Agni Yoga's facets, 1955 (501-600)

501. Repeating the Name of the Teacher, we create force wave. It is possible and to operate on this wave. It strengthens and deepens a communication channel. Communication with the Teacher goes over the phenomena terrestrial and on their changes doesn't depend. It depends on a condition of consciousness. If it is unstable, hesitates and doubts, waves of fluctuations disharmonious weaken it in direct ratio to the force. Therefore stability in the pupil is quality especially necessary for durability of communication with the Teacher. The teacher is unchangeable. It has no passing moods of a fluctuating astral. It is possible both to rely on It, and to lean. It isn't necessary to bring in these Bases of our life variables of conditions terrestrial, passing. Let's believe that in life of both worlds there is something, over them standing, as the rock towering over the sea, and standing above the seabed and water soil, and available contacts of the Sun of life. The Lord is as the top of the highest mountain, Concerns Boundlessness and the Sky. Both the Sun, and stars of world space shine and shine over it. And life terrestrial pulses below, far, at the Boundlessness bottom. Embracing both the Sky, and Earth, consciousness of the Teacher it is opened to both. So, it is necessary that also the consciousness of the pupil was open both to that, and another. It is necessary in life and from life to find a way to the Highest and in application to approve the Lord as the only hope, both an unshakable Basis, and its support always, everywhere and under any circumstances. Let inconstancy and fragility of the surrounding will serve only to consolidation of Great Shape in heart of the pupil. You remember: everything will come, but the Word of the Lord won't come. Once, somewhere and somehow, but each Word Its will be approved by reality. Mistakes can be either in understanding, or in transfer, or in perception, but the Word of the Lord is immutable. It is better to exaggerate power of the unconditional belief in the Lord, than, fluctuating, to doubt strength of the Leader of Light. Having found a support and having grasped an anchor, we will strong hold it. Uniform Anchor, uniform rescue is Hierarchy. So, you hold Me even stronger. Also are as though great there were waves and whirlwinds and whatever threatened you are strong, and as though the darkness was condensed, you keep, keep, and keep all strength of mind, all thinking, all desire, all aspiration of spirit. But it is necessary to resist! But without the Teacher there is nothing! Stand strong, rejecting in consciousness of a wave of external influences! It is necessary to reach Me. You won't reach if each complication of dense circumstances rejects from a way. The way is solved finally and forever. Is more useless assimilate to a weather vane for each wind, and especially from others coast. Let's update confidence of the Teacher and we will be approved irrevocably. Each wave, having struck blow, settles the force and it is replaced by a hollow. Means is allowed to recover the breath, collect forces and to meet with firmness the following opportunity. You study in these intervals between waves of life of strength of mind inside to collect, that with honor to sustain new attacks of waves. Life goes waves. But not always is storm on the sea. But also in a storm and in calm we will stand, as the rock, unshakable change of the spontaneous phenomena. Support one – the Teacher. Without It there is nothing to lean. And go through life to consciousness merge with Me.

502. (Sept. 24). My son, not always implementation of the future occurs within dream human. Limitation of understanding and karmic forces imposes the restrictions. The events should be understood in all its volume to judge it unmistakably. Our understanding from today can't form a basis of the correct judgment. Therefore it is better to rely on consciousness of the Teacher and the present and the future to perceive in its assessment. Mistakes will be less. Judgment of local people is wrong. As also the pupil is exposed to influence of magnetism of local conditions and environments surrounding, limiting to it the outlook. To the lord from above is more visible. He Sees the whole world, and a little the local horizon doesn't dim transparent distances. Therefore the width of understanding of the events occurring on a planet, it is necessary to look for in merge to Consciousness of Great Heart. It is necessary to rise by its tops that from its sphere to look and approach to understanding both world situation, and local conditions. The precept of a great reorganization shined all corners of a planet, but in degree different – from it and it is necessary to proceed. A lot of things become clearer if to take occurring transformation of the world and replacement of leaving and movable energiya with the new for a starting point of thinking. Where this shift happens quicker, there the Hand washing applied the force. There our Care. To changes will undergo all: both ahead, and lagged behind. But lagged behind, even in wellbeing, we won't envy because also it not to avoid the future. It is unprofitable to tail after evolution space. They which have lagged behind, the last will come to a table to receive fruits of gifts of evolution, and, maybe, only by the remains. Width, capacity and consciousness development will be a criterion of receiving these gifts. But everyone, worked at the consciousness, will receive on compliance. Time of receiving approaches and nobody will take away that belongs to everyone by the right of ability of his consciousness to contain. On containing, contained, not containing and not able to contain the mankind will be divided, and there will be a criterion a quantity and degree of contained Light. Certainly, preparation goes now, and the benefit that who in anticipation of fiery days has opened eyes. Light is magnetic. Both the stone, and a flower, and the person – everything perceive it, but differently. The flower derives from light life strength, are showing to them in beauty. So all perceive light of the Sun on the capacity and ability assimilate it. As Light is Epoch Maitreya will be perceived also. The magnet of consciousness will cause acceptance. Therefore the care of everyone, wishing to have the share, let will be about consciousness. Everyone, works put on its expansion, won't be forgotten, but will receive hundredfold. You who have chosen a way of the Doctrine of Life! Your decision is correct. Not to you to grieve for the future and not to you mourn. The Teacher Gives the Guarantee to you that not saddened pleasure of spirit will be your destiny. Will pass poisonous time, gloomy clouds will dissipate, and you who have been lit up by Light, will enter into its halls as travelers long-awaited, desired and invited. Light of the future is great. You are its participants. You are coheirs of spiritual treasures of the Lord. Therefore rejoice pleasure of spirit, though sadly around, though an hour more predicted by the Great Victim didn't come.

503. Any work intense is useful extraordinary, if it not from darkness because tension causes fire. We call such work lightful because the person, it carrying out, starts radiating light from the essence. Therefore you seek to give aura tension, executing even usual work. Kindle the fires it will be conscious by tension in work by understanding of Bases. Both the pleasure, and satisfaction, and sense deep consist in work, jealously and in tension of the executed. The doctrine of tension proclaimed Lords, is the doctrine fiery, or the doctrine of the statement of fire in effect the person and a way of disclosure of its centers by means of work conscious, joyful and intense. Light-bearing We call of workers ardent. No occult exercises, any magic, any meditations and concentrations, even on a nose tip, will give those fires and disclosure of the centers which are generated by work clarified and conscious. Therefore work at all steps of a fiery ladder of spirit, work intelligent, work with understanding, work as a way of the fastest ascension of spirit is approved by us. In the light of the Doctrine of Life value of work inspired is comprehended. Work light - giving we Claim as a basis of prosperity of mankind.

504. (Sept. 26). And it is necessary to live after all, whether well, whether poorly, but it is necessary. And if it so, whether that is better to live life with the greatest advantage for itself and for others. Question what such advantage? The self-satisfaction and wellbeing of the lowest covers aren't criterion for judgment about true advantage. The cold, hunger, deprivations, prosecution and a feat are painful and heavy for a physical body and an astral. But they are often useful to spirit because strengthen and temper it while wellbeing and abundance kill him opportunities. Therefore, it is necessary to proceed from preconditions, anything the general not having with the standard judgments because the advantage happens different. What advantage to the person if he gets the whole world and the soul will lose? That advantage is for spirit, if life passed in satiety and in content bodies and indulgence to an astral, when instead of accumulation fiery crystals mental energy passed their squandering.
When summing up this embodiment there comes the moment when the person learns unmistakably results of past life е to reap the fruits of works suffered. And here the person who is he also finds is a bankrupt or saved up enough that was with what to go to increase. If there is nothing to go, there is no place to go. Means, it is necessary to be where and there will be nothing to light because the essence of the spendthrift doesn't give being self-shone fires. Means, it is necessary will come to be in a gloom. Darkness of the Thin World is painful and dim, they sound on a hopelessness and utter darkness key. The door in the future as though slams. And for short years of Earth days and sorrow less existence the person dooms himself to life of gloomy vegetation. Therefore life of spirit is regarded as of paramount importance still here, on Earth. Therefore the relation to all events changes in a root, and the advantage or harm of the phenomena are defined from the point of view of advantage for spirit. Both damages, and derogations, and sufferings are useful extraordinary because multiply fires and learn to be not too attached to life. And you learn to look at everything that happens to you: it is useful for spirit or not, at least and there was it counters with interests and feelings small "I". After all with small "I" upon transition of Great Borders it is necessary to leave. Whether there are interests it, small and temporary, to put above advantage of another "I", immortal and reincarnating. Pay attention that chagrin, sorrows, concerns and clouding go from an astral – a seat small "I", and small "I", having eclipsed the life horizon, the despotic, temporary and irrepressible power over the highest "I" claims. So the highest in the person is sacrificed to the lowest. The bowl of General Welfare is considerable that exempts Identity of the person from fetters small "I", replacing his interests with interests universal. The one, who lives ideas of General Welfare, ceases to be a slave small "I". To Me, Me, Mine – is cried out small by "me", both is inflated, and swells, forcing out from consciousness all the rest. Are bitter, it is prickly and fruits of selfish, personal thoughts are rigid. The spirit accepts a bowl of General Welfare as rescue and as an exit from a vicious circle of the personal world. Not without reason eremites tormented themselves, *vlasyanica, chains carried somehow to bridle violent and irrepressible astral essence. To what tortures and self-flagellations if the uniform beginning of spirit it is possible to engage with the old person in it. To all burden of life we will be glad, because they small "I" restrain, to spirit of harm can't cause. It is necessary to separate in itself the ardent despot of egoism and not give him neither mercy, nor sympathy, indulgence. Let will reconcile under the power of spirit and let recognizes the subordination to the highest. The silver bridle of spirit in hands should be held strong.
*Vlasyanica - clothes of eremites from plants.

505. (Sept. 27). We Claim everything that anyway promotes the fastest reorganization of the world. All displaced cries out about injustice because wants to exist in a habitual form. But changes are inevitable. There are they on Earth ways human therefore there are so many victims at change. New forms of life should be held by all means because to the past of return isn't present. The stagnant the consciousness counteracts. Means, fight old with the new is inevitable. But will win new, despite all difficulties. Wishing completely to adjoin to new it is necessary to renounce personal interests, conveniences and habitual living conditions that too to take feasible part in life transformation. The severe reality dictates the decree: to leave pink dreams. In working attire with the rolled-up sleeves at a terrible tension of all forces there is a World New. Silks, both velvet, and luxury don't accompany it. A lot of things should be accepted as inevitability. It is impossible to demand from life of a usual condition when the destiny of the world is decided. As well the belief in happy can't be lost tomorrow how there were personal circumstances. It is necessary to cross through it – the egoism too is sacrificed to the New World. Not of itself thinks accepted all Bowl of General Welfare, but of the world. But in the world you will have grief. So world and superpersonal are combined in consciousness harmoniously if the egoism is won. Who lives well and away from the events? It is a lot of them washing hands and not wishing to accept responsibility for the events. But the Pilot too washed hands. You want to assimilate to it? The karma of pilots is unenviable. Exit one: personal to renounce and joyfully and vigorously to accept the Bowl of General Welfare full and undivided.

506. Let's talk about trust to the Teacher. The true trust can't shake anything, even the evidence, whatever convincing it seemed. It is impossible to oppose the facts of evidence to trust because all visible has the invisible basis and to judge, it is necessary to know and about them. But they escape a usual look, and the judgment based on visibility turns out, incorrect. It is necessary to understand all versatility of the phenomena concerning consciousness only by one any side to make to itself about it the correct representation. And so as it for the terrestrial understanding usually not in power, that also turn out both conclusions, and judgments false, distorted and untrue. But on Earth it is necessary to live terrestrial mind, terrestrial logic and to be guided by that is visible. How here to be? Here also the trust unshakable is necessary. All unclear is put to return carefully aside to it in the future when conditions will favor; nor suspicions, nor doubts, denials in consciousness isn’t it allowed. Whatever Maya seemed convincing, I trust the Lord! Who didn't find forces to win Maya ghosts and put them between itself and the Teacher, stops the way. Ghosts – before eyes, they aren't denied; they represent the facts which are, but... I trust the Lord. And if all evidence and all facts rise against and will be up in arms against you, trust not to them, but the Lord. It also will be called as true trust, unshakable anything, even as Maya evidence, even the most not denied her facts visible to an eye terrestrial is obvious.

507. I will move it is safe. Go also you, on Me relying? There can't be an aspiration without the answer and call without a response. In the sphere of a display of the law on uncertainty isn't present. Leave below all experiences and everything, than vanity of day is filled, to Me go free in the spirit of from burden Earth. Overwhelm thoughts, doubts, and feelings – leave it everything in their sphere and you approach to the Highest, having cleared and having exempted from the reek of alcohol terrestrial. All ideas of Us are incorrect because for understanding the consciousness has to extend to our limits. It is necessary to leave torments. Long way, being tormented, not reaches. Longing to terrestrial how to come off Earth? Not to depart on a leash. Let's give the benefit, but at a rate of dismissal from themselves and desires small "I". It is compelled to dictate all the time conditions of lifting and prosperity instead of rising freely. But I Can't because freight is great. For shoulders, behind your shoulders, freight is great. Easily, freely and surely the spirit not burdened walks. And they go, being bent under weight of load terrestrial. My children understand that freedom from terrestrial gravitations means. We go, we go, and we go on an attack of a gain of new energiya, having left and below all stirring. It isn't necessary slaves...

508. (Saint. 28). My son, whatever thoughts came to mind, it is necessary to live nevertheless and to carry out everything that dictates inevitability. The person is imperious over himself, but not over an iron framework of a karma. Neither colors of eyes, nor skin it is impossible to change, as well as many other. And it is necessary to live after all. Means, it is necessary to conduct game with those maps which were issued by destiny. Means, it is necessary to find the best decision under the created circumstances. The best decision will go forward, believing on Us all consciousness. Heavy transition will come to an end. There is no eternal test. But the ascension of spirit which is making under any conditions will have continuity if communication with Us isn't broken. It is especially difficult to undergo up to the end. Rate is not on people, but on the Lord, Which always is nearby. The feat is possible in any conditions, even the most impossible: in public and in privacy, in the city and in solitude of the woods or mountains – everywhere probably Great Service, and even in a dungeon. After the entire feat is made in the spirit of, – external will be only accompaniment if the spirit is strong. Therefore, impossibility to make it, referring to any external circumstances, points to weakness of spirit and that he isn't ready. Refusal of Service or Instructions is heavy influences on karma. No excuses and self-justifications can hide weakness of not ready spirit. Therefore when will come to accept time the Assignment, show full readiness execute it. Don't think to receive it in a gratefulness, and for own pleasure, and in pink experiences. The assignment is severe, dangerous and difficult extraordinary. The person is provided as though to own forces and carries out he uniform strength of mind. Then all will come: both success, and friends, and conditions necessary. But it is necessary to win at first gloom monsters which surround the hero who had courage to accept the Assignment. Monsters of fear, doubt, allure and other will rise before it in all growth of the not gets rid and will block away. It is necessary to win or die, but retreat isn't present because they will tear to pieces the turncoat. But why to die when the spirit is indestructible and immortal, and heroes of spirit, even the tortured and murdered, had a victory of a celebration of spirit over a flesh, the immortality having approved. So sweet of dreams is replaced with awareness of severity of a vital feat, constant, imperceptible, in the person of submissively created. I speak about humility because rage of egoism reconciles. But that to us before that is created out of us when transformation of consciousness happens inside. I approve domination internal state over all phenomena of the external world. The feat is created inside. It also will be a victory if the beginning of spirit is approved in the face of all external obstacles.

509. (Sep. 29). It is difficult to separate in consciousness reality from Maya ghosts because both that and another is to the person under shapes of evidence. Here big recognition and keenness is required. But courage, but devotion, but firmness and confidence of the Teacher burn Maya creation, and the ghosts which have surrounded the person, can't already block away. Ghosts whisper: "It is impossible, dangerously, terribly, one, the Teacher Leaves unaided, it is better to sit quietly at an oven", but courage will tell: "Go, go, without being afraid of anything". And as strong walls fall under ram blows, the ring seeming desperate dense conditions so makes the way and collapses. The Maya it is very many-sided. Maya terrestrial there live all people and by her are guided. That is why Doctrine Bases are given. They are necessary that was what to oppose to deceptive persuasiveness of evidence. It is possible to lean on these Bases, it is possible to be guided by them, it is possible to grasp and hold them strong when all is unsteady. Therefore I Speak: "Repeat Decrees even more strongly to be approved on the Stone of the eternal basis of life. Repeat Bases so that anything couldn't shift consciousness from them" any more. People can be mistaken, but the Life Doctrine can't be mistaken in the Bases given of. Therefore repeat Bases, they won't take shape yet in consciousness in the form of insoluble crystals of fire. The doctrine Fiery in the Bowl gives fiery deposits. Therefore I Speak: "Repeat more often it and when it becomes dark and distraught, repeat especially strong". The doctrine is given for all occasions. Repetition the Basis becomes stronger. Experience of life opens new points of approach to this perennial spring of Solar Wisdom. And, apparently, understood today, a new shade and gives absolutely new, excellent from former and profound understands tomorrow. It is impossible to calm down on the reached understanding from today. The consciousness grows and extends, and new pearls of knowledge are found by it at each new approach to the red book. To understand the Doctrine up to the end, it is necessary to possess expanded consciousness of a step of the Teacher. Therefore let the spirit won't get tired seeming repetition. Not repetition, and statement and finding of new treasures. Bases should be acquired so strongly that no casual and temporary combinations of external circumstances could shake them anymore. Bases are unshakable – let as unshakably they will be introduced and in consciousness. It is possible to doubt everything, but not Bases. If in them doubt, then the end is. I Am the Stone of the eternal basis of life. On Me building it will be strong unshakable always. Fluctuation and swaying not in Me, but is in consciousness of a rod. Swaying doesn’t suit for ways of Fiery Yoga. Mobility of the Plan and continuous change of spatial currents and planetary conditions don't take for inconstancy of Bases. Bases are unshakable always. On them be approved also as them. The understanding of invariable constancy of Bases at continuous change of the dense phenomena let also will be a starting point of your thinking.

510. (Saint. 30). To go and take the book from library, it is necessary to present before itself all this process. There is no body the room if the consciousness doesn't present this action relating to the future, at least and to the next. The person carries out the future, premising about it thought and accompanying it the will order. This understanding of the future in itself and its mental implementation before it will be carried out in the world dense; there is a necessary step of any action. The future is realized at first in thoughts, and then already in operation. Any plan concerning the future, is a concrete, exact and certain notion that has to be made in this or that area. Even the hand and a body won't move if not to premise it thought and knowledge of that has to be made. The future in big and small scale is so carried out. So We Carry out the future for a planet. Thoughts of unlimited opportunities of spirit are the same inevitable and necessary steps which finally conduct to the achievements realized by it. Understanding and bright representation of any new opportunity or ability of the person is the necessary, inevitable and preliminary stage conducting to its realization. Steps of future achievements demand preliminary understanding before they can be carried out. The spatial life which hasn't been limited to a framework of the dense world is future destiny of the person. Why to consider, what it is attached to the physical body and out of it can't work? Body only a case, only a cover, only physical attire of spirit necessary for it to be shown in the world dense. But spirit is not from a flesh. The space for the person is opened. He can visit all corners of a planet, having left the body. This possibility of action of spirit independent of a body it is necessary яро to realize and recognize firms it. Everyone can fly thought about the world. To spirit of a way aren't ordered. It not dreams, but the first attempts to overcome terrestrial distances in the spirit of. Spirit particles to some extent direct in a body of the directed thought, and there is a phenomenon of divisibility of spirit. The sent particles work, sometimes bringing a distant message. These exercises it is possible to strengthen and bring in them more consciousness. Thinking light-of the distant friend, thought we concern him and the benefit to him we bring. For consciousness and the thought aren’t present spatial limits. The thought separates and works. If the consciousness is entirely transferred to thought, it already will be action in a body mental, it depends all being of the person that is it "I", leaves a body and realizes itself out of it, in other place is perhaps very far, perhaps, on the next planet or in space. Boundless spheres of space are open for the person, and he can visit them. The astral is allocated much easier, but it is connected with an astral body of a planet, with its astral sphere and therefore I am limited in the actions. In an astral body it is difficult to us to leave far. Astral, in itself being a cover of the lowest and rough, it is subject to many ardent influences from the Thin World and, without being cleared, is exposed to many dangers at in allocation. Therefore We Prefer that our pupils acted in menthol. Buddha Gotama Possessed many knowledge of the surrounding person of space. It Acquired this knowledge directly by spirit flights. The same way and We Have opportunity to study and know life on planets of our solar system and we Know it. These opportunities are put in each person. The spirit isn't limited by a dense framework of life. The thought, the premessenger and the predecessor of achievement, can and has to be premised to the next gain of spirit. Thought you create the future. To think about the future creatively and consciously it isn't forbidden to anybody. Hands and muscles people, but not got used to act with thought. Self-sufficing, independent and regal value, but only sub office to muscles and a body is allocated for thought not. It is necessary to realize self-sufficing value of thought. The thought body doesn't depend on muscles and can be shown and without them. But muscles can't. They are subordinated and subservices to thought, but not on the contrary. The body can lie not movably while the thought released from a corporal dungeon can freely create on distant open spaces. The consciousness is transferred to thought. Life is transferred to thought. The spirit is free. I want that this preliminary step of opportunities of spirit was clearly realized before moving further. Otherwise not move. You learn to act with thought everywhere and always. Avoid excessive words. After all for thought there are no restrictions and where words are powerless, the silent thought is strong. Act firmly, surely, with understanding of that thought, being energy and being sent, can't but make actions and not have a consequence. It yields the same real results, as well as physical action, a difference only that process is invisible. Great causes are made by thought. We too thought Create. Think persistently and accurately of what you want to reach. To leave to the ocean of space and to work there consciously there is Arhat's integral and lawful achievement. But people prefer a market and mighty and wonderful power of thought spend for trifles or, even at the best, for material achievements. But even material successes and everything that reached mankind, too is created by thought. From thought not to leave, it can't be ignored, neglected it or it is simple not to understand this great beginning. But We Speak about the valid kingdom of thought, of the Mental World, about World Invisible where the thought is everything. You learn to act in the spirit of thought. There are no such spheres even highest where the thought wouldn't reign. Energy of thought, energy fiery underlies the phenomena. The world Is created by thought. And the world of people too thought creates. Possibilities of the person are boundless, but give thoughts freedom to direct to Spheres of the Highest achievements and realize that all is available to thought.

511. My son, not simply to rise over life. Wings are necessary. The body has no wings, but the spirit has them, and the spirit having them, and the body can lift for itself. Value of spirit for a body should be understood. The karma in the spirit of and is created by spirit. If body your would quicken other spirit, that and karma it would be absolutely other. The power of spirit over a body even in case of the ordinary average person is great. On everything, on each section the press of the spirit owning this body lies. Through essence of spirit as through color glass, refract all of energy of a microcosm. Shivers and timidly the cowardice from each rustle of life looks around, causing the corresponding reactions in an organism and poisoning him, and fearlessness safely walks. Even before an illness the fear inclines, opening it access inside. But fearlessness and here protects. We know many cases when weak physically people, but strong spirit, were stronger healthy, well-fad and strong and are show miracles of endurance and firmness purely physical. Not muscles, but spirit is show heroism. It is better to be strong spirit in a weak body, than to a pettiness in strong. Let's apply to everything a spirit measure. Body is only performer of his orders. Let's show strength of mind over everything consciously. When fiery energy is put in action, the body doesn't know fatigue. The feeling of fatigue is won in the spirit of. It is possible to win so against any undesirable feeling or feeling. After all the body – laboratory, and spirit – the laboratory assistant able if is able to create the necessary conditions for any reaction. In laboratory chemicals, in spirit laboratory – will and knowledge are necessary for this purpose that it is possible. After all, as a matter of fact, one feeling is replaced with another, one condition – the condition specified by will. In itself process is purely spiritual and is regulated by spirit. And if the person solves, something or other condition of its spirit is undesirable to him, it simply replaces it with another, desirable. The necessary reaction should be caused at first in the spirit of that it with her in consciousness could replace the reaction which is subject to replacement. As often from the same reason one people happen are unhappy, and others – on the contrary, one rejoice, others will grieve in the same occasion. Whether in the spirit of the decision? The chain of causes and effects caused the reaction going under the sign of feeling of misfortune in the person. The will generates other chain of causality, irrespective of the first and in other direction. The reflex of process is stopped and the will approves the power. From any misfortune the strong will derive new strength and new firmness. Life is so overcome. It is impossible, it is impossible to incline powerlessly under blows of external influences because everything can oppose spirit. As it is important to feel this indestructibility inside! The winner goes through life, victoriously going and without declining a forehead before anything. You remember, after all in the spirit of it is necessary to show firmness. The one whom life was not in forces to break can become Arhat. Hold the heads above after all we to a victory go!

512. (Oct. 1). It is difficult to combine terrestrial with elevated, seen with the invisible. Body and feelings corporal we live on Earth, but thought and emotions – already on other plans, though they concern terrestrial. And a junction invisible with visible is the consciousness. Thoughts and emotions are invisible to a physical eye, but their consequences, or their reaction, physically the obvious. Hidden and visible are so bound that it is difficult to draw between them exact line in consciousness. I emphasize, "In consciousness" because the consciousness is the meeting place of all worlds. In it invisible and visible adjoin. If the person paid more attention to the thin feelings and impressions, speech of the Thin World would become clearer. Thin feelings and perceptions demand distinguished attention. Unnoticed, they pass by consciousness without a trace. The future association of the worlds has to happen in consciousness of the person. Doors in Elevated open. To it evolution conducts; But clarification and transformation not only the person, but also a planet because if it doesn't occur, something will take place very undesirable is necessary: the lower class of an astral will direct through the lowest crude astral conductors in consciousnesses human and will flood them with horrors of the astral phenomena of the lowest order. Clarification and eminence of spirit human before precepted it will be made is necessary. Otherwise not the following step of evolution, but falling in a chasm. Therefore during the thinning of consciousness and a sharpening of keenness it is necessary to keep from a psychosis. Keenness of perception and psychosis is the phenomena absolutely various. Keenness develops with a growth of ability to react to currents of space and to respond on a grief and pleasure the human. To this last conducts compassion. Great quality compassions difficult extraordinary also points to spirit height. To show compassion doesn't mean at all to fall into the same condition of a grief or despair in which there is a suffering person because it will be falling in a hole both: both suffering, and feeling pity. The compassion accepts pain of the neighbor in open heart, transmutation it on fires of the heart and in exchange is sated by suffering heart with the fires: tranquility fires, fires of the world sincere, hope and even pleasure fires. Fires of feeling pity heart get into heart suffering and the force transmutation its saddened radiations in light fires. There is an action fiery, and it isn't necessary to convince very much at all, and it isn't necessary to spend many words at all, it is necessary to give the fiery warm feeling neutralizing dark radiations of grieve ing consciousness. It also will be fiery process of a transmutation of others grief on fires of the heart. Certainly, to heart always painfully to incorporate others pain for transformation it in other, more pure feelings. But the different way isn't present. It also is the Compassion way, or Bodhi-sattva's way. To help, it is necessary to have courage to assume others pain or sufferings. Certainly, strong fiery heart is rather easier transmutation this pains the fires, than heart suffering which usually poorly and more easily gives in to burdensome experiences. For the strong person sometimes rather small fiery impulse, that it was exempted from burden of a grief. Strong spirits can suffer also. But there can be the slave to the sufferings only weak and unstable consciousness. Everything is allowed to the yogi, for the yogi of a ban isn't present, but isn't present only because he makes all actions and the acts in freedom, but not in slavery at them. Usually suffering people are slaves to the sufferings and experiences. The concept of a hopeless grief covers in itself the phenomenon of hopeless slavery of the spirit being in captivity at the astral cover. In the analysis of the phenomena of a grief it is necessary to understand this relationship of consciousness with the covers. Movement in a matter of the astral conductor is so strong and long that it tightens consciousness and absorbs it in itself, and the captive can't escape from tenacious claws of the astral tyrant any more. The grasp sometimes happens so strong that the person dies as speak, from a hopeless grief and despair or commits suicide – the most terrible crime, possible for the person. Fiery heart we Call benefit of the giving because maybe in forces it to liquidate these terrible centers of darkness and the infections of the despair which have been so widely scattered in the world of sufferings human. And is not for happy and in wellbeing drowning, but for them suffering, both unfortunate, and sinking in the abyss of ignorance Lords Come to the world, bearing the Fiery Bowl of Compassion to the world. You knowing divide also, burden of Great Service and the Bowl of Compassion lift that people could enjoy from it. But you store heart fires, without them your Bowl will be empty, and there will be nothing to satisfy thirst of comers. But the main thing, be careful of to be tightened in a bottomless funnel of astral whirlwinds and experiences of sufferers, comers for the help because you will assimilate then blind, the leader blind, and to both of them which have fallen down in a hole. To get out of a hole of mutual despair especially difficult even to the able to see. Be protected in the spirit of and Me.

513. The winner spirit approves the power in the world of forms and over them. It isn't necessary to understand this power as suppression of someone's will. Not over the colleagues it is approved, but more widely and first of all over the sphere of an own microcosm. The statement of the boundless power over septenary essence is the most fascinating and most wonderful page of life of the spirit which has won a matter. For this purpose on Earth the mentioned fiery ladder about three hundred sixty six steps of days on the ground and in the worlds is given three hundred sixty six nights. It is impossible to reach this power at once, but each particle of the achievements, each victory gives deposits of wonderful energy of fire, in the Bowl stored. The subordinated thought becomes obedient, the bridled astral reconciles and from the willful despot turns into the obedient servant, and the body becomes the slave to fiery will. Such is a way of the winner. Everyone would like to possess this power, but nobody wishes force to find in itself (himself) to achieve desirable results. The desire faded and powerlessly. People forgot to wish fiery. Power of desire is turned into other party, and fiery power breaks on trifles. The few use power of the concentrated desire and that only for the terrestrial. For fiery will to want – means to have. To want thus, imperiously and invincibly, means ability to destroy all mental phantoms and images counteracting, arising in creating desire consciousness. As action causes counteraction, both flight – the air resistance and thought directed encounters resistance of the environment caused by aspiration, equal to its force. This resistance, or counteraction, is partially expressed in counteracting fancies of doubt, uncertainty and instability. The strong will sweep away these ghosts as a whirlwind dry autumn leaves, and clears away a field for action of the main thought. The thought, like an arrow, is sent to the purpose and it reaches. But the inexperienced consciousness ties a thread to this arrow and, leashing thought about itself, hopes that the attached arrow will reach appointment. Certainly, the thought will depart with a force inherent in it, but only at thread length. And the third: the end result, but not intermediate stages of execution is important. Spending energy for them, the operator forgets about the most important, and the arrow of thought stiffens on intermediate barriers, on details of execution conceived while the main, ultimate goal is lost sight and isn't surprised a will arrow. It must be kept in mind always the latest, most final stage of achievement of the task set for consciousness. All thoughts of impossibility of implementation are firmly and imperiously rejected by will. Also it isn't necessary to puzzle over by what way everything can be executed. It has to be executed and as is a business of the winner, the fiery mental energy which doesn’t know the space around, and the Assignment remains outstanding. So, even the silent Order of performers doesn't find. Many joyfully and willingly go, but before the first turn where the self-rejection way begins. I look with hope around, but performers I Don't see. Only few, only separate units accept Service, having rejected complaints and excuses. It was empty then, and it is empty now, and there is nobody to divide works. Also it becomes especially empty when time of severe Call comes. And invited there is a lot of, and all respond joyfully and willingly, but to the first and true difficulties and severe cruel reality of the life facing. And you go on a feat without arguing and only with desire it is better to execute Will the Sent you. Joyfully go and in trust. Prepared for this hour – hour came, where your readiness? And how many words I that you showed understanding should show? Words and reasoning’s are necessary to me not, but put. Business waits for performers. Where they? Conditional service as is insolvent, as well as the conditional apprenticeship are insolvent and are defective. Fully give of is required, the full legend behaving to Will Lord.

514. (Oct. 2). In the world crying and a gnash tooth, in the world you will have grief. Both to pursue, and to drive, and will be to wear, as always wore mine. But you will be in the Beam and under protection, and the hair from the head won't fall without Will Mine. The karma are shown in the limits allowed by me, is no more. Such is a fate betrayed to Will Mine. The unwillingness or fear takes the cross break possibility of following for the Teacher. And without a cross not is reach because also I Accepted a cross. Everyone, following Me, bears the cross at a rate of the opportunities and consciousness. We too Bear a life cross, we Bear and until now, and weight of its bike. The burden of responsibility for Earth not in power for shoulders human – will crush. We Bear and we Load following Us, everyone on forces and consciousness. To divide works, cares and burden of the Lord as honor consider. The little it is on a shoulder. But on honor and glory is, on it and an award. Yes, yes, it is necessary to speak about an award, as if cooperation with the Teacher already in itself isn't a great award and honor. It is necessary to understand that the tide of life of yours, are showing together with the Lord, already is an indicator of high trust to you and by the elite among invited. About what torments, concerns and confusions, when my Hand with you. To what questions and aspiration something to explain or are show details of close conditions when I See and I Hear. Sending on a feat, I Expect details. You too expect, but diameter of a circle of your vision is small. We See forward far for each of you. We see also Preprepare a way. Not it is covered with roses, but thorns, and not We Cover, but people. We Seek protect when the valid danger threatens. It is necessary, at last, to learn to distinguish dangers real from imagined and a direct way of a feat from a curve track of wellbeing. About what is concern, when I for you? Believing on Us all consciousness, it is possible to go to the future quietly. And you on people rely more, on hearings and rumors, when a support one – the Teacher. The hero can't be confused: being confused, it turns into the inhabitant. The soldier can be left on patrol when danger around, but he not thinks of itself (himself), and of the best execution of a debt. And you think of how it is better to carry out Business of your Lord. Reflection about him to that doesn't conduct. Be rejected from itself – my precept. Not to enter inflated "I" into narrow gate of life. We Send you to the world to transfer to the world the Doctrine Our. The spirit and in the spirit of carries out the Assignment, when lips are sealed. But affairs of egoism absorb everything energy, and light of aura is dim. The egoism can't sate with light space around, and the Assignment remains outstanding. So, even the silent Order of performers doesn't find. Many joyfully and willingly go, but before the first turn where the self-rejection way begins. I look with hope around, but performers I Don't see. Only few, only separate units accept Service, having rejected complaints and excuses. It was empty then, and it is empty now, and there is nobody to divide works. Also it becomes especially empty when time of severe Call comes. And invited there is a lot of, and all respond joyfully and willingly, but to the first and true difficulties and severe cruel reality of the life facing. And you go on a feat without arguing and only with desire it is better to execute Will Send you. Joyfully go and in trust. Prepared for this hour – hour came, where your readiness? And how many words I that you showed understanding should show? Words and reasoning’s are necessary to me not, but put. Business waits for performers. Where they? Conditional service as is insolvent, as well as the conditional apprenticeship are insolvent and are defective. Full - give of is required, the full legend behaving to Will Lord.

515. My son, ease of contact with Me will amplify and go deep each time, yet doesn't become the phenomenon absolutely usual. It is quite natural and lawful – constancy pulls together. Earth rotates under all conditions of life occurring on it. Also legality of a constant rhythm gets also the phenomenon of Communication with the Teacher. It isn't necessary to be confused that its Voice isn't audible: the thought which is caught obviously, and in it everything because thought more difficult to catch is audible. To Hear a Voice Teacher by means of thin hearing will be, though the highest, but nevertheless the pessimism phenomenon, thought – the child of the Fiery World because is fire product. However, character and degrees of fires are various, but nevertheless perception of thought of the Teacher – achievement very high. If you want, it is fire bringing down to Earth because crystals it are imprinted already in dense forms. Crystals of thoughts the Teachers cast in finished forms, become available already to everything, taking from their contents by right. Everyone, having the right to them, in one way or another, but will approach to opportunity from them to gather. So in silence of loneliness and privacy Business of General Welfare is created. Fiery thin energy of thought could call transformers these receivers of thoughts of the Lord. About work created it is possible to be glad: it is useful and is necessary. One of its aspects, a little felt, is a cementation of space. Thought issued and thought not properly executed differ with degree of its availability to consciousness. The first – is available to the little, the second is all. That my transformers of Light are considerable that the district, or even the country where they are, is sated with fancies fiery which amplify all the time, both are condensed, and represent itself already whole storage of thoughts high, new and necessary for the evolution, ready to that people in process of the thinning and development could them freely and widely use in the benefit. Cements of space it are very valuable. It won't be extolled in pride doing serious work Lords, but will be glad necessity and the value for evolution. Many big and considerable are invisible and isn't heard occurs, only consequences will specify to the world where the magnet for the future centuries or even was put more. You look in essence of the phenomenon, and depth it will help to realize all importance of process. Creating Business of the Lord it is worthy his Cares. Knots of a network of Light entangling a planet, in this aspect have the special value – not only transmitters of Beams, from the Stronghold going, but also cements of space. Towers of wireless telegraph of thoughts happens the different size, force and tension, but everyone in the spatial relation is useful certainly.

516. (Oct. 3). It is a lot of on light of the phenomena which sense is far from human understanding. For example, is phenomenon of lack of the house? Minus House the terrestrial means process of release from attachment to the house prison. Certainly, the house is not prison, but it only that is terrestrial, narrow-minded. In value of the Thin World the house terrestrial is a consciousness jail within four walls which, covering consciousness the walls, limits its freedom. From the house terrestrial it is easy to go outside and even to move to other apartment, but it is hard to leave in World Elevated the house to the person who without quitting the place lived in it all the life. If it never did it on Earth, it is more difficult to that to make it in World Elevated where the taken shape, stiffened astral form of habitual housing won't let out consciousness from the environment. And the person will continue to imagine living in habitual conditions on Earth, condensed mentally. Therefore the advantage of travel and any moving is great. The spirit which has been pulled out from habitual conditions necessarily destroys the hardened forms of the mental environment. Homeless wanderers – people, free in the spirit of from a magnetic insuperable attraction it is long the rendered habitable house. Magnetism of habitual housing is very strong. Each board, each wall, each thing and each trifle so deeply crashes into consciousness that the person not in forces to present himself mentally in other environment, that is not in forces already to destroy illusion of the house terrestrial in which sphere he and continues to live in peace Thin. The destiny liberator often helps people to be exempted against their will from attachment to certain things and subjects. Better the homeless to go to the World what to pass to freedom World, in advance having provided itself in it the ready prison room. Tell: it is good to move to other house moreover with comfort. But matter not only in moving, and that the usual consciousness quickly gets used to new conditions, especially if they are pleasant to it, and establishes strong threads of an attraction in a new environment. It the feeling of property is especially harmful and dangerous. As the towing steamship of the barge, pulls for itself consciousness to the World Thin the sewed property a rope of magnetic communication. Each thing which it is owned is connected by these ropes, threads, ropes and strings with consciousness. The ardent feeling of property twists the steel ropes to break off which forces any more don't suffice. Therefore the property is condemned. From all types of slavery this looks the most terrible because it isn't realized. Thanks to it the number on Earth and in World Elevated of slave’s voluntary, slaves blind, slaves, the slavery not understanding and not suspecting is great. All tragedy of terrestrial property and the house prison also consists in this unconsciousness of a slavish condition. It is difficult to speak about freedom to people, the slavery to not realizing.

517. (Oct. 4). The relation narrow-minded and the relation of wisdom to the phenomena of life terrestrial differ from each other. Any loss and deprivation of things is considered by people as misfortune, but from the point of view of understanding of the Thin World is a blessing because in essence is release. But true release is in the spirit of. It isn't not to have, and in to being attracted by things force of their magnetic attraction received by them from their owner. Dismissal from things has to happen in the spirit of. Have everything, but don't become attached neither to anything and nor to anything don't tie consciousness. Things have a love to things no other than slavery. Each of them, especially favorite, it is necessary to weigh on scales of Boundlessness and to understand the temporary, passing nature of its essence. Once lived without all those things which nowadays around, and weren't less happy. Once lived and in a body other and everything a circle was too other, but from it didn't cease to be itself. Not in things matter, and in that in to find all manor and all the riches. Therefore I Speak about spirit values. As it is good go to the Thin World, having saved up. As it is good to increase spirit values! The precept about talents saved up will remain in force forever. Any life in any form in essence is accumulation of stratifications of experience and assimilation of the energiya postponed round a spirit-monad. Forms of its expression and an environment physical at any stage of life of value have no. The nature will sweep away both that and another always and replaces with a new form and a new environment at each change of covers. The leading law is wise. It provides possibility of stagnation and destroys it. But the atavism of feeling of property even at animals and therefore sometimes it is necessary to resort to measures special and even the unknown is strong. The fear for current state generates also fear of loss of a habitual environment and is at the bottom of many in commensurabilities. Freedom untied and not attached to anything spirit it is so hard-hitting. Show understanding of that, for the sake of what it is given all that to the person that it surrounds. Means becomes the purpose, and true understanding of the material subjects being in possession of the person, is lost. Things become end in itself, and the person – their slave, the slave doomed to that eventually nevertheless to leave them. The Teacher Claims freedom from slavery at things and is everything that temporarily surrounds the person. Over the abyss of life I Want to lift you.

518. Many distinguished organisms of tension of spheres terrestrial don't maintain and leave prematurely. But it is necessary to sustain. Where to take forces? The teacher far, the future still ahead, and only the darkness of the present is open for consciousness with temporary gleams in the future. Where to find forces after all to resist? Forces you will find in dismissal from personal and acceptance of a full Bowl of General Welfare. To live for others and interests of collective, giving to Common Cause the best feelings and thoughts, and will be the decision correct. Certainly, it won't relieve of burdening by circumstances, but will strongly facilitate burden of life. And, of course, Service to General Welfare is a feat, and the feat is the victim, on Future construction they brought. The way of the Great Victim is covered with sufferings. Such is a way of any victim which is accompanied by sufferings at a rate of it. Someone takes a way, dreaming of roses and forgetting about thorns. In the world of a duality it is impossible to avoid poles. Than more coolly and lifting there is enough, especially it is heavy to climb up. To suffer for itself and in the name it is difficult to that doesn't suffice to sustain a press, but for the benefit of others it is possible to accept and many big burden. How many feats people for the sake of the homeland make? Go to death, on difficulty insuperable, and often win against everything that becomes a barrier on a way. The victims brought for the sake of General Welfare, the treasures which have been saved up in the Bowl, will be postponed. Figures of General Welfare scooped the forces and in continuous return of found a perennial spring of eternally new energy feeding fires of heart in service to people.

519. (Oct. 5). If test finds the unprotected place, it is necessary to strengthen it. Otherwise the meaning of test and the goal it is lost doesn't reach. And it will repeat until the necessary quality will get stronger. Thus, test should be passed because it will come back again and again, like a pack over a beehive which the beats a bear more, than he more tries to push away it. Rejected in one form, it comes back to another. We see the people wondering why life beats them on a sore point. Certainly, in order that to strengthen it. As the illness affects the weakest and not protected body, and strokes of bad luck are felt sharply where the armor protective is absent. Immunity of spirit shows that the protecting network functions correctly, reflecting external blows. And it is necessary to sustain. It is impossible to recede – chaotic energy will tear to pieces the turncoat. Even exasperation it is impossible are shown because it separates from the Teacher. The formula "Yes There Will Be Will Yours, the Lord" – expresses the resistant relation to karma, able neither to harden, nor to shake spirit. And if something Is allowed by the Teacher, so it is necessary to meet it courageously, firmly and without exasperation. It is possible to accept and fight all measures, but without hesitation, complaints and complaints. The destiny of rods is unenviable. Also it is impossible to assign that has to be made to the Teacher. Complexity and insolvability of external circumstances collapses a sword of spirit which knows where goes. Insolvability and hopelessness of circumstances not is in them, but in the spirit of. Having united in consciousness with the Teacher, it is possible to resolve everything, and it is besides successful. The periods of a clouding of spirit can't be successful. Heroes and devotees aren't born, but become. Be heroes of spirit. Be them in life, and not just in imagination.

520. (Oct. 6). Friends if the Doctrine isn't for you an Alpha and Omega of your existence, so it is misunderstood. Without the Doctrine – it is possible, without having concerned it, but having touched, without it not to pass any more. All mistakes, all of the bewilderment, all misunderstanding consists in you, but not in the Doctrine. It is natural and correct to think that Words of the Christ are faultless and are Truth. The same and in the Doctrine – the Truth is given the same, uniform and eternal, but in aspect of new understanding of life at a new step of evolution of mankind. Where differently to look for solutions of life? Neither the science, nor art don't give life synthesis, but in aspect of the Doctrine and science, and art, and everything that has and that reached mankind, gains the valid value and sense. It is a lot of contradictions and unclear in life, but the Doctrine covers all phenomena with its dome of understanding. As Sun is over Earth, giving light, so and Doctrine Life is over the sea destinies human. Concerned the Doctrine and rejected it is similar to the person who has lost both feet because the Doctrine and Hierarchy always were, will be and is a uniform Basis of life. Those who consciously or unconsciously know these Bases can live only and apply them in the life. It happens and so that read books of the Doctrine don’t apply it in life, instead of seeing they never show the acts knowledge of eternal Bases. The person who fearlessly going to death for the sake of the homeland and hasn't read any book of the Doctrine of Life, is closer to it, than the coward who has read everything. Accumulation of deposits in the Bowl, being valuable, remains those regardless of the fact that the person reads or that doesn't read. But the accumulations, which have been lit up by Light of the Doctrine, become property of the person, which it uses already consciously. The doctrine is a bridge from the present in the future. Otherwise the future is closed and remote by a denial wall. Light of the Doctrine is great. The new step of life goes under the sign of synthesis. Synthesis is a key from a gate of knowledge of life. It is necessary to approach to its synthetic understanding if we don't want that all diverse achievements of mankind were left in the basket of understanding. Not to capture details of all knowledge to separate consciousness. But synthesis of knowledge is available. So we will understand synthesis as the beginning of generalization separate and the seeming separate the phenomena in uniform unseparable and an integrated whole.

521. (Oct. 7). My friend, of course, each person usually knows when it arrives contrary to the highest "I", or as speak, the conscience. People as it is necessary to behave know perfectly, and conduct when consider it necessary or favorable to itself. Look, what good person the inhabitant before having the power or before those who is necessary to it or on whom it depends proves to be. Everyone can be good and knows how to be it. Knows and still arrives often dishonorably and dishonestly. Arriving so, people think that they can avoid responsibility. Who is trampled by them in the ignorance? Whether itself? Each offense against itself and will cease the neighbors by the nature. After all everything created by the person, is made by him in the microcosm, in the sphere, inside. It is planned inside, it is born inside, it is approved and from within proceeds. And "not that profanes the person that that proceeds from it enters into him from the outside", namely; and the germ, or an action root, remains in the person as a shoot for future actions and reaction to. And if this root is bitter, that will make human life sweet prick crops is made with unusable means and seeds. The garden, filled with roots of evil actions, people in the consciousness carries. From responsibility not leave. Sooner or later, in this or that form, but it is necessary to pay, that is to reap it is juicy and sang everything seeded by own hands in the sphere of an own microcosm. One can be told: they are condemned by themselves, makers of the evil. And if you don't see payment, nevertheless regret them bearing in relentless and inevitable consequences of karma. Neither to bypass karmic laws, nor it is impossible to break. The reason gives a consequence. Kain's psychology is based on self-deception because it is necessary to pay nevertheless. Wouldn't have condemnation if didn't know, but know and therefore are condemned. Everyone in the radiations bears on itself (himself) this no erasable press of a justification or condemnation, because each judge to itself (himself). Everyone has in itself (himself) the judge. But people continue to go counter to reality, heating up the acts going against command of their own highest consciousness. And this phenomenon especially sharply concerns those who already touched the Doctrine. Sharply is therefore, that at contact to the Doctrine Lives all becomes aggravated. And any more has no value, whether see other harmful roots of offenses – the karma is accelerated and becomes aggravated automatically, both anybody, and will help to avoid nothing it. Life is very difficult, but its laws work precisely and unmistakably. Don't bear anybody the malice because you wish it to the own harm. Poison of thoughts of such order, given rise in a microcosm human, first of all in it also remains and first of all it and poisons, attracting besides the corresponding spatial educations – poisoning: both spatial, the bilateral and personal. Everyone should think of harm and consequences of self-poisoning. It is favorable not to have rage, at least its whole tub poured out on your head low consciousness. It is favorable not to generate in itself and not to catch from others low to emotions and feelings because harm of self-poisoning is great and inevitable then. And if people don't want to think of others then it would be necessary to think of it. It is a lot of thoughtlessness in the world. Aura Earth is filled with radiations of auras human. It is a lot of poison in space. Cases of spatial poisoning became frequent. Solar natures bear excessive loading, neutralizing the radiations spatial poison. Because and it is heavy, so intolerable heavy sometimes. To enjoy of a bowl of poison demands unprecedented courage because a little to enjoy, it is necessary to neutralize and neutralize still an infection on fires of own heart. Weight Atlanta on a shoulder to only strong, self-sacrificing spirits firmly and with firmness staying on patrol! Any desire Conscious Service nowadays especially
valuably and especially it is Supported by Us. It is impossible to close eyes to reality. And the help is nowadays especially necessary. But there aren't enough assistants and not enough self-rejection. All are occupied with the cases, and of Affairs of the Teacher of time it isn't necessary to think any more. And as always happened, in special need there is a Teacher one. It is much spoken about devotion, love and service, but becomes so a little. To receive – everything want, but where they, wishing to give! So everyone, brought the gift and enclosed it to General Welfare, we Welcome. Return and donation are voluntary. Gift of heart shines in darkness! You, able to give and returns knowing pleasure, the benefit to you if forces you find in yourself to share burden terrestrial Lords and to join works of his subjects. I Won't forget anybody who has brought even a particle.

522. Yes, yes! My son, everything following Me suffered. And they were closer to Me, the cross was heavier. The law of the victim and cross is inseparably linked with spirit ascension. It is possible to add: and feat. If knew suitable to the Doctrine all difficulty of the way, many would run up. Therefore so there aren't enough elite. To whom hunting by the victim become for display of imperfections human. Such is a world burden and therefore the only few bear it. Inhabitants die, Stone carriers die also, but their fate is various. And if to the robber I Told – nowadays you will be with Me in paradise – that expects them, the life for good reason mine put. Truly, will reap in the Garden we wash fruits of the long persistent efforts. And in life terrestrial too have that nobody else has no – Proximity of the Teacher because the employees who have divided the works its. Let's tell so: the law of balance levels a bowl of scales, and victims receive. After all already you know how the slightest violation of balance on one of poles under the law of a pendulum causes corresponding change on other. Therefore there is no damage without requital and the victim without an award. Loss in one means receiving in other. And released from the terrestrial receives in the spirit of. Wise equally accepts both the pleasure, and a grief, and any phenomenon of life because doesn't know, serves as a harbinger of that each of them, but knows that the darkness is replaced by light, and night – light of day.

523. (Oct. 8). The protecting network protects from external influences. Mental energy has huge protective value. The pupil isn't a defenseless lamb. To be protected and it is possible, and has to, differently will break off and will crush. If We Didn't protects our people, long ago all would be torn to pieces. The rotten idea of nonresistance generated many delusions. About internally not to react to an evil wave, It was spoken, instead of allowing before destruction of it. If balance powerfully is shown, the going wave of darkness scatters in splashes, without having done harm. In this sense only also it is possible to understand external nonresistance when the strong and counterbalanced fire inside creates nnot perforation protection. If not to show protection, the damage and defeat are inevitable. The enemy blow to defenseless aura can be so strong that after it not to rise. It is necessary to be protected always. Say often that the received knowledge and forces can't be used on self-defense. It too is incorrect. The person each this moment is result of the achievements. In words, thoughts and acts these achievements are expressed. Answer on blows, it, besides will, applies the fires. It is lawful. But the arrow is sent with a smile and, of course, without any rage or other low feelings. Neither the feeling of revenge, nor not goodwill, rage shouldn't be are shown at protection or retaliation. Both that and another is made in complete equilibrium and tranquility. Balance is the terrible force neutralizing invincibly everything counteracting energy. The main thing – not be tightened in funnels of astral whirlwinds of the opposite. The main thing not give to the feelings overwhelming them, in own consciousness to be shown. These emotions are very infectious, and the injustice made from their party, easily can cause undesirable feelings. Here they also shouldn't be allowed. To keep tranquility and balance, seeing created injustice, it is necessary any price: and it is possible to work, and answer it is possible, but in complete equilibrium of spirit. If undesirable emotions are caused in an astral, it will be already defeating because leaves aura open for the further and strengthened hostile influences. But having hit about armor balance, the evil consciousness will burn cruelly and won't repeat any more hostile attempts. The equilibrium state is a great protection. It should be stored. At any collision it is necessary to think of it first of all. Not that trouble, about this ambassador, namely about that balance wasn't shaken is caused; because at its violation there is a person defenseless. Force of the approved balance at blows should be realized in itself. Chagrin, a clouding and all other feelings specifies that the protective armor is punched and the internal essence is open for the enemy. Why to feed it with own radiations. Let he already will better try and will feel results of self-poisoning. Force of the return blow of the energiya pushed about armor teros, is very painful, and sent them is defenseless against the generations which come back to it and have made it the victim. It isn't without reason spoken about hot coals over an incipit of an evil-doing. In the same sense the requital by good for the evil is understood also. When energy of the evil from a certain person directs on you, meet it in balance and in exchange send a spiral light Agni, light instead of darkness, good instead of the evil. So in silence and nonresistance external the evil is surprised, and the enemy who has struck blow to armor of balance, assimilates to the person, with all force broken into an open door which seemed to it strong closed. Falling and the injured nose with a force which is directly proportional to an impact are inevitable. Imagine that you with all force strike blow with a hammer to an anvil on which something lies that you want to break, and imagine that at the time of hammer falling the anvil disappeared also the base under it. Whether on own feet it is necessary blow and whether own falling will be result? That's it, similar nonresistance to the evil also meant when was told not to oppose to the evil. The evil is provided to itself, and also it’s beget. Being protected by armor of balance, the person doesn't leave in the essence of any place to which the blow can be struck, and the blow falls for nothing, knocking putting it down, depriving of it balance and doing it absolutely defenseless and prostrate in ashes. There can't be sentimental feelings to evil-going dark. Their purpose tears to pieces you. Therefore be protected by all ways, all measures, all knowledge, all ability, but in Light. Any dark radiation, thought or emotions shouldn't paint your aura. Akbar Great spoke to criminals: you can't live more than a day, and – they died. But He spoke without rage and any personal feelings. Impassivity and balance of spirit grant the right to a lot of things. The fires it is necessary to meet the waves going from the outside world, and to repay them, without submitting to their tone – the psycho technician of the thinning demanding a wide experience and understanding of process. You store balance above all. This that basis on which only the person among whirlwinds and winds terrestrial also can resist. You store it with all care, with all vigilance, with all understanding.

524. (Oct. 9). Yes! Yes! Yes! Only having established the next connection with the Teacher, it is possible a measure full scoop from the Beam. Therefore it is spoken about constant aspiration and about that the Image of the Teacher was in heart. Constancy of Communication only is reached by this way. All this is known but why what is the most essential in life isn't applied? All problems, all difficulties are resolved by this indestructible unification when together victoriously we go through life. Not in volume business that to have difficulties, and in that successfully to pass through them. So again and again it is necessary to Speak about unification and to come back to that, apparently, is already known long ago. If you feel how mountains of not resolved conditions and difficulties crowd around, being piled up by everything is higher and higher, the Teacher call, having come into with Him the closest contact. Not in complaints, not in complaints, not in assignment, not in requests for the help, but in close and uninterrupted contact with the Teacher the solution of life lies. Only then the Beam can show the force when all consciousness is necessary on Us. Reject all reasons of the moment that it is easier to that to direct freely. After all the Proximity demands understanding and it is possible only at completeness and indivisibility of aspiration. It is possible to begin and finish day with the Name of the Lord on lips, as well as any business. Ancient Christians consciously acted with a formula "For the sake of the Father and Son and Holy Spirit". Working for the sake of the Lord, act for the sake of the Son. It is necessary to become so even closer. Let all events – both good and bad – everything that be created around, only approach to Me. Why in turmoil of day it is necessary to forget about the Teacher why the Name Its not to make armor each action why together with It victoriously not to go through everything what presents life why not to go, firmly going? What the pupil who has forgotten about the Teacher, in the justification can tell? Complaints, complaints, discontent, irritation, fear, rage and all other feelings at establishment of communication with the Teacher are excluded. They aren't necessary neither to you, nor Me. The litter disturbs Communication. The litter disturbs Contact. The litter disturbs Proximity. What to find still words that they reached consciousness and remained in it, imprinted fiery. The Teacher Wants access to consciousness of the pupil to see always open and not block up anything. Dangerous transitions can be taken place firmly and in trust, relying on the Conductor. To one not pass. And unless it is possible provide all dangers threatening. Better quietly and in trust go, completely relying on the Leader. Relying, but without being assigned – in it all difference. The Teacher is not the porter and dead bodies didn’t promise to transfer. Trust loss to the Teacher is equivalent to communication loss. In every way strengthen saving relations. To be mistaken and be mistaken people, but not the Teacher can. And you, who have found the Image of the Teacher in the heart, are firm and unshakable and you will resist, as the rock.

525. Let's find also words and about devotion. Really devotion can shake downwind, as a blade of grass steppe. I speak about the main qualities of spirit without which the ascension is impossible. Let all hesitate and unsteady around, devotion to the Teacher can't be unsteady. Swaying and devotion are incompatible. Consequences of swaying are heavy and harmful. Devotion unconditional doesn't depend on the external phenomena; devotion conditional fluctuates constantly from each whirlwind swaying shabby thinking. Show is devotion strong, unconditional, inflexible and unshakable anything. Show a miracle sign. To me pleasure of a message is showing all completeness of devotion.

526. (Oct. 10). Whether it is possible to pour water in already filled vessel, and besides with muddy water? No. It will pour down too much, only slightly diluting dregs. Whether can fill the Beam the receiver which has been already overflowed with the thoughts and feelings? And whether the Teacher Begins to spend the energy in vain? No. Therefore self-dismissal at perception is an indispensable condition. It is necessary to clear the consciousness of any third-party thoughts. The vessel has to be prepared, washed up and pure to accept in itself the necessary contents. The person speaking can't listen. For a slluchear any degree of passivity is necessary. As business and with perception precisely is. The consciousness is adjusted on reception, but not on transfer. It is at the same time impossible to conduct both processes. It is hard to show self-dismissal when it is necessary. The conveyor of consciousness continues to operate, letting out the thoughts and with that hammering perception and thoughts sent. Really all rest of the time is impossible usual thoughts and usual thinking, яstrong dominating in consciousness, to postpone at least for contact time? It is necessary to forget about it. After all this dedication, or oblivion of, is necessary not only at perception of thoughts of the Teacher, they are necessary during any work. Dedicated work is a necessary condition of good work. Both the writer, and the artist, both the poet, and each real worker forget himself in work. It is possible even to divide the periods of day into the periods of a self-forgetfulness and the reflection periods about itself. True figures of General Welfare don't think of themselves, they have few personal thoughts. The sphere of the personal is nullified. Super private life fills consciousness to limits of its capacity, and small "I" places any more don't remain. Egoistical personal thinking as the dirt added in crystal-clear water, stirs up purity of liquid. The bowl of General Welfare accepted consciously, obliges a self-service cult to nullify gradually. The world is wide, and much in it put besides small personal interests. It is necessary to grow spirit on big; differently you won't cease to be dwarfs. What afflicts you, what worries you, what disturbs and causes fear? Whether personal affairs of egoism? But small "I" am replaced big, the personality – Identity. Each hour spent in selfless work, will make heavier a bowl of scales of your achievements. But hours of itself -humor of egoism are fruitless. You seek to fill o'clock in the afternoon with the work devoted for the public good. You look for these hours as for the period of growth of your treasure for which enhancement the person is sent to the world dense. It isn't valuable; to nobody the thought of egoism is necessary and harmful. But everything created for people, for General Welfare, is useful certainly. So the thought of and the affairs becomes a barrier on a way. One consider: first of all I put my personal and then already affairs of General Welfare, others – on the contrary. How you think who from them is right? Whether the care of the Benefit of all mankind most likely will bring spirit into Light Monastery? "Look for God's Kingdoms and its truth, and the rest will be put to you" – there is a formula resolving personal problems. At first the General at first Highest, and then already both affairs personal and the embraces of egoism which are living in misery and it is material, and spiritually. But it is better to live in misery financially, having accepted the Bowl of General Welfare, than to live in misery spiritually in material welfare. Figures of General Welfare in need we Do not leave. They care of others, and We – of them. But there is no such step which would exempt spirit from tests. Therefore when hour of test approached, be firm!

527. (Oct. 11). All is clear and simple. Only burdening by circumstances gives profound reaction of spirit and causes fires. Stagnation is otherwise inevitable. And the quicker advance is stronger burdening. Exceptions of this rule seeming. These lucky or already suffered or the life full of tests and difficulties in the following embodiment the Law one is necessary to them: "this bowl" doesn't pass anybody from going to tops. The Maya frightens of ghosts of a hopelessness and insuperability of conditions, but there are no such conditions and there is no such life through which the spirit couldn't pass in time. Time passes, and in is mute all events around flow also. This tide of life in time can't stop. Certainly all is. The spirit is infinite and out temporary. Therefore, come to an end all that nowadays disturbs and burdens it. With this consciousness also it is necessary to pass through life. And people, also I put, and circumstances come to leave and be replaced with others. Everything comes, and everything leaves, but the spirit stays forever and ever. Therefore if the spirit staying inside, take for the invariable basis and if to rely on it, the problem of life will be solved correctly. The spirit the external phenomena are impregnable even if the body indulges in burning. Inside it is necessary to separate everything suffering, tormented and tormented from the one who towers over all this and only Looks. Also it is necessary to unite with it in consciousness that firmly and unshakably to become over a stream of life rushing in time. Only this way it is possible to receive solar immunity of spirit. Otherwise not pass.

528. My son if your constructions are unsteady under life blows, so isn't present in them durability, so something in structure them is strengthened insufficiently. It is possible to build only on the strong base. It is necessary to see all construction to find the stones swinging a tower. Construction on sand won't do at all. Winds will blow surely, all fragile won't resist. Not to avoid a collapse. About great falling of a tower of spirit it was spoken in the Gospel. It is better to strengthen in advance shaking stones, than to begin all construction once again after a collapse. Let's reconsider Bases. The hierarchy is firm. The lord is the Cornerstone of the basis of the temple of spirit. The lord is the Alpha and Omega. The future and mankind movement in evolution is integral. There can't be a Service at the same time to the name and for the sake of the Lord. Someone will be given preference. The bowl of General Welfare is inevitable for chosen my way. The proximity should reach and manage to hold it. It isn't enough understanding, application is necessary. Words won't replace reality and imagination – the facts. Acts it is necessary to show the approval of the Doctrine of Life. Where it, big or small and who can tell where what stood in Light on a way? But here collect Light also we don't see it. Dark time, heavy, it is necessary to worry, knowing that under a board. But the words if they don't cause heart fires are powerless. Fire burns not always. My son, even the Lord Told: "The Father, the Father, why left You Me?"These periods of life of each directed spirit are inevitable. Such is the law. Before new achievements is as though emptiness is observed, when it seems, that left all and one are left. And it should be worried courageously and with firmness. The rhythm comprises alternation of waves. But the darkness is replaced by Light. Only it isn't necessary to think that are left. The Maya draws the patterns. Perhaps, it is necessary to show still small patience that both to worry, and to see. Light not a wedge agreed on the invented ideas of the future. Mirror of the future light. The future not in measures human, though inevitably. Why to limit the future to the idea of it. The river of life is wider than mind human. Trust the Lord, the tide of life aspires in the due direction and you in it.

529. (Oct. 12). Yes! Yes! The feet there pass the person the way on the ground. One comes, one leaves, and one in the consciousness has on itself (himself) blows of life and pain. The personal karma, even at very big coherence with close people, nevertheless is got rid individually. The phenomenon of loneliness is destiny of the person. Therefore it is necessary to learn to stand on own feet. It is necessary to study forces почерпать from within because even the Teacher Can't makes weak spirit strong if there is no accumulation. It Can support and support, but for a while. Even the child learns to go independently. Therefore the Teacher of the pupil often Provides to own forces and Looks, whether will resist. After all easily fire borrowed by the Teacher to take for the fires and to imagine itself strong. There is worse no phenomenon of imagined qualities. The painted hero doesn't suit for life. Therefore pomposity with simplicity and imagined qualities – the presents is replaced. Notice how everything that the person makes, he has to make independently. Certainly, a support – the Teacher, of course, it is possible to lean. But it won't be assignment for which unconsciously seek all. Yoga precept – all, all the efforts, everything is independent. Blind the constant guide but who will want to be always in position of the helpless blind man is necessary. It is necessary to be accustomed to independence and to working alone at full understanding of responsibility. Giving an assignment, by the hand we Do not lead. For years alone devotees of the phenomenon Forces Lord wait. Test by loneliness too should be passed: as though one, as though without protection, as though without support. Uniform strength of mind the hero of monsters under different masks and the forms, trying to frighten him, distracts and block away meets. If we lean too, this circumstance will deprive of opportunity to realize power of the spirit. It is necessary to reconcile and a way of loneliness to accept. It is necessary to learn to fight alone. From vital fight it is necessary to come out the winner. To become the lord of an own microcosm, it is necessary to learn to work resolutely, safely and wisely, behind a personal responsibility and it is independent. Otherwise not leave a condition of infancy of spirit. On turns and in places especially dangerous the Teacher Will warn and Will support, but even these pieces of a way should be passed own feet, making own efforts. And that advantage for going if someone makes everything for it. How he will gain the necessary experience and the forces will increase? Muscles need continuous exercise, otherwise they will atrophy. As strength of mind precisely atrophy also. I am the Alpha and Omega. From Me it is necessary to begin a way and to Me it is necessary to reach, but it is independent, and Me to finish. I didn’t promise to drag behind Myself persisting or it is dense to Earth settled, but my Light is visible to all, going the feet and the desire. On the Sky force drag nobody, but everyone, making own efforts, reaches. In an orbit of the spirit it is necessary to look for a source of inexhaustible force when it becomes too dark or too difficult and when it seems that the Teacher because my throne in intimate depths of spirit human Left. When the thought and consciousness plunge into them, the contact the Highest occurs. Then the spirit because I in you, and you in Me, and we is uniform, despite all seeming divisions concerns Me. So unshakeable and is invariable the phenomenon
Lords inside. I Testify about it Self.

530. (Oct. 13). My friend, "and it will pass". Having approved on Bases is even stronger, it is possible to worry and it. But fluctuation not in Doctrine Bases, but is in consciousness. Means, it is necessary to separate that fluctuates, from the firm basis, it isn't necessary to attach also significance to conversations and hearings and to build on them the conclusions. Usually life develops not as the person, but the ways thinks. Why to worry what we don't know, and, without knowing, to call in question the Bases? What after all to do? To wait. A lot of things will clear up itself. The decree will come to the due moment, and to doubt of a place won't be what to do. A lot of things from told came true - earlier! And if not everything, mobility of the Plan reason for that. It is necessary to learn ability to combine firmness of the basis with mobility of the Plan. Great Arrival will take place. Nothing can change the Highest Outline but when it happens, depends on a combination of planetary and space conditions which are in a constant condition of formation. Calculation has to go on firm, but not on variability of a vital stream. And so is in everything. The Lord, but the changeable conditions of human consciousness is unchangeable. Let's not take them for expression of indisputable truth. Those who reply Call help to build my country and build. Without them there would be no structure. If they evaded who would replace them? And whether it is possible to build without builders? It is difficult, because so a little replying. Certainly, the reality is very severe, but it is necessary to build after all. The one who wants to evade from participation in my Business, doesn't understand value of transformers of the Beams sent by us. These transformers are necessary, differently how to transfer on wide space the ideas conducting life. They are. It is possible to perceive and transfer, having spiritual keenness. Conscious assistants are necessary. It is bad when by the time of Call doubts start overwhelming them and all previous work is nullified.

531. (Oct. 14). The most difficult that it is necessary to overcome, this aspiration to personal happiness. Who will lose the soul that will find it? Loss of soul and personal happiness to which only she also lives, are incompatible. And too it is necessary to pass through it. Many concepts should be reconsidered anew. The personal happiness and private life aren't Arhat's purpose. Refusal from personal for the sake of the General not in power weak spirit because all live for themselves. But isn't present among them happy. However, at a known step people live illusion of personal happiness, but it is a step of infancy of spirit. As children's toys can't satisfy the adult as the personal happiness – the ripened spirit is exact also. Wisdom sees that it is under construction on sand. Behind a pink cover she sees its opposite pole and a bowl of the scales, forced to fall in the opposite direction exactly so as far as it rose. The smile will be replaced by tears, health and illness and an old age. The person is so already arranged. Something that gives it feeling of happiness today, but it isn't durable and passes to the category of the boring ordinary. The love can give similarity of happiness, but under a condition if it is deprived of the egoistical beginning which manifestations are short-lived and especially deceptive. The love deprived of the spiritual beginning, quickly burns down, leaving only terrestrial reek of alcohol of the lowest feelings. Wisdom, meeting the phenomenon beginning, at the same time sees with it and its end doesn't allow blind immersion in whirlwinds of the astral phenomena. Heavy and painfully realize this dual face of life. One face is opposite to another. Accepting one, thereby we break balance of elements over a matter which, by law, has to be restored, and process of restoration compels to accept and other, opposite aspect of the phenomenon hidden for first. The law of balance operates the world. And the benefit is that other pole is hidden from looks of inhabitants; not
sustained. But wisdom sees, and knows, and, having eyes opened, nevertheless finds courage firmly to go through life. To us it is stuffy from human honoring. Why? Not therefore that behind shouts "a hosanna, a hosanna! « We Hear others – "crucify him". And, knowing, nevertheless we Accept the Bowl. Such is Great Service. In much knowledge there is a lot of grief, and not to destroy its illusions of happiness terrestrial. I speak for seeing the Sun because the Sun of life shines over a duality of the dense world.

532. (Oct. 15). My friend, life takes its course, and life experience accrues. Both bad and good, both pleasant and unpleasant – everything helps accumulation. Accumulation remains, and feelings, the accompanying, are forgotten. Being mentioned, the nervous system sounds, like a string, gradually calming down. But sounding it, beginning, reaches the highest point, and then comes to naught. Therefore all experiences of the person temporary – both pleasure, and a grief. Their sharpness smoothes out, and the consciousness ceases to react to them at repetition with the same force, as well as in the beginning. Sharpness of impressions becomes dull. It is possible to get used to everything and not to consider any more it everything neither special happiness, nor special, misfortune. Any misfortune it is possible to reduce misfortune representation still the bigger. Everything is relative. And if one person feels happy in a poor hut, and another is unfortunate in the palace, where criterion of that is necessary for the person to be content with life. And this criterion is it is consciousness. It defines the relation to life irrespective of its conditions. Same externally the circumstance can cause absolutely opposite feelings in two different people. Therefore, it isn't circumstances, and in the person. It is necessary to understand it and to learn to react to everything not as dictates it a habitual reflex but as that is wanted by will. The Reflex of thinking is animal heritage, an atavism, lunar essence of an astral. It is possible to find the reasons for that in any phenomenon to rejoice or be afflicted. Everything depends on what key the consciousness adjusted itself. It is better to speak "as everything is fine", than to poison consciousness with discontent. There are no phenomena absolutely bad or absolutely good. Elements of that and other beginning are in everyone. It is necessary to learn to find a positive side of the phenomena in everything and to approve it. This way conducts true construction. Only this way also it is possible to deepen creative work. If to pay special attention to high qualities in the person and them to claim, they will start coming to light and grow, but, seeing only bad, even the good person can be made bad. The person easily and quickly reacts to this or that attitude towards him, becoming best of all or worse. It is necessary to appeal, it is necessary to appeal to the best party in the person, and he won't be slow to reply in consciousness with the premised thought. Especially children strong react to the address to the best that is in them. And not only people, but also animals, and even things sharply perceive creating and creative thought or the thought of destruction proceeding from the person. If to approach to the angriest dog with a smile and the kind word, he won't bite. Quickly the things hated by us collapse. Kindly – it is creative, it is evil – it is destructive by the nature. Approving in the consciousness round itself and in an environment external the positive beginnings in everything, to builders kind we assimilate. But also is on the contrary. This principle is applicable to all phenomena lives: big and small, world and personal. To builders of my Country council: "Apply the principle of creation in construction of the New World. Increase all good by hundred times and diminish shady sides, and let your eye it will be open on good. Otherwise you won't become new; differently you won't be called on construction. «If in construction light turn the person to darkness, anything, except destruction, it won't turn out. It is a lot of imperfections in construction, but we go on tops, and by the best in everything we are guided, and on the best and the highest we are guided, strengthening it is conscious. If to recognize only bad and negative, it is short also hands to put and admit full insolvency. But the New World will take place, despite everything. It is better to adjoin it at once and fully-heart, than to trudge in the tail of losers.

533. Today it is possible to tell that on anything external it is impossible to lean. Support one – the Teacher. All the rest is fragile and incorrect.

534. (Oct. 16). If knew a true situation, would rejoice, instead of grieved because everything is made according to the plan. The highest Wisdom conducts. If in it doubt and to reject, there is one: to plunge into darkness of denial and to burn the ships. But before the Moon and the Sun, than force of the Law embodied in the Word of the Lord come. There will be great events, and there will be great changes. The new Sun over the world will ascend. The copper boils. Everything boils away and is gradually rejected, not able to enter into evolution. Each step gives the garbage and slags. In process of advance in evolution they become not as rough as were in the beginning. The general atmosphere is cleared slowly but surely and inevitably. Life lays down the new conditions demanding and people, to it corresponding. The country New goes already in many respects ahead of all, and time when it will be ahead of all in everything will come. Let's show understanding to the events regardless of personal conveniences or inconveniences. If the personal was put ahead of General Welfare by those who moved and moves evolution, the world would fall into a run wild and into darkness of a profound ignorance. The culture, science and philosophy were moved by them, the figures of the General Welfare who have fearlessly accepted a bowl of Service and paid sufferings, and is frequent also life, for the right of mankind to ascend on new steps of knowledge. Old dies to make room for the new – such is process of updating of the world. Nowadays there comes a century of cooperation general when the tightly personal is sacrificed to wide Common Cause, Business of transformation of all mankind.

535. (Oct. 17). The free will is at all that the person can do everything that to him will take in head, and that everywhere and always it can and be free bad or good. For this purpose tests by everything are given. The true carrier of Light under all conditions remains to that. No tests, even tortures and death, will force it to be bad and to become the supporter of the left way. The freedom of choice remains for the person always. If under pressure of circumstances it becomes worse, so in effect it the good yet wasn't approved properly. There is a disclosure of faces, and the person learns himself not such to what he itself seems or itself expresses, but such, what he actually. A lot of courage is necessary, having seen an own true face, nevertheless firmly and surely to continue a way because there are a lot of imperfections in the person. Without tests of unvarnished not to see, instead of having seen itself, it is impossible to overcome the hidden properties of the nature. And they are, they are imperceptible, but powerfully influence the person, stirring him to advance. It is a lot of the so-called good people which hidden essence is bad. Only severe tests can reveal it. Words of absolutely nothing don't mean, as well as all behavior of the person until hour of the real test of this quality or qualities came. Exactly at a difficult moment the person comes to light and sees itself such, what he actually. Disclosure of faces is a sad page in life of each Teacher of Light. It is the sad page in life of each true carrier of Light. It is a lot of them suitable on fires of affection, enthusiasm and pink dreams. They are invited. But so not enough elite! It isn't enough of them who at the heavy moment of tests will choose the correct way. Easily pass through tests preliminary, but everything becomes more difficult and more difficult, and when the true face is revealed in all the force, the choice becomes inevitable: either with Me, or without Me. But "with Me" means rejection from itself, dismissals from the lowest "I" and its bringing in the victim to the Highest Call. Also there is then a going spirit at the crossroads two roads: however to me, another – in darkness. Till time still it is possible not to make a final decision and not to make a choice solving the future because the spirit got stronger more not enough, but time of a final choice for everyone who decided to give itself(himself) irrevocably to Service to Lords comes. And then there can't be fluctuations any more. It is possible to pay attention to, tests of High Spirits at the corresponding steps how were heavy. The ascension on steps of spirit demands the statement of each of them in operation that is feet and hands human. In its other is difficulty. It is better not to know, than the nobility and not to apply in life. The way accepted the Life Doctrine is severe. Pink dreams fly away, there is the severe reality, and not everyone maintains collisions with it. But it is necessary to sustain – retreat is impossible.

536. (Oct. 18). Why to endanger relatives when a lot of things can be made under a sign. Often the Teacher Makes test under the sign of danger. Actually it isn't present, but circumstances develop so that the pupil endures all scale of feelings which are caused by the true danger. And he can tell, it passed test or not. Results are reached, check is made and is found out as far as the pupil became stronger in that quality to which check subjected. Last test concerned to that. Fear it wasn't shown, and it is good, but depression was shown and balance is broken – and it is already bad.

537. We have no place to personal experiences. They are replaced by cares universal, about all. Private matters shouldn't break the balance, whatever considerable they seemed. Through personal "I" it is necessary to step. Let it suffer and suffers, what business to Immortal and Eternal spirit before temporary and casual experiences of mortal and temporary covers. Some eremites in rage of understanding of their pettiness strong tortured the covers, carrying chains and vlasyanica. But it is extremes to what self-flagellation when the spirit can approve the superiority over them, without resorting to a fanatic. But it is better to carry a vlasyanica and to restrain itself a post, than to be in gloomy slavery at a physical or astral body. It is necessary to show full impassivity to everything that happens to them, that is not to allow that balance of spirit was broken because to them happens or can occur. So Archat thinks. If reins are released also covers, like unrestrained blind horses, rush where want, not for long to reach quickly and to an abyss. Therefore balance of spirit – first of all. All horrors which are made in the world grow out of willfulness of the unbridled and dismissed covers which carry away consciousness for itself where to them will take in head. Astral emotions are bad advisers and heads. The whole people were led by the astral beginning to death, any more without speaking about certain people. Let they will be tormented and tormented if only rage them was subdued. To restrain the lowest covers – a difficult task. But it is necessary to restrain them nevertheless in one way or another. Otherwise further they won't let.

538. (Oct. 20). My friend, it is necessary to allocate a place for something firm, able to resist unshakably under any conditions. Certainly, it has to be found inside, in those depths of spirit where external storms won't be able to concern it. And any more whirlwinds and a hurricane storms around, but inside, in an intimate sanctuary of spirit, the world, that world, which above human understanding reigns. I because I, in you staying, am the Stone of the Eternal basis of life Give this world. No hurricane can shift it or shake because it is put in those layers real where waves of material influences don't reach. And if this world isn't found, so it is necessary to look for more deeply, to look for where breath of Eternity can concern consciousnesses and Dumb Witness to approve the power, the Witness Looking how in flashing of days and nights the life stream before its silent and eternal look rushes. All mental constructions are so fragile and aren't eternal, as well as all other because are too closely connected with the phenomena of the dense world. Kingdom of three not from Eternity is. Living in three is subject to continuous changes and fluctuations. External whirlwinds are allowed that the basis inside, from external not dependent and external was realized not caused. So, I Say it is necessary what to build strongly and not on experiences and feelings of an astral, not on mind fabrications, but on eternal enduring Bases. Eternal in temporary it is necessary to find and eternal prefer. Sutratma is the actor who is constantly forgetting about it both a temporary scene of life and temporary roles taking for reality. Ignorant can be under a delusion with Maya illusions, but knowing has to meet her waves, not for a moment without forgetting that all this only game on a great vital scene. Why ghosts to take for reality? Both tragedies, and comedies, and dramas occur on a scene, but only on a scene of the dense world of the current conditions terrestrial. My friend, don't take Maya mirage for a firm basis of life because crash of temporary construction on visibility will be great.

539. (Oct. 22). Advantage human we will store under all living conditions. The person, who has lost advantage of spirit, becomes below a reptile. After all there is in the person something which isn't subject to worry by circumstances and people. People can trample on a lot of things, having crushed under feet, but the advantage on violation by the passer can be given never. Passers everything because all enter into life, take in it a place and die yours, as if them in it never and wasn't. How many entered and how many already consigned to the irretrievable past. Where they, these casual or karmic partners in life who pleased, afflicted or tormented you? Where they? They already aren't present long ago, and all of you live and as your life is full, both new and new occupy your consciousness. Whether costs on them which are passing to spend too much attention and forces? Whether it is worth tying to them the consciousness and to put itself in dependence on them which are passing by? Everything will leave, and the person remains one. The Teacher not Leave only. So, there are bonds temporary and bonds eternal. Sadly to see crash of the habitual developed conditions, but after all it is a fate of all surrounding. For all and each phenomenon time separately will come to leave it. Therefore to sacrifice spirit advantage to any circumstances it is inexpedient. It has to remain with you as your spiritual attire. People seek to break off spiritual your clothes that nude to beggar you or in a pity tatter, that is defenseless and helpless. But after all force in the spirit of. It also should be stored from worry and people, and circumstances. Do everything that demands from your life, but firmly and strong storing the advantage. Support force inside should be got by all means. Anyhow resist? Even the Lord should be found in the heart that is inside all: and the world which I Give you, both God’s Kingdom, and all treasures of spirit. When all outside is unsteady and fluctuates is anything but when swaying begin inside, it threatens with violation of all creation of life. Broken and crushed – it is so possible to call life them, a support in it lost. The spirit approves even the Teacher, and the spirit rejects it so all in the spirit of and everything depends on spirit. The printing of the statement of spirit lies on recognition of the Teacher. Therefore even the Teacher is powerless if the spirit denies him. The prerogative of recognition belongs to the spirit, but not to something being outside. And the Doctrine is valuable to you only therefore as it is recognized by you. The statement power is in you. In the person, but not out of him everything lies that he looks for. Therefore don't allow, don't allow anything and anybody to concern inviolable, with such work of the saved-up values of spirit. The spirit sanctuary for the outside world and people is closed. The parable about beads and pigs let will be the constant prevention.

I want to emphasize something other, namely that spirit advantage, are showing in force, understanding, will be at the same time both armor, and protection. After all it is necessary to think of how to be protected and how to protect the essence from worry and disintegration following it already. After all it is possible to scatter splashes if to recede. Collect forces inside, Me call, and we will stand up to the end together, to a victory. Think only, whether it is possible to resist? And if the whole world rises and will be up in arms against you, even then defeat is inadmissible. In the person of the prince of this world the world fell upon the Lord, but, without having in It anything, it was powerless. So stand also you my force, all forces in the center having collected. Because time to winds came to blow and to whirlwinds rise. So, put your thought to the Lord and let's enter to the Lord into your heart. Together we will resist. Remember! Except a thread of heart there is nothing. Everything can fall, but the thread of heart binding with the Lord inside, is indestructible your property. And you look at life, both passers, and passersby. Passable shadows – so call life ghosts, a dense wall surrounded you. But you remain and arrive with Me. Because over everything – I. So the top towers over Earth and life of valleys, and spirit – over conditions of the dense world. It is necessary to scent really that, really, other-worldly spirit. Force it not in external circumstances or their happy combinations, but in him. Don't direct these wonderful efforts to anything external, whatever heavy the living conditions seemed. You store wonderful fire of understanding of the force, invulnerability and inviolability of spirit from rage of an impact of darkness and Chaos of the unbridled elements. The world goes on you to break you. Me resist and with Me, a stronghold of the spirit from all external having protected. Outside let will be that will be, but in an internal sanctuary to anything external access isn't present. So sustain fight up to the end. Eternal in the spirit of over temporary and passing in a body predominates, and the lord – spirit. So in the spirit of you learn to overcome everything that becomes an insuperable barrier on your way to Uniform Light, because this Light in you. I Told.

540. (Oct. 23). Maya which have accepted a face of evidence the ghosts, sphere consciousness of the examinee of a hopelessness from which the exit isn't present. So work dark and Maya to them the faithful assistant. The monsters crowding at the Threshold, can accept different masks, but the purpose their one – to block a way. The dragon of a threshold is many-sided. He derives the strength from weaknesses of the examinee. Also it seems that the exit isn't present, and it seems that all is destroyed and ahead darkness. But the Teacher sharp-sightedly Watches test process that the necessary minute to give the Helping hand. Own vigilance is necessary also to see, from what party dark evil-shift interfere. Many kind undertakings were destroyed thanks to inability to consider in time these channels of dark influences and to stop them a firm hand. Dark always hide for grayish or nearly the white. That harm carrier blow struck because of their backs. Now time especially favorable for dark activity, and they engirdled to a limit. The poisoned atmosphere facilitates a lot of things for them, and chaotic disharmonious currents strengthen consequences. Danger from those intermediaries of dark influences who don't understand the role and the mediation is great. They can even consider themselves by conductors of light energiya, but business from it doesn't change. When the dark will surround you and the vicious circle, remains only one way – up. This that direction, to stop which they not is in condition. So any hopelessness of situation seems. Rescue is in the Teacher. And if the karma demands to give everything – give or to lose everything – lose and know that inevitable not to avoid. All can take from you, but I don't smother. Grain of spirit belongs to you as a form of your highest indestructible identification. All other is not yours. On indestructible also be approved.

541. My friend, personal is replaced superpersonal, and superpersonal – space. Personal and space are incompatible. It is possible to plunge into any of them, but at the expense of the others. It is possible to combine still superpersonal and space, but it is difficult, serving personal, to admire the highest planes of consciousness. When the personal interferes in Communication, it is similar to a muddy wave in a crystal-clear stream of a source. Personal dregs can stir up all water and break purity of perception. It is impossible to serve two masters, it is impossible to serve itself and the Lord. The house, in itself divided won't resist. It isn't necessary to turn around on the past. Once it was possible because the consciousness grew more not enough, and it was necessary to move. Responsibility grows in process of advance. Manifestations of the personal beginning should be extinguished that they didn't muffle the beginning the highest. At the deadlock there can be only personal "I". Space is boundless, and all mankind becomes the sphere of manifestation of superpersonal consciousness. Poisonous times will pass. The darkness will dissipate. All-planetary everyone will find in pleasure also the pleasure. Yes! Yes! Yes! The world personal with its experiences and sufferings also is a kingdom of darkness external, where crying and a gnash tooth. It is necessary to leave spheres of private life and to close those spheres the Highest. Daily work and everything connected with life of the personality can be carried out without immersion with the head in a bog of a direct environment, and as though standing apart from it. It is necessary to combine conditions to be in the world, but other-worldly. In all ways I Try to explain that it is impossible to allow that the consciousness plunged into infectious whirlwinds of the lower class. They are poisoned with egoism poison, and infection can't be avoided if the astral vibrates on their wave. Immunity only in the spirit of

542. (Oct. 24). My son, discretion of the channel of influence dark and chains behind which they take cover, weakens at once their force and even stops their opportunities. They act while consider itself not distinguished. To fall anger upon intermediaries it is useless because usually they don't know that create. The blow is necessary for nothing and by the one who behind them hides. It is necessary to cut a circle and destruction beams, to destroy it is cunning and hidden the arranged approaches. Their weakness what to approach directly don't dare and like to work with impunity because of others back. It is a lot of vigilance and experience it is required to distinguish their artful designs. Usually it is easier to work with it from the Thin World because are hidden and difficultly to find them. Consider that a big half of influence and blows goes from the Hidden World. The protective circle is strong, and especially when is constructed consciously for the purpose of a certain protection against a certain essence or substance. Dark constantly on the lookout also are occupied by to do any possible harm. The board protects. But they use each weak or unprotected place, each crack to get through and if those don't find, find them at people in the immediate environment and, of course, find because the majority has weak places, on them and through them and harm is done. Already I Spoke, how small cracks are dangerous.
Full-devotion, firmness, confidence of the Teacher, fearlessness and other qualities will be also the best armor. In case of dark influences first of all it is necessary to examine own armor, and then to try to find the influence channel, not intermediaries, but the primary source of dark activity. Attacks amplify during the swaying, doubts and a display of other weaknesses. Each feeling, thought and emotion generate gases in space – poisonous or life-giving. The poisonous gases generated by dark poisoners, get into all cracks if those are available, fill until then protected sphere and respectively paint all atmosphere of a microcosm human and its direct environment. It they deprive of force, both darken, and shade a clear Face of the Teacher. It is necessary to be protected resolutely and without hesitation, having rejected pity because differently will erase. A lot of harm occurs if recognition is absent. Can creep up on the done channel, and then already it is easy to accept the dark whisper in one's ear for own logical conclusions. It is very difficult to struggle with logic of the evidence sub put dark whispers. Being found, they immediately recede, because their main force that their presence isn't suspected. Many unclear flashes and attacks are explained by existence of these unsuspected whispers. But the set is directed on everyone the carrier of Light invisible, but the spiteful eyes, wishing to harm. And when they on the installed channel are rubbed between the Teacher and the pupil, harm is great especially. And if the Teacher Protects, a duty of everyone to protect relatives and to care of safety of protection; are inadmissible is neither cracks, nor cracks. Killing gas can creep even in a pin puncture. Specify vigilance as means of self-defense. Dark don't know neither pity, nor mercy, compassion. Don't wait for sympathy neither from them, nor from their servants. Brutality is a faultless sign of the dark. The Armageddon came to an end, but people didn't become sacred. Much still it is necessary works on cleaning of lowlands from slags and decomposition products. It is a lot of doomed to leaving a planet. Hard times. Strain all vigilance if you want to resist.

543. (Oct. 25). What to do? To wait. That? The specified changes. I claim that there will be everything it is better than the best. Still was differently because time didn't come. You will go at the right time. When it will approach, only blind it won't be clear that to it to do. Everything will be clear. Therefore wait, both in patience, and without troubles and concerns.

544. My children, unless I Promised you comfort and conveniences? Great Service excludes these concepts. Not it is necessary to think of that how it is necessary to live and in what conditions, and helping Me. What does it have to do with personal conveniences when you execute Will Sent? Sent mine not think of them, but of how it is better to execute the Assignment. Even the simple fighter, carrying out an order, does it even then when its life is threatened by danger. It in is the war. And now time is worse than war because enemies of the world and cultural construction threaten Bases. Towers of spirit can help to keep balance, but where they which aren't fluctuating? So, when there comes time when it is necessary to help really, is the wishing a little. So was always. Everything is well until the way coincides with dreams and desires of the directed. But once it disperses clouds of doubts and fluctuations rise. Idea of the future doesn't coincide with that appears actually, and misunderstanding closes until then the clear and visible horizon. And for it only also wait dark that all measures to strengthen confusion. Or you win against them, or they – you. Wrestle for life or death, also isn't present anybody who could help if the worm of doubt crept in consciousness. It is necessary to kill, it yet didn't undermine foundations. Preserve Bases against destruction, differently as resist?

545. (Oct. 27). You hold consciousness ready and free from personal employment. There shouldn't be a conflict between General Welfare and personal aspirations. Personal it is necessary to renounce for the sake of the General, fight meanwhile and another isn't new. All passed through it. Also it won't be said yet "Yes this bowl" passes me, – there is neither victim, nor Service. But the bowl should be accepted. It also will be a feat. Refusal means that test isn't passed and all it is necessary to make a fresh start. It is a lot of evaded, and not honor among them it to appear.

546. (Oct. 28). Let's show understanding of proximity of terms. Not to leave anywhere that is planned them. Everything will come true, up to Arrival, and a grief rejected Me. Yes! Yes! The trust, and trust up to the end, contrary to everything is necessary that sees an eye and hears an ear. To scent proximity of the future – means to begin to see clearly fiery in what isn't present, but that exists in future rolls. Great prophets began to see clearly forward in the far-far future, and the fiery contact gave them strength to pass through life, highly bearing the lamps of spirit burning brightly, seen by many and is showing a way. It would be anyhow possible to choose the direction correct if not to know to what the mankind goes and has to come. Any iota won't come from the law, all won't be executed yet. Everything has to be executed in due time and in the terms, and only blind doesn't see where all is directed. It is necessary to expand the visibility horizon; having highly risen over that around that near that is close and that strong encumbers shining distances of the foreordained future. It is necessary to pass through the present, having directed a look not on it, and on for the sake of what it only and exists and then it is justified. All victims brought by Great Carriers of Light, are senseless and ridiculous if to take away the future and for the sake of what they were made. Even the Victim of the Savior dying alone on a cross and left all, loses any value if to consider it in aspect of the present, that is only in a section of that time point when it came true. But, taken at that moment in aspect of the future, even known to us historically till a present situation, it already opens, though only partially, depth of the event which has occurred on Golgotha. People of gift of enlightenment and therefore their judgments are so imperfect are deprived. Judgment on the present not moved into the future, always, certainly, in a false manner because it is deprived of prospect. Imagine the person using the eyes, but deprived of visual prospect. Loss of understanding of a spatial ratio of visible subjects will absolutely deprive of its ability of orientation in the world surrounding it. The same happens and to the person, not having feeling of prospect of the future. Everyone is mistaken exactly so far as this feeling suffers at it in the expression or development. Therefore we Call many blind. Without understanding of the future there is nothing, except soot, a dust, the reek of alcohol and darkness of the present. Therefore we Direct in the future over the present therefore we Approve it as something existing really.

547. (Oct. 29). My friend, we will consider that approach to Light is always interfaced to sufferings. Essence is of Light so differs from essence human,
that is necessary full regeneration of the last, for that, what assimilation of energiya Light it could be made. It is difficult to assume that this process of office of that was, and consciousness familiarizing to that just vaguely starts coming to light in it, happened smoothly and without serious consequences. Old collapses, new it wasn't issued yet. Feeling of this gap heavy: as though between two coast over a chasm. This transition state is painful, painful and difficult, and especially at those moments when the Teacher leaves one for the statement. Won't be neither pleasure, nor chagrin until the opposite coast won't be reached and the consciousness won't be approved on it. Transitional time is dangerous. The soil crumbles under the feet. The past attracts, as a chasm. It is possible to be kept only by aspiration up. And nobody can help because the phenomenon is caused by internal state of consciousness which needs to be changed most. So growth process, and besides own goes a hand and a foot human. At this time it is necessary to remember especially firmly that Bases are unshakable, and then it is possible to hope that the opposite coast will be reached safely.

548. (Oct. 30). Strength of mind is learned in misfortune. Weak becomes a pettiness, but strong in the grief, in its inescapability scoop new forces. As if new powerful armor the spirit becomes covered and the forces multiply. And if already there is on Earth nobody on whom it would be possible to rely and who served as a direct link with the Lord, so it is necessary to find this support in itself and most to become this link. Certainly, loss is great and irrevocable, also there is nobody to replace Great Spirit, but especially responsibility on remained is great to continue my Business. Successors who will be not stopped by anything are necessary. The great heritage should be realized into the concrete forms available to people. Should leave a grief, tears and pain of loss and keep in the depth of heart: they not for foreign eyes and at all for relatives. The great grief is intimate. It is necessary to show hardness and firmness adamant. Truly, as well as always, the event of huge value will take place for people imperceptibly. But you know. You knowing, I Will support it is decupled, but in your aspiration to continue to bear Light. But as you have to become strong go without fluctuating and to reach the end. In you is the huge potential of the hidden power of fire. To the depths address. Not one, aren't left, but with Me. From the depth approve boundless power of spirit. Truly, I Speak to you: you are gods. Loss in one is compensated in other – the law of balance works. Be worthy Great Mother, you blessed on a feat. My children, not in grieving indulge, but think of how to protect my Business from damage. If who is leaves, that movement proceeds on to the former to the direction. Responsibility increases in direct ratio to the size of the suffered loss. The strength of mind necessary for this purpose, I will give. But you hold Me strong, all thoughts, all force, all aspiration. Force fiery arrives on Great Service I Send. So, stand strong. Except a thread of heart there is nothing. To the son I Give the Assignment part of responsibility of Mother on the shoulders to accept. Not pink dreams, but severe, difficult and self-sacrificing feat of life. From now on each said word concerning my Affairs, has to be said with consciousness of full responsibility for told and in full accordance with the received knowledge, instead of to express desire of egoism or its feeling. The direction Is given – to it follow. To mother you seek to imitate in everything. Width of containment it realizes. Also be, as the Sun, for them who weren't seeing Light.

549. (Oct. 31). Let's consider her (Mater Agni Yogi) left behind Light for you. I was with you here, will be and there. Contact will be come into, but not at once. It is necessary to show persistence and sequence on desire to approve this elevated communication. The love will be a link binding. The love doesn't die and with change of covers doesn't change. The son connected by strong hidden bonds will be in the atmosphere of her love. Aren't left and aren't forgotten. It is necessary to understand great expediency in everything. If the Plan is changed, so the best possibility of its performance is seen. And you, who have remained, prepare vessels for spirit gifts. Show consciousness of responsibility for mankind advance because on extent of its understanding receiving will go also. Become even closer. Mater Agni Yogi was focus of aspiration. Consider it so live, as before, but only as more free in expression of the spirit. Not through physical, but through the spiritual you will adjoin. To the son it was told that contact will be. Means, it is necessary itself and psychological respectively. But also others aren't deprived of possibility of the highest contact if love to it direct. Tears disturb contact. Tears should be replaced with pleasure of communication of spirit. Possibilities of spirit extended. Means, this pleasure won't be groundless. Let the grief will be replaced with love. Fire of a gift of feeling of love is more valuable than sad radiations of heart. You will put above, you will approach closer, because Entrusted ours – and a premessenger for you. It is possible to note as at terrestrial existence the final meaning and the center of life is lost it is transferred to spirit area, because all in the spirit of. To Boundlessness goes not only day yesterday's and day today's, but also everything that around. True homeland there. Also she there will wait for you after execution of mission your terrestrial.

550. It is necessary to strengthen spirit in the statement of the force. If the Head leaves Earth corporally, especially communication gets stronger in the spirit of. Replace habitual representation about terrestrial with proximity in the spirit of, and your union becomes stronger. The understanding approves and achievements planned realize into force by application. If there was no support and authority on Earth and there is nobody to address already, everything is transferred, thanking this condition, in area is invisible real, in spirit area. Means, the thread of unification should be strengthened repeatedly. Means, it is necessary to keep inseparably. Threads of spirit should be increased. The son, Mother approved in the sonship will be the intermediary. Receiving will be proportional to understanding and communication strengthening. I give the chance in a consolation closer to Mother to become, but in the spirit of having risen. Let's leave tears and grieving by another when new opportunities of more intimate proximity from Darling are given. The mighty power of love overcomes all barriers, and even death limits. The spirit doesn't die. In the spirit of live also spirit.

551. (Nov.1.). My son, really, isn't left, because – in the Beam. The phenomenon of the Beam will be strengthened. You show also strengthening of aspiration and prestanding force because the bridge has foundations on both coasts. You will live the silver bridge of spirit. Hard time before you is. Loss should be worried. I won’t Tell usual words of a consolation because direct link with left, behind the rarest exception, tries. When will pass term of lawful rest, self-sacrificing life deserved, Mother will show activity. And then contact will be notable. Keenness then the imagination shouldn't show and to attribute feeling of its proximity. By usual assumption of possibility of the phenomenon we approve it for consciousness and we approach the opportunity. Certainly, merge happens in the spirit of. Therefore let there will be a memory of Mater Agni Yogi such is as though there was nothing also It as to you, as well as always when was on Earth. Not it, but you concerns, your consciousness this Instruction. You think of it so live and real, as well as usually because life is concentrated in the spirit of. Not the spirit, but a body dies when the live spirit leaves a terrestrial cover which it recovered. The world, which is from the World Mine, surround dense protective wall from invasion Chaos, contradictions and denial spheres terrestrial. And there we will be together, and with us – It. Impossible in a matter dense possible becomes in the spirit of. Transfer to spirit, to spirit spheres the center of the life, and let terrestrial will be only the spirit bottom. And strong preserve intimate against worry. It is necessary to become isolated now, more than ever, and to close worldly voices. The board will protect from dangerous blows though nevertheless not to avoid burdening by living conditions. Be not anxious about anything, also the Decree because aren't left at the right time will come. Certainly, the Plan changed; karmic blows in planetary scale will force the heads to lift up. To you I Repeat: "Clothe armor trust and a merge with Me, differently how to resist? » Mobility of the Plan isn't a sign of our weakness, but need of expediency. If something changed, means, it is found the best approach all to the same invariable purpose. It is necessary to strengthen fiery power of Proximity and trust. "I with you, I in you" – a formula of Proximity and merge remain invariable, but demands understanding decupled, because unusual time and heavy for the able to see. My children trust you open a gate of the impossible. Let the life stream the turn aspire, you with Me arrive. Strong and firmly guard your happiness – possibility of merge and Proximity with Me. I Told.

552. There is something in the person that remains in him and with him forever is his accumulation. We call them imperishable. This is its wealth, only the inalienable. Spirit accumulation also can devote life consciously. What pleasure can be drawn from life if entirely to direct the efforts to this immortal task! Not for itself, not for today, but for the future Light in the Bowl gathers. Light gathers to shine mankind. Certainly, only good accumulation embraced by the general concept of Light because the good is shone mean. The benefit is shone and radiates Light going from heart. Therefore They bearing Treasure are called, Light carriers. And It, people crucified, Was and Is the Center of Great Light, It in the Bowl brought and brought to Earth. Light center – we will think so of it. To it, Great, in Light execution on Earth also we will seek to assimilate; but before it is necessary to collect. It is necessary to fall in love with this process of continuous, persistent, joyful collecting of crystals Light Fire. They gather in application. When are applied in practice in life of energy of thought immortal, then hidden energy these flash special tension, giving deposits of crystals of condensed Light. Process when it is conscious is joyful. To the teacher pleasure to Observe concentration of condensed Light and to See how the aura light of hidden fires in flames. Where it, misfortune or the happiness, fires which have lit Light? Through space, through sides of death the elevated flame shines. So the Unification with Me Light is similar and, strengthened and is profoundly obvious, brings to space and the surrounding sphere spirit gifts – Light. We honor carriers of Light of the giving. Among present twilight they don't allow a flame of life to go out. Collectors are of Treasure, you I Approve in a feat of conscious accumulation of fiery wealth. And with you My Hand is. The benefit leaves this world, having saved up. Words about talents are eternal edification to mankind. Are given all differently rather by everyone are collected differently, but can save up all. So, increasing the talents, it is possible to approve a way of a prosperity not belittled. The call and response law is great. Called responds, and calling receives the answer because Told: "I won't break off". So, addressing to Me all heart, know that you won't remain without the answer. I reply always, but on force and completeness of the address. I speak: "Collect to itself treasures in the spirit of, and then to World Torches, really, you will assimilate". Light is from Light. Collected Light radiates it. Constraining the feelings, without allowing them to come to light externally, fiery force you concentrate inside. Therefore restraint we will especially understand. All measures, in all ways we will increase fiery power. And we will go through life, the forces multiplying. And who or what can prevent you to collect Light? It also will be ascension way because Light condensed, crystallized inside, like the lightest gas, uplifts the sphere of a microcosm human to the Highest Spheres. The attraction magnet to the Highest is created. On grains of sand it is possible to collect the mountain. On particles, like a hardworking bee, it is possible to collect shining Treasure of a crystal of the mental in the Bowl energy. And remember: on particles, everyday, persistently and steadily, strong making use of life experience. Energy of thought the applied crystallizes and gives deposits obvious. Show ardent application of the Doctrine in life and that you will increase light, which in you, because if light which is in you – light, but not darkness, you are children of Light. For Light we will work. So, going to lives in the Name My wins.

553. (Nov. 2). How can be shown energy of the Teacher and the Beam if the pupil shows inaction? Therefore the help appears in operation. It is necessary to show energy in operation. It is necessary to show energy of action that was to what to put. I speak about actions, in common leading. Action should be understood. Together we go and together we create Light affairs. Going to the Name My and with Me can't but be the winner. The external damage isn't defeat because only spiritual consequences are valuable. It is possible to pass through very heavy tests and, having lost terrestrial advantages, nevertheless to appear the winner. Victory over a flesh is in the spirit of. If to measure spiritual by dense successes, the basis of judgment will be wrong. And the carriers of Light pursued and deprived of everything, will appear in camp won while actually World doesn't know defeat. Certainly, results affect only in centuries. But it indicates power of the energy shown in operation which isn't settled right there as at ordinary people, but yields long results. Our actions are directed in the future, and sometimes in the very far. It is impossible to judge action on direct, immediately to visible results. Consequences of acts of Light are often invisible to an eye. On consequences we Judge and in time. The teacher Sends blessing. The Teacher Sees how the way became complicated. The Teacher Wants to see how nothing will confuse and won't stop you. It is necessary to pass the remained way safely, heroes and with honor. Not honor if heart becomes gray for fear, not honor if with ghosts be seduced, not honor if you are twisted with a boa of doubt. The way of the learned Teacher of Light is direct. Adolescents in peep the fiery didn't burn down, really char from whiff of whirlwinds of spheres of the lowest and dense? And you stand stronger than the rock is force I Will allows to pass through everything. Think of a victory!

554. My son, threads of love to left behind Light we will consider as Light threads. Then we will increase. Let's tie them to the Highest through the Highest. You loving it are loved by me. Love the World the Highest keeps. The Brotherhood, and Light threads, pulsing love costs love, weave an attire of Mother of the World. Strengthen this saving feeling to opportunity limits if you want to become even closer to It. To It coming nearer, to Me you come nearer because We are unseparable – I and It, the beloved daughter Mine. And you succeed love. Let the sun of your love will be without spots. In love you will derive strength opposite the life going against you. We Win love! Miraculously win against the world love to the Lord and left to approach to It inexpressibly. And I Speak: by miracle of love win. Be not, as the blind men denying what don't see. You will see hearts eyes. Yes! Yes! Yes! The heart armed with love is invincible, and doesn't know barriers. That to us borders of the worlds when the fiery bridge of the thought sated with love, will throw through obedient to spirit space. My son, fiery I Operate a powerful power of love. I Won't leave, I Won't leave left on Earth alone, but I Will ennoble and I Will strengthen it is thousand fold you who have loved it, the beloved daughter I wash. We to It will erect not made by hand temple of honoring. Light Mater Agni Yogi we will honor. Love charged make. Children My, beloved children, pain of heart will blossom wonderful multi-color stones of Light shining. Pain closer to Me approached. Let's bless the pain which is breaking off heart, but approaching to Light it is wonderful. My beloved when we are soldered by love, nothing is terrible to us and nothing will deprive of us our share. Truly, aren't unfortunate when we love and we learn love. Well and light-in Beams of Great Heart. Ways the Highest are inscrutable, but you love, and the Highest will be open for you. If understood up to the end what is the mighty force if it learned to create! Everything will come, native mine. And your grief will be in pleasure. I see, and I Hear, and blessing I Send on a difficult way of test by a grief. I with you, native, and you won’t leave. Trust the Lord. The Lord Told Self!

555. (Nov. 3). Devoted workers on a dominical field are necessary, and so it isn't enough of them. And not to prepare them suddenly: the millennia of collaboration are necessary. From here the special value of everyone, able to give. The most difficult distribution is spirit gifts. They should be had before distributing, and it is necessary to save up before having. Collect for distribution: other purpose isn't present. All for others for spirit evolution. Return not always has to be visible or verbal: aura radiation constantly sates auras of people and the space is invisible, is inaudible and strong. All sate, but then and how? Gray people of asthma create, generating nightmares. Among stinking radiations of dark and gray auras is a little radiating light. The essence of light Service consists in the energiya proceeding from a microcosm of human in surrounding spheres and polarizing them respectively. The place sated with continuous breath of radiations, crystallized in it, we Call Ashram. It is possible to call the centers of rescue them. They have great spatial value. Work by the principle of magnetism, constantly changing everything that around. Holy sites take too light-psycho-chemical value. When growing Identity generates a beam, the phenomenon of a transmutation of the surrounding amplifies. The beam can affect far distance. Therefore the statement of self-proceeding beams has especially important spatial value. Three beams I Approve for Service which with the statement them becomes great. It isn't necessary to understand Service as circulation and the sermon: the greatest and considerable is always made in silence. Silent Service we Call Service reached Arhat's who has approved three, when known piece way step it is necessary to pass silently. Time to everything, and all fixed hour, but Service doesn't interrupt anything and it is possible in any conditions: in loneliness and in public, among lonely mountains and in the city, in silence or the word. Service created not is visible to all and is obvious, but the Teacher Sees. The only ignorant and not understood can plead difficulty or impossibility of the dense conditions, knowing will smile to excuses of ignorance and will go the lonely way of a feat. There are no the obstacles, able to block Light way because it is hidden and gets everywhere. Darkness to Light not an obstacle because disappears under its beams. It is strong only when the spirit flame hesitates and goes out. And then she wins. But three beams of the approved – as a ram against coming darkness, which self - destroyed only at one approach to their carrier. Therefore first of all is the statement of Light in itself. Light approved, I to you the Assistant, both the Friend, and the Defender, and the Father. You are necessary to Me, it is more necessary. Realize importance the in business Services to Light.
556. (Nov. 4). (In a dream I saw well trampled down path in the wood, conducting to Teachers).
Many phenomena pass through the world, testifying to Us. They can be seen not denying eye. But keenness is necessary. It is possible to look and not to see. The spirit world for what eyes began to see clearly. "Let your heart will be open and mind isn't saddened" because we see eyes of heart and heart heard. The formula "Having to Hear Ears and Hears" remains in force and until now. So heart you hold opened to Me.

557. (Nov. 5). Signs I Give – see. Thoughts I Send – guess. The thin device of perceptions demands constantly breathless attention. You face big changes: and the general, and in your life. Why to wait only for the bad? You wait for the best. It is much paid for the future. The fate will lead to the foreordained. Be not as the mercenaries working only when behind them the master's eye looks. All yours: both your heritage, and your business. Matter of the Father in your hands, really you will leave in neglect only because there is no Mother? Nothing changed, and the course of the world ship is invariable. The plan is immutable, details of business don't change. Performers will be. On the next responsibility special is. Light network owing to leaving of Mother can't be broken. On the contrary, responsibility of everyone for its preservation increases because loading respectively increased. Understanding of Proximity decuple, because with you I when it is especially difficult. When you destroy restrictions of space and distances, really, the reality is approved. The phenomena of the Highest World don't enter into a framework terrestrial. It is necessary to expand more understanding of opportunities and to rise over evidence. I with you also am close – the statement of it you will pass a hard time.

558. (Nov. 6). Eternal expectation is. Eternal expectation is of the future. Eternal expectation is of evolution of the world. Expectation new, going on change old, also will be the correct installation of consciousness. Therefore all Teachers Directed in the future, all Gave hope and all Induced following Them to hope and wait for the future. The strong hope of the future is the powerful engine if it is accompanied by action. The present is good only as a step to the expected future, giving the chance to carry out it in desirable forms. The effective hope becomes aspiration and gets force of the fiery engine of life of spirit. Belief, hope and love! The belief becomes stronger trust to the Teacher, the belief in inalterability of evolution real and inevitability of the foreordained future amplifies action and passes to aspiration, giving wings to spirit. The love remains a link binding Hierarchy up and from top to bottom. Old concepts remain, but the lives deepened by new understanding. The phenomenon of expectation should be understood as a movement condition in the future. Who has nothing to wait more, from that and there is nothing to wait more because its fire went out and became covered by an ashes layer. Expect world evolution. Wait for changes, big and small, and strong approve inalterability of the future. Even on mankind it is impossible to deny it – we don't deny day tomorrow's. It is necessary to continue it logically in Boundlessness. The present doesn't satisfy live consciousness. Therefore I Speak: "Live in the future and future". It will be. Therefore, future not imagination, but reality is. The future is the engine of evolution of human spirit. It we Approve is. For the sake of it gave lives the best representatives of human race. For the sake of it there were they to death and on torments. Unless it is possible give the life for anything? But they gave – means, the future for them was more valid than the present if the life price was paid for its approach. Therefore the phenomenon of Great Expectation is a life mystery: Waiting! – How many values it is hidden in this concept. It isn't enough to expect, it isn't enough to work, it is necessary to aggravate still the feelings so that to feel this future hidden from eyes behind a veil. And many felt and anticipated it, beginning to see clearly in fiery distances of the future. Them called prophets and clairvoyants. And then followed because felt fiery truth of not denied. Approve the deep importance of the future as only sphere where it is possible to direct mankind because the future is the bridge in Boundlessness. Not the past, not real, but the future shines fires of unprecedented opportunities, because in the future all. Only the people, who have adjusted the consciousness on a key of the future, can be true drivers of mankind.

559. Archat directed in the future, lives in the special world of the reality strained by magnetic energiya of spheres, forced once to become a terrestrial reality. This tension of spheres lights consciousness coming nearer to it, telling them ardent aspiration in the future and convincing them of its reality. Special affairs are created about the going Arhat. The magnet of the future works tensely, giving strength Arhat to create for the sake of the future. It is possible to multiply consciously this force, strong directing in the future. The personal phenomenon is passed by Arhat therefore elements of personal constructions aren't present in his consciousness. It gives to construction its special persuasiveness. Magnetism of persuasiveness works powerfully. Threads of the future are weaved from an improvised material. All is used able to ascend, and everything fit for construction. Far seeds of the future fiery blossom in space, entraining capable cooperate consciousnesses. Arhat ardently moves forward, and in the movement assimilates Directed Eternally. Live in the future, and poison of the present won't concern you. How it is possible to pass the heaviest time? Only strong directing in the future! So, directing, you join my World. You enter into its orbit of influence, because my World – of the future. What I Can promise you in the present when even your centers didn't wake up and the fiery body aren’t issued? But in the future is your integral achievement. In the future you will have everything to what the spirit is directed and to what directs nowadays. It is necessary to realize power of this magnet. Solar systems are chains of the worlds rushing in the future. Hierarchically we join Great space movement and we join in a world stream when the spirit adopts evolutionary laws of aspiration to aspiring spheres of fire. It is necessary to leave the usual thinking which is pounding on a place. Boundlessness is bequeathed. All Space is directed in the future. Joining this movement, we execute Command the Highest and we follow the Law. Any local or even the planetary phenomena can't stop world movement. The space wave can displace not only the certain person and the people or the continent, but even I kiss race and the whole planet if resistance detaining evolution is shown. From here is and explosions. Arhat's thinking reaches space scope, and personal sinks at the spatial ocean. In the Highest fiery spheres there is no place of the personality, there is no egoism place, there is no place to the inhabitant, but is – to human spirit which lost the soul to find it ardently changed in superpersonal Immortal Identity.

560. (Nov. 7). My son, the device of spirit it is necessary to keep in a full order. The body, brain and nervous system are the spirit device. Through them it is shown in the world of a dense matter. When the matter making a body, is rather refined, or rarefied, that is rather spiritualized; it freely transfers categories of sparks of a matter of the highest, transferred by the Beam. It isn't enough to refine an organism, it is necessary to support it in reached extent of thinning and will refine further. The general problem of mankind, as well as each lives form passes through itself and a terrestrial matter and that to process it in thinner forms. The black-earth, limy deposits, oil, coal, fruitful layers of crust, silt, peat and so on – all this is products of processing or remains once forms of an animal living on Earth and flora. Mission of mankind is higher. It consists in a matter spiritualizing strength of mind. Billion tons of a matter, 0 passed through a human body or left in the physical covers dumped by the person, are a part of crust, constantly refine its structure. The ultimate goal of a planet –be refined and discharged to degree of dense invisibility and to create for the person the spirit house in space. In the last Circle in the seventh Race this process will reach the end. Human bodies become invisible, and the planet body becomes invisible. Prototype of this thinning we have in an astral, mental and fiery body of the person. In aspect of the gradualness reached at this step of evolution, everything is carried away in Boundlessness and exists in the form of the highest form reached in development peculiar to this phenomenon. The point of the lowest equilibration in the course of an roughening and matter consolidation by mankind and a planet is passed long ago, and process of all-planet thinning and transformation of a flesh terrestrial goes, all the time amplifying and being accelerated. From the thin – in dense, from dense – in thin and fiery – such is a passable way. Nature of transformation of a matter substantially depends on a spiritual condition of mankind and height, to it reached. This process is space and expresses Command of Space Will. All live gives the covers on transformation of a planet lived by it. And the vital process happening in these covers, also serves the same purpose. In it the great victim of all live, giving external forms on world transformation by life energiya, consists in them consisting. It is easy to find layers of coal or layers oil-bearing as heaps of remains once living organisms of both kingdoms. But to see crystallized deposits of feelings, emotions and thoughts human in aura of a planet it is already much more difficult. Meanwhile as all astral world is filled with mental products of human creativity. Anything in the nature doesn't disappear that create myriads of the thoughts created by mankind. Where there are these forms and energy, their recovering, and what they form in space? Coal is visible, but astral and mental heaps and constructions are hidden. Partially it is possible to see them in the construction and other forms carried out on Earth and being as though crystallized dense matter, expressing the thought which has created them or idea. But how many creations of hands human are destroyed and consigned to the past. In space records nowadays there is everything that ever was and existed on a planet. The world Hidden is overflowed the images which once shown on Earth and have reached in the sphere is invisible the real. Earth is the conveyor which is continuously transferring dense material forms in thin images to archives of the nature for perpetuation to them. Anything doesn't disappear. And the mankind is the mighty transformer from dense in thin, conducting it is process. It is easy to imagine thoughts and the feelings going to invisibility; but there is no city of the Gold Gate, there is no Babylon, there is no Carthago – they too went to the Hidden World and plunged into records of spatial cliches. The burned-down picture doesn't disappear, but continues to exist in the thin cover in space. Depths real are immeasurable, anything doesn't disappear. But to see crystallized deposits of feelings, emotions and thoughts human in aura of a planet it is already much more difficult. Meanwhile as all astral world is filled with mental products of human creativity. Anything in the nature doesn't disappear that create myriads of the thoughts created by mankind. Where there are these forms and energy, their recovering, and what they form in space? Coal is visible, but astral and mental heaps and constructions are hidden. Partially it is possible to see them in the construction and other forms carried out on Earth and being as though crystallized dense matter, expressing the thought which has created them or idea. But how many creations of hands human are destroyed and consigned to the past. In space records nowadays there is everything that ever was and existed on a planet. The world Hidden is overflowed the images which once shown on Earth and have reached in the sphere is invisible the real. Earth is the conveyor which is continuously transferring dense material forms in thin images to archives of the nature for perpetuation to them. Anything doesn't disappear. And the mankind is the mighty transformer from dense in thin, conducting it is process. It is easy to imagine thoughts and the feelings going to invisibility; but there is no city of the Gold Gate, there is no Babylon, there is no Carthago – they too went to the Hidden World and plunged into records of spatial clichés. The burned-down picture doesn't disappear, but continues to exist in the thin cover in space. Depths real are immeasurable, anything doesn't disappear.

561. (Nov. 8). My son, the solution of everything at Us. With this thought also it is possible to go through life, without fearing anything. Monsters of a gloom stand at the road, trying to stop a way. But the step solved the way with Us irrevocably is firm and unshakable. There is nothing, and anything from spirit it isn't visible in visibility, because a way in the spirit of. In total is in the spirit of, and in the spirit of the decision. Visible can take away or destroy, but that can take away or destroy what in the spirit of and strength of mind costs? And you stand strength of mind because construction in the spirit of, though invisibly is indestructible. Invisible nowadays, it will solve and will define all future when great transition to the spirit World because then terrestrial won't be also invisible will be made becomes uniform reality. Construction in the spirit of more strongly constructions terrestrial also endures borders of the worlds. Therefore the spirit house, you created in the spirit of, is steadier than the houses created by hands human. The spirit house let will be your shelter from bad weather and storms, from variability of inconstancy of conditions of terrestrial and spontaneous disbalance. The world of spirit is rich and inexhaustible opportunities. It also is my World, and Fire World, and boundless opportunities of spirit. When I Call to my World, to gods I Address because, truly, you are gods, and in everyone the divine spirit fire under covers of a dense matter hiding it is hidden. And I Speak: "In the spirit of live, but it is wise, because the Caesarian – to the Caesar, but spiritual – to spirit". And god in you who spirit is, a fiery sword of spirit will divide enduring in you from passing and eternal from temporary, by that approving in you a spirit citadel. And then your house, the spirit house, will be constructed not on sand, but on the Stone. Storms, both thunder-storms, and whirlwinds terrestrial won't be terrible to it. Your house will resist. Certainly, crowns business the end. And when the terrestrial basis will crumble under the feet, the house of spirit will stand firmly and unshakably. So you will become winners of death which the ordinary person deprives of everything, even bodies – the physical house for spirit. I prepare for everything that could meet fully equip any conditions of Earth and the Sky. Make well Great Transition prepared, fully equipped with knowledge. Otherwise the great confusion deprives of the deserved harvest. So terrestrial way it is possible to consider as conscious preparation to much longer to stay there, in World Elevated. Otherwise life is deprived of sense. We Build strongly and for a long time. And you, builders, follow our example. To what all are constructions for today or even on ten or two years? Really to be convinced, what all personal terrestrial constructions turn into an ashes heap? And you in the spirit of build, and there will be your construction indestructible. How many the cities are destroyed, how many the people descended from a historical scene and were replaced new, how many billion people died for two thousand years, but the Word Christ's which from spirit, trembles, pulses, and lives fire, and will remain forever, because from spirit: not human superstructures over the blank Doctrine of spirit, not ignorance or cruelty fabrications, but pure fire of the stamping Word of the Christ. And you build in the spirit of. And I am your assistant in fiery your constructions which you create forever.

562 . There lived the person and died. I lived, taken with myself, thinking of myself, and with thoughts of I went to other World. The house it demolished, on a place it was constructed by another, new so also the trace from that couldn't be found. The few, knowing it, too died, others left, and anybody on Earth didn't remain who would remember it. In the Thin World, continuing to develop energy the in the direction accepted on Earth, it thought only of itself(himself) and the and too to anybody wasn't necessary. Forgot about it on Earth, didn't know and there, and its personal world was equal to a pin head. Such is destiny of egoism and a fate of the personal small world. Its hopelessness is tragic. There are no roots neither in the past, nor in the future. Death sign over it.The circle of personal hopelessness closes its small extent of life, and it has no share in anything on Earth where everything is finished, in World Elevated where everything is destroyed by denial. So the egoism to death and oblivion dooms itself. But directed in the future have in it the part at a rate of aspiration extent, and the which have given to energy on affairs superpersonal and General Welfare have a life circle wide, not able to cease to exist if the body of the person dies. Affairs live, both people live, and the circle of aspirations takes a wide orbit of the present rushing in the future, like system of the worlds. Big spirits and their affairs don't die. And even leaving from Earth and seeing crash of the personal world and private matters, they can take part in affairs world which don't stop with death of the certain person, and continue to build world life on the force and scope. In World Invisible the big spirits working at Earth for the sake of General Welfare, can with a bigger force and freedom to apply energy the on common cause and it to move forward. Therefore work for the public good on Earth in a physical body is no other than the most favorable placement of the capital to the enterprise steady, strong and solid, not subject to crash owing to death of a body. Grains of Light grow and blossom flowers of immortality. And the death becomes not loss something, but stay and finding of new opportunities to create light construction of life. Therefore you look at them and you study at them which are baking about the Benefit of all mankind: they know secret of immortality. Not in volume put that people don't forget about them and that their affairs to which they devoted the lives because thought of others, but not of it don't die. So the person, living superpersonal interests, moves apart limits of the personal world and seizes the wide spheres which aren't liable to destruction for a cause of death of his physical body. Long there live Affairs of Teachers of Light, there Live the millennia and They. Left from Earth continues to support them and to take in them part as required and needs of these affairs for energiya of their creators. Communications don't try because Light Business is created. Many certificates had how Founders of Great Doctrines Didn't leave ardent followers during the whole millennia after the leaving from Earth. Let it will serve as an example also the prevention. The danger warning of personal aspirations and example and encouragement to that with death of the figure of General Welfare nothing comes to an end, and, on the contrary, amplifies and goes deep it is decupled because the spirit of the carrier of Light dumped a dense cover constraining it and freely creates in space. Therefore I Will tell: "Live not personal, but the general: the general is directed in the future on wide wings, and these are Light wings, if this General Welfare. So the Teacher Approves a basis of General Welfare for all affairs human in which and personal the place will be in the harmonious accord with the general.

563. (Nov. 9). Wings fiery are given to spirit. It is allowed spirit to see and hear over distances and time. But when weight terrestrial on wings hangs and attractions of a direct environment dim shining distances, outlines of mountains grow dim and disappear and wings powerlessly hang and droop to Earth. Spirit wings! Not to depart without wings. It is easiest to fly on future wings. The magnet of an attraction of the highest works smoothly if the persistent conscious thought is premised to the future. Wings are forged by thought and aspiration, and not them, but will. Therefore I Speak: "Make efforts". Magnetism of the present is overcome by magnetism of the future created in consciousness with persistence, persistence and firmly withheld in it. It is impossible to refuse the future. It means to cut off the wings. It is impossible to pay it less attention, than to the present. It means to stop possibilities of advance in prosperity. It is impossible to put the affairs before Affairs of the Lord. It means to belittle the importance and its planetary appointment to reduce to a narrow-minded circle of insignificant interests. The circle of a direct environment has to be punched and the consciousness has to come to a spatial scope. It is impossible to go endlessly around, like a squirrel in a cage. Flashing of the ordinary stultifies consciousness and deprives of its sharpness of susceptibility. Therefore we Speak not about personal, but about spatial Service. Therefore we Say that the vicious circle of the personality is a prison of spirit that is the sphere of its isolation from wealth and the width of spatial life. Why people so like to limit themselves in all that concerns spirit opportunities? Everything is given; everything is opened, come all wishing to destroy walls of man-made cellars on which consciousnesses human huddle, taking cover from facts of life.

564. "Where two or three gathered in the Name My, there I in the middle of them". This formula of communication with the Teacher is valid not on yesterday, not for today and not for tomorrow, but forever. It is given to mankind for practical application of the principle of the Unification in life and awareness of repeatedly multiplied power of the integrated energiya. Certainly, for aspiration of force and for attraction of force focus is necessary. This focus Light will Be Teacher, which was the guarantee that will be attracted energy of the benefit. Law understanding many times over strengthens its action. The highest energy is attracted consciously. It is possible to work with this integrated force, applying it in the benefit. It gives big protective power, reflecting dark attacks. It can be collected on an edge of a sword of spirit if it is necessary to strike protective blow. Spatial fire gathers and concentrates on an edge just as the atmospheric electricity is attracted by the lightning rod. And then the blow of a sword of spirit is especially powerful. The weapon of spirit should be contained in full readiness and an order that it sparkled fires. It is necessary to dismiss all ideas of powerlessness and helplessness because anybody doesn't have that you have. In case of need the Teacher Will add the necessary forces? Battle the Name of the Teacher and for the sake of it. Spiritual fight won't stop until there is spirit ascension. Be ready always and the weapon of Light you keep always in readiness.

565. (Nov. 10). My son, tremble expectation of a thread of the heart which has concerned the future. Feeling correct, only it isn't necessary to refer it on the near future. This fire let will be food for spirit on a long way. From time to time these feelings will amplify. They shouldn't be extinguished. They strengthen relations with the future. Mobility of the Plan demands big adaptability of consciousness. Often it is necessary to manage to be applied to circumstances, without breaking symmetry of progress. Big mobility of consciousness and firmness is for this purpose necessary. When are provided to itself, firmness will be a reliable support, firmness and courage. Let's surrounding suck in consciousness and to impose it the tone. The wave of the statement proceeds from focus of the consciousness being knot of a planetary network of Light. It can't lose the rhythm; differently its light will be flooded with vibrations of the sphere surrounding it and will be dissolved in it as a water drop at the ocean, having lost itself. Also there will be no place to send then the Beam, and focus of light will go out, and the network of Light shows rushes. Therefore stand all force, all measures, in all ways. It is necessary to resist by all means. Be not confused anything: neither own weaknesses and shortcomings, nor imperfections of the next. The task not in becoming at once made, and in that firmness keep and resist at a display of sharp mobility of the Plan when conditions absolutely change, but the main direction remains the same. In this variability of temporary conditions it is necessary to see inalterability of the main Plan and force in itself to find consciousness quickly to adjust conformably to it, but in a new harmony. In it thin quality of fast adaptability of consciousness to the changed conditions also will affect. So fitness to certain circumstances is replaced with adaptability of consciousness to any and any conditions when no changes and surprises are terrible.

566. (Nov. 11). Yes! Yes! Yes! Our construction is approved, despite and contrary to all evidence, all surrounding and the logic of dead life. Lie of evidence and the truth of reality it is necessary, having understood, to approve. Why the crowd against Light carriers always rose? Whether not therefore that they said what was contrary to usual thinking and the common notions on the surrounding? Not so thought, not so trusted, they as it was done by people not so spoke. Therefore terrestrial wisdom is hostility against the Lord. This situation approved logic of reality and persuasiveness of evidence was denied. Therefore the trust up to the end also is necessary. Otherwise how pass monsters of a threshold, phantoms of the evidence, taking up a way. Maya snare trudge skillful hands. And ghosts approve it the power over consciousness. To be able to see – means to see reality. The benefit is seeing the Sun. The Teacher Light Is Sun of life for the begun to see clearly spirit. The statement of the invisible is so we Call a life. Life dead is dragged by all, differently would live. Life is in the spirit of. It is a lot of live dead persons. Don't live, – wander in darkness of misunderstanding in the heaps. But the person lives, surrounded the mental images created by him. They replace to it reality and are a life substitute. Therefore Told: "Provide to dead persons to bury the dead persons. You follow Me". Because I – the Sun of life and for you – the Way, Truth and Life. Forces find in itself spirit to rise and dump Maya chains. And if forces aren't, in the spirit of you will die for Light life. Therefore fight for the freedom.

567. Who and when reached spirit tops without difficulties, tests and struggles heavy? On the contrary, everywhere it was specified how the hero wins monsters and makes great causes and feats, which not in power to the ordinary person. On that it is both hero, and winner. It is smooth, both it is equal, and the way of the inhabitant and that not always is quiet only. But all burning, all looking for, all reached went a thorny road of life. Spirit struggles not to pass you, not to destroy you aspiring to shining heights. Both the deadly melancholy and loneliness of spirit are conducted going with Us. But there are no infinite tests, and the heavy strip has to end, differently monotony of the phenomenon can break fires. Therefore I Speak: "Show patience, show patience, sufficient to finish you. Changes will be, and concerning your environment and external conditions. It is possible not to trouble itself with thought as will be because energy of a karma are invincible, and the ocean wave uplifts on a crest when there comes a close turn. Wait; wait for a holiday and on your street. Waiting a festival of spirit is as beautifully it sounds. Eternal everyday life and an eternal holiday, darkness and Light, and the darkness, being replaced Light. And to a kingdom of Light there will be no end. To you Precepted pleasure. The pleasure will come. Grief is not at you one. Leaving of Mother Agni Yogi not is joyful event. Through Hierarchy from top to bottom its echo is carried. Also it is empty on heart loving and waiting to see it. The gloom wave after Light which has grown dim on Earth should be worried courageously. It is natural reaction of the dense world to the phenomenon of a spiritual order. "And the veil in the Temple was torn apart" – the evangelist Speaks about that moment when the Society went out for Earth for a while to flash even more brightly in Elevated. And you wait the subsequent when its spirit will show itself it is obvious to you loving it. Pleasure ahead, it also waits.

568. (Nov. 12). My son why there is no equal stability in trust to the Teacher and advance goes jumps? Disbalance breaks a rhythm and brings alternating waves. And now it is necessary to stand more strong, because time such. And, if the doubt wins is, what then? After all it will be a collaps only. Therefore I Speak: "Be approved on Bases". Personal reasons and personal constructions should be cleaned from the future. The soul with all personal baggage should be lost, that is to leave to move forward the uncharged. Moving personal into the future, we deprive of it inalterability because never great constructions were created on the basis of the passing, changing personal world of the person. But life of the personality is limited to a terrestrial circle and vague sketchy memories of the world astral. How it is possible to build on such unsteady, unstable and short basis? For the statement of Identity it is spoken about General Welfare because the personal benefit is connected with the personality and it is doomed to destruction with death of a terrestrial cover. And after all question it is put about preservation consciousnesses after death. In personal it can't be kept because the personal dies. Means, for preservation of consciousness it should be transferred from the mortal small sphere to the spheres taking the future, not limited to life of the individual. The sphere of General Welfare also will be a gate in immortality. Earlier called it love, leader in life eternal. Nowadays it is necessary to specify and approach this concept to Earth because people didn't manage to love the neighbor as themselves, but for General Welfare, for the sake of the mankind benefit many already gave the lives and many work for the sake of it, without sparing the forces. For the sake of mankind and for its benefit it is possible to work, having dumped from itself stirring orthodox attires. It will be so better. And, if the church unsuccessfully prayed for the world of the whole world and didn't succeed, new consciousness, free from churchism, the world on Earth will approve also goodwill in people that is the people of good will approving construction, but not destruction and hostility of all against all. The essence of the phenomena of the New World should be understood impartially and to scent their creative force. Many phenomena of the leaving world don't correspond to labels. Their essence speaks about other. Therefore the old world as unsuitable for evolution collapses. The collective consciousness takes up a place personal is a sign of the Coming Era. Ideas of the New World will give rich shoots when they will be carried out. But life has to be remade in a root from top to a bottom. And it is hard. And it goes at the expense of the personality and the personal world of self-love and egoism. The personality has to enter into life not as the egoism and ego center, but as part of a whole as part of all mankind, having harmoniously merged with it in a unification. In that specific case it will be merge to collective and its interests. Way one: in total besides, all in the same bright shining future of new classless society and new mankind – huge collective of all people of the Earth.

569. I approve tranquility among confusion, and silence among a storm, and balance among furious elements. Right now, more than ever earlier, it is necessary to find this center of stability and immovability in itself. Right now durability of the basis of the house of spirit is tested. Sand constructions and the sand bases will collapse, but the rock of the basis will resist, and the house on it won't hesitate for a time. Certainly, even then, when crucified the Savior, someone somewhere, without knowing cares and grief, I lived in clover and it was cheerful, but to him we won't envy because hearts of the next to the Teacher were filled great grief and grief. Leaving of the Carrier of Light from Earth is not pleasure for the able to see. Go out Light in the sphere of the dense world is dramatically for Earth. Light went out and there will be Light!

570. (Nov. 13). So, all terrestrial falls and shows rage of instability and inconstancy. Whirlwinds terrestrial blew, crumpled all. But after all I Spoke about the spirit house. After all it is necessary that it resisted. What is remained at the first Christians tormented by wild animals on the arena? Anything. There was only inflexible belief in the Teacher of Light, and it was everything that they had. Collaps of terrestrial circumstances yet doesn't mean crashes and loss of spiritual property. But seeds ripened. Neither a stalk, nor an ear it isn't necessary, they executed the appointment, and a seed it is possible to seed on a field other and in a new Cycle of time. And the old field can have a rest for future shoots. And again there will be a sower, scattering new seeds and without thinking any more of last crops. Everything changes, everything leaves. The Hierarchy ladder is firm only. Among continuous change of the phenomena manage to see the Stone of the eternal basis of life; differently a stream will carry away consciousness for itself. And on the Stone be approved. The Lord will be a cornerstone of the basis of the house of spirit. The builders, who have rejected the Stone of the basis, build to whirlwinds on destruction. Let everything fluctuate, but not the Image of the Lord in heart. It is possible because to resist only Me.

571. My friend, now circumstances are that what all the same to solve nothing it is necessary. It is necessary to wait. The decision will come to good- time. It was told: it isn't left. The Teacher Promotes how to transfer the necessary message. The spirit wire is available to the Teacher always therefore wait.

572. (Nov. 14). My son, life doesn't stint lessons. It is better to rejoice to a severe lesson of life, than to roll in pink ignorance. Because is for each ascending spirit knowledge time comes. It is hardly to bear burden of wisdom. Infancy of spirit doesn't know it. Burden of the world of this bike is. It is wrong to attribute it burden to a personal karma. Responsibility for Earth isn't abstract concept. The expanded consciousness can't stand away from life. Sharply also it is thin it absorbs its poison and processes it on fires of the heart. Enjoy of a bowl of poison is destiny of wisdom. For the world, for all mankind the drink of life poisoned with poisonous breath of people is enjoyed. It is a lot of forces and energy leaves for this ungrateful work. And not to everyone in power it. Some don't maintain and burn down, poisoned with killing radiations of human passions and defects. Teacher of K.H. long and heavy I was ill, having adjoined to the atmosphere of lowlands infected with emanations human. Than the aura of Earth is saturated –find not pleasure. Therefore many distinguished spirits are ill. This horror isn't present on the highest planets. But Earth atmosphere is heavy. The Teacher Tells all the time about firmness and Approves it because it is necessary to create protective armor of spirit from spatial poison. Rough organisms don't feel it because are sated with poisons, but thin are sharply sensitive and heavy suffer, often without knowing the reason. Poisoning with spatial poison – so we Call symptoms of this illness. Certainly, immunity is in the spirit of. Therefore I Place special emphasis on spirit and on thought. Thought – the matter, its thin radiations can surround the sphere of a human microcosm with a protective veil and neutralize effect of poison. It is necessary in the morning and to surround in the evening of as though with a cloud of thought protective, pure and light and to be fenced off by that the infected layers. Mentally it is necessary to represent all the time itself in this lightful environment. Putting on in the morning, it isn't necessary to forget to dress and strengthen this spiritual attire, and during the day as mentally it isn't necessary to be separated from it as the person in the consciousness isn't separated from those clothes, which on it. It is all about the habit and rooting of the necessary representation in consciousness. Now it is especially necessary because there is a lot of confusion around and a lot of poison. In every way, in all ways, all understanding it is necessary to resist. It is necessary to be isolated more from people, even from relatives to keep integrity of the Identity. Great loneliness is destiny of wisdom. The person on Earth is lonely. Proximity illusions often collapse life, and few devoted souls. It is necessary to learn to stand to one, supporting relatives, but without allowing them to scent the separate because the loneliness is destiny of big spirits. Not everyone can stand him. As it is necessary pass through loneliness, as well as throughout terrestrial, as well as through many other things. Think over Words of the Savior: "Father, Father, why You left Me?"

573. My friend, to loneliness will change nothing, and the loneliness has nobody to lose. It is necessary to be very strong to pass test by loneliness. Lonely it is possible to be and among people, among crowd, and even among relatives. Many big spirits passed life alone. That everything that the person worries and feels is indicative, he feels in itself, and no words can transfer him feeling-knowledge to another. The karma of the person is individual. Two, all life living under one roof, can have absolutely various karmas. The creator themselves – people, we don't repeat, as leaves of trees though all leaves are identical to superficial mind. This not similarity is expressed that there are no two persons of the human identical. The press of Identity lies on everyone. Therefore, everyone, know the way. Swimming in the shuttle, at least and full of holes, is better, than in the stranger, at least it there was not a shuttle, and the floating palace. Everyone estimates a pearl of the consciousness because knows that the form isn't repeated it and is paid for everything that is. And envy is ridiculous because ability by work, experience and sufferings during a long number of embodiments is earned. All meetings temporary, all satellites for term and everything comes to an end sooner or later. When there comes death that is transition to the World Thin, alone passes spirit great borders. And only the chain Hierarchical, connecting it with the Father Hierarch, steadily approaches it to knowledge of Secret and knowledge of. It is necessary to learn to stand alone, like top, or the Sun from anybody without expecting anything, but giving all. It is necessary to learn alone, forces having collected, to oppose not destroyed indestructible essence to furious waves of life. I wait going to Me alone, but it is generous the light lighting up a way for others. It isn't necessary mourn that anybody can already give nothing to you; neither answer your questions, nor serve you as authority among incarnate people of Earth. It took a sign of great loneliness when there is nobody to go already and there is nobody among people to address for the supreme council. Those will be is closer by the Teacher, and that the feeling of loneliness of spirit in the world will be more intimate, than spirit, which other-worldly. So alone it force we will find to pass through life up to the end, it is proud preserving spirit advantage against violation by his life.

574. (Nov. 15). In the Beam of morning I Send everything that is necessary for a food of essence of spirit. But conscious assimilation is necessary. It isn't enough to transfer sent Light to forms and to crystallize them, it is necessary also to apply sent to lives. The daily bread is given as food for spirit that it didn't become scanty. Care it isn't left, true. In the course of application there is probably full assimilation of elements of the Beam. And the next day of life becomes an ascension step. It also is a step of an apprenticeship obvious. It isn't enough; it isn't enough of those who can tell that the Beam of the Hierarch is perceived by it consciously. Beam – in space, also it would be possible from it scoop, but the consciousness doesn't permit. Therefore the benefit that who made force of the Beam the power. Treasures of the Beam are inexhaustible, it is necessary only to take to learn, consciousness entirely in it having shipped. Once in initial sketchy Records it was noted: "What ahead? Beam". Three short words in short Record, and nowadays these words were realized into reality, and the Beam of the Lord became obvious food of spirit, rhythmic the acquired, and gradually, without destroying an organism, amplifying in the structure and extent of influence. Influence of the Beam powerfully. The organism has to be accustomed to assimilation. Gaps between luminous intensity of the Beam and to people around create feeling as though emptiness and cause yearning. After full assimilation of the Beam the melancholy will be replaced with pure pleasure. The flesh is hardly combined with Light. Let's not be confused melancholy attacks, it is necessary to know its reasons even more firmly and more surely to go to the appointed. It is necessary to mark out one: Aren't left, aren’t thrown, aren’t forgotten, but in Beams of constant care. Burdening by circumstances is as accompaniment to a difficult and thin melody of spirit. We call her the life song. The little in power it is. The few are strong spirit so to sustain its tension under an existing condition of a gap between a matter and spirit. But for that achievement of those who can sustain this constant tension rhythmic amplifying day by day is nicer. Same means not only that were called, but also that entered number of the elite because there are a lot of invited, but a little reached an elite step. Blessing I send and I Approve in condition the conscious stay in the Beam. . I Told.

575. My son, wings of love carry away to the one whom we love, carry away instantly, connecting with loved by fiery threads of communication. Invisible is but powerful energy work, without knowing barriers. It is strong, as death, love. Its arrows are arrows fiery. It is necessary to understand immortality of feelings human. Astral feelings and emotions because the astral is short-lived also are short-lived and usual forms of its display are low. But the highest feelings, and strongest of them – love, don't die even in the millennia. Astral feelings, or movements in an astral, are shown and can be shown only when this cover is live. And even the hatred passing through some embodiments, can are show only on the lowest plans of life, stopping for a while when the astral is dumped. But the love, love of a pure order, carries away with itself spirit to the highest spheres. And this high love reaches from Earth of the spirits which have gone to the Highest spheres as it is free as it reached them on Earth. The attracting, uniting and connecting magnetic power of love should be understood as the mighty force of life which is actively operating on the plan spiritual and not limited by limits of three worlds and barriers between them, insuperable for rough, or the dense phenomena. Left from you live read also live threads of Light love inseparably linked with you. When you love spirit and in the spirit of, light from the essence you radiate, directed to the one whom you love. At a sufficient tension of feeling it is possible to feel response, and this feeling can be strengthened all the time, even more straining love. The love is the energy of Light burning in heart with fires, and as that, it can consciously be sent to any spheres of space. One condition is necessary for strengthening of its pervasive quality is the height and purity. Absence of personal egoistical feelings does this energy especially it is easy to carry because pure fire possesses property of an in total - permeability. In hands of distinguished spirit these energy are obedient performers of his will. Remember that the Christ Spoke about love to Hierarchy. It is the mightiest force of communication with the Highest. And you succeed love. When the Image of the favorite Teacher arises in consciousness, the communication channel instantly is established and through space Light Bridge transferring vibrations of aura of the Highest Spirit is thrown. Everyone, even short submission of the image of the Teacher in heart, automatically connects consciousness to the Teacher and lights up it Light on concentration force. Psycho mechanics – hidden, thin, but obvious, and operating powerfully. All is opened for the devoted heart, flaring by love to the Lord and his Loved Daughter, the Fiery Envoy of Light. Truly, I left behind Light for you and with Light for you to you and will return, but in the spirit of. In the spirit of also direct communication to approve when fixed time will come. For now be approved by love.

576. (Nov. 16). My son, I Approve you in Light phenomenon. It is too much gloom around, and torches of spirit are necessary as ionizers of spheres terrestrial. It is marvelous that each process happening in a human body is accompanied by allocation in surrounding space of gases. These photo gaseous radiations sate spheres human with the energiya having color, a smell, taste and all properties of thin gaseous connections which in character happen or are poisonous, or life-giving, or are neutral. The concept of process undertakes in the widest value of this word, since the most distinguished thoughts and feelings and finishing all physiological processes. In a word, life in a microcosm human is accompanied by allocation of radiations in space. The stench or the fragrance proceeding from the person, can serve as an indicator of height of its spiritual condition. Usual diseases are usually fetid, except for some. Sacred pains aren't accompanied by a stench. Usual diseases represent the phenomenon of disharmony, chaos and matter decomposition and therefore their smells are unpleasant. Breath it is possible to stop this process of disintegration, entering excess quantity of fiery energy into sick fabrics by consciousness concentration on sick body. Light carrier, life-giving atmosphere of the entire district on considerable distance. In the places which are especially threatened with break of chaotic energiya, we Direct the Messengers. Earthquakes and other disasters the strong aura of the carrier of Light the radiations can stop. Their interaction with spatial fire is powerfully. The psychophysical battery of a human body possessing thin fiery energiya, яро influences all surrounding. To clear, refine and strengthen the radiations and them to be a benefactor mankind is a problem of ascending spirit. It also will be a feat which is most difficult, the most self-sacrificing and the most necessary for the world. Certainly, this feat is invisible, and people don't understand and don't appreciate those who make it. Fight against Chaos and decomposition is Arhat's most difficult task because doesn't stop never. The constant condition of intense balance which firmly regulates radiations is necessary and causes the correct functioning of a protecting network. When the elite my, put on the guard of the world, shows balance due, Light network planetary trembles, plays and pulses fires of the thin energiya breaking waves of Chaos and neutralizing brown gas of decomposition, a cover shrouding some parts of Earth. Really, the feat is great and cooperation with space fires is great. Any pure feeling, any kind thought doesn't vanish, but brings the results on the force. Great Patrol not abstractness, but the fiery phenomenon, serving to planet rescue. It is necessary to realize the fiery psycho spatial value and responsibility for health of Earth and for a condition of spheres of people around. Not in power to one person this huge work. But one thousand could make huge and useful business. But few conscious workers and therefore heavy loading lies down on shoulders of the few which are exhausted under excessive burden. Therefore it is so important to collect teams of service to Light. Everyone brings the, and everyone to some extent facilitates burden of Lords, having divided part of their works. On a difficult feat the Teacher Calls, and weak it is better not to come nearer. Let's show understanding to value of the feat created in the spirit of invisibly, and we will deepen process of conscious cooperation with Hierarchy of Light. Space Service also will be an approach gate to spatial life. The consciousness leaves to the ocean of space and cooperates with the Highest spheres.

577. The Teacher Wants to see you victoriously going through life. Not the masterful man over the karma. Often not in forces to change it that occurs in the world and round it and when I Speak about a victory, Mean that in the power of the person to resist in the spirit of both not to give in, and not to be inclined, and not to hang spirit in the face of those tests which life gives. Means, the internal state of spirit is most important. Means, forces should be directed to balance preservation. The victory outside, even over the whole world, doesn't cost anything if the person of a victory over didn't achieve. Fight against the world outside can be assimilated to fight against windmills because value, the value and sense are made only by a victory inside. As it is frequent and useless the person of energy the on the phenomena of the outside world directs and fights against them when small effort, small fight and due polarization of consciousness would bring to it and a victory over external circumstances. We know examples of severe taming of elements. Than this deification of will is reached? External actions, is muscular force? No. The spirit creates fiery power, keeping complete equilibrium and even externally remaining immovable. The greatest actions are made in silence and silence at a full peace of mind. Silence action, silence action, action of tranquility and action of balance should be understood because it is made in the spirit of. Thought action, and, however, it, silent, silent and silent is invisible, precedes all affairs human and directs them. Therefore We Place emphasis on thought; therefore My Specify: "You create affairs in silence of silence by thought". This most powerful is weapon and the most reliable protection. And it is better to suffer the cruelest defeat outside, but having kept indestructible balance of spirit, than on the contrary. The center is transferred from external in internal, and the condition of a victory or defeat is defined by its condition. When balance is kept, not lost anything, but all is lost at any external successes if it is broken and control levers are in the power of external energiya. Give nothing the power over spirit. Spirit, your spirit is Supreme judge, both director, and Lord of all sphere of your microcosm. To it also give the power over. Understand inexpressible words power of balance and know that the victory over external conditions is reached from within. Polarization of own consciousness it is possible to polarize and other consciousnesses in the necessary direction. Example of those is Drivers of mankind, whom the whole people followed. Balance is force of fire collected inside and ready to application. It breaks an impact of any wave of counter energiya, as the rock – rage of surf. Waves storm and rage and scatter splashes in full powerlessness, but the rock is immovable and strong. So cost also you before rage of life on the rock of balance of spirit, and nothing will do you harm, and you will go from a victory to a victory.

578. (Nov. 17). Not always it is possible to catch a sounding note of the Beam. To that there are a lot of reasons, both external, and internal. It isn't always possible to overcome spatial conditions, and then consciousness as though becomes silent for a while. It isn't necessary to be confused it. Currents will change, and the perception again will become aggravated. Even radio waves are subject to spatial fluctuations – magnetic storms influence. Atmospheric conditions strong affect an electromagnetic condition of the perceiving device of consciousness, and fluctuations of its susceptibility are inevitable. Notice how every morning far factory beep variously sounds. Sometimes because of humidity of the atmosphere or its condensed layers it isn't audible almost. It is possible to see often as dense sticky dregs hang over the city, but sometimes air lives and sings, sharply and accurately transmitting sounds. All this affects the consciousness receiver, and also many other, invisible to an eye and imperceptible for a physical ear. At this time it is best of all to fix communication with the Teacher, mentally breaking a press. Perhaps, something also will stand. The will overcomes tension of antagonistic currents. Today day for perception is especially adverse.

579. Yes! Yes! Yes! I approve tranquility among confusion and a storm. Not a miracle to show tranquility among silence, content and wellbeing. But to show it in operation among tension and in whirlwinds of a hurricane will be Arhat's achievement. Tranquility fires, unshakable whirlwinds of the lower class, space storms and fights, show power of the Creating Lagos of the Founder. And to the fourteenth account reaches the phenomenon of fiery tranquility. Inexpressible power! Not predicate greatness of Agni Father is the Creator. Planetary Spirits in greatness of tranquility Create. The tranquility of the Lord is powerful force. We will study tranquility also, remembering boundlessness of qualities.

580. (Nov. 18). The friend my, space stream of the Highest thought constantly washes the basis of a mountain Stronghold. The stronghold is open for the worlds. Fire which has been saved up in the millennia shows force of magnetic power and attracts a spatial flame. The planet exist force of these combined fires also. Stronghold – the regulator of fires planetary and forces of tension of underground fire. Power of the integrated hearts of Brothers of mankind, fiery power, allows to operate fires and to keep them from break. Difficulty that mankind which too is the transformer and the regulator of spatial and underground fires, badly carries out the appointment, chaotic thinking and actions breaking a harmonious condition of fiery balance of an organism of Earth. Both in a body of the person and in a planet body these violations cause an illness.

The planet is sick the disbalance. Its reason is the person. This process brought out of an elements equilibrium state. And as a result the planet is threatened by possibility of explosion full or partial. It is difficult to avoid accident at modern position of hearts human. Force of influence of billions hearts is great. Also it when works and it is terrible is dangerous she, when works is scary dangerous. People have to come to coherence and cooperation. Cooperation between the people will cause also cooperation with forces of nature and will help to establish the general balance. It is necessary to welcome any desire, any aspiration and any attempt to establish the world on Earth. The peace has to be achieved by any price, differently to a planet not resist. Pigeon – the Hierarchy symbol. It is necessary to understand, from where there is a Call about the world of the whole world. And everyone, put the thought and the heart to the Highest Call, will be to us an employee. So each person depending on the direction of thinking can become the opponent or the employee of evolution. It isn't necessary any special actions or decisions to become the enemy of Light or his defender. It is necessary to check simply thoughts and the feelings and to make a final choice. Unsteady consciousnesses only complicate situation, bringing still bigger chaos. Now it is necessary to agree about the main thing, details will take the place. World banner in hands of builders is of the new life, the New Sky and New Earth. The will space has the ways of execution of the Highest Outlines. Pigeon of the World is our symbol. Ways are inscrutable.

581. And you wait for the future in which and to you there will be a place. Yes! Yes! Will be, and it is besides immutable. After all it is spoken undergoing up to the end which will be the beginning. Means, it is necessary to undergo prior to the beginning of a new cycle of the individual karma. Connected with Me it isn't broken off, but serves as the bridge in the future. The leading magnet of the future has to be in operation always. As soon as it stops the action, decomposition because only the aspiration holds together all parts of the directed body just as it is directed in space of a planet of our solar system begins rush in the future, keeping the integrity. The stop would mean inevitable destruction. Therefore the magnets directing in the future, are put in each true Doctrine. Without the future is death. Therefore approve the future in every way, all understanding and contrary to all and any evidence which obscures it. Builders of the future We Call they directed. The wingless not having it. Magnet of the future I Approve!

582. (Nov. 19). There can't be an aspiration which isn't bearing fruit. Such is the magnetic power of thought attracting to the creator object of aspiration. At thought of something or of someone this magnetic connection between the thinkers and about whom he thinks is instantly established. This communication precisely corresponds to force or a thought fiery. It stops never, but continues to live in sub consciousness, still connecting consciousness to object of thought. Therefore thought over and mentally remains mental baggage of the person. On communication lines all this anyway influences the person, making his inner world. It is good to be always on flight. The directed body much is exposed influence of the last centuries proceeding from the former objects of thinking less, and the person becomes freer from them. The person lives in captivity at the thoughts. The person is mentally deprived of freedom. He is the prisoner of the generations. When chains of the physical world will fall down and the consciousness will clear up, this mental world and everything that ever thought and allowed in the consciousness of people, will rise before it in all force and visibility and will demand the right to life in its microcosm, taking on the intensity the corresponding place in his thinking. The printing of the last statement lies on each object of thinking, and in aspect of this statement generation to beget comes back, bearing it a damnation or blessing. All kind and good, even incorrectly thought over and approved, will bear a fruit by the nature of the. But poison will poison a microcosm of beget. Torments of a hell are no other than astral and mental experience of the person on fires of own thoughts. Therefore the printing of the last statement with which this thought plunges into spheres of memory of the person, has crucial importance. The person, heart understood that something made by it, doesn't correspond to spirit advantage, and irrevocably solved never already more to come under influence of this phenomenon at a meeting with its objective essence, after death and will meet it protected from its adverse effect. Therefore the seal of the last statement set to this thought, will be a decisive factor in the subsequent process of influence of this thought on the person. Therefore I Speak about conscious release from slavery at thoughts. Therefore I Demand the conscientious and careful attitude to the thoughts because with what they abandon us, at us and remains until we will find forces to think differently. The thoughts which have gone to memory continue to paint the color all being of the person. The press of everything about what he thought, lies on him and is shown in his gait, gestures, in all its essence; because the person is expression of the thoughts. It is necessary to think always of consequences of thoughts because the thought amplifies in time and grows. About thoughts it is necessary to think.

583. Words and affairs human. Many good words are told, and a lot of evil becomes. Words are as waters fluid. Who attaches them significance? Unless only very inexperienced traveler. We Judge only on affairs. Seldom is the word exact and full expression of essence of the person. Only the one who is truth and in the words expresses it. You watch that your words corresponded to your actions. The lie was included so into life that the word became a screen behind which people hide the true intentions and thoughts. I Don't Speak about mistakes. Everyone can be mistaken, but conscious distortion of reality criminally and is destructive, and first of all – for essence of the liar: it is better to be silent, than to turn a great speech power into the angry-intend tool. Trust not to words, and affairs. If the word of lie convinces, what power of the word going from heart and expressing what it transfers? Therefore don't die in centuries of the word of the truth. Discrepancy of the contents with a form bears in itself destruction elements – as though two forces, seeking to destroy each other. These forces are given a hidden shape. Being not integrally connected in a single whole, they, at release from a body, snatch on beget, seeking to tear to pieces his essence. Therefore the return blow of energy of false words is very painful. It is more favorable to tell the truth or it is simple to be silent. The conscious lie imposes heavy responsibility on the liar. The lie beget of a disgrace and destruction. It is better not to be born at all, than to multiply the evil.

584. (Nov. 20). I will give a sign of the beginning of a turning point of your destiny. And now wait. The karma moves cycles, finishing one circle and beginning the following. To you patience shows Specify before the terms concerning your personal karma. They didn't come yet, but approach. My children, the Teacher care Shows that your way to It was light. And you know: there is no pleasure to see the hearts saddened by a grief and hope lost. It is right, world evolution above-person. But after the entire person is part of the world, also has to find it a place to himself in the general scheme of things. In the difficult car everyone, even the small screw, has the appointment. Especially person is as integral part of a whole. Only the space litter on a global scale is excessive and unnecessary and goes to processing. All other place takes and it is necessary. You are necessary also. The sign will be given by the time of the appendix of your knowledge for the public good obviously and isn't denied. And the knowledge accumulated is required strong, and each baby will be necessary very much. And the advantage you will experience too it isn't denied. And the proof to it I Give. As well as to that this Record is made truly. Leave doubts, I true a support and firmly walking a board. I channelize thoughts regardless of conditions of the world moment. Evolution of the world takes its course, but you in my Hand, and you are given future understanding outside the present and its restrictions dimming the future by darkness. So, show patience to the Decree. Your time will come.

585. (Nov. 22). Any attempt to contact Me in the spirit of is useful and beneficial. So there is a food of essence of the person by Light. There can't even be a physical body live without a food by emanations of usual light, and the more so Light body – without a food by emanations Light Invisible. That is good also the prayer. A food in the Beam provides vitally necessary process, but it amplifies when occurs consciously. It is best of all to think of itself constantly staying in the Beam and it is possible to update more often this representation by repeated deepening of the phenomenon. As though watering spirit flower is in the waterless to the life desert. It is a lot of live dead persons. They died in the spirit of without a live-giving food by Light. Hunger spiritual and absence of Light lead to fading of fire of spirit, and then decomposition begins. There is no worst phenomenon on a planet, than decaying consciousness. Therefore I Speak: if of a food of a body you care strong, those should attend about a continuous and rhythmical food of spirit by Light more. Life and sense its intimate because then the spirit grows and in Light succeeds in it continued.

586. My friend, where confidence of the Teacher if each passable shadow saddens the spirit horizon? You know the, both someone else's words, and foreign thoughts, and opinions shouldn't influence you because they telling them, I don't know anything. And you a lot of things are conducted. Therefore prove the thinking in words the Teacher, but not them who don’t know anything. And you both the future know, and a way to it. Not details of the Plan are important, but the Plan. All tracks and roads conduct to one top to merge at its highest point. So it must be kept in mind an ultimate goal, without burdening itself the accidents meeting on the way. All of them remain behind and when the goal will be reached, not they, accidents of the present hour, but reached heights will matter and will open infinite distances for new flights of spirit. Know the way. It isn't repeated. Nobody can take up it because the press of individual achievements lies on findings of each step. At everyone them, and at you – in particular because Put in the Beam. Be shown with the light, and will be we don't repeat a pattern of your spirit. At others gate doesn’t stop: to what to be loaded with fragments of others ignorance. Your way is solved: with Me forever. And even your mistakes won't be a reproach to you because neither mistakes, nor delusion both anybody and anything won't be able to distract any more your spirit from forever solved way. The magnet of Spirit of the Teacher is powerful. When line after which back return already isn't present is passed, any more in forces to overcome Earth attraction of this magnet and to return consciousness back. Therefore guiet be in belief. Nothing will block your way, and nothing will avert from Me. And even the present has the power over your consciousness exactly so as far as the karma puts you before inevitability of external conditions. It is enough to leave them life, your consciousness in the thoughts already more won't return to them because it isn't connected with them because it is free from them. And if today to transfer you to other living conditions, to other environment, all threads binding with the present will be torn immediately because your spirit is free from it though it yet absolutely is clearly realized by you. Surrounding gets rid, and the spirit is ready to come off everything surrounding you. It also is freedom won by life of heavy and tests continuous. And it is good: to those is closer to Me. The winner I Called not in vain. The hearth of life shaped a shining blade of spirit. The winner I Welcome, though not realized still the victory.

587. (Nov. 23). The trust to itself is necessary more to strengthen. Trust to itself and self-flattery – the phenomena of a different order. The trust to itself is based on knowledge of spirit, self-flattery – on deception of. We speak about herds self-seduced because there are a lot of them which have got to a snare of Maya. The proximity of the Teacher and his Beam will be the guarantee of knowledge of spirit. Look for self-seduced among those who believe that among the self-approved authorities terrestrial it is possible to find the people being truth. It is necessary to understand that to tell words of truth and to be truth far not same. Mixing these two absolutely various phenomena, inevitably there is a person among self-seduced. But is even sadder when the spirit which has concerned truth starts imagining that he shows this truth itself .It also will be self-deception. Where is better severe knowledge shortcomings and impartial analysis itself? Criterion one is extent of practical application of decrees of the Teacher in life. Only applied the Doctrine in life in all extent of the understanding of Great Precepts can by the right tell that any degree of truth is shown by it actually. Other reasoning’s and repetitions of wisdom of the Doctrine and even the whole pages by heart can't serve as the certificate of that strong the speaking a truth itself shows. So, be preserved against the words which haven't been approved by you by actions, acts and in application. As well it is necessary to leave belief as a method of distribution of the Doctrine of Life. Convinces only personal example, but approved as own life. But the main force convincing is a radiation of aura of the Doctrine bearing Light in the life middle. So force of own radiations, the luminous intensity, burning in heart invincible fire, also will be force victorious, attracting the hearts ready to acceptance of the Doctrine. The words going from a brain, in language also remain and, having touched a brain of the listener, a trace doesn’t leave. But fire of heart of heart ready having concerned even without many words, it is possible to arouse forever a spark which will give over time a flame. Fire the Life Doctrine extends; hidden, but powerful, not knowing barriers. But it is necessary that hearts were ready, differently energy will spill in vain. Therefore I Speak: "don't Look for followers, but sharp-sightedly you look in the face coming, whether will flash where fire spirit". Words are good only on ready consciousness. Otherwise the result turns out the return: having accepted externally and having agreed today, that it will more furious and more irreconcilably fall upon you tomorrow. Therefore carefully meet comers. The advantage of the Doctrine doesn't allow nor invite, nor imposing, arrangements. Leave it everything to preachers because ranks of their invited followers and thinned. Certainly, addresses are admissible, but only with the developed quality recognitions because it is necessary to know to whom it is possible to address. Even big spirits abused the address phenomenon. It is too much deaf. Light extends the ways, and even words can disturb.

588. I believe that as the best decision will consider, as if it happened nothing. Invisibly continue planets the way in space, and somewhere there, on small-small Earth, at someone something happened. Certainly, in a great tide of life personal the grief and the tragedy have no relevance. Therefore everything indulges in the past that happens to the person in his private life. Therefore the decree of the Teacher the person in reality of space life and superpersonal life from personal temporary existence of the present hour directs. To come to open spaces of the spatial ocean where there is no place personal, it is necessary over personal to rise on wings of superpersonal spirit for which passing and short attires of the personality are no other than fixed leaves on branches of a centenary oak – strong are replaced annually, and the whirlwind of time carries away them. But the oak strongly and firmly continues to live, again becoming covered by fresh foliage in every spring. Life space is life eternal. Consciousness other has to join this life spirit if it wants to have Amrita's Bowl, the Immortality Bowl. The thought which doesn’t know restrictions of limits terrestrial, will be the premessenger of spatial life. The personal consciousness can go out, but the thought is immortal, and the spirit – the carrier of thought immortal is immortal. The personal consciousness and consciousness isn't same. Market I changed, having personal consciousness, doesn't take a place in Space, besides dirt spot on which lives, and exactly only at present in this place, an era and so on. But the planetary spirit understands itself essence individual, eternal and indestructible, possessing superpersonal consciousness, never the interrupting. Not interruptibility of consciousness is an award of the Adherent of intimate knowledge. I speak about consciousness superpersonal, not limited to conventions and time of this embodiment, but stretched a shining thread of Light in Boundlessness. Eternal life in Boundlessness on boundless space open spaces and Earth is only a step to the future.

589. (Nov. 24). I give time to clear consciousness of excess litter. The litter disturbs perception, and it is difficult to concentrate. Besides, it is as though easy was, on thought wings it as lead. To what repeated efforts to be exempted from litter when enough to make it once, but thoroughly. It is necessary to protect energy and the, and others. I speak: "Thought observe that it was possible to approach closer". Seen in a dream points to communication of spirit with events and participation in them is. In the world scheme of things the spirit keeps at a distance. When terms approach, the karma nominates people, to it intended, to the corresponding place. The person of ways of execution of the highest outlines can't know, but obeys them unconditionally. Expression "the power ache not from God" indicates Nest boo karmic inevitability of submission to Will Leading, Will Space. Lord's trade conducts the world ship to the appointed purpose, and even performers often don't know it or interpret in the limited understanding. But knowing our Plan won't become puzzled even among the most difficult conditions because knows both the purpose, and the direction. Details are insignificant, victims are inevitable. Mobility of the Plan is caused by its vitality and need of new combinations, but the Great Plan which has been cut down by us in shining substance of a spontaneous matter, shines all fires of achievements of human spirit and is fine beauty of the Highest Worlds. It is necessary to merge in consciousness with the Plan Fine that easier and quicker to pass heavy time of a threshold of approach of light Epoch Maitreya. It is impossible to be content present when there are so many fines and the best ahead. The fate of Earth is decided: from a cycle of a gloom it passes to Light Cycle, the Cycle Fiery. But heavy transitional time is. It is necessary to show all patience not to weaken. But terms for those who are intended to them are at the right time notified also. Even you sleep sensitively because the Messenger can be at any time. Wait.

590. (Nov. 25). My son, the doctrine goes continuously, both in the afternoon, and at night, and life experience is stored. And it is good if the conscious effort to imprint as is made it is possible more deeply given knowledge. Understanding strengthens process. The person at life school always and if training in it passes by consciousness, a terrestrial embodiment loses the meaning. Therefore is study, testing any experience. For the sake of it also you live. Each phenomenon has the educational purpose. Records of the got experience are valuable to others, following you. Easily and freely go on the road laid already by someone. Also don't think going, how many works are necessary on that their way was facilitated. Especially the merit ahead is great. Ready it is easy to take, and to use ready so simply. And nobody will think of what it costed the first, cut through life thickets. But with it my Beam and a feat is made in the Beam of the Teacher. Builders go my way, laying a way for others.

591. (Nov. 26). Thought the highest can't sound among noise and life turmoil. It is necessary to rise over them before to catch it. Vanity of life is connected with the personality and her small world. Space life isn't combined with the consciousness which has plunged into vanity of the personal world. Vanity – the enemy of thought of the highest. It is impossible to connect the enjoyable: there is no contact side between them. It is impossible to live in Eternal, being torn apart chaos of fussy everyday drizzles. Not without reason devotees left in a privacy. But now time another. Now it is necessary to be approved in the Highest, without leaving life usual. And in it is special difficulty. It is possible to notice how waves of everyday vanity persistently, repeatedly and persistently seek to wash away creation of spirit. The house of spirit erected with such work, try to wash away. And, if is wash away, what then? Where to go and what for? And what will tell itself remained on fragments when its hour will come terrestrial to leave life? With what will go to the World Elevated? With the broken trough? With the devastated consciousness? The world of personal vanity isn't included into plans of the Teacher. Fight against it, as with most dangerous enemy. Many best aspirations are destroyed by vanity, and many stays are nullified. Do that, that it is necessary. Solve the vital problems, but solemnity keeps also trust to the Teacher. Mad dancing of fussy shadows can't become destiny of the pupil. Over vanity of a market the river of Life flows and in the stately current carries away in oblivion the vanity world. Manage to win against a vanity obtuseness. It dumped many giants because stood on clay feet. Wings are necessary that over it to rise. But, capturing consciousness, it imperceptibly clips wings and deprives of opportunity to rise over it. Something, you store solemnity and a hidden thread of communication with the Teacher. It is possible to make any decision, but why by all means in customs of vanity, concerns and excitements? You store tranquility under all conditions. And if it is necessary go to the right or on the left, or to go to the north or to the south, go or go, but in tranquility full. To what send itself to the vanity power? Do everything that you consider it necessary, but do it quietly. The fussy concern doesn't give anything, except loss of the most important – balance of spirit. Maya what grimaces will force to forget, what above balance of spirit can't and there should be no spasms of evidence? The reached tranquility protects all strength of mind and don't give in to Maya obvious deception.

592. (Nov. 27). My son! Art of concentration demands a lot of attention, both efforts, and long, systematic and persistent work. The thought copes will, it is bad if the will copes thought. The power over the sphere of the mental matter, which coagulation is given to the person the thought is. The thought is the substance condensed by will which has accepted a certain form. Beget has mental image the Supreme power over the generation. To realize it isn't enough. It should be experienced and made life a working formula of day. It is necessary to acquire firmly that the person the lord over the thoughts that in the sphere of his microcosm it possesses the Supreme power. Any thought, any feeling, any experience immediately leaves the person as soon as he as having the power over them will order to leave it. The thought has no will and the initiative, except that which is enclosed in it by the person. She as essence of the Thin World will consciously act within consciousness and the will enclosed in it by beget. But no free generating strong-willed center of the consciousness similar to human, thought has. It as though the machine gun operating in the area of the direction, enclosed in it human consciousness. It is necessary to understand this difference between the consciousness generating thought, and between the thought showings known degree of consciousness, enclosed in it the person. Thoughts can overcome the person, thoughts can paralyze his will, and thoughts can weaken him and influence him. But only until, it yet won't begin sharply and consciously to approve a prerogative of the Supreme power over any thought. It is necessary to realize that the final decision consists in will of the person, but not in the thought generated by will. Certainly, there are the thoughts loaded with a large amount of strong-willed energy, but it only means that they should oppose higher tension understanding the will power. The person can strain the will fiery and – to very big limits. Thought as that, separated from consciousness, can't independently increase the strong-willed potential at collision with consciousness of the person as it can make it. Certainly, thoughts magnitno grow in space, but this phenomenon of a bit different order. Also it is as though strong there was a spatial thought, the person conscious effort of will can oppose it the thought of more powerful potential. Certainly, when the center of consciousness directs energy of will through thought for the purpose of impact on other consciousness, more difficult to resist to foreign will, but it is possible to be protected always because foreign thought can be not accepted simply. It is important to realize process of self-defense and as the hostile thought that one only understanding already considerably to weaken it flows. In own world the thoughts and thoughts of strangers, perceived by consciousness, mister and lord is the person. It is necessary to understand that foreign thought, as well as the thought, bear in itself a known charge of strong-willed energy and this charge thought can't independently rise. Therefore the person, having opportunity to strengthen the fiery tension of the will almost infinitely, any thought which issued or has been given rise by him or other person, is always able to oppose more powerful counteracting strong-willed energy, neutralized, or the paralyzing power of undesirable thought, or others. Small concentration and the firm order of will – and power of third-party thought are extinguished. As it are necessary to learn to operate and the thoughts, excepting disturbing of consciousness. Thoughts can be in consciousness, but from a will pleasure. Persuasive and undesirable thoughts as the phenomenon are inadmissible in essence because who can wish in an interior, except him and from its own pleasure. Let all events inside, even bad, occur from the will sanction, but in any way against it because otherwise there is a will destruction. Bad, but the strong person can become good, but a weak and weak-willed being – only a pettiness. The will is the highest fiery phenomenon in Space. The person deprived of will – not the person, but a weather vane for any wind, or the victim for any influences from possession of all degrees. Protect and protect the will as the highest expression of fiery value of spirit and its freedom.

593. The will strains a hand muscle. In the same way they will strains energy of thought. It is necessary to learn to strain will. Tension physical and tension mental are various. At a tension mental, at a tension of mental energy physical it is necessary to leave tension. Stared and the frowned forehead aren't the certificate of fiery force. The thought on a surface is more imperceptible, it is deeper and the power of its action is stronger. The strongest thoughts will be born in the deepest silence. Too fast movement is invisible to an eye. Therefore you learn to act in silence and rest. Not outside the tranquility is required, but inside – the hurricane outside can rustle. Tranquility in operation and silence in tension can yield striking results. The Teacher never Waves hands. To wave a hand and to do excess movements it serves as expression not forces, but weaknesses and point to inability to own the mental energy. Its each particle goes consciously, and management of it is conscious. Involuntary nervous movements are especially harmful and destructive. As the skilled commander, distributes Arhat the forces and everyone moves by order of. Ability to collect the forces and to work with them will belong to high art of psycho equipment. Here ability to own itself and the feelings belongs also. The self-discipline the most strict and severe is necessary. The discipline of spirit is the alphabet of the Adherent of intimate knowledge. Life gives the most ample opportunities to practice and succeed in it. It is better to direct itself and life, than to be directed by it. Authorities over to anybody and anything don't give.

594. (Nov. 28). My friend! When the Teacher Expresses desire or Gives the decree, it is necessary to execute immediately. We stand on a crest of events. The long centenary dream is executed. The country my ancient is included into the period of revival and new unknown blossoming. The people of the North and the people of the South unite on demolition of the old world and Epoch Maitreya beginning. Events are of importance extraordinary, planetary. The Plan of the Teacher in the accord with the Plan Great is carried out. Many works are enclosed by Brothers of Light in order that the ancient prophecy came true. It is wrong to think that if something is predicted, it is carried out without any works. No, anywhere and everywhere implementation goes a hand and a foot human. My time came nearer. Pleasure is at us. And you, having left the private matters and cares, our pleasure join because who knows how many work you put also in a great cause of association of mankind. At night you work at Plans Hidden and you create Business of the Lord. Therefore you can be glad doubly. The great Plan is carried out by steps in known sequence, and enemies are compelled to admit the fact of the defeat and full powerlessness to prevent its implementation. Having concentrated on one, they lose sight of another, more important, and suffer the next defeat. Against Us nobody is strong. Both don't know won, and winners don't suspect that the Hand of Lords was laid to a victory. To term value of the events, but terms victorious is hidden from people go, creating the Evolution step. Rejoice to an embodiment in life of the precepted fairy tale. Rejoice your Homeland to successes.

595. (Nov. 29). My children! Beloved children! Why you consider yourself left and left? Unless the care of the Teacher is shown what He Has to give carefree and carefree life? The care flows about other. I will protect when danger will meet, need I Will discharge, but tension not to avoid and awareness of the dangers accompanying life of incarnate life, inseparable from life terrestrial. It isn't necessary to attach only to them excessive significance. At the correct relation vigilance strains and abilities become aggravated. Fall asleep in a sleepy stupor of carefree and careless life worse. Expectation is the feeling directing in the future and approaching it. No matter, if the expected doesn't come or is carried out not in that form which was expected: dynamics of expectation bore fruit, having approved qualities necessary? Very much wait for the Teacher and those who are close to you and with whom the destiny divided. The meeting will be, only not in those conditions, predictably. Magnetism of expectation creates approach channels. Why you expect opportunities only in one plane when they are much closer and more available in another. Range of the Teacher is not hindrance of its Proximity. Vigilance you keep in readiness and told try on the near future. Leaving of relatives doesn’t consider as misfortune, perhaps, they become closer and more available, than were on Earth. By life be not frightened: you in the Hand of the Teacher. From tests I can't Exempt because I Want to approach to myself. And other way of rapprochement isn't present because in the world you will have grief. Be courageous and vigorous and aura you store in a harmonious condition because my Light through it gets into you. The rushing about auras, a grief the killed, and hope lost both crying and despair filled, are tightly closed for Light, and My Beam is inaccessible. Pleasure of courage and fearlessness you store always, even in the face of death, and let your way will be light.

596. And still once it is necessary to turn from a weakness way on force way. Simply some things won't be coordinated with spirit progress. They should be withdrawn from the arsenal. Connivance doesn't lead to the desired purpose, but deprives of many valuable achievements. The person imperceptibly for himself robs himself and stops a way to a further prosperity. The issue is resolved so: or – or. But if the conniving way to the weaknesses is chosen, and eyes should be held opened, without deceiving itself a self-justification. All determination should be collected to eradicate a growing habit of an astral.

597. (Dec. 1). When all words are told, it is necessary to apply only them in practice. And if application after all doesn't follow what then? Then it is necessary or to undersign for own insolvency, or with a new force, teeth having linked, again and again to try to approve the escaping soil under feet. The person, the life, the actions, the thoughts not confirmed that can't stand on the own two feet, in what trusts, and not imprinted the Precept word a hand and the foot: foot – going on the way, a hand – applying them in life. And it is possible always because something somehow and somewhere can be applied always, that is there are no such conditions in which it would be impossible to put in operation any qualities and instructions of the Teacher. The doctrine is written so that it answers all questions of ascending consciousness. At each this moment any quality is closest – it and it is necessary to apply. Will be a mistake mourn and to lose courage because any weakness or connivance is shown. Mistakes are possible always, but, even being mistaken in one, it is possible to strengthen surely something another. And if at two limped qualities twenty others become stronger and grow, two limped too should be tightened. If the frightened pupil strong strengthens love and aspiration to the Teacher, that, though not directly, and indirectly, but the fear will be won. By the same principle it is possible to work and in all the rest, without being confused neither mistakes, nor weaknesses, the shortcomings. Forward it is necessary to move under all conditions, both the line of the smallest resistance and movement on it will help to overcome and the line of the greatest. It is necessary therefore not to despair and not to put the weapon, but to approve any sounding quality and it to find force in the statement for ascension uninterrupted. Many, stumbled on something, in despair sit down at the road, the beating themselves in a breast while at such moments movement not stopping is necessary. It is easy to stop, and then to begin and move back. It is impossible to lose courage. Other best qualities to the aid call and your step will be firm.

598. (Dec. 2). My son! To whom it is much given, from that much and it will be asked. Also there is no other exit how to follow Advice of the Teacher.

599. "Arriving alone, we show knowledge of Bases", – It is so told. And the highest judge for the person is any more the opinion of others, but him. But it is possible only when before himself alone the person creates the court. Even the promoted pupil often puts to the place of the judge of others – higher spirits or the Guru, assuming the judge outside. But nevertheless in the highest understanding isn't present over the person of other judge, except him because everyone has the judge in itself. You judge yourself own court, and the court of people around won't have for you value. And let your court will be strict and impartial. What can people know about the innermost thoughts, feelings and your experiences? But you know and therefore you can judge. And what the opinion human, forgotten by his admirers almost the next day means? It is a lot of injustice in judgments of people. And let your trial of neighbors won't be fast and hasty. But it is better not to judge at all. The best judge is karma. It will appreciate each act and by an assessment will generate a conformable consequence. Both court, and punishment or compensation and an award as direct result of an act are in reliable and fair hands. The person from dependence on foreign opinions if over itself the court has is free. Therefore don't condemn others and you learn always and to stand everywhere on own feet, even in the presence of the Teacher. Solve, both arrive, and don't put itself in dependence on someone else's decisions. You will pay for the decision. How someone can or something to solve for you? Behind the personal full responsibility is so will solve the wise. The Teacher Can specify this or that decision, but the choice belongs to you by the right of free will. The Teacher Can specify in case of need a track or a chain of consequences that the choice could be made unmistakably and with open eyes, but the Supreme right of a free choice can't be taken away from the person. In the stalemate always there is a possibility of the decision. Even facing certain death, it is possible to go with it is proud of the raised head, keeping stability of spirit, or to coil and shiver in ardent spasms and frenzied convulsions of fear. The force by the power over from within approves.

600. (Dec. 3). Let's give a sign of performance of our Decree when term will come. And then, as force of a magic staff, a gate in the future will open. Also it won't be necessary to think as well as what to do that to enter into it. As on wings will incur events to the foreordained, and the karma itself will put the necessary pattern! And not to oppose then, but will please spirit to the foreordained happiness. When I Speak about the foreordained, I Approve by it. It will be. But terms depend on many conditions and free collective will of people. The foreordained the future waits when the consciousness will be ready to accept it. The electricity existed always, but how many millions years were required in order that people became ready to use this force. So is in everything. Therefore the most important is to prepare consciousness. Gifts of evolution wait for readiness of mankind to accept them. And when there comes in individual destiny long-awaited time, the Teacher Speaks: "Here time of execution of terms came. Whether there is a readiness and the necessary degree of vigilance and understanding? «Blind passes by that the only able to see will see. It is necessary to be able to see and not to take a hand of favorable destiny for a hand of the enemy. Call will be, whether but all will respond and will go on call? Many will find various excuses and justifications to evade; because call doesn't mean many benefits and conveniences, but General Welfare. Why to Me, instead of it the foreordained````` feat? Whether not therefore, what the elite press on a forehead, chosen a way the most difficult? Why to me? – Questions egoism and human speaks: "Yes this bowl passes me", but: "Yes there will be your will, the Lord, – the Highest that is in the person, the Father Staying inside", – tells spirit and chooses a feat.