Agni Yoga's facets, 1955 (301-400)

301. (June 7). The person is arranged so that any experience at him, reaching the highest point of tension, starts abating and absolutely fades, being replaced with the new. The person can't long and tensely sound nor on feeling of pleasure, nor on feeling of a grief. Temporariness of these phenomena is caused by the structure of its organization. In it is for it a great consolation. The formula "And It Will Pass" is based on knowledge of the law. Change of the phenomena is a basis of existence of the sphere of the dense world. As and in the sphere of thoughts and feelings human sharpness of any experience calms down, both smoothes out, and passes, perhaps, again to return, sound and again to leave. It is possible to observe how sharpness of tension of this feeling or emotion gradually runs low in the force and the consciousness doesn't react to it any more so sharply. Therefore even the most difficult tests come to an end. How many already was them, these critical moments which, having sounded left that in this form already never to return. People can come back and torment us if they not gets rid, especially enemies, but aren't present any experience which is long the nervous system could sustain. Sharpness of reaction of nerves becomes dull, and they eventually simply refuse to answer this irritation. At starvation even the feeling of hunger disappears in some days. Further a known limit nerves don't react, and the wave of tension starts falling down. It is good to rise in position of the viewer in relation to waves of these phenomena. They will pass – we will remain, we, and plus experience got. Means, we didn't lose, but got. Acquisition goes through pleasure and a grief that is through a polar of the phenomena from which one causes another. I spoke: "Rejoice, children". I speak: "Don't rejoice, the friend mine, don't rejoice to short things passing". Why to doom itself to a grief of their loss? Pleasure not is about terrestrial, pleasure in the spirit of, pleasure about eternal over a duality terrestrial. This pleasure it is possible to rejoice, without being afraid of shady side. It also will be pleasure of wisdom.

302. To construct new, old it is necessary to destroy. Each brick of the destroyed building cries out about injustice. But it is necessary to construct nevertheless because the old building fell into decay and collapses, threatening residents. At destruction it is necessary to think of creation. Destroyed and destroyed it isn't necessary to care of interests any more: it is necessary to select the suitable and escaped material only. Therefore everything belonging to victims at destruction, for evolution has no value and into plans of construction doesn't enter all forces and attention - to construction. Therefore all suitable has to adapt to the new. Everything unsuitable for evolution is liable to destruction. The nature strong destroys unnecessary forms in billions. The past and people of the past it is finished. Light ahead!

303. Ardent we will show hope of the fast meeting promised by the Teacher. Events merge in an end cup before the end. Show patience small great to see. Soon to it term comes. Soon and fixed! Will be, time will be all predicted to be executed. Also there will be a desired Arrival.

304. (June 8). It is easy to lose, difficultly to find. Therefore protect the acquired. Among splinters of day it is difficult to find the missed thread. It is better to hold it strong. All human life is constructed so that for the Highest place doesn't remain. The place is to everything, but not to the most necessary. Living conditions are antagonistic to the highest cognition. From here so a little found and it is even less able to hold found. It is necessary to sustain and undergo up to the end. Before is the end especially difficult. It and is clear: lifting on the mountain is difficult not at the beginning, but at the end when forces run low. And still it is necessary to reach and still to inform charged in the spirit of. Not reached, frightened, the doubted, lost faith or the trust which back has turned back, benefits terrestrial not received as your way back is dark. Delusiveness of evidence is so convincing that the only few can get for its veil. And if all surrounding furiously cries out "no", and I Speak quietly and silently "Yes! « to whom to listen and to whom or that to believe? So we will approve stability in Light by life, differently she won't be approved where we will collect fruits of the grains seeded on Earth. Shoots and fruits will be yielded by everything, but after all they happen also poisonous. How seeded they will eat? The light belief in the Doctrine of Light should be stored up to the end. The person sees that wants to see, closing eyes to all the rest. So let your eye will be open on good. World construction goes them, and to them evolution moves ahead. I advised to go on tops, not to look in dark abysses and gloom gorges: they have no bottom. Why plunge in a gloom, when Light at tops. So we will reach not greatly if the look from the Teacher isn't averted. It is empty and gloomy a way the face from the Teacher of the averted. And you feel and know: there is no other way, except a way with Me. So in consciousness we will be unseparable, having separated from myself everything that flows through covers of three. I am the Basis enduring in you. With Me also arrive, and your way will be immutable and steady, as a current of stars.

305. My son is put by force of things sometimes the person in conditions over which it is absolutely not imperious. Here then it is necessary to apply a formula "And It Will Pass" if these conditions are negative. Eventually, anyway the person is influenced by everything, even air with which breathes, even by last person, even a sting mosquito. And matter in that among all these infinite and often imperceptible, but strong influences to keep on the main direction. And the main direction of the person – to Light that is up that is on the way of evolution. And if this way is observed, their lives the person not in vain. And then that to another which up isn't going, will be condemnation, to its which is moving ahead in evolution, will be honored by a merit; because not action, but impulse, caused action, is subject to an assessment. Two go, and two hurry to make the same action, say, to kill the person; but if one wants to take control of someone else's money, and another – that a minute of terrible danger to the country to rescue it from treachery, having destroyed the traitor, karmic consequences of the same act – human life deprivation – will be absolutely various because the external is defined by the internal.

306. (June 9). I consider it necessary to tell that Proximity washing with neglect doesn't keep. As and in all other, concerning my Affairs, eagerness should be strengthened. Not in pralaya consciousnesses the reason, but is deeper. Everything it is more difficult to resist the end. It is possible even to wonder: Whether "To an abutment? Whether the dust will litter eyes? Whether also the worm of doubt will creep in heart? «It is necessary to ask and it is necessary to think. Time and therefore it is so heavy approaches, approaches.

307. (June 10). Each time is, when the consciousness new inflow of light flashes, Rejoices the Teacher. He Watches life of spirit of relatives to It is. The consciousness doesn't suffer one – violence and therefore natural growth is considered only correct. Any strengthened violent growth causes inevitable reaction which destroys the reached. Therefore in this area it is necessary to watch closely that anything violent didn't interfere in development and consciousness expansions very much. The consciousness sounds when to sound to it time comes. And wisdom consists in skillfully to combine aspiration, constancy and hardness with the phenomenon pralaya consciousnesses, on the one hand, and elimination of violence over, with another. It is applied both to itself, and to people around, and relatives. The violence in the field of spirit always comes to an end revolt, and the person comes back to the old ashes. Nevertheless the main difficulty consists in practical application and understanding of couples of contrasts in life. Otherwise the person will constantly flounder in networks of contradictions. It is necessary to learn to see the phenomenon as a whole, both of its poles, without identifying itself with one and without tying consciousness to one, and having risen as though over it in its middle, in the center neutral, to one of poles to not gravitating. As soon as the person says "To me it strong it is pleasant, I love it, it is pleasant or unpleasant", or something other, expressing the point of view or the relation to one of a pole.

And it is necessary to raise over, over a duality of this phenomenon, without involving consciousness in the sphere of an attraction any of its poles. Therefore it is spoken about tranquility and balance not to shake from one extreme to another. Pay attention to how life of the inhabitant passes in these swings and throwing from one pole of the phenomenon to another. Today are cheerful to mourn tomorrow, and today are happy tomorrow to poison with displeasure space. Cleaning consciousness from poles and focusing it in the center, we establish the balance of spirit which is so necessary for advance. The bird one wing can't fly, both are necessary in the presence of the balance center. Everything is told, all this is already known, but, unfortunately, isn't applied and therefore needs repetition and deepening. In each separate case of people sees only one pole of the phenomenon, absolutely forgetting about other. And in it is a mistake. The thinking is connected and unilateral. Speak about punishment and payment for bad acts, forgetting that punishment isn't present; there is only other pole of the phenomenon about which people forget, plunging into the sphere of its ant situation. If you want something to avoid or to discharge something of yourself, avoid and discharge not that you want, but its opposite pole. Ability to operate karma depends on it. Look on standing at a western wall. They lost something.
But there was time when they enclosed the heart in lost and rejoiced to it exactly so as far as nowadays will grieve. Pleasures small, pleasures terrestrial, pleasures passing, all of you about two ends: on one – pleasure, on other – a grief. And rush about people in continuous movement and you put from one to another.Don't rejoice and don't grieve, don't laugh and don't cry, don't indulge in infinite and incessant fluctuations of an astral, and the pleasure your ad will be perfect, that is atop a polar of the lowest cover. In it is Maya deception. Joyfully meeting its waves which are pink and pleasant, we doom themselves to a not pleasure of their shady side. Understand essence of an allure of Maya darkening visibility of other, inevitable pole. Why people so willingly go to these networks! Whether not therefore, what see no farther than an eye and feel not further a nose? It is necessary to find forces in it not to give in to illusion of the moment and to force itself to see a shadow standing behind it and it caused to life. All want to ride, and all forget that it is possible to ride, but only under a condition if to carry and sledge. And how many complaints and lamentations accompany this process. Exit – in refusal of the blindness voluntary imposed on, not wishing to see a thing as a whole: cause and effect, and the beginning and the end, grief – in pleasures, thorns – at roses. Seeing snow, know that will be summer, and a thunder-storm – that it will pass, but in the life of existence of the law of a polar don't see and continue to remain slaves to a duality of the passing phenomena.

308. So, we will begin fight against duality illusions, meeting in complete equilibrium of the phenomenon of a pleasant, light, positive pole, without being lit by them, without coming to foolish enthusiasm, without be touched and without rejoicing too that in germ of its emergence to paralyze force of an opposite pole. As we will quietly and firmly meet also that generated earlier acceptance of a pole of gratefulness.

309. Once and for all the person decides something to do or not to do something. Force of the irrevocable decision can be brought up in itself, and then repeated efforts for performance of the task given to aren't necessary. Vows and promises is other form of the same. A lot of things facilitate decision, accepted irrevocably. How many it is released forces and time and how many fruitless fight with itself is avoided. One mighty effort of will – and the future is solved. You know how people suffer and tormented with vague thinking. You know, how many harm from it occurs. The order of all consciousness, not able to be broken under no circumstances, defines a line of conduct. But it is necessary to be able to order it, but it is necessary to learn to obey the order. It is necessary, it is necessary to learn to keep the covers in an implicit obedience and submission. Mister is I, and they are my servants. I am a chief, they are subordinates. My body is My servant. All bodies – servants, and I am their lord. To Me serve! To me as Space are appointed to serve and to submit to me. The power of the person over them if it is realized is great. Or they dominate over the person, or he owns them. Around – slaves walking, to it subordinates. Here cry, laugh loudly, are tormented, suffer, will grieve, in slavery the gloomy at own covers staying. Three sit in crew and drive the tired-out exhausted horse. And not a horse it, and people, is driven by the covers. Where they will tire out it? Whether in an abyss? It is better to put them, and most to sit down on crew and strong to take reins and a whip in hand – let carry. This their business – to carry, that is to be carriers of spirit of the person and performers of his will. As it is possible to realize the power over them if it isn't applied and it isn't used in life. It is given, but it should be taken. At first realize, and then to take. And there will be obeying them implicitly. How many feats the person made, them to him subordinated! All heroic acts were possible only on condition of domination and the power over and submission of three, and especially when energy mental was called for action. Nonresistance to an arbitrariness of the covers should leave. There is no more harmful and harmful situation, than this pernicious dissoluteness of covers. Not slaves, but winners I Want to see among the elite Me. Them I Recognize among won.

310. (June 11). Accept the evidence of fast Arrival and be ready to it. Let this readiness will be expressed that affairs of the present day won't cover more anymore the major for the sake of which there is world reorganization. But events not for the sake of itself occur, but for the sake of the purpose great. Taking short consequences of the short reasons and doing them by end in it of world shifts, we make a big mistake. Not for this purpose about changed that everyone but in order that the spirit human wakened had a chicken in soup and soul eyes to things, hitherto the denied opened. The doctrine of Spirit was forgotten and died under stratifications of affairs terrestrial, passing, and enduring in passing places any more didn't remain. Nowadays I go to the world of the Basis of eternal Truth to approve again. And knowing has met Me Going, in full readiness. If Me expect and if meet Me, blinded still to mirage things passing and ardent, in dazzle of days flowing in oblivion, that, being blind, Me won't see and, even having seen, don't recognize Me. So there can be their all expectations vain. I will be for the hearts which haven't gone blind to the phenomena of spirit. And if to you knowing, it is difficult and blind among flashing splinters of events of the current time, what to them, ignorant? Strong you stick to me among whirlwinds and Chaos of the elements which have left the coast. The Hierarchy rock is firm and steady only. All the rest fluctuates, trembles, changes outlines and forms and doesn't show stability. Don't think to lean on something external. The support crumbled under the feet in affairs human the world. Rate on stability and durability of affairs human a bat. They imagining thought that in their hands control levers destiny of the people that events so will turn back, and besides at all in their advantage. Thought that the woken-up people from under their power will leave also will begin to build the future.
Whether thought, collecting gold mountains, as without it new life and the New World will start being under construction powerfully and that the rate on bloodshed too will be a bat. It is a little more, still very not for long you needed to wait, and the banner of Maitreya, a banner of the Lord of the Leader powerfully and victoriously rises over the world. And looks of the people will address to It, Light radiating to Earth in mighty categories of energiya fiery. Time approaches, approaches, terms Me Precepted approach, approach to come true. And you, in days of a gloom to Me approached, know that Light ahead and is light and joyful your destiny. Witnesses you will become a clear, final, clear-cut and visible shining victory of the Lord. And you I Will urge the Word My transfer to the people. Days of the heavy antagonistic currents will come to an end; pressing weight will be removed from your shoulders. You learn pleasure of Service in the conditions of full neutralization of militant darkness. And as there was time when in hands of her attendants there was a power to manage affairs, it will be in the same way taken away from them and transferred to light hands. And will be reforged swords on I shouted. And not for war, but for the sake of the world will put energy mankind the and will begin construction light, construction new, you build

New Sky and New Earth! It is necessary to be to that. Let's move away all who becomes on a way of implementation of my outlines. The sword brought won't delay over persisting, is as though high in the opinion of people they stood and whatever inaccessible seemed. They are inaccessible to people. But who and what will be able to protect them from a sword of my Spirit? Harming and persisting I Will strike how their owner was struck. Will Prehighest it will be executed. There will be a world on Earth and spirit domination, and the herd will be uniform. I is the Shambhala of the Lord, Testify through My son to what should come true soon. In belief, in protection and My care be are quiet. And before approach of Great Term especially in them be approved because waves of the phenomena will shake the world and people will become puzzled. Power of Hierarchy of Light on small minds, on sleeping and the denying will be approved. The people will admire power. So begin Era Shambhala is the new fiery Era mankind.

311. My son when you feel Proximity of the Lord, answer it fully - string. The full chord, full-sounding, or full answer is appreciated. You want to succeed. Go through heart sounding, not others, but own. It is interesting to dance under others pipe to whom? But will sound intimate strings of heart on Beams of the Lord of Light the deepest mystery of life. Semi-precious stones we Appreciate. It is a lot of them singing others roulades, but it isn't enough semi-precious stones. We appreciate Identity of spirit. To be as all is simple piece. But brightly to shine with light, not repeated and peculiar, lit by Beams of the Lord, will be the decision correct. Certainly, one decision a little, accumulation is necessary consonance the spirit conformable can only. Accord it is developed many lives and long collaboration. It is a basis of the Right Space. According Hierarchies of Light are close to me. When I Speak about the accord, I Mean the Supreme Law. Waves of Light aspire over the world. The accord is a miracle. Both are close, and are available, but not all. Is available having the right? But even it is impossible to envy because there are a lot of works and efforts it was enclosed and it is much paid. Envying wants receive, without having on that the right not paid and not put works that is the usurper potentially. It is a lot of and such. Therefore envy to able to sound on Call of the Lord is insolvent. Also it is impossible to envy Proximity. It is possible to wish it, it is possible to aspire to it, it is possible and to highly appreciate in other, but it is impossible to envy. This feeling in this area shows full misunderstanding of Bases. Proximity to Me anybody can't take up because I Know, both I See, and I Interweave good luck links into the chain of happiness binding us. Each thought of a thread of Light of Me is similar, stretched from the present or last future in infinity. From threads the strong rope which nothing is already able to break off is weaved. Break off wishing many. Also would break off if could? But I Protect threads Light Beams Mine. Light threads, in space directed, I Protect Beams, the vibrating happiness. Time will come, and it is close when force of Beams becomes obvious – both Mine, and yours, you the refracted in the accord. So among a gloom terrestrial the elevated light is approved, and not on one life, but forever. Lord Comes forever, in heart human Comes, that never already it is more it not to Leave. In loving devoted heart the Lord Can create the Monastery. I call all. All come. Light all. What do you hesitate and you wait when a gate of Light opens for everything, collecting it? And why you sitting there, turn away from Me? Unless you from darkness? Only darkness and attendants Me don't accept it. But obviously or secretly, know or not know My Beams get into hearts light - sounding. Their number grows. They become more. It is a lot of, it is a lot of their, already from employees to Me, without knowing Me. Don't know to term. Recognize when punch Hour, Hour will close, the last, deciding destinies of spirit.

312. (June 12). My friend, a reality is enough time for thoughts of a meeting. It will take place. Really you will be as everything, to come and take, giving instead of nothing. And you think of bringing and giving. Nobody will think of it, and you will be. And demands are made to the son special, which another not on a shoulder. But besides, to bring and give, it will be necessary to care and protect still. So, the care will be the first thought of Mother. Who will take care and will preserve, if not you. They will come to take, and nobody will approach to give and help with a performance of the mission of its difficult. The feat its terrestrial will end with the culmination finishing when it is necessary to collect all forces. Then your help will be especially necessary. You will preserve, both you will support, and you will strengthen it in awareness of the importance it not repeated Identity. If from dark counteractions Teachers if pain and sufferings bring condemnations are ill even if hot admirers and admirers can tear to pieces, how many understanding and care the son that It found what won't have people around in it and of what they won't think has to show. It is necessary to become only and irreplaceable in the fiery warm help and care and it to approve all undertakings strong, because two the harmonious auras – huge force. It is necessary to forget about it. It is necessary to become the ardent performer of its instructions, that is My will, because It and I – one; so through the son we Will create, finishing the last period of Her life. It you will approve by understanding of value of the last Assignment. Having become irreplaceable and not such as taking, than all you will become closer because there will be in you a need and need. The aura taking because forces exhaust, but with that who gives can't long maintain, there is a wish to be endlessly. It is better to be giving; always it is better because giving helps from the Lord. And it should be preserved. And after big distribution in you will be find rest and restoration of forces. Manage to rise to understanding of the role and don't break not the reasonable or moods of the Assignment given by me to you. In the presence of it has to show the highest degree of coherence, balance, simplicity and aspiration the forces to It to give for support.

Think that the only weak need support and the help, but it is incorrect: where power consumption fiery is huge, there the help and support are especially strongly necessary. To you I Speak, and you know, and you will be It the irreplaceable assistant giving always and nothing demanding in exchange. Your care you will be severely and to polarize consciously all essence of the pas to a donation and Service wave, when with It. To it you will allow also to It to serve. Responsibility for performance of this Assignment you will bear before Me. For the Task of prepare, reflecting on the told. The Teacher is in such condition of a constant donation always. Learn in the Teacher to imitate. From the Teacher all too take and you think that also to give to the Teacher, and understand that such installation of consciousness will be the highest measure of receiving. Each donation, to me brought, will be rendered to repay a hundredfold. But you it protect and to It accustom itself to give now accustom: and in thoughts, both letters, and feelings. The love not is confirmed by words, but affairs. Ennobling it, yourself you will ennoble. Approving it, yourself you will approve. Loving it, to me you become closer because We are unseparable. Planetary and space value of Mother Agni Yogi is great. It is focus of transfer of our commands, our outlines and our Doctrine. Understand that the proximity to focus too much obliges. Won't be closer than you anybody therefore manages to become worthy trust rendered to you. My trust worthy manage to become. Attracted by a fiery magnet of its spirit, people strong will direct to It. You will facilitate, as far as possible, part them having assumed. Not to teach you as it is necessary to give because you know and therefore you will be able to help It much, its works having divided. It ennobling in the opinion of people, you will approve truth because the light elevated Mothers of Fiery Yoga will be estimated also visible only in centuries. But it approving before people, you serve the statement of Light. But, being with It is afraid to rise on stilts. The proximity only in simplicity is approved. Pomposity of a stilted and pre-grandiloquence can though whom to avert. Be simpler with It, it is harmonious internally and light. To us it is stuffy from human worship. Understand great secret of simplicity because it you will come nearer to the highest. Some go by complexity and get confused in its labyrinths; you go by simplicity because It is told: "Be simple as children".

313. A number of events, unexpected for the world, but expect by us and Us preparing is planned. The person can tell, what flowers will grow on a spirit field, and We Can because seeds were Put by us. The future we Know as a result of the reasons generated by us. Dark too sowed, but our grains are stronger. Great Harvest we Call Arrival time because all light will yield the fruits of life, and dark – death. Everything who will taste death fruits will die will die in the spirit of. But tasted fruits of Light will live. Energy fiery, going strong, will be perceived by all. Refracted in consciousness, address in destruction or creation forces through heart. And refracted will reap in harm or in happiness depending on a refraction corner. So heart will appear judges. Spiteful heart will strangle having it because going energy is powerful. Also and the light and positive corner of refraction of space energiya will give extraordinary inflow of forces of life. Therefore I Say that the time the last came to show a right choice. Destroyers will be out of work: to them it will be simple there is nothing to put dark energiya. Be aloof poison and rage dangerously because the scorpion perishes from own poison when it appears in a hopelessness ring. So prospers and everything will be a success that is created for creation, at least the success and seemed impossible. Nowadays the course of the world ship is firm and steady, and its way to Light. The most terrible is behind. Certainly, clarification will demand victims, but people unnecessary a planet will perish. Especially necessary especially both we Protect and we Break persistence of the interfering. Speed and surprise will accompany changes and shifts. Into board obvious Enters Conducting a planet. Behind It – Light the winner.

314. (June 14). My friend, Hierarchy it is unshakable, but the spirit human fluctuates, coming nearer to it or moving away from it. Firmness of Hierarchy doesn't depend on swings human, but the proximity to it – depends. Removal or approach are made constantly, and they in hands of the person. The correct action or acts and conformable condition of consciousness pull together. Already I Spoke: everything is possible, but with Me. Why everything becomes without Me? What such affairs can be from which the Teacher is excluded? After all if to go on the way of an exception, it is possible and to exclude absolutely the Teacher from life and to remain... with what? But life is comprehended when its hidden basis Is the Teacher. To clean the basis – and all creation of life it will appear on sand to fall from the first storm. So, we will approve the Teacher in life hourly that voices of Earth didn't muffle its voice. Covers are a servant incorrect, constantly seeking to separate from the mister and to betray him. Provided to them even for a while, strong they direct in a condition of former irresponsibility and arbitrariness. To them consequences – though and mine – here logic of an astral are indifferent hour. Therefore bridles can't be removed from them. The bridle should be held strong, and the more strong, the better. The astral is the slave always ready to indignation, revolt and treachery, the enemy cunning and artful, many times already betraying to darkness of the mister. There can't be a mercy or indulgence to an astral. Each indulgence to it and connivance immediately causes the repeated raised and strengthened requirements from its party. The addict should strengthen a drug dose, the drunkard – wine. Each weakness grows and goes deep under pressure of its insatiable requirements. If the person has something, he wants to have still, and still, still, endlessly. Two, ten, twenty suits, houses, endlessly – money, everything, everything that wanted by its insatiable and greedy look.

This insatiability should be sent to the course. Let it will be expressed in insatiability of improvement and improvement of quality of everything that the person does. But the correct appendix of energy depends on its direction. The energy, directed on self-satisfaction of an astral, are directed in a false manner. The astral can't be satisfied. It is satiated satisfied with the phenomena in one form, he will look for by all means them in another. From is where terrible crimes and perversions among mankind? All these are fruits of aspirations of the dismissed astral, leading up the victims to conditions which to the normal person seem senselessly terrible, or repellent. It is a lot of simply ridiculous phenomena. Look for the reason of many phenomena in the tyrannical power of an astral over consciousness. The astral is an enemy number first. Only completely subordinated, it can serve the person. Otherwise the servant is the person. It is a lot of on Earth of ardent attendants of an own astral. There are a lot of slaves, loudly and furiously shouting about freedom. What freedom the person who is the slave to an own violent astral cover can have? True freedom can be approved only by spirit, both anybody and can give nothing it the person. To what any external freedoms to the drunkard, the addict or the person who has lost composure thanks to dissoluteness of an astral? Our care is about spiritual people health. It is necessary to explain to people for what the discipline of spirit, for what and as it is necessary to regain self-control is necessary. Why strong people, the bridled and able messages to victory others are necessary? Where will lead and where the person will bring, to operate itself and to seize notable? To whom are the moral bastards necessary? Whether they are fit in drivers? It is necessary to bring up the strong personable imperiously to be self-controlled and bridle. New people are necessary, strong spirit and the lowest covers which have subordinated to.

315. My son, we will draw a conclusion from a lesson of the present day. Itself I saw, it was convinced and I felt as the wave of bad emotions human broke about a stone of a peace of mind. Persistently I Repeat: force of human counteraction or rage if it meets the balance rock has no value. The spirit, light held is a ram breaking darkness. The right, any test costs the price of a lesson given to them. Persistently I Repeat: the wave of external conditions if the tranquility is withheld by strength of mind has no value. Despite everything and on something, without looking at any conditions, it is possible to keep tranquility always. Balance of spirit doesn't depend on them. But if it is withheld, a victory, one more victory, it is possible to consider, is gained by spirit over a matter. Not that there is outside, important, but a reaction of unshakable tranquility to the events. Let whirlwinds storm and waves of the external phenomena, let rage and rage people, the tranquility in every way should seek to be kept. And then, as the magician having a magic staff, can operate the person the sea of passions human, storming in the middle of life. Having polarized itself on a wave of tranquility indestructible, it is possible to neutralize these whirlwinds powerfully. How to explain that it was understood time forever that value and the purpose of a display of storms external consists in that keep balance. It is possible and has to from them separate, having risen as though aside, as though observing, as though not a participant, but looking. Both taking a detached view quietly and taking part in the phenomenon, in its part without taking, remains his winner and the manager. Unless it is important what rage of energiya seeks to break balance? But it is important, extraordinary important to split an evil ball a sword of a peace of mind. The blow external is assumed consciously, in tension center, in the center of intense tranquility of a shining Stone, and to them the opposite shaft is distressed. It already is psycho equipment fiery. It already right hand of a soldier of spirit in operation. You store tranquility any price. It is impossible to give it to something external, or for the sake of something to exchange it, or on something. When you meet a wave, it is necessary not to think of it, but of yourself, of the center of intense tranquility in yourself, created, forced, approved at the moment of a meeting. Its powerful tension in itself should be established first of all and to direct it all efforts. When the armor of spirit is created, the board is lifted also a sword in a hand, there is often enough only of to direct an edge which will assume the category, having absorbed all its force contrast of the polarized power. After all in the same way rule over winds and subdue waters, but on the highest scale. Let's study from small strain to the great. Than it is more evil and counteraction from the outside, that bigger tranquility and balance it is necessary to show. Balance is a mighty invincible force. It manages great causes. It is necessary to understand, at last, a basis of fiery force, it is necessary to scent this lever of action of force of immeasurable and not having borders in hands. So we will be we will study as lives so. Let's store so balance as spirit treasure, as force wonderful, force the magic, having power over the sea of passions human, over whirlwinds of the spontaneous phenomena, over the phenomena of a matter dense, as the basis or the base of action powerful. Without existence of balance any truly great action is impossible. Whether it is possible this treasure, this force wonderful the Stone inside to give in exchange for something external? If to give, and external for the sake of what it is given, too it is lost. If to keep, and external, necessary and necessary, they can hold only. The indestructible Order of the Lord Tranquility and balance is given to store in every way spirit. Let will be that will be, let ardent whirlwinds, let rage elements, the tranquility should be stored. It is necessary to realize separateness and independence of the tranquility of concern and whirlwinds outside. The tranquility of the commander of the ship in a storm or in fight let will serve as an example. What will be if he becomes puzzled and the tranquility will lose? Whether there will be it death of a vessel? Be the real captain of the spirit. It is necessary to reach harbor.

316. (June 15). And, at last, such condition of consciousness when will be to concentrate enough on the chosen thought that it started revealing, extending and developing in the direction, in it put will be reached, showing that property of boundless growth. Just as expansion and improvement is possible in everything also the thought goes deep infinitely if enough attention is attached to it. This property of growth, or development, is put in everything. All grows and spreads in space. "You propagate and breed" is the formula expressing essence of everything that exists, all forms of life. The basic principles, remaining invariable in number, give an infinite series of various transformations. The basis remains firm because anything in the nature doesn't disappear and isn't born again, but there are the new forms which are infinitely multiplying in number and moving ahead in evolution. Life creates incessantly – all from the same primary material, primary lightful matter, matrix matter. So, the conscious condition a disclosing and growth of thought can be reached. The starting thought which, like a snowball, increases in volume at the expense of space elements undertakes, showing new properties. How many it is already told about tranquility and balance, but not all is told far. The thought of these great concepts will grow together with spirit growth, lifting it to knowledge tops. When Promised boundlessness, I Meant the basis real and the law of ascending development. Thus it isn't necessary to lose sight and shady side of the phenomenon: angrily too grows. Involution, or spirit degradation, too takes place in life. Defects and passions human grow, carrying away spirit in a chasm. But We Speak about a light ladder of a conscious ascension. The growing evolutionary thought of a particle, related to itself, from space attracts to itself, and grows and grows rich together with it the person, grows and grows rich spirit. After all It is told that "by a measure full it will be rendered to you" on basis the immutable law of life. But direct, but in thought heart enclose to sate it with magnetic fire attracting... Conformable to spirit of thought grow, approved by heart. It is possible even to note following circumstance: it is enough to concern thought any shown and approved order of things anywhere – in equipment, on production, in economy and a life – as thought logically directed forward immediately prompts and opens new improvement Singular improvement and improvements in this order, directing in the direction claimed by this order – as though logical continuation of that already is, but that is subject to further improvement. Call such consciousness synthetic because in any area where it isn't the expert and the expert, it logically consistently sees possibilities of improvement and progress. Follows these enlightenments or the logical conclusions of thought forward directed to write down and note on advantage and the benefit of people, - not at all, it is far not at all this ability, but only at synthetics thoughts. It is possible to improve and improve and owes everything, and besides endlessly. Only dead consciousnesses or consciousnesses sleeping are content with the reached. The consciousness goes forward and never stops. It extends in good or the evil, in construction or destruction. Them, destroyers and growing in the evil, or shady side of human essence, we Call people of the left way. But We Speak about Evolution and life construction. The benefit to builders of life, because before them Boundlessness, boundlessness of construction and boundlessness of opportunities new. Therefore forward it is possible to go safely, knowing that everything is achievable.

317. There are the people giving creating thought, and there are performers. The first we will appreciate and preserve especially carefully because they are state treasure. In essence, have to have ability to generate creating thought everything, and many to some extent, perhaps, rudimentary, the creative gift show. Creativity public in all areas of life, creativity constructive, creative and light it is necessary to encourage strenuously. In its pledge is of progress and state prosperity. But especially it is necessary to preserve and appreciate them, the giving rise the highest creating thought. It isn't enough of them. They should learn to be selected from the lump of people and to put in the conditions promoting development of their creativity. Preserve creators of fiery thought, to replace them there is nobody. Those crucified them and burned down on fires, those killed or wearied in dungeons, those pursued, both frightened, and threatened with Sky penalties, and you preserve. Them the world keeps, the state costs them.

318. Improvement has the limit. To what advanced onions and arrows, either a catapult or a former dormouse when life already left forward. To concept of improvement we will put the principle of expediency; differently it is possible to lag behind life.

319. The future we will see. The future to take away from us anybody and nothing can. Day tomorrow's is integral. For the sake of the future – the present and everything that in it occurs. About opportunities it is spoken not real, but the future. We Are faithful to ourselves – we Live for the sake of the future. Maitreya is the Lord of the future, in the future the Leader. We can't hold in the present anything, the present. For wise only a future exists, and in it is directed always. To the future we will be glad and to the future we will give thoughts. We Build and in the future. Construction is in fiery spheres, which out of time, for Earth there is a construction in the future. Secret of the Future in the present, secret of the Future timeless only fiery consciousness it is possible to comprehend. Enlightenment in this secret available consciousness fiery is. Depth of human consciousness is immeasurable. The person is god, the divinity yet not realized.
320. (June 16). My son, by the light of the Sun shadows of night disappears and the darkness dissipates. There ascends Sun Maitreya, and life becomes another. Shadows will disappear, and to a gloom not to be. From an era and bloody the mankind comes dark to light of day. My day comes nearer. Observe milestones of events: they are as though a prelude of Great Day. Not to stop a wheel of events any efforts human. It is necessary to arm still with some patience and trust; still it is necessary to show small patience that great to become the witness. Precipitancy and unexpectedness of events will increase. And all is to one, all besides. Now it should be noted that they are made on advantage of the New World. I burn knots of the phenomena opposite. There is no place to nestle to counteraction nurseries. Old we Suffer as worker force, as poles, defiant phenomena, necessary to us. They, our opponents and to us counteracting, Strong help Us, without suspecting that. And nowadays all: both the darkness, and Light – serves the Great Cause. Whether it is possible to doubt power Forces Light? But affairs have to be managed by hands human and through consciousness of people, and all have to take part. I Pay attention on that, as masses are involved in the universal events also start taking in them part. It too is Era Signs. We awaken consciousness of the people all measures. It is necessary that the free will of masses human was shown. Earlier, in a century dark, usually it is active there was only a darkness – the people kept silence. Nowadays begins to sound the voice national, and everything will sound stronger and louder while voices of darkness won't sink and won't decay in its powerful peals. Big affairs, values planetary are created. The best, best people to the power go the best among masses. The best to the power will come. The worst and bad will be detached. Give time. Have to wake up, and to solve. At first from depths human, from a bottom, all litter rose and directed to the power. But burned down unusable, burn down and will burn down. Will leave. The word of Lords will order a terrestrial garden. It isn't said yet. But it will sound from edge to edge victoriously soon and powerfully. My children, not for long you needed to wait.

321. (June 17). To you who have come behind Light, in the light of refusal won't be. The law of a spatial donation, readiness to work always according to the accord and capacity is surprising. Both the stone, and a plant, and the person receive spatial beams of heat and light. But everyone accepts, absorbs and assimilates them on ability to contain. The desert stone heats up even. The space is rich with fires and beams. Each center of life perceives them so far as the structure of the accepting center allows. The higher also refined the range of perceived energiya is wider. Ability of various substances, metals and stones to absorb and condense spatial energy and beams is still a little studied. Metals are channels for beams, as well as jewels. They are, or live, in the accord with beams of planets and their magnetic influence. The alloy of some metals is especially powerful as the condenser of energiya. Compounds of incongruous metals are destructive. Atlases knew secrets of metals and their communication with certain planets. Nowadays the knowledge it is lost. Each metal has the color and in the Thin World can be determined not only by a smell, but also by color. The harmonious combination of flowers of metals will be an indicator of their correct alloy, or connection. Disharmonious combinations of color radiations of metals affect aura of the person respectively. Disharmonious influence generates an illness, that is causes the same disharmonious vibrations in aura of the person. Therefore We Speak: the channel of this metal or their connection brings an illness. There are metals insalubrious, for example, copper and zinc. Silver with copper is better to use them in connection with metals useful, for example to neutralize their properties. Over time the corresponding instructions will be given. Products from insalubrious metals shouldn't be carried on itself. The channel of metal can become the transmitter of harmful radiations. Metals, being receivers of planetary beams, make the strengthened impact on the person. If deposits of iron ore reject a magnetic needle in air, it isn't necessary to be surprised to force of the energiya condensed in metal. Not all energy is registered devices and for not all is known to science. But, that not less, they are and powerfully influence on the person. On metallization human body are shown tendencies and attractions of the person to certain metals and to stones. The horoscope of the person is connected with stars, stars – with metals; metals are a part of substances of which the body consists. The circle of interaction of Earth and the Sky becomes isolated in the person. It is possible to determine by the card of a horoscope, what metals which are a part of drugs, for this individual will be beneficial. Two patients at an identical illness the same medicine can be useful for one, to another is harmful. The reason should be looked for in the compliance law, or accords. So before medicine the huge unexplored area of medicine astrological in its close connection with secret of metals, stones and various chemical compounds in aspect of their compliance with structure of a body of each patient opens. Even alcohol on two different people works differently. The pathetic who suggests treating equally all for certain diseases the same drugs is harmful to these. In many cases it is right, but approach individual is necessary and the knowledge is necessary. Many modern drugs are harmful certainly. It is necessary to check everything. The majority will supply some information in the science order and will slightly open a curtain over secret of metals. To it time comes.

322. As though Record seemed insignificant or not noteworthy, it should be made because it can be useful to small consciousnesses. It is necessary and to think of them. And, besides, seeming unimportant now, it is necessary at the following reading. The thought grows in space and goes deep and when it comes back to beget, it comes back expanded and enriched with new elements. Therefore even unknown and unexplored it is useful to think of things as thoughts punch a veil of uncertainty and bring new data. It is enough to concentrate on something, and the subject starts growing; the repeated appeal to think gives a profound idea. It is difficult to imagine that the knowledge in flowed besides books. But after all books were not always and not at all is. There was time – books weren't, and the few existing were inaccessible. Nevertheless the knowledge grew and collected. And valuable books are appreciated by the new contents, in former books not consisting. From is where it undertakes? Not from brain sections, but from space. Something wasn't, and something appeared. From where? People of continuous contact with space and the World Hidden – from here and restriction of the opportunities don't consider. Blavatskaya knew and could conduct conversations with outstanding scientists of the eyelid. From is where scoop it the knowledge, without being itself neither the scientist, nor the specialist? The expert goes on one track, it deepening. Synthetic can concern everything. Synthesis doesn't mean everything gradually, but comprehension of essence of the phenomenon in connection with the whole. Synthetic thinking most of all opens access to a spatial treasury. The doctrine of Life is given that knowing it access to it receive could. To it conducts a feeling-knowledge that is knowledge direct, knowledge of spirit which remains at the person even then when he will leave the planet, the temporary house. In Space there are no books, but there is knowledge available to spirit. Let's show care of ways of the highest cognition. "Wisdom with inheritance and especially for seeing the Sun is good", – Solomon so Spoke.

323. (June 18). It is difficultly to wait because influence of spatial energiya amplifies, and the future isn't visible to an eye. But it is impossible to combine a present twilight with Light of the future. And the gap heavy affects consciousness. But it is necessary to find forces to wait and give them to another, too to the waiting. They can be gathered and updated thoughts of the Lord. He Waits in operation. It can imitate, having shown actions, conformable to the future. In a gloom of the present to show actions, conformable to the future, there will be the decision correct expectation problems. It also will mean to move itself into the future and to take in it a place. In it to take a place when it will come, everyone will want. It is possible to make it now that the place was taken strongly. Otherwise not take place in the expected future. To be as everything, it is possible to pass but to become obvious the next, nowadays it is necessary to show action. Not they, not condemnation, not employment by us come nearer. In itself feasibly it is necessary to show light in heavy days of a threshold Light Arrival. Be mine not in words, but in practice. Where you neither were and what you nor did, in the spirit of and spirit be mine. Mine is now what there were people surrounding you and conditions. Be mine in the Name My, and for the sake of Me spirit rise, and in the spirit of you keep adequately.

324. (June 19). Understand, my friend that there is no unceasing flight of spirit. The never-ending song of flights nevertheless means that after each flight landing and a stop in order that to collect forces for new flights follows. So the person is arranged that from time to time it should fall by Earth, as to the fantastic athlete that from Mother Earth to update the forces. Forces spiritual from Earth are scooped. On Earth and only through Earth they can increase and become stronger. Life consists in this paradox of life. It would seem it is good to soar in skies and never, never to come back to Earth with her chagrin, difficulties, a grief and a gloom. But even the eagle falls by Earth and on Earth has a nest, and from Earth increases in force. In pride from Earth we won't be averted. It is our house. Without it there is no way and there is no opportunity for the person to rise. Asceticism denied Earth. Many idealists departed from it. Spiritual opposed terrestrial as an antipode. As delusion the devil represented difficulties of life terrestrial and need into it to plunge .As delusion the devil represented difficulties of life but it is incorrect. Planet and all, that on it, it is given to the person evolution for development and improvements your
psychophysical device. Therefore, Earth is first of all inevitable need. The separation from Earth in the spirit of can't be long. Terrestrial evolution and way on Earth isn't finished yet isn't complete, the long separation from the terrestrial is destructive. Having come off for a long time Earth, the spirit loses the power supply. Therefore again and again the person comes back to Earth in new bodies. Therefore on Earth the hand and a foot human approve spirit life. Without Earth it is impossible. Contempt for Earth and terrestrial is cheap emotion of unripe spirit. High Spirits very much loved Earth, the nature, flowers, birds, animals. The nature and beauty feed it the person. It is possible obviously and probably scoop from it force for spirit life. Attachment to the passing phenomena terrestrial is one, love to the nature – another. One connects, another releases. It is necessary, it is necessary to find forces with life terrestrial to reconcile, forces and understanding. Forgive all personal that not to connect the consciousness anybody and anything, to forgive and not to condemn. Both the forgiveness and no judgment mean possibility of free flight of spirit on untied wings. The heart which has concealed something against someone isn't free and attached to object of the feelings. And on Earth it is good to be free with feelings terrestrial, limiting and binding spirit through egoism. On egoism Coca who will want to sit voluntary? Earth and everything that on it is, it is possible to love and without egoism. Unless it is necessary love only good and reached? The lord Loves all: both bad, and good. Only dark, conscious attendants of the evil from an orbit of the love Excludes. Earth should be loved it is reconciled, without condemning, without being indignant, and taking it such what it is, with everything that on it, taking to improve. It is possible to improve Earth only through itself and. Itself improving and improving, it is possible to improve Earth. And people seek to teach others and to improve others, having forgotten about own improvement. Light approved in, light of the aura and force of its radiations cleared and ennobled, is the only way of transformation and improvement of life of Earth and all and all people around. You want that to people was light-and everything it was easier and better – light approve in yourself and with the light you shine. There is no other way of transformation of life. Being any part of truth and having clarified the radiations, the person can help a lot of to people and set evolution. The way of transformation of life lies through itself and... on the ground. Many wanted to do without Earth and to depart on the Sky. But their falling was great because it is necessary to pass through Earth.

325. Whether long it is necessary to wait? Up to the end! Also the end won't come yet, that is Hour of Arrival won't come, quality of expectation has to remain high. Only the high pupil owns quality of expectation. The others interweave into it egoism and thoughtlessness patterns. They very much want to come on the ready and to reap the fruits, which seeds not sowed. It is impossible to carry away the future of the people who haven't been approved in the Doctrine, they won't pass test and will fall upon those who remains is true to it. It is better not to wait at all, than to wait for itself or, expecting, to lose hope and belief. Not listen ignorant the future, they know nothing. All human invented judgments – as a fog over the river before rising. They are real so far as there is a fog and because of it is visible nothing. But there will ascend the Sun, and the waves of a fog dimming a field of vision will dissipate. Everything is, everything exists, but it isn't visible for an eye because of its veil. To deny reality only because the fog dims eyes, unreasonably. Better with trust to expect desired rising when rays of light will disseminate a veil. As it is exact and in life: while Beams of the Hierarch-driver of a planet obviously over Earth won't begin to shine, the fog of misunderstanding closes reality which is and which testifies to fast Arrival of the Lord. Friend Mine, suffer a little in full and goodhearted confidence to the Driving Hand. Not far off the future, but is close.

326. (June 20). At any condition of consciousness of the pupil the Teacher Has to find his positive side and strengthen it. From here Council: to exaggerate all good and positive and that to reduce the bad. This good can be found in everything if to look for and to approve it because manifestations of anything are dual, bearing in itself the shadow and light parties. Overweight should be given to a light pole that progress took place. The Teacher Does it consciously. And you, adjoining to people, not shadow, not dark, not evil forces in them awaken which in them and without that are, but kind and light, them causing to life. Especially it is necessary in relation to those who already touched the Life Doctrine. In them strongly also approve the good. In everything there are two beginnings – plus and a minus, forces positive and forces negative, forces of creation and force of destruction, force of life and death, integration and disintegration, harmony and disharmony, luminous intensity and a gloom. It is possible to strengthen either those, or others. To strengthen light in the person, it isn't necessary to emphasize too darkness, in it still the existing. The teacher in the pupil Approves Light. To example of the Teacher follow! The criticism isn't denied. Sometimes it is necessary to shade and a shadow that light became brighter. Light and darkness are learned by ant situation. But nevertheless go and conduct on tops, but not on gloom gorges and therefore go by the statement of Light, but not darkness. Light, but not darkness approve in people. It is Bodhisattva's way.

327. As and in things, circumstances of life, conditions of people around, in the nature it is possible to cause positive or negative particles, or elements, that is forces of destruction or creation force to life. The builder even if destroys, not for the sake of destruction, but for the sake of new construction. Destruction for the sake of destruction we will leave dark. Destruction for the sake of destruction is the evil. If in the phenomena of life complete equilibrium of forces was established, life would stand and stopped. Prevalence of forces of one of poles creates interaction and connection with new forces, and life starts moving. It is necessary to watch only that in everything concerning the person, forces positive prevailed. Then it will be actively shown equally effective life and creation, but not death and destructions. If the last phenomenon, prevalence destruction forces, takes place in planetary scale, the planet is doomed
on death also collapses. We Want to keep earth. About Earth Care is. Therefore the way of destroyers is stopped by us. Seeing shady side of the phenomena, strengthen their positive pole. It is necessary to be able to see that know that it is necessary to strengthen in Light camp. The good and evil are relative because often so-called evil is a step to good and the good at one step will be the evil for the highest. The person has a heart, it and will be the index of that, than for this person there will be this phenomenon: useful or harmful, kind or angry. Thus it isn't necessary to forget that the rage, irritation, despondency, cowardice and the other phenomena are angry and harmful certainly. Here anymore reasoning’s on a good and evil relativity won't help. There is nevertheless a measure of things the indisputable. Also there is no consolation nor for the coward, nor for the traitor, for spiteful heart.

328. Where and in what we will find a consolation from difficulties houses terrestrial? Consolation we will find in the Teacher. Lord highly Costs over life. Though Sees all essence it, whirlwinds astral don't cause in It responses. And therefore it is possible to find the world which is no by people, in It the world and rest of balance, not calms, but tranquility active and intense it is powerful. Therefore the address to the Teacher will be pains medicine. The panacea of Hierarchy works strongly.

329. To judge in absentia, or to judge others eyes difficultly. The fact on itself tells nothing, but lighting it always happen individual. Lighting depends on a point of view. The personal point of view never correct happens. On the impersonal or superpersonal point of view people didn't learn to become still. Therefore the judgment human is almost always wrong. It is right from the personal point of view, but an objective picture doesn't give therefore it is better to trust the Teacher who Knows. Who says, what is easy? Certainly, it is difficult, very difficult to build the World New, and this construction – a feat. Also there are victims: both voluntary, and karmic. Much they were. A lot of heroism was shown. Why cruelty? It is difficult to keep consciousness human in the necessary direction, and it is a lot of enemies and opponents of construction of the New Era. And after all on the card there is a planet fate – half measures won't help. Hard is all. Then you will understand it is impossible why to accelerate. For now arm patience and trust to the Teacher. Now without It not reach the put.

330. (June 21). My son when all words are told remains action that is application told in life. To what differently words? Better absolutely without them, because weight not applied knowledge lays down on shoulders the learned. The knowledge obliges. It is better not to know, than the nobility and not to apply knowledge. The knowledge not applied is property temporary, but superficially introduced in essence of the person, that is it which hasn't become part, a component of his nature. In any condition at any mood something after all can be applied, something after all is closer to consciousness and is more conformable at each this moment, than all other. It’s that also should be applied. Perhaps, there is no wish to read, either to write, or to think deeply, but there is a wish to show aspiration, either love, or trust, or to send thoughts to the distant friend. The field of use of mental energy is wide, and the necessary note can be caused always. Only not to sit in thoughtlessness! The yogi too sits, and sits not movably for hours, but in ardent activity mental. There are no such conditions which could prevent tendency of mental energy unless a condition of consciousness of her owner. So in case of trouble in this regard the reason should be looked for inside. Internal trouble can destroy all achievements, and then no external conditions will help. For that to wait, when action levers in hands of the person? Why such dependence on something outside? All external is temporary and therefore it can't lean and put on it itself in submission. Certainly, it influences, but on weak spirits. Strong the light, the Identity, bore not go out among twilight and life turmoil. When the end will go them life terrestrial will come to an end, light remains with spirit. But if he it go out and the authorities of vanity obeyed with what he will go to space, to the World where shine with the light? Light of spirit not go out under no circumstances, as though turmoil they were. The surrounding can't put spirit in submission. Maya illusion therefore is called as illusion, or great deception that vanishes into thin air, leaving the person with itself and the accumulation. And if it exchanged the light for darkness external and terrestrial, there is with anything an unlucky traveler of Earth. To live life to remain empty-handed, having chiseled spirit fires won't be achievement. "What will I today be able to bring to increase Stone Treasure? » – The pupil so questions himself and brings without account, bears without the account fruits of the efforts for Light multiplication.

331. I don’t find it possible to succeed if belief in the Teacher or in the future hesitated for a time at least on an iota. It is better to wait, and not to wait, and with belief in expected to die as apostles died, expecting fast Arrival of the Christ, than not to trust, not to wait and leave with anything. Because that who remained it is right to Me up to the end, and I Meet at the end which beginning is. What from this, what they if remained with Me didn't wait? The Teacher of those who is faithful to him up to the end won't Leave. There is a devotion temporary and devotion forever. Who prefers what, that that prefers, and remains? The Teacher and the pupil on the substance of concept is the timeless. Whether poorly, whether well, but together, warmly or cold, in prosperity or in need, it is healthy, or it is sick, at night or in the afternoon, one or in crowd, here or there, with friends or among enemies, on flight or before flight, on Earth or in the Sky it is high, but together always. The happiness chain from life in life is so forged. Lives and lives pass one for another, but the chain of happiness gets stronger. It is necessary to manage to carry by Proximity to the Teacher of the indestructible through life. One tells one, and this, and others – the third, but the pupil speaks: "All Mines – in the Teacher". So it also goes through life, intimate storing a hidden chain of happiness.

332. (June 22). Thought the highest is available to the person if the eye of soul addresses to it. It is, in exists, it is necessary to direct to it that to catch it only. Life of consciousness is subordinated to the accord law. One – according to the accord with thoughts the highest, with thoughts distant enters into communication, other whim созвучит to the phenomena of thoughts of the lowest. And everyone where it was sounds on a wave of the aspirations, the desires, the vozhdeleniye to which the spatial thought from various layers of space, from the highest to the lowest, on a key set by will of the person replies. Not Space arbitrariness, but accord and compliance. And everyone reaps in areas think of fruits of the aspiration. Simply, clearly and accurately the accord law works. To what direct, you receive in reply. In vain people complain. There are no poor lambs. The karma of an attraction of thoughts and karma of an attraction of the corresponding conditions works on compliance. God we will scold doesn't happen.

333. (June 23). It is all about that to find a place in the consciousness both personal and world and to establish a proper correlation between them. Personal sinks in world as the water drop at the ocean, but consists of grains of sand the mountain, and from individuals – the people and mankind. Without the personality it is impossible but if in consciousness personal the place world takes up, and the small place personal is allocated for world or planetary scale, destructive discrepancy which comes to an end crash when it is necessary to sum up life turns out. Everything should find a place, but corresponding to essence of the phenomenon. Personal worlds of the dead of generation disappeared together with persons of their carriers. But affairs superpersonal, creations and business of those who went beyond the personality, live for eyelids. The identity of the person – the phenomenon of several ten years, Identity isn't liable to destruction time. When superpersonal and individual in the person merge and take up a place personal, true, the person both in affairs and in consciousness is immortal then. It is impossible that personal covered world and took its place. The person – part of the world, a part of the life, part of Space therefore it is necessary to realize itself this particle of a whole but not to do himself by the Universe center because the rush great expects everyone who in a personal small world focuses everything. Because this world has to disappear completely when the physical body, at the same time with personal consciousness, or consciousness of the personality having a name, a rank, the passport, the apartment, service, violent, kitchen and household things is dumped. All this falls, and there is a person... with what? What will replace to it a world destroyed? Then and how he will live? Because this world has to disappear completely, when the physical body is dumped, at the same time with personal consciousness, or consciousness of the personality, having a name, a rank, passport, apartment, service, violent, kitchen and household things. It is better to think of a planet and its destinies, than of the house or the room. It is better to think of mankind or the people, than of itself; it is better to think of uniform infinite life, than of short terrestrial existence. And the personality is necessary as a messenger of Identity, its expressing, and life terrestrial is necessary as a link of a long chain of the lives which don't have the end. But they are necessary in the correct understanding of the sense and value. Both the body, and health, both a dream, and food – all is necessary, but with understanding, for what. And that the person in the ignorance considers important, is unimportant and not having that value in the light of understanding of life superpersonal, and vice versa: things consciousnesses neglected and being on boondocks, become taking priority and having decisive influence on destinies of human spirit and on consciousness of the person. There is a full revaluation of values when the consciousness moves from the center of the personality in the center of a circle of life superpersonal and the personality takes already a place of the disciplined servant of Identity. So there ascends the person on the following, highest step of spirit. The location of focus of consciousness entirely depends on that, on what it is directed that entirely is in will of the person. So again we come to that destiny and the future people in his hands; d he is a builder of the future, the destiny, the karma.

334. Imprisonment is considered a heavy punishment. And however people themselves deprive this of freedom in the spirit of and, being in prison various restrictions, illusion and ignorance, at all that don't suspect. People blindly. The Teacher Wants an eye to open that the person of a wall of the voluntary prison saw and, having seen, desired freedoms of spirit. So many false concepts ate in consciousness of the person that release is hard. The tragedy is in that, what them simply don't feel them and don't notice. In darkness they can't be seen: light is necessary to shine everything and to present to a thing in their true situation. Think of death – it isn't present. Think of that to hide something, but there is nothing secret. Think someone to suppress and to restrain, but to itself put wounds, restraining the brother. So it is necessary to start building life on absolutely new beginnings and on the principles of General Welfare. Because principles of the personal benefit, except harm, brought to people, heavy reaction will have on the bringing. It is necessary to understand: times of the cave man psychology passed irrevocably. On the principles of the New World life has to be under construction. It isn't necessary wars, it isn't necessary for operation of other people, it isn't necessary violence. Everyone, standing up for them is the enemy of mankind and the New World. It is impossible to change the world at once. Time is necessary. But transformation of life goes with great strides. It can't be stopped, as an avalanche from height. Dungeons of spirit human collapse powerfully. People come in life of planetary freedom to the arena.

335. (June 24). My son, the Lord Believes, that there is no bigger happiness, than to serve to Him it is conscious. Mother Agni Yogi serves the Lord without belittling, all life, all the being. Service completeness and returns of to the Lord indicates spirit height: the spirit is higher; the return of on Service is fuller and more perfect. Small spirits are afraid of return, are afraid of them to lose, the soul are afraid to lose in this process. Spirits small aren't capable of the great legend of to Will Lord. On degree of a give of to Will Lord also we Judge spirit height. When all is replaced with mine, completeness of Service Great is reached. But among people the cult of a self-service at which returns of it isn't required at all is developed. Them, self service, with themselves we Will not take in a way distant on stars. This way demands full devotion and dark oblivion of. So, the soul lost, forgotten and about itself, the consciousness finds the highest, superpersonal, space, the personality having lost. It and is clear. "I" nothing does small on open spaces spatial. Its interests are concentrated in that small circle of the personality which doesn't have a place where there are no small conditions terrestrial. It is necessary to understand all width, all scope of life to become the participant of its cosmos-spatial expression. But Great Attendants of Light Were other-worldly, but there were They not from small personal worlds on which people huddle. Even in World Thin where existence limits are moved widely apart, biped blind men in slums of fragments of personal representation of life as a shell, separating itself from width and beauty of spatial life manage to hide. Sit thoughtlessly on the corners, having climbed during the time and holes and having closed by black raft ignorance’s and unwillingness to leave splinters of private life terrestrial. Live in an elusive environment small things small terrestrial, remained in memory and their consciousness and to it replaced reality. Really, blind, dark and pity existence! Ignorance planetary dooms people to this gloomy vegetation. We seek to expand the horizons of consciousnesses human and to bring them out of a stuffy dungeon of private life on the planetary life arena that scented itself a part of the life great. The planet – only a step, follows it Space. In its real universal understanding it is necessary to leave private life. To leave – means to allocate for it that place which belongs to it, but it is no more. Private life is admissible if its each particle is weighed on scales of Boundlessness and is compared to it. Then "I" can't inflate personal and take a place more Sun, it with myself having covered. The sun of life is the Sun of Great Heart; there is a Lord – the Hierarch Leading. Let this Sun also shine for spirit.

336. In consciousness of a thing the small compete with things great. Really the small to the great we will prefer and with small we will remain? So we will separate in the microcosm great from small and to the first the heart we will give. Bike and diarant is World of the Lord. To greatness it we have opportunity and the right to join if the log or litter in an eye doesn't prevent to see great, despite small before eyes.

337. Whether they thought, director of destinies human, pushing the people on war that war will sweep away them from a historical scene and to their people of a victory won't bring. No, they didn't think of it. The formula "The Taken Sword from a Sword Also Will Be Lost" remains in force be it even cold war. Everyone dooms itself (himself), going against evolution. While enemies waged cold war and built bases, there was at them near by a huge association of the huge countries and actually all oppressed people. Asia united. So our enemies will suffer in all defeat. Close final celebration of the New World. Events are connected with Arrival. I wait to tell the Word. The most amazing during events is ahead.

338. (June 25). Friends, if for you words of the Lord not became similar to fiery rocks, strong and indestructible in space to build the New Sky and Novaya Zemlya it is impossible. Among all changeable and changing it is necessary to see the firm and unshakable basis of life. The word of the Lord doesn't come for eyelids. Wisdom and knowledge the human are changeable, conditional and relative and change in time. The word of the Lord is immutable and is true, whether it is told nowadays, or one thousand years ago. Because mind human deals with things passing, but out of conventions of time is thought of the Hierarch. Certainly, the Truth is given shapes available to people, but its essence remains invariable and strong. Therefore the Doctrine given by us, it is possible to put the Cornerstone in the basis of affairs human that there were they Light acts, but not darkness. Doctrines and theories human can be correct or false, but the press of Truth lies on the Life Doctrine. It is possible to come nearer to it quietly and quietly to scoop his wisdom, knowing that there are no ignorance fabrications in it. How many various scientific theories appeared in the world for the last hundred years and again went to oblivion. The sort comes, and the sort leaves, but the Word My stays forever and ever. Among instability of swift-flowing life people have to have something, on what could lean strongly. The doctrine doesn't deny life, but approves it in all its forward, construction and evolutionary forms. At the heart of the Doctrine of Life ideas of General Welfare lie. Therefore the Doctrine is for all who puts General Welfare of mankind above the benefit personal. Time will come, and people on the whole will address to the Life Doctrine. Also there is it a basis of life of the people. And victims, for the sake of the future brought, will be justified because it is great and radiant the planet future. We Have care as it is possible to prepare consciousness of the people for adoption of the Doctrine of Light rather. The task is hard because it is necessary to reconcile irreconcilable and to lift consciousness of masses. Think, to what complexity and difficulty of life of the people in scale all-planetary? But the difficult and confused knot of world events will be so strong tied that will split it only a sword of Spirit of the Lord Going to the world. World problems and difficulties of life will so be resolved, and New Era Maitreya will come. Time fixed fiery shifts of Earth approaches, approaches. All best will come to one – to recognition of Lord Maitreya. It Unite all who nowadays differently looks at life. Not in separation, but in association and coherence the solution of life lies. It is possible to argue endlessly on divergence points, and it is possible, having rejected them, to unite on the phenomena of concordant. The second way is a way to the future. And the phenomena of concordant will become more and more while they won't win against the world. On this sign also note Light ways because Light will win.

339. My friend if to look at being made world events an unbiased eye, is a lot of the unusual, it is a lot of surprising and unknown it is possible to see. It is possible to see obviously the new, obviously outlined step of evolution human, and those who against it rises. If it came without any counteraction, the new phenomena couldn't become stronger strongly and would be hothouse and unstable and impracticable. Conditions terrestrial demand known stability, viability and acclimatization of each phenomenon which enters into life. Tactics of Adverse applied by us creates the necessary stability and develops counteraction forces. The powerful building of the New World rises among the enormous resistance of the energiya which are subject to shift. It would be marvelous to see as complete falls to the dense forms also crystallizes in them. The hand of the Driver-Hierarch displacing race, works in full coherence with conditions and commands of the Space Magnet. From here force of execution of outlines of Will Leading. People, of course, can interfere but who in power to struggle with Me. Terms about which it was very much spoken, are connected with stars. The history of mankind is dictated by stars. We are Employees of the Space Magnet. We Know a current of its energiya, and the future lies before Us as a past because in rolls hidden it is imprinted obviously. And you knowing our decisions, spirit be ready to their implementation in your life when personal, national and world will merge in the Uniform Bowl of Life. It doesn't pass you because are intended to the future. Your future is solved by My hand, my Will. It is conformable with intimate aspirations of heart and is constructed on energiya of your aspirations. The driver Hidden is awake, selecting grains of your best opportunities. To the best in you opportunity I Allow to blossom, to the worst – to become obsolete and wither. Surely and firmly I Conduct you to a final victory. Unless you don't notice how energy of the evil any more have no power over your consciousness as each counteraction dark I Turn on advantage. Both in small and in great the method of action and advance is identical. You grow at Me in the eyes that to occupy a step beseeming your development in life. Whom I Put at levers life, as not those, to whom I Can entrust is? Therefore don't complain about severe training of a blade of your spirit. It is necessary to become very strong. It is necessary to grow up to the height corresponding to height and gravity of the Assignment. It is necessary readiness to show, conformable to moment requirements. It is necessary to become even closer and entirely to plunge into understanding of my opportunities. Unknown days come. They should be met to manage.

340. (June 26). Not today, so tomorrow, not tomorrow, so soon, so in the future there will be a desired meeting both with Mother Agni Yogi, and with the Guru, and with the Teacher a meeting will be. Soon or long is to in a terrestrial way. The inevitability cycle not is measured by time in space, but the magnetic tension of the directed energiya. Therefore terms of approach we will replace with intensity of fiery tension of the directed spirit. When it is rather strong, that and far in time it seems to relatives, because World Fiery out of time exists. Long or is soon to in a terrestrial way, on fires or without fires – spirit measures are that. Better is in fires to feel proximity and inalterability of far events, than to extinguish fires before their statement in the sphere terrestrial. After all the spirit should win a victory over time and space, that is over the world a sin of measurements. Comprehends without number the spirit exempted from chains of time, space and things. There is, of course, in a look a space of three measurements. The feeling of the future in the present belongs to high spirit: as though the dust of a material world flies with surrounding and everything is represented in other look. Relativity and convention of human representations is the terrifying. As well ignorance has no borders. Even knows often judge on local conditions. It is good to learn to fly thought about the world that in the spirit of to come off them. After all the consciousness perceives that, on what is directed. The eye can be directed on a subject before eyes, but the person cannot see it if the consciousness is directed on something another. Visibility is defined by aspiration of consciousness. On what it is directed, sees, hears and feels. There is something in the person that the nature and limits of visibility causes and regulates aspiration is a warm energy. Where your heart, there and your treasure, or on the contrary – essence of the phenomenon from it doesn't change. Therefore, the success consists in skillful use of warm energy. Heart is given not enough attention. Heart is in neglect. Heart consciously isn't brought up. Because at many hearts also dried up. But nowadays there comes the Heart Era, and heart will lead the person through a jungle of rational constructions. Heart has to become distinguished, or cultural, and then its voice won't be darkened by the phenomena of the lowest energiya. Heart should be exempted from the power of the lowest covers that its light began to shine without belittling. We know scientists without heart and we Know simple and small people, but with heart big and burning. Wise balance of intelligence and heart, in essence, already will be construction. Better with small this world, but having heart, than with heartless and civilized clever men. Mind hardly can accept that is easily perceived by heart. Therefore Era Maitreya, the Era of Heart will be the Era of the Woman which heart is refined more, than heart of the man. New conditions heart human will lay down in special situation. Hearts of masses will begin to sound and will obviously respond on new living conditions. And as it will be possible to put a wound to the neighbor when put it will hurt own heart. Heart will sharply feel sufferings of others and strong to aspire to that they weren't in the world. Transformation of life will go in the area of heart, and before power its powerless there will be an evil. So in future constructions the special place is allocated for heart. Not mind, but heart will lead the person to shining tops of spirit. Mighty Beams of Great Heart, the world filling nowadays, will awaken to life sleeping hearts human.

341. Sometimes it is useful to reconsider the life and to define, under the power of what potentials it preceded. It is good to consider thus, whether they amplified or weakened and what their power over consciousness now. But upon transition to the World Thin the past flashes especially brightly, and on a key of the strongest soundings the spirit if the firm solution of will of the last doesn't put an end to them will vibrate. The spirit boat after death directs in the direction accepted during lifetime once established and authorized by will. And it won't change this direction until the will won't bring a new amendment. There already late to change the direction. It is approved by life terrestrial therefore the last decision made by will on Earth, and will be final and causing the spirit direction. If last decision it isn't made and if its seal isn't set to consciousness, in each separate case of energy of spirit will direct as they from the sanction of will directed and worked earlier. Therefore also it is useful to reconsider antecedents, that on all last acts and decisions to set the seal of new understanding of life and new, the last, the decision to accept, channelizing spirit energiya already other. Therefore it is told that for each word it is necessary to answer. It means that each thought accepted and approved by the person, will be his blessing or damnation in a thin condition of existence when the thought, like a magnet, will lead the person to the spheres, an attraction corresponding to it. But if veto is imposed on it by will, that is energy received it other direction, will change both a consequence, and character of its attraction. Even if not to forgive to the old sworn enemy, the meeting will be hostile. If not to kill desire to food, even it will torment, not to mention desires other and stronger. If mentally with a chair liked not to leave, with it the person also goes to the Thin World. Therefore to be prepared for transition to that world it is necessary consciously, and to begin this preparation long before the end, it is necessary because to reconsider all sincere baggage and the relation to things and people. Everything which hasn't been reconsidered anew, remains such what was at the statement, at least it was ten years ago. Everything has the roots in consciousness, and everything nests there and lives while the printing of the new, last statement won't replace it. With baggage behind the back it is necessary to be very circumspect and to take with itself only that is really necessary and it is useful in a long journey. It is necessary to reconsider the accumulation more often, leaving only the most valuable. In the Thin World of people automatically will work on made on Earth during lifetime to the decision. That is why each decision has to be thought well over before to approve it. Linen wash, clothes clean, the house clean and sweep, it is necessary as to air also consciousness storerooms. Many irresponsible machine guns go on a face of Earth, subjects it is more than them in World Thin. Let's not assimilate to them, sleepwalkers of spirit.

342. (June 27). Everything, all is good when the consciousness on the Lord was strong approved. Both then, and only then It Can turn everything on advantage. The advantage not that is pleasant or isn't pleasant, pleasantly or unpleasantly, nourishing or hungrily, is quiet or in whirlwinds, and in being unseparable in consciousness always with a great shining Face. It would seem, the Precept "is simple Be filled with the Lord" but as it is difficult when a tatter of thinking and thoughts scraps darken a shining Face. If to the main thing we don't give due, vanity will fill consciousness and, having filled, will deprive of a considerable share of energy of Beams sent. The Beam is sent. It should be accepted. It is possible to accept, only consciousness completely to it having turned. From the vague address and results will be the vague. Therefore it is spoken about full-aspiration not belittled. As often people want to receive everything, without bringing all heart. But after all It is told: "By what measure you will measure, such and it will be measured to you". So completeness of the brought aspiration and completeness of the warm address it is immutable the consequence full will give also. It is necessary to turn the look inside more often and to be aware that is brought to the Teacher and as. Call and response in operation are subject to exact and certain laws of psycho mechanics. And by a measure full it is rendered brought completeness of aspiration. Minutes of Communication the heart and the consciousness entirely is possible for the Lord to give. But the lunar essence in the person is strong. Not constrained by a silver bridle of will, it from all cracks sticks out and in a muddy reflex heats the best achievements. But our motto – fight and a victory: for the first – the second, for the second – the third and so endlessly while the victorious condition of consciousness doesn't become continuous expression of its essence. Even life of a body is continuous fight of forces of destruction and death with creation and life forces. Spirit life is same also. Let's call it fight endlessly for the greater statement of Light. Pay attention that as soon as the leader of zero spirit weakens, forces of disharmony and destruction start growing into consciousness immediately. Therefore the banner of fight falls never. The pupil too makes the promise about the statement new in consciousness and about that in this condition to keep.

Many consciousnesses are similar to a standing bog, and decomposition – their destiny. Our way is on tops. The teacher is new every instant; be new and. The Teacher always fiery Is directed; you show also the same degree of aspiration. The Teacher ardently Conducts comers to Him behind Light; as conduct also you. The Teacher Set the future as the purpose of the work; To the Teacher in understanding of the future assimilates. And It on patrol always; also you on not replaceable patrol arrive, keeping in readiness a spirit sword. It is impossible to fall asleep on the entrusted guards, it is impossible to lower hands, it is impossible to plunge into prostration of spirit. Soldier Mine have the strict charter and follow it steadily. Cheerfulness and mobility mercury is developed by life and – in tension and vigilance of a constant. Without it is very easy to deviate a way, and it is besides imperceptible for itself. Maya waves are directed to flood consciousness with the illusive world of evidence, but Leader hidden is awake, ready every instant to give a helping hand. As be awake also you that a Hand given for the help, to see and the help not to reject. For what grieve about what to worry when the Teacher is close. To grieve, fuss, worry and be afraid that can, ignorant, but to you, knowing that with us the Teacher, it is necessary to show the advantage of spirit quiet and solemn a measure full. Not it is necessary for itself, but for surrounding and spaces. Anyhow approve for the world my Light, to you sent in My Beams. With you I Promised to arrive, with you always and to Arrive. But also you in turn show due degree of readiness and openness of consciousness and heart to My parcels. Why you permit to passing little things in life so strong to sound for consciousness? You drive, you drive small thoughts and small feelings terrestrial, you drive, to Me it is close from them, and the Beam My, suffocated by them, can't show all the power. The law of the accord works constantly. Show to it understanding. Also know that the Teacher always at the moments of full-sounding aspiration is close.

343. And still I Tell: "Be not confused abundance of sent thoughts". Not to contain Boundlessness width in the word, but to approach it to understanding it is possible. Too far the consciousness of people departed from eternal realities of life, and they too need the statement. It is a lot of various consciousnesses, and everyone should give so that it found something, conformable. Therefore also it is necessary to tell everything about the same, but taking up a question under other corners. Everyone will come, and everyone has to find something on itself (himself). The understanding of life, are showing the Teacher is broad. To the Teacher in the width of understanding you seek to assimilate. And then everyone, come to you; will be able to receive on consciousness. This is a wood-grouse hears of nothing when sings. But the song of your spirit has to be clear to whom it is turned. Show understanding width. Otherwise you will speak to deaf. Heart is at everyone. It is necessary to manage to force to begin to sound strings of heart of those who came to you. And therefore you study. You study, study, learn to comprehend consciousness coming to you. For this purpose it is necessary to forget, be rejected about itself from itself both thoughts and to turn the heart to the again come. If completeness of a self-forgetfulness or self-rejection in this process is reached, there is foreign soul before you, as the open book. You will read hearts of people and you will be true instructors. In self-rejection the key to the human heart lies.

344. Specify to use the remained days on Unification deepening with Me. Ways and methods to that are known. It is necessary to apply simply already familiar practically. One knowledge’s not is achievement. Often think on the contrary and continue to mark time. I will remind Unification Bases: constant memory, continuous prestanding, and continuous deduction in the third eye of the Face of the Teacher, constant readiness and constantly guarded, sensitive, open heart for Me. All this is fastened by cement of ardent love and aspiration. On channels of these conditions the perception fruitful is enriched. My spirit soars over the world, but only sensitive feel it. The feeling of Great Presence can be bright extraordinary. Why seldom we see the Teacher? But it is necessary to reach Me and it is necessary that the centers opened. But if to collect all signs, data at different times, something will turn out amazing. But memory human is short, everything is quickly forgotten, and starts seeming to the unlucky traveler of spirit that the Teacher left it. The Maya weaves the snare very skillfully. Evidence is to its services. The blindness easily closes a soul eye. That is why there are periods when the Unification has to be strengthened. After all the Unification means Proximity, Proximity Communication, Communication – receiving the next wave of cognition when Boundlessness generously sends the gifts to sensitively adjusted receiver of spirit. Let's adjust probably more often the soul receiver on the Proximity wave especially, if the love didn't wither, the freshness and novelty of impressions will be gift of the Lord. To be new always and inexhaustible in richness of thoughts there is a sign of the valid proximity of the Teacher. Ask: "Why endlessly about the Teacher and Proximity hidden? » Answer: "The phenomenon of the Teacher is the basis of life of spirit". Not fanaticism and not limitation it, but the all-embracing and width of the phenomenon of the Teacher leads to that the thought rotates round this great concept as planets – round the Sun. But the Sun in space rushes forward, in Boundlessness. The hook is precisely directed forward and the Teacher. Therefore it is always new and we don't repeat its way and those who in its orbit. The proximity of the Teacher puts the person in direct Communication with It. It neither glories, nor doesn’t honor, luxury, give gold, but advantages it’s received Communication, won't exchange for any treasures of Earth. Because temporary advantages terrestrial, but the Proximity with the Teacher doesn't come to an end even with death and doesn't interrupt never, in whatever condition and in what to a cover there was a spirit which has approved this Proximity. It develops own hands and own efforts, and besides every day. The teacher can be forgotten, and many do it, and many depart, having come nearer. Therefore it is most difficult not to come nearer, but to keep Proximity. Shown constancy, devotion and persistence on the statement of Proximity of the Teacher it is possible not to be anxious about the future. The rhythm established will easily and imperceptibly transfer it through the period’s pralaya consciousnesses.
Remember, what work approved this Proximity. As the next wave Pralaya darkened it. But it is already far behind. Ahead Light of uninterrupted Communication is. Wide stream gift of thought by the highest will join. The spatial donation won't become scanty, but, on the contrary, will increase all the time in force. On Earth we are far from each other. But the bridge of happiness connects us, and on it there is a receiving. Teacher care you I Surrounded. The Teacher of happiness Sends Beams to you is. To the Teacher of permission your destiny is. The Teacher Sends you far hello and blessing fiery. The happiness witnesses are.

345. (June 28). It is necessary to accept through the open centers spatial fire in a microcosm human. If even by unnaturally shown fiery doe’s alcohol of the coward of the courageous person, fires which are lawfully approved, really, change all essence of the person. If to look at the person who at least has temporarily contained everything of property of a flame, and to compare its condition to the period of fading of fires, distinction will be striking. It is impossible to forget about this changing property of fire of spirit. Fires kindling demand care, attention and leaving. As gardener looks after for plants, as looks after behind a fiery flower spirit his owner. Why it is very much spoken about qualities? Whether not therefore, what they are a form of expression of a flame? The great influence has as well a food mode, a state of health, air and many surrounding conditions. People vampires, devourers of fires, or others mental energy is especially dangerous. Protection and accumulation fires demand thin understanding and are a task everyone.The people deprived of mental energy, for society are harmful. They should be separated from healthy people and to treat. It they silently can destroy the one presence any good undertaking if only the will of the performer it doesn't give the necessary super tension. As invisible predators, go they among people, looking where it would be possible are to profit due to others energy. Be very attentive and are careful with people. It is a lot of among them devourers of others forces. The person can't long sustain society of such vampire. The exact report in feelings follows give to itself at a contact with people. Own aura and heart are the most exact tools indexes. It is necessary to observe only attentively.
The Teacher puts fiery magnets; Teacher where It Stays, Sates with fires; To the Teacher in any degrees everyone the fieryful is similar. Task – to increase fires, a task – to save up fires, a task – to sate with fires everything to what the high spirit, and transfigure the surrounding adjoins. The stream of the matter passing through a microcosm of a fearful, follows from it changed. Breath, saliva, sweat and all allocations of the yogi are impregnated and saturated thin properties of fires. It still more concerns an astral and mental matter of feelings and the thoughts flowing through its organism. In a word, Light carrier all being and all processes which are occurring in it, Light in space surrounding it from organism. In a word, Light carrier all being and all processes which are occurring in it, in space surrounding it from and from itself radiates Light. Special value of fires consists in this changing action. Therefore the care of that to increase the fires isn't small and, having increased, them to create the benefit. It is impossible to underestimate values of fires, roles of fiery in the course of world transformation. After all own transformation is no other than a preliminary step of transformation of Earth which is rarefied and be refined, being changed by the person. All animals, all plants, all live takes feasible part in this great transformation and thinning of a planetary matter because masses pass it, refined and changing, through the live organisms occupying Earth. On special value in this process it is allocated for the person as to the carrier of the highest fires. By thousand threads it is connected people with the planet and bears responsibility for it. Coal, oil deposits, limy deposits all these results of organic life of billions the live forms once being on Earth and living on it. Such is a role of the plant and animal life covering with the bodies crust even at big depths. But the role of the person is even higher and even more considerable. Representing to itself the highest principles of a planet, the mankind is the regulator of planetary fires. Energy of spirit and energy of underground fire are in direct and close interaction. Chaotic thinking of the whole people, wars and other violators of balance of mentality of the person steadily cause balance violation in the nature, and the main thing – violation of balance of fire underground and fire spatial that is usually accompanied by earthquakes, eruptions and other disasters. Balance of elements is broken, and the person strongly suffers, without giving itself the report what not someone, but he is at the bottom of all disbalance in the nature. Responsibility of the person for Earth is great. Spoke earlier, that God sends penalties on people for violation life laws. Now came to understand time that the person, itself people the owner of powerful and thinnest energiya, generates the force all disorders and a disbalance on a planet. It is impossible to shift more irresponsibly already blame for the crime on unknown God. To the person It is told: "You are gods", that is the spirits owning powerful fiery energiya which can either create or destroy. And nowadays, when the science already passed for borders of the invisible world, to plead ignorance or misunderstanding already it is impossible more. The person – the owner of land, the person was given the power over any flesh, that is over Earth and everything that on it, he is an owner, he is a lord, it and bearing responsibility. Cain referred to that he isn't the watchman of the brother. Can't repeat more already mankind Kain's an excuse and speak, what not it is the guard of Earth. It is the guard, both the guardian, and a caring, and the trustee of the house terrestrial. Still people destroyed and plundered subsoil terrestrial and a vegetable kingdom planets. But nowadays situation in the world has to change in a root. The people have to understand that their care of a garden terrestrial and fiery and spontaneous balance of a planet is their foremost and urgent duty. There is nothing to complain about a locust when low and spiteful thoughts human can generate still most bitter disasters. Energy of thoughts of human collective is huge. You know force and power of thin energiya. You know force of energy nuclear. Thin energy, energy fiery, demands the skillful conscious address and understanding of responsibility. Display of powerful energy in the West can appear the flood or crop failure reason in the east. It is necessary effort on protection of a planet to unite and belong to everything consciously. The new Era demands the new relation to everything. Nowadays the mankind enters the period of full conscious collective responsibility for Earth. And the person as the carrier of the highest fires from this responsibility can't evade. The new, Fiery Era comes. It is necessary to be ready to meet it.

346. The Teacher, I thank for a today's parcel. My son will be written even better, even more deeply, still the fiery: After all I Promised Boundlessness. The silent Voice of the Lord won't break off. Secret of the real you will understand in My Beams. And your books will decorate regiments of book-depositories as the most valuable deposits to a treasury of human thought. And will be. The Lord Told!

347. Let's move part visibility limits by means of internal sight. Representing before it far, we do far to relatives and we enter into the accord with it. It can go deep and can be finished to such an extent accord that it can be seen by means of the third eye. It also will be clairvoyance. One of the main conditions of this ability is a full self-renunciation and, of course, concentration on the chosen subject. Through bright representation of a subject in the third eye there is to it a contact, not to a represented subject, but to with what this subject is connected. This contact happens always, only its degrees happen are various: from hardly notable to the brightly picture. As also our thought always concerns object of the aspiration, or the thought directed to us, always reaches us. But it is possible to feel it only at known degree of refinement. It is unconscious is felt, but the person doesn't give himself in it the report. It is possible to call silent contacts these contacts of thought. If to be more attentive to the feelings and impressions, a lot of things can be noted. Often foreign thought fights at a consciousness threshold, causing vague feeling of pleasure, concern or grief – on the character. It is a lot of flowers and their shades exist in the nature, but only the artist notices them that are the trained eye. As is and with thoughts foreign, or with thoughts the highest. The person is too occupied by himself to catch them consciously. The same can be told and about space currents. But these currents obviously influence mood of the person. And if there are no special reasons to be good or bad, these reasons should be looked for in spatial currents. Without reasons anything not happens. Collective supervision, but this business of the future could shine a lot of things. Now they while are impossible. People yet don't trust in space currents though often suffer from them or, on the contrary, happen are done much good. Much could be helped by knowledge of the astrological moment, but even the astrology is denied. The denying we are ready to deny not only influence of beams of stars, but even the Moon and the Sun. Thin devices soon will help to register force of a star beam. It is a lot of secrets in Space, and all of them wait for attention of the person to become it available.

348. (June 29). My son when you think about Me, I Fill you with Light emanations. With them the lightful thought enters also and lights up consciousness a rainbow. So short circuit, or contact turns out, and the wire of spirit starts working. And on a wire fluctuations of waves of thought are transferred. Today we will write down that is yet known to people. Much they know about terrestrial, but it isn't enough about Elevated. About Elevated also we will write. The great receptacle of a spatial bosom comprises everything that ever occurred on Earth. All past in it exists, and everything is available. All this exists in the form of crystallized deposits of thin energiya. The film too possesses ability to fix combinations of certain vibrations, giving them stability. The world pho eye operating always as precisely fixes all events on a planet on an infinite tape of duration. The tape of each phenomenon has the end and the beginning. It is necessary to develop a tape of the phenomena of a certain row since the end. It is necessary to grasp the end, something with what it would be possible to begin its expansion. In a psychometric the subject connected with the necessary phenomenon or the person for this purpose undertakes. It is necessary to begin always with something that anyway was present at the studied phenomenon. Ancient things, books, manuscripts, jewels and a dog on what the antiquity press lies could tell a lot of things. New things can tell only about that era to which they belong. Photo cells are concluded in the matter which possesses properties to fix radiations, or vibrations around. Each thing which is carried on himself by the person or which uses, possesses this or that degree of ability to depict all occurs to it or in it. Some substances are especially sensitive and susceptible, some – on the contrary. As there are natural condensers of electricity, in the same way there are also very sensitive collectors of thinner energiya. They accumulate on subjects, but in space of the highest measurements. So material and invisible are connected closely. For the person with the open centers language of things not secret is. Often the love or dislike for certain things at ordinary people is based on an unconscious feeling-knowledge which is shown by time sharply and accurately. Sudden and inexplicable likes and dislikes belong to the same category of unconscious fixing of radiations between people. Physical bodies too perceive vibrations, but only on the lowest scale, more rough order. At the person the registrar of thin vibrations, first of all, is heart. Its feelings it is possible consciously will refine if to start listening to them especially attentively. And life of heart will start opening the new wonderful world before the person. At experiences of concentration on interesting subjects it is necessary to involve heart in this process. It will allow to plunge entirely into its feelings and to note influence of the emanation, proceeding from a subject. The teacher, taking in hand others thing, a lot of things Can tell about her owner. The developed feeling-knowledge is a key. Develop a feeling-knowledge on everything, with what you make contact. Also give to heart work. Let and it have the right to vote in your judgments. The intelligence extinguished a feeling-knowledge. And We nowadays Are knocked on heart that it woke up and told the prophetic word. People without heart are blind men. People without heart sleep are. The Teacher Proclaims the Era of Heart and Specify ways.

349. My friend, whether the calm phenomenon before increase, delays before a jump, silences before a storm is conducted to you? As though a plane stop before distant flight to renew and fill fuel stocks. The present isn't the certificate on the future, and the pre-dawn haze doesn't give an idea of brightness and magnificence of a sunny day. I speak to that magnificence of future happiness is conducted. It is possible to fall into despair from burden of sad currents. And there is a lot of courage and trust it is necessary to have to remain unshakable up to the end. It is a lot of unsteady, and it is a lot of swaying, and a lot of falling away is observed on approaches to the Stronghold. Paraphrasing sacred lines, it is possible to ask: Whether "Ten it is called, and nine where? » We won't be confused the disappearing. So was always. Not all pass test for duration of aspiration and when are provided to itself. Therefore both attention, and care to in which the Teacher Is confident. Whether there are a lot of them? I spoke about number of fingers on hands. And there are a lot of them. The need in people is great and is huge in those who remains betrayed up to the end. About the desert of knowledge it was spoken not without reason. It isn't enough knowledge carriers. Not We Will read that knowledge that consider or people take for that. The knowledge direct, knowledge of Teachers, Them to the world spilled, is available only to the little. We appreciate carriers it, which in the world, especially highly. To them I Can Tell: "Mine you from a century, Mine also will remain". I Won't allow, I Won't allow that the darkness devoured their light or that shaggy hands reached them. The guarantee of inalterability of a way Light Give and a victory over all contradictory forces I Approve. It is good to speak about Light when it around, but to know it when around the darkness, will be already a sign of trust strong about a victory. The trust to the Teacher is the success guarantee. Let's reach. My son, we will reach to put, at least all darkness of the world was up in arms against us. But you are in My Hand. I See, I Know also Feel as it is difficult to go among a gloom when imperfection of the surrounding seeks to extinguish spirit fires. All surrounding under the law of being reported vessels strongly directs on the carrier of fires to make even light it to surrounding darkness. But power of Hierarchy is inexhaustible, From Us it is possible to scoop endlessly. Strong Dialogue should keep and strong Proximity of the Teacher approve. The statement of the Teacher in itself is the statement of a source of inexhaustible Light when the light of internal fires is supported constantly as the fire sacred on an altar of the ancient temple. The death punished a go out of sacred fire. The death of spirit punishes a go out of fires of spirit; because, there are so much walking dead persons. Not to you with them on the way. Your way is with Me. And your way, to Me directed, remains impregnable forever for ardent attempts of quenchers of Light. But understanding of Proximity of the Teacher you store, but hold memory uninterrupted, but very strong you stick to Me. After all except a thread of heart there is nothing. But if it is strong and is indestructible, there will be it that through all worlds, through all covers and through all lives. Gift of eternal life on a thread silver comes. And I, your Teacher, both the Friend, and the Father, strong Guard your happiness. Trust the Lord, in this direction of strength of mind victoriously and powerfully inflow in devoted heart.

350. (June 30). To everything, to the events outside, we will oppose strength of mind. Or external wins against us and subordinates to itself, or we subordinate him to the will. And people on those who subordinates to itself (himself) life and on subordinates to it share. Everyone can elect to itself (himself) any group. The essence of non-obedience isn't at all that it is necessary to break something, and in that in the spirit of not to be broken by anything external. Winner not that, who on blow answers with blow, breaking everything, and the one who, despite blows, keeps complete equilibrium. If the mad dog rushes on the person, the person on her shouldn't rush and bite. If the wild animal directs on the person, the ordinary person will fight against it in the usual ways. But the one, who learned secret of balance and the power over, will stop rage of an animal a look. Mortal eye of the yogi not fairy tale, but is reality. Force fiery – in the person. Fight can be conducted the uniform beginning of spirit without having moved with a finger. On external blows of darkness it is possible and has to reply. But how? The uniform beginning of spirit, keeping balance! Balance means unification, a unification of all energiya of the person collected in one focus for drawing concentrated blow. It can be put only in full tranquility, in full possession of and all the forces. When people snatch on you, never answer the same: neither word, nor business, movement. The first thought let will be how to keep balance by all means; differently defeat and damage are inevitable. The condition of the forward should create in itself a condition opposite on character. It – as the tub of cold water on a burning brand or a burning match – will extinguish instantly. But for this purpose complete equilibrium should manage to be kept. It is a lot of people with the unbridled astral, not able and not wishing to own them. All of them have ardent property to cause the same feelings with which smoking souls are full of them in people. Any price, but it are necessary, but are necessary, by all means, and a balance of to oppose power of tranquility to them. Otherwise both will appear in a hole. Aura defeat thanks to the got wound is very painful, and time that passed pain is necessary and balance was restored. Therefore it is better to collect all strength of mind at the beginning of attack to keep balance. And then opposite polarization of the forward is made easily and without any efforts, but the first blow should be met in full tranquility. The received offender will remember a lesson forever because there is no heavier condition when violent energy of an astral, having hit about impenetrable for them armor of balance of spirit, strong address on beget, or at once go out, doing him devastated, similar to an empty peel. So methods of restraint of rage of astral covers demand big internal discipline. The astral beginning owns the majority of people; its arbitrariness has them in submission.
But why you have to submit to rage of others dissoluteness and suffer because of connivance of others when in your power to oppose to fury of their astral power of unshakable balance of spirit. It is necessary, it is necessary to learn to own it. The teacher Calls for this mastering by. There is no limit to the statement of the power over by itself because it means strength of mind which can grow infinitely. The word "lord" first of all means owning itself, that is seized the microcosm and subordinated completely to the will all three covers: physical, astral and mental. Mastering means ability to use them on all corresponding plans and in all conditions of consciousness. Therefore the way of mastering by itself, beginning with submission of the small phenomena in it, leads to great consequences. At all in subordinating a wild animal to the will, or to subdue an animal in the person, and in that through exercises in balance and art of possession by reach steps put and to take the purpose a way of power of spirit. It is possible, directing to this way, to neglect the small opportunities of an everyday giving rich food and a wide field for the statement of force in, forces of balance invincible. It isn't necessary to shout, to wave a hand, any emotions to show. To come out always the winner, it is necessary to store only full tranquility and balance in all cases of life and under all circumstances. Kept balance is always the winner. If people could feel value of this power! The Lord is an example of balance indestructible. When there is a full-warm address to the Teacher for the statement of desirable quality, the Teacher strenuously Helps. It is a lot of efforts and works people for acquisition of material benefits, money, and wealth apply. But there is no bigger treasure on Earth, than fiery power of the approved balance when the Treasure of the Stone shines victorious fires of spirit. After all this Treasure remains in possession of the person through all lives, and it uplifts it on heights won. Because it isn't simple, but by force it is won, or the Stone Treasure, inside the being approved undertakes. So the understanding of cultural wealth in a root changes the relation to the life phenomena. Collectors – all people: one raise money, others – gold, the third – stones, the fourth – rags. It is a lot of collectors of values terrestrial, passing. But the true industrialist of life is the collector of that treasure before whom all terrestrial riches address in dust. And this treasure there will be a Treasure Stone inside which victoriously shines in all worlds. The huge crystal – the Stone of a mental energiya shining in a breast of the person, saved up for eyelids, is the supreme value of the person. Whether it is possible to be sorry efforts to multiplication of its power? Whether it is possible to get tired in aspiration to increase it? Whether it is possible indulgence for passing feelings astral and to passions to waste its force and that to rob it? The person devotes to accumulation of fiery power, the Stone found, growing forces. Balance is a form of a display of power of flaring Treasure of the Stone.

351. Lets are decisions to accept together with Me. It is difficultly to one to solve. It would be possible if to know the future. But the Teacher Knows and the Teacher Will help. To be together always – means to be together in everything. Continuous Presence affects all actions. Action becomes correct, and the decision fiery. Also the organism on spirit fires changes. Anyhow it is possible to approach to the solution of life? So gradually the Teacher Enters into all affairs of day and Becomes the Leader, and affairs of day become Light affairs. There is nothing small. And this treasure there will be a Treasure Stone inside, which victoriously shines in all worlds.

Each word, each act, each thought can become lightful, and the person – being shone. And enter winner Light in life of a lightful as a basis of his essence. The thought is shone, feelings are shone, the aura of the person is shone, lighting up the light a surrounding gloom and people, being world blessing. Great Service is made, the Icon lamp of the Desert burns. In a sanctuary of spirit the sacred flame is lit, and its maintenance that there was it inextinguishable becomes the purpose of life. So actions, joint with the Teacher, lead to big results. It is necessary to pay special attention to words "actions, joint with the Teacher". In them the principle of prestanding constant is approved. People make services in temples, and the pupil makes it in life for the sake of the Teacher of the elected. Service happens before the Face of the Lord. From here is allows both invincibility, and hardness, and hand fortress in blow, both fearlessness, and all other qualities growing in fires of prestanding uninterrupted. Concentration on the Lord becomes way of day, sating day and night with Light of the Lord. Certainly, this way of indivisibility, or merge of consciousnesses, brings to the Teacher not greatly. Going to Me will reach Me and will meet Me face to face. I want to approve a way of an inflexible and to make it a shining way of Light. It is a lot of determination it is necessary to show,
that from straightness ways not deviates. Tracks terrestrial are twisting and often take away aside, but Light way is direct and steady. I approve reality of hidden Presence and action of Specify how to strengthen it. The purpose is achievable, but it is necessary to show a number of the corresponding actions and to achieve that actions made were in harmony with it, that is are expedient. Expediency and commensurability of actions also will be the success guarantee. The Teacher Help to enter into the world of coordinated actions. To show this coherence will be big achievement. Mother Agni Yogi has a task to show the highest coherence on a planet. Its example let also will be the index of that it is achievable, both on Earth, and in the conditions of dense, terrestrial. It leaves Records about ways of achievement a hand and a foot human, and instructions are given the next to It by me as the way gold achievements can be approved on Earth.

352. The space sees, both hears, and imprints everything.

353. (July 1). Clairvoyance and clair- diarant to these abilities of heart of due consideration it wasn't given and it isn't given. We see eyes of heart and we hear heart ears. Means before seeing and hearing, heart should be refined and in heart dozing its abilities to awaken. The brain and its activity at these moments fade, it only the registrar of received impressions. But the wire goes through heart. Heart distinguished, and heart well-mannered, the heart turned up, reveals, like a flower accepting morning beams of the Sun. Hearts directed to energy don't know barriers and brain restrictions. The will and brain can channelize heart, but shouldn't disturb it in performance of that except it anything else can't execute. The centers open are closely connected with action of the heart. It is necessary to achieve that heart learned to sound in harmony with to what it directs. The consciousness is transferred to heart, and heart becomes focus learning. And when the rhythm of heart beat merges with a rhythm of Great Heart, merge of consciousnesses is reached. There are thoughts from a brain, and there are thoughts from heart, as well as the words sated with fires of heart – they are especially strong in the impact on the person and surrounding. It is difficult to imagine that the words going from heart influence not only people, but also animals, plants, things, elements and all surrounding. The ardent words of heart thrown into space, lift and generate in it execution whirlwinds. Words are as though a form in which fiery energy of heart for performance of a certain task pours out. Let them be said even unconsciously, all the same fire of heart sets to them the execution seal. Degrees of an enlightenment of heart and heart fires happen are various: from the heart, shining light, to the heart, stinking black smoky fires of egoism and the evil. Black heart is the evil, and is it disaster for surrounding. It is possible to speak about discipline of heart. Heart the cultural doesn’t know discipline. Severe school there passes the pupil of severe education of heart. The way human lays down on heart and is defined by heart. Heart and Bowl powerfully sate aura radiations. Karma of the person is in his aura. So heart outlines a circle of inevitability and destiny of the person. The karma of Great Heart and karma of black heart are various. On heart is and karma. The sun of a microcosm human has his life center, huge influence on human life. The brain sleeps at night, but doesn't sleep and heart has a rest never. Value of heart it is necessary to understand and show to it care. Heart needs careful leaving and a food. Heart and especially – beauty of the nature eats beauty. It is possible to live psycho life of all heart only on condition of its healthy nutrition and care of it. Are thrown and in neglect of heart human therefore they broke off. But heart can be awakened, but eyes and ears of heart can be opened and when sleeping heart will wake up, it will start seeing and hearing far outside aura human. So, refine heart and channelizing it up, we unbind the Great Prisoner. Really, it is possible to call heart the prisoner because, strangled by egoism and a brain, it can't be shown. The silver thread of spirit goes from heart of the pupil to Heart of the Teacher. The planetary network of Light on hearts settles down and regulated by heart energiya. Yes! Yes! Heart is given to the person for communication with the Highest World, with the Worlds Distant, for aspiration in Boundlessness. Association of the Lord, the Driver of a planet, with those who follows It, goes through heart. So we won't be little value of heart because it moves life. It has the same value for the person, as well as the Sun for our system. Without it – death not only bodies, but also spirit.

354. My son, today day for Record the adverse. Therefore I Will tell: there is nothing more difficult, than to reach and keep. Reached many but as number of those who kept at the reached height there isn't enough. The essence of the person which has got used to lower layer of consciousness attracts it below, in habitual conditions. Even at terrestrial heights there can't be long people, especially, at spirit tops. From there are so much derogations from the reached. Therefore the main is care not only of reaching, but also keeping. Many terrestrial victories were fruitless because there were no forces to defend the won. And forces are necessary the threefold: – to reach the first, – to hold the second, the third – to move further. Forces should be calculated so that sufficed on everything. It is better to go more slowly, observing all three stages of advance, than to stumble on the second. In consciousness the correct way of advance and the plan of implementation is planned and kept by will. Difficulty in that fires not always burn. Then Specify: "The hidden Driver call that the spirit Supported". Remember that you not one and where the forces don't suffice, from the Teacher can be occupied forces. It is necessary to resist, and not only to resist, but also to move ahead. Stagnation is unacceptable. The immovability can't be: movement either forward, or back. Delays are dangerous. For ours way only forward. This way also will be a way victorious.

355. (July 2). Coherence of all life with the chosen way is called as expediency. It isn't enough to know a way, it is necessary that, each action lay in the direction to the purpose. Earth moves on an orbit, and it’s all particles, and everything that on it, moves together with it. Inertia is so great that the person of this movement doesn't feel. Power of aspiration to the purpose far when all particles of a microcosm human in coordination move forward has to be same, without breaking harmony of the whole. The person who is torn apart in by energiya, directed in different directions, won't resist and the advance will break. Means, energy the internal should be given to coherence. So or so, here or there, or it, but it is always directed to the purpose uniform. Nevertheless other changing, changeable, and casual is only inevitable details of a way in the train to casual meetings, conditions and circumstances we treat with understanding as it is exact and in life. Temporary all surrounding, up to a great stop and change follows it. Difficulty that is visible surrounding before eyes and reality is invisible. Also moves through present illusion only the heart approving other Worlds. Let's wonder so: Whether "It is possible to indulge entirely in external deception and when terrestrial life will terminate, to remain with anything? » Isn't present! Because crash will Be great. Therefore, it is necessary to coordinate somehow convincing unreality of the visible present with invisible reality of the really real. It is necessary to find equally effective lives or gold way, and on it and to go. It is necessary to find the correct place to all: both terrestrial and heavenly, both material and spiritual, and besides so that in consciousness they took place not in a contradiction, but in consent and would find a justification to itself in expediency. Differently, it is necessary to find sense of each thing and each phenomenon with which the consciousness should deal. The person with things and the phenomena senseless can't reconcile. There is no more most the bitter punishment for the person, than the work deprived of sense. It is possible to observe often how at certain people life loses final meaning and there are their all actions aimless, that is inexpedient. Take the person who doesn't believe in immortality. To what everything if its spirit dies. Really to work and suffer all life only in order that all this ended with anything. Rescue is in that, that majority of not trusting in depth souls unconsciously knows about inviolability of the monad and lives uninterrupted. Otherwise, at awareness of inevitability of the end of people simply wouldn't sustain absurd of life. Great expediency got life, and anything living doesn't die. Change of a form isn't death, but only change of conditions. But life of billions forms continuously moves forward, like a mighty stream, changing only forms of the expression. Each separate center of life increases the stratifications, and as though reveals from within outside, and develops infinitely. The life matrix is wide and great, and a variety of its visible and invisible forms is infinite. It is necessary in the consciousness to all to find a place, and to the consciousness – the correct place in a universe, and to coordinate itself with Space, feeling it as continuous part. Learning a place to itself in the Universe finds and comprehends the purpose of the existence. It also will be the statement of expediency in life.

356. I approve uselessness of the intercourses with the astral center, not to mention the lowest. What can they give to consciousness? Same people are as on Earth, only the dumped dense covers. That can learn at them? What can they give? Why on Earth there is no desire at them to something to study? The same and there is. The boring, gray, uninteresting is sphere of ordinary people with usual ignorance and blindness. Why to think, what the death does of the inhabitant the wise man? There reap that sowed on Earth. Shoots of disbelief, despair and various restrictions are unenviable. The world of consequences of crops terrestrial, narrow-minded, can't give anything to the directed spirit. Often they seek to borrow something and to learn at those who here, on Earth, more them knows. They aspire and to teach how did it on Earth. The Teacher Calls further and above, to more radiant spheres, where high consciousnesses spirit creativity lightful are show. Therefore we claim art that it ennobles the person on life steps. Art weaves threads binding on channels of the aspirations. Art and beauty are connected. Without beauty there is no art. Enthusiastic beauty in World Elevated finds to itself expression worthy. Messages with the Highest Spheres both are necessary, and are desirable. They differ development and thought flight. The thought creative of the Highest Spheres reaches the person and lifts him for itself. Result – deepening and creativity expansion. The world of thought is not terrestrial. On Earth their lives already the person in Spheres Elevated. In consciousness its terrestrial and elevated adjoin. So the Highest is approved in terrestrial, and on Earth – the Sky.

357. (July 3). The Lord Gives an assignment to learn consciousness to adjust on a wave of any feeling or quality. If it is possible to cause in itself inflow of feeling of love or devotion, it is possible to cause a courage or tranquility wave. This way any quality consciously amplifies. The receiver of radio can work at any wave as also the receiver of consciousness can be adjusted on a wave chosen. This circumstance is extremely important. On a wave of solemnity it is possible to feel and apprehend what can't be apprehended on a wave of fussiness, concerns, fear or irritation. Before perceiving, it is necessary to define how the consciousness receiver is adjusted. It is difficult to catch thoughts, it is difficult to crystallize them in consciousness, casting in the finished forms, but ability to adjust itself on a certain wave a lot of things facilitates. Focus of consciousness of Great Heart vibrates on the waves. These vibrations are far from with what hearts human tremble. The divergence is so great that communication interrupts on all borders. It is necessary to approve it, it is necessary to establish it, it is necessary to find a key corresponding for control of the consciousness. Let's take keys of devotion, solemnity and aspiration and on these waves we will make effort to adjust the spirit receiver. When it is reached, the accord with Heart Great is established and its powerful vibrations start sounding on strings of the consciousness directed to It. Should be lifted to consciousness of the Teacher, and then the perception becomes possible. To it conduct the corresponding exercises in ability to adjust a spirit harp on a certain harmony. The musical play can be carried out in a certain key. And the perception can be sustained in the set tone. Try to make it on a love wave, either dedication, or readiness, or any other quality. Qualities are channels of unification with the Hierarch because in It they as light of fires of constants, and on them it are possible to establish the accord always are approved. Whatever merit in it to start approving, it Great can be hit a response in Heart always. The heart sounding on a wave of a certain quality or qualities, directing to the Teacher and contacting with It, strengthens in itself vibrations of strings begun to sound. There is a merge of consciousnesses on the elected and the approved direction. Difficulty is in that, what is surrounding sounds in an obvious contradiction with a wave approved, especially people. And this influence should be overcome in consciousness. But contact when surrounding conditions – people, the nature, a situation, food, clothes, air, thoughts – are in harmony with an approved note is how easy. But it seldom happens. Therefore I Speak about overcoming of vibrations of environment by will. A lot of things in this direction are already made, and a lot of things are reached. That condition of consciousness when the perception occurs, despite and contrary to external efforts, apparently, absolutely excluding possibility of perception is already reached. But this achievement – only the next step. Let's move further, and at this advance ability to adjust the consciousness and heart on the chosen wave of perception will be a condition additional, much facilitating process. Call is and response. Great Heart on call will reply on the premised wave, adding in it elements conformable or necessary on moment conditions. At Communication huge and crucial importance has a mood of a microcosm of the person. The upset condition of the receiver filled with disharmonious vibrations, is expressed in full infertility of perception. This circumstance is often lost sight or simply forgotten. The habit and rhythm established force to think that the perception is possible always. It is incorrect. Certainly, at known efforts something can be apprehended, but pity remains from a table of knowledge can't be compared to full, bright, fruitful and harmonious perception well and carefully adjusted receiver. Therefore it isn't necessary to forget that a lot of things are missed and lost if conditions of a due mood aren't met. Not the egoism sounds, but a spirit harp therefore the solution of oblivion of is the main condition of success. The solemn self-sacrificing love directed, really, will give a powerful wave of the accord. So the will approves Communication, and a lot of things depend on directing consciousness. Complain often that the Teacher that his voice broke off Left, but don't consider that as the reason the disharmonious vibrations allowed in consciousness served. On the upset tool of anything not to play, especially the upset the harp of spirit will give only series of dissonances. It is necessary to show ardent care of a condition of consciousness minutes of contact.

358. (July 4). Correctly, My son. Instructed it is possible right there and to apply. Let's adjust consciousness on a wave of advantage of spirit. Advantage means to be worthy. That? Proximity of the Lord! Advantage means also self-esteem. The person who didn't soil the advantage anything can respect himself: neither lies, nor fear, neither irritation, nor any other unworthy action. Knows the offenses of people and if they are allowed, spirit itself deprives of self-esteem, that is advantages. Spirit advantage is quality valuable. Exactly in itself, before itself arriving alone, the person approves the advantage. Whether spirit advantage is compatible to fussiness, either ingratiation, or shy and cowardly babbling? The spirit has to find the truth and force of the statement of the advantage in itself. Not before people it is approved, but before itself and in itself. It is approved by a number of the corresponding actions about which other people can even not suspect. But, without suspecting, they will feel force of advantage of spirit and respectively to react to it. If knew how the person much loses, trampling on the advantage. Let nobody know about it, but consequences it is available. Bent through life goes the person who has trampled on advantage of spirit. Yes! Yes! Yes! We Speak about pride of spirit, about pride not wealth, not situation, not that, either it, or something to another, but about pride of the right of the primogeniture, about pride of the advantage of spirit and his primacy. Full measure the person, never and anything it’s not soiled can show spirit advantage. This valuable quality can be claimed, spots of a shame to wash away, and to make sides of advantage of spirit shining. Having adjusted itself on a wave of advantage of spirit, to this rare quality it is possible to come nearer and begin it in itself to claim. Strong will be conformable a response of the Teacher on a key of this valuable quality. Also it is necessary to understand that the true advantage of spirit is approved when the person arrives alone. Inside and not for foreign eyes it is approved. And it gives the special strength and power to this quality. The statement occurs alone, but its fires brightly shine, and not to hide light them from people. People won't know, but will feel and unconsciously on it accord. So the carrier of this valuable quality not only lifts itself, but also people around. Of the advantage of spirit It is necessary to think strong.

359. The Teacher Gives the certificate that each best aspiration directed to It, will be supported. Therefore be guiet about ways of the statement of Light. It is possible to go firmly, fires inflating. Fires are forced under whirlwinds. Whirlwinds terrestrial and the statement of the Teacher the double give force and stability to fires. Everything, everything inures to advantage going strong. Ability to take useful motive energy from all circumstances of life belongs to already lit up consciousness. Heavenly bodies steadily make the way under all conditions. And spirit, Light Lords concerned, doesn't know delays and stops. Many, distracted by attractions terrestrial, stop, and are late for a long time, and even turn from a way. Where they think to come and to what? Only two poles, pole of Light and darkness pole, challenge domination over spirit of the person. Between them there is a spirit, coming nearer to this or that. The delay always threatens with danger to fall in power attractions of a dark pole. These phenomena can pass imperceptible for consciousness, but the Teacher Will specifies danger always. Water usually flows down, but under the influence of the Sun rises to the Sky. And the spirit human under the influence of Rays of light all being directs up. But it is necessary to enter into a strip of Light, but it is necessary to come nearer to the sphere of influence of Beams of the Teacher. And then the magnet of its spirit starts working. So the face to the Teacher they turned won't recede in darkness while the address is effective. Ooze marsh tightens, in the same way and environment tightens consciousness and absorbs it if the person doesn't generate in himself the powerful force of overcoming. It is necessary to increase spirit on all surrounding and on all people around because all and all have aspiration and property to influence the person, reducing it to the level. But in Me resisted will resist up to the end against all opposite influences. Therefore I Say about a victory and that who with Us – always the winner, though fight is inevitable. Therefore today I Tell: The Teacher approves a victory.

360. (July 5). Alcoholism is inadmissible. It, as well as smoking, and other defects, is caused usually by an over expenditure of mental energy when the lack of fire wants to be filled with something or to find the lost balance in drug. This aspiration artificially to light fire especially belongs to wine. It is necessary to eliminate the reason – the consequence will be eliminated by itself. It the over expenditure of mental energy is dangerous. It pushes the person on actions, to it usually not made. Sadly, if this over expenditure isn't caused by need, but is voluntary. Tension isn't a feather to be troubled of. Fatigue of fatigue discord is. It is possible to destroy the device alcohol. The price for doubtful pleasure is too great. The burden of currents is softened also not with wine, but the address to the Teacher. Not stirred up consciousness it is necessary to meet waves of antagonistic currents. The endurance is required in everything. It is necessary to reach without falling. Many wine stopped the opportunities. Good grades of the real grape wine, but in the medical purposes are admissible. The inability to dominate emotions lies in a root of this weakness. This weakness is the worst type of slavery.

361. If it was possible something and somehow to approach desired time! It is possible, but collectively. Collective power is great. The agreement of opinion is necessary for this purpose. It is necessary to agree somehow. The grass-roots movements uniting million consciousnesses are full of the deep importance. Certainly, these unifications are useful and strong when people unite internally, heart that is when external association is caused by the internal. Power of the integrated people, group of the states and, especially, all mankind is invincible. Uniform herd – the ideal of future mankind – once nevertheless will be reached. There is a century of association. Let's welcome it in all its evolutionary construction forms. It is necessary that at people was on what to unite. These bases have to be positive. It won't do at all association in the evil and for destruction. Pay attention to modern grass-roots movements in the world. Movements of women, peace movements, commonwealth of scientists, youth and other is. These are swallows of the future Era of association of mankind in uniform herd. You look at on what the press of novelty and, the main thing, creation lies. We Want to unite the people. Unification of the people is our task. There can't be an association in hatred, but in cooperation – can. The best combiner is the love. Love to mankind! As is far this feeling from reality. But someone already thinks of the benefit of all people and the far people, of the benefit of all oppressed. Great ideas lie in the basis of actions of fighters for the New World, for new mankind, for Novaya Zemlya and the New Sky. So worldwide the mankind on poles of the General and personal welfare is distributed, and in these two directions being attracted, decides everyone the destiny. Division it is very significant: on one party a pigeon, on another – nuclear bombs and guns. On one – General Welfare, on another is personal. But shifts go, and the world wins against war and disbalance. The gait of the New World is heard powerfully. Win against the New World.

362. (July 6). Hello from the Monastery Mountain. Hello and blessing. The Teacher Wants to break off a gray fog of the ordinary which against will and desire envelops imperceptibly consciousness of the hunter of Light. Gray dragon of daily occurrence! – It is necessary to win against it. He strong tries to turn a sent Beam into the phenomenon of the ordinary and go out spirit fires. It is dangerous that owns consciousness of the majority. People want to be as all and to these to it help. But time is unusual. But it is necessary to leave usual thinking. After all there is a great transformation of the world. Blind don't see it because are blind. But able to see to see obliged. To see, it is necessary to turn a look and to wish to see. The artist, the mechanic, the poet and the shepherd in the same phenomenon will see a miscellaneous. Synthetic will see the phenomenon as a whole and communication of separate parts. It is necessary to want to see a set of signs of a coming Era in a world stream of the uncountable phenomena. The consciousness sees that, on what is directed. The will order is premised to desire to see. Otherwise it is possible to pass by the most wonderful signs blindly. Open more widely eyes and ears. Not to deaf I Speak. The address of the Teacher always went to having ears. Signs of the Era of Fire need to adjust consciousness conformably, and then the fiery structure of the erected Temple of Life will start appearing before the amazed look. Right now outlines of the majestic building of the New World are visible already clearly. However, it is dimmed by splinters old and stir visibilities, but wishing to see can see it. Our construction not dream, but fiery reality, being embodied in the world terrestrial, dense, when among the heavy creation of the past new, the new shines with beauty of singularity. Everything is new, and all not as earlier. At first we Want to refract bread, and then already to give food to spirit. In stinking hovels and cellars among dirty extinct people there can't be a construction of the new. The world of happiness universal we build, and the Leader – the New Country – ahead. Happiness considers it to call itself her son. Through it there is a rescue to the world. The victim great, to all mankind bringing, it deserved the right to planet guidance. Many follow it, and will go all. Who won't go and the New World won't accept a place on Earth won't have. Without victims and works it is reached nothing. Take any feat! Unless not it was required energy fiery on its fulfillment? Why a pettiness isn't capable of feats? Win against a gray dragon to a feat. And then life will be decked. There can live feeling of the being embodied fairy tale consciousness only opened to Light. A lot of things depend on that, on what to direct an eye kind: on big or on small, on personal or on the general. Behind a fencing of egoism not to see rich shoots of General Welfare. The fencing is higher, it is less visibility. Let's be glad to the statement of life on open spaces planetary. Light won, it is necessary to see fruits of this great victory only. Impatient, soon already!

363. If to compare all who are making for the sake of the New World, with all who are making for the sake of old, a picture of a victory first it will be absolutely clear. The majority of mankind already went over to light camp. And to supporters old, still in power not to resist because masses started thinking without them and besides them. The ship of the old world floats to a decline, but passengers already aspiration to a decline, didn't notice the occurred change. Their ship will become empty. On boats, without waiting stops, everything who doesn’t want darkness wills departure. Looks of all will direct to the East. Light is from there. Let's be glad to a victory which is.

364. Yes! Yes! Yes! Everything influences the person, is invisible and visible, invisible and visible, and all creates his mood, or a mental condition. There can't be a person independent of that, he is part of that. Books influence, thoughts influence, people and conditions influence. In the room of red color he will feel differently, than in blue or green. In the company of the angry or sad person is differently, than quiet. From all these influences the tone of its mood is created; and stills at all this it can go to a tavern or to the temple, think of good or of the evil, stimulate, or keep balance. The freedom of choice and the decision in many respects remain for the person, despite its coherence with surrounding conditions. Take for an example of the great converter. And to it on its place there were other people, however not they, and it transformed the country. How many was commanders – whether all great? How many artists, philosophers, scientists! So in a circle of need and inevitability the fire spirit approves the will. Two live under one roof. One – the inhabitant, another is the devotee of spirit. Two go down the street. One – directing heart to the Teacher, another – even without suspecting about existence of Teachers of Knowledge. There is something in each person that puts him in an inner world of spirit in conditions, other than the person of another. This sphere of an original can be broadened with will. And external dependence of the person at all his restrictions leaves to him the known sphere where he is the mister and the lord. This sphere of internal freedom follows carefully, carefully and sharp-sightedly to protect from invasions of the outside world. When I Speak: My world I Give you, – I Say that the person contrary to concerns of life usual can feel. Life shows the rights to the person. It is necessary to execute its requirements, but that treats spirit area, it is possible to protect from vital storms. Intimate it is necessary to think of protection. Everything will pass, but it is put over a life scum.

365. (July 7). It is necessary to find in itself courage to look to the vital truth in eyes. Yes! Yes! Yes! Terrestrial wellbeing and ascension of spirit are incompatible. Yes! Yes! Yes! It is necessary to leave calculations those difficulties and troubles will come to an end and happy and quiet life will begin. Yes! Yes! Yes! Fortunately terrestrial and pleasures of Earth of hope it is necessary to leave. It is necessary determination and forces to find in it to reconcile with heavy loading terrestrial and to dismiss thoughts that time here will come and everything it will be good and safe. Whether the tranquility and balance to be forged in full content and life sorrow less can? But to show balance in difficulties and chagrin will be a victory. It is necessary to win and reach. And at the person happy in a terrestrial way, and at a worker a fate one: both happy living conditions, and the life full of difficulties and tests, both should leave and leave everything that in it was. One will make it, having a wealth of experience and having gained qualities, another – empty-handed because wellbeing doesn't give accumulation. The question is raised directly: or findings of spirit, both experience acquisition, and multiplication of Treasure of the Bowl, or life for nothing and even squandering and that small that was. But the main thing – to arm with immutable knowledge that except a way of tests, tears, chagrin, difficulties, blows, need, tension and fight, other way of an ascension of spirit and increase and accumulation of forces can't be. Any desire of the simplification, any complaint and the discontent, any indignation and unwillingness to reconcile with this order of things will be a deviation from the purpose and an indicator of misunderstanding of ways of spirit. It is necessary, it is necessary in the spirit of with firmness and firmly to accept impossibility of other way and all this to meet as due, as lawful, how that inevitably accompanies lifting. And, having accepted, advantage to keep, to keep cheerfulness, to keep mobility, keep consciousness of force, and to keep even pleasure. Keep all qualities, and not only to keep, but also to increase. And spirit not to fall under any opposite circumstances. Everything should be passed through it, fires without losing. It is difficult to leave hope of simplification of living conditions and cheerfulness and vivacity nevertheless to keep. What is in the person? Strength of mind is. It is possible to imagine the person, from all fires of tests taken out this force, and not only kept, but also increased it. Also it is possible to imagine the person; spirit rolled in wellbeing and finished life a pettiness spiritual. To a point of a final way both come, all terrestrial having left: one – with wealth, another – the beggar spiritually. It is possible to feel in life as the soldier: around whistle for bullets, shells are torn; the death and mutilation expect continually, every instant. Already of things usual and it isn't necessary to think at all, and not of itself, but of task performance all thoughts and all will is directed to that. The skilled and courageous soldier of doesn't lose, fearlessness stores, and is ready to smile, and even to joke at even to a small respite. Is even such which it is joyful and with lifting go into battle and successfully carry out a task.

The soldier of spirit gives a task to himself and on a vital battlefield of cheerfulness and consciousness of the inviolability doesn't lose. He isn't afraid of life and is courageous and proud meets its furious waves. Not the miracle to become limp on the life arena, to break and hang spirit. But in the spirit of to resist, despite everything, will be a big victory. After all it isn't required to break something and something external to subordinate to the will; spirit it is necessary to resist under blows of waves in life terrestrial and heavy. Caesarian is to the Caesar. Terrestrial – terrestrial, but internally in the spirit of having resisted in the face of all and any circumstances to approve the force inside and to tell itself: "And I after all won't give in, I won't be inclined, I won't hang spirit", – will be the decision correct. Not in volume put that will be or that won't be, and in that when it will be, to pass through it properly and with honor as the soldier – through fight heavy and dangerous. Let's meet both good, and bad it is firm and quiet, not for a moment without losing balance. To what to us good, if it only opposite pole of the inevitable bad is. Let's learn to despise both that, and another as not worthy to bring spirit out of an equilibrium state. Learn both in pleasure, and to store an identical condition of spirit in a grief. But as in a grief, misfortune and troubles it is difficult, we will learn to store at first it under conditions, to it opposite to kill force of their opposite pole. Without rejoicing when receiving a thing, the person won't mourn, losing it. So we will find a way out of a stalemate when inevitability of a thorny road is realized. Under the law of a duality of one thorn can't be, but also pleasure terrestrial their ant situation can kill in a rudiment. Otherwise elevated not join pleasure. Over the power of a duality over consciousness it is necessary to rise. Not the indifference of decadence, but impassivity, but balance, but unshakable balance of spirit is approved by this way. The change of life and vital conditions have two parties: on one – a grief, on another – pleasure. Accepting it, you remember two parties, without deceiving yourself only that which is visible at present. But many knowledge there is a lot of grieves, but let wisdom accompanies it, the wisdom armed with mighty force of balance of spirit, and impassivity, from it following. Great It which has assumed responsibility for Earth is called as the victim. You remember, in the world you will have grief. And it is necessary to pass through this grief. On Earth is crying and gnash tooth. The grief of Earth should be concerned. Hooks way of an ascension of spirit is. Open eyes it is necessary to face lives, without being under a delusion with hopes of illusive wellbeing. Lambs on a meadow joyfully skip, but the wise man doesn't skip. Don't rejoice to anything and you won't cry. I speak about the terrestrial. Pleasure of wisdom is special pleasure. It can concern when balance of spirit was approved unshakably. But this pleasure will be any more about itself.

Movements in the astral conductor are show in a dual form: pleasures – a grief, a love-hate, a smile – tears. The consciousness subordinated to tyranny of an astral, rushes about between these poles of the extreme identifications. The throwing of consciousness should be stopped. Short-term stay on one pole is followed by the compelled stay on other. The astral should be bridled, jumps of consciousness to stop. Bridle tranquility and balance. How many the senseless pleasure and laughter are shown people and, of course, as much got down. It is spoken about not contents, complaints and the other inadmissible phenomena, but the opposite pole causing their emergence is usually lost sight, and it is necessary to withdraw both. It is impossible to withdraw only one, another approving. It is possible to approach since any end, but it is easier with positive. All the time means a polar of an ardent astral cover. The fir-tree is identical in the winter and in the summer. At a fir-tree also we will study. Otherwise terrestrial forces to pass through grief not collect. Mastering by the Teacher Conducts. The teacher Warned that the pleasure terrestrial will leave. The Teacher Gives a parting word about new understanding of life and on new understanding of a way.

366. It is difficult to generate thought, having separated from it and having withdrawn from it the astral beginning.

367. (July 8). The performer of our assignment will be successful in everything. Strength of execution is given. Assignment is to unite the people. Whether can see ignorant consequences of its actions? Association goes in the area of the coordinated phenomena which will become more and more. The century Maitreya is a century of coherence of all and in everything. Let's show understanding to the events. Fight came to an end. There comes the association period. After a storm the sea long worries. But elements will be included into coast. These a lot of things will facilitate. Heavy the payments, pressing consciousness, too will disappear. Before the person of darkness it is difficult to speak about Light and to believe in it, but Light goes. The unexpectedness of new combinations can't provide human mind. The gap between a gloom of the present and Light of the future is great. But not gloom, but Light ahead. Through personal it is necessary to manage to see the general, the future is immutable. Also it is necessary to undergo up to the end. But the undergone will reach the end. Show the last patience.

368. My friend how you think to pass to the future, strong when it, desired, will come, many, it in it not approved, will continue to stay in the consciousness in the past, stupidly, blindly and gloomily. Many and still live now is in the past and past. Not for them the New Sky and New Earth. To see, it is necessary to want to see. The mole grew blind to greatness of Space. Visibility of a mole and eagle are various. The eagle far sees. The spirit capable of flights far, flights eagle, rising over a bog of commonness, sees that people call the future. In the present position of the world it is possible to distinguish fiery structure of the being approved future already obviously. Eye it is necessary to have the open. Denying the future or doubting it, it is possible to go blind and not to see numerous signs of a coming Era. Why to look through itself? Itself, or the personal "I", after death won't be, it will replace something bigger is. Only superpersonal installation of consciousness is over small "I» allows seeing the undoubted.

369. It is possible to direct consciousness so really to live future and in the future. Then the heavy steps conducting in it, it is possible consciously and to accept resignedly. Otherwise it is difficultly to sustain. The sad present out of communication with the future won't allow consciousness to keep due balance. The person for the sake of the future in which he trusts is ready to overcome many difficulties joyfully. But this future is under construction hands human. Future construction by people is carried out. Blind won't see it, but the open consciousness will obviously and unmistakably define where there is this rough construction by a peahen of a step of life. With old living conditions to the New World not pass. Stone axe and arrows don't suit for the modern world. As well the dark heritage of the past doesn't suit for the shining future. Construction goes on new bases. It is necessary to plunge consciousness into new opportunities, about itself having forgotten. Personal measures to understanding of the future aren't applicable. It is necessary to put on other glasses simply. Our people live in the future and the scale of the inhabitant to life doesn’t apply. And the person making the feat doesn't think of it. It is impossible to think about the planet benefit, the personal benefit having put ahead. The egoism can darken all fields of vision. At a known step with it advance becomes impossible. The teacher persistently Approves close approach of terms and need of readiness of consciousness.

370. Love consciousness of force.

371. (July 9). We live in peace where each phenomenon is dual. Many phenomena are stretched in time, as, for example, human life. Youth and old age is its poles. Rejoicing good luck terrestrial and to affairs every day, it is immutable and inevitably we doom them to grieve at a display of an inevitable pole of failure. It is possible to be exempted from the grief power, having only seized a pleasure pole. Passionlessly meeting the life phenomena in their safe aspect, the person approves the power over an opposite pole, and consequently, and over a duality of the phenomena. Therefore the world human Maya world which each flower has thorns and prickles is called. Flowers and fruits of astral feelings and emotions are that and are. It is possible to see how some children easily and quickly pass from tears to a smile and vice versa. It is very characteristic and for infancy or spirit youth. Some northern people possess great patience and substantially bridled an astral duality. Southern people, on the contrary, ardent inspiration astrals are shown. It is characteristic for Europe. All emotions and feelings of the person are dual. Giving vent to any of them, we cause to life and their other pole is approved. Any not restraint of manifestations of feelings is inadmissible because not the person owns them then, but feelings own the person. The clown in the person, ready to be shown for the least thing, forced by tendencies of an astral to manifestation is strong. The tranquility of the yogi is deep and considerable. The astral is bridled and broke off. Externally the yogi same as everything, but the violent astral of participation in acts, feelings and thoughts any more doesn't accept it. In it is secret of tranquility of wisdom. The silver bridle of spirit is imposed on all feelings. So balance of spirit are shown that nor the success, nor good luck, the phenomena, to it opposite, in an astral cover don't cause unnecessary and aimless movements. The astral constantly seeks to show itself: somehow and in anything, but it should strong sound on everything. Human wise people comprehended the dual nature of a grief and happiness and found release ways from a hopelessness vicious circle. Having established a peace of mind in a median point of balance, the person gets the power over poles and seizes them. Each comer if sees can feel this power and strength of mind that the most disturbing and uneasy news, to it brought, didn't cause a movement display on poles, that is the astral didn't react to it neither so, nor "so", anyway. And then the person who has kept this balance, before people, it’s not kept, has great advantage. In it is strength of the leader of the born, effective order having the power? Everyone can turn a little them into force, if safe balance. If own astral it is bridled and subordinated, and others astral covers easily already submit to the will which has won an astral. Covers it is necessary to pass through a step of mastering, and it is rather, the better. It is necessary to watch that the sounding polar of an astral of with whom it is necessary to make contact, didn't mention and I didn't seize your consciousness and I didn't force your astral to sound in unison. Otherwise it is possible to become a puppet of foreign moods and disbalance astral. Wise knows the way and at others gate doesn't admire. "Mastering by went, the Lord". Water hollows a stone; constancy of aspiration generates possibility of implementation. Everything if the will of that wants rather strongly will be reached.

372. (July 11). Write, my friend. About what? About the future! The future is inevitable. There are no such forces which could stop flight of time. Also there are no such laws which the reason could deprive of a consequence. The reasons of other future are put nowadays. The element of time and element of causality, consequence conformable bringing, build the expected future. The bad weather eternal doesn't happen. Change of the phenomenon of one another, opposite, lies in the basis of the law of a polar, or dialectics. Future as it is immutable and is inevitable, as day new, going on change to the old. This is the first. The second: we will be characters, as well as in the present, on the arena of the future. Because in the future the person moves ahead is. From us the future, we of the future can't be taken away. We are unseparable. About the reasons. Consequences will be in consent with the put reasons. Therefore, a question in what reasons is put nowadays. The karma universal is generated by the general reasons. Personal is personals. What reasons are generated nowadays by the person to reap consequences them in the future – here a question, important extraordinary. Results will be born on compliance. It is better to consider cause and effect as the beginning and the end of one phenomenon extended in space of time – as a two-edged sword. And even the stick in time exists. Consequences from the reason can't be separated because the thread or a chain binding both poles isn't interrupted. Being born, the reason directs in time, reaches a neutral point and generates an opposite pole of. This contrast can have many aspects, are showing in the different planes. It is possible to offend unfairly someone – and to lose a favorite thing. It is possible to speak about hostility to people – and to come to be on the desert island. Ways of an equilibration of karmic consequences are inscrutable and often don't give in to the account. But a consequence is always direct result of the reason. Therefore it is necessary to be very circumspect in words, acts and thoughts because all consequences brings. Among the uncountable and diverse phenomena the strong consciousness chooses only what correspond to the main direction. Not to contain everything, therefore, the most useful is elected and promoting advance. The pessimist too is right because sees that, on what the look is turned. But it is better to be the optimist. Dissatisfied too it is right because has the reasons, but it is better to be happy with the little, than to poison itself with a life wrong side. Work the hard work, but also is better to execute it joyfully. To rejoice and mourn it is possible for the same phenomenon depending on conditions and a condition of consciousness, but it is better to rejoice, than to grieve. But everything it is better not to grieve and not to rejoice. It will be already following step of understanding of life. Having won against the dual nature of a thing, it is possible to move further. It is necessary to win.

373. My son, the Lord doesn't Forget attention signs, to It rendered, but also on the contrary, the lack of attention brings conformable results. There can't be my business in neglect. If it seems that the Lord Left, Maya veil should be broken off. Moods of the moment shouldn't paint themselves for eyelids the established relationship. About Proximity it was told enough. All told remains in force. The Lord is unchangeable, but the person should be turned to It. Call and response is conformable. Without the address there is no answer. Accord to vanity the dimmed consciousness can. Can seem that is far the Lord that He doesn't Hear and doesn't See, but the phenomenon should find due understanding Pralaya consciousnesses. Not rejection, not oblivion it, but collecting of forces inside for new powerful lifting. The same periods in the past were accompanied not only a break of reading, a prayer and work, but also full immersion in a stream of a commonness and oblivion of the most necessary. The condition of this, real, pralaya is already much higher and even Records proceed. It indicates perfect lifting. Everything will return, all becomes on the place, and Proximity washing will be decked by new opportunities and achievements. Nobody is forgotten and not left, but new circumstances are prepared by the Teacher in the Tower. Therefore be spirit it is quiet. All yours for you also remains. I should prepare mine for complexity of approaching new conditions. The assignment will be given. It will be responsible and difficult. On degrees of proximity and an assignment is. It is impossible to move away in the spirit of, to create separateness illusion, to lose beliefs in the future. Everything goes as it is planned the Plan Great in which and to you the place is taken away. Time, because unusually future is unusual.

374. (July 12). Completeness of the address to the Teacher involves also completeness of the answer. How can be differently? The accord and compliance law is immutable. Therefore it is possible to tell that keys from an entrance in hands of the addressing. It isn't always easy to give completeness of the address. Surrounding disturbs. Means, again we come besides – to a question of overcoming of tension of environment. Vibrations of the environment should be overcome; differently contact it won't turn out. Invisible and far has to become more sonorous and brighter visible and close. Or mental representation of to what the consciousness is directed has to is stronger physical and dense. Besides, only to present, hold representation it is necessary on contact all the time. That instead of thoughts third-party visualization of the far Teacher was a background of perception created at the contact beginning can facilitate it. And every time when the foreign thought interferes, it can be replaced with the chosen Face. Representation is created as though on the future, on Communication all the time, but not at the time of visualization. Creation of mental picture representation or visualization process for a certain time demands a conscientious attitude to a question of duration of a fancy. Usually, creating it, people consciously don't put in it duration element. Our contact and our thought influencing are sent for a certain term. It gives thoughts clearness. The task is specified and becomes more accurate thanks to term. Any vagueness is avoided. Worse if, having left the house with a definite purpose, the person on the road will distract foreign impressions and thoughts and will forget about for what I left. And it often happens in the course of Communication. It is impossible to distract on the parties. As the shell which has been let out to the purpose, flies thought according to the destination and reaches object of aspiration. At a contact of thought interaction reaction, or as speak in chemistry, a mutual exchange turns out. Clarity of process should be kept all the time in consciousness that current didn't interrupt. Remember: clearness, clarity and definiteness – the main conditions of contact with the Teacher. The accord law, the law of an attraction of opposite poles, the polar law is all these laws of action of thin energiya at contact with the Highest Forces. But it is told: "And if you, being angry, you are able good to give donations to your children, especially, the Father your heavenly will give the benefits asking from It". There is more: "The Father, the Father, why Left You Me?"The lord the Christ Addressed to the Lord Father. On the Beam of the Hierarch who has lit up our consciousness, at everyone the Lord Father. And the Lord of the Lord Will is for us that whom the Christ Called the Heavenly Father. And above him it is possible to make with the Hierarch, and the Hierarch contact, subordinating consciousness certain laws. But it is necessary to wish or ask the benefits. This condition the first is. Response, or the answer, can't but be is a condition the second. Great laws work smoothly. Magnetic power of aspiration is of bike. Not mysticism fog, but exact and accurate laws of psycho mechanics. The fiery device in the person works, radio – pry is similar on a certain wave. And if hardly there is a cruel heart that hungry, asking bread, to give a stone as there Can be silent a Teacher, all life and which all being are directed on the help to mankind. Laws of thin energiya work are immutable. It is necessary to address only.

375. (July 13). Difficulty of feeling of reality of thin energiya that they can't be seen and felt as the dense phenomena are visible. Therefore terrestrial mind will fight against them and to deny their existence. The brain – Earth product also recognizes only terrestrial. For the aid to a brain heart as the device more sensitive is given. It is good when they act it agrees and it is harmonious. Microcosm coordinated – the phenomenon rare. Coherence passes through all conductors. Equally effective the coordinated energiya is powerful victorious force. At one it, thanks to lack of this coherence, it is equal to zero, at others because of risen against disharmonious energiya can hesitate from zero and above. In the lump of people the potential of this equally effective is low. As the powerful radio set, works the device of the person, are shoved coherence of all the beginnings. These giants of spirit tower over the mass of people, as towers of a high voltage. They are transmitters, both they giving, and they are receivers. Coherence is expressed in mighty increase of fiery potential of the person. It is necessary to strive for coherence. Coherence should be understood. It is not ethical, but the energy concept of the wise concentration of all forces in one direction. Only internal coherence can unite them. Usual internal concentration helps at the statement of coherence much. Restraint and ability to own it and the feelings conducts to the same purpose. The house, in itself divided won't resist. Therefore mastering by – a step to power of spirit. And steps of tranquility and balance of spirit too is besides conduct. These are only various aspects of coherence microcosmic. Like the compressed gas, collected energy shows force. The hydraulic press working at compression, can give huge strength. As and the aggregated human scattered to energy. The device operating with compressed air, can work only under a condition if pressure is enough. Clean concentration, or an air the squeezed, and force it will spread fruitlessly. The same happens and to the person. The reserved person has force, violent and not able to own itself is similar to the boiler, all valves and which gate are open to the full. How many bogs, pairs of force won't give? Restraint is a method exact and faultless a press of fiery energy. Dissoluteness is its impetuous squandering. It is necessary to own itself always and in everything. Always and in everything it is necessary to show any extent of restraint of: in thoughts, in words, in actions. The bridling of thought isn't without thought, but possession of thought, control over it and ability to direct and hold it on a subject approved by will. His owner is the person. Therefore I Speak: "You study always and on everything to own yourself. The force realizes is. Don't waste thoughtlessly it. Talents this protects and increases. Be not similar to a sieve full of holes. Realize a source of the power and a way of its realization". People in the majority are spendthrifts to them these talents, plunderers of own wealth, thieves, themselves robbing and losing the most valuable that have. To you I Speak: "Put an end to plunder of treasures of spirit". To who are were enucleate souls necessary? Why the treasure fiery is thoughtless you scatter on the parties? Look at them who are scurrying about mind the deprived, torn apart own passions, experiences, fears, concerns, and excitements and in thousand small little things in life. Really you want to assimilate to them, the murderers of the spirit who have exchanged the right of the primogeniture for lentil soup of worldly vanity. Great people were in the world, but they didn't exchange themselves on trifles. Both lived, and worked, and families had, but nevertheless in the spirit of great remained because knew secret of coherence, - show understanding to this great concept. To you I Speak, having ears. Neither the family, nor work, need, put, circumstances is nothing can serve as an obstacle to the statement of coherence of the highest because it is approved by spirit and in the spirit of.

376. (July 14). In imagination spirit it is possible to present anything. Impossible in the dense world it is possible in the spirit of. Spiritual action is real, but on the plan spiritual. Just as physical – on physical. Though to measure spiritual action by terrestrial measures and it is impossible, but it is and is available to each person. It really and brings consequences both on invisible, and on seen plans. Seeing physical terrestrial actions, people recognize their reality, but, without seeing spiritual, deny their force. But even in terrestrial life its huge share in the person occurs on the mental and astral plan in mental and astral bodies. Consequences of these movements are visible to eyes only. People don't see neither love, nor fear, mind tension, but see only their physical reflections or reactions on a physical body. If to extinguish these physical reactions, processes occurring in the person it will be visible not. This process of suppression of display of internal movements of spirit outside is very interesting. The communication thread between external and internal is as though cut, and internal becomes inaccessible to a foreign eye. It is one of the most powerful ways of protection against human influences. This phenomenon is so unusual in people that rise in surrounding almost superstitious fear and aspiration to obey to consciousness, externally nothing showing the feelings, thoughts and emotions. The reason is that it is possible only with the approved balance and full mastering by and the conductors. Balance is terrible force, mighty, invincible. Against it nobody will resist.

One amazing singularity it already wins against imagination of the person. It is better to be strong and to feel the power, without abusing it, than to be a pettiness and a puppet of others experiences and of enrages astral. You store balance, realizing all depth of this wonderful quality. To Guru and Lords show him a measure full. Swings arrhythmic and balance are incompatible. Between a physical body and an astral communication external is as though cut. The yogi can sit for hours absolutely not movably. It is extremely difficult. Even minute it is impossible to stay in absolute corporal rest for the ordinary person. For achievement of it is necessary seize movements of an astral body and to subordinate them to the will order. Then the body immovability is possible also. Literally the communication break between conductors means death. It is necessary to learn to react to all external influences by tranquility full. People will be, feeling something inexplicable and unclear for them, all measures to seek to cause (in you) external reactions. They will do it for unconscious horror before unusual and unnatural, from their point of view, the highest condition of consciousness. Certainly, uneasy nervous movements of a body are caused by an astral. Certainly, astral to the external phenomena react all is usually and it is accepted. Even silence among chatter and gravity among the general laughter or fun to people are already unusual. But the way to power of spirit is a singularity way, and usual it can't be. Spiritual balance is unusual. It is no by people. This phenomenon of is spiritual order. In imagination and in the spirit of balance it is possible to show. All is available to thought and imagination. This great quality, quality of balance, it is necessary to start claiming over the phenomena of the dense world, both contrary to them, and despite them. Balance can be stored on the deck of the sinking ship, in burning theater, in the battlefield, in a foul place of human passions and the emotions boiling around, in the face of death – the word, in any conditions and under any circumstances. All external is unimportant; he can be left alone, all strength of mind having concentrated on keeping balance. And if it is reached then, and only then the victory and over external counteracting conditions because anybody and will resist nothing against balance is reached. Fire thin, it kindled, possesses force of an insuperable the rower, and fires human can't fight against it. Movement on poles always depends on the center and to it and is regulated. At complete equilibrium in the center on poles there can be very strong movements, as in a cyclone having this center and balance, or in a tornado – a motionless axis of rotation. The tornado moves, but the axis in relation to the tornado isn't mobile. Overcome an axis, and the tornado will cease to exist. The center, balance in itself at generation of the various phenomena it is necessary to realize. Great Spirits rotated round themselves consciousnesses of the whole people. The law of natural hierarchy is simple. Take any group of free people. Simply and naturally their views will address to that among them who owns balance treasure, will address as to the leader, especially a minute of danger. The magnet of aura of balance works invisibly. Among approved qualities synthetic value of quality of balance should especially strong be understood. It was spoken about tranquility tension in operation. Now I Speak about balance tension in each action and a consciousness display. The balance tension, or balance intense – so we will remember – balance not in rest, but in operation.

377. Show time for your guards. What to guard? Whether think, sent by the Teacher? It is very easy to miss them and, even having caught, to forget about them right there. If aren't written down, they plunge into oblivion. Records of these thoughts are necessary for others, for those who else didn't learn to perceive. The Teacher won't Spend the energy, and in such quantity, for one person. Service – the general, for all, and in it the receiver of thoughts far receives the lion's share. But a main objective is for others that others could receive. Therefore time of guards is of particular importance, aggravated with service to mankind. The teacher Appreciates when his thought is perceived precisely and in shape, conformable to the contents. The rhythm of the transferred is especially important. Each speech has the melody and a rhythm which is strongly influencing mentality of the person and on his nervous centers. Deep impact of Records on the person because the contents are combined with a form also is explained by it. And words chose to have considerable value. Especially when reading aloud. To waves of thought the sound rhythm is added. Not always it is possible to catch it and to imprint in Record because it demands very distinguished perception and conditions which the city can't usually give. But nevertheless any part reaches and leaves the mark of singularity on written-down words. If people knew, how many the thinnest shades are covered in each word, in each expression, in each combination of thoughts and sounds! This force of influence will be felt by people, and Records won't be buried in oblivion. I don't Want to tell these that all will praise. It won't be. But they will cause ardent rotation of energiya and indignation of waters of stagnation of stagnant consciousnesses. YStrong rise both friends, and enemies. And when it happens, we will be glad to that the thoughts of the Teacher thrown into masses, strong will shine both that, and others, and everyone will define the place. The law of a polar will be shown and here. Only words, potentially insignificant, won't cause any reaction. It would be defeat. Therefore we will learn to appreciate and enemies and to understand essence of tactics of Adverse. To approve Light pole, the pole of darkness should be revealed with the same force. It is necessary to understand inevitability and need of enemies. And where the friend won't see or will keep silent, the enemy will see and will bring to the general attention. Gins strong work in glory of Light, confronting to it. So we will apply to everything measures of understanding profound. People will grieve before the person of many phenomena, without comprehending that it is only preliminary step of the statement of a pole necessary. The Teacher Wants to teach wisdom of understanding of life. The Teacher Wants to teach sight bipolar. The Teacher Wants to make a pole of the present in your understanding the testimony of greatness of going Light.

378. (July 15). My friend, life also consists in sharply to feel its sides. On that it also is given to take the person for the live. Otherwise how study? That doesn't mention, doesn't leave a trace. Big spirits led bright, full and deep life, putting in it heart. They loved life the same as that are attached to it love it and are at it in slavery, but they loved it in freedom. It would seem that this same, but the whole spiral of evolution separates free spirits from slaves to life. The same, but relation to life is other. Consciousness installation another: there is no submission to the lowest "I". This freedom is characterized by the power over circumstances. The karma flows the turn, life Mission, or Instructions are executed, but the consciousness of freedom from the power of the environment over spirit doesn't leave the directed heart. It is possible to call them makers of life; because they conduct evolution. They ahead are in everything. The synthetic understanding of life allows covering the huge horizon of the present without a separation of the future and denial of value of the steps passed by mankind. They know containment of difficulties of life because reconciled with need of dense evolution, though understand all burden it. Appreciate and recognize the present for the sake of the future, without being under a delusion with Maya snare. Go through life terrestrial, without belonging to its vanity and being not absorbed by it. They are in the world, but not from the world of a transient dense. Only our people who have found in courage and force to rise over life to become her winners.

379. My son, effort of the concentrated attention you achieve a thought luchear. Thought of the special appointments stays about that, to which it is sent. It gets into aura, but it can be caught consciously. For this purpose also concentration is necessary. It is possible to catch thought on the consciousness screen, but it has to be pure. You believe that poverty prevents to be given entirely. But it is incorrect. Poverty, that is lack of wellbeing and surplus, doesn't encumber consciousness with the mass of unnecessary things. They are connected with themselves and with egoism. Access not having has the free. But that it is possible to see or hear when all screen of consciousness is occupied with its majesty – egoism and what it owns or in what is shipped. Specify to exempt spirit from slogs of life current. The tail of thoughts tries to keep step with each business, the phenomenon or impression unnecessary. It should be chopped off immediately. It is necessary to be able, having been through with one, immediately and entirely to transfer thought to another. I approve possibility of full switching of consciousness on a required wave. It is necessary to be able not switch over, but also to keep on it. The spirit human is capable to work wonders if the will is rather persistent and steady. Yes! Yes! The persistent will work wonders in any sphere of life both on Earth, and in the Sky. But it becomes tempered on Earth, in a scorching heat of terrestrial life. The will to win conducts the winner spirit ways, at least and there was it on the ground. Even in battle usual, terrestrial, the will and spirit win. I give will power to a victory. Strength of mind showed I Send. Realize Specify it. To Me is necessary strong spirit. Resistant spirits are necessary to Me. It isn't necessary for me slaves, sbent burden under burden terrestrial. Those who, being pumped to a limit burden and difficulties terrestrial are necessary to Me, strong and joyfully from them freedom of spirit show. It also will be the real victory. Moaning, complaint, clouding, discontent, offenses, doubts not to reach it. Violent pleasure of freedom of spirit in the spirit of manages to realize, despite everything, contrary to everything, and who knows, perhaps, exactly thanks to everything that around occurs, and I Will decorate your forehead with fires victorious. Over life a wing I Will lifts. I will give in the Stone hand fire, the Stone which either will revive, or will burn. Only strong hands will be able to hold it. Therefore in the face of life I Approve your force because the son I Called not greatly. I Told your Father and your Lord.

380. (July 17). My son, the person who has been held down by fear, won't pass on a board through an abyss. Feet won't go, muscles will weaken. Reaction of thought of fear has an obvious and bright physical consequence. Hidden thought is and visible consequences. As also all other emotions, that is the thoughts which have caused these or those emotions. Of this direct link of thought with its physical reaction to nervous system and body usually lose sight. But the thought works regardless of that, people know about it or not. Reaction of thought is according to its character and the nature by the principle that the tree kind yields a fruit kind. The beginning of the phenomenon lies in thoughts, result – in the plane material. On the one hand, external conditions cause any thoughts, with another, these thoughts influence a body, creating in it purely physiological processes. Thoughts under the influence of external circumstances can arise automatically and automatically generate consequences. But at the time of the birth of thought, reciprocal on external impulses, or vibrations, the will can interfere and have the process of the birth of thoughts under control. On any external influence it is possible to reply not as it is accepted, not in the accord with it but as that is wanted by will. It is possible to practice on calling in itself the reactions opposite usual, to which the consciousness got used. It is possible to grieve at loss something to what the person was attached, and one more release can and be glad. And so is in everything. The middle isn’t present: or the external phenomena operate the person, or he operates those reactions – mental, astral and physical which they cause. It is important to know that it is quite possible. The person for a minute was late for the necessary train, and be annoyed, and was afflicted extremely. The train died in crash. The objective reason to be annoyed wasn't. Never the person that is good or bad finally knows. Therefore it is better not to rejoice and not to grieve because people in vain often rejoice. As also their grief generally are unreasonable. But the lever from reactions of a microcosm human in hands of the person, and is better to look with a smile at a terrible grin of life, than with tears or fear. It is necessary to understand those opportunities which lie before the person and depend on him. At first opportunity is realized, and then is applied in life. Understanding is close to mastering and, in any case, precedes it. It is possible to rejoice pleasure of spirit without external reasons everyone to those. Reaction is generated by will and consciousness. On snow of yoga’s causes heat of heart and wins against cold, or holds the heated coal on a palm, winning against heat, or goes on flaring угольям. The laboratory of human essence makes reactions by the means. Its power is so great that can stop winds, earthquakes and other natural disasters. And the master of elements, being the person, too once I began with the small phenomena, gradually multiplying the fiery power. Submission to will small by the form the phenomena results has the great. And once it is necessary to begin and take a way conducting to tops of the power over a matter. This matter in all types is available in a microcosm human; also it is necessary to begin with it. Many feelings in an organism are caused by dissoluteness and consciousness indiscipline. Dissoluteness should oppose a compactness and concentration both external, and internal. On thousand trifles it is possible to study this concentration of will. Never and before anybody is it impossible dismissing itself? It is impossible are show the weakness before people because to measure by this measure they you and will be, imposing its framework on expression you at contact with them and to that limiting and belittling you your last careless expression of the weakness before them. At least for self-protection it is necessary to think that people the weakness to show inadmissible. Even high spirits moved away from people to the desert and privacy when it was necessary to update forces. But if it is impossible, it is necessary to become isolated strong in a spirit citadel, inside, and to let in nobody because weakness people don't forgive, neither far, nor relatives. It is possible to be only strong. You remember it when it is heavy.

381. Where and in what we will look for oblivion from bitterness of life? In wine? In people? In pleasures and entertainments? In work? In drugs? In a dream? No, only in Proximity of the Lord! Will change everything, and everything has the reverse side. But the Lord, and the word Its – as the basalt rock is unchangeable. The word of the Lord is invariable. It is possible to lean on its set phrase. It is possible! It is possible to put the word Its in the life basis. On Me put a basis of the life will succeed. You look, how floatingly all. Look at a life kaleidoscope! But look for in Me. And you, in Me Light found, unless weren't convinced any more on the life that the word of the Lord is inexhaustible. Here every day you enter into Communication with Me and you scoop my wisdom in process of the forces, the opportunities and containment. Much contain yes will contain. Truly, through Me you concern an inexhaustible source of knowledge. And if you want to know even more, even more deeply, bring, and every time brings vessels of bigger capacity because the small vessel of containment of consciousness will be overflowed quickly. But the knowledge inflows according to the accord, and the quantity it is defined by ability to contain. Never and before whom is it impossible to dismiss itself. Many come, and all receive, and everyone – on compliance. The consciousness synthetic receives all width of understanding of life, its phenomena. But depth depends on consciousness. Complain about Me that, in their opinion, am not enough receiving. But you complain why you bring a little? On call and response is. On power of aspiration and receiving is. On depth of the address and answer is. The sizes of a spiritual donation are normalized by the law, and this law says: it will be rendered to you by a measure full, settle, pumped and overflowed. But bring at first force of the address corresponding to your desire to receive gifts of spirit. And even the Stone which I Can give to the elected, will present it with force wonderful. You, collecting Light, about what your grief, when is the treasury of space knowledge becomes for you available? The Teacher Confirms your opportunities on life of every day. The Teacher carefully conducts, approving the reeled quality. Clearness of the address and call same brings a response.

If the answer isn't clear, so there was no clearness, definiteness and completeness of thought at a question. My son, what, reached a love and devotion limit to the Teacher? Or what, your aspiration is fully and fiery? Or whether you believe, what partial return of at certain o'clock in the morning and evenings and that incomplete and imperfect, is top of achievements? Certainly, even the little brought receives. Brought more is will receive more. But how many will receive brought all itself without the rest? So the victim brought, the victim of a devotion of to the Lord is rewarded is thousand fold, - and at all remuneration it, but simple consequence of action of mighty spiritual laws. Therefore I Speak: at a rate of your desire to receive bring aspiration fiery. The harvest-time comes nearer, harvests great planetary when each spirit will have before itself opportunities unknown. And nowadays the harvest-time comes. And woken up already reap. Show time, sufficient for the address and for receiving, you which see show and hear.

382. (July 18). And I Speak: "Rejoice, children". Dark payments it is still open over Earth. Day didn't come yet. Still to heart it is heavy in darkness. Yet I didn't punch Hour. But I Speak: "Rejoice". Show understanding to the future in utter darkness is of the present. Show understanding of power of spirit, when contrary to evidence it has force to approve pleasure of understanding of the future happiness. When I Speak "Rejoice", I Want that not external darkness, but the internal flame won against a surf of waves of a material world. I want that the spirit dominated over external darkness, and I Want that the consciousness joined pleasure of the highest, which over Earth and terrestrial. Therefore in My Day I Speak about pleasure! Dimly around, but the spirit foresees through a present haze to the public the future. To cause in itself feeling of pleasure and to approve it will be a victory over darkness. In Me and with Me look for statements pleasures; don't Try to find it in something terrestrial and to grasp it. Pleasure washing is other-worldly. My pleasure is over the terrestrial. Simply in the spirit of it approve by will because I Speak: "Rejoice, children". Day My yes will be day of pleasure. In the microcosm it generate because it is possible to cause in itself any feeling and feeling. After all it also will be manifestation of the power over the fetters of the commonness which have connected soul. "I rejoice, because with Me You, the Lord! I rejoice because I want! I rejoice because darkly around and future summer lightning’s, having sparkled, do a gloom to gloomier". But My time therefore rejoices, children are close, close. And the pleasure your yes will be from spirit and in the spirit of. To light pleasure fire in a breast at the will without any external reasons and occasions only strong heart can. People follow the tastes of life as working horses, but the occasion takes strong spirit in hand and itself sits down on a horse. Pleasure about the Highest the most reliable and strong. The person in himself can self-willed ally cause desirable feelings and live, eating their light. It will be as well a prepare to the World Thin where people live not external, but an inner world, conditions and which mood by the accord determine and cause also an external environment. Therefore work on in this direction both is necessary, and is useful. The inner world can be decorated with feelings and thoughts at will to the and when outside it is especially heavy, to live in it, being released from external influences. Many eremites looked for this internal privacy. But now time special. From life it is impossible to run, but to have a rest, having been removed in an inner world, it is possible. That it was available, the inner world has to be brought to a condition of harmonious coherence. To plunge into the world of chaotic feelings and experiences won't be rest for spirit. When Precept pleasure, I Want to point to that note on which the spirit harp is adjusted. Let your pleasure about the Lord, both about the Highest, and about the future will be perfect. I Won against the world the uniform beginning of spirit. I teach you to become winners of life. To that Specify of a way.

383. (July 19). I rejoice because the reasons for pleasure aren't present any. I rejoice, because darkly around. I rejoice, because the sadly surrounding. I rejoice because I want because I want to approve pleasure contrary to vibrations of the dense environment because its waves I want to overcome the wave because I want to put strength of mind over a flesh.

384. Certainly, affairs planetary in the center of attention of the Teacher. The meeting will be change in history of the people. Results will affect immediately, generating for it new. Assumptions are correct: all will be facilitated and all. Participants are prepared by us. Consequences will begin to flow on the channels planned by the Hand of the Leader. Everything will develop better than the best. Space terms favor to success. Everything is solved, but Us. They are only performers of the Highest commands. Difficulty that by a hand human the current of events has be made. Will be, there will be a world on Earth. There will be shifts huge. Promised it is necessary to be because terms came nearer all-time.

385. (July 20). I give the chance. They either are accepted, or are rejected. Missed doesn't repeat. Everyone given the chance demands to herself a careful and caring attitude. Be not deceived by its ease seeming. How many works and efforts were once enclosed in it? It is necessary to understand that for nothing it is given nothing, as well as that possible for one is absolutely impossible and is impossible for another, not reached the same step. Preserve opportunities given.

386. Certainly, nothing can interfere with consciousness to move ahead, except him. Force or weakness of obstacles is defined not by them, and consciousness. Weak stumbles on small, strong and big obstacles seem easy. Strong lifts weight, excessive for another. Force of obstacles counteracting is relative and conditional. It is defined by strength of mind. Force or the weakness spirit is show before them. Everyone serves as determinant of strength of mind. But such obstacles which can stop spirit advance don't exist if that is wanted by spirit. It is all about it, but not in obstacles. It is better and simpler to tell itself directly: I want or don't want instead of shifting blame from myself on callous circumstances. After all the essence of overcoming consists at all in shifting the mountain that the person can't make, and in that spirit over it to rise and follow further, that is in to stopping before anything. The mountain remains behind, and the spirit, capable to rise over terrestrial and to Earth, will follow to the purpose far to the even if it is necessary to leave the whole planet and everything that on it. Therefore know that strong nothing will stop. He knows the way. It is possible to call it Star Trek because, lying on the ground, it lies over Earth. I call up ways elevated, on the ground lying. I call to stars. Our way far, and the minor planet with all the attractions, seductions and mountains won't hold us. Ashes mountains terrestrial break up, but the spirit remains – the winner of Earth, to Boundlessness directed.

387. (July 21). My friend isn't present anything on Earth, on what it would be possible to exchange freedom of spirit. People of it don't know and often the freedom gives in exchange for the benefits terrestrial. But the most fascinating phenomenon becomes ordinary if repeats: nerves get used to everything. Both foods plentiful and rich, both clothes, and all conveniences of life become so habitual that finally both rich and poor equally start being weighed upon life if further external conditions their interests don't go. Even the brightest and strong love human or passion grow dull and become the ordinary. To it too get used, as to old shoes. To exchange freedom of spirit for these spill kin they grew dull and lost the appeal – is inexpedient. You shouldn't chase changeable ghosts. Only creative activity won't deceive, but also that only under a condition if it not to consider fruits as the and not to tie consciousness to them. Work for the benefit of people is good, but is ungrateful and personal fruits don’t bear. It is good to rely on force inside and to go through life in the spirit of. It is good to separate external, small and short, from big and eternal inside. It is good to tell it: "I take that gives life, but it is necessary nothing to me. And that is necessary, all only while in a body". But spirit is not a body. Many believe all the outside. Property is inragile and soon the passing. The pursuit of it because won't give satisfaction strong is fruitless. That is why many are weighed upon life. Where happy people? The aspiration fortunately concerns, but his bluebird of happiness from hands human escapes. And even the way of wisdom doesn't give happiness. The happiness isn't present on Earth. But if it isn't present on Earth, it is necessary to look for it in Elevated. It is impossible to connect happiness that is today and that leaves tomorrow. Therefore the look in Elevated addresses. It is a lot of grief in much knowledge. The knowledge gives the Highest to самадхи, to a condition of pleasure, or happiness of the reached, that happiness which isn't present on Earth but which is achievable in the spirit of when all terrestrial is left. Such is a spirit way.

388. For spirit space illusion is the most difficult, it for a body, because it is the three-dimensional. But after all spirit over a body, as top over the earth. Proximity of the Teacher is in the spirit of. And if the spirit is far from It how it is possible to approve Proximity? The spirit comes nearer itself, and it moves away. Better without these a zigzag. Better spirit to be always close. It depends on heart fire. And if fires go out, inevitable there is a distance. Many ways were invented by people to keep in the Highest. But without heart fires all of them are powerless. And when heart burns, no artificial measures are necessary. Only one love is unaffected. It also tries to come nearer. Without love to the Teacher of Proximity can't be.

389. (July 22). My son, is severe a lot terrestrial the person. Butterflies of it don't know therefore flit from a flower on a flower; but fluttering of moths possibly only at unripe consciousness. The burden terrestrial should be born not only for itself, but also for others, parasites. They burden not only, but also others. Conditions karmic should be undergone. It is possible to pay, knowing that the payment goes for freedom. The payment is good that releases. It is better to be paying, than receiving because receiving will have to pay. The payment karmic is a release threshold. It is possible to facilitate karma without deepening it and without doing new debts. Life is difficult. On its outline the spirit weaves the pattern. It is necessary that this pattern was fine. On beauty it is possible to build strongly. The beauty is combined with force. Not it is good itself to show poor lambs. Now days of special importance and therefore it is difficult. Pressure is distributed on the few, able to help. It is necessary to show firmness. People seek to infect your consciousness with the astral whirlwinds to reduce helped common cause. The same counteraction is to Light, but under other biases. Your enemies – our enemies and enemies of the New World – on this sign also you judge. The shabby consciousness will persistently go against and to counteract you in everything. But your rate is on Us. Concept of the Teacher doesn’t deviate. Communication is a heart thread, and except it – anything! You keep, friends, fulfillment time comes nearer. Don't forget about the last shaft, the ninth. Your time will come also, and on your street there will be a holiday. Now is still everyday life, gray and twilight. Life suppresses consciousness, and will ennoble then. We eat mental vibrations of environment. It is poisonous. Therefore it is intolerable. But when your days, joyfully, easily will come and freely will begin to breathe and the pleasure will feed consciousness. Native mine, suffer a little more, it is just a little. The promised pleasure waits for you. After all so it isn't enough of you, also it is necessary to keep you about my Day. Aren't forgotten, aren't left. But also We have minutes of need and difficulties, and then Can't pay usual attention. Then your forces are necessary to help Us. To show weakness at this time will be change to General Welfare. Columns bear loading in size and appointment. Be strong consciousness of inviolability and firmness of spirit that it was possible at an o'clock of need the feasible help from you to receive. Only close and entrusted spirits can render it. But, if you are torn apart doubts and uncertainty in the future where then your force is? "Show power of a monolith of the consciousness believing all the in Us. Show the necessary force at the difficult moment of a threshold, show in the Name My", – I Speak.

390. I am for council when put there will come term. On this sign also you will judge the future. For now, without looking on anything, stick to the elected of the direction, as the helmsman – a compass. Aspiration to deviate it same strong, as well as at a vessel in the sea, it is worth letting only a steering wheel go. The constant appendix of will, persistent and firm is necessary not to turn aside. For a minute it is impossible to lose sight of the purposes of the leader. Otherwise not hold the direction. It is necessary to know that the skilled seaman is able to use each wind even opposite, as well as that everything allowed by the Teacher, will serve for advantage final. Foes think you to restrain, but strong it restrain, hitting about protection of the Beam. There are final settlements with karma before destiny change. To you counteracting define the way. My soldiers serve for all as reference points: both friends, and enemies. And joining to them, people determine the future by the essence. Through them many or departed from Me, or came nearer to Me. In centuries it makes sets, - and now time of final office of the people fit for evolution, from the unusable. And if my enemies and enemies of evolution don't recognize you to whom from it is worse? Their way is left. The darkness nevertheless in darkness will direct sooner or later. And the friend even disguised, nevertheless will return to you. Leave in your consciousness a place for immutable. It will be a spirit citadel. In its place is to the Teacher. And let to anybody and will be permitted to concern to nothing a prohibited zone. Even by the ship at turn there is an axis, or the immovability center. All bulk of a vessel turns round it at each this moment though it and is directed forward. Let the Teacher inside will be this center of stability and to defend especially, when waves and a wind are too strong. There is unknown time, and it is necessary to reach it by all means without loss of integrity of the essence. Let's not give the innermost to anybody and anything. Let's keep and will preserve an inner sanctum against chaos invasion. It will be especially strong before the end. To old eyelid the end comes. Whether we are ready in new to enter?

391. (July 23). Friends if you don't give the best thoughts to Me how the attraction magnet will turn out? The thought persistently concentrates on the Teacher, who is focus attracting. Then there is a contact to aura of the Teacher and currents become isolated in contact. There is in psycho mechanics a phenomenon, called Paloria, or full merge of consciousnesses. It is deification of the directed thought. Ability of consciousness of the pupil to get knowledge by direct contact with the Teacher is based on it. The method is simple and difficult at the same time. It is simple because demands only full return of. It is difficult because self-dismissal not is given all. Small thoughts prevent great to catch and remember. It would seem, it is simple – "get out of itself", but where they which are able to do it? Egoism as the heavy block, stupidly and persistently lays down on a way, closing Beams from rising. Not to change the mind a great lot of small thoughts, and all of them to anything. It is easy to do without them if force to find them to reject. But small and unnecessary covers the main thing, and it is necessary to be back to square one the unsuccessful hunter of hidden production. Egoism, break off, don't become between Me and the Teacher of Light. Your celebration didn't give me happiness. Dreams passing terrestrial evidence can't believe a barrier between the Teacher and the pupil. They on that also are given to pass by consciousness, having enriched it with experience necessary. But in it they aren't necessary. They only means to the purpose. The purpose is to reach the Teacher. To take these dreams for the purpose will be a terrible mistake. They will dissipate as the usual dream dissipates anything for itself without leaving. Their brightness and seeming reality only aggravate deception. Maya sons – so we Call them seduced by dreams of terrestrial life; but there come for everyone hour when the veil of a fog rises over the phenomena of life and the eye starts seeing reality. The veil rises and disappears, and the reality remains in all the not denied reality. The teacher Calls to understanding of reality. We are realists- the operating. Points of egoism prevent to see it, reality, in all its beauty. Scum and foam of life don't take for reality. Space is fine, and the way of ascending spirit is fine. On beauty build, and there is a way your terrestrial by inalterability. The Maya, recede.

392. (July 25). Strengthen spirit. Don't trifle the forces where it can be avoided. It's impossible to break the butt end with a lash, and against karma to fight aimlessly. Violently not to receive that in this embodiment isn't necessary. Life heavy, full of tests that the soul eye from Earth was averted is given. It won't be averted from things pleasant and delightful, from conveniences and wellbeing. Means, it is necessary to give a life wrong side that the thought which hasn't been connected by earthly blessings, would be free. And only free spirit can give everything, without being afraid that it will curtail from a way. Falling is from everywhere possible, whatever height reached spirit. And then all it is necessary to make a fresh start. The way which is passed twice is difficult. Indignation of karma is aimless. The shown burden of life should be accepted courageously. It is necessary to reach therefore we will rejoice to everything that promotes it and, burdening circumstances, thereby facilitates a way and approaches to Me.

393. My distant friend if to take life at a rate of her chagrin and difficulties, and it is impossible to live. And it is necessary to live. Means, it is necessary to change the attitude towards them that is not to be afflicted with chagrin, and difficulties not to fear, and not to attach them a lot of significance. It is difficult? What from this? To the Teacher in many, many times more difficultly, and still He doesn't Lose nor cheerfulness, nor belief in the force. It is necessary not to be bent under weight of life considerable force. It is a lot of them, life of the beaten. And we Call them – "the broken souls". And you stand with it is proud to light of the head under whirlwinds of heavy press and still beliefs in the force don't lose. But I with you am. Difficulties and chagrin will pass, and the Teacher remains with you – the winner of life. Honor to break spirit under life blows isn't great. And you stand. After all it isn't difficulties, not in blows, not in chagrin, and in that spirit not to fall. We know heroes before the first collision with life. We know also such that long kept, and persisted in counteraction to circumstances, and still in the end broke, didn't sustain. Also there were their all works vain, for nothing. To what was then a kitchen garden to fence? No, My friend, if to stand, will stand up to the end, to death, which in revival, or in release from the power of Earth over consciousness. And you stand. Even more heavy also is even more desperate seem than circumstance, and you after all stand, knowing that the spirit is indestructible and eternal. Both difficulties, and ease will pass, but your spirit will arrive always. So I Approve you in an inflexible, force and a spirit all-victorious in the face of whirlwinds, waves and difficulties of life. Stand, my friend, knowing that you are invincible and that the Teacher with you.

394. (July 26). Yes! Yes! Especially difficult pieces of a way should be passed, having collected forces inside and without spending them on anything external without extreme need to volume. The way lies in consciousness of the person and consists in consciousness modifications at reaction to influences from the outside and from within. When combinations in a personal horoscope are heavy or when the piece of a spiral of consciousness is especially difficult, it is necessary to show all possible discretion and care not to do harm neither, nor surrounding with unrestrained actions and as though to break off externally and internally. MemoryFase Teacher also will help. Pralaya consciousnesses are inevitable, only it isn't necessary to understand them as rejection or oblivion from or from the Teacher. Pralaya consciousnesses it is characteristic that the bulked-up Maya of evidence denies the World of thin reality. And if to trust in it, to Maya, from the World of the Teacher there will be nothing. But Maya attack will pass as more than once I passed earlier, and cognition and aspiration fires again will flash. The victory already that, despite the phenomena pralaya, contact doesn't interrupt and a rhythm of communication continues to pulse. It is extremely important. It is necessary to hold achievement in every way. Life restricts, breaking all unstable and weak. All not gets rid rises from a bottom of consciousness and follows ways a stumbling block. But we won't be confused anything. But it is firm and with belief we will call the Teacher to the aid. Defeat is impossible therefore stand stronger than the rock. After all even "and it will pass".

395. The devoted pupil insoluble and desperate dissects the most difficult knot of vital artful designs and circumstances a sword of the consciousness directed to the Lord. And the illusive scarecrow of difficulties and hopelessness dissipates, as a fog under a whirlwind. It, this scarecrow, exists while the consciousness won't rise over it and won't escape from its tenacious embraces. The cap of the egoism which has been put on consciousness closes a field of vision, and there is until then an able to see person blind. Attacks, or egoism attacks, are characteristic for recurrence of lunar essence of the person which tries to return itself the lost rights to full possession consciousness. But what this power of a lunar atavism can give it? It will be close to the grown spirit in a close framework of the dumped cocoon. The spirit already spread the wings, already there were flights. Also it won't be able long to sustain a little of a voluntary dungeon of egoism. Procrustovy bed of the former small personality any more won't hold ascending movement of the directed spirit. And the consciousness again will rush forward, having left without regret worn-out clothes of the old person. Not to hold an eagle in a cage if he found forces in itself (himself) it to break. So tear, tear chains, connected your spirit with Earth.

396. (July 27). To be distracted in consciousness from Work of the Lord – whether it is the tragedy for spirit! It is possible to become blind and deaf to ways of the statement of Light that is to lose thin recognition. Therefore it is called as ability to see a soul eye because when light of its eyes is closed, truly, the person plunges into a gloom. It is better to see, or even to imagine more, than is actually, it is better to be mistaken in an anticipation of events, than to arrive in darkness of denial and doubts; because end more than ever is close. And you who so much have passed, arrive up to the end in ardent your readiness to serve Business of the Lord. Dimly around, and only internal light lights up sense of the phenomena and prevents to plunge into darkness. Lights up also life, giving strength live. And forces should be kept by all means to reach the end which and the beginning already lives it will be perfect other. Awfully go blind before the end and to lose prospect. I approve a clear nice victory of business of Light. I approve full transformation of life. The future phenomena of Light under already thin surface of evidence ripen. It will be punched, and flowers of spirit will violently and beautifully cover spaces reorganized, and behind them and all Earth. Not it is good to turn around back before close arrival of the Messenger. Time of completion of construction of the Temple approaches, approaches. The temple of Life will be completed on ruins of the old world. Yes! Yes! I claim! The Lord and permanently victorious, firm, strong creation of steps of evolution of life is unchangeable. On the general, on all-planet, on space understanding of life, but not on personal it is possible to build these steps. The personal egoism, egoism of the personality and the personal relation to the world phenomena have to be dissolved, and the bowl of the personal benefit will be replaced with the Bowl of the Benefit of the General. Otherwise not reach understanding of events. I call to dismissal from myself to accept me and my Business it is orotund. Containment the widest also will be a success sign. You are necessary to Me arrive and from the direction, Specified the Teacher, don't deviate. World to you.

397. My son, it is necessary to be strong always. Condition of weakness of spirit people don't forgive. Awareness of strength of mind in itself is always good. The feeling of the force can be scooped from the Teacher if forces weaken. Knew strong spirit of eremites and hermits; knew strong and weak which were both rich, and poor. Means, it isn't wealth, not in situation, but in the spirit of. Therefore we will approve this force in them, irrespective of something external. It is possible to show this force powerfully even in the face of death. Only the winner of life can show such fearlessness, and I who has won the world, to you on it Specify. Approve the force in the face of the world how there was a life. Let the statement it occur in silence and alone, at least and in the presence of people, but silently and before itself. Don't show; don't show weakness because weakness doesn't say goodbye life. Also know that strong assistants are necessary to me. Showed weaknesses reduce and avoid people when all of them happen. The best way to save up forces is to be alone, but with the Teacher having united in the spirit of. Strength of mind is quality absolute, that is the more it, the better. Let anybody never know and doesn't learn about minutes of shameful weakness. The aura's condition of an organism at these moments is deplorable. And everyone strives to kick, feeling total absence of security. Pay attention to how life and people of those who finds the weakness cruelly beats. The winner is stand and in happiness and misfortune, pleasure and a grief. Over that and another it is necessary to become in the spirit of the winner! Mine, don't give itself to life and circumstances on worry! Waves furiously whip and beat the rock from all directions, both the whirlwind storms, and lightning’s shine, and it costs indestructibly. On the rock of spirit realize the inviolability and be unshakable, like the rock against breakers. And the more furiously elements, the rage more sharply and more stoutly firmness of granite comes to light. So approve in itself the inviolability under blows of waves of a spontaneous matter because the spirit is eternal.

398. (July 28). My son, the Doctrine is given for all occasions. Not to provide everything, but it is possible to channelize. At a firm unification with the Teacher the decision necessary comes easily and naturally. Not a miracle a continuous communication with the Teacher, but not denied reality. How to tell more intelligibly about vitality and the Doctrine practicality? Heavenly and intangible it is transferred to Earth and it is made way of day. And everyone, wishing to approach and be convinced, is able to do it. Only simply curious access isn't present: they will hit about a blank wall of misunderstanding. So, the Teacher Gives the chance to move ahead under any conditions and at everyone’s Specifies how to resist and how to collect forces not to be inclined under their weight. Therefore there are no turncoats among the elite Me. Among the called can be and happen, but after election and the statement a chain of the happiness binding us, becomes indissoluble. In it big consolation and support, because it is hard life is the elected pupil. Who looks for to ease, volume with Us not on the way. After all it is necessary to hold down powerful armor of the spirit, able to bear any blow. Not to hold down it and not to temper in life happy. Let's so consciously accept difficulties of life as an inevitable and indispensable condition of ascension. I want to light up consciousness understanding that these difficulties and tests turned into steps of lifting and more anymore only didn't burden, but, on the contrary, pleased consciousness as an indicator of that advance happens lawfully. The more the spirit, the heavier loading is. The aspiration to be exempted from a burden of the world specifies only that the spirit isn't ready. The phenomenon of readiness should be understood deeply. It isn't without reason spoken about a silver tear of readiness for tests. It is necessary to show readiness of spirit in all its depth.

399. Write even if the thought not at once is caught. It is important to begin that was to what to put. This condition is understood a little. The help is given when is to what to put it when any beginning is made. This initial stage of self-proceeding action is absolutely necessary. Energy directs in a certain direction, and then it already easily attracts to herself conformable elements. Popular wisdom says that under a lying stone and water doesn't flow. It is right. The law is truly understood. Show action, at least its beginning that was to what to put. The law forbids moving logs to which inert people assimilate. Therefore come or knocked, that is action of display, will go forward, shifted by violently foreign will hang on a neck a log. It isn't necessary to wait that someone will specify something, it is necessary to work most, or, in any case, to show the first stage of action that the Teacher Could, without breaking free will, to help with the correct direction. Weathers expecting at the sea can wait in vain. Therefore I Speak: "Act, choosing the sphere conformable". I will help, I Will help, but I Will help in operation, from you proceeding. Laws forbid moving a stone. The hardened hearts have to wake up and, having dumped a hibernation stupor, to reveal itself in operation. Therefore I Repeat: "Act, without expecting that someone will make it for you".

400. (July 29). My friend, in fairy tales is told about how it is difficult to find on Earth of the happy person. The spirit crucified in a matter, can't be happy. Dense evolution is heavy for spirit. The spirit homeland not on Earth is. And only there, in freedom World from manifestations of a dense matter, it learns pleasure of life. But the terrestrial consciousness can't reconcile with it and therefore all life the person chases illusive happiness of terrestrial wellbeing. Whether it finds it, it is possible to be convinced easily, having attentively looked in eyes of people, especially when they don't think that the watch. And as the happiness on Earth isn't present and can't be, it is necessary to look for it in the spirit of because the pleasure and happiness can be claimed only on the plane of the highest, and, having claimed there, it to bring sparks to Earth. The bird stray happiness elevated can fly here casually, but not sustain her long burden of dense conditions. Life is transferred to thought, and in the spirit of there is a statement of the desirable phenomena. It is impossible curve conditions to make direct, but in the spirit of all it is possible if from them to be released. I want to specify that the consciousness directed to the Highest and Distant Worlds, can find there that the person on Earth vainly looks for. The one who puts everything energy the in achievements terrestrial, with them and remains, but won't have part in spirit life. Passing through the bridge, the traveler eternally on it doesn't think to remain. And life on Earth it also is the bridge to life elevated. It is worth understanding its transitivity only. Therefore neither to be late, nor it isn't necessary to stop on the current stream of the dense phenomena too that the consciousness wasn't involved in this stream. The formula "in the world, but other-worldly" is applied in life practically. You, children of Earth, are guests on this planet, and besides the orphans, disinherited. All yours is above. Therefore approve the treasure, the property not here, but in Elevated, knowing that the person has no place even to bend chapters. All yours is in the spirit of. And in Boundlessness it is possible only in the spirit of to pass. Therefore by spirit and in the spirit of also be approved.