Agni Yoga's facets, 1956 (951-1039)

951. (Nov. 27). The thought creates all. Thought you create everything that you want to create, hold or approve. After all thought it is possible both to hold, and to destroy. Thought you create people, in them causing to manifestation the best qualities of spirit. Use thought that it to create that you want to pour out in dense obvious forms.

952. (Nov. 28). Each phenomenon or subject have the sphere, or aura of the radiations. Magnetism of thoughts is expressed that at thought concentration on this phenomenon the thought magneto is attracted to object of the attention and pulses about it, being sated and enriched with properties of this phenomenon. In case of a particular interest and coherence of heart with the considered phenomenon magnetism arises, strengthened by understanding rather acquaintance with the phenomenon, and grows, at least even external data for acquaintance with details was insufficiently. Inquisitive mind, sorting a crime, accumulates the facts, and the picture of the events grows in all details and becomes full, finished. In the same way and any studied phenomenon it is possible to find out up to the end if the consciousness long enough on it concentrated. Magnetism of thought works, attracting in focus of a beam of consciousness the elements anyway connected with the studied, studied or revealed phenomenon. Deepening of Records on any question is based on the same phenomenon. It is possible to tell with confidence that at sufficient desire sooner or later it is possible to find out and learn everything that the consciousness interests. It is possible to apply this property both to the phenomena of life usual, and to types of a spiritual order to expansion of area of knowledge. It is necessary to want rather strongly only something to know. The law is universal and easily applicable to the phenomena both big, and small, but at known persistence and persistence of thought. It is a pity if energy of thought is spent for the phenomena which don’t deserve it. It is so possible to miss something more important and necessary. Certainly, the phenomena should be known without masks, and especially – people. It is better not to rely on foreign opinions. The mind and experience are rather reliable if recognition is strained. It is necessary to rely that tells a feeling-knowledge. If it gives a sign that something is unsuccessful, it isn't necessary to pass by, having waved away a hand. It is necessary to find out up to the end, there won't come yet feeling of full satisfaction with the received results. It is too much masks around, it is too much affections, and deception and lie Maya illusive world shrouds in a gray cover consciousness. It is necessary to see to help and, and relatives.

953. (M.A.Y.). How many the lie, deception and treachery prospered round us? And we, vigilance having and being close to the Teacher, nevertheless couldn't avoid these phenomena. And often heart prompted that something is very unsuccessful, but mind didn't want to trust in opportunities of a creeping evil-deliberate. But by treacheries ardent were noted. You will be marked out also, and also deception and lie. You look in hundred faces and to indications of a feeling-knowledge trust. It won't deceive. Sharp-sightedly you look because there are a lot of attempts to deceive you it is created around.

954. (Guru). The knowledge about the person and difficult extraordinary is long. Nevertheless it is better not to trust, than to be deceived. Having strong checked, it is possible and to believe, without forgetting thus that from special trust, especially strong and strong, and treachery will be born the special. As a rule, it is necessary to adopt the provision: deceived once full confidence can't be rendered. It is necessary to anticipate possibility of new deception, and even at full recognition, but in forms of more distinguished and on appearance on deception not the similar. Vigilance strain to limit!

955. (Mother World). My son, a firm hand breaks Maya covers one by one from all false and deceptive phenomena of life. Life without covers you learn to behold. It is a lot of grief in knowledge it, but behind Maya covers you will see life and people such what they are actually. Before you won't learn to distinguish reality from a form external, not get for an evidence cover. Strength of recognition I will give, but manage to put it impartially and, seeing people without covers, they learn not to condemn. Not you are sent by judges to the world, but to our people of a way to specify by the assistant to pleasure, Light and knowledge.

956. (Nov. 29). The spirit is free. The spirit is free always. Understand freedom of spirit as inalterability. Freedom of spirit – the phenomenon unconditional, that is not depending on conditions. Identifying itself with covers, the spirit loses freedom because covers aren't free owing to that belong to that plan on which are shown. But the spirit, though is shown on different plans, but to these plans doesn't belong because manifestation of spirit goes through covers. The covers can have it in freedom or slavery. Spirit submission to covers is an abuse on spirit advantage. I want to give understanding of spirit out of communication it with the next temporary covers. The consciousness is a combination product skands Spirit over them. When the consciousness is transferred to spirit area, it accepts quality of continuity. The personality is created skands. The combination is the phenomenon temporary. It is necessary to realize it out of covers. Silence Stillness when covers are silent, will show that it is possible to test it as reality (that is on experience). In Silence area the consciousness can be lifted. There the spirit, free from covers reigns. Silence in silence consider as a gate in a spirit kingdom, in my Kingdom, in Light Kingdom.

957. Stagnancy of a matter on the plan dense shows for spirit actions resistance extraordinary therefore it is so difficult to advance evolution. This resistance and this inertness aren’t present on the Highest Plans where the matter is more rarefied, more distinguished, that is spiritualized. Problem of mankind – to spiritualize a dense cover of Earth give to spirit more ample opportunities for manifestation in physical covers. The manifestation plan is higher; it is less environment resistance. In an astral it is already much easier. Even it is easier to move. In the world mental and thin everything already moves thought. Problem of mankind – to bring the Earth, the house in Boundlessness, to such condition of a discharged and a spiritualizing that it was possible to work with thought already without any cars, devices and adaptations. The car is the phenomenon intermediate. However, some devices remain still for a long time, even on the Highest Plans, but the ultimate goal is a release of all mediating installations and action by fiery strength of mind when all devices are concluded and concentrated in a microcosm of the person. The founder of a planet creates without devices. In Boundlessness there are no cars. They exist on the plan of prototypes as models of that in due course are subject to implementation on Earth. But not for action on that plan where are created. It is necessary to aspire to realizing and using the fiery device of the person already. Let's list this equipment of a microcosm of the person: phone, telegraph, radio set, movie camera, the TV, the device for design on the consciousness screen in the third eye of prints of a spatial cliché of the past, the present and the future, sound and acoustical installation allows to hear at distance, visual – to see. Power installation gives the chance to transfer energy from the organism both at distance, and at direct contact. More rough types of energiya which the person uses during the work, movement and so on are obvious and proofs don't demand. It is possible to note as the electric impulse on wires of nerves runs, bearing fiery current of mental energy. The device human is wonderful and difficult extraordinary and possesses opportunities inexhaustible. It is necessary to start once nevertheless development of these opportunities and mastering by them. It is necessary to work once with them to begin, applying in life all these amazing devices on the subtlety. The person constantly radiates from himself a different type of energy. They can be directed consciously. They are forces extraordinary if are realized and them the will owns. When the commander the fiery word directs army to a victory, what this power if thousands people fearlessly rush in fight, straining all the forces and abilities, dexterity and art to battle. The cowardly leader and will have a cowardly army. It is necessary to understand that fiery strength of mind out of measurements usual. As and human it is impossible to apply commonness measures to devices of a microcosm. It is necessary to remember only that permanent job over the device, continuous application and thinning of its opportunities will give the lever and force by means of which it will be possible to arm the person without the uniform device because in the person all is concluded in hands. Nevertheless opening and inventions in the field of equipment are no other than attempt to embody in material forms everything that is concluded in the person and is hidden in him in a potential condition. Huge cars can make huge work, but movement of planets directs will of the person because Founders of the worlds too once were people, and each of them is too a Person, but from capital letter. And that movement which is made by will, can't and not in forces makes any car. It is necessary to understand all depth and power of that potential which is concluded in the person, and, having understood, in life usual to start approving and showing at least in degree any already these remarkable properties. To that there are a lot of opportunities. And life gives them. It is necessary to open eyes only. The whole day and the whole night at the disposal of the person start applying wonderful properties, ability and forces of the organism. Everywhere and it is possible to see in everything as they are shown or as to show them. Let for a start the phenomenon will be small and hardly noticeable, not in sizes of the phenomenon put, but in principle to which it is subordinated and which application can be expanded and increased at will if it is conscious and understood. If it is possible to treat, say, at distance, sending energy fiery, so it is possible to understand that this energy is subordinated to will that it is possible to dispose of it that it can be accumulated and it to use not only for treatment, but also in any direction. It is necessary to acquire it, and also that without practical application and development to seize all miracles of the fiery device concluded in the person, it is impossible and that there are no two ways about it. Abstract, theoretical studying and mastering by it can't be. There is a life and application of conscious laws of thin energiya only in life.

958. (M.A.Y.). The essence of fiery yoga also consists in seizing all energiya of an organism and to learn to use them. It is necessary to understand first of all that everything is concluded in the person. All Boundlessness with all its opportunities, all with concentration also is hidden in a microcosm human. Therefore it is called as a microcosm, a microcosm because reflects and comprises all Space. Gods not without reason Christ Redeemer Called having told people:" You are gods". Not in a body, not in an astral, but in depths of spirit all this is hidden. Depths should be opened and in them to glance and it is necessary to understand that clear and accurate understanding of these opportunities will be the first step on a way of their implementation. It is possible to reach when the person that he wants to reach knows. The way is hard, but is wonderful, and stay won't slow down. Besides the general evolution of all mankind everyone evolves. Individual evolution of spirit also is the most fascinating page of human life. It can consciously be made. And then we speak: the person goes into a way. But on the way it is necessary to go, and every day advances bring new and new stays. Difficult, but is miraculously and fascinatingly extraordinary. As the avalanche, grows a bulk of acquired knowledge and, confirmed with experience, crystallizes in consciousness and becomes the integral accumulation of spirit. It is possible to go when the way and spirit is conducted knows where it goes and to whom.

959. (Guru). I want to see the strong will which has been imperiously directed on the way of collecting of valuable accumulation. It is necessary to remember: there is nothing small, there is nothing insignificant, everything matters and experience brings everything if to learn to take it from all phenomena of life. Life is given for acquisition and experience accumulation. Means, everything that gives life, has to serve this purpose. Also serves, certainly. Only our moods and bias disturb because of feelings and experiences to see that valuable that experience brings. And experience takes place by, without bringing the necessary consequence. So after all it is possible to live the whole life in vain; many so and live. These are those, talents not increased or lost them. I want to see you saving up the treasures zealously. I want to see you pupils that are it are constant, consciously both persistently studying as lives and multiplying the forces by continuous application of the knowledge given by the Doctrine of Life. Let these zealous become for you both life, and its sense. Pupils I will zealously teach, zealously I will help pupils. You study, study, study as lives. Then also you live. Then also you came to Earth. The pupil jealously is the help special. Understand that means to be the pupil.

960. (Mother World). My son, the Beams I Send to Earth! If from billion people someone realized them and someone addressed to Me consciously, whether I Can obviously reply and not sate consciousness with its Beams to limits of its capacity. Limits I Can't cross because destruction will turn out, but hunger of spirit I Will sate. Therefore, addressing to Me, be firmly convinced always that the answer won't slow down. I want to give strength to spirit to overcome a terrible and heavy press of the environment surrounding spheres of the terrestrial dense, lower class poisoned with gases. The conscious address to Me strongly facilitates a task. Your planet shrouded in brown gas sinks in a gloom. My beams punch their thickness and disseminate a gloom. But fight and tension of spheres are great. The organism shudders from these impacts of waves, and it is heavy to consciousness. If all at once also agrees to Me addressed, dark payments over Earth would disappear instantly. The free will of people doesn't allow forcing them to address violently. Have to realize, and to direct to Me. The free will is sacred. But those who the first the thoughts to Me turned, those will serve nucleus origin of the centers of an attraction of my Beams for assimilation and their distribution in aura of your planet and points of support for their further strengthening and reception. The centers will flare force of my Beams, magnitno in the power increasing. It is necessary to realize and become process part of the world device. This process happens in full harmony and the accord to Beams of the Lord because my force Beams of Lords of Light shine. Force integrated We Will defend the house your terrestrial, your planet. But also you to us help ardent aspiration to us and become conscious receivers and transmitters of New Beams is your task. Understand, that means to be pupil.

961. (Nov. 30). My son, influence of Beams amplifies every day therefore it will be possible to awaken even the dead. At their conscious perception and assimilation they will give that feeling of force and a fiery which not to compare to anything. Scoop these Beams, using the attraction law. So among a great gloom greatness of Light and its victory is approved. The responsibility for mankind advance in this process of assimilation and transfer of Light realize. And, if you understand that, the light of Beams of Mother of the World is power, strength the giving – the benefit to you, Light to the world bearing. This understanding strong threads you connect yourself with the Sky and Hierarchy also you become employees of Light. You Binding the Sky with Earth that to saturate it Light with beams, truly, assistants to Me.

962. (M.A.Y.). We aren't present on Earth among you in a cover physical, but we act through you, our next and the more so we appreciate through whom it is possible to work consciously at full cooperation from their party. We want to be shown, but we can make it better and fullest through us relatives. We rejoice possibilities of to show when we see full understanding and we feel the spirit accord. It the memory about us who have left as we are live is especially significant, even is much more live and more active, than on Earth, and with us contact can be very much fruitful. We welcome any attempt in the spirit of to enter into communication with us. Any attempt we will support also opportunity, displaying it, we will claim. Act.

963. (Guru.). In it we don't create, but we act with a Name of the Lord. As you learn act and you and to increase the force. The basis of the principle of action hierarchical is that there is it not from herself, not itself comes true, but the Name of the Hierarch standing above and being focus of the center of fiery energiya and Hierarchical Power. Secret understand power of the will, creating the Name Sent. So all is; even created the Highest Spirits coming to Earth. So you because force great is hidden in operation it create also. Name of the Lord you create also his Light.

964. (Mother World). Accepted responsibility for Earth it lifts for Itself. As also you accept part of this responsibility and responsibility of the Lord divide. That not greatly include itself in a chain of Hierarchy of Light and you will become conscious employees forces Light. Responsibility is great, but and your force will increase repeatedly because not for itself it will be given, but for mankind. Show the necessary degree of understanding of Great Space action and become assistants to us. Conscious employees are very necessary to us, and to them our Hands are given to give, give everything to a limit that they, and even moreover because Earth Spirits of Light became scanty, and each betrayed heart burning with desire service – focus of aspiration of our Beams can contain, it sating obviously. Understand responsibility of the planetary moment of Earth and the essence towards to our Beams strong open. Time great goes. Be ready.

965. (Dec. 1). You have to bring the best to the world that at you are. That you bring you in spheres, people around: dense, astral and mental? Whether the Teacher to your gifts to a planet can be glad? Or with products of darkness you fill space archives? Day yesterday's the dense phenomena consigns to the past, but creations of hands remain. What did you create the hands for people on Earth? What thought and feelings – in space? The person is the born creator on three plans. What your creativity? What this spatial movie of activity of spirit? Let's look it together. How you believe, whether a lot of things will please conducting you? And what will afflict? Whether thought of that the Teacher to give pleasure to what you create around? Or with yourself you fill yourself, from yourself to yourself directing, and a world insignificant from the world having closed, you want to make it equal to a pin head, from Me having separated? You create such much that isn't necessary that is harmful and light in what isn't present. Reconsider your production. Bunglers it isn't necessary. It is fine be owes a pattern in all covers of a planet. And it is already unimportant, whether know and whether people see it. The Teacher sees and Knows, how, when and where to apply the most valuable. Everything that you create, to It devotes and you create for the sake of it. Whether you know, what force everything created for the sake of the Lord has? To everyone I will tell: go to lives in the Name My and you will win against darkness.

966. The chagrin and clouding is created not by that is, but that probably as a result of long aspiration of wills on the dark channel and voluntary submission its shaggy whispers, as well as to contact with the obsessed. You know that it is impossible to destroy dark action: it is necessary to get rid of its consequence. To destroy fiery probably dark constructions, but consequences not avoid. Long the tail of thoughtlessness, disobedience, deception and lie lasts. Dark shadow past reflection on the present lays down and paints itself the future. And a ghost dark will stand, yet won't settle the energiya. If the darkness of the past is enriched with lie, misunderstanding and new deception in the present, possibility of release is stopped. Therefore I Insist on a full disclosure of heart that it was possible to see, danger, because danger around from where creeps. And it isn't so simple to strengthen the reeled devotion, fidelity or love. By inexperience it is possible to think that everything is well while dark hands quietly undermine the basis that the destroyed was unexpected and irreparable. And when you will see a heap of fragments from the failed trust, fidelity, devotion and love, you will be long surprised how it could do suddenly then to happen. Could and can because the dark try very much, work with thought, and from that party, from where, perhaps, you don't wait. The purpose they are to destroy by all means in what they already so succeeded. Truly is, devil persistence show that this purpose achieves. Also will hollow as water a stone, yet won't achieve the. The same as earlier the will free willingly and voluntary went to darkness embraces, submitting and executing dark suggestions, as willingly, voluntary, but with pleasure it has to direct in an opposite direction to give the chance of it to protect, to protect and protect. Otherwise fight is hopeless. It is impossible to rescue from darkness against the will of the one who fell under it. The feeling of hopelessness of fight and desire to provide the victim of the fate consciously is sent dark because it is necessary to show a lot of unprecedented persistence not to get tired in fight and not to be tired from repeated from dark all of new and new attempts to seize consciousness of the victim. The nail in an old nest enters into a wall freely, as also dark will in consciousness of those who already obeyed to it. Even after all Records both all told the sizes and danger degree still aren't realized and aren't understood. Really pleasant thoughts what everything is good and everything came to an end, the victim can exempt it from those no erasable spots which the dark hand put on its aura? The more calm and pink thoughts, the three are more than dangers of new undermining. Only constant memory that danger threatens from everywhere, and constant vigilance, vigilance and patrol of will can help to protect and protect!!!It is better to consider that nothing came to an end but only still begins. Mistakes are inadmissible because can be fatal. Enough they were in the past. Concerning dark schemers each mistake covers in itself fatal consequences. Think only, the friend was doomed to what suffering you’re the next and valuable, if decade of sufferings – anything by what dark caused to it dark? They know how to strike blows in the most sensitive place, and they don't spare. You remember it hourly if you want from them to be protected and protect relatives. Certainly, you win against them as won always because with Me, but the wounds put with them, remain for a long time, and time not always helps because old wounds at times hurt.

967. It is impossible to give knowledge in unreliable hands because it will address, first of all, against you. It is better to give less, than feather to burden. Ease of availability causes neglect, and the treasure pours in a sieve full of holes. How many seeds perish within a year? The nature is too generous, the Teacher is generous also. And whether much from all Doctrine of Life it is understood, acquired and applied? About it doesn’t forget and manage avariciously, but wisely to distribute that is transferred orally.

968. (M.A.Y.). To write, but remember that Record goes according to the accord.

969. (Guru.). Heavy strip! And through it go. It is necessary to pass through everything that gives life. It is necessary, and the exit of other isn't present as soon as to pass.

970. (Mother World). Force certificate I Will allow attracting to Me people. I will put pledge in due course to tell about Me the Truth word. With fires I Will sate words that they reached at once heart. Everything is given to term, and will be given even more.

971. (Dec. 2). So, dark are surrounded and under continuous attack by dark shells. What to do to you? On Me and in Me be approved. Repeat the Name My more often. Repeat always when you feel languor and the dregs sent by powers of darkness. Think of Me more often. My world in consciousness you keep more. Stand close and inseparably. The force realize, when we together. Unification resists. All dark efforts anything when the unification is strong and without cracks. Hard time, because is general provision of the world the bad. But Me resist.

972. (M.A.Y.). Weakness always agrees and submits to dictatorship of circumstances, often including their insuperable. But force never inclines before anything. And under a hammer of will circumstances bend and accept the necessary form. When in consciousness their lives thought that something is insuperable and something should obey, fight is impossible. But the one, who knows, solves itself both for destiny, and for circumstances, having nominated to a proscenium situation, either a basis, or the starting point of thinking which isn't subject to changes under no circumstances. And if the decision firmly and irrevocably also is decided to resist in it up to the end at all and any circumstances then life will develop as the will wants.

973. (Guru). Finally everything that is created on Earth, by will is created. She is the lever for all actions. Will to actions premise, invisible – visible. And dense only submits to hidden fiery power. Will be so, as you want, if you are able to want! Therefore be afraid of nothing and about anything be not anxious, but act with will hidden, in a visible as a result of the displayed.

974. (Mother World). Opportunities for a planet are weaved by Space beams; the course of world events is defined by Them. If the past of Earth is traced in Stars, and the future too is caused by them. The science about Stars is future science. Confirmed with researches by means of especially sensitive devices and devices, to ancient knowledge the science of the proof will find strictly scientific and laboratory the checked. And then people will find incontestable confirmation of about what tells the Life Doctrine in laboratory of Beams of the Star of Mother of the World. Scientifically understand beneficence and creating force of My Beams. Reality will be included into life and will decorate it. And everyone will be able to gather from Beams without fluctuating any more, without doubting, and without showing ignorance of denial. The new Era of Mother of the World to people bears pleasure which is so difficult for scenting in present twilight. But is and nowadays the few who recognizes a miracle of My Beams and without any laboratories. Them the benefit and to it force of the Beam sent by me to Earth. They the first and desired will enter into the Sphere of the New World because the right has. Not human, but Space it, and to violation by will of people isn't subject. The space is right, having the benefit to you.

975. (Dec. 3). It is necessary to be approved in new opportunities especially (it concerns association with Beams of the Star of Mother of the World).
At treatment by Beams it is necessary to imagine as the Beam proceeding from the Hierarch, gets into a solar plexus, and it is absorbed by it, and, in case of self-treatment, extends on all organism, or in the struck part, or in body. Thus process amplifies inhalation that is familiarizing through lungs directly to Beam energy. If beams self-proceeding already were approved in own microcosm, process is facilitated strongly because these beams already in itself have curative force.

976. In recent days the press is improbably strong. Everything is strained to a limit. Also fires go out everywhere. The darkness is lovely to an eye of dark but is heavy to the lit heart. You seek to keep my Proximity all tension of will. Not Me you hold, but the consciousness you don't allow to distract from Light Focus. Because when it is dark, the consciousness shows to it tendency and can't but react to sphere influence around. Already all see the deadlock into, which came. Same conclusion: up to raise the heads. What else disasters and horrors are necessary that people addressed to Light? But through darkness to Light we go, and it that the cry of the universal appeal to light became all-planets has to be condensed even more and ardent in aspiration to concern it; while concern darkness, choking in suffocating gases. And We Wait when, at last, will begin to yell human and heart will begin to cry out spirit any more in a dream, but in darkness of day, exactly, in darkness, but not by the light of because Light abandoned people. Knowing situation in the world, in Light Mine keep and help other light, from Me through you passing.

977. Where you were and whatever thought and what there were combinations of dense conditions, remember always Me, even at least subconscious, remember, esteeming the Lord, which in you, you an integral part, the center, a core, round which the consciousness and all your essence rotates. In itself accept the Image of the Lord. If is outside or in one of covers, Say, in a brain or thoughts terrestrial, will be able displace its whirlwinds terrestrial, either astral, or streams of rushing thoughts. But if He was approved in the center of your center, in heart, in its depths, and vibrates in heart fires, then whirlwinds of layers neither dense, nor thin, aren't terrible already above. Someone will tell: all this is known long ago but if it is known why it isn't applied strong when only it is possible to find rescue in the Lord?

978. (M.A.Y.). It isn't necessary to be tormented. It is necessary to pay attention that the thoughts sent from above, stop torments, but the irrepressible astral finds new food and passionately seeks to plunge into the new. It is possible to note all these phenomena as repeated attempts of the astral conductor to impose the uneasy and tyrannical hand on consciousness and that, having subordinated to it, to deprive of it force, but force is fire in the person, and it is all. Means, seeks to make an astral of light carrier an empty cover, an empty peel. It is necessary also this danger to consider because dark very much try and in this direction. It isn't necessary to be tormented. Torments is inexpedient and senseless, as well as fear and concern for the future. So many the vain and not come true concerns in vain are poured out in space, poisoning it and an organism of it’s beget. It is good to be exempted from feelings and emotions unnecessary. Too they disturb.

979. (Guru). I will go on about force and will while strong you won't become. What from this, what again you won against darkness? It would be better if this victory wasn't accompanied by the weakness moments when protection weakened also. Each dark obstacle, complication and trick consider as fight which surely has to come to an end victoriously. With this confidence at everything also look, it is necessary because to win. Inevitability of a victory will give strength to a hand. Also the soldier that blows of the enemies putting wounds at times pour on him doesn't complain. You are a soldier, and the soldier is "up to the end, with a board or on a board.

980. (Mother World). My beams, as well as Beams of the Distant Worlds, can be used is very diverse. First of all, it is possible to be treated by them. Over time the corresponding devices catching the Beam of this star and decomposing it to components for use of everyone separately or groups will be created. But it is a future question. Nowadays it is necessary to remember that all devices and devices are concentrated in a human body and what to use them it is possible and now, without any devices terrestrial, mechanical. Let's begin with my Beam. Already became absolutely obvious that Records from Me are conducted under the influence of My Beam. Energy of the Beam directs to the thought and heart sphere and, assimilating there, turns into concrete forms of the thoughts crystallized and imprinted on paper; but these energiya as can successfully find and medical application. It is necessary to accept only the Beam in plexus Solaris and, there him having detained, to direct will its energy in the desirable direction in any body. Force of action increases from experience and practice. Experience should be realized, accepted as a method awareness of power of my Beams in application.

981. (Dec. 4). The son My, terrestrial mind and a brain put between Me and you the phenomena dividing us. Walls, mountains and distances – these phenomena in the form of images stand between us and divide us. And you them move away, reject everything, and even the idea of concepts "here" or "there". Simply, sweeping aside everything, consider that I with you, close, near. After all in the Thin World where tridimentionality isn't present, people are divided not by kilometers, and the heaps of images represented by them which are sticking up before them, both dividing, and separating them from Light Focus. You everything cleans, you be in Me and with Me. Be in good spirits, which over everything. And from consciousness of Proximity of this don't distract. Itself you see, time what and as it is heavy to heart.

982. (Dec. 5). My son occur the last division and the last fight. Therefore it so also is furious. Dark want not only from you tear off relatives, but also to destroy you as on party not to attract you with it. They know it. It should be noted that that from your relatives whom they planned as the victims, they won't touch also blows won't begin to put to them. On the contrary, try that smoother make by its descent in their embraces. And the victim won't notice that already in networks as will seem to it that everything is good, and is successful and as there is a wish. And the whole years there can pass life, without suspecting about the falling. It will be full, dressed, put, will tell high words and even to consider that serves Light. In it all danger because beat you, strong against darkness going, but them won't beat. Why, when they against you so diligently serve them as the tool? Than externally their victims suffered? Anything, on the contrary, even material benefits had. But cruelly suffered and you suffer. Also you will pay and receive from now on blows, and they, in case of persistence of service to darkness, will continue to pour water on their mill and to torment you. But you know that the horror of a dark impact goes through them, it not understanding, and through them to you creep up. In them also look for a solution of everything that with you it is created and round you; worked earlier through obsessed, now through victim. The case with a teapot is very characteristic. Solution of the events look for that dark again seized will of the victim. All unclear, all lay, all concealing charge to darkness influence. What to do? Again fight, again to win and become even stronger. Remember term in 1000 of days after exile dark when danger of recurrence strong hangs over consciousness. The sticking is darkness terribly. Without receiving blows, the victim considers that everything came to an end and danger isn't present. Isn't present for it, there is no danger visible, but is for you, obvious and notable, and hidden secretly – for the victim. Concerned terrible and gloomy occult secrets therefore also reaction is so heavy and painful. But as the channel of contact I served obsessed and its victim.

983. Gloomily in the world. And the world inside black out outside the events where already here think of ease on heart when the chaos storms everywhere.

984. (M.A.Y.). I will tell one: the will is free to go where wants.

985. (Guru). What to add when also enemies didn't spare me.

986. (Mother World). My time didn't come for Earth to be approved. Also won't come yet, desired you won't be.

987. (Dec. 7). Events hurry under the sign of terrible tension. And nobody can tell where their run will direct. One is undoubted: tension of spheres, both invisible, and dense, strong influences consciousness. The doctrine of tension provides these special spatial conditions, and are instructed how to prepare an organism for painless acceptance of spatial currents. It is especially important now, when a press of energiya extraordinary. The first: it is necessary to store balance. Extremes shouldn't be in anything. The second: continuous contact with Hierarchy. The third: ardent control over thought. Besides: breath, abstention from wine, a kind unification between the and tranquility full. All this will strongly facilitate a condition of an organism and will help consciousness to assimilate new living conditions.

988. (M.A.Y.). Consider that the feeling endured by you, is only weak reflection of that we because we see the events without covers dense are compelled to feel. Therefore it is much more difficult to us, and not you, but we need your help. But so it isn't enough of those who can help and where they, assistants and employees of Light among grew dull masses? At an o'clock of need, as usual, we remain one that on the shoulders to accept all weight of the moment.

989. (Guru). I will stand up to the end without fluctuating. I will be on patrol not replaceable, I will seek to help the Lord. I will be, and I will hope, as you feasibly will help me with it.

990. (Mother World). The moment is intense. Beams I Send. But acceptability I don't see even among those who know. Terrestrial covers mine, and terrestrial it is preferred. But my Beams of a cloud round Earth have to disseminate, and, them accepting heart and in heart, only by means of them you will be able to facilitate this moment.

991. (Dec. 8). The Aeolian harp broke off. The spatial thought doesn't sound in consciousness. Accepted efforts don't help. What to do? Again forgot about Pralaya' consciousnesses. They are inevitable. It isn't necessary to be afflicted: there is an internal crystallization to flash again new fires of accumulation. The consciousness as though involves in itself and assimilates the saved up experience which differently would remain in the sphere of terrestrial consciousness, without having become the imperishable acquisition put deeply inside. This process is inevitable, it is necessary to understand only its sense and value and not to lose courage, attributing consciousness silence to rejection from the Teacher or to that the way is stopped. Certainly, dark especially try at this time to throw the shifts. It is necessary to store tranquility both to remember and to believe that the law to which the developed consciousness submits works. The rhythm goes, increasing and decreasing and therefore it is subordinated to process of expansion of consciousness. It isn't necessary to adopt for misfortune action the law.

992. Dark continues to harm in small blows and troubles is their usual tactics. You can be proud that are noted by them. The nobility your fires are strong. They don't approach to a pettiness also persistence of that to you apply, don't find never. They should break you. In case of attempts to divide you from each other it is necessary to share the experiences and Thoughts completely. Then all their tricks are nullified. But at retreat of consciousness can harm very much. It isn't pleasant to them that are shamed constantly and suffer a defeat.

993. (M.A.Y.). To us it is so important that you resisted. Stand. Not for itself it is necessary – for the world and the future. Resisted the Word Christ's was carried by the few on the world. To us are necessary up to the end resisted because they bear an assignment ours.

994. (Guru). Life human diligence is unfair. There is no justice in the world. Much Light carriers suffer from this property of people. The Lord Sees, and Knows, and each injustice (to you) will put on the bowl of scales facilitating condemnation.

995. (Mother World). If you are able to depart for a while that is created on Earth, you will find opportunity to rise away from the child of kitchen terrestrial in my Spheres. In Bosom Mine staying, you will come off Earth and spirit you will scent freedom from Earth attractions.

996. (Dec. 9). To that we will prefer and on what we will send to thought? To that we will give, with that and we will arrive. The feeling is correct: it is easy to be involved in a funnel of terrestrial desires if the thought isn't bridled. It is necessary to scent also a chasm that in it not to fall. The feeling on the edge of a chasm is characteristic for ascending consciousness as an indicator of bipolar perception. It is necessary, it is necessary to scent proximity and danger of darkness that to be averted and be protected from it by all strength of spirit. After all it is darkness sends sense of hopelessness and uselessness to fight against it when the Teacher goes on about a victory. You remember firmly: the thought of aimlessness and hopelessness of fight is the thought sent by dark, that will to fight to suppress. There has to be only one slogan: fight till the end and a victory. Fight constant, fight continuous, wrestle for life or death.

997. (M.A.Y.). Dark – great skill in that thorns and a prickle of flowers to cover with an appeal veil. They will try to present the most usual in an alluring form if it corresponds to their intentions. It is very dangerous if the will already fell under their influence. Therefore manage to protect relatives if their will are weak.

998. (Guru). To whom and to that you serve? You understand and you will obviously see where you serve the Teacher of Light and where also to that to Light of a concern has no. Having seen, attend that it over you had no power. It is free be in good spirits from the power of everything that is created not for the sake of the Lord.

999. (Mother World). Well sometimes from Earth to depart to boundless spheres of space. In them being, feels spirit that isn't necessary for it anything from this more clearly that on Earth, and all this inevitably accompanies the person that is absolutely not necessary, in space lies freight on spirit and it not yours. It is useful to think of what it isn't necessary to us in space, to scent freedom of spirit from representations terrestrial. You learn to think spatially at yourself out of Earth. Otherwise as to the Distant Worlds you will approach where I Expect you?
The consciousness has to or accept new tension and assimilate it, or be lost, without having sustained, that is to fuse. Who is responsible for the destiny? Whether, it’s generated? It is necessary to be approved in new opportunities especially (Beams of Mother of the World). Playful mood is on them.

1000. If heart to the terrestrial you betray, with terrestrial and you will arrive, but not with Me. It is temporary and is passing, but the Lord is eternal. It can't strong cover with itself Me. Then the person loses the horizon of reality and sees only that, on what the consciousness is turned. And you on Me turn consciousness, because in Me all and everything that, separating, a wall costs between us, clean a resolute hand. Force reaches the Highest Spheres. And you put force. Otherwise force of terrestrial gravitations will win. It is necessary to fight all the time for My Proximity. Otherwise the proximity of Earth will overcome. Even now there is this fight because the terrestrial interferes strong. If there is a trust, through a prism of trust all is perceived. If isn't present, doubts of a shadow lay down everywhere. Fire, in heart burning, shines everything, and distant becomes close but if burns. But in twilight the spirit plunges, if fires die away; therefore only the Proximity to Me won't allow spirit to die away.

1001. (Dec. 10). Far from us the great cause is created. Consciousness life is completely transferred to the future, to the future not personal, but the general. Allocate it. I ask to remember the following words: the receiver of consciousness has to be open to Me constantly, always. Openness of consciousness to Me is the Proximity condition. It opens in love and aspiration that is heart. Also it is necessary to reject all thoughts others, simply love to Me it to Me having turned, as a searchlight beam – on a required point or a place. And separating Me it is simple to reject shaggy clouds of stirring thoughts, without pressing in their essence, because they – Maya worst type and the most harmful. It is possible to tell itself:" My thoughts, your logicality and persuasiveness are indisputable, but truth I know – the Lord, contrary to and despite all your persuasiveness, because terrestrial it and from a brain" is close. All of them (these thoughts) are faithful in a terrestrial way and from Earth. But above – the Lord, because (He) over (that is above) the world where a gnash tooth and crying, in the Tower far, but with you, also is close both nowadays, and every day, and for ever and ever. It understands. I was with you always. I was and at the beginning of Christianity, and earlier, and in dark time of the Middle-Ages, both everywhere, and always. Also passed everything, but with you the Lord, and will pass everything again, but I with you, and Will be in all days till the end of time. And you saddened by waves of Maya and heavy conditions of the moment, are ready to forget about Me and from Me to be averted. But Logos of evidence is the enemy of our proximity. Approve My Proximity contrary to it and counter to everything because Truth you approve, so arriving. Fire of this ardent Truth let will scorch thoughts of shaggy bastards. With you I, with you, native mine, these heavy days without a gleam. Both I See, and I Know, and There is a wish to whisper: "Native Mine, suffer". I approve as My Word, your grief will be in to scent freedom of spirit from representations terrestrial. You learn to think spatially at yourself out of Earth. Otherwise as to the Distant Worlds you will approach where I Expect you?
The consciousness has to or accept new tension and assimilate it, or be lost, without having sustained, that is to fuse. Who is responsible for the destiny? Whether, it’s generated? It is necessary to be approved in new opportunities especially (Beams of Mother of the World). Playful is mood on them.

1002. Certainly, everything is allowed, but under one condition: The lord is put above all both in consciousness and in heart takes priority not greatly. Otherwise the separation is inevitable because the consciousness won't keep on the Lord. Means, if the Teacher of Light wins first place is in consciousness, as well as in heart, a ban act from everything. Dangers already aren't present to fall under influence of attractions terrestrial. And, terrestrial to Earth giving, it is possible to be free from Earth power. It is necessary to increase spirit not only on everything burdening and saddening, but also on all the rest, on everything that terrestrial pleasure gives and the happiness terrestrial brings. To increase spirit on them doesn't mean from them to refuse or to reject happiness. But the spirit has to, them accepting, to understand that all of them above the Lord and that the highest happiness available to the person is a happiness of Proximity of the Teacher of Light. Then terrestrial and the Highest in heart will take each due place. And in ecstasy of happiness terrestrial won't forget spirit not for a moment that happiness another above. So we will learn both a grief and pleasure terrestrial, both to accept happiness and misfortune, allocating for them in consciousness a place no more than that, than they deserve. There can be a test by a grief, and there can be a test by happiness to learn, whether the pupil put happiness terrestrial higher than happiness with the Teacher to be. Arrive that we will prefer. But if it is happiness terrestrial, let the pupil as it as certainly because it is weaved from elements fateful, that is limited by the sphere of the manifestation is fragile won't forget. Health comes to an end an illness, both an old age, and wrinkles, and decrepitude, and life – death – such is destiny of the phenomena terrestrial. But the spirit is higher, in the field of spirit look for the solution of everything because it is immortal.

1003. (M.A.Y). Native mine, it is necessary to endure this hard time. But only the undergone will be up to the end rescued, that is will reach the purpose. Not only is it difficult to you. It is difficult to all who concerned Light. Because concern Light is means to learn to feel what don't feel others and the feeling of burden of darkness can avoid. A lot of grief bears a contact to Light because the spirit of a lightful feels darkness breath. And on it the darkness rises, aspiring go out light fires. Therefore and it is heavy. Therefore you suffer, knowing that undergo is no other than stability against darkness.

1004. (Дек. 12). The inexhaustible force of life inside allows looking at everything, out of the events as on something, not able to break it in any external blows. It is possible to break bones in the person, but not spirit. Let's not break spirit, especially if knows the enduring nature. That from this that outside not as would be desirable for heart if only to resist in Light. In it the main is and main task! Look for the major and hold it, and the rest will be put to you. Way flash inspirations there are not an easy.

1005. (Dec. 13). The caution hand against hidden enemies is given – don't doze in evil-shift. Let's show care of two coming off Light Focus. As though the destiny met us, we can't (and shouldn't) to lose consciousness of the future. The spirit over Earth is higher, the farther he sees. Snout to the earth having buried, heavens you won't see, like a pig. Everyone lives, having buried consciousness that it occupies thoughts. To Earth having buried live, and I Urge to direct to Me to punch heaps of heaps with which it was covered and in which the consciousness buried. All live under such caps. Often consisting of garbage, caps gravitate from top to bottom. Often people even under Earth huddle in these caps which have been put on consciousness. Terrestrial gravitations close spirit to the sphere of an orbit of an attraction, locking it in it. But if the highest attractions are up shown, the spirit remains in the sphere created by its aspiration, and becomes isolated in it. Therefore the aspiration will be either the jailer, or the liberator because is force conducting to chosen object or area of thought. Give to itself the accurate account, what your aspirations because they designate those spheres in which you live and you will live. And where is heart your, there both consciousness your, and a place of stay of spirit in space in layers, to spirit of the conformable.

1006. Leave any uncertainty and an ambiguity. The law works precisely. The aspiration and desires of heart create the sphere surrounding spirit. Terrestrial conditions have no in itself values: it is possible to be free in the spirit of, sitting in a dungeon, and the slave – in the palace, even on a throne; because walls of prison develop those mental products, which is created by consciousness. Everyone lives in the own world weaved from his thoughts. They surround consciousness with a dense ring rather the sphere in which it is concluded as butterfly in cocoon, and leave from which can't, the cover isn't punched yet it. But to leave the world, that is it, of course, nobody wishes and doesn't think at all that it possibly or is necessary. Prisoners don't suspect about the conclusion, thinking of it free. In it essence is of the tragedy of the connected souls, as they are called by Platon. Therefore the aspiration is given to the person. The doctrine especially stops on it as on the engine and the liberator of consciousness. Only direct, and immediately attract light threads to the sphere of the aspiration, and magnitno you will connect you with it, and lift consciousness over Earth. Consider the aspirations and desires, them caused. Give everyone an assessment. Understand that your future and, in particular, the future post mortal, is caused by your aspirations nowadays. The last aspiration has force over preceding it. It too should be taken into account; because, what there were former aspirations, they always can be neutralized new, more sublime and worthy. The mighty lever is in hands of the person. Its slightest movement immediately gives a consequence. The aspiration to the chosen Highest Shape instantly brings the answer in a notable or implicit form, connecting the directed consciousness with aspiration focus. Magnetism of aspiration is great because heart works. Those who complain that don't receive the answer and that are fruitless their aspirations, direct a brain, but not heart.

1007. (M.A.Y.). You can be quiet, the answer you will receive always, and has to receive owing to the immutable law. About it was told long ago and the formula is given. "You ask, and it will be given you". And if ask bread, who will give to you stone? And, especially, the Father your Heavenly Will gives the Benefit asking from It. It is necessary to bring only in these old formulas more understanding of inalterability of a psych technical aspect of their action that is the work or process of practical application in life. I answer also, to them submitting. I answer when I see understanding. You see it, what opportunities in hands are given and as any uncertainty in their implementation are destroyed. The strong confidence of mechanics of communication gives rich consequences. It is much lost thanks to fluctuating uncertainty that has to be burned out in consciousness as inalterability. Act always as knowing firmly that the law is trouble-free.

1008. (Guru). We stand on a change. From here and tension unknown is. The bowl of justice rises. And who will resist if the Hand of the Lord Turns enemies in the necessary party. Look how solves the East. To it the right to solve is granted. And everything will turn in unison with this decision. Nevertheless, going against, will cause on it powerful wave counteractions, swiping all attempts to go counter to that, that Solved Lords. Be all eyes because there is a lot of signs, specifies that the change came. Each new day we will meet the updated spirit. New day new brings. This new from spirit, also it is possible to build and compose a new spirit steps, about the past having forgotten. Whatever it happened in the past, day new gives new opportunities and the will can direct them at discretion. Working wave of will direct on events of life and will they form.

1009. (Mother World). It is a lot of in space about the events at you on Earth because Earth is included into a chain of planets of our Solar system and it is connected with it in the evolutionary advance in the future. Therefore the Hierarchy of Light Applies many care that Earth to advance and create on it lighter conditions for spirit life. They are nowadays awful. But the darkness departs in the past because it is doomed. The new step is ready for your planet. And the first those who already knows about Space Terms have to rise by it. At first they will rise, and behind them and all the others who can. But someone has to go ahead. Because if doesn't go not to ascend all the rest, behind going. In it sense and purpose of your mission. As soon as planetary conditions will allow, you direct forward, brightly flaring all saved-up fires that for yourself spirits ready to carry away. Won't move if don't know and see whom to follow and where. But you know, and your knowledge has great value, and will have, when display opportunity to put it for world rescue. Knowledge save up, it will be necessary. The feat is difficult.

1010. (Dec. 14). The feat among vital butane is difficult. And it is difficult to go on a feat, passing personal conveniences. There is a wish to see at all that gives life. There is a wish for life happy. Not about himself and the conveniences the devotee thinks. Personal the present and the past – is replaced with the General future, and. In a word, everything goes counter to the standard installations of consciousness. In total on the contrary, all not as usually because the world of singularity covers it and becomes reality new.

1011. (Dec. 15). Infertility of creativity will be an award of a curve way. On this sign also you judge. It is difficult to give when at anything isn't present. It is difficult to fill a vessel of the spirit filled with them. And then the consciousness becomes silent. Into dirty heart I won't be able to enter. And the pleasure left. Rage of darkness increases is. In Me resisted, and against darkness will resist. But is the rod fate is sad.

1012. (M.A.Y.). Rely on force inside. Will pass everything, there will be a spirit. On it and make emphasis!

1013. (Guru). There comes darkness, and knows to spirit on Earth to undersign for powerlessness. Powerlessness doesn’t show. Weakness of spirit is pity. It also is that time when it is necessary, it is necessary to be strong. Don't do anything, don't make any heroic acts – it is required nothing from you. Only in silence in yourself force of understanding of the force you keep. Otherwise the darkness will break off and will break. The Teacher if the spirit refused understanding of the force is powerless and the pettiness recognizes.

1014. (Mother World). Children of the Earth, your life on the Earth are a struggle of the spirit; aspire to be release from the power of the Earth. Release Me reached. Not release continued to gravitate and be to the Earth slaves terrestrial. With My beams is cover from stinking gas of the Earth. Otherwise it are possible and to choke.

1015. (Dec. 16). (Days are awful. I can't write. I hear nothing. The darkness surrounded from all directions. Things are beaten out from hands dark and fall. It happened already several times).

1016. (Dec. 17). Devotion, love and aspiration contrary to evidence and its facts is an exit from the created deadlock when all artful designs and darkness tricks collapse. It also will be the attitude towards the Teacher an unconditional and unconditional apprenticeship. It isn't without reason said it is necessary what to undergo till the end and to resist. But it is a brain from Earth thinks, after all it think of visibilities, after all it "hostility against" the Highest. All this standing between us and disturbing to Communication, it is necessary to clean. Logic of heart is other. To trust and love, despite everything, even on a fire,
even on the arena with wild animals!!! Devotion is unconditional, love unconditional and aspiration unconditional – so Specify!!! Otherwise you will get confused in logic of evidence and the darkness will cover it. The facts can't be denied, but to be based on them it is possible, only knowing the Highest Truth, that is reality of three worlds. The trust to the Teacher of Light has to be full. The facts given by you are very sad. But what is from this? I Is with you in all days till the end of time what there were days and with whatever wall or a ring the enemies of Light surrounded you. To Me, up, they can't close a way how not to close them neither the Sun, nor stars. Not of them think, but of Me. The thought of them connects you to darkness, about Me – to Me. And I with you always! But you feel it, only when thoughts with Me. I Left darkness to win! I You win also, but if with Me. The facts aren't denied, but the logic of darkness gives them such interpretation that they address against Me and from Me separate your thinking. And you, from Me separated, victims become darkness. Therefore it is better to unite at first with Me and already in Light Mine to consider the facts. Then already there is no danger that the thrown dark thoughts will be taken for the. Otherwise it will turn out so that logically correct thought will bring on the brink of a precipice and will push in a chasm. So the logic of darkness works. Therefore let your feelings and thoughts to Me will be unseparable, that is in them there shouldn't be nothing dividing us and separating your thinking from Me. Everything separating and dividing us, reject without hesitation and reasoning’s. Let the proximity of a chasm will specify how the separation of thinking of the pupil from the Teacher is dangerous. The greedy chasm waits, and from it hands are given to drag away deep into and to absorb. Resist only heart which can love without doubting and without arguing.

1017." I Is with you in all days till the end of time" – let this formula will be for you Light unfading, Truth in all, both everyone’s, and any living conditions. Light it is possible to drive away it the darkness, whatever strong she seemed. The logic of evidence against truth of these words is powerless also. Because, truly, I with you. So you learn enduring to oppose power to a temporary impact of darkness. Know that swelling and tension of darkness always temporary. Hopelessness and hopelessness is its conventional weapons. It should break spirit that, cracked, couldn't rise more already even then when its swelling will dissipate. Therefore stand strongly. Darkness tension is temporary. And when there is a wish to lower in powerlessness hands, know that it is darkness tries to weaken you. Let's triumph it over you because the victory is close. Weakness of darkness in its temporariness also is won by the one who carries out longer line. Carry out this line to the future and you and look that will be for you in the future if to darkness you give in and your spirit will be broken. There comes Light Era, and will come soon, and you broke by darkness with whom and then there will be you when time of Light will come? The choice the last in terrible fight occurs, in fight of Light against darkness in your consciousness. Go a formula "I with You Always". And I don’t recognize you while you don't recognize Me completely and unseparable. Understand, differently not to pass. You close to me want to become. Desire your I Test and determination in fight against darkness. Retreat is impossible because darkness behind, darkness around and the way remained only up.

1018. (M.A.Y.). We help, but fight has to sustain. Nowadays is self-solver and self the winner. What advantage if the Teacher for you Win? There is no honor to you from this victory. Has to win self, force your; but in the spirit is of a victory. On the terrestrial can seem that the darkness won. But the Lord the Christ Won against the world, without having raised hands for protection of because Won spirit and in the spirit of. The lord crucified, and, apparently, the darkness won, but it only seemed, because the new powerful step of overcoming of darkness, which nowadays came to the end with the Armageddon and defeat and destruction of the Satan was approved. Therefore you remember: in the spirit of a victory, and to the external phenomena don't attach too great value, because the solution of everything in the spirit of.

1019. (Guru). For the Assignment especially responsible only reliable people get out. Reliability is defined by tests. From here, both difficulty of life, and test endlessly for those, who is Marked out by the Teacher of Light for the future. To someone it is easy and free. Well, so its time didn't come to prepare for a life feat.

1020. (Mother World). The spatial thinking is got hardly. It is necessary to come off Earth. How to reach it when all thoughts are directed to Earth? Means, it is necessary to find any time, at least the most insignificant in the beginning entirely to give it to thoughts spatial. Mental flights to spheres of the Distant Worlds are available to consciousness. Let the thought will dig channels in space, on them it will be easier to direct to a mental body. Let the thought open the way. It has neither barrier, nor limits. Act with thought.

1021. (Dec. 18). My friend, whether it is possible to lean on something being outside? And whether there will be this support unreliable and fragile? Whether there will be a spirit in slavish dependence on someone or something to that the person himself will give the power over? It is better to have nothing: neither things, nor friends, relatives than to be the slave to everything to what the consciousness is attached. It is better not to have, than to be connected that you have. Difficultly all this if the truth is accepted in words, but doesn't enter into consciousness as the practical principle of life. The terrible gap between in word and deed, between thought and life turns out. The attraction to different coast breaks off consciousness, and jumps or throwing between coasts become terrible for mentality of the person. In the theory of people I am ready to refuse everything, but actually thirst for wealth, cheerful life and its pleasures. The ridiculous self-deception and a number of unconvincing acts as a result turn out. The dream of a feat turns in row small house actions, and marking time without advance turns out. Let words express affairs, and thought – action. And it let becomes expression of the acquired knowledge.

1022. (M.A.Y.). Rejection from itself and fiery tendency let will be call leading.

1023. (Guru). There is no stability and balance then when they are especially necessary. But It is told: "At a fir-tree you study".

1024. (Mother World). Whether that in an astral body it is impossible to get into my Spheres is they higher is characteristic. Therefore, everything connected with an astral, has no access to Me. It is so possible to start distinguishing elements in it, pulling to Earth and directing to the Distant Worlds. The first should be extinguished and, whenever possible, to nullify their influence. Distant flights are disturbed by them. Thoughts burden you and pull to Earth. Therefore I Speak about release of spirit from the astral power. It isn't necessary in Spheres High.

1025. (Dec. 19). (M.A.Y.). We look and we see, what fight is conducted by you with darkness. And we on the guard give a helping hand at the critical moment, you not one, we for you and with you.

1026. (Guru). In days memorable the darkness impact usually amplifies that Light to extinguish and break Light threads, leaders to me. But you remember and on tricks dark don't give in. In days memorable it is easier to strengthen contact and to feel far proximity.

1027. (Mother World). If forces and time you find thought with Me to stay and to be surrounded with My Beams, no darkness is terrible. It doesn't take out My Beams. So, be surrounded with My Beams because with them you can strike darkness.

1028. (Dec. 21). Our Proximity over everything, that occurs in three covers. It is over the phenomena of this world. It doesn't depend on anything occurring in three covers of the person which temporarily invest his spirit. It is deeper, it – in spirit grain. Therefore everything dividing us and the events in three can be considered as the phenomenon external, both passing, and not able to affect eternal indestructible bonds of the Father with the son. Because these bonds are too intimate in order that superficial currents in three could tear off them. Know that communication is indestructible. Know that the brain" can't destroy that, in creation of that didn't take part. Brain – the tool given on one embodiment. When the lascivious the son comes back in a Bosom of the Father, the Father Accepts it as son, without being considered over the years wanderings and separation of three from Focus of Uniform Light, because three came off, but not spirit grain. It can't come off because will instantly be lost, that is the monad will come off that makes essence of the person. This terrible and terrible phenomenon is possible only in extreme cases as it was with a Satan which monad is carried away in Stillness Silence, and it as Identity was destroyed. In case of human spirit the prodigal son of communication doesn't break off even if covers are darkened by denial. It should be known and remembered that a gate to Light of the Father is open always, without looking at any black out of covers because the Beam of multi-thousand-year prescription binding the son with the Father works. Therefore be not confused any seeming separate. I with you always and for ever and ever with you to Arrive, whatever darkened seemed at present this shining and indissoluble communication with the Lord the Father.

1029. (Dec. 22). Communication with the Father is broken never, but service can be broken. Wandering souls – is those who in consciousness Me came off or don't know Me. In Boundlessness of people is anything. To be something, it is necessary to keep on something. It is necessary both on Earth, and in space. Support – the Lord, and except – is fragile anything. When communication is strong, nothing disturbs if isn't present, disturbs and disturbs all.

1030. Truly, My friend wanting terrestrial it receives, wanting spiritual, will receive it. But the moment when that and another is counterbalanced comes and life gives to the person both that, and another. It is possible only when the terrestrial possession any more doesn't disturb spirit ascension. Otherwise it is necessary a thing terrestrial from time to time to take away or not to give them in sufficient or desirable quantity. It isn't necessary to complain about it because otherwise the satisfaction of terrestrial desires for a long time will detain spirit. But wanting to collect a harvest terrestrial, it will have, perhaps, the price of loss of a harvest spiritual and at her expense.

1031. (Dec. 23). Show courage before the end. Show trust, despite everything, and wait. Wait, contrary to evidence. There is a life visible to an eye and available feelings, life dense, terrestrial. But there is a life another, hidden behind it in depth, in that depth where yesterday and all past, in that depth where there is a future, in depth where the Invisible World fires Highest Energy shines leaves. Over the dense – the Universe exists, and it is reality, but not that that is available to an eye and feelings terrestrial. It is that World where the Lord Calls. Reality is world, but not Maya terrestrial. Only recognition of three worlds can approach to it and rarefy a dense veil of physical evidence. When the trust to the Teacher is lost and doubts overcome you, consider that all these phenomena occurring in physical, astral or in mental covers, occur out of you. This movement of a matter, or energiya, in your conductors isn't the movement happening in intimate your essence. Consider that it is the same stream of life which flows through external covers of your microcosm, without mentioning its center, spirit grain. That’s it that flows, only flows before the silent eye Looking in Silent Witness of Life. Everything flows, everything changes, and He Looks, Will eternally look at Great Game of Mother of the World, without becoming not for a moment that, on what Looks, and always being out of a stream. Everything will pass all moods, all doubts, and all difficulties. The contents and type of a stream will change, but Looking Remains always invariable.

1032. (Dec. 24). Will approve reality contrary evidence by Arhat’s ability! We Live in peace reality, you – visibilities. Therefore our world and your world so differ, the understanding of everything that occurs on a planet is equal also. We Consider each phenomenon from the different points of view, from different corners, We and you, and our points of view disperse at times on 180 degrees. We can’t take your visibility for reality. Means, it is necessary to try to you to come nearer to our point of view and to start acquiring it. Long ago It is told that We other-worldly, that is not from the world of your chicken evidence. Our World is wider; it covers Real in all its aspects, instead of its only one small part available to a brain terrestrial. We Know a lot of things, and you we Call the nobility. We See a lot of things, and you we Want to teach to see. We you Want to pull from the world Maya-visibilities. Process is difficult, painful and is long. Often we Deprive of everything that see could that the thing isn't something inseparable from you and it is possible what to live and without things. Often we change your shape that didn't become attached to a body that knew that all these dreams of terrestrial fleeting existence that the truth not in it, but in the world other where only a values of spirit are real. You fill with evidence consciousness so that for anything other place any more doesn't remain and when these visible cracks on all seams and falls, you complain that your illusions fall. And you not on sand build because all your constructions, and on the Stone of the eternal basis of life will be scattered. And then the house of your spirit when whirlwinds will blow will resist and Earth will hesitate for a time, - and when Came, you as surrounded Me, torn apart by rage of evidence and sounding of life terrestrial. But remained nothing from all what you lived. And again you, having changed a face and clothes, you are trampled down around, torn apart, as before, but Maya already new ardent phenomena. Tell, how long you will continue to catch at shadows and live passing phantoms of consciousness, about Me having forgotten? How long?

1033. (Dec. 25). Bases protect. It is possible to doubt everything, but not Bases. To reject Bases – means to beat out on what there is a person from under feet. Everything is based upon something. Even spatial bodies have inclination to the center of gravity. Without support-Basis it is impossible. Support – the Teacher and the World of its truth – the world of Space reality and Laws, managing directors of Life of spirit human and all phenomena of life. There is such condition of consciousness when the person to that the Teacher Speaks becomes deaf. Ears can be closed thousand moods. Condition dangerous, because display in denial. Then not to reach heart and energy powerlessly hang on essence of egoism of aura reflecting them rejection of the highest vibrations. What to do then? Keep concept of the Teacher. The benefit to the one who does it, darkness surrounded even if in falling the concept of the Teacher and understanding of wrongfulness, an inaccuracy of such condition remains. But there is a hope again to rise when the spirit obscuration passes. It is possible to note that the heart devoted to Hierarchy, despite weaknesses and the shortcomings nevertheless didn't come off Light, despite everything. To many that examples we Have. The benefit to the one whom and in darkness keeps concept of the Teacher.

1034. (Dec. 27). The occult attraction between two spirits stopped. My friend, knowledge of the person heavy, and relatives is in particular. To themselves we attract related contrasts, we attract that there are in us akin elements that in others, though opposite in a form. Related consciousnesses last to each other. Here you were brought by someone both good, and all the bad. Leader transmutation the brought: the good – in the best, bad – in good. If the Leader is the center of aspirations of the suitable consciousness and brings it the entire world, the transmutation becomes possible, but it is necessary that the consciousness of the Leader remained focus of aspirations approached. The inner world of such consciousness is more opened; it is easier than possibility of a transmutation. The confession once also meant this condition when the internal circle of consciousness was opened for the head. It is possible to conduct, only knowing all conditions when the soul completely reveals in the aspiration to become closer to the head and it is better. Focus needs to be kept because at growing fires all negative phenomena will amplify and, deprived of trans mutating focus, will pull consciousness in darkness. This moment is especially dangerous because the separation from the head becomes fatal. That could pass for conducted without especially heavy consequences, nowadays, in case of a separation earlier, will inevitably carry away down and will be to keep not for as there is nobody. Certainly, burdening of the Leader is great, but in case of a victory the transmutation will give a number of merits, which were defects or shortcomings earlier. Heart of the head who assumes all difficulty of process and loading will be a transmutation. Certainly, it is possible only in the presence of feeling of love because who will want to burden itself (himself) unreasonably without this saving feeling? In case of a successful transmutation stout and devoted heart, and any more on one life is got. Only the one who endured it, knows, what burden is taken on the shoulders by the head, trans mutating on fires of the heart everything that brings the called. Process is intimate and heavy extraordinary. But in it dedication of the Teacher and the head both big and small is shown. The separation from consciousness of the head interrupts process immediately and gives conducted to the power of not transmutated energiya which amplify promptly. Truly, it is better not to approach at all and not to concern, than, having approached and having come off, inevitably to get to darkness embraces because growing fires, without being трансмутированы, become inevitably fires of a black flame. Therefore I Warn: it is better not to approach at all and it is better not to concern at all, than to break off a communication thread. Retreat perhaps is only in darkness. Not game and not a joke specify to Light. Mighty occult laws and consequences of their violation so, the inevitable, as start working tomorrow. Specify to fire it is dangerous. The elements are dangerous fire. Track reactions of heart and its fires – and you will see their direct link with all phenomena of life. Not enemies burden burning heart, but standing close, and the closer, the burdening is stronger. Sometimes there is a wish to tell: "Would keep, at least for the sake of itself". Not any loading can sustain heart. And then bringing gift for a transmutation has to help. So is well, as is that? Fidelity, devotion and love because they don't burden, and, on the contrary, strongly facilitate process of a transmutation of shortcomings of the leader conducted by heart it.

1035. (Dec. 28). Some things influence and strengthen an attraction. That happened, let science more deeply life will understand. Shaggy hands hung on a spirit wire therefore contact are so difficult. India too is now not such, as earlier. The big role in it was played by Gurus and Mother. The next are focus of transfer of Light, transfer knots and in it their meaning of the life on Earth. And you Me am necessary to these. Your transfer – conscious receiving and transfer is valuable. Receivers Light Lord’s for transfer, but know the value. The darkness steps on you to destroy and nullify the mission which is carried out by you, and your ways. In all ways tries extinguish at first, and through near standing especially. Light of yours spirit I Support constantly, that not die away, but dark not put hands not for a moment. You remember it hourly and more strong you hold Me every instant, every minute. In all affairs, bad and good whatever did, don't tear off a thread of communication, a heart thread, differently the darkness will flood, and then even bad your acts will have in themselves light elements. After all in everything, even the worst, it is possible to find something good. Only at dark their acts are saturated with darkness. You, arriving in a terrestrial way, strong you stick to me in all that you create. Now differently it is impossible, differently not to keep. The darkness went mad, feeling the end. It sends you heavy pressing thoughts; it fills consciousness with hopelessness and despair hopelessness. It deprives of pleasure and hopes of the future. Know that all these thoughts and feelings not yours, but thrown by darkness. You become closer and denser to Me. Me also resist. The impact will come to an end, and will be very sad if they burn through wires doubt, mistrust and denial. So, you remember: in all that you create, – with Me. And I already will select that is more valuable to the future. A lot of things say goodbye where love, devotion and aspiration unshakable. And dark arrows in you let. Arrows pierce in consciousness. On arrows are inscriptions, the confusing stability spirit to Me. But know that all saddening, burdening, everything that raises doubts, mistrust and denial, is sent by darkness. Here it was again rendered on you and mental influence heavy is made. You choke in sent asthma, and they look and rejoice spitefully, seeing as the spirit lamp weakens and dies away, Me lit and supported with such work. I am Light to the world, and you – when with Me unseparable and strong. That is why you seek to separate from Me and from each other. They should put surely any way between that it was possible to harm. Some offenses that they are made in separation from Me also are harmful to those. I give the Decree to keep with Me in everything and always whatever made. It reduces injuriousness of the wrong actions, in separation from Me made. You hold Me strong every minute, in all affairs – so Precepting. And make nothing in a separation from Me. Already you understand that differently it is impossible. Otherwise overcome, because considerable left that opposite to you. Unification with Me win. Separation you will put yourself in position of full isolation, and vulnerability, and under ardent blows of darkness. In a unification with Me resist! And unless it is so important where to direct the feet if the unification is indestructible, and whether I will specify the correct decision and a way necessary at the right time? Reject all stirring thoughts and you hold Me as would hold a saving rope when you hang over an abyss because a chasm under you, from it claws last.

1036. On each phenomenon of life the Teacher Gives the amendment, on each trick of darkness – the corresponding Instruction. But it is given only after is seen or feelings this trick because only experience gives the chance to study. It is heavy, but fruitful extraordinary. I allow blows to accept in a board that that more skillful to reflect even more sophisticated and dangerous. Don't complain that you study as lives. Life – school, and the teacher – the Lord. Neither is left, nor will you be left never. But by heart from Me be not averted, but trust, trust up to the end. I will cover with an understanding dome each your collision with darkness and forces I Will give an impact to overcome. But fight is inevitable, and also tension, both a press, and burdening unreasonable. We go on a limit, it is impossible to come off the Leader, falling will be inevitable. Strong holding Me, you will pass through all abysses and chasms, but you keep, and it is strong. Dangerous moment is!
The dream with a tiger roaming round the house, is symbolical, specifies on threatening from dark danger. It is good that prepared the reliable weapon for predator destruction. The dream reflected the valid your situation and readiness for fight deadly. But win, because is with Me!

1037. (Dec. 29). The most difficult is to hold a gain. It isn't enough to reach, it is necessary to hold. The act made by spirit as the shadow, follows it, rejecting it far forward and painting its essence the future. It is good if these acts are good. If they are negative, the future is saddened by them. After all everything endured by the person, enters into the sphere of his aura and is shown by its essence. All perfect stays in the person, enters into it as his component. The person is expression of that made, that is its action, acts and thoughts. The main thing is thoughts.

1038. (Dec. 30). Wandering takes away from the purpose, and the more, the Farther. Also: to what put heart, with that it and will arrive, but not is with Me. Therefore I Speak: "You love Me". Terrestrial and people you are able to love and with darling’s thoughts to be constant. The same and to Me apply if with Me you want to arrive. The love will be a magnet attracting to that love. If there is no attraction, so there is no love also. Love not in words, and in heart. And if the love dries and leaves heart how here to help? Learn to love over the reek of alcohol and the child from life terrestrial.

1039. (Dec. 31). The dream, that is thought, conducts the person. Hope – too dream of the future. Everything, who conducted for itself people went dream that is belief in the future. Never this future was carried out at a rate of their dream because the severe and cruel reality made the inevitable amendments. As also the hope is never executed within that, on what the person hopes. If not so, from where there are so much shattered hopes, lives broken the happiness, which has disappeared, as a smoke. After the entire one who gave the life for people, too hoped for something, life giving. But if they knew what a tide of life and people in a root will distort all acts them and will destroy fruits what they would tell, seeing a destroyed of the ideals? And the destroyed it happens at times terrible and ugly. Take, for example, Mission of the Savior on Earth two thousand years ago and inquisition of the Middle-Ages, the Name It’s trampled on Light Doctrine. Many other examples could be given from history human. It would be possible even to write the book "Destroyed of Ideals" or "Broken Dreams of Mankind". But nevertheless life goes forward, extending and developing. And old imperfect forms are replaced new and more perfect. Experience grows, and the consciousness spreads, both the shattered hopes and ideals are replaced with others, more resistant and the best. The Teacher Is generous in distribution of gifts of spirit, and that a whirlwind carries away yesterday's crops doesn't confuse him. In it Cosmic is shown Him Essence, because nature it is generous in scattering grains life .Look, how many seeds perish in vain to give viability and life only to very few of them. The whole heaps, billions them perish, berries of germs of fishes perish, how many the human seed spills in chaos to give lives only to the little. The nature is generous. It widely pours out the gifts that life wasn't lost that evolution, without stopping, moved ahead persistently forward. How many perishes not only seeds, but also the whole worlds, not to mention races human, people or types and forms of animal and vegetable life. In this huge stream of Space life steadily rush forward in evolutionary aspiration of a spirit-monad of Fire, saving up experience and continued changing forms of the expression. Billion dumped forms perish, but grains of these forms, spirit-monads, in them concluded, continue the rhythmical and steady advance, to the purpose far, to knowledge of all Space of and itself by means of these covers of the expression. Chest la vie.

The end Records 1956.