Agni Yoga's facets, 1956 (401-550)

401. (M.A.Y.). Darling, to you I want to specify that in life terrestrial our heavy we are often powerless the nature human at the will to change. She after all reconciled not at once. For eyelids its roots of abilities, qualities, and habits grow. Them it is necessary, but it is difficult to withdraw, when not from Light they. Therefore it is necessary to show great indulgence, patience and compassion and not to be tired to lift before repeated attempts the person from a hole if he fell in it. It is necessary to assimilate to the Teacher in great patience him you to change and to lift for itself, having cleared of thousand-year litter.

402. (Guru.). Severity show when it is necessary to strike darkness. Painfully when set a dislocated joint, very painfully. But this pain (in rescue) is in the benefit. Excessive softness it is possible to reach results of the return. Severity is not punishment, but the best way of treatment at some diseases of spirit. The spirit too is ill. And you are doctors of spirit. So you learn to help and cure spirit and in the spirit of spirit of the got sick.

403. (July 24). And we will settle to be on patrol strengthened and constant, knowing precisely the channel everyone harmful attempt. Both we will keep together, and we will be even closer so that no echidna could creep between. As well relatives it is necessary to protect also putting to sleep not to allow. Long worked dark that destroys business and their artful designs here are found and broken. Let each new attempt to increase tenfold forces, deepen proximity with the Teacher and tension of vigilance multiplies. Let and gins will work in glory of Light so that it increased more and more brightly. It will be Adverse tactics in application. Not terribly anything, when together with Me.

404. Let's move further because the lesson is acquired. I learn constantly, only you notice not always. A lot of things you attribute to accidents, though behind them the Hand. I weave threads of combinations of useful conditions. Usefulness doesn't mean gratefulness. The most useful and instructive circumstances can be very unpleasant. The attitude towards them should be changed, putting usefulness and necessity, experience giving, at the center. So there will be an advance, already sharply conscious quicker, and that will learn to rejoice to obstacles and difficulties rather. Indifference, putting sleep garrulity is sisters of lack of will. Lack of will we Consider as very grave defect. The will approve in everything, in each act. Let everything that you do, it is made at your will, from its pleasure, but at all contrary to it. In the first case it you strengthen, in the second – you destroy. It is better to make a mistake at the will, than a good act in an attack of lack of will. Weak-willed tricks aren't necessary to us. As differently it is possible to call this blasphemous parody of the person to a regal of spirit him. The deification of lack of will is a condition of a full uncontrolled stupor of reflex and lunar thinking. Extremes and its logical consequences is a psihizm, if the organism has tendency to it, and a final stage – obsession. Concentration of spirit it is necessary always display and a fiery armor on call. The sword of spirit is at any time ready to sparkle, breaking knots of dark textures. The darkness can't struggle with Light if the fiery sword of spirit falls upon it. Therefore hide carefully for others backs. Don't dare to approach, knowing as painful blows of a sword are painful and are burning. Soldier of spirit I Named you and Light weapon to you I Gave. Act with it wisely, skillfully and circumspectly not to touch not guilty.

405. My son, the Lord Wants to approach you even more. Therefore, are difficulties and obstacles, because they serve as approach steps? Seek for even bigger rapprochement and rejoice Proximity growing. How it is possible to bypass understanding these steps of rapprochement and not to be glad them? Pleasure – special wisdom of the highly experienced pupil, firmly and consciously going on rapprochement with Light of the Lord. It is necessary to know too much to feel this pleasure, it is necessary to have knowledge that is wisdom to smile to difficulties of life. Even the most terrible "image" can be greeted with a smile, and all force it will be instantly neutralized. Dark often work with fear. And you smile. Fearlessness smile only to the hero on forces. Its antipode is a horror grimace. The way of fearless heart because it is a way joint with the Lord is light.

406. (M.A.Y.). Certainly, it is necessary love to send us, because are strong these threads of light and echo immediately bring. The accord is created hearts, connected love beams. It is necessary to put efforts to that to hear the Voice of the Teacher. It can begin to sound in silence, when the quiet surface of a mirror of spirit reflects not only visual, but also sound impressions. It is necessary to learn to plunge into silence, silence at which voices of three covers become silent and movement in them calms down. It is most difficult to lead the mental conductor to silence that is to calm thought and chaos of rushing mental scraps to replace with silence. Otherwise not to reach that is reached when mastering by covers and submission to their will. Even heart can't itself display, if the voice it is muffled by ego-tripping lowest conductors. Sixth, highest principle is in heart. Heart exempt from tyranny of three, - to heart give freedom!

407. (Guru). My friend, casket of spirit close more strong. Forces collected for fixing of the won victory are now necessary, - if the casket not to close, not to hold and victory fruits. You harm verbosity and, and people much and dark, without suspecting that, you inform of the plans. It is easy to them to hear words, but it is difficult to read thoughts. Thought is more intimate words. Thoughts of future your actions you keep around. It is better to speak about them after execution. A half of harm is done through this dark awareness. It is better to be silent more. Not without reason wisdom national considers the word as silver, and silence – gold. People of depth of this proverb don't understand, and even you badly apply wisdom it in life. Be able to be silent when it is necessary. Force ready to action, be able to hide. The unexpected blow is powerful. The dark awareness creates new knots of resistance and demands new energy, which differently could be preserved. Be able to keep silence when it is necessary. The forces protect. Let anybody don't know that you conceived to make, the conceived isn't made yet. Force you store.

408. (July 25). The ocean of knowledge is available and open and is inexhaustible. It is possible scoop from it on the Beam, but at constancy of aspiration. I will explain: the aspiration means advance that is consciousness expansion. This continuous expansion also causes continuous inflow of the new thoughts bearing the new. The scale of knowledge has the main and additional notes on octaves. On them, on these courses, also there is a receiving. The same notes, I Tell everything about the same within octaves and a scale, but each time on a new circle of a spiral before scoop any is news? Anything! But new approach in new understanding to the same Great invariable Space Laws does everything old, as Space, knowledge eternally new in the course of its expansion in the consciousness directed in Boundlessness. Conditions of the Distant Worlds are new and full of fascinating interest for the directed spirit, but they aren't new in the general scheme of things, because there is nothing new under the Sun both that is and that will be, was in the centuries, which were before of us. But the consciousness fiery is new, and the consciousness directed to knowledge is new each hour, and spiral turns show new aspect of the world and anything doesn't repeat. Everything is eternally new in an ascending spiral of evolution. These contrasts should be understood. Without understanding of couples of contrasts the Space Knowledge is inaccessible. Each phenomenon of denies the opposite pole, and by it and is approved, directing a manifestation spiral in time and space. The space Knowledge becomes available when wisdom terrestrial loses the power over consciousness. The distant, Highest Worlds exist. It is possible to enter with them into communication only in the spirit of, - body and astral are inaccessible. Means, spirit it is necessary to concern to them. In the same way, as spirit directed to the Teacher, you enter with It into Communication, in the same way, having directed, it is possible to enter into communication with the Distant Star, but spirit, but in the spirit of, but having directed. The aspiration to the Distant Worlds leads to Space Knowledge and immerses spirit in the Boundlessness Ocean. It is better and easier to direct through Me – easier to keep the direction and not to become puzzled before uncertainty. Many, even knowing, don't venture, but the way is open, and achievement waits. The aspiration self-proceeding from spirit is the first condition of achievement. The Teacher if the impulse inside wasn't born can't violently send. The Teacher Can specify the purpose, explain its value and specify a way to it, but it is necessary to direct most, to go most and most to show an initiative. I will help, I Will help, but make the effort self-proceeding from you, from your heart. Only direct, at the will, at will to and the fires, and then the law of free will permit also to Me to you to help. Arhat's main property – fires ardent, self-proceeding from his will, aspirations. It is impossible to drag force on the Sky, but, wings having, flies up, them having waved. Itself, it, itself, the will, the desire, the aspiration, fires – it is so possible to approach possibilities of Space Knowledge.

409. Once the pupil asked the Teacher: "Why to it, instead of me? Why it, instead of I? Why for it, instead of for Me? Why at it, instead of at me? «The Teacher answered: "Look for explanations in the past". Nobody can receive anything, without having deserved in the past, without having made efforts and without having saved up. Envy is senseless. Its beget is ignorance.

410. If I tell "Act" – act immediately. If I tell "Plunge into silence" – plunge. The instruction is followed immediately. The Teacher Knows that demand spatial tension and environment conditions. A lot of harm occurs if the Instruction isn't followed urgently. You can see on an example as your timely and necessary instructions weren't followed, what consequences it everything generated. As, having received the prevention of a flying enemy arrow, it is necessary to evade immediately, differently the blow is inevitable. More attention should be paid about what Specify Teacher. There was a prevention of dark attacks, but vigilance wasn't shown, and the channel therefore wasn't found in time. The echo of mistakes long rushes in space, and paying – you. As also you demand conscious and warm following to your instructions. Otherwise, to what are words?

411. (M.A.Y.). Space the Father and Mother remain those for spirit at whatever age it was, in whatever body was shown and on whatever plan existed. Anything, at understanding, won't change this relationship. From here scoop it is possible to tell that these communications over Earth and terrestrial. They became stronger on Earth, but roots are deeper than them. Approving my Proximity, truth you approve.

412. (M.A.Y.). Now is time of special tension of fire of space. Therefore it is necessary to protect the terrestrial actions: it is less than words, it is less than excitements, and it is less than concerns and excessive movements. It is necessary to show power of tranquility: both physical, and astral, and mental. Why to burn through wires of nerves?

413. (Guru). I want to ask, what is made in order that to meet the future in full readiness of spirit? Whether the received knowledge is approved so that your essence became as though its expression? Otherwise coming to you not convince of anything. The personal example fastened by actions, only it will be convincing. Least convinces words devastated. Be an example of service of the Lord as I showed it life the terrestrial.

414. (July 26). Anxious that, what anything dirty not gets into My House. Carefully check thoughts before entering Communication. For consciousness the first thought in the morning about the Teacher of Light, as the first beam of the Sun to Earth. And it is good if cloud and clouds of egoism don't detain it. Then the Beam is pure; having come into contact, - in silence wait fertilization for consciousness by the Beam. So the thought celestial, not from the lowest spheres heavy, it is born. She is from Light, - from the Stronghold Beams flow. The stronghold for Earth is a Focus of concentration of Light. It is focus of the center of fire of space. It is focus magnetic. Leading evolutionary power of this center of is bike. Magneto connect itself the directed spirit with this perennial spring of fiery power. As the electric lamp eats current from the central station and goes out if the wire tears, in the same way and the spirit eat fiery Light of the Stronghold. The ship can be let in long voyage, but stocks gathers in base and to base comes back, having spent them. Your life, recognized Us, on the ocean is similar to swimming. All the same eventually come back to base to renew the necessary stocks, and the main thing, the fuel giving fire and force of movement of the ship of spirit. The difference in that the terrestrial way isn't finished yet, energy can be sent and is sent spatially. If the radio station can send the waves on far distances, especially is Light Stronghold. You receive constantly, but in the morning – especially. It is good to keep not greatly in the consciousness this distant Proximity with the Power Stronghold. Because past, present and future – not that other, as rounds uniform spiral Because last, real and future – no other than rounds of a uniform spiral of the Evolution directed in time in Boundlessness, and the Stronghold of Knowledge is a spiral core. We in the Tower Watch the river of the world and a current it we Direct. And you, to evolution of spirit adjoined consciously, too we Include, but in individual spirals of an ascension, sending Beams of special function. Strong Fed streams of fires strong to Me directed. The Teacher wants to lift your spirit over the bottomless abyss of life. Don't give; don't allow consciousness to plunge into it. Here you see, a set them round you who choked in waves of every day, with the head of dense conditions which has gone to thickness and have forgotten about Light. For what to live if the spirit is denied, both its destinies, and the future it traced in stars. But deny and therefore don't live, and died in the spirit of. Dead life betrayed hearts and, Light denying, death indulged. Live dead persons. Don't try to recover become lifeless consciousness violently. Let goes the way. But the few, spirit not become lifeless, meet light beams and give on consciousness that that is worthy. Also don't feel sorry for spirit gifts if you see ready consciousness. Comparison of faces strong will show to whom and how many you can give. And if you see ability of containment, don't delay because fixed crops hour and a fixed wave don’t repeat. Those, able to contain, close at heart you hold and hearts them feed with fire. They – is those, who to you and us help to claim and be Light on Earth to claim and be light distributors. Big and small transformers of consciousness are necessary installation to the scheme of the phenomena universal. Their role is same, as well as ordinary transformers in a city network of light, but on wide spaces of a planet. They show care and attention. Able let the value realize. Not straws in whirlpools of a vital stream, but Light beacons on the strong rock of Hierarchy, a way specified lost it. Let the value realize and strongly become on the Hierarchy rock, -them our help and hardness of the Leading Hand. Let safely there are in to grounds lives. But let know that behind a back of the Lord. If the consciousness allows understand it heart, a way specify for the rest of life, up to the end, victoriously to reach the Teacher of Light. And you to them tell: not one, but with Me, also won’t be forgotten if don't forget Me. You give fire to them that forces could increase, and with you and Us, without knowing despondency, doubts and fear, could reach the put. To everyone in time I Will give the sign of Proximity if resists. Everyone I Will support a minute of need and tests. To everyone I Will give on ability to contain. You to them tell: let fearlessly go. Of that be afraid, when behind the back the Brotherhood? You leave for a while to meet again. Out of time and out of distances spiritual bonds and out of restrictions of the worlds, nor it, nor that. Strongly build a stronghold of the spirit that the Teacher in the Stronghold Could be glad inalterability and the hardness of your step. The Teacher Gives a parting word: in understanding of its Proximity to reach a victory.

415. (M.A.Y.). Let's outline limits of opportunities. Than are limited they? Aspiration! Degree and borders of stays is defined by aspiration. The aspiration causes achievement. The heart burning with ardent dream, enclose in your aspiration. And if it is bequeathed Boundlessness, that let and your aspiration not know nor borders, nor limits then your opportunities will extend respectively. In total in you, everything depends on you, only strength of mind find fiery to direct forward. And we will put – would be to what to put. The law is severe: to the having it is given, and that has is taken away from not having also. Attend to that to the Teacher was to what to Apply the force.

416. (Guru). (Parting word). Tell him: I send blessing on a way difficult. On a feat goes! And if my Business delivers before all affairs terrestrial is the benefit to it. Both the help, and advice we will Give, and care we will not Leave, and we will Protect within the Karma, but on condition of full return of heart to the Lord. If will resist in making, benefit to it is. A lot of things are given, but a lot of things aren't used and not applied. Riches of spirit in vain lay hitherto, scattered not to destination. To collect strength of mind inside, balance to approve, as far as possible. It can be done, bearing in mind the purpose uniform. The unity of the purpose will lead to unity and association of all energy inside. And balance becomes possible. All external will be put according to internal commitment. The first thought in the morning and the first place in consciousness – to the Teacher of Light.

417. (July 27). (Again in a dream fought against the dark. One, all black, I banished. From another defended the Name, looking to it in a black face and sending waves directly on it. )

418. Specify your heart can become as to Us closer. All thought to it put, all care, all aspiration. And in understanding of proximity of this arrive and among turmoil of day, and silence of night. In understanding of my Presence it is possible to create affairs, consequences bringing and calculated on the far future. Affairs short also are settled by brevity of term, finishing the circle. But the strong connection is established with the future only when the affairs made in the present, are moved into the future in which the creator of long actions in time is inevitably involved also. Consider that thinking of consequences and responsibility, already thereby you enter consciousness into this future, because and to be responsible for something, and it is possible to reap the fruits of the approved reasons only in the future. It is easier to be reconciled with imperfections surrounding, knowing that only a future cannot have them. It is possible to transfer entirely consciousness to the future, giving to the present only that is necessary and that only with the purpose to put grains of future stays. Everything made by the person, it is possible to consider as a material for creation of the future. Both each brick, and each stone put in its walls, has to be sound – I Want that from theorizing passed to practical development of given knowledge in direct application it to lives. Pleasure it is easy to fill heart with the adoption of the correct action. Reaction of the correct action is always joyful. The body can grieve, but rejoice spirit. About joys of spirit I Speak, but not about joys of a body! These pleasures it is passing, and much in them I got down, and they come to an end that, as these pleasures, and a body itself turn into ashes. Therefore it is more expedient to think of the pleasures of the spirit which haven't been limited to temporariness of casual covers. Proximity of the Teacher is joy always, and nowadays, and after, both everywhere, and always. It is possible to approve itself in pleasures of passing hour, and it is possible to join and eternal pleasure of spirit. Pleasures of hour – are short they, and much in them a grief is hidden. But in pleasure of spirit of the Teacher of Light hidden proximity having understood, you have achievement perfect and enduring, in whatever degree it displayed. Understanding is good certainly even, if it only began. There are phenomena positive in essence as, for example, Light, and it is possible to seek for its understanding, and without being afraid that Light becomes darkness.

419. In the worlds all terrestrial judgments, measures, standards and conventions disappear. All of them are inapplicable in space Elevated. What is applicable there, and what these measures? With what scale to approach to Space conditions existence of the person? Terrestrial anything doesn't approach: neither clothes, nor food, neither house, nor ways of the message, nor money, nor things. They there are simply inappropriate. But courage, tranquility, love, aspiration and other qualities of spirit, because these qualities display a form of expression of spirit on plans Elevated are pertinent. The environment is and there, but is closer in essence to nature forms. And all artificial, heated up by the person, the rights of nationality to coexistence with forms of expression of the highest spheres not have. It has only – beauty even if it is a product of creation of hands human. Therefore beauty subjects, objects of art, passing to the World Thin, in immortal forms there live harmoniously with the surrounding. And the fate of destruction doesn't expect them as this fate of a heap of the lower class expects. For eternity workers work arts, serving beauty and creations it decorating thin spheres of a planet. Value of art is deep and isn't passing because its creations remain forever not, not in the millennia on plans hidden. Art is fated to sate with beauty both dense, and thin spheres. Attendants of art, attendants of beauty serve Light of the future, future planets.

420. (M.A.Y.). I know, native mine that is hard, but you have Light. And Proximity of the Teacher is not excellent. And, Light eating and in the light of it staying, you have what anybody in degree, to you available, from even has no relatives to you, and that have very much, very few of the far. But sets don't know World. Let the pleasure about Light will be joy your and our, because also we too in the light of it. Native, forces find patience to show up to the end because light your future is great. If you didn't forget about it now, in close living conditions, and you know pleasure of spirit, as and when in the Kingdom Light Lord the place we will find. And whether there will be your pleasure perfect and long? Attendants of Light magneto are involved in its orbit and determine it by Light spheres. To the future be glad!

421. (Guru). The soldier that would seem to the inhabitant intolerable as well as impossible doesn't complain. The soldier has the assessment of the events. Its satellite is danger. His manor is that with itself. And death he is able in a face fearlessly to look, and on call to lift a sword on the enemy, without being confused. As also you dark be to strike always on call. Also be not confused anything. Rejoice to a case to battle to darkness. Soldier the Lords are invincible!

422. (July 28). About the high phenomenon of Mother Agni Yoga it is necessary to notify to the world. Difficulty is that everything comprehended by the person, is comprehended by him according to the accord. Only conformable consciousnesses can on the forces and the understanding to understand and that is far not quite that they had in the person of this Great Spirit. And they had a lot of things. Martyrs of science people of those educators of mankind, who wanted to yield to it fruits of the thoughts and works called. Many tortured, many pursued, many surrounded with sneers, slander and terrible misunderstanding. Misunderstanding from people is their destiny, great. And where they, that the few which estimated the phenomenon of Great Mother adequately, on depth of the understanding? It isn't enough of them, it isn't enough of them, but their debt to and to others to share the understanding and to tell those who knows less or doesn't know absolutely about value of life of this Great Spirit which has endowed with the Light our planet in very grave time of a transition period from a kingdom of Fishes during the Era of Aquarius, during Fire Era when the mankind enters the World New. It was a prototype of what the person has to become once. The fiery centers of its organism were opened and lit. In the conditions of rough terrestrial these fires flared up. Courageously to give themselves on test to spatial fire for the sake of the future, being to people an example of future achievements of spirit is means to give the body on a crucifixion and sufferings because terrestrial conditions and a condition of terrestrial aura don't correspond and don't favor to this distinguished fiery condition of an organism. As if rough hardened fingers concern ruthlessly and ignorantly the thinnest strings of a harp, a harp of the spirit, created to perceive music of spheres, replying on it with sounding of invisible strings of heart. The open centers – the phenomenon the rarest. In that form as It had it, never before none of people on Earth no reach such height. It meant mastering by a feeling-knowledge. The knowledge of spirit was available to It. She simply knew. Existence of this form of knowledge and opportunity should be allowed it. I knew Kovalevsky the solution of the most difficult mathematical tasks at once, without calculations, fiery feeling high. It is Kovalevsky, the genius mathematician. In Mother Agni Yogi harmonious disclosure of fiery charkas did a feeling-knowledge her comprehensive, and distances and distances terrestrial didn't serve Her as an obstacle in order that the nobility. She knew. She knew a lot of things and is closer than the close was close to the Lord. Whether you understand, what means to be the next Lords? Truly, in It you have the highest, because behind It already Called. It is possible to go round the whole world, it is possible to see the cleverest people, it is possible to meet those who is terrestrial authorities on all areas of knowledge, but among them you won't find those who could be put with It nearby because the incomparably incomparable. Its area is spirit area, future area, area of those most wonderful and most amazing achievements which become over time property of people.
*About to announce of future Light approaching in the world, it is possible to Name Light Mother. Because the example herself It showed that in the far-far future will be able to reach everyone. It was truth of the Doctrine of fiery yoga. Because that is given in the Doctrine, in It in application to life displayed was. To speak about truth – one, to proclaim truth – one, but to be the proclaimed – something perfect other, something very difficult and inaccessible to people. It was an example of fiery aspiration, devotion and love to the Lord of Light Highest of everything, former ever on Earth and forced to be. The shape Great it was made to relatives by It for those, who saw in It the Envoy of Light and the next to It. Died it don't read because it is live. Better consider left behind Light for you. And if you don't know how to adjoin to It, believe those who knows that it is possible that the love is stronger than death and that its arrow, an arrow fiery, limits of the world’s get. Mothers fiery the heritage is great. Only in centuries it will be revealed and it understood in all depth. That to see a big picture as a whole and it to realize sense, it is necessary to depart from it on some distance: close not to see. In the same way, to understand mission of Great Spirit, it is necessary to depart from it in time and already in the long term centuries and even the millennia to consider the studied phenomenon. But someone already knows someone already begins to see clearly this future when a due assessment, the understanding and honoring will be the deserved destiny of Great Mother. What do people know about spatial Service what they know about Space work, about cooperation with Spheres of the Highest Fiery energy and Hierarchy of Light? As can they to judge about this hidden and invisible them to Its work, all the life, all the forces on service to people Given. Truly, the soul for the neighbors I gave, on a fiery feat of life heart big it stayed of tension of all forces, preceded all life, and often the body didn't maintain. The flesh was exhausted, and only severe resistant will supported weakening terrestrial forces. Yes! I was unwell much and often I was ill. But these pains because power of burning fires, with great work combined with a physical body, the disharmonies and roughness of conditions terrestrial and a low condition of sets promoted as the aggravated of these inexpressible words of difficulties for distinguished fiery essence in a body terrestrial to stay were sacred. But I stayed, but worked all life without cease, but great heritage I left after myself, but I helped much and everything addressed to It, Light specified how to Teacher of Light to reach. How to express in words that not predicate that It brought to the world, but wishing always come nearer can approach and from Light to gather it, and though once by heart having touched, to scent that the way is found that to a source of true knowledge came nearer and can drink from it, any more without being afraid that again to thirst. The one who found happiness in the heart concerns a fiery source of immortality to feel a beam of Great Mother Agni. Everything is Uniform. The center of all real is uniform. The Hierarchy of Light is uniform. To Focus of Uniform Light there goes back the spirit, which has found a direct way through heart of the Envoy Ours. So, Specify u tells to people about Fiery Mother of Light.

423. Again I Confirm! I grant the right to testify to Fiery Mother of Light. Assignment it I Give. Also there will be a certificate it is fiery. Also the press fiery will lie on it. Anybody so won't write about It because to you this right is granted. As heart it feel. To the decree of opportunity will accompany. And the right I Let speak from Her Name, as well as the right Is let speak by My Name and on behalf of Mine. Don't think about small and every day when the great is given. That to us body or Earth voices when the Voice of the Lord silent strong on heart sounds. Today in Record made you have confirmation of My Words. About Mother the book you will write. About Mother a lot of things you will be able to tell. And It will help you to execute life mission. Think of It connected closely and close with you. Gate of direct and direct communication with It is open. Opportunities don't pass.

424. (M.A.Y.). I rejoice proximity new because are new every day both I, and you, following the Lord because the Lord always is new. From here and our novelty is my and you. New thoughts and profound proximity as the first rays of light up an inner world after night Pralaya and bring with themselves the new messages, new thoughts and feelings. The Lord is close to me, and you are close to me, and together we in the light of the Lord. To you I will help to make about Mother the book. It already is, but has to pass and be issued through your consciousness. Therefore don't grieve – its contents and a lot of material is great – not to contain everything because was on the threshold of Boundlessness and in Boundlessness looked. You will receive in the aspiration about Mother of Record much to make. Also don't think what to write. The Lord wills and heart will fill with thoughts excessively. It is joyful to me to feel as in the spirit of yours My shape grows and becomes clearer. Not to Me and not you a merit, but the Lord, through me and through you about Light Luče to his world to tell. Both I, and you – we anything in itself, but It, the Lord, in us staying, It Create the Light in us. And go the Name of the Lord through lives on Earth on the way to Boundlessness, on the way to the boundless.

425. (Guru). The will is everything in the person. It what it is, than it has the life as the individualized essence? And we will devote to will our desire and our efforts powerfully to strengthen it. Nicely not frightened spirit fought with dark. Will in desire to struggle with darkness we will add another time to be even stronger. The way is solved, and the will protect it. Both anybody and anything let doesn't dare to belittle will fire. To anybody and we will give to nothing the power over the will. I approve you in understanding of a primacy of will as highest attribute of spirit. So, safely forward, anything on a way to us doesn't become a hindrance, anything and anybody.

426. (July 29). What to take in a way distant? Only the most necessary! It is impossible to be encumbered with trifles. As well the parting word provides the main thing, but not details. Details follow from the main thing as a logical consequence and therefore it is possible not to worry about them. But main, but the major should be burned out in consciousness fiery letters. It doesn't matter, if details, but trouble if the main thing is forgotten are missed. The main thing is the Teacher. Without It there is no way. Where to go without It? It is possible to imagine even Boundlessness but what to do in it without the Teacher? It is easy to become puzzled where isn't present the end, began and where signs hardly to read and where there are no usual Specifying signs. Only one Hierarchy of Light – as a bridge abutment in Boundlessness. Therefore the most necessary, most valuable, basic should be preserved above all. The way of the person is infinitely long. Its pieces on Earth and in the worlds are sharply other one than another. Taken separately, they are deprived of final sense. But, connected by understanding together, represent a way continuous from a spark-monad to Godman above. For the statement of this understanding of a way unseparable each step on it, each phenomenon on it and everything happening to the person, it is necessary to consider not in itself, but taken separately, but as an inseparable particle of this whole unseparable way. The phenomenon taken in its constant from a life, will take at once a due place in the general scheme of things, and then the coin before eyes any more won't cover the Sun, and passing – eternal. It will result in commensurability – the most necessary and integral quality of the true pupil. It is difficult to prefer shouting vanity of day because "his rage" prevail days, but a fiery memory about a way not excellent and scales of Boundlessness will help to bridle roar of triumphing vanity. Not outside everything, but in the spirit of, but in consciousness, and, will having called and internally at least for an instant into itself having plunged, it is possible to find forces opposite to the most ardent impact of dregs every day and vanities of day. Your soul the Teacher approving spirit protects from contain it phantoms passing and temporary. To what everything put your, all concerns, all diligence, all vanity, all chagrin, difficulties and offenses, to what everything if the Teacher isn't present? They, you put lives indulged, don't know the Teacher therefore necrosis put them and life is gloomy, and don't know where go and live for what. But you know and business passing you won't put above the major. It is easy to understand it, but it is hard to approve this understanding in life. A lot of determination is necessary, it is a lot of courage, and it is a lot of hardness that to put the Teacher of Light above all and already never to deviate a goal whatever did where you were and what conditions whether surrounded you. Place of the Teacher in the first corner. Not in a hut this corner, but in consciousness. Though even in the room it is possible to put a chair on which nobody sits down for the Teacher. This chair is as a symbol of its continuous Presence. Travelers we boundless, and the consciousness which has been adjusted on this key, and the life symphony the forces will find in it to carry out up to the end. And, just is, as the musical symphony can be carried out in a certain key, as also human life. The key in hands Is given; the rest depends on the received. Own feet pass life, and each step should be taken most, the efforts. Such is the life law. Go, go, and I will Help.

427. I want to see you strong, resistant, inflexinle, it is fearless in understanding of the force going through life. Forces I will Increase! Tranquility I will give and awareness of fiery power I Will send. The spirit when wins exults victoriously. Winners always I want you to see. Always the winner is the elected my and called by Me to a victory. To a victory the Teacher Calls and that your victory Fiery Feels! They, who have indulged in life dead, not know a victory. But you going with Me know it. And already you understand that means to be always the winner. There were also difficulties, was both fight, and clouds were condensed terribly, and were surrounded dark, but here... The Teacher nearby – and all behind, and a fiery wreath decorates a forehead of the winner. So safely go forward, knowing that ahead new victories. Go consciousness, it is necessary what to win that defeat is impossible that to a victory the Teacher Conducts. And you will pass all way your terrestrial from one victory to another. This consciousness will give strength, will give confidence, and will give hardness to a hand and inalterability of knowledge of spirit that the Teacher is close. Soldier Mine, not on defeat I Called you, but on a victory. Battle, fight, be at war always against darkness, against Light going, and know always that defeat is a fate of dark evil-make. We Win always. Nowadays terrible defeat is inflicted over darkness. Head is destroyed. To them resist any more. They understand it. Their fight is despair fight. The more courageous and more firmly battle. To those you strike blows because the darkness is struck more surely. Small dark still are at war, because don't know that is through with their master. But big know, and the despair of hopelessness pushes them on senseless, hopeless and violent fight. But you know and therefore be filled with courage up to the end, to a clear victory over darkness when her all servants will be expelled from your planet. To this final victory quickly and firmly we go.

428. (M.A.Y.). My dear I send hello, and with it easily covered thoughts of how in works and struggles with itself as in close living conditions terrestrial to fly learn in the spirit of. Understand, native that in the spirit of to Me you can strong aspire, aspire and be in communication close with Me. It isn't enough to tell about it, it isn't enough to understand of it, heart it is necessary to scent, and in heart to approve it, and through heart to direct to it. Our task – to strengthen proximity that that it was easier succeeds on this channel in receiving thoughts. I send thoughts of pleasure of a close victory over darkness planetary. When Arrival will be made, to darkness of a place won't be. The court the last will condemn and to Saturn, on decomposition together with this ominous planet. Joyfully and light is future! Let the darkness of the present won't cover it. To joy of Spirit of Mine join about judgment Coming of Light.

429. (Guru). Not mistakes it is considered and victories. On them the way ascending also is noted. About what today tell? Unless about, that devotion and a memory we appreciate highly. These threads, with us binding, are stronger than ropes steel. And as we can keep silent if to us on heart by devotion are knocked. Both we aren't silent, and we answer. But why so it isn't enough of you, devotion of the kept? And where they, other called, answered and forgotten, forgotten those, who called! But to you, who haven't forgotten, our attention and the help (light) our arrow. Among them who haven't forgotten, with pleasure I see hearts, devotion burning and a memory kept about the one who called them on a feat for the sake of the Teacher of Light. With it wash hello, both care, and pleasure to a unification in the spirit of. It is possible to think that would be if pupils of the Savior forgot about the Teacher of Light. Whether its Business died and whether there was its feat and God torments are vain? The oblivion on Light ways doesn't beseem. Oblivion the best undertakings it is possible to betray death. The Teacher not forget, don't forget also you.

430. (July 30). My son, having joined Light, whether it is possible indulges in darkness? Anything corporal can't be from Light. Everything touching a body has to be under severe control of will. Body – the slave, spirit – the owner. Ideal – full mastering by a body and it’s all feelings. At a known step and in known conditions full abstention and even marriage is necessary is impossible because "Can contain da will contain". The step of the Adherent of intimate knowledge makes many demands to spirit. That from this, that Gautama Budda was married and had the child, - when Service time came, it was necessary to refuse everything, to leave everything. Having modified an ancient proverb, it is possible to tell: "Quod licet bovid, non licet Iovi".

431. (M.A.Y.). Everyone, again coming nearer to you and allowed to heart, big imposes load on it and the weight to heart prevents to rise to Light. Hardly Lord from the followers, it is hard also to followers from following them. But differently it is impossible. How then to serve Light? Weight on the shoulders, meeting addressing, it is necessary to take consciously, without seducing itself pink hopes and a self-humor.

432. (Guru). Only at the first steps the inexperienced beginner burns with desire of all to teach. And only skilled pupil looks at knowledge transfer as on a hard and responsible duty, assuming burden of imperfection approached to it. The way of the distributor of light is difficult.

433. (July 31). Whether you know, what costs to the Teacher everyone come nearer to Him and accepted by Him? To the sphere of imperfection you’re not gets rid allows and pours them in pure metal. As also to you suitable to you not pleasure, but a severe duty and burdening of your spirit by weaknesses and the imperfections. Only inexperience and ignorance seek to teach all, but the skilled pupil knows that difficult and long obligations are imposed on him by everyone, allowed to heart. Not passersby you allow, but with whom it is necessary to go all the way and to taste them from imperfections, yet won't be gets rid. The patience and tolerance are necessary the great. Apprenticeship phenomenon is one of types of Service to Light. The obligation to transfer part of the knowledge to a quantity looking for souls is the unwritten law of spirit. A lot of ingratitude expects everyone on this way. Appreciation is quality rare. Especially, if we Appreciate!You a lot of patience, tolerance and care show in relation to them, to you approached. But don't invite anybody. And with comers there are enough cares and chagrin. Think that pleasure bear not brightened up consciousness. This feeling happens in the beginning while fires flare. But when naked essence under the influence of Light strong starts showing approached, the pleasure is replaced by severe understanding of difficulty of a problem of a transmutation of soul human. Show great patience and tolerance as well as the Teacher Shows them in relation to you. Really you think, what pleasure to It to See not gets rid dark your qualities and to adjoin to them? But Sees and Suffers. You suffer also, and the main thing, don't condemn that is subject to a gets rid. Condemnation only you strengthen the not gets rid. The analysis is not condemnation. It is necessary to discuss, but not to condemn. And often you see how your diligence are powerless spirit them to ennoble and to keep it at the reached height. But the Teacher is born when following on this ungrateful way. The one who wants to become Arhat, on the shoulders accepts burden of a teaching and drinks to the bottom a bowl of the human relations.

434. Pleasure of life you will find in pleasure of Service to the Lord. It is boring to live for itself and it is empty but if to devote It the affairs created in life, the pleasure is available. The teacher is the future you’re, embodied in concrete Shape. Always it is possible to find pleasure because there are no imperfections of the present there in thoughts of the future. Approve reality it, reality of the future with a bigger force, than present twilight. Twilight will come to an end, because – before a dawn, and Light ahead.

435. (M.A.Y.). Today day heavy, also it will be difficult to write. Therefore I will tell only one word – persistence. Let there will be it a leading magnet these difficult days.

436. (Guru). The most difficult will be both the easiest and fastest way of achievement. People forget about other pole of difficulty – about ease. Difficulty will turn back ease, but ease – the most difficult. Therefore let difficulty doesn't stop you, because you know that there is no faster and easy way as through difficulty to reach. Ease doesn't give achievement. The skilled pupil chooses a way difficult, but the shortest. So it is rather to reach.

437. (Aug. 1). My son, the same phenomenon in different circumstances can cause absolutely opposite feelings. Loss of everything that the person has, on condition of finding of the Teacher and a full unification with It in the spirit of at suddenly opened ability to see it and will hear its Voice for the person not loss, but the highest happiness, possible on Earth. It isn't the phenomenon, and in the attitude towards him, in consciousness installation. For the statement of the power over the phenomena of this world a step the first is to realize that as though the person treated something, this relation is caused by his will, conscious or unconscious at present or once earlier passed the decision exactly so, instead of differently to react to it and to consider it good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant and so on. It is necessary to understand that to everything occurring to it, the person belongs as it wants. And therefore the same phenomenon can serve for one source of pleasure, for another – a grief. To understand it will be the first step on a wisdom way. If still to learn to treat everything not as for what is wanted not as the person got used, not as it is accepted him usually but as that powerfully been born will wants it is will be a step the second. It is possible even to practice in this process of strong-willed conscious reaction to the life phenomena. Deceived... As your deception is useful to Me, is the highly experienced pupil will tell. Something stole or something is lost. Means came to receive time new things. Darling died... Well and it, so came to become even closer time in the spirit of and to pass death of border in communication with it. So arriving and so reflecting, it is possible to change the relation to all events in a root and to belong not as people usually belong, but is wise, but the power having consciously claimed in the relation to everything that occurs outside and inside. It also will be a victory over the world. From the slave dependent, the slave to circumstances and living conditions the person turns into the lord of. Because to win against itself – to win against the world means. In total in consciousness, everything is caused off. And, receiving life blows, it is possible to call and see bipolar sight of spirit to life the opposite pole of the phenomenon obviously compensating and counterbalancing received blow. Hour of difficulties and fight... but force growth, hour of chagrin and spirit burdening... but expansion of consciousness and spirit growth, days of oppressions and an oppression, but freedom of spirit from Earth chains. From here and pleasure, as special wisdom, from here and pleasure to obstacles, from here and release from a karma. The consciousness reflex imperiously says that it is necessary to be saddened by the next event of day, but the will even more imperiously from lunar heritage of the past approves the freedom and says that in her hands to establish this or that corner of the relation to any phenomenon of life. To will freedom we will give will our course of life and the relation to the various phenomena on a way to claim. Much the various types various slavery, in the power, which there is a consciousness. Nowadays time comes to understand it that to be exempted from all of them by power of the risen spirit. I rejoice or will grieve but because it I want, and I rejoice, I rejoice not something but the pleasure wants to approve by will spirit is joyful. In total is in the power the person in his microcosm, also and all reactions to the phenomena of the outside world. Very much it is necessary to understand that the power over and freedom of spirit is approved by will. Truly, laboratory for all feelings is the microcosm human, and the victory of the person over if the will it can cause any feeling is great only because that is wanted by his will, at least all surrounding strong and loudly shouted: no! It also means to go against the stream for eyelids of the approved commonness which has taken roots in consciousness of million people. It also will be the lit-up way of the winner; it will be a victorious way.

438. (M.A.Y.). Persistence gives rise to the firmness of consciousness and confidence of a victorious way and to us facilitates possibilities of the close management. A lot of pleasure gives us confidence, as tomorrow, both the day after tomorrow, and, up to the end, our proximity will be always approved conscious. Such determination is any more in measures human, but from spirit and last rich accumulation. The bonds binding us go from time immemorial and triumph over life and over death. They united us in lives, despite range of distances and other obstacles. They unite and nowadays when my spirit was exempted from a body.

439. (Guru). What grants the right to new receiving and new parcels? Application of the earlier received. So the key to receiving lies in desire to apply that is given by the head in life. Secret of success of the pupil-successful in ardent aspiration to apply instructions sent to it in life. It is better not to know at all, than the nobility, but forces not to find knowledge to put in application in practice. There is no abstract knowledge, but there is a life. Go a life, and the Hand Leading It will be persistent over you.

440. (Aug. 2). Our determination is to go up to the end. Same has to be and yours. In its pledge and victory guarantee is. To me pleasure of the Message solved with Me the way forever. And if your way is solved irrevocably, so, that return can't be back, whether that is better each thought, each act and action to make thought and the action approaching to Me? Becomes such during the day much that distances. And you think of how to make so that everything only pulled together. Already you notice that thoughts new arrive not only in the morning during Communication, but also among day. They shouldn't be missed. It is necessary to write down, at least briefly. Not written down are forgotten and run low for Earth. As food rich for spirit they will serve those, who aren’t able to perceive at all. Let that they seem to you not as important as thoughts morning don't stop you. Time will come when Communication will be included into your life full, and not just in the mornings. Cycle of Communication we Call understanding of continuous Presence of the Teacher in the spirit of, when the ocean of the Doctrine is open and available constantly and it is possible from it scoop. Degrees of this availability are various: from initial and to infinitely wide. Depth of perception is caused by a consciousness step. And as the consciousness of ascending spirit develops spiral and consistently, and arriving knowledge is in harmonius and consecutive dependence on process of expansion of consciousness. The quicker lifting more coolly the spiral is more noticeable and sharper a difference between received and perceived thoughts. For example, about Proximity of the Teacher it is possible to write every day, and each Record will be more profound, than previous, both depth and distinctions will be in the full accord with advance on the way. The subject can't be settled, because on a way boundless the Proximity with the Teacher of Light increases steadily and constantly and as the Teacher too in turn Moves ahead in Boundlessness and Ascends on the ladder of Light, which doesn't have the end, and to process to it isn't present the end, limit. So it is possible to go quietly forward, knowing that the source of boundless cognition of the world never will run low. You feel often that, having concerned any question, it is possible to open and expand it infinitely that behind just shined part it new sides and that there is no number to them open. To Boundlessness we adjoin constantly because in Boundlessness we have the life and are limited only to it from all directions. Where to look, its sides shining by opportunities everywhere rise before consciousness, and the life terrestrial becomes only small part of a way boundless. This consciousness and live, knowing that found the source of eternal cognition which not running low never.

441. While with Me, possibilities of spirit are boundless. Carefully think over what would like to become in what to be approved and what, as superfluous, to eradicate. It is easier to help when the desire to become others proceeds from your essence, instead of it is cast by thoughts from the outside. The desire having a root in the person strongly grows and if the Teacher Lies the Hand and implementation won't slow down it. Specify Teacher Sends a way of the correct action and thought of qualities of spirit under different corners of understanding. But their heart to accept, to grow and to make part of depends already on free will of spirit following the Teacher. More often claim and show fires self-proceeding, free your will the approved. The Teacher is powerless to help if the will didn't wake up yet. Certainly, it is possible to recover temporarily even dead, but all to anything because return to a condition of usual deadness as soon as the energy spent by the Teacher will run low is inevitable. This artificial take-off of spirit and inevitable falling behind them isn’t an indicator of readiness of spirit. The spirit ready carefully protects the received precious energy and, spirit having risen, uses each particle it. You learn to appreciate above all everything received from the Teacher of Light.

442. (M.A.Y.). The mistake of people is that, seeing completeness, they believe that came, really, the end. It is incorrect. We left: Guru and I. The cycle of actions of our terrestrial ended. But unless it is the end? Unless it isn't is the beginning of development of a cycle of new actions on plans of others? And unless seeds of our finished terrestrial actions were lost? Unless they now are live? Unless not give they already shoot rich and no give still the big? Didn't come to end anything! On the contrary, everything promises fast and unexpected rich blossoming and development. The big force of life is concentrated in the grains put by us. And we continue to put new, and our relatives strong feel that we didn't die, but are live, and that we impregnate consciousness them energy of our spirit. The spirit is immortal and out of a body works easily and freely. And therefore our mutual proximity goes deep and extends obviously, bearing new opportunities. May you realize that means to be the spirit, which exempted from a body and has kept consciousness and all to energy for their ardent application on wide space of a planet? It is so many tasks, it is so much the work, and it is so much new meetings and new opportunities. Also aren't connected by anything so heavy limiting the person when it in a body terrestrial. We in the Stronghold also are close to the Lord and you strong we include in the sphere of our activity. But conscious cooperation is necessary to us of you. Not dreams, not hopes, not vague expectations and belief in something, but strong confidence and knowledge that cooperation conscious, clear and not denied with us probably also is necessary insistently. Letters we can't write and talk also, but thoughts a gate is open for an exchange, and proximity a way specifies is obvious. And through whom we will act, as not through you, inflexible and unshakable devotion of the displaying. Be ready to further strengthening and deepening of our proximity. Not and not to you it is necessary to us, but for business. It is necessary, of course, and to you, but the general is put above the personal. For General Welfare new possibilities of rapprochement are given. Besides and over the personal they are necessary to people. From here and the decision of the Teacher deepen communication. It is necessary to make much. And only the next our management will allow to carry out the planned. And you consciousness prepare to meet possibilities of the intercourse with us without surprise and surprise shock. Take everything for granted, natural and lawful. Be not surprised and be not surprised. It facilitate process both, and us much. Be ready and feeling of love on call you hold. Love you reach the impossible. Already you reach. Today we will begin conscious cooperation in the spirit of and without surprise before miraculousness of the thin phenomena.

443. (Guru). Nowadays time came when the principle of rapprochement of two worlds has to be in your life displayed. Possibilities of communication the assumption is a step the first. Communication took place and the sent thoughts are apprehended – a step of the second. Let's approve now reality of our management on days to come. Expect tensely and watchfully, but in tranquility full of the next instructions, already less abstract, than earlier. So we will reach cooperation full when the confidence of not denied our proximity won't leave any more consciousness. Prepare for receiving spirit of gifts, and not abstract, but connected with the next events in your life. Soon, already desired time will come soon. To that and prepare you that knew that as promised, so together and we will enter the integrated heart and in the spirit of shining pleasure of the future Day.

444. (Aug. 3). From repeated attempts dark to hold the positions it is visible as they are persistent and as their victims are helpless to understand the created situation. If these attempts not to stop, the desired goal it is reached also one of victims of seduction will take in the hands, a splitting off from you. The same can develop with the victim another thanks to weakness of will. Not come to an end anything. The real fight only begins. And, if someone calmed down and feels better, not from wisdom this feeling is. Sadly to see how new attempts filter into the punched cracks and cracks. As and there direct responsible for the allowed evil causes complications much. Therefore vigilance we will double, differently again it is possible to get confused in it is thin and cunning set a trap. Not in vain the spirit worries, but feeling threat of the conceived destruction. Crack as it don't cover, crack also remains, especially a crack in the relations when the trust was destroyed and to dark schemers trusted more, than to you.

445. My son, nevertheless it is necessary to become isolated more strong and to separate made a mistake. Not honor if who is seduced with the dark. There would be a justification if weren't warned, but the prevention full and exhaustive was given in due time therefore self-justifications are useless. The truth in a face should look directly and severely to consider mistakes. Big mistake will be to calm down and to set aside vigilance. Tell that only at full and full-warm desire to execute sincerely, to execute until the end of the instruction given; it is possible to be protected still somehow. Otherwise recurrence in a new form, but on the same line and with the same emotions is inevitable.

446. How it is possible to plunge in Space, without having torn with the personal? So the personality costs a stumbling block on Space ways of aspiration of spirit. Space spheres are an area superpersonal. There is no place there to the small phenomena of egoism. Draw a conclusion: if it isn't necessary in identity card Space, so there is nothing to certify and the personality isn't necessary. Imagine that someone, having passed sides terrestrial, will consider still itself as the director of bank, either menially, or the post official. Names human, and furthermore ranks, ranks and differences human are ridiculous in space even. The name Space has everyone, and pupil’s names dedicating, that is what them are Designated by the Teacher. It is very characteristic that in monastic orders of people, renouncing the world, refuses and the worldly name. Names terrestrial are closely connected with Earth – as though the symbols tying the person to Earth. As and your shape this embodiment so temporarily, as and name terrestrial or clothes, which clothed on Earth. Pay attention to clothes of the Teacher. In it there is more than cosmic, than in a modern dress coat, a tuxedo or the three. Ridiculously in a tuxedo to pass to the World Thin or
In a uniform and awards, though? … many pass. But in the attires accepted in the Stronghold, – it is natural and simple. Motley crowds of the people dressed according to fashions, habits and customs of all times and the people, you will meet in World Aboveground. These are ignorant, knowing you will see in modest white, is rarer the color attires corresponding to solemnity of thin conditions. And when you will meet time dressed up emptiness and levity or be medalled and stars a uniform, know, not from wisdom they dressed up so. Remnants of the personality, personal environment and conditions in World Aboveground seem wild absurdity for those who began to see clearly in truth. But it is necessary to be ready to everything, to any meetings and appearances. After all it is better they and it is more harmless, than awful, ugly and terrible image’s the lower class. Not to hide their horror and a disgrace under any masks if the eye is sharp-sighted and skilled. Beginners often deceive and seduce, temporarily accepting a desirable image. It is a lot of in that world of victims of the most rough deception and mystifications. Denying on Earth of possibility of knowledge of the astral and Thin World, they are absolutely helpless in hands of the lowest spirits. Certainly, we Protect also them, dividing that world on layers and establishing to the guard over each layer. But within layers evil-wish and mystifies are inevitable. I speak about layers of the lowest and to them relatives. But also in the center of people, taking external appearances of people for reality, it is automatically involved in Maya mirage of the hidden world. It exists and there, and brighter, than on Earth. Only the knowledge gives true freedom. Look for knowledge – rescue in it.

447. (M.A.Y.). The feeling of the hung threat is correct. Dark don't doze never. Let life will teach to be on patrol always, and especially when everything is silent and safe. A lot of harm is done during this seeming deceptive silence and safety. So we will strengthen vigilance and vigilance and we will believe more to them and that tells heart, but not people: lie consciously and unconsciously and see that want to see, instead of that is. And it is in the best case. In general choke in self-deception of and others. How many harm does to itself keep silence about things very important. Well! Especially experience will be rich, though is bitter. Full confidence can be had only after full test of essence of the person. There are in the eyes these tests of relatives. Grow thin and try one for other thread of blind trust. It is better to know, than to trust masks. But if you don't know, it is better to become isolated. Bulk of trust it is possible to do a lot of harm and those to whom it appears. Let there will be a trust sharp-sighted.

448. (Guru). Perhaps, now it became clear why it is necessary to treat people always with such care and mistrust which were felt also by you. Otherwise it is impossible, differently not to avoid blows through too close allowed to heart. Not to avoid them and so, but not so heavy. Vigilance double, a casket densely cover and an internal citadel of spirit lead round line of vigilant patrol that already nobody to let in, even relatives, even the next.

449. (Aug. 4). Temporary and eternal meet in consciousness of the person and in his consciousness and have to be combined harmoniously. One without another is deprived of sense because without temporary as it is possible to realize the eternal. Temporary there is a way to the eternal. Temporary and eternal there are two poles of a uniform thing, different sides of the same coin, as day and night – parts of one days. Only through the temporary Eternity understanding or Boundlessness’s is reached. And boundlessness of understanding and knowledge grows through the experience received in the temporary. What is the person? The person is eternal, shown in the temporary. And on his forehead the spirit sign is traced. And if bodies of that are temporary, from Eternity spirit.

450. (M.A.Y.). And your task in days your Days of your Lord display in understanding. That other-worldly, in the world is approved in the spirit of, and it is spiritualized life. So the only boundless gives lives final sense and value, because from eternity we.

451. (Guru). Fire which in you, is lit from an eternal flame. Approving fires in it, eternal we claim and to the eternal we come nearer. Kindle of fires also will be Service of Boundlessness and the statement of immortality in the spirit of. Possibilities of growth of fires are boundless.

452. (Aug. 5). It is easier to concern Boundlessness through Me, because in Me it is expressed in the form of more or less available to your understanding. We Lay ways in unknown and we Do unknown and hardly comprehended possible for understanding. If not this way blazed by us in space for mankind, it would continue to drown hopelessly in twilight of the unconscious. But We Go forward and area of the unknown we Realize into accurate and clear formulas of knowledge, and these formulas, laws and the principles we Transfer you. It is much saved up by us. Great on a planet archive of the highest knowledge, collected by us. We work all and carefully, we Save up and we Register all stays, which were ever open Brothers of mankind. All branches of knowledge are concentrated in our Hands, and people in process of expansion of the consciousness scoop from it. A lot of things we Know and a lot of things Could give, but time because people on destruction are ready to turn everything even Highest that we Have didn't come yet. A lot of things are stored in a type of manuscripts, a lot of things in the form of the psych images imprinted in layers, inaccessible to ignoramuses. And only low condition of mankind prevents it to use all knowledge accumulated by us. Our purpose is as follows: we Want to arm the person with all opportunities without the uniform device. Understand that all devices are only imperfect attempts to embody in visible forms that is in the person and that will be once almost available to it. Let's list some of them. Phone. The hearing aid in the person isn't limited by distances. It is possible to hear on long distances. It is possible to hear and in time, that is in the past far. This ability is close to a usual radio set. This radio is in a brain, in the fiery centers of the person. Can send and receive thoughts on huge distances. Potentially each ability can develop infinately. About films and about Akasha's rolls which can be developed before consciousness, heard already enough. I can show you a cliché or a tape of events from any era, from life of any of you. Even the most ordinary hypnotist, having shipped the person in a dream, can force it to see this past, though in the limits limited to its opportunities. We aren't limited by them, and the past before Us, as the open book. About telegraph we will not speak. More than once received from Us short and accurate telegrams on the invisible wire connecting us. Let's pass to aeronautics. Air We Replace with space, and in this space, any more three, and more measurements, in astral, mental and fiery bodies, We Claim, the person in the worlds, to its corresponding, and in mental and fiery – far away from Earth can fly. The space is opened. Not are settled these opportunities secrets of the human device. If the bullet doesn't take the hypnotized person if fire isn't burned down by yoga and burning, flaring a flame coal not prevent it to pass on them if heat and cold where limits Shining Logos to that as the certificate Serve. With fires growing and the will grows also fiery power display. In total is in the spirit of, and all from spirit. To the opportunities of spirit is concentrated in the person. It is a lot of secrets in Space, and greatest of all is a person. The evangelical words "you are gods" cover in themselves something much bigger, than thought still. They mean that all attributes of a deity are concentrated in the person in a potential condition and can start revealing at aspiration. "God is fire", – Is so told in the ancient writing. Fire, in you kindling in the revealing centers, is the mighty force opening divine potential of human essence. Everything is achievable with a great effort fires." I Came to reduce fire to Earth and as I Would like that it flared up", – in these words, attributed to the Savior, great value and sense of all evolution of mankind is hidden. All so-called miracles, which aren't present, all extraordinary phenomena, which ever were on Earth, everything, all are available to the person if its powerful fires of the centers flared up in an organism. Miracles It is denied because all of them occur according to unknown you to nature laws. Miracles aren't present, but there is a knowledge and understanding of opportunities of the human device. By strong approve your opportunities, and area of the unknown and unusual will open for you. Available and possibly everything, but dare, but courage find your opportunities to recognize. Nowadays there comes time when the most audacious dreams about unattainable and wonderful become not denied reality. Daring, I Speak, all is available to you and all is achievable. And a way to you Specify to this world of the most wonderful, but lawful and natural singularity. Who from you will find forces and impudence on My appeal to direct? And you Me follow, because I – a way to spirit! I will lift your spirit on the unusual. Life dead in the spirit of leave, you fearlessly direct to spheres of the boundless opportunities revealing before the person. Also it isn't necessary to ask any more, how? Because Told: through Me. Heart having merged with Me, together with Me you will go to heights of the unattainable.

453. I you Call! Never before on Earth there were no conditions, so favorable for findings of spirit. Gate to everything to what it is so long is as though open and so hopelessly in the past the person directed. On what long lives earlier were required, now it is possible to reach quickly. Ears open, wipe eyes. The great knowledge Is given in your hands. The era of Fire came. Fires in you learn Secrets of Fire. Great time came. Knowledge come to receive to Me that through Me to receive promised and intended to you from a century. More and more effort makes to dump from eyes an ignorance bandage. Time of comprehension of Great Knowledge came. So Speaks the Shambhala of the Lord Himself!

454. (M.A.Y.). All attempts to write down all thoughts arriving in consciousness at contact with the ocean of spatial knowledge are vain. Not to write down everything therefore it is necessary to be content only with possibly what to depict. And even these incomplete Records will suffice people on many generations. Inexhaustibility of the Space source already can't be denied. The knowledge from it flows incessantly in consciousness, but according to its ascending spiral. It goes on the Beam. The beam is as though the Wednesday refracting all-spatial in individually comprehended. Therefore the Beam as a sign and the certificate of a direct connection with the Teacher of Light is appropriated to the pupil. Why to you, instead of them, you, at all your imperfections? If Earth was occupied by perfect people, it would be not necessary anything: neither fight, nor efforts, neither aspirations, nor achievements. And why They, Teachers of Light, Elected pupils from most people grounds? And who was perfect among the elite them? Therefore quietly and safely go forward, without being confused your imperfections. Only aspiration to Him who has Called you, keep and keep aspiration and love, and the rest will be put to you. Unless you don't feel how your opportunities are increased and what the Lord, and not the judge, but the Defender, both the Friend, and the Father is close? Be, be ready going happiness in readiness to meet.

455. (M.A.Y.). Darling, don't limit the opportunities to any preconditions. Nowadays is time special! Barriers of restrictions will be swept away. Be ready to meet lives a sparkling stream. In it there are a lot of pearls. Many are intended for you. Manage to take, any without having missed. Generously nowadays Light Gifts stream to people to Earth. And to relatives tell, let know that now good a harvest to collect time.

456. (Guru). The will is a wonderful force, applying which receiver of consciousness it is possible to adjust on any wave. Here Teachers, her Mother Agni Yogi, and here the stream is perceived by the Guru of thoughts on the channel approved by will. It is unlimited. All perceptions are caused by it or are conscious at the moment of perception, or in a form and the accord with the situation, already earlier once accepted by it in consciousness. Understanding of that everything is defined or is earlier defined by will, allows to apply power it in wider scale and, being aware of said words, to tell: everything occurs in Me, everything that pleases or grieves Me, occurs from the sanction of My will imposed on all my perceptions or ever earlier, or imposed nowadays. Understanding of this power of the will over the entire world inside will help to operate arriving impressions, feelings and emotions. I worry not because so it happened but because I want or I wanted, giving or without giving myself in it the report. Without giving earlier, but I will give nowadays, because understood power of the will which I approve.

457. Here something occurred. It is possible to rejoice or be afflicted concerning the occurred phenomenon. Both the pleasure and a grief will begin to flow on the channels established earlier or installed at present by will. If the pleasure pole is chosen, the grief when the opposite pole of the phenomenon by law will have to be approved in consciousness is inevitable. If it is chosen, besides at will, grief, it will be followed by pleasure. The wheel of causes and effects will be put in action, and its results will be so inevitable, as the Sun rising after night Pralaya. But it is possible to absorb will inside, not display it on one of poles, and to choose the middle between them, a point of an equilibration of opposite principles. It will be golden mean, and following to this way will be called as a wisdom track. In it and display power of spirit over the phenomena of life and possibility of release from a causality wheel. Every time when chosen a wisdom track so arrives, exempts it itself from a chain of these phenomena and the power multiplies. The balance center between two poles is a stronghold of spirit and a source of invincible power. Keeping both poles of manifestation of force in the will, force bridled by will, force fiery, the winner in the hands collects and, having collected, is ready to work with it passionlessly, as a uniform monolith fiery unseparable, not - the scattered energy of spirit. So force Terosa is invincible power of energy mental collects. But they who are rushing about from one pole of the phenomena to another and not able forces to save up because right there and spend them are weak is useless, rejoicing to from what tomorrow will begin to cry, and crying from to what will rejoice because involved itself in an inevitability wheel. Task of the pupil – leave a wheel, having stopped its run, or rotation by refusal to be a toy of dual forces. Rejecting the lot to be the victim of one pole, it thereby excludes also another, and movement of a wheel stops. And with it as well all chain of these phenomena caused by its rotation that is demonstration of the phenomena on poles.

458. (Aug. 6). Specify think to collect round the Teacher. As magnet attracts sawdust, the so various objects attract attention consciousnesses in the different directions, breaking unity of aspiration. Thoughts should be aggregated, in one focus, having concentrated them on Me. It is possible not to trouble at all itself in distance, and it is simple to think that together. Sometimes there are moments when it is especially difficult to do it. Means, in space it is wrong and antagonistic currents break aspiration. In all immense space two consciousnesses merge in one, and small scoop from the big. I – you’re a little Breaking locks. I – to Light Calling. I am the future a Beam piercing darkness. I am the Approving way star. I am the sky the Collected fire. I – a feat a flame Bearing. I, Know secrets of destinies! The fate with Me connected can quietly go, because I with it, while it with Me. The free will is sacred, and evens the benefit I Can't violently impose, but I Give its collecting it. Think that know when the first step to knowledge is an understanding of all depth of own ignorance. The true knowledge is in cognition of the person and all that is concluded in it. Already I Said that phone, telegraph, radio and ability to fly are concluded in the person. But it is not all people are a powerful power station of many types of energy, which can be united under one name of the fiery. They, this energy, electric on structure, that is two-polar, also can be focused in a microcosm human in large quantities. The energy is thinner; it is more imperceptible externally and the more powerfully. You know examples from the past when the fiery will of one person changed the world map and destinies of the people. Let's not call names not to generate confusion, but examples fiery. And masses didn't know where they are directed by the Leader, but went, submitting to fire; but is in an organism person and another, hidden type of energy, still little investigated by science, but conducted to us. Applying this energy, it is possible to move subjects at distance. It is possible to move both mountains, and the whole planets, and systems of the worlds. They are set too in motion by the same force, potentially the hidden in the person, but obvious at Logos’s fiery. Will Creator, say, separate solar system of a bike also doesn't give in to calculation. But the Teacher Can send in case of need a far subject from the Stronghold. There was time when the circle from twelve people erected architectural structures, moving huge boulders this force. Energy of the human battery is the regulator of underground fires. Power of underground fire you know – I dared Atlantis. We send to the places threatened with break of underground fires, the pupils for its suppression. Collectively mankind, influencing this fire, causes its manifestation with all disasters accompanying of an earthquake. Collective influence it is disharmonious owing to ignorance of masses. Energy of spirit of the person often natural disasters, not only fiery are closely connected with elements, and, but elements of water and air are generated by also mass influence of people. We, these forces long ago realized and developed in itself it is powerful, we Apply them strong for neutralization of those spontaneous disbalance, which are caused by mankind. This ignorance and this lawlessness should put an end. To what to use what it is possible to apply to creation on destruction? For this purpose it is necessary to realize first of all that is hidden in the person, and, having realized, to apply in the benefit. The mankind already is on the razor-edge long ago into which can cast its further abuse of the hidden forces, at least even the extra mental. Further so can't proceed. We take extreme measures to accelerate the conditions favoring to recognition of the Doctrine of Life for the fastest and its most urgent appendix in practice. It is a question of planet rescue because spatial fiery waves so amplified that response of human bodies is inevitable. Its intensity is dangerous extremely if it isn't regulated by will. Huge explosions of this energy in collectives human are possible. It is necessary to warn disaster. Hastily we Accelerate opportunities, and don't expect promotion of the Doctrine in measures usual. We sound the alarm and Call to wake up everything having ears. The doctrine of Fiery Yoga rescue will be. But it is necessary, it is necessary to accelerate introduction it in life. You we Call all. Be ready to go on a fiery feat.

459. (M.A.Y.). The appeal spatially is caught. Danger of tension fiery grows and increases every day. People, don't carry out transformers of spatial fire, the appointment, and instead of assimilation there is something absolutely the return. Burn down these waves fiery. In many enrages cause, strengthened by dark instigators. The ocean human is restless. Collective disharmonies reaction to going waves generates a wave of destruction and approaches possibilities of accident. Teachers Call people for cooperation avoid the danger, which has hung over Earth. The world and cooperation by any price – such is the moment slogan. Any more have no value motives: it is necessary to unite by all means, differently not to avoid horror of destruction. Moment is responsible and intensity extraordinary.

460. (Guru). Power of Hierarchy of Light of yet displayed, but display if the moment, imperiously crumpled all counteractions of the ant going demands. Not display now not because it is weak but because allows will free human to come to light to a limit. And when it will be reached, anything won't be able to stop any more the Hand of the Lord which has lifted a sword of justice, a sword clearing, a sword approving the Future. It will strike darkness wherever it took cover. To this moment time comes. Space scales in intense balance keep hardly. Great time approaches.

461. The mankind – the transformer of spatial energy – has a task to transform them to the benefit. Even in the power of it to use an adverse combination of stars on creation. There is nothing in itself neither good, nor bad, the consciousness does everything is as follows: or good, or bad, or turns into the benefit, or into the evil. The power is given to the person, refracting in itself Space energy, to paint them light or darkness. Their nature depends on a corner of the appendix of energy. The sword brought rises or in protection of good, or is angry. So the lord of Space power named the person, and the evil, if light, which in it, – darkness is great. And is even worse, if this darkness collective. Our task is human to direct energy on creation and construction. It is important right now when the World Ocean sends unprecedented charges of Space energy to Earth. How to dispose of received inheritance? It is possible to dispose and it is unreasonable, having sent this power to the evil. Or people will seize it, or it people. Mastering means control over it and submission. Otherwise it will carry all dams and dams, as waters of the broken violent river. And then will think already late of how to direct a working wave on the turbine because no be nor turbines, nor installations, the dam. Madness should be constrained, for the present not late. We with tension unusual and you ask to help with the Tower, having become even closer. Through you we will pass charges of neutralized energy. Therefore you store balance the most intense. Without having it is useless, and you not to help Us with forces. Here, I Speak, nowadays it is necessary to me from you that balance kept any more for the sake of itself, but for the sake of General Welfare. And then your receivers will be able to sustain the powerful category of given energy, and besides without special consequences for an organism, but with great advantage for a planet. The consciousness receiver, balance not approved and not held, loses ability of containment and leaves out of operation. Sadly, if it happens in that moment, when help yours to us it is especially necessary. And not for the sake of yourself, but already for the sake of the Teacher you store balance by all means. At the same time, it also will be check that costs and where words come to an end and business begins. Not passed tests it is drawn from account as a being weak, unreliable and useless a minute of the valid need. Also I don’t Ask, but I Demand balance of spirit if you want to share My burden a minute of sharp intensity and danger of the general. It was much spoken about balance. Nowadays I Want to point to its spatial and planetary value for those who concerned spatial work. It is impossible to support and keep as it should be a planetary Network of Light if it is in a condition disbalance vibrations will transfer instead of pure, clear and improving Rays of light. If the blinking and going-out lamp on a beacon can bring disaster what to tell about Light beacons, My Light burning if disbalance the internal breaks light giving. Not the darkness whether will replace Light Beams? Responsibility for Earth realizes! Thoughtlessness suffices! Not to yourself – common cause you harm, to General Welfare, and wounds you put to Light with the irresponsibility. And you balance approve in the Name My and Me for the sake of because differently it is impossible. Not to dead persons I Address, but to the live. On whom I Can rely, what a minute of extreme need I Will find it’s sharp-sightedly awake on patrol? Be awake because you know neither day, nor hour. I Told.

462. (M.A.Y.). Scales of the Lord are strained. Tension is transferred down on Hierarchy. Press extends on all on a chain. These minutes extra care and care with a spatial wire as if as in laboratory it is strong explosives is required. It is easy to burn through the wires if not to observe balance. Task of day – keep balance that was in what to send. The receiver of consciousness should be kept pure, open and in a condition of full tranquility. Let the mirror of spirit don't shiver, doesn't vibrate, doesn't hesitate at all. It is necessary to depart from itself and the affairs that it is easier to that to join Affairs of the Teacher. Remember: than is more disturbing and is uneasy around, than space currents are more chaotic, than waves of going fiery energy are stronger, especially you should show force of balance intense. Be everyone the spirit rock on which the Lord when all fluctuates can lean. When the tower of spirit costs on the strong basis, Light transfer on the Network planetary can freely go. Be spirit the rock. Time is special!

463. (Guru). Yes! Yes! Balance is force. Minutes of general confusion strong spirits are necessary. Force it is possible display only on condition of balance preservation. To lose balance – means from strong to become at once, right there, a pettiness. The person who has lost balance what there were the reasons which have caused this shameful and humiliating phenomenon is pity! Let burning shame of a shame for this low and low condition of consciousness the ndisbalance of the internal will save you from falling in embraces. So I speak because the moment when this quality rescue will be not for you, but for them standing on the edge of a chasm came. Think of them and that energy of light, from you proceeding, will help them to refrain from final falling. Of them think. They, instead of to you need your balance that to transfer light to them. It is necessary also for you because without it is impossible, but it is more necessary to them. Service to people in balance happens, and displaying to be called as his Attendant of Light is worthy.

464. No loss is comparable with happiness of Proximity of the Teacher. Accumulation of mental energy is made consciously and constantly. This is most necessary for the person. It is possible either waste it, or to accumulate. Each action, feeling and thought will or promote its collecting, or to spend. For example, the same work, but executed with pleasure or disgust, in the first case will force energy of fire, in the second – to extinguish. Everything depends on consciousness installation. So, all phenomena of life can be turned on advantage and to force to serve itself that is collecting of mental energy. From everything it is possible to take this force. So, purpose uniform, purpose of all life it is possible to set the task Treasure Fiery to increase. Today night experience with flights in a dream showed that fiery energy collected and it was easy to rise up. As well dullness of the biped came to light that the most interesting experience met stupid indifference from their party. It in the Thin World, but also on Earth the relation just the same. Ability to fly depends on availability of fire. Without it not depart and even from Earth not to rise. That is why many in World Aboveground don't own freedom of movement, any more without speaking about flights. Accumulated energy is necessary for all worlds. Not about vital force it is spoken, but about Fiery Treasure of the Stone which with you always and everywhere, in all bodies and the worlds because it is concentrated in a body of Light and the lowest conductors only lights up, without being their part. Control over it, restraint and self-control constant and guarded promote collecting of precious force many. Qualities are good, but operated by will. To anything the dam, nothing if constrain. As the accumulator discharged or a copper steam in which the vapor pressure can't be lift is useless also because detaining steam force cranes are open. Only having become reserved, it is possible to accumulate fiery energy to spend it carefully, circumspectly and with calculation. But before it is necessary save up. For many years yogis in a privacy that nothing interfered with them leave to collect the necessary stock of mental energy. But life demands other. It is necessary to manage to save up fire, costing in the middle of life. The fastest way there will be a full withdrawal of actions, feelings and thoughts of reflex character and replacement their strong-willed, that is will approved. It will impose at once a lock on uncontrolled leakage of fiery force. There can't human be in a microcosm phenomenon of a reflex and unauthorized order when they don't cope will. It is inadmissible and harmfully extraordinary. It is difficult to fight against defects, but let them flow on the channels determined by will, but not in itself. For example, the exact order is given itself that from now on any irritation in people around will cause not reciprocal irritation as it happens usually, and, on the contrary, inflow of tranquility and growth of reserved force. This reflex, will approve, any more won't be destructive as isn't lunar heritage unconscious, but will authorized. Everything is subject to great revision that is inside – all area of reflexes on surrounding. Each reflex phenomenon can give rise to establishment over it strong-willed control. And when there is wish mourn at loss for something, it is better to rejoice to release from the power of the lost thing over consciousness. Let a lot of things won't yield at once obvious results. In the Thin World these consequences will have huge value because there each thought becomes reality for consciousness and replaces with itself evidence terrestrial. Over all feelings you seek to approve the power and over all feelings. Also you remember that a basis of mental power – balance.

465. I give the chance of knowledge of faces not for condemnation, but for experience accumulation. Who can be trusted and on whom to rely? The principle remains in force: to loneliness nothing will be changed also by anybody. Showing people understanding, compassion and love, the temple sanctuary inside should be protected from them and there not to allow anybody. Let think better that it isn't present, than will get access and opportunity the feet to trample on its shrine. It is necessary to preserve intimate against worry, because trampled surely will address on you for worry. Access a sanctuary of spirit close. There only to the Teacher place. And, seeing honoring them which have approached, know, as it bipolar, and other pole from a look don't let out. Be not afflicted neither that, nor another. On human it is naturally and usually. Also is especially careful with admiring, surprised and extolling you. The opposite pole of these phenomena is especially bitter. Remember that also "Hosanna" was replaced by a roar "Crucify it". And you polar of the phenomena avoid, it is better to stand in the middle. People have an abuse and honoring live in one nest. And you become higher over a duality small. Not from wisdom it, but from ignorance and a spirit a little.

466. Responsibility for thoughts isn't realized yet quite. One hand you create creation, another – destruction. Thought the highest is neutralized by thought, with it is inappropriate. There is no flatness of aspiration. Rushes won't do at all on a long way. Many words superfluous are told. It is necessary to ennoble use to level of aspirations. Why to be, how all? You learn to live as you would be in obvious Presence of the Teacher. It will strongly approach to It and will clear away ways. A lot of things from this that becomes, you won't make at its Presence. If you believe, what It with you always, why you don't confirm it with affairs? Manage to be not such, as all. Improve!

467. (Guru). It is possible to reach everything that the will powerfully want. Difficulties – not a delay, but an impulse to reach. Be shown, on achievement of the most difficult. It is Arhat's way.

468. (Aug. 9). The best school life remains. Why it isn't left dark and why they work around? Light and darkness have the laws of manifestation. Light found it obviously, and it rages from Light presence. The way of Great Spirits was noted by acts of darkness. And if you follow the Teacher and are close to Him, be ready also you dark blows to accept. From danger we will Protect, but not to avoid attacks. Flattery is noted dark because not touch and to a pettiness don't come nearer. Opponent always is on forces. And force notes force. For that the victory is nicer. Let everyone dark attempt to cause harm only to Me approaches and your forces to grow. Let become dark rapprochement tools with Light. Let existence cause them ardent energy of counteraction and accelerates spirit ascension. And when are surrounded by them, the way remains only to Me. Let and dark to Light will serve. All and everything serve Forges Light. The darkness decays that Light inflamed. Of them be not afraid, sharp-sightedly and with firmness fight. We will win against them because together with Me defeat is impossible. But is closer, but get up even closer so that it was impossible to put any incorrect blow. Danger that creep up through near standing and behind them are, and a grief not distinguished those who fell under their influence. Black will make white and will stir up mind, and it will be difficult to distinguish friends from enemies. So let each blow struck by enemies of Light, will serve as ardent incentive of rapprochement with Me. The darkness is strong and active, but not to Day breakers to be afraid of it. It when the Teacher of Light in heart is conscious is powerless. It is necessary to pass through collisions with darkness. Power of darkness not learned how can become her winner? I address on an ardent victory over the darkness, up in arms against you. We will win against darkness. Here it is opened, and all its tricks because with Me you go are found. These lessons are vitally valuable and are very necessary on a way. Be wake spirit and a sword on call you hold darkness to strike.

469. (M.A.Y.). My son asks why didn't warn in due time? But unless didn't warn? Unless didn't know through the next, what enrage exists? Unless not were no proofs? Unless you, being guided by them, didn't isolate obsessed, connected karmic with you? Everything was, everything was given, and from obsessed confirmation had. But vigilance abandoned you, and severity not display, and again approached the one who had no rights to proximity. Also remember that approached against the desire, at the request of those who didn't know or I forgot that happened in the past. Never is it impossible to forget about the dark channel. And there has to be always on the guard everyone against though once seduced with darkness. And we warned, and more than once. Remember everything that happened in the past. The channel was obvious, and much about it spoke. Only degree of danger didn't realize by inexperience. But experience only is given by life.

470. (Guru). Vigilance, both care, and motto: to test before believing and trusting. Don't trust words. If to separate words from affairs, the picture becomes clearer at once. Because for words already not to hide essence of behavior. This measure to friends applies and you judge on affairs. Words – anything. Incorrectness at shown to heart any more don't allow while affairs won't prove that are worthy.

471. (Aug. 10). Many special devices are created by modern equipment in the field of medicine for treatment by various beams, currents and vibrations. Treatment by invisible beams, and in particular radium beams, was included into medical practice rather recently. Cancer tumors are exposed to radiation which breaks sick fabrics, killing pathogenic microorganisms. But nevertheless the best device is the device human. This device can be applied very widely and variously. Radiation by thought, then radiation by aura currents, radiation by currents of eyes, radiation by the emanations proceeding from fingers, radiation by emotions and feelings, radiation by fires of the centers is available to it. Each of these areas in turn can be expanded indefinitely and be applied in very various variations. Subjecting a subject sated with evil aura, to radiation, dark stratifications neutralize. It is possible even to demagnetize absolutely dark aura of a thing, having sated it with light. It is necessary only that fire irradiating was stronger than those thoughts which accumulated on a subject. Unconsciously people irradiate with the aura everything and everything with whom or with what they make contact, irradiate with light or darkness. People clothing subject especially strong radiation by all types of the energy, and therefore worn things – as the irradiating battery of special force and tension.

472. Incest is considered a crime. But something much the worst occurs at contact of the subjects which have been consciously shined with dark radiations of attendants of darkness, with their victims planned by them for the catch. Many types of an allure, seduction and the delusions applied dark, are based on influence through subjects sent by them to victims: practice is old as the world, but usually it and is applied by them.

473. (M.A.Y.). We knew, also you now know and, knowing, you will appreciate that there are feelings and thoughts human even those who is allowed to heart. Only the Teacher one is invariable. Only it is possible to rely and lean on It and to It to one to open heart and to give heart, without being afraid of blows in open heart. Whether it is possible to trust people? It is possible, but only in that measure in what they it deserves. And you thank life for disclosure of faces. And to masks not be touched any more. Clever is mistaken only once.

474. (M.A.Y.). Certainly, it is necessary to pay. We pay for everything. Justification is only in the spiritual. If the consciousness is saturated an impulse to evolution in a bigger size, than immersion in terrestrial, the payment decreases in proportion. It is necessary to bring systematic improvement in the process of self-improvement planned for the future. It isn't necessary that this important process went spontaneously. These can reduce a payment. So, if the mistake is made, it is necessary to think as to expiate it or to reduce consequences.

475. (Guru). We know, both we suffer, and we don't expel. You suffer also. Certainly, obsessed it was necessary to isolate from others. There would be no such harm. But experience should be passed that not to be mistaken in the future. While everything escaped despite harm caused. It is necessary to neutralize the seeded dark seeds and to uproot sprouts if appeared. Attention doesn’t weaken for a minute.

476. (Aug. 11). Let's solve together, the tail of mistakes will long last. Hardly reparable occurred. It is difficult to remove a tumor if not to know what exactly should be removed. With gloating dark and now watch you and rejoice to the seeded horror. And you one, without full disclosure of all events, won't be able to clear an abscess. While relatives have a lie on lips, it serves dark wreckers and the delusion proceeds. Full isolation, than opened to dark the channel is better. To force dark the force oppose. Look, in what funnel of dirt they involve consciousness. It is necessary to open all abscess to let out pus and rather to clear the struck place. Correctly, it is necessary to stake everything. While the lie, the channel works.
But the egoism won't solve. Exclude an astral and a body. Duty takes mentality (victims) under the control. It was assumed so many that it is simply a shame to victim to confess. In 12 days the delusion will dissipate. Not it is necessary to show condemnation, but pity. To break delusions of a chain! Would be lost, if not you is. Has to confess in everything, otherwise not to help! Only full understanding will destroy a barrier between you. Otherwise will be raise a consequence, as snowball, if now not to shatter it.You hurry while the ulcer isn't started, differently not to remove: will harden and remains forever.

477. Over the dark the victory final is important. Temporary successes don't mean them still their victories. But We Win always, as well as those who with Us. Experience, experience is necessary for fight against darkness. Dark it is impossible to correct. It is wrong to think that they can calm down and depart. As dark rack, greedy watch, whether it is impossible to snatch stealthily and bite unexpectedly. Where with them fight, softness and indecision are inadmissible. It is necessary to show the hardness and severity. You look in the face. Those can lie eyes only who in their power. The feeling of hopelessness and sadness of emptiness is very characteristic for presence of darkness and her attendants. Fatigue not from the victim, but from dark counteractions, through the victim of the rendered. It is necessary to explain horror of the created situation.

478. To work with My Name for protection against darkness and it is possible, and has to. But as though nearby, as though together, as though one. And then the victory will be full. To the fired fighter the enemy isn't terrible. Only beginners fall into confusion. Absence of logoc and sequence in lie is an obvious sign of existence of influence dark. Unwinding a ball of contradictions, it is possible to reach truth. Fighting up to the end, already I won.

479. (M.A.Y.). Write down the yesterday's. Deceiving tells: it will be deceived, betraying – it is devoted, changing – the sting of change will feel sharply. So, allowed something against someone, has to test on itself bitterness of the made mistake. Tasting bitterness of fruits of own delusions, it is necessary to think of how it to avoid. It is easy to avoid: not to offend anybody not to be offended, not to slander not to be slandered, not to lie to be misled to do, say, to anybody that, object of that I wouldn't like to be showing. Such is the life law, and from its action it is impossible to evade.

480. (Guru). Life pure and spotless is the best decoration of the pupil. It is necessary to get rid of ulcers of spirit on Earth. It is otherwise heavy to be in World Aboveground. That isn't won here, there can't be won, because it is difficult extraordinary. Think of how to start a gets rid of feelings not gets rid.

481. (Aug. 12). My friend, remember forever: for neutralization of the phenomena of any force it is necessary to oppose it the opposite phenomenon of stronger potential. The rest will be in favor of the winner. Strong it is necessary to be always, under any conditions and circumstances. Weakness doesn’t show. Weakness is equivalent to defeat. Weakness of spirit can't be justified any reasons. Weakness and lack of will we Consider as an abuse on spirit. Be strong, even making mistakes. It is better to show force on mistakes, than lack of will in “good”. Force remains force, and besides, the creating the benefit if to change an appendix corner. But weakness and lack of will be only a pettiness and unfitness sign to anything. Strong spirits are necessary to us. Better persecutor Savl, than pious Nikodim: it after it left nothing, but brightly and until now the star of Apostle Pavel burns. Strength the spirit of is magnetic. Obviously it attracts consciousnesses. If you want something or about yourself to hold someone, be strong force, understanding. Power approved amplifies understanding. I rejoice to the won victory. There are a lot of them still ahead. Winners fiery are necessary to Me. With a pettiness to fight I won’t go and with Myself I Won't take. Rejoice opportunities with dark to battle and to measure swords forces. If not suffice your, force Teachers use safely and surely. Who will resist against us – Me and you, which with Me? So forces I Will increase. So to you I Will helps. So to you Helped the networks put dark, to see and them to destroy. It is necessary to tell that weren't deceived by seeming ease of a victory. The victory not so easily got to the one who gained it. This ease – for them, all weight of blows on itself not accepted. Especially the merit is great also. The got experience should be settled up to the end, having attentively thought over each detail. The case with the automatic handle presented by friends for these Records is instructive. The handle within a year was in hands obsessed and was consciously sated dark in order that by means of this channel to intrude in process of these Records. Whether you present to yourself that it would be possible to write down, without having seen direct link with of enrage through this subject. What care and vigilance is necessary up to the end to understand everything. Write, write: all this will serve someone with great advantage. The experience got, but not written down, only is only useful to you, and it is necessary to think of all. Let the success won't weaken vigilance. I love fight and a victory.

482. Never it is necessary to speak about anything up to the end more exhaustively because harm turns out threefold: the first – the treasury self-devastation, the second – people should also give the chance to work as own brains, the third – the casket would have to be closed from whose that was looks. Means, it is possible to speak about anything, but not that is in it. And in it the most intimate, the most valuable that you have on Earth and in the worlds. If you want relatives to hold, become isolated internally, having risen behind line of external availability. Otherwise not collect the magnetic force of appeal. Ability to attract and hold about itself looking for hearts depends on safety and closeness of a casket of spirit. Unless any Teacher of Light sometime Said someone from the pupils everything, what He Knows? If It Made such mistake, It would lose followers and would increase possibilities of treachery. Delivery of the intimate degausses speaking, and when everything is given out, the magnet of spirit loses the attractive force. Each told word of people to some extent reduces force of the magnet. Therefore we Say that silence is the best store. When it is spoken intimate, process of loss of energy of spirit amplifies extraordinary and it is necessary to be able to stop in time not to allow a self-devastation and not to sputter out completely. Be able to be silent when it is necessary; be able to tell no more than what it is really necessary. And if you want someone to lose, be with it frank up to the end. To whom is what is already well known interesting? On the other hand, impossibility to render full confidence because where they who could trust completely, – too imposes on lips the restraint press. And, know that only the Teacher can open heart up to the end. Certainly, exhaustion doesn't threaten those who with Me and is close, but there are moments when the visor should be closed densely and inside to be removed, there, where, except the Teacher, anybody isn't allowed. Be able to protect the highest from people, even relatives. The Teacher Forgets nothing, don't forget also you.

483. (M.A.Y.). We don't judge because not judges, but are anxious with that the potential of forward energy always exceeded and there was more than a potential of energy detaining. And in case of violation of this potential immediately we instruct how to help. As also you watch closely that nothing could stop you. Existence of the opposite energy pulling to Earth and on the Sky is the phenomena in an inner world of each ascending spirit. The direction depends on a choice that to that to prefer. You think so that races to the Teacher nothing detained. You think and do so that everything, and, in particular, counteracting, only pulled together with the Teacher. Let each attempt dark to wound and does harm becomes the reason of a conscious impulse for stronger aspiration to the Lord. So we will shame all dark shifts and force for an ascension from them and we will gather. Truly, it is possible to exclaim then, as dark to us served.

484. (Guru.). Be strong always is destiny of resistant and unshakable spirit. To be strong and in pleasure and a grief, in rest and under blows dark, in good luck and failure, in a dream and wakefulness is means to seize power of balance. Because the one who wants power of spirit to reach, that has to approve balance and, meeting the opposite and passing waves opposite and passing currents, opposite and fair winds, meeting thunder-storms, storms, hurricanes and a calm, has to be, to a fir-tree is similar, identical always as it is invariable both in the winter and in the summer. Let's study so to balance that to become strong.

485. (Aug. 13). My son, Mother Agni Yoga, one ant become too dark hierarchy and the owner of darkness, and not afraid them, and at their meeting visited, fearlessly spoke against them. Also didn't dare to concern it, and remained at only one threats. That's it such courage is necessary at fight against darkness, and the consciousness is necessary that at a unification with the Lord no darkness is terrible. Fearlessness wins darkness. I rejoice to see that there is no fear before them in your heart. Therefore and! And, if going to Light, confused it a darkness celebration was what in them not gets rid, stopped fight, whether? Both robbers, and the loose woman, and tax-gatherer, and sinners – everything approached to me, and everything, despite the defects, firmly rose in ranks struggling with darkness. It after all too a darkness trick – to paralyze will, activity of will, whispering about imperfections of spirit and about where already there to fight against them when in itself there is so much yet gets rid. Let's open also this trick. Let's understand that the one, who against darkness took up arms and against whom it was up in arms, soldier Light already this one. It is beginners they confuse with similar tricks, but to them not to beat out the skilled soldier of Light from balance because he knows that whatever imperfect it was, the Teacher with it and Conducts also his imperfections – ascension steps, because weakness it I Will pour in my Tower in force, and shortcomings – in qualities of spirit and power fire I Will strengthen. So we will find and we will derive strength from each new trick dark spirit to frighten or weaken. Think of new victories because with Me you go.

486. (M.A.Y.). My son, courage and determination to go all the way and to win any price you can borrow at me. It was strong communication and the Unification with It, the Lord of Light, both love, and the devotion, which did know neither doubts, nor fluctuations, fear. Together I was with It always, and its Great Presence was in Me to constants. The continuity of prestanding managed to be reached. The face it’s Light and Pure always was before My look. I struggled with darkness face to face without fearing, the Face its Ardent brightly and victoriously before myself having. Also there was this Face of Me a victory banner, a board and Light weapon.

487. (Guru). The Teacher Sates you with consciousness of power fiery and invincibility of spirit. Also there are and we, as and we win! Also there is a wish, there is a wish to awaken to me in your heart immutable and firm, as diamond, confidence that when with It, defeat is impossible because we win always when there comes hour of fight. Uncertainty, fear and fluctuations creep in in heart only when the proximity weakens and something filters between. But together when and it is strong on patrol, Light of the Lord in you is invincible.

488. (Aug. 14). The light to my Light only also it is possible to concern. And if this light in itself – darkness, a contact becomes impossible. Every instant the magnet of spirit human radiates light or darkness emanations, and every instant opens itself to darkness or Light influence and if the darkness wins, the magnetic attraction of Light can't already take a place. The irritation, rage, doubt and all feelings generating dark fires, close Light access, and contact with the Teacher of Light is broken. Fire is magnetic. It is impossible on black fires of rage, lust or hatred to address to somebody. With the Lord contact in the presence of black fire is impossible. And every time when fires of a low order flash in a microcosm of the person, communication with Light above interrupts. It is necessary to understand, at last, that in the terrible price of deprivation of Light the person pays for imperfection, defects and bad qualities. If they strong are shown in it, it gloomily cuts itself from the Highest World and Hierarchy of Light. Therefore we Will add also we Will tell that qualities are not only forms of identification of wearable fires, but also communication channels Inexpressible Light’s Spheres or with (darkness) chasm, and dark attendants of the evil, and brothers of darkness. Qualities of spirit have the deep hidden value. Let's not be tired to approve them. The highest attribute of spirit is the will. Without it all other qualities lose the value. And, approving the will and developing it, it is wise "we arrive and we do something such that has taking priority value. Last night short, but the firm order of will almost instantly in a root cut a temptation and when action time came, it at all didn't raise the head because by will it was killed. So the will in everything when it is called by heart works. The will strengthen, knowing that with growth of will the Stone Treasure grows also. I speak about will of the carrier of Light and soldiers light because also the darkness too can raise crystals of black fires and the will of hierophant of the evil isn't weak. But the light will is stronger, and the will combined with Will Lord, is invincible and invincible. Even very weak will if it found a unification way with the Teacher or the head of the Hierarchy chain, can opposite dark and to fight with them, but it is necessary that contact was strong and without cracks, differently not to resist. Thus, it is possible to see that the will is the most important factor in spiritual human life and without it the ascension is impossible. With weakness of will indissoluble and uninterrupted communication with Hierarchy of Light is necessary. It is necessary to hold the next link in every way spirit. Then touch isn't lost with the Teacher and with darkness possibly to struggle. The light will approved in good, can serve as Light stronghold, and angry – darkness, but the darkness against Light if in effect its carrier doesn't arise dark fires even for short time, even flashes instant, darkness attracting to itself is powerless. The will protect. And, developing it persistent and persistent work and exercises in the benefit, power it claim in itself continued. And it will obviously grow and to multiply strength the spirit of.

489. In life usual people often lie and still live, though are dim. The lie became current, and even rather good people often lie. Lie and continue to live. The lie became business every day and usual. But the lie in relation to the Teacher or the head is inadmissible. Lie them is means to generate consequences, which lain to expect not in forces. The small lie or default generates big, and the whole chain of heavy consequences follows from small deception. These consequences can be awful because occult laws work powerfully. And in a crack of the cracks created by lie, immediately also it is immutable the darkness interferes. At least for the sake of own rescue of and your relatives don't lie that who conducts you. Fire generated by lie, directed up through Hierarchy, is black and magnetic extraordinary. About the echidna conducted warn. Not honor if on your fault do it harm. There is no justification also if someone, having lain, began to cooperate with darkness, at all without realizing it. It is hardly to get rid of consequences of such cooperation. Think only, small in the beginning lie – and... Ardent cooperation with darkness against the head or even Teachers, let unconscious, but terrible on done harm and blows to the Hierarchy line. It after all is equivalent to treachery, and the head has full authority to cut if wants. Be afraid of lie and concealing. They bring sometimes terrible consequences, but heavy – always. Whom you deceive? Itself! To whom you do harm sometimes the irreparable? To itself! Itself regret and don't lie not to be given at least forever to darkness embraces. Magnetism of black fires of the lie, directed through Hierarchy of Light, is great and pernicious. Be careful. The Teacher Warned enough.
Repentance in the allowed lie, consciousness of the fault, forgiveness from the deceived not help and forces no has to destroy the generated consequences. It is necessary to get rid of consequences. Mistakes bath and with a root pull out evil crops. Widely consider dark networks and their new evil-shift strongly complicate work on neutralization of consequences. Circles dispersed widely and far. How to extinguish them for one thousand vests? Understand all depth of the made mistakes. How you will call the person, secretly and it isn't known for guards opened access to enemies to the protected fortress? The understanding of deeds, perhaps, will help to raise spirit and to find forces for fight.

490. What to do? (Answer is from M.A.Y.) . Who without a sin, the first throw into it a stone? The head stones can't rush, or – he ceases to be that. Such stone easily and to kill. Therefore not condemnation is necessary, but the help. First of all it is necessary to understand and realize an event. Then strong to be protected from dark, already without cracks and cracks, and to strain all forces to see, as well as because of whose backs will start creeping up in new attempts. Pity to dark and sent by them is blow to the Hierarchy board if this pity to them, dark, serves as the tool for the next deception. Postpone the personal experiences for future time. To work in a full spiritual unification with us is not to undertake any action to one because their constructions on the plan astral are strong. We will win against them, but give all strength of tension fiery. As the rock stand! Both the sword, and a spear, and arrows let will be on call both at night, and in the afternoon.

491. (Guru). Coming nearer to Light, you put in action mighty occult laws. Coming nearer to Light, already to one these you cause darkness on fight. Astral secrets of darkness are awful, and horrors of dark acts surpass any human imagination. Touching Light, don't concern darkness because, the spirit above rises, the chasm becomes deeper. And falling if magnetism of black fires was approved inside is inevitable. It is possible to fall and not to rise. Not a joke – approach to light because the darkness rises in all growth, trying to take up a way. You remember, only full Unification resists with those who over you and who conducts you. But horrors of darkness turn pale and lose the force if the Unification is strong. So, you remember: only the Unification against darkness resist.

492. What pleasure each victory over, will a victory over weakness of spirit gives. The favorite Lord, teach as My little to your Greatness I can serve.

493. (Aug. 15). There is no such situation from which there would be no exit. In case of a full environment dark and an ardent impact their exit remains up. They not in forces to close this exit though closed a circle. On this exit it is possible to connect always to Hierarchy and it and will be a victory. Having united with the Highest and the forces having updated and having increased, it is necessary then to start destruction of dark constructions. Sharp-sighted and intense activity and continuous understanding of Proximity of the Teacher is necessary. It is hard to struggle with darkness. You will feel how they try to weaken, you will feel, how many energy demands this fight, and to see how forces flow away. But be not confused it. The Teacher will Send forces and will Help to restore loss quickly. During this fight it is necessary to follow the thread of especially behind thoughts as shaggy hands seek to throw the dark balls. Breaks in direct collisions with them are necessary for restoration of forces also. During these breaks vigilance let doesn't weaken. Not to avoid fight, but and the victory will be full. Metal tempered where is stronger and more reliable on fires of tests not visited. It won't be bent any more from former loadings and will sustain big resistance. Who didn't face with dark face to face, is inexperienced and unreliable. That is why it was allowed that this heavy lesson brought the benefit. You will already know how it is necessary to fight and that half measures and condescension aren't admissible where business concerns the dark.

494. I see that is heavy. But not estimate Light, without having become on the edge of an abyss and horror of a chasm without having seen. In pink dreams is only beginners stay. But the feat of those who hearts fires left is severe to try with darkness. The Teacher Stands behind you, ready to support every minute if the hand trembles. Stand strong, as the granite rock assuming blows of elements, terrible clouds, and heavy rain, and a wind, lightning’s categories, and a furious impact of storming waves. So stand also you, having approved on Hierarchy of Light.

495. (M.A.Y.). To that attend that to become even closer to us. You under beams of our constant attention are. And we help you to see darkness evil-deliberate. Refined also are inventive extraordinary. It lives and trade; their task is extinguish Light. Therefore work.

496. (Guru). Will you keep always in readiness an impact any to reflect?

497. (Aug. 16). The tranquility, balance and understanding of force of the, fiery power, inexhaustible, boundless potentially the, let will be the spirit weapon. And when the Lord is close and this force merges with a force him, it increases on extent of understanding of Proximity of this. Most important and the most difficult is be strong always. People never forgive to weakness. Weakness means loss of everything for the sake of what the person fought and that wants to hold. The wished – not by words, not belief, not requests, not tears, not entreaty, but strength of mind is kept a magnet of spirit. Let the consciousness of loneliness don't abandon you if you want to resist and if you want that anybody or anything didn't take the power over you. Arrive as you consider it necessary, but to anybody, but never open yourself. Even the relatives don't allow further the put border. To open it wide open – means to become invalid for a magnetic attraction and instead of a powerful magnet to become a piece of iron which is scattering, as dust. The mountain not plundered, a casket closed and onions, an arrow intense, let will be an everyday reminder on how to protect soul from worry and violation of the supreme values of spirit by feet human. Here, heard yesterday is an example as a dirty heel on the soul opened in trust, deceptive and it is reserved came. This dirty trace and even traces because the event repeated, remain for the rest of life. Not to erase them any recognitions, any repentances, and what from this if to forgive or to forgive, condemn or justify? The trust is crushed. Human words as if waters fluid will flash, will flash fleeting spangles and will disappear in a stream. Whether it is possible to trust them? Who from mortal can give and entrust the heart? Arhat’s path is a loneliness path. And only the Lord one, which never will Change, access Has in the heart opened to It.

498. Reconsider the property. Expand and increase the area not available to the mortal. It also will be your sanctuary, your citadel of spirit. Disappeared from the riches received and received from Me, but a sanctuary sharp-sightedly preserve against invasion. Not people are necessary to you, but you of. They can give you only experience, but anything from this that I Gave, but you can, and you give much. And, giving, give as though from the Tower high and unapproachable, without allowing anybody inside. Let feel that it is yet available to them, will appreciate especially the given. I speak about followers of the next. To us way forward is long and difficult! We don't have time to stop over gloom gorges. With you I both in pleasure and in the mountain, on take-off and on Earth when you pass test and when you win, we are unseparable. And, know that close to the Lord.

499. Sexual cohabitation at the same time with two criminally. Criminally is also sexual and mental cohabitation of three. There is an inadmissible phenomenon, like incest. Occult it is destructive awfully for mentality and consciousness as the one who allowed a crime, and for its participants, at least they didn't know it. But especially responsibility bears allowed this lawlessness.

500. (M.A.Y.). Don't seek consolation both oblivion where crying and a gnash tooth. There you won't find what wanted by your spirit. Your place is being with us. But life and people has to learn, and unmask faces, and see life and people in true, plain, their naked essence. And, having taken away and without condemning, the best, or even bad, but spirit burning, has to give the chance to rise from a whirlpool of life. Without condemning, but seeking to explain and help them, ignorant, over a current of life rise. Native mine, spirit fasten. I with you also see how it is heavy and bitter to you for the best that you gave to people, to be hit in heart, in trust to them opened, heavy blows, and in lips – poison.

501. (Guru). Wipe sweat and tears wipe if very much it is sick. You the force, sufferings increased, to that goes on you, oppose, and will enclose in this force, and firmness of a reality. The Lord Was charged about your will. It also call and it which increased and has increased, act firmly, resolutely and quietly in awareness of power which nothing in forces to overcome. The guru told.

502. My friend to see darkness in all its horror in power to only strong spirit. To see and still to find forces to be up in arms and fight against it, despite everything. Fight. I will help.

503. (M.A.Y.). Be with us unseparable, all heart, all the time, and constantly hold before a spiritual look the Image of the Lord.

504. (Guru). It is necessary to win. You understand? Defeat, either retreat, or lowering of hands is impossible. Fight. Let's win.

505. (Aug. 18). Be not sorry about anything, everything I will turn on advantage. The phenomenon of Light is trampled by darkness, but Light won. We always Win. You won also, because with Me. When you act with My Name, and the power, This Me, and My force, anybody and will be able to resist nothing against us. Me it is strong and Me it is invincible. Now there comes a step of understanding of the power and its practical statement. You think it is easy to struggle with darkness when hearts fires trample darkness? But, my son, I praise for skillful conducting fight. But you to win against darkness left. Hardly the yesterday's victory got, but for that the victory is nicer.

506. What occurs in the world? World is in waiting! The planet waits, the nature waits, everything conscious or unconsciously waits for something because forces are strained to a limit. Tension will grow until the category when Light will approve the power. For dark organisms this state of peace is especially heavy and painful. Strong elements are restless. Underground fire is torn. Also the sea human worries. Badly is in the world.

507. (M.A.Y.). Here the whirlwind and again together made noise. Here and life will fly by, and again there will be we together. The meeting and new profound proximity is inevitable. Both experience heavy and bitter and bitterness of long separation – everything pulls together us only, visibility only the divided. Let's be glad to that we go on rapprochement. This guarantee of proximity still bigger, which should be.

508. (Guru). Only the inexperienced soldier lays down arms and weakens patrol after a victory over darkness. You know what exactly now, after a victory, it is necessary to be in special readiness that didn't take unawares and didn't nullify fruits of works suffered. Sharp-sightedly arrive on patrol, keep in readiness the weapon of Light and a board.

509. (Aug. 19). Correctly, correctly, correctly! Truly, so! I approve new profound understanding of how it is possible to force darkness three times and dark to serve Light. When there is an evil wave, the fiery force is consciously opposed to it. Than more wave and the more tensely, becomes the strength of mind more, risen to battle against darkness. It is so possible to strain the fiery power each time more and more. The attack is stronger, it is more and strength of mind, to it opposed. So, at its correct understanding, growth of strength of mind goes in process of growth of efforts of attendants of darkness Light to extinguish in heart of the carrier of Light. On obstacles, on counteraction, in fight when the spirit against darkness takes up arms, its force, and dark evil -make grows instead of to subordinate itself the Stone carrier, only force him? ; "multiply, causing to action growing power. Let's be glad to dark attacks, we will be glad to the fateful evil, which has risen against Light, that to break Light, we will be glad, I Speak because it is good if are noted dark because it is good when you see obviously as, thanks to their diligence, the armor of spirit gets stronger and fires of internal power as on each action of darkness light Agni in reply flares victoriously grow. What we see? Wanted to deceive, suppress and subordinate to the will. But deception is opened, under pressure fires of spirit rose powerfully, and instead of submission the power given by me, consciously both is almost applied and became property of the consciousness which have won darkness. How not to be glad: after all without their diligence fiery power and spirit of the force wouldn't be born wouldn't realize. The understanding of that it is necessary to increase spirit on everything and on all that anything, except the will, the power over consciousness had no, and practical achievement of it will be an excellent victory. And this victory is won. And it is necessary to look at each wave of dark counteractions – as for the best way to multiply the forces. And as soon as heart scented new evil attempt, immediately Teros-Soldier powerfully rises in defense, powerfully fires straining. The best protection is active: not only most to be exposed to blows, but also to put them. Nonresistance to darkness is inadmissible. Soldiers I Call, but not to oppose there can't be Arhat a nnot opposite weak-willed. It immediately loses the right to Arhat’s. Arrows are given, those enemies to strike, both a sword, and a spear. Soldier Light has the right to strike at any time striking blow or to send Light arrow to the center of dark activity. Act, act more often with Light weapon. Darkness you don't spare, can't be neither mercy, nor pity to those who wants you to break, and to enslave you’re the next, and to destroy that, in what you enclosed so much heart. Pity to your sopponent, weakening you, is blow in the Hierarchy board. Neither pity, nor half measures, compromises can't be with darkness. I speak about the conscious attendants of darkness being on conscious service to the evil. I rejoice, seeing fires which are brightly burning, fight fires, fires of opposition to darkness, fires victorious spirit. My soldier, the Teacher is happy! Fires scorch it, and Presence Teachers in the spirit of fiery force Stone carrier does inexhaustible, if Unification with It indissolubly is. And to them remains imperceptibly through people far and casual to harm on trifles. Disdain anything: neither animals, nor insects, even passersby. So, new victory! But let the winner will better keep all vigilance after a victory, than will weaken it at calm. Vigilance and vigilance is no other than tension of internal fire or fires which serve as protection against dark evil-shift. If vigilance, vigilance and patrol of will it is constant and doesn't interrupt under no circumstances, protection is continuous also. And the protecting network is shone and flashes fires, ready every instant to reflect an evil wave. Stand guard always: both at night and in the afternoon, in operation and on vacation, when with people and when one, always, always where you neither were and what you nor did. And Light weapon always you keep in readiness, and especially at night when you sleep. And instants don't delay to send a fiery arrow. Tell them, relatives: spinelessness, “good”, it is necessary to leave sensitivity, smiles, babbling, ingratiation, bows when you face darkness and dark channels of influences. With firm and resolute hand, in word and deed, thought and feeling, heart and all the being act, without fluctuating minutes. The smile to enemies of Light will turn into a grimace of suffering, horror and pain, and, perhaps, repentances burning and shame. Tell: there can't be at them anything with darkness under any pretexts. Enemies everything who seeks does to your relatives harm, at least at all without realizing it. But if the blow is directed on the Teacher and if you serve as intermediaries, so you become employees dark. Not honor to cooperate with darkness. Not honor, but treachery, the intermediary to be for drawing blows to those who protects you from darkness. Open eyes them on the created evil. Let will understand: came nearer to Light, and Light concerned, and passed that line, after which only two ways: or to the Teacher of Light, or in darkness, in a chasm. The inhabitant still can choose a way the third, a way gray, but that who already approached and who already concerned knowledge, those still have a way of Light or a darkness way. Remember it. Retreat is impossible. The mistakes attracting in embraces of darkness are inadmissible. That for inhabitants has no value and can imperceptibly pass; it can be fatal to you. And while the inhabitant, who has made any mistake, will continue to flounder in the former bog, touched Light it will appear in embraces of darkness and the victim of attendant’s dark. Everything directed against those, who conducts you, and doing to them harm, puts you, harm done, in ranks of attendants of darkness or their employees. Understand that is possible and that it is impossible, and don't make inadmissible and irreparable acts.

510. So, the consciousness is adjusted on a key of active counteraction to darkness. Not only self-defense, but also drawing blows is. What advantage if you, having writhed from fear, you will hide for the Teacher? Honor to be such soldier isn't great. And whether the name of the soldier the coward, frightened deserves darkness? You fear don't know, you darkness of heart fires meet and safely you strike it. Your aura, your feelings (that is activity of heart), your thoughts is here your weapon. Let it will be strained by activity of counteraction to darkness. It is possible to struggle with darkness only, striking it blows. The thought of light combined with the Teacher of Light, is something that the darkness can't sustain and before what it is powerless. The darkness is strong only your weakness, both fear, and a not opposite, shy and inactive. Let's remember how Urusvati addressed to the owner of land, having come to their concourse; and you darkness on fight cause and win, if is strong Unification with That, who Conducts you. But defeat if the Unification somehow and something is broken by you is inevitable. Understand that one you as to you it was told, "abbreviated piece of nothing". But are strong, when with Us all heart and all consciousness! Act so that it was possible to be proud of you. Also be not afraid of anything, the Unification isn't broken yet. Heard about militant darkness? So let each of you will like understanding of spirit of militant Light and itself it becomes valid the soldier.

511. (M.A.Y.). My son, I sate your heart with spirit of militant Light and I rejoice, seeing as it is courageous, fearlessly and with firmness you struggle in private with enemies of Light. The more merit, and that is more nice a victory. I want to see always you winning with firmness. I want to see the growing your force which any more won't stop and won't frighten anything: any enemies and any obstacles. Let it be multiplied by that and others in process of their growth. And let please you and those, and others because opportunity brings to become ofiery powerful. Well you fight. Also I see that there is no fear in your heart before darkness. Learn to be strong. I strong want to see you. There is no limit to growth of fiery force. Grow it consciously, persistently and in application to life. Nobody will resist against it: neither illness, nor enemies, neither circumstances, nor future. The power, to you given, time practically in life came to realize.

512. (Guru). "The silence of silence is inherent in power of the Lord". Learn to act in silence. To work in silence – means to work in that condition when all three covers become silent, the tranquility and balance in them is approved, and the spirit becomes the lord of a polar of the shown thing of the external phenomena in the center. So act always. Power of silence is (a cradle, a hearth) power of spirit. Before each action, especially before action considerable, always it is necessary to find time, at least one moment, for the silence which is giving rise to power. And only having found, work. The silence moment, the association moment in the spirit of with the Lord, and is action fire. So arrive always when you want to show force of fiery power.

513. (Aug. 20). My son, Specify the severe control over covers and rigid shor for the clown, which it is constant, aspires itself to show and force reflexes to wriggle. The bridle on it is shown in restraint and control. It is necessary to tame the clown.

514. (M.A.Y.). We go on rapprochement, as the ships to the sea. The sea – space, also we approach in it eventually to meet and be together. Let's meet surely, the meeting is inevitable. The magnet of an attraction works, and communication gets stronger in the spirit of. Conscious association we will daily strengthen, interweaving new threads. We go against evidence and rage of dense conditions. Not a flesh live-create, but spirit, and in the spirit of we are close. I am with you. When the proximity will amplify enough, obvious signs will be given. For now wait, thought communicating. As on Earth once, mentally with you I is frequent, thoughts to you I send. By thought also we will approve our union.

515. (Guru). Fall in love with tension fiery – in it life, light and fire. Its antipode is inertness, a divergence, decomposition and death. Let fire of tension burn constantly, flaring brightly sometimes and calming down from time to time, but never dying away. The way of tension is Arhat's way, a way fiery, a way of wakefulness and continuous patrol. It is impossible to hang in a relaxation or to plunge into rest. Silence not rest, but mighty hidden internal collecting in focus of spirit of the fiery power invisible, intense and imperceptible for an eye as rotation of the powerful turbine which speeds already outside physical perception of an eye is imperceptible. In this silence which world is, that is balance reached, is created a fiery armor of spirit and strength of mind gather in grain fiery. Deeply and invisibly value of silence. In it and to it affairs are created.

516. (Aug. 21). Life lies down such conditions when it is necessary or to apply the knowledge of laws of mental energy, or to suffer damage. The school of life of subjects also is good that in it lessons, which should be learned, are set. The next lesson is a use of power of thought in the sphere of settlement of affairs current. Affairs flow, flow in time, flow at present in a certain ratio. This ratio which already can't be changed for today because it already is can be changed and directed for tomorrow energy of the thought loaded with will. Exactly tomorrow, in which everything crystallizes that today proceeds before consciousness, and will be that area where the will goes. The future, as wax in hands of the person if he knows how apply mental energy to registration of this future in the desirable direction. This future is forged in the present by a projection in space of the mental image created for this purpose, which then and is realized. I will help to make successfully at the beginning some practical experiments, sending a tide of life to the desirable course. It is necessary to understand that the future is plastic that it always can be changed that fiery energy of will is the lever making this change that the knot of not desirable textures is split by a fiery sword of thought, without reckoning with seeming dense impossibility or difficulty it to make. These seeming difficulties it is necessary displace mentally, as well as will counteracting. Precisely, as elephants through the impassable for others bush thickets, go to the planned the purposes, moving part thicket thickets and laying a way. All stirring and disturbing you pass firmly and if it is necessary, though, without stopping before seeming impossibility. Impossibility is in consciousness which still cling dense evidence and persuasiveness. Obstacles will be swept away and collapse will both in the consciousness, and in consciousness of those who disturbs. In the field of thought ignorant it is difficult to oppose to you so accurate and purposeful image of the future planned for implementation what is created by you. Would oppose, perhaps, if knew, but don't know, and therefore are in less advantageous position. Therefore I Speak: "Act quietly, surely, safely, resolutely and together with Me". After all we simply learn as lives to use growing strength of mind. Both good luck and failures in this case equally serve that to point and temper the weapon of spirit in exercises of constants. Therefore I Speak: "Act". Circumstances will help to cause of actions or protection.

517. It is correct! If release consciousness from idle and unnecessary thoughts, that remains weight time for practical application of fiery yoga in life.
Trifles and vagrant and casual thoughts litter consciousness and don't leave a place for the most important. The main thing – Treasure of the Stone to increase, to increase and increase crystals of mental energy, both to save up, save up, save up and to collect fiery power, fire and light condensed in the microcosm in this life. To that also exercises and specifies sense of small actions of the present day, small also is instructed, but uniform – Treasure to save up employees of the same purpose. Work all with hands, feet, words, feelings and so on, and you act with energy mental, and it will grow in the course of continuous conscious application. Let will be a time and rest, and entertainment. But this energy can be directed on any channel, be it area of creativity or everyday affairs. Thought you create also will.

518. (M.A.Y.). After all it is necessary to be released to some extent from life usual to concern the Hidden World. Too strong material life sounds, covering with itself the spirit world. If at least the small part of day could be given to thoughts of the Highest, and the Highest would begin to sound respectively. But the necessary compliance isn't present and therefore life sounds more on a key of the passing phenomena. Certainly, and they should find time and a place, but not taking priority. And in turmoil of day is more often, and is deeper, and it is necessary to think of the Highest more. After all without it only the lowest remains.

519. (Guru). Think of the beginning of actions. Everything, even the greatest, once began with the small. The small beginnings of great causes and the phenomena should be realized in all their depth. And when want to put the action beginning; you remember that the small and imperceptible sprout can cover subsequently the huge area with the posterity. I want that understood sense and value of small grains of put actions. From the small the good grows great, if quality of grains. So, even if cheerfulness and youth you seek to hold and keep and you apply thus mental energy, it because once and somewhere you will be able to come nearer and partially to carry out ability of Lords not to grow old in one body within centuries is good also. Everything is good if becomes consciously, it is necessary to understand only the sense of the fact, having moved it into the future. Therefore I Speak: "Act, act consciously".

520. (Aug. 22). Experience of use of mental energy especially is useful then, in World Thin. These results are visible immediately, and knowing it is possible to assimilate to the wizard who works wonders with the help of initial energy.

521. (M.A.Y.). I welcome everything that on a way of Light tempers will and multiply strength of mind. All this is useful in a way distant. There has to strong be a person.

522. (Guru). Actions short and actions long, on the consequences directed in the far future, differ sharply from each other. The first right there also are settled or are limited to the small orbit, the second are showered far, even in the following lives. If action is useful certainly, that radius distant is especially valuable. Useful effects – our friends and satellites of future lives. About them it is necessary to think and work in understanding.

523. (Aug. 23). Dark can enslave both pleasant, and unpleasant. Allure of subjects and it is dangerous that pleasant, attracting and delivering pleasure the person is fond of things. Unpleasant it is easy to see blows and things, and it is easy to direct to paralyze them, and to be exempted from them. But dump from itself an allure of the phenomena giving to the person pleasure and gratefulness difficult extremely. It is difficultly to see behind this gratefulness elements of an allure and the horror, which is covering under deceptive visibility. But it is possible to see nevertheless if in fumes of a gratefulness to keep vigilance and ability to watch both itself and that occurs around. Favorite method of the dark is to flood consciousness with desires and, having flooded, to remove a harvest double. Are necessary both vigilance, and protection. And if the elements of a allure sent and inspired dark, are taken for something real, for a pure coin, falling and involvement in set a trap is inevitable. Therefore it is necessary to approach to these flowers cautiously: under everyone a snake and in aroma of everyone poison, painfully prickles also are pricked, causing suppuration and infection, and it is impossible to see the consequences attracting strong in darkness. It would seem everything is so good, joyful and pleasant and as there was a wish, and results – loss of everything, and even for that, than the consciousness was seduced. Certainly, it is best of all to extinguish the covers which are exposed to influence because their reaction through dark influences especially strongly darkens consciousness and deprives of its ability of the faultless analysis. External and sensual don't accept for spiritual and real. The most fragile, the most unreliable is that is connected with astral experiences, and in particular low corporal. These experiences don't prove anything, besides, that the person in their power and is freely not able to think. And it just that dark also is necessary. Because, having lost freedom of thinking and being obscured by passions, becomes the victim of their people. Thin networks are invisible, and even having come to be in them, the victim doesn't realize it. Therefore everyone who has the Teacher on Earth, shouldn't come off not for a moment Him in consciousness and strong to hold contact. There can't be gaps in understanding of Proximity of the Teacher when dark strong threaten and attempts can't stop. They, exactly, amplify at these moments. On patrol it is necessary to be always whatever became, and at the every moment even most, apparently, improper, it is necessary to surround around itself from possible attempts. It is so possible to stop their attempts to enslave astral emotions. And even in the middle of emotional experiences it is possible to be sure that they go in it, but not the dark conductor inspires them for the mean purposes. The mistake is not that it is assumed, and that at these moments patrol of will stops and until then the patrol consciousness becomes open for dark influences. And therefore it is necessary to remember well that not only everything that becomes, becomes from a pleasure of own will, but what is made even if it is indulgence to any weaknesses or things, yet gets rid in the spirit of, is made at the ardent strengthened patrol and protection of and others from dark attempts. The circle is protected always. It is necessary to stop all opportunities to affect any way. Understanding of the Teacher has to be uninterrupted. And then danger isn't present. And then it is possible to be sure quite that the dark didn't come nearer.

524. (M.A.Y.). The proximity of relatives didn't disturb advance until the dark didn't intrude. But now can disturb if their influence isn't paralyzed completely. To learn, it is necessary to check and put on trial. All alluvial and others, from darkness proceeding, at sufficient vigilance nevertheless it is possible to see. Therefore strain vigilance. Both all new and alien should be carried at their expense. Not all is approved by me, but karmas weave the patterns, and the will freely flows. Let also flows, but without intervention of the dark. After all clean consciousness cellars. Not in everything dark are guilty, it is necessary and to look at itself.

525. (Guru). In the presence of dark attacks it is necessary to be firmly convinced that each action is made without participation of the dark. For this purpose patrol and protection of each action by a circle protective amplifies, and action is made in a circle. It is necessary to create conditions under, which any possibility of intervention would disappear from shaggy whispers. Even ill effect, but free, is better to all appearances good, but cast with a definite purpose from greyish intermediaries. Patrol doesn’t weaken. Now it should be strengthened again.

526. (Aug. 24). Look: it is necessary to punch the astral wall constructed against you. Collect forces in a fist in which and keep them in readiness. These thoughts is not yours, but ours. It is impossible to fall under the feeling power.

527. The consequence of perfect acts can't be avoided. It is possible something and somehow to cover them, having obscured their brightness. But it is necessary to get rid of them nevertheless, and in full accordance with intensity of the seeded reasons. Fires are neutralized only by fires. To calm down in words, having covered the past with words will be self-deception for which it is necessary to pay bitterly. Easy understand mistakes, but difficultly to get rid. Not gets rid them, as snakes in the bosom, ready to threaten any minute. Not words, but affairs approve the decision new. The emptiness felt in consciousness, from the occurred category. Wounds received should be healed. Hems remain forever. And whether it is possible forget about experience severe and cruel. It is possible to forgive, but will forget a crime in relation to itself. And if relatives can so to lie and to be mistaken, that that to tell about others and about the distant? Whether the person can, in lie drowning within one and a half years, suddenly to become crystal the truthful? Whether also it is possible open to hold soul in relation to the deceiver? It is possible if you want to lose respect even you deceived. Sticking is dirt.

528. The person is sucked in by a bog. The person can be rescued, but it is necessary to be stained in dirt; having pulled out other of dirt, dirt from itself washes.

529. (M.A.Y.). It is necessary to punch a shell of own aura to come to a scope of spatial thought. It also will be an astral wall which needs to be destroyed. Light reaches through aura, but if it black out? Aura of the pure you hold, differently Light won't reach.

530. (Guru). About qualities imagined and the qualities which have been really approved, it is necessary to remember always, the last display only in operation. Direct to that the reality replaced dreams and affairs – words; you seek to become realists-operate.

531. (Aug. 25). Let's return besides: all actions under control and all from a pleasure, from the will sanction – both bad, and good. It is better bad to make from the will sanction, than quite good contrary to it. Lack of will is the worst type of criminal behavior in relation to itself. When it was spoken about those who isn't cold and it isn't hot, and that they will be cast out from an evolution stream, weak-willed bastards meant. As it is possible to help a weak-willed pettiness when it is known in advance that energy will spill in vain. It is better to keep will, making mistakes, than to lose it, without having made anything. It is better to be mistaken in actions, than to roll in lack of will. It is necessary to learn to be strong always whatever did. In case of delusion it is worth changing only a corner of application of force of will, and the delusion is replaced with the correct action. But in case of lack of will or a will illness no changes in actions will generate fiery power. We Love the strong. Because the strong spirit robber can rather to come nearer to Us, than ruddy, but shy and weak-willed virtue. Whatever did, strong you hold a bridle of fiery will. Under no circumstances don't dare to get out of hand and, weakening a will board, the essence to open for whose that was the influences, even the closest people. Weakness of will always causes contempt from people, because they will unconsciously scent that there is no more shameful condition of spirit, than the weakened lack of will. Be strong always. The best protection of will against its squandering is restraint and closeness. Internally it is necessary to protect it, without showing externally emotions and feelings. It is possible only on condition of full tranquility and self-control. If you aren't sure of yourselves how can be sure of you and believe in you others? Magneto gathers energy inside, and awareness of internal power irrespective of everything amplifies that occurs or occurred outside. Even mistakes make in force understanding, but not powerlessness, differently they will crush you the weight. So, the spirit power even over mistakes with that is established, of course, that also to subordinate them to the will and, finally, to be able to reject, get rid or stop them at the right time or in due course. Kept the will, fires keeps, - speaking about it, I have everything time in a type of spirits of the right track. On the left there are attendants of the darkness, doomed to a chasm and kindling black will fires. But the directed to Light, even mistakes and delusions eventually uses in the benefit, because the Teacher and here Helps, if with the Teacher the way is together made. There is nothing in the world for the sake of what it is worth giving the will or to refuse it. It is better, better to be strong always, than in lack of will to be given to the power of circumstances, emotions and feelings. Better in fight, straining will, incur even defeat, than not put will in action and powerlessly to put hands. The will grows on failures and success and who knows on what more strongly and better it becomes tempered. Be able to cause the internal tension of will even then when all against you and isn't present any external reasons that to be proud of will. This fire self-proceeding can volunteer and amplify conscious tension of all consciousness. Better, better strong to understand itself, than a pettiness. It is better, better to keep always understanding of the force around and on call. Will be attempts from everywhere will to plunder fires much and, having plundered, to step a heel on the most valuable that is available for you. So be on patrol always. Be ready to stop any minute any attempt you fire of spirit to deprive.

532. Life experience showed that completeness the trust isn't deserved by anybody from suitable, and, especially those to whom it appears the greatest. Means, degree of trust should be reduced. Means, it is necessary to think strong over each sign of trust and proximity. If to remember, how many harm is done and how many was lie and deception, conscious and long, forces can be found internally more to become isolated and not to weaken vigilance. I will tell something unusual: with relatives and friends it is necessary to show more vigilance and fear, than with enemies. The enemy is known therefore to be protected from him easier. But friends – are close, and heart is opened by it in trust. And to heavy open heart to accept blows of friends. The enemy of such painful blows can't put because the consciousness is preserved against enemies, but against friends is defenseless. That is why more of those are afraid who is close. Not enemies, but friends betray, and not enemies, but friends change. And the closer, the treachery is deeper and more furious. That is touched masks when life gave such bitter and severe lesson. Whether it is possible to render again trust to those who broke it? It is possible, but after long and severe tests. Words charming not in forces restore the caused damage. Fires of actions approving the right to again rendered trust are necessary. It is possible to treat both cold, and a distance, and isolation of heart. The incorrect friend is more dangerous than the enemy because access to heart has.

533. (M.A.Y.). Let's move forward, making use of got experience of life up to the end. To us everything will inure to advantage: both good, and bad. Bad it is better because to what it taught is more deeply remembered. Bringing to us experience useful we will be grateful, but without condemnation. Nothing belongs to us: nor things, nor hearts human. The devoted and stout heart meets seldom extremely. Therefore we appreciate it. And therefore there are so many passerby’s. These shouldn't be afflicted, because loneliness – destiny strong.

534. (Guru). All fluctuates. Fluctuations of internal force are inevitable. But when force on damage, it is necessary to urge to protect will treasure from violation. At these moments took away better to lower, and to be protected by its board, and to carry out a circle, and to be externally possible less active. And the Unification with the Teacher it is possible to strengthen, say, all measures to accept to protect it from possible attempts to become object of negative influences.

535. (Aug. 26). So, the ascension of spirit is made under any circumstances. As also the aspiration doesn't interrupt anything, both anybody and can stop nothing a way to Light. In the afternoon or at night, but it is directed. Close tops or at the bottom, but I ascend. The Teacher will Take care of that life turned all sides and experience was various. The school of life through, which we pass, has the program extensive and lessons doesn't stint. The pattern of spirit develops successfully, and exactly thanks to ant provisions. Having approved inside on the Teacher, it is possible to continue quietly swimming by the uneasy and dangerous everyday sea. Reefs and banks are dangerous, but aren't found yet. Stops and delays because give the spirit ship to the power of elements are dangerous. In the high sea it is impossible to stop, and especially in a storm. Consciousness silence too it isn't necessary to be confused. Spiral, ascends it – submitting to a rhythm. Wave and hollow crest is inevitable elemental motions. Therefore, everything goes as it is necessary. It is necessary to attend only that to meet each next wave adequately and in balance.

536. Notice everything. The absent-mindedness human is terrible. The absent-mindedness means diminished responsibility that is a mind the deprived. Recovers will and consciousness tension. Let's study everything and on everything. The pupil therefore and is called that assumes a task to study. Life science is the most difficult. And interrupts the doctrine never!

537. (M.A.Y.). Let's make experience. Usually this or that mood is created at people under the influence of any external or internal reasons and conditions. Experience will consist in, that mood to create irrespective of them, simply the will order. I want to have quiet and joyful mood contrary to everything and something and the reason it I create in myself. Why to put itself in dependence on something when the will can create any condition of spirit. She creates it and so, but unconsciously, following on dug tracks. The task consists in that, having rejected all preconditions and the usual relation to things, contrary to them and the entire mood, or a condition of spirit, to create will. There is no advantage nor in offenses, nor in chagrin, in concerns. It is possible to do and without them. As it is perfectly possible do and without all other moods which are unpleasant or burden. The pleasure can in the spirit of be created and approved it, attracting spatial pleasure. In space there vibrate and live feelings and thoughts human. And, approving the mood on a certain wave, waves of the spatial phenomena of the same order according to the accord it is possible attract and become to itself the owner of desirable feeling or a condition of spirit. It is possible to become mister of the moods and the conditions and subjects to be exempted from that something dictated external or third-party them. The person and without that itself creates the moods, but without conscious intervention of will and as it occurs by itself. It is necessary to be exempted from arbitrariness. Any condition of spirit can be created will. And that occurs around, isn't important if the will manages to win against it everything that is not to reckon as everything with it, creating the wave of the statement. Approve itself in a desirable condition of spirit, because decisions two: or to be a weather vane for foreign moods and a blade of grass under whirlwinds of astral currents from the outside and movements of an astral cover inside, or – the lord of the inner world and everything that in it occurs. Experience should be finished successfully. Experience we will continue and we will deepen.

538. (Guru). I believe that taking priority value of will become clear. The will is everything in the person. Everything depends on it. In beings weak-willed we see the tragedy of absence of will. It is necessary to realize all depth of this highest attribute of spirit. The highest that the person has is a will. All strength of mind should be directed on realizing it, and, having realized, to make everything that in human forces that to develop will. Weakness of spirit doesn’t show. It is possible always, under any conditions. Means, it is possible to call always will from a spirit subsoil. It is its potential is inexhaustible and boundless. It is necessary that the will powerfully woke up and imperiously I entered the rights. The will can be strained in the same way as the muscle strains. The will can powerful be passive and active. It is possible stay silently among people, but to none of them won't come to mind to take liberties with you or obscenely to joke if strong as you please don’t want that. It will be a passive display of will. It is necessary to be accustomed to it. Only the will creates life. The one, who doesn't own itself and doesn't operate itself, that others operate, and the will others becomes to the place of the. The Teacher of will the stranger doesn’t suppress. But people suppress and force wills others constantly. Stand guard always, be ready to reflect these feeble efforts. The lord of the power can't and shouldn't give it to the power to somebody. In your will be engaged. Development and growth of will is no other than disclosure of its internal potential, that is that already is and that is put in the person that makes the essence it. Beings weak-willed live in the covers, submitting to all movements which in them happen. Strong spirits with will mighty in them, in the center of, found a stronghold of power in grain of spirit and dominate from it over the covers. The will throne inside, in spirit citadels, there a hearth of fiery power, there is born will understanding in its aspect of infinitely revealing potential.
The will protects. Reconcile and open a door for the following step. Both destruction and creation goes by means of thinking. Specify to strengthen contact with Me. Consciousness association with the Teacher in the spirit of fruitful always.

539. (Aug. 27). I will Specify is during the day more often in consciousness to be with Me. Breaks too long, and vibrations of environment manage to suppress mentality. Without Me not overcome environment tension. Understand that everything that around, loudly rises on you who have indulged in Me. There is on you a world, or it will win against you and will make such, as everything, or you. Our task is to you to win against the world. We will be able to win, only when together. At the moments of office of thinking from the Teacher tension of internal fires decreases and external overcomes spirit. You keep stronger closer. It is necessary to resist. Here winds blew, and all began to hesitate around, and the destroyed great would comprehend the spirit house if the unification wasn't strong. In unification we will resist. It is necessary to unite in operation, during action and before action you start. So, nowadays in everything we will act together with Me. You want to assist the distant friend? Together with Me we will render it. You want to change something in the life and to determine by will a circle of influences? Make it together with Me. Conversation with whom important you conduct – all together, all with Me, all at association in the spirit of. Nowadays is the special time, when activity of the contradictory to Light of the phenomena it is strained especially strongly. Here together with Me also we will overcome them. But if not to overcome them, they will overcome and will flood consciousness with darkness. It is possible to note as rage of sounding of vanity seeks to separate you from Me. But behind vanity darkness and the shaggy hands, seeking to use each possibility of the hidden approach to you. We will win against everything: both darkness, and fury of vanity. Because darkness and vanity one of our kind.

540. My son, we will be glad to a wide variety of passable lessons of life. These influences mention the various centers, and fires of the centers grow, actively replying on them. Will solve together, correctly how to reply and without mistakes. One and anybody aren’t present, and even in letters from relatives of a delay, but together with Me and are close more than ever. Dark wanted to distance and separate, but pulled together even more. Tactics of Adverse works. Full life live, strongly making use of experience and it is strong to Me directing. When life is transferred to thought, borders of the dense world are erased and My World becomes close and we reach. Certainly, planetary life, in its material aspect, and terrestrial events are of great importance, but the spirit lives in the Upper class of the Thin World, having separated from them, leads bright, intense and interesting life. Spatial life is higher than events terrestrial. The truth of Space life flows highly over Earth. Spirit homeland is not here, but above, in World Aboveground. Don't limit the outlook and the understanding to rage of the dense phenomena, because My other-worldly World. And as I Was on Earth, in World Mine staying and you I Want teach, being in the world, to be other-worldly. It is especially difficult because it is necessary to contain contrasts: it is necessary to become other-worldly, and it is necessary to stand strong, at the same time, on the earth, strong feet and hands human to make affairs. It is necessary to show sharpness, simple, every day, terrestrial, it is necessary to be more practical than people of the most practical, and in the same time to be other-worldly, to be only the guest of this world of passing and temporary conditions, to be only the traveler of a way boundless, to be only the guest temporary Earth. It is necessary to counterbalance Boundlessness and Earth in consciousness, in the center of this balance, in itself, to approve the firm rock of spirit rising among three and over three: dense, astral and thin.

541. (M.A.Y.). Native mine, to you task one: to protect, support and give strength of opposition to darkness. And this task should be carried out, without paying attention to grimaces of egoism needing this help. The time of troubles should be had, and you help as we help you. Both the jealousy, and weakness, and absence of will firm and unshakable generate despondency, discontent and swaying. And you stand: you your relatives are strong and will resist only you. Except you there is nobody. They don't understand it and against you go, their protecting from darkness. Their weakness from the wedges hammered into your relationship. Therefore help explain and direct. You have to keep them about Day of the Lord. Assignment is to you; - preserve them in understanding of a human infirmity, you to them help.

542. (Guru). You want to become strong. Inflexible devotion to the Lord reaches all. It also reaches. The wonderful book the Teacher Will open, the book, which has the beginning, but has no end. Each new page is more interesting and deeper than the old. In it you will find everything that wants spirit. It is given for reading to heart only betrayed selflessly. You will find many secrets in that book. It is possible to read it always when your consciousness sounds on a note of the Beam of the Lord. The few have it, but there is no devotion among them ignorant.

543. (Aug. 28). Yes! Yes! Yes! Where your treasure, there and your heart and if all in Me, in consciousness I also Take priority. The thought, to Me directed, grows constantly. Also it isn't necessary to go behind thoughts new anywhere and to anybody because the Doctrine Ocean is open for spirit. Availability of a spatial Treasury of Space Knowledge – the phenomenon the most rare and is possible only thanks to Proximity. The mood accord with Spheres the Highest does receiving knowledge possible. The tonality of the accord defines character of a received material. And live communication with Me, and a rhythm of receipt approve inalterability of process. Truly, I Speak: who to Me will come, that with Me and will arrive. It is possible to become the Head-instructor only on the Beam. The Shape of the Lord becomes an ideal, and from It and the manpower of dynamics of advance is scooped. Communication with the Lord we ascend. And the morning Beam bears in itself every day the new impulse directing to advance. So the Proximity of the Lord force allows not weakens on a way infinite and before Boundlessness not to be frightened.

544. (M.A.Y.). Every morning the impulse is given by the Teacher, an impulse and the Instruction per day flowing about what is during the day approved in application. These Instructions applied practically during the day, are seeds of future achievements because, seeded in a good-time and in the accord with spatial conditions and currents, they serve as the beginning of action of infinite duration when approved quality, property or a trait of character will give achievement perfect. Therefore ardent and conscious application of given Instructions has the deepest and paramount value. It is most important than the rest that in life terrestrial occurs, because treats the category of actions far, close affairs of the consciously approved. It is necessary to realize all depth of value of application of given Instructions per day flowing for an display of the achievements which haven't been limited to an infirmity and weaknesses of the real condition of consciousness or a step passed by spirit.

545. (Guru). Today a task of day will be force to call and strong to realize itself fiery strength of mind, to realize regardless of external conditions, as though they neither developed and what nor were. From the depth power fiery is caused to the statement and the will forces its force. Remember firmly: only in balance of spirit of quality approved can display the highest potential. Remember: lack of will and weakness of spirit destroy the person.

546. (Aug. 29). The past should be reconsidered to define, in what and as influence dark on consciousness was expressed. A lot of things are made the person under suggestion of the Thin World. Therefore it is spoken about continuous patrol not to become the unconscious victim of others influences. Also seek to suppress will and incarnate. Everyone approves itself, including itself (himself) right, and everyone imposes the will, opinion and thoughts to another. To all this traditions, customs, habits, common opinions, requirements of collective, the society, the stiffened norms of relationship and behavior rules are added. The person is surrounded with all this and flounders in him, as a fly in a web. In some sectors of society in some countries it is enough to put on not as the fashion demands, or it is wrong to use a knife or a fork during food to be thrown out of this environment. If to take all this and to think out, from freedom human almost remains nothing on a share of independent thinking. Arhat is free from the chains imposed on it by time, an era, a nationality, a family and all traditions, habits and customs human. That is why eremites of yoga so often left to mountains to live on freedom from all these influences. Nowadays life demands to pass it, without moving away from life, but, whenever possible, protecting and defending freedom of spirit. The doctrine gives the chance to separate truth from alluvial stratifications, and necessary from vanity, and freedom of spirit from slavery in the spirit of at human heaps. Be free in the spirit of. The teacher Exempts from these chains. It is impossible to be exempted from them, without having taken away them and without having felt their weight. But people don't see and in the spirit of in a dungeon live, at all without realizing it. All dramatic nature of situation also consists in it. And if besides dark whispers itself display, begin and enslave will, the tragedy of human spirit turns into horror. And I Speak about freedom. Imagine itself in space dumped a body and look as the unnecessary peel falls off spirit. That to understand it, it is possible and not to dump a body and it is simple to weigh the phenomena on Boundlessness scales. The deserved award is honorable, but in Boundlessness is ridiculous. Honorary titles and differences human, but are deprived of sense in space. But courage, but fearlessness, but tranquility, but will power, but fires the saved-up and all other qualities in space is attributes of freedom of spirit. At least for an example firmness take, either constancy, or devotion and love to those who conducts you, devotion and the love passing out of limits of one life and connecting your spirit with Hierarchy of Light. Valuably also everything is necessary that you to freedom conducts. The hierarchy of Light is Hierarchy of freedom. The teacher Seeks to exempt your spirit from fetters and to bring him out of a dungeon and your eyes to open on all depth and complexity of enslavement of spirit. But the heaviest enslavement is a slavery at own weaknesses, feelings and habits. Look at it, not able to overcome babbling, either shyness, or obsequiousness, either ingratiation, or desire to seem something in the opinion of people, or feathers peacock put on – all this pity slaves to spirit. I will destroy everything not corresponding to advantage of spirit and depriving it of freedom. I free Want to see you. It isn't necessary to me slaves. Before what and to whom you kowtow, about the freedom forgotten, whether everything is equal? Be as children, having rejected everything and having cleared consciousness of unnecessary litter, differently not to enter into Light Kingdom. In the spirit of as though again it is necessary to be born, having dumped from consciousness pressing weight of all these stratifications. Fight and I Will help.

547. Tactics of the Teacher is that at each this moment He Chooses the line of the smallest resistance for spirit. And if in the previous direction advance of spirit stops, It immediately Opens the new side, sounding to spirit, and the consciousness to it Directs. Sides of Light are diverse. And if the harmony old tired consciousness or sputtered out, the harmony new is given, reporting a new impulse for ascension. The doctrine goes, without interrupting, and new sides of knowledge enrich mind, saying it with aspiration. The Teacher always is new, and Boundlessness doesn't know restrictions. Therefore it is possible to go quietly forward, knowing that nothing will detain if the Proximity of the Teacher is approved without swaying.

548. My son, remember that from now on everything serves us, Me and you, for advance strengthened, all: both good and bad, both a grief and pleasure, both rest and tension, both friends and enemies, and even gins, because I for you. You Proximity put the Teacher in the basis of your affairs, and Abide Teacher with you not greatly, specifying a way and directing constantly. The son I Called with an ulterior motive. The son the stranger can't become because can't cease to be that. Bonds of the Father and the son are indissoluble, and understanding of all depth of this communication stretches a thread of life over three, over the next embodiments in that far future when in World Mine we will merge together. While the Guarantee accepts that Proximity washing it is integral and that Mine you from a century – Mine was, Mine is, Mine and you will be.

549. (M.A.Y.). The exercise given the day before to repeat because too little in it was enclosed hearts, and to add the following understanding: at burning theater, by the sinking ship, in fight or before fight, on a fire and on a rack, under blows of enemies, in misfortune, an illness, in pleasure – the word, in all circumstances and under any conditions different people, being together, behave absolutely differently. And while one rushes about in fury of horror before inevitable death, another to it looks quietly in the face. Because in the person something is that allows him is quiet and proud to rise by a scaffold or in a paroxysm of mad bodily fear to creep on the ground, grabbing feet of executioners and begging them about mercy. It "something" in the person, not depending on an external environment or environment conditions, but giving to him strength to keep spirit advantage, and there is the fiery power of spirit triumphing victoriously over rage of dense conditions, over a body infirmity, over weakness of an astral and over temporariness of the current hour. Inside is this force. It can be called, its flame it is possible to light covers and it to triumph spirit, display the true heroism. Numen forces you learn to be able to call.

550. (Guru). So, we see that a taking priority factor of life of consciousness is the will. All is defined by it. If it isn't done by own will then it the will foreign, and not carries out one, and many. Therefore, the person or it uses and disposes of the will, or others dispose of his will. It is necessary to resolve which of these two types of manifestation of will be elected on the future. The one who to operate itself not in forces can't operate others. The will is fire. You can burn strongly or poorly, flaring or fading. The will strains this fire that is will fire strains. Than and how? Thought! The will strains thought, the will strains thought. Heart strains both thought, and will, hearts fires. Means, fire of can be strained consciously, heart causing its power every time when you feel that strength of mind weakens and that the spirit should be supported. Know it and use it because this force is at your full disposal and submission to will.