Agni Yoga's facets, 1954 (101-250)

101. My friend that advantage to think of that work which destiny should be executed when its results are doomed to destruction and oblivion. Fruits of works are important, but only as results of the skilled accumulation postponed in effect of the person. Nevertheless external dense consequences terrestrial are doomed. Only the process of work matters for development of fiery energy and thinning of the device human. Certainly, the person eats and lives from fruits, or results of the work. But I Speak about space timeless value of work. From the point of view terrestrial work self-sufficing also is necessary because without it the mankind can't exist. In Space work all: from the Founder of a planet to spirits of elements. All Hierarchies work and in work exist. Without effort it is impossible. It is so necessary and in World Aboveground though there the person and is exempted from need to think of food, both a shelter, and clothes in usual sense of this word: there work thought. The rhythm of day and night accustoms to rhythmic work here. The rhythm of work is necessary and there. World’s Highest from a duty to work don't release. Think that above glorification and chant, losing sight that work and prosperity – everywhere. Whether it is possible to imagine inaction of rest of Planetary Spirit and immersion in idleness? The world the Highest is not for idlers. Space full urgent tasks, - thought everywhere. Means, mental work isn't refused anywhere. The sphere is higher, the work is more intense. The fiery labor tension of the Highest Spirit even can't be imagined. Work is a basis of life and here, and in the worlds. All Space is created as a result of creative activity and by it is supported. The will participates in space construction – will and work intense. The idler thinks to avoid work. But there is no place to take cover. It is possible to hide temporarily in darkness, but it isn't the decision because the darkness devours the victim, but after all darkness on Earth is. That is terrestrial it isn't present on the Highest planets. There is a Chaos as an antipode of the shown matter but who will want to direct in Chaos embraces, when even the concept is so far from human consciousness. Whether it is strange, what bees and ants work? Space Laws equally concern also the lowest colleagues. Work is on consciousness. Among mankind deserters of work bear a heavy karma. Idlers here in World Thin reap the fruits of idleness which first of all affect as mental fiery energy, which their lives spirit in space. The idler in space can't fly because no fire has. When terrestrial fruits of work in beauty come to light, they serve two worlds: both terrestrial, and Elevated. Fruits of work human serve on Earth as steps of a matter of ascension of spirit. Without effort there is no ascension. In works we ascend, at least their terrestrial fruits were temporary and passing, but also temporary matters for Eternal. Fruits of Boundlessness and what it is sated with consciousness human, in the temporary are created. And when will collapse terrestrial as a temporary dwelling of the person, in boundless space fruits of all works for the sake, of which people under the Sun work and from which results the mankind creates the monastery in Invisible Spheres of space will be collected. Works terrestrial is a prototype and reflection of works unearthly in Spheres Hidden. Great works of art, having passed the martyrdom and being destroyed on Earth, aren't destroyed, but continue to exist in space, filling the Treasury universal and planetary. Therefore it is so important to build on Beauty because construction goes for Space. The collective mankind of our Solar system works space. The purpose is great and the task therefore in work we won't hang is great, remembering that ascension steps in work are created by human spirit. Work we will understand widely. In work a life justification, because are immortal energy fiery, by work in the person are born. Heavenly Fire is approved by work, in works inflames and supported to stand an inextinguishable eternal flame of spirit. Under banners work I Call beloved My and all, who follows for Me. In work a life justification because are immortal energy fiery, by work in the person are born. Heavenly Fire is approved by work, in works inflames and supported to stand an inextinguishable eternal flame of spirit.

102. Rescue from in Me. How differently it is possible to be rejected from it? And it is necessary to depart from the trifle nevertheless. So great and small become consciousness poles between, which extreme points the consciousness can move, gravitating to one of them it is preferable. Movement of consciousness can be made by order of will if the will is rather cultivated. But there is a phenomenon of the law of a spiral of consciousness, or its rhythm, which doesn't depend on will. When the consciousness above and in lifting, is good to use this condition fruitful and with advantage. When below – to occupy it with something nevertheless construction, harm not doing. These details depend already on will of the person. Therefore filched consciousnesses it is possible to regulate will. It is possible to dispel any condition of take-off on trifles, but it is possible and to get useful knowledge at the time of attenuation. Time we won't miss! Time wasted without advantage, it is impossible to return.

103. My son, in vain you torment yourself with guesses about that as well as that expects everyone. At everyone the karma and karma of one differs from karma of another. To one it can be very good, for another it is bad. Both people and conditions come karmic. All conclusions will be incorrect. In total it is impossible to provide. It is better to rely on Will Lord’s, having made for its part all necessary to avoid assignment, - and unless most important care of things of use and conditions terrestrial? The necessary conditions I Will give if the main thing isn't swept up by vanity of personal conditions. The purpose of life can be only in the statement of Light in itself the affairs, the thoughts, the feelings. And any conditions where and whatever were – only a background, on which the life mystery is approved. Conditions change and leave, but light approved remains with approved it. Therefore why to burden itself with thoughts what can be around when the far purpose shines light of wonderful opportunities? Everything live, and all are surrounded with any conditions, good or bad, but only few, very few know for what live where go and what sense of a passing environment. Not in it put, but in an ascension inflexible at everyone’s and in any conditions. It too should be realized. Whatever became whatever it was spoken whatever it was thought whatever came, but the ascension goes steadily. No circumstances, acts and thoughts, neither external, nor internal, can interrupt an inflexible way. If stopped – that before new advance. If took some steps back – that only for running start and a jump forward. If action you don't show – that only therefore to collect forces. If in vanity it is shipped is that to learn its futility. If made a mistake – that then not to be mistaken. So each circumstance serves as the bottom of a ladder of ascension. The ship goes towards the aim far, and everything that on it and in it, moves with it together there. As exact are and all events in a microcosm human: it’s all points are directed to the uniform purpose, phenomenon you the monolith aspiration. "It is directed always and all the essence" – such is the motto of the pupil. To separate the essence directed in the future from that, through what it passes and leaves itself, it is necessary. To pull along a tail of people around and gets rid conditions – means to be slow or even to stop advance. It is possible to move, having only exempted from absolutely unnecessary freight. That is why the principle of homeless circulation is so necessary in life. The person is constantly in a separation from surrounding to which it can't tie itself owing to create by it for it conditions. That is why travel is so necessary, that is why any change of external circumstances is so beneficial. The consciousness shouldn't tie itself to anything. In thousand small threads the person connects himself to that environment, in which lives, losing any mobility. Coherence is in the spirit of. Coherence is in thoughts. Both in thoughts and in the spirit of it is necessary to study freedom, and then it is possible to have everything, and even, like some yoga’s, to keep keeping immovability for hours and days. Again we come to that the solution of everything can be not in external conditions, but in the spirit of. Therefore I Speak: "Don't become attached neither to anything and nor to anything don't tie the consciousness". On the most favorite things you look as at something, which is temporarily in our possession. Scales of Boundlessness are applied everywhere. I want to see you free from a spirit snare. I can be accepted only in freedom and spirit free.

104. To the pupil manual is allowed not to indulge in the thoughts connected with his personality. The circle of the personality is too small, it is necessary to leave it. At first on a planetary scope, and then – space! Therefore affairs public, affairs universal – an outlet for spirit and rescue from suffocating embraces of egoism. Even the care of a family, of other people feasibly breaks this fatal circle of personal interest. I advise to watch egoism manifestations in myself. Won't be exaggeration tell that all evil on Earth – from a thought about itself.

105. In case of need it is necessary to address to the Lord.

106. My son why in whirlwinds of impressions new the major is forgotten? Already I Spoke: everything is possible, but with Me. Not an obstacle the Teacher Enters into life, but the statement. Let everything become empty and uninteresting that becomes without Me. All beautiful is cleaned by death from a picture, and there is one gray shadow. The Teacher Doesn't destroy, but Supplements human life, giving it bright deep paints. To postpone a memory about the Teacher – means to interrupt a thread of life and to interrupt a way. In itself it is necessary to approve eternally unchangeable at a current of the external phenomena, they are as though unexpected and unusual were. This unchangeable in itself, not giving in to influence of swift-flowing temporary conditions, it is necessary to protect will. The Teacher Belongs to that sphere of life which, though enters into all details of an every day and concerns them but which doesn't belong to them, and – not from the world of terrestrial evidence. It is so necessary to connect two spheres in consciousness: Heavenly and terrestrial, bearing in mind a not transient of the first and brevity and variability of the second. To leave the Teacher and to dare to be tightened in a funnel of the short phenomena of external life, at least and for a while, will be an ignorance act. Force of live communication with the Teacher as chains uninterrupted, it is strong each link and is estimated on weakest of them. It isn't necessary to allow the moments when the Teacher is forgotten; if they are stronger than this memory, so they angrily, and force of the counteraction not overcome. Vanity noise even in the pettiness already is the evil if it muffles and covers the Teacher. It isn't necessary to think that it is distinguished on horns and a tail. Daily occurrence and the whirlwind eclipsing Light, employment, will be the evil if they alienate the Teacher. Everything preventing communications is overcome. Fight goes not with these interfering phenomena, but with conditions of the consciousness distracted from the main direction. And when already to distract is able nothing, then it is only possible to tell that all is permitted. Everything isn't permitted that breaks contact, and on everything breaking it is necessary to increase spirit in force counteractions and abilities to store Proximity with the Teacher. Life and its tests are good that show weakness of crude places of our microcosm. It is also necessary to learn to conduct Records in all conditions even if there are they short if only the rhythm wasn't broken. Rhythm preservation is a task hard. The victory in this direction has to be full. And still I Want to tell about difficulties every day and tension accompanying. Why in the thick of their inevitable it is necessary to forget about the Teacher by all means? After all we don't forget to fill the stomach, either to breathe, or to put on even in very close conditions. When necessity of the Teacher will be realized as food, both air, and clothes spirit attire, then it will be possible to say that the uninterrupted is reached by Prestanding. Aren't forgotten, aren't left, but to signs – term. So, the Proximity of the Lord is integral, but it should be stored as the most valuable in life. Among a flashing set of the phenomena swift-flowing and flashing it is necessary to see and distinguish an enduring Basis of life. Having pursued ghosts shining, it is possible to remain with anything. The stream will carry away them with itself, and the unlucky hunter of terrestrial joys, pleasure and wellbeing will be empty-handed. When with Me, I in consciousness Take priority – all is permitted. But when something disturbs and raises between us a barrier, this barrier on force of counteraction began to become the evil (this counteraction); so, with Me always at all and any conditions. Remember that conditions will leave, but the Teacher Remains. If we permit to the moment so to capture consciousness that the Teacher is forgotten, we make a mistake every time when it occurs. Let anybody and have the power nothing to distance from the Teacher. I with you always!

107. «There, where two gathered in the Name My, there I middle of them". The fundamental law of cooperation is expressed in these words that association of consciousnesses strengthens power of combined energy, amplifying in magnetic ability. Such associations are valid to attract the Beam of the Teacher in such degree what the single aura can't show. The kernel made of two, three and more integrated auras, increases in magnetic force. Therefore, for attraction of the Highest energy of association of consciousnesses are very necessary. Value of collective that is multiplication of fiery energy of its participants nowadays isn't understood at all. But the century of mental energy comes. Usefulness of agreement of opinion should be understood from the power. Strong joint collective in hundred people is stronger not integrated and separate in one thousand and in the spatial relation it is much more useful the constructive essence. But the dissonance is destructive. Cooperation of consciousnesses lies in the basis of construction of the New World. Collective influence – is powerful. Can't do it united opposite separate consciousness. The collective will be force bringing up and a consciousness smithy. But if the collective is combined with Hierarchy of Light, powerfully involving in energy construction the Highest, force it is invincible. All mankind will once unite. The herd will be once uniform and the Pastor is uniform. Once elements and elements will obey to its influence and great problems of planetary and space construction will be solved by the will of all mankind merged in a whole. Before the people new ways lie. Laws of unification will be leading force of life. The will of huge number of the people, collected in uniform focus for demonstration of the necessary phenomenon, gives consequences, amazing on the force. All national prayers could be really wonderful by the results if participants and heads had them concept about force of mental energy of masses. The lever which one shoulder is affected by huge integrated force, gives the decupled consequences in a point of the appendix it in operation. It is possible to welcome all actions the construction associations based on understanding of laws of mental energy. The new century is a century of a unification in everything. Associations for the sake of the Lord will be especially strong the fires.

108. The death is a return to the house Father.

109. There is no phenomenon of more regrettable, than gradual loss of belief in the Teacher. I trust not because all for, but all against. Let the Stone of belief won't be dependent on anything external. The strong belief is an unshakable condition of consciousness. I trust, despite everything and contrary to everything. I trust because heart feels and knows. This belief I will carry by through and by all ghosts of evidence and gloom monsters. Evidence can't give the grounds for belief because the belief is a special condition of the consciousness locating on things of invisible, but available to cognition by spirit. If hesitates belief, not the external to that reason, but changes in condition of consciousness. After all the relation to the external is always caused internal, but in the ignorance the person believes that any out of a standing condition belief it undermine. When heart burns with a mighty flame of the spirit, no external circumstances can influence the belief phenomenon. After all the belief is unconscious knowledge of that is, but that invisibly for an eye. The brain yet doesn't know, but heart already feels and anticipates going knowledge. The belief is the life engine because transfers inalterability of the future to the present. Belief, or heart, it is possible to scent proximity and reality World Fiery, far and inaccessible to feelings terrestrial. Also it is as though far was, it is close, and for a while becomes brightly notable reality because time approaches its opportunities and impossible makes available. Coast fiery is far, but the belief for an instant crosses far distance and the fiery reality becomes property of burning heart. So, the belief does the far to relatives. And, moving the future into the present, changes it on fires of the future Light. Darkly is the present, but light is future. Light can be learned by his heart. All changes of life went Light of the future. None of them, great, didn't turn around in the past and weren't content present. The past and the present admitted only as to a step in the future and only on the value and the importance for this purpose the future. They were movable by what wasn't in the present, but that saw their fiery eye in the future. Country is directed in the future, on a right way. In this aspiration in the future, is its force. It still isn't present, but will be. This statement of the future invisible to an eye in the present in the broadest sense of this word also is called as belief. It is shown in all areas of life and not knows moves actions of people. Any construction is based on an immutable faith-knowledge of that the Plan conceived and existing in the future is approved and carried out in the present. The present is a field of the statement of the future. It is boundless and shines all opportunities for those who can and dares to dare. To "madness" daring "will eat we the song" because they possess life and the future. It is necessary to understand that impossible isn't present, and to dare in every way spirit. The lord approves the New Country plainness directed in broad lands of the future. Dying-away and smoldering fires of the old world anything in comparison with a flame of plainness new. For the first time the Plan of Lords in planetary scale is carried out. And the Leading country possesses a guidance merit. The Plan is immutable and is mobile, and forms and ways of its implementation are expedient. Whether everything is equal, what track reaches top if the ascension doesn't interrupt. Going chooses a way, to the moment the corresponding. Ahead – shining top of the future and on it the look is directed. To reach, it is necessary to have a full deep-seated faith in this shining bright future of mankind. The way, and below gloom is difficult, but the top sparkles all fires.

110. Yes, My friend, the doctrine about people is short, but the knowledge is long. Let discretion of the Guru will be always a reminder. Experience bitter don't avoid. Anyhow to learn recognition of faces when, because of masks claws move forward, happens heavy, but why masks to take for reality? While the centers won't open, especial care is necessary. It isn't necessary to condemn, but it is necessary to know. It is necessary to know without condemnation. Allowed close can harm. Therefore better close to allow nobody. Only after long check and tests the admission close is possible. The teacher Knows and, Knowing, puts on continuous trial. Even the knowledge of essence of the person doesn't exempt from need of check because many surprises can disappear under external covers. In various conditions the spirit that showed all sides is tested; therefore precept great prudence and sharp vigilance. But no vigilance will exempt from inevitable karmic meetings and an inevitable payment or experiences. But we will thank these self-willed Teachers who are enriching our experience and giving the chance of knowledge of people. To experience necessary and inevitable we will be glad. It will relieve us of fatal and unnecessary flaws.

111. The beam of sent happiness needs warm acceptance. It is necessary to open feasibly to it the essence and in understanding to stick to it. The good fortune force undertakes also aspiration. This constant effort in consciousness deduction at height due is necessary. Weak-willed submission to casual currents of life – is destructive. Let the ship course will be firm and defined. I speak about how not only to resist, but also to move ahead. Life is interaction of energy external with energy of a microcosm human. Equally effective is established by will. And then speak: he knows the way. Inalterability of times forever the chosen way is defined by spirit height. Mine know a way pre-specified, an inalterability way, an aspiration way to the Lord. When the purpose fiery is imprinted in consciousness and comprehends all life, it is possible to go surely and firmly. What will be the major among the phenomena crowding around? In total, conducting to the purpose, - from here need severe expediency. The pupil goes to the Lord, and urgent his way. Among million usual consciousnesses it isn't enough knowing a way. All go and hurry, but without knowing, where. Here he lost, hurrying and anxious – where hurries he? About what his care is? To what are all alarms and its affairs, which it overloaded? Ask him hurrying. The answer won't be because he doesn't know anything and his life is empty. Only the purposes of General Welfare comprehended by recognition of the Teacher, do a way conscious. Therefore those, who is in the Beam, - know the way. I want to remind that entrusted ours the Assignment is given also. And then unshakable there is a step bearing it. Performers of mission of the Teacher on the actions have the inalterability press. Also I Want that awareness of constancy of Service to the Lord became as though the nature of the pupil. I serve always, everywhere and – in this way it is necessary to pass life in everything surely. Whether it is possible to be reconciled understanding of it interrupted and time was filled up by unnecessary trifles? But even trifles are justified when everything becomes with Me. I claim everything that is created in unification with the Teacher.

112. Believe, My friend that in life of this among her suffering and works you won't meet never happiness without misfortune and pleasure without a grief or something another, not dual in the being. At light is a shadow, at youth is an old age, and at life is death, after morning day and evening. So, everything goes, being replaced in cycles of contradictions or the poles. The phenomena go, being replaced by the contrast. And the meeting – the messenger of parting again meet then and again to disperse. And in this eternal change of poles of things, the phenomena and events terrestrial life flows, with elevated intertwining. You it know and remember that behind a pole of the phenomena heavy its return pole waits for you, already other, to its contrast, its future antipode. And so in everything, and so always in relentless change of nights and days, manifested phenomenon's (things).Itself denying and claiming in poles of the phenomena, they flow a stream infinite before your consciousness, which one, but dual too always in everything while it will be not lit up by Light Boundless, Light without a shadow.

113. My friends, my enemies are sated with a magnet of My aura and follow Me. Both those and others finish imitation Me. Only indifferent, that is neither hot, nor cold, remain out of the sphere of its influence and therefore remain on a place in decomposition. Therefore Savl's example is instructive. Therefore we prefer ardent enemies to rotten friends. The enemy not always means the conscious attendant of darkness. Therefore be attentive to enemies. Both friends and enemies serve Me; and that, what not in forces to execute the friend, the enemy often successfully carries out. Often to Use enemies for actions the useful and necessary, often enemies help to aggravate quality and courage to implant. It is impossible to lose sight of necessity and usefulness of enemies. Only it isn't necessary to be afflicted with them. Personal chagrin can obscure and make unclear their next usefulness. Enemies – the best Teachers. Everyone diligently and honestly doesn't feel sorry for time and forces, teaches something. At sufficient vigilance and attentiveness it is possible to see, which quality strengthens and the next enemy strengthens. Their conscientious diligence can even smile with gratitude to advance spirit on an ascension ladder not knows for themselves. It is necessary to think of usefulness of enemies. Many qualities were carefully grown by them. So the eye let remains able to see on good whom and then it amplified. In general it is necessary a narrow-minded view of things to leave. It is useful not that it is pleasant or it is pleasant, but that advances on the way. The criterion of a personal gratefulness is false and often leads to wrong conclusions. Well that serves and is useful for evolution and is in harmony with it. The same criterion we Apply and to people. Spineless virtue often that is usefulness for evolution is equal to zero. In the course of consciousness expansion many starting points of thinking should be changed. The personal point of view in planetary scales is absolutely inapplicable. The bowl of General Welfare replaces personal universal. The body – only temporary device for the intercourse with the outside world and self-sufficing value has no, -to it the term and the time. The death is change of the worn-out device on more the best and thin when time will come, to receive again and the dense device, but already more perfect and more adapted for the increased requirements of spirit. Evolution wisely conducts development by New Race. In each this physical body development of the centers can reach only certain limits. Therefore change of bodies is something inevitable and necessary extremely. Therefore I Say that everything serves wise nascence of New Race. It is necessary to understand usefulness of the phenomenon of death, at last. In economy of the nature it plays an important role. Laws Space because in the end result mean the Benefit are wise. Guidance hierarchical is wise. There can't be calm when the planet fate is decided. Courage should be held ready constantly. Hard times! The Teacher didn’t forget, but is occupied. And not its attention should be demanded to itself, but to It to turn the. The Teacher Is tensely directed forward. Following It is directed; follow for, not the Teacher the pupil, but the pupil for the Teacher has to be in following constant. For receiving uninterrupted following uninterrupted is required.

114. My friend, strength of mind is learned only in difficult conditions and in them and approved. The muscle deprived of movement, will atrophy as also strength of mind hangs during lifetime of cloudless and easy. The spirit in wellbeing decays. Burdening circumstances are necessary to cause to energy action necessary which otherwise are doomed to extinction. In a weak place has to beat life that to strengthen it and to generate the necessary force. But at all circumstances one condition is necessary, namely firmness, or firmness of spirit it is necessary to accept firmly whatever occurred around. The stronghold inside should be found and approved. Without the Teacher, exactly, when, exactly, when the darkness surrounded one and distances were hidden in a gloom that to wait? Victories of Light over darkness! The Teacher Put on the guard behind a personal responsibility. On the guard it is necessary to hold out up to the end. Let everything fluctuate, but not spirit. Weakness when the Teacher is faced by difficulties unreasonable is unacceptable and support is necessary to Him. On whom I will be able to rely at an o'clock difficult if all soldiers lay down arms and will hang spirit in despondency of hopelessness, whether will betray it the Teacher and his Business? Therefore stand strong. The commander without army – not force. As also fortress unprotected any more fortresses.
From here, not replaceable and permanent patrol; one in the life desert, but with the Lord, support to friends and to enemies intimidation – so firmness is shown. Its flame – inside, it is possible to feel. To tranquility firmness we will add. It is possible to take cover only in a spirit tower, because rescue in it. As the beacon of light rises it in darkness surrounding, external, and to another shines. The pleasure if at an o'clock of need I Can rely on whom as on Myself is great. Difficult days proceed. The darkness is condensed. You, the few resisted, help to keep balance of a planet. Not “good” not sanctity, but firmness and firmness I Demand at an o'clock the dark planetary. Help to hold Light network. Really you will leave one how left once?

115. When it becomes especially dark, we will think of Light. Thought of Light, - light to them we approach and the thought becomes being shone. But the thought paints aura and all being of the person, and the thought lifts him from darkness to Light. I am Light and a gate to Light! Thought of Me the consciousness joins Light. To be with Me – means to be in Light! So the thought of the Lord will be similar to the turn of the knife switch, which has included current of Light in a network. Everything is simple because all in the spirit of, and the thought reigns over everything! The kingdom of spirit is area of fast decisions. To live in the spirit of – means to live in the sphere where everything is possible. Why to limit opportunities to dense conditions? After all in them even the miracle is violation of balance of elements. That is simple and natural in thin conditions, in dense demands expense of energy improbable. In it is advantage of thin conditions. To concern them, the consciousness has to be refined itself and respectively refine the conductors. There is the same, but, like the orchestra symphony, the understanding depends on refinement musical. Certainly, many aspects of life open for distinguished consciousness, and there is it to conformable wave’s spatial fire, that is flame-existing. It is impossible to judge at night Sun brightness, it is necessary to wait day. Day of the Lord when the Sun you will see is close. For now live thought of the Sun of Great Heart. The thought of the Lord will help you to inform your light unfading about judgment day. Thought Me adjoin. Thoughts of Me forge wings to spirit. You remember the Lord.

116. The lord can’t leave, but can be left. And then the person is provided to himself. Leaving it occurs for various reasons. But what they were, there can't be they a self-justification’s. The self-justification won't help and isn't able to change consequences regrettable and destructive. If something distances or it separates from the Lord, so stronger than energy of a silver thread. It is necessary to think to that we give the power over the consciousness that it could darken the most important. It is possible to live without a thing that nowadays us surrounds, and it is possible to lose everything, but not a silver thread of communication with the Lord. Everything can be replaced with something, but what will replace the torn thread? When commensurability between the most important and a scum of life current is broken, the reality is distorted and life accepts ugly forms of curve evidence. Ghosts come to life, and the illusive world of vanity by the world of illusive evidence becomes. Already I Spoke: I – life. Means, the real basis of life only on Me is under construction. Construction not on Me, and on something another, is creation of lie, delusion and a gloom. Therefore the Lord Has to enter into all creation of life of individual consciousness as the Beginning approving a true ratio of things and the phenomena. The proper correlation of two turns out then; "I" person and Space. Also the person finds to himself a place in the last as its part and as expression of Space outlines, or Space Will. And then it is possible to speak about merge to Space or the statement in heart of the Space Truth. Ghosts fill life, and the world lives lie. All is distorted. The mankind rolls in consciousness heaps. I am the Sword sparling spirit. I split the knot of vital contradictions confused to impossibility. Or immersion in whirlpool of not resolved contradictions or acceptance in consciousness of the Lord as the sword which is cutting the Gordian knot of life. Accept the Lord heart so that there was He strong, both strong, and a hot perforation board between you and boiling foam of the vital phenomena. So through Shape of the Lord it is possible to look at life, both to take life and to do it possible and accepted, without distorting a way and without deviate the purpose wonderful. At change of times shadows human on Earth face go, but following Me there are firmly and light-, to fires shining similar. Accept the Lord not a brain, but heart, having delivered to the Lord first of all. How I Can become the helmsman of your spirit if you don't betray to Me the consciousness and the heart? But indulged in Me can move ahead without being confused, without fluctuating, without showing doubt. Certainly, life and obstacles is difficult are piled up, as walls high and deaf. But Me call more often, itself to me betraying. And there, where stop, or you slow down, the Lord Won't delay and fluctuations doesn’t show. So betray itself to the Lord and enclose a wheel in his Hand, and your way will be firm and fine. Beauty you will reach and firmness you will reach because with you I and when together, won't frighten and won't stop us any ghosts. With Me together we cost before a muddy stream of life. Its waves won't overflow and won't extinguish a spirit flame, because we out of and over it; in life, but not from life of this, in the world, but other-worldly, human lies and heaps.

117. My friend, Proximity degrees, so and degree of the Management happen different. The big Proximity and the Management gives the next. Than closer it, especially mentions karma. When the consciousness of death and karma intertwine, the Management is included into all details of life of the pupil. And then the Teacher Assumes part of his karma. The Management of the next requires merge of consciousnesses full. Then instructions start gaining more and more individual character. It is possible to give the whole blotter, without interfering in private life directed and without affecting her directly and directly. For such close cooperation when the instruction concerns all life of the pupil, very big extent of approach is necessary. Certainly, and all life in this case has to change as appropriate. I answer a question why there are no direct instructions for all occasions. Instructions are given at repeated events or in the cases having special value. But it isn't necessary to wait for instructions on everything while a certain step of Proximity isn't reached yet. It doesn't mean that the Teacher is far and that he doesn’t know that happens to the pupil. The Teacher both Sees, and Hears, providing lives to reveal itself for the amateur performance phenomenon.

118. It is impossible to consider fulfillment of desires by an ideal of happy life. Desires often can't be granted immediately owing to various conditions. Between desire and execution is known term proceeds. And, if it is rather long, whether it can be charged wishing that the consciousness it at the time of the ripened execution will already not wish something another. The consciousness often outgrows desirable, and it becomes unnecessary. Often passes the feeling caused by desire. Then execution of desire burdens and becomes a burden excessive. Therefore it is impossible to rely on desire of covers and blindly to follow of. On what it is possible to rely and where those desire which won't change? Again we come back to the World of the Lord and everything that with It is connected. In this area it is possible to wish fiery, without being afraid that implementation of desires will cause satiation of spirit. It is possible beautifully and to wish the statement of Light ardently. Power of desire to Light will advance, and Light will come on an aspiration magnet. Many people wish, but their desires, at the best, are limited to one life. Why not to wish, having before itself a long chain of lives? And that is impracticable in one to do close and achievable in another. It isn't enough one desire; it has to be accompanied by a number of efforts or the actions approaching its opportunities. In a chain of lives everything if the desire is rather strong is feasible. Parents and living conditions often get out on to desire. And, at last, it is necessary to know how the will can carry out desires of spirit. The desire expressed rather strongly, is a seed thrown into space, forced to yield a fruit and to execute desire. Grains of desires give shoots and fruits. Wish accurately and circumspectly. The growing will has gift of implementation of desires. Certainly, now not time for personal desires. Certainly, heavy times will pass. But everything connected with desire of receiving Light, will yield the good fruits. Wish light-and fiery, wish spirit increase, wish Proximity of the Teacher.

119. My friend, it is necessary to remind that tension fiery in space causes a press of events – cause and effect. The organism human has to answer somehow spatial influence, and the organism answers. People – creations of spatial beams. Beams also answer. The Fiery-response of the person is property of its organism. Only this reaction is expressed in the form of various depending on consciousness level. The low consciousness will give reaction of poor quality and low fires. Therefore I Want to lift the general level of consciousnesses human that reaction all-planetary wasn't destructive in the essence. If Light, which was Brought to the world by the Savior, caused in many rage and rage of the lowest fires, rage and hatred, it is possible to imagine as going fiery waves can influence consciousness of masses. They should reject or to be accepted. It isn't known and not knows they get into the centers of the person and cause reaction shown. Tension in the world is heavy, and it is heavy rush about people. It is impossible to rise away from influences fiery. Fire or will update and will rescue, or will burn and will destroy depending on a condition of nervous system of the person. The network usual doesn't maintain unusual current of tension. As also a nervous network of the person – light network – and at an organism will be not sustained by a press fiery if it isn't prepared for that respectively. Not only all weak fuses, but also all angry, and all dirty. Clarification of a nervous network that to apprehend fire without serious consequences is necessary. The tranquility and balance will be the best filter for fiery waves. The prism of tranquility will help to distribute the spatial waves of fire flowing in an organism, harmoniously, without breaking its correct polarization. If usual troubles break this polarization of energy in the centers, that then it is possible to tell about fiery waves. To anybody and is permitted to break to nothing a peace of mind, because in balance of spirit our rescue. Let people do that want, let torment and torment you, let the meanness show, but you, having done everything possible, show balance saving. Why to worry about impossible if you not to help it with forces? But yours you in forces to protect and keep balance and tranquility under any conditions how raged and frantic surrounding you. The darkness too wants to come to light in the decomposition. Let's it come to light that then when tension will inevitably weaken it, to suppress rays of light. You store tranquility at any cost in days of tension fiery that is extremely necessary.
The board of tranquility protects and protects reliably. Both will come, and will burden you, and will pull your consciousness on one thousand frets thousands threads, but balance keep, but keep tranquility, because rescue in it. The spirit tower strongly can stand only on this basis. In Me we will find both that, and another. The lord let Will be a basis of your tranquility. Because when everything fluctuates, the Lord is unshakable only. Look for in Me tension of its balance and I Will approve it to you strongly and unshakably. I Told.

120. My son what we will prefer to the phenomenon of happiness of Proximity of the Lord? That we will prefer, with that and we will remain, but not with the Lord! There are the things compatible to a way and not the compatible. The last should be avoided. The litter of a threshold is harmful because disturbs Communication. Yes! Yes! It is impossible to combine levity, dissoluteness and spirit ascension. The aura of offenses long accompanies made them and – the benefit if they are good and beautiful. But a disgrace and lie not from Light. I told: everything is permitted, but not nasty thing and a disgrace. There is a permissiveness measure. Who thinks that it is possible to connect unjoins able, not from wisdom so believes. Once nevertheless the choice should be made and separated in the consciousness necessary from unnecessary and Light from darkness. There are acts, and thoughts, lightful; there are acts and thoughts black out. The first we will welcome, from the second we will be saved. The attire of spirit demands purity. Through pure aura receipt of Light goes freely. You store aura of the pure. Let all departures of mind and body will be pure, as well as thoughts, the accompanying. It is a little attentiveness and control, and gray spots can be easily removed from aura. Each thought not without consequences. Not acts should be protected, but thoughts, the accompanying because thoughts paint our actions. The act is a past consequence. But thoughts new, connected with an act old, strengthen in the evil, if them from darkness. Once, having started, the pupil to the Teacher, told: "The teacher, managed to me to get rid of a lot of things and to impose a spirit bridle on many feelings. But remained some more unbeaten what to do to me and how to win against them? «Thet Answered: "A victory and defeat – in the spirit of. Not offense connected the person, but thoughts and feelings, it caused". Therefore release in the spirit of and thoughts. And in the spirit of it is necessary to look for the decision. If offense is made in freedom of spirit from thoughts usual and enslaving, earlier to it accompanying always, action given over consciousness anymore has no power. Not in slavery, but in freedom of spirit you learn to make affairs and acts. It is so possible to reach release from the power of the lowest feelings and emotions over consciousness. Everything is permitted only in freedom. The formula of permissiveness belongs to free spirits. Less all not gets rid passions should understand it as connivance and indulgence. I call to fight and a victory over. It is necessary to win against itself, differently to new consciousness not to be born.

121. It is truly noted that on the screen of consciousness it is necessary to distinguish and catch a wave necessary. Many thoughts plow a consciousness surface, but it is necessary to catch correct and going of depth. It is helped by experience and skill. Having chosen the necessary wave, and on it having approved, and having as though entered into the accord with it, it is already easy to perceive on its key. Over time this process will gain obviously perceptible character and the detector of consciousness will unmistakably work. It is important to catch the thought beginning. As if to grasp the end of a rope which can be unwound already at will. Certainly, process is very thin and demands big intensity and consciousness thinning. It is necessary to have only more belief in reality of thin energy and possibility of a catching them.

122. My son when comes to collect time a harvest, the ready should be in good spirits. Externally such, as all is. Internally unlike all and not repeated in the aspiration. Time approaches, approaches, Arrival time approaches. I want to awaken heart that as heart recognized. Who Is the Teacher for the person from crowd – the Hindu in a turban? Can even rise nearby and not see in It the Teacher. And the wonderful world of spirit of the Teacher will be closed for the blind man. On heart and sight! So at hearts not ready the phenomenon of the Teacher won't be reflected in any way in consciousness and will pass the unnoticed. Therefore heart has to be hastily entered into an action circle. Even if it suffers from heavy conditions thanks to the refinement, time of Arrival will reward with interest for this heavy preparation. Because the injured and woken-up heart will see that for blind and deaf heart will be inaccessible. Behind fight – the world. Behind darkness is Light. By contrasts it is possible to judge Light future. The pole of darkness has to be shown and sputter out before Light approach. Not for long it was necessary to wait already, the darkness strains in hope to extinguish a flame of carriers of light, but My elite, unconditional belief storing and trust, strong stand on patrol. It is difficult to stand contrary to evidence when everything shouts "no" and only heart silently whispers "yes". I approve inalterability of Arrival. I claim that there are no forces in the world to prevent Plan implementation. There will be Light, and will be lost darkness and attendants it’s obvious and secret. Mine serve as rocks against which darkness waves powerlessly break. The rock can ring from tension under blows of waves, but waves are powerless against it. So the Stone wonderful, in a breast wearable, is a ram against powers of violent darkness. Up to the phenomenon of Arrival the darkness that the more brightly Light against prostrate darkness began to shine won't die. There is a factor, which is difficult for accelerating behind line of a limit is an awakening of consciousness human. It is hard to say, how many still misfortunes, disasters and accidents it is required that the spirit human woke up. For that we Wait? We wait that heart opened. Any minimum of the awakened hearts that Arrival took place is necessary. Arrival premature won't yield results. Tension in the world will amplify, yet doesn't become intolerable. Anyhow awaken the sleeping? Perhaps, choking will look at the sky, having raised the heads up. And to you I Speak: "Stand, all forces having collected". To resist in Light – means to win against darkness. If the darkness isn't won the heart and it isn't ready, whether will bring Arrival desirable happiness? The food for spirit is carefully cooked by us and the Doctrine is given. We wait when there will come the moment when everyone will be able to approach to it. For not ready consciousness the Doctrine is similar to food not acquire. It isn't enough to give the Doctrine, it is necessary to create still conditions for its acceptance that is to prepare a crops field. Wait, impatient! The unprepared soil of shoots won't give. The virgin soil should be processed. The last efforts are made, and Light over darkness will begin to shine. At a limit it becomes even heavier and the darkness will even more be condensed, but stand strong. For you the Lord who Is in Great Expectation. And you wait for Me strong. Ardent devotion, belief, trust and love show also ardent aspiration. When the world inside is won and the Lord undividedly Reigns in heart, anything external anymore has no self-sufficing value. And whatever occurred outside, light, which inside, over Chaos surrounding prevails.

123. So, my friend, itself you see that your perceptions about that to move or not, were absolutely correct. It is necessary to rely more on itself and on correctness of the perceptions; as it is necessary to believe in stability of the relations of the Teacher and Mother more. That once I Told, remains strong. But the Plan rather strokes of its implementation, can change. Not the mistake in perception, but changes mobility of the Plan given earlier at times. But Words of the Lord are invariable. Know, the son my darling that cares It isn't left and attention you have. Having rummaged in letters I was as test, but nowadays own feet got stronger also self-confidence. Everything will be as It is told. Generally doesn't change anything, only terms are a little removed. Not in it matter, but in our proximity. And when it is available, what to us terms or range of distances? Therefore introduce inside in consciousness your understanding that the Lord Is close, and on the statement of this Proximity build all affairs. Will be, will be, and will be! There will be a desired meeting, and the pleasure will come also release from oppression of surrounding conditions. But the press circumstances are necessary to give flame tension. Won't stiffen and not flabby spirit in tension constant. Yes, My son, correctly you understand: Mother yours – part of live communication between you and Me. Then you will get stronger it and you will begin to see clearly, the statement of Mother – as witnesses to my Instructions now is necessary. Correctly and that, that in It only support your terrestrial is, the highest terrestrial authority. Your meeting because both your future, and the future of many depends on it can take place. Therefore protect it in the heart former care and honoring and put above the high. It and difficulties you will worry, It to the Meeting you will hold on, fires without having extinguished.

124. My son how you think, whether will be time desired Arrival and a meeting (with Mother) time easy? There will be happiness, there will be a pleasure, but also Arrival will be great and strain. After all it is necessary to contain all available qualities of spirit and strong to show them in operation and the appendix. Not the sentimental affection, but severe joyful tension of all strength of mind should be given. And places for personal "I" will be a little. Both time will be short, and will be tasks endlessly. It is necessary to realize time period forthcoming and to think of how to become the absolutely irreplaceable. Who can replace Mother? Anybody! So it is necessary to make also it ardent, irreplaceable. It is easy to replace the ordinary employee of Light, but the son calling and darling, I Want that Mater in the hopes wasn't deceived. I want that her right hand I became also the successor of the Wealth saved up by It. It is great, and it is a lot of yet on your understanding. It is necessary to grow to it to become the successor worthy. Jewels in hands of small children remain not distinguished. Not ditty sponsored, but a severe soldier of spirit, burden of responsibility for planet evolution accepted, I Want the son to see. Mother and son da will be uniform essence of the self-proceeding beams. Not degree because its spirit, but character and a tonality is great. It gives deep mutual understanding, approach close to prepare inheritance. The inheritance is given not for itself, but for the future, for long centuries of spiritual blossoming of a planet. Responsibility is great, but the Assignment is great also. Everyone is not only successor and recipient, but keeper and the transmitter on the line the descending and hierarchical. Many think only of that, as though to receive more but very few people understand that without return there is no receiving and that the basis of Service is receiving Light for transfer to his people. All think, as though to receive more, but about responsibility for the received treasure don't think. The assignment is great and long, with leaving of Mother will gain the special importance and responsibility. While you will be with It, to the rock you will be similar because your battery will be strong. With leaving force of the luminosity should be lifted because replacement won't be and tension of Light it is necessary to give the unreasonable. So about difficulty of mission nice I Warn. The future planned for the son is wonderful, and demands understanding full. Therefore I Put in conditions heavy to temper and strengthen spirit to Service to the Great Lord. Circumstances and life will develop not as you think, everything will go my way, Me traced. Therefore concern on the future gives Me, and to itself leaves a task to show all measure of readiness for Assignment acceptance. It is necessary to pass through a lot of things, to get rid and a lot of things to reject a lot of things before there will come execution time. Therefore test it for lives, making use of each experience that it was easy when time free from stirring terrestrial gravitations will come to appear. Be not confused anything because everything I Will turns on your advantage and to extent of release of spirit I Will add. You – Mine. You go My way, Me planned. Let current affairs don't cover for the sake of what you came to Earth and accepted all burden of dense existence. It is a lot of them, wandering on a face of Earth blindly, but you able to see, and me for you. You know where you go and to Whom. It is given to Mother in the help as the witness close her feat terrestrial and the successor of her (mission) I put. And if It reached, you if It succeeded will reach also; you if you show a face, worthy the son of the Lord will succeed also. Will be, will be, Light in you will be shown, necessary for Assignment execution. Here I passed the period of the next tests when it was provided to itself that to approve the forces. I came both the necessary Light, and all concerns, both questions, and thought were unnecessary. But after all it was told that it isn't necessary to be anxious about anything, and the prevention is given. So the consciousness was in vain burdened by the excessive experiences which haven't been caused by need. It is necessary to show more belief to words of the Teacher. If I Say that the care is shown, warm and its full acceptance without doubts and fluctuations is necessary. A lot of the unnecessary is thought, and it is a lot of excessive alarms and concerns. They should be withdrawn from life, because in the Beam. And tests in the Beam should be accepted as it is quiet, without breaking balance of spirit. A lot of energy necessary remains for affairs of more important, than business current. For the future prepare, considering the most valuable experience of life current.

125. The Lord Considers love as a magnet the strongest. The Lord Says that love it is possible to reach most quickly. The love approves proximity of spirit because cleans all unnecessary partitions. Therefore the winner love is called.

126. If not to become stronger on the Lord thought now when it is possible to make it? Then? "Here when circumstances will change, then I... «– this formula won't do at all. In its essence attempt to cover insolvency of the present is covered. The formula is destructive in the nature. Everything should be claimed nowadays, now, when external conditions take and magnetic attractions World Myself are won by attractions terrestrial. Life without the Teacher is empty and is empty, and it is impossible to fill with anything emptiness of spirit and all surrounding only therefore and is tolerant, what even during terrestrial gravitations behind everything unconsciously there is a world external. Means, a task in to allowing terrestrial gravitations break a rhythm established because all terrestrial is aimless and deprived of sense if to withdraw from it the World of the Lord. But narrow-minded evidence finally comes to the phenomenon the broken through, if World of the Teacher to reject or forget. There can't be that high spirit it was darkened by evidence as it is, without feeling behind visibility of its essence of reality. How the consciousness external impressions distracted, the World of the Teacher exists in all the colorful and wonderful reality. But narrow-minded evidence finally comes to the phenomenon of the broken through if to reject or forget the World of the Teacher. This World has to define a consciousness line of conduct in spheres of the dense terrestrial. Because in it they are deprived of sense if evolution of spirit is rejected, that is for the sake of what the world dense surrounding only and exists. The Teacher Wants that the thought from his World in consciousness took priority. The Teacher Wants that the leading purpose not for a moment wasn't lost sight. The Teacher to that opportunity Gives, sending the thoughts, lifting consciousness over a terrestrial ring usual human thinking. Like a squirrel in a cage the thought of the inhabitant round him "I" small runs, surrounding consciousness with the sphere close and small. This ring it is necessary to punch and break loose from strong embraces of egoism. While this vicious circle isn't torn, there can't be a spirit movement in the future fiery spiral. The consciousness will come back all to the same starting point, and Sisyphus each time again has to start rolling the stones leading to the same point in the same plane, from where the consciousness began the advance of seeming lifting. It is necessary to approve a spirit spiral. It is necessary to make ascension natural and constant. From embraces of the dense world it is necessary to escape to ascend free spirit. Everything is condemned, all acts and thoughts if a circle close. Mistakes and delusions, if a fiery spiral in operation are justified even. So I Call to 1ascension uninterrupted and constant. I call including my World in your world and your world to make intelligent. Light My, lighting-up world personal, brings him out of the sphere of restriction of egoism and includes in a stream of conscious evolution. I speak: "Accept urgency and need of acceptance World Myself in your consciousness as the only justification of life and the statement is more whole it’s elevated". Whether it is possible to limit the purpose of life to visible evidence? After all for everyone the death and need will come to leave it, - to leave a visible reality, when ahead of gap emptiness - absence of rejected light. For mental consciousness can't replace evidence reality and My World with the world, illusive Maya world. The Maya, recede. You can't block a way of the risen spirit. And how flowers on your meadows, under them the unsteady bog, which ruthlessly sucks in the careless traveler of Earth were bright. But flowers of My garden are fine, and fruits are juicy, and the soil basis under them is firm. I call all, there is no refusal to anybody, but my World should be accepted in consciousness as a life basis. And, having accepted it and having claimed in consciousness, it is possible to go quietly to life, without fearing the next attractions created by Maya. Evidence is a life substitute. Whether it is possible to be content with substitutes? It is a lot of flowers in a garden of the Lord. Everyone will find on itself drinking from a source of My Wisdom not thirst. Sent to the world terrestrial with a certain task and definite purpose, - why to forget about the most important for the sake of what came? Therefore external it is possible to go to darkness only with the spirit lamp in hands. And then the step will be firm, and the hand holding a torch won't shiver. From the wonderful lock the Teacher Sends the thoughts that they clothed in a flesh and accepted obvious forms that shone the pupil and helped another to see a way in a gloom. Warm honoring of the Teacher at a constant memory will be the correct condition defining the correct way.

127. My friend, apparently, starts understanding that the place in heart of the Lord takes. Only recognized pupil can take place in heart of the Teacher. It is necessary to appreciate it and know that doors of the Native home are open constantly and hospitably. It is possible to be absent temporarily, but it is good to know strongly that return to the House Father will be an ultimate goal of a terrestrial way. The cycle of a separate embodiment of the pupil comes to an end with it. All circles of terrestrial lives will end with it. To the son the House Father – a right shelter after all burdens of life terrestrial. As, finishing a cycle of day, it is possible to think of Native home visit before withdrawal to a dream. There the Lord. And due welcome will be accorded to the son. There all the, and all native, and all from spirit; because the House Father is the spirit house. The homeland of the person is the spirit world. The spirit from spirit comes back to a hidden monastery. Its walls are strong. Anything dark and angry doesn't get there. Also there are no enemies there and evil-make dark. It is possible to go directly when the purpose is well conducted. Under My roof I Wait for the elite my, desired and invited. Chosen are called by me and chosen a way. Whatever darkness surrounded them, they always eye spiritual see far fires of the Native home, lives invitingly burning to the traveler. The Lord Loves the elite enduring love of spirit. Select means belonging to the Beam Father. Understanding of it comes over time. It isn't enough to be in the Beam, understanding of the in it stays is necessary. Understanding repeatedly strengthens power of the phenomenon of the Beam. If the simple thought strengthens, understanding, that is the phenomenon is long the approved thought, strengthens the phenomenon inexpressibly. Think, think, and think of the happiness which has concerned you. Realize waiting opportunities and come nearer steadily. The proximity of the Lord is approved and becomes stronger thought. You think about Proximity my integral and you remember that with you always.

128. My son, the Teacher is happy that the words It’s and words of Mother Agni Yogi are accepted with belief unconditional. The Teacher Is happy that the feeling-knowledge truly specified the correct decision. So close mine without care of the Father don't remain and the Management aren't left. Listen to heart, it judges correctly and doesn't hesitate, like a brain. All passed through tests when the feeling-knowledge had to come to light. I repeat: at a difficult moment, when the brain doesn't know what to do, through heart to Me address and I Will specify the decision. But address, but all heart. All-hearty address in power the only few. Only they, these few, can experience Beam force. My children, in narrows lives are conducted you by a Hand, which doesn’t know fluctuations and if strong you hold a wire, this unshakable confidence is transferred also to you. I don’t know, I Don't know, I Don't know, I Don't know other way, as a way of selfless devotion. Devotion selfless and unconditional is the mighty force of opposition to darkness where she tried to be shown, in herself or outside. The darkness is constantly directed to punch the closed cover of aura, or a protecting network, both to approve, and to prove in a microcosm. Light of My Beam will be a reliable support for fight against militant darkness. My children, whether you I Will leave one at darkness on worry? You, trust to the Lord shown, are protected. Don't calm down on awareness of security, but promptly move ahead; each lifting of spirit use for a fast throws of all the essence to Light. It is easy to throw grains into the moments of lifting on a future arable land. That from this that difficult, heavy and is full of tests life when the Lord is close. With Me you will pass easily through everything. With Me and a burden unreasonable sustain. I will help the directed spirit to pass through thickets of life. About friends driving off be not anxious: to them it will be assisted at a rate of their understanding of the phenomenon of the Teacher, but tests will be not avoided by anybody. It is better to pass through heavy tests, to win and get stronger, than to stand on a rain, to the milksop it is similar. The teacher Is anxious that to give everyone conditions necessary and karmic admissible for the fastest advance of its spirit. Recognized and accepted Me and directed to Me by Care I Won't leave. Can ask why what in the beginning phenomenon aspiration of spirit, and then departed are provided to themselves? It is possible to answer: there is an aspiration of egoism and there is an aspiration of spirit. The egoism directed sputters out as soon as starts understanding that the Teacher Can’t satisfies its desire, and then the egoism say a destructive formula: at first I will arrange the affairs, and then I will follow the Teacher and I will be accepted to the Doctrine. Many on it stumbled. The Teacher Has no anything that could sate expectations and hopes of egoism. The Teacher Urges to reject it and to continue to follow Him. I not repeat about harm the egoistical aspiration: fruitlessly it, its fires quickly go out, doing a gloom surrounding even more dark and impenetrable. My children, the unshakable trust to the Lord are accompanied by his Guarantee. So fires of belief are supported by the Beam of the Guarantor. Will tell: "Where Teacher, when evidence denies it? » But evidence to blind men, to you – Light of Beams of the Lord. Are loved and surrounded with attention. On openness of heart to Me you receive. I give because I Know inalterability of your step. Be not confused your imperfections. They will be got rid and there will be transmutation in something best and valuable on property of the opposite polarity. So at top of concerns I Will send tranquility and sufferings – pleasure. I will sate an opposite pole with my Beam of the statement, but strong you keep. With Me we will win, with Me the Stronghold we will reach. It is a lot of directing without Me but where will come, without knowing the direction? And to them I Help feasibly if their aspiration isn't poisoned with egoism poison. All kind and suitable for evolution Is supported and to everything we Give energy of life. Our care of the mankind Benefit is great, and people once recognize it. Call it God's trade. Let's tell: care of Hierarchy – about everything living. The planet is conducted by powers of Light to the far ultimate fiery goal.

129. The thought directed in space, increases, like a snowball, attracting to itself from it conformable with it elements. And the consciousness concentrated on sent thought, can imprint this process of its growth on the screen. Thus it is possible to enrich the treasury with new stays and to bring spatial gift to people, writing down attracted thoughts. So is established and so the wire spatial, being always in hands of the knowing works. In itself process isn't difficult, but demands the firm concentrated tension of attention. Certainly, at first it is necessary to establish a wire single with the Teacher to the elite, and having only approved on It, it is possible to start use of a wire spatial. And, of course, it is necessary to be in the Beam because in spatial attempts consciousness protection in the chosen channel is necessary. After all the space comprises everything from top to a bottom, all layers, the good and evil, good and bad. Therefore it is necessary to define firmly the receiving line, without deviating it. The madness and many phenomena of so-called nervous diseases or mental a disbalance are caused by inept invasion into disharmonious spheres of space. Control of will and Hand of the Teacher is necessary. Mediums too plunge, but there is no bigger misfortune, than mediums of the nature deprived of protection of will. All evil, which shown on Earth and hasn't been shown, is concentrated in space, - from here danger of a spatial wire without a protecting Hand of the Teacher. It is a lot of gloomy pages in the history of the mankind, obliged by the origin to dark contact with spatial deposits of the condensed darkness. But the courageous researcher, having the Teacher, can fearlessly get into pure spheres of spatial thought, without being afraid of a spatial infection. Everything that was ever generated by human spirit, recorded there in the form of obvious crystal deposits. And process of penetration of consciousness in them isn't less concrete, than the appeal to the encyclopedia behind the reference. Certainly, process is thin, of course, the susceptibility has to be is aggravated to known border and, of course, skill is acquired to transpose perceptions in the finished mental forms. The centers open facilitate process and do it more profound and real. At the centers open there are no doubts in correctness of the apprehended thoughts. The hierarchy is necessary as the bridge in boundless space and a reference point faultless. It is impossible to deviate concept of Hierarchy at experiences of spatial contact. The consciousness has to catch energy thin, transfer them to forms and these forms to imprint on paper. Certainly, the direction has to be held firmly, differently it is impossible to imagine, what chaotic stream can rush in consciousness. Therefore I Speak: "You hold Me strong at all o'clock in the afternoon and nights". Without Me you can't create anything. But when the hand strong enclosed in the Hand of the Teacher, it is possible to venture the most courageous and the daring excursions spatial; after all this only preparation for wonderful opportunities of spatial life. So, living on Earth, it is possible not to limit itself to life terrestrial. The promised connection of the worlds also consists in it. The sky is reduced to Earth in the Sky to lift Earth. Merge of the World’s Invisible and visible will be a basis of the statement of the New Era of Fire. The reorganization of the World consists in full shift of consciousness and in understanding of space as real factor of life. The person is the citizen of the Universe, and all riches of Space are available and open for it. And not the slave, but the employee of Space forces is appointed to be to the person.

130. Write: today day of special tension, and it is necessary to carry out it in understanding of Proximity of the Lord. It is possible to win against spatial waves of fire only the fires, and they flare up powerfully at the Proximity which is tensely realized. Many barriers overcame, many counteractions destroyed together. In days of special tension it is necessary to show readiness decupled. The ready state shows that all microcosms is open in intense aspiration to the Lord and is ready consonance on vibration, to It sent. Let's not think that this condition of consciousness is necessary for only the person: it is necessary for the world because strengthens knots of transfer of Light in a network of Light of the planetary. It means – the receiver is open for Light transfer on the descending hierarchical line. In order that the lamp didn't die away, it is necessary that the tank containing oil was connected to the tank of the Teacher. Then the flame of spirit can constantly burn and it is possible not to be afraid that the light source will run low. Many began beautifully, but burned out oil, the flame started smoking and smoking and went out finally. The equal and constantly burning flame is necessary. Only communication with Hierarchy gives this opportunity. Therefore let your heart will be open and turned to a source of an inextinguishable flame. The stronghold of the Lord is a place where Light of a planet is built and where Fire of tension extraordinary constantly burns. It is the spiritual and magnetic center of the planet, the highest point of the triangle having in the basis two other magnetic centers of points of northern and southern poles. Fiery balance of a planet in the Stronghold is regulated. The fiery device of Spirit of each Lord serves as the regulator. Tension is great and often intolerable. That at least a few to weaken it, tension it is distributed on a network of Light planetary, on its knots. And then My elite bears on themselves part of that tension fiery, which is Born on themselves by Lords. In it is your help. It is appreciated by us especially highly. Many devoted faithful soldiers often don't understand why loading is so great, and, without realizing that, refuse to divide burdens hierarchical. Some even show a type of a back and passionately seek to be exempted from loading. Therefore only the relatives I Ask to help at an o'clock of loading unreasonable. Usually want to receive only but very few people think dividing works and burden of the Lord. Taken with it both grieve and affairs seldom think of the help to the Teacher. The consciousness so gets used to ask for the help and to receive it from the Teacher that the return pole of the phenomenon is absolutely lost sight. But the true pupil thinks of that more often, as well as as to help, than about receiving the help. The difference in this installation of spirit is great. The essence of Great Service also is defined by it. One directs and thinks of how to receive the help; another directs and thinks of how to render it to the favorite Teacher. Understood it we Appreciate highly, - special trust and help unlimited, and fast. The one who thinks of the help to the Lord, has it beyond all bounds and smoothly. Therefore I Speak: "Be not afraid of tension and burdens unreasonable. She can turn back wings of take-off great". Consciousness in everything is necessary. Well and quietly to be the sponsored baby in a cradle. But after all I Speak about great Service and the works divided hierarchically. I speak for those who can and bear the Assignment in forces. Therefore be strong, and be firm, and in days of loading heavy know that you help the Lord. It also is a feat of conscious execution of Light. Fires of heart the hero meets fires of spatial tension and helps to distribute, both to regulate them, and to coordinate with tension of underground fires. Balance fiery helps to hold planets to us assuming all rage of an underground flame. Than the lord on the guard of balance of the World, and you who have realized, become denser and closer, heart to the Stronghold having opened. Why the press and tension to consider as personal misfortune when it is a burden of this world is necessary?

131. My friend, Teachers the Word for your Earth is similar to an arrow of Light. My words live for eyelids, and force them doesn't run low. Everyone bears in itself Light charges because it is saturated Fire. Fiery thoughts are Sent by the Teacher, and the Words It’s from Light. How many words on Earth are said every second and how many thoughts are thought? The dark gray brownish medley of thoughts and words insignificant weave a planet environment, shrouding it in a death and decomposition shroud. Dark and gray consciousnesses give dark and gray production of mental garbage. Million years of works, fight and sufferings and wonderful abilities of spirit are spent for production of the unusable and harmful mental products generating poisonous gases. The thought isn't understood and isn't protected. Not understood also the word isn't protected; also million black out consciousnesses in own juice of the unsuccessful generations cook. It was written and spoken about thought so much, but nevertheless the thought is in neglect. Everything thinks, but nobody wants to think of responsibility for thoughts. Don't understand that the thought is energy and as that, can't but cause it the corresponding reaction in an organism, it generated, and in space where it exists and trades in manifestation. The spirit owns thought, as a hand is the tool. Energy fiery is at the disposal of the person, energy obvious and real. Two devices operate it: brain and heart, both everyone in own way, and everyone a certain type of the energy differing with degree of refinement. Not all hearts and brains are identical. Thoughts of the savage cannibal and the philosopher, whether from heart they or from a brain are various. Range of energy cogitative, the same and with words is wide. It is necessary to realize gifts of evolution and it is necessary to treat them solemnly and thoughtfully. Sate with solemnity words and thoughts. Words and the thoughts which have been adjusted on a key of solemnity, won't give spatial poison and poisonous deposits in a microcosm human. The discipline of words and thoughts is the most necessary prevention for a body and for space. From thoughts harmful the body is ill; from thoughts poisonous the planet is ill. A lot of the harmful is told and a lot of the poisonous is thought. Blind self-poisoners and, and the house terrestrial of what you think? Look, how many diseases, a grief and misfortunes around. It everything – results of your thinking. It is told: "You think clair-radiant". Let each thought will be from Light. The Teacher Sends the Beam. For those, who in the Beam, it is easy to clarify a field of the mental crops, or crops of thoughts. Knots of transfer of Light on a network planetary aim at space saturation by thoughts necessary, from the Stronghold the sent. The inhabitant thinks from himself and gives the poor and egoisms thinking. The pupil thinks from the Teacher and brings to space spirit gifts. So, refracting the Beam of the Teacher in forms of clear and accurate thought, the consciousness of the pupil serves clarification of space and filling by its energy necessary both for it, and for people around, both for a planet, and for space. The thinking of the person isn't his private matter, but the phenomenon spatial and universal. The personal thinking of consciousness concerns all because all catches poison of dirty thinking surrounding, carrying far this infection. I demand to pay to discipline of thought due attention. Thoughts I Send in abundance extraordinary that it was possible to replace the thoughts with my thoughts. I pound from thoughts, personal, but thought of the Teacher lightful a little. And heart and a brain should be filled with Shape of the Teacher that anything the, anything from egoism any more didn't remain. To become a torch to people should be replaced with mine. Rejection from itself is a most indispensable condition of Service. The world of my thoughts should be made the world of the thoughts that the thought of the Lord reigned undividedly. Not repetition of the thoughts, which have come from the outside, but Light refraction in effect and the birth of beams self-proceeding. So the thought of the Lord becomes life and spirit food, doing a microcosm human lightful.

132. Correctly, correctly, correctly, the thought applied is included a construction crystal into immortal reincarnating essence of the person. This the last at the new next embodiment builds the conductors in the accord with the deposits collected in it in former lives, and according to a combination skands. But what there were properties and abilities of the person in this embodiment, all earned and approved as it remains in it forever once to become its full property in the Worlds of the Highest. In the conditions of terrestrial not all accumulation can always be shown, but it doesn't mean that something can be lost. Therefore I Pay special attention to those thoughts sent was applied in life. It is necessary to acquire firmly, and once and for all that only the thought applied has the price because becomes a component of the energy entering into the sphere of a human microcosm. The Teacher Is Truth applied by Him in life and approved as Him a hand and a foot of his thoughts and the Doctrine proclaimed by It. It Shows Truth Itself. To be Truth – means to embody in operation on all plans all thoughts and words, from essence of the person the proceeding. Therefore it is spoken about action. Action is meant as carrying out the principles of the Doctrine in life in this or that form. The Teacher Is ready to render the every possible help in business of the appendix of thought it in life. The way consists not in readings, not in dream, but in the appendix. Both dreams, and reading are good under a condition if directly conduct to this purpose. There are a lot of readers, but it isn't enough performers. So, if It is visible ardent aspiration in the Doctrine appendix in life, we Rejoice found the correct way. Many evade and prefer to replace action by words and thoughts not applied. Words and thoughts not applied right there also are settled and no construction value have. I want to see builders of life, on the base of the strong basis building. Carrying out the Doctrine in life not someone, but by itself will be this basis. The personal example induces and inspires better than words because energy fiery, in a microcosm of the performer put, work powerfully without words. In far caves and mountains there live eremites yogis, live, without seeing people. But their impact on spheres human because they work with fire of the thought applied in life is great. Therefore our envoys are the strongest magnets. Therefore the weak thought narrow-minded can't be compared to thought of the one Who Itself Shows Truth.

133. Having entered into our life, you become part it. My son, we will be glad to that Light future comes nearer steadily. In future rolls it already exists. It should find a place in the heart, and should move itself into its beams, and a place in it to prepare. Why the Doctrine is given? That place in Space realized and accepted inevitability of evolution and change of forms of public life. Not understood and not accepted remain behind and parts of a full planet in the future won't have. Understanding and acceptance grant the right to an entrance to the new building of the world. This Right Space, Hierarchy supported, and people can't it neither take away, nor belittle. Everything is good in its season and time to the planned terms. You belong to terms, and terms will specify intended your place for a performance of the mission charged. When will of Hierarchy – a boat of life of the pupil, it reaches appointment. Where the Hand of the Lord is laid, there can't be a failure or violation of its outline. But it is necessary that the will of the pupil was merged with Will My in uniform aspiration to Light. Quietly and invisibly for an eye herbs and trees grow, but the green cover covers a planet. So in silence and invisibly Light grains that to term Light filled in them tired and suffered much Earth ripen. Quietly Hierarchy Affairs grow, but cover with itself affairs human. Secret springs of life in our Hands. The lord Rules the world and his Hand over the Favorite Country through imperfections of the present. It is necessary to be able to distinguish the Great Future because its basis is planned in the present. For this purpose it is necessary to move the arising and growing present into the future, but in scales increased, increased and expanded incredible. Potential of spirit of the people is great, and a creative power the Hierarchies huge, supported and inspired by fire, will give blossoming of energy mental the extraordinary. New forms won't serve blossoming as a barrier. And that not in power to the old world, in New will come true easily and simply. Great opportunities lie before the Country. Powerfully it rises on evolution steps, and each step bears the shifts of consciousness. My elite for a known step is prepared and will enter on it the power and power of the Right Space. And forces invisible will serve them, and the seal of execution will be set on affairs and their undertakings. Under Beams of Hierarchy of Light barriers disturbing will be distraught, and the new arable land of life will brightly and plentifully blossom new flowers of life wonderful.

134. Never also there was anywhere no that refused the head called and interrupted a direct thread of communication I could resist in Light. Without a direct link go-between the chain is broken. Both where and when approach new, and through whom will be made? So rejected the next guarantor dooms itself regress. It and is clear. Approach goes not directly, but through the next. Not accepted sent mine Me don't accept. No justifications will help. The press of apostasy is not effaced. Approach close is possible through the next. Certainly, the management direct, but in the presence of last accumulation is possible. But anyway, refusal of those who is recognized and approved by me, karmic is destructive and fraught with grave consequences. In case of return new test is required. But the insult of Hierarchy is irreversible. The court is provided to me. Heart for the turncoat is closed, and the remained threads break. On you attacking and against you going go against Me, - because the Proximity to Me causes counteraction dark. It is a lot of invited, but it isn't enough elite. Departed and refused it is provided to the karma. You serve as litmus paper for darkness manifestation. To you harming and against you going is opponents of Light. Your enemies are My enemies, and My enemies – your enemies. And where you appeared when your time will come, about you there will be a division: one will be strong for you, others is against. Division will end after Arrival because the darkness will devour the attendants.
My son, you in heart we wash a place you take and it is estimated such what is and I was in centuries of the remote past. The Teacher doesn’t assume, but Knows. And therefore recognition human, but recognition of the Teacher is important not. Feelings human are transient and aren't strong. But the Teacher is unchangeable and is strong, as the rock. And his love doesn't rust. It is possible to rely on the Teacher, but not on personal feelings of people around. Few loyal friends and betrayed few are. Therefore each sign of devotion is valuable. Friends should be known. The knowledge of the person requires time, and sometimes very long. Before the end everyone reveals the face that knew who that deserves also to whom and that it is possible to entrust. Rejoice to disclosure of faces and save up knowledge about people. It is better to remain to one, but with the Teacher, than to be surrounded with rotten friends. It is better the few tested and loyal friends, than crowd of admirers. It is good to know people and to remember that to loneliness nothing will change.

135. My friend if power of Hierarchy of borders has no, the Plan will be hierarchically carried out. Ways of Light are inscrutable. But the purpose set not greatly is put into practice. It is told: "Yes blossom and will human to it not an obstacle. It is necessary to enter into this understanding of inscrutability and inalterability of execution of fiery outlines of the Lord. Fiery consciousness of the Hierarch Creates on the Plan the Highest, not the available to consciousnesses the human, - and our decision, having approved there and having taken the form, releases on plans the lowest for final manifestation in the world dense. We See forms of the future New World in all their shining magnificence and we Know that their pnenomenon on Earth is inevitable. We plan people who will be called for execution, and performers true, reliable and strong we Put for implementation of each planned step of evolution. It is necessary to believe strong in Power of the Lord quietly and vigorously to go to the future. Let the next wave of weakening and exhausting darkness won't close the future horizon. I can’t allow that relatives remained in ignorance. Therefore on knots rotary messages necessary I Send. The reality should enter into the world wonderful without losing the soil under feet. It is necessary to be approved strong in both worlds. Problem of a going era is connection of the Invisible World with visible, and weed demonstrations both there will be a consciousness human. The next have to become carriers of new consciousness with its expanded functions. Your task –carry out visually possibility of receiving direct knowledge by a uniform wire. Parcels will amplify and become is more concrete and are more certain, yet won't get the clearness of registration of the denied. Thought washing will be as obviously to enter into consciousness, as the words said by the person in an open ear. Fiery and intensity of process I Will strengthen. The necessary density I Will give. It is necessary to plunge into work even more strongly and to become even closer. Think of how to deepen Proximity. There is no approach limit to Light.

136. My son, the Lord Considers necessary and inevitable lifting’s and spirit falling the spiral and wavy. Otherwise it is possible to call it a consciousness rhythm. It doesn't mean spirit falling in darkness, or involution. Manvantara and Pralaya spirit – the principle put in everything. It is necessary to distinguish regress and falling in darkness from an inevitable rhythm of ascension and not to be afflicted with a point of a turn of a spiral opposite to lifting. These two conditions of consciousness – as day and night, cause themselves whole, always consisting of two opposite poles, like a wheel in movement. The consciousness in each point of the extent in time occupies that the highest, the lowest points. Progress excludes possibility of stagnation and return to a point already once the passable way. Knowing the law, it is possible to meet a wave of a rhythm consciously and beautifully, without giving in to evidence of influence of Maya. At knowledge top doors of secret knowledge widely reveal. Also heart fires flare. The sun of life plentifully spills the Beams in consciousness. But it is difficult in a gloom of night at a shadow turn filched. I call to understanding of this condition, pointing to its inevitability, and I Want to arm spirit so that to meet a dark strip adequately. For this purpose it is necessary to understand essence of the phenomenon Pralaya, when all abilities are curtailed and calm down to collect forces for new prompt advance. At these moments it isn't necessary to make crucial decisions, it isn't necessary to trouble itself with violent tasks, it isn't necessary to activity intense. It is possible to continue quietly works begun, without forcing consciousness. And if who comes to you during your indifference, activity not to imagine, and better far away from people. Christ Redeemer Deleted to the desert because even time for loneliness of spirit and restoration of forces plundered by greedy crowd was necessary to Him. All consciousnesses and everything are subordinated to the law of a rhythm that is shown in the world. All essence of a plant is curtailed and crystallizes in grain again to be developed on top form as the consciousness contracts and gathers to the center to give to term full identification of and blossoming fiery. Heart beat is expressed in compression – expansion, the same happens and to consciousness. The wave next can be met courageously and quietly and with knowledge of the law. Misunderstanding does a lot of harm also vain concerns. Growth of consciousness goes naturally. All violent won't bring desirable results, causing reaction destructive. But nevertheless the ship goes towards the aim and day and night, at winds favorable and opposite, but goes, but forward. And the consciousness directed to the Lord, doesn't stop the progress, in whatever condition it was. Pralaya consciousnesses occur on a way of an eternal ascension of spirit, and advance on it doesn't interrupt. The purpose lying ahead, from a look don't miss, and then the way of an ascension becomes an inalterability way.

137. Today day of big tension, and therefore day heavy. There are no personal bases to be burdened, so this loading not personal, but spatial. If people understood the feelings more attentively, they could learn to understand spatial speech. The space surrounding us has the voice which sounds on different keys. The device human perceives spatial vibration, and then the person speaks: as it is free, easy or as it is heavy. Gradually sensitive device will learn to understand waves spatial are thinner, and nature speech becomes available to it. These feelings can be accompanied by acoustical and visual impressions. Certainly, all sense organs can take part in them. The space is saturated images, sounds. Perceptions of fires in the form of stars, light spots and fiery flashes are available to a distinguished eye. The Invisible World is rich and is various. When opening the centers spatial life we join. It is good to listen to waves of spatial life. They bring to the person thin impressions. Beams spatial influence the nervous centers, and the person constantly is under their influence. The device human is difficult and sensitive and demands great attention. The best conductor is heart. The person can't tell that he isn't a watchman to the brother. Because sufferings human sate space with vibrations and heart live besides the will feels them. It is necessary to understand that responsibility for sufferings human lays down on all mankind and a burden of burden terrestrial all bear. Why the pleasure left and the smile in the world decreased? Why it is seldom possible to meet happy eyes? From responsibility not leave, - it is born by all. Only loading of sensitive hearts is especially great. These shouldn't be afflicted because Christ Redeemer Suffered for the whole world, and a way, to It specify remains only forever. So heart joins life spatial the first. Through a sharpening of sufferings and containment of pain of the world of possibility of heart extend. To hear a voice of the Teacher, heart has to suffer. The suffering opens eyes and soul ears, that is hearts, and approach to the Teacher becomes possible. Many want life happy, but the Lord Told: in the world you will have grief. Through sufferings fortunately – such is a way. The Teachers who have found in heart can rejoice because have a life.

138. Let's deepen the begun. Threads of spiritual undertakings are stretched in the future. Being conceived, in space grow. Coming back from time to time to consciousness, appear at it, increased in force of the potential. Everything passes through consciousness, and everything again comes back to it again to leave. Life goes waves: one phenomenon begin to decline, sputtering out, others accrue. The consciousness outgrows some phenomena, and they fall off the person, as autumn leaves. It also is a gets rid of properties of a human nature. People are so settled and die. Attachments, habits and conditions are so settled. Threads of a magnetic attraction, or communication, refined both try, and the consciousness is exempted from the phenomenon gets rid. Others, on the contrary, grow; get stronger and the strengthened come back. At each new return receive a consciousness assessment from that height which it reached, and bear on itself the printing of his statement or denial. With this press again leave to return strengthened or weakened. And not that matters with what they come back, and the next relation of consciousness. "There is a Prince of this world and has in me no anything", – that is the phenomenon, whatever strong it was, has no power over consciousness if magnetic communication with it is torn. Also it in this consciousness has no anything, any part, to which it could be attracted. Therefore not to permit to well new phenomena in consciousness to take roots. Only to that from the World of the Lord, it is possible to allow time carefully and a place and to accept in heart. Nevertheless terrestrial, passing by, roots shouldn't let. How many external conditions are replaced in life of each person that finally at great change of people left forever everything, to a body physical inclusive? Knowing the passing nature of things and the phenomena, it is possible to build life only on the rock of the eternal basis. This rock Is the Teacher. Building on it builds strongly. Construction goes forever and the millennia, without being subject to destruction. This two types of the phenomena in the consciousness should be distinguished and to Affairs of the Lord to prefer before affairs usual. On an altar of life of people not to commonness serves and brings all itself, but World Lord. Self-fateful self-service and affairs human called themselves. But when into them enter and comprehend laws of the enduring world, the roundabout turns into a spiral of evolution and the way of ascension becomes obvious. So all affairs human are divided on My and. Everything that from egoism and the personality, the also is doomed. Everything that from Light is Mine also can live. Angrily too can grow and amplify in space, but it is good to increase in Light. So, there is a universal creation of the Temple of life, where everyone, who from Light, the participant. Among whirlwinds of destruction we Build. We build the Temple of eternal life. Our affairs duration have the great; stretched in time and space, from life in life. Who with Us, participants of affairs never-dying are shown? And when for the inhabitant everything comes to an end, for our people everything only begins. It is good to be the participant of our affairs. Ours work and in it the world, and in that, both everywhere it is conscious, and everywhere with the Lord in heart. This communication isn't broken neither life, nor death and proceeds strong in the Elevated Worlds. Therefore I Speak: helping Me – the benefit therefore I Speak: with you always. The death that who goes with the Lord isn't terrible. Not death, but disclosure of doors of wonderful opportunities of the Highest Worlds. Mine with Me also will arrive. To Me directed to Me also will be attracted. You in Light Teacher and you I Won't leave. With you I, but give time Light to present, Arrival time approaches. Be awake on patrol. Unknown time goes.

139. "The Father, through a little I wash the Reality your greatness". – "My son, not small the witness you will become and you will leave the certificate forever". Be not confused a trifle and the imperfections, loving and devoted heart is the Proximity criterion. Look around. Million people – who knows Me? To whom it is close? Who accepted the Doctrine in heart and accepted its basis of life? Why the robber Prefer to scribes and the loose woman to Pharisees? Not by measures human I Measure and I Determine the value of the person. Therefore be not confused the imperfections, but safely ascend on a track conducting to Me. Go what is. I will clear your essence, and I Will prepare Light clothes, and all necessary I Will give that knew and I saw that devotion and love win all obstacles. Mother yours, Me Put and Approved, carries out a great Assignment, and you the assistant true are planned by It. In tension of Light there will take place your meeting and leaves an indelible trace in planet records. You will be the successor of its Mission. You will be the guardian of Light, It brought to people. You will be the guardian of Intimate Knowledge, It left for the future. My son of Mother is intended to accept inheritance. The Lords merged in understanding and love to It connected, there will be you executor of My will, will the in uniform aspiration to the statement of my will having united. I prepare both for a phenomenon of its final finishing feat terrestrial. Your potential of spirit, still never in full the on Earth shown is great at Assignment execution. And after your meeting forces it you will see and you will claim in affairs. My Light in your light is the greatness show. My light you will create people. Transformation fiery – destiny you’re, given to you for the adoption of execution Light Lords. So in the trifle My greatness you will show, and a little yours becomes a visitor pearl of Light. Among millions you will be one, invested by Trust the Highest. I entrusted to speak my Name and on behalf of mine. Also I put, instructions my Name you will manage. When is darkness, light not visible. But when My Light will descend on you, and will change your aura, and will fill all your being with energy fiery, the darkness will disappear and Light will be around. And small becomes great. Not the trifle of grain measures future tree, but qualities invisible, in it by prisoners. And you Mine, from My Beam and Light My given rise in foggy childhood of the world. Secrets bonds of the Father to the son and the son to the Father are great and full. In Light My winner you will be it is shown. What to tell you in darkness pre-dawn before Great Arrival? My son, the word of the Lord the guarantee of your future remains as the testimony of Inalterability. I send happiness Beams, I Send thoughts of star Light, I Send love and care. Remember, on what or on whom you will put the press of your spirit, will receive force of My blessing: also I put, both people, and circumstances. I give the power to involve in an orbit of My Beam conditions necessary and people. Strength of execution by the statement of your will I will give. Will Arhat is fiery I Will strengthen. You rejecting Me don't accept. To you blow striking to Me strike. Strong protects you on all your ways. Accept in secret and in Daft Lord’s silence. Yes there will be all by My word. I Told.

140. People will often mentally wound each other, and the thin body suffers. But quite often defeat is inflicted by the person over himself. The blasphemy, treachery, suicide give an example of heavy defeat of a thin body. Reaction of offense is terrible. Certainly, any anti-moral action does to it harm. But some acts because defeat of nervous fabric, and the wound should be healed. Any physical damages also cause damage and a thin body. But wounds are put with sharp explosions of an astral. Especially painful ruptures of fabric occur from irritation and other emotional explosions. Breaking a protecting network, they do a thin body defenseless from attacks of spatial evil spirits that is substance of the lowest. Ever one disbalances this or that degree opens access to a spatial infection. Also there is a person the victim of accidents. The microcosm of the person has to be always closed and sharp-sightedly protected. Even an inappropriate joke the person of himself gives another to the power, opening internal essence to blows. In this regard the solemnity will be the best board. It is necessary to realize that mental energy will be spirit armor. And any easing it or the condition of a grief, despondency, hopelessness and fear and any other negative and dark experiences bring internal protection to naught, doing defeats chronic if these conditions are rather long. Fearlessness –armor reliable. It is better to call it balance of spirit. With words unworthy, rage words, both hatred, and feelings similar the person puts wounds and pricks to himself. Often silence helps to heal fabric damaged. As important also it is necessary that speech always was frostily quiet and equal. Spiteful words tear tissue of own thin body. Harm personal, harm spatial and harm to surrounding people turns out. In this regard harmfully as well condemnation because it opens aura of and condemn for influence. The harm done by the person to and as result – the thin body suffers is great. Wound of a thin body is always reflected in the eyes. Light and pleasure in them go out instantly. Heavy and unexpected news can kill the person. It can kill mother who has received the telegram about death of the son, but won't kill a number of the standing stranger. It isn't news, but in how the person accepts it. The own relation to the phenomena of the outside world the person kills himself, allowing to inflict deadly defeat over a thin body. Depth and gravity of a wound are caused by the consciousness which has allowed it. Self-protection or vulnerability of a microcosm consciousness is defined, but We Speak about boards, about spirit armor, about a protecting network, about protection. Weakness and dissoluteness of mental energy do the person by the victim of external accidents, and there is a person himself responsible for received defeats. To weaken patrol – means to send itself to the power of the easy rider. But unless and close people won't wear each other? Therefore continuous patrol and with relatives, and distant is necessary. It isn't enough tried friends on whom it is possible to rely entirely. This condition demands even more discretion. Of protection of the essence we will think. Patrol is necessary to protect Light from gloom attacks.

141. Invited and chosen. Invited – is those to whom were given the chance. Elite is that, who not miss opportunities and them used. Invited there is a lot of, it isn't enough elite. Each called is given ample opportunities. As to apply them and to turn valuable property, depends on him. None of the called isn’t left by opportunism is. To have opportunities to receive instructions and signs still at all doesn't mean achievements. It is necessary to receive and it is necessary to carry out, or to realize the received. The difference between opportunity and implementation is great. It is given much, but how many it is applied? Opportunities given are carried out by application in life of that is given. The Teacher Can give the direct and very clear Instruction. But if it isn't applied, opportunity, through it received, missed. Also there is to the person from him no advantage. Therefore all richness of the Doctrine can be similar to medicine sealed and without advantage. It equally concerns as well mental perceptions and parcels from Mountains. The food Is given to spirit plentifully and generously, but it should be acquired, that is to approve in the appendix. To become the elected, it is necessary to approve the wealth received by the life: thoughts, feelings, acts. If thoughts are good, and feelings and acts bad, so something is very unsuccessful. The thought is approved in operation, affairs approve light. Affairs of a gloom can't serve as the statement of light, is equal and the saddened feelings. Select is reached by ardent application of Decrees. Everyone wants to be the elected called, but not everyone wants to attach Light Doctrine in life. There is a desire to go forward, and feet last back. Division pernicious turns out, and then it is difficult to resist. It is necessary that each thought, each feeling, each act and a being of the person would correspond to the direction approved. Compliance of a way with vital acts has to be full. It also will be expediency, or commensurability. So, you look forward. And to move back is the sad phenomenon for spirit of mankind. And who can help? Therefore I Repeat: the select is approved in operation. Actions of the benefit or the general usefulness will be actions correct. Who wants to stand to Me closer, given by me has to apply in life. Not in power to apply everything, but something is possible. And not applying knows perfectly when it breaks the advance. Apply and become the elite. The pupil is the spirit, which has chosen a way of the appendix of Instructions of the Teacher in lives. There are no two ways about it, therefore it is called narrow, and that is the only thing. Accepted and applied firmly go. The elected can apply in any size. At least the small appendix already advances. Stagnation is terrible also retreat. It is possible to adjust consciousness on a key of continuous application of given instructions. Then the way strongly lies down. The statement of a select goes by application of Bases of the Doctrine of Light to lives. Where they approving this Basis? I will help, I Will help, I Will help strong, but approve in life the Word My.

142. Day comes, and day leaves, but the spirit stays for ever and ever. As river waves, flow people and by pass; true friends – for the phenomenon the rarest, about masks we won't feel sorry. The knowledge about people is long and bitter. People should be known. The knowledge is given by experience. The skilled knowledge is hard.

143. Also we won't be to grieve neither about departing, nor about disappearing, neither about fallen into indifference, nor about seduced with vanity of day. They brought or then will bring the benefit. Many again will approach, many will respond to call when time will come and secret becomes obvious. But wanting to resist up to the end it isn't necessary to come off in consciousness the Lord. It is possible to come off so that the thread of communication will be lost. It is impossible to come off in the spirit of. You see how all fluctuates unstable and dies away. You see how my Business substitute for the affairs and people throw the guards. On them I can’t lean any more. Break Light network, and there is no place to send the Beam saving. It isn't necessary to condemn receded, but to close ranks more closely. Stability of carriers of Light and my Beams is nowadays necessary especially sharply. Dark payments it was condensed extraordinary over Earthly. The few, resisted in Proximity, bear loading for those who left the place. But so was always, - and when the Teacher Was in need, only few are true remained. Perhaps, now are clear both love, and care of the relatives who have resisted in days of a gloom, despite everything. As it isn't enough of them on whom I Can rely. They are necessary to me the same as I – of are quiet and be firm in belief. The Teacher of devotion doesn’t forget, - therefore strong stand, in Me staying. Therefore I Speak: "Be awake", - I with you until you in the spirit of with Me. I Can cover with a shield of faith, isn't left yet. But it isn't enough elite. But it is easy to depart. But for not approved in Me evidence is stronger than reality. But hour will come, and I Will bring together travelers, and again will come to you burning and sated with beams of the future Light, which has become a reality. Don't drive away and friendly meet again coming because the law doesn't allow reject again coming to Me. Carefully meet, both give, and sate their hunger. The judge itself doesn’t show. Everyone has the judge in itself. It is possible to regret about departing, become indifferent, but it isn't necessary to judge. Again will come in due time. My son, the next task –resist in the face of evidence, reality approving. As the way back is difficult and how many tests heavy will demand. Will come, but way thorny again will pass, a way doubled in the difficulty. I don’t know the best way, than a way of devotion inflexible. Both at night and in the afternoon, both today and tomorrow, both before a wall deaf and in Light My devotion remains unshakable, as well as love. The spirit way is severe and difficult, and the track is narrow, and the few go it.

144. To be with Me all heart always – a task, which in power only few. The majority doesn't maintain tension and recedes. Fragile covers can't keep Light. Containment of qualities of an intense flame is not in power to usual consciousness. Therefore there are so much departing. More than once it was necessary to observe how Light gifts, in abundance given, caused the return results. Therefore I Speak: "Don't burden weak-willed a bulk of trust and abundance of gifts of spirit". Won't sustain, and will reject, and, having rejected, will return to darkness. The pupil lives in Light Teacher, the inhabitant – in darkness external which considers as Light because doesn't know that such Light. Certainly, Light is a pleasure. But it is hardly to bear knowledge among heavy and close conditions of terrestrial life. The knowledge speaks about freedom, but the dense world – chains for spirit. A lot of courage is necessary that in dungeon of terrestrial restrictions from them to approve freedom. The extreme pole of restriction of spirit serves in a matter, under the law of contrasts, a starting point of the way conducting to release from its power. The essence of life dense rises and counteracts the statement of fiery freedom. From here is phenomenon of inevitable persistent fight and victory. Ignorant can calm down and reconcile with the ignorance, but spirit wings concerned Light of rest any more doesn't know because Eternity breath concerned it. From here eternal melancholy for the fiery, free, Elevated Homeland of spirit, from where I came. I speak: charms of Earth to satisfy sons of Light can't sate because they from fire and fire with Earth isn't combined. So in life terrestrial they are doomed to eternal search and aspiration to that isn't achievable on Earth. But, children my directed, know – that isn't achievable here – there strong is carried out. The most courageous, most impudent thoughts and your desires will be saturated and carried out there, in shining space of Light where all is possible. I speak about conditions thin and the world of the being shone plastic matter subordinated to spirit. Evolution is long, because its purpose – transformation of a dense matter in distinguished and mobile, a spiritualizing and depression terrestrial in spiritual. That this purpose to reach, Earth and mankind have to pass seven Big Circles and finish the Great Cycle. The way is long. And the microcosm human is the arena of this continuous transformation dense in thin, lifting and carrying away for itself Earth changed by it. The planet is connected with microcosm human indissoluble bonds of communication. Microcosm of the person, passing through the sphere elements terrestrial and energy of Earth, in this long and continuous process their all the time refined also spiritualizes. The matter which has leaked during even to one life through a microcosm of the devotee or sacred, is spiritualized is thinner and quicker, than at its passing through the sphere and covers of the ordinary person. But even the ordinary person to some extent serves the same purpose. And not only person, but all forms of vegetable and animal kingdoms. All develop and will refine Earth body, passing through itself its elements and the dumped covers of a system, creating and enriching dense structure of a planet. It mentions and concerns all plans, and each plan is enriched depending on a step of the evolution reached by this form. Certainly, the person as life forms the highest most also brings on an altar of transformation of a dense matter of Earth in thinner. The corpulent soil serving as the bottom of dense vegetation is created from the dumped covers of plants and with their bodies is enriched. Both coal, and oil, both limy deposits, and many other stratifications of the past are created by covers of the dead of organisms. This process in the world mental is especially mobile and noticeable, or the thought world when the matter of thought flows, being transformed through consciousness of the person, both fills with itself, and makes the maintenance of the Invisible Worlds of various gradation. The person is the transformer for Earth of energy terrestrial and energy Space in the forms going on creation of dense and thin bodies of our planet. Old eternally changes in new, higher and more distinguished. The person serves Earth transformation. The New Sky and New Earth are caused is immutable Evolution Laws. The microcosm human is this transformer fiery, eternally being in work on all three plans: physical, astral and mental. The person carries out this process and it is conscious, seeking to give production the psych battery of the superior quality. Refined the thoughts, feelings and a body, will refine all three streams of a matter flowing through its microcosm, accelerating thereby process of evolution of Earth and terrestrial mankind. Lords Serve on world transformation. The same purpose is served also by all following them conscious. Difference only that people usual work as the slaves, knowing work consciously and freely. And the tool, or the tool, the wonderful, difficult, amazing device of a microcosm of the person with all inexhaustible opportunities of his constantly revealing fiery potential serves them. The fiery future of the person is great and is incommensurable to that temporary form of his expression, in which he is shown at present. Light ahead is great, and Light of the future with darkness of the present is incomparable.

145. Each action made in the Name My, creates a thread of communication with Me. Thousand affairs – thousands threads weaving a strong rope. Or, better to say, the happiness bridge from flesh coast to Me, in Boundlessness, in My Kingdom, to the World my, incorporeal and invisible, over dense, both visible, and passing the existing. It would seem, the world dense is strong, both we see, and we perceive. But the world dense from today doesn't exist anymore tomorrow, but mine stays in eyelids. What is this day of this world? Whether the bridge or a step to My World, Light World? Who speaks – "end" when I Speak – "beginning"? Who speaks – "death" when I Approve life, life endlessly. So we will understand that the death is only a form of a manifestation of life. Not grain dies to yield a fruit and new grains, but the form of expression of continuous uniform life changes. Changes become new and are enriched with new opportunities. Possibilities of a doll and possibility of a butterfly different is. Whether the death of a doll gave to a butterfly wings? So the death of a body physical gives the chance to the person to fly if the spirit is ready. It is possible to fly and without having dumped a body, but only temporarily leaving it. But for this purpose nevertheless it is necessary to die for small "I" that it didn't disturb. They say that the death is terrible. But so ignorance argues. Only for the born slave who doesn’t know that such freedom, release can seem misfortune. But joyfully the eagle of spirit when it is given the chance to fly spreads wings, having broken loose, on open spaces spatial. We destroy any fear, from where it crept. Inevitable not to pass, but and here fear? The most terrible, the most awful, the most inevitable we will meet without fear. And then the victory is reached. After all it is necessary to pass and if it is necessary to pass through something, we will pass through it without fear. Fearlessness is the statement of strength of mind over a transient of temporary conditions. Ghosts crowd around and frighten. Flame of life wants to extinguish. But the spirit of the winner of ghosts doesn't fear because became the winner over illusive life and death. So there live people in a misunderstanding fog, the True Knowledge was rejected. The Teacher Approves reality among evidence and eternal is among temporary. With Me the victory over the present which is, for the sake of the future, which isn't present but which will be is provided. I testify to reality and inevitability of the future which already exists in future rolls. It is better to build the life on the fiery rock of the future, than to lean on the present, which is today, and tomorrow already consigns to the irretrievable past and runs low for Earth. I will tell: there is no life of more wonderful, than future understanding when the spirit wings, crumpled time sides grow. As the sound of a horn wins against space, so the aspiration in the future submits time. On wings of the future the spirit in Boundlessness directs. And people on people of the past, the present and the future share. Mine belong to the future. Creation of the future approved in the present, we win against imperfection of life. On a key of the future there is a great creation of the Plan of Lords, nowadays on Earth of the carried out. And country, taken this wonderful key in hand, goes on the way of great stays. Let's not be tired to sate thought of the spirits directed in the future with wonderful opportunities of implementation of dream fiery, dreams will daring, dreams, Lords of Light approved in space. The plan, Us Planned, on Earth is approved and will be approved. I Told.

146. My son, in the Tower the few have access, and you among them. In the Tower is the Lord. Tower – a symbol of fortress, firmness and stability, from here: Spirit tower. Its constructed can lean on it and in it to stay. These rare towers are scattered on a face of Earth and stand among darkness as Light beacons, or towers of wireless telegraph, being knots of Light of a network planetary. To them I Send to energy of my Fiery Beams that could bear powerfully protection of a network planetary and preserve aura terrestrial against pernicious gaps. The same role is carried out by magnets put and magnets natural scattered here and there on Earth surface in places of special value or appointment. The aura of these magnets, either magnetic points, or knots power, plays very large role in distribution of thin energy, Earth feeding on planet bark. The magnetic centers regulate atmospheric conditions and streams of the magnetic currents going from poles. Magnets put as powerful knots of crystallized Light, can plan and define a current of historical life of the people, feeding it and sating it with energy the Highest. The magnet works invisibly, powerfully and constantly. At nodal events it is sated with power spatial and starts shining, radiating energy the increased. These emanations cooperate with Beams of Distant Stars and to terms gain leading value. The magnetic centers put, like the centers human, are a well of spatial Beams and the condenser of their energy, collecting and multiplying Light crystals. Hierarchically such magnetic center can be a place of special value for registration of the Lords of events planned by the Plan and serve as though as a support at their carrying out in life. Ways of the Highest Will are inscrutable, but they are carried out scientifically according to the plan and according to Laws Space. The knowledge of these Laws opens naturalness and mechanics of this difficult and invisible process. Not a miracle, but the phenomenon of the Highest thin, more few the energy studied by the person. The combination of spatial Fire to fires of the put magnets gives them force of special and long vitality. Through their means heavenly Fire is attracted and descends to Earth, flaring suites hidden. Therefore distinguished sight can see light of Light over a place where such magnet is put. Poles Terrestrial is the funnels absorbing spatial energy and feeding spatial Earth. The same value, but a little modified, magnets put have also. They feed consciousness of the people, in the center or among which they are put. To terms their action amplifies through influence as well auras of the Hierarch who has put them. Speak about sacred places much, but value them understand a little. The blind belief, but understanding or knowledge of Great Laws of Light, managing directors of the world is required not. The Hierarchy of Light Rays of light Operates the world, and the magnetic centers, knots of Light of a network planetary and towers of light of strong spirits and in this process have special value by the nature of and to the look. The people appointed by terms, magnetize, or are sated with force of Beams, for a performance of the mission of the intended. And then We Speak about the Space Right, bringing the person to an execution way Hierarchical Outlines. Earlier it was expressed by a formula "In total in the God's Hand". But at the heart of the Highest Will immutable action of the Law, the being shown in the form of demonstrations of thin energy lies. Not miracle, but Law action. Physical and chemical laws aren't miracle even if people and don't know about them. Why actions of the Supreme Laws, so concrete and obvious, are considered as miracle and the phenomenon supernatural when all is natural and lawful: understood and not understood, studied and not studied by the person. It is a lot of ignorance’s and a lot of misunderstanding in the sphere of a manifestation of Laws Space and actions of thin energy. If I tell: all phenomena of life keep within a framework of laws, whether will understand? And if understand, whether will direct to studying of these laws? All without an exception of the phenomenon of the world submit to the laws. To understand the phenomenon, it is necessary to know the law under the influence of which force the phenomenon was approved. It will help to avoid and many mistakes. Ignorance encourages aggression and violence, but the knowledge of laws of public life indicates pernicious and destructive consequences for taken a sword. The knowledge of the law exempts from possible mistakes. The country New builds the great future, observing fundamental laws of construction of life. In its pledge its victories and guarantee defeats her enemies. Luminous intensity on the guard that "a lot the best, given to the Country of the best" in life was approved not greatly.

147. The thought invested by a flesh, that is put into words or written down, is thought imprinted. The thought, which concerned consciousness and has received in it the registration invisible, is too thought, imprinted in menthol. Energy of thought, getting into consciousness, receives in it the form, but the thought has it even without being in consciousness but only in case once and somewhere it passed through human consciousness? The energy which hasn't passed through it has no form. Therefore, a place of transformation of energy mental in forms is the consciousness. Energy, passing through these or those centers of the person, reaches consciousness and in it is given shapes. The energy, not passed through it, forms have no. The mankind is huge collective – the transmutation perceiving spatial to energy and energy of the Highest World in defined, having forms which sate Terrestrial aura in an incalculable set. The person goes on the wood, looking around, and as in a movie camera, in consciousness it the places of the vibrations apprehended by it transferred to picture images are imprinted. This ability in its highest form the consciousness of the person being in essence the transformer of the Highest energy possesses. This assimilation and production following it goes on the plan mental, physical and astral. All live possesses ability of a transmutation, but in the degree corresponding to a step of this form on a ladder of evolution. This ability of assimilation and transformation by each center of life of energy, it surrounding and able it to be acquired, is called as creative ability of a look. It is put in the essence of all live. Live we call a spirit-monad. In this sense and the atom will be live because too possesses ability of assimilation. Degree and its form are various. It Earth as a unit, perceiving a spatial matter and energy to their assimilation possesses also. But for Earth its Highest principles expressed by its real mankind will be an absorber of the Highest energy. In the person thin energy are perceived by the centers. For Earth as these receivers people serve. Without them Earth has no space food by energy the thinnest. Therefore the worlds are occupied. Role and value mankind in life of Earth bike is. The person for a planet is the intermediary between Earth and the Sky. And, as that, can't evade responsibility it for welfare of the house terrestrial. Responsibility for health and balance of a planet is born by the person; are responsible is all. The doctrine calls mankind for the statement of responsibility for Earth, it feeding and sheltered it.

148. In the spirit of a justification is; spirit over everything. The flesh dungeon temporarily, but is useful, that freedoms to reach. Through immersion in a matter and contact with it the power over it is got, - and first of all in an own microcosm. Freedom is a first-born condition of spirit. Plunging into its depths, from the power of a matter we are exempted. Freedom is in the spirit of, but not in a body. Having been obese, this freedom can be realized. The creative imagination is wings to spirit. It isn't limited to limits and flesh opportunities. It over it reigns. The plastic matter of the Highest Worlds submits to the creative power of imagination and accepts forms on will command. It also is a spirit kingdom where he is the unlimited lord, and there the spirit builds the kingdom, not connected by a matter dense. But, to build, it is necessary to know that wanted by spirit, and is necessary that forms created satisfied to the principle of Beauty. Otherwise there will be not a construction light, but a disgrace. Therefore education and spirit, and heart are necessary. We on Beauty Build. Builders light we Call light spirits. Earth is that school where learns to distinguish spirit the good and evil that in the Elevated Worlds construction was from Light. There the spirit builds thought. Therefore here – care of thought. The thought of Light creates light fine forms. But what the thought of darkness creates? We will be preserved against thinking dark because it we create to them the dungeon not only here, on Earth, but also there, in Spaces Elevated. The matter of the dense world is heavy and inert. But in the spirit of it is possible to direct and concern Me outside dense restrictions. And, being here, on Earth, it is possible to learn to live spirit and in the spirit of, overcoming restrictions of the dense world. It isn't admissible neither connect and nor to tie itself to it. Thoughts and feelings it is possible to leave its sphere always. Heart as body of the Elevated World is for this purpose given. The Lord Wants to strengthen and enrich life of spirit with new opportunities. Who lives spirit and in the spirit of, over restrictions of the dense world rises. Others think that freedom consists in meeting the desires, but the astral is insatiable, and one granted desire involves ten others, and so endlessly. Freedom of spirit consists in release from desires that is from those chains or attractions which keep spirit in a magnetic field of spheres dense, without allowing it to rise. Threads of an attraction can be cut consciously. Sometimes heavy living conditions are given in order that it was easier to be averted from it. If the spirit isn't connected terrestrial, it gravitates up easier. Freedom is in consciousness, but not outside. The slave can occupy an imperial throne or pave the road, slavery of spirit with itself carrying. Therefore it is better to be free in the spirit of, irrespective of that next role in life which the karma gave. It is possible to play the role, remaining in the spirit of free. Freedom not in a body, but in the spirit of is. It should be understood.

149. With the Teacher together it is possible to be in good spirits. There is nothing in the world that could prevent it if the spirit wants, If something stirs, so desire not enough still strongly. But there are no forces in the world, able to prevent this unification if the person understood that spirit over everything. Through huge distance the spirit bridge, and here Proximity is thrown is approved. The consciousness, in Me approved, doesn't know obstacles time, neither space, or things, any other conditions. I am with you always, but in the spirit of. Proximity in the spirit of closer corporal because many passed by and – it is close, Me without having realized. Bigger still the sleeping centers disturb proximity. But they will open also, and it will be possible to see the Teacher and to make hidden Proximity obvious and visible. The teacher Wants to give all opportunities, but can’t force premature disclosure of the centers. But the proximity in the spirit of can be approved at any condition of an organism if the aspiration in the constancy was approved. I speak: it is possible to show constancy of pretending before spirit eyes will open. But in the spirit of it is possible will unite already long before it. It is possible to note: the impulse spiritual, directed to the Teacher, never remains without the Answer. The spirit wire immediately tells consciousness with the Teacher to the elite. The wire of spirit is reliable. Yes, My son, truly, both I See, and I Hear, and I Reply. Certainly, it is unreal, from the point of view of commonness, but these lines you write under direct influence of My Beam. Merge of consciousnesses can be deepened still. For this purpose the following extent of concentration is required. It is possible not to come off not for a moment in the course of record representation of My Face at a complete elimination of all foreign thoughts. It is possible to isolate the consciousness from the outside world absolutely and to see nothing and not to hear, except for the most necessary and inevitable at any record. Boundlessness is in everything, as and in a sharpening of our abilities. Let's deepen infinitely possibilities of approach to the Teacher. Let's strengthen qualities approaching. Devotion and love we will update new tones of a flame. Tranquility and balance we will strengthen. Let's strengthen essence of a display of each quality. The Teacher Is glad to approach on degree of a display of readiness of quality to deepen. My son, is close the Teacher in affairs of Light and in the spirit of with you always.

150. My son, today we will note for the first time singularity of conditions of perception. The thought will arrive in consciousness easily and freely and without special tension. It already achievement. Everything is difficult in the beginning. Later, at assimilation, process becomes simpler. Then such condition when record can be conducted at any time and in any conditions will be reached. Long contact cleans barriers, and anything anymore doesn't disturb full Communication. Certainly, ability acquired should be preserved lovingly that it couldn't be dissolved in a commonness and decay. Any achievement it is possible to kill the scornful attitude towards him. When the consciousness seized process equipment, all it seems easily, but how many works and long efforts were required on understanding and assimilation of this psych equipment? Therefore we will be careful to the won abilities. The Teacher Wants to specify that the device perceiving has to be always in full readiness, as well adjusted and greased car which is carefully examined every day. The thrown car easily rusts and to become unusable, as also the psychophysical device of a microcosm human. Ancient spoke about a spirit flame inextinguishable, about wakefulness intense. The urgency of manuals remains to the same. This guarded vigilance, allowing keep consciousness in constant readiness, serves as the best guarantee of that the spirit won't hang both ooze and foam of life won't cover it. Many began beautifully, many reached height known, but weren't able to keep on it: life of a commonness overflowed consciousness, and there were they again inhabitants. It is necessary to reach and it is necessary to manage to hold achievement. Ability can be gained, but it is difficult to be approved on it. So we will strong hold each of again opening abilities. Full readiness should hold them in working condition and they should use. Can decay and be lost. Understanding of their irreplaceable values and conscious protection is necessary. Achievements are given for Service, and to opportunities it is conducted by preparation. The psych equipment – science new, and isn't enough on Earth of knowing and skilled engineers-psych technicians. At My school of diplomas isn't given because knowledge, Me given, still isn't available yet and aren't applied by the conventional authorities. But nearby that time, when institute the psych energies will be in the center attention of the New Country and will serve the statement new science. Then My pupils will be recognized by official science and will take on its ladder places, which accept them nobody will be able to occupy. Those who will be able to give will make recognized treasure of the state and will be carefully to preserve. Time of unprecedented opportunities provides them beyond all bounds in all areas of knowledge. Life already powerfully moves forward, and in this movement Country New is the leader. Already the world old is in many respects overtaken. It is too clumsy and isn't mobile to keep up with flight of time, and its main forces are directed not to creation, but to destruction, and in it his death, because the sword taken will be lost. Mental energy is evolution gift. It’s not accepted will appear in position of the people, who have refused in due time to accept a steam-engine or electricity, that is in a camp of the backward and clumsy people. Mental energy is the mighty fiery weapon and, being applied by collective, will give consequences striking. The country, the first to it seized and its applied in the benefit, will be the country of the leader. Collective use of mental energy requires great discipline and organization of masses. National prayer service, or national meeting of a protest, or the another matters having weak unconscious harbingers of how energy fiery, being at the disposal of the person could be applied. But blind drivers of blind men didn't know and weren't able to give it a form necessary expression. Therefore also consequences turned out hardly noticeable. Nowadays experiments of its collective influence can be conducted in in total state scale. But the consciousness has to be prepared. Energy human exists, and it submits to will, and, applied by collective, it already gave consequences purely material amazing. In the New Country war domestic victorious, new buildings and many other achievements were possible thanks to collective that is orderly directed collective energy of the person. It is necessary to take one more step and to recognize this invincible fiery power which does know neither borders, nor limits. Means, consciousnesses have to be educated. Light of new knowledge Means, consciousnesses have to be educated by Light of new knowledge. Means, time of urgent acquaintance wide with the Doctrine of Life and the laws of mental energy given on consumption of the person comes.

151. The dialectics of history shows that each this public phenomenon in a spiral of time is replaced with the contrast, the first phenomenon of the polarity caused to existence. The one who operates events, has to get up, or rise over the phenomenon of a polarity and, knowing the inevitable law of opposition, to direct a wheel of the law passionlessly and a skillful hand, without involving the consciousness in the next focus of the phenomenon, to whatever pole it belonged. To seize and operate the phenomenon, it is necessary to rise over it, in the center of a core of a spiral of the opposite phenomena of a polarity. So Lords Arrive. So Wisdom arrives. So the true Leader arrives. It and means be on a crest waves. If the consciousness can't come off the next pole, it falls under a wave and will be swept away together with the phenomenon replaced by its new, inevitably going, and contrast. To operate, it is necessary to be in life and it is necessary to rise out of it, out of an attraction of its poles involving in the current weak consciousness, like a funnel. The sun shines over kind and angry. My kingdom other-worldly ness not waves of external conditions, in the polarity of the show.

152. So, all shown has the two poles of a uniform thing. Birth and death! Usually people live one or in one of phenomenon poles. And only wisdom sees both and rises over both to see the phenomenon as a whole. So the birth and death give a picture of the whole life, two poles – whole. But life terrestrial only a pole of life elevated, so a circle of bigger life will be even wider. But an embodiment circle in a matter with the two poles only small part of the same social standing, say, the fourth Circle with his consciousness of embodiments of Identity throughout the Circle. And behind it, behind the fourth Circle, other pole is Pralaya finishing the Cycle. But after all such Circles seven, coming to an end Great Pralaya. And behind it new lives on new planets, and so endlessly. Wisdom carries out longer line or takes more wide range and considers the phenomenon; it is as though great was, having risen over it and having taken away both pole of the shown thing. Therefore I Speak: "Wisdom lives in eternity". Therefore I Speak: "To chain the consciousness and the understanding to one pole of the phenomenon, it is as though small or it is as though great was, means to make a mistake which disguises Truth or, in any case, takes only one its half, forgetting about another". People in the thinking, like an ostrich, hide the head in sand or stand, as if a stork, on one foot. But even the stork goes on two and flies on two wings. The dialectics denying the World Thin hidden too is one-sided and won't resist against reality. Therefore the wisdom seeing both poles of a thing of uniform or any phenomenon is approved. I want to enter consciousness into the World my, recognizing a polarity of the phenomena in Boundlessness of the show. So the future will be an inevitable and not denied pole of a past and its antipode. If the past is darkness, the future is Light. So, Light of the future is caused by darkness of the past and the transitional moment of the present which isn't present and which instantly becomes a past. I approve inevitability of cyclic run of the phenomena in time, giving a spiral with an opposition point. Knowing it, it is possible quietly and to look forward wisely which levers, or the reasons generated, wisdom holds in the hands. Why Predicted My Arrival and glory of the Future Light victorious? Because Knew. Because in the darkness, which has captured Earth, on the Cross, torment and death shameful I Put the basis of the New World, holding the lever of the reasons of the phenomena of the future in the Hands. So, big circle dominates over small and the phenomenon as a whole – over its poles. So We Operate the world, creating the reasons, far consequences generating. People see usually only that directly at them before eyes. But wisdom carries out longer line. Only from stability of the Great Cycle it is possible to understand cycles small, before pulsation or an atom pulsation because isn't present neither great, nor small, but everything embraces itself Boundlessness. It is necessary to understand a duality of the phenomena in the Circle of an ascending and descending spiral of evolution and involution. It is necessary to understand that day today's has the contrast, the reflection in the future. So there is nothing secret that wouldn't become obvious, and generations, or the reasons, consequences not bringing. Therefore I Speak: "Are quiet be in belief, because truly to Me you go and with Me you will arrive". Each thought of Me – as an anchor on the distant rope, thrown in my Kingdom on which it is possible to be attracted to it. Ladder of an ascension we build the thoughts from today surely and firmly to ascend on it tomorrow. People think: there was a Christ – and didn't become, there were Great Teachers and Torches of this world – and went to oblivion. Blind, don't know that the steps passed by Them were put for mankind that it on them rose, and, being put in the past, in a turn of a spiral of time they form a basis and the base for creation of magnificence of steps of the future, as the next, victoriously coming nearer, and far times hidden behind a veil. Didn't die, but Are live, didn’t leave, but with you in all days till the end of time. The step of the future millennia is immutable and the future face, Lords traced in a roll of far times is light.

153. I told: "I Is with you always in all days till the end of time". Also I Speak again: "I with you always". It is told clearly and simply, but... either forgot, or don't understand, or don't trust. How to tell even more clearly? And, without having understood and having rejected proximity I wash, continue to stay in darkness of ignorant denial. And still I Told: "I in you, you in Me, and we is uniform". And it rejected or accepted a formula abstractedly. But I Came to Earth that in consciousness of people to approve My phenomenon. But people locked Me to stone temples, and separated from life, and remained with anything. Nowadays the prophecy is executed. Nowadays again I go to the world. Who will accept? I want to separate My Phenomenon from printed pages of books sacred, I Want to separate my Phenomenon from gold copes and icons, I Want that accepted Me in life not as God but as the Teacher who has passed a share terrestrial and approved the Doctrine by a hand and a foot human. Nowadays conditions changed, nowadays it is possible to give scientific justification of Light as Energy of the Highest, but obvious, having the Laws, so concrete, as well as laws of any energy, so vital, as breath. And again I Speak: "For wine new bellows new are necessary". The consciousness new is necessary to accept the Doctrine My, in a new form given, according to a new step of consciousness human. The East believes in Parish Maitreya, the West speaks about the second Coming of the Savior. Whether about one and the same they speak? And whether invest essence of the Teacher of understanding and the custom? Here Arrival time comes nearer. Here forces for the statement of Light are collected and the Satan is struck. Here elections in total planetary, when everyone will have to solve are coming, it will accept the Lord of Light or will reject. But as the lightning in darkness tears apart the sky from edge to edge, obvious and Great Arrival will be dazzling. The forerunner of Arrival is the given Doctrine of Life and the certificate of that of the few whom I Elected. But the space blows, and the space sings and rings, sated with summer lightning’s of the coming nearer phenomenon. To the knowing I Speak: "Be awake in and prepare those, who can contain to term». When will come true, whether many will believe, what you knew? But many already now wait unconsciously. The future is ahead of the present, heart ahead of a brain. Heart the phenomenon wait. Will ask: "How will see if the Lord One, and are a lot of consciousnesses? » But my Beams fill terrestrial aura. My beam bears in itself expression of my Essence and the press of my Face. The apprehended can scent beams, and see. In the area of heart understanding of Light embodied in the Image of the Lord will go. In the spirit of I with you, but the spirit know neither divisions, nor restrictions. And that is impossible in the world dense, is possible in the spirit of. Therefore I Want to awaken spirit and to light spirit fires. Therefore resistance of dense conditions and dense energy I Want to break that the consciousness was open. Therefore heart as the supreme body of knowledge wakens. So everyone will accept Me on the belief and on custom of the people in shape, available to consciousness. And only knowing the Doctrine will accept a measure full. The lord Sends the prevention that nowadays opportunities promised are multiplied a hundred times. The lord Wants that waiting him, both knowing, and relatives collected his full harvest. Terms approach, approach, approach!

154. My son if to close access of air to lungs what will be? And the death of spirit is inevitable without access of Rays of light of Hierarchy. The body breathes physical, the body thin breathes, and also the body fiery breathes. Same breath, same food, but only spiritual, or fiery! The body physical breathes, the body thin breathes, and the body fiery breathes. Fiery breath imperceptibly and has the rhythm. Without it there can't live the person, without doing harm of the spiritual essence. Still it is possible to call this breath of light or a life-giving exchange of sparks, or fires, between a body of Light and the World the Highest, Light World. Breath fiery, breath of light exists. And as all hidden, difficult gives in to measurement. The exchange of Light between Essence of the Teacher and the pupil is part of this vital process. Degree of refinement of this exchange depends on consciousness height. Often breath of the person happens fetid, poisoning the surrounding atmosphere. It not process of an illness or decayed teeth, but something is deeper and worse. Each emotion human by the nature of the gives a smell breathes. The same can be told and about thought. At the Highest Spirits the fragrance accompanies all processes, and each feeling and each thought have the aromas. Clarification of the essence has very deep aromatic value. In the Highest World everything smells sweet, in the lowest – a stench. It is possible to determine at the developed feelings essence of the person by a smell. The difference between the Upper and lower class of the Hidden Worlds, in which the life on Earth a place for themselves we prepare is great. Stench fear is disgustingly, as others most low emotions. Therefore the maintenance of astral and menthol orderly fragrances is so important. Because not to hide in World Invisible a spirit ulcer, and that here, on Earth, not obviously, both isn't evident, and escapes punishment imperceptibly, at the same moment on the plane thin is a stench and an ugly show. Therefore be pure at commission of terrestrial your affairs. Because the secret won't be obvious, but already at the time of a fulfillment it becomes immediately obvious on the Plan Hidden, inaccessible to a physical eye. The person fine that is fragrant has to be spirit both in the spirit of, and in thoughts and in the feelings. The beauty of the internal person and fragrance of its radiations are inseparable from each other. One lives and fills space round itself with aromas distinguished, another a decomposition stench. The difference between these phenomena, differing one from another, as Light and darkness is deep. Heavy in the cities because are very fetid. Is anxious witch clarification in total planet? Life we Want to make beautiful and fragrant. Conditions of the Highest World we Want to approach to Earth and to fill life with Beauty. Spirit human in a body or out of it we Want to see radiating aromas fine. It is difficult to remake life on the principle of Beauty. But there is no other way. It is necessary to realize and see all unattractiveness of dirt of life and to scent an evil stinks it and detestableness that all being to direct to Light, being it or embodying it in itself on degree of understanding, understanding and the forces. We urge to think clair-radiant. The thought clair-radiant fills a microcosm of the person with a fragrance. Affairs, thoughts and feelings of Light are fragrant. Service to Light, Service Great is fragrant. This fragrance sates all surrounding Light Carrier. Light in itself isn't abstractness, but bright, ardent and not denied reality if it is approved. Each light thought, feeling, act – to the Teacher pleasure. Acts and feelings of the pupil can be for the Teacher a source of constant pleasure. But often happens on the contrary. Development of thin feelings and a feeling-knowledge opens the new world of new feelings and perceptions before the person. And who will want to live in a stench and among decomposition smells? Therefore we Call to Beauty therefore Beauty It is approved, we Want to clear mankind of dirt and a stench, it’s shrouding densely. The inhabitant in the stench is unattractive. We Choke in crowd human. We wait for the statement of the New World and Beauty on Earth to make life fragrant. Also we Love flowers, Light body eats them. They to spirit bear pleasure, giving it of what it is deprived in life. Mine, I Want to see you fragrant and pure; of clarification think. This is urgent requirement of life. The thin and developed organisms choke and heavy suffer from dirty conditions terrestrial. Let's approve purity as a basis of life and we will make life fragrant Beauty.

155. Won't be exaggeration to tell that the Supreme governor of life there is after all a thought. Why it is given so not enough value, despite everything? Thought premised lay the road to action. And she stops it. The beginning of the phenomena should be looked for in thought. Being created by consciousness, it as though separates from it and starts leading the independent existence, influencing for that Wednesday in which it is. The thoughts accumulated in space by the nature of the in the force, collectively increase. The thought – a being sociable, seeks to be combined with thoughts related and to be in their society. The collective is strong power of the integrated thought. Two-three persons united by one thought, are stronger than one hundred disconnected. The thoughts united consciously, powerfully amplify. I approve association of consciousnesses as a wonderful source of collecting, or a press of energy. Therefore it is necessary to understand that such unification. Private life of everyone remains at it, and association happens on the main direction. And the Lord Will be Focus by the connecting; this main thing. Details will depend on conditions and expediency requirements. When there was an association of consciousnesses on the most important, details of self-sufficing value can't already have. So, the unification is necessary for strengthening of energy mutual and in order that this energy increased and strengthened, served as a pusher engine. This party of any commonwealth, nucleus, or a circle is very often lost sight. It is necessary to consider them first of all as a necessary condition for collecting of fiery force in such quantity and the size, which not in power to one person. Let's call these centers of association accumulators, or condensers of energy of thought. Thought – a magnet. The thought united from several akin – a magnet strengthened and, being that, is focus of attraction of spatial Fire and Light of thoughts hierarchical. Hidden functions of the commonwealth too are based on psych equipment laws. "When in companions of a consent isn't present", accumulation of spatial energy doesn't work well and though "the swan and is torn in clouds", trying to lift for itself the others, expense of energy is huge and inexpedient because at even small association of consciousnesses energy integrated could shift an ordinary cart easily. So association of energy and their magnetic strengthening first of all is necessary for participants. Association is always supposed on something or something. It something also will be a decisive condition of character of magnetic power of collective thought. Means, the purpose of any association or a meeting, even short, it has to be outlined precisely, differently it will give rise to vagueness and uncertainty of thought and its magnetic weakness. We insist on that associations were good. Especially sadly, when association on purpose the good degenerates in something the absolutely opposite. Clearness and clarity of idea uniting will be force of any collective. This clearness is as though cement of any construction, - anything foggy, uncertain, indistinct. It is clear, it is exact, and the main thought cementing is accurately and definitely approved. The thought fiery unites consciousnesses easily. You store unification as a source of accumulation of forces and a magnet attracting fire of space and thought hierarchical. Two consciousnesses, on the Lord integrated, already force. When energy strengthening special is necessary, it is possible to gather or concentrate in common on the elected Driver. Gate in the Kingdom of Light is open, and the psych equipment is given to the aid of builders of the New World. It is necessary to understand simplicity and inalterability of laws of psych equipment. Not foggy and often hopeless prayers about mercies of the Sky, but exact knowledge of laws of psych equipment and ability to use them for achievement of certain results. Not slaves, but employees. Not the application, but the introduction in the rights of lawful inheritance, from a century prepared to the person.

156. Never and anywhere not spoken about that, the person became or I could become perfect at once. It is impossible. Probably instant inspiration, but to that last accumulation are required. But the purpose of improvement was specified everywhere. So, improvement demands time. It is necessary to shoulder the cross, or load heavy the imperfections and how it was heavy, to follow with it the Lord. Great achievement because it causes a final victory of spirit consists in this steady following for the Lord. Means it isn't not to have imperfections, and in following steadily. Many sincere hunters of Light don't understand it and are distressed about the shortcomings. Certainly, their understanding well and is necessary, but under a condition if it doesn't disturb advance and doesn't interrupt it. Often the consciousness of the so-called sinfulness forever bars the way, doing the person unworthy in his own eyes. The way is far from the person to the Lord. It should be passed and it is necessary to reach the Lord. To the person perfect, that is finished the way on Earth, there is nothing to do here. It leaves on other planets usually. The few decide to divide work of Lords. But all mass of mankind should be improved, raising from spheres of the imperfections to Spheres the Highest. It isn't volume, the person is good or is bad, and in that, it is directed, ascends or not. Bad and not ascending it is really bad. Bad also it is directed the ascending it is already good that ascends. Everything consists in it. The pupil isn't the person possessing all perfection, but the pupil is the person who is surely directed and surely following the Lord, the cross having taken. Certain qualities of spirit are for this purpose necessary, about them persistently and persistently tell the Life Doctrine, uniform from the Beginning of Times. The Teacher Can pass by the person whom all consider good, and to stop on the person seeming for people nothing remarkable. Therefore, this person imperceptible possesses qualities of the spirit, necessary to become the pupil. Therefore I go on about acquisition and strengthening of qualities necessary. The symphony of qualities – business remote, but love, but devotion, but tendency, but solemnity and constancy is something such that the pupil to some extent can and has to show already. Don't look for sacred and elevated perfection among come nearer to the Doctrine and the following on the way, but sharp-sightedly note the qualities necessary for the pupil. On them also you learn standing especially close. And your imperfections be not confused, but powerfully you ascend for the sake of the Lord. How you think, whose merit is more – the good person following the Teacher, or bad? Therefore condemn never, and especially those, who came nearer to the Doctrine, but strong, support the going. Tendency them maintain and strengthen in them qualities necessary. Everyone to some extent or latent has them. It is possible to wake, it is possible to direct and it is possible to encourage, but condemnation is similar to a death nail; so, not condemnation, but statement. And to Me you will help strongly, and friends we will get. Weak qualities can be strengthened and given skillfully always an impulse new. Carefully and attentively meet your friends, friends of the Doctrine, it is possible because to help and strengthen everywhere and always. And there is this most valuable word of encouragement a little. Strong condemnation can even stop a way. Be careful of omnipotent condemnation. Why to weaken when it is possible to strengthen. And to make it is conscious for the sake of the Teacher that to facilitate his work. Arriving so, you arrive as the Teacher Arrives with you. Therefore its Proximity always bears pleasure. The pleasure and your proximity have to bear. From the Teacher you receive the statement and strengthening of all of the best that is in you. Friends and all people have to receive the same from you both. From the Teacher you receive keenness of understanding, the same feeling have to show and you following Me. It is really better to amuse the egoism, but to push off the friend one step lower? But to lift it is necessary to the Teacher. Be circumspect in the treatment of friends. All if you consider have to receive an impulse of light from you that the Lord is close to you. By affairs you approve the proximity. Show affairs of Light and receive ardent appreciation of the Teacher.

157. I approve tranquility among whirlwinds, tendency among the stagnation, new among old, pleasure among the general depression and proximity of going Light among a gloom condensed. My statement is opposite to that is evidence. It is so possible to learn to claim that from spirit, that from Earth. But the spirit wins against Earth and terrestrial and, having won, ennobles it, lifting to the sphere of the statement. If it was not so, evolution would be impossible. Evolution is the statement of the highest impulses of spirit in a matter of the lowest for its transmutation, thinning and an eminence. To raise most and to lift with itself Earth – such is a problem of spirit fiery. And any spirit directed to Light, this task anyway carries out at least to some extent. Transmutation value of Light for the sphere surrounding can't be forgotten. In it appointment is of the person. In it sense of light burning inside, –lift the person, and with it and all surrounding, to rise most and to carry away neighbors for itself. There was a sermon, but it departed in the past. There was light appendix inside in life, which outside. It is so possible to define life as a transmutation of the real. The task is great, and process is infinite. The main thing – step over a death barrier in consciousness, without recognizing it. But the death is considered death of consciousness and the termination of its activity. But life is defined by consciousness. If it approves death and it recognizes as the end of the existence who can continue to what the consciousness puts a limit? Therefore, the person, in death trusting and death of the consciousness approved, can't avoid death in that world where passes after death of a physical body and where everything is defined by thought. So own thought can be the forerunner of death and destruction or, on the contrary, consciousness continuations in the following worlds. This condition is the first. The thought from Earth and thought terrestrial is limited to Earth and the sphere of the direct environment. Thoughts terrestrial don't have a place in the Worlds of the Highest. They have nothing to be stuck to conditions of the Highest World. Therefore immortality is caused by thoughts, free from restrictions of small terrestrial evidence. Thoughts wide are good, current over personal which dies and goes to oblivion with beget and the carrier. It is impossible to imagine immortality limited by family life, either local affairs, or the sphere narrow-minded. Such immortality would be tragic. There is no place to it in Space. The doctrine approves the enduring phenomena of life, the beauty and aspiration phenomenon, and on their basis builds a vital spiral probably more extended. Things terrestrial are good for Earth, but they can't be carried away to Elevated Spheres. Therefore it is possible to call the moment of death the moment of final division temporary and terrestrial from values enduring. They always are available it is available if are saved up and collected during life. One lives, sating consciousness with the phenomena terrestrial, another – giving terrestrial to Earth and Caesarian to the Caesar, in a basis of thinking believing inherent values of spirit, accumulating elements of the spirit which is so necessary for the statement of immortality in the microcosm. Immortality is the phenomenon earned during lifetime on Earth by a certain process of thinking and accumulation in consciousness of elements, not liable to destruction at the same time with that small circle of the personality and personal interests, with which their lives usual small narrow-minded consciousness. The immortality of people creates to itself thought, free from a close framework of the usual and accepted thinking. Certainly, with the known power of imagination terrestrial small life by bright representation can be transferred and out of death limits. But this phenomenon will be a ridiculous dissonance and a senseless spot of dirt, or ignorance, in boundless spaces of Light. It is possible to imagine the miser who has mentally surrounded those things, which it gained on Earth. Whether but there will be such existence by the absurd oversetting the plan and beauty of the God's World? To be the slave to nonexistent property and to be chained to it, as the convict to four wheels while all riches of space at the order and to services of the person, will be extreme degree of ignorance and an incommensurability. It is possible to ask: how much time is able to stay so the miser, shipped in an elusive condition? And what purpose of this sitting? Madness of terrestrial desires becomes obvious there for the foreign observer, who hasn't been involved in their whirlwinds. Yes! Yes! Will sit, while energy, enclosed by it in the things, the force not settles. So, it plunges people in a spirit dungeon, carefully, diligently and zealously him for itself during lifetime on Earth the constructed. It is necessary to understand, at last! The body is dumped, there is a thought, and this thought during lifetime still approved, conducts the person in a gloom or to Light. And feelings obediently follow thought. Late and difficult to change the direction there, but easily here, because here, on Earth, all is in will of the person. The Teacher Calls to release of consciousness from century slavery and commonness submission. The Teacher Approves freedom, the Teacher Stretches the Bowl of immortality to everyone. Let drink from it everything because time came.

158. The lord Says that the beginning, or the phenomenon birth, likes the river birth: always happens small and hardly noticeable. Growth goes gradually. From the small rivulet or a spring the river becomes great. It is necessary not only to see the birth of the phenomenon, but to present its further development. The phenomenon grows on the essence elements, in it in the beginning the enclosed. The elements of water, in the river concluded, remain its main sign up to the end. The beginning kind and yields a fruit the kind. This circumstance is very important when actuating the law of causality and generation of the reasons necessary. The causality law is Arhat's weapon. Reason levers in his hands. It generates the whole world of the reasons, consequences bringing, thin understands in effect everyone. Than these reasons – a question important are caused. If Great Service is a basis of the given rise and created reasons and everyone is created in love and aspiration to the Lord, crops will be good and the field of consequences will bring expected results. Cause and effect connect a straight line, as the ends of one stick. If creation of the reason demanded expense of will and use of energy fiery, being one pole of the phenomenon, say, positive, a pole opposite, a pole negative, energy expenses not demanding, to a final point comes an impulse of will initial. The size of a consequence depends on the size of the strong-willed fiery energy enclosed in the reason. Not external, but the hidden fiery of will measures the dynamic force of the reason. Great causes in silence are created and in silence ripen. By results we see force and power of energy enclosed. At first and visibilities of the phenomenon it is impossible to judge its importance because who can see and consider flash of energy fiery, an eye of the hidden. But Arhat can see and the nobility if the spirit-knowledge works. To all appearances it is impossible to judge. Force of the phenomenon is hidden inside. Before a thunder - storm there is calm. The world visible is only the arena of developing consequences. The great reasons are put is invisible. Only the feeling-knowledge can help to understand. Generating the reasons in the microcosm, we will think of their essence.

159. "Foreign trouble on a collar doesn't hang". It is necessary that also didn't hang over consciousness and I didn't sadden it. It is better to be afflicted with foreign troubles, than the. It is better to care and suffer for others, than for it. Speak: self-rejection, renunciation of, service to people, General Welfare and besides assume any victim and deprivation something. It is time to reconsider all these concepts anew. It is possible to call the victim such phenomenon when the person gives something, something endows, receiving nothing in exchange. Business with concepts mentioned so is? There lived the person and was strong locked in the hen house of the personal world. About anything and about anybody, except myself I didn't think. Being rejected from itself, from a personal small hen house, enters the world into an orbit wider, expands consciousness, acquainting him to life bigger, losing small "I", – big "I", to soul new, enriched with the super personal phenomena, gets. What does such donor lose? Anything! Only gets. Life super personal conducts to immortality. Where victim and loss? Not victim, but the most favorable room of the capital, finding of new consciousness and statement of Proximity of the Teacher. Compare life of the egoist to life of the figure of General Welfare. What are the odds! As it is poor, both it is poor, and life of the first is limited and life of the second is rich. Where the victim when it is received so much and it is acquired so much. Bowl of General Welfare not the victim, and acquisition of new opportunities and creation of conditions at which spatial treasures become available. Look at them, which have accepted a bowl full, undivided. As their life is rich, what horizons are covered by their consciousness, what future is built by them to themselves, going on the way of Light? Assuming burden of neighbors, the world broaden on number of the consciousnesses covered by their spirit. The burden of Earth and consciousness of all mankind is born on himself by the Lord. But its World is wide and immense, and its Kingdom is wonderful, and amazing flowers grow in its gardens. The sizes of the victim cause greatness of stays and familiarizing with Spheres Fiery. Gifts Mine for those, who accepts a bowl! Feat in despondency is not a feat. Sacrifice on vegetable oil – not the victim. The pleasure and understanding of Service speak about unprecedented opportunities. Not refused, but accepted and receiving – the attendant of General Welfare. Why there are so many lamentations at renunciation of and even at thought of it? Whether from ignorance? Hypocritical lamentations aren't combined with a feat. The feat and self-rejection is a condition of the strengthened, saturated, plentiful and ardent receiving gifts of the highest, gifts fiery, gifts, a hundredfold rendered for each action of a super personal order. Way of such feat the shortest. Therefore I Speak about pleasure and self-rejection. About pleasure of self-dedication! Look at these killed by life, people. What tore down their pleasure what crippled a body what hunched a back sadly? Whether egoism, whether rage of a self-service? Chains of death are put on themselves by self-service gray and close the circle a hopelessness ring. Someone doesn't understand it now; will understand when time will come and the house of cards of all its personal constructions will collapse. I won’t be tired to go on about benefits and advantages of life super personal that understood that they lose; ways of the personal benefit the chosen. In Space there is no place of the illusive egoism identity of the person. If that is available on Earth, only as short temporary expression of one terrestrial life, this, having learned its lessons, to replace anew all conditions of the next embodiment on is made others and new. Everything is replaced, everything is left, and everything goes to oblivion. Therefore it is so unreasonable to become attached to the phenomena of the private life doomed to elimination and replacement with conditions new. Life it is necessary to understand and scent a transient of its forms at constancy of the principle of life. There are builders for today and builders forever. As which itself it is ranked?

160. Let's show desire to direct the thought on Light phenomena.

161. From a dust and litter the magnet will take iron particles. And the thought of light directed behind Light, will take from energy space, related to it on essence. The perception of spatial thoughts is based on exact action of laws of magnetism. Wire single and a wire spatial operate on the same principle. It is necessary to have to receive. It is necessary to have already in itself something that it is possible to direct and to what it is possible to attract. The formula "Having is given, and that has" is taken away from not having also is based on actions of this law therefore I Speak: "Bring at least small that it was possible to put to what". In this case the thought of light magneto directed up behind receiving Light in quantity still bigger will be this gift. The psych equipment of process is exact and certain and deprived of any ambiguities; Directed magneto and consciously, the thought of light starts increasing, as a snowball. The consciousness, like the shined screen, concentrates on it and Records attracted particles of thoughts which, getting on the screen, find on it the final form. This registration of mental energy in a form available to consciousness, it is possible even to observe, notice thus as energy trembles and vibrates, pouring out in a form of the finished speech as phrases get the finished and clear form of expression. When the thought concentrates on the Teacher, process respectively amplifies and bears on itself the press of thoughts of the Teacher. Such way of thought from the Highest World get to Earth and become property of people. The best and able write down them and, knowing their source and an origin, call them as it was in the ancient time, the Voice of Divine Forces, Forges Light Highest, the God's Voice. When divine, that is the highest thought of the Lord is imprinted by consciousness, has the right to call accepting it thought of the Highest. Ancient chose words clear and close to people of that time, nowadays the thing can call the names, without being afraid of derogation, and to explain the technician of process scientifically. Not miracle, but action of energy fiery. As well as in everything, on examples of the lowest order will easier be convinced visually of mechanics of this phenomenon. Imagine the drunkard, stopped to drink, at the time of an ardent temptation. The thought of the wine, allowed in consciousness, starts working, magneto grows, attracting akin particles, and, having grown enough and force having got, all energy falls upon the beget, causing consequences inevitable. If to imprint this process on paper, consistently writing down all thoughts, the picture would turn out full and convincing. To people the phenomena similar, which victims they often become are well-known? Why to be surprised to that the thought works under the same laws of a magnetic attraction and in case of contact with the Teacher goes consciously. It is necessary to learn to operate uncontrollable hitherto energy. The thought is entered into a certain course, or the channel, or into isolating winding of a wire, and works in it without intervention of thoughts third-party and distracting. Isolation and protection of a wire are made by will directing. Everything is simple, everything is available and everything is easy. You look how easily hands of the pianist slide on keys. He doesn't think at all of how to hold fingers and how to give blow. As business and with process a Records of thoughts, if the consciousness gained sufficient experience is. Everyone can jingle on a grand piano, but those who decided can spend years of persistent and persistent work only that then, having learned, it was possible to play on the abilities, as and with thought hidden, in space of the existing. It exists but to make it property of consciousness, it should be transferred to a form available and clear for consciousness. The pupil of thought of the Teacher not only can perceive, but also write down on the force, on the abilities, on refinement and sharpness of perception. Different there are the musicians, different there are also receivers. Not all contain the word of the Teacher but to whom it is given that is who has accumulation corresponding, works and efforts of lives preceding the put. But I Can tell: the looking for finds, wanting receives and directed reaches. It is necessary only to be able to look for, want and direct. And the first condition will be: "Be rejected from it and direct to Me". The consciousness filled with thoughts of, won't create the channel of perception. So renunciation of at the moment of perception will be a process basis. Often people look for roundabout tracks if only to keep the egoism. But the law is immutable. The soul that is the egoism lost, it will find, that is will find the new consciousness expanded and fiery. Knowing levers of the law can dare.

162. The world is populated with shadows. As was and in the last days of Atlantis. Before Great Arrival twilight is condensed, and it is necessary that everything revealed the potential for saturation it on compliance. Think that time usual. Think that nothing changed. But so the blindness because the New World is included into life thinks and the new consciousness is approved. And under old and live still forms sparks of forms new already smolder and get hidden outlines. The world old, seeming to someone else firm falls and leaves. It isn't necessary to be confused imperfection of forms of the New World and future ahead. Future justified and supported by evolution. Affairs in the world are Supported by us. Will Lords doomed the world old, and it’s all affairs, and it’s all undertakings, and his all servants, free and involuntary. Everything that wants to exist has to have the spatial statement. We Deprive of the spatial statement plans of the old world created by people. It is possible to notice in life as plans of one people have success in everything; plans of others are always unsuccessful and suffer a defeat. Why it? What force carries out one, dooming another to death? In than is secret good luck? We send good luck Beams to all undertakings useful to evolution, and Beams of destruction interfering it. So our blessing over everything that serves implementation of the Plan of Lords. The plan was Created by us, and We Put it into practice. Both the friend and foes serve because only the next know ultimate goals. The dashing person the wood left at night to steal. The whole cart cut and in darkness got lost, and at daybreak came to be at gate of the owner with a cart of the stolen. The wood just also was necessary to the owner, and such what to it were brought by the thief. And dashing people can be used for the necessary action. The one, who doesn't know the Plan of Lords, can't warrant for on what mill it pours water. Everything that goes against this Plan will turn back against those who go in defiance. Often we Greater the necessary counteractions when we Want that something became stronger strongly. It is necessary to be able to distinguish these counteractions necessary. Besides, We always Use circumstances opposite and adverse in the necessary direction and with advantage. Who firmly follows the Teacher, can be quiet: everything that in it – good and bad, will be applied with advantage to ascension. It is enough to change an appendix pole as its opposite property turns out. Only therefore it was spoken about an acceptability cold and hot. Lukewarm it is impossible to hope for these changes because they have nothing to change. The pettiness remains to that in that and other party; therefore lukewarm for evolution is unsuitable. Even they can't give a shadow to shade light. Spirit forget about negligibility and you learn to ascend ardently and impudence.

163. Tell Me, what your aspirations, and I Will tell you who you are. In aspiration all essence of the person is expressed. After all tastes, views, likes and dislikes of the person, his congenital tendencies and impulses – this entire are no other than aspirations, or the aspirations of spirit involving actions. The aspiration always causes sooner or later for itself the corresponding action. Grains of aspiration can be created consciously. It is possible to repay one aspirations, without giving them food and without supporting them, and to preserve others carefully and with love. Aspirations tend to be embodied actually as soon as to it there come favorable conditions. Let's put that the person all life strong directed to beauty or the phenomena of the Highest World of a scientific order, but circumstances of opportunities didn't give. These aspirations of spirit will find the full and exhaustive implementation in World Thin where everything is possible. It is necessary to understand the hidden fiery nature of aspiration. It is necessary to understand a not destruction of the fiery desire, which has accepted in aspiration a long and crystallized form of constantly burning flame. It is possible to call aspiration the lever of achievements. So the person can create the whole world of own aspirations and live in it, knowing that how they were impracticable and far from evidence, the reality in this or that form in this or that world will approve them. The aspiration good – is creative, the aspiration dark – is destructive. Destruction evolutionary, to terms of ripening constructions, is the evil. Destruction of forms become obsolete and to evolution unsuitable is the benefit. Follows is thin to understand these two types of destructions and not to pour vain tears when destruction is made the lawful. The old age is destruction of a physical body. Without it there is no death, there is no opportunity to replace an old worn-out cover and to receive the new. But murder of the person will be destruction illegal and therefore the phenomenon doing space harm. It is possible to welcome aspirations creative and to abstain from aspirations illegally destructive. Now in the world creation forces against powers of darkness and destruction fight. From where aspirations to destruction of evolutionary construction proceeded, with whatever words they were covered, they from the evil and from darkness and they can't be justified. With aspirations to destruction it is possible and has to fight. Evolution should be protected. It is possible to win against force of destruction. Power of thought it is necessary to ruche on fight against destroyers dark. And power of thought of people of the Earth already takes broad part in this fight. It is necessary to involve all in it, the best and capable to evolution has to rise all in defense. So, fight between darkness and Light accepts nowadays forms others and all-planetary. It was, is and will be always. It is fight of a new step of evolution with old. All able has to ascend consciously to get up on the party of builders of life. To keep separate and raise aside – means to doom itself to a fate of not opposite, to powers of darkness helping the inertness. Who not with Us, that against Us. So consider. Division of a planet and mankind into the world leaving, the world old and fateful, and the World New, arising and lawful, goes deep. And everyone has to solve, with Light it or with darkness.

164. My friend, it not dream, and reality. Certainly, while the body sleeps, you see the Lord and you talk to It, and you carry out the Assignment in the afternoon. Otherwise as would began to write? Or you think what you make Entries by the force? The stock of the knowledge wouldn't suffice, as well as fire necessary for action. All it seems simply and easily but if It is given. But, who Giving? And when there is this Donation? The perception goes via the adjusted receiver. Who adjusts it and when? Why after a dream there is a Record? The proximity of the Lord in a dream becomes aggravated because the physical cover is yet ready. It is possible to see and hear in any condition because the centers physical were already approved. But with the centers mental the situation is different. They are just slightly opened. Therefore we Find ways the next. In a condition of a dream we Learn, it is translated received in Record forms in the afternoon. My son, the burden of restriction and shortcomings of a flesh can't deny. But it is possible to win against them substantially. After all eventually the flesh has to be won and subordinated not by you to one, but all mankind. You only go in forward ranks, opening the way. The way is Laid by us. We are followed by the next, showing to the example as it becomes. So evolution moves. Always to go, always ahead – such is your destiny. Because ahead of all there is a Lord. Whether it is easy to go ahead? But the first beam of the Sun – risen above. Then will come to a ready table and even a merit to itself will attribute. But the first ray of light – an award to the hero. By right you take and by right you report below on the Hierarchy ladder. And the price to you is Known by the Teacher, but not people. For them you – as everything, but for Me – the tower of light put on a junction of ways to shine a way and to specify the direction for those who is ready. I Learn in a dream, and you learn in a dream; I – Me entrusted, you – you. The most part of work charged is made in a dream. A little understand still value of a dream The person lives in two worlds: in the afternoon in terrestrial, at night – in hidden. Both are, and both are real. In a dream aspirations of spirit are often carried out. But a dream is death in a miniature. Therefore, aspiration implementation after death concerns to some extent and a dream. About value of the last aspiration it was at deaths door spoken. The last thought has the same value also at a backfilling, but only to a lesser extent, according to a cycle trifle. We begin with small surely and quietly to direct up when it is necessary to leave a body finally, - both above, and below, and in small, and in the big. Pulsation repeats in Manvantara and Pralaya, but only on a big scale. The small rhythm or the small beginning will help to approve the beginning big and great. It is necessary to understand value of affairs small as predecessors of affairs great and being their forerunners. It is good to remember it at the beginning of all affairs. So thought small, being approved consciously, can be a threshold of the big beginning. Let's approve so the benefit in everything and any undertaking we would will make the good. The good, the benefit and light let will be put in the basis of affairs.

165. My friend, where confidence of the Teacher if evidence again starts muffling reality? The Teacher, when on Earth, too it is surrounded with evidence, as well as pupils, but He Lives actually and therefore has the right to tell: "My other-worldly kingdom", not from the world of the illusive small evidence creating illusion of the narrow-minded world. The Teacher Goes on the same Earth, Eats, both Drinks, and Wears clothes, Sees the same trees and stones, the same Sky and stars, but... and in it "but" the difference of evolution of all or lies more; but It Sees things in their true essence and proper correlation with Space. Not simply a thing, but part of a whole, not simply a stone, but a clot of crystallized fire, it isn't simple a tree, but a spirit-monad invested with the next covers of the temporary expression on an infinite ladder of life. The teacher Sees soul of things and all three worlds are open for Him. And in this profound understanding of the world the world of evidence disappears and is replaced with the reality world. You see the phenomenon in the present, in its small section of time. The Teacher Sees the beginning and the end, the birth and death, phenomenon cause and effect, that is Sees it as though stretched in time from the past in the future, Sees it much more widely, overcoming time and space restrictions. Framework of restriction of time doesn't allow to see the phenomenon as a whole, in the same way, as a framework of restriction of space allows to see only that before eyes, as though snatching out a subject from its valid environment. In the course of evolution and the personality, and an astral are necessary in the isolated limited selection property of a separate from world around that Identity could collect a harvest. But it only to a certain step. As the cocoon for a butterfly becomes unnecessary because disturbs the statement of the following step of her life, and the personality and an astral lose the former value when the spirit grows and wants to fly up on the fiery wings. So the evidence world when the reality rises before eyes falls also and opens to consciousness the secrets. It isn't enough nobility, it is necessary to transfer knowledge to life, that is knowledge abstract to make vitally practical and in life approved. The statement of knowledge life is a necessary step through which it is necessary to pass. The student, having graduated from the institute, becomes the expert engineer, putting the knowledge into practice and gaining experience. The same practicing has to become and the engineer-psych technician. The knowledge received by it from the Teacher, he has to approve in life and gain experience. Life gives that the most ample opportunities. There is nothing to wait. The next task is to transfer abstract knowledge to the skilled. Many problems put life before consciousness. They should try to be solved psych technician. Usual ways – for ordinary people, for the pupil and furthermore for future engineer-psych technician, ways and possibilities of the solution of vital tasks by use of mental energy are open. We Solve our problems psych technician. In the Stronghold is the far, the forgotten among inaccessible mountains, separated from the outside world, We Direct current of world events. Mine follow My ways. The deprived opportunities to work usually as it often happens, find the opened and not ordered fiery ways of singularity. It is possible to block a way of actions usual but who can stop action of energy fiery, hidden and inaudible, but influencing powerfully? For the appendix of energy fiery it isn't required neither the physical tension, nor the squeezeed-out efforts. Having united consciousness with the Teacher, the spirit lever, and an image sent to space as the messenger bearing the order of inalterability, carries out charged to it not greatly is simply and freely pressed. This image sated with force, and loaded with fiery energy, and sent with an exact, clear and certain task, will be silently and to work invisibly, yet won't settle the energies. But any energy spent gives a consequence. Consequences are inevitable and inevitable. If the cities and settlements, factories and plants, steamships and planes are a consequence of thoughts human what consequence of thought fiery, directed consciously and creating in space on the force will be! Fiery thoughts are carried out. The inhabitant can feel the powerlessness before meanness human, but the pupil knows that Light sword perforation darkness armor. On each opponent it is necessary to increase spirit. Oppose to power of darkness luminous intensity, and the main thing, to remember power of the hidden fiery weapon. Defenseless lambs itself don't show, but act safely, and the victory is provided.

166. After himself the person to the movie of the life in which all its movements, words, thoughts and actions are imprinted leaves. The phenomena enter into this to the movie karmic, the consequences which aren't depending on will of the person, those circumstances, in which puts his life, without asking it about it. The person has to accept them, and on him only depends as to treat them internally or externally. But there are a number of the phenomena which have been written down by the person on the movie, from his will of the reasons depending and being a series generated. They can be or cannot be as the person wants that. It is necessary to think of these actions. Can imagine the movie of the leaked day as though from outside as it would be not the, and others, and to mark out in it all good and bad. Everything corresponding to the principle of beauty and inappropriate: every day gives the tape, no erasable in space. There are tapes, with which it is possible to be proud, ashamed which can rejoice or mourn. Different tapes happen. Karmic conditions and consequences not to avoid, but a lot of things can be changed easily in the sphere of again generated actions or the reasons. The Teacher Sees to the movie of life day and to the movie of life night. The pupil himself has to understand to that the Teacher Rejoices or that afflicts him. It is useful the movie of day to carry out before consciousness screen, having noted in total pro and contra Light phenomena the going. The mark can be made in three directions: thoughts, words, feelings and acts. Ideal or the purpose is before eyes. It is possible to see as far as they satisfy to the put ideal to which the way lies. To sort passionlessly and impartially a mistake and connivance allowed the onlooker sees most of the game. Exactly from outside it is necessary to look on the movie of the affairs. Also it isn't necessary to forget that what I was the movie, the proximity to the Lord can't be broken by a current of external conditions what they were. External often doesn't depend on the person and therefore can influence, but internal depends, and it is easier to hold them on due understanding of the Hierarch. But also it not always works well because life and a field of human consciousness is difficult represents itself the arena of collision of the beginnings of the good and evil fighting in the person. And this fight it is useful to note and sum up day on the movie. Well as well to the movie of the future day in thoughts to plan, strengthening places unprotected and approving desirable qualities. It is possible to work at it. Results won't slow down, but it is better to take the destiny firmly in own hand and to be her driver, than to rely on accident of external circumstances. Them the managing director we don't operate from the outside and people.

167. It is good even if in a hurry the major isn't forgotten. The rhythm not broken is so approved and the consciousness is accustomed to constancy. Among eternal change of the phenomena it is necessary to have and approve something which is standing over. The consciousness is accustomed to keep strong a core. Then balance becomes available because at any time it is possible to be removed in the internal stronghold, which gate is open for spirit always. From darkness external somewhere nevertheless it is necessary to have protection reliable. The rhythm helps to hold an entrance the open. It gives also other advantage – opportunity to conduct Records always and in any conditions. And it in turn indicates constancy of a wire of the single and spatial approved. In a word, the ocean of the Doctrine is made available by order of will. The power not over the ocean, but over consciousness, in communication with it directed. Everything is opened, able can take. The payment is insignificant – renunciation of a commonness and the power usual over consciousness. The Lord to spirit call is sensitive. Replies always, but the impulse of strong-willed aspiration has to proceed from spirit consciously and voluntary. From here and a formula of an acceptability of the good fortune, whether put into words "You believe?" Volitional open consciousness towards to Beam is a condition, which can't be bypassed. Therefore I Speak: "Come to Me everything whom the free spirit to Me directs". We Cannot give Light violently. But wanting it receives. Therefore I Speak: I with those always, who with Me.

168. When heart is filled in an Image of the Lord, all opportunities come nearer. They strain Beam fires. Therefore, strengthening of a spiritual armor depends on presence, or existence, in heart of the Face of the Lord. Ardent representation of the Image of the Teacher fiery inspires. All trouble in that, difficult to establish a rhythm, but is even more difficult continuous of the constant continence Face in heart. Here it is given key to prosperity, but to use it will be the very few. To whom family life disturbs, to whom work, to whom character, to a coma other conditions. It is a lot of reasons and excuses will find if only to deviate a way of the shortest. But, generally, all are occupied by and very few people are occupied with My affairs. But the affairs will pass and will be forgotten and will overgrow fact, while My affairs don't rust, and grow in space, bearing a fruit. Till spring seeds under snow cover lie. Neither frosts, nor blizzards, long nights can't kill them. And My Affairs though aren't visible under darkness covers, but to terms ripen. It is necessary to understand that development of affairs is caused by terms. Having patience sang will reap. Heavy happens to wait, but the knowledge helps, and the Teacher Doesn't disregard, giving to spirit the necessary food. It is necessary to be reconciled with karmic outlines, which for any reasons can't be overcome, but any conditions can be used fruitful. The exit one – ascend under any conditions. The egoism wishes life easy. The egoism doesn't like itself to trouble. The egoism would like to live all life in a stupor of wellbeing of life sorrow less and plentiful for which nevertheless the end, nothing giving will come. Such existence of consequences spiritual won't give abilities and will temper and will be for essence of the person decomposing. But life, in works and press carried out, will help to postpone with a microcosm of the person of grain of construction fiery energy, which will feed spirit and after death. Therefore we will rejoice to all difficulties promoting growth of spirit. After all each difficulty teaches something and points abilities. But the difficulties killing spirit and relaxing will are awful. Weakness before something will be the greatest misfortune. In the spirit of and spirit it is impossible to be inclined. We "will be overcome", – will tell strong spirit and will clothe armor fiery. Sad show – the spirit inclined in despondency before the next difficulty. Victorious condition of spirit is fruitfully. Strong spirits don't incline and don't recede before obstacles. Certainly, circumstances can press, but retreat with fight isn't flight and defeat. Therefore spirit protects. Let better even the body will be lost, but will win against spirit, than on the contrary because in the Thin World the winner spirit has the award. But the destiny is sad the spirit of the ruined. I teach endurance, I Teach tranquility, I Teach patience, Teach ability always to store balance. Spirit I Want to temper to acceptance of a baptism fiery. For containment of fire the strong cover is necessary. Therefore also life is given difficult therefore and there are so many counteractions, but crowns business the end victorious.

169. My son, write about Mother the word. It is blessed in centuries Me put and our decision approved to show to mankind Light of the Highest knowledge. Elena Petrovna Blavatskaya laid a way, Mater will give deification final. Spirit high and strong, spirit fiery, spirit the life knowledge given the approved. Many after will come, but won't be higher, - therefore I Call the next. In the conditions of the terrestrial fire degree, nowadays from people still by nobody reached and not surpassed is shown. The child of Earth, the child of fire, the child of spirit, the child of Light, of daughter My beloved, who has passed a heavy hearth of fiery tests in a body terrestrial and on test of elements of fire the given. You will be to Announce of Its greatness among people. You will tell them that among billions terrestrial incarnate I was My employee and the assistant during hundred centuries and I went ahead of an evolutionary wave of uncountable millions human souls. Therefore the ark of knowledge Us trust in it. Therefore we Uplift in human understanding up to the height, It decent. Your karmas are connected for the statement of Light. You will be the next witness and a life-descriptor of a feat it’s terrestrial. It you will immortalize in memory of mankind Records recording. You will become a mirror reflecting Beams self-proceeding from Nee Light. As She was the keeper and the successor of wisdom of Lords, and you will remain the keeper and the successor of her wisdom. And you will become closer, you will understand more. And the above light it before the world you will lift, you will rise above. The feat should be given it in the light of understanding of spirit of fire and the New Era fiery. This feat from feats of her predecessors differs. Degree of fires, by none of people not surpassed, and besides in the conditions of fight great is reached in the conditions of terrestrial. Gift to its mankind is great. On demolition of two Eras and two worlds value has the absolutely special. Its mission for usual consciousness isn't repeated and incomprehensible. Therefore it is necessary to work much before somehow will understand. I give an assignment to testify to Light Mother Agni Yogi. I give an assignment the name it’s to approve. I give an assignment secret to make obvious when term will come. In light new the New Era let new illumination of a feat fiery will enter. To it you will devote the remained days of the life. Records to descendants you will leave, among the relatives you will claim and you will uplift that distant it was well visible. There will be an apostle Light His to people brought. Let's work for Light and Hierarchy. In the Assignment I Claim, trust necessary I Give. All opportunities will be presented. It is necessary to accustom and grow together consciousness with the Assignment. It is necessary to start it as to something already familiar and long ago accepted to what the consciousness already grew together, got used and made part of. It is required on sewing together of consciousnesses much. Time is short, and it isn't necessary to spend it for it anymore. Harmonious of auras goes now on the basis of proximity old. It is necessary to transfer growing proximity to a wake condition and to approve it consciously. It is necessary to meet task execution as if it would be expression of long and strong dreams and aspirations treasured. With the Assignment it is necessary to get used and grow into it. My son of Mother will be support and a support at a step of life it’s final. Assignment spirit understands. I Told.

170. My son, inheritance of fiery Mother preserve. Not children distinguish stones. For children is soft food. For children it is necessary to prepare it. Young and old, gray-haired, with long beards, but children, but small, but yet not understanding the value of treasures of spirit. The religion didn't succeed because the beauty left it. Dogmas held down spirit, and lost mankind wings. It will be difficult to explain wingless winged truth of Fiery Yoga; but successors of new consciousness grow, but the race new arises, but morning of mankind comes, morning of new consciousness. It is necessary to work for the sake of Lords and for Light. I will arm with force fiery, not knowing restrictions with circumstances. I will arm with force spirit up to the depths of hearts human to get and intimate to concern strings of heart. It is great and is difficult to play art on strings of hearts human and hearts to attract. Working with the Name of the Teacher, impossible you will make possible and you will pass over a ban and conventions of time. And that not in power will be to people, you will execute successfully and victoriously, because – the son. I don't know that can stop you, if I for you. Together we will finish the charged. To evidence of the present greatness of the future we will oppose. In it your part nowadays approved, which people not to take away. Can take away everything that you have, but My gifts won't take away. Would take away if could. And many dark attempts become all with the same purpose. Heavy is in the world, but not from Light a gloom. The darkness is heritage of the past. Light – destiny of the future. Therefore it is better to live in the future and future, than past. Also it is impossible to compare darkness of the past to Light of the future. Only ant situation is admissible. Therefore also it is possible to tell: the worse, the better. And tell it with understanding of a polar of the phenomena. Knowledge of the law we will base on hope and belief in proximity of the future Light and belief it is replaceable a faith-knowledge.

171. To the phenomenon of mountains reaches a happiness beam. And, having reached, comes back sent its loaded catch of precious pearls of knowledge. It is possible to wait for the Beam of the Teacher, and it is possible to send the beam towards to It, without waiting parcels. The aspiration ardent will correspond to beams self-proceeding. Take the given – one, take impudence treasures above – something another. One wait, others, without waiting, take. It is possible to choose a way of patient expectation; it is possible to choose a path, shining as an impudent. The second way is a way of Regal Yoga. I give on aspiration. Humility is necessary to restrain the egoism, but advance requires aspiration. The centers open specify the radiation of energy from them fiery. It means fiery activity. It can't be passive and inactive the person with the awakened centers. Opening or are slightly opened the centers are always accompanied by any type of activity. The Teacher Points to the value of amateur aspiration. We appreciate independence of actions, but when it in the accord with Will of the Highest. Freedom of human will in it is expressed. The will is free. When the free will is directed to the accord with the Highest, the direction is correct. I want to specify that it causes harmony of energy human with energy Space. Harmony means a combination that is merging of two in one, as a result giving new, being expressed in finding of a pearl of spatial knowledge, or a pearl of spatial thought. This combination also generates the form of thought born in consciousness. Existence of two beginnings is necessary for generation of the finished and issued thought. If tell: "We direct, but our aspiration" is fruitless, answer: "Means, the principle of psych equipment isn't observed". In equipment and psych equipment there are rules and laws. They can't be avoided, but at observance of a consequence won't slow down. In psych equipment exact mathematical laws are applied. Existence of two poles is necessary, as, however, and in everything. Into area mental we enter cognition of laws of consciousness by which are subordinated thin to energy. The psych equipment is future science. It, as well as any science, will study and to apply the received knowledge in life.

172. Advantage won't guess about that, Great Arrival can come true at present or not. Terms can't be given out. But what will be if all soldiers lower the weapon and will indulge in despondency? And what would be if these two thousand years all were idle only because the Lord Didn't come how it is promised? Whether there will be such condition of consciousness conditional, generating the phenomenon of a conditional apprenticeship? Great Service always is unconditional and is made under any circumstances. It isn't necessary to find to itself a justification that "not a message day, hour", on the contrary, uncertainty of time of Arrival forces to be in wakefulness always. If it is absent or interrupts, the reason should be looked for close that is in itself. No justifications will help. It is better to consider honestly the weaknesses and not to justify them, but to get rid. The self-justification puts the person on a false way and tries to discover the reasons outside, while they lie inside, from where are subject to withdrawal. Believing the reasons in something external, the person continues to carry ulcers of the shortcomings with himself, not including their. It is better to recognize honestly the shortcomings, than to deceive it. In the first case it is possible to improve somehow still, in the second correction is impossible. It isn't necessary to forget also and consciousness rhythms, without being afflicted with the next Pralaya. Everything is good in its season. It is impossible to be constant on take-off. Rest is necessary also. Only it should be seen off reasonably. Everything is good in its season, and it is better to meet the law of alternation of the phenomena of spirit reasonably. Too to be afflicted or rejoice is not our custom. It is better to meet everything with wise tranquility and in wise tranquility to pass life.

173. My son, events can develop quite unexpectedly. Who can provide them? Beginning the last wars, whether those, who then decided to begin, about destinies of their states and the people knew? No, didn't know and if knew, wars wouldn't be. Can't human expect mind of consequences of the phenomena, people of the caused. As people aren't able stop a wheel of the ripened karma. Notice, the reason is generated by human will, but consequences will any more do operate, but submits of. Lords Expect a current of world events because Know both the reasons, and consequences. And, knowing, Speak about Proximity of the future Light and Arrival Great. Evidence to events can't serve as criterion. Therefore it is necessary to trust Those Who Knows. Wise the husband state in the wisdom we are limited because are blind. Only executing tracings of Hierarchy are provided with success and a victory. Over the personal flows world, over human usual – the phenomena hierarchical. I speak: hour desired will come, desired time will come, and Me it is solved visible becomes. Now We See, you then will see, and after you – all. And when it happens, your time, time of broad, obvious and open crops of seeds of life will come. Treasured time will come. You will come to Me to concelebrating, and heavy days of expectation Great Arrival will finish.

174. Again we will return to thought. What is the thought? The thought is the energy generated by the human device. The bone can't think, - also not can think neither a hand, nor a foot. Having allocated in an astral, the person can think. He can think and in menthol. In a dream solves the most difficult problems when the body sleeps. The seat of thought should be looked for above. Covers are only devices, or tools, for thinking. For example, a brain is the device of a physical body. The brain can be damaged, but memory to function strong. The death of a physical body not only doesn't stop thinking process, but, on the contrary, aggravates it, does easier and mobile. The thinking stops neither at night, nor in the afternoon. The brain dies, but the thought continues to work. The brainwork usually goes on the habitual course. At each person the thought flows on peculiar to character of the person to channels. These channels are approved in the beginning by will of the person, and then the current goes already automatically, accruing, going deep and extending, like the river. These channels demand care and discretion. Everyone can see channels of the thinking and the nobility that they deserve. They are dirty or are pure, and what in them the current weight. The doctrine of Life is intended to dig new channels and to fill them with the new contents, giving them life moisture. The thinking is regulated by will. Energy is generated by will. Energy is generated by the radiation of the human centers. So heart can sate thought with force extraordinary. Heart, like the Sun, radiates of energy and sates with them thoughts generated by the person. The consciousness of the person unites thoughts. The consciousness is a prism through which having refracted; the thought gets a form that is energy is made out in a concrete image. Forms of thought are created by consciousness. The consciousness is a sculptural workshop in which sculptural images or expressions of thoughts thought over by the person are instantly produced. In this workshop the owner is the person. Material – the energy, generated by the person, and the energy, perceived by it from space. Energy these arrive in consciousness from the tank of its own microcosm, from a spatial receptacle and from people, the person surrounding, live or dumped a body, people close and distant, even on far-out planets living. The perception center – consciousness, in which screen thoughts perceived or being reflected there are reflected. These thoughts usually flow on habitual channels and are realized, or thought, according to the accord with the general mood of a microcosm human. In this area everything is defined by the accord. As each string sounds on the note and a harp of spirit human being adjusted by everyone after the own fashion, sounds in unison with surrounding with only those strings, which in it are, and in that key, on which it is adjusted. The adjuster is the person. Many harps are unturned, jingle and give dissonances terrible. Harmoniously adjusted harp human – the phenomenon rare, gives harmony and affects powerfully all surrounding, bearing pleasure, the world, and calm, entering a rhythm and an order into chaotic vibrations around. Such people spatially are blessing for that district where they live, as well as for all Earth and the whole world if it is spirits big. Therefore harmony internal and a key of its construction is the phenomenon of a big order. It isn't enough to be able to think, it isn't enough to think, it is necessary to think skillfully, understanding all great value of the cogitative device human. The accord and coherence also mean coherence of all centers of the person at thought generation. If heart wants one, a brain of another, and feet go in the third direction, a monolith of thought it is impossible. As the shell from the tool is directed by all the parts to the purpose, both the arrow on flight, and a microcosm human at full coherence of all parts gives the phenomenon of strong irresistible creating thought. Such thoughts move mountains. To generate them, coherence the highest, coherence of all covers and all centers of the person is necessary. Then the thought will be the edge of the ram punching any obstacle by force of concentrated blow. Harmony of a microcosm human is coordination of all its energy in a whole for aspiration to the purpose uniform. This harmony is coordination of all qualities of the person united by the accord in one integrated whole. You see, how rush about people. They don't know harmony. You see how many contradictions in the person. Look for coherences of the highest. All one, all to one, all to the same purpose final is the highest coherence on a planet to show. It is possible to begin with small, approving full coherence in the inner world. Both the tranquility, and courage, fearlessness, both balance, and belief, both aspiration, and constancy, and all other qualities are only sides of this or that degree of coherence of energy human, united by will and thought in the phenomena of light, borne the person in the essence. Light phenomenon widely we will understand. I demand coherence and streamlining of chaotically shown energy. Understand, without the accord higher not to pass. Who will want to remain on a place? Understand qualities as itself necessary contribution to the general coherence of essence of all people. Then collecting of qualities from abstractness transcendental becomes the purpose of urgent and urgent achievement. Everyone, even the small effort in this sense is useful. To become on whom the Teacher Can rely, it is necessary to show known degree of coherence. Then it is possible to be knot of Light of due force. The Stone treasure inside only with coherence and the accord shines and grows on condition of a condition of harmony reached. As each string sounds on the knot and a harp of spirit human being adjusted by everyone after the own fashion sounds in unison with surrounding with only those strings which in it are, and in that key on which it is adjusted. The adjuster is the person. Many harps are unturned, jingle and give dissonances terrible. Harmoniously adjusted harp human – the phenomenon rare, gives harmony and affects powerfully all surrounding, bearing pleasure, the world, and calm, entering a rhythm and an order into chaotic vibrations around. Such people spatially are blessing for that district where they live, as well as for all Earth and the whole world if it is spirits big. Therefore harmony internal and a key of its construction is the phenomenon of a big order. It isn't enough to be able to think, it isn't enough to think, it is necessary to think skillfully, understanding all great value of the cogitative device human. The accord and coherence also mean coherence of all centers of the person at thought generation. If heart wants one, a brain of another, and feet go in the third direction, a monolith of thought it is impossible. As the shell from the tool is directed by all the parts to the purpose, both the arrow on flight, and a microcosm human at full coherence of all parts gives the phenomenon of strong irresistible creating thought. Such thoughts move mountains. To generate them, coherence the highest, coherence of all covers and all centers of the person is necessary. Then the thought will be the edge of the ram punching any obstacle by force of concentrated blow. Harmony of a microcosm human is coordination of all its energy in a whole for aspiration to the purpose uniform. This harmony is coordination of all qualities of the person united by the accord in one integrated whole. You see, how to loss people. They don't know harmony. You see how many contradictions in the person. Look for coherences of the highest. All one, all to one, all to the same purpose final is the highest coherence on a planet to show. It is possible to begin with small, approving full coherence in the inner world. Both the tranquility, and courage, fearlessness, both balance, and belief, both aspiration, and constancy, and all other qualities are only sides of this or that degree of coherence of energy human, united by will and thought in the phenomena of light, borne the person in the essence. Light phenomenon widely we will understand. I demand coherence and streamlining of chaotically shown energy. Understand, without the accord higher not to pass. Who will want to remain on a place? Understand qualities as necessary contribution to the general coherence of essence of all people. Then collecting of qualities from abstractness transcendental becomes the purpose of urgent and urgent achievement. Everyone, even the small effort in this sense is useful. To become on whom the Teacher Can rely, it is necessary to show known degree of coherence. Then it is possible to be knot of Light of due force. The Stone treasure inside only with coherence and the accord shines and grows on condition of a condition of harmony reached. Everyone on a planet and in space can become this center of blessing for all surrounding if due degree of coherence is shown. Show understanding and be awake vigilant and on patrol in uniform understanding of Service great. Thoughts, feelings and the acts it is necessary to coordinate for this purpose the great. Everything is permitted, but in the accord for the purpose of final. Expediency and commensurability remain bases of ascension of spirit.

175. We enter new concept: spatial Service is. It is probably everywhere and always. It is invisible to people, but shines in darkness. It is a way of Great Spirit and a way of those who knows whom follows. It can be made in silence of silence and alone, and in the thick of human life among people, in mountains and in a privacy, in the cities and on the areas. Isn't present to it neither a ban, nor restrictions. And the secret police is powerless it to stop because it is made in the spirit of. In it strength of mind because works invisibly and powerfully with the ways not available to darkness and not vulnerable to claws lasting from everywhere. Unknown here, but obvious and shining Light for this purpose, who sees over the dense world. Is and exists, but it is invisible to a physical eye therefore people of those who is on spatial Service can't learn. It also is Great Service because there is it in all three worlds. Nothing can prevent the person to join him and to begin this great action. It can be expressed in a number of external acts and actions, but can occur silently, in depth, giving out to nothing itself on a surface. There are missions silent. Then our messengers aren't known by anybody. There are missions obvious, visible for all. That and others are equally valuable. And everyone has the difficulties. Among Chaos growl, among noise and life turmoil, among vanity of a market and shouts losing crowds you remember spatial Service, silently hidden, and know that the Hand of the Lord over making it.

176. My son, anybody and will detain nothing your run to the Teacher. It doesn’t forget.

177. So, after himself the person leaves the movie of acts, actions, the movie of feelings and emotions, the movie of thoughts and images, thoughts picture – all this in the form of crystal deposits of energy, records in space. Let's think, than we sate space. Space records – the phenomenon no erasable. These crystal deposits of energy live in space and spatially work. The ancient cities and settlements have the aura. Scary chronicles of events are imprinted in space. We see only a section of the person in time, instant and incomplete. The person is something bigger. The person is the body of many measurements extended in space time on huge distance, consigning on millions years to the past and in the infinite future. This body of the various planes extended in space of several measurements, is concluded probably and, mainly, in huge part is invisible, that we call the person. And looking at those people who around, and seeing their shapes external as we seldom concentrate thoughts on what difficult and long in time a being of people. Movies of its acts on all plans of its existence are concluded in the sphere of its microcosm spatial individually. The person is a being difficult. The person is a being of infinite extent. It is told: not temporary we, but boundless. Boundlessness is concluded in the person. She is depicted as its past in the form of crystal deposits. It shows the face in its future. The face of Eternity is shown in the person. The person isn't the spatial body of several measurements taken somehow separately, but there is a body tied with a planet on which he lives on which lived and will live, connected with all Space and first of all with matter and energy, which passed through it, pass and will pass. The person is the child of Boundlessness. As the child with milk of mother absorbs in himself her emanations, and the person, eating space vibrations, incorporates power radiations of Space. The person is a being universal. Being Space derivatives, bears in it reflection of the star beams imprinted in his star body, constantly beams of stars the fed. The person is a being difficult. What can the inhabitant judge the person and whether there will be a court of the inhabitant always false and distorted and limited extremely? Certainly, it is possible sense-knowledge the person as a clot of the known accumulation, which is partially reflecting in radiations of its aura. But who can boast of the aggravated sense-knowledge? And not without reason there was a proverb national that to recognize the person, it is necessary to eat with him salt pod. And whether there will be knowledge of the person after even nine pods eaten together full and answering to reality? One salt for knowledge hasn't enough. Something is necessary still another. The open centers and sight prismatic are necessary to see records of space of the various planes. In a word, before the person the field of infinite Knowledge, which it is necessary to pass and master, Knowledge of the planes of the highest measurements lies. Knowledge of the past and knowledge of the future not find in the physical dense world of today. It is possible to see the past and the future, but only sight fiery. Potential of great opportunities is concluded in the person. And if in the present the past and the future are hidden from the person in zones of times, it is opened for Lords Who See, and Know. Comprehension of this great Knowledge the Lord Calls, - before learning, it is necessary to realize possibilities of this knowledge and its direction. It is necessary to anticipate as though spirit it and to scent in the heart. Warm it is necessary to show any degree of belief before in possibility of Great knowledge before to direct to it; to opportunity for the person of Great knowledge of the Lord Testify.

178. My son is a lot of ways at the Teacher to give knowledge, but the main thing after all there is a condition of a dream. The essence of the person is exempted from heavy fetters of the dense world, and mind strong perceives the next lesson. In a dream we Learn. From thin spheres brings to Earth of people new thoughts which live in it subconscious and work in it, from time to time coming up on a consciousness surface. It is a lot of from this that is written down by people as received from above, they received during a dream. Habit, filling up, to direct to the Teacher, it is good. It conducts to consequences incalculable. From the small something will be born bigger. It is necessary to study attentively only impressions, immediately after a dream in consciousness arising, and especially the first. Morning thoughts after night rest if they are directed to Hierarchy of Light are good. As the beam of a searchlight finds in the dark a desirable place that to shine it, and the beam of consciousness sent to darkness of night, finds to what heart is directed. The consciousness beam will go. They say that the dream of death is similar. It is correct. After death the person visits Invisible Worlds, dumping gradually worn-out covers. Rising up to the height, to it reached, digests life experience terrestrial and, assimilating everything and having collected new forces, again comes back with a new stock of fire and new desire to accept the next tests, lessons and experience. And the dream, first of all, bears updating and restoration of fiery force, all covers are updated, and experience day assimilates. The body and brain has a rest, and the next and necessary lessons on the Highest Plans are given. But in case of a dream, as well as death, the spirit and sphere direction, to its visited, depend on the last Presley and atonal aspiration. Therefore I Speak: "Direct consciously". Only habitual laziness and inertness stir all thoughts, all energy to Me to direct for conformable receiving. The before the sleepy should be deepened and improved, having finished cares of day. The person to the World can devote some minutes to conscious aspiration the Highest. All excuses because, filling up are insolvent; force of things exempts the person from cares and works terrestrial. It is possible and has to all strength of mind these short minutes to ruche My World, to Me having directed. And the harvest will be big, and the thought will begin to flow fruitful, and meetings and impressions will be others, from the Highest Spheres brought. Show care of a dream. Thought about terrestrial, both torments terrestrial, and chagrin and burden before an entrance to spheres of the Invisible World it is possible to leave. I specify a way the easiest, but it is necessary to renounce, depart from it, from, filled with terrestrial affairs "I", to depart from egoism that the spirit directed freely; freight of the terrestrial remnants to leave at an entrance. So in all ways I Want to facilitate a separation from affairs every day and in a dream, and in reality. If in life terrestrial it is impossible to be released from affairs and debts karmic, the dream opens freedom doors, and it is necessary to enter into them without freight behind shoulders; with heavy load not to fly up. The press of freight of terrestrial spirit needs to be removed from wings, and then flights are possible.

179. Let's know that the Lord always on the guard. Let's sensitively listen to his thoughts and we will show the same degree of the guarded keenness. Also we will stand guard. A lot of energy is lost, because that the patrol condition of heart interrupts. Patrol brain is unreliable. It is necessary to listen to heart more. Often so-called moods are no other than not understood feelings of the heart noting sounding of a spatial note of this moment. Why sometimes pleasure or melancholy heart without any visible external reasons sounds? Heart leads the life and will continue to live it when the brain won't be that is when the physical cover will be dumped. Why we Insist on understanding of life of heart. At night possibility of association of many hearts at distances distant as experience of preparation for their future merge in the light of the Lord was shown. I will unite heart national in understanding the highest and over all differentiations which have been thought up by people. In the area of heart human restrictions are powerless. Therefore I Want to awaken heart that it to life woke up. And when the Lord of knowledge Will erect the heart temple, there will be outside, outside its walls, all heartless, everything, hearts rejected. And the part it in the future won't be. It is so possible to meet the future heart burning. They can attract people and to approve them in the light of the future day. It is wrong to think that something is far if the eye doesn't see and the ear doesn't hear. It is necessary to ask heart. It will whisper on a nice ear about proximity of Light of the desired. Why to recognize darkness when winner Light always over darkness victoriously shone. My children listen through heart to space calls. It already close victory sounds also the statement of Light in the world dense. Mountains of obstacles, the mountain of counteractions, but in the face of darkness triumphing probably I Approve close coming of Light, because hour comes. Hour long-awaited, hour promised, hour, since ancient times predicted. It is specified proximity of great events. It is specified necessity of readiness. Relatives I Warn: "Arrive in great expectation". Thunder and lightning I will awaken still sleeping hitherto. The estimate of a shadow of a gloom from planetary open spaces, I Will clear Earth of the evil and I Will give the statement of Light the all-conquering. I will incline under banners of Light of all in who sparks of fires didn't die away and whose hearts didn't become lifeless in denial. I will give life and pleasure about, which forgot, to all awakened spirits. I will fill, I Will fill, I Will fill to edges a vessel of aspiration of everyone. I Confirm with the word readiness of construction fiery, finished in thin, joining limits terrestrial and dense. I Give the guarantee to Light. And you I Urge begin densely and strong waiting for Light predicted by the Lord. My children wait, wait fiery and tensely: the pleasure great goes. I Told.

180. I will give a sign of the beginning of events that met them in full readiness. I will specify how it is necessary to stand, and care I Won't leave. At nodal events the Management will amplify and becomes more notable and obvious. In the past there were to that proofs. As far the Management will amplify at the last wave. To tranquility of expectation add still elements of stability unshakable because all will reel. In days of confusions general looks of all address to the strongest and to those who can conduct and help among the general confusion. Towers of spirit become a stronghold and rescue anchors. In a storm people grab a lifebuoy. To study in Me will find balance a readiness sign. In Me resist also Me. The few days will leak, and the embodiment in forms terrestrial forms thin will begin. Will be embodied, keeping thin communication and pulling together the worlds. Won't be mistake assume that the statement of the New World which is coming down to Earth will go under the sign of inevitability. And people will need to choose only and, having chosen, either to be lost, or to revive if the choice is made correctly. Choose already now, but unconsciously. Then there is obvious a choice and division of those, who is doomed to destruction as space litter and who judgment to life new. Certainly, opportunities will be facilitated and a lot of things will say goodbye if the choice is for acceptance of the New World. Ryegrass will disappear because there will be no place to them in the light of going fiery energy; both Earth will change, and the world among the people will come, and unusable all will leave, and the herd becomes uniform, and the Pastor Who I Am, is open, invisible Visible, Will direct a tide of life planetary on Light course. Light and who with it, will be as victorious is invincible. You look how diligence of darkness is powerless to destroy a monolith of the New World. And while enemies rush about there and here, it flashes and gets stronger in places unexpected. And therefore they, enemies of the New World, constantly tail after events and are late in everything exactly so as far as it is necessary for the statement and strengthening of the new centers of powerful resistance and force. Already I Said that the old world in all tracings is doomed to failure because it is doomed in general. Don't take failure for seeming good luck. To them going against Me, good luck won't be in anything, and all their good luck will be turned against them. And however many they were strong in the evil-shifts, against Us nobody is strong. The owner of land too thought that he is impregnable, but was struck with our force. How destroyer’s dark without the driver will resist? Situation they are hopeless and gloomy; to loss and rages strong. But My Hand is with approving the World New. Be not confused its imperfections. In its powerful elements of construction are put, both all imperfections and malfunctions will smooth out in time. You look at bases, on which new forms of life are under construction. These bases in the being evolution therefore our support is provided to them, therefore, success and a victory. What from this if builder’s hundred-thousandth isn’t perfection ideal? They do our Work. If not they, who would began to build and how? To whom to charge? Their merit that, not is great knowing, went for the Hand of the Leader, executing her tracings. Them I won’t forget and with their difficulties I Will help. I Will help them. Already worthlessness of cylinders and dress coats in construction new came to light. Even savages were more useful. We bear release by all oppressed from ardent violence of dress coats. As also gold won't help. Its role came to an end. Banks and the exchanges too are removed from evolution scales as superfluous. Remain: work, art and creativity public. On lifting of a wave of evolution strong they will blossom – these three. To the future be ready.

181. Let to the world it will be good. In it all sense of evolution. Evolution means thinning and improvement. Evolution still can be defined as gradual transformation dense in thin that then to become fiery. Thinning of all in everything happens. The microcosm human is exposed to the same process also. Each new embodiment is given something to improve. It is impossible to improve everything at once. Therefore each separate embodiment has the separate tasks. Then all achievements will be joint, and during Great Pralaya of people will be at all the accumulation but while on Earth, its intimate essence is shown only partially. Rough matter and imperfections of a physical body yet don't allow the full adoption of all accumulation. From here a hard task – to find for high spirits of a cover suitable. Many heavy suffer in a flesh vice, being not able to express the essence. Many not understood diseases from it result. The fiery essence fights in the dungeon as a bird in a cage. Hardly the spirit transfers capture dense. It is necessary not only pass, but also to subordinate her to will. As a matter of fact, in development, or the sense of evolution of spirit also consists in disclosure of fiery potential of will. "You are gods" it means. Therefore the person in any, even the most difficult conditions proclaiming and approving the superiority over a body and an environment dense, is always right. How it was far from a final ideal, speaking about spirit superiority, the force approves. Therefore overcoming and a victory over all external and internal obstacles can be set as an object. All terrestrial affairs of the person finally are doomed to destruction. How many forces human are necessary to construct the city or the state, or to build it, say, during one thousand years, but also the city and the state in flight of time will disappear from the face of the earth. But the works suffered by the person on their construction, and life experience gained remain with it forever to be useful in the future when the spirit will reach degree of the builder of Space. And the question "That Advantage to the Person from His All Works, with Which He Works under the Sun" covers in itself the deepest value because day comes and day leaves, but the spirit stays for ever and ever. So we will take still a step forward and we will measure, whose affairs of days human are full of intimate sense. Boundlessness scales on which they can be weighed, will allow looking at life from the point of view of Eternity – in its aspect of continuous change of everything that exists. Therefore I Speak: "Don't become attached heart to that on Earth passes by your consciousness". Passing by not to hold for one instant more long, than it should be. For it is impossible what to grasp, to locate on anything, only in a tower of spirit it is possible to resist and to keep the place in a great stream of life. Everything flows, everything changes, but the spirit stays for ever and ever. I give everyone Boundlessness scales. Everyone can apply them. Not on external successes or acquisitions life, but to by results reached has legal proceedings. And if they are great, though invisible to an eye, the way was successful. So we will approve a superiority of spirit over the world of the phenomena occurring outside, and we will understand that there is no advantage for spirit if it gets the whole world, but the soul will be lost. It is better to lose the whole world, having lost everything, but in the spirit of victorious to remain, the victory having approved, and to come out from embraces of the dense world by the winner fiery. It is necessary to leave dense conditions all the same. It is destiny of everyone. It is better to leave the winner, than him to carry away chains to the World Elevated. Give mighty strength of mind and enduring force to realize knowledge. It is necessary to be able to combine in consciousness necessity and value of terrestrial embodiments and affairs human with the Elevated concept of eternal life of spirit. It is so possible to avoid indifference killing. The teacher is eternally new and intense life energy. The pupil is full of interest to the phenomena of life terrestrial, though understands their temporary nature. The combination of couple of contrasts – temporary and eternal – has to be understood and acquired. Misunderstanding will generate or full dismissal and leaving from life that is spirit desertion, or immersion in the power of terrestrial gravitations. The golden mean if, a gold way is a way and disbalance in consciousness of eternal values of life: temporary and boundless. Without understanding of couples of contrasts and the statement of balance between their poles the life is closed.

182. My friend, show understanding of the event; new crosses with the old. On all life in everything these two opposite currents mixed up. In each phenomenon it is necessary to see and choose a stream construction, having separated it from layers of the old world. The phenomena, like languages mixed up at creation of the Babel tower. The eagle eye is necessary to see the phenomena light and to separate from them darkness. But a stronghold of the New World is my Country. At it also you look, and in it distinguish bases of the beginnings construction. The heavy burden bearing should be supported. Shortcomings understand and help ignorance. The moment when your knowledge will sharply be necessary will come. And then movement time will come. Heart of fixed hour waits. And those, the plan putting through, too wait. Under the sign of inalterability your appeal in the field of culture of virgin spaces of spirit will come true. Conditions necessary will be created. The wave of evolution will uplift on a crest of events of My protégés. Both to execution, and implementation of the Space Right of predetermined your Service of obstacles won't be. Karma phenomenon invincible force you’re laws. Then you will understand that means to betray the spirit to invincible Will of the Lord. It is quiet also is sure waiting for light your lot. Greater your necessity measures your value for evolution. Therefore easily and freely you will enter into the building of the New World, as a detail in well driven groove. And everyone will get up on the place, to its intended. Not on vital fight for a piece of bread, but on Service your forces will be necessary. And therefore you will be protected and are surrounded with Care. The care is revealed and now, but not in that measure. Now still you spend energy for affairs foreign, then directly for My Business. The karma powerfully in conditions will put the best, a wave wonderful will bring. Also you will scent strength of the Lord. Time of burdening preparatory circumstances personal will come to an end, and you will enter into cares of my Affairs. I will arrange your affairs that entirely could be given to my Affairs. Suffer a little more, still it is a little. The embodiment of the presenting fairy tale is sweet. Be My support in carrying out My Instructions. They which will be around, will be performers ardent your decisions because I Will give the power. The right Space is granted by the power in hands of those, who are intended by karma. Otherwise how to carry out the Plan? It is provided in all details and for each interval of time the performers. In silence of uncertainty and far from attention of people preparation of sowers of Great Crops is made. Truly, the virgin soil rises and there is prepare. To term your abilities I Will sate with force fiery, everyone repeatedly. Friends, be sure of the wonderful future expecting you. Concerns, fears, doubts and fear don't show because the Word of the Lord is immutable. No, but will be. It knows firmly. There will be Light. Great Arrival will come true, and your place in our plans of the future is defined. And the press is enclosed. Light for it wait, because Light is ahead. Why there is so much gloom still? Whether not therefore that poles of manifestations differ contrast of essence of the shown phenomenon in time. On rage of darkness you judge Light going. To My affairs of cares to My affairs care, attention and efforts directed the right to My care have. My soldiers, children My, My dear, I Rejoice pleasures of the future expecting you. Rejoice also you waiting.

183. My son, show haste to the statement of balance. The equilibrium state is preservation of forces. Balance is collecting of forces together. Balance is a condition of harmony reached. Balance is concentration of spirit. Balance is finding of in the tranquility center a bike. Balance is biner neutralization when the power is approved over both poles of manifestation of a thing uniform. Balance is stay at spirit heights in a point topmost. Balance of spirit is a victory shown. Balance is the beginning of a way Great. Let's not get tired in eternal fight for his statement because the tranquility of the Lord is a wreath of achievements. We remember how all particles of covers of spirit are able it, both all covers, and all centers, and all nervous system of the person, his brain, both thoughts, and feelings reach a condition of coherence full. The microcosm human is then the world, harmony, in space the approved. For what the solemnity is necessary? Whether for this purpose, that fussy to lead whirlwinds of small feelings to tranquility and balance and balance manifestation? Whether to that conducts also fearlessness? Whether it is possible to store balance overwhelmed by passions? About balance we will think as of a way regal. Whether the yoga without balance is possible? So, my son, in understanding of balance be approved and remember that there is nothing on Earth for the sake of what it would be worth breaking it, and on what it would be possible to exchange it, and to prefer to it. If something in you breaks your balance, consider it "something" as the enemy No 1. Remember firmly: against balance nothing will resist and nobody is strong. Show its power in life usual because when unusual will come, it has to take place already. But be afraid to lose it, claiming. People, yourself that no known, submit to that, who in itself its known degree I showed. Be not satiated with achievement of this great quality. Here before you all days of your life. And if each hour continued also you steadily fight for the statement of this highest quality, without stopping before anything, truly, the winner you will become. Why vanity of day and little things in life force to distract from the main thing and to forget about for the sake of what vain days of all life it on Earth are given to the person? Whether for finding of the necessary qualities of spirit? Victories, victories, and a victory we will achieve in everything over themselves because himself the winner is the winner of the world. You store balance because I won against the world; in Me look for the statement of its power in itself. A lot of things are made; a lot of things are approved. But it began only. To the son favorite inheritance bequeathing, I Point to conditions under which it can be received. Fiery power will carry an organism on part if balance isn't shown. Balance is a condition obligatory. Mastering by fiery energy only at balance is reached. Therefore to balance I Call and balance I Approve. Therefore force I Give this quality of spirit to accept and, having accepted, to make it expression growing fiery relics. My son, My gift accepts.

184. My friend, the Teacher Wants that balance took place. The Teacher Wants to strengthen a stream of knowledge. The knowledge can be perceived only under certain conditions. These conditions should be created. Often say that the Teacher is far and doesn’t come nearer obviously. But even devotees for years wait for the phenomenon of the highest. But the Management isn’t left. And care every day you have. Contemplation of the Teacher is interfaced to many difficulties. Also we will consider also the moment requirement. In case of a severe need the proximity amplifies. Believe that the personal proximity and contact in physical association amplifies. It is the truth, but on condition of understanding. For the developed consciousness of distance of value have no. It is possible to be close – far, is closer, than those who near, but more the lowest development. Life in the spirit of approaches to the Teacher, because the spirit lives out of the world three measurements, which is for it only small part of the sphere of its manifestation. Spirit is over everything. I approve a spirit kingdom. The thought reigns in a kingdom of spirit, and the spirit lives thought. The thought and constructions thin replace roughness of dense conditions. And who on Earth already accustomed it to live in them, with them and remains. Therefore I Direct to think on Beauty and over Earth. It is better to carry away with itself from Earth images of beauty, at least flowers field, either the rivers, or mountains. Images of beauty, from Earth carried away, enrich the World Elevated. What will the person carry away with himself, the life carrying out in brothels? With their image will leave and there. It is better to be on a bosom of the nature and to love it. It is easier to refrain from a disgrace. Even the severe nature is beautiful. It is good to surround itself with beauty. Beauty is not of luxury.

185. Anyway all perceive, but degrees of perception differ. The perception goes through aura. It should be held pure that it could consonance respectively. There are people in relation to whom nobody will afford an inappropriate joke or familiarity. Why? People feel radiations of their aura, that is perfectly perceive its character. Such susceptibility is shown in many respects. One person can recover meeting of people or, on the contrary, bring melancholy and despondency. The good speaker quickly seizes crowd, and listeners feel going from it waves of influences. At a meeting people stretch feelers of the radiations and instantly feel a tonality of the interlocutor. It is a lot of such, not stacked in words, perceptions. People receive signals and a lot of things feel, but the report to itself don't give and don't want to understand that is obvious and that belongs to perceptions thin. When something is unpleasant to us in people, words said, but the radiations of aura directed to us from the person to whom our aura often painfully reacts are apprehended not. Here on this negative impact of foreign aura also it is required to develop immunity. The protective cover should be had at the time of influence, having surrounded itself with a wall of impenetrable radiations. So again we come to a question of a protecting network. It should be kept in a full order. As a rule, out of its limits it is impossible to let anybody. For what to feed somebody with inside layers of the radiations when slightest disbalance this person immediately it will painfully be reflected in own aura, after all so it isn't enough counterbalanced people. The tranquility can be approved within the sphere of the protecting network, but to allow in them the stranger – means to send itself to the power of his casual moods. The question of protection of the Identity is very difficult. It is necessary also to be able to help people, and not to give itself on worry. It is necessary to be protected from human influences, differently will break off. But it is necessary to meet warmly each pain of the neighbor, to us turned and here too golden mean. At rashness it is very easy to fall in a hole of foreign despair, despondency and hopelessness. But the help not in it consists, and in that, without having let inside, to lift to itself. Vigilance and vigilance constant strengthen the clearness of a protecting network, and patrol heart brings it into a working condition. It is impossible to trust in moods human and to rely on them. It is better to remember that it isn't enough tried friends and that only to loneliness nothing will change. The loneliness is a destiny of Great Service. All great tests are carried out in loneliness and individually. And the karma, even the general, nevertheless is got rid by everyone on consciousness, that is too individually. So it also has to be, differently how to keep and protect an individual interior in its evolutionary selecting isolation. On individual essence of a spirit-monad all Space is constructed. There are no two subjects similar, two consciousnesses, and even leaves of one tree. For the best protection of don't think it is necessary to protect, but feelings. For this purpose, putting thought into words turned to people, it is necessary to exempt it from feeling, with it connected. It has to concern first of all feelings personal. Expressing the personal feelings or emotions, we send ourselves to the power to the one who notices them, accepting in the consciousness our image at the time of a display of his internal state. Gate of the world of personal internal emotions and experiences have to be always closed. To separate thoughts with personal experiences – a task hard. It is connected with astral restraint. Control manifestation always: and alone, and at contact with people, especially with relatives, because with people others it is easier to carry out it. Self-checking and restraint of feelings and emotions is a necessary step of an apprenticeship. One is taught by life, others teach themselves. It behaving it is exempted from control by external circumstances. The slave eternally we mistreat everything and all. It seized goes on the way of the Teacher. I call to the statement of the power over. And it claims I Conduct further.

186. Correctly, my son, the thinking corresponding to features of thin conditions, it is necessary to bring up nowadays. Late to develop it when leaving time will come to the World That. Whether it is possible to take with it their desires? It is possible. But desires happen different. It is good to eat desire, and tendency to wine, and many terrestrial desires there be met can't. Can create their illusion and in the imagination to drink to excess and eat too much, but it is impossible to meet these desires because there are no corresponding conditions. Tantalum torments turn out: in total about the same, without saturation. Many, deceived by brightness and reality of images created by them, in the power of them stay, in embraces of not satisfied desires. The show is sad, but the desire of beauty and love to the nature satisfy easily and quickly because there beauty of the nature are surpassed by terrestrial and their fans can truly enjoy magnificence of mountains, the woods, fields, lakes, both the rivers, and the seas of the Elevated World. Flowers are especially fine. Also the love to travel can be satisfied completely. But there it isn't necessary neither trains, or steamships, planes. In total is in the person. Flights are possible, it isn't necessary neither baggage, nor food, hotels. As also the desire of knowledge can be met to limits high. In a word, the one who got used to lead spirit life, there wins in freedom. For one death is a horror, for others – the tragedy, for the third – the end, for the fourth – a jump in uncertainty. For knowing death is a release and opportunity to meet all desires if they don't concern the phenomena terrestrial. Bodies aren't present. Therefore, corporal desires be carried out can't. But access to space records planetary is facilitated, and it is possible to learn endlessly. It isn't necessary houses terrestrial though many to themselves as build them because everywhere the house. Where is I, there and house. And it should be understood. It isn't necessary for property. To what it, when all mine in me and with me. But it is necessary to reach all this and in consciousness to be exempted from everything. Or rather understand before breaking a gate World Aboveground. The lowest feelings close spirit in a hopelessness ring. It isn't necessary also them. Who to hate if terrestrial dreams dissipated, like a fog, but it is necessary be exempted from these feelings here. There late. Create to it thinking of the Elevated World, being in the conditions of Earth. Not released continues to live there in illusions of terrestrial life, continuing them to build in the imagination which becomes there powerful force. It is better to go there, having left all terrestrial on Earth. It is good to think what to do where all the time freely and it isn't necessary neither passports, nor visas, neither apartments, nor prophetic, usual work. There it is possible and has to work, but differently, than here, and for choice. Think that you would become affairs to do if round you the need for food, things and the house and care of a piece of bread disappeared and you would get freedom to live as you want, having excluded the phenomena roughly corporal and terrestrial. About living conditions in World Aboveground it is necessary to think, after all life here – a hundredth part of duration of stay there.

187. My son, in need I won’t leave. Therefore leave concerns and cares of the future. I told: nothing will concern. Hands of strangers I Won't allow. But tests are inevitable to test firmness. Enemies would like to put in such conditions under, which no work would be possible. Conditions the return is necessary to Me. But the Teacher stronger and Will manage to operate enemies. There is more: if not the Hand washing, long ago would break anyway. Creep up from all directions, but encounter fiery my Board. Protection of My relatives makes part of My work. I want to specify that thoughts about that as well as that will be, shouldn't indulge. Will be so, as Wish the Teacher! Therefore Will His should be accepted as the inalterability phenomenon. Gnash tooth outside, but my other-worldly Kingdom. The old age, diseases, inertness of dense conditions create burden of the world terrestrial. Freedom not in it, but in release from it is. It is a lot of grieves and complications around. I send Signs, but often vanity absorbs them. Fight against vanity – so we will call a note of the current hour. Much needs to wish to improve the current time. From the cities it is necessary to disperse. Really to the desert? So development of empty lands has value for the future. Transitional time was always difficult, and we live on demolition of Eras. You are provided as though to yourselves for a while. But the Brotherhood Watches is persistent; stopping that is inadmissible, going from outside. Therefore are guilt be in belief and know that I Will protect. With roughness of rough living conditions be not afflicted; will pass also it.

188. My friend, today day heavy. Therefore we will write about things of not predicates. What is heart? Fire live, space, concluded in fetters of a dense matter. And this matter, it investing, heart has to not only change and lift to itself and itself together with it to rise in the heavenly Homeland, from where to Earth went down, but also terrestrial to carry away all matter for itself. It can't make neither a brain, nor a body because temporarily, a matter dense itself show, but heart because constantly fights in effect the person a rhythm of an eternal inextinguishable never-dying Flame Space. It is told about heart that it was always, always is and always will be. Heart life, uniform life, the eternal life which fire pulses in heart of the person, atom and any individual live center of life isn't destroyed. From life in life, without stopping the rhythm, heart reincarnates. And when there come death and pulsing fire of life leaves a physical body, it passes, continuing a rhythm pulsation, to the highest covers of the person rather goes together with them. The immortal Ego of the person, his Highest Triad, pulses fire of life of heart, in it the prisoner. From Fiery Father, Father, coming, it comes back to a bosom of Father Fiery, eternally Real in space in Not space in inexpressible the display of Light enduring. I told that I Want to reduce fire to Earth. Truly, so and Earth I Want change and ennoble this fire. And in the basis of this great work of transformation of a matter heart is stuffed up. When the consciousness plunges into heart, into an eternal monastery, it there finds possibilities of boundless disclosure of the potential. You are gods, but god is put into heart of the person as a prototype of that, than the person can and has to become. I speak: "Recognize in itself, in the heart, a source of inexhaustible power and wonderful, inexhaustible, nothing limited boundless opportunities of spirit. Your heart is a miracle your, it where it is necessary to look for, - in your heart look for". When the consciousness plunges into heart, external feelings having closed, the spirit joins its mysterious amazing life. It isn't necessary to torment it violently, it is necessary only for heart an exit up free to give. And heart will lead spirit a way celestial. It is a lot of secrets in Space. Heart can concern life of the Worlds Distant and take in it part. Everything can do heart. When understanding its fires and its power will grow, realize the heart as torch of not predicate concluded in the person. Heart in itself recognize because it win. On heart to pass Specify life, that is fiery to join life, that most to become fiery. Transformation fiery can come true only through heart, when under the influence of it the fiery centers of the person will wake up and, being трансмутированы on heart fires, will start rotating. Fiery charkas are set by force of heart in motion. During a heart era to heart we Give the statement fiery. Among them, cruel and dark, you look, at who heart wakes up. These will follow you. These will help at construction of the great temple of heart. These, heart woken up, to Light will follow Me. Friends, know: heart fiery is invincible. Lit hearts fires of defeats don’t know. I proclaim a victory of heart over burdensome darkness of external conditions. The darkness will dissipate, and heart, in you and in Me striking aside blows of eternal pulse of life will be the winner of darkness. You remember – to them win.

189. My son, listen. Time came end of the preparatory period. It was long and difficult.

190. In the Thin World the whole crowds of the self-seduced trade in existence. False gods, the beginning take false generation, a false Olympus from the plan terrestrial. The tragedy of self-flattery is that the victim doesn't know it and doesn't understand the delusions; taking lie for truth and false prophets for its carriers, in illusions of self-seductions stay. Let's take for an example an appeal of church of the recent past. What worship and honoring surrounded them by the followers, but they didn't recognize Teachers of Life, didn't know them and therefore both admirers, and esteemed remained beyond a limit of a circle of life. How many there were new prophets, how many sects, how many the exaggerated self-approved authorities. How much the fake dedication with regale’s and respects human. And all in vain, all without use, everything is false. And all in vain, all uselessly, everything is false. How many apostles of false science! The world rolls in lie, superstitions and delusions. And so it isn't enough of those who really know. But also in the field of science, both art, and religions were they – true torches of true Knowledge. False lectures terrestrial are transferred to the World Thin and there continue to exist. Whether it is expedient to spend of energy what has no basis actually? Magnificent attires, difficult rituals, whole mountains book grants and interpretation – and all this in aside from Hierarchy of Light and Her attendant’s General welfare. Blind conduct the blind. Where? Whether in a chasm? Fruits of these terrible delusions are terrible. Look, My Country is exposed to what refined attacks and after all over it with undertakings our hand. False gods will die, and remain altars of their temples are empty. But how many disappointments followers have to undergo them. The doctrine of Life is given as a basis of true Knowledge, as well as an approach way to Hierarchy of Light, uniform in the Space greatness, existing from a century. Therefore I Speak: the comer to Me is exempted from the power of illusions, from everything that is false in the phenomenon of science, art, religion. The doctrine of Life costs over sects and all shifts of thought invented by people. The doctrine of Life exempts the person from any sectarianism everywhere and in everything. It helps to distinguish at once Teachers false and self-approved. It preserves accepted it against dangers of self-flattery. Among seduced and self-seduced my pupils isn't present. The pupil goes a right way – "others voice is alien true". Light of the Teacher allows see darkness of false teachers unmistakably. It is good to have the truth detector in hands. It is the Beam of the Teacher sent to the pupil. The curve way takes away aside from a life. The way of the Doctrine is direct, but is narrow, and the few go of. The one who can distinguish reflections of uniform Light in all old religions both hears, and separate it from heaps and fabrications human – on a right way. Light of Hierarchy is uniform in all centuries, and at all people, and in all branches of human activity and spirit identifications. It both look for and live only to them because to them are live.

191. Isn’t present and can't be achievements without the legend of to Forces the Highest. Consciousness transfer above on Hierarchy is necessary in order that to refuse itself. To work with the will is one, but to work with Will Hierarchy and the Name Its will be a sign of merge of consciousnesses. Not I, not I, but You, the Lord, in Me Staying. There is time when the inflexible belief and a strong link to Hierarchy is required. Whether we will resist? Itself it is impossible to resist. On what in himself the person if there is no communication with the Highest can lean?

192. Specify to collect strength of mind to constrain the Chaos impact. Elements in a condition of Chaos heavy influence a condition of the person because the person consists of combinations of spontaneous elements of the Earth, water, fire and air. Being in a disbalance outside, they seek same disbalance to bring and inside. "Also I Ordered to winds to cease" – so rules over elements and the one who in it approved balance balances them and subordinated them to the will. In it sense of mastering by itself. Elements can be operated, but before having won against them itself. In it special value of harmony the person in the microcosm of the approved. In the person there is everything that is available in Space. The person is the world. Having subordinated in itself the elements making a microcosm human, the person gains ability and the right the same elements out of him rule. So the power of the person over the world is born. "I Won against the world" – a formula, bequeathed to the person the Lord as a way of acquisition of the power over it. "Also He spoke, as the person having the power" – is so told about the Lord. Power over a matter is not dream, but opportunity, promising and achievable through a victory over. To arm the person without the uniform device, this power has to be reached. All steps of ascension of spirit are no other than steps of mastering by the microcosm. Therefore wishing become the winner of strength of mind has to direct in itself. We can't overcome in other people of that aren’t overcome yet in it. Mastering by can be sent by the Lord only at understanding of that it means. Any overcoming itself causes the birth in the person of new forces the overcoming. The organism answers each overcoming with multiplication of forces, judgment to the person. Think that fight and overcoming is fruitless. It is incorrect. The most valuable fiery energy is postponed in an organism in the form of crystals, and the Treasure of the Stone grows. Therefore we Consider difficulties as blessing and them we Do not avoid. Truly, the spirit can win against everything, and there is nothing in the world that the fiery will of the person couldn't overcome. But it is necessary to dare. It is necessary to learn aspiration courageous, overturning moldy ideas of helplessness of the person. The person can do everything because I Speak: nowadays possibly all. Inexhaustible potential of spirit human should be understood. In case of obstacles invincible it is necessary to dig even more deeply. Fiery power of the person is locked guarded day and night. Locks should be broken, the fiery prisoner to set free, and first of all it is necessary to recognize the invincible Lord in itself and his force to combat the overcome of elements and submission to their will. I go on about tranquility. Whether not therefore the peace of mind is a sign of a victory reached? It isn't necessary neither storms, nor lightning’s, hordes enemy because in the person the huge field of fight and overcoming never-ending lies. External influences are necessary only so far as they cause the necessary in reaction. I want to accustom to a condition of struggle constant. Without struggle of spirit there is no ascension. And still someone wants to succeed without fight and counteractions. Someone wants rest and our motto – "Fight and a victory" strives for it, but. Whether not there is an evolution process of continuous overcoming old the new? And whether its sense and essence consists in continuous overcoming of the old? Friends, rejoice to obstacles and difficulties, because in them pledge of your prosperity. The calmed down– looking for rest, not from fire, the appeal to fight never-ending also is alien to them. The condition of spirit overcoming should be understood as a condition of ascension uninterrupted. And not in external conditions business, but in the power of consciousness over them and over the world inside which they constantly influence, seeking to discompose it. Or conditions dominate over the person or the person over them. The power consists in achievement of an equilibrium state of spirit, inflexible. Only then the will can powerfully to ruche energy fiery in the necessary direction. Wish balance all strength of spirit, because in it is the power and secret of mastering by fiery power. The power over the nature – long dream of mankind, is achievable.

193. My son, about purity of thought and clarification of consciousness it was spoken enough. But it isn't words, and in their application. It is necessary to reconsider that was applied and that it was necessary to lie in vain. A lot of things remained not applied. The consciousness is littered with scraps of thoughts unnecessary. A lot of the insalubrious is thought. The discipline of thought isn't approved. All this slows down advance. The rhythm of consciousness can't be forced, but clarification and control over thought it is possible at any piece of a rhythm. It is necessary to think of streamlining of thinking. It is best of all to give itself a task in free time to think any worthy reflections out up to the end developing its opportunities. One finished thought is more valuable than one hundred mental splinters. As control and over feelings is inevitable. It is a lot of chagrin and troubles. Then we will meet, without losing balance. But indulgence to the weaknesses and shortcomings will be the most important nevertheless. Them it is necessary severely to truncate eventually to reject absolutely. So gradually, step by step, it is possible to exempt consciousness from the phenomena unnecessary, without losing sight of a leading thread and the purpose set. It is impossible to become perfect at once. Therefore work on clarification of consciousness stops never.

194. The Teacher Wants that mutual understanding took place. It consists in coherence of actions. I won’t hide: hardly to reach coherence of actions. Actions and acts will be coordinated with Will Highest. For this purpose it is necessary to clear consciousness of foreign litter that currents didn't mix up. I believe necessary such agenda that certain time and a place was allocated for Service. It is possible to ask to itself a question what is made by me today for the Teacher. The answer impartial will show the valid state of affairs. He will find, whether really all the time is given to Service, and if not everything, how many. It is possible to separate service from a self-service. It is very important to learn to see itself in its true light. Often in words and in thoughts of people considers that it is on Great Service, giving it some small minutes. On Great Service all the time is given to the Lord, and for itself – only necessary and only in that measure as it is necessary for his Business. Service is understood individually and according to moment conditions. Everything is given, everything is explained, and everything is specified. It is necessary to attach only the instruction in life. It isn't necessary to be confused anything. The Teacher Will help to find the correct decision under any circumstances. It is necessary to be only together closer. The teacher Sends the blessing. The Teacher Has care of those who are devoted to Him.

195. Yes, the Lord Wants to see process of intense improvement when all being of the person pulses uniform aspiration to the purpose. Let this condition of spirit will be coloring of glasses through which refract energy of the outside world, or a key in which it is necessary to carry out the life symphony. It is possible to be improved and will be refined in everything. But let this thinning will be in good. So, the device, a spirit harp should be adjusted the firmly on an improvement wave. To morning and evening before going to bed the last thought of the Lord can add thought of continuous improvement. It is possible to think with concentration of it, deepening each phenomenon conducting to It. Certainly, control is inevitable, both severe patrol, and constant sensitive and sharp-sighted vigilance. In all affairs of day, in their heat, every minute it is necessary to keep this memory. To be fond of something, having steeped in vanity of day or business current, about the most important for what we live on Earth, having forgotten, will be an insolvency and incommensurability sign. It is possible to show the most live interest to affairs of passing day, it is possible to be interested sharply in everything but provided that the person didn't forget that all these affairs is given it with the unique purpose – for improvement. But often happens that, having plunged into them, the pupil forgets that purpose for the sake of which they only and exist. But if with us inside and round us to consider all events as something from what it is possible and has to take the energy, necessary for improvement and a spirit eminence, approach will be correct. It is necessary to understand that everything occurring to us, not end in itself, not self-sufficing, but only means to the purpose uniform – to a constant steady ascension of spirit. And for this purpose high everything can be used, and all conditions allow take from them something useful. Therefore, it is possible to be improved always. All excuses and complaints specify only that the way is still insufficiently resolved. Here for this purpose vigilance a constant or spirit wakefulness also is necessary. More than two thousand years ago it was told: "Be awake". It is a formula of a fiery accurate constant ascension of spirit. The consciousness which has been adjusted on a key of a constant ascension, or improvement, to any circumstance, even to the most adverse, will find useful application. And the Teacher Will help to turn everything on advantage. I rejoice, seeing the correct relation to My words. Remarks of the Teacher shouldn't be afflicted, but to take from them force which is so necessary at lifting. I will help, I Will help, but show desire My Instructions immediately to put into practice. There is a lot of readers of the Doctrine, and passes without a trace through consciousness them much. But the pupil not "reader", the pupil is the performer. Especially strong Instructions personal, to it by the Teacher have to be executed the given. Ardent execution of My Instructions involves possibility of receiving new, giving to the person wings. My son, only the tested pupil knows how to treat the Instruction correctly even if the Teacher is dissatisfied. And personally it is necessary not to be afflicted, but ardently to put the given. So, guards of spirit we will strengthen and we will study to find possibilities of improvement of in all that to us happens. At the firm and unshakable solution of spirit all circumstances, and in particular circumstances adverse and counteracting will obey to this note of an internal orientation. And having obeyed, they serve, that is help and promotes improvement. It is often impossible to over persuade ignorance or dullness and darkness external to make Light. But to force to serve itself both ignorance, and darkness it is possible because the darkness can serve as Light bottom, and monsters – throne legs. Everything it is possible to force to serve itself consciously, that is the conscious tension of will-aspirational energy of Arhat. Therefore we won't be afraid of anything and not to stop before anything because everything inures to advantage walking inalterability. Go safely. Everything I Will turn to the benefit.

196. It is a pity that not always readiness for Service is identical. It depends on many reasons, and the first of them – cowardice. Greatness of spirit doesn't suffice on becoming firm in Service great. Small replaces great because the small is before the eyes. Even the small thing can cover the Sun if it is allowed too close to an eye. Therefore it isn't necessary to allow to heart close to anything that the eye of soul didn't lose ability to see. It is necessary to depart at some distance from the phenomena of a direct environment, and then it is possible to see the horizon. It is good thus to learn to treat all events with itself as if would happen to the neighbor or to someone another, not the close. It also will be achievement of a known step of balance when personal any more doesn't break tranquility. What happiness to understand, it is possible what to study and be improved always. Let's study true impassivity. Impassivity not is indifference, but mastering itself and feelings the. Remember that it was told about a silver bridle of spirit. The feelings should be seized.

197. Where Sun, there and light. When the Sun of Great Heart in consciousness predominates, the lack of Light doesn't happen. So put your thought to the Lord and from the main direction don't distract. Why came to Earth for what we live for the sake of what we undergo burdens of dense existence? In total for the sake of the purpose uniform are improvement and spirit ascension. To forget about it – means make existence terrestrial senseless; so constant memory about the Lord will be a sign of advance steady. All forces, kind and angry, serve Arhat. Arhat’s in the actions we will assimilate and we will know that essence of evolution of spirit phenomenon in overcoming old and the statement new in consciousness. Whatever qualities the spirit possessed, it is as though high was, it’s this step the highest follows, it another, and so endlessly because Boundlessness is specified. Means, the instruction on gets rid shortcomings will be always timely and pertinent. But tension of tendency to it can raise or go down. Arhat process of overcoming behaves is directed and in tension. The formula is given: "Be perfect as the Father our heavenly is perfect Is". In it boundlessness of possibility of improvement is already concluded. Because, if Lord it is separated from you on one or two big Circles, that as it is far Lord of the Lord. But this range can become proximity inexpressible, if the Lord lives in heart. In wakefulness of spirit we won't get tired. In it light, and without light is darkness. I want to see all on patrol and in readiness. Notice: in all centuries, in various living conditions their variety was great, but the same ardent aspiration, the same Proximity of the Teacher, the same struggle of spirit. The victory and overcoming were advance bases. Therefore, not the originality of circumstances or life matters, but the process of improvement. At the accepted pupil it is made consciously. Let's learn to strengthen tension of this process by will. To the Teacher pleasure see the ardent tension of the spirit which is powerfully moving to evolution.

198. My friend, the thought concentrated on known desire it is persistent and persistent, eventually leads to its implementation. The aspiration to grant desire of the Lord, ardent and unrestrained, will yield a fruit in time. Aspiration to execute desire of the Lord, ardent and unrestrained, will yield a fruit in time. Ardent concentration will indicate close ways of implementation and new opportunities them. Why to wait when intensity of aspiration is created by will. Already I Spoke: expectation of tips doesn't lead to the desirable purpose from above. It is necessary to take it is directed and in spirit tension, will the necessary conditions having created. It is possible to notice how the intense will overcomes environment resistance. Like a movie camera tape, the thought, by will directed is developed, being enriched with new achievements. Arhat's motto is - "I want, so I have, or I reach". It is necessary to aggravate desire fire of ardent thought. I will help, but direct all heart. As all is superficial and insignificant disturbing if intensity due is shown. The going Arhat is the sphere ardent, directed in Boundlessness. What we will prefer to ascension? Unstable and the changeable are magnetic conditions of terrestrial gravitations; it is impossible to lean on one. It is possible to imagine that would be if these conditions were continued indefinitely. As quickly tired they spirit. But the magnet of Great Heart never will wound spirit with satiation because it is new every instant and Conducts to new conditions of new achievements. Heart the Lord won't overtire and will be satiated never. Safely go, safely dare, bearing in mind a Hand driving you it is skillful.

199. (Caught a cold strongly). In action it is necessary nymen to call forces. Actions of one are sluggish and powerless. Actions of others are saturated with dynamics of execution. It is possible to concentrate consciously on force phenomenon, awakening to life the dozing potential of spirit. Numen of force is the fiery power, able to be shown in operation. Having concentrated, with it we will arrive in understanding. It can be visible in inflexible determination. The consciousness is adjusted on a note of force sounding in operation. This power becomes a form of expression of spirit in the affairs having special value. The statement of this opportunity gives pleasure to spirit. It is better to be the lord of the power, than to be afraid and afraid of everything and always. The sad afraid and shivering pettiness, into which many people turned themselves, will be an antipode of the spirit understanding the force. The statement of fiery power of spirit is process, space lawful, natural and admissible. At a known step before moving further, nymen forces has to be manifestation in operation. The pettiness doesn't have access to mastering by mighty fiery energy. Power of spirit is approved in operation.

200. The tension conscious force being in the power of the person will be a condition of its realization in itself. For achievement of it is possible to address to the Lord for action powerful and nymen to call forces. It is necessary to understand that everything is in a condition of consciousness, but not that occurs outside. Let curve living conditions to make each obstacle and impossibility straight lines will serve only to increase of forces, but not their derogation. Impossible now by all means will turn back possible in the future, if will manifestation persistence and constancy. The person, but it in the field of a dense matter is weak, but in the field of spirit there are to it neither borders, nor limits. And the World Thin shows to those boundless opportunities of implementation. In our race the person can't grow up the dropped-out tooth, but even this phenomenon will be once reached. It is necessary to understand that everything is achievable, but in due time and on the place. And that nowadays seems impossible and unattainable, will be reached. In it is force and victory of spirit over temporariness of dense conditions. Therefore spiritual accumulation are important not material, but. And life of spirit is put in the basis of life human. Boundlessness before spirit, but not before a body, and in the spirit of is only achievable. The body and covers will be only forms through which spirit carries out the great space appointment. Therefore for realization of the power we will call the spirit, existing eternally.

201. Create in My Beams will be a sign success. The success and good luck come at constancy. Temporary there was also breaks in aspiration, le to temporariness and interruption in good luck. Let's confirm constancy. The constancy and a rhythm were connecting between itself. In a universe the rhythm, which is express in a constancy of celestial motion reigned. Let the rhythm of ascend your movement will be similar to sunrise. In it was express both a rhythm, and constancy, and spirally ascend movement in Boundlessness. It are impossible to reach at once tops and to become perfect. It is impossible to overcome instantly old heaps in consciousness. It are impossible transmutation the centers in one day. But all process can be accelerate, ha ma it rhythmic. Was for this purpose g day and night that with them a rhythm it were possible to establish a number of rhythmic actions of an ascension. For example, the prayer, or Dialogue with the Teacher, or Records of thoughts spatial, or reading of the Doctrine – all it are enter into frameworks of a rhythm under condition of a constancy. Action rhythmic strongly facilitated advancement forward, over inertness dense. It is possible to tell that without a rhythm life would be impossible. Consciousnesses chaotic were depriving of elements of a rhythm. Rhythmic it is necessary to enter a stream of space life of consciousness into a channel of constancy. The everyday sacramental order ancient, often mean an establishment of a rhythm of the leader. As also the work devote to the Teacher should be constant. It is constancy affirmed a rhythm uninterrupted. Then performance of the big affairs and problems, at least gradually, but every day strictly are possible and are immutable, as sunrise. From such work and results it is possible to expect the great. Than the rhythm is enter into a considerable quantity of daily actions, the self-fruitful are more productive than themes also. Beg the big affairs, think of a rhythm at them execution. So we will get and confirm constancy. And I Will help, as well as in all that conducted to the blessing. Fires li by constancy, especially racks, therefore оберегитесь from the habits attract consciousness downwards. They were dangerous fires of constancy, crystallized in effect the person. But light and pure fires belonged to good accumulation. Therefore, confirm a rhythm of constancy, we will think of essence of plan accumulation. It are difficult to eradicate bad habits from consciousness wherefore it are necessary to deal with crystal adjournment of the lowest fires who too shown steadfastness. The rhythm is a force. Skillfully used, yields results beneficial. At the heart of it the constancy lay.

202. I approve necessity of communication with the Worlds the Highest. Each cover has the homeland, or a layer of space to which belongs and from, which eats and receives a matter necessary for maintenance of her life. Therefore the dream because the thin body receives forces feeding it from the Thin World is so necessary. Without food the physical body can live about forty days, but without a dream won't live even ten. This party of the phenomenon of a dream is still studied by medicine a little. The dream is restoration of forces settled during wakefulness and with anything can't be replaced. As also the highest conductors fill up energy stocks from layers of the Highest. When the vital stock of energy of the person is settled, the person dies. In World Aboveground it restores it completely and again comes back to Earth with a stock of new forces. From where he them receives?? But after all on death all covers, everyone is dumped in due time, and only fiery Triad remains. Here she also will be the holder of energy of life, the scooping it from spheres fiery. But communication with Spheres the Highest can be held and on Earth, and not only during a dream. So the person receives forces necessary to it for life. We see the giants of the spirit who have transformed life of the whole people. With what force worked? Whether power of Hierarchy? Here again we come besides, to necessity of communication with the Highest. Who creates business of General Welfare, can't directly or indirectly, consciously or unconsciously to do without Hierarchy. But it is better to work consciously. The consciousness aggravates power of action. As it would be desirable that the principle where our consciousness, there and our heart where our heart, there and the consciousness, but operates consciousness heart of consciousness was carried out in everything. Let's tell as: Therefore heart should be called for life more stoutly. It also will lead consciousness a way Christ's. I speak about the heart loving Light. Many hearts loved darkness and worship to darkness. Heart, to Light approves the woken-up, immortality.

203. Let's not allow anything to carry away them down: neither good nor bad, neither big nor small. The big vessel as easily goes on a current down, as well as small. There are neither things nor big nor small, but there are the things pulling down, and the things which are carrying away up. Speak: "It fell" or "Towered spirit". It means – gave the heart or to things ennobling, or to the things directing back. There are no things indifferent because indifference means stagnation, and stagnation already is decomposition. Essence of every moment on its relation to consciousness it is necessary is thin to distinguish. Spirit advance depends on it. Someone speaks: living conditions disturb is in a root incorrectly. Not conditions disturb, but the attitude of consciousness towards them. To strong spirit nothing prevents to ascend and everything inures to advantage. The consciousness defines a fortunate of conditions, but not on the contrary. Often in a cleft of rocks the tree becomes stronger more strongly, than on the equal soil. Equal living conditions aren't conditions favorable. That is why I Say that the way is defined by spirit, but not conditions roadside, accompanying this piece of a way. It is impossible from accidents of a relief of a way and the landscapes flashing by, to put spirit progress in dependence. It is easy to lose the direction if to look only under feet. Of star leading don't lose sight. Will come and will tell: here we both read, and directed, but our way isn't successful. Ask that gave to receive. Or didn't renounce any habit, any cockroach who is carefully kept in the bosom? Or you want to combine Light with darkness and you are surprised, what gray weight, a fog dimming a way turns out? The main thing, open eyes them that could see and, having seen, to make a choice free and voluntarily – to Light or in a gloom. If make a choice at your will, there is in that no advantage because, having settled energy of your will return to a former pigsty. Therefore the choice and the solution of will free is valuable. Therefore be afraid of a call. Let come. Coming don't drive away and give them at a rate of consciousness them. Art to own people belongs to the category of the thinnest. It is possible to attract but how to hold? It is possible to hold only a heart magnet. With blood of heart it is fed addressed to us. Therefore be careful of passersby. To what waste of valuable energy. But the comer to you and demanding: "Give", not egoism, but heart ask whom, as well as how many to give. And if heart speaks "no", the donation shouldn't take a place, - madly give all. Truly, I Speak: will crush and, having crushed treasure this, will hang on you all weight of the inertness which should be settled up to the end, in proportion to energy of the donation which has been mistakenly allowed. Also be not confused conditional judgments of casual people. You have one judge – the Teacher, which not the judge, but the Leader and helping. Vigorously, surely and safely go forward because ahead there is a Teacher, who too Follows the Lord.

204. If something external or internal disturbs Communication, so Communication is in dependence from accidents of passing conditions. That makes a life thread, can't interrupt anything: that inside, that outside. Firmness of a flame unquenchable is so reached. If Communication in accordance with the circumstances can't pour out in usual forms, let it take place is hidden, warmly, not phenomenon externally in any way, unless only special profound concentration. But in public even it should be hidden under a commonness face. The fencing of an internal sanctuary remains impenetrable for strangers and even relatives. The individual form of life of a spark-monad remains in the nature the unique form of its expression. Therefore all existing is expressed in an individual form. There are no two spirits identical as there are no two leaves also. And the drop of water reflects Space as, for example, in struggle, tests, sufferings and overcoming ascending transformation of spirit is made. But all these phenomena have individual character, and there are no two tests identical though they and can be very similar. Infringement of individual free expression of spirit and suppression of his free will is always violation of the law but if the person voluntary assumes the obligation, he has to execute it. The karma of violators is heavy and always forces to execute sooner or later promised therefore never give any promises. It is possible to give vows, and it is useful, but in relation to the Highest. Promises outstanding grow into karma for their inevitable gets rid. Especially insalubriously to promise something under the influence of affect. Because when the phenomenon of affect passes, with its energy of performance in the promise dies also. And it is necessary to hang a karmic outgrowth on essence of the person. Certainly, life considerably would become simpler if people understood laws, it operating. A lot of the undesirable occurs from ignorance. It is necessary to know simply more, - but as there aren't enough knowledge carriers. Then we Preserve especially. During the future great crops in them there will be all hope human. The knowledge is necessary not for itself, but for the world. Accumulate knowledge. Way of direct receiving knowledge – the highest. Demands big accumulation, but it isn't forbidden to the directed spirit. It is a lot of ways of receiving knowledge directly. And possibilities of receiving happen are various. But the Great source isn't closed for anybody if only heart was open and "mind isn't saddened". I tell words evangelical that knew that life Precepts, this two thousand years ago, are now more necessary and vital than when that was. Early bury Precepts of Great Teachers behind their unfitness seeming for ignorance. The word My will be live for ever and ever.

205. Speak about strokes of bad luck. We Call them blows engines. After known time it is possible to notice how they aren't able to discompose the approved consciousness. The consciousness accepts them, remaining unshakable. After that it is necessary to take one more step when energy of received strokes of bad luck is transferred or transmutation by consciousness to energy of progress of spirit. Strokes of bad luck become the pushers lifting consciousness everything is closer and closer to desired top. The spirit receives a stroke of bad luck. It would seem it has to break and destroy it. But isn't present. Hands are whole, feet and the head, and the spirit still costs firmly and unshakably as the rock, feeling essence, hidden and eternal, surrounding as a not perforation armor fiery. The consciousness learns to take from counter blows of energy them for advance. It is possible even to tell it: "Here the world external was up in arms against Me, obstacles here increase and counteract, but I am not afraid of them because everything their energy, all forces them I will take and I use them. Also will serve Me, - is wisely enclosed on ascension". The weak spirit will quickly hang in powerlessness because the efforts to them will direct, but the spirit tempted and tempered in fight, becomes stronger only. So we will learn, like the skilled miller, to spill each stream of water with advantage on setting a spirit wheel in motion. Skillfully the cross-current should be directed that served as the energy in the benefit. The essence of tactics of Adverse consists in it. As also gins build temples. When greatness of a victory of Light will be approved, you will understand, as dark in the ignorance on Light glorification worked much. You look how enemies of the New World suffer one defeat behind another. Those energy which they put in counteraction, address against them, bringing the results opposite to on what they counted. So skillfully the Lord Uses various opposite currents of a world stream because judgment it is necessary to be. And you study powers of circumstances and conditions counteracting to turn on the spiritual advance. I told: everything I Will turn on advantage. But also you have to help the understanding and hardness inflexible. The main thing, be approved in understanding of indestructible, immortal, enduring, independent eternal essence of the spirit. Everything will pass, the spirit will arrive because everything flows, but the spirit stays eternally. This eternity in itself should be realized now and, having realized, as though to rise over a rough stream of swift-flowing life. How many people around, how many passersby, how many passers, and everyone teaches something, enriching knowledge of the person, and everyone, having carried out the task – to give to skilled knowledge, leaves there, from where came. Each meeting with people teaches something. Only mine don't take for passersby. Find it a place in the heart. And your way let will be, as the Sun way over Earth. Pour out light on all surrounding from height of spirit, which isn't saddened by clouds, storms and whirlwinds terrestrial. Be, as the Sun. When the consciousness learned to take necessary to energy from circumstances opposite and to direct force of strokes of bad luck at discretion, then it is possible to tell: it the step when all forces, dark and light, serve the winner is reached. Therefore I Speak: going with Me doesn't know defeat. Therefore I Speak: the winner going with Me always. It is necessary to understand that the victory means in the spirit of. At the moment of death, when things terrestrial naturally become on the place, not terrestrial victories, but victories in the spirit of only matter; therefore spirit I Want to awaken to understanding of life elevated that terrestrial to give to life sense and value profound. So we will pass also this life as already passed many lives, in understanding that it is given only for one purpose of improvement and spirit ascension.

206. My son, show understanding to a course of world events. The reorganization of the world can't stop. Palaces and huts are the phenomenon of the old world. The general level of mankind has to be lifted. Division into the rich and poor is destroyed. Good things of life are distributed more or less evenly. Individual work has to become a basis of distribution. Work all. Parasites it isn't necessary. Work is a life basis. Welfare of one people at the expense of others is unacceptable, as well as people. The profit as the engine of life is replaced with affairs of General Welfare. The benefit national, but not separate classes or persons, is regarded as of paramount importance. Great work is still ahead. The country New already in many respects succeeded. Contours of new life are shown. Life changes. Inertness human is as a block stone on a way. Difficult the person rises. How many efforts were required to change a face of the Country New and to make it the Leading Country of the world? Still it is necessary to get rid of a lot of things, a lot of things to improve. There is no end of evolution of society; each new step is followed by new forms of life. Arrival of the Lord will be the main line of a change; light-future of mankind. Victories of the New World will become frequent, yet won't capture all Earth. Will be lost, will be lost, the heritage of the old world, because My Hand with new and new will be lost. New will appear in conditions, with which old won't be able neither to compete, nor to fight. New forms of life show conditions is insuperable the victorious. Conquer the irrepressible logic of life. Light of New life becomes open for the huge majority of mankind. The old world cuts with own hands a bough, on which sits. And it does to ruche will be great.

207. Both in big, and in the small. Sometimes it is necessary to show small patience to wait desirable conditions. But the patience often happened more shortly than desire, and consequences expect it is impossible.

208. My friend, where my desire to put before the? So big it is dissolved in small and it is sprayed on trifles. Who doesn't find time for Business of the Teacher, but for the affairs finds, can't count on success. After all everything is so simple. Find time for My Affairs, and your affairs will be fruitful. Well also, beginning day, to enter it into a chain of days and the lives given on Service to the Teacher. It is possible to be covered with cares of day so that what is higher and most important, to forget? Where commensurability? Service has to be not in words, but in heart, and to be reflected in affairs shown. Show commensurability. Because, by what measure you will measure, such it will be measured also to you.

209. While the traveler hasten on a rain and in cold, to it prepares a warm and light shelter in the House Father. It isn't necessary to forget about a shelter of spirit. Let the elements which have flooded banks, the House Father storm is protected from Chaos of the dense phenomena; in it both rest deserved, and light, and warmly. Knowing it, it is possible to undergo temporary inconveniences and difficulties of a way. The way will end with achievement of the House of the Father. Therefore I Call to follow Me not to get lost in darkness and not to lose the direction. In life the traveler who has lost a way, the phenomenon frequent. The lost souls – it is so possible to call them. Go at random and without knowing where. As chips, rush on a current, thrown there and here. In a spirit boat the courageous swimmer rows up the stream, directing the boat a firm hand. In ancient temples the main priest made altar round against the Sun. And the soldier of spirit goes against the stream lives usual. Life standard is not for It. As well customs human and way of life is of the narrow-minded. It can accept them, but knowing their temporary and conditional nature. Its way is a singularity way. I believe that dismissal from the accepted human commonness will be the key to success. Life terrestrial is defined by conditions elevated, hidden. They should be understood and on them to follow. Everyone the visible phenomenon has the reason and a root in the invisible. If these invisible to an eye, but levers to take available thoughts in hand, and the visible phenomena can be controllable and directed by will. The dense phenomenon can't take a place on the physical plan if its astral basis is destroyed. As the tree has a root with which keeps, and any physical phenomenon keeps on an astral image, or a prototype, being the basis, or the base which constrains as whole physical aspect of this phenomenon. It is a magnetic basis without which the phenomenon in the dense world can't take a place. Therefore for the statement something in the world terrestrial the basis, or its beginning, is put in World Aboveground of subjects deeper and higher, than the phenomenon is stronger and higher, up to the World Fiery. As also destruction of the undesirable, harmful and become obsolete phenomena begins with the World Hidden, and the astral form, or a prototype of the phenomenon approved on Earth there is destroyed. And when this image is destroyed, particles of the phenomenon dense, forms not constrained by more magnetic force its invisible; break up by it, submitting to laws of the valid, visible and invisible existence of a thing. You want to build, build at first in World Aboveground thought and heart. Why the old world is doomed? We Destroyed it in World Thin. Nowadays its building is deprived of the basis. Therefore our Affairs are successful. Therefore construction of the New World because its basis in World Thin and World Fiery is strong prospers. But a lot of things which still is subject to the statement, on Earth aren't shown. People live, Known or not known submitting to these laws. The success or failure of many affairs of their terrestrial depends on conscious or unconscious application of this law. The planned economy of the country follows this law and therefore is successful. The plan of the working day, the plan of private life, being a projection of actions human in time, too submits to this law. All mentality of the person is subordinated to it. That to make something, the person presents before it to himself, that is creates an astral form of the action. Only actions reflex can be made without preliminary considering and representations, but even they are made on the basis of the last representations which were once. The reflex actions conducting in affairs of important to semi-consciousness and automatism, – are condemned; in all consciousness and control. I give the lever of opportunities to regulate in hands the various phenomena of life: to destroy one, to strengthen or build others. But both in destruction and in construction it is necessary to enclose known quantity of warm energy. Process goes is invisible, without demanding neither words, nor physical efforts or actions. Invisible levers of life are stronger than the visible. Fiery power of spirit lies in invisibility. Fire, unless is invisible to distinguished sight. At rapprochement of the world’s we will learn to understand invisible and visible aspects of life. So we will arm the spirit two multiply.

210. More and more we will direct that the easier terrestrial dense particles disappeared. This freight as the kernel standing pulls to a bottom. With it not come up. Entering into a sanctuary, all things leave outside. Not to ascend with heavy load to top. Not to fly up to a bird attached to Earth. Not to move to the person in fetters, chains chained to a place. There are conditions under which movement becomes impossible. Therefore I Speak insistently about consciousness clarification from unnecessary litter. Known conditions of not coherence the souls allowing it to straighten the wings are necessary. Not attachment of thought to curve living conditions I Want to approve. Therefore all the time I Aggravate circumstances to develop immunity of spirit to terrestrial gravitations. It isn't necessary to understand something as attractions by all means the forbidden attracting. The most unpleasant and inevitable moment of life of the usual can tighten sensitive and thin consciousness in the network. Threads of terrestrial gravitations are numerous. Devotees simplified the use to a limit and reduced number of subjects of private use to a minimum. But not in things is matter, and in attachment to them of consciousness; and not in conditions, but in freedom of consciousness from them. How I Can sate the person with mine if he to limits of capacity is saturated with the? It is necessary to be exempted from the mine could take its place first of all. I conduct on tension limit when currents terrestrial seek to break a dam of spirit. When these currents are burdened by own rashness, there is in it no merit. But it is necessary to remove. It is possible to call life the arena of continued fight for spirit release. Release we will look for in the thought sphere because by it both it is released, and we tie themselves to Earth. If the circle of circumstances terrestrial becomes isolated, nevertheless always there is an exit up. Let's think of always free withdrawal to spirit spheres.

211. My son, severe and burdensome life terrestrial stay in the Upper class of the Thin World requital will be and not requital, but equilibration of a bowl of scales. On a condition this it is possible to judge its contrast, on immersion in a dense matter – conditions when the consciousness is exempted from it. Everything has the opposite pole, - also terrestrial existence of the person. Life terrestrial can be lived, having known experience as also life elevated, having prepared for it beforehand. For this purpose it is necessary to learn conditions of elevated drink of the person simply. These condition others, than on Earth, and laws others. Lack of a physical body facilitates a lot of things, but at the same time and aggravates. The care of a body and food, both the house and things disappears. The clothes are created by representation of in this or that attire. Who will want to seem nude among inhabitants of the Thin World? Body thin is prototype of a body terrestrial, the owner clothes in clothes at the choice. At ordinary people the dress is created on a habit. The person represents himself in that attire, which usually I carried on Earth. The majority doesn't understand that power of their aggravated creative imagination helps them to invest it with any clothes. Left, not understood new conditions and the laws operating life elevated, as a rule, arrive as they did it on Earth. Seldom has who had a thought that the death is release from iron laws of the dense world. It is free, free, free, – sings the begun to see clearly heart. But terrestrial habits are heavy. They direct consciousness on the dug channels of actions in the same habitual, but already imagined conditions. The smoker smokes, the drunkard drinks, liking to travel travels. If the knowledge didn't exempt spirit from terrestrial remnants, they long last for left, surrounding consciousness it with the forms illusive approved and crystallized on Earth. It isn't so simple to be exempted from them as it seems because not gets rid desires immediately create forms corresponding to them, or the images necessary for its implementation. Both the food, and drink, and smoking – everything is made in the imagination replacing reality. The first that should learn, it distinction of the things created by own imagination, from things, is valid on the Thin Plan of the existing. It is necessary to understand these two orders of life of things in World Thin. Therefore and there is a world created by imagination of the person, and the reality world? The person there living, especially if he knows something, can assume any mask. The inexperienced beginner will become puzzled, being surrounded by actors of the thin world, many of which consciously want to mislead the neighbors. A lot of things depend on that layer in which the consciousness under laws of a magnetic attraction came to be. In layers of the lowest these mystifications can have very unpleasant character. The consciousness is as though stupefied and can't escape from a burdensome environment of dark creativity. Terrestrial nightmares during a terrestrial dream can give an idea of this condition of a hopelessness and impossibility to leave from dark influences. Any aspiration to the Highest breaks this vicious circle. In the Thin World of people depends on the aspiration. The knowledge of thin conditions acquired on Earth, allows understand many phenomena of the lowest Hidden World which becomes visible and bright and the only reality for the person as once there was a world terrestrial easily. And as there everything is defined by though, the consciousness those people who deny existence behind a coffin easily lose. The question of the attractions existing in a microcosm of the person which has left from Earth is very important. This attraction continues to work, involving consciousness in spheres corresponding to them. The person loving flowers, will get to layers where will see them at the request of the heart. The person loving brothels will get to them at the request of the heart because there is everything that is or was on Earth. And, besides, there is what on Earth isn't present. To any inclination of the person in Mira Aboveground there are conditions corresponding, attracting it in the orbit of influence. Everyone receives and has what he wants. Thus it is necessary to know, of course, that desires densely physical be met in World Aboveground can't because there is neither body, nor terrestrial things therefore consciousness gets to funnel insatiable desires, from which no exit, until then bye aspiration to satisfaction terrestrial desires won't stop. But desires of a thin order are easily and quickly satisfied, and the benefit if they are rather cleared.

212. The person passes that to the World, having dumped a physical forehead, but the inner world takes with itself. It is ridiculous to assume that the general direction given to this world on Earth has to change for some reason after death. The ignoramus remains the ignoramus, the fool – the fool, the egoist – the egoist, angry – angry, good – good, directed – directed, looking for – looking for and finding. Unless tendencies the terrestrial there become aggravated in the considerable to measure. The fact of death no knowledge, no “good” terrestrial doesn't give to the dead. The last aspiration on Earth special has value because establishes the direction of a magnetic attraction of spirit to the sphere where it directed at the moment of death. Also desires which it finished on Earth won't disturb him more. Desires and aspirations not gets rid, that is remained in its essence, will carry away it on lines of the corresponding attractions. And people will meet there to it on an attraction of related properties. It is possible to imagine a condition of criminals and vicious people in whirlwinds of inextinguishable inclinations of the astral, lowest aspirations tightened in funnels and passions. Truly, it is easier to come up from a sea bottom, than to rise from a chasm of the lower class astral, having torn chains of desires attracting down.

213. Not words will rescue, but their application. The period of receiving spiritual is followed by the period of the statement of the received knowledge. Not approved as life in the appendix it is useless. To what to encumber is it? I consider that minutes of weak point can't be justified by anything. It is necessary to learn to pass the periods of lifting and spirit falling in an identical condition. It is possible only on condition of transferring of consciousness to the center when it becomes regardless of a pole shown in life. It is necessary to leave inside, externally itself nothing displays. Exactly some periods of life should be passed imperceptibly. Revealing it during such periods, weakness of the spirit we reveal and we endanger themselves external conditions. Blows always fall on the unprotected place that got stronger. But their morbidity from it doesn't decrease. But there are reasons of a heavy condition of spirit space, and then all attempts to avoid a press will be powerless. The burden of this world should be taken on the shoulders and to bear resignedly. So did all carriers of Light. Burdens of this world avoid. It also is a payment for receiving gifts of Light. The spatial press, or aggravation of press of currents, is caused by a karmic condition of a planet. Chaos spontaneous and waves of brown gas are responsible for the general condition of consciousness. That and other phenomenon is generated by the person. So the mankind will bath the acts spatially. If everything depended on money, all rich and wealthy people would be happy. But it isn't present and never was. The happiness, released to the person in a certain dose, has the level. External conditions can shake it, but then it nevertheless becomes again at height of the line approved by karma.

214. The Teacher insists on that life external didn't absorb the internal because if in it crying and a gnash tooth, internal nevertheless depends on the person and is protected from external influences by him. Whether it is possible external to allow kill internal and matters – spirit? Transience’s of external conditions, at least and heavy, we will oppose immortal ineradicable our essence. Nor fires, nor tortures, inquisition is nothing could kill spirit. And after all through all this once passed – are and still live. And nowadays – it is heavy, but it is necessary to resist. There is no exit. On the Teacher on the guard also Knows when the help is necessary. The help comes at the last minute.

215. It is possible to increase spirit on examples of life of Great Spirits. It is possible to imagine that there are people who live in conditions a lot of heavier and severe and still advantages of spirit don't lose. It is possible to imagine itself the most deprived of everything and leaving the world terrestrial in pleasure of spirit. In close conditions thought we will fight for the independence and to defend freedom of the spirit. The person is often powerless to change karmic terrestrial conditions, but in the world of the thought, in the inner world it is free and can build it at discretion. There is no problem of more noble, than internal freedom to defend. And as the task is hard, and fights is long. At a special press of external circumstances it is better to transfer all consciousness inside, without spraying it on affairs dense moreover that is necessary. Can't add to growth to itself any inch as not in forces make curve living conditions nowadays direct, but in an inner world of people – the lord. It is possible to live in it, taking cover from storms and adversities of the world terrestrial. It is possible to create this internal stronghold under which protection of walls it is possible to be removed always in images. But it is possible to take cover in it only when the world and when waves of the rough everyday sea in it don't get reigns in it. To open an inner world to whirlwinds terrestrial – means lose a peace of mind and the world, which the Teacher "not Gives as gives the world", not to accept. My world I Give you, but in the world you will have grief therefore learn my World which I Give, to protect. Others and have nothing to protect. Not about them I Speak, but about you, Me noted in space. Heavy times, and still it is necessary to pass somehow them, not extinction a spirit flame. Without it is possible to get lost in darkness. Therefore I Speak: "Spirit fire not to go out. Without it is darkness". As well of a thread of the future don't lose sight because the mirror of the present hour is dim. Heavy strip vigorously we will pass, knowing that Light ahead.

216. The difficult way of ascension of spirit is long, long, and infinitely long. Precept Boundlessness! Therefore also the way long, to it isn't presents the end. There is no such way in the Universe, whatever height it reached which ascension ended. If the worlds can be improved, can be improved and increase in the knowledge and Founders of these worlds. It is impossible to imagine the high spirit which has stopped in the improvement. And if to present a limit of that, where Boundlessness? Boundlessness is in everything. Forms of a display of Life boundless to a limit and final framework in the identifications are limited only. Boundless Life is expressed in temporary passing forms. The spirit is boundless, but a form of its manifestation in covers terrestrial, thin and mental is limited to terms. So eternal it is expressed in the temporary. This eternal also should be realized and on it, but not on temporary, to build the stronghold because all temporary is immutable it is limited to terms, but the spirit is untimely. Believing the entire in one of covers or in all three, we doom themselves death at the same time with them, and they will die according to the law. Only Light body, the Highest Triad, doesn't die. It develops, improved, increases in the Light, but doesn't die. The body fiery, a body of Light is immortal. The body fiery, a body of Light is the Eternity face in the person. If to transfer consciousness to it during lifetime on Earth, it and will be that condition about which it is told that the person is taken live on the Sky. Because both the Sky, and Earth, and a chasm in the person. Both paradise and a hell are all in it. Let's think of, how a bike of people in the opportunities and as its depth and height is immeasurable. Both feet and the head, both past and future it rests against Eternity. The eternity is a display of the highest life in the person. I came from Eternity, goes to Eternity. I came from Boundlessness, to it and go, with its fruits of creativity of the spirit having enriched. Speak about the star world’s visible infinite but as is wider, richer and deeper than Worlds Invisible. To thin bodies of planets corresponding and world the planetary. The space invisible is rich with the Worlds Hidden various steps and conditions. You investigate the phenomena terrestrial and you enrich with knowledge them the mental stocks as also World’s Highest can be studied and their knowledge to be accumulated; as there can be scientific professors of the Highest Knowledge and Universities and chairs corresponding. In the New World the highest Knowledge will take the place and will acquire the right of nationality along with knowledge usual. Nowadays the science already deeply plunged into area unusual and closely approached to borders of the Invisible Worlds, and in them some a case for a long time crossed. As study light, electricity, radio and magnetism as will study also energy of thought and will have devices for measurement and definition of thin energy. The physics department about Light should be expanded and involved simply in it area of invisible beams which already and in modern science has now the strong basis. But it is necessary to take a step further away. Fingers are shone, the centers are shone, the brain, eyes are shone. Each section of the person, especially nervous, radiates light of different degrees. Currents of nervous energy on wires of nerves are the phenomenon light. At first it will see by means of the device, then, when sight will develop, simply eyes. It is necessary not to deny, and to study and find. Certainly, the world of a negative is narrow and small; of course, the world of the savage is limited, but why to assimilate to savages or ignoramuses? It is necessary to recognize boundlessness in everything, as well as in knowledge accumulation. Compare the world of the cannibal to the world of the modern cultural person. The difference is great, but it immeasurably more between the world of the last and the World of the Teacher. Therefore I Call to My World that in representation to expand and broaden our world endlessly following Me – Knowledge.

217. My friend, overcoming – a wreath of the winner. Life consists in continuous process of overcoming old new and external the internal. Where this process stops, there comes stagnation. Fall in love with struggles overcoming. To be inclined before the external – means to recognize the insolvency and worthlessness. Even before conditions absolutely insuperable at present it is necessary to remember that conditions external temporarily, the spirit is eternal, and finally the spirit if it in the decision doesn't recede will be the winner after all. After all finally any victory is reduced to overcoming something inside. Only this victory in itself and over itself remains forever with the person. External circumstances die with change of days and nights. The life center from the outside should be transferred inside, having transferred life to thought. Certainly, the creation of hands human remains on Earth as, for example pyramids, but the spirit of their founder nevertheless is compelled to come off them and to forget about them with change of covers. Therefore are given with each embodiment of a body new that memory didn't arrest consciousness gets rid living conditions in the past. Details of the left roll can be developed for spirit advance, but usually only when already there is no danger of absorption of consciousness force of their magnetic attraction. To recover passed to the movie of lives of last embodiments not always safely. It is possible to get stuck in last currents. That is why the saving oblivion is given to the person. What would be if even events of the real life as tensely sounded all the time for consciousness how they sound at the moments of the present day? The consciousness wouldn't sustain tension if to run an infinite tape of last events in the lit-up memory. It would be possible to be convinced personally that passes all and all proceeds by, but the spirit stays for ever and ever as the Eternal Recorder by rushing life. The eternity in itself and needs to be felt a transient of the external phenomena as heart and heart to understand. Don't think, not representations, not reasoning’s, but the feeling of eternal life approves awareness of immortality of spirit. And then the understanding will come that easily and it is simply possible to resist always and in everything because all external will leave, having left the person indestructible. Therefore it is possible to meet the next waves of life quietly. And it too by will pass. As a result experience and knowledge is necessary. If only to realize this temporary essence of the external phenomena, the relation to life could change in a root. It is necessary to remember that only Silent Witness inside is invariable and eternal and that external in the attitude towards him will be not only events of life terrestrial, but also all thoughts, feelings, emotions and experiences in all three covers in all worlds. The stream of life is more difficult, than it seems, and goes to depths of the Invisible Worlds; but the Silent Recorder costs over all as the witness passing in the eternal. Eternal in themselves we realize and, having realized, we will claim.

218. If ask, why we live, why tests, answer: "Life is given to understand, realize and approve in itself eternal, enduring, indestructible, not destroyed, impregnable our essence – spirit, in Boundlessness real before the beginnings of times".

219. Friends before awareness of Boundlessness won't be approved; human life will seem like a tree leaf, in the fall dying and carried away by a wind aimlessly. Only in aspect of Boundlessness human life becomes clear. In it is necessary to learn to live and feel the life. Temporary it is necessary to understand as a section of Boundlessness the represented in the conditions of the dense. The something ephemeral lives one day. There are the savages being at such low step of development that they don't think of tomorrow and food to itself don't reserve. In process of consciousness development it everything farther and further takes a past and the future. Spirits the Highest so envelope phenomenon past and future that in that and in other case they adjoin to Boundlessness. Contact in points where the last and future merge, a circle of consciousness becomes boundless. It also will understand of life eternal. The past in the depths brings spirit to that, from where it исшел. The future in the end will lead spirit to the fiery Homeland. The circle becomes isolated in Highest Inexpressible World Light fire. The pupil seeks to expand and attach the sphere of consciousness it to unlimited life spatial. To the ocean of space it is possible to leave, being on Earth. Dense conditions not obstacles. Not the brain can come to a fiery scope, but heart which fights always because it from Boundlessness. In heart human Boundlessness potential is expressed. Heart is a body of communication with spatial energy. Through it immortality in Boundlessness also is reached.

220. And the burden of time was specified. So tells an ancient prophecy on our time, - to time, Arrival previous. And it is valid, burden of time of a bike. Yes unless can be differently when it is necessary regeneration consciousness human. That it was made, it is brought out of a habitual framework. Circumstances are burdened unreasonably to avert spirit from terrestrial, begin to yell about the heavenly. Habitual living conditions collapse for this purpose and change in a root. There is a full revaluation of values. The elements discomposed by people, do existence fragile and threaten further with stronger accidents. The elements of water storm, fire underground is restless. Balance of the nature is broken in a root. Certainly, the elements broken at the heart are dangerous. People suffer from them directly and directly and as any measures for their restraint it isn't taken, and the end to their collisions isn't expected. Everything depends on spirit of mankind. The person – the master of elements, though doesn't know about it. Human elements submit to the unbridled condition of consciousness. Collective influence of human masses is great. If they acted harmoniously and in balance of spirit, and the result of this powerful influence on the nature would be directly opposite. But as business is now, a gleam it isn't visible. Everyone disbalance the nature of people answers still big the disbalance. The vicious circle, from which exit only up turns out, - But in the Sky refused to look because left it closed or replaced with gold. So people rush about in confusion and will rush about, I Won't come yet. I bear to people rescue.

221. Approach of events begins. The lord is in space, Service is in space. You in space is a place have no value. Everything is equal, where, when or in what conditions if spatial Service is made. If Communication with the Lord took place in space, the distance and remoteness already have no value. It is necessary to get used to a spatial mentality. It will be thinking of the Thin World. Generating the reason action, we cause an inevitable consequence which will come through any time. If to clean time element, communication between cause and effect becomes obvious. Time terrestrial in space doesn't exist. The thinking timeless too will be thinking of the Thin World where there is a sequence of the phenomena, but there are neither hours, nor seconds. It is necessary to understand that the thinking of the Thin World differs from the terrestrial. Spatial life has other measurements. The phenomena in it exist: both subjects, and things, and people. But mobility of such conditions tells all special ability. The condition of consciousness causes visibility. That can see one, doesn't exist for another, being nearby. To all appearances visible is and visual and here, on Earth, but not always. The fine picture can be understood and estimated by one person and is rejected by another. But the tree which was always on the mind calls everyone a tree. In the Thin World it is possible to pass by the phenomenon, it is perfect it without having noticed. If sight allows insufficiently, or the attention isn't directed on things here, but there it is aggravated excessively, and here we see and we understand on consciousness, but in known limits because ice, snow, apple and other will be for all ice, snow or apple. Having switched off all external terrestrial feelings and having transferred life to thought, we come nearer to conditions of spatial existence. Here often external conditions define the maintenance of an inner world. In the same place the external is defined internal by force of a magnetic attraction, fast and insuperable, those phenomena and images which are conformable to consciousness. Loving the nature, but living in the dirty fetid city, it is difficult to plunge on Earth into beauty, but in World Invisible this love magneto, both will powerfully attract consciousness, and will deliver it in an environment fine, conformable to aspiration of hear; because the matter of the Thin World is plastic and mobile. It is all about that character of magnetic energy and their attractions, which is established by the person in the microcosm during lifetime on Earth. The order and the resistant consciousness knowing that it wants is necessary, differently it is necessary to rush on waves of casual currents. The tempered will there has special value. But under all circumstances the Hierarchy will be a reliable support. It as the rock which it is possible grasp in a raging sea of astral currents. Many rush on waves, as the leaves broken by a wind, powerlessly, without knowing, where. Absence of light aspirations is to that the reason because aspirations dark though attract in a certain direction, but in darkness and in its whirlpools bottomless. Here still it is possible to grasp something and on something somehow to keep. But there attracts aspiration. Is the most reliable and strong support, and there – only. There not having this support assimilates to the traveler who has got to a vicious circle where monsters and the werewolves hidden under any shape and any form of visibility continually threaten. But also there protect all, wishing to have light protection. It is worth grabbing it only. Great value has Proximity of the Teacher in World Thin because protects from many dangers and Specify the direction true. If people knew, of how many dangers relieve itself the address and communication with the Hierarchy, many would become thoughtful over the Hierarchy phenomenon more deeply. The space is immense, great Boundlessness contains in itself everything – from a chasm to the highest layers of Light. Where we will direct and how if there is no Hierarchy compass? Here, having dumped a body with death, there is a person to the space ocean. Where will go with what, why, for what and what will do how to live? Where, who and when will be able to specify a way? How to the traveler not to become puzzled if faces uncertainty and there is nobody to address? It is necessary to accustom itself to spatial thinking and to learn to be guided in the conditions of the thin. Certainly, will help but if heart is opened to Light. So life terrestrial consists in a heart prepare to conditions thin. Heart is body for communication with the World Hidden. On heart is and aspiration. Threads of heart will help to communicate with the Highest if they were approved on Earth.

222. You will force the way only full measure. Completeness of the legend of is difficult to the Lord extraordinary. It seems easy, winds didn't blow yet and the storm didn't rustle. But the Teacher can resist among whirlwinds only full legend of. Resist only Me. How to resist differently if there is nothing to lean? All hesitates and unsteady. So, having betrayed the spirit to me, you receive immunity of spirit. The formula "My God, in Your Hands I Betray My Spirit" remains firm. So in God torments the Lord addresses to the Lord Father. And you can address to my Lord who My Father and your Father is. It is possible to think of Lord Lords. Nowadays We Announce the Empress because the Era of Mother of the World, Mothers of the real came. The highest aspect of Life too is dual, showing Earth a look cyclic. Every era is sated with the Beam of the Spirit, which is at the head, painting it the essence. In the light of this Beam the next step of planetary evolution also develops. Certainly, Beams are connected with stars because stars and are Hierarchy of the Benefit. Communication of spirit with the star is communication psychophysical, indissoluble spiritual and material, magneto the fiery. The combination of Beams of stars causes planetary life that is Hierarchical. People think to do without Hierarchy of Light, but its Beams penetrated the essence of their microcosm. And the person is adjournment of the star beams which have been saved up during millions years in effect of it in the form of crystal fiery educations. The spirit is a crystallized stellar light. Each phenomenon is as though high it was has the basis a material basis; at least it was invisible to an eye. And the fiery thought is non-material. So, at least, people consider. But it gives deposits material obviously and seen by thin sight. There is nothing in the world at the heart of what something wouldn't lay material. Certainly, the matter should be understood widely in its invisible highest being shone forms. Fohat is non-material in the usual sense this word, but gives crystals obvious, a terrestrial eye seldom caught and that is only enough to distinguished. We live in Fire Universe, where all Fire, even direct sparks the giving. It is easy to imagine it, knowing a fiery structure of atom and the fiery energy, which is expressing in effect of an electron. Explosion of the nuclear bombs are not that other, as release of this the connected fiery energy, concluded in aura material atom. We understand deposits of solar energy in coal, in plants. Why not to take one more step forward and not to understand condensation it in the person, the collector of spatial beams. After all the space is penetrated not only beams of one Sun, but also stars. Why people think, what sunshine are absorbed and assimilate the person while beams of the Moon and stars completely pass by? The example of the sleepwalker proves just the return. Means and it is possible to recognize the Moon, - and there already and to other stars nearby. The astrophysics and iatrochemistry will gain full recognition of science soon and powerful influence of star beams on person. The science about stars will revive again. The astronomy will be connected with astrology.

223. There are no people perfect, as there are no perfect actions; - in everyone positive and negative elements are put. And only prevalence of one over others indicates its essence. Therefore we will seek to reduce in each action quantity of elements negative. At understanding of it is already easier to find the good phenomena in everything, it as though isn't enough was. Moving forward, it is necessary to see the bottom and it is the best of all when it consists of benefit stones. And in people it is already easier to see and approve then the kind beginning instead of the beginning dark. Each person will cease on the benefit phenomena if it started being approved in it consciously, as well as angrily. Thinking of people it is good, good in them we awaken and we claim, but also on the contrary. Therefore it is specified that it is better to exaggerate in the person of the phenomenon of good, than to multiply the evil. But it doesn't mean be touched at all masks. To see the person such what he is, and to approve light, but not darkness, it is conscious it causing. Art to treat people there is an art thin, demanding a wide experience. But one can be told: condemnation is inadmissible and first of all it pushes away from the person of those whom he condemns even if this condemnation is made secretly in thoughts and heart of the person. Invest heart with appeal, attracting people, the phenomenon hard and rare. The strong magnet of heart is necessary. In it the secret of warm charm also is covered. Anyhow it is possible to lead people if not to attract them and not to hold a magnet of the heart? Believe that people can be kept the word, a brain or gold. But these communications are fragile. And such heads often remain without followers. Warm communication remains even outside death. Therefore we appreciate devotion of heart. If the love gives the highest magnetization, devotion approves the firmness and firmness phenomenon. So again we come back to qualities from which not to leave anywhere because qualities are spirit attire. Think: let's live and so, without any qualities. But so the darkness thinks and self-destructs. The heart which isn't possessing qualities, dies and decays. Many hearts stink. Owners them we Call live dead persons. I want to tell still that education, or culture of heart, is the most urgent problem of mankind. And heart forgot, and were cast into destruction, because heart – a basis of all.

224. It is necessary to go forward even if accumulation of the past pulls back. After all something wins even then. Each step forward is a victory over the past which remained behind the back. Each ascending overcomes the past for the sake of the future. And as though highly there was a spirit, this process of overcoming of life never stops neither on Earth, nor on the Highest planets. However, there is no that attraction and inertness of a matter, but ascend and overcome and there, in Devachan, in the country where the spirit has a rest from this eternal fight. But Devachan – a condition temporary, and a life basis – evolution. Believe in rest and the rest happiness, but is those who don't know. The happiness in victories of ascension of consciousness is reached only by the one who doesn't stop before any obstacles. All the matter is that the consciousness either ascends, or descends. There is no immovability point. The evil consciousness is process descending. And therefore for the pupil there is only one way – to the Lord.

225. Correctly, it is better not to break a rhythm of record. Any violation of a rhythm weakens it. Long and repeating can destroy it. How many works coasted it to approve. Therefore a rhythm approved you store. It accrues in force as the snowball in volume, and facilitates performed work. The rhythm is a lawful form of a display of actions human. The rhythm is the phenomenon space and being shown in everything – from an atom pulsation before celestial motion. If all actions human could be entered into a rhythm framework, they strongly would succeed in the efficiency. I speak about actions kind. The chaos is arrhythmic. If you want to be successful in your advance, enter it into a rhythm framework. As well as work charged. Regularity in everything is a prosperity basis. Let the way of an ascension become rhythmically attractive.

226. My son, really we, having broken the Satan and having destroyed a citadel it is evil, let us assume, that the New World didn't take place. Think and leave doubt. The new World will be. The future light-, it strongly is already approved in World Aboveground and already exists in it. But dark shifted the basis and allowed to the shown world of your minor planet mighty powers of Chaos. They break balance of elements; they generated the mass of pernicious brown gas. And, having created these terrible reasons, cast a planet into Chaos of decomposition. Reign consequences on Earth of the prince of this world are that. It is necessary to get rid of them that are to neutralize. Many dark henchmen are still active; still try to create the evil, grabbing fragments of the old world. But their action, without having the basis in the world Thin, won't resist against construction actions of those who goes with evolution that is with Hierarchy of the benefit. It is necessary to scent in the heart temporariness of darkness fateful and inalterability of close and already clear-cut victory of Light in everything and over everything that goes against it. Creation of a new step of evolution already is so strongly imprinted in consciousness of mass of mankind that back the people won't go and a former yoke of comprehensive slavery the neck won't put on. Becomes obvious for all soon that fight against procession of evolution is senseless and has no in itself or a logical basis, or a justification. It is impossible to convince already people that they have to live in ignorance, in poverty only because someone wants to live well, freely and in idleness at their expense. Not to convince of it and the small people which too want to take place under the Sun. On absolutely new bases of brotherly cooperation have to be constructed and already are under construction between the relation people. And to these the New World is strong, and at the head of it there is a Country New, the Country the Leader to whom We Gave by the right of it on it a lot the best. Victorious gait of the New World! Its escapes are shown everywhere and in the most unexpected places. In the heart of the old world invisibly and quietly ripen, bulk up and sprout all new and new kidneys. There is no force in the world to stop this spontaneous growth. In terrible fight against the owner of land Hierarchy Light Defeat finally and irrevocably! But throughout hundred centuries nowadays Earth gets rid of karmic consequences of its terrible activity. Supporters of the old world and henchmen of darkness are deprived of space cooperation. Space them enemy, but not friend! From whom to wait them for the help when space they are already discounted? This dark hopelessness will go deep and make itself felt day by day everything stronger and stronger; stopping all acts them in the root. These acts will give shoots and evil flowers, but these flowers will be barren flowers. And you look at the world last as the world fateful, inevitably leaving from the life arena; fatally wounded bird still flies and even waves wings. The Satan still could fight because was spirit great once. But it isn't present. Also game of henchmen of darkness was spoiled. Certainly, it is difficult to us because to keep balance of elements in any balance hardly. Difficult and to you, my soldiers, but know that we will win. How to keep before my Arrival? Unification and communication with Me. Concept of the Teacher don't come off. After all it is necessary to reach about day of Light.

227. My son, than time of the Lord how you believe is taken? The captain conducts a vessel, and on it responsibility for it lies. As also the terrestrial ship – a planet, is Conducted by the Lord at the space ocean, bearing burden of responsibility for destiny it. The economy of the planetary ship providing conditions of spatial swimming, difficult extraordinary because it is made among beams of magnetic currents and splinters of spatial bodies which, like underwater rocks, are very dangerous. The lord always Has to define and know precisely the astrochemical moment of a planet and its main note. It causes a mental condition of mankind. As He Has known and that astrological cycle, or the period under the sign of which this step of evolution is made, and according to it to direct a ship course. People of Earth can know nothing, but the steering wheel already turns a skilled hand aside necessary, and our relatives see the Hand of the Lord in the next stream of world events. Work is difficult extraordinary because it is made according to karma laws which people complicate to a limit continually. If acts of people were in harmony with Laws Space, the task would be simple and each new step easily would be carried out. But dark are active extraordinary, especially now because many of them yet don't know about death of the owner. The top knows, but is silent because they have no exit and don't want to lose the power over the mass of the supporters. And still among cares Space the Lord Finds time for the personal Management and care. Certainly, to present formidability and complexity of work as terrestrial mind it is impossible, but the consciousness fiery steps of the Lord is able to cope with these heaps unreasonable though loading and is great. Certainly, for private life of time doesn't remain. Certainly, and personal interests and things Teachers of knowledge have no private life. A lot of things are replaced by the space. The fiery consciousness doesn't keep within a framework of the personality. In the captain's cabin there are a lot of most difficult and most amazing devices of psych vision and psyche luhear give the chance of instant connection from any corners of a planet or the country, or with the worker necessary. Condition of a place it is determined not by external visibility, but on internal, demanding the second sight. The Lord always Knows character of an astral and mental condition of the people or each people for the necessary moment that in case of need to send the correction. The big terrestrial economy demands one thousand eyes. In one thousand eyes the Lord Looks. And the most difficult is to direct people, without breaking freedom of their will. Free will of spirit human is the Law Space. On it evolution is under construction. Even karma chains there are not that other, as a result of the free acts human, people on itself voluntary imposed and inevitable. At the general recognition of Hierarchy and execution of will by the Highest situation world can calm down and counteraction of masses will disappear. So the karma becomes blessing and the Management will be facilitated. But as affairs are nowadays, the post of the captain is difficult.

228. My son, fire should be seized because when it grows and all actions become saturated with it, actions disharmonious bear with themselves destruction. Fiery force will tear to pieces the owner and will destroy, and will burn through his organism. Control over the feelings, thoughts becomes inevitable and obligatory. Fiery force can be moderated, but on condition of the power over it. After all the problem of evolution is that the person seizes its gifts. Speech power – great achievement, but only mentally ill people over it have no control, as well as over the movements, and thoughts. Any degree of nervous unbalance indicates this or that degree of absence of the power over. Whatever occurred inside or outside, self-control loss by anything in any way and can be never justified. It is better to lose everything, but to keep the power over, than to get something by its loss. Therefore we will consider that there is nothing in the world that would cost balance loss. Eventually, all not ours, only qualities won – our most valuable property. Let's not be tired to work on them because it is necessary to take care of spiritual clothes. Spiritual our attire is those covers which will invest our essence after the physical body will be dumped. It is possible strong to imagine its beauty, or a disgrace which isn't subject to replacement because there will be they expression of internal essence of the person.

229. My friend, there would be no happiness and the misfortune helped; so popular wisdom notes law action. It is necessary to suffer and it is necessary to make a sacrifice that the New World took place. How to receive fruits, without having made efforts? And how reach kind mutual understanding at the level of heart? Through sufferings! The new World will take place, but all before it will be approved strongly should undergo. But life is reconstructed, and something collapses to be replaced new and the best. Everything collapses, opposing the change phenomenon. Both all destroyed and changeable suffers when replacing. Construction new demands big efforts and self-sacrifices from builders. Dedicated work is necessary. Workers self-sacrificing create the World New. Work of the creator is great. Certainly, there are also the unnecessary extremes caused by rashness, connivance, and certain people suffer from anguish, but it already area of karmic accounts which not to avoid in any way. Generally the plan there is a rapid and powerful development of the New World. I approve it on open spaces of the New Country. It is possible to imagine situation in ten, twenty or thirty years when million cars will replace and will facilitate work when construction in all branches will increase many times over in comparison with the present and a severe need in things necessary and necessary will be with interest gets rid. Will be, will be, there will be an abundance of fruits terrestrial and the statement of living conditions on the principle of beauty. The narrowness and shortage of housing don't beseem therefore everything will be given, but also it is necessary to work. Work reaches happiness. Work the World New is under construction, and work is applied the considerable. Unusable will leave and will be replaced by the suitable. All the best that is nowadays created in the country, serves as a prototype of that has be approved everywhere and everywhere in this or that form. Forms of the New World are shown nowadays on them new life was under construction on all corners of the Country New, and then and all globe. It is impossible neither doubt, nor to be afflicted waiting for that is approved by Lords. And the Teacher Testifies to it. The statement it occurs nowadays and it is necessary to open more widely than an eye to see and hear its victorious gait. Rather it will come where heart of the people is ready and refined by sufferings and difficulties. Through many sufferings there passed the Country New to a victory. Therefore it also granted the right of guidance and opportunity of the first to approve the World New within the. Safely also we will vigorously look forward which promptly comes.

230. What today to tell you? Unless about that, as in the rainy impenetrable night lonely traveler, threatened from everywhere, made the way a mountain tracking the House Father. It was cold; the biting wind blew, howling in gorges and chasms bottomless. It was dark, and the track the Slightest wrong move was narrow threatened with death. But it was impossible to stop because wasn't where. It was necessary to go, and only forward. Mountain stream broke just passed bridge rising unstable over rough water. Back the way wasn't. But it is very far, flashing in a haze of night and from time to time being shown and disappearing, the spark invitingly burned. It that disappeared for cool turn that appeared again, that it was again covered with a bulk of rocks, towering on the footpath parties. It was uncomfortable, and it was very cold, and it seemed that there is no end to a dangerous and tiresome way. Stones broke from under feet. Something hooted and was turned over the head. Here, appear, the terrible collapse rang out, and huge pieces of rocks filled up a track, but the traveler all went and went, without stopping for a minute and without turning around back. The twilight of night became absolutely impenetrable, and even the far leading spark disappeared for a while. How was not to become puzzled and not to come to despair? But the traveler was skilled. He knew that neither fear, nor despair, fluctuations won't help. He knew that it is necessary to go forward and only forward. There, where the spark the leader flickered just in darkness. And it went. What is the time passed so, he didn't know, because the way was so difficult that it lost count of time? But here it seemed to it that the darkness started as though turning gray. It became ahead lighter; the way I became is easier. It was possible to see track breaks already. It is a little more, and become pink the dawn and at last bright dazzling streams of sunshine filled in a way lying before the person. Some more efforts of the last steep slope, and on the wonderful platform covered with a wooden flooring, the traveler saw the House Father left by it very long ago, but not forgotten, but shelter expensive and close to heart reliable and strong, mislaid in deaf mountains. In it the Father of return of the son waited.
*231. Gloomily in is the world; forgot about pleasure heart human. To that rejoice, when around the darkness and consciousness tries to grasp illusive foundations, - but pleasure in the spirit of. Life is in the spirit of, all in the spirit of, but not in things and affairs terrestrial. They were habitual, but on them it is impossible to locate. All cracks and is unsteady. How it is possible to grab what in itself has no basis? Earlier life still gave illusion of some stability, but this seeming reliability of the dense world is nowadays destroyed. The exit remains one – up, in spirit area where whirlwinds terrestrial don't shake a fiery basis. I call to My World, the spirit world. But the ears, which have been stuffed up by litter of a terrestrial scum of life are deaf. How to convince, what everything, what surrounds you, is temporary and by the force of nature is doomed to elimination and oblivion? You build in order that all your constructions collapsed in ruins. Both Babylonians, and Romans, and Greeks too once built and consigned to the past. All constructions those on sand, also are wiped out their kingdoms, and their greatness is forgotten, especially put your terrestrial. Affairs personal will be scattered in ashes. Where put your grandmothers and grandfathers, the dead recently? And after all too lived, suffered and worried about affairs of this world. Therefore neither in the past, nor in the present, but in the future we believe the basis of the life because everything passes, but our spirit remains firm because stays not in temporary, but in the eternal. Emphasis is placed on it. The consciousness is transferred to area of spirit and already from there looks at the current stream of quickly being replaced phenomena. Therefore a task of the pupil – come off life of the dead, deprived basis, and to enter into the sphere of the phenomena being above a transient of our current. Everything will pass, the spirit will arrive. With this formula of life it is possible to go to the thick it, without being afraid to be tightened in whirlpool of temporary phenomena. It is necessary to look at life from within. Dumb Witness is a guarantor to that everything that is created outside, only the shadows floating by. Chained to the world of shadows, Dumb Witness inside is the principle of Eternity in the person, shown in the world of passing forms. When vanity overcomes, it is good to address to It. Like the Sphinx, in the millennia It looks at desert life where great civilizations and kingdoms are brought and become covered with sand once. Sphinx – a riddle of the person with his hidden potential of boundless opportunities. On those wings, wings fiery lands winning elements, water and air, because by means of their people can rise over them also are given it. I want to ennoble and lift consciousness on fiery wings of spirit over a transient of the external conditions, which have held down the person on hands and feet. Like the butterfly that has got to pitch, the person in a life whirlpool fights, wave’s wings, but is pasted to Earth and waves wings in vain. Not to come off Earth if attractions terrestrial tightened consciousness and attached it to conditions dense, as pitch a butterfly. Exit in Me! To Me direct and you will find in Me forces to be exempted from heavy terrestrial gravitations. Come to Me everything to which limits terrestrial are close. I won against the world. I Call you to a victory over the world. After all it is necessary to leave and leave everything from this world. Whether it is better leave the winner. Nowadays I Approve the victory, which in the spirit of. So the one, who put spirit over a body, both to Earth and affairs terrestrial is the winner fiery.

232. And as days of the person on destiny scales, - but the future, which is forged present, in his hands. Are inevitable and the inevitable consequences of last acts, but the reasons of again created consequences, in the future fruits bearing, but nowadays created, depend on their founder. Nothing can be changed that is made in the past. Energy of the engendered reasons should get rid in consequences. Arhat is the founder at his will of the whole world of the reasons, consequences of the bringing. It is necessary to differentiate world signs in the person: the world of the past gets rid in the present, and the future world, will of the person nowadays created. In the first world of people – the dependent reaper of crops of his will make in the past. In the second – the free founder of the new reasons. In the present is the past slavery, in the light of the future – freedom. In freedom the reasons are created, but, being created, freedoms of the person deprive. If the person created for himself and in the name, he spheres itself a personal karma. If it creates for the sake of Sent it, the vicious circle of a personal karma is broken off, and spheres of the generated reasons go out of limits of the personality to area super personal, without burdening the founder. So, killed the enemy from personal revenge bears the return karma of the murderer, but struck the enemy on the battlefield at protection of the native Earth without feeling of rage from chains of a karma it is free. And even has a merit. All based on personal feelings karmic burdens the person if it pours out in acts. Exit in life super personal. Everything is created not for itself, but for General Welfare. The bowl of General Welfare is easy to eat, but the bowl of the benefit personal is heavy, and its drink is bitter. The remote past and the far future are deprived of the personal beginning. Therefore the mankind origin, its cyclic development and future destinies mention the super personal area of knowledge keeping wisdom, as well as in last, far and close. Therefore it is possible freely and to accept a bowl of General Welfare safely. With it the personal benefit, but not as end in it self-sufficing will come also. Somehow it is necessary to escape from tenacious and sticky embraces of egoism. For this purpose it is possible to direct an eye on good and kind in everything. By it is approved benefit elements over chaotic elements of the evil. There is a conscious statement of good in everything even seeming to the bad. As in each person there is something good, it as though isn't enough was, so there is it and in everything. It also we will approve, sharp-sightedly seeing its signs. It is so possible to strengthen spheres light even in a gloom. Karmic it is important because puts the person in ranks of builders light. Both the robber and the loose woman came, and in everyone found a good and statement particle, causing them to life. And the statement light yielded fruits and results good. Light ways are that. But there is a measure of nasty thing of conscious attendant’s dark. They should be bypassed because the ray of light only will shine their utter darkness and will show that their rage is unreasonable. They should be provided to the destiny. In people usual always has to find something tolerant and, finding, to approve it. The way of the statement of Light, because darkly around is hard. Also people are dim, but in making of good we won't get tired because we know how work of the Lord is great and heavy.

233. It is good to live future and in the future. But if the desired future was slowed down by implementation, chagrin not to avoid. Therefore it is best of all to live in Eternal. Pupils of the Christ lived future. What would be if they expecting Arrival of the Teacher, learned, what at their life It Won't come? The engine of the future is good, but the knowledge of terms can't be given out because the consciousness cannot sustain. Therefore consciousness transfer in the eternal releases it from too impatient and therefore destructive expectation of the future. Then it is possible to learn to wait unexpectedly. Same the legend of helps also will of the Lord. The knowledge of big Cycles allows scent Eternity breath. The kingdom of Dumb Witness before which life dreams are developed is the Kingdom from My World, from spheres of Eternal Light. It is possible to lead only life external where crying and a gnash tooth, but it is possible to be removed in the intimate being, enduring and eternal. And, there the shelter having proved, venture to the world external, any more without being afraid to be hopelessly involved in a wheel. Great division eternal in itself from covers, spirit investing, and matters, to its corresponding, through covers current, is a threshold of great knowledge. That to Me everything when all mine in the spirit of – so tells wisdom. To adjust consciousness on a key of Eternity will be the testimony of eternal wisdom. And so, having retired into him it is possible to find the world, about which Told and which above human understanding. But how everything to combine it about life where people in a hopelessness vice fight and suffer? Therefore I Will add: "Live in Eternal, but staying on great Service to mankind". It is difficult to combine terrestrial and eternal, but it will be already Arhat's achievement. If to the pupil it is heavy in the world, what to the Lord? Stronghold and creative life is in the spirit of. To live in Eternal means to lead life of spirit and in the spirit of. Only the won world terrestrial and not afraid of its difficulties can fearlessly be approved in spirit life. Not to avoid sufferings how the achievement step was high. But understanding of eternity and fiery inviolability of grain of spirit force gives life to worry and come out from vital fight by the winner. Where to take forces? -In the spirit of the, in the inexhaustible its depths, concerning Boundlessness. In the spirit, which child of Eternity is? Truly, I Speak to you: The sun will come, and the Moon will come, but your spirit, which in you, won't come and will arrive for ever and ever because was, is and will be. So the Eternity is concluded in the person, as a kernel in a shell and in Eternity is life. The secret of eternal life of life should be told to people because don't live, and vegetate on Earth bark, clinging to splinters of sketchy terrestrial existence. Also sink in the abyss of illusive life. And I Speak about true life of spirit human, in which and a temporary lawful place takes not as torn off, seeming self-sufficing existence of separate terrestrial life or its piece but as part of Uniform eternal life, which in the spirit of. Having approved in Eternal and in life terrestrial a basis we will find. Name its Boundlessness.
234. I consider that all difficulties of life can't stop spirit ready. Difficulties of life find degree of true readiness of spirit. So qualities imagined from qualities valid, reached and approved separate. The moments of containment of qualities aren't reality indicators. Take-off is good, but they follow the period of the statement of the flashed qualities being prototypes of the future property, needing the approval by their life. The moments of containment of all qualities of a flame it is considerable. Not self-deception, but summer lightning’s of going Light. The consciousness is as though transferred to that condition, which is in the future achievement, experience or life already approved strongly. At these moments of containment the potential of spirit as though reveals and the next stays are outlined. As also a difference meanwhile that the person represents and then he wants she can be a take-off above. If spirit potential, where an aspiration limit is boundless? Therefore It is told: "Dare, the child". It too is life formula, mighty and dynamic in effect the. Before achieving dream the most courageous, it is necessary to direct to it in aspiration. For eyelids people dreamed of wings. Courageous dared, and people began to fly. Impossible earlier and, apparently, unattainable, became the carried-out reality. So the most impossible and unrealizable rather seeming to those nowadays, can turn back the phenomenon almost achievable. But it should premise dream, thought persistent, persistent, and courageous. Probably and all is available under a condition aspirations regal, because are bound possibilities of spirit. Someone will grin in disbelief, will shrug shoulders and in disbelief in forces of the person will go the own way denials. But we will remember Galilee, Copernicus, fires of inquisition and all dark deny and suppressors of thought free – they also didn't trust in opportunities of the spirit, opening to courageous aspiration. But the spirit won against ignorance, and inquisition fires went out, and steamships floated, and, at last, the person departed. It is a lot of opening and wonderful inventions the future science prepares for the person. And it is good. But after the entire most wonderful device covering in amazing opportunities, is the person. And in this area, as anywhere, aspiration plainness especially Fruitful Therefore I Speak: "Dare". Plainness you will go forward and for yourself you will move. Plainness ardent, a plainness winged, your force and the power attracting in the future of wonderful stays is great. Teachers of wisdom aspiration way specify the way of evolution of the person, way far and fiery is planned. And courageous can dare. And that now seems wonderful, unattainable and impossible, in the following race becomes property of all. But that it became so, someone impudent has to outstrip the colleagues, has to reach and realize an aspiration that its way passed going after. It mankind ahead of everything is valuable. Going safely and fearlessly the merit also belongs. Daring for the sake of boundless opportunities of spirit is our help, support and the Management. Let's support and Will help because we Know, how many inhuman work and persistence it is necessary to show to win against dullness of human ignorance and the denial rising strong against each courageous dream of a plainness.
235. About that it was said more than once that balance of spirit is maintained by thought. The thought inaudible, hidden a visible and dense physical body, nervous system and all being of the person supports thought in balance. So invisible operates visible and causes its condition. It is possible to scent as all being of the person submits to thought hidden if it is supported by will. It is enough firm solution of will to approve a condition desirable in order that the thought worked respectively. But there is a factor which is a little considered by the person. This is impact of surrounding thoughts and auras on a microcosm human. Magnetic influence of auras human at each other doesn't give in or to the account, nor control. After night Pralaya sated the pupil to life goes force new and Proximity of the Teacher, plunging into the next tasks and affairs of day. Each contact with people and the sphere of the next environment escapes from its microcosm of energy, in it collected, giving the phenomenon of being reported vessels. People literally gather a Lightful, plundering his spiritual wealth. It is great and has to be inexhaustible this stock of spiritual forces to resist, despite continuous return. Having – means giving, he wants that or not. Service too consists in it. Often return goes against will and does obvious harm to an organism. Lightful always is the giving. That is why contact with the Lord is so necessary not to become scanty spirit. Own forces won't suffice. They can't suffice on contacts with various and empty consciousnesses. But the Sun too gives. Be, as the Sun. And, giving, you store communication with the Teacher the uninterrupted. Plunder of treasures of the spirit by surrounding people is often inadmissible. It is necessary to protect itself, a circle of aura having become isolated and having strengthened a protecting network. The cold of restraint and isolation too constantly protects. But the most powerful protection is a balance approved. Stand not dozing on the guard of balance of spirit. It is protection strong. It is better to lose everything, having kept balance, than to win everything, having lost it. Loss of balance does the person by an empty peel and the victim of any foreign influence. Therefore I Speak and I Warn: "You store balance of spirit, you store any price".
236. My son, I Give the chance to study as lives. Life knowledge –is severe school. To drain of poison terrestrial it is inevitable. It is Arhat’s way. Fire of heart overcomes poisoning. The blow of life should be accepted. To accept, both not be bent, and to sustain with firmness. Drink of poison terrestrial it is inevitable. But heart is sacrificed for world rescue. In a consolation I Can tell that there is no eternal test. Everyone comes to an end when it is sustained. Everyone tempers and strengthens spirit armor. The assignment trusts in only tested employees. Let's not be mourn too because even it will pass. Will pass everything, but the spirit strengthened in tests difficult, will continue surely an ascension way.
237. So-called obsessions of thought are very strong. It is possible to feel obviously how strangers of energy vibrate near and persistently and persistently seek to take control of consciousness. It is possible to feel that the thought is, really, the living being possess such force which often suppresses will of the inexperienced person, takes control of consciousness and keeps it in the power, yet won't settle the charge. It is necessary to feel this persistent and persistent force, seeking to take control of consciousness of the person. The creator of thought and its jailer not in forces to cope with the generation or with generation of other consciousness if only he doesn't realize that in the microcosm the lord it, but not thought, to its subordinated. It is necessary to realize a spirit priority over thought. And know that the power over it belongs to the person, is as though strong there was a thought. Thrown out of a consciousness field, it is pounded near and immediately takes root again into it. In that case it is necessary to call all vigilance, both to strengthen protection, and every time as this importunate essence appears, persistently and repeatedly to throw out it from consciousness, repeating it until she won't leave consciousness alone. It would seem, the person more strongly than the generation, but nevertheless is strong as often happens that generation seizes consciousness, forcing it to vibrate in unison with the essence. The analysis is necessary to separate the notion of compulsion from itself and to see that this being foreign, unwanted and giving in to will influence. It is impossible to leave patrol because it immediately will rush and will be as woodpecker, to hollow consciousness. It is necessary to learn to throw out immediately from consciousness persuasive and insalubrious thoughts. It is necessary undesirable always to come out in this fight against thoughts the winner. Also it is necessary to know that the victory has to be reached by all means. The slavery at the thoughts conducts to very deplorable results. In mentally ill people we see the culmination of this slavery. Therefore without the permission of will of thought persuasive in consciousness aren't allowed. It is necessary to develop a habit instantly to stop thought as soon as need for it passed and with the phenomenon, caused thought, it is finished. As skilled the commander disposes the soldiers, so person the thoughts, which have to it implicitly to submit. It is impossible to allow that the thoughts connected with the phenomenon unpleasant or heavy, hollowed and exhausted consciousness, exhausting from within vital juice. Life is full of troubles and chagrin. To absorb their poison in consciousness means to poison all system. The consciousness needs protection strong and firm. Be preserved against people dark. Will rush into your consciousness and will tear to pieces you. By the lord be protected. Light of the Face of the Lord will strike darkness and will disseminate her of springs. Me call, it is necessary because to be protected. I am Light disseminating darkness. The force it is necessary to realize also the power over thought energy. With people actively dark sometimes it is useful to become isolated in itself, without having given out the energy that under blow not to set up itself. It is good to remember it and know that nothing threatens balance and against balance nobody will resist.
238. Records have to proceed under any conditions. Experience of life will help to collect pearls of various size and value. A variety collected will be its advantage. The next questions will be put forward by life, and are Records these records of life and vitally necessary. It isn't necessary to think that only a condition of containment of all properties of a flame valuable experience gathers on lifting and delight of spirit. And conditions of consciousness opposite too are necessary. Movement goes waves – lifting and a hollow, and in darkness of night and in the afternoon. Everywhere experience and skilled knowledge is necessary to move firmly, surely and constantly. So, all conditions will help to collect valuable experience. Than spirit diving’s are harmful? - Separation of consciousness from the Highest. Means, under all conditions about the basic and about the main thing, about a basis of everything, it isn't necessary to forget. Both wise, and the ignoramus – both taste food, but differently, and the consequence of this food on an organism will be too a miscellaneous. Not that becomes, matters but as becomes. Both the murderer, and the soldier protecting the homeland, kills the person. But the soldier of condemnation has no. So same things and the affairs created by people, are created or in condemnation, or in a justification, that is or karmic impose on the person of a chain of heavy and inevitable consequences, or bring it a merit. The essence of the phenomena is caused by the internal reasons, but not external visibility. Already I Said that affairs can be created by the person in freedom or in slavery and their karmic properties are defined by degree of coherence of consciousness. Self-justifications won't help because the slave to the acts each act, in a condition of slavery perfect, forges to himself only new chains. Therefore I Speak: "Learn to make your affairs in freedom from slavery of conditions terrestrial. There is no something slaves, - nor big, nor small". It is good to reach such condition, when no loss will be able any more neither shake spirit, nor to interrupt a way. Both chagrin, and sufferings, both deprivations, and troubles is inevitable, but it is good when the person learned to look at the present over them and the basis not to believe in them, but in the enduring. It isn't necessary to be afraid of any tests. Not test is important, but that condition of spirit in which the consciousness through it passes. Let anything occurring to you, won't bend down a victorious flame of spirit to Earth. And go through all phenomena of life with the firm decision not to be bent. One shivers, are given and bent even at the insignificant phenomena, others even death is quiet and, keeping spirit advantage, fearlessly look in the face. Look as differently there is to death a coward and the hero. Both should pass through same, but the relation to the same phenomenon differs, as light and darkness. As and to any phenomenon of life of the relation can be different, and the relation, or a condition of consciousness, cause freedom or slavery of spirit, condemnation or a merit, light or darkness approved. You teach terrestrial to pass life in freedom. There are connected souls and souls free. From the sphere of the dense phenomena the spirit has to approve the freedom. Be not afraid of anything, don't become attached to anything – and you won't be at anybody and there are nothing in slavery. It is better to lose the whole world, the freedom having kept, than to kowtow in slavery among illusive conditions of seeming wellbeing and security. Everything is fragile, everything is incorrect, everything is changeable, everything is unstable, everything is subject to replacement, everything dies, everything is doomed, and the spirit rock is unshakable only. On the eternal indestructible basis of life build the stronghold. I Told.
239. The pleasure and grief, hope and despair, heat and cold, wellbeing and poverty, honor and oblivion, health and illness, infancy and old age – all these phenomena, dual by the nature, have the power over consciousness. Over the world of a terrestrial duality the consciousness can rise to those spheres where attractions of the lowest couples of contrasts any more don't work. I speak – the lowest because the pleasure space doesn't depend on dense conditions any more. So, if, like a fir-tree which is identical in the winter and in the summer, we learn to store balance of spirit during the swing and change of poles of the phenomena terrestrial, we learn essence of the Nirvana, that is that condition when personal, duality poles caused, disappears and it is replaced super personal or space. To be identical always, under all living conditions, in all circumstances and to store balance indestructibly there is Arhat’s task which on Earth has to be resolved. The task is difficult, but is interesting and achievable. It was already spoken about the power over small thoughts and ability to own and operate them. Small it is considerable that the great grows from it. Such is a life. And balance is a greatest quality, it is possible to approve if to begin with the smallest. It persistent and persistent, similar to an ant, it is necessary to start working in this direction. It is possible on the smallest affairs and things to try in the root, in the germ to kill, stop this desire of an astral to rejoice to one and to be afflicted with other pole of the same phenomenon. Difficultly it in big, but is easy and possible in small. And small, subdued in the duality will and balanced, submits to the person. The person becomes over him, above him small to replace big, and then big and even great. Who can store balance of spirit in great causes that is the winner of the world? But it is necessary to begin, and to begin with small, with affairs small. The phenomena of life are allowed in consciousness, are estimated and analyzed there on personal reaction of an astral. The personal content or displeasure is excluded from process. The person woke up in the morning; it is raining, on the street damp and cold. It is possible to note these facts in consciousness and to draw the necessary conclusions, but without the pleasure or chagrin phenomenon weather. These experiences can be multiplied indefinitely because life doesn't stint discomposing the person on trifles. Means and opportunities for exercises will be enough. It is especially interesting to store this peace of mind at contact with people and to watch reaction which causes tranquility and balance of spirit in surrounding people. It will be possible to draw very interesting conclusions. The effect of reaction of tranquility on the person being in a condition strong disbalance is especially strong. Magnetic impact of aura of tranquility on aura of excitement is very strong and insuperable. Operating the aura, the person operates also aura of other people and powerfully influences them. But also should be operated. It is possible to calm others, only bearing tranquility elements in own aura. Adjusting the consciousness on a certain harmony and being able to do it, that is to perfectly know the consciousness, it is possible to influence magneto consciousnesses of people around, but it is necessary to be self-controlled. That wins all who will manage to win against itself (himself).

240. For all gold of the world it is impossible to buy thought growth. Truly, the tranquility acquired becomes blessing for all surrounding sphere and people. So the work spent for acquisition of qualities, becomes business not personal, but spatial, directed for the public good. It is necessary to distinguish sharp-sightedly these seeds of General Welfare scattered for all, and to separate them from the narrow personal world. Qualities acquired – not a private matter, but spatially all-useful, as well as the thoughts given to questions, connected with the Life Doctrine. These thoughts live, they sate space and serve as food to the people, able to apprehend. Invisibly, but they powerfully influence people, clearing and ennobling spheres around on far distance. It Ashrams are considerable – show ozonizing action on layers people around, interleave spheres and strong serve as the necessary elements to the statement of the future. It is possible to imagine among darkness surrounding and dim thinking biped these lightful light-emitting towers of spirit feeding space with fiery energy of the radiations. The thought doesn't know barriers. The thought extends freely. Not will be to stand city, if in it no these shining towers of spirit.The whole districts are revitalized with these carriers of light. The spatial usefulness should be understood and approved. The thinking human is dim. The carrier of light goes through life, lighting everywhere fires. And accepted and received at all don't know, the kind flame from where concerned them. A lot of things will say goodbye to the one who, despite the shortcomings, firmly bears the spirit lamp among darkness surrounding. The most part of activity of the pupil is made in an invisible, and is allowed to judge to nobody. Only Teacher Knows and Estimates force of the given to people of light. So Service becomes life and goes, constantly accruing and going deep. And only growth of thought testifies to work created. Records given are the obvious evidence of this hidden process. It is necessary to leave and for going for these traveling notes. The Teacher is anxious that the transformer of consciousness of the pupil worked rhythmically and constantly. Even if not always and everything is written down, but the current of thought shouldn't give interruptions and rhythm violation. The evening and morning periods of perception can be allocated for thoughts sent in any conditions. It is necessary to realize only that light of a beacon of consciousness is switched on and shines people, specifying a way to any weather and under any circumstances, but not on mood of the one who is obliged to look behind a light source. What would be if in a rough rainy the lighthouse keeper would forget or didn't want to light a lamp on a tower? How many vessels would be lost from its neglect? And the spirit tower the light can display the last hope of rescue. Doesn't know a beacon to who shines in darkness. The carrier doesn't know world to which its beneficial beams fly. Therefore Service by anything doesn't interrupt. The main delivery of light goes not known and invisibly and in silence in a tower of spirit works powerfully. Even radio waves are hidden and inaudible without the receiver. As spirit towers work also. The soldier standing on patrol makes spatial work. So the network of Light rescues a planet from immersion in a gloom. Giving receives. Therefore my soldiers aren't left by care. Therefore daily I Furnish the clue in which the melody of the present day has to sound. For different conditions spatial and keys are required different. They are caused by a spatial note which always sounds in different ways. To it is possible to listen up an internal ear, catching its tone. Waves of spatial influences are invisibly and quietly carried by over the world. Only heart human sounds on them on degree of the susceptibility and keenness. It isn't necessary to forget about heart because it is a basis of our life. Of heart we will think.

241. Heart and consciousness filling by Image of the Lord gives the contact phenomenon. But it is necessary to be filled with the Lord. The elements of a lightful Face entered into a microcosm of the person, will serve as communication threads. This filling because things terrestrial, usually filling consciousness, strongly disturb is hard. Any extent of self-dismissal from itself, from the personality, strong filling all spheres around is necessary. In this sense also it is necessary to understand the words "Be Rejected from Itself". And even dedicated work demands this dismissal. Even the attentive reading of book! If in small owing to things it is necessary to be released from the personal world, especially it is necessary in big. The egoist filled only with and thinking only of, himself doesn't show the person, and is rather similar to the harmful small poisonous insect thinking of the one whom to sting. So, dismissal from itself is the main condition of Communication with the Teacher. For the period of Communication it is necessary to be released from consciousness filling by private matters and thoughts. That the people conceiving about the neighbors and affairs of General Welfare that doesn't remain at them neither a place also are great, nor time to think of itself and to rush with itself. Elements personal of which there is a consciousness of the ordinary person, change depending on conditions of the present day. How many days is so much and the conditions painted by time, an era, a nationality, a step of a public ladder, education and other details. But over all this there is a Teacher. For those who accepted it, the Teacher is invariable. So over affairs usual we have Light rock on which it is possible to lean in a flashing stream of the small phenomena. The statement of the Teacher in itself is the statement in itself eternal Light because the Teacher is Light on Earth, to the person they shown. This Light of higher than three: the dense, astral and Thin worlds so and in the Hidden Worlds of the Lord Remains the same uniform basis of life, or a cornerstone of creation of the temple of spirit. Leaving a physical body and Earth, it is necessary to remember it. And in the Highest Worlds of the Lord remains the uniform basis of life. Means, anywhere: neither here, nor there, – the Management you won't be left. And in boundless open spaces of Boundlessness and Indicating a way the beginning remains to uniform Leaders nevertheless the Hierarch – the Lord because where and to whom to address where consciousness can become puzzled and get lost at the great ocean of Infinity. Anchor, both reliable, and true the Lord for spirit always, anywhere and everywhere, in all worlds will be strong. And after death we will be left neither the Management, nor attention, care. But what who doesn't have anybody? Who has nobody to lean and there is nobody to address? Of the help to neighbors we will think. Can reject in arrogance it here, but how there when appear behind line of a limit become puzzled, frightened, pulled out of habitual terrestrial conditions? To Me addressed and in Me a support the found will be left neither here, nor there. But main thing, where conditions are aggravated also are mobile the stream will carry away and negate, but grasped a rope of Hierarchy can keep at Light coast. Depth of the phenomenon of Hierarchy doesn't give in to the account her terrestrial mind. So, believing on us all consciousness, not let's be mistaken. I Can't plunge into splinters of thinking of your, growing-out present day, but you can entirely plunge into my World and not splinters, but monoliths of the finished and issued thoughts scoop from it. Therefore I Call to my World that in your world to approve my World. Your world is dim, gloomy and gray, but my World shines all fires. Me accepted it is approved infinitely and it is infinitely sated with Light. Many look for and don't know an entrance. You know. Specify and help. My light through your light recognized you I Will give food to their spirit. I didn't see, but you see and through you Me will be able to recognize. Value of an apprenticeship in Light distribution is great. Can blind Light of the Hierarch, but light smaller both it is available, and it is clear. Go to the Name My, bearing your light to people. Hour fixed didn't come yet, you shine feasibly. But crops time will come, and sets will address to you, and there will be your Service in the Name My great and obvious. My assignment to you in your life terrestrial I Approve.
242. My friend, today we will note as day of change of currents antagonistic on currents favorable, or harmonious. The nervous network vibrates on them, without breaking balance of system. As a gnash of splinters about a stone, currents opposite affect the centers. Leaving energy sometimes becomes intolerable for distinguished organisms. They as all will leave not suitable for new conditions of a planet will leave also. But they are real and it makes impression of stability which actually isn't present. Deep changes go in a spatial environment of a planet. They are good and beneficial. Their salutary influence will win against a dissonance of gnashing fragments of leaving energy. The moment will come – both the world, and silence, and pleasure will begin to sound powerfully in space. Elements will be included into coast. Earth and all nature suffered and the births of the New World and not just one person suffer torment. But the world over Earth will come, but heavy time, but winner Light victoriously unfortunate Earth to flood. Patience has and believes in inevitability of going changes. They go in a basis, in the essence of life, but not on surfaces visible and therefore consequences are immutable. Bells of pleasure will begin to sound in space, and there will be a pleasure of spirit to the future release from a snare of a gloom of a bike. Among a present twilight I go Give the Guarantee to Light. Friend Mine, not they, but you the first will enter into pleasures because your heart, tests heavy distinguished, will feel it as the first. Time will come – and there is a space for you the open wonderful book which you will read endlessly, turning its fascinating pages which don't have the account. Both nights is replaced in the afternoon, and a gloom of night planetary – Light of going beams. Space current sounds today the world and pleasure which only in weak degree are prototypes of the future happiness. Rhythms spatial can be perceived through Hierarchy and to transfer them to surrounding spheres. You remember: the first beam of the Sun – top. The spiritual Sun will ascend over Earth, both Light, and richness of its Beams will be perceived on degree of a susceptibility of receivers. And you suffering heavy from the refinement, learn the benefit of Beams new. Rejoice, rejoice, and rejoice: there is a change of space conditions in a direct environment of a planet. The person before power of Space energy is powerless, and strong he will reply on a pacification of the discomposed elements. Not now still the happiness, but its prototype, coming nearer, already transfer space waves. Last heavy currents will come back waves still, but they will go on damage. To My children pleasure spatial I Want to transfer. Rejoice, children, because Light ahead.
243. The lord of Wisdom Sates with the Beams and Feeds aura of a planet. Its beams always are over Earth. The consciousness synthetic embraces itself a planet. Synthesis means also containment. All-containment points to lack of a personal element. The synthetic consciousness is consciousness immortal, reached immortality that is a condition of uninterrupted consciousness. The personality lives and dies within a small circle of life of one embodiment, of the birth to death. In this short interval of time all its interests are concentrated. The consciousness is chained to the sphere of a direct environment and closed in it. This environment concerns only the phenomena of the outside dense world. Everything is concentrated on itself and in itself. Both thoughts, and feelings, and cares flow about themselves and those who are connected with the personality directly. Such personal small worlds surrounded in the majority all those who lived to us. Let's take for an example of the people who have died last century. Where these personal worlds, what surrounded them? People died, their consciousness went out, and together with it the world of personal illusions went out also. There was no body with its physical feelings connecting to subjects of the world terrestrial. And as all interests were limited to it, attenuation of the terrestrial consciousness deprived of usual conductors became inevitable also. Heroes, devotees and torches of knowledge lived not for themselves. The vicious circle of the personality was broken; the consciousness embraced the wide horizon far outside a personal circle. The person considered himself by part big whole which interests he lived. The person died, but the consciousness living out of the sphere of a personal environment and interests couldn't go out because lived and on what it was concentrated during lifetime didn't die. The shopkeeper dies, his small business falls, and the house falls, and remains nothing from all what he lived. But figures of the General Welfare, masses of people living by interests and the consciousness directing to spheres of a wide range, didn't lose themselves with death and disappearance of a small personal circle. Not the personal world was read by them the Universe core, but – part Great Whole in which and their consciousness found a place. Remained nothing from those objects to which the consciousness of the shopkeeper was directed. But Flammarion, all life living in world space among planets and stars and the thought embracing the worlds, with the world great and star also remained and after death because the consciousness tied him to that in the force costs highly over a pity circle of the personal world of the shopkeeper. Immortality is concluded in to what the person is directed. Aspiration it outlines limits of life of consciousness. In Space there is no place to a bench and a profit, but planets and stars – its lawful integral part. The consciousness directed to reality in the world of reality stays. Behind borders of the small personal world, the world unreal and illusive, the world of super personal reality begins. Therefore Told that the soul lost it will find. It is necessary to leave the personal world if the person wishes to reach immortality because the sign of death costs over the world of personal manifestation of consciousness, - Therefore Told: "Provide to the dead buries the dead persons. You follow Me". Live dead persons are doomed to death. Live and being in death embraces, esteeming it lives. About life eternal I Spoke to people and about what affairs it is possible to join it and to enter into it. But people rejected the Doctrine My and continued to live to die. But I Spoke about life. Expansion of consciousness is an indispensable condition of immortality. Let Boundlessness become a limit of a circle of consciousness. The consciousness can contain everything – such is its potential. And ignoramuses of immortality won't reach negatives. Not denial, but an all-containment is necessary. To enter into my Kingdom which not from the world of personal remnants and illusions, means to enter into boundless spheres of boundless opportunities of the spirit which is synthetic embracing Space, both accepting it, and the great whole considering by part.
244. In vain people think that justice can leave by hand. Anything in the nature doesn't disappear, any energy, but everything brings the consequences. The reasons are imprinted in aura of the person. The aura magneto attracts in the orbit of energy corresponding, and the person reaps incessantly fruits of affairs of the diverse: both close, and distant, consigning to the deep past. In himself the person bears the karma. And as soon as external conditions allow, energy the put are put in action in the direction put in them. The karma can wait for eyelids of the necessary conditions, but energy the generated settle the force on beget.

245. If to give to the person everything that he wishes to have in the world terrestrial, spiritual human life will stop. The consciousness will roll in things of a material world, and time for aspiration in area of the Highest to spirit any more won't be. Therefore from time to time are taken away from people of a thing that saw that it is possible to live and without things that knew that slavery at things and freedom of spirit are incompatible. Question of not attachment to things is a question important. Possession of things, but without attachment is allowed to them. Or, as it is told: "Own everything, but consider nothing". It is so possible to destroy a dragon of personal property. Not in itself the property is harmful, but it is terrible coherence of consciousness, which generates. And the person attached by thousand threads to subjects, him surrounding, consciousness with them also stays. It is possible to imagine such consciousness, outside containment filled with things. Which owns when don’t remain already places for anything other? A lot of things from this, than we own, demands care and attention of constants. The big it is owned, the it is more than cares, subjects there is more than attention and the less remains to time for life spiritual. The people who have steeped in the world of personal and illusive property, the Highest World don't know. They don't know and spirit lives. Business is absolutely not in wealth and poverty, but in the relation to things, which we have. Rich it is more difficult to enter into the spirit world, than to a camel in an eye of a needle. Apollony Tiansky was rich. The Buddha Was the imperial son and Had everything. And it didn't prevent neither to that, nor to another to keep full freedom from the power of things and wealth. But for consciousness, in spirit life yet not approved, the wealth will be the end and death of soul because taken in a vicious circle of the material phenomena the weak consciousness won't be already able to escape from it. Also will turn on it like a squirrel in a cage while the saving karma won't deprive of it everything that, than owns. The tragedy in what even death doesn't exempt small consciousness from the power over it habitual property. In World Thin not released from things on Earth the consciousness with them and in their environment also will arrive. Because the world of personal property and things which has, in consciousness of the person exist, but not in Space. Therefore first of all it is good to acquire to itself a true place of terrestrial things in the general scheme of life, their limit and restriction. It is good to understand that they are necessary only in life terrestrial and it and its duration caused the right to possession by them, - after they aren't necessary. Therefore it is good to distribute everything that consciousness, going to the World Thin before death, any more by them it was connected and from them it was exempted at least by such way. It is good to think that nothing belongs to us and if than and it is owned, is only temporary everything to transfer it further. It is useful for thing of personal use to destroy in order to avoid mixture of radiations. It is a lot of insalubrious an emanation store in itself old things, especially violent. The old clothes are burned. Why to extend an infection. It is correct to keep things and the subjects which have remained after people of high spiritual level, and even to read their sacred because they are saturated with good aura. But then things of angry and vicious people are saturated? Things can be owned, but in freedom, sating them with good energy. Everything should find the correct and lawful place that around, differently the small coin can cover the Sun. Certainly, and personal belongings remain in using of the person. It is impossible and to have harmfully to the general clothes and other. But to have things and to use them doesn't mean at all to be their slave and to become the person whom things own, but not the person owning things. In it is all distinction. It is necessary to think of release from the power of things. It is too much slavery.
246. The teacher Speaks, what not all atmospheric conditions equally influence Communication process. Cold temperature and clear atmosphere very much favor. Heavy and difficult is in the conditions of the city to support continuous contact. The soot and smoke very much disturb. They create a physical barrier to current, as well as a dust. Difficultly to current to get through these polluted layers. Density of the mental atmosphere too detains arrows. And then the Teacher Sends parcels strengthened. Certainly, eventually everything is overcome, but expense of energy of a bike. Then it will be possible to compare and see a difference of conditions of the mental intercourses outside the city and in the city. Mountains and heights are especially good. Each one thousand foots facilitates them. At heights air rings as a string, bearing far calls and easily transferring them. As and perceiving has to spend many efforts that to overcome a press and saturation of the surrounding sphere. It is necessary to punch space layers around, it is necessary to rarefy the sphere the aspiration and, having rarefied, to support this depression. It is easy to tell: "To hold contact", but only the skilled pupil knows that it costs. Condition of consciousness of the pupil and readiness degree facilitates a lot of things. It is possible to hold about an ear a receiver and to hear nothing if the consciousness is occupied with something another. It is possible not to hear even words of the interlocutor. Especially the distant wire is sensitive to a condition of consciousness of the perceiving pupil. Certainly, everything is simple when Communication is reached and entered into life. But that it coasted, how many efforts and steady iron persistence, knows only it approved. It isn't necessary to forget, as the Teacher Applies the forces that Communication went in due tension. Certainly, at a mutual consent and harmony it is possible to overcome everything, having spent for this corresponding quantity of mental energy. The abilities thus reached and approved, belong to accumulation already ineradicable. Communication whiles the Lord Lives in heart because in heart human keys from all achievements lie is so live. The teacher of a wire Feels fluctuations of consciousness of the pupil. The three are less than fluctuations, the wire is steadier. Therefore I Speak about the hardness and constancy. At the right time the Teacher Sends the Beam strengthening. It is a lot of beams and currents at the disposal of the Teacher. As well-adjusted tool, sounds harmonious consciousness, reacting on sent fiery energy of various tonalities and tension. Each Communication is carried out in a certain key, creating in an organism vibration necessary. All system is so gradually adjusted, and the microcosm of the pupil on various influences, will refined is accustomed to sound and adapting to tension more and more high and thin. And so gradually the consciousness enters into the World of the Teacher, getting used to his degree of fiery tension. If ten years ago give degree of tension of today, the organism wouldn't sustain and the burn out phenomenon would turn out. Assimilation of high-tension currents is carried out by the Teacher gradually and carefully not to do harm to the wakening centers. Process of assimilation is long and demands years and the whole lives. Therefore we Approach to us only what don't know the road back. When line is passed and return isn't present back, We Find opportunity to spend efforts, both energy, and time for continuous and systematic development of an organism of the elect. But it is necessary to decide irrevocably. Passersby and curious we Do not allow, also and the traitors. The traitors shown historically, were allowed karmic. But nevertheless the passersby who are curious and traitors to heart we Do not allow.
247. It would seem everything is so simple: once you concentrate on the Teacher, and thought the Highest will fill consciousness; but as completeness of aspiration is difficult, and it too is known. The distance meanwhile, that the nobility, both ability and skill to apply knowledge isn't close. Only know more not enough therefore the main effort should be directed on application of received knowledge. It is necessary to achieve that this knowledge was included into a flesh and blood and became an integral part of the human nature, that is would become part it, and it the spokesman and their carrier, that is the person who is truth. The church was insolvent because theorists were much, but practicing was absent. The doctrine of the Christ admitted true theoretically, but into life didn't enter. And when the storm began and winds blew, the pearling of all creation of groundless theorists was great. The world is uniform, the truth one and if the religion didn't manage to teach this truth, will manage to make it science. All ways of knowledge are correct if they conduct to true knowledge of Space. It is time to leave infantile division of former times already. If the science, philosophy, religion and art in something aren’t coordinated, so in them the lie is covered. Synthesis gives understanding of that whatever phenomena of life of the nature and Space the thought human concerned, it will be correct if it isn't based on lie, misunderstanding and ignorance. Contradictions and divergences nest in limited dullness of obscurantists, from where they crept. The synthetic understanding of life contains everything and to all finds a place. Only dullness and ignorance deny and speak: it is my truth, and therefore everything, what not mine, lie and delusion. Already it is impossible to deny science gains, it will be impossible to deny the phenomena of the Invisible World already soon and World Thoughts because for them there will be a science which will produce the evidence on strictly scientific basis, and therefore incontestable. Revolution political inevitably has to follow and revolution in the field of science. The going reorganization of the world concerns and will concern all aspects of life. Not to stop a stream of evolution. The countries which are ahead of the New World, the first will come and to the judgment. The consciousness should be adjusted on a key of an acceptability of new conditions. Fight is useless and will lead the countries going against evolution, to final defeat. Exit one: to approve and support all new while the old won't disappear and it won't be replaced new, fine, and won't come already more to heart. New will win! I warrant. Difficulties are inevitable. Fight is inevitable. But and the Guarantee is given to a victory.
248. On a scale of vibrations the substance of spirit takes the highest place. Therefore everything that below it is subordinated to it by the right of a primacy of spirit. But the ordinary person identifies himself with those forms in which the spirit is shown, and thanks to it loses the right of the primogeniture and the power over any flesh. A lot of things the person, but this submission mechanical already subordinated to himself, he is still very far from the fiery power over elements of the nature and elements. It is impossible to rule over the phenomenon, identifying itself with it. It is necessary to rise above it. The power to the person won't come; he yet won't separate the Highest Triad from in what it is shown. For this purpose the consciousness should be transferred above. It is necessary to learn to live in peace spirit. The thought fiery because the spirit is fire, and the World Fiery – its far Homeland is close to this world. Approving fire in itself and in the microcosm, the person joins the highest elements and in process of a display of the fiery essence the power over the nature receives. The scale of display fiery is wide, and is observed in it as in everything, the principle hierarchical, that is conditions under which vibration the highest and thinner dominates over the lowest and can operate it. This dominion, or domination of the highest over the lowest, isn't as shown as the person understands, that is that is suppression of someone's free will, but it is hierarchically fair and without violence elements. I spoke about a kingdom of Dev. where the violence is violation of the Space Law of free will. But elements judgments are subordinated to the person. The person mechanically while he is fated the spirit power submits them. Achievement of this power is possible, but lifting goes on a ladder fiery by fiery transformation of an organism. In it the embodiment purpose on Earth in heavy conditions of a dense body. Because transformation it is made through dense in thin and fiery. The way is remote, but and the purpose is great. It is impossible to deny value of regal mission of the person. All religions and Great Doctrines speak about it. In all centuries and at all people it is possible to find these ideas often covered and darkened by obscure symbols. To become the tsar of spirit – appointment of the person, and the way of Regal Yoga conducts directly to it. All obstacles, all difficulties, all tests and the life are given to the person for the statement of the regal power over everything that exists round it, except for neighbors of the, same freeborn. Dominion over the brothers doesn't approach to the power over the nature. And the tsar of a kingdom terrestrial can be more insignificant and is weaker in this regard than the simple time-worker. You remember how it is told about the Savior: "Also He Spoke as the power having". And It Had no anything and Wasn't the tsar, and wasn't at It neither soldiers, nor officials, the people, but It Had the power, and elements submitted to It, and He Could call legions of angels, that is spirits, on service to and to rule over them. It Could because Was, truly, the Tsar of Spirit. And what condemned him could and sent to death? Whom? It could to destroy one look, if wanted. Spirit ways are inscrutable. Let's not blame in ignorance of that we don't understand, but, truly, the world saw in a flesh and a form human Light and the Truth invested with a human body. The spirit the Highest showed itself to the world that people knew, as they are fated to reach fiery heights of spirit once. And He Specified a way. And having left from Earth, Remained with Earth and mankind It is forever invisible Visible, far and close because Told: "I Is with you in all days and till the end of time". And to the one who dares to recognize truth of these of his words and to direct to It in aspiration, a gate fiery and secret of Proximity of Great Spirit of the Great Identity not once visiting Earth in shape human opens.
249. My friend if the phenomenon specified by us, in expected term didn't take place, it means that the consciousness human is yet ready and opportunities it are transferred to more favorable terms. A lot of things should be postponed because of unavailability of consciousnesses. It is impossible to accelerate. It is impossible to force, it is impossible to order too because destruction will turn out. The consciousness has to grow freely and from within. The act made under influence from the outside, has no value and even karmic responsibility assigns to the influencing. Therefore readiness of consciousness and action self-proceeding is so important. We Can send thoughts, we Can send the Beam, we Can send streams of radiant parcels, but on condition of readiness of consciousness to apprehend them, to absorb in myself, to assimilate and make the property. The will of perceiving consciousness merges in aspiration with will of the Leader, and from merge will's, directed to uniform Light, the happiness flower grows and reveals. Therefore I Speak: "The will bend to the Lord not in counteraction, but in harmony with It". Who can tell what the personal hidden Guide of the Teacher has? But having has to know that his will is free and that in a free will, but not in slavery there is it to the victorious statement of Light. Therefore we Speak: "All is permitted", that our elite in the freedom hurried, not connected far-fetched invented, by restrictions and a ban. Ban It isn't had. The self-discipline is imposed by spirit on itself voluntary and approved too in freedom. Slaves sad, slaves suppressed, slaves bent – they going in darkness under oppression of far- fetched prohibitions, restrictions and under a sign it "is impossible" when all live speaks: It "is possible". Far-fetched Freedom should be understood and freedom should learn be not abused. The fallen angel too had freedom, but it led of him to death. Therefore the management hierarchical that the way knew is given to spirit and the freedom didn't abuse. Going with Me it is exempted from burden of a sin and the way makes in freedom. The so-called sin doesn't hang a heavy pig-iron plate over consciousness and doesn't stop Light fires. The power of consciousness over the created reasons is approved, and the reasons are created in consciousness of a freedom of choice. The bent and consciousness press under the power of a various ban are amazing and gloomy. And We Speak: It "is possible". It is possible in freedom of consciousness the way to tops of spirit to make. And each act of the benefit, in freedom perfect, will be a merit and acquisition while affairs, prohibition generated, won't yield the necessary fruits, - therefore I Approve freedom. Only the knowledge can make the person free, knowledge of spirit and the Doctrine, to knowledge of spirit the leading. It isn't necessary for me the slaves, whatever chains they carried. It isn't necessary for me neither a slavish worship, nor a kowtow. Sons of freedom I Call following Me. If for someone the Doctrine of Life is slavery and causes depression of will, so the spirit of the Doctrine of Light is misunderstood by them. Even the most severe and strict self-discipline of spirit imposed on owing to the Doctrine, bears in itself not despondency, but pleasure, pleasure of the spirit which has found one more release. So correct understanding of self-discipline gives to spirit wings. We Do not recognize slavery in any forms and all types of slavery we Replace with freedom. I Came to the world to exempt spirit from any slavery. Everything that is created and invented by the people, whatever authorities covered these fabrications, can't serve as the reason of submission of will and the statement of slavery in any forms. It is necessary to remember only that true freedom in the spirit of. In the spirit of it also it is necessary to claim. There can't be freedom in a body because it both eats, and drinks, both breathes, and can't live without food, drink and air, - but the spirit can, because over everything. In a spirit kingdom, in the Fiery World, true freedom is full and achievable. On Earth it can be approved only in the spirit of. Therefore be afraid of slavery spiritual more, than physical, because in the closest material conditions it is possible to keep freedom of spirit, but freedom of spirit given becomes the slave in everyone’s and under any conditions. Slaves shown, slaves self-approved, chains bearing where you go? Whether in darkness? Whether to a chasm your feet bear you? Whatever people spoke, it is better to accept nothing, the freedom having kept, than having inclined before the all-approved authorities who know nothing. Following Me freedom I Approve and I Want to see them free. The Mother World, Mother shining, as Mother great, pouring Beams to small Earth, You I recognize, You I approve. You I urge to show through a little I wash greatness and force yours for the certificate to people!
250. You come to Me because in the outside world of the world to yourself you won't find. But in Me you will find the World, and your world will be perfect, that is independent of the sphere of a dense environment. In spheres dense where terrestrial gravitations work strong, the world can't be found. It and is good, differently the person up wouldn't aspire. Doesn't aspire and so, but nevertheless the face to Me will be compelled under life blows to turn. It and is clear because the fiery Homeland of spirit is higher. On Earth of people is only newcomer and only wanderer, for a while comer. And while the spirit Homeland, or the House Father won't be reached, the person to him won't find a strong haven. Therefore Told that birds have nests, and animals – holes, but spirit human doesn't take a place where to bend chapters. And where to bend it because isn't present round anything constant, anything strong and established. People try to take cover from Space in small lodges, but the lodge should be left and to enter into space, and already without a lodge and habitual terrestrial conditions. Therefore Boundlessness where there is nothing the, but all space and where are promised the person of treasure of the Highest Knowledge is approved. Certainly, it is good and cozy on a warm stove bench behind an oven where on corners cockroaches where it is habitually dark and dusty rustle. But to spirit beams of distant stars and light of the Highest Worlds are bequeathed. So, last and terrestrial in consciousness of the person face with future and space. Two powerful magnets work: magnet terrestrial and Boundlessness magnet. And an action field of magnetic forces is the consciousness of the person. And if the choice is made incorrectly, it is necessary to pay and to pay until the correct direction – only up will be chosen. Certainly, it is possible to go and from top to bottom, but decomposition of consciousness is awful and existence in the lower class because they come to the end with a chasm is gloomy. So, the way only up, but lifting is always difficult. When difficulty of lifting reaches a limit, the Hand of the Help and a condition is given is temporarily facilitated to collect forces for new overcoming. Difficulties grow in process of spirit growth, and growth of difficulties is no other than an indicator of spiritual human height. It isn't necessary to envy what life is easy and who has no difficulties because fire of their spirit is insignificant, therefore. But the flame of spirit lit always causes environment counteraction. Other-worldly fire and in this world causes division because I Come to the world that to separate the past of mankind of the future and in the future of people to direct. So I Approve fight infinity meanwhile, than there was a person, and then he has to become, has to command of the Space Law. There is no place to take cover from the opportunities of spirit expecting the person. They can be accepted or rejected, but it is impossible to bypass. Possibilities of approach to Light are given all and everyone differently. Evaded are similar to the ostrich that has hidden the head in sand. Not to avoid blow of reaction of a false choice. Not eyes of soul to open intimidation, but desire because there are too many sufferings around. And you write. These lines will read, and many will receive simplification and answers to the intimate thoughts. Think of how hunger spiritual and as a little what can give is great. Wire wonderful at you, and on it My thoughts you receive. And, transformed by your consciousness, they will lay down a strong step of the New World. Write, my son. Preparation for Service in silence and silence is made, far from strangers and curious looks. Write. My beam is about an oboe and My Hand on protection. People choke in sufferings gloomy, therefore fixed an appeal. Hour of urgent crops will come, and seeds for distribution should be prepared in good time and it is necessary that seeds sufficed on all and any consciousness could find on it. Therefore plentifully I Spill knowledge that didn't begin to reproach with scarcity or that is given a little. I will give so many that won't contain and won't complain of shortage of the given. That is why pages of Records are filled in generously and plentifully. I told that will come, truly will come, and in a set. And bread it is required, and not thousand, but sets should be sated with bread, Me in the days given. To Forces Beams Teacher will scent behind words of Records and by won't pass, without having replied. Nowadays we work together on the statement of the New World in consciousness human. And nowadays approved Light to mankind will be.