Agni Yoga's facets, 1955 (401-500)

401. Yes! Yes! At night we Learn. We use a dream to imprint the necessary prints of thoughts on the consciousness screen. Dream – the phenomenon significant and very deep. The spirit spends time in the sphere. It so important and is necessary that without a dream and possibility of this contact with a source of vital forces and energy of people can't exist. The dream can be deep and vivifying or uneasy and disturbing. Such dream restores forces a little. Sinking into a sleep, the person gets into the ocean invisible and who knows where will bring its whim of a casual wave. But the person has a faithful and reliable assistant is a Hierarchy of Light. The aspiration to It before going to bed will channelize the correct. So the thought the last before immersion in a dream let will be about the Teacher. The consciousness of the person is unrestrained. It can't give freedoms. It as the horse without a bridle will bring not there where it is necessary. It needs the will management. Therefore let the will cares of that to channelize consciousness. The wheel has to be in her hands. At mentally ill people it is absent absolutely or is put tightly and the consciousness rushes at will of waves or in the directions which have been casually accepted earlier as, for example, in case the person will imagine himself any other personality. The course of the ship of consciousness and in a dream can be firm and certain if to that the immutable order of will is given. But fluctuations of awake consciousness can to be reflected and are reflected and in a dream. In a dream the person in the direction accepted in the day if only they will before a backfilling doesn't bring the amendment acts. The condition of a dream demands care and attention. It is possible to sink into a sleep with absolutely exact and certain task having woken up, to reap the fruits of night works of thin consciousness. So the knowledge can grow. But it is necessary to its efforts to put, and besides, systematic. Spasmodic attempts won't yield results. Only the wise man since evening can put thought on heart for the morning to give the decision, or the pupil rhythmic working over it. The Teacher Help, but the effort to put is necessary before. It is a lot of opportunities at the person, only desires it isn't enough to apply of them in practice. But the principle remains invariable: the wanting receives and reaches the desirable. Be able to want firmly and ardently, and achievement won't slow down.

402. (July 30). How many water flowed away, how many conditions were replaced, how many dangers threatened, and all of you stand and you will be as with Me to be above the life river. On the river bank of life the Teacher Sits and Beholds its current, and with It –is the pupil. Eats, drinks, moves, feels, both the person thinks, and sees the phenomena occurring in the world. And it, to some extent, takes part in them, on something in it, imperceptible for an eye, as an immovability axis in a top, not movably and steadily. It also is the one Who Looks, the Silent Witness in you, not subject to changes of the current phenomena. The consciousness can depart far from this center or to come nearer to it. And the closer it approaches to the center of the life, the take its waves of the passing phenomena less. But it is possible to approach so to merge with it together, and then life becomes the river on the bank of which sits Learnt, observing it, but without becoming its part. Live, without being involved in a life wheel, the one who won against the world, who the world, but not from the world, who life, its middle, but at the same time and out of can only. To comprehend essence of these ant provisions will be a sign of comprehension of a duality of the shown world, the highest magic art to neutralize biner as the occultist of the past times would tell. It is possible to own and operate events only at achievement of this condition when the greatest tranquility and balance in the center isn't broken already more by anything. At Us balance indestructible reigns. Its violation would be accident. So We Direct events, having approved the power over. It is necessary to rise out of life to direct it and its currents. That the lever operated, it has to have a point of support, a balance point on both sides of which operating forces are applied. "Give me point of support, and I will lift Earth!"– The ancient scientist exclaimed. This point of support in itself (himself) is found by the one who won against the world and therefore it can apply the action lever to the phenomena of life and move them. But the condition of indestructible balance of the center is the main and immutable. So We Create, so We Move affairs, so We Move evolution and we Lift consciousness human on a new step. And if you want to imitate to some extent at least to us, approve degree of balance due. Balance is an invincible power of the learned spirit; it is the powerful force which doesn’t know barriers and defeats. It is secret of power of spirit.

403. Time when it won't be necessary to spend incredible efforts to keeping spirit at height will come. The magnetism of darkness neutralizing carrying power of Light will be destroyed. Weak it attracts down, strong seeks to stop and takes away forces for further lifting. It presses on heart, it deprives of pleasure of life, and it extinguishes aspiration. It has many conscious assistants and unconscious. The citadel is evil, though lost head, but energy of saved-up black fires is still strong. They extend on the world, inflating a black flame in conformable hearts and harming on wide space. Hearts, to the evil sconsonance, serve darkness. But times others are close. To darkness kingdom over Earth the foreordained end comes. Alll-planets to pressure of darkness upon consciousness too will be punched by the hour, and then heart human from feeling of a pressing gloom becomes free. The pleasure will sound in space, sating hearts, and the tired mankind will freely and easily sigh. It suffers nowadays and tormented from burden of the mental atmosphere. Weight will be removed, and makers of the evil from a planet will leave. Let's move away everything inappropriate and harming to a new step of evolution, and the other not grown we Put in those conditions in which they nowadays laid down people of good will and lighters. The will harming will be put in a framework limiting its distribution and influence on people. By the word of Lords there will be this change. And now suffer, native mine, and wait for desired Hour. You have a future which promptly comes nearer. Not to stop it, not to detain him, both anybody and will deprive nothing of you what should be.

404. (Aug. 1). Let's be glad to living conditions heavy and difficult, as to opportunities to reach the appointed. It is necessary to leave a usual view of things and the attitude towards them. It is necessary to change the point of view simply. If you want to enter into spheres of the Highest Worlds, accept burden of life as steps of inevitability or refuse ascension. Only very high spirit can pass test by terrestrial happiness, abundance, wellbeing, wealth and glory. Solomon sustained, Apolloniy Tiansky sustained, Empedocles sustained, but didn't sustain one hundred and one thousand others. It is necessary already on small to accustom itself to be equally directed and betrayed to Matter of the Teacher both in happiness, and in misfortune, that is in all conditions. Terrestrial to give terrestrial, but at all the highest, that is to prefer terrestrial to the highest. Here also we will learn not to distract from the main thing anything and in the consciousness to give the first place to it. It is good to have things but when they occupy all attention and cover the most necessary, they become poisonous. Their deception, lie and illusoriness are that are given for a while, and the person, giving them all consciousness, believes that they with it remain forever. And when comes to leave time them, and at the same time and all terrestrial environment, begins the spirit tragedy. Attachment to the terrestrial – not in terrestrial, but in consciousness, and leaving Earth, it with itself carries away the property and images of terrestrial things and the conditions which have grown into consciousness is strong and strong. And there, in freedom World, not free spirit continues to cling for these images and the forms not having more than the basis in the dense world and existing only in his imagination. The worst type of self-deception and the self-flattery which essence isn't suspected by the person, of slavery from terrestrial passed to the World Thin turns out. It stops spirit ways because prisoners of spirit continue to stay in fetters voluntary, or in it to be plunged. The Teacher Calls to freedom from slavery at Maya illusions, and not having the easily destroys. Not having the and nothing considering can freely enter. But the slave doesn't have an entrance.

405. Time when the thoughts approved and sent by us to the world, receive the ardent statement came. Increase of process of implementation and its acceleration will increase. Consciousnesses will accept them in an acceleration progression. One accepted statement with an iron inflexible will cause another, stronger and accelerated. Not to stop this phenomenon. The fiery rhythm of a coming era powerfully affects in it. As the avalanche flies from height, accelerating the movement, and the Beams which are reviving raise to consciousness to human them which on influences starts sounding habitually. Inertia of acceleration under the law works. This factor during being made world events should be considered. And not define life of tomorrow on yesterday. Events one behind another because ripen invisibly under our Beams will promptly accrue. Whether can stop something them? No. There is no such force in the world. In total: both that and others, both these and they are everything will wait for their outcome with increasing impatience because time came. Terms cause events and when they, these terms, come, the necessary phenomena victoriously enter into life – therefore rejoice you knowing value of terms. Anything obvious and considerable couldn't and can't come before term; but it is easy, freely and naturally the most impossible comes and improbable, but predicted by us, when time comes. And nowadays time came. Also it is necessary to be executed by expectation of implementation of everything which has been foreordained by us. Truly, considerable witnesses you will become. Not resist will of the separate people, even at power standing, against Ours decisions. Counteracting we will clean, the raging we Restrain also necessary and intended to take a place on the arena of historical life we Put forward to terms conformable. They already are performers of my outlines, conscious employees of Light and the Evolutions which are meeting the requirements of the future Era of Fire, developing all new pages in process of approach of terms are already ready. To unknown time came to come. Victoriously Light will enter into life. And you knowing and waiting, be ready to meet the statement it in forms terrestrial conscious. I'm saying.

406. (Aug. 2). The consciousness has tendency to move on old tracks thoughts. It is approach usual. We Approve singularity! Therefore are dug in space of new channels of thought will be the correct understanding of evolution. Evolution of thought is a gain of the unknown. To be content with that is already known, and further not to dare the thought a mistake will direct. It isn't necessary to be frightened the unknown. It can be studied and studied if the persistent and sharp thought directs to its spheres. Let's take a question of the intercourse with the Distant Worlds – area new, inaccessible and low-investigated by mankind. It is available to Us, and a lot of things are already made by us in this direction. And our task – to transfer the opportunities reached by us to hands of people. But it is necessary that also they helped and met Us, having rejected all denials and preconditions about impossibility of the distant intercourses. For thought and thought probably everything, therefore, should be looked for the solution of a question in the sphere of manifestation of thought. By the interplanetary ships, even in a body astral not achieve the Distant Peace. But in a body mental, in a body of thought and thought – it is possible. Thinking of a subject close or far, we immediately establish with it magnetic connection, that is we unite to it mentally. On this channel of connection there are thought vibrations from a subject to consciousness and from consciousness to a subject or object of thought, be it a thing, either the living being, or a plant. This magnetic communication can be strengthened, having brought it to degree of visibility, audibility and a sensation. Thinking so of the distant friend, it is possible to feel a condition of its spirit and to catch details of its environment: words, thoughts, situation and so on. Often we feel moods of close people though, perhaps, they it is far. We feel a lot of things and a lot of things we know mentally, without giving Me in it the report. It is necessary to bring consciousness in this area and, having found dozing abilities and having aggravated them observation and keenness, to do attempts already far, already aspirations in area unknown. The distant Worlds exist on the plan physical. They are at distances huge. For thought there are no distances. To reach a subject in other room and, say, Venus, identical time is required. Difference only what to concentrate on a familiar subject it is easy; on a far star it is difficult. But Flammarion concentrated and therefore knew much more than others. He mentally lived in the Worlds Distant and among them. So, for thought available al is. The thought separates from consciousness and flies to object on which concentrates. It is the first step. The second is more difficult. The consciousness together with thought or consciousness in thought directs in space and reaches object of aspiration. The mental body together with consciousness can leave physical and bring distant impressions. It is easier to receive them during a dream. Otherwise full conscious mastering by all three covers and ability consciously to operate in each of them on the corresponding plans is required. For it we Prepare pupils, and some of them already many can. It is important to understand that it is possible that to success the thought has to be premised. The deep concentrated aspiration of thought in the chosen direction and attempt to keep the received impressions and thoughts in consciousness will be the first steps in this direction. Let the thought direct to the Distant Worlds, both a response, and sounds of far spatial life will arrive to you. It is possible. It is achievable, and to move consciously in this new and unknown direction it is possible to begin. The teacher Gives the guarantee to that the aspiration in the field of the unknown brings obvious consequences and results.

407. Refuse a pity lot to be the slave to own generations. Courageous there is in the power of the courageous thoughts, a coward – cowardly, the optimist – joyful, the person sad – sad. Everyone is conducted by thought, and over everyone his own thoughts dominate. But after all the thought is generated by him, but after all power of thought and the power of thought of people over gives it. Both the creator and beget of thought becomes subordinated to the generation. And as the born thought gets over consciousness force of influence obvious, therefore, it is all about what thoughts to give rise and by that to give them the power over. The first step of release from the power of undesirable and harmful thoughts will consist in establishing strict control at their choice, at the origin of thought which is in will of the person. The thought is generated by will. It is necessary not to miss only the moment and not to allow the birth of negative thoughts. The statement of ability to throw out from consciousness harmful thoughts which have already arisen in it if the moment of their origin was missed or if the thought arrived from the outside casually will be the second step to mastering by thought or is sent for the purpose of thin influence. The thought submits to will. The will can be operated any thought, it is as though strong was if the will is rather strong. Therefore the person neither the, nor others generations because the Supreme power over thought belongs to him shouldn't fear. This power if it is realized, it can always put, it is necessary only that the will, it wanting, was stronger than will, thought of the generated. Fire of will is put by consciousness in thought on power of consciousness and will. But the thought with the particle of crystallized will enclosed in it and released by consciousness, is a being of a certain potential, increase which it can't so quickly, and the main thing, is conscious and by order of will as the person can make it.

The consciousness of each this thought and consciousness of the person of the phenomenon of a different order, and consciousness of the person can strain the fiery potential infinitely while the independent growth of the thought let out in space is limited by known conditions. However, thoughts grow in space in the direction while the consciousness of the person can strain fire of will and change character and essence of thoughts voluntarily and consciously to exceed power of any counter foreign or former own thought. In it is a primacy of spirit, its Supreme and sovereign power over any flesh, as well as over a flesh, or a matter, thoughts. Understanding of the Supreme and final power over thought and the mental World of people has to realize before he will feel opportunity to realize it. It is necessary to understand a formula "I can and want" or "I want, so I can". The miser collects treasures, and it becomes their weak-willed slave. The wise collects treasures of thoughts and spirit, becoming their lord and the owner. In it all difference. But also in that and in other case the power over and the power of people approves. It is possible to approve the power and to give the power over only from a pleasure, conscious or unconscious, own will. To awakening of power and power of own will, the Lord because Service to Light without this statement is impossible Calls for the statement of its boundless fiery potential. The one who is under the power of any thoughts: or others, bad or good, no domination over thought has and is the hidden or obvious slave. To be the slave to bad or good thought as it is unworthy how to be the slave to the good or bad person; because, the slavery is slavery, whether it keeps chains from roses or iron. The teacher to freedom Calls, to freedom from any slavery, the, or others and whose that was. And the power over thought will be a most necessary step to the statement of this freedom. Specify on an urgent need of understanding of this step. Also I Repeat: It isn't necessary for me slaves.

408. (Aug. 3). Well sometimes thought terrestrial to come off life and mentally to stay in spheres elevated, after all it is necessary to arrive to them after release of spirit from a body. Well it is clear to imagine conditions of other existence and to understand laws, them operating. The consciousness has to accustom itself to these conditions in the spirit of not to be frightened and to be surprised surprises and an originality of life extra dense. There the person as well as on Earth, lives in a body, but in a body thin which is very similar on physical in the expression, but it is less dense, extraordinary movably and easily. As well as the physical body, it is set in motion by thought and the will order, but it becomes with much bigger ease. There is enough thought slightest that it, like a bird, directed in the desirable direction. I speak about people, nothing connected and not burdened on Earth because the consciousnesses which have broken laws of life, can stay in a stone immovability, even bitterer, than terrestrial because it nestled in their consciousness. But there everything moves thought, and the consciousness which isn't allowing their lives and movements, thereby dooms itself to immovability. Therefore, opportunities consist in consciousness and its accumulation that is in the knowledge acquired on Earth. Freedom or coherence of consciousness, flights or immovability, or movement, like a turtle, depends on recognition by the person of the opportunities. If there everything moves thought, so there everything depends on thought. The thought can be held down by ignorance or ignorance which deprives of the person even a freedom of movement. The person, on Earth thinking always only about Earth and in a terrestrial way, in the same way will think and arrive there, and besides in everything. Here on Earth also it is necessary to be exempted from this limited and suitable thinking that wings of spirit weren't tied, because that you will connect on Earth, it will be connected and in heavens, that is in World Elevated, World Thin where their lives the person after death of a body. Release is forged on Earth by reflection about World Elevated and aspiration to comprehend its laws. And on Earth, and there everything is created by thought. But on Earth thought realization, or the plan in life demands sometimes improbable efforts, or tension, as, for example, gardening of the desert or North heating; but in World Elevated the thought cast in accurate finished forms, in them also receives the concrete expression and exists there in bright colorful images, without needing physical efforts and work as it takes place on Earth. On Earth it is only primary stage of creativity, in the same place – final. In it is a difference. All products of creative imagination get there the real forms visible to an eye and replacing to the person that he saw and felt on Earth. With loss of the physical world that gets the world for the person the only reality in which he also exists in the same way as it happens to it in the world terrestrial when he forgets about the elevated last existence. So, the World Thin with all originality of the forms and expressions becomes the World of reality for the person. This world should be known and it is necessary to study still here, on Earth to come to it prepared. "It is necessary to prepare for death", – the old formula of human thoughtlessness says. "It is necessary to prepare for life, – We Speak, – to life after end of a cycle of life terrestrial because life, but not the death is appointed to the person". Leaving there with thought of death, really, the person for life in that world because the thought causes in Elevated life or death of consciousness dies. It should be understood first of all. The engine is Agni who has been saved up during lifetime on Earth. Without Agni the thought will be powerless. The people, who have chiseled it on Earth, doom themselves to dim existence in darkness of spirit. Means, to recognize immortality more not enough, it is necessary also to save up the talents given at the birth that is to increase Agni, the treasure, mental, or the fiery energy being at the disposal of each person. Difficult is there to spendthrifts. And, at last, it is necessary to have though any communication with Hierarchy of Light not to appear there a straw in the sea when there is nothing to grasp. There are powerful currents and whirlpools which can far carry away the consciousness not approved on Hierarchy which strong will feel the full helplessness thanks to novelty of conditions. Here that most small that the person should know before great transition in Unknown.

409. And I Speak: "To a karma destiny don't oppose". The karma can't be broken. It is possible to change, and it is easy, but spirit and in the spirit of. Its dense expression remains, but the attitude towards her in the spirit of can change so, what even the heavy karma will lose the bitterness and the power over consciousness. The karma is imperious on the corresponding planes, but there are spheres where its action stops. The dense karma, thin karma and karma mental are various. And the mathematician, who karmic has entered into the inheritance, can have an unenviable karma terrestrial, and the pupil of a high step – to be aggravated by circumstances extraordinary. But it is necessary to remember that the press allowed by the Highest Forces, never passes without advantage. Everyone bears the good fruits. And the heavy karma terrestrial weaves a shining highest karma to spirit – her winner. The winner of karma – is given for the first time this name by me. Yes! Yes! Yes! It is possible to become the winner of karma. The winner of karma is, first of all, the spirit which not bent under its blows and has won it in the spirit of. It is impossible to win against karmas a body if the person was born, we will put, lame or ugly, but in the spirit of influence it can be neutralized. Therefore the solution of karmic problems should be looked for in the spirit of. Freedom from karma only is in the spirit of. And this freedom once won, becomes karma of the person. It is possible to notice how communication of the Teacher with the pupil proceeds over a dense karma which is used by the Teacher in the most useful way. Therefore I Speak: "Better, more deeply, more consciously in Light Mine arrive because provided that everything I Can turn on advantage". With Me the karma because I Teach it to win isn't terrible also. The way of an ascension of spirit is called by a victory because consists in continuous overcoming something and mastering by something, that is victories over these or those conditions or the phenomena of life of a various order. To the winner of one step it is given following, following – new, and so endlessly because evolution of consciousness is boundless. Therefore we Call the going Arhat the winner of life and winner of a karma. In the spirit of a victorious it is impossible to lose. The condition of spirit always and under any conditions has to be victorious because there is no force in the world which can break spirit, the foreordained to a victory. Know and remember: I Won against the world.

410. (Aug. 4). My son, we will consider that in the course of your growth the most important is reached, namely: value of the Teacher as the Cornerstone put in a sub foundation of the temple of spirit is realized. The century of Cali Yugi was an eyelid of the ardent adoption of terrestrial gravitations and the phenomena terrestrial, nowadays there comes an era of an eminence of spirit, and spiritual will receive overweight over physical and dense. Fire will be the agent of the statement of the world of spirit. To its understanding the mankind will come, and its kingdom as a basis of life human will be approved. Therefore the New Era of spirit is called Fiery. It is necessary to approach to understanding of fiery essence of the Universe widely because fire is the engine of life and life. Matter life, life of a plant and animal life is shown in movement. In the basis of each movement fire in this or that form lies. Fiery-Universe, that is Space taken in its fiery aspect, also represents itself the World the Fiery, physical world finishing by visible to an eye. Certainly, fire bipolar. The law of a polar and magnetic mutually attractions as powerfully work in fire World, as well as in the world dense, because the world dense and the World Fiery only sides of uniform Space. But forms physical temporary also are unstable while fiery forms are stable. The highest, the most invisible, the most imperceptible is most strong, long and is steady. The plant can be lost and replace thousands forms, but the fiery essence of grain has time. Therefore when we Speak about spirit grain, we Mean something which isn't destroyed by time and death not a subject. This division on dense, temporary, and fiery, eternal, it is necessary to understand. Fire lies in the basis of temporary forms and the phenomena, but as force, as the energy giving to them life. Life shown also is fire which is showing through dense forms. Any movement in a matter is caused by fire. Elements of the earth, water and air exist, but their motive force is fire. Both water and the earth are connected with fire closely because flint gives sparks, and sodium, connecting to water – a flame. But even these examples are already excessive as an atom structure fiery, be it atom of hydrogen or oxygen of which the water molecule consists. It is important to understand a fiery basis of a matter, and then fiery aspect of Space, and together with it and planets, becomes logically inevitable representation of essence of the shown world. The person, being a being fiery, can accumulate in the organism this fire and, having saved up its enough, to use this force for management of the lowest elements of the earth subordinated to it, water and air. In ancient legends it is spoken about the master of waters, the master of spirits of the earth and air that is about the master of elements and examples of taming of a wind, a storm, earthquakes, that is underground fire are given. The fiery force, fire, in himself accumulated, mental energy saved up, the person can create these phenomena. It not miracles, but only ability use the forces and knowledge. Miracles aren't present. There is only that the person knows and that doesn't know. A lot of things already know mankind, learns even more. Legends are expression of the reliable knowledge, once conducted to people, but nowadays forgotten. Electricity, heavenly fire, the once being in the disposal of god-Thundered, nowadays it is reduced to Earth and serves the person, thanks to buildings huge gidro-and power plants. The Christ Wanted to reduce fire to Earth, nowadays partially his desire is carried out. But the most powerful accumulator heavenly, or, or rather, spatial fire, the most powerful going power station is the person. And our task is leading it to understanding of the opportunities and the power. Even the electric slope knows how to accumulate energy fiery. Means, for a live organism it is quite possible. And hair crack under a comb, and sparks pour from eyes, and sparks flash at a contact a hand when the charge of electricity is high in a body – the word, everything indicates communication of an organism with spatial fire. We Specify as fiery force can be saved up in itself how to increase the fiery potential of the person how to become a being who is consciously using mental fiery energy, being the most valuable property of the person. The collector of treasure we Call the one who does it consciously. It is possible; it is possible to accumulate this energy valuable. The majority wastes it. It grows from understanding, from application, from its continuous exercise in operation. Basis of its force is concentration, but not dispersion. Concentration, restraint, possession of, control over itself, the actions, feelings, and thoughts will be the first steps on the way of mastering by this wonderful energy. In due course the Teacher Specify, how this power to grow up. One can be told: the way of cognition of the Doctrine of Life and application it in practice is at the same time a way of increase of fiery power in the person.

411. Friends if the Doctrine My didn't become for you the life basis, so its essence remains not understood. Understand, without the Doctrine it is impossible. How differently to understand life and its appointment! How differently comprehend existence of the person on a planet. Fabrications human lives are far from true understanding. How the consciousness with eternal torments of a hell for short terrestrial life or what with death of a body for the person all comes to an end can be reconciled? It is a lot of false doctrines and many false concepts were thought up by people. And still in many respects it is possible to find benefit and truth particles. Only fanatic and denial Are rejected by us as something is unconditional the harmful. In all good, even limited, we will look for good and to reject the evil. But only completeness of the Doctrine of Life can satisfy consciousness because it covers everything, and all good that people have in favorite them doctrines. The lie remains lie, Truth – Truth therefore distorts pour Great Doctrines we Do not consider as heralds of Truth. Came to reconsider time philosophical and religious baggage of mankind and all false and to withdraw all distortions. To the aid the science, strict, honest and impartial has to be called. Proofs of Truth and lie will be. One from another should be separated. It is impossible to feed more already the grown consciousness with unsubstantiated fairy tales or unclear symbols keys from which are lost. It is necessary to confess to someone in own ignorance and ignorance of Bases. A lot of things should be cleared, and then fundamental principles of former Great Doctrines again will begin to sparkle beauty of Space Truth because will be exempted from garbage of human heaps and fabrications. The best and knowing will have to start this urgent task; differently it can threaten with new dams. Someone should refuse and hand over from something positions of the infallibility and non-recognition of century delusions. There is time of clarification all-planet when a ryegrass seeded by the owner of land in the heart of the spiritual centers, will be withdrawn. The lie and obscurantism will be not included into the New World.

412. (Aug. 5). Singularity of thoughts and impressions accompanies aspiration in uncertainty, and a task becomes unusual to make usual. Immersion in Akasha's rolls or in the future can't be accompanied by usual impressions. It too is areas of the unknown. To concentrate doesn't mean yet consonance. It is necessary to cause the accord with to what the consciousness is directed. I give a singularity example: in space of the highest measurements of a ratio of things change absolutely: close becomes far, far – to relatives, the past and the future – present, top – a bottom, the bottom – top and the center of everything is consciousness learning. All usual ideas of things are broken. As firmly it is necessary to stand on the feet not to become puzzled. Impenetrable becomes permeable, motionless mobile and unusual – usual living conditions in the Highest Worlds. Magic staff of thought in hands of the person, and once it waves and to make the wish wished immediately appears before eyes. Both the carpet plane and a cap of darkness, and Alladin's magic lamp – everything is at the disposal of the consciousness which has seized knowledge of the supreme laws. Stay in World Elevated can be the most wonderful page in human life: the most impossible on Earth is carried out there. The magic force, able to create all these phenomena, there will be same ubiquitous and all-powerful Agni – the creative fire given in possession to the person. The person who has found treasure, all the thoughts directs on that to protect it. There is no more valuable treasure at the person, than fire which is crystal deposited in the Bowl. And enhancement of the found Treasure becomes the purpose of life terrestrial the person. The carrier of the Stone increases crystals it the necessary and useful effects. Each action, act, emotion, thought or give crystals of new deposits, or burn the already saved up. Therefore people on collecting, on stores, and on spendthrifts share. The parable about talents remains in force and until now. Pay attention to how people rush about on the parties, evading from the most important, from the most necessary. Whether it is good to save up money and things, but concerning a stock of fiery energy to remain devastated? Saved-up fire in the form of Stone Treasure in the Bowl the person to the Worlds carries away with himself the Highest, and it truly serves it where without fire of people – anything. So, supervising each movement, can know collecting fiery power, it increases it or wastes. Exhaustion of actions because such uncontrolled, dismissed and senseless actions terribly devastate a treasury is unacceptable. In each action the emergency ration of energiya which isn't subject to delivery because otherwise consciousness worry by circumstances or people is inevitable has to be kept. Therefore restraint in the actions demanding big expenses of mental energy is extraordinary, necessary, important and necessary. People spend themselves unrestrained actions. Be preserved in every way against the phenomenon of exhaustion of action when the protecting network and the person hangs assimilate to a squeezed orange. Give to people part of treasure of energy, having strong control over the Stone. Light of the Stone, but at all Stone – in it all difference is given. And light, and also it is warmly possible to give, but only not crystals of deposits. Don't forget that concentration of consciousness, restraint and tranquility will be guardians of Treasure of the Stone. It is very necessary in a long way in all worlds. Time find to give the most necessary. Even at thought of it mental energy amplifies and grows. Even the mention of fire increases its inflow magnitno. Even the thought of Treasure forces the Stone to shine and be shone. Carriers of the Stone realize its power. There is no that money on Earth for which it could be bought. With thought of Treasure fall asleep, with thought of it wake up and you remember that your task – to increase it.

413. I dreamed the river opened from ice. The river wasn't absolutely cleared yet of ice.

414. Yes! Yes! Yes! I claim ice of the world is hacked. The river of life was freed from fetters. And the last chains imposed on life and consciousness not to return any more how not to return last year's snow. And new won't be because fire kindled ice covers forever. As in the Ice Age, in a Century Black there was Earth under ice of misunderstanding of great laws of life. The geological era of Earth was and came to an end, nowadays passed and ended historical – dark, bloody history of the old world. The World New entered board. Soon, soon, counteraction of powers of darkness will run low soon. The pleasure goes. Long-awaited spirit goes. There is a statement of a kingdom of the spirit which has won darkness. You, Me called, responded and approved as me, rejoice to an embodiment of words of the Teacher in life. To you Specify to be in the last readiness for approach of Great Days. Leave doubts, leave uncertainty, leave complaints and discontent with trifles of the present day because Great Days come. In a unification with Me it is necessary to meet them joyful and in understanding. It will be easy to you because you know sense and value of the events. Therefore I Speak: "Rejoice, children! ". Your grief was great, but and your pleasure will be perfect. Days of grief came to an end, came to an end, days of pleasure expect you because you have eyes and ears. Your pleasure left again to come back decupled when will strike Hour of Pleasure. Had hour of fight, hour of test and long time of grief that could approach to Me even closer. Also approached, and the word about the Pleasure forgotten on Earth, I Meet you, Me recognizing even before Arrival. You catch nowadays spatial sounding of pleasure, it will ring everything stronger. You remember the hall of pleasure expects you who have enjoyed a bowl of grief.

415. (Aug. 6). My son, include the future in the sphere of influence of will. Plasticity it allows to allow the necessary changes. The will edge as though pierces in crystallizing patterns of the future, forced to join dense forms, and makes in them desirable changes, and emphasis is placed not on possible combinations, and on the images created by will for their statement on Earth. Thus, a usual current or the combination of circumstances, not in time yet to accept dense visibility, will it is possible to change always if it is rather strong and force exceeds it force of the energiya which are combining for their display in the conditions of dense visibility. The future can be met as it goes, without interfering in it will, but it is possible, expecting a current of events, to bring in them the amendment. Dark boxes consciously abuse will, but this lawlessness on Earth is more already intolerant, and soon to it will be put an end. And then it will be possible to give to people for broad using knowledge of some supreme laws which will allow them to use for the good of the energy, being in possession of the person. It is necessary to remember one: the will directed consciously on crystallization of desirable thin forms which have to then are shown in the world dense, always has on the current of events the certain impact, strong or weak depending on degree of an fiery of will and its tension. This tension invisible and unheard occurs in silence at full attenuation of passionate movement in the lowest conductors. Therefore the violent, passionate, frenzied desire usually isn't granted and doesn't bring desirable results, and is frequent even on the contrary while silent, silent, but the strong thought creates the necessary consequences. The plane of a display of fiery energiya of spirit is higher, the consequence is more effective. So the forms created by a combination of the reasons preceding them, it is possible to replace, new, and to receive new unexpected combinations and new consequences. But for this purpose the old forms expected to identification, have to be destroyed. They can be burned simply a beam of fiery thought, and then released energy, earlier in them directed, will join the new forms created for this purpose creative by will of the person. Usually the phenomena of the future flow on habitual tracks. These a track and commonness collapse, and the new channel, the new track, directing current force in the approved direction is created. Savl's example is in this regard very instructive. Let's follow an example historical. Without our help of it wouldn't happen. Powers of darkness would strangle movement right at the beginning. So is psycho logging not only world events, but also whole eras? Beams of the Hierarch are the Driver of a planet work powerfully. Heptahedron – the performer of Its Will. Deserts prosper the center of future Culture accustoms, the consciousness of people – all these results of fiery influence of the Heptahedron regenerates. Both in big, and in small, and in individual, and collective – the same law everywhere works. The great future expects the Leading Country because We Gave it fate the best and claimed in substance of a spontaneous matter we don't destroy not destroyed pictures and images of its shining future. They should approved be in life. Therefore I Speak: light-mirror of the future, light-and radiant magnificence of beauty unknown. Because I Told "Beauty" and the certificate Gave about her statement on Earth is.

416. Great Agni, Fire, the creator of the Sky and Earth, flaring in a breast of the person and burning in all that around. For the sake of understanding you and mastering by your power I came to this world. For the sake of comprehension you there are I from a star on a star on an infinite way of an ascension of spirit. The spirit – fire, the world – fire, everything on fire is conceived and comes to the end with fire. Fires, fires, fires! Fire which is coming to the end with Light, Light infinite, Light perfect, Light crowning Boundlessness. Fiery Boundlessness and Light at its tops is.

417. I say for general data that the thought in space isn't destroyed and that if came to sate time it with new ideas, sooner or later there are they property of all mankind. So the world moves. The thought moves. It becomes common property as there was it a thought of rotation of Earth or the electronic theory. At first the few, and then the majority acquire ideas of an eyelid, and the consciousness of mankind extends. This process goes constantly, but at changes of eras and races it happens promptly. The advanced minds which are carrying out a role of knots of transfer become distributors of new ideas. They bear special loading. In it their merit is before mankind. But to punch thickness of human denial and misunderstanding those who go ahead are called, and, especially, who conducts. Especially heavy and ungrateful work falls to their lot. Before accepting, people have to and doubt, both rise, and to show counteraction then to recognize and consider already as not denied truth. Often the knowledge is darkened by the subsequent stratifications, and the truth learned is lost for a while then again to return. And often happens and so that the general recognition yet doesn't prove truth recognized, and then false doctrines and ideas arise. Their sowers are servants of darkness. Ideas of truth and thought of the evil fight in space, and people choose between them that are closer to consciousness of everyone. The science role in this process is huge. But that it was beneficial, the science has to be the defender of reliable knowledge, but not human fabrications and fashionable theories. The true knowledge is knowledge undoubted that is reality knowledge. Visibility and evidence isn't reality. The reality lies in the basis truly real, but the person not assumed or imagined by mind. About blood circulation in a body people learned some honeycombs years ago, and till that time didn't know. It is idea of times of Leonardo yes Vinci, -a before lived without it. A lot of ignorance still reigns over minds. Many terrible and false distortions are general ideas of things. For example is concept of death and idea of the self-sufficing visible dense world without existence World Invisible. Work on clarification of consciousness human from false ideas and representations and according to new and true is great. Many false bases are nowadays destroyed, and the field for crops of new ideas is cleared away widely. It is necessary Great Crops. There will come time of Great Crops soon. Knowing it is necessary to show readiness for when terms will come.

418. (Aug. 7). My son, be not surprised to sad destiny rejected the Doctrine because they chose the way. The way chosen the Doctrine is difficult, but is gloomily heavy rejected it. If treachery doesn't take a place, they again will return, but how many strokes of bad luck it is necessary to assume before it happens. But the main thing that, having concerned Light, it is impossible to be content already with a gloom, and the feeling of a constant dissatisfaction will accompany the consciousness which has quitted World. And our help won't accompany them, and the Beam – to protect, and there is nobody will be to address for it a minute of need and danger. In the rough sea they which have rejected the Doctrine of Life are similar to a blind puppy. The logic of evidence won, Maya replaced reality, and the world of visibility dense became for them the only reality. It is a lot of invited, but it isn't enough elite. That to become the elected, it is necessary to have determination to go all the way, having staked. Only believing on Us all consciousness, it is possible to resist. Thousand occasions, one thousand reasons, one thousand proofs will arise obvious, logical and not denied and leaders to, that doubt. Because the doubt not outside, but in the heart which hasn't been approved in Light, always arises and always bears fruit. There would be a doubt, and proofs and the facts, it supporting and confirming, always will be or will be obligingly thrown by a shaggy hand. Therefore there is no rescue from a boa of doubt allowed it in heart. Firmness of stability in Light is approved contrary to and counter to evidence narrow-minded, and logic of a full stomach, and sorrow less, safe existence. Who from them, worker of General Welfare, was content with a full stomach or a stupor of life free and carefree? All suffered, and all thought not of themselves, but of people, of how to bring Light to them. Not to sustain to weak heart of tension of dedication therefore only solved with Me to pass all way up to the end – our Help, Love and Care. We love also them, in darkness going to term, but a communication thread, the thread of heart is forged from a number of qualities. So the hardness and stability we Welcome as the qualities necessary for the pupil. Shaking and heeling, flying up on crests of waves and plunging into failures between them, there is a ship by the rough sea, but the direction isn't changed and it doesn't deviate, a breast dissecting a powerful pressure of elements, both firmly and directly the purpose reaches. Goes, not looking on everything changes of the atmospheric and spontaneous conditions. Both in waves and during calm the course remains invariable. The direct, steady way to the Lord, despite everything and contrary to everything is a way of the winner. Feeble-minded, cowardly, sad, broken by life, spirit of the hung, moral poverty – it isn't necessary. Where they if to give they even eagle wings will depart? Wings of one a little, it is necessary to have eagle heart, both an eye, and courage and regal spirit to approve a victory over darkness terrestrial. Yes! Yes! To victory of spirit we Create anthems; to victory over a flesh, victory over, victory is over the world. And I Tell it to you that knew because I Won against the world.

419. (Aug. 8). And if you, despite all the mistakes, offenses and delusions, persistently also persistently aspire to the Lord, observing a rhythm where you nevertheless will come? You will come to the Lord. The plow in movement doesn't rust. The track on which go daily doesn't grow. At the nature it is possible to study, its rhythms are how immutable. The train goes to destination, and it is unimportant, what mood at the driver if the necessary work is performed as it is necessary. As the main movement of spirit is observed, passing moods and conditions of spirit have no crucial importance. Care not about moods and passing feelings, and about the most important. So, having separated essential from alluvial and temporary, it is possible to keep firmly on a way. It will be promoted by a rhythm approved. The rhythm accumulates and strengthens inertia of movement and when the condition of spirit is low, easy and freely transfers consciousness through a blackout strip. Besides, fruits of rhythmical work usually happen are very plentiful. If you want that your career was fruitful, enter into it a rhythm. It will be the right guarantee of success. And if it doesn't manage to be reached in everything, in most important, vitally necessary and decisive, it is absolutely necessary. Otherwise not to resist and not to sustain waves of constantly being replaced phenomena of life. In all that you want to keep up to the end, a rhythm approves. As well as in work charged. Even in movements and gestures the rhythm doesn't wear out an organism while gusty, nervous, random motions carry away a lot of vital force. It is especially applicable and to aspiration. The spasmodic aspiration by results usually equals to zero, but constancy of a rhythm, in aspiration is showing, and surely moves forward. Even the steel car doesn't maintain interruptions, especially such thin device, as mentality of the person. Let's study ability to keep energy of spirit by rhythm application. On random motions and actions there will be no energy how its stock was great. In actions and movement it is necessary to think of a rhythm.

420. "The hand the giving yes won't become scanty" – such precept of the Highest Donation. The good fortune stream access to which is found doesn't stop. But also its radiations from received it don't stop. The interaction wheel – receiving and returns – works then under the law. It is easy to break the law; it is worth imagining only that it is given for the personal use and advantage. It also will be the end of its receiving from above. The wheel of action of the law, on the contrary, specifies that the exchange is necessary and return causes receiving. It goes consciously and unconsciously because the growing potential of light at contact it with environment constantly gives the surplus by the principle of being reported vessels. To give too little – it is bad, too much – it is dangerous to aura and a protecting network. The golden mean is necessary. But a devastation of a treasury very dangerously as opens access to the enemy. It is impossible to distribute thoughtlessly or long to adjoin to people, without filling up a stock of spent energy. Energy of Light, though is invisible to an eye, however any other energy is subject to the same laws of accumulation, preservation and return, as well as. The treatment of fire demands ability and care. At inaction it goes out. At return, that is over expenditure, decreases and decreases in force, doing the person helpless and defenseless. The fiery mode, or mode of the correct maintenance of mental energy, is a possession conditions it. In this regard constant vigilance is especially necessary and necessary. Vigilance will give a sign when delivery reaches the norm permitted by the law. There is nothing to worry about it that who has nothing to give. But Light carriers, fearful, have to remember it. Many, not attended to patrol, ruined themselves and burned the body. Not the merit to be torn to pieces mentally the admirers. But not only to it, but also light of a fireful is necessary to another. The Christ Went from people to the desert when the spent energy needed to resupply. But not everywhere there are deserts and not always it is possible to leave. Specify «Silence, loneliness and the aggravated restraint at contact with people can help with expression of much. Means when silence and loneliness are impossible owing to conditions, restraint will be protective armor under which cover process of accumulation of energy fiery is possible. Certainly, this restraint is combined with balance and tranquility. I advise to pay special attention on stores of mental energy. Stores we Call the qualities creating the necessary conditions for its accumulation. Courage and determination already force energy. Firmness and ardent devotion to the Teacher, desire of Service, love to the Lord and many others – all of them create magnitno the attracting conditions attracting to the owner their stock of updated fiery power. The same strength is given by creations of beauty and shapes of heroes and acts heroic, self-rejection and fearlessness examples. Is ways press precious energy much. Attentively observe spendthrifts and arrive on the contrary. The mistake won't be. This subject is inexhaustible. The question of accumulation of fiery force is important extraordinary. It is possible to study, as everywhere and in everything to collect precious force. To this question we will return yet time in view of its special value and vitality.

421. (Aug. 9). It would be ridiculous, performing any responsible work, to forget for what it is made and not to know its sense. But in relation to life of people is in such situation. Many different things, but without sense are done. Acts and actions aren't integrated by the purpose uniform and therefore aren't comprehended. Something turns out illogical and insolvent. From the same root there is also a majority of harmful and inexpedient acts. As it is possible to demand from the person of the correct actions if he doesn't know, why lives, doesn't recognize the Invisible Worlds and their communication with visible and doesn't understand passing essence of dense existence, say, if there is no synthetic representation of life. I don't Speak about dark, some of them know something, but nevertheless serve darkness. I speak about people usual. The great tragedy of mankind consists in this misunderstanding of the purpose and sense of terrestrial existence. Live, eat, drink, something strenuously do, strive, fuss, worry – and all this in vain, has no direct leading thread. Nowadays this misunderstanding and denial of Bases reached the enormous sizes. As if someone put on all the dark glasses which aren't passing light, and stuffed up ears. Blind and deaf dead persons (walking) I Called Savior of people. After all and I Told directly: "Provide dead to bury dead, you follow me". How many was these followers, whose eyes and ears were open and mind isn't saddened? And how many those, able see, now? Whether all are almost deaf, blind and dead spirit? Not better business at followers and other Great religions is. All went blind, both all became deaf, and all lost reason. As it is possible to live and something to do all life, without knowing, why, or believing that all this will inevitably end with death. Insolvency of human thinking is terrible. If you die and after you resolutely anything from you doesn't remain, after all as others will precisely die also, everything who lives and will ever live. Everything will die, and after them anything, a dark chasm of a non-existence. Then for what all: all works, diligence, difficulties, tests and all other, than is stout human life. To what then all, whether and it is simpler to destroy itself, if isn't present any sense in this existence. In it great insolvency and inconsistency of human thinking because unconsciously, in the spirit of, besides the will and desire, the person trusts in a never-ending of life and behaves to a certain extent a hook as though he knows somewhere in the depth of the soul and consciousness that with death comes to an end nothing. Follow an example of the hero, consciously and fearlessly facing certain death for the sake of the Homeland. Let it deny immortality, but absence of fear of death, a victory over it and there is a victory of spirit over a flesh; and the fearless hero, the life for the friend the put, receives the award because won against death. But it at all doesn't reduce insolvency of his thinking. And how many such self-sacrificing heroes and the workers, who have forgotten it, both time, and a body and giving entirely service to mankind. Serve for good, for General Welfare, do serious work big, but thought, but consciousness didn't leave yet a circle of dense visibility. They feel a lot of things, a lot of things unconsciously already recognize, but the false concept of the world prevents to open eyes and to become able to see. Many believe in immortality, but in aspect of eternal torments of a hell or one short life terrestrial with the post mortal existence subsequent to it. Too ridiculous distortion of reality is. Many in general in anything don't trust. Therefore I Speak: there is time of Great Crops when the devastated mankind should return again Great Bases of life, to return them in new understanding of the consciousness expanded with science, but to return the same Bases of the same uniform and eternal truth of life, old as the world, and eternally new. Therefore I Speak: "Be ready to go again to the world to bring it the Doctrine My". Again go as went more than once, and again bear my Light. But nowadays your works will be broad and fruitful because time came, time of Great Crops. And I, the Lord of the Shambhala, Testify to you that time of a final and resolute victory of Light already came. Also will be victorious your works, and your affairs will be successful, and the Hand washing will be persistent with you, sowers of grains of the fiery Doctrine of Life. Yes! Yes! Guarantee of the victorious approval by you Light Doctrine Ours Give. Under a board of my Light you will manage Great Crops because time came. Nothing will stop the Hand of the Collector of New Race because terms came. Be ready to Crops. I Told.

422. Yes! Yes! My friend, Record it is made correctly and at the right time. And even if those won't come to call of the maker of darkness, victorious there will be affairs sent by me. Time after a change becomes obvious on this sign. Darkness affairs wither also will dry up, but Light affairs will blossom violently. You will be successful in everything. Both your thoughts and your desires will receive force of ardent implementation. I Give execution force to desires and your thoughts. I Approve them. But merge them, connect them to my force. We will create together. Wonderful time approaches. The pleasure of implementation of the precepted fairy tale is inseparable for your pleasure. I My power Gave the Guarantee to you that time of ardent implementation and realization in life of came nearer that to you was told about the future.

423. The unnecessary words, the unnecessary thoughts, unnecessary movements, gestures, acts – all this is big or small deviations from a way. A lot of the unnecessary becomes and a lot of the superfluous is told even by those who already touched the Doctrine. It is very easy to see it; it is worth tracking only the behavior during at least one day. If the person is really occupied with serious business and entirely absorbed by it, he already has no time to distract on the parties or to be engaged in trifles. Both that and another indicates insufficiently deep relation to Business of the Teacher. The unicorn of aspiration can't show the force. The thought comes off the main thing and spreads on the parties. Any excessive and aimless expenditure of energy is inadmissible. If to collect, everything that is spent thus, calculation can terrify the most thoughtless consciousness. A lot of energy is spent on trifles. It ate in character and became a habit harmful and expensively paid because for each baby of the fiery energy which has been incorrectly spent, it is necessary to pay bills, that is for each word, for each thought, for each act. It is impossible to avoid responsibility for own actions: neither for good, nor for the bad. Therefore patrol and control constant, and mainly, for itself and over itself is necessary. It isn't so important that speak and do others: they answer for itself, but it is important, extraordinary important that you speak and you do. The understanding of responsibility is far from its practical application. Chatter is destructive for a fiery body, it ridiculously devours precious energy. Each aimless action is a pearl thrown into the abyss, and action harmful – especially. It is necessary to realize the responsibility before the Highest. What you will tell when I Will urge to give the account for everything, deeds you? Whether be ashamed of some affairs, secretly created? The Teacher Reads your essence as the open book and if about something doesn't s Speak, it doesn't mean at all that doesn't Know. After all from your personal, own and conscious responsibility, but not actions on someone's pointer is required. The action inspired from outside isn't valuable. Only actions the self-proceeding have value. Everything made under influence, is on responsibility of the one who influenced. Therefore leave will of others free. It is necessary to bring only home mistaking essence of a mistake, having provided it a freedom of choice and actions. The violence over will of another doesn't say goodbye that is responsibility karmic isn't relieved with allowed this violence. It is so possible to expand and strengthen understanding of responsibility for and for others. The severity to itself and tolerance to people around let will be the main line of conduct. The teacher to the pupil shows the highest measure of tolerance and patience. To the teacher we will assimilate in it. It is hard to bear on itself burden of acts of the thoughtless traveler of Earth. Show commensurability in everything. These a lot of things facilitate. But the main thing is concentration of all strength of mind in aspiration to the purpose uniform.

424. (Aug. 10). We face the person of going shifts. They will concern all. Improvement of the general provision and simplification of many living conditions will be their main note. Changes are the Arrival threshold. To that we go. Question what to do that the consciousness was ready. Heat of the Sun will feel everything, but it is better to see it. Means, eyes have to be open. Singularity and greatness of the Future aren't put in a present framework. Therefore it is so difficult to present it to itself. But it will be. To singularity, greatness and precipitancy of its approach it is necessary to accustom itself. Let it will enter into consciousness as inalterability and will set Light seal to all acts, thoughts and feelings waiting it. To the future be. I approved this future as the following step of evolution. It is caused by a need cycle, or inevitability fiery. All conditions: space, planetary, karmic personal and public nowadays merge in a uniform stream of implementation in dense conditions of that is foreordained by the Highest Will. Foreordained to be... So we will attentively observe signs of events. It is possible to leave all personal reasons that that fuller to merge with a leading wave. I instruct for these days because there are a lot of energiya in space. Not given to harmony in consciousness, can cause confusion. Means, the consciousness has to be ready to meet them in understanding. The surprise and singularity of the phenomena often strike consciousness, doing it harm and as though paralyzing it. Inevitability fiery should be met in readiness. This readiness, or expect, also will be treasured armor. Otherwise not avoid chaotic flashes and ardent a disbalance of the destructive. About fiery waves going I Warned long ago. Nowadays to it term comes. Will writhe and wriggle, as leaves from fire, weak covers. There will be cases of a burn out of wires, that is a nervous network, paralyzes and the other inexplicable strange and new things. Unpreparedness will be the main reason. The prepared consciousness even can quietly meet big danger. But even from an unexpected sound all organism shudders. It should be preserved against a burn out and to arm with tranquility unknown. When the Teacher is close also we together, it is possible to store tranquility. The Teacher on the guard of your benefit is. And in that hour when the wait and desired comes, will unwisely show confusion and concern or fear. Is it guiet be in understanding of care of the Teacher and know that I Will protect. Our task – it is safe and firmly to take place in the future where we are expected by absolutely new living conditions. You will enter in it desired and the wait. Just as pictures of the future are cast by us in the accurate and finished forms for their implementation on Earth, and the future of each of you is defined by us. Therefore I Speak: "It is guiet be in belief". The foreordained should be. Both personal ours and world will merge in a harmonious and happy combination. But transitional time should be had, without losing balance in waves of going events. Much they will be also different. If to react to everyone orotund and strong, heart won't sustain. Therefore I Speak about tranquility. Believing all consciousness on the Lord, it is possible to pass through everything quietly. So in readiness and understanding we will come to going time. Rate on the Lord and is clear victory of Light.

425. (Aug. 11). The friend my, long way passed together. It was hard and is difficult; with experience it is rich. Us I pulled together and I prepared for the further. Life was school. Before a new step it is possible to sum up. Ability of collaboration and ability to perceive and imprint thoughts of the Teacher is reached. Achievement is considerable. Value of the unique way is realized. Anything human can't seduce and replace the guide of the hidden Teacher any more, any self-approved authorities. Channels of new creative abilities which are ready to function by order of will are approved. The strong basis to be the head looking for truth Doctrines is put. Becomes wet mind also is aggravated. Force of fires is saved up, and that approved force to influence people. But own force is still a little realized. A lot of things are put as grain of future shoots, and a lot of work is necessary over itself. Generally, results are satisfactory. Work on doesn't come to an end never therefore if it is made much, it is necessary to make even more.

426. It is necessary to trust so to the Lord that evidence couldn't shake this belief. Whether there aren't enough misunderstandings and contradictions can meet on a way. All of them outside is, but not in the Lord. The misunderstanding and thoughtlessness should be separated from greatness of Great Heart. Otherwise the Teacher can attribute the delusions and mistakes. The saddened mind and the saddened person set the seal of the clouding to everything, on what looks. It also is to look and see through the aura. When the aura is pure and spotless, images pass pure because light gets through aura. It should pure be stored. They can't attribute distortion of reaching vibrations, but to the ulcers of spirit imposing on all the print. At perception it is necessary to attend to that personal moods didn't paint it. The personality and egoism is nurseries of lie and reality distortions. Costs that trod on corns or the outgrowth, both boundless Space and the wonderful and wonderful world lose all the paints. Egoism – the bad adviser in attempt to understand world situation. Personal convenience and personal wellbeing, at least the price of trouble someone another or the whole group of people, and even the people are necessary to it. So on trouble of others builds in the old world the wellbeing. And the luxury of palaces and chambers wasn't a sign of welfare of the people. The bowl of the General Welfare which has been consciously chosen, puts chosen it in such situation when the personal recedes a background and interests of collective take up its place. Over personal "I" it is necessary to pass through a victory before replacing it with the concept "we". The cult of a self-service is replaced with service to General Welfare. Two misters can't serve. A lot of confusion occurs when the consciousness rushes about between these two poles, firmly without having solved, to which to adjoin. But statements of consciousness in the Benefit the General, the personal benefit and the General – are incompatible. Then, when the consciousness was strongly approved in the last, personal merges with the General and shares it prosperity. But the transitional step is painful if the choice isn't made finally and the consciousness fluctuates meanwhile and another. The victory over the world can't be without dismissal from it. We seize what refused and that any more doesn't own more us. In this paradox is all difficulty of reconciliation of a polar of this couple of contrasts. That wins all, who is able to win against itself. That owns to all who refused everything. To they are everything for whom already it is necessary nothing. But while desire of things, conditions and possession will own the person, he will be their slave asking tips from a table of wellbeing and abundance of the benefits terrestrial. But even refusal isn't necessary, containment is necessary: instead of small, personal, it is necessary to contain all inexhaustible richness of Boundlessness in the form of the opportunities lying before the person. While treasure of the world we will believe in terrestrial, the treasury of Boundlessness will be locked under seven seals. So, the chosen way personal or a way of General Welfare itself chooses the destiny and solves the way. The will is free to solve, but the choice irrevocably solves consequences. Self-service is service final and temporary to that is subject to death and destruction, but the Bowl of General Welfare shines fires which the spirit bears in heart the of life in life, and means immortality, that is Amrita's enjoyed by spirit as an award for overcoming of the lunar person in the Bowl.

427. (Aug. 12). It is necessary to learn to conduct Records under any conditions that are to learn to overcome rhythm force of opposite influences. And that would be absolutely impossible earlier, becomes possible later. In it is a victory. So one more gain can be carried to the achievements. Life and all its way of being approved life of spirit are antagonistic. Therefore coherence the highest between spirit and its manifestations on Earth will be achievement by the highest. Coherence with conditions terrestrial is shown by all, and it is easy, but to show it with the Highest World, despite persistent and strong counteraction of the lowest sphere – destiny of the won spirit. Therefore I Welcome each step victorious on this difficult way of an ascension of spirit to the Highest Spheres. Difficulty in that nothing detained. One, despite shortcomings and the defects, ascends, and his virtues don't help another. We appreciate not "good", but spirit fire – this true engine of life. Sometimes the Teacher Prefer the robber to loyal (citizen) to the inhabitant decorated with all differences of human recognition. Therefore an ascension and advance under any conditions and shortcomings we Consider above a virtuous immovability and inertness. Having risen, and shortcomings can be overcome, but that the consciousness can force to move satisfied with itself and the perfection. Therefore I Speak to all, seeking to walk upstairs lives and recognized the Teacher of Light: "Follow Me, having shouldered the cross, the freight of your imperfections for a gets rid and their transmutation in energy of Light". The spirit the strong and solved way of force will find energy them to pour in energy of the benefit. And I Help. So, firmly going, everyone will reach the put. There is nothing to be baked too about the shortcomings when the way ahead and should be made so much. Builders of life think of its structure, but not about the bad are distressed, doing nothing on a place. Provide Me My grief and my pleasure about you, you follow Me, are show itself in operation. Perfect people aren't present and if builders of life thought and mourned only of the imperfections, there would be nobody to build. But the World New is under construction, and builders his merit to them gets also the right to that to live in it. Everyone works on the abilities and on that that is given to a lump. One will execute well, but not in power to it a task of another. And you work on the talents, using them on tension limit. Life will take care of that tension it increased day by day. Behind life business doesn't become. It is difficult to you to find replacement. For eyelids I Prepared for performance of an assignment difficult. And here time came, and the assignment is carried out. Let's be glad to it and we won't grieve too nor about life it is bitter - heavy, nor about shortcomings not gets rid, but subjects an gets rid immutable on fires aspirations of spirit. It isn't squeezeed out, not violently, but lawfully dumps spirit gets rid stratifications of the past. Suppression is aimless because causes recurrence and explosion new, strengthening getting quality. But the power over manifestation of the energiya can't be missed from hands under no circumstances is means to be always strong. Life of weakness of spirit doesn't forgive. Life is cold to a pettiness. Life doesn't spare poverty and a spirit the low. To be strong and to dominate emotions and acts, to be their owner, but not the slave – such is my precept; otherwise not to become the winner of life. The force should be kept around always. Not to leave its understanding under no circumstances and acts. There are no judges – the judge. Display of weakness of spirit doesn't say goodbye life.

428. Let's give a beginning sign. It will be unexpected. The consciousness won't want to believe at once. Too long expectation gives unreality to that starts being carried out. But the beginning will be followed by continuation and deepening of the begun. And the space will ring out with the new song of fire; saying to that unknown time came. You look at signs and note them. Everything that wasn't earlier, speaks about changes. The cycle defines the course of evolution, but not people. People can either accept, or reject, but the destiny is defined by stars. The choice depends on the person, but a choice condition – on stars. In darkness it is difficultly to choose: it isn't visible to a way, but by the light of a lot of things it will be facilitated, and will be delusions less. A lot of things become simply impossible. So in the light of day future conditions will be defined, and people, at last, is freely sighed because there will be it clear and light. The mankind goes to rising, so ahead it is necessary day of a new long evolutionary step. Soon already.

429. (Aug. 14). Isn't present and can't be such situation when it would be impossible to move ahead. After all life at the correct understanding has this movement in evolution. Each experience advances, each knowledge expands consciousness. It is possible to study always. Means and it is possible to ascend under any conditions. Process misunderstanding is simply to eat any excuses and attempts to point to impossibility and difficulty of circumstances. The person decided to visit a place where there lived once the Teacher in far-away countries. How many various combinations of external conditions can meet to it on a way while it will reach? But the goal is reached, accidents of a way – behind. They in it are insignificant because not they, but the purpose of travel caused to pass through them, and are in human life. The purpose is reaching the Teacher. Details and accidents of a way – inevitability in this or that look, independent value not having. But if the person, having forgotten about this purpose, will imagine that it consists in accident of the counter phenomena, it will be a fatal flaw. Having been found, or having been engaged in all this and having plunged consciousness into them, it is possible about a main goal for the sake of which movement is made, to forget absolutely and to start wandering aimlessly among the self-approved difficulties which have become desperate labyrinths of life. But when the purpose is clear and realized and the direction, the external conditions, pieces of a way representing by for each this moment is conducted, won't be able to overflow consciousness any more, having entirely seized of. It is necessary to realize itself the traveler of life, the traveler on this planet, the traveler everywhere and always, the far goal – the House Father isn't reached yet. This understanding also will help in the spirit of to overcome Maya illusions and to fight against them in an every day. On the way by steamship, in the train we know about temporariness of the phenomenon of a way and we aren't too afflicted with inconveniences – so it is necessary to arrive and in life; because terrestrial life also is a temporary way to Boundlessness. It is so possible to add one more victory in a chain of the infinite victories conducting and approaching to comprehension of Light. Each approach will be already and a victory. Business at all in that refuses something, and in understanding the temporary nature of the phenomena and not to tie itself to them. In consciousness the person from them separates himself and, becoming as though aside, leaves from under their power. It also will be the correct decision. It is possible only when understanding the purpose and sense of a terrestrial way. So simple understanding of it does the person extraordinary strong and armed for all occasions. Imperceptibly new understanding takes root into the being of the person and starts painting everything it thoughts, feelings and acts. Ardent fiery understanding of it helped Great Spirits to pass those long and heavy tests which fell to their lot. Otherwise the spirit with intolerable burden of life won't be able to reconcile. The aimless work deprived of sense is impossible. It is not work and torture to which inventive jailer’s subjected prisoners. Also impossible can become and life if its purpose isn't realized are senseless its difficulty, burden, experience, loss and pleasure,
if its purpose isn't realized. Are senseless its difficulty, burden, experience, loss and pleasure if the purpose isn't realized. So the purpose should strong be realized and another to help to find a way out of a circle of dense hopelessness. The decision – in the spirit of, and an exit is, because terrestrial life – not the purpose, but only means to reach life on the plane of the highest, to reach not temporary, but its eternal display.

430. And gradually and imperceptibly for itself the behavior and the relation to life becomes unconvincing. So occurs always when the aspiration to terrestrial wellbeing starts seizing consciousness, to win against aspiration to the Teacher. In consciousness there is a fight between forces attracting up, and forces attracting from top to bottom. If equally effective two strength nevertheless gives as a result ascending progress, so wins against spirit, if the descending – Earth. In case of a victory terrestrial over spiritual, advance stops and again the person to with what I began that when the death will come, to lose everything for the sake of what he changed to the highest "I" comes back. So the concession to terrestrial gravitations loses the final meaning because to leave all terrestrial all the same it is necessary, but already on condition of loss of all achievements and freedom from Earth power. To go to the World that, being connected by terrestrial desires and an attraction, it threatens to doom itself to gloomy vegetation in World Thin where terrestrial desires and appetites to satisfy there is nothing. So bondage it is necessary to recognize as will that other exit, or other decision as soon as to win by all means and any price - No. Therefore the victory becomes obligatory and the unique exit from the deadlock of dense conditions. Homeless, deprivation of things and heavy life terrestrial is destiny blessing because exempts spirit from chains of a material world. Not having anything, life severely unfortunate, injured and pursued at withdrawal from life there is nothing to lose, except sufferings and deprivations, and it isn't connected by anything with the surrounding sphere of the dense world. It isn't a pity to leave to it anything and, having left from Earth, it thoughts to it won't come back because grew up to itself freedom wings. It is necessary not to grieve, not to complain, not to complain, and to rejoice weights of life, because in it pledge of release. Everything will be given and on Earth, and it is a lot of, but before it is necessary to win against Earth itself. Its attractions, the stupefying its charms are strong, and the weak spirit don’t maintain. To sustain, it is necessary to know, and, knowing, not to recede, and patrol from danger of a stupor of terrestrial seductions and allure not to weaken never. Not without reason devotees of spirit passed the terrestrial way in a severe and heavy feat. They were always on the guard, in continuous wakefulness that Maya charm didn't darken consciousness. Therefore I Speak: "Passing through life, be not seduced with its illusive appeal and you remember that the polar of the phenomena in each of them under flowers hides thorns". Also it is possible to break, but in hands there are prickles which have stuck into a body. So wisdom teaches that the best decision is in the spirit of to refuse everything, or to have and not to consider and understand in the spirit of nothing that, the only our property is the spirit and its accumulation. And all the rest is not ours. Everything can be had, but to weigh it forever and strongly on Boundlessness scales, knowing a circle of hopelessness of the phenomena terrestrial. Otherwise not resist, not winning against Maya and freedom not to reach. And it is reached only on Earth. Only on Earth only also it is possible to be exempted from Earth. Then late do it. Because that is connected on Earth, connected remains above. And I Speak about freedom and I Address to the foreordained winner. Not to fly sweet of terrestrial gravitations by not won.

431. (Aug. 15). My friend, of small victories consists big. Life, being we weed overcoming of waves of counter energiya, gives the chance to that much. It is necessary to find forces grow spirit so victoriously to meet each wave. And not only victoriously, but also it is beautiful. It is necessary that the beauty was included into all affairs of the person. Beauty – a disgrace antipode that is Chaos. The disgrace always disharmoniously and is the evidence of process of destruction. It is possible to imagine that thoughts, feelings and actions of the person are got by beauty and express it and, of course, words. It is difficult to follow everything that the person but if the consciousness is adjusted on a beauty key does or speaks; its expression in all essence of the person becomes natural. It is possible to pay attention that some, even ugly persons, become fine in the expression. Spiritual wins against a matter. Spirit advantage too expresses its beauty. The pity and petty person can't keep this advantage. And it is hard to approve its beauty among a disgrace of life. After all it should be expressed itself. Earlier spirituality in understanding of the person wasn't combined with beauty. Not enough beauty was in environment even devotees. Nowadays the feat spiritual can't be accompanied more already by absence of beauty or neglect of its requirements. The beauty has to enter into life as an element, from life the inseparable. We beauty Build. And you following Us, it approve. It is impossible to forget bases of manifestation of life. Both rising, and a decline, both flowers, and greens, both mountains, and stars – everything is fine. The nature is beautiful in the being. The disgrace is generated by forces of destruction and first of the entire person and his thoughts. A lot of work was put by Builders of Life before approving on a planet it, beauty. The first forms of life were awful. But evolution and beauty are connected closely. The beauty will be a final form of end of a planetary Circle of the Seventh. And you, following the Great Plan, start beauty claiming in all that is expression of your essence. With beauty, it approving, you will pass where without it is possible to stumble easily. You remember beauty win and it reach.

432. My friend, the friend devoted and constant, whether you know that all what is written down on these long pages, you should carry out once? Sooner or later, here or there, in this life or in one of future, through hundred, one thousand, hundred thousand or more than years, but all, from beginning to end, to the highest, inaccessible and impossible today, you nevertheless will carry out and you will make the life and the achievement. Yes! Yes! Yes. I, your Teacher, the Father and the Lord, Give the guarantee and the certificate to that, truly, it so. So it also will be. The way is long, the ladder of an ascension is infinite, and sooner or later, but everything will be carried out. The spirit is eternal. The spirit grows, rising and gaining new qualities. You go together with Me; are connected forever. Therefore about a victory I Warrant. That I Give – seeds or grains of My Crops in a receptacle of your consciousness, in the depth of it, in the Bowl – the crops made on eyelids of centuries. These never-dying seeds of spiritual crops will give the shoots and a harvest rich and fruitful. You receive grains close and far. To everyone is the time; to everyone is the fixed term. Everything will give shoots in consciousness, that is will be your property, in application vital carried out. In it guarantee of long terms. A lot of things which is too many for one life or even for several, but for many lives the quite feasible are given. But the end is an immersion in Secret. After all even the end of the Seventh Big Circle it yet the end, and Great End before new Great Manvantara. The end isn't present. Crops are not on hand-written pages, but in the Bowl of immortal yours, crops fiery, imprinted by spirit and in the spirit of forever; and these Records are no other than a consequence of Record fiery, earlier imprinted in not predicates and invisible depths of your spirit. And it not only your way, is a way of the person on a planet and in Space. Therefore these Records – for all going forward, to spirit tops. There is everything, means – to all. And strength is given in them, force to transform and change temporary and growing essence of the being updated person. Also will read their millions and to thank you who has accepted on the shoulders a task to facilitate a way of an ascension of spirit. The Lord Remains the Lord, but you are a person, same, as well as your colleagues, far not reached still perfection. And the word you’re, calling and lighting spirit can't but be close and clear to those who will pass the same road. Already nobody has the right to throw reproach that your voice sounds from inaccessible tops of spirit, the spirit which has reached steps of the Great Teacher that your height is separated from people by the whole big Circle of Evolution. But you are a person, and there can't be justifications for them and links to impossibility of specified achievements. Here for what close pupils are necessary – to give a close example of possibility of application of the Doctrine in life. The impossibility to reach everything about what specified in Records, but let will understand that is given for the millennia of growth could frighten off many. And then won't reproach that is told about the unattainable. All is achievable – sooner or later, all – on condition of constancy and persistence.

And it is necessary to look at everything given by the Teacher, as at something which is subject to implementation. If to reject time element, and far becomes close, therefore, possible. The reality and dynamic force of opportunity should be understood. Understanding of opportunity is approach of its implementation that is mastering by it. It as though the bridge thrown through a stream of time in the future, realized in the present. The engine of the future is mighty. For each word said the person has to answer. It is so told in past precepts. I will tell: each thought approved strong both hotly and undoubtedly and denial accepted in consciousness, will give the consequences, and the person should reap its fiery shoots, because thought grain – its eternal property because thoughts, Me sent and in the spirit of the statement the apprehended, kind shoots will give. The same law, only its appendix can become lightful therefore, addressing in a way distant, I Speak and I Claim: nowadays possibly all. Doors of great opportunities open before the person, and at the right time. Everything is achievable.

433. Among all unstable, fluctuating, changing and uncertain the support can be found only inside, to find and be approved on it. Let the Lord inside will be this support and protection against waves of life. On anything external it is impossible to lean – will deceive at the most difficult moment. And calculations on the future should be conducted, relying not on circumstances, but on the Lord. So we will construct the base not on sand, but on the Stone. Otherwise the pearling is inevitable. Earlier it expressed the inert word "hope", but We Speak about the active, effective, strong-willed statement of the rock of spirit inside; because all external is fragile, but not the passing spirit. In the spirit of also be approved, the Lord having called.

434. (Aug. 16). Qualities are necessary not to lie with them on an oven and to apply them in life when the need comes. Therefore they should be kept always in readiness. This readiness will show whether force of this quality conforms to the demands made to it by life. If isn't present, it should be strengthened and strengthened. It is already possible to note obviously, something that until recently could excite, cause concern and break balance, not imperiously over consciousness. Astral, submitting to you, doesn't react. It is success. Results of difficulties and the overcome tests make it felt. Let's deepen the reached. Feelings and emotions is a sphere of an astral. It is necessary to learn not to express feelings. Do everything as everything, on everything to reply too as everything, but anything and not to reveal in any way the feelings, at first outwardly, and then and inside. The element emotional is simply excluded. To waves of the external influences tormenting heart, this absence of feelings and experiences is opposed. Let's put, something has to happen and, is valid, sometimes, that is that it is necessary to pass through something. As it is better: whether to pass through karmic inevitable, in advance and during passing having tormented itself with all experiences, or keeping complete equilibrium and tranquility. It is necessary to pass inevitably. Experiences are aimless and senseless. Better through inevitable to go in tranquility unshakable. Senseless actions are avoided by the person. Why in the sphere of the astral phenomena and experiences not to bring this expediency. But these aimless and unnecessary emotions bring nothing, except harm and damage. It is possible to work, but having excluded all excess experiences. So, blows – engines, blows of life strengthen conscious spirit. It is necessary not to worry, but to work and do everything possible, having provided impossible to the Teacher. Listen, answer, but don't worry, both don't rejoice, and be not afflicted. Exclude emotions. So the sword of spirit becomes tempered in a hearth of life and, being tempered, becomes suitable for the use. Well tempered sword it is possible to chop even iron of insoluble and desperate vital textures, to split, dissect and to be exempted from these clogs. I want to see you free from the power of circumstances over spirit. Understand that the spirit is free from them, but the astral is subordinated. It is necessary to subordinate an astral not to them, but the will, spirit, which above any circumstances exactly thanks to the enduring nature. Everything will pass, but the Teacher Remains with you even then when your spirit will be exempted from the astral cover without which it is possible to live and keep all completeness of consciousness. In essence, the astral cover isn't necessary if its evolutionary appointment is executed, isn't necessary the same as the astral intermediate condition isn't necessary. It is necessary to start release from an astral earlier because without complete control over it is impossible to operate on the Highest Plans, as well as on the astral – it is conscious. Your experiences aren't necessary to anybody and least to you. Over them the power is approved at severe control of will. The Teacher will help to reach it also.

435. What to do? It is necessary to do nothing. It is necessary to wait simply and quietly to meet the inevitable. There are conditions where the will of the person is powerless against karma. But what there were counter waves, the belief in the hidden Teacher can't be lost. It will be the end. Actually, except leisure hearings, anything still isn't present. My words about protection concern only you, but not others, and those who are close to you. And nothing will concern you if the Unification with Me isn't broken. Therefore council: "You store tranquility". Intensity of the environment indicates proximity of changes. But everything will turn back on advantage better than the best.

436. (Aug. 17). There is nothing that would demand any immediate urgent decisions or actions. If were, the Teacher would Give instructions. Hearings and conversations narrow-minded can't form the basis for judgment about reality. It is necessary to check most, and from what others have told not to solve, and not to rely on someone else's words because the human blindness and an inaccuracy of judgments, or ability to distort the facts are terrible. As a result we see ghosts of unbalanced mood but not that is. Among this chaos the rushing about consciousnesses and feelings, it corresponding, it is possible to rely only on the Teacher – entirely, completely, without doubts and fluctuations. The Teacher at the moment of the valid need or danger won't Delay instants. Imagined fears and dangers aren't yet the basis to wait for the answer or the help. I consider that whirlwinds are created unbalanced the rushing about by covers because the press spatial is great. What after all to do to you? Besides, that demands anything from your life and conditions. The decree will come to term and won't slow down. If you lose a support who then will resist? At o'clock of the general confusion mine should store especial balance. The tranquility is necessary not on an oven, but in life. Watch safety of a silver thread. It is more important, than all the rest. If it tears – all is lost. If it is whole – no losses are terrible also any circumstances, even the most disturbing and menacing. Because Told: I will keep you on the roll and I Will put over an abyss, as on a tower unapproachable. The wave will subside soon and will start clearing up around. Whatever people spoke, everything demands check because blindness judge and see. To calm there is nothing because there is nothing because of what it is advisable to worry. To Forces Lord you will see on the phenomena big and small. Really long lifting is to shiver from each shadow? But the captain even is quiet during a storm. Not to operate to it the ship if itself doesn't operate. It is possible to lose also a vessel, and most to be lost, it is worth becoming puzzled at the dangerous moment. But your support is the Teacher. We Cannot protect from small stings, both chagrin, and meanness small human, but the valid danger we Will take away. Therefore be are quiet in belief; waited for changes and events. Here they go. Meet adequately. From the mountain the direction is visible, and whirlwinds of local conditions don't dim the horizon. We see approach the foreordained. And you belief have. It is better to resist under all conditions, than to see the foreordained and to wait it, without having resisted. Condition it is distraught spirit and loss of confidence of the Teacher don't suit for the pupil.

437. It is possible to pay attention to how from time until a wave of external influences strong step on consciousness, seeking to fill it with the vibrations and to absorb. And many consciousnesses sink. Hopeless grief, despair, horror and many other phenomena, capturing consciousness completely, immerse it in the gloomy. It is Maya lie. Even on a scaffold the knowing won't come to despair. Because for it death – release and transition to the World of bigger freedom, also is conducted to it that doesn't come to an end anything, and the life, new life, on the contrary, begins in other conditions. So the person over life in the spirit of, as an eagle over Earth when to it no waves are terrible rises. The fear, but not waves of dense influences is terrible. Ignorance is terrible. To everything from the outside going, it is possible to oppose only one – strength of mind, seeking grows spirit by everything, trying to extinguish its fire. It is impossible to permit something fires to extinguish. It also will mean death – death of spirit. It is better to go to death with the heart burning with fires, than to remain to live the live dead person, the fires goes out. The ancient precept "Spirit not go out" – is deep. Not that won against who won, but what fires were inclined and went out under blows from the outside. But that winner always whose hearts fire victoriously and powerfully burns in the face of any counter phenomena, they are as though heavy and strong were. The foreordained winner in life and life is so approved. The tests are useful to these, helping to realize the force and – weakness and essence of the opposite phenomena, not able to break spirit because it is eternal and not the passing it, and there is no force in the world, able to destroy it. I want that this force was understood rather. Understand, not it is necessary to win against the world, but, force of fires having approved because only itself won can become the winner of the world. On each influence from the outside it is necessary to give the wave, more powerful, paralyzing force of a wave external. It also will mean "to increase spirit". And as the spirit grows, and force of opposite influences all the time increases while the forehead of the winner won't be decorated with victory fire, which as the harmonious sword, shines over the head of the won spirit. Yes! Yes! Yes! I approve a victory in heavy days of a threshold of the future Light because It Warranted about it.

438. (Aug. 18). If the end one if "one fate and to the righteous person, and the sinner" if everything gets married death, whether that is better to pass life the hero? Whether it is better, seeing and knowing about inevitability of tests, cheerfully to meet them and victoriously? Despondency on vegetable oil, concerns and fear are deprived of the creating beginning and are senseless in essence. There passed sad life and ended. How much concern, torments and fear of everything, always and everywhere is. And after all it would be possible to live this most hapless life without all these and all other shameful, humiliating the advantage of spirit and qualities unnecessary it. I want to teach to pass through life with it is proud of the raised head, the winner of life, the spirit understanding the ineradicable, not destroyed nature, spirit for which there is neither end, nor death. Fearless, brave, courageous, not afraid of anything, to you who overcome and have understood, you letters of secret knowledge open. Because the song of the life is unworthy for deaf and blind, blinded by noise and turmoil of a material world, becomes audible. It sounds over the ordinary, both cares, and grieves terrestrial. To hear it, it is necessary to depart from life dead and to rise above it. On everything and in everything it is possible to approve this detachment from usual coherence by conditions dense that is the freedom. Daily occurrence tightens consciousness, as ooze marsh, as the bog. It is difficult to get out got to it. The thoughts directed to terrestrial, as by threads, tie consciousness to Earth. But there are thoughts others, releasing the spirit, directing from Earth. There can't be free the one who is attached to Earth. The chained Prometheus – a spirit symbol, though found fire, but from Earth not released. And it is necessary to be released, and spirit and in the spirit of. Also it isn't required to leave from life, neither locks, nor refusal, the flesh the murdered – are necessary nothing; it is required – to realize one indestructible, enduring, immortal essence which already passed through a set of forms and lives and will pass still, going back to stars. Eternal – in the spirit of – has to win temporary and to become over it. Eternal which is in the spirit of has to win. Before the risen spirit in all scope there is this fight for the statement of the primogeniture and the power over the casual and passing phenomena of each of the next lives on a planet. The consciousness center from the outside as though is transferred and concentrates inside, that is overweight is given internal over external. It is necessary to understand and feel, at last, that all external will leave sooner or later, and internal remains. Which is more important?
The external matters only so far as it can expand, enrich and increase internal wealth. External is not the purpose, but only means to the purpose. He it is self-sufficing it. Therefore it is impossible to lean on it. Tone is set by spirit; tone in which life has to sound. The musical play is executed in a certain key. In the certain key which is set by spirit, let your life sounds. Life is defined by this key. Everyone chooses a key on itself knowing is under the decree of the Lord. Let overcoming and a victory, overcoming victorious will be this key. Because the Teacher Told about a victory and about a victory Helmsman is.

439. (Aug. 19). Let's consider that times approached unknown, exactly, as before explosion. Before a discharge always there is time of a special press. The space is heated, and tension of currents is great. Events are caused by spatial conditions. Currents influence mentality of people. From here is and tension. And it is necessary to keep as on a fire or during a storm. It is impossible to calm down and demand calm. The commander of the ship in a storm is quiet, but it doesn't show calm. The calm is loss of vigilance and a patrol intense and collected condition of consciousness. There can't be calm when destinies of the people are decided. The feeling of an extraordinary press is correct. Correctly and that, as We Are occupied more than ever. The Helmsman is in tension extraordinary. It is necessary to see everything: someone weakened patrol, wires somewhere tore. Planetary network of Light is in danger. Everything should be considered and everywhere to help. Difficult is moment. It is a lot of instability even among relatives. Value of a network of Light can't be underestimated. Spiritual fights it is more difficult terrestrial because often it is necessary to fight alone. The soldier of spirit doesn't leave the place even at the most dangerous moment, even when around the darkness, even entirely provided as it seems to it, itself. At these moments of seeming loneliness it isn't enough to resist only, cementation of space and environment saturation by the vibrations sent from the Teacher is necessary. For this purpose the condition of spirit has to be corresponding. The coward, or fallen into doubt and despondency, or about the Teacher forgotten and left post can't make it. Full readiness of spirit on Service not greatly is required to arrive. Also it is necessary to learn not to be confused anything. The confusion at an o'clock of the greatest responsibility won't do at all. That will turn out if on a powerful tow the wheel turns to the right, but on towed barges on the left. The rope can burst because the directions of the leader and conducted dispersed. At such moments the unification special, a unification merged and harmonious is necessary, full and watchfully - sharp-sighted that not to miss the Leader and the direction not to lose a unification. Again we come back to thread silver, to a heart thread, after all except it there is nothing. Means, about unification in the spirit of, a unification full-warm and we will think also it to claim. Not concern not torments, not a randomness of actions, not doubts or a nervous condition and instability, but firm, concentrated, directed Unification with the Teacher it is necessary to show in days of crucial events. And not somehow differently is, but a constant memory, prestanding uninterrupted and the Face of the Teacher in the third eye all the time the persistently withheld. So again, but with a bigger force we will arm with the Unification. When on the ocean waves – harbingers of changes rise, by the Unification be approved and to them resist.

440. Let's consider the alcoholism phenomenon. As well as in smoking, it is caused usually by any weakness of the spirit, not able to seize itself, and only already then becomes a habit and repeats already without the special reasons or balance violation. The first stage it is possible to treat if to seek to suppress or rather to take over the control emotions, it causing. The second demands other approach. It isn't alcoholism or smoking, and in emotions, in the astral tuft pushing the person on this defect. Or disbalance he is called by internal trouble. Here also it is necessary to fight against it. It is impossible to allow that this astral condition seized consciousness because danger that it grows and already entirely enslaves then will. The will, its fiery essence, collapses irrevocably. Accompanying the person from life in life the defects as rust in steel, these defects of will in a being of spirit eat, subjecting it to returnable blows of karma. There is nothing more terribly than this reincarnating slavery at the defects. In the in hard drinking drunkard we see an awful consequence of former connivance, which in an initial stage at all didn't seem dangerous or insuperable. Will the passion seizes, and there is a person her hopeless slave. But the death exempts the slave from slavery and chains, it plunges the drunkard into more terrible condition when the burning fire of a fire can't be satisfied with wine any more. Also there is Tantalum torments destiny of astral stay of the person who has given in to this defect. Therefore the low-slightest aspiration to alcohol is inadmissible absolutely. Everything begins with the small: both good, and bad. But bad it is necessary to stop in the germ. Better at the beginning of itself overcome, having renounced the desire, than is later to be before it absolutely powerless. And it is very easy to overcome after all, once you solve firmly, and irrevocably, and time forever. It is just necessary that the impulse of will appeared above a desire impulse that determination fire – is stronger than desire fire. Fight of fires. It wins against stronger flame. Certainly, the drunkard stops the way because drunkards in pupils we Do not take and drunkards from pupils we Expel. Nervous threads become unsuitable for transfer of distinguished vibrations because the nervous substance under the influence of alcoholism starts decaying alive and loses the susceptibility. And only the lowest astral currents start having a free access, being channels of the lowest influences. The entrance to obsession opens, and falling of spirit becomes terrible reality, opening before it a chasm. It is possible to fall so deeply what to raise forces won't be any more. And the pleasant shot glass of wine turns into a terrible symbol of falling in a chasm. The pupil has to see not only the beginning, but also the end of each phenomenon or process, a thing as a whole, it’s both parties. No self-justifications will help. The way to a chasm begins with connivance to the weaknesses. The small seed will give a huge tree of the evil. Clean from process time element and the consequence of this defect will rise in all the terrifying nakedness. Ignorant can find to itself a justification and an apology, he didn't know, but what can tell knowing and seeing? To the one who knows, the justification isn't present. But even the justification won't help if the person goes on the way to a chasm. Not the beginning is terrible, but the end about which don't think of the blind. It is necessary to think strong before consciously following the road spirit suicides. This suicide is even more awful also irreparable, than body suicide. The Teacher Warned enough.

441. (Aug. 21). Today, as well as yesterday, as before, as thousands and millions days ago, the Sun ascends and sets. Life makes the cycle. In this life of people has the part. But these parts at people the different. They are so various and various that they can't even be compared. But in this variety of destinies human there is one striking unity: everyone occupies a step on the life ladder, corresponding to height of its development. Everyone learns with it a lesson and everyone overcomes itself the present, for the sake of itself which should be. Steps are various. The step universal has the laws, obligatory for the person, but optional to animals. But within laws universal each step makes to the person the demands, or moral standards which he has to observe if want to rise above. That is obligatory for one, is inaccessible to another and isn't understood of. But basic laws for all are given by the Hierarch who is at the head of this or that Cycle at the beginning of it. Lump goes, submitting to these norms. Not submitting lags behind and then joins mankind of the lowest cycle. Especially in time move forward and become people even the following Circle. Certainly, advance, and especially fast, is interfaced to fight. The old person, heritage of the past is overcome to make room for new it going on change. And, of course, under all conditions and at all times life human went, and nowadays goes, under the sign of fight. Any fight against external conditions, eventually, is no other than fight against for the statement in itself new qualities, properties and the abilities able answer to a new step of consciousness and new living conditions, it corresponding. The person of the period of pile constructions and the modern huge cities – not that, but essence of life, that is fight and overcoming, remains invariable. So in everything changing the forms, we see something constant. If to take concept of courage, it is possible to see that though forms of its identification can be absolutely various, as well as conditions, but essence nevertheless remains invariable. Same most it is possible to tell and about all other qualities. Constancy of defects and qualities human is amazing. Extent of their expression can amplify or decrease, but love and hatred a millennium ago same, as well as nowadays. Therefore the statement of qualities is business which is an invariable task of the person when and where he lived. Not approved earlier in this or that life, they once nevertheless have to be approved. Building the house, the person knows that builds it for a while, for a while acquires clothes and things – all on time, all for term, but qualities acquired remain with the person forever and in that force in what are approved, but keeping ability to grow and amplify if new work is attached to that. And qualities by the nature are boundless, that is can amplify infinitely. Thus, in the most important of people it isn't limited to anything. One construction of the internal person conduct under the influence of karma is the majority, others build consciously. All difficulties of life and all forms its modern with all last inventions and opening of an industrial eyelid by the purpose have not that is under construction the person, but creation of the internal person and replacement shabby the new. If this goal isn't reached also process for the sake of which the person was given life, doesn't occur, his existence aimlessly and doesn't acquit itself and its all works are vain. So under everything made on a planet by the person, the strong base of expediency is brought, and there is a human life purposeful and intelligent. General welfare not the purpose, but only a condition under, which the main goal – mankind improvement – is achievable most quickly. So growth of spirit and improvement underlie it evolution and are the hidden engine of life. It should be understood; otherwise, having lost a right direction, it is possible to lose a way. Society if certain individuals, without knowing the purpose can't be improved and develop, it won't do. Basis of life is evolution real in all its forms.

442. My friend, it is right: any phenomenon can be considered depending on consciousness installation. For example, difficult living conditions can be considered as test, a payment on karmic accounts, the task given by the Teacher, an gets rid of unnecessary weaknesses, the next lesson of life, a stroke of bad luck, rejection, that the Teacher, meanness human, an echo of the ended Armageddon and so on and endlessly Forgot or Left further. And who can tell which to consider correct? Therefore it is better to consider correct the installation, or a condition of the consciousness defining character of the phenomenon. What there was a phenomenon, but if about it judges the devoted to the Lord heart, the irrevocably trusting to the word Its, that such installation consciousnesses will be correct. It at all doesn't mean infallibility of judgment, but only shows that in beams of devotion and confidence of the Teacher the relation to the events won't be incorrect. The feat or selfless life in narrow-minded heart causes only grumble and complaints, but not fires and heart burning. Grumble on life is inadmissible not because to sit there are no reasons but because it points to the wrong installation of consciousness. It is possible to damn or bless the same difficult circumstances depending on a point of view. In Beams of the Lord, in heart of the pupil shining, in a consciousness circle everything is shined so that the true ratio between things, it borrowing is established. The trifle won't seem about the mountain, and the trifle won't cover the Sun: the prospect is observed. Therefore in cold and hunger, surplus and heat, without a roof over the head and at home, in rest and in a storm, everywhere and always it feels an unshakable support on which costs. And all these phenomena flowing by consciousness considers correctly in their true sense and appointment. The doctrine of Life seeks to give to the person this certain and firm platform for consciousness installation. With it is possible to go quietly through life. It is possible even to be mistaken, but it won't be an error of ignorance. The correct installation of consciousness will help to find and correct a mistake. But when are rejected the Doctrine and the Teacher and the darkness entangles the person, mistakes and delusions start being piled up, as mountains while the spirit won't break under their weight. Therefore the most terrible is not life; it is as though terrible was, but withdrawal from the Teacher and the Doctrine.

443. (Aug. 22). If the due attitude towards the Teacher is kept through all life, what there were its conditions when it comes to an end, not last conditions, but communication with the Teacher and proximity to It will be had by crucial importance. And accidents or nonrandom nesses of the left passing conditions remain behind, having exempted from itself consciousness. Therefore the major is not dense circumstances, but preservation of a silver thread. It also we will store as the most precious that we have. It is possible not only to store it, but also to strengthen, and to strengthen its durability. There are no such conditions which could tear it if the person doesn't allow that. And on a life cross, and in a fiery hearth of tests, and in a gloom terrestrial it can shine is dazzling. Except a thread of heart there is nothing. So we will update and we will strengthen saving relations, without forgetting that each thought of the Lord and feeling, to It sent, feasibly strengthens it. It is easy to strengthen it, it is necessary to remember the most important which is most necessary without what there is no life only. Many tests are Allowed by the Teacher for clarification of its fortress. Everything if it maintains all tension says goodbye and becomes stronger. It is truly told that the winner doesn’t judge. But the fate of the won is heavy. Weight of mistakes increases a hundred times and there is no place to look for rescue. But overcoming and winning I Will tell: "Safely go, despising mistakes because even them I Will turn on advantage if communication" doesn't hesitate for a time. So advance and lifting are made by communication with the Lord. It is necessary to understand that all external has no value, if the Hierarchy law as it should be. Here, lessons of life teach that the major and was the life engine. There can be unstable all around, but not confidence of the Teacher. Let will be that will be, but my Lord with me always, both Won't change, and Won't leave, both Doesn't leave, and Won't break off, and his Hand it is necessary me. So the devoted pupil thinks and the forces multiply. It is necessary to increase spirit not only on people, but also on all surrounding. Or life will crush the person, or the person will win against it. To the winner – a spirit sword, both a victory board, and an immortality wreath, but won – anything. It is necessary therefore to win by all means. Defeat is impossible. On what external it is possible to exchange the future, and shining treasure inside, and Proximity of the Lord? Really what is today, and for tomorrow life will leave how last fall or even spring leaves? Passes is everything. Only the Lord is invariable with that who forever betrayed itself (himself) to Ego Will. Not in quiet and sorrow less life, but in difficulties the fortress of a silver thread is tested. Fear, fear, concerns, uncertainty for the future – all this from one nest and everything specifies that the confidence of the Teacher weakened. Why to attach such great value external when it is caused and solved the internal? When Christ Redeemer Hund on a cross, not external, but internal decided destinies of the world because the robber too hung, but his death on the mankind future not it was reflected in any way. But Christ Redeemer Won the world, in itself having approved a victory over the world. The Galilean won. Therefore Specify Lord on that, as victories to reach. Together we go, and we will win together. So, why external after all so much significance when it is defined by internal state of spirit is attached? Let's be glad to that life gives continued opportunities to strengthen spirit, we will be glad to difficulties of life, we will be glad Proximity of the Lord and opportunities of a way of a steady ascension. Wave of chaotic external events, and... shining victory is, and new shining crystal of growing Treasure of the Stone. I called the winner, and we go to a victory over all difficulties of external conditions. While with Me while together while communication is indestructible and the silver thread is strong, nothing can block away. But be afraid of retreat in darkness, but be afraid of a torn of a silver thread, but be afraid to forget to call the Teacher. We are strong only together, one you – anything. Nobody is imperious over you. Nothing will concern you; my board is open over the spirit going in full readiness. I approve a victory.

444. Tactics of the Teacher consists in that at a mistake charged to cover it with an understanding dome – as though the new superstructure is erected over the building, finishing it is correct. And then the made mistake receives the assessment, and, taking a due place in consciousness, loses a sting, and any more doesn't prevent to continue to ascend. The Teacher Speaks to disorder about an ascension uninterrupted which thus becomes possible. Otherwise the person chained to the delusions as the convict to four wheels, loses freedom of movement. And I Speak about freedom from mistakes. This freedom doesn't mean that mistakes are impossible, properly they are possible always, and only establishes such condition of consciousness when the way proceeds, even in spite of the fact that mistakes are made. Mistakes are nything when fire of spirit gets stronger. It is necessary to have big strength of mind to ascend, without stopping. Without the assistance of the Teacher it is impossible: mistakes as stones standing, it is dragged away on a bottom. Freedom from the power of mistakes over consciousness is quality of the ascending spirit which has passed line of commonness. Already I Spoke about the power of spirit over the actions, about how they are made: either in freedom, or in slavery. Nowadays I Speak about freedom of spirit from the power of wrong actions over consciousness. Much they will be, bent under weight of the made mistakes. Where they go, oblack out, and without seeing a way? The teacher wings to spirit Allows to rise over everything, it created, and to see a way lying in the dense world, from spirit tops when a little affairs terrestrial in aspect of eternal understanding of life visible it becomes obvious. On Earth, in evidence vicious circle not sees it. Means, wings are necessary. But not to rise from Earth not having wings and how will depart spirit not knowing about freedom and wings? Therefore the Teacher Gives wings and Exempts spirit from the power of mistakes. The karmic debt remains also a payment on accounts, but wings of freedom of spirit, opening open spaces for take-off, don't allow that the way was stopped. So, ways of spirit aren't ordered by terrestrial restrictions. Speaking past language, it would be possible to tell that freedom from a sin doesn't mean infallibility, but points anything to freedom of the risen spirit, which ascension to detain not can. And then there are clear words: "The one who shares hour of fight with Us, that knows that it always the winner". So We Divide mankind into slaves and free; in the spirit of is freedom and slavery. Freedom one is freedom from chains of a material world. This freedom isn't simple. It is necessary to love Earth, life and people, to understand the value of dense evolution and at the same time to have free wings. Solomon, Sergiy, Akbar Great and others Were free spirit, free in the spirit of, and the power over them was no by Earth. The Teacher Specifies how to go on tops. On lowlands not reach. It is necessary to remember only that how clouds, the Sun over them always, even were condensed at night... in space. It is necessary to remember only that wings are given, that spirit to rise over seeming hopelessness of the dense bulked-up conditions. On infinite star Road of Life the circle of an elusive terrestrial hopelessness will seem to the small and pity. The lord is the Sun of Life. Spirit it is possible to address to It always – because It always over Earth – and to receive a contact of its lightful Beams. No, ways to spirit aren't ordered! It is necessary to know only. The Teacher knowledge Gives the freedom to approve. "Coming to Me I Won't expel wons" – It is so told long ago. It is necessary to turn only the look to the unfading Sun of Life.

445. (Aug. 23). My friend, the Teacher Is anxious with to clear away complexity of dense textures. Why it is very much spoken about the Hand Protecting? Life is difficult, and surprises threaten from everywhere. Our purpose is not only to reach, but also to reach whole and safe. Fire storms in a life hearth. It burns many. Fire is dangerous, but adolescents in peep ardent remained safe because a flame weren't afraid. The fiery elements are dangerous to those who in it didn't destroy fear. To have fire the friend is big achievement. Why all the time is told about fearlessness? It isn't necessary to be afraid never, it isn't necessary to be afraid of anything. The magnet of fear is very strong. But the fearlessness magnet is even stronger. That and another strong attract circumstances by the nature of the. Compliance is full. Of what the person is afraid, overtakes him if he is afraid rather strongly. It isn't necessary to be afraid. There is in fear nothing positive. Joyfully and vigorously it is necessary to look at the future. And if life brings not enough pleasure, nevertheless good results of a similar condition of spirit won't be slow to affect. Fear, hopelessness and despondency it is possible to extinguish any fires. Properties of fire creating and eating depend on a condition of consciousness. The consciousness causes character of a flame. Key, or control lever from system of fires – in hands of the person. Fiery power can be directed both on destruction, and on creation. Elements serve the person only when they are bridled. The person, representing to itself a combination of elements of various elements to prevalence of one of them, is we weed display of their energiya, a field supervised by will or uncontrolled. Mastering by gives the power over elements and puts them in the subordinated situation. Mastering by the feelings is mastering by the fires because it manifestations of the person are connected with fire. There is no limit to extents of mastering by fires. One it is seized involves others. Even small attempts are useful. Any control of by that is already good that accustoms to control and opens new opportunities in this direction. Restraint indicates ability to own the fires, dissoluteness – on the contrary. It is possible to own all the feelings without an exception, at first feelings, then feelings. Emotional impact of cold on mentality, and then already and the cold is at first won. The same is and with other feelings and feelings. The consciousness of the person remains laboratory for all feelings, and the owner in it. It is necessary to pass from usual, that is an uncontrolled tide of life in the microcosm, to the controllable. It is possible to supervise everything, and over all processes to try to establish will domination. They say that some Mahatmas Stay centuries in one body, without growing old. Whether but somebody thought of what degree of will is necessary to supervise vital processes of a body and to operate the elements entering into its structure? But to study once nevertheless it is necessary to begin, and to begin with the small. The Teacher Help and here, Specified way approach.

446. My son, today we will note singularity of day and magnetization of conditions of the moment. We live among invisible, but powerful influences. The human life goes.
They tell him pleasure or a space grief. The spatial note sounds the tone, adjusting an organism after the own fashion. It is necessary to listen to calls spatial: they to the world bear the messages. Also all mankind on a war or peace note starts sounding already. Spatial beams play on souls human, causing in them responses. In them Command of Space and Evolution Calls often sounds. The group of Drivers-hierarchs Perceives the main thought and Command the Highest Transfers to people. Great Making, conformable with requirements of an era and expressing itself essence of a going step of evolution of the world is created. Sensitive spirits feel character of spatial tension and reflect it in thoughts and the feelings. The spirit starts sounding in unison with space beams. It also will be space cooperation. Not the chaos of illusive moods, but a spirit harp, according to space, shows the keenness. Therefore it is necessary to listen sensitively to messages of comic telegraph. Summer lightning’s of the going future will be seen the first by them, and they will hear the first, whose ears are open and the eye isn't saddened by denial. Listen, listen, and listen! Listen to voices of the fiery reality which is promptly coming nearer to Earth. Someone will hear among the first, and someone the messenger of the future becomes. Yes! Yes! Messenger of the future possessed this gift of anticipation and a prehearing. They gave to people silent messages of space, urging mankind to listen to future calls. And they moved evolution because knew essence of the future step. With the understanding and enlightenment of the future they sated aura of Earth, cementing space, and mankind advance on a new step became possible. The sensitive spirits studying these hidden waves of space, to us – Conducting a planet – employees because they help to involve masses in powerful spiral of new creation of life. Great Making, or Great Service, becomes destiny of such sensitive consciousnesses. Thanks to keenness of the spiritual and psychophysical organization cooperation turns out full. But it is hard to combine spiritual with corporal and therefore the burden of a press is great. Dense it isn't combined with fire. It is possible to show the highest coherence only at the greatest tension of all strength of mind. Therefore it is great their merit, the going ahead your time. Terrible misunderstanding of people around usually accompanies them to pioneers of life which is opening the way for all. But all of them go because are close to the Leader a planet. So the understanding of Calls of space leads to rapprochement with Seven Leaders and Those Who Is at the head.

447. (Aug. 24). The belief is the statement of a feeling-knowledge of reality in the face of evidence. We believe that it so, heart we feel in spite of the fact that all surrounding speaks "no", we trust in something, we trust something or someone. The Teacher is invisible, but heart recognizes him. The brain sees no farther than an eye, but there are no distances for knowing reality. There is no future, and in the present a gloom, but the heart burning with belief, strong it is approved. And the one who doesn't trust in the shining future of mankind, for evolution is unsuitable. The belief is the life engine because it is necessary to believe in opportunity something before starting it carrying out. Whether the belief directed people in their opening and inventions and whether it conducted to a victory in everything? The belief is energy of the heart burning with fire, and being shown in operation. Belief, trust, devotion, confidence is the phenomena of one order, relatives on essence to each other. Earlier for some reason belief referred to religion area, in that time as is this phenomenon covers all areas human life. Without belief not only through an abyss, through the street not pass. Person, not trusting in that, that it does, is unusable worker.
Hypnotized can't move a little because believed in it because doesn't believe that he can act with feet. The human body doesn't sink in water. Knowing it, assured of it, freely lies on the water, doubting sinks. The doubt is absence of belief. And if the belief is the engine, the doubt will be a brake. The ardent belief in the Teacher immediately gives wings to spirit. Also cuts off doubt wings. People that can fly believed, and the belief became reality. Someone will tell that it occurred depending on the motor invention, but after all gliders fly without the motor, and on hundreds kilometers, and their opportunities still far aren't used. But it isn't them, and in that force which allows the person to carry out that seems impossible to usual consciousness. The limit to opportunities of human spirit isn't present. Therefore memory aspiration, and the power it is given to the person over any flesh, that is over the matter world. Means, everything if the belief – the engine leading to success, is rather strong is possible. Pay attention to how in mankind development impossible becomes possible, and it is possible to call process of evolution simply implementation impossible. For example, north heating by means of nuclear energy,
impossible nowadays, in due time becomes possible because the warm current can be created artificially; the Science enters now the person into area wonderful and took away an exclusive right to miracles from religion. The knowledge made a miracle clear, having explained that there is no power on earth and can't be that would become contrary to known or still unknown Laws of the nature. It is a lot of wonderful in the world, but the greatest miracle still a little understood and investigated, is the person with his most amazing device – the laboratory, a called body. Brain radio station with its ultra short waves of the mental energy, not know barriers and distances. The camera of a human eye and the consciousness, possessing not only photo reproductive ability of instant pictures, but also property to create independently without visible external influences – whether this miracle? But it is not all. Ability of speech – how many millions years was required for evolution that mute races started talking, or ability of movement and management of the body. All these are fruits of long evolution and its gifts. But where its end where and on what evolution real comes to an end and whether it can end ever in general? And who knows, what it will bring still to the person in the future? What new abilities will develop, what centers will open and where a limit of disclosure of all opportunities which are put in the person? The ancient Formula "Learn Itself" isn't understood and not settled. Wisdom of Teachers of Light plans ways of evolution of the person and points to the most difficult gifts of evolution. As before, human ignorance rises against Truth, denying shining possibilities of mind and body. But not stop evolution even police measures, and especially now when the Fiery Era began. The thought, both its kingdom, and her lord – the person will open the New Worlds and Spheres for cognition. People will begin to study the thinnest, difficult structure of a microcosm human, denying nothing, but aggregating fruits of great and long experience of all times and all people. Denial will be considered as the greatest shame for the person and a progress and evolution brake, and the denying will sit down on a shame bench along with criminals because denial stops advance and stops society growth. Not denial, but strict scientific approach and studying of all unclear nowadays to science of the phenomena will lay down in a basis of its prosperity. The East will open a treasury of the knowledge, so long and carefully hidden and protected from noxious denying influence of the West. The people will unite: the sphere of cognition of the world and the person, and everyone will bring them. Experiences of collective and mass supervision, and that was denied earlier are possible, will win against the world the not denied persuasiveness. Also it will be impossible to fight with impunity already against reality, without having deserved the name of the ignoramus. The mankind faces great shifts. The sun of knowledge will begin to shine over it. Radiant is mankind future.

448. To understanding of opportunities we will approach practically. But each ability it is approved in life way applications born quality. The muscle develops in operation is as also each new ability. The field of application is extensive, to time isn't limited. It is possible even to consider each embodiment as a field of the statement any or any qualities. The talents given or given are increased. The inhabitant goes through life without a wheel and sails where will bring its arbitrariness of elements. But the way of the one who knows where goes and why is firm and steady. It is possible to be glad to that nobody in forces to take away opportunity to multiply and deepen abilities and the qualities under any conditions from the person. Human life is a process of disclosure of inexhaustible potential of spirit by the appendix of revealing abilities in practice. One work because of earnings, others is benefit, the third – for idea. It is a lot of different reasons and incentives, but the life purpose one: to exercise spirit while in the development it won't reach a step of spirit of the builder, or the creator because creativity – destiny of the person. Better, of course, to take the destiny and the development in hand. The destiny of the one who goes quicker it won't adjust. It is necessary to adjust the going. It is necessary to understand only that all life in all its manifestations is a continuous apprenticeship of spirit: always and everywhere, both at night, and in the afternoon. The one who by it can operate and who chooses a way of the statement of desirable qualities and abilities doesn't need management. Life won't stint giving to those unlimited opportunities. So, we will consider concept of an apprenticeship more widely. The pupil of the Teacher is the pupil of life. The world Thin isn't able to give the chance what terrestrial life gives. Therefore it is possible to use fruitful time terrestrial for development in itself the necessary qualities of spirit. The ardent aspiration needs to learn to be cultivated in it, using for this purpose this embodiment completely. Great consolation that experience gained remains in the Bowl forever, it is necessary to approve only consciously it there. The closest conditions, as a rule, appear also the most fruitful. If the life purpose – pleasures, rest and prosperity, life is deprived of sense because all this gives nothing. But when the real purpose and its necessity, the person strong are realized starts appreciating that great wealth which is got through the heavy lessons given by life. As the soldier fearless, is torn he to fight with life to pull out at it in the shortest term that, on what others spend many lives. In pleasure of spirit it learns to meet difficulties and life tests because knows that they will bring it that can't be acquired by other way. It is ready to pay any price if only to increase the talents for experience, knowledge and new abilities. He wants and waits for tests; sharp-sightedly looking, what qualities of spirit strengthen or they give rise in it. The corner of the relation to life absolutely changes and, truly, the person learns to rejoice to obstacles. That I will be able to strengthen in myself at this test, – he asks itself (himself) and dauntlessly meets the next wave of dense conditions. The fiery strength of mind able opposite to any living conditions is so gradually and persistently shaped in it. It already is Arhat's way. The powerful flame inflames inside, already unshakable and inflexible external whirlwinds. Skilled hand it conducts the ship of the spirit by the terrible sea of visiting elements. He knows that not in forces him to overcome elements, he trusts in the force, in never-dying, ineradicable, not destroyed essence of the spirit. And in it its victory is. And We Call him the winner.

449. My son if you want to come out the winner from any test of life, it is as though difficult and insuperable was, meet it a breast together with Me, as the soldier fearless the enemy.

450. (Aug. 25). As it is possible to agree with an extremity of one life if all in the world surrounding us has no end. Everything that is, there is a continuation of that was, directed in Boundlessness, anything in the nature doesn't disappear and isn't born again, but only proceeds, changing forms of the expression. Energy and the matter which was a part of a thing which has finished the existence belong to various plans and therefore continuation of the phenomenon isn't always available to supervision of the person. The worm is crushed by a foot and ceased to be. But if thin sight was open, it would be possible to see a thin form of the worm, continuing to creep on the plane of the highest. The same thin form leaves after itself and the ground and destroyed grain, or a stone, or something which had a form on Earth. In boundlessness are carried away both stones, and people and continue to exist in it. Certainly, the fate of a stone and the person is various. But everything which has dumped a dense cover continues existence. The cliché of the past shown by the Teacher, serve that as the proof. After all these pictures of the life which have left from Earth are caused from nature storages with all details which accompanied them on Earth. Transition of one type of the phenomenon to another at all doesn't mean his death. Death isn’t present. There is thoughtlessness the human phenomena seeing only one party and denying another, invisible to an eye. The culmination of immortality we see in the person when already not interrupting consciousness obviously approves a thread of the life passing through all forms in which it is embodied. Achievement of this condition also is a wreath of the winner who has approved the victory over death. One believes in immortality of spirit, others know it. This knowledge is Arhat's step. We have the numerous evidence of break of usual consciousness in antecedents, sometime it was recollected the person. The stub can't think, but the person can. In the abilities of the person being at his disposal, the history of its existence of multimillion extents of years in time is imprinted nowadays. Consciousness of the person – a graphic evidence of all passable lives because in it results of last centuries are concentrated. It is necessary to think only, well to think, what is the time it was required to the artist, that the ability to approve and use it.

On that the person started talking, million years of long evolution left. But all, artists tell the few. Means, to the usual course of evolution additional efforts were required still. So, in the real person the quintessence of his achievements is as though crystallized. The person is result of the past and a seed of the new future stays following from the present. Core is grain of spirit enduring in it round which stratifications of experiences of the lives, not one, but many gather. The person taken at least only in aspect of the past, is something so bigger that mind isn't able it neither to embrace, nor to contain. And only Akasha's rolls help to have enlightenment in this infinite past of the person and in star history of his life. The continuity of life is a basis of its understanding. Understanding of depths of human essence helps understanding of evolution of spirit and its invariable essence concluded in eternally changing forms and growing stratifications, postponed by each passable life with each new cover. The microcosm human is difficult and deep: has no began the end, it is concluded in the great circle which has taken the form of a spiral of time. Therefore it is possible to speak about the beginning and the spiral end, but not the circle of life because it is the Infinity symbol. Therefore understanding of its boundless and eternal being expressed in limit, final and temporary forms will be the correct approach to comprehension of the person. Over the first the flaring symbol of immortality shines, over the second there is a death and destruction sign. And already depends on will of the person, to what and on what to turn the look and that to direct efforts of the spirit.

451. The son My, true shape of the person is hidden under an external form, as a nut kernel under a shell. The thought is hidden, feelings are hidden, and it is difficult to read them if there are no they on a surface. There are the people which external surface is incessantly plowed by these feelings and seen from outside. Such people it is much easier to read. But the internal person usual is inaccessible to an eye if he doesn't want itself to reveal. The pupil requires full mastering by the feelings not only for self-checking but also because, revealing to foreign consciousness, it gives it knowledge of. This knowledge in the form of a certain form or an image exists in foreign consciousness and imposes as though a framework or restrictions on that person who managed to reveal itself anyway. And as people usually not always reveal themselves from a positive side or are defined truly, limiting influence of others representation can work stifling. Therefore, the pupil, the best of all and more freely for him less reveals himself. None of ordinary people won't be able to read the neighbor if he doesn't want that. Any disclosure of is insalubrious. Silence nevertheless remains gold. The less threads of knowledge of foreign soul connect it with strangers, it is better. People around usually have huge influence on character of the person; and the more they know it, the influence is stronger. On threads knowledge is imparted waves of hidden influences. The yogi observes, but doesn't suffer supervision. Think of, why it so a little. The human attention and especially, curiosity is painful for sensitive aura. The phenomenon of asceticism and privacy is caused, mainly, by this circumstance. And if it is impossible on these or those conditions, there is a self-defense by other ways.
So, or people more know you about you, the influences are stronger than them on lines of the established connection. Means, this knowledge should be brought, whenever possible, to naught. It is possible if the feelings and emotions on a surface aren't shown. And it yields especially deep results if they aren't shown inside that is if balance internal at contact with people them isn't broken. People seek to cause always in other person these or those feelings that is to break his balance. This violation it isn't necessary to allow. Each violation of balance gives allowed in itself this violation to the power of the violator. Therefore precepted tranquility, balance and restraint are. Balance of spirit – the phenomenon so unusual that people can't with existence it in the neighbor reconcile. Also will seek break it in all ways. Kept balance always will be stronger than the ordinary person. Even one feeling of this force in other causes feeling of awkwardness, bewilderment and even fear in the person. The one who kept balance, by law becomes over who doesn't have it. From here ability to own itself and internally to be protected from others feeble efforts is of great importance for safety in an integrity of protective property of a protecting network. And if people usually seek to reveal themselves and even sometimes to turn inside out, the pupil always arrives on the contrary. It has absolutely enough of that it is known by the Teacher. With It communication, and to It heart is opened. Passersby aren't allowed to heart absolutely. And even relatives are allowed without the right to break balance, that is and to them the power identity isn't allowed to influence. Ascensions should be able to be protected.

452. (Aug. 26). Alternating waves of currents bring big instability in a condition of consciousness. As the winter fights against spring, without wishing to concede the, and the New Era meets counteraction of leaving energiya, change and inflow of that and others alternate. New bear pleasure and hope, old burden consciousness. How the winter resisted, the spring always wins, the same occurs and at change of Cycles. But transitional time is heavy. It is best of all to direct thought in the future, went that its victory is provided. It is possible even to live in the future and future, having transferred consciousness to its spheres. The foreordained should be. Nothing will stop a space course of the planetary ship which rushes in the future on time spiral. The aspiration in the future will be merging to space ways over which the human will counteracting a course of evolution isn't imperious. It is necessary to pass by the present, without poisoning with its noxious breath, and ozone of the future is the best antidote. Lords always Directed consciousness of the people in the far future to give them progress strength. As it is exact and the Doctrine of Life calls in the future in which for the person all is concentrated. Whether it is possible to live past and whether it is possible to be content present? Even in small things, even in life usual consciousness, submitting to the great law, always thinks of the future, be it even tomorrow. So rescue from oppression and imperfection of the present – in the future. The magnet of the future is powerful. Like the Teacher putting magnets of the future, everyone can put magnets of future achievements under which force of an attraction the necessary qualities and abilities of spirit grow and amplify in the consciousness. Impossible today possible becomes tomorrow under force of influence of the magnet put in the Bowl. If Arhat's shape becomes the leader in consciousness, the magnetic force of this image works as force concentrated and creating embodiments in life once and somewhere, but in the sphere of future approved ideal. The word an ideal contains concept of idea, or the thought magnitno influencing individual evolution of spirit. From there is clear that huge value which has for spirit growth an underlay in itself leading magnets. The person has to clearly, precisely, definitely and figuratively know which wants to become him or whom to assimilate. The ideal any more won't be a fruit of a pensive abstractness, but the bright star conducting through all dark, unclear and stirring difficulties of life. This ideal, or image leading if it is embodied in the identity of the Teacher of Light, has the special, force majeure of influence lifting consciousness over all difficulties of incarnate life. Many go aimlessly around, like a squirrel in a cage, but as the arrow to the purpose, flies to the future the spirit knowing the appointment and directed to Leading Shape. The statement of the main leading magnet doesn't exclude necessity of the statement of magnets of put qualities. As the way to the future lies in years, days, hours and minutes, and achievement of a step of Arhat consists of acquisition of qualities of spirit demanded for this purpose. They too are approved magnitno by a way of introduction to the essence of microcosm human grains of future qualities. The gardener, putting grain, knows precisely, what plant will turn out and what fruit it will give. This knowledge also does crops possible. The same occurs and at an underlay of magnetic grains of future qualities, properties and abilities in consciousness of the person. On a mortgaging of magnets of this sort it is necessary to pay special attention because it is in the regular way difficult to enter into the future, not armed armor fiery, but the future is an Era of Fire, and arms, or a spirit attire, too has to become fiery, that is, conformable to a coming Era.

453. My friend, hothouse plant suits for the greenhouse, but not for life. I want to see strength of mind which already nothing will break. Why in cinema or theater you don't identify yourself what you see? But why you don't follow this example when the tape of severe and cruel reality is developed before consciousness, taking place from the present in the past? Day passed, the piece of a tape was curtailed that new to be replaced, and you look... And on new as you will look and as it will inevitably consign to the past. My son, why the external you identify with yourself, looking, after all you only are viewer. Separate beheld from enduring your essence and find in it power of opposition of life, its cruelty and to its difficulties. Life is cruel, people are cruel, mercy doesn’t know and no pity has. Know that cruelty from a planet will leave and already other movie will be developed before eyes. But let and it won't capture consciousness. Anything: neither good nor bad, neither pleasant nor unpleasant, neither joyful nor sad shouldn't capture consciousness. It has to be free from the power surrounding over itself. Certainly, it is necessary to look for release and thoughts and through thought when thoughts flow widely and freely and everything that occurs around recedes into the background and doesn't own already consciousness. Only winning against dense vibrations, the spirit becomes winged. The cockleshell goes to the sink from an external surface. Waves and all power of the ocean are powerless against it. And even the hurricane to it isn't terrible. And the consciousness in case of a condensation of intolerable conditions plunges into the depths not available to waves of external influences, and there, inside, force finds to sustain the highest wave. The astral is excluded from process because tendency has to rage and be unsteady under blows of waves. The Teacher Considers that the reasons for despair or hopelessness aren't present and can't be, as though life developed. Relatively and conditionally is all. The same conditions under the changed circumstances will be to be read for happiness. In the cold room the person but if he suddenly came to be in it during a terrible snow blizzard in the field, behind its four walls suffer, truly, he would be happy. Contrast causes falsehood of perception and involves consciousness in an orbit of illusive evidence, but even visualization of other circumstances breaks Maya veil. The convention of the moment should be understood to estimate it more widely, and then transient the nature of a vital tape becomes more notable. The contrasts caused in imagination, will help to see the phenomenon from outside, and before big small becomes even less, and big will become the small. So, drawing difficulties still big, the present can be belittled and it to diminish bitterness. When it is very bad, it is possible to imagine situation even more the worst and to be glad that actually it not such is. True achievement consists in reaching an equilibrium state indestructible when any more doesn't frighten neither life, nor death and anything menacing to a flesh and its covers because anything can't threaten spirit.

454. (Aug. 27). The images created by thought, affect consciousness, and equally effective their reactions creates the world of the person invisible, but real on the consequences. A lot of things depend on nature of thoughts and their direction but as these thoughts are created by the person, and the general character of an inner world is in dependence from will of the person. Usually it becomes without any control, by itself, and thoughts which supervise a condition of consciousness, are allowed in it without any control. It is indifferent, the good thought or bad, uncontrolled it arose or from the permission, but time it is allowed in consciousness, its influence and its control over it becomes the fact therefore it is inexpedient to allow in itself the thoughts operating negatively. Better at first carefully see them before allowing to influence. Thoughts act all, but one – to choose them efficiently, and – equally to meet another both friends, and enemies, cruelly paying for rashness. In the house won't allow the bad person or leprous, but the worst thoughts allow, but after all and leprosy is generated by thoughts of decomposition. Undesirable guests it is possible to ask to leave, but it is difficult to throw out the thought approved in consciousness. It will pulse there, doing the dirty work. People that create don't think, and don't understand power of influence of thought. Objects of influence of own thoughts first of all they are. Besides, thoughts seek to invest themselves a flesh that is to pour out in dense forms, creating a visible environment of the person. It is possible to call victims of own rashness the majority of the people who have carelessly allowed harmful thoughts. It is better to be kept in the beginning, than to pay then. Simple attentiveness to thoughts born in consciousness will help much spirit. Control over thought is necessary and is inevitable; differently the slavery at the thoughts becomes destiny of the person.

455. (Aug. 29). All words are told, and arguments are given, and it is known that to do and how to arrive in any conditions – it is necessary to apply knowledge. But, if all of them aren't applied, what then is? Then there is one: to slide downhill because the knowledge not applied is destructive. The knowledge cuts fires that are gives energy for action if it isn't made where to put it?
Seeking to come to light, this energy comes to light in actions usual or even negative, and then it is possible to speak about spirit falling. How many it is possible to wait? It is possible and has to wait up to the end. Other measures of expectation aren't present. People aren't able to wait, from there are so much falling. And often invited from the elite differ only ability to wait and persistence to wait. As a rule, expectation becomes intolerable before the end, and the closer it, the intolerable becomes process of expectation and there is a wish to turn aside, or even back. And Maya strong draws the patterns and weaves a deception web. The traveler of Earth, getting to its snare, hopelessly gets confused in them. But the Teacher Remains in the Tower and with grief Observes this phenomenon, usual for those who doesn't pass test. On it was already said that it is necessary to pass test; defeat because then the way remains only in darkness is impossible. Such is there will be an end if to put the advance in dependence on any external conditions, big or small. Why to send itself to the power of darkness and the passing nature where it is impossible to find points of support and on it is impossible what to rely? Support one – the Teacher. It won't Shange and won't Betray. But if doubts tear part heart, even the Teacher is powerless because we come nearer to It heart, pure and full-directed. The heart saddened by doubt or fluctuations, won't be able to hold communication. So, it is necessary to keep that it costed. To keep, contrary to everything, contrary to the most obvious and convincing evidence. The mirage of evidence can dissipate from one touch of reality but if it happens when the irreparable was already made what then? To see implementation anew this fairy tale and not to have already the right to be its participant – whether there will be it at too high price for a poison of the allowed doubts? Tests by doubt can overtake at any step. It is necessary to win against them. It is possible to win against them, resolutely rejecting them and refusing to listen to their whisper, whatever convincing it seemed. Its force in the persuasiveness which isn't denied and obvious, which it is impossible disproves. But it is worth being tempted only with it how the terrible chasm of falling yawns before a trustful brain and the dark circle of hopelessness is closed over spirit hung. Therefore doubts should be rejected, without getting with them into dispute and without trying to disprove them and to convince itself of something. They simply reject as reject the echidna or a scorpion, trying to destroy them. But at first it is necessary to reject. It is rather more likely that didn't manage to sting and enter into an organism the killing poison bearing in a fluid of decomposition and death. Fight against doubt consists in rejecting it, without arguing and without entering with it in what relationship.

456. Correctly, My son, phantoms of doubts is not I and not you. By them! Forward, to Light, there, where to doubts of a place already isn't present. Not to block them a way prespecified. Let's not be confused lie of their convincing evidence. Let's not take them with themselves further. Let remain behind as milestones of the won victory. Let's not allow them to stick to consciousness. It has to be free from any freight. You write, and I will Stay with you. We are unseparable, and larva's doubts aren't present a place between us. My son, victories not for nothing are given. On a limit of possibility of defeat the time reaches them. As though to the right of a chasm there is a life track. It is possible to pass and be kept only by the Teacher. If to listen to voices of ghosts, it is possible to reach for them and to stumble. And then falling is inevitable. Voices of a mirage we give to Will Teacher. To us way is forward. "I go, the Lord, and will stop nothing Me, even the brightest and convincing evidence, even the most ardent Maya".

457. (Aug. 30). My friend, whether you think, what each evasion not without consequences? Big or small, but it puts a glyph on aura. It we won't be confused. In places of a fracture of bones or ruptures of fabrics they grow together especially strong. From here is advantage of mistakes. If only the quantity they didn't exceed a lawful limit when overcoming becomes already impossible. Life is given – means, it is necessary to live it. Also there are things which not in forces to change will of the person. Therefore, life should be taken such as it is, without seeking to change color of eyes or skin, or growth, or that karmic is invariable. Everything can find the best application, but a framework of inalterability can't be destroyed. Humpbacked remains humpbacked and armless are without a hand. But with invariable data nevertheless it is possible to make a lot of things and to overcome many restrictions. I say to that there is no such karma which couldn't be found the best application. From here conclusion: it is possible to move forward under any conditions. After all if dense circumstances deprive of any opportunities, thereby they open opportunities in the field of spirit where their power comes to an end. The philosophical treatise can be written and in a dungeon. Means, the thought isn't connected by restrictions dense. And who knows limits of opportunities of thought? So, we will remember well that karma, blocking ways to freedom of terrestrial actions, can't block ways of action of spirit. As also the thought remains free, because its kingdom over Earth. It is a lot of thoughts about terrestrial and connected with Earth, but the area of spirit is limited only by to what the person, the thought carrier limits it. Restrictions not are in thought, but in him. The ships of thought aren't able to move if the surface of consciousness holds down misunderstanding ice. And the understanding consists in understanding of boundless opportunities of the spirit using thought winged. The thought which as though is breaking through channels of implementation in space is premised to action. Even the kind sword in weak hands is useless. As also the thought of weak consciousness is powerless. The lord Creates thought. But not is creator inhabitant. The reasons of failure look for not in thought, but in the consciousness which has generated thought. The thought deprived of fire, is affectless. The thought deprived of fire, creative force has no. The thought deprived of a creative flame of spirit is fruitless. Fire burns not always. Means, it is necessary to find time of action and silence time. Silence time is not inaction, but accumulation of forces. During these periods it is necessary to be limited only to actions the most urgent, dictated by life, and to save forces until when action time will come. And if the karma put in inaction conditions, so forces can be saved. Building of fiery crystals of mental energy happens in any conditions if the condition of spirit allows. Means, it isn't conditions, but in a condition of spirit. About it and care is. So we come to spirit as to a fundamental principle of consciousness and to opportunities to work in a separation from a direct terrestrial environment. I learn in all conditions and under all circumstances as also you force in it find to follow Me always.

458. If you want to keep and not to be taken down by a current, an anchor one – Hierarchy. On it also it is necessary to keep. The instability hierarchical should be replaced with stability when there are waves. The Hierarchy ladder is firm only. It is easy to forget this Basis of the Doctrine among life turmoil but when all fluctuates and begins to grow dim visibility, without it is possible and not to resist. The doctrine is given not for peace cloudless and careless existence, but it is necessary when will fly a whirlwind. Not to pass and not to reach without the Doctrine, and not to resist at all. You want to reach. Then consent in actions. It is necessary; it is necessary the hardness and inalterability of bases to oppose to unsteadiness and instability of a human nature. It is necessary to distinguish in itself a hoarseness of a human infirmity from spirit basis which reflection, imperfect and incomplete, the terrestrial form of the person is. Understand that you as you think of yourselves on - to mankind as the person, – not you, but weak reflection great and intimate in you. Here on him hidden under external covers, also it is possible to lean at the statement of Hierarchy. Because it in you is the Beam from uniform Light also will be a board which the consciousness in a raging sea of life can grasp. No, no, there is nothing on Earth in external visibility surrounding you that would show itself the firmness rock. Means, a support is on invisible, on Invisible and Inknown, but truly existing for the distant mountains and by the seas. We Are, and We Approve the force, and we Show Ourselves that, which recognizes Us. But we Can not open while the main tests aren't taken place and while the spirit didn't solve the way irrevocably when voice and Maya allure won't be able already to stop it any more. So following for the Hierarch will be the main condition of advance.

459. The reality in a curve mirror gives the distorted reflection. It exists as reflection, but not as reality. It is possible to tell that it exactly exists, but has no life. As and the darkened covers of the person, like a curve mirror, create visible phantoms and ghosts – false reflection of reality which on them it is impossible to judge. In it is indifference between reality and evidence. The validity of evidence, true essence of evidence should be understood too. Evidence will be the distorted reality until the darkened covers won't be cleared, won't begin to shine, there is no own shadow transparent and not giving. Therefore are given to the person of the Basis from which invariable essence the person shouldn't depart. So the Hierarchy of Light and the Lord Are the Basis of evolution of spirit and the leading beginning. It is impossible to depart from this Basis, whatever ghosts of visibility created crude and dark covers of imperfect spirit. Bases of life are given by the Teacher. It is impossible to deviates them. Whatever images were created by consciousness, it has to know that before their person, despite all their seeming reality and persuasiveness, Bases remain firm always. As the concept of the Teacher and cooperation basis is unshakable also. I repeat: mental products of consciousness what they were, shouldn't have such force and such power over consciousness to reject it from recognition of Bases and following behind them. Brightness and visible truthfulness of these images shouldn't be more convincing, than truth of life, data in the Doctrine because Bases are immutable and is incommensurable to a changeable transient of casual and temporary fancies. It phenomena is of different orders and various planes. Certainly, the most ardent multilating of reality is the crude and unrestrained astral as it transforms vibrations going through it beyond recognition and generates same in reply. Therefore let brightness of mental educations and their persuasiveness doesn't confuse going on the way. Not to them, mutilating real to compete with Bases. And not they have to be confused and not be guided by them approved in the Doctrine. Rather attentively to look at them to see their essence and, having seen its instability and inconstancy, to become steadier and that is an unshakable basis of life.

460. (Aug. 31). We rejoice when we See a victory over the next test. Doubt and misunderstanding is the phenomena various. Not to understand action of the Doctrine is one, doubt– another. All not understood and unclear is put carefully aside that either to ask as required, or to wait when life will explain. But let doubts don't curl over that unclear at present. It demands from the pupil of known degree of trust when seeming incontestable the facts aren't able to shake it. I trust the Teacher always and in everything. Few what circumstances could exchange if words of the Teacher weren't executed. Perhaps are reason non-executions in behavior most pupils. A lot of things from this that are Told by the Teacher, it is necessary to understand as the opportunity, able to be carried out at observance of known conditions. After all even prophecies are conditional. It is easy to spoil ready reaction, bringing foreign impurity. Rashness of the pupil often interferes with execution to them desirable. Often the spirit strives for Light, and covers – in darkness. And the consciousness which is torn apart on part, like the divided house, not in forces resist. The person isn't an aspiration monolith. Your Krylov's fable about a swan, a pike and a cancer is applicable to the human essence taken separately. Energy of consciousness is torn in various, and often opposite directions, and equally effective progress becomes insignificant or even comes to naught zero. Worse if it goes down. Therefore for understanding of this consciousness it is necessary to take not separate manifestations of its energiya, perhaps, very strong, positive and directed to heights, but equally effective. What from this, what the head is proud is lifted up both thoughts and a look is directed to Light if the person slides down? It means that in the general result of energiya of force of the darkness gathering in it, attracting from top to bottom, that is attractions terrestrial, the inclination to Light overcomes. The doubt invincibly increases force of terrestrial gravitations so the person doesn't have enough forces to struggle any more with doubts, but with these attractions. And seeming harmless the doubt which has suppressed consciousness by the not denied logic and persuasiveness, shows true and terrible face of decomposition and falling in a chasm. Not in itself the doubt, but consequences, destructive for essence of the person is terrible. Therefore the doubt is expelled from consciousness of the pupil, under whatever cover and in what to a form it tried to get into heart. Know that doubt always the enemy, even armed with not denied facts and the most terrible logic. In it its special force is covered. Therefore the doubt should be driven and any discussions with it not to enter. Its forces can't be overcome, because on its party actual data. Both having only accepted them, and having agreed with them, and having experienced falling, the person that these facts stand actually starts understanding. The facts arriving through imperfect covers and conductors are the lie facts, but not reality. The trust to the Teacher has to be stronger than "facts «black out something consciousness. The correct explanation for everything raising doubts, it is possible to find if to replace an approach corner. The trust, inflexible anything will be this approach. And the explanation will come in due time when the Teacher will consider it necessary if it is connected with the next test.

461. Each seed gives shoots by the nature of and advantages. On fruits it is possible to judge quality and the seed nature. Not always probably unmistakably to define quality of grain. But on fruits, or consequences it becomes already without mistakes because the thin seed won't give kind sprout Tests often are given that the person could define by results character of the grain which has given these or those consequences. So doubt grain, according to experience, always yields nasty results, results destructive, leading to decomposition and death of that organism or consciousness into which it got. The doubt is similar to cowardice; there is a phenomenon absolutely negative or bad. And life experience always confirms it. Therefore doubt grain, or cowardice, in consciousness always brings decomposition. Therefore this poisonous seed jumps out of consciousness under all conditions immediately. For this purpose also tests because by the form grains not always it is possible to see consequences but if experience confirms them, so a conclusion only one were given: the doubt is inadmissible also existence by its any reasons can't be justified. The same category treats both fear, and rage, both irritation, and envy, and many other qualities. Any communication with them is inadmissible. Despondency is from the same nest. The Teacher Points to the qualities of spirit conducting in life, and to the qualities of spirit conducting to his death, and Confirms the Decree with given tests. Not to avoid consequences of crops of poisonous seeds, but crops can be avoided, selecting a kind seed.

462. (Sept. 1). The illness is result of violation of forces of balance, components whole, be it all organism or anybody taken separately as a whole. Balance between a matter making a body, and energy, it recovering, has to be full. Elements of fire and air are positive, lands and waters – are negative. Prevalence of one over others breaks balance and causes an illness. Process of breath and acceptance of food are opposite in essence – one supplements another, one can't exist without another. In case of insufficiency of a food of one of these two processes – it should be strengthened. The surplus of food and elements terrestrial causes painful slackness and a body old age. The surplus of the fiery air – nervousness and disintegration of sections that couldn't be held in an organism that is doesn't suffice dense elements for deduction of elements power. Balance is reached by diet and breath regulation. The missing part amplifies. Short, very short pranayava it is necessary. It stimulates all organisms. Polarization negative is admissible only under the leadership of the Teacher because demands knowledge. Each emotion polarizes an organism respectively. There are the emotions strengthening and as though updating energy, and there is its killing. Prana in a body is regulated by will parcels in the struck or sick place or body. The thought, sent to strengthen blood circulation, causes a rush of blood to that place in which the thought is concentrated. At concentration it is necessary to keep a stream of energy or the blood washing sick fabrics and restoring the necessary polarization of each section in consciousness. In consciousness the image of healthy normally working body, but at all its broken painful condition and a look keeps. At a wound of fabrics and treatment of a wound it is necessary to think not of a wound, and that it already isn't present and fabrics quickly connected, the wound already healed and was closed. The body matter, in itself not having will, easily submits to the strong-willed order, both sections and energy vital join a form created for this purpose by will. At self-treatment of simple abscess or a tumor not and not about a tumor it is necessary to think of abscess, and that they aren't present that the energy of thought sent to the region of a disease, destroys them and I destroyed. It is necessary to create a healthy form, or an image of a sick place, fabric, body that the matter and energy had in what to join and replace with itself destruction. It is better not to try to be treated at all, than to strengthen the phenomenon of a disease of consolidation of a mental image, or an illness form. It is necessary to think of itself always healthy and to understand the power and opportunity to send to energy life-giving to the struck places. All processes in an organism directly or indirectly submit to will. The hand can be raised at will, but to set in motion intestines more difficult, and still strong concentration on it quickly causes response, and process of digestion amplifies so that results of this acceleration won't slow down manifestation. Balance in an organism is maintained by will. The person, who isn't suffering pains, usually wins against an illness. It is necessary only to be able to strain and cause force of mental energy to action. During the periods of the strong tension caused by various external circumstances, people seldom are ill, for example, at the front. Rhinitis’s and colds there are rare, despite very adverse conditions. Such tension of energy winning an illness, it is possible to cause artificially and without the front, it is necessary only force it in the necessary direction. Meat and muscles of will have no, but the person has it, and muscles submit to it. In the same way submit to it and all bodies. Pathogenic bacteria are in each organism, but in one they aren't active, in other cause an illness. Conditions, both those, and others, are caused by a condition of mental energy. The active, intense, vigorous, firm condition kills activity of bacteria, like Sun beams, but also on the contrary. The person, who has allowed an infectious disease, is guilty in dissoluteness and insufficient discipline of mental energy. The organism is protected from diseases, as fortress from the enemy. For this purpose balance of spirit first of all shouldn't be broken. Disbalance causes also violation of the correct polarization and energy distribution in all organism or separate bodies. Just as the reserve is sent for protection of a site weak or threatened with the enemy, and fiery energy sends charges, polarized by will, to a place menacing with a disease. It is necessary to struggle with an illness from beginning to end, for a minute not submitting to it. It strongly facilitates process and helps an organism to fight against it. Life is a fight in everything. For life and health too it is necessary to fight. For nothing it is given nothing. And if health is given from the birth, it is necessary to hold it up to the end. The material body plastically and submits to will. Healthy at first it is necessary to want to become before recovering if the body was visited by an illness. Will training in this direction is possible under any conditions. The thought pours out in a form created by will. The will creates.

463. (Sept. 2). Many mistakes were made in the past, but isn't present among them irreparable. The Hierarchy insult is irreparable. Even the doubt can be corrected. These reptiles are hardy. The chopped-off heads grow again, and the recovered reptiles again start stinging. There is a question what to do? How to avoid doubts when evidence favors to them? We simply avoid undesirable and unpleasant people, without entering with them communication. Leprous we bypass far off, knowing the harm, able to be caused. Harm of doubt we know. Means, it is necessary to apply the same way of self-defense only. It is necessary to realize only the extent of harm of doubts, always the caused. From understanding "dangers there is self-defense and counteraction force. While danger isn't realized, fight won't be effective. Understanding of consequences caused to them will be the first step. When it understood, and forces for overcoming will be.

464. (Sept. 3). Not reasoning’s, but life – to these Record differ from the usual writing. The conclusions based on experience, give persuasiveness to sheets. Are necessary because deal with types unfamiliar and even absolutely unknown to people, but vital. It is necessary to continue. Waves counteracting will subside, currents will change, and again will begin to write easy and freely. The condition of mankind depends on currents spatial, as well as events. Their change will designate also changes world. The present can't serve as a starting point of judgment about the future. Therefore there is no place for despair or hopelessness. People assume, but God Has that is everything is created under the Supreme Law. In twilight of night the darkness, but not light of day is visible. The person denying light of day only because it is dark, makes a mistake. The law of dialectics approves a polar of the phenomena of equal force, but opposite on value because one causes another. Darkly, but not darkness ahead is, and Light. The pursued will receive an award, desperate will be consoled, and all humiliated will be ennobled, if from spirit. The spirit defines a place in life. There will be no violence. Consolation not behind a coffin, but on Earth updated and revived in the spirit of. To that time comes to be carried out. Therefore also darkness that Light was brighter. I tell everything about the same, but in the accord with the moment. It is heavy, and the spirit groans. But also it will pass. And you uplifted and cleared by sufferings, desired and invited will enter into the building of the New World because not only the invited, but also are chosen. So the Teacher when the darkness is condensed extraordinary Speaks and hopes fires go out. I see going happiness, gait victorious new events I Hear through heavy darkness and I Speak: "Be awake and you hold lamps lit because the foreordained came nearer all-time".

465. Hand Driving we will be to read acts. Other criterion of honoring isn't present. Let's read affairs. Others will read words. But there isn't enough advantage of such admirers. If words and acts disperse, so something is unsuccessful. Internal trouble is surely expressed in something external. There is a coherence of harmony, that is compliance, and there is a compliance of disharmony. So chaotic consciousness will be expressed in a randomness of actions and compliance disharmonious is approved. And the dissonance generated by an act or rather by offense, has to cease, bringing a conformable consequence. When inside becomes ripe the disharmony phenomenon, it is best of all not to reveal itself any counteractions. Here restraint is necessary as anywhere. If a number of disharmonious actions aren’t shown, the chain of karma isn't burdened. Otherwise the tail of internal trouble lasts long, detaining the traveler. It is important to understand time when it is necessary to show action and when to refrain from it. It belongs also to words and thoughts. Time of crops and time of rest should be chosen skillfully. It is possible to remove only in fixed hour. Rotten shoots often are explained by unsuccessful conditions of crops. Twilight of spirit doesn't suit for crops. Remember: the person is a sower. It is and reaper. It is necessary to reap most, and it is necessary to think how crops are made and that is sowed. Show care of your future which is forged in the present. Smiths everything, and everyone is the happiness, and also and misfortune. The law of causes and effects is caused by iron need. Karma – creation of hands human. Destiny of the person is in his own hands. Eyes open. The ostrich buries the head in sand and hides from reality. You have eyes opened, because – creators of the future.

466. (Sept. 4). Understanding of Care protects. I protect and without this consciousness, but the difference as is great, as well as between conscious and unconscious action. It is easier to help and protect the person who tries it and to protect others and strengthens this protection by repeatedly conscious communication with Hierarchy. Therefore to show own efforts it is necessary that was to what to put. Even the request for the Help already facilitates it. Don't consider it left and left. The care is constant, but not to avoid tests for confidence of Proximity of the Teacher, differently as this feeling-knowledge will become stronger? Fire doesn't know fluctuations and when it burns, communication is strong. Fluctuation is caused by that owing to the various reasons fire starts decreasing. When all properties of a flame are shown and all its qualities are contained, the way of the winner is firm. Better in heavy times hold heart burning, than to lose fires in the happy. Without fire there is no life. Fire – food to spirit. If the crystal of mental energy of sufficient force is saved up, even temporary attenuation of a flame isn't dangerous because accumulation will force a flame to flash again brightly as soon as currents will change. The final go out of fires means death of spirit, or, more precisely, death of heart. Phenomenon is heavy. There are a lot of live dead persons. Even the skilled pupil not always distinguishes these carriers of decomposition. They strengthen ranks of dark attendants the inert passivity and nonresistance to the evil. The Armageddon came to an end, but the evil didn't come to an end, and still there are a lot of his followers. In bumper-crop years there is a crop on these or those grain crops, vegetables, and fruit, medical. Bumper-crop years for the phenomena of darkness passed irrevocably, but its fields are still great, and crops are huge. Only crops former already never any more won't be. Nowadays conditions for development of the evil and its prosperity changed and became adverse. Each evil undertaking will receive the increasing and bigger counteraction as spatial, and from people. Spatial counteraction also is expressed to the evil that space conditions strong will counteract evil development. Therefore it is possible in fight against Chaos and darkness to secure with the spatial help, support and cooperation. It also will be cooperation space when the spirit relies on invisible forces and Beams in the aspiration to go against evil waves. At space cooperation of people becomes much stronger. It is possible; it is possible to appeal to spatial justice when humanity bases are broken senselessly and cruelly. The justice on violators can be found. Prestanding for mankind cooperate space in scales great, and you cooperate at a rate of the consciousness, asking for the spatial help directly or through the elected Driver. The address can be as to separate Great Identity, and impersonal, but it is better nevertheless through the Teacher. The phenomenon of a pretending should be understood, after all each pupil at the same time is a prestanding before the Lord for the lowest, for those who is lower than it on the Hierarchy ladder, and those who follows it. When somebody asks somebody to pray for it, in it the prestanding phenomenon is unconsciously expressed. But here it is spoken about a pretending conscious. Through Hierarchy at the pretending phenomenon the help flows quicker and results are more effective than it. Everything created consciously, increases and increases in the force. You for the, the Teacher for you, the Mater World for Lords before the Highest are pretending. So the chain of Hierarchy burns with fires of care and the help unlimited. And Care of Lords – about mankind and a pretending for it. It is necessary to think of the phenomenon of a pretending, it has to become reality. Evolution is based on it real because even animals and plants have the prostate and the caring through Hierarchy. The phenomenon of Hierarchy is diverse and isn't limited to the standard representations. Care the Highest about everything that is, there is a shown world. And everyone let will lay the hand feasibly in care of the surrounding. Cain not the watchman to the brother, but each person is the guard and a caring about everything that around, up health and welfare of all planet. So responsibility of the person before Space for all real extends. Pro-thinkers good can seek to assimilate in their Care of the world. It also will mean the introduction with Them in conscious cooperation and the statement of the responsibility for Earth.

467. If to compare of what the person in the imagination was afraid, that happened to it actually, the divergence will turn out terrible. The majority of fears and fears are vain and exist only in imagination. There is at all of what are afraid, and events of life go in other direction, often bringing dangers not expected. Therefore often fears and fears are groundless and senseless. Not only that the fear in itself is aimless and deprived of any sense, it, except all this, is deprived of the basis. In additives it is also the destroyer for essence of the person. The fear is the phenomenon absolutely insalubrious. In it absolutely there is no creative beginning. There is a fear of death; there is a fear of life. Which of them is more harmful, it is difficult even to tell. The fear of death is based on ignorance, but the fear of life isn't better also. Fear before life of a karma not to change. On a fear magnet undesirable conditions usually are easier attracted. Therefore it is best of all to reject all types of fear and to learn to meet fearlessly waves of the dense phenomena. The aura of fearlessness overcomes and weakens hostile auras so that they aren't able to counteract it long. Therefore the fearless person, as a rule, usually comes out the winner from the most, apparently, desperate and desperate conditions. That is why precepted fearlessness. Danger of fear is that it is many-sided and various and creeps under different attires, shrouding consciousness in a gray cover. But a cover it is necessary to tear off and see the hidden wrecker without covers. Mercy doesn't deserve and is subject to immediate exile as soon as it is exposed. It isn't necessary to be afraid of anything. Only one is magnetism of fearlessness already wins. On the coward all hairpins fall, but the spiteful hands which are greedy clinging to each spot of fear don't dare to concern the fearless person. Despise dangers, laugh at fears, greet about with a smile all difficulties of life and everything menacing to you. For you Teacher is. To you nobody can be terrible. What to be afraid, when behind the back Hierarchy of Light. I like to observe light of fearless heart. Both the coward and the hero have to pass both the same track of life. Whether it is better to pass it the hero? But the fear only strengthens horrors. Two people meet danger: one – shuddering for fear, another – without knowing it, - if both pass it safely, to what all fears then? There is no more useless occupation, than to be given to fears. From destiny not to leave is not in will of the person, but it is fearlessly possible to meet any destiny. So the winner meets it, and the victory remains behind him what was the destiny, fallen to it to lot. To a victory I Call and Learn to go towards lives victoriously.

468. (Sep. 5). My friend how to combine terrestrial with heavenly, everyday with the spiritual? Caesarian it is given to the Caesar, that is terrestrial – Earth. The Caesar has the right that belongs to him, but not above as also the terrestrial. The spirit area, though is painted by terrestrial tones, nevertheless doesn't belong to Earth. The consciousness which has been saved up on Earth can be shown over it that is out of dense conditions. This separate of spiritual life from Earth is heritage of the person and gift of evolution dense. People so get used with Earth that at all doesn’t imagine conditions of extra dense existence. And it is necessary to present, and not only to present, but also to live in them. The thought is the phenomenon of a thin order. Sphere of thoughts and feelings already out of the dense. Already in the inner world the person moves away from Earth. Therefore We Say that the person lives, even having been obese, in the various worlds, and a place of their meeting is the consciousness. This inner world of thoughts and feelings entirely passes together with the person after his death to other spheres. The body and the lowest covers are left. But all people with all accumulation, memory and experience remain indestructible. Certainly, the condition thin dense differs from a condition, but even the width, longitude and place height already strongly change conditions: the place above sea level, the closer it to conditions of the Thin World is higher. And at any height, terrestrial gravitation strongly weakens, not terrestrial inclination, but, exactly, a consciousness attraction to the terrestrial. Yogis go to mountains that it is easier to that to join the Highest Worlds. Lowlands don't give these opportunities. On water and Earth magnetism negative is strong, at heights elements of fire and air prevail. The separation from Earth occurs at heights easier. It the phenomenon of mountains is significant. The person who has got used to mountains on Earth, in the Thin World naturally and freely rises in the same layers while the inhabitant of lowlands manages it only by known efforts. I speak about usual consciousness. Living is at heights live over the lower class of an astral, without concerning them. To them easier already on Earth, the thin cover adapts to the upper class also doesn't pull consciousness down. Many details on Earth can facilitate lifting. And among them the phenomenon of mountains will be one of the most considerable. Once and somewhere each promoted pupil should pass through it to facilitate ascension. Terrestrial it is easier to be exempted from burden in mountains. The spirit in mountains breathes freely. Mountains are given to the person as a spirit shelter. The way to the settlement mountain isn't closed...

469. (Sept. 6). The law doesn't allow interfering in karmas human. But when the free will of the person drew up the plan of action and started working, then it is possible to help if action is positive. People often lose the help thanks to inertness of consciousness. They don't want to begin, expect pressure from the outside. We appreciate action self-proceeding because such action going from spirit is expression of his free will. But how to combine constant violence of surrounding circumstances over the person with free will? This influence continuously and very strongly. Often it wears uniforms of violence obvious. The dark widely use it. Not in forces of people to stop waves of external influences, but in an inner world of the lord – it, but not something external. Over spirit anybody isn't imperious; but is imperious even over a body. It is exposed to all accidents of dense existence. Over an invariable framework of karma not the masterful man, though is imperious over the attitude towards them. The savior is on a cross, in iron conditions of a karma, Was in good spirits is free from them – not in a body, but in the spirit of. Freedom of spirit should be understood more deeply. It is possible to call laws of the dense world laws of iron need. They aren't imperious over spirit if it, being in the world, understands itself other-worldly. And, really, kingdom of other-worldly spirit, but above. The doctrine calls the person in a spirit kingdom, pointing it to an extremity and temporariness of dense conditions in spite of the fact that they are expressed in need forms.

469. (Sep. 6). The law doesn't allow interfering in karmas human. But when the free will of the person drew up the plan of action and started working, then it is possible to help if action is positive. People often lose the help thanks to inertness of consciousness. They don't want to begin, expect pressure from the outside. We appreciate action self-proceeding because such action going from spirit is expression of his free will. But how to combine constant violence of surrounding circumstances over the person with free will? This influence continuously and very strongly. Often it wears uniforms of violence obvious. The dark widely use it. Not in forces of people to stop waves of external influences, but in an inner world of the lord – it, but not something external. Over spirit anybody isn't imperious; but is imperious even over a body. It is exposed to all accidents of dense existence. Over an invariable framework of karma not the masterful man, though is imperious over the attitude towards them. The savior – on a cross, in iron conditions of a karma, Was in good spirits is free from them – not in a body, but in the spirit of. Freedom of spirit should be understood more deeply. It is possible to call laws of the dense world laws of iron need. They aren't imperious over spirit if it, being in the world, understands itself other-worldly. And, really, kingdom of other-worldly spirit, but above. The doctrine calls the person in a spirit kingdom, pointing it to an extremity and temporariness of dense conditions in spite of the fact that they are expressed in need forms.

470. "Mastering by Went, the Lord". I will send, but make effort. To learn to own itself it is possible always. Life gives the necessary tests – means, quality it possibly to strengthen how it was died. Everyone would like to possess it, but not everyone wants to work over itself (himself). On efforts is and fruits. On the enclosed diligence and results is. Therefore, it is necessary to try only. Tests will take place – experience remains. With it we will go further. It is difficult to acquire that life is given not for pleasure, but for acquisition of experience which is its main goal. It isn't difficult to understand it, but it is very difficult to apply in practice. And still somewhere in the depth of consciousness there is a fear before the future and before those tests which can fall to lot, that is implementation of the purpose of life instead of pleasure and accumulation brings only chagrin. Means, the essence of the Doctrine isn't understood yet. It is necessary to learn to remain strong in the face of test. What can break spirit? Anything, tests can make it only stronger. It is necessary to withdraw from consciousness fear and chagrin difficulties. Also it isn't necessary to feel sorry for it. A lot of grief from it occurs and many unnecessary experiences. For strangers we feel sorry a little as and it is necessary to learn to look at itself how on the stranger. Let studies and "I" suffer small is its share. And you take a detached view. Any methods are admissible if only to seize themselves. But work happens inside. And, besides, the winner doesn’t judge. Everything if the victory over is reached says goodbye. Why the most important isn't put above all other, less necessary and often unnecessary absolutely? As it is possible to lose a life thread if necessary experience is gained hourly. Knowledge! Knowledge! Knowledge! Experience! Experience! Experience – so skilled knowledge, experience reached, becomes the purpose of all of that happens to the person. Someone deceived; someone offended, something happened, something is lost – all and something brings treasure of knowledge and experience treasure. It is so possible to go through life, greedy absorbing given the chance by it. Not to be afflicted, but it is necessary to rejoice to everything that gives life irrespective of, it is pleasant or not. To divide values of received knowledge on pleasant or unpleasant will be a sign of infancy of spirit. Everything truly valuable is got hardly. Tortures, sufferings and work are the easiest ways of acquisition of experience. At times is others ways it and not to get. Why strong and high spirits suffer so much while a pettiness rolls in wellbeing? And often only the death liberator allows seeing treasures saved up. Anything with themselves we don't take in the Worlds the Highest, except experience and knowledge. So then is the most valuable in life? So to that then most willingly and joyfully the efforts we will direct? "To mastering by Went, the Lord because I know where I go, and I know that it is most necessary on this way from a death kingdom in a life and Light kingdom". It is necessary! It is necessary to find in itself force of opposition of life. It is necessary! It is necessary from this fight against it to come out the winner. And that advantage if everything is well, and the person remains and nothing is reached by a pettiness. To what then is all? To understanding of eternal, never-dying force in them, spirit in them, what we will prefer? On what, terrestrial exchanged the right of the primogeniture for Maya what ghosts? And if it is acquired whole world, but heart died, that advantage then to the person, when gate Elevated the World reveal before it. Not terrestrial the spirit Treasure because the price to it isn't present is measured and defined by measures.

471. (Sept. 7). It was told that emphasis is placed on thought. Nowadays it is possible to develop told and to add that emphasis is placed on spirit. The spirit underlies all real, even a matter. Placing emphasis on spirit, we approve a firm basis, without a basis it is impossible. In the world where everything flows and everything changes, it is necessary to find something, on what the consciousness can lean. The spirit is opposed to a matter, but only in its categorical form available to external feelings. The higher, the division borders closer meet. And at top everything merges together just as all points of a pyramid above come to the end with one, uniting everything. There spirit kingdom. And this kingdom is and in the person, but at tops of his being, in the sphere of his never-dying reincarnating Identity. The person is the spirit carrier. And the inner world of the person represents itself area which by the nature sharply differs from the sphere of the dense phenomena. The piece of a tree can be cut, weighed, burned, that is to subject to purely physical impacts, and the spirit World isn't subject to these direct influences. Its laws others is. It exists irrespective of the dense phenomena though in the course of evolution and I formed stratifications thanking of. The baby bird too depends on parents in the beginning, wings didn't grow yet and he didn't grow. But the spirit which has received wings, in a bosom of Mother Earth becomes independent from terrestrial when the consciousness will rise by a certain height. Certainly, the outside world influences the World of spirit and makes to it the changes, but the one who won against the world, approves the power over it. Elements obey it because it in itself (himself) seized them. Management of a matter therefore and is possible that all matter is penetrated by spirit. The stone not spirit, but that underlies a matter making its atoms and molecules, is spirit. The spirit influences spirit through the spiritual beginning put in everything. The flower can be picked and that to cause to it death, but it is possible, without concerning it, to send it spirit will of destruction, fiery eating, and the flower will be lost. Mortal eye of the yogi not fairy tale, but reality is. The winner terrestrial in himself, subordinated to the will elements of the earth, water, air and fire, can send destruction fire to that is liable to destruction. But not to destroy, and the person is urged to create. Two-edged fiery sword of spirit for destruction use only in exceptional cases emergency, because the purpose of evolution of consciousness – construction creative, because creativity – destiny. Creativity in the spirit of will be the first stage of any true creativity. In the spirit World, in the world of boundless opportunities possibly all is. Therefore art as a field of creativity of spirit is put above all. When fire of spirit took shape and accepted the steady already astral form, the first invisible stage of creativity is finished. Without this stage the dense form can't be carried out. Conceived it has to be carried out in the spirit of before it will come to light on Earth. In the course of mastering by it is possible to create itself by the same principle of sequence from thin to the dense. The uneasy person if only in an inner world he doesn't create at first fiery, then mental and then already astral accurate and concrete form of expression of the tranquility which is already easy later can't show tranquility, will freely and naturally come to light in it in the conditions of the dense. Over forms thin it is necessary to work well as the conscientious sculptor to give them the finished and trimmed look before hoping that they will be shown in forms terrestrial. The unlimited lord in an inner world – the person, can create freely, safely and surely, knowing that if the law is observed and the astral form is finally complete and crystallized, its display in the world visible won't slow down. Many try to create at once, rejecting invisible process, and it always leads to failure. Consciously or unconsciously, but violation of the correct course of process always leads to corresponding results. So to process of mastering by we will add a necessary stage of hidden creativity of spirit that defeat became, really, it is impossible. It is possible to bring this spiritual consecutive process of crystallization of an astral form invisible to a physical eye to such brightness, clearness and force that the conceived phenomenon will be embodied in conditions dense with a force uncontrollable. You create in inner world desirable forms of the expression of the qualities and properties, and a display them in life in practice and in application it will be carried out. Be creators of the at first persons, and then and Identity, applying knowledge of the law. It is possible to win against the world having won against itself, the victory over demands fight and efforts. To a victory the Teacher Gives a way, arming with knowledge of the law operating process of a display of thin forms in the dense.

472. Each approved quality in each its next appendix can be applied with a bigger force and confidence. It naturally grows and collects in the course of the appendix in practice, but process can be deepened and strengthened conscious will. Experience accumulation goes such way. If firmly and constantly to hold the purpose before eyes, it is difficult to lose the direction and it is difficult to deviate, and then all surrounding, going by consciousness, enters into a rhythm of progress and promotes achievement of the purpose. Differently, all forces: and promoting and counteracting, both hostile and friendly start serving spirit, unshakably and resolved the way. All submits to a hammer of will. Both enemies and counteractions remain, but already as helpers of ascension. And then it is possible to tell: there are no conditions opposite – everything gives to energy the on advantage of victorious spirit. Even it is possible to approach to the enemy with thought that he can give, with what energiya to enrich and what advantage to bring. Usually enemies learn better, than friends, especially friends rotten, and are much more useful. To take art necessary to energy from opposite and hostile circumstances belongs to the highly experienced traveler. Appreciation to enemies is property of high spirit. Both deception, and offense, both infringement, and prosecution, and everything proceeding from enemies, is obviously useful because learns and adds to experience lives. So, we will remember: there are no circumstances opposite if the will is rather strong. The corresponding polarization of consciousness changes a corner of the appendix of hostile energy, forcing to work as it for itself. The world is won by the correct polarization of consciousness. "I lost the house" – the gray-haired fire victim shouts, – "I am the most unfortunate person". But wise will tell: "Already hair my sets, destiny I exempted me from the house prison. Well, it will be easier to that to go, released, and to the World the Highest where the consciousness won't be attached any more too imagined property". The relation to the phenomena of life and their assessment depends on polarization of consciousness. Wisdom of the East teaches that. Many complain about an illness before death, without understanding that the illness is a blessing that it exempts spirit from a body and coherence with it before great transition. The dual nature of the phenomena under a form seen one-sidedly hides other party, useful and positive. Choice is in hands of the person, which to see. Strengthen, strengthen approved qualities, using every minute of lifting of spirit. Seeds can be sowed only in fixed time.

473. (Sept. 8). If during one life approve strongly at least one quality, it will be big achievement because ten lives will give ten qualities, and bigger quantity them – the symphony (qualities). Without forgetting about the symphony of qualities, it is possible to strengthen the most sounding for consciousness and subjects to move ahead. There is no work of more fascinating, than collecting in treasures fiery. Qualities as torches of a display of constantly burning fires, promote the fastest formation of crystals of mental energy, increasing Stone Treasure. The person who has found Treasure is so we Call the one who consciously multiplies light of the Stone. After all every day it is possible to add something to Treasure, somehow to strengthen its power, somehow to increase it. Hands are given to the Bowl, and in it, flaring by fires, Treasure. That the world that everything that events of life current when hands strong hold a shining Stone of life in a breast. Because, where your Treasure, there and your heart. Stone carriers, manage to keep it! There is no phenomenon in human lives of more dramatic, than squandering of Treasure and reduction in an extent of the saved-up wealth. The crystal of mental energy is true wealth and is subject to incessant sharp-sighted care and protection. In search of his people I traveled all over the whole world, I passed through many lives, I read the mass of books and I met thousands people eventually to learn, something that it looks for outside, is in it, and that it is the Stone the Mythical stone which either will revive, or will burn. Shining Treasure we will increase, everyday efforts accumulating particles of the crystals postponed in the Bowl. Everything that the person in the field of thought, feelings, words and acts does, either increases treasure, or reduces it. As the person to everything created of has to be attentive. In the saturated environment, just as at a press of circumstances and in tension, formation of crystals happens lawfully and naturally. Laws in everything are identical. Therefore to burdening by circumstances we will rejoice because they create the conditions favorable for growth of crystals. Not in despondency and depression, but the wonderful Stone grows in pleasure of spirit. It is difficult to rejoice to difficulties and life burden, but after all the pleasure is special wisdom. But if know that is got thanks to this feeling, it is possible to be glad both lives severe, and heavy, and full of tests. It is necessary to change only a corner of the relation to people, things and the phenomena. At a card table the people got drunk by fumes of wine find a pleasure ghost in the smoked and poisoned atmosphere. If it is so possible to pervert life in the evil, in the power of the person to change the relation the usual to something and to force itself to look at life differently, exactly as he wants in the light of new understanding of life. So the feat severe in solitude of the woods can become pleasure of strong spirit. So multiplication and growth of Treasure of the Stone in the heaviest and difficult conditions can become pleasure of life of the begun to see clearly spirit. Blind don't see that. Blind won't understand even about what there is a speech. But I Speak not deaf and not blind, but able see. The stone of life flaring fires, Treasure, whole and safe the happy owner carries away it from the world terrestrial to other worlds and there to them lives, to them moves and to them succeeds in a further ascension. Both we see, and we hear, both we fly, and we succeed Stone force in the Elevated Worlds. The treasure which hasn't been covered with dense attires terrestrial, shows there the power. The Traveler, think of the only thing, the integral your Treasure, you belonging by right.

474. So fascinating interesting there is a human life in the spirit of that the commonness loses the power over it and is gradually replaced with singularity. Usual becomes unusual. After all, as a matter of fact, life in Elevated also will be singularity life, and preparation goes on Earth. The principle is approved: where I, there and house. All mine with me. Ancient saying, omnia mea, mecum porto gets absolutely other sense, and not poverty it indicates already, but richness of spirit. Externally everything remains as though without changes, but internal change of consciousness is huge. The soul is lost by the person to find it changed and expanded. However, the lowest in the person will try to raise the head and to do desperate attempts to return the lost power. But the winner leaves victoriously and this fight. Wrestle for life or death for life and immortality of spirit. Contrary to the seen and heard it is approved unheard and invisible. Against evidence the reality wins fight. And while there is a fight and there is a preparation, the Teacher Waits at the right time to give the Helping hand and to pass to the following step of Cognition. The special care and attention isn't enough in the spirit of going, and therefore to them. On the world they are scattered, as rescue beacons to people. Them I Send to the world that the world human addressed to Me. The victim of their bike, loading also is great. Sometimes I Leave one, having provided to own forces that the strength tested also power of wings growing. But one completely I Don't leave never, because – in the Beam. You seek to succeed? More with Me arrive. Indivisibility of the integrated consciousnesses is an apprenticeship sign. The formula "I in You, You in Me" remains invariable forever and ever. What to tell you? Unless that when your hour will come and will come your time, evidence and reality will merge together in Aura Lord’s Light. Because, truly I Speak to you: you will see and will hear and your pleasure will be perfect. While it is necessary to trust and wait, wait and trust. And let your belief will bring fruits, and expectation – creative. So, creating your future in the spirit of, you will reach the put. I Protect. We won't be frightened by anything, we won't stop before mountains of absolute obstacles because fire of spirit Maya all creation are distressed. The way lies not on the ground, but in the person, and all obstacles in the same place. Therefore I Speak and I Claim that a victory – in the spirit of. In the spirit of won truly the winner will be because myself I won also against myself. It is necessary to understand a mystery of fight and a victory occurring and gained inside. Therefore I Repeat: in total in the spirit of and from spirit. The one, who transfers the fight center from within outside, makes a mistake, and this fight assimilates then to fight against windmills. And even if to win against them and to stop wheel movement, what advantage will be from it to the person? Not to stop a wheel of life and the sense of overcoming is lost. When I Speak about soul which the person has to lose, or about a cross which should be taken with itself, I Speak about the internal psychological process happening in consciousness of the person, about process releases from heritage of the past and spirit transformations. Symbol transformations spirit on the Mountain I Specified, that the way laid down directly. Don't fight differently, but in the spirit of because the spirit and in the spirit of makes overcoming of because the highest achievement by force undertakes and making efforts admires it.

475. (Sept. 9). The care of the Teacher is shown that the correction on a course of the ship of spirit if He Notices a deviation from it is given. It Covers the wrong installation of consciousness with judgment correct that the way was direct. Also It Finds a positive side in each phenomenon, even in bad that to approve it and that to paralyze influence of the party negative. In whatever condition there was a consciousness, always it is possible to find something directing forward, and them to support the reeled spirit. So the Teacher Sees the bottom that the foot firmly went. Without the Teacher not keep and not pass. Among whirlwinds and inconsistent currents mind can be stirred up and lose feeling of the correct direction. For an example it is possible to ask ten or one hundred passersby where head. Answers will show that go blindly, without knowing, where and why. Many casual satellites will meet in life, temporary and before the first turn. Those who go there will be constants only and is too under the Beam. Association of conformable consciousnesses goes under the Beam of the Teacher. Old meetings aren't new thought to all appearances and it seems that met for the first time. Generally speaking, it isn't less old meetings, than new: and among friends and enemies – old acquaintances. Memory usually in these cases is silent, and only heart gives a message, noting an attraction or aura pushing away. On this feeling, especially at the first meeting, it is necessary to pay attention. The subsequent meetings deepen it. Sometimes the signal of heart is so strong that the feeling of sympathy or antipathy flashes brightly. There are the meetings provided by the Teacher. On them it is necessary to pay special attention. Conformable consciousnesses usually connect for strengthening or mutual, or for action strengthening, or for influence on Wednesday surrounding. Two integrated auras, auras harmonious – big force, especially if it works consciously. It is possible to be protected and protect more successfully than others, not to be defenseless lambs. The symbol of the soldier, but not sheep, beseems more militant spirit. In everything is fight and victory. And where usual ways, or levers are impossible, possible ways unusual. And the weapon is – fiery energy, the mental energy of spirit always being at its disposal and always ready to action in any circumstances and under any conditions. It is worth wasting time in vain when a lot of things can be made and too much to help. It is necessary only unusual to put into operation. We Act always with singularity ways. For this purpose there are dodecahedrons, heptahedrons and other combinations of the integrated consciousnesses, able to apply power of the integrated energy. It is necessary to make work with mental energy way of day. It is necessary to manage to unite in desirable combinations and to help feasibly to people. It is necessary firmly and to stop imperiously the evil strengthening the phenomena of darkness, chaos, decomposition and despair. It is necessary to help. The nobility and not to apply the forces on fight against darkness where it is possible and available, will be already omission. Refrained from the help to neighbors where it could be rendered by ways unusual doesn't bear honor. Helpless lambs itself don't show and firmly and surely you seek to apply the force and knowledge where it is possible and where another not in power. Ways, impossible are open for you for usual consciousness. We Act invisibly and quietly. Power of influence affects results. To force of the integrated mental energy the usual consciousness can't opposite. Force this be able to apply in operation.

476. My friend, the accord moment with my thoughts can't be missed. Because is we don't repeat. It is necessary to write down, at least the beginning that was to what to put later when it external circumstances allow. Today at work, among people, My thought, easily obviously sounded and freely pouring out in the finished forms. Attempt to restore process wasn't successful in the evening because lost doesn't come back. So, we will be careful with the adjusted tool because not always sounds equally, but depending on space conditions. Form of expression it isn't necessary to be confused. Easy to separate and to lose a thread; to avoid it, the Communication rhythm is given. To it also we will stick. How many works were necessary on the statement of a rhythm before it took place? But and fruits are great works rhythmical. For an assessment of works future measures are applicable. Many considerable things to contemporaries didn't seem those. Time and history manage the impartial court. Therefore it is possible to work not for itself, but for the future. The Teacher Won't forget to specify a frame of the works created for the sake of it. It is necessary to rely only on itself because the consciousness of people around isn't always able to understand value of the given. It is necessary to go ahead thought of the eyelid. It is necessary to punch a virgin soil of new understanding of the world. It is necessary unusual to enter into the sphere of universal thinking. This work we will consider as work a breakthrough of new channels of spatial thought. After all it is necessary that the thought poured out in the concrete, finished form that it before it will be able to enter into aura of a planet crystallized and it the average consciousness will be able to use. People take ready when the space is already saturated dense. But who sated and who sates it? We Sate and we Cement space, and our pupils to us assistants in this great work. Why new ideas and thoughts on demolition of eras are knocked on consciousness human? From is where they? Who generated them? Who assumed obscure and ungrateful work of refraction in consciousness of power of new Space Beams to give to people ready forms of thought? Work is really great, and names of humble attendants of Light are obscure. But We Know and their names are noted on no erasable tables of spatial records. The destiny of those who conducts forward thought of mankind is blessed.

477. (Sept. 10). I meet directed to Me Beams. It is bad if the aspiration comes to the end with a blot and a blurring dark stain. Purity of thoughts of aspirations should be protected. The pure thought is valuable as a condition which isn't interfering penetration of the Beam through aura of its carrier. Really, the thought creates the sphere of the matter consisting of cleared atoms round the person. The aura sated with heavy crude thoughts is dense. The aura either uplifts, or bends down and presses spirit to Earth. Value of aura is great. Purity of thought should be understood widely. How the person in the thoughts but if his tranquility is broken was pure, the aura loses purity of shades. It is spoken about the symphony of qualities because any disharmonious impurity of the lowest vibrations breaks its system. You store auras the pure. The beam gets through them. Any break, curvature and turbidity of aura's vibrations respectively alter structure of a perceived Beam. It mental dissoluteness when the person hopelessly waves a hand is especially dangerous and is given on will of muddy wave’s tamas. It nonresistance to external influences is dangerous, or, speaking differently, consciousness submission to influence of environment and people. The strong aura gives the wave and paints this Wednesday itself. Never vibrations of environment can break strong spirit, and force it to begin to sound in unison, and to paint its light aura dregs of the chaotic lowest vibrations which are so peculiar to people. Often fight consists in managing to resist internally against these dark influences. Dissoluteness and untidiness of human feelings and thinking is great. Concourses human are usually harmful. Nobody watches itself (himself); nobody tries to dominate emotions, thoughts and emotions. The sweaty is breath human, the poisonous. Among people without harm for itself it is possible to arrive, having only surrounded with a protective ring of own radiations, without allowing in a thin mental and astral matter with which are surrounded the majority of people. Usual auras are usually harmful. The press of injuriousness is often reflected and in physical shape of the person. The aura poisons with emotions of an astral cover. Such poisonful are harmful and dangerous. Fortunately, it is a little strongly poisoned aura, but saddened great variety. The touch to people is sad. So few light auras, pleasure to people of the bearing. Work on in this direction is a feat because light is literally brought in life twilight, in darkness of gloomy narrow-minded vegetation. Auras human are dim. Therefore we Welcome the work cleaner which tension forces to be clarified twilight auras. Hard work which captures the person causes fires of the centers, and the aura starts being shown. Through work intense light gets. Good workers we Appreciate! They contribute the share in construction of the New World, especially we Welcome enthusiasm as kindle of fires of spirit. Sluggish inertness of hopelessness, despondency and despair we Consider as a crime against people around. Such builders should be isolated and banished in places not occupied. It is a lot of troubles and misfortunes these clouds of the real bring. These are the magnets attracting waves of destructive energiya, and decomposition weather vanes, these are murderers of the mind and body and those who has misfortune to adjoin to them. The trouble that they infect space and an infection is carried far. Health of spirit is something, on what is obliged to pay attention the state. Unless it is possible allow such people to children or to public positions? Bike from them harm. Seeking for mastering by, not a private matter it is produced, but universal and spatially necessary and urgent. Approving in itself Light, we work for General Welfare.

478. My time came, and forces are collected. The dense matter has to pass the spiritual category of terrible tension, as well as a cover of people. The millennia prepared for this Hour, and approaches Hour. The curtain of the Temple became torn and ground hesitated for a time when Left, Arrival will be even more majestic. I left humiliated I Will come as having the power. Luminous intensity will approve the power, and the statement it will be obvious and by the light of day. And in ashes all constructions human on ignorance, disbelief and denial will break up. Firmness of denying constructions human will be shaken to the basis, and the basis is demolished. And the sign of my army will be billion. The measure of my patience was overflowed, and the Space Will dictates destiny of the world. The self-conceit, self-confidence, ignorance and wisdom terrestrial when the terrible space phenomena testify the force grows dumb and hangs: Fire is powerful. By fire I Will approve power of fire reduced from the Sky to Earth. Space hours beat off an inalterability rhythm. And people should reconcile before greatness of the Highest Will. The era of Maitreya will come unexpectedly, unexpectedly and promptly. I give a prevention sign. To hear having ears yes hear also eyes to see, let see because came nearer Hour.

479. (Sept. 11). At close contact with people a condition of consciousnesses mutually influence. One, raise spirit, lift others, and fallen pulls for itself down and relatives. Means, it is necessary to resist not for it, but for relatives and neighbors. Condition of aura infectiously, that is its vibrations act on people around. The leading spirit for conducted is especially responsible. It’s falling and fluctuations imperiously influence auras following it. Responsibility for conducted should be understood and accepted. The self-justification won't help. Words and affairs have to correspond friend to the friend. It is necessary to arrive so that before anybody not to be ashamed of the actions. To arrive so that in case secret becomes obvious, this secret wouldn't force to writhe with shame. The offenses should be realized, and to recognize, and never it is necessary to justify them. If the self-justification is inadmissible, that offense or offenses suppressed consciousness is inadmissible also and were made with slavish submission to the weaknesses. The slave to a sin and free from a sin can be the person, a sin making: one makes it because can't but make because it is enslaved, another – with the permission of will. The border is thin and conditional, but acts can be created in freedom or slavery. And it is very easy to pass from freedom of offenses to submission to them that is from free to become the slave. Certainly, a sin as that, no, there are offenses of ignorance and connivance to the weaknesses. Sin – concept clerical, subject to withdrawal. Sinners – slaves and We Approve freedom. Slavish terminology became obsolete. But new words don't change essence of the phenomenon. In slavery at the astral be shameful. Carry away invisibly for it others, connected by karma, criminally. The teacher should answer for everything and for all. Secret anything isn't present. For the Teacher everything is obvious. The future develops today own hands in the accord that we create.

480. My friend, the Teacher Points to unusual intensity of the antagonistic currents being harbingers of preparing changes. Changes will be. When Wednesday is saturated, formation of crystals begins at once and goes quickly. Also is and with world events. It is necessary to reach a condition of saturation, and there Epoch Maitreya statement will go promptly. On degree of stiffness and a press of space it is possible to judge proximity of the moment already. Tension and condensation of the lower class is the unknown. Pressure can generate explosion that will cause accident. Accident is possible quite. Press will be not stood by also weak covers. It amplifies space fiery waves. Beams bimanous: one will burn, others will revive. But even revival is preceded by sufferings and death of the former person. And it is told: "Let's not die, but we will change". Pressing weight should be accepted as a symbol and a presage of coming changes. The wise will be able even to be glad because the gloom before a dawn is deep. To endure forces it is possible to take from consciousness of inevitability of the future: there will be it, at least all forces of the leaving world united against it. Be both Light, and pleasure, and happiness for those who waited and waited. And you more confidence has to that you receive from the Teacher. On duration of last expectation it is impossible to judge proximity of planetary terms; approached closely. Forces having collected, it is necessary to meet the last waves of leaving energiya courageously. Burden – from discrepancy of that leaves, that goes. Discrepancy it is great! The teacher Warns about difficulty of the moment that could meet it consciously and expected. Both we will worry, and we will see, because I with you.

481. (Sept. 13). Often people are perplexed, from where there are so much difficulties and complications. Pains happen karmic and sacred as also difficulties of life are caused or karma, or increase and they amplify, speaking Gospel language, owing to "Word" that is because the person took a way. This burdening by circumstances comes not at once: at first it is easy to go also the light-– all fires and are show special Care are inflated. Then the person is provided to himself and loading it’s all the time increases to cause already fires self-proceeding, reciprocal. The lifting quicker advance is higher, the loading is heavier. And the strong spirit lifts a huge burden. In size of a burden it is possible to judge spirit caliber. The heaviest and big Burden is Born by Lords, and the Leader is called as the Great Victim. So height and greatness of spirit is defined by the sizes and extent of loading. It is impossible to become or be big spirit, seeking to be exempted from a burden terrestrial. Such aspiration is incompatible with greatness of spirit. Difficulties are overcome, difficulties are resolved, and loading decreases from time to time but to become then heavier. Bloody sweat Lords under burden of the Burden terrestrial work. If to give a burden of the promoted pupil to a beginner, it simply won't sustain and leaves the way. Burden is not for weak shoulders. Therefore we won't be confused loading if a pettiness we don't want to be, either to become, or to be considered. The strong spirits which aren't afraid of any difficulties and not inclining before them in despair are necessary to me. These are phenomena we Consider as spirit falling. Balance remains under any conditions. Opportunities for fight and overcoming are allowed rich to increase, therefore, spirit on them and it is possible to become stronger always. It is necessary not to forget only a direct sense and sense of these phenomena. Are given to strengthen and ennoble. And when one also is provided to the forces and conditions are especially close, possibilities of growth which no other circumstances can give increase this. Fast and sure advance and the Teacher are necessary to that efforts Applies and Creates a corresponding environment. Certainly, a lot of things could be facilitated but then achievement should be shelved. And time presses, terms approach, and the tempered souls, able to take on the shoulders a responsible mission are necessary. To unchecked and untried spirits I Can't entrust where millions on care. Therefore don't complain about severity of tests, you who is Expected by the Lord that to give the Assignment. Value it you can judge on difficulties of the present moment. People don't complain, works applying to gain the usual diploma that is the right to work of a certain order. To acquire the right to the Assignment, too it is necessary to work in fight against life to temper spirit respectively. It is necessary to understand sense and the loading purpose to bear it consciously. It is difficult to undergo burden and test it isn't known for the sake of what. But if the purpose is clear, it is possible to sustain and bigger is firm, sure and with consciousness of necessity of these burdening. People rush about, are indignant and suffer, but I suffer senselessly and hopelessly, without understanding, for what. But the soldier for the sake of what he perfects a spirit sword on a stone cold and firm which even steel doesn't take knows. The spirit sword is pointed at a hone of life after training by fire and water. When I See a sparkling sword over the head of a soldier of spirit, I Rejoice because I Know that its spirit is ready for the Assignment. Some don't maintain and disappear. Some seek to evade. Others are preceding complaints and discontent. But the step of the winner is firm and unshakable. The life sea worries, sending a wave behind a wave towards. Waves meet skillfully and safely. They will pass by, having broken about the firmness rock, and you as the rock, you will stand still is firm and immovable, ready to new blows of elements.

482. Let's not wait for inspiration, but by force of a rhythm we will approve communication, having given a hand to a parcel. One wait when the inspiration will dawn upon them from above, others take by the right of aspiration. One wait for tips from the sky, others will dispose of the received heritage. The space right, or the right of primogeniture of spirit, gives the chance to it to dare and plentifully to reap the fruits the fiery. The law works smoothly. It is simple because in the spirit of everything it is simple. The simplicity phenomenon in spiritual affairs too should be understood. You are knocked, and to you will open if knock is rather persistent. Beggars too often knock, but often to them don't open or, having opened, drive away. The psychology of applicants is insolvent in essence. Treasures of spirit belong to it by right. For the sake of them it passed long and painful evolution, kowtowing in darkness of ignorance eventually to understand that Space and everything that in it exists for the sake of its wreath – the person. This understanding comes at spirit tops when the appointment and an ultimate goal understood. Here is we stand face to face, and I feel the turned aspiration – really I Won't be to reply, when billions are silent, or at all don't know, how to address? Therefore knowledge we will put above all because to the knocking open and knowing finds, where how and when to knock. Why at people there is so much uncertainty and indecision when the psycho equipment accurately specifies aspiration and receiving ways on force it? There are no forces to direct, the confidence isn't present, and the spiritual phenomena still carry in area of a mystical fog and uncertainty. I speak: The law works not greatly, and always, and in full accordance with aspiration. The law of action and counteraction we understand, but call and a response we don't want to understand. Really, treasures of Boundlessness expect the directed spirits. But where they directed? Many are directed, but in a pursuit of the terrestrial. Treasures from ashes terrestrial replaced with it spirit treasures, and they kowtow in a dust, creeping on planet bark. For aspiration wings and a look turned to stars are necessary. Not under feet, but at tops it is necessary to look for. More and more dare. I will top your aspirations with fires reciprocal and the Hand to that I Will lay. Come, understood to accept richness of gifts of evolution. Not you sitting at an oven, like cockroaches, not you looking back, plunging into the past of finished times, but you directed in the future the impudent and with consciousness of the right to gifts. I pass, but don't recognize Me; The Doctrine again I Give, but it reject; I Call in Light future, but stupidly not accepting Me back direct and sink in darkness. Nowadays I Give everything, and – it is plentiful. Was never time when the Life Doctrine so widely would stream to Earth that sufficed on all, but the spirit human, to Earth a look stare keeps silence. How many weights should be put on a suffering bowl that the spirit up directed and the bowl terrestrial ceased to outweigh on life scales? Deaf, blind and everything still sleeping, to you I Address – you will sleep how long?

483. (Sept. 15). It is much spoken about power of thought, but this force isn't understood. The person of no character under the influence of affect can make strong action. Means, power of thought can show everyone. Thoughts of one aren't effective, at others they are strong. In what is their force? Let's tell the thought fiery that is loaded with mental energy, emanationing of the centers is strong. The person of no character, but lit at least for time and sated thought fire, can make it much more strongly than the thoughts usual. The microcosm coordinated generates thoughts of bigger potential, than uncoordinated inside. As though is all being the person strains in uniform aspiration and creates monolith thoughts, undivided in itself. If the person creates thought for a certain action, but at the same time has a number of small doubts and thoughts small, opposite on value, equally effective all of them, thanks to mutual neutralization, will be respectively weakened. The small doubt can kill big affairs. The small thought can stop in a root thought big. The monolith of thought doesn't allow in itself the beginnings opposite, force it destroying. In this aspect the doubt is destructive obviously because in the sphere of the created thought makes as though an opening and from it as from the made a whole balloon, the carrying power of thought flows away. Therefore even very strong thought, but poisoned with doubt, doesn't bear fruits. It is especially noticeable at treatment by suggestion or auto-suggestion. Technically to throw out doubt it is easy, simply not to give to it places in consciousness. Wonderfully and quickly the thought exempted from poison of doubt works in this case. The sick body is quickly restored. The organism submits to will freely and easily if the will isn't shared in itself when to the statement the denial depriving its forces is added. The thought is energy. Being generated and put in action, she can't but act if only the person doesn't force doubt or uncertainty to act it in the direction opposite and that to destroy or weaken its force. Even the thought small, but monolithic, has force. Control in this case has to be show full if the thought for a definite purpose of impact on, either on others, or on circumstances is generated. It is necessary to understand that the matter, elements, in it don't think of circumstance, but come in movement under the influence of thought also seek to pour out in a form determined by thought. Certainly, thoughts of people and will the human face constantly because people think differently, but the strong thought always wins against the weak. All this occurs in spheres human unconsciously. But the one, who knows, can operate many phenomena the will. The lit centers or even wakening fires give thoughts a fiery charge to which the usual thought can't resist. The inhabitant can't struggle with Archat – defeat inevitably. It is impossible to suppress free will of the person, but to stop the evil, destruction and bad will and it is possible, and has to. For this purpose the knowledge is given. Among day a lot of time can be found for the thoughts creating the benefit. Any thought of light is the benefit. With all undesirable phenomena and in itself, and outside it is necessary to fight first of all thought? To what spend words, if it is possible do and without them? You learn to act with thought. Object for use of power of thought first of all is the person. The thought worked in it still involuntarily and chaotically. To it has to be put an end. Control and self-government are entered in own microcosm, and the thought is using the force. Mastering by means also is the power over the body and its functions. The Reflex of processes physiological in case of their violation too is taken over the control and regulated by will. The will in the union with thought, in itself unseparable, can work wonders. The chaos from the outside inside isn't allowed. Growing power in case of inability to operate itself and to bring energy inside to coherence becomes force destroying, but not creating. Mastering by is an inevitability step at growing fires. Therefore skillful management of thought is specified as a task urgent and subject to not excellent performance. In the sphere of mastering by thought of borders and limits of growth of power of spirit isn't present. It is necessary to begin and scent only skillfully possibilities of boundless development of fiery power.

484. My son, time of great shifts we won't consider usual. People don't think of why they occur. But it doesn't interfere with that shifts happened, and even besides their will. It is possible to note as easily and simply everything goes when time comes to that. I speak about karma ways. Force it is great. But when karmas of the countries, the people and individuals merge and events are dictated by stars, anything can't stop them anymore. When it happens as on wings the destiny of the person in conditions, to him intended bears. And then it is possible not to puzzle over that, how everything happens. It happens as it is necessary. At this time especially strong dained the future of the people appointed to terms. In it sense and value of Call. I will call everyone when term and who in My plans will come. That who with Us, – destiny special. Human codes are them not hindrance. In all the rest the same as all is the affairs, the cares. But in Business we wash at approach of Terms of the Assignment My Hand defines the planned way and ways of its implementation. Certainly, it influences all the rest, but not directly, and indirectly. Now about terms. When to term there comes a final limit, anything can't detain him implementation any more. The Teacher Watches only that all and all necessary was ready to term. It is better if all is ready in advance. We Don't consider as damage to postpone until the last limit because then its implementation happens especially tensely and quickly. Also doesn't confuse Us and impatience of the passengers going in the train of the future – they don't know the scale of the events and don't represent all complexity of time. Would know, didn't hurry. The Teacher Wants to tell that the impatience and haste isn't wisdom signs. It is better to rely on Will He. He Knows when and that is necessary. At a condensation of circumstances communication with the Teacher amplifies. With It is easier to pass it is safe. Better in each action premise thought of the Teacher and to work as though together with It. The principle of joint action with the Teacher still is badly realized though it and lies in the basis of the phenomenon of an apprenticeship. And if Christ Redeemer Tell, what He on itself anything, what it is necessary to tell the pupil? So, action with the Hierarch joint has the special force of execution. So, it is necessary to strive in life for the adoption of actions, in common leading, and before approach and at the time of approach of terms especially. Such action gives protection and the help of the Teacher. It can't but be worthy. It lifts spirit and gives to it strength. It quickly leads to the purpose. Prestanding constant isn't a condition of contemplation or meditation. It is a condition of action in life, but before the Face of the Lord. The consciousness so merges in the Unification that any separate disappears also to forces opposite cracks not to find any more that, using them, to do obvious harm. You seek to act always together with Me. The instruction it observe because it is given at the right time, we go to a victory and it is necessary to provide it with all measures.

485. (Sept. 16). If the consciousness was ready, it could be loaded completely my Affairs. But even rather high spirit won't sustain such loading. Danger double: the consciousness will get tired from a constant press or will come off Earth ahead of time. That it didn't happen the terrestrial conditions aggravated with burden of life, besides experience got and necessary bringing are given. Everything is sent to the world, to the Driver of a planet inclusive. But the Highest Spirits which have Finished terrestrial evolution, Aren't subject to usual terrestrial gravitations, and the victim their voluntary. Falling of the Lucifer is an exception. Earth holds people thousand communications, and it is clear – isn't present for the person of Earth of the best in space. On other planets are other mankind and other conditions. Earth is as that, gives to mankind occupying it that is necessary to it at this step of its evolution. The richness of Space is expressed in a great variety and not repeatability of conditions of each star. Extent of their evolution is also various. There are the stars occupied by people, each of which We would Call ingenious or even perfect, so they are higher than you. But also is they as are far from the ideal, as you from the. The limit to improvement of spirit isn't present because we live in Boundlessness. On quality of spirit there are stars close, it is necessary to direct to them. Who outgrows the planet and finishes on it the way, goes above, on other planets, raising everything is higher and higher. The end isn't present. It is impossible to imagine the space end, it is also impossible to claim that further such step the spirit can't develop. On all planets the person a matter and energiya, it making has to seize. The matter happen different degrees of density, depression and thinning. Even on our planet to create a flower, it is necessary to be the super person already. Earth opportunities still far aren't exhausted by mankind. Creativity of the natural phenomena in application demands great knowledge. People are still far from it. The synthetic chemistry is area in which sphere of people widely applies the creative beginning, - and is not only there. Creativity among people of Earth is poured widely. Any creation of hands human is a spirit product. The purpose of the person is to become the creator. Also it creates, spiral rising from a step by a step. In creativity the essence of spirit of each person and height is expressed, to them reached in the field. Creators all: both itself, and surrounding, and the destiny. That the person created from himself, can be judged on the person. Creativity of the personality and Identity as creation of the temple of spirit we will consider. To create itself consciously, systematically and ascending it will be continuous the solution of life. Not enough attention is paid to this party of creativity. Someone tries to bring up the person, but seldom does it he. Attempts usually come to an end at youthful age, and further anybody doesn't want to trouble itself (himself) usually any more. It is a lot of bastards. It is a lot of freaks. It is a lot of, it is a lot of destroyers of own essence. About self-creativity it is necessary to think. Field for activity is widely.

486. The person is the sphere with the center everywhere and a circle anywhere. He comprehends the phenomena in their relation to this center. Circles closing aren't present because the thought spatially isn't limited. Where thought, there and I. To learn to fly in the spirit of one thought wings – whether this achievement?! Full transferring of consciousness to thought will be its deification. We Call this step conscious flight in a mental body. To it conduct many preliminary experiences and aspirations. Ability to represent itself spatially in a desirable place is useful exactly in this regard. Has no value if the place is unfamiliar. All the same particles of spirit reach it. The Teacher always Feels these particles directed to It. The principle of divisibility of spirit allows this phenomenon. It also means to be in good spirits with the Teacher. Feeling or representation it can be brought to extreme degree of acuteness. Time having begun; it is possible to deepen it. As also the usual terrestrial consciousness obviously feels reaction of this extra three-dimensional Proximity. In the conditions of the three-dimensional world the consequence of divisibility of spirit is felt, pouring out a number of the sounding parcels apprehended by consciousness. The thought directed to the Teacher, comes back overloaded with spirit gifts. Process obvious also we don't deny, but it is necessary to deepen and crystallize to such extent clearness’s that the consciousness lost itself for the dense world of a direct environment and joined probably more stoutly the World of the Teacher. Certainly, tension is great and, of course, results are same also. It also will be too the action of spirit which is in common influencing. The Teacher at first Throws the necessary concept, and then Deepens it. The consciousness extends gradually. Instant expansion of consciousness can cause a gap, and then it is very difficult to strengthen a gain. The spirit is hitched up on height, without having the strong basis, or a support under feet. The phenomenon of the idealist dreamer, idealistic, is the phenomenon of abstract knowledge turns out. Our pupils firmly stand on Earth, by the head touching the Sky. Therefore all the time I Draw on application of received knowledge because it should be strengthened on Earth. Person is ternary In three spheres are show its activity, but goes from Earth, that is on Earth the necessary knowledge is acquired in order that it was possible to apply it above. The feeling of accruing accumulation is correct. Grow lawfully if by experience terrestrial are approved. Not submission, but life. Not the sermon, but spirit gains, in vital application they found. So every day it is possible to leaf through pages of the wonderful book of spatial knowledge and feasibly to make out them Records. They aren't always accurately crystallized and free from impurity of terrestrial thinking, but the pearls of collected treasures always shine under a layer alluvial. It is necessary to seek to reach stamping pure transfer of spatial thought. It is necessary to forget about it absolutely. The shining Face of the Lord radiates Light emanations, they and should be perceived, without bringing a personal element. Conditions terrestrial strong counteract, that more valuable the merit and is higher again. Without fight and efforts nothing is given. It is done serious work not personal, but General Welfare because many will come to enjoy from a source of the thought which has grown out of a direct connection with the Teacher. Not for itself works, but for them going after.

487. (Sept. 17). Correctly! Plans of enemies should be destroyed first of all on the Thin Plan. Hostile constructions are burned by thought fire. Deprived of an astral root, they can't be shown on the plan physical any more. They should oppose the fiery potential of bigger force only. Together with the Teacher of enemies it is easy to moderate. It is a lot of inventions at dark ill-wishers. All ways, hiding for others through whom it is possible to approach unnoticed, they seek to do harm. Having protected with a protective circle of the elected dark, thereby, it is stopped their opportunities and influence channels. Through whom dark attack is conducted, in itself usually isn’t conscious attendants of the evil, but, being the grayish, and easily rises to the bait, becoming the tool intermediaries. This is mediation gray, grayish and small grayish the big demands vigilance. But as soon as the deep-lying reason of the attack is seen, the going evil should be liquidated firmly, resolutely and immediately. Usually the wave of attack stops instantly, being sectioned and is neutralized by fire. With Me no attacks, any shifts, any intrigues of the dark together are terrible. It is necessary to learn to stop roots. Shaggy hands hold them. It is very important to understand plans, ways and threads of communication of dark inspirers. Cut off from intermediary’s line of a protective circle, they become powerless and can't harm any more. The circle should give duration that is to impose pledge for a while. When the circle protecting is created together with the Teacher, dark don't maintain created radiations and recede in powerless rage. They therefore so carefully hide for backs of others, small grayish not to undergo blow and not to receive Light arrows. When them the intermediary’s link that is the person behind whom they hid moves forward, they in safety until are found. They pump up it the victims rage, irritation and other dark feelings that these unconscious tools of the dark could fall upon you. And if your blow falls on the intermediary, instead of on shaggy schemers, the big mistake is made, and they remain unpunished. The formula "My God, Forgive Them because Do Not Know that Create" concerns to these unconscious helpers of the evil. Dark always know that create, and they shouldn't forgive, and not they were meant by a prayer of the Savior for the torturers. You strike without reflecting, resolutely and ruthlessly angrily and his attendants when you have to that opportunity. But no rage has, but victims for them feel sorry and protect if the karma gives them on your way. In any case, don't allow bad feelings in relation to these unconscious victims. Protection is conducted in a condition of complete equilibrium and tranquility, and even with a smile. And arrows are sent to enemies too with a smile. Why to burn through the device feelings or emotions which are peculiar to dark consciousnesses? To be protected it is necessary to be able, but in a full peace of mind. Before beginning protection, approve balance if it is broken by suddenness of attack, and then act in full tranquility, having called to the aid of the Lord. The ladder Hierarchical is strong the jointers and integrity. The help at really necessary moment appears instantly. The Teacher Protects always, but Rejoices when protection is show it is independent in conscious joint action with Him. Act with My Name, act with Me. I with you always, ready every minute to rise in defense. Be not afraid of anything. Be not afraid, be not afraid, and be not afraid: behind the back Brotherhood. Nothing will concern you. Many phenomena of activity of the dark will pass for you under a sign that to increase your experience, without subjecting the valid danger. The phenomena going under a sign and the valid event are equally authoritative influences. And often for way acceleration the Teacher allows events (going) under a sign.

488. My son to see the Hand Leading in each noteworthy phenomenon will be the testimony of vigilance of spirit. We teach a conscientious attitude to life. The phenomenon studied, understood and yielded fruits, doesn't repeat. Go, go, go, testing each experience, fruits the bearing. So the consciousness grows. Let thoughts, feelings and events the turn flow, and you keep with Me closer, unseparable, strengthening degree and Proximity tension. Let close circumstances only approach to Me. If it becomes difficult to breathe and the darkness is condensed, become even closer. Ozone of Proximity will disseminate Maya ghosts. And you know: all yours in Me and with Me. On Earth all not yours. We come with anything, with anything and we leave. In total not yours, but your Teacher and with you always. And live in consciousness that nothing belongs to you. My other-worldly kingdom and flowers of My garden is not the terrestrial. The Kingdom of God is approved on Earth, but in consciousness of spirit. So there is a statement invisible in visible and dense in the thin. So there will be also a rapprochement of the worlds.

489. My son, mistake that the decision you look for outside while it inside. What to you before, what occurs or there can be in the outside world, time the Teacher to you? How many time felt its Proximity, how many time received the help. We already Claimed that if the whole world you will get, and the Teacher you will lose, it will be equivalent to loss of everything, because to what to you the world if Light of the world went out for you. So anything, outside the events, shouldn't outweigh a bowl of scales. Support inside. Inside is life core; transitions inside happen different. Should they attach so great value that each visible piece of the related way replaced internal life of spirit, having chained to itself consciousness? Whichever there was this transition or the next part of a way, they temporary. Consolation in hat, what all is temporary. But the Teacher is constant, and the spirit, in you staying which and there are you are constant. The spirit is non-staff. Dense is out of it. The dense can't break spirit because it is inaccessible to the dense phenomena. The body, but not spirit starves and feels chilly. The astral suffers and worries, the mental cover changes, but the spirit kernel is indestructible. Separate intimate essence from rage of the outside world and understand our World, my World to which you go, is inaccessible to waves of external influences. The world reigns in World Mine. This World I Give you and I Direct you to join it. Understand if this World is found, anything external any more has no power over spirit. Direct to my World that you could feel this World, which above usual understanding. In the world you will have grief, but in Me you will find the world because I Won against the world. So remember that all yours in the Lord. To what your small "I" want that or it and is frightened future? Your future in My Hand and to a hair I Won't allow to fall from the head without My pleasure. Why the belief in Me when on the ocean there are waves fluctuates? And you move towards a wave, even to the hugest and terrible, being afraid of nothing because I for you, with Me you will pass through everything, even the most impossible and impassable. You will pass that will meet face to face. The meeting with your Father is your destiny, this future your, this happiness and the purpose. And if to Me the way is difficult, going an easy way to Me doesn’t reach. So look at each oppression as on possibility of the approach fastest to Me. Simply: who paid, more and receives. And you receive the greatest that the person can reach. I promise rescue to all who follows Me. And you is in them number. The Stone carrier, to a stone is similar in the firmness of confidence in the Teacher. Anyhow be stuck to the Highest if not to come off the lowest. It is impossible to serve two with identical eagerness. The attraction to different poles of life will destroy your balance, and there will be you the house, in yourself divided. And then not resist. But believing everything to Me and on Me relying, you will pass through everything it is safe. So, safely follow through life, despite everything, because I you.

490. (Sept. 18). The main thing not it, the main thing another, main is as life to pass. Take life such as it is, instead of such as it would have to develop in your opinion, and rejoice to life service. You aren't its participant, but only Looking. Sutratma is the actor, and you The one Who only looks how it plays the role – well or badly. Also has no value, what this role: the tsar or the poor, the leader or the soldier, the artist or the doctor, but it is necessary to play it well. It is necessary to give the best expression of a role with available data. It is necessary to play as if it not game, and life, and at the same time know that whatever vital it seemed, all this only game on a temporary scene. The life curtain will fall, the make-up and temporary attires will be removed, and silently Looking Witness Can judge, the next role was well executed or it is bad. Persistently I Want to lift consciousness over turmoil and vanity of a material world. Sutratma is the actor, and life – a scene. Why so strong all this is accepted to reality? Both questions, and doubt, and misunderstanding occur from it, because, that Maya is accepted to reality. It is necessary to find forces to rise over the life abyss not to be in it involved. Here the role of the tsar or the slave is played – everything is equal to the actor, what role well to play if the Leader cast Found that it is necessary to play this role, to It intended. Not to us to judge why Lords of the Karma unmistakably and fairly cast to each incarnate that is direct destinies of people. The discontent, complaint, counteraction to the decision of Lords of the Karma is senseless, inexpedient and the goal doesn't reach. It is best of all to execute a role next honestly, putting in it all the abilities. But it is only a role on a scene of Maya’s evidence; everything is conditional, everything is temporary, everything is unreal. The following role will be other: other era, other people and personality absolutely another. It is good to play which role experience will help saved up artistic, that is vital. And if it so, that not on discontent role, but on the best its execution follows and forces, and to pay attention. . But after all it only game, game embodied on the life arena in temporary mortal attires – the covers. You endeavor to keep for indisputable, convincing, but illusive evidence of life terrestrial, and I Claim that all this only Maya. How many already was changes of scenery and scenes even in this life terrestrial. But you are Looking, still you Remain witness, and only the witness passing before yours consciousness of life. Why then to tie consciousness to curve conditions of terrestrial existence? It is necessary to go simply through life, without burdening itself it difficulties too. Bents the souls broken by life, it is so possible to name them. Also there are no winners among them. Difficulties are piled up, as mountains! What from this? It is even more difficult to the lord. The above is, the more difficultly. On a hand and sword is that to them to split Gordian knots dense combinations. With dome of understanding I Cover all difficulties of life and hopelessness of circumstances. All questions and problems – on a scene, offstage – reality in the light of which scenic evidence loses the self-sufficing value and sense. And, knowing all this, nevertheless the role should be played well, as if it and is the real life. It is necessary to give reality illusion. Life that actors played better also aspires to it. Not all this knows, but knowing that has to execute everyone the better. You want the Teacher to convince that life is not a scene and you aren't an actor that all this is reality because it is visible, perceived and heard. But evidence is reality of the blind. And you able see. Therefore it is necessary to be approved in psychology able to see, that is begun to see clearly in reality. And I Say that everything that worries, disturbs and burdens you, not very well. Another is important: as it worthy, beautiful and proud, pride of spirit, through life to pass. To pass through life the winner of life, head before it without having inclined, and will be the decision, worthy the one who is hall-marked mine

491. From strong spirit of difficulty of life cut light sparks. The more difficulties, the there are more than the sparks merging in bulks of fires. You look how under heavy blows of a hammer fiery sparks from a being forged sword fly. So the ardent sword of spirit becomes tempered also. On each stroke of bad luck it is necessary to give sparks and flashes of fires strengthening the main metal. Slogs and deposit will fly away if only blows didn't stop. Wise mourn when they are overcome by wellbeing and wealth. Who wants to grow dull, realizing dullness process? Look at life of strong spirits: how much fight, how many difficulties, how many overcoming and how many achievements imperishable with itself carrying away to the Invisible World. Friends if you want to succeed and move quickly, forget about life free and easy, forget about sweet dreams.
Accept severity of a feat as the uniform solution of life and, firmly and strong going, go quicker to Me.

492. My son, We Believe that dedication will be the best expression of readiness for Service. The oblivion of is inseparable from the Bowl of General Welfare. What it is necessary to forget? Small "I". It fills an interior with small thoughts, forming the small sphere of the personality. Not to fill with this sphere neither the world, nor a planet. Small "I" is closed in it and it is occupied by itself. It is good to forget itself in work. Any selfless action feasibly opens and broadens this closed world. Any action made for the sake of General Welfare, brings the person to the world, General Welfare the covered. It is good to live wide world interests, interests of the people and the country, interests anyone, but if only not personally them. Too it is possible to care of it but as about the stranger, without putting in these cares of ardent personal feelings and emotions. Better to support soul others, than itself. It is possible even to think of it in the third party, because everything connected with the personality, the temporary and all others. This feeling of estrangement from the personality can feel high consciousness at a dropping of material and thin covers. When can really tell spirit about small "I" that here it separated in the form of a separate form and that it, really, not "I" and to call it in the third party. It is necessary to consider this temporary personality as the phenomenon separate of immortal spirit more often. In youth "I" it considers Me young, in old age – old, in an illness – the patient. It considers itself as Russian, the German, the Frenchman, and the Black. It can be the worker, the shoemaker, the engineer and anyone. But the spirit has no age in usual value, the spirit has no nationality and skin color, the spirit has no specialty and an occupation, and the passport isn't necessary to it in spaces of the Elevated World. All this is connected with the personality and is rejected upon transition of posthumous border. It is better to begin liberation of consciousness on Earth. The best way there will be a Service to General Welfare and understanding of that the personality is the tool, or a form of terrestrial expression of the spirit, given to it in the order as means for enrichment and the Identity growth, or Immortal Reincarnating Essence of the person. To close it in a framework of the small personality means to deprive consciousness of immortality that is not interruptibility. If consciousness to close in the personality, it together with her death also goes out. Self-rejection is a way to immortality of spirit, there is a way to achievement of a condition of uninterrupted consciousness. When are borders small "I" are destroyed, big "I" am shown. Let's approve dedication in application. Let's learn to remove the personal feelings, thoughts and emotions on a background, having provided forward to emotions, feelings and thoughts of the people surrounding us. Not everything, but those to whom we can be useful in the spirit of. The person occupied with, can't think of return – it is necessary to learn to be exempted from employment by. Small "I" cost as a stumbling block on a way, or, like weights standing, pulls on a bottom. It is necessary to think of the bonds of the personality closing consciousness in a small circle of life. These circles, or personal spheres, at times happen are so insignificant and limited that from the person there is only human pettiness. Not about this pettiness It is told "you are gods", these words are told about the Person.

493. (Sept. 19). My friend, attraction of spatial thoughts too demands rejection from himself, or a self-forgetfulness, up to an exception of consciousness of personal thinking. In it is difficulty of concentration. The personality constantly interferes and breaks process. And here overcoming too is necessary. It is necessary to go beyond as though own aura, or to punch the aura's egg. The few are able to make it. Three lowest covers as armor, shroud consciousness and don't allow it to leave the sphere of the radiations forming manifestation of the terrestrial person. Both the baby bird punches a shell and is released, and the spirit punches a shell of the dense radiations connected with the lowest triad to come to a spatial scope. Big training and tension is required to overcome the vibrations of environment operating on consciousness. They interfere in it and break a current of the highest thought. And it has to flow smoothly, without interrupting. Symmetry of creation of the apprehended thoughts indicates correctness of process of their attraction from space. The corresponding mood of the mental device gives tone and establishes that key in which there is a perception. To apprehend, it is necessary to adjust the receiver of consciousness on a conformable wave. All being strains for an attraction of waves conformable. Thoughts receivers of consciousness acts are. The process of registration of thoughts sometimes happens quickly, sometimes slowly: everything depends on spatial conditions and a condition of an organism. The directing will of spirit holds a stream of thoughts in the approved channel. Process is easy and simple, but demands full dismissal from itself. Simplicity and ease are reached by long experience, equally, as well as playing a violin or a grand piano. Training is demanded by everything that is carried out well. And in the sphere of the spiritual phenomena the same principle is applied. Therefore we Welcome persistence, persistence and a rhythm. Why there are so much approaches from the different points of view and under various corners all besides? That firmly enters consciousness into new spheres of the highest tension. To consciousness human new possibilities of knowledge of the world open. It is necessary to approve them, considering all variety of consciousnesses. Each of these approaches for someone will be the closest and accepted. Therefore be not confused seeming repetitions. Each of them is deepened and enriched with new details, spiral the given. In total is for the next, the rest and according to the accord – for coming behind Light. It isn't enough giving – especially we Appreciate knowledge carriers. Psycho equipment of perception I Seek to explain up to the end that understood that can scoop everyone and especially exclusive isn't present. The privilege is excluded as well from life spiritual. Access is o al, who wants and in forces. The doctrine of Life is opened for all, and an entrance to nobody it is forbidden. The new Era widely opens doors to the spirit World. Wishing can enter. And anybody can't complain any more that it behind a board or isn't necessary. Everything who haven't been poisoned with poison of denial are necessary, doubts and blasphemies. Everything, everything, all there is only human pettiness. Not about this pettiness It is told "you are gods", these words are told about the Person. Light Doctrine is given. Wishing, come to see the Sun of New Life.

494. (Sept. 20). A lot of things become clearer when time to terms because everything will take the places will come to be executed. The great reorganization which has concerned the movable countries, shifted people from familiar spots, and fermentation yet didn't end. The magnet of karma distributes all in an attraction place that at the right time all were on places. Karmas are displaced promptly. Preparation goes in all-planet scale. Everything, not only elements, but also people have to come to balance then to begin a new Cycle. After all conditions will have to change so that the past there was no wish and to remember. As bikes in the case have are going changes. Hither to change went, mainly, in the sphere of a material world, at approach of terms it will go in the sphere spiritual. And when it will be made, external which is reflection internal, becomes according to the contents other. The form remains, but the maintenance of life will go under the sign of spirit. Savl and Pavel is the same person. But when hour punched it, spiritual triumphed over physical and external. After all I Speak about life transformation by spirit transformation. Will dictate and direct a tide of life spirit. It is possible to imagine all depth of transformation of life if forms, it reached in the course of a reorganization and shift, remain, and the contents will change in essence. Changes in the movable countries therefore took place that new forms would correspond to coming Epoch Maitreya spirit. The victims brought for the sake of the future, are great because Light going is great. It is impossible to judge on the present the future usually, but only by contrast. Precipitancy of approach of the Fiery Era will put mankind before an accomplished fact. Implementation Space Go under I is familiar to inalterability. The will human is strong to known borders, beyond known limits it should incline before Will Highest command. How it was strong and powerful is showing on Earth, has limits and absolutely comes to an end with death of a body. Limit of power human obvious also we don't deny. But even in spheres terrestrial the mental device of the person is adjusted and it is regulated by spatial energiya. Somewhere new beams will flash, and people will conformably reply. Beams will approve the future happiness of mankind.

495. (Sept. 21). My son when you create My Business, your forces will be decupled. It is better to live in the Name My so that all created was made in the Name My. And then the power to work with my Name becomes your inalienable right. "For the sake of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit" was a formula of Christians. The son is I, the Father – my Lord, and the Holy Spirit – Fire. So worked with Fire or Fiery through Me and My Father, who My Lord is. But I in the Father and Fire still remain creative power. But as force of a formula is lost, again I Give new strength to create life in My Name that, who recognizes Me. The Name My yes will be to you a talisman. In all ways, in every way, all diligence seek to deepen understanding of my Proximity. It isn't enough to recognize the validity of the words "I with You Always", it is necessary to make this truth a real factor of life. It is necessary that recognition it everywhere accompanied in lives both each act and action expressed essence it. It also will be Service. They serve people, either business, or ideas, and the pupil serves the Lord. And the Image of the Teacher is for it the leader. So we will be together even closer. Borders of this Proximity with the Teacher aren't present. At Paloriya's phenomenon when consciousnesses are merged together, still there is Wisdom of the Lord to which top it is possible to rise endlessly. Wisdom is result of accumulation and knowledge. It is possible to get knowledge by Proximity beyond all bounds. Means, the care of even bigger rapprochement will bring and still big wisdom. The received knowledge isn't realized yet; only its application in life in process of need and at return will show to people its depth. It is much given, and a lot of things are put strongly. Understanding of the received and received treasure is useful. It is much given in the Doctrine, but the main thing isn't concluded in printed pages and can't be given out to all. Even you’re many Records far not for all though they also can be read. Fortunately, unprepared won't understand. Some will get tired seeming repetitions, without having scented a spiral. After all to feel this spiral, it is necessary that the consciousness was developed spiral in process of reading given. And it demands work and consciousness expansion. But each brought will receive, or will take a piece on itself. Who will bring more, that more and will receive. One can be told: each comer will leave sated to limits of the consciousness. It and is clear – my wisdom and knowledge, by me given directly or through the next, so surpasses that they know that each aspiration can be saturated them on its force and ability of absorption, that is on force of an attraction of the energiya directed to knowledge. Go through life with consciousness that to everyone, sincerely approached, you can give and has to allow containing at a rate of its ability. The containment measure also will be a donation measure. Therefore We Love questions! They can be assimilated to the vessels stretched behind moisture. Commensurability in return should be observed, differently destruction will turn out. It is impossible to burden approached excessively – won't sustain. The question specifies as though a framework, or the direction which can be guided. Not depth of the understanding and knowledge, but questioning it must be kept in mind all the time. We grow on understanding of foreign soul. Service enriches consciousness extraordinary. Many will approach, and is besides unexpected. And then, when terms – sets will be executed. Preparation for the future indicates degree of readiness of spirit for Service. Nor chagrin, burdening, difficulties, personal moods can't stop this constant any more readiness to give as soon as there is in it a need. Self-dismissal is shown as well in it. I spoke already about growing opportunities. Here courage and knowledge how to sate spiritual hunger of the person – big achievement. Whether many are capable? Treasures saved up give the chance to share them. Pleasure of understanding of the saved-up wealth is the highest. The heritage received demands care of how to dispose of it in the best way. I give for distribution clever and wise and I Rejoice when it is made. And if you received a measure full and pumped, distribute, without stinting, but on consciousness. Ability to contain grants already the right on receiving knowledge – as though is admission to Spheres the Highest cognition. Pupil! When you become a sower, the benefit to you is.

496. Be not confused conditions burdening – they are allowed by the Teacher. They will cut sparks and will give fires. Meet the next wave cheerfully and safely, at least it threatened with thousand seeming dangers or troubles. Smile drives away shadows, a smile and win, with a smile having passed up to the end. Let this smile will be at least in the spirit of, but safely meet the next wave of life. I am courageous board.

497. "Where two or three gathered in the Name My, there I in the middle of them". The old formula remains vital and until now. Only understanding it and applying it remained so a little. If the affairs created in the Name My collectively, are created by the integrated auras, the Teacher Sends the help in the Beam. Association of consciousnesses round the Teacher gives special power of the integrated energiya.

498. (Sept. 22). Human life is under construction thought. Construction on a wave of fear, irritation, and rage is unusable because the spatial accord on a similar wave will attract also corresponding at first thin and then already and dense educations. Construction on the Proximity key with the Teacher, on a love or devotion wave is good. The waves of thought sated with any merit, will generate compliance by the nature. The space is the sphere which is giving rise to a response on nature of call. Response process is magnetic. The thoughts thrown into space, grow, magnitno accumulating related the essence elements and increasing, like a snowball then to return to the center, them generated. So the person the thoughts grow. At contact with the Teacher to this creativity the Ray of light is added and magnetism of creative thought amplifies. The thought always at the disposal of the person, therefore, can be set a wheel of receiving and a parcel in motion always. Reason about a sent spiral of thought or a spiral of light is correctly. Spiral a flying bullet flies further, than from a cylindrical trunk. The spiral is easier perforation space. Any phenomenon is two-polar. And, besides, like time spiral with its two points of a spring and autumn equinox, it has the two neutral points. Spiral movement as in a swastika, is caused by existence of opposite poles. The thought is the phenomenon which is subject to laws of a display of a matter because the body of thought is thin-is material. When studying thought make mistakes, referring it in abstraction area. The thought isn't an abstractness, but financially existing reality. There can't be an abstractness that causes not denied consequences seen by a usual eye. Bright representation of tasty viands causes in the hungry person even spasms of a stomach and plentiful salivation. The thought is material and real. It is impossible to deny reality. The thought created with a definite purpose and for certain influence is especially strong. Like well disciplined soldier, the thought implicitly executes the order of the one who gives it. In it the will is concluded. Thoughts aren't the harmless educations filling space. Many of them, being the loaded particles of will, magnitno strong also are active. Evil strong thoughts can tear to pieces literally weak, but the angry person who has attracted them thanks to an attraction on the accord. It must be kept in mind that the thought loaded with astral emotions, is powerless before thought passionless, but the highest order. The passionless thought extinguishes and neutralizes a fire of passionate, emotional thoughts. Thoughts emotional are infectious awfully if at the astral beginning of the person there is the astral matter of the same order sated with the corresponding elements. Precisely she automatically and comes in movement under influence of thoughts emotional, personal and others'. That wave, on which the microcosm human is adjusted, has very great value exactly thanks to magnetic properties and features of thought. To give a wave self-proceeding regardless of external conditions or contrary to them, wave of thoughts light and positive, will be a victory of spirit over a press of the sphere surrounding it or over an arbitrariness of own astral. The one who creates the waves of light radiations is called as the winner, without submitting to the lowest vibrations of thoughts, from where they proceeded. So let overcoming and a victory will be the slogan of every day. But it is necessary not only to win against itself, but also influences external itself. Work double. The last are especially strong. Therefore I go on about a victory, because strong spheres human.

499. (Sept. 23). When conditions were condensed unreasonably and karmic they can't be changed, it is necessary to wait an inevitability wave, having quietly provided to it to pass by. Passes everything is. Will pass also it is. Everything will be clear. Eclipse not from Light. What it is now more necessary, a feather or hands? Hard everything, but to someone it is heaviest.

500. My son, it isn't necessary to expect the future in the measures. The past showed that they aren't wealthy. Every minute, expecting one, it is necessary to be ready to absolutely another, that is to be ready to everything, without limiting the future to personal preconditions. Also it is necessary to learn to work to one and it is independent, relying only on itself and on the Teacher. Responsibility and consequence you bear on yourself therefore everything is created behind a personal responsibility. Fight with life is conducted independently and the uniform beginning of spirit. Exclusive isn't present. Are also inevitable both karmic bonds and calculations. It would be desirable terrestrial to be assigned in life to someone is more senior and to feel behind seven walls. But also it won't be. With life it is necessary to face all the time the person, but not to hide behind an oven. Also it would be necessary to leave pink dreams long ago. All pass severe school of life full of tests. Both Love you have, and Care, and the Beam, but among cold of life, infringements, derogations and кseeming loneliness as though provided to yourself. It is necessary to be ready to any surprises and to remember that the spirit isn't vulnerable anything. Nevertheless other and everything that around, is subject to influences of external conditions. The purpose is resist, despite constantly changing character of a stream by the current life. Changes can't to be reflected on Bases or shake them. If Bases fluctuate, so something is misinterpreted, but also something should be strengthened. Fear before the personal future, fear before difficulties, and fear of the unknown it is necessary to leave. It is necessary to go simply through life, believing the invulnerability inside, in a kernel of the spirit. It is necessary to stand strong on Earth and strong to go on it, but at the same time all the believing inside: not on external to lean, and on the internal. Forces should be collected inside and inside, what outside occurred. Certainly, everything will develop somehow, and not as is thought. When will rise inevitable, safely it is necessary to meet it. Much bewilderment will be resolved by them – life will resolve.