Agni Yoga's facets, 1955 (101-200)

101. (Feb. 22). My son Can't plunge the Teacher into a fog of fragmental thinking narrow-minded and stay in it. Your thought has to escape from the sphere of a commonness terrestrial, narrow-minded, to Me to direct and keep with Me, in My sphere, in World Mine. Both the Image of the Teacher, and the Stronghold, and Mountain Mine serve as objects of an attraction of consciousness. But sometimes spatial conditions happen are so heavy that usual measures and methods don't help consciousness to come off. I see how you are tormented with conditions aggravating. I would like to help. But everything is good in its season. Will escape undergone up to the end! Means, it is necessary to undergo. All following Me underwent, all bore the cross. Not wishing to accept a cross can't follow. The cross is conscious gets rid last heaps and unconditional acceptance on itself the tests imposed by the Teacher. The spirit is higher; the burden because the burden of a cross is aggravated with loading spatial is heavier. My relatives with Me divide weight of my Affairs. To heavy you, because to Me you help burden Me bear. Who said, what is easy? Who said what the yoga way is easy? On the contrary, it was always claimed that it is a way strong. Weak-willed it isn't necessary to approach. Not to be kept by it. From there is so much falling away? Strong I Want to see even stronger. Winners I Want to see among approached to Me. My son, it is necessary to keep and it is necessary to resist. The spatial confusion, and currents strong is great are antagonistic. It is necessary to become even close; otherwise not to sustain.

102. (Feb. 23). It is possible to present the Face of the Teacher in the heart, but it is possible to present also and to Heart of the Teacher, and it, as armor, the pupil closing by. This representation will be powerful protection against darkness, from dark and from rage of external disharmonious and heavy conditions. The consciousness to present to Heart of the Lord taking there a place will be a mighty thread of communication and a board. Because It is told: "I in you, you in Me". It isn't so important to present it here or there because distances are conditions of the three-dimensional world as it is necessary to approve representation of an indivisible and merge to the Teacher. And if it is reached, any more has no value, whether the pupil in the Stronghold or at home represents himself. It is important to feel the Proximity phenomenon. Great Heart therefore is called Great that contains the comers who recognized and have addressed to It in aspiration unshakable. When I Speak: "In Me resist", – this formula can be taken literally. Everything is good that approves Light phenomenon. The harp of Spirit of the Lord sounds Rays of light, and to any of them to some extent according to the accord it is possible to join. But any degree of this accord should be approved before in itself. Otherwise compliance it won't be obtained and the perception won't take a place. The teacher Replies always, but on the due address of heart. Heart, but not brain it is necessary to address. Physical radiations of a brain are limited spatially. But currents of heart don't know distances. Therefore you are knocked; you ask and look for not a brain, but heart. Brain – the kind worker, but in the sphere. When the darkness and fires around is condensed go out, it is possible to resist only in the Unification with Heart Great. Therefore I Speak about the Unification. In the Unification there will be a rescue. Doubt, uncertainty, fears – everything it is necessary to postpone and think only of that, as though in consciousness not to come off the Teacher. But usually in such cases people to act just the opposite and when there comes hour of test, start rushing about in confusion. I speak to you: Unification – great force. There is nothing that could to resist It is difficult to you, to you it is intolerable, mind fluctuates, and the Chaos shows the face... Unite heart with Me, having rejected everything stirring and everything dividing us, having discharged all heaps and all scum of life current. And then win against an impact of opposite conditions. As the butterfly that has dumped a cocoon, dump from the shoulders everything, obstructing the Unification with the Teacher: all thoughts, all feelings, and all moods. For the Unification strong the love, devotion and aspiration is necessary. And the main thing from them is love. Let heavy external conditions to Me only restrict and push. The more difficultly is the closer to the Lord. The more darkly around, the light inside more brightly inflames. You remember: Unification win and only the Unification. So, Unification is over everything, over all accidents temporary external conditions, over all combinations and circumstances of life terrestrial, over everything and over everything. And whatever occurred outside, the Unification remains indestructible. Pleasure – in the Unification unconditional, that is not dependent from any conditions. And remember: Unification unconditional.

103. Show compliance at least in small that bigger it could be approved in you. In Space everything moves ahead and develops in the correct or wrong direction, towards destruction or creation, disintegration or increase. The accord with the Teacher even in small degree yields results good. The teacher finds all ways somehow to give an impulse and to advance consciousness. Difficulty that they will shouldn't be suppressed and that actions of consciousness inspired were self-proceeding. The lifting of consciousness caused violently always comes to an end sad falling. Therefore each own effort to deepen the accord is welcomed by us. We Are glad to reply and approve an impulse self-proceeding. When movement goes from heart, from the person, aspiration saturation by us happens lawfully. The accord becomes stronger mutually. It is also important to accept a parcel without counteraction, to accept heart open. Any counteraction of Hierarchy happens thanks to accord loss. Sign is very dangerous. Disagreement, protest, exasperation is from one nest. Therefore we Speak about the Unification over everything that the terrestrial didn't interfere a dissonance. Both on a fire, and in a dungeon, both on a throne, and at the head of army, and behind a plow or the working machine – everywhere it is possible to keep the Unification indestructible and the accord harmonious. If to keep the Unification in life terrestrial over everything, it will be kept and over death. Also there will be it a Unification which isn't interrupted neither life, nor death. I speak because I Want to specify an eternal life because we go to Boundlessness in which life and death are similar to days and nights of your minor planet and don't break a kingdom it, a kingdom of boundless Light. It is possible to enter into this kingdom, but with Me. Otherwise there is nobody to lean. Mighty space currents can carry away. Where? The Hierarchy of Light is the strong rock at which it is possible to find a support in space which has no neither top nor a bottom, neither the end nor the beginning. Crag Hierarchy is unshakable. About it is possible to locate and not to be lost strongly in the worlds.

104. (Feb. 24). Badly is in the world. Everywhere is counteraction. Stubborn and stupidly follows an atavism human ways of implementation of the Great Plan. Donkey wants to bring out of a burning stall, and he rests on all four feet. Stagnancy of consciousness is so great, what even extreme measures don't yield results. The Gordian knot can be split a sword, but how many thus will suffer? To adoption of the Doctrine we aren't ready. To give ahead of time – means to spill out treasures in a chasm. Rage of rejection of Light is worse than ignorance. On a question – when? – It is possible to answer: when the consciousness will be ready at least in the Leading Country. Arrival will demand conscious cooperation. Arrival if hearts don't begin to sound will be heartless. It is given spatially much, but only insignificant part, and that only few are perceived. If not Lords, terrible self-destruction would begin. The fact of preparation of means of mass destruction is awful. No reasons can justify this devilish action. Unless it is possible stop something victorious procession of the people? The new World will take place how the decapitated hordes Hades raged. The guarantee is of inalterability of the statement of the New Era I Give. I testify. Decree to soldiers: "Show patience and understanding of the moment". Impatience even the summer of the airplane can't be accelerated. Events already go quicker fast, though aren't visible on a surface. Speak: it is difficult to wait, but We Waited for the millennium. The great Plan is carried out, and a uniform barrier on its way the human not woken up heart lies. But will be both a lightning, and a thunder, both a voice pipe, and powerful peals of elevated explosions of the underground fire which not isn't constrained more by us, as earlier because time and to it will come to break. Knowing we Warn: unknown time, don't think to live it usually. And if somewhere life still flows usually, really you believe, what Great Arrival won't shake a narrow-minded commonness? And before a fir-tree flood, saw, married and had fun; but did it blind and in darkness of ignorance. Able to see already saw. And you know. Therefore be awake waiting for Arrival of the Lord. Leave ways of usual thinking. In readiness arrive. Because not to conduct neither day, nor hour. To ways of blind men don't envy. Their fate is dim. You are children of fire, you have Light ahead. And at them is anything.

105. I believe that if nothing belongs to us and that everything, even a body and other covers, is given only for a while, and to leave everything that we have and then is temporarily owned, and even with a body, it will be much easier, than at the usual relation to everything. We are guests on this planet. We are travelers eternal in a chain of the worlds infinite. The spirit collects round itself the magnet atoms and energy of different types. But is unless atoms and energy can belong to the person? They flow through its conductors in a constant stream of an exchange; so even the small reflection shows true essence of concept of property. But it doesn't exclude a human right on reasonably to use the covers and to spiritualize a matter, the making. After all the purpose of mankind not only to raise most, but also to spiritualize and refine all bodies of a planet lived by it, that is our Earth. All covers of Earth as have to be issued, as well as a body of the person, to a fiery body of a planet inclusive. All evolves live, as well as the manned worlds. Star from the Star different in glory, that is stars are at various steps of an evolutionary ladder. There are stars of such height about which mind human can't make to itself representation. There is a mankind, the average which level of consciousness is equal to a step of Lords. Boundlessness is immense and incomprehensible. Includes in itself everything! And sons of Earth know that is only insignificant small part of Great Space Life, and only in the limited representation. And if the person improves Earth with himself, it is possible to imagine the improved living conditions of that planet where the average consciousness is equal to consciousness of people, say, the sixth Circle. But after all the sixth Circle there is the seventh, and it – the Cycle new. The Universe promptly rushes in evolution. And even descending movement – no other than movement of a point of a wheel from top to down in its continuous run and that only temporary that, having reached the lowest point, immediately to start rising. Evolution is infinite, and a field of its display– the Boundlessness which isn't limited to anything and not having the end.

106. (Feb. 25). It is necessary to contain each Word of the Lord, each Instruction. Of seeming repetitions be not afraid. Not repetition, but deepening. There are no two days identical because one differs from another on time spiral. Even the rhythm of waves brings each time a wave new. Otherwise how to imprint the necessary ideas in consciousness? Memory of people therefore it is necessary to come back to passable earlier is short. But water hollows a stone. Already I Spoke: "In Heart of the Lord look for". Also it is necessary to address to heart, and in Heart Great to look for, and to itself in It to approve a place. Heart on intimate essence in the substance one-substance with a substance of Great Heart: from here possibility of the accord. Not alluvial stratifications, but intimate essence can accord heart human with Heart of the Hierarch. Unification looks for in the area of heart tension. There will be no consolation in brain heaps. But heart patrol, to Me intense, will bring a joyful message. It is necessary to live in the sphere of receiving intimate knowledge more heart. Intelligence – the registrar of the received impressions going from within through heart. It is possible to send simply heart for merge to Heart Great that it could join its rhythm. To live a pulsation of Great Heart is great achievement. It demands full merge of consciousnesses and unconditional return of to Will Leading returns without reasoning’s, without hesitation and without doubts. And over everything this return is unconditional and forever. Many come, laying down the conditions: here, if so and so, I, perhaps, also am able to accept the Doctrine and the Teacher. Much these "if" are scattered on a way of not approved consciousnesses. If, if, if... To us it is heavy from them. Aren't necessary to us "if", "if the repenting". The convention of approach is replaced with certainty of Service. (It don't suit for the real work to "If, if, if"). I want to Specify that it is necessary to rely on wisdom of the Teacher of the Leader entirely. What can see and provide usual consciousness? A little extremely. But We See. Therefore stay in trust to wisdom of the Teacher, and there will be to you a benefit.

107. My friend, terrestrial not to destroy grieves. Not to sustain to loading heart if doesn't learn to raise spirit, or in the spirit of, over the phenomena causing terrestrial pleasures and grieves. Many are willingly ready to refuse grief, but is tenacious hold pleasures, depriving this of itself possibility of release. Each phenomenon is dual, and to be free from its influence it is possible only on condition of refusal of both poles. Holding one pole of the phenomenon, desirable, thereby we tie them and to another, undesirable. The key from a gate of freedom lies in consciousness. But if to perceive a desirable pole of the phenomenon on condition of balance preservation, and other pole won't cause nor suffering, nor grieves. In it force and value of balance. It is a basis of the power of consciousness over a bipolarity of the phenomena causing in us grieves and pleasures terrestrial. There can't be a power neither over, nor over a matter, over energiya thin, power of balance isn't understood yet and not approved in application. Growing acuteness of perceptions and feeling is possible only on condition of the statement of any degree of the power over them that are over their impact on consciousness. Otherwise it is necessary to react strenuously to everything, and it will lead to mental exhaustion, a disbalance and loss of ability to own itself. Well also it is useful to imagine mentally as passes consciousness through a system of these terrestrial pleasures and grieves, without breaking the tranquility. It is possible often and to dream long of it, rehearsing, as on a scene, due approach and the relation to adversities and pleasures of life terrestrial. Flowers and beauty of the nature can rejoice, but it isn't necessary to do it, having lifted up a tail and jumps. The advantage of spirit should be stored, as well as balance. Not we will rejoice, mourn. Pleasure, about which it is spoken as about special wisdom is other and it, is not from Earth and not from other-worldly. It is from spirit and in the spirit of. But even learned wisdom of pleasure it isn't exempted from spatial melancholy, but already the sphere of the superpersonal phenomena specifying that the harp of spirit starts sounding on a space note. To become in the spirit of spatially sonorous is already achievement. The Teacher Speaks about a duality of the phenomena terrestrial, tormenting consciousness in the sphere of personal feelings and emotions. Over them the power is approved by a way of understanding of their bipolar essence and conscious repayment of energiya of one of poles that the opposite wasn't valid for manifestation.

108. (Feb. 26). I wait going to Me to meet. What to do to you? To wait in aspiration of Hour of a fulfillment! My son, life of the pupil often goes under a sign. On the edge of an abyss we Put not to overthrow in it but to teach vigilance, vigilance, care and discretion. Life goes under a sign; are threatened from everywhere. The decision not in those dangers disappeared, and in that, despite all these dangers menacing, to keep balance, to the Teacher not to lose trust and safely to go forward, despising everything menacing. It is necessary to understand in life that, really, it is possible to be afraid of nothing, when behind a back of the Lord. Dangers will teach to feel a board as something real and powerful. In nowadays created conditions one support – the Teacher. But it is impossible to be unsteady. Even the dog rushes on the coward. And circumstances snatch on the reeled. Uniform board is Hierarchy. When it is dark when are threatened from all directions when it seems that there is no exit, will address to Hierarchy all heart, all aspiration, all spirit. But often happens on the contrary. And on unsteady "I" collapse the whole heavy rain of karma. It is necessary to know that life under a sign is very close on the feelings to the valid events. Therefore firmness is required not smaller. In any case, courage is required same, as well as in the face of the valid danger. But if the Teacher Allows such test, so it is necessary to strengthen something else and to improve. Let's not complain, but we will actively be accepted to completion of demanded quality. Muscles become stronger resistance, and qualities – counteraction. At strong, capable to ascend spirit they grow and get stronger, at the weak collapse, and the weak spirit even loses that had, that is from the poor is taken away. The Teacher Advises courage hold ready for all occasions. Any fear is eradicated. It is better to die, with a smile looking in a death face, than in fear to kowtow to horrors of life. We courageous Love! The Teacher Sends the blessing and understanding of that when behind the back the Brotherhood, it is possible to fear nothing; menacing remains at threats. Further threats to be stretched to hands I Won't give. But also you feel Care and Protection of the Teacher. Fire of appreciation we Appreciate. I not Leave and not Forsake. The Maya, recede.

109. (Feb. 27). The son My, already you see that you study as lives. It also is our method. Life and its problems raise questions for permission. Vital combinations of various conditions cause the necessary thoughts. The Teacher Brings the amendment. And then it is possible to tell that the object lesson took place. The theore tical knowledge can be from a brain and therefore is difficult acquired. When it is approved in application and on experience, there is a crystallization and adjournment in the Bowl of the necessary energiya. Therefore not do without experience. It is better even to call tests by experience, knowledge bringing. From the word "test" smells as something judicial while life experience excludes examiners and forms a basis of practical cognition. Without the corresponding experience of the necessary qualities not to get and without processing on fire is not temper. Both experience fires, and the blows forming a blade of spirit, are necessary and inevitable if the spirit ascends. Certainly, it would be possible to do both without them, and without experience and to lead quiet, quiet and carefree life, but on condition of refusal of ascension. It is necessary to realize senselessness of complaints and discontent on difficulty of life because they and are the conditions of lifting pushing spirit up. Under pressure the stream of water beats highly up. And fiery energy of spirit under pressure from below direct to the Highest Spheres. It is necessary to adjust also consciousness so that all terrestrial, pressing consciousness, directed it to the Highest Spheres. Well on Earth to have the house which has been rendered habitable, convenient and adapted for special living conditions of the pupil. But nevertheless and through homeless terrestrial it is necessary to pass. It is necessary to reach that a condition of consciousness when it can feel "at home" everywhere. It is necessary for the Thin World to be untied there. Certainly, it is easier to pupil to be exempted upon transition there from the house prison. But in case of usual consciousnesses business is very sadly and hopelessly. The consciousness which has got used to habitual walls, strongly taken shape, not able to leave them, and to be exempted from them. And through experience of release of spirit from the house prison it is necessary to take place practically and in life. Occult value of travel hugely. Change of habitual living conditions can be welcomed always. Other ways it is very difficult to destroy habitual creation of consciousness and the hardened representations of a usual environment. It is possible to have any necessary minimum of the necessary things for work and necessary conveniences even on travel. But when the Teacher Came from far away to Rassul M., It had even no pumpkin for water. The first wandering monks went without things. And some instructors, sending pupils to a way distant, warned from surplus of load, limiting it to a small amount of food. Certainly, in all expediency and commensurability, and in some conditions, especially modern, it is impossible to be assigned by a burden to someone. Better most about itself to take care and not to be in weight. But a cult of unnecessary things it isn't necessary to create. And still the ancient philosopher was right when told "Omnea mea mecum porto". The consciousness has to be free from everything that detains it growth.

110. I am your pleasure. I am your courage. I am your fortress. Therefore, when with Me, it is possible to adjust itself on a wave of any quality, in Me embodied. For this purpose it is necessary to connect heart to Me and to imagine desirable quality is showed consciousness in life. Qualities aren't born instantly even at desire, but at the corresponding tension of will it is possible to show any degree of each quality. When it becomes together with the Teacher, it is possible to show quite high extent of containment of quality of a flame. The hand of the Teacher is ready to help. Call causes a response and saturation on an aspiration magnet. But it is necessary to be together. Intolerable living conditions inevitably have to push to the Teacher because around there is nothing to grasp. Call Me more often. Heart call. When conditions become close, the Teacher becomes the especially necessary. Without Me not pass. Therefore I Speak: "Let's go together". So, even at many shortcomings advance, if the Hierarchy Law as it should be is possible. For the sake of you, to Me directed and Me intended, the Lord in the Tower, ready to the aid Is awake every minute. And, depending on need, I Send a courage Beam, a fearlessness Beam, a tranquility Beam, a pleasure Beam and so on – according to the accord with call. Understanding of invisible Presence promotes successful passing of life experience much. It is necessary, it is necessary to realize Presence of the Teacher in the spirit of and, having realized, not to come off this feeling any more. But whirlwinds terrestrial will sweep away traces of the Highest contacts. Therefore understanding of Proximity is preserved by will. And already not whirlwinds, but a hurricane, and still it are necessary to resist. My children let the darkness of the present will be the guarantee of Light and pleasure of the future. By ant provisions we judge because the law of a duality works. Be approved by consciousness on Me in a constant memory. The chaos spatial strong breaks string of the accord and prevent to concentrate, but we will call heart, both all love, and all devotion of which it is capable. And heart, in the Unification with Heart Great, we will resist against darkness.

111. (Feb. 28). Contact is carried out when a beam of thought of the pupil, directed to the Teacher, meeting, merges with his Beam. Among duties of the pupil the care of that the receiver of spirit was in constant readiness and an order will be most important. For this purpose the condition of known internal coherence of all organism and balance is required. From this it follows that or it is necessary to approve the necessary qualities, or to refuse advance. The instructions given by the Teacher are those conditions of an ascension without which it becomes impossible. They can execute or be not executed. This business of the pupil is. But non-performance involves loss of the opportunity concluded in the Instruction. Unfortunately, not all Instructions are applied in life, and it misses new opportunities. Therefore it is necessary to put special attention to implementation of Instructions. Excessive tasks it isn't given. To some extent Council can be applied always. The caring and attentive attitude to Instructions of the Teacher is a most necessary condition of lifting.
Circumstances of the world and space show big complexity. It should be considered. The personal karma depends on the general. The Lord Conducts the ship human and it is necessary to enter into a rhythm of its run. It is necessary to scent process of implementation of the Great Plan and its display in the conditions of the dense. The great cause is created. The participant it is necessary to scent it and to become his executor in spheres available. Now it is impossible to stand apart. Spirit it is necessary to enter into Affairs of the Teacher. In life it is necessary to enter into a rhythm of carrying out the Plan. It is impossible to come off great planetary tasks. The unification is required in everything.

112. Main difficulty that incredible few ready consciousnesses. It also slows down evolution. The Doctrine, but how many them, in it approved is given? Therefore it is necessary to apply special measures to spirit awakening. We very much often we Use Adverse tactics, to cause to life the opposite I weed with the phenomenon, to us necessary. We Want to approve the world on Earth. We Want that the world won. And the world will win but that won against desire for peace and won against the world, threat of destruction of mankind the friend the friend has to rise before eyes of people in all the horror. And so is in many respects. We go by contradiction. Truly noted, that the destiny of certain people sinks in greatness of the Plan. And to the Great Plan it is impossible to apply measures of short separate human life. It is necessary to learn to walk at first through the third anniversary, and then in centuries and the millennia. It is better to live in big intervals of time, than today's or in the afternoon. Small distances lose meaning when the person rises by top. From heights distances are visible. Also they are even better visible on flight. It is necessary to leave a circle of the small terrestrial personality, it is necessary to rise over her then the Great Plan becomes the visible reality which is carried out in huge scale. When the consciousness starts living in eternal, big cycles of time become cog table. Already only through some ten years, after leaving from Earth, all current terrestrial interests will lose the relevance. In two hundred-three hundred years when, perhaps, the person again will return to Earth, they will simply cease to exist. Such is a fate of affairs terrestrial and interests terrestrial, narrow-minded. But great causes of the Great Plan live the millennia more. To live in them – means to invest the spirit capital in the enterprise strong, long and steady, big incomes the bringing in. Who needs all what there lived grandfathers and great-grandfathers in the private life. Where all this? Where left? But there live acts of spirit, business heroic, names of great people and fighters for happiness of all mankind. It is good to think of to what we give to energy the – to affairs narrow-minded, doomed to oblivion, or to Business of the General Welfare being the purpose of the Great Plan. Lords Call to cooperate with Them in carrying out in life The great Plan deciding destinies of the world and destiny of people.

113. (March 1). The subjects of the Thin World being reflection of subjects of the world dense, have the same form and coloring, but have no that density and the same weight. They too have weight, but infinitely easier. On appearance the usual house and its astral double differ with nothing. Thin forms of ancient constructions are steadier, than new. With destruction of a physical form the thin will be able still in itself to exist, but with destruction of the thin collapses quickly and terrestrial because force binding atoms and its molecules together disappears. The astral copy of the city is exact reproduction of its terrestrial look. For destruction of the phenomena terrestrial astral doubles without which dense forms can't exist at first destroy them. It concerns not only subjects and things, but also and the phenomena. Destroying the image of an illness created by mentality of the person, it is possible to eradicate and the illness. It is necessary to consider only that the will which has created the liable to destruction phenomenon, was weaker than the will applied in this process. The subjects being astral doubles of subject’s terrestrial, and the fancies created by the person, differ between themselves on density and nature of construction. Fancies often happen are mobile and unstable. Mental representation of any image in consciousness of the artist and the ordinary person differ with that images of the artist are bright and steady while fancies of the inhabitant are foggy, indistinct and often distorted. The adherent can create an astral form, nothing different from usual astral reflection of a subject terrestrial. But the creative imagination has to be for this purpose strongly developed. The spirits which have left from Earth, that is the dead, create because receive spirit creativity, but forms, them created, are very imperfect, though give reality illusion. Visibility and brightness of forms thin depends on brightness of lighting which the looking bears in the essence that is from light concluded in the person. Dark creates round itself darkness, and visibility is created the very weak. There are the spheres filled only with products of creative activity of their inhabitants. They are divided on layers and the accord. The lowest gravitates to the lowest, the highest – to the highest. It is necessary to learn to distinguish essence of the phenomena seen in the Thin World. Many can be operated. Human ignorance does thin inhabitants helpless where they could create imperiously the will. Think from Earth and in a terrestrial way and apply terrestrial skills, ways and efforts, and... are pounded on a place in former poverty and darkness. Continue to go, for example, when can freely fly, or be content with the habitual room when the whole world could be for them the house. To move easily fancies in Tom Mira, but it is more difficult – doubles of subjects. Thin forms for consciousness проницаемы, but usually don't know about it. Connected on Earth any representations or obligations under their influence stays and in World Thin. So the son will implicitly execute will of the parent if did it on Earth, and soldiers – an order of the chief, the citizens who have kept fidelity to a crown – to the king, etc. Leaving there, it is necessary to be exempted in thoughts from any communications, obligations, submission, fear before people and to realize that all public, civil and state relationship and obligations come to an end with death. There remnants terrestrial can't be carried away because they become fetters for spirit. There are warm feeling-knowledge love or hatred and others. But it is good to extinguish all personal feelings as a source of delusions. Certainly, the love to the Teacher remains and serves as the mighty engine to ascension. The death both true love, and attachment to close spirits worry. Conditions thin demand bigger vigilance and firmness of consciousness. If it is difficult on Earth, there everything becomes aggravated repeatedly. But there the Teacher Is a strong support.

114. My son, value of a rhythm it is great that if in the beginning, at his statement, energy expense, then when it was established, but already itself was required, force of inertia bears consciousness, as a current of the mighty river, to the ocean of far achievements. But the statement of a rhythm already in itself is achievement. I speak about the phenomena spiritual. Rhythmic work it is possible to reach results wonderful. It is good if the rhythm established doesn't interrupt, without looking at any conditions. Rhythms should study at the nature. Life of Space is based on a rhythm. The pulsation of electrons is rhythmical. The great Cycle is no other than a rhythm of movement of extraordinary duration because one such Cycle is replaced inevitably by another. The rhythm at all doesn't mean monotony or monotony. From the phenomenon to the phenomenon there is a scale to twelve steps about her family the main and five additional tones. Plus comes to an end with a minus in a new cycle, or a scale to begin with new plus and to finish the ant situation. Nothing repeats because movement in time goes spiral. Spirit development is subject to the same rhythms also. The stop and stagnation are unnatural because rhythms space doesn’t know a condition of rest that is lack of movement. Many predictions were based on knowledge of cycles and a rhythm. The astrophysics, iatrochemistry, astronomy and astrology entirely are based on knowledge of space rhythms of celestial motion. But life depends on this movement on Earth and in space. It is good to enter into nature rhythms, it is good to join rhythms space and, having entered into them, to coordinate life of consciousness with them, that is in the accord with cyclic processes of life of a planet. The century of Fishes, eyelids of Aquarius – everyone bears in itself to mankind the steps the evolutions being expression of essence of spirit of mankind. Destinies of the world depend on Space rhythms that are on Cycles. Everyone bears the call and the sign, and with in it are show a free will of the person to create the destiny.

115. (March 2). The spirit is immortal. Terrestrial life what it was will come to an end, and the spirit will continue the way in the Worlds Elevated. Whether in fear, whether in fearlessness, but everything is uniform – it is necessary to pass through life. Everything will come to an end death. Whether it is better to pass life without fear? The fear will help nothing, nothing will improve, but harm can bring much. There are phenomena negative in the essence. Such is fear. The fear isn't constructive. Let's renounce any fear before something. Let's learn to face with a smile dangers. The person got used to be afraid of everything, without giving itself the report in destructiveness of this feeling. The person who has lost reason, that is mental balance, makes a number of senseless and aimless acts. The fear is aimless. It also points to balance loss. Sometimes people simply go mad of fear. How many any fears the ordinary person for the life feels. There is it, it is so much fears, experiences, and still costs, is and still live, and all fears are endured in vain. That was necessary to happen, it happened, and fears didn't help; that wasn't and didn't occur, points to groundlessness of many fears. So it is better to pass life in tranquility of fearlessness, than to shiver from each illusive shadow, as a timid horse from each stub. It is necessary to finish fear once and for all. And when the scarecrow of fear will seem unexpectedly from round the corner, he can even smile, as to the old acquaintance who is already unnecessary, already lost any interest, already settled energy of old karmic communication, the acquaintance with whom all is through. It is necessary to say goodbye to fear.

116. (March 3). The one, who came to Me and became uniform With Me, leaves all terrestrial below. In my Tower there is no place to affairs narrow-minded. Everything, as for General Welfare, access free has, but personal, small it isn't allowed. It is necessary to be exempted from outgrowths terrestrial. Our bridges are thrown over vanity of today in the future, and on them there are our people. We Are above meanness of affairs of human egoism, affairs of small extent. Our affairs are stretched in the far future, out of limits of those small circles to which in time people limited themselves. Becoming isolated in the afternoon or one life, people stop the opportunities. It is impossible to rise over time short, having cut off wings of opportunities ignorance. It is necessary to know simply that nothing comes to an end also all – only the beginning of an infinite tape of the phenomena going to the future. As our Stronghold rises over the world and its affairs, and your consciousness has to rise over a small circle of one short life terrestrial and see behind them other circles strung on an infinite thread of true life, not having began, the end. Heights of the Stronghold and height of spirit adjoin in the top layers of space. It is necessary that your creativity included elements enduring, eternally directed in Boundlessness. Let creativity it be not shown in visible forms terrestrial, let there will be it at least only mental, but even in this case its spatial value is great. The world moves to the future thought. These thoughts – engines, concerning consciousness human, invisibly and quietly lift it and direct out of commonness limits. Invisible influence of world thought is huge. You look, how saturated nowadays mankind ideas new. As it from the old hardened living conditions is torn to open spaces others. As is our thoughts victoriously stride on the world, exempting the people from century chains of slavery. So our thoughts are included strongly into life, dominating over the world force of inflexible persuasiveness.

117. The victory is reached by constancy. Otherwise in it not overcome the old person. It is persistent and hardy, because ancient. But before constancy of persistence recede even most in rooting properties of an atavism. The new World demands new people that are new consciousness. The most difficult is to update consciousness. From where to take new when the world is old? New will be born at aspiration in the future and improvement spirit! New will be born in thoughts of the directed spirit. Thoughts are Sent by us. The stronghold is a stronghold of the New World and a smithy of evolutionary thoughts. Ideas operate the world. But We Give these ideas to the world. We Give the chance to people of perception of thoughts new which conduct mankind new ways to its great ultimate goal, developing before it new sides of fiery thought.

118. (March 4). Evolution stakes not on the personality, but on immortal reincarnating Identity of the person. Both the form is the carrier of the personality, and the personality, in turn, is the Identity carrier. All forms – life carriers, die, the quantity them is impossible, but life remains, life which in the form of a spirit -monad spiritualized these forms. The form dies, the spark of life individualized in a certain hidden form, or soul of this form, the spirit-form, continues to exist, that is even in animals, even in plants it remains immortal though it and didn't reach degree of Identity of human essence. Differently, all forms of life on Earth are doomed by a circle of the manifestation to death, but that is put into them is immortal. But in such question as the phenomenon of the person, his consciousness, unlike all lower, than it, form lives, can tie itself(himself) not to an external mortal cover and identifications on Earth, but to immortal essence of spirit, in it the prisoner. In total in to what tie itself in consciousness. It is a lot of works and efforts it is necessary to spend to switch consciousness with temporary and mortal on immortal inside. If not this immortal, concluded in the person, not his Identity worrying forms and a body if the person was limited to only external identification, it could disappear from the face of the earth without everyone вета for evolution. But grain dies to give life new form but the person that it will be embodied again in a new body, in new forms dies. And a task terrestrial embodied on Earth – to approve the immortality, having connected the consciousness that in it isn't subject to death and destruction by time. The seed is mortal form immortal individual life, in it concluded. As also covers of the person. But its life, death not subject, not in a body, but in the spirit of. In the spirit of you will find yourself, and in the spirit of look for. In it is all.

119. Why it is considered to be that accumulation of life experience and test are feature of human evolution when on test all Space and all live, and all matter possess property to save up experience. Before us two dogs but as character of each of them is various and peculiar. In everyone her dog identity is brightly expressed. It concerns all animals. Besides a general characteristic of the look, each his representative bears on himself a certain press of the identity. Certainly, it is identity not that is Identity human, but is lower on steps. The consciousness is absent. As also plants: everyone possesses, besides the general, the characteristic. Even there are no two mosses similar, not to mention the plant. Even chemical properties of elements and various connections bear in themselves ability to react under certain conditions definitely. Identity of elements is expressed brightly. Each atom is the individual with the special characteristics. These properties in all that it is shown are developed in the course of long evolution, experience and the adaptation, that is the same tests. Why groundhogs sharp-sighted and careful animals? How many dangers and tests they that this property was developed in them had to undergo. How many tests took place eagle wings to lift an eagle in skies? Let's tell: all shown on test and everything accumulates that life experience through which it passes in various forms. Certainly, experience of a sea cockleshell, a whale and an elephant is various, but the principle of test, experience and accumulation is uniform for all real. The potential germ of Identity is already hidden in a spirit-monad at its first manifestation in the form of a spark. And from this moment stratification of energiya round it postponed, or crystallize round its essence begins. Why the northern owl or against heat chilly - resistant herbs of semi-deserts – thanks to the experience passed by them in the course of their existence is steady against frosts. And so is in everything. Nothing vanishes from this that there passed a spirit-monad on an infinite way of the evolutionary development. All real on test, accumulating, accumulating and postponing crystals of energiya layered round a spirit-monad. Difference is only that with a step of the person evolution conscious begins.

120. (March 5). I approve uselessness of all of what can't be taken with itself in a way long. All internal baggage should be reconsidered from the point of view of suitability for a way. Fast adaptability of consciousness to the environment surrounding is good and necessary always. Useful is quality. But for what the hammered shyness, either uncertainty, or confusion is necessary? The confidence of the forces and knowledge of is good also that it is possible to rely on itself. Who knows the way, that is followed by others but where there is ignorant and those who with it? Way to the future the most true. In it can plan any quality, having thrown grain necessary into space. It is possible not to be confused at all, if it a little. Shoots will give, and there it is already possible and to multiply. When the present not созвучит to spirit, is possible for its energy to ruche in the future and in it to build and create desirable forms of manifestation both surrounding, and itself. It not is dream groundless, but spirit creativity. Creative energy of spirit isn’t limited to the person, but powerfully interacts with space and planet energiya. The live-creates light which in the person, the surrounding darkness also kills. Wednesday influences the person, and the person on it. The constant exchange of energiya turns out. Power of collective influence of mankind on planet is bike. Not angered Deity punishes people, but disharmonious radiations of a human body cause the same disorders in a planet body. From here is storms, droughts, floods, both earthquakes, and any diseases. However, diseases considerably are caused in it directly, direct impact on. Creating the evil there is no consolation. Future field for it is a thread the payment sphere. Therefore it is good to sow seeds kind. Shoots give also bad but to what to litter a way louse's. The future is in our hands. For the future we will work.

121. I consider that there are no bases thinking that terms are postponed. They can be postponed in small, but the Big Plan is connected with constellations and therefore is immutable. Space energy to Terms Comprehend Earth, and mankind business –accept them or to reject. Rejected, they will address in fire of eating. Our Care of that probably bigger quantity of consciousnesses accepted them conformably. Great opening will accompany Terms. At not ready hearts they will address on destruction. So, depends on the person – to turn Sky Gift into blessing or damnation. We Aspire to that new forms of life corresponded to going energiya and therefore we Awaken consciousnesses. From here are great planetary changes in relationship of the people. Our enemies are everything, who goes obviously or secretly against these changes. Don't think that from evolution it is possible to hide in the past. It died. In a tree the core decayed. And though on it still there are green leaves and even appear new, it is not the goner. The first strong flaw – also will fail a rotten tree. So the world old which already cracks on all seams will fail also. Transitional time is heavy. In the Thin World at the old world the basis that is his astral double is destroyed. Who turns around to the past, lives ghosts? We Call forward. Who with us – will reach but whom against – goes to a chasm. And if doesn't stop, falling inevitably. Spoke about Dominical anger earlier, We Tell: everything going against evolution will be distraught from a face of Earth power fiery Space Energy, going an invincible wave. Therefore I Speak: "Accept Fire, differently will burn".

122. (March 6). It is possible to pay attention that astral, mental and physical bodies are all the time in a condition of movement – they vibrate. These vibrations happen not only when they are occupied with any work, but also during relative rest they continue to vibrate constantly and tensely. Here this constant intensity of conductors also it is necessary to calm. It is simpler to begin with a body. Let it will stay in rest, let physical movements, and especially nervous will stop, let the body will feel a condition of physical rest, either tranquility, or an immovability. It is necessary to seize any moment, when there is no work that the body stayed in immovability. The behavior of the doing nothing nervous little man at which all body shakes will be an antipode of physical tranquility: head, hands, feet, person and so on. At first it is necessary to learn to observe tranquility in rest, and then already and in operation, without allowing excess movements. In the same condition of continuous movement there is also an astral. It too vibrates and pulses even if there are no concrete emotions. He got used to worry just like that, in itself. It should be stopped. It is necessary to bring him out of a condition of continuous vibration and to bring into a condition of rest. Being in continuous excitement, he any more doesn't know I will hold and strong rushes on everything that gives to it a reason or opportunity to worry and worry. It should be stopped in the same way. At first to be simply quiet when everything is quiet around, and then already and in operation when its spontaneous movements are bridled by will. So, at first is tranquility at rest, then tranquility in operation, when emotion and its manifestation are reduced to a minimum. Why to spend in vain forces for the unnecessary and harmful phenomena? Covers have to vibrate only by order of or from a pleasure of will and only in legal limits. It is impossible to provide them to itself and to give freedom. Or they dominate over the person or the person over them. All told belongs as well to a mental body. It is difficult to bridle willfulness of wandering mind. Therefore he doesn't like to concentrate. He got used to rush, as a young foal on a meadow, where and when will take in head. And he too doesn't know rest. Mind can't remain instants inactive. Thoughts don't stop; therefore, it should be borrowed, having given it for reasoning out a certain task. Wandering of mind should be stopped because it is the first step to mental a disbalance, and then and to frustration. Let mind will be always occupied with something, without distracting on the parties. At mentally ill people of thought often rush a mad stream without any sequence, generating movement and in other conductors. Let's not assimilate. It is necessary to own it always, the power over three having approved. All the same it is necessary to pass through this step of mastering. Whether it is better begin it immediately. The main objective is the statement of tranquility both at rest, and in operation. The divergence still at all doesn't mean tranquility, and is frequent even on the contrary. The person without work is tired of the thoughts and experiences, than the person being in operation often more. It is necessary to feel this special feeling of internal rest and balance to feel its benefit. Power of balance is mighty force. The tranquility is a wreath of achievement of spirit. Tranquility we will approve by all strength of mind. The Teacher Help to approve it. But the Teacher should go and show towards self-action that was to what to put. I will help, I Will help, but make effort. When the person is quiet also force of three is united in one, then, and only then he can show power of action. Chicken can cackle uselessly and rush on a yard. Let's not assimilate. The monkey constantly in movement also builds grimaces. Let's not assimilate. Spirit advantage let will be a behavior criterion. Who over itself isn't imperious, can't dream of any power over what and over somebody. The power given to the person owing to external circumstances or situation, isn't the real power because comes to an end with change of situation or conditions. I speak about the true power over a matter and its elements which are got by the statement of the power over a matter and the elements entering into a microcosm human, this Universe in a miniature in which all is concluded. To the statement this powers over itself the Lord Conducts. Because it is Told: "Also the power over any flesh is given to the person". This power I Approve.

123. My son if you keep up to the end aspiration to the Lord where your way will bring you? To Me. Because all is passing and is temporary in vain your life, but the Lord is eternal. So, if you build on Me who Stone of the eternal basis of life Is, your construction is indestructible. So among a kaleidoscope of the passing phenomena you compose steps of the eternal life conducting in Boundlessness. Among an immense grief human, among incessant sufferings and horrors I Speak: the person is created for happiness. Ultimate goal of its life is happiness. The pleasure which is special wisdom is achievable. The highest conditions of consciousness bear pleasure. It is difficult to contain them in a framework terrestrial, but they are. And a framework terrestrial not always will be such, as nowadays. Framework of Cali Yugi and Satia Yuga's framework is already various in essences. It is told: I will come. Also it is told that to my Kingdom there will be no end because, truly, Light Kingdom will be approved on Earth. With his statement the heavy karma universal will end. Light is future, to which nowadays steadily we come nearer. Pass kingdom darkness, but not pass Kingdom Light .And to children of Light in Light Kingdom the place is provided on consciousness. Rejoice, children, to the future years, shining Light Elevated.

124. (March 7). I give the sign of reality World Mine and rapid variability of the world personal, narrow-minded. That seems to physical feelings strong and stable, appears only filmy life which is constantly consigning to the past while the World my hidden and unearthly is steadier and more real than worlds human, in consciousness of people existing. А (first) Is, and My World is, the World real, life having and based upon the fiery basis. I speak to that knew, on what to direct thought. It is necessary to win against the world at first itself, and then it is only possible to speak about a victory over the world. And, having won itself against the world terrestrial, personal and temporary, it is possible to enter into my World invested by it, a victory over reached. It is possible not to get tired in run behind this achievement if the purpose is clearly realized and the way to it is steady. It is good to realize this strong basis of life behind the seeming phenomena of illusive life human. Life can't deny dense because it is, but it is necessary to understand and see the nature of its phenomena its reflected in million consciousnesses, and in everyone differently, and in everyone in own way. The lord Embraces in the understanding million worlds human because over them Costs. The consciousness is broader, the more hearts it embraces love. The love is a great magnet of understanding of souls human. In her hands keys to them are. They think to succeed hatred, and We – love. Our love isn't whining and isn't sentimental. It is severe and is exacting and, first of all, to itself. She says: "The first of us yes will be all servants". The attendant of General Welfare is the servant of all mankind. In it is Service.

125. Space and personal don't get on. One excludes another. Personal it has to be dissolved in the space. Has to triumph either personal, or space. The bowl of General Welfare has not personal, but planetary and space value. Identity lives out of the personality. The personality can be Identity expression if it is subordinated to spirit. The discipline of spirit is the power of Identity over the personality. In people it is expressed only partially, in Great Spirits – completely because in them there is no personal element, there is no egoism, there are no personal thoughts and aspirations. All personal constructions are limited to a cycle of life terrestrial because the personal stops the existence with death of a body. Everything that stretches out of limits of terrestrial existence treats already Identity. I speak about normal ordinary people. The person recognizing transformations, already leaves a circle limited to this personality. Even recognizing immortality of spirit any more doesn't think of itself, say, Sid or Petrovitch Ivanov, the father of numerous family and the employee of this or that establishment with such experience, a salary and so on. Affairs of the personality don't match and don't coincide with the immortality and life phenomenon in World Elevated. Everything that is mortal in itself, it is necessary to separate firmly from that is immortal, and not to mix one with another. Then personal and individual will find the place. The first – for a get rid, the second – for the statement. It is necessary to differentiate now, on Earth that it was easier to that to leave all personal, mortal and temporary and the consciousness to attach to the highest principles of the essence. Clinging for personal in it with it also will go out because it doesn't have a place in the Worlds Elevated. Let's think of value personal and of value of Identity in life terrestrial the person and in the conditions of post mortal existence.

126. (March 8). My son, the Lord Replies according to the accord and compliance. What call, such is and a response. Therefore it is spoken about completeness heart disclosure at the address to the Teacher. If thoughts terrestrial, thoughts usual litter consciousness, interfering in it, so completeness of the warm address wasn't also love to the Teacher is show in words, but not in practice. To much it is necessary to come back again and again that the understanding and application necessary was approved. That we love, we hold close at heart. The love approaches, and the love pulls together and there are no those barriers through which the love beam can't get. Through distances huge hearts directed connect love and unite in it. The lord Loves the pupils and they are connected with Him love. It is good to update sometimes feeling of love conscious. Under alluvial stratifications of life of lowlands, under splinters of thoughts of the terrestrial passing doesn't burn, but this saving feeling only smolder. But, released from stratifications of the dense world and terrestrial vanity, it inflames a powerful flame of life, ennobling consciousness and pulling together it with the Highest. Whether it is possible to talk to the Teacher at distance? It is possible if the love to the Teacher is rather strong to overcome vibrations of the environment surrounding and tension of energiya of dense beds. The love is a key from heart of the Teacher. Having this key and access to Heart Great has. It would seem it is simple: you love and receive from the Lord spirit gifts by a measure full, but... Where they, where what can love? Many speak about love, but their words and remain in language. And the love lives not in language, but in heart. For the heart, flaring the love to Me isn't present limits and restrictions in receiving treasures of the Highest Knowledge. Be able to love if you go to the Lord. Others look for book knowledge, others – in sanctuaries of temples, others aspire to that to find the Guru, but don't know that all this and a lot of things are more reached by a great magnet of love. If he acts, all efforts will be fruitful if isn't present – the spent work is fruitless. And if you want to know how they which have succeeded reached, know: they reached love. Look at them which departed and have torn a silver thread, – they didn't know that such love to the Teacher. Also their affairs dried up, and heart fire went out, and they potter about in a dust roadside, remaining on a place while others, the sacred fire of love to the Teacher called not kindling, continue firmly and to go surely on the way of life. When the love to the Lord brightly flares in heart, the power of conditions terrestrial, surrounding, loses the force over consciousness. The fire of spirit wins against environment tension, and the spirit rises over the life abyss. The lord Appreciates heart gift, to It brought, and Renders a hundred times.

Whether there are a lot of them, in beams of morning to the Lord gift of the heart in love of the bringing? The gift strengthened and an echo strengthened causes. My son, process of a spiritual exchange by the thinnest energiya with Heart Great to spirit with himself bears pleasure. When the Lord is close, nothing is terrible and fluctuating ghosts and frights fear, concerns and the doubts, creeping out of darkness as soon as heart fires start dying away move back and recede. I speak about fire sacred, inextinguishable which in a sanctuary of devoted heart is lit by love and it and it is supported. The Teacher attentively Accepts each sign of devotion love and care because there are a lot of taking, but inexpressibly it isn't enough of those who seeks to give. When scales of the Lord for maintenance of balance of the world are strained, gift small sometimes has the great price. But as it isn't enough as it isn't enough of them giving and bringing. Many had a strong and taken roots belief that from the Teacher it is necessary to take, take and take. But about the help to the Teacher, giving, don't think. The one who a minute of need to me helps the Great Burden of responsibility for Earth to bear, I will forget never. Our Affairs is in need not always. I call the son of what devotion tested I Know. Property of ordinary people –come nearer, both to depart, and to leave a minute of need when the help is especially valuable. Therefore so we Appreciate devotion. My son, the gift of heart brought to the Lord, blossoms wonderful fiery flowers of spirit and multiplies Stone Treasure deposits of crystals of new energiya. Correctly! Correctly! It is correct! That to us everything if the Proximity with the Lord is reached. Give the guarantee to knowledge of spirit if heart love to Great Heart flares. You love the Lord, and the rest will be put to you. I Told.

127. "Wisdom comes with inheritance, and especially for seeing the Sun", – Solomon so Spoke. The sun is the Sun of Great Heart, and wisdom – the last accumulation, allowing scooping light of its Beams. The energy of the Beam realized in consciousness, becomes thought issued and finished. So there is creativity on the Highest Beam. Well few. It isn't limited in volume. At desire it is possible to create plentifully and fruitful. Thoughts will be born a continuous stream. Also there will be no sheets to imprint them. It indicates generosity of the Highest energiya. And that is possible and simple for seeing the Sun, is inaccessible to usual consciousness, at least the person stayed the whole year, trying to write. I speak about the Highest knowledge and process of comprehension by its way of a feeling-knowledge. Knowledge it is called intimate because it is reached by an unusual way. The sun of Great Heart shines for all, but those who sees can accept Beams it in the heart only and hears. Can warmly catch many, but understanding is necessary. So the Beam becomes reality. So life of consciousness is sated of. So invisible enters into way of day, and invisible gets concrete forms of the imprinted and issued thoughts. Certainly, all this is given not on consumption one person, but for many, going then. Matter of General Welfare in calm of a privacy before the Face Great is created. It is necessary to understand spatial value of Service. The space sees and hears. And the movie of the thoughts imprinted in it, will serve sets for saturation of their spiritual hunger. Records of thoughts help their accurate registration. Without Records a lot of things would remain indistinct, uncertain and incomplete. In it the second and very deep value of thoughts written down also is covered. Certainly, to read written down easier, and more well, and in it their first purpose. But spatial records of thoughts are open for all. Records only for to what happy hands they get. Certainly, the spatial thought influences, but it is hard to realize it accurately. Those for whom the ocean of spatial thought is open, can do and without books because the great book of the nature in its visible and invisible aspects is open for them. I turn its pages and I Fill the Bowl with knowledge. I advise carefully to separate the sphere of Communication with the Teacher and contacts to its World from vain life of the present day to preserve and protect Intimate. Let the terrestrial don't interfere in the Highest, because Caesarian – to the Caesar, but mine to me. So, applying heart to Ьy Beam, in thoughts lightful we won't become scanty and hunger of spirit we won't know. Because I Speak: "Come to Me, thirsty and thirsting, and A (first) Is Will give to drink and I Will sate you". But my Sun, over Earth unfading, it is necessary before in the spirit of to see.

128. (March 9). The formula "I in Itself Anything, but the Father — the Lord Staying in Me, It Create" is a formula of life of each conscious ascending spirit. When the Beam of the Teacher didn't concern consciousness, fire of creativity didn't burn. In the pupil creative impulse kindly Teacher.

129. My son, feeling of spatial burden is reaction of consciousness to a tragic condition of a planet. Feeling it is correct. Not to destroy it any artificial measures. Position of the world really catastrophically, and heart sharply feels the horror which has hung over Earth. All the matter is that balance of elements is lost. It is lost and people. It is necessary swings arrhythmic a little to destroy the stone house. When the disbalance starts getting extensively lives, it is very dangerous; after all it is Chaos invasion – a life antipode. We Warn to abstain from any evasion from an equilibrium state approved. The stronghold for Earth is the balance center, or an abutment core. Poles in a magnet two, but the center one is. And poles keep the center. Disharmonious actions human often cause a nature amendment in the form of diseases, epidemics and various disasters. Nowadays situation becomes complicated application of new energiya. Position of the world worsens. The building is shaken. The corner of rocking has the limit of safety. It can be reached. We try to constrain madness of the people. And who knows, maybe, it is necessary to apply striking Beams on a large scale. After all on the card existence of a planet is put. Terrible clouds gather over the heads of attendants of the evil.

130. (March 10). It isn't necessary 'to be the prophet or the clairvoyant to understand that evolution of the real moves ahead in time through the birth, blossoming and dying of forms given rise. In any of these three phases there is on Earth at each this moment each this form of life. Certainly, youth is better than an old age, but without an old age, the death and the new birth and youth can't be. And inexperience of youth can't replace wisdom of gray hairs. The spirit knows neither youth, nor an old age, but covers prevent spirit of to realize. Therefore the spirit-knowledge or knowledge of spirit is approved. It costs over restrictions of temporariness of changing forms – spirit carriers. It is necessary to punch their thickness and to look for in a spirit kernel. Therefore so we insist on that unauthorized activity of covers didn't interfere in Communication. They can be shown, but only so as far as it is necessary for the process, all excessive and their third-party activity is persistently repaid. The screen of consciousness has to be pure. That will turn out if the Beam rejected on the screen, passes at the same time not through one, and through some movie... The image or their prints on the screen will mix up therefore we Insist on solidity of not scattered, concentrated thinking. Thought, getting a steady and accurate form, keeps on itself consciousness. Therefore it is necessary to think tensely, pictures and brightly when contact those in created forms to arrive; creating a communication channel is come into. It is possible these forms or a picture represented in consciousness, to make so vital and bright that its vibrations will be stronger than vibrations of environment and will transfer consciousness to the sphere of its aspiration. Fancies obviously influence all microcosms human. Representation of a piece of a juicy sour lemon in a mouth causes not only feeling of pleasure or on the contrary, but also purely physiological reaction. Process goes through all conductors, forcing them to react respectively. In the same way and representation of the Tower far, and Lords, and in it, listening to the Teacher of Light, creates the necessary reaction and conditions for perception. The brighter, deeper and pictures representation, the easier it overcomes vibrations of a direct environment of life usual in which there is a body. Even if this representation also doesn't correspond to the Tower far, nevertheless the result is available: contact is come into, the Beam is apprehended, and thoughts in consciousness are realized and imprinted. Face idea before a spiritual eye great force has. Let's learn creativity to the highest before the Face of the Lord. Process is thin and for usual consciousness isn't convincing. But We Go by singularity. But the most important – needs to be felt in consciousness itself in the Tower. Transferring of consciousness to other place and representation of in this place, but not where a physical body is, it is very important in all this process. It is reached by experience and training, allowing to break habitual communication with a body and to be exempted from it. The picture of a desirable place is more brightly created, the easier to enter and present itself to it part or in it. We are so transferred in the spirit of there where the spirit is directed. So we win against space and time. So we join the Teacher in his Tower. And the formula "Be Rejected from Itself" remains in force and helps Proximity implementation. If you want to reach, make effort that was what to me my force to put.

131. My son, rhythm will transfer through when forces human won't move further. As it is fragile as it is unsteady as everything is changeable that is created around. In constant inconstancy surrounding find forces for the statement of constancy in itself and aspirations to Eternal. There are days, there are years, century is replaced century, but the spirit staying in us, doesn't know time. Look, look attentively at a kaleidoscope of the fast-flying instants putting the phenomena of life, and remember that you looking at them, other-worldly. You other-worldly and the spirit homeland yours too is not from the world terrestrial. Terrestrial remains with Earth, terrestrial with Earth will terminate. But you, that from the World of Other came, in Mira Other and arrive. Be not confused the life phenomena. What they to you, when all this not yours, you not belonging? Why Lord Christ of anything Had no youre? not therefore that Knew that nothing belongs to us. People save wealth, things, forgetting all futility of the work, the efforts to keep saved up forever. It is good to feel always the guest in this world, come to it for some time to carry out a certain task and again to return there, from where I came. To come and leave. To come with the same with what and to leave, that is without things and subjects terrestrial. Because all wealth itself spirit with itself and in itself carries. Time spent for acquisition of things terrestrial, – time spent in vain. Time spent on Earth for acquisition of knowledge, experience and, the main thing, abilities, qualities and the properties developed by life, is time spent with advantage and is wise. Let's collect in life terrestrial so Treasures eternal spirit.

132. (March 11). My friend if to consider aspiration on heart fires, and achievement too is measured by fires. One generates another. Cause and effect. Therefore we Approve aspiration as the reason, a consequence the bringing is. We are Founders of the whole world of the reasons. Sometimes they stretch in the future for huge distances, sometimes on close, but they are always sent to the future. It is possible to call our constructions the future Temple. And each finished our construction isn't end, but only a step to more perfect. We never Stop on reached, whatever fine it seemed. We Approve by it Boundlessness in everything. Certainly, our constructions go up. And whatever phenomenon We Took, it increases in tension of the vibration, because in World Fiery tension of spheres hugely and incomparably with the phenomena dense. But all evolution terrestrial prepare to conditions of the Fiery World. Therefore the ascending spirit should prepare the consciousness for steps of the highest tension. The one who to strive for rest is not ours. Nirvana – not rest, but a condition of tension fiery, not predicate. The religions rest, not on a right way. Quiet this is relative and concerns only Devachan condition – temporary and illusory. But final appointment of the person is above. The purpose of evolution of spirit is creativity. The creator how the distorting of great religions tried to assure of it people can't pass away. The person – the creator, and his destiny – creativity: at first terrestrial, then Space. Life, life is not rest, and movement. It is ridiculous to speak about rest. In Space of rest isn't present. In Space there are spheres where noisy disharmonious and rough sounds of Earth calm down, but they are replaced by sounds others. Immortality of consciousness, first of all, means life, that is movement that is tension of thin highest energiya. Quiet – in a coffin, but there worms and decomposition decay. And We Speak about life. Let's understand life as a display of this or that degree of tension of the energiya concluded in shape which serves as its expression. Not the dead we Call dead – they can be live, and the people who have died in the spirit of, live dead persons, due degree of tension of energiya of the kindling. So we will understand that there is a stagnation, death and decomposition and that there is a life. Tension doctrine, one of Bases of the Doctrine of Life, approves the fundamental Law of Space the law real, the evolution law when says that the principle of life are show. The doctrine of tension is the doctrine of the code of the Fiery World. It is Doctrine area, only in small part published. It is the Doctrine of the future which will reveal to mankind in process of its advance forward. It is possible to notice how rates of life are accelerated, straining consciousness and abilities of the person. And then life will begin to flow even quicker and even more tensely, prepare consciousness to conditions of the Highest Worlds. The doctrine of tension is the Doctrine preparing consciousness for conditions of the Fiery World.

133. (March 12). Continuous and rhythmic Communication with the Teacher steadily and continuously changes all essence of the pupil. Thus, Communication becomes a way of transformation of spirit. Changes most nature human and all it covers. Without last accumulation of instant transformation doesn't happen. On everything time is necessary. But the person represents himself the sphere accumulated during very long process of life of energiya. And the gets rid of undesirable properties can't be made suddenly. Therefore the cross, that is the imperfection and a karma saved up, it is necessary to take with itself for repayment. Also it isn't necessary to be confused the shortcomings and not to consider at all that owing to these imperfections the ascension and rapprochement way with the Teacher is closed. Who Told, what we Take in pupils of righteous persons? Who is better: the so-called sinner directed to improvement or the righteous person standing still and calmed-down on the perfection? How you think? Our measures of suitability of spirit to ascension others and not similar to measures human. You see about the Teacher mystery, sinners, the loose woman and the robber following or wanting to follow Him. One righteous person, pious Nikodim, was a coward, and other pious Pharisees were enemies and attendants of darkness. Therefore old division into righteous persons and the sinners, decayed and obsolete, is replaced nowadays new, replaced with division of mankind into the people suitable for evolution, and people unusable. The first with Us, they know it or not, the second not with Us, so against Us. And if the person is suitable for evolution and is useful how he was imperfect, he nevertheless goes forward and still benefit to General Welfare brings. Therefore the attitude towards people and their division on bad and good should be reconsidered anew. Knew many outstanding figures General Welfare, it is a lot of advanced evolution, but having the imperfections virtue proud of the perfection. It is not our people. As well long prayers don't help if in heart fire doesn't burn. Everything is good that with fires and everything is dead where fires aren't present. New division of people on a treatment of light and shade, or spirit fires will be included into life and will be confirmed with pictures of aura's radiations. And any more there will be no doubts, whether this person for evolution is fit or is a parasite on a sound body of mankind. For people much new division and passports on a treatment of light and shade with marks of their suitability for public work will be the tragedy because will put them on a due place and will stop opportunity to harm or take a place not belonging to them by right. And words any more won't rescue. Will rescue only true transformation of essence and a gets rid of unacceptable properties in a hostel because radiations can't be forged. The passport with a mark of degree of a rightful of aura will serve as the index, what place on a public ladder can be given it to the owner. And the place will be given, but not above on what by the right of a treatment of light and shade of the aura the owner has it. Many school teachers won't be allowed to children behind unfitness. Many will suffer from discrepancy of the aura with performed work. Many will decrease, many will be raised. New division will take place from top to bottom, improving life. Criminals of spirit will be isolated, because not a place to them among healthy people. Many secret prisoners, poison carrying nowadays with impunity, will find to themselves a place in due conditions. Space clarification, clarification of a planet and clarification mankind – here is future tasks, lying before Us.

134. Meadow one, but herbs on it grow the different. What seed, such is and a grass though the feeding environment and the Sun also are identical to different types of herbs. Therefore, under the same conditions the type of life depends on the grain giving life. Grain – the center of a magnetic attraction of the corresponding elements and energiya, causes life and form development. Both the water lily and green ooze can grow on the same bog, both a violet and fly agarics – in the same wood, both the genius and a pettiness – in the same family. In case of the person too grain, grain of spirit causes essence and character of the individual. Elements are put into Ego human in the form of crystal invisible educations which on lines of a magnetic attraction create its covers, as well as environments from dense conditions. Call it karma, this ability from a certain environment surrounding to create a miscellaneous for each person an environment. In one house there live people, but they live often absolutely in the various worlds. Conditions external are created by spirit grain from environment energiya. The visible external doesn't do without the invisible internal. But grain attracts to itself conditions on compliance. Selection ability of the person to create the environment is amazing. Than the spirit is higher and stronger, especially this property is powerfully shown. Great Spirits can create the whole eras in the history of the people and even a planet. Spirit – the Driver of a planet – Creates its evolution. This creative force to create round itself the sphere of influence of a certain character in different degree belongs to all people. And everyone creates on itself (himself). These spheres created reflect the capacity of the creator irrespective of, he is great or is insignificant. The worlds of the drunkard, the addict, the poet, the artist, the philosopher, the devotee, the hero are various. The worlds of two drunkards, two poets and two artists if even all of them lived in one house are various. Creative strength of mind is huge even if it creates the insignificant world of fallen consciousness. That from a wonderful world terrestrial and its opportunities to create the terrible world of the addict, creative ability, however, directed in darkness too is necessary. People complain of difficulties of life, without noticing that create life. Life of mankind is created by human spirit. And not force creative spirit is responsible for that creativity it isn't always successful, but darkness before the eyes, turned light creativity in dark. Creativity light creates pleasure. But what the darkness creates?

135. (March 13). Let's be as children, simply we will trust more Lord. It is necessary to reject terrestrial sophistication to be closer to It. To be closer... Whether in it meaning of the life of the pupil? When all being of the pupil, all his feelings and all covers strain in aspiration to the Teacher, feeling it in the spirit of, the Teacher becomes closer. The proximity can be kept, and the Proximity can be distanced. Approach and its distance are created by thoughts, feelings and acts. All this is either approaches, or distances. There are no actions indifferent. And we will consider: the correct way with fire – approach to the Teacher.

136. Each phenomenon terrestrial to whom we give the heart keeps us in the sphere on force of warm communication. The consciousness is in captivity at things and the phenomena to which it gives itself. How many communication threads, as much attractions. Spheres of these attractions are so strong, what even after death spirits continue to stay in layers of the lowest, to Earth of the adjacent. It is possible to see by experience how these attractions are strong. The consciousness wants to depart up, but weights standing heavy disturb and pull down. The aura grows to a dense environment and can't come off it any more. Consciousness is in captivity at Earth.
From terrestrial in the spirit of sooner or later it is necessary to pass through a separation. This separation occurs in the spirit of. Even loss of everything actually absolutely yet doesn't mean release from the lost things or conditions. Therefore the separation is important in the spirit of. Better, having everything and owning everything, be from everything in the spirit of free, than, without having anything and being deprived of everything, in captivity at them to be. Means, it is all about the condition of consciousness and concerning it to the phenomena, but not in the phenomena. Therefore to complain about coherence of spirit means to complain about itself, because freedom and slavery of consciousness – in the spirit of. If to apply to everything spirit measures, it is possible to find ways to release of consciousness from Earth power because the ultimate goal of stay of the person on Earth is release from its power over the person.

137. (March 14). The connected spirit as the connected bird can't fly. But the spirit isn't always responsible for impossibility of flights. Spatial conditions can heavy influence. The aggravated susceptibility aggravates the phenomenon. Also it is impossible to forget about rhythms of consciousness. Fire not always burns in tension sufficient. Then it is necessary to wait quietly, without forcing consciousness.

138. We cut only when line of treachery is passed. In all other cases we Find patience to exhaust all opportunities. And you find patience quietly to continue a way how conditions were heavy.

139. (March 15). I want that devotion to trust was shown. Whether the Teacher speaks or Is silent – there can't be a doubt that the Teacher is unchangeable. And if the Teacher Told that you won't be left, that, truly, so it and will be. But the rhythm of approach or removal of the Teacher remains in his maintaining. Sometimes, to get stronger and be approved on own feet, some time it is necessary to be alone as though. In the period of special activity and the help special appears. The impulse for action is given, and the Teacher is close. But everything is good in its season. Certainly, events go, but at all as it was drawn to the imagination, not able to consider all complexity of a world situation. It isn't necessary to mix reality with dreams and to take one for another, and the main thing, to be afflicted, if the Great Plan it is carried out not on the thoughts, and according to Will Lords. In this Plan there is one factor being uncertain size. It is consciousness human and its opportunities. The will of people is free. It is necessary that they in the consciousness freely accepted leading ideas of the New World and freely followed them. Coercion won't be able to accelerate understanding of these ideas. This uncertain, but the size having huge value – free will of mankind, also is that factor with which Teachers of Light should reckon. Evolution is voluntary. Violence is from darkness. At karma the iron laws are. The will human because energy of karma is generated by human will submits to it. Seeded by will also it is reaped. The karma doesn't break a free will, but, on the contrary, approves it. If something once, maybe, even is unsuccessful, it was generated and approved by will, will has to be and is destroyed if this phenomenon already got rid of consciousness. The person speaks to undesirable property or the phenomenon karmic: "I generated you, Me and will kill you". The karma is carried by the person in the aura, and it is possible to change karma, having changed the aura’s radiations. As people often seek to change something outside, to fight against something and to suppress something, while the control panel that outside, lies in the person. Both the Lord and the inhabitant can come to be standing nearby. While the Lord Operates the world, the inhabitant even can't operate himself. Because key to management lies in the person, but means not is outside. It isn't enough to understand of it, it is necessary to put to life in new understanding. Not to operate people to the one who can't operate it because the way to everything lies through itself. Because the person and is this way. Because not the world, but itself it is necessary change, and then the change world. Many against it trespass also mark time. And it is necessary to go, and forward, against it winning, itself changing and lifting with itself and Earth, and everything that on it and everything that it lives.

140. (March 16). It is possible to overcome any obstacle the will put in action. The will is put in action by heart, but not a brain. When the desire or the aspiration going from heart, reaches the necessary intensity, it gives rise also to the will necessary for its performance. Both the will, and desire, and aspiration are no other than tension of fires. Means, fire of due tension consciously is caused. It is necessary to finish it to a certain extent intensity and force, and then the will already easily carries out the planned. Failure is lack of fire of the necessary degree. To operate fires, to generate fires, will cause demanded degree of their press art of fiery psycho equipment. To enclose heart in business or heart fires in the undertakings will be the key to success. Incompleteness is terrible that shares will aspiration or desire into parts opposite, counteracting each other and neutralizing force of fires. Incompleteness destroys a will monolith. When the will is collected on an edge in one point, the ram of will is invincible and punches a wall of any counteraction. Pettiness and defenseless lambs itself don't show. On tigers and other predators the weapon reliable is necessary. It isn't necessary to count on their favor and compassion or sympathy. Dark and uncomplaining submission their frauds should leave idea of nonresistance. Force Light Kingdom undertakes, and the darkness is won by force. Therefore I give in hands the weapon fiery, scorching and burning shaggy hands. Fiery force should be realized in itself, fiery power to light and call it for action. It is necessary to be protected and increase fire fiery spirit on counteracting darkness. It isn't forgotten: darkness surrounding and her attendants strong also are watchfully strained in various tricks to do at least any harm to any stronghold of light, big or small. But if light is in you and round you is saved up if your ashram shines fires among the darkness which has surrounded it, attacks dark and counteractions stupid are inevitable. Many people surrounding you are elected dark as approach channels to you. You look more deeply at everything occurring in your direct environment. Under the influence of dark, being about you, people can show very strange actions and behavior. Be sharp-sighted on patrol. The darkness was up in arms worldwide on Light carriers. Stand fearlessly, stand firmly, and stand quietly: I with you.

141. (March 17). Therefore we Rejoice always when we Think about inalterability and greatness of the Plan. Earth rushes in the future with everything that lives and suffers on it. Not to take away this future from a planet. All unnecessary remains behind, everything will consign to the past. Fiery greatness is intended to Earth. The mankind goes to the future force of immutable Space Laws. For this future suffering of the present is. On wings of the future it is possible to rise over a muddy stream of life current. Somehow it is necessary to find forces not only to accept life such as it is, not only to reconcile with it, but also to find courage to fight for the statement of the future Light and to approve Light of the future in utter darkness of the present. It can be done only in pleasure about the immutable. The darkness can't rejoice, but it is possible for Light. So in pleasure about the foreordained the person, despite everything, we will find one more release. There will be Light, Light and laws Light I warrant. If to Earth began and to Earth came to an end! But Earth – only small link in chains of the worlds, and a chain of the worlds – a grain of sand in Boundlessness. Small things terrestrial can cover the Sun, but the Sun from it doesn't cease to exist. Cosmogony – not luxury, but a justification of life human, giving to it sense and the purpose. In eternal and Boundlessness’s we will find forces to live, and even – pleasure. It is difficult to rejoice, when darkness around, but after all pleasure – special wisdom, wisdom, but not nonsense. Nonsense sees only today. For ignorance there is no future. But We have it, and nobody will take away it from Us.

142. (March 18). So, it is possible to notice how attractions terrestrial are decked by new paints and as though amplify before going out. The last flash of a terrestrial flame often happens especially strong before the attenuation. It is necessary to watch it especially attentively, without giving food for fire. Wisdom speaks about the temporary nature of conditions terrestrial, but the egoism strong clings to them, in them I peep to it finding. The sting at a snake of property can be taken out, having sharply outlined a circle of action of each thing and its duration. It is good to have something, but only in known conditions and for a definite purpose. But if conditions change, and need even in the most useful things disappears. But it is necessary to understand not to have things useless. But the thin condition of consciousness in a thin body and the Thin World excludes need for any subject’s terrestrial, whatever darlings they seemed to heart. It is possible to have favorite things, but only to the Great Threshold. And it should be acquired firmly. Another matter with people is. The love and hatred follow a coffin in life which proceeds there. The loyal friend is a valuable acquisition. Therefore you learn to appreciate people and devotion. Few loyal friends, few close people who have been a little strong connected by bonds of Light. So, having stretched the phenomenon in the future, we define its essence and duration and unmistakably we outline a circle of its action. We appreciate the phenomena of Light stretched from life in life in centuries and the millennia, through lives and death terrestrial. We appreciate Light phenomena.

143. (March 19). It is necessary to raise itself in own representation and then to support the identifications at the approved level. Differently, the ideal of expression of in life should be raised and according to it and to keep. Self-abasement, derogation of the advantage, representation of by the loser or pettiness yields the corresponding results and won't ennoble, but will humiliate spirit. Humility not in it is show. We welcome the strong statement in the microcosm of all merits of spirit. It is better to consider it strong and to strive for the statement of strength of mind in life, than to think of itself as about a pettiness and to be a pettiness. Tell me what you want to be, and I will tell you who you are and that you are worthy. Be worthy pearls of spirit of and you aspire are show it in life. Truly, little things in life tend to make also the person petty. But unless, going down the street, we look that is under a sole. It is a lot of small litter around, and it is a lot of dirt, but the person of this litter with himself doesn't take, and, entering into the house, the house of spirit, feet on a threshold wipes from litter. Life is same also. If only this litter didn't stick and feet remained pure. If the footwear is good and protects from litter and street dirt, it is possible and not to grieve. Therefore about footwear it is necessary to attend. It is good so to learn to go through life that the scum and its foam didn't get into a sanctuary of spirit. For protection of consciousness against external influences there is spirit armor. The protecting network protects. She amplifies and supported by the consciousness order on the principle of constancy: constant vigilance, vigilance and patrol. By no means hands can't be lowered and inertly to submit to circumstances. There can externally be anything, but the internal citadel remains unapproachable. And then internal, but not external, will already give tone, character and the direction of movement of spirit. Purpose of these movements of spirit one: to pass through life the winner and to carry by spirit fire the nnot kindle. Anybody, except itself (himself), won't be able to execute it. Even Teacher it is powerless if there is nothing to put. Even the Teacher Can't walk upstairs spirit instead of the pupil. The pupil has to rise. Experience with pith little men is rather convincing. But when the spirit is directed, the help can be rendered easily and is lawful. Also it isn't necessary to put the ascension in dependence on something being outside. What advantage of if events world and events of private life go on channels desired, what advantage in if the spirit remains on a place and won't promote or even will move back? But even if the precepted future didn't come yet if the darkness is condensed and there is no gleam, but the spirit victoriously and firmly ascends contrary to surrounding, it and will be the real victory lean on something external not be correct solution of a question. When all external change or leave from life and it be replaced absolutely other, that and role it’s with its termination end, but there be a spirit with the achievements itself, not dependent on all external. But if he on this external believes all hopes, it is necessary to remain with anything. Because all Mine, Me truly and by right belonging, in me am, – so speaks and thinks of wisdom and builds the stronghold on the Stone of the eternal basis of life. Rendering Caesarian to the Caesar, and spiritual – to spirit, we won't forget that the Caesar will die, but the spirit will arrive. Terrestrial it is rendered terrestrial, but with strong consciousness of that the terrestrial will pass, and eternal will arrive forever and ever.

144. Certainly, extension of life and cheerfulness and vitality preservation in an organism becomes possible if sections of a body are awakened completely. The consciousness, or feeling of consciousness in them extends on the bigger quantity of sections is considerable, than it happens in a body of the ordinary person at which sections sleep or partially woke up half. It is possible to reach such step that the consciousness easy and freely reached each body and it was brightly felt in it. One feeling of consciousness in any part of a body already raises a tone it and causes the strengthened rush of blood. Consciousness it is possible to concern anybody or rather it is possible to realize in it consciousness existence, consciousness existence in any section of a body. This feeling is accompanied by the raised pulsation and strengthening fiery in this body, that is and strengthening of its activity. Occult prevention consists in that to keep all body organs in a condition of known viability, without allowing it to go down. As the good owner daily examines the economy, or the driver – the car and the engineer – the plant, and the careful owner of a physical body watches that sections didn't fill up that their probably bigger number was in the awakened condition that fire of a body functioned always. The sick body is such body which sections lose communication with consciousness, and it is difficult to consciousness to get into it. It is easy to feel a pulsation in tensely working muscles and the increased inflow of energy to them. The fiery condition of a muscle rises. Therefore the feeling of a pulsation or increase of activity of this body or part of a body serves as the index that sections are in a condition of hyperactivity. In the muscles subordinated to strong-willed any actions, it is easily reached. But it can be reached in any body, having concentrated on it consciousness.

145. (March 20). The consciousness human is connected with the person. The consciousness space is connected with Space and can exist irrespective of consciousness of the person. But the person the consciousness can concern consciousness space and, having become part it, to merge with it. Through full fiery awakening of consciousness in all microcosm human and in all its covers it is possible to join consciousness space because the microcosm human is the same Universe, but in a miniature. Living only small part of elements of an own microcosm, the person thereby cuts off himself from the ocean of space consciousness which, being poured everywhere, gets as well all bodies of the person in his visible and invisible essence. For full manifestation of covers, for their separate and conscious manifestation on the corresponding plans of consciousness, they have to be issued. Registration it, and then conscious stay in them on plans of their activity, is inseparable from ardent awakening of understanding of each of them separately. Sections of a body physical at the majority of people in the majority sleep. The same can be told and about "sections" and other covers and therefore at such condition they on the Highest Plans in their practical application shouldn't be spoken about separate functioning of bodies of the person completely. It is possible to specify only ways to awakening and registration of the highest covers. Let's speak about bodies mental and fiery, as less issued at the majority. Development of both bodies is long extremely. Only in the fifth circle menthol will be issued completely. Intense cerebration is process of registration of a mental body. Its activity is closely connected with thought. Everything that treats area of thought and its manifestation has a direct bearing on a body mental. Therefore the thought, its value, its action, its essence and opportunities should be studied. The doctrine gives to that a material necessary. Energy of thought, being shown on all plans, to the physical world it isn't limited. The thought connects consciousness of the person to all worlds, and it conducts to merge it with Consciousness Space. The thought is the tool of cognition and the achievement tool. The thought isn't limited to anything. Before it all doors are open. The thought of "an oven pot" ties consciousness to everyday use, thought persistent, constant and persistent about the Distant Worlds the consciousness directs and ties him to them. Where our thought with whom or with what stays, with that our consciousness stays also. Because the thought conducts the person because at the disposal of him there is a thought, this great weapon of boundless cognition. In any sphere the directed thought is premised to any cognition. Some people don't think of cognition outside printed pages. But the Teacher Speaks about thought and direct cognition by a feeling-knowledge. In books the thoughts, which true storage not on book shelves and in libraries which can burn down, but in the Space Treasury where everything is imprinted that is born by thought too are imprinted. To this Treasury access has consciousness. It is possible to scoop from it, space consciousness having joined. It not abstractness, but life is. To it conduct ways straight lines and experience checked and confirmed. If the person directs thought accurately and definitely in the chosen direction, the thought starts growing as a snowball, magnitno attracting to itself from space the necessary elements being in full accordance with the nature of initial grain put in it. Grain was generated by will directed. So, the thought grows, develops, accumulates round itself elements conformable and broadens the sphere of the cognizable phenomenon. It also is the spirit growth which consciousness extends on channels of the thoughts directed in space for their magnetic increase. Formula "you Ask, also it will be given you, god answers prayer, you knock, and will open to you" has in itself the same firm basis magnetic growth of thought, in space of the directed. Because laws of a magnetic attraction of thoughts, their growth and receiving by a measure full, pumped and overflowed on lines of their communication magnetic and attractions of thin energiya from the Great Space Treasury are firm. Laws of thin energiya are exact, certain and firm irrespective of, whether they are expressed by evangelical language or language of modern science because the essence of the phenomenon from it doesn't change. And the one, who can comprehend this essence, won't stop at the deadlock before a form of its expression, whether it is invested with peculiar and picture mentalities ancient or with exact scientific terms of the present. The truth is uniform. You learn to see the contents under external covers of conditional and temporary expressions it. So, the thought directed is a key from a cognition gate. As the messenger sent behind a message distant, brings it knowledge necessary. The person can deceive, but the thought won't deceive. Too the modern person got used to the book to venture direct cognition. But the knowledge of spirit is more right, if a key in hands. So, the thought grows from grain, in thought of the put. The gardener waters flowers daily. The thought needs a food also. Certainly, even the thought fleeting, but cut through consciousness, will bear the fruit. But We Speak not about thoughts casual, but about persistent, persistent and conscious acquisition of knowledge by will-directed thought. The harvest from thoughts such – is great. In hands of the learning boundless opportunities are given. It isn't necessary to wait for shoots immediately. On everything time is necessary. Time and for is necessary allowing thoughts to ripen and increase in intensity and the magnetism. But terms of a harvest of the thoughts which have been consciously directed in space as are inevitable as tomorrow, as sunrise, as future, integral from the one who knows is inevitable that it is fated is immutable.

146. (March 21). My children, if I with you, but all is lost is it not lost anything, because all in Me. But if Me you lose, all having, – that then?! ! Therefore know while the Lord with you, it is possible to live, it is possible to go forward and it is possible not to be anxious for the future. It is worse, much worse, much more tragic, if on the contrary. For what to grieve, while together? So the center of aspiration is transferred to the Lord and in It as in focus, all concentrates. In Me you will find all pains medicine, the solution of all questions. And the world, which above any understanding – the world and rest, that is tranquility and balance in which sphere terrestrial voices calm down. When around it becomes intolerable, look for in Me and Me be approved in the necessary qualities of spirit. Really, indivisibility and prestanding uninterrupted when conditions terrestrial become intolerable is necessary. Then I Speak: "My children, become closer, become even closer so that anything third-party couldn't divide Us. Here time when the Word My become life, both food, and moisture of the last came. Me in the heart with a new force approve because times" are dark.

147. Correctly, my son! If on each influence dark and attempt to do harm through somebody to answer immediately still with big aspiration to the Teacher and strengthening of the work charged by It, results aren't slow to affect. And these results will be dual: dark attempts will stop in this direction is the first; the second – work and communication with the Teacher will become stronger. It is possible even to imagine the made fool dark gold prospectors who have achieved results, opposite subjects whom they wanted to achieve. It is a lot of dark around. All measures find to do much harm and bring Chaos and disharmony. And if fruits of their diligence are to the taste to them not and will burn down them with fires of counteraction strengthened, they should depart and think out already new shifts. It is possible to use consciously dark for strengthening of the fires. Let and they will work in glory of Light. It isn't necessary to assume only a clouding and irritation that is just those they so want to cause. This tactics of conscious strengthening of fires in dark attempts isn't new, but the pupil has to learn to apply it with advantage and to himself, and people around. Already I Spoke as force of dark influence can be turned on advantage as the miller water force – on millstones. It is necessary to notice the next shift of the dark only in time. It is so possible to increase spirit on all tricks dark and force from them scoop, force of opposition to the evil. On each dark attack it is necessary to cause in itself force of fires counteracting. Otherwise will crush, will weaken and will extinguish fires. But first of all balance of spirit you store. Terrible, heavy time! Planet is in convulsions. The currents of space generated by whirlwinds of the evil are chaotic. The fires resist, the fires not fading, despite everything. Truly, time, when rescue only in spirit towers came. Not to find any more a support in affairs terrestrial. It is possible to keep and without terrestrial if strong to grasp a uniform support, Hierarchy. The terrestrial pass and fact overgrow strong sounding affairs current time, but Lord, which with you always, with you always and Arrive, Arrive and to lives, and to death.

148. (March 22). Over everything – I: and lives and death, both the past and the present, and all affairs human which are created under the Sun. Therefore in the consciousness first of all and all it is necessary to put Me. It isn't visible it, and it isn't obvious in days of wellbeing terrestrial but when everything hesitates and unsteady, on Me only one the hope can unshakably be approved. So building of spirit is based on the Stone of the eternal basis of life because I am the Alpha and Omega. Tests and experience are given, that to understand all vanity and a vanity of affairs human. There was Babylon and fell, there was Rome and fell, there were people and kingdoms great and nice, and disappeared from the face of the earth because time immerses everything in oblivion that was, everything that is, and everything that will be produced on Earth by the person. Therefore not on affairs human, but on Me it is necessary to be approved. They think that are strong that they – Earth salt because are invested by the power terrestrial. But as also those which names are irrevocably forgotten in centuries precisely thought. They are forgotten, but A (first) seven, and with Me everything, ever comers to Me, and recognized Me, and the devotion not broken. Therefore look for in Heart of the Lord. I Pass through life and to Mine, to those who are intended to Me owing to last communications, the Call I Turn. And mine hear my Call and on Call direct. But it isn't enough to direct, it is necessary to keep in aspiration against waves and inflow rough the seas every day. And already not the storm, but a hurricane, displace everything that unsteadily also has no strong basis. Task now –resist. For stability of strength of mind gather inside. In usual conditions they are scattered outside and stretched to various things and the phenomena. When everything fluctuates, they shudder also, transferring fluctuations on threads of communication and doing spirit unstable and shaking too. Spirit feelers, from it extended, it is necessary to clean inside as the snail gets into a sink, and then the armor of spirit becomes not perforation and not shaken chaos of external energiya and the phenomena. The forces should be collected in itself, to anybody and anything them without giving. It is possible to help, but from the citadel of spirit just as this help from the Stronghold flows, leaving it indestructible and unshakable, despite whirlwinds of the lower class. Rescue you will find in a spirit Stronghold. In the spirit of look for decisions hour current is. It is possible to live, it is possible to adjoin to people, it is possible to work, but without wasting strength of mind. If from the boiler to let out all steam, the car won't work. It can work only at a press and in the presence of a known stock of steam. The known stock of strength of mind should be held in itself strong; differently it is possible to assimilate to a squeezed orange or the empty boiler. Preserve treasure of mental energy against unreasonable distribution and a treasury – against a devastation. Plunderers of valuable energy and her furious devourers, as wolves hungry, ransack around. Preserve fire, with such work and efforts the saved up is. Without fire there is a person a peel empty. Fire protects. Bridle of horses of spirit strong you hold. Hard times. Be wake spirit in a condition of sharp-sighted and intense concentration. Also be careful with people: can easily degauss, and besides absolutely in vain. And in it commensurability, as well as in everything too is necessary.

149. (March 23). Divergence of your idea of the future how this future is realized is hugely. It is better and easier to think of the future far because the future close, serving to it the bridge, is a transition step, and therefore – with all shortcomings of transitional time. If to look only at them, elements of light construction can and be not seen. And it is possible to look and vice versa, and then the majestic building of the New World will start revealing the contours. Without slags, garbage and garbage on building not manage. But why to become in such situation that accept them to see nothing, at least even it was necessary to move away them most. Building will come to an end, all will be moved away superfluous, all unnecessary, all garbage, trees and flowers will be planted, external and internal finishing is finished, and new fine forms of a structure in all the beauty will appear before eyes of the amazed viewer. But it is necessary to show patience, but it is necessary not to be afflicted with seeming impossibility to finish a structure and all that inevitably accompanies process of any construction. It is anywhere and everywhere invisible to an eye details which will bring then prepare, will put into place, will decorate and will finish, and the person joyfully and freely will enter into the beautiful building of the New World. But a lot of things, a lot of things have to be still made. The structure will be finished, but give time, but help, but thought take part in great construction: thought, in word and deed. We it is far, but We Build, to us imitate in construction. The yogi builds thought the temple for twenty transitions, and We – the Country New. And you, to us assistants, too help feasibly. Not criticism, not condemnation, not discontent, complaints and complaint, not rage and exasperation, but thoughts of Light, from heart the going. Don't push and don't make heavier The one Who so long Bears an excessive Burden. For the whole world, for rescue of the world the Great Country, one for all Bears a heavy Burden of the Great Victim. And it should be helped. The foreordained the future will be, and in it Light. You look a pas the current time, as at the bridge over a rattling stream. Let's not envy those countries, where the world and rest, where everything silently and as before where there is no constructions and where, therefore, there is no future also. In deadness of stagnation there is no fire creating life.

150. Not you, but I See a victory, not you, but I Know the future and, knowing about it, I Testify to inalterability of a the foreordained Cycle. As night is replaced in the afternoon, the winter – in the spring, death – the new birth and the Cycle is replaced by the Cycle, bearing with itself conditions new and new forms of life. Firmness of Laws Space forms the basis of inalterability of our Knowledge. In understanding of historical development of mankind measures of big terms are applied by us, the small depend on them also. Stars draw patterns of Beams on a planet surface, and on these patterns, or knots of condensed star Light, the centers of civilizations and the culture centers settle down. They, these centers, being displaced, move on the person of Earth, changing the world map historically, geographically and geologically. When we Speak about a lot the best, given to the best Country, we Know inalterability of space tracings that is that is intended by power of star Beams. Even throughout the millennia known to mankind the culture centers constantly changed. And nowadays the center of star influences with a special force concentrates on chosen Rock to the country, promising it unknown blossoming and power. Truly, Forces Heavenly with Us it is nowadays invisible Serve in registration of great future terrestrial mankind and your minor planet. Light the foreordained bike. Not to extinguish to its garbage of yesterday which are destroyed in a fiery hearth of life, perhaps, not always considerably for an eye, but it is persistent, persistent and ruthless. Evolution doesn't spare lagged behind and it isn't considered with regress victims. The hand of the Founder of the New World won't stop before a fate of those who becomes on a way of implementation of the Great Plan. For knowing and ignorant the choice is inevitable: or to adjoin evolution, or to be distraught a huge wave of the new fiery energiya directed from open spaces of the space ocean of life. Therefore I Speak: The guarantee of inalterability of a victory going Light Give. Not in small scale, but in great, planetary, wait for the statement of the future happiness.

151. (Март 24). The soul is torn to space open spaces, but it is chained by heavy chains to sharp rocks of Earth, strong, strong and motionless. The chained Prometheus symbol remains vital. These strong chains, these attractions dense are painfully and sharply felt as spirit. What is life is a fight for release of spirit from the matter power. It is hard. If though something, even one, attracts spirit to Earth, it should remain in spheres and other terrestrial gravitations. Even if they also don't affect it directly, nevertheless their pressure upon mentality is great. It is good to exempt consciousness from Earth power. Well at the beginning of a new annual cycle to rise spiral over a spiral of the leaked years and, having become higher than a past on the following step of achievements in aspiration in the future, to find forces for flight. Release from not in the past, but in the future. Yesterday passed, and in it nothing already can be changed, but in the future – it is possible. The future thought can be made out at the request of spirit regardless of the fact that was in the past. In its pledge of possibility of release is. If not to use force, life will go on an old track, in a complete dependence of the past. It is a way narrow-minded. But if to betray the past to burning in fires of aspirations, strength of mind, power of creative imagination it is possible to create and create the future on a shining spiral of spirit. Whether a little that could be and last, the future in hands of creative will can be plastically produced on new ways and in the new forms independent of forms old. I speak about the statement new when the old ships are burned. After all it is so possible to begin each new day the updated new spirit and in a new way. And then heavy chains terrestrial, chained consciousness to Earth, any more won't seem the indestructible. Heart it is necessary to understand that the power of the past and last fulfillments comes to an end with the past. It comes to an end as soon as the consciousness directs in the future not on blazed earlier колеям, in slavery the leader, but on new, not held down by ghosts of the left day. Death grip these feelers the karmas lasting from the past take consciousness. Release from them in the spirit of, but not in the past, and only in the future. Therefore the Teacher Calls in the future so persistently. Not in the present, but in the future where all opportunities are concentrated. And the further the consciousness in the future directs these opportunities get more and more majestic and real forms. Unless it is possible to carry out ideal society in the present! But in the future it is possible. And then distant this future, these forms are presented to those by more and more perfect. At such approach the present will exist not in itself, not as end in itself, but only as an inevitable step to the future. On a threshold of a new cycle we will think of how to make an ascending spiral of spirit shining, in the future directed.

152. (March 25). The full aspiration not shared in will be the guarantee of advance of spirit. Incompleteness is condemned. On the other hand, any passionate, impatient and personal expectation also won't yield results because it is destructive and is fruitless. The gold way of balance is inevitable and here. On the one hand, in aspiration and action all heart is put, with another – it isn't allowed passionate and uneasy disbalance. Tension shouldn't pass to concern and fussiness. Both poles of contrasts restrain, or are counterbalanced, in due situation. The astral passionately seeks to leave out of these limits outlined by will, and to break the correct, rhythmic course of the ship of spirit. Balance should be kept. Than is higher and stronger becomes the spirit, that it is more necessary and more inevitable. Malfunctions in the car at a small speed can remain somehow unnoticed and not do big harm, but at a speed big the car can scatter into smithereens. Therefore small circumstances at fast advance and growth of fires can be harmful. If our Community lost balance, it would mean death of a planet. But also yours a disbalance don't pass for it completely. Whirlwinds generated bear the destructions, and somewhere elements reply on them, to someone bringing misfortunes and a grief. Yourself you learn to own not for yourself, but for space and for a planet. Balance loss by one ordinary person, perhaps, also isn't dangerous in itself, but, enclosed to terrible a disbalance of crowds, can be a drop of the last, overflowed a bowl. But if disbalance are show the pupil which strength of mind potentially grows and increase, his pernicious contribution to the general press of a planet can be fatal. When swelling darkness it is required forces of black fires a little to cause explosion of this or that force. Everyone generates disbalance smoky dark fires, both always someone and somewhere suffers from them. So everyone brings to space the gift. And the space, this great collector of the radiations going from mankind, reacts to them answer power of the elements discomposed and set in motion by energiya of human spirit. Therefore I Speak about balance as about an immutable, inevitable and necessary condition of ascension. At any step failures were still possible, it was still possible to justify inability to own itself, but beyond a limit of known line balance can't be broken under no circumstances any more, under any pretext, and no justification has. In other words, harmful and tragic results of violation of balance at power of increased fires already can't be avoided. Therefore I Speak about sharp conscious responsibility for the thoughts, feelings and actions and for a condition of the spirit. Quod licet Jovis, non licet bovis, but also on the contrary: that is possible and admissible for the inhabitant, is inadmissible for the pupil, able to become Arhat. So, the discipline of spirit is claimed on knowledge what further so to continue can't and that ways usual, so peculiar to everything, are replaced by singularity, a balance way, the only way, possible for Archat.

153. Already clearly it is visible that on each phenomenon which misunderstood or has caused this or that reaction in an inadmissible form, the Teacher Gives the amendment. Executing instructed it is possible to move ahead surely and quickly. School is life, and the Teacher Watches only that lessons given by life were used and understood correctly. The Teacher Gives tests and lessons within admissible and on forces of the pupil. Eyes and ears open. I Learn.

154. Let's not consider, like ignoramuses that if we don't see and we don't know, anything and doesn't occur. External calm yet a sign of that the thunder-storm isn't going to burst, and often just the opposite. Therefore in judgment about events it is necessary to rely on Us. Both we See, and we Know, and your place we Define in the foreordained to you future. It is necessary to hope, but to guess about that as will be, isn't necessary because your guessing will be wrong. The imagination works on yesterday cliché while the way, to you foreordained, develops the Hand of the Teacher. Show patience because your share is wonderful. They have nothing to wait, but you are expected by a lot of things about what even it is difficult to you to make any representation. Your life I don’t facilitate, and I Fill with difficulties to prepare rather. And who can be afflicted with a way the fastest? Everything, everything, and everything I Turn on advantage and I Use for the fastest ascension. It is possible to notice obviously how each obstacle, the difficulty, trouble and chagrin bear right there good fruits and multiply knowledge and experience. People afflict and burden, but each contact with them everything is deeper also the comprehensive opens human nature. People should be known. The way of knowledge of the person is bitter and is long. The teacher who is content and be touched masks won't do at all. And you should learn. Many intentions human are scattered by ashes, but that is foreordained for you by the Teacher, that should be. Therefore show patience and trust to the Hand Driving. It is necessary to keep strong together. And the same as I with you always, and you always be with Me, heart be. Your force in Me therefore you drive everything that weakens your force and prevents to realize to you My force. The small thought of doubt can deprive of you force. Firmly and unshakably believe in Power of your Lord. Also know: nothing can separate you from Me, except you. The highest wave, the last, – the biggest, and it are especially dark before a dawn; after culma there is a recession – so the phenomena go the train. We See and we Warn, what not the present of today, but the future other will be your destiny. You – Mine, it isn't enough of you, you I Protect and I Protect for the future. And if not to you to whom I Charge what should be executed. I will create through you. For that I Prepare. Readiness for nothing isn't given. On a payment is and knowledge, and experience. Therefore and it is heavy, and this burden is aggravated still with spatial conditions. But after all with Me! ! The guarantee to a victory I Gave! Through everything we will pass, everything we will overcome, against everything we will win and put we will reach because you go with Me. Be not confused the periods of fight, a gloom, difficulties and tests – behind them a victory. Who with Me is the winner always! Both against gloom monsters, and heavy currents, and Maya ghosts – everything, everything we will win... But by spirit the hero can't be inclined at o'clock of tests before a life twilight, it is impossible for the hero. Surely, firmly towards to all fears there is it fearlessly line of the Beam. Openly, doubts without knowing, the winner the foreordained to Me will come.

155. (March 26). Let's give to ourselves the full account in what we wish. The aspiration has to be accurate and unseparable. Equally effective all energiya, directing the person in the different directions, only then can be forward when the main direction prevails over all other that is when among the other energiya attracting the person in different directions, the main, and main, and the most powerful will be the energy of an ascension lifting spirit up. Leading energy can give all heart and consciously to make it the major. The person lives under the power of various potentials. The ascension is possible when the potential of the energy main ennobling and lifting spirit prevails. The love to the Lord, love to Hierarchy of Light, love to the Highest World, love to the improvement and to everything that ennobles spirit can be this force. It is necessary to order the house. At this process it is possible to notice that various aspirations have different extent. One are limited in the days, in the months or in the years, others go forward far, covering future lives. The value of high and pure aspiration lies not only in its quality, but also in its duration. It is told: "And to its Kingdom there will be no end". Those aspirations which conduct in Boundlessness are true or result in it. All the small everyday though, perhaps, and necessary, it is limited to a little of a circle of the manifestation and therefore end in itself can't be. We appreciate everything conducting to the far fiery purpose. Conducts forward spirit to the Fiery World a crystal of the mental energy which has been saved up during long lives, full works and sufferings. It is more and more brightly, is more certain and the way is surer. Accumulation of mental energy and growth of its crystal can devote and give all life. This task will be commensurable with appointment of the person, and its implementation is expedient. Fire collects feelings, thoughts and actions, and fire is wasted by them. Everything depends on their quality. Sufferings, difficulties and tests though they and very much aren't pleasant to us, save up fiery power; life sorrow less, life in content and rest, on the contrary, not only doesn't promote accumulation of fires, but them go out. Measures narrow-minded and measures of spirit are various. The spirit feat for a body and egoism is heavy and unpleasant. The way is long. Load behind the back, and the question what to take with itself in the road distant, is important extraordinary. This freight behind shoulders accompanies the person from life in life. The most necessary undertakes and suitable for a way.

Well also it is useful to reconsider not only the aspirations, but also everything that lies behind shoulders. Who bears rage, who irritation, who hatred who lust and other things so loved by inhabitants, – different happens load. It isn't necessary to the pupil of unnecessary things. To the road without what in a way not to do undertakes only. Many stop because of excessive, but an unnecessary burden. Many sit, stupidly looking back because it is a pity to throw unnecessary load, and to lift it on shoulders and to move ahead with it forward they any more in forces. Bearing – everything, a question only in the one who and that bears. The easiest burden – not the, and for mankind, though seems it unreasonably heavy. Many bear a burden for others. Ours is among the last. Among things of useless many unnecessary words, thoughts, feelings and acts on ignorance it is allowed. To unload consciousness both it is useful, and it is necessary. Much then to time remains for things really necessary. It is what is the time spent in vain that fiery doesn't answer the purpose! Many unnecessary sufferings occur from these discrepancies. Commensurability and expediency is bases of advance of spirit.

156. My son, remember whatever occurred in the field of thoughts, feelings and actions outside and inside, your way to Me remains not excellent while you realize that Maya ghosts can't compete with reality. As soon as the ephemeral essence of the lowest phenomena both firm stability and reality of the highest is understood, can't dangers be any more is final to deviate from the Way. Certainly, falling is possible from any height, but not with Me. While unseparable with Me, the chasm isn't terrible. Imperfections of the highest steps can be achievements on the lowest, and the phenomena, usual at this step, – a crime above. Only the victory and overcoming will be always positively valuable if ennoble spirit. The limit to the statement of consciousness on the Lord isn't present. The feeling of a merge with It can give all the time how it passed externally and then it was filled. Internally always it is possible to be together. It is possible to notice, with what work covers give in to spirit training that is discipline. The desire to put into practice something in itself meets ardent counteraction them armed with crystallized force of an atavism. You want, and the despot sitting inside, doesn't want. You insist, you strain in making, and it destroys your constructions and destroys plans. Even at the moments of concentrations it interferes in the Highest Interview and breaks it as will be able. Who your enemy? You! It, from egoism is the given rise. With whom fight incessant? With itself, which of the past and which dims light of the future? My son, understand that this fight is ruthless. Try to give in only to doubts of egoism, and all fruits of your long works will be destroyed to a root. Where you will go, deprived of everything and to whom you are necessary? Ghosts bulk up from darkness surrounding but, if you give them the power over, will tear to pieces you. Let the love to the Lord and trust boundless will be an indestructible basis for spirit. Resisted the one who resisted up to the end is considered; the winner – gained the last victory, and rescued – undergone up to the end. With me it is necessary to pass through the life which essence seeks to divide us, having filled distance between us vanity. Yes! Yes! Yes! It is impossible to separate from the Lord in consciousness. It is necessary to be in consciousness together always. I bring spirit into a condition of due readiness when waves of life won't be able to wash away a spirit stronghold any more. Proximity I wash in the spirit of yours with force of my Beam I Claim.

157. (March 27). So, commensurability and expediency in everything is. With what to commensurate and in compliance is with what? For the purpose of far, the purpose fiery, with the purpose, shining by an eternal flame life! To this purpose conduct certain steps of evolution. The purpose first is registration of a body physical, the second – registration of a body astral, the third – mental and the fourth – fiery. The first three purposes – temporary and steps to the purpose of the last which serves not as means to achievement of the purpose, but end in itself because is the purpose final, entering spirit in Boundlessness, in the Kingdom of eternal life. Here with this purpose far, here with this purpose great also the person should commensurate and conform the way. I emphasize: all steps conducting to it, temporary, and only in the Eternity Kingdom in a fiery body of Light of people the eternal and invariable attire finds the, true attire of spirit. It doesn't mean at all the termination of evolution and further development, but it gives to the person a cover not temporary, but constant, capable to improvement, but not subject to death. The world Fiery is the Kingdom, area, or the Sphere of eternal Light. There the death doesn't exist. Achievement it is the purpose of existence of the person on Earth and in the worlds. But how coordinate terrestrial with fiery, eternal with temporary and hour flowing with Boundlessness? Commensurability and expediency! The person lives and continues to lead the same life terrestrial. But, already knowing the great purpose, to it tries on and puts the thoughts, feelings, words and acts and looks, whether they correspond, whether they conduct, whether they approach it to the purpose treasured. If approach, therefore, they are correct if detain or distance – are wrong. The new criterion for his behavior is so approved in human life. And even if the mental body also isn't absolutely issued, commensurability in everything with the fiery purpose will inexpressibly accelerate process of registration of a mental body and will promote the fastest clarification of the lowest covers. Registration of a fiery body is made by the principle of beauty when all other covers in harmonious merge become too expression of the same principle. All covers in the forms become the fine. The microcosm of the person becomes expression of the principle of beauty. The beauty is expression of a harmonious combination of the elements entering into structure of a form through which it is shown, but not about volume speech. I speak about commitment, about meaning of the life, about harmonization of all proceeding from a microcosm human energiya for the purpose of uniform, for the purpose of the fastest registration of a fiery body. Always, at any time, at each action it is possible to wonder, whether it is expedient, whether it answers this purpose great. It is a lot of senselessly and many senseless actions are created, and a lot of harm is made also to itself, and people. If the purpose and if the way and the direction is solved, to coordinate all the actions on all plans with approving the purpose probably is known. Sets live, without knowing where that want go and to what aspire. But the pupil knows and coordinates the life with the chosen purpose. Coordination can be begun it with small it became great and filled all life when the great purpose entirely captures consciousness and becomes the leading beginning. Whatever there was by the ship floating in the sea, everything that is on it, is directed in movement to far harbor which it eventually and reaches? And in a microcosm human, to the fiery purpose directed, there is a life and there is a movement, but it becomes harmonious, creative and creative when all microcosm, without the rest, like the ship in the sea, directs to coast fiery, coordinating everything energy them with a way approved. Coherence – the great force because equally effective all human energiya, in this microcosm in coordination directed in one direction, develops huge power of progress. And while same energy, being uncoordinated, tear apart on part of the ordinary person, causing him sufferings and the concerns coordinated, they powerfully bear spirit to the purpose. From here building: to show the highest coherence of all microcosm and all covers it in a display of energiya microcosmic in all spheres of its activity and expression. In a dream and in wakefulness, in work and on vacation, in tests and with a victory, at the beginning of morning or evening, young or old, in diseases or health, with friends or one, recognized people or rejected, in pleasure or at "western wall", in honor or oblivion, in life or in the face of death, but always steadily in full coherence of all being is directed the pupil to the treasured, strange, far fine fiery purpose. For the sake of it everything is from now on created that he makes on Earth. It also is Arhat's way, a way of coherence of a matter and spirit, a way the highest, the Lord the specified.

158. Yes! Yes! Yes! The fuller, inflexible, unshakable confidence to the Lord, it is easier to go and it is easier to claim in use of quality necessary. How it is possible to approve fearlessness and to drive away thoughts of alarm and the concerns which are constantly thrown dark, if there is no confidence what the Lord is close? How it is possible to go quietly to the future, without knowing it if there is no trust to the Hand Driving? How heart among the raged ocean of chaotic energiya when there is nothing to grasp, except the Lord cannot shudder? So we will raise infinitely trust to Tom Who Was charged for us before the Highest. The guarantee we will understand as the act of extreme and deep value. Let's ruthlessly throw out from consciousness each thought which won't be coordinated with love, devotion and trust not belittled. With the Lord to pass life in cooperation full will be a victory over it. Believe all heart and all heart indulges in It, his ox completely, entirely, irrevocably and forever that even there couldn't be a thought of retreat. Because only to the one who burned the ships or I destroyed bridges for myself, the further way and its secrets can be entrusted. When back return isn't present, the Lord out of limits of a known step Can conduct. When any quality is approved, its contrast begins strong and persistently to lift the head. It is necessary to realize the enemy, roots to destroy, having deprived of them a food by thought. And when undesirable property are show in consciousness in the form of thought, here also is necessary this escape, or a thought sprout, to deprive of a food, having immediately thrown out it from consciousness. It the current feeding this thought because the thought eats thought stops. At repeated operations of it when the root of thought is deadened and dries up, and the thought dies, deprived of support. But process should be finished, differently there will be new escapes and everything should be begun once again. Achievement is important, but fixing reached is so important also. It isn't so important to contain, how many to hold in consciousness that is contained. It is better to hold small, than to lose the great. Step new, reached, it is necessary also to hold. It is easier to make it if to throw out that disturbs completeness of commitment from consciousness. How many energy, time and work is lost on thought unnecessary, and especially on feelings and experiences. If to get rid of them, it is a lot of place and time it will be released. It is necessary to learn to distinguish at each this moment that is the most necessary that all other, it disturbing, from consciousness to move away. Full-devotion to the Teacher and in it can successfully are show. Your unnecessary thoughts and your unnecessary feelings aren't necessary to Us; they burden not only you, but also Us; clear consciousness of unnecessary litter. Why to think, what this litter consists of any especially dark or vicious thoughts? Thoughts casual, thoughts every day, not caused by severe need or execution of a debt to people, thoughts the most usual, itself it is so habitual, and it is simple, and constantly current, it aren't necessary. That can be terrified; it is what the time is given to thoughts inutile while energy yours are necessary to the Teacher. The constant Image of the Lord in your consciousness (allows) allows the phenomenon of uninterrupted contact in the presence of which the Beam sent can influence the Light the Spheres surrounding the pupil, dense and thin. But for this purpose the consciousness has to be cleared of litter and the mental splinters littering usual thinking. The consciousness screen, forced to reflect Light of vibrations of the Beam, can't make it if it is darkened by scraps of thoughts excessive, unnecessary, and is frequent also the harmful. Muddy and dusty glass won't pass light; the gray and dirty screen won't give reflection. If the consciousness is cleared and the harp of spirit is adjusted harmoniously, creativity of spirit full and fruitful and the Lord is close then.

159. (March 28). So, a rate is on full boundless confidence to the Teacher and belief in great power of Hierarchy of Light. The consciousness is transferred to area of Light and its laws. The thought is directed and seizes gradually that is given by Hierarchy for advance. It is necessary to enter into the sphere of thoughts of the Lord and to acquire those principles of Space within which there is a mankind and ways of its evolution. When the overall picture will be clear also a spiral of great Circles, or evolution Cycles, will accurately appear before eyes, it is possible to find and the place on this huge ladder on which there ascends in the Universe all live. Dead anything in the nature isn't present. Without synthesis of it comprehend. Without synthetic understanding of life it is impossible to see the place in the worlds, with life terrestrial to reconcile in aspect of its small interval of time and conditions of small existence of the certain person. Both big, and small it is necessary to find both a place, and sense, and a justification. It is necessary that both big, and small, and self-slightest in human life served the same great purpose because purpose of life is great. When everything is penetrated also by saturated great idea of ascension of spirit in Boundlessness, everything falls into place in synthetic understanding of life. Life everywhere and all its forms ascend. In the presence of synthesis there comes reconciliation with life what it was because the person understands then, as pleasure and a grief, both life and death, and day and night – everything serves for ascension. What is the terrestrial life? Terrestrial life is a ladder to Light. What is everything happening to the person? At synthetic understanding of life everything happening to the person, is steps of a ladder of ascension of spirit. In a spiral of time the spirit to shining tops of Light rises. And if lifting if whirlwinds and a gloom if rocks follow ways and danger around are nicer for that a victory and achievement won is difficult. The spirit becomes tempered on overcoming. Overcoming, winning, Light is given to the admiring by force a victory wreath. You make efforts, and I Help, and we together ascend. Follow quietly and safely the leading Lord, because Light, but not darkness ahead. To you I Speak – go.

160. My son why you believe, what some offenses of people can remain without consequences? Consequences are brought by everything, in the different planes and on different plans. There is no phenomenon, consequences of not bringing. Therefore in each phenomenon, bad and good, it is possible to see that it will bring. The fruit always happens by the nature of a seed. The phenomena grow in space and, having grown, come back to the one who generated them. The wind falls back into place, and also and people. And, if at the return they get heartiest welcome and desire to make with them contact, they receive the additional force that, having sounded, again to leave and again to return. But when the person can tell them: "Here this phenomenon came to begin to sound for me, but it in me has no anything", – then the person becomes free from his power and it any more doesn't threaten it, having subordinated to itself consciousness, again and again to capture him to the sphere. But if this phenomenon of Light, the phenomenon kind, kind fruits bearing, it is possible to meet, and to accept it, and to fruits of Light to be glad. As enemies and the people unpleasant to us are got rid and settled. It is necessary to increase spirit on everything: both on good and on the bad. On the first – for multiplication of Light and it’s strengthening, on the second – for suppression of a thread of karma. And if we increased spirit enough, the next karmic blow is neutralized by strength of mind because the going phenomenon has in us no anything. To be able to meet so an evil wave, either the former enemy, or the next test will be a victory sign. That is why balance is so necessary. After all it also is release from the power of people, things and the phenomena. If something isn't able to shake the mighty force of balance inside, it means that the power something over consciousness ended. If people realized all value of tranquility and balance if understood that there is nothing in the world, on what it would be possible to exchange or for what to give a wonderful ardent crystal of balance of spirit! As it is mighty! As it build! As it is amazing in the force! Quiet, equal, but a powerful flame of the radiations it burns, it destroys, and it incinerates those vibrations of the evil which are directed to heart of the hero. Because, really, we Call the hero of the one who found forces also an aspiration power of balance to claim. Stone carriers know that wonderful force it is based on balance. Know that the treasure this, given rise and approved in the world of grief, sufferings and grief, in the world of a matter dense, shines and burns with wonderful fire in all worlds visible and invisible, to the highest. Truly, it is worth devoting all life on that it to grow up, to preserve and increase that was with what to enter the World Other. Without balance there can't be an accumulation of mental energy. Without balance the centers won't be open because fires should be able to be operated. Here it which has collected riches terrestrial and here the one who increase also increased Stone Treasure. Here they pass through the Great Threshold, and the value of acquisitions of both becomes strong obvious: one empty-handed, another – with true acquisition which doesn't have the price and which can't be exchanged on all gold of the world, on all terrestrial treasures. Stone bearing and force it multiplying, know that you store the never-dying phenomenon of Light. Business of Hierarchy you create. I approve you in the phenomenon of the Stone and power of understanding of created action I Send. The Lord Told.

161. (March 29). My son, Proximity to the Teacher it is possible to deepen and strengthen infinitely, yet there is no It the only food and life. And as in It everything, It Can sate everything energy of the pupil, to It directed. More often it is necessary to think of It more. It is necessary to rotate this concept of consciousness, and it together with consciousness will grow, yet won't fill with the vibrations of all microcosm of the pupil. The consciousness extends together with concept "Teacher" expansion. In Heart Great there is everything that is necessary now that will be ever necessary for the spirit directed to Light. The teacher is a bridge to the Fiery World. Without the bridge not to pass: the way and too many chasms on a way are too far. If for the statement of the Teacher there isn't enough one life, all the lives can be devoted to It. How to din that rapprochement process with the Teacher lasts the millennia and that its beginning is lost in a fog of centuries of early childhood of the world. Having given a consciousness spark once, the Teacher waits when this spark will inflame in a flame of conscious aspiration to the Teacher and unrestrained desire at first to come nearer to It, and then to merge with It together. It not Identity loss, but, on the contrary, full blossoming of all its opportunities available at this step of evolution in this Circle. The teacher from the world usual Lifts consciousness to the World, and there is then a consciousness lit up. Many live without the Teacher. Both moles, and creeping, and other wingless too live. But try an eagle to deprive of wings! To the spirit which has woken up to understanding of the Teacher, without wings it is impossible. And if the mole doesn't need wings, what before business to an eagle? At each of them the roads: at one – in the dark, under Earth, at another – in sky open spaces. And what will be not seen in the hole by a mole, the eagle in skies will see. And he sees much, and its horizon is wide, and flights aren't ordered anywhere, and nobody will tell where in lonely flight the eagle of spirit will direct. Both walking and creeping can't block its way and won't be able to prove to it that to creep under Earth or even better to go on the ground, than to fly. But each loyal biped inhabitant of a planet seeks to entice an eagle into the hole and sincerely trusts what exactly in it is good. Everyone who is lower seeks to take up a way aspiration, a way eagle. But precepted aspiration, but зprecepted ways unusual, but flights ardent precepteds to spheres of shining thought. Yes! Yes! At first the thought of aspiration channelizing, then – flight, then – achievement. Collect crystals of conscious thought in the Immortality Bowl. The thought creates the worlds. Thought and spirit the future builds. But the thought has no borders, but the thought isn't connected by anything, but thought it is possible to create out of conventions of limited consciousness, but thought it is possible to create infinitely. Show understanding of boundless creative is power of thought. "Both is on Earth, and in the Sky, both is above, and below". And if on Earth all creations of hands human are created by thought, thought of Those Who too once and somewhere were people, the worlds are created also. The Universe is created by thought. What its Power? And where are limits of this Power? Also there is a limit in Boundlessness?

162. (March 30). My son when you will understand that fires of an exposition of thoughts and the feelings devoted to the Lord, it is possible to strengthen infinitely. And yours will grow in them went; because with expansion of understanding of the Teacher we grow. It is no other than the favorable and profitable room of the capital in business true, business strong and business constant, constantly growing and bringing in the income. Even on small experience it is possible to see how opportunities when heart and consciousness are filled with the Lord fruitful bulk up. And pleasure that this experience shining can be multiplied and expanded endlessly. For affairs terrestrial any conditions corresponding are necessary, for experience of conscious rapprochement with the Teacher it isn't necessary anything, except love and aspiration of heart. Conditions have no terrestrial values. It is possible to direct to the Teacher always. So among thickets of life we plan spirit ways, for which even the most impassable thickets is not an obstacle. Pay attention that ways, Me specified, lie atop. Therefore for my pupils nothing an obstacle because can always rise over it. The necessary strength of mind I Allow to rise over life. The one, who concerned Light, won't want to kowtow in fetid bogs of lowlands. It already pulls to our tops. The top of the Mountain of Mother of the World shines fires of boundless opportunities.

163. The partition of consciousness assumes full preliminary mastering by all three conductors. All bodies submit to will, that is severe discipline of spirit. Even the good horse without a bridle won't go where it is necessary. And covers without a silver bridle of spirit won't begin to obey. Each of them can give tasks something to do, or not to do something or, especially, to refrain from something. One desire it is far not enough, the desire isn't execution. The hell is covered with good intentions. But when the desire reaches force, sufficient for its realization in life or applications, then it is possible to tell that the beginning is necessary, but only the beginning. For the statement of any phenomenon or destruction in itself single action it isn't enough of something. It repeats until covers won't apprehend it as a form of expression of the essence that is while this property doesn't become as though the second nature. Only to begin insufficiently, it is necessary to complete the begun. How many already time attempts something in themselves became to approve, and how many time they reached results collapsed. That in effect the person was approved for eyelids can't be destroyed suddenly. It is necessary to prepare for long and persistent fight with itself, with thoughts the unnecessary or harmful accumulation. Process is painful, especially at their strengthened identification caused by desire to make cleaning inside. As soon as undesirable property starts raising the head or are show against will, here and there comes the opportunity to cut its roots. Roots of undesirable qualities are cut with a thought knife. Willfulness of an astral often involves the person in trouble. In this fight the special attention is paid to it. Water hollows a stone. Only inhuman persistence and persistence it is possible to win against inert motionless essence of the stiffened habits. It is necessary to collect forces on fight with itself. One enemy at the person is he, his past the lowest "I", his egoism – a receptacle of all its shortcomings and defects. Overcoming not passing wreath of a victory is given. Energy of aspiration, energy of an ascension should direct on egoism that to bridle it in itself strength of mind.

164. Skilled knowledge we Consider valuable. The abstract knowledge which hasn't been based on life, and torn off from it, and not able to be applied in life, we Do not recognize. The way of an apprenticeship is a way of skilled cognition. Therefore I Learn on life. Specify each experience given by life to use completely and from all directions, that if it is bitter, the reasons, it generated, to avoid if they depend on the pupil. A lot of things in our life depend on us. Often circumstances people around are caused by the energiya concluded in the aura of the person. The life experience collected by the person is the only purpose of his stay on Earth. People often deviate this purpose and look for it in something another, doing the stay in the dense world senseless. It is necessary a fallow deer, strong testing each experience. To each experience which is so generously provided by life, it is possible to be glad. The bitterness will leave, pain will cease, but the fruit of skilled knowledge remains forever. It isn't necessary to avoid and evade from those tests which are Given or Allowed by the Teacher. But to learn from them a lesson taught by them it is necessary because for the sake of it and are given. Speak about tests and do thus pious expressions. Life on vegetable oil, fast and sad, doesn't beseem the pupil. Joyfully, vigorously and safely there is it through life, rejoicing to experience and tests that is opportunities infinitely to study. Nobody will take away the teacher, Great Laws and the principles on which spiral the circle - rotates life in eons times, too not to take away; the spirit is eternal and indestructible, and ahead Light of the future, but not darkness of the past; it is possible to rejoice and quietly and dared to go on the way of an eternal ascension of spirit. On the phenomena of Eternity and eternal Great Space Laws it is necessary to build the life, receiving from life terrestrial and enriching spirit life with the experience which is so necessary for expansion of consciousness which in process of growth becomes capable to comprehend greatness of space creation of life. In aspect terrestrial, narrow-minded, the person is the personality having the identity card; in aspect space the person is a part of Space, it is spirit, it is a spark of the Divine Flame, once proceed of a subsoil of Space and in the course of Evolution and an ascension directed there, from where it to proceed. Travelers of the Great Way are the spirits which have realized the space appointment. Because life is a way to Boundlessness, and any other understanding of life won't be true. Creation of life only then gets the real sense when it is based on knowledge true that is space the principles of life of the person. Therefore the correct can be only the construction directed in the future. The country directed in the future, will succeed, as well as each person who hasn't limited with a framework of the present or one short life terrestrial. Because for the sake of the Great Future imprinted in World Prototype, everything occurring on a planet is made.

165. My son, the Lord Is happy, that the world of his thoughts gets into your consciousness, filling it images. The beam sent gives consequences obvious. Thoughts will grow and borrow more and more a place while for the world of personal thoughts of a place any more doesn't remain absolutely. Not to me in yours, but to you it is necessary to enter into my World. It is a lot of your worlds, and not in darkness, but mine – Is uniform, and in Light. Keep breath of my World in your consciousness, be filled of I Will consider the hours which haven't been given to the Doctrine, lost in vain. In the spirit of adjoins the person to something. Therefore not in that, that does the person, but in that, as he thinks, the condition consist diligence to the Doctrine. When inevitability of the Uniform Way, apparently, already easier to be busy only is realized by that corresponds to it. I speak about a condition of constant coherence of consciousness with advance on the way. Either is with Me or with commonness human. But I Want to lift you from world the commonness. But I Ask – realize necessity necessary that unnecessary it was possible to reject. Tell Me what prevents you to plunge into the ocean of my opportunities completely? What toys distract your look? What you prefer to Light? By the light of it is possible to create everything. What are you that can't be done by the light of do? Let my Light in your consciousness will be constant. It would be that if smoky fires of egoism didn't dim it. To light to the going clear away way! The lord Goes and Wants that to Arrival of his heart we were cleared and ready.

166. (March 31). It is good to realize also and own restrictions. From the opportunities lying before spirit and its valid condition distance is big. The pupil knows that these or those achievements are possible, but this opportunity still at all doesn't mean mastering by them. The gap meanwhile that wants the pupil and that it represents itself at present is filled with the actions conducting it to the purpose of his desires and aspirations. It is possible to see at distance. But the pupil yet doesn't see. Center of the third eye yet kindle. Ahead of time it is impossible to wake the centers. It is necessary only attentively and to watch sharp-sightedly how gradually enlightenments thin begin, and for a long time started arriving through this center. Fires, stars, colors, persons, pictures and the types flashing at opened and closed eyes – all these harbingers of awakening of the centers and, in this case, the third eye. When thinning perceptions it is useful to realize the feelings, for example, to feel the radiation of warm or cold aura of the neighbor or character of a spatial note. For supervision over itself the wide field opens. Life loves that it observed and studied on it. Vigilance is necessary in everything. The person, who has lived life in a stupor of lunar passivity, leaves with an unfilled Bowl. Also it is possible to tell them that life is lived aimlessly. I consider it necessary to specify that the conscious desire to see opens many new and unexpected details. Life becomes richer and more interesting. It isn't necessary time to rush with itself and the experiences. The egoism doesn't like to trouble itself with supervision over life. Adjoining to people and life, it is possible to plunge simply into its studying, having forgotten about itself. Each attentive supervision demands dismissal from itself. The person filled with and the experiences, is deaf and grew blind to surrounding because sees nothing and doesn't hear because it is entirely occupied by itself. The book of life is closed for these deaf blind men. Supervision over life is possible when astral and mental covers are given to a condition of relative tranquility so that movements in them didn't disturb process. At full dismissal from itself the eye becomes especially sharp-sighted. But people strong are occupied only by themselves and therefore don't hear and don't see. The practical value of self-dismissal or self-renunciation becomes obvious. Same it is possible tell and concerning any work. When the worker is entirely absorbed by interesting work, he forgets itself in it, and then work is especially productive and fruitful. Such dedicated work from ourselves We Designate work lightful, or shining. The aura of the worker starts being shown and the centers are strained. Intensity of the self-released work is the shortest way to disclosure of the centers. The vitality of an organism raises and light of aura of the worker increases in the force. Sluggards, idlers and parasites are violators of the law of life. It is possible to call them people who strong rob it. Their content because, killing in itself life fire will be short, doom itself to gloomy vegetation in World Thin. To us with them is not on the way. We Love workers good!

167. It is difficult to perceive when balance is broken, and it is difficult to keep it when blows are struck with the, even with the best intentions. In admiration it is possible not only to hurt to itself a nose, but also to do mistakes. And whether everything is equal why on devotion the closest to heart is endangered by relatives. Doesn't bear abuse the put itself under blow of the enemy, but the friend endangering or aspiring to make it, though on thoughtlessness, it is condemned. Why I Demand exact following to Council? Whether not therefore, what is a lot of harm dissent and thoughtlessness is caused? Think only of it, but not of others, appeared in the conditions of the difficult. Carelessness and carelessness human when danger doesn't concern (them) is amazing, but the fear and confusion are great at a contact, even the slightest. If of others thought so carefully, as well as of itself, a lot of things would be facilitated.

168. (Apr. 1). Yes! Yes! Yes! It is necessary to rise over life, as an eagle over Earth to fly. Otherwise the consciousness will be involved in funnels of whirlwinds terrestrial, and shining flight of spirit becomes impossible. The terrestrial way of spirit over the earth lies. As it is difficult comprehend it practically, as well as to be in the world, but other-worldly. This couple of contrasts is acquired and comprehended on the life. Elements rise on daring to stop its way. But they can be told: "Generations of elements, I am not afraid of you because you can't block away foreordained". That gloomy, stupid force of dark counteractions sharply and strong is felt by the spirit which has solved the course irrevocably. Difficult strip of resistance of spheres of people around together we will pass, without being confused, without stopping, without shortening a stride. Strength of mind when are called are inexhaustible. Spirit it is necessary to increase on everything counteracting and to understand, understand forever that heavy waves of resistance terrestrial are dissected by a spirit sword, as waves sea a vessel stem. Sectioned, they will pass by and remain behind as passed and there was there everything that was and happened to us once. You aren't afraid of anything, hardness show, a sword brought you keep in readiness for this purpose that the way will take up. Weakness, pettiness, down rottenness itself doesn’t show. The pettiness attire doesn't beseem the hero. But it is necessary to win by all means. Predators sit at the road and wait to snatch and tear to pieces the traveler who has fallen in exhaustion. From the depth numena forces call and – again in fight with monsters terrestrial, trying to block a way. Already there is no place to recede, already everything is burned behind. And the way remained only forward.

169. My son when you thought with Me, already this one raises you over the life abyss. To be thought with Me... As it is good to realize all depth of this simple Precept! Be together always. The approved magnetic attraction to aura of the Teacher will work, in whatever cover and on what the plan there was a spirit. The death has no impact unless a lot of things facilitate in it the relations on this attraction. Mine you and here, on Earth, and behind a death threshold. Quietly the spirit which has consciously connected with Me looks at change of conditions and covers. Comes according to my instruction and to Me and leaves. For the accepted pupil first all and above everything in life is the Teacher. So the communication thread on fires of aspiration constant gets stronger. Don't complain that you don't see the Lord: time will come, and you will see. It is important to feel the Beam. Many saw when happened on Earth, your cities visiting; but only very much, the very few from the seeing became wiser. The others didn't understand. It is better not to see, but in the spirit of to be close and to understand, than to see and not to understand anything. Once three young men to Learnt came and asked how to reach wisdom in the shortest way? Learned I answered: "Constant reflection about the elected Lord and aspiration to It". After all it only in the dense world all this process is invisible, but in the Thin World it represents itself a certain and bright picture of light communication of aura of Great Spirit with aura of the consciousness aspiring to It. There all process is visible so obviously as are visible on phenomenon Earth dense, that is it is obviously real. Not foggy groundless dreams, but live communication of vibrating threads of Light. And to what trusts and that feels heart, becomes wonderful reality. But enlightenments in it begin already on Earth, and for the developed centers the thin reality becomes available in a dense cover. On the beam of love directed to the Teacher, It in reply to devoted Heart sends wonderful gifts of spirit. That to increase them, it isn't necessary to indulge too in thoughts about terrestrial and affairs passing. Everything you won't change the mind, the end, and from thoughts of couriers is enough profits. Everything you won't change the mind, and there is no end to them, and from thoughts of couriers there isn't enough profits. Heart and thought is better is fuller to Me to turn then terrestrial better, and more successfully, and will more happily turn back. A lot of precious energy spills and trifled in cares and concerns on affairs terrestrial while the vast majority of them and without these cares and excitements would develop successfully under the Beam of the Teacher. Means, energy is spent in vain and aimlessly. You are under the Beam. About what are concerns? Not for burdening everything occurring to you is sent, but for experience acquisition. You study, study, study. The Teacher is the Lord. Don't forget about It in the aspiration to Light.

170. (Apr. 2). If sacred fire inside doesn't burn, all attempts to move on the way of an ascension because Agni and is the engine will be useless. Therefore, the main care of those fires flared up. Strong shock, difficulties, a grief, work selfless and a feat can kindle heart fires. Everything that causes tension of mental energy, promotes emergence and growth of fires. Agni happens light and dark. Let's not speak about black fires because all evil, all dark, all misanthropic, all egoistical is generated by force of dark fires, smoky and stinking. They fill places assemblage human, sating aura of a planet with killing and terrible gases. All people in the temple of the microcosm are attendants of fire – light or black, heavenly fire or a flame hells. Our speech about a flame light, about Light flame, about pure spirit fire. Being a being fiery, the person lives in fire because all processes proceeding in its organism are movable by energy of fire. And body sections fiery and the nerves bearing current of a flame, both feeling, and thought, say, everything, everything, all. If the atom is education fiery if all matter – from fire, and the fiery aspect of human essence in all its manifestations and on all plans can be understood more deeply and comprehensive. Fiery potential of each section entering into a structure of a body, it is possible to rise, awakening in it the hidden fire. Degree and force of this fire depend on a condition of an awakening of cages. At the majority they sleep. Degrees of an awakening of sections at all people are various. The difference in this regards between Archat and the ordinary person of a bike, and even is immeasurable. It is great and in all other relations of force and effect of internal fires, and especially fires of the centers. Display of their fires, growth and care of them represent itself the great and deepest science which pages We nowadays Open before the person on a threshold of the birth of new race, the sixth and the foreordained. Agni Yoga, the Doctrine fiery, is given by Lords to lead the person to understanding of the fiery nature and to teach him to own and operate the fires. Mental energy is the all- initial energy. The energy lying at the beginning, or basis of everything that is in the person or out of it, is energy fiery, creating life and all it forms. In the person, in this condenser, or fire accumulator, forms its display can express themselves the highest that is on Earth. These fires cope will, the consciously seized their power. The discipline of spirit is not that other as a persistent and consecutive method, or process of mastering by the fires. Lords of the Flame!!! Ponder upon these words. After all it is the purpose which people once have to reach. Arhat's way is a way fiery, a way of gradual mastering by fires and submission of this forces his ox. All processes in the person fiery and therefore ability to be self-controlled, bridle itself, the tranquility will store and be in a condition of sharp-sighted intensity over display of internal fires a way of fiery yoga. We live in fires and by fires are movable, and everything occurring in us, on the essence of fiery. It is necessary to watch that fires are showed were pure and light only sharp-sightedly. The thought gives a tone and coloring of a flame of spirit. It can paint fires of the centers in any color, having given them purity and transparency or having made heavier them dark or smoky flashes. Someone offended someone.
It is possible to answer offense with words. Words said in the form of sounds already in itself represent themselves the phenomenon fiery, as well as all process of their origin and manifestation, as well as all thoughts and feelings, related. In reply to offense it is possible to give flash of the dark fires infecting space. But it is possible to generate consciously will light Agni's light arrow. And so is in everything, in all thoughts, feelings, words and acts of the person. In everything, always, every instant are show light or dark Agni's strength, pure or smoky fires. There is no he in the person of a condition indifferent, because fiery. And it is all about what fires it causes in itself (himself), what flame I generate. Even at small attentiveness, having looked in itself, it is possible to tell, what fires were caused by any this feeling, thought, the word or an act – made or made by the person. Be saved from a kindle of a dark flame: painfully it scorches beget and everything, on what is directed or who gets to the sphere of his influence. Fiery interaction between people always it is available and are shown constantly, and, sating spheres surrounding with the radiations, infect space on far distances because are dark, and the smoky, and human fires are gloomy. Therefore attendants of Light, Stone carriers, my messengers are also the improving of spheres and, protecting and supporting knots of Light of a network planetary, serve a great cause. Their responsibility for Earth – everyone on the post is great. The responsibility before Lords, before mankind, before the Future, responsibility for Earth it is necessary to realize completely. Only ignorance thinks that all thoughts of chagrin, discontent, irritation and all heaps of other small garbage from the conveyor of a human microcosm concern the ignoramus and only it. No! Spatial business is created, and great spatial harm is done. Private matters and the phenomena aren't present, all of them fiery radiations crash into space, poison it and, terribly influencing people, besides, brown gas generate. This gas bears in itself decomposition elements, or chaos. Terrible, destructive business is created, both doesn't know, and the ignoramus doesn't understand that he creates, though chokes in stinking products of own generations. But also the ignoramus has to know because there comes time of understanding of shared responsibility of people for Earth and for everything that is created on it. Not someone another, but people are responsible for everything that occurs on a planet. The teacher Calls mankind for understanding of the fiery nature of the, its power and full conscious responsibility following from here for everything that thinks, feels, the person on Earth speaks and does. When understanding the fiery nature a lot of things created earlier, become already inadmissible and even simply impossible. Therefore I Speak: "Know it is more that unreasonable not to soil Agni's light way". What does any small irritation or discontent mean? But when the person clearly imagines smoky flash of fires and muddy brown aura of the radiations entangling beget, hardly it will want to be to it the own poisoned first of all, as well as other people surrounding it.

171. I give a signal to a chain of the subsequent events. Force of earthquakes will increase, taking more and more wide belts. It is possible to call a signal of the future disasters an earthquake on Philippines. The disastrous condition of a planet at chaotic thinking of masses doesn't allow keeping the necessary balance. People don't want to help to themselves. People are deaf and blind. They are ready to shake balance of elements by any explosions. Don't put in dependence one phenomenon from another. As thought also Atlanta and caused accident. For mistakes one responsibility is born by all. The person can refuse this responsibility, the person cannot understand and not to recognize it, he can laugh at it and consider it aside, but can't avoid this responsibility for brothers of the people owing to the immutable law of unity of all real. But responsibility of the person is especially great because on an evolution ladder he takes a high place of the beings allocated with consciousness. Its organism possessing powerful energiya is in close interaction with elements and thin energiya of space. Energy of the person powerfully influence planet fire, causing in it responses. Power of collective influence of all mankind on the planet of a bike is. Arrhythmic influences loosen foundations because in the being the dissonance is destructive. You speak about the world, you speak about the commonwealth of all people, and you speak about a uniform brotherly family of mankind. It is too much separation pernicious. The planet can be rescued still. You, able to help thought, help association forces. Prayed earlier for the world of the whole world, - now this formula is proclaimed the Leading Country. And you thoughts fiery to it help to keep balance among mad people. To the holder of Earth help!

172. (Apr. 3). We come back again besides, to the most important why contrary to evidence, contrary to all events, contrary to even to thoughts and the moods not to show strong, it is intense and in a press a full measure of love, belief and trust to the Lord, and his Words, instructions and thoughts, and to the future, Them approved? To that and how experience in manifestation beyond all bounds the trust which isn't constrained by any reasons or contradictions of the present can prevent? Unless it is possible believe on one scales of judgment narrow-minded and ideas of the Great Plan? It is necessary to seek to see and see in all way and forms of its implementation in life. Whether it isn't enough that, maybe, goes and not so – the Plan will be carried out. Inabilities of people and unavailability of consciousnesses people, but not the Lord can blame. Why not to pass life with such ardent and fiery belief in the Driver before which a mirage of evidence, Maya artful designs and attempt and diligence of dark quenchers would disappear as a fog in rising sun beams, opening distances of shining tops. The fear, and concerns, both doubts, and uncertainty in the future, and other – all this occurs from a lack of trust. I speak about belief and trust boundless which and can be developed too infinitely. It is quiet be in belief. In belief it is possible to be the dead if it is rather strong. I will cover you with a safety dome if the necessary degree of trust you are able to give. Go on trust fires, go on belief fires, and go on full-devotion fires. These fires already in itself represent a powerful board and protection, but, strengthened magnitno my Beams, are insuperable power. It is possible to approve everyday itself in these most necessary qualities of spirit and, being approved, to see how part before their fires impassable for usual consciousnesses of a thicket of life as the most difficult interlacing of circumstances, insoluble usual ways, vanish into thin air or bend and release a way for consciousness going victoriously. With Me everything is possible, but at completeness of trust not belittled. And, if the Lord Said "Yes! », that from this even, if the whole world and all surrounding shouts "no". It is necessary to show all completeness of fiery inflexible belief. It is necessary to approve it by knowledge. I spoke about love and victorious power of this feeling. Nowadays I strengthen it, combining love with trust and belief. Here mountains of difficulties, obstacles and difficulties of life are piled up around, "but with me the Lord". So the devoted pupil speaks to himself and wins power of fires of heart of a bulk of obstacles. Among the heaviest and gloomy conditions to find pleasure of understanding of in total overcoming Proximity of the Lord will be a huge victory. Who and what can win against us or suppress spirit fires, when we together? So the Teacher Enters into all your affairs, changing commonness life in Light life. With Me – we will win everything. With Me life can be built victoriously. It is possible to work consciously with these beams, strengthening their power. And three beams, the Lord approved, will be steadily and grow in force of the fiery-bearing truly. It is necessary to learn to own beams. Even muscles without exercise weaken also will atrophy. In full confidence to the Word Lords it is necessary hasty to start exercising force of three beams. The beam thought has force and dominates over thought of the usual, growing aura not sated with fires. Process has to be accurate and certain, not indistinct uncertainty, but the sparkling pointed sword of the thought dissecting space and complexity of confused knots of vital circumstances and conditions. The beam can turn into a sword, and a sword in a beam, depending on the circumstances and need. The beam sent in merge to Me, and the sword striking blow, are strong association of consciousnesses. Everything that you create with Me gets the special force of execution. It should be known and firmly to acquire not to be in thoughts and the actions of by the inhabitant. The pupil – not the inhabitant and Archat is not the ordinary person. Archat – the person of the unusual made all action unusual and going by singularity. On appearance as though the ordinary person, but "as though" consists in it the whole step of evolution spirits. Arhat goes the merged heart merged with the Lord. Therefore its way and victorious is so successful. Ghosts of external visibility can't resist forcing of a victorious flame of the merged hearts, part, won, and disappears. The victory in everything and over everything when devoted heart of the pupil merges with power of a flame of Great Heart is so reached.

173. There was time when it wasn't necessary to spend so much strength of mind to keep at height reached. Not that now. The twilight condition of space, planet and people exhausts, as a sponge water, fiery forces from the attendant of Light. Many became the original vampires devouring others forces. Return of forces of a bike. Despite their continuous inflow from the Stronghold, the expense is so considerable that extraordinary difficult to hold due degree of balance. The teacher Warns about danger of excessive leakage of mental energy. It is necessary to be more circumspect and economical at delivery. It is better to give short, than to transfer and devastate a treasury. Without mental energy of knots of Light it is impossible to support, and without them integrity of fabric of a network planetary is broken. Spatial service nowadays has special value. It is more important to hold strong spatial knots of connections of light threads, than to weaken them, having excessively given out the forces. Proportion energy expenditure! Has to suffice on everything! From plunderers become isolated, at least it and there were close people and, especially if it is already approached to the Doctrine. It is already inexcusable to them to absorb others forces, let and they learn to bring and give. The world was divided on taking and giving. Able give so a little. But as it is honorable and it is beautiful to be among those who can and to who is what to give. Unaided we will not leave. But strength of the Teacher should be distributed wisely. Giving generously give, but with taking only for itself be circumspect and very careful. You praise those who try and learn to give. Among them are future attendants of Light. House is careful especially. Fire not only it is necessary kindle, but also to protect. At the general utter darkness of hearts easily go out fires of lonely patrol heart if not to be protected from devourers of others forces. Be sharp-sighted and are circumspect with everyone who to you comes or with whom pushes together life. The light distribute reasonably, keeping a necessary stock. Commensurability is in everything.

174. (Apr. 4). My son, response of consciousness to the Beam sent it is very indicative because the kind person from a treasury of the heart takes out kind, and angry – angry. So on response it is possible to judge the person, and it judged the person as everyone has in itself (himself) the judge. When Came to Earth, my Light in one caused fires of admiration of spirit, in others – rage of black fires of rage and hatred. Everyone replied on the essence. At aspiration kind dark properties of the nature human under the Beam fuse. Process of clarification demands different terms: everything depends on former accumulation and force of fires directed to Me. At constancy and an inflexible of aspiration and process of transformation becomes constant. The beam as though cauterizes spirit ulcers, improving all organisms. It is especially strong and painful process of their identification. Everything hidden until then in depths of windings and back streets of consciousness is taken out day to appear in all the naked unattractiveness for an urgent gets rid. Cold and quietly, without being confused at all, but honestly and impartially it is necessary to see all shortcomings the, all weaknesses and all dark accumulation and, clearly having seen them, actively to be accepted to their eradication. Easiest and simpler than everything shake off all litter and a dust from wings in flight. Both the wind, and a rain, and a thunder-storm will help the fastest clarification. Many make a fatal mistake, including themselves unworthy to ascend. But it in a root is incorrect. All ascends. Imperfections exist for improvement. Only space litter is dismissed evolutions. Strong energy strong shortcomings at strong spirits serve as a time powerful levers their transformations in energy of Light, if aspiration rather ardently. It isn't necessary to be confused anything: any mistakes, any shortcomings, any accumulation, if is fiery aspiration to the Lord. Everyone, suitable to Me, comes and brings with itself everything that at it is and if the decision to go with Me all the way is rather strong and strong, lightful process of transformation of spirit begins. On each dark property it is necessary to increase fiery spirit for overcoming. Process isn't violent, but is natural. The violence over the nature often leads to the return results. The border between violence and a persistent, persistent and systematic gets rid of negative qualities is defined experience. One I Can Tell: how the spirit was burdened by the imperfections, with Me to it anything can't ascend to prevent if the decision it is rather strong. Thus, there can't be excuses, both self-justifications, and links to shortcomings and the defects, allegedly preventing to take away if the person sincerely and really wants to go to Light. Therefore I Speak: "Come to Me everything, the collecting Light: both orphaned, and nude, both sick, and poor, both kind, and angry". All I Will wash, all I Will encourage, by everything I Specify a way and all I Will light up the Ray of light. The aspiration is the powerful engine of spirit changing elements of a microcosm of human Light in energy. So, Light ways are ordered to nobody. Only conscious attendants of the darkness, to only persisting spirits of the evil don't have access to light spheres. The doctrine is given for all; therefore, opportunities are open before all. The way is planned, and the entrance is open. Wishing let enter freely and safely.

175. And still it is necessary to tell that dismissed ideas of the past. We Live future and we Believe in it all hope. In the present we Forge Things Come of transformation of the world. For Us the present is a smithy of the future, and in itself as that, has no value. The present is only a step to the future. But the true engine of life is not real, but the future because the great magnet consists in it. Magnets of the Future we Call the prototypes cast in crystal forms of Light and existing on the Highest Plans in order that in process of advance of mankind and all real in evolution to be embodied by it in dense forms already on Earth. The plan of evolution of the person and all live (and all lives) is imprinted in World Prototypes from shining substance of a spontaneous matter. Lords imprinted the Great Plan. And people still have a choice: or to follow this Plan, or finally from the life arena to leave. The mankind given by Lords has to accept. Life laws are immutable. People at least, for example, that physical body which was created for the person by Builders couldn't but accept. The iron Law of life puts spirit human in a certain framework in which it can evolve most successfully. As future forms of expression the lives which have been cut down by Lords from plastic substance of elements for their embodiment on Earth by the person are immutable also. It is indestructible Will Spatial and Laws of a display of life. They should be accepted consciously, that all greatness of the Plan to understand. The mankind future is traced by stars, and it can be comprehended the spirit directed in the future.

176. Spirit tower. Imagine the person in the form of a walking tower at which top the powerful rotating searchlight is put. Imagine that this searchlight can throw a ray of light different from a usual light beam that it can get through any barrier, any walls, any subject that he doesn't know distances and can instantly reach any point of the globe. Imagine this wonderful device in the head of the person through which lens of consciousness the beam of thought can be thrown anywhere. And it is valid, thought it is possible to concern any subject, any person. And if it is good and to think with heart of someone, whether there is it in the neighboring room or on other end of the globe and if then about it to ask this person, it will appear that it felt it that the thought reached it if it was rather strong. Possibility of transfer of thought is proved by science. The wonderful, amazing device is concluded in the person, possessing wonderful, not visible, pervasive energiya. To operate a simple searchlight, it is necessary to know how to do it, differently it won't light up and rays of light won't give. As business and with the spirit device is. Only the owner doesn't know it and doesn't want to know what the most wonderful force it possesses. The simple physics treats about an eye beam, representing on the drawing light laws. The eye owns a beam. The thought of the person is a beam in usual sense of this word. Thoughts aimless, thoughts thoughtless, thoughts weak, sluggish, muddy and indistinct, the THOUGHTS which don't have the directions or tasks, are about the founder or float in space, trading in manifestation in conformable consciousnesses. The mighty device of spirit which is possessing ability to radiate powerful thin fiery energy and consciously used by the powerful thin fiery person, can be blessing or a damnation for people, for space and for all surrounding. The thought of light bears a healing, pleasure and creation. Thought of darkness is a grief, an illness, destructions. To powers of darkness and destruction we will oppose creating fiery thought of Light. It we will win.

177. (Apr. 5). It is necessary to fall in love with a condition of struggle constant because life at all its steps is that overcomes itself. And whatever height I reached spirit, it will be only a step to higher. Life also is an ascension forms from a step on a step. Each step gives the tasks. Statement step Arhats in such special case as Earth, represents itself the phenomenon the most rare, and in the conditions of Earth – and especially difficult. To spirit daring a gate of the highest cognition opens.

178. The teacher and how to be with it tormenting me and incompatible with advantage of spirit how to be with this property my, brought of lives last? My son, love we will overcome and we will win against everything because with Me you go. Not to kill, not to suppress, but it is necessary to get rid of undesirable property when it will naturally separate from shining cleared your body as dry unnecessary leaves – from a tree, casually, but strong kept on it till spring. Be not confused anything, against everything we will win also the let's overcome

179. Certainly, the make-up has to be imposed well, as well as the wig, both a suit, and all other accessories necessary on a scene, has to be as it should be. And the actor well has to execute the role. In the same way and on a vital scene the temporary role with all details should be played as it follows. Many times, and on scenes various, and in various roles the spirit highly experienced on this Earth already acted. The actor knows that he on a scene, and, even ingeniously playing, remembers that it, though bright and vital, but nevertheless game. And the Ego embodied in a body for performance on a scene of the dense world, shouldn't forget temporariness of the role and not take Maya mirage for reality. Today Ivanov, yesterday Souleymane, and earlier Olgerd, Rodrigo, Polonium and so on, further, and further, and more deeply, in gray-haired fogs of times, but all it, the same, all you under different names and appearances – the spirit ascending on steps of life. Life terrestrial is a scene for the next embodiment. Let's not take too to heart phantoms it, floating before our consciousness. It is necessary to play a role only well, safely, resolutely and beautifully according to an assignment to data. Sutratma is the actor.

180. My son if you knew degree of tension of the Lord cares Space! It is great. Therefore so we Appreciate each sincere desire to help, going from heart. Because on a thread of heart inflows the help from loving Us. You are to Me assistants. Through you a lot of things become it isn't known for you. This your help amplifies when heart tensely you try to be together with the Teacher. Those who bears on it a press planetary, performs work which, on the one hand, consists that loading which is Born by the Lord is facilitated by them, with another – they receive the strengthened charges of the fiery energy necessary for them for performance of the charged task. Work is performed by the heart bearing burden of loading. If you divide my works, and my pleasure too share, because you mine. Luminous intensity of the workers never in need throw. Care of you deep and comprehensive, and on all plans. You can obviously strengthen it recognition and appreciation. Fragrant air and Sun beam rushes into an open window. As enters and Light in open heart. I would like to specify still how the communication thread gets stronger. You going with Me, strengthen continuity of light bonds, us connected forever. Yes, yes, yes, in an everyday rhythm there is a Proximity increase. Every day something is added new to thousand-year communication. The Teacher doesn’t forget any sign of attention, as well as works, to It brought. Warm gift we Appreciate above all. Why you write and you speak my Name and on behalf of mine? Because Let the power and the right speak the Name of the Lord. Long ago I Gave, but you carried it to any long-term future while your Records by my Name are created. Long ago already I Spoke about the creating force powerful "We", and this Power connected with my Name or strength of Lords, amplifies immeasurably. Our Heptahedron is powerful. The fiery Heptahedron Manages planetary affairs. Its force is great. If heart and thought to it to join and rely on force it, it is possible to feel inflow of forces the extraordinary. I give strength and the power not only on behalf of mine, but also on behalf of all Lords to work and create Light Business. You can rely on Power of the Heptahedron and its Beams. Throne of this Power is in the Stronghold. It can incinerate the attendant of darkness and live-bearing to present with the force the attendant of Light. I not one, Us Seven is together. The son My permission is and Of. To us the son is conducted. You belong to My Beam, because mine from the beginning of times. But Beams of Great My Colleagues is your friends. It is sated with our force, but My Beam in your consciousness predominates. Because mine. Sometimes I Weaken force it that I could gather from Earth bitterness of its lessons more stoutly. But attraction of My Beam is strongly. You will especially feel it when you will dump a dense body and conditions the thin mobile and plastic will penetrate light my arrows. My son, light is your future, and to twilight of the present flying hour not to darken it. You are Mine, and your place about your Father and Care about you. You will pass through life, you will taste it fruits, and its lessons everything you will study and again you will return to the Father, to Me, who you’re Friend and the Lord.

181. (Apr. 6). There are the things created in the name, and the things created in the Name My last will be preferred is. Advance will consist in that the number of the first decreased, the second – increased and that the arrow – the index of acts, moved steadily from personal to affairs of General Welfare. And when the sphere of private matters will be nullified and there will be only a sphere of Affairs of the Teacher, the egoism will be won finally. In affairs of egoism there is no magnetism of persuasiveness. Justification is in the spirit of. Affairs personal need a justification before by itself. But I put the Teacher, for the sake of him made, any justifications don't need. Conscience is true, and the whole world can look in the face safely. It is necessary to reach that a state of affairs that those before anybody not to be ashamed even if the most secret thoughts and acts become obvious. But obvious they become all once and somewhere. And to it too it is necessary to be ready. Also it is necessary to collect a lot of courage that with naked essence to appear before eyes looking at it. Appear, and not to be frightened, and not to lose the advantage of spirit. The pettiness is lost and starts being humiliated and kowtow in a paroxysm of a shame, shame and consciousness of that everything which is so carefully hidden inside, became suddenly obvious. But the spirit strong can meet a wave, having kept the advantage, tranquility and balance. It is necessary to realize, it is necessary to remember that only one Lord who and nowadays Knows everything, and for and nowadays there is nothing secret in effect and acts of the pupil. The lord Knows, but He aren’t a judge and condemn. The judge at everyone is inside. And can judge, by the right to judge, only the judge, which in itself. Therefore, having collected all strength of mind, it is possible to leave victoriously and this heavy test, having closed frmor spirit. Nobody the judge because the karma is relentless, and everyone and without court human bears on shoulders all weight it. But especially it is severe, and it is impartial, and the judge in himself who everyone has inside has to be ruthless. And then the court human isn't terrible. Enemies are ruthless, are ruthless dark, people on the whole are ruthless and are fast on condemnation. They can oppose only strength of mind. After all in the Thin World all relationship human can be considered already not in a terrestrial way as many continue to do it still there, but under another aspect. Many unclear attachments and proximity receive an explanation and even a justification in the light of last embodiments, and anybody can't apply for full possession of someone's heart any more. It is a lot of fathers, it is a lot of mothers, and it is a lot of brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, wives and friends among satellites terrestrial it is learned. And the court human already becomes ignorance court. It not a justification for violators of laws of purity and morals, but an explanation and possibility of force in itself to find that not to be frightened of naked essence when secret becomes obvious, not to be frightened and keep balance and spirit advantage. Otherwise laughing, both gloating over and enjoying humiliation and a shame will tear to pieces the unlucky traveler of Earth. Judges of unauthorized many sufferings bring to the neighbors in life terrestrial, but in the Thin World where everything is aggravated and naked, these conditions are inexpressibly aggravated. Fire of balance will burn imperfect auras of denounce unauthorized. Friends, the true friends, loving Friends, will understand and not only won't condemn, but also will help. It is necessary spirit and in the spirit of to prepare for this moment through which all pass the people of Earth leaving the world dense. And therefore on Earth it is necessary to live so, both so to be, and so to think that before anybody not to be ashamed the light. It is necessary to reconsider all the life and most to condemn in it everything that deserves condemnation, to condemn so that repetition of last mistakes became already impossible. And then any court is terrible any more won't be because denounce can tell voluntary that they were late and that the trial of already itself made spirit and their services doesn't need at all. Who will be able to tell then to someone, something or it is bad when the spirit and without any instructions can answer: "I know and without you all depth of the made mistakes, your court, and to what it when I all offenses and my mistakes already condemned without mercy is excessive and unnecessary. Not you, but I to itself the judge because everyone has in itself the judge. You learn to stand on own feet, bearing responsibility individual for everything that you create, and without granting anybody the rights to tickle over itself court, except you. You create, both you answer, and you on yourselves and bear a karma of the acts. The power over the consciousness gives nobody anywhere – here, in the Worlds Elevated. After all even with the Teacher are connected by freedom bonds because the will of the person is free and his freedom is sacred. Why to your freedom to be judged foreign freedom? As the apostle speaks, be in good spirits are free from court human. Your judge only one Lord, but It isn't a judge, but the Defender, both the Friend, and the Father. The freedom realize, and in it both force, and the power. Nobody is imperious over your consciousness nor here, nor there.
To dark enslavers and judges unauthorized the power over we won't give, despite everything that was or happened in the past. I exempt from the power of a sin over consciousness and I would Destroy whose that there were rights to judge the one who realized the freedom and who understood the inalienable space right to be own judge. Great force is found by the one who becomes over itself (himself). As the lord over three I Approve the son and the power to it I Give over myself, over myself. And not itself who has any power over to create trial of it the power over approved. Understanding of the shortcomings and offenses and own trial of them to spirit gives great strength. The court in itself over itself creating any more isn't subject to human court, and the human trial of the power of it has no because in the freedom the spirit was approved.

182. It is necessary to learn that nothing became a barrier on a way. Mountains, abysses, the rivers, rocks, the sea, storms and Waves Sea can serve as an absolute obstacle when the spirit goes on the ground. But once it rises by a certain height, having spread wings in flight, as terrestrial heaps and everything that on Earth, to its flight as to flight of an eagle, don't disturb. Ability to store a thread of communication with the Teacher when anything can't already serve as a barrier also consists in it. And that for others is an absolute obstacle or the impassable gorge, doesn't serve as a hindrance to flight of an eagle. Then the formula of permissiveness gets other sense. But it is necessary to be very sharp-sighted and very much on the lookout that nothing prevented to wave spirit wings. Main thing is that weights terrestrial on them didn't lie down. The main thing that weights terrestrial on them didn't lie down. Let's protect intimate that nobody could seal eagle wings. The murderer kills the person, and the soldier on the battlefield kills the enemy but as black murder and protection of the Homeland are various between itself. And even the weapon can be identical. Not the fact in itself matters, but internal state of consciousness. You learn to create terrestrial affairs in freedom from the power of the terrestrial. The threads binding created affairs with the astral and its movements, it is necessary to nullify, whenever possible, and then affairs of the power over consciousness won't have. Astral threads of communication influence. They can make heavier wings. Don't become attached to anything the lowest covers and life will turn into a chain of shining flights of spirit.

183. (Apr. 7). When at Top with Me, the phenomena of life flow before consciousness, keeping the valid relationship and sense because from the Mountain is more visible. But once the consciousness falls to lowlands, even the boulder before eyes can cover the horizon, cover and raise an obstacle. The understanding of a proper correlation of things is lost. Nothing can prevent consciousness to stay in the spirit of with Me, at Top. The mountain one and Top one is Mountain Mother World. On it fires. Entering into spheres of the Highest fires, and the consciousness becomes fiery, magnitno fires to it attract and, going down in valleys, carries away on itself flame deposits. It is good to be on fires; it is nasty terrestrial then to aura doesn't stick. So, a justification is in the spirit of, and this justification – fiery is a fiery justification. It is justified, justified, justified fires of the risen spirit. The justification also is release of spirit from heavy chains of terrestrial gravitations. Be in the world, but other-worldly – in power to only strong spirit. Other-worldly is My World. So my Days in your days start being approved by Light of fires. Life of spirit and life in the spirit of is the statement of fires on Earth – heavenly in terrestrial, Eternal in temporary, Infinity in final. In a word, the same is old as the world, but eternally new way of reconciliation, or an equilibration of couples of contrasts in consciousness. Finally, in it the essence of life, essence of any vital process in its spiral and forward development also consists. Two poles – a neutral point of an equilibration – and new advance in Boundlessness on time spiral. In the spiral center is core spirit, and in it – It, the Silent, eternally Looking Witness of everything that passes before It. Steps of Eternity start sounding in the consciousness directed in the Sphere of Dumb Witness. It is high over three. It in the depth of all covers, eternally Present and Silent. The hook my Kingdom on Earth is approved by spirit and in the spirit of, having access to the Stronghold. But it is necessary that at least during the take-off periods the consciousness was free from slavery and the power of terrestrial gravitations. Freedom! Freedom! If people understood that gives which in the spirit of. Look for freedom everywhere, but not in the spirit of, and therefore don't find, and is fruitless their searches are. Look for freedom everywhere, but not in the spirit of and therefore don't find, and their searches are fruitless. In breathe of freedom I Shroud daring to come nearer to Me. Both hidden and inaudible breath my, easy as the ray of light, destroys heavy rusty iron chains of Earth, apparently, so hopelessly held down spirit. With Me the solved way a step of inalterability goes to the Kingdom of Eternal Light, from a kingdom of death goes to life. Many went: fought, suffered and directed, went not my way, but the, and... died. But I Call to life and in life. In tension of persistent constant aspiration to Me kindle life fire. Immortality is reached when it becomes inextinguishable. Let will flare up inextinguishable flame lives in heart of the directed spirit. Fires we ascend and on fires. The fiery essence of the shown world isn't denied. The small spark, proceeding of the Sphere of Eternal Light, becomes the flame world, an ardent microcosm, and real on fire. The regal way of Fiery Yoga also is an ardent way to the Kingdom Light Fire. Logos Flame the certificate to the world Show about those heights which the spirit human in unrestrained aspiration to Light can reach.

184. Than more tensely there is a perception process, especially accurate, certain and peculiar crystals of fiery thought are made out. But this tension is the tranquility tension, fiery tension of tranquility, tension o tranquility fiery. Tranquility fiery is so we will remember.

185. It isn't necessary to do enemies. But if there is an enemy, no rage to him has. Actions are allowed, and the most resolute, but without rage, irritation and all other feelings, strong saddening aura. Better is with a smile. Й it is better to leave people peacefully and in an amicable way. It is a lot of people, connecting it with the opponent astral, so connected also live, and connected to the World Elevated go, continuing to torment each other until will settle all the energiya enclosed in the feelings. The convicts chained to four wheels of mutual hatred. It is better to forgive, that enemy spiteful at a meeting no I had in you anything. It is possible to think, both human and acts to appreciate feelings, but without bringing in this assessment of the astral beginning. To less live in this conductor, in its negative display, the better. Dark feelings terrestrial kindle fire devouring. He devours tissues of nerves and the organism weakens. It is necessary to watch closely very much fluctuations of an astral and not to allow the undesirable. There is no most the bitter feeling, than slavery at own covers, and there is no slavery of more hopeless because from not to leave anywhere. In itself from itself look for freedom.

186. (Apr. 8). The law of contrasts is shown everywhere, as well as in consciousness. The consciousness can't vibrate on a number of certain phenomena, without causing thereby and without determining a number of the phenomena opposite. One causes another. And, living in the sphere of one order of feelings and emotions, it isn't necessary to forget that their antipode becomes ripe to manifestation with the same force and intensity with what other pole sounded. Assumption of the phenomena of one property we cause to phenomenon existence, the opposite. The consciousness can get tired everything if alternation of the phenomena only doesn't take place. Monotony means attenuation and deadness. The rhythm should be changed. Stagnation is lack of change and a rhythm.

187. (Apr. 9). Waking dreams is so we Call fiery enlightenments to our World. At first they as far summer lightning’s, but then closer and, at last, will light up the light all horizon of consciousness will flash. Certainly, the theory has to become a rule, and abstractness – life. For this purpose the necessary concept, and then on it as on a rope, the statement accepted in the spirit of the phenomenon in life is tightened is at first thrown in consciousness. These thoughts – harbingers of the going statement them in life, serve as very necessary and inevitable step of cognition. The window in the future, but in the due direction is as though cut through. The phenomenon threshold thought is a step preceding cognition without which it is impossible to do. These bridges for transition of thought premessenger to the sphere of its practical implementation to lives can be under construction spirit consciously. It is a lot of thoughts similar without special work and efforts it is possible to imprint purposely once and somewhere under conformably developed circumstances it was possible to apply them or to approve in life and such way to increase quantity and force of energiya deposited in a microcosm. The tree at once, especially at once can't grow and the consciousness doesn't grow. The method of expansion and consciousness growth by the statement or preliminary crops of thoughts premessengers will be a method correct. The consciousness as though assimilates new energy, gradually getting used to it. And then this new enters into it naturally and simply as something already and familiar, without causing impression of the alien or alien element which is violently interfering in consciousness. Assimilation by consciousness of thoughts, ideas and representations necessary is process without which spirit transformation is impossible. It is possible to call this process by the project, or the plan of future constructions which have to pour out over time in concrete forms. It is possible to accustom itself all necessary, useful and corresponding to a way to postpone thus in consciousness as grains for future shoots, rejecting without hesitation everything which isn't answering the purpose of evolution of spirit. So the knowledge of the nature human with all its features, weaknesses and shortcomings can be taken with itself as valuable baggage, adding in passing to it grains for future accumulation, but bitterness, disappointment and offenses, people caused, it is possible to reject ruthlessly as superfluous. In a long journey only useful load undertakes. The result of experience, but without astral experiences accompanying it undertakes. For example, someone from relatives by nonsense, rashness or devotion endangered itself (himself) or you. The bitterness of experience and other feelings can be forgotten, but the severe lesson of the deceived trust should be remembered and taken strongly with itself in a way distant. It isn't necessary to burden consciousness freight of astral experiences. It is necessary to exempt from them a crystal of the cleared thought. Release of thoughts from astral tatter is very useful exercise. It is possible to expect danger and it is possible to accept the necessary measures, on outgrowths, or fear stratifications, to thought of danger stuck, it is necessary to separate from it. It is possible to see the person what he is with all its negative and unpleasant properties, but, knowing it, from knowledge of the this person it is necessary to separate feeling of not goodwill, rage, chagrin, irritation and all other feelings which he caused in your astral. It is possible even to replace them with feeling of indulgence and tolerance to imperfections human. So, it is possible to know, it is possible to see, it is possible to work, but without intervention of feelings, passions and the emotions of the lowest astral cover covering the lowest scale of its manifestations. This scale is wide. The delight of spirit is good, but the enthusiasm is destructive, the love to the person is good, but dribbling sentimentality is condemned, the compassion is good, but weak-willed immersion in whirlwinds of foreign despair and infection with its own cover is inadmissible. It is necessary to be able to distinguish necessary and useful from unnecessary and harmful, that is to be able to see. So, if the blind leads blind, both will fall in a hole. And if it is rather deep, it is possible from it and not to get out.

188. Anything so strongly doesn't weaken mental energy, as inability to keep it in balance. All emotions of an astral waste it. Even pleasure is of an astral order. Each more strengthened heart beat carries away precious power. Only everything made and endured in tranquility, doesn't spend forces. Therefore tranquility is first of all. If people, it yet the reason for own of enrages. It is a lot of now frenzied; only call them now differently, not evangelically. Mental energy is the force which should be seized before to use it. Mastering by it also is mastering by because all movements of soul are any or involuntary display of this force. Stubs she owns us, or we her. The pupil has to seize himself by all means and any price.

189. (Apr. 10). Isn't present and can't be any artificial conditions in which fires would be shown by request. Fire not always burns. It is possible to create conditions favorable and patiently to wait. But violently fire won't light up. It was much spoken about conditions promoting. They should be observed. They aren't so difficult. Hidden fire can go out. Feelings of the lowest the highest fires extinguish fires. Fires easily go out, but it is so difficult kindle. Life modern doesn't favor to growth of fires. It is too much vanity and superficial efficiency. Fire suffers neither that, nor another. Rest of intensity that is tranquility of exactly burning flame is necessary to fire. We speak about fire unquenchable and indestructible. Stability of the Highest fires should be gained in life.

190. Sequence in everything – the basic principle of evolution, sequence and generation of forms by the nature of the. Terms are caused by sequence, and events – the reasons, them generated. Contrasts are various in a form, but are uniform in the nature. Therefore they are called in couples of related contrasts, as the man and the woman, morning and evening, heat and cold, top and a bottom, and so indefinitely. One pole causes inevitability of manifestation of another, one phenomenon – opposite. It is necessary to be able, observing the phenomenon of one about to expect the birth of other, its antipode, and its related contrast. Many prophecies or anticipation are based on knowledge of the law of antitheses. Thus you shouldn't forget that events are show within laws of a spiral, cycles, a rhythm of a twelve-octave scale and other main forms of manifestation of the visible and Invisible Worlds. The prophecy on Arrival Maitreya is based on the same knowledge. Come in force Law the Space, - and night of darkness before the future Arrival of Light, naturally, has be deep and dark. Knowledge it has to help knowing to endure a darkness press. Evolution spiral, having given demonstration of two oppositions – darkness and Light, will raise forward and, repeating on the plane of the highest, will give the imperfections on one pole, but won't give imperfections which were possible in the plane of the lowest spiral. The plane is meant as the piece of a spiral including two poles of manifestation of a uniform thing, in this case, to evolution of your planet. Even the orbit terrestrial isn't the plane, but a spiral because Earth in the directed flight rushes in Boundlessness together with all Solar system. Whether not therefore also day yesterday's doesn't repeat never, because the law of a spiral and in it. Similarity and likeness perhaps, but not repetition of the same is. In it and is consolation, because return to the past isn't present. Everything, evolutions not corresponding or become obsolete, is liable to destruction. Everything, capable to ascend, receives the new covers; all impractical finally is destroyed, including here not only separate forms, but also the whole worlds. But the principle of life, immortal and eternal, steadily continues to ascend in the spiral movement, rising everything is higher and higher on a spiral which has no end because this end goes to Boundlessness and is lost in it. Evolution of the real end has no, and highest Inexpressible the last Circle of a spiral having shown other promptly moves ahead in eternal aspiration to manifestation even more highest.

191. (Apr. 11). Not wisely to spend energy for fears and concerns that can happen and that can't be. There is no more inutile and harmful occupation. Really something threatens a bank, it is possible to take measures what it is possible, but will be tormented with imagined dangers a sign of cowardly nature. All signs of cowardice are eradicated completely. Life will put in the provisions causing sensation of fear until it won't be изжито. The coward will be ten times scared. At growing fires or the fear, as well as other shortcomings, will be won, or it will destroy the owner. The fear никчемен also is aimless in itself. He not only should be killed, but also sharp-sightedly to look, as though killed gray snake of fear again didn't recover and didn't raise the head. The fear is dangerous that endangers the person on a sore point. It is better to pass through thousands horrors without fear, than to shiver before imagined scarecrows. After all, eventually, whatever presented life, everything will pass, and the life, and the person will terminate, having dumped fetters of the dense world, remains whole and safe because the spirit is impregnable. It is possible a scarecrow of fear to win imagination, mentally carrying out itself through the phenomena inspiring fear, and strengthening them. But also it should be done circumspectly not to court trouble. Examples of heroes are good. Intimidation by life is inadmissible. From time to time remaining monsters raise the heads; it is necessary to finish up to the end so that didn't rise any more. Stir ways.

192. My time when predicted it is necessary to be made by force of Beams of the Star of Mother of the World came. Not on imagination human implementation, but according to will Highest will go. It is necessary to wait, wait and prepare only. It is necessary to meet in white clothes, Light clothes. The meeting is inevitable, and it is necessary to prepare consciousness for it.

193. (Apr. 12). My son, how long the temporary will stand himself in Light of eternal life? At first there is an understanding of a transient of the present hour and already it understanding of in the sphere Eternal. It isn't enough one understanding. Mastering and deduction conscious is necessary. The containment moments yet aren't the guarantee of that achievement will be withheld. It is difficultly to hold, it is more difficult, than to reach. Achievement breaks vibrations of the surrounding sphere. Everything rises against the winner to break victory signs from his forehead. All surrounding is strong antagonistically achievements of spirit. The world rises against as though thousands threads persistently, persistently and imperceptibly delay spirit down, on one level all. No exit: either to inspire all, or to fall to their level. We can’t go down and therefore we Seek lift all. The same task rises before each spirit which has risen over lump of people. The person can't separately exist. It is connected with a planet and mankind. Independent existence is absurd. The strong and high spirit already one condition of the aura rarefies and rifine the sphere surrounding it and already thereby lifts it. And then conditions dense are rougher, especially the feat of transformation of the world is difficult. Therefore each condition of spirit matters. There are no conditions indifferent, that is anyway not influencing everything that around. Every instant the good or the evil is created depending on a condition of aura. In all that occurs in it, the person before the world is responsible. He understands it or not, but its radiations, interacting with Wednesday round, create good or the evil. Patrol is necessary, patrol over itself to see and the nobility created by the hands. Any words, any grimaces, any hypocrisy of M will rescue from reality. The hypocrite and the liar can deceive all, but won't deceive and won't change the destruction made by its radiations in space. Evidence strong differs from reality. We See not that people see and that seems to them that they see. We See that is, hidden under external covers. We Aren't mistaken in people because we Know not only that they themselves represent actually, but also all opportunities them and the hidden potential. Therefore our judgment so differs from judgments human. At Us are measures others. Our purpose is lift people above. We Can lift them only the Light, the aura. Therefore everyone, therefore everyone, following Us, to some extent has to seek to assimilate to us. Holding the aura orderly, the person can create the business of Light. Each aura to some extent is blessing or damnation for people around. Everyone every minute, even second, brings light or darkness that around: The return reaction of everything that is exposed to aura influence is inevitable. And then people start speaking about punishment or heavy destiny if premised to energy was a low order. From laws of life not leave anywhere. Field of their manifestation Is a microcosm of the person. The sewer is, and the reaper. Also it is responsible before itself because pays itself, and wholly, and for everything. Of responsibility we will think.

194. (Apr. 13). My son, it is impossible to forget about the phenomenon pralaya consciousnesses. Alternation of tension of its fiery is inevitable. From here is and feeling of a dissatisfaction. When fire burns, it paints all the color and does life full. When force it decreases, all grows dull also surrounding and it is difficult to spirit then. So again we come to fire as to a life basis. Not to avoid a rhythm of consciousness, but it is possible to facilitate the periods Pralaya. Then and how? The pulsation of life is that the vital principle or is developed and reveals completely, giving limit expression of in this form as it is possible to see it in a blossoming tree, a pink bush and a plant burdened by fruits, or is curtailed, as though involving in itself, in grain, all the energy, crystallized in it. In the naked frozen plain in the winter and in the same blossoming plain we see in the summer how pulses, being curtailed and being developed, the vital principle. Or energy gather inside, being crystallized in a seed, or are developed outside. The consciousness at the moments Pralaya and during the blossoming periods, or fiery tension submits to the same process also. The consciousness can be helped, consciously involving in itself the energy, until then scattered on identifications outside. Activity is reduced to a necessary minimum because the spirit is most unprotected and weakened at this time, and the energy, directed outside, on Wednesday surrounding, always because reaction, that is counteraction and the return blow. But as the spirit of usual force of opposition has no, reaction turns out painful and sharp. But if all energy is brought together inside and to energy outside aren't stretched, to strike blows there is nothing because the person assimilates to a sphere, a balance and invulnerability symbol. As also grain in the earth under snow incorporates all of energy, expecting favorable conditions from a nature rhythm. It is necessary to study reticence, restraint, isolation and ability of to extinguish when it is necessary. This condition demands still bigger vigilance and ability to own itself, than a condition of activity. It is necessary to close a visor densely. It isn't necessary to concern thought people. It is necessary to collect forces inside to protect the intimate. Otherwise will tear to pieces and treasure will plunder. It is necessary to show restraint and concentration strained and concentrated, not for a moment without missing from consciousness of the main task. Especially it is necessary to hold an astral cover on a bridle: in these moments it has tendency to come to light strong and roughly because it isn't constrained, as usual. The big army can leave in the field; small is locked in the fortress where it can successfully be protected. Balance is maintained during the periods pralaya consciousnesses especially carefully and tensely. It isn't necessary to react externally to the phenomena from the outside going, by no means. Well as well to nullify internal reaction. It is necessary to extinguish it, having protected fire for the internal use. If external conditions were others, it would be much easier. But the horror is created outside, and it is necessary to be protected especially. It is necessary to save itself from worry by circumstances.

195. I spoke, I Speak and I Will tell that I Will learn on life because if it isn't enough words, let life will show the made mistake or delusion. I like to show on life insolvency of inadmissible offenses. Anyhow to destroy a snare of allure and to prove, what Maya artful designs are constructed on deception? When the reason of the allowed connivance is destroyed in a root, May allure lose the attractive force and the power over consciousness. It is a lot of weaknesses and defects human it is based on reality distortion. If the reality appears at consciousness in its true look, the power of defect over consciousness collapses. The consciousness being under the power of any passion or defect, lives in artificially created world of the deceptive images having attractive force for consciousness exactly thanks to the delusiveness because for healthy and normal consciousness these phenomena not only don't seem attractive, and just the opposite – repellent. Therefore, force of illusion has to be destroyed, and besides so that more not to disturb any more consciousness. It is possible to call a way of ascension a way of destruction of illusions of Earth. The spirit has to be exempted from outgrowths and ulcers which the moments can focus on itself and absorb consciousness. Show not from the pleasant. But before it is necessary to realize the slavery, or the weakness, or the capture in the sphere of the phenomena certain order. When the sincere desire to be released will ripen, I Will show on life as it is possible to uproot the phenomenon reason. And conditions vital will develop so that to facilitate and promote the decision. But it is necessary that the desire to be released was born from within and was self-proceeding. Anything externally alluvial won't release the person. Itself, itself, itself, the will, the hands, the desire the person exempts himself from ulcers and spirit outgrowths.

196. (Apr. 14). I sated hungry, I Cured leprous, I Did healthy the ailing. And people understood all this that is the terrestrial. But terrestrial only symbol of the heavenly. The Teacher Came to rescue decaying mankind from ulcers of spirit and diseases of consciousness. And in it there was its main objective. And nowadays the Doctrine pursues the same aim. The mankind is sick with spirit ulcers, is covered with outgrowths and scabs of various defects, anomalies of rage, irritation, hatred and so on. Both denying the Doctrine, and accepted it is some extent and somehow suffer from imperfections of spirit. The doctrine has the same purpose: to cure suffering and spiritually hungry mankind of its diseases spiritual and spiritually to sate it. The Teacher Wants to wash dirty feet and stinking wounds of spirit and to cure. And if in the pupil all hidden, all suppressed, all imperfect strong gets out outside when approaching to the Teacher, it isn't necessary to be surprised to that process of clarification becomes complicated and aggravated with strengthening of negative properties for their immutable gets rid. It goes a heavy burden on shoulders of the Teacher. To clear spirit outgrowths is occupation not from pleasant. Therefore from the pupil the ardent desire and the strong tension of his free will are required to help with this direction that his will and will of the Teacher coincided in the same aspiration. And in large part to beams should play a role of hospital attendants. Clarification is inevitable, and it is necessary to help the Teacher with this difficult task thought, desire and action.

197. The body physical has a form. The body astral and mental too has a form. And also have a form and a body fiery. But the consciousness of a form has no. Consciousness is not body. It takes the form of about what thinks. In the person there is something deprived of a body? Without a name, without a form and without the color, inside the Staying, silently Looking Dumb Witness invested by Light, is the highest That is in the person. The consciousness has no body, the consciousness is light or darkness, and the consciousness becomes the carrier of that form on which it concentrates at present. In it is mobility of consciousness. While it in a dense cover or in the lowest, it isn't so noticeable, but on the plan of a plastic matter it becomes instantly expression of about what thinks of spirit. Than the cover is less dense, especially it gives in to impact of thought process. The astral includes all passions, defects and emotions of the person of an astral order and changes depending on endured feelings, but on a scale of astral vibrations. When this cover is dumped, the mental body exempted from all scale of astral vibrations, changes depending on thoughts, free from passions, but keeping more or less similar shape of the owner. The higher, the less terrestrial reflection remains in the person. And in a body fiery similarity of eyes remains only. So changes form person. Form is a carrier of The one, Who Has no neither forms, nor a name, color. The highest spirits are Light sphere which actual orbit is limited to the extent of the beams radiated by such Highest essence dispersing extensively. So there is a transformation of the person on steps of refinement of a matter according to those plans on which he is shown. There is a Plan of Eternal Light, Arup's Plan, the Plan without forms, incomprehensible for terrestrial consciousness, but available to consciousness to the Highest, where all I and I everywhere, where the center everywhere and a circle anywhere. And in this center the Thought the Highest reigns. Representation of a flower is given always a shape clear and concrete. The idea of a flower is already deprived of concreteness of separate representation because includes all flowers of all worlds ever being, existing and able to be. The form usual is replaced with something infinitely big. And still the idea of a flower has any general form determined by the general signs. But there is Arup's World, the world without forms where ideas exist out of their concrete material expression. Material it is necessary to understand as the word not only a dense matter, but also matters of the Highest Plans. The plan without forms is the Highest. The spirit has no form. The spirit are show, or is expressed in forms – spirit carriers, but spirit, and accepting various forms, and dressing them, no form has. Being deprived of a form, the spirit, nevertheless, is shown always in any form; at least this form was light form. The consciousness rises on steps. Itself without having a form, it is given the shapes corresponding to a step of the development, and builds the conductors, more and more refine. It especially concerns astral and mental covers. But also the physical cover is hardened or refine and made out by spirit through consciousness. Person is your builder yore’s covers. The cover is under construction thoughts, feelings and actions, and dense – food. But not the food, but thoughts load a physical body. Both the essence of spirit and its step are expressed in its covers, perhaps, not always fully, but, in any case, rather brightly. From the world of a dense inactive matter on layers the spirit everything rises higher and higher, consistently possessing more and more distinguished bodies on the corresponding plans. But the highest condition of spirit on the Plan of Eternal Light is denied a form in the usual sense it the right to speak. Because the Highest "I" in the person, god is in the person, no has nor a name, nor a form and colors.

198. (Apr. 15). My son, pressure of the environment amplifies. Such is a fate of the attendant of Light. Pressure from the outside should oppose spirit resistance from within, differently will crush. And then pressure is heavier, that the person has to oppose big internal force to it. So from a press external spirit fires because prestanding it is possible only fires grow. Not of a press we will think and to grieve, and about inside to create rather strong fiery counterbalance and protection. Fiery it is necessary to increase spirit on everything, aspiring to break it. The spirit when fires are called for action is indestructible. The indestructibility should strong be realized. After all can take away and physical to destroy a body but who can kill spirit? Even in case of complete prostration of spirit nevertheless destruction can't betray it. It after all isn't destroyed. What this strength of mind if it is realized and if awareness of indestructibility of his, his immortality and eternity can't neither suppress any external heavy conditions, nor destroy, break? In order that the resilience of spirit increased unreasonably, understanding of fiery force, the not destroyed should be strengthened. External we can oppose only spirit fires. What terrible power of darkness fell upon the crucified Teacher! There was Light, and there was darkness, and its darkness not black out. So spirit fires if are called for opposition action, can't extinguish anything. The one is, who dared to oppose the fires to darkness surrounding, not one, behind it the Brotherhood. It is possible to scoop from this Source of fiery power a minute of need. The Brotherhood Support and new forces Allow continuing fight for the statement of fires of light in itself that Light in the world didn't go out. With the light from Light of the Stronghold in the world terrestrial everything and to everything we shine it is invisible, but it is obvious. Causing in itself fires of indestructibility of spirit, to common cause of maintenance of Light in the conditions of the dense we help. Force is couple only under pressure are show, as also strength of mind. Anyhow force of fires will show it would be possible? Tell friends: strength of mind of everyone on opposition to a press of the environment surrounding is tested. The spirit weak will break at once and will extinguish the fires. But the spirit strong, tested, only will increase force of the fires and will come out the winner from the next test. But it is necessary to resist. To me those who are strong can be assistants only. How I will be able to lean on weak or to entrust not resisted? And you stand; stand, despite everything and contrary to everything. In the spirit of stand! In a body even an illness small high temperature can deprive of physical forces, even, but the spirit is indestructible and its forces are inexhaustible. From external and from covers understanding of the force should be transferred inside. There power citadel, there spirit stronghold, impregnable external influences. It is necessary to separate in consciousness a stronghold indestructible spirit from a break and vulnerability of a body and the lowest covers. The citadel of the Silent Witness is impregnable anything and isn't available to any influences. I looked, Looks and Look from an unapproachable stronghold at everything that is created out of it, whether there is this movement in the outside world or in covers, it investing. It is eternal and indestructible on fire the life lit from Uniform Eternal Light.

199. (Apr. 16). My son, care of the Brotherhood it is close and persistent. In trouble never we Will leave, but it is necessary to pass through tests by difficulties by own efforts, as if to one, as though without support, say, under the sign of a formula "a hand and a foot human", and besides own. A lot of things are made under a sign. But what is from this? The same results, only the head, hands and feet are whole and safe. Each plan of life gives the chance, to it peculiar, and learns the lesson. Possibilities of the dense world sharply differ from opportunities World Thin. On everyone the spirit is shown on the abilities. The plan terrestrial is limited, but the higher, the more unlimited and is more free if the consciousness permits that are if it stocked up with the necessary knowledge in the world terrestrial. Knowledge and experience are got on Earth and used in the Highest Worlds. There too it is possible to study and learn, but on the lines of advance planned on Earth. There advance of spirit goes logically on those tracks which are dug in space during terrestrial life. There it is possible to continue, but not to begin. It is necessary to begin here. It is necessary to put though any beginning of that it is desirable to continue or approve there. Even the simple thought of something will be already a threshold since which it is possible to develop the phenomenon in the premised direction. In the same way it is possible to stop channels of unreasonable activity, having shown a threshold the thought directed suspending movement it in the undesirable direction. It is necessary to understand that each thought involving action and it previous, not the end, and only the beginning in a chain of the subsequent actions. Both the essence and coloring of thoughts can change composition of metal of links of a chain. The pupil puts a number of links from which to the future there are chains, either threads, or ropes of causes and effects in consciousness. To strengthen them and it is possible to continue in World Thin endlessly. It is possible to look in general at each thought as on something, a fruit bearing, as on something which we take with ourselves. From here conscious control over the thoughts is satellites of spirit in the Hidden Worlds results. Here we are shown in a body physical, in World Thin is in a body thin, in the thought world – in a thought body. As the thought if somewhere once it becomes a cover of expression of spirit, and besides only is important. Here it is expressed through a dense body, but there – directly, and secret becomes obvious. The thinner is and the cover, the higher more clearly is and more considerably the thought influences it. The astral body more gives in to thought, than dense, and thin – it is rather, than astral, mental is simply thought expression. And that once on Earth was premised by thought and is approved in consciousness, over time becomes expression of essence of spirit. Certainly, on the Highest Plans the lowest are show can’t, but on intermediate it are show strong and the tragic. On Plans of the Highest scarcity of thought and its imperfection are expressed in limitation of consciousness and lack of opportunities, thoughts during lifetime of terrestrial not allowed.

So the person either allocates himself with opportunities, or loses them. The root of the reasons will lie in thoughts. It is necessary to accept and recognize boundless opportunities of spirit in all worlds not to stop the way and nothing to limit itself. This thought should be accepted, approved, that is to seed in the consciousness here that sang to reap there. Don't limit thinking opportunities the false preconditions. They too give the harvest, but reapers where to change something improbably difficult. It is necessary to think now and now to care of satellites kind. Who will want to put consciously for a bosom or in a road bag a ball of venomous snakes? But many on an unreasonable and arrive. L cruelly suffers then when reptiles snatch on the one who with it (himself) brought them. Be saved from the poisonous thoughts making baggage of spirit. The baggage should be reconsidered and thrown out urgently without pity everything, able to harm in a way distant.

200. My son, spirit pines in fetters of the dense world, because all vanity and spirit languor. There, in Light Kingdom, to languor there comes the end. Therefore the spirit aspires to the Elevated Homeland. Dense evolution is hard and long extremely. Earth is equilibration point where the highest and lowest attractions work equally powerfully. On the Highest planets of this terrible inclination down isn't present. And, having passed Earth, the spirit already freely ascends. Fight and overcoming remain, but the pressing power of a matter over spirit comes to an end. Therefore it is so difficult to carry out release on Earth. But when it is reached, anything won't be able to detain spirit any more, overcome heavy terrestrial gravitations. The huge majority of people lives, without knowing, why, and in anything without trusting. Blind men. But you already know. The knowledge doesn't facilitate, but strengthens a life cross. The knowledge obliges. On shoulders responsibility for planet evolution lays down. Also the way, but you ours is long, infinitely long. But in Us you find and you will always find support and a support. But with Us it is possible to go quietly, having entrusted itself to the Driver.