite purpose and bearing in a certain task powerfully has to influence. Thoughts it is possible to give absolutely exact, distinct, accurate, certain order to carry out this or that task. And, like the disciplined soldier, it will direct in the direction specified by it and will execute the order not greatly. The self-separated action of thought should be understood. The person already forgot about it, having sent it in space, but it continues the work independently, yet won't settle the energy. It isn't necessary to forget that the thought isn't destroyed and that thoughts of ordinary people are weak and powerless. The thought can give a task to work during a certain term. The thought can be sent to other person that it protected him always or in any special case. And the strong thought will smoothly execute an assignment. What can prevent it? Thoughts of people of strangers? But they are weak. Someone from people around? But they don't know about presence of thought hidden - the silent guard and the performer. Who and how can prevent it? The thought is a terrible, secret, powerful weapon. But about nobody is mute knows, and nobody believes in him. Speak about fight by means of ideas, but apply it or in the form of printing words, or in a sound form. But these forms are material and limited to the sphere of the manifestation. We Speak about thought hidden, not limited and not connected by anything, and hidden from looks human in the fiery power. The consciousness which is potentially growing, can send everywhere these fiery messengers, bearing to people pleasure, light and the blessing, protecting them and inspiring on big affairs and to the benefit of the people. The conveyor of consciousness can give the whole stream of such thoughts. The thought sent with the short and exact order, will execute the charged. So Archat creates, without fluctuating, without doubting, without showing fear, but knowing that the thought which has created the worlds, and operates them. At the birth and a parcel of thought it is necessary to overcome counteraction of the return blow in consciousness. Fluctuations, both doubts, and uncertainty can be result of counteraction of the inert environment and even the consciousness. They should be torn down the fire that not to weaken strength of the messenger. Working separately, it nevertheless is connected by a thread binding from sent it and sensitively perceives all vibrations of spirit, it generated. It is necessary to paralyze thought even possibility of any counteraction it to force. Now life puts in such conditions when only to action of thought of a way aren't ordered. And it is necessary to work with it, power it stopping everything which is even most difficult and impossible. In consciousness, or in imagination, all is possible. Therefore, it is possible to create any combination of elements in full contrast with evidence shown. And the shown evidence will obey to reality of fiery thought because not evidence, but the thought is a basis real and everything that was, is and will be. This condition also needs to be realized. Fiery power doesn't know obstacles. In case of failure look for the reason in combinations and doubt is of creating consciousness. Over everything the thought reigns. Energy fiery, all-initial the main, put in effect the phenomena, makes its invincible force.

559. (Nov. 11). Power of will is show in silence and silence. The order is only a consequence. Action is only a consequence. The more deeply and more intimate, the silence is more perfect. In great Silence the worlds were created. Sounds are the phenomenon of the lowest worlds. The highest sounds are silent. The nature sounds, and everything has the note. But sounding the highest is silent. The ear terrestrial is the device realizing a certain type of energiya into sounds. Energy exists in the nature in the combinations. But forms of sounds are generated by the hearing aid and consciousness. The sound reason in energy, in it put. It concerns all perceptions of sense organs. Feelings of a thin body perceive on the same scale, but an octave above because are refined. For physical perception the form of a display of a subject is limited to five types of feelings. But them can be more, namely seven or twelve. To the fourteenth hearing will be refined hearing, as also all other feelings. Boundlessness of development of feelings lies before the person. It is possible will refine any feeling, concentrating on it. The muscle develops exercise, feelings - concentration. The knowledge and knowledge should premise opportunity it, or understanding of existing opportunity, and - to expand it. Knowledge in flows on the channel of the allowed opportunity. Therefore in the basis of received knowledge the belief that it can be received lies. So we are again convinced that the material is based on the non-material. Creates thought premised. From mental thought-basis not leave anywhere. The law of creating AUMA in it is show. The silence moment in each action the major because the fiery basis of a form is put, forced are shown. Destiny of the person is creativity. Its laws should be learned. Process creative is uniform for the worlds and for creation of affairs human because the person is only a microcosm, the great world and its laws in him reflecting. Therefore the person is called for knowledge of the world that is for knowledge himself, or for self-knowledge. The lord Is Spirit, a microcosm learned to the sixth limit, or the Circle of planetary evolution. All human is the most impudent dreams and aspirations to achievement are approved in It. And energy can scoop it from aura infinitely, without being afraid to concern to the bottom because not to contain greatness of fiery power and depth of its spirit. The one who wants to approve in itself (himself) any quality, property, force, the power or power, has to look for it in a microcosm of the Lord which in comparison with ours by right can be called a macrocosm because it is merged with Macrocosm and expresses it. And energy of aspiration, to It directed, is sated with magnetic essence on the capacity and force of the attraction from the fiery tank of Great Heart. Therefore I Speak: I Gave, I Give, I Will give. Refusal to aspiration can't be. The Law is invariable; the Law of an eternal donation is immutable. Sensitively the harp of my spirit on a sounding string of aspiration replies. Only direct, and the fiery power of the Lord, your heritage, will fill in you with the Beams. But direct, but desire, but want. But are show free will. The law resolves only being knocked and looking for to open a door of Great Knowledge. On your aspiration it will be given you. Show understanding is of the Law. Be not similar to the dead stones, deaf, blind, motionless in dead inertness. The aspiration is always active and the proceeding from spirit daring. It direct fiery! The lord Is ready to sate you with treasures of fiery energiya, give, to what to attract them and to what to put. For the sake of you directing and forced to direct, I Came to Earth and I Wait. I wait for eyelids to meet carefully everyone approached and to give it everything that he is able to contain. My gifts, but where comers, both where looking for, and where the directed are prepared? I came and Accepted shameful death, but it was empty around, and hearts human were silent, and the spirit is dead. Nowadays powerful energy has to wake the sleeping. It is impossible to sleep further. And again Spirit Fiery on Great Patrol, prepare" to meet everyone directed spirit. Unless the Lord Will delay to help, to protect to support and sate, sate, sate the low-slightest light your aspiration and a bowl of your spirit to fill? But desire knowledge! Going to Me with all fires, all force also it is sated respectively. Powerfully and strong going conformably and on force of the fires receives. Receiving measure - always overflowed. Energy, to Me sent, I Return changed, loaded to a limit and strengthened repeatedly. The fiery wheel of communication works. Not tips from the Sky, but lawful introduction of darlings, both called, and approved in the rights of fiery inheritance and in possession of treasures fiery. It isn't necessary to ask. It is necessary to take on to the right. Refusal to the successor can't be. From a century prepare inheritance. I waited long. Come everything that wants and dares spirit to receive and take belonging to you. What separates you from wealth bequeathed? Whether egoism fencing? You are ready to replace power with what pity trinkets fiery? What costs between you and Me? What ghosts? Clean the mirage of a mediastinum created by you. Hand I Give, after all you should only grasp, only to give to Me your hands. Children My blind, Me intended, open your eyes, ears blow. I'm waiting. The awakening dawn obviously comes. Really you will remain are deaf? Call will be carried by from edge to edge, for everything, everything, all. I charge to testify to time of my Arrival. Charge a network of Light and communication centers to strengthen. I charge to testify to My Name. Fire in life I Charge bear. Put by Me, I Give a sign about terms of the next. In readiness is of spirit, readiness fiery.

560. My son already knows that the perception of thoughts of the Lord isn't result casual because on accidents doesn't depend. It isn't something that today is, and tomorrow can stop. I claim: the source feeding while the aspiration in heart burns won't run low. Let's set the regularity and stability seal that in the past had under it no inalterability base thanks to inexperience of consciousness. The phenomenon of Communication is strong and on external accidents doesn't depend. It is necessary to know that the wire single is available always when the spirit wants. The rhythm was necessary in the beginning for the statement of consciousness. It is necessary and now because during the periods rhythmic current is especially strong. But the wire is available at any time and in any conditions. And in loneliness and in public, both at the time of hard work and minutes of rest, on the street, in the tram, in crowd - the communication thread doesn't interrupt, the Beam doesn't stop and the perception is possible. At first it will be difficult, and all will prevent to concentrate, but then it becomes easy as it became easy to conduct Record in a usual awake condition. On everything time and experience and unrestrained, persistent, constant aspiration is required. Persistence, are showed in achievement of the purpose, will yield a desirable fruit. And whether result of persistence of aspiration were pages of these Records? The new task - should start to learn to be applied, without postponing given the chance. Why usual not to spend some hours of day work in common in close merge to consciousness of the Teacher? The advantage both and another will be great. Why the source, people feeding not to connect to a source of Hierarchy and not to be the channel transferring energy fiery? Why to work with the force when it is possible to work, having merged, power of Hierarchy? Why not to introduce in itself consciousness what I act not, but we merged together? And then won't be neither fatigue, nor exhaustion, neither waste of forces, nor leakage of mental energy because, working so, we touch the inexhaustible tank of fiery power. So, we will learn to be in operation together, merged unseparable. Too often the consciousness plunges into a separate of activity personal, forgetting about constant Proximity of the Teacher. Hours of oblivion of the Teacher in noise and turmoil of life should be reduced to a limit. Any work if it not from darkness is noble, and it can be made together with the Teacher. The Teacher will change work and will make it unusual and lightful. The son I Prepare for a fulfillment of great causes. It is necessary to learn to work together and unseparable. At first we will learn to do it in small and usual then to pass to considerable affairs. Now, filling in pages of Records, with Me having merged you create. This ability should be transferred to the labor duties, especially, when the consciousness shows activity. I will whisper on a nice ear, as well as that better to say and better how to make. I want to enter into all affairs of day that to fill them with my Light. Let's deepen cooperation approved. The Lord Wants to create through the son and through the son to show power of the Beams that in the son to approve force of his beams self-proceeding. The merged heart we will go through life, Light of Beams of Mine claiming. The proximity is approved, it is necessary to show only its understanding at all o'clock in the afternoon and nights. Because becomes without the Lord much. And if I don’t show force of My Beams through the next the arch that will show my Light? It is necessary therefore to deepen readiness and to bring consciousness of continuous cooperation and communication with the Lord in life.

561. (Nov. 12). Treasures of the Lord are called fiery because everyone saturated fiery force which is transferred also to the one who seizes them, becoming too fiery. Heart of the Lord is a flame which is tensely burning, radiating Light. The Lord should assimilate and be in any, perhaps, and very small degree, but same, as He. And extent of likening to the Lord will grow in process of imitation It." I express myself any degree of essence of the Beam of the Lord", - the pupil so thinks and in imitation towers, approving the similarity. The former idea of is forgotten or simply rejected and replaced with the new. And new understanding of the Face introduced in heart, the Beams will change all microcosm. But approve Me in the heart as a basis Stone the changing. Let the Lord Live in heart. But without heart there is no life, and its vibrations pulse in each section of an organism. The lord Sees and Hears. Will see and hear following It. All qualities of the Lord will start being approved gradually in process of containment in the consciousness which has accepted the Lord. Assimilation Light Lord demands time. Being begun, goes, going deep and extending, and has no end. It is possible to call this phenomenon work of eternal transformation. The changed microcosm surrounding changes the whole world. Therefore mission of carriers of Light is great. Light, or energy the highest, thin, are brought in aura of Earth through the person who is their transformer for Earth. Earth through the person eats life giving beams of space. The role and value of mankind in the field of absorption and digestion of spatial fire is understood a little. Denying and rejecting energy fiery, the person Earth deprives of a food, and crust, it deprived, starts dying off. Deserts, erosion and death of the soil, once fertile, testify to it. Certainly, plunder of natural riches has too huge value. But nobody plundered Sahara and Gobi, and still they exist a reproach and accusation to people. At the heart of the similar phenomena ignorance and immorality lies. The person doesn't understand what powerful laboratory and transformer station he is. Epidemics, diseases, droughts, heavy rain, earthquakes and all violations of spontaneous balance of a planet are business of his hands responsibility for which bears it. Elements direct, attracted by decaying products of mental activity of the person, and are out of balance, thanks to disharmony and chaos of the energiya generated by the person. Wrong, dissonant, disharmonious assimilation of spatial beams and generation from them in transformers of human lowest energiya also are a basis a disbalance. Consequences are pernicious. Are ill and infect a planet. But there comes the last time when it is possible to think again and join in an evolution chain still. Non-aligned will have to leave from a planet because the destiny of Earth is decided. The era of Light and transformation begins powerfully. And choice: either to accept, or to leave. But who will want to go to darkness of decomposition, unless his servants defeat of the received? So rejected the World New parts in it is mute not will to have. Time of great changes!

562. Whether it is possible to be sure of achievement of the planned purpose? It is possible if it is reached with the Lord. Not everything can be reached at once. On everything time is required. But everything is achievable, conformable World Teacher. Think how dreams human are vain. It is right because they are contrary to command of Space Laws. Everything based on the accord with them is achievable. Desires human are uncountable, but they are carried out within a small circle of the radius, doomed on the death of it’s a little. Mortal people mortal affairs and the desires to death doom even in case of their execution. Drink of immortality consists of the fiery energiya directed out of limits of hopelessness. The most distant thought of the inhabitant doesn't venture further the end of a piece of its terrestrial life. It is so possible to see a limit of affairs human and borders of aspirations. Archat doesn't know these restrictions. It steps not only for a side of death and puts forward of energy in area of the Hidden World and post mortal existence, but also takes the following life and lives. And, putting seeds of future consequences, he means any more a number of the subsequent embodiments, but even Boundlessness as a field of a display of its fiery energiya. His wisdom consists in carrying out the infinite line in Boundlessness. And on this infinite line it postpones signs of future fulfillments, nowadays to them in the germ of the approved. For it a spirit and spark star not simply stars and sparks, and a prototype of the future enlightenments which Boundlessness’s on the line will give it a sparkling of fiery bulks. And nowadays on the infinite line directed in the future, it puts seeds of future achievements. They will be. They can't but be. In it is command of Space and the Evolution guarantee. He simply knows that so will be because has to be according to the plan of Life. Realization in lives of fiery thought, execution of fiery desire, vision of thin shape, either reading thought, or anticipation of the future for it isn't simple the spirit phenomena, but symbols of the immutable stays growing from life in life. If to visit Venus in a mental body and in full consciousness it will need two embodiments why not to wait, nowadays putting to that the necessary grains of work and aspiration. And if to be able to see in the World the Thin ambassador of death the knowledge is necessary why not to acquire this knowledge already now, on Earth while it is available. And if the future of the inhabitant can be symbolized a bunch short the energiya which aren't exceeding length of his life, Arhat’s future can be represented beams of energiya long, leaving sometimes in the far, far future. Short terms lose the final meaning because lead up a blind alley. Field of aspiration of Archat is Boundlessness.

563. (Nov. 13). The statement of given knowledge goes to lives. To it are given the chance. The knowledge, life not approved, is useless. The abstract knowledge is the energy deprived of a root and consciousness not belonging. It mentions only a consciousness surface, without getting into depth and without remaining there. The knowledge is entered into heart and sated with warm energy. The word which hasn't been approved by heart is a cover without the contents, the same both qualities theoretical and brain, not having a root in heart. Not in a brain, but in the Bowl gather energy necessary, approved in application. On everyone the seal "Is as though set is approved in application". Therefore life of the pupil and the tests planned by the Teacher, are reduced to ability of practical use of the material offered for assimilation. Seeming failure and gap between abstract knowledge and life shouldn't confuse as only at repeated and persistent carrying out in life of laws subject to studying there is an assimilation of the necessary energiya. Life won't slow down with lessons repeated. Life will beat on the sorest point until it won't get stronger. The pupil will be the tested on this quality, yet won't approve it in the theory, but in life. It is possible to call a feat a life-asserting of spiritual knowledge. It is necessary to pay attention to that, how many repeated efforts were required for introduction of each quality. It was necessary not only make crops, but also to water the grain put everyday all life. Therefore never it is necessary to be confused seeming failures. Not failures and simply sprouts didn't manage to get stronger enough yet and demand special repeated attention. Biped our torturers, us testing incessantly, are our best instructors and fixers of desirable achievements. Whether they forge patience, restraint and ability to be self-controlled? Whether them efforts to torment us we grow hourly? Without enemies the hand, and not are show vigilance won't get stronger, and the knowledge about people won't yield a fruit. Arhat’s way is a way of realization to lives of received knowledge by their continuous application. From here is and difficulties unreasonable. The spirit wants, but covers resist and interfere. And therefore - fight, incessant, not stopping for a minute fight for the statement of light in itself.

564. All phenomena can be considered concerning them to themselves and to that impact which they have on the identity of the person. It will be the relation personal and a look personal on surrounding. But it is possible to consider them from the point of view of General Welfare and to establish the relation to events and the phenomena the superpersonal. The last installation also will be correct and faultless. If to me something is bad, but it is useful for all, personal is sacrificed to the general and the consciousness rises over the personal. The conflict personal with public it is possible to call a step passable. The personality has to be won. The consciousness superpersonal - take up its place.

565. Be identical everywhere, in everything, both with all, and in any conditions, and under any circumstances. Firmness and stability of the internal center and independence of an indestructible condition it from a state of environment is a great victory of spirit over a matter of three plans and its movement, on them occurring. The consciousness too got used to identify itself with waves of these movements, forgetting that the lord inside staying sets them in motion and doesn't depend on them. The lord of three is the power over three approved. Also it is necessary to make a resolute and irrevocable choice: or to put itself in slavish dependence on everything, on three events, from each fluctuation able there to happen, or, on the contrary, in a matter of three to separate each movement from the self-conscious center, to rise over these movements, to approve the independence and independent life, and the power, from the beginning of times foreordained, to approve over three. The lord inside staying can't put the life in slavish dependence on the phenomena of three planes because is given rise to dominate, but not to submit, rule over elements and to be mister of energiya, displayed on three plans of life. Power overcoming, fiery, is given to the master of elements: or it rules, lords, or they subordinate him and become over it, reducing it on a step of the slave and the victim of the display. The fir-tree symbol, in the identical winter and in the summer, is given as a symbol of a victory of spirit over temporariness of passing movements in the conditions of three. It isn't necessary to rejoice to anything not to be afflicted with anything. The pleasure of wisdom is pleasure about the enduring. This pleasure won't change never because costs out of a polar of terrestrial existence as the Sun - out of change of days and nights. The astral either rejoices, or is afflicted. Two-faced Janus shows the essence. Beheld one of aspects, or poles of two-faced god is obliged to see and his second face, or an opposite pole of the dual phenomenon, and to react to it with the same force, as well as to the first, but upside-down. The balance center is out of a duality. Having approved on it and without allowing consciousness to concern any of them, the power over both it is approved and we become out of influence of a kingdom of a two-faced deity. The essence of the power over an astral consists in it. Without allowing its fluctuations or one-way traffics, we stop possibility of its display in the opposite. You look how directly and carefree people that then in the same measure and degree of intensity to cry and be afflicted rejoice and have fun, laugh and smile. Fun human and a grief human should be withdrawn from the consciousness that is to cease to have fun and grieve as it is done by people. Having fun carefree today, doom itself to tears of an opposite pole of a uniform thing for tomorrow. The duality of movements in an astral cover to itself should be understood in order that these movements dooming consciousness to vibrations of both poles, to avoid. Therefore similarity of a condition of the spirit which has risen over fluctuations is established this cover and seized it. Inside the staying is imperious to lead each of three covers to silence. For this purpose it is necessary to be able to extinguish one of poles, and what is more available and easy for operation. Having approved the balance center inside for itself, it is possible to take the following step. It consists in to permitting to other person to break this balance by removal of an astral from a condition of silence. Let anything which is even most pleasant and joyful, but terrestrial and passing, won't force to reply the face which has turned for a moment to you of two-faced god. Having given in to its smile and having smiled, to tears of you doom. You remember: over dual it is necessary to rise and never to anybody and to permit to nothing to break the center of the approved balance. Impassivity is conscious deduction of consciousness in the emphasis center, in a balance point, in a citadel Silently Looking. The law of a duality should be understood in its two-faced display and it firmly to take levers in hand. Showing impassivity in everything, even in passion, levers of both poles we take in hand. Therefore the astral cover because it only and is live that rushes about from one pole to another is killed and forces consciousness to rush about together with itself. Mind the deprived people rush about. Mad we won't assimilate. Each movement of an astral the power we destroy. You learn to be passionless in operation and even in passions, that is in those actions or the phenomena where the astral got used to dominate undividedly. From phenomenon everyone by actions the astral beginning can be withdrawn completely. Action won't suffer from it, but the power and vibration of an opposite pole will be extinguished. Let's approve so passionless tranquility, or tranquility of impassivity, having attentively excluded from life of movement of an astral cover. The smile of egoism is dual because involves tears. Approving the power, it is necessary to rise over a duality of the three-plan world.

566. (Nov. 14). The help is in the spirit of fire. Fire is transferred in a thought form. And in the form of thought also it is perceived. But energy fiery can be transferred and without a form, and then the thought, but fire in the form of feeling of pleasure, cheerfulness, lifting or in other type of any feeling is perceived not. It is possible to concentrate not on thought of pleasure, but on feeling of pleasure, either tranquility, or the world, and this feeling fiery and to transfer to this or that distance. It is possible to give the feeling of love given a shape or an image in the form of thought, but it is possible to send an energy beam without a form, or thought without a form usual. Energy without a form, loaded with fiery feeling, more strongly, and it succeeds quicker because is higher on vibration. The thought sometimes requires an astral pipe, for thought without a form it isn't required anything. Therefore the feeling of love can be expressed by feeling without a form or thought without a form - the highest type of the energy available to the person. So heart - a feeling hearth - becomes over thought and sates it with energy fiery. The thought deprived of feeling of heart, or fire, thought weak and affectless can be shown, it can be loaded with feeling, or the heart fire, giving it strength and vitality, and the thought without a form can be shown, in the form of pure fire of heart is there is the highest type of thought, or a net energy of fire. Such thought for any influences because it even can't be intercepted or seen is impregnable. It is possible to see it, but the highest sight, darkness the inaccessible. Fiery energy of feeling warm is stronger than thought and is steadier. Thought more transient. Therefore the thought is won by feeling. Emotions of an astral are won by thought, but the thought given a shape, is won by feeling fire, or thought without a form. If, delivering a speech, to concentrate the fire on a certain feeling, the feeling and will win, at least words concerned absolutely other subject. For example, the higher mathematics. People are won by feeling, or heart fire, without a form being radiated heart, or it, but enclosed in a fancy. During the action made together with the Lord when his Face obviously is present and we feel in heart, there is a merge of fires - heart fire to fires of mighty aura of Great Heart, and power fiery, merged, works and influences over and besides external expression or the said words concerning, perhaps, things of hearts absolutely usual and not tied with a unification. Over external and usual, over all possible forms of external and internal display, there works and lives fire, forms not having, or thought without a form. It can be apprehended in the form of light, or it is warm, either pleasures, or delight of spirit, but it already a consequence of that has no form. Thought without a form is show in consequences, a form of the having. So the love without words and without thoughts can be expressed in a number of words, both thoughts, and acts. Power without a form pours out in forms obvious. I want to lead to the source of the life showing power fiery, underlying all shown forms. The fiery feeling of heart will always win against any thought. In laboratory of heart it is possible to create and strengthen any feeling and its fire to work. Power of the heart merged with Hierarchy, is inexhaustible. How many mental efforts and concentration it is necessary to premise that contact took place while the simple tension of feeling of love instantly connects to the Teacher. Secret of a flame, or thought without a form, over its form standing, it is necessary to understand in its secrecy for urgent application in life. Experience of merge to Me in operation yielded the fruits: feeling of pleasure, lifting and energy inflow. It is necessary to deepen and strengthen still. Action, together with Me made, amplifies in the power repeatedly. It is necessary to learn to create together, having merged, generating mighty energy of action. Merge to the Lord in operation will be always accompanied by pleasure, lifting and inflow of fiery force. Act consciously, because I for you. For the future I Prepare when it will be necessary to show all force of fires. It is possible to tell only one only the word, but fire of heart to light. Unless matter in words? And the thought issue it, demands time. But the feeling fiery is lightning. Owning these fires, on hearts human it is possible to play as on a harp, causing fires reciprocal. The former of thoughts human should assimilate and create fiery, spirit and heart to merge to Me.

567. Show a little more patience, and on heart evidence will go. Events can't quicker ripen lawful term. But, having ripened will yield a fruit expected. Rejoice inevitability of days precepted. Each hour leaked approaches to them. You belong to the future and from you anybody and will take away nothing the future. You in it are mute, and your place is defined by my thought. Who will deprive of you on what the press of my execution is put. Therefore to the future go surely and quietly, without paying too much attention to accidents of a way. The traveler hurrying to the purpose great thinks of it, but not of temporariness of conditions a way which are steadily carrying away in the past. The piece of a way what it was, can't take away the future in which the karma of the spirit bearing the Assignment is imprinted. There will be separate attempts to return back changed for the better conditions, but, for karmic exceptions, they will be fruitless and temporary. Delays is in inertness and Wednesdays, and consciousnesses. Shifts can't but be.

568. It is possible to close ears thousand moods and, having stopped up them, to complain that the Teacher Forgot. Temporary moods shouldn't be interwoven into the Communication wire. Currents are stirred, and communication is broken. Already I Spoke: unseparable full-tendency of consciousness is necessary. After all even at a receiver the attention is strained, especially at phone of a long distance. Why so easily it is forgotten and broken? The Lord ready always to reply completeness of commitment is unchangeable. Show commensurability and the accord. Terrestrial wires shouldn't be bound with the fiery wire conducting to the Lord. Show understanding. The fiery wire has to be pure and isn't littered a tatter terrestrial vanity.

569. (Nov. 15). How to become strong? I remember one case. Obstacles were piled up as mountains, disturbing the statement necessary. Shaft of the opposite energiya I Passed by, having extinguished consciousness for a while. And when the wave passed by, having sputtered out, the consciousness to action again rose, any more without meeting any counteraction. Sometimes it is necessary to be able to clean a will dam on a way of rage counteracting that it sputtered out in vain. It is necessary to be able to hide in time consciousness to neutralize force of energiya hostile. And then, having kept the forces, it is possible to approve them when the field for action is cleared already away. Rams fight foreheads, a forehead in a forehead. Why without advantage to spend energy? If breaking gate suddenly to open them, breaking will hurt a nose. The calm moment after opposite to energy sputtered out, the most favorable for action, and it shouldn't be passed. Tactics of Adverse is based on the same principle, but bigger duration when the phenomenon in the absurd reaches logical abnegation. And at the time of neutralization of the bulked-up freak it is easy to suppress it a beam of energiya of light. Direct counteraction often causes waste of forces. From is counteraction hostile force increases directly to it in proportion, as though scooping of energy from the counteracting center. To extinguish consciousness at such moment of a hostile pressure - means to approve in it an indestructible equilibrium state when from collected in itself all the forces of the center it isn't radiated outside any energy. The center stiffened in immovable great balance. And a wave of opposite energiya, without encountering the slightest resistance or the counteraction, any wall, any dam, spreads, to a pool it is similar, completely exhausting all the power charge and entirely neutralizing itself. Imagine the person, a heavy hammer striking blow to an anvil. What will be if an anvil to remove and the blow is necessary by air, without having encountered any resistance, even the earth under an anvil? How it will be reflected in the one who strikes blow? Great equilibrium state when all energy are brought together inside and the surface of consciousness of a mirror side of a crystal of a sphere is similar, doesn't give the chance to an opposite wave of energiya to encounter the slightest resistance, and all force of blow falls upon a source and the center, them generated. In it great art of fight is covered. The blow needs to be struck in time. The Teacher Strikes, but won’t wound. The teacher Knows the moment when the blow which isn't demanding excessive expense of forces is necessary. It is called as fight equipment, or fight. The most difficult is a preservation of a condition of complete equilibrium of spirit. The usual human consciousness is against balance, because not in measures human can't resist. It (consciousness usual) immediately instantly hangs, having settled all the charge of the small energy. It is necessary to study the statement of great balance victorious because there is no force, able to it opponent. It extinguishes rage of hostile energiya which die away, without encountering usual resistance. When Told:" Don't counteract angry", I Thought about the great force of balance fiery. But people of the powerful law didn't understand and turned itself into pity not opposing. Balance is such condition of consciousness when all its energy is brought together inside for action. On poles there are no flashes. The consciousness assimilates to a sphere, equal and smooth, as glass. Neither to grasp, nor to catch there is nothing, and it is impossible to rise on it and to trample the heel. And nothing can be late on it. All falls off and disappears. The sphere is a symbol of great balance when all energy of spirit is brought together inside. As it is important be able in some moments of life completely to extinguish consciousness, having incorporated everything stretched of it outside energy. Even having sent thought and having sparkled a beam fiery, the sphere surface again should be made smooth and equal, without holding the messenger near. The arrow attached won't depart. In a word, balance is necessary at all processes of spirit. The silence, silence, silence, tranquility, whether balance are connected? As also the astral has to assimilate to the smooth, equal closed sphere. Flashes, zigzags and lightning’s of fires, in it usually storming and escaping, like protuberance, from its surface, have to go out and be replaced with a condition of great rest. Energy of all covers is balanced and gathers round consciousness focus in submission full to it. And when there comes action time, power of the integrated energiya is invincible then. You learn to act in great tranquility and great balance, having extinguished unauthorized movements of covers. You remember firmly: nothing will resist against balance.
Madly the people who are torn apart by the astral emotions and fuss, being torn apart by them, rush on you, seeking to involve your consciousness in the whirlwinds. Whirlwinds of biped consciousness should oppose balance of spirit the inflexible. And then, having extinguished in it a wave of whirlwinds astral, it is possible to help the neighbor because, having settled the astral charge, or a rush, and being not able to break your balance, the person appears in your full power and will have to lawfully and apprehend inevitably part of your tranquility in that measure as you want. Because, having sputtered out, the person becomes soft wax in hands of the will which has kept balance. It is a lot of tranquility and the world it is possible to sow around if own balance isn't broken. It is so possible to sow seeds of light of one only polarization of an own microcosm. While the person lives among people, out of him can be neither the world, nor tranquility, balance. Means, he has to become this center counterbalancing storms worldly, and only in, only in it to approve balance. It is approved inside and, inside approved, it can radiate the world and outside.

(I dreamed paper - an award to Archat).

570. Arhat receives an award for works suffered. Not award, but direct consequence. There are neither awards, nor punishments; there are reasons and results of the generated reasons. The consciousness becomes silent before events of special value. As though device preparation to receive the intense category. That the eye could see, preparation too is necessary, and it goes is hidden from looks, finally leading to the intended. But without this hidden stage intended not to be. Therefore it is necessary to show patience inevitable. Impatience it is impossible to accelerate run of the train of events. The egoism shouts:" I can't wait". But wisdom prepares in silence and silence of clothes of light that was in what to meet going pleasure. For a holiday of a meeting everything will come, and who to what. But readiness Arhat’s attires and in the accord with the moment have to be sparkling; because he knows where and why it is called, and the assignment is given. Readiness should be deepened. The remained days devote to experience collecting. It will be necessary: both big, and small. All will come behind receiving and will bring the baskets. Archat too will come and will bring baskets, but not for receiving, and for distribution. Receiving goes nowadays, overflowing a capacity measure. Received it is necessary to assimilate that to give to people realized and acquired and available to them in a form. It is necessary to sound on one thousand frets on consciousness coming and baskets to fill everyone. Archat can't hungry release from himself, without having sated. And the bike has to be its stock. The last circumstance it is possible not to be confused because the Treasury of the Lord is open, and it is possible to scoop from there a free hand. It is necessary to bring only ability and experience quickly to be guided and take really necessary at present consciousnesses of the one who will come behind receiving. Let's distribute together, you and I standing behind you. Our stocks are inexhaustible. In a unification close we won't become scanty and not five thousand we will sate, but everything that will come. Let's feed consciousnesses, using all achievements of modern science and equipment. The old apostle isn't equal to the new apostle in opportunities. And the radius of action will be other, is much wider and taking masses of people. Possibilities of equipment will give scope to service unknown, lighting up the most remote corners. The hall unknown human and all findings of science will put all opportunities on service to light. Radio, cinema, a televizsion the press, art, means of communication, science, school, literature - all will go on service to Fire educator. The future prepares for that. Also is for the sake of what it is possible to show still some to patience share. To hasten - means to break a current of events and to distance terms. The hidden Hail is hidden till time. Grain is buried to give shoots. Friends, is show understanding and patience due. Great changes become ripe for a display visible.

(I am sick. Throat).

571. (Nov. 16). The illness is balance and harmony violation in an organism and the correct polarization of its bodies. Well restores balance musk, giving missing quantity of fiery energy. The protecting network weakens, and attempts from outside to throw shaggy balls are possible. With an illness it is necessary to struggle, and not with an illness, but with a disharmonious condition of consciousness, approving balance. Understanding of the Beam can be strengthened, sending to energy it to the struck body. The matter can't hurt, but the person nevertheless is ill. What hurts? Atoms aren't ill, but polarization of sections is broken. Sections can already hurt. Their charge can be restored breath, sending energy to sick body or a place and stopping further process.

(Strongly breaks. Speed. 38,9 . I am sick. Cold).

572. (Nov. 18). (Half awake). In a week, you remember, again flare up. Beams go both at night, and in the afternoon. Business is in understanding. Each person has the mental passport. This passport doesn't depend on that the person speaks, or what it outside or to what wants to seem. It expresses its hidden internal essence which can't be forged. The whole generations traded in hypocrisy and were masked. This time comes to the end. Secret becomes obvious. The mental passport recorded in the form of radiations on paper, becomes concrete and real as the most ordinary document, and will cause a place of the person on a public ladder. Garbage human to them will be defined and be exposed to the corresponding isolation from healthy sectors of society. The main thing - people with abnormal, sick and dark radiations and the broken mentality won't be allowed to public positions. Too many obsessed, dark, criminal spirits take not places corresponding to their spiritual height. But still there are no devices for pictures of radiations. Business is in the little. The science will tell the loaded word and will give proofs. Also measures and ways of improvement of character of radiation and change of a condition of the passport will be specified. Someone should be engaged strenuously in self-improvement urgent and any more for the sake of the far and abstract ideals, seeming unreal to small consciousness, and on request of the moment and for acquisition and receiving a certain place on a social ladder. Many is professions as, for example, doctors, teachers, tutors, and also the persons heading collectives, will be especially carefully protected by certain norms of a scale of aura’ radiations. And if, say, radiations of a series "B" of such and such shades are admissible for the miner, either the butcher, or a floater of the wood, they are absolutely inadmissible for the judge, or priest, or manager of children's home. Each profession will be caused by a standard minimum below which reception won't be allowed. And everyone will have opportunity, having internally worked, to a certain extent to increase the radiations, the qualification, that is to improve the mental passport. People already practically should approach to a question of thought, of mental energy, of self-improvement. Whether it is possible to allow to children as the teacher of the person with the dissipated mental energy, or the live dead person? It is equivalent to mental decomposition
consciousnesses of younger generation. This horror won't be more allowed. Whether it is possible that obsessed were at the head of affairs any, and especially big? A lot of things from admissible nowadays and esteemed for the normal phenomena won't be allowed as the scandalous and criminal phenomena doing huge harm on a wide range. It is necessary only that people realized that the root of all evils lies in consciousness human and if it decays and is in a condition of decomposition, it should be separated from healthy people, as leprosy. Why in good undertakings and at the correct preconditions of business often go at random? Dark decaying consciousnesses disturb or consciousnesses with inadmissible radiations. They should be withdrawn or, in any case, business from their hands to transfer reins of government to the healthy. A lot of evil occurs from that mental passports are defective. Flow of words because there are nothing will be reduced will lie or be covered with words. The passport you won't deceive. Fornicator’s words on a tribune won't be allowed. Everyone wanting to speak publicly will have to show the passport. Harm of the dark speaker consists not in words, but in radiations with which it sates audience. The passport will show, whose radiations of harm won't bring. Specification and deepening of certification mental will go in process of process improvement. It won't be necessary neither papers, nor questionnaires, certificates of a criminal record. The passport mental will give a full picture of spiritual shape of his owner. As also groups of workers can be made harmoniously on radiations more or less one order so that the highest consciousness didn't pine in a vice of greenhorns. Color points allow seeing auras. The same principle should be applied and at photography of radiations, changing glasses. The combination of several pictures can already give fuller picture. Qualities of radiations will be approved and studied at institutes of mental researches. The teacher will help to put work on the correct rails. The teacher will enter into all affairs human, to progress leaders. New in a new way to be approved and will be. People with high radiations and a stock of mental energy will be defined unmistakably, both the valued, and preserve as the most valuable and most rare treasure of the state. Both people with the open centers will be most rare of the most rare and most valuable of the most valuable. Once temples and priestesses showed, and nowadays scientific institutes and passports show the value of the mental device of the person and will determine it unmistakably and without intervention of priests.

573. The phenomenon of the help comes always in operation. Action should be begun, that is to show any energy to which under the law of free will, it already displayed, it is possible to put. In an opposite case it is necessary to put pressure upon will and to bring it out of a condition of inertness, influencing it that isn't allowed by the law. But if the will of the person chose the way, planned action and started its performance, the help can be rendered without violation of free will of the person. Sometimes the help comes at the last minute. If the help appears, hardly the person moved a finger, the will weaken and not only won't grow and increase on obstacles and counteractions, but can absolutely die away. Where the will gets stronger in inflexible aspiration, the help never hesitates because is to what to put. But someone should wait and make strong-willed efforts in operation to reach the desirable. But unaided we Do not leave. At the beginning of Record It was told:" Write. I will help". Long-term efforts in this direction grant the right to a quick help. But nevertheless it is necessary to take a feather and to begin the process. If people understood power of will if knew that its rights are protected by Space Laws if comprehended value of the actions self-proceeding from within to their essence, but not cast or inspired from the outside. Action, under foreign influence perfect because both the karma, and a consequence, and a merit belong to the center, it generated isn't valuable. But action self-proceeding, the will approved, generates a chain of the reasons concentrated in one channel both bringing consequences direct and branched, concentrating growing will. Therefore it is necessary to avoid actions and acts under the influence of foreign will or councils. The Teacher Can give advice. Certainly, in affairs everyday can give council everyone who knows better, but even accepting everyday council, the will has to approve it. We appreciate actions self-proceeding. Council: better to take own advices, especially in the affairs which aren't demanding special knowledge. It is necessary to stand on the feet. The adviser gives advice, and cones for unsuccessful council fall not on the adviser, and on the performer. Therefore it is necessary to be careful with councils, both with the, and with strangers. Foreign advisers usually about themselves are only baked therefore their councils are harmful. It is better to rely on own keenness and intuition and, the will planning an energy stream, not to allow others stream to interfere with it and to paint the sphere of your actions by color unusual for them. Generally speaking, it is necessary carefully and to protect identity of the microcosm from foreign feeble efforts attentively. Who from standing outside can understand all complexity of attitude of the pupil? For the pupil only council of the Teacher is faultless. To it also we will follow, setting to all the rest the firm seal of the will and the more so, what even acceptance of council of the Teacher needs the approval by his will of the pupil which is free always.

574. (Nov. 19). Love we keep. The love creates. By love it is reached and we come nearer. Fire is received by love. The spirit ascension goes love. It the wire is strong. It does far to relatives and the future - reality. It opens eyes of soul and an understanding door. It scoops forces. It is a core of movement of a microcosm, an axis which will sustain any loading. It is a basis of communication with the Teacher. It is heart fire, evidence turning into reality and reality - in the fairy tale. If you want to ascend continued is love. Learn love fiery, not knowing neither oblivion, nor breaks, neither stops, nor indifference. The love can be strengthened consciously. A favorite flower looks after especially carefully. Don't forget to water daily and to pay attention. Favorite close on heart. The true love doesn't know feeling fluctuations. The true love doesn't hesitate with thoughts of darling. The heart temple on love is erected. I speak about love unconditional, from anything not depending, overcoming all. Whether it is possible to put an internal enduring basis of life of the person in dependence on something? But the love to the Lord is on what costs and then the consciousness of the pupil keeps. It is possible to pass over an abyss only love to the Teacher, as well as to resist in fight excessive. Love - a basis real. Its forms are various and diverse. But it always means a mutually attraction and association of the beginnings directed mutually, whether it concerns an attraction of atoms between itself, chemical transformations, electricity, light or any phenomenon of life. But in the highest forms it is fire distinguished, shining, uniting the parts belonging to each other. The love wire distant brings a message not greatly. Force greatest in Space, works powerfully when it is applied consciously. As heart on its calls willingly responds and flashes all fires. Not this is the eternal fire of life burning in a subsoil space? And all live scoops from it on consciousness and the degree. The highest and are show the highest forms of its expression according to the accord and compliance. Favorite to what we direct, it is attracted by love. Love - the strongest magnet. It also is that lever which was looked for by Archimedes to lift Earth. And it is possible also Earth for itself to lift and ennoble. At first love to the Lord to tower most, and then already lift and ennoble Earth. Also it isn't necessary to be the fantastic giant, it is necessary to love simply. Love fire in life finds, in life claim and it change also life. Mysterious mighty fire, the winner of death and life, also is Eternity fire, fire of eternal Love, on fire of the show. You think to succeed. Love. Learn to love not a brain, but heart. On convolutions of the brain it is impossible to come to the life primary source. But heart is connected to it directly. Heart also derives its inexhaustible strength. It isn't necessary to involve here a brain. He will start arguing in a terrestrial way, and love fire, fire of eternal spirit - over measures terrestrial, over reasoning’s and over brain understanding. Here, you write my thoughts, and at all you don't know how it occurs because the brain can't explain that in out of and besides it occurs. He is only blind performer of commands warm which has to coordinate the activity with decrees fiery. To heart the road open so that the brain didn't disturb. Especially at Records. Heart business - to establish connection fiery, without being confused neither distance, nor conditions, and brain business - without interfering and without encumbering the consciousness screen with own production, honestly to fix everything that on it appears, in due sequence. The brain should extinguish itself. It is the egoism center, aspiring to approve it irrespective of will and it is frequent contrary to it. It is possible to observe how the brain rushes about, grabbing scraps of thoughts and jumping with one on another. As it is difficult to force it to enter into a certain course and move in the direction given to it, without rushing here and there. Smoothly the thought of the Lord flows, developed and deepen basic provisions and without deviate the purpose. But is under a condition if doesn't stir a brain. Unauthorized movement in a matter of covers should be avoided in every way at process of perception of thoughts because disturb extremely. Control any more over thought, but over all three covers at the same time is required. They brought to silence, submit, and without special work if fire of heart is rather strong. But heart fire kindling love to the Lord because fire is love. So by a power of love it is reached.

575. The lord Sends far hello. The lord Feels that is hard. But the Lord Knows a test limit. The lord Speaks:" Still it is a little before changes in personal destiny". The lord provides living conditions. The care is shown in everything. Not you can provide, but the Driver. It is necessary rely on It. rely - means to make all necessary and possible, having provided the rest to It. Not to make anything will be assignment. As well as in everything - the border is narrow. It is thin between cares of something and concern. It is possible to care, it is impossible to worry. It isn't words, but in the phenomena burdening consciousness, that is, pulling it down. Yes, yes, yes, to keep communication with the Lord in the conditions of impossible will be already big victory. Not Light if darkness around. Light didn't come yet. Will come, but I didn't come. It is impossible to call darkness light and oppression - pleasure. But also the pleasure too goes. It is necessary to trust up to the end, contrary to all evidence. It is possible to prepare for the worst, then the best will be easy to be met and the worst won't frighten. Think don't think, and inevitable not to pass. But inevitability is planned by my Hand. Therefore I Speak: " The quiet be in belief".

576. (Nov. 20). People reach different extents of manifestation of the same uniform mental energy, energy fiery, all-initial. All phenomena are made by it. She participates everywhere, both in everything, and on all plans. All types of a matter and energiya submit to it. It, having the wide scale of manifestations leaving up, possesses that feature that its lowest form always submits to the highest. It hopes will. Means, two conditions are necessary: energy and will. Both that and another collect, or accumulate, in the course of application in life. Energy and will are so closely connected between itself that they can't be divided. There can't be a will in the absence of mental energy, and existence of its stock already means strong will in the person. It would be possible to tell, as the will, and energy are supervised and go consciousness. All three: the consciousness, will and energy possess ability to crystallize and give deposits obvious in the form of crystals of thin energiya. From concept of energy not leave anywhere. The concept of "law" to which all submits is closely connected with the concept "energy". To be able to operate, it is necessary to know these laws. So everything is reduced to studying and knowledge of Laws of the Highest. At the heart of any power and force the knowledge lies. Knowledge above all is. Its antipode is ignorance. It is necessary to know more simply.

577. Because of leaving of the owner of land people don't become suddenly perfect. Both imperfection and improvement remain. There will be no only powerful center of dark hierarchy, to an ascension counteracting. But the darkness, to it generated in the hearts of human, is great, and it is required to be disseminated. Energy of darkness in energy of Light has to be трансмутированы. Sprouts of the evil live, they should be destroyed. The dark brotherhood, brainless remained, is partially already destroyed. But there are a lot of attendants dark still live. The kingdom of the evil failed, but fragments distort it a planet face. Crops dark bike. Energy of grains works. Problem of clarification is of life planets. How to accelerate Light approach when black shoots occupy wide space? Works the field is huge. Leaving strong resist is. Fateful, in despair grab any measures. They already are all the same. Ahead inevitable death is. They are exhausted by logic of things to the deadlock from which already there is no exit. It is necessary to go to darkness of decomposition. Who will want to leave voluntary? Task the next - clarification of the house terrestrial from thousand-year litter and selection of members of household unusable. They don't have a place among ordinary people. With drawl also we start. Great selection, the last selection begins.

578. (Nov. 21). Great shifts now happen in consciousness of masses. How to consider thin movements of consciousness? Certainly, they will yield results in time. And the eye human, as well as always, will see only consequences. In it difference of our thinking and thinking human. It only is content with tails. The burden mental also is understanding of occurring changes. And it is necessary not to grieve, and to rejoice that the device was already enough refined and distinguishes shifts planetary. Replacement old new never happens easily. The mentality of the person so strongly gets used to the next heap that the person of unfortunate when there is a release feels. Lamentations accompany removal of each mote, each unnecessary thing. Weeds and cereals useful nestled and sit equally strongly. And at clarification all-planets resistance of backward consciousnesses is great; the burden from destruction of favorite back streets on which people from Light hide is great also. Even the promoted consciousness tends to regress, creating constructions on the former. It is difficult to build on future, new and unusual without the cozy sour corners which were so lovely and familiar narrow-minded thought. But all is destroyed behind the traveler fiery. Way is only forward, and all ahead. Is inadmissible examining back? Certainly, there was more quietly, both more habitually, and more silently, and more darkly, but We Go forward without freight of last heaps. Because everything that in the past, is worse than that will be in the future. And We never are sorry about it. So, forward, carelessly.

579. (Nov. 22). Freedom consists in release from the power surrounding over consciousness. The house can burn down, and the person cannot know about it at all and not grieve. Thus, not from reality our slavery at surrounding, and depends on a condition of consciousness. It isn't the house burned down, and in consciousness. The person can even be delighted that his house burned down if the insurance premium is rather high. What value of all heavy and unpleasant, outside the events if the spirit is vigorous, quiet and happy? Here this installation on the center, or the center inside, independent from external, also is the solution of a question. Decisive condition, eventually, after all is the consciousness, but not this or that circumstance or circumstances of life. It is best of all to be, of course, the most own adjuster and to adjust the harp most on a desirable harmony. It is possible even to define and decide in advance that this day or the period of time will be spent in a quiet, vigorous and light condition of spirit or in any by the friend. It is so possible to make experiments on the statement of a condition of consciousness depending on will, but not external conditions. If to locate on them, it is necessary to assimilate to a weather vane for others wind because continuous change of the phenomena accompanies external circumstances. What there was this phenomenon, it always can be accepted quietly, and the tranquility always will be a prize and a victory, but never - damage or loss. The value of qualities that always and under any conditions they are useful, fruitful and bring the benefit. Damaged sometime to somebody tranquility? Therefore, qualities is such load with which it is possible to venture any travel. The center learning - as the rock among the rough sea - on it is possible to locate strongly among the rushing about elements. The spirit rock in itself should be realized and approved. It not is outside, but inside. On anything external it is impossible to lean. Whether it is possible to lean on waves of the elements which are constantly in process of change and movement? The immovability axis at spiral movement of all surrounding is in consciousness depth, in the spirit center, in the center - inside. It should be approved in life.

580. There can't be a lifting without a threshold, to it previous. Threshold is of lifting heavy. As though compression of all opportunities before their new expansion. Before close take-off of force we will collect inside. At the moments Pralaya consciousnesses it is necessary to extinguish itself that is not to stretch energy outside. It is necessary to be able to pass these periods of life the unnoticed. When people cling to the curtailed aura, impression is very painful. Therefore it is necessary to break off internally and outside the energiya not is show as far as it is possible to make it. Пралайя consciousnesses are a condition which demands to itself special attention and abilities of to keep in a due framework. Two dangers arise: recurrence of the past and full suspension of advance. Both that and another is inadmissible. It is best of all to plunge at this time into work next, not demanding conditions of burning intense. It is possible and not to forget about the past, choosing from it the periods of lifting’s and a prosperity. While the Teacher Prepares new attire for spirit, wisely not to spend accumulation necessary. The sphere can slide on a vital field, without doing itself harm, but once it puts forward from itself an action arrow, it will be broken by environment. Only having risen up, it is possible to reveal arrows of actions without serious consequences. It is necessary to assimilate to a sphere, when a consciousness pulsation on damage. The form of a sphere is accepted in Space as a stability and vitality symbol. Space bodies the spherical. All phenomena of life are spherical, and these spheres seek to take the form the spherical. The sphere can be considered as a limit of all geometrical figures - a final limit. And in a sphere it is possible to construct any correct figure. Going to a sphere citadel, a surface it is done impregnable for external influences. The sphere is a tranquility and balance symbol and invulnerability not perforation. Therefore when it is necessary to be protected, leave inside. It is easy to bend or break an iron rod, but try to break an iron sphere. Its stability and fortress depends on a form of the phenomenon. If you want to become the fortress of spirit unapproachable and impregnable, bring together yourself inside. In total energy, thrown out and directed outside, outside, return back and concentrate in a kernel. Also you will become impregnable, as a body of the Distant Worlds. It is necessary to learn to be strong always, instead of minutes of lifting only. Even in a question set the answer arrow, from the outside inside sent is covered, and, if it is with poison? So the surface of a sphere can be made absolutely smooth and impenetrable for external energiya if something from within isn't put forward for able to follow blow. The hand behind a board is impregnable, but it is worth stretching it for, the blow follows immediately. Let's study protection in minutes Pralaya consciousnesses. When birds fade and the dragon replaces skin or animals - a skin, wisely creatures terrestrial choose the deafest places. They know the vulnerability. On examples of the nature it is possible to study. Self-preservation - the life law. Sphere - a great symbol.

581. (Nov. 23). Be able when it is necessary to hide consciousness. It you will be able to avoid unnecessary blows and complications. Many treacheries happen from rashness. Treachery is blow to the energiya stretched trustfully to consciousness of the betrayed. I Don't speak about treacheries karmic, directed on the Teacher. About them the Teacher Foreknows, but sometimes conditions of Service demand that treachery was made. Concealment of consciousness not only protection, but also protection of the intimate is. Many secrets are Known by the Teacher. Everything opens to the comer? To be silent it is necessary to be able. Only inexperience or ignorance is proud of knowledge. But knowing wisely distributes knowledge treasures." Casket closed and the mountain not plundered" is a formula of the hidden knowledge which is given on consciousness of comers. It is better to hold back, than to retell the superfluous. There are many people who want to show what they are. This property absolutely is absent in the pupil. He doesn't want neither be, nor to seem anything and anybody in the opinion of people. Why to open itself and to do itself by the victim of foreign consciousness and a target for its blows, either thoughts, or feelings. Disclosure of two other consciousnesses is always accompanied by leakage of energy. Full disclosure means a full devastation of a treasury. Therefore concealment of consciousness is the phenomenon of the deep importance. Not to answer personal attack - not weakness, but preservation of forces and a balance display in operation. And when it is kept completely, all force of attack comes back to it’s beget. Not understood nonresistance angry sometimes can be a display of balance and consciousness concealment. Then it is inevitable the return blow on struck it. But in this case it is necessary to keep internally complete equilibrium, a sphere the symbolized. Without encountering the usual and expected resistance, counteraction or reaction, the consciousness, removed from an equilibrium state and blow striking falls the inertia. And balance kept becomes the winner, without having spent in vain energy particles. The less people know about you better. And it is the best of all when they don't know anything; because few true friends few wishing in the benefit, but are a lot of ill-wishers. Therefore in usual terrestrial conditions concealment of consciousness is useful. For the Teacher consciousness of the pupil - as the open book.

582. (Nov. 24). Truly so, fluctuations in belief and doubts are inadmissible. Everyone sways a tower of devotion and forms cracks. In them the dark the angrily deliberate creeps and endangers all construction. The monolith of spirit should be kept the conscious tension of will and to protect all vigilance. Why doubts? I told: nothing will concern you, but you will pass these days under the sign of the various phenomena. What you concerned? Anything. Concerned others, but in the Beam you, instead of others. And if at someone everyday eclipsed the Teacher, consequences are inevitable. And you stand in your belief and knowledge unshakable and occurring to others to itself don't apply. To pass under the sign of the phenomenon - means to pass through it not in external life, but only in consciousness. Under a sign it is necessary to pass through tests. They are almost so real, as well as life, but an event goes the mime* by, without concerning the examinee because it is protected. Here also all belief in power of Hierarchy because evidence will testify to the opposite is necessary. It is necessary to undergo and sustain up to the end. And if you don't sustain, relatives how those who is farther will sustain? By voices of a gloom be not frightened. The darkness and forces any more is struck has no. And it should be known. If relatives in need or suffer disaster, will suffer, won't adjoin yet the Board continuously. Whether and relatives suffer? Perhaps about the Lord forgotten and replaced with his vanity of day? With Me staying in need I Won't leave. Threads of communication can't be weakened. On them there is Light. It is impossible to touch a hedgehog. Aura of pushing away we Avoid. Complaints won't help. The love, aspiration and devotion uninterrupted will help. The true pupil is always close, what to him happened. To make the Teacher responsible for heavy conditions surrounding - the last business. Courageously and with firmness it is necessary to reach Me. Remained a little.

583. (Nov. 25). (Half awake). Already two - three days remained.
And there both end to concerns and consciousness of the estrangement. The Lord Plans the individual future of the pupil, and it has to be carried out. But terms can't be specified for the karmic reasons. Many swaying happen, if term specified, and also from the wrong understanding of terms. Often terms are designated conditionally, depending on acceptance by its mankind and a condition of consciousness. It usually isn't considered. Terms can be entrusted only very close and approved, the hardness and which firmness doesn't depend on terms. Now there comes special time, time of a combination of a karma national and karmas individual my envoys. Skillfully it is necessary to weave pattern threads, harmoniously combining paints and elements, it forming. After all everything should be made a hand human. Came to an end, came to an end, time of revelry of darkness came to an end. Dark attempts will repeat, but fruits wished by them won't yield also the energy, put in action, against them and will turn. More belief has. Cowardice and low-beliefs are inappropriate with concept of an apprenticeship. The wave of counteraction of seeming failure should be passed quietly by, keeping in consciousness the wished or planned purpose. If the consciousness grabs images of seeming failure or failure, they and will stick to it, with it both remain and can cause that their statement in life. Let failure waves storm, but the image of the plan drawn up is firm remains in unshakable seeming failures consciousness, and he eventually and wins, especially now when Light victory is approved. Clouds of failure hang at small trust to the Hand Driving. I will turn on advantage everything. And enemies will serve as channels of execution of My instructions, of course, without knowing that. Let's not think that the Lord will delay, we will better consider that is prepare conditions the best. The strip of blackout should be accepted quietly. It too won't concern you. You under a board. Scraps of images of mistrust to the Teacher don't take for reality. Is surrounded powerful protection, as a wall indestructible? But waves of pressure and through walls get, pressing on the centers. So, friends, the Teacher for you, you show also the necessary degree of trust of wisdom and force it, without looking at any evidence. Construction of the phenomenon opposite in reliability degree to its display in life will be a defeat sign. Therefore the belief in success of the planned action, either the plan, or desire up to the end is required. And that was in the past, and last failures should be forgotten. Now is conditions new, favoring to My children. Be not confused anything. Failure I will turn into good luck. From you the confidence that the Teacher care Doesn't leave is required only.

(I saw in the morning a burning candle).

584. My friend how you think when it is easier to be close with the Lord, in trouble or pleasure, hunger or satiety (prosperity)? The lord has to be close always. Changing polar of the phenomena can't shake the center from which there is an aspiration. It isn't cold or heat, but in a prestanding inflexible. It is necessary to understand after all that there is that flows before consciousness, constantly changing - a life stream, and something eternal and invariable in the person - the Silent Recorder. It also merges with the Lord in an eternal unification indissoluble, staying out of a stream. And the river of life will flow still always, changing in continuous movement. Change, or movement, is the integral attribute of life. But Silently Looking costs out of. Why you identify yourself with changes of conditions of three covers and three spheres? We over them and only Behold infinite change of the phenomena, drawing from it the necessary knowledge. We - from fire and World the Fiery also are on Earth to create to you the carrier, or the conductor fiery, a fiery body for stay in World Fiery for ever and ever. Here our task, my and your - to create and issue a body fiery, any more a subject death, to decomposition. It is easy to present as the body physical dies and decays on components, it is more difficult to present separation from bodies thin and its decomposition, but it is almost impossible to separate from itself a body mental and to imagine its disintegration on elements composing it. As though remains nothing from all interior, and the person disappears. That is why it is so important to find during lifetime in itself, and to approve in itself, and I started claiming constantly, not subject to any of these three deaths and being over everything that is mortal, and to learn to transfer consciousness that in the person is eternal. Eternal it is necessary to find in it, eternal to erect an altar and in a sanctuary it to rise firmly over everything that is replaced in alternation of waves, flows the wide river in each of three spheres, temporary and mortal. Certainly, the thin body endures a body physical. But it isn't immortality because also it dies. Certainly, the mental cover worries thin, but also it isn't immortality because it dies also. That from them remains, collected in fiery eternal "I" the person is immortal only. Let's collect elements fiery and from them to create to myself the conductor fiery for conscious stay in it. Treasure of the Bowl we will fill with elements fiery, enduring. Whether it is possible to forget language or others? It is possible, because memory of it remains on one life at ordinary people. But ability to studying of languages remains in the Bowl forever even if it and isn't revealed. So experience and abilities, work earned, remain with us forever. What advantage to the person from his all works with which he works under the Sun? Isn't present any because builds to a whirlwind on destruction. It is worth looking at ruins of the ancient unknown cities once again to be convinced of it. But experience, life and work given, postpones in the Bowl imperishable fiery energy which remain with the person always at that his beginning, or the principle which is called fiery and eternal. Therefore there is a lot of advantage to the person from his all works with which he works under the Sun consciously, or at all without understanding their purpose. In spirit grain is all. Arhat also devotes to growth of this grain all the lives on all plans of life in all covers.

585. (Nov. 26). Write, my friend. Any situation concerning the world surrounding us and stated by the person sincerely, correctly at a rate of consciousness of the person because exists only in his consciousness and for his consciousness and shows only degree of its understanding and development, to it reached. The worlds aren't identical to consciousness of the savage and the philosopher. Both are correct for everyone, but both false from the point of view of absolute Knowledge. Both the savage and the philosopher are equally far from top of absolute Knowledge because it is aspect of Boundlessness and, without having the end, can't be reached. It is possible to speak only about bigger or smaller knowledge, in view of a relativity of everyone. Certainly, our contemporaries know more, than cave inhabitants. But the area unexplored and yet not reached both that and others is so great in the Boundlessness, what even this distinction becomes not so considerable. It isn't necessary to forget that the proud modern science exists some honeycombs of years. And those three hundred-four hundred years ago people alive burned on fires for sorcery by thousands, rolled in ignorance and obscurantism. If the science develops so quickly, in 200 - 300 we will appear in the same situation ignorant biped what dark people of the Middle Ages seem to us. So business with knowledge human is. And only the knowledge of Space Laws brings mind out of the deadlock. Laws Space is firm. Means, in the sphere of the Law it is necessary to look for bases of enduring eternal knowledge. According to the scheme of these Laws the Universe is constructed, and into the sphere of these laws and the principles enters consciousness the Life Doctrine.

586. The world to this house and prosperity in everything, the world over understanding, and prosperity invariable. Who has to succeed, how not those who are appointed to me? The darkness is replaced with Light, and it is accompanied by good luck. Days of grief came to an end, days of pleasure came. My days come nearer. In my days the pleasure goes. I will turn the lever of events in execution on the good luck course, and in darkness succeeding won't be. Chains of condemnation will put on themselves confronting to Light secretly or obviously, consciously or out of ignorance. Desired time will come, in pleasure will meet the Sun of life, and in its center there will be a Lord of Light, the Lord of the Shambhala, Shining fires.

(I missed the first phrase and I couldn't remember any more).

587. (Nov. 27). The first thought apprehended will channelize leading, as the ski trace laid by the head leader, or a landmark showing the road. Usual inertness of consciousness at this moment should be overcome. To miss the direction - means to go at random perhaps correctly, and perhaps, and isn't present. And we shouldn't guess, and to work unmistakably. Therefore it is required not only the guarded vigilance, but also speed of action. The thought missed doesn't come back, not to return the arrow which has flown by. Parcels not apprehended run low for Earth. It is necessary to double vigilance of readiness for action. The morning beam overslept it won't return. Hour fixed you observe that drink of a bowl of life didn't spill by. Having postponed everything it is temporary / е/, both cares, and thoughts current, in full readiness it is necessary to be given to Communication. Shouts of Earth will bother, but the consciousness to them should be closed tightly. The darkness strong shouts, but the voice of the Teacher is silent. It is necessary that silence won and muffled vanity sounding. Only at a become silent of three the silence starts sounding. My world I Give you that everyday in your consciousness to make a surface of the rough sea of a similar smooth surface of the stiffened mountain lake reflecting in stars not in a wrong way. Whirlwinds terrestrial shouldn't shake and distort sides of a crystal of consciousness. It is necessary to speak about same because bases aren't acquired. Completeness of aspiration, unseparable, not vague, will give completeness of perception. But the thought grabs scraps of surrounding images, losing the main direction. Affairs everyday and thoughts usual should be excluded from consciousness. The Teacher is unusual, approach to It is unusual also, and all usual is subject to withdrawal when there is a perception. The circle is conscious protection against the fancies crowding around, it as if egg from the condensed thin matter, like aura, surrounds a microcosm of the person. But the Beam freely through it and gets into it, bringing pleasure of a far message. Heart filling by the Lord is a success basis. Nor the circle, nor an enveloping won't help if heart isn't filled by the Lord. Heart can't serve two misters: you put, passing and temporary, and the Lord, invariable and eternal in World Your. Before the Communication moment the choice needs to be made resolute that to muffle and lead victoriously terrestrial voices to silence - they growl loudly in inexperienced ears. Whether not there is all life fight between sounds of the Highest Worlds and voices terrestrial? And in the huge majority of a voice the terrestrial win. In the won and extinct consciousness the silent Voice becomes silent. Look around: you see people; it is a lot of people. Not winners it, but won by Earth vanity. My elite can't join ranks won and turned into slavery. The biped slavery isn't destiny of the winner. It can't exchange treasure found for pity trinkets terrestrial. Living on Earth and giving terrestrial, the winner can't forget about the purpose fiery and a regal way of spirit. Not with a tatter of the ordinary it invests the spirit, but with shining clothes of Light. Therefore I Call for a victory over all mirages and Maya ghosts. It is necessary to understand all unreality, transience, a transient and Maya illusoriness firmly to rise on the Stone of the eternal basis of life. Firmly it is necessary to acquire that how conditions around were condensed, even "and it will pass" because will pass everything, everything, everything that us surrounds with a dense ring of a hopelessness. Light of the Teacher - outside Maya kingdom and the power of dazzle by it on the World of the Teacher don’t extend. My kingdom is strong approved in consciousness and, being approved, it from Maya incessant attempts to destroy it actively, and is sharp-sighted, and is tensely protected. To lay down arms, weaken patrol or to calm down on the reached - means to lose everything. Because the most difficult is hold achievement. It is possible to reach but how to hold when the not gets rid lunar essence persistently, persistently and imperceptibly carries away consciousness back. Why tension of wakefulness and vigilance is specified. Enemies not only around, but most important and terrible is inside. The serpent ancient, an astral, heritage lunar, moves in the consciousness depths, ready to twist with the rings it and to strangle any gleams of light. So let the spear doesn't doze over a dragon. Victory it is fated. Defeat is impossible. But vigilance of the hand holding a spear, we won't reduce. It is necessary to reach. But it is especially difficult before the end. My children, the forces collect. The victory is close, and it is necessary to meet it joyful spirit victorious.

588. My son, to a current of events we will premise thought lightful. Works magnitno, attracting the necessary elements. Why one all works well, over others the dark cloud of failure hangs? Energy the karmic work, as though sending forward the magnetic properties attracting or repellent corresponding statements. Expecting good luck is expected by good luck; but also on the contrary. Depends on the mental device of the person much. The magnet powerful is often active without obvious participation of consciousness. The energy, put in it is mute his owner, work already besides will, are show the will crystallized in the sphere of a microcosm. And then speak about karma. All karma is in aura of the person and its energiya. You think as you want that it was died, and on opposite conditions not stop. Reject resolutely everything which isn't in harmony with the main installation of consciousness. Why to attract to itself particles of undesirable elements? They are attracted by thought. You think clair-radiant. I speak: nothing will concern, and I Demand views, to my words corresponding not to destroy my construction about your inviolability. The doubt and mistrust are terrible that destroy protection and do defenseless those who gives in to them. Therefore I Say that it is necessary to adjoin a board densely and strong, without coming off in consciousness not for a moment. Something can concern others, but not you. Be firm in belief in the Hand Protective. Board I Give, but you hold it a firm hand. Surround itself with a dense wall of thought shining about force protective the Teacher. By understanding of the phenomenon it you approve. Adolescents in peep didn't burn down because trusted strong. The belief is force mighty; invincible becomes, merged with strength of the Lord. Belief resist. I - courageous a board, but not fears overwhelmed. The fear destroys protection. Be preserved against fear and concerns - are destructive awfully. Your device destroy. Let hesitates and all trembles around. As the rock stand. By firmness it is won. It is necessary to resist, it is necessary sustaining, despite everything and contrary to everything. Up to the end it is necessary to resist, and I will protect resisted in Me.

589. (Nov. 28). (Half awake). Time shows extraordinary complexity of conditions.
There will be no consolation in anything, won't be restored yet. Nobody will take away a final victory. But who says, what it will get easily? Easily nothing is reached. With difficulties it is necessary to reconcile and resignedly to take the cross. It is necessary to bear it all the same irrespective of desire or unwillingness. It is better to do it without vain complaints. They aren't necessary and won't help. Quietly and silently, having broken off internally, the heavy strip should be passed. It is necessary to pass all the same. Whether it is better to make it adequately? Many believe meaning of the life in its movie, but sense not in it, but in the purposes final. All life of the ship is adapted and approved for this purpose only that to reach harbor. Aimless wandering would be by sea ridiculous, but people continue sense it to find in affairs of day, final sense of the deprived. It turns out disbalance and fruitless attempts to grasp combs of waves and to hold the passing. While the center of the center, an emphasis and force isn't found and not approved inside, life in true value of this word can't be. Being approved on Me the life basis in itself approves. Victoriously a way approved, also is shaky believing it in something external. It is necessary to achieve that the mood, that is a mood of a harp of spirit, didn't depend on anything occurring out of a microcosm, and, not mentioned by anything external, would be the phenomenon self-sufficing. The person or operates himself, or copes from the outside both people, and circumstances. Let outside life flow as to it will take in head. This stream depends on many reasons, but life inside is regulated by will, and on it depends not to turn into a puppet or a weather vane for external influences. The tranquility reached is the statement and a victory of the individual center of consciousness over energiya of the dense world. Show tranquility among waves uneasy every day. If to meet a wave, to the granite rock it is similar, it will scatter in small splashes, having broken about the hardness and motionlessness of the Stone. But in spills construction unusable will scatter and will be carried away in the sea. The great value of tranquility should be understood and, having understood, to approve that it costed. It is better to lose everything, tranquility having kept, than to keep everything, itself having lost. In total is in the person. Everything is defined by internal fire. Stone of the basis we will approve in themselves strongly.

590. Whether there will be today a Record? Will be! About what? About what isn't present, but that is. The world of the person at present represents itself of what he thinks. Whether well and all the rest exists at this moment? Exists. Where? Outside this consciousness. The world this, limited to consciousness, is small extremely and narrow. And the center of consciousness of the person rolls in it. But the world is immense and great out of. And it, immense, it is necessary to include in the sphere of the world. Without having expanded, not to include, without having included, in the illusive world we remain which is and which isn't present because such world as it is reflected by your consciousness, only in it and exists, but anywhere in other place. And my World embraces a planet and the worlds. What embraces itself your world? And if only a living room and work dependent and I peep day and tens same small consciousnesses, whether that your world is poor? And whether there is it the spokesman of reality? And the world real besides it exists. How many such worlds? It is so much, how many consciousnesses, and all of them are illusive because are small, incorrect and distorted. From the world of ghosts it is necessary to come to a scope outside. In this world everything is false and distorted, from beginning to end. Also we see only the planes, consciousness entering an amendment of three measurements. Not people you see, but the masks painted either own, or foreign imagination. You see a house surface, a surface of the person, a surface of they are only one surfaces, and besides flat. That inside, is hidden from an eye. You live in peace surfaces, taking them for reality. And these surfaces are limited to the immediate environment. The street it is only visible. And behind it is anything or fragments of incorrect representations. If to draw precisely a picture even the hometown, what ridiculous caricature on reality would turn out. Behind each wall of the house - the apartment, in it - people and subjects. Everything is saturated emanations and past pictures, and the world human is full life lived. What it is visible from all this? Anything. Only a wall surface, and behind it is unknown. Here arrived to the unfamiliar city. Saw a tape of impressions, both surfaces, and masks and left back home, having seen nothing actually. The one, who lives for General Welfare, somehow expands consciousness and includes in it something bigger, than he and its direct environment. But the world of the inhabitant is ridiculous and small. It also is the world personal, prison and a consciousness jail, a place of the link of spirit human. As in embraces of an octopus, the consciousness in a vice of the personal world fights, choking in its close limits, fights and is exhausted, looking for an exit. But an exit is in superpersonal. Can't further be content spirit with the crumbs falling from a table of life? Air doesn't suffice, and the food doesn't suffice. It is necessary to destroy the dungeon.

591. (Nov. 29). Here we speak about collecting of treasures in themselves, in the microcosm. From where? What treasures? Only one treasure is, and this treasure is Light treasure. Light in them we collect. About collecting of Light condensed it is spoken. How the c than gathers Light? Light gathers actions, acts and thoughts. Every instant the device human causes light or darkness. Device magnetic. Not only causes, but also attracts related elements from space. Sounding on light string, Light to itself attracts, but also on the contrary. The person is constantly active, constantly generates energy. They is or light-bearings, or venomous black out. They are deposited obviously both in the Bowl, and in the organism, impregnating all fabrics and nervous channels. To collect Light or Light blackout goes in all covers, gathering and concentrating in the Bowl. Black heart is the collector of dark energiya which too crystallize. So collectors people on Earth face move, everyone accumulating crystals of energiya on the essence and being the carrier or darkness, or light. Continuously during the day and nights the magnetic device human works, collecting treasure of Light or gloom crystals. And the darkness too crystallizes. It is possible to call light the accumulated good, or the benefit, and darkness - the evil. Crystallization goes in the essence of the person, giving deposits obvious. Therefore it is impossible to separate the carrier of collected energiya from a burden saved up or treasures collected. Collectors is all, and the benefit to the one, who collects from Light. It is possible to adjust magnetic and string essence on Light waves, then an attraction will go on the same wave. All emotions negative: fear, concerns, doubts, irritations and other, will give a mood magnitno heavy, attracting from energy space, to its related, and strengthening crystals of black fire. The person assimilates to a bee. But often collects juice from poisonous flowers. Control of consciousness is necessary that consciously to establish a magnetic and string mood of an organism will and in the accord with Light waves, but not darkness. And if the organism under the influence of, say, rage, sounds on a gloom note, and созвучит it with a gloom surrounding, but not light. Each emotion, either feeling, or each definitely painted condition of an organism can be considered as a gate opened in the respective spheres of a spatial environment for magnetic saturation of consciousness by conformable elements. Courage light courageous heart obviously and powerfully attracts to itself all currents of space, to light heart the conformable. So pleasure it is possible to draw pleasure from space, and a grief - to strengthen a grief. Powerfully magnetic essence of the person. And the space, this great receptacle of energiya, allows take from it under the law of an attraction of related elements of energy the desirable. To attract pleasure, it is necessary at first are show at least its little bit in the heart, and then the law of an attraction will start working, but not earlier. Because poor nothing only won't be it is given, but even it will be taken away from it and that has. Therefore for an attraction from space desirable the energy crystal attracting magnetic, it is necessary to approve in itself. Approve qualities necessary, energy of Light in itself collecting and attracting fires from space. The law works smoothly. Strong you watch a mood of the microcosm, without allowing the saddening stealing and wasting your light. With each mood or condition of consciousness we attract light or darkness of hidden energiya; because, at every moment of the existence we are collectors of crystals of darkness or light crystals in the Bowl. Light, clair-radiant conscious attendants of Light have to be vigorous. It is inappropriate the despondency or depression with service because fires of spirit and light hang is replaced by darkness. The Lord Is Light shining! The Lord we will assimilate on the force, at will to the, on the aspiration and extent of service to Light. The constant light-conformable mood of a harp of spirit will be a sign of Great Service. Not for itself self-checking, self-control and ability to dominate emotions is necessary; the harp of the spirit which has been harmoniously adjusted is necessary spatially. It is impossible to support Light network planetary if the device human is a dissonance destructive. For service to light the mood strong all microcosm, magnitno conformable is necessary to energiya to the Highest. Balance of spirit - a basis of service light. The person is a laboratory the most difficult, supplied with the powerful energiya interacting with visible and Invisible spheres. Control levers these powerful energiya have to be in hands of the person. Conscious control over the most wonderful device of people has to establish. Polarizing the microcosm on any wave, outside cause’s inevitable change by magnetic interaction of energiya. To neutralize energy of darkness, it isn't necessary to fight with them. The light should be strengthened to a limit necessary, both the darkness will fail, and the darkness as it dissipates from a ray of light will dissipate. The stone, shining light inside, the impact dark should oppose. And energy of light will rush to the help, merging with the treasure shining with the fires. And the place doesn't remain to darkness in an environment shown. But it is worth hanging spirit and to extinguish fires, the darkness will increase unreasonably, overflowing and filling consciousness. So important also it is so necessary to watch a condition of consciousness and degree and character of its magnetic mood at present. Because the mental environment of the person is defined by an attraction. The teacher with you always, but for conscious Communication it is necessary to give the necessary degree of a mood and the accord. The highest is consonance to the Highest. Communication is based on the accord. With the light Light to themselves we attract. The channel is approved by will. In total in hands of the person. To the comer behind Light of refusal can't be if it at least brought a particle which is so necessary in order that was to what to put. So don't forget about a particle necessary for an attraction of Light. The attendant of Light sounds on an own wave and all surrounding forces to sound on it, but not on the contrary; because he doesn't submit to sounding of environment.

592. My son, really you don't feel care uyavlenny? Are surrounded is with the Beam constant. Thinking of Light, light you become. Because thought of Light, creating the image of Light presented by it, invests with it consciousness of the thinker light, it is equal as thought of a gloom invests darkness. In the dual world you will learn to see at once both poles of a thing uniform. Remember that the one, who is invested by the power, costs in the center of the center of energiya shown. The consciousness always merges with created image or thought, becoming of what thinks. Thoughts of all good in a microcosm also claim. Think of courage, devotion, firmness, the advantage of spirit, patience and tolerance, think brightly, colorfully, figuratively, and images of thought shining will surround you and become expression of your essence, quality of a flame contained. Nobody carries in the bosom snakes poisonous, but thoughts dark on heart carry, forgetting that can sting during any instant. Allowing thoughts of despondency or fear, with a gloom of we surround and into a gloom we plunge. Because light-bearing thought if from Light, also it is dark if from the evil. It isn't not to despond, and in that consciously not to shroud in a snare of a gloom itself as consciousness, being combined with thought, coloring it on itself accepts. Let's fall in love with lightful thoughts. Let's get used and become related to them. Let's make them the only meal. Let's get used to thoughts of Light. Let will force out of springs of darkness from consciousness. Let will prepare my Monastery in devoted heart. After all it is necessary to become light shining. Service to Light consists in constant care about is mute. About Light essential care show. Let it will enter into all your affairs by the satellite light. Let will shine work. Let will shine rest and a dream. Let will shine each thought. Let with you unseparable will arrive as the only expression of your essence.

593. (Nov. 30). Each quality of spirit is the form bearing light. Concentrating thought on each of them, or on several at once, or on the symphony of qualities, light in themselves we strengthen. It is possible to imagine the Stone in a breast, light flaring the bright. It is possible, it is possible in every way, in itself to approve light by all ways, all measures. And Light which is mentally represented, really will amplify in the tension. Will light tension amplify? This condition, carefully and carefully cultivated, is able to afford degree of a light-bearing not only to strengthen, but to hold this or that time. The phenomenon of Transformation of the Savior when tension of Light reached force extraordinary was deification of the strong-willed statement of Light. My way follows. Not darkness, but light in itself approve. Amplifying inside, light is included into a magnetic combination to fires of space and amplifies already spatially. Beam of the Teacher, spatially being called or intensively realized, the Stone fire multiplies. There is no limit to the conscious strong-willed tension of a light-bearing of treasure. It is possible to choose moments of silence and all strength of mind to rush on strengthening of tension fiery, focusing light it in the microcosm center, in the Stone of treasure hidden. It is necessary to become its conscious carrier. Thought of it we multiply. Thought about it is mute, connected to the Lord; we can strengthen his power repeatedly because energy of the central station - Hierarchies, no limit of power of fire has. Merging with Hierarchy, we multiply treasure fires - a crystal. Light from Light flares up. From my Light it is possible to receive freely, increasing consciously a crystal of mental energy. Saturated mental representation of Light creates the saturated environment of an environment, and then crystal sides grow, increasing in volume. The beam constant, feeding, promotes environment saturation. But the condition of consciousness is necessary corresponding. It has to accord to Light waves, and then crystallization process, or a escalating, goes lawfully and correctly. The escalating the saddened can't be able. Light the microcosm, Light perceiving has to vibrate. The cult of Light is a life cult. The culture of Light is the knowledge demanding the skillful address with thin energiya. The thought of Light gives rise to light. The thought of Light Lord, inexhaustible and not predicate, gives power to the Stone, installing the receiving channel. Be consciously filled with My Light, vessels for Light having prepared. Light I Give, but accept. Prepare the baskets, the receiver of a microcosm prepare that was where and in what to accept. Carefully and carefully bring the system into a condition due. Conditions for acceptance of Light create. Also don't disturb the moods, both thoughts, and feelings, with Light not being combined, to take its full measure. The consciousness ready state to containment of Light has to be shown the full. Given the chance give Light to you. Be the conscious carriers of light which have contained all qualities of a flame. The intimate treasure of the Stone, when the spirit shines readiness to Light acceptance in itself grows and inflames all fires. From two parties conditions necessary are created. Are made efforts and the pupil, and the Teacher. The miracle of a wonderful Stone is mutually created. The stone of the eternal basis of life is approved by will. The treasure demands understanding.

594. Stone carriers - everything, but miscellaneous advantages. The world of semi-precious stones is rich. Even more richly world human and is more variously. The valuable treasures which are most rare and unigue meet really. And is also cheap, simple. It is a lot of and counterfeit, false stones with deceptive shine. There are Stones of the purest water. Is and with defects. Simple cobble-stones without any shine of fires come across to a thicket. It is a lot of unfinished, demanding work and efforts. There are the people who have spent crystals of mental energy. These are live dead persons. The sensitive device would show over them a death sign. There are stones - carriers of black fires. We won't speak about them. They from darkness. Show it crystals energiya evils. Different Stones happen, but all - collectors and stores of crystals of fiery energiya of all existing types them. Also there are many spendthrifts saved up before wealth. The doctrine of tension specifies a way of a escalating of treasure. Tension of aura strengthens a crystal. At a tension repeated and constant growth goes without interrupting, giving all new and new deposits. So work inspired and lit up is a method of collecting of condensed light in the form of fire crystals. Any intense effort doesn't go to waste. Tension has to be harmonious. Spasmodic efforts are destructive. Tension has to be smoothly quiet and rhythmical. Convulsive efforts tear aura, as well as convulsive movements. Breakthroughs and jumps long not to pass. It is possible to admire symmetry of run of a deer and a harmony of his movements. The culture of movements was lost by people, and there were many windmills. The culture of movements should be brought in life again. People don't think of the movements. If to bring a kaleidoscope of involuntary and so-called nervous movements of the ordinary person on a film, nobody would believe that the normal person can make them. Power over extremities it is lost absolutely. Everything shakes: hands, feet, head, and trunk. All these movements not only are absolutely not necessary, but are harmful extremely. Spendthrifts of energy valuable - it is so possible to call them. About what collecting of crystals of the condensed energiya it is possible speak when energy spill without the purpose and without control in space. Involuntary movements of covers should be bridled, for culture of Light - it is necessary. Excess movements are a graphic evidence of mental dissoluteness, or dissoluteness of mental energy. Every minute of physical tranquility and immovability keeps energy necessary. Not work and not in work wastes forces, but weak-willed unnecessary nervous movements. It is necessary to take over the control of ardent lunar properties of the nature, reflexes and the sphere of their display. Protection of Treasure demands care in everything.

595. (Dec. 1). I approve the happiness phenomenon. I approve Light among a gloom. I approve proximity of Arrival. Proximity of the Teacher I Approve. Wisdom of comparison of faces human will give understanding of the phenomenon of Proximity. It is possible to take hundred thousand consciousnesses or even one million. Who from them thinks about the Teacher, Communication or aspiration to the Teacher? Anybody. All think of became numb in dead forms of religion, spirit of the killing. But the thoughts to Me turned it is truly close to Me. So we won't belittle the importance; because the importance of the person is measured in life by its proximity to the Teacher of Light. - Light in it to approve appointment of the person and, having claimed, to bear it in life and through life. In it sense and value of the Great Assignment. Light to the world bearing, the benefit to you is. It is difficult to bear the Bowl of not spilled. Both will push, and will offend, and will belittle, and Treasure will try to plunder and to infect with poisonous breath - many attempts will make to turn off light at bearing it. But it is impregnable armed with the Lord. Because has fiery immunity. We will resist against life and all attempts light угасить. So the proximity to the Teacher becomes obvious if around to look. Many pass all life, having never thought of the Teacher of Light. Therefore the benefit to you who have recognized Me. You in My Hand. To you - the first beams of a rising sun. To you are the first Rays of light every morning. You are surrounded with care and love. Beams of Mother of the World send blessing to you. My children, from Light given rise, will pass poisonous times, and you, in fight tempered and in light increased and approved, sang you will reap from My Light. The guarantee to the future I Give. To your future the Guarantor I become. On the guard of your future I Stand. The Teacher Doesn't forget any thought, to Him devoted, and works, among a storm, both a gloom, and darkness pre-dawn to Him brought. Works suffered are the networks thrown in the ocean World Mine for a valuable catch. Think that shining your future belongs to you not greatly. Nobody will take away it from you. I Weave threads of karmic statements into wonderful drawing of the life expecting you. Your future is with Me, I Approve, also the Guarantee Light Given. Yes will be so, by the word of the Lord of Light. I Told. Aum.

596. (Dec. 2). (Half awake). The son not for a moment doesn't belittle himself. The great is shown value. Old is in eternally new, and new is in eternally old. Impassivity costs over two. When the thought was issued - it is necessary to write down. Via the highest channel it turns out. Wave new I send. I and the son we will meet. For that I Prepare. Мother you will replace. Not in the writing, but in a light refraction business. At Light standing, observe the Charter (Mine?). The person himself is the Universe. In total is in consciousness.

(Mother Agni Yogi writes about awakening kundalini in
to Me, about close perception the highest centers.
The Lord Spoke about clairvoyance and a claurluhear).

597. Perceived the accepting has to issue thoughts. Registration of thought is process thin. Demands an active and passive condition of consciousness. Passive -is at the moment of realization of energy in a form, and active - at record. As though current variable penetrates consciousness. Alternation of activity of a brain can't be broken. Will suffer either that, or another. Each time perception goes on a certain wave and depends on an organism mood. The will creates conditions necessary, but the Teacher Assumes preparatory part. Without close interaction of contact it is impossible. It isn't volume how to call process occurring, and in executing it successfully. A success half - in a due mood of the device mental and oblivion of. Receivers of pure fire are necessary to me. Through them the Light to Earth I Shed. Therefore don't get tired clarification. To degree of purity of the Beam it is necessary to lift the consciousness. And then thought washing will join the undistorted. It is necessary to think of quality of the receiver. Refracting My Light, think of purity of a crystal of consciousness. All personal darkens purity of sides. Undistorted My Light in pure forms of thought has to refract. At thinning and clarification of the receiver of consciousness we will work. Let's learn to protect time and an acceptance place from invasion of foreign elements, from where they went. Ardent tendency at the time of transfer we will keep. Let's not forget that contact amplifies thoughts premised. If to premise to Communication thought, desire or the plan that this Communication will take place especially accurately, profoundly and fruitfull, and in a mood corresponding, it will strongly facilitate Communication and will strengthen perception process, having put acceptance as though in a framework / planned by will. A lot of things, a lot of things depend on perceiving consciousness. It is necessary to achieve that from the receiving it was done everything possible for simplification of Contact. I can’t be knocked on the closed door. But ears and eyes, joyfully and willingly to my energiya towards opened, with knowledge and Light I Fill willingly. All disturbing should be cleaned. Stirs everything that interferes with completeness of immersion of consciousness in Me. I want that any mediastinum between My Light and consciousness, to Me directed, was cleaned. That My Light and light of accepting consciousness merged orotundly. In letters of Mother Agni Yogi various aspects and forms of the opportunities planned in the course of further development of consciousness are specified and given. Versatility and complexity of a microcosm and its development can't be limited narrow forms of a certain look. All instructions should be accepted as milestone of the future opportunities which will be given and be carried out in process of growth and readiness of spirit. Not derogation, but stages of the next stay. Arhat's consciousness includes all opportunities and ways of perception and uses all on moment conditions. Mediator means mediation between the World the Highest and to Earth, between Me and people. Each Hierarch is an intermediary’s link between the Lord and the world below. It isn't necessary to be afraid of names if the essence of the phenomenon is understood. All ways of Communication should be mastered and all to seize. Even the letter automatic demands both abilities and arts and can be useful under some conditions. It is necessary to clean the concepts interfering any forms of possibility of rapprochement with the Teacher from consciousness. The Teacher Uses all opportunities of an organism for its thinning and advance. To opportunities given we will be glad.

598. Anything can't interfere with communication if the device of spirit is adjusted correctly. Conditions of vision and luhear depend on space currents, but Communication in the spirit of - atop. There are the phenomena which aren't depending on currents, for example, love to the Lord. Tension of fire can fluctuate, but the essence of love remains under all conditions. As also the prayer is possible always, though at the beginning of morning or evening, during the rising or a sunset time optimum. Let's collect firmness and constancy elements in everything. The constant prayer, either continuous prestanding, or constancy of the Image of the Lord in the third eye can be approved always what there were currents. Certainly, they influence an organism, strengthening or weakening the phenomenon, but can't interrupt it if the will is rather strong. At desire it is possible to become the weak-willed victim of passing currents. But with Me going, won even against stars. It is necessary to understand two-faced aspect of all phenomena, and then it will be possible to reconcile a display of couples of contrasts. Not a contradiction, but understanding of a polar in everything. Many stumble on understanding of the Great law. Only expanded consciousness covers as a whole opposite aspects of a uniform thing. I with you is always, and I in the Stronghold, and I in the Sun Face. How can understand small consciousness it? But thought about the ubiquitous and out of three regularities fire it is already close to understanding of the unclear. Certainly, it is far Stronghold, but for fire the love isn't present distant. So only at assimilation of couples of contrasts probably further advance in understand ing of things of not predicates. The Lord is unchangeable, but is new every instant. The perennial spring of fiery power of Hierarchy, but care is subject each particle of fire. The spirit is immortal, but covers die. It is impossible to think of it, but it is necessary to protect health. It is impossible to rise in arrogance, and it is impossible self-humiliation, but the value of the pearl of spirit should be known. There is no Hand on a shoulder of the pupil, but the Teacher Believes the Hand on a shoulder of the pupil and Supports him. With small consciousness not enter area of great secrets. Therefore expand consciousness. At first the spirit sees one pole of the thing, then two, then all thing or the phenomenon as a whole. It already approaches to prismatic sight. Not an eye it is visible, but consciousness. Otherwise rams would fill museums and art galleries and began to read books. However, read and now, but as well as rams, understand nothing. The biped consciousness doesn't have an entrance to the Knowledge temple. Friends, know, know, and know more.

599. (Dec. 3). (Half awake). Full comprehensive immersion in the Lord is required. I am dissolved in It.
My face is a gate to the World. The protecting network won't pass consciousness dirty.
Extents of understanding of the Beam happen various, from initial to orotund, as well as extents of approach to the Lord. The image of the Lord in consciousness and heart should be introduced a monolith. At partial filling and the success will be partial, but completeness and depth is required. But the beginning is, and is to what to put. The every possible legend of heart to the Lord will yield a fruit corresponding. It is necessary to adjoin even more densely. Cracks are dangerous. The understanding of Proximity of the Lord can't go through other consciousness because goes from heart to heart and comes to the end with Secret. The next will help to approach, but merge of hearts in silence is made and face to face. Great dedication happens alone. Therefore the Voice speaking without a sound, is closer than all voices human. The secret of bonds of the Father and the son is the phenomenon of direct merge. Remember: alone, and face to face, and without consciousnesses, intermediaries and to Me brought. The guru takes to Me and alone with Me leaves for immersion in Secret. There is something so intimate concerning the Father to the son that by any words can't be expressed. There is about what don't speak and that isn't subject to announcement. You knew about my Proximity and you know more, than knows even Mater. She only confirms given by me to you to approve the spirit still fluctuating in acceptance of inalterability of a voice of the spirit you. Therefore collect words sent carefully, lovingly and strictly. Something considerable you receive. My son, the Lord is closer close, is closer, than all your covers. Covers will die and will be dumped. But there will be a Lord in you and with you. I Secrets immemorial My Beam the carrier in heart to I will arrive yours. Given rise from My Beam by threads not predicates it is connected with me. I want to claim in your consciousness understanding of that the experience of Proximity of the Lord is the phenomenon individual, in heart only felt and not able to be expressed in words neither the, nor strangers. Vibrations of a silver thread are individual and aren't repeated. Be approved in invariable Proximity of the Lord. Know that the Lord never will leave. The value of a pearl of the spirit doesn’t belittle. Alluvial peel doesn’t take for a kernel lightful. Gate is open for the beloved son in spaces of shining distances, to My World, infinitely great - there where isn't present the end, I began.

600. (Dec. 4). (Half awake). It is necessary to wait for time favorable spatially. Prints already are available (probably, thin forms of display abilities). Truth is in contact of a brain with Consciousness the Highest. My son, to consciousness peep I give daily in the form of the available. Visions are show. To voice my, sounding in consciousness, it is necessary to give a scope. I Want am the Lord of your power. But where impassivity of tranquility if silences in yourself are showing you can't?
It is necessary that Silence began to sound. In silence of Silence look for. You will see and will hear, but give time. You can accelerate yourself clarification. Accord of a mood keep will. Tranquility - the best fixer. In a sanctuary of the admission isn't present to anybody. The sanctuary is protected from the outside world, and only the Supreme Attendant enters into it. Sanctuary - heart, and in it is mute - I am a Lord. For my thought the receiver hold ready always. Power of the Lord doesn't know a limit. Understanding its limits you move apart also opportunities. I - a bell (beating), sounding alarms. I - happiness of the future the Messenger. I - solar power the Carrier. I - a flame a fiery column. I - Secrets of Silence a harp. I - star beams an show (collector). I am the Sun of the Elevated World. I - the Sun - the parent of fire. I - Light of intimate Light. I am to my children the world bearing. I - Now Earth a Messenger. I - the New Sky the Creator. I - focus for all aspirations, I - you protecting powerfully, I - the one who gives infinitely. I - an eternal source of Fire.
My son, from my Light scoop because in Light Mine is. The silent force of the Beam, joining the receiver ready and intense, refracts in forms obvious. I want that process of perception became so firmly real as usual interview. Want from Interview of the highest to withdraw all elements of uncertainty and instability. Want clarity and sonority of the receiver to strengthen to limits of its opportunities. To give Strong Want all that will be able to accept, but prepare your consciousness, but clear the brain, but pacify an astral worrying, but readiness aggravate. All strength of mind enters into my desire for its greater implementation. The full return of is necessary to the Lord not belittled. Really happiness of Communication you will exchange for toys of biped children. What can rise between Me - the Father, and you - the son? Our Communication goes over a stream of a terrestrial and terrestrial display of three. And three only serve us - Me and you which are eternal. Covers are attendants of spirit, or devices for a display on plans, to it corresponding, given to the full power and under control of the person, but not on the contrary as it often happens. The equipment of the covers use imperiously, skillfully and imperatively because you are their lord, both the master, and mister. Both the body and all covers are afraid of the mister because are obliged to submit to it when it will desire are shown the power. Keys from it I Give. The power you can approve because you know. In beams mornings I Send My decision for the approval by its spirit made yours. Free your will has to freely and strong to approve my desire, before than it can be carried out in life. So in merge wills is a way victorious (victories). Not coercion, but free merge. The lord force Are show in consciousness ready and the accord the readiness the approved. Baskets and your jugs prepare. Time doesn't wait.

601. Only the Shape of the Teacher the fiery energiya can rotate all centers. Concentration on the Face will give great incentive to advance. It is correctly noted that the psych equipment demands receptions refined, and everyone reaches it, deepening instructed. It works - a success basis, also isn't present two ways identical, though the way to the Lord is uniform. The more than couples of contrasts are contained by consciousness, it is broader. Because in of combinations of contrasts constructed is the world. The nice ear, to Me bent, plentifully and sang receives. What can detain run to the Teacher? Only a not gets rid of the dense parts which still have nestled in consciousness. Therefore strong direct that in the fast you weed to shake off from wings free ashes and decay particles. Free I Want to see directed to Me. On links of freedom I Count Happiness pearls. So the thread to the Teacher turns into communication Silver Bridge. In the adoption of opening of treasures I Won't slow down, but also the help is required mutual because together we forge armor fiery. In my Tower I Pour precious metal, separating slags and energy, to Me directed, I Return changed and increased. The life-giving exchange doesn't interrupt for an instant while the fiery aspiration burns in heart. The psych equipment is the real process of life which isn't depending on accidents of external conditions. Therefore on the Stone of the basis having approved, quietly, and it is powerful, and it is confidently possible to move ahead, scooping endlessly fiery energy of the Shining Face. The Secret of shining Shape of the Lord is simple and great. To It adjoined the run won't stop and with Maya ghosts it won't be seduced. The way of fiery aspiration is similar to a comet. It is joyful to see in a haze, lowlands covered, a flight trail of fire. Vanity sounds, and flows strong life narrow-minded, but darkness it cutting, like the fiery messenger of space - a comet; powerfully the Stone comes nearer to Me bearing in a breast. And the Treasure borne grows in aspiration, lighting up new sides of happiness fiery. My son, on love wings, both devotion, and aspirations I Can highly uplift. Realized levers of happiness ways are open. The feeling of the Hand of the Leader can be brought to degree of a visual obvious. The phenomenon of Proximity and Communication it is possible to finish to such an extent brightness and realities that the world narrow-minded will seem to the unreal and illusive. All live among ghosts mortal and passing and eat them. But life bread tasted already never will be content with breath of life dead. Therefore provide dead persons to decay, you and everything, able to ascend, follow Me in shining spaces of boundless Light. Gate of my House is open, and invited enters on a life feast that to a limit to taste Knowledge fruits. Come to Me you, fiery it is directed. I Told!

602. (Dec. 5). (Half awake). We will reach under Light board. My son, Great Illusion is called as game of Mother of the World. It is show in the cyclic periods of life. Game happens by the rules expressed in the form of the law. And We are her children, Great, knowing these laws as we Create the world’s shown. Force creative is fiery and laws of its manifestation an essence of a basis of creation. And each person to some extent creating, on the same bases creates. Destiny of the person is creativity. All that is made by hands human - products of his creativity. Everything is, from top to the bottom. In creativity improve, divine abilities improves, deepens and opens. Any creativity creative is the benefit. Art is the highest form of creativity available to the person. Art is a gate in boundlessness of creative opportunities of the person. These opportunities are boundless. Life - great school. Also the future of the person is great. To become creator Ardent Logos is it aim. With the small begins, but comes to an end the great. As a matter of fact, creativity of the person is shown in everything: in each thought, action and an act. Creativity is a display of energiya human in a certain form. Everyone creates the world the energiya. And the interior is no other than result of its creative work and efforts. These worlds as light and darkness differ because creativity happens both light, and dark are various. Even at dark it is developed. But not is in the benefit creativity dark. Creativity demands ability to connect and combine elements corresponding, combining them is harmonious. Because a basis of true creativity - Beauty. The harmonious combination of elements demands knowledge of laws of harmony, a measure and number. Were so created by Builders ideal is first-image and life forms. Not simply crystals, but on formulas approved grow. And as life and all forms of life is under construction. Not Builders generated diseases and infection microbes, but creative thought of the person, in darkness the directed. After all and the person too creates, and - on three plans. That value of thought because with creative energy it is loaded is great. Collects and condenses round it elements the corresponding, visible forms accepting eventually. And if horrors of creativity dark we see in brothels, prisons and slums of the cities, inquisition, sorcery and other things, to its akin, whether that it is possible to be surprised that elements of decomposition generate diseases and epidemics in organisms human, and droughts, floods, both earthquakes, and other a disbalance in a planet organism. Creativity to creativity is discord. But results of dark creativity are terrible. Therefore the immediate task is to direct mankind on a way light. The evil and destructions suffices. Clarification of consciousness human will be the first step of clarification planetary. The consciousness got littered with eyelids. It is necessary to clear and a creative power of mankind to rush on creation. Fight against leaving energiya of the past is grandiose. But the victory is already reached, and the last attempts of off springs of darkness to hold the destroyed kingdom are doomed to failure and final defeat. Decapitated still resist and are dangerous, as fatally wounded tiger. Observe fight stages all-planet. Two camps: world and creation forces and power of darkness and destruction. Light camp grows, and the darkness camp decays. The world fateful is lost. Creativity of the new world and builders it we Approve. To energy of mankind on construction we Direct. See in construction lifting our Hand. On scales of construction outline borders of the New World. Our Beams over it - the winner of the world become obsolete.

603. Ardent torturers will be struck. Your enemies are My enemies. But to my enemies it will be dim. I will strike when leave the sphere, with you adjoining that not to touch you. Only you the malice don't bear because they are already condemned by a self-condemnation. And you won't wound. The darkness from light eats, but self-devour and decays, provided. Be not confused dark attempts to do harm. Light contrary to them is approved. Won't be, won't be, there will be no success to any dark undertakings directed against you. All will break about a protection wall. But it isn't necessary to be saddened. From a lack of confidence of protection is a clouding. Low-beliefs! I Go on how long about strength of the Teacher. The teacher is anxious the centers to aggravate perception and in it a problem of the moment. Tranquility you store also complacency. Immunity is developed by opposition to the evil. It isn't necessary to assimilate to a clockwork doll or a dancer of which pull evil strings. Evil threads are stretched from everywhere, but it isn't necessary to sound on them. Immunity is in the spirit of. In the spirit of on evil vibrations you don't sound. You strike blow, but it is quiet and in impassivity. As if not itself, but another, close, protected. Also know, that the Teacher Will always Protect.

604. (Dec. 6). Who overcomes in itself part of the nature, becomes showed on ascension. In Me approved - the overcome means. What ways reach the goal, whether everything is equal? If only it was reached. It is clear and simply notes consciousness of the word necessary. The Lord of Knowledge Waits going to Him. The moment requirement - give the cleared screen of consciousness. Thoughts imprinted bear in themselves the elements necessary for construction. The future is approved. In it is victory of the New World. That I Will claim - prospers. All is dries and fades unnecessary, and everything, through My statement not a past. Therefore the statement received will be reached and will be carried out. Won't slow down knowledge intended is. It will be given in sequence due. Concrete knowledge demands the faultless accuracy of the receiver; show on perception of exact knowledge. I will give formulas of some energiya for the appendix. The TV, inside the prisoner, will start operating. I want to bring the device of spirit into a working condition. About it is of care. If our desires coincide, the way accelerated is facilitated, - signs of the statement I Give. It is necessary to accept concepts thrown in consciousness for growth (them) kindly and with belief confidence in words of the Lord. Energy of the Beam transfers My thoughts. Apprehended, grow and yield a fruit, - strong I Sate consciousness. According to the accord there is a perception. Quality of recognition thus is necessary. Extreme means we Avoid. Free merge wills is preferred. Purely passive perception doesn't yield fruits. That is not valuable mediums. The person speaking by phone doesn't lose the will. In it is special value of a spatial and single wire; the Lord Sends confidence of a victory. That advantage what the whole world if the consciousness isn't updated will change and won't follow a transformation way? Let there is a life the train. Way of spirit and life in the spirit of more important. Many succeeded even in the black last centuries. Whether all will succeed in the light? In a spirit prosperity is a basis, but not that occurs outside. Outside only reflection of the sum of the general energiya. The necessary is reached by only one polarization of consciousness. The necessary thoughts will reach, if the receiver opens. I instruct for execution. At inclusion in heart of the Lord the constant bridge with the Highest World is established. The image of the Lord in heart is focus accepting. The despondency and fear aren't combined with my fires. Courageous cheerfulness of consciousness big gives sonority. The muslin become limp doesn't sound. Strings of consciousness have to be tense. Spirit tension is necessary. Constantly alarmed that the consciousness in a calmness stupefy didn't stiffen. The tranquility is tension of fiery energiya of spirit, but not rest of sorrow less vegetation and stagnation. We are tormented until power of spirit not becomes not is perforation external influences. At whom fear - I Will give fear at whom despondency - I Will give despondency. At who concern - I Will give concern, won't get stronger yet and won't be approved in the force. It is necessary to worry up to this quality full a gets rid. The strong and overcome spirits are necessary to me. It isn't necessary slugs. Therefore firmly stand, without showing fear. The middle isn’t present. Or to overcome and to win, or move back, losing stays. It is necessary to accept a formula: either victory, or defeat. But the hand to Me the winner, who has enclosed always, is. We go to achievements obvious. Way of stays we won't belittle. Treasures prepare wait that them took a courageous hand.

605. My son, to Light phenomenon that we will prefer? Therefore let the first thought will be about Light and about Light let there will be the last thought. Thought of Light we will begin day, thought of Light it and we will finish. And then the dream will be rest and a press of forces updated. Thoughts we connect them to that sphere to which we think to enter. Let's bring consciousness in everything, leaving nothing to a case. The mood before going to bed on a certain note is necessary that in dream on it and to sound. This note can be chosen and established will. At will of spatial currents and waves the boat without a wheel and sails rushes. But Archat operates the conditions and channelizes desirable flights. Before going to bed the thought should be approved in the desirable direction. And the consciousness thin will gather from the spheres, to the approved direction of the corresponding. So gradually a fiery wave of will we will enter into all phenomena of the life. Archat cope the will. Archat - an affirm of the reasons which have been consciously chosen. The world of consequences of Archat at his will is created. Each thought is a seed, a consequence bringing, small, or big, or - a thread infinite, stretched in boundlessness. Not always the thought string, but cyclically sounds, coming back from time to time beget for the new statement and watering, or for replacement of with thought of more sublime, to the increased consciousness of the conformable. Therefore control over thought is of particular importance. The consciousness grows, outgrowing former representations and thoughts. Coming back, they are shined with a consciousness beam under a new point of view, expecting to itself will of the statement or will of destruction. So there is a selection constant. There can't be reflex, indifferent or once already accepted relation to thought this. Consciousness lifting, spirit for itself carried away, demands revision of reflexes once thought sounding in consciousness. And the thought shined with a beam of consciousness, burns down in it if it is unworthy a new step of consciousness, and is approved and amplifies if to it corresponds. It is before going to bed especially important to direct the spirit, like the train, on a certain way from which the train won't descend before new transition of an arrow. In this case control is especially necessary. And levers of an arrow of consciousness - in will hands. The magnetic essence of spirit goes to spheres defined for increase. To the Highest Spheres it is possible to direct spirit for increase in Light. Let the attuning of a harp of spirit before going to bed become the phenomenon habitual and approved. It has the same importance, as well as aspiration of spirit the last at the moment of death; because the dream of death is similar (it is death in a miniature). And in big, and in the small we will choose and approve ways of Light by the will consciously.

606. (Dec. 7). Great unpronounceable in Silence it is comprehended. The voice of Silence can be audible when all broke off three. They can break off only under a condition when heart from three is withdrawn and for some time is transferred to area of Great Silence. On heart the Knowledge turns out. To break off in three to begin to sound in the Highest, it is possible. Let the first attempts because vanity is loud will be short; but heart transfer in that area, where terrestrial steps calm down, given the chance to join a source of Great Knowledge.

607. (Dec. 8). Certainly, the first step is a release of consciousness from freight terrestrial. The thought from tatters should be released day. The thought exempted from freight of garbage of the ordinary, will be free. Thought is in captivity at the lowest astral. Impassivity of thought is its release from the power of the double and his never-ending experiences. Division of three first of all has to happen in consciousness. All arsenals of the lowest emotions: irritations, envy, rage, not goodwill and other - it is possible to leave below, without having suffered at all from it and without having lost completeness of the expression. It is possible to live day, both two, and all life, without being involved in their networks. It also will be release. The astral cleared of them, the functions can freely bear. And it put before awakening of the highest centers to be a link binding with the Invisible World. Even mediums on condition of clarification of the double are exposed to any dangers thin less. Control over this cover has to be full and firm. It is easier to follow thought.

608. Lets not grieve for anything, mourn too. Terrestrial affairs passing don't cost it. Let's better think of what experience can be taken from them. Experience is taken from all events with us. It is possible directly and to approach to the life phenomena, trying to collect experience from everything and from everywhere, as a bee - medical. As a matter of fact, everything is given for experience and to learn. It is bad if the phenomenon of life is carried by, having given nothing. And all life can be lived, having received nothing from it (life), without having gained any experience and having saved up nothing. It is barren flower life. Then in general for the sake of what to live if results come to naught zero? Here people promise and don't do, speak and don't carry out. Note in the consciousness that it is impossible to rely on the majority of people in anything. Here you see that people are in the relationship on the devil of explosion. Note: many people aren't able and don't want to learn to be self-controlled. And it is especially rigid, ruthless and without connivance note own weaknesses and shortcomings. Here already mercy to itself not shown. Look as the distance meanwhile is great that you are, and what you want to become. And this distance reduce. Not about a far ideal - an attraction anchor, it is spoken, but about the closest your intentions of quality urgent are shown in life. You dream of restraint. How it is show? Examine desirable quality in its vital application, or movements of the lowest astral. Whether raises the head again? Whether deprives of achievements useful? Whether dictates the will, light of a way dimming? Note what to strengthen what to change what to improve. Also think of how to reduce footpaths of fieriness and dissoluteness of mental energy. Somehow and in something it is possible always itself both to constrain, and to moderate to any degree, and to reduce something. To pull out dirt the not all and not always in power, but systematically and systematically to reduce in itself display undesirable and it is possible, and has to, that is, always it is possible, whether quickly, whether isn't present, but to go, but forward. Also there is no such moment when around or in itself something would be impossible and somehow to improve. It is good to dream of overcoming of the shortcomings and to present it, the strong to the overcoming. It is possible to put mentally itself in situation necessary, but even more difficult and difficult, and to see itself victoriously overcoming and approving qualities necessary. So the Teacher of the pupil Thinks. So the pupil has to think of himself. And if something frightens, it is possible to present itself one going with the grenade on tanks when the death around reigns. And moderate small fears before the true danger. The hero doesn't fear. So, having overcome something in consciousness, it is already easy and simple to overcome it in life. Something nags concern. It is possible to imagine situation a hundred times most bitter and mentally with firmness to pass through it, without showing nor despondency, nor a clouding, concern. And trifles nagging really will seem trifles. Let's accelerate the way in all available ways. If only not get stuck on a place. Self-tests, mental or mental, the pupil on themselves imposed, are useful extraordinary. As though weapon training before fight, - and, if the thought is issued rather strongly, and test can be taken place in life with the same success. Quality fancy, thought approved, it is possible to strengthen the solution of will, firm and unshakable, are shown itself at height due. Having made a mistake and having shown quality undesirable, it is possible to imagine clearly, as though the soldier of Light should arrive in this case, having mentally carried out itself it is successful through this test again. By no means is it impossible to leave the mistakes, mentally not corrected, without having imposed on them the final conclusion. A lot of litter can be taken out thus from consciousness and to avoid much. Devise how to accelerate the way.

609. (Dec. 9). My friend won't be success in anything if the incommensurability is allowed. The phenomenon of commensurability commensurate affairs and acts a way the Highest. And if they don't coincide with it, and the way anymore doesn't become that. Full compliance between life and ascension is necessary. If the thought directs forward, and feet - back, what will turn out? And what will be if thought, and feet direct back? Therefore let don't occupy a field of consciousness of the phenomenon not gets rid. If they entirely capture consciousness in what there will be a distinction between the pupil and the inhabitant? It is necessary to put all on the place and getting’s not to allow growths of things. Let's not be, we won't be, we won't be in slavery at something. Release comes at full clarification of consciousness. Let's not think that a lot of things are already reached, if something yet gets rid. How to get rid not gets rid and nestled strongly? Every possible filling of heart by the Lord! Fill heart with the Lord so that to squeeze there already nothing could. Fall asleep and wake up with thoughts of the Lord. Fill with them intervals of free minutes. You think about Light Ego, in you getting. Thought bend to It. To it provide to battle inside, heart and thoughts to It having given. Aspiration the consciousness fills itself with vibrations of to what directs. Make effort the sphere to fill with thoughts, conformable to the Highest. Where commensurability if, sitting in a dirty pelvis, the person directs up? The aspiration has to show commensurability too. Sitting in a pool, don't take for an achievement ideal. Let all terrestrial will occupy that small place which is given it in Boundlessness in a microcosm. The hypertrophy of small things and the phenomena darkens the world boundless, being an ugly picture of what doesn't have a place in Space. The world of human heaps doesn't correspond to creation of Space and the plan of Evolution. Personal worlds human, with the reality world not coordinated are painful outgrowths in aura of a planet. But the world of the personal consciousness which has extended, both a planet and mankind itself embraced and in itself included, any more isn't a dissonance destructive. The teacher Calls superpersonal to join the world, about the world the small having forgotten.

610. Entered here won't return back. It and is clear. It is impossible, having got knowledge, to become the ignoramus. Therefore, after a known step back return isn't present. It is possible to fall, and it is deep, but it is already impossible to come back to a condition of the irresponsible child. It is necessary to grow, accumulating energy. Friends, whether it is better to raise and multiply the forces in Light? There will be no success in anything if, having touched Light, to be seduced with darkness. What can serve as criterion of the correct direction? Only aspiration purpose is. Where we go? We go to the Lord. Whether answer the purpose of thought and acts allowed? If yes, the way is correct. And if isn't present? It is so necessary to realize affairs made and to approve responsibility. Eyes should be opened. There are no things indifferent. Everyone attracts up or down. Of magnetization of thought, words and actions we will think.

611. (Dec. 10). Spatial opportunities are limited to a condition of consciousness at present. Sounding of consciousness isn't always identical. Even the radio set not always transfers equally. The condition of the atmosphere influences. Especially the receiver of consciousness depends on conditions of spatial currents. Communication can be established always, but degree of its clarity will be various. Clarity of the receiver hangs from many reasons. The reasons can be out of and in a microcosm lying. The first on will or desire of the person don't depend, the second - within his power. But, though generation of conditions spatial doesn't depend on consciousness at present, nevertheless the consciousness to some extent after all can overcome their resistance. Are overcome by will! But the most important is to adjust the receiver inside on a wave desirable. Thus it is required that all three principles and their covers merged in uniform aspiration. If everyone sounds after the own fashion and voluntarily, the success won't be. The adjusted coherence of all covers and consciousness is a condition most necessary. The phenomenon of perception is absolutely inaccessible to many thanks to inability harmonius conductors. But one harmonization hasn't enough. The channel connecting, or a thread, with a source of perceived energiya the binding is necessary still. Without this thread it is possible to appear in position of the medium that can apprehend anything and from where it is necessary because it is open for any influence and influence. In case of an apprenticeship business is more simply. Contact, with the Teacher established, excludes possibility of casual or chaotic perceptions. Certainly, foreign interventions in a wire are possible, but as exceptions. Thus, without the Teacher there can't be a systematic and natural perception of spatial energiya. Their systematicity and regularity can be strengthened consciously. The rhythm uninterrupted very much helps, as well as aspiration warm. The brain aspiration without heart participation won't yield results. Energy of a brain affect only short distance and spatial distances can't overcome. Therefore heart participation in the course of perception is need. Many would like to perceive, but they wish mind and a brain. The brain is limited by five feelings and affects length of their wave, but participation of heart brings and attaches to brain energiya of energy thin, being above a tridimentionality condition. The thought brain works in a direct environment and is weak. The same thought, but sated with energy of heart, any more doesn't know distances, especially, if heart fires already work. So it is necessary to distinguish two types of the thoughts sharply among themselves differing on character and the force, and the main thing, on the width of the sphere of the distribution. Thoughts of distant action are the thoughts loaded with fires of warm energy, knowing neither obstacles, nor distances. Therefore for a display of power of thought it is necessary to call heart for action. The harmonious combination of a brain and heart gives consequences especially powerful. So at registration of thoughts of special function both centers are combined in harmonious tension. Are powerless thoughts of people because are often generated only by a brain? And even generated by heart, are weak because didn't receive due registration through a brain. Force vagueness won't give to the phenomenon. Cement of will fastens production of two centers, and then thought to blow of a sparkling sword is similar or to a shell of the big tool if it is thought of distant action. Heart and Manas are combined harmoniously. At perception it is extraordinary important to unite strong heart and a brain in uniform aspiration to the Teacher. At the broken-off covers and the firmness of the aspiration merged thus even disharmony of spatial currents can be overcome somehow. The symbol of a unicorn to perception is applicable. A lot of things depend on will of the person, and the knowledge opens an entrance. Be saved from inconsistency internal. Be monolithic is in aspirations and your desires. Also know that all visible operate invisible thin the energy which citadel is heart of the person - a prototype and similarity small Great Heart.

612. (Dec. 11). I approve ease of Communication when in it is mute heart participates. Communication can be only warm. Communication with the Teacher goes in the area of heart. Brain is only subsidiary device for final dense fixing of impressions. It is necessary to understand limitation of coverage of a brain and limitlessness - hearts. Without heart Communication is impossible, and it is given a taking priority role. It isn't necessary to argue during Communication. It is a brain argues and disturbs perception. Heart doesn't argue, but works, establishing connection. Therefore at Communication activity of a brain should be reduced to an inevitable and necessary minimum, having put it in a rigid framework. Heart is a recorder and the transmitter of the Highest energiya. On heart and sight, both hearing, and perceptions thin. Life of heart is approved fully and consciously.
In the fall there will be shifts final. For fall date the life plan. Time of uncertainty ended. There comes new life - imperiously and victoriously. The doctrine should be given in free hands. A week ago your fate was decided. The assignment is given. Incomparably real greatness is of the future hidden to term. The phenomenon of the future is inseparable from Arrival.

613. The Teacher channelizes thought which increases naturally. Thoughts, the Teacher seeded, are grains good. Whether these grains of own crops are that? How to be with crops obviously unusable, the fruits bearing? At constancy of aspiration the consciousness grows and grows from a former framework. And then there is unnecessary, improper and get rid on what the consciousness once broke. Therefore, exit one: forward, despite everything. If to stop the advance because of these or those imperfections or the shortcomings, then in general any ascension becomes impossible, because who without a sin and who is perfect? But the robber on a cross, but tax-gatherer and the loose woman are given by symbols of opportunities not belittled. And necessary only one condition is invariable is an aspiration to the Teacher. Because then, whether soon, whether slowly, sooner or later, but to the purpose the going will reach. Not be to be saddened by the not gets rid the properties, better think, as them to get rid somewhat quicker. Living conditions are curve, from them and the consciousness is bent. But in the Highest Spheres there is no curvature. To them also we will direct spirit. Stay there is joyful. There are no currents pressing, there are no phenomena menacing. The way all besides to not predicate to Light is light in them. When it is dark, we will think that there is Light and the way celestial is open.

614. (Dec. 12). It is necessary both win, and to reach. Poisonous times will pass. Pass everything, but the wreath of achievements remains. Pass everything that disturbs that torments that disturbs that burdens. Only the fruit of achievements remains. Therefore it is better to care that remains, instead of that will pass. It is too much energy and thoughts it is spent for the passing. But where is your treasure, there and heart. Force it on trifles is spent, and for the main place any more doesn't remain. Vanity wins, and vanity in consciousness takes priority. It also is a death celebration because vanity is mortal and doomed. Even memoirs didn't remain about the whole people who have gone to oblivion of the past and after all and they too lived. And passing days them were filled. In great procession of the people only achievements of spirit have time and remain in the spirit of forever. Therefore care not about temporary, but about eternal, not about day of the past, but about the future because in it fruits of last crops gather. Only the future belongs to us. In the past is death. Therefore direct in the future because the future is celebrated by a life symbol. Clarity of the receiver hangs at a contamination the lowest emotions.

615. Early shoots especially should be protected from accidents of external conditions. Conditions of disclosure of the centers are especially delicate. They aren't harmed by work tension, but tension of negative qualities harms. It is easy to blow just started to inflame a flame. We will be careful with it is thin the adjusted device. Balance, nothing broken will be the best condition for a display of fires after all. Any fluctuations of consciousness in this or that party disturb growth of fires. Stability is required exactly burning flame. Press isn’t fluctuation. Under whiff of a wind the candle flame fluctuates. But under a press, say, in a blowtorch, it starts shooting, gains stability and isn't afraid of a wind if the press is rather strong. Press and tension of a flame gives it stability, external conditions not broken. Therefore, fires not only have to flare up, but also get due degree of tension. Fires, it deprived, easily go out even from insignificant fluctuation of external conditions. We will be careful during this period initial, trying to abstain from any excesses or consciousness fluctuations. Let's approve tranquility not only in usual sense of this word, but also in all way of internal life of a microcosm. It is necessary to refrain from arrhythmic fluctuations of consciousness in everything. If the belief is replaced by doubt or even uncertainty are already disbalance. If external expression or a usual condition of consciousness not correspond casual mood, it already is inconsistency. Let the way will be steady and direct.

616. (Dec. 13). Is crisis of the narrow phenomena! It isn't necessary to grumble. Ways are inscrutable. It is necessary to decide what to do. Terms come nearer.
Let's always write. Also it is necessary to adjust itself on a key of an invariance of a constant. Uncertainty breaks a receiver tonality, bringing fluctuations unnecessary. I told: my Voice won't stick. Firmly hold told in consciousness. It is necessary to start the next Record quietly. It is also necessary to keep firmly consciousness in the chosen channel, without allowing it to distract from a thread of uniform communication. The Lord is unchangeable. Why the passing and changing moods and conditions to attribute to It? I with you, a knowledge gate also am open. But all should enter heart and all consciousness. In this case incompleteness is absolutely unacceptable. There can't be a Contact normally if the consciousness grabs scraps of usual thinking and jumps from thought on thought. Devise it is necessary how to make so that all being, unseparable in itself to enclose in Communication with the Teacher. When it is observed completeness of tendency, can't but be the answer. The consciousness which hasn't been shared in is a condition the most necessary. So at least at the moments of Communication it is necessary meet full-devotion conditions, that is the full legend of to the Teacher. To catch a sound, the sound-ranger goes towards a sound source as also the consciousness goes to focus of consciousness of the Hierarch and doesn't come off any more It not for a moment in Communication all the time. Many think that Communication goes automatically. But it is not so. Because the consciousness has in itself the elements inclined to disintegration if they don't restrain will. Therefore will control, firm and resolute, is inevitable. The body decays when it is left by spirit. As also the consciousness breaks up to the components if it doesn't unite and doesn't constrain the center of will bind. People weak-willed usually have wandering mind. In mentally ill people we see an example of how constraining and supervising process is absent and occurs or continuous chaotic jumping from thought on thought without any participation of will, or, on the contrary, submission to the so-called obsessions, one or several. And any more the person operates thought and mind, and on the contrary. Thus, the will is the highest prerogative of the person. The will also is shown in tranquility, balance and ability to focus consciousness in a certain channel. To follow advice of people around or their suggestions - means to refuse the will. It is possible to follow also advice, but having set to each council the seal of the will and the statement. The will protects Communication process. It is impossible to rely neither on feelings, nor on moods, on a mental condition of the moment. The will subordinates all these unstable elements, bringing them into a due condition of rest. The consciousness is constantly torn apart by disharmony of environment. The will has to triumph over it before Contact can take place. It is impossible to rely on favor of external conditions because cry also a gnash tooth - their tone usual. And the gnash of the environment is overcome by will. Is useless to fight with over what we aren't imperious. But where it is possible to put will, as well as the sphere of own microcosm - everything is subject to will control. On one pole of life - the person, the slave to everything, and everything, both itself, and the covers, on other - the Lord - the center of fiery will. What power of will of Lords of the Karma? Before becoming the Lord, the person has to become the lord of own power and to approve the will. Therefore to all phenomena opposite we will learn to oppose the will, remembering power of thought and levers of the phenomena terrestrial. Everything is set in motion by will, or spirit fire in operation.

617. It is better to consider that will concern nothing us, than to be afraid of each passable shadow. The fear attracts. On degree of fear we will be frightened. Therefore any fear is eradicated and replaced with full fearlessness. The magnet of fearlessness is strong and positive. But the fear magnet is pernicious and negative. If the person - a magnet and each condition of its spirit magnitno, attracting on the essence, it is beneficial and diarant fearlessness magnet because pushes away powerfully the phenomena, to it not the corresponding. To polarize, or to adjust, the consciousness is possible on any wave. It is better to live on a fearlessness wave, attracting elements fiery construction, than to destroy the essence decomposing vibrations of any fears. Through inevitable all the same it is necessary to pass. Whether it is better to pass through it courageously and beautifully? And who knows, where it, inevitable? Whether it is better to rely quietly on wisdom of a leading Hand of the Teacher, than to torment itself with various fears? Certainly, its majesty egoism can be concerned these or those phenomena of life. But it is better to die absolutely to it. Not to leave from karmic meetings and events. And they should be met adequately. About what advantage of spirit it is possible to speak if the person of everything is afraid? The fear and advantage are incompatible. To accept all precautionary measures doesn't mean to be afraid. The soldier before fight examines the weapon and prepares itself for all accidents of battle, but courageous heart doesn't shiver. Fear it is ignorantly to eat also hospitably open doors for that phenomenon which the person while courage is the fortress protected and protected by strong walls with tightly closed enemies is afraid. Courage is a board not perforation. It is necessary to throw out a firm hand from consciousness any fears. The guard on a tower sharp-sightedly looks out for enemies, but doesn't open them a stronghold gate. On the channel of fears injuriousness and ruin, its magnet gets the attracted. Laws of mental energy work in the accord with a consciousness tone which is given by will. Let's be mindful of a magnetic mood of the microcosm. Let the will work in harmony with consciousness, attracting desirable and pushing away the phenomena dark. In the microcosm the person of energy of an attraction bears. From aura threads to the world external are stretched. According to the accord there is an attraction. Success and the loser bear in himself energy of the happy and burdened karma. There are people of the Sun and people of the Moon. The way of the first is light and is direct. As pleasure, light, energy blows from them. The way of the lunar person is vague, foggy, timid, dim and sad. He is constantly tormented with vague ghosts and not clear fears, he is suppressed by Wednesday, and he is inert and passive. It in is the power of reflex unruliness. It is victim of casual currents. It is victim of whirlwinds astral. It is victim of the moods and foreign external influences. As the elephant of happiness, goes the person of the solar nature, like the battle ship, there is it, moving apart bulks of ocean waves. On a key of happiness the courageous consciousness is adjusted. And a choice of ways in hands of the person, because everyone - the smith both the happiness, and the misfortune. Even it is better to death to look in the face with smile also dared, than to shiver before and to kowtow, coiling in a fear paroxysm.

618. (Dec. 14). Won't be mistake tell that the press of circumstances antagonistic will be a method of their overcoming. It is impossible to put blow to the phenomenon indistinct. But when it is collected in focus, it can be destroyed with one blow. We condense and Collect evil knots that bulked up to destroy. Without this concentration of forces opposite and their obvious registration it is very difficult to wound them because they, being scattered, harm on wide space, and in case of destruction because of them can suffer and others, with the evil directly not the connected. This swelling of darkness permitted by us, or its localization, is the same tactics of Adverse. Probably is on how, so the network catches fish. Focuses of concentration of leaving energiya we strengthen. It doesn't mean that the evil grows, but only gathers for the destruction. Rather this swelling of leaving forces, the will go better. After each destruction of focus there will be a clarification of this part of a planet on all space, from where were pulled together in focus of force of leaving energiya. The evil has to be revealed up to the end, everything, completely. Without this identification it can't be destroyed. Focuses of a press of dark energiya and carriers them are a consequence of Great Fight finished. Now there is a preparation for their elimination. Itself -destroyed angrily. The negative phenomenon surely has to be revealed whenever possible displace more stoutly in order that it was easier than it. It isn't necessary to see in it a victory of darkness or its strengthening. Not strengthening it, but exactly the last concentration of leaving spiteful energiya. Abscess should ripen before operation, and it is impossible to make it ahead of time. Therefore it is necessary to show both patience, and understanding. The logic of self-evidence destroys dark constructions. And this logic becomes property of the people. Not to hide any more dark frauds behind doors of diplomatic offices. The people understand wreckers in dress coats and cylinders. Both any speeches and tricks not hide to predators of animal essence. Words won't help; life breaks those rates real facts. On sand the leaving race builds the strongholds. Her last third, spiteful and hypocritical, weave strong end karma, straining in the last fruitless efforts. But Light already won. Are condemned and deleted from the book of the live. Be lost all. I Told.

619. The law of a spiral regulates consciousness life. Therefore it is impossible to have always perception of identical brightness and tension. Alternation of sharpness of perceptions and their degree alternate in natural sequence. Spiral movement can't be changed. All is subordinated to it. In its essence of progress is. If heart isn't reduced, it won't extend. And it means death or stagnation. Therefore silence of consciousness it isn't necessary to be confused. It is necessary to have a rest, save up also to it new forces and to begin to sound on a harmony new. Before the big phenomena some calm is inevitable. It is impossible to take these periods for rejection. Simply the consciousness gathers inside again to extend to yield results obvious. Consciousness pulsation is phenomenon natural. It isn't necessary to force it during the calm periods. Freely is dismissed ovary and gives a flower. If violently to open a kidney, the flower which has to reveal will be lost. Be careful with a consciousness flower. It is necessary to wait when it will begin to sound with a new force.

620. (Dec. 16). Write. Events are multiplied. The seeds of the evil seeded by the Lucifer have to give shoots and to be destroyed already forever. They should be revealed, as well as darkness carriers. To Arrival term the field has to be cleared away and division is complete. Everyone has to accept a face the last which will define its destiny. It is possible to call this time the end period; are brought results destinies national and destinies personal. The centers of the evil will be destroyed one by one in all ways: self-consuming, accidents and wars. Burden is from a terrible press spatial. Currents are condensed. To resist, special courage is required. It isn't necessary to think that it is possible to rest on monasteries. On the contrary is. The last division aggravates fight in a microcosm because the saved up strain fire all of energy. It was possible to live somehow earlier, having gone to the sink. Now during events are involved all and it is necessary to pay both for the, and for the others. Karmas are bound. We protect within the possible. But the transmutation of consciousness has to come to the end to term. Therefore and it is heavy. Explosion is inevitable. But it is preceded by a press preparatory. In the regular way not pass any more. There is only a way on tops. It is necessary to be attracted to Hierarchy by force all. But it is possible and not to reach. Not to reach before the end will be the greatest tragedy of spirit. But the will is free. And if heavy mine, what outside the standing? Collect thoughts round the Teacher. New thoughts I Will send. But it is necessary to be attracted. Fire not always burns, but the love to the Driver doesn't interrupt. Means, fire of love burns always and the go out of his death is similar. Understand responsibility of the moment. Vanity doesn’t distract. The consciousness sinks in scraps and splinters of the personal dim world. But in Me - Light. Whether it is possible to be encumbered personal when on the card the Identity future already forever the futures are put? Where to take forces and thoughts of the Teacher? If there are no thoughts, the Image, in consciousness withheld, will help. Terrible time of the last division can be passed only with Me. The parts of spirit scattered thoughtlessly everywhere, carefully and resolutely collect in the center and outside it don't direct as it allows life. It is necessary to bring together all itself in spirit focus, without segmenting a spirit monolith. Great concentration of consciousness is required also association with the Teacher. It is impossible to come off not for a moment. Dangerous is time. It is necessary both keep, and to escape. Phantoms of imagination can bulk up to degree of obvious reality and absorb the consciousness which hasn't been approved on the Teacher. Be careful of consciousness absorption by dregs and slime of dim darkness surrounding. The darkness pre-dawn is condensed. Courageously stand. Not honor to the one who won't resist the last hours planetary. It is better to reach at any cost, than powerlessly to allow darkness to drain in consciousness. In twilight the planet because the dawn is close, close sinks. Tactics of Adverse allows the darkness phenomenon. Have to be show in all completeness for elimination. But the press of dark energiya is heavy to consciousness. Friends, I Warn about days of a special press. Let all words your good, both thoughts, and feelings will be realized in energy, light approving, into lives showed lives at difficult o'clock planetary. Consciousnesses strong and resistant are necessary to the teacher, able to serve as columns of foundations. It isn't necessary feeble-minded. It isn't necessary itself occupied, filled and in the egoism shipped. At an o'clock difficult assistants are necessary. Where they, Me the help in the spirit of the bearing? Really and now leave One how left One once and left more than once? With Me divided hour difficult with Me will share also Light won. With Me, with Me, with Me arrived in a minute of need, with Me, with Me, with Me and in Light Great will arrive. I Told.

621. (Half awake). In case of violation of instructions of the Lord it is possible and not to win.
Time the most crucial. Even accident it would be possible to avoid if people thought again in time. Possibly everything, "if"... Here in it "if" free will of the person his death also is covered. We Won a victory, but people have to address, voluntary, on a way human. The way "nuclear" isn't a way human. Spirit ways are lost. Spirit it is necessary to wake. Discrepancy of going energiya with fires human can cause accident. Not combination causes explosion. But already in the planetary scale, because power of spatial fire amplifies is. Certainly, fire will win, but depends on people that the victory wasn't all-planet over a cemetery. Can be lost much; but don't trust therefore are deaf. Don't trust in anything. It is difficult to warn blind and deaf even if the able to see persist. The final warning be given in the form of available, and the freedom of choice will be provided. The will of the people will decide destiny of mankind. Only they can muzzle on predators. Time of captures passed. Basis of the New World is cooperation of all in everything. All is doomed and all - who against. Terrible is time.

622. (Dec. 17). Correctly, My son, completeness and indivisibility of aspiration are the Communication basis. Let's write about not interchangeability of skilled accumulation. Records given are closely connected with life experience through which passes consciousness. The life passable is reflected in them. The abstract knowledge is fruitless, but on life experience based, is value integral and necessary. I plan life of the pupil so that life gave demanded experience and, as a result, materials for Record. Therefore they are closely connected with life and its lessons. In process of passing by consciousness of vital steps experience invaluable is stored. It also forms a basis of collected knowledge. It is impossible to believe that book knowledge can replace it. Then all scientists and scribes would become pupils. But scribes are far from an apprenticeship. There are scientists - a little they are working under our Hand, but yet not understanding a source of the prosperity. And only units work in conscious contact with the Teacher. But also here in a basis skilled cognition lies. From life not leave. The skilled understanding of the mistakes relieves of need again to pass through them. So the experience gained in one area, allows starting developing the new page of new area of cognition, expanding consciousness. But the purpose of the person - learn everything, at least, synthetic. Therefore the way of skilled cognition is boundless. It is possible to assimilate to a sponge which is greedy absorbing in fruitful moisture of experience of life. As a matter of fact, teaches all and all can become a source, something brought. Any phenomenon of life doesn't remain silent. It is possible to study on everything. It is necessary to open eyes only. The nature giving a rich material is especially instructive in this regard. All of us are pupils of great Mother Nature. But the conscious apprenticeship is an indicator of a maturity of consciousness. To study and store experience there are human life purposes. To study always and everywhere, to study endlessly - such is the correct life.

623. (Dec. 18). Life human represents itself a long chain of the phenomena through which it is necessary to pass. Neither growth, nor a shape of a nose, eyes and ears it is impossible to change. It is impossible to change neither parents approved, nor relatives, many other conditions. A lot of things don't depend on will of the person. Anyway, but the foreordained it is necessary to pass through the phenomenon. And if it is necessary and if it is inevitable and if to change anything already it is impossible, whether it is better to pass that through it beautifully? Let's assume that the death is inevitable, whether it is better to meet it quietly, with is proud of the raised head, than to shiver low for fear and to entreat the torturers, hopelessly begging for indulgence. End is one both in that, and in other; in any case life too comes to an end death. Whether it is better to meet it the hero? And so in all that it is inevitable. Foreordained it is necessary to pass through life. It is better to pass it, even heavy, with a smile, keeping spirit advantage, than to be a market doll of market evidence which pulls strings everyone managed them to take in hand. Let's be alarmed constantly, fiery immunity of spirit to external influences yet won't be approved. Today concerns, tomorrow concerns, endlessly concerns and fears while the spirit won't tell itself: I want the advantage, I want the power over, and I want to exempt independence of the balance from tyranny of passing conditions. How many heavy, unpleasant and uneasy I presented life, and still we stand. Ineradicableness the essence it is necessary to understand. All will pass, and even memoirs doesn't remain about a past, but spirit, uniform and eternal, not able anything to be destroyed, remains with us because the person is a spirit. And if heart from the next passing ghost shivers, imagine even more most bitter, even more terrible, and mentally pass through it as beseems the hero. Mental overcoming of conditions is very useful. It as though the action plan, to execution the planned. That has to happen, happens surely, we will cry or laugh, be afraid or not. But having met inevitable in tranquility and balance of spirit, winners we become. Having spread in powerlessness, to a wet rag it is similar, we lose the stays and we doom them to re-testing by the same while successfully we won't pass through it. The aimlessness of unnecessary experiences should be understood and if it is necessary to pass through something, it is necessary to pass as it befits the pupil of the Lord. The advantage for small feelings, experiences and emotions don't exchange. They destroy crystals of fire saved up. They rob a plunder treasure of mental energy. They turn surrounding you into pity puppets of the small passion; they do a market by reality of life and substitute reality for evidence. The one who will manage to keep the advantage in small, will keep it and in the great. If people understood, how much precious force is aimlessly spent on trifles. Qualities of spirit are essence condensers, stores and accumulators of fiery energy. Not ruddy virtue, but the mountain not plundered, but a casket closed, but a spirit stronghold, fire energiya pumped, because qualities of spirit - collectors of fiery power. The person can save up great force in him, consciously accumulating the electromagnetic force. And those conditions which force the inhabitant to spend the forces for unnecessary and harmful experiences and emotions, doing him the victim of casual circumstances, help the one who knows how to accumulate the forces, taking them from all ant raised combinations of passing combinations of a matter. Any conditions can give the forces and - in vain, from any condition it is possible to gather forces and - with advantage. Here eternally frightened inhabitant with a message frightening came running. Accept it quietly, storing complete equilibrium. And your force will be increased. And he will run further, looking for the next victim, and it being it, and besides hopeless. Help if you can. But to the clown inside don't allow wriggling and breaking on a whim of each passer as it he passionately wants. Because the astral double is similar to a monkey. It is impossible for an unreasonable animal, the carrier of the lowest cover, to give the power over, even to please to the first comer or surrounding people, under the power of it living. Therefore fears, concerns, excitements, fears, irritations, discontent, tendency to a gossip and hearings and all other, so harmful things, behind their full uselessness, aimlessness and an incommensurability, and the main thing because they are plunderers of fiery treasure of mental energy which should be saved up consciously and firmly are expelled. The clown doesn't suit for ways to the Brotherhood. Also slaves to whom and something aren't necessary also.

624. The spirit world is boundless. But - in the power of the person also it can be limited by him the narrow small world of a direct environment. To narrow or expand it - depends on will and desire of its carrier. My world embraces Boundlessness in its available expression. What embraces itself your world? Favorite bog, hen house, pigsty, either nesting box, or lodge pro-moldy and sour, either your country, or planet both its future and worlds? Everyone can realize about the sizes of the world or the world. The doctrine of Life expands the horizons of the visible world to limits of Boundlessness and broadens the world internal in time, attaching to it the World the Highest. Yesterday, today and tomorrow the person become the huge concepts adjoining to Eternity. And the spirit starts being accustomed to that the consciousness lived not in the past or the present, but at first - in the future, and then - in eternal. And thus real, last and the future become only aspects of Eternity in its great and eternal "NOWADAYS". It is told:" Before beginnings of centuries A (I) Is". I was, Is and I Will be. Out of limits of commonness conducts consciousness the Life Doctrine. Also it is possible to imagine all a little a world narrow-minded when the consciousness of the person is completely captured by any small feeling - offense, irritation, envy - and it is entirely absorbed of. And then the great world truly turns into the world small, the world dim, the world limited. The future disappears then, Boundlessness disappears, both the tsar of the nature and the child of Eternity - people, plunges into a small pool of small feelings human, excepting the world without borders and the beginning. The consciousness human huddles on these worlds and hides in them from great reality. I want to destroy these illusive worlds which don't have a root in reality. I want to bring consciousness to the Boundlessness scope. I Want to release the person. It is possible to call the eternal prisoner spirit human, pining in blank walls of human fabrications. Bonds invented I Want to split. I will destroy self-satisfaction rolling in wellbeing; I shake the basis of their blindness and deafness. I will make able to see blind, and will exorcise the mute! Too long the spirit was silent, and too long the flesh reigned. The kingdom of the dense world and its power over consciousness terminated. There comes a spirit kingdom. And the World Invisible, obviously real and powerful, the world Light Elevated enters the rights of possession of consciousness of the person. Great revolution comes in the world human, great revolution of spirit yet people of greatness of changes of the futures don't realize. But already I struck hour of awakening of spirit human, and nothing will stop evolution steps. The unknown era comes. Era of the great opportunities display is the highest energiya on Earth, in the world dense, connecting the Sky and Earth in one huge, majestic, unseparable world. Also there will be no already one-sided ridiculous existence on one foot in one world terrestrial. Existence is fraught many terrible consequences. Two worlds - Invisible and visible, in one merged and on Earth approved in consciousness of the person, will begin the Era of Fire all-binding. I will destroy spirit fetters, I Will release consciousness from long captivity of ignorance and isolation. I will give the new concept of the world which becomes property of all. Life in the basis will change, and the spirit human to tops the foreordained will rise. And boundless freedom of spirit and freedom in the spirit of will be the basis of the New World. Not there people look for freedom; only in the spirit of it. I will erect the temple Uniform spirit and this temple there will be a whole world and the uniform attendant in it - the person - the winner of the world.

625. (Dec. 19). The guru is the Builder. The envoy of Light him we Will call, to the world brought the Hierarchy message, the Gospel of the New kingdom, the New World, the New Era. The gospel Fiery, or Fire Gospel, I announced it to the world, and in it sense of its messenger. On demolition of the old world when it was still absolutely dark, there was he, like a column fiery, at the crossroads world roads, and the great concept of Fire of Yoga was carried by on the ground from edge to the edge, for the first time turned to all people. It put the hands the basis for the adoption of transformation of a planet, combining knowledge of the astrological moment of Earth with messenger the new Doctrine of Life. Its activity all-planets and all people of the Earth were filled by it with the thought. Whether it is possible to imagine, what terrible wave of counteraction, dullness human, stagnancy, ignorance and a gloom it was necessary to overcome to it to force to begin to sound not only certain people, but also the whole countries, and even heads them on an appeal approving the Banner of the World, the Banner of Lords. And at the beginning of the Era of Mother of the World he openly, for the whole world, among a modern mechanical and callous civilization said great concept of Mother of the World. From depths of Asia, from her heart, it took and gave to the world a mighty image of the Stronghold of Light, having depicted her on the cloths that people saw and knew that there, in heart of Asia, exist really and live Great Lay Ahead for mankind. About life of the Great Brotherhood I notified it to the world it is obvious, openly, without being afraid of how will meet its messenger the world. And he won against an ignorance monster because the countries recognized it, accepted it, and signatures of twenty one states imprinted the World Pact. Fiery grains of the beginning of the Fiery Era were put all over the world at due moment when will punch Hour prespecified, to give the powerful fiery shoots. Not at once affairs great, but at the right time necessary, constellations to the approved ripen. When is darkness, that aren't visible outlines of a structure planetary But when Beams of a new star will fill in Earth and the darkness will leave forever, contours of the great structure put by the Builder light, will act in all the magnificence thin to get concrete and already dense forms on fiery updated Earth. To the builder fiery, the beginning of the New World proclaimed, belongs a great merit of his first statement. Only in centuries will understand mankind the deepest historical value of the identity of the Guru - the Builder and the Envoy of Hierarchy. Hierarchy and hierarchically he are called the Guru. And, really, he is the Teacher of the mankind who has given to people yet treasures not understood and not estimated by them of spirit. But time goes. Hours of Evolution beat off the rhythm, and terms of awakening human approach, approach. Inevitably is Era Agni, and inevitably spirit revival from darkness of ignorance and denial. The new Sky and Novaya Zemlya was approved by the Guru as the phenomenon, by evolution intended, close and inevitable, as flight of time. It pointed it to great value of the Country by Now in transformation of a planetary and radical reorganization of life of the people. On heart of the New Country, by it hotly favorite, it pointed as to force, planet leading. It clearly and accurately began to see clearly in the essence of historical processes of the present, understanding value of a turning point in mankind existence. And day after day life confirmed its prophecies. And hour after an hour the building of the New World got stronger and grew. And year after year great terms came nearer, yet didn't approach closely. And here everything, to its prespecified and approved, is ready to pour out already in forms obvious and dense. Prosperity signs over the New Country. The people woke up. Tsars left. The star of Mother of the World is ready to flash on the horizon and to fill in with the shining Beams small Earth. The victory is won. The prince of darkness is struck. The field is almost ready to crops. The last clarification from even remained knots of darkness - both suddenly and jubilantly the New Era, the Builder specified, victoriously will come.

626. Write about value of terms. Terms weave the Evolution carpet. Life depends on terms human. Terms cause a rhythm, and a rhythm - terms. Terms depend on Space pulsation. Terms can't be changed. When there comes term, the consciousness human can be to it prepared or not, but term is inevitable. Term means space conditions under which there is possible an implementation or the statement of the certain conditions depending on human will. Term isn't implementation, but a condition of possibility of implementation. Terms weave karmas human and when they come, inevitable there are a decision and a choice. Combinations of combinations of beams of stars create conditions necessary, and the will human in a framework specified by them, creates a new step of Evolution. Life of mankind is a combination of his free will to conditions space. Space conditions are a life arena on which its mystery movable by will of spirit is played. Free will creates. It is sacred. Therefore only free creativity has the price and allows spirit to develop and develop fiery properties. If to take away from spirit its highest treasure - his free will, evolution human will lose any sense because then the consciousness never leaves a vicious circle and won't reach a condition of consciousness - attribute of the person. The free will is gift of evolution of a step human. And the will of terms combines will human with astrological conditions of the moment therefore the question as well as where the collective will of people will be directed at approach of terms planetary is extraordinary important. And in this case expansion of consciousness collective plays a special role. The consciousness should be put in motion by the time of approach of terms that favorable space conditions were used most fruitful. The choice and the indication of ways in this case have crucial importance. Therefore Hierarchy always on the guard prepares mankind for acceptance of the next gifts of evolution. Thanks to evil will this preparation doesn't do without victims, and sometimes huge and heavy, but evolution doesn't wait its inertia develops a huge wave, and a grief got under it. The whole people, the whole civilizations are wiped off the face of the earth if they don't keep up with evolution run. Degeneration of the nations is a direct example of how everything which is lagging behind flight of time is dumped from history scales. Therefore readiness of consciousness for terms and understanding them is the main requirement of the law of selection and self-preservation. It concerns both all mankind as a whole, and the separate people and each person. The choice isn't present: or it is necessary to keep in line with evolution, or to leave from the life arena. The going ahead or in a step with evolution will succeed, lagging behind fall under a powerful wave, sweeping for itself in total and all. Evolution is directed in the future, therefore only in the future an exit and rescue. Death everything directed in the past are doomed, and there is no part to them in anything neither in this century, nor in the future. The future is a lever of evolution. In the future are sources of prosperity of spirit. Collective mankind and Identity of everyone in the future and in aspiration to it scoop progress force. And terms are as though culmination focal points when evolution promptly and powerfully moves forward, carrying away in a powerful stream everything, able to ascend. From here is deep importance of terms space. The forward impulse of evolution can't be avoided; it is possible to begin to sound with it in unison or to be lost. From here great division and great selection, and the selecting principle, or the judge of each Identity is her free will choosing the way. When there come terms, be awake in sharp-sighted readiness. Stand guard because everyone has the judge in itself (himself). Dawn precepted doesn’t oversleep. Because task and urgently time. Evolution doesn't wait.

627. (Dec. 20). (Half awake). Boris in focus of the aspirations prepares for a big task.
Somewhere once, in last centuries, there were meetings, values full. And they rejected the projections in the far, far future. In it the past and the future adjoin. Whether not there is future continuous continuation of the past? Because the straight line connects that was, that will be. And if something isn't visible continuations of this line in time, nevertheless hidden, connecting the reason with a consequence remains and exists in invisible magnetic essence. These uncountable threads of the reasons, or the grains, stretched to the future sphere, are as though the channel on which the consciousness moves. The person isn't only the microcosm sphere, but the sphere extended in time from the infinite past in boundlessness of the future. Movement it goes, without interrupting for an instant, goes together with flight of time. Each thread has the periodic knots allowing when the consciousness and will can report to this thread desirable coloring. Threads can't be pulled out, but each thread it is possible regenerate and transmutation its essence to degree of its opposite pole of expression, strengthening it is boundless. The formula neither «Nor It Is Cold, nor It Is Hot» indicating unfitness of the person to evolution, approves need of accessory of consciousness to a cold nor hot pole, that is tells about need of existence of such pole, even the negative. Because its existence is negative - gives the chance to approve under the law of contrasts and positive. Only lukewarm opportunities трансмутировать the essence because there is nothing are deprived and there is nothing to change to them the nature - no necessary energiya in the microcosm have. Therefore even unsuccessful action is better than inaction inert. Therefore rest to us is unknown. Therefore action and the doctrine of tension are an evolution basis. Amateur performance that is actions, from essence of this consciousness the self-proceeding is the highest form of activity. It indicates a maturity of spirit and that it is ready to Assignment performance. The assignment is given, but the spirit chooses methods and ways of performance, provided to own experience, resourcefulness and sharpness. Instructions and preventions are given, the management remains uninterrupted, but free rein to reveal energy the, the feelings-knowledge and qualities, saved up in life are given. Action, perfect under outside influence, has no value because the power source has outside. But action self-proceeding, approved as free will of spirit, is already creative act generating consequences. People are usually powerless in the actions because follow the tastes of others, the directed standard and is frequent for eyelids the approved ideas, opinions, habits, prejudices and delusions. Slaves to everything and all the slavery in actions meaningless are show. Someone somewhere once decided that it is necessary to arrive exactly so, and million people blindly, without arguing, "reflex" and "lunar" as slaves voluntary, submit to these stiffened, unwritten, stupid to legalizations. Deformation of female feet still recent China let will serve as the severe prevention for millions biped, and unfortunate girls until now spoiling any more millions, but the consciousness in blocks of the human standard and approved ignorance. It is necessary to reconsider a lot of things and a lot of things to reject. Many types of various slavery lie on a way human. And horror that not freeborn even don't notice the slavery. The doctrine of Life seeks to exempt spirit human from all types of slavery. And take the karma in hand. It teaches the person to direct by it, but not to go blindly on an occasion of foreign delusions and thoughtlessness. Perhaps, something once also was necessary, but nowadays it is necessary to reconsider everything, from top to a bottom, all baggage human which are pulled along by it from the past in the future. It is necessary to reconsider everything, and all get rid, useless, superfluous, both unnecessary, and ignorant to reject a resolute hand. And if the person will show amateur performance and an initiative in this direction, his merit before society is great. Many unnecessary heaps I destroyed and revolution let downwind. From much I exempted people. But a lot of things still remained in consciousness. New time demands full clarification of consciousness and its release from the stiffened crystallized educations created by thought of the last centuries. They should be seen, understood and destroyed, having exempted from them consciousness. Who taught people to wear black clothes - color of death? Who taught a gluttony and thousand diseases, how to a direct consequence of a gluttony? Who, who created thousands the most ridiculous and most harmful conditions in which there live people? Sign of the future era is Freedom, Freedom of spirit from all heaps of the past.

(I dreamed that lulled me and treated; injected something about heart).

628 . (Dec. 21). About a capture live on the sky. Archat also is the person taken on the Sky on Earth. Being in a dense body, it breaks off bonds of a dense matter and in the consciousness joins the Highest World. For this purpose opening of the centers, that is live connection of a microcosm human with spatial fire, the consciousness staying in the Sky, that is in the sphere of the thinnest energiya is necessary, there is a consciousness fiery, won the power of the world terrestrial and already more not enslaved of. Only the fiery consciousness can be free. Slaves to a body, feeling and brain often speak about freedom. But isn't present and there can be no freedom if aren't overcome and three aren't won. True freedom then begins only when the power of three over consciousness comes to an end. Everything but as differently it understand dream of freedom. Some believe that freedom consists in freely and impetuously to indulge in the passions, either desires, or tendencies. But absence of infinite desires and full not attachment to anything can be the release beginning. Attachment also specifies that the consciousness is attached to someone or something. Only one attachment is allowed by Archat, and it is attachment, or love, to the Lord. This attachment ties consciousness to the Highest World and connects it to a source of fiery energiya. And as heart is the engine, after it and to covers it is necessary to direct in the same direction. I speak:" Direct heart to Me and the rest will be put to you". Force of the lowest attractions is great; they strong threads tie spirit to Earth. The Lord can overcome them a heart to give. And heart, Me given, will serve as the constant channel of transfer of energiya of the thinnest. The magnet fiery eventually will overcome magnets of terrestrial gravitations. It is possible to tell that the consciousness is between two poles of an attraction - terrestrial and fiery and as soon as energy heart will give to fire magnet, the attraction of a fiery pole will win. But attractions terrestrial if heart is given of are invincible. Therefore heart from affairs terrestrial and the phenomena, with Earth connected is necessary, to clean. Look at them, with the head of the affairs which have gone to ooze terrestrial, narrow-minded. This steeped in the house, and this - in affairs trade, and this shipped heart in a stomach, and that is in cards, and that is in lust. Heart on trifles is so exchanged, and plunges into the world dense, and is absorbed by its attractions. But if from the dense world to withdraw heart and, carrying out all that demands life, heart to give to the Lord, it is possible to take freedom way. Approving in the heart of an attraction the highest, it is possible to strengthen gradually them, without breaking consciousness. In a gets rid the correct way, but not consists in suppression of not gets rid properties. Suppressed, the head will raise and will amplify even more, but get rid, will leave and won't disturb more anymore consciousness. Release also consists in a gets rid when the attraction already ceases to work. At aspiration fiery the gets rid of attractions terrestrial goes naturally and without violence over consciousness. Otherwise recurrence is inevitable. To freedom I Call.

629. (Dec. 22). (I wrote down blindly and hardly).
In offense I won’t give. I am a Lord, I Told. I will incinerate the coming nearer evil. Guide is.
I protect, but I Don't show delay.
Who is strong against Me? I won’t allow shift. The Lord Sends consciousness of a victory in everything, where It is called! Mine not I will leave. To the son confidence I Send. The son I Will protects the Hand. The Lord won’t delay. I Send force, consciousness of my force. In life invisible power is approved. I'm saying: "Know: are protected, protected, impregnable, and victorious". I will lift a board. Don't know my force, but learn immediately. You will be protected. Today the knot will be discharged. Fight is already won. Know on the future: with Me - always the winner. Into Me plunging, you act, and I Battle and Fight for you and in you. It is difficult to keep consciousness on Me and in Me in collision turmoil. Ardent counteraction of dark energiya strong will be discharged! It is necessary to battle. My son, and with Me defeats don't know mine. And you are my children. Whether you I will protect? Enclose the Teacher in action. Let's not forget that the Lord everything Knows that happens to you. And the hair won’t allow falling. But it is necessary to pass through burden of burdening, having kept consciousness. (Over France clouds). To victory of triumph of we will betray. My son, Loves the Lord care. In a circle sanctuary during Communication except, Lords, allow nobody. (I saw a burning flame of an icon lamp clearly).

(The day before there was big troubles. Dugpa, living below, wanted to make big trouble after the departure. But the Teacher arranged so that all their plans dissipated also Ashram not wounded remained. But it was very heavy as all weight of fight should be accepted on the shoulders. Four hours of heavy conversations, which I had, holding the Face of the Teacher in the third eye; the hand of the Teacher obviously and strongly protected and wrapped up everything against дуада and their assistants. Everything was executed in the accuracy as it was told in the morning, and each word was confirmed actually and gave the obvious proof of love and care not dozing and constant. )

630. (Dec. 23). The son my darling, center awakening is connected with a press heavy. Morning vision of a flame of an icon lamp serves that as confirmation. It is necessary only to learn to realize burden of fight into pleasure of overcoming and a victory. It will come over time in process of experience accumulation. My son is not afflicted with conditions heavy: in them the Lord Is closes and his Hand is especially close. We in the Tower sharp-sightedly watch a course the tests ready every instant to support when forces start running low. But weight of blow it is necessary to assume and трансмутировать it on heart fires. We too Meet focus of counteracting energiya by heart and heart we Win. But the Lord minutes of fight intense is close, close. Well fought as it befits the soldier of the Lord. But more belief in my Proximity is necessary. On a measure slightly opened the centers the feeling of Proximity will amplify, replacing feeling with inalterability of knowledge. My soldier, remember that no press and burdening by circumstances will pass without advantage. The proximity my profound will be an award fighting. To heart it is heavy because it is the overcoming center (or the center overcoming). Let's not think that suffered damage. Let's better consider that were invisibly enriched with new acquisition. My son, to patience which was necessary to show still some short time, terms come to an end. I see conditions new, waiting those who are intended to them. And you among them intended. In pleasure about close people you will be warmed. They are intended to you. Many wait for a meeting desired, in rolls far the put. After grief and meetings heavy, karmic, - pleasure of a meeting of close and loyal friends. I told: your grief will be in pleasure. The lord Protected strong. Be approved in understanding of my continuous Presence and Care. Who will dare to encroach on you, when Lords the Hand over you? Better to them not to touch mine and close not to concern Mine. My son, test ended. You can sigh and to give to heart the deserved rest.

631. (Dec. 24). My son, you will doubt how long Proximity of the Lord. The belief has to be brought to degree of indisputable reality. At first belief, then understanding, then statement is of conscious reliability. Life experience hardly gets. And a track of experience it is necessary to pass own feet. Where works are shown or efforts are made, or warm energy is spent, fruits won't slow down. It is bitter there is this experience by time and is heavy, but that the bigger force of fires the crystal of the knowledge received through it shines. One work and effort - one fire, two works and efforts - two fires, thousands works and efforts - thousands fires. So life, in works, efforts, press, tension, fight and overcoming carried out, is a way of a ignition of fires shining, but any more on life terrestrial and short, but forever because treasures of fires saved up are integral and ineradicable. Tell friends, let aren't afraid neither works, nor press, burdening by circumstances because they burdening, and are a source which is giving rise to a flame. Works great and fires generate the great. There can't be fires from life silent, both serene, and safe. The apprenticeship in the world dooms the pupil to storms terrestrial, fight and collisions to reveal the potential of internal fire. Certainly, the way of an apprenticeship is difficult also the few venture it and go of. But the purpose is achievement Archat. Purpose is considerable. And if on Earth Arhat’s step can seem implicit as its value in the worlds is wide and obvious. Think, to what all this: both works endlessly, and burden unreasonable, and all that gives and brings a thorny road of an apprenticeship. But so unauthorized l the deprived of spirit think and immerse itself in a vicious circle of life dense from which the exit isn't present. Because an exit - only up, to the World the Highest. Whether someone thinks, what it is possible to succeed, rolling in luxury and wellbeing? Thinks in vain, - deceives it. But even the wealth is allowed, if Boundlessness scales as it should be. So the ascension way is based on the correct combination of life terrestrial with Boundlessness. It isn't taken away anything, but all takes the true place appointed to this phenomenon in the general scheme of things. And then the coin before an eye won't close the horizon. Things, subjects and the phenomena, having risen on the places, accept the valid sizes and outlines, and in light of Boundlessness lose the self-sufficing meaning and value. The sense of things and the phenomena and their ratio with a chain of lives should be understood, looking at them through glasses of Boundlessness and many embodiments. It is possible to learn to look with understanding for days of vain life terrestrial this short embodiment. But limited one life loses prospect and correctness of a ratio of the phenomena. We call them blind, that who don’t know anything, except a vicious circle of one short terrestrial life. We love Mountains because from them infinite distances and the world star are visible it is open in all the beauty boundless. And you going on the way of life, we Call to tops. Others prefer to go on the way of death. Them, the prehonored obviously and stupidly, we not call. From small bricks there is a huge building. And the temple of Knowledge consists of everyday thoughts and aspirations. It the everyday is valuable. Understood correctly, serves opportunities of the necessary accumulation. Let's approve a not cancelled of the ways ascending in an everyday.

632. Well, listen, my son. Hours of Eternity beat off the rhythm, and in this great rhythm sink, as a grain of sand at the ocean, separate lives not only people, the people and the states, but even lives of the whole planets, both solar systems, and galaxies. And only the spirit human in this great change, huge change of forms remains firm and the eternally existing in the enduring nature. Only consciousness the spirit of Eternity can concern and join it. Therefore true life of spirit is concluded in consciousness, but not in forms in which it are show is temporary. During Great Pralaya, or Great Space night, the Spirits making the Wreath of Space Reason, exist, but already on the Plan which is called as the Plan without forms. Mind terrestrial isn't able to imagine it. But there are the spirits, able to testify to it. The top hierarchical belongs to Them, Sons of the Eternity, the people, who were too once. They Stay eternally in a condition of conscious life, and to this life there corresponds Spheres Fiery, the Highest and Inexpressible These Spheres are an ultimate goal of the person. It is a lot of preparatory stages and steps conduct to them, and they cover the periods of time of infinite nearly duration when years sink in zero. The lord Calls to the World of Ideas infinitely great, standing over world of forms, without which the last to exist can't. Therefore we so Love stars. They are witnesses to a current of huge cycles of time. The astronomy acquaints us to life of Space and with concepts immeasurably great. That for solar systems short human life! But the whole system of the world’s dies. But the person because the spirit human is eternal doesn't die. So in a small and passing form the treasure immortal Light is concluded. Because the spirit human is the Light condensed and crystallized in treasure of the Stone, wearable to them in a breast. When the essence of the Stone starts being realized, its sides start shining fire of eternal Light. I call to Treasure understanding. Stone carriers, Treasure of the World belongs to you.

633. (Dec. 25). (I saw a spark not that candles, not that icon lamps in the morning).
The lord Speaks:" Let passing becomes a way to Boundlessness". Anyhow to reach? Taken in itself, it is senseless, but is full of the deepest sense when becomes a track in life eternal. Life is eternal, but to understanding of it come through the passing. Therefore the passing can be or Maya hiding great reality great illusion, or a way not excellent and only, conducting to it. There is no other way. We plunge into the world shown continuously changing forms that, having passed through it, to come to and to enter the Eternity kingdom. But the world of the shown forms is generation of the Eternity showing in is mute and set to it the seal. This press of Eternity lies on all its manifestations. For example, the matter exists in the conditions of perpetual motion. The chain of causes and effects goes from this Manvantara to another, proceeding from Eternity both coming back and plunging into it. The world of forms is subordinated to eternal Laws of Space, submitting which, all lives - from an electron to the person. In a descending and ascending arch of lives planetary are show eternity of process of space evolution because after end of life of a planet, or Solar Manvantara, after the period of Pralaya the planet or system at a new and highest step in new bodies again revives. Everything changes and flows, dumping old forms, but process of continuous revival, or the birth in a new form are eternal. So under cover of Maya among incessantly being replaced forms we see the Eternity Face, the Face of eternal Life - in passing showed. The existence plan is higher, the closer it to Spheres of the Highest Reality and is longer than its form, in time the show. So in World Thin there is no time in usual sense of this word, but there is a rhythm, alternation of processes and their sequence. But the World Fiery already puts face to face with that condition of consciousness about which it is told that "time any more won't be". The person can consider himself as the spark of Eternal life thrown into the world of forms. The center and the center of fire of Eternity is the intimate internal essence of the person. And this center - in is mute, and this center - he. And the consciousness of the person gradually rises to understanding of this center of Eternal life, or the Eternal flame concluded in the person. In depths of human spirit the Eternity face is hidden, and to understanding of an eternal flame in him there is a person. So the microcosm human is the sphere where the temporary and eternal adjoin. At a known step already depends on the person to choose an attraction way to spheres of the passing phenomena or to shining spaces of Boundlessness, showed an eternal face of life. Those who are a face of life great are called as sons of Eternity and live in it. Has no value where and in what cover there is their spirit because where they were, they not from the world of the shown forms passing, but from Eternity. Only the Son of Eternity can tell:" My other-worldly kingdom". I want that My World in My days in your days found a display. I want to output your consciousness in Boundlessness, that with a rhythm Space it could adjoin. In consciousness it is necessary to show consciousness of Boundlessness. So directed in open spaces of spatial life treasures, both riches, and its magnificence joins. The World of the Lord is rich, inexhaustible and immense. To this World of fiery greatness I Call you.
Boundlessness will be border of all manifestations.

(The knot karmic was untied).

634. My son, take from heavy test ended all experience which it gives. Be approved strong in understanding of my Proximity and care. The lord on the guard always ready raises a protection Hand. Not you see far danger menacing, but I, - I see and stop. And the enemy menacing only serves as the tool of my will. But tests are inevitable. Itself you see, how they give useful and necessary experience and as enrich consciousness is diverse, according to the reality of the Hand protecting and bearing care. So already by experience you learn that believing on Us all consciousness and knowing that we Will not delay, a spiritual armor inexpressibly you strengthen and armor of spirit you do really not perforation. It is necessary to strengthen even more consciousness of personal invulnerability that the receiver of spirit was powerfully open for the Beam sent. Like the rock there has to be a minute of danger a stronghold of the heart which isn't knowing at this moment uncertainty, neither doubt, or fear, neither fluctuation, nor concerns, fears. The belief inflexible in power of the Lord has to burn in heart with bright fire. The consciousness is transferred to the Teacher completely, entirely and unseparable. And any more you, but we, you and I, strong become, merged together, together, for protection of or the relatives from spiteful attacks. Such consciousness strong strengthens power of all energiya put in action, and gives feeling of pleasure of fight, overcoming and a final immutable victory. It is necessary to learn to battle and fight together, merge, for a great cause of the statement of Light on Earth. Remember forever: with Me always winner. The victorious condition of consciousness needs to be approved by all strength of mind and hearts. The Lord of defeat and when He is called consciously by spirit Doesn't know, you won't know also that such defeat because you are a pupil and you it is necessary to study at It. I Won against the world and you I Want to make the winner of the world, because - the son. Without skilled cognition there is no advance and accumulation of knowledge. The hand you will put on a forehead a wreath of the winner. Thank enemies because only they can strain fiery energy yours and cause the statement necessary. Not sour burden of sad tests, but violent pleasure of the victorious spirit which has found one more release. Force, force, and your force I Approve in whirlwinds of collisions heavy. Pleasure of fight and victory in life manage to approve. Anybody, except you, can't make it. But when your consciousness the directed will merges with mine in fight and overcoming whirlwinds, a victory, the victory always crowns a merge of the integrated consciousnesses. Who is strong against us, you and Me, merged together? But it is necessary to understand deeply that the wave of the directed energiya has to proceed from you. And then saturation their full-measured goes lawfully and harmoniously. Otherwise it is lost in vain both time and energy too much. The aspiration is stronger; the saturation of the return Beam of the Lord is fuller and brighter. Therefore Told: "You knock, you ask, look for". Show the will in effective aspiration. To Strong and immediately I Reply on an appeal or call about the help. Strong I Want to sate all desires, all aspirations, all thoughts, and all dreams, to Me directed. I want to give everything that you will wish for Light. I guard your happiness and your destiny. And if not to you, for children My darling, Prepared My gifts, to whom? Not to them who have turned away the heads stupidly. Tell Me, your Father and Prestanding before Light Supreme that wanted by your heart, tell clearly, accurately and definitely. And if your desire from the benefit, that will be given it to you.. Now time of unprecedented opportunities came. Bear baskets, weaved of branches of accurate and clear desires and aspirations to fill them with fruits from the Garden of your Lord.

(In a dream on a horse quickly rose by terrible height on a steep wall to top and I passed through the top barrier).

635. (Dec. 26). (Half awake). You have to know: this night is night of a victory over. The victory over shares on three stages. The first - the thought, the second - end thin and action or the phenomenon physical, the third - appreciation fire uplifted. Let’s deepen extent of Communication. If boundlessness is in everything, that and merge steps it is possible to deepen and to expand endlessly. Because also the Consciousness of the Lord continued ascends and it is necessary to follow it. Let's make effort to bring Contact to merge obvious and visible. It is possible to see the Lord and to talk to Him. It is possible to approach to this condition through a fair and clear idea of the Face of the Lord. If something doesn't work well even after long attempts, it is necessary to double, treble, decuple efforts. Everything if the corresponding energy is enclosed is achievable. Vibration of the whole depends on its parts. Bright representation in the third eye of the Image of the Lord depends on the same condition. Not only to remember and keep each detail in consciousness, but also to connect them together and to hold the whole. It is easy to hold a subject, it is more difficult - an animal, it is even more difficult - a face of the person. But the Shape of the Lord only can be shown by the next. Therefore I Speak:" Make effort because force achievement undertakes". Is for the sake of that to work, because has to nobility pupil all depth values of the Face approved. Slightly opened the centers will help to see. The most considerable minutes in days and nights of the pupil are the moments of representation in the third eye of a hidden Face. It comes to the end with process finishing to degree of a visible obvious. Certainly, full concentration of consciousness in the beginning is required, but then hidden Presence will become constant and available. Simplicity of achievement depends on accumulation. It is possible to think, whether there is something another, more important and necessary, if all - in the Lord. By awareness of the importance of a visible of the Face of opportunity it is approached. Beam, being expression of Great Heart, the Shape great with itself bears, in itself it concluding. Therefore understanding of the Beam is approach to the loved Teacher. We grow together with the width of growth of comprehension of essence of the Teacher. Therefore I Speak about deepening. It is possible to deepen only begun, but to deepen infinitely. The formula "I in You, You in Me, I in the Father, and We Are Uniform" is inexhaustible and intimate and great Secret comprises. To its understanding we come nearer gradually and on steps. It is necessary to show the great hardness, persistence and persistence when the spirit sets the task the great. The effort made rhythmic, many times over exceeds separate, chaotic attempts. At everyday rhythmic exercise it is possible to reach much quicker. Not about the squeezeed-out efforts it is spoken, but work daily persistent. Not in power this task to mind narrow-minded. And only the approved pupil can put in life power of a rhythm in the course of achievement of this opportunity. It is necessary to overcome consciousness of vibration of dense energiya that is to win against environment resistance. It is necessary that the potential of energy of a microcosm was stronger than the potential of energiya of this Wednesday. Eremites retired in desert places that it is easier to that to reach it. The pupil in the world can't leave the post. Therefore overcoming of resistance of the environment, it surrounding, requires tension special and constant. But for that the victory is nicer. It is necessary to understand that ease of achievement isn't the guarantee of value reached. On works and achievement. Greatness of achievement is measured by works enclosed. We overturn the new page of life. Let's call it the concelebrating page to Light on condition of close Contact. Not far off Lord, but nearby. Not in heights over the star but on Earth. Understanding of Proximity of the Lord of the integral we will open this new page of life.

636. (Dec. 27). My son, aspiration to Me light desire bears in himself the guarantee of its execution. Because it is told: that you direct to Me, grows, as a garden the best. The desire approved rhythmic, this property of execution, in its hidden, strengthens. Certainly, the desire warm means. It is possible to imagine a number of the energiya going from a magnet of a microcosm of human to a magnet of Great Heart for saturation of. Show aspiration, because in it is key from possibility of receiving. So, desire to learn to be exempted from thoughts I Approve. Thought sooner or later each pupil has to pass this step of mastering. Otherwise the further ascension will be slowed strongly down. If only to realize, how many precious energy is lost on unnecessary thoughts. At Us unnecessary thoughts don't happen. It is possible only at complete control over thoughts. But at first it is necessary to gain skill to throw out from consciousness unnecessary thought. Life won't be slow to give experience opportunity. Release from thought can be facilitated thought replacement with unnecessary thought useful or subject to the statement. Continuous stream the thought through consciousness flows. Streams of a stream are various. It is possible to choose any or to bring any. The freedom of choice and statements unseparable belongs to the person - the lord of the mental world. Having chosen a stream desirable, it is necessary to hold it. Here also it is necessary to make effort. The plan of any planned action represents itself a framework, or a form in which pour out energy of its implementation. In mental area the same principle works. For success in operation it is useful to create the accurate plan or a form of that is planned to execution. And if this form is rather crystallized, thoughts will start joining it, without demanding excessive expense of energy. If it is simple to replace one thought another, the thought the first will come back to hollow consciousness as a woodpecker. If to create short, but the accurate plan, either a picture, or a form of how the unnecessary thought leaves, it is replaced necessary and as the necessary thought fills consciousness, having forced out old finally and having filled with itself consciousness, in it is mute strongly it is approved, not the disturbed all process will strongly be facilitated by the predecessor all entrances for which are closed. If on the Face of the Teacher to carry out the next concentration at first usually, and then according to the plan, having imagined that process goes fully, profoundly, and is successful, and within necessary when the consciousness distracts nothing, the difference between two processes will be striking. The plan is a form in which have to be show actions planned. There are people who always know that they want, and firmly go towards the aim. Both the plan and the purpose at them are planned firmly, clearly and definitely. The majority doesn't know what wants, neither plans, nor the purposes are no by them and go, urged on by casual thoughts. Shadows vagrant is so we Call them. Precept "Know the way" demands stamping definiteness of thought; not to do without control over thought. The power over the thought, belonging to the person, has to be approved. This power is its born right. It is necessary to realize it only. Won't pass the person on a board over an abyss, if doubt in the force. From here formula: Whether you "Believe". It is necessary to believe in possibility of a display of planned action or the plan before it will be able to be carried out. To energy the necessary I Will give, but it is necessary to believe that the power over the thought is truly given to the person. Heart it is necessary to believe and to approve the power by heart, the power of heart over a brain and thought. From heart the desire necessary and heart proceeds and is approved. We go the merged heart and when the desire of heart merges with Light of Great Heart, its execution is immutable. Therefore I Speak:" You ask, and it will be given you. Direct desires to Me". I will sate, I Will sate, I Will sate to a limit of their magnetic capacity all your best thoughts and aspirations. And conditions the best I Will give for their prosperity and the statement in your life. Adjoin the Teacher densely. Coming off in consciousness, we lose much. First of all is the Teacher and then and all other, but not on the contrary. And then it is possible to go victoriously. How many time Saw you in turmoil of life terrestrial, forgotten absolutely about the Teacher. But when the Teacher Wins first place in consciousness, ahead of everything, easy and available there is an execution of light desires because filling by their necessary energiya goes freely. Become so closer, even closer that desires and our aspirations merged together on exposition fires to the Highest.

637. My friend, whether you think, what your opportunities are limited to your consciousness? Expand consciousness, and opportunities will extend. Allow in consciousness possibility of this or that phenomenon and you will approach it. With Me everything is possible that is admissible laws according to which there are phenomena. Without allowing thought of possibility of some phenomena, we stop the phenomenal party of process of an apprenticeship. Why we Speak and we Write about the phenomena of the Thin World? That the consciousness allowed them, got used to possibility of their display and wasn't surprised and wasn't surprised when their turn is show will come to lives of the pupil. Both to see, and to hear, and to feel - all is possible feelings thin. It is necessary to be ready to that the most wonderful pages of three-plans conscious existence started being developed before the ripened consciousness. It is advisable to meet them quietly; somehow, already it is time to that to come. Let in this are shown readiness of consciousness. I give the Decree not to be surprised, not to be surprised, and not lose men on display because it very much breaks sharpness and purity of perception. The tranquility remains under all conditions and the phenomena. The enthusiasm disturbs not less. Shock also will paralyze perception. You store tranquility. Why this precept is so often broken? The phenomenal party of the phenomena without it is impossible. It is necessary to create favorable conditions for the come opportunities that they could be expressed more stoutly. To this prepare consciousness. As well the tide of life of the usual shouldn't be broken by emotional unbalance. It is necessary to approach Me so that usual life as though receded aside a little. Some isolation from life is necessary, and this isolation has to be show only internally, in consciousness, it is imperceptible for people around. As though a mental wall of a thin matter it is necessary to separate the microcosm from the environment surrounding and out of limits isolating a payment not to leave. Between itself and people it is necessary to erect this invisible barrier that to preserve a dismissed flower against damages and rough contacts. The instruction should be followed immediately. Visor to close! Board to lift! Armor of spirit to take cover! Reciprocal on influences of people to reduce external reactions as far as it is possible, to zero. In execution of the Instruction to enclose completely heart.

638. (Dec. 28). The lord Speaks: today occult day of the big importance. Currents favor to the statement of some phenomena and serve as the environment transferring. Currents - transmitters of a flame of spatial fire. They can complicate perception. And still it is necessary to learn to conduct Record under any conditions. The combination of strong-willed tendency to currents of spatial fire forms a basis of a phenomenon of perception. Now it is necessary to strengthen the phenomenal party of Communication that is interfaced to some difficulties. But we will overcome also them. It is necessary to get used to a condition of continuous overcoming and a gain of new opportunities. For nothing is given. It is necessary to make effort everything.

639. My son, life of the pupil differs from life of the inhabitant that the inhabitant builds for today or for tomorrow, or on this terrestrial life while the pupil builds and plans the life for the far, far future. Also it does it, moving the today into Boundlessness. It builds on "forever". In it distinction. And still distinction that at the disposal of the pupil Eternity, but not the short period of several ten years. Construction on one life loses the final meaning; because construction in that case is goes for "anything". To what then is all, if small term comes to an end period terrestrial life? But the pupil knows that any action is a thread stretched in the infinite future, or a seed of an infinite series of causes and effects which once and somewhere will give shoots which will bear new fruits and seeds. Grow not only trees, both herbs, and animals, everything grows, all brings posterity by the nature of the, and all is multiplied in a great Bosom of space. And adoption of the Doctrine of Life has that value that the seed small Doctrines gives shoots great and consequences bringing the huge. But seeds, seeded by the pupil and the Teacher approved will give a harvest especially true and not excellent is. Whether it is possible to compare affairs of the Teacher to affairs every day and whether it is possible to prefer the last? With life terrestrial all comes to an end every day and there comes a turn of a greater display of affairs of the Teacher and grains, under the Hand of the Teacher of the seeded. Consequences of the affairs made with the Teacher, first of all stretch to the Worlds Thin, Mental and Fiery because the Doctrine means all plans of existence of spirit. Both small and imperceptible there can be having an enormous and crucial importance there. It is indifferent, what quantity of energy will be enclosed by the person in material things terrestrial. Their circle of a display is limited by dense conditions. And final end them is destruction and destruction. But if person all life I devoted to the statement of the best qualities of spirit and them I approved, truly, it acquired Treasure which isn't liable to destruction time. The value of these Records is that they teach the person to collecting of true values. They teach that everyone can become such collector. The collector of treasures It is called the person who has begun to see clearly in truth. Truly, its life, both its works, and aspirations don't pass it in vain.
Truly, we can designate it’s found the Stone of the eternal basis of life. Imagine the bridge stretched in Boundlessness, under it - flights of life dense, lives of the Thin World and life of the Highest Worlds. Both again, and again terrestrial flights in a harmonious combination with the Highest. Firmly and surely is moves the consciousness on the bridge to the boundless. Its foundations - the Teacher and Hierarchy, also aren't present the end to the silver bridge of spirit. Bridges narrow-minded over the rotten bog, threatening every minute to fail assimilate to rotten poles. We build strongly and for a long time and we Teach them to the same. The look directed in the far future as from top, sees true relationship of subjects and near or around lying, and lying in the distance, and can unmistakably be guided in the conditions of people around because Boundlessness scales are faultless. The pupil knows that he forever Lord’s because where it was, in what covers, and on what plans and in what the worlds - the Lord with it always. It is necessary to understand all depth of this concept "always". We unite forever more already never to leave. Association is indestructible in the spirit of. Physical range has no value when merge in the spirit of took place. I go on all about the same. Understand a formula "I with You Always".

640. (Dec. 29). Write. The end will come quickly and unexpectedly. Tension will be up to the end. It is necessary to suffer still. The Teacher Considers that expectation doesn't take place without advantage during the work in common leading; because business conducts the builder. Certainly, bequeathed will come true, but it is better to enter into the future fully equipped with the gained experience. They, Doctrine experience not tasted, will receive only, and you who have collected, will give. That it is better: to give or receive? The one, who has given only, is. Therefore it is better to be the sower, than the bent reaper. You, sowers of the Lord, prepare to Great Crops which will begin when the period preparatory will come to the end. You will enter armed with knowledge, experience and the Teachers approved in Proximity. Crops trust only in the next. But sense all events are in that, what it took place. Therefore you can imagine the value of each sower, able grain to distribute full and on commensurability and arable land containment, and on consciousness. What now it is required from the sower intended? Collecting and experience accumulation that is a material for crops! I turn life all sides that to give to experience an all-round. I want to strengthen Proximity understanding, power giving and strength inexhaustible. Crops will be made at full merge of consciousnesses of the Lord and the sower. Because bikes were works preparatory. Victim and suffering bikes, the price paid for possibility of crops also is great. On works is and donation. For completeness of awareness of value of the forthcoming work I Prepare. Opportunities to that I Will expand. I want to bring an organism into such condition when access to thought of the Teacher becomes possible at any time that it was possible to scoop from the Treasury of his consciousness without effort and delays. And not read sheets will come to the rescue, but live, creating thought of the Lord, merge of consciousnesses the caused. Truly, Great Crops we will create together. And now, at the moments worthy, you will learn to speak any more from yourself, but on behalf of the Teacher, as if He inside staying, Speaks. In consciousness I small recede aside and the Teacher Takes up his place. And It when the consciousness is transferred to It unseparable, Conducts the necessary speech. "Not I, not I, but you, the Lord, Create your will in consciousness we wash". So you will go to life the merged heart. And the Great Assignment it is feasible merge of consciousnesses.

641. My friend, character of the spatial moment is caught correctly. It is a saturation mental and spiritual opportunities. It is necessary that the consciousness mood corresponded to it. It is possible to see a number of valuable supervision. It is possible even to concentrate on space, all from where turns out. But in space it is necessary to leave shipped in my Face that through it spatial perceptions refracted. It will serve as though as the filter passing in consciousness of energy or the phenomenon of only certain order, height and refinement. Merge to the Face is approved in all available ways, receptions and methods which can facilitate it. But the key for an attuning of on a certain harmony is necessary. Whether a little that can exist and meet in space? The face serves in heart and the third eye as a link connecting to vibrations of a certain order. It is possible to venture any travel, being the armed Lord. So it is necessary to accustom itself to actions joint and to approve the phenomenon of constant uninterrupted indivisibility. Consciousness in space one, and in itself - is as a kitten in the sea. But the boat of the Lord is strong. I call all under my roof. The place will suffice all. Those, without Me in life going, are behind a board, subject to all accidents of the spontaneous phenomena. But fixed is the Head for the ripened consciousness. With Me Records get the full and finished form, concerning a certain number of questions in a certain spiral sequence, - as and with aspiration to spheres spatial. The aspiration, with Me merged, brings symmetry and expediency in research process. Remember: probably everything, but with Me. I want to approve collaboration steps, deepening it according to process of expansion of consciousness. It is necessary to grow to each phenomenon internally, and then it naturally enters into life. Any violence and all violent is alien to us. Freely and naturally the flower reaches for light, receiving it by the nature. I - the Sun of life giving Light. Many prefer light lunar and changing vague shapes, to it generated. These are people of a lunar way, or a death way. I Am a gate in Light kingdom, and a way only through Me. But these words it is necessary to understand it is effective and in the appendix. Many fine concepts it was necessary to lay an unused material on pages of good books and the Scriptuses. Nowadays Light is approved in life and for life, and the dead letter of the writing doesn't have a place on blossoming meadows of Novaya Zemlya under a dome of the New Sky.

642. (Dec. 30). (Half awake). Communication gets stronger. From Me won't take cover anything? I know everything. Only you don't want to see it. The consciousness chokes in waves of people around. The pressure is great. I for all for you will think. But also you are attentive.
Heart is attentive. To be attentive heart - means heart currents to Me to direct, love the called. They only will be able to overcome environment and space resistance. Why we appreciate appreciation fires? The consciousness and heart to the Teacher is strong direct. But the love is even stronger. Her we Call the winner. So at the time of establishment of Communication we will call the visitor fiery for release from the thoughts disturbing and unnecessary. Favorite close on heart lies and heart fills with itself. Be filled with the Lord. Surrounding it is possible to call fight against influence fight for the statement of the Lord in heart. Influences antagonistic and counteracting are strong. Against them we will win love to Great Heart. Tension at a gain of new opportunities can't weaken or stop. It would be equivalent to an advance stop. The name of the winner means fight incessant, victorious that is an uninterrupted way of ascension. The one who rose to tops, knows, what tension and efforts is costed by lifting. My son, the winner powerful I Want to see you. It isn't necessary weakened. Fighters, builders, winners, conquerors are our people. The gain of spheres of the highest tension faces us. Before their force is anything all tension terrestrial. The consciousness demands preparation. From here - tension doctrine. I put in conditions of tension of the spirit, required in order that to Me to facilitate approach. Spheres round the Lord fires of tension extraordinary are pumped. How to come nearer, without having prepared? I speak to that with knowledge to meet conditions straining as an inevitable step of approach to the Lord. More and more it is necessary to strain consciousness. Only strength of mind value admits, but not weakness. Mildness and humility take for powerlessness and weakness, but the one who tamed is mild and quiet and restrained itself, the egoism. Whether in power to make it to the person of no character? Can win against it is the only powerful. Concepts evangelical should be reconsidered in the light of new knowledge. It is a lot of false understanding. It is much heated up interpretation if only to take cover from a sparkling sword of spirit. All is distorted. The scourge dissecting air, turned into wet muslin of nonresistance. Taming and humility of an astral and egoism at the time of collision with the evil, demanding tension of all strength of mind, made a basis of a not to oppose and the dribbling, tearful and passive relation to darkness militant and active. And being prostrate and crushed by darkness, are perplexed why their nonresistance brought so deplorable results. To oppose angry it is impossible neither egoism, nor an astral, because will generate the evil still the most bitter. The uniform beginning of spirit it is necessary to combat. But about spirit forgot and turned into bent n not to oppose. Who will manage to break off on attacks of the evil in an display of egoism and not to answer with it in unison with energy angry, but, strength of mind having collected, and in the spirit of to reply with spirit. Don't oppose to the evil egoism, but in the spirit of. The egoism can receive blow. You are silent in full tranquility. Don't answer in any way. But when the evil settled the initial force of blow, sparkle only times a spirit sword. The sword of spirit is given to the winner of. Not to oppose spineless and weak-willed, it isn't necessary you! Better with robbers and tax-gatherer; these won't betray nonresistance treachery. Strength of mind I Approve above all is. The sword of spirit trusts in only strong hand. Fight for the statement of Light wins against the only strong.

643. (Dec. 31). Often people, deliberating affairs current, guess as they will turn back, it is good or it is thin, there is something from conceived or assumed by them or not. It is approach to things usual. There can't be such relation to the phenomena at Archat. It doesn't guess and doesn't assume. Matter of dense conditions it casts in the consciousness in a certain form of a desirable combination them, approves inalterability it by will and is quiet, and is sure, and without hesitation expects the results, not greatly forced to be. Certainly, all its actions are created in a full consent the every image because he knows that affairs are made by a hand and a foot human. But never has it left on will of accidents of a current of the phenomena demanding attention and care. At people all goes somehow by itself as it is gone. But Arhat’s will dominate over combinations of the phenomena of the world surrounding it. Matter and energy unconditionally, and it is uncomplaining, and lawfully take the form, legalized by it will because no will have. Therefore the hand directing can always direct events big or small. All depends on the potential of the will which has realized the power. The further in the future the will directs, the consequence and inalterability of the order because fiery grain of will too needs time that grow in a tree great is more true and is more certain and to yield fruits. This property of human will and domination over combinations of material conditions should be realized it in all its depth intimate. Conditions external change, but the thought fiery isn't destroyed. And when it is rather accurately issued, sooner or later and depending on a task magnetic properties will attract it the necessary particles of a matter and energiya. Not magic, but the will embodied in thought. It isn't necessary to stop consciousness at intermediate stages of execution. The final form, final, has to be cast clearly and distinctly, as a chord final. And magnetization of strong-willed thought assumes performance details and carries out foreordained by will independently, choosing the best ways and combinations. It is better even not to disturb, knowing well that the order of will and its execution is immutable can't but follow in due course, - so, mister or is slave, victim of the casual or unsuccessful vital conditions. Certainly, karmic it is casual accidents don't happen. The phenomena are casual in a form, but not according to the contents or the reasons, they caused. But anyway, one is immutable: energy and will, or will and thought - masters of karma. Archat - not the victim of blind destiny, but the lord of the life, beget of the necessary reasons and the creator of consequences, beget of the desirable phenomena and the conscious smith of the karma. For understanding of the opportunities and the power I Call. Why to spend in vain power of precious energy of thought for thoughts unnecessary, casual and consequences not bringing when fiery energy cogitative can be directed on achievement and receiving the necessary and most urgent achievements. How many fears, both fears, and thoughts thoughtless fill consciousness while each of them could channelize useful and a task. After all in any phenomenon undesirable and disharmonious, it is possible to approve mentally immediately its positive pole, knowing that, truly, and will be if in thought to enclose at least a particle of will conscious. The thoughtless, weak-willed, reflex condition of consciousness full of vagrant casual thoughts, it is necessary to stop, having replaced it consciously strong-willed and active. Why to waste time on trifles when million hungry and thirsting wait. The power approved and the power can give only the having. The donation of the one who has no it is poor. Therefore I Speak: "In understanding of the power be approved". It is given at will of the Lord. My power over elements of the visible and invisible nature and fiery the powerful potential of will is great. Merging with Me, the power to my and fiery my will you join and power them you share. The merged heart you can create powerfully. To mastering I Call through understanding.
Why to depend on casual moods of people and their actions unreasonable when without words it is possible actions them thought to send to the necessary course? To what fears of the future when it is possible in the necessary framework to put its phenomena because the future plastically and belongs to us, and in it, in this future, it is possible to approve any lawful combination of material conditions. To what then in general thousands concerns, excitements and fears narrow-minded when light of knowledge of the supreme laws starts lighting up understanding? It is told:" The power is given to the person over any flesh". How even more clearly to tell? But begging and asking alms at the Sky on a habit thousand-year doesn't know wealth which owns. But you know and put in life the knowledge, without postponing. Remember: all has to develop as the will, fiery and consciously claimed. As the helmsman turns a wheel, knowing where the castle will turn, and you the lever of will turn has to. It is mighty and insuperable, when in a firm and strong hand. Of bent inhabitants I Want to make you winners fiery. To Myself I Want to lift and ennoble. With Me all is possible. My will doesn't know doubts and fluctuations. The hidden potential of your will I Want to make fiery vital in the appendix. My children, a carpet of opportunities I Spread before you, increased a hundred times. Time is unusual. Understood and replying can is ripe to reap.

644. My son, your desire to deepen collaboration will be carried out. You will both see, and to hear, both to remember, and to keep in consciousness of impression thin, you will receive also knowledge of a certain order, you until then unknown and not growing out of synthetic your thinking. For exact knowledge big acuteness of a susceptibility and detachment from itself is necessary still. But successes also are so great because you can smoothly perceive thoughts sent. You arrive correctly: before speaking about achievement and to reach desirable, it is necessary absolutely clearly and definitely the nobility that you want, it is necessary that the purpose was absolutely specifically and it is finished it is expressed in consciousness. It is necessary obviously and to issue thought of desirable achievement firmly. It is necessary to create accurate forms of those achievements which their valid contents will join in the microcosm. Fiery spatial energy will join the forms prepared by you and, having taken shape in them, will show in life the dream achieved obviously. Fire air is full. He receives forms, having refracted through human consciousness. But that, in what spatial power will pour out, has to be approved and detailed by consciousness. Where vessels and your baskets? In what to enclose what fill with power of thin fiery energiya? Specify: "Prepare your aspirations, your desires, your dreams in the form of the clear, finished, accurate images mental that spatial fire could recover and give them to them energy for an display in life. What I Can give if come to Me empty-handed or if, than that is even worse, images of thought have consciousness, but not for the benefit the directed? Therefore I Speak: "You think in the benefit". Therefore I Speak:" Know that you want". There is nothing worse than indistinct, not properly executed thinking. Ability accurately to know, "that wants consciousness - most necessary quality of the pupil. If there are no accurate images - receivers of my energiya for implementation, and the thought is sprayed on trifles and poor and low-pitched desires every day, it will be waste of precious strength of the Teacher." Dare, the child" - such is a life formula. But let aspiration courageous will be brightly issued before it to direct to Me for saturation by my fires. And then combination of three forces: fires spatial, my and your, will give the chance of an ardent display of dream impudent and courageous. Why to mark time when it is told about unprecedented opportunities? But they should be accepted in consciousness, to assimilate, issue, having approached them that, and, having prepared thus the sphere of the consciousness, are shown their carried out in life. Since two ends there is a construction, and preparation of consciousness will be a necessary and inevitable condition of achievement. Only dreams without a directing Hand of the Teacher of results won't bring. We work together on a consciousness garden. The work which is in common going is fruitful. Often I Send the thoughts necessary for registration, and when the form is ready, I Fill it with the contents corresponding. As though infinite is transfer works in the constant movement between consciousness of the Teacher
and pupil. Interchange is strongly facilitated at full understanding of process from the accepting. Dare directed is the shortest way of an ascension because the law permits to sate a dare on degree of its potential. Those sitting and looking stupidly in pernicious inertness, what aspirations died and whose hearts don't know aspirations what they can receive in the receivers tightly closed and sealed by ignorance? What can receive the denying? The law of the accord moves evolution. Even the flower opens the petals to light. The phenomena of mental energy are caused by the law and if it is observed, infinite and generous a stream of a space donation. The element of chance is excluded completely; as the perfect car, works a fiery psychodynamic. My friends, in a dare will direct.

‘The end Records 1953 I and II part.