Agni Yoga's facets, 1954 (251-429)

251. If to take away from the person all manors he, his all relatives – the wife, children, the father, mother, even the body physical and astral, what at it remains? All experience, all knowledge, all accumulation, everything that its integral property accompanying it under all conditions and at all changes of lives and covers is collected and accumulated by it for many, many lives, that is. It also is its true property, its Highest Triad in which all is concentrated. For the sake of that can be collected and saved up in it both it is kept forever, and there is a person, and for the sake of it and comes to Earth. Therefore, the purpose of life in any cover – collect fruits of experience and to postpone them in an immortality Bowl. While the consciousness of the person is concentrated in the lowest covers, covers mortal and temporary, subject to inevitable replacement new in each embodiment, the person lives to die because all mortal is doomed by the law. But when the Highest Triad is lit and starts shining and the consciousness directs to it, the Bowl of immortality starts being filled with imperishable accumulation of spirit consciously. Everything, through what there passed the person, is postponed in the Bowl. But to the consciousness chained to the lower class and covers, the postponed riches are inaccessible. Means, the consciousness should be transferred even above, there, where doesn't reach death breath. Your fathers and grandfathers lived and died, but I Speak about life. Life eternal is approved on the highest scale of life. The fiery crystals of experience postponed in the Bowl, don't die. They exist and are available to fiery consciousness. Means, it is necessary kindle fires and consciousness to make fiery. The lit centers collect Bowl Treasures which reveal and become more and more available to ardent spirit. The doctrine of Life means the Highest Triad to enter into consciousness or rather consciousness to it to lift. Cycles of physical terrestrial embodiments are strung, as a beads pearls on a thread, also are put in the Bowl – storage of lives of individuals. The bowl contains them and embraces itself, but itself the personality itself doesn't show because it is the phenomenon super personal, deprived of personal elements, the phenomenon making enduring Identity. As though in the finished picture aren't visible neither atoms, nor molecules of which it consists, but synthesis of great idea is expressed on a cloth in harmoniously combined paints. In a mighty oak too it isn't visible molecules and atoms, but the oak exists as whole as the highest synthetic form for the sake of which molecules and connected, having lost itself in it. And individuals of each embodiment lose themselves in creation of the Identity being over-person, or the super personal beginning. Therefore it is told that the person has to lose the soul to find it. Grabbing the temporary personality in itself, doomed death, the person can't realize the highest form of the display, the immortal enduring Identity, the Highest Triad which doesn't keep within a small framework of the individual. Therefore it is necessary to reach life super personal and to approve in itself thoughts and feelings super personal, not connected with egoism, about. It is possible to note that the Great Spirits visiting Earth, differed from usual mortal subjects that they didn't live for themselves and there was no private life at them, personal feelings, personal thoughts; Lived in the world and for the world, for the benefit of people, interests of mankind or the separate people. Greatness of the person is measured by extent of his renunciation of, and all great people, whose names honor the people, lived and worked not for it, but for people. Having released from the personal beginning, they transferred the consciousness higher. And the immortal Identity expressed in the Highest Triad, involved in itself consciousnesses them and sated it with energy the Highest. Immortality, and eternal was so approved, enduring in the person received the expression in living conditions terrestrial in life elevated to begin to shine all fires of accumulation. The personality is admissible and acquitted only as the humble and obedient servant of the Identity, the Highest Triad spilling beams of spirit on the small personality terrestrial. And on a measure aspirations of the person up and in itself secret of the Highest Triad starts revealing, because, truly, the Kingdom of God is in the person. And a basis of this Kingdom is eternal uninterrupted life of consciousness. Arhat’s consciousness continuously both in life, and in death and with death of a body isn't lost, and, on the contrary, amplifies in the vitality and sharpness of perceptions. Immortality depends on to what it is directed and the consciousness on Earth is attracted during lifetime: if to mortal and temporary – dies together with it if to eternal and enduring – lives. Immortality elements consciously in consciousness are approved. Not for the personality passing, but the consciousness should grasp the Highest Identity. It is so possible the activity phenomenon in life or death. People on sons of life and sons of death share, about life, but not about death tell all great Doctrines; - therefore it is necessary to know. Sets didn't know and died. And again the Lord Goes in the world approve a life basis. Understand, I Speak about life, I Speak about life eternal, shining and fiery; wishing immortality I Approve it. Ringing of church bells of life eternal Brought to people. The gospel of the Kingdom immortal I Gave, and didn't accept. Nowadays again I go to the world again to give to people gift of life immortal. Whether accept? Would you like to crucify and betray again to torments and abuses sent mine? But nowadays Light going goes Is invisible Visible, and to shaggy hands not to reach. And sent My, My dear I Will protect. I will protect, I Will protect, I Will protect! I Told.
252. Yes! Yes! Yes! Even the small reflection shows how balls of events bulk up and are weaved into human lives and as they are rarefied and dissipate forever to leave his life. And any efforts the person of a thread of last events any more can't combine. They were, sounded strong in consciousness and left already never more to return in a former combination. Irrevocably the witness of last phenomena consigns to the past. But it inside staying and the Witness their former, remains for ever and ever looking and recording is a life tape, by current. It is easy to separate the Silent Witness inside from by going events; changes event, but not it, the Looking. It is possible to identify consciousness with the world of the external phenomena, but it is possible to connect it to essence of Dumb Witness who only beholds and remembers everything. He doesn't rejoice and won't grieve, doesn't love and doesn't hate, hasn't fun and not mourns it costs over the world of feelings of the person, too quickly current and passing. He him notes thoughts, He knows, than the mind, what ideas it is occupied fill and as thoughts are replaced, aspiring one for another. He knows, but thought itself doesn't show because it is higher than thoughts current; so matter of three worlds: dense, astral and mental, flows before its silent eye, being reflected and recording in it. It immortality is essence, the witness of life of so many persons, how many replaced bodies and covers, how many the countries and people saw. It was in these persons as явен, as obvious It nowadays in you, looking at life of the next personality and her life tape. To identify it with Him, who is Silently Looking in you, means to concern not uttered, intimate essence of the person. To approve it in itself means to approve immortality and eternity. To recognize it means to approve the consciousness on the rock of the eternal basis of life. Whether silently Looking great eternal Recorder in you not is the one whom people call God in the person, eternal, immortal, existing nowadays and for ever and ever who was, is and will be always. The sun will come, and the Moon will come, but won't come Silently Looking, in you staying eternally. To rise to It, it is necessary to rise over restrictions of three, to be exempted from the power of three and to approve the power over them. But having approved the power, to approve by it freedom of spirit from chains of a material world.
253. It is inappropriate with the advantage of spirit to kowtow to what that or somebody. Slavish obsequiousness is heritage of the past. From here is both fear, and senseless babbling. The type of kowtowing spirit is unsightly and unconvincing. The advantage should be stored in all cases of life; nor can’t wealth, nor situation, nor power, to someone belonging, deprive of the person feelings of advantage and self-esteem. Why it is spread by spirit before signs of terrestrial greatness and the importance? In aspect of spirit they have no value and are equal to zero. They can't add anything to our accumulation. Therefore it is necessary to be identical in the attitude towards those people with who today pushes together life to withdraw them from our life tomorrow. But spirit advantage, you kept, at you also remains. Very few people understand that the advantage of spirit can manifestation only when a point of support, or the stability center, the person and on it, but not on something which outside is standing found in himself, rests the hopes. The teacher with that who inside turned the eye. Therefore I Speak: under the close and condensed circumstances, adversity bearing to address to Me. I will help, but tranquility the kept. Vortex vibrations of fear, concerns and uncertainty at loss of balance deprive aura of opportunity to receive the necessary help because a help Beam there is nothing becomes to send as the receiver is put out of action by an assumption of chaotic energy which push away harmonious energy of the Beam. The solemnity and advantage of spirit are closely connected. It is a pity and is helplessly lost people upon transition of Great Borders when preservation of the specified qualities could facilitate and simplify a lot of things. The phenomenon of the clown from the market buffoonery which all movements depend on strings which it is pulled by all will be an antipode of advantage of spirit solemn, to whose hands they get. The phenomenon humiliating and unworthy spirit of the person, but to clowns market and exhibition many assimilate on a fun to crowd and праздношатающимся to gapers. It is a lot of such in life by take place. Why to sound and reply on each twitch of mental threads of communication with which people try to hook on your aura to force it to vibrate in unison with the? Understanding of advantage of spirit will help to keep from that not to show the clown. The power over means also is the power over people. And mastering both the emotions and feelings, and strangers that is a natural consequence of mastering by itself will be the first condition of her realization. Having seen desire someone from people around you to influence your aura emotionally and to cause a number of certain experiences, keep tranquility indestructible and observe results. The unlucky fellow traveller, on the aura sharply felt mighty influence of aura of tranquility, will face you opened, both unprotected, and helpless. And then you can already give it the vibration beseeming advantage of spirit. Something, it is necessary to protect itself because there are too much influencing, and influencing in the evil. As it isn't enough of those who can be admitted close, without being afraid of harm and damage. All degauss and rob light of spirit of the carrier of fire the fading; - therefore the greatest discretion, vigilance and vigilance are necessary with people. It is good to give, and it is necessary to give, and it is necessary to share the light with people, but to know borders. It is impossible understand itself gathered beggar, the deprived the last spirit sparkles. Therefore the treasure should be protected not to doze. Therefore distribution is made wisely. Therefore often it is necessary to clasp spirit armor on all fasteners. People vampire’s be careful – much of them. Don't forget the phenomenon of being reported vessels. All people around seek to lower a fiery charge of your spirit to the level, and is frequent below. Treasure, with such work saved up, it is necessary to protect in every way spirit. It is a lot of quenchers, it is a lot of vampires, it is a lot of live dead persons, it is a lot of empty covers, and all greedy reach for a magnet of the lit heart. And it is frequent with unconscious, but the obvious requirement – give, give, give. Or – to take, take, take, and take any price, in any way, without reckoning with anything and before anything without stopping. Be preserved against quenchers conscious and unconscious. Crowds go begging, and especially, in Thin. The Teacher Will specify danger, but also the patrol is necessary. Of guard of fiery treasure we will think.
254. My friend if precisely not to follow given advice, what will turn out? - Or small share of advantage, or any, - therefore given it is necessary to treat councils more attentively! It is given much, and how many it is executed? The divergence is great. It should be reduced. Well after each Record mentally and in images to imagine as it can be applied immediately, without postponing the instruction for any unknown future. By it is laid the foundation for the beginning of the statement of the necessary quality. This beginning once has to be made surely, and it is best of all to put it immediately on receipt of the instruction, then something nevertheless remains in consciousness on the basis of what it will be already possible to continue. Otherwise deposits of the necessary energy in a microcosm of the accepted won't happen also the advantage provided by council, it won't turn out. It is necessary to forge iron while it is hotter. How many valuable instructions it was necessary to lie in vain because the step of the statement them wasn't taken in time. And then the instruction was simply forgotten. But increase of qualities goes spiral. From here seeming repetition, but not repetition it, and deepening spiral put and spiral developed and growing thought. In total that is mentioned now, will be mentioned and in the future, but in more expanded scale. The consciousness grows gradually and imperceptibly, and a certain and strict sequence of increase is necessary. It is necessary to introduce grain that sprouts weren't lost from whiffs of whirlwinds of the outside world more deeply. Crops are threatened from everywhere. Crops should be protected and profound introduction in consciousness of given instructions for the strong statement them in it will be the best protection. Fiery thoughts are forgotten surprisingly quickly. It is their main sign. Not written down nowadays, run low for consciousness. But even and being are written down, nevertheless need in the conscious statement. For the statement something necessary it is necessary to overcome natural inertness and consciousness counteraction. Otherwise wouldn't be chains, "vlasyanitsa" (clothes of the eremite from plants), and self-flagellations. But they were. To gets rid forms of the statement of qualities we won't come back, but the principle of conscious deepening of introduction of each this council we will bring for application without postponing. There is more. Main thought to Record It is necessary to carry by through vanity of day, no having spilled the Bowl the received opportunities Whirlwinds day easily dispel patterns of hidden parcels if not to preserve them. It isn't enough to receive a far message; it should be kept carefully from oblivion. The best way for this purpose nevertheless there will be a Face of the Teacher in heart. It as though fiery supports a tone of recent contact, keeping integrity and inviolability of vibration sent. But also this condition too is extremely difficult. In heart it is necessary to reach the real continence of Shape of the Teacher. At a known step without this indispensable condition further advance becomes impossible because at being made thinning of an organism unaided from a fiery Face it becomes impossible to overcome a press of the surrounding sphere. And it means a fall under the power of the present and environment vibration. So with a new force and understanding again start to the statement of the Face of the Lord in consciousness. Mighty means of the adoption of execution of Light we won't miss thanks to neglect and carelessness. The understanding is imposed by the known obligation, and your duty – to protect the light all possible measures and in the ways. I give the best, the elementary and the easiest. Only iron constancy, persistence is required. If Face influence at Records so fruitful, and in vain life terrestrial when vanity sounds, the Face, the benefit radiating, fiery in heart of the pupil both protects Treasure, and will increase.
255. My son, to you is given the chance to strengthen and deepen contact. The beam is sent. It is necessary to take it at full capacity. It is feasible only at full and deep concentration, having excluded all third-party thoughts. The beam bears in itself new thoughts which are able to perceive ascending consciousness. I emphasize, ascending because the consciousness stopped will mark time also the new won't receive. New comes only on condition of lifting when the extending consciousness can already contain more than what it contained earlier. Fire lit and novelty of receipts gives strength of a message of Record. Otherwise the hand wouldn't be raised to fix old thoughts and the keen interest accompanying new stays would leave. So, concentration goes deep. The limit to deepening isn't present it. Than concentrate, that finished thoughts and the more perfect them registration more stoutly flow. The concentration center is the Face of the Lord. It as focus, Light radiating is. From an infinite set of subjects and the phenomena of the world surrounding the person, focus of the center of Light gets out, and the consciousness directs to it, scooping from it energy according to the accord and a receiver tonality. Two different consciousnesses will receive differently and in the form of the various. Assimilation and registration of the apprehended Beam is the phenomenon individual. There are no two receivers identical. Therefore any form of perception of Beams is valuable because bears the impress in itself beams already self-proceeding. 255. My son, to you is given the chance to strengthen and deepen contact. The beam is sent. It is necessary to take it at full capacity. It is feasible only at full and deep concentration, having excluded all third-party thoughts. The beam bears in itself new thoughts which are able to perceive ascending consciousness. I emphasize, ascending because the consciousness stopped will mark time also the new won't receive. New comes only on condition of lifting when the extending consciousness can already contain more than what it contained earlier. Fire lit and novelty of receipts gives strength of a message of Record. Otherwise the hand wouldn't be raised to fix old thoughts and the keen interest accompanying new stays would leave. So, concentration goes deep. The limit to deepening isn't present it. Than concentrate, that finished thoughts and the more perfect them registration more stoutly flow. The concentration center is the Face of the Lord. It is as focus, Light radiating. From an infinite set of subjects and the phenomena of the world surrounding the person, focus of the center of Light gets out, and the consciousness directs to it, scooping from it energy according to the accord and a receiver tonality. Two different consciousnesses will receive differently and in the form of the various. Assimilation and registration of the apprehended Beam is the phenomenon individual. There are no two receivers identical. Therefore any form of perception of Beams is valuable because bears the impress in itself beams already self-proceeding. Simple transfer of thought of the Teacher too has the price, and considerable, but a problem of such processes other. Even the simple medium can transfer thoughts. The Teacher Says about the Beam assimilated that is impossible without amateur performance intense. It is possible to feel how thought, getting into consciousness, pulses in it, looking for the necessary form for the expression that is possible only at known degree of intense concentration. It also is the fiery process of creativity demanding tension of all strength of mind on this task. The Beam of the Teacher concerns many consciousnesses, but consequences because there is no compliance are poor. Besides, often the Beam has the special purpose limited to the solution of any certain task. Often inventors and other workers on a field of General Welfare have our help. If the Name My approved in masses and due extent of recognition and aspiration would be shown, the perception of Beams could have mass character and their usefulness would increase many times over. And the people would succeed much quicker in all areas of life. Consciousness is necessary in everything. Succeed and receive now and build life according to our Plan, but I Speak about a conscious step of perception of Beams of the Lord which too once will come for the people which have accepted the Lord. Then the precept fairy tale because its miracle creates Light of Beams will enter into life. The beam multiplies the creative power of consciousness, and creativity becomes fruitful. Scarcity mentioned is relative because my people quickly and evolved dramatically forward. But that would be at conscious cooperation with Hierarchy! But also it will come because evolution uncontrollably attracts the people to the appointed purpose, and My people are ahead, carrying away for with both friends, and enemies. Creativity of Beams is great. It was always spoken about recognition of Hierarchy and Forces the Highest that was where to address. The periods of undistorted recognition of Hierarchy always were the periods of blossoming of culture of the people, and leaders are given on consciousness of masses and in fixed time. Will Hierarchy, will the highest, concentrates on focus leading and through it works. In it value of a spread. Don't think that nothing was carried out. Think that it invisibly and powerfully ripens in due course to yield a fruit of fabulousness wonderful and amazement. Considerable witnesses you will become. But give term. In darkness of night the star comes nearer to the rising horizon, but with the light fills in woken-up Earth. Under snow seeds are put, but time comes, and blossoming trees, herbs and flowers cover Earth, and everything bears the fruit. Terms for people are long. In planetary scale years have no value. Therefore I Speak: "Live in Eternity and walk through the third anniversary, like giants". Where to take forces? In pleasure about the future, same obvious, as light of a distant star, same inevitable, as day future. And in darkness of night to Me addressed the share in it will have. And your share will be full and not belittled. Cold at sunrise, but Sun beams in a zenith will warm stiffened Earth. Friends Mine, waiting don't get tired, because fruitful expectation conscious, aspiration to the Lord the intense. The expectation which has been correctly understood will arm you and will prepare for acceptance of the future Light, for understanding of the future and your assignment, with it connected. In Light Mine the future you approve. Be not confused anything because it is appointed and belongs to you and anybody and anything it from you not отымет. Therefore prepare for the future, consciously accumulating knowledge and experience. You remember, ahead Light.
256. To loneliness nothing will change. As not needing anything and not attached to anything there is nothing to lose. The spirit is lonely, isn't attached to anything it is free. One comes to the world, one leaves. It should be realized. Loneliness – destiny of great spirits. The spirit is higher; the understanding of the great loneliness is deeper. The difficult lonely way in understanding it makes spirit. All difficulties, all tests, and the heaviest, have deeply individual character. The wound put to consciousness, received it is felt, but not other person, even to the relatives. And so is in everything. And the people nearby living, the people who have been strong connected by karma, nevertheless pass through tests individually. Will individually be born, individually suffer and die. Great transition to the World That too is alone made. It is possible to love people, it is possible to help them, it is possible to give the life for them, but even it doesn't exempt spirit from great loneliness. In silence of silence when Eternity steps start sounding, the great knowledge of loneliness of spirit comes. And to this test it is also necessary to be ready. Arhat’s this test. It happens only at a high step. The above the spirit rises, becomes at it relatives less. The spiritual proximity of related spirits doesn't exempt from loneliness. The karma is the phenomenon individual. And even the toothache doesn't exclude the phenomenon of loneliness. With close spirits and pupils whom each Great Teacher has, loneliness doesn’t destroy the intercourse. Let's remember death on a cross of the Great Teacher and his words turned to the Father: «Why You left Me ". Great tests in great loneliness are made. Let's remember how Sergiy left favorite brotherhood. Let's remember, in what loneliness when misunderstanding by people around there passed the life great people. As they were pursued, are condemned and suspected. How many were betrayed by death how many branded names of a shame at how many mocked and humiliated. Loneliness – destiny great. The loneliness should be understood and in the sphere to realize its force, the boundless strength of mind, daring to direct in shining Boundlessness. Its tops are over all emotions astral, all friends and attachments, all dreams, which dream people on Earth and above, and even in Devachan. And the one who a torch eternal costs over time chasm, not on Earth kowtowing, but spirit tops the reached. Destiny the reached is loneliness. To whom grief I will tell Mine? It is call of lonely spirit in space, the spirit, begun to see clearly the great loneliness. Spirit begun to see clearly and learned, because in many knowledge is a lot of grief. The silent Witness one in the silence stays. Rest of silence stores a sanctuary of the spirit. In it secret you learn yourself. It guarded day and night, it behind seven seals, and everyone is removed alone tests. The top stands alone. Pyramid the point crowns. The beam proceeds from focus. The highest Uniform "I" the person is end of its microcosm. From the center uniform the Universe all was developed. Uniform finishes the multiple. The loneliness should be understood as achievement of a point topmost, available to spirit human. Duma Witness, in Silence real, in great loneliness stays.
257. Day memorable we will celebrate. If there were no days memorable, people would bury in oblivion the best names and their consciousness would plunge into a gloom. As top of mountains, from a fog of lowlands towering, they connect the Sky to Earth. To clean these pure tops and everything will be hidden in a fog of the lower dense beds. Everything will sink in it, and the fog of universal misunderstanding will shroud a planet. Days memorable are necessary. They as ozone clearing, they connect the lowest with the Highest. Among noise and a sutolka of life they bring a stream fresh, life-giving, lifting consciousness and forcing the heads hung to the earth to address up. The memory about those who the feat imprinted words of Precepts is necessary. Light on Earth, in devotees of spirit incarnate, needs recognition by his people. Otherwise, for what hearts it lights a feat if there are no the fires. Witnesses of brought Light, both distant and close that people about force for the sake of them kindle fire learned are necessary. About carriers of Light it is necessary for Memory that Light on Earth didn't run low, and days memorable their Light, to people brought, in the hearts of the human claim. These days’ people in one aspiration to the spiritual torch honored by them unite. In the light of it unite and to Light it connect, and between itself stretch Light threads. So the planetary network of Light the highest fires in the area of concordant hearts flashes. And what name is approved by a memory, sends beams to the consciousnesses which have addressed to it. There is Light strengthening the mutual. And heart, retentive Light of the Hierarch feasibly strengthens itself. Memory human is short, but memorable days help to carry by names of the best not only in centuries, but even the millennia. These days can be honored consciously, coming into contact with Shape Lightful which memory is observed. Let's not bury in oblivion the best that was on Earth, but we will strengthen its Light the appeal of the hearts to Light in days memorable, in days unforgettable, in days greater on Earth of the statement of Light.
258. At Record it is interesting to note that at its beginning its further contents isn't known. Even the phrase begun it will be not known what to have the end. In it difference of these Records from other works when to the author are in advance known both a subject, and the general plan. Usual work demands concentration on her main thought and the plan. Records demand concentration on the process of the letter when the consciousness doesn't deviate concentration focus that is the Face of the Teacher. Thoughts written down follow one another in a strict logical order, entering into a door of consciousness and at an entrance bringing the clear and finished forms. The main difficulty of acceptance also consists in this process of registration of thoughts in an acceptable accurate form. The thought has to be issued surely, or crystallize to be recorded by consciousness and to lay down on paper in a look ready already. In this process it is possible to distinguish clearly the foreign prestanding thoughts cutting the main stream. Once it passes known border of tension, and they can interrupt, stop current. Therefore the channel of perception is protected by bright representation of the Beam, in which the consciousness also creates the work. If from Face and Beam representation, it bearing to refuse, contact will be broken, or will take place, but already with other focus of aspiration. It is necessary to imagine, what set of objects exists around close and in the distance to which the consciousness can go to understand, firm and certain focus of aspiration is how necessary. To isolate the perception channel from foreign influence and thoughts casual, the strong and certain determination and knowledge of Communication with the Hierarch with whom connection is established is necessary. Neither fluctuations, nor doubts, uncertainty can't be any more. Contact is come into by a firm hand, and the beam of consciousness of the pupil has the exact and faultless direction. The reality and clearness of process and the corresponding visualizations should be strengthened consciously and to bring them to degree of brightness extraordinary. It is possible to lose the account of time and entirely to plunge during this wonderful process. The main thing –realize its durability and stability, and total absence of elements of chance. We know how to connect to the Teacher and as почерпать from the extensive tank of his thoughts. It isn't the weak-willed passive thought-reading which isn't demanding any efforts against passivity. No, on the contrary, it is the conscious intense creative effort of will demanding concentration of all strength of mind for a transmutation of not properly executed fiery energy of the Beam in accurate finished thoughts, transformed by consciousness. The thought is sent and if to bring together five pupils who are speaking different languages, in different languages it and will be written down at due keenness of receivers. It shows on unity of the main fiery energy transposed by consciousness in a form accepted for it. Without intense effort from the pupil of reception of thoughts it won't turn out. In a Sanskrit such form of perception carries the special name. It specifies that creative ability of the perceiving reached a wonderful step of a fiery. Mediums are deprived of creativity. Energy is sent, and the Teacher Looks how there will be it трансмутироваться accepting consciousness. The Beam is sent, and Sending waits from consciousness of beams assimilating it self-proceeding. I want to emphasize all the time that there is an intense fiery creative process, but not medium passive and inert perception. Crops give own shoots. Creativity of favorite pupils we Appreciate. All our pupils’ is creativity уphenomenon. It is criterion of progress. Force it is approved in beat and shown rhythmic. Work extraordinary плодоносна. Separate fruits of creative activity under any other conditions be reached can't. The rhythm goes, going deep and amplifying. It is possible to imagine all abundance of a harvest at aspiration steady and persistent. Measure full, settled and overflowed receives resistant consciousness. The beam of the help is directed to the devoted pupil who has approved constancy.
259. The rhythm observed will strengthen and will support a communication thread. Except it there is nothing because it is a heart thread. On heart there is a Communication. So the most important and considerable lives in human life and is supported by heart. And still to heart of attention it is given insufficiently, and it leads the life. Why this life, its pulsation, gets opportunities of life external. It is good to listen sometimes to heart, to enter into its rhythm, to plunge into its feelings. Here met the stranger, the aura trembled and was saddened, whether heart was the detector? A lot of things would become clearer if to heart listened more. But heart in the shelter, also goes the person through life blindly because physical eyes on a lot of things are blind. Everything smiles, both kind, and angry. And the eye sees these smiles, but essence of a smile only heart we will understand. The grin of a skull won't mislead him if to heart to listen sensitively. Heart human is a great prisoner. To heart freedom should be given and felt its feelings. Heart notes a spatial note. Heart rejoices and печалуется currents of spatial life. Whether so-called causeless moods are felt as feeling-knowledge of heart? Heart feels the main note of space and is adjusted on its harmony. So heart and through heart it is possible to enter into a rhythm of spatial life and to join it. Of value of heart we will think!
260. My son, present expectation intense Light. Intense expectation isn't expectation squeezeed out and detaining. It is an anticipation of that will be. The receiver of spirit reveals towards to Light as a flower to the Sun, and it is intense, and in readiness expects it. For me wait because I Bear Light to you. Expectation is a receiving threshold, but it is necessary to wait skillfully. The correct expectation is accompanied by unshakable confidence. It is immutable knowledge of that will be that has to be. The prayer, the address or the desire, being accompanied this feeling of unshakable confidence performed by desirable, are always executed. Call it belief. Let will be so, but the belief has to be fiery to be executed. That is it has to be accompanied by a display of mental energy of a certain tension which is put in action. Fiery energy also works. Carrier of her people. The will puts it in action. The desire and execution is cause and effect. The necessary reason is approved, or created. It is accompanied by the corresponding consequence. There is no consequence without the reason, and there are Fiery no generated reasons, consequences not bringing. Astral movement, that is the emotional party, is completely excluded from process. Impatient passionate expectation destroys fiery grain of the reason, and the necessary consequence it is impossible. Firm and unshakable expectation of an inevitable consequence, confidence quiet and inflexible the general with passionate fluctuating and looking for expectation have no anything. Grain put can't be moved – shoots won't give. To wait it is necessary to learn unexpectedly, inalterability of implementation expected in sub consciousness having approved. "It has to be, it will be" – all being of the person is so adjusted. "On your belief it will be given you" – a formula of execution of fiery desire. What is the request for the help, as not the fiery desire directed in space? The address such never remains without the answer. It is time to understand already that manifestations fiery, or mental energy became concrete, as well as energy physical, but only are more available and don't need neither physical conducting, nor the equipment. The device the human body, as a wire – currents spatial, consciousness established serves. The thought sent to the person, always reaches him and makes the influence. It is necessary to understand, at last, materiality and concreteness of thin energy, differently how to learn the treatment of them. It is necessary to realize also that the thought works more strongly, than the word. The word can be not accepted or rejected but how to reject the thought operating invisibly and silently and only by results of the made influence of able to find. But even known vigilance of consciousness and stay on continuous patrol for this purpose is required. And as it isn't present, people against influences of mental energy are absolutely defenseless. The weapon of Light should be known, the weapon of Light should learn to use firmly, skillfully, surely, besides, in the benefit. As the muscle grows from exercises, the mental energy, which is consciously applied so grows. I arm with force that before bad will human in a root to destroy feeling of helplessness and powerlessness. Knowledge I Allow powerful to own force. Act in silence and without words. Actions of people stop and to their actions set the seal of the fiery decision. And if you tell "yes" or "no", will be not according to their decision, but on yours. And let yours "yes" or "no" will be fiery silent. You can destroy any human misunderstanding, having destroyed its form, or a prototype, in the Thin World. Destroying an astral form of the phenomenon, you don't give the chance to it to continue to be shown in the world dense. It will dry up, like a tree which roots are cut. Destruction of the astral conductors, which are subject to withdrawal from the dense world of the phenomena, is one of aspects of activity of Arhat. It isn't necessary to put pressure upon free will of people. It is inadmissible, but to destroy their generations and business, cutting them under the root, is permitted, both allowed, and justified. Refine also aggravate the weapon. We Don't show helpless and defenseless lambs. Don't show lambs helpless and you.
261. Let's learn to see heart eyes; this ability, as and all other, needs in development. As a matter of fact, this sight of people uses constantly, only doesn't give itself in it the report. Any visualization, any picture which the person sees the internal sight, is already heart work. The person in himself and not sees them as sees subjects inexperienced. А heart it is necessary to enter consciousness.
262. Memory of the Guru we will honor that we will celebrate day memorable. Where he who far and has left? It is live, works and it is close, but outside the dense world. If the consciousness allowed, would see also heard and communication had. But for this purpose the consciousness should rise very highly. The left spirits to us can't go down, but we to them can rise. Certainly, the message can be only mental under a condition that these thoughts are very high and refined and reach nearly heights fiery. But the consciousness in dense beds stays and яро is filled them with vibrations, and among them it is difficult to approve thought fiery, thought the highest, the thought peculiar fiery to thin layers of the Elevated World. The world Thin and Fiery take part in life terrestrial. And the Guru as fruitful in creative activity, as well as on Earth, only terrestrial isn't connected by restrictions not. It would be possible to feel it if the thought яро directed to it, having rejected all terrestrial loading which isn't allowing it to rise, - to whom it on to forces? Who, being on Earth, from itself and affairs terrestrial it was released. Certainly, the Guru works in the Stronghold because the Stronghold is a stronghold and a basis of all three worlds. Not all Arhat’s are embodied in physical bodies. It is with those, who work out of a body. There is a lot of work. It has planetary and space character. The group of the workers, who are the center of the Stronghold, creates a great cause under a condition when the consciousness of his members is opened to all worlds. As the consciousness of the person is the meeting place of all worlds, and the phenomenon of the Stronghold is a place where all worlds adjoin and are open for those who are a member is Great Brotherhood. Therefore the Guru, who has left from Earth, is with Us as well as on Earth he heart always stayed with Us. Being Arhat of a high step, and affairs creates the corresponding. But you, on Earth remained, will meet when you will pass Great Borders. In heart you I had during lifetime on Earth, has and now. Nor love in it, nor devotion doesn’t die. Therefore in the heart it is good to carry by up to the end these immortal fiery signs of the highest understanding and the kept communication of consciousness of the pupil with consciousness of the Guru.
263. The help in the spirit of the strongest. And in the spirit of it is possible to render such help what other ways can't be rendered, and results of this help can be reached much bigger and stronger. The mistake thinks that the help spiritual, being the phenomenon of the thinnest energy, concedes in power of the help physical and visible. It is invisible, but its consequences явны physically. The power and irrepressible of invisible fiery energy should be recognized and understood before they will start working at will of the person. They because physical to energy it submit are invincible and can't fight with them. Physical energy operate on the physical plan, thin Invisibilities from the World work and are engines of energy of more rough. Muscle physical energy moves, but it affects already invisible to an eye. The angry animal rushes on the person, but the person one look can stop action of the lowest energy because sets in motion energy, on a scale of vibrations standing above energy of an animal. Thinning of energy goes steps. One runs from a vicious dog, another tames her look. One is powerless, another uses consciously the force. And powerless could use if trusted and I knew, as in it, as well as in any person, levers of powerful energy which he can consciously use and own are put. A lot of things depend on understanding. Therefore I Speak: "Know more". It is necessary to know more simply that dare and can. And before make something, the person has to know that he can make it. It is necessary to know that possible all and all perhaps is made in due time by the person. The accurate belief and knowledge of conditions of feasibility is necessary. Be not slippery and sad helplessness, but act safely and resolutely, knowing that where action physical, always is impossible and under all conditions action of fiery mental energy is possible. The animal won't rush on the strong person, and the more so the person if the invisible force of the carrier of light feels. Rush and on them, light bearing, but only when it is allowed karmic. Dark don't suffer light of the bearing. Levers of thin energy in Arhat's hands, and them he acts. Let's learn to operate with energy thin, as always and in everything, since trifles and on the small. From the small grows big and great. Today small, tomorrow big, and then already and great it will appear on a shoulder. The dream which is just seen is symbolical. First, points to force growing which can be called instantly at a rate of need. Secondly, that on the Thin Plan there is a work of big scale and the help appears That Who Costs at fed boards. Much terrestrial in the Thin World is created on Earth to give consequences obvious. And you deprived of the share in the world dense, the share in the sphere of fiery energy and thin activity has. Think that is more valuable. The share terrestrial will leave because it is incorrect, but your achievements in the sphere of thin energy remain with you and will follow you to the World Thin. The law of balance works. Lost there has. I want to accustom to ability to apply mental energy everywhere, always and everywhere: waking or sleeping, in this world and in that. Remember that this only weapon your, powerful and invincible, and main, invisible. In the face of the enemy you strike the enemy with it, and he looking at you, doesn't see it. The new type of the new weapon is available to Day breakers. Certainly, it isn't new, but it was available and will only know; energy mental demands that it realized. Hypnotized can't raise a hand because his consciousness of it doesn't allow. It is necessary that the consciousness allowed before can. Let's reject a vague cover of a mold of life. Let's reject sad and gloomy visibility dense, surrounding consciousness. Strength wonderful is given to the person. He is a lord of the highest energy. On their gain it cans to ruche the spirit, and I Will help. To the winner the Hand I Give. I will move to a victory, but it is necessary to begin most.
264. The way human on the ground lies, and without Earth it is impossible. All the time I Tell about spirit and about dismissal from terrestrial and at the same time I Insist that not to do without Earth because Earth is the only thing and the adapted place where people of Earth can the spirit and life of spirit to approve is the best of all. Yes! Yes! Yes! Precisely on Earth and precisely in the conditions of Earth! Having passed through all lowest kingdoms of the nature on this planet, the monad assimilated the covers with it and the energy, corresponding to it, claimed. So the microcosm human with energy of Earth and aura it has full compliance. Therefore he also can live on it and develop. Adaptability is developed because it was created during millions years. By right it is possible to call people sons of Earth. If the mankind now passed to other planet, what is the time it would be required on again to adapt to it and energy due to approve in the person. Therefore our planet is the house our space, in space real, best adapted for a task facing mankind – improvement and the statement thin in dense, spiritual in terrestrial, fiery in material. Earth is still so dense and so material that overcoming of its attractions and the adoption of domination of spirit space is a task very difficult and a big merit giving. It is more important to win and succeed on Earth space on the consequences for spatial future life of spirit, than on other planets where conditions are less heavy. The same act made here and there, different merit has also a different assessment. Here the feat is much more difficult, than there. The house our terrestrial is our haven, - And after death of people usually stays in the planet atmosphere. Opportunities it still far aren't exhausted. Earth too evolves and develops and утончается in a matter and the energy. The mankind spiritually with itself lifts all Earth. And Earth lifts the lagging behind. Only the space litter, that is human garbage, from time to time will be swept away from its surface and go to processing. The house terrestrial care we won't leave. Nature transformation by nowadays erected Country of the leader is the beginning of systematic conscious collective and fundamental transformation of crust. A lot of things depend on mankind. At the collective and combined efforts of all people of the Earth of change the striking can be made. Even the card of a terrestrial surface can be strongly changed. Technology is in hands of the person, also is atomic energy. The garden terrestrial should be decorated. Mankind shame – deserts, bogs fruitless, heathlands – have to be destroyed. Future factories creating artificial soils, will allow transfer them to huge spaces and naked stone plateaus, having turned them into a green carpet of the woods and meadows. All garbage will go on production of the artificial soil which will be put with huge layers and the necessary layer on naked stones. The artificial rain will help full transformation of climate. One circumstance isn't considered yet by modern agronomical science. The artificial irrigation of deserts and again spread woods is conducted to a known step. Then magnetism of green plantings will attract in itself subsoil waters, will lift their level and will begin to attract atmospheric moisture, detaining it in the form of clouds and an atmosphere precipitation. In the desert gardening will go as is natural and regular, as well as in usual places. Magnetism of a green cover is very great. It in the most considerable degree trees when them there is enough possess. Question of magnetism of the forest plantings attracting atmospheric moisture, it is necessary to develop and study that the nobility, what minimum of the forest area yields the necessary results. Arabian Peninsula can be made a blossoming garden and to cover it with green plantings. In total in hands of the person! After all and Sahara was once the prosperous country. But we see how its southern borders dry up, and the belt of vegetation recedes to the south. At the new integrated mankind will be planetary cares of the device of a garden terrestrial much; possibly both tundra heating and permafrost kingdoms. The source of Space energy the inexhaustible will be open for mankind when wars will stop. The century of cooperation, eyelids future, will bring many surprises thanks to cooperation of the people to the possible. Now we Do not give because will turn on destruction. The century Maitreya is a century of prosperity of terrestrial mankind and eyelids of transformation of a face of Earth. Its beginning put in the Country best, will give shoots and consequences amazing and unknown. We Look far forward. We see a victory of the person over the nature and full conscious cooperation with it. The main role in this transformation will be played nevertheless by mental energy of the integrated mankind which it will use collectively and consciously, directing its power for receiving the results necessary and precisely defined by the general will. If the integrated thought of the concordant harmonious and spiritually developed dodecahedron is strong and mighty and can operate world events what the integrated power of all mankind will be? Great opportunities are comprised by future Fiery Era. And it already began. The reorganization goes at full speed. And ahead Light! People have to realize that lies before them and that prepare to them in days of the futures. Understanding and understanding is necessary. Disturbing and interfering we Will clean. Let better they will suffer, than the shining future of a planet and General Welfare. You look forward, in it all. You look how outlines it start appearing and developing in the present. Well you look, points of egoism having removed. We rejoice to going opportunities and we See how gradually, but strongly and surely they enter into life. We can begin with the end; we begin with the beginning which is always difficult. At first some phenomena it is possible to judge the end if that is, having continued a tape of the considered phenomenon before its logical end. For example, today there was in the field one tractor or the combine, tomorrow ten, then one thousand, then hundred thousand, and then? . Be logical and consecutive in the conclusions and don't deny logic of reality. The new World wins and will win against the world old. Ahead Light!
265. Isn't present and can't be such situation from which it was impossible to take useful experience. Everything teaches the person to something. Therefore to study and store experience it is possible in any conditions and under any circumstances, it is worth adjusting only consciousness on the corresponding harmony. So it is possible to be improved always as well always it is possible to store experience. This double mood of consciousness will help to approve and the third point of a triangle – a condition of a constant ascension. Whenever there was a movement, it always forward, to a definite purpose. Even it is possible to wonder: "And what the phenomenon given for advance will give Me? " Both bad and good, both kind and angry, both favorable and opposite, both difficult and easy – everything can be used and applied to lifting if the consciousness is adjusted in this way. So, all forces, kind and angry start serving ascending consciousness. There are no circumstances opposite. I will help to approve such condition of consciousness and already never to be confused anything. The confusion occurs not from the external phenomena, but from a consciousness not statement. And when it was approved irrevocably in the direction chosen, everything starts serving the winner of two poles of life uniform. The emphasis point is found in the center, and poles serve and are regulated by the will lever. And then the phenomenon of stops and delays stops and the way becomes direct and immutable. Like the giant, the spirit in time through all obstacles imaginable walks. There was still no obstacle which could spirit, Me approved and judgment to a victory, to stop. I Approve your victory over illusive bulks of dense obstacles of the world terrestrial. The will of the winner becomes powerful and insuperable, and anything can't stop it progress to the fiery purpose far anymore. The step of inalterability becomes way of day, and the consciousness of grows and gets stronger that nowadays already nothing will stop. And from this consciousness it becomes easy, at spirit wings which help to fly also grow where high mountains of obstacles are piled up and bottomless abysses stop a way. And when a way on Earth it becomes valid impassable, wings wonderful spirit lift and uplift over impassability of local living conditions and the consciousness rises over them, as an eagle over mountains and valleys of a terrestrial landscape. Eagle of spirit We Call the pupil who has reached this step, - it already Arhat's step. Also she is earned with iron firmness before something that can present life to the person. This way Went and there are all Lords. It is a way of Regal Yoga. It is a way of winners of Earth and the Sky, the world terrestrial, both the world astral, and World Thought. In consciousness the spirit rises over three to be approved in the fourth, in Fiery. Both the will and thought become fiery, that is invincible vibrations more the lowest energy of a kingdom of three. The winner fiery we Designate reached. The hand of care helps it, and forces it increase on everything that meets on the way, taking from everything the elements necessary for ascension. Way victorious, a way shining, and a way fiery yoga I Approve!
266. When the consciousness is filled in a Way of the Lord, it starts sounding on a wave of a certain length and tension. The receiver of consciousness is adjusted, and thoughts start joining a wide and free stream. The mental device of the person starts operating. Not metaphor it, but life. Process is obviously concrete. It is difficult to get used to consciousness to reality and materiality of the fiery device of the person. Hundreds and even thousands pages are filled with records of this sort, and still there is no same simple strong confidence of a physical of this phenomenon what is felt by the person, speaking on the simple telephone set. Why it? Because that for eyelids people denied the thin phenomena and accustomed consciousness to treat them with mistrust as to something foggy uncertain and it is unreal to the existing. It is time to realize that the phenomena of a thin order are so valid, as well as terrestrial, only in other plane; They as can be seen, heard, smelled and perceived, as well as terrestrial, only feelings thin. They have a form, outlines, and paints, and began to smell, but in opportunity they should give the full and exact account. To thought it isn't visible to a physical eye, however it operates both the world, and mankind, and acts of each inhabitant of Earth. It is invisible, but without it the person can't make to a step, is silent, inaudible, but moves life of the people. But even it is incorrect, because though it and is silent, but only for an ear physical. Each thought has the note and sounds on the key, only human for a catch of these super ultrasounds it is absolutely not enough device of a physical ear. But masses of the condensed thoughts sound already obviously and are available to perception of very distinguished hearing. Very often it is possible to hear sounding spatial note; considerable role play in this sounding of thought spatial. At a fiery tension of hearing spatial sounding considerably amplifies. Sometimes the space starts shooting at an exit in an astral. This buzz can extraordinary amplify, and waves of deafening sounds an avalanche rush into the transposed thin consciousness which thin feelings open and work. The space is filled with sounds of various intensity and force. So transpose thin feelings of energy of space. Shouts and the cries going from the lower class of an astral can be perceived also. I want to tell that the World Invisible is brightly real also former idea of its elusiveness and a fog it is necessary to leave absolutely. It is real, bright and valid and gives all completeness of feelings and impressions. Pay attention to how sometimes at a back-filling fragments of any pictures get into consciousness, faces of people and scraps of any terrestrial life of other order in which we took obvious part, worrying as if in reality, received impressions, being afflicted, rejoicing and even laughing as it we do in a usual awake condition. It is necessary to recognize existence of the Invisible World completely and unconditionally that already without muzzle of prejudiced judgments to start its studying and supervision over it. The coming Fiery Era will teach the person to live in both worlds, without forking and without losing balance. The world Thin will be included into the world physical easily, simply and naturally. Also two worlds together will merge, and there is uniform a world, uniform on a being and dual in manifestation. The science strongly will help. The sciences the first will punch a gap in thick-headed consciousness of negate reality. That is, can't be denied, it has to study and investigate; when the World Hidden will get the rights of nationality in consciousness of people of Earth, life to extend extraordinary. Its borders will be removed to Boundlessness limits because all life becomes other. People, dying, will go to the World That the same as now they go to a long trip or will immigrate to the new countries. They will plan the future and to think of how will live there what to do, than to fill up the time. The laws of the Thin World studied by them on Earth will help to be guided with new conditions quickly and surely. How many the grief, sufferings and simply inconvenience nowadays generate stupid denials of life elevated? It is possible to imagine a condition of such ignorant negate, where everything opens and exists on consciousness and where the thought reigns. If such negate thinks and believes that his spirit died or that it is dead and can't move, truly, it will be dead and will move isn't able. Means, it is necessary to it to be motionless in destiny, to a stub or a block it is similar. One madman imagined himself a glass vase and was afraid that he didn't hurt. There it is possible to imagine it anything, and the image, imagination created, will be a form of expression of spirit. It is necessary to understand all tragedy both all beauty and freedom of this law. Tragedy, if consciousness life there denies both freedom and beauty, if the person understood, that on the belief, by the recognition, on the knowledge receives. Words of the Apostle that you learn truth and the truth will make you free, treat the World Invisible even more deeply, than the world terrestrial because the World That is open and available to the person on his consciousness, that is in direct ratio to extent of recognition of its or its understanding by not denying eye. For your rescue I Speak: "Forget denials". Denial is a loop on a neck, it is a nail death, it is a rope of and the hung up this is a scorpion stinging in a circle of hopelessness, these are heavy locks on a cognition gate, and it is the end of a way that didn't yet begin. Denial is a death of spirit. The world is immense and diverse. The scale of manifestations of the thin energy, limited only evolution which has no end is boundless. Unless it is possible to deny that the person doesn't know and about what has no idea. Therefore we will approve life by not denying look both here, and there, and everywhere where the thought where the spirit can rise gets. Let's think of richness of the spatial life which hasn't been limited to limits of terrestrial outlook, of fiery opportunities of spirit and that the person is an heir-at-law of Space treasures, for it intended and to it prepared times from the beginning. The shining future doesn’t deny, -to rob itself not wisely. It is stupid to make itself by a stub dumb. It is a lot of stone idols surround with crowd the lowland of the other world. These are negate, who have hardened in the denial. That they on Earth for themselves claimed during lifetime is claimed by the law for their consciousness. The views created by them stubborn, stupid and motionless captured their consciousness, clasped it in the tenacious arms and created for them a spirit dungeon self-approved in which they not movably stay and will stay until differently to think don't begin. The person in the destiny is free, and for itself forges either slavery chains, or silver wings of freedom of spirit.
267. Who told, what there is a limit of development of qualities? There is no such limit. Boundlessness is in everything, as well as in growth of qualities of spirit. The evolution way is long and infinite. Its extent is great. It is possible to manage to develop any quality to desirable degree, and it will grow further. The person is a process during which all its properties grow. Microcosm of the person, as a snowball as the avalanche, grows in the properties in process of time current. Everything grows both kind and angry that contains in it. But by means of will it is possible to force growth of grains of good and to muffle bad shoots. All the time which is at the disposal of the person? Therefore in this long development it is possible to grow up any properties and qualities. Let they will be small in the beginning, not the beginning crowns business, but the end, and the end is a point after, which achievement it is possible to move further. So, quietly and simply, but with the decision firm and unshakable, it is possible to approve and develop any quality of spirit. The limit isn't present, and there is no end and all in hands of the person. The attempt unfortunate today, can be renewed tomorrow. Defeat if due degree of persistence and constancy is shown is impossible. Therefore it is possible not to be confused any failures. They temporarily, the spirit are eternal. On ways of Boundlessness the victory if he realized enduring essence of the nature is provided to spirit.
268. Really, attempts to approve any quality should be repeated endlessly, only it starts sounding for consciousness because how it was strongly approved or highly developed, the limit to its growth isn't present. On the other hand, water hollows a stone and an atavism of centuries, and inertness of a matter of covers it is possible only repeated efforts to overcome, without stopping before seeming and always temporary failures. Failure – the phenomenon temporary and passing, but spirit doesn't come. Let the understanding of it will give confidence and forces inflexible to fight against the shortcomings. It is possible to be improved always. If at present it is difficult to approve any certain quality because it doesn't sound, it is possible to approve another and the third. And, deepening them, after all move forward, without stopping. It is necessary to remember the line of the smallest resistance when the greatest the spirit for some reason or other temporarily doesn't feel in it force to overcome. Then and forces will be. At each this moment any quality somehow especially strongly attracts consciousness. And then it is possible to tell that this quality sounds for spirit. According to this accord there is a statement easier and is much more successful. The spirit inexperienced will hang before light of truth and the qualities embodied and approved, Teachers of Light. But the spirit skilled will tell: "Before Me Boundlessness is. The spirit is invincible. In life of My infinite I have opportunity all qualities to approve and come nearer to the ideal, personifying its qualities to a condition of full merge of consciousnesses". It is so immutable the way of achievements will lie down. Steps of statements of qualities of certain intensity will lie down strongly, from time to time amplifying in the tension and яро sounding in consciousness for stronger and highest statement them, which have been already earlier put. Spiral goes development of qualities. Waves of their tension from time to time come back to consciousness that, having become stronger in it new force, again to leave and return. Both courage, and tranquility, and devotion from time to time sound especially strongly. These periods can use to throw seeds new to shoots of even more corpulent. The garden of consciousness demands care, both fixed crops, and timely watering. Morning and evening are especially good for watering. Heat of day quickly carries away the moisture giving life.
269. My son, the Teacher Shows care the pupil could from understanding of this care strength necessary derive. Life hard, and the feat is difficult to that how the charge of Light received during night Pralaya and was great, at Communication with the Teacher in the morning, people plunder treasure in the afternoon. Both again and again it is necessary to accumulate light, and again to give to people and the environment surrounding. In that the feat consists, - sadly specify to people. Everyone consciously or unconsciously seeks to gather. Distribution goes besides will. The law of being reported vessels works. Bearing light radiates it round itself, and passers absorb auras. Only fiery dynamo of the Lord can support this live-bearing exchange. Otherwise will run low strength giving and there will be nothing them to restore. The beam of the Teacher works constantly, bearing energy the necessary. When forces and mental energy owing to distribution on diligence leave, it is possible to restore it conscious Communication, яро in the Beam, life giving, claiming. Perhaps, the best decision in clothing in a constant prayer, that is condition the constant uninterrupted contact with the Teacher If it is difficult, nevertheless the constant memory or Face deduction in the third eye and is possible, and is achievable. It is so possible to reach a condition of inexhaustibility of energy lightful because it is dim and gloomy in the world and the light won't suffice to shine always. But the Lord is the Torch unquenchable. To it let the internal eye will be constantly turned. In the heat of daily work when people around, nevertheless it is possible, яро adjoining to the world external, to the Face of the Lord to open a soul eye and a soul eye shining mentally before itself to see its Face. It is possible to make attempt a bowl overflowed among whirlwinds of the present day to carry by not spilled. It is possible only on condition of a constant uninterrupted memory about Tom Who Is a source of inextinguishable Light. Light unquenchable in the heart has to kindle the pupil and this Light, not go out to carry by through life. Not through one or two days, but through all life. For this purpose experience of inextinguishable pro-execution of light through whirlwinds of the present day also is given. Day is a cycle small, life – big. From the small grows big and with the small begins. Not small business – the constant statement of the Face of the Lord in consciousness. With small it is necessary to begin to finish great execution of Light that is Service Great. Let's approve so, prestanding constant, not interrupted by accidents of life and from its accidents not the dependent. Accidents will leave as quickly, as well as come. But achievement remains with us, postponed in the Bowl of immortal accumulation. It is necessary to feel as spirit this current temporary in eternal that to approve life of spirit on the Stone of the eternal basis of life. My son, I conduct on tops which look in Boundlessness and Boundlessness concern. With Me through burden of life you will pass. With Me and the world you will win. I speak about a victory when the spirit starts feeling Eternity in itself. Defeat is impossible. The aura of eternal thought will sweep away dusty stratifications of life terrestrial, narrow-minded. So in beams of morning I Lift your consciousness over the sphere of life usual and wings to spirit I Give that could fly up and remember that your sphere – space. To spatial life I Will attach. Already you live in the atmosphere of spatial thought. To Forces Mine in beams in yourself you claim. My light is in your light display in achievement obvious. Be not confused a whirlwind of day. Waves of My vibrations will win against a gnash of curve living conditions. Together we go towards the aim great, to the purpose far, to the purpose fiery. That to us everything when ahead we see far shining summer lightning’s of eternal Light.

270. Face which we approve inside, we will overcome the press tension of vibrations of the environment surrounding. I Told.
271. Communication we will strengthen. Waking up, you represent yourself in the Beam of the Lord, and the thought plentifully fructifies. In the afternoon of in the Beam you represent. Why, filling up, not to continue lightful representation of it and not to strengthen contact. Experience of today with the Face memory the uninterrupted took place only half successfully, and even despite it, it was succeeded not only to keep the energy received in Beams of morning, but also not to lose pleasure of Communication, and to an impact of vibrations of environment противостать, without being degaussed. What would be if Council was executed not half, and completely? Only at observance of all Instructions it is possible to become a torch full, not running low under the pressure of external energy. To repeat and strengthen experiment! Tension of a condition of prestanding uninterrupted approve and make habitual representation him in the Beam before immersion in a dream. In feelings to note a difference attentively, as well as how it will be reflected in dreams and impressions thin. The delicate work demands openwork. Only this way it is possible to keep and keep consciousness of Proximity. It is possible to feel it, but to hold and make a constant condition of consciousness extraordinary difficult. Arhat's way is difficult. It lies out of usual roads. It strongly differs from a usual way of an apprenticeship. He demands will of iron and iron persistence. Arhat’s phenomenon arises on the Beam. Certainly, the Beam of Mother of the World in the phenomenon of the statement of Arhat has considerable value. With its Beam communication goes through the Lord. To the consciousness which has grown to understanding of it, the strengthened vibrations of Beams are sent. So, the current step goes under the sign of strengthening and Communication deepening. If all perceptions the highest go through the Face of the Lord, and their strengthening from clarity and clearness’s strengthened the Face depend. To know it – a little, it is necessary to apply it a measure full. Certainly, it is possible only at known degree of firmness of consciousness. Weak-willed it isn't approached. They won't sustain tension. Certainly, process is accompanied by some reorganization of an organism, admissible under existing conditions. A backbone pains and their aggravation is a sign kind. Without physical pains fires of the centers don't waken. Them with firmness to undergo readiness for physical sufferings and pains and ability there is too a condition Arkhatstva approved. To undergo, without losing joyful feeling carried out. The God's kingdom force undertakes. Spheres of tension of the thinnest highest energiya, the Sphere Fiery are reached by a number of long intense efforts and work during the long period embracing many lives. Arhat's wreath is for strong and unshakable in the aspiration. Believed earlier that a post, both a prayer, and bows it is possible to reach. Let's tell: moderation in food and the abstention ennobled by a condition of consciousness, Communication the approved. But instead of bows we Will tell: unrestrained ardent full-warm aspiration of all consciousness, to the Lord the leading. Many old concepts it is necessary to reconsider and remove from them a raid and covers of the dead stiffened tserkovnost, already nothing speaking to consciousness revived, and close temples of irrevocably left times. New, new, new! New the Teacher Claims! Both wine new and is bellows new, and consciousness regeneration. It is necessary to look at evangelical truth as though for the first time in the light of understanding of Fiery Yoga. And then they will strongly lay down in the basis of the New World, as well as all bases of great Precepts. The same Hierarches, nowadays the Life Doctrine to a planet Giving, which already many times Came to Earth for the sake of mankind rescue were their to proclaim news. They, Hierarchy’s of Light, future Arhat’s heads and helpers.
272. Why in life usual it is necessary to be the inhabitant? Why in life usual it is impossible to show itself the pupil and Arhat? Dare, the child.
273. Frequency of efforts approaches a victory. Haste in achievements diligence we will show. When all microcosms strong will be intense on fiery aspiration to improvement, the step will turn into flight. Flight on spirit wings behind the achievement – whether it is beautiful! Whether it is fine? Whether it will bring consequences fruitful? In the middle of life terrestrial fine wings accrue. Among affairs and the phenomena usual the unusual is approved in usual, fiery in terrestrial that terrestrial to refine and make fiery. Terrestrial conditions will leave, but the matter rarefied by spirit, remains and will go on new, thinner educations. Improvement isn't business personal, but spatial. So personal adjoins with spatial and becomes super personal. So personal it is dissolved in a bowl of General Welfare, being spatial blessing. The aura starts being shone, and radiations surrounding shine its gloom, leaving round adjournment of crystals of Light. The planetary network of Light amplifies, and Service becomes lightful. Therefore I Speak about constancy that the flame of the lamp became inextinguishable. It is much told about a flame inextinguishable in sanctuaries of temples, about icon lamps inextinguishable heard. All this only symbols of an inextinguishable flame which consciously lights spirit in a sanctuary of the heart to carry by it through life, not the go out. It is possible to destroy the temple and fire to extinguish. It is a lot of destroyed temples, both prostrate altars, and sanctuaries become empty and left. But what the spirit flame lit, if in it kindle can break inextinguishable fire of the trans mutated center of heart? Inflamed of the centers from an eternal flame is made and treats the phenomena, death not a subject. The fiery body starts being made out, being lit by immortality fires, and the Stone wonderful, in heart wearable, crystals of deposits of a flame starts shining. So process of improvement of life of the pupil the approved does life it, really, by the fairy tale wonderful. It also is service to beauty. I told: through beauty you will approach, in life it approving. My son, the Lord Sends the blessing and a fiery parting word on a step new. Any act of Light doesn't take place completely, but leaves crystals of fiery deposits of thin energy in aura made it. Therefore we will be mindful of process of the crustal-creative multiplying a substance of Treasure of the Stone, wearable in a breast. It gives the chance also pleasure of flights. It – intimate secret, wearable in a breast, truly, is world Treasure. For the sake of an inflamed his sacred fire from a sanctuary of the Stronghold was transferred to the world through hands of the carrier of the Stone to which it was entrusted. Stone bearing, Light to the world bear! The one to whom the great assignment is given, is hit the Stronghold Stone in hands. The stone of the Stronghold is Light condensed and force great deals historical to create will of those to whom it is given. You know about a sacred Hindu Stone which powerfully influences cows, attracting them with the magnet and force of fire of a certain order, in its hidden. Continue thought further away and you will see that Light, in the Stone condensed, but already other order and tension degree, it is possible to influence powerfully any more the animals belonging to group corresponding to their vibrations, but people. Great converters of the world often on trust of Hierarchy had the Stone and force of the Stone created affairs. Stone you will see. Sometimes small Stones are given to the next pupils, force having the great. The size of the Stone corresponds to the size and value of an assignment. But the main Stone is stored in the Stronghold and never leaves its limits. As well the Stone sometimes consists in rings – a particle of treasure protected. Therefore rings of pupils happen different. Many wonderful things are created on light. And there is a lot of wonderful in life. That pupil can rejoice, whose life becomes the fairy tale. Not for children this fairy tale.
274. The phenomenon of spatial currents can't be neglected because they adjust an organism on a certain wave. Through this mood as through or through the painted glass, vibrations of the surrounding sphere are perceived. The joyful or heavy note of space sounds in consciousness, painting it the light. The receiver human vibrates in unison with it. Melancholy or pleasure is the spatial phenomena which can't be denied. If these currents strongly influence even a stomach, causing need for food or unwillingness to accept it, and all other human organs too react to them. Both eyes, and hearing, sense of smell and touch – everything fluctuates in the sharpness and degree under the influence of spatial currents. As the sensitive harp, sounds an organism under the influence of energy spatial. The inhabitant will tell: today day easy, either joyful, or day heavy; the yogi – today easy or heavy currents, - so both will express truth, everyone in the understanding. From reality not leave. Are surrounded with thousand types of various, energy rough and thin, material and non-material, terrestrial and Space. The world is difficult, and we in it have at the order the device human, comprising everything that is in Space, and therefore the elements replying that is outside. By means of this device being at the disposal of the person, Space is learned. The device human is difficult. In it in the developed or potential condition the thinnest devices for this cognition are concluded. The eye camera is wonderful, the radio receiver mental, radio in the head of the person for energy of thinner, than a radio wave is even more wonderful. Each feeling of the person can be refined indefinitely and is aggravated. One shades of terrestrial color the developed eye totals about five hundred, but it not a limit. The scale of physical color vibrations is followed by a scale astral, even more various. Then scale of the Thin and Fiery Worlds. And the scale of all these energy is in the person, the device of feelings perceived, already operating or sleeping in the potential opportunities. The fiery office of the centers of the human being possesses amazing refinement of perceptions. Let's not forget an astral, thin and fiery body with their feelings and ability to perceive thin energy corresponding worlds. In total is in the person! Great opportunities are concluded in it and all Eternity lies before it, all future to open in itself difficult abilities of the device, approving boundless opportunities of potential of human spirit.
275. Who wants to reach, that has to enclose in achievement it is the energy which is directly proportional to the desirable purpose and its importance. There are no achievements without works and efforts. And if someone reached and succeeded, so and it worked much. Envy is inexpedient because for nothing it is given nothing. To achievement of others we will rejoice because they worked and have the award. Work persistent, work systematic and systematic, work constant and not saddened, work joyful is required for an inflamed of fires. And Lords Work is in tension unreasonable. It is time to leave ridiculous representation that in World Aboveground of the person waits carefree idleness. Both their work, and there work persistent and incessant. There are idlers and parasites as well as here, but their fate is unenviable. Fires flare up with works, and idlers of fires have no. Therefore don't live, but vegetate in gloomy catalepsy of a sleepy stupor. Neither flights, nor spirit lifting’s unknown them neither. Twilight round them, and layers the lowest are their destiny. Bread terrestrial and bread heavenly is by the sweat of the brow got. Idlers, idlers, parasites and devourers of others works and energy, it isn't necessary you. Idlers to them we Do not accept. The way is closed by it. Their way to darkness, because what Light without fires, only in work of the lit. Work is understood widely. The most valuable we Will read work spiritual and not made by hand. On works and people we Appreciate, and especially workers of spirit. Hands and the head everything can work, but spirit the few. They also are Earth salt and our care of them.
276. My son, contact is possible, as well as perception, only under a condition if tension of energy of environment is overcome by tension of concentrated fire of spirit. It is necessary to win against the world around that my World began to sound in consciousness. And your world is on your consciousness, on your feeling, on your thought. But all your being is persistent and continuous the rights exactingly shows. Two worlds fight in the person for prevalence. It is impossible to serve two masters and to have two Teachers. To someone it will be preferred. To which to the world the preference and superiority is sent to each this moment, that in consciousness and dominates and the consciousness fills with the vibrations. It is so possible to adjust will consciousness on a key of the world terrestrial or on a key World Highest. But also there are a lot of terrestrial keys, and advantages they can be a miscellaneous. The consciousness is adjusted by thought and sounds on a key of the thought conducting consciousness at present. These keys demand accurate recognition that undesirable to exclude. Certainly, each phenomenon or an event, even small, adjusts consciousness after the own fashion and for some time entirely captures it. Care of that to learn a commemoration of need to exempt consciousness from energy of the finished affairs and the related thoughts already unnecessary now. Too long these echoes of thoughts sound in consciousness, encumbering and often saddening it. Why it is spoken about heart filling by the Lord that to anything foreign and external wouldn't remain places. Me call when you will feel this press of energy of the outside world, disturbing to consciousness release. The thought attached to surrounding, wings have no, and the person with it on a leash sits. It is a lot of them on a leash sitting, and at everyone a leash different. But sit strong, of the release without thinking. And I Tell all the time about freedom, about freedom from any slavery, any chains and any leashes. But voluntary itself on a leash put and voluntary on it sitting freedom of spirit can't have. Sit and murmur about any freedom, even free will be read by them, these slaves to the generations. Slave’s hopeless, slaves hopeless, slaves unauthorized. So ability to be exempted from couriers of thoughts will be guarantee of freedom of consciousness. This freedom there, in World Aboveground, where the thought obviously dominates over everything is especially necessary. Exactly there it is necessary to dominate over thought. And if there the thought dominates over consciousness, it and adjusts it on the key and carries away in layers, it corresponding. The attraction it, or involvement to spheres conformable, is insuperable. But if the will dominates over thought and subordinated her to itself, the thought will be the servant. And then already will, generating and directing thought, will direct and it will be able to direct it to spheres desirable, necessary and accepted for spirit. Consciousnesses not operated by l can come to be in the neighborhood very undesirable and in layers unpleasant. As the adult leads by the hand of the child where wants, and the thought conducts the weak-willed person. If it is angry or low where it will bring him? Here still it is possible to escape from tyranny of thought, having gone to something external or in something having been engaged. But how to be where everything it is so aggravated and where there is no place to disappear from the thoughts? Of release from tyranny of thought we will think.
277. My children, I prepare you for fixed hour. Hour fixed will come, and all your readiness, and all your knowledge, and all experience will be necessary. Whom I will send? Doctrine of not knowing? Or not tested neither in devotion, nor in constancy? No, mine I Will send, betrayed and conceiving to begin Great Crops. For call wait! For the sake of it you pass through tests to become tempered. Are necessary strong and devoted up to the end. One mine will replace one hundred strangers. It isn't enough of mine, therefore also the price of their bike. How persuade that the future waits for you, and that to belittle a celebration of darkness of our current. Now not light, darkness triumphs the пиррову a victory. Therefore also to heavy open heart. But know that are intended to Call. But wait for it, collecting the necessary knowledge and experience. The necessity realize, but heart to the Lord having given. So we will reach the put. And hands shaggy, from everywhere lasting, won't reach. In Me we will find stability unshakable. It is necessary only columns of the basis to deepen in motionless and strong layers. Close layers, as well as the near past, won't give stability, but the remote past, a cycle of times fascinating, is a basis of the future which goes. All future evolution of spirits follows from all past which forms a basis. But not last yesterday. And basis columns, passing mobile and unstable layers, can become stronger on the base unshakable. I speak to that consciousness to pass spheres of the phenomena unstable and to bases of not relating. It is necessary to raise, as the column of Light having the basis both in Earth and in the Sky, both in the past and in the future. Earth – the past, the Sky – the future. Behind all seen in depth the stability basis is hidden. On it Build Lords as if on a motionless basis difficult drawing is weaved. Even in language human there are these main concepts round which tries to rotate and on which the world human is based. Let's call them: evolution, culture, spirit, Light, General Welfare and others. The others will be already superficial stratifications of different depth. Life is difficult, but to separate a basis from other, less considerable elements, and it is possible, and has to. It is possible because to build only on it, differently construction can be marsh on the unsteady soil.
278. Accumulation of knowledge goes in the different directions, but the direction the main thing is important. It gives coloring and a tone to all to the rests. And all the others become depending on it and play already sub office role. All work by the ship depends on for the sake of what it is constructed. And life of the ship human, creation of spirit depends on that purpose for the sake of which it exists. The unity of the conscious purpose conducts to unity of action and coherence of separate parts of a whole. When the ram is directed to punch an obstacle strong, all its points are directed in one direction. It reaches blow force extraordinary in a point of its appendix, but on condition of the coordinated commitment of all its parts. As and flying the plane shows unity of directed all the parts, differently it will collapse. Uniform tendency especially is necessary in a microcosm of the person for a reconstruction of opportunities of fast flight or movement. At inconsistency of a mood or a harmony of elements, it making, movement becomes slowed down or simply impossible. What would be if a stern, the nose, the deck and other parts of the ship were directed in different directions? Occurred by the ship but when it in movement, moves in one direction everything that on it. All others movement on it are relative and to the main movement don't disturb. It is necessary to think of coherence. It is an advance basis, and also about unity, determination full-shown.
279. Nothing can believe barriers between the Teacher and the pupil. And still the barrier is necessary. What's the matter? Sometimes something the force shows it, occupying a consciousness field, darkening it. But the main thing after all not in it, and that the organism human to be as it should be, in a condition of known readiness, has to contain in certain conditions. The burdened stomach, wine, tobacco, the dirty food, the poisoned atmosphere – all this influences purity of the tool. And the most ringing pipe can become hoarse if the litter gets to it. So the minimum of necessary conditions has to be observed. And it is good when it passes to maximize and degree of readiness rises. To hold the microcosm orderly is a task hard. And again there is a question: whether the way that nothing disturbed at least in the person is solved. The corner of the relation to external obstacles always can be changed so that force of counteraction to direct in a useful working wave, increasing the equally effective. But when it is unsuccessful inside, even the Teacher isn't able external to turn on advantage. Therefore such attention to a condition of consciousness is paid. Care of consciousness – care the most necessary. Even the Lord is unacceptable if the consciousness doesn't contain. Even Light inexpressible can seem darkness, if in eyes darkness. Vision and understanding on consciousness. Let's show care of that the consciousness was as it should be. It also is a condition of wakefulness constant. It is necessary to be always on the guard in due readiness. To the guard overslept costs a little?
280. The spirit human is a magnet which holds atoms of a physical body together. They come to it and leave, but keep spirit as one integrated whole round itself. Once the spirit leaves a body, it breaks up to components, and the magnet ceases to work. The same occurs and with astral and mental bodies. Body without spirit is an insensible piece of meat. The thin cover left by the owner, possesses bigger vitality and shows similarity of life, but too the minimum consciousness. It is as though got doll which plant works but which doesn't think and can't reasonably act. All its movements have certain, purely reflex character. Still bigger vitality, again external, the mental left covers of the person possess. Purely reflex process proceeds without any participation of consciousness and will on the channels laid during lifetime. Both in that and in other case, both in astral and in the mental dumped cover there is a disintegration process, because the spirit magneto binding their elements, no. The spirit rises above, leave the gets rid covers and energy which were peculiar to them, below. To become angry the spirit released from them will already have already nothing or to feel any other passions. Intellectual life stops also because there is no mental conductor. Kovalevsky I solved problems not intelligence, but something which is standing over. Thought fiery, thought the highest not from intelligence. The spirit continues to live in the sphere of thought of the highest and other order, than usual thought. The astral released from communication continues to lead the life. Warm feelings, being transformed on the highest scale, continue psych life, having pulled together to the heart sphere all the highest, all the best that is collected by the person during lifetime on Earth and in spheres astral and mental. It is possible to imagine easily itself deprived of ability to become angry, worry, be afraid, to hate, hunger, and thirst and so on and still to feel by itself, not lost the identity. As it is possible present itself in other situation, other era, other nationality and absolutely another. It is possible to present itself in a body of other person. It’s all covers, another, and "I" Mine, I in it, other person. Let's imagine that somebody strong and strong-willed identity, passed to a body "At", the person insignificant and weak-willed. As all its actions and as quickly surrounding people would feel it sharply would change. Visualization of one Identity in covers of another helps clearly and to realize sharply in what Identity of the person, or spirit, life-giving a callous matter of covers consists. Not about obsession it is said, and that expression gives to covers Identity, in them concluded.
282. Let's not grieve for what isn't present. Let's better think of, how from this what to eat, take the most useful. The most useful is the experience received in life. Over it costs пораздумать. If it doesn't grow, so life passes aimlessly. The life purpose – to acquire knowledge, experience the given. Skilled, but not the abstract knowledge is necessary. I speak: it is necessary to be mindful of everything, avoiding reflex thinking. What means to look at an everyday occurrence or the phenomenon habitual as though for the first time? It means to depart aside from the road blazed by a reflex and anew, from the point of view of conscious, attentively to consider this phenomenon. The habitual thinking forces to pass by many wonderful phenomena, without noticing in them anything. Neither grain, nor flower, Sun beam won't open secrets for such thinking. It is required to look from the new point of view, not usual and not old that the phenomenon appeared in the true light. Look at eyes human. How many it is reflected in them. They as the open book for this purpose who is able not only look but also to see. It is necessary to learn to see. Everything look, but see only the very few. And so in everything, also it is so possible to pass by life, so anything and without having seen. Eyes wipe and ears wash out because it is necessary both to see and to hear. All but who hears listen too? "Do’s having ears hears" is a formula old. And by it too there passed people, so it and was had accepted. Both remained and are deaf, and are blind. And then the Teacher Called dead persons them. And nowadays they don't deserve other naming because are deaf, blind and dead heart. And I Speak about life, life able to see and live in all worlds. Come off life dead, in its death and decomposition. What can be more awful than decaying consciousness and what can be worse than the phenomenon of live dead persons? Therefore I Speak: "Strain all strength of mind to reject fetters of a lunar stupor to disseminate foggy blind dregs of a reflex condition of consciousness". Fire demands consciousness in everything and in all thinking it causes. If I do and I think because I want exactly so, instead of differently instead of because all so got used to do, blindly submitting to the stiffened forms someone once the approved standard. It is easy to think according to the standard: efforts don’t demand because so thought and all think, and time don’t take away, and lunar inertness of consciousness doesn't light responsibility fires before itself and before the world. This thinking of the old world, this thinking of those who lived and I went to oblivion because their thoughts were dim, affairs are dim, and life was dim. I Call to Light and fire I Bring.
283. Cooperation with Me can be reached in everything. Today the help was rendered in affairs usual, in work of day. The address was made correctly. Not for itself the help, but for common cause therefore also the help was rendered the obvious asked. It is necessary to aspire to so to cooperate both is more often, and is more conscious. In everything it is necessary to hold Me, strong to keep and it is constant. Not as the child for the nurse but as the soldier in fight for the chief, meaning the general task and cooperating for its performance. In consciousness it is necessary to unite and in consciousness to work together, mentally being with Me and mentally working unseparable. It is good to present itself part of collective of Hierarchy. Well яро to feel Hierarchy behind shoulders and to work on behalf of it. This consciousness great gives strength. With my name I Allow to act, but previously has united in consciousness. Working with Hierarchy, it is good to realize a word meaning "We". In it force big. Who will know that is thought behind it, mighty force it will feel if it is said consciously, connecting Light speaking with a perennial spring and power. I believe that contact with Powers of Light can be strengthened and deepened in all ways, all measures, all aspiration and all heart. When business concerns General Welfare and the common goal conducting to it, the help appears at the due and necessary moment. In affairs personal the karma can interfere to assist in wished for addressing the moment. But in affairs of General Welfare where the personality is removed on a background, consequences of the Help of the Teacher are especially fast. All the time I Tell about work, in common leading.The affairs created and made in the Name My and Me, differ from the affairs. Over them is My Hand. So firmly, surely also it is safely possible to go towards the aim. Our purpose – the statement of the New World, and all that promotes this purpose and promotes, will be business good and having the right to our support if in it there is a need.
284. My son, on a solemnity key the best anthems to the Highest were created. The solemnity is the main note of the Fiery World. On it the Universe sounds. Space is penetrated by solemnity. And not find it in the lower class of the Hidden World. It isn't present where passions human and where vanity reigns storm. There is no it on a market and in market evidence. The consciousness which has been adjusted on a key of solemnity opens to itself access to spheres, it corresponding. Great Service in solemnity is made. It should be scented, it should be felt in the heart and she should give the attention. There is no place to low or small affairs in a solemnity kingdom. The solemn condition of spirit lifts it over life turmoil to tops. The essence of the person who has betrayed to solemnity changes. Quality this synthetic is. There can't be a solemnity without fire. Without fire there will be a defective inflatedness. There can't be it without tendency of spirit, because in a terrestrial bog what here solemnity. There can't be it without the legend of to the Highest that is consciousness immersions to the Highest Spheres. So we will approve solemnity as quality necessary and to the true advantage of spirit the conformable.
285. It was much spoken about obedience. Obedience isn't obedience or submission of the will to will another. Obedience is novice that is discipline. It is possible to restrain an astral enrages, having only bridled it and having subordinated to the will. But if the will is weak, the consciousness is transferred above and betrays itself to the Highest Will by means of merge of the will to Will Highest it was possible to lead a violent insatiable and unruly astral to obedience. Where the person isn't able to consult one, we will consult together. I will help if it is called and if addressed to Me the will to me betrays for strengthening it new fiery force. Weak-willed submission and is harmful to foreign will, both is destructive, and doesn't give consequences. But the aspiration strong-willed the will to merge to Will of the Highest, to Will of the Hierarch will be a success and victory sign, and the main thing – strengthening of will insufficiently strong. It is necessary to distinguish these subtleties and to understand them, because will submission to weak will more* the strong involves slavery and slavish psychology of the one who the right of the primogeniture, the freedom to someone or something gives. But merge of consciousnesses and merge воль, going towards the aim uniform and on a uniform way, will be any more slavery, but release of from the power of the lowest covers seeking eternally to enslave spirit and to subordinate him to the arbitrariness. Merge to Will of the Teacher can be considered as communication of free will of the person with fiery will of the Head for her liberation from tyranny and the power of the lowest principles of the person, or his lowest covers. The person even doesn't imagine as their power over consciousness is great. Not realized all depth of the slavery and submission to the lowest it can't be exempted from it. Because how to be exempted from that he, perhaps, considers as freedom. Look at this pompous fool who as a turkey-cock with it is proud of the raised head, important addresses the colleagues. In it all for show: both gestures, and gait, and voice. Before whom it breaks and why? Is he the pity slave to all to whom treats with such independent arrogance because he wants itself to show them and puts itself in slavish dependence on the people, independent itself esteeming. The pity slave to own conceit and inflatedness also is in slavish dependence on people around. The one who it is imperceptible is free and in silence true freedom protects. It is a lot of types of slavery, and the slavish psychology is a lot of slaves, and different look. The Teacher Speaks about freedom. Freedom should be understood. To freedom the Teacher Calls.
286. Approach to the Light source does coming nearer lightful. We come nearer spirit and in the spirit of. Nothing can interfere with approach if the spirit because the spirit isn't the phenomenon terrestrial, but fiery wants. Burdened terrestrial to rise not in forces, yet doesn't realize that all terrestrial, its burdening, isn't spirit, but from a flesh and dense conditions. Identifying itself with them and without separating the highest fiery nature from them, wings to itself clips, losing possibility of take-off. But in the being the spirit is independent of fetters of the lowest matter. This understanding and this independence should be claimed hourly. And the strength of mind recognized as consciousness, will grow in proportion to recognition. The statement question in itself prophetic a certain order, that is ideas or thoughts of leaders, is very important. And, being approved in consciousness, there is it force, consciousness of the leader. Recognition of a primacy of spirit puts spirit over everything and above everything, generating consequences the constants causing a current of all life. The same great, and the main thing, constantly operating consequences have immortality and Teacher recognition. Therefore the statement in consciousness of the lightful principles of Agni Yogi яро approaches it to the Light source. It is possible to introduce consciously these grains lightful in the being. They will grow. It is necessary to show only care those whirlwinds terrestrial and angry didn't dispel them. Why I Speak that in a spirit sanctuary anybody was never allowed? That to protect Light grain from plunders. You look that passersby didn't trample on them the feet. To Heart of the Lord some have access, but proximity different. Only fidelity and devotion tempered and inflexible has a shave. Passersby aren't allowed at all. How to specify more clearly that the fire sacred, burning in a breast, terrestrial and invasions biped has to яро be preserved against whirlwinds. What if will enter and will extinguish? After all there are special quenchers of light fires which in World Thin and in the world terrestrial and each spark trade in suppression of each spark of light. It is necessary to be protected, and to be protected consciously. In twilight of night when around enemies, the linear ship, power fiery in itself bearing, goes with extinguished fires. Fires burn only inside. But internal fires бронею are covered. It is strong and powerful, fires covers. On examples of life we will learn to protect a sacred flame of spirit from poisonous influences terrestrial.
287. A lot of things can be made when the purpose is clear and the step is firm. Circumstances магнетизируются thought, they bend under a hammer of will and get the necessary form. Therefore it is told: "Look for God's Kingdom and his Truths, and the rest will be put to you". If all consciousness is directed on the main thought, elements of environment start being harmonized with it and to answer it. Fiery energy of spirit wins against resistance of spheres. The victory is celebrated by a condition of consciousness. A lot of things depend on understanding of that temporariness of external conditions can't compete with constancy and a not transient of spirit which always thanks to it wins if the principle up to the end is observed, that is test for constancy and aspiration duration is passed. Advance in the conditions of the city or in lowlands is difficult, but imagine that the aspiration kept the force, and conditions changed. And in far mountains, in the conditions of mountain and magnetic, blossoming of all abilities, prepare earlier, will reach height unknown, - but if the aspiration died, and mountains won't help. Imagine contact with the Teacher, approved and carried by through life, in the conditions of mountain or there, behind sides of this world where the lower class doesn't disturb and don't influence heavy. The most important – fire of spirit to carry by victoriously through all terrestrial living conditions, not go out it. And sustained up to the end is Light wreath. Therefore the Teacher Insists on that quality of constancy and steady inflexible firmness of aspiration was tempered strongly. Flitting moths it isn't necessary. It isn't necessary also those who chases different teachers. The tested heart that it was possible to conduct it on Arhat's difficult way is necessary. Coming, both leaving, and coming again, think of steady following for the Lord always and everywhere, in all affairs and in all worlds. Only such measure you will force the way. I speak about full-devotion, яро directed and яро directing in that future when everything is reached. My children, a magnet of the Heart I Keep you in my Beams. But also you show eagerness due that the Beam could cause in you the accord reciprocal because the spirit ascension is based on the accord.
288. If to consider that the most necessary in human life is Communication with the Highest World and the Lord, only this one endures all terrestrial, up to spheres of the highest. Therefore the most necessary and time can find the special. These special moments are the invite and awakening moments. In the first case the consciousness as though receives a parting word or the direction to the World Thin and spheres which the spirit can visit are defined; in the second – the main note is given to awake consciousness for all present day. These turning points in life of consciousness have very big influence on it. If to have control over these control moments firmly, it is easier to consciousness not to deviate the main direction. It is necessary to notice that living conditions usual яро antipode to conditions of the Highest World and therefore to keep in the correct direction in usual conditions not so simply. From where there are so much swaying and wanderings and so much instability? Why even after many signs the called turns from a direct way? Fires terrestrial win against fires elevated. And fires terrestrial are often stronger. To keep in the correct direction will be a victory. Therefore turning points of consciousness have to be under firm and continuous control. Hour morning, hour evening, that is rising and sunset time, too is of great importance. The moment of change of currents is considerable the magnetic. Magnetic conditions of beams change, creating the moment of special tension which aggravates fiery accord of an organism if due time and attention is found for that. Noise of vanity can muffle any sounding. Therefore at the time of change of currents rest and privacy, if this sounding and aspiration catch and realize is necessary. The moment of change of currents is important the importance of the magnetic conditions on which the spirit harp sounds. At these moments it is easier to establish Communication and the appeal to the Highest World easier than all succeeds. The organism space is as though balanced between influence of two worlds: Invisible and visible, and perceptions become aggravated. It needs to be known, the rest is reached by experience and a number of consecutive attempts to approve a perception rhythm. Certainly, this astrological moment is full of value. It is possible to note as all nature reacts to it, all live and the more so the person if he wants to give itself (himself) in it the report and if noise market doesn't stuff up ears. It is so possible in the different ways to strengthen the communication with the Highest. After all the magnetic attraction of energy terrestrial should be overcome nevertheless once. Conditions facilitating help. And if it is difficult to be released during the day from terrestrial attempts, at the time of a back-filling it can be made and has to. Going to travel, the person in consciousness comes off an on- sited nest and house conditions. Here the same separation occurs in consciousness upon transition to a dream when the spirit of the person goes to spheres the far unearthly. And then this separation causes freedom of flight. As the bird on a leash, trembles consciousness near, being not able to come off and depart. And the Teacher Wants to accustom to flights and ways Specify. Earth power is too strong, and it is so simple not to come off. The separation from Earth is an ultimate goal of the spirit finishing the long terrestrial way. Let's study separations from tenacious terrestrial gravitations. Let's learn to approve by life freedom of spirit.
289. I give a parting word on the ardent statement of all qualities. It is better to begin with the most sounding. They according to the accord will cause new, the majestic symphony of fiery qualities of spirit won't begin to sound yet. Again and again, with a new force and desire those qualities for which the spirit strives take root and go deep. It is possible to reflect on them, they can be imagined approved and being shown in operation that can devote dreams and thoughts, they won't enter yet the grown, integral part of consciousness. And each new statement of old quality will serve on its strengthening and deepening. Quality by the nature is boundless therefore any repetition in essence never will be that, but above, the new step of expression of growing power of spirit showing the force in development of this or that quality. It is told about tranquility so much. It seems that there is nothing to add more. But the new profound understanding will allow scenting that power of exactly burning flame of spirit, inflexible whirlwinds external, wins against hostile attempts to do harm or to wound astral. Balance is approved by tranquility. Against it nobody is strong. To show balance in a minute dark – means to win against hostile force. Let this victory won't be visible at once, let it seems that nothing is reached, but the consequence won't be slow itself to show. People are won by power of balance which, phenomenon inside and being directed as though on internal state of a microcosm, nevertheless яро and powerfully influences aura of fellow traveller with unusable means. Much they were, and much they will be, trying to extinguish a spirit flame. The return blow of power of balance is invincible. It isn't actively struck blow of mental energy, but automatic impacts of the fiery device on an organism of the ignoramus who carelessly concerned fire and has burned on fire. It is necessary to understand how simple polarization of own consciousness on the necessary wave, or in a due key, reaches a consequence external. Verbal it is possible to leave a method absolutely. To what it when at the disposal of the pupil there are stronger of energy. Especially in case of direct counteraction when the words are powerless, invisible energy is especially effective. The winner fiery, energy mental is applicable everywhere and always, and especially in conditions when direct verbal influence for some reason or other is impossible. Experiences with it are infinite and can be various extremely. Try and it is possible more often, instead of words to work with thought. People don't love direct instructions, but often need them. Then it is necessary to break off. Let force hidden work. It will find an entrance through a counteraction bristle, and your thought will be taken for the, because on it isn't written, whose it. And when it appears in consciousness, the person usually takes it for the child. Even the pupil isn't protected from influence of foreign thoughts. Only very sensitive and intense patrol cans it to protect. But in case of ardent hostile influence experience specifies at once nature of this influence and a possible source. Patrol is necessary in either case, and always because it is difficult to be protected from arrows of thoughts – are invisible, not heard and silent, but fly directly, sticking into the planned purpose.
290. Heart can order to fight slowly. Heart can be stopped almost the will order. And heart will obey. The experience which has been just carried out, serves that as the proof. As it is exact and all body organs implicitly submit to will. It is necessary to know only it and it is necessary to learn to be able to use it. If it is possible to influence anybody to some extent, therefore, it is possible to influence it in any degree if the will permits, that is if she learned to dispose. If bodies of the body easily and simply obey the order will, and body organs of other person submit to it in the same way. It is possible to help people if the will is rather strong and trained much, but before its domination is established in the sphere of an own microcosm. And then other microcosm submits to its orders so simply, as well as the. But if in the it isn't reached, and impact on others is so insignificant. Drugs are good and sometimes help, but the best medicine is nevertheless the mental energy directed by will. The will is the highest gift of Space, or the highest ability of spirit human to operate energy fiery. Its power can develop infinitely. Nobody can specify limits of power of human will. We have examples of its display striking. All phenomena of a display of the highest energy are made by means of will. It is necessary to realize power of the will and – boundlessness of possibility of its growth. Before daring will, it is necessary to know that all is possible. And if the will influences heart, and energy of heart are put in action by will, and energy of heart is inexhaustible and belongs to the category of the thinnest. The formula "Dare, the Child" gives to the person permission and a parting word to work in the sphere of energy fiery. The teacher Releases from a century dungeon of the regal prisoner, a name, to which will that he acted freely. Permission from bonds of misunderstanding, ignorance and neoconsciousness of the power is the first step to its understanding that is to mastering by it. It is important to establish the principle: body organs submit to will influence by the relevant order of consciousness. The understanding can be deepened and expanded it. And time the beginning, its continuation already entirely in hands of the one who wants to approve the will is made. Certainly, the statement of will goes to the benefit because the will approves Light. The evil will is doomed, and the end of the fateful is awful. We Will approve experience and the ways conducting to Light. The power is given to the person over any flesh that is over all types of a matter and energy. All types they are concentrated in the person. Operating them in itself, to operate them outside we learn. From simple impact on speed and heart beat force many conclusions of the most amazing it is possible to draw and continue them to their logical the manager. The thought of boundless power of fiery will of the person over everything that out of it will be this end. Potential of fiery will is boundless. This idea is expressed in other formula of the Savior who Told: "You are gods". But "gods" prefer to be content with an oven pot and cockroaches behind an oven. But power of fiery wills I Approve. I speak: "Begin with small to reach great, but begin, but don't postpone, but approve the right of the primogeniture and a primacy of spirit over everything. Also you remember that your neighbors possess the same potential of fiery properties". The creativity world, judgment to the person, can be carried out only on condition of existence of the fiery will put in action. To step the person can't step, without having applied will in operation. The mountain can be shifted, but at first it is necessary to learn how to move small pebbles. Many want to begin with big and even in the small don't succeed. In it the deep and tragic delusion is covered. The best covers good, and is reached neither that, nor another. Big it appears not in power, and small there is a broken trough of unrealized dreams. Health, or harmonious condition of an organism, substantially too depends on will. Health can be approved by will and яро to struggle with diseases. Will the protecting network strains, and will energy fiery in a microcosm human accumulates. Accumulation of mental energy in an organism is the task, all depth and which importance isn't realized by people at all. The person who has spent the energy and not able fill up it and to save up, is an empty cover, a peel walking, and in case of chronic waste – the live dead person. The deification of concentration of the highest energy and powerful tension of their fiery magnetic force is shown by the Savior at the time of his so-called Transformation. Fiery power of the Fire Spirit was shown by fiery Will to people. They saw deification of strong-willed Action. So the magnet in tension of the fiery can be strengthened by human will repeatedly depending on will power of his owner. And here, since small, it is possible to notice how all essence of the person quickly reacts to the strong-willed statement of fiery power. Esteeming a pettiness and the slave who’s that was even the God's slave, the slave and remains with all consequences of the slavish and humiliated psychology. But the employee of Space Forces and Hierarchies of esteeming it can become true the employee of the Space Father. It isn't necessary slaves to reptiles; therefore regal fiery will have spirit I Approve. Understanding way that is mastering by is it, I Give. For a regal way of spirit I prepare that the way of Regal Yoga of Fire could be understood. You remember, I Told: God's sons you will be named.
291. Yes! Yes! Yes! The rhythm of efforts made won all difficulties. On rhythm wings flight the fast. This movement at a rhythm increases, and at last such moment when inertia of movement already bears forward independently is reached. It moves, she wins, and it overcomes environment resistance. At the Sun it is possible to study a rhythm. Be, as the Sun. Big affairs are carried out on condition of rhythmic work. Let gradually, but it is rhythmical, and speed will start increasing in unusual ratios. Even it is good to bring a diligence rhythm in the statement of qualities. By means of a rhythm it is possible to reach the impossible. The rhythm is a space condition of a display of a matter in great and small, in movement and an atom and Sun pulsation and celestial motion. The rhythm of speech wins against listeners. If to be successful in affairs, you will understand secret of work rhythmic.
292. Friends, the person lives in Boundlessness. Life, in Boundlessness shown, means evolution of all living. Everything evolves, submitting to the rhythm law, that is blossoming and withering, youth and an old age, growth and decline again to be born, develop, grow old, die both again and again to clothe in the dense covers which are subject to the law of cyclic development, and again to dump them when their form will wear out. In the world of contrasts of evolution there corresponds involution, displaying in big and minor cycles. Disintegration or withering of forms can be called involution of the vital principle of a matter. Then force it crystallizes in spirit grain. Spirit involution in a matter since the beginning of times means at the same time and its evolution in this matter. Evolution in the evil towards darkness also can be called spirit involution though angrily both grows, and develops, that is involution. All energy of a microcosm human tends to develop in the direction put in everyone. Being approved, they grow naturally in Boundlessness. Everyone can be presented increased; both increased, and amplified in many крат. Having continued in consciousness displayed energy in the future; it is easily possible to determine its value and necessity. And small germs of the evil can be stopped thus in a root, knowing that growth and increase will bring them heavy consequences. The direction it depends on the will putting fire in everyone. From degree of force of fire put by will in action of thought and feeling, their growth or attenuation depends. Let's be careful with energy negative not to strengthen their growth. The printing of the statement or the denial, imposed by will on this or that form of manifestation of microcosmic energy, serves as incentive for their withering or growth, dying off or development. It is enough to lose interest to the phenomenon that is to withdraw from it will fire as it will start decaying and going out. Fire of energy undesirable can be cleaned consciously, claiming at the same time energy necessary and conformable with spirit evolution. Everything depends on the will which is approving or not approving the phenomenon. The sanction of will defines development of energy of a microcosm. They say that someone couldn't fight and win itself (himself) against energy dark because weak there was his will. It is incorrect in a root, but the will was shown in the direction negative. The winner – will, but will angry and dark, black fires claiming. Brothers of darkness too possess will, and will strong, fires dark the generating. Only weak-willed being doesn't generate any fires and any will in operation can't give. Therefore these two concepts – evil strong will and lack of will – shouldn't be mixed, as well as existence of negative energy in itself shouldn't be taken for weakness of will. If display any degree of negative will, and fight of will against them light goes to them in the fiery sphere of an display воль. Which will be stronger, that and will win. The consciousness is a field of a display of fiery energy of the various order generated by will. By will are generated, by will and are killed. In an own microcosm will – the Supreme director of everything, and the will directed to Light, light and energy phenomenon light pure fires seeks and to approve in it. We will be conscious in this process. While the will of the pupil won't reach known degree of force, the last line can't be passable.
293. The short formula of life is given: "Fire realize creating, fires in itself having seized". Because fire is a basis of life on which all is based. Everything is created by fire, and everything from fire occurs. The fiery basis clothes a flesh, and thin becomes dense. The sky falls by Earth, and fiery becomes the terrestrial. But the fiery basis can be seen in everything, and findings of science serve that as the proof. And on elements there is an influence through fire, and elements of the earth, water and air submit to fire. Therefore it is so necessary возжечь the fires and it is so necessary that fire flared up. Prometheus stole fire from the sky, but it became the prisoner. Not it is necessary to become the prisoner, but the lord of fire. Many become slaves to fires, they lit. Light Agni and fires black in the influence differ. It is heavy to be the slave to black fires. If Light Agni is the builder, the dark flame is destructive. Therefore fires should be owned. Fires lit by habits, don't die and especially difficult submit to control if they treat fires dark. As a matter of fact, all actions, feelings and thoughts of the person are connected with fire and are impossible without its participation. Therefore control over them already will be a sure method of approach to mastering by fiery power. Uncontrolled actions as manifestations of unrestrained fires are inadmissible. It belongs as both to feelings, and to thoughts. The device human, being at the heart of the fiery, needs continuous control of will, if the purpose –seize energy fiery in the microcosm; control, patrol, vigilance, vigilance an action essence fiery, bringing to mastering by fires. As well restraint of flashes of an astral is no other than submission of the lowest fires to will. All human life with all complexity of its psychophysical organism can be considered in aspect of its fiery essence, and mastering itself becomes process of mastering by fires microcosmic. In this regard in himself the person can work wonders and, having approved them inside, to create them and outside. The Universe can be understood in a section of the dense world, in a section of the Thin World and, at last, in a section Fiery. Which of them is closer to aspect of eternal truth? The thinnest, most imperceptible, most mobile and steady world, the World Fiery, more all are close to an eternal enduring basis of the real. Mastering by fires gives the power over elements and a matter, the power of which people so dream. Therefore the way of mastering by fires, or a way of Regal Yoga of Fire, will be a way bringing spirit to the higher power of which to it won't be able to give anything terrestrial. Both the power, and power of the terrestrial lord are incomparable and incommensurable to power and the power of the Lord of the Flame. And even initial steps of mastering by the fires can't be compared to attributes of the power terrestrial. I speak: qualities of spirit about which it is told so much, are statements of crystallized fires of essence of the person and the first necessary steps to mastering by a flame. For what the Doctrine is given? That fires to awaken and lead people to a way of the power over them. Fire it is possible to be the slave and mister. The lord of own power Calls to become the Teacher, mastering by the fires in it having approved.
294. Going to travel or going anywhere, the person always has before himself any purpose. Without existence of the purpose senseless wandering turns out. Even leaving the house, everyone knows where and why goes. Before going to bed, plunging into conditions of the Thin World, especially the person has to know or give himself a task, where to go. The direction has to be given surely to avoid senseless and aimless wanderings. It is impossible to provide the stay in that area where wanderings can get goodness knows where on favor of accidents. Clearness and definiteness of representation where the spirit wants to go is necessary. Each time, filling up, it is possible to give to it certain tasks. Certainly, it is simplest to go to the Teacher, having provided all to energy the in his order, and to try to realize about impressions received in the morning. But to it is possible to add and spheres which it is desirable to visit, both impressions, and knowledge which would be to be gathered. Independent expeditions aren't forbidden, of course, on condition of preservation of communication with the Teacher. Amateur performance and here is welcomed, as well as in everything. But the accurate direction of consciousness has to be given always, under all conditions and daily, every time when there is an immersion in a dream. Two circumstances disturb: the first – and eructation of the day thinking which has strong seized consciousness, the second – usual inertness of the consciousness which isn't wishing to trouble at an o'clock of lawful rest. But for Arhat rest doesn't exist. Its rest – in change of the direction of working thought. It is possible to adjust itself on a key and a musical wave, having chosen any beautiful thing. It is possible to plunge mentally into nature contemplation: mountains, the woods, lakes, the rivers, snow; it is possible to go in Space a scope to participate in world events and to help construction of the New World. It is possible to gather knowledge. Tasks which the brightened-up consciousness can put before itself are interesting, infinite and various. Only not to go to the World Hidden, the World of inexhaustible opportunities, in a sleepy stupor of the narrow-minded relation to a dream, to this most wonderful stay outside the dense world! Exactly here, as anywhere, understanding and accurately firmly goal is required. It is necessary to leave weak-willed and senseless immersion in a dream. Thought the main, firmly put, has to conduct the person, and thought not brain because the brain sleeps, but the thought put by N and heart, - Because the thought conducts the person. As after death to keep a continuity and consciousness clearness if during lifetime not to use the dream periods that is the same in essence but only small, transition to conditions of the Thin World. For consciousness in this case it is necessary to leave usual inertness. Never is it impossible to sink into a sleep in a condition of tired indifference. The body can be tired and a brain, but not spirit. But activity of a body and a brain are completely excluded – the thought goes more deeply, without mentioning external dense covers. It is so possible to find one more possibility of familiarizing with the world of thin energy. The relation to a dream should be reconsidered in a root and completely. Not rest, but polar change. Rest is for a physical body, but activity tension for the highest conductors. Many in World Invisible during a dream stand, to insensible packs are similar. That is natural and clear for the inhabitant, is inadmissible for the pupil. Certainly, activity in a dream to any degree the pupil phenomenon, but it is necessary to bring in it an element of consciousness and will directing. The Teacher Will help, but a lot of things depend on itself. It is so possible to enter consciously into the sphere of the Thin World and considerably to expand possibilities of cognition. The connection of the world’s being a sign of the New Era, will be accompanied by understanding of that such the dream is a mysterious condition, and its use for spirit development, - because stay in the world wonderful takes place without any advantage, often without leaving a trace. The partition of three bodies is impossible without conscious approach to a dream. The dream is a sphere of wonderful opportunities for the wakened spirit. But it is necessary to concern heart because heart sleeps never. And, into it having plunged, it is possible to start comprehending essence of its amazing life. But many still sleep heart. Life is transferred to thought, and thought in heart. And heart – the guard of night, will start developing before consciousness the page of life wonderful. The Teacher Wants to awaken full understanding to that condition which occupies a kind third of life. After all from life, say, in sixty years, the whole twenty long years take place in a condition of a dream. Isn't it time to think that such a dream and how to use and apply those opportunities which are given by it to the person? Even the dog in a dream feels and worries! Specify life of spirit to enrich a way doubly and gradually to enter into that condition which expects the person after his death, - because the dream of death is similar, and in it – life.
*295. My friend, not in words the affair, and in what feelings and thoughts are hidden behind them. It is possible to show words charming, and feelings and thoughts bad covering. Упасемся from the words which sense and which value don't correspond to their hidden essence expressed by feelings and thought. In this phenomenon of discrepancy of an external form with its internal essence the big destructive force which is reflecting first of all in begets is covered. It is necessary that external expression corresponded to the internal; because otherwise in space the dissonance or a destruction whirlwind is generated. It hypocrisy, duplicity, insincerity, falseness, flattery, deception and all other phenomena, to its related is harmful. Deceivers and liars destroy the essence the whirlwinds generated by the phenomenon of discrepancy. About what it isn't necessary to speak, it is possible to be silent, without resorting to deception. Restraint, both reticence, and hiding of the feelings, thoughts and emotions isn't deception if they aren't accompanied by the words, bearing itself attempt to distort reality. The person, who allowed mistakenly an act and has kept silent about it, isn't the deceiver until while it won't begin to deny it or to convince of the opposite. Many secrets are kept by Arhat’s lips, but he from it becomes neither the liar, nor the deceiver, the hypocrite. But even the smile of sure flattery bears itself destruction, and first of all for fires allowed it. The lie and hypocrisy terribly affect spirit fire; obviously and probably go out it. The deceiver can't burn with fires. Feelings and qualities listed are light Agni's strongest fire extinguishers because generate darkness and decomposition fires. Let's aspire to that words said corresponded to their internal nature or those fires which caused them to life. It is possible to be truth only provided that. Certainly, the spiteful word, black fires expressing, won't be the truth carrier, that is Light. The truth of life is expressed in harmony creative, or creating. Black fires bear destruction. The truth is expression of the creating fiery power approving coherence, or a harmony of fires.
296. Water hollows a stone, and the stupid resilience of an atavism is overcome by persistent and persistent persistence. This way approves qualities. The end to the statement isn't present because qualities are boundless. Process of self-improvement is infinite. On a key of infinite and continuous improvement the consciousness is adjusted. The end of evolution isn't present. Achievement of coast fiery is only the beginning of evolution fiery. After registration of a fiery body it will start ascending in Boundlessness on evolution steps. It is necessary to understand a difference between will of the inhabitant and Will Greater planets to feel possibility of infinite development of qualities of a human microcosm. Also it is necessary not to be tired in making because when the spirit consciously enters a stream of Space Evolution, measures usual disappear. And whenever it was spoken about the statement of any quality, it isn't necessary to accept it as repetition, but as new next attempt in a number of infinite others to strengthen this quality and process of its infinite development. It is possible to win against terrestrial fear, it is possible to approve fearlessness, but a lot of courage is required to go deep into researches of depths spatial and to venture distant flights. After all from them it is possible and not to return. So the scale of the qualities which height doesn't have the end and a limit develops and gets stronger. The formula "Be Perfect as the Father Your Heavenly Is Perfect is" expresses this idea in the language clear for the time. We Will approve infinity of evolution of all and in everything. Therefore complacency and self-satisfaction therefore the formula "I Already Reached" is pernicious is destructive. In the course of ascension it is possible to increase only, knowing that the end isn't present. Someone is frightened before this infinity, but before the person there are Eternity and Boundlessness which mean and give the chance of never-ending improvement and development of all properties of a microcosm human, yet there is no it macrocosm, embracing itself all. The formula "You Are Gods" indicates these boundless opportunities concluded in the person. And how the step taken in the correct direction was small, it nevertheless approaches to this great purpose and gives the chance and forces to make the second and the third because qualities tend to growth. Not only trees and herbs grow, but seeds of the energy approved in consciousness, give the shoots. Crops of grains of energy of the necessary qualities can be made consciously, systematically, constantly and without getting tired making. It is possible consciously to force to begin to sound on the statement of any quality if it is realized, what not separate quality is necessary, but the symphony of qualities that is the symphony or harmonious development of all fires of all centers, century accumulation kindle and burning with energy is necessary. If to imagine greatness and fiery magnificence of that is intended to the person by Space Command, a lot of things would be facilitated on this great way of an infinite perfection of spirit. Travelers we boundless! So among usual life terrestrial fiery shining singularity is approved. Claiming her we Call sons of Light. For the sake of this purpose great it is possible to sustain everything and to undergo everything, in fiery force increasing. In what and where heroes of spirit found forces to overcome the insuperable? Why there were on fires, torments, worries and abuses, by the spirit without having inclined? Whether not therefore, what the spirit began to see clearly in the fiery nature, in the fiery greatness the, eternal, enduring Treasure of the spirit intended to the person from the beginning of times and it in the heart wearable is eternal?
297. Evolution extent in bike time. Let's consider time phenomenon. Time terrestrial and time in the Invisible World is differently perceived by consciousness. It is more issued here, but there already there are no hours and its feeling is measured by sequence of events or impressions of consciousness. Here it is possible to tell, how many years, months or leaked minutes since this or that moment, but it can't be made there. Change and sequence of impressions and their character are perceived individually and measured differently, depending on their properties. Can't usually tell one incarnation spirit what is the time it is carried out in space of the Elevated World. Though same most period time it is easily measured on a scale terrestrial time. The proximity of the Distant Worlds in the conditions of thin existence in a root cuts firmness of terrestrial installations, and their relativity becomes not denied reality. Incalculable on a scale of terrestrial time spirit life, and measures terrestrial lose the sense. Dreams can help to feel to some extent a relativity and incorrectness of terrestrial calculations because impressions elevated go already in other measurement, and the person never can tell, what is the time occupied any thin experience or the brightest and fascinating dream. It is possible even to present to itself that there time in its usual terrestrial understanding doesn't exist. Than everything is closer to understanding of it gives thought untimely. Why hours terrestrial sometimes fly an arrow, sometimes last tiresomely and infinitely long? Even on Earth the feeling of time depends on impressions and consciousness life. Especially phenomenon it where isn't present terrestrial reference points. Often prisoners in dark vaults absolutely lost the account of time and felt only sequence of the phenomena available to consciousness. Present it in conditions when your consciousness can freely stay on Venus, Uranium and Jupiter and at the same time, without interrupting communication with a physical body, on Earth. On what hours your impression if the physical body is easily left by menthol will be tabulated. It is necessary to understand that for the highest measurements of time in our terrestrial understanding doesn't exist at all and from it is necessary to be released. The measurement is higher, doesn't keep within at all terrestrial measures of time less matters. All the same as though offered lay magnificence star sky in the small the casket. Framework of time is good for the phenomena terrestrial because help to realize them and to classify. But for fiery and even the thin phenomena they will be a heavy hindrance. What value they have, say, for instant flight in a mental body to Venus. Discrepancy of physical conditions of time here and there one can already bring confusion. Therefore a framework terrestrial for the thin phenomena is cancelled, and the consciousness is accustomed to think in other measures. Spirit it is possible to rise over a version of measurements of time on different planets, having felt itself as spirit out of it. Temporarily spirit and out of time can realize him. Time in its usual understanding is chains of the dense world. The highest fiery phenomena element time exclude. Unless the person wants prolong time sometimes? Not time, but endured impression. Because time is fiction, there is what isn't present. There are hours, the Sun ascends and sets. It would seem, there are foundations strong, but after all and on other planets it ascends and comes. But the matter is that it ascends and comes absolutely differently. In the spirit of it is possible to present this moment every hours in hands. It is possible to think that will turn out and what confusion will occur. It is possible to transfer all country to the Moscow time or on terrestrial – all Solar systems. But whether it will be true and whether there are somewhere six o'clock in the morning six o'clock in the evening, and day or days – week? Everything is conditional, everything is relative, everything is right in one measurement and it is incorrect in other. Only the spirit being above everything, can serve as a measure of things. The Greek philosopher proclaimed that the person is a measure of things. Let's tell the spirit human is a uniform measure of things in the Universe. And when everything will disappear that sees an eye human nowadays, and all measures become unnecessary, there will be a spirit, and by a measure of spirit will be measured a fiery subsoil of Eternity.

298. My son, swings arrhythmic should be avoided. They carry away force, and forces it is necessary much that to resist to an impact of elements. The nature lost the rhythm usual and яро influences mentality of the person, breaking his balance. To shake together with it, submitting to the power of elements, it is destructive for its psychophysical organization. It is possible to resist only balance. So balance will be a victory sign. It can be claimed in the spirit of, and then covers will obey also. Will begin the statement it with covers a mistake, because they have tendency painfully react on disbalance elements. But the spirit which over them, can give them the note sounds on a key of harmonious coherence, that is balance and to force them to begin to sound on it. Means, the exit should be looked for inside, but not outside where any more crying and a gnash tooth, but howl wild horror and of enrages of the out of balance elements. It was easy earlier, having been removed in the nature, to find in it calm and rest. Nowadays the nature is sick with human madness’s and crimes that are disharmonious influences of terrestrial mankind broke interaction of its elements. The chaos breaks everywhere. Only spirit it is possible for chaos of a matter противостать. Dark shifted the basis and while the dark pole of human collective continues to deepen begun and to worsen situation, a pole light adjusts all forces the lost harmony to restore. Those want war, We and the people, for Us going, – the world. Those destroy the woods, plunder riches of the nature and invent new destructive agencies, We and the woods going with Us spread, in deserts we plant trees and shrubs, the nature we will transform and we seek to create powerful collective of the amicable people, to brotherly cooperation of the directed. Forces of destruction and force of creation face in huge fight. Certainly, We Will win, but to this victory it is necessary to go in consent and together, all together against them – destroyers. The sign of My army – billion, already flies over planet. It costs a powerful counterbalance against destruction forces. About its force waves of energy pernicious, directed of dark camp break. Help to keep balance. To you I Address, able. Balance approved help to create a stronghold of spirit at the ocean of the raged elements. These towers of spirit, these columns – foundations of exactly burning flame for calm of the spontaneous matter which has flooded banks are necessary. Give the phenomenon of balance intense, give, where to Send powerful Beams to apprehend them in the receiver coordinated and harmoniously adjusted it was possible them which are already self-proceeding, on far to the district to extend. My beacons of Light shine with my Light, and their darkness not I embraced. The darkness, but ray of light powerfully it is condensed cuts, bearing rescue by everything who in darkness in a boat of the spirit directs to Light. Understand all importance and responsibility of an assignment. Leave personal attempts of complaint and discontent, reject all personal. The moment too responsible, also I should help. Stand guard, the Lord of the charged. You store with Me unification indestructible. Rescue to the world you bear, the heart for the sake of the world believing. Don't think hypocritically: "To what a little washing, unless it can have world value? » Understand that the grain of sand small can move the overloaded bowl of planetary scales. Collect all strength of mind not to fall asleep on patrol that your light didn't go out and there were no they in darkness, to my Light, through you given, directed, and the direction wasn't lost, and didn't choke in darkness hopeless. Realize the responsibility for Earth. Help Me, taken on the shoulders, balance so necessary nowadays to keep responsibility. Help. To you I Speak, able to hold a bowl of scales. Help. Everyone has to help to keep balance. You, wanting to become closer, share my burden.
299. My son, among general instability, confusions and chaos the ladder of Hierarchy going from the Sky on Earth from top to down is firm only. Structure of Space hierarchically, equally and Earth: Light network on the structure too is hierarchical and to a ladder of Light is similar. Beginning in heights of not predicates, falls up to the matter depths. Earth embraces and subordinate rays of light through and from the Highest receive that in the area of Hierarchy to transfer below. The highest can't concern the lowest without intermediate links. Fire can incinerate the receiver uncoordinated which vibrations aren't conformable with sent energy. Therefore intermediaries and transmitters are necessary, and heard to a thin ear on the dense is transferred, and dense, already physical, by an ear is perceived. Them transferr and bearing, we Call envoys. Bear Light which is no by to what Light is transferred. But Light has to reach all, because without it darkness. The network of Light is channels of this distribution. We Receive good fortune from above and we Transmit it to people through you, to Us is closer than people standing. Remove transformers, and the network will cease to work, and bulbs will fuse. You – My transformers Sveta Moyego for people. We speak: rescue in spirit towers, but not only for those who it (himself) shows this tower, but also for everything who can get up under its protection whom beams, from it proceeding concern. Chain hierarchical hold strength of mind and it keeps the world from decomposition. It is Fire the Highest, being a basis of existence of the dense world.
300. In the Beam act also with a beam. The being can imagine them constantly in the Beam. That communication will be stronger. Are live and ascend only communication with the Lord. In itself person is anything. In total energy which in it is, turn out them hierarchically: turn out or are received. Both life and consciousness is the Gift Spatial, given to it through Hierarchy. The source giving is a source feeding. In merge to it – force. Force in itself is realized on condition of the constant repeated statement of a silver thread. It is invisible, but – in heart, but except it there is nothing. Hidden, thin, stretched in space, it is the only communication of spirit with the inexhaustible tank of Space Fiery Power; It Created Great Spirits is great causes on Earth. It is better to lose everything, it having kept, than to get the world, having lost it. True values in invisibility are hidden. Valuably only that, what is invisible. All seen and therefore passing has no value. I have something visible and material, so I will lose, so sooner or later it is necessary to leave. True values are integral if the spirit knows how to keep them. Collect the invisible treasures of the fiery energy which have properties to be deposited crystals obvious in intimate, hidden from physical eyes essence of the person. These jewels of fiery crystals, in the Bowl stored, also are uniform true your property. For the sake of accumulation it is worth working, for the sake of preservation it should be undergone up to the end. In what to undergo? In the hardness and stability unshakable! What to undergo? Whirlwinds and storms terrestrial, aspiring to sweep and carry away Treasure. In the spirit of we collect, in the spirit of and spirit it is protected. Stand unshakably, as the rock, on great patrol and protection of Treasure fiery, the only thing which we have.
301. I consider: no forces in the world can raise a barrier between Me and the comer to Me, whether if he on the rashness, or weakness of it doesn't allow. And for this purpose patrol too is necessary. The thought small, but harmful can create barriers big mountains. Thought small, harming, it is necessary to see. It is necessary to distinguish immediately these thoughts, from Me separating and distancing. Let no failures not for a moment will detain run to the Teacher. Each failure at persistence and constancy by all means will address in good luck. It is necessary to feel in itself this force triumphing over temporariness of opposite conditions. The enduring essence of the highest "I" over a transient the lowest covers and their properties triumphs. The master of fate forging armor fiery of the Highest Triad is the person. So there is a statement of the highest in the lowest, fiery in the dense. I want to approve in consciousness durability, necessity of a constant triumphing display and a victory of the highest over the lowest. Then the highest always will be a winner. Powerfully and victoriously the spirit approves fiery energy in everything and over everything. Truly, it above all and limits of a display of the force has no. The spirit resistant won't begin to incline before any living conditions. The main tone of life is created by spirit, but not an external environment. Be fiery formers of dense conditions surrounding you, but not soft wax in their hands and these hands from everywhere lasts much. They are stretched from spheres of people around, and their one – to suppress the purpose and to extinguish fires. How many attempts become within one short day or night, even difficultly to present. And here patrol too is necessary. The treasure demands protection. Not without reason Doctrines so warn against dark influences. Against visible it is possible to fight but how to see invisible of spheres thin? That is why control over thought is inevitable. Otherwise how see the thought which has been skillfully thrown, and to separate it from the thoughts. It appears in consciousness as own, and sharp vigilance is required to notice the uninvited guest. When my thoughts widely and freely flow in the distinguished opened and adjusted receiver of consciousness, danger is especially great. Not at the time of Communication, but then, during all rest of the time because keenness of a susceptibility it is two-edged. Therefore degree of patrol vigilance constantly amplifies. On patrol it is necessary to be always at intense internal coherence and in unification with Me strengthened. Foreign harmful thought flies away, as a ball from a wall because it is rejected magneto. So the Unification with the Teacher will be the best protection. The teacher Will let know feeling of force, able to overcome everything if the force unites with strength of the Teacher. How it is possible to overcome everything, to win against everything and anything and to be afraid of nobody? With Me! What can follow ways a barrier when we go together? Who is strong against the Lord? So you remember: the Unification we win.

302. The person is laboratory for all feelings. The external phenomena by the nature of the cause the correspond reaction. Good – good, bad – unpleasant. The anger, rage, irritation and all other emotions are response of human laboratory to influences external. The majority of these reactions have purely reflex character. The person reacts because so I got used, all so do, without giving itself the account in the next reaction, which power it automatically and implicitly submits. It goes down stream usual, time accepted, feelings. Without arguing, without interfering with that is established and that is considered natural and indispensable. Only in case of reactions obviously painful, too unpleasant it starts accepting any measures, besides on a commonness track. It should put an end by will application. In the laboratory the person in reply to certain external influences can cause reaction opposite that which arises in it usually at similar influences. And the will of the person in laboratory of the microcosm can triumph over any external influence, having generated conscious reaction of a desirable order. It is possible to break a favorite vase, or to lose a favorite thing, or it is cruel to be afflicted, but for the sake of experience it is possible to tell itself: "Here my consciousness was exempted from one thing without which I can perfectly do". Let's be glad to release small and if thus effort of will to cause feeling of pleasure, it is a victory over reflex essence of the device and the statement of the power of consciousness over habitual feelings and the reactions earlier usually going on a beaten path. It is necessary this method to apply to all and to any feelings, already will establishing the necessary reaction, feeling or emotion contrary to all volume to that the organism submitted automatically earlier and without arguing. It is possible to meet already consciously each wave of external influences, being aware of how it would have to influence and what reaction to cause earlier on old колеям an automatic inert reflex, and what reaction it has to give nowadays under the conscious order of will and at firm control of consciousness over it. It is so possible to spend any periods of time or hours, claiming in laboratory of the reaction desirable contrary to before established habits and norms. Life won't stint giving impressions negative, unpleasant and heavy. But as on snow of yoga’s develops contrary to environment influence heat of heart and wins against cold, and in life the person contrary to these sad influences, heavy reactions defiant can, heart and will to cause reactions others, opposite usual, his will generated and approved. In the laboratory the will generates these reactions, feelings and emotions regardless of nature of going influences, contrary to and in defiance of. So the most boring and tiresome work can be performed with the pleasure, the heaviest or unpleasant to meet power of solemn light tranquility. Most uneasy and afflicting hearing – a smile of knowledge and understanding of that human anything can't shake spirit, both the most frightening and frightening phenomena – realizing that anybody and can neither damage nothing, nor destroy spirit grains; also it is possible to cause thus feeling of pleasure and a victory over one more attempt of the lowest world to enslave spirit. So in the covers the spirit, fiery will the person can create and generate those reactions which he wants. And its own wonderful laboratory is at its full disposal and at its full submission and the owner – the lord in it – he and nobody else and anything else. All people around can react to all surrounding as they wish it or got used, but value of will understands the learned, what wonderful forces in his hands, and he will answer all external influences at the will, generating it reaction necessary. Two conditions should be remembered: the first is a stupid persistent reflex of lunar essence of the old person doomed to destruction in, and the second – ardent influence unrestrained, both unbalanced, and violent astral covers of surrounding people which in every way will be consciously and to influence unconsciously to cause vibrations of elements, vibrations lunar and to drown consciousness in reactions reflex. Fight will go on two fronts: with itself and people around. But the wonderful laboratory of the person is remarkable that in it will it is possible to generate any feeling or feeling. It is possible to begin with small feelings, with that, knowing, what reaction they cause, will to approve the opposite. "It has to afflict me, we will be glad to that the will I can realize chagrin into pleasure of a victory over this feeling" – the pupil so thinks and finds ways of release from the power of the dense world over consciousness. If in the laboratory the feeling of pleasure is generated, it is possible to learn to rejoice to all even in the face of hard tests. Time having generated feeling will and having replaced reflex reaction consciously strong-willed, it is possible already quietly and to start surely to claim the power over, that is to take a way of true power. It is possible to learn to rejoice not only to obstacles, but already to everything, on what the will order, at least, perhaps, is given earlier this phenomenon would cause tears. In the face of fatigue it is possible to cause, that is to generate, cheerfulness reaction, in the face of an approaching illness – health, cold – heat, fear – fearlessness, concerns – tranquility, irritations – a smile. In a word, any feeling, any reaction, any feeling in laboratory of the microcosm will can be generated. It should be known before can, and it should be known firmly. It is possible to establish in advance the whole list of emotions and feelings undesirable and inadmissible and all order of consciousness to exclude them from manifestation of the microcosm. And each time when danger of emergence them arises, to cut them in a root with the strong-willed order and the statement of the phenomenon opposite or desirable. The will order, quiet and firm and in silence of silence given, can destroy in a root the basis of reactions unnecessary and harmful and approve the necessary direction. The reflex is completely excluded from Arhat’s actions. Meeting the next wave, it is possible even to imagine, the former lunar clown of the old person as though reacted to it in himself that then to approve as the winner has to react to it. It is useful to feel thus that the lever of will is entirely in hands of the person and he can turn it properly. The force and the opportunities should be realized for urgent and ardent application in life. Time of thoughtless slavery at itself and at the neighbors terminated. The dawn of freedom rises over consciousness of mankind. But freedom should be got the hand, the efforts and the will, having exempted first of all from the old person in it.

303. I believe that rage of enemies won't master a spirit stronghold. I believe that the narrowness of man-made cellars won't hold it in the borders. I believe that twilight of the present won't close light of the future. Also I consider that following Me in food spiritual won't become scanty. The guarantee I Give, but it is necessary to resist, but it is necessary to sustain, but it is necessary to keep forces up to the end. You I Will keep, Me trusted. You who weren't seeing, but believed and recognized, you I Will keep about my day. That could come to Me joyful and changed. I Will keep you, but with Me arrive, but from concept of the Doctrine don't distract, but the thoughts collect round a torch of uniform Light. Be not as the small children demanding new toys, but old acquire and put before new to receive. The world is old, and fight, and древен the enemy inside, subject a get rid isn't new. Every year leaves disappear, being replaced new, but bearing the impress of a former form. Prints of former stratifications in consciousness are strong. Call to a regeneration and replacement old the new. The teacher is new every instant, the Teacher never Comes back to an old track, the Teacher Sends new thoughts also new to energy daily. Sun beam today not that yesterday. Anything in Space doesn't repeat even rings of a spiral differ one from another. New, new, new! And even the old is in a new way approved and in new understanding. In it is generosity of Boundlessness; in time spiral spring, summer, fall and winter. The same old acquaintances, acquaintances very long ago, but new it is eternal. I call to new forms of expression of the same uniform eternal truth of life, old as the world, but eternally new and never repeating.

304. My friend, it would be very regrettable if the efforts made on ascension, didn't yield desirable results. Fortunately, it can't be. Consequences of the spent energy are inevitable. Once somewhere they will bring a harvest plentiful, increased a hundred times in comparison with efforts enclosed. This is right favorable and reliable room of the capital, which uncontrollably grows. Therefore it is possible to leave care of growth and results of the enclosed works if efforts don't stop. For them we won't wait in measures usual because we go under the sign of singularity. Characteristic new, Me given is its singularity. On this sign also you judge. Ways Exodus we will leave to preachers. We will go a novelty and singularity track. And the main thing, it isn't necessary to convince anybody. It is possible to tell only that knew and didn't reproach with avarice, the Rest can be provided to readiness of the listener if that is available also to fire influencing silently. The finest words remain dead if their external form isn't saturated with fire internal, heart fire. Also Records dead will be if with fire don't burn. Fires of thought are hidden behind words on pages of the inspired writing, and they can be understood and accepted only fires of own heart. At heart silent reciprocal fire won't flash. This fiery process of comprehension by the little is available. The majority reads and repeats and to parrots assimilates, especially preachers. A lot of evils generated the dead words proceeding from heart silent. That can be more tragic – lips speak, and heart is silent because it is dead. Words empty, space pro-butting, serve destruction forces on help. Without having the fiery basis in space, to litter and a peel it is similar, it litter. It is necessary to awaken fires. Lack of live fire generates the phenomenon of crowds of live dead persons. Therefore I come again to reduce fire to Earth. Fire creating, fire a life-given, fire, darkness breaking, fire – a beget of Light, descend to dark Earth that heart human to awaken and make it a planet shining, Light planet. That the purposes of this reach, nowadays these new opportunities approach beams. Spirit revival through heart awakening is fated. And using the force winner fire will be Main. So the Yoga of Fire becomes a uniform life. All yoga’s others without fire of heart are dead therefore it is called as the Regal Yoga conducting in life. There is also a darkness way, but We Speak about Light ways. Certainly, not all will accept regal truth of Fiery Yoga. And those who are born from fire that is from spirit will be pioneers of new race. Not in easy conditions it arises, but not to stop evolution neither torture chambers, nor prisons. Among strongholds of the old world, among them, the violence and suppression claiming will be to be born they, representatives of new race. Also they will destroy citadels of the leaving world. And if leaders become new where they will move those who follow them? New, new, new as Light fires, are born on planetary open spaces. And new against the world will win, and there is a World New, both Earth will be updated, and the New Sky visible becomes, and there will be this Sky fire the fiery. The doctrine will be included into life, having penetrated it the Light from top to a bottom. Division will disappear, the science, and philosophy, both religion, and art will become expression, or reflection of uniform eternal life. Time of separation, partition and division will terminate, and there will be a world on Earth, and the herd will be uniform, and I Will is the Pastor.
305. Merging the consciousness with leading will of the Lord, with his will we act. And his will is invincible and mighty. So we will learn to win. The lord is the fiery winner immemorial. First of all it is won, and then the won world. We go its feet, its way we go; to it we seek to assimilate in everything. One wants to be rich as Krez, another – is well-known as Napoleon, the third – is clever as Spinosa, but the pupil wants to be not such as someone, but such as the Lord. And in this plainness its force is. Reflecting constantly on fire, we become fiery, because fire magnetic. Directing thought to the Lord, we start aspiring qualities him in the microcosm to approve. Not badly, that he is unattainable. The sun too is inaccessible. But it is told: "Be, as the Sun". Daring spirit in a plainness of a barrier become only courage and courage of the most daring. Not a plainness to step over a pool, not aspiration in a house hen house, not courage to remain the same. Aspiration goes by singularity. Against the Sun makes a way the hierophant. Ways of Light are aspiration ways against usual and standard, eyelids of crystallized norms of narrow-minded existence, late, warm and gloomy. In commonness don't look for heroes. If heroism it isn't visible outside, it doesn't mean yet that its way is usual. Ways of singularity I Approve as an antithesis to narrow-minded safe vegetation. Among darkness of commonness don't look for mine. The concept of singularity takes away from the blazed roads. Whether it is possible to imagine boundless open spaces of Boundlessness within commonness? Whether it is possible the World Fiery in a commonness to imagine? Whether the yogi can assimilate to the inhabitant? "A precept new I give you" – the approval of the new testament of life so began. So the statement, or about to announce , each new Doctrine proclaiming in a new unusual form the same uniform truth, old as the world begins. The truth is uniform and inexhaustible, but brains human are limited to the capacity therefore the truth evolutionarily and in the sizes permitted and determined by a step of evolution of terrestrial mankind is given. Any more we Do not give because Have no but because there is nothing to contain still. And if are able contain, will turn into the evil. If in my Name of people on fires burned and tormented with red-hot iron that people in the name if forbidden to give out formulas to them will make. Therefore let don't complain that secrets we give out to only tested spirits which have come to Us forever, not knowing a way back and tested throughout the long millennia. Fire trusts in the next.

306. My friend, the Teacher Wants that the tranquillity shown was perfect. Degree of its display is still insufficient. The tranquility is a will empery over energy of the device human when it can send force subordinated to it in any direction with any task. This condition is as onions intense. Can work powerfully only the energy, obeyed to will. Full submission of energy can happen only on condition of balance reached. Each statement of tranquility is no other than the statement of collected concentrated force, ready for action. I speak about force, about power fiery, about the power because without existence of this quality action will be insignificant. But the person proves in operation. And that advantage to the person to prove in actions pity, insignificant and slimed. Dregs, weakness and illegibility of thinking and actions by expression of will insignificant are which not in forces of to approve in tranquility fiery. The most ardent, strongest and most active and intense action can be and has to be made in the external conditions uneasiness, disturbing and torn apart by powerful whirlwinds at full tranquility inside and balance unshakable. And such action really will be strong, fiery and invincible. It is necessary to learn intense tranquility of action. It is necessary to learn to work quietly in tension. Let external whirlwinds become incentive for the statement of tranquility in the face of them. Let each violation of tranquility in surrounding people will be a reason for a balance display in itself. Let the will learn to go against the stream as a hierophant against the Sun in the ancient temple, symbolizing this fiery statement of strong-willed power. Force can't be born at confusion internal, when energy of a microcosm мятутся in a disorder. The imperious hand brings them to harmony, giving the coherence phenomenon when equally effective them, like a shock edge of a ram, it can be sent to any point, breaking obstacles counteracting. The tranquility and will are connected inseparably. One without another can't be shown. Feelings and emotions it is possible to bridle, anything them externally without revealing. They can storm inside, but outside, but externally the tranquility isn't broken. It is a victory step. But the condition when they are won not only externally, but also internally will be the highest step. It will be true tranquility and true ability to own itself. The Teacher Calls for mastering by. The silver bridle of spirit is imperiously put on all feelings of the pupil. He puts on the feelings and holds an occasion an imperious hand. The secret of power of action consists in balance of spirit, its making. Show tranquility any price. Results wonderful won't slow down. You study on people around what shouldn't be the person. On to yourself you study. Internal energy can be in such chaotic condition and rush about in so various and opposite directions that their equally effective will be equal to zero. Fiery power of the person was destroyed, and the person is a cover empty, in him torn apart on part. Not to resist to the house, in itself divided. Destroyed it is inevitable. Therefore balance as an antipode to self-damage meaningless, pernicious and inadmissible is approved. The tranquility is collecting of all forces of the person in one focus of the coordinated energy for readiness of their application in operation. Tear of the essence the rushing about in opposite directions energy inside it is inadmissible under no circumstances and in any way and by anything it can't be justified. The dissonance generated is destructive spatially. It is possible not to regret any efforts, any works for the statement of tranquility. We can't tell about tranquility of the slave to spirit, the slave themselves. We can speak only about tranquility of the lord. So sovereignty over itself does the person by the lord of own power. I won’t be tired to speak about tranquility. I will go on while its wreath won't begin to shine over a forehead of the winner because, truly, the tranquility is a spirit wreath. Whether it is possible to prefer a pity pettiness of spirit to it? Whether it is possible to exchange it for quality opposite? If the tranquility is a kindly of fire inscrutable, exactly and harmoniously burning, what then the concern and confusion of spirit are? Awareness of necessity and the importance of quality it approaches the statement. Therefore realize inevitability of necessity of tranquility to reach that it coasted, any price. To whom or that can give or on what to exchange the right of the primogeniture, that is the fiery power over by itself? We approve balance as a symbol the rower of the person and the power over elements and energy, in his prisoners and out of it being, that is over energy and elements, uniform in essence because, both above, and below, and the microcosm of the person is the guard макрокосма. The way goes through itself. And this way is the person, secret макрокосма in himself bearing, Secret of the Father, real in it from the beginning of all.

307. Let's not consider that nothing threatens us. Let's better think that are threatened from everywhere, but that the Teacher won’t allow that shaggy hands reached. Danger is the satellite of a feat. To danger it is necessary to get used and achieve that awareness of danger didn't break neither internal harmony, nor everyday work, Communication. It is correct to imagine the worst. After all and the worst should be passed through this mentally quietly, without losing balance. The wave approaching, let in the opened gate, loses the force and is dissolved, having passed by. It is necessary to learn to pass by a wave of hostile influences and, having passed, to lift a sword Terosa for striking blow. Many hostile attempts broke about protection of the Beam. Quietly stand, believing that nothing will concern you, but under a sign nevertheless it is necessary to pass through a lot of things. Otherwise how to temper force and courage? Through dangers it is necessary to go to get used to feeling of danger of a constant, but it is necessary – under a sign. It honors the same, as passing through them actually, but only to concern to anybody and anything it won't be permitted. The Lord Gives the guarantee: "You will be protected". Immunity of spirit has to be developed comprehensive therefore also tests are so various. The protective force of the Beam is more reliable than measures of human and usual ways of protection. Through its circle not in forces to break feeble attempts of other consciousness, but under a condition if the Unification remains completely and the fear doesn't create the purpose for an enemy arrow. To the balance approved on the Teacher, nothing threatens actually. The one to whom I Gave the guarantee in protection of the Beam, can be absolutely quiet that the Word of the Lord indestructibly. About its inviolability all dark attempts will be broken and will break. The board Lifted, and behind it you protected by me яро. Of understanding of my Proximity be sure unshakably that my Beam powerfully stores.

308. Conditions are close, and still it is necessary to resist. Difficulties and narrows lives too are lifting conditions. It is necessary to tell it: "And through it I will pass. I will pass through everything, the fire of heart in a breast having kept". To whom it was easy from them going by Light? All were pursued, oppressed, subjected to mockery and still in Light resisted. Many crucified, many burned, many with animals tormented, many killed. And all victims in the Name My – with Me. Difficulties and conditions menacing suppress only weak spirit, and the strong armor fiery strains and multiplies the forces. I know that is hard, but also it will pass, but I to Will arrive for ever and ever, and with you. Also it isn't necessary to be afflicted too. The spirit will increase a protective cover, and burden of influence in this direction any more won't be. Close conditions approach to Me and pull together forever. In a fog of wellbeing the Teacher doesn't become necessary. And without it is good and quiet, but in darkness, but in cold, but in a storm and on dangerous transitions it is impossible without the leader. Everything I Know and everything I See, andI won’t allow more than that, through it is necessary what to pass. It is necessary to rely on the Driver and voices interfering to transfer him to will. The teacher Knows an endurance and firmness limit and won’t allow that the consciousness was broken, but approved it is necessary to show qualities nevertheless. Like developer in the photo, they are shown under certain conditions. Let's not complain if conditions are hard: after all differently not to receive a print. I form your spirit for the following achievements. And force I Want to approve. Tests are inevitable. It is the life law. On test everything, but is more condensed a gloom, the brighter the star of the Leader shines. By the light of a clear carefree sunny day it can disappear at all. Be not afraid of loading unreasonable. Spirit accepts it as an inevitable condition of ascension. The cross takes and follows Me. And in pleasure will hasten, despite everything, because the feat isn't combined with despondency, - but the main thing, be identical both in the mountain and in the pleasures threatened and free, overcoming and won. To Sil Kamnya, flaring in itself, having realized, force him through everything you will pass. Even, if a body torment, but the spirit of the carrier of the Stone is indestructible. You, the Stone bearing, treasure of the power realize. To it not concern to shaggy hands. The advantage of spirit you store and don't show fear, but chagrin and not to pass infringements, as went also passed before you. For everything it is rendered a hundredfold in the form of crystals of fire of the energy postponed by experience. So you’re Treasure and fiery power increases are multiplied. Glass is split up, but damask steel is forged. The spirit blade, on fire of tests tempered, won't be bent any more under any whirlwinds. And if it is necessary to pass through something, go safely, inviolability of the monad having realized. Why they roll in wellbeing, when so difficult, so heavy the next to mine? That to become even closer to Me, in cold and hunger will hasten, but not on soft pink pillows in a down bed. Soldiers Light, you I Temper in unequal fight with the severe cruelty lives! It is necessary to call forces. Safely go forward through all barriers and the obstacles, seeming the invincible. It is impossible to be bent before them, to hang spirit. Are given and are allowed for overcoming. But I with you both Will protect, and I Will help, and forces necessary I Will allow to win against everything. Through all difficulties and through all dangers go with Me shoulder to shoulder. Not one, but with Me. One not passes. Than the world was won by heroes? Unification with the Lord indestructible! Therefore also the Unification we will deepen, understanding of Proximity we will strengthen, feeling of Care we will increase and a silver thread we will store in every way spirit. My children, through a gloom and cold of night you will come to Me brightened up and changed. I wait.

309. My son, the Teacher Won't is slow to accept each sign of attention because at the majority even touched the Doctrine the attention is paid to itself. It the egoism circle becomes isolated. Movement goes from itself to itself, like a squirrel in a cage that is on a place. But the thought which has left the sphere of a circle of the personality, spatial joins thought and magneto scoops from the spatial tank or from the sphere of Identity of the Highest to which the thought is directed. At any concentration in general on someone the person adjoins to his aura and from it почерпает that it can give. Therefore people usual can devote thoughts circumspectly, and best of all meaning a definite purpose. Mental fluttering without the purpose is insalubrious because the thought affects object of aspiration and disturbs him. These muffled human contacts are unpleasant and uneasy. Therefore it is good to think always in the benefit even involuntarily not to do to someone harm. The discipline over thought is necessary always and is an ascension basis.

310. You, as in fortress: are surrounded with care and attention and you can be absolutely quiet for the present and for the future. If only the guards on approaches didn't fall asleep. Fortress unprotected is defenseless. Who can tell, what the citadel of its spirit is properly protected? Neither a board, nor armor, we send, the weapon fiery won't execute the appointment if the soldier is unskillful and inexperienced and isn't able to use them. The fiery sword of spirit needs a skilled firm and skillful hand. Hardness of a hand becomes tempered in operation and on experience every day. Experience is given by life – opportunity to pass a hard school of life and experience necessary to gain. It is necessary not to forget only that the purpose of all is experience gained. Accept care to that to deepen it and to expand.

311. In beams of morning the Teacher Sends the best thoughts. And about that not to miss them, too it is necessary to show care. It is easy to miss, once you distract or to spray consciousness, and treasures sent will be просыпаны by. It is necessary to send, accept a little. So Sending and accepting are connected mutually. And if sending due tension Shows, and accepting full readiness has to show: readiness to postpone all personal and stirring, the consciousness to release readiness and the successor to hold it pure and open. Each third-party thought forces out thought of the Teacher and the place in consciousness captures her. It is necessary to attend with all attention that scraps of thoughts disturbing and a tatter of the thinking didn't interfere and didn't darken the consciousness screen. On the note of the Teacher given every day, it is necessary to manage to begin to sound and with all force available to keep sounding of a harp of spirit during the day. The consciousness is adjusted, or harmonized, in different keys, that is each time is adjusted on a wave corresponding. Thereof both character, and style of Records changes, changes both a rhythm of words, and harmonies of their combinations. Rhythms of speech human can be diversified indefinitely, causing each of them vibrations of the necessary centers. Speech human if secret it the spirit seized is game and modulations of hidden fires. The mystery of fiery speech only fiery is comprehended. The power over heart of people has the extraordinary. The speech you watch that it didn't turn into babbling. Empty covers say mere words and babble speeches speak. It is necessary to overcome babbling. The solemnity will help. The solemnity wins everything that doesn't correspond to spirit advantage. If in each word energy valuable is concluded, whether that is possible words thoughtlessly on a wind to throw? In all that concerns fire, especial care is observed. Reasons are two: the value of the saved-up and accumulated energy and fiery consequence of thoughts specking. Of a fiery-creative we will think. The child murmurs small something. To the child it is pardonable; to ignorant people it is pardonable, they know nothing, but to inexcusably pupil. Control over speech demands special discretion, and especially when fires because then each word bears on itself the justification or condemnation press flare up. As fiery arrows pierce in consciousness of the men of his word, sated with mental energy, and for a long time remain there, influencing the person. It is impossible to give any justifications for speeches and words the rash, meaningless and idle told. It is possible to imagine that any drop of valuable energy isn't given without need and control. The teacher Trusts the pupil fire. The trust should be justified. How I Can give more if the smaller couldn't operate? And how I Will send with an assignment if the small didn't execute? The Teacher Is anxious with that energy of the pupil to bring everything into a condition of due readiness and discipline that is controllability – a condition of ability to operate them. It is reached by long and continuous training and exercises. Not something far-fetched, but wise use of experience of opportunities, life giving. Eventually life will be the best teacher and the best school after all. And the Teacher Won't delay instructions necessary to give and conditions demanded to prepare. If only the fire sacred, burning in a breast, didn't go out among life turmoil.

312. Friends, yet there is no Doctrine for you as the last moisture as the last food, true advance is impossible. Each word from above should learn to be appreciated; differently words from below can fill consciousness. That, what at us is the last, deserves always special care. We will be careful to everything that goes from above.
313. "The lord of seven gates, teach Me, before them standing, to open the first, teach to open the second, teach to open everything. I stand in darkness external, in cold and on a rain, and deafly and am empty around. And I am persistently knocked. The lord, Open a gate of the first understanding, Teach to see and hear; - the first hearing and the first sight to me Grant, the Lord and all other feelings in their first thin display. I know that steps seven. The lord, on the first step of the highest understanding Allow. The lord, I choke in the condensed atmosphere of dense beds. Permit, the Lord, spatial to concern a bosom. Permit, the Lord, that, in what I trust, obviously behold and the fingers to enclose to the Sphere Invisible. Give, the Lord, the certificate World Aboveground punch intolerable burden and a film of conditions terrestrial. The great Lord, Give strength a reality the highest before rage of the dense world to approve. The lord Great, me thrown into darkness external, me to your world Acquaint and let’s taste fruits of your garden. Lords, expire my forces in unequal fight by that for unopened my feelings it seems impenetrable and invincible. The lord, a veil Slightly open and gift of vision Give". – "You Want to pass a gate the first? Well! Give everything that you have, and charge to me on storage. Put your aspiration above all. Betray to my will all your future for its registration in Light. Accept Light track as the only way of ascension and make so that between Me and you all disturbing and dividing us disappeared. Complaints, complaints and displeasure too leave also everything that burdens shoulders. I came to this world, without having anything, with anything terrestrial and to my World you will return because came from it. And dreams terrestrial learn to distinguish on Earth, and visions sleepy, and everything that in them, don't take for reality. Be in good spirits it is free from bright dreams of life of the terrestrial passing. Remember, for the first the second, and their seven" go a gate.

314. Everything will come, but in due time. The world dense outweighs in consciousness obviously. The future purpose is pull together and unites the worlds, - this and that. Desire sees lawfully. Much already signs wonderful it was given, but they are forgotten, crushed by the mass of external impressions. It is possible to remember the received message on death of Page. And even it is possible to write down separately, that when hour of desire to approve invisible will come, to count and remember. Too quickly everything is forgotten because memory human is short. Certainly, they always will be thin and hardly perceptible and demanding known vigilance. As both flights, and exits in a thin body it is possible to remember. Much they were, and were bright and convincing. Many phenomena were shown with influence and thoughts collective. Each attempt crowned a certain success. And Records unless not miracle? It is impossible to plunge into a condition of denial undoubted that was already shown brightly and evidently. But, my friend, personal mood nevertheless from process of perception it is necessary to clean. How I Can give Mine when the hammers waves of my influences? The receiver is adjusted on my wave, and waves of the thoughts, both emotions, and moods are completely excluded. The mood of the receiver isn't the next mood of uneasy and changing covers. One is incompatible with another. It is necessary to indulge spirit in the Lord entirely, about itself and having forgotten and having switched off astral fluctuations. When it is pure and the consciousness receiver isn't littered, transfer and perception go without a hindrance. Much about it was spoken, and a lot of things nevertheless are forgotten. The mood of the stirred-up covers becomes a barrier interfering current because Light reaches through aura. Radiations of aura have to be brought to a condition of known balance. Otherwise those radiations which would have to promote and transfer interfere, being a wall of disharmonious vibrations. The astral is given to submission to will, and has to be extinguished, and not generate stirring radiations. To study well spend hours or even days, without allowing the clown to wriggle, as if a monkey. Seeks reproduce an astral of vibration disharmonious, constantly proceeding from surrounding people. The clown imitating them, мятущимся, uneasy, saddened, not owning and unbridled, with the dismissed will доколь he will show unstable fluctuating and мятущийся the face, submitting to influences external? But the tranquility indestructible anything and anybody колеблемо can't be. And the receiver of the screen of consciousness has to be pure, smooth, equal, quiet and deprived of personal emotional coloring of dense vibrations. Thoughts and the feelings which astral no have been loaded are excluded. After Communication it is possible to return to them once again to reject resolutely and firmly. But during Communication they are absolutely inadmissible. If it is possible to imagine the person who is torn apart by astral whirlwinds even if it isn't necessary to represent, and it is simple to look only around at them wriggling яро and it is violent, it is possible to imagine and, excluded completely victoriously energy movements in the lowest astral cover, and the astral, given to complete equilibrium and submission to will. It is possible to worry quietly, without being it torn apart and tormented impetuously and ruthlessly. Look as he titanic dominates over the dismissed biped consciousnesses and as them torments, without knowing I will hold. To fall under its power is the worst that it is possible to imagine. It is the lowest type of slavery. Let each of enrages of an astral cover of the next and you surrounding people will serve as the severe and terrible prevention of what shouldn't be the person if he doesn't want the humanoid to lose the. Against tyranny of an astral again I Warned.

315. The consciousness daring on impossible is closer to the purpose, than standing still. Because, what is impossible for spirit? And whether will be impossible and inconceivable here it is possible and achievable somewhere in other measurements? To what to measure everything by measures only terrestrial? Only think: where everything is created and moves thought what can be impossible for thought? And whether there is something impossible for thought here and anywhere? That matter which moves thought and from which the thought creates any form, whether can be impossibility? Whether there will be a world mental the world of feasible opportunities? And whether in this world, having come off the flesh world, the person can create, knowing no limit and limits if his creativity is directed to Light and from Light? Here, on Earth, we see great creations of thought, eyelids existing. And whether the thought, but already Founders, created everything, what around? Yes! Yes! And the worlds are created by thought, and everything that is created in them. It is possible to call life creativity school where the person studies creation art. On Earth builds terrestrial then to transfer abilities earned in Elevated. Therefore work creative is so valuable and so considerable. Not to work, but to create in work. But work of creativity the person, because has to honor and master creativity – destiny of the person. And to it call mankind of the Lord. From creators terrestrial a hand human to become Creators Space, power of thought creating, will be the purpose great which implementation is intended to execute to the person. Therefore I Speak: "Dare in aspiration, knowing that it isn't necessary to a plainness of spirit neither borders, nor limits".

316. The Teacher Insists on that Records were conducted, without interrupting any conditions and reasons. At least some lines, but something it is necessary to write down. Even in public it is possible to concentrate and still something to catch. Violation of a rhythm responds on communication and brings fluctuations in a fiery wire. Constancy of a rhythm needs to be observed in all that is subject to protection and the statement. Only at observance it can be reached results huge which not to receive under any other conditions. The rhythm facilitates a lot of things. During the work of rhythmic energy it is spent many times less, than in case of work usual. As if on wings the spirit power of a rhythm rushes. The rhythm wins a flesh infirmity without excessive expense of energy. Where it is necessary to succeed in something, the rhythm is approved and entered. It collects and accumulates the necessary force for movement and creates inertia of powerful movement. Where you see fruits of great works, know that the action rhythm was enclosed. Work rhythmic and work anti-rhythmical is incomparable on consequences. Let in a microcosm human, it is similar макрокосму, the rhythm in everything in what it is possible to approve it will be entered. Also there is its ascension indestructible, as movement of distant stars.

317. Tension of surrounding spheres, dense and thin, defiant corresponding vibrations in a microcosm, it is necessary to overcome before the phenomenon of contact with the Teacher can be reached. And as dense and thin spheres will always surround the person while he lives in that and others, and overcoming process the endless. It is necessary to reach such condition to tell itself: "Go (on me) influences of this world, but have in me no anything". Christ Redeemer Spoke about the end of this world, but the prince already isn't present, but the influences generated by it henchmen and his servants, are still very strong. And the formula, Christ Redeemer Proclaimed, remains in full force. The unification with the Teacher, that is association of consciousnesses, is possible only under a condition if the consciousness is adjusted on the wave, on a wave harmonious or conformable with consciousness of the Teacher. The wave can be very inappropriate and very interfering current why it is spoken about qualities necessary because both the love, and devotion, both aspiration, and solemnity, and other qualities create the necessary wave, that is adjust aura respectively, overcoming disharmonious currents both inside, and outside. But the internal state is more important than that occurs outside because the internal causes possibility of counteraction to the vibrations going from the outside. So, the consciousness is adjusted on a wave of devotion, solemnity or any other quality or their whole group that its receiver was in readiness. It is possible to choose the qualities at present closest and sounding for consciousness. Then their influence will be stronger. It isn't necessary to forget that the laboratory of spirit can cause or strengthen any quality, if in this effort to enclose all heart. It is possible to give the strengthened phenomenon of devotion, solemn and directed, or appreciation, ardent and nothing forgetting, or readiness for a feat, ardent and self-sacrificing. Many various combinations of ardent qualities can be caused in the spirit of consciously and on a wave of these vibrations to adjust the consciousness receiver. The discontent, both complaints, and complaints too will give the wave, but won't promote Communication because Communication is based on harmony, or the accord, with consciousness of the Teacher. But in consciousness of the Teacher discontent, complaints and complaints are absent though reasons and bases to them at It is infinite more, than at the pupil because many cares cause irrepressible mankind and many grieves bear. The Lord is and still unshakable. So to qualities specified we will add also firmness. At aspiration to the Teacher any merit will be a condition promoting and approaching as the aura of the Teacher is the full symphony of all qualities. And, deepening the, to the full accord with its aura we will be able once to come. The way lies through itself and is always open, if internal state as it should be. Certainly, the lowest covers will constantly seek to break a condition of coherence, but without their restraint rhythmic advance in general is impossible. There can be a concern that the flesh is weak and ailing and is overcome by diseases, but over everything – the spirit, and even in a sore and weak body can be spirit powerful. Many Great spirits had no the blossoming health, many heavy suffered from diseases persistent and long and still in the spirit of overcame feebleness of a dense cover. Weakness of a body isn't a justification for weakness of spirit. Are inevitable suffering and a body infirmity, but health it is necessary to protect and strive for harmony of all bodies that is to store their indestructible healthy condition all measures. Often disharmonious condition of a physical body depends on the same condition of spirit, and at diseases allowed – always. Therefore coherence internal is important and for health of a body physical. The spirit is the center which constrains round itself material atoms and the molecules which are a part of a dense body. The spirit is the force linking them by the magnet. If force magnetic weakens, and force of an attraction will be broken, and the phenomenon of disintegration of a matter becomes irreversible. The magnet of spirit has to be orderly. Even the strong and long excitement, even during one day, so weakens force of a magnet of spirit that the person grows thin in the eyes, - eyes become hollow, cheeks grow thin, the person becomes grown thin, the person loses flesh. In a word, the physical body loses the molecules, and process of disintegration becomes absolutely obvious and not denied. When spirit magnet as it should be, force of adhesion and bike attractions. So we will be прилежать to the phenomenon of coherence internal in every way, all understanding, and all desire.
318. The Teacher Is an ideal of the pupil has to become what over time. From time to time the Teacher Came to Earth, rotating in the conditions of usual that people could see an image of the person who has reached a limit of perfection, put on Earth. I speak about the spirits finished on a planet the cycle or standing at a step finished terrestrial evolution when the planet can already give nothing and the Teacher Remains on it for the sake of mankind occupying it. Not in clouds, but in a live human form people see an embodiment of all those qualities collected in one, which are to some extent shown in people on a scale of the lowest. The Teacher Is synthesis of the highest properties of spirit usually one of the following Circles of evolution. That will be reached by people through millions years and after many embodiments, the Teacher Is. Therefore its Light shines in darkness therefore the Doctrine is a beacon leading therefore the prime target of the person to assimilate to the Teacher.

319. In beams of morning I Send (you) love and care signs. But they should be accepted and due degree of attention to show, differently remain unnoticed and gift this will be sent in vain. And as receivers conformable aren't present the necessary refinement, and all districts remains without the next food by Light. Light network in this point will be broken. Both physical, and a spiritual food has to be subject to a rhythm, and in this case its violation will be already business not personal (you only concerning), but spatial, generating a dissonance undesirable. The formula that at least without one righteous person isn't present to a standing hail has deep spatial value. Not about the sacred it is spoken, but about the consciousnesses, able to serve as receivers and transmitters of the thin energy feeding surrounding spheres. And each such receiver, each such consciousness, really, is to transformers of the Highest energy for transfer and their distribution in space around in shape, already accepted for consciousnesses usual. The more these fiery psych transforms, it is less and easier loading, but in the absence of those in the necessary quantity the certain elite should bear on themselves all weight of loading. As and in case someone weakens patrol of spirit and falls into a condition of mental inertness and indifference, - therefore I Speak: "You burn always, a flame of the spirit not goes out". Fire consonance to fire; Fire is perceived by fire, Fire will be coordinated with fire. Fiery go out: the fear, despondency, doubt and other quenchers of a flame of spirit – become, thus, wreckers not personal, but spatial if the consciousness grew enough to execute functions of spatial Service. Certainly, the aura human always interacts with surrounding spheres and consequently, and with space, lighting up it the light or saddening radiations of the lowest fires. But a difference that the consciousness, which potentially reached and has taken already a way of Service, carries out these functions in scale incomparably bigger, because receives energy for Service from the Stronghold. Therefore it is impossible to bear fire falling. Harm extends far around. It is necessary to put great care of that the mental device of consciousness always was in a full order. Any more about itself, but it is necessary to think of others. The fiery responsibility becomes the real fact of life. If hearts devoted hearts fiery, on patrol standing and Me put, would throw a planetary guards, the disaster would comprehend Earth because without hearts ardent, on the guard standing, isn't present also to a standing planet that is not to keep balance. Why fire underground, aspiring яро to break, can't break? Fire spirits, on the guard great not replaceable staying, counterbalance the fires rage of underground fires. Guards of the great planetary attendants of Light join, taking a way of spatial Service. It is necessary to understand, at last, that the person, being the carrier of powerful energy, really, is the employee of Space Forces when it consciously enters mastering by the Treasure, the inheritance, fiery the energy, the fires which the difficult distinguished psychophysical fiery device of its microcosm possesses. But any difficult device demands attention and the contents it in purity and an order, and furthermore the device of human spirit. Everything in the person has strict scientific justification, and consequently, and an explanation. It is impossible to be covered with restrictions of blind narrow materialism more already. The science already stepped long ago over its borders. The area of mighty unexplored energy lies before it, expecting the courageous minds which aren't denying reality. The era of great opportunities which are given to the person by right Space came. Calls of the New Era can't be missed, by to pass, denying. It is necessary to find in itself courage to recognize great not denied reality.

320. The lord Sends Beams far and close on distances huge. To the lord in a message of beams we will assimilate.

321. Disturbed disturb and will stir everything: both inside, and outside. If only contact didn't take place and pages for Records remained blank. It would be time to get used to it already. Light inside will meet ardent counteraction from everywhere. To what light when it is in the dark so good and cozy, and nothing disturbs, and fight any and it isn't necessary to conduct with anything. To sit and be as everything, drowning in spirit twilight. What can be easier? And to covers it is quiet, and it isn't necessary to trouble it, and it is possible to indulge in the small weaknesses and habits which, like a boa, cover consciousness. Only boa this special, - sup-press the highest, sleepy stupor the lowest not mentioning. How many vigilance is necessary, that enemy to distinguish. The lowest "I" care of the conveniences while the highest sends on a feat, about the personal having forgotten. And there is it, never-ending fight between the highest and lowest principles in the person while the Highest Triad or the lowest four doesn't win finally. The victory of the first means life and the further ascension, the second – gradual decomposition and death. For eyelids spirit falling can last, pushing together it from a step on a step on a ladder of evolution of all real. Let's think of value of small indulgences and concessions to the lowest "I", to consequences the terrifying bringing. Everything begins with the small: both good, and bad. It is possible even to meet at one step for one spirit on the way up, for another – down. And nobody will notice deep tragic essence of a meeting of two spirits standing at one step of a ladder of evolution of all living beings, all live, everything that is because one ascends towards to life and Light, and another descends in embraces of death and to the final destruction.
322. It was specified more than once that the phenomenon of Proximity of the Teacher substantially depends on a condition of consciousness of the pupil and that the necessary condition, or a consciousness mood, it is supported by will. There is a will brain and will warm. The first is limited in everything and no continuity of wakefulness has. The second is the engine of affairs. It is impossible to light people a brain, but heart it is possible. As and in all undertakings it is possible to enclose heart that they were successful. There is a heart of something to withdraw, and interest to the phenomenon disappears. Whether it is possible to regulate heart fires? It is possible, will them directing. Kindle of fires depends on aspiration of will, especially much when terms because fires can both be extinguished come to that, and to light. Being the phenomenon thin, яро fires are subject to will influence. So, for example, the fear or the doubts allowed by will, can weaken or even to extinguish any fires. The elements the thinnest, in a microcosm human approved need absolutely certain conditions for the awakening and growth. It is impossible to raise fires in despondency. As also the rage inflates only black flame. Fires of the centers the creating can start being shown in the conditions of full coherence of an organism human, - from here, care of a vessel of consciousness and everything that in it. It is difficult to succeed at internal trouble. Links to the external won't help because outside everything is relative, and the stale piece of bread causing complaints today, can be at the bottom of rough pleasure and happiness during hunger. The relation to the external phenomena not depends on them, but on consciousness. And any phenomenon on fires of heart can be realized into the benefit. Heart is a throne realizing, or an altar on which sacred fire there is a pre-implementation of gifts external in energy the Highest. Stream of life their person in shining Treasures of the crystallized fires deposited in the Bowl brings to the person the gifts, and pre-implementation. In this difficult process the will has taking priority value. It is possible to nullify value it, and powerlessly to be given on will of external currents, and to assimilate to a straw in the sea, or a blade of grass under a whirlwind, or to a leaf, an autumn wind borne it isn't known where. But it is possible to provide to a stream to flow the turn, all strength of mind having collected that inside to protect and keep firmness and stability of a stronghold. Weak-willed trembling of consciousness under whirlwinds of external influences is inadmissible. But whirlwinds internal, whirlwinds astral, overloaded with not gets rid feelings are even less admissible. From external still it is possible to be saved somehow but how to be saved from whirlwinds inside? Uniform rescue is in will, reins of government firmly taken in hand. In own microcosm the Supreme director of all put the will called for action. It also is entrusted with the interior. The kingdom inside is entrusted to will protection, but the will directed to Light.
323. My son, weight not from itself, but spatial. To heavy Earth in the asthma generated by people, and the best break loading. The cross should be born both for itself, and for others. Poison, rage and darkness generated heart it is necessary to enjoy. A lot of darkness is generated, and a lot of Lords Expiated. Therefore are called Redeemers. And those, who with Them, part of burden take on the shoulders and join the victim of atonement. Therefore and it is heavy. The Burden of this world is hard. The beacon shines in darkness, energy of light giving. A lot of energy is spent. So heart for the maintenance of a network of Light radiates energy the on Wednesday surrounding. Spends fire much, - the more the difference of potentials, is more and expenditure. Potential of Great Heart bears the greatest loading. Heated the body rushes and by emission gives the warmth to environment and subjects, - the same and with heart lit. It gives incessantly to energy the, constantly filling up them with Communication with Hierarchy. But in days of radiation of currents return happens weight tested a time is especially great also becomes intolerable. Service isn't fluttering on pink wings. It – constant it to drain bowls of poison terrestrial. And difficulty that most it is impossible to go out leave the post. The beacon which has gone out in darkness of night, can serve as the reason of many disasters. And heart, on great guards standing, can't leave patrol and cast everything that around, into darkness. Also it is necessary not only most to resist, but also another to light. Flaring heart – the phenomenon not personal, but spatial. The guards are charged, and it is necessary to shine. Heavy in space, but it is necessary to shine, having collected all strength of spirit.
324. I approve the happiness phenomenon before the person of misfortune and a grief and – light – in the face of darkness. I claim, despite and contrary to evidence. I consider: the mountain of happiness judgment will be not closed by a commonness tatter, summer lightning’s of Light of gray day approaching twilight. Also I Believe that the present gloom the bottom of Light going will be. In the spirit of the future is begun to see clearly and by spirit is approved. In dense that is in the world dense it still isn't present. It is approved, but isn't present because a tatter of the old world disturbs, prevailing in consciousness of many. Both the New World and the old world only in consciousness human exist. The old world should be withdrawn from consciousness therefore the main care – to clear consciousness of yesterday garbage, - a lot of things in consciousness of the people, who even have recognized the World New, from the past are. It is necessary to forget about the past, it is necessary to look at a task more widely. Not only become obsolete old forms public disturb, but also old accumulation. Atavism of habits of consciousness, inertness of covers or astral is the enemy ancient, the enemy persistent, the enemy irrepressible. All this is the heritage of the past which is subject to some extent to withdrawal, and an astral – to taming. About bellows new to wine new it is necessary to attend. Life wine, wine of the New World in new vessels has to be given. Therefore new forms of public and state life are given to mankind. With old it is possible to stand only on an old place. But evolution doesn't wait; it promptly moves for herself everything, able to ascend. Still shadows of a gloom huddle on the woods and valleys, in hollows, holes, but the Sun already rises over the horizon. Sun of the New World! The new Sun in the New Sky over Novaya washed Zemlya. Long gloom shadows will huddle in each crack and crevices deep still, but not to stop run of the Sun to gloom shadows. It is necessary to trust strong, it is necessary to know firmly and unshakably that Light the victory already took place that the kingdom of darkness and a spasm of the old world of approach New not in forces came to an end to stop. Under the sign of the statement of the New World there are events terrestrial, and the World New marches in step with evolution under a banner victorious. Will appear soon on the Sign of Lords as a symbol of power all-conquering is mute, - and then the last shadows will dissipate. Perhaps, in chasms remain. But after all and darkness it is necessary to leave somewhere, both to henchmen and servants to find it a haven. The chasm of a gloom gloomy a haven will be to attendants of darkness. And not here, on Earth, but on the decaying moon and planets, from which Saturn decaying is main nowadays. Dark hordes on a dead planet will find the place deserved to. Slowly the sword of Space Justice rises, but strikes ruthlessly and forever. The court terrible subjects are terrible that chosen a way of the evil and the Satan the lord the way to Saturn remains only one open. In the atmosphere of Earth penetrated by new beams, spawns of darkness won't be able to remain. Bats live only in darkness. Darkness, accept the property. A lot of things from a planet will leave with them forever, both the New Sky and New Earth a reality of the most wonderful become. Earth still torments the births of the new person, but the new person will be born, and the future belongs to it. Old, with an old age to death fateful, will go to oblivion already never more to be remembered. Only on pages of history there will be imprinted this terrible bloody time of wars, violence, slavery and destructions. And new people of the New World, leafing through these dusty old pages, will be perplexed how there could live mankind among terrible horrors of a dark era. There will be in the New World wars, neither army, nor no exchanges, neither desert, nor diseases, neither poor, nor slavery spirit, a body.
325. My friend wants, without having made the greatest efforts, the greatest purpose to reach. Wants to become the lord of both worlds? But already I Told that through mastering by desirable domination is reached. Seize a microcosm both its energy – and energy макрокосма you will own. Such is a power way. There are no two ways about I, - through itself to everything. After all I didn’t say that the Kingdom of God somewhere outside, but in you is. There also look for, in the depths. And тайнопись knowledge inside it is hidden, -will start opening value of invisible signs. All is inside, but not in that essence, who you so well know. That you know isn't you’re the highest "I". You know the external person, but him you make silent. Let usual activity of a brain and feelings will stop. Let thoughts usual become, let everything that fills your consciousness, will stop and will break off. Too long all this sounded, muffling and forcing out silent speech of spirit. Let feelings will break off. Let thoughts will stand. Let the Silence voice secret on a nice ear will silently prompt other words and thoughts. Silence voice. Who will be able to give all heart to it selflessly? Without tranquility and the balance approved inside, the voice silent won't begin to sound. Let's rotate about the same concepts until there is they external expression of essence of spirit. I permit to concern depths to receive the necessary projection of a picture on the consciousness screen. The movie camera, film, light, the screen and so on is a number of conditions without which not to receive a projection. That the voice of Silence gave a sound film silent on the consciousness screen, it is necessary to that conditions due to create. On a noisy market even speech of the interlocutor isn't audible. The market consciousness for speech silent isn't suitable. Eremites yogis left to mountains, in a privacy, and there learned to hear. But nowadays I want to teach ability of spirit to point in the middle of life, - truth, not on a market square, but nevertheless among people, not moving away from life. I want unusual to make usual in life usual terrestrial. It also will be a feat of the statement of new consciousness, a feat of rapprochement of the worlds in usual living conditions. But I conduct to the purpose the Hand unshakable, preserving on a difficult way. What reached in the worlds, I Want nowadays here, in life among people, to make achievable. A lot of things already made, but a lot of things ahead, expecting mastering. It will come through deeper mastering by. Understanding we will deepen, achievement we will strengthen. The way will lie down directly, but it is necessary to rise even closer, but it is necessary to deepen communication, but qualities should be mastered at a step of their new understanding. I stood behind you and nowadays I Stand as guards not dozing and sharp-sighted, ready to use everyone opportunity for new take-off of spirit. Be ready to open a gate of new understanding of the same uniform great Doctrine of Life.
326. The Teacher won’t forget to accept each sign of attention. These signs specify that the aspiration to the Teacher didn't go out. That we love, of that and we care, and the attention we don't leave. Not It needs it, but to you. Worship isn't necessary, it isn't a sign love, neither devotion, nor aspiration. Echoes leaving slavery slaves God’s, reptiles in fear, - honoring of the Teacher isn't worship, not slaves to Light, but people were called sons of Light. The way of Fiery Yoga excludes fear, worship and a creep. Before Hierarchy of Light not the creep and fear, but affairs and acts, and qualities approved show worship before the Highest. It is better to approve qualities in application, than to grind stones the humiliated forehead. There comes a century not slavery, but cooperation with Hierarchy of Light. There comes time of Space cooperation. Under this sign also there is a world transformation. The advantage of spirit and the humiliated creep don't get on together. The beggar, but not the son of the Space Father, to which Father from the beginning of times Prepare inheritance great, inheritance fiery, inheritance which He Can divide with it, inheritance, to possession with which conducts a way of Fiery Yoga can wait for tips. Not slaves, but God's sons you will be named – so I Told. It is told: the power over any flesh is given to the person, but this power should be taken a free hand. Not to beg and ask, kowtowing, but to take force that is effort and work, to take by the right of the primogeniture, by the right of a sonship space. There are enough bans, intimidations and restrictions. The person wants to be free. The slavery is awful. Their fundamental principles need clarification that truth their undistorted could begin to shine all fires. And they assumed the right to interpret and disguise the simple and pure truth given by Teachers of mankind, it is necessary to replace new, to become able on protection of purity of the Doctrine. As a sword clearing the Fiery Yoga is given. It will help dark stratifications and heaps to clean. I give the Decree about truth clarification from alluvial litter. I grant the right them, distorting and defenders of the disguised truth and all advocates of darkness to take out new day that in the light of its all dark, all alluvial, all heated up and distorted became obvious.
327. I give the evidence of Arrival. It will be preceded by shifts finishing because after Arrival of change will go not in a form, but according to the contents. Forms will change the essence without external withdrawal pains therefore it is so important that basic changes of forms of life public occurred to my Phenomenon. And those people, who will succeed in it, will go ahead of others, not in time. Under guidance wise the country can reach blossoming. But if her life form and the consciousness of masses lagged behind yesterday, another, ready, under guidance wise will succeed a hundred times quicker. Evolution of the people in the New Era demands new forms of all life, and wishing have to succeed them to accept. Satia Yuga key is cooperation, mental energy and movement of women. These gifts of evolution should be accepted urgently. Cooperation and collaboration of all and all in everything! You look how it successfully develops on absolutely new bases among the people of the New World. As well the woman acquired the equal rights. But it only began. Crops kind give shoots great. Mental energy will become stronger, having accepted the Life Doctrine. You look at the statement of these of three and according to them and you judge.
328. That day when the New Sun will ascend, days of grief will come to an end and there will be no pain, neither grief, nor the lamentations generated by a condition of the moment. Hour will be announced by spatial pleasure. A lot of things will change in the aura planetary and in a tone of the spatial influences connected with the atmosphere of Earth. Solved the way with Me will enter the cleared stream of evolution. A little people of value give to influences of the spheres surrounding Earth while these influences cause human life. Each people live as though in the sphere of acts perfect, mutually generating with them the phenomena new. Renunciation of the old world means also conscious release from spatial chains of the past. Crystallized heaps of centuries press on consciousness, slowing down evolution run. Meanwhile as the person, without wishing that, bears responsibility for each tear spilled somewhere, and filled space grief emanations, and added burden to the spatial loading which is carried out obviously by the device human in the form of so-called moods or causeless conditions of spirit. People will understand, at last that the grief of one concerns all and sufferings human where they took place, heavy lay down on consciousness of all collective human. One bears this planetary burden, realizing the responsibility for Earth, others bear, without understanding, for as why, but all bear at a rate of the consciousness. The consciousness is higher, the loading is heavier, and very grave Bears Great Heart. Now, when the thought gains special spatial value and it is impossible to be isolated even in asceticism which was possible once when the thought was about the person, there comes time of especially sharp understanding of shared responsibility and responsibility of each certain person for everything and for all. "All and one for all is responsible for one" – a formula of the future New Eyelid. It is possible to call it fiery responsibility because there correspond the phenomenon it is to new fiery conditions spatial. Former barriers and borders will be swept away that the herd became uniform. It is a lot of artificial partitions and heaps dividing it is necessary to clean. There is a great association of the people in new understanding of mutually responsibility and cooperation. Fire, the eating and destroying former forms, the builder light is, creating absolutely new conditions of spatial life of mankind, pulling together and uniting everything, until then the disconnected.
329. It should be noted that fear – the bad adviser in everything. Speaking about fearlessness,I Mean destruction of a root of fear. The root one, but branches give much. Is useless to cut branches if the root, because gives new unexpected shoots is live. In what is fear root? In ability of an astral to sound on this wave «I" fear doesn’t know the highest. Fiery heart is fearless. Fire and fear are incompatible.
330. There is any limit of endurance of spirit. And, giving tests, the Teacher Looks that tension of test didn't pass a lawful limit further which test becomes destructive. Certainly, strength of mind to resist to tests is boundless but if the consciousness corresponds. The consciousness also will be an endurance measure. And, when the Teacher Sees, that this measure I reached the limit, test stops, because purpose of the Teacher not to sap strength and not to destroy will, but to strengthen. But straining it is necessary to remember and not to forget about a limit that the consciousness will be a measure of spirit. Everyone measures itself, without losing sight that these limits can be moved apart by will to limits of Boundlessness. A lot of things can sustain the spirit tempered and understanding bottomless force. To this understanding I Accustom gradually on examples of the life. It is possible to note: burdening by circumstances all the time amplified in all directions while, at last, the limit of endurance wasn't reached. Further strengthening would break and already started breaking a rhythm of usual work and even the Address and Communication rhythm that was already inadmissible. Each test is given on forces, but many don't maintain, believing that forces are already settled while to a limit remains more many. Arhat is claimed in boundlessness of strength of mind, in confidence that can with honor come out the winner from any test. Therefore when tension of tests amplifies, it is necessary to collect all strength of mind in focus of will and, having brought together them inside, in the center, to meet them firmly and unshakably, knowing that they are as though difficult were, they will pass, having only strengthened and having strengthened fiery power of the winner. Neither diseases, nor troubles, nor chagrin, nor cares, concerns and all other burdening circumstances shouldn't break a rhythm of Communication and work charged. Balance of spirit and in it is shown and approved. Besides tests allowed, many attempts become from outside to break the specified rhythm. But also dark can harm only within allowed, annoying trifles. From serious dangers protection of a circle stores, a beam the approved. But to annoy and will harm. Could and protect from it, but then on vigilance of spirit would hang and vigilance weakened. Tests given and burdening’s by circumstances is a necessary condition for growth of accumulation and growth of forces. Otherwise not collect force judgment. The soldier wise and skilled rejoices and speaks: "On what I can temper still the forces and increase power? » He causes on force fight opposite that to increase the forces. You remember: the spirit can't be hung under no circumstances, at any tests how they were difficult. And in it victory! It is possible not to forget thus that the Teacher Looks and the limit of endurance of consciousness of the pupil Knows.
331. My son, whether the action made contrary to the highest understanding of things will be correct? And whether it is possible to equal on the lowest? Our way on tops! It is very difficult to rise, having fallen down. Heavy dense particles of a matter stick strong to aura. The separation is painful. It is better to go on tops, the bottom layers without concerning. It is better to fill consciousness with Light, it is better to live so that anything dark didn't enter into consciousness and didn't sadden it. The essence of consciousness consists of known elements. It is necessary to attend to that these elements were good-quality. Life of own consciousness at everyone is before eyes. Everyone knows, than it is filled during the day what are allowed thoughts and the feelings, what desires and aspirations. To that time is preferred also. Certainly, the will approving these elements, is the main regulator of life of consciousness and, of course, depends on it that to prefer and what to reject. It is impossible to plead that this life goes spontaneously, anyhow, because God here at anything. And lack of will of dissoluteness can't be justified by anything. Again we come to control over internal life. Not about work every day it is spoken which is done by all who works. The thoughts connected hardly, don't humiliate the person, and, on the contrary, ennoble. That work reached extent of work creative. "No" it is spoken about those moments when the person is free to invite in the consciousness and to keep their thoughts and feelings of a personal order. Control is difficult, and control constant is difficult. But the question is raised so: or the adoption of control over consciousness life, or loss of opportunities of new achievements. Where will get an irrepressible and violent astral at growing fires? If disbalance in Us can cause accident, the same accidents, only in much smaller degree, cause also yours a disbalance in spheres, you surrounding, sometimes extending very far. If the thought strong was set in motion at the consciousness which is potentially growing, internal disbalance will be beget of randomness and new destructions. It was spoken about the qualities necessary for improvement of spirit earlier. Now it is spoken about the same qualities, but in aspect of their spatial and super personal importance. It is necessary to leave narrow personal understanding of idea of self-improvement and a personal ascension. The person is the center of energy constantly radiating in space and influencing it and all who in it stays. Your qualities are necessary not to you, but for people and space, for aura of a planet, for maintenance of planetary balance. The energy generated by qualities of spirit powerfully influence surrounding spheres, bearing blessing or damnation because qualities negative dark is similar to destroyers. Than it is most of all possible to help mankind and Lords? Light of the aura harmonious and counterbalanced, harmonius and constant! How it is possible to make Service? And what such Service? Service is light execution in the aura, interacting with energy surrounding, bringing them in the harmonious and clarified condition. It is a luminescence the light, the radiations for everything and for all. It is necessary to reach such condition of consciousness that your light was truly light in darkness surrounding, light so strong that the darkness disappeared. Also the darkness is replaced with Light.
*332. From depth of the day not shown on light the flame of Eternal Life makes the way and engenders itself the worlds. Eternally burning, it pulses, brightly inflaming, as though absolutely fading and disappearing from a field of vision, Uniform is eternal. And then, to be, not sticking pulsing itself, tells all real properties of a pulsation and movement, and consequently, and a rhythm. Because space movement is expressed in beat. All visible, or shown, is an external form of expression of the Uniform great eternal fiery principle of life. He in everything and everything embraces him, and includes everything. Everything from uniform Fire occurs, Fiery Father, Beget real, generating in the Great Receptacle is space, a bosom of Mother of the World. Father Fiery and Mother, which is giving rise in the bosom to all forms of spatial life. One Became is Two, and Two Gave life to forms. In the depth of each of them fire creating is dual, generating, creative, creating is hidden. Both the principle Uniform, and essence of Two, generating the Third, are hidden in each shown form. The Trinity a consubstantial and unseparable basis of all true doctrines, ancient and late, remains a cornerstone of space understanding of life. We see reflection of this Great principle of the Great Triad in everything: in the Father, Mother and the Son, poles of electricity and the category, poles terrestrial and the equator, the birth of life and death of the person, youth, at mature age and an old age, and even in a raising on air, you weed also to plane landing. In a word, all real reflects the greatest principle of the thread, which source is primary Triad. Space Laws can't be denied. The science even if they are distorted also some shouldn't deny them are expressed in this or that type of modern or ancient religions because from reality not to leave. But it is necessary to see it nevertheless an eye unbiased. True it is possible to call Great Space Laws and the Principles of creation of the Universe, underlying everything that exists. Laws material isn’t denied. Geometry laws in a structure of crystals displays. Business of science not to invent new laws, but to comprehend what are old as the world and which essence from time to time to any degree and somehow the mankind, which gave them expression on the understanding always began to see clearly and according to the step of evolution. Space in the manifestations is infinitely diverse. Mind human at this step of the development can capture only the defined side one or several. The highest forms of shown fires nevertheless escape comprehension. The mankind studies long ago metals but that the science can tell about smells of these metals if sense of smell human catches only a smell of copper and some rough alloys. So, whole area of knowledge is hidden from the person because bodies of cognition are still insufficiently developed. And meanwhile one development of ability of a keen sense of smell when its center is lit can be defined metal blindly and absolutely unmistakably. And that then it is possible to tell about the world of smells when a smell everything possesses that exists in the nature, even range beams, sounds of a musical scale and in general any sounds, even the sound of a human voice can be fragrant or fetid. Space is many-sided and immense. Comprehension and its studying depends on disclosure of the fiery centers, new understanding bearing for itself, thinning of the hidden abilities of the person allowing it to comprehend new aspects of the same uniform many-sided infinitely various world.
333. I claim that call orotund and full-directed turned to the Lord, never remains without the answer. It isn't necessary to wait only for it in shape, in advance limited to any framework. The answer will be, but such is as it is Wanted by the Teacher, - and in the form of the best, adapted for these conditions or a condition of consciousness. By the same way it is helped and when it is necessary and when own forces are applied completely. At Communication it has to be much made from the pupil and when the necessary condition of consciousness is reached then the Teacher only Can send the thought. Reduction of the organism in a due condition of the highest accord will be the Communication basis. And how it was successful, always it is possible to give to it higher degree of a deepening and concentration. It is so difficult to reach full return of. Any scraps of the thoughts, any vagrant images, any tatter of day thinking persistently and persistently cling to consciousness, littering purity of the screen. It is especially destructive disharmony of consciousness the general responds on Communication. It is enough to lose balance, and Communication becomes impossible. The mechanic looks behind that the motor was in serviceability and worked. The pupil looks behind that his mental device was in a full order and coherence, differently the perception is impossible. You love called you. Love to It directing, love you attract its Beams. Love you win against a hoarseness of the infirmity. Love you overcome the counteracting tension of surrounding spheres of all three worlds. Love, love, and love you reach a commandment gate. Loves you open them and love to the Lord you ascend. Powerful, everything should be realized overcoming magnet of love heart. The thread silver its power keeps. Love плодоносна because qualities of spirit it become stronger and increase. You want яро to succeed? You love not belittled. Heart then won't dry up and fire won't go out. To them I Speak: aspiration, courage, constancy, self-control. And to you next, I Speak: love because all other qualities result from it as from the Sun – Light-life-given. The sun of love in the heart approves. In space will shine. It will be light to people. Be as the Sun, be reflection of the Sun of Great Heart because it’s Light you bear in yourself. My son, come nearer to Me love, not give to the wonderful gift decay. Let grows, infinitely being multiplied in force and the power. It you will win and it you will reach. The love is a synthesis of all qualities. When it shines light unquenchable, close there is all and the future lights up consciousness the attracting beams. Into the future we will enter love together victoriously. I can give heart only love. Given I Will render a hundred times. Each vibration of love, from heart radiated, comes back to send it, loaded with my gifts. On Beams of love you receive, with love them attracting. And remember: the love winning everything.
334. My friend wants to succeed, but Instructions this forgets and, still, sinking into a sleep, goes usual order while the dream is similar to Communication. Sinking into a sleep, it is necessary to make the same that becomes before each Record. In wake condition contact comes into pours out in Record. In the second it passes to a dream, but not usual, and in this direction established by will. Contact passes to a dream, to the thin condition proceeding on the established accord. Why these few minutes preceding a dream, it is impossible to devote entirely to the Teacher and aspiration to be reported with it in the conditions of the thin? What such affairs, to me not necessary, can occupy consciousness at the moments preceding transition to the World Thin? What excuses and justifications can explain non-execution of Instructions? Or desire to succeed and possibility of a partition of consciousness are less important and considerable, than thoughts of the egoism, not wishing to release consciousness even then, when necessary? Whether also it is possible to justify something forgetfulness if it too disturbs? Certainly, in the afternoon a lot of things can prevent to support Proximity of Communication because and people distract affairs from the Highest. But what can disturb at night when of the last minutes wakefulness’s success of contact with the Teacher in World Aboveground depends? Hypocrisy before by itself won't help. If the desire to be reported with the Teacher only in language or in words, instead of in practice and not in heart, even these last minutes an awake condition to devote to the Teacher of forces isn't gathered. There will be time for any thoughts, and at all absolutely good, but only not for the most important. But if the Lord in consciousness Takes priority, even persistence of the egoism, contradictory to me, it is possible to win easily. It is necessary to learn to enter area of a dream consciously, rejecting all scum day, and all thoughts terrestrial, and all habitual ways of thinking. Connection in consciousness of the Worlds can't happen if it doesn't give to a condition due attention and care. And once again I Want to ask, but already the last: whether the Instruction strictly and strictly and without delay will be followed? And so already many opportunities are lost. Approach to Light demands care and strict implementation of the Decree. On eagerness achievement and when eagerness only in thoughts, but not in application, opportunity are missed obviously is given also. Half measures are unsuitable. Incompleteness is unacceptable. When it is instructed, it should be burned out fiery letters in consciousness to approve in life in the form of the indisputable habit which has become already part of the nature of the pupil. Only this way it is possible to succeed. We in general against habits, but it are better not to pray absolutely, than to pass a prayer and to break time the established rhythm. The habit has to become expression of rhythmic action and at once the same constant, as sunrise. The habit is replaced with a rhythm of actions usual, grown into consciousness. I demand the new relation to Instructions given, because time presses.
335. Whether you thought, my friend, what all actions human is a display of energy karmic? Because the karma is action, always fruits bearing at a rate of the spent energy. The basic position of the modern science, being in that, what anything in the nature doesn't disappear and isn't born again, most of all and first of all treats to energy of the person, them shown in life. Results of the enclosed energy never disappear, but bring the consequences, everyone in due time. Energy karmic, accumulated in aura of the person, we are ready every instant phenomenon themselves as soon as external conditions allow. And as they somewhere were created, a karma magnet, to them attracting, becomes invincible, involving the person in a funnel of the necessary conditions. Be circumspect in the actions, especially at contact with people. Astral can't allow involving in actions occurring because astral whirlwinds create especially heavy karmic consequences. The solution of a mathematical task and fight of two fighters karmic have different consequences not in a form, but on the essence of the shown energy. The astral whirlwinds, to heavy chain it is similar, connect consciousness, involving it on an inevitable payment on accounts. The karma of not gets rid feelings is heavy. Let's think of how to show care to karmic actions.
336. The elements of fire are hidden in everything as a basis of the real. It is necessary to fall in love with fiery sounding. In the falls song, in a rustle of leaves, in a sound of a human voice, in music it is possible to catch fires song. In the nature everything sounds, and everything has the note, but this note will be the phenomenon fiery. Fiery-Universe in fiery aspect to the highest understanding of the person the secret opens. It is possible even to speak about the fiery accord of the atoms connecting in more difficult formations of a never-ending song of life of a matter. The Universe sounds the majestic symphony of Space in music of spheres уphenomenon and fills space with fiery sounding of the highest energy. The sound aspect of the Universe is very beautiful, shown Space as an antipode of Chaos keeps and based on laws of harmony and the coherence, being expressed in the sound accord. Think that fire is shown only in a rough form, forgetting about the fiery atoms creating all visible forms. The sound is closely connected with fire, sounds always cause fiery educations. The musical symphony which has been well executed, for the fiery developed sight represents the whole sphere of beautifully being poured flowers being combined in various combinations and being the world of fiery educations, - also and speech human. The device of the person on which nerves fiery impulses are transferred, burns and shines fires, throwing out in space ardent sound forms of the thoughts invested with words. If speech is harmonious and fine, the sound aspect fiery too is harmoniously fine, but the burning words sated with rage of black fire are ugly. The sounds they tear apart space. Therefore I Speak about beauty in everything, in all manifestations of life. It is possible even to tell that the fine picture fiery sounds in space on a key of fiery coherence. That works of true art are valuable. Won't be exaggeration tell that art is a way of fiery saturation of aura of planet fine immortal forms of the beauty, which is ardently sounding in space. And if their external physical form dies, the soul, that is their fiery essence, remains an indestructible planet in Fiery Spheres. Certainly, day yesterday's leaves from Earth, and on Earth not to see it any more, all that in it was made, last history of the person, but in records of space lives, without dying, all in the thin invisible fiery forms. It is necessary to understand a not destruction movies of planetary life and life of each certain person. Only fire of stronger and powerful potential can destroy spatial tracings and that only in cases exclusive. Therefore the unsuccessful Identity which hasn't left in consciousness of any traces is erased from the book of life of the page. But whether it is possible to tell, what they can't be taken from records spatial? Versatility of Space doesn't keep within usual forms. The scale sound fiery goes up to inaccessible tops of Light which sounds. And if the scale of a sound terrestrial how the scale of hearing of the fourteenth is wide is wide? So we won't limit the Universe to our understanding it from today. The consciousness has to be open and unbiased, always ready meet new understanding is brightened up.

337. The lord Finds time both for big, and for the small. This ability of containment and great and small indicates a consciousness fiery. Only small consciousness, being covered with things before eyes, at all doesn't see anything. Ability to see is so peculiar to the highest consciousness therefore it is spoken about vigilance and about an eye eagle. How many centuries of persistent efforts developed this property! How many centuries vigilance of sight was required to an eagle to get? Slowly there is an accumulation of consciousness and development of qualities. But the pupil accelerates the way and takes a way of conscious development of those abilities which he wants to gain. It is accompanied by the accelerated reaction of an organism and development of the perceiving centers. The consciousness strains in perception, strengthening activity of the centers. It is possible to see how the relevant centers when the portrait painter looks at a face of the person whom he wants to write for memory flash fires. Its visual centers show special activity and tension that can't be observed at the ordinary person. And so business with all centers which start waking up, display specially shown luminosity is. The fiery device of the person comes into action and starts shining. Inaction doesn't give the necessary consequences therefore заповедан work ardent and intense when all abilities of the person are put in action and grow, influencing the centers. The triad of abilities and intense work help to keep the centers in a condition of due tension. Without effort there is no advance. If point to eremites, tell: asceticism fruitful only at known accumulation when thin activity on Plans Invisible replaces activity terrestrial. But it is right only partly: you know how Sergiy worked. It is better to make boring work excellent and with lifting, than to concentrate on a little finger. The way of usual occult intellectual expression is incorrect. Only the Teacher Can instruct necessary, but it will be always unusual and in the selling guides to an occultism doesn't appear. But people prefer to stare at a little finger, than to develop vigilance, care and keenness. Because the little finger promises them illusive power and the power over a matter, and the eye eagle it won't manage. But the eagle eye is a step to force of spatial creativity, and no power is impossible without mastering by art of exact reproduction. To be able to connect a condition of elements in the necessary picture and will keep it as a whole fiery tension of will in consciousness, really, already big achievement. Mental work without this ability is impossible. No creativity is impossible also. It isn't necessary to limit reproductive ability of consciousness to only visual impressions, hearing, sense of smell and all the rest. Creativity has to be full, and not be limited at all, is similar to the first cinemas, nasty photographing and indistinct and one-color reproduce of visual impressions. True creativity has to give and accuracy, both colors, and depth, both sounds, and aromas, and feelings tactile. In a word, full picture of reality. I speak any more about movies, but about creative reproduction of reality. Arhat’s creativity demands all elements and completeness of a felt image. You see the fine dismissed rose. Really you think that it was created by herself when there has to be force of understanding of the founder of this flower that the coordinated harmony of elements, it making, and knowledge of exact proportions gave such wonderful phenomenon full of beauty and harmony. To create, it is necessary to know a lot of things. But the Teacher Calls to creativity, and not separate flowers, but the whole worlds. On it long way qualities and abilities, consciously developed, will serve necessary and inevitable condition achievements in development creative abilities of spirit.
338. Let's stand guard always, staying, as the tense onions, in tension. This intensity of consciousness is necessary in order that the centers didn't fade. In work intense, constant the person starts being shone. In a stupor of idleness its viability owing to extinguished fires dies away and goes down. Unfortunately, anybody still rather reasonably and scientifically didn't prove that a basis of longevity is work rhythmical and constant. It is difficult to extinguish exactly burning flame. The idler can't have longevity. For a kindle of fires work will be a necessary condition. About creative intense activity It is spoken: work stooping and slavish stupefies and black out. To find pleasure in work will be for the pupil the solution of a way. It bears this pleasure in heart, putting it in the charged work. This pleasure it bears in heart, putting the charged work. The country of labor pleasure on ways space the first will succeed. So we won't work, as slaves employed, but as employees of Light and pleasure spatial. The pleasure and Light are synchronous: there can't be Light in despondency. The despondency emanation, like dark asthma, shrouds aura, of luck fires. Not therefore the pleasure that something somewhere goes well and successfully but because in heart pleasure fire, a flame which whirlwinds terrestrial don't shake any more is lit. I want to see you joyful and light. I want that your pleasure sounded, despite a gnash of conditions terrestrial, and against terrestrial inconsistency I won. To win pleasure of darkness the hopelessness will be great achievement of spirit. This pleasure will be super personal because to that the small personality put in a cage of iron conditions of the dense world, heavy and curve, incorrigible at present can rejoice? The pleasure super personal can resist and survive only. The strongest and steady will be pleasure about Light. To it is possible to add pleasure about Hierarchy and the Lord favorite. About the Highest World too it is possible to be glad, and about the fiery future expecting the person. Pleasure about the future is the rock strong. Let's raise and deepen so this wonderful light-dawned feeling. The pleasure terrestrial is fragile and short-lived, but the pleasure super personal can resist, even being terrestrial and about people. The pleasure is the spirit engine. Pleasure to Light we go back. Therefore I Speak: "Rejoice, it is put children! » A pleasure garden – my garden, and you have access to it. The grief or pleasure learned that to estimate wonderful drink of pleasure of life. Friends! There, outside grief’s terrestrial, the pleasure waits for you, and the reflected light it reaches Earth, can light your hearts its light. Therefore I Speak: "Rejoice! » To pleasures about the judgment we will arrive and, especially, we will remember it when the gloom is condensed and shadows of darkness try to stand in Light. Space sounds on a pleasure key. Pleasure space we will join.

339. I approve the phenomena unusual in the usual. It is necessary to open eyes only. Also I Claim that everything is unusual, and only the habitual understanding of things sets to them the ordinary seal. Certainly, each flower can be considered usual because got used to it. But the habit not a blindness justification and a miracle of each blade of grass aren’t belittled and can't be hidden behind a commonness fog. We live in peace wonderful where a miracle continually, but points of commonness prevent to see. These points should be removed, and then it is possible to start to learn to see soul of things and the phenomena. Let's take for an eye example human – a mirror of feelings and emotions human. How many tell eyes to observation mind, as though the book of soul human reveals before able to see. But all are occupied by themselves and the experiences, and time already isn't present to observe movements of foreign soul. Without being able to observe, the person among the ghosts created by his imagination goes, having lost communication with reality. It is necessary to open simply eyes to see, and the world of wonderful reality will start opening to an observation eye the amazing secrets. How many the new will open sounds of a human voice, and especially if to start listening heart, noting impressions it, made on heart. Reaction to heart is so we will call ability to distinguish thin influence of a sound of a human voice. Secret of a sound – how many values it is hidden in these words! The sound fiery bears a form and aroma in itself and energy, obviously and powerfully influencing nervous system of the person and forcing to vibrate his nervous centers on a key corresponding. Sound of a voice it is possible to calm the person, it is possible to excite him, it is possible to bring into a condition of irritation, health or an illness is possible for it to transfer. The powerful weapon it is owned, but is blind and deaf to understanding of reality. In a look any the possession can enclose any feeling that is any energy which will work by order of will, but this wonderful weapon of people prefers to stare and murmur words senselessly. And it is done by the person created just like God's, while specking the World was created by the Word! Who can comprehend power and word force? Not about observe- acts the word, not about not able to overcome babbling it is spoken, not about talkers on a stage when I Mean fiery power of the word human. No, I Speak about words when the coordinated intensity of all organism uniform or a combination transfers them in the word as a picture – idea of the artist, the thought enclosed in a sound. It is necessary to learn to speak even more shortly, even more strongly, still fiery, putting force in each sound, said consciously. Why your words already start influencing people so powerfully? Whether not therefore, what you start coming nearer to great secret of understanding of value of a sound in general and voices human in particular? Listen attentively to voices of people. In a voice of the person his essence is expressed. This essence needs to learn to be comprehended. As tell eyes and a voice much. Why to ask about something, why to build guesses when the internal person is externally expressed in a voice and in eyes. And if to it still to add gait and gestures, the general shape of the person becomes already absolutely certain. It is possible to put reaction to heart to it still. So on experiences interesting it is possible to develop an eye eagle and hearing distinguished, and then the phenomena usual will lose the commonness and singularity becomes property of the directed spirit.

340. Certainly, the reality of the thin phenomena and the Thin World should be claimed constantly, differently rough vibrations dense will muffle it. Too the consciousness got used to the world terrestrial and too it came off the Invisible World that this communication could be reestablished without conscious intervention of will. In the Thin World there are no secrets, from the point of view of our usual, terrestrial. The thin World sees our acts, and still about value of behavior any more before people, but before a space face, pupils forget even. When the inhabitant alone with himself makes acts which he never would make in the face of people, it is clear and natural but when the pupil forgets that there is nothing secret that immediately wouldn't become obvious for the Thin World, it already borders on conscious denial of reality. Arriving alone, we find degree of the understanding of reality. In consciousness the worlds Invisible and visible unite. And I recognition of this reality in life and acts this recognition is approved. The thin World testifies to itself obviously and constantly, but the world dense before eyes, both the rough visible and felt phenomena of the world terrestrial hammer the phenomena thin, and the person quickly forgets about them, even having seen and having felt. Both worlds are connected indissolubly. Even hands can't be raised, without having connected thin action with dense because the thought which has raised a hand is invisible. The person constantly lives in two worlds, only doesn't want to think of it and to give the report to it. You look at the person standing to you by a back, and he immediately starts feeling concern and even touches by hands of that place where your look is directed. And how many wonderful and hidden interactions happen at contact of people? It is worth sitting five minutes in the presence of the sad person, and you feel how your aura as if someone extinguished light in your house was saddened and went out. Without words there is this interaction. It would be good to show on color the movie interaction of human radiations. Value of collective and role in it the certain person would be realized visually. The person of vibration of light or gloom bears with himself in himself and on essence of the radiations influences. So people on sadden and lightful share. So our conditions and condition conditions of spirit have not personal, but public and spatial value. Saddens is criminals public, doing huge harm and to collective, both society, and the state. If from one only the coward the army can run what to tell about wreckers of secret, colleagues poisoning consciousness. The concept of a crime against society should be expanded and mental criminals to reveal on light of day. Too long they went with impunity, poisoning consciousness of masses. Devices for determination of radiations human will be invented, and then sadden will be expelled from collective and to be isolated until will find forces also desire to get human shape. On the injuriousness for society harm, them brought, is much deeper, more serious than theft because they poison consciousness human, invisibly and quietly devouring mental energy of people around. Such vamps consciousness can extinguish enthusiasm of the whole collective and harm is long while it won't find and won't separate from healthy and normal people. Such suppression at the head of affairs is especially inadmissible. Harm in this case extends widely. It is necessary to hasten with studying of the mental energy, differently much dangerous mental criminals will continue to poison with the presence consciousness of the people. Already without the device it is necessary to learn to expose and find these sadden and to discharge them of affairs. Diseases and health of spirit are infectious awfully. A lot of things still should be brought in science about society, but without understanding of the Doctrine it is impossible. Mental energy of the person should be studied, but the device human an organism, and from the psychophysiological point of view as carrier of seven principles of covers corresponding to them has to become the main object of studying. Without studying of human aura the understanding of the person is impossible. Without recognition of thought, its essence and value, studying it will be one-sided. New time goes and demands new approach to things. It is impossible to be late because the New Era approaches promptly.

341. Yes, yes, yes, at least minutes of concentration to put Me and my Face in consciousness predominating over all other thoughts and the representations occupying all field of consciousness. When my Face grows and all screen fills with itself, the perception of the impressions going from Me, becomes possible. But still they were only mental, but it is possible to reach that they became acoustical and visual. Everything depends on what center starts working, or what center already wakened. To apprehend thought or to hear is one, to write down – already something another because demands tension double. Long time is required to coordinate the centers, and the main difficulty that thoughts or words perceived are forgotten extraordinary quickly, almost instantly. It is the first sign of fiery perception. Perceptions the highest are difficult to that demand full dismissal from itself. Here also the partition of three bodies rather egoism office, or the lowest "I", from consciousness of the highest is necessary. The lowest cover becomes silent in the activity that the highest conductors served as conductors of thin vibrations. The consciousness works in the conductor the highest, and the Highest in consciousness prevails. The microcosm human consists of seven conductors called by bodies, or conductors, each of which belongs to the plan of life and is shown on the plan. All seven can phenomenon on the plan physical, but the lowest – the body physical – on the plan astral can't be shown, as also the astral – on mental or mental – on higher, Fiery, or in World Fiery. On each higher plan the lowest covers already become absolutely unnecessary and not applied therefore and it is necessary to dismember consciousness that those were able to act separately and independently on each of three plans available to the person. Whether it is possible, being in a physical body, to operate on the plan mental? It is possible if physical perceptions and feelings are extinguished by will. Often, having deeply reflected, we lose feeling of the dense world, transferring consciousness to thought. Ability to switch off attention of impression is already Arhat’s art. A lot of things depend on it, and much can be reached, being released from usual, that is the lowest, "I". It is correct to think that at the same time it is impossible to serve two misters: World Highest and to the world dense, because always to which it is preferred. Prefers heart! It also it is necessary in the necessary direction to be able to direct, - and especially before going to bed. As the sponge absorbs water, so the heart directed on a task distant, absorbs in itself impressions distant and comes back to the world dense, loaded with impressions thin. They should learn to be translated, or to transpose in terrestrial consciousness. Work thin, demands duration and big vigilance that is ability of recognition. The one, who never listened to a spatial note, won't be able to catch it, without having noted character of spatial currents, having referred all thin impressions to indigestion or to other purely physical habits. Wanting to see and hear not the world dense and dense impressions will be a criterion. Sweeper it is possible to sweep a yard, but a sweeper it is impossible to play a spirit harp.

342. To the person occupied with, it is more difficult to reach Communication, than to a camel to get through in an eye of a needle. In the morning dedication to the Teacher of thought when the consciousness is still free from thoughts terrestrial, has crucial importance for the statement of perceptions and accord installation. This way adjusts the consciousness receiver. When third-party thoughts already darkened the screen of perception perceiving, purity of the accord is broken. Thought the highest turns out with impurity, and then it becomes already impossible to separate the thoughts from thought of the Teacher. Acuteness of feelings will help sharp recognition personal from the Highest. The full legend of to the Teacher at least at these moments becomes inevitable if firmly to reach the solution of results. And when in consciousness there is no, mine fills it. Merge of consciousnesses assumes dismissal from itself. The one, who drags the egoism on the Communication throne, won't succeed in Merge. The beam of the Teacher falls on the screen of the consciousness which hasn't been occupied with phantoms of the personal world, images of the Highest World imposes on it, and the perception goes freely. When it began correctly, it is necessary not to break care process by continuous invasions of thoughts surrounding usually which яро and persistently seek to rush into a field of consciousness and to fill it entirely. Vigilance and vigilance thus are required strengthened. And these thoughts can be thrown out immediately as soon as they appear. They can be seen, but to be late on them it is impossible, they as gapers behind a fence, can stop and stare, but for fencing aren't let in because the entrance for them is locked. But nevertheless it is better to leave in the house of spirit and to lock doors then passersby of the gaper aren't terrible. Process of perception can be detailed and deepened endlessly. At the heart of it "I" lie full, released from usual, concentration. It is necessary to understand that the dismissal way from itself, from the usual world of thoughts and feelings, is a condition of the correct stay in World Thin, and especially, after death. Otherwise not escape from a hopelessness circle. Personal there is no place in space, but from personal it is necessary to learn to be released on Earth. Because where the consciousness moves on колеям, dug in space during terrestrial life, it is very difficult to change the usual habitual direction. It should learn to be done here, on Earth, breaking through in space channels of aspiration of spirit on which easily and freely it will be possible to move after death. If these channels of the highest aspiration of thought aren't created, the spirit will mark time in a vicious circle of the personal world from which the exit isn't present. On the channels of aspiration dug in space during lifetime of terrestrial, the spirit to spheres of the Highest Worlds directs. Therefore I Speak: "You aspire not once and somewhere then, but exactly nowadays, now, when it is as you please free and here can approve Communication with the Highest World". Communication with the Teacher is established consciously. Crucial importance upon transition to the World Thin has. Let's treat him consciously and full-hearted, all heart, all forces, all power of essence putting in process About Communication.

343. The channels of aspiration dug in space have paramount importance for spirit life, and in particular, in Mira Nadzemnom. If the person, living on Earth, it was limited to a family or work focus of interest, thoughts above usual terrestrial conditions, in that world where everything moves thought never rose, after death of a body there will be it pushed by thought of usual, in a circle of the same habitual images. But if sometime he thought of stars, say, about Venus, and wanted to visit and see there how there live people, that, having exempted from a body, he movable by thought, will depart there, to object of the aspiration. The aspiration punches layers surrounding heavy conditions and пролагает ways to those objects on which the thought concentrated. And after death the spirit the habitual and cut-through aspiration the channel in space exactly there where the spirit aspired during lifetime will direct. It is possible to imagine as from each person to subjects or the phenomena of which he thinks, thought beams are stretched, connecting it to them and closing his consciousness limits of the phenomena to which it is directed. The body is dumped, and the person appears in the world where everything moves thought, to its thin cover inclusive. Where it will go? On habitual courses of aspirations! And if the person all life directed to the Worlds the Highest, to planets far, to Spirits Great and to the phenomena high, and his spirit will depart there on ready channels, in space dug by him here, on Earth. The aspiration will draw borders of opportunities and achievements because that is impossible here, becomes possible where the engine real is the thought directing. Therefore заповедуется the Boundlessness which isn't limiting the person with anything, except his fiery aspiration connecting it for the purpose of far, is as though far and unattainable there was it on Earth. More widely wide sew, is wider wide scatter aspiration seeds to the Worlds Distant, to Spheres the Highest, to heights unattainable because it is achievable and everything is possible, if not here, there, in the Worlds. In the room small thought it is possible to aspire there where the thought can be shown. If the eagle isn't able to fly by, the thought will be able to fly by everywhere. For thought impossible isn't present. It sounds unconvincingly on Earth, but thinks as it sounds where the engine of all is the thought lightful, neither limits, nor restrictions not knowing. But it is necessary to approve it on Earth, but it is necessary to break through now channels in space for future flights. The person, nothing knowing, all denying and aspiration not generated, remains in a vicious circle of those thoughts and those objects to which his thought was attached during lifetime of the terrestrial. Everyone is the own liberator or the jailer in the conditions of elevated existence. Seeded here reaps there. Or boundless opportunities of the infinite space sated with all types of forms of life and everything that ever I reached spirit of the person, or the consciousness of the Highest Fire Great Spirits, or receives the small sphere of a limited circle of terrestrial interests, above which never his consciousness didn't rise. We limit and release them the aspirations, putting myself a manifestation limit for the spirit. Therefore I Speak: "Direct and the light of Boundlessness" will fill in you. Therefore I Speak: "The circle of commonness should be punched, having created an aspiration spiral". Therefore I Speak: "Understand power of the fiery achievements breaking your dungeons, wings giving to you and bringing spirit there where it is conducted by thought beam-bearing, beams penetrating space and creating in it lightful ways to spirit". About the channels cut in space by thought of directed and serving as ways of movement of spirit, it is necessary to think. Also it is necessary to understand beam-bearing ways of Light.
344. My son, correctly you think if you consider each test, each trouble as a touchstone, a certain quality checking and strengthening. It is so necessary to look at them, having rejected the usual point of view. Not it is necessary to be engaged in experiences when time of the next tests, and conscious strengthening of quality necessary because only for this purpose and are given comes. So in a root the relation to life blows will change. And everyone becomes a new step of strengthening of strength of mind. It is necessary to learn not to be afraid of them, and to despise even dangers. So goes confirmation of force spiritual and priority spirit over everything, that below it. Life is so overcome and won. It is possible яро to think about it, breaking through in space channels for future actions planned by will and put in the future in the form of images, created in the imagination, making out a way of ascension of spirit. Will think about the victories in images bright of ways prepare created in space.

345. It is given the chance to learn real values of life, their difference from the things which don't have any price. Their absolute importance and necessity will be their main sign. For example, the tranquility or observation, in whatever measure they collected, each acquisition will be necessary and valuable and is that true property which anything won't be able to take away any more. So quality acquired is accumulation real riches. It is possible to get heaps of things or gold, but it is better and more favorable to be the recognized writer, either the artist, or the composer. Things will turn into ashes, gold remains on Earth, but spirit accumulation with spirit and will arrive. And when time and the saved-up treasures will come will flash all fires, the person completely from all works with which he worked under the Sun will taste then, collecting true treasures of spirit. The collector of treasures, by the hunter of pearls of life it is possible to call the wise industrialist of spirit, persistently, persistently and surely accumulating eternal values enduring in a treasury of the Bowl. Joyfully and fascinatingly there is this process of accumulation when, for example, simple observation obviously and generously enriches consciousness. The simple and attentive view of a face of the person already opens a lot of things, as though doors of cognition of human soul open. But also here dismissal from itself is necessary because to be able to observe and drag everywhere with itself small "I" with its complaints, not contents and concern it is absolutely impossible. Joyfully, self-denying, in tranquility full property of an eagle eye reveals. If it is impossible to learn something about the person more than that was known, fixedly and attentively look at his face, as though for the first time, as though from outside, noting the slightest details. But it isn't necessary to speak about it to people. People don't forgive the observation opening their internal essence. It isn't enough the people, able to own itself so that their inner self wasn't reflected in the external. Your qualities are your treasure. Take quality of tranquility and balance. What can be compared to them when the saved-up treasures fires obviously and victoriously shine in a breast? It is possible to take away things, it is possible to take away a body but who will be able to take away what belongs to accumulation of enduring immortal Identity? The person is faced by Boundlessness, staying in which on Earth or in the worlds, he can increase Treasure of the Stone new fires of immortality. Knowing it everything and a spirit escalating, it is necessary to regret people because don't know anything because are blind and need at least sparkles of Light which is radiated by Arhat. Everyone should give something and to light if accept. Treasure it is collected not for itself, but for the world because Light shines its world. Arhat can't be born. It is necessary to become Arhat, in everyday collecting crystals of the eternal flame which keeper is the Bowl. Not to be tired, not to overtire in making, not to go out, but Fire sacred, burning in a breast, carefully and carefully to carry by through life – here a task of the pupil. The secret of an inextinguishable flame of heart consists in Communication with Hierarchy. Great Heart the elevated creating gives Fire to the Stone carrier. The silver thread of spirit connects to the Stronghold of Light and the Highest Fire heart to it directed. Learned obviously pleasure of accumulation of Treasure it will be given and strengthened a hundred times because the pleasure and in pleasure creates acquisition of values enduring. On beams of pleasure inflow forces for new profound cognition. Boundless essence of saved-up qualities should be felt as spirit. The pulsation of life should be scented in the course of multiplication of forces. And the pleasure victorious fire approved in heart, shining will flare. My son, is joyful an ascension way. The pleasure is a sign of steps of the highest. The pleasure of stays, overcoming, and victories is Arhat’s pleasure. Not about small, terrestrial, but about the Highest we will be glad the highest pleasure of spirit.

346. The Lord Entered into life and the phenomenon of consciousness united with the Hierarchy phenomenon. There was a recognition of that was made eighteen million years ago when the form human on the Beam of the Lord received a divine spark of understanding, or consciousness, and that communication between the Space Father Hierarch and the son, the consciousness human received which was established in early childhood of the world, nowadays is consciously approved by a way of direct contact and Communication. Earlier it wasn't realized, nowadays becomes conscious. But in the first races consciousness was more brightly and more vitally because divine Tsars of the Solar Dynasty enjoyed love of people, and people it joyfully and implicitly obeyed as beings to the highest and spread hierarchically. With immersion in a matter communication was weakened and was lost. Nowadays the prodigal son comes back to a bosom отцово, and the forgotten communication with the Space Father Hierarch on Which Beam the consciousness of the person a spark of human understanding once flashed is reestablished. Without the Hierarch people would remain at the level of the animal condition, deprived of consciousness. To the father Hierarch are obliged by the consciousness. After long immersion in a matter the Father Hierarch Waits for return of the person son because it is an inevitable step of evolution. Consciousness expansion, achievement of a condition of consciousness space, merge to the Beam of the Lord will be the following step. The way dark takes away in darkness of darkness of a chasm bottomless. I speak about Light ways. The era going on change old, should be come consciously. It is an era of conscious cooperation of mankind with Hierarchy as was once during infancy of the first conscious races. But nowadays this cooperation strengthened by developed intelligence, the expanded consciousness and the highest spiritual step, gives to the person blossoming unknown. It is necessary to prepare people for acceptance of Gifts of Evolution. It is necessary to destroy forces of destruction. From a planet move away destroyers. Great cleaning of mankind is necessary, and measures will be applied great and unknown. Move away destroyer’s dark because a dam to the course of evolution became. There were shifts great, there will be still big. Anything counteracting Me, won't resist against Me. Who will raise a hand against the Space Father? Whether attendant of darkness? But his father is Satan.

Darkness is in darkness and will depart. Also there will be a withdrawal of sons of darkness in darkness planetary on condition of leaving of Earth by them. Also there is a herd uniform, and at the head of it there is a Hierarch-driver recognized as all. And sunny days of happiness will begin over a planet, and to the Kingdom of Light there will be no end. We stand on a great change. Powerfully forces of camp light grow. Gloomy and яро the darkness resists, but its hours are considered, and the darkness on justice scales, scales Space, faultless is weighed. Darkness destruction when hour predicted will punch will be prompt. The future shines fires of opportunities of Light of the wonderful. To the future we will be glad!

347. My son, understanding of the synovstvo to Me you come nearer and into the sphere of influence of my Beams you enter. Understanding of a sonship grants the right to a lot of things. Because you receive that, on what the Space Right you have. But it is necessary to realize the son of. Not slave, not pupil, not employee, but son. Having passed the intended steps when bonds of love become communication and access will be open to everything, keys will be given. The son has trust. I wait for awakening of full understanding to give on consciousness. The slave receives a slavish share, the son – сыновью. I call to understanding of space communication with the Father Hierarch. The small consciousness is content with the small and in a small circle of concludes. I call on open spaces spatial, the past and the future I Shined with understanding. The way is clear and direct. Come to Me everything, exacting lives of spirit and I Will give you on your aspirations. Everyone will receive on needs of spirit for aspiration shown, and everyone will give that luminous intensity which in its aura will be shown on the abilities, and everyone will serve also to me, both a planet, and people.
348. My son, the Lord your microcosm the sphere where the Beam having special appointment daily goes. Beams are sent everything, capable to apprehend them. But Beams special is to only close spirits. For the Assignment it is necessary to prepare. Preparation goes on the Beam. Than Assignment there is more, big preparation is required to those. The spirits having special mission are sent to the most crucial time for Earth. I prepare for execution of mission of life. It is great and considerable. Not small it is necessary to become the witness. In a privacy of the room the spirit is formed. Tests are adapted everyone to give a consequence necessary. The teacher Watches that the necessary qualities were approved. The Teacher Strengthens feasibly and Fills with Knowledge the Highest. It is a lot of clever people, but for a successful conclusion of a task it is necessary to become wise, it is necessary to learn to speak and write in a usual condition as if lips of the son the Father would Speak. It is necessary to reach such condition of a merge of consciousnesses that Wisdom washing with your wisdom I became. Hunger spiritual is great. It is necessary to give spirit food in such quantity and such quality to sate each comer on the capacity of his consciousness. I will give through you as Gave and I Give through Mater. It is necessary to become even closer, even more unseparable, even more densely that any mediastinum disappeared. It is necessary to like spirit of the Doctrine so that heart with understanding could light up unmistakably any line of life, any problem, any decision, from personal and small to state and universal. It is necessary to increase spirit so that to contain greatness of the future without fluctuating, without doubting, without showing fear before a lot the strange. I will cover with a board of a victory and in a hand I Will gives a good luck and prosperity staff in all your undertakings, Me planned to execution. Let's manage together affairs of the statement of the wonderful future in my Country, Me intended and running business of transformation of the world. When your time and terms will come will come, you will enter into a life strip other, lives of Service to my people force of fires, Me lit in your microcosm. Remember: with Me everything is possible, but return of to me has to be full and irrevocable. Having betrayed itself to me, will I wash in myself having claimed, and will of my, not knowing failures and defeats, you will powerfully act. Accustom your consciousness to thought that, working with me, my Name and my force, the powerful envoy you will be, Light of the Lord bearing for the world terrestrial, lit up by beams of a coming Fiery Era. My force I Will put in your right hand and with the power of execution of fiery thought I Will allocate. You will create the future under my Decree the power this. Harp of spirit adjust on a wonderful harmony in the accord with Forces the Highest, and everything that you will wish to make in the Name My, will bear on yourself the execution press. Invisible forces and assistants will serve you because you will execute will of the Lord. If I Guard Great execution of will of terms is invisible Visible, you seen, will be also the performer of my will. And then, where time and a place will demand, I Will send you. To the son I Give an assignment to testify to Me. To the son I Give an assignment to testify to the Space Father of each spirit. The seal lightful I Set to your forehead and I Charged to testify to Light. I will give strength mighty to reign over hearts of people. Everything that is necessary for performance of great mission of life will be given, but I should betray heart, but to be filled with me to a limit, but My presence at your heart should be shined strong, and it is necessary to leave usual measures where strength of Lords is applied. And if Broke the risen enemy of Light who will resist against my phenomenon in you, the son, transformation of the world approved for the sake of implementation. My son, I, your Lord and the Father, Elected you by a vessel shown for acceptance and refraction of my energy in forms of changed life. You will give to people prototypes of that will be, they will carry out not greatly and will realize novelty, logic insuperable. Courage of the decision you will win. Builders of the New Country new ways already go. Show ways newer, even more wonderful and unexpected. My son, your fate, given on Service to the Lord is wonderful.

349. The Hierarchy Ladder is boundless, leaves to Inexpressible tops and Incomprehensible. Also lifting is infinite. Each new step is higher than the old. Each expansion of consciousness with effort of fight is reached. Fight of overcoming and the statement new in itself unceasingly. It also is life infinite. There can't be a stop. Life can't stop, evolution can't stop. Can't stop a planet the run, world movement which in essence to is advance in evolution can't stop. In this huge Space powerful evolutionary movement even involution of separate Globes or the whole systems, being made in the course of their next consolidation, or immersion in a matter, is similar to whirlpool or the return small currents on a surface of the great river of life which in the evolutionary current carries away everything to the great ocean of Boundlessness. Progress in evolution space is made under any conditions. Everything, not able to ascend, finally jumps out of a stream and goes to processing. The great Space Law of evolution of the real can't be broken. Somewhere in the worlds, on far-out planets, their lives perfect mankind. Absolute is in comparison with us. And, being perfect, it as is far from top, as well as we, though there is it above ours. If we from Lords separate one or two Big Circles of planetary evolution, how many Circles separate the Lord from his Lord? Even it is impossible to imagine, how many living conditions of the Highest planets from conditions terrestrial strongly differ. Condition of a matter in the degree refinement so differs from terrestrial, that everyone possibility of comparison disappears. Somewhere there live people who in weight on height of the spiritual development stand at a step of Lords. It is necessary to understand that space opportunities and space reality in consciousness human don't hold. But, approving Boundlessness in everything, it is necessary to recognize both boundlessness of the worlds, and the ladder of spirit which doesn't have the end. As the world of three measurements infinitely more widely than the world two-dimensional and includes any quantity of the two-dimensional phenomena, and the Worlds of the Highest measurements in comparison with us are incommensurable and are to them in the same relation. The pansophy, both omniscience, and all-luhear, and power World Fiery is only simple property of the World The highest measurements, reporting partially part of these properties to the consciousness which has reached it. And degrees of these amazing divine properties are relative as. Main thing in that, what the limit not exist, because limit spirit evolutions is Boundlessness. There is neither end, nor a limit to opportunities of development of spirit human, isn't present space. The new Era will give the chance to terrestrial mankind to direct powerfully in the evolution, crumpled all barriers of ignorance, dullness of limitation, superstitions, false beliefs and false science. Barriers will be distraught all. Free from all пут the person to tops will go.

350. The spiral of consciousness rises from matter depths to heights fiery. Each its turn is higher than the previous. And everyone bears in itself (himself) all experience of rings preceding it. Spiral develops consciousness, passing as though the same points of a circle, but, like winter and summer, without repeating ever. As also Records go spiral according to the consciousness expansion, each time adding something new to the same main questions of development of spirit and evolution of the shown life. As though deeply this quality, a new spiral by which the consciousness rose was sorted, already gives new understanding of the mentioned quality. New it is possible to add and new understanding to enrich both, and others. Repetition same would generate monotony and would be suppression of opportunities of spirit. Therefore bears in itself the Beam of the Teacher new, new, new and conformable to growing and extending consciousness. In a rising spiral of consciousness Arhat is eternally new, versatility of Space finds in each spiral the reflection any of the sides, novelty and fadeless freshness of spirit find coming to it. The consciousness of the ordinary person can run low and go out, and creativity will stop, but it can't happen to the going Arhat because he knows the Source inexhaustible, beating eternally young and new stream of life. Evolution real is spiral. Its rings are similar, but never repeat as the same day doesn't repeat twice because too it is subordinated to the same law of a spiral and a rhythm. The knowledge of this law gives the chance to the pupil crops of the necessary grains in the consciousness to make with understanding. Each grain put at the next passing of this point on a spirals, gives already understanding new and understanding expanded. For the second there is the third, for the third – the fourth, and so crops grains endlessly grow, enriching consciousness. It is worth touching with consciousness it fiery to a beating source and to enjoy from it as the stream of new knowledge joins the opened receiver ready for perception of the Highest energy. The Brotherhood stronghold promptly and uncontrollably rushes forward; Stronghold strong, the Stronghold strong, the Stronghold, which has been cut down in basalt rocks, uncontrollably rushing forward in boundless space of times. Firmness and stability is so combined with prompt movement in the Future. And the one who can connect the consciousness to this flame of hidden Light rushing in space, from Beams receives it. Many go and look for on to light this wonderful Stronghold of knowledge and Light. But the few only know that it can be found heart, both in heart, and through the heart which has been spiritually directed to it on wings of Rays of light. On the Beam there is an aspiration. On the Beam Light distinguish and on the Beam reach the Tower magic, and in it the Lord – in the spirit of and heart directing to It Waits; Beams of the Tower shine over the world, and each looking for finds. Because the law specify asking to give, knocking to open and looking for to specify ways of stays. Many look for in darkness. We help also to them if they look for Light. I told: "Come to Me all". But go by, not to Me, but to attendant’s dark, and roll in darkness. But I Call to Light, both a way of Specify, and opportunities I Give. Looking for, being knocked and asking, to you I Speak: gate of Light is open also the next mine stands on Patrol to meet you who are looking for and being knocked. Them guarding, I Sent to the world for the sake of you who are looking for that met you, satisfied your hunger spiritual, clothes spiritual distances that could come to Me joyful and light. But sent mine see. But the Hand of the help don't reject. But them put by Me don't reject because fixed hour and opportunity missed doesn't repeat. I pass by, and don't notice Me. I send my beloved, and don't see also them. But I Can't move stones. I can’t be knocked on hearts hardened. Time final comes. Sleeping heart, wake up!
351. One I can promise: true conditions will change, - to this change world Prepare. The personal karma and karma national will merge to the uniform course of life. Also there will be a life sent mine absolutely other. Waiting the spirit pines, but expectation can be turned into a carpet of stays, and languor of spirit will turn into joyful collecting of knowledge of reality. We call learning realists-act. It's true: among slags of the present they select elements enduring and move them into creation of the future. To see the main thing among uncountable splinters of life usual will be achievement of wisdom, but let growth live future and directs in the future. In the future all is possible. In the past that already was in the present that is possible. But in the future – what wanted by will. This main property of the future should be realized яро. Nothing can be changed in the present. The small and slightest change assumes it in the future; it is as though close stood. We prefer not the direct close future, but the future far. Because the remote future it is longer the lever of will, subjects there is more than work or they can make actions. Actions grow in space, strengthening the will lever. As the artist creates a great work of art, imprinting thought in images, and Arhat creates the future in the forms created by will. Any creative process is directed in the future. It is always accompanied by action. Therefore, true creative action is process of implementation of the future in the present when the present is used as a crops field for actions, in the future of the directed. The future for the pupil is a field of the statement of all qualities, a field of the approval of the symphony of the qualities, which grains and which grains and care about which are shown by it in the present, applying them in life for the sake of the future. In the present it has their imperfect display, be content which it can't because knows about the symphony of qualities. And therefore it directs creative will in unlimited opportunities of the future where it can phenomenon and approve in itself(himself) know what it has at present that I didn't reach and that in the necessary degree can't apply in operation. But let impossible or unachieved at present will be the guarantee of that, what exactly it unachieved quality will be property of spirit in the future, when to it the due is applied power of aspiration in the present. This combination of the present to the future in the statement of qualities it is necessary to understand and not to be afflicted strong with any imperfections seen in because at aspiration constant in application in life of desirable qualities the future shines victory fires. It is possible to see itself possessing qualities necessary, it is possible to introduce strong them in consciousness that in process of growth of spirit they could firmly and powerfully manifestation actually, in life, in application. No failures, any obstacles, any mistakes can stop growth of qualities if only the spirit realized the leading force of the future in which everything is achievable how the present dispersed from it. Not in the present, but in the future the Teacher because the present is those imperfections of spirit which in the future will be overcome Directs. Whether it is possible to reach at once balance perfect or tranquility of the highest? No, it is impossible, but it is achievable in the future, and nothing can deprive spirit of this achievement if levers of the will directed in the future, are put in action. The present only serves as a test field where it is possible to check, what degree of this quality the spirit at present it to show deeper and perfect degree in the future can show. I want to specify that use of qualities in life is for the pupil only steps of their growth on which he can judge the process, directing it and regulating it will. With those these qualities which it has, it goes to the future, knowing about the spiral growth of consciousness and elements, it making. On all kind, light and evolutionary has to set the statement seal for their free growth, to all doubtful, unnecessary and stirring – the condemnation press under which stamp useless shoots will dry and fade. So process of self-improvement will rise on strong rails of success and will create strong unshakable confidence that any desirable quality can be approved strongly and develop as that is wanted by will.

352. Even a small victory – already achievement because of small grains of sand there is a mountain because isn't present neither big, nor small. Small the tree huge grows from a seed. Crops grow in space. Each step in the correct direction approaches to a victory. Certainly, the astral seeks to react to everything, and, of course, to operate itself it is necessary to learn by all means. The reaps on which has caused or able to cause disbalance, will leave, but a victory over it if it took place, remains with the winner as a starting point for a new and more necessary victory. The consciousness plans a number of qualities and decides to gain them any price. Patrol is established in the direction of qualities planned, and each next test which won't slow down, will serve as the amplifier, the store and the accumulator of that fire which essence in it is expressed. Qualities possess properties of fire and therefore are called fiery. The qualities which have been already approved in a microcosm human, in the form of crystallized fires are show and when the moment of action and manifestation of this quality comes, crystals of deposits of qualities flash the fires. It is necessary to notice that all movements in a microcosm human on the character fiery, only character and properties of these fires depend on a step of spirit, and also on property and degree of luminosity of the centers. The statement of qualities conscious is conscious accumulation of fires. When all being of the person is adjusted on an improvement key, or, speaking in other words, on a key of accumulation of fiery power, it starts increasing promptly, and each victory, each next test, and successfully passable, serves as the fastest method of accumulation of power of Treasure of the Stone. It is necessary to understand that the Silent Witness inside is always invariable and unshakable that occurs outside, and in case of the next tests it is worth uniting the consciousness with it and to approach to its sphere from all external and temporary as he immediately will report to consciousness of vibration of power of an eternal flame from which its essence is lit. Even small experience today when small affairs could prevent Communication, immediately brought a victory and balance as soon as the consciousness turned the eye to a stronghold inside where He who is Silently Looking stays. The thicket should turn consciousness inside, to an altar of an eternal flame, into a sanctuary of spirit lit, inaccessible external, not destroyed, immortal, making essence of the person. In process of its understanding it will shine in consciousness everything brighter and brighter, yet won't become a flame of the infinite Light being part of that Flame from which исшел spirit, it is temporary and visible separated from the Great Space Receptacle with which this communication never interrupted and couldn't interrupt. The sphere of this Flame is a monastery of eternal Light, from which исшел spirit and to which it has to come back. But even the short contact to intimate and to not predicate that is hidden in the person, strengthens power of consciousness immeasurably. The ascension of spirit approaches consciousness to a citadel of Dumb Witness, which inside. Silent, Silent, hidden and silent, without a form and without color, It heart of your heart, It essence of your essence, It nymen forces, It power of an eternal Flame of the life concluded in enduring essence of the person, hidden under six covers. It is possible to destroy the whole shown world, but the Silent Recorder isn't destroyed. The leaving country can become covered with sand and turn into ashes the proud and beautiful cities, the whole people from pages of history and memory of can be erased don't leave, but He who is Silently Looking, will arrive for ever and ever, and It, Dumb Witness inside, and is you, but not your external personality, temporary and passing, with all the covers. It – The one who is soul of your immortal Identity. He is a God in you, eternally Real which was, is and will be always.

353. The God's kingdom in you is, and it is the Kingdom of Dumb Witness. The words "You Are Gods" mean its power, wearable everyone in themselves, subject to understanding on a long way to spirit evolution. The word "god" as it understand or people don't understand, great idea of Dumb Witness, in Staying, doesn't express because In cognizable everyone understands idea of the Highest at a rate of the consciousness and limits to it that can't be limited. Therefore also the intimate inexpressible essence of spirit human can be determined only by words: "Invisible, incomprehensible, not having a form and color, inexpressible words, but truly real, inside Staying". Greatness of spirit human, greatness of Spirits of the Highest is defined by extent of their approach to merge to it, to the Father of everything staying inside. When the Voice Silent, silent starts speaking inside, it, Real Inside, the Proximity are show. It is necessary to understand that in languages human there are no the concepts, able to express the things which don't have those signs by which people determine the phenomena. But the heart, not needing words, in awe it can be felt greatness of Secret. One aspiration to it, one the order to it already fills consciousness with power of tranquility and the power, being weak reflection of Light thrown by Secret on the screen of consciousness. In heart silence, in its depths it is possible to direct to it, to Him who is Silently Looking inside. In the shadow of it is possible to feel itself as the son of Eternity, from It proceed and in It staying. From Secret proceed at the beginning of times and in Secret plunging at end of the Great Cycle. In the shadow of it from whirlwinds and storms of sufferings terrestrial it is possible to find that world, which above human understanding and which is inviolable anything. Let the consciousness with It direct to Proximity, let in Communication with It find that anybody and anything can't give to the person but that the person has to take itself strength of mind. Dismissal from external and merge to Him who is Silent, will be a victory sign. Also it isn't necessary to look for anywhere: neither here nor there, neither behind mountains, nor behind dales, behind the seas because It inside Staying includes in itself everything. The savior called him the Father who in heavens, specifying at the same time: "I in you, you in the Father, the Father in Me and We are uniform". Secret the world keeps. At top of the highest achievements where the way comes to an end, there is Gate the Last, and on them only one word is traced, and the word is Secret. Behind them the Way of fiery admiration of spirit in merge to Him who is Silently Looking begins. "I want to turn inside a soul Eye that steps of vanity broke off and breathe of Secret concerned soul". My son when the Lord Speaks about Inexpressible, the Beam of the Lord is intense with a special force, the singular ray is sent. You see how merge of consciousnesses, through the Face reached; will sweep away usual barriers and gives profound understanding of things and the phenomena. Merge of consciousnesses should be deepened still. It is necessary to become even closer. It is necessary to become so that at first there was a Lord, and then already all the rest. It is necessary the Lord most closer and to heart to put all that He Filled heart and in heart I Took priority. It also is the full legend of heart to the Lord, or full-devotion. Incompleteness unattainable it is impossible to reach, but full-devotion it is possible. And We Speak about things, incomprehensible for usual consciousness. And if somebody someone or something "loves more Me, несть Me is worthy". In this formula the law of an ascension of spirit, irrevocably, unconditionally and forever given completely the heart to the Lord is shown so that the Lord in the heart which has indulged in it completely and unseparable, Took priority. Many want to reach, but without the legend of to the Lord. But on degree of the legend of to It receive because two misters can't serve neither to have two teachers, nor to rise up, directing down, to fall in love with Light, with darkness being seduced, to go away top, conducting to life, incompleteness I will show. So, given everything to me, the Lord, сторицею receives and finds in comparison with what all given becomes anything. Because my treasures with things terrestrial, people valued, are incommensurable. Therefore I Speak: "Let's go together, but everything disturbing to you and burdening you, leave at a threshold where life of commonness comes to an end and spirit life" begins. Our way is long, but with Me we will reach, up to the end we will reach, is immutable we will reach the end where merge to Secret waits for us.

354, Distance between It, Silent, Staying eternally, and you show nowadays, it is necessary to reduce and begin a path of conscious approach to Inexpressible, to the Highest, Inexpressible inside Staying Who has no neither a name, nor a form because includes everything.

355. My son, I Give infinite versatility of a uniform way of approach to Light. In total is about the same, but from different points of view and from the different parties. And when the external expression form is as though opposite to one of data earlier, so the point of view moved on hundred eighty degrees and the aspect true from the point of view of opposite, necessary for understanding of essence of a uniform thing is given. Therefore the understanding of couples of contrasts in the consciousness should be able to be combined. Not scholasticism, but property of the highest sight to see a subject from all directions at the same time. The center everywhere with a circle anywhere and it is necessary to understand too. Whether symbol it fiery consciousness? So we learn to rise over the usual blazed ways of thinking and we enter area of the unknown. I want your spirit over the world usual to lift that it touched reality. Oppose to our Knowledge wisdom terrestrial, demonstrable terrestrial logic and confirmed with feelings terrestrial. Whether but lie there will be it and a reality antipode? Logic of the Fiery World from logic terrestrial differs. The teacher far, for thousands kilometers – tells wisdom terrestrial and on it calms down. For spirit of distances isn't present, in the spirit of them it is possible to overcome, and in the spirit of it is possible be reported – our Wisdom speaks. And We, both the next ours, and the promoted pupils are reported in the spirit of. As also Communication in the spirit of happens, without looking at any conditions and distances, and plentiful fruits to the pupil having Communication with the Teacher brings. A both invisible and unheard consequence obviously has. Deny because don't know. Knowing reality doesn’t deny. And still I Want to tell that clarity of expression of thought of the Teacher at perception is dependent on degree of a merge of consciousnesses. Therefore all the time I Say that Communication should be deepened. I can’t lull, suppressing the centers as happens in a case to mediums, on the contrary, I Want that the centers were awake in tension of sensitive vigilance. Sensitive intensity of tranquility at the moment of perception needs to be understood also. It not the nervous raised lifting of mentality, but tension of tranquility of the aggravated condition of sensitive intense vigilance. The fiery tension of energy both nervous busy and fussy excitability of nerves – the phenomena absolutely incommensurable. We Create the greatest affairs in the greatest tension at full tranquility and balance. It is necessary to study tranquility of the Lord. It is necessary to understand that only balance it is possible to manage big affairs. That who didn't seize quality of tranquility and balance, big affairs we Do not charge. The people who have seized at least the main steps of demanded qualities are so necessary to us. Willingly and with pleasure to a limit we Sate aspirations of the pupil to approve the necessary qualities. To me transfer the desire to contain quality sounding your spirit. On a beam of your aspiration magneto I Will sate it on compliance. But it is necessary that the aspiration proceeded from you because the law forbids violence over will free. Therefore in you I seek to awaken the necessary impulse that your aspirations and your light were self-proceeding. Let powerful sheaf of fiery energy directs from you to Me for their urgent saturation under the magnet and compliance law. The magnetic force of the accord in life of the pupil has great value because we receive according to the accord, on lines of forces, from heart burning the proceeding. You want to have is realize clearly and accurately that you want. Desire your hearts sated with fire, direct to Me and on channels of magnetic communication in trust wait for the answer from the conformable. We rejoice, when we See self-proceeding beams of aspiration because we Hurry to load them with freight the most valuable reciprocal. The aspiration sent to space as answers brings, coming back to the primary source with a rich conformable catch. Wire spatial and a wire single work smoothly. Throwing a network, the fisherman doesn't know what grades of fishes he will catch. But the spiritual network, to the space ocean thrown, brings a catch according to the accord. Call gives a response, gives always. Asked the stone, but only from people can receive bread, from space receiving goes always on compliance, and only evil parcels cause a stone rain on the head of the sent. Remember: in compliance and according to the accord we receive. Refusal isn't present to anybody: you ask, and it will be given you, but spirit and heart you ask, putting in action the mighty law of magnetic compliances of the Highest energy.

356. My son, whether will be achievement something made under pressure of other will? Therefore it is necessary to learn to conduct, without suppressing will. Amateur performance is valuable that action impulses from within proceed and are a merit creating them, while actions dependent отяжеляют only a karma of the one who suppresses the relatives. The idea should be enclosed so that it was accepted by heart and heart would be lit by the fires. A lot of things can be entrusted the one who is able to stand on own feet. On an occasion to go the got used – aren't reliable. I act itself I answer, itself I direct. The small child drives for the handle. The adult himself goes therefore the help appears only when all opportunities of independent actions are exhausted. If person, with infancy beginning, all the time carried on hands, to go he so and didn't learn. Therefore the principle of amateur performance and independent actions is a basis of strengthening of will. Therefore it is spoken about voluntary merge of consciousnesses and merge воль – will of the pupil with will of the Teacher that its freedom wasn't suppressed. When two will move in one direction to one purpose voluntary and in aspiration warm, merge воль and consciousnesses, but not submission turns out. Basic position of an apprenticeship Isa free will of the pupil. The question of a free will is important extremely because many religions began with its suppression and didn't succeed. Will suppression involves sooner or later explosion or a full depersonalization and their transformation into slaves to spirit. Slaves to courageous creativity don't know, slaves aren't able to dare, slaves aren't necessary to evolution. As and in the field of thought decisions independent, but conformable Lives with the Doctrine are valuable. Carpet basis one, but drawings are embroidered the different. The doctrine one, but flowers raise spirit by the nature of consciousness. The parrot repeats someone else's words, but We Appreciate beams self-proceeding. You watch spirit impulses; they bring consequences of special value. Even in itself undesirable properties should be not suppressed, but to get rid, – they will raise the heads, gets rid – will die own death. They only food shouldn't give. Fires of not gets rid habits can be extinguished, I peep to fire without giving. Let burn down not flash any more again. The teacher Sends thin understanding of conditions of an ascension. The Teacher Wants to exempt spirit from outgrowths. The Teacher Wants to awaken a powerful impulse of self-improvement.

357. Today we will note a new stage in our relationship. That step of Proximity when Record can be conducted at any time that is wake consciousness is reached. For this purpose it is necessary to sit down only in a quiet place and to concentrate usually. About it I warned for a long time. Nowadays it became the won achievement. Each achievement demands care, leaving and attention that didn't decay. It is given for the future when, perhaps, during the whole day it is necessary to transfer in communication with people to them Doctrine Bases. It is necessary to speak my lips and my thoughts, having merged with Me together. The harp of spirit will sound my vibrations, and the organism will be able to sustain tension. To it also we will start being accustomed nowadays. Whether it is possible to keep solemnity during the whole day? It is possible. Whether it is possible to tell any excess rash word? It is possible. Whether it is possible to sound constantly Me, thoughts light having merged? It is possible. It is possible, it is possible, it is possible and has to and if, what you did, your thought will be given to the Lord, the thought, and work, it and will be a condition necessary. Everything is devoted to the Teacher: both thought, and thoughts, both rest, and pleasure of day, and dream of night. All being of my soul as the poet would tell. It is equivalent to that the consciousness as though clothes in a constant prayer. The organism gets used to vibrations by the highest, grows together with them and starts sounding already constantly on the highest key. And main is a condition becomes natural. It won't be pomposity of inflatedness, violently caused artificial lifting which falling inevitably follows. No, it will be usual, habitual, but nevertheless the highest condition of consciousness which is constantly sounding on the Beam of the Teacher. It is possible to sound only partially on the Beam, and it is possible to sound string full. You sound a full conformable chord. The constant reflection about the Teacher and constant feeling of its Proximity is strong to you with it will help. I told: I with you always. And when these words become your flesh and blood, having entered into the adoption of your affairs, then higher step of Proximity will be reached. The limit to rapprochement isn't present. After all for perfect merge of consciousnesses it is necessary to raise consciousness to a step of consciousness of the Lord. Whether easily it is achievable? Wisdom of the Teacher will be your property on extent of merge and the accord. To unite in the spirit of it is possible so that to speak words of the Teacher and to think his thoughts. Each hour approaches to great day. Every day deepens readiness (and readiness). To the son in hands I Give the Paternity certificate. It is possible to move on Earth face in understanding of my Beam the constant. Try to make experience: to speak on behalf of the and on behalf of mine. On behalf of mine speak. And note distinctions. Try, speaking on behalf of Mine, for an instant not let out the Face of My heart, but clearly and firmly to hold it before itself. Try the consciousness to transfer to my consciousness and to work with its force. Try absolutely to forget, having excluded it from the sphere of the display. Try and observe results. Try to act as if it not you, but I staying in you, Act. Try to betray entirely itself to me and Me instead of itself, instead of the little, to put. Safely test it in all that adequately appendices of the highest energy and the Hand washing will be with you. Opportunities will be given soon the force are show. The force, with My force is the merge. Wings grow, and the worm flies even; as will incur fiery wings of spirit, Me grown. Grow, spirit wings grow. There is preparing to Assignment execution. The wheel of history slides on the way, Us in space dug. My friend ahead waits happiness, happiness of implementation of long your aspirations. The happiness not small, but great the witness to become!

358. I approve the happiness phenomenon for all who follows Me. But let's a fruit ripen. Everything is good in its season and terms. In winter flowers don't blossom, but at the right time the fruit is poured by beauty of life. Judgment it is necessary to know about inalterability heart. Where the brain is powerless, heart will prompt as it is better to understand the future. And when heart sounds on a key precepted happiness, heart feels reality of the immutable reality still hidden from eyes by covers of the future. But heart should allow cease. Of soundings of heart there are fine anthems of next years, in which all. Heart can unmistakably begin to see clearly greatness of the future and compose it in the present hands human. The magnet of the future is mighty. Construction on a key of the future is always correct, at least and there was it difficult. On a cliché there lives the past and consciousness, in it looking. But builders go new ways, because and difficult, and the statement of the future is the statement new, new life, the same uniform and eternal, but in new forms the being show. Therefore We Approve the new. Old means a crystallized of forms, that is stagnation. However, and on a bog flowers, but a marsh flower of fiery essence of a rose themselves grow doesn't show. Stream of life we Prefer to still marsh water and fight against elements – lives quiet. The hero causes elements on fight and the forces multiplies. Arhat’s task –approve the power over elements. The microcosm of the person consists of four elements of elements, and Arhat first of all in the microcosm seizes power of elements. Obeyed in him, they submit his ox and outside. Therefore the Leader Wants to teach mastering by. It is a way the shortest to the power over a matter because the spontaneous matter underlies the shown forms. The substance of elements of thought human submits, and thought – will. The thought operates the Universe. Its steps going up, lead to power tops. The fiery will is a symbol of power of spirit. Will Creator of planets from will of the inhabitant differs, but the person is similarity of the Image of the Highest, and the person is allocated with the will which potential, in its hidden, in the development isn't limited by anything. About the person, the God's prototype allocated with attribute of divine will, we will think, - because the will creates the worlds.

359. In Me you stay. Not persistence, but hardness and constancy. Creating on my Image will succeed. And Me going sang will reap. The lord heart let becomes you, with the Lord merged forever. I speak about life in Light, Light Mine, but not in darkness. Heart can get tired things terrestrial, but not Me. Heart can be tired of life, but terrestrial, not the super personal. Heart of the messenger of the Highest World from stratifications of dense, its people around, it is necessary to clear. The diver, plunging into the lower dense beds under the water, heavy clothes itself puts o, - and the lower, the more dense, firmer and heavier. Otherwise water will crush. But rising upward, by light of the Sun, the heavy attire dumps, it isn't necessary. So covers in mountain Monasteries of Light aren't necessary. Heart there rises free from them. It is possible to leave them below. They are adapted for dense beds. It is so necessary to study in the body to be exempted from the body to fly. The body has no wings, the body can't fly. The winged child inside, in the Bowl born at a spirit kindleLet’s learns to fly, being exempted from elements of a dense matter. Particles dense and heavy are replaced with particles easy and being shone. It also will be a transmutation. The gluttony, consuming of corpses of animals, food dirty, wine complicated, thoughts heavy, dirty, dense, feelings dirty, low, small heavy to Earth bend down and keep both heart, and spirit in the conclusion. In total in people with density or a sparseness and refinement of a matter entered into a microcosm differs. Terrestrial it is necessary to get rid of heavy feelings, both clothes, and food, both air, and all conditions people around have to become pure, easy and light, but on condition of spirit clarification. Nobody will help if the spirit is saturated with fire the lowest, attracting from top to bottom. A lot of values for growth of spirit of a condition people around have also influence. Their only High Spirits victoriously overcame. As the whirlpool tightens consciousness a whirlwind of dense beds and only few is able to rise. It is great the power of a matter over consciousness, but the spirit power, the power realized, – above. It is possible to overcome everything, and only strength of mind. In fight incessant freedom is forged. In fight Light admires.

360. If to direct in space, having before itself the Face of the Lord, perceptions will go through the Face and according to its essence, that is the Face becomes as though a key opening and connecting to the sphere of aspiration. The space is filled to a limit. Phenomena spatial various order. It is possible to get and to whirlpool bottomless. The face will be also a board protecting. It is especially important to mean it when flying any more thought, but in covers. The conductor is higher, the less during flight and the layers are higher than dangers and distances are farther. Each conductor is limited by the sphere of the manifestation, that is that world to which belongs. The fiery body in flights is tied by nothing, but it can be excreted only when is issued. The issued fiery body is property of only few people on Earth. Evolution provides sequence of all bodies for manifestation them in the worlds, to its corresponding. The higher, the existence of the person in the Worlds Elevated is longer and more real. There can be a question: how to promote registration of conductors? It is possible to answer: life display in this conductor. The astral is issued at the majority, the astral developed thanks to that it starts developing already in an animal form, reaching final registration in the person. Having issued, it promotes development and registration of a body mental. Registration of a mental body is promoted by intelligence and the highest feeling. Mental takes part in the solution of usual mathematical tasks. Mental work is exercise for menthol. But there is somewhere the border connecting it with a body fiery. When process mental changes and becomes fiery, then decisions come without preliminary process of calculation. It works started to be made out a fiery body. Its elements are formed and gather on Earth during terrestrial life, when consciousness is shown on a scale of vibrations high. In life at each pupil the moment when it starts conscious registration of the conductors to be able to operate independently in them on the corresponding plans when there is a division of three sooner or later comes. All preliminary work of the Teacher on it serves to that as preparation. Ability of independent manifestation of consciousness on plans astral and mental should be seized also accurately as the body physical seized the plan of the dense world and in it the next task.
361. Believing in Me has life eternal because Eternal Life joins and gains immortality that is a condition of uninterrupted consciousness. The person is immortal, but the undeveloped consciousness loses itself after death. Arhat’s consciousness is continuously. Immortality consists in a condition of consciousness. Each cover has the life expectancy. In what the consciousness lives or got used to live, it and limits itself to that duration. Reincarnating Identity of the person isn't limited to lives of the lowest covers and degree of their duration. Therefore the consciousness up directs and is induced to transfer the throne to the sphere of the Highest Triad, the Bowl in which covers put the experience got by Identity through their means. The physical body is material, but knowledge, through it received, already it is impossible to weigh and express in units of weight. So from the dense collects thin and from seen is invisible. Each life means to bear fruit of experience of a certain order. In the necessary conditions there is a person. It is its karma. That is foreordained by karma, should be passed, especially if its threads are weaved not usually, but under a board of the Teacher. And if it is necessary to pass through something after all, whether it is better to pass that through it the hero, the advantage of spirit storing, to pass with the raised head, without being bent under life blows, after all the same, anyway, but it is necessary to pass. It is necessary to test. The burden should accept. Whether it is better accept them and to meet them as it befits strong spirit. The death is inevitable. Why not to meet it is quiet and worthy? After all and meeting halfway it with horror wild too will die as heroes die also. Difference only in that, what wild horror in cowardly soul for a long time with it remains. Why not to pass life of the winner the winner it? Why not to be identical in the mountain and pleasure? Why not to approve the force over all dual phenomena of sounding consciousnesses?

362. It isn't necessary to force perception if currents disturb. The consciousness is given to perception freely and self-denying. Spatial conditions have value, and it is necessary to reckon with them. Certainly, and they can be overcome, but only to a known limit. Each skilled seaman considers swimming conditions. What to do when currents don't favor? To concentrate on the Teacher as usual! Something nevertheless will reach, and Record will be made. However, less smooth and less conformable, but nevertheless we will decide not to interrupt. In any case, it is necessary to make attempt to bring the consciousness receiver into a condition of a due mood on a conformable wave among whirlwinds terrestrial. But nevertheless sounds of heavens will reach. It is possible to remember "decrees escaping". Force the thought the highest undertakes. Not to wait, but to take, and not favor, but belonging by right – such is the Precept. Understanding of the Space Right to spirit treasures is a lot of force and confidence gives at spatial perception. After all to apprehend, it is necessary to show any degree of strong confidence of opportunities of the highest. At the time of heavy currents this feeling should be strengthened. Yes! Yes! Correctly concentrate all five feelings on the Face of the Teacher. All channels of external feelings on it become isolated, united by thought. But it is most difficult to collect thoughts in focus. If all efforts don't yield desired result, it is necessary to wait – to wait change of currents and a wave new. The harmony new has to be given. Change of a mental harmony sometimes happens is absolutely inevitable also necessary insistently. Each Record is carried out in the key. Change of keys is required, mentioning the various centers. Be afflicted with spatial currents if they are adverse, unreasonably.

363. Certainly, the Highest Spirits can overcome resistance of currents, but they should reckon with fragility of the receiver, they can break which thin structure. Also there are minutes when known rest after intellectual tension is necessary to the receiver. Besides, the perception is subject to the spiral law in consciousness with the phenomena of strengthening and weakening of a rhythm. Waves of perception go alternating, increasing or slowing down tension in the course of its continuous growth and strengthening because each new ring of a spiral increases in the tension, but is lawful. It would be desirable to see understanding of action of the law, not painted by personal experiences.

364. Certainly, vibrations are transferred further, and heart of Mother felt thought, and any representation in the third eye of the live person establishes with it a certain connection on which there can be an influence strong-willed and conscious or involuntary. It isn't necessary to establish connection unnecessary and casual. Sometimes it is necessary to be able to cut off channels of undesirable influences. Power of the fiery device of the going pupil all the time increases, and impact on people amplifies already regardless of will. At conscious strong-willed influence it – this force – increases many times over. Force of the device should be known. Who considers itself by a pettiness, insignificant influence is show. Who considers itself strong, influence уare show directly proportional on consciousness? Who considers force, connected with a strength of the Teacher, invincible and mighty, it in equal compliance with extent of this recognition and realization of fiery power. There is something which isn't giving in to definition by words. The apostle going on water started sinking as soon as doubted and began to hesitate. Force holding it on water, immediately disappeared as soon as a certain mood of consciousness changed the key. As also force can instantly be destroyed if the person polarizes himself on a key of the pettiness and powerlessness. Therefore, force or weakness of spirit depends on consciousness polarization. As the best polarizer on a key of power the belief, or trust, that is confidence of strength of the Teacher serves. Therefore it is said that it is necessary to learn to work with strength of the Teacher. Without trust it is impossible. Without confidence of forces, connected with strength of the Teacher, a combination of forces it won't turn out. The confidence not in the forces, and that the forces will be capable to accept in themselves power of consciousness of the highest is required. When there is a consciousness transfer on Hierarchy, the forces are entirely transferred to the order of the Teacher and them and through them He Acts. Already I said that the pupil acting as if in it and through it Acts the Lord, can infinitely strengthen and work the power with strength of the Leader. The consciousness as though provides itself in the order of the Highest Force, from the usual display having released. The strong consciousness means dismissal from itself because the consciousness the highest can't plunge into a little consciousness of the lowest, into a circle of its usual interests. It is required to lift the consciousness to consciousness of the Teacher. Power of action of the integrated consciousnesses is invincible. We act with the merged heart. It also will be action necessary.

365. Everything will pass, the spirit will arrive. And the spirit, nowadays with Me staying, will arrive and when will pass everything that nowadays it surrounds. The Teacher, and непреходящ spirit is unchangeable. And when they are together, the passing essence of the phenomena round the person becomes especially notable. Let's be always together: for work, behind rest, in reality and in a dream – together always in consciousness. Understanding of presence of the Teacher can be brought to extreme degree of reality, remembering it is constant. It is possible to get rid of illusion of a separate prestanding uninterrupted. Time and space is categories of mind that is the lowest reason which has generated restrictions of time, space and things. Fiery "I" the person of these restrictions don't know the highest. Therefore it is correct to approve Proximity of the Teacher in the spirit of – on fire. It is the statement of reality contrary to evidence, the statement of that is despite the fact that it seems that feelings generated the terrestrial dense. Everything that they approve, these feelings terrestrial, will pass and will disappear as a smoke, and then truth of Proximity of the Teacher which with you always, becomes before consciousness in all the not denied beauty. But now, still fiery sight didn't open, it is necessary to approve by spirit and heart its undoubted Proximity. Each statement of Proximity of the Teacher, put on scales, will make heavier a bowl of achievements and will add to treasures saved up. Way of the yogi we Will call by the statement undoubted. It is possible to doubt words of the Savior: "I Is with you till the end of time". It is possible, but the lot of such denying consciousness is pity. But a life formula the accepted can approve it in all beauty and depth of understanding of the valid, real and not denied, victorious and light Proximity of the Lord. With us, it is always close; it is always available, every minute ready to give the Helping hand. On belief it is given, and on consciousness it is approved. But it is necessary to believe and approve is itself works, that is most. Anybody for anybody and for anybody it isn't able to make because belief and proofs are powerless and anybody yet didn't convince. Heart has to accept itself, but not under the influence of external influences and force. The spirit house develops own hands. It is possible to work because is under construction not for today and for tomorrow, but forever. Creation of the temple of soul among constructions usual, doomed to destruction, too belongs to area of great making. So among noise and turmoil of a material world the strong rock of inviolability is erected. It is possible to call it a spirit stronghold. And looking from it at faces of the phenomena flashing by, it is possible to be glad spirit to that the Treasure of the Stone grows. In silence, imperceptibly, invisibly for foreign eyes, the crystal of wonderful fire increases the power once to begin to shine victoriously and obviously because there is nothing secret that wouldn't become obvious. Proximity of the Teacher is fruitful. Aura Teacher in a microcosm of the pupil lights creative fires. The magnet of Great Heart works. If ask where proofs of Proximity of the Teacher, answer: "In heart, it unmistakably feels, it unmistakably knows". Because heart – the Supreme judge in the person. I told: everyone has an essence the judge in itself, and this judge – heart. So former Precept, Me given, in combination with the Doctrine of Fiery Yoga shows truth in its new aspect expanded, enriched, in Boundlessness leading. Short evangelical formulas have further development, expansion and an explanation in the light of new energy and the new knowledge which has become available to mankind at a new step of development at change of eras. Nothing is denied, but all goes deep and extends. Also the expanded consciousness is required to contain truth of Fiery Yoga. The doctrine given by First-Teacher, indisputably, but that can be told about one hundred thousand comments and interpretation, distortions and stratifications of the latest. Only taking First-Teacher statements aren’t exposed to risk to choke in heaps of the latest heaps. New, new, new understanding in everything I Approve, but new is new, with old consciousness a way only in darkness. The darkness let in darkness also will depart.

366. I am not afraid of anybody, I am not afraid of anything, because with me the Teacher.

367. The world surrounding us is many-sided, it is subject to cognition. Learns and imprints a stone, but no consciousness has. Reaction to external influence isn't consciousness. Who can tell how the distance separating consciousness of a stone from consciousness of the person is great? The life ladder is wide and high, and all go on it. The difference is not on to being, but on degree and on a step, once the past. Therefore the person can understand language of things, herbs, plants, trees, flowers and animals. And all subordinate can obey it if it has a key. To learn life of the brother in each form will be achievement wise. To understand universal space language, a unification of all real will be already a step of space consciousness. All living has the voice; it is possible to understand it. It is possible to talk to things, plants and animals. Animals easier than all react. And also flowers. World language exists. And whether there will be it heart language? Means, heart has to be refined before comprehension of the phenomena inaccessible to a brain. Means, it is necessary to go through heart. The way of understanding real is a heart way. There are no two ways about it. Brain only subs office body. The reason unites both, and the consciousness uses both, but the way of heart is a way of direct cognition, or a felling-knowledge. It also leads to understanding of universal language, the general for the worlds. Already in the Thin World there is no sound speech in usual sense of this word. But there also there is no brain. There is a mind, but there is no brain. Impressions can be transposed by consciousness like sounds, but in essence it will be incorrect. The thought sounds. There we speak, but silently, transferring thought to habitual forms of speech, but it only in the beginning, soon and from it we will wean, and from many remnants of Earth. But language of heart remains up to the end, and it fights both in atom, and in the Sun, fights in all that are, uniting the real. Let's learn to speak and understand heart language, language universal, and world, universal.

368. Great truth lives in space, being available to perception. They become available to consciousnesses, to them directed and able to apprehend them. But as it isn't enough such consciousnesses, each truth needs proannounce, when its time and consciousness of masses comes grows to it. Every Era in the history of mankind is characterized by spatial availability of understanding of a certain range of Space Truth, or space Knowledge. And according to it also occurs the proannounce. Every Era puts forward value of any certain elements in which aspect there is a perception of knowledge given to mankind. So the Era of Aquarius gives to the person a victory over air and spatial achievements. Fire and air as elements are connected closely. Therefore the Fiery Era is headed by Aquarius. Dependence of mankind from elements and influences astrological it is impossible to deny. Soon to the aid of astrology the science will come, and the astronomy will begin to be studied from impact of star beams on nervous system of the person and nerve ganglions of his centers. It is necessary not to deny, and to study and investigate. Certainly, delusions of mankind are terrible. But an astrology not delusion, but consciousness break to spheres of Space Truth. Stars are heavenly Hierarchy, take active part in life of the elements being under the influence of everyone. These elements, entering components into vegetable and animal organisms, as well as stones, that are into the nature inorganic, are in the combinations under the influence of operating them I shone through which it and affects the phenomena directly. The aura magnet on the belonging to these or those elements connects to beams of stars and receives on them energy the influencing. Everything has aura living, to atom inclusive so influence of spatial beams takes all forms of life. Even construction human in which in different terms that tree, a stone, metal prevails, all of them taken together, is caused by influence of elements and those elements which prevail, or their combinations. Now there comes a synthesis era therefore all elements are involved in construction, but fire dominates and subordinates to itself elements of water, the earth and air. As well the countries which have been especially intended to blossoming, will blossom under the influence of powerful influence of stars. All history of mankind, both culture fire, and blossoming of a civilization was caused by stars. Atlantis, Egypt, Greece, Babylon, India and all other centers of culture flashed all fires of life to go out and make room for the new centers, going to them on change. To some countries as, for example, India is fated revival. Here the will human is already powerless. It only can promote or disturb the Space decision, being finally compelled always to it to submit. France suffers shameful defeat. The people of heroism don't show. The country new wins grandiose heroic victories, the people burn with strength of mind. Stars powerfully influence; signs of prosperity burn over the Country. It is protected space. Beams give life and energy for construction. Shifts great are explained by change of astrological spatial conditions. Former quiet sleepy life from it sometimes wild and ugly forms sank into oblivion. New time of revival of all strength of mind lit by spatial beams came. Cooperation space it is shown in understanding character and requirement moment and actions corresponding. Who will go in step with influence of the Space Magnet – will resist. The highest Spirits and the consciousnesses brightened up by understanding яро Space cooperate with the Magnet. The rising and lagging behind will be distraught a huge wave of evolution. Leaders have to keep on the roll, differently will overflow also them. Every day brings new requirements according to which life has to be under construction. Not to understand them – means to be distraught from a historical scene. Only the understanding and execution of spatial decisions grants the right to new life. All notable is doomed to ascend spatial justice. Time great! Time of great shifts and changes! Payment time on historical account! Time of cooperation with Hierarchy of Light! Mind human to anticipate a kaleidoscope of events not in forces. It is put in action by levers of the reasons, but hands bringing them don't know and aren't able to consider consequences, them the caused. Only Leading Hand of the Hierarch both sees, and knows, and provides. Therefore the best lot is given to the Country of the best. Therefore light is future. Therefore the one, who with us is becomes a winner.

369. I consider: anything can't divide us, even замутнившиеся covers. Who says, what is easy? We go on tension limit, and the flesh doesn't maintain. Then the consciousness looks for an outlet to take an excess sip of air. There will be press still gorshy. The bowl bitter should be enjoyed. But all comes to an end. The end and to tests for infringements life will come. Will pass it and for you.

370. My son, the Teacher is dissatisfied when private matters paint aura of the pupil and influence collaboration. It is impossible human injustice and infringements to blame of the Teacher. It is better to see own omissions and rashness. The standard can't be forgotten because it there live people. Therefore the standard should be considered. External conditions will be always disharmonious in relation to light inside because dense and fiery in vibrations differ. All cares of Lords – to combine invisible with visible, heavenly with terrestrial, fiery with the dense. From fire not combination with твердью Atlantis was lost. Discrepancies in life personal are only reflections discrepancies planetary. The spirit directs to the highest coherence on a planet. It is impossible to concentrate consciousness on curve living conditions – won't sustain. It is better to see elements construction and harmonious and to find pleasure in them. It means to equal on good and to the best that is to go on tops. If to accept chagrin at a rate of display darkness, and it is impossible to live. It is a lot of injustice in the world. But if Lords Were based on it, Great Service would be impossible. Therefore actions of the pupil from actions human shouldn't be created in dependence. Neither thanks, nor for appreciation for the affairs isn’t it necessary to wait. Spatial justice renders on affairs. The space requital, differently reaction spatial, inevitably also is law action. But only inexperienced consciousness hopes for human appreciation and waits for it. Envoys of Light everything were tortured, torn to pieces or яро are pursued by "grateful" mankind. And the one, who follows my way, has to know it not greatly. There can be a question: why they which don't have the rights to good things of life? They have something no that has going with Me, but they have no that it has. If to put on a bowl of scales that and another, what will move? I speak and claim that in consciousness of the pupil on a bowl of scales will move will have. If moves desire of the benefits terrestrial will have them, spiritual – will have the spiritual. But decided to prefer the benefits terrestrial, the benefit of Light won't receive because the bowl terrestrial will move. Not the benefits terrestrial it was specified to have, but a spirit kingdom, which inside. Then the necessary is put at a rate of need, but is dim in the world, and the spirit in the dungeon groans. Release in that over dregs terrestrial to rise in Light Kingdom. But light inside. Means, the eminence of spirit is internal process, from external not the dependent. Crying and gnash tooth were always. But spirit shelter inside! The spirit stronghold inside is a uniform shelter and protection against gloom forces. Because God's Kingdom in you!

371. So, we come besides – inevitability of life and need to pass through life and through everything that it gives in the form of experience. It is impossible to evade – it is necessary to go only. And as passing inevitably, whether that it is better to pass with the raised head, keeping spirit advantage? It is a lot of stooping, it is a lot of broken by life, and it is a lot of in powerlessness put hands. It is not solution of a question. Life should be passed the winner. Also it isn't necessary to fight against windmills for this purpose. Caesarian it is given to the Caesar, but the internal sanctuary is protected sharp-sightedly. Fire of spirit burning inside is especially protected. When the death will come, and the body will be given to the earth, and all terrestrial will lose the imperious self-sufficing influence on the consciousness, the new world, the new impressions, the new conditions, not similar that on Earth surrounds the person, will open before his consciousness. Anything from this that is now, won't be, but there will be a person as it is bright, and can even more brightly and even more sharply enduring already absolutely new impressions and feelings. It is Identity it doesn't destroy. From where uncertainty for the inviolability, the in destroyed, for the victorious statement enduring in the spirit of? Maya ardent illusion darkens knowledge of spirit. Evidence darkens reality, and twilight – light. But also it will pass, and winner Light judgment time display victoriously within the terrestrial.

372. Who knows, whether brings each infringement the award, but in other measurement? And whether there will be a loss and damage seen by stay and completion in the sphere invisible? Why only in material things to look for acquisitions? The integral richness of spirit is weightless and invisible. It – a source of true pleasure. Because it is possible to have everything that wanted by the person, and at the same time to be deeply unfortunate and unsatisfied. All feelings of spirit are defined by consciousness, everything depends on it. The same phenomenon can serve as the grief and pleasure reason.
373. About thought extent. The thought of at beget stays. The thought of a subject directs to this subject and connects communication with the consciousness which has generated it. The subject or object of aspiration, thought, to its directed is as though far was, it reaches and connects object of aspiration to the consciousness which has created this thought. As though thousands beams are mentally stretched from object generating them to subjects or the phenomena of which the person thinks. If through these final points of aspiration of thought to carry out the closed curve with the center inside, the person designating, the circle of different radiuses depending on the width of thinking of the person will turn out. Radiuses of thought of the person, never leaving the village and the person who has gone round the whole world, will terribly differ with the length and circle size. It is possible to call this circle already a sphere, or the world of the person in which he as though is. When I Speak about aspiration to the Distant Worlds, I Want to broaden the world of the person to Boundlessness spheres. When I Speak about super personal thinking, I want, that thought the insignificant radius, stretched in the small circle of the personality, I increased repeatedly. The family already gives radius bigger, the village – still bigger. The city, area, the country, the continent and all Earth – steps of increase in radius of thought. The thought of the benefit of all mankind and its interests expands the radius of the world to Earth limits. Thinking of gardening of Sahara, already the person to open spaces planetary comes one process of thinking. But over Earth is space. It is possible to direct mentally in it, with that expanding consciousness. Division measures for aspiration to them that to expand the radius of an inner world infinitely is given. But why to limit an outlook to limits of the visible world? Far Venus, but it is visible. Planets others are far, but they are visible also. But there are spheres of the Hidden Worlds which almost don't have borders thin, mental and fiery. The higher they, the more widely, extended, and are more boundless. If the visible Universe has no borders and limits, where they at the World Mental or World Fiery? It is so possible to expand limits of the world. There is the past of yesterday connected directly with private life of the person. But the history already far, far steps over these borders and gives radius in some millennia. The geology considers already as millions and tens of millions years and nowadays and in hundreds, the astronomy reaches billions. And cutting thought space light years, takes away thought in the remote past of world ph. The doctrine of Life increases this huge boundless world, directing thought in infinitely remote past, by the beginning of origin of the Universe, and in the boundless future. So, radius becomes huge, covering extent in time of all Universes in its visible and invisible forms and bringing consciousness to sources of life and to Space origin. Claims the Doctrine that the Circle, or a Cycle, shown Space only one of stages immeasurable on the extent of a spiral of evolution in which all existing Galaxies periodically are developed to life and are turned by the beginning of Great Universal Pralaya to disappear in Inexpressible subsoil and again to be born at a new, highest step of manifestation. So the East Doctrine, of course, broadens the world of the person until it merges with Infinity of Space and Eternity of Great Space Life. And, having approved consciousness of Boundlessness, the Doctrine says that the spirit in the person always was, is and will be as the center passing indestructibly hidden until intimate and inexpressible essence through all these circles of a huge spiral of evolution, and that achievement of a nirvana is achievement of that condition of an fiery of consciousness when the highest fiery "I" the person reach Dhian's step and is a part of Hierarches of the Wreath of Space Reason, any more without losing consciousness even world Pralaya is able. To these heights the Doctrine of Life calls the person, on them specify and eternal life of consciousness makes available reality, and immortality of not interrupting consciousness – the fact to which Lords testify. So the radius of thought becomes infinite, taking to the sphere the Boundlessness.

374. The thought is energy and where it directed, she acts, whether there is it within the microcosm which has generated it or is directed on something external. The thought cover, her body, or its form, is saturated with the energy having magnetic properties, and this energy attracts to itself others of energy by the nature of the. Therefore the thought grows in space. Increasing in space, the thought periodically comes back to the center which has generated it for the statement or denial. The consciousness or welcomes it as the welcome guest, or rejects if it outgrew. In the first case it again amplifies, receiving additional energy, and again goes to space, or loses in the force and weakens, being suppressed. So the ray of light of consciousness can suppress the unsuccessful generation. The thoughts directed on, pulse near, lighting up or saddening consciousness obviously or invisibly. Thoughts dark and vicious as worms, suck aura of the person, extending from it vital juice, - especially thoughts of fear, concern, doubt and to it similar. The thought of fear so will paralyze energy of nerves that often the person isn't able to set a hand. Energy absorption by thoughts negative is of great importance in human life. Destroying vital energy, such thoughts serve as the reason of diseases. And, of course, they first of all act heart, and heart, in turn, powerfully influences them. Thoughts of cheerfulness, courage, tranquility and other life-given sate an organism with life energy, increase them in the person, but also on the contrary: the poisonous thoughts sucking juice, as bloodsuckers stuck. But bloodsuckers can be torn off. But who thinks of the thoughts gnawing forces? Optimism and pleasure is construction both for itself, and for space, and for people around. But small dark quenchers – life-killer, it is similar larvas and to vampires, drink vital forces of their unsuccessful beget. That it is dangerous despondency and hopelessness, an infection bearing and extending it around. Therefore mentally the mental tonality of consciousness is important extremely. Cheerfulness we Prefer to despondency, courage – to fear, hope – to despair, a smile – to tears and all creating – to all negative and destructive. The question of prevention of thought – is essential because the thought creates the internal shape of the person which is reflecting to a certain extent in his physical body. Finally the person is reflection of his thoughts.

375. Correctly three times: better life heavy, experience giving, than life in the wellbeing, not bringing anything. Both and another will pass that, the hard time will be forgotten, and years will heal wounds, but precious juice of experience, eternal property of spirit, with it forever will arrive. And there, after when for its doors of the dense world will slam and there will be a person with the accumulation on which everything will depend that it will be surrounded, then the true value and value of terrestrial experience becomes in all the enduring sense. Place for itself in Boundlessness by the accumulation it is prepared. The harvest of works seeded will be great. The pleasure of creativity of spirit depends on imagination, and imagination – on consciousness accumulation, and the thin condition in World Aboveground is caused by accumulation. The pupil rejoices to opportunities of receiving experience, and heavy – especially because heavy experience brings especially valuable consequences and fills/lights / qualities of spirit fire of tests. Painful can greenhouse conditions will sustain tension of the fiery world. The timid consciousness won't venture to risk going to swimming on the space ocean. The weak will be able to overcome currents and whirlwinds astral. Terrestrial gravitations won't let out weak spirit from tenacious embraces. If strength of mind is necessary here as it is necessary where the naked essence of the person has to противостать to energy of the lowest conductors fight with which and an outcome it decide further destiny of the person and those spheres to which he defines itself(himself). The spirit motto everywhere, both here and there, everywhere remains one: fight and victory, and strength in fight victorious only is given by experience and by experience is reached. Also it is as though heavy was; we will welcome it consciously as possibility of increase of strength of mind.

376. Ukazuyet's lord to strengthen intensity of the statement of qualities, melting in consciousness of energy of spirit in energy of light.

377. My son in a body is limited and bound hand and foot by borders of activity of a body. But in the spirit of – it is free. But to your thought and flights of its limits we cannot deliver. Learn to fly thought about Earth and the worlds, directing in Boundlessness of space. Learn to depart to boundlessness of the past and infinity of the future. Learn to feel powerful wings of thought free. It will be an anticipation of that expects when you will win against a body and you will be exempted from it. When the death will release you from a dungeon of the dense body, the first freedom you will reach when the second death will release you from a dungeon of the thin body, the second freedom you will reach and when death the third will exempt you from fetters of a mental body, there will be you in a fiery body, then learn that freedom of spirit if accumulation of consciousness give the chance to have a harvest in the Fiery World means. Without these fiery elements collected in lives of terrestrial during stay in fetters of dense, consciousness there will be nothing to live as there is nothing to live in peace Mental to the one who the thought on Earth didn't pay due attention. So the covers, everyone, bring the necessary accumulation if life passed with advantage. Difficulties, deprivations, tests a rich harvest of the necessary elements for consciousness existence in Elevated bring therefore we will bless obstacles and tests, the Stone raising and accumulating deposits of the Highest energy. Mental and fiery bodies thanks to them are made out and that give the chance to stay in them to the consciousness which has issued them in spheres, to its corresponding. But Arhat finds still during lifetime ability to leave a dungeon of a dense body and to leave to the space ocean in astral, thin and mental bodies. To leave in a body astral not a miracle, and even special achievements it isn't required, and there is in it no merit. Unless experience gives understanding of life hidden? For nature medium’s it will be any more achievement, and falling and danger sharp to get under the power of astral currents. Therefore the exit in a body astral isn’t encouraged with us. But is other business an exit in a body thin, or mental, especially mental. Arhat acts already consciously and freely in both, and the physical body doesn't serve him as an obstacle; in due course the Teacher Specifies methods and ways this partition, not doing harm harmonious integrity physical body and not breaking its balance. Certainly, awakening of the centers is closely connected with these phenomena, bringing pleasure of spatial life. That freedom, about which so passionately dreams the mankind, through ability conscious activity on the Highest Plans it is reached. In a body physical there can be no freedom. However, new fast vehicles bring some illusion of freedom, but also that is only temporary, - true freedom in other. Flights of thought accustom consciousness to that movement in a mental body which once become for the person reality. Spirit division by a threshold to it serves because parts of spirit make the flights somehow and in any measurement. The thought directed in distant flight, really makes it, being connected thus from sent it consciousness, and, having returned to the primary source, parts of spirit can bring a distant message. From the point of view of invisibility, there are valid flights of parts of spirit through the directed thought will amplify with each new conscious aspiration to objects far. Certainly, the thought flies, of course, not only flies, but also influences. But process can be strengthened, profound and made the conscious. The thinking egoistical leashes thoughts about itself – not to fly to the egoist. Where depart from it if to itself it is chained. But it is necessary to fly nevertheless to study. But it is necessary mentally to learn to overcome distances and it is necessary will learn to feel as in the right place, as mentally and яро as the person in any place in which is in the physical body feels. It is extremely difficult. Even in the own room, sitting at a table, it is difficult to present itself by the window in the opposite side, or in the room nearby, or out of door, or on other end of the city, or going in opposite reality the party. The consciousness so grew together with a body that demands to win against a number of habitual representations skillful training. If not to feel it being there where the thought as it is bright is directed as the person in that place where he actually is, that, really feels, not to achieve successes in flights. It is necessary to learn to transfer instantly all being to the planned place so that already from there, from far away, from outside to look at that place where there is a physical body. Let's call this process by a consciousness projection. Also the travel to the past can be made live, having caused all conditions of the desirable last moment as if it would become reality. All this demands full dismissal from itself that is self-rejection. Without it a gate remains closed tightly. Secrets of freedom of spirit, secret of the God's Kingdom are reached when understanding a formula "Be Rejected from Itself Follow Me, the Lord ".

378. To Me direct. Magneto then goes saturation of your microcosm by energy of my Beams. It is possible to scoop from them without a limit, but only using an aspiration magnet. The directed parts of spirit, concerning my aura, are loaded with its force and come back to the owner, loaded with Light the Highest. Because the Lord, Light pouring out of fiery essence is similar to the Sun. The transit for the Lord is open always. Therefore, always it is possible to concern the Beam. And nothing can separate from the Lord, except itself and of enrage of the lowest covers. The darkness from Me separates, but when it inside. The darkness external from Me can't separate. Therefore – it is awful, when light, which in you – darkness. Light inside is connecting substance with Me, light, but not darkness. Light inside, external darkness cutting, connects to my Beams. But if it is replaced with darkness, approach becomes impossible. So the person of a thread can cut itself the lives feeding it. I'm saying: "Light» – people say: "darkness" – and into darkness plunge. But for Light it is necessary to fight, Light without fight isn't reached. Fight is narrow, intense and continuous. Also it is impossible to put the wings of spirit overcoming elements because falling is inevitable. Laws in everything are identical. The deer won't slow down, flying by over a chasm, and the eagle – a wing on flight won't put. So I Spoke. Wings eagle are given to spirit for overcoming of elements; elements, storming outside, same a disbalance cause and inside. Won and balanced inside, outside it is obliged to submit on compliance. The world outside wins against subordinated world itself! Because the person is God's similarity that is a microcosm макрокосму is similar. The person is difficult. The potential of its spirit opening in it the force in process of advance in evolution is huge and boundless. After all evolution human is no other than disclosure of potential of human spirit. Everything is, everything is given, and everything is put from the beginning of times, disclosure demand from you through development of the hidden properties by life experience. All develops real round the center, which is in everything, from atom to a galaxy. And everything that collects in the course of evolution round this center collects thanks to potential, in it put. The intimate essence of the center is incomprehensible to mind. But on power creating Lagos’s it is possible to judge that is hidden in this initial spark of spirit pulsing in each center of life. Spirit-monad, prosed from Space subsoil prior to the beginning of times, bears in itself a macrocosm with all its opportunities hidden in it and forced to develop infinitely in infinitely long never-ending process of Evolution of the real. And the meaning of the life of the person also consists in disclosure of this fiery potential of spirit. The sphere of a microcosm of each person is measured by the radius, as well as the size and greatness of spirit. This radius is stretched and in time. Appointed to extent its short, taking only one small terrestrial life, to this radius also is limited by a circle of the life and closes it because the spirit is the creator. But the radius of life can be stretched to the World Elevated, the following embodiment, out of limits of the race, out of limits of the seventh, out of limits of the taken Big Detour and even out of Manvantara limits and to take a life detour huge, having limited it to Boundlessness. Therefore all Teachers of life Direct consciousness in the future that increase radius and limits of a microcosm to move apart to limits macrocosm. Therefore I Speak: "Direct for Me to contain my World which has no the end, I began and includes everything".

379. My son, Maya of moods the most deceptive, and she can't give in. Various conditions of spirit can't be avoided. But what they were, bases remain invariable. How it was heavy, but there is a Teacher. How it is difficult, but inevitably in the future. How was strong the present, but it will pass. Also everything will come to an end that sees round eyes. And new all surrounding will be replaced. Everything will be new: both things, and conditions, and people. But there will be a Teacher, but there will be a Doctrine, but there will be a way conducting in life. Therefore emphasis should be placed on bases which don't come. Inevitable it is possible to meet the tempered spirit, knowing, as it will run by. Such is nature of terrestrial things. And when Maya speaks: everything left, there is nothing – neither Teachers, nor the future, the Doctrine, know, this is Maya of evidence tries to cover with itself and to change for itself reality. Everyone lives in the passing world, taking it for the world. Many these small worlds are disseminated through Earth face, and everyone covers with itself (himself) the world of great reality. And these worlds small as they were excellent from each other hundred, two hundred, one thousand years ago and will be so excellent through hundred, two hundred, one thousand years, covering with itself the truth world. The consciousness human lives on these worlds of personal evidence and with them are content. But Christ Redeemer Known the truth world, the World, merged with Space, merged with reality and reality in herself reflecting such what it is. Therefore any personal world is the lie world, that is the world of the distorted reality visible to an eye of the person which We Call evidence. We call in Boundlessness; we Call to live in Eternity, passing before consciousness a kaleidoscope of external quickly current impressions. It is necessary to know, on what to rise, on what to lean. And this support, only strong and invariable in centuries, the Lord is, because the Hierarchy ladder is firm. And when Maya obscures consciousness the changeable ghosts, the eye should be turned to the Teacher, it is necessary simply in the spirit of to stay with it. It isn't important to write down, but it is important to perceive, it is necessary to stay simply together, having united in the spirit of and heart. There was no time heavier and more threatened. It is possible to resist only Me. Not doubts, not fluctuations, not fatigue, not despondency not that is or that will be, but the unification with Me is necessary, having rejected everything disturbing. When shadows of a gloom are condensed and the Chaos moves, to Me direct, without arguing, without analyzing, without philosophizing crafty. Simply heart stay with Me, simply thoughts in Me collect, simply in consciousness from Me don't separate and, without separating, simply spirit indulge in Me, simply spirit from the person, and only it limits Space. Therefore expand possibilities of spirit out of limits possible and inconceivable. It on Earth is impossible. But what to spirit Earth when it leaves to the Boundlessness Ocean? And where there is nothing terrestrial, firm there is only it – Hierarchy of Light. It is the only reference point at the ocean infinite. Without it is easy to be lost and lose the direction. Any seaman doesn't leave in swimming without a compass. The hierarchy is a compass for spirit. It is possible to lose and lose everything and to refuse everything, but having kept Hierarchy as the only firm basis of life because will go both the Moon, and the Sun. It isn't necessary in space that is had, neither a body physical, or a body astral. And in the Highest Fiery Spheres even a thin and mental body is a burden and limiters because each of them has the limits, but We Speak about Boundlessness. The word "unattainable" in the Highest Spheres has no value and sense because everything there is possible that can be created by thought. Even in World Aboveground in usual layers human terrestrial restrictions and creativity of thought fall erases usual borders of the impossible. Certainly, the person who never allowed mentally spirit flights in a thin body, won't fly and there. It for it will be impossible and unattainable, but whether his thought and representations created for it this impossibility? So everyone reaps the fruits of the statements that are those thoughts which it accepted in the consciousness during lifetime on Earth. Certainly, it is possible to study and there and to be exempted from terrestrial restrictions of thought. But it is much more difficult. There яро the magnet law works and to receive the help, even it should premise thought because the thought there reigns over everything. Knowing it is similar to the person who before venturing to the ocean of the unknown, constructed to itself the reliable and strong ship by which to it aren't terrible neither winds, nor storms because the ship this special: on fire doesn't burn, in water doesn't sink and can fly when it is necessary. The ignoramus can be assimilated to the person who costs on an empty-handed ocean coast, and the coast habitual and strong crumbles under the feet. And he even didn't learn to swim. But even in this case the Hierarchy can help, but also it is necessary to know about it and it to recognize before to address to it. On what can count unseeing, ignorant and denying? Many motionless idols cost in waves of astral light. It they, deny's ignorant, chained in immovability fetters. But after all We Speak about freedom. Before to receive it, it is necessary to know in what it consists. Freedom only in the spirit of, and free can be only the spirit which hasn't been connected by bonds of ignorance. To the true to freedom to Call, but I Don't specify, and I Release consciousness from outgrowths terrestrial.Thirsting freedoms of spirit, come.
381. I give phenomenon drawing from all directions, - all about the same, but different sides. Different aspects of a uniform thing should be realized. Behind all covers and from all points of view – the eternal Truth in shape, available to consciousness is uniform. On the one hand are the person and his device learning, with another – essence of the world outside? But also the cognition device and the world outside external become for understanding and, becoming part of the huge world, and this world finally merge with learning consciousness. Learning and cognizable become uniform. The consciousness merges with the Macrocosm and it becomes of. There is no such place in the Universe which couldn't reach ascending consciousness sooner or later: at first on Earth, then in our solar system, and then further, in a fiery body of degree of the highest spirit, but on Earth penetration by consciousness into all corners of a planet the phenomenon available to Arhat. It is necessary to approach to it and it should study and, as always, since small, like a searchlight ray of light, it can be directed and it is far and close, both in the future and in the past, both to this world and to the World Invisible. Directs consciousness will, keeping it on the chosen phenomenon and without allowing vibrations third-party. For this purpose it is necessary to learn to protect the aspiration channel from the phenomena stirring and littering it. Ability of concentration by practice is reached and is usual for the yogi. Never also won't exercise anywhere it’s excessive. Strength of mind growing a hindrance can't become. Concentration display power of the person over vibrations that are energy. Even the perception of the dense world, directly surrounding person, occurs through the energy which are radiating from subjects. If colors are fluctuations of the environment of a certain frequency, and all other feelings are reduced to perception of energy, or vibrations of this or that order. And the consciousness should concentrate on them, close or far if it wants to feel or apprehend them. The beam of a far star goes to space, bearing the impress sent it. The same prints are radiated from things and the phenomena, going to space. Thinking and concentrating on a subject far, we adjoin to its aura and those prints which it radiates in space. It is a basis of the second sight, or clairvoyance. The distant vision that is ability to see at distance will be one of types of clairvoyance. In heart as in a lotus, there is a riddle in the form of prototypes of all abilities of the person which can develop. Roots of the highest abilities are hidden in heart, and from their heart and it are necessary to cause to life. And those abilities, to which heart is attached, develop especially successfully. Even usual tasks when in them heart is put, are carried out especially successfully. Potential of strength of mind is hidden in heart. The lever of heart it is possible to move affairs, which to a brain not in power. And concentration reaches deep water if it directs, it is inspired by heart. Because where heart, there both thoughts, and understanding, and desire to reach. Let's not consider inaccessible today unattainable, we will better think of how inaccessible today is obligatory and immutable to reach tomorrow. Unachieved yet unattainable and really impossible action absolutely doesn't mean. I told – impossible isn't present. Everything is achievable and is possible, but in due time and under the corresponding conditions. It should be known strong, keeping in consciousness images of the phenomena which are subject to implementation. It doesn't mean that they constantly should be kept in consciousness, encumbering it. Just the opposite, created and refracted by will, they stay in space, forming round itself energy the necessary phenomena for the statement in life. Will already nobility and believe in mighty action of the law by a success half. Everything is achievable, but different degrees of ability should be put to any achievement, ability and persistence. And we will remember: all is achievable. Disappointments spirit at the first failure already will be an inexperience sign. The first attempt is followed by the second and further, the success won't be reached yet.

382. You know: nothing will replace Communication if it took place. All the rest, all life becomes only a picture background, in which center, in focus – the Lord. To move away him – and the picture of that life will lose any meaning and the contents. All other is comprehended so far as there is a main thing and eats it’s Light. Therefore the comer to Me with Me also remains. There is also temporary waste, but, except for the traitors, always departing, comes back again. Because without Me it is empty. Maya flashing sparks are deceptive as marsh fires, and bring to the bog in which the spirit chokes. All healthy reaches for the Sun, - therefore I Will collect herd and when it will be collected and when I Will get up over him who have addressed to Me, division will disappear and there will be a uniform family of mankind. Sense of events in achievement of this purpose great, - the way is difficult and heavy to it. But events because for short term it is necessary to pass that are accelerated, on what hundreds years would be required. Spirit human already cries out. It is easy to bear burden of separation when fiery energy strain the phenomena to intolerableness limits. The exit won't be: or it is necessary to accept a unification and cooperation, or to be lost, being burned by power of uncoordinated energy. Beams of new energy fill all Earth and each organism. The body human will be able to stand them on condition of their harmonious display. Internal inconsistency and disbalance will be a self-damage and death sign. Fragile covers won't pass test fiery, will die in tens of millions, burning the devices force of disharmonious energy. It will be possible to resist only in balance and coherence internal. Therefore it is spoken about balance so much. Balance will be a rescue sign, disbalance is death, diseases and final self-damage. The new Sky and New Earth not for all, but for able to contain new beams within coherence of spirit. The same most creating and beneficial beams, having entered into the sphere uncoordinated internally a microcosm, will carry it on part and will destroy, burning through wires energy of disharmonies currents. Also it will be impossible to help already to them, a unification and coherence to not accept. Unification, coherence and cooperation of all and in everything I approve in all-planetary scale Enough Earth was torn apart by forces separating. Further delay threatens with terrible explosion. Accidents not avoid. But it is necessary to make it partial, rescuing a planet as a whole. Destroyers will be destroyed, - will destroy it. Tension of spatial energy will amplify even more. He should be sustained, having called balance. It is necessary that in each human device fire could be combined with a flesh. Otherwise, as well as with Earth, explosion is inevitable. The collector of new race – the Lord, rescue – in It. Round It also it is necessary to unite, having collected all strength of mind to show coherence.

383. It was long ago. And who knows when it was. I lived on Earth of people; appear, same, as all. Externally it differed nothing from others. Unless his eyes somehow were too unusually quiet, as well as gestures, and a dialect. There was once in the settlement a volume where he lived, a fire. Helping neighbors rescue their good, it didn't rescue the remained homeless and things. And when someone regretted it, he answered: "Never anything neither the person in one loses personal, nor wins in something another. All mine at myself I have, and that I have with myself – not no mine". Some years later the ambassador of fire enemies attacked the settlement and plundered it. The gathered inhabitants complained about the destiny. He didn't complain only, again all lost. "Friends, – he said, – everything that you can lose, and everything that from you it is possible to take away, not yours. Yours is integral from you, yours always with you. If took away or I lost something, so it not yours". Passed some more years, plague visited the settlement. Many died; the few remained, struck with a dreadful disease, died. Among them he died also, all lost, but he died not of an illness, and of an old age because came his hour. Dying, he spoke: "Friends, don't grieve, leaving a body. Body too not yours. That yours that yours is true, anybody and anything can't take away from you". Died all! And here, passed to the World That under the law of a magnet gathered round the one who always helped them during lifetime on Earth. "Friends, – he told quietly and simply as said on Earth, – here we again together, and everything that belongs to us, with us, - our thoughts, our feelings, our consciousness. Now, when we were exempted from the terrestrial things and a burden called by bodies, go with me further. I will show you that belong to you and then you will be able to take pleasure, without falling into illusive Maya slavery". And he moved them which have been truly exempted from litter of terrestrial remnants, in the Garden of the Lord where each of them, is a lot of on Earth the victim, could find something on itself and the deserved rest from wanderings terrestrial and grieves.

384. My friend, one desire to gain qualities isn't enough to have of them. Application constant is necessary and the constant continence in consciousness of that quality which is approved is necessary. Stupid inertness of covers prevents roots to become stronger. In case of special persistence the order your, resolute and irrevocable can help. It vows are valuable. They represent the will order the irrevocable. In both cases the lever of the will stretched in the future of any duration is put in action. Anyhow to bridle the clown inside if he continues to wriggle, despite the most sincere desire to gain this or that quality? The person wants, but something in him resists and fights against him. Whether what is it? Darkness? Whether the lunar essence rises? But such division in itself is more useless; is more useless, when the lowest and past tries to operate the highest and future. On that the will is given to the person. How many efforts are made, how many thoughts are premised, how many is told words, and from all this lunar clown again rises and again tries to change for it the won achievements. The astral – the enemy ancient is persistent. The subordinate completely, is useful and can become the friend. There can't be with it compromises – only submission full and unconditional. The essence of the enemy should be understood before to win against him but when the decision is made, retreat can't be. To fall again under its power will be defeat. Much is of people, whish cope the passions, but not operate by them.On the card it is necessary to put everything. The lord can't become again a slave.

385. There are times when the soul is averted from conditions of the dense world: too they are heavy. On the one hand, it is necessary to pass through them, with another – the consciousness doesn't want to plunge into them. But karmic they are inevitable, and an exit one: to rise aside, and not as the participant, but as the viewer at theater. He even worries, but knows that the viewer looking. It is possible to be even the participant. But such, as actor: someone plays on stage and knows that it on a scene, and plays a role, and everything does because it is necessary, but not because it is the valid life. On a scene everything is conditional, everything is temporary, everything is illusory, that is made so that to create known illusion of life. It is possible to play well the role, it is possible to reincarnate in a desirable image, but understanding at the same time that it only the scene and everything becomes only to all appearances. The actor knows that the valid life not on a scene, and beyond its limits, and on a scene only game, is as though talented it was. And you remember that your life is a scene, and you are actors to who is appointed to play the certain role. Both your role, and the life play, be even the drama or the tragedy, will come to an end. Fires will go out, the make-up and suits will be removed, you will leave a scene and plunge into the real life. But the role should be played, and well to execute because to each actor certain demands are made. Playing on stage, it acquires the right to life and livelihood. It is necessary, it is necessary to make this division in consciousness and never completely to merge with conditions of a vital scene, remembering that all this is temporary and conditional. Real life is not here, on Earth, but there, behind a slip life’s scene, behind walls of theater of life terrestrial. Play the role lives as if it and is the real life, but it is necessary to remember that actually it not so. Let one person play you, and another looks. And the one who looks and knows, let will stand guard always not to fall under influence of an elusive conditional vital scene and not to forget that this life not real, not real, not having self-sufficing value and to take a detached view of all events as though, having departed from it in itself. After all any situation in life, as well as on a scene, comes to an end sooner or later as terrestrial life comes to an end also, it is necessary to find only forces to wait up to the end, that is to undergo up to the end if too difficult because "the undergone will be up to the end rescued", that is up to the end kept in temporariness and transient of life terrestrial and reality of the Highest World and life valid in it, in World Highest, and to carry out that wishes spirit and that it was impossible to carry out in heavy conditions of terrestrial life. The main note of life on Earth is the statement that in it "crying and a gnash tooth", and it is called "external darkness" because light inside, and only it can shine this external darkness, and soften crying and a gnash. So internal can cause external and change scenic conditions but what they were, vanity of life terrestrial remains only a scene, and people on it – only performers of a mystery of life, to each of which is given temporary terrestrial role. "Sutratma is the actor" – so we will remember.

386. Time comes, and time leaves, but I Stay for ever and ever, and the one who with Me, can become over days and the nights departing from infinity of the future to infinity of the past. Eternity is over time, as the Sun over Earth. Earth days and nights don't influence the Sun. It has is the way, which isn't depending on Earth, and light, not saddened by darkness and light change. The lord is too the Sun, the Sun of life which the darkness and spirit twilight can't extinguish the human. They can't угасить and fire of spirit of those who follows about the Lord. Nothing will extinguish fire following Me, but go, but follow, but from my Face be not averted, it is possible because to be averted only in darkness, - because uniform Light, long ago promised by Me, but is inevitable. And the World Fiery isn't close, but сужден. And the unification with Me, but fruitful is hard. And overcoming of is difficult, but brings a victory and achievement. And there are a lot of enemies and obstacles, but in them the spirit increases. And the burden terrestrial and burdening by circumstances, but it is excessive and there is a way to Me, and besides the shortest. And thick darkness over Earth, but the New Sky and Earth updating is predicted. Torments of the birth of the New World, but сужден it which is victoriously going is heavy. Difficult without the Lord, but I with you always! So we will collect everything that from Light and in Light we will resist. To resist – means to be Light abutment among darkness. But an impact of darkness storming is against foundations. Also it is necessary to resist, not for itself, but for the world. In Me it is necessary to resist. Me resisted Me also will win. My children, whether you know, how many dark attempts Stopped? When with Me, full protection you have. Let's be together always, will pass poisonous time. Sadden of Light will leave life, and the bright sun over the world of victorious Light will ascend.

387. Energy of the Beam of the Teacher can use conscious for a definite purpose, - for example, so for itself treatment, as and for others. In the first case should present brightly as the Ray of light goes to the struck place and carries out the salutary work. And as it, having refracted through a consciousness lens, goes through it to an organism of the patient. Energy of the Beam is sent applied if it has no special task of the Teacher; it is possible to find most. Its only ignorant scattering is inadmissible. It is possible to connect thus the forces to energy of the Beam and subjects them to increase. But its conscious appendix is necessary exactly. Power of Hierarchy can use reasonably. It is so gradually accustomed to create together with the Teacher and to use strength of the Teacher together with It, without separating in consciousness. Cooperation can be deepened it all measures if only the highest energy in the benefit was used. At most conscious use of energy of the Teacher its efficiency depends. It would be possible to replace concept of consciousness with the word "belief", but in this word there is no that clearness and definiteness which consists in process of use of the highest energy when the psych mechanics is based on scientific mathematically exact action of applied energy. But, of course, these are put energy in action by heart, not by a brain, but heart. The brain shouldn't disturb doubts, fluctuations and intervention not to the sphere. Brain it is possible to create a desirable form of object which is expected from application of energy, but execution force the mental form created thus sates heart. The brain effort in general is limited very strongly. On many physical processes of an organism the brain can't directly work. It can raise a hand, having given the relevant order, but digestion process at the ordinary person isn't under will control. The yogi operates organism processes, but through heart. Heart and brain cooperate, submitting to the will decree. Having given to heart the instruction, it is necessary to provide to it freedom of performance, without interfering any more with its work. The result will be reached as – heart knows. It shouldn't disturb, it isn't necessary to interfere with its process of execution; the brain is powerless on heart ways. The highest energy heart, but not a brain operates. They direct to heart.

388. My son if the Lord Considers, what your time didn't come yet, unless it is possible to help impatience or to accelerate and heavy currents to facilitate? And that was helped ever by impatience? And what from this, what someone somewhere lives well, better, than around? Someone's sorrow less life of evolution of the world doesn't advance, but the knowledge obliges and, first of all, helps to move world evolution. On that also are put, - and exactly there, where it is necessary. I act not directly, but through you put by me. Beams I Send, but you will be their best distributors. And except you there are receivers, and it is a lot of, but irresponsible: scoop and work, but don't know from whom and as receive. Conscious cooperation with the Lord – the phenomenon rare, and it we Appreciate. Your task is increase number of conscious receivers of my Beams and to broaden the sphere of cooperation with Hierarchy. Modern religions lost it and tore off from the source of life feeding visible life. Results are deplorable. There is time of synthesis, unification and cooperation of all in everything and with all, and someone has to go ahead and lay a way seen for others. The building of the New World develops hands of the person. It is laid the foundation, walls are erected, but after all someone has to both to finish a dome, and to fill with life temple walls, both to decorate it, and to comprehend for understanding of comers, and it will be done by you, nowadays with Me cooperating. Therefore arm with patience because your task and a lot of knowledge and many forces are great it will demand from you. The feat is always difficult to that the spirit would like to depart above from a heavy vale terrestrial, but, chosen Me, stand about one hour when I Will call, communication and a unification strengthening. I will call but if in Me resist. I Will call the resisted. Irreplaceable work – entrusted, stood to guards in darkness of night. I see, both I Know, and I Speak: "Show patience of hour of Call to wait".

389. Cooperation with Hierarchy of Light will be cooperation space. Only this way it is possible to come to open spaces spatial. Without being the supported magnet of Hierarchy, it is possible to be attracted in a chasm. Astral attractions are very strong and easily overcome resistance of weak human wills if it isn't connected with the Hierarchy magnet. Many spirits are carrying these powerful currents, as if the leaves driven by a wind. In Boundlessness it is necessary to find in something a point of support, an abutment to be attached. The Hierarchy will be this abutment also. Comers to Me I Won't leave and if everything hesitates and changes, Hierarchy – a strong support for spirit. Not there people where it is necessary look for. In a haze there is all. Why there are so many wanderings in darkness? And there are so much aimless thus? You found and approved, strongly and firmly go because the way conducting in life is uniform and narrow. And on whatever your look fell, know and tell it: "Not to Me, all mine in the Lord". Unless the room in hotel, and a situation in it, and the hotel we call them, having been defined in it for days? Wanderers we the homeless on Earth, and an inn aren't something belonging to us, and passers aren't partners in life. Distinguish friends from passersby. The states were born and died, the world map changes, but the Stronghold costs strongly on rocky foundations, to it you turn a look, in it – the Lord Who Waits for you who were carrying out tasks terrestrial, too. The purpose of your terrestrial long way – to the Stronghold to come, having left everything passable forever that never already it is more to it to come back. And there for you knew life of universal cooperation with the planetary will begin. Space waits for sons, coming back to its bosom.
390. It isn't necessary to be surprised to anything. It means – it is necessary to be ready in consciousness to everything: both to life, and to death. Some prepare for death and really die. Let's prepare for death and we, but not as people prepare: not to death we will be ready always, but to those living conditions, which come for the person of that people call death, and We – release. I will Speak for having ears. Let's imagine that release came, the physical body is dumped. What to do is farther? How to be? It is necessary to understand and consider first of all new conditions people around, they change in a root. In what and how? First of all already there is unnecessary an identity card, all other documents human, the clothes in usual sense and all its stocks aren't necessary. All things which the person on Earth owned, all this is left on Earth, and it is best of all to distribute them still having been obese that it will easier be exempted from them in consciousness. Then it isn't necessary is, neither to drink, nor to sleep. Need of rest from time to time remains. The house isn't necessary. Many build to themselves there dwellings by an example terrestrial, and in them live, and consider as the property because spent for them time and work. But we won't be as small children, toys aren't necessary to the ripened consciousness: in World Thin, where we, there and house. This formula there is especially applicable. For those who on Earth passed the principle a without house terrestrial, this situation and is close and clear. The principle of homeless circulation needs to be passed for the Thin World. Then release from necessity of the illusive dwelling becomes easily feasible. There aren't necessary neither a car, nor the railroads, neither planes, nor any other vehicles. Own thin body moves thought in any direction as on a surface of Earth or in its subsoil, and in space. Appearance of the person such is to what it presents at present itself (himself) or got used to represent on Earth. Usually the person looks younger, reaches that degree of vitality, what the person at the peak of the forces on Earth had. But it is possible to change the exterior and the shape will, as well as clothes in which everyone represents itself. Without clothes don't walk the streets, and also and there invest a thin body usually clothes habitual, but it is possible to clothe in any attire to taste at desire; isn't present governed, restrictions for the pupil: the more simply, the better. Certainly, though it is much easier to change clothes, than features but if faces of last embodiments are known and available, the question is facilitated and it is all about durability and firmness of crystal deposits of consciousness. Everything is created by will. It is difficult to wean from food. Terrestrial habits induce not gets rid to be sated, but it is illusion terrestrial. Certainly, the thin body eats, but energy of thinner order. For example, aromas and flowers, beams and emanations of spirits and plants, as well as energy of sounds! All related relations change in a root. The father could be a son, mother – the daughter in last embodiments, and play a role not terrestrial, lost already meaning of inheritance on love or hatred and other feelings, sympathies or antipathies, attractions or pushing away. Love the highest reigns above, hatred – in the lower class. Any obligations, except love and actions, from it are following. All terrestrial affairs, work, cares and conditions it is finished forever. It isn't necessary to be burdened by them. The question arises: what to do and where to direct? Certainly, to the Teacher, to It, to Those, Who about It! They Will help to orient quickly in new conditions and to choose work and class in heart. There after all too work, but not as here. Passions carry away not gets rid in the conditions creating illusion of their satisfaction. Condition is heavy. The relatives, who have earlier left, can be close and there. The love and hatred attract equally strongly. The higher, the is lighter, more free and more joyful, easier. The one who considers that has no anything the and doesn't own anything, that, truly, has on hand the all riches of the Elevated World, but those who huddle on dark corners in the saddened hovels or even houses – slaves, chains chained to illusive property. The main note of elevated stay is freedom. But for those, who was released in the spirit of, because both freedom and chains are created by thought. If the thought is released, free there is a person. Therefore I Speak: "Don't become attached to anybody and nor to anything because that you will connect on Earth, it will be connected and in Heavens, that is in World Thin, after release from a body terrestrial, or death". Release from a body, or death, yet doesn't mean release from the power of thoughts, representations and in rooting over the years belief. They will dominate over you after death power of thought. Therefore I Speak: "Release and liberate thought from false and incorrect representations because after death the thought becomes your unlimited lord, and it is very sad when the free regal thought becomes the jailer of the person thanks to that it is ignorant, ridiculous or false at the heart of the". The apostle who has told is three times right: "You learn truth, and the truth will make you free". But it is necessary to learn. The knowledge is process of release of thought; therefore, the thought should be released from centuries of crystallized motionless forms, ignorance, narrowness and ignorance of the created. I want that Great Borders broke free from human fabrications. It is possible to call the doctrine of Life freedom Doctrine because it exempts the person from slavery and thoughts of the distorted reality – the most terrible slavery which can exist on Earth and in the worlds. Exempt thought from all types of slavery; don't leave Earth in chains, going to the World That. Nowadays here, on Earth, be exempted from the terrible human heaps which have created cellars and dungeons for spirit. Go there free and not connected by anything. Freedom of spirit is Born by the Teacher for the people who have sunk already here, on Earth, in the stiffened forms of thought motionless and dead. To freedom the Eacher Calls!
391. So, the Teacher Is Light conducting his pupil. If there is no driver where the spirit can come? And where in general go? Everyone invites on the yard, and especially preachers. But they know nothing, and the invite more furiously, the know less. The one who knows doesn't invite only. But to knowing it is necessary to come most and to be knocked therefore it is so difficult to find the Teacher but when the spirit is ready and I knocked, the Teacher Doesn't hesitate to be. Think that it is possible to change Teachers, but moths of spirit, Teachers not so think having because the teacher self-shown isn't teachers of life, and them, false there is, a lot of, and all learn. To that? Blind conducts the blind. Result – a hole and falling. On the Hierarchy chain everyone can concern the Teacher. The temple of life is open and available, but where looking for and knocking? - Each looking for finds, and to each knocking open. Why you don't look for and you aren't knocked? The world is created for you that could live and move ahead in evolution. Why with ghosts filled life and you chase leaving shadows? It is possible to build only on Beauty and with Light, all other constructions are illusive. Also it is possible to build only with the Teacher. What to build? Spirit temple, - indestructible, strong, enduring for eyelids! It is so joyful to build and understand that each stone put in construction, will be already achievement and a contribution to the real business. Others though know, but build badly, distracting on trifles and doing absolutely unnecessary work not relating to construction. It is a lot of them spending in vain time when every minute is expensive so. After all life can be adjusted so that each action was useful and expedient, that is commensurable with the only task and sense of existence of the person on Earth – creation of the temple of spirit. In itself build for stay in it for ever and ever. The body will decay, the astral will be dissolved, mental will be dumped, so creation of the indestructible temple of spirit goes over three, to the planes of the highest. Means, elements, or the materials going on creation of a stronghold of spirit, from the Highest energy are combined. Crystals of the Highest energy, not liable to destruction by time in cycles of lives terrestrial and on Plans Elevated, in conductors of thinner, but passing too are so postponed in the Bowl. Temporary in itself from eternal in itself it is necessary to separate a knowing hand, and to direct the energy on accumulation of inherent values and treasures of spirit. They which are saved up, give deposits obvious in the form of flaring crystals of condensed fire, and a basis Stone, in a breast burning, grows is reserved, but is obvious. And it lights up aura of the person, and it starts being shone. On fires of aura I See following Me and I Rejoice, seeing increase of fires not belittled. Collectors of crystals of an eternal flame of life, you are those who found the narrow track conducting in life. Being on Earth, in embraces temporary and passing, you create the temple of the eternal basis of life in you. Carriers of the Stone call builders of life because much they are destroyers of great opportunities of spirit. To you I Speak: each step, each word, each thought, each movement, truly, you can send to the benefit, the fires multiplying, these fires crystallizing and postponing in the Bowl in the form of imperishable accumulation. And you knowing, but catching at shadows, what think you, wasting precious time? Missed doesn't come back. In shining spaces of Boundlessness where the lightful thought reigns, one, nowadays being on Earth, creates to itself shining halls of spirit, and itself becomes shining from Treasure of the Stone which flares inside; other saddened thought prepares for itself a stuffy and gloomy crypt, and itself, the hands, carries heavy gloomy stones on the grave. These processes in various degrees of variations and combinations happen in consciousness of masses, and usually to the sphere of an immortal Ego, the sphere of an immortal Highest Triad in reincarnating, or changing essence of the person few Highest energy, nevertheless the rest, яро and to plentifully person display are postponed, go on fabrics and creation of the lowest covers, or the principles which are subject to death and destruction with each new embodiment of spirit. Collectors everything, but knowing it is possible to call the collector of thin energy for adjournment in the Bowl in the person. Others we will call spendthrifts because, bringing together the highest and in the lowest wallowing, the Highest energy waste and deprive crystals of their possibility of growth. And people on stores and spendthrifts of the Highest fires share. Stores of black fires are attendants of darkness, and speech not about them, and about wishing Light, but a way to Light of the lost. Again Specifies a way and my elite I Send to light where it is dark. Through them approach to Me if you don't know how to approach directly. But They approached, and a way knows, and knows Me, and you can approach through them if you don't know how to approach directly.
392. Lets consider the temple phenomenon and the phenomenon of the temple modern. The physical form represents it itself a symbol of the Highest, expressed in the material images available to the person and corresponding his understanding. And people, entering into the temple, merge thought with representations the highest, directing up and showing the aspirations harmony of a combination of the highest on Earth with the Highest in Elevated. And the temple such becomes, really, Ashram of Light, Light in itself collecting, and Light radiating of itself, and feeding with it Earth. But so whether it is in reality? And if the external form of the temple is full High Images, what invisible party of the modern temple? Whether at height attendants, whether at height of their thought, whether are directed to the Highest, whether was the drunk priests making service, whether were thoughts overwhelmed they terrestrial, anything the general with service not having, whether local affairs have legal proceedings in the temple, and then thoughts praying, with what prayers and about what are occupied? Whether about that "the house of the hated neighbor" or the whole next people failed?

393. When the destiny of the world is decided, whether it is possible to stand aside indifferent, whether it is possible to make on the shoulders weight decisions, and whether it is possible to evade about shared responsibility? Evaded means evaded and from receiving that will come instead of times heavy. They will pass, and receiving times will come. Evaded too will receive, but will receive the poor part because itself robbed. The distinguished susceptibility of a spirit of the age lies down on heart to which oppression spatial, but refined heart from a burden unreasonable at times becomes intolerable, and this burden becomes a wing of an eagle when currents will be changed. Streams of the future Light will be accepted by the begun to see clearly heart, but the heart which has hardened in twilight of denial and egocentric remains deafly and to waves of spatial pleasure. But the pleasure of Arrival of the Lord will be pleasure space. The space will sing and ring in tension fiery, and is corpulent those who connected the future with destiny of the Lord will reap. For the sake of them I go to the world. Will accept many. Billion is a sign of My army. But everyone will accept on consciousness. And among many there will be next. Capacity of consciousness and openness of heart will outline a receiving circle and the benefit by that that in the understanding will contain the whole world. In the future for us all is. Therefore we will speak about the future. The present belongs to the future, as the first escape of a young oak to future giant. All kind undertakings will escape and will yield a harvest the high. It is possible to move into the future of undertaking of the present and to see the phenomenon of planetary scope. So, gardening of the small desert in aspect of the future will mean gardening of all planets. So, brotherly cooperation of several people, a brotherly family of all people of the Earth and the book of the Doctrine of Life show a victory of Wisdom of Lords over narrations human. About New Earth I Speak. Think about it apocalyptically and think of something transcendental. But Novaya Zemlya means that human in the union with new science and equipment the face of Earth will be changed by work of hands radically: the seas and ices where aren't necessary will disappear, and will appear new where the reasonable will of the person will want. Nowadays one parts of a land suffer from droughts, others – from heavy rain and floods. Elements and including elements of water, the person will operate. Huge channels will cut through deserts, and in them there will be artificial seas. The North will be made winter-proof. Let's create artificial islands on open spaces of the shoaled and small seas. Holland is protected with dams – simpler to wash these islands by cars. Scientists in cooperation with Hierarchy of Light and under its Management will solve such problems of which nowadays don't dare to dream. The highest energy operates the Universe and when them the pure and light will of the integrated mankind will operate, impossible becomes possible. Flies, bugs, mosquitoes and all harmful and unnecessary insects and microorganisms will disappear. Also poisonous reptiles will disappear, predators blood-thirsty will disappear. Animal and flora the person will direct. Won't be neither storms, nor hurricanes, neither droughts, nor earthquakes. The climate becomes equal and quiet, diseases and mental diseases, will disappear prisons and criminals. Won't be necessary neither armies, nor police, money. The discipline of spirit will direct affairs and acts human. Earth will change, and truly Novaya Zemlya will be seen by the people.
394. I watch you it is persistent, but not always I See understanding. What is before eyes darkened clarity of the Face of the Teacher? Whether darkness? Books should be read with analysis. There is very harmful, as, for example, a just read. To what to encumber consciousness the dark the images created unhealthy imagination of the writer? Let what he writes, however, but why to direct the eye in darkness? It is told: "Don't open casual books". In books of others there is a lot of poison. They adjust consciousness on a certain wave, and the key from it is transferred to the author. And if the last from darkness, where advantage? The Life doctrine calls for Beauty, and she lives, on heroes cultivates consciousness. But the darkness magneto involves the person in the funnels. Don't read casual books.
395. There are in human life moments when it stops at the crossroads roads and doesn't know on which to go. And heart is silent, is in this case the Teacher call. He Will specify a way. And if heart approves it, it is possible to stride safely. And this way will be a way of coherence of consciousness of the pupil with consciousness of the Teacher. And if to fly up over Earth and to see zigzags of ways, it would be possible to see that a way specified by the Teacher, the shortest and direct. So, relying on Us, it is possible to succeed. Doesn't see mind human that the Teacher Sees, Sees and Warns. Tracks of life terrestrial are twisting, and to see given only few, so let heart a way Specify, and then it is possible to call a life by heart. Language of heart is simple and clear, but is silent and silent. To it is necessary to listen sensitively. Otherwise it is possible not to catch. It is a lot of round throats tinned. They though whom will out voice therefore in silence it is better to listen to a heart voice. Against life it is necessary to resist, and there is no place to wait for the help. Can help only the Teacher!

396. The guru was a threshold to the Doctrine new lives. Thanks to it and through it many approached. After all it was necessary to channelize absolutely new think and in forms unusual. And a proannoynce of uniform and eternal Truth, old as the world, but new in a form at everyone a proannoynce and a conformable step of evolution, also was it, the Guru, our entrusted and the Envoy. Certainly, the great assignment trusts only in the closest. Whether executed? I executed. Up to the end, till the moment when We Found necessary to withdraw it back in the Stronghold. Leaving was premature, but according to our decision because planetary conditions couldn't be commensurate with further stay and work on the plan terrestrial. Prepares for a new Assignment, still more great, because is great future Earth .To you standing on a change of two worlds, old and new, it is difficult to present greatness of going Light, but We See and we Prepare the pupils for performance of the future problems of evolution. If knew that waits ahead, your hearts would be filled with pleasure and triumph. Because inevitably a miracle of new life coming nearer. The lord Left, but with you in all days till the end of time. The guru left and stays with the Lord, and consequently, and with you too always. The center of all real is uniform, and this center Is the Hierarchy of Light. Who says that died when it is live and in Light body ardent activity display. You following Me should leave usual idea of things. The stronghold is open for all worlds and with all worlds visible and invisible, cooperates. Leaving of the Guru is properly heavy for relatives, but space is necessary, because fruitful and radiant cooperation of Guru Archat with Lords of Light. And you see, and about you know, and care of much and it is possible to concern, but only in the spirit of, heart highly having raised on Light wings. Live the Guru and with Us is.
397. I claim uselessness of everything that doesn't bear fruits of experience and doesn't give deposits of the Highest energiya. Bad and heavy then fruitful when from it the correct conclusion that is when the vital lesson is learned properly is taken. Otherwise all experiences are aimless and useless. So, if heavy tests taught something, the benefit to the one who managed to use them. If it didn't occur, this test or even the whole life goes to nothing. And life is deleted from the Life Book, and test should be passed again. Thus, the pupil can look at all events of that it brings to consciousness that is experience and accumulation, and is already conscious to learn life lessons from everything. The lowest can display only on the lowest plans and to the Highest Spheres of access has no. The lowest accumulation overtake being embodied essence on the lowest plans in the form of a karma but where the Highest Triad after release from a mental peel is shown, or the covers, the saved up lowest to energy can't be shown because have no substance in which they can act. Simplicity of the decision isn't present. Life very bad, not given to the Highest Triad of anything is erased only. But sadly to see not passed tests and know that it is necessary to pass through it again and again while examination won't be sustained adequately. Of all events we will be mindful, bearing in mind the purpose uniform.
398. My friend came to understand time that the Lord is unchangeable only. In total: both friends and enemies will die, everything will leave, and everything will change, but there will be invariable and close a Lord. Therefore only It can give to one the heart, without being afraid that the Lord Leaves. No, Doesn't leave, no, Won't leave, no, Will be always together. Everything will sink, will forget, passes, will pass, there Will be only a Teacher. Everything that we love, everything to what and to whom are attached, everything that around, all thoughts and feelings terrestrial, everything, everything will pass, the Teacher will disappear completely, but not. In Elevated when there will be a full change of conditions of people around, the Teacher Remains to relatives. Also Becomes even closer because illusion of distance will disappear. Therefore all and all it is possible to love only temporary love, to the Lord – forever. Claiming in itself eternal and enduring, it is possible love to the Lord to approve as the extra temporariness and immortality basis. And then the loneliness isn't terrible, and then it isn't necessary to be afraid that people will leave and leave one. When we die, we leave those who here when we will be born – with those who there. But the Lord in all worlds Is permanently close to the one who gave Him the heart. Let the words "The Lord, to You I Give the Heart" become reality ardent and over everything that is, was and will be. Speak about the injured hearts, about extinct hearts, about the hearts which were disappointed in people, in those whom heart loved. But heart can't be broken by the Lord because it grows, becomes stronger and starts burning with an eternal flame of life. When the Lord in it Approved the throne, "and the friend the best friend will forget", but the Lord Won't forget. So a stronghold of heart we will put round the Lord. Only thoughts, to It given, aren't lost in vain. But everyone brings Light also everyone to an arrow of Light is similar. So we will approve the heart on the Lord. Flashing fires of unrecognized feelings and emotions can't be compared to a flame of coming love to Great Heart. Let's build so the Stronghold on the Stone of the eternal Basis life.
399. If fire doesn't burn, it is necessary to wait a heavy strip, and it is better to reveal externally itself nothing except that it is necessary because it is possible to do mistakes, and irreparable. And it is better to speak less: words, fire deprived, are empty. Also think better to prepare, and it is better to be engaged in something or something to distract while the strip won't pass. Sadly to see grow diming aura, after all it, as a matter of fact, there is no other than leaving of the post and desertion. The beacon appointed shines, specifies a way, without going out, but even the Christ left to the desert. Heavy is time, to heavy spirit. The darkness gloomy is condensed, but the Savior was Light, and "its darkness not embrace". At least in a small measure to It we will assimilate.
400. Where to find forces to overcome nagneteniye unknown? Whether inside, with Me having united? When in heart the unrestrained desire to win against a dragon of darkness rises, the victory then is provided. If the desire isn't present if pressing slippery inertness is opposed to darkness, lack of will and nonresistance, then the dragon will win, and with rings of a tail will twist consciousness, and will strangle him in darkness of hopelessness. It is possible to struggle with darkness only actively, it is possible to struggle with darkness, forces from depths of spirit having called. With darkness it is possible and has to fight. To Jelly-liked lack of will equally is to partnership with darkness. The Chaos of decomposition can't oppose lack of will. It is necessary to be strong always, instead of on moods. Numen forces it is necessary to call for the statement him in heart. It is impossible to be a weather vane for pernicious whirlwinds astral, tearing apart space. Heavy is time. Astral currents are heavy. The space is restless. The elements shaken by waves of chaotic thoughts of huge mass of people rage. Unknown time, but it is necessary to resist nevertheless. The water pressure against foundations is especially strong. Entrusted mine among the sea human are Light foundations and if they don't resist whom to Entrust? For the sake of Me it is necessary to resist and for Light to win. Long I Prepared spirit armor, came to test time it. Really won't sustain? Both time and efforts spent will be vain. What from this, what to someone is good and easy when to you it is heavy? When my followers burned down with fire and tormented with animals, someone rolled in luxury and abundance. To them we won't envy because everything is subject to the balance and compensation law. Who paid more, that more and will receive, but not paid and only taking will pay, yet won't pay everything, to the last obol. To it it is necessary to apply measures of three worlds, instead of to be under a delusion with visibility deception. Rolling in wellbeing, cares not knowing, with pleasure and nourishingly living – you not mine, also aren't present mine among you. But injured, both persecuted, and oppressed, both restrained by people, and burdened by circumstances, and everything, for Me going, – to you the benefit, because with you the Lord watching that spirit Treasures yours increased in a heavy hearth of tests terrestrial. But don't grumble, but don't show discontent, but the complaint and exasperation don't allow. This root from the evil. Quietly and courageously and in balance full meet each new wave of nagneteniye and burdenings. After all it is necessary to resist at any cost, in what it became. For the soldier of Light there can't be a defeat. Even departing, it recedes facing the enemy, keeping a board and a sword in readiness. Victory and defeat in the spirit of. It is impossible to be inclined by spirit before any impact of forces opposite. "All mine – from spirit, all in the spirit of, and spirit with me". Dare to resist, heart victorious having risen.
401. We come besides: completely, entirely, irrevocably, up to the end it is impossible for anybody and terrestrial to give anything the heart. It is possible – only for the Lord, only He never Will betray and Won't deceive. But the terrestrial consists in the transience of the phenomena their great deception. It is worth leaning on them as they change the face, according to the temporary nature. Anything strong, anything steady, anything constant, anything certain isn't present that is visible around. And even the wealth and money provide neither health, nor happiness, tranquility. Promise and promise, but don't give. Because happiness and tranquility – in the spirit of. I want to let know that the emphasis is transferred to spirit. It isn't necessary to look for Me and My statement in things passing, but – in the spirit of, and then it is possible to approve terrestrial affairs in the Name My and Name by mine. It is necessary to be released from everything in the spirit of. Have everything, own everything, but in the spirit of from everything having released. It also will be the correct decision. Everything, but on condition of the spirit legend is permitted to the Lord. At first and over everything I, and then is the world and everything that in it. It also is the statement of the Lord in itself. The primogeniture statement.But loved something or someone is more than me, but spirit indulged in something to another before and more, than Me, with it also remains, but not with Me. But I Speak about a unification of consciousnesses when my World in heart is put above all, about it both care, and thoughts, and care first of all the terrestrial. How many those coming to Me and coming for nothing and in vain, because put something other before Me and above Me. But the one who above everything put Me, already will be we won't shake affairs terrestrial. The point of balance consists in a heart give to the Lord. It we don't shake, heart at It because to It is given, therefore, is protected from storms and whirlwinds of the terrestrial passing. That from this: well or badly, warmly or cold, people when the consciousness is concentrated in It and on It favor or drive. Pleasure of a victory you will find in Me, with Me win. In this case incompleteness is unacceptable. Heart, in itself broken up, won't resist. Heart entirely indulges in the Lord. Will win heart, itself not betrayed! Between you which inside, and the Lord Becomes the world outside let, to an ardent board it is similar. In heart let Will rise, you and love the put.

402. Let's show enough patience and excerpts to wait surf of waves heavy. Our affairs not always in need, and not always our relatives are plunged into conditions difficult, but now the moment planetary is very serious, and loading are distributed on the few. The necessary energy of opposition only under pressure develops. The pressure is higher; it is more than force of effect of steam in a copper. And with mental energy: it is necessary to give strength of action powerful therefore pressure is intolerable. The weak copper already would burst long ago. And soap bubbles burst at once. But hearts of the elite – from metal especially strong – give energy of special tension and help spatially very much. It is very important to us to have these points of support, the planetary network is based on them Light, after all she should be held against waves of pressing darkness and Chaos. Powers of darkness caused them to life, and an impact of elements unbridled it is necessary to oppose something. The stout and resistant heart which is strong standing on patrol of Light, serves as a ram against destruction forces. Protests against burdens of karmic conditions won't help business and conditions won't facilitate. Exit one: to obey to fate, to call balance, the complaint and discontent to leave and arm with patience. Everything will come to an end, there are no eternal tests. Slugs it isn't necessary, the future trusts in only tested spirits. The darkness is condensed, and all it is necessary to resist. Of doubt be afraid. Doubted won't resist, and instead of emotions and thoughts unnecessary and stirring help to hold everyone balance. To me help, to you I Speak. To the few, able to help, I Address. Really to the Lord of force you won't find to help when on his shoulders weight really inhuman and intolerable lies. Help! Energy hearts counteracting on fires трансмутируются in energy of opposition and from the first borrow the forces. So powers of darkness, Chaos and destruction serve the attendant of Light if his heart is ready for Great Service. Truly, the darkness decays for flowers of Light if the equipment of a transmutation is understood in a root. The impact ardent can rejoice because from it is possible to take forces and from it to take energy for Light affairs. You learn to force darkness to serve you. Everything I Turn on advantage. You learn to do also it conscious and independently. Safely take energy from conditions opposite. Than they more oppositely and more furiously, it is more it is possible from them to take away. Let and they will serve Light. Let and the darkness will serve. It isn't without reason told, as genies build temples. You study, friends, you study incessantly. The teacher Will help to bridle also darkness, and to use it to a limit. Possibilities of achievements were never so great, and exactly thanks to darkness. I speak for strong spirits, for soldiers, for heroes. Pettiness it isn't necessary, now not their time, now only the hero will win also that is given rise to fly, but not to creep. To rams with Us not on the way, not that who in the spirit of can break. We strong Call to become with Us a row at an o'clock of special need. Not able and not daring to rise near Me, go there, from where came. To you is not a place in the ranks of winners. I courageous an emphasis and bail, I strong Protection and the Board, I powerful – the fire victorious, to a soldier of Light is My sword.

403. Lets consider the phenomenon of contact, Communication, the address, Proximity, perception and Record spatially. In a far Stronghold Light the inextinguishable planetary burns. From consciousness addressing the thought beam, from the Stronghold – in the answer and in consciousness addressed for Light directs in it; there is a short circuit. The consciousness flashes already the light, lighting up space on the distance which size of a circle depends at most and Communication depths. The phenomenon it not personal, but, undoubtedly, spatial because, feeding the sphere surrounding in smaller scope, but similar to the Stronghold, it has, in turn, serves as the same nursery of lightful grains, directing the thoughts to friends, the people and the phenomena entering into the sphere of its interests. Receiving Light from the Stronghold, scatters and it dispatches light to those objects to which the consciousness is directed, and pours out it around unconsciously, to the Sun, either a beacon, or a torch is similar. The step student's deserts called by the Icon lamp, is characteristic that the phenomenon of a slight-bearing reaches activity of the constant which not isn't broken even at the moments of absolute rest and lack of Communication obvious. The same on the highest, more intense scale, we will call this phenomenon spatial Service. Light network planetary is supported already constantly and continuously. The periods of attenuation or clouding aren't crossed any more with the luminescence periods and whatever the pupil did then, Light of the Stronghold in the light of it shines. My light in the light of his consciousness display. Therefore I Tell about Prestanding constant, that your light which in you, was light for peoples, which, like the Sun, radiates energy the always: both at night, and in the afternoon. Certainly, tension of Beams is subject to a rhythm, but a rhythm, exactly rhythmic to not interrupt. Heart can't stop; Arhat’s Light can't but shine, rhythmically sending the waves to space. Why I Tell about a rhythm and constancy in everything, that light which in you, to strengthen. Think of the benefits about all, prayers about all are expansion of a network of light of the individual. Prayer about distant wandering and traveler’s invisible is the phenomenon of the same order. Thoughts of the neighbors is too the phenomenon of distribution of light. What is the phenomenon of expansion of the Community when community disperse, connected in the spirit of together as not the phenomenon of expansion and strengthening of a network of Light receiving a food too from the Stronghold and distributing it through the head. The Chain and the Hierarchical network, receiving energy the from above, is so formed of the Center of the center of Light planetary at the head of which there is a Hierarch the Leader. There is a current variable and current constant. That and another are subject to a rhythm. The beacon blinking in the distance is lawful because there is a phenomenon rhythmic. But when My lamps, My pupils, flash, fade on moods and are arrhythmic, it in space generates not only a destructive dissonance, but breaks healthy nutrition of space and metal of the lamp wears out. Be saved from the harmful moods sharply saddened and infected with doubt. The sun shines always; it too is subject to a rhythm, or the law of pulsations. As pulse and, to heart on it is similar, pulsations, which светоносны if it is loaded. Light business, or Great Making is so created on Earth. So chosen My, put by Me, a minor planet feed and light up it the light, from Me proceeding, – cooperation full. My icon lamps, you to the desert of life it is bright and яро you shine because your light which is in you, is lit from Uniform Light. I put you on crossroads of ways human at the life ocean that courageously and truly bore the Assignment that I, It is invisible Visible, through you My will I Could create freely and inevitably. Light in My not go out that through you I Could create.

404. My friend if to regard life on blows, to us put, and to troubles received, and it becomes impossible to live. Balance not on the lowest, but on the highest. Consciousness – above ours, soles of feet with Earth adjoin, and the head above is raised, the more stars can be seen; the same and in the sphere of thoughts. On the highest we are guided, and on tops we go. Such is our custom: feet we go on the ground, but the head we Rest against the Sky. And you to us imitate in our customs. Ability even in bad to find particles of good and elements construction is the same order. As and in the relatives is to see well. Round us destruction and creation forces constantly work. It is better to cause to life, to life in everything, forces construction, strengthening them the conscious statement. Not only the person созвучит that outside him, but also external созвучит with the person, submitting to energy, from it proceeding. If today in consciousness of all people harmony and balance were approved, the nature would answer them with the same order. The condition internal the person causes similar conditions in the spheres surrounding it. React яро all three worlds therefore impact of the person on the worlds is great. Thought influence is especially far carried, and space the melancholy, both a grief, and despair of the person especially disturb. Being the participant of three worlds, with their energy it is interacted. The law of the accord regulates psych activity of the person. Space is uniform, but according to the accord the consciousness human adjoins to its various layers on which is distributed energy of those worlds in which it lives. Than the power matter layer – subjects refined is higher more spiritually. Activity accessory in layers is defined by consciousness and will. The person if aspirations at the will choose is free and free.

405. Having left the warm room on a frost, the person immediately feels cold. The reason simple is in environment. External conditions cause various feelings and a feeling-knowledge. In World Thin these feelings are caused from within by thought. Once you think of cold, and energy of thought will develop feeling of cold. So thought it is possible to cause any feeling, and it becomes real for consciousness. Because the plastic matter of the Thin World easily accepts the corresponding forms. The person, who operates the thought, can freely create the world of the feelings and immediately destroy feelings undesirable. The yogi, being on Earth, developing heat in heart, can sit on snow without a shirt. As it is won both the feeling of hunger, and many any feelings are won and caused by order of will. Will it is artificially possible to cause any feelings and feelings, and not only in the Thin World, but also on Earth. But the beginning to this great art is put in terrestrial life. It is possible to start studying from the small: in the microcosm to cause any feeling-knowledge thought. Certainly, on caused feeling it is necessary to concentrate, having called all power of creative imagination. In case of success the body won't be slow to feel desirable reaction. The thought is energy which can freely turn into any feeling or feeling. Especially it is easy to observe it on emotions of the lowest and sensual. The thought of tasty viands immediately causes reaction of glands. Mental energy of passion is in the same way transformed. In the microcosm of people – the lord also can cause any feeling and feeling by the corresponding use of mental energy. Transition of one type of energy to another is the Universe law. Having learned to use it and to apply it inside, the mighty will can apply it and outside, causing in substance of elements demanded reaction and creating for it in space that form in which it has to pour out. But as to begin mastering by elements it is necessary from a kingdom of the microcosm, it and will being an initial field of the appendix of fiery energy of thought. As also fight against heavy external influences goes by the same principle. Weight of influence can be moderated internally thought, having caused reaction desirable. Here experience and application is necessary. The creative knowledge won't help, it only a step to mastering which should be passed to enter area of practical knowledge. Know that something can be done, absolutely doesn't mean yet to be able. So often these two provisions mix up, and the imagined knowledge, or force is accepted to the valid. The thought can become laboratory for all feelings if behind it stands, tested in experience and application of this law, will. If something doesn't work well, the will should be strengthened. Will it is possible to exercise constantly on everything and in everything. It is possible to cause desire of food when it isn't present, and to extinguish feeling of hunger when it appears. Any feeling inside is caused by thought similar image. Not magic it, but the law of a primacy of thought over the feelings, the highest over the lowest. No reasoning’s and treatises will help until this principle isn't applied in life and not checked on experience. It too one of ways of the power over the world through application of the power over the feelings and feelings, after all over them dominates thought, and the thought dominates and over the world both inside, and outside. But thought not narrow-minded, but the thought, capable move mountains. It isn't necessary to stop and be confused before the first failure. The world is created by thought, thought regal, powerful operates the world. Creative power of thought can start be approved on feelings and the feeling-knowledge caused by will, putting in action energy of thought. If the essence of this situation is apprehended by heart, heart it is easy to reach results remarkable. Any reaction, any feeling can be stopped in a root, having put to thought the will lever. It isn't necessary any squeezeed-out efforts. The thought submits to will, feeling – thoughts. But it is necessary to concentrate on desirable feeling, instead of on its contrast, at least in environment and there were to it no bases. Externally heated coal is burned down, and is very sick, but the yogi holds it on a palm and the will order fire of thought neutralizes fire physical. It is possible to turn the microcosm into laboratory of the most wonderful experiences. Theis miracle can make life similar.

406. This ability to cause reaction wished in the world inside and in the world outside also forms a creativity basis. Division into the world internal and external – is conditional because in relation to the creator both that and another will be the world external, current out of it. Certainly, the world terrestrial as object of creativity is difficult and many obstacles and resistance delivers to creating spirit, but in Word Thin where moves thought, creativity is limited to only force of imagination of the person if it sufficient degree of a big fiery, that is if in it strongly developed energy of fires is put at the developed imagination and clearness, the created forms are long and steady. On Earth all activity of the person, his work and work too create something, but they are always accompanied by physical actions as the physical plan is mentioned. In World Thin of hands it isn't necessary, hands are replaced by thought. The one, who thought creates here, will create there. Therefore and on Earth the creative activity demanding effort of thought is approved as the highest in comparison with work mechanical and thoughtless. As the person – the creator at a rate of the consciousness, everyone creates the world and the sphere. The world of the shopkeeper, the world of the poet, the world of the philosopher – are various. Surrounding is only accompaniment for spirit. At strong will accompaniment of life sounds according to the main melody of spirit, at weak spirits, on the contrary, the spirit is an echo of that occurs outside. It is better to carry out life in the key the approved your will of a melody of spirit. But can do it only few. Creativity cooperative is especially powerful, but for it coherence of consciousnesses is necessary. Lets think of work coordinated and creative.

407. If the best and the highest that I Give, doesn't change, that can change then: the worst and very grave? So on themselves we won't attract a karma wave by rejection of the Highest Knowledge and the best opportunities. It is better to turn away, address against the opposite pole which have rejected by attraction of the phenomenon. Crowd, hooting, mocked it is necessary Me, spat and beat Me, and after all I Gave them the Light which Brought. And the best, brought by me, being rejected, it was replaced with the worst, involving a wave of karmic justice. Grief rejected Light and that darkness invited in the essence. Therefore Light sent accept therefore don't create a magnet for darkness. Nowadays day of final division of poles is either darkness, or Light. Both darkness, and Light magnetic. People think of darkness magnetism a little, thereby doing it by victims of dark attractions. And if light which in the person, darkness, what this darkness, this dark magnet magneto attracts to itself? Whether darkness? Attractions happen both light, and dark. When light fills all sphere of a microcosm, dark attractions aren't dangerous because become impossible, and then the person can tell: "There steps on me darkness, but has in me no anything". Well and if the sphere of consciousness is saddened by feeling-knowledge and emotions dark, what the person will be able to tell darkness coming? Unless: "Go and own me, I all your or you’re at a rate of darkness, in me not gets rid". Therefore it is favorable; it is useful and expediently in itself to replace darkness with light as forces will suffice. So let the statement of light in itself becomes way of day. So let light the statement, in to itself carried out, becomes the birth of Light and in the world around. When the person in effect the bears the vibrations of light which are radiating on all environment, then, really, it is possible to tell that Great Service came. About everyone, light bearing, we will be graw.

408. Here it is spoken about mastering by feelings and feelings, it is said that offenses, irritations, concerns, fear and other emotions are inadmissible. The purpose one is seize the astral and to subordinate it to will. It is possible to write two letters: one – full of complaints, complaints and discontent, another – deprived of all elements of the astral conductor, as though to rise over it thought, having excluded its sphere from correspondence. To what to enter it, such unstable and changing, into relationship with those who has the special relation in life of the pupil. And in general, to whom experiences and grimaces of the clown are necessary? Already if there is no forces it to bridle, let wriggles in full isolation from people. That is why good and laudable not to show the feelings before people is. At a known step the astral becomes unnecessary. In any case, all lowest scale of its vibrations isn't necessary to the pupil. And the letter deprived of the lowest vibrations of an astral, will be worthy also the one who sends it, and the one to whom it is sent. Certainly, the lowest "I" protest, what to it isn't given the chance of myself display, but what good ever it turned out from its display and his willfulness? To whom someone's complaints or discontent delivered pleasure? All this arsenal of the lowest astral emotions should be cleaned from the address. Indulging them, ardent life in the astral we cause. It is unruly, is insatiable and ready to tear to pieces and the unsuccessful owner, and people around if the imperious will doesn't dominate over it. The step of restraint of feelings and astral should be passed, and it is successful. The word "I" is possible even absolutely to exclude from the address that thought to small "I" couldn't come back, closing a circle small. It is possible to imagine freely it without the lowest astral emotions. Why quality of tranquility is valuable? Not therefore that it excludes a number of whirlwinds astral, storming in a microcosm restless and without balance of the person. As also undesirable display of an astral exclude other qualities, entering its activity into an iron framework. Often people, who have dismissed this lowest cover, fall into fury, losing any control over itself and an image human. Let's not assimilate. Well also it is useful always and in everything to bridle and moderate its manifestations. The thought and the act deprived of the lowest emotions, is many times more effective than thought passionate. It isn't necessary to mix the lowest feelings with feeling of self-rejection or love. Everything has the opposite pole, displaying on the lowest scale. But We Go on tops. Yes, yes, it is necessary, it is necessary to be exempted from the power of the lowest cover. There is no more sad show than when the person wriggles on his arbitrariness as a clockwork doll. Once the astral was necessary for development of the highest principles, but nowadays the subordinated situation and sub office is allocated for it. A lot of things are admissible, but under will control, without control inadmissible there is all. It is approved it is allowed. Unruliness of an astral reaches always the results, opposite subjects which the person wants to reach. The opinion or the thought stated quietly is many times stronger, than the same thought expressed by rough emotions. The enemy ancient with great work gives in to restraint. But the victory is easy when the strength of people is realized also by the divine right to dominate over all the covers. They are obliged to submit, and he has the right to dispose because the power over any types of a matter and energy in the microcosm is given it. Im first of all, and then already and outside.

409. My son, today day unusual. What is weather, how not result of a combination of spatial beams and the magnetic conditions operating on a matter? And the person can't but perceive features of these phenomena causing changes of atmospheric conditions. Moods happen not only at the person, but also at the nature. Rhythms of the nature are caught by thin consciousness. Unless it is possible not feel in full swing arising life of spring and dying in the fall? Or the fiery tension of space during a thunder-storm? And the wave surf falls noise, a stream song is everything has the rhythms which are obviously operating on consciousness. Everything speaks about itself to the person: and morning beam of the Sun, both star Sky, and sad hour of a decline. The nature is an open book. That to read it, it is necessary to open towards to it heart, free with personal experiences of an astral. What can the nature tell the consciousness which has writhed from fear, rage, offense, envy or hatred? To understand nature voices, the tranquility and the world inside is necessary to approve that the consciousness mirror, like the mountain lake, reflected in itself the world which hasn't been distorted by waves of whirlwinds of astral, even by ripples slightest.

410. When two or more gathered in the Name My, I between them (in the middle of them). So collective beginning can receive justification Hierarchical. Therefore each common cause, to the benefit directed is good, to begin, thought of it having connected to Hierarchy of Light that the Highest entered in dense and at the same time created it, and collective energy could be increased. The highest idea also can unite people and to be the leading beginning. Mental power of the big well joint collective is great; it that is stronger, than the idea is stronger, than it uniting. The general welfare can serve as the idea accepted for all. When it will be approved strongly in the hearts of people and put into practice and the personal benefit of everyone can be carried easily out, but in any way on the contrary.

411. When the Savior was devoted to shameful death, round Him there was only small group of people, him recognizing. And if we judge its feet and the results reached by that moment what conclusions would be? The present can't serve as criterion for the future if it isn't estimated and its internal essence isn't visible. The guru left, and all forgot about him, even the majority of those who adjoined to it. Pupils da friends true remember only. And it is a little of them. But the Doctrine, and everyone is given, reading it, already inevitably has to understand the internal hidden sight of the Guru. But it is difficult to judge on the superficial present. The one who knows can judge on it, and knowing knows about that Great Mission which it executed, about that Basis which is put at the beginning of the New Era, about those seeds of the New World which are plentifully seeded in space and among the mass of people and which have to give in due course the shoots. But time didn't come yet, beams of the Sun of the New Era yet don't warm Earth so that growth became visible though inside life already wakens. But as The gospel was it is widespread on to all Earth, so and doctrine Life becomes a basis life. But the Gospel was in Fishes, and in Fishes there was a blood, and the end of Cali Yugi a ringing of church bells didn't favor. But the Life Doctrine a new turn of a spiral of Space Truth opened to mankind is not only continuation of that is given in the Gospel and all other great Doctrines which were to it, but also expansion of new aspects of this Truth, wide and boundless which couldn't to be given two thousand years ago when people were at a known step of development. Now there comes time of Satia Yugi therefore the Doctrine of Life is given plentifully, for the future millennia. Everything will approach to it, and all from it will gather and when it will begin to shine in consciousness of millions people, then, only then people will understand and will estimate that feat terrestrial, that mission and that assignment which the Guru executed according to the Decision of Lords. People don't hurry with recognition of great people, they at first will brand and will humiliate them and will bury in oblivion to glorify then. It is necessary to call examples?- Their hundreds and one thousands! Unless drove, pursued one Savior? Pursued all, who bore to mankind Light: one killed, others tortured, the third betrayed to public contempt and stigmatization. It is a lot of, it is a lot of them which were injured for Light therefore if to judge the size of the Guru, we will look at it, having moved the phenomenon it into the future when its essence becomes in all the huge growth of the true Carrier of Light which has brought to mankind pronounce new Doctrines of spirit, old as the world, but Uniform in effect the with all those Doctrines which were earlier given by Hierarchy of Light. Light from the Uniform root of life is uniform, and the Guru esteemed by us was a provannoynce of this Uniform Light in new conditions of Earth and.

412. The person can't understand that whatever occurred in the dense world, it surrounding, it shouldn't permit to the astral to rage, rage or simply to allow in it infinite rough movements or even in general any movements without the will sanction. A little that can happen outside with the person or other people. Nothing grants to it the right to the unbridled display of astral experiences. It is possible to consider everything; it is possible to take to heart everything and even to allow feeling of grief or melancholy, but in full tranquility of heart. Whatever it happened near or in the distance, doesn't grant this happen the right on dissoluteness of emotions? Fiery heart has to be cold, that is display the movements over vibrations of the lowest cover of the astral conductor. In it the consciousness of shouldn't express. It is necessary to learn to be cold. Fiery cold should learn to become. How it is possible to calm the neighbor who is torn apart by feeling of despair if in the microcosm aren't approved cold and quiet the energy, neutralizing the astral storm storming in aura of the person, the despair which was in a paroxysm? Without this cold silver bridle of spirit on the feelings there is impossible a further advance on the highest steps. Or restraint of an astral and mastering by, or a stop until submission of an astral won't take place. For each step of consciousness there are conditions. Mastering by an astral will be mastering by thought because the thought operates the lowest conductor. It is necessary to learn to take out from thoughts, words and acts emotional astral elements and to watch results. In the Highest Worlds Hidden there are no spheres of astral passions, and people live in them, not only anything from it without losing, but, on the contrary, succeeding in the spirit of and thoughts. Let's learn to live in these spheres, being on Earth, having exempted from slavery of a violent astral. The astral reflexes which aren't submitting to control of will have this slavery, but arising independently besides it. The reflex is heritage of the past, it we will allow if it is positive and approved by consciousness, but even in this case on it the press of approval or the statement of will has to lie. There can't be a power without astral submission to will. The person, strong displaying the experiences and emotions, is the open book for the people around, available to all and each passerby. Why an inner world to do to passersby by a place? Passersby can litter, both spit, and leave tracks, and bring dirt. If the internal house rooms are closed for strangers, that how is soul? I teach restraint, isolation and ability to be self-controlled. But rare manuscripts of intimate wisdom are stored in inaccessible places. The one who from foreign looks protect an inner world not in forces can't keep secret. You learn to own yourself. Process of restraint of an astral is fascinating; a lot of pleasure delivers when it is understood. The statement of the regal right to the power over the microcosm delivers a lot of pleasure. Not chains, not refusal of something, not deprivation of things desired, not sad renunciation of life, but the joyful victorious solar statement of the power of spirit over everything that is subordinated to it by right Space.

413. My son, we go together and unseparably, stretching the Hand I wash over space and forcing elements to serve Me. And those who in my orbit as planets round the Sun keep an attraction. It is necessary to have something to be attracted, and it is necessary to enter into systems of the phenomena conformable and consonance most. We have one criterion – whether is valuable to evolution. And then a lot of things if the value of people I proved suitability and ability to Service say goodbye. It is a lot of good people, but their value is relative. But the value of the attendant of General Welfare is great or small, absolute because it is weighed on evolution scales. Don't look for among figures of General Welfare of elevated perfection. Because they entered on Service way to people and became are useful to us before, how to become perfect. And who is perfect among people? Therefore we will leave judgments small that who doesn't know. We Know that each pupil is valuable to evolution and for it is accepted. As care of provide to the Lord. Our task is hold patrol and from a post not to leave. Small "I" with myself rush, but "I", growing potentially, think of Cares of the Teacher. I see and Know, something that should be, comes nearer steadily, and you in it, in the future victoriously. The adult leaves children's toys as superfluous – he them simply outgrows. And the spirit dumps the shortcomings, as an unnecessary peel when its time comes. Unusable outgrowths fall off when the spirit with Me ascends Me without coming off, - therefore Told: "Give Me My grief and My pleasure about you". My son, Is happy with you because fidelity and persistent overcoming the necessity I proved. A lot of things are made, bigger still it is necessary to make. Preserve the impulses of spirit pushing you to the statement of qualities of consciousness. It is the direction correct. If quality this attracts you яро, raise its essence because in a shadow of the expanded qualities conformable it is quiet and under protection others will grow also, as young growth under protection of the wood. In the naked steppe would be lost. Lovingly and carefully raise quality of spirit; they give coloring to aura, in a chord the conformable. So courage, solemnity, tranquility and devotion give a chord complete. Of chords there will be a symphony of qualities when the spirit will increase in Communication force. It is quietly possible to think about the future because it belongs to us. The future is a field of realization of desires and aspirations of the present. Therefore future levers in our hands! That we want of what it is dreamed to what we direct, we will have in the future if in the present we attend the necessary grains in space and in the aura to seed. Therefore even small undertaking, that is thought application in the present, will give the sprout in the future on force of the energy put in grain. My sowers, carefully, circumspectly sow, remembering future shoots, inevitable and inevitable, and the benefit to you, if seeds of your desires and aspirations good and conformable evolutions.
414. My son, we Face a dilemma: or to accelerate a current of events, or to postpone them. Accident is inevitable in both cases, but degree of its intensity will depend on terms: it is rather, the more tensely and more strongly. The consciousness is yet ready. Measures unknown yet didn't give desirable shift. The mass of hearts didn't wake up yet. Consequences of the Black Eyelid яро shake Earth. More than once waves of elements swept away the whole continents and destroyed mankind, them occupying. Not for the first time accident threatens Earth. Our purpose is keep seeds of future race. Our purpose – not break run of evolution. Misunderstanding clouds over the saddened consciousnesses are terribly condensed, pushing a planet by a fatal outcome. Heavy is time before accidents.

415. Don't worry: difficulty of perception because of currents antagonistic. They stop communication if are rather strong, but even strong, all of them are overcome by will. For heart flaring insuperable barriers aren't present. It is necessary to present itself in communication egg, or the sphere spherical, surrounded from all directions light, spheres regardless time and space a direct dense environment, in the sphere where the consciousness unites with the Face of the Lord. I speak: in a flame of heart limits of time, space and things are lifted. And here, face to face. Currents don't interfere in this sphere of light separating any more. It is very difficult to win against phantoms of dense representations. Very difficult in total itself to present though on the street, out of house, sitting in this the moment in the house on a chair.Here these mental representations binding consciousness to external physical conditions as against the convict to four wheels, also it is necessary to overcome and win consciousness. In total mentally and all environment should be presented there where heart and thought are directed. If clarity of the Face of the Teacher such is reached that it is possible to see it being always on the mind, it shows that the victory over time and space is reached also by an anchor which it is possible to catch strong in the course of overcoming of restrictions of the three-dimensional world, and there will be an Image of the Lord. It is possible to tell that the Secret of the Face of a bike is. The consciousness of a microcosm is transferred to the Stronghold, and its central Sun is approved by all will of the Lord. Approving the Lord inside, great reality and truth we approve in the face of and contrary to evidence. And then beams of this truth concern consciousness, and it joins radiant Thought of the Lord. Having lifted consciousness to the sphere of the Lord, about small and everyday "I" it is necessary to forget. Highly over the world in a merge of consciousnesses of the spiritual Light unearthly admires. Both thoughts terrestrial, and heavy currents, and dense chains – far below, and, thought free Me joining, with Me the risen spirit stays. So, will mighty winning, forges the armor the winner (Earth) of the worlds.

416. My son, Communication to Light it is similar: light merges with Light, your light with Light of the Lord, and there is light of your heart merged with Light of great Heart. Light of the Sun doesn't pass through bodies, impenetrable for light; Light of heart doesn't know barriers, - doesn’t know them as and thought! It is very important to understand that in a microcosm of the person there are the energy, matters not submitting to usual restrictions. When it is realized, the thought is liberated and works already it is connected. If to think of thought in a narrow-minded way, its force but if know that there are no distances for it is insignificant, its energy works effectively and independently, bringing a consequence. All this is the fiery weapon, or the instrument of consciousness executing smoothly the order of will. Its consequence amplifies in direct ratio to recognition force – as though a handheld transceiver in hands of the savage and the skilled radio operator. One will look, without knowing that with it to do, another will use it for reception and transfer, of course, isn't limited by the sphere of work of a handheld transceiver, but is much wider and much more various. The mental energy enclosed in thought, continues to work for a long time after it is sent, won't be settled yet up to the end. Energy of thought very resistant and if the thought is weak and affectless, it only because beget enclosed it in it not enough fire. On the plan physical the thought isn't visible, but on the plan mental it so physical, that is material and real, as well as subjects of the dense world on Earth. Their action of thought can be tracked obviously. Here consequences are visible only. Once you observe a look of the ordinary person, as if on a film, it is possible to see consequences of influence of thoughts on muscles and fabrics. The quiet look shows that the thought is quiet or the person learned to own himself. Certainly, the person has to remain quiet always. Emotions, feelings aren't forbidden, but – under control. Impetuous identification of feelings when not will, but feelings bear the person on the wings is inadmissible. To be out of itself, to be forgotten, enter, as they say in the people, "in a passion" it is inadmissible. Dissoluteness brings heavy consequences, and still I Will tell something very important: mastering by thought brings mastering by those elements over which the thought dominates. It is necessary to understand only that impact on a matter is made not directly, and through substance of elements, through impact on a spontaneous matter the matter dense accepts the necessary forms. Such is a way of Space creativity, Arhat so creates. The chair moving forward under the influence of thought if energy of thought isn't attached to the corresponding energy of a subject which the thought influences won't be got. It is necessary to Earth. Seized itself, person that seizes these principles and gets the power over Light astral. All these four elements are in a microcosm of the person; operating them inside, the person thereby gains ability and skill of management of them and outside. The weak-willed person elements only therefore can't already operate that in an own microcosm he didn't bring their elements into submission. Therefore the first task of the pupil – seize the feelings, to keep them constantly under control. It isn't necessary to forget that all thoughts, feelings and emotions of the person are accompanied by the light phenomena that are that they represent manifestation of fires of this or that degree and tension. Even the simple raising of a hand is action fiery because fire runs on the nerves bearing the order of will. Thus, mastering by the specified feelings is reduced to mastering by the fires. At irritation, rage, desire fires corresponding flash, fires black – they too should be owned and them to bridle. The uncontrolled to flame of fires any, black, either smoky, or pure, isn't allowed. The impetuous to flame of pure fires can as burn wires of nerves, as well as fires dark. The person can die as of pleasure or delight excessive, or for fear, or anger. Precepted gold average way, when will owns poles both types flame. Control and self-control already indicate any step of the power of the person over the fires. Therefore I Claim tranquility, balance, restraint, coolness, impassivity, coldness, reticence, self-control, self-checking, vigilance and vigilance of continuous patrol of will first of all, and everything that directly or indirectly promotes them and all qualities without which they can't display.

417. My son that you will connect on Earth, it will be connected and in heavens, that is in the World the Elevated ambassador of death. And if on Earth connected itself with the Lord and in World Invisible you will be with Him indissolubly. Here statement world, there world of consequences and collecting harvests. You want to have there, claim here; you want to be free there, be released here. But here you are limited by laws of the dense world and a body, and there is free from them. We study on mistakes, and the court there isn't court, but the analysis, understanding of mistakes and their consequences. You believe that crops are got rid on force of the emotions enclosed in action, and it is correct. Therefore be cold in the actions, without putting in them too much feeling, but in actions in the Name My fiery be. Action force not consists in its emotionality, but on fire. The coward can behave violently for fear of inevitably menacing death, but it is a being deprived of any force of fire. Not in emotions rough force, but in power of tranquility of a burning flame. The Lord, unshakably his balance is quiet; nothing can destroy it in the face of great danger. In the fight heat, in spirit silence – the Lord is quiet, is quiet always. Study at Me what should become what should be. Think more often of what Lord. Concentrating on the Highest, itself you rise and become higher. You can dare, you can think: "And as though in this case the Teacher and as I have to arrive to assimilate" arrived. When the Teacher Adjoins to people, He not of it Thinks, but of them, He Doesn't think of itself in general. Its small "I" was dissolved in affairs Space and universal, and there was it "I" great. Small still has only, "Me" big – to the whole world and all. Greatness of spirit is measured by its orbit. In my Beams your imperfections if your eye to Me is turned steadily burn down, and the spirit grows. For itself and for those who with Me, be quiet. Will reach to appointed, and those which have evaded, too will come, but having wasted time. And time bears fruit of achievements. Time therefore you hurry is short. To the traveler urgent light reception in the house of the Father is prepared.

418. Thoughts new will be about new, new goes on change old, old doesn't want to reconcile. Whether day can yesterday's return or day today's to remain forever? Can't therefore the victory of evolution is inevitable. The one who looks in the past grabs ghosts or wants to detain the present. Only a future corresponds to concept of evolution, and of it Light. Ways different, but about the future – it is so possible to come to mutual understanding. The animal psychology of the yesterday's is condemned, a brotherhood and cooperation between the people – a basis of the New World. Not wishing to accept it the right existence loses.

419. About quality of constancy. The soldier guards: it can be both at night and in the afternoon, and in any weather, and in any conditions. Personal moods influence debt execution can't. But the guards are replaced. Arhat costs on not replaceable Patrol. It always on a post, also isn't present to it change, and to replace it there is nobody. One is in the life desert, guarding always. External "I" it can be occupied with this or that work, it can be in a way or have a rest, in public or one, sick or healthy, in heat or cold, here or there, in prosperity or the poverty, silent or conducting conversation, but on Patrol always. In it display its difficult and severe qualities of constancy, absolutely dependent neither from spatial currents, nor from a condition of spirit. Whether a little that can happen in life? He doesn't forget that Is put by the Lord of Light on the post. Difficult, not replaceable is way, light of a beacon indicating a correction to people and at night and in the day-time, always. The consciousness of continuous Patrol accustoms to hold a continuous communication with the Lord because light of a beacon receives energy from the central station that is from the Stronghold. Without this communication, conscious and constant, there is no receiving Light on a wire spatial. Without constancy, at communication on mood, faltering current turns out, and the beam can go out. It is necessary to be accustomed to show balance and constancy in all that it is worthy to be withheld in consciousness. Often we Check pupils, giving them work, demanding for performance the movements. Butterflies and spirit moths don't suit for such work, their essence won't pass test for constancy. This quality when the darkness is condensed is especially necessary and spirit lamps in the hearts of surrounding people go out, then Light not going out remains the only reference point in darkness for them, the way lost. Light in darkness has the price. High quality of tranquility but that it costs if in it there is no constancy? What it is possible to tell about courage changeable, being replaced fear? So we will understand that quality of constancy is a basis on which flowers of all of the others can be embroidered to qualities of spirit. Understand it and constancy is starting claiming.
420. The Maya, recede! The Maya is the evidence which has accepted visibility of reality. To live under the power of evidence means to live under the power, or Maya seduction, taking ghosts it for reality. That we see will pass. Where greatness of Rome and the illusive power of those who betrayed Me death, and crowds of the mocking – where they got to? Ghosts of the left present died, but I Am and I Stay for ever and ever. As will disappear as a smoke, and Maya current hour, but I Remain, and there are with Me those who to me kept fidelity minutes of very grave conditions of the passing. Ghosts can heavy work. Even in a dream from them groan and wake up in cold sweat. But even in a dream it is possible to know that it is a dream, and to force itself to wake up to usual life, driving away ghosts. And in usual life it is possible to understand that it too a dream, and to force itself to open eyes on reality. To wake up to reality those ghosts of the present hour lost the power over consciousness. Why inhabitants of the Thin World don't want to look at terrestrial dense life? They saw life more real, than terrestrial, and terrestrial dreams lost for them appeal. Who will want to get voluntary before lawful term into prison conditions of a flesh with all their restrictions realized there? The person flying there as well as where to him will take in head, without any delight looks at how on Earth live people drag hardly and on short distances the heavy burden – a physical body which is tired, is ill, demands care, food, clothes and so on and further. How many actions it is necessary to show to go to other city or to other country. But there move power of thought, and it isn't necessary neither documents, or passports, visas. Movement is free up to that height on which allows raising Agni's her accumulated stock. Terrestrial ghosts both are disseminated, and won if the consciousness is free. Free already on Earth the consciousness can be made, having won against Maya seduction. And then double freedom is reached: both here, and there, because in the Thin World there are a lot of not free consciousnesses being in the power of illusions terrestrial. Because that is you will connect on Earth, it will be connected and in the World the Elevated. It is possible to be released and there, but it is much more difficult, than here, it is necessary therefore to begin here, on Earth. Remember that Maya has to be won, - releases knowledge. Therefore know that the person should know to become truly free.

421. My son, show due stability in Me. The purpose at us one and we thirst for Epoch Light fastest approach. If it doesn't come with that speed, as though there was a wish, nor Light, nor darkness doesn’t serve that as the reason. Means, for a close victory light should be strengthened first of all in itself. The teacher Bears tension of fires the limit. Whether the pupil seeks to assimilate to it in the desire to give light the highest of which its essence is capable? Or it provides in life to bear itself (himself) at will of waves, ardent light-emission without showing? Management of the fires means as well ability to strengthen the light minutes of the general need in Light. When fires of spirit and a gray haze around go out covers consciousness of people a hopelessness cover, then, especially then, it is necessary to give the whole world of which heart is capable. To hang in inert powerlessness in the face of darkness – means to leave the post and to leave people without a torch specifies the direction. Spirit desertion in the pupil can't be justified. The purpose of existence of the soldier of Light is assist and fulfills the duty a minute of need. Not when everything well and quietly but when terribly and gloomy around, accurate and light performance of a debt for General Welfare is especially necessary. Not resisted, swayed and unsteady as you shone brightly at the containment moments and as your light when the urgent help is necessary to the Lord is dim, but you prefer to be filled with thoughts and feelings of egoism and, plunging into the world personal and small, to forget that purpose for the sake of which you were shown minutes of containment of the Flame. Self-service how, you will weaken how long Light chain you’re not understanding? After all only a hardness and firmness in in what you so long sought to be approved is required from you. Here, time in practice your dreams display came. Give light of a resistant exactly burning flame of spirit without which all your achievements come to naught zero. Fortress of a chain is measured on the weakest link, firmness of spirit – on the moments of its damage. Don't allow these moments because a long chain of your efforts you weaken inexpressibly minutes of weakness. Be strong always, but not on moods and under the influence of casual conditions, victorious be spiritual. The victorious condition of spirit is immutable to a victory conducts. Be always winners.

422. I give the Guarantee to a victory of the New World contrary to all events. In it everyone will receive a place on consciousness, - but not earlier, than time will come. Expectation gets rid if fires die away is heavy.

423. What it is necessary to do after all is told? -To apply the told! To what differently words told? It is better not to know, than the nobility and not to apply; responsibility for not applied lays down on the knowing. With this freight not applied long not to pass. I insist on application. Something and somehow can be applied always, at least the small. From small then big it will turn out. The feeling drawn from applied thoughts, will give energy to resist and move further. Energy of the Doctrine applied in life is the engine powerful.

424. My friend, decision correct: even if the facts will speak against Me, not to the facts, but I should trust and unshakable to keep belief up to the end. Let all temporary deny Me and the word My. Not on external, but on internal, on the Stone of the Eternal Basis of life it is necessary to rise firmly and unshakably. It is necessary to claim Me contrary to evidence, contrary to everything, Me contradicting that tells intelligence. In the face of a material world and dense conditions terrestrial, heavy and suffocating, let will tell spirit: "Everything I believe on the Lord, everything I betray to Him contrary to all and all. I will be steadily, without fluctuating to follow It". Here, new ghosts of passing conditions appeared before consciousness to distract from Me, incontestable logic of evidence to force to curtail from a way. Whether the spirit will resist? Whether it will be seduced with Maya logic, so convincing and correct with illusive and false essence? The mirage is real; the person sees it, sees subjects, trees and water, and sees the whole picture. But it isn't present. As Maya next mirages are unreal also, whatever vital and convincing they seemed. The Lord Can't is mistaken and mistaken. If He Is mistaken, on what then lean? And if in It to doubt and leave it, what remains? Belief is up to the end. On the card all is put. On a bowl of scales of the Lord, on another – ghosts of terrestrial evidence of Maya. Really it will move? Where to look for a support? Only inside, only in itself, only in the Lord who is in heart, and heart, the Lord armed, it is necessary to oppose to the outside world, in which crying and gnash tooth. Otherwise not resist. And it is necessary to resist, and contrary to everything that around. Let trembles and all fluctuate. Everything can be sustained if the Image of the Lord in heart flaring is unshakable. You spoke about a victory. Here, the victory goes to you. Be the winner! Who knows, whether the last this test before new achievements? Whether the following step prepares for consciousness? Whether the Lord Wants to approve the winner? My son, at an o'clock of test remember the Lord. With Me we will win against all ghosts. But without Me!? Where you will go one? To whom you will address and who will help, and what remains if I am not present with you? The temple of spirit constructed with such work and such long efforts, unreasonable it is possible to destroy. My son, superhuman firmness of a reality because we approach to conditions extraordinary. Arhat’s quality is quality human, display in measures superhuman, because fire of its other-worldly spirit, but above. My son, power of spirit of a reality, when darkness it is condensed to a limit. It isn't necessary recognition human, when the Lord Recognized you son darling and son's/filial yours I Approved The hand. Before rage of dense conditions I Testify to your son’s/filial and in a son’s/filial you I Approve. Drive doubts, because, truly, is yours Defender, and Friend, and Father. And what all and whatever was when there is a Lord? Be approved in Me as one thousand wise men and itself become a stone of Eternal Truth. Approving Me, eternal in the passing you claim or Light – in darkness, contrary to darkness. I with you always and you am always with Me, and together to us life and infringements human isn't terrible. Nothing is terrible to us, when together, you and Me, your Lord.

425. If to consider the value of things and the phenomena whenever possible to hold them about itself it is long, that valuable will be what are integral which on fire don't burn, in water don't sink, by a moth and a rust aren't destroyed. The Lord and everything is integral that connects with Him and approaches to Him. And if sufferings, and test approach difficulties to It, whether that they will be more valuable and more necessary than those phenomena and conditions which from it distance and separate? So it is necessary to reconsider anew the relation to life and to regard it whenever possible approximations to the Highest. It is necessary to understand only not as abstractness, but as the most surprising reality. If to consider two lives one of which approved the phenomenon of the Teacher in consciousness, though I was difficult, and another was life of the inhabitant, though in prosperity and sorrow less, the difference between them, from the point of view of spiritual and post mortal, will be striking. One enters the World that, having saved up and having increased the talents for new interesting and fascinating life in Elevated, another enters it poor, deaf and blind thus. One paid for the introduction in Light life, another only received terrestrial gifts and terrestrial contents. If each phenomenon to regard from the point of view of usefulness it for spirit advances, the relation to life would change in a root. Here this, other, unearthly point of view on a thing, also it is necessary to approve in itself if there is a firm decision with Me to reach the end of life of this and with Me to enter into life that. I promised rescue to all who follows Me, but it is necessary to follow and in following not to deviate the accepted direction. If evasion happens because the way is too heavy, so the purpose and – tests as means of approach to it isn't understood. And even not tests it, but training metal immortal essence the spirit, rising over the world terrestrial dreams. And in a dream it is necessary to prove to itself and to see that life terrestrial – only a dream, so fleeting, as dreams night. It isn't necessary to consider something. It too will help to be exempted from many illusions and to understand the value of such phenomena, as beauty and art. It is possible to fall in love with them, it is possible to love the nature, both stars, and the sky, and all that doesn't belong to us. Consciousness, directing to things, us not belonging, escapes from a small circle of egoism and the personality and comes to open spaces of life superpersonal, - but I Approve life in World Mine over a scum of life terrestrial. As stars over a little close the plan and spirit life in space is over it. The spirit skilled greedy absorbs and incorporates experience of life current. It will leak by, but experience remains, and the most valuable experience will be from lives of the most difficult. It is possible to note, what even pages are filled in with the Records which value depends on burden and difficulties of tests. The more difficult they, they are more valuable and deeper the made Record. For nothing it is given nothing. Who wants to receive, has to be ready to pay on degree of depth and ardor of aspiration. Power of aspiration causes the corresponding reaction and counteraction of dense conditions. To direct to tops of spirit of test, the mountain and cares will come owing to the word, and whether it is possible to complain about this certificate that call of spirit is heard and accepted also Wednesday surrounding, Wednesday dense, replies according to the accord with a force of the directed flame. And everyone new counteracting should oppose powers of growing spirit. So, fiery power of spirit increases. And any more doesn't remain to time to spend it for complaints, discontent and other misunderstanding of process of disclosure and expansion of a flower of spirit of fiery essence of the person. The care remains only about that, it is as though more correct to understand each next test, that is a life lesson, and to take from it experience, knowledge, and the main thing, force, to it brought and hidden in each opposite phenomenon. It is so possible to learn to take an imperious hand from the phenomena counteracting force, in them consisting, and to increase on them spirit. Spirit increase on the phenomena burdening and opposite is the necessary, inevitable and very useful and fruitful development and growth of internal fires. Not shaky, tearful and weak-willed submission to rigid destiny-nun, but wise, cold, quiet, prudent accumulation of the fiery energy taken consciously and will from everything, Light rising against the carrier and going against it. So strong will, decided to go all the way, darkness forces to serve it, and the darkness, truly, serves, itself without knowing that. So we will consciously meet all heavy, all difficult, all counteracting, taking away from opposite conditions of energy which can strengthen our essence. Let and the darkness will work in glory of Light and will serve it. So the darkness decays for flowers of Light because, having strengthened the carrier it and having played the note, will go to decomposition obvious. Light day’s darkness will serve. Everything that counteracts my elite is from darkness. It is reaction faultless both for conscious and for unconscious attendant’s dark.

426. Having only strongly and unshakably approved in Me, it is possible to begin a transmutation of the essence successfully. Otherwise process of a transmutation won't be rhythmic steady and constant. It is possible to go towards the aim steadily if the purpose is conducted and if it is worth it that to achieve it. Not in volume business to become at once good and perfect, and in beginning an improvement path the uninterrupted. Everything is good that becomes with Me and in the Name My. But "good", pouring water on a mill of the enemy, to us not the employee. Therefore we Look for not those who in itself, but who with Us. Self-feeds "good" when heart woke up and protects them from dark attempts. It is a lot of so-called good people, but not knowing Hierarchy; serve as tools to darkness, thereby being in a camp of enemies of Light. Therefore Call of Hierarchy has to divide all mankind on adjoined It and enemies of Light. Irresponsible, but Hierarchies standing on the party, are more valuable conscious and knowing, but Hierarchy of Light of not accepted. Finally everything is reduced to cooperation of the hearts cooperating with Light or darkness. The Teacher not is the judge, but Calling. Judge to it everyone. On Call not answered already My I condemned. It is a lot of them, it condemned. Still infect aura of a planet with a decomposition stench because where there is no Hierarchy, there are no constructions, and only destruction and final decomposition. Under the Banner of Lords Are called all all-planetary. Good and bad, all the place will be, but enemies of Light it isn't necessary. Bad becomes good, but dark with darkness will merge and to a chasm will go because the darkness is condemned.

427. My son if you make what in your forces to come nearer to Me where your efforts will bring you? Whether to Me? The world Thin is the world of realization of the terrestrial aspirations which are embodying in thin forms. The plastic matter of the Hidden World allows this implementation. Their lives on Earth the person sated with different desires and aspirations, is frequent in the conditions of terrestrial the impracticable. But only it gets to the sphere where everything is created by thought as the thought starts creating and creating an environment conformable in layers corresponding, carrying away in them spirit of the creator. Therefore, generating aspiration, it is necessary to attend that it was commensurable for the purpose of far, the purpose fiery, the purpose of merge to the Highest World. If to see a number of those aspirations which nest in consciousness, having compared them with each other, it becomes absolutely clear that often they aren't in harmony one with another and on Earth don't answer a main purpose of existence of the person. Being self-sufficing and inexpedient, they aren't necessary and only encumber consciousness. Aspirations of spirit only then can be monument when all of them, like a shock point of a ram, are brought together to one – to achievement of the purpose great. Therefore, saying to that the aspiration is the uniform-dot phenomenon, the Doctrine means association of a number of the aspirations, all aspirations of consciousness in one merged mighty force which isn't weakened opposite and disharmonious, neutralizing each other currents of energy of spirit. To be a spirit monolith is a task hard. Ordinary people are torn apart on part by aspirations and the desires, especially if to consider them in time when these desires and aspirations are replaced by others, and often opposite. But all these of energy act, and all of them approach or slow down movement to the purpose, giving the equally effective. The person can be saturated to a limit these forces and still to stand still if they neutralize each other. Therefore speed of advance of spirit depends on coherence and harmonious commitment of fiery energy, in it generated. Commensurability of commitment, expediency and solidity of thinking, aspiration of desires and their coherence have crucial importance for advance on the way. Whether the person forward when his feet move back can move? Without coherence internal there is no advance, but it is possible to move and to a chasm. Therefore we will add: without coherence of energy with Light way, conducting in life. It is necessary to think also and of coherence of actions, because power of aspiration action display. Therefore we Will tell: only full-coherence of all fires of all microcosm human not greatly also it is immutable will lead to the purpose desired. Of full-coherence we will think.

428. This I Tell you that you had in Me the world. In the world you will have grief, but take heart: I Won against the world. Passed two thousands years, but formula to life remains firm, because "Sun will pass, and the Moon will pass, but won't pass one iota from the Law, yet all will be executed".He Won against the world. Called him the tsar Judaic and thought that It will reign and rule. But wasn't at It neither servants, nor slaves, neither soldiers, nor riches – was nothing at It. And when soldiers came and took it, even to the pupil It forbade to raise a hand against protection. And It Didn't raise the Hand to protect Itself. And Could take down the fiery we throw spirit of the opponents and Could leave. But came its time, and He Won the world, not havingset the Hand, that to protect Itself or that somehow externally to fight against triumphing darkness . I could, but I didn't become, and not they who have crucified him, and He crucified, Appeared the winner of the world. The phenomenon of a victory consisted in the great internal process, an invisible eye. And the invisible victory over people, but seen over itself crowns a forehead of the winner with Light. The Feat terrestrial Approved by a hand and a foot human, , and He won and condemned, Was a winner truly. The victory over, victory over the world inside and by that also a victory over the world outside inside is reached and externally can in any way уявиться or уявиться actions, unclear to people and not understood people. And not in actions violent, and not in violence over will of people, but this victory consists in a victory of will over. Therefore it is impossible to overcome the world outside, having broken it, but it is possible – itself having overcome. Therefore waves of external counteractions can be met, having only become on the spirit rock. Not to make curve living conditions direct, but the victory over them can be approved, having understood that that wins all who will manage to win against itself(himself). When the darkness collapses on Light carrier, it can resist only in itself and, having resisted, sparkling a spirit lightning on growling darkness. But the lightning of spirit is given only to the winner of the world, won before. It isn't nonresistance to darkness, but fight against it ways, darkness the inaccessible. The unrestrained and unmetered astral can't oppose angry, it only the evil will generate still the gorshy. But the winner can struggle with the evil and win against it Light, approving a victory, but first of all over itself.

429. Days still heavy all-time. Face to face, having switched off from consciousness all other, it is possible to have Communication even in the conditions of the difficult. Present vibrations are strong that,that is frequent persistently demand in force the vital circumstances attention to itself. And Caesarian the Caesar should render, but, rendering Earth terrestrial and being the son of Earth, the son human, shouldn't to forget for a minute spirit, in a matter of the dense world the prisoner, that spirit over everything and above all, both bright and sonorous songs of Earth shouldn't muffle knowledge of spirit. To reach it, were removed in a wood and desert lock earlier and there in loneliness and a privacy found forces to gifts and Earth power противостать and to win against them. Nowadays the feat terrestrial in the thick of life terrestrial comes true, without moving away from life. And in it great difficulty: what to oppose to strong and persistent vibrations of the environment surrounding how to isolate the essence from its ardent influences and how to resist – here in what a task. And it is necessary to resist, and not only to resist, but also to move further. The decision isin thought. Emphasis is on thought , - in thought emphasis. Inside the world outside can oppose a kingdom and thought to protect it. Who will deny burden of time the extraordinary? But an error of oblivion will look for in something external. However, it can distract for a while, but return to life current will be that more sharply. From itself not leave anywhere. You know many examples when and over the ocean of a shower I didn't find the desirable world and rest; at many conditions were aggravated even more. Means, rescue inside, in Me if heart my monastery became. And if isn't present, there is also no rescue from horrors of life. What can't burn down, nor drown, die? Spirit! The decision therefore in the spirit of. Spirit rise against an impact of dense conditions and in the spirit of find a uniform point of support. Rescue in the spirit of, but not in a flesh. Matter not the lord of spirit, but the phenomenon, to it subordinated. She can dominate over slaves to spirit, but over the tsar of spirit of the power it has no. The spirit which has understood the right, the freedom over a matter, approves the freedom from its power and the right to dominate over it. We come again to that is to need and inevitability of the statement of this power over all types of a matter and the energy, a part of a microcosm human. The person therefore is called as a microcosm that all those elements of which the Macrocosm and therefore the power approved by it in the world, automatically extends on the same of energy and elements in a macrocosmos consists enter into it. Therefore itself operated, subordinated, won will be the winner of the world, that is the lord of all types of energy and a matter both in him, and out of it consisting. Many look for victories and the authorities not through themselves. In it a mistake – there are no two ways about it. The formula remains invariable: "That wins all who managed to win against itself “. But only winners small – at a rate of a malost of the consciousness just like the created small worlds, the closed egoism worlds in which they choke. Makrokosm's greatness, greatness of Eternity and Boundlessness is concluded by them in the tiny world and, having distorted and having perverted the Universe to unrecognizability, live in these illusive worlds, having separated itself from reality. Whether it is the power? Whether it is force? But force distorted, directed to the evil, contrary to Space Command of life. Gods became shopkeepers of spirit, inhabitants, slaves insignificant, forgotten about the Primogeniture and the spirit power the own man-made dungeons which have created to. I call to spirit revival, the power given to the person, on the statement of truth I Want to direct. Spirit I Want to release from fetters self-approved. New consciousness in mankind I want to awaken, I want to present people the gifts Eternal Life, free from chains material world.
The end of Records, 1954.**