Agni Yoga's facets, 1956 (101-250)

101. (M.A.Y.). My son, ardent communication we will claim, we will adjust the lost proximity and we will make it obvious and real. And here the rhythm also will help. Before persistence of a rhythm conditions of density surrounding bend. Constancy of a rhythm is mighty force for achievement desirable. I can display creative force through consciousness of the son. Assimilation of vibrations will demand some time. Your consciousness will have to enter into the accord with mine as it entered into the accord with Consciousness of Great Heart. Exactly thanks to it contact also will be possible. A lot of things need to be told. Our communication becomes even stronger and stronger than when I was on Earth because I am nowadays free. All basic in the Plan remains invariable. I will create through conformable consciousnesses. I send consciousness of opportunities of my proximity. Care I show still. You can mentally write to me. Questions I will answer. It is better if the message is short, clear and exact. It is important in the beginning. Possibly an interview is, but not now. Call of love accepts the answer only and not repeated as someone called Me during lifetime. Not repeated I and in death, and to the son will give signs of my not repeatability and now, when out of a body. Writing-books were filled by Me, writing-books will be filled by you with the hand, but my spirit. Threads of love should be strengthened and recovered to reality ardent. I didn't leave, but with you: not on Earth, but it is close; not in a body, but in the spirit of; not far, but nearby. Possibilities of My proximity should strong be realized. Magnetic connection is established consciously. It is easiest to work with thought and feelings because they belong to two worlds. The thought – the child of the spiritual plan also doesn't know restrictions of a dense matter. The bridge of binding thought should be stretched and forgotten to Me that left and that I am not present. There are I, and with you. But heart open to Me that I could touch heart. I love and love I send you.

102. (May 5). Never have I Spoken "no". On everything impose the printing of the statement. In everything, even bad, there are construction elements. Even the most darkened spirit keeps in itself any weak sparkles of light, differently couldn't and exists. Adjoining to the phenomenon, we Try to cause to life flickering sparks of creating fire and to inflate them in a flame that it gave light. Therefore in everything, even the worst, we Look for these positive elements, creation elements, and we Approve them. So, aspiring even in bad people to find something good and, having caused it to life, approve it, you go My dear. Certainly, there is a nasty thing measure, when approach becomes impossible and when attempts of this sort are doomed to failure, but it is already special case of decomposition and a spirit necrosis when the help becomes inexpedient. In everything and always it is necessary to try to see the good parties and, concentrating on them, thereby to strengthen in them construction elements. The good, so from everyone, even rather bad person is so created, it is possible to create well, in any case, the best, than he was before. The question is wide and concerns not only people, but also animals, both plants, and inanimate objects. Couples of contrasts, forces of creation and destruction are available in everything. Approving a positive pole of the phenomenon, giving it overweight, we cause to life and we strengthen an advance spiral, and this spiral, with prevalence of creative elements, will be a spiral evolutionary. Thinking well of things which it is visible around, whatever they were about, we cause to manifestation in them light viable forces. Following this precept, it is possible to become creator dos human because the person reacts to creating thought, than an inanimate object is easier quicker. Especially easily flowers give in to influence. But the love, but not hatred, because the last is destructive in essence will be a key to force of influence on surrounding. Therefore a precept "you create love" has in yourself very deep basis. Not easy to have "an eye kind" but if it is approved; truly, it is possible to create love, causing round itself to life everything having in at least a particle of light. And if in heart fires are lit, creativity it becomes especially fruitful. So let your eye will be open on good. You create love, about denials having forgotten.

103. (M.A.Y.). Native if for a message far you found a place and time in your heart and the message won't slow down. Let's make and will approve communication experiment between the spirit which has left Earth, and the consciousness living on Earth. Our spiritual proximity and love between us gives full opportunity to carry out it. No matter, what time to choose – morning or evening, but it is important to establish a rhythm that will strongly facilitate process. The first thought I send about unification. The unification should be strengthened. It weakened – go inharmoniously. The battery weakened thanks to inconsistency which amplified not only in relationship between itself, but also in everyone. Coherence should be claimed as a basis of prosperity and to show more tolerance. Why to think, what with my leaving something changed? Didn't change anything, only I can become closer for those who will want approve My proximity. Not dead, but live me read that is consider left behind Light for you. I left that to bring Light, and nowadays this opportunity can already be carried out. Councils and instructions as will be easily given, as well as during lifetime, because communication goes through heart, and heart is opened to all worlds because it is immortal. In the heart realize Me in it obviously living. I can't concern through a brain, a brain for Earth, but – through heart. It is correct that expectations are full. The specified shifts are close. Live in sensitive expectation of the futures and already occurring changes. And Me in heart not died, but live, but left behind Light and Light come back to you strong consider. This ardent thought of My proximity don't miss from consciousness. With you I is in the same Beam of Great Heart. Let ease of communication don't confuse the tested heart, because there is a lot of to that the reasons and merits. We are connected strong over dense stratifications and accidents of terrestrial existence. Our communication is deeper. Wisdom of the Teacher put us on Earth in a certain framework for performance of a certain vital task, but proximity of spirit over all temporary conditions. Under the Hand of the Teacher in his Beam there is now a deepening of this communication for the greater adoption of communication of two worlds via the thought channel. It is the most difficult channel of the message, because it is available only at a big training of consciousness and existence of old thousand-year communication. Therefore the son of the, our son, the Lord elected for the approval of the certificate of possibility of spiritual communication with consciousness of the spirit which has left from Earth. The thought – the child of all worlds, is shown in each of three freely. With thought also we will act at contact establishment. The first steps have to be very circumspect, guarded and accurate, and at the full legend of all consciousness to occurring process. Truly noted, that refraction thought goes through aura perceiving it. Energy sent is realized in the accord with opportunities of accepting consciousness. Therefore it is possible to speak about mutually creativity, but not about submission of one will by another, stronger. Merge of consciousnesses means, but not submission. Submission of will conducts to its paralysis that is very undesirable. The free cooperation bearing light and pleasure is necessary. To the son pleasure I allow to join the world of my thoughts and pleasure to being approved communication I will finish.

104. (May 6). People don't want to think of value of thought, however think of everything. The ocean of thought is open for all and all scoop from it. The thought is universal and available to all. All are receivers of the thoughts poured in space, from the genius to a pettiness. Why then thoughts of people are so various, if access – for all? The great law of compliance, or the accord, is shown and here, in the field of thought, with a special force. Exactly here everyone reaps that seeded, and perceives thoughts in the exact accord with the receiver of consciousness. What receiver, are that and perceived thoughts. In the mental world there is everything that people ever thought: from the highest and finest images before terrible and terrible generations of darkness". And each person takes from there only that disbalance with the elements making his own essence. The law is fair and impartial. All reap from own crops. The person is in continuous contact with a spatial receptacle of thoughts, but scoops from there according to the accord. Therefore so variously that is perceived by the people even living nearby, even in an identical situation and conditions. The small polluted receiver of small limited consciousness from the boundless world of thought receives only that corresponds to it. However, and this small too grows and increases in the volume and the properties, thanks to this continuous spatial contact, but only in the area of the direction accepted by this consciousness. Nevertheless the rest remains closed, because the law of the accord works is immutable. Therefore it is necessary to approve in itself at least small that was than to attract to itself from space already bigger, and desirable character. Reapers everything, but – seeded. All have ability to perceive spatial thoughts, but only according to the accord with what fill their own consciousness. And it is possible to scoop from the boundless ocean of thought infinitely, if the nobility how to adjust the receiver on a certain wave of thought or rather on thought of a certain wave. The law of the accord will work automatically and magneto.
Boundlessness is bequeathed Me. Therefore, in any direction it is possible to direct infinately. It is possible to feel sometimes this possibility of boundless deepening and expansion of any phenomenon. If to stop thought on boundlessness of qualities, steps of ascension of spirit will gain more concrete character. Knowledge limit – pansophy, sight – an omniscience, hearing – a all-vouance, and so on – each of these properties infinately. So the aspiration to any of qualities leads the person to possibility of his infinite strengthening and development. It is necessary to have more confidence that Boundlessness shows the face in everything because any phenomenon in effect the infinately and concerns eternity from all directions as in it exists. Everything exists in Boundlessness and therefore has opportunity to develop and be improved infinately. Boundless to the opportunities lying before the person, we will be glad. It is necessary to realize them only.

105. (M.A.Y.). I with you will speak about the world of the Space Truth. It is combined with Beauty. Beauty we, accord serve Light. Service to Beauty obliges to approve it in all phenomena of life and in an inner world, and then the Beauty of the Space Truth will start opening to the person intimate essence. Are great in thoughts and your actions to attract to itself waves of the shining matter sated with beauty? The World the Highest is beautiful, - in judgment to the person. It is integral from those who devoted it to service to Beauty. The Beauty and roughness are incompatible. Therefore it is very much spoken about thinning. Thoughts fine are guests far of the Highest Elevated Worlds. It would be desirable to open your eyes on Beauty. It is a lot of it in the nature: its paints, mountains, and the woods and in flowers. It is a lot of it in sounds and the night clear sky. It is a lot of beauty in the world, but it is necessary to see it. It is necessary to adjust consciousness on a key of perception of all fines and through it to approach to Beauty. The beauty on Earth is only weak reflection of Beauty of the Elevated World. In Beauty terrestrial this World concerns the world terrestrial. Let the thought of the fine conduct consciousness to the World of Beauty of Boundlessness.

106. (May 7). By the heart of Great Heart having touched, the person creates the shining bridge of communication. Vibrations the Silver Bridge tell that it from the world surrounding it can't receive. The center of the Focus of Light for your planet is one. To it the consciousness, also directs to the Highest, but focus of the thinnest fiery energy available to it. And if the person wants to direct even above, it is possible only through Great Heart, but not differently. Because Told:" I am the Way, Truth and Life, and nobody can come to the Father, as soon as through Me". So the chain of Hierarchy remains indestructible, and to concern or approach to higher it is possible only through a link, to its adjacent closer. It is a lot of attempts to concern Me directly. But are unsuccessful because have no key. The key turns out from those, who costs closer and who has access. Certainly, everyone can approach and without intermediaries but only after receives a key. Keys from Light Kingdom, or Spheres Highest Energy, are given to mankind in our Doctrines during different eras. But how blind men if the Highest is denied by them can take them? At denial and keys are useless. Means, someone has to open eyes that people could see keys. In it value of intermediaries. That energy of My Beam to receive, it is necessary to know how it becomes. You receive, and they don't. Available to all becomes available only for the few, - because the majority plunged into denial. The sun is over all. But the stone a flower and a bird perceive energy it differently. Hearts of stone perceive the smallest quantity of beams of life. Everything is opened; everything if heart is ready to accept is available. Nowadays the special attention is paid on heart because the perception of the thinnest energy goes through it. So, if heart is opened and mind isn't saddened, available there is a World Highest Energy.

107. (M.A.Y.). In order that to deepen communication, we will resort to new, more distinguished way, namely: the magnet takes iron particles from a heap of diverse subjects; like it, the magnet of thought clear and accurate, premised in advance, from the tank of my spirit will be able to gather that this thought on affinity force will attract on an attraction. In the beginning nevertheless it is better to premise thought with a certain task, than to wait for thoughts passively. Even, if the accurate and clear question is put into thoughts, and it can give successful consequences. But avoid questions of terms, because not particularly neither day, nor hour... Here, you see itself as it is difficult to choose even a question – too them much, not clear, crowd in consciousness. But the question has to be certain, clear, exact and vitally essential, differently to you it isn't necessary and to disturb far heart. How be with the Doctrine?" Everything, to its relating, it is necessary to have at itself and with itself, but on condition of the full legend of consciousness to Will Lord. And full confidence that the Beam will protect. The fear is inadmissible. The constant feeling of in Beams, as in a cocoon protecting" is also necessary at this time. It isn't necessary the squeezeed-out and far-fetched questions; let them be put forward by life. But their formulation has to be very certain and stamping. Any vagueness and uncertainty are eliminated. On any question in need and firmly put answer won't slow down. As also the Lord Answers all asked questions, and Explains everything bewilderment, and did it repeatedly, only the consciousness doesn't want to see and doesn't notice that occurs in it. And after all how many time in given Records was received by answers and explanations to questions arising in serious interviews. Consciousness should bring more and thoughtfulness in this area. It is possible even to ask the necessary question since evening and not to be confused ease of received answers. When consciousnesses are very close, sometimes even it will be impossible to dismember that own, and that from Mother or the Lord because Paloria means full merge of consciousnesses together. These explanations are offered for not excellent application and the management.

108. (May 8). Concentration on Me in the Tower helps to leave the narrow personal sphere helps to punch an aura’s shell and to concern open spaces planetary. In the Tower widely also it is far visible. Personal any more doesn't dim a distance. The separation from personal also will be a separation from terrestrial because all great spirits led life superpersonal. Life is difficult, and the border between the personal and superpersonal sphere is thin. And sometimes it is difficult to separate personal aspiration from aspiration of service to people. But aspirations of egoism won't sustain light of Light: they burn down, and there is a person an empty cover if the birth of superpersonal fires doesn't fill the formed emptiness. Advance to Light, without having the, comes to an end a full devastation of heart. Faces suitable to Light should manage to be sorted. Rage of egoism won't pass test by time and sooner or later will recede. The Doctrine of Life doesn't give any personal benefits. The pink fog of novelty hides severity of service to Light. How many victims and deprived of terrestrial wellbeing we see among directed above-person. The first dreams are far from reality, but they are necessary to protect a spirit sprout. Severity of a feat is not under power to weak spirit. It is necessary to grow to a feat. Carefully we meet directed because who can tell what grain will give an ear the heaviest. Only tested in the long past it is accepted in an internal circle. The devoted pupil in Heart of the Teacher takes the place, but not passing by. There are a lot of them. And everyone applies for special attention and care. Shadows passing are so we Call them. But among passing is coming forever. They don't miss.

109. (M.A.Y.). Light reaches through aura. From itself not to leave, so and small "I" it is necessary to keep in an order. It demands attentive leaving. Personal trouble can stop Light access.

110. (May 9). Two persons can live in one house and even in one room. One can be in close contact with the hidden Teacher of Light, and fiery direct Them, and live in ardent feeling of the Future. In a word, burn with heart, receiving knowledge. And another will plunge at the same time into gloomy dregs of greyish narrow-minded vegetation. Everything depends on in what condition there are auras both. Whether consciousness receivers, and what last accumulation are pure. And not on a mirror it is necessary to expostulate if it reflects a curve face. Light reaches through aura. The mirror of spirit doesn't give the correct and accurate display of the world of the thinnest energy if its surface was stirred up and distorted, and chaotic movements in conductors broke its smooth surface. That is why it is very much spoken about tranquility. The act or the offense made in a condition of full tranquility, has in itself no those destructive consequences which are generated by the broken balance. Therefore it is necessary to store balance, despite everything, in all living conditions. Element of personal interest, setting in motion a matter of an astral cover, serves as the main reason breaking balance of spirit. The phenomenon of a superpersonal order has in itself no this lowest beginning and thereof rage of an astral in them can't come to light. It is favorable to spirit and it is useful to transfer the interests from the lowest covers above, to the sphere of interests of General Welfare – on mankind it is favorable. Otherwise "the particle divided" will inevitably grow thin. The full Bowl of General Welfare is better.

111. Without struggle of spirit there is no advance. Existence of opposite principles and here generates the spiral. It is necessary to take care of that this spiral was ascending only. It isn't necessary to be confused the phenomenon of continuous fights in itself at all. Let equally effective fighting forces gives overweight up. Then advance is provided. It the formula "and I after all Will Reach" is saving. Whether a little that can happen, not go back, and where? So advance goes under any circumstances. It also will be the correct installation of consciousness.

112. (M.A.Y.). It is a lot of concerns on anything. If compare concern that is expected in the future, that really occurs when this future comes, the difference turns out terribly. It is a lot of concerns and alarms in vain. Therefore it is better to look forward quietly and quietly to expect it. After all so many of the uneasily expected doesn't take actually a place. Why to spend in vain precious energy?" Let will be that will be, on that Will Lord", – the pupil will tell himself, believing on us all consciousness. To rely doesn't mean to be assigned powerlessly, to a pack it is similar, but means in full awe of consciousness to meet sent opportunities. The awe of keenness doesn't leave aspiring, and its spirit is new always. The secret of eternal youth of spirit should be understood heart. From here is and unfading cheerfulness. The despondency isn't peculiar to burning heart. Melancholy – not despondency, as well as grief. Often I grieve, seeing misunderstanding human. Often the grief filled heart, but there is no despondency in it. Qualities of spirit need thin recognition. On them also we estimate those, who come nearer to us. Therefore be not confused shortcomings and the weaknesses, but, rising over them spirit, firmly and safely go forward.

113. (May 10). Have patience. Have patience up to the end. Have it irrespective of when this desired end which will be the beginning of the new period in your life will come. How you will reach, patience without having kept? Expect the future, but not in personal measures: then the patience will suffice. About what is concern? After all It is told:" Don't think of that you to drink, or is, or in what to put on". Whether smothering no more food, and a body – clothes? Perhaps, you will tell: after a miracle I will believe, but miracles already were, and belief where? At insufficient trust even miracles are useless. For the fate you are anxious? But already I Told: nothing will concern you. From where mistrust? After all personal details of the Plan didn't come true, but it is excellent executed in all-planetary scale. Unless from personal death and suffering of the Savior it is possible to take out the conclusion, what its mission was unsuccessful? The personal benefit and General Welfare not always coincide. Also the question that you look for, what benefit – personal or the General is very important. Not it is possible to rely on all perceptions. But what from this follows? Not whether, what the receiver of consciousness should be cleaned? Or, maybe, the Lord Is mistaken? It is necessary to think strong before you will say this destructive formula. Yes, the truth, something promised didn't take place, but after all mobility of the Plan and caused these changes. While inalterability and mobility of the Plan aren't realized, not understand the events. What torments consciousness? Why not to them to go, and to you? Why to it, instead of Me? Why to us, instead of them? If the Decree or Council is given, only a little disciplined consciousness asks: "Why? » If soldiers of the best army begin to ask everyone the leader why and why he gives this or that order, it will be any more army, and crowd. And with crowd of a victory not get. Soldiers of Mine I Will read. And to soldiers close Decree: "The teacher, the Teacher Goes, Goes with the Decree arrow". What to do to you, go. All the same conditions will develop so; it is necessary what to go because are necessary. To what is vain doubts and uncertainty? If words don't convince, there is a life. It also will serve as the best convince of that what are the Instructions are correct and give away the best. It isn't necessary to be confused ease of perception and to consider that own thoughts are written down, after all they are contrary to personal thoughts and desires small terrestrial "I" because are sent by Me.

114. (M.A.Y.). What can I add? Unless that would like to good words were written, but belief in inalterability of the word of the Lord nevertheless couldn't approve. It is a lot of from Promised didn't take place? But after all the same was promised also to me, and still belief washing, confidence washing, didn't hesitate for a time on an iota. Why it? My son, devotion unconditional and not arguing is necessary. To think, consider and analyze the given doesn't mean at all to doubt and hesitate. The doubt makes cowardice when Greatness of Great Heart is measured by own a little. The terrible gap between reality and evidence turns out. And Maya generated by egoism shows the deceptive face. If you love, show the same degree of love and trust to Great Heart. What would be if Apostles after death of the Christ would begin to be tormented with doubts and uncertainty instead of action? After all even wouldn't learn about terrestrial mission of Great Spirit and wouldn't hear about the Doctrine its, in the Gospel the imprinted. You drive Cowardice, It courageous the Board.

115. (Guru). To us the cowards who are afraid of life, it isn't necessary. Safely go forward whatever waited for you ahead. Precepted the Lord and determination go courage of a lion all the way. And the step let will be firm, and the way let will be victorious. It is necessary not to argue, but all courage of heart to call and work without fear, fears and timidity hidden. Way only one is to the Lord, and all the rest – a mirage.

116. (May 11). If to believe that the understanding of reality depends on Proximity of the Lord and consists in Its World comprehension because It Is Truth, Maya seduction and Maya power over consciousness of a place won't have. It doesn't mean that the person becomes perfect, both won't make mistakes, and will get rid of all the shortcomings, no, but it will mean that the way is correct and that among surrounding inconstancy the point of support, or the life bases is found. Because, I is the Way, Truth and Life! That to the ship before, what waters its case plows, what winds and waves are met also by day or night above – he knows the way. And this way for your ship of spirit Am I. One ship goes to London, another to Sydney; the third to Stockholm – at all is the different direction. But My ships have the direction to Me, because I – harbor for spirit and an ultimate goal of appointment. And by whatever seas my ships floated, they know about spirit harbor in which for them the place for parking, repair and replenishment of the necessary stocks and fuel is always ready. Far from these harbors My big ships leave sometimes, but always come back. Small boats far don't venture but if the small vessel is hammered strong together even, even it can venture a long journey. It is possible to think sometimes and that return to Me is inevitable and nothing will avert mine from this, a time far, but intimate expected meeting. Return, at least temporary, in a bosom of the Father is compensation to spirit for works is suffered for sufferings tested, for the passable burden of the dense evolution, which has been carried out by it out of boundless open spaces of the Hidden World. To accept again dense evolution for the following embodiment, the spirit has to have the right to update the forces. Otherwise won't sustain a flesh. The consolation that the spirit finds rest in World Mine from difficulties of life terrestrial and that World Mine spirit of my sons can concern when spirit will want to concern them. My doors for recognizing Me and to Me directed are open. I Is Alpha and Omega. To Me directed connects itself with the beginning and the end of everything that is, and that closes the Eternity circle in uniform understanding of life. Know one: all can leave or leave, can all from life leave and everything, but the Lord while heart is turned to It never Leaves. Even relatives My, shipped strong in Maya embraces, by care I Won't leave because I Know that will punch hour them, the future will open, and again they will direct to Me as directed strong once in last centuries. And the experience obtained in wanderings, to it to the aid I Will turn. But addressing to Me never I Reject because a gate of My World is open for the hearts opened to Me. So, among incessant flashing of days and nights I Remain the Uniform Basis.

117. Correctly you think, believing that on nature of call it is possible to address to different Drivers, but through Me. And My Beam will help to assimilate in unusual waves of other High consciousnesses. For this purpose also there is a Chain Hierarchical. Direct contact happens is impossible because of a terrible divergence of vibrations of so various auras. How many centuries and efforts were required on, that harmonize our auras. Ease of perception is very relative because behind this ease stand for many years persistent work during many embodiments, and even in this, the last life, how many it was necessary to work adequately to assimilate the sent Beam. And that is easy for consciousness assimilating the Beam, improbably difficult and is impossible for consciousness usual. And it too shouldn't be surprised. Each achievement is got by persistent work, and it especially is valuable. And whether We Can, it is a lot of works and efforts to that put, not to rejoice when we See fruits? Be glad also you to a prosperity earned. Your pleasure to spiritual your achievement is pleasure and to us.

118. (M.A.Y.). Native Mine, repeated your attempts to enter into communication with me – are correct. Communication we will approve by a rhythm repeated. Then on my messages the bright print of my Identity will lay down. It is difficult only in the beginning. If you can perceive thoughts of the Lord, you will be able to accept and mine. I belong besides to the Space Beam, as you. I read pages of your life when I want, and often thought washing gets into your consciousness though you and don't give yourself in it the report. Conscious rhythmic contact will clear up also definiteness our relationship and will facilitate your terrestrial way. It is necessary to work well together closer. It is necessary in the spirit of to clean and realize dense barriers given the chance. Understanding – a work half, because leads to mastering of the desirable ability. I for its part will make everything that for this purpose it is necessary, but also you with the have to do everything possible if you want to achieve success. Well in the spirit of to be together. All dividing should be cleaned. Space, time and all other, promoting consciousness of a separation us from each other, it is necessary to withdraw from thoughts. I near and thought with you when your spirit strong wants it. The rhythm strengthens process and deepens it. Native mine, everything is possible, everything is available now. And even it isn't necessary to be surprised simplicity and availability of unusual opportunities. Special now time which isn't repeated... Spirit with you is Mother.

119. (Guru). Aspiration to contact with me I welcome. Long ago it would be time. Misunderstanding covers my proximity, and it is difficult to concern then thought to heart. And you hindrances clean. I – Sent to the world your Lord, and through me you approached to It. Therefore, our communication is direct. In what misunderstanding if we serve one Teacher? Consciousness assimilation with my vibrations is insufficient. It is made through heart and as thinking levers, when it isn't present difficult turn. They should be greased. The love and appreciation will be the best lubricant.

120. (May 12). We exult to the victory phenomenon. Know it and advance events. Who knows them? I Know. Approve tranquillity. Is and on our street a holiday. Therefore I Speak: "Rejoice!” Leave condemnations: to anything they. The hostile environment has really huge value as the creating force. Not in statements and in the statement of the future accept it as inevitability. The ship moves thanks to resistance of the environment (water). Otherwise there would be a screw, without working. Counteraction of the environment creates possibility of advance. Whether I am ready? Readiness is measured by quantity of condensed Light. It is very pleasant to feel (or to feel) currents of love and it is painful – hatred and unfriendliness. It is impossible to be the center radiating prickly currents. For council I will be at the right time. For now wait: I in the Tower and you in work. To celestial monastery proximity I Send in beams of morning.

121. Thought pulsation – the phenomenon low-studied. The thought lives and pulses in space as everything pulses that is in the world – from an atom kernel to the Sun. This pulsation amplifies at concentration on thought. Also amplifies especially accurately if in thought warm energy is put. It is necessary to think that such blessing or a damnation in effect the. The same principle, as in teraphim, only degrees of its display are various. But in the basis of all these phenomena the thought lies. So again we arrive at idea – a basis real. The worlds created by creative will of Builders, are saturated with a pulsation of the energy, which have caused them to life. It is possible to judge power of this energy at least on periodically amplifying pulsation of the Sun. At the heart of a pulsation the rhythm lies.

122. (M.A.Y.). Native mine and we will strengthen our communication by a rhythm. It is important to understand that in the presence of the approved rhythm the phenomenon, to its subject, will increase all the time in the force. Therefore it is possible to be absolutely quiet for the future that is that, time the beginning was necessary to something, it will develop and get stronger if the rhythm is observed. It is possible to put aside all thoughts of uncertainty in success. There will be everything closer and closer in process of repeated attempts. And any more attempts, but the valid communication will be approved. Native Mine, condemnations it is necessary to leave. In them there is nothing creative. They are absolutely insalubrious. Not always pleasantly to know faces of friends without masks, but the nobility – doesn't mean at all to condemn. Learn to be able to know and learn without condemnation. It too is property Arhat's. In everything, in all little things in life Arhat approves the superior qualities of spirit. You remember words:" Arhat is not the distant fairy tale", – here also I want that the fairy tale became a reality. Make efforts becoming the son, worthy the Great Father that I could be proud of you. Pride of spirit in itself approves, but not as people but as Arhat claims approve pride. Pride of spirit and spirit advantage is the phenomena unseparable. As the son of having felt, be kept by spirit at height. Also remember precept heroes. Why not to pass life heroes everything, who follows the Lord?

123. (Guru). We will be to be approved also by a rhythm, my friend. The will possesses ability to draw attention of to whom it is directed. It is possible to think of why the thought still didn't come to heart with me to be reported. But everything is good in its season. For the future it is necessary to become strong. At sufficient reciprocity it is easily possible to strengthen itself. My motto is action. It is impossible without existence of fiery energy. But when it is, actions become fiery. Difference between actions usual and actions fiery that is the first quickly settles itself; consequences of fiery actions are long extraordinary. In centuries and the millennia there passes a fiery thread. Not without reason after all I Spoke about carrying out longer line. I spoke that could understand how it is possible to extinguish darkness of triumphing vanity. The winner has to show power of fiery action.

124. (May 13). Yes! Yes! Yes! I approve possibility of happiness. Only it is necessary to think, in what it. If all yours is concentrated in Me, these opportunities if in the terrestrial – the happiness terrestrial is possible also are close, but the highest is impossible. So we will share happiness into two half: happiness terrestrial and happiness of the Highest Worlds, also we will be aware, which happiness heart collects. That and another can't be combined therefore and it is necessary to choose, and, having chosen, to put the heart to it without the rest, and with what heart will arrive, becomes possible. But is incorrect opportunities happiness terrestrial, because are short and terrestrial and are developed in Maya kingdom. But happiness elevated the shape shining can light up your way. Its feeling is combined with pleasure. Pleasure Space, the pleasure of the Highest Worlds, – to whom is available it on Earth? And still We Say that the pleasure is special wisdom. Means, the pleasure is a special aspect of wisdom because the Space pleasure is combined with it. Certainly, not about terrestrial this pleasure but when it trembles in heart, and heart lights up with its light. Light of pleasure of the Highest as it seldom shines among people! It is a lot of grief on Earth, and even in many knowledge there is a lot of it, but I Told that this grief will be in pleasure for those who with Me. And therefore I Speak: "Rejoice, children because time of great fulfillments came nearer. And let this pleasure will be not about itself, not about relatives, not about terrestrial, but about the Highest, nowadays the future to the world. The inspiration or revival of spirit precedes this pleasure and accompanies it. Therefore I Speak: and your grief will be in pleasure". One pole of terrestrial feelings approves another – elevated, and depth of grief measures pleasure depth. Therefore I Speak:" Rejoice, children". When the fiery note of spirit sounds harmoniously in space, on a key of pleasure it sounds, a song of the spirit, triumphing the victory over prostrate Maya world – a victory and release.

125. (M.A.Y.). Today I will tell you that proximity is glad to the growing. Now is special time, when communication of two worlds of the possible it becomes lawful; not calling of the dead, not violence over a nature, but shining communication of spirit with invisible spheres through the perfected and trained thought. In a word, the psych equipment, which is almost applied in life? Enlightenment to My sphere is possible, but they whereas the thought being both in mine, and at your order, will be the best bridge between us are difficult and rare. It is possible to work with thought as it is exact, sure and resolute, as the surgeon doing difficult operation – tools. But he long studied that and gained experience. We will study also. What pleasure understanding that it is possible to study always gives and it is possible to study endlessly, to study and will refine the device. Let the feeling of growing proximity between us will be growing pleasure of spirit. Don't forget that probably now. And me too the pleasure delivers this rapprochement. My son, sharp and deep grief, which you tested owing to My Leaving, serves as pledge of depth of that pleasure which communication with me to you, My son will bring. In the heart of Mother a place find, corresponding to expected rapprochement. The magnet of love is powerful and doesn't know dense barriers.

126. (Guru). The lord Replies always, when the address to Him is rather strong. As also I, with It going, answer on magnetization of the accord of our consciousnesses. It is necessary to think accurately, and especially at the address. To be able to premise accurate clear thought – a success half. The thought comes into contact. The instrument of thought has to be perfected and always near at hand. It is necessary to pay attention to how get into the consciousness receiver conformable and that the main thing, thoughts habitual for it. That more expand them, it is necessary to depart from it more. And here self-dismissal and dedication are necessary. The precept, urging to be rejected from itself, depths extraordinary (it is deep extraordinary). It is so important that, without having rejected itself, without having dumped the lowest covers, not to enter into the Kingdom of Light. Here also we will study self-dismissal on big and small. But, adjoining to me, not the world and the thoughts you want to impose me, but to concern my world and My thoughts. It is impossible to apprehend them, without having painted the aura because reaches consciousness through it. But aura and egoism not same: the aura promotes perception and serves as the intermediary, the egoism self-approving, disturbs. You want from me to receive council? Strengthen consciousness of a not destroyed and insolubility of a kernel of spirit and about it saves up energy of skilled knowledge that is from the world terrestrial transfer aspiration to the World the Highest and in it and lives. It is possible to live in World Highest, living on Earth and in a body. Access to this World is open always. In it also live, and to us you will become closer.

127. (May 14). Correctly! Contact proceeds in beat and under any conditions and conditions of consciousness. In the same way and the Sun ascends every morning whatever – occurred on Earth. As also inalterability of movement in the future by a continuous communication with the Teacher of Light remains to a constant always. If to put it in dependence on the conditions, passing and casual, it means to give the most valuable that the person on Earth, in the power of the astral not subdued to will has. From this it follows that this communication is approved and supported over that life and those movements which happen in an astral cover and it first of all, and then, and in the mental. Whether few what thoughts can occur – all of them are swept aside a side if don't correspond to the communication moment. Mistakes and weaknesses are possible and obvious, but would be big and irreparable delusion owing to these reasons to stop a rhythm of the established communication. It isn't enough devotees among the honorable citizens who are considered by decoration of society. Loyalty and virtue, in the usual sense and display, doesn't conduct to spirit tops. Other is necessary also something: the burning of heart assimilating each quality of spirit and giving to it (this quality) to dynamics of commitment. The loyal and standard virtue is often trampled down on one place, without having forces to direct forward. That from this that water in a well pure – is cold in it and is gloomy, and the Sun beam never reaches there. We Prefer the ringing mountain stream which streams sparkle and shine on the Sun thousand multi-colored fires. We Love the morning song of a spring, but not stiffened gloom of a well.

128. Will ask still why there are a lot of words among yours and so few affairs? Answer:" If affairs you read only visible to an eye, your judgment" is one-sided. The world visible, dense is as though the basis of the shown world, and the World Thin, hidden – the elevated part of a structure towering over the base. Durability, width and depth of the basis allow judge an elevated super structure. The floor is higher, it is visible around further, and from the highest point it is possible to see the horizon, and the sky is opened for an eye. It is impossible to judge the phenomenon only on the base. The base won't tell about that life, which goes in the building. The judgment on the base will be unilateral. And about your affairs who can judge or know about thought flights? The main function of knots of transfer of Light is a transmutation of thin energy in the thought-over and finished images of thought feeding space around, and also conformable consciousnesses. Even usual consciousnesses catch something and eat from those who are able to shine. Therefore the formulation of a question will be wrong and a question inappropriate. The one, who doesn't know can ask only. And knowing won't ask because sees. Therefore to judgments and condemnations human it isn't attached significance. Can't judge blind that didn't see and doesn't know.

129. Severe self-criticism also is alone very useful. Leave infallibility to the self-shown clerical authorities. You consider shortcomings and the mistakes for their ardent gets rid. The difficult analysis of wrong action has to reveal its insolvency. Prohibition something is unconvincing. But harm of the undesirable phenomenon in itself, understood and experienced, can easily avert spirit from it. It is also good to take a detached view sometimes of yourself as though as you look at other people. It is a lot of curious and not noticed until then it can unexpectedly be found. Self-criticism isn't a self-torment, itself eats and painful introspection, but healthy attempt to consider the forces, abilities, weaknesses and shortcomings. Self-examination is necessary for faster advance.

130. (M.A.Y.). My son says goodbye everything if finally everything wins against spirit and steadily continues to move ahead. But, if mistakes moved an aspiration bowl, a grief is gone back. Therefore hello to winners firm, not stopping before anything which nothing will detain and won't break. My motto is forward and only forward. And there, then, itself will open that is good, and that is bad. And bad will disappear from spirit as faded leaves disappear to make room for the new. It was told about a gain of the new spheres, new energy of the highest tension. Gain it goes by means of thought. The thought distinguished realizes this energy into forms and makes them available for people. Thus, the courageous thought gets into these spheres, as though opening them, is similar new, until then to unexplored lands, and to those doing for people to them access possible. The main work goes in thought spheres. On thought is the main emphasis. It is joyful to Me to see how persistently directed your thought wins all new and new spheres of understanding and, imprinting these gains in the accurate and finished forms, leaves to people ample opportunities to concern these spheres and to go deep into researches of again opened areas of thought. Perfect analogy with those daredevils, new lands, in order that people could to direct there and to use them for life. I can tell one: if on the present and already reached to judge the future, it is possible to be glad greatly to that waits ahead of each fearless and tireless conqueror of spheres of the Highest tension of the thinnest fiery energy.

131. (Guru). I love the power phenomenon. I love displayed it in the person. Power of the Lord! As strongly sound these words. The power of tranquility, power of balance, power of will – and all these concepts of the potential are boundless. Costs only all heart to start directing to them as they will begin to reveal and be developed in the person in all the beauty and greatness. But who is he who understands, what means to direct all heart, all display, all being, all microcosm with its all energy, in its prisoners? Why we speak about flights? Whether not therefore, what when flying all particles of a body flying in aspiration according to take part in this movement? Only completeness of aspiration gives desirable consequences. To direct to what filled heart, means to reach. But it is necessary that heart was filled to edges, to a limit, when all is excluded foreign and disturbing. So the Lord Learns.

132. (May 15). When consciousness movement around stopped and the circle turned into an ascending spiral, then in an inner world of people lives, in the world, which is constantly new and imperfect: part of the phenomena, which from last imperfection, certainly; part of the phenomena going on change to old, the phenomena new and best, it isn't approved yet. Process of change is continuous; replacement old the new is often painful; fight by time is difficult, but the spiral directing puts consciousness in a condition of continuous updating. Therefore the freshness of novelty, cheerfulness and youth of spirit is noted in ascending aspiration of consciousness. Sometimes it is difficult to leave century heaps, sometimes it is a pity for century litter, but it is necessary to go forward, but it is necessary to improve, but it is necessary to deepen and strengthen process of a transmutation. Without changing, you won't be able to enter into Light Kingdom, without having become others. Keeping feeling of inviolability of grain, it is possible to direct to investing it stratifications, worthy the purposes great – merges, merges conscious with a source of eternal life, from, where the spirit condescended. It also will be return to the House Father, in the Kingdom of the Father only. This great and far purpose can be held constantly before itself. And all surrounding conditions to consider somehow that at the correct installation of consciousness have to promote this purpose always. It can give the chance to take each step in the necessary direction without wandering, without distracting aside and without receding back. And then all actions of the person gain nature of expediency, commitment and commensurability. And where it was, and what it did and what there were surrounding conditions, the concept of a way and feeling of a way never any more doesn't abandon the person. Travelers eternal or travelers of Eternity it is called such, the appointment realized, or travelers of the Great Way. Space constantly rushes forward in an impulse of eternal aspiration and improvement. The principle of Evolution space also is universal. The end to movement isn't present. Great Pralaya after Great Manvantara is again replaced in the Afternoon of Bramah, and world movement up, to the Highest Forms of a display, proceeds with a new force. The way is long (the way is infinite). Boundlessness is shown on this way. But it also is a life. And in a small piece of the present day, and in billions years of Days and Nights of Bramah it is approved obviously. It is necessary to enter more deeply consciousness into the essence of this all-space movement. To enter into a rhythm of world Evolution and to feel the active directed particle Uniform Great Whole. If understanding took place and the feeling of the personality, feeling of a separate and isolation from the Great World Stream is lost absolutely, and there is a person an integral part of Great Space Life, the unity with it was realized. This life is eternal, it doesn't know death. It acquaints the person to an assembly of the immortal. But life small, terrestrial, takes its course, and the Sun, and still cares of day still ascends and sets, changing, rise before the person. But the vanity power is already destroyed, death grip of the present is dumped from the consciousness, which have begun to see clearly Eternity, and is vigorous, and dared, and freely there is already a spirit to new victories over life. The person constantly moves in time and entirely depends on it that each step was taken in the necessary and correct direction because everything is made in the spirit of, and in the spirit of – process. Not in hands, not in feet, but, truly, in the spirit of. To realize all importance of the spiritual processes which are occurring inside, and will be a victory over evidence dense, which in itself anything? Why mighty strength of mind to attribute to something outside and the power given to the person over a flesh, to give to this flesh, that is a matter, to dispose which and to dominate over which from the beginning of times precepted and it is fated to the person. In total is inside. Potential of spirit is inexhaustible and boundless, and forces it are boundless. Truly, I Speak to you: you are gods. But gods put "an oven pot" at the head of a corner and kowtow in a pettiness because a pettiness chose, both a pettiness preferred, and a pettiness became. But I speak to you: you are gods.

133. (M.A.Y.). Working with the Name of the Lord, you clear away a way to success. And I went through life too the Name of the Lord. If you want be a successful and to succeed, the Name Its move ahead. Good luck understands widely, not in narrow measures of egoism. More widely wide to weave memory lives a wonderful pattern, a spirit pattern. Everyone leaves after itself in space a pattern of movement of life. The tape of the passable life which is so easy for carrying out before the eyes, leaves channels in space, because it is imprinted in the form the crystallized and images them it is possible to see, and not mentally, but personally if to have access to Akasha's chronicle. It is possible to see the past and the, and others, as well as the past of Earth and the people. Let's speak about the individual past. It is good when the spirit can be ashamed of it therefore and it is necessary to speak about spirit advantage to protect from wrong and shameful actions and acts. It is good when the pupil can imagine that there is he under continuous supervision of the Teacher. Before the Face of the Teacher it is difficult to make an unworthy act. But it is necessary that representation it was not abstract and theoretical, but vital and real. : See, and Know, and Mourn are frequent, seeing the affairs not compatible to concept of an apprenticeship. I know also. Not to condemnation I speak, and giving strength the advantage to approve by the life beseeming the attendant of Light.

134. (Guru). So, we will meet every day to struggle with new determination up to the end, to a clear victory over myself. To fight and win – will be my precept. Fight and victory is and there is a life passed with advantage and it is expedient. All go everyone the way and everyone to the purpose. They different, but we go to most the Lord, and it is necessary remember at all o'clock day and night.

135. (May 16). Light Face, Light bearing and Light sating all, addressing to It, Face Lightful Lords obviously itself Approves in consciousness of spirit, made Communication the life. Also there is this Light so necessary and necessary, as the Sun, as air, as food for spirit. Light of the Face of the Lord is a perennial spring of the thinnest energy. The organism can't apprehend at once them, for them being not prepared is long and gradually. At approach of the Lord Light is felt by all, but only on ability of containment of Light. Former accumulation both here matter and here the accord display them, allowing conformable in a microcosm of the person elements to catch vibrations of fiery energy. Blind and deaf – is those who even small in itself have no that was to what to put, is about what It is told that will be taken away from them and that have. It is necessary to bring, it is necessary though something to bring, at least small to receive the bigger. Whether a question "You believe?" premises opportunity to establish, whether there are in the comer for the help conformable elements to which as to levers, it would be possible to put necessary to energy that these levers could start operating, opening an entrance for Light access. Wanting Light receives it, but many souls are tightly closed, and Light are inaccessible to them. Without Light there comes outflow of life and a necrosis, and there are people live dead persons. It is a lot of consciousnesses numb and alive decaying. It is a lot of the consciousnesses, ready to open and answer an appeal. For them also we Send to the world of our Elite that Light to the world bore for needing it. That is why service to Light is so important and considerable. Besides, it is necessary to feed and those who in itself already opened access to Light, because the food is even more necessary for spirit, than food for; bodies. Able to give as it isn't enough of you. As there aren't enough sowers! Before Great Crops we Bring together all who can bear Light, both strenuously and tensely we Sate them with knowledge and the energy necessary to a full limit of their ability to contain. Also it isn't necessary to be surprised when the knowledge joins the conformable and ready receiver a wide wave. It is necessary to sate to be in time before the sower leaves in the field. Field crops it is huge, and the need in Light seeds is great. Scattered seeds won't simply lie down in space, but magneto will be attracted to conformable consciousnesses. It is various and has to be rich these crops. But it is necessary to find a proper word for all, who will approach. As it is wide and the versatile there has to be a thought sating. It is necessary to find an accord thread with each consciousness coming nearer behind Light how it was far from the sower. It is necessary to leave any personal prejudice. And if someone came, it is necessary to give – according to the accord, on commensurability and on consciousness. It is impossible to give more, and it is impossible to give less, but it is so much, how many can contain the suitable. Therefore thinning and recognition is the integral qualities of our pupils. Hastily I Prepare consciousnesses for opportunities of coming day!

136. (M.A.Y.). Darling, you will be convinced itself soon that our communication not a fruit of your imagination, and something much bigger and more considerable. Thought, being the intermediary between the worlds, will serve us as the reliable bridge. I emphasize that the thought is the agent acting both in dense, and in Thin, and Fiery Worlds. Everything is available to it, and there are for it neither barriers, nor locks. But the weapon of thought is difficult and thin and demands very skillful address. And here comes to the rescue of the psych technician, which eliminates from this area any fog, uncertainty and a guessing Laws of usual mechanics are exact, and equipment rules are clear, they are same and in psych equipment. The mysticism and magic are cancelled, the occultism is replaced with exact knowledge of the highest energy, and the psych equipment becomes a method of the scientific treatment of them. Communication submits to exact rules of psych equipment. Wire individual or a wire spatial work smoothly. Therefore, it is necessary to put into practice available knowledge. I will try to specify it. The image of the correspondent (that is from the answering), clearly and accurately represented, serves as a link. The receiver of consciousness is open only for it and is absolutely isolated as from all other consciousnesses, so, whenever possible, and from the outside world. The thought strongly connects these two centers of consciousness: consciousness directing to contact and the consciousness, magneto wanting communication of consciousness involved by fiery aspiration. Certainly, the accord demands preliminary assimilation of consciousness, which are possible thanks to collaboration of this or that duration. Contact according to the accord and without this condition but if there were meetings once in the past when consciousnesses worked well together with each other is possible. It is possible as well a case when auras are close or related and belong to one vibration beam. Then the understanding occurs without preliminary assimilation of consciousness. But in case of the Teacher and the pupil assimilation of consciousnesses is necessary because the difference in tension of aura’s radiations is too great. The consciousness of the pupil directs to rise to consciousness of the Teacher, and it can't be reached suddenly. So, when the receiver of consciousness is open, in its thoughts start arriving. These thoughts separated from the usual thinking, it is necessary to be able to catch and note in consciousness. The rhythm facilitates all process. Such qualities of Spirit as love, appreciation, honoring, friendliness, goodwill, courage, cheerfulness and all other possess direct magnetic force and attract the necessary consciousness as they attract people and in Life usual. The rage, doubt, irritation and all dark properties human push away strong and at contact stop all opportunities. To have the consciousness receiver in full readiness is hard business because terrestrial life brings, tearing apart consciousness, a dissonance. It is necessary to work much before adjusting the receiver of consciousness. I rejoice to that in our communication a lot of things are already overcome and there was it possible. The vast experience of Communication with Heart Great stable to us each other opened access, - about a spatial wire after.

137. (Guru). Today we will think over courage of action. If the decision on action took place, it has to be carried out courageously and fearlessly. Elements of fear shouldn't be at action departure. Fear elements magnetic: they attract currents of destructive energy, which undermine a monolith of action from space and destroy it. Fearlessness is property, vital at departure of all actions. It isn't necessary to be afraid of anybody and anything: neither people, nor conditions, neither future, nor life. The root of fear is rooted out by a resolute hand from depths of consciousness. The fear is deep and diverse. As it is frequent clouding life occurs from unconscious fear, nestled somewhere in these consciousness depths. For today we will remember – fearlessness of action.

138. (May 17). The world is wide, and its opportunities are unlimited, but the solution of everything should be looked for at Us and through Us. As though wonderful glasses puts on looking for on eyes of the soul and through them starts seeing what can't be seen as usual eye. Let's take for an example the television phenomenon. People, without knowing, limit its opportunities to the purchased device and put itself in dependence on the television center and its program while the similar device, only even more perfect, but free, is in his own brain and the mental organization. And it isn't enough that it is there, the person already uses it constantly, though doesn't give itself in it the report. The person thinks images or representations. Constantly, in his consciousness there are these or those pictures, constantly replacing one another. Usually this process is automatic, reflex and isn't regulated by will consciously. Powerlessly thoughts flow, powerlessly causing the corresponding images. In case of a certain work images appearing in consciousness contact it and the will channelizes them, but doesn't operate their current firmly and resolutely. The trained mind of the scientist or the researcher usually brings more order in this process, but nevertheless awareness of miraculousness of the phenomenon and its opportunities is absent absolutely. And meanwhile the fiery mental device of the person is really wonderful. They can perfectly know. It is possible to take any ancient subject and, having concentrated on it, to carry out all that tape of the vibrations imprinted on this subject, which ever arose in the sphere of its visibility before a soul eye. Yes! Yes! Yes! Ability to see and imprint on itself or in itself visible possesses not only the person or an animal, but also plants, but also all things, both subjects, and all matter of which they consist. Not they, namely the matter full yet of opportunities not studied by the person, possess this surprising property. But to this property it is necessary to find a key. This key is at the person, who can see and hear everything that is recorded in a matter, or, better to say, in memory of the nature because also Akasha's rolls are imprinted too in a matter, which many forms modern science for the present don't admit. One is undoubted: that often the thought is accompanied by visual impression, but not usual, and thin order. In him such eye clearly and distinctly the person sees a mental image of the thought, which have arisen in his consciousness. If, to concentrate thought on any question, and the current of images will occur according to this question. If to concentrate thought on a certain subject, having excluded all stirring and foreign thoughts, and then process to leave, having provided to the vibrations going from a subject, as though to speak for itself and to develop energy the before consciousness, it is possible to see at first fragments, and then already and the whole coherent pictures of that once I saw this subject round myself. A lot of things were seen by walls of ancient buildings, a lot of things are seen by walls of houses and imprint, as on a tape, everything occurring in them. And everything seen by them, can see and the person if his centers are rather refined. But enlightenment in this area to some extent has or had everyone. It is a lot of fleeting and unclear feelings and feelings is caused by these stratifications. Trouble all that people persistently don't wish to give themselves the report that they see, hear and feel out of a cliche. After all in the same way it is possible to feel not only things, but also the person. Women in this regard show much more keenness. Great vigilance and observation are required to the impressions before the person will be able to turn the necessary key, by which the wonderful device, in it being is locked. At first about existence of such device it is necessary to learn, then to realize its value and opportunities and, having recognized, to start gradually and putting carefully it in action. The new Fiery Era coming provides in hands of the person and new opportunities, which demand ardent understanding before they can start be applied. It is necessary to pay special attention to ability of the person to see the third eye and to cause before it an image of any subject. The attention meanwhile is paid to this amazing creative ability to create from thin matter desirable images more few as it underlies everything that is ever created by hands human. Not in forces of people to create anything, without having premised creative power of thought creating images for preliminary registration in images of invisible to a physical eye that he conceived and that he wants to carry out subsequently in life, that is on Earth, that is in dense, already visible, forms. The images created by it are seen first of all by him, but them invisible to an eye, can see the same third eye and the stranger. And often sees feels and realizes, unfortunately, without giving itself in it the report. Listening to the project or the plan of new construction, the listener, by means of already words, instead of directly, brings the home desirable images. But the perception can go both directly and directly, without the aid of words. Thought transfer is based on it. But how many thoughts and images are transferred and perceived hourly without any understanding of occurring process. I want to open eyes to deny on the wonderful world round them and the wonderful opportunities being in their own hands. For their understanding and mastering of denial by them it is necessary to forget and simply to open an eye to see. Both to see, and to the person it is allowed to hear far outside usual opportunities.

139. (M.A.I.). Correctly, correctly, correctly: all opportunities promised us on meeting Earth, alas, not taken place; it is possible to carry not on any long-term future, but on now, and – in the conditions of thin. Everything is feasible, and – now, but not on the plan terrestrial. All aspirations, dreams and hopes are transferred to conditions extra dense, and the dream becomes any more dream, and reality of the Elevated World. Means, all complex of feelings is transferred above both desired merge and proximity of consciousnesses are carried out of limitation of dense conditions. But the same our terrestrial meeting would be short and then again separation and a sharp grief of loss. Even the death can't interrupt thin proximity. In the spirit of everything it is possible. In the spirit of I is close, in the spirit of and we will approve our communication with new force and with new understanding of boundless opportunities of spirit. All tenderness, both caress, and care, which my son wanted to render to me on Earth, I it is joyful and all heart I accept in my spheres for greater strengthening of threads binding us. I send all caresses of my heart, love and care and I approve you in your desire to become even closer to me three times. Both the growing love and devotion to Great Heart will serve us as a strong link. At first we will become stronger mutually, and then and to energy of happiness I will send to help to find in heart of force with honor and fiery to execute the forthcoming mission of life. The great Assignment waits for the son, for his acceptance and I prepare.

140. (Guru). Hammer of will we will break all barriers on our way. Under blow of a hammer of will that resist? After all it is possible blow and to repeat, and – with a bigger force. Frequency of strong-willed blow is a little realized. Its great force, exactly, increases in frequency. The master of fate can repeatedly lift a powerful hammer of will. You learn to use will, this mighty fiery force, which doesn’t know limits of power of the development. Both the will and muscles equally need exercise, that is application in life. But even the muscle can't be put in action without a will impulse. A little value of will is understood. Why the affairs Put by Great Spirits prosper? Because grains of fiery will were put in them. Why deserts prosper? Who put power of will in this idea of the current eyelid? What it’s potential if these ideas so strong are carried out in life? Life and the worlds move will, once, and somewhere, and somehow put to everything that is. The scale of manifestation of will is wide. And everyone has it in any size. I want that as you please, through me approached, became stronger in every possible way. I will help to strengthen the force.

141. (May 18). Wire spatial and wire single. It is possible to use both that, and another. Difference just the same as though the pupil went to the unknown country with the Teacher or one. When using a spatial wire it is possible and has to assimilate itself to the diver, who went down in the sea for studying of its depths, but in the same time it is connected by a hose giving air from the base. This hose constantly in operation also means life for the diver. The break of a hose involves death. Many dangers expect the daredevil in space depths, it is a lot of abysses, it is a lot of whirlpools bottomless, it is a lot of whirlwinds around, able to carry away far and irrevocably. Life spatial is full of fascinating interest and dangers. Certainly, using a spatial wire not so dangerously as flights from which it is possible and not to return, but nevertheless it is necessary to consider that a window opened in the hidden world, can bring different voices. Therefore, venturing in space, it is necessary to hold with Hierarchy uninterrupted communication, as the diver with base by means of a hose. The diving suit is replaced with the spiritual armor protecting the person from unexpectedness of new conditions. The armor this, given to the accord with aura of the Teacher and vibrations of the highest order, will serve as though as special sight, or the spirit feelers, giving the chance to concern the phenomena according to the accord. This condition much more will reduce probability of unpleasant surprises or unpleasant impressions. After all and here, as well as everywhere, the perception occurs according to the accord. Best of all at immersion to the ocean of spatial thought in advance to adjust the consciousness receiver respectively. Weak-willed and aimless thoughts can send the person to the power of undesirable currents. It is better to have before itself a clear and definite purpose, that is to premise accurate thought that it is desirable to apprehend and then to enrich consciousness. Like the thrown boomerang, such, premised with a definite purpose, the thought, comes back to send, but loaded related to it elements and enriched with the additional contents. Magnetic current directs in space and comes back to send it burdened magneto by attracted new thoughts. The thought magneto grows in space. The baby bird in a nest – about the father and mother also doesn't venture out of his limits. Also children without parents, being helpless, won't risk far to depart. But here at a baby bird grew wings, and flights become possible. And the grown spirit becomes capable to independent actions. We rejoice, when we see ability and desire to stand on own feet. Independence and consciousness of responsibility at all don't mean that the Teacher will be not necessary; on the contrary, under these conditions Council of the Teacher is especially valuable. Everything is opened, all is available. And the spirit itself chooses, on what channels its aspiration will go. Know that the aspiration magnet surely attracts the desirable. Thought magneto, and the space is opened for spirit. Means, it is possible to grow and increase the riches you.

142. (M.A.Y.). Native mine, write, as it is written. Then it will be selected itself, and on requirements of spirit. Not for yourself you write, but for the future. Everyone will gather according to the accord. In the beginning this element even will be strong is it is necessary for the statement of in new conditions of perception. Then it will be replaced with elements superpersonal. People have close friends and acquaintances – all in a physical body. You can have close friends out of it, and with them you can enter into communication. But it is necessary, as well as in the conditions of terrestrial, to have or create binding threads. Swedenborg talked to one incarnation people, who visited him, but it already psyches. Our area – area of binding thought. It should be realized firmly not to do attempts to hit in psyches area. At communication mental complete equilibrium remains, it even increases and amplifies while the psyches constantly threaten with balance violation. And usually to it also brings. Health of spirit very important and is necessary at the adoption of communication with thin energy. Through me you will give to people the certificate of that thought it is possible to communicate with left from Earth. Anywhere in literature there are no instructions settling about it. Not a necromancy, not calling, not astral ghosts, not a psyches, but area of the healthy shining joyful thought connecting consciousnesses one incarnation with living on Earth. This way of communication is lawful, both is available, and doesn't undermine body health. Thought the consciousness of the spirit embodied to consciousness which has left Earth rises, and thoughts conduct an exchange. After all, eventually, and on Earth people communicate thought: language, speech, the hearing aid – only intermediaries factors for transfer of thought and replace thoughts in itself they can't. At mental communication these intermediaries’ links are cleaned and replaced with others, thinner, but nevertheless only intermediaries, because the thought has to be somehow and through something is apprehended. And here on a scene acts already not physical, and mental device of the person and starts working. It is necessary to give itself clear report in this process, having rejected any uncertainty and a sweat potry. Thought is a real factor of life. It is. Its energy is invisible to a physical eye, but can be caught by the thin device. After all catch invisible beams and study them, - also will study and thought, and its phenomena. From the world foggy, otherworldly the thought should be taken out day and to make the tool of service to the person. The thought is the phenomenon having full authority to live in all worlds. Let's act so with thought to which all is available.

143. (Guru). Treasure of energy we will increase and accumulate, especially, if treasures of heart exceed it; It is our integral shining wealth. Think only: to increase to keep forever. Many people seek to increase money and things, and all in vain. Look at old men, richness of the collected. To what to them they, when it is necessary to gather already in a way distant. But we will save and increase our treasure – the Mythical stone. Think of how to increase it, and I will help. It is best of all when will treasure – the treasure of energy and treasure of heart are counterbalanced, and their accumulation goes evenly and harmoniously. On two equivalent wings it is easier to fly. Otherwise circles are inevitable, and it is possible to get and on a former starting point. Today we will think of world treasure, which everyone can lift. Stone carriers, whether you hear me? The treasure of energy and treasure of will are very closely connected among themselves. It is possible to tell that the treasure of energy and is expressed in the form of fiery will. I will direct your essence through accumulation of treasure of energy and heart. So different beginnings will give the chance approve opposite poles of the Uniform Thing for completeness of power of its display. In Space the Great feminine has the same value, as well as men, and both are equally necessary for demonstration of any phenomenon. Mother Agni Yoga is the representative of Mother of the World on Earth and a feminine embodiment. Entering into communication with us, inexpressibly strong the essence you enrich because the creative beginning – men and female – has opportunity fruit full to create, and a field of this creativity is the consciousness of the spirit directed to them.

144. (May 19). Many conditions can promote knowledge of the unknown. For example, exact statement of a question in consciousness. Before magnetic properties of thought will have opportunity to show the properties, the thought has to be clearly formulated, as though creating itself a magnet basis. Let's make the following experience: what you know about mankind of the Distant Worlds? Anything! Let's direct thought in this direction. But at concentration the thought will collect everything from consciousness depths that ever were about it. It will be as though framed of a form, and to it elements, will start being tightened; unknown earlier and not being in memory. On the one hand – logical conclusions, preconditions, with another absolutely new factors which until then not were in consciousness. Let's take Venus as the closest and high, than Earth. People on it live; the step of evolution is higher. At the head there is our Hierarchy, our Brothers, and Lords of our step. The difference between her Hierarches and people is almost so great, as well as on Earth. But the mankind on it promoted much further. Dark isn't present. The evils in a form terrestrial and fight against Light doesn't exist. But there is an imperfection of passable steps of evolution, both responses old and ardent fight meanwhile that has to come, and that is and was, between the past and future. More perfect future, which should be, fights against with imperfections of the present and the past, but without intervention of a black brotherhood, which there doesn't exist. It is a step of one of future races on Earth and very similar to it. The mankind on each planet develops unequally and irrespective of mankind of all our Solar system, but in communications and harmoniously as a unit. People on Earth pass the same steps of evolution, which on Venus passed already earlier. Difference only that the dark don't detain there it a current. The centers are open and at many function. Clairvoyance, claurluhear and thought-reading is available almost to all, but in different degree. Both worlds invisible and visible are open for consciousness. Know that becomes on Earth, and help feasibly. Class division isn't present, - distinction on a treatment of light and shade. Races aren't present. Race one. Nationalities aren't present – the people one. The states aren't present. The state rather mankind, represents a family. The beauty is a form of expression of all life. Are beautiful both people, and at home, both things, and subjects of all use. Each house, as though small museum of objects of art. Forms of the highest matter and energy are at the disposal of the population. The need, hunger, natural disasters, diseases, droughts, crop failures and so on are unknown. Purity and beauty is in everything. There are no hand-written laws: the moral code of everyone gives the chance to do without police, prisons and punishment measures. But as are perfect not all and recurrence is possible, backward individuals or subject to an astral lifting the head live separately in areas where they are brought together according to the accord and relationship. Internal trouble is immediately reflected and in a body, because the matter is subordinated to spirit already substantially, and to pay for disbalance it is necessary quickly. Coercion is absent at all. Everything, which aren't breaking harmony of spirit are healthy. Murders of animals on meat it isn't made. People don't use bloody food. Clothes are of positive flowers. Colors of death and decomposition are absent. Nobody carries on itself anything painted in black Color. In microcosms of people and macrocosm planets these destructive colors are absent absolutely. The astral body of a planet purely and shines fine paints. The atmosphere invisible and visible is cleared of decomposition fluids. The dead indulge in burning. The infection and decomposition centers in the form of cemeteries don't exist. Religion one! Or rather, not religion, and the Life Doctrine, uniform for all Space, but corresponding to a step of planetary evolution. Flowers, vegetation, and types of the nature are fine. Its many processes are regulated by will of the person. There isn't a lot of cars because as the main car the device of the person serves, his organism, mastering by which energy allows to create that is called as miracles, but is subject to the Supreme Laws and miracle at all isn't. The rain and other phenomena of the nature also are caused by will of the person. Collective use of energy of a human body, and in very wide scale is developed. The prayer has rather technical, or psycho-mechanical, than clerical value, and is a method of application of mighty mental forces of the person. People fly, existence of fiery energy gives the chance to make the mass of phenomena which on Earth are considered unusual and wonderful, but there are as usual, as well as unusual life. Thought perfectly know. There is neither telegraph, nor phone, neither radio, nor television. All this is replaced with the human device, which has in itself everything. Management is hierarchical. Very highly there is a science and art. The chemistry and natural sciences is very developed. Only a form of their application absolutely is other, than on Earth. Vegetable and animal types are established by the person and are under his complete control. Are established the intercourses with other planets on which it allows consciousness of her inhabitants. People don't smoke, don't drink, don't use drugs, don't poison with rage and hatred, don't steal, don't violate, don't lie and don't suppress will of the neighbor. The free will of the person is sacred. Money isn't present. Everything is available much. And greed isn't present: each beret is so much, how many for it is necessary – no more. In a word, in comparison with your Earth is paradise. But even this paradise is far from that perfection (certainly, too relative) which exists on higher planets. Experience of attempt of research of the unknown I consider finished, it was at least possible to add a lot of things. And it is felt quite obviously. This bright feeling of opportunity to continue experience indefinitely is extremely important because gives confidence that under a thought beam inaccessible becomes available.

145. (M.A.Y.). The beam of Mother is so concrete, as well as the Beam of the Lord. Means, it is possible and from it scoop, and according to the accord. Here also it is necessary for his statement that the mental device was in a full order. Already achievement, if the terrestrial affairs can't to break it up rhythms or to stir mirror receiver. There are the processes concerning the external temporary person, and is internal, as though timeless, connected with identity. At communication emphasis is placed on them. Temporary recedes into the background, both immortal and extraterrestrial display itself. It is very important to understand the value of that and another and to prefer the timeless. Then it also will sound for consciousness more strongly than the terrestrial. It is necessary, it is necessary that spiritual moved the terrestrial. It is necessary, it is necessary to approve a primacy of spirit. We communicate in the spirit of.

146. (Guru). To come to foolish enthusiasm from even the wonderful phenomenon or an event as it is harmful and incommensurable, as well as in despair – from bad. If the pleasure is special wisdom, and it is necessary to rejoice skillfully, without breaking balance and without devastating itself rough ejection of the most valuable energy in surrounding space. As if lightning’s, flash on the aura periphery zigzags of fire and is useless flow away in space, leaving aura settled and empty. Radiations of aura hang, and there is an unsuccessful fan of delights, as the beggar robbed by thieves. Tell, to whom and to that such incommensurability is necessary? Why to rob itself? More simply, and it is better, and it is healthier to accept everything quietly: both good, and bad. Breaking the balance in one party at good news, we compel themselves most to break this it and in another at the bad. It is necessary to store balance. Without it impossible there is an accumulation of mental energy. The phenomenon a disbalance is similar to the open valve of the boiler. Open this valve – and the copper won't keep energy of steam and work won't give. Action without energy is impossible. It also you learn to protect.

147. What gives to a one incarnation knowledge of laws of thin energy? Even the small knowledge gives in the Thin World advantages great. There everything moves thought. And the one, who knows it, can consciously create. Everything because receive spirit creativity create there, but consciously creates only the knowing. The magic world, which is so colorfully represented in fairy tales, is reality of the Elevated World. And the wizard, able create there miracles, – the one incarnation person knowing his laws. In the Thin World everything is created by thought. By it is created both shape of the person, and his environment. Shakespeare work "Midsummer Night's Dream" is reality of the astral world. And not the fantastic wizard puts pledge or a paternoster on subjects, people and the phenomena, and will human, knowing how the thought and its images work. The bewitched wood, magic castles, werewolves and all most fantastic details of fairy tales are no other than bright reality of the Thin World. And all these phenomena are created by means of thought. Because thought, having a form, becomes there seen and possesses force to invest an astral matter with those images, which she creates. To the inhabitant who and there continues to deny reality, it surrounding, it is necessary to reckon only with consequences and resignedly to be reconciled with that he sees and that can't understand. So, for example, if before it when it moves, mentally to put a wall, it will bypass it, you will put the house – he will see it, to imagine itself a giant, the dwarf, an animal, a bird – he will see that the will of the knowing person creates, itself remaining still helpless ignoramus. It will be, as well as on Earth, it is stupid to repeat everything that it did on Earth: to go when can fly, eat and drink when a food in former forms is excessive, and to make thousands affairs in a terrestrial way when all this isn't necessary or it can be made quickly and absolutely by other ways by means of thought. Low, but something knowing spirits often uses the knowledge, choosing itself the victim from herds of inhabitants. To knowing they won't approach because know that will burn, but the denying is powerless before them, because denies what they use. People continue to live there in pity hovels or in doubles of terrestrial houses when could live in wonderful locks or palaces. Lead tiresome, gray, boring existence when all magnificence of the world is at the disposal of regal thought. There the person can compensate that had no to him for everything or he was deprived on Earth because it possesses everything that can create thought. As "by magic", immediately there is before it what he wants. As on wave of a magic staff, he from space causes the desirable phenomenon. The plastic matter of the Thin World, obedient to will of the person, pours out in forms created by it. Can create to itself wings and fly, and can fly and without them. It is possible to fly by imagined plane or even to a car. And it is possible to fly and without all these unnecessary attributes. But the small consciousness needs supportive applications, which depend on that knew, or in what trusted or to that learned on Earth. The knowledge exempts from all unnecessary and excessive. The cap of darkness can use always when it will want to be alone. The Teacher Uses it both on Earth, and in a physical body. But there it is much more simply. If during conversation here, on Earth, you want that your interlocutor about something forgot, even about just asked question which you don't want to answer, he immediately and will forget it. It is possible to force not to notice how you are dressed, or even to pass by, having premised thought that to you didn't pay attention. It is possible to stay all evening among people, without drawing to itself nobody's attention and having as though excluded itself from consciousness of the present. Much, a lot of things are possible here, on Earth, even knowing a little. In the Thin World all opportunities become almost unlimited and open a gate to the world of the wonderful phenomena, but all of them, the most improbable, easily are explained by a phenomenon of thought and by means of it and are made. But it needs to be known. But how it is possible to acquire this knowledge if creative power of thought is denied? And if I Speak that everything is available and everything is possible here what to tell that possible becomes there. Truly you have opportunity sang to reap and sate all your aspirations, even the most daring. Entertainments and fabulousness of the astral world we will leave for small these, you seek to use reality thin, reality elevated for cognition. All worlds are open for cognition, and elevated conditions especially facilitate it.

148. (M.A.Y.). I send thought of necessity of a spiritual armor. The armor of spirit is necessary that in it to go through life. Otherwise not to bear blows. The spiritual armor is created by conscious thought of it. As armor protective, can shroud thought the person in impenetrable radiations for hostile currents. The matter of condensed Light envelops all people, as a veil. Both the aura and a protecting network especially strain in this action. The magnetic field round the person gains special sharp intensity and as the ball from a wall is jumped aside from this armor by muddy waves of astral currents, arrows of third-party foreign thoughts and heavy fluids of dark influences. This armor demands constant attention because it is necessary to clothe in a constant armor. He is called arms fiery. It is necessary to pay special attention to means and ways of protection because there are a lot of attempts around to deprive light bearing forces it. Weaken terribly both people, and conditions, both friends, and enemies. In total and all take precious power. It is necessary to give but to give, it is necessary to have and to have, it is necessary to manage to hold and protect the fire, light giving. Light for all wanting Light, but the fire only for bearing it. To give a flame – means to lose light and opportunity to shine. Thought of protection of a flame of the lamp of spirit is the necessary thought.

149. (Guru). Persistence and persistence with you we will approve. The will deprived of these qualities, is insolvent. The purpose, which before us is, before us always is. To feel in position of the person directed always and all to the same uniform purpose will be the decision correct. It is always directed – such is the motto of the recognized pupil.

150. (May 21). Give everything, you not belonging, if you want to own everything. What belongs to us, what are our true property, - things, clothes, body, feelings, and thoughts? No! All this comes and leaves again to be replaced with the new. In total for a while, only the spirit stays for ever and ever. Means, in grain of spirit and it is necessary to look for. To separate from not the will be a need step. While everything won't concentrate inside and the phenomenon of three roots won't be understood, the highest wisdom is inaccessible. Above, over three, in World Fiery, it is necessary to look for, and not somewhere outside, but exactly in itself. Stream of life and the spirit being in it is the phenomenon of a uniform order. Looking and that, on what the spirit looks, separate from each other. The consciousness happen terrestrial, thin, fiery, but his owner – spirit. The solution of everything should be looked for in the spirit of, which over everything.

151. (M.A.Y.). Heart treasure display in its flame, - Heart, as the Sun, is the center. In heart is a key from a cognition gate, but not in a brain. Without the sanction of heart and the brain won't want to work. As hardly as tiresomely there is a work, in which heart isn't enclosed. The way of heart is a life, lives because heart is immortal.

152. (Guru). Treasures of energy aren't given, but collect, that is gather persistent work. Everything is created by the hand, everything is earned, even God's Kingdom – the Sphere of the highest energy. And if you want to have something, it is necessary to work and readiness for work endlessly and restrictions and will be a receiving measure. For nothing it is given nothing. Whether I am ready?

153. (May 22). A little still the thought phenomenon is understood. Thought attribute brain activity. Believe that the brain thinks. The brain is only the device for a display of terrestrial thought. The thought is higher. It is possible to think without a brain and its mediation. The brain only disturbs many processes of thinking. How solved the most difficult problems Kovalevsky? Instantly! The brain didn't manage to keep up with speed of fiery thought. At an exit from a body when the brain sleeps, the thought exempted from a brain, works, and this circumstance doesn't disturb the person neither to think, nor to make these or those decisions, neither to feel, nor to feel and feel all complex of conscious life, however, slightly different from the terrestrial. Future dreams also indicate the ardent reality of the thought which hasn't been connected with a brain and external feelings, tools of the last. As at the time of a backfilling activity of a brain, a picture, both the person, and thought others stops, not connected with the dense world, sketchy reach consciousness. Sometimes it is necessary even to suspend brain activity that the smooth and unusual current of thought wasn't disturbed by it. Pay attention to how the brain interferes in process of fiery parcels and fiery perception and interrupts them. And how many years of persistent work were required on that, that fiery Records and their symmetry weren't broken by brain intervention in a bigger measure, than it is necessary for purely physical process of record. As painfully and it is unpleasant this rough invasion into this thin and intense process fiery perception. And the dreams happen are very various. Often terrestrial consciousness reaches impression from the Thin World, where the life, the thinking, which isn't need the brain device. The sphere of thought is higher, and the Thinker in the person not a brain. The brain is necessary for Earth, and it is closely tied with external feelings of sight, sense of smell, hearing and so on. Even memory and its storage aren't connected with it. The brain can't often take from its archives even that it knows that is in it. Knows, and nevertheless can't because memory is deeper. The brain sees at length of an eye and hears at ear length, but the eye of soul can see far out of these small limits. Not the brain expects and has a presentiment, but heart. The brain the kind plowman, but is limited by the small sphere of the physical opportunities. Restrictions of a brain should be understood before feeling boundless possibilities of thought in the person when the Thinker in it enters into understanding of the force. Hand – as the lever for energy of thought, and a brain – the control panel, but behind them – the Thinker – the Lord and the owner both.

154. My friend, here you see itself as the morning thought which in due time hasn't been written down, irrevocably departs to space if at least its initial phase accurately wasn't issued and imprinted in consciousness.

155. The consciousness screen if it is rather pure can't but give reflections of My thoughts. So, at a contact of Boundlessness her person – in everything and, in particular, in the field of thought starts feeling. It gives strong confidence, it is possible what to improve everything, and besides, indefinitely. Conducts thought. The feeling of completeness in something is opposite to evolution. In completeness is death. Eternally new in all of you it is necessary to be: both in thoughts, and in words, and in affairs. Why to go boring Proceed ways when call opens all new and new ways of thought is eternally new is Arhat's property. Here they came to you, old, all with the same old thoughts and feelings, and you already far ahead and as difficult happen sometimes again to coordinate and adjust the lagged behind consciousness. It is good when going with you keep up. Otherwise the sadly lagged behind. And you follow Me. Thought earlier that following consists in going on thoughtlessly unclear words of the Writing. No, to follow Me – means will hasten in thoughts and thought with Me. It is possible only at ardent aspiration to Me and merges to Me when it is possible to tell that I and you one, as I in t Father, as I One with It. So the formula "I in the Father, the Father in Me, I in You, and We Is Uniform" is a formula of merge of consciousnesses in consonance whole. And not I Have to fall to you, but you to Me have to direct to rise. And that it is possible to find in your consciousness even if to fall to it; but in consciousness we wash, if you rise, you will find everything that wants to receive your spirit from Light. This light is boundless, it is possible so to receive endlessly and a limit. Therefore I Speak: "To Me direct". This is most necessary aspiration. Also it is possible to see already obviously as the ocean of boundless thought bears in consciousness the waves, but through Me because I am the Beginning and the End, the Alpha and Omega. Without Me there is no way. Without Me entrances are closed. Strong are Sated also I Will sate with all opportunities your aspirations. I will inspire fiery thoughts. New, new I Will gives. I will send in the light of far Beams. The beam of the Lord works powerfully.

156. My son, attempt everything to write down is vain. Everything you won't write down because promised Boundlessness. As it is possible to lay or find room for Boundlessness in hand-written sheets. The ocean of thought became available to consciousness, but it is inexhaustible. Fixing thoughts on paper, remember inexhaustibility and impossibility to write down everything. Having finished Record, you will know nevertheless that the thought continues to develop and flow further and there is no end to it. But also that you manage to write down, valuably extremely because others will follow you your way. And everyone will gather that to conformably his consciousness. Therefore be not confused and don't think of that, it is good or it is bad, is necessary or unnecessary, you shouldn't write down the lost thoughts. Valuably everything, but will be estimated going after on their consciousness and ability to contain. You before going following will fulfill the duty up to the end. I Told.

157. (M.A.Y.). People should learn to show tenderness, care and caress. People love care of them. The word from heart, is a little attention, it is a little oblivion itself, the important issue also is made. The person received a particle of precious energy and was to some extent sated with it. Because very little giving and able to give. And heart will grow in this continuous and conscious donation. Wisely it is necessary to be able to distribute, without devastating a treasury. But it is necessary to give, for this purpose and Light that could light also another is given you. You study at the Sun – shines always. And the heart treasure around radiates the light and when it is conscious, is especially strong. Also there will be hidden your light before people as a miracle sign. The love miracle in the heart is born by you to the world, which around. The love is fiery radiations of a flame of heart, strong people the felt. And you learn to win against life love. And people – too. Strange words sound that the love wins distances and even death. But long ago it is already told that it is strong, as death, love, and its arrows – arrows fiery. But already you know from experience as the love to the Teacher subdued distance, and range Proximity became. And the death is won nowadays by love to me when its barriers are destroyed between us and communication between us is approved by means of the winner fiery. The thought operated and movable love, can work wonders. The magnetic power of such thought is great, is great and insuperable. And we win love. Whether a miracle, love to win against the world. The new, fiery attire nowadays is given to love. Former I sputtered out and I became affectless. Even a great Precept "Children, you love each other", I became invalid for the mankind. And nowadays this fiery power is proclaimed again, but in new aspect of a display of force of the thinnest energy creating what usual ways can't be reached. "Flare hearts and you create love", – so Precept Lord.

158. (M.A.Y.). Gold threads of Light get so stronger and are multiplied. From abstractness area the love is transferred to the sphere of the concrete phenomena. The power of this feeling scientifically isn't studied yet. But will reach and before. When hatred will become obsolete and will disappear, there will be a love. And people will be engaged in it, investigating forms of its superpersonal aspect, and they will see that its seat is heart. So will come to understanding of the generator of this wonderful energy and will begin to study it, but not as a piece of meat, and as the thinnest device for manifestation on Earth of the Highest that is in the person. And when it will understand, suddenly will see that all have a heart, so through heart it is possible and to unite. This moment will be the best page in the history of evolution of hearts human. We go by heart and we will reach to appoint through heart.

159. Where they, receivers shown? So it isn't enough of them, and therefore it isn't necessary to be surprised that such most wonderful possibilities of perception of thoughts and the receiver are sent is used so strong and is intense. Time is urgent, and there is nobody to perceive consciously and at will even among relatives.

160. (Guru). What call, such is and a response. By this principle also we will fix our communication. If, possible everything, that and our communication not only is possible, but also very desirable is. The Teacher proves through pupils. The Teacher creates through pupils. This creativity is free and is made without any violence. The highest form of this creativity is through means thoughts. The will regulates this process, entering it into a certain course. The free will conduct and the will protect it. Be not surprised that it is necessary to repeat so often about protection of the highest ways. It is necessary to be preserved against invasion into a wire of strangers always. Therefore also it is necessary to use so accurate and refined way of communication. When you take the call phone of a long- distance communication and furthermore otherworldly, it is necessary to be preserved especially. The term "otherworldly" isn't absolutely successful, l because the on the party thought, because the thought is a factor really real both exist really, and all think: both live, and dead. And it too should be considered. From here conclusion: communication is approved and supported by will. The will predominates and here, because will – the most important factor of life of the person. The person without will is anything. But the will is fire. Force it, that is power of will, grows in process of conscious accumulation of fire. It is necessary to think practically of how it is possible to save up will fire, that is strong-willed fiery power.

161. (May 23)." Truly, I Say to you that nowadays you will be with Me in paradise", – it was so told once by the Teacher to the robber who has addressed to It. It is time to clear the Doctrine Christ's of century misunderstanding. The sphere of the thinnest energy of the highest tension – the purpose of aspiration of mankind irrespective of, is known by it about it or isn't present. Evolution doesn't ask people about where it directs them. This fiery highest sphere also is my World. To Me directed and with Me wanting to arrive magneto is attracted by thought in My Kingdom, Light Kingdom. And the last aspiration on Earth of spirit leaving from Earth plays a crucial role, at least the robber directed to Me also. Certainly, and the robber has to have something in the past that could approach it to Me, because not all robbers and not all loose women have access. It is necessary to understand that for anybody the access to the World Fiery isn't closed. Salamanders, beings of the lowest fire, not above the person, however – and to it there is a place in the Fiery World and furthermore there is it for the person. In the world hidden does the same polar of the phenomena exist in it, as well as in everything? And there are spheres of darkness and Light sphere. And the spirit of the person is involved in them on aspiration and, especially, on aspiration in the last minutes lives terrestrial. Entrance not it is forbidden neither in those, nor in others. The engine bearing spirit in these spheres – thought. And everyone and as he wants that can think. The free will solves and here. Everything which have directed to Me, carefully I Meet also to everyone I Give the chance on aspiration, on compliance and on ability to contain. The place will be everything, both small this, and great. When the darkness will take control of the property, everything, that will be able to ascend, settle down on beams. And the darkness too involves in the orbit too magneto and on an attraction. Magnetism of black fires is powerful. But the magnet of Light is more powerful. Between these two focuses of an attraction the person on Earth rushes about. But there after the last hard-fought and terrible battle there comes the moment of a final decision, and the spirit defines the destiny. But it is better to solve still here, on Earth, and to devote to this decision time, and especially, the last minutes of conscious life before leaving a body. Each plane has "ceiling". Same precisely "ceiling" is and at each person that is the highest point of which the spirit ever reached it at take-off spiritual, when flying thought. Here the spirit has to direct to this height, and it can reach this height, up to this height and the last thought of the person leaving from Earth if it generated can rise. If people knew, how are important and will solve Russian cabbage soup these last instants of life terrestrial! If knew! But many leave on black fires of rage, hatred, despair, horror and so on. What do they prepare for themselves? Where will incur their black wings of thought without light, the thought sated with black fire? But to Me having directed, to Me also will come, and in my sphere there will be a place for all. Of what they doomed to death think, but not thinking of life in spheres of others? Everyone dooms itself or to death, or on life and it becomes here, on Earth. Herd of the fateful the herd doomed stupidly goes, going to darkness embraces. But flight to light spheres is light, the despair that who knows where and to whom goes can't seize. And not only the despair, but any passion, any defect, any feeling nothing imperiously over that who knows the way because the consciousness whispers that is temporary and everything is passing, and all will come to an end but the way is infinite, and on it once and somewhere the Lord Will meet. This consciousness also will be the first victory over. To realize the passing nature of an astral and its desire will be the first very important step in the course of its overcome. And then the final victory over it becomes possible. And it is necessary to win, - otherwise will carry away down. With freight of unnecessary feelings of "ceiling" not to reach! Understanding of the power over them still moving in consciousness, it is necessary to approve forever. Fight till the end and a victory.

162. (M.A.Y.). Whether it is worth "fencing a kitchen garden", if purpose not to reach? So to go determination all the way, having staked, will be an inalterability way. But the same anyway, but it is necessary to leave all that so persistently attracts consciousness to Earth. To understand it – means to break off a slavery chain. To joys of today any more we won't give a taking priority place in consciousness. And being on boondocks, they are powerless to struggle with will. So to everything that inside, it is necessary to find a due place. Commensurability and will help with it, and small pleasures of terrestrial existence any more won't close shining open spaces of Boundlessness. Commensurability is in everything. It also we will move ahead, despite everything. To go forward, despite everything, and will be pledge of a victory.

163. (Guru). Whether it is possible to build "the Spirit House" one hand creating, and another destroying construction? Both hands let work in a consent. Coherence internal is a success basis. Coherence of will in acts is expressed that any action, any act isn't made besides will or contrary to it. In total: and good, and bad it is made from the will sanction. It also means responsibility for everything created by it. The strong person even makes mistakes from a pleasure of the will, and weak powerlessly, the will weakening and killing force her. Weak-willed beings aren't necessary. Predatory Ataman Kudeyar could, become the sacred monk, but on what the weak weak-willed being is capable? From a pettiness of anything, except a pettiness, won't be born. It is necessary to be strong at first in everything, and then only in good, that is in Light. But strong it is necessary to be. I address on a way of understanding of the force in all living conditions.

164. (May 24). Sent teraphim happiness works, giving feeling of health, energy and happiness; then this influence will amplify and there is its presence obvious. The device of spirit assimilates it energy and will enter into the accord with it. It isn't necessary to think that there will be any special impact on environment. No. But in the person, all is in the spirit of. And, if inside everything is good, balance was established and heart felt pleasure, external already loses the power over consciousness and doesn't cause its condition. And this internal victory gives the chance to influence already and the surrounding. Teraphim of happiness to spirit bear pleasure. So it isn't enough of it in the world. And it is possible to shine with pleasure also to people that also it was more joyful to them to live. Best of all joyful be regardless of external conditions. Then the internal state will cause external, and not the reverse, as it usually happens. And then the microcosm human can become laboratory for all feelings. How to reach it and to facilitate this process? Usually, perceiving the external phenomena, the person right there also carries them to the category pleasant, unpleasant or indifferent and according to it reacts to them astral. It is necessary to learn to exclude absolutely the movements happening in an astral that is emotionally not to react absolutely or possibly less. Teraphim of happiness, sating a microcosm with the energy, will help to reduce force of external influences, adjusting the astral conductor on the wave. Being regulated from within, this the last won't rush strong any more on external impressions and strong to live them. And internal will start outweighing external and to cause its character rather to define a perception corner. At a full relativity of all dense phenomena it will be easy already this corner of perception or the point of view on the events outside to establish will consciously, but not to submit of. Pleasure – the special wisdom which isn't depending on the outside world by victorious force. We appreciate tranquility, displayed among concerns of vanity, confusion and environment excitements around. It after all is victory over them. As also the pleasure a victory will be over the world of grief and tears because I Want to see mine joyful, vigorous and full of fire, full of energy these hard days before approach of the promised Day. The thicket can think about sent teraphim and that to strengthen its action. Understanding strengthens that is realized. Strengthening mutual, and power teraphim increases, presenting benefit of the owner. But the sent treasure can be rejected on ignorance, and then force of influence will be brought to naught. Not only appreciation, but also recognition has very great value. Force teraphim by recognition of force it is multiplied, and appreciation we connect it with sent it. I your happiness the adherent, I – you protecting powerfully, I the Bowl wonderful Send pleasures to you in the Beam.

165. That to us everything if the Lord is close! To transfer life to thought and to feel reality of life in thought (and will be a victory over a flesh) and will be a victory over the world. And if, looking at life, you will see it through My Face, through a prism of My thoughts, to you sent it and will be the statement of thought and an emphasis on thought. Not it is possible to rely on any thought, - and not on narrow-minded thoughts We Do emphasis. Emphasis is placed on thought the Highest, because it conducts the world. For thought possibly all. Therefore all opportunities lie in the field of thought. With it also acts, knowing that the thought wins all. From whatever party to approach to actions human, behind each of them you will find creating thought. Therefore I Speak:" Act with thought, having realized all great importance it". The cogitative device of the person is wonderful. Its opportunities aren't realized. Of thought think as if for the first time would open an inexhaustible source of the wonderful opportunities, able to give you everything that wanted by spirit. The worlds are created by power of thought creating. The thought created all. Thought you create.

166. (M.A.Y.). And we will act with thought. The phenomenon fisher is analogy action to thought. The skilled fisher and catch has the good. As also the thought for a catch magneto directs in space and brings a corresponding catch. The one who knows how to provide production is called as the hunter. Its step is firm, both the gait is sure, and the hand is right, and production is provided. So the thought and the hunter of spatial thoughts work. Let's act so and we: I and you, thought to me directed. Let's leave doubts and uncertainty by that who doesn't know. But you know. Your confidence gives the chance also to me close. But my thought without conscious your readiness for perception won't be realized and if reaches, without source understanding. My son, a lot of things says goodbye to you for an iron inflexible of aspiration and love to us. It you will reach and I reached. We should make a lot of things still. The proximity gives strength.

167. (Guru). Yes, I was approved on Earth as the Lord. From here both works, and books, and pictures. In is total from It, but My hand. So we realize energy, us sent, into forms, worthy and beseeming Giving Source. It is necessary to think more often of that as we realize into lives energy of the Beam of the Lord. This energy is realized by will. How? In creativity of the person his essence is shown. All, but everyone create and in own way. But what the one who receives the Beam creates? It can't create, to the inhabitant is similar, a gray tatter of thinking or anything. Efforts and fussy life of the majority creates it "anything" and comes to nothing. Inutile life inutile, activity and insignificant and inutile results are. But the Beam of the Lord having power of the creativity, display forever, and display for the future, display for a long time and strongly. Will display action! Will washing, merged with Will Lord, it is powerful and invincible. Same can, become and will of the one who already receives the Beam. Possibilities of the Beam are great. The beam strengthens everyone quality of spirit: the positive – for multiplication and growth, negative – for a gets rid. In the Beam spirit outgrowths burn down. So the will force of the Beam can both be strengthened, and to strengthen. There is no limit to development of will and growth of power it.

168. Trouble all that look for happiness not inside, but outside. Also don't find, of course, because also happiness too in the spirit of. Look for it in itself, in the depths, on anything external without relying and without putting external a condition for its implementation. To rely on the external – means to give the happiness to the power of variability of a vital stream and its accidents. After all it is Told: The God's kingdom in you is. Why so stubborn and stupidly you want to find your happiness, your treasure outside? You want to find and you look for, and then you are surprised that splashes all your constructions scatter. Anything based on external, not strongly. Look for inside, in the spirit of, there all.

169. Teraphim of happiness acts. Events hurry and victorious everywhere. Heavy rain of events will clear the future horizon soon. I channelize leading to their current. Flow according to Will Mine. Didn't leave yet, but will leave. I can’t discharge performers earlier, than to execute will be able that is necessary of everything is good in its season. Time and to you come in time to an arable land. Terms not far off, and behind doors, and We Open a gate. To the son the certificate I Give about proximity of fiery Terms. My time, time of final fulfillments approaches, approaches. (You) would be lost everything, if not the Hand. Hand danger from you I Will take away and I Will cover with a happiness board. Mine you, and to you precepted way of the elite. Among going shadows you, to Light going, are protected by Me. And to you going to Me, Light ways are open. You in close connection with events, that is with terms. Terms weave a pattern of your life. I accelerate a current of the events conducting by the desirable end. And there and a holiday on the street of those who with Us. And you, to Me going, whether realized the happiness? Everything demands understanding, even the happiness to be together with Me. News there will be endlessly, and all to one purpose. Eyes open also ears more widely. Otherwise not consider and not to hear them everything. It is correct! If you see that something is made not as it is necessary, you can bring the amendment and outline a responsibility circle. But see not to be contrary to our Plans. Therefore it is better to work through Me, energy through Me sending. You in our Plans, with them also merge conformably. At prompt movement of a spiral strong you keep in it, is closer to the center, differently center force at a separation will carry away far beyond opportunity to come nearer again. I Told.

170. (May 25). My son, the Lord is anxious with to give full understanding of the events. Not streamlets of events, not the underground course of springs, but powerful river, roughly bearing them everything, and obvious and hidden, to the ocean the approved future. Fulfillment time to a crust, drank, breaking all barriers of counteractions, the World New on New Earth under the New Sky is approved. And the Sky changes coloring and Earth is updated obviously. It is necessary to be blind not to see. When the Sun ascends, shadows of a gloom are especially long. They when the Sun will be in a zenith will disappear.

171 A. The Teacher Creates through the pupil; but creativity this voluntary, concordant and in the full accord, or merge of consciousnesses is. Through the pupil has opportunity to be shown the Teacher. And through everyone is on ability to contain it. To contain thoughts of the Teacher not so simply is. Compliance is necessary. Compliance is generated by long cooperation, - but, if compliance is established, and creativity it becomes possible. Difficulty that few conformable consciousnesses, and at the accord transfer is limited to receiver opportunities. Therefore I Tell all the time about consciousness expansion that it could contain more widely than thought of the Teacher, without limiting them to the small repartitions. Both scarcity, and a unilateralist, and incompleteness of messages should be referred at own expense, but in any way at the expense of the Teacher. The Teacher Wants to give as much as possible, and not his fault if the receiver of consciousness of everything doesn't contain or too paints parcels the color. Big self-dismissal is required to perceive precisely, without distorting the main thought. The Identity press, the press of perceiving consciousness remains on the message, but it shouldn't close and will darken main thought. Now time special! Therefore the Highest Knowledge via conformable channels so generously is given. It is necessary to prepare food for spirit for long time. Hunger spiritual bike. And there are a lot of consciousnesses various. After all it is necessary to give food for all, suitable for any level of consciousness. From here such variety of Records that everyone though could gather something for itself (himself). Also it isn't necessary to decide that is good and that is bad: it will decide life. It is necessary not to miss only time to collect everything that it is possible to collect. It isn't enough collectors, and the need is great. So we will work for the Lord and Light. And it is good if you are able to become irreplaceable, carrying out Will Mine.

172. (M.A.Y.). Qualities of spirit are approved according to the accord. It is impossible to choose far quality and to approve it. The violence over and the return blow will turn out. But the statement of one involves also another, to it close or related because all qualities present themselves as though a single whole connected by all the parts, that is separate qualities, to one monolith of spirit. Qualities sleep in the person, that is are in him in a potential condition. From a latent condition they are brought to a condition of activity – as will be process of the statement of qualities. Their symphony, that is cycle, is hardly achievable because demands time and persistence. Process not abstract, but life strong because qualities are forms of fires which were showed or flaring-up in the person. Fire of approved qualities is fire of the centers preparing for awakening. Therefore the Doctrine pays a lot of attention to a question of development of qualities. It is told:" The tranquility is Light wreath". Possibility of a display of light in itself and quality of tranquility are inseparable from each other. The tranquility and balance is the best form for a display any more fire, but light, fires of the centers of the generated. But can't be nor tranquility, nor balance without courage, and courage without firmness of heart. So the circle of qualities extends, containing gradually them everything. And in the center of this circle is heart as a receptacle of all. Not in a brain the center of qualities, but in heart. Nobody will tell about courage of a brain, but about courage of heart, about the heart which doesn’t know fear, speak. Means, courage lives in heart, both fearlessness too, and tranquility, both aspiration, and devotion, both purity, and love. Think it is possible to love a brain. And to whom the brain love is necessary? So again and again we come back to heart because heart treasures a task washing to approve. To live psych life of all heart – means in heart to contain all scale of qualities, means to contain fires corresponding to degree of a display of each quality, means fires to seize, means to contain Light in itself. I came to the world to testify to Light Lord, contained the whole world, which darkness not to embrace. And you following It, in Light Him imitate.

173. (M.A.Y.). I rejoice insatiability of the receiver of the spirit, seeking to contain more and more. Therefore and there is so much attention and care to the directed heart. The Teacher Knows, whom to elect and who won't recede in darkness. I rejoice and increase sent opportunities. They sharp-sightedly should be caught. Let the receiver of consciousness will be open and intense minutes of communication. It has to be pure. Exile of doubts already facilitated a lot of things. It is necessary to clean more and more, it is a lot of and other litter. I would like that my thoughts joined freely and freely. The mirror of consciousness has to be without defects.

174. (Guru). All qualities is anything, if behind them no will. Without existence of will it is easy to extinguish fire of any quality. Will for quality – both a basis, and a support, and protection. Fires of spirit should be protected. Are protected by will! And the network protecting is supported by will orderly. Without will it is impossible. Will qualities in a spirit monolith gather? Potential always reveals from within outside. Power of will too needs understanding. At first realize, then to apply. Not muscles, but will force display. The person powerlessly embraced with horror loses the power over muscles. Feet stiffen and grow to the Earth. The atrophy of will is awful: strikes all organisms – both muscles, and a brain, and nerves. Will – the keeper of integrity of a microcosm human. As the weak - willed person quickly dies of hunger, but many ten days live and the one who called the will for action doesn't die. I called... from where? With the North, South, East, or West?! No! From within is. Everything is concluded in the person, all opportunities and their limit – Boundlessness.

175. (Guru). I want to share with you treasure of My will. Take, how many you want, but remember and know that you are responsible for actions of will. Treasures of will are given the one who doesn't abuse them. Take and remember.

176. Spiral creation of Records both is natural, and is lawful. The consciousness grows and extends. When it concerns any question mentioned earlier, it sees it in other aspect. And the thought sent is realized more deeply. All is same, all about the same, but in understanding more the wide and profound. At it are mentioned and new spheres thinking. New spheres of thinking are thus mentioned also. To facilitate penetration into them, it is possible to direct thought in uncertainty. Repetitions aren't present. There is an expansion and deepening given earlier. The consciousness which is standing still repeats. The spiral of aspiration brings thought out of the plane to the Worlds of the Highest measurements, and the circle becomes a spiral. The spiral thinking is characteristic for Arhat, as well as for the approved pupil. The Teacher is always new, the next to It are new. Laws of spiral aspiration and laws of spiral ascension of consciousness explain a lot of things in the course of consciousness growth. Wisely realize these steps of development of spirit. Each step is a spiral turn – a circle with the poles, extended up, when each previous point of a former turn is similar, but above passable earlier. It gives immutable confidence that, what of the future growth of thought can't be limited to anything. Boundlessness is and in it. It also will be a way of an eternal ascension of spirit. Environment has property to sate the person with the emanations, as well as the sphere through, which passes the next spiral turn. As though emanations of Light penetrate consciousness, dumping unnecessary and gets rid stratifications of the past. Than aspirational a spiral, it fiery, the releasing easier the consciousness is exempted from unnecessary litter. And minutes of special tension of a spiral, at the containment moments, the spirit is almost free of the past. The excessive burden remains at the bottom of the mountain of Mother of the World. Spirals of spirit are various on diameter and on distance between rounds. Certainly, the Teacher Directs, and thus magnetism of each piece of a spiral is caused by its Beam, Sending to focus of consciousness of the pupil Beams of different tension and causing the necessary qualities, or properties to manifestation. It is a lot of Care and Attention it is given to the accepted and approved pupil. Not in greenhouse greenhouses, but in life severe and difficult brightly wonderful flower of spirit blossoms. But to it are necessary both air, and moisture, both a food, and the Sun beams life given. The sun of Spirit of the Lord sends the Beams to feed a fiery flower of spirit of the consciousness turned to It. Even leaves of plants address to the Sun perceive light of its beams and furthermore the person. But the appeal to Light is necessary. As above, so and below, at all steps life ladders. And the world on addressing to Hierarchy of Light and being averted and averted from It shares. Dimly is this last. Averted from Light serves darkness finally to be lost. Without Light there is no life nor above, nor below. Laws in everything are identical. The Lord Speaks about life and Light of Beams Sends it to the world. Life beams.

177. (M.A.Y.). When the feeling of love is transferred from terrestrial in Elevated force it is multiplied and there is it immortal. So the love to those, who stays in Elevated, passes for sides of death and approves immortality. Not marvelously whether in the face of death to deny death. But the winner of death has to be consecutive in everything. And, death denying, approves triumphing life. The lord trampled on death and approved life. And we will trample on a death ghost life exulting Light. In Light and Light we who have left behind Light for you and its beams connected to you are connected, living on Earth. As our unification to Light we will serve, to Light and Hierarchy.

178. (Guru). It isn't enough among you, who personally knew me who in conscious and strong-willed aspiration to me, would seek to communicate with Me. And why? The doctrine know, the Doctrine read, and such simple thought that communication with me is possible, to mind comes to nobody, as well as didn't come to you within nearly ten years. Whether it is strange? Whether consciousness immovability reason for that? Also grieved, and mourned, and left felt, and to nobody the thought came to heart that in consciousness it is possible and to unite. Why not? Affairs my, made on Earth as the grains buried in the earth to term, – will give rich shoots. But time and terms is necessary. Me live you will read, read live and my affairs. All will blossom wonderfully. It is necessary to work nowadays all about the same affairs buried to term much. You work also in glory of the Teacher of Light, as well as I worked for the sake of it.

179. (May 26). Thoughts happen heavy and the lungs directing up and pulling to Earth. Thought the highest is deprived of the astral beginning and not connected with it, not attached to it. Thoughts corporal, astral and mental differ with the flight properties. Thoughts too have "ceiling". The body physical to the sphere close and small is limited. It should move from place to place: both to go, and to go, and even to fly by planes – everything demands efforts and efforts. The circle of its movements is limited. Mental body, thought body, most free is. The astral is connected and attached to Earth atmosphere, as though concluded in its astral cover. Not in an astral body, but in mental it is possible to direct to the Far Worlds and to visit Far Stars in a thought body.

180. (M.A.Y.). Bonds of the personality are the heaviest. The slave it doesn't notice the chains. Lives in fetters and them not see. Lives in a dungeon and at all doesn't realize as far as of freedom it is deprived. Each personal thought strengthens prison walls. The sphere small, personal is a dungeon for spirit. Super personal thoughts an essence freedom wings, but personal is iron chains standing. The thought is limited to object of the aspiration. The personality is a jailer for spirit. And the benefit that in World Aboveground chains of the personality break up lawfully if the spirit allows.

181. (Guru). It is difficult to serve at the same time to two misters – a body and spirit. But both need services. And here they will help, when and which of them should pay attention and how many. The aspiration partition will is necessary. And it is good when the will learned to dispose. It is good to learn quickly and entirely to transfer the attention that is thought, from one order of the phenomena on absolutely another, any more without tying consciousness to the just left. Control over thoughts and feelings is approved and carried out by will, but to will heart gives strength, force to carry out the desirable.

182. (May 27). Really, it is difficult to rise over dregs terrestrial, if not to make that heroic efforts. Influences are all and all. And everything influences differently: both food, and drink, both water, and air, both environment, and kind of work, both width and world longitude. Less than thousand influences and influences there is a person, and the majority of them don’t depend on it at all and out of his will. It is a lot of invisible, but strong influences about, which it has no idea. Influence the world astral, mental and fiery, Far Stars influence, Space Beams influence. The person is something other on the sphere for impact on it infinitely diverse energy being out of it. As that occurs in him influences the person and all. Among the world of the energy directed on spirit it is necessary to keep the center, about which as about the rock, Universe waves break. How to keep? Everything that depends on the person, improve and make the most salutary and useful. And a lot of things depend on the person: what to drink and eat, than to breathe as well as with whom to communicate of what to think and what feelings in to allow. All this "a lot of things" are brought into accord with the purpose and all stirring is eliminated. But even if the person as Told Blessed, is "process", that is something constantly changing, so it is necessary to look for even more deeply. So the thought again brings to Silent, Looking eternally, to Dumb Witness inside, which only Looks also Will look at everything flowing by, itself remaining out of a stream. It also is the Highest that is in the person, eternal, indestructible, not from this, the world of changing forms and the phenomena. It is silent Looking in you and there are you, the Father, staying inside, with which your consciousness and your spirit will once merge together.

183. There are feelings and thoughts, words and acts destructive and creative. What of them are allowed by you to dominate in you and to operate you? If destructive it is bad. If creative, it is better. But anything, as a matter of fact, shouldn't dominate over spirit, but the spirit over everything approves the domination in the relation to the world. But Christ I Won the world, not having hands in the protection. Means, the victory over the world consists inside, and not over the external phenomena, but over itself. When the world goes on you, but has in you no anything, then, truly, you are a winner. I try to take up a question from all directions that understood where to look for and as. It is impossible to conclude Boundlessness in the person in limit understanding or limitation dense. Boundlessness in everything, and sons of Eternity we Call those who in the aspiration concerned it.

184. (M.A.Y.). Each indulgence to the weaknesses you lose something. And if to me you tell, here I made so and so, and happened nothing, and is still live and healthy, and to the Highest is close all as, I will answer: be not deceived by the external – everything has the consequences. And how you of that you yourself deprived this or that offense can define? Therefore think better of everything that you do. Be not confused past and don't burden it thoughts of the made mistakes. But honestly and firmly note that it is possible to correct and improve on the future. And the main thing, remember that if water hollows a stone, and constancy of aspiration, love and devotion to us remove spirit outgrowths, which gradually and as imperceptibly disappear as become lifeless sections of skin. If only heart flared aspiration and love.

185. (Guru). If who wants to reach, reach it is possible: it is possible to reach persistence of will. The unprecedented persistence is required, if the purpose – Communication. The purpose strongly and persistently keeps in consciousness, as a far beacon, to which the seaman drives. Everything is made for and for the sake of this purpose far. The seaman can look both to the right, and to the left, and even back, but the hand on a steering wheel is firm, and the course is invariable. And you to your purpose in life go and, going through life, you remember it always. It also will be commitment and expediency. This lot of things will facilitate and in many respects will help. The will help to protect a way.

186. Yesterday I fell asleep with a prayer on lips. It is good. Falling asleep with a prayer, and spheres can be visited, a prayer the corresponding. The last aspiration before going to bed, the same as before death, bears spirit to the sphere determined by aspiration.

187. (May 28). Body of the person is his property, which he can dispose, however, temporary, but full. The body is subordinated to will. All processes, in its occurring, it is possible to regulate it, or to direct. In a case or any trouble before addressing to doctors or drugs, it is necessary to put own mental energy. The thought at some training works better than any laxative, sleeplessness is easily overcome by concentration on heart. In case of a hair loss it is necessary to comb them before combs fingers of both hands, quickly, one for another, carrying out from a forehead to a nape. In case of pains the charge, either current, or a beam of mental energy, which only any organism is live, is sent to a sick place or body. Long experience and habit do that the inhabitant would call miracles. It is possible to treat both, and others, – it is easier than itself, if it to call, and better – without any drugs, except for specified by us. The thought called for action, will carry out the appointment. Realize the forces and use them. They are given to the person for the broadest application, but in the benefit. Many apply energy the in the evil. But you are stronger because you act not unconsciously as they, but it is conscious, both in the benefit, and in unification with Hierarchy of Light. Be not surprised that energy of karma will sometimes show ardent counteraction. It is difficultly to overcome it and it isn't always admissible. But, going with Me, you more than once won against stars. Force of fiery energy when it is called consciously is boundless. Use it.

188. My son, than thought is not the material that easier it is achievable and is easier perceived. Thoughts terrestrial gravitate to things and the phenomena with which are connected, and they are more difficult for transfer. It is easier to transfer idea about origin of the worlds, than thought of where it is more favorable to buy new soles. Thoughts of use round use also soar, without coming off it is far. Thoughts fiery, far from affairs every day and life vanities are transferred. It people also are so stout. My world, out of your private matters real, attracts your thoughts to itself and your thoughts sates respectively, but not on the contrary. It would be tragic if my Spheres were filled with noise and turmoil of your world. Therefore don't complain that my messages are far from affairs of your everyday. Only in case of need I Direct consciousness and I Give the prevention. Affairs terrestrial are important so far as they promote evolution or detain it. We Direct them respectively. But circles of interests narrow-minded from Us are far and alien to us if only don't concern our close people in connection with our work. Everyone fights against life itself, on the feet. We help only when it is absolutely necessary.

189. If thought – a basis existing, on it and it is possible to build. To build the thought, but as a little applies it by people! But builders in Space build everything thought. Thought expresses, and the will sets all in motion. Energy of will crystallize a substance of thought in certain forms, which being gradually condensed and going down on steps of density of the worlds, reach, at last, the plan physical and are approved in due educations. Such is the plan of Space construction of all of that is created by Builders, – from fiery in dense and terrestrial. It also will be involution in a matter in a big or small size.

190. (M.A.Y.). My son, with you over Earth having risen, terrestrial affairs and terrestrial problems will be seen by us in light other. Correctly, you do, being transferred by thought to the Stronghold, which towers over the world as a beacon on the rock over the sea. From this height it is possible to consider life, having left its small usual circle. And then flights of thought become available. I rejoice, feeling aspiration of spirit, to me directed. Hunger of soul I can sate, but only through aspiration and its magnetism. Premising thought to our communication, as though you outline a circle of its attraction and opportunities. Definiteness is required from thought. The vagueness won't do at all. The arrow symbol definiteness and form clearness is good. Turn it into a lump – where it will depart and how? But the thought directed accurately, will return, burdened magneto new, but conformable to it, elements, as if the telegram with the paid answer. The answer is inevitable under laws of a magnetic attraction. Why to consider this process any uncertain and indistinct when the device of human area of thought can work more precisely than the thinnest mechanism. The guarantee for inclination of thought Is given. Understanding and application is required only. I want for you communication with to me to make so concrete, as well as usual conversation with people around. Instead of words – thoughts, that is the same words, but thoughts expressed. I love and remember. Care and caress I send and I rejoice, rejoice possibilities of communication by thought. As the son I consider and I call not without reason. Only at close communication it is possible. Therefore I rejoice especially. Certainly, you’re Assignment, as well as itself already you see, to transfer our thoughts to people. Three centers of transfer: Lord, Guru and I. We in one chain, in one Beam and therefore process won't be reflected painfully in an organism, and even on the contrary, it will strengthen and unless any more you don't feel inflow of forces and stability physical? It is possible only at the accord of consciousnesses and mutual assimilation of radiations. But it only began. It is possible to think that will be farther when the accord will go deep. Truly, can be glad the provided opportunities, love and devotion begetting.

191. (Guru). Approving power of spirit, approving power in the spirit of, fiery force you awaken and you call it for action. Will it wakens, by will and is applied in life. Christ Redeemer Told:" I in itself anything, the Father staying in Me, He Create". And you in it anything but when for you Hierarchy, when you with It also use the force it, then you are strong. The right to work with Force and the Name of the Lord is granted to you. Whether realized it? No! Therefore you can't cause fiery power to action in all its force. And you create us, which for you. And if you something to reach a certain desire you report to us, you can be quiet for its implementation. After all such desire assumes also its compliance with that sphere in which there are we. Therefore circumspectly express desires. Press will pedal more often. The will quickly develops at conscious application. Consciously sent arrow of will accompanied by thought works instantly though its consequences and not always is noticed at once. She can't but succeed, because anything for her not an obstacle. Understand that the shell punches armor, thought is everything, and strong succeeds. Surely act with the weapon of thought is the most reliable and right weapon. Advantage it realize and, having realized, use, but only in the benefit.

192. (May 30). (Mother World). The son of Earth, the space intercourses in the spirit of are possible. They are difficult, because demand a full separation from Earth and a high step of consciousness. Through the Highest you concern Higher, through the Lord – Me. What you, children of Earth, can wait from Me? Benefit and Light gifts. Light the Highest one for all worlds. Its Beams to you I Send; difficult for assimilation extraordinary, because their elements are removed from Earth. The rhythm of persistence will facilitate the adaptation to them of an organism, helping susceptibility and aggravating it. On My planet too there are people. They as perceive my Beams as you are Beams of your Lord. These people are higher than you on steps of evolution and in My Beams succeed. But to you, people of Earth, difficult. Your centers still sleep at the majority. And the centers are wells of Beams. How to perceive them at the centers, yet not lit? But each consciousness directed to Me, I Sate on its capacity. It is a lot of to Me direct and directed in centuries people, giving Me various names. Nowadays again terms come on Earth to approve the Name My. My beams are sent to Earth, and women react to them. The era of the Woman begins under My Beams. It is easier to them to accept Beams thanks to their thinner organization. But actively and powerfully I Create through Lords as through a man's beginning. In this seeming contradiction strength of those, who knows that in special cases the man's beginning has the magnetic advantages because creativity requires two Beginnings? Compliance allows approve this activity and then Gifts Mine flow plentifully. Receivers the elite are rare. But for Lords am I, - because, the aspiration through them can open entrances to My Spheres.

193. Accept a parcel of morning happiness in the spirit of a special acceptability which means completeness of self-renunciation. Let's tell them:" Yes there will be on that not my will, but Will Yours, the Lord". You, itself having forgotten, with me be filled. And then the perception of my thoughts will go without a hindrance. Whether you thought of how, living in this world terrestrial, not in it is necessary to live and not it, and in World Mine and My World. After My entire other-worldly Kingdom though concerned it also live in this physical world. But the consciousness is focus of a display of all worlds. And in consciousness will it is possible to prefer any. What is preferred before the others, and will predominate. Also it isn't necessary to go far. It isn't necessary to go far, all inside, all in the person, and consciousness – a field of a display approved by it as reality of energy. The statement in itself the phenomena of a certain order preferably before the others also gives the chance to approve my World in your days. Why to be assigned to someone and something, what has to be made? I speak about inalterability conformable to the reason of consequences that could have more confidence of processes hidden. The psych equipment demands understanding of especial reality of laws of mental energy. The mystical fog is replaced with exact knowledge, more exact, than your laws of mathematics. Laws of geometry of the plane and spherical surface are various. But laws of mental energy for all worlds same though forms of their display also aren't similar externally one to another. So the thought – the full citizen of all worlds – submits to Light Laws. Light of the seventh is reached by thought fiery. And then its power is great. To work with thought in a body of Light there is Arhat’s highest achievement. It is hard to understand it that, who even in a physical body yet didn't learn to act with thought. The power of thought should be understood so really and practically as the power is understood by modern science, for example. Let the thought become a real factor of life. But you know how it is possible to live really among the created fancies, which can become so vital that give feeling of evidence. You know that for the hypnotized subject your fancies accept forms and replace to it the surrounding visible world. But it isn't necessary to immerse itself in a dream to understand reality of thought, it is necessary to think simply of thought from other point of view and under other corner. Thought – energy – light. It is possible to shine with thought and when it is dark, especially. With thought you shine around, because dimly around.

194. (M.A.Y.). A lot of things in World Aboveground are made by a power of love. The love is an engine powerful, the love is a light force, the love is a weapon of Light, and the love is hearts fire. So with heart also we will act. Certainly, it is close, but magneto love, I am close loving me on Earth and still loving nowadays. Courage is born in the devoted heart lit by love to Highest. Two lives flow in the person: life of heart and brain life – one in depth, another on a surface. Through heart I can communicate with heart, to me directed. I will go on about heart until its life, secret and hidden, obvious doesn't become. You can charge to heart Me in Elevated and concern when you depart at night to a dream. It will execute an assignment, and perhaps, the answer will bring. Why so it is a little and seldom consciously you address to heart? Why you don't use this wonderful device? How you will overstep the limits of the worlds, if not on heart? Why, power it recognizing, you don't apply it in life? The most perfect car is useless if costs idle and in work isn't applied. Why heart you keep in neglect? But you have it! Use it freely and widely, remembering that it eats love. Or the love dried up? Or has a limit? Or the source this, feeding heart, is limited in the force? No. Don't forget about boundlessness of qualities and feelings. The love as a power source is boundless potentially the. With it also act.

195. (Guru). Fly on two wings. Why treasures of energy and will are increased in parallel with heart growth? Heart without will that the ship without a wheel. It is necessary to think of how to strengthen feeling of presence of will in itself more often. Understanding of the force very much helps its growth. This feeling of internal force is unconsciously given to people who love force, and respect it in others, and reckon with it. This force doesn't consist in imposing it to another, self-approving itself, just the opposite. The true power never suppresses nobody's free will. Only weakness externally approves itself and imposes itself to another." But I won't cut out a casket" – so act. And your force will grow because by it is protected from squandering and plunder. It is strange noting that fact that, opening it to people, you lose in the force before them because you devastate yourself actually. Therefore to understanding of force we will add also restraint, and as the Lord Told, "as the mountain not plundered, so stand". But there can't be a restraint without ability to be self-controlled, without the self-checking demanding constant sharp-sighted vigilance. As the snowball, and quantity, and degree of approved qualities, because are connected all accrues. Will to live having called, heart live, then the treasure of energy and treasure of heart will be mutually counterbalanced.

196. (Май 31). I approve the phenomenon of many embodiments as need for development in the person of comprehensive qualities and abilities of spirit. Embodiments are usually very various. Combination scand each time miscellaneous is. It also gives the chance to strengthen the various parties of Identity. The full cycle of embodiments on Earth, a finishing way on a planet, means full development in finishing spirit of everything that Earth can give to the person. Collectors It is called knowing a way and where go, both for what and for the sake of what everything is made that it is necessary to do to them under the Sun. The ardent aspiration to save up experience and that to execute the terrestrial appointment indicates knowledge by spirit of the purpose. Not so simply their lives the person on Earth, but is sent to collect a harvest. Knowing lives, persistently and persistently collecting experience nectar from all counter phenomena. The bitterness and pain remain behind, and the value of accumulation grows. The person is the collector of experience of life – so we will remember forever.

197. (M.A.Y.). In pleasure of spirit we succeed especially quickly. Pleasure of communication, pleasure of cognition, pleasure of proximity, pleasure of aspiration and the pleasure directed to the Lord. All burden it a grief and the difficulties with which often address to It but very few people try to come nearer pleasure and in pleasure of spirit. To approach with pleasure – who thought of it? Pleasure, which wings lifted spirit over burden density terrestrial! The wise pleasure is a synonym of freedom of spirit from chains of the dense world. On wings of pleasure it is easy to depart, wings of Light far, but to concern relatives. I send new understanding of the fast - wings pleasure binding spirit with the Highest Spheres of thought. Grief on Earth, but Fiery Spheres ring pleasure of the Highest, pleasure Space. The pleasure in space sounds, but on the highest register is.

198. (Guru). Let's be glad mutually to that our proximity is accompanied by signs of her statement in deeper aspect. Possibilities of rapprochement we will strengthen. You strengthen a wire from your party, and I will take care of the according to the efforts made by you to strengthen it. Each attempt or diligence a wire you give the chance to strengthen also to me in the same degree.

199. (June 1). Spirit accumulation in the light of the Lord goes in a certain sequence and is systematic. However, the karma puts usually in the conditions favoring for development of necessary qualities, but it is a lot of superfluous and casual complicates a way. In case of an apprenticeship elements casual and unnecessary are gradually nullified. Growth of spirit goes systematically, and living conditions under the Hand of the Teacher develop so that to give the chance of the fastest advances. Under the influence of the currents sent by the Teacher, the weak places become stronger, the lagged behind qualities receive impulses to growth and harmonious process of a full development of Identity is established. The symphony of qualities is necessary. It is bad if one of them develops at the expense of another. Often the Teacher before tests of a certain order if it is necessary to strengthen any lagged behind quality Puts or to push it forward for this or that purpose. Often it happens and so, that work isn't necessary the pupil to work in that direction where it is especially strong and its ability are perfected, and it is necessary to do another and, perhaps, uninviting work For it where it is necessary to study and store experience. It is especially useful and it is especially necessary for growth of a circle of all qualities. If the same spirit was always embodied by the great artist, his it would be harmful to evolution. It is impossible to raise only one hand, either a finger, or a nose. Badly it turns out. Therefore we Diversify life in every possible way: people have karma, pupils have Us. On Records it is possible to see how efforts of the Teacher go on this or that center, this or that body, and this or that quality. Spiritual it is counterbalanced terrestrial; differently it is possible to come off Earth and to become the groundless dreamer. When come off too, immediately we Bring the amendment or we Give the corresponding Instructions when we Want that the pupil could act independently and consciously. Would like to see the, whenever possible, strong and healthy as far as the centers will allow. In case of hard spiritual work it is good to counterbalance it physical work or the business demanding activity of muscles and muscles. The Teacher Sends the necessary thoughts as to maintain balance of all microcosm of the person. The favorite craft in addition to usual work in this regard can be very useful. On the ground we will go feet strongly going.

200. (M.A.Y.). My son, you understand itself, what huge advantages the knowledge of the Doctrine in Elevated gives us: not lost, not shivering shy, not blind, not desperate, but armed with knowledge, quiet and sure we knowing enter, into the rights of the inheritance to everything that can give us magnificence and a variety of the Hidden World where, really, we feel ourselves as houses, in the homeland, in the homeland of spirit. Our, entire all according to the accord, everything is available and possible. Also the Lord is close. And work darling is open endlessly. And communication with those, who is close to heart, probably is. I had no anything, we own everything. Everything joyfully having left on Earth, everything again we get, but changed. Beauty we create the environment. You limited on Earth in the aspirations, know that these restrictions aren't known by us. The spirit exempted from the power of terrestrial gravitations, reaps the fruits of elevated freedom. Besides we call also you, not all chains of the torn. Tear, tear them without any regret. In chains not fly up. The freedom from everything and over everything approves. Freedom is in the spirit of. In the spirit of you seek free to become.

201. (Guru.). Yes, you were right. External shape of the person, his face and, especially, eyes is as a link binding two consciousnesses, from which one directed to another. And when you wanted to concern my spirit, you concerned, represent my shape terrestrial what me knowing. I not so such, had change, and sometimes it are possible to see me in shapes of last embodiments. But, represent me what knowing on the Earth, with me you come into contact and you entered into sphere of my spirit. During conversation a receiver all time at an ear as and a represent image or the person all time should be before an intellectual look. The knowledge of receptions facilitated much. Isolation of vibrations is an indispensable condition of perception. Even on the Earth seen and heard that, on what is attention, - especially in the world spiritual, in the world of thought.

202. (June 2). It is necessary to hold consciousness on a limit of pressure, readiness and aspiration. For this purpose we notified relatives on outlined events. That the thrill of readiness had not let them, a curtain of the future we slightly opened. It is impossible to lean against evidence. So the flame of readiness go out and go out absolutely could. But the knowledge of the future let's forces come nearer to it without los energy on hopelessness of evidence. Evidence are the deform choir of the validity. But even in it is possible to catch echoes of truth if to know the future. The key of the future opened possibilities to understanding of many phenomena and gave them symmetry and an interconnection. Without know the future how it is possible to understand an event? Apply scale of the future on your understanding more often. Otherwise will remain was blind. And then patterns of current life will find the correct place and a due estimation in the general drawing of life planetary, grasp the big extent in time. It are necessary to replace narrow-minded glasses of points with lenses of the long distance, allow to see the far future for the sake of whom all are create that occurred in the present.

203. Made the decision to accelerate run of the phenomena. Meant, pressure the general will amplify. At pressure of heart strings started to sound it to merge once in conformable chorus of hearts. To hearts human nowadays we Appealed wherefore we Wanted to unite through heart. There came a century of a unification of all and in all. Antagonism, disagreement, destructions and separation by unification we will defeat. It will go through heart. Therefore we were knocking on heart human that it had w up.

204. (М.А.Й.). The hero would like to see the one, who went through life the Name of the Lord. Friends why you not to pass life, to heroes it are similar? Who will want to be assimilating to the milksop or a wet rag? By ant position it are possible to judge how are honorable to pass life the hero. Also that prevented to be will heroes? Why it is necessary to show fear, either cowardice, or obsequiousness, either babbling, or kowtow before something or before someone? A miserable smile of obsequiousness considers inconstant to spirit, together with babbling. Really it is impossible to find words courageous, proud, resolute and worthy That Which Name gone? To heart task give advantage spirit to lift! On heart and life will pass to heroes similarly.

205. (M.A.Y.). On the battlefield it is possible to show heroism but as it is difficult as it is incredible difficult to be heroes in life usual. What great courage it is necessary to show not to allow fires of heart to die away under pressure and environment influence. The feat among life is difficult extraordinary. In life usual heroes be, solved firmly fire of spirit to carry by through life (not go out it) to the not go out.

206. (Guru). I advise strength of mind to collect inside. Before action they as though spring together and will are kept in suspense and readiness. Will gather and by will are spent, but not in itself the reflex impulses which are terribly spending forces. How many they flow away in vain thanks to impulsive actions, thoughtless and uncontrolled? See to it and you will see unacceptable wastefulness the, plundering mental energy. Much connivance occurs in the person, devouring his forces. The unshakable solution of will madness of squandering should be stopped. Covers to bridle and accept a face, worthy a humanoid. Over all people covers dominate, you learn to dominate over them, having established over them a will priority. Spirit over everything and its weapon – will.

207. (June 3). We Believe that there is no bigger incommensurability, than to allow temporary around and in itself to dominate over eternal inside. The eternal should bring these two phenomena into accord with submission temporary. How to place emphasis on small and constantly changing when great before eyes it is already realized? Eternal don't disturb display in itself because it is fated. Immortality in our understanding means not interruptibility of consciousness at change of covers. It is reached by the few. It is impossible to reach it if the consciousness is concentrated, say, in a body or in an astral. Dumping both that, and another, we stop activity of the consciousness concentrated in them. It isn't enough not to wish to die, it isn't enough to believe in immortality of spirit, it is necessary to lift still consciousness to spheres of a manifestation of those conductors which death aren't subject. Yes! Yes! And the body fiery, Light body, also will be such conductor. If deposits on Earth happened during lifetime in a body fiery, these elements and will give the chance to consciousness grasp them. It is possible to accumulate in effect the person immortality elements, giving them thoughts and time. Spirit grain is immortal. The consciousness, which has risen to it, any more doesn't know death. Separating in itself elements of death and that is subject to it, from elements immortal and spirit belong to the last, it is possible to begin the immortality still here, on Earth, to claim. Without having approved it here, there not to reach it. Eternal in itself it is worth giving time and thoughts, considering everything passing through consciousness, as temporary, displaying in the eternal. You, their beholding, are eternal, but are mortal and are passing them. Eternal in itself it is necessary to realize.

208. (M.A.Y.). Having provided itself to Will Lord consciousness can provide to Him that It Could be shown in it. And with thought when you enter into communication, it is necessary to extinguish yourself. Difficultly it is difficult to refuse it, it is difficult to be rejected from it, and self-dismissal is difficult. Not gets rid egoism of display, becoming an obstacle. Thoughts I want to turn on a subtlety of spiritual work. To thought I want to give preference because the thought has the highest mobility. Thought the highest is mobility and display. But thoughts terrestrial are heavy. Thought it is possible to chain itself as the convict a chain to a wall, and thought of to release. Different thoughts happen. Addressing to thoughts, we mean the highest. Let's distinguish their character, specific weight, mobility and ease. Great school of thinking! Thoughts corporal, thoughts astral, thoughts mental and thoughts fiery, thoughts of Light differ from each other extraordinary. Preferring thought and placing on it emphasis, it is necessary to realize and their various nature. And dark too think and dark thoughts too have the spheres of manifestation. Let's dismember the phenomenon of thought and we will start studying them, having this condition in a look. The thought wins the world, but not by any thought. The thought inflicts also defeat over itself. Be careful with thought, are careful and careful. The weapon of Light can become easy the darkness weapon.

209. (Guru.). Art of the artist consists in ability skillfully to use paints, brushes, oil and all that is necessary to write. You learn to be able to dispose skillfully of abilities of knowledge that pictures of the cognizable world were bright, finished. And vigilance is necessary, that everything to notice, and ability to embody beauty in created images. But if a key – beauty, in this way it is possible to create quietly. So let everything created by will, will be beautiful, whether it be thought, the word or acts.

210. (June 4). In the spirit of possible all is. And the intercourses is in the spirit of, and flights – in a spirit kernel. The spirit area also is area of boundless opportunities. It was said that everything is available to thought, but after all the thought is generated by spirit. Behind thought – spirit. Spirit kernel, as an egg yolk is the middle of the person, fiery his essence, and all the rest – stratifications and covers. The spirit has no form, but can form itself any. The spirit out temporarily and out spacey, but is shown in time and spaces of various measurements. For spirit all is opened. Being given various shapes, there can be a spirit both the tsar and the shoemaker, both the woman and the man sick and healthy, happy and unfortunate, white or black, the savage or the scientist, Arhat or the sorcerer, blind or able to see. But it’s all these only temporary forms, not knowing a form. In the consciousness the person or an external form can think of himself and to identify itself with it, or spirit without a form. Identify the essence with an external form as it is ridiculous, as well as with clothes. Who will tell, what new my fur coat and is I? It is so wrong to think that the next physical body of the person and is the person. The body will be born, is ill and dies, but the spirit is eternal. Hands and feet can be taken away, but the spirit remains safe. The cut-off finger doesn't deprive spirit of its integrity. And as also head. Spirit is over everything and above everything. Cover – not spirit. It is best of all to consider all forms investing spirit, tools, tools, devices for its manifestation in the worlds: physical, thin above. To everyone there corresponds the conductor created from a matter of that plan on which the spirit is shown. But spirit over it above! This awareness of power and properties of spirit in itself should be made usual and from it and to proceed in thoughts, acts and feelings. Life is in the spirit of. It is necessary somehow to manage to transfer consciousness to spirit and spirit of to understand, not a body, not an astral, but spirit, without a body, without a form, but using them for manifestation. By spirit immortal consider itself and in the spirit of itself claim. Let this consciousness become inherent in your thinking. Everything can fall, but the spirit is indestructible. With consciousness of relatives We in the spirit of communication Conduct, but using thought. We thought Concern the spirits occupying your planet. Properties of spirit should be studied. Spirit actions out temporarily, or are untimely. Neither forms, nor a smell, no color the spirit has, but can accept, for example, in World Thin any form. In dense processes it is more difficult, more slowly and is caused by a karma which too is created by spirit. So even the physical cover is under construction strength of mind an attraction conformable to it elements. Place spirit of the fearless person in a body of the coward shivering with horror and at once you will see how the spirit can influence a matter. The spirit is fire. The will of spirit gives to fires of spirit various forms. Find time for understanding of the phenomenon of essence of spirit in the person.

211. My son, feeling of opportunity to perceive and fix endlessly the thoughts flowing from space, it is correct because access to a treasury of spatial thought is open. To the thought ocean access is open. The ocean of the Doctrine is available only to the next. One most wonderful opportunity is so approved. It will amplify over time: becomes even more accurate. Also it won't be already limited for hours of Communication, and it will be open always when that will be wanted by spirit. Understanding of this opportunity should be entered into life and to use it at will. As if under a hand always there would be phone by means of which it is possible to connect to desirable object, or radio to which it is possible to listen on a desirable wave. The spirit equipment where is more wonderful than all devices ever invented, or invented, or what will be invented by the person. Because all these inventions are no other than attempt to imitate that already is available in the person in rough forms. Lenses, the field-glass, the color photo, movies, phone, telegraph, radio, the TV, vibration devices and so on and further – everything that already are in the person, and in forms, infinitely more perfect, than physical devices. The field-glass should be put on an eye, but the eye does it instantly and automatically, being applied to distance? How much times you need to spend have a picture. The brain by means of an eye does it instantly. Time is necessary to transfer even the radio telegram, but the thought is lightning. Also it is necessary to go to the movies to see to the movie. But drowning instantly, as on a tape sees all the life. But it isn't so obligatory to sink to see astral tapes of events. It is possible and without a sink. Time this ability is, it can be shown and in more acceptable conditions. It is good to fly by plane, but in a thin body – quicker, cheaper and much more interestingly. Everything is concluded in the person. At first it should be realized, and then to direct to practical application in life of the opportunities given by an organism. It also will be that great inheritance about which vaguely speak, inheritance, the prepared Father of All to prodigal sons human. The father Waits, and the inheritance waits. Come and take it, - it yours from the beginning of times!

212. My son, with your desire to contain as much as possible sent thoughts I Don't interfere. Write if the spirit of that wants. Understand location of a body in space the purely conditional. In the spirit of it is possible to change somehow. It is possible to present itself the consciousness center in any part of a planet and in any point of Boundlessness. It is for spirit possibly. But the consciousness lags behind. It is chained to a usual environment. It is connected by magnetic threads with each subject who has got into consciousness. For action on a long distance this magnetic communication should be torn and presented itself connected with those objects to which the consciousness is directed. It is necessary to present itself in their environment so brightly that already from there, from that point, to look at the direct physical environment. Spatial transfer of consciousness in any desirable place is very difficult exactly thanks to this magnetic communication with surrounding and thanks to a consciousness attraction to subjects and things, which around. Even in other end of the city it is difficult to present itself, even in other room, even standing near own bed if the body lies on it. The person so got used to think physically, that is in connection with his physical environment that it is difficult to it even in the spirit of to come off this environment. And meanwhile the secret is that all this communication and all this environment exist only in his consciousness, and it is enough to change consciousness installation that it became the perception center already vibrations of others. In consciousness as in it everything, it is necessary to come off subjects of a direct environment and mentally to surround itself with where the thought is directed. It also will be consciousness transfer in a desirable place and if you want, sensitivity transfer. Certainly, physical subjects around exist actually, and not them denies trying to be exempted from their power consciousness, and from their magnetic attraction and impact on consciousness in order that it, from them released and cleared, could perceive already a number of the phenomena of others. Telepathy – the fact. Radio and television confirm how the spatial waves bearing in symbols of words extend, pictures and the phenomena. Spatial restrictions are fiction for spirit. They should be overcome inside. And then the far Teacher of Light can and be seen close. If it is possible to be reported by thought with it, the visual perception and a consequence when the Voice of the Teacher hidden can be heard obviously will be the following step. Dare, My son, and I will Help.

213. (M.A.Y.). I rejoice, rejoice, rejoice to opportunities, strong the being increased. Correctly I told:" Write, both don't argue, and don't deliberate". Thoughts terrestrial a hindrance will be. They should be cleaned. And time you with me, with my thought consciousness seek to fill. About what It was spoken more than once begins new in your life. You will enter the new period of life in an ardent unification with us: Guru, Lord and me. Also there will be we for you executing Will Lord. The reality of My proximity still is a little realized. Why to put between us any mediastinum in the form of space, distances and other. I near, I is close, I here, but... in the spirit of. All spatial heaps and representations only disturb. I close am closer. And not outside, but in you is. In the spirit of we are merged, as well as I with the Lord; separation is seemed and for a brain. Doesn't know separation thought if it is merged with me. Pleasures to communication in the spirit of the heart we will betray. Nothing can distance or separate you from me if that you don't allow. Nothing can interfere with our proximity if to realize, in what its essence and mechanics. I am in every possible way ready to go towards to the directed aspiration of spirit. Remember one: I answer only call and according to a power of love and aspirations.

214. (M.A.Y.). With our leaving our mission is assigned to shoulders of the next. What shoulders that can rise, will be assigned. And to the one who will want to lift an unreasonable burden and opportunities will be given out of limits. Much, a lot of things nowadays are allowed able to contain widely. Phone call was distributed, but the person annoyance waved away, and opportunity left. Nowadays streams of gifts stream strong for the spirits which have brought jugs. Why they come empty-handed? Where their jugs? And in what to them pour? You reading the Doctrine, you called and replying, prepare spirit vessels to accept spirit gifts.

215. (Guru). The solution of will and execution of the decision have to be in full compliance. Otherwise to what solve. Each outstanding decision weakens the will phenomenon. However, is much given, and everything not to carry out, but something, both somehow, and immediately nevertheless can be executed. Let the decision made by will be as the word of honor to itself. People of the one who can't operate itself (himself) don't listen. Before it is necessary to become the lord itself, and then already to dare and to the bigger. The monolith of will is created by persistent work. There can't be a will collected today, as a steel spring tomorrow to become limp shamefully. Therefore we will add one more quality of will – constancy. It is strong always: both in the morning and in the evening, both at night and in the afternoon, and in pleasure and the grief, healthy and sick, in prosperity and need, say, always in all living conditions.

216. (Guru). At the statement of qualities it is necessary to remember that qualities without constancy that the boiler without the valve. The coward, displaying courage today, remains the coward if continues to be afraid of something and tomorrow. Courage too needs constancy. But most of all the will needs constancy.

217. (June 5). The Lord Sends blessing is. The Lord Wants to see winning powerfully. The Lord Sends a parting word on ways of new stays. The entrance to extensive storage of values where it is possible to choose at will is as though open. Having chosen among them something, thought concentrate on it, and it starts growing wonderfully right there, filling consciousness and being developed, like a flower blossoming under beams of the Sun. The thought beam has the same miracle force. Thought beam is magnetic. Shining the phenomenon with this beam, the thought as though develops all its essence. We don't appreciate flights in an astral, - are available even mediums. Are often a sign of tendency to pessimism? But flights in menthol are desirable. The body of thought higher and is thinner and isn't subject to dangers of the lower class. Only issued and developed mental body can fly. Certainly, ability to flights in it is connected closely with activity of the centers. It is impossible to fly at the sleeping centers. Before mastering by new ability it is good to premise to it thought and, coming back to it and concentrating on it, to strengthen given the chance. Mastering follows understanding. The Teacher will Specify closer ways of mastering; the Teacher Wants ability increase, the Teacher Lays ways achievement. Flight in a body of thought demands a preliminary condition of transferring of Life in thought. It isn't enough to realize that actually the person lives thought and thinks always, it is necessary to approve still independence of stay in thought spheres of the phenomena of the dense world influencing a body and its bodies directly. The victory over feelings of hunger, cold and all the others conducts to mastering by this not coherence, or independence of thought. Just as the artist makes out a picture, either the sculptor the image, or the woodcarver – the necessary form, and the thinker inside crystallizes an accurate form of thought and all process conducting to realization of ability of distant flights. It is necessary to see itself seized a desirable form of use of the mental conductor. Like a snowball, possibilities of implementation of desirable ability will accrue. After all the Teacher near and He Will specify how, and will Help if there is to that rather strong aspiration and the right to achievement. It isn't enough, who that wants. The right to achievement is granted by former accumulation. And when it is, it is easy to Teacher to accelerate process and to help lawfully.
Hopelessness of people leaving from a historical scene is dictated by evolution. Who can go against our Plans? But if it is our people, in big economy application will always be found for them. We do not forget the services rendered to us and performers true. If went and executed in the name is not ours. Ours go the Name of the Lord and therefore are successful always.

218. Each form of the dense world has the astral double that is so firm and strong, as well as a physical form, and often and longer in time. Same houses, same trees, same mountains, rivers, seas. Inhabitants of the astral world live among these forms at times as usually, as well as on Earth. To forms of the Thin World it is possible to add or having increased and having changed this form on Earth physical hands, or to perform the same work by means of thought. Ignorant there laid the hands as applied on Earth, knowing – thought. Astral forms have rather big density. Resistance of the materials entering into astral constructions, so really, as well as on Earth, but in other plane is. To the ordinary person there not pass through a wall of the astral house, and thought of such house not to destroy, and new not to construct. Ability of conscious creativity the very few though creativity of spirit is received by all possess only. There are spheres much less steady, and there are spheres of unstable fluctuating forms. These last even can throw strong consciousness into confusion phantasmagoria of fast-changing shapes. And if they are especially vague and not clear, it isn't possible to understand them often. Therefore consciously it is necessary to pass some layers of the Elevated World. In them there is nothing to learn, but it is possible to lose a lot of things because, magneto it is awful. The weak consciousness is tightened in them as the straw in whirlpool, and hopelessly goes to a bottom. The reason is in that, what these forms strongly loaded emotionally, and thus with vibrations of the lowest fires. Causing in conformable consciousnesses the same feelings, they attract them to themselves, enveloping those suffocating gases of the lowest desires. It is necessary to aspire above. Therefore it is so important still here, on Earth, not to allow that the astral cover was involved in whirlwinds terrestrial. Astral whirlwinds possess force involving in and heat consciousness in darkness generated by them. Here winning against itself, there winners we will be.

219. (M.A.Y.). I will blow a new stream of life into your soul. The food for spirit, and on time – different is necessary. The consciousness will be enriched with new stays. New thoughts I will send. You feel, what in the Doctrine Boundlessness, Boundlessness of boundless cognition is shown? This feeling also goes. I think, I think how to approach possibilities of happiness. And to thoughts my, remote from spheres of the terrestrial infected layers, it is so difficult to light even in close hearts of hope a wonderful flame.

220. (Guru). Everyone who wants to reach, transfers the will to Will Lord and that strengthens it that is the will, extraordinary and becomes Will Lord’s performer. If affairs on Earth to create the Name of the Lord as it is possible to succeed in Light! If to premise to each word, each feeling and an act thought that they are created for the sake of the Lord and for the sake of it and by His name are made, force decupled them will fill all. Hierarchy – the Source of inexhaustible energy. To go through life the Name of the Hierarch – life means to win.

221. (June 6). In all cases of life it is possible to rely only on Me. Other support isn't present – are unreliable. You hold Me in everything, in big and small. And who knows, where it, big or small. And the small pebble can dump in an abyss if it is unsuccessful to step into it. Communication happens long ago, but needs deepening. To become the face to the person, it is necessary to forget about everything that the Image of the Teacher in consciousness took priority. And then the first thought will be from It, instead of from the party or from itself. And then it is already unimportant, at what width to present, because I with you always. How much time this formula and still spirit was repeated doesn't accept it completely. If the reality of this Proximity is realized, whether that everything is equal where there is a person who has approved it – whether in the Tower or in the room. Proximity on distance – as a preparatory step being then realized out of three measurements, becomes reality irrespective of them. Spirit is out of measurements. The proximity is carried out in the spirit of. But everything that helps it at the beginning, it is possible to accept temporarily. Working props and the woods are necessary while the structure isn't finished. Then become absolutely excessive. Certainly, everything exists in space, but the space can be and many measurements. And there other laws, not three are dimensional world. The spirit exempted from the power of a body, isn't connected already by laws of the three-dimensional world. All the time I Want emphasizes that spirit – the phenomenon of other order, than all in what it is shown. Once you come off usual conditions, and the spirit will start approving the force and features extra dense and timeless. Spirit movements are imperceptible. The spirit is fire with all properties of a flame. Even temporary containment of all properties of a flame of spirit changes a physical body. Communication goes force of fire of spirit. With spirit don't interfere to approve it. Its fire changes the centers and вkindle them. Not the body, but spirit is Light carrier. Spirit accepts Me and in the spirit of Communication build. Also you remember that all covers – only tools of spirit or its attire. It approve in awareness of the importance of spirit and to spirit over itself delegate the power. And not the body spirit, but let spirit disposes of a body from now on. Only when covers are subordinated, there can be a microcosm human laboratory for all feelings caused by will. The power over approve, deepen and expand incessantly. For nothing is given.

222. (M.A.Y.). It is impossible to forbid heart to feel spatial burden. This sensitive device reacts to everything. It is better to rejoice that he acts smoothly. Acuteness of susceptibility the bilateral is.

223. (June 7). Boundlessness can't be denied because it is. But before its immensity the consciousness can become puzzled. Therefore at an exit to the space ocean the Hierarchy will serve as Focus of aspiration and a beacon, Specify possibility of orientation. Depths bottomless and chasms exist in space. After all visible Boundlessness of the physical world has Boundlessness invisible, thin, and stills the fiery. In it the currents, the depths and whirlpools bottomless where they can carry away the spirit released from a body. But as guiding fire the Hierarchy of Light is given, it and it is necessary to keep not being a straw in a rough stream. And if the urgency of Hierarchy is still realized here, this anchor is how necessary for spirit there. The Hierarchy can serve as a starting point. It is possible to venture anywhere, but in hands – a ball of the infinite thread which one end is strong attached to the Hierarchy rock. And while a ball in hands and communication isn't broken, the spirit in boundless spaces of the Elevated Worlds can't get lost. The majority of people of Earth don't get rid of Earth because are attached to it strong. But is the courageous spirits, which have overcome an attraction of terrestrial aura, direct in space. In these flights to Distant Spheres the Hand of Hierarchy is necessary, as blind the guide, and able to see eyes. Life of the inhabitant can be lived somehow still, denying Hierarchy, but, using its Light and the Help, but it is impossible there. The magnet of Hierarchy works powerfully, bringing protection, support and указуя the direction. Without an attraction to Focus of this Magnet other dark attractions start working, carrying away spirit to spheres of opposite focus. If there is Light Focus, so there is also a darkness focus. The dark Cone of the moon will be this focus of darkness for Earth. And everything, which consciously stops impact of Focus of Light and cuts off itself from it, get under influence of an attraction of focus of darkness. Its vortex funnels which are carrying away in a chasm, are strong extraordinary, and many are tightened in them. Therefore, Specify to adjoin Hierarchy of Light consciously, to adjoin very much, to adjoin, understanding that other decision can't be. It is a lot of the unconscious attendants of Light who don’t know about Hierarchy of World, but belief and the truth of employees to it. Not about them there is a speech, but about the denying dark. The Satan isn't present, but the darkness remained, and there were her attendants and hierophant of the evil. And though days them are considered, but the chasm is open, and its magnetism is great. In Space aspect Light is antipode not darkness, but Chaos. In such special case as Earth, darkness is the employee of Chaos because causes it, approving destruction and decomposition. When behind the back the Hierarch, it is possible to direct even out of limits of our Solar system.

224. (Guru). Readiness let will be always on call. Means, wakefulness, vigilance and vigilance can't weaken. Without readiness what susceptibility? So let the consciousness will be always open in full readiness for the highest perception. And then even among vanity of day it will be possible to catch thought the highest. Vigilance is valuable when doesn't leave awake consciousness for a minute.

225. (June 8). Yes! Yes! It is possible! It is possible to ask accurate questions and to receive on them the answer. The knowledge of the future and knowledge of reality can't destroy the phenomenon of antagonistic currents. From time to time they cut Earth atmosphere, heavy influencing mentality of the person. This heritage of leaving energy is. Shift old the new can't happen at once, - but it already the last child movable energy. But the building of the New World gets stronger.

226. The problem of time is difficult. Its evidence becomes obvious if to imagine a relativity of our computations of time in relation to other planets. Space and everything, that in it, exist in great and eternal "nowadays". Movement is, and there is a sequence of the phenomena and it everything that it is possible to tell about time. But isn't present and can't be nor our minutes, nor seconds, neither days, nor years. All of them are limited relatively concerning your Earth. The chronometer on Venus will be inexact. The calendar on Jupiter will be another. But birds have the life by the sun. Time factor for Earth is the reality of a special case which isn't extending out of its limits. There is no time in World Aboveground, though there is a change of days and nights, but in a peculiar refraction. Usual framework of time and only sequence of events are already passed to cinema points to a course of action and gives symmetry of perception. All know business not in time distributed for hours and minutes, and in sequence of perceptions of the phenomena passing before consciousness. When this sequence disappears, there comes confusion and chaos. This chaos of thinking can overtake the traveler in the Thin World if his consciousness not especially firmly and doesn't know the aspiration line. Be consecutive in your actions, in your thoughts in all that you do under the Sun that the Chaos spatial didn't concern you the destroying breath. The rushing about souls is the rushing about consciousnesses. As a lot of harm is done by them to themselves to that didn't establish firmly the aspirations and the magnet of the spirit wasn't ordered. Lack of time in the Thin World very much confuses new comers. The person as though loses usual reference points in space. But the Hierarchy, uniform for all worlds will be the rock of durability and stability, being approved on which, it is easy to overcome the phenomenon of lack of time and the difficulties following from here. The space of three measurements and time are closely connected with each other. With disappearance of usual time the commonness of three-dimensional space disappears also. Proximity and range the phenomena not on to distances, but on to installation or on to the attitude of consciousness towards them. Close that is close to consciousness, and the main thing, to heart. The most remote subject, the farthest place can be made close if to betray to it heart and thought, to its subordinated. The brain already isn't present, but heart pulses obviously, and the thought flows. In the beginning it is very difficult to understand these difficult phenomena. But among them it is necessary to live, and gradually the person accustoms with singularity of conditions, and they become for him the elevated commonness not similar on terrestrial, but natural and habitual. Certainly, laws of the Thin World should be known. The phenomena, when the new passed away inhabitant of the Thin World magneto is involved in habitual, crystallized in its representation, a situation in which it for many years without changes carried out on Earth are very frequent. After all one effort of thought free and it can escape from the sphere of these hardened motionless mental images. But he doesn't know it and will sit in them while energy mental, him in them enclosed, won't sputter out on it, their creator and beget. But strong effort of will it is possible to burn quickly all these heaps and to become free, as a bird. Everything, all this isn't necessary. Remnants terrestrial aren't necessary in World Aboveground. They only prevent to see and take wonderful advantages of extra dense existence. But terrestrial it is necessary to leave terrestrial thinking, terrestrial representations and all past. It is good to enter into that World, strong having dumped from itself fetters of three-dimensional thinking. Why I Say, what it is necessary to emphasize thought? Thought is beyond three-dimensional laws. She isn't subordinated to them, and it is possible to work with it. It is necessary to leave three-dimensional thoughts for affairs purely terrestrial. But the thought fiery let will be the driver on spheres of the Hidden World. Three-dimensional thoughts are right for Earth. The shooter has to define correctly distance in meters before truly putting a sight. Or the pedestrian to calculate, how many vests he can make an hour. But it is enough to direct thought in the Thin World to a far place or a subject as they will appear nearby. Therefore who wants to go to fathers, with them and will be and who wants to go to us, with us will arrive. Firmly rowing well, that he wants in Elevated, has everything that he wants. But ignorant strong it is carrying the desires to objects of the desires and passions, and doesn't know other way, and can't find a way out of a vicious circle of magnetic attractions of the lowest terrestrial order.

227. (M.A.Y.). The reality of the Thin World is applied at the mental intercourses: framework of three-dimensional thinking is overcome, time and space restrictions are erased, and the spirit directing becomes in direct proximity to object of the aspiration. Obstacles of the world terrestrial are overcome by the adoption of Laws of the Highest World where the thought reigns. Yes! Yes! Mother in Elevated contrary to the ardent statement of loudly shouting evidence is close. It is hard to overcome resistance of the dense sphere of surrounding conditions. But understand that the thought wins density of physical layers; the thought of the Highest measurements wins three-dimensional thought. Yes! Yes! Both it is close, and I hear, and passionately I seek to answer. Who from you, me so loving, thought free will dares to concern me impudent. Still stay in a vice of terrestrial restrictions, though a lot of things know. Know, but, alas! Are far still from that, dare apply the knowledge to opportunities of communication with me. And I to the son I send thought about ease and availability communication in the spirit of with Me. Here you knowing, thought released to me directed, and my thoughts freely flow in the open receiver of heart. Not to touch me by a brain. But heart it is easy if feeling fire burns in it. Communication goes this energy also. Yes! Yes! Yes! I confirm reality of communication three times and the Name of the Lord I testify to opportunities, you strong the given. Love and care I send to all relatives, but consciously accepting them, in particular. At first we will approve proximity indissoluble and conscious, and then we will already give messages of a different order. But rhythmical contact we will come into strongly, - before us big affairs. And we will be able to make them only together: The lord, Mater and you is a performer.

228. (Guru). Laws of will possess a fiery magnetizm. The will attracts in the orbit of weight to obedient it an inert matter and will crystallize them in forms. These forms trade in manifestation, being embodied already on Earth or in the worlds in visible educations. Therefore responsibility for will is great. The treasure of will can be acquired, but it is better not to be born, than to multiply nasty thing. Therefore to beauty we serve. Therefore beauty regarded as of paramount importance. Therefore beauty to lives go and for it.

229. (June 9). If to compare everything given to that from it is applied in life, the gap will be terrible. It is necessary to reduce it. The ideal case – when each Instruction is executed strictly. The consolation that others will find something in these Records, able directs them forward. Hastily the knowledge, outside ability to contain because time is short is given. But nevertheless it is necessary to think how to pull together given with life. Each applied thought is the generator of the fiery energy approved in effect of applied it in life. After all this application is no other than strong and steady building of a crystal of mental energy. It is a lot of ways to increase it, but it is the best, the most reliable. The matter is that flashed fires of the moment of containment of all properties of a flame can quickly go out and die away if not to fix them. Therefore We not Trust the containment moment, but Specify ‘son how to hold a gain. It is possible to tell that without this fixer all other ways of building of a crystal won't give it stability and constancy. Truly, builds the spirit house on sand the one who doesn't apply Instructions given by me. The size of a gap it isn't necessary to be confused too because it is given too much and if everything was applied completely, the way terrestrial could be considered complete. But even small application of a consequence will give the great. But in our forces always deepen something and to strengthen. And always, at any time, what there was a passing condition of consciousness, something is possible and somehow to apply, and somehow to strengthen something. Always, in any conditions, any quality is closer and more conformable – it and it is possible to claim in application, but it is best of all to put tactics of Adverse in action and to strengthen that and its conditions try to suppress or destroy life. Scoop of forces from within at counteractions from the outside, and scoop from counteraction, also will be the best decision. Anyhow it is possible to grow obstacles, how not scoop from them the force? And then it is really possible to tell that all: kind and angry, good and bad, favorable and opposite serves Arhat. Yes! Yes! It is necessary to become Arhat that everything around to force to serve spirit. And then there are no conditions opposite and counteracting an ascension, but everything is used in the benefit and for an ascension; and from everything the energy promoting building of a crystal of mental energy, that is to growth of Treasure of the Stone, the person becomes which obvious carrier. And then all ways, truly, conduct only to Me and to Me approach. Excuses about favorable and adverse conditions we will leave to silly persons. For this purpose, who decided to reach irrevocably Us, this division disappears, and everything starts serving the winner. Therefore I Speak:" Be not confused anything and don't stop before anything – your way is solved". The way to the Lord is solved, and, firmly going, go forward, despite everything. The blow of a hammer of spirit destroys any barriers if only to understand that spirit above all that spirit over everything that the condition of environment can't overcome spirit which is urged to dominate over everything. So gradually, day by day, the primacy of spirit and its superiority over complexity of external conditions is approved. Everything is won by will, and everything is achievable. In anticipation of days to come it is necessary to call and approve in itself all power of spirit because fire for entering of Light into life is necessary, necessary. Know that fires in it to approve any effort by gift don’t vanish. And I standing behind you will support each effort and fires I Will increase. Also I Will help, I Will help spatial fire, with My approved, in the spirit of the t hold in the centers lit. Flame carriers are necessary. So it isn't enough of them. Help Me with my effort in you to Approve your fires.

230. My help without your cooperation full and the open it is warm can’t be exhaustive and fruitful. Your prosperity depends on completeness and cooperation depth. Truly, heart indulged in me, sang fruits reaps. Therefore I Speak:" Let's go together up to appointed". Hand I Give, but you keep, keep, and it is strong. Beam I Send, but display its light. Thoughts dawn I Send, but realize them into forms in the consciousness and make property of many, available to those who follow you. More enter in a rhythm of perceptions also sang reap from my Light. Times special come when it is necessary to collect in itself probably bigger quantity of Light for the forthcoming crops. Great crops are necessary! Whether derogations and without swelling of the a little, My Light dimming strong are ready to serve Me without excuses? You, following from Me, whether are ready are? Both what degree and quality of your readiness? And whether you give yourself the report what is necessary? Life and Light gate for sets opens. And Light will go and through you who are close standing. Whether we are ready to contain it to a limit because it is necessary to distribute much?

231. (M.A.Y.). It is necessary to live in understanding of proximity of the future. After all once there has to come memory time. Here it comes. Where your baskets that to take bread for spirit of the hungry? Burden of knowledge of a bike is. May you want to wish to lift an unreasonable burden of knowledge for distribution it to people? Many strive for knowledge and wish it, whether but all understand burden and responsibility of the Highest Knowledge? Overloaded with knowledge you will go to life. Also the burden will be hard. But the requirement is greater. And therefore access to the Spatial Treasury of Knowledge will be constantly open for you going to the Name of the Lord and consciously accorded It. Therefore quietly go to the everyday sea, knowing, what requirements to your knowledge would be not shown by people and life, they will be satisfied much. Limit to our Knowledge – Boundlessness. Therefore you will go to life the armed Knowledge powerfully. In total is with you, all in you, and all from the Lord. Strong our proximity I will strengthen and new opportunities I will give. Approaches to them I will slightly open that it was possible to approach still closer; in tension of the highest readiness wait for the future day.

232. (Guru). Sowers of vital grains, the will strengthen. Because will be counteractions to your actions much. But who can be strong against you, if for you the Teacher? So, the will having merged with Will Teacher, it is possible fearlessly and to face lives safely. Where to find fearlessness? Only in understanding of Proximity of the Teacher! And as also power of will. The ram breaks strong walls. As also will – any obstacles if it is pointed, it is similar to a ram, and hits into the necessary point. Process of concentration of will in the necessary point should be mastered in due course practically. The will strains in the fiery power not all the time, but at the necessary moment for action, as a striking force for front break. And, just, in a certain place of influence. Calling the Help of the Driver, force it we multiply in direct ratio to the address. When something becomes for the sake of the Lord or His name, the need can receive the help conformably in it. It doesn’t forget and know that the Teacher is close always.

233. (June 10). Many phenomena pass through the world, but don't notice them, because it the singularity phenomenon. The eye which has put on glasses of commonness grew blind to the unusual. It is a lot of unusual in life. If to open eyes on unusual, and life becomes unusual. Unless usually dream phenomenon, either thoughts, or heart beat? In effect, everything is unusual, except vanity human and small affairs of day. They too demand attention. But if unusual to pay there is more than attention and free minutes when thoughts are free, unusual will start strong entering into life. Let's take the phenomenon of courage and the fear phenomenon; two antipode is. Both influence all system and these influences are obviously opposite. The first lifts vitality and strengthens fires; the second lowers it and extinguishes a heart flame. One – life-hat given, another – the murderer and the devourer of mental energy. I want to pay your attention to devourers. Feelings human, devourers of vital forces, usually prevail in the person over life-given. But the phenomena of fearlessness, dedication, devotion and aspiration fiery are unusual among the crowds, which have forgotten about light, biped. It is necessary to go through life under the sign of singularity light-given. Only think, as life-given tranquility and balance of spirit. As fearlessness, as the construction pleasure, firmness, constancy in good is beneficial. As Light and darkness, differ life-given from devourers of Light. Light, fire, the energy, giving life as they are necessary to people. So we will direct the thought on unusual and we will understand that while singularity will be not included into our life and doesn't become for us usual, dregs darken a way.

234. (M.A.Y.).Unless our communication usually? Unless Records are usual is? Unless usually aspiration to Light? The Doctrine of Life is the statement of the unusual! And the consciousness of the person is a field of fight of the narrow-minded ordinary with the most wonderful of the world around. And you, my friend, protect unusual from noxious influence of the ordinary, differently fires of heart will go out and the gray dragon of daily occurrence will appear the monster which has devoured wonderful singularity. Protect singularity from a consuming it darkness.

235. (Guru). It would be possible even to give an award for singularity; she extinguishes the ordinary spirit fires. To be as all is it isn't new. To be the innovator of life – means to be her pioneer means to go ahead. Why to be the innovator only on production, instead of in all life in everything: in art, science, in feelings, thoughts, behavior, and say, in everything. Be new, eternally new and young spirit. Youth of spirit is something which hasn't been limited to age and health because the spirit in itself has no neither age, nor a body. The spirit house over them is created. Spirit live and in the spirit of.

236. (June 11). Tell Me, what your thoughts, and I will Tell you, and what your aspirations. The order and nature of thoughts is defined by aspiration. Therefore the aspiration the most first and is more important, than thoughts. The thought is a consequence of aspirations. The aspiration arises in heart and saturated hearts fire. So, begets aspirations and thoughts of the subsequent heart is. That is why I Address to heart and in it I Try to cause fires: the thought which has been given rise by a brain, is unstable. In the Doctrine anywhere it isn't spoken about brain fires because a brain from Earth, and fire from heart, and the brain eat heart energy. Thought in which heart is enclosed, it is infinite more strongly than thought from a brain. Therefore I Speak:" Act with heart". And, communicating with people, with hearts their business has. Language of heart isn't difficult, but demands love existence. And then there is it rich and expressive reaches consciousness easier. It is much easier to reach consciousness human through heart. When the brain is burdened with heaps, address directly to heart. Addressing to hearts, not you will neither argue, nor to contradict, to prove the case: the direct way through heart allows passing dams of fabrications of a brain. Don't deny anything, even absurd obvious. Why to cause on itself rage of unrestrained egoism? But go by the statement obvious obviously; clear and not denied even for black out consciousnesses. Look for threads of the accord and, having found them, multiply the statement of the undoubted. It is possible if to speak on consciousness. The compassion to small these will teach great quality to speak with people on consciousness. Not for a self-humor and not for a self-pleasure the person tells, Light to the world bearing but to bring more Light in black out consciousness ignorance. To humor, pleasure Easier with simple people, but it is difficult with studied less literate’s. They especially knowing and understanding will read, and hearts are closed by small data of a brain usually. It is better to bypass them, as the denying is fruitless. Even the warm thought will be met by them denying. But there are a lot of ready hearts, the ripe for crops and waiting. So act from heart to heart, when your time comes.

237. There is more: the doctrine about people is short, but the knowledge is long. There are no two people similar just as there are no two identical leaves. Only for a superficial glance they are similar. Essence of the Universe is in variety. Hands, feet, eyes, the heads, ears is at all. Under external similarity of a look a great not repeated variety of individual accumulation is hidden. Therefore I Speak:" The knowledge of the person" is long. The feeling-knowledge, when the hidden essence is defined by heart will be a form of comprehension of the person. And still knowledge of the person – the most difficult and difficult science. The teacher Knows, but salt pods that at the closest contact of people I found the essence are often necessary to you. And we often Resort to tests to open the potential of this or that Identity not revealed still in life. It isn't enough feel the person, it is necessary to define degree of his opportunities still. And as they are wide, and tests are infinite. I speak about the pupils accepted and approved. Disclosure of a flower of spirit covers in itself emergence of new petals, and each of them, especially a lotus petal, is any opportunity or growing ability. The knowledge of the person demands great patience and endurance. It is impossible to approach to this science with irritation, not goodwill or rage. As well it is necessary to leave suspiciousness. The feeling with which you approach to the person, causes in it conformable feeling in reply. Therefore the harp of the spirit when approaching to people should be adjusted on a key of friendliness, compassion and love. If the love is still difficult, friendliness nevertheless is available. To them also open access to hearts human if you want the person to learn.

238. Why to consider died it which has left behind Light for you. Too many the dead will read the savior, left them. But It is live! And many, many entered into Communication with It, both saw it, and testified to it. Much was It throughout these two millennia, testifying to It. For whom It is live, at those people of heart too are live. Its precept was: "Let the dead bury the dead persons, you follow Me". Left (M.A.Y.) behind Light live read. Not in a body live, but in the spirit of. It is impossible to concern it in a body because it isn't present, it is impossible and in an astral because there is no it also. But the thoughts having directed to favorite Shape of Light, it is possible to concern it which has left behind Light. In reply there will be a response, but according to the accord with aspiration. Directed will receive the answer if the aspiration is saturated heart. Why died to read it, when It with us and with those who in heart considers as the live it. Laws of Light are identical to big and smaller carriers of Light. And if He promised to arrive with us in all days till the end of time, so Communication with It is possible and available. It is with It, the Great Carrier of Light. But as Laws of Light are identical to all spirits, and too it is possible to communicate with it, but in the spirit of, but spirit. But it is necessary to win against death, it is necessary to pull out her sting. Also it is necessary to understand that immortality in the spirit of. And spirit only the spirit left from Earth only also can concern.

239. (M.A.Y.). You will testify to me, and I will testify to the Lord. Truly I Speak, you have no bigger Friend and the Defender. Think only, our Defender is the Friend and the Father. Whether you understand, what the Lord Calls you? You have the Highest and access the next. And a straight line way through Entrusted it. Links of Hierarchy are necessary steps of approach. It is impossible to reject a link or through it to step. Us recognizing, with it you become in a direct connection. Because It through us Showed Itself to the world! Also you know already that there is nobody and then anything is higher to who could address obviously on Hierarchy, as well as is closer. Truly, your Father, because you, who have recognized it, from his Beam. Otherwise as though could display this recognition. Strangers won't come to Call and to an appeal won't respond, - but you, who have responded. Therefore He Calls you "children"." My children, howl my, my" – it, instead of someone another. Because your Lord, both your Teacher, and the Father – It, you to itself calling. I approved by the life all life ardent reality and vital possibility of Communication and Communication with Great Spirit of the Lord. Make also you the phenomenon of Communication reality ardent. Where to find those words fiery to burn out in your consciousness, what close the Lord is closer? And if I in Proximity of this found eternally live and inexhaustible Source of knowledge, we will find it and you. If I knew, that and you will be known. But all heart accepts the Lord. It won’t enter into vague heart, part turned to it, part – into darkness external. Full-geniality of the address and aspiration is required. Great Heart is opened for you, the hearts to it opened. I through the son testify to the Father and signs of trust I send. United in heart, we erase borders of the worlds and we triumph over death. And any more we will be able to win against the world, but the world’s heart which lives in all worlds and endures three lowest. And in this world, and in that, and above the same heart the same love flares and unites conformable souls.

240. (Guru). If the Teacher Creates through pupils, that, providing the receiver of the consciousness to the Guru, you arrive correctly. Through whom it can transmit the thoughts, how not through the next? The consciousness brought in this process, facilitates a lot of things. It is necessary to isolate the perception channel. The isolation is sharper, the nature of perception is more certain. Never before the receiver of consciousness accepting thoughts, didn't operate so precisely and definitely as it operates at present. Thoughts perceive everything. Many know that such inspiration, know, but don't realize. We got up on reality rails, having rejected any assumptions, doubts and uncertainty. The channel is installed, the receiver is open, and it is precisely known from whom thoughts are transferred. We don't know other such case in stories former, so-called occult, the phenomena when the psych equipment would be applied with such accuracy and definiteness. This opportunity for the world that knew is given that the specified association of the worlds comes, and someone has to about it the certificate to people show. Is different ways of communication and transfer much, but we were approved on thought because the thought is a basis real. With it also we will act.

241. (June 12). As important also it is necessary to approve at the moments of an obscuration of spirit thought on the Lord because thought, concerning light, itself becomes lightful. It is possible to send the servant on a market, but it is possible also for thought to send to space behind receiving the elements necessary to consciousness. And the thought will obediently direct to spheres and will return back, like the servant from a market, with the baskets loaded with for what it was sent. Only the thought works quickly and isn't limited to market evidence and a stock of products. The consciousness, directing thought, itself directs after it and answer is filled with conformable thoughts. If the mechanics of process is simple, so it and is available. Often complain of inaccessibility of the Highest World and difficulty of fiery perceptions, but at the same time don't give them and the 100-th share of that attention which is paid to a stomach or clothes. In result is the overflowed stomach and unnecessary things uncountable set. But the thought decays and dries. Magnetic power of thought is expressed in a formula "look for» that is direct «and let’s finds", that is receive on aspiration. It is necessary to leave complaints because the Law is simple and its application is available to everyone. But how to explain more clearly that while heart isn't attached to aspiration, it will be fruitless. Heart should be enclosed in aspiration that it to reap fruits. And about its long ago It is already told. Because how to tell more clearly:" Where you’re treasure, there and your heart". But hearts human Lords to Words are deaf and receiving is poor. The great gain of Spheres of the Highest tension sated with fiery thoughts is fated to mankind, but it is necessary that heart woke up and, having woken up, directed to judgment spheres. And why you listening, so willingly agree and so approvingly you nod, but you apply nothing from Told you? To you It is spoken and to you is given the chance to leave to everyone the personal hen house and to come to open spaces of spatial thought. Or you will agree and nod, the neck and the heads won't stiffen yet you won't be able to lift up already? The pig looks to the earth – we won't assimilate.

242. The son My, called and approved three times, the Lord Wants to see you winning powerfully. When the Teacher Wants, it is necessary to merge more warmly desire of heart with Wll Teacher. Ardent execution of desire of the Hierarch gives wings to spirit. And you attend to that each My desire was granted strong. Long, both it is difficult, and it is heavy to climb up to the traveler on steeps slope to Top, but the eagle quickly flies up and quickly reaches Top. Eagle wings I Want to give to spirit for flights to my Top. Not without value chose an evangelical symbol of an eagle. Who is stronger than it and who flies up above? Regal bird and winner of terrestrial spaces! Find forces in itself, like an eagle, over Earth to rise and from height to look at Earth. When it is close to Earth, the prospect and small things is lost seem big. But once you rise above, and at once everything becomes on the place, and holds due position and not covers already spatial open spaces. As the eagle in skies over Earth soars and you tower over life, without losing nor freedoms, nor vigilance of an eye of the eagle. From height and small it is possible to see, like an eagle, but in a proper correlation with the surrounding. Then and only then small things before eyes any more don't cover the Sun! The sun of life shines over the world. See it.

243. And you crowding shy at an entrance, from where your shyness and uncertainty? Why shoulders are bent and the look is hopeless? Why so iskatelno asked your movements? As if the beggars who have come behind a handout. Bent’s and humiliated that you came to ask and from whom? But isn't present! Quite slavish humility! There is enough ask! Sons of God Called you, and even gods. Not poor you, but full coheirs of all richness of Space. Come and take them by right, not as the applicants waiting of tips, but as having full authority for receiving. Everything that is in the Universe, all yours, and all for you: both Earth, and Sky, and stars, and even Sun. All is yours. Take by the right of primogeniture. Some religions say that the power over a matter (over any flesh) is given to the person, and nowadays time came to the person the power imperiously over a matter to approve, over a matter and energy. Possibly is all. The science gives these opportunities. It reveals a secret of the worlds. It will start studying and the most wonderful device of a human body with its unlimited opportunities. It and spirit will concern because the organism human is a product of creativity of spirit. We overturn the new most wonderful page of history of human stays. They are judgment. They are close. They will change life. Light of the future is great!

244 . (M.A.Y.). The desire to be reported with me you grant to me the right to enter with you into communication. Communication isn't obsession, but merge of the concordant hearts united by love. Two will merge in one, generating the third – fruits of a combination of two. Whether it is possible to be surprised to that in the spirit of everything is simple, so simple that the brain doesn't want to accept this simplicity as the reality I continue to doubt. And it is good that communication goes over a brain, differently it wouldn't take place. Results are determined by fruits. Results of communication will be reflected in Records, and it will serve as the proof of that communication isn't a fruit of the leisure imagination. Today I send thought of reality of the Thin World. In it there live billion people. It is more extensive than the world terrestrial. It is richer than it a hundred times, and opportunities it are inexhaustible. The thin World is an award to the person for heavy intervals of dense evolution. Only imagine itself without weight of a body, without need to do everything that is connected with life maintenance in it. Hunger and cold, diseases reject, dwellings, clothes, and transport, and all establishments human. Add to that beauty of the Elevated World, an infinite variety it is short also forms and its products aren't suitable for thin conditions. Imagination – the engine there, and close to heart near. And the aspiration powerful wings allow rising to the sphere of the aspirations. And, as beyond all bounds here it is possible create, and not only for the Thin World, but also for Earth. At present thought washing creates for Earth because your consciousness is the transformer of my energy in forms of the thoughts available to Earth. Our creativity for Earth, of course, isn't limited to it. Being in spheres of the thin forms, forced to fall to the world dense, we can change, improve, deepen and improve these forms for Earth. They defined and cause the terrestrial future. Often we create at the request of the Lord. In the Stronghold borders of the worlds are erased, and the world terrestrial from us isn't cut off. It is cut off for ordinary people by the impassable border caused by absence of conductors. But the one, who is able to act with thought and mentally to direct to us, limits itself to limits of penetration of the thought which doesn’t know any limits. There is a thought, to a stone are similar, there are thoughts, and fetters connected the person. Different thoughts happen. Thought of thought is discord. Therefore I speak about the shining thought of Light having wings. As horses winged, thoughts rush on space spheres. Thought we pass spheres of differentiation of the worlds. I give a symbol of winged heart, specified on power of warm aspiration. Movement in the Thin World depends on availability of fires of heart. Hearts, darkness burdened, gravitate to the lower class and mobility is deprived. For burning heart even terrestrial distances – not an obstacle. So our conversation we will finish the instruction on value of heart in all worlds.

245. (Guru). My spirit seeks to accelerate shoots of the grains seeded by Me on Earth. Crops weren't small, and the field is wide. Shoots expect rich and in benefit the temporary. Any particle of the spent energy didn't go to waste. If not always results are visible to an eye, after all the eye is limited by visibility limits. But much was invisible grains. Many gave already obvious escapes. They turn green and grow. Everything will ascend in due time. Look at it. It is visible and is obvious to you. But how many the invisible shoots, the operating invisible are obvious on minds human. The firm Hand directs events and preserves shoots against whirlwinds terrestrial while they won't get stronger. Be the guiet for everything. Seeded will ascend in time as it is immutable as rising because sowed not itself, but under the Decree of the Lord is immutable the Sun. Under the Decree came to an arable land, under the Decree I will come to a harvest. The harvest-time is close, whether you feel?

246. (June 13). To achieve any accord in this question (about the future), it is necessary to agree in the main thing, and the main thing is a Plan of great transformations. It is carried out precisely. And if someone's hut appears with edge that is guilty in it? Whether constructed it? Before a storm always there is a calm, as well as before events. It is burdensome because to silence doesn't correspond press environments (spheres). You the forces collect to become among fighters for the future.

247. The spatial melancholy and burden of currents is one, grimaces and astral windings – another. As the snake pressed by a fork, coils it, trying to sting burning heart. But will strong as a slingshot to a snake, it is necessary to press it and to neutralize. Can move and start moving, but the will can't be given it over itself, - can fatally sting. The stings of own astral put to spirit, are painful very much because on neutralization of poison too many vital forces leave. The astral unrestrained beginning in the person is and there is a devourer of his fiery energy. And astral of enrages strong plunder fury and absorb mental energy. Whether it is possible to allow powerlessly that life in itself was killed and the dismissed astral uncontrolledly operated spirit? Whether it is possible to give powerlessly the essence to an astral on worry? The clown doesn't suit for ways to the Brotherhood. Aping, grimaces and a aping of an astral cover shouldn't be allowed in itself under any circumstances. Isn't present and can't be justifications to this shameful and humiliating slavery. About what advantage of spirit it is possible to speak if this advantage is humiliated and crushed by a raging lowest cover? The iron hand should be constrained all attempts of an astral the madness display. It as the dangerous enemy, a witness mark ambushes to fall upon the traveler. It is skilled and artful, it will find thousands justifications to drag away consciousness down and to force it to plunge into whirlwinds of astral emotions; he them lives and them eats. He doesn't love; he doesn't take out tranquility, restraint and balance. He яро aspires itself display in various extremes. He is afraid, he worries, he fusses, and it envies and is irritated, it is saddened constantly and at everyone, even trifling, an occasion. If the occasion isn't present, it will invent it and will invent. He creates Maya illusion if only there was here any reason, even the most elusive to revel in not constrained and dismissed whirlwinds of feelings. And pity slaves to an astral cover are unfortunate. Slaves to the astral are the most pity creatures among biped. Severely and ruthlessly suppress in it and stop everyone’s, even the smallest attempts of an astral of display. They are numerous, diverse – hardly to bridle this violent cover. As poisonous gas tries to get through cracks, even slightest, and the astral chooses all weak and unprotected places for attack. Also pricks, and язвит and wounds put through them; suicide is a self-wound of a fiery body. Even the fiery body can strike the raging madness of an astral. Speak about the harm caused to surrounding people by an unrestrained astral of the biped much. But about the main thing don't speak: don't speak about what huge harm brings it to the owner to not subordinated will of an astral cover. Harm is done first of all to the owner of such astral body. This harm is great. If, it was conscious in its full size, nor day, nor hour wouldn't delay realized strong it to bridle. Strong will, steel, oppose to each attempt of an astral to involve your consciousness in tightening whirlwinds. After all this vortex funnels spatially involve consciousness in layers corresponding. Also harm not personal, but spatial turns out already. These disharmonious movements in an astral are infectious awfully. Everything who is equally feeling, as though gravitates to the dismissed astral and burdens it additional. Interaction happens to the lower class of the Thin World strengthened and increasing magneto. You store tranquility any price. It is better to lose everything and to lose everything, than tranquility and balance of spirit. Movement in an astral body is Maya most ardent type. Tranquility you store always, knowing that the concession to crafty attempts of an astral always means damage, defeat and a consuming of mental energy. Do everything, but in a peace of mind, but strong observing balance. It is necessary to be strong always. All weak in the nature is destroyed, as unsuitable for life. Be strong always in all your actions and you aspire to that these actions were Light act. The astral has to be bridled at any cost. Be not afraid even to lose the soul, that is the lowest "I", that is an astral body if it is necessary for a clear victory of spirit over itself and findings of the Highest "I". Without an astral body there can live high spirits. This importunate cover doesn't become necessary eventually. People live in the Highest Elevated Worlds without it, released from its constraining presence. Also lose neither the integrity, nor Identity. The astral body is last, necessary and useful in the past, but nowadays already needing taming and full submission to spirit. The astral isn't necessary to free spirit, it isn't necessary and to spirit finishing. And it is necessary to you as the servant who is implicitly carrying out your orders, as the tool, powerlessly obedient in skillful hands. The person – the lord and mister of all the covers, but not the slave, not the slave, not the slave...

248. When something external saddens, the person makes a mistake, believing that the external can cause internal, and that giving this external the power over. If all in the spirit of and spirit inside, that and internal the condition can be it is produced by spirit from within, from itself, without leaning on a mirage of the external passing phenomena. Better the life full of misfortunes and a grief to live, keeping pleasure elevated in the spirit of, than on Earth to carry out happy and cloudless life, unfortunate itself esteeming. Consciousness installation on a key of pleasure or a grief depends on spirit, but not that occurs outside. And even being afflicted and being saddened by something, the person does it only because in the spirit of decided that this phenomenon has to cause in it this feeling. If it was not so, that, for example, at deaths door person people always only would grieve. But often happens so that one will grieve, and others, not loving the dead and received from him long-awaited inheritance, sincerely rejoice, of course, hiding the pleasure from others. The installation center on pleasure and a grief is inside person. And it is better to operate this installation most, without giving in at and the authorities of reflexes. The reflex thinking predetermines in advance as this or that person has to treat this or that phenomenon. Reflex spasms of consciousness we will leave to the people of the lunar track who yet haven't won the lunar essence. Our way to Light is. Light – fire – will. The will dominates over reflexes, and especially over thought reflexes. Therefore let the will also defines at each this moment that it wants and that it claims. It is possible only at constant vigilance and vigilance, that is at continuous patrol of will over consciousness and all that in it occurs. Lunar life should be lived and to finish it. I call you on a solar way of happiness and as lords of the will I want you to approve.

249. (M.A.Y.). I will speak today about how to avoid harmful effects of whirlwinds spatial. Way one is ardent diligence of Hierarchy of Light. Heart tension to the Lord overcomes this influence. The lord is you’re Protection and the Support always and in everything; when you feel, that waves of heavy influences direct on you, address to the Lord. Noticed, and already many times as to dark influences of the environment or spatial currents of the Lord Opposes the thoughts sent to Them neutralizing consequences of these influences. As though the amendment of life It Sends every time when violation of balance of spirit threatens. So was and today. The will and opportunity to suppress it was premised to astral attempts again to raise the head. Beam of understanding of the Lord carefully Watches everything occurring in consciousness of the pupil, and at the due moment renders the necessary help. The help in the spirit of is the strongest. It is good when you realize the given support. It indicates a maturity of spirit and consciousness. The gratitude, appreciation will be fuel for aspiration fire. Heart feels the Beam of the help.

250. (Guru). Will fire magnetic extraordinary. In an orbit of the influence it involves masses of a plastic matter that matter from which dreams, thoughts and dreams of the artist and the poet are weaved. Obviously magnetic the thought generated by will magnetic. The will is a fiery magnet. As also the tranquility is approved by will. Peace of mind above all. By will it approve, in an orbit its elements of tranquility involving, involving persistently, persistently, uncontrollably.