Agni Yoga's facets, 1956 (551-700)

551. (Aug. 30). My son, I hear your appeal. Difficult is days for the accord of consciousnesses is. Space pumped currents antagonistic, both rush about, and people suffer. But all the same it is necessary to go, and only forward. Forward also we will go. It isn't necessary to consider it impregnable from dark attacks. Demons annoy always, when see that light flared up. From these attacks I Can't protect because it is necessary that all experience was taken place independently. I protect only in case of serious danger. From small it is necessary to be preserved and be protected most. And it is very good when vigilance sees or provides these attacks and will paralyze their consequences or stops the possible channel. It is impossible to overtire vigilance or desire to fight with them. After all it will mean defeat. They always on call to do harm are also you on call to reflect it, to stop or paralyze. And instead of being afflicted with misunderstanding of relatives, them protect and to them open eyes more widely. You see how dark continue to harm, using each channel, each new opportunity. The task is hard not to grow weak because demands constant efforts and can bore. Here it also it isn't necessary to allow as then small blows will be followed by the big. Therefore I Speak: "Don't get tired in making! » The Teacher Gave oath eternal Patrol, - with the Teacher together on the guard and you! Stand sharp-sightedly on the guard. It also will be spirit wakefulness. And if forces weaken, address to Me. I new will Give strength to darkness opposite, without weakening. But a casket of spirit closes.

552. (M.A.I). Better to look reality fool in the face, than to stay in a pink fog of affection and new possible deception. When the trust is broken, become difficult trustful. It is better to show care, than again to be deceived bitterly. It is better to plunge and be protected in itself from those who was close allowed, than again to open heart, yet not healed former wounds, and again to endanger it. Gloomily it but what to do? Support not relatives, but Teacher. In it also we will look for that, on what is possible without serious consequences and strongly to lean.

553. (Guru). The statement of force in itself inevitably causes the return reaction under the polar law. This reaction should be met consciously and to pass by, without stopping on it. All approved causes counteraction of other pole. And if, going on the ground, the foot tests the same pressure force from the earth, nevertheless this circumstance doesn't prevent the person to go. As also counteraction reaction at the statement of force let doesn't prevent it to claim. This reaction, having sounded, will stop, and force remains with you if not to allow confusion to enter into consciousness. Reaction these times – the spirit is eternal. Not on temporary, but on eternal stake spirit.

554. (Aug. 31). Everything is useful that expands consciousness and promotes its advance. Usefulness of the phenomena depends on will of the person. It means that from everything it is possible to draw any advantage if the consciousness allows and if the will works in this direction. While the impulse to advance lives in heart, juice of experience is extracted from everywhere. Everything it is possible to force to serve the great purpose of ascension of spirit: both good and bad, both kind and angry. It will be already Arhat's step. And then is born the invincible confidence that anymore will stop anything. Then fire of spirit burns, without fading any more. It is possible to exercise spirit on everything. The spirit can't be hung. The keen interest to everything that occurs around, attaches significance and sense to a tape of the current life. Only it isn't necessary to identify itself with it because it is necessary to stand apart, but taking in life live part. Again couple of contrasts needing assimilation by their consciousness: to be in life and to be out of it, to be in the world, but to be other-worldly. The step of Consciousness of the Teacher of Light is a step of full perfect comprehension of two opposite poles of a uniform thing when the ant provision of vital conditions, feelings and thinking any more in forces to break balance of spirit. Means, balance is a condition of consciousness when the phenomena on poles of the power over it any more have no because neutralization of biner as esoteric would be expressed, is already achievement of the realizations power, that is mastering by the valid nature of things for management of them. Certainly, sight of spirit has to be thus bipolar, and in summer heat the winter cold is so real before consciousness, and on a question that then, it is possible to answer: pole another, opposite, things uniform. So, we will study feel at once both poles of life and the phenomena: in winter – that there will be a spring, and at night when it is dark, – that day and the Sun again will come we will see. And in each phenomenon what it was, and in each condition of spirit, in each movement of an astral we will see that, other pole of this phenomenon, perceiving it, thus, not partially, on poles, but in integrity. It will be the statement of wisdom. You speak about difficulties, but the Teacher Sees pleasure of a victory – an opposite pole of that is overcome by strength of mind. And the pleasure of a victory crowns bitterness of affairs. As also people, against pains giving and wounds putting, – whether those to win itself and in it won't be to overcome the best victory? And what would be if everything was good and everything would go smoothly and softly, whether there was it death for spirit and attenuation of opportunities? About what victories (over whom and over what?) it is possible to speak, sitting quietly and peacefully in a standing bog? You thank them, to you giving the strength to approve a case. And remember: fight and victory, but not stagnation and mold of musty calmness. You thank them, to you helping quickly uphill to go. Also rejoice, rejoice to new opportunities the force to exercise.

555. I will come! Our decision is immutable. In stars Great Arrival is imprinted. Nothing will change currents of stars, nothing will cancel Arrival. The space decision is subject to steady execution. I will come to execute Will Terms. And you stay in urgency of Arrival of the Lord.

556. (M.A.Y.). The doubt in the forces and uncertainty in immediately gives birth to them and in other people. So can be someone confident in you, if you aren't sure of yourselves. The confidence of the forces should be strengthened. If it is insignificant, it is possible to borrow from the Teacher. Don't show to people of uncertainty in anything. Ignorant, but the self-assured person, more trust to himself causes, than knowing, but uncertain. Confidence – a half of success in affairs, in life, in everything. The strong, quiet, strong, unshakable confidence of the force, of force inexhaustible spirit, let conducts you through life to the purpose far.

557. (Guru). My friend to whom you will want to give energy treasures for plunder? In whose unreliable hands? Whether it is better to keep them? Are preserved and preserved, being only closed from foreign eyes whose that was, even the relatives. Close a casket of spirit. Treasures will plunder and will beggar you the beggar. Where you will go, devastated? Heart died away thought not to attract the Teacher. We pay dearly for levity and garrulity.

558. (Sep. 1). The letter serves as an indicator that the obsessed doesn't understand that he made. It occurs because that the veil is put on consciousness. He knows that made and that offense is known, but it continues to keep in a not understanding of value of that occurred. The tragedy of obsessed and all victims of dark influences is that at the moments of commission of mistakes they, being under dark influence, them don't understand, consider that arrive correctly. Lie, deceive, hide and, concealing the facts, nevertheless consider that arrive correctly. In it is all horror all degrees obsession, because even the small influences of the dark already are any degree of obsession. And only those to whom they struck blows, are free, though suffer from them. This fog sent by them it is conscious and paralyzing free will of the victim, doesn't allow the victim to see, what intricate web shrouds her consciousness, and this snare holds the unfortunate victim, even not suspecting that seized her will and that her will already under darkness control. Let's track as such victim in own eyes and in the opinion of with whom it is considered tries to justify the acts. Everything is correct, everything is good, as if, but consequences are pernicious. Spiritual blindness, sent dark, doesn't allow understand a situation, and mistakes follow one another, and everyone is covered with lie. The lie is the first not denied bright and certain sign of dark influences and that the victim is exhausted and her will is paralyzed: in case of obsession – completely, in case of dark influences – partially, in the direction wished for them. Exit one: to believe the one who conducts and it to the management to accept will with bigger hunting, than will of dark enslavers. You remember, they act through someone, and whether everything is equal, good this person someone or bad if he serves as the tool in shaggy hands to separate from the next link through Hierarchy. Time it serves as the tool for office, so dark schemers use it. The good person in this case is more dangerous bad because "good" him and prevents to see the darkness directed on seizing through it consciousness of the victim or that to affect it. Therefore instructed it is necessary to execute precisely and implicitly and to believe the leader more, than dark whispers. In case of violations of instructions the reason look for that the will was again enslaved and the veil was thrown eyes. Small cracks are very dangerous. Therefore it is said that instructions have to be observed in the most exact way. And if the veil is thrown eyes and clogs – will, both lie and deception on lips, so the victim in their power, though doesn't realize it. They seek not to allow understanding. Because, as soon, as the horror of the created situation is realized, the victim is exempted from a dark web. In case of dark attempts don't lie to the leader, because then hopeless there is a situation. Lie – the first sign of dark influences. Than the darkness seduces the victims if they so willingly on wings of lie, deception fly to darkness embraces? See threads of dark influences, differently – the end. Each new attempt another follows, it – the third, the fourth and so on. Not to weak consciousnesses to struggle with darkness. Even strong spirits go a formula "My God, in Your Hands I Betray My Spirit". And you want! It is possible, but on condition of total absence of cracks and wedges between you and the next link. But if the crack is, better and don't try, you will be deceived and involved in dark networks, at all without suspecting that.

559. Cataclysms are caused by activity of the dark. Brown gas shrouds huge spaces of a planet, and it facilitates their activity. Now they are active, more than ever, because days them are considered, and they try with total dedication that before final Great Division to carry away on the party of all weak, fluctuating and, especially luminous, especially those, who approached to Light and directs in conscious Service of Hierarchy. To catch to itself the person called by the Teacher of Light, for dark a big victory. Therefore the of enrages around are so much, it is so much attempts, and it is so much attacks, and it is so much finest deception and seduction. Their method – to carry away luminous – consists in that in the most innocent and carefully veiled form to bring carefully covered trap. And when deception of external visibility is found, usually happens already late because jaws of a strong trap are latched. Therefore it is necessary to trust in leaders and if you can't see a cunning trap, to them provide it to make and follow Instructions precisely, without inventing any justifications not to break them under any conditions. Otherwise you put yourself under inevitable blow, both, and those who conducts is too some kind of treachery, however, under the influence of darkness and extra mental. Before the last Great Selection not honor to be tempted with the dark. Really for the sake of someone or something make a fatal flaw? You don't allow in small, and, so don't allow and in the big.

560. Wants to see the Teacher all won darkness. Wants see the Teacher unification without cracks. The Teacher Wants that harm of the made mistakes was completely conscious. Wants you see the Teacher of free and united in the spirit.

561. (M.A.Y.). How it is possible to overcome everything, even the insuperable? Only the Unification with Hierarchy! How it is possible for danger to avoid? Unification! How it is possible to help relatives and most to resist? Unification only! So the Unification constant and unshakable approves a way of Light from, which already nothing will force to curtail. The darkness isn't terrible to spirit at a full Unification with Light therefore I Approve the Unification as a prosperity basis. Unification against darkness wins. The Teacher with you always, whether always you with It? Breaking the Unification and its bases, you become defenseless and are similar to a straw in the sea. Think of the Unification heart with the Teacher of Light.

562. (Sep. 2). It is already told: not to avoid consequences. Tormented and will torment while the phenomenon of three won't be under control. Today it isn't necessary to communicate with anybody, get up aside from all; today with Me stay in Communication long. Cut off threads of a body and feelings, having incorporated them. Barrier – severity, a barrier – colds, a barrier – estrangement. The proximity isn't estimated and it doesn't seem necessary. Perhaps, range will be estimated better: organism polarization on a wave any more proximity, but range and estrangement. To have, it is necessary to refuse and to come nearer – to depart. No what we have is appreciated only or that lost.

563. My friend, you pass through that, through what We Passed also. Human you have to experience all bitterness of knowledge of the nature heart. To experience, understand and vengeances not to have. For angrily caused by light has to pay, only light, but not darkness.

564. (M.A.Y.). The son my darling, you to see strong I want. You strong, Earth not to break you and in Maya chain not to chain spirit. You strong, and is My, My son. I want to be proud of you. Stand even stronger, even more firmly, against everything we will win.

565. (Guru). They think your spirit to break, but you with us, and we with the Lord, so won't break your spirit, but – while with us, but – while with the Lord.

566. (Sep. 3). My son, you can be glad rage dark, because by them it is noted – for that the victory will be nicer. Don't grieve I Will give strength to sustain fight up to the end. They think to weaken, but I for you. After all therefore it is noted by them that it is close to Me. The way of an apprenticeship is a way of fight against darkness, and first of all, in itself the darkness that it will be replaced with light is overcome. And in process of darkness overcoming in itself and ignitions of light the darkness by this light around is repaid. The desert icon lamp in the desert of life, Light deprived, extinguishes surrounding darkness. Thus, the statement of light in itself is already darkness repayment around that is continuous fight against darkness to the death. Or the darkness will extinguish this light, or light will win against darkness. Those, who are with Us, against darkness, win always. However, have hour of fight and hour of difficulties, but the victory nevertheless remains for Us. Value of each victory is hugely, because the opponent always on forces. The more forces grow and light, the stronger and enemies inflames. Light finds darkness in all its openness and unattractiveness, in all horror of malignancy, refinement of devilish and inhuman cruelty to the victims. With darkness it is impossible to be reconciled, with darkness any compromises, agreements or cooperation are impossible. The darkness can be struck only, without entering into any transactions with the conscience. It is possible for darkness or opposite, or it to be enslaved. The darkness will find approaches always if quality of recognition isn't aggravated. But if it isn't perfected enough, then you keep closer, is closer to Me and the leader, so close that to sharp-clawed hands any more wasn't for what to catch. It is necessary to them, it is necessary to find in you any point of support to catch it. And as soon as it is found, strong grab it shaggy hand. Therefore I Send you to life dressed in armor of spirit and I Warn about danger of small cracks or separation lines with the next link. There should be no divergences, any concealing, any misunderstandings, any office of thinking, and then the victory is provided. The teacher to a victory Calls also Specify ways to it.

567. (M.A.Y.). Condition Victory is vigilance and wakefulness continuous, exact following to given instructions and desire to win any price, the statement of Proximity of the Teacher and a leading link and irrevocable determination not to lay down arms before any difficulties under no circumstances. It is necessary to understand that defeat is impossible that retreat perhaps only in darkness that only one way remained – a way victorious, and that there are no two ways about it.

568. (Guru). We fight together. Light center is uniform, and the Hierarchies which have adjoined the Board go a united front. Not one you, everywhere the guards follow you. But you have to battle one. Therefore patrol also is entrusted you. On protection of Light you stand. And the help to you, Light claiming, will always appear.

569. (Sep. 4). I will Specify to arrive in understanding of the force united with mine. I will Specify to withdraw itself from the sphere of emotions astral. Peep not to give them thought. Your enemy is an astral. Bridled – the friend and the assistant. From covers the consciousness should be cleaned more often inside, in a spirit citadel. The favorite method of the dark – to weaken, in own eyes make a pettiness, which isn't deserving even self-esteem, and, having destroyed, to dispose of the suppressed will at the full discretion. And I Speak:" Pettiness itself doesn’t show". It they strong seek to destroy you, both to make anything, and to enslave finally. Especially in case of unsuccessfully developing conditions of understanding of the force it is impossible to lose. Beam I Can send to only strong spirit, but not to a wet muslin. Weak-willed it is impossible to come nearer to Light because into darkness will turn the received knowledge. Crept up closely and work. Gloom and hopelessness shroud consciousness. They know how to strike blows to the most sensitive place. The channel is strong. Collision will be strong and intense. Be ready. Everything is at all as simply as it seems. If forces don't suffice, it is better to depart, without adjoining to the influence channel. It you now on yourself feel influence of this dark force which edge is directed on you. You have to render the help, and for this purpose it is necessary to be strong, here they and work now over that force to deprive of you. Will succeed – defeat inevitably. You will resist – the client will resist also. You can use everything that is at your disposal, and not to spare darkness. There can't be a mercy to those who wants you to break. Unless you spared? No, did everything possible to do the greatest and most sensitive harm. Fight! I will help!

570. (M.A.Y.). Fight to the last gasp, even if one even if all force ran low. And when they and when will seem will run low that already on a limit that defeat is close, the Lord Will approve you on new lifting and a victory Will help to pull out at the enemy. Therefore fight. With you I am! We will win and here. Pleasure of a victory today you will scent.

571. (Guru). My friend if of a small opposite you give in how you will resist the big? And you have to not only be protected itself, but also protect relatives, and battle actively, and to strike blow and so that it wasn't become stronger. I want to look as you in this case will show yourself. To be proud I wanted you.

572. (Sep. 5). It is necessary to reckon with force of opportunity always. Opportunity is force which seizes, and force out of becomes force inside. The thought of light goes over darkness, and it is possible to be protected by it from darkness. Thoughts of light struggle with thoughts of darkness, and a battle field is consciousness of the person, both the winner and won – he it in themselves. Won against thought of darkness in itself, wins and, having won itself, already easily wins against thoughts consciousness other person. Fight against darkness for Light is wide and diverse, and the consciousness of the person will be its arena always. All is overcome and won itself. Also it isn't necessary to go or leave anywhere, and it isn't necessary to look for anything because the way lies inside. And when I Speak: I am the Way, Truth and Life, I Want to specify that my Kingdom in you is, and that I in it the Lord, and that I in you, and you in Me. The kingdom of darkness fights against Light Kingdom, and this Kingdom of other-worldly Light, which from darkness, but from my World. In the world terrestrial crying and a gnash tooth, but in the Kingdom we wash – the World, which above human understanding. And if you want to approve my Kingdom in yourselves, a kingdom from this world, which in you, Maya kingdom terrestrial, spheres of narrow-minded evidence, it is necessary to overcome in itself and, having destroyed it, to enter into the World of Space reality. Therefore I to the world not Brought the world, but a sword that a sword of spirit to destroy all constructions and heaps of a kingdom of darkness and to approve Light celebration. And you, light in yourselves approving, create Business of the Lord. Light in itself approving, already this one you cause darkness on fight. And whether it is possible be surprised that the darkness struck by light flaring up in you, strong rises and takes up arms on you. For it exit: or extinguish light, which in you, or be lost, that is to dissipate under its beams. Therefore and violently darkness at contact with you therefore doesn't suffer you therefore falls upon you, using all means, all ways and all conditions. And you, too it the force opposing, know that a feat of spirit you create because the darkness, because in private left is strong to try with it. The words "My God, My God, I Live I Left Is I" are a formula of the Strong Spirit which caused on all power of darkness and has met it in private, face to face. Fight against darkness is conducted individually, the uniform beginning of spirit. And the spirit wins always, if strong and indestructibly against the Unification with the Hierarch Leading. At this fight against darkness there can't be incompleteness, there can't be such situation when one hand helps light business, and another – darkness. The great destroyed expects the double dealer. Be careful of incompleteness above all because by it you are involved in a dark snare and you become any more the attendant of Light, but the servant of darkness. Not honor, having touched Light, to pass to dark service. But know that incompleteness is a way obvious in a chasm. It also is Light treachery. How it is possible to combine devotion and vague service that is devotion and treachery? Therefore I Demand full-devotion conscious and irrevocable from those, who the way you with Me solved forever , - be together It is possible to be mistaken, without knowing but when eyes are open, both minds isn't saddened, and heart on the guard, concelebrating with darkness is inadmissible. You know a way and you know that fight is infinite because, having overcome darkness to overcome itself, the past in itself, the old person in the consciousness it is necessary, and to overcome until there is spirit ascension. But the spirit in Boundlessness ascends, and each new top an attack undertakes, and the way from the inhabitant to the Lord of Light is long, long.

573. So, fight against darkness goes in the person. If he in won against something, outside to reach a victory any more doesn't mean a lot of work, but under a condition, when the internal decision of a victory to reach irrevocably. So strength of enemies is caused by our weakness always. And not on strength of enemies, but on the weakness to expostulate when the darkness wins. But worst of all desire to self-justify in own eyes. It already is self-deception and cover of the weaknesses by the black cover, which has been carefully sub, put by the dark. The person is responsible for the acts. It can't be considered irresponsible, that is deranged. If something is made inadmissible or unworthy, it is necessary to recognize courageously mistakes, and also responsibility for them. Let's not assimilate to an ostrich hiding the head in sand and by that doing helpless, defenseless and open blows from outside. Courageously forces should be found in itself that new spatial eye to look at the offenses made in a condition of a black out of consciousness that is cooperation with darkness. And light which now lights up understanding will help to see the former darkness in all its volume and value.

574. Each phenomenon has to reach the apogee to be replaced by the opposite. Judge Light is. That is why before judgment greatness of Light strains and furious darkness in rage not constrained madness. Undoubtedly, she wants to be shown until the end of days all, completely, via all possible channels. Because is close Coming Light! And then it will be already held down and opportunities it are stopped. Also there will be no her servant with impunity display himself in operation. The cleared atmosphere of Earth will make inaccessible its space for dark activists. Light will be the liberator of a planet, and to a kingdom dark there will go the end. But still reign and their madness because the end is close are great.

575. (M.A.Y.). Suffer a little more. Unless you don't see as the planet in judgment Terms promptly rushes. Native, and too it is difficult to us because what not seen by you, we see and we shudder for created horrors, but you we protect. Phenomena, witch which you should face, are karmic inevitable. They are very necessary to you to increase spirit and to deepen understanding of life. The pupil highly experienced is valuable. It can charge a lot of things, and it won't recede. Here Teacher and Tests you fire, water, Earth and air. Also we rejoice in the Stronghold, seeing as the spirit reaches a victory today that new to be decorated tomorrow.

576. (Guru). And the Guru is happy. I how each of you called by me to the Lord battles like to look. Correctly I made that used the spirit weapon. When relatives protect from dark, it is ridiculous to think of mercy and of that the blow wasn't too heavy. It is necessary to act rashly, and better, of course, with a smile. No rage to the enemy have, leave it dark.

577. (Sep. 6). Protecting network! Fires of a protecting network are forced by consciousness. They can or are extinguished absolutely, or to light tensely. Extinction of fires of a protecting network means full vulnerability of the person. Will this network orderly keeps and by will is protected. To allow tantrum – means to punch in it a gap and to open access to dark influences. Everyone the disbalance weakens a security of a protecting network. You store balance to keep a protective armor of spirit in an order. The simple order of consciousness the protective network amplifies. It is necessary to realize as it surrounds all organism and creates armor, impenetrable arrows of enemies and reflecting their blows. Health and radiations of nerves forge this armor. The despondency, fear, concern, vanity and all small feelings destroy it on degree of the intensity. Behind a strong wall protective the person is as in fortress behind its walls. It is possible to present brightly itself, surrounded this impenetrable armor, straining fires of spirit and strengthening fiery radiations on the aura periphery. The person for external influences if his will is forced in mighty effort a protective flame to light is impregnable. Ardent understanding of Proximity of the Teacher strong lights fabric of a protecting network and forces it to flash and be shone with fires reflecting waves of the evil. Understanding of in the Beam of the Lord inexpressibly strengthens her power. Sevenfold repetition of the Name of the Teacher at attack dark instantly lights all network and multiplies a spiritual armor. Healthy radiations of three add the elements to a strong network protective. Rhythmic repetition of the Name or the appeal "Aum" also creates a wave of protection and gives networks more stability. Concentrating thought on the phenomenon of a protecting network, we strengthen all its properties because it reacts at once to thought influence. Causing force understanding from spirit depth, it is possible to strain power of a protecting network infinitely almost. Straining it in the Unification with the Teacher of Light and at merge to his Consciousness, the person absolutely impregnable for dark influences of any force does himself. But the Unification has to be full and conscious. Notice that the will shows taking priority value in this process. It is the regulator of protective fires. And, if the will hung, that and networks not to light fires. What wonderful resistant fires are lit by fearlessness and courage, or belief in power of the Lord, either devotion inflexible, or tranquility? Qualities of spirit bring the, corresponding their degrees, a share in fabric of a protecting network. Fires have it synthetic character. Therefore fires of aspiration can be strongly weakened by fear or shyness, and even to be absolutely neutralized. Causing dark on fight and without showing any fear, the fiery armor is multiplied by the hero and becomes the impregnable. Therefore I Insist on a get rid and destruction of any fear. The good mechanic keeps the car or the motor in a full order that is in working condition. As also the skilled pupil supports a protecting network of aura in a due condition always. Vigilance, vigilance and constant spirit wakefulness strong promote this task. So synthesis of all qualities of spirit and each of them separately strengthen fabric of a protecting network. Qualities of spirit have purely practical, working and vital value. And if you meet the opponent on forces, or even much more strongly, be not confused force him. Together with Me in the Unification full you can strain infinitely almost power of fires of a protecting network and strong to increase spirit on any dark essence, even on a hierophant of the evil if the Unification with Me is strong. Therefore I Speak:" Be not afraid, be not afraid, and be not afraid of anything and never, I with you always". Who is strong against you, when you with Me. The lake saw, what the strong dark essence, the demon, tries to break the house of your spirit, what from this? Means, with Me having united in the spirit of, it is necessary the force, the spiritual armor and a network reflecting to strengthen so that not only to increase on it spirit, but also to outgrow power. And correctly I made, having consciously strengthened the phenomenon of a protecting network. The feeling of a protection was lawful and corresponded to intensity of fires. After all it also is a victory: without having felt any fear, the force I opposed to efforts of darkness. Quietly, surely and safely battle, because I for you. For resourcefulness, ability and fearlessness I Praise. Truly, the soldier in everyone I Want to see.

578. (M.A.Y.). I consider fearlessness of spirit as very valuable quality of spirit. Without it fight against darkness becomes impossible. I rejoice when I see it being approved in relatives. Thought I send victoriously to go through everything.

579. (Guru). Strength of spirit display in operation! Therefore we won't complain that life demands a set of the actions needing this force. Force grows in its application in practice. Strength of mind and will power we will raise.

580. (Sep. 7). Lord of Light Specify that to Its Light it is possible to come nearer light, which in you. My son when you will understand that the Lord is close that It is closer close, was closest, closer than everything, Is and will Be. But it is required to recognize and realize only that is actually, having rejected Maya mirage and persuasiveness of evidence. And when you reflect darkness attack, remember that I am closer to you, than darkness attacking that it out of, and I in you and what exactly therefore you and are invincible. Understanding it instantly lights inside powerful fires, strong counteracting darkness. All your force in Me, in understanding of that only Me is strong. Here you pull out at the enemy a victory one for another. Why? Whether not therefore, what together with Me you left to try with darkness? Remember: when together, nothing can resist against us – Me and you, which in Me; you and Me, which in you because we are merged then together. So we win merge of consciousnesses. They want to win without Me, but whether they wanting a victory know, power of the darkness, which has risen on them? And what if black fires of hierophant of the evil are stronger than their fires? After all then, defeat is inevitable. But when together with Me, anybody and nothing is terrible because whose enemy fires can be stronger than Fires of the Lord of Light? So, with Me you win always. You are a son Mine, I am the Son of my Lord. So, when you go to the Name of the Father and the Son, there is to the Name My and for the sake of the Father of My, My Lord, and Fire of Spirit called for the sake of Us, is indestructible anybody and anything. With name of the Empress you can act if her you call. Let its Shape become reality for you because It is honored by us advanced. Here rose by a new step of understanding, generously take prepared to you at this step gifts. The victory is followed always by receiving and lifting. So, among winning I See chosen Me!

581. The magnet of spirit works always. The spirit magnet will can be adjusted on a desirable wave and to attract the necessary type of thoughts, feelings and energy in the consciousness. Magnetic properties of spirit are a little used by the person consciously. Everything is provided to a case or circumstances while in hands of the person there is a key and the lever from spatial treasures. It is told:" Look for and find", that is direct thoughts and consciousness in a certain direction for receiving a magnetic attraction of what wanted by spirit. But who believes now in firmness of Space Laws and Laws of spirit human. The principles of magnetism and the magnetic wave of spirit directed in space, can explain and scientifically prove the Words of the Savior expressed in terms of unscientific, but, nevertheless, of psych magnetic properties representing absolute Space Truth of human spirit. It is possible to see demonstration of these properties in a consciousness field of activity because each person attracts in an orbit it that he wishes, than lives that it interests and to what he aspires. All trouble in that, what interests human are far from spirit is. But it doesn't prevent the person to roll with the head in heaps of the heaps magneto attracted by it in the sphere by a magnet of the spirit, - because, the person is a magnet operating constantly and actively always. Through Light or darkness there is an attraction, and either Light, or darkness become destiny of the person, on will of the person depend where to direct the force magnetic and what to attract. And if the person weak-willed and the will transfer to shaggy hands, whether that it is possible to be surprised that light which in him is, becomes darkness. The will can be transferred only through Hierarchy of Light and that only on condition of its full harmonious combination to will Higher because the free will of the person is sacred.

582. (M.A.Y.). With the son it is happy. Fearlessness I showed full. Even strong dark essence, even the hierophant of the evil of fear didn't cause. It also was pledge of a victory. To us pleasure sees you winning powerfully. Fight is hard, but and a victory greatly. Of the son I can be proud and to the son love I send. Also I wait for the meeting promised us. I promised it, so promised it will be executed. Know it and don't consider an impossible meeting wonderful. The magnet of love makes that is impossible for those who isn't able to love.

583. (Guru). I send force wave. Will I want to strengthen even more? It is possible because she received good training in recent strong collisions with darkness. I send force wave under the law that to the having it will be given, that is will increase. Is to what it is possible to put, so to strengthen and fiery impulse to strengthening of will to send to the tested heart.

584. (Sep. 8). Strengthening of fruitful tension! You are Mine. You, Proximity sense realized you are close to me proximity of spirit and the wire of spirit burns and strains internal fire in anticipation of judgment term. May you compare the riches and the opportunities what from Earth? Truly, the Highest you have. Let heart will be open for the Lord, and only to It, up to the end. Heart discovery to the Lord is made consciously – as though transferring of heart to the spirit temple for its return forever to the Lord of Light. And, if you are Lord’s, that and heart your Lord’s too. And the heart armed with the Lord and given to It will be a hammer for destruction of the enemy; will be powerful, not knowing defeat, Light weapon. My proximity realizes in all its depth, width and duration, which don’t have the end, I began. I Give Light weapon to you am heart you’re, changed by me on fires of devotion, love and service. All is permitted and everything if heart is given Me irrevocably and without conditions because then anything terrestrial can't have over consciousness of the power says goodbye.

585. The sun – the Father, and the Empress – Mother, and their Son – the Lord, and you are My children. So we will expand understanding of Hierarchy of Light, Light of life sending to us. You receive fragments of Great Knowledge which will merge over time in a wonderful mosaic of uniform understanding of life. This Intimate Knowledge over Earth both terrestrial, and the heavy period through, which there passes a planet, can't deprive of it you, a next world, which judgment to you. Therefore get knowledge spirit, without being confused that the planet shudders in convulsions and prenatal torments of the birth of the New Sky and New Earth. As My Proximity – over Earth and terrestrial, and disclosure of the centers and fires ignition out of a current of stars more deeply than the star influences weaving forms of dense conditions. People are connected by terms, and stars dictate events, but intimate life of spirit lies more deeply. So, we will understand even more deeply why, "going with Me, you more than once won against stars". Everything is possible, but. . when with Me, but when together but when communication is indissoluble and strong. I Sate with luminous intensity all your essence, but at a rate of tension of magnetic energy of the aspiration directed to Me. The law I Can't break because the Law rules only knocking to open, both asking to give, and looking for to help to find that looks for. But direct, direct infinitely and Boundlessness’s gifts will be your stay. All is opened. Available is all. Come for receiving that belongs to you.

586. To the Teacher the care is farther than you a message. Here the dark helped to solder and rally round the Teacher of Light. Means, the Unification took place. Tactics of Adverse helped effort dark to turn for the benefit and to reach results, opposite subjects which were wanted by them. Instead of division the monolith of a circle got stronger and, we will hope, will be without cracks. In case of the cracks, cracked spirit leaves for time and act with those who didn't give them. Many wonderful opportunities open for a circle if the unification, devotion and love are strong. New sent opportunities should be used widely and consciously. They are unique. And to you I Will send, but see, but make thrifty use, but hold these wonderful opportunities. After all they can be swept ignorantly downwind and, sweep to lose and that to lose advance in new conditions. Be closer to the Teacher of Light and between itself, but in the spirit of, but in thoughts of how it to strengthen Business. Fastenings terrestrial, but strong – are fragile in the spirit of: don't rust, don't decay and to changes of conditions terrestrial aren't subject. Them also you fix, without being burdened by the personal. Fragile everything based on personal feelings, but is strong, fastened by spirit.

587. (M.A.Y.). At approach to Light all darkness, not gets rid inside lights up, and amplifies Light energy. And then it is necessary to start getting rid of it. The person becomes worse, than was to become purer and better finally. Or darkness, which inside, can win, or Light. But the winner doesn’t judge if won against Light. The darkness condemns itself. And if you see that the spirit came out the winner, don't reproach past, because gets rid it. Test won't slow down to define as far as gets rid mistakes. Considering possibilities of new mistakes, don't reproach past. Let the consciousness will stay in freedom from them.
I praise for fearlessness and determination in fight against the dark. Good blow received. Be now more circumspectly. Thought victims you to make the shifts, but got a cruel burn. The militant spirit against militant darkness takes up arms strong.

588. (Guru). Courage, firmness in fight up to the end is my council for the current time.

589. (Sep. 9). And you depart from it, depart from him who suffering and sharply feeling pain from a bleeding wound. You from it depart, become aside and look. You are only Looking, out of time, out of terms, out of pain, out of a grief terrestrial. After all with personal it is necessary to leave and personal to bury. Personal it is limited to one life. But that stretches outside it, already treats Identity. Personal contact, personal feelings and personal attachments are fragile, but individual go from life to life. And where it is mentioned individual and threads of century communications are torn how there not to feel heart pains? But sufferings generate fires, but from a grief magic stones light up in spirit subsoil. Go and through it. The way is solved. It is necessary to pass through everything, and with Me. And go: one, which in you, and another which in it, in suffering, let Looks from the depth at him bearing burden of a cross. He Looking, is eternal, but temporarily you.

590. (M.A.Y.). You happiness of minute wanted to pull out at destiny and against were payments. You pulled out happiness, it is necessary to pay. You can pull out again, but again it is necessary to pay. Whether I am ready? On fortunately and payment is. On plus and minus is. On a grief and of joy is. On a gloom and the Light of is. Courageously accept the share. True feelings of love, devotion, fidelity and constancy in bitter suffering will be born. Also be not confused that is necessary Maya ghosts to see, test and worry a mirage of illusive feelings before understanding that such true love and the devotion, which not settled by one short life and hasn't been limited to it.

591. (Guru). Be strong and in the mountain in power to only strong spirit. Be strong always.

592. (Sep. 10). Personal covers Space. At construction the general it must be kept in mind all. At construction by the Name of the Teacher it is impossible to put between anybody and anything, as well as at Communication. All heart, all understanding, with all the heart, all being having united with the Lord, act. Find in your consciousness a due place both personal and to the general, terrestrial and Space. And let the personal doesn't cover Space, and terrestrial – Me. Remember that all personal is doomed and limited to a small circle of the manifestation, but Space – anything. Between the personality and Space there is an Identity as a link with Eternity and as the collector of a harvest of that remains from each individual in a long line of separate embodiments. From the personality doesn't remain anything, except the experience taken from each separate life. To live only personal and for the sake of it, focusing in it everything, means to betray the consciousness of death and to destruction, because the personality and the covers connected with it, are replaced at each embodiment, being consistently dumped after death of a physical body. It is necessary to stretch consciousness out of limits of one embodiment, and the farther, the better; wisdom of carrying out longer line affects and in it. The essence of actions short has no value. The Teacher lives far and widely outside one life. Ponder upon essence of the Doctrine of the Christ. As far as it outputs consciousness out of limits of one existence, removes far in the future, to the sphere of Eternal Space life. It Specify that the soul, that is the personality, it is necessary to lose, it is necessary to be rejected from it before finding understanding of Identity in the person that is to find itself not in personal, but in superpersonal aspect. But even personal it is possible to find a place, even the personal can be justified as means, as the tool for achievement of superpersonal, Space consciousness. By achievement also there will be a Lord as a symbol of shining communication with greatness of space destinies of the person. Because in the Image of the Lord to see given us the person can become what, smother lost again to get it expanded and changed in aspect of a display of Immortal Identity – Bearer of Space Consciousness. Entering into Communication with the Lord of Light, personal the person sweeps aside from him and replaces it with consciousness deeper and destroying walls of personal prison, spirit prison; because fetters of the personality on consciousness are the index of that the spirit stays in a dungeon. Therefore, indulging in rage of personal experiences, know to them the price and you remember that can be justified only on condition of understanding that in it they are deprived of sense and aren't necessary, but are valuable as means of acquisition of experience. You appreciate everything that experience brings because experience is food for spirit. Saving up experience, manage to separate passersby from truly close and time find this last forces and to give the knowledge. They call friends and you remember that the friend the loyal and devoted friend isn't the phenomenon and result of one life, but many. You learn to interweave long threads into essence of your actions, the threads going from life to life and binding you on the far future with close spirits by indissoluble bonds of love, devotion, fidelity and constancy. Whether in the life you had many loyal friends? Whether there are a lot of loyal friends in general? Especially you learn to appreciate these threads of wonderful relationship binding souls of people forever. Separate reality from evidence, lie and a delusion and hobbies of the moment with feelings of the presents, and weigh both those, and others on Boundlessness scales, and understand that you have about yourself the devoted souls connected with you. Over life and death there is something which doesn't have an equivalent in the field of usual human relationship. The true friends able display love, fidelity and devotion, meet not as passersby, but as coming forever. Not passersby you for the Lord. To the teacher you seek to assimilate with those who approach to you for the sake of him. And passersby let go the road. You with them are not on the way. To heart of passersby don't allow.

593. And you look at the suitable: passerby or possible friend. And if the accepted friend appeared only the passerby, think of the made mistake and heart is denser from passersby close. The passable shadows going in twilight unconscious, where go they? Not all whether equally? But to the friend you time find love and care to show. Friends, and true, devoted and constant are rare; in particular, they should be appreciated.

594. After a victory and smashing of a kernel of dark activity there comes the moment of rest, satisfaction the reached victory and calm. This moment is especially dangerous. It even can be more dangerous, than collision with darkness; because reaction from just ended tension of fight weakens vigilance and come time of calm is accepted to reality. Meanwhile as dark don't doze, at these moments strain new evil-shift. And the grief to the weakened guard, and the mountain decided that everything is well more already threatens nothing. But the enemy remains the enemy, and the opportunities used by it for approach to you, are even more dangerous because on the blazed road it is easier to go. Don't allow this treacherous calmness, because the enemy doesn't doze, and new networks are ready, and tenacious hands last. Once the traitor is the traitor always; once involved you in a circle of dark influences, it is dangerous always because of it hidden it is invisible again shaggy hands reach for you. Their purpose one: to separate you from the Teacher. You try to separate from those who conduct your enemies certainly. Whatever visibility covered such person, whatever good he to you seemed, be not deceived. Don't allow to mislead it and again to dress to you a veil on eyes. He is an enemy, despite everything, if actions it finally inevitably has to lead you to a separation from those, who conducts.

595. (M.A.Y.). Thought we communicate. The thought is free. Therefore, communication is with me well always. But it is better to approve it in beat because the rhythm wins and strength gives to constancy. The way is long, and it is necessary to reach. How? Rhythm! Rhythm approve in all actions your, having for you special value. Rhythm breaking if it is established is pernicious. Many don't know secret of success is a persistence, hardness, persistence and constancy. These difficult qualities can be rather easily approved by means of a rhythm. Rhythmic everyday Communication with the Teacher directs spirit in Boundlessness because the rhythm established on Earth, proceeds and in Elevated. Means, the rhythm can serve as the bridge between the worlds. Means, the rhythm is pledge and the victory guarantee. With rhythm also act consciously.

596. (Guru). Show guards strengthened, again creep; strong battle for relatives the! See each trifle, hundred eyes have. The one, who once gave in on dark bait, constantly will be in danger from the new. Protect and specify how to be protected.

597. (Sep. 11). The Teacher is happy; when together, forces, instantly, increase at once. Gnash tooth outside, but not in Me, in Me – the World. By mistakes We See that is hard. My son, the new wave of new difficulties, difficulties and circumstances courageously heart should be met. Heart will break a wave as the rock a water bulk, but heart has to be merged with the Teacher. Together we will keep strong, more than ever, in everything, continuously. As also thought we will be the unseparable anything and in anything. The image of the Lord will help to keep balance. By means of dark everything directs on you to discompose spirit. And you keep, and together with Me, as if nearby, as if together, as if one. Strain will to keep My Face in consciousness, what you did. Why you forget about it, and then when it is especially tenacious it is necessary to store this communication. Hold Me strong, all strength of mind. The spirit direct on holding Proximity understanding. It is unsuccessful around; the horror of the dismissed darkness extinguishes all gleams of Light. Therefore it is necessary to keep inseparably. Leave complaints, moods of discontent, think only of that, as though to hold my Face in the heart more strongly and to observe prestanding constant; wasn't on a planet of time more dim and twilight. Already I Said that until Arrival the darkness will bulk up. Here also there is this swelling of dark activity everywhere, where probably where there are conditions or people, consonante to darkness. And there is a lot of them, there is a lot of them, free and involuntary employees of dark hierarchy that, truly, hordes infernal rose from a bottom. Therefore I Speak about the Unification strong, indestructible, constant, rhythmical and uninterrupted. To the heart opened to Us in fiery aspiration, and the Help goes continuously. Now, exactly, it is necessary to resist in the Unification. It is a lot of attempts from everywhere you to separate from Me. Therefore I Speak: it is better to be mistaken, without forgetting about the Teacher, than, without making mistakes, to forget about Him. It isn't mistakes, and in to being separated under no circumstances. Already I Said, that all is permitted, but at the ardent, irrevocable legend of heart to the Lord. It isn't enough decision firm from Me not to separate, it is necessary to find forces the decision it unshakably to carry by through a vanity of day and a wave of terrestrial complications, difficulties and cares. They are heated up as the mountain, and behind them Light becomes visible. Behind them and the future it isn't visible. The gray, muddy haze dims close visibility and the horizon. Close living conditions become. But the exit always is: doors to the Lord are open. Nobody can shut them because they open heart opening to the Lord. Means and a way are through heart, and an exit from the way deadlock. So, the heart to Me irrevocably given, Proximity I wash always is and everywhere can consider integral.

598. (M.A.Y.). Yes! Yes! A minute of the valid need and the most very grave tests the close and loving abandon the head, leaving him alone. Their devotion is tested it, and many don't maintain. Not any devotion is ready on that in need not to leave the friend. I am in words ready, but here reaches business, and readiness of the next leaves, and there is a person one, in private to meet strokes of bad luck. The loyal friend you appreciate, true so there aren't enough friends.

599. (Guru). I will tell everything about the same: in understanding of the force it is necessary to keep by all means. Powerlessness of spirit turns the person into a pettiness. Strength of spirit is inside. It calls, when the darkness floods space!

600. (Sep. 12). Time is necessary to get stronger. It is necessary to give hope to them, not resisted, in new fight to resist. It is possible; it is possible to achieve a victory if the unification with a link the next is strong above. If you strong stand, and they will resist, but you. Those will resist who follows you. But to resist is your debt to them trusted in you and entrusted you by Me. You can show only force, but not weakness. You sent by Me to this world that to tell to the world about Light. And your fate – to bear through life a sacred flame of Precepts, the Lord of data to you.

601. Dark want, having broken a rhythm of Records, to cause damage to business. But you know that you have ability to write at any time if you apply the same methods by means of which you enter into Communication with Me. It we also will shame them. Opportunity to stop wanted, but that opened new, until then not applied, but already being near at hand. It is necessary to acquire firmly that dark, closing one exit, thereby miss another, in the direction, they not provided. Use of the new direction and new opportunity gives strong confidence that Light Mine, burning in you, it not to extinguish under no circumstances and any shifts or subterfuges. Let try, with that the spirit flame will burn brighter and more steadily. They want to outwit! Whom? The one who is Conducted by Me? Too difficult task was taken by them on themselves. When it is close on heart of the Lord, shaggy hands are powerless. Quietly go through everything, the winner. With you I!

602. Let's consider the happiness phenomenon. About happiness terrestrial I Speak. In the world where light and shade is approved by life of things and the phenomena, two opposite beginnings enter into everything, causing existence of the shown phenomena. The pleasure and grief the human are always bipolar. And the consciousness, flashed approves by fires of pleasure caused by affairs terrestrial, thereby already in space other, shadow pole of a thing uniform, the grief pole, and dooms itself to grief realization exactly in that degree in what it rejoiced earlier. The law is indestructible and invariable: both poles of a thing uniform have to display in consciousness, if displayed one. From here understanding of danger or desire not to be involved in a wheel of the Law of causes and effects. Attachment to something or to someone surely involves loss of to what or to whom the consciousness attached itself. Because, in this world of shadows temporary all. Both the pleasure and a grief, both love and indifference, health and an illness, youth and an old age – all of them concern the person the one pole inevitably to involve and in another. Both having only risen over both and rejecting both that, and another, there can consciously be a wheel a spirit, which has wanted freedom. It also will be a victory over inevitable reality of the phenomena of life terrestrial. You want to love; you love the Teacher of Light. This feeling will lift you over a bipolarity of feelings passing because the love to the Teacher is higher both lives, and death. You want to approve fires of devotion, fidelity, fires of your feelings to the friends going with you by one track, stretch these qualities far beyond one life to the sphere of your Identity, and then they will triumph over temporariness, fragility and incorrectness of feelings of the usual human. You build and approve your feelings and your qualities for a long time, forever, over a transient of the dense world." I Is with you in all days till the end of time". Let this statement of the Lord of Light will serve as the Instruction to you that coming to It and brought to It fires of fidelity, devotion, love and aspiration are Left never by the Lord because the qualities of spirit binding with It coming, are approved by It forever. Also you, avoiding passersby, in the relatives of feeling binding claim over the reek of alcohol terrestrial and forever. From century to century, from the millennium in the millennium last, the hidden threads, binding spirits in uniform Service to Light. Understand that bonds of spirit are stronger terrestrial and endure a body and covers. Them also you fix, because Immortal reincarnating your Identity is connected by them strong, - mirage of feelings terrestrial passing any more for those, who concerned Light. You love called you enduring love and devotion and fidelity show enduring. To people leave to chase marsh sparks of flashing feelings, you unfading Light of superpersonal fires in the spirit of approve. The superpersonal – means stretched in the future, out of limits of this terrestrial personality. So in this case the word "superpersonal" also understand. And first of all on the Teacher of Light direct superpersonal feelings. "To us it is close from human honoring" because feelings of people are short. Understanding we Look for among those, who approaches, and so seldom we Find it.

603. My friend, why the Instruction My on prestanding not excellent is so badly followed? Here you surrounded dark, here closed the circle, here blows from everywhere pour, and all of you are forces more and desire you can't find that more stoutly from them to be protected. I will Specify Proximity I wash to keep, hold and claim in operation. During the most intense action manage to call Me and to work together with Me. Why as soon as there comes the moment of intense action, the Teacher is forgotten absolutely and remembered only upon termination of it? It is necessary to accustom to work it in common with Me. And forces will be saved strong, and the success of action is provided. Again I go on about the same because danger around, and dark are strained to do any possible harm. Be with Me in consciousness always, in each action, in each act, in all affairs. I speak not without the reason. Your forces I Want to strengthen in operation powerful, joint, and to increase them.

604. (M.A.Y.). We don't interfere in karmas of people, but we grieve, seeing misunderstanding and mistakes. We Conduct and we Can conduct only under a condition when the will of the conducted is conformable to will of the leader, and two will merged together, freely direct spirit up. The Leader can't reduce the will and dissolve it in lack of will or instability of the conducted. They have to lift the will in aspiration to It and voluntary to give the will to Will the Highest, that is to direct the will on the channel of the Highest Will. It also will be the will legend to the Will of the Lord. But while the will isn't directed to voluntary merge to Will Leading and the accord isn't approved, all constructions, all aspirations and all temporary flashes of spasmodic, separate efforts are fragile. Even temporary containment of all properties of a flame doesn't serve as pledge of that light will keep and light won't be replaced by darkness. Without the accord with Those Who Conducts, there is no advance.

605. (Guru). About force I will go on while force doesn't become property of spirit. Let each victory will be the guarantee new, and seeming defeat – a threshold still a bigger victory. Not know defeats going with the Lord! Temporary damages and successes of enemies serve only as an emphasis for a display still bigger strength of mind, still to the bigger hardness, firmness and courage. We are served by all: and everything that for us, and everything that against to increase the forces. There are no circumstances opposite. All forces: both dark, and light – are put on service to the winner of life.

606. (Sept. 13). The light of charkas shows that a lot of things are reached. Difficulty should greet with a smile. Let it is difficult, but better to smile than to cry. All cry, we won't be, as all. Meeting people know that you awaken their essence, causing either good, or darkness which immediately starts confronting. The lie, treachery, deception, cooperation with darkness sharply shows essence of that occurred. Their relation is dictated by feeling, but not logic. Citadel of spirit close, otherwise the magnet won't hold. Say a half of that you want to tell. Heavy, dark days are. All the time is scandals at people around. Dark attack and show on all to the directions ardent activity.

607. Whether the Instruction on action joint is followed? No. It is necessary to execute. Let difficulty of performance will serve as incentive to the ardent appendix of the Decree in life of every day. As well heart has to be opened to nobody that possibility of drawing new blows and wounds didn't repeat. Don't trust the moment of containment wished by you in people of qualities – tests and checks are necessary before again believing. There is nothing more unreliably, than feelings human, and especially that are caused by personal emotions. Why to do himself by the trustful victim of over what the person showing feelings, has no power. Feelings dominate over the person, instead of him over them. As it is possible rely that out of his will. Therefore, having approved the closed magnet of spirit and having strengthened it is conscious; it is possible to keep close consciousness in the field of its attraction, without opening and that without degaussing itself. Silence – gold, and in a question of protection of a citadel of spirit – especially it is necessary to define precisely the sphere of the internal life inaccessible to anybody, except the Teacher, and out of its limits never to let anybody, remembering that the admission means possibility of loss of proximity of the one who is allowed. Only a distance it is possible to keep proximity and an attraction, but not rapprochement and disclosure of all of two people. Casket of spirit has to be strong closed for self-preservation. To give knowledge at all doesn't mean to devastate the treasury and to become the read book for received. It is more withheld things intimate; the attraction of a fiery magnet of spirit is stronger. Wisely distribute knowledge and you remember that light, but not a flame, it radiating is given. The flame remains inviolable and indestructible in the spontaneous integrity. Otherwise will plunder and, having plundered and having devastated, a heel will come, and the broken through becomes a symbol of the made mistake.

608. It is possible to live further, despite everything, but on condition of exact following to My Instructions. Time such now, what else never was, and in the regular way not to pass – will crush. It is possible to pass only together, strong holding the Lord. Burdening by circumstances amplifies and presses. Exit only up, only left the dark. Dim time and hard time! It is necessary to endure it.

609. (M.A.Y.). There are transitions tiresome and boring. Such is a way. Not always flowers on roadsides. At these moments the far purpose let is brighter also the invitingly shines. It is necessary to reach, on it agreed, so it is necessary to go.

610. (Guru). It is necessary to live. Live all. Live also you, knowing that life are the way conducting to the Lord. I know that is difficult, but it is necessary to reach.

611. (Sep. 14). My son the Lord Wants, that strong I showed advantage spirit. Majority submits to Wednesday and to the experiences the moment and about advantage forgets. But, has to it become constant and natural expression of the internal achievements of spirit, value understanding and importance you as eternal and indestructible essence of spirit. Whether it is possible to kowtow in the spirit of to what that or somebody? Whether there will be it ardent violation of the advantage. The son I want to see spirit advantage displaying. People are very sensitive to radiations of aura of force. These radiations it is stronger and more convincing than words. Won't understand, but will feel force, understanding, and the advantage of spirit approved by will. They, passersby and passers, will die yours, but your qualities, on them tempered, remain with you. Therefore don't reckon with moods passing, but it creates them at them. If you speak, and together with Me who can tell more strongly and fiery you? So ability to work in common with Me and in merge of consciousnesses will teach you to power of action. Life gives necessary conditions to learn. But also you have to put aspiration ardent to grant my desire to see you strong and realized spirit advantage. The advantage of spirit is able to store!

612. My friend, it is difficult to endure bitterness of disclosure of essence of relatives when are unmasked. I thought one and am touched, but another turned out, and is touched in vain. And again the desire is be touched. To what is? Again see the opened faces and again to suffer? It isn't necessary be touched masks then sufferings won't be. And the bitterness from disclosure of faces will turn into knowledge of a human nature. Know, know and be silent, and store about itself the knowledge of the person because people don't forgive those, who know them. But you can internally know, and it will give to you strength not be touched, not to be deceived, not to proceed trustfulness and not to show weaknesses. Severity, both severity, and vigilance should be held on call always with all, and especially with relatives. After all only from them or through them we receive blows. The blow from the enemy is lawful but what to receive it from those to who heart is opened? Therefore, heart close! Disclosure itself means loss of the magnetic properties of spirit. Whether it is worth losing that thanks to this disclosure, for the sake of deduction of that heart was opened? Whether not too the price is expensive?

613. (M.A.Y.). The tail of mistakes lasts long. The conscientious attitude to their consequences allows accelerate their gets, but time is necessary. Today I Will tell: care in people in relation to higher and that who conducts quality the most rare. Usually people adhere to the rule: "That we have, we don't store, and having only lost, we cry". Therefore so often also lose that, apparently, they so want to hold.

614. (Guru). Life is the statement of what the spirit wants to become. It is for spirit conscious. For it transformation of in the course of life also will be its purpose. Can be the purposes in life much, but it is the main thing that you do.

615. (Sep. 15). If the Lord Deals with Earth because Accepted responsibility for Earth, Mater World – with the World. The conscious aspiration to this Great Identity brings consciousness to Space open spaces, and Earth ceases to play the self-sufficing and exclusive role lives of the spirit directed to Mother. The separation from Earth is facilitated, and the way to stars is open. People are too attached to Earth. And, having closed Earth the circle, they thereby put themselves into a ring of terrestrial aura, and is besides so strong, what even having exempted from a body, can't escape from its atmosphere anymore and in spheres terrestrial stay. But the Worlds judgesncrete object for aspiration. At its constant the Beam of the Star will start working, magneto attracting conformable elements to the sphere of consciousness of the directed spirit. So the psych mechanics turns into opportunities of certain achievements. But it isn't enough one effort, will be insufficient both separate and spasmodic attempts. And, just as persistent, long rhythmic efforts to enter into Communication with the Lord after long years of hard work yielded the results, in the same way and the aspiration to Communication with Mother of the World demands the corresponding work, persistent and long. Attempts already were, and were instructed. It is again given the chance of the statement of a space wire with the Great Identity called by Lords by Mother of the World. There comes the Era of Mother of the World, and, of course, the concept it has to sink in masses. Through whom? Certainly, through the nexts to the Lord, - therefore, it is given the chance of a shave. It is possible to make attempt the first Beam of morning of the Lord to apprehend in Beams of Great Mother and to catch coloring of the Beam. In process of deepening and rhythm strengthening, it will become everything brighter and brighter, yet won't flood with the Light of the Beam of the Teacher, supplementing and enriching it. Everything is Uniform, and the center Real is uniform, the Hierarchy of Light Is uniform – that easier in Beams of the Lord to catch magnificence of Beams of Mother of the World, it is necessary to direct and apply rhythm force only. But the first thought premised before perception let will be to the Empress of Light.

616. (Mother World). Son of Earth! It is possible to address to Me and on power of aspiration and the accord with Me to receive. Hierarchy heights aren't inaccessible to the mortal. It is necessary to show only aspiration. Daring to direct comes nearer to Me, and daring I Reply obviously. How many them, among sets terrestrial, directing to Me in plainness? How many? Therefore dare. Therefore I Speak:" Direct and the reciprocal I Will sate you, the spirit, which has lit up by aspiration, My Beams and I Will approach to Me". Because so it isn't enough daring among you, and so there isn't enough spirit free, and the Spirit Mine Force Your display in the energy of Light sent by Me to daring heart so obviously Wants. My time came, and Beams over Earth Mine, and you daring powerfully, can join them and at most Beams scoop, but to aspiration find you a place, both time, and a rhythm. And you, plainness, I Will approach, and to you, plainness, I Will reveal secrets of Space distances, and to you, audacious, hope I Will send on possibility of the highest achievements. Let's begin Communication in the spirit of with Me. This day let will be the beginning.

617. Experience was successful excellent. Long assimilation of My Beams strong promoted to catch the Beam of Mother of the World. Means, it is necessary to enter into a rhythm of their everyday perception only. I give Blessing on new possibility of expansion of consciousness and I Facilitate this opportunity practically. I will help, make efforts in beat.

618. It is necessary Spirits Great, standing on the Hierarchy ladder, because of transcendental inaccessible heights in the consciousness to transfer to the reach and availability sphere, and it is necessary to understand that for the sake of mankind, for the sake of you There are They on eternal Patrol, helping, protecting and directing people to the purpose to far, judgment them from the beginning of times. The idea of an inaccessibility of these Appears for mankind should be withdrawn from consciousness, because are close, because are available because you can address to each of them if the understanding allows. A lot of alluvial litter should be thrown out, it is a lot of denials to clean, and it is a lot of mistrust to eradicate before availability of the Highest Shapes becomes obvious and obvious. Available all – such is the Era key. Everything is opened, and everything is achievable. Dare!

619. (M.A.Y.). I rejoice opportunities new. The victory over darkness gave this opportunity. Not without reason you are marked out by them. Be glad also you, My son. It isn't enough pleasure in life, that it and the more so it is valuable, than above are more valuable. Mothers World Luče happiness I found to join. My son dare and remember: the missed opportunity doesn't repeat.

620. (Guru). Mother Agni Yogi – communication direct was the representative of Mother of the World on Earth. Therefore it is given the chance through Mother Agni of Yoga with Great Mother to enter into Communication. So the Chain Hierarchical works. Invisible becomes visible, and hidden – obvious. Time of wonderful opportunities is. Truly, Fire time!

621. Darkness (that is dark), as though it seemed clear, it is impossible to allow to heart. At it there are a lot of masks with which we will be seduced? It is necessary in the spirit of from surrounding to come off that to feel mine. Streams of three streams wash the Stronghold: terrestrial, thin and fiery. It is possible to concern any. Fiery you want to concern? From Eternity it is. Personal there is no place in it. Dirty nothing will enter into it. Pure you hold the perception channel from elements of the lowest, terrestrial. Be not, as small children who don't know that want. The exact knowledge of what wanted by spirit, establishes magnetic connection with essence desirable, and receiving becomes inevitable. Magnet is in heart. With heart wish to attract from space the necessary waves of desirable energy in the consciousness receiver before to apprehend them. Accept pleasure spatial from Great Spirit of Mother of Light over feelings terrestrial.

622. (Mother World). Great Mother honored, accept my honoring. In space Light You, Great, Inexpressible Light Source. My heart directs to You in aspiration to concern You! Send the Ray of light to my heart that it could join its light. And let the directed heart, in desire fiery escaped in World Space from the struck aura of Earth, will concern in the aspiration of Spheres of shining spatial distances. Well spirit free to scent itself in space depths, far from Earth, and even from there to Earth looking, but already out of influence of its heavy magnetism. It is possible to accustom itself in the spirit of two flights interstellar. The thought is an action threshold. The thought has to precede opportunity implementation. Thought you learn to fly. In thoughts fly and thought to Me direct. Doesn't know a limit thought fiery. It isn't connected by anything and the spirit free, spirit – beget of thought isn't limited by anything. In the spirit of you thought to Me direct. On wings of thought it is possible to concern Me. Think of space openly. The thought pierces distances of the Highest wonderful Worlds.

623. My son, Specify Lord that at achievement of the purpose good luck, failure shouldn't influence a rhythm approved. The rhythm remains invariable regardless of fluctuations of process of achievement. The goal has to be reached, the rhythm is for this purpose approved, and the way of achievement of the purpose can pass through the different conditions arising in the passable environment. Them we won't be confused because the purpose is as though difficult and far I was, it is achievable, and therefore it will be reached, how many efforts it was necessary to put. The goal we will reach.

624. (M.A.Y.). The snowball grows at movement, as also our proximity: at movement in time with each turn, or change of day per day new if the rhythm is observed. Rhythm goes, and it reaches!

625. (Guru). Set as the purpose itself to seize any price. Let this thought take priority in consciousness. Let every day brings the something growing power of spirit. The will is everything, strength of mind is everything. Weak-willed pettiness isn't necessary.

626. (Saint. 16). To feel strength of mind in each movement and feeling – means to keep youth.

627. (Mother World). The beam works. It is necessary to accept consciously only it (in consciousness). Write about a new step of consciousness, about possibility of conscious assimilation of Beams of Mother of the World. Rapprochement force obviously gives itself to feel. It is realized hierarchically, that is through Hierarchy (on the Hierarchy Chain). No! Your spirit is free, - it act, the spirit of. Action of spirit premise understanding of its boundless opportunities. Everything will come true. Store an ardent Unification with Us.

628. (Mother World). When new energy enters into consciousness, the new step of spirit begins. Let's call it a step of understanding of Beams of Mother of the World. Under the Beam of the Lord reach their understanding and on these new Beams come nearer to understanding of their Source. Mother World the Diving Begins new turns of a spiral of evolution of mankind; adjoined It in fiery aspiration in the Bosom Accepts for implementation of Space cooperation with It. The spirit is as though output from the sphere terrestrial and the Space is made available for action in it by spirit. Restrictions and coherence – properties of a dense body and dense conditions, but the spirit is free. The spirit can be free and from an astral body, and mental, and only in a fiery body it reaches a step of true freedom. In all covers the same spirit, but in different degrees of not coherence works. In the spirit of you aspire freedom to understand and in the spirit of it claim. It is hard to approve it in the spirit of, subject to all accidents and a flesh infirmity. But spirit over them and atop. Spirit with Me unites in understanding of width of Space life and opportunity to join it through Me.

629. My son, new step acts. Leave uncertainty blinds and surprise – to ignoramuses. We decided to be surprised and accept to nothing a thing as they are. Simply we enter new understanding real and we move apart limits of consciousness of that is, that is reality. Nowadays its new life opened. Let's joyfully meet opportunities to our spirit display on new ways. From top of the mountain of Mother of the World life human – as a grain of sand before the Universe, but spirit – as a flaring bulk, as a star lit from Eternity that in to realize Eternity. Let's unite Space and terrestrial in new synthetic understanding of life. Also we will sate with spirit both that, and another. Let strength of mind will be included into all your actions as fire, life giving to created affairs. The statement of mental energy, or fiery power, is possible only at awareness of that value, which has spirit of the person in this process; because, the spirit is fire. Concentrating on fiery properties of spirit and its opportunities, magneto we strengthen and we involve power Terosa in manifestation. You know cases, when in a weak physical body spirit displayed the power. As though from where, as though fiery force rose from depth, doing the person by the giant, despite weakness and feebleness of a body. Here this force also you learn to cause in yourself, here this force and act safely because it when it is called is inexhaustible. Before working, it calls when that is demanded by a condition. Realize power of action. People in the actions sleep therefore they are weak. You in actions power of fire display. Act safely in understanding of the most wonderful force it.

630. (M.A.Y.). I welcome you, darkness winning and Light approved over it. It is a lot of followers, but it isn't enough fighting obviously and daring only to oppose the spirit of power of darkness. It is more and a merit. Sad not opposite, bent and frightened dark, not you are soldiers, not you are winners, not you are collectors of force of fires. But those, it is fearless not frightened to leave alone to measure swords forces with darkness, you, truly, Day breakers, you howl Lords, you, My dear and Me Preserve strong. Many already forgot about us who have left Earth. Many lagged behind and were engaged in the affairs. But you didn't forget, you remember, you with us. But with you and we is, with you now, with you and then, when you will dump a body. Each your effort struggle with darkness to us the pleasure. Each victory is a smile. We watch you and we rejoice to each victory.

631. (Guru). When called you with it, I called not on an easy chair to sit or lie on a warm fluffy feather-bed, having closed by a blanket with the head from life. No! I called on fight, on victories, I called to battle to life in private. Also I rejoice, seeing as dared, bravely and alone you fight against the evil spirits, which have up in arms against you dark. Both you fight, and you win, and you become stronger also fiery after each victory. You of them be not afraid. We to paws sharp-clawed won't allow tear to pieces you. We your force, we on black backs will perfect a sword of your spirit that strike you could without a miss, neatly and right blow. And we yours will increase forces, determination we will give and equipment of fight we will specify. We will arm you against darkness for all occasions. But you with us, therefore with you is and we!

632. (Sep. 18). Consider days of big events. The space to a limit bulked up. It is impossible to detain further. The collected energy should give vent. Tension of spheres is painful. Consciousness is on the devil of explosion. Knots of tension manage to be shattered, but space filling from it doesn't decrease. Means, and measures have to be on force of a condensation of currents. But it is necessary to resist nevertheless. Spatial fight with powers of Chaos is more dangerous and more difficult than collision with darkness because the pressure and invasion of Chaos are extraordinary. Waves of brown gas serve as conductors, and Earth is exposed to blows of space waves of Chaos. Balance of elements is broken to the basis, and threat of accident becomes inevitable. We think only how to pacify it and forces of destruction to direct to the areas which are subject to shift. Planet in waiting, in expectation is and we. Heavy time is.

633. At the moments when antagonistic currents of space are especially strong, it is necessary to store balance. People are ready to flare up because of trifles. The nervous system is strained too. Than resist and how? It is necessary to keep and relatives to hold. Again forces should be collected and spirit to rise.

634. (M.A.Y.). There was no time more dangerous to preservation of internal stability. Whirlwinds can demolish all constructions and flood consciousness with chaos waves. It is possible to keep only on the basis and the basis. Basis protects! You hold communication at least mechanically.

635. (Guru). Here when time came the force display in operation that is in life. Otherwise fetch down, as straw wind, in the rough to elements wave.

636. (Sep. 19). My son, impact of elements amplifies, shaking everything. It is possible for them opposite only strength of mind. The mankind will be divided into the resisted and not sustained. And then I Will come highest criterion of division there will be strength of mind. One will be inclined under blows of elements and will hang, others will sustain up to the end. Undergone be up to the end rescued. Rescue in the spirit of. That is why so we Strengthen spirit and we Emphasize value of this beginning. Spirit above all. It in itself called and approved will come out winners from this last fight. Two will sit next: one is taken, another is left; two will come nearer to Me: one will be taken, another is left. In the area of heart division will go, but in the spirit of. And transformation of all being of the person happen spirit, through heart. The spirit will change covers, and heart because process will go through heart will be the converter. So the spirit can give overweight over everything that before it. And spirit it is possible to tower. To tower spirit – means to be filled with spirit fire, fire means to accept in consciousness as leading, the highest over all we designate, the beginning. During the Era of Fire it is possible to pass only fire. Elements of fire, being the main and primary in relation to other elements, over them predominates and them subordinates. The spirit, fire in itself approved, to it will win against an impact of the elements discomposed. Therefore time came all forces, all consciousness to transfer to spirit area. In the spirit of direct and spirit live because all dense is unreliable and, on it being approved, not to resist.

637. (M.A.Y.). How there passed heroes through all difficulties and obstacles and how won? Strength of spirit! What Day breakers in terrible fight against darkness to it, the raging, opposed? Strength of spirit! Than resist till the end and then win? It, fiery strength of spirit! In this last fight for the statement of the future Light spirit which in you, call and battle for the future the uniform beginning of spirit because to them win.

638. (Guru). The highest wave didn't pass, but goes. And who - that was already frightened, and someone already weakened, and someone already doubted – whether will resist? In the spirit of a victory, and not broken by spirit, will sustain up to the end. Whatever occurred around, nymen forces will firm imperiously from within call. Strength of mind everything decides, as well as the last fight for light, which in you.

639. (Mother World). Mothers World Beams penetrates consciousness new understanding of spirit – as though a mankind appeal under new banners. The replying will reap from recognition of the new force which is imperiously starting out. But Mother Great heart accept, but Swear at a place find in your consciousness, in the heart, on Earth displayed in the conditions of dense and heavy in anticipation of Light going to you. Spirit Great Mother accept and in the spirit of.

640. (Sep. 20). Incalculable quantity of one incarnation consciousnesses display inspires in the person the most shameful thoughts. Patrol constant and control over thought, like control is necessary at an entrance on plant where everyone is checked coming and where strangers aren't allowed. The task consists in that third-party, put some idea from the outside, immediately to find and throw out from consciousness. Difficulty that it is very easy to accept foreign thought for own, because on it there is no inscription, and, having taken for the, not to be afraid any more, thereby allowing often the most dangerous poison in the system. In it all essence of fight for the independence of foreign influences: it is necessary to be able to see in the consciousness of thought others, carrying out them before a consciousness beam on its screen and as though shining with the beam a foreign matter. Strong it is protected and that not always, weak becomes the weak-willed victim of foreign influences. Often we see strong people in the power of alcoholism, smoking and other weaknesses, because couldn't protect itself in time from invasion of the thoughts which have generated defect, and thoughts from the outside, thoughts third-party, come or sent from other consciousnesses. Patrol of will is necessary uninterrupted and constant. It is enough to weaken of it that the poisonous thought got into consciousness and, having given out itself for own, I did harm. Now, when assemblies of gain are directed to Earth to keep in the lowest spheres, they stick to the person through sent thoughts, introducing them in foreign consciousness. Through the thought apprehended thus they unite to the victim and eat its vital emanations. Thus, the consciousness aspiring to Earth comes to life, receiving a food from radiations of aura of the victim. Firm and imperious hand you learn to throw out from consciousness unnecessary thought, knowing the danger generated by uncontrolled thinking. Thinking of the person, you contact him invisible threads, or wires. Think of with whom and as you connect yourself not to appear the victim of undesirable influences. The firm and resolute order of consciousness not to perceive thought from a certain person creates a protection wall and if the order is strong, the thought is reflected and it isn't allowed by automatically protecting network. It is necessary protection against thought to find. Each thought affects object of the contents, that is about what or about whom it proceeds, and receives response from the affected object. Be circumspect with thought. The thought is chains of slavery or freedom wings because the thought on wings carries away or in darkness embraces, or in light of Light. Ordinary people – slaves to the thoughts. Where the free?

641. (M.A.Y.). If knew, how soon the future should be, heart would be filled with pleasure. Construction fiery and thin is ready to join dense forms, but consciousnesses of people yet don't allow. Not long to hold dullness and ignorance barriers in forces of the judge future. It is necessary to break them. Gap is on all sides. Consciousness is, as though before emptiness. Judgment is! Wait!

642. (Guru). I wait for crops shoots. Not for long already. All of us wait. To Judgment time Terms came, and signs are given. There are a lot of them. On signs proximity also you judge.

643. Given the chance to Me to help you your aspiration to Me. Without it I not Can get into consciousness. Than it is possible to approve the Lord in itself? The love directed to object of love, strengthen relations. You love Me and it decuple opportunities.

644. Mother World Great, Beams having concerned consciousness mortal, it Approaches to spirit life. Tensely Beams tremble in space, finding the receivers, ready to reveal. And many open and start sounding. When sets will begin to sound – time will come Mother Great again on Earth to approve. I came to Leave, and Comes again that again to Tell to the world about greatness of two Beginnings. Mother and you are children. Image it realize in heart, directed to Light. Time of the Empress approaches! Time approaches, and Terms in space dictate urgency of events. There is Light.

645. (Sep. 21). The Mater World – the Great Identity Standing behind limits of Earth, but Earth Concerning probably Beams. Beams – aura of Great Spirit. To It directing in light of its Beams stay. Direct spirit, in a separation from Earth towering; coming to Me, joyfully you I Accept! My bosom is immense. There is a place for all. The aspiration weaves communication threads. Lords – Collectors of spirits in Focus of My Beams. In Light space this Focus is real go on the terrestrial more strongly. In Space constructions it has the Sphere – the purpose of aspiration of conscious spirits. Spirits of the sixth race gather Lords under my Beams. Lords – Collectors, but Unite – I. Magneto of My Spirit is powerful. You in the Sphere of its attraction, the son Light are our son. The space relationship above terrestrial also worries both Earth, and time. In boundless space it is extraordinary important to have focus for aspiration. Its place in Space is defined by it for everyone. All have it! But where? And a lunar Cone of darkness too in Space, and other decaying moon. Everyone determines the place by aspiration, conscious or unconscious, and on it creates an attraction, defining the way, the destiny.
The ladder of Hierarchy goes to the Sky, plunging Top into Infinity Space. It is given to mankind as a basis of its Life. Mother World is Star, leading hierarchically.

646. My son, strengthen confidence of My Word. The step of Space cooperation in Beams of Mother of the World with her Great Identity Is approved by Me, and you are an employee. Opportunities new are given. It is necessary to treat them consciously and without denial. The perennial spring of wisdom opens daring; both far and unattainable becomes close. We accelerate evolution of terrestrial mankind. Employees are necessary. So it isn't enough of them. Consider to begin for happiness a new step – an ascension spatial and space. Nowadays opportunities are multiplied. The burden of time serves as the reason for that. Than the darkness from Earth is blacker, that light from Light is brighter. To it also direct...

647. (M.A.Y.). Just as giants of spirit go on tops as go also you, directing over a scum of life and the reek of alcohol terrestrial: feet on the ground, the head in the Sky. From terrestrial not to leave, to Earth to pay a tribute inevitably because we eat, both we drink, and we breathe, but spirit over Earth having risen, it is possible also Earth with myself to lift, but without plunging into it without the rest. Balance between terrestrial and heavenly is so approved and the gold way, or a way median is defined. All Great Spirits went them, to them go also you. Caesarian – to the Caesar, God's – to God, corporal – to a body, but spiritual – to the spirit which has risen over Earth in fiery aspiration to Light.

648. (Guru). Well also it is useful to tower spirit, but it is good to raise also a body, that is practically, in life. The knowledge not applied remains without the consequences, applied – force gives. Force is approved in operation. Wish all to put the being in life knowledge received from the Teacher that strong to become and increase spirit.

649. (Sep. 22). (Mother World). The doctrine of tension concerns all real. Day will come, and it is close, my Beams will fill in; will flood consciousness of people of Earth. Everyone display the center transforming or will burn down. I want to approach, but over Earth. Everything on Earth (all terrestrial) leaves, to Me coming nearer. Favorable conditions atmospheric and a combination of stars are necessary also. My time victoriously enters board.

650. Learn to hold Communication under any conditions. Understand, all of them temporarily, but the Lord is constant. They will pass; will vanish into thin air, but the Highest Presence remains with you forever. So will separate true from false and temporary from the eternal. Become on border both to see both that, and another and to weigh them on understanding and wisdom scales. The pleasure and grief the human – all from itself, from egoism, and roots in Boundlessness have no. It is necessary to start up in consciousness roots to the sphere of eternal thought. And when they will become stronger and will sprout, fruits and again seeds, eternal crops will become stronger, having forced out phantoms temporary while time and temporary won't disappear absolutely to be replaced with the eternal.

651. (M.A.Y.). Today I will tell: be careful to plunge in terrestrial entirely that it didn't cover the spirit sphere. Even then, when terrestrial strong and brightly sounds, don't forget about that, about other that to you never will change and remains with you when all terrestrial will pass and a trace not leave.

652. (Guru). Be strong in everything even then when to the weaknesses you give in. Strong it is justified, but the pettiness and weakness of a justification have no because are condemned.

653. (Sep. 23). The thought loaded with mental energy, can usually work, but can affect term, that is during defined, specified by it, time period. These terms are various, from several days to the whole millennia. Term is defined by will. As though the pledge is imposed on this form of thought, precisely carrying out will of the sent. The thought, which hasn't been caused by term, has no that accuracy, which the urgent thought possesses. The same can be told and about influence of the beams sent with the special purpose. And in the help sew the phenomenon of a certain duration in time of thoughts sent by us is of great importance both for Us, and for those to whom it is assisted or with whom contact is come into. As also you learn to cause thought terms. It gives big symmetry to a mental form and exempts space from excessive energy. The thought, which hasn't been limited to a framework, can continue influence long time after a parcel and even then when this influence isn't necessary, and, perhaps, it is necessary absolutely opposite. Conditions can change on absolutely others when influence absolutely other order is necessary. The old thought will support the former provision, doing already harm, but not advantage. Everything is good in its season.

654. My friend if something is allowed, it still at all no mean that the allowed is given the power over consciousness and that it can sound in not put time and out of place, filling consciousness with a fulfillment echo. If everything is allowed, at all it seized consciousness. From made affairs no affairs should transfer freedom, whatever interesting and attractive they seemed. Only one Lord can give consciousness without restrictions, limits and reservations, because from allowed in Light of people can succeed only. All the rest is allowed so far as it not dim a way and not disturb advance. Everything should find a due place, but it is no more than what it deserves. Here you allowed something to begin to sound intensively, having forgotten that only several weeks ago during the whole year were betrayed mercilessly and with a self-forgetfulness. Whether it is possible to forget it and to rely on sounding of the feelings unchecked and not confirmed with life to oblivion of things more important and enduring? Put everything on the place and not be touched appearance of the phenomena. Only one Lord, to Him is unchangeable and serve selflessly, but not to phantoms of passing feelings human. Force inside keep, it give nobody and internally don't reveal even the next if you want them to hold. The magnet demands the skillful and circumspect address. Only force is appreciated, respected and holds. Strong is and you keep thoughts, the feelings around. Trusted in someone up to the end simply it isn't clever. It is important to trust only to the Teacher and to rely only on Him. All the rest is incorrect. Whatever did and whatever bright Earth flowers seemed, remember that is more true, and is closer, and more reliably the Leader isn't present for you anybody. Therefore I Speak:" Temporary don't prefer to the Highest that you have together with Me". Look at everything that so strong sounds for consciousness that to have the correct assessment and not to indulge in illusions. Together also we will look, together and to estimate that not to take a mirage for reality. Floatingly nature human, why become victim of this variability in others, when the Teacher is unchangeable. On It and is emphasis forever.

655. (M.A.Y.). The Teacher Brings the amendment in each phenomenon of life and in it and the management consists. The terrestrial consciousness perceives everything in own way, but the Teacher on the guard and Seeks to specify, in what a mistake in thinking and as it is necessary to correct a current of thoughts. Let's appreciate this constant Care and Attention, in them – the Hand of the Teacher. Let's accept them warmly and with understanding that the way was direct. Everything is good on the place, and nothing is put above the Teacher or even at least for a while distances or separates from It. By this situation also we will be guided in life.

656. (Guru). Put the Teacher of Light in the consciousness above all and will first all – on the right track, - but having forgotten about it at least for a time in fumes experiences terrestrial, already deviates from a way. To the teacher in the morning in consciousness the first thought, and the last – at withdrawal to a dream, and in life – the first place. It is always, everywhere and in everything. And go if you want to succeed, not greatly, without hesitation, stops and wanderings unnecessary.

657. (Mother World). My time came. To that signs are given. They see. Time find also to give Me in your understanding. The greatest phenomenon can pass unnoticed by consciousness if the last isn't prepared. Therefore I want to open soul eyes to Cosmic the occurring phenomena. My Beam, which for the first time have reached Earth more than a quarter of the century back, nowadays become available to distinguished consciousnesses in forms, more obvious and available. My beams become reality for spirits, to its consonance, because I enter into life as the Defender, the Trustee and Lay ahead about the people. Everyone, accepted Me, the share receives or will receive not greatly. Reality not denied I Will become for accepted Me, and into their life I Will enter, and spirit them I Will ennoble. Victoriously My Beams join the world going to a victory of Light over the struck by darkness. Children of Earth, you I Call disputes, both quarrels, and contentions having left, to rally under Life Beams, to you Me sent to Earth more closely. Time came, time came Power, both Care, and Love Mother World to learn!

658. (Sep. 24). The elements of water take big and ardent part in all processes of life happening on a planet, as well as other elements. This work has to happen in full harmony of elements with each other. The moment planetary is dangerous that this balance is broken. Activity of elements is strained. They flooded banks. Elements submit to mental energy of the person. If mental energy of the person is integrated in peace and friendly cooperation, this force establishes harmony and balance if isn't present in elements, balance of elements is broken and they seek to prove in chaos and destruction. The world of the whole world is necessary for restraint of elements. Elements are concluded and in a human body. Having operated them in itself, it can operate them and outside. Collectively the mankind can easily operate elements, but at a full consent between itself. The world of the whole world is the moment requirement. There is no other way to counterbalance the rage of elements caused by hostility and distemper between people. Balancing them in itself, the person can start their restraint and on a planet. The highest principles of a planet are people. Therefore elements also submit to them, but at mutual among themselves consent. Without balance of spirit in itself, outside not counterbalance and not subdue elements. There is a wish to shout to people that came round, while the getting is good, at least for the sake of own rescue.

659. (M.A.Y.). Always on patrol, always on the guard, anywhere and something around is and will be the success guarantee.

660. (Guru). Constancy will show in unusual conditions pledge of a victory.

661. (Mother World). My children, I Will call you under an umbrella soon Dukkar, you, Me recognizing

662. (Sept. 25). (Mother World). Than Identity on the Hierarchy Ladder is higher, especially "I" am dissolved personal small at approach to It. Any approach to the Highest demands any dismissal from itself, and the higher, it is more. In the Stronghold there is no place to the personal beginning. Directing to the Father of Light, it is necessary to forget about itself, - especially, in Spheres of Mother of the World. Don't come nearer there, not able to come off it. There is nothing to do to the one, who is burdened by the egoism. Pure and free there is there a spirit. And the first condition of approach – self-rejection from personal "I". The microcosm has to become the Macrocosm to embrace Macrocosm. Personal "I" houses having left; it is possible to concern Me. Let's study all small, all every day; the narrow terrestrial to leave all when time of distant flights comes. The astral – a receptacle of the personal beginning, can't go beyond terrestrial aura. Means, the conductor has to be higher and is thinner. The menthol exempted from burden of the comic beginning will be it. And before starting Communication with Me, it is necessary to order covers, having separated astral feelings and emotions from the highest conductors and having led them to silence. Let terrestrial voices will break off inside, let vanity sounding, both then will stop, and only then music of spheres becomes available, and my Kingdom which other-worldly, will start revealing before consciousness. Consider that the formula "Be Rejected from Itself and Follow Me" is the main condition of approach to Light, and the carrier it is possible to imagine it on the Far Star. Aren't pertinent on it the house in which we live, clothes which we wear, nor feelings, nor thoughts which fill consciousness during the usual day. All new, all other, all not as, is at you. For perception of new conditions the consciousness has to be exempted in the spirit of from the old. It is possible; it is possible to reach Me, if the decision is firm more strongly than environment attractions.

663. My son, everything made by the person, is depicted in his aura, and it on itself bears no erasable signs of the acts. And it is good if he has nothing to be ashamed. The moment for each spirit when naked essence it is necessary to appear before other consciousnesses comes. Also everything made on Earth secretly becomes visible obviously to all. A lot of courage is necessary, it is a lot of will and hardness not to become puzzled and to lose the advantage of spirit and consciousness of the force when everything, so carefully preserve and hidden from foreign eyes, becomes general property. The confusion, shame, feeling of the pettiness and a little imperiously seizes the person, and the burden of a shame becomes intolerable. But the advantage of spirit should be kept nevertheless, despite everything. Nor judge, nor to condemn it isn't granted the right to anybody, except the Highest, but they don’t condemn. They know and now each of you such what it is, without covers. To condemn, and to mock, and those, who the rights to judge have no will bear malice. Here before them also it is necessary to show a courage face, a hardness face, a tranquility face, a face of balance and full advantage of spirit in spite of the fact that the book of fulfillments is open. Also relatives, having seen that, didn't suspect during lifetime on Earth, can apply condemnation and cause shame and sufferings. And to it is necessary to prepare and temper spirit it mentally against possible condemnations and burdening by condemnation from, with who are connected close. But force in itself realized and approved any degree of impassivity can pass through these heavy tests, balance without having lost, and in it there will be a victory. Monsters of a threshold will snatch on crossing through it: all courage and tranquility should be collected to meet face to face objective essence of all the defects and the shortcomings, expressed in visible astral forms of the Thin World, and they should be met passionlessly, and it is necessary to win against them. Therefore we will temper courage on life; we will approve balance, tranquility and fearlessness in the face of life. In the spirit of we will learn to pass through everything, without losing balance of spirit. And if it took place, not terribly already will be to pass, keeping it, before those who has no it or had no during lifetime. Before one incarnation it will be easy to pass, bared by itself if the victory over took place because who in forces to judge the winner? Means, the victory should be reached any price because the feeling of humiliation and a shame for the hidden acts is intolerable, both it is intolerable, and burns down worse than fire. But the winner of, balance approved, is impregnable anybody and anything." You judge if you can, – he will tell judges voluntary, – you judge if you won against yourselves and reached what I reached my spirit in life of terrestrial, full fight and sufferings. You judge if you want, but know that to Me one judge – the Lord, - and here you that for Me you, for Me who has put the Lord above all, over everything, and including over you. To Me He is a judge, instead of you, and your court My spirit doesn't recognize. My way is Farther, and the Name Its, Me called and recognized Me the son, despite My all shortcomings, I rule to leave to you me and not to block a way to Me. Not you’re names, but His name I went through life and His Name I direct and after death to It, to the Lord of Light. And you blocking My way, you to Me not friends, and therefore away from My way". To friends and relatives tell:" Here I before you what is. My way is Farther. Who wants to go with me as went during lifetime, we will go together. And paradise with the Lord together was promised the robber, and the loose woman is approached. The way is ordered to nobody. I go further. And you? How you think? With Me is, or one? Perhaps, you are perfection? Then we not on the way are. I still should pass many lives to become perfect to any degree because only One God is perfect. You at your perfection and “good” yours also remain, I have to more many over myself work. Farewell, friends, but others you don't judge, because with your condemnation and you will remain. And I the way am Farther, and there is no time already to dig in garbage terrestrial".

664. (M.A.Y.). My son, go through everything and before anything and before anybody don't incline. Your way is solved forever and on all future. It is a way to the Lord and with the Lord. And voices interfering indulge in Its Will. So, for the sake of it, and go, the Name you will win against everything, it is necessary what to win. Remember: victory any price.

665. (Guru). Don't judge only the winner. And if you want court to avoid, win. Also you won't be judged neither here, nor there because everything that made in life, crowned a victory, - and crowns business the end.

666. (Sep. 26). The storage of Space thought comprises everything, ever the thought spirit of the person from his first steps of conscious life and to the highest, to not predicates, to a step of Planetary Spirits above. And these thoughts are available to the person. The perception goes according to the accord. Can't apprehend primitive races the highest thoughts, or rough consciousness is distinguished. Refinement, refinement of the receiver causes character and degree of perceived thoughts. The consciousness, like a radio receiver, can be adjusted on any wave if development allows. The accord occurs on compliance. That compliance took place, it is necessary to collect and save up in the microcosm elements, conformable to nature of perception. Without compliance process becomes impossible. It is impossible to apprehend if there is nothing. He, the essence the person conformable to him perceives thoughts. The law of the accord operates the world. And all live consonance with the world outside on compliance. Accumulation of the necessary or desirable can consciously be made. The spirit takes the evolution in hand and creates the necessary channel of aspiration. It is necessary to reject any g guessing, uncertainty and uncertainty. The law works precisely and steadily. The evangelical formula "One will reap what he'll sow" represents itself one of forms of diverse expression of the law of the accord. As well to knock, and it is possible to ask, but expecting results in exact and full compliance with the premised thought. Certainly, in the basis of process the thought creating the demanded accord lies. What the person in reply can expect, having addressed to whom that or to something on black fires of rage, hatred or cruelty? Certainly, the answer will come according to the accord with these smoky fires. As also the thought sent by clean heart, doesn't remain meek. It is possible to address thought to any Identity standing at steps of the Scale of ranks, and brightness of the answer will be on address degree. Under different names in different centuries the same Great Spirits, by Appears for mankind which Conduct it on ways of Space outlines are hidden. Hierarchically in this or that form, under this or that name always Specifies the closest ways of the address to the Highest that the person lonely and left in the Great Bosom of Space Life didn't feel, but would know that Those Who Conducts it are close. Availability of the Highest Shapes should be realized before to address to Them. The address goes as, submitting to the accord law. And the mood of the receiver plays a crucial role. You ask, and it will be given you, but on compliance, but according to the accord of your microcosm with Beams of that Consciousness to which you addressed. The key in hands of the person also depends on it, how much time to turn and as.

667. (Mother World). To Me addressing, remember that reply I will Sate your address with energy, conformable to your spirit. The frame of My Beams is wide and immeasurable a step of your consciousness therefore you can scoop from Me infinitely. The magnetic wave of spirit directed to Me, will bring and will attract everything from my Beams that is able to attract, but it is no more than force of the tension. Therefore I Speak: "Direct, give, generate a wave of tension directed, strain hearts fires, and the light of my Beams will fill in you. But strain, but don't show indifference and indifference, but strong wish to gather heart from My Beams". And, truly, it will be given you on power of your aspiration, and hunger of spirit will be saturated. Also you will scent heart that, validly, Mother, you generated from the Beam is close to you.

668. (M.A.Y.). Correctly, my son, not us on ourselves has the importance, but only on extent of expression and a display us will calling us. Those Who Stands behind us and Whose Will for execution we bring to the world cause our importance and give sense to everything made and created by us. If to take away from us Standing behind us, all our work and our mission will lose the sense. Therefore the formula of Great Heart given to mankind and put into words of the Savior that "I in itself anything, but the Father my, staying in me, It Creates", concerns all without an exception of Attendants of Light, all Attendants of Hierarchy, as well as you following It, behind Hierarchy of Light. Therefore you learn to act not in it; it isn't separated, but together with Standing for. So understand that means to work with the Name of the Teacher, or for the sake of it, or his Force and his Beams. I remembered, what not you, but It in you is powerful and invincible, and that you without It – anything, but with It – force mighty, fiery, invincible.

669. (Guru). I, Mother Agni Yogi, the Lord is all in one Beam of Great Mother of the World, and all of us – one. And you with us be too one, in one integrated whole merged. And together we will create, and our creativity will be fiery and unlike that people create. Learn to act on the Highest Beam. To them you will succeed in everything. Learn to act safely and surely. So we act.

670. (Sep. 27). My son, reality force on Me is kept by consciousness. Whether you understand that it is all about that to keep consciousness on the chosen Shape. And Beams of aura of the elected Hierarch will sate aura of the spirit which has directed to It. You know how the aspiration is difficult. But the rhythm is given. Rhythm you will enter in an inner sanctum and a rhythm of win.

671. Let's divide everything round us into two parts: that remains behind, and that with us will arrive. Both to that, and another we will find time, but on commensurability. Incommensurably to give strength of mind that will pass and it will be forgotten strong. But fruitful will be consciousness to fill with that remains with you forever. The person is a process. The great stream of life flows through its microcosm, triple on a being and dual on structure. Fiery grain of spirit moves through it, and it, in turn, flows through its covers. But spirit grain in invariable spontaneous essence remains indestructible, though layers experience and knowledge. The Dumb Witness Looking from within – the collector of experience of life. It is necessary to claim this eternal silent Presence of the Highest that is in the person in consciousness. It is necessary to make Presence it tangible and notable, it is necessary to realize it in life of usual day. Everything flows, but you Looking. Everything lives, you live also, you suffer, you suffer, you worry and you rejoice, but Silently Looking in you on everything that and in you happens to you, It is you, instead of you rejoicing or suffering. Duality passing phenomena is under it, below, It, Looking, over them and out of them. It in a stream, but out of it, It in life, but out of it, It is you, but not you, and Looking at everything that happens to you. You are mortal, both the body, and your covers can be taken away from you, but not him Looking eternally because He is eternal and aren't destroyed. And your spirit is closer to It, than a body, an astral and menthol. They only spirit tools, or the conductors of consciousness given to you for the period of one life to be replaced with others and new. But It is constant, on the eternal patrol, collecting a harvest from lives terrestrial. The body is temporary, is longer – thin, is even longer – mental, but everything is dumped eventually, and It Remains in a body of Light and in a body of Light and nowadays in you Stays. Light body – its eternal cover growing in the Light, and It only one is invariable. Separate in itself obviously the principles of their various duration in time and, having separated, think, what attention, care and leaving is deserved by each of them, find it the correct understanding and a place in your microcosm, and to everyone do justice, and before everyone execute a debt, because are given you for wise use and opportunities of accumulation of experience of life. And everyone value understand, opportunities, the purpose and restrictions. And to everyone give on its importance. The partition will help with consciousness of conductors to mastering by them and will give the chance of conscious use them on the corresponding plans. Ability to use the bodies on different plans of life is Arhat’s advantage. But before it is necessary separate them from each other in consciousness. It is hard, because they are connected very much between themselves and movement in one immediately causes response in others. The thought generates feelings and emotions, and feelings – thought, and the ball of human experiences starts vibrating obviously. Impassivity teaches how to separate movements in an astral from the highest covers and not to allow merge to them, balance – too. There are qualities of spirit which, bridling astral, separate this violent cover from the Highest "I" and subordinate it. It is the first step to a partition of conductors for full mastering by them. Each attempt of mastering self is not without consequences. Each effort to stop movement in an astral cover approaches to the power over it. It is possible, it is possible to live the whole hour, or even the whole day, or even I kiss life without a display It is possible even to dump absolutely it, having led to silence. Full impassivity will be an award of the winner, complete equilibrium and the power over. The tranquility is a spirit wreath. It crowns a forehead of the winner, an astral subordinated powerfully.

672. (Mother World). In space of Light there is no place to a violent astral. Therefore to Me direct spirit or in menthol. Means, terrestrial small feelings remain far below, on Earth. It is difficult to dismember it and terrestrial to leave. But the Highest my Spheres of vibrations terrestrial don't pass. Therefore it is necessary to tower and spirit to rise over everything that so imperiously captures consciousness on Earth. To approve an attraction of my Beams, terrestrial gravitations should be moderated. The Highest is incompatible with the lowest. Something nevertheless should prefer and something to fill consciousness at the expense of something. Two misters can't serve without prejudice to consciousness. Therefore choose what to prefer. The choice great goes on the ground, a choice and selection. And so Light the Highest there isn't enough chosen. Choice is last and last selection by the indication of Calls of space.

673. When the sphere of personal experiences and a display of egoism cover and darken influence of Spheres the Highest, the spirit descend, and even it’s falling, becomes inevitable. Simply light leaves an unusable receptacle and is replaced with darkness, - and when darkness around, derogation from Light painfully. Where to you to find forces not to go back a step? Only in the Teacher is of Light. But also it is possible to approach to It, only about itself having forgotten and the egoism to It for itself without dragging. Why to It what you will dump from yourselves when time will come? You the light, but not darkness, seek to concern it. Rage of personal and astral experiences of the Teacher is not to concern. Let the ardent astral cover before the Face Great will break off, and then Light of its Beam becomes available. And you try to come nearer in a stupor of personal experiences. Them lead to tranquility and only then direct. Otherwise not approve the accord. The best and the highest in the Highest out of themselves we reach and we begin to it consonance. Look for, but in the spirit of, you ask, not the egoism let asks, but spirit. And, spirit having directed; receive in the spirit of the asked.

674. (M.A.Y.). Yes! Yes! Yes! I confirm the value of Records of sent thoughts three times. Records are necessary. Their value will be found only in time. Therefore write, without arguing. It is possible to argue then after Record is ended. Many would like to write down, but as how? Can sit and concentrate for hours and 5ке not to squeeze out everything lines. But when the thought smoothly and freely joins the conformable receiver of consciousness, so contact is strong and Communication takes a place. My son, the most amazing and most rare ability you have the thoughts sent by the Lord, clearly and accurately to imprint. This ability appreciates. Equal to you will find among mortal a little and you can consider, this great gift of spirit not without reason got.

675. (Guru). My friend what you that in to increase energy treasure do? Whether everything, what in your forces? Or so is far as? You won't be mistaken if you set this problem of the major. After all it also will be a task of the statement of fiery power in itself. On fires of spirit the Lord to It coming Estimates. Really it wants to appear in the last ranks? But if you want to be ahead, the forces and the desire put to how to save up and collect crystals of fiery (mental) energy. You can conduct this accumulation continued, and at any time, and in any conditions, and always. Also you know how to do it. It was told enough, it is necessary to apply and remember only that qualities of spirit are attraction channels to the sphere of spirit of spatial fire.

676. (Sep. 28). (Mother World). Mother Me call because the highest, all the best, all the most expensive that the person has all and that is connected with concept of mother, he received from the Great Feminine giving to it life on Earth and in the worlds. To understand essence of Two Beginnings from which everything precedes, means to approach to a life source. Father, which and Heavens, and the Mother World, truly, is Space Parents of the person. So, the World is based on greatness of two Beginnings, and the Era of Mother of the World marks itself approach of consciousness human to one of them. It gave the statement of Space ways of human spirit, the Lord – their Son, who has voluntary assumed Great mission of evolutionary advance of mankind on steps of an infinite ladder of spirit. Three they are indissoluble; the spirit of the person with the Space the Father, Mother and the Son, Earth the Leader is indissoluble also. The Lord is above Announce of the Great Beginning of Mother of the World, Era which in the next spiral of evolution again begins on your planet, but in new aspect, in the conditions still never earlier existing on Earth. New Beams allow begin this New Step connected with existence of unusual cosmic-spatial conditions. Beams new approved this Step, and on free will of people depend to accept or reject. Accepted will live, rejected not able will be to sustain the press atmospheres, penetrated by new fiery energies which, thanks to denial, won't be able to be combined with emanations of nervous system of the person. Wires of nerves won't sustain and will simply fuse. That is why assimilation by consciousness of New Beams and new conditions so insistently it is necessary. That is why it is necessary Preannounce and acceptance of Envoys of Light, Light of the Dawn of New life to Earth bearing.

677. My son, in Me everything, and the Mother Great World in Me and through Me you learn because I am the Alpha and Omega. In Me also look for. With you My Beams I Shroud you and power of spirit I Allow to struggle with darkness and to resist to it. You know already as it is strong and as the Chaos is strong, but with Me forces you will find the winner to come out from this unequal fight. Remember: the winner always and in everything, but when with Me. I want to see you the winner, severely and powerfully going through life. I want to see you the force realized, strength of spirit, fiery force inside. What can opposite to it and who if with Me you together and are close? The force realizes there is it no limit if it is called consciously. I in fiery your power Approve you, ready any minute to help to apply in operation energy the fiery. You not one, you with Us, the son our going and is the pupil. Arhat’s wreath – your destiny, your future also is great. You, in darkness of the present Us recognizing and in My Name approving Light, you to us the employee, the assistant, both spirit close and loving Us, and Us darling. Ours you, because son of Light.

678. (M.A.Y.). Opportunities new are given. They should be accepted and, having accepted, to apply in operation. The assignment remains not cancelled. Its essence is in the aura to the world to bear Light. Through radiations of aura Light the Highest is transferred to the world. The life purpose is shining the world with Light, from Hierarchy of Light proceeding. Carriers of Light we call those who on a chain of Hierarchy transfer it to spheres underlying, to people. To people to bear light – your destiny, and your mission – to bear Light in effect the, spheres around lighting up.

679. (Guru). I rejoice, seeing as devotion inflexible and the constant memory about Sent helps firmly and to conduct safely the ship of spirit through waves of the risen elements. Both the hand is firm, and the course is right, and the Beam of the Lord, the Specifying the direction is bright.

680. (Sep. 29). The understanding is correct: terrestrial experiences can't indulge too, especially dark: the distinguished nervous system painfully reacts and loses the mood and coordination. It is necessary to be guided by the principle: smothering a measure knows and, if the soul protests, so the measure is passed. Not without consequences everything, and consequently, both each emotion and a feeling-knowledge. Correctly, and that, what creativity run low, if feeling-knowledge are transferred to the corporal. Many opportunities can be lost an incommensurability of actions. Let all of them be under control and are regulated by will. The love if overweight is given it the physical party leaves even. And people instead of rapprochement start hating each other. The monotony and monotone of impressions creates a commonness accompanied by flour. Fire dissipated excessively goes out, the magnetic attraction stops. Radiations auras don't last any more to each other and the divergence becomes inevitable. Therefore spiritual bankruptcy internal and loss of fires lead to obviously certain consequences. It is necessary to know precisely to what conduct these or those actions, and not to be surprised any more before inevitability of a consequence. The principle of an open casket in relationship human is applied widely irrespective of, people know about it or not. If want something or someone to hold, show restraint in feelings, acts, words and the actions. The usual book which has been repeatedly read loses the interest and can't be compared with new, yet readied, but the casket closed, and then only preserved, keep magnetic properties. Even if the Teacher was compelled to become invisible and visible that people kept the due attitude towards Him what to speak about people usual. Disclosure of up to the end in actions, words and acts means full loss of magnetic properties of spirit and ability of an attraction, that is deduction near even followers, even the friends even devoted and close people. Exhaustion is unacceptable in anything.

681. Accumulation of fires and waste of seed liquid are incompatible. That is why at some steps of yoga full abstention is required. Some phenomena and the phenomena of mental energy are impossible at violation of this condition. Service to fire demands victims, and the first of them – abstention. Abstention doesn't mean terrible asceticism, but at the same time it doesn't allow dissoluteness of mental energy when not the person owns desire, but desire – to them is uncontrolled. The law of self-preservation demands from the person of discretion in the actions. It is possible to study on everything, and the main thing, on mistakes. It is important to see harm from the made mistake, and then its repetition becomes undesirable or even impossible. So learns life of the one who wants to study.

682. If you want somebody to lose, reveal to it everything, give everything, tell everything and don't leave anything intimate or unexpressed. So you will lose the best friend, darling and pupils.

683. (M.A.Y.). We know, both we see, and we want that each mistake was realized and understood. In it and life consists: to see and understand not to do any more, - because the strong does out of ignorance, instead of on weakness. Who will consciously want to do itself (himself) harm? Study on everything, always and everywhere!

684. (Guru). We see and mourn that mistakes are still possible. Better without them – the karma is purer because last long. It isn't necessary to forget that the essence human doesn't change suddenly and tendencies of the main tones of aura paint actions of the person. And anything in it, shown long and persistently, can't be eradicated by one only desire. A number of actions, long and persistent are necessary. To words don't trust them. Words are trusted by blind men. But you are able to see.

685. (Mother World). Star seen in the morning in the blue sky is the Star of Mother of the World. My Star costs over Earth and to Earth send Beams. The thought, to its directed, attracts these Beams and makes available. Think of the Star of morning, simply thoughts sending about it. Time of great shifts comes. In the spirit of be ready and show aspiration towards to going Beams.

686. (Saint. 30). Let's define concept of not coherence." The connected souls" (according to Platon) are the spirits which have connected the consciousness with Earth is so strong, and is strong, and completely that for the Elevated place any more doesn't remain. Everything, what not from Earth, doesn't take a place in their consciousness. The consciousness is directed by their all the energies to Earth and the magnetic attraction to it work strong. At release of spirit from a body the attraction continues to work on the same objects (attraction) and the spirit is attached to Earth and terrestrial. Dramatic nature that they don't realize the coherence, believing that and has to be and that life other not exist. But even the small aspiration out of limits of this closed sphere already punches a gap to spheres others, and the exit becomes possible. Therefore the belief about mustard grain to the Worlds over Earth already gives any hope of release. The thought directed out of limits of dense conditions, creates magnetic communication of spirit with a subject of the aspirations and when the body any more doesn't disturb and doesn't hold spirit on Earth, the attraction starts working in the put direction. Throw further and higher these magnetic aspirations, they "will carry away you up, to Spheres Elevated, and will help to be exempted from attractions terrestrial. It is possible to put these magnets consciously, scattering them in space. Flammarion, directing to stars, the Distant Worlds, a way to itself to spatial freedom prepared, and open spaces Space were for it spheres of an attraction of its spirit. Sang this fire spirit reaped fruits of the aspirations and freedom on open spaces interstellar with the work provided. Knowing the person and a focus of his interests, it is very easy to foretell that waits for it after transition of Great Borders because everyone will reap that seeded, that is fruits of the aspirations. Therefore I Speak:" Direct, all forces apply to your aspiration, because your aspiration is a leading magnet of spirit". If thought of any person immediately you connect yourself with him, and about a subject – with a subject or a thing of which you think, especially this communication if you think of Spirits Great, of Spheres of the Distant Worlds is strong. Magnetic connection is established instantly, and the channel of the highest influences begins display a live-barely exchange of energies. I speak: "Direct, because you can Ripley to reap on your aspiration. The law works precisely and the response brings according to the accord. Direct!"

687. Certainly, magnetic communication of spirit with the Teacher of Light fruitful always. Measure full can scoop spirit at the approved Communication from a perennial spring of Light. Receiving limits – in him and if he to itself not put any limits and restrictions, and the Knowledge in the receiver of consciousness arrives freely and beyond all bounds. Truly, I Speak to you, all is available and all is opened. Time of unknown opportunities came. Everyone, come and take, how many will be able to contain consciousness. Capacity that is ability of consciousness to contain that is containment, extent of receiving spatial Knowledge, spatial thought is defined, and other measures aren't present. So everyone receives on that brought that is the high-capacity vessel or baskets big brought more in them and will receive. Therefore stock up with vessels of bigger capacity because the small will be overflowed quickly and there is nothing will be generously allowed to accept gifts.

688. (M.A.Y.). When the receiver of consciousness is opened in full readiness, constant, persistent and approved as a rhythm, the Elevated Knowledge a wide wave joins the heart opened to Light. It also will be a feeling-knowledge that is direct knowledge of spirit, and the benefit to the one who in the heart approved this perennial spring of the highest knowledge.

689. (Guru). If you feel that forces are spent over put and balance is broken, were successful in silence of silence of the inner world and in it, having separated from external vanity, strength again you will derive, and balance you will restore, and again strong you will feel. Because there, in the depth of spirit, is hidden the source of fiery power. From it scoop and study.

690. (Mother World). To the Star direct Mine. Carefully and rhythmically break through the channel aspiration. The answer I Send of vibration Light Beams Mine. Magnetic you will connect yourself with My Sphere and you will enter into My Orbit. Direct!

691. (Oct. 1). Life of spirit is life in the spirit of, but not in a body and not a body. All corporal is not from spirit. The closest to spirit is a thought; thinks of spirit through yours the covers. Brain is the spirit device. Body and all covers is its tools and tools that is conductors, - but it over all over them, their Supreme master and mister, their managing director and the director. The power belongs to it, but not to covers. Tendencies and tendencies essence elements of the crystallized energies which have been saved up round grain of spirit. They act with the fires, inducing spirit to that it collected in itself for future identifications. If accumulation good and fires pure, the benefit to the spirit which has saved up them. But if collected elements don't correspond to the highest aspirations of spirit and attract it back or down, tendencies of the past should be overcome or paralyzed. It is possible only under a condition if aspiration fire up exceeds fires of the energies crystallized in aura. Fight in itself with the past going from a fog of left times – the considerable page in life of ascending spirit. Tendencies, tendencies and habits go from depth of human essence. All of them are from the old person in it. The lunar not gets rid essence totals million years of existence, and to eradicate the lunar person in itself a task hard. That is why and specifies way of fiery yoga. Fires of the revealing centers, changing a human body, burn out lunar heritage, replacing it solar. Solar way before it is specified as antipode of a lunar track of spirit. The spirit is fire. The sun is the center of spatial fire for our system. Therefore a way of the person is to the Sun. But magnetism of the Moon is great. In it the past of the person is concentrated. The dead planet sends the pernicious beams to Earth, attracting and attracting in the orbit all and everything, which is averted from rays of light, from a solar track of spirit. Lunar Con is deification of triumphing darkness and a place of stay of fallen consciousnesses. This kingdom of spirits of darkness is Marakara. Therefore the way of the Sun and a way of a lunar track are deeply symbolical. Therefore fight against lunar heritage inside is fight of light against darkness. Therefore the lunar reflex, inertness and lack of will are indicators of lunar ways. Mediumizm and any weak-willed immersion in embraces of the lowest astral is immersion in darkness and a sign of falling of spirit. Strong-willed vigor, tension, fight, aspiration to a victory is an essence signs of a solar way. The doctrine of tension is the life doctrine because the highest tension of energies is shown in the Sun. But the Moon is dead, and tension of its magnetism is tension of fluids of death. In a decaying body of the person there is too the intense life, death and disintegration life. But this tension is a final celebration of forces of destruction and death over life forces. We Speak about tension of forces of life creating, construction and light. In himself the person can observe existence of these two types of energies: life and creation energies and death and destruction energies. One is fiery, solar, others is lunar. And the fiery will of spirit, others – lunar lack of will and decadence of spirit, involution will be a binding symbol of the first and behind them is final decomposition and death. The solar fiery way is a way of the will growing in fight for Light. The person has to overcome a lunar stupor of inertness, lack of will and stagnation in him. Fight everyday also is persistent. Be mistaken, mistaken, but in operation, but applying strong energy them. In ardent action it will be selected well from bad, but in ooze of marsh stagnation only decomposition expects the spirit, enveloping the sticky and tenacious embraces. I'm saying: "Act. Strong, safely, solely, directing to the Highest, that you have; fight for Light, be afraid of rest, be afraid of lack of will most of all. And strong you seek to replace a reflex of your actions with strong-willed consciousness". The last person constantly sticks out on a proscenium in your consciousness. It should be replaced; it should be replaced with consciousness of the militant spirit which has found in the statement of fiery will one more release from chains of the past.

692. Soldiers I Call you not without reason. Fight for the statement in itself new understanding of life and the new person goes constantly. The old person struggles with new, the lunar clown with the winner fiery. There are no the indifferent acts, everyone declines scales on this or that party. Tension of internal energies – a right indicator of that the winner acts. That is why tension Doctrine is specified. Vigilance, vigilance, patrol, restraint a constant, self-control, controls – all this demands the great tension of spirit and all this specifies that the way is correct. You remember: fight till the end and under any conditions. To lay down arms and to hang spirit means defeat and a victory of a lunar track. Everything, spirit burning, is our people. Fire unites all in a strong and strong family of Attendants of Light. If you want, it is possible to call the yogi the Attendant of Fire. You serve Fire courageously and solemnly.

693. (M.A.Y.). You feel heart, and you believe in our proximity, and on the belief you receive. Belief magneto is in essence. The belief is a powerful magnet of spirit. It is the fiery force directed by consciousness towards to the phenomena of a certain order for involvement of them in an orbit of the spirit and the statement in life. Many don't understand magnetization of belief, carrying it to the sphere of not clear feeling-knowledge. No, it not foggy feelings, is powerful force, fiery by the nature and able to attract the desirable phenomena in the orbit. These are the same anchors of spirit, throwing which in space or in the future, it is possible to tighten consciousness to desirable object. The Teacher Speaks, you trust and you enter object of belief or recognition into the sphere. Even not to reach a pole if not to believe in its existence. The belief is a display feeling-knowledge, feeling of what doesn't see still eyes, but feels already heart. All opening and great inventions are carried out by belief. Accidents here don't happen, they are subordinated to the law of will and magneto is attracted to the researcher. On belief and you receive from our proximity; on belief receive more than of what nowadays you don't dare and to dream.

694. (Guru). Mistakes are possible, and mistakes are admissible. They even are inevitable. But we will consider them as steps of a ladder of an ascension that is to study on each of them to, correctly how to arrive. To take everything from a mistake that it can give instructive, means to take one more steps forward. So even mistakes, delusions it is possible to force to serve itself as it is possible to force both all conditions, and all circumstances of life. Remember: there are no conditions opposite. Everything serves the winner to approve a way victorious. This consciousness and go; victory is ahead, because you go with the Lord.

695. (Mother World). The son My, you see how it is consecutive display approach steps to Me. The aspiration sent to space, creates magnetic communication, and on this wire of spirit there is saturation by its energies of that Essence to which the spirit directs. The law is simple, but is effective. And the accord triumphs a spirit victory. If you want Proximity bigger, - strain aspiration. Has to solve itself that wanted by spirit? The scale of my vibrations, or Rays of light, is so wide that your spirit has to define itself that it from My Treasury wants to take magnetic. It is necessary to issue aspiration more accurately. The vagueness and uncertainty doesn't yield results. It is necessary to know precisely that wants spirit. You ask, but know that you ask. Look for, but know that you look for before finding. The energy magnetic directed, has to have the clearness and definiteness, as an arrow sent to the purpose. In this clearness of aspiration is pledge of the guarantee of success. The response will follow if there was a call. But after all the calling knows whom calls and that wants. People usually don't know that want, but you, addressing to Me, know, and the answer won't slow down. So Specify!

696. (Mother World). Your question: In what conditions spirits in Bosom Mine stay? Answer: The spirits which directed to Me and have left Earth, are distributed on Beams. And only conformable spirits close each other on the essence get to the sphere of separate Beams. It creates harmony of souls and full coherence of the sphere both above, and below. Ants live together, and pines grow in pine to pine forest, and birches – in a birch wood, both fishes and animals keep together. This is weak reflection of the highest accords. As also people are distributed in My Spheres according to the accord. These Spheres reach only spirits, to Me directed. Not overcome terrestrial gravitations and attracted to Earth terrestrial desires remain in Earth atmosphere. To Me there are free spirits. Life everywhere; life means symmetry and creation in a counterbalance to a disorder and Chaos. Comers to Me help Me with work on life maintenance, that is cooperate with Me in spatial and space work. Instead of terrestrial cares all receive creativity of spirit and can create, and create, and to cooperate with Me in great work of maintenance of life. This work is fascinating and captures these employees My small entirely. In My Beams is creativity of spirit, which blossoms with an unknown force. It is wrong to think that my employees stay in rest of inaction. Tension of the Highest Spheres doesn't allow calm, and work all with love, delight and ecstasy. And the pleasure accompanies spatial work, and the field of new opportunities, and fruitful each effort of spirit is inexhaustible. Freedom from terrestrial gravitations attracts to Me only untied souls; both it is easy, and it is joyful in My Spheres. You, children of Earth, I Call in employees and for you I Wait in my Bosom, but direct, but Mother Existing recognize in Me, you from My Beams Generated and you Calling to join My Beams consciously. But direct, and I Will meet you, desired and waiting, Love of Elevated Beams.

697. (Oct. 2). My son is better not to know, than to betray. Betrays knowing something to which something is entrusted. Treachery will be born trust. Before to entrust something, it is necessary to think well, whether hands to which the entrusted is transferred are reliable. Everyone, not approved in the Doctrine, can become the free or involuntary traitor. Therefore sharp-sightedly meet the suitable. And it is better to do everything most. Approached through someone are unreliable, it is possible because to rely only on itself. Unreliability lighten the striking is. It isn't enough of those whom it is possible to call by Doctrine pillars, – units. All the rest hesitates, mistaken and tests doubt attacks. Also it is empty around. And there is nobody to rely. And heart, in trust opened, always under the threat of blows. The small evil- default put a counterbalance to received knowledge and full-openness of heart replace with vague sincerity. Also are surprised that the particle of that benefit for the sake of which approached decays. On whom it is possible rely and to whom to trust? On anybody and to anybody, is only to the Teacher. The heart opening, remember that everyone is ready to trample the heel if circumstances develop as appropriate. Both fidelity, and the devotion, shown at present, is conditional and unreliable. And the thought quietly already breaks through channels in space for new extra mental treachery. And when circumstances will develop favorably for the incorrectness display new, for the present not realized, treachery will be made. Human it is hard to change nature. Once changed there is a traitor always. The gap in aura is punched, and then to close up it? All attempts to lick a gaping crack to anything. Through it unnecessary thoughts will interfere. How the friend unreliable becomes reliable and the deceiver will cease to deceive when deception ate in its essence? Why to close eyes to reality? It is possible to forgive and is angry not to remember, but whether it is possible to change what was formed in the person for eyelids? Falsity of nature – the phenomenon not casual, but a fruit of long accumulation, and it isn't necessary be touched repentance. Hidden essence will take nevertheless top, both again blows, and again the destiny will force to pass through heavy tests. "The thief before the judge shows an example of honesty". And you look at people "in the dark the lane" when with himself and the judge doesn't see. The torn thread can be connected only in knots. Karma knots painful. It is better to be protected internally nevertheless even from relatives. Completeness of trust will give rise to neglect and, at worst, treachery. Where they who can trust and to trust entirely?
The crystal vase is broken. Try to stick together splinters. Whether it even if are collected all is possible? And, stuck together, whether it will show former value? So separate things irreparable from things reparable. Let seeming visibility don't cover that is and that was. Not to stick together a crystal vase. To whom the love or friendship stuck together and with cracks is necessary? Dark cracks curl, as snakes, as doubt and mistrust snakes. The stuck together vase isn't strong and values any more have no.

698. What to do? Anything! Protect true value, knowing that it costs. And to that was false, a place in consciousness finds, but not in the top floor, that is put on a due place. Both time, and attention, and a place in the heart already give on merits. But especially carefully to store and preserve an invariance of love, devotion and friendship which are Shown by the Teacher, because It is unchangeable.

699. You want to find those qualities which the Teacher possesses only in people. Your attempts are vain. Give nothing, except a heap of the shattered hopes and illusions. In Maya world not on as there is nobody to lean. Support one is the Teacher, in all worlds.

700. (M.A.Y.). It is necessary to pass from area of personal experiences to area of superpersonal feeling-knowledge. In future scheme of things personal a place it isn't taken away, and with personal it is better to finish now when it can cover this future and prevent advance.