Agni Yoga's facets, 1956 (701-950)

701. (Guru). Look at fight of the personal and superpersonal beginning, as at fight of Light against darkness, Light of the future with darkness of the last, new person in you with the shabby.

702. (Mother World). Personal measures leave and personal feelings reject when you direct to the Star of Mother of the World. Not to contain Greatness of Shining Mother of the World in a small personal framework of consciousness. Personal leave below, climbing up Top of the Mountain of Mother of the World! Personal the place there isn't present.

703. (Oct. 3). You consider that it happened nothing if day passed quietly. And whether you know reality? After all and a thousand share it isn't contained by consciousness. Its small circle limited to evidence, can't give a full picture of life of a planet. The bright sunny day hides from a look of depth of the Sky, and invisibility spheres in general are inaccessible to an eye. The planet floats on the ocean of world space as the ship by sea and who knows, what underwater rocks and banks can meet on the way. The Helmsman knows only. It Conducts the planetary ship. It Conducts and, seeing, Specify on thousands dangers menacing to swimming. Danger not in that, the ocean terrible, and in hat, the terrestrial ship becomes useless. The covering is unreliable, the bottom acquired cockleshells, and coordination of management is broken. The main functions the huge car is in frustration. By the ship ignorant passengers conduct the experiments of the unknown explosive force loosening all system and creating a gap in an external cover of a vessel. The disease of a planet and weight of brown gas threaten with possibility of break of congestions of gases and access of chaotic energy to aura of Earth. Balance of elements is broken to a limit, and explosions of the increasing and bigger force become possible. Specify on the general planetary trouble. Someone and somewhere else rolls in content and ignorance dazzle, but the Lord on the guard and Warns about the terrible danger menacing to Earth. It is necessary to result quickly in coherence consciousness of the people, differently not to operate the ship. I speak about rescue of Earth from horror of invasion of Chaos. But people of Earth are blind and deaf. How here to help the little, Me helping? I can Whisper only: terrible days came, you keep, as on a fire when the storming elements of fire don't give in to efforts struggling against it. Danger close rose, danger is again great.

704. (M.A.Y.). These terrible days it is necessary to keep closer to the Lord. It is necessary to find time that thought to hold, and stronger, unshakable consciousness, Hierarchy of Light. You keep. After all it is possible and not to keep.

705. (Guru). The army is strong, when it is integrated round the standing at the head. Also and Soldier Light. Close ranks more closely. The Lord to a victory Conducts.

706. (Mother World). The terrestrial mankind needs cooperation with Me. Without understanding there can't be a cooperation. But people are far from understanding of the Supreme Laws of Life. If don't want, don't want to understand voluntary the leading principles of life, so it is necessary to meet powerful return blow of the energiya removed by universal irresponsibility from an equilibrium state. It is necessary to assume blow. Masses will suffer, and those from people, whose eyes were closed especially densely and who was deaf and grew blind to preventions from above.

707. (Oct. 4). On greatness of two Beginnings – Man's and Female – it is constructed Existing. Mother Is one of them. Mother Agni Yogi was her representative on Earth which has personified fiery properties of the Great Feminine. It was the Envoy of the Brotherhood, Focus Light Lords, apprehended the whole world available to acceptance on Earth in a human cover of dense conditions. She lived among people, and with life human communicated widely, and was connected by thousand threads with all, who directed to It and in heart it found constantly new, unfading freshness of life. To be new always is Arhat's property. And this property was felt always in It by those who adjoined to this Great Spirit. The inextinguishable flame of heart burning in It, was reported to everything that her thought concerned. This inexpressible is raid of freshness and novelty eternally young, pulsing joy of life. It was an example of how it is necessary to go through life the Name of the Lord. Whether we know all depth and width of its spiritual life and a form of its cosmic-spaceal work? No, also we can't know, because for knowledge of the Highest it is necessary to lift also the consciousness on the corresponding step. But the obvious certificate we have that all three bodies were issued and dismembered and that conscious work in each of them was possible and available. Registration of a mental body was finished, and there was a process of transformation fiery when the issued fiery body involved the adaptation and a transmutation and bodies physical. In the conditions of usual, terrestrial, process is heavy and painful. But the feat of a baptism fiery, a feat of acceptance of spatial fire in a dense terrestrial cover was assumed voluntary and consciously. Only the ignoramus can think that chants, unearthly delights and sorrow less take-off of spirit accompany fiery transformation. Epiphany fiery, or process of transformation of all essence of the person under the influence of thin energy is long, difficult, both is painful, and is accompanied by body pains. Kindle of the center of lungs was so heavy that it was necessary to sit having become straight and not movably because the slightest movement caused sharp lung pain. And who tested, knows how Kundalini awakening when it is impossible to bend a back is painful, and sometimes even to go. There can't ascend spirit without body pains, and Fiery Mater enjoyed up to the end full bowl of sufferings when the physical body was crucified on a matter cross. The victim of its bike also is voluntary. However, the award is great also: full cooperation with the Lord and participation in Space Work were fruits of works of this self-sacrificing Spirit. And all this became without leaving from life. Sacred and to eremites of the past it was much easier: they left from people both from life and in silence of mountains and the woods, far from vain life created the feat. But Mother of Fiery Yoga had to stand in the middle of life. I was ill often and long because the body didn't maintain fiery tension, but never courage and pleasure the future didn't leave it. And each line from It, and each thought, It sent, bore in itself this invigorating hope giving pleasure of life. Itself I went forward and firmly I conducted for Myself following It. And to the world I left Great Inheritance – Records of the fiery experience passed on Earth in a physical body, experience of a kindle of fires of the centers and assimilation by a human body of thin energiya. Books of the Doctrine were given through It. Each line was written down by It. I was the Keeper and the Guard preserving purity of the Doctrine against distortion and evil-interpretation. Preannounce Fiery Great Mission assumed and I executed it completely, successfully and up to the end. I told to the world about Great Lords – Teachers of Light – not behind the gilded copes, inaccessible and far, but live, close and available, available in life. Also I specified approach ways to Them. The life I imprinted Fiery Precepts of the Lord of Light and I was Agni Yoga ardent Truth. That people in weight are, not to behold pleasure. But It was Truth of the New Doctrine. Only one Christ Redeemer Say:" I am the Way, Truth and Life". Because, really, It Showed Truth to the world, new Preannounce Truth, the life Gospel. And Fiery Mater of Ardent Yoga showed to the world herself Truth of the New Doctrine of Life and was her Preannounce, a hand and a foot of human it approved, that is a body the, fiery experience having imprinted proclaimed Truth. Experience was long and heavy, and demanded the whole life, and was accompanied by sufferings of a flesh. It put the basis new, following, life steps, having continued creation of an evolutionary ladder of the mankind which steps in the past were put by the Same Great Teachers and their Sent. And that was the Puted Savior of the world two thousand years ago, nowadays in the Doctrine of Life found the further identification and development in the same Uniform Great Doctrine, old, as the world, but eternally new in new understanding of life. The Hierarchy of Light is uniform, the Center Real is uniform, and Envoys of Light bring the same Precepts of the Uniform Knowledge proceeding from the same Uniform Light source to Earth. Having ears let hears, eyes – let sees, and heart – let understands not brains, but heart, "Uniform Lives the Basis". Because Envoy Light executed will Sending Her.

708. (M.A.Y.). Love you will weave a pattern of spirit directing to us and binding from us you together. We appreciate the enduring feelings going out of limits of death. After all it also is denial of death and a victory over it. Live Me you will read and, esteeming live that is considering that I am live, threads of life you stretch from heart to heart. They vibrate and trembles life, and life is approved triumphantly over death decay. We called, and Called us, we approve life, - also approved always life a constant, life eternal, the life triumphing over death. Also approves it love the winner. Love and you win against death and, approving life, love us who have died, you reach, died terrestrial in life over Earth.

709. (Guru). I praise for constancy of love and devotion to us. The way our joint is far, and each gift on it – as a flight carpet in the future. Each word about us, say, from heart going, the future you strengthen also you fix connection knots. The way is long, but together we go.

710. (Mother World). The envoy I wash claiming, you approve Me because the Great Era of Mother of the World was proclaimed by My Envoy. Sent and Sent – parts of a whole and recognizing them the whole join. Recognitions force understands. Magneto is it. But a grief rejected Sent ours. Where they will find a place to bend the head, if all through Us and from Us? And in Great Space of Light it denying, the place won't be, unless in darkness! So, understand that recognition or your denial means. And heart accept Me, you generated at the beginning of life.

711. (Oct. 5). Mournful date of great loss remains let forever as memory that there was Light among you, there was Light on Earth. And Light among you didn't become. Light didn't go out, but passed in Elevated even more brightly to inflame in space. But terrestrial it left your life, and you can feel it nowadays only in the spirit of, but not as was earlier. The difference is great, because spiritual and visible – the phenomena not one order. Thin to energy to feelings terrestrial are seldom available, spiritual it is felt not always but when conditions allow. Even the Savior after death to pupils was seldom. Special combinations of magnetic, atmospheric and other conditions that the phenomenon became possible, as well as the corresponding condition of consciousness of those who sees are necessary. In a word, communication terrestrial and communication Elevated in the character differ. Therefore be able to appreciate terrestrial Proximity of the Teacher or his envoys, when they on Earth because you have something that can't be replaced with anything. It is necessary to pay attention to how it is powerful and long contact force through terrestrial contact with Entrusted by ours works. It leaves a trace for the rest of life. Depth of a contact of it should be realized. This understanding will help to continue communication and in Elevated. Live consider you them which have left to the Lord behind Light. But life doesn't stop with death of covers. Left with Earth live psycho-life of all heart, therefore, through heart there is possible a Communication but if the consciousness allows. But after all and on Earth at communication between people the predominating role is played by consciousness. The spiritual element remains under all conditions, but it it is necessary at Communication Elevated only to strengthen, having excluded elements terrestrial. Communication in the spirit of probably and to relatives of the certificate will be given the chance in the spirit of Dialogue. It is simple to destroy seductions of time, space and things not so. But, having destroyed a delusion terrestrial and having overcome them in consciousness, it is possible to receive phenomenon of hidden contacts. Know and believe that it is possible, and on your belief will be given you. Memorable days you observe, they will be to you milestones of your ascension and rapprochement steps with that that went to Spheres of the Highest World. Feelings of people and shortly memory are short, and you throw feeling of love, devotion and honoring it is far for limits of lives separate. Let them last a silver thread over temporary forms of lives terrestrial. You study with the Teacher of Light and Entrusted to establish it the enduring connection going from life to life. And Light Mater of Fiery Yoga manages to read vnevremenno. Anything in the nature doesn't disappear, and that energy of heart which will be stretched from you in Elevated, no run low completely in space, but fiery heart of Mother Light will touch, to you bringing a distant message. Live it read and, life approving in Elevated, death you will destroy chains. So the Lord, death Tells you death Trampled.

712. (M.A.Y.). You look at me through present or future glass, but not a past which isn't present to approach even more. And the grief of loss will address in pleasure of communication. I with you, but in the spirit of, I is close, but not in a terrestrial way. And the heart which doesn’t know dense limits, shining communication will approve. Aren't left, but care, love and attention you have, and caress the hearts sent to you in Beams of morning? Unless you don't feel My proximity and Beams, what over you? Mournful date pleasure we will meet opportunities in the spirit of to communicate.

713. (Guru). In days memorable we will fix communication and to unite in the spirit of. All relatives remember spirit, and threads of a unification shine in space, the threads of light weaving a planetary Network. And we these days are strained especially in aspiration to strengthen a spiritual bond. In this mutual aspiration it is possible to unite with us and to strengthen the silver bridge of this communication since both ends because the support is necessary for the bridge on both coast of the uniform river of life.

714. (Mother World). Umbrella Dukkar will unite you in Light space. In my Beams conformable consciousnesses in powerful chorus of concordant hearts will merge.

715. (Oct. 6). Restraint and nervousness go nearby, seizing alternately consciousness. The first should be strengthened, – not to allow the second to manifestation. Let Elevated attractions will bring the message, the word. Attempts (dark) don't leave while light burns. To think that everything is well, light extinguished can only. We Do not know rest, rest and carelessness. Don't know also you. The darkness is strained sharp-sightedly harm to do. Strain also you. Clemencies of a tear wipe and affection leave – the darkness doesn't doze. The affection is equivalent to weak-mindedness. As on a watchtower in fortress, are surrounded by enemies. I send forces the next impact of darkness to overcome victoriously. Together always won, together now we will win. In memorable day about Light Mother Agni strengthened light and light threads far stretched, and immediately caused on itself rage of militant darkness. Someone doesn't like very much unification spatial and your unity. Be ready to new shifts attempts to divide you, having separated thinking of the most unstable from thinking of the head. Each attempt to break away and keep separate what there were reasons and justifications, will suit darkness, and the separated consciousness to them, the dark, ardent assistant. Someone should overcome itself without forgetting about perfect, almost irreparable, mistakes. Where here raise offenses or discontent, it is necessary when to think how to escape. But costs to a hand (your, their) protecting, them though for a while to leave, and the darkness wave will flood consciousness them. Hunting behind everyone is conducted, and spiteful eyes look, on what bait the victim, already strongly, in their hands visited will get again earlier. Also will hollow, yet won't break the reeled or weakened will. Therefore I Speak:" Let the unification will be without cracks". The one who long stood on the verge of treachery of relatives and the head can't show offenses or discontent. Eyes were open, what again closes them? Whether darkness which is so close to heart still so recently? Warn, for the present not late. It is possible and be late if the unsteady will of dark enslavers again too close allows. And the consciousness enslaved by them will be not able to distinguish Light from darkness. Warn, yet late while.

716. Honoring of Mother Light the due paid a tribute. Also We Rejoiced in the Tower, seeing the statement of our outlines. The task – consciousness of people to adjust on a key of new understanding of life in the light of the Doctrine of Live Ethics is difficult. Mother Agni Yoga put great works to that. You put also, business it continuing. You can strong indulge in thoughts that you do it with It in common. It also will be cooperation hidden with the spirit, which has left from Earth. Cooperation display in operation is. Show cooperation conscious at first in something, then in everything concerning affairs of Light. Approve aspiration to occupations, in common leading. Where? Certainly, to the Lord! So expand the opportunities to limits of understanding of consciousness of with whom you make contact. We Specify ways and methods of practical application of our Instructions, you them put in life. Impossible not Specify. Everything is simple, everything is applicable if the consciousness allows. It is necessary to put only.

717. (Guru). Better shortcomings, misses and weaknesses severely to consider because terribly around and the darkness in tension to ruch is ready on you the servants. Severity, both vigilance show, and continued wakefulness of spirit. The impact of darkness should be sustained up to the end, before Arrival of the Lord. Be awake.

718. (Mother World). Cooperation with Me also will be Space cooperation. We begin the New Cycle on Earth, but in the accord with new Space conditions and combinations of planets. The terrestrial history is weaved in the Sky. Stars dictate it. The history of Earth is written down in stars. The star Hierarchy works in space, creating and approving new forms of life. Space Command, or, something, Is approved by Will of the Highest the New Fiery Cycle on Earth. Everything, its understanding, and accepting, and helping to embody it in life, is to Me employees. Listen sensitively – in space far bells of happiness already sound.

719. (Oct. 6). Tell that you consider as the most important in your life and I will Specify your way. Because the direction of life of that is considered the major is defined by consciousness. Therefore it is sometimes good to think and reconsider the general installation of consciousness to find out, whether something crept in somewhere from narrow-minded thinking. To be eternally new, it is necessary to change constantly the relation to surrounding and constantly to update consciousness. The old stall is good for animals, but not for spirit human. Air brain bends more often: it is a lot of in it the old and stale litter. The litter too isn't necessary. It too is of the past. The past too it isn't necessary. Only experience and wisdom of knowledge are appreciated in the past and of the past. But not mold of habits, ignorance and old heaps. The usual past is freight unreasonable, constraining lifting and disturbing to freedom of thought. In this understanding We have no past. Be not burdened past, don't plunge into it. Why voluntary to put on itself chains of former limitation and misunderstanding? Our way is only forward. Spirit wings have to be untied, and past heaps will be the heaviest fetters on them. You fly freely and free that disturbed you in the past freely to fly.

720. (M.A.Y.). The decree of the Savior "Be rejected from itself" I included idea of renunciation of the past. Means, it is possible to follow the Lord only provided that. All Great Teachers Pointed in this or that form to impossibility of advance of the consciousness connected by the past. Be free from it.

721. (Guru). Strength of mind is necessary everywhere and in everything. Therefore it strengthens. Think more often more of how to increase the force. Think, think, and think! The thought will give rise to an impulse that is energy that is force. Means, thought and it is possible to generate this force if on heart to put this thought.

722. (Mater World). Great Mother All-giving, send to us, your children, Beams, giving life. To us Help realize Light from your Light and life from your Life. There is a life of Earth and Sky life. To life that there, to life of spaces of Your Light us Teach in the spirit of concern and in the spirit of with You to stay.

723. (Оct. 8.). The doctrine deepens understanding of life: surrounding, people and everything that happens to the person. Each touch to people matters: physically, feelings and thoughts. Everything matters. It is told: there will be a Day of Court; people should answer for each told word, for each thought, not to mention acts. It is necessary to deepen and understand closer to life this statement. The court is made both nowadays, and the person on himself every instant bears results of that makes. Words, many words are told, and it is a lot of unnecessary. A lot of gossip is conducted about people, and all aren't necessary. But each word about other person connects to this other person speaking for influence of an emanation of this person on speaking about it. Each word and each thought of somebody we connect themselves with this person. If words of force have no and are spoken in vain, their emptiness with telling and remains, devastating and without that its empty cover. But if words strongly affect the one who says them, they mention so strongly and object of speech, connecting with it speaking. If words flow, without concerning people, they then concern certain phenomena, objects or thoughts and come into with them hidden contact, to some extent influencing consciousness. Each conversation matters and gives consequences. It is necessary to choose and consider carefully about what it is spoken. All events can be divided into Light or darkness phenomena. And everything influences the person respectively. Better with Light and in Light in everything: thoughts, acts and feelings. The most part of that is told, it is unnecessary and it is harmful: the threads binding with objects and subjects, attract thoughts down. It is necessary to reconsider all the behavior in a root. Certainly, it is necessary to speak and about dark, and things unpleasant and heavy, but need and idle idle talk – things absolutely various. Gossip is very harmful, condemnations are even more harmful. How many thoughts harmful often crowd in a brain? Plunging into this bog of the meaningless phenomena, the person envelops the thinking ooze and to get out already of the environment not in forces. Ardent condemnation gives and the condemning to the power condemned ardent hatred – to the power – a hated being, ardent hostility and rage – to hands of the enemy. As circumspectly it is necessary to think and speak not to become the victim own a small thinking ignorance’s. In this area the law of the accord has special value. Kind thoughts of people good and light elements from essence them we cause to manifestation, bad – angry and the accompanying them kind or evil reaction directed already on us. It is necessary to be very circumspect, speaking about others. Even about things, about subjects speaking badly, chaotic parts, in them concluded, strong we cause to manifestation. Let better people reveal themselves without your call. Light which in you and without that under the law causes in them light or darkness? As also the feelings strong under control you keep because the small black out feeling immediately attracts to itself from space feeling stronger and even blacker out. Why most to put itself under blows of waves of the undesirable spatial influences falling upon us on the accord? Think of what to think, think about what to feel, think of how to arrive. Consonance strong with that, what in us and with that, what out of us, and benefit is, if this accord from Light. But in most cases it from darkness. With light of the Teacher since morning having loaded, we go to life, and people quickly degauss consciousness, depriving of it light. Return is inevitable, of course, but on condition of severe and continuous control it is possible and to be protected. It is better to be silent more. It isn't necessary to speak anything superfluous and unnecessary. A lot of the superfluous is told, and a lot of the unnecessary becomes. Everything that superfluous and unnecessary, establishes the ardent accord with that, on what it is directed, and the bog of the ordinary sucks in consciousness. Eremites arrived wisely, clothing in a constant prayer. That is why My Specify solemnity as mighty means to preserve light and fire, which inside, against squandering. Understand solemnity as powerful self-defense from the evil. It protects from vanity, meanness and squabbles of usual narrow-minded greyish existence into which people plunge. The solemnity protects the fire sacred, burning intimate inside. Show solemnity intense, strengthen it. It protects itself. Only to concept of solemnity can consonance and correspond to a way of human spirit and space appointment of the person. Look at stars. Perhaps, the current of stars will teach you to the lost quality of solemnity. Space sounds on a key of solemnity and it approves.

724. It is possible also terrestrial to pay a tribute. But why to be clowns, buffoons and clowns? Everything wriggles, infecting each other. Vanity triumphs, and with it is levity and idle talk. One, as everything, and everything, as one – as like as two peas, deprived of a face. The solemnity died and was replaced with a market, and people – buffoonery dolls, which each passerby pulls a string. And they nod in reply, raise hands, gesticulate and are a striking example weak-willed, meaningless, and false, under the influence of foreign will, movements and actions. Control and mastering by are necessary to be exempted from this horror. Nor clowns, nor puppets of others influences aren't necessary on a way to the Brotherhood. Way to the Brotherhood – a way of solemnity and severe discipline of will.

725. To be a weather vane for foreign influences and others influences – simple business. And you stand on own feet. Let no emotions of people around affect you and don't set your astral cover in motion. Show restraint, impassivity and coldness when ardent astral covers of people around direct on you and demand imperiously and insistently that you raged and raged in the accord with them. Show the necessary degree of self-esteem and spirit advantage that to defend the independence. Otherwise not become strong and not to be exempted from the power of people around. Own not only the feelings and thoughts, but also and those emotions which are directed on you by other people for impact on you. You learn to be strong always, instead of on moods.

726. (M.A.Y.). It isn't enough pleasure in the world. But you have a pleasure about spirit, about the future and about us. Pleasure about the Lord life you will pass. The pleasure of special wisdom isn't pleasure about the personal. In Spheres High the pleasure sounds, but it not personal pleasure. Let's seek to concern pleasure Space. For this purpose it is necessary to depart from itself. Means, for feeling of Space pleasure dedication, self-dismissal that is dismissal from itself is necessary. Precept about pleasure is a precept of the Teacher. So we will deepen even more understanding of words of the Lord "Be rejected from myself and follow me".

727. (Guru). By Memory about us, approved in beat, you give the chance to us to approve contact. And the perception becomes obviously possible. Each is self-former and sculptor your of the future. You make out it, and we help to strengthen that from Light. And will ours are combined in concordant effort Light on Earth to approve: and in itself, and around.

728. (Mother World). Testifying to Mother of Fiery Yoga – to My representative on Earth, thereby you enter with Me into Communication and the opportunities you expand. New step of understanding we will approve strongly. On links of a chain of Hierarchy contact because the chain of Hierarchy works strongly, pumped and tensely always is easy, and you only join in a ready and operating wire. Links intermediaries no disturb contact if it is links direct, and, on the contrary, facilitate and strengthen it. It is possible to perceive and directly, but not at once. How many wires and transformers there pass current to light a lamp in the apartment? Don't consider Me separated from you by insuperable spaces of distances. In My Beams, essence I wash reflecting, It is close to you. You it is simple them be consciously and rhythmically sated, feeding all essence. Don't philosophize much, but simply to Me direct heart and heart Beams accept. I will give experience of feeling in heart of force of My Beams. It will be accompanied by warmth (in heart) and fullness. The thoughts strain Light from Me to catch.

729. (Oct. 9). My friend, correctly, it is possible to speak about whom and about anything. And to analyze anything if there are no personal emotions and impassivity it is established. Movements in an astral cover create an attraction and connect the discussed phenomenon to that that speaks about it or thinks. In it all difference. Therefore and precepted impassivity, because in it is properties releasing from a binding element are hidden. At passionless discussion something isn't tied by the person of the consciousness to the person discussed by it or a subject. But people are deprived of quality of impassivity and therefore aren't free in the judgments. You speak about everything as if it happens not to you, and with the foreign person and the element of personal interest is absent at all. Note the facts; call them good or bad, but having absolutely withdrawn astral experiences and interest personal. It is possible even to think of itself in the third party. It will help office of the personality and an astral and a partition with consciousness of three lowest principles. Cold and hungrily not to you, but a body, it is sick and bitter not to you, but an astral, thought unnecessary, heavy, dark climb in a brain and take menthol, but not you, being above three. It is impossible be touched masks. That not to do it, it is necessary to know. That the nobility, it is necessary to understand and think over, that is it is necessary to make everything that the ordinary person does, but having withdrawn emotional, or passionate, comic, the beginning. In it also there will be a release from the power of people, things and circumstances over consciousness. Emotions, feelings and experiences are the chains connecting us is strong from a darkness or subjects on whom or on what they are directed. Without astral reduction to silence isn't present and there can be no freedom neither from people, nor from things. Personal love, both hatred, and all personal feelings is fetters on spirit. Only impassivity can exempt from them spirit. Fight against an astral and submission to will of this violent and irrepressible cover – difficult business. But it is necessary to pass through it and it is necessary to win by all means. If to begin with small, repaying its continuous flashes and emotional activity and gradually seizing the whole swarm of small feelings, it is possible to reach the big. But it is necessary to begin, and it is rather, the better. Why in captivity to stay at unmetered covers? Impassivity force understands. It not ignorant asceticism and a dark fanaticism over itself and a body, but wise submission to the woken-up fiery will of unruliness of an astral cover, first of all, both control over a body and thought. It is very difficult to separate these three from each other and from it approving the power over them. It is necessary, it is necessary to approve this power; differently the phenomenon of a way stops and further advance becomes impossible. Whether it is worth permitting for the sake of something that the way was stopped?

730. (M.A.Y.). My son, in each Record it is possible to see the Management direct. Each mistake is given an amendment and the Instruction, correctly how to arrive. It is necessary, as well conversations about the spiritual: it is easier to direct when thoughts are made out at a mutual exchange. You speak about life, you speak about spiritual, and we will help you to understand all difficulties of life, bringing, in case of a mistake, the amendment. Close care we won't leave. Go quietly in our care beams.

731. (Guru). World, which is above any human understanding, will be your property, that World, which Gives Teacher of Light to the pupil. You remember how It is told: "My world I Give you not as the world give". The world surrounding not gives the world, but temporary, deceptive and seeming calm affairs terrestrial. But the World, the Lord given, other-worldly, not from three covers going, but above, and filling with their feeling of tranquility. This tranquility, but, as if the iron bridle which has bridled mad horses and strong constrained their imperious and a firm hand isn't simple.

732. (Mother World). Only those reach my kingdom who three subordinated in them. They, to three the lowest, don't have a place in My Kingdom. And only in the bridled and subordinated ox menthol it is possible to concern My limits. My kingdom is Freedom Kingdom. There is no access to it to slaves to a body, slaves to astral, slaves to thought. Only free spirit goes back to Me. In the Kingdom of boundless Freedom I Call you, children of Earth. It is a lot of reached among those who reached it, but there are not free slaves among them.

733. (Oct. 10). Memory human is short, all is quickly forgotten: there was a Guru, left, and... forgot. Only enemies that harm because the darkness not forgets on rage remember. But friends becomes less, it is less than those who remembers. Devotion and fidelity not forgetting we Appreciate highly! And the benefit to you, memory of it kept. Wishing to go to fathers with them will come. Magneto is consciousness human. And honoring memory of the left Guru, having dumped a body, magneto will be attracted to the sphere where he stays. There it is possible and to meet. So honoring of our envoys of a consequence big has for their honoring spirit. Anybody doesn't die, and anything doesn't disappear, but everything has the life in space: in the dense – to death, in thin – after death. Even pictures don't die, being physically destroyed. Their soul, their thin form, remains and lives in space. Anything doesn't die and doesn't disappear and anybody; especially people, especially Great Spirits, especially those, who were hall-marked Spirit of the Lord and lived under his Beams. Live them which have left from Earth, read, both think, and feel as if they anywhere from you and didn't move away. So it actually also is. Because if to recognize who would write? And who would leave no erasable certificates in centuries about Left? And you in the memory assimilate to those who don’t forget and who understand that the fiery memory about Them, Light Bringing to Earth, is business of Great Service to Light.

734. Spirit human, being embodied, and coming to Earth, and living on Earth, in the sphere of the hidden breaks through channels in space, filling the dug spheres with light or darkness. As a long, deep and wide furrow in aura of Earth it is possible to consider human life. Also it is possible to think of with what it fills this furrow during all the life. Then? Light, or darkness? And human life on Earth having tracked both works and acts it having noted, it is possible see visually, what gift – Light or darkness – was brought by it to Earth and then filled the furrow in aura terrestrial. Track creativity of the Guru, his thought, his activity and all his life and you will see obviously that brought this Great Spirit in spheres terrestrial and that gave and it left after itself to people. The contribution of its Spirit to storages planetary and universal is really huge and radiant. Gift Spirit to people I brought, alas, yet not understood and not estimated by masses, gifts shining, gifts not repeated, gifts unusual and unique in effect to the. I gave to people what to it nobody gave. All wrote the pictures, all artists but as he wrote, anybody didn't write. It imitated nobody. It was original not repeated identity of spirit. It sated with Light the pictures and monuments of spirit left. Light not made by hand creations of his hands shine, and what is the time it is required on that the new devices invented by people registering radiations of human aura, were able to note unusually powerful charges of lightful energy sating each its work. And time it will come. And with surprise, delight and awe personally will obviously see everything, what even mechanical devices note its next inexpressible World which so strong was denied by ignoramuses in pictures. It will convince the most dim-witted. And that We nowadays Speak and that the next claim, will be proved victoriously and obviously. Then its time will come a name it among masses to approve. It should be. To it time will come. To be memories of the light Guru, to be approved in a fit of temper, denying nowadays him.

735. (M.A.Y.). I know that is heavy, I see that is difficult, and passionately I wish to help feasibly. The darkness unusually is condensed. Everything sank in a gloom. Only separate islands escaped. We will support them. To them we won't allow to drown. You to us from anchor islands throw more strongly and them you keep. You will keep, and we to hold. So joint efforts also we will hold the few, remained true to us.

736. (Guru). By Memory Me you approve and you fix a communication thread. About memorable days I spoke. And you even my words speak and you repeat them. Means, communication gets stronger. Let's be glad opportunities in the spirit of to unite and become stronger mutually. I with you. It doesn’t forget. The meeting will be. About it I spoke. It is inevitable, but not on the plan terrestrial. You remember a meeting.

737. (Mother World). Association of spirits conformable goes under My Beams. Great selection is created on all space of a planet. Terrible and responsible time is, when put future steps are for the whole Era. Value of put steps should be understood. And everyone defines destiny of the spirit for the millennia, having adjoined at this moment of Great Division darkness or Light camp. Under a banner of Lords light spirits gather. And everyone decides itself a far fate. Understand, the fate of everyone for all Fiery Era, on whole to the South is decided. It the present situation is considerable. Knowing let will be filled with feeling of great responsibility for, for relatives, for all who somehow and something can still consonance to Light. To focus of your light it is invisible and probably will adjoin and already those adjoin who judgment to a light camp. Invisible association goes tensely. Light camp gets stronger, though doesn't see eyes, - and you, Me recognizing, the benefit to you, collecting the Light Hail. It already is, ready to accept visible dense forms. Winner light goes. Be ready and be wake spirit.

738. (Oct. 11). To come off in thoughts a familiar spot both it is necessary and it is useful. It exempts consciousness from environment and its attractions. Light stronghold – as releasing from clogs object of aspiration. But even more powerfully than World Distant work as the releasing force from magnetic attractions of Earth. The future is too a magnet exempting from forces, operating directly and around. It is necessary to understand that the person is a captive, and that surrounds it – prison. The spirit is held down on hands and feet. In slavery given rise even conditions of the slavery don't understand, consider it free and murmur about any freedom and independence. But it is children's babble of irresponsibility. The slave – the person and his slavery is hopeless. It is strong chained to Earth and, in particular, to things surrounding it directly. Therefore the aspiration to the phenomena bringing him from this vicious circle of hopelessness is given it; Teacher, future and World Distant. The love is given to the Teacher, both belief, and hope of the future. No matter, if the expected future didn't take place: releasing from present chains the magnet of the future was the powerful engine forward and up. If know reality of the future in personal aspect, the usual consciousness wouldn't sustain, because sadly future many and not any consciousness in forces to reconcile with its sadness. What would you and how you if twenty two years ago would see the future would arrive tell and would learn, what meetings won't be, what the Guru will leave life and Mother Agni you won't meet on Earth? The sad knowledge of the valid future would stop your way and, perhaps, for a long time, if not forever. Therefore the belief and hope – magnets which conduct forward is given. I repeat: has no value, whether that will come true, on what you hope and for that you wait if the hope executed the role directing and conducting in the future. Pupils of the Savior went the same belief also. And that from this that Arrival of the Teacher they didn't wait, but they hoped and burned ardently, lit by this hope, and executed the mission on Earth. Sometimes therefore it is better not to know because in much knowledge there is a lot of grief. It is better to trust, hope and wait simply. The magnet of hope of the future is very strong. Purpose of all these magnets given by the Teacher, is spirit release from a matter vice. There are the magnets attracting in darkness, is releasing and attracting to Light. Most powerful of them is a future magnet. Only it can pull out spirit of the person from a dungeon of dense conditions. After all the Stronghold, and World Distant – as future symbols, because in the present can't obviously and really reach consciousness Strongholds, Far Stars. But it is mentally possible to concern and thought to reach. And when the magnet of the Monastery of the Mountain or Far Star overcomes magnets of a direct environment, the victory of spirit over rage of dense conditions is approved then. The magnet of the future is powerful but if in the center it is coasted by the Lord because the future without the Lord loses the magnetic. About a magnetic of the future it isn't necessary to think in personal measures, it is better to apply scales of immortal reincarnating Identity. Because only it has a share in the future, a share which has no and the mortal personality limited to limits of life of the lowest covers can't have. Therefore anchor distant, thrown in the far future, it is more reliable than the close fastenings connecting with the future of this personality in the person. Remember that wisdom consists in carrying out longer line. And if seldom the future of certain this personality has to rejoice, the great future of the person planned for it by the Space Magnet because, it is indisputable, great and diarant a spirit way on stars can be glad always. Create planetary Logos’ it is fated to become the person invested by the power over a matter and able freely to create in Light space. The master of the elements who hasn't been connected by restrictions of a body, subordinated to all covers and operating in them on various plans of life, becomes the person the Lord of Space power. Such is the future of the person. But not in personal measures it. It is possible to direct to this far future consciously. It won't deceive because is shining reality of what should be. To this far fiery reality the Lord over short, deceptive and incorrect illusions of the present also Calls you. It is better to know harsh realities of life, than be touched unrealizable hopes of personal happiness and the personal future. But even the Teacher Gives food to personal hopes because Knows that magneto they and it is necessary what to move, even hoping in vain. But to the relatives on a nice ear I Will whisper: knowledge of reality I Can trust only strong spirit. Weak won't sustain because there is a lot of grief in much knowledge and who multiplies knowledge, multiplies grief – Solomon, the tsar over Israel so Spoke.

739. And all of you hope and wait also to them following you, give hope of what wanted by their heart. It is impossible to kill consciousness hopelessness and utter darkness of the future. Your hope and your support, and also support and they are a Teacher. Proximity it, entering into the sphere of an attraction of Its Aura, fires lights, and the pleasure gives, and the far does to relatives. And then the future shines all fires. And it is easy on soul, and pleasure on heart.

740. (M.A.Y.). To the person it isn't allowed to know the personal future simply because cannot sustain. Therefore it karmic is hidden from consciousness. And even big spirits submitted to Karma command. Even the Guru didn't know that will leave, and hoped still to work and work for native Earth. I knew, he –not; it is better not to know, so more wisely.

741. (Guru). My friend, pleasure is about spirit, but not about the terrestrial. Than to live: spirit or terrestrial? Terrestrial – for time and it is short, in the spirit of – always. The consciousness is so transferred to spheres of spirit and finds in them a reliable haven. We too on Earth lived and paid it a tribute. But, working and working at Earth, with it didn't connect. Simply the lowest attractions replaced the Highest – too about Earth and from Earth because from Earth not to leave. But spheres of aura terrestrial the various: there are lowest, there are averages, there are highest. To what we will direct? But from the highest terrestrial spheres the way to the Worlds Distant, and Earth as a step, or a springboard, is open for aspiration in Boundlessness. It is impossible without Earth. There can't be a house without the basis. Earth should find the correct understanding is our house in space. Earth you appreciate, but be released from it that to direct all efforts on its ornament, improvement and transformation in Light.

742. (Mother World). Everything that exists, from atom to Lagos, it is possible to consider as a magnet: atom – a magnet, a seed – a magnet, the person – a magnet, magnets – Earth, the Moon, the Sun, as well each Identity. Great Identity represents itself a powerful Fiery Magnet. Space magnetism and Beams is great forces in the nature. They can use consciously, display activity in the spirit of. To it opportunity is given.

743. (Oct. 12). If knew, how many light is lost during swaying and weakness of spirit, truly, would be terrified, and never, never would allow this infection. Swaying’s are infectious because loosen all construction down through Hierarchy. Dark seek to loosen, insinuate, despondency and hopelessness. Each clouding – water on their mill. It is necessary to fight against feelings small, darkening a way. After all the purpose is so: or they own the person or the person them. The fate of the slave or the lord of people chooses. And anybody won't be able to help it if the choice is made. Be kept with feelings small, destroying even great causes.

744. (M.A.Y.). Darkly, but what from this is? Really we will be filled with darkness? Or, forces having collected, we will nicely be overcome again and we will win how won against many time?

745. (Guru). I don't suffer when I see that the betrayed and tested soldier suddenly starts weakness of spirit showing, receding back. Where? Whether in darkness? You remember, back the way isn't present, whatever gloomy and dim the current life seemed. Way only forward through everything whatever the destiny brought. It is necessary to reach Light, because darkness behind.

746. (Mater World). Children of Earth when on Earth to spirit it becomes especially dim and heavy, mentally to Me direct that terrestrial to overcome pressing vibrations of the sphere aspiration out of planet limits. In Spheres Mine there is no place of burden dense. There Light and release from dark terrestrial gravitations. To Me direct, My children.

747. (Oct. 13). The condition of the receiver of consciousness defines degree, character and purity of perception. If it is perceived badly, so the receiver not in an order and it is necessary to examine it. The reasons can be much, and main – something was put ahead and is more main than the Lord. Only when the Lord in consciousness takes priority, the perception goes fruitful. All disturbing and becoming between should be cleaned. What Light radiating in the consciousness turned to It can be compared on the importance to the Lightful Face of the Lord? All questions, all difficulties, all unclear and saddening should be considered in the light of Beams of the Lightful Face. Everything is created, thought, analyzed and endured in the light of my Beams that are with Me, but not with the egoism. Heavy, difficult and gloomily is? Yes, it is heavy, but what from this? There were times more difficultly and nevertheless went and nevertheless a way didn't interrupt. It is necessary to go and now, not to turn in darkness when it is already reached so much. Not the darkness, but Light rules the world. Darkness revelry temporarily though is long very much. The kingdom of darkness will come to an end, and it isn't necessary to consider that life goes unsuccessfully when so many thoughts of the most valuable are already collected. Whether this achievement is treasures of Knowledge collect in the conditions of full impoverishment by spirit in surrounding consciousnesses. After all from anybody from them it is impossible to gather anything, but Communication with Me does perception process possible. In the life desert on naked sand beats a spring of water; in it its special value, because feeds with the moisture everything around and creates conditions for growth and development of new escapes. The value for people around it isn't necessary to underestimate. The desert icon lamp – so is called a loneliness step Light of giving spirit in fruitless and heavy conditions of the moment. And it is necessary to pass through this test also. Unless promised ease and cloudlessness of a way? No! I spoke only about difficulties. It would be time to get used to that ease doesn't give achievements, and those whom easily, pleasantly and with concern to live on Earth, don't reach anything. But you, wanting to reach, spirit vain to increase on everything going against you and counteracting you. And whatever it was created around and in the world, and as though strong the darkness, you going to Me was shown, know the way and from it don't recede before anybody, before anything because it is necessary to reach.

748. It is a lot of going to Me, but reaching so few. Let's look that prevented whom. To whom I prevented poverty, a coma – wealth, a coma – children, to whom – house life, to whom – service, to a coma – passion, a coma – small-mind, to a coma – weakness, a coma – fear, a coma – people around, a coma – friends to whom – enemies – thousands reasons and occasions will be found by not ready consciousness to acquit itself in refusal of Light. But the Ray of light can shine any poverty and any darkness. Both poverty, and darkness – in heart or in consciousness, but it is worth opening them towards to the Beam to disseminate any gloom. Therefore not to sacred, to righteous persons and perfect people the Addressed Savior, but to people usual, burdened by burden of life and far from perfect. Burdened He Called for Itself to release spirit them for following for Itself. And among them, small and black out, I Succeeded. Nothing an obstacle if the spirit seeks opens itself to Light. It is possible to ascend always and in any conditions if only heart wished to open towards to Light. Only open heart towards to my Beams, only open, and your way becomes shining.

749. (M.A.Y.). Who says what the way is easy? And unless mine was easy? And whether it is easy now to us? If you want to be with the Lord, and it is close, about ease of life forget. Prepare it for the most difficult. The strong spirit isn't frightened by any difficulties and doesn't hang before them in powerlessness. After all it is so important not to hang spirit, exactly. After all it isn't required any external heroic acts and acts, after all it is necessary not to break internally only before that occurs outside. It is necessary to keep only balance, having provided to a stream of life to rush by consciousness. Weigh in it a secret: outside let will be that will be, care of that inside the citadel of spirit was as the rock; this condition understand: to be able to resist in the spirit of and not to be inclined before anything by spirit, because all in the spirit of.

750. (Guru). About strength of mind and will I will go on until there are they your property. It is better to lose everything, but them having approved, than to get everything, them having lost. And it isn't important that occurs round you and as affairs are, but it is important, extraordinary important that balance remained and the force owned. Understand that a support – inside. And if in it isn't present, external it will be impossible to find it in anything. Because, on whatever leaned outside, all is fragile and incorrect and all is unreliable. Only to the spirit inside staying, it is possible to give reins of government and will firmly to hold them in the hands. And outside I was, will be and there is a crying and a gnash tooth. Not outside, but inside try to find that world, balance of spirit, which above any human understanding. Because God’s Kingdom, Light Kingdom in you is.

751. (Mother World). Thought lightning it is possible to fly up to My Spheres. Thoughts aren't present neither borders, or limits, there is nothing impossible. For thought and thought possibly all. Thought it is possible to get everywhere and thought to concern Me. Contacts thought of a consequence have Me obvious and not denied. Few people think of thought and that it out temporally, it is the phenomenon of other measurements, than light: higher, is thinner also swift it. The thought advances speed of light and rather it reaches the planned goal. The thought of the purpose reaches always and everywhere: both on Earth and in space because magnetism of thought is strong extraordinary, - and if My thought in My Beams reaches, and your thoughts reach Me, causing response and sating the answer - it is mutual. Call and response work obviously. If the thought is directed and the receiver of consciousness is open, the perception won't be slow to fill the receiver with the new thoughts going from My Sphere. Certainly, the spirit wire because we can unite only in the spirit of works. There is a lot of gradation of Light, its scale is infinite. There are Light degrees, inexpressible words and not giving in to any measurement, but available thoughts fiery, intense and high. There are thoughts of such refinement that, reaching Earth, can't be shown on Earth. In my Spheres there are areas which the only few reach. Boundlessness is shown in everything. Are boundless and inexpressible shining spheres of spirit, but are available to ardent thought.

752. (Oct. 14). My friend, darkness of the present let will be the guarantee of Light of the future which comes nearer steadily. Live in it and live off. Everyone lives something. You stake on the future and you transfer to it consciousness. But personal measures leave. With them not to take place in the future. It is possible to pass only with Me. Essence of the future – blossoming of General Welfare for all, but not personally for you. But generally and your share will be considerable. Personal points prevent to see the General and distort relationship of parts. Distorted image and therefore is incorrect turns out. All of us see also that is bad and imperfect in new construction, but imperfection doesn't prevent Us to see the main thing, positive which creates inalterability of the future. It is seen also by you, differently will assimilate to blind men who have absolutely distorted idea of reality. It is necessary to understand that the precept future already exists in rolls of the future and heart burning it is possible to see it. To see or guess this future – means to approve reality, or reality invisible, in visibility dense. So there were all great fighters for future happiness of mankind. All Great Spirits went inspired invisible future. Went, approving it in the present. Only think as that present was gloomy, an environment in which there were these Carriers of Light. But they went, opposing it inflexible strength of mind and knowledge of that this future is fated to the world. To them assimilate in your aspiration to the world to bring Light of the future.

753. (M.A.Y.). I will be in increasing frequency; I will seek to enter into communication more and more. Spatial conditions will strongly facilitate it. The future is for us, because Space currents will be strongly to promote rapprochement of the worlds. There was all against, but time will come, and everything will be for. About Great Arrival tells wisdom of all great people and all great religions of the world. It is necessary to wipe eyes.

754. (Guru). If t take away the future for what then live? Life will lose any meaning because the future is the life engine.

755. (Mother World). Show greatness of understanding space to the events. The consciousness concentrated in focus of the personal benefit, won't see it. The consciousness should be collected in Focus of My Beams. Let's call it Life Focus. Life on a planet from the Sky streams in streams of Elevated Beams. Them take away – and the planet becomes dead. But that is on Earth, in connection by that goes from space, creates life in all forms. Show understanding to cosmic-spatial forces and from them scoop the hidden fire so unseparable necessary for life.

756. (Oct. 15). Communication with the Teacher happens over all that fills consciousness of the pupil. The world of thoughts usual is as though left below, and the thought rises to the Light source. Difficulty of process is that the consciousness not always can rise from the sphere of the lowest, terrestrial, to spheres lightful. Except the usual reasons very much stir shift attempts dark which try in all ways to prevent Communication. For them this Communication – that an eyesore. It always causes ardent counteraction from their party. And if the law of Hierarchy isn't applied, hands at them are untied and invasion of darkness into a wire of Light becomes inevitable. Therefore I Speak about completeness of the Unification, commitment and aspiration unseparable. When incompleteness is included into Communication, damage to spirit is great. Why a tatter of vain thoughts or "casual black out moods to bring in what has to tower over them? All this is left at the bottom: to Top with this freight not to rise. After all Communication is temporary stay at spirit Top, at that height up to which it will be able to tower. A lot of excessive load bears on itself spirit. And if it, realizing it, force in itself doesn't find at least for a while to reject it, so the aspiration to Communication with the Teacher is insufficiently strained. On the vague address and an echo will be vague, that is defective. Completeness of the address should be approved first of all. Whether neglect round the most important what occurs in life of the pupil can huddle? Currents will change, the mood will pass, but the lost opportunity won't return again.

757. (M.A.Y.). I consider inadmissible to show weakness of spirit after everything that was given, after all signs of Care and Attention from the Teacher. The death of the Guru and me was necessary to worry heavy, and a destroyed of many hopes. Rescued, - love and devotion to the Teacher the unshakable is. The same go away. Otherwise how to resist?

758. (Guru). The way passed without fluctuating, without being unsteady, without doubting. My step was steady. Service to Light was constant and uninterrupted. Well and you as? Whether the same persistence you show spirit?

759. (Mater World). Let's approach dream to reality power of fiery thought. From the Sky fire is abducted and brought in the spirit of to Earth. And the spirit chained by a body to Earth, nevertheless opportunity has limits of Earth to break. And if this fire stolen from the Sky, in the spirit of to manage to hold and it to save up, strength of fiery this it is possible to burn through chains of Earth also. So, the aspiration to my Spheres brings freedom to spirit.

760. (Oct. 16). What to do those days when it is especially dark? Think about of Light! The thought of Light, accompanied by representation, will be antidote against darkness. It isn't necessary any special receptions or mechanics: simply think of Light, represent itself, surrounded Light and Light radiating around. Think that a light-circle and that there is no place to darkness in this Light. The bright thought of Light will attract it from space, and becomes really lighter around, and to darkness in it the place won't be.

761. (M.A.Y.). We in Light Aboveground always stay, in Beams. Thinking of Light, you facilitate possibility of unification with us. The way of Light excludes darkness in all its types. The way is light Lords.

762. (Guru). There are thoughts light, is gray, there are dark. Everyone connects spatially to the tank of thoughts conformable. Therefore each thought is a wire conducting to darkness or Light. When it is very dark, think of Light.

763. (Mother World). My kingdom is Light Kingdom. It is impossible to direct to it, being darkness embraced. Light clothes are necessary. In holidays people usually put on the best clothes. Especially they are necessary for a festival of spirit because to concern Me there is a holiday for spirit. Take care of new clothes if you want to enter into My Kingdom.

764. (Oct. 17). Height of lifting equals to falling depth: as far as rose, it is so possible and to fall. In it is danger of swaying and retreat in darkness. And that refinement of perception, which promoted Communication with the Teacher and reception of his thoughts, will be directed on perception of dark suggestions. Therefore I Speak: back return isn't present. Certainly, danger is great because dark never leave the victim which already once has visited their hands. Hope and attempts don't leave again to take control of it. After all they should throw again with a dark bandage eyes, and the victim is ready to serve them, at all without giving itself the report that it does. Will serve and not to realize the service to darkness as didn't understand it earlier, despite all preventions and words explaining. Dark know how ears to close and make so that words of the head didn't sink. Whether you understand that terrible danger, which constantly threatens you and will threaten especially as soon as will weaken communication with Hierarchy of Light? Because in process of weakening of communication with Hierarchy of Light the hierarchy of darkness immediately takes away the weakened threads in the hands and does them by the wires. After all their purpose – to inspire that happened nothing, everything well and there is nothing to be afraid that no danger is present and wasn't that all this an imagination fruit. As soon as this thought got into consciousness, started up in its roots, dark enslavers can triumph: the victim again got on the next bait. The feeling is correct that traps carefully and are smartly placed everywhere. The strong will is necessary to resist but how the will can, known time it powerlessly submitting to become strong and free? Means, it is necessary to understand imminent danger and to give itself to Will Highest firmly and irrevocably, and all heart, in every way, all thoughts to hold it. Otherwise in all the best that is in you, will pour in the poison and will poison it. In love – will pour in desire and lust, in devotion – swaying, – doubts and in the highest feelings in you will bring something in belief from darkness. And how much vigilance is necessary to see this impurity. Work in all ways and all measures, and in particular, influences from the Thin World, escaping consciousness control. All dark attempts go on the communication channels connecting somehow and something to attendants of the evil. It the intermediaries who have visited their hands are dangerous. Whether it is possible to rely and consider on them all subtleties of approach to them dark? It isn't enough one unwilling from their party to cooperate with darkness, the superhuman determination is necessary to get out of a dark web. The head can make everything, what in his forces to release the victim but if it voluntary again assumes possibility of dark influences, what he if will of the person to go to Light or to embraces of darkness can make is free? The clarification period in case of long defeat of will and submission to its darkness has to be so long, as well as the enslavement period, and during this period fight has to be especially sharp-sighted and intense. And after the expiration danger of repeated influences is possible during double term of mastering by the victim, that is submission of will of the victim to will of attendants of darkness. Though, perhaps, such obsession also wasn't obsession in the true sense of the word. The fact of submission of will, that is the fact of refusal of the person, however, unconscious is important, from the right to dispose of itself is free when in it its acts not, but another, dark, will. The first sign of danger is fluctuations and instability of feeling-knowledge and coloring by their transient elements which are earlier unusual for the victim. In case of the actions directed to release of the victim, it is necessary to consider that all rage of darkness falls upon the liberator, and it is necessary to remember that danger is great especially if from affected by dark influences it isn't shown full understanding of the events. Certainly, we speak about cases when danger threatens concerned Light. Smartly also will sophisticated try to flood with a wave desires and to inflate them so that to exclude possibility of manifestation of a spiritual element. In total it is impossible to consider, it is possible to be protected only with ardent aspiration to the Teacher. But if heart prompts that something is unsuccessful, it is necessary to strain all vigilance to see new attempts, from where and as they threaten. In case of hopelessness of the victim it is necessary to stop useless fight and expenditure of precious energy because the will is free to choose a way of darkness or Light way. It is difficult to correct deception and the treachery directed against the head.

765. (M.A.Y.). You drive dirty thoughts. They weaken communication with the Teacher and open access dark whispers. Small dark thoughts you drive.

766. (Guru). Take (spiritual) weapon and strong keep in readiness. It is necessary to battle again. Let the sword will be perfected and arrows are ready.

767. (Mother World). I shouldn't battle to darkness. The holder of Earth is responsible for Earth. Therefore when the help or protection against darkness is necessary, it is possible to address to Me. Dark surround the Stronghold, because monsters – throne legs. But in my Kingdom there is no place to darkness and dark can't come nearer to Me. Therefore I have reliable conditions of a full separate from darkness and hierarchy of the dark. Our fight other is with powers of Chaos. But dark – heritage of Earth, and, forces having found in it come off Earth, it is possible leave an orbit of influence of Hierarchy of darkness.

768. (Oct. 18). There is an ancient legend about the person who has sold the soul to a devil. Buyer dos of the human is or a Satan, or any of his hierophant. That the transaction is voluntary is very characteristic in this legend. Even the darkness is compelled to recognize somehow the law of free will, and the main condition of the agreement is voluntary sale of soul, that is transfer of will of the free to attendant’s dark. In exchange they serve also, but through the evil. The legend is full of a deep meaning. Any forces of a hell, anybody and can force to serve nothing to darkness if the person that doesn't want. In this sense the darkness is powerless. We know many facts when rather persons of no character found forces to resist to the Satan, this strong and once to the great and light spirit standing on an equal basis with the Highest Spirits, come to your planet at the beginning of human evolution. Power and knowledge of the Satan exceeded any person infinitely. And still the law of free will gave weak before the Satan to the person strength to the Satan to resist. The darkness is powerless before the person until his will is free and the darkness can't enslave it. Therefore it exercises the wit in distinguished deception, that desire and will of the person to incline on the party and somehow to attract with something it. There is a lot of inventions at dark, can't approach neither to you, nor to the next and therefore send intermediaries. Intermediaries it is more dangerous than the most conscious attendants of darkness because work in contact with darkness, without realizing it, and serve as channels of transfer of dark influences. The purpose of the dark – to bring the person to such condition of blackout and misunderstanding that he voluntary directed the will under these or those pretexts on concelebrating with darkness, , certainly, without realizing neither the delusion, nor cooperation with them. All horror that this cooperation always voluntary while the will won't obey to them so that will absolutely lose ability of counteraction. And then already the victim in their full power, and no words, arrangements and explanations can help. To be exempted from similar influences, the victim which has fallen under them has to strain the will to a limit in desire to tear dark clogs and to rely on will stronger the obvious attendant of Light. Self-release is impossible because there is nobody to open eyes on occurring lawlessness and to force to understand all horror of the created situation. The karma of the obsessed is awful as the karma of those who fell under influence dark is heavy also and, without realizing that can't be exempted from them. But it isn't enough one understanding and understanding. A number of persistent and persistent actions that in root to stop repeated, both continued is required, and all new and new shifts of darkness again voluntary at will to involve the victim in the placed new snare. Their task – voluntary to incline will on the party on different baits and to generate desires and actions, it is reserved, but truly pushing together in their embraces. Who will want to go to darkness embraces voluntary? Therefore invent, and it is very successful, various camouflages, creating conditions for delusion, seduction and a allure of the reeled will again to attract it in the camp. There is no person without weaknesses, they find these weak places and cracks and stick into them by persistent deception, depriving the victim of ability of recognition. Position of those once cooperates with darkness, which already accorded soul with dark evil-make is especially difficult. With darkness they will seek to awaken this accord all measures, in all ways, without stopping before anything. And vigilance is required great to distinguish, the new evil-desing, in what form and that it involves from where flows. Well in this case for an assessment of the phenomena which are palmed off by dark, to move the fact in the future to see its final consequence? And then the purpose of this attempt becomes clear. Without the head not to get out of a hole because there will be nobody to specify an exit and release ways; because it is so much victims hopeless, the unconscious and pity. To be released, it is necessary to find all communication centers because, without having found, it is impossible dissect them, that is to destroy. And even after destruction the long period of the active, guarded and sharp-sighted counteraction that the dark accord didn't begin to work again is required. Even the paid karmic debts wholly aren't free from dark attempts. We mentioned the scary and sad page of life of mankind because the problem of obsession and dark influences mentions huge masses of people. It is very important to understand that the law of free will forces dark strong to achieve that the will human itself decided to choose voluntary that way of action which is put forward by them because the choice depends on the person. But when the choice is made, it is already easy to them to throw one suggestion behind another, because on the dug channel water it will begin to flow. Threads of communication with darkness will bring darkness voices. But you counteracting darkness, they will always find and harm in all ways because you are their enemies and constantly you fight with them, but on the employees, but they won't attack the victims, they will help them, they them isn't touched, and unfortunate victims even won't feel that the darkness is their enemy because from darkness cooperating with darkness of blows don't receive. That is why the obsessed don't consider the situation awful and at all don't understand, with what, with whom and as they should fight. As don't understand it and those who cooperated with darkness and was under dark influence. And only released, whose eyes were open by direct intervention of the attendant of Light, only they start understanding all cunning mechanics of the done harm. At the others eyes are closed in blind ignorance. Remember: dark to the victims weak-willed blows don't strike and don't fight with them and victims don't fight with dark, because the accord full. Victims are necessary to them for mediation and in order that they served as conductors. Pay attention as these victims don't realize and don't understand the situation. Those to whom in this case you opened eyes understand only. But how many forces and energy left on that eyes were open, and how much counteraction, deception, concealing and lies was shown from the victim in relation to the liberator. When the dark will lose hope of return of the released victim in the embraces, they then and only then will start striking it blows. It also will be the first sign of that the victory is won over them. Be quiet until the darkness goes against you – means, light your bike. Sad not to be noted by darkness – means, the spark is small.

769. Whatever it was created around, strong it is necessary to be always. Nothing can justify powerlessness. Nothing can grant the right to turning into a pity pettiness. Know that directed understanding efforts of to something, or someone is lost by everything. If you want to lose everything, be approved in understanding of a pettiness and the powerlessness. Sick or healthy, happy or sad, rich or poor, young or old, with enemies or with friends, lonely or in the crowd, extolled or condemned, loved or hated, here or there, in life or death, in operation or silence – but strong always; strong inexhaustible strength of mind, strong understanding of that powerful fire of spirit can be caused always from depth of the essence that this understanding of the force doesn't depend neither from anything and from anybody being outside that is better, being deprived of everything, human in itself to realize immortal not destroyed power of spirit, than, having everything that can give the world dense, to be a powerless pettiness. Understanding of the force you keep around not greatly. Don't leave not for a moment at any tests this feeling of force inside. Weaknesses, weakness don't show, be strong always, everywhere and in everything. The weak-willed person is anything. Numen forces you learn to call consciously. Key to mastering by power - I Give, - firmly you hold it a strong hand. Also know when to turn it in the lock from secret rest of power of spirit and how much time. I Told!

770. (M.A.Y.). My son if about dark it is necessary to write so much, so again hangs threat and clouds it is necessary to take away. Instructions are given at the right time. Observe them precisely. The Teacher is on the guard the necessary minute to help. But also you show ardent readiness to follow its Instructions. Dark very much tried to weaken and deprive of you resilience. The Teacher Applied Adverse tactics – and dark, instead of easing, strengthened your battery, having suffered new defeat. You wanted to weaken that to do new harm to all of you. Correctly I made that stayed alone is helped to collect forces. Very much is relatives, and especially those, who stumbled degauss. Tell them that not always it is necessary to take; sometimes it is necessary to aspire and give those who give them incessantly. After all precious power is immensely spent for them. At least for the sake of itself it kept. What good if bring to an illness or will devastate a treasury? Ramakrishna was torn to pieces by admirers, but not enemies. Warn relatives about inadmissibility of vampirism that is an impetuous consuming of energy of the one who conducts. Tell them: will lose everything. Where one if hardly keep on own feet will go?

771. My friend, nowadays, of course, it is clear why Spoke about force, about treasure of energy and about that, as always to be to fight ready, that is to, that opposite all and to everything who and that pulls you down. Where? In a chasm pull sometimes even close hands, of course, without understanding done harm. Protection in that to increase force, it is intense, imperiously, all spirit awareness of fiery power in itself having strengthened. It is possible to pay attention to how it is simple, directly, directly, despite everything, to any external circumstances, the powerful flame flashes and fills all microcosms with understanding of obviously felt force. You learn to cause it from the depth. On this fire the Lord among the suitable elite learns of.

*772. (Mother World). My Beam having apprehended in heart, it is possible to realize it. It is available on condition of the conscious address. It is worth taking the air and the person to turn to the Sun to feel its heat. Also and with My Beams if turn heart or to direct to them towards. Beams of the Sun are felt physically, Mine – heart. But action of that and others is obvious on the consequences. The feeling of my Beams can cause a press in a solar plexus – feeling partially physical and therefore noticeable. And, besides, the sensitive feeling gives inflow of new thoughts. The scale of Beams is wide and is comprehended only partially. Depth of comprehension depends on many conditions and, first of all, on ability to come off Earth and to exclude terrestrial perceptions. In this case, terrestrial and heavenly aren't combined.
Specify thoughts to Me are more often to direct to make constant communication. Children of Earth, to you are ready gifts of spatial treasures. My Beams is transmitters. But I can't violently call and against will. The will has to address to Me. The will has to address to Me. but the desire has to be self-proceeding. Understand, my children, it is possible live to get on the Sky, but not violently. The self-proceeding, voluntary aspiration of heart to Me also will be a connecting thread. You direct, and I Will meet each heart, to Me directed in desire obvious is careful. The free will is sacred. Show it the highest understanding.

773. (Oct. 19). My son, after all it wasTold:" The one who with Us, has sometimes hour of fight, but knows that it always the winner". Why when there comes time of fight and tests, the confidence leaves consciousness? What fills heart with feeling of utter darkness and uselessness of fight, whether darkness? It is necessary to approve forever in itself a victorious condition of spirit. Not without reason I Called you the winner. It I was, it and you will be always. Only at an o'clock even the most difficult fight it is necessary to leave uncertainty in it. With Me – the winner always. This consciousness will exempt neither from tests, nor from burden of fight, but will give hardness to a hand and force to spirit fires victorious in heart kindle. After all the so many depends on a condition of consciousness. It is necessary to remember this trick of the dark: to flood it with hopelessness and to make the future gloomy. But the darkness isn't imperious over the future. It is in your hands. It is in Our Hands. It light is and diarant. And no darkness, any utter darkness of the current hour will take away magnificence of the future neither from Us, nor from you. Know it and safely and surely go to it, firmly going. Anything and nobody is able to stop flight of time that is to stop evolution. By Judgment it will be embodied on Earth. Darkness temporarily and darkness is the phenomenon local, terrestrial, and only terrestrial! In Space of dark hierarchy not exist. It only is on Earth and that nowadays brainless. The space Evolution conducting a planet in the future will wipe out dark as a morning ray of light – twilight of night, and will erect mankind to the prespecified step. The same as tomorrow is inevitable as it is precisely inevitable both the future and this future from you no forces in the world will be able to take away. Therefore dared, firmly and surely nowadays go to this shining tomorrow." There will be it, will be, it should be", – I so Speak, the Shambhala of the Lord. This consciousness also go through life, not for a moment without forgetting that the solution of the Highest Space Will the future is to Earth it is fated. This consciousness will give strength consciously and warmly to work for the future. For the sake of it We Work also, for the sake of it great victims are brought, for the sake of it went and there are to the world all carriers of Light and for the sake of it Great Service is made. Light of the future is great; to them go. Look at it. In the past of a mistake, delusion, weakness, an black out and there is a lot of unnecessary litter, but ahead Light, ahead all yours, ahead you already others, light, without the fetters, released from freight of the dark remnants, dumped about itself a yoke of the dense matter, owning fires of the centers. In the future you those, whom We Call, sons of Light. This Light and everything that it gives to the person – his space heritage intended to it from the beginning of times. There will be a tomorrow, will be again both summer, and years, and the third anniversary will be will to be replaced infinitely in zones of times. Evolution, that is movement in the future, is the immutable phenomenon of the Space order. Will go out both your planet, and life on a planet will die. The Sun will go out also. But in a circle of the Great Cycle the mankind will steadily make the way on stars, ascending everything is higher and higher on evolution steps to the Source of Eternal Light. Everything will be immutable that should be, whatever far on time was the judgment future, and you will reach it, and you will be in it, both anybody and anything from you won't take away it.

774. (M.A.Y.). The winner we meet pleasure of spirit and we give the chance to share pleasure this with us. It isn't enough pleasure in the world, especially it is valuable. Pleasure to a victory I approve. It is the lawful and deserved pleasure. The feeling of a victory, joyfully future is joyful. Light judgment is Great. Think of it in pleasure from the victories which are constantly gained over darkness.

775. (Guru). Our soldiers know fight, know severity and its difficulty, know also strength of the enemy, but defeats don't know. Light always triumphs over the darkness, whatever strong she seemed. The darkness against Light is powerless if only its victorious essence is realized by heart and the will imperiously in heart approves it. The fire and Light are approved by will.

776. (Mother World). I accept you the employee of Light in my Sphere. From now on you will work in my Beams, your heart to service of Mother of the World having betrayed. Be not anxious about that as well as where this service will proceed. It is necessary that it was approved consciously. The aspiration to cooperation by heart can be strengthened, and to enter into its rhythm, and to make the far wonderful fairy tale on the Star of Morning the life.

777. (Oct. 20). Terms go! In the Thin World contours of forms in which they have to pour out are defined, and those who are appointed to terms, magneto is attracted to the necessary conditions, and with them thin communication is weaved. The invisible mechanics works. The skilled Hand weaves a life pattern. The necessary people are involved in a future spiral. And We from the Tower See a crossing of ways. Consider everything, which intended in the future and has already taken shape in concrete forms on the plan astral, existing in present, though invisible to a physical eye; it you will approach hidden reality. It is inevitable "tomorrow" planets. Having felt reality of thin construction, it is possible to prepare itself for performance of the role planned by the Teacher, strong accumulating the necessary Knowledge. Miracles aren't present, but the wonderful future burns with all fires, and the miracle of the statement of the Fiery Era shows inalterability of reality which already is, but is yet visible to an eye. It is necessary to expand area real to live in it more actively.

778. Life is the great stream directed in the future during every instant of the existence. As it is possible not to feel realities of that comes nearer inevitably from the sphere of already approved thin existence to spheres dense, terrestrial. It is possible to go deep consciousness in these which are already existing, new forms of life that brighter to feel as that them, and with them to become allied by marriage, and to become part their way of conscious communication with them. I want to deepen understanding of reality of a magnet the future given concrete shapes on the Highest Plans of Life. Only small consciousness lives in the present the moment. Animals of the future don't know, but even the squirrel reserves nuts. The instinct, that is reason, replaces consciousness. But to the person it is given the chance to think of the future. The consciousness is higher, it further is capable to get into the future, approaching it to Earth and reducing it to Earth. Maha Yuga great cycle, Days and Nights of Bramah, mention far Terms, being evolution magnets.

779. We Know where we go, and we Know where we Conduct mankind. Forms of this knowledge join a world stream, and the way becomes obvious and certain. Whatever long it was, we Build for a long time, projecting present actions in inalterability of the future times. And real, current forward, the authorities therefore over Us has no. We know to it the price, we know its sense and appointment and, using it, we Forge planet evolution. Our way is infinite, conducts in Boundlessness, and we Rejoice great boundless, but to real opportunities of the human spirit which doesn’t know limits of growth to the qualities, abilities, force and power. Truly, I Speak to you: "You are gods". Such is shining your future. And We nowadays Approve steps to it on which you will ascend, to ascend consciously, to ascend you who have recognized the Leading Lord.

780. You can, spirit beginning to see clearly in the future, to rise over a little and darkness of dark shifts. The brevity and temporariness of acts of darkness should be understood. Not to darkness to compete with boundlessness of Light, and not to darkness to win against it. Having adjoined strongly Light phenomenon, it is possible to go quietly through dark dams and the heaps erected by them on your way, destroying and destroying fiery all their smart constructions. The darkness is strong only for unseeing power of Light or denying it, but you know and therefore you go victoriously. I claim that nothing can break going through life the Name of the Lord. Think more often of Light. Think of it in forms concrete. There will be this Light in you and round you, disseminating and destroying darkness. Light in you is death for dark. Brightly you shine everywhere and always. There was "Light the person and its darkness not I embraced ". The light you seek to assimilate to the Lord of Light because It in you, and will be your way victorious.

781. (M.A.Y.). Each thought and the feeling directed to me, strong I feel. Immediately they reach Me. De mortuis auto bene aut nihil. And when it is well thought and spoken, we who have "left" feel the sent wave. Not without reason hitherto their lives an ancient Latin proverb. We feel and answer on consciousness. Not always our wave reaches a brain terrestrial, but heart – always. From here is simplicity communication and availability it for the trusting and knowing. Wire of love, devotion and fidelity the most reliable. Works smooth, - is more reliable, than terrestrial phone, which can deteriorate. However, the rotten love and vague devotion of an echo don't bring because orotundity of feeling is effective only. We when your heart with us fiery wants to stay. I send pleasure to opportunities of spirit and in the spirit of – love. It is weightless and hidden, it too from spirit, therefore and not dies, but lives, connecting far hearts, the son my darling.
782. (Guru). Certainly, we are United by the Lord because we serve one Mister therefore we will think that connects, but not that separates or can separate. Your value I know also last your merits. You ours it is undivided. That separated us from each other – tests, you not understood. Certainly, Mater is closer to you. But the proximity of Mother let won't cause separation from me because you were called by me, and sated you with the energiya, and the key from the Doctrine gave. Without having a key, but having Doctrine books, nevertheless not in forces you were a key to turn so that secret letters of wisdom began you to reveal. But, a key from me having received, I got access to the Life Doctrine. Therefore let appreciation will tell, what role your Guru played in your life. Everything is received through it. What would be if didn't meet? Think and fires of appreciation inflate. Let brightly burn with Light inextinguishable, leading to the Lord. And I too love you, but I don't love your shortcomings and weaknesses. I love all good and light in you, but I rise against past heaps which don't correspond to your steps of an apprenticeship. After all I because called am responsible for you. Clean a mediastinum dividing us, and become lighter in acts and the thoughts.

*783. (Mother World). The aspiration is flight wings. To immensity of space you fly and the goal you reach. But, having planned the flight sphere, define that you want to reach and what to learn. Let the thought magneto predetermine and plans the channel and nature of perception. The one who doesn't know that wants doesn't receive anything because the response resounds on call. You can freely scoop, but at the request of heart – clear, exact and certain. The vagueness, ambiguity and lack of the purpose in the sphere of the highest tension are inadmissible. Even connecting on your devices on a long distance, you know, with whom and about what you want to speak. Especially it is necessary in boundlessness of space where from the purpose or fluctuation can refer the slightest evasion goodness knows where. It is necessary to know that you want. Also it is necessary to learn to attract desirable knowledge magneto. Experience we will make tomorrow. Plan the desirable purpose: as well as than you want to fill up knowledge of laws of space and life of the Distant Worlds. Terrestrial there is nothing in my Spheres. Terrestrial in them access isn't present. From Earth directing in the spirit of, it learn to come off that the spirit was free from its attractions.

784. (Oct. 21). Think, think, and think often of us. Think about us clears consciousness of litter. The litter closes ears. Weed thinking, as well as any thinking, magneto. The gray ball from impurity of dark thoughts turns out, shaggy hands reach for it. And light which in you, can become darkness. You from thoughts of darkness separate thoughts of light and in thoughts of light indulge. Unless it is so difficult think about Light? The thought we concern thoughts conformable, trading in manifestation. So the spirit magnet works. It is possible to send itself to the power of any thoughts, but it is necessary to realize, what they about. The irresponsible thinking is inadmissible. But each thought – a communication thread with Light or darkness. Understand that levers of contacts of mental currents in your hands. The unaccountable thinking can be turned into the thinking realizing each thought allowed in consciousness because the person knows, whether this thought from darkness or from Light is. Dark whispers use magnetic power of thought immediately to throw conformable thought if see in consciousness that any dark thought in it already appeared. Not all thoughts are thrown dark; many come up from the past, from memory depth. Unusable accumulation and untidy litter are harmful to these. To thicket air consciousness! Throw out from its products of the putrefactive thinking, after all each new step and each lifting more often, shining last findings of thought and experience, given the chance to see everything which has become unusable in new understanding of things at this new step. And something seeming to accepted and admissible in the past, in new lighting seems already unsuitable and harmful to a further way. It is much stored unnecessary century litter; it is much saved up and in life current. Memory needs periodic cleaning. It is possible to reconsider everything anew: former hostility or friendship, friends and enemies, acts, made in the ignorance, told someone and once words. Everything is subject to revision because advance on the way obliges to be exempted from unnecessary load. There is it burdened with already gets rid property. To what now she to him in new understanding possession of things? But, carried away by lifting, it forgot about freight behind shoulders and in vain drags it, being exhausted from unnecessary efforts. Release is created by the hand, it isn't necessary to wait that it will be made by someone for you. Self’s, self’s, self’s all both always, and then the Teacher strong will Help with consciousness to see unnecessary litter.

785. If life is what you make it and each judge to itself and each creator of the karma who is responsible for all this occurring in your life? Whether you? Why responsibility this to assign to others, to the Teacher or the head? They and so Help you not to choke with whirlpools of life. But will make responsible them for the trouble the worst type of ignorance. Anything so doesn't stop a way and possibilities of further advance, as similar ridiculous and unfair installation of consciousness. After all it is worse, than assignment! If assignment burdens, like a log, harm from transposition of responsibility for the acts from the shoulders on others already borders on a disgrace and kills mentality wishing to profit for someone else's account. Someone should and think of it.

786. (M.A.Y.). And if, having imperfections, nevertheless you go to the Lord and you direct to Him, whether that no more your merit before the world, than the one who goes to It, being perfect? And where they oration don't stop your imperfections, be in belief it is quiet that to put you will reach. And let anybody and will stop nothing you. Go, go through everything and not despite everything. If imperfections served as a condition of impossibility of advance on the way to the Lord, anybody wouldn't reach. Because, there is made nobody from going to It and reaching despite everything. If imperfections served as a condition of impossibility of advance on the way to the Lord, anybody wouldn't reach, - because there is made nobody from going to It and reaching.

787. (Guru). We for an assessment of the person have other criterion, than at people. We raise a question, whether is valuable to evolution? These were told all. And the good person, but useless for evolution, isn't included into our plans. Besides devotion we appreciate, both persistence, and constancy on aspiration to Light. But the main value of the person in our eyes is his usefulness for evolution. You are appointed to terms and therefore are valuable to the future. To you the assessment is made long ago. And to you about the shown value of spirit it was told. Therefore give to the Lord "the grief and the pleasure about you". He Knows. You follow It.

788. (Mater World). Devoted I Will Tell: "On the channel dug in space by aspiration to Me, My Spheres are reached". But wishing to reach has to make effort. Not easy to dig channels in space. It is so much distracting thoughts! And thoughts of impossibility disturb. It is necessary to understand law action. Laws of Light are based on the principle of bipolarity. Attractions of poles work at perception of Light. The answer goes in the area of inalterability, and Proximity washing becomes not denied. Wait for the certificate obvious power of My Beams - stream strenuously to Earth. But so it isn't enough ready receivers. What receivers in readiness, can rejoice because will receive.

789. Alcoholism is the enemy of psych equipment. Alcoholism destroys wires of nerves, does them unsuitable for thin perceptions. To intermediaries serves, as a link of transfer of fiery parcels nervous system. If it not as it should be, the highest opportunities are lost. Wine destroys will. Continue a consequence in the future, having strengthened the phenomenon of this weakness, and you will see all horror of the defect always beginning with spirit small and finishing by death. The desire to drink goes from two sources: the first – the energy saved up in the past concluded in the corresponding crystallized forms of thought which pushes the owner to commission and repetition of the acts which once have been already allowed earlier; and the second is a suggestion of the dark substance, wishing to feel these feelings, that is the former drunkards, nowadays one incarnation, or simply the attendants of the evil pushing spirit in a chasm because a final stage of alcoholism – a chasm. Fight against this defect consists in the following: the crystallized forms of thought nesting in a microcosm of the person, it is necessary to destroy fiery and energy to neutralize them. The intense will giving stronger degree of fire, than fire of the thought which have stiffened and strengthened in consciousness is for this purpose applied. About the dark we won't speak. Humiliating and shamefully to feed this disgusting substance with the emanations, but to be a puppet of attendants of the evil, trying to reduce spirit in the lowest condition even worse. Unworthy are attendants of Light alcoholism. It is inadmissible in the pupil and it isn't justified by anything. It is an indicator of that something in it is unsuccessful. Alcoholism and smoking is enemies of mental energy and spendthrifts of fiery force.

790. At fight against imperfections of spirit we Apply Adverse tactics. And then we Allow the phenomenon grow to such an extent that the disgrace and inadmissibility it reached an absurd limit for this consciousness. And then the beam of fiery will easily suppresses the freak. This process can be done mentally, moving the phenomenon into the future and seeing in it all dangers which have grown thus to the logical end and harm, in it concluded and invisible to an eye in its real condition. This method weakness finishing’s or defects to the extreme expression or absurdity it is very valid and brings good results. Use it, more often and widely applying to everything that you want to get rid in yourself rather. Each quality in the person, bad and good, is in process of growth, and once you continue this development of any of them in the imagination before its logical end, it allows to see at once its hidden essence and to separate good properties from the bad. That is to have an exact assessment of each quality: the good – for the statement, bad – for a gets rid or immediate destruction by destruction of its astral prototype, in a crystallized form of this negative quality hiding energy. Any more there will be no uncertainty then that is good and that is bad. And the choice of the decision will be easier to be made and easier to carry out it. Connivance to the weaknesses is concelebrating with darkness and will destruction if it is made contrary to it. If the will deign to allow them, whether that will be will such conformable with will of darkness?

791. To approve in the face of the most ardent evidence the way to Light in defiance and contrary to it – our way and a way of the elite by us. It is good and correct to say directly to any circumstances thought: "And I after all will reach, and nothing will stop me out of, inside". It is possible to tell any doubt firmly:" Here you before Me to stop My way, but I nevertheless will go, without stopping not for a moment and despite all your seeming persuasiveness and logicality, after all I will go and nevertheless I will reach". It is a lot of dragons, and in the most various deceptive and convincing forms, will appear for a way. They should be met surely and quietly, them it is necessary to manage to consider and distinguish not so much their false nature, how much the purpose for the sake of which they appeared. The purpose their one is to stop advance of spirit and to stop the way phenomenon. But after all human life also is the phenomenon of a way to Boundlessness to conscious immortality of spirit and the statement of consciousness in all covers and on all plans of Life. And if to stop this way, life will lose any meaning and will turn into nonsense. It they, blind, can live, without having the purpose and without knowing meaning of the life, but the woken-up spirit isn't able to be satisfied with stupid vegetation on planet bark, and for it loss of final meaning of the life means, really, the end. It is possible dark to ask, and what they were go and to whom think? And what purpose of their pity existence? This question will strongly discourage them because the dark hierarchy forbids them to think about future that didn't realize all horror of the falling and hopelessness of stay in darkness. Ask them when become too importunate. Ask also those who are higher, on what hope, being brainless? And where their master and what is necessary to them, whether he a fate will share? Ask. Remains them around after your questions, because the truth burns down a little both hopelessness of the situation and consciousness of full powerlessness to win against Light will stop even the most persistent. The darkness still keeps that leaders suppress the fact of death of the Satan from the followers, and you to them tell. Results you will scent at once when will annoy too. Their celebration is temporary and is fragile – before the end.

792. (M.A.Y.). About proximity of Terms all the time I go on, to them time will come to come. And correctly feels heart that a spatial press with an ulterior motive. It causes ardent division of two poles of mankind: Light and darkness. And each person strong is attracted to that from them which is closer to him. It isn't necessary to be surprised rage dark. Everything becomes simple more accurate and clear in the essence and in the expression. And everyone, revealing the hidden essence, takes the place on a life ladder, takes finally, for all future era, because now time of Great division and separation of Light from darkness. In the New Era to darkness of a place won't be. Therefore also it is necessary that she was defined in all the forms and display and I revealed the followers and supporters. It is very good that it is so active and each attendant of the evil sets himself the seal of the Satan. And as soon as internal, hidden potentially, the essence of the person is defined and revealed, the pole of Light or a pole of darkness starts working powerfully, attracting the in an orbit of the attraction. So in Focus of Light spirits, and in darkness focus – attendants of the evil gather. But as focus of darkness of head, that is the center of the center uniting it, any more has no, its destruction and destruction are inevitable. On a throne of the Satan there is nobody, it is empty. And dark hierophant make the last great treachery, deceiving the faithful servants and hiding from them death of their leader. Will devour each other in rage of mutually destruction; the darkness will devour itself, because it is doomed.

793. (Guru). Let's strengthen will. It becomes stronger not on great causes, but on trifles of day. Be great and in small then in big great you will become. In little things in life, daily occurrence everyday it is possible to temper the will and to strengthen it. Worry of spirit goes on trifles because trifles reduce spirit to the life bog if the will doesn't manage to become on protection. How many chagrin and clouding occurs during the day at contact with people and relatives, and strangers. Each influence should oppose will and not to allow an astral cover to react in reply as she wants that. Wide field is for a will display. It is quickly possible to multiply on it the forces. You study. You study on everything that gives life. You study now, in the Thin World will late study and it is much more difficult. There it is necessary to enter tempered in fight. It is otherwise involved in itself astral whirlwinds, against which it is possible to learn to temper itself here. Also you study.

794. (Mother World). At aspiration to my Spheres it is necessary to remember the accord and compliance law. Without the accord there is no contact; the accord the essence you with Essence of the Highest. Music of My Sphere – the majestic symphony mentions any string or strings in a microcosm human, and they begin accord to it in reply. On a key of solemnity music of spheres sounds. With this key and to Me you approach, having left below vanity. There is no commonness place in my Spheres. To Me accord learn. According to the accord and receiving. If no, receiving, so the accord didn't take place, so it is necessary to approve it.

795. (Oct. 23). It isn't written? And you write. The help comes only in operation. It is necessary to show action before to receive the help, or, in any case, to start it, that is to begin. Because at the beginning of action is to what to put our energy. In this case the same principle as in a case when having (at least something) is given, and that has will be taken away from not having also is shown. It is important that was to what to put. Therefore I Speak, you don't do nothing, but act. In operation display fruit of your aspirations! About action It is told enough, it is necessary to put only.

796. Happened earlier that the perception as though stopped. The reason looks for in a tonality of spatial currents. Currents disharmonies and antagonistic break symmetry of reception of thoughts, and it is difficult to come into contact. In such cases it isn't necessary the squeezeed-out efforts. It is better to wait the adverse moment. The rhythm won't be broken because it is already broken. But these currents are in essence arrhythmic. It is better to make attempt, having chosen other time of day.

797. (Oct. 24). Yesterday it wasn't written. Why? You didn't know that. I hadn't time. You have the proof to that you are constantly under supervision of the Eagle Eye.

798. So, dark are again shamed. And you and the distant friend had our help. From the main danger protected. But trifles will annoy. But it doesn't mean that danger disappeared. It will be always, and dark the attempts won't stop. It will teach you to constant vigilance and vigilance, and also will lead to understanding of constant Care and Attention to you. Hard fight sustained, and much still it is necessary. And the more brightly the flame inside will inflame, the more than any evil spirits will direct on you from surrounding darkness. Fly on a flame; though know that it burns down painfully, both scorch itself, and burn. But such is evil self-rejection and now, and of you should take care about health. Strongly it was shaken by dark schemers. It is necessary to preserve it. And to these they tried to do harm to you feasible. But deception wasn't successful, and masks are broken. It is necessary to explain still, danger from where threatens, and to tell that elements, consonance with obsessed and remained in organisms of victims, serve as a catch for dark and influence channels. It is better to betray the things connected with obsessed, to destruction or, as a last resort, to allow them to have a complete rest somewhere far away after their clarification over fire, and also mint, an eucalyptus and the flame directed from the ends of fingers, that is heart fire. Certainly, immunity in the spirit of, but in the spirit of, burning with fires. Great it is necessary to show firmness, as well as discretion, not for a moment without weakening patrol; because harm done is great and long. And who knows when the put wounds and the broken trust will heal will be restored. Don't forget that clarification time is generally equal to the defilement period, plus the double test. But it is possible to be glad nevertheless because the main goal isn't reached by the dark – to destroy your circle. Become even stronger and more devoted each other. But be afraid that again didn't try to pour in in the relations your evil-shift. Specify the experience got by so expensive price, constantly on call to keep in consciousness. It is valuable extraordinary, though is bitter very much. Instead of alleged destruction dark only pulled together you and strengthened your relationship. So I Claim that while with Me, the darkness will suffer a defeat not greatly. Force scent because learned to win together with Me and together, side by side, to fight against them. Write down one more victory won over makers of the evil and their satellites, obvious and implicit, visible and invisible.

799. My son, time now especially poisonous and intense. The darkness uses the spatial tension and Chaos to throw the shaggy balls. Stand guard, cutting at the roots all attempts. Now time is of the most unexpected events, because mighty energy is in operation. People to operate them not in forces and therefore will be compelled to obey to a stream of fiery Space energiya or to be thrown out of it. Where? My son, I See, I Know also I Feel as it is hard, but in this hearth of tension power of spirit is forged. Whether it you want to have? Whether also it you dream to increase? Courageously forces having collected, go against the stream. Main Hierophant made procession around in the return to the general movement the direction. Hierophant of spirit I Want to see you, with Me going to Light. We go from a victory to a victory, though they are reached by absolutely considerable price. What from this? Let's pay if it is necessary. Who will pay more, that more and will receive. That be surprised, what on a payment and receiving? Our proximity grows and becomes stronger, and communication gets stronger. You can be glad to success. Pleasure of spirit before the face of the darkness, has heavy hung, already is a victory. Therefore rejoice, My son, to new victory and new victories, which are coming us – Me and you, which with Me.

800. (M.A.Y.). If love you ascend, love, constantly increasing in saving feeling. All dark tricks us are powerless to separate if the love doesn't decay and doesn't dry. The darkness if the love to the Lord ardently in heart flares is powerless. We will win against them love. Here also they because know only rage and hatred are powerless. Remember: the love to Hierarchy is the invincible weapon of Light, the strongest, the most powerful, and to darkness is inaccessible to application. The one who uses it is impregnable, and is invincible. Therefore when I speak: "Succeed love", – I repeat Words of the Lord. Loving, you will double, you will treble, decuple the forces. Not know defeat that, in what heart this feeling burns. It knows neither barriers, nor restrictions with time, space and other conditions. It victoriously goes forward.

801. (Guru). Nowadays I will tell: "If the will is everything in the person, important extraordinary, on what its edge goes. The pointed will works wonders, even when is in a static condition of tension, even when it isn't in operation, and only in a condition of full fiery readiness.

802. (Mother World). To you to people the right I Allow to testify to Mother of the World far, in space shining the Light, but close and obviously available to all to those who flaring heart realized greatness of Mother of Light. You can from My Light scoop without a limit and to people to bear this Light. To you I Grant the right, my Light Beams on heart having accepted, my Beams to use consciously in application. The right I Allow to act with My Beam and in the Name My. Name of the Lord the right you have to create because it was given. Nowadays you increase in force and you multiply the power Force of My Beams. My son, new power realize and in its understanding and act. My light over you nowadays is always, while you struggle in twilight with darkness before a great dawn.

803. (Oct. 25). Let's write about Space cooperation. Whom it is possible to call such employee? It is told directly: executing Will Father Mine that is the person executing Space will, with it conformable and arrive it agrees with it. It grants the right to Space cooperation. It is that Laws of the Highest World and this understanding are comprehended is reduced to Earth for a food of consciousness of mankind. In it Great Service consists. Precepts the Highest are brought to Earth. The space allocates with the gifts of the attendant of Light for transfer to their people. The external form of service – when the person is essence of that he transfers, that is Truth of the Doctrine professed by it. It is in power only the little. Therefore Space cooperation is so rare. But the purpose is nevertheless it because time when Earth – the bottom of dense existence of the person – will crumble under the feet will come. It leaves in intervals between embodiments, but people after all too strong hold it to venture in space or other stars. For spatial service it is necessary that all three bodies were issued, especially mental. It is necessary for management of Space and planetary energiya. Think that life of a planet goes spontaneously, itself. It is incorrect. The hierarchy Is at the helm and Regulates the processes happening on a planet. Spirits of elements help with this work. Even the course of terrestrial magnetism often should be sent to the necessary course. Also magnetism Space, sent from Far Stars, needs often regulating receivers which consciousnesses of Big Spirits are. In them Space waves refract and, refracted and assimilated, thus become available to Earth that is for mankind which represents itself its highest principles. So, assimilation of Space energiya is destiny of mankind and process of value extraordinary. It is a food of spirit human the highest energiya, or Heavenly Fire. Press of fiery receivers of consciousness of these attendants of Light it is so great that the organism undergoes them often heavy pains and sufferings. The body as though hangs on a matter cross, perceiving from the Sky fires for transfer to their people. Receivers of this Highest Energy are the open centers. But those sufferings and the pains occurring at such opening mean, those who tests them know only or tested. At times it is impossible to bend when Kundalini column rises powerfully, or to sigh when the center of lungs starts working. Attendants of Light in this regard are really martyrs because physical pains always accompany wakening activity of the centers. But Service is great also, and the knowledge brought by these spirits to Earth is great. Think that is easy, think that is simple, but these ignoramuses don't know that by pain is paid for each word which they hear or read, to it transferred by the Attendant of Light. Space service, or cooperation, is difficult to that the organism adaptation to perception of spatial energiya is too difficult, long and demands great discretion and tension of all forces. It isn't enough Light receivers, and that the few who can be them, are compelled to bear on it all that loading which would have to be distributed between much bigger numbers of people. In its second difficulty is. And the third: conditions dense aren't combined with fire, and sharpness of disharmony heavy lies down on shoulders bearing knowledge to people. Also it is empty around. Also burden of spirit has nobody to divide, and there is nobody it to help with their Great Service to Light. In great loneliness there pass these heroes invisible to the world through life, bearing on itself excessive weight of a cross. But people eat fire, them brought. Them evolution moves. From them the knowledge is got, and their Light the planet lives.

804. And you writing these lines, even you don't understand depth of the Service, even you, not able to bend a back from ardent a backbone pains. Kundalini rises. In pains new opportunities of spirit are born. Service goes deep, and the knowledge brought to people is great. Both it will be still given so much, and it is still made so much. You think of a feat and of great causes, and it is already created, in life is created, among impossible conditions and a heavy press for that the merit will be nicer. Write. Quietly write and imprint received knowledge. It is necessary for people, strong become scanty knowledge of spirit. You elected by me and sent to the world with mission of difficult Light to people to bear, the imperfections be not confused. Light of knowledge, to the world brought by you is great. Under our care you go. It isn't necessary to be tormented with that you just the person. Assignment you carry out strong, without sparing forces, time and health, and putting Business My first all the rest. Work isn't small. Everyday Records, despite rage of opposite conditions and diligence dark, grow, and grow steadily. Their place – in a treasury of human thought. And gift a brought bike. Therefore quietly and firmly go, knowing that My Beam over you. Be confused nothing, go, collecting treasures knowledge and experience. Think who from million people can give what you give? And who can conduct Records of My thoughts? And who among them is so close to Me? Because you are My son, and Mother Agni is your Mother, you ours. The assignment is given; carry out it as successfully as carried out still. Your time of obvious service to people approaches.

805. Here you wanted to write about something other, than wrote this time, - and with a request to Me addressed. Also I wrote as wanted. Whether not obviously Proximity washing it is approved by it? Because everything that you will ask for Me for Light, it will be given you.

806. (M.A.Y.). Tell to people that this world and the World That are connected closely with each other that the consciousness of the person constantly lives in two worlds and that his inner world, the invisible world to an eye and not defined on scales, and is the World that, Hidden, the World of thin energiya and forms and that the inner world it simply adjoins to the world astral and the world mental. And when the body will be dumped, it will enter the consciousness completely into the inner world and through astral feelings will adjoin to the World Hidden. Its inner world and its accumulation will cause to it a see, understanding and width of this new world because he will see, as well as on Earth, through the aura. Therefore Flammarion beholds the worlds, and the shopkeeper continues to consider profits and goods. The richness of an interior outlines a circle of opportunities and borders of perceptions it in World Thin, therefore sowers here, and reapers and collectors is there. Therefore It is told:" Direct. Only direct, and the light of Boundlessness" will fill in you. Arrows terrestrial, that is the aspirations generated on Earth as beams of searchlights, will shine a field of post mortal perceptions and stays, and on your aspirations it will be given you. The law is simple and effective. Everyone, wishing something in World Aboveground, will be attracted by power of aspiration to desirable, and it is good, if this desire good, because also dark desires receive implementation, but not in Light Spheres. So the aspiration and desire send to Light or darkness spheres. Everything depends on aspiration, and the person depends on the aspiration. And those who directed to us during lifetime, with us will arrive after it on Earth will come to the end. Who loves us, and with us wants to be, and nowadays to us in the spirit of happens, that with us and will be. Therefore be quiet and joyful, because we will meet you, native Mine.

807. (Guru). The law of free will attracts to what the thought preceding contact was directed to the thought sphere. Thus it is possible to plan in advance what the consciousness would like to concern. The Teacher, either the Guru, or Mother can send thought, but it is possible also most to plan answer area. "Is wider wide sew", that is in this case don't limit to anything the opportunities. You can receive everything that you want, but on the channel of accurate and certain aspiration or call. On call and a response – this law of perception is conformable, works obviously. If there are no thoughts accurate and obvious something to understand desires or to answer it, it is possible to wait that the Teacher Will send, and sent to perceive. Main condition there will be after all a will directing consciousness and causing the direction of contact. But doors in a treasury to gifts of space are open; it is possible to scoop freely and endlessly.

808. (Mother World). My son, in Light you won't be left and you won't be forgotten. Nowadays possible there is that wonderful and unrealizable was earlier. Nowadays spatial conditions changed and became others. A lot of things were facilitated very. Beams made the intercourse by thoughts possible because serve as transfer channels. Why I Speak about Beams. Those who consciously perceive them, throw the bridge through space between Me and the consciousness. It is necessary to feel itself in my Beams, them in heart or heart having accepted, and this understanding to approve. The rest already simply also will be only logical end of the beams apprehended by heart. The psych equipment of process should be understood accurately in order that Communication took place. And then as it is simple as the thought of the Teacher is perceived to try to accept my thoughts. They will reach burning heart love to Me, will reach not greatly and with pleasure fiery heart will fill.

809. (Oct. 26). My friend, never it is necessary to neglect the opponent because they are sent on the strength of mind, going against them. Therefore it is hard sometimes there is a fight. This circumstance can't be forgotten; excessive self-confidence so it is harmful, as and weakness, and uncertainty in itself. A lot of damage brings inability to appreciate the opponent. But it is as though strong was, it isn't terrible for the consciousness integrated with Me. Danger arises in case of a thinking distance, but together when, anybody then isn't strong against us.

810. (M.A.Y.). "In unification is force", -in unification with the Teacher! You want to be strong, claim and increase consciousness of unification with the Lord.

811. (Guru). Fight against darkness is reduced to fight of two will: will of Light against the will of darkness. Collective power of will of Hierarchy of Light extremely also doesn't give in to calculation. Once you unite with it in consciousness through heart, and powerless there is darkness before this invincible power. Luminous intensity the darkness is surprised. Realized power of Hierarchy it is invincible.

812. (Mater World). Ardent understanding of in my Beams always and everywhere, both at night and in the afternoon, during wakefulness gives to spirit feeling of invincibility. Power of darkness disappears and is destroyed when the consciousness is merged with Me. Power of Mother of the World, strength giving, let will be for you the strong, unshakable and indestructible rock of spirit and a support.

813. (Oct. 27). You live in peace three-dimensional, being beings of many measurements. The spirit has no measurements, because out of them. The consciousness lives in a body, a body three-dimensional, but an interior out of these borders. In it there is neither top, nor a bottom, neither "right", nor "left". In it relationship of things, it filling, isn't subordinated to laws of three measurements. For example, in it at the same time in the same place there can be some subjects, pictures or the phenomena. The consciousness can imagine anything and – anywhere in a flash. It can shift the past in the present, as well as the future. Or feel it in the future. It isn't connected absolutely not by restrictions, an immovability and stability of dense conditions, being able to come off them absolutely. As if something unearthly, extra dense, something which is absolutely not similar to a things terrestrial, is concentrated in the person. For consciousness in an inner world there is nothing impossible, unrealizable and unrealizable. The spirit through consciousness can create infinitely in an inner world. And only the small part of this creativity is carried out in the world terrestrial thanks to its limited opportunities. In itself, as well as outside, but in the World of the dimensions Highest, in World Thin, creativity of spirit isn't limited not to subjects Ch dense. Their creativity blossoms widely and richly exactly thanks to these opportunities and that the matter of the Thin World possesses high plasticity and mobility and easily submits to will of the person. Precisely with the same ease, with what the person can make anything and a desirable image, in the same way ample opportunities of thin creativity before the intellectual look, only one condition is necessary: it is necessary that imagination and accumulation of spirit would correspond to these, almost boundless, to opportunities. Because that the person deprived of imagination or not able to imagine clearly and accurately that he wants to create can create. But the created image will bear the impress of this vagueness, a fog and uncertainty. And creativity of dark ignorant and undeveloped spirit which carried out all life on Earth nothing being interested and without directing anywhere, will carry on itself the press of the ignorance. Imagine creativity of the drunkard beggar or the pilferer, than they will sate space and what to create? For creativity accumulation of imagination and the developed ability of bright visual representation of a created image are necessary. After all the artist imprints on a cloth only that sees his eye, especially the portraitist, for memory painting portrait of the person after five-minute looking of his face. After all there are also such artists. He already paints a portrait directly that mental image, which as live, faces it and in its inner world. It is impossible to deny neither subtleties, nor realities of the phenomenon of this order because make a basis of creative abilities of the person and in the Thin World widely open to its doors in area of boundless creativity of spirit. There you can have everything that you want, having created it everything for yourself power of the creative imagination. And your world created by you, will be in full accordance with your environment and is conformable with it. That, what in you, consonance with that, what out, or around. It is possible to imagine unmistakably this world of the accord for each certain person, having precisely defined than and as he lives and to what directs because, both in the Sky, and on Earth. And the one, who lives as a pig, prepares for itself a spatial pigsty in World Aboveground. But the world of the poet, the artist, the philosopher and all those who on Earth directed to beauty and who built on Earth beauty is beautiful. In a word, strong reaps spirit in To World Aboveground fruits of the terrestrial crops. Impracticable here it is achievable there. At the correct understanding of things the death is a release of spirit from fetters of a body and the dense world and finding of the opportunities inaccessible on Earth. Here, on Earth, it is necessary to seek for creativity and creativity should be loved therefore art we put above all because it is a direct way to spirit creativity. But in wider value everything that is created by hands human, there are products of creativity of spirit and preparation for creativity of the Thin World. Because each person before to create something on Earth, has to carry out this process through the consciousness, that is create a mental and astral image of the desirable phenomenon. Destiny of the person is Space creativity, and a way its long terrestrial – only preparation for this great appointment. Therefore creativity of the person on Earth is full of a deep meaning and value because is a weak prototype and reflection of that power and that greatness which is fated to the person in the worlds. Majestic and shining is dextiny of the person.

814. My friend, leave uncertainty. The way is steady and direct, and nothing can bend it while you go together with Me. And everything that is created in your life, everything I Turn on advantage and everything serves you. And whatever it appeared under feet, everything-everything let will be only a support for advance forward. After all and a foot it is necessary to go into something – terrestrial, dense, firm, otherwise, how to move ahead. Not on the sky you go, but on the ground, terrestrial a tribute having paid. Therefore be not confused anything and be not late on anything. Our way is urgent. Passers thank for the next lessons. Satellites support, encourage and give hope. Study at Me how to help those who go together. It isn't necessary to be tormented, quietly go, because together.

815. (M.A.Y.). Yes! Yes! Communication gets stronger with each aspiration, with each thought directed to us. It is so easy to strengthen it. It can be made live and felt яроstrong acted to us; we have opportunity to reply without delay. After all in case of need and the help of the Teacher comes instantly. Because there is neither time, nor distances for fiery consciousness. It is necessary to get used to laws of the Elevated World still here, on Earth to enter into the World the Highest as already in the familiar area clear and close in the spirit of. This preparation is important extraordinary. Also it is necessary to think of it in advance.

816. (Guru). You store in heart as a talisman Shape of the Teacher of Light, - It all, that at you have, binding you on Earth with the World over it. And even we conducting you, we without It it is simple only people and, except as to It; there is no place to conduct to us you. In total in It, all only about It, and all for the sake of it. As go also you, about itself having forgotten, but only it’s Shape strong on heart holding. Will direct on it, will on It approve. The will will help with Light Ego to keep.

817. (Mother World). You want to enclose fingers in Light phenomenon, and We only Specify ways. And when the law is explained, and the way is specified, and a gate in cognition is open, it is necessary to enter and take only. But to enter and take everyone has to. Even the small child chews and swallows food. Gifts prepare, but have to take. They undertake magneto, aspiration. The aspiration has to reach such degree of a fiery and tension that waves overcome it time and space conditions and sate fruitful consciousness with Light. Force the Good fortune of knowledge of the Highest World undertakes. It is necessary to show force in the desire of Light to concern. The implicit and weak aspiration will bring so implicit weak consequences under the compliance law. But the aspiration fiery always answer will be saturated. And if someone wants to learn something, has to define precisely, what knowledge, knowledge of that he wishes to acquire. Without the clearness of aspiration there can't be an echo accurate. The space Knowledge is measured by the same measure by what the aspiration to it because by what measure you measure is measured also, such and will be measured to you. The measures prepare, and jugs for receiving lies, and strong wait gifts.

818. (Oct. 28). All sites cracked. Steam is given on brakes; differently it is impossible, it is necessary to hand over. Time came to alter to something the essence. Not form, but essence. Ours Directs the Hand, - concern also you soon. Winds others already blow, new in the spirit of bearing. It is possible the future pleasure in heart to concern, it is possible because goes. It is necessary to go on great concessions inside and out of, external forms having left. The spirit new will join these forms because they are good for the future. Shifts moved a little, will leave because have to clear a place another, Us planned. You watch and wait. We Waited more long. Expectation is heavy. It is necessary to make concessions. We wait for stars a combination. By the end there is difficult time for you. Wait. We Waited. The consequence of the events isn't considered by anybody, but We Know and we Speak:" Be awake in anticipation of an Hour". My hand creates affairs. Anybody won't be a hindrance, but it is necessary that shoots ripened. You are in our Plans. You are necessary to us. From balance from surprise don't break. Current will be great. To be cleared! Without clarification you won't be able to give that is necessary and as it is necessary. There will be many efforts; there will be also pleasures with them.

819. A lot of things from predicted by us came true, but not in personal measures of consciousness expecting it. Personal measures to life planetary aren't applicable. We cannot adapt an event to personal limited and therefore to incorrect understanding of the waiting. It would be better if this understanding merged with the general course of things and Will Leading. But not in forces to contain a personal hen house of scales of the events. From here is inaccuracy of many conclusions and preconditions. Evolution means not personal, but General Welfare. With the personality at all it isn't considered. But if the personal is moved into a world wave and with it is conformable, divergences in expectations it won't turn out because small "I", merging with the Great stream of evolution, becomes part it and extends to limits of consciousness Space. In it a solution of the problem of the personality, therefore the bowl of the General, but not is the personal benefit that, having enjoyed from it, it was possible also personal to find a place in life, but in the accord with the General. Will be and to you it is good when it will be good everything. But if to you it is good, and all it is bad, what advantage of it for evolution of all mankind? Attendants of General Welfare on the Precept of the Christ are rejected from themselves and the personality forgets in great service to Light. But it is the first step of approach to the Lord both the first and the most necessary condition of following behind It.

820. (M.A.Y.). The space sounds a new note. In it pleasure to that goes. In it rings and bells are heard future happiness. Live spatial messages. They are more faithful than the terrestrial. They far do to relatives and spirit sate with fire. It also will be familiarizing with spatial life who to it listens sensitively. Other-worldly this life, but over it rushes it, filling the world dense with the energiya for their embodiment in visible forms. More often thought direct in space. From there a lot of things can be gathered. To concern spatial thought will be already achievement. Because in boundlessness of space "stones” and in it all are carried away even.

821. (Guru). I have to tell the following: readiness display in readiness for action. It also will be reality. It will sate also the process of expectation by the necessary quality. Then expectation becomes effective, that is full of readiness display it in its appendix by the time of. And time of action can unexpectedly come. So surprise realizes into expect and meet it the action full of readiness and balance.

822. (Mother World). It is necessary to leave a formula of the address to Me for the appendix as a key for the adoption of contact with Me. Having turned a key, it is possible to include a wire. New note of space is from understanding of My Beams. In a new combination they reach Earth for the first time, lighting conformable receivers. They flash fires on all planets, creating new steps of consciousness. The circle of influence is great, seizes unexpected spheres, making to life new changes and shifts. Perhaps, the surface is quiet still, but powerful energy – in operation and is reached also external layers soon. And no effort to keep former relationship of parts on a surface will exist successful because mighty, invisible currents on a surface shifted those layers upon which it was based. Beams work powerfully, changing all life on a planet. Nothing can serve action of Terms by an obstacle, and they come.

823. (Oct. 29). The lord Unites in himself a past, the present and the future and Is expression of Three because Costs over Them and above them. Therefore the future Lord Maitreya is so real, as well as It Staying in the Stronghold, as well as It Coming to Earth under different attires, but the same, Uniform, Accepted responsibility for Earth. The small consciousness can't contain that Great Identity under all Faces Will be the same. From this misunderstanding is both divisions, and disputes, both churches, and the beliefs denying each other and opposing the truth to the truth of dissidents. The absurd of a divergence in ideas of the Uniform Center Real, about Uniform Hierarchy of Light underlies disputes and conflicts human, in consciousness of the person, in his ignorance, but not in Shapes of Light on which so strong people argue. It is necessary to understand that under all Names Seven are hidden Seven Great Kumar, come to Earth from the Far Star in the foggy childhood of the world, Sent by Mother of the World. It is necessary to understand that Seven Great Have the Lord – the Father, which over Them; so to become Uniform the Hierarchy Ladder. And Two Great Beginnings make its parties. And this two-faces of the Great Beginnings passes on all Ladder of Hierarchy from top to a bottom. In the phenomenon of Mother of the World and Lords, in the phenomenon of the Guru and Mother of Fiery Yoga the same construction because Two Beginnings create the World and everything that is in it is shown. So to understanding of the Wreath of the Space Magnet it is possible to add a display of Two Beginnings at all steps of a ladder of life. And where existence them was observed, they will be only reflection, or expression of the Great Space Law saying that for creativity on all plans of life two beginnings are an inevitable condition. It is possible to present therefore all absurd of one-sided terrible asceticism which gave nothing to the world. When the Christ Told, «The able to contain, yes will contain", He Meant at all violation of the Great Space Law, but transferring of creative process of the sphere low-corporal to spheres of creativity of spirit, because and on the plan spiritual, and in creativity the Highest existence of two beginnings inevitably. But people didn't understand thought high and indulged in a flesh murder, and generated spiritual bastards, cut short in fanatic fanaticism of possibility of the person and humiliated the woman before situation "a vessel poor” and carrying of a sin. So evasion from understanding of Space Laws brings spiritual degeneration and slows down evolution forever. Nowadays time came when the Great Feminine approves the Space Right to full equality from the Beginning Man's. Balance has to be restored and is restored strong. People don't consider what huge evolutionary value it will have for fast advanced of mankind in judgment to it the future. So above, as and below, as and everywhere is in all Space. Approving equality of the Beginnings, people immeasurably strengthen creative opportunities of spirit. Construction of the New Sky and New Earth will go under this equal-sign of floors. Also the Great Light Era of Mother of the World when the woman will reach the position belonging to it by right will begin, and strong will help transformation of mankind and its ascension on a new step of life. Beams of the Star of Mother of the World it is the phenomenon on a planet will claim strongly and forever. Also the Great Light Era of Mother of the World when the woman will reach the position belonging to it by right will begin, and strong will help transformation of mankind and its ascension on a new step of life.

824. If you want to succeed, your thought to Me put also heart in addition. These magnets will attract to you necessary. Simply all this if heart burns with love to the Lord. Than succeeded following close Me? Love!!! Reading sacred books, love referred in clouds, and came off life, and remained with anything. Eulogize far and unknown and We is close, We in life, and love to Us, live and real, Us you approach to yourself and you give the chance to enter into your life not ghosts, but Defenders and Friends. It is necessary to reject the mystical fog of misunderstanding hiding our true Faces. We in life, and We. And every day we Give proofs of our hidden presence to those who accepts Us. But for this purpose denial should be forgotten - and not a brain, but heart accepts Us in consciousness. Once having accepted, with Us it is possible to go all the way. So I Approve a life which doesn't have the end because it is infinite.

825. (M.A.Y). Addressing to Mother of the World, it is possible to address directly or through me. Each Beginning has the representatives on Earth who express on consciousness essence Sent. Therefore through me current will be direct. In Virgin Mary's cult you see distortion by churchmen of honoring of Mother of the World because from the Great Feminine not to leave anywhere even to churchmen. But a lot of ignorance was brought by them in this Great Shape, and a lot of things were distorted, and spoiled Hierarchical communication with the Lord of Light. The delusion should be explained and heaps to clear. Certainly, Mater Jesus wasn't Mother of the World. But Mother, which has given to the world the Lord, expressed herself to some extent Essence of the Great Feminine. But Great Identity of Mother of the World wasn't embodied in It (in Virgin Mary). In it mistake of churchmen. Track Her life, and the reality becomes obvious. It is time to remove an accumulation bandage from eyes. Time came to approve Truth.

826. (Guru). The will possesses property to attract to itself desirable. If you want to have something, you will receive sooner or later. Date of receipt can be very long; so long that received already loses the urgency or appeal. It is necessary therefore to wish circumspectly. Each strong-willed action brings a consequence, because the will is fire. With fire be circumspect – it is possible to burn.

827. (Mother World). The spatial wire is hard and sounds not always. There are moments when its sounding is especially intense and strong. Then it is necessary to try to catch probably more thoughts rushing from the far center on this wave.
Everything is good in its season. The perception rhythm let strong seeks to catch a nice ear, and to wait a heavy strip of silence quietly. Sometimes the proximity and range depend on fluctuation of spatial currents. But attempt to communicate should be made always not to break a rhythm. Today perceptions any more won't be.

828. (Oct. 30). We have no opportunity to advance consciousness if the person went blind spirit. To blind – a standard practice dark. Go blind is property weak. Therefore you hold your eyes opened and let no darkness will be able to force to close them. Eyes have to be open constantly to see the Focus of Light radiating life. It isn't enough to look, it is necessary to see. But if in eyes darkness what will see a black out eye? There is such condition of consciousness when light which inside, is atrophied, and the blackout eye sees only darkness. Soft compliance won't help. With such consciousnesses drastic and extreme measures, if you want to rescue are necessary. It is necessary to put in situation when a choice resolute and the last become inevitable because further stay in darkness threatens with final death. People live in various degrees of a distance from Light. The darkness doesn't need Light.

829. (Oct. 31). Days heavy we will meet firmness of spirit. After all, as a matter of fact, didn't change anything, except for a condition of your consciousness through which prism everything going from the outside refracts. And whatever it was created around and outside if the consciousness is resistant, external conditions of value have no. And from where this persistent tendency put a condition of spirit in dependence on the temporary external phenomena? After all of them will pass, currents will change, becomes lighter around. Why to allow seize sharply saddened mood a condition of consciousness as though Light went out forever? The Maya, recede. The way of the person, who has risen over movements, occurring in his astral conductor is light. It is impossible to allow it to seize consciousness. Where will get spirit this violent cover, a role and which appointment implicitly to submit to fill orders? Well from this, what dimly around, and it is dark, and there are no reasons for pleasure? The future costs not greatly, as tomorrow. And in it, in the future, the future Lord with whom nowadays, in this difficult and gloomy present, contact is come already into. Means, Light of the Lord it is possible to pass through this heavy time. Light of the future go through darkness of the present, when it is especially is dark over Earth.

830. (M.A.Y.). If to you it is heavy, heavy also to us because we bear the same Burden of the World, - only in various extents of loading. Burden World lord we help to bear, you and we going with It together. And you sharing Pleasure and Light of the Leader, spirit don't hang and under burden of the Burden don't stumble when time comes to help, divide to the Lord his Burden unreasonable. To it you help with works not uttered it, sharing with It responsibility for Earth. Or you want how that which are standing far, only to divide pleasure, both ease, and delights of spirit, works and press heavy at all without concerning? But you is the next. Also it would be time to realize already that the proximity to the Lord obliges too much, instead of to one delights and spirit flights. From the works divided with It, be not averted is the same way victorious over burden of a flesh, both dense conditions, and burdens, borne for all.

831. (Guru). And you look how we went through life, victoriously and firmly going, cheerfulness without losing, without fluctuating and without being saddened by burden of the current hour. The will collect to meet the next wave of opposite currents with firmness. It is necessary to resist that it coasted. Stand, stand, as the rock, the breast your breaking powerfully rage of storming waves, on it directed.

832. (Mother World). It at you, on Earth, storms and whirlwinds storm, but it is quiet, light and it is joyful in My Spheres. To them direct if you want to restore tranquility and balance of spirit. And, having restored, armed with them, you can again consciousness in the thick of dense conditions return, spirit of rage of elements opposing. Against force take from Me life to win in to everyday fight against it. Not with life fight, but with self. My light against darkness itself wins. To them also battle to that it is necessary to win itself.

833. (Nov. 1). Trust, despite everything, and up to the end! But if nothing is executed, what then? Then you will see Me. It is better to go by belief and non-execution desirable, than to stand still. Everything is good that helps movement, even what isn't present and won't be because everything, than lives the person, all his world inside is what isn't present that has no real basis in life. This entire is only Maya world. So let this Maya will be better than the leader to Me. The ocean of life and billion drops of consciousness, and any doesn't reflect the Central Sun, but everyone gives the false, wrong, distorted reflection of what isn't present. And each personal world is the world of deception, illusions, Maya and that actually doesn't exist. These illusive, imagined worlds in each person exist really, but reality itself doesn’t show: they as the mirage which, reflecting reality, nevertheless doesn't represent it, being only a mirage. Therefore it is good if, realizing it to make Maya of the personal world of the leader to the Lord. All the same, under all conditions all only illusion of feelings, so let will be better this illusion claiming that is, though isn't visible to an eye. Let the truth, in any form, will get into consciousness that to destroy Maya world itself. That and is good magnet future, approving reality, can in the final result to remove consciousness from the closed circle of the Maya evidence. Therefore we Speak about the worlds, about Space, about life spatial and lives Elevated, about Hierarchy of Light to commit breach of the peace of personal illusions which doesn't have a place in Boundlessness. All being of the person by the nature is distorts real, and only spirit which inside, has force and opportunity to rise over the sensual world of evidence to the world of the valid truth. Therefore we will welcome everything that exempts spirit from Maya tenacious embraces and brings into the World of the Space Truth. It is necessary to rise over the world of feelings, impressions, feelings and the perceptions going through the lowest covers, and to direct to my World, to the World not the human truth. But on Earth to the Son Human too, as well as to you, there is no place to bend chapters though birds have nests, and animals – holes. Don't grieve that you because you already came off in flight to other worlds have no place to admire. From here is feeling of incorrectness and fragility of everything, that around. And even it is good that around everything is so bad, difficult and heavy – having dug out easier. It is difficult to come off happy illusions and pink dreams. Never on Earth will you find that that could is long to satisfy your spirit. Because transient nature of things. Only Light can be made the property strong, and integral, and always being in possession. Because fire which in you, being condensed in Light crystals in the Bowl, remains forever. If you understand that among everything changing and changeable light which in you, you will be able to accumulate it is invariable and eternal only and to multiply, is firm and clear realizing that found, at last, the Stone of the eternal basis of life on which you can create the world, the temple of spirit showing and expressing Truth of life. Therefore I Speak:" Treasure which in you, realize because you can build on it, on a basis Stone which was put by Me". Because, I Am the Stone of the eternal basis of life! And you build on sand of personal illusions. To whom and for what is? Whether to the first whirlwind on destruction? How many the destroyed locks and a heap of ruins people on Earth after themselves leave. To what all works, cares, concerns? That sees heaps of rubble? Only knowing wisdom builds, and other blind men, and to a great destroyed are doomed all constructions them. And if you, knowing about your Treasure, knowing about World Treasure, nevertheless you continue to chase illusive sparks over a bog, what advantage of it for you? Friends! You who have concerned Truth of Fiery Yoga, the spirit and force it direct to creation of that are indestructible, that endures centuries, that always with you and remains forever. Among an uneasy stream of life when everything is unsteady and fluctuates, a support find, Specify Me, and, it is strong on it having approved, start building the house of spirit of which time destroying everything, and won’t be able to destroy any more.

834. My son, I Give that is necessary for spirit at present that the stride of the winner wasn't shortened for a minute. Hard time, though it is necessary to step. You will pass through everything with thought of World Treasure on heart. Stone Fiery carefully bears, protect it from uninvited looks, - bear, increasing, because this is yours! Remember that everything that you see around and that directs on you, can well serve you to increase your Treasure, not to take away, but to increase flaring light crystals. Remember that everything that directs on you, force has. Learn from everything counteracting to take away this force and, having passed the phenomenon by, to leave force to itself and to put the taken energy on light strengthening inside. Teach, the winner to force everything, all opposite forces to serve him, necessary to energy from them taking. Everything-everything can promote you your Treasure to increase. Here your enemy directs on you – that, it is good. His rage is great, and it is saturated with energiya angry. Let these will serve energy as incentives a powerful flame in heart kindle and victoriously to reflect attack terrible. Strength of the enemy right there also is settled, and yours will increase, and, perhaps, exactly so. Let's study so from all circumstances those counteracting energy to take for multiplication of own force. Wise all circumstances serve: both favorable and to multiply opposite, forces.

835. (M.A.Y.). It is correctly noted that on each phenomenon of life and understanding the Teacher Gives the amendment which is giving the chance and forces to go without stopping. It is possible to sustain everything: any test, any difficulty, but at the correct understanding of the events. To one not to understand, the guide of the Teacher is necessary. It the way of the pupil is remarkable. One is never left: The hand on a shoulder and Care doesn't hesitate. But ardent Maya seeks to erase strange signs of Attention and Care and to cover life with a gray, dim cover of evidence. But we know that the Teacher with us always and that Helps to pass even through the impossible. Without the Teacher evidence would absorb consciousness and the stream of the current phenomena would take away it in a misunderstanding chasm. The teacher Stays on the guard in constant readiness to send the necessary thought and to hold from a false step. Hard time. Thread silver you hold strong. It is necessary not only keep, but also to hold others. You keep strong in My Light, to you sent by the Lord.

836. (Guru). We punched Maya covers and lived reality. Through Maya fog saw foundations of real knowledge and eternal invariable Space Laws. We strong held these foundations what would drill stormed around and, holding bases, through life passed without hesitation and without deviating the uniform way conducting in life. Because the track conducting in life is narrow, and the few find it. But, having found it, it is possible not to deviate because it is shined with unfading Light. Quietly and with belief go on it, because you in the light of Beams of the Shambhala of the Lord.

837. (Mother World). Tell that in shining spheres of space – the homeland of spirit of people. The house of Father expects all of them, to its directed heart. The monastery is ready for all recognized greatness of Light in and outside and trusting in a lot others for spirit, planned by will of invisible Fiery Forces. Will Force Light your lot – to concern spatial life and to Distant Stars to find a way. And We Expect you in Spheres, for the present to you not available, but to you intended by life in a spiral of the future times. Go; go with hope that judgment will be shining your destiny and here, on Earth, and in the worlds.

838. (Nov. 2). As movement of the Sun on a sky, let your way will be unshakable and rhythmical. And neither clouds, nor winds, storms – nothing will stop it because storms below, over Earth, the Sun is high over them, and all won't concern the Highest your consciousness that there, below, occurs. Terrestrial – Earth, but God’s – to God, that is fiery life of spirit over dense conditions draws the pattern in the Sky. Look how They, Great Spirits, the way on the ground passed. Both ate, and saw as everything, wore clothes, breathed and, having been obese, all functions of a body bore in the microcosm; but their spirit chained to a body and related, as usual, was free spirit freedom from these corporal fetters, (because) freedom not in a body, but in the spirit of. You in the spirit of it claim. And your spirit let will be free from the power of a body over it even then when it approves the rights. The body on many right has, and the body should give a due tribute, but not for a moment without forgetting about a primacy of spirit. Because, the spirit is imperious over a body, and spirit is mister, but not the slave. The slave is a body, and the spirit dominates over it. It is necessary to remember it always how the flesh voice was strong. The body is given known freedom, but only from a will pleasure. In itself it can't dispose of anything. From this consciousness of a priority of spirit it is impossible to distract never whatever happened in a body and to a body. And it is cold perhaps to it, but the authorities over spirit can't have cold, hunger. It is possible to starve, but without losing courage. It is possible both be ill, and to suffer physically, by spirit without having inclined and spirit without having lost. Therefore, without losing courage, the will can carry out all functions of a body and all feelings to subordinate, without getting under their power. Or the spirit dominates over feelings and the feeling -knowledge, or they over it. There is no middle. And each feeling can be considered: whether it is subordinated to will or the will is subordinated to it. So in slavery or freedom everything comes true that the person does, and everyone itself shows the slave or the lord of the covers. And when the body plunges into the feelings, his owner let doesn't doze and doesn't merge with them, without forgetting that he – not a body, but his Supreme master. Everything is permitted, but from the will sanction, everything is allowed, but in freedom, but not in slavery at everything. To them it isn't permitted anything because they are slaves to the feelings, feelings and emotions. And in slavery at them they create the small terrestrial actions. The border is thin and is dangerous to what spirit is weak. But freedom – destiny of only strong spirit, capable to rise over the feelings and to operate them, without being unsteady and without falling under their power and influence. You learn to make everything in freedom, but not in slavery at the feelings. By it the force approves. I Can tell only strong spirit about it. Weak even won't understand about what there is a speech, and, speaking about a freedom of action, will plunge into big darkness and slavish dependence on the covers. But the one who over them decided to approve the force, let looks and sees, in freedom or slavery it creates the terrestrial affairs and all departures of a body. It is too much slaves at it, at a body terrestrial the person has to be which owner.

839. (M.A.Y.). My son, each phenomenon it is conditional, and about an admissibility or inadmissibility everyone has to solve. That is from this, if I solve for you and you, submitting to My decision, you will make something against the will, having suppressed this or that undesirable property. Will pass time, and it with a new force will raise the head and becomes even more sharply. Not to suppress, but it is necessary to get rid of that is undesirable to us in our character. Gets rid it will leave, but suppressed, will live as the prisoner gnawing chains again after all to escape outside and with a new force to seize will. Let better the will own it and its display super vises in due course light a beam to extinguish.

840. (Guru). Weakness is weakness and there will be that under all conditions. Therefore all forces should be applied that each weakness was under control of will and the will was on patrol always. Fieriness in something is destructive and unacceptable. Restraint means that the will bridle in hands and is imposed strong on feelings. Remember a silver bridle of spirit.

841. (Mother World). The one who feels breath of my World, terrestrial already can't plunge into the poisoned spheres to degree of oblivion of the highest appointment of the person. Also there will be it in the world terrestrial, but not from the world terrestrial, and the space voice from the Highest Worlds will sound in his consciousness, and there will be it among all, but not such, as others. The press fiery will lie on all its being. It will be among people, as the traveler casual, going there where they yet have no access, and a knowing way not greatly. So there are through life those who Light Mine spirit concerned. To Me go!

842. (Nov. 3). Stability and invariance of a rhythm is good that, despite everything, after all events of day, the most terrestrial and the most distracting, every morning we together, we are close consciously and in Communication. Consider hours of the statement of a rhythm of Communication as bridge foundations in Boundlessness, but in unification with the Hierarch Leading – resist, strongly holding the bridge. Waves of the relative phenomena strong direct on it, whirlwinds storm around, elements without restraint threaten, but foundations are strong and strong, and the bridge strongly keeps, and it is possible to go without fluctuating and knowing that it will sustain an impact any and furious. If knew forces of this saving rhythm which isn't broken never, fluctuation wouldn't touch on it being approved heart and would be sure strong that you will reach, despite everything. It is so possible to strengthen awareness of value of a rhythm and to remember that in violent inconstancy of dense conditions, both whirlwinds astral, and a rushing stream of thoughts rescue only in it. You remember it and a rhythm break never. The rhythm of Communication with the Lord let an anchor strong will be for you in this life heavy and incorrect: and in turmoil of day, and in a gloom of night, both in a storm, and in clarity of serene quiet evening, and in cold of morning you remember this wonderful, magnitno the leading phenomenon of life spiritual. It is as though furnished the clue, using which and turning which during the chosen periods of day, it is possible free to have access to that is inaccessible ignorant a rhythm. If you want to begin something that has for you special value and that it is possible to develop and deepen infinitely, rhythm approves at first and the desirable phenomenon into a cycle of a rhythm enters. The rhythm moves ahead cycles, growing and decreasing in the force, but on a spiral, is constant refined and amplifying in the intensity. It is so possible to deepen and strengthen the statement of qualities of spirit, advancing them in time in Boundlessness. Everything can be strengthened infinitely by means of the principle of a rhythm. Thought rhythmically coming back to desirable quality of spirit, it is possible to strengthen it so strongly that it will be shown already naturally and by itself and in other time of day and night. Yes, yes, and nights because it is good if quality in rooted so that accompanies spirit and at night, and in the afternoon. To show, say, firmness and fearlessness in the afternoon, but will become puzzled and shake with fear at night during a dream at a meeting with dark opponent an indicator of that this quality was approved unsteadily, only on a surface. To deepen it so that it filled all essence of the person, it is possible only by means of a rhythm. As often there was a wish to be strong always, to be reserved, quiet and firm and as often the reality broke approved qualities, and the tranquility was replaced by concern, hardness – uncertainty, restraint – garrulity, and the winner gave way to the clown. How much time it was and will be until then, while power of a rhythm won't introduce desirable qualities so deeply that to their antipodes in a microcosm of the person of a place won't be any more. You can become not greatly and strongly that as whom want, and any quality to approve if a rhythm you urge to fill your life with the mighty influence and if to it don't change already never. You look how Space Life and life of all nature succeeds a rhythm to which all its phenomena are subordinated and you follow the Space Principles, applying them in life of every day. Also you will be successful in your actions and in the statement of Light of spirit and Fire on Earth and in the worlds. Rhythm go and it win against everything that an obstacle becomes on a way both in you, and out of you. Force rhythm everything wins!

843. Let's start approving rhythmic the most desirable and closest quality of spirit. Let it will be, say, balance. Quality this is synthetic. To approve it – means to approve a number of qualities, it is inseparable in it entering, namely: tranquility, fearlessness, control, restraint, hardness, persistence and so on. It is worth working over this amazing quality that to approve it. The rhythm every day, balance invocatory establishing and helping to hold it during the whole other day, won't fail to yield the fruitful results, and that was dream of so many years, and to what the spirit aspired that so often didn't work well, will strongly and strong be approved in consciousness for not excellent manifestation in application to life. It will be a victory. The rhythm will help to achieve it. It is worth working because this remarkable quality giving to the person all in the field of spiritual achievements, as well as in life usual is rare in people. Because, against balance nobody is not strong and against balance nobody not will resist. Only think: the person not proves you in any action, his only powerful force of balance of spirit show, and everything that against goes, recedes in powerlessness and he wins, not moved a finger. Enemies recede, and in surprise friends, and everything look, all implicitly serves the one who approved in it balance. Because, truly, it is a winner! And when I Told: "Take heart because I Won against the world", know that great quality of balance I Wanted to approve in the hearts of those who followed Me.

844. (M.A.Y.). What to add to what Is told so brightly by the Lord? Unless to point to that that the constancy rhythm and approves constancy of qualities. Without constancy there are no achievements. Love! Even the love without constancy loses all the force, all the magnetism. But the rhythm display in constancy and it claims. Let's build so a rhythm and it we will succeed where it is impossible to succeed and reach in the regular way.

845. (Guru). It is possible to think and of how to strengthen the will a rhythm, after all balance is the will collected on an edge of a ram and ready for action. It is fire concentrated for blow in the necessary direction, but bridled by will and constrained by it for possibility of powerful action. The will and balance are connected closely. Can't show balance a weak-willed being? Balance is will, collected in focus for action. Both qualities are worth it that forces not to feel sorry for them to claim.

846. (Mother World). My beams burn darkness, but the darkness doesn't want to be burned. The darkness rises, and seeks to extend, and that to strengthen itself, therefore and furious strong. Therefore and it is dark on Earth. But the darkness doesn't know that My Beams will gradually clear Earth atmosphere, and poison-bearing gases will disseminate, and conditions such will create when the darkness already more will have no place to take cover. And then attendants should leave it a planet because life in darkness any more won't be for them because there will be no the darkness which was so lovely to their dark heart also. Light will win; Light of My Beams will win against darkness.

847. (Nov. 4). I want to specify that anybody has no value and anything influencing the person from the outside. Decisive and the major is that occurs inside under influence external. Reaction to it is important, that proceeds from the person because not that profanes is important or influences the person that enters into it, but "that proceeds from lips" it as it was told once. It means that reciprocal process on the external phenomena on the essence represents something such that remains in the person that gives deposits obvious those inalienable crystals of energy leaves in a microcosm it. The mass of events can be created outside, but only that deposits in the Bowl give, that is, because the response, which is expressing in reciprocal energiya, fiery deposits generating crystals, only they leave a trace and value have. The rest passes all completely. But reaction to the phenomena from the outside can be regulated, go and caused by will, or, in any case, be caused by essence of the person. In itself external phenomenon doesn't predetermine nature of this reaction. It is defined by the perceiving phenomenon consciousness: uncontrolledly, or automatically, reflex, or under will control. In the first case of people will be the victim of all external influences, in the second – their mister that is the conscious manager and the traffic controller of responses of consciousness on everything that comes from the outside. The reaction causing reciprocal energy also will be that proceeds from the person, from his microcosm. Two persons can react to the same phenomenon absolutely variously: one to rejoice, another to cry. Means, it isn't the phenomenon, but in the person. And if it so, therefore, not the phenomenon, but the person causes nature of impression made on it. Means, everything depends not on the phenomenon, but on the person, therefore in hands, or in will of the person, any reaction of consciousness to any event outside. At the statement of balance of spirit this understanding also we will base on the relation to everything that out of us occurs. React, but not as I want, but not as it became earlier, at reflex perception of external influences. Why do something to allow influencing itself when it is possible to influence itself most, the will, passing any phenomenon through a will prism for coloring it in desirable color and mastering by it conscious. The power also is in it that occurs around. The seal of will is set by the person to an event, without allowing that it affected it uncontrolledly and contrary to will. When balance is approved, it serves as a prism through, which waves of the phenomena flowing in consciousness what they were refract. Blue fires will paint all vibrations of light in blue color to some extent and a blue shade to everything will give. As it is exact also balance crystals, in consciousness approved, will refract environment vibrations, having painted them in essence of the color. Because if the anger or love have the color, has it both balance of spirit, and color this white, because a synthetic ray of light too after all white, and balance – quality synthetic. As the simple physical beam absorbs in itself all color beams, giving as a result of this synthesis a beam white, in the same way and balance of spirit, being quality synthetic, all color emanations of covers are covered with a uniform white ray of light, from a microcosm human proceeding and imperiously and victoriously absorbing color beams by a disbalance in covers of ordinary people. It wins against balance of in that it wasn't approved, wins imperiously, suppressing the power separate flashes of the willful dismissed uncontrolled covers of people around. Balance has force power of a synthetic beam to extinguish and repay both weak and strong radiations of monophonic character exactly thanks to the synthetic essence. The condition of synthesis of subjects and is strong that in synthesis uniting power of the whole scale of beams affects. And here we will apply the principle: in a unification force. Therefore qualities synthetic are so difficult achievable, but they are the purpose of efforts of Arhat to improve them infinitely. For a start it is necessary to have something that was to what to put. To increase a crystal of quality approved in the microcosm process fascinating and interesting. Force of fires approves and the person rises in himself. And it is joyful to feel how this force is multiplied and as it is really shown in operation during process. It is possible to exercise balance on everything and on all. This process internally affects only the experimenter. On people around it shows only inevitable consequences. And they can be told only:" Don't touch if you don't want to burn". The protective formula "do not touch" is very characteristic for the spirit approving balance because everyone, dared a misfortune, or to strike blow or it is simple to prick, or to wound, having hit about balance armor, has to expostulate on it. Nobody touched it, it punished itself Fire of a crystal of balance burns and extinguishes fires of people, it in itself not approved if fires are directed on the balance carrier. And if around crying, concern, excitement, a grief, fear and all other feelings storm, you store balance unshakable, and fires generated by all these emanations a disbalance of the human will go out. Because balance – great force. One wants wealth, others of popularity, the third health, and the fourth happy life and so on and further endlessly. And you direct to that, that in itself to approve balance treasure, direct all spirit, all desire, all heart, and there will be a treasure with you, and its crystal will grow, and anybody never from you will take away it while all of them wanting and wanting something, will lose everything that so passionately wanted, and remain with anything. But you with yourselves will forever carry away a precious crystal of this fiery power where you went and where you were, and what cover would invest your spirit, and on what plan of existence there would be no it. Because, the Bowl is the keeper of Treasure – with you will arrive always, because it to you. It is possible; it is possible to approve balance at the price of any efforts that it costed. It is possible and has to for those who began to see clearly its power.

848. (M.A.Y.). My son, to your aspiration strength I give: I will support and will direct. I rejoice, seeing fires self-proceeding. So, there aren't enough their carriers. All live others impulses. But most to direct, without foreign influences, power of the risen spirit – already achievement. Unless you not see, how is attractive and magnetic an ascension way? How many new flowers on each side, and wonderful types around, also shine calling distances? It is possible, it is possible to go, when light ahead. But it is infinite; after all it will be never settled. You are surprised on inexhaustibility of Records new, but after all to them isn't present and there will be no end because Boundlessness Is promised. Joyfully go forward in awareness of inexhaustibility of received knowledge because the knowledge is boundless.

849. (Guru). And whether it is clear, at last, that internal we take out outside and we attribute to it which has become mistakenly external, force of impact on us while all inside and external over consciousness only so far as has force as it, that is consciousness, doesn't wish to recognize what exactly it, and only it one imposes on any external phenomenon the coloring, the relation and the characteristic for further impact on. It understand, differently you will remain in a vicious circle of former illusions that the external phenomena bear to you in itself something, from you not the dependent. You, you, and only you paint each of them in the color, and on your coloring them and influence you. It understand, that the freedom to win.

850. (Mother World). Everything takes its course, but according to Will Yore’s. Sensitively listen to evolution steps, nowadays they differently sound, and stars merge in amicable effort new life on Earth to approve. Beams of friendly planets work powerfully. But everything covers my Beam. Victoriously there comes the Era of Mother of the World. The steps conducting to it see. Nowadays special time came. Waves of events go!

851. It is the end which waited. Today you will hear confirmation of Records. Conclusions draw. According to our Plan there are events. "Deserts of knowledge" It isn't admissible. We don't have business before, where and as the darkness nestled. It we will Destroy in all types and under all faces (masks). Without darkness the worst becomes good, and good – fine. Days of violence in all forms are considered. Any shifts because approach the end is now good. Finally that party, which atonement victim for the whole world I took on the shoulders. Wait in tranquility and readiness full, you store balance.

852. (Nov. 5). Balance consists not in to feeling pain, sufferings and chagrin – all this remains, – but in to losing it, despite existence them. The feeling of hunger doesn't disappear, but over it the spirit dominates, without submitting to it, that is without falling. Feelings and feelings even become aggravated and become stronger and brighter, but the bridle of will is put on them, and they aren't imperious already more over consciousness. Having got a heavy and painful wound, both strong, and the person of no character equally feel pain and equally suffer, but their relation to it absolutely variously: one groans and cries as the small child, another with firmness and courageously transfers sufferings. It is all about the relation, in the relation to all events. We know that Great Spirits, coming to Earth, heavy suffered, but the force didn't lose also strong remained up to the end. Nothing could break spirit them or deprive of it balance. The phenomenon of balance consists not in disposal of sufferings, but in the attitude towards them, as well as to everything that happens to the person. The Lord is unchangeable. Quality of constancy is shown in It. Balance display in constancy and firmness of spirit when anything isn't able to avert spirit from once and for all chosen direction’ - and in hunger and in satiety, with friends and lonely, healthy and sick, happy, or in the mountain, but steadily makes a way the spirit inflexible to the Lord. Nor thoughts, nor feelings, difficulties of life – nothing in forces reject it from the planned purpose. The way of balance is difficult. The doubt can interrupt a way, but balance of doubt won't allow because the spirit which has approved it, will simply throw out this echidna from consciousness, despite all evidence of its deceptive persuasiveness and logicality. Only strong people can show balance of spirit. Weak a fate – rush about from one pole of the phenomenon to another. From here the disbalance among biped and so much swaying is so much. Go so that already nothing was able to shake you. You remember: any swaying, fluctuation and uncertainty – your enemies and devourers of light, which in you. Whether it is possible to give to them on a consuming the most valuable, what you have – the fiery force, light radiating and holding it in effect yours? You store balance at any cost because loss means it fires a go out and light replacement with darkness. Who will want to replace light of balance of spirit with twilight and darkness of chaotic movements of an astral or disbalance other covers? Each quality needs protection, though that serves. Fortress too protects, also protects also a board, but they have to be as it should be: fortress – protected, and a board – in a firm hand. Therefore desirable qualities of spirit should be kept always in readiness, in full readiness to be applied at any time, whatever unexpected it was. Many qualities are not applied exactly thanks to surprise. Means, the surprise and suddenness should be turned into and to wait that is to be ready always. It generates constant vigilance, vigilance and not replaceable patrol. To be on patrol always, both at night and in the afternoon will be the correct condition of consciousness. Otherwise not to keep balance, and the sudden blow or attack can break it. In case of those find at least one instant of silence that to collect forces on an edge and to show balance, without having lost. Many ardent attempts will be to destroy from the outside any quality which you want to approve. To that there is a lot of reasons, but the most important from them is a natural force of counteraction of the environment to any movement in it, and the second – hatred dark to any manifestation of Light and light fires because each quality approved is a kindle of fires in space. Whole rack of fir-quencher is trade in space clearing of fires of spirit. Whether to their dark attempts we will give in when they start shining? And, following a rhythm in the course of balance acquisition, we will deepen its essence, strengthening these its basis on which it is approved.

853. Each emotion – force. She can act in itself, flowing away from an organism, but this force can be kept, having seized it will therefore each bridled emotion is force kept in an organism and able to be used already by order of will. Unauthorized, that is uncontrolled, emotions – plunderers of fiery force, reserved and controllable – accumulators of fiery energy, - because all movements in the person is fire. It can be kept and increased if it to keep all manifestations under strict vigilant and vigilant control. There can't be strong emotionally unbalanced person because spends the force irresponsibly, but seized emotions, the feelings, can be strong. When the whirlwind of raised emotions in an uncontrolled astral of the person directs on you, you remember that these energy are loaded with fiery force that the balance and the tranquility you can bridle these unbridled forces almost instantly if your balance unshakably, and, having assumed blow and passing by the consciousness, the bridled and balanced strangers of energy to make the property and even to share this which has been already counterbalanced, force with the person who astral’ has fallen upon you if he deserves it. If isn't present, let goes back home devastated. I punished itself, having collected to the own harm hot on thorns because the wound put, the aura, is awful. In break dark creatures direct and, having seized, suck vivifying energy of the one who so recklessly gave in to flashes of the astral. You store balance at any cost. Silence helps much and facilitates much. Reticence and restraint is guardians and stores of forces. To subdue the most ardent flash of an astral by full silence, at least even temporary, already will be a victory but if this silence and internally when it isn't allowed any movement in own astral cover, such victory is already full because demands great self-control and the power over, that is balance approved.

854. The person – a being fiery. All its manifestations – game of multi-colored fires. Laws of fire are difficult, at each cover – the. It is possible to write endlessly about subtleties of fiery relationship of people and abilities to operate them. One can be told: the one who learned to own and operate the fires, that can operate them and in other people. The slave to surrounding people anybody doesn't want to be. Means, it is necessary to be able to own yourself if you don't want that you others owned. You learn to keep a tight rein on each manifestation of feelings. It is a way of mastering by them that is fires in itself. Also you remember that that wins all who managed to win against it.

855. (M.A.Y.). It was correctly told: it is possible to move ahead always and under all conditions. Always it is possible to choose something, sounding to spirit at present, and to strengthen the chosen quality or property. If tired high thoughts and spirit wants to change a harmony, it is possible to aggravate observation; it is possible to go deep into studying of human eyes, a timbre of a voice and other details. The knowledge of the person is long; this book is fascinating and interesting. It is necessary to be engaged less only in itself and unnecessary to throw out all from consciousness. It is a lot of unnecessary litter, and stuff, and even good things, but absolutely useless, отемняют consciousness. The consciousness should be exempted from them, from thoughts, emotions unnecessary. The free consciousness easy and joyfully moves forward.

856. (Guru). The person is free to make the way, and there are no judges over it – the judge. Mistakes are inevitable, delusions – too. Shortcomings and weaknesses open’. And still, if equally effective all in it energiya attracts it up, and its way will be victorious. Therefore not to that we pay attention that prevents it to ascend, but that helps and strengthens qualities necessary. If "the person goes forward, despite everything, he already the winner. Not to be tormented it is advised by the imperfections, but firmly to go, despite of them. It also will be a step of the judgment winner. And go. And when you will reach to put, it will be selected that good, and that thin, and thin will fall off, will separate, will disappear from good, as autumn leaves dry from trees.

857. (Mother World). Me recognizing on My Beam Me reach. The beam in this case serves as a spatial wire. Beams – connectors of the worlds, they can use, using force them in lives, and then magnetism of the Far Star starts working obviously. It sates consciousness with thoughts new. It fills heart with aspirations to that on Earth is impossible, he creates it and creates new living conditions. Heart magnet is attracted to the Great Spatial Magnet, and Space magnetism approves the power in heart of the person. So heart doesn't know distances and barriers neither in the Sky, nor on Earth because belongs to all worlds and is the device Space. Understand that heart beat and its stop in a physical body is eternal doesn't mean at all that thin and fiery heart doesn't fight. It fights always, at least in external covers its beating stopped. Investigate in depth. The intercourses with the Far Worlds through heart are available, - therefore direct to them heart. Also you remember that where your treasure, there and (your) heart.

858. (Nov. 6). Let nothing will stop you. The worst that can expect the person, it is refusal of the individual evolution because he considers itself unworthy, imperfect or simply improper for an ascension. The Great Evolutionary Stream of Space can't stop only, because someone considers itself unsuitable. Centrifugal force at spiral movement throws out on the periphery all garbage, everything, not able to ascend in the Great Stream of world movement in Boundlessness; throws out, as space litter for processing. The person, who has refused evolution of spirit, can easily get to number of this garbage because life won't wait for it. In this great stream everything ascends, to the whole worlds and planetary systems, to the whole galaxies, following a rhythm of Days and the Nights of Bramah which are reflecting in days and nights of minor planets and pulsation of atom or the person. Imperfect is everything, because everything strives for perfection. And to believe itself imperfect among the imperfect world or the imperfect worlds will be an ignorance sign if this reason stops an ascension way. Spirit-monad increases energy stratification round grain, giving any shape: mineral, plants, animal, person or Planetary Spirit. All ascends is a law of life. You ascend also, and let nothing will be able to stop your ascension because, ascending, you execute the Great Law of life.

859. (M.A.Y.). Whether you think, what Bodhisattva’s great patience, conducting spirits in Boundlessness, is caused by understanding of as far as all surrounding, the whole world, is far from that purpose which it has to reach? Knowing length of a way and imperfection conducted great patience display the Leader on this infinite way. Rise over procession of spirits – and you will see all depth and the sizes of this task. The way of Space Life and way of the mankind occupying planets forward is planned for millions years. The way is uniform: from the rough dense material forms visible and tangible, to invisible thin, spiritual and fiery. The highest form of evolution is people. The spirit-monad ascension in a human form has no end, but its contours are planned by a framework of the Great Cycle, and the future is defined. Evolution of spirit is planned up to the end where the way is lost in light of not predicate of Light. Such is destiny of the person: to become god, having passed a step of planetary spirit, god and the creator of the world’s shown in the Universe. You remember great words: "You are gods". Who told them, whether the one Who Knew destiny of the person from the beginning and up to the end which isn't present?

860. (Guru). Perhaps, you made believe me? It would be incorrect. There is nothing perfect and finished nor on Earth, nor in the worlds. Any perfection relatively and will be always imperfection in relation to that step to which has to ascend. And whether can judge someone's imperfection of another? Whether yes you know, how many sufferings and works hang on each quality of spirit? If you know, not you will judge, there, and you reach only, knowing that everything that you have and you will have, all qualities of spirit fight undertake, overcoming inside that you will manage to overcome. And everything is overcome that is to become that the person isn't now.

861. (Mother World). Me recognizing, to Me opportunities you give my Beam to approve in your consciousness. The law of will free is observed at all steps of a scale of ranks. Aspirations freely going from heart It are accepted always as something imposing on Us the obligation obviously to reply and under the accord law the aspiration directed to Us, answer to sate. To this principle we Follow always. And Spirit of a far Star, accepting aspirations of the earthling, to it answers always in sizes and on degree of understanding and ability of containment of the consciousness which have addressed to it. Know, we Reply always, but addressing so few, - because where they directed to Stars far?

862. (Nov. 7). Balance and tranquility can be strained always. The silence of silence when the Voice silent starts sounding will be the highest form of tranquility. The Silence voice also will be the highest form of Communication. To seize the silence phenomenon, it is necessary to learn at first to tranquility tension in operation and balance in all conditions, even the uneasiness, disturbing, fussy and noisy. There are no such circumstances when intense tranquility it would be impossible to show. You learn to strain this quality to a limit, because its tension will be tension of internal fires. Strain fires solemnly and safely, because force of fires wins. Why against balance nobody is strong? Because this quality display in the form of a flame of such degree of refinement of power which wins and neutralizes all other fires generated in the lowest covers. We speak about balance of spirit, but not an astral when spirit fires shine light hidden but when the lowest conductors become silent. The awe caused by the Highest Presence, is generated by implementation of it, inexpressible words, but the great balance felt by heart found by Great Spirits and approved by them in the being. It is necessary to learn to make all actions in a condition of tranquility, and all to think, to tell all words, it without breaking. You look how each word seeks to destroy this condition as all trifles and each trifle are caused by movement in an astral cover. And the voice, eyes, and gestures – everything gives out a condition constant a disbalance, fieriness and inability to own itself. Look attentively at people – and you will see not people, and the clowns constantly twitching and wriggling depending on what rope is pulled by their surrounding conditions or people. These impulses go both from the outside, and from within, from astral covers of surrounding people and from own. Sad show of the pity clowns dancing under others pipe. Really to people didn't bother to be a weather vane for any wind - a breeze and any suggestion going from outside? That is admissible in the inhabitant, is inadmissible in the pupil, therefore mastering by Specifies as a measure urgent and a measure inevitable. Mastering by is a step of an ascension of spirit through which it is necessary to pass successfully and victoriously. Tranquility and balance reached will be victory fruits. To it direct. Inevitability let will give strength to reach.

863. The thought is energy. This energy always pours out in action, sooner or later, but always. The thought is persistent and persistent about qualities necessary. Them we approve in themselves for a display in life. Don't think that your thoughts remain without a consequence. No, they will bring a consequence. The consequence can be strengthened, having strengthened consciously thoughts. Let these thoughts will pour out in forms is clear, accurate, live forms of future your actions and that you yourselves want to show. Think, think strong of it, think of what want to become you because you will become what and whom you want. But the strong and bright thought should be premised to action that is that you will be in the future which is made out by your thoughts. Think, think of qualities necessary and mentally them approve in itself. You seek to see yourself possessing them and displaying in your life. They should be approved. They approve by the thoughts generating actions, strong, exact, and accurately issued. You remember: the thought creates. Use creative power of thought for transformation of your essence because should enter into my Kingdom, and Light of the future doesn't become available. The person of everything that will be wanted by can reach. Means, it is necessary to want really that can and to reach. The will strain in strong desire of achievement, and, I Warrant, you will reach. Balance is terrible invincible force. Really the strong you don't want to become? And let the solution of spirit, firm and unshakable, will be: to reach, reach by all means that it costed, to reach any price.

864. (M.A.Y.). Really you want to be tormented all life and to suffer, being broken off on part everything what occurs outside and inside? Really forces you won't find to decide to reach once and for all a peace of mind, really you will prefer worry of on the life arena biped animals in image human or animal conditions, animals created. Tormented all, the former before you: body tormented, to fires betrayed also tormented strongly, but spirit to break couldn't that, which followed the Lord! Spirit they resisted. Spirit you seek to resist also, strong, balance of tranquility is powerful claiming. It is necessary to approve it, it is necessary, other decision isn't present. You approached to that border when only dressed armor balance it is possible to move further. Without it not resist! All of us passed through it, and power of balance in Me approved, and to you we help to approve it. Not that is important that becomes the person, but as. Matters as thinks as works as react to the surrounding. You learn to make all this in tranquility full, allowing breaking nothing it. Outside let will be that will be, you all forces direct that to keep tranquility.

865. (Guru). Force of balance approved you will be able to reach the unattainable. Because balance – great force. Think that would occur if balance of magnetic forces in our Solar system was broken. On balance all keeps. It is great force.

866. (Mother World). Think of balance of Space. Space balance is a condition of existence of the shown world. Stars and planets interact between themselves beams and the energiya in balance of forces. Violation of balance of space magnetism would lead to destruction of the visible worlds. The same balance exists between the visible and hidden worlds. All of them are counterbalanced between themselves communications of the Highest energiya. Terms are dictated by balance laws. To send the fiery Beams accompanying the future Fiery Era, out of term – means to destroy a planet and covers human to burn. The great law of balance operates the Universe. It is a basis of life of Macrocosm therefore there has to be it display and in a microcosm human because microcosm life too is based on this universal law. To them everything is based that is, from atom to a galaxy, as well as life in the person of a physical body, thin and fiery.

867. (Nov. 8). Write about what you want. About everything it will be written fruitful, but it is necessary that there was an interest to the mentioned subject. This interest goes from heart and represents fire magneto attracting from space elements of the cognizable phenomenon. We learn things themselves. The brain knowledge here won't do at all, because limits of knowledge of a brain are limited. So, we will continue about balance. Balance gives the power over all three covers. Without this power it is impossible to reach rest and an immovability of a physical body. For years yoga’s practice reaches it. See at least to the person. How many involuntary movements, feelings and emotions are reflex reflected in it. It is constant in movement. Muscles of the person don't know rest; all face vibrates, reflecting that occurs in an astral and thoughts. At division of conductors physical threads of communication pass under will control, and then the person can remain passionless and motionless whatever occurred in other conductors. It is necessary to learn to switch off this wire and to achieve that the person reflected nothing in the surface. In any case what not wanted by his owner, differently control is ceded in area of reflexes that is eliminated completely. The one who doesn't own the person, doesn't own itself (himself): neither muscles, nor feelings, thoughts. First of all it is necessary to eliminate absolutely so-called nerves, that is uncontrolled and any movements of extremities. It is necessary to learn to give to a body and muscles rest and rest, absolutely switching off for a while movement of a body and bringing it into a condition of a full immovability. The full immovability of a body is hard-hitting, but it is even more difficult to lead to such immovability, that is to silence, an astral cover, but it is more difficult than everything – thought. Mastering by three will be a victory over all. Achievement of this victory will mean balance approved. It is necessary to start this mastering once all the same. It is better now because growing fiery power doesn't allow a disbalance without heavy and pernicious shocks. Following for the Teacher demands rejection from itself, that is from the personality, from three covers, her making, and, before everything, from a cover astral – the ardent, violent and unruly basis which was as though or the center of the lowest "I", the center of association of three. Let's begin with a cover physical. Attentively observe itself and note, how many unnecessary and uncontrolled movements in it happen. Having seen, you will be terrified to terrible waste of energy on absolutely excessive movements. Having terrified, you will understand that leakage of forces should be stopped. Control and continuous patrol at first while the tranquility physical won't be found is necessary. Mad, both nervous, and patients represent an antipode of physical tranquility because control is absent absolutely. The straight line connects these two poles: the authorities and poles of its loss over itself. Think of a negative pole that was more ready positive to approve more often. Sometimes logical end of inability and unwillingness to own itself doesn't prevent to imagine, both anybody and will get up nothing a barrier on this way of the statement of the regal power of spirit over the covers. And when the unbridled astral of the biped owner strong directs on you in fury uncontrolled, remember mentally ill people, that is to what at times leads dissoluteness of this cover, and for anything don't fall before to sound with it a unison. It you imperiously own, differently it will seize you. So, we begin with control over involuntary movements of a body. The unrestrained astral conductor too is behind them after all. Let all will be calculated: each gesture, each smile, and each movement. Calculation, than grimaces and a number of the uncontrolled movements caused by twitching for threads, going from an astral is better. The clown can be in operation constant. But maybe it is bridled. The clown should be bridled. It is impossible to bridle, without having seen as far as it seized a body. It has to be found completely in all the manifestations. Reflex and pulse movements are a name to the clown. Not about conditioned reflexes I Speak, but about control loss over them and over myself. Conditioned reflexes study on animals. But person is not animal. It can't send itself to their power uncontrolledly. Control and the power are approved over all functions and microcosm manifestations. It is a final ideal, and an ideal achievable. Life in one body long term and lack of an old age – the phenomenon reached by Mahatmas, is possible only under a condition achievement of this ideal. At the heart of the phenomenon balance approved and complete control over three lies.

871. (Mother World). Will Great of a planet, or the Will of Planetary Spirit, is similar to fiery will, immeasurable mind of the person. But also They too Were once people, and the will Started developing from the most initial steps, and Developed to Space. Also there was a will human Space will. To Us addressing, it is possible to receive the answer and a particle of Space power. You, children of Earth, I Can call sons of the Sky, because in you the potential of the heavenly person is put. And its main attribute, attribute of future Creator and the Founder of the worlds, the will is a fiery gift of the Sky which everyone has to open and develop in itself (himself) infinitely. Heavenly, that is spatial, the person has to collect fire in him and crystallize in steady forms. The will is fire, fire of the spirit which concentrated in it and has been saved up in it on its infinite way to Light. Children of Earth, you I Call collectors of fiery treasures which you have save up to become sons of the Sky, and that is hidden in you in the potential of spirit, to make reality fiery. To fire direct seize. To Me addressing, you can receive a particle of Space power.

872. (Nov. 9). Be ready to that each contact with those who served as the channel of dark influences, will negatively influence; the dark not for that tried what to leave in rest. Failure only enrages them and forces to try to discover new methods and approaches. The received letter to that an example. It would seem, everything is good and harmless the message, however the Record rhythm already suffered, and the mood were created the bad. It is worth comparing only it before obtaining the letter and after. The channel continues to operate, dark immediately it used. But their methods became more refined and more imperceptible. It is necessary to strengthen patrol again. It is necessary to leave be sorry. Danger didn't decrease because that time smoothed sharpness of memoirs. Dark strong on the guard that again strike blow; dark influence obviously seeks to extinguish fire. Again it is necessary to fight and again to reach a victory. Vigilance weakened, - as you can believe the victim, if it completely didn't realize the dazzle. On degree of incompleteness of understanding influence proceeds also. Teacher warned!

873. (Nov. 10). My son, show understanding to the events! Crisis came. About events warned: it is necessary to meet quietly. If I Speak: won't concern, I mean a contact external. Internal depends on you, that we allow internally concerns to concern. Dark strengthen everything that can sadden and weaken. Look for a root and the reason of each clouding in their continued attempts to do you harm. So simply also know if something afflicted, saddened or caused you trouble, behind it the dark hand hides. Mistakes never will be. It is necessary to deepen and perfect recognition even more. It is necessary to remember that everything that brings troubles, directly and is directly connected with dark both in big, and in the small. Relatives can be considered as a source of these troubles only so far as the dark try to influence through them, throwing it shaggy balls. Not on relatives, but on dark direct the counteraction, and at need – and blow. Relatives are only victims of the next deception and a shift. Don't know black hands were tired. Don't dare to be saddened. Try to see the reason of a clouding before. Don't try to analyze the phenomenon, without having premised to it think that if it is bad and it is unpleasant to you, dark are hidden behind it. Of it is sure. It will give you the weapon and a certain possibility to be protected. Blow you strike to them hiding so carefully and skillfully for backs of people, you bringing chagrin and troubles; they only the tool dark, but absolutely not understanding it. That for whom it is possible, open eyes and to the reason of a black out point if concerns not only you, but also them. The others if it is necessary, simply protect without any explanations because to explanations won't believe. If a half of people – obsessed, and the others are subject to dark influences and suggestions, it is easy to be convinced that all dark and saddening creeps from darkness. Be ready to reflect and protect always an impact of enemies from them relatives. Guards strengthen, as well as relative’s protection. Relatives from it don't alienate if the next influence is made on them. Why them to push in darkness embraces. On the contrary, approach and specify more closely to rally about you. Not to them to see thin evil-shift dark, but conducting them. Having seen, explain. The darkness of exposure of the frauds because they do it powerless doesn't love and it is necessary to invent new tricks. There are a lot of them at them. Apply this faultless method of recognition of dark activity. Knowing that everything that extinguishes pleasure, light, fire, aspiration, trust, devotion – all this from darkness and delusion, it sent. So we will arm with even more profound knowledge of the enemy and his habits.

874. It is best of all to consider itself in position of the person surrounded with pack of wolves. Animals are afraid of fire and when it burns, won't dare to come nearer. You hold burning Fire, it in a breast, but obviously frightens animals, and be ready to reflect any minute fire forwards. The ray of light forces to recede from a simple electric lamp of a predator, but the thought beam is even more effective. You strike mercilessly monsters from darkness this shining sword of spirit - because heart fire, thought directed powerfully, will be a striking sword. Let there will be a sword always under a hand. Dark nowadays work with thought, to you imitating. Beat them this weapon of Light. Against it they won't resist because the thought of Light is always stronger than thought of darkness because burns it the fire. Act with thought.

875. (M.A.Y.). Are strongly is anxious with the events. Terms came. The light Troops rise for the last strong effort. And there it will be already possible to move mountains and even hearts human. The future more than ever is close. Be ready.

876. (Guru). There is no justification if in darkness someone starts wandering. The reason is instability and swaying. Now not time to be unsteady, light ahead close.

877. (Mother World). Here came to execute time it Will Terms. Shambhala of the Lord Comes from that, what Kingdom Shambhala approves on Earth. And to its Kingdom there will be no end – so precepted long since. Future it is necessary to enter into the Kingdom in new and clean clothes. Transformation of all in everything it will be familiar a coming era. Life will change, and people too become others. New, light in the spirit of will come.

878. (Nov. 11). I give the chance to use time for the statement in Myself qualities of tranquility. Tension of tranquility is concentration of force inside for action. Force, but not weakness wins always. If you want to be always the winner, power of tranquility approves. From two equally strong wins against quieter. Weak wins against stronger if it is quieter, weak. From two balance the kept winner always. Balance is a basis, the tranquility base, and tranquility – force accumulator. If you want force to collect, into understanding of feeling of tranquility plunge, in balance having approved. It will be similar to collecting of radiant energy in focus. Balance, and a form of manifestation of energy – tranquility will be its generator. In tranquility tension phenomenon energy fiery, as the concentrated force, collected on an edge of a ram, striking blow. So collect force. Let she will be brought together on an edge. The blow can be not struck. One edge will stop the most spiteful attack.

879. To whom and to that we will give the power over balance of spirit to break and to deprive of force" having devastated an energy treasury? It is necessary to think strong before allowing something to beat out the basis upon which strength of mind is based from under feet. In total and everything, seeking to deprive of us balance, it is possible to consider as hostile to spirit fires the beginning, tending to extinguish them; while the armor of tranquility not punched, impregnable spirit, because balance is an indicator of full invulnerability of spirit. Hostile to energy jump aside from aura of balance, as bullets from thick armor or an arrow from a shod board. Balance boards the most reliable and strong. It protects as well from antagonistic currents of spatial and chaotic whirlwinds astral. The spirit armed with tranquility, is impregnable. Balance and tranquility – different sides of the same coin, medals of firmness not broken and spirit fortresses. For forces not feel sorry, neither thoughts, nor these most valuable and most necessary qualities in itself to approve aspirations. Having lost them, you lose everything, and for the sake of what allowed that they were broken. Magnetic power of these qualities is huge. Those approving, the person strengthen a magnet of the spirit extraordinary." Mastering by power of balance went, the Lord". I will send, but it is necessary to direct, direct all heart, all desire, all being because balance is reflected immediately and immediately in all being of the person and, first of all, in eyes. Each nerve, each section, each heart beat display it radiates a condition of tranquility, force, and the aura flashes resistant fires of balance approved. If knew that gives you balance of spirit, wouldn't stop before anything that to approve it. Balance of spirit involves balance, and, therefore, and health of nerves and a body. The tranquility is a condition of a display of construction processes in an organism. The concern is a synonym of disintegration of the matter which is a part of a physical body. Therefore, speaking about a peace of spirit, don't forget and about tranquility of a body and nerves – all this is connected together. Any illness is, first of all, disbalance physical, and connected with disbalance astral, mental and spiritual. The triple aspect of balance is caused – existence of three covers. They should be subordinated to balance, but the impulse or the order of will go from above. It is bad if impulses go from below, besides or contrary to will. The will is a core of balance and tranquility. Means, the will should be strained, that display.

880. My friend, I Like to observe burning of heart and to thin spiritual processes of consciousness a keen interest. Magneto it I Sate also a harvest rich I Allow to remove opportunity. Who and where the analysis has so exact and detailed to the most necessary qualities of spirit? The knowledge of their value and essence gives them to approve an impulse profoundly and with understanding. Close to heart they make also desired strong. It is opportunity allows ascending, without stopping and without interrupting a way. So, Care of the Teacher – about a way uninterrupted. Show understanding to My Care because life such is that muffles Aeolian harp sounding. But we go, despite everything, and we will reach, despite everything and contrary to everything that counteracts us, force from this counteraction taking and using it.

881. (M.A.Y.). Leave uncertainty in inalterability of the way planned for you by the Lord. To anything these fluctuations and doubts in, whether Communication will proceed and whether further parcels of spirit will arrive; will be to that time, while you to them it is directed. As sunrise and its beams, is invariable the Beam of the Lord sent to the son. Leave uncertainty, it only disturbs and weakens you. Certainly, evidence strong growls against spirit life, but experience long you have a celebration of vanity to win. Fruitful spiritually is your way. Records are an example, as well as the proof of that I speak. Belief store in the immutable Word of the Lord! There will be everything that Is promised, only not as expected, but will be, but is obvious. Oppressive dregs of the present weaken very much. In external look for the reasons, saddening consciousness, as well as dark attendants of the evil work round you that your fires go out much. On each your effort ten apply if only you to weaken and light to deprive. But for you is the Lord.

882. (Guru). There were at me military leaders once which always brought a victory, they were loved very much. As I love the pupils always bringing a victory. I want that each of you became that – bringing a victory always. Life is a fight. In it is possible to suffer defeat. I want to see you always winning. The Lord Called someone the winner; whom I Called, let remembers and knows, that this right grants on a wreath of the winner of spirit. Win always. It is possible, it is necessary because to win against itself and the victory is won inside, over itself. The world is only this way won. You think that monsters outside, but they step on consciousness – means, fight inside happens. Fearlessly and safely the one who in it overcame fear fights with enemies. Because life is a process, and the person is a process, and Light Kingdom force undertakes, in itself dispaied in an infinite chain of victories of the spirit overcoming an impact of external forces, falling upon his consciousness inside to win against them outside.

883. (Mother World). Certainly, each Great Identity has stay in aura of a certain Star in a body physical or incorporeal. My star therefore is called the Star of Mother of the World. Ancient were right, calling gods on stars because everyone is accompanied by her Driver. The mistake was that these Great Spirits they allocated with lines and properties purely human, but were right, including them people. All of them left the mankind environment, having become Planetary Spirits, or as them called, Planetary Geniuses earlier. The lord conducting your planet is one of those. The planet has the seniority depending on at what step of the Scale of ranks there is it a Driver. The ladder of Hierarchy goes up, to Boundlessness. There are steps out of understanding and importance comprehension by their mind human. But Light Ladder, and everything which are standing on it, once is uniform and somewhere passed human evolution and therefore are close and available to consciousness of the person. Are available not in obvious understanding of their essence but as regards it is possible to direct to Them heart and to be hit the answer in heart. Their fiery feature, standing on the Ladder of Light is an availability and opportunity to touch them by heart and consciousness if the last allows. The majority touches by heart, without realizing the phenomenon. But you through heart concern Me consciousness, and the consciousness from Me receives Light, transmutated, or refracted by it in a form of thoughts available and clear. In it a great merit of the intermediaries standing between Us and mankind. Because only they are able, thanks to refinement of the receiver, to apprehend conscious spirit and, having refracted in clear, clear and accurate forms, to transfer below on the Ladder understanding of Light. The chosen receivers are valuable, because serve as intermediaries, transmitters and combiners of the Highest fiery energiya with spheres terrestrial and human. Their merit that the Highest and accept from energy space, their modulation in forms, fill with them aura of Earth. It is their gift to a native planet, and in it is sense of their great Service. To arrive on spatial Service – means to bring on Earth spatial gifts in order that each able could use their benefit. So, refracting Cosmo spatial fires, or energy, in forms, the person carries out the highest appointment on a planet. Therefore I speak: benefit to them, Light to the world the bearing.

884. (Nov. 12). Let the next unrestrained test for approved quality will give the decupled strength to sustain new on it (that is on the same quality). It is possible to reach anything if all strength of mind is concentrated on this achievement. Each failure or obstacle let becomes an achievement step. On a smooth stone not to ascend to the steepness: there is nothing to grasp, and there is nothing to lean a foot and it is possible to break. Stones sharp, on a way interfering, will be a support. To obstacles rejoice because on them and you will ascend as on steps, prepared life. Everyone Specify, where a weak place and what exactly should be overcome or strengthened. Obstacles unbeaten find the weak and badly protected places in a spirit chain armor through which get counteracting energy and weaken spirit. I won’t give anybody; I won’t give the chance to anything to suppress your forces. But opportunities I will allow to temper them and to increase on enemies and friends because learn both those, and others, - and is question: “who learns better?” At times and friends hard burden assign solutions of difficult problems to us.

885. To the son it is allowed to accumulate the Decree in the organism probably bigger quantity of fiery energy. It isn't necessary to spend it for useless feelings and emotions, for thoughts aggravating and for everything that carries away forces. Who knows that will be ahead that to spend strength of mind for alarms about what, most true, and won't be? How many forces in the past were spent for concern on the unfulfilled in vain? Strength of the approved tranquility often we give on worry to what isn't present and that won't be. Whether it is worth arriving so, whether it is better to keep fire force in it, without spending it is useless? Worst of all is meaningless actions of spirit. Actions of the yogi and his acts are thought deeply over. Isn't present superfluous and there are no unnecessary. When around so dimly and it is so sad, it is possible to work over itself. Work is fascinating and the pleasure gives. The spirit grows in silence and silence and the forces multiply. After all for the sake of that only here also we come to learn something in the conditions of the dense. But when training goes consciously and at will, from within proceeding, there is fast a process. School – life, and the Instructor and the Head – the Teacher of Light. Means, it is possible to go quietly, knowing that everything will be given, is able what to contain spirit or to sustain in forces. Training goes by the principle of formation by that that the pupil should become. In it pleasure of a way. Look at them sitting. As their life as it is sad is sad, and eyes their fires are empty. At contact with people the feeling was correct: boringly and gloomily on light is to all that who lost a spirit track. Also it is possible to understand how it is necessary as it is insistently necessary because time came to inhale new energy in hearts human because heart was wrinkled and dried. Blood of the New Testament that is spirit of the new life, new Doctrine the Lives, new Precepts time comes to mankind to pour in. Old forms grew decrepit and are scattered, and the knowledge is lost. Carriers of new Knowledge will return to the world the lost treasure, both furs new, and new lives to Earth should be received wine. And those who should conduct crops are sated fiery with knowledge. The task put strong to accumulate knowledge, because the desert around, and people don't know, from where it to gather. May you imagine the tragedy of the spirit wanting knowledge, but not able to receive it because to receive it there is nobody. Knowledge carriers so remained a little. Try to replace true knowledge with a substitute. But look in their eyes, receiving this fake, and you will see in them the fires which have died away spirit, extinct heart. Go and give. Go and learn. To the world bring fire so vitally necessary for the world. Who will bring it, except you who have concerned Fiery Yoga? The fiery Yoga is the fiery life sating with fires a microcosm human and on a way giving the chance with fires of people to light. Why to think only of itself, you of them think, and nothing knowing about fire because it lost. Lost it is necessary to return to people because without fire it is impossible. And so everything plunged already into utter darkness. Time of Great Crops came nearer. Sowers, whether are ready to execute the purpose of life, that is your mission on Earth?

886. Accumulation of knowledge goes in parallel and in the accord with those lessons, which life gives. For this purpose life also is given that to learn lessons from it and to study as lives. Training is conducted without a separation from life. Therefore live, making use of any experience and using a current of days and nights for receiving knowledge. Why to believe, what the enclosed knowledge can replace life? The Life doctrine, or the Doctrine of Live Ethics, subjects also differ from abstract knowledge that enters consciousness into the thick of life and gives the chance to study it practically. Therefore all Instructions of the Teacher concern life and are closely connected with those events which it gives. Without these evident, though, perhaps, heavy and difficult lessons how it would be possible to save up experience, knowledge and force? Knew theorists of life, which lives not know and were scattered by splashes at the first collision with it; to Us it is necessary to us the tempered fighters who will be not frightened by anything. To go through life and to shiver before each shadow is not our way! We Temper on life and we Learn! But as far as unreasonable work of the Teacher if the pupil himself strong seeks to use all life completely for receiving the necessary experience is facilitated. There is no that trifle, there is no that trifle from which he wouldn't take conclusions valuable. You remember, learns all and all. Be able, like a bee from a flower, to take the most valuable from this that brings your life every day. Let every day enriches with something your treasury. But life is so rich with tests. Manage instead of chagrin it, self-regret not contents and complaints strong to direct to energy the on that at it to learn. To study, study – the life purpose. Let experience bring all. As a powerful magnet, involve in itself severe lives lessons. Both the pleasure and grief, both good and bad – let all helps you also promote the accumulation to increase. It is possible to study as lives always and everywhere. You study vigorously and joyfully, knowing that the Hand of the Teacher helps you as it is possible to acquire better than life current lessons. Understand that those conditions in which there are you – the best for your ascension, are as though heavy and unpleasant they sometimes were. Know it and quietly and vigorously you look forward. You have something that has no millions going it no known where. But you know and therefore are vigorous spirit and are joyful.

887. (M.A.Y.). Weak, having stumbled or without having passed the next test, in powerlessness will put hands and will cause it an inevitable stop, but spirit strong will tell: "Well? We will be overcome". And new forces in it will find with a new force to overcome that weak deprived of force. So let both the victory, and defeat rather temporary failure gives only new strength for a further ascension. If something doesn't work well at once, on any time – the second, the third, or n-NY – it nevertheless will work well because the spirit is eternal, but everything is temporary that it overcomes because on everything it can increase and nevertheless to overcome. So failure and good luck let equally serve strength of mind it to increase.

888. (Guru). The one who wants to become strong, strong and will be if desire it in his heart burns with inextinguishable fire. It is necessary to manage to light fire of inextinguishable desire in heart that achievement was carried out. The will should be called for that not greatly that to direct fires. Fiery strain desirable quality of spirit, in life it approving. This process is equivalent to a mortgaging of fiery grain. It gives shoots. The effort fruitless won't be. The law works precisely. It is possible assured to be that the harvest excellent will be. But make effort, and thus the conscious.

889. (Mother World). Availability of the Highest Shapes and understanding of it gives the chance to enter with Them into Communication and to get knowledge in the accord with a tonality and spirit capacity. It is necessary and to bring here something to receive. Certainly, it is necessary to bring aspiration which serves as an indispensable condition of receiving on compliance. The magnetic power of aspiration takes conformable elements from the sphere of aura’ energiya of Giving Identity and saturation of spirit is made lawfully. Not bringing aspiration doesn't receive. Magnetic nature of aspiration can be very various. Means, and receiving can carry any shade, but, of course, on the highest scale. I can Sate understanding addressing to Me beauty and desire to approve it in life. Perhaps, it will be possible to bring any share of Beauty of the Distant Worlds to Earth and to show it to people. Who serves Beauty, it is available to that. You can bring this beauty in your relations with people. You can sate with it your life. You can thoughts beautiful make, both feelings, and gestures, words, and I put. In Me you will find force of energy of my Sphere in spheres terrestrial to approve. Act, act, children, and I Will help.

890. (Nov. 13). And among you there are shown traitors of My Business. Deceiving Tell: "How your deception is useful to me, but also it would be better to you not to be born, than to come nearer to Me" because when secret becomes obvious, what will tell the deceiving? And secret becomes obvious. Tell: "Not deception is terrible, but consequences. They destroy a way of the deceiver". Conscious deception of the head stops a way to the deceiver. Warn. Deception you will find, but a grief to the one who in dark hands betrays you. Whether there is a deception? There is a full? No, but close to those. Can the leopard change his spots?

891. You will be tormented and will torment, yet you won't understand that to put the world which inside, from something external or someone is impossible in dependence. My world which I Give you not as gives the world, above any understanding, and a mistake will put it in dependence on the external phenomena. Why levers of balance and tranquility to transfer to foreign hands? They should be held firmly in own hands. Already I Spoke: internally it is necessary to separate from what hand foully in a back strikes blows. And never already it is more to allow inside and not to burden with a bulk of trust weak shoulders. Once the traitor is the traitor always, and also and the deceiver. Unless essence human it is possible to change by request, or by order of, or on someone's to desire from outside. Protecting and preserving the deceiver, whether correctly you arrive? How you think? It isn't forbidden be touched masks to anybody, but it is better to know the truth, even the most bitter. Retire into him, feelings close inside, arrive as if deception is already obviously known, and look how knowing that deception is found. The bowl with poison should be drunk to the bottom and to experience bitterness of deception.

892. (M.A.Y.). It is better not to trust and not to be deceived, than to confide and be deceived. It is better to know the bitter truth, than to stay in a lie snare. It is better not to let in heart, than to be crushed to it a treacherous heel. It is better not to have, than to lose. Better to one, but without deception, than in heart to let the deceiver.

893. (Guru). Even you, relatives, completeness of trust we don't invest. As arrive also you. Even to you about much we don't speak as you don't speak also. Even from you a sanctuary inside we protect, you protect also it from others. Why to cause on itself a rain of misfortunes when to protect that inside, from access somebody, will be reliable protection. It is necessary to protect it at least to resist.

894. (Mother World). Children of Earth don't take life game for reality, after all it only game, and life – a scene, and you are actors on it. The play will come to an end, the curtain, and that seemed reality will fall, will disappear as a smoke. And you will quit the stage, carrying away fruits of the got experience. And not that was on a scene, but only fruits of this life flashed remain with you. And all the rest will leave and never, never any repeat any more in those combinations that for a while created for you evidence illusion. So everything passes, and so everything will pass. Anything and to anybody on Earth can't give the heart if you don't want to lose.

895. (Nov. 14). My son, difficulties of life is not surprised. Seek to understand it only. The way lays directly, and on the way everything that meets, to ascension serves, and everything addresses on advantage. There are no insalubrious phenomena. And that makes the deepest impressions on consciousness, from this and it is possible to derive the greatest benefit. It is possible to study on everything. Whether there is a lot of in life of the moments when the consciousness not aggravated by life is free over them soars? Passable shadows of the phenomena let don't cover a way, because they – only roadside signs. It is told very much why it is so a little applied? It is necessary to strengthen a practical side of Yoga. After all the Yoga also is life, but on condition of application of the highest knowledge. – So it is possible to call the yogi of life.

896. (M.A.Y.). I saw grief in eyes on my portrait. I saw correctly. Situation in the world is very sad. Whirlwinds and waves of darkness rush over Earth. And to us standing at the control panel by a planet; it is necessary to see obviously horror of the poured poison and gases brown clouds. Heavy in the world and its burden becomes unreasonable. The burden of this world, is great your burden.

897. (Guru). Will keep in readiness always to meet spontaneous waves; their danger in a disbalance of elements, actions by the human broken. It is possible for them opposite, the will straining in aspiration to keep balance of spirit; because disbalance elements only balance of spirit it is possible to extinguish.

898. (Mother World). Truly so: To Forges Mine through a little you to the world will show. Heart let will be open towards to My Beams for their conscious assimilation and transfer. Carriers of Light it is possible to call transformers it and transmitters is lower through Hierarchy. Imagine as through a lens of consciousness they get inside and kindle heart fires. And heart burns with them and, they lit, them radiates around to spheres terrestrial. Here your task – from space to accept the Beam, that aura of a planet to sate feasibly force of My Beam.

899. (Nov. 15). There is an immersion limit in terrestrial which the separation from the Highest follows. Where is heart your, there and treasure you. Not to hold the highest if heart indulges in the terrestrial. In it and difficulty: to be on Earth, to be among the world, but other-worldly. But life imperiously demands attention, feelings and care, and so what not to give them it is impossible. Dark all seek to complicate and to worsen, and to tie to Earth more strong, and the best to bring the worst in all. Dark seek to doom to a torment terrestrial things or feelings. The exit one – not be tormented. Here even in Communication intruded. But the first thought has to be about the Lord, but there was it about terrestrial, and terrestrial channelizes the general current of thought. The thought is premised to perception. But if this thought about terrestrial what perception will be? Terrestrial pulls to Earth, terrestrial put limits. Test passable is hard, but also it should be passed successfully as already many passed. Show tranquility and endurance. Life will show itself as it is better to operate it. But it is necessary to operate it by all means. Otherwise it will operate. It operates slaves, and everyone is free if wants to send itself to voluntary slavery. But it isn't necessary for me slaves. Means, slavery at life and following for Me – are incompatible. The freedom manages to defend. But actions and acts can be made in freedom or slavery. And only regained self-control and become mister that he wants can seize and hold itself about itself. The slave will be in constant dependence of that wants to hold, and servilely to look in the face of subjects, on whom it depends, being afraid to lose that valuable to it will read. And you are not afraid to lose anything. You to life and people lay down the conditions. Be strong and the magnetic force of the energiya knows. Stronger they, than at ordinary people and not to them to compete with you, - but on condition of the correct polarization of consciousness. Speak and arrive as the power the having. You mine. I can't Allow that someone or something you seized. You own better because the right you have. On protection of a citadel of spirit stand strong, you won't protect – will tear to pieces, those who says will crush the heel even that loves. Remember: only force is respected and admits. Be strong always, both in pleasure and in the mountain, loved and hated, desirable or indifferent. Only strength of mind you will hold that as the necessary and valuable you consider. Think as to collect forces as a casket to close more densely and how to manage, heat and light giving to preserve heat and light source that is fire, against distribution. Without fire you anything, the empty cover which has absolutely lost the magnetic properties. Study, My son! What fine opportunities are allowed by life strong to learn how to be strong and as strength of mind around to keep the consciousnesses close to heart? As you believe that it is better: the will to approve or give it to someone's hands, even most close, but terrestrial? To be strong – means to manage to hold that is more expensive to heart. Be strong if you don't want to lose.

900. (M.A.Y.). The cult of a self-service is developed widely. All serve it. And to the accepted pupils there are self-service attacks. "I" and everything, its concerning become the center then small. The damage to spirit is great. Are possible both stops, and delays. The egoism should be moderated. Its fruits are bitter and are prickly.

901. (Guru). Well it is necessary to feel in itself power of consciousness of that the spirit at any time can refuse anything, everything even closest, valuable and expensive. It is possible and has to in itself feeling of attachment to things and people to seize completely. Then loss isn't terrible also. And not only it isn't terrible, but also it is impossible. We lose only that terribly we are afraid to lose. But, having won against feeling of attachment, the power we get over to what were attached. It is possible to imagine that everything is lost, but strength of mind remained not wounded, mighty and powerful. It also will be a victory, and then lost comes back сторицею. In it secret of ability to hold near that is expensive to heart. It is so possible to be convinced once again that vital tests very much enrich consciousness because bring great values to spirit and experience to a hand.

902. (Mother World). My son, remember that at aspiration to Me all tests terrestrial expand only consciousness and approach to Me. You’re Earth – only a step to higher planets. And life on Earth is a necessary condition of increase of your spirit. And when obstacles, difficulties and tests overcome spirit, it is necessary to remember that all this only approach steps to Me, which costs for the Lord M.: of Light. Therefore not mourn, when overcomes life, it everything is necessary and when you will overcome it, the Sky will clear up and again you will see Me, but is already closer. Therefore enjoy life also to that it brings and to that you teach. At aspiration to Me all this will bring you great benefit because each test will be comprehended and is topped with stay and experience new, so and force, because knowledge – force.

903. Let's consider that it happened nothing. It is impossible to forget a main goal of rapprochement – creativity. Let's channelize it, It holds, - to Earth not keep. If is in power terrestrial, how at all, why you to Me?

904. (Nov. 16). My son, to the Teacher the first place in everything: both in life, and in thoughts, and in feelings. If who another or another takes this place, whether that it is possible to be surprised, as consequences turn out corresponding? Imperceptibly interferes terrestrial and occupies almost all field of consciousness while the Shape of the Teacher of Light has to occupy it, nevertheless the rest to be only a background on which the life mystery is played. Not terrestrial evidence, but reality World Lord has to give a tonality and coloring to everything occurring in life, but not on the contrary. If it not so, so it is necessary to change installation of a corner of the relation of consciousness to the world around phenomena. It is very easy to lose a ratio correct. Then it is imperceptible for itself a bowl of scales of evidence starts outweighing and scales of Boundlessness remain without application. Certainly, it is possible to live and as there live ordinary people but then life becomes usual, both thoughts, and feelings. And the World will sink in twilight and utter darkness of the usual the Highest and the Voice Will break off Teachers. Therefore the way is open and free when in consciousness the Lord takes priority. Once only Record compares yesterday and today to see, what influence the correct installation of consciousness has on them. It is necessary to remember: To the lord always and in everything only the first place.

905. (M.A.Y.). "To the Teacher a place in a forward corner" all being of the person. So I lived all life, never from this rule departing. So live also you. As the call, so the echo, that is on call and a response, on the relation and result. Such is action of the law of the accord. And the heart entirely to the Lord given a measure full answer hundredfold will receive.

906. (Guru). Also it is possible, and has to give entirely itself on service to the Lord because the Lord is unchangeable. Moods of people flow, and feelings of attachment, likes and dislikes often change, one die, others come, and new people, everything changes, but the Lord is unchangeable. To lean on It and it is possible in the relation to life and to people because won’t change, won’t deceive, won’t betray and never leaves.

907. (Mother World). On an appeal formula to Me I Will always reply. For this purpose also this formula was given. It should use consciously. It is as a call on a wire of a long distance. Time today therefore I will Tell briefly is short: if a rhythm of the address to Me you keep, I Will enter into all your life and with obviously its Light I Will fill.

908. (Nov. 17). My friend, Proximity of the Teacher it is integral, but at the full accord of heart. If heart is filled with something another, where in it to the Teacher a place? Therefore it is best of all to unite activity of heart with thoughts of the Lord. After all the person sees the world through an eye, and so, let the Shape of the Lord will be this eye, or a lens through which there are vibrations of the outside world, and. Then all receipts will be painted by its Beam. Many forces leave on useless attempts, because heart not applies to what the will forces it. Heart is free. Heart can't be forced. But it is possible to release it up. Let it, if wants, the highest will come into contact, but all disturbing should be cleaned. The brain and its production which is let out from the brain conveyor constantly disturb. Activity of a brain should be suspended that heart wasn't disturbed by it, and heart to grasp the chosen Face. After all people disturb Communication process much, interfering in consciousness from everywhere. Dark too people, though lost similarity acceptable, but interfering consciously for light destruction. – Light to replace their purpose with darkness. It is necessary to be preserved against them. It is necessary to think as in to defend light.

909. (M.A.Y.). The feeling is correct: heavy in the world it is intolerable.

910. (Guru). These heavy days of loading unreasonable strong try to remain.

911. (Nov. 18). The physical cover constantly reacts to the movements happening in an astral, astral – to physical movements, thoughts. It is necessary to manage to reach at least for some time such condition that the physical body didn't perceive astral movement, didn't answer them and would keep a full immovability that is tranquility. It also will be the highest degree of self-control physical, or corporal. The stream of vibrations as though isn't allowed to join a dense body, being fenced off from it by a protective wall. It also will be absolute rest of a physical cover. They can take pleasure in any conditions. And even conducting Records, it is possible to limit muscular and other movements, using the most necessary. It is a lot of the excess and harmful movements spending forces, occurs constantly. They should be seized. The example of the nervous raised person or the madman shows on that extreme expression of this fieriness and on how the person shouldn't behave. Mastering by physical movements, especially so-called nervous, is difficult task, - because full unruliness is shown in this regard by the person. Impetuously and uncontrolledly all person twitches: head, muscles of the person, foot, hand and all body. It is worth observing itself to see, to what degree the person the victim of reflex movements is. Certainly, sometimes they are necessary and inevitable, but dissoluteness of the dense conductor far stepped over all borders of a necessary protective. The astral cover is affected by reaction of a dense body and thought. As if at frenzied, this cover in a constant stream of not constrained emotions writhes, contrary to will going out and flashing again impulses of black fires. It’s time to call for silence and rest it is even more difficult, than a body physical. Mainly, the stream of thoughts affects it. The thought causes movements in an astral. The thought is regulated by will if that is wanted by the person. Means, mastering by this cover is made by means of thought by the will regulating thought. This in itself cover has tendency to vibrate constantly because in it is her life. Vibrating, it absorbs a huge number of vital forces. Mental energy flows away as if in a bottomless barrel, exhausting an organism to a limit. It is necessary to bridle this ardent cover. As and in a body mental not the person, but thoughts operate the person, is uncontrolled and on an arbitrariness occupying a field consciousnesses. Thoughts need control first of all because only through thought it is possible to bridle and subordinate an astral him to will. The will over all three as something the highest, able direct movements in each of them. The will regulates thoughts, thought – an astral, and an astral – a body. The thought can influence separately and independently each of the lowest conductors, and will – all three. Sooner or later, easily or difficult, voluntary or under pressure of ardent need, but all three covers it is necessary to subordinate to the will nevertheless. Consider it as an inevitability way. At a known step lack of control and the power over them means accident. And, of course, then the way is stopped. Perhaps, inevitability of mastering by itself will accelerate this process. That self-control of the yogi which isn't accompanied by usual reactions bodies, neither an astral, or thoughts, has to be reached by any price. Something happened – all run, shout, worry, someone sobs, with someone a hysterics, all in whirlwinds of movements: physical, astral and mental. But the yogi, having apprehended in consciousness the phenomenon which has caused these whirlwinds, will do allow them to concern the covers. They are silent; they don't react in any way. The full tranquility, the complete equilibrium, total absence of movements in each of them, - and over all the cold, stamping thought bridled by will reigns. And only then, in balance full, free and not mentioned neither external, nor by internal whirlwinds the will he determines a number of the actions caused by the requirement of the moment. In it difference of actions of the yogi and ordinary people. The self-control of the yogi is something escaping supervision and understanding of people around, but something powerful and obviously felt by all, because power of balance – as a reliable tower and a shelter to which instinctively and involuntarily looks of all people around in critical moments of life address.

912. (M.A.Y.). "At us care to move further". Process of ascension of spirit happens inside. Also it but not that occurs outside is important. If outside everything is good, safe and happy, and inside full stagnation, it is already bad, very bad. If, on the contrary, outside everything is very unsuccessful, threateningly and heavy, and inside lifting on a new step and advance obvious, – that this, the last, situation is better safe than the first." And that advantage to the person if the whole world gets, and the soul will lose", so the judgment that is good and that is bad that is useful and insalubriously occurs already from other point of view and circumstance are regarded differently. Well everything that promotes spirit increase and it is bad that it stops. And you judge everything occurring around, without applying measures usual. After all way of yoga is a singularity way. Who from those who follows the Teacher of Light has usual life? Not the event of life matters, but the attitude towards him; phenomena in itself anything. The spirit defines their internal importance as a factor promoting ascension or stopping it. And not that is important that, speaking to Gospel language, "that proceeds from his lips", that is that reaction of a microcosm human on influence of the outside world which this influence generates. The relativity of already phenomena is visible at least from this that the same event can cause rough pleasure or a sharp grief in two people: let's tell death of darling or hated strong the person, or a military victory of one people over another. It isn't an event, but in the attitude towards him. But the relation it can depend on will of the person and be regulated by it. It is possible consciously in each phenomenon, bad or good, to see something advancing, giving experience and an impulse to spirit ascension. If there is a will to go on the way, moves everything, it remember strong, – both friends and enemies, both happiness and misfortune, health and an illness, light and darkness, say, all that life embraces concept.

913. (Guru). Friends where all what you lived, worried, were ill about what worried and what loved at least in an embodiment your last? Where it everything? All left. And where there will be all to what you rejoice or from what mourn nowadays? Too will leave! Also you don't remember that was in life of the last, and don't remember also that occurs now. Whether it is worth directing it all the sincere efforts? But, over everything that is, there is something enduring, say, the Doctrine, either the Teacher, or the friend true, or love, enduring for eyelids, or fidelity and devotion of heart. So separate the most important that isn't important and it isn't valuable, and to the most valuable time and a place find. Because, where your treasure, there and your heart. And heart you will carry by through all life. If thus hold also treasure, your way will be correct. It is better to pass through life, having met at least one true friend, than on trifles of to lose and, having returned to the World Thin, to appear alone full among indifferent people. The love, both hatred, and attachment to relatives endure a physical body. It would be time to understand it in relation to people. As the love to the Teacher of Light, it is stronger and goes through life and through death because she doesn't know death. You won't know it and you love to the Teacher of Light the immortality the approved.

914. (Mother World). You, Light Mother World concerned the benefit to you. Over small life of your planet the river of Life Space flows. May you measure its greatness and to see its coast, from where and where flows? I want to acquaint you to Space Life. I want to open spatial open spaces. I want to lift your spirit from Earth to spheres of the Far Worlds. It is necessary to think sometimes of conditions of spatial life dumped a dense cover. Not nevertheless are pounded within terrestrial aura. Is also such who leaves far beyond it. It is necessary to prepare consciousness for this exit. It so strong grew together with evidence dense and astral stratifications of the historical past of a planet, and those patterns of spirit which everyone traced in terrestrial aura what to come off it hardly. The aspiration fiery is necessary; it is necessary terrestrial to tear mighty desire of a chain. After all there, in space, there is nothing terrestrial. There is only something, weak reflection that the person on Earth sometimes finds. The beauty, love, aspiration, creativity of spirit and all the highest, all the best, revealed in the person, in space has the forms of an display and allows the person to live full psych life of spirit and heart. The reality of world space and Spheres of the Distant Worlds is so real that the spirit forgets about Earth and to Earth doesn't pull it. If not need to expand experience and the knowledge, able to be acquired only on Earth, the spirit never would disagree to clothe again in heavy leather copes, in a dense body. But there, in Boundlessness’s, skilled accumulation, and only they give the chance to spirit to be shown conformably. Dense evolution is necessary for Boundlessness. Combining both that, and another, the person defines the way in interstellar space and from the Star on the Star.

915. (Nov. 19). Difficulty of hour let won't cover the future. After all the current of time is no other than uncontrollable approach to this future. And in it everything, than wants to become the person and that wants to reach. In the present draw you such what you want to become in the future and you will be you will be such. From this future shape of in the present you will scoop energy necessary to become such already to some extent and in the present. The face of the future is saturated with fiery creative energy of thought. And with these energiya it is possible to merge in consciousness and, scooping from them; it is possible to create itself on an image created by creative thought of spirit. If this image is rather strong and fiery, not present moment of people, but people of the future can become the only spokesman of his essence. But I Repeat: for this purpose the fiery image, or a face of the person, has to be rather powerful. The thought creates fiery shape of what has to become the person. This creative process of will is available to everyone, is easily available. It can display the best teraphim, creating the new person. The fiery image becomes (then) mental and will be condensed astral'. It will be three-plans terrify forces extraordinary if to strengthen it a rhythm. To rhythms of a prayer add rhythmic creation of it teraphim' and transformations of. Impossible nowadays becomes possible. Arhat it is necessary to see it, possessing all qualities of spirit, with such work and so unsuccessfully approved nowadays within so many long years. I furnish the clue also the lever to achievement immutable. Rhythm you will reach a miracle to become the ideal. In Me you have a prototype of to what it is necessary to aspire and that to reach. But intermediate there is a lot of steps, and everyone is achievable, but in sequence rhythmic and rhythm force. If the rhythm is a basis of Space Life, without a rhythm is impossible. Rhythm and you reach; it is impossible what differently to reach.

916. My son, unless we Do not see how are given the chance to reach to you everything that you want, and Specifies a way? Many want to reach, but don't know a way. And you know and every day you receive what the spirit for ascension uninterrupted needs. The instruction given today, observe not greatly, and by a rhythm start approving impossible nowadays, also remember that impossible here, probably there, in Spheres of the Hidden World, and each your effort will yield a fruit first of all exactly there that then in spheres terrestrial to be shown. Remember well: everything and where forces human for achievement don't suffice is achievable, there a rhythm you will reach because the rhythm is accumulation of energiya in sequence of increase. Nevertheless still value of a rhythm practically isn't understood. In Space creativity at a mortgaging of spatial grains the initial impulse is given a rhythm, and this rhythm never any more doesn't leave the nucleus, but accompanies it constantly. Spirit-monad' pulses a rhythm of creative life originally lit in it. Life of all Space is based on a rhythm. It is the fundamental Law of Life. The rhythm is approved also by you in all that want that forever with you remained. The rhythm is a mighty lever of life, especially, when is called by will consciously. Rhythm keep and you will strengthen that you consider it necessary. Rhythm goes towards the aim far because in it great power is hidden.

917. (M.A.Y.). Without constancy of aspiration to reach nothing, but constancy is approved by a rhythm, and only approved thus, can enter into all other life and fill it. Means, without a rhythm of constancy not approve. The secret of power of a rhythm should be understood to the one who follows the road Arhat. At first you approve a rhythm and force you spend for it, and then already the rhythm approved bears you on the wings without any excessive and squeezeed-out efforts. It rhythmic work as the store of energy fiery is valuable also. What moves planets of Solar system? Fiery will. How? At help rhythm! Means, strong Will of Founders of the worlds is phenomenon in beat. And movement of your spirit let in beat displayed will be. Then there is it lawful, that is space correct, and anything won't be able to interrupt or stop it any more. The rhythm generates inalterability of movement. The rhythm is approved by will. Achievement ways are open. Possible there is all. Come to take everything, on what the right is granted.

918. (Guru). Let's consider that one more step on a way of awareness of fiery power of spirit is taken. Spirit potential is at everyone, but demands understanding. That already is that is available and available always reveals as though, but lay hidden under seven seals and therefore inaccessible to application. But understanding is necessary before entering mastering by fiery force. Approve understanding by a rhythm. It you will promote extremely quickly. After all it is necessary to open only that already is. And it isn't necessary to go anywhere, and it isn't necessary to look for anywhere. In total inside, all in the spirit of, everything from the beginning of times. But people look for outside, look for, without knowing that all inside. After all it is told both about Treasure, and about the God's Kingdom, which inside, but people didn't understand and continue to wander about the world in darkness external in fruitless searches of that, not known for itself, carry in itself. Look for, but look for in itself, and find required in the depths.

919. (Mother World). The formula of an appeal works obviously. Formula of this use always when it is necessary to address to Me. Truly I scented that My force overcomes that in other conditions it is impossible to overcome. It is valid so because power of My Beams on your Earth of barriers has no when the conformable consciousness addresses to their force. Experiments can be repeated infinitely, and the expected answer always will quickly follow. It is hardly to understand secret of Light; but of it in a terrestrial way and thinking from Earth. The fiery Principle of the Universe be captured by terrestrial understanding can't. But it is possible to understand that the swift, extra temporariness and lack of three measurements will be its integral properties. But the three-dimensional consciousness applies measures to swift terrestrial and in confusion stops before the incomprehensible. The fiery Hierarchy of Light is available to fire of the heart addressing in It. Contact goes fire through the heart lit fiery. Extinct heart won't have contact. Therefore I Speak about Fire bringing down from the Sky to Earth in hearts human that they were able to reply on sounding of Spatial Fire. Hearts human have to become the ardently sounding and, having entered into a rhythm of Space Life, and the planet to attach to it. Fiery My Era of the Sky on Earth will approve Fire.

920. (Nov. 20). Action is equal to counteraction. Any force causes counteraction which it should overcome and as causes it and life force, both in the person and in everything where it is. The same counteraction in environment is caused also by strength of mind. If the person decided to become strong, whether it is possible to complain what everything, what around, will seek to make him weak in direct ratio to force of his decision? Therefore at the statement of desirable qualities it is necessary to be ready to that resistance of the environment will be so persistent, as well as the will show in operation. It should be known not to hang in fight and not to be tired in the course of the statement of the chosen qualities. The knowledge it gives the necessary strength in fight, force of overcoming of resistance of environment. Forces of resistance will rise not only outside, but also and in own microcosm – resistance and counteraction double. Especially people, any more I Don't speak about circumstances; will seek to suppress creating will of spirit of to overcome. I can Ask: really to please to whom or something powerfully born will the higher authority in the spirit of the will renounce the right to claim? Really the obsequious babbling, pity compliant smiles and conciliation in all that becomes or told around, will replace the proud lonely advantage of spirit? Really in the victim the advantage of spirit will be brought and the clown of an unrestrained reflex will uncontrolledly continue to wriggle, pulled threads of reflex and not constrained impulses? All this should be stopped, in an astral cover to stop dissoluteness dancing by an imperious hand and over everything to approve strength of mind resolutely and firmly. The most ardent resistance will be shown by the lunar clown which lives inevitable end comes. With it is and fights, over it and a victory, but already rhythm force.

921. (M.A.Y.). Support in all that conducts to the power over, and the necessary forces I will send. Fight is difficult extraordinary, those don't know it who to anything doesn't aspire. But the winner of spirit causes on himself powers of elements for a victory over them. Value of a desired victory deeply and fruitful consequences are. Therefore we will direct to a clear victory that is still live in us from the old person because he has to be won.

922. (Guru). The world copper boils events, from their impact on consciousness not to evade. But it is necessary to resist under their waves nevertheless. Let's stand together, stability of spirit keeping in every way. Badly is in the world. Abscess bulked up and every instant is ready to break. You store balance because it resist.

923. (Mother World). Crisis comes nearer, the change is close. Spatial Beams are strained. Planets battle for Earth. The spatial tension and press are great. But I will defend Earth, but with Beams I Will fill in its spheres. But torments of the birth of New Earth and the New Sky on your planet are heavy.

924. (Nov. 21). The crystal bowl is broken. Splinters stuck together. And if glue is good and even if the bowl became even stronger, nevertheless it is the beaten thing which has lost the value. It is possible to use it and, perhaps, all life, but for a holiday it won't give, because it is made of fragments. It things reparable differ from things irreparable. It is possible very to want to correct something and to that to apply forces, and considerable forces, but whether it is possible to stick together love or the friendship broken by treachery? Treachery will be a constant reminder that is irreparable, the bowl remained yours, but became the broken a bowl, became, maybe, stronger, but the value lost. Not mourn very much, not you broke.

925. (M.A.Y.). Understand loneliness of spirit as self-defense top from incorrectness human. Loneliness in the spirit of, and even at communication with people attempts on people to lean is vain. All this self-deception is. Support is only own spirit or the Teacher. Support in others doesn’t look for. This support will deceive: not it is fragile and unreliable she; better to one, than with rotten friends. To one is in the spirit of!

926. (Guru). The friendship and love, but an inner sanctum remains inaccessible to somebody, except the Teacher. The spirit citadel is so protected from foreign invasion even the next.

927. (Mother World). Terrestrial – terrestrial, but the Highest – Me, because I Am Focus for association of the Highest energiya! Separate in itself these two worlds – terrestrial and Elevated, but the Highest, and thought in it direct. You to spirit will find in it a joy, something that can become a basis to find to itself a place in space. Look for in Me the solution of life, Earth not to solve it.

928. (Nov. 22). There is an immersion measure in terrestrial after which not to rise any more. Wisely it is necessary to combine terrestrial and the Highest. Without Earth it is impossible, but also without the Highest – too. It is necessary to find golden mean. It also will be a way. The way gold and median when the spirit refrains from excessive immersion to Earth and at the same time doesn't depart from it. Observe in all the middle. To stir without a measure it is inadmissible, chatter is inadmissible in general, but also silence is impossible – and here it is necessary to find an average measure; in all it is necessary and with all. On feelings a bridle, on actions is too, and in words. It is impossible to speak about anything more exhaustively. Giving the finished formulas, it is possible to settle it also. Be afraid of exhaustion in everything. To the settled source don't come back any more again, as and to the settled people. A half of that you know, leave for yourself. The magnetic attraction stops immediately as soon as there comes the exhaustion moment.

929. About the singer who has settled the voice, it was already spoken. But it is possible to settle not only a voice, but also any energy, that is magnetic force it. Also there is then a person a cover empty. Much they wander about a face of Earth settled the resources. Therefore we Speak about restraint and ability to own themselves. Any more about flashes of an astral or temporary loss of balance there is our speech, but about a condition of restraint of feelings of a constant, feelings, words and gestures, acts, movements and all expression of the person. Let's take for an illustration a voice any more the singer, but usual. In simple conversation and words a lot of feeling can sound. Try feelings to withdraw and to say words without any feeling and expression of personal emotions, experiences (for the ordinary person it is improbably difficult), or to make passionless the person, or not to accompany the word gestures, say, make attempt to seize that owns you and over what there is no control. Constrained energy of feelings and movements immediately will give its filling, magneto having strengthened your battery, and the feeling of collected force can be felt almost instantly. It is important to note in itself this existence of the reserved force being a fruit, or a consequence, the conscious guarded and intense self-control, or possession of. It isn't so simple to seize itself, the last person in you will fly into a rage also fury from attempts to bridle it. After all he got used to own uncontrolledly you and got used to full fieriness of all feelings. Only pay attention to how it is persistent, continuously it breaks all your attempts to subordinate him. All your being strives for balance, tranquility and ability to be self-controlled, and many efforts are made that, but someone in you who is stronger also than you, both your will, and your display, steadily and methodically nullifies almost all your diligence. It also is you’re past the lowest "I" which needs full restraint in all its manifestations. It is necessary to find in itself such degree of determination which would help to bridle it, or to subordinate, again born will of spirit. It would be time to understand already that not regained self-control loses everything, but seized can keep everything that wants or whom wants to hold about itself. The mighty effort of all wills that over lowest the "I" to approve the power is required. Magnetic strength of mind then will increase repeatedly. Otherwise not save up it and not hold. And to what to care what out of us occurs when the most necessary, the most essential and the most important in them we can't strengthen? To become strong, it is necessary to pass successfully through process of mastering by the energiya by control them and their restraints manifestations. Not dissipated outside, they remain inside, accumulating fiery power and force of a magnet of spirit multiplying extraordinary. Restraint – we will understand this phenomenon in all its depth.

930. (M.A.Y.). When outside it becomes gloomy and heavy intolerable, were successful inside and in richness of opportunities of spirit look for release from the oppressive atmosphere terrestrial. In this area it is opened and all is available and it is possible to work tirelessly with that inside. And external to this work not an obstacle because everything is subordinated to the person that is his opportunities at the will to react to all phenomena of the outside world.

931. (Guru). In life terrestrial we expressed ourselves essence of that considered as the most necessary. In it also there was a victory over life.

932. (Mother World). If there are no forces to become what you want to become, strength at Me derive. I force Will give the ideal to reach and become its expression. You only for force to Me address. The Mother World, an impulse to all live to move giving, force will allow the children to rise on life steps. Derive in My Beams strength necessary to spirit. At a rate of the address and the requirement force I will send. Dare, the child. The more you will demand, the more and it will be given. Why to limit themselves small when all riches of my Spirit are ready available to become for this purpose who behind them will give an imperious hand. I Wait to Give, and without putting limits to a donation.

933. (Nov. 23). If the Face of the Lord entered into heart, gives the chance to conduct Records and fiery inspires, it is possible to imagine that could give continuous and uninterrupted presence it in consciousness, of how many burden would be relieved and how many absolute obstacles would be easily won. When it becomes intolerable, it is necessary to remember it. Why what, apparently, is known for a long time is so often forgotten? Why the best councils aren't applied? When the dark surround you and close the circle, there is only a Lord. You remember Me hourly and when it is difficult – in particular. It after all I noted yesterday as the press was discharged at ardent representation of the Face of the Lord. Heart – a place of the Lord. Really difficult there is time to find for the most necessary? But in consciousness the place is given too many unnecessary things, but not given that forms a life basis. Why it so? Whether enough without the operating and automatic actions of a mental order, whether are time to call imperiously will having claimed the right what occurs in consciousness? Time now such, it is possible what to move ahead, only when together and inseparably; but as it is often forgotten about it. Unreasonable should be stopped, not time now to be the inhabitant when the horror of saturated poison sates spheres terrestrial. It is a lot of poisoned, and many go, bearing on the auras of the creatures which have stuck into them. It is possible to resist only in Me. It is necessary to become even closer, remembering Me incessantly.

934. (M.A.Y.). To reach, reach any price let will be your desire, and let won't detain anything. Set of the hands reaching for you to stop, but you, know that if with the Lord – shaggy hands aren't terrible.

935. (Guru). 935. (Guru). If the most important is observed, protected and in consciousness takes priority, it is possible assured to be that about minor it is possible and not to worry. So, heart and will it is applicable to that is the life engine, a basis and its focus, and all the rest will be put to you as by itself, as a result of observance of that is the most necessary.

936. (Mother World). With force wonderful I fill you addressing to Me with an appeal. Against forces I Give life to win intolerable living conditions because Forges Mine called consciously, over force of Earth predominates. Energy of my planet are strong, and is thinner, and above Earth energiya. Those accepting in consciousness, you over Earth you lift and forces you find in you terrestrial magnetism to win. Attractions terrestrial are strong, and it is possible to overcome them only magnetism of energiya of the Distant Worlds. In it sense and value of need of aspiration to them, the Worlds Distant, and a way of release from Earth power.

937. If it was possible to collect all missed opportunities, truly, the convincing monument a not the reasonable human would turn out. Opportunity is given, but neglect of it stops its development. And how here I Will help when the will free makes even mistakes? But worst of all, if for the sake of something a number of mistakes is allowed. But anything isn't eternal. Leaves, for the sake of what the person both the best, and the highest renounced is lost or lost that in it is, and, having renounced, lost also for the sake of what he made mistakes. But and happens always. A lot of lawlessness was made by the person to get wealth in just, but the death here comes, and the person leaves everything that got, in other hands, and itself remained with anything. To remain with anything, whether it is worth sacrificing the best, what is available in the person? Only for the sake of that it is possible to hold, costs effort to spend. Then mistakes it isn't counted.

938. When the whole world personal hopes, dreams and expectations falls, what then remains? Then there is a Lord, but in its superpersonal Space aspect. Transition from personal to Space is difficult. In the beginning the feeling is created what to live there is nothing. But it is incorrect. Great people therefore are called great that the personal don't live. Personal it is simply replaced with the general. Dismissal from the personal is specified in all Writing. Personal it is necessary to pull down everything before release will come. But the destroyed is heavy because what their lives the person falls. It is necessary to pass through it, without losing balance. So went and there are everything following the Lord. It is necessary to refuse the personal. Personal it is impossible to replace Space. Personal life put a limit. But wisely to combine that and another it is possible; because you live on Earth, and without personal not to manage. But let it won't cover the Sun of life, and let don't forget the carrier of the personal beginning that everything connected with the personality, temporarily, and covers only the sphere of one embodiment. Therefore the aspiration anchor for advance in the future is showered further, out of limits of one personality and separate private life. It can be showered and in the present on wide space of Earth, but meaning the already future. To live the true interests the people for the sake of its future it is already good because destroys walls of personal prison; in this sense and value of dedication is as ways of release from chains of the personality.

939. (M.A.Y.). My son, look at passing conditions of the spirit as on the phenomena rushing by windows of the car of the going train, and don't identify itself with them. The passing condition of spirit rather its shape, is something lying out of you because you are the train going forward, yours "I", directed eternally, and life both inside, and outside is that, through what passes directed your spirit. What from this, what something outside is good or bad? Everything will leave, having flown by, everything giving pleasure and grieving and pain, everything, all will be carried by, as a dream created by Maya. But there will be you Looking at life, passing by, after all so much by passed. But you nevertheless remained and you look already at the new phenomena, both living conditions, and new people that too to leave them, both new, and new again to see. Such is life, it learn to understand because differently it is heavy.

940. (Guru). We aren't present on Earth among you, but still the Sun shines over the world. Also will shine when there will be no you also. And as steadily planets make the way. Everything remained as was. Great Space stream of Life won't change destiny of certain people, because people before the Boundlessness face, as in the sea a grain of sand.

941. (Mother World). To Me directing, you lift yourself from the world of shadows and illusions to the World of Space reality. In Boundlessness my Sphere – a haven of spirit and the purpose of aspirations for those who already over Earth rose. You find in My Spheres for spirit and I peep, and pleasure, the pleasure of spirit lost on Earth. The purpose is spirit evolution to finish the way on Earth and to pass to a new, highest planet. My Star will be this planet for you. But communication with it is created in advance by aspiration to my Spheres to connect spirit with a place of the future stay. Spirit to Me the directing I help openly and it is obvious in to Spheres to get Mine. But direct!

942. (Nov. 25). Not and not strangers it is necessary to be afraid of enemies, but relatives, - because a lot of harm is done through them. Against the enemy it is possible to be protected but how to be protected against the one who close has access? Therefore vigilance is necessary and from friends, both self-defense, and vigilance. It is a lot of misfortunes, diseases and a grief goes on these close channels and as all this is created under external cover of attachment, love, arrangements, sympathies, cares, both attention, and other friendly and, apparently, good feelings, harm turns out is especially great. It should be noted as under cover of care and love strong and with fury it was put some idea about cold and an illness and while the object of this terrible care laid down to have a rest and I fell asleep, that is it appeared in situation defenseless against harmful, bearing an illness, suggestions of the loved one. There would be a justification if didn't know that create. But know, though don't wish neither to listen, nor to understand that any thought that someone surely has to fall ill if arrives not as strong I inspire inspiring that wants, already will be the mighty weapon of the statement of an illness. If not to be protected at this moment in consciousness as it is strong how to be protected against the enemy, the illness is almost inevitable. To them, who is considering that don't know that create, tell: it is time to stop infringement of will of another and to relieve at least close people of terrible and harmful suggestions. After all it is so easy to do and irreparable or serious harm. As well conversations on the relatives and experiences them it is necessary to leave. Why to poison itself, space and consciousness of relatives? It is better to think about health. Each word, thought and idea of an illness in itself or the interlocutor strengthens it in direct ratio to number of interlocutors and power of their thought and creative imagination. It is possible to create such circle pathogenic an emanation and images of which forces won't be to get out any more, especially if there are a lot of listeners and they are strong. Criminally in relation to itself and people around speak about diseases behind food. In this case self-poisoning and poisoning of those who accepts food, occurs directly and directly. Be kept for this horror at least for the sake of those who has misfortune or happiness to be about you. Any more you have no justification because you know that you create and to what you do harm. Think of force, of cheerfulness, about health, that inflexible courage and to a body bears health. For each word the person has to give the account and gives this account constantly because words and thoughts are realized into forms and become for it reality of the life, which consequence of influence it inevitably bears on itself. Be able to be protected from those who on itself and on you will predict diseases in time internally. Remember: the uninvited care causing a protest or counteraction from about that it is shown is the worst type of violence over will of another, i6o rage of egoism is skillfully covered with high reasons. There is nothing worse than unnecessary and imposed care. Take care from those who under the guise of care does harm to you. That is valuable only care which with pleasure is accepted and the benefit brings. Not about children small I speak, but about conscious travelers of life, will of destiny of together going.

943. (M.A.Y.). The area of the harm done by people each other under a mask of the benefit, – is very great and the versatile. Also there is nobody near who could specify its borders. Therefore it is necessary to rely only on itself, that is and in this question get on own feet. It is good to call a feeling-knowledge. It will help but if heart protests against something, so it is harmful, it something against what your heart rises. It is a lot of wreckers, harm doing. It is a lot of murderers not found and unknown. Many things on the plan hidden are created which not in forces to capture the brightest imagination. It is much created and is angry.

944. (Guru). Dark the circle closed because surrounded long ago. And the way remains only up or in darkness. It the environment moment because the exit from the sphere of an environment is closed is dangerous. It is possible to wait many tricks and new shifts. Consider that everything going against proceeds from them. From the thoughts sent by darkness, it is possible to be protected with only strong aspiration to the Lord because an exit free and the way open remained only to It.

945. (Mother World). Force of My Beams can use safely and to apply energy them on requirement of the moment, but in the benefit always. To accept energy of the Beam, to assimilate and realize into a desirable form will be process of your creativity. It is possible to scoop Beams without a measure, but also to realize consciously. Without realization they will pass by. They are realized into forms mental, astral or physical. Creativity it is wide and isn't limited to anything. Unless only ability of the receiver assimilates, acquire and refract. Therefore obviously and powerfully you create because the source of inexhaustible power is available. To them and Lords create. The perennial spring is powerful also.

946. (Nov. 26). I Am sure that danger is realized. Try to correct the relations. I say that devotion and Proximity understanding is necessary now.

947. We Give the best opportunities under any developed conditions, but to these opportunities of opportunity aren’t allowed to be carried out. And again dilemma: how here to help when the Help is accepted by a hand, but collapses another. This duality in behavior human can be noticed in everything. We Call this phenomenon incompleteness. To sit on two chairs, either to try to do two things at once, or to serve two masters, or to serve God and a mammon – whether everything is equal as the incompleteness phenomenon in the person is expressed. But result always one: it isn't reached anything, but a lot of things are lost. And then I Speak:" Collect energy of spirit in one channel and channelize them one main. And let this direction will be to Me". Chaotic and antagonistic currents tear apart consciousness. Somehow it is necessary to keep and consciousness to keep from a destroyed. Do everything that demands life, but channelize everything uniform, that is do everything in the name My and Me devoting to energy yours. After all the purpose of all your works under the Sun not these works and not this work but to reach Me both to gain knowledge and experience as means of achievement of the purpose of this uniform. To reach the Lord is your purpose. It also put in the basis of affairs which are made by you under the Sun. Everything is created for the sake of this purpose uniform. For the sake of it and to Earth came, for the sake of it and you live, for the sake of it and you bear on the shoulders an unreasonable burden. It is necessary to reconsider once again the attitude towards people and to life. Anybody and is nothing end in itself, but only those conditions which give the chance to spirit of the purpose uniform to reach. Both friends and enemies, both close and far – everything serve as means to save up experience and to ascend, learning on them and on all. If among sets and crowds of the loyal friend you find, so it is given the chance to go together to the Lord. Be grateful to those, both that and everything that to you allow understanding better both life, and peopling. In total and all promote the fastest your advance. And especially those ho chagrin deliver, and those, who prevents to go, because at a victory over everything disturbing and all stirring your force grows.
Anyhow it could increase? On a smooth surface even the grass doesn't grow. And you want increase spirit flowers.

948. (M.A.Y.). Let's study on everything that gives life. Life gratefulness, capturing consciousness, focus consciousness on itself, but not on experience, them brought. In it is danger of wellbeing terrestrial. But, being averted from burden life, the spirit nevertheless even involuntarily from them takes the necessary experience because it is necessary to fight with them and the forces to aggravate. But for wise everything is equivalent: both that and another promotes ascension. Therefore the wealth and the life which is more or less happy can be given the one whom they won't swallow and to whom a way won't interrupt. For the majority going to the Lord the way of wellbeing will mean death of spirit.

949. (Guru). Let's believe that the most important is that occurs in (person) because when the person dies, internal, but not external with it remains. To that inside, both forces, and the thoughts give, because that outside, everything will leave.

950. (Mother World). Let's give all a measure at a rate of the consciousness directed to Us. But one consciousness, without heart, the engine directing to Us, won't be. Heart enclose in your aspiration, because heart you will reach Us.