Agni Yoga's facets, 1955 (201-300)

201. (Apr. 17). Thought – the weapon two-edged. Many will wound themselves thoughts of the evil directed on others. If understood harm of self-defeat, caused, from much would refrain. But don't know therefore sting itself. Think that the angrily generated concerns not them, but others, but self-poisoning and self-defeat occurs obviously and strong for an eye, able to see. Sick, sad, fierce, intimidated, angry, offended, obsessed the persuasive images, tormented larva's– everything, everything, all of them suffer generally from thoughts self-inspired, and accepted in consciousness, and expanded there to such force that the consciousness can't cope with them anymore. At least, it seems so to the person though actually, having collected all forces, the person can generate thought stronger, stronger potential to suppress the expanded freaks, to itself-generated and raised. The crystal of the fiery thought generated by energy of heart is insoluble and, like the living being, pulses in space, creating desirable consequences. Spoke about belief inflexible, moving mountains earlier, now we tell about knowledge of the law put in action when the same principle of belief is expressed in the knowledge which isn't allowing generations of thoughts neutralized and opposite that is, speaking as before, doubts and disbelief. The essence of action of mental energy remains invariable and effective, whether to call these conditions belief or knowledge. So the formula "On Your Belief It Will Be Given You" in effect the means the phenomenon of neutralization of desire, aspiration or a prayer the energiya opposite to what are put into them. The law works smoothly if conditions demanded by it are met.

202. My light I Give you to shine people. Whether you shine? One energy, this is turned into good, by another angrily. The person – the transformer, it is necessary therefore to give skillfully and circumspectly. Fire can be given but if received it turn energy it on arson, the donation was unreasonable. Even energy of Light to turn this ability of people in energy of darkness it is necessary to know. Therefore we go on about consciousness clarification that energy of our Beams weren't abused. Everyone, given out energy to the wretch, in the transformer dark, bears responsibility for the received consequences. It would seem, it is necessary to shine only – and all field of life will become covered by blossoming flowers of spirit. But even it is necessary to shine in time and on consciousness of those to whom we shine. But the receiver worthy won't appear without energiya feeding. We give and Look how it is realized given in consciousness of the receiving. We rejoice to a tree, bearing fruit kind Light. We give a measure full on ability of consciousness to contain. Contain and not to abuse the received. Responsibility for fire given out is born on itself by the carrier of Light. If the pupil spends the received treasure for everyday affairs, having given instead of nothing, the consciousness of the pupil is so yet ready for spirit gifts. Therefore creativity self-proceeding as result of the apprehended energiya Light We appreciates highly. Such receivers can be entrusted and bigger. Over process of a transmutation of the received energiya in quality mental production it is necessary to think well that the conveyor of consciousness didn't let out marriage. When this process is made in harmony with a sent Beam, mistakes can't be. Therefore it is spoken about coherence of consciousnesses when their merge becomes possible so much. The love to the Teacher, love, over all other qualities will be the best key for a consciousness attuning nevertheless. In this way it is possible to give not only one chord of coherence, but also a little, but also the whole musical fragment, the whole symphony, the symphony of life of the self-sacrificing spirit which has loved the Teacher of Light above all. So love not only wins against knots of the opposite phenomena of darkness, but also continues to walk upstairs victoriously light to Tom Who has no Name, the Form and Color.

203. (Apr. 18). My son when I Speak about the future, not always it is necessary to carry on the near future. The phenomenon can concern and terms far. In time of the phenomenon flow in sequence, but somewhere where time isn't present, they exist nowadays. Rising spirit to That World where time doesn't exist anymore, the consciousness can feel far events relatives and as though ripened. Question in, whether that the far reality which nowadays is potentially existing in the Fiery World, or deceptive and conditional evidence of a personal interior which it invests the world out of itself (he) is real. Revaluation of values has to concern the world of evidence and the world of reality and to everyone to find a place. We Live future and Are directed in the future, real for Us only the bridge to what should be and that already is in the fiery forms invisible to the world. The world of these forms we Call the world of realities, instead of phantasmagoria of splinters of thinking of the personal worlds being property of people. Our World differs from your worlds. We call you to our World, to the world of understanding of essence of things and relationship of evidence and really real and future, phenomena and нуменов, to the Worlds of the Highest measurements. The tool of cognition of the Highest is any more the brain, and all microcosm of the person with the central body of heart. The learning device for the correct work has to be brought to a condition of the full harmoniously coordinated readiness. The muddy centers darkened by the lowest smoky fires or flashes, will give the distorted, muddy and false reflection of the world. Only pure stones with correctly ground sides correctly will reflect light and will give fires of beauty of the highest. In muddy, еру shake up, rough and wavy surfaces of the mobile live crystal consciousnesses that it will be reflected and how? Consciousness crystal as the jewel which is carefully stored contains in a due condition of tranquility and balance of all its Sides, smooth, equal and motionless, that is astral fires not broken by muddy flashes. It also will be a condition of the approved balance when the crystal of consciousness reflects the world such as it is, without distorting interposition and relationship of all its parts. When sides of a crystal of consciousness are broken and bent by rage, either irritation, or fear, or other emotions and everything concentrates on object, them caused, the correct relationship of parts of the outside world is broken and the small thing before eyes dims the Sun. And there lives the person who is torn apart by the emotions, feelings and passions, in the world of the small distorted reality which We Call evidence because on the first name of the right it has no. Evidence is false and transient therefore we Call the evidence world the death world, the world of dead life. And from life dead and live dead persons we Call spirit to our World, the World of life live, - but before all deadness and falsehood of life dead should be realized. It is possible to call life of ascending spirit fight for the statement of reality. We teach recognition of people, things and the phenomenon. Life lessons are heavy and bitter, but teach the most valuable quality of recognition. But it is most difficult to distinguish the person. Only saved up feeling-knowledge can help. It isn't necessary to approach to people with prejudiced judgments about them. It is necessary to look and try to see. Recognition of the person requires big vigilance and vigilance. Words don't mean anything. At the best they reflect the world of evidence, false already by the most nature. Therefore we Speak: the doctrine about people is short, but the knowledge is long. Quiet side’s crystals of consciousness will give more or less undistorted reflection of the person in your consciousness. Let the reflecting side will be pure from preconditions and the eye of heart is intense, and then that is hidden in the person, can appear to some extent clearness’s before an eye which wants not only to look, but also to see.

204. (Apr. 19). As it is unlike is reality on your dreams of it. In what mistake is, in dreams or in actually? It is obvious and clear that a mistake not actually which represents itself that is, and in dreams or thoughts of it. So the reality of the going future isn't combined with evidence of the present. The gap is great. From here is and heavy feeling of isolation from life. Should feel and find reality a place in it. Sweet dreams about the future and the severe truth of a feat of the present aren't combined. In the first the egoism dominates and amuses itself pink hopes, in the second – personal is sacrificed to General Welfare and removed on a background that didn't disturb. When it isn't necessary anything for itself even of the future, can't be nor chagrin, nor disappointments because construction demands to enclose all forces to service to mankind. And when forces and a structure of the New World are put grows, the pleasure of creation doesn't abandon the builder. We call this feeling enthusiasm. Good, saving, fiery feeling. And those who follows Us, we Call to be filed constructions all-planets. Everyone brings the share in a size and on nature of the abilities. And you too bring, and a share considerable, and besides such which to bring in power not to everyone. One build now, other materials to them make. You make a material for inevitably going future when millions will demand food other and when anybody, except you, won't be able to give it. Therefore I Speak: "Realize relevancy of that you create, and you create even more deeply, focus and fiery". They will come, thirsting and thirsty, to a side of sharp requirement in food spiritual. Who will give and how? You, you whom I Prepare for years. And what if isn't giving at this critical and responsible moment? Whether you understand all tragic element of situation when the ready building couldn't be topped? Therefore I Demand to realize all depth of value of the mission, ideas unnecessary to dismiss and prepare, prepare, prepare for an inevitable and most crucial feat of life, for performance of that task for the sake of which came to Earth and in which mission of your life consists. Now it is necessary to collect knowledge, to accumulate them that it was possible to distribute generously when time will come. Don't doubt, don't despair, and don’t show weakness because time of crops comes nearer steadily. Be going for solemn hour of the statement of a great feat – to show service to the Lord – going in your life. There is nothing, but will be. Darkly around, but there will be Light. Goes, there is a Great Teacher, and the echo of its steps already shakes space. Maitreya Goes and the intended will come in time. Leave attempts to understand and comprehend reality on a deceptive face of evidence. Underground waters break through thickness of the mountain and a pure sparkling current direct in valleys to give them the necessary moisture for them. And nobody knows ways of underground streams. My children, you will become witnesses of Arrival of the Lord, you will become It assistants obvious, not in catacombs, but by the light of Day, my Day when I Will come to execute will of terms on command of Empresses of the World.

205. It is good when the soul is averted from the world dense entirely to address to Me. After all it means that action of attractions terrestrial stops, at least for a while, and the essence of the person ceases to be torn apart in itself the attractions attracting up and pulling down. House division in itself stop, and the spirit can freely fly up on height, on that height up to which his wings are able to lift it. Each spirit has "ceiling". The spirit when the lowest attractions don't disturb can reach it. Difference only and that "ceiling" of spirit depend on fires of the highest, lowest fires overcoming magnetism. Everything depends on fires. Therefore the disclosure step, or a kindle of the centers, will be the following step of evolution of the person. People of the sixth race will be people with the open centers. Transition from the fifth race to the sixth is so difficult. Task – will refine the centers, they won't flash yet the fires. The savior Was this transformation on the mountain the Favor. I was people have to become what over time. And nowadays there comes time of great opportunities for the boundless growth of spirit. Before accepting the following step of evolution, it should be realized. To this understanding prepare people of Earth the Doctrine of the Life given by Teachers for the future millennia. And you, who are going ahead to time, have a merit before evolution. Someone always goes ahead, opening the way. To lay spirit ways in space among darkness surrounding is a task, which on forces only the little. We Call them the elite, elects of Light. Only to them, my elite, this task of a shoulder. Also don't complain understood that the burden of introduction of Light of the future in darkness of the present is excessive. The task is given by us, and you are performers of voluntary mission. It doesn't come to an end with death of a body because and in the Elevated Worlds people still, perhaps, need light because there shine to itself with light of the spirit expanded, the brightened-up, cleared consciousness and fires lit on Earth more insistently. Value of fires is universally, because passes through all worlds, ascending up to the Fiery World. Therefore We Like to see tension of fires of spirit quiet, but powerful because in them guarantee of immortality is approved already on Earth, in a cover dense and rough freely to begin to shine when it, at last, is dumped. Death – release, but only when spirit fires during lifetime of the terrestrial are lit. Therefore wish tension, welcome tension of fires of spirit as means, as a method, as an ascension way. Hard work causes a self-luminescence of an organism and kindles the centers. Fall in love with the moments of tension fiery is a most right way to immortality. On fires of spirit we raise to spheres of aspiration and fires we support light life in them. Yes! Yes! Yes! The future Era of Fire also is approved by fires. You learn to store tranquility when in rest, but powerfully and quietly to strain fires when in operation. But people worry and spend the fires, the mental energy on trifles when from them it isn't required to activity, and, on the contrary, are show slackness, inertness and laziness in work when it is necessary to strain spirit fires. Work lightful, is as though usual it was, there is a victory of spirit over conditions of the dense world. Therefore strong we Welcome enthusiasm in lightful creative activity on creation of the New World. Them, light in themselves the giving rise, we Call true workers. And for such workers of a door of the New World are open. Always, under any conditions, on fires of spirit it is possible to show work tension. These fires clear space and aura of a planet of muddy and dim fires of decomposition. The doctrine of tension is a direct way to opening of the centers and leads mankind to the new, promised step of evolution. Through work strained to fiery improvement of spirit – such is our Precept.

206. (Apr. 20). Yes! Yes! Yes! I claim that Proximity washing, reached in the spirit of, opens possibilities of infinite cognition even without books, even alone, that is with Me face to face. People too rely on books in things intimate. But after all there was time when there were no books, and still there were those who know, and learned. And still the new knowledge comes from where from the outside or from within, but not from books, knowledge which else isn't present in books. I speak about ways of direct cognition. The knowledge is made out by means of thoughts. If to thoughts to have access, and the knowledge becomes available. From time immemorial Earth rotates round the Sun, and, however, still rather recently this fact didn't admit official science. But the one, who could reach extent of direct cognition of the phenomena, knew it, despite all books of poor science of that time. The same way I learned about it and Galilei. Therefore, ways of direct knowledge are ordered to nobody. All great thinkers, scientists, researchers and inventors went this way and found what isn't present in books, and thought as people surrounding them didn't think. From within the new knowledge not dependent on printed pages was born. The way of a feeling-knowledge is the only way for acquisition of new knowledge. But its systematic development is possible only in the presence of the Teacher. Without the Teacher it will have nature of accident. There are books and at Us, the whole book-depositories. It is a lot of in them the Highest wisdom and knowledge. But also We too Go forward, but also We too Open new, even in our books not containing. Bases remain are firm, but forms of expression of life are updated with each step and demand new knowledge, perhaps, old as the world, but the display new in new forms. We Go new ways, and a way of direct cognition, or a feeling-knowledge – our way. Someone believes that the Teacher Knows everything and, therefore, He has nothing to learn more. Deep and ignorant conclusion is. However, the Teacher Knows much, but the area of the unknown is so great, so wide and boundless that borders of that is subject to knowledge, don't exist. And the Teacher to that He still should learn, is precisely in the same situation, as well as the pupil for whom too it is necessary scoop knowledge because both before the Teacher, and before the pupil boundlessness of the unknown lies. Certainly, the difference meanwhile is immeasurable that the Teacher and that the pupil Knows. But Boundlessness is incommensurable to that can learn spirit, at whatever step it was because the limit to knowledge doesn't exist. And you’re Lord in relation to the Lord Is in the same relation, as well as you to the Teacher and the Lord. The ladder of Evolution of spirits up has no end. There are planets where the step of evolution of mankind is equal to a step of Lords, and is above. And that knowledge which is available to Them, still in any books terrestrial isn't printed. But it exists in the space, available to fiery consciousness and expecting everyone who will be able to rise in its kingdom. The collective knowledge of mankind terrestrial grows and extends with expansion and abilities of capacity of the person. And it will infinitely grow together with spirit growth. Will come time, when the hidden secrets of the nature and the Highest knowledge, being nowadays in possession Great Teachers, become available to masses. To it conduct mankind those, who goes ahead, the directly directed Lords of Light. Both certainly and first of all the Great Teachers from time to time coming to Earth and living among people. The purpose their one is give to people knowledge, and besides so that they didn't abuse it. Danger of this abuse of a bike is; can destroy Earth. Therefore ways of direct cognition we Conduct only few Elite checked and tested throughout the millennia of collaboration. Only to them It is trusted and we will give through them.

207. (Apr. 21). In the duality world each phenomenon has the opposite end, the reverse side, the additional tone which counterbalances the opposite side of the phenomenon. Therefore all astral emotions are dual; everyone is followed by its contrast. If something brings personal pleasure, this "something" once and somewhere will serve as the reason of the grief equal on tension of tested pleasure. If the praise of people delivered pleasant feeling of self-satisfaction, it is necessary to be ready to censure of equal degree that is to feeling opposite. Therefore, going deep into scale of astral experiences, always it is necessary to remember other pole of the phenomena which inevitably is caused to existence by the statement of a pole this. Have to cease both poles of a uniform thing. The consciousness has to pass through both. These fluctuations strong pass through hobbies and disappointments human, concerning all human life. The astral is a seat of the personality therefore everything based on personal feelings because, once you are approved on extension of one of poles is so fragile, this most generates inevitability of another through which inevitably it is necessary to pass. In relationship to people as the ideal can be considered such from which the personal element is excluded. The equal, quiet and passionless attitude towards with whom the karma pushes together won't generate an opposite pole and will relieve of many unpleasant experiences. We well Know these swings of an astral between two poles and therefore, observing them in people, we Expect display of an opposite pole. It is impossible to rely on astral feelings and emotions. At first they are show one pole of, then another, and then at all run low, being neutralized by the friend by the friend. Therefore we Speak about True love and True devotion, about the True aspiration, personal display being above a duality. Therefore I Suggest to pass with Me through pleasure and a grief terrestrial to rise above them in the statement of that has to stand over a duality of personal and temporary experiences. It is possible to notice in itself these fluctuations and swings from a pole to a pole and it is possible strong to aspire to that in things intimate, in the things concerning the basic and the most important, in the things relating to the Teacher and his Business, to rise above swings arrhythmic. People rush about between poles of astral emotions and don't find calm because property of an astral induces them continuously are show either on one, or on other pole of the phenomena. Without allowing manifestation of one of poles, we exclude thereby possibility of demonstration and another and we exempt them from need to be involved in an inevitability circle. It is necessary to be released and escape from a circle of astral inevitability, it is necessary over personal to rise, it is necessary quietly and to meet passionlessly the life phenomena not to be involved in a need ring. But if to take a step, the person raised a foot from the earth, it has to lower surely it, and exactly so as far as lifted. Such is the law. So, going through life, it is necessary to consider value of each step and dual nature of a scale of manifestations of astral vibrations. Look on standing at "western wall"; truly, it is possible to tell that they once rejoiced to because of what nowadays shed tears. And you who not having anything and has killed a root of desires, what can lose you and from what to cry? All the bothered and old words about thorns and roses nevertheless remain vital. In the world of a duality it is impossible to avoid its laws until the spirit won't direct to rise by the highest plane of life superpersonal. Are show impassivity in the face of any phenomenon, the person thereby doesn't set the duality lever in motion and relieves itself of need of a meeting with its opposite pole. Impassivity of balance – the great force, able resist to rage of the astral beginning both in itself, and in people.

208. The stronghold is magnetic Focus of Light on your planet, open for the Highest Worlds. Thanks to high-rise conditions possibilities of the Hidden World are approached. Merge and cooperation of the worlds is carried out. And the symbol of the Banner of the World is expression of the reality approved on Earth, and a prototype of future achievements of mankind. The consciousness attraction to this Magnet gives consequences obvious. And in case of long and constant aspiration creates the strong magnetic threads serving as the channel of transfer of vibrations of Light, going from the Mountain. The statement them requires some knowledge of psycho equipment that hidden and inaudible process became for consciousness reality. One is undoubted: the consciousness directed in the Stronghold, refine incessantly and the light bears a treatment to the sphere, it surrounding, improving it reflection of the Beams accepted from the Stronghold. The consciousness of ordinary people to limits of the capacity is filled with vanity. The consciousness of mine turned to the Stronghold, is filled with our vibrations in proportion to its ability to self-dismissal from usual "I", that is to release of a field of consciousness for perception of energiya already other, thin, about. Refusal of employment personal and cleaning of consciousness of personal litter brings with itself possibility of the highest perceptions. Spheres World Lord in which their consciousness rotates are available to the consciousnesses exempted from slavery of vanity, filling a personal world of each loyal inhabitant. And for each directed spirit there is a question that to prefer. Establishment of a rhythm of day, say, in the morning and in the evening, promotes rapprochement because the person at the first steps won't be able entirely to fill the consciousness with Affairs of the Teacher much. But gradually and with a rhythm they will enter into life, having forced out from it, eventually, all who are making under the sign of vanity. When the purpose is realized and the ways conducting to it are found, the celebration of vanity stops. We call vanity the human life deprived of final sense, both all acts and its all actions which haven't been lit up by a beam of understanding of this sense. Mad and senselessly people of Earth scurry about on a planet. It is so much works, it is so much efforts, it is so much excitements, fears, concerns – and all finally to remain before a heap of unnecessary stuff and the shattered hopes. Because for the sake of terrestrial and for the terrestrial people believe the works. But affairs terrestrial as people understand them, come to an end at a threshold of death with which, on representation of the huge majority, all comes to an end. But We Call in Boundlessness and we Point to life which has no end, on the uniform life, only one of which aspects are show on Earth but which to Earth doesn't come to an end because proceeds in the future which doesn't have a limit. The stronghold of Light is the statement of life eternal, reached and embodied on Earth, in the conditions of terrestrial reality.

209. (Apr. 22). My son, I am an attraction magnet for those who it is foreordained to Me. For people is the Sun, for solved the way to Me, I is the Sun of life. The beams I Warm the consciousnesses turned to Me, sating them with life vibration. Assimilate to a sponge which is greedy absorbing water when there comes hour of Communication. Immersing consciousness in the Sphere I wash, you carry away in it myriads of fiery atoms. Process is material, but on the highest scale. It is visible to an eye of the clairvoyant. Over a lawful limit I Can't deepen because then won't sustain a cover. After all and they have to adapt to vibrations by the highest, without bringing in a microcosm of the pupil destruction. That is open for the highest, opens itself and for the lowest. Therefore protection and strong patrol is necessary. Patrol not from Light, but from night flyers and dark evil spirits which fly on Light. Some, having risen, forget about patrol and become victims of unexpected attacks. Than above the consciousness rises, especially tension of sharp-sighted vigilance amplifies. Bigger Light big darkness shines also those who disappear in it. Light and for darkness too is a magnet. Therefore about Great Teachers and treachery are made great because the darkness peculiar is attracted to Light and directs that to extinguish it. Hidden fight all the time goes in the sphere of an attraction of aura of the carrier of Light. The pettiness causes also insignificant counteraction of the dark. But Great Spirits Cause on themselves hierophant of the evil, on their force it is possible to judge and luminous intensity. Everyone, approached to my soldiers put by me, inevitably reveals the essence under the influence of their aura: the good – good, bad – angry. The litmus piece of paper of spirit works, opening the hiding places of human essence hidden until then. Everyone, suitable to my pupils, has to find itself (himself). And if it is the enemy, wait for blow, being ready to it. Here also vigilance is required. Be touched external and to receive blow won't be the testimony of vigilance. Why before term to endanger itself completeness of trust to people or affection before masks? With them struck blows are struck by enemies and that find itself, becoming on the party of a dark camp. Be sharp-sighted, be circumspect, you don't hurry to open the consciousness the passerby. It is possible to give light, without opening itself. It is possible to give, having simply sent accurate strong thought of light. Be always on patrol. Many hands last from everywhere.

210. (Apr. 23). Spheres round Us are saturated with fires of thoughts of the Highest. Stratifications of centuries pulse in them which have been saved up during the long period. The atmosphere магнетизирована the Highest fires which are powerfully influencing mentality of the person. The consciousness directed to our Tops, starts sounding on vibration the highest. The Spirit citadel for spirits conformable feeding is a light source. If holy sites where there Visited or Lived the Teacher, have great value and the special atmosphere that it is possible to tell about thousand-year stay of the Brotherhood Great for people of Earth. The highest place on Earth that having eyes and ears I could слышан is so called, and to see. Many know and hear. But only know a little, it is necessary, to manage to enter into direct Communication. At Нac there are here images remarks of each allowed and approved pupil, as though the duplicate, or the most exact picture from it. Process of the changes, which are making in the pupil in the course of his training, is immediately reflected in his far double. And then we See, without spending excessive efforts, to that and as it is necessary to help as how to accelerate or be slow and what tests to give for the necessary rate of advance. The essence of the pupil before Us – as the opened book, also isn't present in it anything secret. The book of its lives before Us, also we Know that deserved by each allowed and approved pupil. Would allow closer, but Sphere tension Strongholds is not in power for unprepared, not tempered on fires the highest press of covers. Therefore the long and gradual prepare is required. Anything imperfect won't enter into our House – it burns down on fires of the highest. This process if unexpected and without preparation, can be very painful and even deadly. Therefore clarification happens consistently, slowly and voluntary in process of growth of internal fires. Exactly the gets rid occurs, but not suppression. It is impossible to pull out heart if it still was insufficiently cleared. If growth of fires advances improvement of covers, they fuse. Therefore carefully we Watch that process of growth of spirit went lawfully, without exceeding forces. And even at this care life of the accepted pupil is usually difficult and heavy. The flesh is hardly combined with fires being claimed. It is possible to call this process of depression of a dense matter, or its spiritualizing. Any subject, напитываясь emanations of the highest fires of spirit, becomes already other, especially – a body and other covers of the person. The inhabitant has a body, and Rishi has a body but when the spirit leaves these bodies, the body of the inhabitant quickly decays, sometimes even at human life, but high Risha's body can lie for years, without being treated to action of a fluid of decomposition because its elements cleared and sated with fire, are spiritualized and rarefied by spirit of his former owner. It is possible even to see light of these crystallized fires round such body and to feel a fragrance filling the atmosphere. All highest is accompanied by distinguished and fine aromas, but also on the contrary. The scale of aromas, as well as scale of fires, goes from below up, being a perfection matrix. Process of evolution of spirit is slow, but in case of the pupil it is accelerated. Also it isn't necessary to be surprised that its life becomes difficult and abounding with tests and lessons. Difficult, but it is wonderful, and ahead – a victory. The Teacher on the guard gives the best conditions for ascension. The best doesn't mean the easiest or even lungs, and, it is rather and more often, on the contrary. Who wants to ease, volume with Us not on the way. Those who won't be frightened of any difficulties because knows are necessary to us only that difficulties are steps of overcoming, that is a spirit ascension. If to move away them and to facilitate life that is always possible, there is nothing to step to a foot when lifting and there is nothing to lean, that is possibility of an ascension disappears. Bless in the spirit of everyone difficulty, you approaching to Me.

211. Pity – for weak. The strong spirit doesn't need neither sympathy, nor pity. Unfortunate people and very much want that for them felt sorry. Remember: pity isn't necessary to the strong; it humiliates it and deprives of forces. You don't seek to cause on yourself pity from people. It is false and harmful installation of consciousness. And even sympathy and understanding it isn't necessary. In loneliness hurries chose Me, without needing in to support of people. It has one support – the Teacher.

212. The principle of free will is indestructible. Voluntary the pupil betrays the spirit to the Lord. And if what wished by him for the statement, he mentally transfers to the Lord as the solution of will of the free, the principle of a free will isn't broken and the Teacher Can execute desirable, without suppressing freedom of the pupil. In this sense will transfer to the will of the Lord can have special value because two will go in one direction is merged also a free will weak and by the lowest is broken by nothing.

213. (Apr. 24). The way of application of the Doctrine to lives is a way true. Reaction of the correct action can be felt immediately in consciousness through heart. To the correct action heart and scoop from it satisfaction rejoices. If all actions would be correct, the main reason of all chagrin could be avoided. Heart can be opened a pleasure key; the pleasure will be born on ways of the correct action. Call this way gold, but it isn't the name, and in that reaction of heart to thoughts, words and acts would be lightful. Heart is the center of the fiery energy which is eternally pulsing in the person. The condition of all microcosms depends on a tonality of this energy. Heart is the body operating and pulsing on all plans in forms corresponding to them, and the essence of this body remains imperceptible, or inexpressible. It is possible to call it a spark or the center of the first-born life which pulsation began in not predicate subsoil if such beginning ever took place. Better to say that the beginnings of it were never, it won't be equal more than ever and the end. The eternity, are show in a piece of visibility dense or thin, has no the end, began, and heart serves as the live adoption of breath of eternal life. Therefore we Say that the way lies through heart and through heart can join and the person fire because it is the device fiery, – a basis of the shown world, and to begin a track fiery ascension of spirit. Neither the head, nor a brain, feet it is impossible to enter into the World Fiery, century which the flesh will burn down, but heart it is possible, the heart changed on the highest fires. The way fiery hearts specified and mind isn't saddened by what "heart is opened". Let Words of the Savior will set thinking of, how ancient heart way because "pure heart" will see light of the Highest Worlds. Then will see, whether heart eyes? Both kind, and angry "from treasure heart» your take energy, heart the given rise. And actions mental are made by the person "in the heart". So the Doctrine of Heart given by the Doctrine of Life continues to develop those Bases which are given by the same Doctrine of Light in the Gospel. It is necessary to see consistently growing continuity of the Uniform Doctrine of Light in all that It is given that was and will be given by Lords of Light. So there will be less misunderstandings and divisions unnecessary. Everything is Uniform. Division will be born in the ignorant consciousness, incapable to think synthetic. The philosophy speaks about the world, the religion speaks about the world, and the science speaks about the world. The world is uniform. From where division if, beholding or studying uniform Space, people find in the understanding of a contradiction – whether in them they? Let's not attribute to the Universe and its Laws of narrowness and a little of the understanding. Symmetry of the Universe, greatness of Space Laws, coherence of world movement of huge systems couldn't be generated by dullness of biped mammals. Therefore it is time to be ashamed of inconsistency of these three streams of human cognition of the world and to recognize it as generation of human minds, but at all generation of greatness of Space Life.

214. My son will be born, the body grows and grows old, but He Looking silently, isn't subject to these changes of conditions. The body, but not It grows old. It is forever young and young. Even the spirit has age though it and is great, but nevertheless We Can Tells, young it or old, that is highly experienced spirit. But He Looking has no age. If to transfer consciousness to area of spirit and to become closer to It, to the Silent Recorder, the old age and death lose the sting. The form grows old and dies, but the spirit is immortal. The young can be in good spirits always. It is possible to look at changes in a body as on something, the events outside, and not to identify myself with it as we don't identify themselves with winter and the summer flowing by in time. They are. The changes which are occurring outside, it is impossible to deny, as well as in a body, but it isn't necessary illusive to take "I" for the present and scoop the changes which are occurring in it. And not to grieve, and it is possible to rejoice when we dump the worn-out, served service and already unnecessary dense cover. In the spirit of it is necessary to depart from life dead and everything which is subject to death. True life is in the spirit of. When I Speak: nothing belongs to you, I Mean everything the covers which were replaced and subject to change. Yes! Yes! Even they not yours, because your true property – yours always. It is necessary to look for it in the field of spirit, in the Kingdom of Dumb Witness of life. You look at life of covers and in covers as at something that should pay a tribute, but that doesn't make your integral property and doesn't represent yourself your true essence. Sun reflection in water isn't the Sun though even will stick together eyes. Let's learn to go so through life, without identifying myself with it. Because all this it is necessary to leave, leave everything and to replace with things others and the World Other, too temporary and passing, though longer. The true homeland of spirit is higher. It is constant, and there the House, the Spirit House.

215. (Apr. 25). My son, I Promised Boundlessness! And not the termination of perceptions, not a source run low, but pleasure of the infinite cognition all the time extending and opening new distances, will be your destiny, will be yours, while you with Me. The source of Eternal life and wisdom is inexhaustible. Knew writers used up, poets extinct, the artists, ceased to create, but our pupils, the devotion proved, weren't among them. So, while together while with Me, possibilities of spirit incessantly extend. The center of the center of life is from the outside transferred to it and, being concentrated in it, in My Beams stays. Correctly I noted: the form of expression of my thoughts has to be in full harmony with their internal contents. Only at the full accord of created forms with their internal contents they get the dynamic force of impact on consciousness human. A little people think of force of a rhythm of human speech. And it is great, even in case all value of the speech escapes consciousness. But when the external and internal are combined harmoniously in the accord and reach consciousness influence double, the third will be born – fire of understanding intimate. Great force is in hands of the person but to use it, laws of the accord should be understood. It is possible to give a rhythm accruing, strengthening power of this accord on an infinite scale of a fiery. And just as on a musical scale it is possible to create an infinite variety of fine works, and on the fiery keyboard of spirit it is possible to create things in the different keys, everyone in own way, everyone, sated with an originality of new combinations of the contents and the form, topped with beauty. Let the beauty of expressions will be a form of created accords. Great Masters of the word felt secret of fiery power it and created according to harmony and accord laws. The magic of a sound, magic of the word, magic of speech and phrases is the area, full inexhaustible opportunities. You create in deep understanding of power entrusted, knowing, what mighty weapon of impact on consciousnesses human is given in hands going with Me. It is possible to consider process of human speech sacred and to sate each word with the solemnity beseeming greatness of the Universe. Some people consider process of acceptance of food especially responsible, excluding from it vanity. But process of speech human is responsible even more because consequences of the word can't be destroyed. Also It isn't without reason told, what not that profanes the person that enters into him, but each word proceeding from his lips, bears not to itself the no erasable press of a merit or condemnation. It condemns, generating corresponding energy of karma in itself. But speech forms conformable, beauty given rise and sated with power of a rhythm of combined words, will be the phenomena, the giving rise light. I speak about the accord of consciousnesses, about the accord with Me that could sate with fires conformable speeches, words and thoughts the terrestrial. I want that that remains after you to people as your heritage, shone Beauty of fires, conformable with greatness of Boundlessness.

216. (Apr. 26). Certainly, and covers should be contained in the corresponding condition of a mood. Otherwise they will darken knowledge of spirit. So, the dismissed astral can deprive in general of great knowledge and replace it with personal experiences and passions. The dirty rough body impregnated with fumes of wine and deposits of crystals of the lowest emotions also can't be the conductor of the highest vibrations. After all the brain, glands and the nerves serving as conductors can transfer to energy thin only when they are in a due condition. The accord and mood grow out of many conditions. There is any certain minimum outside which perceptions stop. It is impossible to break it without risk to lose achievement. It is possible to observe attentively the conditions promoting and facilitating contact, and to follow them not greatly. Mastering by covers probably only then, when they are mode can easily stop a susceptibility or continuous contact with people insalubrious and vampire. The victory will be, but at observance of the most necessary conditions of a due mode for covers. The teacher Aspires to that to make contact orotund and fruitful, the pupil continued cares of the same also. Life consists of trifles. It is necessary that these trifles entered into life as the elements promoting and facilitating the accord, but not disturbing to it. After all, as a matter of fact, all religions and all Doctrines mean only one: to approach the person to understanding of energiya of the certain requirements thinnest by observance and the conditions promoting it and entering consciousness into spheres of spiritual cognition. These requirements are expressed in the form of precepts, rules, manuals and a certain moral code. Therefore I Speak: "Observe the Word My, differently a gate of perception will be closed".

217. Our judgment about people and human judgments differ sharply. At people the judgment is replaced with condemnation and becomes thereof poisonous, - but distinction not only in it. We See and we Know the hidden potential opportunities of the person and therefore our judgment considers not that the person now, but it can become what represents himself. The pearl can be covered with dirt, but its value remains high because dirt can be washed. But people, without seeing the hidden essence of the person, judge on appearance and therefore their judgment, being true, is in a root wrong. So blindly it is possible to pass by the big spirit values and simply good person, but opportunities of not having to accept for worthy in pupils. Our measures are others. We Can pass by the person, from the point of view of human, possessing all advantages, and to stop the look on the robber and the loose woman. When external dirt will be cleared, the treasure will begin to shine all fires, but under layers external "good «ordinary people there can be an emptiness and a pettiness. It is told about cold and hot, but not lukewarm and, perhaps, the good. Not for them the Kingdom of Heaven. Not for weak Spheres of the Highest tension of energiya fiery. Therefore usual judgments about people should be replaced with understanding of their internal essence blindly not to pass by value hidden. To that is and precepted vigilance and recognition. You look in hundred faces, whether the side of an adamant of the hidden opportunities of valuable spirit will sparkle where from under external stratifications. And usual and condemnations people can leave judgments: they know nothing. The few, come to you, hold and in cheap judgments don't indulge. These the few among the huge mass of raving crowds can appear the real pearls and to show true values of spirit. Hold not condemnation, but severe understanding and an assessment of everyone, brought to you the treasure for washings, cleanings and polishing of its sides. And as in work on you, washing spirit outgrowths, the Teacher Shows infinite patience, love and care, and you show the same degree of patience to those who came to you. Show indulgence of wisdom and understanding.

218. Difficulty of a modern feat is that the condition of fight and overcoming doesn't stop for a minute. It is impossible to rest on monasteries because Chaos whirlwinds immediately will wash away achievements. It isn't enough to reach, it isn't enough to strengthen reached, it is necessary to keep at the reached height, having opposed lonely force to waves of the raged elements. Fight is conducted single. The Teacher Gives the help. The teacher Sends force of the Beam, on it is necessary to battle to one, the hand. Also we send, both a board, and a sword, both arrows, and the Teacher Gives all arms of spirit, but it is necessary to use them most and most to own everyone. The unskillfull soldier will suffer defeat in the first collision with darkness. Ability won't come to strike neither from others sword, nor from others force, from something which is standing out of. The experience, the ability, the force are applied. For this purpose also I Learn that were able to stand on the feet and were able to fight. Certainly, the Teacher Can always protect. But security is not force. And if all time to arrive is able the guarded and the sponsored child, that and conditions the greenhouse are necessary. Also there is nothing to think then neither of fight, nor of victories, of any achievements. It is possible to give a lot of advice and it is possible to support, but it is necessary to float nevertheless to one and most, differently never to learn. In fight we will find you the force, in fight and overcoming. And the frantic whirlwinds around more furiously storm, the victory will be nicer. How many efforts of the concentrated mood demanded at least this Record when the sandy, dark, dusty storm rushes over a roof? And still Record took place. And after considerable fight. And so is in everything. Always I Help, but effort has to make. By the hand and the foot it is opened the way. It is necessary to fall in love with a condition of struggle intense. Be not afraid of fight, after all I for you. Intensity can't be weakened. On the contrary, it everything will increase and amplify, yet won't reach degree of intensity of a condition of the Sphere of the Stronghold where it is necessary to come. And if it in century is reached by one, it is a lot of – two persons, it is possible will imagine, what tension it even if rather strong spirits can't sustain it is long. Therefore wanting to reach let isn't afraid nor difficulties, nor fight, nor overcoming, nor press intolerable, tension. What pressures of elements We should constrain, what pressure of the underground fires, what power to oppose to out of balance forces planetary!! ! If difficult fight terrestrial, what fight planetary or space. The chaos threatens everywhere. The fiery will of Fire Spirits constrains his rage. You to Me assistants, forces you’re in fight temper, persistent and infinite, because the ascension is made by overcoming and victory. Each highest step, and to them isn't present the end, force undertakes and by overcoming is reached. With force wonderful I Want to arm you, in fight of spirit overcoming step. They don't have the end, and there is no number to victories, and there is no limit to accumulation of fiery power, only in fight, only in overcoming of the growing.

219. (Apr. 27). The kingdom of Dumb Witness is inaccessible even as a hobby from which it is necessary to be rejected which should be lost and from which it is necessary to be exempted before the spirit will be able to enter into it. But so directly also It is told: "Be rejected from itself" and "Who will lose the soul that will find it". Because all interior, all its illusive "I", all personality it, covered its small "I", is no other than one great illusion, a product of creativity of Maya. Platon's cave and shadows on a wall, taken for the reality world, actually represent themselves Maya illusive world, or the evidence world. In the Kingdom of Dumb Witness of evidence there are no places and Maya isn't imperious over it. The person perceives the world in time and space of three measurements. But time isn't present, and distances – illusion of terrestrial feelings. The spirit doesn't know distance, and spirit movements, even at usual divisibility of spirit, are already untimely. In silence of silence, going deep into itself, the spirit to the Highest Plan of consciousness and, directed in space rises, reaches the Teacher and enters into Communication with It. Also does all this it, without having moved a little, without changing position of a body. And even on the contrary, than not more movably his body in the world of three measurements, in the world physical, than is deeper silence in his soul, than focus sonality, both thoughts, and feelings Usual more fades, the Communication is deeper, the Communication is stronger and the easier the spirit triumphs over illusion of distances and restrictions of time and things. Maya seductions, seduction of time, space and things are won. But it is hard to be rejected from itself, from a habitual mentality because bonds the persons tying him to as to the imagined center of life strong hold consciousness. How many works and efforts it is necessary to put at least to that from to come off and imagine the spirit about the Teacher, with It nearby in the Monastery of the Mountain far. As iron chains, holds the personality consciousness of the person in the terrestrial sphere invisible, but Strong rusty old chains of uncountable centuries of terrestrial existence. Fetters are of the three-dimensional world in which the personality and small "I" the person, his Egoism being a seat of his soul reigns are strong. So, the soul not lost, and it’s not rejected, and from chains of the identity of the small not released to My Kingdom won't go. The soul, as well as body, is a form of expression of spirit in the convention and limitation world, in the world of maya's evidence, in the world of illusive life terrestrial. But I Stay forever and ever in the Kingdom We wash, in the World fiery reality, in the sphere, which it is possible to call true homeland of spirit. So the phenomenon of Dumb Witness becomes possible, and the infinite tape of last lives is developed before spirit even to a chasm. Partial and sketchy gleams are possible and on Earth, but in the conditions of special and difficult when the world of this terrestrial personality with whom in this embodiment the person identifies himself, recedes into the background and her power over consciousness stops at least for some time. Having lost the soul, having lost the personality, the person makes contact with the reincarnating Identity, and then Dumb Witness can show the Face. The world personal, the vanity world, calms down, movements, using terminology of apostle Pavel, in "a sincere body" person stop, and "a body spiritual", released from the power "bodies sincere", or souls, can see, both hear, and feel over seduction of three lowest covers, in the world of a dense matter of the show. The kingdom of Dumb Witness is higher than the world terrestrial, above the world astral, above the world mental forms passing. And the life plan is higher and is thinner, the Kingdom of Dumb Witness is closer and more available it is easier to concern it. But It is in the person, hidden under many covers. It – essence of its essence, essence of its spirit. And if It, silently and invisibly Present, leaves and will abandon the person, his all covers which aren't constrained by a magnet of the Recorder, will be scattered by ashes, having dissolved in boundless space. Its hidden power, invisibly Present eternally as planets round the Sun, keep all covers, or bodies of the person, about this center of gravity, this spark from the Flame of the Preeternal Light, the thrown Space Will to the world of the shown life.

220. My son, to the correct action I Rejoice. Two persons drink two cups of wine: one – that never already is more in the life to touch wine, another – to begin and fall under influence of this weakness for the rest of life. As it is possible to judge to all appearances acts of people. Only internal essence of an act and its motives define character it. Therefore, making offenses and seeking to get rid of undesirable and harmful properties of the nature, it is necessary to watch closely their departure, persistently and persistently destroying their deceptive power over consciousness. All passions, defects and weaknesses human are based on this deception or rather self-deception. At first the person creates to himself appeal illusion, then enters into it and lives under the power him the created ghost, and at worst, and larva's, without suspecting the coherence, or slavery. Habits – too insalubrious illusions are harmful to those even. How many the unnecessary and harmful phenomena with which the person surrounds himself! Freedom, freedom, freedom let will be the motto of the risen spirit. It is too much slavery in everything, at everything and at all.

221. The pupil reaches that a condition of consciousness when nothing can become a barrier between it and the Teacher: neither good, nor bad. It means that the median way is found. And only that will prevent and to cancel from Me, be this good or bad, will be for it the evil unconditional. Against this evil it is necessary to collect all forces, that to it against to become. If the pupil puts something in the consciousness higher or closer Me, it "something" will be for it the evil unconditional. So there is a Teacher for the pupil a measure of things and the phenomena by which he unmistakably determines essence of the phenomena rising before it. Each phenomenon, each thought, each feeling, each word or act and action or approaches to Me, or distances from Me. And this condition also will be a measure of an assessment of everything happening to the pupil, and a measure of the correct relation to the phenomena of the outside world. Also it is possible to reach such condition of consciousness when already anything, what it was, can't stop more a way ascending it. It at all doesn't mean that it became perfect or ceased to make mistakes, but it means that to the Lord anybody already and anything can't shake determination of a way. It already will be an inalterability step. Such consciousnesses are necessary to me. And then in effect the pupil any more doesn't remain anything that he eventually wouldn't find forces to overcome for the sake of Me. To understand essence of any phenomenon both its passing and temporary nature and to put it on the place in the general scheme of things will be already a victory over it. On a long, thousand-year way of approach to the Teacher many ghosts can rise, trying to cover a way and to distract consciousness aside. And many deviate and turn from a way. But understood to any ghost, whatever great and considerable it seemed, the way because in the long term many lives terrestrial and a uniform Way to the Lord the biggest phenomenon of one small life will seem insignificant and insignificant won't allow to take up. So correct understanding and the ratio of things and the phenomena enters into consciousness and becomes its nature. And then the small phenomenon, even before eyes, won't cover the Sun and won't seem great, at least all voices in the world went on about greatness and its importance. Bike only the Lord and his Business which is called therefore as Great Making. So among the diverse phenomena terrestrial we will learn to distinguish really necessary and considerable from seeming to those. As it is important to understand value of a transient in things and the phenomena that to find and allocate for the most important a worthy place. And still it is necessary to understand, what not the phenomenon is important, but the attitude towards him. Going on the way consciously it can be called the Traveller of the Great Way because directly and steadily it moves forward, and everything by what it passes, remains behind. Everything remains behind, everything passes, everything comes, and everything will come, but not will come Lord. Great Silent Looking inside not will come, not will come never, and in day of the Great World will merge with you together. And then you will understand my words "I in you, you in Me, I in the Father, and We are uniform".

222. (Apr. 28). It is justified, justified, justified! Everything is justified that all is weighed on Boundlessness scales that is to what the principle of commensurability is correctly attached. Commensurability of the phenomena of life with the Great Way to Boundlessness is a task hard. To commensurate the small personality in the current embodiment with same, being earlier, in embodiments last, and to find their ratio with reincarnating immortal Identity will be the statement of this commensurability in life of everyone. The great Doctrine teaches this commensurability in the forms available to consciousness. It is Told, who the wife, either mother, or the father, or children or whom that and something will love more Me, not Me is worthy. In this or that form it Is told in all Doctrines. About what It is told and on what specified? Whether commensurability specified in the attitudes of the person towards the Lord, both people, and things? If it is observed, the life won't interrupt. The spirit ascension depends on the correct understanding of commensurability and its application in life. The best way is, when acts of the person are commensurate with beauty. So, if the way is solved irrevocably, commensurability becomes the satellite true. On a key of advance all life is on the way adjusted, and commensurability is applied to keep in the correct direction. And meanwhile, all attractions terrestrial and the essence of the dense world aspire to more strong to hold the person in the sphere. But the skilled traveler, taking life as it is, and requirements it fulfilling, not for a moment doesn't miss from consciousness of leading idea that life terrestrial is means, but not the purpose, means for achievement eternal through temporary, immortal through mortal, Boundlessness’s through final. Boundlessness scales in the bosom. On them every minute it is possible to weigh any phenomenon and to find to it a due assessment. Imperceptibly and gradually the consciousness grows into new understanding of life, and terrestrial stay becomes only a small piece of a way infinite. Then the formula "Not Temporary We, but Boundless" becomes life formula. It is possible to think. It is possible persistently and to introduce persistently in consciousness understanding necessary, exactly, to drawing in a brain because the inert resistance of the old person in itself is great. Therefore it is spoken about overcoming old for the statement new. Old it could be good on the place and in due time, but evolution doesn't wait: she demands development, boundless development of all qualities and properties of the person therefore the Teacher is eternally new and to novelty of stays He Calls following It. The termination of growth of qualities, even such as the love or devotion, means stagnation that is regress, or a spirit necrosis. Life can't stop: the stop means movement back that is decomposition. Many stopped the advance, having been content with height reached. But the Lord Follows steadily forward a leading Star. And following It knows that to stop – means to lag behind and lose possibility of close contact. Communication of the force doesn't lose, but only on condition of steady and uninterrupted following for the Teacher. Therefore and specified a method of prestanding constant that not to lose proximity of contact. Show cares to keep in proximity due and from a uniform way don't distract.

223. When the turning yellow field ears, the plowman that the harvest-time comes knows. So will come also to collect My time of spirits pure for their association in Me. "The herd is uniform and the Pastor" – a prototype of this association Is uniform. And the center of this association is I, the Lord of the Shambhala. My beams goes association, Beams which cover all, but unite accepting Me. Association – on Beams. Their seven. Seven main beams of the full range, covering seven human hierarchies of spirits. The sun unites all planets in uniform system. The sun of Great Heart Unites mankind! Magnetism of its Beams is mighty and affects consciousnesses powerfully, preparing, preparing, and preparing all spirits for the future Hour. The space of the sphere planetary is sated with force of the Beams, awakening spirits from hibernation, and causing response in consciousness depths. The people started moving. The people woke up. The people started talking. Being to speak until then the silent. There is time of Maitreya. There is time of fulfillments. Earth faces changes. Changes rush in space. To the old world not be. New on change goes. And at the head of the New World the victoriously going
Your Lord of the Shambhala, is winner of the world, the victoriously going to approve Light Satia Yugi.

224 . (Apr. 29). Let's not consider themselves unfortunate or bypassed if are deprived of many benefits and conveniences of life. Not in them happiness. Happiness in the spirit of. And in the spirit of it is possible to be happy, irrespective of good things of life. Certainly, any minimum of conditions has to be observed, all are full, dressed, and put, and a roof over the head, and all the rest, that is all desires to have more, they from the crafty. Because desires not is the end and a limit. Differently, under the created karmic conditions it is necessary to aspire to putting happiness of spirit in dependence on them. And in the best conditions people are unfortunate happen, and in the worst suffer not less. Unless in conditions business? The relativity of the phenomena and the correct judgment about them nevertheless remain not understood. Envy can be shown not only concerning people, but also concerning those conditions in which there live people, without affecting certain individuals. And such envy too is harmful though it and doesn't harm to certain people. It doesn't harm to people, but harms to the carrier it, generating discontent, complaints and regrets. It is necessary to understand that the sum of the happiness which has been released by destiny to the person won't increase from if conditions change. After all and in life these conditions others were last, but special and long happiness wasn't felt and then. The spirit bears the tone of happiness through life, and neither imperial chambers, nor the palace of the millionaire it won't raise. Then all rich people would be happy, and it isn't present. The happiness should be looked for in the spirit of, in itself, but not in out of. Outside there is no happiness, outside crying and a gnash tooth. On external it is impossible to lean. It is necessary to study feeling of happiness in itself to feel, having separated itself from influences of the outside world. In laboratory of spirit it is necessary to try to cause happiness reaction, it is independent and contrary to external conditions just as the yogi on snow develops heat of heart and a body, or holds in a hand the heated coal, without burning. The microcosm of the person is a laboratory for all feelings. And it is good when these feelings the will regardless of the fact that can occur in the outside world starts operating. Strong It is called spirits which instead of the usual reactions accepted at people generate in it will of the reaction, chosen and approved by it. One shivers at the slightest danger, another is filled with courage and desire to fight. So variously people react to the same external influences. From here conclusion: it isn't them, not in these influences or conditions external, but in will, but in the spirit of, the giving rise reaction to them. The power over reactions of owns consciousness on the vibrations directed on it from the environment external, once has to be approved. It has special value for life in World Thin, where exactly the subjective prevails over objective and internal – over external. But it is necessary to study here. The power is given, but to use it is necessary to learn most. Opportunity potential, in action not put, it is necessary to lie in vain. I call to action conscious, approving in life the power of the person over the world outside by the statement her inside, over myself, over movements in a matter of covers of three: body’s physical, body’s stral, bodies mental.

225. My son, the Events will go further under the sign of association of healthy and viable evolutionary elements of mankind through the heads of those who, perhaps, doesn't understand tasks of the Great Plan. Certainly, everything will develop as it is necessary, but it doesn't mean as someone imagines it. The general direction and current of big streams and small streams of events can be seen only from the Mountain. They will merge at the ocean of the New World. Then division and an anti-pole will end won't be necessary. We any more won’t allow new swelling of its energiya, having destroyed the center of their attraction. Our undertakings are viable. Them the seeming attenuation at all doesn't mean their death. But grain has to be buried under a protective layer of the earth before it will give shoots. Crops of the new reasons were made a powerful Hand. Shoots will inevitably follow, and are already strongly and violently beaten out outside, on light of day. Attentively observe events. The new World goes forward a gait firm. Enemies are powerless because can't provide our intentions which exist and clothe a form on the consciousness planes, to it inaccessible. Imagine that the enemy adjusted smart and strong strengthening’s and a lot of energy enclosed in them. But energiya of the New World should change the directions in an unexpected side, and all creation of the enemy will be unnecessary, deprived of sense, and forces are spent in vain. Directing in one direction, they thereby miss another and, perhaps, the main thing on which receive the blow to which force already anything against to become can't. The new World will win because the world old is doomed by us. Great fight ended, and the people gather under an association banner. Trust! Believe that close already my time. The millennium waited; really we won't wait the remained few days. And "crying and a gnash tooth" remain only heavy reminiscence of last black century. There is Light, and in Light focus the going Lord of the Shambhala, Great Future Maitreya.

226. (Apr. 30). My son, on an outline embroiders patterns. The doctrine is an outline, a life Basis, and on it the person can create patterns of the spirit. If these patterns are created in the accord with beauty, spirit creativity space is correct. It also will be the statement of life in harmony with Boundlessness. But without the Basis, without the Doctrine of a pattern of spirit to create there is nothing. Human constructions, philosophizing and theories won't have space character and therefore will be not well-founded and temporary. It is possible to build only on bases of true knowledge that is on the base strong, on the firm rock, on the Stone of the Eternal basis of life, combine construction with harmony laws, knowledge – with beauty. The criterion of beauty will be always correct. It is possible to start to try to follow it and to apply it always, everywhere and in everything. Not to everyone it is allowed to sate life with beauty, but it is possible: one live, trying to fill it with beauty, others – a disgrace. Will tell, it is impossible under our conditions even to think of beauty! Lie, it is necessary to think of it, and to begin with thought, and to approve it first of all in thoughts and feelings, and then already in actions. It is necessary to begin with thoughts because it is available to everyone. Nobody can plead impossibility. Construction always begins with thought. Also it is necessary to begin with thought. Combining beauty with thought, creating lightful images on an outline of the Doctrine of Life, on the basis of firm and Strong, the builder follows the harmony and compliance law. Its spirit begins consonance with Space because not in opposition and a contradiction with its laws there is a creation, but in the accord. Part whole, part of the world, part of Space it is possible to scent it only when life proceeds in harmony with it, in harmony with its Laws. Without knowledge of the Doctrine that is without knowledge of the Basis construction becomes impossible and the pattern of life becomes an ugly grimace of ignorance. Even animals know about World Thin. As the person can create a fine pattern of life terrestrial if it rejects Bases – the World Invisible, Thin, the World Fiery, the Highest, not interruptibility of life, transformation and immortality, recurrence of the periods of life and evolution real. Without these Bases aren’t present and there can't be a construction correct. But, when Bases are accepted and acquired, it is possible to start building, and beauty, with fiery thought having begun. To a thought kingdom each access has, therefore, the entrance is ordered to nobody. Spoke about the elite earlier, now we Speak about all: entrances are open for all, and everyone thinks. Knowing understands that if in the world dense and short value of thought isn't so obvious yet, in the Highest Worlds the thought takes priority, both dominates, and is a major factor of existence of the person, replacing it things of the physical world. And the higher, the thought more undividedly reigns, creating and creating round the person the world, it surrounding. If here, on Earth to think of a fine picture, either a flower, or a statue, they, having appeared for an instant on the consciousness screen, will leave and will be replaced with others. But in the mental world where the person stays, having dumped more dense covers, these images will appear before it as is live, attracting to itself related with it according to the accord. And there live there people, surrounding itself with images of beauty or a disgrace, and reaping right there fruits of the creativity, and being the centers calling light of beauty or darkness of a disgrace. The world Thin is the world, where are tested thoughts. It is necessary to enter it with knowledge of value of beauty and Bases on which creativity develops, differently it is possible to be cast into a disgrace, cruelly and gloomy paying for the ignorance. The knowledge is necessary. Its bases are given in the Doctrine, and it is possible to apply to them. It is necessary to approve in it to what it would be possible to add and give more because the law, saying that that it has will be taken away from not having also is severe. Claim at least small that it was possible to put to what. The destiny of deny is gloomy and sad. Itself robbed and deprived of opportunities. They have nothing to give and add. Denying Bases lost everything. To temporary and terrestrial it isn't necessary to apply because it with Earth, that is with the world dense and death of a body, and comes to an end. It is possible to apply only to that in the spirit of and from spirit, - and if the spirit is denied and anything isn't present to what to apply? Constructions terrestrial, on dense based, are doomed to destruction because are limited to a circle of the manifestation in time and space. But out temporary is spirit. We Build strongly and for a long time and Specify to follow you Bases.

227. But I Approve Boundlessness in all depth of its cosmos-spatial understanding. I approve it in the person because the person potentially is boundless. If the person is a development in it and expansions of the put opportunities if evolution – the basis of everything what is, lives and breathes, all forms and types of a matter and life, where the end to this universal principle of the shown world, where that limit about which the Universe and its forms have to stop in the development? There is no such limit because Boundlessness and is a form of Life space. Boundlessness reigns in all that is. In it all is shown. Even the space, this great receptacle Real, is shown in Boundlessness’s. Boundlessness, embracing itself everything, at the same time is attribute of each form, that is not only people, but also the atom, and a spirit-monad as primary spark of the individualized primary life, proceed of depths not shown, already comprises properties of Boundlessness in the form of the potential put in it to infinite development in the course of transition from forms of simpler to more difficult. This center of life pulsing by fire, proceeding a from the world not shown, going down to the world of a rough matter and being condensed in external expression, continues to pulse infinitely, without stopping willows an instant. The same force pulses in heart which, like the Sun, collected round itself all microcosm of human essence. The spark-monad pulsation can't interrupt, layering on itself growing covers of various types and properties, and passing through them, and dumping their incalculable number of millions times. The principle, or spirit-monad are vital also, receives the highest expression in the person, historically reaching degree of planetary spirit above. This pulsation vibrates both in an electron, and in the person, and in the Sun, say, in all real. Life pulses in Boundlessness in myriads of forms, and each form has the right to boundlessness of the further evolution, as and consciousness of the person Imagine all qualities and the properties of the person developing infinitely. Continue in Boundlessness of its ability, his thought, observation, fiery power, will, its creative power, all talents which the person possesses, his mind, and then you will see, what great future is destiny of the person. And how be negative with its defects and qualities? Let's tell on it: wisdom of eternal Space Laws causes boundless development of the phenomena only in case they progress in harmony, or the accord with these laws, without breaking them. Otherwise the nature destroys the forms, destroying sometimes the whole worlds and systems. Angrily certainly also can't develop infinitely. In Space there is a Chaos as an antipode of the shown Universe, but there is no evil as that. The Hierarchy dark is destiny only our Earth. On other planets evil, that is imperfections, are relative. Properties of the lowest steps are imperfection of the highest without conscious counteraction of evolution from hierarchy dark which exists only on your planet. So, the limit to growth of mankind and mankind isn't present. Millions years for evolution is anything. Process is slow, and only in case of conscious evolution it can be accelerated. It is possible to stop in admiration before greatness of the Space Plan of evolution. Destinies of mankind can be glad. It is possible to understand that appointment of the person is to be boundlessness in all magnificence of disclosure of the potential put in it.

228. (May 1). My son, the Hand Leading we will read in operation. Be able to live beautifully. It is too much round a disgrace. But the most unpleasant nevertheless is the disgrace internal, a disgrace of an astral body of the person. Movements in an astral cover can be either are fine, or are ugly. Each feeling and each emotion of the person bears on itself the beauty or disgrace press. Ugliness of a physical body comes to an end with it, but the disgrace internal sets the indelible seal to invisible essence of the person. Often beautiful physical appearance is combined with a disgrace internal. But in the Thin World when already it is impossible to disappear more under external covers of a physical cover, the true face of the person becomes to inhabitants of the Hidden World obvious and seen by everything. Here we care of the exterior, nowadays it is necessary to show care of an appearance, invisible here, but seen there. This care is so natural, but is many times more necessary, than care of appeal of a body physical. And while here can't add growth of any elbow, to change colors of eyes or a shape of the head, changes in a thin cover are made almost instantly. And if vibrations the harmonious occur repeatedly and it is frequent, and the matter it changes and refine, getting fine forms. Externally seek to take the person a decent form. It is possible to do it internally, and besides every day. The morning toilet making, it is necessary to think and of a toilet of an astral body. It is the most ardent cover, painting the radiations and thought. In departures it should be sated with its beauty. It is cruelly afflicted and black out the person with ugly flashes of an astral. Why to sadden itself and to generate a disgrace. Dissoluteness is of a repellent. The person very needs an internal toilet over himself. If to devote it at least some part of those cares which are given to a dense body! Coherence of external purity and tidiness in combination with beauty internal, with purity and tidiness inside, is welcomed. The internal the repellent of a dwelling of spirit as is necessary, as a house the repellent. Otherwise it is necessary to enter the World Thin in a cover of which form it is necessary to be ashamed. Shame – the phenomenon burning. And there people don't hesitate to burn down in this sensitive place. It is heavy and unpleasant to be among people with eczema on a face or infectious sores. But in the Thin World this sense of shame for barefaced and is careful on Earth a hidden disgrace and ugliness becomes painful and sharp because secret becomes obvious in all the hatefulness. Therefore conscious service to beauty in the spirit of the, hidden covers, becomes inevitable for this purpose who understands Bases. The beauty isn't only ethical concept. The beauty can become a form of expression of spirit, bearing it the highest pleasure and light and warmly surrounding. It is a lot of disgrace in life both obvious, and, especially, hidden. You hiding a true face that you think to deceive? God we will scold doesn't happen. Also there is nothing secret that wouldn't become obvious. Service to beauty is a debt of the person in all worlds and in all covers. Spirit is great. The highest coherence on a planet is shown in full harmonious expression and a combination of all covers of the person who bears on itself the Beauty press. The Shape of the Teacher of Light, sated with Beauty is fine.

229. My friend why to represent itself in the Beam only minutes of Communication – in the Beam you are always. The beam is appropriated as the phenomenon constant. This understanding will help to keep the advantage of spirit and feeling of Proximity throughout the day and who knows, perhaps, during all life on Earth, and after... always. In a word, establish connection uninterrupted and constant. And then wisdom of the Lord can become property every moment. It is possible to put it into words, to clothe in a constant prayer, but psycho-mechanic understanding of in the Beam constant is more available. Laws of the highest forms of a matter are clear and the scientific and laws of a matter dense demand to themselves for studying of their same scientific approach, as well as. It is time to go down from foggy clouds of mysticism on the firm soil of scientific cognition. The prayer – too is concrete and is based upon application in life of laws of thin energiya. Even tension can be expressed it in microvolt’s at the first steps. Then it will amplify while tension of light won't give the evidence obvious. The arrow of a micro galvanometer shows presence of electricity at an ordinary live section. In nervous sections it raises, and in nerve ganglions and a brain reaches the greatest tension. At the time of an intense prayer of the shooter of the device, entered into the nervous centers, a prayer, pumped light, would give the highest indicators. Thus people could obtain the obvious evidence of that the prayer is something not denied that is its powerful impact on a human body and its nervous centers. I spoke already about work intense, about work lightful. Nowadays Specify on a prayer intense and lightful is. Such light-fenomen the highest energiya are extraordinary beneficial not only for the person and his covers, but also for surrounding, and for all worlds. The microcosm of the person is accustomed to vibrate on energy the highest, claiming and postponing in itself crystals of fiery energiya. Therefore I Say that the prayer lightful fruitful and gives deposits obvious. The prayer rhythmic, never and under no circumstances not passed, amplifies in the fruitful, imperceptibly, but is true, changing human essence. Depression and thinning of a physical body and other covers becomes possible, and the lamination of lightful deposits goes naturally. It is necessary to apply will, gradually to deepen and strengthen concentration in a prayer. It is necessary to close itself for voices of the outside world, and for feelings usual astral, and for thoughts usual. Everything concentrates on the Lord because current goes through It. The appeal to the Highest World through the Teacher will be always correct. It is possible to address and directly, but after all in the Teacher in understanding of the pupil all is concentrated the Highest therefore through It is easier and more accustomed to the Highest and to address. One can be told that any lightful prayer build and is useful from whoever it went both to whoever and to what to the Highest it was turned. It is possible to name Light-press a prayer, or tension of fires of the centers. Specify value of a prayer to understand and put this understanding in application.

230. (May 2). My son, inexhaustibility of a source of spiritual receipts too you will understand as aspect of evolution of the spirit directed in Boundlessness. New receipts go and fill consciousness in process of its expansion and expansion. And as the end to it isn't present, there is no end both to perceptions new and to Records. Exhaustion specifies that fires don't burn and advance stopped. Stagnation of spirit is a sad show. Many stay in stagnation. The teacher combines living conditions so that to keep fires of spirit in constant suspense. It is necessary to get used to constancy of this tension and physical to accustom a body to it. Schooling it occurs slowly and gradually, differently the dense body is exposed to disintegration. The person as though break off on part him own the energy, not constrained by a will bridle. Often nervous people, pale and exhausted, being as though in continuous burning and burning down a flesh on fire of the unrestrained energiya meet, neither to constrain which, nor operate with which they can't. And at all passions or defects, but simply continuous nervous excitement and sharpness of experiences, even on trifles, wears out their dense body ahead of time. Weak covers fuse. The reserved tranquility is especially necessary for such people. The tranquility is such magnetic condition of an organism when its energy and its matter strongly keep about the center. Therefore silence happens it is very useful, and especially where energy is wasted by flow of words. A lot of the superfluous is told and a lot of the unnecessary becomes. If to limit the time only necessary and necessary, many hours would be released and a lot of energy would be kept. People of value of time don't know and don't think that everything brings consequences by the nature of the put reasons. On a field terrestrial the person assimilates to the eternal sower. In a terrestrial way, Earth is the world of the reasons. The chain of causality is continuous. Sows and reaps, reaps and the person sows always. It also will be life. It is possible even to consider that all real is a consequence of the past and the future reason. Each thing and each phenomenon can be considered as a result of the past and the reason of future phenomenon. In this sense each thing and the phenomenon are dual in itself. The key lies in understanding of that any phenomenon as a result, already are showing in the present, karmic can't be changed but as the reason of the future which yet hasn't been shown in the dense world, can be changed. So same phenomenon depending on installation of consciousness of a consequence can bring various and even opposite. The failure which has comprehended of two people, in one will cause energy decline, in other having flowed forces for future actions. Levers from consequences future is in hands of the person. It is difficult to change a karma current, but to generate new the reasons depends on the person. And karma current to cause such, as he wants, in his will. The difficult phenomena can learn to be operated if to learn their laws. Each person – the lord of the power, but this power in itself should be recognized and realized; without understanding it will lie is reserved and without application. Long ago it is already told people: "You are gods". The Great Lord told.

231. The trust till the end and trust contrary to everything and something that can arise in mind or seem silly and inconsistent, will be a sign of a true apprenticeship. Visibility can develop so, what even the considerable trust will hesitate for a time but when it becomes great, anything can't already shake it. It, such trust, will give pleasure, self-confidence and advance steady. It shows that heart knows better more than that sees an eye or hears an ear. The way based on trust to the Hand of the Leader, is an inalterability way. Let's take the fact which has forced doubt. Everything is right, the fact we don't deny. Everything is ok. But why then if everything are good and right, advance stops immediately and the grain of sand of doubt turns uphill? If everything well, apparently, it is necessary to move only further, but the fact not denied by logic of evidence becomes pood weights standing. Also wants people to go, and can't. Therefore everything that can generate mistrust, is ruthless and without any reasoning’s jumps out of consciousness is absolutely or carefully put aside when time will come to ask closer. It is possible to build only at completeness of trust. Trust the Teacher, and your way will be light and we don't interrupt.

232. (May 3). Having distributed all manors before death, the person is exempted from things and That goes to the World the untied. There things it isn't necessary, and elimination of unnecessary things on Earth, during lifetime, interrupts the threads connecting consciousness with each of them. It is useful and is insistently necessary in the same way to liquidate and all other that isn't necessary for stay in World Thin. There all terrestrial habits aren't necessary: food, wine, smoking and all other that the person on Earth got used to do. There don't marry and don't marry, therefore, the possibility of sexual life jumps out of consciousness. It is necessary persistently and to order firmly to consciousness to be exempted mentally from all conditions terrestrial which are inevitable on Earth and to which the person got used not to fall under their power there. It is necessary to have a clear view that is necessary there without what the person there can't exist, and reject stratifications terrestrial. Release from things by their distribution clears consciousness of illusive property. It is in the same way exempted and from the phenomena already immaterial, but connected with terrestrial existence. Completely the usual and habitual tide of life stops. Work terrestrial is replaced with a delicate work. Unnecessary there is everything that the ordinary person does, and it is difficult to adapt to him to new conditions if he never thought of them on Earth and didn't study them. Houses prisons aren't necessary, usual ways of movement because the person can fly aren't necessary. Astral emotions of fear, irritation, envy, rage and all with what on Earth their lives the person and which are called by terrestrial relationship aren't necessary. All desires because they can't be satisfied aren't necessary. If there the person enters with firm and clear understanding of that there it is necessary and that it isn't necessary, with the understanding approved on Earth, this circumstance helps its release much. It is very difficult to start releasing the consciousness there because everything that remained in the spirit of crude and not swept, remains in it as something becoming for it reality, the same reality as it was on Earth. It is easier to get rid of terrestrial things, than of baggage mental, but terrestrial. Best of all Boundlessness scales: on them it is possible to weigh suitability and expediency of any mental property. It is possible to apply to the Thin World scales of the Thin World and for Mental – mental. For example, the kind relations with people remain, but related communications or terrestrial bonds usual already cease to matter. The father, mother, children, the wife remain close spirits and friends if the relations were those, but related labels are removed behind discrepancy. All human establishments, both laws, and the power state lose there all the value, but there is a love for the country, care of it and of the world and the kind attitudes towards people. If not to draw this line meanwhile that is both really there and here, the person long will live even under the power of illusions terrestrial and to salute the chief if he was a soldier and both died when these relations existed on Earth. And so is in everything. The smoker will smoke, the Drunkard – to drink, the libertine – to whore, the miser – to count money, angry – to rage and the glutton – to guzzle, and all other to make everything that they did on Earth if they don't give themselves the report, living on Earth, that the great change called by death means. But It is told clearly, directly and precisely: that is connected on Earth, will be connected in heavens. And that resolve on Earth, it will be authorized in heavens. But people carried it not to themselves, but to another which it is allegedly allowed to exempt the power them from those chains and restrictions into which they put themselves; and people solved, what not they, the will, but someone another, both often same dark and ignorant person, as well as they, can exempt them from those heaps which they created and with which bound hand and foot of itself. If the person imagines that someone can forgive him him crimes and destroy consequences of the reasons generated by it, all the same this reason won't make it cleverer and won't exempt from ignorance. Instead of having released, it will come to the World Thin blind and will be stupidly and to continue to floor - it is conscious to do everything that it did on Earth. Even if the repentance, that is severe awareness of inadmissibility, say, theft, will exempt it from this defect in World Invisible, nevertheless it will eat, both to drink, and to smoke, and to do all other that it did on Earth. Not paid absolution is necessary for the person, but the knowledge releasing it from chains of a flesh, both restrictions, and illusions of the world terrestrial. Even if you offended by it, and all victims of it will forgive it him crimes, it can appear the standing motionless block deprived of ability to move if it denial destroyed the opportunities. The knowledge – clear, accurate, certain is necessary. Studying and understanding of laws of the Thin World is necessary. It is necessary to have idea of that world in which the person spends time much bigger, than in a body physical. But knowledge of ordinary people in this direction is insignificant and incorrect. And modern religions at an ignorant condition of pastors disturb rather, than help the person. It is necessary to prepare for great transition consciously, and not in a day or for two, but now, from this minute it is necessary to start thinking that expects the person beyond. Only one understanding of senselessness of actions terrestrial in the conditions of the Thin World strongly will help the person to be exempted from much. He could be proud, being the director of bank or plant, or the minister, but this pride becomes senseless there, and terrestrial differences – fruits of imagination of the nonexistent phenomena. It is necessary to know that others there gain huge value of value, perhaps, on Earth hardly noticeable and benefits not bringing, but, first of all the knowledge and ability to distinguish reality from heaps is necessary. Difficult process of cognition releasing spirit begin here, on Earth because than the person here will connect himself or from what will exempt itself on Earth, from that it will be free and where everything is created and moves thought.

233. (May 4). The purgatory is a place, or, more precisely, a condition in which there is a clarification of the people who have dumped a physical body from dirt sincere. So teach religion. But this understanding should be expanded. The person passes to Other World. In this World absolutely other laws and conditions, and especially in higher spheres, not similar to the terrestrial. It is necessary to adapt for them consciousness, to get used, seize them in the same way as, coming to the physical world, the person on abilities and the talents seizes it: one – it is strong, and it is strong, and quickly, another – slowly and less successfully. There the same. It is necessary to learn to go, see, hear, speak, to understand already other laws of other plane of existence. Certainly, Earth gives a lot of necessary and useful to the person: without terrestrial experience of people there it would be deaf and I grew blind to much, but it is important, extraordinary important to understand new living conditions. Both courage, and tranquility, both aspiration, and purity, and all other qualities are necessary to the person there even more, than here. Experience terrestrial is necessary, results of this experience are necessary. There the gymnastics isn't necessary, but ability to own fiery impulses and microcosm currents, mastering by which it are reached on Earth by physical movements is necessary. Here this office of results of terrestrial life in their essence from processes of their receiving on Earth also should be made in consciousness. Consequences of experience of people carry away with itself. They are very necessary to it. For example, observation is. Nor brushes, nor paints, a canvas it isn't necessary for the artist. There all its abilities perfected by terrestrial experience, open to it boundless opportunities of creativity of spirit. And if it by example terrestrial potters with all with what he got used to work at Earth, a lot of excessive energy will be dissipated in vain. There the person receives ability of direct creativity, without needing any tools. The ignorant beggar will create in the regular way to himself pity hovel, having spent for it as much work, as well as on Earth while if he knew, he could create instantly the beautiful palace, and not in city slums, but in fine conditions on a nature bosom. But he doesn't know. Nobody taught him. Certainly, clarification from dirt terrestrial is inevitable. All terrestrial entertainments, taverns, brothels, billiard, gambling and all other brothels though they exist there, created by creative imagination of garbage human, but they by the nature are unnatural and opposite to laws of the Hidden World because neither to drink, nor to smoke, it is impossible to guzzle there actually. The insatiable desires forced by terrestrial desires, behind their utter impossibility of satisfaction will keep consciousness in an environment of imagined ghosts until the desire won't be exhausted, having tormented the person, and it won't be exempted from it. This process is long and painful. Preliminary acquaintance to laws of the Thin World rescues the person from excessive tortures and a bestial black out condition of continuation of life terrestrial in the imagined conditions created by him. One will spend time in taverns, others to talk scandal, the third – sitting is desperate in a pro-mould lodge in which lived all life. So something will have everyone in slavery. Here from this slavery from conditions terrestrial follows consciously, that is in consciousness, to be released. Each person, passing to the World That, has tendency remain to stay under the power of those potentials which were approved in it during lifetime on Earth. They, perhaps, also were good on the place but in order that all good that is in them, was used rationally, they have to, surely have to, and pass inevitable process of transformation that is the adaptation, conformable with conditions of the Thin World. All essence of the person with all his tendencies has to pass through this process releasing it. And if he doesn't help itself (himself) the knowledge, it is necessary to obey to a course of a natural and slow gets rid of terrestrial stratifications. Stupidly and blindly the dark not released people on darkness of the Thin World wander, appealing about burden, because with freight of terrestrial remnants, tenacious and quick as feelers of octopuses, it is difficult, gloomy and heavy in World Elevated. Follows still here, on Earth, create thinking of the Thin World. For this purpose and specified the scales of Boundlessness showing the correct weight, that is the correct relationship of things of the visible and invisible worlds. Intensity and acuteness of that world is higher terrestrial, and the creative thought there reigns. As far as has to it to be it is cleared, that to save person from generation outrage. It is necessary to understand that conditions terrestrial are good and admissible only for Earth, and it – at the best. At the majority of people even their terrestrial behavior even for Earth is inadmissible. In the Thin World it turns into the drama aggravated with ignorance. It is necessary to feel as the heart, how excessively, senselessly and ridiculously all terrestrial that round himself the person usually keeps, passing to freedom World. Here the person often – the victim of karmic conditions to avoid which it not in forces, but there, in freedom World, it – the voluntary and self-willed prisoner and the slave to own ignorance and ignorance. Even the small knowledge releases, even the weak belief in the life phenomena over the terrestrial helps to reject something. But it is deaf and the person to wisdom of Teachers of Light, who gave grew blind, Give and will constantly give it knowledge of the supreme laws of life which it stupidly and persistently denies. It is given to mankind so much, It is told and open so much, and it is so much stupidly and it is ignorantly rejected. Will read thousands pages of empty and empty books, but time to get acquainted with the most important won't find. Under a unification banner in consciousness of the person of three spheres, three worlds there is a new Fiery Era. Among the fiery tension of new energiya it will be already impossible to remain more in a gloom of former ignorance. The consciousness won't sustain: it is necessary either accept, or to be lost.

234. People tell:"Memento more" and shudder before inevitability of death. Incorrectly! It is necessary to forget about death. It seems not about death – about the life expecting the person after transition of great borders. Nowadays the death appears nonexistent. Lords Light declares about destruction of concept of the death, created by ignorance human. Lords on a formula "death death having trampled", proclaimed two thousand years ago, again Claim. And I who has Trampled on death, Declare its destruction. It is necessary to withdraw the word death from use and to replace it with new concept of transition, or condition change. There is no death in the nature; there is only a change of forms of expression of life. The kingdom of death terminated, there is a kingdom of Life and Light, Life continuous and Light infinite. Let the death and together with a black century of a gloom, destruction and spirit killing will die at the same time. Let the death will die. I Speak about violation, about destruction, about condemnation, about death of death and death it I Approve. I Told.

235. My son if all forces terrestrial rise bend you to tear off from Me in the spirit of, you will resist in Me only understanding of a transient of our current and firmness of the basis. So always and in everything it is necessary to lean on a basis, and then it is possible to tell that the house of spirit is built on the Stone, on the strong, firm basis. Rush about people, also bend under whirlwinds terrestrial, and rest to itself don't find. And all external tranquility of those few, it’s kept – only to the first serious hurricane, because also their construction – on sand. But you, on Me constructed the world, can be quiet tranquility unshakable because constructed strongly. Pay attention to how crumbles under the feet the terrestrial basis and it is replaced with the eternal basis of spirit. Elements eternal in it can be collected consciously, accumulating and increasing them it is continued. They over a kingdom of three and at the same time are a core round which rotate in consciousness of the phenomenon of three lowest plans. When the person realized in himself an enduring eternal basis and identified itself with it, the life is found. But only to find fewer, it is necessary to approve it contrary to and despite the stupid, strong and inert resistance of all essence of the old person (in you). Long, persistently it also will continued destroy creation of a stronghold of Eternity in the spirit of because its construction means his death. When the stronghold of the eternal house of spirit is erected, it means death of the old person, death of the lunar person, death small personal "I" in the person therefore it is so intense and continued fight because who wants to die voluntary. But Me and it is close in your microcosm. He wants to predominate, both to dispose, and to fill your consciousness with vanity, noise and turmoil of a material world. But My Kingdom – the Kingdom of the World which above any understanding, it is high over them as the Sun over Earth and terrestrial doesn't depend on storms and whirlwinds. I want that you in this life terrestrial realized the shining way. It goes through life, but you lie over life, as well as – in the world, but other-worldly. You Mine, from My World and will come back to My World when you will finish and you will carry out a task terrestrial, Me to you charged. Soon to that Assignment to start being executed time will come. Collect knowledge and force to term to that: tension of all forces that not insignificant and not small to become the witness is required.

236. (May 5). Only light in itself it is possible to concern Light Lord. And if light which inside, darkness, whether that it is possible to concern Light? What will be then сconsonance to light and how? So, before directing to Communication, it is necessary to force all the covers to begin to sound harmoniously, having led to silence uncoordinated movements in them. It is easy to make it if to find them consciousness and to understand that in the presence of these movements of attempt to rapprochement will be vain. Certainly, the astral, as usual, wants to worry endlessly. The reason for it isn't important and if it isn't present, it will find; as also the brain wants, like a butterfly, to flit from one casual thought to another. But during Communication these uncontrolled movements in covers are inadmissible. They have to break off to give way to Beam energiya, in consciousness to the being shown. Yes! Yes! It is necessary to stop unauthorized movement in covers a firm hand. So, are instructed how to reach. But achievement goes a hand and a foot human, that is own efforts. Anybody for another can't reach. The nobility as it is possible to reach and to have opportunity it to make still at all doesn't mean achievement: it is necessary also efforts to put, both considerable, and constant, and long. But even water hollows a stone and furthermore the will overcomes stupid inertness of lunar essence of the person. The distance between opportunities, Me planned is great, and the real condition, or a spirit step, but for that the victory will be nicer. After all for the pupil not in the present, but all consists in the future. When clearly forms of future achievements and the following steps also are accurately planned, it is possible to go firmly and is sure, knowing about the Hand of the Leader. It is properly easy to fall into despair and disbelief in the forces, but We Speak about a feat in the spirit of and overcoming of the insuperable. It is necessary to remember only that with the Teacher possibly everything, and even the impossible. Imagined qualities we won't accept for valid, but also really reached by work, persistence, devotion and love we won't take for imagination fruits. And here balance full and fair is necessary. It is much made and a lot of things are reached. But much still needs to be reached. Пралайи consciousnesses are inevitable, but they are replaced by tops of the next achievements. So the way lies lawfully.

237. (May 6). Ability to dream and find in it some kind of oblivion is inherited from the Thin World. There the dream becomes a reality and an environment of the person. There it isn't limited to anything. And the benefit to the dreamer light, beauty of the images created by imagination, decorating the world. The dream is good when it is beautiful and isn't absorbed by a personal element. It is good to think and dream that is good for all or for many when others can take pleasure fine images as here, on Earth, people enjoy great works of art. It is necessary to seek to exempt dream from a personal element. Dreams come to light in creativity. If Great Spirits dreamed, that is thought about it, but not about people and not about the world, evolution would stop. The dream thought creates evolution, having left limits of the personal world. Dream brightly, dream colorfully and figuratively of new fine forms of life. They will be carried out on Earth because everything that you see on it created by hands human, was at first dream thought, and then was already realized. And if forms are bad, so the dream was not at height. The reality dense is the dream turned into dense forms, the thought which has become a reality. Dream clair-radiant. The planet is too incarnate dream of her Founder, both flowers, and trees, and it’s all beauty. Dream creatively and fiery. And let your dreams will become life, having embodied in it.

238. (May 7). M.E.Bek made a mistake. It transferred possibilities of spirit to a body, and, in the spirit of without having seized a matter, the power over a body couldn't approve, and was an example of ardent destruction of a physical form and an old age. Only the one, who won against the world, Can achieve a victory over an old age and over time that is the Teacher. Certainly, life it is possible to prolong and avoid decrepitude, but even close pupils didn't avoid diseases, and even on the contrary, more ordinary people were ill. The transmutation of the centers already in itself is very painful and blossoming health doesn't give. And living conditions are unhealthy. It is necessary to cure a planet at first. To speak about a victory over an old age of a physical form still early. But in the spirit of it is possible to speak about a victory over an old age and decrepitude and has to. The spirit doesn't grow old, covers grow old and wear out: at first dense, then thin, then mental, but the spirit remains eternally young. If life and consciousness are transferred to spirit, the feeling of absence of age doesn't abandon the person because spirit live-create, "but the flesh doesn't use at all" as tells the Writing. But the Writing speaks language shabby and therefore for many to the unconvincing. Let's will therefore speak scientifically. Sections of a body wear out and jump out of an organism. In seven years in all body they are replaced completely. But nevertheless the person grows old. What grows old in it? Spirit? No, the spirit is eternal. The form limited to a limit, put by it the nature grows old. But in these limits reaching nearly hundred fifty years, the person can maintain energy and cheerfulness, strictly observing known rules of hygiene physical, astral and mental. The spirit has to win against a body, seize it, subordinate him to itself and make the obedient tool. The person is mister, a body – his weak-willed slave being entirely within his power. To the aid of the person mental energy is given. With its assistance bodies much to an infirmity are overcome by simple application of will. The fatigue, laziness, usual indispositions, slackness and many other phenomena are won. Training happens to mastering by these painful conditions constantly. The body submits not at once to spirit. Order of thought – whether everything is equal how to call sweat process, but is persistent, the power of spirit over the whole sort of the phenomena, the occurring in covers is persistently and gradually approved. It is possible to give to it various tasks, diversifying them. Pay attention to how some processes in a body, for example, salivation easily submit to will. Almost with the same ease it is possible to strengthen allocation of gastric juice by the same way, or to stimulate liver activity, or kidneys if in their work malfunctions are noticed. Thought and consciousness it is possible to concern each body and each site of a body and to cause the strengthened inflow of mental energy to it. It isn't necessary to abuse without need it not to break the correct polarization of a body. But in case of diseases it is possible to help very.
At any disease it is necessary to struggle with it up to the end, in the spirit of without giving in to an illness. The control panel is transferred to spirit.
The captain is in on a post up to the end. The power belongs to it. And the post he never leaves and never delegates nobody the power over a vessel, and especially a minute of danger. The ship has to be as it should be, and discipline on it – full. Spirit is mister of all covers, their undivided, unlimited lord. It should be realized in all depth before starting the statement of the Supreme power of spirit over the covers. So, the fatigue, then feeling of hunger, then – colds and many other feelings is won. This feeling can feel hunger, but the authorities over consciousness nevertheless not to give. It is impossible to win against an empty stomach and need of an organism for fuel demanded to it, but the power of mister over these feelings can be approved and not to assimilate to an animal. With cold it is easier: fiery energy is forced by heart and lifts activity of sections, raising their tone, or their electric that is fiery, a charge. In the spirit of many feelings aren't allowed and in the spirit of the allowed are overcome. Try to stop the order of will feeling of fatigue and to replace it with cheerfulness. It is quite possible at first in small, then in bigger. The spirit human is laboratory for all feelings which can be caused consciously and will. Life doesn't stint causing the most unpleasant feelings in consciousness. Can set a task at emergence of each such feeling or feeling generate feeling, to it opposite. The law of a polar permits mechanics of this phenomenon is. Because any feeling, appearing in consciousness, already has the opposite pole which can be consciously caused by will to the statement. Under all conditions it is necessary to be strong: both in bad and in good, and in favorable and heavy. Let will be that will be and that should be, both that is inevitable, and that the Teacher Allows, but to store consciousness of the force, strength of mind of the, nothing destroyed, follows persistently and firmly. The most terrible defeat is a defeat in the spirit of. It is better to be won by power of external circumstances outside, but to keep consciousness of invincibility in the spirit of, than on the contrary. Because won and the slave in the spirit of lose the most valuable that he has – understanding of a primacy of spirit. So gradually transferring life to thought, to the spirit sphere, the person in himself approves the power over a body, over a flesh, over a matter dense. With a victory understanding of oven youth of spirit and feeling of fiery force in itself comes. This consciousness reflex on a body also changes it, destroying many phenomena connected with approach of an old age. Be eternally young in the spirit of. Spirit youth is wealth inalienable; captain ship on a post is up to the end. The power belongs to it. And the post he never leaves and never delegates nobody the power over a vessel, and especially a minute of danger. The ship has to be as it should be, and discipline on it – full. Spirit is mister of all covers, their undivided, unlimited lord. It should be realized in all depth before starting the statement of the Supreme power of spirit over the covers. So, the fatigue, then feeling of hunger, then – colds and many other feelings is won. This feeling can feel hunger, but the authorities over consciousness nevertheless not to give. It is impossible to win against an empty stomach and need of an organism for fuel demanded to it, but the power of mister over these feelings can be approved and not to assimilate to an animal. With cold it is easier: fiery energy is forced by heart and lifts activity of sections, raising their tone, or their electric that is fiery, a charge. In the spirit of many feelings aren't allowed and in the spirit of the allowed are overcome. Try to stop the order of will feeling of fatigue and to replace it with cheerfulness. It is quite possible at first in small, then in bigger. The spirit human is laboratory for all feelings which can be caused consciously and will. Life doesn't stint causing the most unpleasant feelings in consciousness. Can set a task at emergence of each such feeling or feeling will generate feeling, to it opposite; the law of a polar permits mechanics of this phenomenon. Because any feeling, appearing in consciousness, already has the opposite pole which can be consciously caused by will to the statement. Under all conditions it is necessary to be strong: both in bad and in good, and in favorable and heavy. Let will be that will be and that should be, both that is inevitable, and that the Teacher Allows, but to store consciousness of the force, strength of mind of the, nothing destroyed, follows persistently and firmly. The most terrible defeat is a defeat in the spirit of. It is better to be won by power of external circumstances outside, but to keep consciousness of invincibility in the spirit of, than on the contrary. Because won and the slave in the spirit of lose the most valuable that he has – understanding of a primacy of spirit. So gradually transferring life to thought, to the spirit sphere, the person in himself approves the power over a body, over a flesh, over a matter dense. With a victory understanding of oven youth of spirit and feeling of fiery force in itself comes. This consciousness reflex on a body also changes it, destroying many phenomena connected with approach of an old age. Be eternally young in the spirit of. Spirit youth is wealth inalienable.

239. To the son the certificate is given to inviolability of the Word of the Lord. Nowadays rage of evidence I will destroy a lightning of a sword of my Spirit. Also there is evidence the sign of reality. Will be, will be, truly, there will be the Highest in terrestrial, invisible in visible to be approved in a combination obvious. Let's time punch thickness of human misunderstanding is. Let's time to a prophecy be executed. Also wait unexpectedly. Soon already!

240. (May 8). As I am limited outlook of the person, when it costs on the Earth, and especially in a valley; but once it rises over the earth, by top, and the horizons are broadened and then above rose, that will see more. It is possible even to see all Earth if to rise rather highly. In the same way in the spirit of if to rise above, it is possible to expand the visibility horizon that is consciousnesses. Therefore, permission of a question lies in a separation from Earth. But also it is necessary to come off skillfully not to depart absolutely, that is not to be losing ground. It is necessary to stand on the feet while on Earth, resting the head against the Sky that is to increase spirit. It is necessary to be in the world that is on Earth, but not from the world. In this formula the decision lies: to be in this world, but other-worldly, because My other-worldly Kingdom. But I Was sent to the world, and you are sent to the world, and your messagers you have to bear with honor. Hardly. But who from sent mine was seduced with ease of life? All passed through difficulties great, and overcame them, and a feat imprinted the life. And in struggle incessant with themselves and darkness there were they, My elite to execute the Order of the Lord. It isn't enough of them, so it isn't enough of them to whom Light execution in life can be entrusted. But they are marked out by Me, but on them the press of My Spirit therefore they make a way terrestrial victoriously. And the terrestrial bulks dimming their way and sphering its hopelessness, can't close them spirit in a ring of the material phenomena because I with them and the exit in the spirit of to My World is always widely open for them, costs only in the spirit of from life terrestrial to them on Earth to be averted. To be averted from life terrestrial and its illusions and attractions doesn't mean at all to run from life. There is a debt to people and mankind, there is a work, and there is Light execution. But the world of personal interests, charm and ghosts, this world loses the paints, the appeal and recedes on a background. Then it is possible to tell that the person was averted from life dead. My children, the destiny your terrestrial is heavy, but and possibilities of the future are great and unlimited. You have them, but there are no them at those who only to Earth lives, being content with dreams terrestrial which are called by them life. As the dream will fly by life and will vanish into thin air, and then there is a person face to face with reality, with experience brought, so necessary for recognition of the correct direction. Terrestrial ended, it is necessary to continue a way further. With what and how? Measures terrestrial won't do at all. Others aren't present because the person didn't attend to their acquisition. Also the burdensome condition of uncertainty and wandering begins. Wandering spirits is – so we Call them. But the way going with Me is direct, steady, firm and conscious in the unshakable commitment. It is found. It is nowadays forged, forged now in a gloom among whirlwinds terrestrial and through the hidden Elevated Worlds proceeds in Boundlessness. Let anything nor won’t outside, nor inside stop you because your way – to Light which was, is and will a way to Light with Me.

241. My friend, it is necessary to strengthen tension of the warm call directed to the Teacher. Often the answer sounds on degree of its tension. In the address to the Teacher it is necessary to put force and persistence. To rely on will of waves, inertly and weak will to wait for the answer there is no correct decision. After all I Speak about tension. There is tension of action and rest tension, tension of a parcel and perception tension, but not inert expectation at the weather sea. Gifts sent undertake a firm hand, and even imperiously, as something, by right the belonging. Not about tips from the Sky there is a speech, but about receiving sonship inheritance by right to the space. From unconsciousness of it there is a lot of uncertainty, it is a lot of wanderings and many doubts. I speak: "Scoop spirit gifts, using the aspiration and attraction law, with it connected". The doubt, uncertainty, uncertainty, accident, lack of persistence and unwillingness to use force, shyness, inertness and many other conditions a wall become on a way of Communication and weaken force of currents. Quietly, surely and firmly the consciousness enters my Spheres and takes it belonging. As often having the right it is similar to the poor relative deprived of destiny. It isn't necessary shy, low, it is obsequious and in a kowtow of the suitable. The son of Light safely goes, with the raised forehead, with understanding of advantage of spirit and takes that belongs to it by the right of its primogeniture. Something slavish and humiliating was brought by people in Communication with the Highest forces, often eliciting tips. The aura of the applicant bent doesn't show spirit advantage. Sons of Light have to remember always the advantage of spirit and never be humiliated, adjoining with the Highest. Honoring of the Highest not in humiliation is shown, but in following to Light laws. Pride of spirit, the pride of the inheritance which is combining with advantage, pleasure and freedom, is Arhat's qualities. His pride humiliates nobody and is show in it regardless of the colleagues – people. It is proud not for itself, and for the person, in understanding of advantage found one more release. Sons of Light will be called sons of the Lord of Light.

242. (May 9). My son, we Consider an aspiration as a most necessary condition of advance. In it force of self-proceeding energiya, by free will of the person directed by it to stays new is put. The ancient formula "Dare, the Child" remains in full force and nowadays. It is impossible to combine an aspiration, pride and spirit advantage with pity babbling of the slavish obsequiousness asking at Forces of Highest insignificant remains from a treasury of space or planetary riches. Invited and chosen, go and take without the account, applying and putting in action an attraction and accord force of the laws. According to the accord you choose gifts and you attract with an attraction. Trusting, but not knowing, sit and wait. Their expectations are vain: them as beggars get only casual scraps from a table of knowledge. At them didn't get aspiration safely to enter into a hall of knowledge and to sit down at a table near those who showed an aspiration; but to sons Light Lord Precepted aspiration as the fastest way of stays. The directed force of a aspiration space is impregnated according to the accord which is born as result of internal coherence approved: the law of the thinnest energiya speaks about inalterability of receiving if by consciousness from a microcosm of the person in space were directed corresponding to energy. Laws of Light and its energiya are immutable and work smoothly. Under a prayer strictly scientific power justification is brought. The centers of an organism strained in a prayer radiate a number of fiery energiya which, being combined, give equally effective, like a ray of light directed to Aura Lord's strained by energiya Highest the shining Sphere. It is combined with them conformably, bringing sent their consequences of this combination, or the answer sated with already new elements. The prayer, call or aspiration to the Lord can't remain without the answer. If the answer isn't present, so light which has to proceed from the person at the time of a prayer, wasn't light, but darkness, thanks to chaotic, uncoordinated or low vibrations of consciousness. There can't be black a prayer, can't be saddened by darkness, irritation, rage, lust and passions of the address to the Highest. Laws of the accord of the highest energiya won't allow and will make impossible association which happens only in light. Therefore I Speak: "Order the house before to address to the Highest". Many appeal about the help, the help without receiving, and complain of Sky silence. But there can be a situation worse when energy of darkness, directing in space, under the law of the accord cause on sent their stone rain. Darkness, as well as Light, too is magnetic. Therefore I Speak: «be saved from black prayers". Blows of negative energiya will inevitably fall on the head sent them, heavy striking its aura. The psycho mechanics of the appeal to the Highest Forces or the Highest Spirits the phenomenon so concrete and scientifically reasonable that any guessing and uncertainty is excluded from its process. Therefore the formula vital, not lost any iota from the importance and until now was given: "You ask and it will be given you, you knock and will open to you, look for and find". Formula, in which eternal, invariable, immutable laws of the thinnest energiya, Light laws and which nowadays the person can consciously use, putting in action powerful laws.

243. (May 10). My son, love call consonance love, courage – courage, trust – trust, appreciation is recognition. On each feeling, is to Me directed, according to the accord I Reply. Be conscious in nuances of the address to the Teacher: it is possible to receive strengthening of any quality on compliance with the premised feelings. If only was to what to put and add because only having at least something is given. And aspiration grain, Me sent, is sated according to the accord. You learn to use force of magnetic communication for the statement of qualities. Pay attention to how increase of tension of pure fire immediately causes strengthening of all merits and attenuation of the negative. The psycho mechanics in practical application is very various and the multilateral. At the heart of its application it is necessary to attach accord and compliance laws. In the Gospel it is expressed by a formula "What measure you will measure, such and will be measured to you". Also it is possible to complain only about itself and to be itself dissatisfied only if responsibility of a conformable parcel is unsatisfactory. The echo in mountains can be very strong, but it always conformably to a parcel. It is possible to imagine a microcosm of the person as the center, constantly radiating energy in space which, being by the nature magnetic, attract from there elements, related everyone. Thus the person can cause on himself or a rain of radiant parcels, or the poisoned arrows and stones. What parcel, such is and a pay. The parcel of love will bring also the answer corresponding. But people, sowing the evil, want to have kind shoots, and, sending to space poisonous radiations, to have it the friend. The space will be the friend to the one who doesn't break Light and harmony laws. But the dark and chaotic thinking will be replied only by darkness. The person will be the sower and the reaper seeded. Someone hopes to deceive a karma and accord laws. Vain hopes. Laws can't be deceived and bypassed because God we will scold doesn't happen that seeded, you will reap. All reapers and sowers at the same time are. And, if there is a lot of grief, diseases and misfortunes around, so sowed badly. To reap earlier seeded it is necessary, but new crops can be made kind seeds. Let the energy, radiated by a being of the person, will consist of Light elements, but not darkness, good, but it isn't evil, friendliness’s, but not hostility and not from something other, by the nature negative, inharmonious and low. The care of the radiations is a duty of the person and his debt to mankind and space. After all we live in space, submitting to its laws. Laws of spatial life should be known, and the accord law will be main of them. So, approving greatness of the Lord and approving invincibility of the Lord, approving a lightful it, already thereby you lift the consciousness immeasurably because the space sensitively listens to lightful radiations of heart and replies on them with a measure full. So, having concluded the alliance with Light and knowing its laws, it is possible to succeed in advance strongly. Each pupil seeks to define degree of the proximity to the Teacher. It is possible. Imagine two with a half of billion incarnate spirits and still bigger quantity them out of a body. Think of what quantity among them knows the Teacher and aspires to it and who from the directed succeeded in aspiration who gained obvious recognition of the Lord to whom the Beam is sent and who can be called the employee, or the next, or even the son. And then degree of proximity to the Teacher of Light becomes clear. But, what it was, it is possible to come nearer to the Teacher infinitely. And full merge of consciousnesses is only the beginning, the first step to achievements by the highest. Aren't forgotten and aren't left, but you are close to me, to Me approached, and you are in my Care. I send Love, I Send Care, and I Send power of the prosperity closed by eyelids, but nowadays plentifully sent to the hearts, able to contain. Blessing Me Send.

244. My son, the Teacher Is happy when all depth and all value of direct communication with it is realized. Waves of feelings, moods and emotions come and leave, thoughts come and leave circumstances, people, days and nights come and leave. Everything comes, and everything goes to space waves again to return in the changed face. "Turns, turns a wind and the wind into place" comes back. So ancient wisdom speaks, modern wisdom, uniform, invariable and in effect so speaks to the, the same in all centuries and at all people. Life waves come and leave, being constantly replaced, but you stay forever and ever, you, their meeting and seeing off eternally, and I, which in you. There is the next wave, accruing, both rising, and reaching kulma you meet it, and you see off her, and it leaves, but you remain. This truth about the spirit inside staying, is old as the world, but people, identifying itself with running and leaving inflow of life, about it forget, both shatter, and spray the consciousness in a pursuit of flashing and escaping waves. The transient is property of this world. To be in the world, but not from the world means to tear off consciousness from merge to it, to the world of waves of the passing phenomena, and to concentrate life in the spirit of. It also will be the statement enduring that is eternal, in itself. Heart it is necessary to realize this stronghold of spirit. What is the history of last kingdoms, mankind, and planets, Space, as not the great certificate of a transient of the shown world and the eternal spirit beholding movements, occurring in it which goes incessantly waves? Let's note a visual of the phenomena and the viewer, their witness: that occurs, and the witness beholding the events. The consciousness can fluctuate, moving from one pole shown by a transient, to other pole shown by that stays forever and ever. And a task of the pupil is urgent transferring of consciousness to the Eternity pole to concern Me, in you Staying always that are eternal.

245. (May 11). It is possible to dream of the future. Let's call this process by thought creativity. In space the channel breaks and the form of future achievements is planned, that is the threshold shown by thought is approved. And as We Cut down the evolution Plan from shining substance of a spontaneous matter, and each spirit directed in the future, draws up the plan of the evolution and cuts down it, breaking through channels in space. When constructions Ours and constructions yours coincide in the accord, your construction goes correctly. For creativity of spirit the Doctrine gives an outline, but to create on it the pattern of spirit everyone has to itself, the efforts and aspirations. These aspirations embodied in bright certain and picture images, are projected in space on the future screen, they are as though far and unattainable were, and, being crystallized on it in the finished forms, serve for consciousness as distant anchors, having thrown which forward, it is possible to be attracted on them by consciousness to implementation of the drawn-up plan. That firmly and steadily go to the future, it is necessary definitely and accurately the nobility, where and to what to direct. The general plan is drawn up by the Doctrine. The purposes, stages and evolution steps are given. Framework of space scale, in which are show. Also Boundlessness as a field of a display of activity of human spirit is proclaimed. But the way of each spirit lies individually. And the individual evolution of spirit taken as part of the general evolution real, decides by each spirit consciously and on understanding of full responsibility before space, a planet, mankind and the Teacher for correctness of the chosen way and its compliance with evolution general. Each discrepancy is doomed to final destruction, and all efforts made in the false direction, will be vain. Why to build to whirlwinds on destruction? The teacher will help to plan the correct way and to lay the foundation for spatial creation of the thought crystallized in forms. It is necessary to know strongly that you want. Foggy and uncertain dreams won't do at all. Our people know well that want and where go. Between crystallized images of the future which has been individually planned, and ascending consciousness magnetic connection of an attraction which allows consciousness to be tightened as on an anchor, to implementation planned in life is established. All difference only that usual dreams and plans human are created for today, for tomorrow and, at the best, on one life. The pupil builds for distant terms, carrying out longer line and moderating that an evidence celebration. Pay attention to how elements of Eternity are entered into each true Doctrine as the Basis. Thus Boundlessness is the highest concept finishing everything. We build for Boundlessness in which there is everything that was, is and will be. The stronghold on Earth is a construction prototype outside passing and forms the Basis of evolution of terrestrial mankind.

246. Clairvoyance will be, and the clairluhear will be. But they are connected with fire of the centers, the centers reveal naturally. Clairvoyance and claurluhear us it is necessary to think that it is more difficult: to catch images and sounds or thought. Cooperation with the Teacher, shown in the thought-creative sphere by a feeling-knowledge, will be very high step of achievement. When it amplifies an yclairluhear and clairvoyance, its value increases. But one only clairvoyance and clairluhear without the accord with thoughts and abilities those to make out not is so fruitful. Knew many, possessing both clairvoyance, and a clairluhear, but memories on itself not left because their creative thought didn't wake up yet and I wasn't able to rise to level of thought of the Teacher. Accords of the highest it was impossible. Therefore we Place emphasis on thought which is comprehended by a feeling-knowledge. At the beginning of these Records of thought were perceived by partial an open slightly of the centers. And when the accord was established, the perception method by a direct feeling-knowledge was applied. The thought was directly perceived by consciousness and, being realized in it, caused spirit creativity by a feeling-knowledge. Certainly, the centers work and at this process, but at other level. And the medium both sees, and hears. Astral feelings aren't valuable. We appreciate ability of a feeling-knowledge and ability to refract thought of the Teacher in consciousness in the form of beams self-proceeding.

247. Just seen dream indicates work which can be conducted in the Thin World. When there round the person sparks or asterisks are visible, the condition of its spirit becomes light. These light phenomena can be caused will and will to demagnetize black out temporary a condition of consciousness in the light. This work is very various and the versatile and allows to create a lot of good and to bring a lot of light in darkness of the Thin World. It is possible to help people much, transmutation a condition of their spirit. Certainly, and flights in World Elevated too is not without value. The necessary knowledge and the necessary forces for conscious there works are got on Earth. Continued aspiration to cognition and openness of the receiver allow saving up experience. Chagrin of the dense world to an experience bowl too we will add because they learn also. Teaches the person everything that him surrounds if only cognition and expansion of experience to recognize as the purpose of life terrestrial. And during lifetime on Earth fruits of experience can be collected not only from dense, but also and from the Invisible World for what the dream is given. Communication with that world first of all restores mental forces, but also and gives the chance to the person to work at other plans consciously. Each experience brought from there, is valuable if it is conscious. Thus, being on Earth, it is possible to start joining life of the Thin World. And the idly unsteady there is a lot of parasites and here, and there, but workers of Light easily and quickly find opportunities to apply and there the forces and knowledge. If in a wake condition firm installation on work is made, before immersion in a dream the reminder itself about it will help and with the Thin World to find for the forces the best application. It is necessary to live, making use of any experience and studying constantly. Passes the phenomenon which has brought experience and knowledge, but fruits of skilled knowledge remain. Therefore about the phenomena bitter and heavy, knowledge bringing, it is possible to forget, having carefully protected the received knowledge, and as is and with people. The right, it is possible to pay for knowledge of the person experience bitter. The bitterness will pass, the knowledge remains. Will pass everything, and in it a great consolation, will pass, having left imperishable accumulation in the Bowl. Understanding of it will help to reconcile and with life, and its shady side because not enough happiness is released on Earth to the person, and especially to the one who took the Way. But the happiness terrestrial is replaced with happiness spiritual and pleasure of spirit. A lot of pleasure is brought to consciousness by fiery work in the Elevated World. Let only heart will be open for new opportunities, joyfully perceiving them in the spirit of. The delicate work can be deepened and expanded, treating it consciously and welcoming it pleasure. Pleasure not about terrestrial affairs narrow is minded, but above. It also will be true pleasure of spirit.

248. (May 12). We Dispatch the thoughts on the world for fertilization of receivers of spirit of the human by them. The receivers thin and opened to Us perceive consciously and much, the others – unconsciously. The space is saturated thoughts our and our Beams. They envelop Earth, changing it. This process could take place much quicker and even is lightning if all consciousnesses addressed to Us and would accept unconditionally Hierarchy of Light. But the real condition of world consciousness of mankind strong counteracts Light. However, in the country Leading and in what go with it, much already becomes, and huge work goes, and the Plan Great is carried out, but without conscious recognition of Hierarchy. Great Arrival will put to it the end, and everything, able to accept, the Hierarchy of Light and the Driver of a planet will be recognized. The herd uniform will be. Underground, any more streams, and streams of events will punch thickness of a dense bed soon and will spread on a surface. Emergence them and flood will be unexpected. When the space is saturated to a limit and Wednesday in which there is a process, is prepared, crystallization can begin at once and go promptly. But this surprise was prepared in advance, prepares long time and demanded many efforts and bloody sweat from Brothers of mankind. The moment when the last particle of energy of Light and a world copper will be thrown into space, saturated completely will come; will give the phenomenon of unexpected and fast crystallization. Laws of crystallization of substance in the saturated environment show the force. Power of Hierarchy of Light will be so approved. Nowadays the reason, it is show forced, it is hidden, but powerfully influence being made process. And from the Mountain this process is visible to us. To open receivers of consciousness It is sent a distant message that what hearts are open for us, knew and saw that terms approach, approach. Miracle is for crowds, and for you are results persistent, intense and an over human hard work of Teachers throughout centuries and application of exact laws of thin fiery energiya. Not a miracle, but knowledge, not surprise, but long ago the expected and prepared consequences of long-term works. The ignoramus shouts: "Miracle! ", but with Us going knows that miracles don't happen. Everywhere work, both efforts, and persistence, and persistence inflexible. The concept of a miracle is ridiculous. By miracle we will agree to call the phenomenon based on laws, the person yet not studied and to it not understood, but occurring under them and in strict accordance with them. In Space where everything is subordinated to the law, unless there can be something to it contrary to? People see healing and tell "a miracle! « But if they saw a fiery Beam, from the Teacher proceeding, his penetration into sick body, fast electromagnetic polarization of the cages of this body struck with an illness, restoration of their normal balance and darkness replacement with light, that is dark radiations of sick body light, they, perhaps, and would be surprised to amazing psycho mechanics of a light- therapy but miracle already this process wouldn't call.
And the wonderful shining Great Arrival, forced to change the Sky, both Earth, and consciousness human, Cosmos-spatial will happen in the full accord to the royal Laws of Light and expected will make obvious unexpectedly. Environment saturation by energiya necessary concerns not only spaces, but also consciousnesses, hearts, the nervous centers and an organism of the human. It can be expressed in tension and press unreasonable because under the law of polarity are caused energy of a shadow pole for their transformation and transformation. Process happens under the same law of the polarity which manifestation in Great Fight reached the kulma. And nowadays the final part of a great world Mystery of Life then the curtain over the past will be lowered forever comes nearer. Will see the New Sky and Novaya Zemlya, and old already won't come any more to heart because Great Arrival will be a prolog to new, Fiery, the Era of the new, changed mankind. New powerful energy will take effect and a grief that that will be averted from Light. But having at least small and to the Lord not rejected will be able to enter into the World New and to take its gifts on consciousness. In anticipation of Great Hour the Teacher Reminds of readiness. The Teacher Asks that you made to prepare itself and time of the Decision and Court to meet adequately. Everyone will condemn itself and everyone will acquit itself (himself). Both Court and the Decision are in the spirit of. What did you make in anticipation of Great Hour?

249. The space is saturated thoughts new, new ideas of an eyelid. They can be apprehended, if from old freight of become obsolete ideas to be released. Once and these old ideas were new and were good, but they already became obsolete, and it is necessary to finish them a firm and imperious hand. For an example we will take ideas of gains, conquest of other people, suppression of national culture – a way of an egocentrism and all other heritage of the old black become obsolete eyelid. With baggage of washed-up times not to take place in the future. The statement of truth fire and a sword or crusades any more won't be convincing. It is already ridiculous to force the person to trust in something only because it is written in books, at least the thickest and the most sacred. Nowadays the person wants to know, "why". Nowadays it is necessary to be able to explain everything that was once taken trust. The knowledge nowadays is necessary, and especially from those who applies for the spiritual management of people. Old instructors, to the consciousness not updated, nowadays won't listen. New! New! New – new. Old ways are ordered. Old teachers will appear without pupils, and pastors – without flock. The new World goes in new clothes and a new attire of spirit will demand from what want to enter into it invited and desired. There is a New World. To all new hospitably open your hearts and consciousness if you want to enter into it fully.

250. Already I Told that the love to the Highest is a way of achievements the shortest because puts spirit on a way of direct Communication with the Lord. The magnet of spirit of the pupil, flaring the fiery energiya of love directed in the Sphere of Aura of the favorite Teacher, establishes Silver Bridge vibration, overcoming time and space barriers. And it is valid wherever there was a person and what there were conditions, it surrounding, for threads of love binding it has no value. Live Bridge of communication will throw through space. The mountain, clouds and other obstacles can prevent a ray of light of the Sun. Many can break currents of space and various atmosphere conditions, to something there is a barrier a death or an illness, war, hunger and so on and further, say, many obstacles can arise at any time, but for a beam of love no barriers exist because it overcomes victoriously everything. Therefore we Call love the winner. If you want to reach really, reach love. It harmonizes uncoordinated energy of a microcosm and channelizes them uniform. Love flare to Great Heart, and It will answer you with Beams of love decupled. And in Beams of his love there is your way by inalterability. The Hath of yoga’s the set of long and difficult exercises makes, forcing the centers and will. Works all life and spiritually nothing reaches while a way of the highest yoga, the way of Yoga of Love, would advance it at once. Efforts of two, applying them for achievement are so incommensurable. Vibrations of Great Heart easier than everything reach the consciousnesses turned to It, on a love Beam. It would seem, so simply, only you love, and there is shining your way. But people find thousands roundabout ways and are pounded in to the party from the shortest and direct. Probably, this extraordinary simplicity of approach to the Lord also does this way inaccessible because the people, who blocked up and have complicated life in thousand heaps, forgot about the great law of SIMPLICITY. All great – is simple. Outside the most difficult the simplicity kingdom begins. Therefore It is Told: "Be, as children". But children of Earth who have forgotten about simplicity, incalculable number of the most difficult fabrications closed to themselves a way direct and the shortest. What to tell you? Unless that the love is a key, a key the last, opening gate to confront the person before SECRET great which hides from it shining Shape of the Lord. The great SECRET of the person reveals great love. Therefore I Ask you following Me, whether you are able to love?

251. (May 13). In the chosen qualities it is necessary to approve itself repeatedly that achievement took place. There is no more difficult task because the atavism is strong. But the statement goes through Me, because I Is the Way. So, in Me being approved, it is possible to reach. The process of the statement is long and continuous. As well as is all Way. The transmutation of essence human doesn't come to an end never because represents itself spirit evolution. It is possible even to begin day with the statement reeled or next, planned to strengthening, qualities. The surf of waves of the everyday sea constantly washes away constructions. Therefore it is necessary to build especially strongly that is on Me to erect the basis when the concept of the Teacher becomes the base of all constructions, all undertakings and all life. And then the Lord, in consciousness taking priority, Will channelize main current of consciousness. If the person is process which prophesies in the future, main current of this process and its direction is extremely important. It also will be expediency that is compliance of progress of spirit for the purpose of uniform, for the purpose of its ascension and improvement. The spiral ascension allows approving qualities consistently, strengthening their one behind another. It is impossible to contain all qualities at once. But the periods of containment of a flame indicate the moments of their strengthening. And then We Speak: came to throw time into a consciousness bosom seeds of approved qualities perfect, improved and full. It is important to make crops in time. Пралайя consciousnesses – time for crops improper and lost because fiery quality of crops can't be high. But even during these periods of attenuation of consciousness nevertheless it is possible to strengthen something and to support, at least and on the plane not the so high. It is important to remember one: persistent and persistent frequency of the statement of qualities causes their growth and strengthening. It is possible to notice how surrounding imperfection extinguishes the lit flame of approved qualities. Means, he should be supported persistently, and it is constant, and every day. Let's not get tired in operation the statement and maintenance of a flame of demanded qualities because qualities is a form of an display of fires, crystallized in effect the person when the formed crystals of deposits of the highest energiya give light of a flame. It is possible to call process of the statement of qualities fiery work. Courage, aspiration, love, aspiration! It is necessary to understand that quality necessary will be fire in itself the statement. The basis fiery under this, so important and necessary work on is so brought. The centers won't wake up and won't light up fires without qualities approved. The fiery nature of qualities should be understood to estimate and fall in love with process of their statement. What is the firmness of spirit, how not resistant, it’s exactly burning flame? Under a press the flame gains special stability, as in a lamp soldering. From here both difficulties and spirit burdening by circumstances those fires flared up. So lawfully there is an increase of the fiery crystals giving constancy of fires. Casual flashes without the crystal basis of the energiya approved in a microcosm, without their preliminary adjournment, that is accumulation, take place completely, without increasing and without increasing Stone Treasure. Therefore I Speak about conscious, persistent and constant fires in Me the statement. And if there is no hardness and determination, Me call, and together with Me we will master a difficult task of the statement of fiery qualities in ourselves.

252. Creation of the Doctrine turbines. Creation of these Records turbines. Consistently we come back besides, but to the planes of the highest, to the planes of higher, deep and expanded understanding according to consciousness growth.

253. My son, comes nearer steadily and inevitably preceptsd Hour. I want to see you awake tensely. I want that your readiness was active. Action is a sign of true pupils. What you that are show made yourselves in operation? Not in feet action and not in language, but in operation spirit and thought. The aura, to Me in aspiration intense, on the Plan Hidden shows powerful action, transmutation vibrations of surrounding spheres. As the stone thrown into water will give waves, and the aura strained by light, sets in wavy motion of energy of space and, like an icon lamp in darkness, concentric extends round itself light waves. Action of thin energiya powerfully is. Them all districts being in the sphere of radiations of the carrier of Light can change. It isn't necessary to forget that if radiations of own aura fiery, the thought is unlimited and waves of thought extend on far distances. When three beams self-proceeding are born, the sphere of influence extends. And these beams sent by close and distant, the sphere of influence increase even more, consolidating and strengthening a planetary network of Light. This field of activity isn't visible to an eye and externally isn't noticeable, but that power of its influence of a pas of people and space is stronger. It is necessary to realize constantly created benefit, feasibly forcing tension. The light activity of consciousness and aura belong to the phenomena of a high order and by us are appreciated respectively. The consciousness synthetic burns with the color of intense energiya and bears surrounding the benefit. Fires, spatial value having, are forced by a prayer, work, thought, aspiration and spirit creativity. As a matter of fact, all these listed phenomena are products of creativity of spirit. It isn't the name, but in radiations of a microcosm human. We appreciate the processes forcing intensity of a flame of the centers. And again we Speak about work rhythmical, which especially strong gives stability of a flame. Improvement of spirit extends on all spheres of its activity and unites synthesis. The spirit monolith, testifying that Arhat's microcosm becomes to the sun the similar – the sun for that part of space where there is it turns out. About carriers of solar energiya our special Care. Because there are a lot of them, force of lunar energiya are showing. But We Speak about Light ways. People of a lunar track are past generation. People of a solar way are messenger of the future. And about them our care is. The transmutation of spirit goes from a lunar pole to the solar. Ardent example of a celebration of lunar essence in the person is the mediums inert, weak-willed and terrible that dooms the person to becoming the victim invisible, but strong negative impacts. Therefore the statement of a strong-willed intense slight-activity of spirit is obviously welcomed by us. You create, you create, and you create: the word, business, thought, feelings also create new forms of your creativity; because creativity is the highest destiny of the person.

254. (May 14). Let's listen to the voices of Eternity sometimes sounding in us. The harp of human spirit sounds and these soundings happen different. It is possible to listen sensitively to what note or a spatial chord she answers, and to enrich her with the new accord. The highest creativity is creativity in the accord with Boundlessness. New it is taken from there. Thought the highest of Boundlessness reaches Earth and, impregnating sensitive receivers, enriches spheres terrestrial with new elements. In the sphere mental there is a live-bearing exchange. Thoughts of people of Earth direct in limits of the Far Worlds, and thoughts of far-out planets of Earth reach; therefore and specified aspiration to the Distant Worlds. And in this area with the same force the law of a magnetic of the directed thought is applied, - as though the network is thrown in world space for extraction of a valuable catch. World Distant and World Highest we more think of us, rather than of them, and waves of kind energiya send us to Earth. With planets distant, chosen it is possible to establish conscious connection with a planet, in the spirit of to it directing. And it is possible to succeed in expansion and a consciousness deepening this magnetic and spatial communication much. It is necessary to understand clearly that Distant World take active and powerful part in life of our planet. Who will decide to deny an influence of the powerful energiya proceeding from the Moon or the Sun? On and other stars, and, first of all, from our Solar systems, take ardent part in life of Earth. Here on threads of these beam communications also there is a conscious association of spirit with the Worlds Distant. It is impossible to deny astrophysics, and the more so astronomy. And it is even more difficult to draw lines between astrophysics and an astrology because both that, and another deal with radiations of aura of the Far Worlds. Rays of light invisible and visible connected between themselves the worlds. Powerful forces of an interplanetary attraction work, besides. Interaction of forces isn't limited to one our system, but extends infinitely out of its limits because in world space between itself all is connected and light of the remote star, bearing in itself radiated by it energy, nevertheless Earth reaches. In the area of magnetic attractions and on channels of rays of light communication threads lie. Fiery communication between all bodies of Space exists in space. And who can tell what deposits bear on themselves particles of the meteoric dust which has arrived to us from world space. Stratifications of this dust throughout the big period of years of existence of Earth numbering hundreds millions years, are huge. The world space, besides other ways, takes part also this way in construction of a body of a planet. So elements, once being a part of bodies of Other Worlds, nowadays make an integral part of elements (planetary) body of Earth. This diverse between star exchanges occurs continuously and constantly. And the Wednesday which means it occurs, the world space is. Idea of this process is possible to expand, having attached to it astral, Thin, Mentally and the Fiery Worlds. Than higher on a refined and mobility scale each of these worlds, subjects more widely, occurs interchange more stoutly, more freely further.
And if the feather which has dropped out of a wing of a bird, makes a thunder on the Distant Worlds, what interaction of the thoughts? So, it is necessary to understand, that the worlds interact yore’s auras. Two persons, that is two microcosms the human, having entered into the contact sphere, inevitably interact with each other, and reaction of this interaction is always reflected and affects consciousness and all organism, saddening or clarifying it. Radiations auras vibrate, adjoining, are combined with energiya of foreign aura, and results of this combination are postponed in an organism in the form of new energiya and are felt often as consciousness in the form of lifting or depression of spirit. As auras of Macrocosms interact also, merging in harmony or making a start under corners of disharmonious combinations. And these combinations invisible to an eye, it is powerful and strong influence both an organism, and mentality of the person. Conscious aspiration of spirit to the chosen planet allow to establish with it magnetic connection, and scoop from its aura of energy the highest, and to join its mental aura. Then the thought of the Highest planets becomes for person available. Scoop the shown beams, using the attraction law. So Precepted Teacher! Boundlessness is your friend. But It is Told that the person is magnet. But the magnet is special. Its magnetic the attracting radiations can be adjusted in a desirable key, and then the attraction will go on the installed channel. The magnetic mood is defined and is established by will. It is possible to adjust the consciousness on any to wave. Not without reason after all it is said about mood of the person, that is that is adjusted that can and it has to be adjusted as the person wants that. Everyone the adjusted, that is a mood of human spirit, magnetic, because the person – a magnet. Adjusting a spirit harp on the chosen wave, it is necessary not to forget about magnetic essence of a human microcosm.

255. My son, laws of the plane of the highest don't submit to laws of lower plane of life. That is limited to conditions of the dense world, can't be limited to the world of another dimensions. Therefore, all restrictions are relative. They cease to exist as soon as the supreme laws are applied. The eye physical sees within the, but the psycho eye of these limits doesn't know. As also ear. The body physical moves in close conditions of the dense world, but movement in a body of thought are lightning and spirit movements are untimely. The doctrine acquaints with life laws on other planes of consciousness. Fairy tales magic, full of the amazing phenomena, developing before consciousness the fantastic world full of miracles, not inventions, not the imagination, but represent themselves attempts to transfer in terrestrial language wonderful reality of the Thin World in forms which are adapted for terrestrial understanding. In the Thin World it is possible to pass freely through any obstacle, a wall, a stone, the closed door, the mountain, through any subject, if about it the nobility. If the person doesn't know about it, he will use the same ways which it used on Earth. There it is possible to present itself somehow and, therefore, to accept any form, to be given any shape: human, animal, plant, birds or any subject. It is possible to become everything, than the person will want to become or that itself will want to present. But also about it know not all and there continue to behave and represent itself in a terrestrial way. There a magic staff at everyone in a hand: with its help it is possible, like the magician or the wizard, to create everything that will be wanted by will. But about it don't know and continue to stay in dense restrictions, which submitted on Earth. Denial doesn't give the chance to consciousness to be released. Exactly there given rise to fly continues to creep, and wonderful open spaces of the Thin World remain sealed for creeping. They don't know and don't trust as didn't believe on Earth that the spirit has wings and on wings of thought can immediately move and make dankly flights. Dreamers on Earth in the imagination often live in the wonderful world of the images created by them and feel in it known satisfaction and feeling of any reality. There the dream embodied in images, becomes reality for consciousness. There everyone creates the world but that creates the poor imagination which didn’t know on Earth that such creativity of spirit. Artists, poets, musicians, writers, dreamers especially brightly live in images created by them. (But in what their lives Plyushkin?) The beauty approves miraculousness of the Thin World. The key of beauty opens the magic party of the most wonderful fantastic opportunities which become there for the person that world in which he lives before consciousness. The most aspiration, most unrealizable dream on Earth is achieved there if the key of beauty isn't lost. Thin it is possible to call the world a kingdom of the coming true dreams. It on Earth we tell about unrealizable dreams, but not where life is created by thought. The composer can be glad. There the space can become for it invisible an orchestra which, implicitly obeying his ox, instantly, without preparation, will execute the most difficult symphonies in which waves will be to vibrate his soul. As dance is difficult on Earth! How many efforts and training demand a heavy physically body; but there it is easy as the bird, can merge spirit in beat the easiest movements with waves of sounds, the creating the dance symphony. Easy as the bird, in space soaring, in the most wonderful dance of spirit expresses herself человек. What amazing pictures can be created where there is no limit to a variety, beauty and wealth paints. Before wonderful types of the nature beauty of Earth grows dull and fades. What flowers, what magnificence! What abundance and variety of forms, sounds and aromas. And all this is property of not denying consciousness. Only accept, only recognize, only don't deny, and you create, you create, you create for beauty and beauty. The Teacher Calls to the world fine, to the world of boundless the creative opportunities. The Teacher to Light Calls because its combinations expressed in forms of thought beauty creating are fantastically beautiful. The thinking of the Elevated World on Earth is approved: it Terrestrial life is necessary, useful and inevitable. Otherwise where to learn and where to learn? Because there light which inside and which darkness isn't, has aspiration in forms of beauty to be expressed. Look for, you love and approve beauty on Earth that was to what to put there. Beauty precepted, because it is constructed My World. As also you beauty creates and knows that the one, who has a beauty key in hands, can open them all doors conducting to the Highest Worlds.

256. (May 15). We see, we Hear, and we Know, and, knowing, Tells: there is nothing in the world or bad, or good for the sake of what it would be worth leaving the space right to a sonship. It is told: sons of Light you will be named, and it is the highest that can reach and than the person on Earth can possess. Each spirit which has been given rise under its Beam has a space Father. And the statement of the person in the right also is the purpose of all his lives terrestrial. It also is Space heritage of the person, his space right, the right of its primogeniture. It both gives, and obliges. To its understanding, to understanding of Secret of bonds of the Father to the son and the son to the Father keeps the Life Doctrine. For this purpose the sacred concept of the Teacher of Light who serves as a way to the Highest is given. Not It, not the Teacher – the Highest, but a way to It. Boundlessness of the hierarchical beginning because nobody can tell where the Ladder of Hierarchy of Light comes to an end is so approved. But for the person it begins on Earth, and the person costs on it, and not below, and at the highest step where the consciousness begins. The whole hierarchies of the lowest beings stand below it. Therefore its responsibility before the lowest colleagues and before the Highest it is great. Height of the person and situation it at steps of a ladder of evolution human also is defined by understanding of this responsibility. The planetary Spirit is responsible for Earth being on its care. Arhat's spirit shares this responsibility. Responsibility for evolution of mankind we Bear. Therefore our workers don't know were tired in work on evolution advance. It is huge work, it is never-ending work. It is the work demanding big tension of spiritual forces of the person. Workers of Light We Call them, itself evolution world of the devoted. Many works were brought by them, but the field of work of future crops is immense. A lot of work is necessary ahead, and the considerable knowledge is required from employees. That is why so tensely there is a preparation of future sowers. Prepare as well seeds perfect, suitable for evolution. It is a lot of rotten, it is a lot of unnecessary, many viability of the lost. Only skilled consciousness among the weight of the writing and books will be able unmistakably to select the most valuable. As touchstone of an assessment the Monolith of Hierarchy of Light will serve. A lot of the most harmful fabrications human are interspersed even among the writing useful. The strong and profound knowledge of the Doctrine is necessary not to be seduced with shine of false stones. Others voice I Judge true, but where they, true, the millennia the Hierarchies which have approved the fidelity? It isn't enough there, but these the few, armed with force of Beams of Lords of Light, will powerfully and widely make new crops. For that tensely I Prepare. Plentifully I Sate with knowledge. The next mine in Light Mine are shows will be. And for someone the statement of the space right, the right of a sonship, becomes a wonderful shining reality.

257. Friends! If evolution and Doctrine acceptance voluntary from whom have to proceed energy of the kind will? Whether from you, friends? Not Can Teacher for you to want to direct to Light knowledge. Inviolability of free will obliges that the impulse primary proceeded from free heart freely, the self-given rise, but not under outside influence. And then is to what to apply. The impulse caused artificially, from the outside, of the price not has because it is usually settled and fades. But when contact Teachers causes the accord thanks to last accumulation, the heart which has begun to sound so, won't break off. You direct to Me consciously and tensely energy of heart for fertilization. Come to Me everything, it is wishing to receive heart, but bring the gift that Could render to you a hundred times. It is necessary! It is necessary to have and bring that was to what to put and to add. I Won't be tired to repeat it because the indestructible law of free will of the person is based on it. But freely and voluntary brought generously and plentifully receives. Show self-proceeding activity of spirit at least on a small scale, and your advance will be lawful. Sitting and waiting, but not having anything, it isn't necessary you! It is a lot of you, nothing brought, addressed on a way of a dark service. Therefore attentively you look on bringing and carefully meet them. Don't release, without having presented, the brought at least a particle. Grain small can cover with the posterity all Earth. The law of free will remains a basis in relationship of the Teacher and the pupil. Therefore let are knocked, let look for and let ask. And if you see or you will meet them which are looking for and being knocked, generously distribute them spirit gifts, you received from Teacher. Generously you receive, generously give, generously, but it is commensurable.

258. (May 16). My friend, it is possible to take place in the Thin World through any obstacle. But if this obstacle is created by stronger and fiery will, it is insuperable to will of weaker. And there are many closed places, for ordinary people inaccessible. Besides, the mental energy accumulated during lifetime, or fire, bears spirit up to the height, to it put and to it available, but not above. Above itself the spirit can't rise. He can see Ile and what doesn't want that he saw, stronger will. There too there is a peculiar inviolability of the dwelling. Certainly, for the highest spirit of restrictions, a ban and pledges isn't present, but will free it is respected. Each sphere of conformable spirits is protected from invasion foreign and unworthy, and keepers of spheres are invested by the power hierarchically. And it is impossible to break it. Inhabitants of the lowest spheres in the highest can't rise. Entrances are protected. Collectives of soul mates can separately stick and protect themselves force of collective power, or will of the spirits entering into them. Collectives spiritual are especially strong there. Because, both on Earth, and in the Sky. Occult Brotherhoods and Awards, strong spiritual discipline on Earth, are strong and there. Spiritual bonds there don't try; connected by them on Earth, with them leave and there. The press of terrestrial restriction or understanding remains on the spirit connected by them, and in World Invisible. It is better to go there free from all bonds. Products of creativity of will of stronger don't submit to influence of will of weaker. If someone built to itself there the house, fierier will can destroy this construction only. Therefore value of guardians in the Thin World is great. During the Armageddon the whole heaps din were destroyed by us. The world astral is the world of hear in known part. And as they usually low order, clarification of spheres is essential it was necessary. The world Thin can be encumbered and
The world Thin can be cleared of heaps. Only fiery will of High Spirit can do it. That freedom about which it was spoken earlier, is relative and entirely his fiery and accords of his will with laws of the Elevated World depends on knowledge of the person. Everything constructed on the accord with them, especially strongly and steadily. The lower class is full of disharmony, and therefore – the decomposition happening thanks to instability of forms. Even the small knowledge will give in that world big advantage over those who knows nothing and the evil will often it applies knowledge to the detriment. There it is especially easy to deceive the person, to bewitch him, to captivate, having imposed on him a desirable form of his expression. The strong will can invest weak spirit with any attire and as wizards in fairy tales, to turn into anything if the keeper or will stronger, than will angry doesn't interfere with this illegal action. The dobra is a lot of and a lot of harm is done and created in World Elevated. That is carried out on Earth; it is carried out and there. Difference only that plasticity of the material used for construction, allows using widely possibilities of creation and destruction, which borders are defined by a fiery of will of active spirit. To create something on Earth, the desirable form in mind of the person is at first created, the plan is created, and then this hidden form falls to the world dense. In the Thin World the first phase of this process is carried out only, and the created form becomes visible there, without reaching Earth. On Earth it can is show under a condition if it is caught by someone's consciousness from terrestrial incarnate and will want to realize in the regular way already. Therefore it is so necessary to exempt the consciousness from terrestrial remnants and laws of the plane dense, in life terrestrial are showing because application of these laws in World Elevated creates everything that discrepancy and heaps which break the correct course of evolution. Many weak-willed spirits become there, as well as here, victims of evil will. But there to angry it is more than opportunities. Those who don't recognize Hierarchy and have no defenders and patrons at least among stronger spirits and whose will is directed to the evil, send itself to the power of any malice the bearing of stronger, than they.
Even fathers to whom the spirit dead the person quite often directs, somehow and something can help. But as the help of Hierarchy of Light with which conscious contact is come into is strong. The address to the Highest or to so-called sacred and to devotees has very great and fast value. The darkness seizes those who in darkness are directed. And here waves of magnetic attractions according to the accord too work. The direction of attractions is approved by will. All trouble that the majority doesn't know that wants where goes and why. Uncertainty and fluctuations cause also the corresponding reaction. As it is direct, firm, radiant and the way going to the Lord is immutable. You, who have recognized Me, realize that you have; as straw in the rough sea does not know Hierarchy. As the rock among a violent stream, as an arrow cutting space, that the purposes to reach as an eagle directed to the Sun, – spirit, a way found to the Lord. The lord Is close and doesn’t leave in all worlds. About the world you will have grief, but your grief will be in pleasure, because with you the Lord. Whether to understand what you have? Whether you understand, what you have the Highest? One – minus priests, and those methodologists, and these people of Saturday day, and other papists, and many, many "its", also isn’t present them number; and you – mine. And I, the Lord of the Shambhala, exempt you going to Me, from everything that is invented and created by mind human, from all temporary, passing and conditional forms of understanding of Truth, from all dogmas, from all restrictions, from everything connecting freedom of spirit in its aspiration to Me. Let all beliefs remain with those to whom they are necessary. You follow Me and you remember, what even under the hardened forms of the scolded and distorted religions it is possible to find particles of the true knowledge which is so necessary for them, Me not recognized. Therefore don't condemn whose belief if it helps someone to address to the Highest. Only the fanaticism and a fanatic are inadmissible. You be free from everything limited to human fabrications.

259. Yes! Yes! Yes! I claim greatness of spirit and its domination over the phenomena of the Invisible and visible world is thousand fold. Spirit the first is born. The spirit undertakes as a basis of things of a thin and dense order. It is behind all phenomena of a material scale. The spirit is a soul of a matter. The spirit is fire. And this fire refracted in a microcosm human, can reach the highest and thinnest forms of the display. Fire in the spirit of the person above fires of all is shown, fires of the differentiated spirit out of it. Something in the person has the power over everything that out of him. And to understanding of this regal power over any flesh there is a person through life and through its all those forms in which he is embodied. For each sphere or for each of the worlds it to itself builds the conductor of a matter of this world: for the terrestrial – terrestrial, astral – thin, Mental – mental and Fiery – fiery. Builds to itself the conductor for the gradual statement of the power over everything, that outside; these conductors consist of a matter of that plane on which they are shown. Mastering by each of the conductors, full and complete, means mastering by that matter of which they consist, and therefore all matter of this plane and all phenomena, with it connected. Saying depth: "That wins against everything, who itself I managed to win" means and specifies for work over the covers and submission of movements in a matter to their will. The will, learned to dispose of this matter inside, that is in the conductor concluded, and thereby the power over all other matter of the same order, that is the same plane, receives. So, subordinated to both won a matter and processes in it in the astral cover, becomes the winner of the astral world and enters into this world as the lord, but not the slave as it happens to the majority of people. Therefore the Teacher calls for mastering by. Therefore through mastering by the higher authority comes. Therefore spirit domination over any flesh first of all in the microcosm is approved. To the higher authority over the world the way lies through itself. There are no two ways about it; because, the person is a way.

260. (May 17). We come again besides: without the reason happens nothing, even miracles. Everything is preceded by something, and everything is generated by something. Consequence conformably to the reason and the reason is to a consequence. Cause and effect is the phenomenon as a whole: on its one pole – the reason, on other – a consequence. Human life is a constant reap of the former reasons and continuous creation the new. The person reaps all the time and sows, sows and reaps. Crops and harvest differ that karmic the harvest is inevitable, but crops of the new reasons depend on will of the person. The process of crops too is inevitable while the person lives, but the choice of grains depends on him. You wisely sow, knowing as the harvest is inevitable. So, a harvest not avoid, not discharges the generated consequences. Debts it is necessary to pay. But in karmic calculations is something, being entirely in will of the person is a reflection of consciousness, a condition it at the payment moments, or harvests of the former reasons. The debt can be paid, suffering and suffering, or quietly and joyfully leaving it and being exempted from karmic freight. And this freedom concerning the person to karmic payments, to karma repayments, to elimination of the past anybody can't to take away at it. It is the sphere of sacred freedom of the person. Much can be afflicted, but the release can rejoice only. Relatively – all. Many entertainments giving to people pleasure, for some could be punishment, a source of troubles and difficulties. Everything depends on the relation of the person. But this relation is approved by his will, perhaps, even unconsciously. But it can consciously be generated by will, exempting consciousness from the karma power. Yes! Yes! Yes! I speak about release of consciousness from the power of karmic consequences over it. Pay attention that I Speak not about release from the karma, not from consequences, but from the power of these consequences over consciousness. Let's assume that the old person loses everything: property, shelter, work, and friends. The inhabitant will fall into despair; the wise will tell: "The good hand of destiny exempted me before close transition to the World Thin from everything that connected Me with Earth". Because not connected by anything in freedom passes to the World Elevated. The fate of the homeless wanderer is pity and sad, and his destiny is heavy. But it is in a terrestrial way. Free they come to the World that and to the house prison not attached. The wise understanding of life which represents itself a karma current, gives the power to the person over it. In freedom or in slavery at karma makes the way of people. Therefore at each phenomenon of karma the person as he wants to belong, but not karma, to its next display has to tell him. Each phenomenon is dual. It is a lot of chagrin of people, but each lesson can be glad because to learn human nature and adds to experience. It is possible to find this positive, useful and necessary side of things in everything even a karmic order. Many aspire to life free and easy, but the benefit of the subjects, which karma deprives of them opportunity to live in a stupor of wellbeing and opens that ways spirit ascensions. Going revaluation of values has to concern everything. All measures are conditional. The levers moving a framework of convention, in will of the person, and the steel axe in hands of the person of the Stone Age could be considered as invaluable wealth, and wealth for the spirit standing at the crossroads of ways, conducting in a gloom and to Light, – a damnation. It is necessary to reconsider everything. Inhabitants of some islands where the nature without any work from their party gives them everything that is necessary to them, degenerate and a condition of unsuitableness don't leave. Gifts of the nature became for them a karmic source of death of spirit. Flame storming, blows mighty and change, sharp and unexpected, fire water, heats cold allow to temper a blade. So the spirit blade, a sword of spirit which sparkles in hands of the winner becomes tempered also. If to understand in what the power of the person over a karma consists and as it is carried out, a lot of things will clear up and will rise on a due place, and the main thing, will give in hands of the person control levers over itself and will specify ways how to seize itself, without submitting to karma sovereignty. Release from the power of karma should be looked for not there and not in where it looks for. Certainly, the understanding of the law will relieve the person of conscious generation of the heavy reasons, but only one this circumstance nevertheless won't give freedom. Freedom in the person, freedom in the spirit of, which over everything and over which the power nothing has, even dreams of life terrestrial, taking his consciousness when he lives on Earth. But life on Earth temporarily is. Strength of the person is in awareness of temporariness of life terrestrial and eternity and inviolability of grain of spirit in itself. In it also look for ways of release from the power of karma over consciousness.

261. Boundlessness in all that from the benefit is approved by me. Only darkness certainly is Evolution is a promotion in Boundlessness of everything that is shown in world. Therefore boundlessness is concluded in the potential of each evolving center. Atoms, as well as all matter evolve. Evolution of a matter consists in its thinning, or depression. At the same time with the person all planet evolves also. Between extent of evolution of Earth and mankind, it occupying, compliance full. Discrepancy causes degeneration of the whole people and races. Those types, which are show the coherence with a condition of a planet, survive. This coherence is closely connected with a condition of all principles, or plans, bodies terrestrial, invisible and visible. The same as the person lives on the physical plan, or on a firm cover of a planet, he lives in its covers, or on plans of thinner. Earth is the house terrestrial the person, the house astral, and mental, and above. Than the plan is higher, especially it is open for contact or merges to auras of other worlds. The phenomenon and energy of all plans are closely bound between itself. The person is the citizen of all plans of existence that is potentially the intended and has the right to everything. For manifestation on each plan the corresponding conductors or bodies which evolve together with a planet are under construction. Someone goes ahead, advancing evolution. These pioneers of evolution exist in all kingdoms of the nature, and on all plans, and, first of all, in the thick of the human. Leaders they, but not those, who tails after is. Without speaking about the Brothers of mankind who are standing very highly, these pioneers, or leaders, make too some kind of brotherhood which members, serving a common goal, often don't know each other because are integrated not formally, but energetically. As though separate power points are included in the general power system. We, Brothers of mankind, them it is invisible we Unite. Their advance goes always forward on evolution steps. They are followed by masses, wishing that or without wishing. The leader hardly because stand the head above people around. These are our assistants and performers of our will, however, often unconscious, that does not know about the communication with Hierarchy of World. These assistants to different degrees it is much disseminated among masses. The step following over them is a step of conscious cooperation with Hierarchy of Light. The system of creation of evolution is hierarchical as from top to down Light extends, consistently decreasing in the intensity in process of indulgence on an evolution ladder. When the person accepts evolution consciously and to him its plan is conducted, its advance is accelerated. Even the physical body spires consonance to the drawn-up plan of evolution. Evolution plan, planned by us, it is necessary to know, that at least to belong to these to progress of the whole. Disclosure of the fiery centers – the following stage in development of humanity. It will be carried out in the sixth race. Let's honor Mother Agni Yogi – a fiery messenger of the New Era, the mind and body approved nowadays a prototype of this future transformation of human race.

262. (May 18). My son, whether realized up to the end, what each aspiration to the Lord, energy, to Me sent, comes back, loaded with my gifts, according to
the accord in it enclosed or to it added is decupled? Therefore I Speak: "Bring Me each gift that Could return it increased". Everything that you direct to Me, grows, as crops the best. Also you receive according to the accord, and you remove a harvest from it every time the fruitful. Laws of occult mechanics, or psycho mechanics, work smoothly. Understanding of it gives tranquility of perception and confidence. Not accident of casually caught thoughts, but a certain, methodical and real process of expansion of consciousness and receiving treasures of knowledge from a space from focus hierarchical. Pupils for a reception of knowledge go to schools and there by means of Teachers they receive. Nowadays, in addition to it, the new concrete method of knowledge acquisition by contact by means of a single or spatial wire to a treasury of any knowledge, to a treasury space is given to people. Certainly, the single wire connecting to the Teacher of Light is easier and safer. Having mastered it, the person cans, being protected, to venture use of a wire spatial. This last can be dangerous to unsteady consciousness and the consciousness, not able to own them because on consciousness we will think, but accords can be different. We Speak about the accord with Focus of Hierarchy of Light. Systematically and regularity of expansion of consciousness by psycho mechanics is carried out by means of the Teacher, and then there are available both wires. It is better to begin with a wire of the single, binding pupil with the elected Hierarch. A lot of things depend on a fiery and refinement of the receiver. If the fiery of consciousness allows solving the most difficult problems instantly, it follows from this that the scale of knowledge is limited to nothing, it is necessary to establish a conformable wave only. The knowledge exists in space, it from where is taken by the person. Creative ability of spirit allows combining the received elements in new combinations, and the sphere of creativity human turns out. Therefore We Speak about Bases, from which and on the basis of which it is possible to combine new constructions. Everything depends on Bases. It is possible to build only on the base correct, to build for a long time and strongly as it was done by builders of pyramids. Consciousness expansion according to the accord is the main method of psycho mechanics. Psycho mechanics methods as are obviously practical, vital and concrete, as well as any academic method, only they are a little original and demand the guide of the Teacher. But on Data recording the example of how consciousness, to the Teacher directed, maybe, without going to school is given only, to receive that no school in the world is able to give. Knowledge usual can be received at school. Knowledge of the unusual is from Us. Not in monotone and monotony, but in versatility the course of evolution is approved. It is a lot of flowers in my garden, and everyone blossoms the color. If the personality is the phenomenon temporary, Identity of spirit is the phenomenon lawfully space and constant. The hierarchy of Light consists of Great Identity. Therefore the individual beginning, space individual, is put by us as the evolution basis. But this identity, Identity of spirit, the general has no anything with an egocentrism, egoism of the personality and egoism manifestations in the person. I speak about immortal reincarnating Identity of the person. It we Approve and we Build on it mankind evolution. The identity of the person, like spring foliage and flowers, is born every spring to disappear in the fall and to be the life carried away by a stream in irretrievable, but the tree doesn't die. And Identity of the person is similar to a tree of life. Remember: it is possible to build strongly only on the Bases, all other constructions will be on sand. Let's specify methods and ways of receiving direct knowledge and everything who wants to follow our Instructions, we Open a gate. "And We Open a gate".

263. (May 19). It is possible to assimilate the mental device of the person to a movie camera on which tape imprint environment vibrations. On what the lens and sound installation is directed, is fixed. For registration of sounds their known isolation is necessary. The direction of all equipment is given by the operator. And pure the consciousness movie, able to perceive sounds, colors, light, and, besides, thoughts, and feelings, and in general all vibrations on their scale of thinning and a fiery, depicts them according to quality and refinement of the device of human spirit. These devices happen different: good and bad, simple and rare, defective and the serviceable, giving purity of tone and a sound, or not having clearness’s. Their variety varies indefinitely, but each person twists the movie of life and postpones it in the Bowl. Imprinting a life tape, he at the same time is the main leading man, the central figure movies. Only Silent Recorder in it only Looks without taking direct and direct part in life mysteries, though Is for the sake of What it is made. Constancy, not interruptibility of a tide of life, constant work a psycho movie camera of human spirit should be understood as an indispensable condition of life. Question only in how it is imprinted and that. The movie will fix that, on what the spirit device is directed, and the lens of consciousness will be as though a lens perceiving vibrations of a certain order: light, sound and so on. Installation of a lens of consciousness is so important that it is possible to sit in the room where people talk and, having directed it in itself or having concentrated on something outside, in this room not being, it is possible to see nothing and not to hear from this that is around. The operator is in the person, and the device of spirit submits to it. The power over the microcosm and its abilities is badly realized by the person. Everything is accepted as that, without the thoughtful relation and the analysis. But if to take at least ability of speech, fiery value of a sound, letters, words and speech human, its impact on vibrations of nervous system and other people if to think about millions years of existence of mute races, it is possible to start understanding that a key from power of fiery influence of sounds in hands of the person. Make experience: you speak quietly and slowly, putting in each sound power of the approved tranquility, and the interlocutor becomes quiet; you speak with emotion and with irritation, and it stimulate; you speak, feeling fear and concern, and the person all the nervous system will vibrate in unison. Sounds of human speech, besides the sound, bear the impress in themselves an emotional condition of the person, and a stratification of thoughts, to its accompanying, and aura vibrations. Impact of the person on all surrounding: on people, on animals, on plants, on a thing, on Wednesday, on space – it is powerful. And when it becomes consciously, power of influence amplifies. It increases in process of increase and strengthening of fiery potential of the person. Occurs not only a fix Occurs not only fixing of vibrations by means of a spirit movie camera, but also an active reproduction, and, besides, active creativity new, projecting and sending fruits in environment and space. The device human is difficult both are wonderful, and the potential of its opportunities is boundless. Think only as the writer or the poet the imagination in World Invisible creates aim movies of lives of the heroes – brightly, pictured, in paints and so vividly and vitally, what even invested with words and printed on paper, that is already deprived of a considerable share of the visibility and vitality, all of them powerfully influence perceiving device of the reader. But as this is bright and live in original primary, but the finished form the world created by imagination of the writer imprinted by it on pages of printed pages of images. The psycho tapes created by imagination of the person, can be wonderful and amazing. All musical and vocal works are no other than the recorded psycho tapes of the sounds imprinted or created by imagination of the person. The person is the recognized creator. Its microcosm is the most wonderful and most difficult device created for creativity and evolving in Boundlessness for boundless development of this creative power. Creativity is a destiny and appointment of the person. He, the opportunities, the potential and the appointment in Universe the person has to know and realize. We welcome creativity, in what where and as though it was shown if it not from darkness. And dark too create. And if light creativity bears with itself light, dark – darkness. Everything that is the psycho is created person, really. Everything that proceeds from the person, at the heart of has a display of energiya of a certain order that is that really exists. Everything that proceeds from the person and is created by the person in the sphere of his thoughts, feelings and emotions, can be visible on the plan, physically hidden. All secret here, obviously, brightly also is colorfully visible there. Therefore about that, the creator of that is the person, continuously and constantly creating, it is necessary to think well because responsibility for products of the creativity is born on itself (himself) by him, their creator. We Watch creativity of favorite pupils and we Rejoice when it goes in the accord with beauty. Remember: the psycho movie camera of human spirit possesses ability to imprint the phenomena and ability to project them. For projective ability of consciousness, it is active showing; the person bears responsibility especially severe. Therefore I Speak: "You create Beauty".

264. My son, the Lord Feels your aspiration and Answer is conformable. On what wave you will want to adjust yourself, on such and you receive the answer. The legend about the aged Apostle who, having reached extreme old age, I repeated only the words "Children, You Love Each Other", has deep value. From all Doctrine of the Savior it as though extracted the major, its quintessence, a core on which all is based and about which all rotates the rest. On a love wave the answer which has constructed the aspiration receives the next. To what are sophistications, to what roundabout footpaths when there is a way the shortest? The old formula "Love Your Lord All Your Understanding" remains still in force. It is possible to explain only: Misters, Mister that is Lord. The love to Hierarchy gives rise to direct Communication. Ancient formula "To Me Vengeance and A (first) I Render" it is expanded and we take its other pole: "To Me love and A I Render Love". So each heart flares on quality of fire, it closer and peculiar. There is qualities and properties, are showed heart, but a love from them – the greatest much. Whether the love directed induces spirit to be for hours in Communication with the Beloved at distance of thousands kilometers and on these threads of communication to receive a hundred times? My son, feeling of love to the Lord it is possible to strengthen and strengthen infinately because it both you will succeed and you will reach what differently to reach forces human won't get. Because the love is the force because the love is a source of power the invincible, because the love is what the world keeps. You will succeed love and you will reach it. In Beams of my Love you go it is immutable a regal way of the winner. Only it will give inexhaustible strength to overcome everything. You love Me, and your force will grow in direct compliance with your love. You love, you love, and you love if you want to reach. Sated with a flame of this feeling, you will radiate it on all surrounding, as the Sun – the beams. It is impossible to love the Lord and to hate the world and people. Microcosm mood in its radiations are show. Therefore I Speak: "You ascend love to the Hierarch". Me love you will see. For loving I am not present distances. The merit isn't so great to fall in love with the Teacher when He near, in a body physical as it when invisible, Far and not the Known Teacher heart knows is great, recognizes and loves. Not seeing, but recognized, the merit of heart of a bike is. So love you will enter into my World and you will become sons of Light. Each feeling burns with the color. Dialogue can be gold, silver, blue, pink, say, all flowers on the highest scale. It is possible to premise to Communication color according to the accord with a heart mood. To qualities there correspond colors auras. It is possible as also quality to strengthen color beams and a way of an enveloping of radiations of a certain color. Light department is studied by modern science unilaterally. Psycho mechanics of a color beam of the physicist yet doesn't know, but will know. So, for today we will remember: the love is the next and elementary approach to the Teacher and in it and is difficulty.

265. (May 20). The main thing – don't draw to itself attention. Some periods of life should be passed imperceptibly and silently, out of attention of people. The human attention tears a protective attire of spirit and deprives a protection organism when the protecting network in the course of organism reorganization got stronger more not enough. The crowd can ennoble and lift the person in the opinion of people and can humiliate and crush him. The aura has to get stronger so to sustain surf of human influences without special harm and damage. Otherwise the disease is inevitable. Before aura strengthening is finished, it is impossible to come to the arena of open public Service. While it is necessary to strengthen it consciously, doing it by effort of will unreceptive to noticed influences. It is very easy to find this influence in consciousness and to paralyze it or to neutralize, being gradually accustomed to strengthen protective properties of a protecting network. Certainly, the Image of the Teacher which is brightly represented in consciousness is the best protection because, on the one hand, it strains energy of spirit, and with another, the radiations powerfully influences all surrounding and extinguishes a hostile flame. In many religions it is indicated protective value of a prayer and the address, and some highest spirits or sacred simply are called as defenders, defenders, defenders and guardians. In legends and legends it is directly indicated how even glorification of a name of the chosen spirit exempts from dark presence or influence. It is specified and in the Doctrine that sevenfold repetition of the Name of the Teacher immediately will paralyze spiteful energy of attendants of darkness. But in this conversation means not so much attacks dark, how many mass influence of crowd when its attention is paid to the attendant of Light. In most cases even when the crowd uplifts the person, this influence is chaotic because radiations of ordinary people are disharmonious. Both love human, and hatred are tiresome both in each separate case, and in case of influence collective. The distinguished aura sharply perceives others radiations and painfully reacts to them if the armor of spirit didn't get stronger yet; therefore, precepted care to each other between My children. It is very easy to wound each other and to do harm. Ordinary people are very fast and skillful in drawing sharp blows to aura. It is necessary to look attentively and at itself that not to wound people mentally. If saw, how many harm is done by people each other and how many is caused burning, it would be possible to be surprised. And the majority is not at all by justifications that don't know that create because know perfectly that do, and consciously strike blow. The not the reasonable in human relationship is a lot of still, and it isn't enough care, tolerance and mercy to each other. Putting wounds to another thereby itself strike and tear the aura. Therefore are so few happy people. Put a wound to the brother gives itself to the judge and it isn't released by it until will pay everything, to "the last quadrant". Some periods of life should be passed silently, without attracting to itself attention of people.

266. The person is given many lives on Earth for improvement because for one life it is impossible to reach. At once to become perfect it is impossible. And who is perfect? The ascension consists in a gets rid of shortcomings, weaknesses, defects and passions on condition of steady aspiration to the purpose under any circumstances and in any situation; the past cross bears everyone on itself. Conducted it not to assume for a gets rid, advance becomes impossible. But how the person if he has a desire of improvement and if there is a persistence, persistence and constancy was bad, it is possible to go and it is possible to reach. It isn't necessary to be confused also if the gets rid goes slowly. That collected in the millennia, it is difficult to get rid in one life. Suppression doesn't lead to the purpose, but causes only strengthened recurrence. Also becomes to the person more bitterly, than was. And I Speak: "Go, without being confused anything". And let your step will be immutable, and the main thing, let it doesn't lose the forward rhythm. Let the display of not gets rid shortcomings don't break rhythmic advance. I fell, immediately get up and go, without being confused, without tormenting myself, without weakening myself falling and thoughts of it, but strengthening myself in the movement which isn't stopped by any conditions and barriers. If you were good and without shortcomings, to what then is all works of spirit. So-called "good" people sometimes are so full the "good" and perfection that places for the Teacher in their consciousness any more not remain. Filled with the righteousness, and content "good" the, and self-satisfied, you aren't necessary to the Teacher. He has no place to conduct you. You aren't necessary also, is dead, and is persistent, and stupidly calmed down on the reached. It is necessary to scent an opposite pole of quality approved that it to approve a positive pole. Cold and hot are suitable for evolution because move ahead the polarity law. It doesn't mean immersion in darkness of not gets rid passions, but – feeling of a chasm, when on the edge of it. It is possible to stumble, but there is any border of falling after which it is impossible to rise already. Therefore the gets rid occurs by gradually release of consciousness from the power of the undesirable phenomenon over it. It is necessary to destroy charm and attractive force of an allure and to approve the power over all movements of a matter in covers. The victory will be if power and domination over not to give anything. Let anything occurring to you, won't be able to break a rhythm of ascending your movement: neither good nor bad, either pleasure both grief, neither success nor failure ease of life difficulty, or wealth, poverty, something other, but dual too. And then your step to the future becomes an inalterability step. The Teacher is unchangeable, you study the same and you: to be permanently and equally directed on fires of the opposite phenomena of life. Fires of spirit become tempered in heat and cold change, in change of poles of the contrasts which display on the plan of a duality represents itself life.

267. (May 21). When your time will come, and it will come, energy can't scatter the on the parties: everything has to be concentrated on the main direction, though on different channels. Because then will come both My time, and service of each carrier of Light has to become full and monocline directed. Personal it will be replaced entirely with mine: they won't be. Great Service to General Welfare demands all forces of the person. Readiness to give all itself to me is required. It also will be a feat not belittled.

268. The consciousness of the person is the meeting place of all worlds. In consciousness of the person the world dense and the World Elevated are combined. By the analysis of an interior it is possible to imagine space of the highest measurements and to understand difference it from space of three measurements. In space usual things take a certain place and are measured by distances from each other. Length, width and height are measures terrestrial. To the right, on the left, up and down – reference points of the directions. Everything is simple, clear and habitual, and to everything it is possible to concern a hand or to see. But laws of an inner world others is. As soon as consciousness plunges in it, measures usual immediately disappear. Where there is your representation, say, a blossoming tree – above or from below, to the right or on the left? It is, it exists, even the eye of the clairvoyant, but where can see it? In the world dense it isn't present. The only reference point for subjects of the Thin World is the consciousness of the person. Only concerning itself (himself) he can realize or perceive these subjects. Earth can be imagined, or to see huge or small and in any provision of rather seeing. Where in great space top and where a bottom? Where North and South? Where morning, day or night? It is possible to present itself during any instant in any point of space, in any place of the globe. Usual convention for consciousness internal doesn’t exist. The spirit can have stay out of dense conditions in itself, through internal consciousness coming to open spaces of the Thin World. You see a thin eye a blossoming tree. What it heights? Where it? Not to measure it by arshine. Instead of it is possible to present one thousand other images on the same place. On what place and where? Where this place? This place also is space of four measurements with the laws and measures. Certainly, bodies of the plane of four measurements have both the size, and weight, and volume, but in measures of others. After all even dense bodies are relative, that is we define them only in relation to something because even they have no absolute criterion. When there are a Communication, laws of the dense world pale into insignificance also laws of the Thin World, or thin energiya, is show. We are divided by thousands kilometers, and however, in consciousness we adjoin. Stronghold far, and still in the consciousness it is possible to present easily itself in it, having transferred there by thought, and already from there to look even at the body being somewhere for thousands miles. As and than to measure feelings and emotions? They too aren't subject to measures terrestrial, and the more so to thought. All these phenomena of a thin order, in a framework of three it is measured not keeping within. The house big, the small river big and big love – so same definition is applied to things or the phenomena incommensurable, to the phenomena of the different worlds, the different planes of existence. The river can be measured by kilometers, but then to measure love? In a month or in a year it is possible to build the house, but in imagination it can be created instantly, and it will exist on the plan invisible. Some substances for some substances are impenetrable in whole or in part, but it on Earth. Laws of permeability of thin layers of the Hidden World absolutely others are. Consciousness it is possible to get almost through everything. But the same consciousness will stop, as before an impenetrable barrier, before the fiery protecting circle created by consciousness stronger. The low and dark consciousness not in forces get into layers distinguished. On Earth it is possible to punch even the rock, but resistance of the upper class is insuperable to low consciousnesses. Densely there is a person on Earth; sometimes it is difficult even to shift him from a place if he doesn't want. Both dry leaves are instantly carried by a whirlwind, and the lowest spirits crowding around, can be spread about fiery will of high spirit if to that there is a need. Protecting worthy from dark attacks, it is possible to disseminate hordes hells the lowest spirits. But nevertheless, where top and bottom there? Unless a bottom we will call everything, to Earth gravitating and close, and astride – up directed from conditions of terrestrial and terrestrial desires. It is necessary to get used in consciousness to distinction of the worlds, knowing as they closely adjoin actually. One is inseparable from another; one enters into another as its integral part. The phenomena of the Thin World are more plastic both more freely and easily submit an ox of the person who knows his laws and conditions. But for knowledge of these conditions usual representations should be rejected. The phenomena of the Thin World it is possible and has to study because after death you pass to the World that not for death in it, but for life.

269. The Teacher Speaks about the world. The Teacher Speaks that had in Him the world, the world, which above any understanding. Both courage, and tranquility, both balance, and other qualities are world inside. This other-worldly world, but from the Lord, from the World of the Lord and when it is reached, waves worldly won't be able to shake it any more. It doesn't come from mind reasoning’s, and not it is generated by terrestrial feelings. And on Earth not to find it because it from above, it descends as blessing of the Highest World as gift of the Hierarch. The world terrestrial can't give this world; can't give it and people. The Teacher Can give it only. It will be a sign of unification and merge the reached. Somewhere in the Highest Spheres of the Elevated World this world is property of the consciousnesses there staying? This world can be brought to Earth and vibrations to concern it the consciousness of people. That to give to people, it is necessary to have. Those spirits which terrestrial can give to the world the world unearthly are blessed. The Era of Light, Fire and the World will be the ant provision of the Armageddon. This world isn't rest of idleness or satisfaction reached, no! It is such condition of consciousness when vanity and the power it over consciousness loses the force when breath of Eternity concerns spirit and Eternal starts sounding in consciousness. The kingdom of Dumb Witness is a kingdom of this World. Noise and turmoil, excitements and whirlwinds of a material world calm down on its threshold. It is the sphere of energiya of the highest tension where voices of Earth aren't audible. In the east this condition calls the Nirvana. The nirvana – not calm, but tension of such intensity that movement becomes imperceptible; as the turbine rotating with terrible speed, seems to an eye motionless. The usual consciousness any more doesn't catch this speed of fiery movement of spirit and takes a condition of the highest fiery tension for an immovability, or rest. Let's call this World a condition of consciousness of the highest fiery tension of spirit. Immovability’s, rest and emptiness in Space aren't present: the higher, the more tensely. All qualities of spirit synthetic merge in the uniform phenomenon of Light, as colors of a range in a uniform beam – harmoniously. And this harmony, this synthesis of qualities, this symphony of the qualities which has been carried out in the spirit of, is a necessary component of that World, which above usual human understanding. Therefore I Speak: "My world accept. In it Light, in it Light for the world in which you live".

270. (May 22). My son, transit to Light conducts to uniform Top and therefore in each point it has the different height indicating level of consciousness. And that is achievement for one can be unattainable for another and long ago passable and left by the third. Therefore it is impossible for my freedom to be judged foreign freedom and vice versa. Even it is impossible to estimate other consciousness proceeding from itself. The assessment of the faultless can be only one, namely: whether there is this consciousness back, whether stands still or moves ahead. But also for this purpose it is necessary to understand a condition of spirit of the neighbor well. The enthusiasm is welcomed because it advances consciousness and brings him out of a condition of stagnation. Everything is welcomed that brings the person into a condition of intensity of the centers. For the same reason the Teacher demands to enclose in all best workmanship. Only provided is that the centers can be strained. Do everything, having focused attention, and try to execute better. Vigilance and vigilance causes too the intensity phenomenon. It is necessary to understand firmly that haste, concern, haste, vanity – are destructive and no anything the general with creative and useful tension have. It is possible to give speed, and even very big, but without a rhythm it turns into haste chaotic, wearing-out nervous system. But the rhythm intense the speed, even going crescendo – is harmonious and admissible. Sleepy slackness and indifference of idleness are especially harmful. Work, work, the work always straining the centers, always the superior quality – as greasing for the difficult car and fuel, it feeding. Often covers protest because to them it is expensive to the rest. The lazy physical body will die, and his owner will come to the World Thin with is lazy the sleeping centers, and in the same sleepy condition, but even more aggravated, he will drag a low semi-conscious somnolence in World Elevated. The inactive centers which haven't woken up during lifetime on Earth won't imprint on themselves vibrations of the Thin World. Lack of tension generated by aspiration to improvement of quality of all of that becomes the person will yield the bitter fruits. Absence of consciousness in the Thin World is directly in proportion to lack of tension, press and burdening in life terrestrial. Therefore, the worse, the better, the more difficultly, the closer to the purpose, and the more tensely, the fiery activity of the thin centers and is fuller conscious life after death. The relation to work should be reconsidered. The relation to life should be reconsidered. The relation to tension and burdening by circumstances should be overestimated and remembered that only in tension unreasonable the condition not interruptibility of the consciousness, being Arhat's achievement is reached. Workers and burdened with an excessive burden, the benefit to you. Come to me because earned the right to immortality, without having broken by spirit under weight of a burden. It is necessary to resist spirit in tension unreasonable if you want to reach.

271. (May 23). The gap meanwhile that is represented himself by the person, and what it has to be, can either increase, or decrease. The first distances, the second approaches to the Teacher. It is impossible to come nearer to Teacher, increasing this gap. To come nearer, being removed, it is impossible. But the unlucky industrialist of life often forgets about it and, aspiring to the Teacher, allows actions aspirations inadmissible and neutralizing forward force. However, among approached to Me isn't present perfect, but any certain code of morals has to be observed. Weaknesses are terrible not in itself, and that they can capture consciousness and enslave it. This enslavement begins imperceptibly, and in it the main danger. The person notices it only when force of a current of the stream which is carrying away aside from the Teacher, becomes so attracting that the consciousness already isn't able to cope with it. Therefore it is necessary vigilance and vigilance in relation to the actions not to lose not to get at first to a stream rapid, and then and to whirlpool bottomless. These whirlwinds and whirlpools of the environment are very characteristic for the Elevated World, and weak spirits are carried away by them, as leaves dry downwind. Firmness of opposition on Earth is developed and approved by it, and at all connivance to desires and astral aspiration. It, generating astral whirlwinds in the sphere, by similar whirlwinds it is involved in spatial whirlpools. Spatial whirlpools are very dangerous because can carry away weak spirit in a chasm, from where not rise any more. Force of opposition to astral inclinations, perhaps, a little estimated on Earth, in World Elevated has crucial importance because all whirlwinds ever generated by astral body of the person and specified that vibrations of this order to it are peculiar or habitual, in World Elevated easily are caused in it again and again by whirlwinds of the corresponding layers under the law of the accord and a magnetic attraction of the related phenomena. Therefore there unexpectedly for itself it is possible to come to be among very undesirable neighbors or conditions unexpected for the reason that, giving in to these or those impulses or inclinations on Earth, the person didn't attach it due significance, being occupied with the mass of various affairs. But affairs terrestrial will terminate, and there will be nothing to cover inclinations of an astral body, and the person remains face to face with himself, with all energiya which he generated and set in motion during lifetime. It generated them; it has to and kills them that is operate them, bridle them or settle on itself (himself) all force them, anything not distracted or not covered influence. This phenomenon call a meeting with the Guard of the Threshold when all generation of the person which have accepted obvious and visible images, a retroactive effect of a magnetic attraction direct on it, beget. To settle, extinguish, discharge and neutralize this accumulated and aggravated force of own desires, passions, defects, shortcomings and weaknesses beget at the time of this fatal meeting with him, objective essence of the astral. Has to meet and has to win because defeat is impossible. The one who on Earth got used to these victories, to restraint of fury of a violent and ardent astral cover, will sustain this terrible fight without fluctuating, without receding and without being afraid for the outcome. But those who tolerated dissoluteness of an astral on Earth, will appear in unenviable situation because that they will oppose to the concentrated and aggravated force of those energiya which were accumulated thoughtlessly by them and postponed in comic essence of the own microcosm. Therefore I Speak: restraint of all movements in an own astral cover, control over them both ruthless and severe submission to their will is a most urgent need question. It is necessary to think of the future which is nowadays forged in it by everything that the person creates, at last. Everyone, even small, a victory over, over the covers, already matters for the statement of the power in the microcosm over everything that in it is. Ignorant can make mistakes, but the one who knows, all powers of the spirit has to direct on that to reach a victory because knows that wants and for what it is necessary so insistently. It isn't necessary to allow in it whirlwinds astral and it isn't necessary to catch them when they flash in others. This area of the phenomena should be seized here, on Earth because there already late to study. There it is necessary to work already resolutely and firmly, making use of experience and force acquired on Earth in continuous and persistent fight with, that is with the lowest covers. They belong to the person, he is their mister, instead of the slave, and it was given the power. But as the person often delegates the power over the microcosm to the covers and itself becomes in position of the slave which they violently mistreat and over which it is ruthless tyrannize. Take the drunkard, the addict and the gambler and you will see brightly examples of this humiliating enslavement. All horrors generated by human defects, in a condition of a black out of gloomy slavery at the covers are created, sad and hopeless. Because is any degree falling, after which to rise improbably difficult. Teacher Speaks: from any point of a footpath of the evil it is possible to turn to Light. The desire of improvement will be supported. But you knowing a way of Light and still to the astral tolerating and indulging don't forget about your responsibility before itself, before people and before the Teacher. The astral has to be won and subordinated by any price.

272. Among the immense wide world, among a great number of people, among many people in infinite space of all plans of Life a support one – the Teacher. One in general look for nothing, others look for and don't find, the third look for, but among dense conditions, and the few, knowing Teachers look for the dense phenomena, and among them, can be called found. Searches came to an end, ahead a way. The way is found. Found it so to it gets used that even it is difficult to it to imagine that others, and their great variety, don't know any way and live just like that, conducted by karma. It circumstances can’t be forgotten, it should be considered at a contact with people because the divergence of consciousness is too great. It is necessary to understand and appreciate, what treasure you have, and to preserve it. Teacher one is. Other Teachers aren't present. There are other Great Teachers, but the Teacher – the Father, consciousness lit, and one. The space Father one on all Boundlessness. He is a link in the Hierarchy chain, behind It – Above it, but It is a Father, reason life given and put a step to consciousness. The Father Space will be read by Thought, the Word and acts. To replace it there is nobody. The Teacher one is the Defender, the Friend and the Father.

273. (May 24). Continuous prestanding leads to understanding of Great Presence. Presence of the Lord in the spirit of becomes the integral achievement. It is born gradually, more and more taking consciousness and becoming brighter. And then Great Making becomes possible. This process with small, bringing great consequences begins. At first something esteemed by the most important, becomes as though in the presence of the Teacher when his image clearly and is accurately presented in the third eye. This clarity gradually amplifies, getting more and more vital forms. When it is made, it "something" you carry out as if the Teacher would cost nearby. In the beginning it is made in relation to affairs of the Teacher or at the moments of Communication, the address or a prayer. But then, in process of the consciousness growth when the condition of a constant prayer or Proximity understanding is reached, the feeling of Presence becomes uninterrupted. But it is necessary that the consciousness corresponded. Compliance consists in thoughts, words and actions. Before the Face Great the behavior can't be usual. Therefore, unusual all life becomes. At first affairs of special value are created together, bearing fruit, hall-marked of spirit of the Hierarch, then – everything because isn't present neither big, nor small, and everything matters, and the Lord can devote all life, all thoughts, all feelings and all actions. While this condition isn't reached yet, it is possible to strengthen it understanding of Presence of the Teacher in the spirit of at those moments which have special value in life of the pupil. It is necessary to realize that the Lord not somewhere behind mountains and is far, but nearby, but is close, but Sees, Hears and Knows everything happening to the pupil. It is difficult to break barriers of restriction of three-dimensional space which doesn't exist for spirit. Movements of spirit are lightning and our temporary just because for it there are no distances and these movements can't be measured with hours in hands. It is necessary in Time is necessary to perform work terrestrial somewhere to descend or go, but for the affairs of spirit demanding sometimes a lot of energy, terrestrial in its usual understanding it isn't necessary for time. Therefore also understanding of Presence of the Teacher in the spirit of is measured not for hours, but heart and its feelings. When we create together, products our joint creativity especially are saturated fire. The hand of the Hierarch laid to creativity, gives it a unique originality and a shade. And force of influence of products of this creativity on people of a bike. Place doesn't take value. Whether here to realize Presence, whether there or still somewhere – it is unimportant. It is important to realize that Communication happens in space of the highest measurements, in the spirit sphere. Restrictions of a matter dense will be swept away. And when there comes death and spirit is born to new life in Elevated, this communication, are released from chains of the physical world, especially becomes aggravated and becomes real, bright and visible. Here it is visible on condition of disclosure of the centers or at a partial awakening visible, the Teacher becomes even closer. Am possible and on Earth quickly to see the teacher, having approved his Face in a third eye, but former accumulation for this purpose are required. Therefore the statement of the Face in consciousness demands is constant and long work and tension. Records the given are result of understanding of Proximity of the Teacher in the spirit of and Communication approved. But a step when Communication is accompanied by a visual of the Teacher of the show is still high. Many conditions precede it, and one of them is a distinction in tension of radiations auras. Any aura can sustain this tension not. The shock can be too painful, and therefore premature. But the Teacher will be seen by everyone, going to Him when his time will come. Hidden Presence of the Teacher in the spirit of realizes and waits unexpectedly.

274. (May 25). My time didn't come, but will come. Kingdom Light didn't come still, but will come. Still triumphs angrily, but a root any more has no. Flashes of the evil will become all the time is shorter because the nutrient medium for it will start running low. When fertility of the earth runs low, it ceases to yield fruits. The same happens and to the evil. We Struck the being of the evil and Put an end to its boundless distribution. Imperfections remain in the world, but the Hierarchy of the evil won't be. Decapitated, she still lives and continues to harm. But soon and to it there come the end. Great changes go to the world. The old leaven is live still, but no force any more has. Darkness affairs will assimilate soon to soap bubbles. I speak about the future because in it, but not in the past, Light summer lightning’s blaze already. Again it is necessary to leave old idea of living conditions that considerable to become witnesses. You don't judge on surfaces, the main currents in depth. From them the nature of vegetation and climate on life coast, as depends on Gulf Stream – climate of the countries washed by it. Currents of the spatial ocean to us are conducted, and they specify on fast change in everything. Stars speak happiness beams, and stars prepare for a planet other destiny. She is depicted on The sky to be carried out on Earth. Knowing and waiting, soon already.

275. (May 26). When you will weigh the dignity of the person and its value for evolution, you remember that the self-satisfied virtue and standard "good" won't have value which to them is attributed by people. Often people having these or those weaknesses and shortcomings, are more fit, than the so-called good. As you think who is more valuable: the sinner recognizing and directed to the Teacher or the ruddy and virtuous inhabitant who is sitting in place and satisfied and proud advantages. Therefore don't drive away those who are still far from perfect if in them there is an aspiration. The main thing that equally effective all energiya nevertheless it was expressed in obvious progress. Under all conditions the old formula remains in force: "many to contain yes will contain". At sufficient tendency, that is at the equally effective certain force and tension, outgrowths start falling off and losing the density. The tolerance should be shown before trying to wash dirt from a spirit pearl, which at everyone. To point out the defects or weaknesses it is possible, but a loving and careful hand. Severity is necessary where persistent unwillingness to notice the shortcomings or a self-justification. Worst of all, when the person, making an immoral act, considers itself have the right it to do or considers immorality correct. The promiscuity is harmful to advance of spirit extremely. The centers can't reveal at its existence. It is impossible to build spirit conductors, destroying them. It is impossible to clear covers, bringing in them elements of the lowest order. It is impossible to approve the power over an astral, indulging it’s of enrages. On hard reins it is necessary to hold this violent cover always. Got used to vibrate on a certain key, it amplifies in the essence and strengthens are show activities of the lowest centers. The sexual madness observed among people, is logical end of promiscuity. It comes to an end sometimes with a fire of the relevant center and death. It is a lot of horrors among mankind. The promiscuity is terrible the consequences. On the one hand, asceticism is violation of laws of life, with another – moral dissoluteness. The decision should be looked for in the middle of and in the conditions of complete control over the emotions. The purpose is give life. Opportunity to contain is a precept for the few. For going a median way is council of mastering by itself. There is two situation, or expressions of passions in the person: the first – when the passion owns consciousness and enslaves it; the second – when the will owns passion and keeps it under the complete and imperious control. It is possible to love jewels, it is possible to admire their beauty and game of fires, it is possible even to have them, but not to be the greedy miser shivering over them and absorbed by this passion. And so is in everything. The slavery in all types destroys, and especially an interior of slavery, slavery at the passions. Only seized and won permitted everything, but to the slave – anything. The measure of mastering by itself and restraints of is permissiveness. The astral slavery is slavery the most the most bitter of the most bitter. You study in to freedom to make the affairs, but not in slavery. Solomon was a tsar. It was, truly, the tsar of spirit. Spirit is powerful, free and wise. It showed to the world an example of how among all richness of the world and opportunities to have everything that only чело¬век will wish, it is possible to keep freedom of spirit and to be valid the winner of allure terrestrial because he won against the world. The victory over the world in need, poverty and a grief is reached but as it when the karma gives everything is difficult, bore the benefits terrestrial, all terrestrial power and riches. Many made feats in a lock and asceticism and won, but it is a little of those who at the head of kingdoms terrestrial made it. The tsar Solomon and Emperor Akbar Great gave an example of mankind of that the spirit, truly, isn't won by anything, even the imperial power.

276. Certainly, the persistence of others illness at treatment should be overcome in itself and as though to assume others pain or an indisposition. In case of a small stock of fiery energy it is possible to help nevertheless, having assumed an illness either completely, or partially. Therefore to diseases old, serious and incurable it is necessary to approach circumspectly. Numb cages can't be recovered, but the astral image of an illness can be transferred to itself. From it follows, communicating with patients, first of all to be protected in consciousness, and then to cut off connecting mental communication with the patient, differently influence of the patient of aura will heavy affect. It is possible to give out energy and has to, but it is commensurable. It is impossible to endanger balance of spirit. Even big spirits cured not all and treated with analysis. If treatment and the help go at the expense of a lawful and emergency ration of mental energy, they are inadmissible. (You were forbidden to treat by a touch because forces could be undermined. ) Is more useless cure small consciousness, and to ruin the health and to undermine life of bigger consciousness. Commensurability is in everything. For treatment it is necessary most to have an excess stock of energy for a healing and to spend only it, immediately it filling up. People are inclined to devour others mental energy and to wampire if feel a stock it in someone. Someone wastes it, breaking balance and restraint laws. To give the energy to such consciousness it is equivalent to pour water into a sieve: how many ours, everything will be a little. Therefore the Teacher, curing, I Spoke: "Go, and more don't sin", that is don't break the law because otherwise the healing is useless as eventually the free will of the person again will cause the same results. Helping, it is necessary to point to how to avoid undesirable consequences, an illness of the bringing. The teacher usually Helped those who were capable to apprehend these instructions, differently delivery of energy is equivalent to the help to the drunkard: will spend on drink all the same, how many give. But помогай¬те always, everywhere and in everything: after all it is possible to help thought, and it doesn't demand that strengthened power consumption which demands director at distance treatment. Be circumspect in energy delivery to her spendthrifts. Not for this purpose studied. Not for this purpose long and hardly it accumulated madly to distribute. But it is possible to give out quietly it to the person who will treat it carefully and won't start up downwind received gift. The help I Give and Beams I Send, but not what consciousness represents myself a sieve full of holes. Care with sent energy show. The irritation, fear, vanity, concern, chatter, contact with people insalubrious, despondency and all other negative conditions of consciousness devour the energy sent by the Teacher. That who isn't able to protect, we Do not send. Remember parable talents. Laws of preservation and protection of mental energy remain in force and until now. Perhaps, nowadays their knowledge is necessary even more because there are too much mental parasites around and too many spendthrifts. The merit isn't great, having distributed everything, to remain the beggar and to be assigned to the Teacher. Give circumspectly and a witness mark. But help when you see need in the help and readiness to accept it with advantage.

277. (May 27). To help the patient, it is necessary to know an arrangement of ganglia that is nerve ganglions, or the centers managing sick body. It is necessary to know, what currents to send and as: hot or cooling, that is positive or negative. It is necessary to know how to polarize the organism breath how to concentrate and transmit energy through hands and so on and further. But it is possible not to know anything it, it is possible to transfer desire, expressed in clear and accurate thought, it is simple heart. It is necessary to create this final image, a picture of a desirable consequence, and, in heart it having approved, heart and to introduce in aura of the patient. It is necessary to forget at this time about itself and to adjust the consciousness on a key of strong confidence of efficiency helped. Cheerfulness, pleasure, hopes, care of the hurting and warmly warm has to proceed from the healer. Heart transfers the treasure, the energy hurting, shares with it the most valuable that has. To polarize itself on a condition opposite to a condition of the patient, it is required at first to neutralize his negative thoughts, feelings and emotion, and then to strengthen positive, introduced in his consciousness and an organism. All this becomes mentally, I spin heart. Process is real because causes big leakage of vital forces, that is mental energy. Result is inevitable, and is besides directly proportional to number of directed efforts. Treatment it demands dedication and sincere warm desire to help. It is possible to polarize foreign consciousness on any wave. Everything it is easier to adjust if to infect it with fear, concern, despondency and other dark feelings that people around unconsciously and automatically constantly do. But conscious will to adjust consciousnesses of people around on a wave of the benefit and feelings kind can or actively strong and high spirit, or the pupil. It is possible to tell that the light aura automatically and with little effort bears in itself light, and warmly, and the pleasure another saddened – a gloom. The first influence can be strengthened infinitely and consciously, but without devastating itself. For this purpose it is necessary to replace simply in itself darkness with light. Treatment of the certain person demands strengthening and concentration of radiation on certain face or even sick body. The consciousness order, verbal or silent, but imperious, it is possible to add to process. It is necessary that the will of the healer was stronger than will of the patient. It is necessary to destroy or burn mentally an astral form of an illness and the sphere of a microcosm to clear of its elements. It is possible to burn in waves or the flame streams which color is opposite to color of an illness. So, for example, in case of the increased temperature and inflammatory processes the blue flame is necessary, at processes of the return – gold or other active hot color. Color-therapy is future science. Sometimes application of alternating currents or flowers works favorably, especially if the illness picture isn't absolutely clear. The sick body always has muddy, smoky and dark radiations. Them mentally replace light. The beam light, colorless, will be good always. Treatment Beams, at first thought beams, then beams aura’s, also belongs to the future. To treat beams, it is necessary to have them. The possession step beams is Arhat's step. Simply to treat a thought beam, representing it painted in a certain color, it is possible and for the ordinary person, but in thought it is necessary to enclose heart. Treatment basis be energy of heart and warm self-sacrificing desire to help that is available to each person. Means, everyone because all have heart can help patients.

278. My son if you want to solve any problem put it in all growth before yourself clearly and accurately. And the answer will follow by all means. The Teacher Help! It is already possible to note as in reply to occurring conversations with relatives the answer supplementing the touched subject and developing it came soon. So, you Aren't left and by Care Aren't forgotten. The integrated aspiration with desire to receive an explanation on any question will yield always the necessary results. You learn to use opportunities represented to you by the Teacher. These opportunities are great, but they should be realized. Force wonderful behind seven locks in the hearts of the human sleeps. But you ahead going, wake it’s the first that also other people could see and be convinced of what treasures of power are space heritage of the person.

279. My son, to your desire towards I go. Today you want to write within several hours – write. Ways to desire of spirit, if it is from Light, aren't ordered. Today we will concern a question of how there is a creation of thought at cutting up of Gordian knots of vital conditions and circumstances. Circumstances can develop so that situation will be hopeless. But it on is to mankind. Let's imagine a ball of such difficult and insoluble conditions, this Gordian knot of circumstances terrestrial. Where an exit how to resolve them? If to think on-terrestrial, the exit isn't present. But it is incorrect. The Gordian knot is split by a sword, a spirit sword.

280. My son, experience of long Record we will consider finished successfully. Then it will be possible to write so much, how many that wants spirit. Treasury washing it is inexhaustible, because it from Boundlessness. You come and take from it everything able and daring to take. Take according to the accord and on a mood of a harp of the spirit. Everyone receives what wants because созвучит spirit in that key which is peculiar, close to it or on which he wants to adjust itself (himself). Fruits of My Garden are for all, which recognized and have accepted Me.

281. The bitterness of life and sweet of knowledge are unseparable. Why it so? Not therefore that only the shadow ratio with light gives feeling of a picture. The darkness shades light. The polar gives the chance of manifestation of things of a material world because without night there is no day. Therefore Told that in many knowledge there is a lot of grief and who multiplies knowledge, multiplies grief. And then I Added that your grief will be in pleasure because in the world you will have grief, but I Won against the world. And nowadays Precepted pleasure, which is born in heart winner, as phoenix from ashes. Therefore be not afflicted and be not confused to burdening by circumstances: they are necessary, as fuel for a fire. The fire of thoughts won't flash without them. I assume only that is necessary for advance, it is no more than that. It is better to rejoice to loading, than mourn because it will be already pleasure of the wisdom knowing that without difficulties not to reach the Lord. To difficulties and chagrin we will be glad. They approach to Me that is do for the sake of what the heavy embodiment in a matter dense – for knowledge Light Lord given.

282. (May 28). There was time when one word heard from above, was already pleasure of spirit; then – two, then – it is more and, at last, the whole messages. So opportunities grow at steady following for the elected Hierarch. It would seem, it is simple: come and be faithful, but people will find thousands reasons for doubts and fluctuations and in fidelity to resist any more in forces. Fidelity is valuable quality of spirit; it is the sister of devotion. She chooses from billion spirits to herself the Teacher and the Lord and remains true
Them forever. She any more doesn't listen to other heads of the best, and she any more won't be seduced on others voice. Therefore its way is firm and the step is immutable. Among thousand voices shouting about truth, it is difficult to resist temptation and thoughts that, perhaps, there, other teacher has closer, easy and available truth and theTeacher is, maybe, better. But these thoughts never occur to a stout heart. Spangles of truth won't seduce it. Certainly, the truth will be recognized if it such is, but fidelity remains to the Teacher unshakable. Few stout hearts. It is a lot of unsteady and doubting and therefore to a stout heart the Teacher Doesn't hesitates to give signs and to send Beams of the help, care and attention. It is short fidelity the human Sometimes it only before the first turn. Sometimes it doesn't maintain, being provided to itself. Many don't maintain separation from the Teacher and again come back to darkness. It is necessary to pass through loneliness doubly: the first is loneliness among the people, the second – the Teacher provides for a while spirit to own forces to look, whether it will resist in fidelity. Test by loneliness is hard; without fidelity can't be and devotion. Devotion without fidelity flares, only when the Teacher, and especially – in a physical body is close. Feelings of people therefore known qualities are necessary to give them stability are shaky and unstable. Let's take feeling of love; that costed by this high feeling without fidelity and devotion; also and aspiration. That costed by aspiration without constancy, or constancy is without love . So again we come to synthesis of qualities, to the symphony of harmoniously combined qualities which the spirit approves in it. Of the symphony of qualities we will think. Each quality – as an abutment root, like roots of trees, does all construction steadier and strong. Let's think of the statement of all range of qualities from which everyone shines the color.

283. (May 29). And still to the most important not it is taken away a due place in life. Trifles and affairs small occupy consciousness more, than affairs big. Measure of value of the phenomena after all there is their transient. The true value and value lie in their enduring essence. Why flashing sparks of the present so attract and keep on itself consciousness? Whether not therefore, what the ptransient of the phenomena completely isn't realized yet? It is necessary to understand, at last, that will come and everything will come to an end that nowadays surrounds consciousness with a dense wall of the dense phenomena that thousands people die daily, leaving all terrestrial forever because terrestrial it already never more to return to the old ashes of life. In a new embodiment there will be all new: both body, and wife, and mother, father, and all environment. Old acquaintances under new faces are, but the house, a family, the district, the people, the country will be new. To old there is no return – such is the evolution law. Why to bind consciousness to that around, forgetting about the most necessary. After all it is necessary to approve a formula "Be in the World and Other-worldly". But for small it is possible to miss the big. How to sit on two chairs and how to serve two misters? To that and to whom we will prefer? I claim not repeatability of time and that missed not to return. After all the solution of life I Gave, saying that to manage affairs and life it is necessary to carry out with Me. What such can be affairs in which the Teacher is forgotten? Together with Me it is possible to be always and together with Me everywhere. I Won't leave and Won't leave, but only under a condition if I am not left. How it is possible to spend day, having forgotten about the Teacher? How it is possible to put in consciousness something ahead of it? I told already: everything is allowed, but with Me that I Entered into all your affairs by the statement. And rest is possible, and entertainments are possible, but not on condition of oblivion of the most necessary. Even concentrating at serious work, the Teacher can't be forgotten. Therefore it is spoken about prestanding constant and indivisibility of consciousnesses. Achievement isn't great to remember the Teacher at the Communication moments, about It having forgotten the most part of day or night. I speak about a memory uninterrupted. All are occupied over the head with the affairs. Affairs at all, everything are absorbed by them. Employment human environment direct extremely. And among hundred million people who have forgotten about Light, only mine lighter remember Me and know. But if they forget from time to time about Me, whether that it will be especially regrettable and whether will deprive it their next achievements. Think! So, everything is allowed and permitted, but together with Me. This condition will protect you from many mistakes and delusions. And when terrestrial life will come to an end, will help easily and without a regret to leave everything that it provided to you for a while, both free and joyful to depart to the World other, to the World of My are boundless opportunities, opening subjects, who with Me. Stay of the majority of people of Earth in World Elevated, but that who, Me without forgetting is sad, dim and sad, was constantly with Me, life wonderful, amazing, joyful and full – life of the carried-out fairy tale opens. But the statement of these opportunities goes nowadays, now, on Earth, in heavy conditions dense, when, despite everything: neither good nor bad, neither pleasure nor a grief, neither an illness nor health, nor work nor rest, neither it nor that, something, the Teacher in consciousness takes priority. Friends! The teacher the Leader is the basis of your life. Unless it is possible to forget even for a while about Tom without Whom the life doomed to death becomes a form without the contents, a shell without a kernel, a tree without a root, say, a cover, the deprived the essence; because without Me there is no life. I am a way and life. Without Me death, death of spirit is.

284. My son, where and in what you will find a consolation from bitterness of life terrestrial? Whether in Me? It is so possible to notice how the solution of all questions of life is consolidated to one focus. Therefore we Say that the solution of everything at Us. Certainly, everyone solves in own way because the will is free, but the correct decision finally brings to the Teacher closer. Think that is possible without the Teacher. It is possible, but in darkness. The hierarchy is a universe Basis, and the person – a creation wreath, can't exist and succeed without conscious cooperation with It. To vegetate can drag the existence in a gloom, but not live. And I Speak about life, about consciousness life. The consciousness directed to Light of Uniform Focus, itself becomes being shown. Being self-shone consciousnesses, semi-precious stones, and the light from Hierarchy received to become the sun similar among a gray twilight of daily occurrence. It is a lot of still a gloom around. The gloom has to be replaced by Light our efforts and efforts of those who goes with Us. It is a lot of work ahead. Work will be given on consciousness. The higher it is, the more responsible work charged. The assignment will receive everyone, but – on a shoulder. Not somewhere and once, but soon. Soon, already some bear it and now, standing close. It is given by time and far that could approach closer. All we See, all we Know, and opportunities of everyone are considered. Executed one, is given another, but not performed or made work carelessly – other honor and a merit. Neglect round Focus is fraught with especial consequences. Everyone receives that wants, on the eagerness, and neglect too has an award, on compliance. Not punishment, but simple consequence. And whom Teachers want to deceive shown neglect, really? We can't be deceived because we See, both we Hear, and we Consider each particle of energy brought on the Altar of Light, and we Render a hundred times. Service freely and voluntary. Eagerness and aspirations not display's simply itself distances. Perhaps, it is imperceptible, perhaps, not obviously for an eye, but truly there is a distance from uniform Focus of Life. Therefore not to move away, it is necessary to show understanding, affairs, words and thoughts strengthened and supported. It is easy to lose, but to find much more difficultly, to find and come nearer. Therefore at the reached height and a step of Proximity manage to keep, and not only to keep, but also to rise even above, that is to come nearer. Manage, to you I Speak.

285. (May 30). On ability are consonance to external influences that is to react to them, all life of the shown world is constructed. Stone, heating up under the influence of Sun beams, too reacts, that is too созвучит on thermal energy of a beam. Everything react also all accord according to that step of the development at which there is it on a life ladder. The above, the refined and these accords are more various. Morning song of a bird towards to the Sun, a fragrance of morning or evening flowers, and modulations of sunset paints in mountains – all these echoes of life on influences from the outside. Planet and everything, that on it is sensitive, consonance to the spatial phenomena. The green world, fauna and insects as strong consonance it also is adjusted on a certain harmony before an approaching thunder-storm or after vivifying heavy rain. The law of the accord is great and universal. And a key from it in hands of the person who can consciously configure will itself to any accord. Birds can sing at dawn, and flowers to rejoice and reveal to the first beam, and clear morning to shine, but the person can gloomy sit in the pro-moldy sour room, having closed a sun blind, and to indulge in feelings of despair because it is imperious over the nature because it chose a way of despair and adjusted itself according to the accord with it. The cold autumn wind blows; there is a small hopeless rain. Roads became wet. Trees are naked. Wet crows sit, having sadly ruffled up, on naked branches. Cold, damp, unfriendly! In the warm room at a spark in the center the person with the book sits and, having forgotten about a rain and bad weather, joyfully by spirit is directed to other Worlds and sees other beauty. The spirit созвучит unearthly also rejoices to new finding. Heroes went to death joyfully and with light faces. In horror people on the deck of the perishing ship rush about is. And on the bridge there is a captain, quietly and imperiously giving the last team. So everyone adjusts itself (himself) on a certain wave and sounds on it. And to sound on set by will I sink – in the power of the person. His microcosm and adjuster is he can sound at will of the person. On any phenomenon going from the outside, has the power of people to adjust itself as he wants, and consonance by order of consciousness. To take one thousand people and one phenomenon – as all in own way, all will react to it differently or to it consonance. Because character of the accord depends is not on the phenomenon, but on the person. It should be realized. Not in the phenomenon going from the outside, but in the person there is a reason causing this or that accord, this or that reaction? The inhabitant trembles waiting for inevitable death, wise rejoices to the forthcoming release. In whose hands key? So, the masterful man over accords of the microcosm only doesn't know about it and transfers this power to something out of itself, giving something external the most valuable that it has – the power over. The person gives constantly and blindly someone or something this power over which belongs only to him to one. It is possible to make experience, causing in itself the reaction opposite to those which this phenomenon usually causes in consciousness. It is possible life waves to meet, accord on them in the tone opposite to the usual. It is possible not mourn for that always afflicted, and not to rejoice pleasing usually. Because human usual the grief and pleasure aren't worth it to delegate the power over self This or that phenomenon if know that it bears in itself to the person could rejoice, but also this knowledge he is usually deprived so both the pleasure, and its grief are often vain because the seeming the pleasure brings misfortune, and the seeming the pleasure is a grief source. How many happy grooms and brides, and how many unfortunate marriages! How to rejoice to something or to grieve for something when you don't know that is covered behind it. Therefore better, and more wisely transferred to something or someone outside again to return the power over to itself and again to approve, and from the accord with things and the phenomena of the outside world firmly and strong to hold a key in own hands. And let not the external adjusts a harp of human spirit, but will its conscious, approved inside on the Lord. Accord or I react because I want and as I want instead of as did it earlier or as that is wanted by people or as it do and all got used to do. People have to sound as he wants that. It is possible to adjust itself on a key of pleasure, love, aspiration – on any key, and to sound in it absolutely regardless of the fact that occurs outside. Everything pleases the optimist, the pessimist – brings into despondency. Why? Whether not therefore that they took keys in the hand different. The coward everything will force to shiver, but danger gives rise to new courage in heart of the hero. Why it? Whether not therefore, what one holds in shivering hands a fear key, and another – a courage key? Accept keys from Hands of the Driver from a harp of the spirit and use them skillfully. The power over accept, you lost and nowadays returned to you the Teacher. Because it is given power to you over everything and, first of all, over itself. Both to hunger, and cold, and need, also I burn, and difficulties can be glad if they give strength of overcoming and approve the regal power over. But first of all it is necessary to aspire to, that consonance to me in the spirit of and in all covers. Covers will be easily consonance to the firm and imperious order of will. Command of Space called the person to statements of the power over the world. What does the power over "any flesh" which is given to the person mean? It is time to leave old representations and to understand that the most difficult device of the person is allocated with the thinnest fiery energiya that they should be opened in it and to operate them. It is necessary fire to seize and to learn to operate mental energy. It is necessary to understand that such thought and what its force.

286. My son why you believe, what an elite means perfection? Not perfection, but aspiration to improvement is an indispensable condition accepted, that is chosen of a great number of people, the pupil. It is better to replace the word chosen the word worthy or suitable in pupils because the word the elected assumes any privileges or preference before others not on merits. Everything is given by work and efforts, given by works and the right to becoming the accepted pupil. Everyone, put enough to it forces in the lives can become the pupil. As also to proximity of one before others we won't envy because it is earned for eyelids. But each approached can become even closer if applies to that enough forces. Nowadays the Teacher opportunity is allowed to suit to all. Also ways, and among them – the shortest are specified. Understanding of aspirations will help to find the necessary instructions and to follow them steadily. One will pass by, without having noticed; another will carefully write out and will remember to what the spirit directs. On extracts made it is possible to judge, whether managed looking for to select the most valuable. The doctrine is written for consciousnesses of all degrees. Everyone can find something on itself. But directed to come nearer to the Hierarch will find that will approach. Who for what will go that and will find that. But it is necessary to know that you want the nobility clearly and definitely. Remember: the looking for finds.

287. (May 31). Falsifiers of others values – so we Call them which have appropriated the Doctrine of Great Teachers, these Doctrines which have distorted sense which withdrawn from them live fire of spirit and have made their dead letter. It is a lot of these the distorting and the usurpers applying for exclusive possession by Truth which they have no. It they made dead dogma of the Doctrine of fire. It they, like parrots, repeat words of the Writing, without understanding them. It they assumed the right Lords of the Karma to award and forgive. It they, they, they turned light Doctrines of spirit into the darkness tool. How many great crimes are committed by them! Murderers of mind and body, seducers of consciousnesses, time of final accounts came, at last, and for you. From now on your power over souls human is taken away from you. I Unite herd because I am a pastor of uniform herd. To separation of mankind there will come the end. Also there will be this unification in the spirit of. Not denial, but the statement of all true cultural wealth of mankind my pupil will enter into life. And people will be distributed in the understanding of Great Doctrines on Beams of those, Who Gave them, being combined in a single whole harmoniously, as colors of a range. Separation time came to an end. Accepted Me and the Doctrine Mine I Will Send to the world carry My Word to the people.

288. The most difficult is to keep. Many came nearer; many signs had enough, many read the Doctrine, but sustained and were kept by not all. There was no stability in the statement of Light. It isn't enough to find the Way and to follow on it, it is necessary to reach the end where light inside and Light the Highest merge together and become from this point unseparable. It is good to learn to manage affairs without participation of an astral in them. Yes! Yes, both to speak, and to work, and to make successes, without involving in it movement in an astral cover. It very difficult and can seem in the beginning even to the impossible. But you know reserved people who didn't get used to show the feelings, you know people quiet. It is necessary to deepen these phenomena only. It is necessary to dismember in consciousness thought from emotions, it accompanying, as well as words, and actions. Telling something to the person, it is possible to withdraw the emotional beginning from words, it is possible to enclose fire in words. It isn't necessary to mix a fiery and emotionality. The crying, sad or angry person can enclose many feelings of these in the words, but not a fiery-bearing. Both in itself, and in others it is necessary to learn this partition of the phenomena of a various order, without mixing one with another and without taking one for another. If to carry out any part of day, without plunging into emotions of an astral, it will be already achievement. The purpose is separate those moments when the person lives in this or that cover in consciousness. Conscious manifestation on various plans requires this partition. It is possible to reduce gradually the lowest astral feelings and at their expense to broaden the sphere of feelings of the highest. Feeling of love to the Teacher, are show astral and warmly, between itself differ very strongly. The first changes with changes of mood of the astral; the second is strong and on mood doesn't depend. All constructed on movements in an astral cover is fragile. The spirit World is strong only. Conductors are given for using by them as the tool, or the intercourse tool with the corresponding plane, or the sphere. The essence of each conductor should be understood before starting seizing of. Therefore experience of office in consciousness of the phenomena belonging to different covers and consequently, and to the life planes, it is very useful and instructive.

289. (June 1). Personal grief and pleasure, love and hatred, discontent and satisfaction, as two-edged swords, are show in an astral, a stronghold of the personality. Stopping at the time of emergence one of poles, thereby we destroy possibility of existence of another. This way ardent display of an astral cover can be bridled and nullified. It also is a way to the statement of balance. This way and the personality it is possible to moderate and approach to understanding of the statement of life superpersonal. Astral and the personality are closely connected. Their motto is all in itself and for itself to close everything in the small world of a small personal duality. The Teacher Has pleasure, but not about himself. The Teacher of care Has, but about the world. The Teacher too Should act in the sphere of the dual phenomena, but already about planetary and space when Identity replaces the personality and space – personal, but the lowest conductor breaking balance highest, it is bridled, subordinated and led to silence. Balance is reached, the balance which isn't broken already by more personal emotions and feelings. Balance can be owned, it having approved through astral submission. The key to a victory lies in understanding of a transient of movements in this cover and temporariness of the cover. Both physical and astral bodies are temporary. The person can exist without them and live full psycho life of heart. Superpersonal feelings don't need the lowest cover. It is possible to love mankind and to suffer for mankind, having switched off personal feelings and thoughts of. Suffering on a cross, not about Itself, but about others the Savior Prayed. And the hero, going to death, not of itself thinks. So, leading to silence an ardent cover, we approve in them the superpersonal beginning. To that and experience is given separation of personal experiences and emotions from thoughts, words and the acts made in life. Both the knife switch switches on and off an electric current, and the will can stop the course of mental energy to the astral sphere, without giving it fuel for development of the energiya. Without having received fiery force, it more won't be able already to rage and tear apart consciousness on part as it does it with many people, not able to operate it. The majority of people even don’t think that should learn to be owned that dissoluteness of feelings and emotions is unacceptable that the power over consciousness can't be given to an astral that in these movements of an astral weakness human that the person who has seized this ardent covers, always strong the one, who doesn't own it is covered.

Astral – the plunderer and the devourer of mental energy if it isn't bridled. This is the willful, furious and ruthless tyrant; this is the madman, not knowing I will hold in anything. It can't give will over itself. Balance and tranquility is forms of the statement of the power of will over this unruly, violent and ardent cover. When there is something causing flash of an astral, try to react to this phenomenon as you would make it usually, but having withdrawn from your reaction an emotional and personal element, that is having extinguished movements in an astral cover. Turn an attention on how the people, able to own themselves, that is any degree of the power over the astral the approved own people and crowd. The weakest and helpless person is the person who is torn apart by astral emotions, irrespective of, good they or bad. The personal pleasure and the personal grief, based on a mirage of personal feelings, are equally bad. Throwing from one pole of the sphere of an astral cover to another are insolvent because, having thrown to a laughter and pleasure pole, the person thereby dooms himself to tears and grief. That who trusts in national signs isn’t so wrong and considers that much to laugh is to tears. Popular wisdom caught vague understanding of the immutable law of a polar in movements of soul human. Therefore is precepted tranquility. It doesn't doom the person to swings arrhythmic and unyokes him this law in the sphere of the lowest phenomena.
Don't rejoice too – and you won't be to grieve, don't become attached – and you won't lose, don't do anything causing an ardent display of an astral to avoid an antipode, and you remember that the pleasure space, pleasure about Light, pleasure which is special wisdom, anything the general has with pleasure of the calf skipping on a meadow, with personal pleasure the receiving no satisfaction of an astral. In the sphere of the phenomena of an astral under each flower is a snake. It is a symbol of an appeal of the dual phenomena of the astral generating an allure by one of the aspects while the opposite and dark pole of the phenomenon is hidden under its visible half. Therefore there are so much the suffering people seduced with one party of the phenomena, but forgotten about another, opposite. Look for and see in everyone phenomenon both of its poles, vainly not to be seduced.
Passions human are show on an allure pole also come to an end on a suffering pole. How many illusions the terrestrial love human creates and how many disappointments and a grief bring. At first the positive pole of pink illusions and dreams flashes, then, having exhausted itself, causes the contrast which under the law of a polar has to cease, and with an equal force, with the same force with which the first pole of the phenomenon, with the same force, but opposite diametrically in essence was shown. Wise has to know it that not to fall into a web of an astral duality. Therefore, meeting the life phenomena, don't allow an astral are shown. Let balance and tranquility accompany you in all phenomena of life: and good and bad, and easy and difficult, and desirable and undesirable that poison of life wasn't included into your being. You store balance at a meeting with any pole of the phenomena and you won't fall under the inevitable power of a pole opposite. Maya seductions should be understood, as well as to mechanics of her impact on the person.
Over the world of a duality it is necessary to rise to seize it and to become the winner of the world. Maya dreams are dual by the nature. Manage to solve it. And, bearing on it karmic consequences of an opposite pole, think of a pole of an allure, their generated. The power of a duality should be dumped from consciousness. It is reached by the statement of balance. Reached a condition of perfect balance there is a winner of the world because he approved the power over a polar of the dual phenomena.

290. Both friends, and enemies have to borrow the places before final division; your enemies to Me not friends is. And My enemies to your friends won't be. But to Me gravitating to you won't be hostile. Attractions on affinity and compliance, and the antagonism have often deep roots. But those who on service dark or whose look in darkness it is turned, those to you not friends. Let and in the future the relation measure to you will be a measure of the relation to Me. You are My reactants on darkness definition, than and as though it was covered. Truly Told: contact with you not sustained by darkness, without having given out itself with the head sooner or later. And to that to be surprised when time approaches to certainly division. With attacks dark be not afflicted, they teach much. They even can be grateful that allow glancing in depth of human essence in all its barefaced nakedness. But your way to Light and therefore masks of a gloom don't distract. You have different ways. Yours is to Me and where and to whom them?

291. To be protected from darkness and it is possible, and has to. Protection is the Teacher. I put between itself and darkness. Let about armor of radiations of the Face will hit spiteful energy, you without having concerned. Let will scent force of the return blow. Perhaps, understand that to concern Mine impunity I won't Permit. Would destroy you and wiped out if could, but hands are short. Protection I Give. Only strong Me you hold. I Lift a board. Tranquility balance you store. In them your support is. They are receivers of Beams. The network reflecting them is strong. Many teeth and claws about you will break off. Fire is burned down. Better to them not to touch you is. Time will come, and you learn destiny going against you. Their fate is unenviable: not you, but Me want to wound, you attacking. To wound the Lord!?! Consequence – not punishment, but the return blow. Concern a wire of a high voltage what will turn out? You – my wires with the world, through you currents go. Better not to concern my relatives to bad hands. My and your enemies provide Me, you follow Me. Let everything that knew, who with Me, and for Me and who against, and in consciousness Me don't come off will come to light.

292. (June 2). My friend, force apply that nothing shook stability in Me. If someone or something can affect it, so foundations aren't strong. Hands last to get and drag away down, to itself, that Wednesday of a gloom from which they stretch. Ability of opposition to human influences, or immunity to radiations human, has to be developed, and firmness is approved. Bridge foundations in Boundlessness are Hierarchy. But in Boundlessness there is everything that is, therefore, and in life of the terrestrial Eternity which was a short section, the same Hierarchy of Light will be foundations of the same bridge. Here to it also it is necessary to be tightened very much, and especially under conditions burdening. It is necessary to adjust so consciousness that that for ordinary people is an occasion and the distance reason from Light was incentive of the strengthened approach to it, to uniform Light of Focus of Hierarchy. Let's use so everything to become even closer and that approached everything and something. On the one hand – darkness external, with another – Light of Hierarchy; the person ignorance if he already touched Light can't plead. For the statement in themselves the magnetic force of an attraction to Light its tests given or allowed by the Teacher, increase, and on them this force grows together with growth of the obstacles arising for their overcoming. Can't otherwise force grow and to be shown, as on something, that it is necessary to it to overcome. The purpose –learn to store balance of spirit under any conditions. Whirlwinds astral, people generated, terrible force have consciousnesses in the funnels to entice and involve. Against this tightening property of whirlwinds astral it is necessary to fight in every way spirit. As drowning the savior suffices, trying to carry away him to the abyss, and people strong cling for Light carrier to lower it to itself and to carry away to the sphere of the experiences. The purpose –pull together from the highest step down, to itself. Each immersion to the sphere of their thoughts and their vibrations also will be this voluntary or violent and compelled decrease in consciousness from a usual step for it. Therefore in an orbit of emotions of strangers be not involved. Your orbit is the Teacher and his spheres. Bright representation of the Face of the Teacher is the ardent statement in consciousness of the magnet directing up, to Light. Constancy of prestanding is necessary always, but at collision with whirlwinds astral it is necessary insistently as protection against darkness. The darkness is illogical therefore with darkness it is impossible to start arguments. The darkness is unfair therefore it can't prove anything. Contradictions and absence of logic is bright signs of obsession darkness. To each new test we will be glad, considering it as a hone at which it is possible to point a spirit sword or as a touchstone on which force growing can be tested successfully. So let and enemies will serve for strengthening and the statement of Light. You remember: the darkness decays for fertilizer of flowers of spirit.

293. (June 3). My son, whiff of my thought it is necessary to catch obviously. The ocean of space is plowed by thoughts human, but over them the thought the highest rushes. In spheres of thoughts usual all stay, but to concern Spheres of the Highest will be already achievement. Thoughts the highest are ordered to nobody. They are available to all, it is worth directing only to them consciousness. Towards to the desirable the consciousness reveals, and desirable is perceived. Often people fleeting or the fast-transient desires take for those, but desire degree rather aspirations, is defined by his persistence and constancy in all that concerns the Highest World. Don't put and not two, not year and not two, not life and not two lives, but all lives throughout long centuries of existence in all worlds is shaped persistence of inflexible constant aspiration. Qualities and properties of the person, passing with him from life to life and existing in him in the hidden or obvious condition, are its constant property, both good, and bad. With this acquisition, either walking upstairs lives, or falling on it, there is a person through life. Conscious advance in evolution allows increasing the necessary qualities, perhaps, sometimes slowly and imperceptibly, but is true, constant and persistent. It is necessary only the purpose to hold before itself, the nobility where and why there is a way, and not to allow anything surrounding to cover the far purpose.
Of grains of sand there are mountains, of everyday and constant efforts to reach – fires of achievements of spirit. Light-or it is dark, warmly or cold, well or badly, a bad weather or a bucket, here or there, over an abyss or in the safety, one or with people, among friends or enemies, is ennobled or humiliated, happy or in the mountain, is rich or poor, recognized or forgotten, on a board or with a board, in a body or out of it – anything never conscious advance to the purpose uniform for the sake of which it is given to the person all under no circumstances interrupts that it has: both body, and will, both all covers, and life. This installation on consciousness expansion, on accumulation in the microcosm of elements of Light, on constancy of process of collecting of treasures of spirit also will be only correct. It is a lot of tracks, and it is a lot of approaches, and it is a lot of forms various expression of progress of spirit, but the result one – Stone Treasure inside increases irrespective of wherever there lived the person whichever there was a color of his skin, either its religion, or belief, or something, but external too.

If the spirit ascension on fires of achievements is made steadily, the external form of value has no. As it is exact and the way to darkness steadily conducts to destruction and light Agni's fading. It is possible to increase and dark fires, to the evil directing. But if external conditions don't allow revealing and strengthening force of fires of Light in one any direction, thereby is given the chance to strengthen them in other if consciousness installation on constancy of advance remains unshakable. And so the aspiration to Light becomes the second human nature, its true nature shown from its depth. Among going to the Lord they going by an inflexible, will reach is immutable. So, I Approve constancy of aspiration and firmness of spirit! To all stirring, to everything that distracts, to everything that blocks away and interferes, to everything that frightens and obscures the purpose, it is possible to tell: "Nothing will stop my way to the Lord, nothing will stop me, nothing will deceive and won't seduce. My way is solved forever". And then no circumstances, any attacks, anything not gets rid, or yet not subordinated to the will, any obstacles are terrible. Way, it is immutable solved, the way of immutable determination is Arhat's way. Learned Me, going to Me in fiery determination spirit won't weaken, because with it I, his Father, the Defender and the Friend.

294. Asked ten hurrying people: "Where you go? » – "On a market". – "And you? " – "To the tailor". – "And to it? " – "On a visit". – "And you? " – "For work". – "And you? " – "In theater"!– "And you? " – "On a funeral". – "And you? " – "On meeting". – "And you? " – "In the field". – "And you? " – "To receive a debt". "Well and you? " – "I go to the Lord", – the last answered. Ten people, going were so interrogated by Road of Life, and ten answered where they hurry, and only one answered correctly.

295. Once it happened to traveler to pass through a prompt mountain stream. It was very dangerous: the slightest careless movement or step I could carry away to the abyss. But the exit wasn't, and there was no other way. Behind the collapse filled up a mountain track. The way was only forward. And the person made what never would venture to make in usual living conditions. The impossibility of retreat and hopelessness of situation gave to it the necessary strength and courage. From a stone on a stone which is filled in by water, it nevertheless passed a stream, every instant risking life. Often hopelessness of conditions and impossibility of a way back help to make the impossible is. Everything is behind burned, on a place it is impossible to stand, so the way remains only forward.

296. There is no time once upon a time there was a person who had everything that wanted, but he wasn't happy. And in the same city of veins another which didn't have anything. But also he too didn't consider it (himself) happy. There were also others. One of them had a little, others there is a lot of, but also among them there were no happy people. The happiness of the person doesn't depend on that he has. Because happiness in the spirit of.

297. The bird of happiness flies by sometimes by windows of the human dwelling. Sometimes even sits down near, but never is late for a long time. It one where it flies about the whole world and everything to seem that believed in its existence. It is possible to keep up with it only in the spirit of, and besides on fiery wings.

298. (June 4). The writing to the writing is discord, as on extents of their impact on consciousness. But words written represent themselves the taken shape thought that is the thought cast in a form - on force and fiery of thought and influence. Certainly, all words, but differently influence. From here is special value of books as stimulators fiery. Value of books in life of modern mankind is huge. Their force is in their fiery, and advantage – in proximity, or the accord, with space laws. Fires light, in books prisoners, in a being of the person cause fires of the same order, and dark fires generate same. Harm insalubrious is great, and the advantage of good books is great: in everyone – either poison, or the benefit. To them it is possible to apply the same criterion, as well as to qualities human because they influence fires of qualities, strengthening one and weakening others. People feel this powerful influence, from here and the deep importance of some Writing. They even call sacred because they have property sacred fires kindle in the person. The doctrine fiery, nowadays to people given, special force has the centers in it kindle. Therefore reaction of consciousness to books of the Doctrine is very indicative and very important. Each organism reacts differently and different degree of reciprocal luminosity shows. Reading books of the Doctrine sated with special force of crystallized fire, in essence, is process fiery. There is as though a continuous contact of wires in the contact point, generating sparks and flashes of fire which can become constant and exactly burning if contact is constant and equal. When the corresponding conditions are met, reading becomes shining, or lightful that it is shown in sparks, stars and spots of light color, accompanying this useful fiery reading. Even when reading usual, but fascinating books, there is some tension of a flame. The light importance of process of reading books isn't considered by modern psychology. But even decision a mathematical task demands any degree of fiery tension. All processes in a human body fiery. Reading seizes certain centers and brings them into a condition of tension that is luminosity of this or that degree. Character of fires depends on character of the book. It is possible to imagine, what fires cause dirty books and what they can cause. Therefore the question of the book is important extremely, and especially, about the book for children and youth. The strong will, in Light the approved, can neutralize harmful influence of the book, but the majority is their defenseless victims. Thoughts, words and books as the phenomena which have been closely connected with fire, regulate human life.

299. My son when the consciousness is torn apart on part by the phenomena of the outside world, it is difficult to concentrate on the Lord. Elevated it is necessary to give terrestrial, and time of return can't be Communication time. You live on Earth, and it is necessary to give that it demands. It is impossible, living on Earth, to reject Earth. It is necessary to eat, and it is necessary to drink, and to sleep, and to care of relatives, and affairs terrestrial can't be forgotten. But in the thick of terrestrial affairs it is impossible to forget about the Lord. For this purpose also the method of continuous deduction in the third eye of the Face of the Teacher of Light is given.

300. (June 6). Surrounding sounds in consciousness on the note. And as can be differently? When it is cold, or it is hungry, or it is intolerable heavy, the consciousness reacts respectively. And it isn't to feel nothing, and in that sharply feeling everything because the organism was for this purpose refined enough, not to lose the direction. Carriers of Light suffered, and more ordinary people suffered, but, suffering bore Light to people, and, suffering, ways firmly kept. Means, a question not in to suffering, and in that, despite sufferings, from a way not deviate and not show actions unworthy. Balance will come then, after his statement. Any words it is impossible to convince itself that isn't sick when put a wound, it will be sick all the same. It isn't necessary to dismiss the feelings nevertheless. Losing the loved one, one can allow feeling of violent despair, another, deeply suffering, to be at least externally quiet. So and restraint nevertheless always it is possible to show any extent of restraint of, and especially in those affairs which the experiences can't be helped. To what aimless torments? The grief about close is clear, but torments about what can't be helped, are senseless. So we will learn inevitable to meet with firmness, knowing that emotions to business you won't help. That, through what is necessary it is necessary to pass, pass nevertheless, despite unwillingness and pain. Inevitable it is better to meet adequately. Thus, if life puts in conditions from which it is impossible to be exempted, it is necessary to pass through them courageously and with firmness. It is possible to do everything possible for their simplification but when remains inevitable, it should be met adequately. The karma can't be rejected, differently it will turn back even more relentless aspect, therefore, it is necessary to undergo, and to undergo up to the end. Only undergone up to the end has a merit.