Agni Yoga's facets, 1955 (601-627)

601. (Dec. 4). My friend! The beacon gives light and specifies a way. But itself direct part in ship movement by sea life doesn't take. Otherwise it has to cease to be a beacon. So, give Light to people and sending Beams, Arhat costs as though away from life. Some dismissal from life and privacy is necessary. Otherwise, being keen on forces external movements, there won't be able to be a spirit a torch, specified to a way, a torch standing on a strong immovable basis. I speak about stability of consciousness on the rock of courage, devotion, trust and love to the Lord. If to break off these Bases, stability is lost and the torch can't carry out the appointment. Already I Spoke: all is permitted. I speak: any action or the decision is justified if it is made in love and devotion to the Teacher. It is possible to move in any direction, but in an indissoluble merge with Me. To come off Me in consciousness – means to lose everything, all fruits of long works and efforts. So we will closer keep, except threads of heart there is nothing. It is necessary to keep. And when all means are exhausted, there is one: having rejected all third-party thoughts, reasoning’s, arguments and fluctuations, to concentrate on the Face of the Teacher and force of vibrations, from It proceeding, to keep balance of spirit. Forces Beam will overcome the rushing about energy of environment and tension of chaotic currents of space, and the consciousness will feel obviously this beneficial influence. And it is necessary to fight against persuasiveness of logic of evidence, without entering polemic. It is necessary to notice that the curve thinking always leads up a blind alley from which there is no exit. The mighty and saving force of radiations of a shining Face always to services of the heart approved on the Lord. In the ancient time at some this phenomenon was expressed by a formula "Terrestrial Wisdom — Hostility against the Lord". In modern understanding it means that evidence and reality – the phenomena of a different order. That on evidence it is impossible to judge reality, and that the brain without the begun to see clearly heart can't unmistakably judge the life phenomena. Brain tools – eyes and ears. But unless the eye sees everything, what exists around, and the ear – hears? The huge sphere of reality is inaccessible neither to an eye, nor an ear. But the science already got far beyond opportunities of the feelings being at the disposal of the person. To get, devices were necessary, but the Doctrine says that in effect the person all devices for deep cognition of reality are imprinted. This restriction of a brain and infinity of opportunities resolves heart and the centers, and it is possible to begin firmly and surely to go deep in understanding of reality. But the Teacher is necessary, without Him not to pass. And it is necessary to hold the Teacher all the time, despite all fabrications of the brain, not able to catch essence of the events. You hold Me strong always and in everything, and your step will be firm also a gait of the victorious. Also you keep especially strong at the nodal events connected with you and affecting your destiny. Means, it is necessary to unite with the Lord over all thoughts, feelings and feelings, over everything, outside events. It also will mean to reach Us over personal feelings and experiences. It that is unites in the spirit of atop only. In it also there will be a rescue heavy minutes of an impact of dense beds and spontaneous chaotic energiya.

602. Yes, my son, truly, Father, both Defender, and Friend. In this understanding also arrive. On understanding of Proximity and the close answer you receive. And when communication is strong, truly, it is possible to move mountains. There are purely mechanical receptions for deduction of this Proximity. They should be avoided, better to use a heart wire. But when heart is silent and hangs its fire, then it is possible to resort and to mechanics. But let there will be it psycho mechanical strengthening of tension of a silver thread, though there is this thread directly from heart. Ardent representation in the third eye of the Image of the Teacher can support heart fire, repetition of the Name will strengthen it, and the corresponding aromas will drive away undesirable neighbors from the Thin World or will reduce possibility of harm. This mechanics so strong when hearts fire brightly flares isn't necessary, but fire not always burns, and then it is necessary to resort to the help of supportive applications. However, the specified methods are desirable under any conditions. So, we won't be confused anything, but strong we will urge the Teacher to show the Proximity. Conditions of direct Proximity of the Teacher should be met always. The Teacher always is at your doors so understanding of Proximity depends not on the Teacher, but on the pupil. Certainly, the Teacher Strengthens it in case of need, but a lot of things depend on the pupil. The main thing, it is necessary to understand that there is nothing in the world that could become a mediastinum between us if the will of the pupil of that doesn't allow. Therefore I Say that this Proximity is approved over everything. And if something becomes pro-boundaries us, it is necessary to rise even above where to it "something" already isn't present a place. So under all living conditions, and in all circumstances, and anywhere the Teacher in heart let Will be higher, both before, and is the closest.

603. (Dec. 5). My son, most important, the most important, the most essential is to keep Proximity of the Teacher, strong it approving, persistently, persistently and continuously. All the rest is a mirage of feelings passing. That is why it is spoken about a cornerstone of the basis of life. I Am the Stone of the eternal basis of life. On Me the spirit temple the constructed will resist. True builders – they, on the Stone constructed and on the Stone creating. Their constructions remain indestructible in centuries. But anything, even the reminiscence doesn't remain from those who built in the name and for itself. Personal mirages are the most fast the passing. Let’s collect thoughts round the Teacher, the spiritual magnet works on a heart attraction. The magnet of heart works in the set direction with love. Power can be strengthened it infinitely. Love – the principle all-conquering. So in the power of the person the magnetic force of the microcosm direct in the direction necessary.

604. (Dec. 6). The friend perceiving consciousness accepts my, sent Beam according to the accord. This condition of compliance is necessary. Without it is impossible to accept richness of light scale. Each consciousness, even very good and harmonious, nevertheless perceives only partially. Completeness of perception requires full compliance that is the level of consciousness which is coming nearer to beam-bearing consciousness of the Teacher. But the distance dividing height of spirit, reached by the Teacher, from consciousness even the high pupil is great. Therefore force of the Beam is used only partially, but even it is good because the majority is deprived of gift of a conscious catch of the Highest Beams. Certainly, it is the gift earned as a result of century efforts, and therefore especially valuable. Let's not underestimate its value. But derogation of the highest ability can turn out. The beam sent should be preserved against profanation by his life. Means not only the pearls crushed and trampled by ignorant feet, but also partial neutralization of its power by environment emanations. Spatial poison works, absorbing force of Beams. Consciousness isolation from the surrounding sphere helps protection of the individualized force of the Beam, preserving its duration. Beams fight in space against power of darkness. It is good to represent itself in the Beam constantly and to record this image in space. It facilitates reception of perceptions. The beam sent will be achievement constant, but intensity of his perception will change depending on a condition of consciousness. It is necessary to watch a condition of consciousness watchfully. There can't be an indifference to fruits of thousand-year works. Understanding of special value of the reached ability strengthens its degree. So, straining quality of perception it is conscious, we strengthen its power. Spirit gifts by treasures are called and given the little. Are given by right, but not at desire, or a request is. And this right is called as the Right Space and people integral, is written down in a star roll of Stars. This Right isn't result of an undeserved favored, but a fruit of own work and efforts. The space Right is the highest Right, the Right spatial, not given to people on the arbitrariness, but on the Beam... "And over it there was a Beam", – the contemporary so spoke about the Savior. Value of the Beam is in its inexhaustibility, but with the corresponding height of perceiving consciousness. Gifts of spirit should be appreciated because there is no that gold on which they could be bought, and isn't present on the earth of those riches for which it would be possible to exchange them because the Beam remains with spirit and after death of a physical body. But not take with it in the World Thin treasures terrestrial. Gifts of spirit are integral neither in life, nor in death if completeness of understanding of the received treasure is shown. The elevated bird of the happiness that has gone down to Earth on wings of spirit, it is necessary to manage to hold.

605. (Dec. 7). Spatial life assumes full dismissal from small "I". The consciousness and identity of accumulation remains, but the small personal world of the person is almost absolute obstacle for familiarizing with spatial life. Personal and spatial aren't combined. Where in the worlds it is possible to imagine the speculator or the exchange businessman? They simply don't have a place in Greatness of Space. Those cellars, holes, cracks and narrow personal spheres on which the people, who have passed to the World Thin, huddle are an abuse on the Universe. They are a product of ardent expression of black out personal consciousness the last it, remained from life terrestrial. To live in Elevated, from Earth it is necessary to be released, but superpersonal and universal and in Elevated the place takes. That and the concept of General Welfare are considerable. It doesn't die and its fruits with death of the person. The same as on Earth the great purposes live the millennia as they live and in space, enduring for many centuries personal live human life. All personal – quickly also comes to an end with the personality. But the General Welfare and its fruits don’t die. And therefore the Bowl of General Welfare is an immortality symbol.

606. (Dec. 8). Life separates imagined qualities from valid, and it becomes clear, what quality limps. Tests are necessary to these. Self-deception illusions are the most harmful. The person lives in the illusive world of nonexistent qualities which scatter in splashes at collision with life. It is better to know severely the shortcomings, than to be self-deluded imagined qualities. Check itself life is necessary, the limped quality can be strengthened. But the quality existing only in imagination of the person is hopeless. Therefore the tests opening weaknesses of an own being should rejoice. Otherwise as correct them and strengthen? Under all conditions – improvement, that is spirit growth, remains the only purpose of evolution. In it meaning of the life, it is necessary to remember it always.

607. (Dec. 9). Not so act as there is a wish, but on the Beam. To work on the Beam – means to work in the full accord with consciousness of the Teacher. It is difficult to distinguish willfulness from will of the Teacher because the consciousness is the sphere of manifestation of both. So there is an incessant fight in the person between will of the highest "I" and will of the lowest. When the lowest overcomes, there is a house destroyed in it as then terrestrial gravitations start working especially strong. Certainly, voices of covers sound constantly and pull the person to the spheres but when the highest draws, progress remains then. In it everything put: to move, despite everything, to move forward, but not back. The beam helps to keep this ascending advance of spirit, but under a condition if you act on the Beam. In case of uncertainty the Proximity should be strengthened, having deepened understanding of the necessary Presence, and to keep continuously. The correct decision will come. The world unreal doesn't follow, Maya world to do too real. All this will pass that nowadays disturbs, excites and torments: and people, also I put, and conditions. There will be only that is connected in the spirit of with the World of the Teacher. To it also we will put the heart it is directed.

608. Way one – to the Lord. There are no two ways about it. And whether everything is equal as well as where it is made? Unless the place is important? Yoga’s in privacy in inaccessible mountains and caves stayed on Great Service to people and was a benefactor to the world. It is all about the condition of consciousness and the direction of his thoughts. As thought the person serves the world, if his thought of the world, instead of. If only about it, at than here is General Welfare? So we will show court to them impartial to see where Service to people suffers. A lot of insolvency can be behind fine words and a lot of self-deception. Who want to deceive, or the Teacher? And what result of such deception can be? So Great Service goes communication with the Teacher. It also should be stored. And where and as, finally, has no self-sufficing value. Only possibilities of the best plan temporarily are as though transferred to other place, leaving essence of the plan invariable. On what parallel there is a Service to the Benefit, unless it is important if it really goes? So let the whole world becomes, truly, the Service Temple. So let the will remains free. Instructions are given under special conditions and demand full readiness of spirit. The Teacher will Help on all ways going to Light. The Teacher doesn't Forget any particle of the energy spent for the sake of it. Quietly, passionlessly and light-you look at the future. If you arrive with the Lord in the spirit of, what can threaten you? Council isn't violence, but the indication of ways. My Proximity keeps. Perhaps, the decision the Highest is already imprinted somewhere. About the future is not tormented. You learn to stand on own feet.

609. (Dec. 10). My friend is two logicians: terrestrial and elevated. The first is simple, clear and convincing because is in full accordance with thinking of the terrestrial person lowest "I". But the logic the highest is difficult: it is contrary even to personal interests of the person. So many people died in fight for the highest ideals, for science, for Light given by them to the brothers. Their acts contradicted interests of their society, the logic of their acts didn't hold in a narrow framework of narrow-minded thinking and care of. But they approved Light. The logic of Light differs from logic of darkness and ignorance because terrestrial wisdom is at enmity against the Lord. Earth at terrestrial thinks. Feat hunters let aren't afraid to think, submitting to laws of logic of the highest.

610. (Dec. 11). The belief shaken that a tower unsteady, can suddenly fail. The belief and trust are created on Bases. Bases – are unshakable. Not on details, not on details, not on accidents of temporary conditions, not on personal reasons and dreams, but on unshakable Space Bases the spirit temple inside is erected. To build not on Bases – means to build to accidents on destruction. Therefore from instability and confusion passing from time to time it is necessary to come back to Bases more strong to approve them in consciousness. Body and spirit, mortal and immortal, life here and there, evolution and transformation – here on what is based human life can deny it who already visited World Elevated? On not denied the inner world, but not on eternally being replaced conditions of external life is under construction. Let that outside, takes its course, but the internal state of consciousness be important extremely. It is necessary to separate internal from the external. The external is frequent not in will of the person, but a kingdom in it – its sphere where he is an owner. About it, about soul is and cares. Let rages Chaos outside if inside it is good and quiet, elements be powerless to break spirit. It is necessary to strengthen and not to mix Bases their firmness with a changeable stream of life. It is necessary to stand firmly on Bases, holding them. Because everything will pass, both the Moon, and the Sun, and Earth, but any iota won't pass from the Law.

611. Bases are necessary, as the base to a structure. If Bases are undermined how hold a structure? Therefore Bases as the indestructible basis of life, on which only and possibly creation of life are given. The basis has to lie down strongly and forever. It should be preserved against possibility of destruction because without the basis all construction is as though good it was, it appears on sand. Repeat and strengthen Bases. Whirlwinds will be, and winds will blow, and it is necessary that the house of spirit resisted. All durability of construction depends on the basis durability and even if above it is necessary to change something, to improve or strengthen, it is possible to do it only on the strong base. The death that is change of covers is inevitable, and the World Thin as the following step of existence is inevitable, and anything in the world can't change it. Therefore, what there was a situation at the moment, the moment of transition to other world is inevitable. And life it is necessary to have that there was it commensurable with the valid state of affairs in conditions and in the presence of two worlds. Nobody can take away the right to conscious existence from the person, except him. Inalienable is right Space. Masterful men are at times over a physical aspect of life of the neighbors, but not over area of spirit and thought. Can influence, but only is in known limits. The spirit is stronger, that is less dependent on external conditions. And the spirit legend to the Lord exempts from tyranny of external circumstances. This freedom is possible only when Bases are unshakable. Therefore protect Bases. The church of the Basis replaced with dogmas. But dogmas are the provisions established by people, and Bases – the unshakable and immutable principles of life, or Began, being based on which is shown and everything is shown that is in the world. Laws are a framework of manifestation of everything that exists. Everything is shown within the laws kept or not conducted people. Physics or chemistry laws to the person existed. The law which is expressing in the dense phenomena, itself isn't the phenomenon dense. Collaps of the material phenomena can't destroy the law. Space Laws also will be the basis, the indestructible basis of life, submitting which the person on Earth is shown. Therefore indestructible it is necessary to look for in Space, but not in temporary and not in the personal. Collapse everything, even solar systems. So we will separate eternal from temporary, indestructible from collapse and on the first and we will build the indestructible house of spirit.

612. (Dec. 12). The protective force of the Unification is huge, it should use, differently will creep up and will throw harm. Having knocked about circle vibration, in burns will recoil. With leaving of Mother the Unification is especially necessary. Unification the full is and up, and from top to bottom. Because where two or three gathered in the Name My, there I in the middle of them. Darkness reflection by collective is carried out with much smaller expense of energy, than individually. Don't forget that the set of eyes watches that, as though to cause damage to Light business. And as influence goes from the Thin World, it is directly impossible to fight against it because it isn't visible as to be angry-intend creep. To see, it is necessary to have vigilance of the Teacher and ability of clairvoyance. Therefore the Unification as armor protective is necessary. As and it is necessary to agree with the Teacher about Bases, but not about the details depending on mobility of the Plan. The beam shines the raised heads. Not to see the Beam, having buried to Earth. So in the Unification resist also the Unification.

613. (Dec. 13). When it is very difficult, think of the Lord! It is necessary to break a press of spatial currents. It is impossible to think usually. The habitual train of thought should be changed. Where to take forces? In thoughts of the eternal! The atmosphere of eternal thought washes away a life scum, and it is possible to breathe. Let thoughts of the eternal are combined with thoughts of the future approaching to the person the ocean of Boundlessness. Rescue in the Highest, also think of it.

614. (Dec. 14). Let's give the evidence of our Arrival, and signs will be shown. Much they already are given: and burden of time unknown, both disbalance nature, and tension of spatial energiya. But the spirit human is silent. The phenomena will amplify because have to break bark of outgrowths on spirit. The more resistance, the more than influence is. Accidents are caused by mankind counteraction as a whole. Instead of assimilation of new energiya there is their pushing away, and the return blow becomes inevitable. Tension and fight of counteraction are especially strong where there is a shift. Shift of the countries happens under the influence of the Space Magnet, and it causes transformation, anyway, directly or indirectly concerning all planets. Nobody can consider itself (himself) aside. The principle is as follows: the more intended to this country, the more and a payment, a payment for magnificence of the future. And that that goes ahead bears also the greatest loading. As it is exact and in life of certain people is. High Spirits and strong adjoined evolution bear the greatest weight terrestrial – as though a payment for the sake of the future which they approve and if this statement kspace and the payment carry planetary scope. Who wants life personal and lives quiet, it is better to that not to concern the future. Fighters for the statement of spirit had no rest. Tranquility not guiet, but tension fiery, in balance the show. Rest, wellbeing I Promised nobody. Rejected from itself, the soul lost, about itself forgotten – truly mine. But those observing the interests, the rest and thumbing-through pages of the Doctrine, whether feel they, what not Me love, both not the Doctrine, and not a self-rejection feat, but the egoism, both a body, and its convenience. So on scales of life aspirations of spirit are weighed, and the essence receives them a due and fair assessment. And not words, but the essence of aspirations shows the nature. Therefore I Speak to you: "Show understanding to a feat because only it will be the certificate of a fiery of your aspirations and the prosperity guarantee. There is no feat among fear, concerns and fear, there is no feat among full and sorrow less wellbeing, there is no feat where fire of spirit went out. And I Speak: the spirit on Earth is approved by a life feat, among difficulties and oppression to begin to shine in Elevated magnificence of fires saved up in life. Fires elevated in life terrestrial arise and approved by a hand and a foot human. So went all, the noted press spirit, being bent underweight Burdens terrestrial. But the one who doesn't want to take a cross how it can follow Me? I Go, having bent under weight of the Cross, and they want to go for Me in magnificent and convenient crew with all conveniences and comfort, without burdening and without troubling itself. Whether it is commensurability?

615. (Dec. 16). My son, it is heavy in the world. When a light source it is cleaned, becomes dark. Mater Agni Yogi was your Light: whether it is marvelous that with its leaving the gloom amplified. It is possible to understand, value of such Towers, or Ashrams if about them many feed on Light how is great. Consciously the few eat their radiation, and unconsciously – a set. In it value of Great Spirits, each of which is the magnetic center radiating vibrations of Light for saturation by them of space and people. So Great Service consists in Light execution among surrounding darkness. It is possible not to trouble it with thoughts as well as what to do, it is enough to bear light in the aura, radiating it around. It also will be the main form of Service: without its existence all other types of service won't be full because the lit heart will be a sign of readiness for Service. On this sign also you judge.

616. (Dec. 17). When personal constructions are scattered, it is possible to become stronger only on Bases. The basis protects. And not of personal destiny it is necessary to think then, but of the Plan Great. It will be carried out – and to you it will be good. It won't be carried out – there will be nothing to what heart directs. But the Plan will be realized, and is incarnate victoriously. Means, it is necessary to wait terms of time and the terms. You are intended to terms that are you take place to yourself in the future. Artists, painters, decorators and gardeners are invited when the building is ended. And then those who have to live and work in it come. Everything is good in its season. It is necessary to show patience up to the end. Really Care Showed only in order that was nothing?
Really energy is spent in vain? No, in the terms everything will find the place. Therefore, it is necessary to wait. It is possible to be tormented in impatience, but it will change nothing, it is possible to lose hope and that to cut off wires to the future. It is possible to do mistakes much, but remained with Me up to the end will reach the put.

617. (Dec. 18). Without existence of the corresponding mood of consciousness the Beam can't be apprehended. It slides on an aura surface, without causing response. The acceptability, that is consciousness mood on a conformable wave, is a most necessary condition of perception of energy of the Beam. What to do if the consciousness is silent? The grain of sand stops the car. It is necessary to find grains of sand in itself to remove them possibly rather. The doubt will be any more a grain of sand, and the whole block. So insolvency or instability in something interrupts current. The law of the accord operates the world; he directs life of ascending spirit. To break it – means to destroy the opportunities.

618. (Dec. 19). Direct Communication means that all intermediaries, everything which is standing in the middle, that is between us, everything dividing us, is moved away from consciousness, and we face the person. Not conditions disturb Communication, but thought and feelings. Stability of the Lord specifies that as soon as the person finds forces to be rejected from it, to depart from itself that orotund and full-heart to address to It, with the answer the Lord Doesn't hesitate. Having confidence of stability of the Teacher, it is possible to be quiet for the future and it is possible to go steadily if the consciousness permits. Fluctuations of consciousness are inevitable because are caused by waves, or a rhythm. But the rhythm of consciousness and a turn of waves at all doesn't mean doubts, trust or retreat fluctuations in darkness. The rhythm of consciousness is something another. All real moves ahead are in evolution too rhythmic and in time cycles. Seasons indicate nature rhythms, as well as all other space phenomena, up to inflow and outflows. And it is extraordinary important that progress of consciousness went forward on rhythm waves as the ship on ocean waves, rising with one by another and without slowing down a course. Then day and night, the winter and summer, pleasure and a grief will merge in uniform effort to become the bottom on which the foot of the winner firmly goes. Everything serves the one who in stability of the Lord found a source of inexhaustible force. The person for the future can be quiet then. The Lord won’t betray, both Won't change, and Doesn't leave never. These are people can bury in oblivion, but not the Lord. Therefore I Speak: " are quiet be in belief, because I with you always".

619. (Dec. 20). The scene dream is symbolical, the message on the specified person should be checked, and then the dream will be of particular importance. In dreams it is necessary to be able to separate casual thoughts from the main idea. It is possible to be guided by dreams, but with a special firmness of consciousness and ability to perceive them properly. Dreams can be very significant. Dreams – a window to the World Thin. Difficult happens to separate the thoughts and dreams from the thin message. It is necessary to pay attention to this aspect of life. It can be expanded and deepened.

620. (Dec. 21). And still the higher authority in a microcosm human – to accept or reject, trust or not to trust, love or hate, approve or to deny belongs to the person. And nobody is in forces to force it something, or accept someone, if he doesn't want that and won't impose the Supreme decision on the phenomena, which have appeared before his consciousness. In the far time one accepted the Christ, others rejected. Who resolved an issue of acceptance or denial? Everyone for itself. And not the fault of the Savior was that his Light was rejected by someone. Therefore the question of recognition or denial of the Doctrine and everything, with it connected, not depends on the Doctrine, but on readiness or unavailability of spirit. This power in the microcosm should be understood in all its unlimited force. Nobody judge, but only. Nobody is imperious over the decision internal, but only person. Therefore so the so-called facts willingly submit to consciousness of the person and are painted by his color. Not the fact submits, but the attitude towards him and an assessment, because an assessment inside. And even the Savior Couldn't force to trust violently. Therefore is useless to convince and prove when the internal decision ripened and it is taken out. Therefore when internal decomposition began help already difficult is. Process can be stopped, but at a full tension of all consciousness if own will wants that. Danger that decomposition begins imperceptibly and with small and when products deaden it nerves, late already to think of rescue because tissue of nerves isn't capable neither to perceive, nor to transfer Light vibrations. And imperceptibly for itself in a fog of a self-justification of people everything falls below and below while the chasm doesn't reveal before it in all the horror. Therefore I Speak: "Against doubts and swaying be preserved: is terrible in itself, but consequences". Beginning with small, come to an end the big and irreparable evil. The way and head darkness is stopped. Therefore you hold Me strong. Except Me there is nothing, because I am the Alpha and Omega.

621. My friend, only full-tendency gives feeling of perception. Incompleteness always will be fruitless. We avoid vague people and vague communication. Before thought to direct to Me, it is necessary to strain heart in full unseparable aspiration. Let's think of completeness of devotion and love, devotion of unconditional and unconditional love. On them and Light will be unconditional.

622. (Dec. 22). The aspiration, trust and devotion will be the magnets attracting thought of the Teacher. It is available in the presence of these strong Bases. Anything so doesn't harm to contact, as violation of one of them. Construction of long years can be broken instantly if they are shaken. Be very careful and protect a heart thread. Without it there is nothing.

623. (Dec. 23). Let's give Arrival signs, we Will give in a threshold of Hour that knew that time came. Heart which bears now excessive burden that could be refined and become able see will testify. Suffering refine heart therefore and it is heavy therefore all suffered coming nearer to Light. If all live is food each other, so the victim – the phenomenon general and the Great Victim crowns a pyramid of terrestrial mankind. The way of thinning of a body of Earth is covered with bodies of live forms, it occupying. The way of evolution is a way of general bringing of all live forms to the victim to the future. Without having given the body to Earth, the spirit can't be exempted from Earth. So there is a life.

624. (Dec. 24). Spatial service can externally not be shown in any way and can be absolutely imperceptible. It occurs on the plan invisible to a physical eye. Nobody knows how on Great Service the Lord as whole Eons He Costs time on Great Patrol Stays. Rare gleams of casual Highest Communication don't give the chance to make a full picture of process of Great Making. Not to mind human, terrestrial to judge Attendants of Light. Even the close pupil can't judge it. Even about own elevated spatial service often don't know anything. It is only possible to guess the hidden work happening during a dream when the terrestrial consciousness keeps silence. The spatial service imperceptible externally, can happen and in a wake condition when strong communication with the Teacher allows consciousness to accumulate the intense force of the assimilated Beam and, in turn, to radiate it in space, sating spheres with the highest vibrations. This part occurs unconsciously, without everyone’s special and couriers of efforts – simply thought the highest, given rise by Proximity of the Teacher, descends from the conveyor of consciousness and cements spheres around, painting them more distinguished tones, discharging density of layers. And nobody can tell how many the benefit is brought by the attendant of Light to mankind which eats Light of spatial thoughts, though denies and doesn't understand the phenomenon of a similar order. But everything thinks, and all breathe, and in the course of breath absorb either poisons, or life-giving products owing to thinking human. Therefore the merit of those who thinks clair-radiant is great. The thought fills Earth atmosphere with Light or darkness, forming crystals of the deposits, and the person eats these deposits. Even having entered into a conventional dwelling, it is possible easily and to feel at once pleasure or oppression from the mental atmosphere sating it, generated by his inhabitants. This feeling also will be an indicator of that felt it absorbed, accepted in itself, as though absorbed, or assimilated, apprehended the main tone of the mental atmosphere of the room rendered habitable by these people. These products during its stay in this atmosphere were as though food, its astral and mental food for this time. People, no known for themselves, eat spiritually the atmosphere of the cities and houses where they live, being imperceptibly submitted them to powerful influence. And only very strong spirits create the wave of influence, without giving in to the lowest level of the surrounding. Therefore to keep and hold the key and the mood, irrespective of people around the district or the city of accumulation, will be in power to only resistant and strong consciousness which knows the way. Therefore preservation of the essence from dissolution in a surrounding twilight of gray usual thoughts will be a great merit before itself, before the Teacher and before space. And if someone's light dies away under the influence of Wednesday, so there is absorption of the thoughts by thoughts of masses, but not on the contrary. That Light carrier also differs from inhabitants that it waves of usual influences can't overcome light. The light over to store above all, it is necessary to sound on the wave, but not to dissolve it in the surrounding. It surrounding, very strongly. It subordinates to itself consciousness, it weakens and extinguishes it, depriving brought to them to Light world. Therefore to hold a gain is a consciousness matter of life or death because Light go out inside means death of spirit. Therefore it is necessary to strain all forces that to keep Light. Therefore waves of external influences should oppose force, decupled by the Beam and conscious Proximity of the Teacher. Against such integrated power nobody is strong, and nobody can suppress it, but intense wakefulness, vigilance and understanding that differently the end is necessary. So we will collect thoughts and forces round the Teacher because, except heart, there is nothing. Let's show understanding to process of Service and we realize that except the Teacher nobody will help. For the sake of deduction of the fiery lamp inside it is necessary to make efforts necessary, it is possible to think and that will be if them don't put.

625. (Dec. 26). Seldom has the person finished a way terrestrial at that height of take-off which time was reached by it during lifetime. Therefore it is already good if this level isn't lower than with what life began. To return to the same starting point will mean that life is lived in vain. From here is fight for ardent advance of spirit. There are spirits which go down with each new embodiment – is that chose the left way. Is being pounded on a place. But it is long impossible to stand still: in a stream will carry away either up, or down. Track of involution of spirit – the phenomenon awful. The way back is gloomy. From here from the Teacher there are turncoats to darkness embraces. It is better not to come nearer at all, than, having come nearer, again to return back. No reasons can justify return to the lowest conditions of consciousness. It is better to fly, and whether everything is equal, what dream gives carrying strength. Well everything that lifts spirit over level of commonness and carries away it in the future because the future can move only. Without hope of the future in any there was to a form an advance to become impossible. Conscious evolution is under construction future. Should find a place in it, and is closer to the Teacher because the future is under construction Hierarchy of Light.

626. (Dec. 28). If to accept the Doctrine not in usual aspect, but in world, it is possible to see his statement in life planetary. And the success of the Great Plan often has no relation to personal successes of private life of the reader of the Doctrine of Life. It follows from this that merits of personal thinking and implementation of the Plan of Evolution – the phenomenon of a different order. From crash of personal constructions it is impossible to draw a conclusion that the Plan of Lords isn't carried out. It goes over personal constructions. And it is possible to join it, having only risen over itself, over the world of personal illusions. Evolution goes, without asking certain people, they want it or not. As also planets rotate in World Space without consent to that of mankind. Therefore it is necessary or to join a current of the Space Law, or to stand aside. Outside the personality Space life pulses is. And it is necessary to join it not personal, but space consciousness. And whatever occurred in the sphere of personal consciousness of the person, it is too small, too limited and distorted to be the spokesman of reality. I call to my World, the truth and reality World, to Call of the spirits, ready to leave worlds of the personal, egoistical and small truths, on evidence created and shipped in Maya illusion. Consciousnesses human huddle on these corners of self-deception and ghosts and replace with them the World of the Space Truth. The planetary accidents more than once visiting Earth, destroyed completely these false heaps of spirit, but the mankind continued and all continues to persist in creation of the new and new heaps which are contrary to a stream of Space Life. Neither the God's Kingdom, nor the Truth it isn't looked for by anybody. Everyone looks for the truth and approves it, but the minute truth is lie and reality desecration. The hierarchy makes all efforts to shift mankind on a way of the Truth Space. The whole countries are displaced. The old world is destroyed and doomed to descending from a historical scene. But the spirit human persists and strong counteracts the Highest Decision. Even the knowing seek to address back, to the past though the dawn of New Life is already obviously visible in a sky. But not to new, and they seek to lay the hand though the New World and waits strong for builders to old life. The personal world covers the truth world, and the egoism wants to triumph. But on Patrol there are Great Spirits. The new World will take place, despite everything.

627. (Dec. 30). The test passed under a sign, reaches the double purpose: first, it finds a condition of consciousness of the examinee at present; secondly, it doesn't subject it to the valid blows of life, and creates only moment illusion. And, nevertheless, it was effective, it is so effective, as well as the actual vital phenomena. To what to subject the pupil of the valid danger or to blows when the same goal can be reached, having carried out test under a sign. And the examinee won't notice distinction until everything won't end. Also he doesn't know that actually there was nothing and everything passed only under the sign of the menacing phenomenon. The result is important. The Teacher has no desire to torment people, but it is necessary to test necessarily; not in one, so in other it is necessary to find lameness in time, differently how to treat? We will be grateful to each test removing from eyes a bandage of self-flattery. It is better to know itself such what is, than to stay in a self-deception or delusion fog about a true condition of the consciousness. Therefore we will welcome each test.

“End of Records of 1955.