Agni Yoga's facets, 1957 (251-400)

251. (June 19). The life law such is that each monad itself builds conductors for itself that through them to express the accumulation on various plans of life. Without a physical body it can't phenomenon on the physical plan, without a thin body - on the plan astral, and without Light body - in my Spheres. At an apprenticeship step creation of a body of Light happens consciously. The teacher Conducts process systematically. But the pupil takes ardent part in this most difficult work. Certainly, Spheres of the Highest can concern, but it is necessary to have in itself this contact goes what. Differently, the person has to save up and collect in himself immortality elements, a matter being shone, and fire opening a gate in these Highest Spheres. Under the sign of continuous thinning there is this process. When the dense cover will be dumped and the astral will be dissolved, the stratifications investing a monad, will allow a body of Light to come to light already more freely if the thin body is rather developed. But also it has to be dumped the same as the body physical was dumped; once there comes the moment that anything the lowest doesn't invest already Light body, and then the person sees himself in the highest aspect. All the best, distinguished and the most spiritual that was brought together by it for all the lives, has opportunity then to express itself in the form of the highest, reincarnating Identity of the person. But if lightful elements it wasn't collected enough, spirit manifestation on the plan spiritual is impossible. From here it is possible to understand that one goes to the World the Highest with rich accumulation and opportunities, another - the beggar. Deposits of the thinnest energiya gather in the Bowl. But they should be collected. The pupil brings together them consciously. Neither rage, nor irritation, neither defects, nor passions, neither flesh service, nor dissoluteness not to bring together them. Under these conditions collecting will be other, and the conductors sated with elements of dark energiya, to the Highest Spheres won't let because gravitate to Earth and spheres underground. It is so possible to understand that each movement the person creates that area for spirit in which will stay - the spirit house if it is spiritual. It is possible to imagine those conductors which constructed to it the drunkard, the addict or a vicious. Elements, the making, will be consonance only to vibrations of the certain order, sating the bottom layers, and it isn't possible to get out of this horror because even at desire there will be nothing accord to the person to vibrations of the Upper Class. The accord operates the world. Everyone accorded that is in it, that outside. And if inside darkness how it will be able accord to Light? But even its spark if lit up in consciousness, can inflame in a flame. Therefore small sparks of spirit are valuable even. Therefore even small knowledge of Light opportunities already well because covers in itself possibilities of an ascension. Obviously you seek to understand that reaps everyone only that seeded and that life in World Aboveground is a direct and logical consequence of life terrestrial. Someone hopes for something; to what hopes when put in energy action on Earth continue to direct on the same, given to them will, to the direction. As can the person leaving from Earth on black fires of violent rage, to count that spiteful energy will bring him into the Monastery of Light or will give happy existence. Cause and effect is poles of one phenomenon and if it is saturated darkness, the darkness will generate only darkness. But to Light the spirit directed, with Light and in Light will arrive. Therefore I Speak: "Sow reasonably, now, grains of future opportunities which shoots you inevitably should reap".

252. (June 20). Destiny of the person is creativity. Everything that sees an eye around and in boundless space, everything is a product of creativity of spirit. The evolution purpose - erect the person to the highest steps of creativity. Planetary Spirits too were once people. Nowadays They are Creators and Founders of the worlds. It also is top of power of spirit, though not the highest most still. Dream of the occult power, about the magic rings and magic staffs, about caps of invisible and carpets-planes, - but destiny creative above all these children's dreams because, truly, puts the person on a step of gods, a step god-man, all in it, in depths of his being. Potential of human spirit is great, deep and inexhaustible. People strive for wealth and glory terrestrial, passing, people want so small in comparison with the great opportunities being their space destiny, heritage and an inalienable right. Everything is concluded in the person: all devices, all laboratories, all devices, and all inventions of science. Look for new energy, but they - in the person, experiment energy of atom, but also it in the power of human spirit, think of interplanetary flights, but the spirit can fly, and it is possible to fly in the spirit of because in the person all is concluded. And all attempts of science are no other than aspiration to find and claim outside that is concluded potentially the in inexhaustible and boundless complexity of human essence. Truly, I Speak to you, you are gods. Words of the Savior cover in themselves something about what people don't have enough courage to think and be consecutive up to the end. Ignoramuses will shout: it is impossible, unattainable; the person is mortal and ailing. Yes! It is mortal and! It is ailing, but failingly and mortally a body, but the spirit is immortal, and their lives the person in boundlessness, eternally lives, accumulating treasures of will, energy and heart, deepening and multiplying knowledge and the power over any flesh, that is over the matter of all plans visible and invisible. On this infinite way the boundless growth of power of the person is possible. Someone reads mind, someone goes on the heated coals, someone sees the future and reads the past as the opened book, someone treats at distance, someone rises by air, say, and thousands the most wonderful phenomena makes the device human. That is achievable for one, is achievable for all. It should be realized, and unattainable today it is achievable tomorrow or through one thousand years, hundred thousand, one million years. But at the disposal of the person is eternity. Therefore, all is achievable. From life in life, from an embodiment in an embodiment, on this plan and volume, on this planet and future dwellings of spirit, on this most wonderful way up, to infinitely the power of spirit can reach everything. And that was today the small and slightest grain of achievement, in the future centuries will give the shoots and powerful force becomes. It is necessary to understand only heart and spirit to scent this uniform invariable purpose of life - to become creator. Ardent Logos and to manage to carry by this idea bright and not turbid through all lives, multiplying and accumulating given to the person from the beginning of times the space power over a matter in all forms of its manifestation. Someone will be frightened grandeur and difficulty of a task, but not from wisdom fear. Someone won't believe. Someone will prefer lentil soup to greatness of spirit. But someone will understand that grain small grows in a huge tree and that Boundlessness gives the guarantee to spirit in an all-availability of its aspirations. The omnipotence, omniscience, pansophy - an ultimate goal of evolution of spirit, and those who costs on the Ladder of Hierarchy of Light, possess them in various degrees, but nobody can tell that someone reached the top of all these highest qualities of spirit because Boundlessness means boundless possibility of evolution and improvement of everything that is in it, to Spirits Great and the Highest. Everything moves and develops, and grows in the power, and there is no limit to this space process. Destiny of the person on your Earth - to understand the space appointment and, having understood, to bring understanding of that it is necessary to begin, at least with the smallest in life of every day, to claim in itself in practice and practically, now, in this life, rudiments and germs of these great opportunities. Let they will be small, but the fruit grows ripe in time. Also it is absolutely not important them a little, but important extraordinary that something, at least the smallest, was approved and received the beginning, a movement impulse that in centuries, on a way of boundless development of spirit, this small became big, and then and great. So any overcoming something gives rise to force. And any practical statement of a primacy of Spirit over a flesh brings the power over a matter and energiya. Understand value self-slightest in life. It conducts to achievement unattainable, to all-approachability and omnipotence of spirit. Remember: for spirit everything because the spirit is fire, in eternity the real is achievable. Nowadays, now, wisely scatter on the way to Boundlessness of grain of future achievements and know that you will reach everything to that your spirit will begin.

253. (June 21). Whether will understand if I tell that to space power of spirit a way the shortest lies through art. To mastering by creative power the way - through art conducts. Yes! Yes! Yes! Fiery it is easiest to approach to mastering by a matter and energiya through art. I will explain: the sculptor, the artist, the writer and the composer - all of them have to seize in perfection: the sculptor - a matter dense, the artist - paints and ability to combine them it is harmonious, the writer - a matter thin, astral, the composer - energy of a sound. Take the book of the great writer. You see cover, sheets of paper and printing letters symbols behind which are hidden to a physical eye of people of a picture and the images created by creative thought of the literary artist. All of them are hidden; they aren't present on book sheets. Only by means of external symbols and designations it is possible to see them an eye spiritual. On the plan hidden the writer creates. Creativity it deeply occult, that is hidden, and is sharply other than the world physical - material forms, and is imprinted, maybe, only by means of symbols, that are letters and words - their combinations. On the plan astral and thin the writer creates, creating the live and real forms, invisible an eye usual, but seen obviously to an eye of the clairvoyant. Creativity it occults, that is hidden. The sculptor creates obviously, but embodying astral idea in a form, that is thought - in an astral form, and the last - in physical. The artist, without knowing that, seeks to seize a scale of light and ability to combine colors of a range in the visible forms imprinted on a cloth. That to reproduce them and to represent, it is necessary to see, it is necessary to hold light vibrations in the third eye - to see and hold then to reproduce. Keeping in consciousness the landscape seen earlier, either a face of the person or any special combination of paints and seeing internal sight the imprinted image, the artist display the power over material vibrations of energiya of a light scale and, using it, creates. The composer creates in the world of sounds, using the same process, but on a scale sound. All these art forms are caused by possession of energiya and a matter of a certain look, and all of them conduct to ability to own them. Creativity not reproductive, but synthetic when the creator creates absolutely new forms which earlier weren't existing and not seen of is especially characteristic. From energiya of a sound, color, or energy astral, the composer, the artist and the writer create. It is impossible display creativity, without having seized a known type of energiya and appliances of their expression. Art brings to this power over certain spheres and in hands of the person gives the mighty creative lever. But it only approaches to the purpose further, to the power over all types of a matter and energiya. But it is necessary to realize that gives to the artist at least one only mastering by the sphere. If the fancy clear and accurate, already in itself seeks to be embodied in the dense forms, what force the accurate, clear and directed forms of thought of the master of a brush have. But usually anybody doesn't think of it. And creative power is directed only in one direction. Creativity without fire is impossible. The thought becomes fiery intense, and fire sates all products of creativity of spirit. Fiery images and forms live centuries, fires the protected. All these types of creativity only steps to further development of creative power, to that to the highest when to the creator aren't necessary neither paints, nor brushes terrestrial, anything material, for expression and the statement of products of creativity of spirit in visible, material forms. In the beginning there was a Word, and God had a Word, and God was the Word. Space creativity is based on the Word, on a sound - the powerful intermediary of creativity of life Space. Music enters the person into the world of sounds. Occult value of a sound deeply, intimate and full of power not uttered. Seizing energy of a sound, the person comes nearer to sources of space power. Sound it is possible to destroy a glass vessel, a sound it is possible to destroy the rock. The sound is a powerful force. Art conducts to mastering by a sound. Musical area is only an initial step. But it is necessary to know, it is necessary to know the deepest, intimate value of color, a sound and a form and their interrelation. It is necessary to understand how the harmonious combination gives them as a result a fine flower, either wonderful aroma, or the beautiful form being a product of their coherence, or their accord. As the great artist, the Founder of the Planet creates from a matter thin, being shone, and the necessary forms. Steps of creativity are boundless, and terrestrial art conducts the person on these steps to boundless opportunities of creativity space.

254. (June 22). Words and affairs human! As they differ between themselves and as they often don't correspond each other! This discrepancy between in word and deed generates a dissonance destructive both in space, and in a microcosm of the person. Form not созвучит to the contents, internal expression - external. It is anxious with that in your pupils there was a full compliance between the internal contents and external expression of their essence. It also will be already known step of coherence. When it is reached and the unity of manifestation is established, it is possible to move further the integrated force of harmonious energiya. The lie is a weakness sign. The lie distorts reality and breaks symmetry of actions and their solidity. Anything strong it was never created on lie, but many good undertakings were destroyed. It is necessary to find in itself courage to expel lie from life and, first of all, in itself. Protection intimate isn't lie; protection of relatives from heavy strokes of bad luck isn't lie. The lie is pity, obsequious, cowardly retreat to please to people before severe reality. The lie is cover of darkness by the seeming truth. The lie is conscious attempt to disguise truth or the valid state of affairs. The lie is reality distortion. The lie and darkness are unseparable. Its essence is covered in cowardice of the nature human, in fear. The person, being afraid to tell the inevitable truth, loses more, telling lie. Those who lie don't respect because the liar doesn't respect himself and tramples on the advantage of the spirit. The lie is humiliating. It is necessary either be silent, or to tell the truth. The truth in treacherous hands can do harm. It is necessary to be able to be silent skillfully. Conscious, deliberate distortion of reality is especially harmful. If each action is a direct consequence of any reasons what lie consequence will be? The chain of lie is a dark strip in the space, stretched of the past in the future. Replace lie with the truth. Crops of lie are sharp, are prickly and are bitter. Deceived by the person, and itself reaps the fruits. Deception generates a dissonance destructive in effect the person, and this dissonance extinguishes fires. The price paid for the weakness is too great. Deceiving spiritually it isn't strong. The lie and strength of mind are incompatible. In force the person loses, to lie resorting. It is necessary to replace lie with the truth, or it is simple to be silent.

255. (June 23). Life eternal! With it all Space is saturated. All lives. Not forms of life are eternal, but the life which is showing in them and through them. The spirit of the person, but not covers through which it is expressed is eternal. Eternal it is shown through the temporary. All shown forms temporarily. But that is shown through them is eternal. But we live in Eternity, in an eternal stream of immortal essence of life, displaying through death of a passing form; about eternal life tell the Writing. It around and in us: in each living cell, a plant, an animal and the person. But that realize it, the consciousness should be transferred from mortal lowest covers to the Immortal reincarnating Triad, to a fiery body, to a spirit body, to Light body. The consciousness in a dense body can be transferred during lifetime to Light body if it is already created. It is under construction the person of elements of immortality, death not subjects. Everything connected with a body or mortal covers, is subject to death that is replacement of the worn-out covers with the new. Everything grow old and are dumped, to a mental body inclusive, leaving in spirit grain fruits of the experience gathered through all of them and everyone on the corresponding plans. Even being in a physical body, the spirit has opportunity to collect experience fruits on plans hidden, for example, during a dream; especially if conductors are already dismembered at least to some extent. Collectors of Light, or immortality elements, being in a dense body, can consciously accumulate them. In total that is connected or limited to only dense conditions and is attracted in time only for years of dense existence, has the mortal limit, but precepted boundlessness. Means, out of this limit of small limited existence the spirit has to escape. It is possible if the consciousness extended enough to understand that in eternity their lives the person where it was and in what cover his spirit wouldn't be shown. Then the seal of eternal life is set to everything that the person does and that surrounds him, both all actions and his acts are stretched then in Boundlessness through an infinite chain of causes and effects. All life experience is postponed in the Bowl, uniform for all embodiments. Not temporary we, but boundless. Understanding of in Boundlessness real, in whatever form the spirit was shown, and will be finding lives eternal. Actually, in it also we live, but understanding is absent. Nothing comes to an end and nothing begins. But all only proceeds from life in life. The beginning and the end are seen by the person in one life. It is incorrect because any ability in the person has centuries-old prescription. With these abilities in various combinations scands comes, and with them leaves, and experience of centuries in the Bowl stores. The life purpose - accumulation of the experience which is expressing in fiery, crystal deposits, collected in the Bowl. The treasure of the energy which has been saved up in the Bowl remains in it forever. Immortal Us call because We Reached a step of not interruptibility of consciousness, having lifted it from the lowest conductors to the Sphere of the Lightful Triad of Spirit. And to you a way Specify to that. Live not in the present, but in the future, but in the eternal. About the future It is told much. In the future all. But this future without understanding Eternal and Boundlessness’s as is fruitless, as well as real or last. Only Boundlessness comprehends everything and to eternity of life gives understanding. The lifeline terrestrial should be prolonged in Boundlessness. Nothing has the end because his life in Boundlessness. Pearling of a visible form isn't the end because there is the invisible essence of the phenomenon having manifestations at least on the plan hidden more deeply. The septenary structure, or the nature, the shown forms indicates four lowest, mortal steps and three immortal. The atom too is immortal. All real, all real is immortal is eternal in the Highest principles. The plan of manifestation immortal - the World Fiery, and fiery bodies of the shown forms on it have the eternal life. But evolution moves forward and demands boundless development of everything that is shown in the world. Fiery it is shown in dense and dense conditions - as Wednesday, the most fruitful as an arable land, the chernozem rich, able to give the most plentiful crop. For the Fiery World and life in it boundless limit living conditions the terrestrial are necessary certainly. For existence something a certain environment is necessary. This Wednesday for development and spirit evolution also there will be a world dense as a step to the Worlds the Highest. In the world dense those are approved and crystallize energy which is necessary for manifestation in World Fiery; because that you will connect, or claim, on Earth, it will be approved and there. Therefore, terrestrial life and terrestrial is a field of the statement of immortal elements of eternal life in a microcosm human. This understanding also will be a life. What did you make to approve in itself a victory over death? What elements from Boundlessness were collected by you in the consciousness? What did you save up in the Bowl in this your embodiment? With what you will pass the Great Threshold? And how you think to spend the remained years of life terrestrial? What you will increase, and what will collect, than enrich the Bowl? Each action of the person who has understood the way becomes intelligent. I Specified a way because I am the Truth and Life Way.

256. Any achievement demands understanding. The great artist who hasn't realized intimate value of color, light and paints, will be nevertheless only a person. But realized intimate essence of the creative imagination, able create from an invisible matter of thought bright, live images on the plan hidden, already the yogi, who is standing at the origins of power of spirit. Everything demands understanding in all the depth. Therefore the most intimate and most wonderful abilities of the person, but in the usual sense, do the person usual and remain without consequences that are the authorities over a flesh don't give it and don't allow seizing a matter. You learn to think.

257. Coherence of consciousness external conditions - seeming because it is concentrated in imagination. It is worth destroying these constructions - and coherence collapses. Products of imagination are projected from out of and imposed by external conditions while the press approving nature of this coherence of soul, is imposed by consciousness of which the imagination is the obedient servant. So the solution of freedom or coherence lies in consciousness, but not from out of it, and depends on will.

258. (June 24). (Mother World). In the spirit of flight it is limited to aspiration of spirit. To present itself on the Far Star, Earth having come off, it isn't simple and it isn't easy. The center of consciousness is transferred to object of aspiration, as though leaving terrestrial, to a body inclusive. Experience is useful extraordinary because to feel itself in the spirit of free from things of people around and a body will be already an achievement step. This experience Specify that, having rejected all dense environment, and even a body, the person doesn't cease to be oneself. And that everything, than he truly owns, is concentrated in the spirit of, but not out of him. To move from the city to the city, it is necessary to take with itself any things and clothes to be carried away in the spirit of on the Distant Planet, it isn't necessary with itself anything, everything is necessary just the opposite to leave on Earth, even a body, even an astral. For interplanetary flights the body mental is suitable only. But it is better to fly in a fiery body, Light body. Thought to Me having directed and having concerned aura of my Planet, it is possible magnitno to try to take from energiya of its energy, conformable to spirit. It also will be contact with the Tank of Space Thought. It is possible and on Earth, but the aspiration to the Distant Worlds is given as the following step of achievement of spirit. Creativity of the person on the Highest Planets is much more perfect, than on Earth. There is no that inertness, resilience and counteraction of a matter which in effect is much more refined by the, than on Earth. The planet is higher, the matter is more plastic and more mobile, submits to spirit easier. Chaotic condition of thinking human on your Earth the disbalance causes accidents, storms and different. The harmonious condition of consciousnesses of the people occupying the Highest Worlds creates also an environment corresponding much quicker and easier, than on Earth. On the Highest Planets people are very beautiful. But it is enough to break harmony laws as the physical body immediately reacts, reflects in a matter of an ulcer of spirit. Therefore anything low imperfect doesn't have there a place. Many horrors at you on Earth cover a body terrestrial, but there it is simply impossible. Not the pure (sinful) destroys himself exactly thanks to plasticity of a matter and its easy reaction to will influence. The evil will doesn't have a place on the Highest Worlds. She is doomed to fast self-destruction. Therefore creativity of people there is directed to beauty, harmony and Light. As people at you care of clothes, food and earnings as and there care essential show to serve beauty and beauty to create. The beauty filled life, and art - property of all and a form of expression of life. The planet is decorated with conscious work and efforts of mankind occupying it and turned into a fine blossoming garden. There is no disbalance climatic, geological and magnetic. The protecting network of planetary aura is strong extraordinary and strong protects from spatial dangers and surprises. Magnetism of the Sun in the fluctuations is counterbalanced by this protective network. Underground fiery it is regulated by mental energy of mankind which can operate because it is integrated harmoniously, the Identity Conducting a planet; coherence full is between mankind and Hierarchy of Light. Management is hierarchical. Everything is created in the accord with Will Space. Work is put as the life basis, work joyful, work creative, work boundless. Space Energy relieves mastering by some types of hard physical work and gives inexhaustible opportunities of improvement in hands of people. Fiery also is intense fight for mastering by new steps of Knowledge and new, not subordinates still Space Energies. Creates spirit, both complexity, and bulkiness of cars terrestrial replaces the device human, in the laboratory creating the necessary elements for creativity and setting in motion fiery energy of a microcosm. For example, it is possible to tell that at night people shine with the aura the environment. Besides, they are served by condensed spatial Light for what it isn't necessary neither power plants, nor the difficult equipment. Simply will on special conductors from space coagulates light sphere. Spirit lamps, as in your temples - icon lamps shine. Experience to that you have on Earth when in ancient sanctuaries from the sky the spatial Fire lighting lamps of the temple was caused by the Supreme hierophant. In comparison with your Earth life there seems paradise which has been carried out in dense forms. But this paradise if to compare it with a planet of higher, will seem dim and gray because, the Star is higher, the forms the lives which are carried out on it are more perfect. The limit in Boundlessness isn't present. A lot of things from this that is necessary and is inevitable at you, on Earth, there it is absolutely not necessary. Banks, money aren't necessary, to the reporting, receipts, letters, mail in your understanding. Locks, locks, safes, locks, the weapon aren't necessary. Hand-written laws, lawyers, courts aren't necessary. Everyone to himself the judge, and the slightest deviation from moral laws immediately sets the no erasable seal to a face of the person and dooms him to stay in a family self-fateful, the spirit won't recover yet. Aren't necessary neither cinema, nor theaters: in any place, on nature bosom, people can take pleasure in creativity of spirit of great "writers", seeing eyes, personally, in forms astral, its "book" imprinted in rolls of Akasha. It isn't necessary neither papers, or other materials. Many devices and devices have semi-physical, semi-mental character, tending to lose more and more material, dense, part. Organic generators of energy, like the live organisms are artificially created, able make a demanded type of work. But the best generator nevertheless is the device of mind and body of the person. It is a lot of, from your point of view; wonderful is available there, but become so usual, as your cinema or television. There letters are written mentally and go will through space. The aura of a planet isn't soiled and not polluted by crimes, cruelty and defects. It is breathed easily and freely. There is no grief, there are no diseases, there is no poverty, there is no need, there is no old age in your understanding, there is no roughness, ignorance, violence, there is no rage, deception, envy. Imperfections are, but the order, not the similar on rough, painful outgrowths of spirit so often meeting on Earth. That is why children of Earth are given aspiration to the Distant Worlds. It is necessary to lift Earth over Earth, and World Distant will be this lever of spirit which Archimedes couldn't find.

259. (June 25). It is difficult to understand in a terrestrial way forms of a distant of art on the Highest Worlds. Let's take music and creativity of the composer. Imagine a huge open amphitheater. In one end its eminence on which the composer executing the invention rises. It in white clothes, in hands at it two metal staffs which are very similar to usual conductor's batons. The orchestra isn't present, performers aren't present, musical instruments aren't present. The amphitheater is filled by listeners who wait tensely. Suddenly the composer raises hands, in which staffs. It all is shrouded in light waves, from staff’s languages of not burning flame of various shades, but beautiful extraordinary escape, and the space around starts sounding. Sounds accrue, the magic symphony fills the sphere, sounds flow powerfully, freely, beautifully, as if thousands the absolute tools and performers take part in the orchestra invisible or hidden somewhere. But, strange business, waves of light grow, they are saturated with a flame, they accept forms, more and more accurate and certain, in the full accord with the main melody. For the composer in space the screen was formed as though, waves of light are formed in obvious, visible images. Pictures of the nature, the mountain, falls as at cinema on the screen, start developing in space. Blossoming meadows, lakes, the woods float before the captivated audience. Suddenly there are people - transparent easy shadows - they execute majestic dance of fire, they move easily and freely in space, forming beautiful harmonious combinations, as if live moving garlands of flowers. Sounds of a hidden orchestra all amplify and accrue, outside an amphitheater, in space, thousands persons are visible, thousands eyes are the inhabitants of a planet being far, listen execution of new work of the great composer. It isn't necessary to them earphones, it isn't necessary to them the radio sets, the hearing aid perceiving at distance is in their organism in a distinguished working condition. The internal hearing is developed enough. Clairluhear and clairvoyance is abilities which they use freely. The invisible audience is overflowed. Is present also one incarnation spirits, the fans of music attracted with waves of sounds much. And the composer continues to operate a hidden space orchestra, power of fire of spirit taking from space sounds, colors and their combinations everything in new and new combinations. As at the conductor, his hands are raised and fall, and new waves of fire escape from quickly flashing staffs. One more gesture, hands are raised and stood in the last movement. The symphony is ended. The flame went out, spatial educations disappeared, on an eminence there was a person in white clothes, but his aura wasn't poured any more thousand powerful fires. The concert is finished. It isn't necessary to be surprised that musical creativity on the Distant Worlds can be shown a little differently, than at you on Earth. After all and your composers, creating the things, hear and catch spatial melodies, they hear the whole symphonies, they as though operate a hidden orchestra. <…> can hear that, what an internal ear can hears the composer. As and at you on Earth of a basis of hidden creativity of sounds are already shown too in the form of any. The doctrine has a task to arm the person without the uniform device or the tool. On the Distant Worlds this approval of the Doctrine is carried already out. It to what the terrestrial mankind, sooner or later, but nevertheless will come; because everything is concluded in the person.

260. My son, without pressure of work won't give couples, as also hydro station without a water pressure, as also a flame of a lamp soldering, as also spirit fires without tension caused by burdening by circumstances. This tension should be understood as the benefit because in wellbeing spirit fires aren't born. Let's look at pressure it as on the lever lifting spirit up. But to mankind can seem that return process, but it is incorrect. Life breaks only weak, weak-willed souls, but strong does to stronger and tempers it. It is possible to shine always; it is also possible always and to study. Therefore we Call following Us pupils. Life for them - school, and studies in it are interrupted neither at night, nor in the afternoon - life school. And if there is an opportunity to shine and study that else the pupil can demand from life. Are sent to the world that to shine people, to shine and study people.

261. (June 26). All phases of the development through which passed, there passes and will pass Earth throughout the existence, in this or that look it is possible to meet on various stars. The principle one is the birth, blossoming and death, as well as for all lives organisms. Usually planets are occupied. Is also fruitless, like a fig Evangelical. But such worlds break up quickly. Life usually is everywhere. Its forms are various, but the principle of life is uniform for all Space - from invisible in dense, visible, and from dense to thin, hidden - spiritual. All shown and all occupied worlds are at different steps of evolution and in different degree of density, or refinement and a matter sparseness. Dense, thin, fiery - steps of transformation of a matter. The highest - Light. Differentiation at steps of density comes to the end with association in those spheres where evolution culmination, coming to the end with the World Fiery Above. But the end isn't present. All worlds, but on degree of its refinement are available to a body of Light. Availability is caused by the accord of the elements which have been saved up by spirit in grain, with elements of the world learned by it. Evolution purpose is give to spirit quality of omnipresence. This quality is based on the principle of compliance of the elements postponed in the Bowl, with the elements making the studied world. For cognition it is necessary to save up. Even our Sun is inaccessible to spirits usual. Burn down instantly. But in the fiery issued body it is possible to stay on it (Sun). Usual terrestrial in boundless space it isn't necessary, inapplicable and can't find any peace. It is necessary to get space thinking. The knowledge acquired on Earth, can specify a way to this form of thinking. Art, philosophy and religion (in a pure, primary form) give the necessary elements for thought. What the inhabitant in space if his consciousness is filled by of what people usually think will do? Discrepancy space with the narrow-minded will generate a spatial blindness that is full immunity. Spatial it is necessary to prepare itself for life. It is possible to think, what is necessary for thought out of a body? If to ask someone that it if it is exempted from a body will begin to do, it will usually present itself (himself) on Earth and in the conditions of the planet. Rare spirits have aspiration to come off Earth.;without having in itself elements, conformable to the Distant Worlds, in aura of Earth stay. Therefore Specify to approve and strengthen thinking of the Distant Worlds. At first it is possible to think of them simply. Thoughts count to accrue and enrich consciousness with new stays. The mankind on these worlds too thinks and the thoughts send to space. They can be caught and perceived. The thought spatial will enrich consciousness and will open a gate to life comprehension on Stars Far. On the channel of thought contact with the Treasury of Spatial Knowledge will go. The ocean of space is available. For thought inaccessible isn't present, and there are no distances for it. Thought having concerned any point of world space, it is possible to take magnitno from it elements, to its inherent that is to receive any impression on the consciousness screen. It can be it is very thin and is difficult audibly. But experience and practice force will allow getting into the imperceptible - thin. As the fisherman throws a network in the sea as also mind learning as the network, throws the directed thought in the space ocean, and it comes back to send, magnitno enriched with the conformable elements obtained from depths of Space. Property of magnetization of thought is important and considerable extraordinary. And yoga is researchers use it for acquisition of Knowledge Space. Whether you know and whether realized that magnetism of thought is great. Take the ordinary drunkard and consider his mental environment, you will see that his thoughts attracted to it. Or take the astronomer, the mathematician, the composer. The environment of everyone is created by magnetization of thoughts. But magnetism of thought goes much further more deeply, both attracting, and making out conditions of a dense environment. The thought is a terrible force because the thought created all. Act with thought and you, but act with it consciously. Everything because the Highest thought rushes over the world from Boundlessness of the Space Ocean is opened and is available.

262. To what abstract knowledge, that is such which can't be applied? The yoga is the practice of life, which is carried out by application of the Supreme Laws on all phenomena of the world surrounding us. All is available to yoga: both big, and small. The yoga is a way of achievement impossible. Someone will want to reach at once everything here, on Earth, in one life. Not from wisdom this desire because it is impossible to pass the bridge, it without having reached. Gradualness, sequence and the future as the sphere of implementation of the conceived achievements is necessary. Without understanding the future or shortening it, people limit themselves because during one life it is impossible to get any quality or ability. And on them time is required. The child is learned to speak very quickly, but millions years that the mute race started talking were required. The way of achievement is immutable at firmness and constancy of will. Suddenly nothing is given. Therefore quietly go to the future, knowing that all is achievable and that all the time which is, is at your disposal.

263. My son, it is necessary to fight against the power of the present over consciousness. The word "present" is meant as evidence of a present situation. If it wins, the person to reality truly real grows blind then and becomes a toy of visibility small, illusive Maya victim. Life the deceived and deceived people live on Earth. Their affairs are illusive, feelings are illusive, and thoughts are illusive - because everything relies on evidence. The Maya, recede!

264. (June 27). It is necessary to lift all. Let all create somehow, anything, but let create. Creativity destiny of all mankind, and once it is necessary to start starting it planets. Also it is necessary to encourage any attempt to it. Children too draw chilly but who blames of them? The first clumsy attempts of creativity not go out only because your idea of it is much higher; spirit not fating in others, let practise in the extent of the understanding. Task - lift and expand it and to attach consciousness to true art. Examples should be given it that felt and knew. But the first independent steps demand encouragement and support. Fate learned also it is thin feeling beauty - sharply to realize imperfections of small consciousnesses in their attempts to create. But ability of indulgence to small this da will be a merit of the spirit which has begun to see clearly in beauty. But to it, small, it is necessary to specify and give models of true art that had an example how to create. Among beginners you will find on yourself a little. Immeasurably distance between the Teacher and the pupil, but the Teacher to it Condescends and it for it Lifts. As also you seek to help and lift understanding small to the sphere of the real creativity. Consolation that in depths of spirit the correct understanding of that is really valuable is put. Perhaps, won't accept, but will feel that something special is hidden in works of true art. In them Light, its radiations obvious is concentrated, and they influence the person and besides a brain, influence is thin, but is powerful.

265. (Mother World). Suffer! There will be everything; all will come, but not earlier, than it is possible. It is wrong to believe that the desirable has to be embodied in expected terms. Terms aren't known by anybody, but expectation is necessary. Without it there is no future, there is no receiving; there is no correct relation to the present. Wait and you are embodiments of the precepted fairy tale, wait contrary to evidence; chicken evidence let won't replace reality for you. When the Christ in the face of darkness and contrary to evidence Approved Light, He truly Spoke, this Light will win and you will find in it to yourselves the place. But it is still dark. And it is so difficult to wait for terms, without knowing. And they are close. Find a little more patience. If lived in desired wellbeing, rest and prosperity, spirit fires would die away, and ceased to wait, and wouldn't notice Hour of Arrival. All victims a measure full will receive, both directed, and waiting strong unexpectedly. For us wait, We Obviously come in days of a display of Light. Up to the end undergone will see the Lord. Native, you suffer. It was necessary to suffer a little.

266. (June 28). Magnetism of the thought directed in space is force shown. Thoughts increase in space, acquiring conformable it elements. Process goes, submitting to the principle of the accord. The accord law is one of the greatest in the world. It is universal, it space. Life is under construction according to the accord between the contents and a form, between internal and external, between grain of spirit and covers investing it, between the person and the sphere, it surrounding, between a microcosm and Macrocosm. In case of the person the accord is established by will. On same the law of causes and effects and the Karma law are based. The accord there lives thought and trades in space. Approve in it thinking clairluhear, and spheres conformable will reply it. Why to be given on will of accidents, when mighty levers of energiya in the power of the person? As the call, so the echo, call and a response, one will reap what he'll sow - all these attempts to express in language human action of the great law. Even the tree bears fruit according to the accord. Therefore most important, necessary and the main are to approve the accord in the microcosm. When it is adjusted harmoniously and the aura of spirit sounds consonance, from spheres of people around magnitno are attracted to it energy, conformable to spirit. Show cares the house terrestrial to put in full order. Thought learn to own imperiously and firmly. Thought self-current, thought willful, thought uncontrolled and unrestrained - enslavers of freedom of spirit, tyrants ruthless, dominating in consciousness of the person, without knowing a bridle also I will hold. And meanwhile so, appear, everything is simple: not to let in an inner world, the kingdom, these vagrant tyrants, robbers, predators, vampires, enslavers and the saddening of spirit. Over thought control is inevitable for those who left to the space ocean. Because in space everything is concluded that the person, and on each thought what it was ever thought, there will be conformable to it elements. As if tenacious hands are given from the person take from space and to fill the sphere of consciousness it conformable to thinking with the new, accrued thoughts. Magnetism of thought is great. The light of Boundlessness can fill in the person if he applies forces to that. Force magnetic thoughts it is wise to itself to use. Scoop the shown beams force magnetic thoughts. To what to complain and complain what presses consciousness darkness what a circle became gloomy? You power magnetic regal thought in itself a spirit harp the light adjust and with light in itself attract Light from far spaces, Light from those spheres that over you that above, but not under a heel. The control panel spirit energiya in your hands. Put in action of a pedal of lightful thought, and the answer will be conformable. And Light will replace spirit twilight, and Light will fill spirit. You drive dark small thoughts. To us it is close and stuffy from them. More widely wide pour thought lightful into spheres around, and they will be conformable, and thought conformable the consciousness will sound. And the power over it is given to the person in hands. It is free to accept or reject it. It is imperious over it. If you are overcome by heavy thoughts, know, magnetic they, and force magnetic thoughts hidden you can change, move a control lever to the return, light, to a pole of clair-radiant thoughts. You think light-, you think joyfully, pleasure it is mentally possible to draw Space Pleasure which the Highest Spheres sound from space. The pleasure can be called spatially when it is especially dark over Earth.

267. (June 29). Thought it is possible to get anywhere and everywhere. Thought it is possible to get for visibility limits of the dense. Thought it is possible to get in Invisible. Isn't present for it neither borders, nor limits. The consciousness others is opened for thought is more, than a thought-reading. The thought is the spirit tool. Thought winged can concern any phenomenon, any object. Properties of fiery thought aren't understood by ordinary people. Fire magnetic also possesses property of an all-permeability. People believe that, having thought of the distant friend, they limit this process by the consciousness and the imagination, without going beyond the personality, meanwhile as energy of thought already pierced space, and concerned the distant friend, and made in a microcosm it reaction on the force. Usual thoughts of people aren't strong. In them there is no power of understanding of force of energy of thought. But even the weak thought makes any effect. There are no reasons, consequences not bringing by the nature of and the force. It is possible to call a wreath of life spheres of shining thought. Thoughts grow both in space, and in consciousness of people. On records it is possible to see as the thought expands, extends and goes deep. Process is boundless. Development of thought goes spiral, lifting it everything is higher and higher. But it is possible and to direct down, and thoughts of darkness will grow then. Light and darkness is bases of existence of the shown world. The thought is Light weapon. In laboratory of a microcosm human it is possible to work wonders with thought, it is possible to work wonders and in Macrocosm with the Universe. The thought is already a miracle. The thought creates all interior and everything that is created on Earth by its works. Progress in any area of knowledge is caused by thought increase, as well as deepening and increase of any specialty of the worker. Property of magnetization of thought is a little realized. If to take thought and to hold the direction, its growth is inevitable. The formula "Look for and acquire" is based on immutable property of this magnetism. Looking for magnitno finds. Asking magnitno it is given. Knocking magnitno gets through the gate of spheres closed until then inaccessible. The invisible, intangible, mighty force of magnetism of thought works wonders. In a measure any everyone can apply it. But it is important to hold the direction and to stick to it, even subconscious when thoughts others fill consciousness, but the thought the main works on the set line. I sleep or am awake, in rest or work, it is healthy or sick, happy or in the mountain, here or there, in this world or in other, but the Proximity of the Teacher with Me not greatly - so is thought by the pupil recognized and approved, putting into practice lives powerful power of thought of the magnetic. Magnetism of thought phenomenon law accords and inalterability phenomena call and response; great laws are given in hands of the person that he could create life of the cosmic-fine. Also it is necessary to dare. Aspiration of thought shining! What can it when all Space is open for it bring magnitno, and the Distant Worlds serve as the guarantee of the highest achievements of human spirit? To them direct thought, magnitno from them taking the elements necessary to you for life construction on your planet. Safely dare - it is openly and all is available.

268. The aspiration to the most necessary and the highest let always overcomes a hoarseness of imperfections of the present both in you, and in surrounding conditions and people. Let the highest note persistently sound on the highest wave. Into the world plunging, to vanity and his cares which are today, and tomorrow go and are replaced new, fateful too to oblivion, you remember the highest and enduring that in the spirit of you claimed from Light. And you think among life turmoil that life real is higher that all the rest only school for you: to understand and realize it’s hidden, enduring essence. Let's decay under pressure of the environment surrounding to wonderful sprouts of spirit. Among all passing and that fateful death life approve, because from spirit and in the spirit of it. And let anybody and anything this knowledge in you won't be able already to darken and deprive of you that are got by work and efforts throughout the millennia. Bear spirit lamps lit because will pass everything, but the Spirit stays for ever and ever.

269. Deepen understanding of Proximity of the Teacher and you remember that each thought of the Teacher of Light approaches to It and spatially connects you to It. It is possible to call a silver thread a thread magnetic, attracting consciousness of the pupil to Heart of the Lord and causing Care and Attention from the Teacher. Hearts looking for to Great Heart are attracted by Magnitno and communication magnetic keeps indissolubly. The magnetic attraction can be strengthened consciously. Magnetism of love, devotion, aspiration is a bike; gualities of spirit magnetic. This energy attracts with the magnetism and hold desirable situation. Consciously and magnitno the pupil sates with Aura Lord’s radiations himself, magnetic to Him directing. Happiness thread is in hands of the person.

270. (June 30). The devastation of a treasury occurred thanks to a difference in vibrations of consciousnesses. Perceiving consciousnesses were too far from that key in which the readable sounded. And a lot of things passed by. The second reason that the new precious formula was given out before time, that is before its full assimilation. Part of a flame of the lamp, and not just only light was given, to them radiated. It is necessary to give skillfully, protecting the flame and giving only light, but not lamp oil. Without oil it will go out, without a flame of light won't be. Wisely give, protecting fire, as in ancient sanctuaries - a sacred flame.

271. It is necessary to dismember and separate in itself that from passing, that from eternity, that is immortal and is property of reincarnating Identity, or the Highest Triad. Certainly, the person dies, that is all his lowest, temporary covers, which lower than three. But abilities remain rather qualities of spirit because are postponed in the Bowl. Skanda change possibilities of their identification, but their essence are integral forever. The Teacher of Light, being embodied on Earth, Brings with Itself the accumulation. Courageous heart brings fearlessness, vigilance saved up - an eagle eye, wisdom - a burning Bowl, heart - Light treasure. Heart is immortal; it brings Light or darkness, being embodied in a causality body. All gathers in the form of crystals of the energiya waiting manifestations on the corresponding plans and in the corresponding covers because on plans high can't phenomenon that from darkness. To separate passing in the person from eternal it isn't easy and it isn't simple. Its essence is too deep and difficult. The evil isn't eternal, but the chaos is a constant antipode of the shown Life. Qualities of spirit are immortal. Gather not for one life, go deep and grow from life in life - both good, and bad. In tree seed immortality elements, as well as in atom too are concluded. But the tree doesn't realize immortality of a trunk. The person and that reached a step of uninterrupted consciousness understands it only. But qualities of spirit are immortal. Monad of an animal too it is immortal. But the person who even has grown among animals, it is possible to teach to speak, an animal - never. In it the difference of accumulation, too immortal, both in animals, and in the person affects. Ability of speech was developed in himself by the person during existence of mute races. But to start talking, the consciousness spark was necessary. Many abilities, better say, all abilities of the person, collected for eyelids, in millions years. Education, education, customs, traditions, language is all this external. But ability to use language at the ordinary mortal and great writer is made are various. Everyone brings it from the past. In the person crystallizes and will remain something that allows it as the good master - tools, to use the accumulation and to apply them. What it is better - to be rich and to have huge money, or in itself to have abilities, applying which it is possible always and it is easy to create for it desirable material conditions? Someone will prefer wealth which it, dying, leaves on Earth, but someone - immortal qualities of spirit is higher than the terrestrial will put and them will multiply. The treasure of the Stone is immortal, Light treasure. But finally it is mortal even angrily because it is limited both the lowest spheres of the manifestation, and time cycle. But Light is eternal. Spheres of eternal Light a monastery will be the cleared spirit from darkness; the cycle can capture the whole Manvantara. Elements immortal in it manage to distinguish and think of accumulation light and dark. The prince of darkness for eyelids in himself collected crystals of black fires. But We Call the collectors of Light. Its crystals are saved up in immortality to the Bowl.

272. What is the person? The person is a product of the accumulation, in each this embodiment expressed only partially owing to impossibility in a usual physical form to contain or express everything. The person is much more than that is expressed in him externally. Usually each embodiment aims to enrich and develop missing qualities that eventually show the person the full symphony of qualities could. It is impossible to raise one only a foot, a hand or a finger. It is necessary symphony of qualities. Often living conditions, and often very difficult, are given to develop any certain quality. Such embodiment can seem to the colorless. But it is necessary because without synthesis of qualities there can't be an orotundity of a flame of spirit. Therefore you study everything and on everything that gives life, point abilities of spirit. Life puts in conditions necessary, perhaps, not always pleasant to develop, strengthen and aggravate missing properties. With this consciousness it is easiest to resolve difficult lives of a task. Not to sigh, not to complain, not to complain, not to become hardened, but it is necessary to study everything and everywhere to that life allows.

273. (July 1). One is undoubted: passes everything, but Looking remains for ever and ever. The silent Recorder imprints all vibrations which reach a monad from the Beginning and influence it, investing it gradually external in relation to it a cover. Reaction to influence of the outside world registers can apprehend it. Growth of covers of a monad expands a scale of vibrations, having an ultimate goal to include the whole world, all Boundlessness in the sphere of the perception. The way is long and infinite. On this way the step human gives the chance to the Silent Recorder to imprint surrounding in sizes wide. Memory is property not only people, animals and plants, but also a matter inorganic. The stone roadside too remembers everything that round it occurs. But it is deprived of an element of consciousness human. Memory human has the borders, but at a known step it is replaced with possibility of access to memory of the nature. At Spirits High memory is replaced with ability to read Akasha's rolls. Not remember in total consciousness it could to be burdened, and not to contain a brain because it is mortal, but in depths of reincarnating Identity register everything that is connected with infinite process of its growth and development. Silently Looking on an infinite tape of the invisible movie writes down everything flowing by it in its all lives and on all plans of Life. Physical forms of last phenomena were dissolved long ago and disappeared, but in respect of enduring their prints are recorded forever. Thus, even the passing has the eternal aspect, but on the plan spiritual. All visible is transferred to an invisible. Dumb Witness records this process in connection with life of human Identity. Immortal in the person is wider and deeper, than it seems even to the one who believes in immortality. Physical non-materiality of records doesn't prevent them to influence obviously the person the vibrations, because the person - a product of the past expressed in the present. The eye or ear, especially musical, is result of accumulation of the past. Think of that, how many millions years were required on that in the course of evolution there was a hearing aid of the person. The person - synthesis of everything, through whatever their passed a monad making a core of grain of its spirit. And Dumb Witness is the collector of experience of life throughout eternity. Immortal reincarnating Identity - a product of individual accumulation of the spirit, connected already with a step of human evolution, but based upon the base of all experience and accumulation which preceded it. Truly the Lord the Buddha Told that the person is a process. Let's add: process infinite, in Boundlessness the real. Immortality of the person is shown even in his physical form, in his physical body which is growing out, expressing at the moment fruits of lives of millions forms through which there passed it a monad. If this experience last is embodied in the real physical body as it is possible to tell about death of the one whom this body I constructed and that makes essence it. The essence even grains are invisible. But we know about it that if to heat grain to known temperature, the invisible essence, life, will leave it, and sprout grain any more won't give. Obviously it is necessary to scent that is mortal and that is immortal in the person. This feeling rather understanding of immortal elements in it will grow and go deep while the truth of eternal life won't appear before understanding of the person in all the shining not denied beauty and inalterability. The Teacher of Light Speaks about life eternal, which in you. It learns.

274. The armor of spirit is an armor which is so necessary at collision with darkness. From here need of booking fiery is without this training is impossible. In a hearth of life training is given. If everything is good and quiet, not temper a blade of spirit; from here and need of blows of life, or strokes of bad luck. Constant danger and menacing from everywhere, and, the main thing, from dark, and, the main thing, from the astral world, will force a spirit blade, or a spirit sword, to keep able due and always in readiness. Certainly, the Teacher Will specify danger, but to be protected it is necessary to manage most. There is no merit if the Teacher Preserves. The eaglet learns to fly itself, meeting and overcoming all dangers of new elements. We enter Fire Era and therefore booking fiery is inevitable. On everything going against spirit, the sword fiery spirit should be lifted, meeting danger. Refined darkness, the eaglet has to become that more sharp-sighted.

275. Correctly: it is possible to write when you want, but it is easiest after a dream, especially early in the morning. The periods of contact with spatial thought will become frequent and go deep during the day, yet won't fill with itself everything day entirely, without the rest. It also will be a condition of continuous stay in the accord with Space that is a step of consciousness space. Difficulty that the person lives on Earth and Earth it is impossible to leave, and what to combine terrestrial and space, the Sky and Earth hardly and not easy. And the past pulls to Earth, and last accumulation, to Earth gravitating, seek to overcome spirit. But the Hand the Leader stays over spirit, and the sign of a victory burns over a forehead of the winner.

276. Spheres of spatial thought are boundless therefore are inexhaustible. These are spheres of a unification of thoughts of substance, to think capable, to the highest, to inhabitants of the most remote stars and far galaxies. Once having entered into these spheres, feels the hunter spirit boundlessness of spatial thought. With thought thinning refine and covers, response sounding on it. Thinning leads to a partition of three for independent, separate and conscious manifestation of consciousness in them on all plans. To it the Teacher Conducts the pupil to make life it tripartite, not limited only dense and visible to an eye terrestrial. The winner of three Wants to see the Teacher of the one, who selflessly, irrevocably and finally entrusted It the spirit.

277. (July 2). My friend, it is sometimes good to premise to perceptions certain, accurately crystallized thoughts. They - as the core of a magnet attracting from space conformable elements for increase; at least small it is necessary to have that was to what to put. Let's take for an example quality - to be surprised and not to be surprised to nothing to anything. In the past more than once the thought already came back to this quality of spirit, so it is possible to add and expand understanding available already. It is possible to develop and deepen everything, because before us Boundlessness. Lack of property to be surprised is expression of quality of tranquility. It is first of all. Imagine the person gasping, both sighing, and surprised to all. In what condition there is his astral body? Instead of quiet and accurate perception of the phenomena there is a process ardent a disbalance of an astral which as the clockwork doll, as a result of vibrations from the outside roughly and violently shows itself, reacting obviously to everything. To what these unnecessary movements is in an astral cover? After all it is possible, it is perfect losing nothing, to do and without them. They are excessive and harmful. And the main thing, do the person by a weak-willed puppet of foreign thoughts, both words, and influences. One consciousness influences, another reacts. Better to transfer this reaction to all events to intelligence area, to menthol area. Many people like to strike and surprise others, both love, and wait when those will be surprised. Many like to be surprised, many so fell to this habit, what even consider a duty to show deliberately the surprise. It is especially harmful. It does of the person of the clown. A lot of things from the clown exist in some people. Compare the quiet and reserved person which astral is bridled, subordinated and is silent, with the person in whom it display itself it is impetuous. Instinctively, but it is obvious, the respect for this last at the one who understands is lost, in what slavery the astral has such consciousness. Conditional smiles, garrulity, ingratiation is all this from the phenomena of the same order, and, unfortunately, many other things. The advantage of spirit was lost by the person and exchanged it for astral grimaces. This advantage of spirit when all astral movements which are occurring inside, being not constrained will is especially humiliated, stick out outside for contemplation of everyone. The astral has to be bridled. Sooner or later, but it is necessary to subordinate him because at a known step it is got rid completely and already it doesn't become necessary any more. It is necessary to make experiment at least within one day - to make it so that anything externally not to reveal internal movements of an astral, and one day - so that to constrain it not only externally, but also internally. Then these terms can be extended. Life and trifles of day give to it fine opportunities because usually about the person there are those people who cause in it ardent reaction to. If gets rid such person and reactions any more doesn't cause, he, as a rule, leaves from a way. It is a lot of such, gets rid consciousness of people, and passes before the developed spirit. The best way to be exempted from them, strong influencing an astral, consists in that, to cease to react both externally and internally to their influences. In this regard each passer mentioning an astral cover, as though the teacher who won't release until a lesson won't be learned successfully. The success consists in stopping in itself painful or unnecessary reactions to the influences going from such subject. In tranquility full, having led an astral to silence, it is necessary to meet the waves of influences going from people, and under no circumstances not to assume conditional, accepted by all, reactions that proceeds from lips human. The tranquility in the person is unusual. Others astral immediately submits to it if feels that all attempts to break this balance are fruitless. The power over the astral brings to power and over an astral of another. They say that from two friends one always the slave to another, better to say - from two people one is always stronger, than another, and this relationship of two substance human is defined almost immediately at a meeting even people unfamiliar. But knowing even to stronger person won't give over itself this power because can protect it, having become isolated a board of restraint, tranquility and balance because against balance anybody won't resist. Therefore, it is impossible to be neither the clown, nor a clockwork doll, neither a puppet in others hands, nor a weathercock for a wind. The advantage of spirit can't be destroyed.

278. (July 3). It is necessary to find forces to present deprived of everything that is close and expensive to heart: people, both things, and the nature - and still to consider nothing lost. The possession all external is illusive, it in consciousness, those images which were created by though, it is worth changing thought - and the illusive property can disappear. My, my, - so whispers egoism in darkness of midnight. But there is nothing mine. Mine - only prints on the movie hidden that is put in the Bowl, in a breast. Roads close? But after all were once without them. They weren't in life; they didn't enter into it yet. Also lived without them, both rejoiced, and grieved, and didn't feel that emptiness which yawns before consciousness at thought of their loss or opportunity to leave them when they again will leave life as once entered. The person is one. The loneliness of spirit too should be scented and realized before spirit over life to rise. Yes! Yes! In total inside, in depth, but not in counter people, things and living conditions. It is necessary to pass through all of them, only to study, anybody and anything as the without considering because nothing belongs to us. In great cognition there is a lot of grief, it is so difficult to heart to sustain loneliness of spirit. It is difficult to come off with what the consciousness so strongly grew together. But it is necessary to come off in the spirit of, having left everything in life as is. The way of end is a separation from the terrestrial. That is why so often people lose those who is dear to heart that were accustomed and knew that they only satellites temporary here, on Earth. But if the Treasure inside is realized and we know that all is passing, it is possible to find forces safely to face inevitable loss of everything that is so expensive to heart in the conditions of difficult, terrestrial. Understand that sooner or later, but nevertheless it is necessary to leave all who is dear, and everything that we love. And only the Lord one, in an invisible Real, is always invariable and with us, - one, as the rock, as the rock, as a tower is a shelter to spirit. Not out of, but only in It we will direct to find that firmness, durability and constancy which so vainly tried in external to find and in people whom met. After all It only one is invariable, after all It only one with us nowadays, and with us for ever and ever Arrive among rough lives of a stream and by the current phenomena.

279. I won’t allow division if resist in each other. But the will is free, and will it is possible to tear the strongest bonds. Sadly, if this division happens under the influence of foreign dark will which free will betray reeled spirit? Can occur and irreparable. Be afraid of the irreparable! Neither the repentance, nor despair, understanding of horror of the made mistake won't connect the ends of the torn thread of heart. At a gap with the head where and when the spirit which has torn a thread of another will find on itself? It is impossible to force will, it is free. But it is necessary to warn, both to explain, and to tell about irreparableness. It can be not clear for the reeled consciousness. It can grow dim and not to be it is experienced even in the next years, especially among wellbeing terrestrial, but nevertheless the moment when all terrestrial it is necessary to leave and enter into the World other - with what will come? And who will meet there? And how when everything was crushed, what was life and spirit food? Baits will leave, everything will fade that was in soul, and passersby too will pass. And the thread of heart torn once will be wound in the space, the torn end resting against anything. Also it will be empty a circle. Blind men, who were near, will give nothing. And there is nobody will be to address, unless in the darkness which was so lovely to heart. Warn!

280. (July 4). My son, I Want to see you won Maya all ghosts. Everything that you see in images and the forms passing by your consciousness, all this is only dense illusion of the moment which immediately consigns to the past as day yesterday's went to it. Correctly you feel that something it is necessary to understand and comprehend this illusoriness of life differently somehow. All this is real, but this reality at all that on the most essence, than thinks about it of narrow-minded mind. Movies of the present day for the same day at two different people, even in the same conditions being, are absolutely various. Take the child, the old man, the woman, the young man, the girl - as their movies will be various: movies of physical feelings, thoughts, feel. Certainly, the world out of them, them cognizable is identical. But this outside world as a transcendental object, it is so far from the world realized in consciousness everyone. How many the heads are so much both minds, and the worlds of personal perception of the world? I call to win the consciousness of illusion of Maya and to Call separating in consciousness truly real that exists only for the personal consciousness and it is painted by the feel of the moment changing constantly. To reality of life I Call. To what to live ghosts when all Space is open before us. If spirit, the inhabitant of Earth, with Distant Star can look at the Earth, it is closer to truth of life, than the one whom not in forces to come off it even in the thoughts. In my Beams you will understand eternal truth of life, spirit you will understand, but not a brain and a body.

281. (July 5). Patience. I give understanding of conditions of Proximity under any conditions if the consciousness allows. Be able to see. Be irreplaceable.

282. (July 6). My son is close the Lord, and you this Proximity store. Terms approach. To us it is necessary to be together especially strong. But the silver bridge of spirit is under construction from two parties and on both has to have foundations. Let your consciousness will be a strong abutment for the silver bridge connecting your consciousness and your spirit to the Lord of Light. The first place in your heart is the Teacher of Light, instead of whom or something. Life already showed, feelings human as devotion as fidelity is fragile is shaky how are unreliable, and that it is impossible to lean on one of them and to build on them the future. I want that among intensity of external and most distracting conditions the very first and most important place in your consciousness was taken by me and my Affairs.

283. The summer came. The summer the certificate will be My words of the statement. Records are given in such abundance in the accord with the drawn-up plan and the Assignment which is foreordained to give. Now the care has to be about that in the consciousness the first place, in a forward corner, was allocated for the Teacher of Light and what anybody and anything, even for the shortest time, couldn't take this place. Everything that are in the consciousness life, any these events, go not on a proscenium, but behind, - on a proscenium of the Lord. Always and everywhere, both nowadays, and It in consciousness and in heart for ever and ever Occupies the first place. If the spirit something close to heart wants at itself it is possible to hold, hold force magnetic spirit which is in a straight line and close dependence on Proximity of the Lord and a place taken by It in heart of the pupil. Being given something entirely, forgetting about the Highest, it is lost for the sake of what about the Lord forgot. And as a result is the broken trough of personal illusions and loss of the Teacher.

284. (July 7). My son, to being realized approvals by our witness is and not denying eye seeks to see the general direction of all streams and stream currents. The moment of connection personal with the general, a personal karma with a karma public is close. So and has to be, because those who are intended
To terms, depend on them, but not from the personal the aspirations. Are connected by terms, and terms only will untie hands. Let's tell still that the omnipotent destiny can show the force, but only in the accord with Will Highest. Many already light phenomena pass through the world, but it is necessary to merge to all of them together in run victorious by the final moment of a celebration of Light, as well as consciousnesses, the collecting the Truth (Light). The collectivism era, that is general association of hearts, will be marked by a great unification of everything that gravitates to Light pole. And you, in dispersion real, will scent waves soon uniting you through spaces of energiya. In Light unite. The last selection will sweep aside everything not suitable for life. Fateful will depart unusable in darkness, to leave karma a planet. Great reorganization and changes happen in the hearts of the human. Sensitively you catch their responses in space waves. They should be lifted. And to it time comes. Cruelty will leave heart, and heart will be softened. Also everything becomes simple and is clear, and ways become clear. Payments heavy, pressing consciousness, will disappear, it will be easy to be breathed on the pure free soil of unprecedented new opportunities of spirit. Everything that was made occurred people woke up heart and spirit began to see clearly in the highest nature. And when it happens, it won't be necessary more than any tests that so long and heavy pressed consciousness. We Gave the best fate to the Country of the Best.

285. Hand bells sang. Whether you know, what flowers sing? Everyone has the note on which sounds, changing in tones during the day and nights. The chorus of wild flowers is a symphony of herbs and flowers. Sounding of the plants, which haven't been touched by a hand of the person, in a polecat concordant? The sphere of accords of the nature is music of spheres. The poet is right: choruses’ harmonius the imagination product, but sounding of music of spheres shone not. The sound aspect of Space is learned most difficultly. Artificially picked-up flowers can sound according to if are picked up by a sensitive hand and are harmoniously combined by the paints. Harmony of external forms can be accompanied by harmony of sounds at indispensable keenness of the person combining them.

286. (July 8). There are no consequences without the reason. On a consequence the reason is defined, as on to fruit tree. To wait for fruits, that is consequences, without knowing the reason, not our custom. We Know the reasons. We See them at the time of origin and therefore there are no surprises for Us and the unclear phenomena. Seeing a root, we Define both a plant, and fruits, to it brought. The teacher Gets at the root things. Let neither words, nor smiles, neither assurance, nor lie on lips, neither, say, - anything let won't replace tenderness, or flattery and won't cover that is hidden under an external form. Any form has the contents, it is necessary to see it. Any word is the external form expressing thought hidden in it. Having passed external visibility by, heart it is necessary to scent that behind it. Many charming words are told, and a lot of the bad becomes. It isn't necessary to trust words, without having weighed them on heart scales. It is necessary to be able to understand the silent speech lying in the basis of the tell word. Letters - not written words, but stratification of mental energy on paper are so read also. Behind the word there is a thought, as behind light - its source. Sources of the phenomena will be seen by us to study. Keenness of heart is necessary. So again we come to the world of thoughts standing behind external expression. The external form of the phenomena Us interests a little. We Are anxious know that is hidden under it. Analyzing and weighing the hidden reasons, correctly we Define consequences. We aspiration the reasons to Create receive desirable consequences. We seek to extinguish a fire of undesirable consequences creation of the opposite reasons. Flame a flame we Do not extinguish, or anger - anger, or irritation - irritation, or tears - tears, or rage - rage, or angrily - the evil, or hatred - hatred; but a scarlet flame we Extinguish a blue beam, a disbalance and concern - tranquility full and darkness - Light. So we Apply the polar law to the life phenomena. And, having determined by the reason a consequence, character and essence of the reason, we Force a pole of energiya opposite to the reason to neutralize an undesirable root of the phenomenon and to destroy it. If the reason is deeply hidden, we Apply Adversa tactics, inflating a flame of the reasons and causing outside of their poison to suppress lawlessness the Ray of light. The phenomenon, which has grown to the full disgrace, logically itself destroyed itself for the consciousness which hasn't indulged in darkness. Therefore don't interfere if you see that the method of tactics of Adversa is applied by us at times. In a last year's case with the obsessed had an example as movement on the undesirable direction led participants it to logical absurdity and someone cured of personal illusions? Sometimes it is necessary to give the chance to a ryegrass grow obviously that that easier and more faultless to destroy them. Look for root of all evil in consciousness of the person and, having allowed it to come to light, destroy it. Darkness is foreign soul. Having aroused in it light sparks, inflate them in a flame that darkness to shine and reveal everything which is liable to destruction. Be not surprised that a lot of the hidden century litter you will find there. Dirty is linen human. And it is frequent all efforts come to nothing because the sick essence, which has recovered under the influence of light, stiffens again and loses fire. But too we won't grieve. New we expect at intersections of ways. When you see persistence of misunderstanding, counteraction and aspiration to address in darkness, old leave, act with the new. Be able to see.

287. You learn to determine internal state of the person not by words, to it said, but by reaction of heart to them. This reaction can be noted and without words. But the exchange of fires between people occurs besides words. Value have radiated by the energy microcosm which essence often at all doesn't correspond to external expression at a certain step. It is necessary to rely more on internal reaction, than that people speak. The best teachers - relatives, from them both love, and treachery, and all scale of a scale of feelings human; on them and to recognize people because the knowledge of the person is long. To experience rejoice, even to the most bitter. Life is difficult.

288. (July 9). I speak: intensify attention to the events. Great is shifts. Conducting tone sets to a world orchestra. I speak: be ready to great surprises. Listen sensitively to space messages. Listen heart, ears, the eyes, all being, all microcosm straining to Me. First is blow of the twelfth hour; will go all to sequences. The spatial Decree Is sent by us for steady (immutable) execution. Accept a distant message as the guarantee of the begun shifts. I will tell: don't belittle value of term.

289. (July 10). Write. There is no prophet without honor, unless at the relatives. Ask why we Do not allow close. For the sake of you that Proximity The not to destroy your aspiration! The proximity can sustain only spirit full-devoted, true and tested up to the end. The others will rush about in doubts, mistrust, disappointment, belittling the Teacher of Light. So always occurs on mankind, so occurred always. If you want to become closer or someone to approach, move away, become farther, the proximity pushes away small consciousnesses because can't contain. Close having approached and having received in a surplus, a dirty heel all will crush that in trust received. It is necessary to stop a donation, it is necessary to cut off wires, it is necessary to be removed in a lock if, having approached to itself, you see that proximity of people it isn't worthy. Trying to hold it, you lose also that remained. It is possible to be surrounded with fidelity only alone. The way of understanding of feelings human is bitter. Who wants top to reach, has to pass through them and understand their fragility. That is fragile falls. Life - developer of soul human. It is better to go to one, in heart of others without letting. Give everyone on the capacity of consciousness and light to fill it, but only with light, without giving the fire of the lamp of spirit. Appreciation - rare quality. How many remained what so brightly burned at initial approach? Came and left. But the way lonely is continued by the Adherent. The way of cognition of the person is bitter. Samson and Dalila - a legend this serves as a symbol as the woman can take away force from spirit. All of them suitable, take forces. It is necessary to become isolated, having covered, as a board, fire from violation by its darkness. Dark hands again last.

290. Thought, being the highest factor in human life, causes a condition of his consciousness and its inner world. It is created by thought. The relation to external conditions is dictated by thought. The thought defines everything. Otherwise, as two persons from the same thought could rejoice and mourn. Certainly, the external environment influences the person, but only through vibrations of his thoughts. And if they are rather strong, shades of thought paint resolutely everything that around. When joyfully inside, all is joyful! When heavy thoughts press the consciousness, heavy there is all. But the thought can be owned. And from controlled thought the world external will sound. Everything depends on will if it owns thought. Thought you learn to own, differently thoughts will seize you. The thought has a slavery the worst because from it not to leave. It isn't necessary to the teacher of slaves. Words hopeless will be the words approving hopelessness, and vice versa. The word is the statement of that it expresses. Be careful with words: everyone bears in itself the condemnation or blessing press. Words are channels of a magnetic attraction from space of essence of that each of them expresses. Understand responsibility for words. It is better to be silent, than to attract on itself blows of spatial energiya. Everything shares on Light and darkness poles. As well words said. Words are a pedal of the thoughts, releasing energy of space on the head saying them or other people. A lot of destruction by words is created, as well as the creation benefits. Be preserved against horror of meaningless words. Let your speech will be quiet, solemn and full of conscious value of each word.

291. (July 12). The word is an external symbol of a form standing behind it. Repeating any word, we cause to manifestation the energy hidden in this form which influences the person. Repeat words: courage, fearlessness, courage, and you will feel reaction of this energy to consciousness. Different words have different influences because possess different essence. The essence of the word is expressed in degree of that thought which is caused by it in consciousness. It is possible to adjust words itself and other person on any harmony. The harp of spirit is given by words to a harmonious or disharmonious condition. Let's divide words into three look: destroyers, creators and word neutral. Many people often use destroyers, destroying them the organism and badly influencing on people around. The word is the mighty force if it is applied consciously. Even mental repetition construction is useful. Control over speech is necessary. The thought released by the word, loads it with energy. The word can be hammer blow in space. The word it is possible to revive the person. The verbal appeal to the distant friend will reach because the thought stands behind words. Force of a verbal prayer, force of suggestion is known widely. Consider that the word is a symbol of that is hidden behind it. You learn to be respectful to words said. The word is space gift of evolution to the person. Sacred language of the ancient people, or language devoted, is the phenomenon of a divine order at the heart of which the understanding lies that at the beginning there was "Word", and "Word" created everything that is in the world. Creative power of the word is clear to the Adherent, he it creates. Word meaning understand! The words which are mentally said, force have. It statements are considerable and are very useful. The rhythm strengthens them inexpressibly. Rhythm of said words, - so remember.

292. (July 13). If you want to succeed and ascend freely, persistently and constantly, let the first place in your consciousness will be allocated for the Lord and let it so will be always. Custom to put the sacred image in a forward corner it is indicative. Only when the foremost and major place in consciousness of the person is allocated for the Lord, the life is open. It is possible to be glad when terrestrial, even the most attracting, loses the charm and the spirit is exempted from the power of terrestrial gravitations. So one more release can be written down then in the life book. It is possible to live, and it is possible to take that it gives, but under a condition from life: anybody and to put nothing in the heart Teachers of Light are higher and closer. All is passing, and everything is temporary, only It is invariable in centuries and It is close to the heart which has learned fidelity, devotion and love. Something or someone put in the heart before I, am not Me is worthy. It as a parting word is told long ago spirit on Light way for all times. And when the Lord is close, and heart love to It as it is easy as the way as everything as the most very grave becomes easier than a feather because a yoke My benefit, and My burden it is easy to eat simply decides is joyful flares. But it only when you unseparable with Me and when My Image in your consciousness takes priority. Turn your eye to Me so that through my Face reached your consciousness of vibration of life that between you and Me nothing stood and anything wasn't closer for heart. Then all is allowed, then everything is available, then there is no ban because then over you already nothing has the power. Solomon had everything, Akbar had everything, but didn't put their spirit of anything above the Lord to whom they were betrayed over all glory terrestrial, and riches, and everything that was around. And you can have everything that the soul but provided that above everything, both more expensively, and the Lord is closer wants. Not that the person has, stops sometimes his way to Light, but the relation to this environment. To refuse - doesn't mean to lose and not to have, but refusal means that the Lord - first of all and that the rest is weighed precisely on scales of understanding and takes a due place. If terrestrial tests approach to Me - they are solved correctly. If distance and divide - poison poisoned them all system. Find the solution of life in that to give the heart irrevocably to the Lord. Because, where your treasure, there and your heart, and where heart, there both life, and consciousness. Heart give to the Lord, and the Lord Will enter into it, and the Monastery in it will create, and you will go through a life stream without burden of a body because I will assume burden it. Heart to Me address, and with you to I will Arrive.

293. It isn't enough to call of itself the pupil of the Lord; it isn't enough to want to become it. It is a lot of such self-recognized followers. It is necessary that the Lord consolidated aspiration. The statement of the Teacher is necessary. The response is necessary that communication was fixed and since other end, from Light coast. Silver Bridge costs on two foundations: one in heart of the pupil, constructed by his works, another in Heart Great when on call a gate is open. It also will be elite, and the pupil - chosen and approved.

294. Call is distributed when the spirit is ready as it happened to Savl. Reciprocal flash - and the wire single became isolated to serve constantly as communication direct with the Teacher of Light. Certainly, in this case last accumulation took place. Usually only on call we Open a gate because there are a lot of invited, but it isn't enough elite. We appreciate self-comers. It indicates special keenness of their heart. But the best Communication happens invisibly, without any external addresses, sometime hearts is weaved last centuries. Connects the link next to the Teacher more often; call and response is Communication bases.

295. (July 14). It would be good if internal existence would spread out to elements for own contemplation. Separate good from bad for destruction of the last. Bad disturbs our proximity therefore there is no place among Us. Bad in yourself already you know. It at itself separate and betray fiery will destruction in ardent aspiration to Me. The proximity with Me, thought of Me destroys the evil in the person. Be pure thought. When together and small you can make great. Great cause’s small among you Will Mine made. You are offended by fate, but the same fate will uplift you on a crest of events, because with Me. In Me also arrive, despite everything, that nowadays doesn't please heart, - in Me and with Me.

296. My son, let people in a pursuit that the best for itself will read rush about; you with Me arrive because you know that all yours, for you the most necessary, - in Me. It is guiet be, in Me staying because you have what no by them who don’t know Me But you know. I strong with you when all being you’re all feeling and thought with Me you am inseparable. My son, the son you I Call, because from my Beam. Stay in the Beam - natural state of your spirit. From here both pleasure, and feeling of a victory over everything. The winner I Call you because in My Beams, strong realized, truly, you are a winner over density of vain life terrestrial. In the spirit of is defeat, in the spirit of and victories. You spirit towered over a life whirlpool, you in the spirit of with Me, and you are a winner. It isn't necessary put, neither words, nor assurances, it isn't necessary efforts, when you with Me, reached. Victoriously is fire light of the accepted spirit shines then on a forehead. In Light Mine you will behold Light of the world. With light I Will sate you to limits of capacity of spirit. But that mine, put you above all, with mine having topped, as a dome - the temple, all creation of life. My beloved, Loved you do justice on depth of comprehension of Secret. Terrestrial you have to understand a mystery of life: it concerns essence of spirit and connects you to eternity in temporary living conditions of yours on Earth. By each atom, each section, each particle in itself Me approving, you build the spirit house, in Boundlessness real, and you build it forever; if tests, the most terrestrial, the most attracting, the most distracting only pulled together us, so allowed them correctly. Defeat and victory - in the spirit of also depend on the correct decision, and then nothing has value, through what you passed, and nothing will be able to capture consciousness and to take control of. Then you are free from a sin, and then you are justified. It is justified, justified - so in the spirit of the victory over a flesh infirmity sounds. My son, look how they hurry to the death in dazzle. And what think to find them here, either there, or anywhere without Me? But go without Me and without Me look for, and look for in vain. Without Me not to find. I in you, but they don't look for in themselves, and look for outside and therefore don't find. Also look for not that it is necessary to them that can sate their hunger and thirst of conditions of others. And you look for in Me, and in Me, and only in Me, you will find everything what in life doesn't suffice to you. Completeness of feeling of life of life is reached only by completeness of Communication with Me. And when it felled, unnecessary becomes everything to what earlier you aspired. In total in Me. Coming to Me and merged in heart association with Me doesn't thirst, not greedy already for pain, but knows the way - both it is saturated, and it is given to drink on all the time, while by heart with Me. And the pleasure on heart and heart sings a shining song of spirit.

297. It is necessary to put my Face a board between itself and waves of life and to perceive its phenomena refracted through the Beam prism. It is necessary to leave usual understanding of the phenomena. Unusually is everything, as well as relation life. Keep understanding unusual in the usual. It you will pass line of the Beam and on the Beam you will reach the put. The stiffened surface of the sea before a storm is quiet. But tension of spheres is great. Tension of the consciousnesses waiting of decisions is great. They are already prepared by us, and to everyone - term. Let's Not speak - when also who because we Know that will leave. Not in them put, but in spiritual intensity of public will. Energy of the collective consciousness united by a community of the purpose, determines the speed of a current of the events. In process of growth of spiritual consciousness of all and accumulation of strength of mind the subsequent phases of the phenomena, forced to bring to judge to Day will develop. Day of Arrival is judged. Sensitively you catch space waves. Solves space for all, but to terms it agrees.

298. (Mother World). To the address to Me I Respond always and according to aspiration, its ardor, geniality and force. The world the Highest is open for addressing consciousness. But it is important that it wants to gather. Laws of the Magnet work, it is necessary to know only that wanted by spirit. On not defined desire and aspiration the answer will be so uncertain. The answer is conformable to inquiry or a question. If the person came somewhere, without knowing why, what he can receive, either take, or find? It is necessary to know that you want that you want to know? - I want to know about compliance of elements with essence of bodies of the person, about secret of metals and their value, about secret of jewels. - Let's begin with the last. In each stone there is hidden fire. In a stone precious it can be revealed, having facetted a surface it geometrically corrects sides. And a ray of light, in them refracting, it is painted by essence of the flame hidden in a stone, generating the reflected beam. This beam influences the one who sees it. From here is secret force of jewels. All of them possess in different degree the magic force which character depends on color of a beam and its purity. Stones, wearable on themselves, have force to influence mentality of the person. In it is secret of stones precious. There are still stones others. Possessing power great and force to influence, but it is already area other. Question second: the celestial map of the person, or his horoscope, represents itself angular interposition of beams of stars and planets. To each of them there corresponds a certain metal. Metals are included into a structure of a body of the person as his components in different proportions and combinations. Availability of metals also causes an attraction of beams of planets. These beams regulate body life. It is possible to enter this or that metal into an organism and that to strengthen an attraction of certain beams. The correct metallization of a human body means its harmonious polarization, and, therefore, and health. Colors of a range correspond to metals, metals - to beams. Metals, wearable on themselves, are channels for spatial beams of planets and stars, attracting them to it and strengthening their carrier. It is possible to be treated by metals, entering them inside or carrying on itself, in pure form or in the form of alloys. Magnetic force of their influence of a bike is. Silver is good in all cases. Copper and zinc are harmful. A lot of things yet aren't subject to publication because it will be used on destruction. On the first question of the answer won't be because fire of perception ran low and to perceive there is nothing.

299. (July 15). My son, repeating the Name of the future Lord, you connect yourself with the future. There are the names binding with the past. There are the Names making a chain of Uniform Great Identity which comes to the end with the Name of the future Lord. Under all under them the Uniform Great Heart which sides at are shown in time under various Names. But Essence is one. Now the consciousness of mankind directs in the future therefore Name Maitreya going to the world of the Lord, invitingly on the world sounds. In it force of the future Era, in everything is concentrated that people should receive on all subsequent cycle. The Forerunner is sometimes sent to Earth to notify on the going Lord. Nowadays they, heart Me realized and accepted Light Doctrine will be forerunners. You approving the Word My, forerunners will be called Lords Maitreya. My son, it also is mission of your life and you’re Assignment - to testify to the world to the future Lord. You have the right on behalf of mine to speak. You have the right to communicate with Me and access you have to Me. You are close, and you are approved by the next. You will show an example of them who doesn’t know Me as, being the person and among people and lives usual, it is possible to be the pupil of the Lord. You will explain to them who isn't knowing Me, what not for righteous persons innocent, not for perfect people Came and again I Come to the world, but for all in whom heart didn't die yet and one spark of spirit burns at least that I Am available to all and for thought Is open, and that acceptance or rejection Me, Lord Maitreya, everyone solves the future way forever. The Christ recognizing, recognize Me because who can tell what attire of Light going to the World will be. And that they know about the one who was the Christ! The Center Real is uniform, and Heads One. Let names an obstacle doesn’t become for understanding of Uniform Light. It is uniform, Accepted responsibility for Earth, Light Uniform will be to Earth while Earth won't come. Your assignment this Light, is unattainable far, to make close and achievable for the heart directed to It. And to show an example how among life the person the carrier unusual can become usual, and, living on Earth, to lead life Elevated. To you I Open the ocean of spatial thought and I Make available it, the Treasury of Space Knowledge is open for you, to you the Guarantee of the Lord Allows to be the pupil in future life when Great Arrival will be made. But how they who don’t know Me will approach? Through you will approach. You to them tell: let everything come, and everyone let will bring that has: desires, aspirations and the hopes. And to everyone I Will give and I Will sate, and won't be hungry because with power of Beams I Will saturate the whole world. You from them, from Beams, already receive and you don't see the end and a limit to receiving. They because for the sake of them who aren't know Me, again I go to the world will receive also. Mine force force of the apprehended and assimilated Beams the Assignment you will execute not greatly. I Will give power to your hand. I Will sate with force you. The winner, victoriously you will pass up to the end, bearing in Flag Maitreya hands. You who has put the Image of the Teacher in heart above all, the benefit to you, and the benefit that who with you. Them protect because are necessary for the future. Threads of heart you will hold and on a beam. And for whom you will ask Me, will be as you want. Because you in Me, I in you, they in us, and we are uniform - uniform herd, and the Pastor - the future Lord Maitreya Is uniform.

300. (M.A.Y.). It is quiet for you - you will reach the put. The copper rages and boils. Soup is yet ready, and to a meal it is impossible to invite. I am yet ready, but will keep up soon. In readiness be called to a spirit meal not for receiving, but for distribution. You received much, it is necessary to distribute. Will come to receive everything, but giving, so a little able distribute. To give, it is necessary to have. Where they having Treasure of Light? Native mine, in care you ours, after all it is necessary to give you it coming behind Light. When the Hierarchy of Light will approve the power, displace barriers of obstacles, distribution will freely go, only would be what to distribute. And you having Treasure of Light prepare for distribution. Far darling hello from Mother, behind Light left for you.

*301. (July 16). You want to succeed and reach! Twenty four hours of days at your full order for achievement of this high aim. If the purpose and the importance if it understood is realized that there is nothing above, it is worth what working that all the time what to eat, use completely to reach can prevent then. If this purpose constantly before eyes and all being - as onions in tension, quickly also it is successfully possible to move ahead on the way of new stays, constantly increasing Stone Treasure. It is necessary to understand that life on Earth is given for prosperity of spirit and accumulation of fiery crystals of Treasure of the Stone. Other purpose isn't present. All thoughts, everything put, the purpose and value not in itself, but only as means to achievement of this purpose have all events. Therefore, all the spirit can place the power at service to approve. Both we live, and we breathe, and we think only for this purpose and each movement in all the conductors only for this purpose we make. Everything that happens to the person, this task an ultimate goal has. It is necessary to realize only it and consciously to make everything that you do, knowing, why you do and for what. The purpose, I Repeat, is one. For the sake of it were embodied, for the sake of it a cross of life accepted, for the sake of it you go now through life. Strength I Want to give awareness of the importance of each action as opportunities to succeed not greatly, and fruitful, and it is comprehended and resolutely to use every instant lives. Why we forget what is the most necessary? Why you believe sense and value of the events every day with you in detail the events, but not in for the sake of what everything, what occurs and for the sake of what life is given? All is senseless in itself and no price any has, but each action, and an act if they are taken as steps as possibilities of an ascension of spirit is comprehended every instant, both. Why, plunging into Maya embraces, the pupil forgets about that? Open eyes, both be awake spirit, and strain all being in awareness of the importance of an every day and all I put day. Everyone can be made a step to rise. Something saddens, something disturbs and disturbs, something frightens, and pain causes something, but after all these possibilities of overcoming, a victory over and prosperity integral. It is necessary only a corner of the relation to all events to change respectively and under this corner and to meet big and small waves of the vital phenomena. And everything, everything without an exception will inure to advantage then to spirit increase. "What I from this phenomenon of life will be able to take? » - The pupil wonders, meeting the next wave. All waters flowing down in a pond and gathering from everywhere, serve the miller to direct them to a working wave. So let all serves also to you without an exception, occurring to you, to direct to energy of the events on increase of power fiery spirit. Therefore the consciousness on trifles is scattered and force loses it loses understanding of that only purpose for the sake of which life is given it. You study on everything, you study always, every minute the forces multiplying. With bright flame let constantly burns the fiery purpose before you. It is impossible to forget about it for an instant because commitment is immediately lost and there is a pupil an inhabitant. When the occurring phenomenon what it was, is lit up by this understanding - on a way then the person when it leaves, the spirit plunges into darkness external and deviates a track conducting in life. Live as everything, and do that forces life, but of the purpose great not for a moment don't lose sight, and then your way will be lit up by great understanding of life. It is possible to sustain then everything, without complaining about life, without complaining, without being irritated, without showing weakness and fear because everything starts serving they are all forces and Light, and darkness, - who understood meaning of the life terrestrial. They senselessly scurry about on bark of a planet and rush about strong. But it is quiet, in great understanding; there is through life a purpose the learned.

302. So, in new understanding we will approach to the life phenomena. Isn't present small and big - all is important and considerable. And opportunity gives strength of fires to increase. We think, for what it, for something, why to it, instead of me, why? Difficultly at times and all for the same to understand that all this serves the purpose uniform spirit increases. The phenomenon taken separately, in itself, strong senseless will be and therefore wounding sharply, if heavy it. But lit up as line of the Beam with advantage will serve, big or small, enrich itself with new stay. Give a task to itself every day current to carry out in clear understanding of true sense of the phenomena, to you sent by life that could succeed. You will assimilate then to pearls and truth hunters, a pearl pattern of life you will trace in space then in your days. Obstacles are blessed - them we grow! Life because a corpulent field becomes for a harvest plentiful is blessed also.

303. Everything that is perceived, it is correct: in any future, close or far, the written down will be carried out. But terms the nobility it isn't given karmic. The consciousness seeks to carry on the near future, and discrepancy meanwhile that wanted by heart, and reality turns out. But the essence of the apprehended is right.

304. Rumors human are incorrect. You to Me listen. Events - the end beginning. Close the witness you will be. I'm saying.

305. New knowledge and the statement realized in application - such is a life. The knowledge demands the statement it in practice. The abstract knowledge isn't present. Strong should seek to put immediately all new that is given by the Teacher. These attempts are as germs of future achievements. At once it is impossible to reach, but it is necessary to begin. And then the future will be rich with shoots. Begin statements on each Instructions of the Teacher that could succeed. Strong seeks to put.

306. (July 17). The wave, on which there is a perception, plays a crucial role. The wave is established by will, and all being is adjusted on it. Worldly voices become isolated, and we hear only the Voice of the Teacher who Speaks without a sound. Heart having indulged in moment vibrations, it is possible to receive the answer. When? Soon. Accuracy of term depends on the aggravated vibration of collective magnitno attracting to novelty of new conditions. Coherence of hearts has to sound powerfully in a uniform rush to the New Sky and We as Wait for this moment, as well as you. He also will solve all. And at once there is powerless all that until then stood an obstacle to spirit. Spirit children of the future Era that prevents it to enter into life imperiously have to increase. In it all sense of changes and Hera Mastery’s approach. And that was possible at night, impossible becomes by the light of day. Light of a shadow night will expel, and there is no darkness. Day comes, promised by us, and not to stop any more a hand of the person powerful stream life. There are spheres of movement of thin energiya which can't be supervised external measures. It is spirit area. When in it everything wakes up to action, and then we Speak: terms approach. And as once the Guru told: "You will fall asleep one, you will wake up others". Also there is other all around. The spirit has to outgrow a former framework of life, as the child - diapers. External forms of life correspond to a step of spirit, a collective step. If the spirit outgrew, so the new step is inevitable. Conditions are given for faster ascension on life steps. Increase of spirit needed burdening by circumstances the general. When fires of spirit will amplify enough, what will be able to muffle them or to turn life back? There is no such force. Our hand is over spirit. Promptly awakening approaches and the New Sky becomes visible. Be going to see it.

307. (Guru.). We in tension to the events, We is in waiting. We too take part in everything. We and will take care of you - to move you into a wave. Ways of Hierarchy are wide and imperceptible. You are connected with terms. Wait for signs. Term approaches.

308. I warn about proximity of term. I speak: "Be going to open towards to the Beam". Who will want it to doom in darkness of uncertainty? The new Sky will force to see everything in a new light. New the witness you will be.

309. What there? Switching on the new rails, caused by the life requirement! Life can't be stopped, neither change of the phenomena, nor replacement old the new.

310. The superiority of spirit can learn to be caused will tension. Often currents disturb, and then they should be overcome. The consciousness is a field of energiya crossing it, the base, for possession by which continuous fight of often opposite forces is conducted. The consciousness can be torn apart by them, and it can rush about between opposite currents of a stream of the life flowing through it. Often the consciousness is in a condition of a whirlwind, especially during various experiences, haste and concerns. As pincers of a steel trap, take its aggravating living conditions, both press, and press, and press. Often put in situation heavy, seeming to the absolutely desperate. In a word, create illusion of the ardent reality imposing imperiously become puzzled will. Often drive people to despair and even suicide because they take Maya next mirage for reality. And meanwhile all this so exciting and discomposing them, exists only in their own with knowledge. Even in consciousness of the neighbor of anything it cannot be. All this is a personal mirage, self-deception, illusion of an instant. The sun shines, and stars in space, and Earth moves on an orbit. And on this background, in a small point its unfortunate biped in illusive feelings rolls which nowadays sound tomorrow to break off and begin to sound differently. At billion people these soundings go differently, every day changing. Where it, the present, among this darkness of diverse experiences? Take the middle Ages: wars, violence, blood streams, fires of inquisitions - as strong people suffered - and everything came to an end, and new was replaced, and people left. It is necessary to find in it something standing out of a stream eternally being replaced phenomenon, above passing conditions of consciousness, something constant and invariable in time. The consciousness a symbol of constancy won't be because flows, as well as movements in conductors. Even in a rotating spinning top there is a motionless point round which there is a movement. There are immovability’s a point and in the person. It is necessary to find it, it is necessary to lean on it because only thanks to existence it there is a movement rounds it. Whether to call it immovability point, either a spirit core, or spirit grain, or a citadel of Silently Looking Recorder - whether everything is equal if there is in the person something from eternity, something being above the world of the current phenomena. In silence of silence when terrestrial voices become silent, it is possible to hear the Voice Silent The one who from a century inside stays, from the beginning of times. But it is necessary that covers broke off that continuous movement in them stopped that vanity ceased to sound. And then it is possible to hear the Voice of Silence and to scent Great Presence Silent, eternally inside staying from the beginning of times.

311. (Mother World). To Me you direct elements, conformable to my Spheres. If they aren't present, to direct there is nothing and there are nothing with Me consonance. But if something is saved already up, the accord can take place, and then elements conformable can be multiplied still. In this process all separates terrestrial that Highest to clear a place. It is necessary to understand everything as the terrestrial that below menthol and that has no access to my Spheres. But that makes spirit area, though is saved up on Earth that the Highest Triad treats, it is possible to call space property of the person, suitable to it in all worlds, and also on my Planet. In himself the person also has to devote to collecting of space elements the life because it and is immortality elements, or lives Elevated. It is impossible to take with itself in Elevated books, but knowledge - it is possible. It is impossible to take anything from a visible environment, but experience - it is possible also for the movie of terrestrial prints. It is necessary to distinguish these two orders of the phenomena sharp-sightedly: what remain on Earth, and what can be taken above with itself. There that also should be collected. They permit the accord with Spheres the Highest. Even the movie terrestrial, incorporeal, has to be rather spiritual for possibility of the Highest Accords. Be collectors of accumulation of the Bowl of Amrita, granting the right to an entrance to the Highest Spheres.

312. (July 19). One is undoubted: consequences don't correspond neither to words, nor explanations. Means, cause and effect - one, and words, the opening - another. The reason if heart is silent, but also is determined by consequences heart a message gives, and this message too is sad. Trust heart and consequences, but not words. Deception proceeds.

313. (July 20). Existence of the dark channel can't be denied. Influence on it goes waves, amplifying, being weakened. Each contact recovers communication threads. The end isn't expected, the channel won't be closed yet.

314. And still the Sun as always will ascend and set and to be born the worlds. In a word, life of a planet and life of Space will flow, without interrupting, and personal mirages of the person will be born and die, involving it in new seductions of the moment. Dreams and reality, what isn't present, and what exists, evidence and the truth space - that from two we will prefer - illusion of instantaneousness or reality? What isn't present, or what is? What isn't present, we see obviously and strong, the same that is; it is hidden for mirage visibilities. Everything that we see and we have, not ours, our only it is impossible what to see. We live in peace terrible contradictions. Also there is no end to them. Also it is necessary to find a way between them.

315. (July 21). The one who is silent that keeps up in time with run of events. Chatter degausses and deprives of fire. Without fire there are no perceptions of spatial energiya. The spatial thought isn't combined with rage of private matters. Question in the one whom to serve - or the Lord? There can be different approaches to things, but the ardent egoism is fruitless. The egoism thinks of itself. There is no time to it to think of the Highest. Because who won't be rejected from itself(himself), that isn't ready to follow Me. Rage of egoism - life of Space we will oppose, visibilities - invisibility, evidence - reality, and darkness - Light. Thinking about himself won't lead to a gate of Light.

316. (July 22). Mortal and passing - in the person, immortal and enduring - in the person, and he constantly lives either in one, or in other, or to these, or that, eternal or temporary, collecting or multiplying in itself elements either that, or another, and that giving itself to death or life. And those, and other elements, that is death and immortality elements, gather thought which stands behind each action or an act. Therefore, all is in thought. So by the thought the person to Earth or Stars determines himself. Terrestrial will depart to Earth, but spirit - to Stars. With what? When elements of immortality are collected and saved up generously, spirit filling diarant and is to it than consonance in space where it stays after all mortal is dumped. To that the person that collects serves, than sates the microcosm - important extraordinary for future life its extra corporal. Two focuses of an attraction in the person: one - elements terrestrial, with life terrestrial passing, another - elements spiritual, accompanying it in life Elevated. There is nothing to live there to the person if they aren't present. For the illiterate person of the book - inaccessible area, as and for ignorant spirit lives - spheres where spirit live. Separate in itself these two areas of life, life one is for a while, from life another that forever it is given. Strong you seek to realize in each thought, in each action, in each phenomenon its essence, applying a reactant on immortality. Certainly, qualities of spirit are immortal, but also these qualities are various: one - only able on Earth to be shown and in the conditions of terrestrial, others - both on Earth, and in Spheres Elevated and the Highest. Here these qualities also are necessary to spirit, as air for a body terrestrial that it could live. Each movement in each of conductors we betray themselves in life or death embraces - such is value of a terrestrial way. About life eternal Christ Redeemer Tell, nowadays you to itself on Earth approved during stay in a body terrestrial. The thought is incorporeal, but the incorporeal thought can touch a body and to involve a body in terrestrial affairs, his corporal passions, emotions, feelings. Immortal thought in the flesh service, arresting spirit to Earth a chain, as convict to four wheels, a sad show, but strong the frequent. So, heavenly fire, in thoughts display, can be given entirely on service to a body. But also the body, both feelings, and thought can be given on service to spirit for the sake of immortality it. It also will be the correct solution of life. At each this moment the inhabitant of Earth to that his thought serves, both a body, and feelings can wonder. Arhat - the person, which all covers are given on service to spirit. But even you, seeking to save up Amrita's Bowl on forces and your understanding, even you for ways. Only they, immortality denying stupidly, death betrayed, only they are blind and doomed to darkness external. At the best - life for them only on Earth, in a dense body, in the worst - dreadful existence in a semi-conscious condition in the lower class of an astral, but it only when borders a person of similarity are passed. Egoism - a nest and a nursery of everything that is mortal. Egoism - immortality the enemy. In the person fierce fight immortal with mortal, eternal and temporary. The Lord, to Him concelebrating is immortal, immortal there is the one who follows It. "Follow Me, direct to Me", - the Lord so Calls. And wise leaves heap of the illusive phenomena, things, and, having rejected everything, directs to the Teacher strong. Also it isn't necessary to reject at all, it is necessary to weigh only everything without an exception on eternity scales that to learn the true price to everything that us surrounds both outside, and inside. Meeting the life phenomena, the pupil speaks to himself: "Here it will pass both it, and that, and everything that goes from Earth and the personality small, but in this terrestrial and in the phenomena dense there is much that can serve with great advantage to me to collect elements enduring". In it all sense of terrestrial existence. So the lotus, a sacred flower, from Earth draws the beauty and lives fire that in a seed of a lotus is hidden. Like flowers, collect beauty elements on Earth because the beauty too is immortal, and its forms not from Earth, but from the Sky. Flowers of spirit are immortal.

317. (July 23). The old friendship doesn't rust. My son, you in the spirit of is close, and access is open for you to Towers. You have everything that is necessary, that Amrita's Bowl to fill. You know that we love, therefore in safety. Let's consider that it happened nothing Us separating. After the known to separate steps anything can't any more. Therefore in pupils we Withdraw only the one to whom the way isn't present. Remember: retreat is impossible. Ahead Light, behind is a chasm, greedy, waiting opportunities to absorb. Live in Light Mine; in Light Mine make all affairs. Good remain with you; bad - in Light Mine in fire will indulge to clear you. Dark everything in darkness makes and with darkness creates, Mine - in Light Mine. Light of understanding let lights up everything that you create, and then you won't have condemnation and you will be justified. "With Me always and in everything", - let there is it the invariable rule of life. Together we will go through life, you and I, your Lord, the Defender, both the Friend, and the Father. When without Me, everything grows dull and becomes empty as if paints are removed from life, doing it gray, monophonic and senseless.

318. People don't want to think that at their relation to life it loses any meaning. Ask any for what lives, to what to it everything, what has for the sake of what so strong tries to increase the manor and what thinks to do then when there will come hour of final calculations? Ask! You will be struck with unwillingness to be logical and consecutive up to the end in the thoughts. Are afraid to think because know that the thought will lead them up a blind alley as is based upon false bases. If to deny immortality of spirit, hard there is all. For whom and that live? For others? But also they too will die, and there will be from them nothing. To work all life in order that finally anything turned out, whether it is nonsense? But live because are blind. Both birds and animals too live without thinking. But the right to think is granted to the person, and only trampling on it, the person on a planet can senselessly vegetate. Immortality of spirit is given. This its property. All other is temporary. And it is impossible to take with itself from Earth of anything. It is impossible to take things, but it is possible to take the relation to things or the life phenomena. This relation will be as though the press of understanding imposed by conceiving consciousness on each life experience, on everything that sees mind. And with these last judgment consciousnesses on each phenomenon of life, with this experience also leaves from Earth of people. Therefore the relation to things and affairs, but not the affairs, things and the phenomena is important. All of them will leave, and with itself not to take them. You remember: nothing belongs to us.

319. Let's give overweight internal over the external - force, which inside, over forces, which outside. The purpose isn't difficult if only to refrain from ardent immersion in external life. Therefore it is given not for consciousness absorption by it, but for experience. Immersion ardent can be avoided, having withdrawn from it heart. Milestones of awakening of new consciousness - it gives food to spirit. Exhaustion of consciousness comes before (new) saturation. Night proceeds safely. At night work we Conduct.

320. Lets give understanding of the events, new time goes, goes inevitably burden from the mixed currents. Currents opposite also will leave, at the same time with opponent.

321. Immortality elements. They not in things and subjects out of us, they not in a physical body, they are hidden and out of the dense. They inside. The Kingdom of God, eternity kingdom, in you is. There them look for, there save up. Amrita's bowl is result of accumulation of these elements in a breast. Immortality drink, or drink immortal, is juice of experience of the life, postponed in the form of the Highest energiya. This liquid, not burning fire, gathers in the form of crystals. Deposits give it that We call the Stone, - remains from life in life. The personality with death of a body is destroyed. Therefore, the immortality Bowl out of the personality, but is filled with it, her works, her cares. As the seed of a plant incorporates all features of properties and the characteristic of a look, which as any form, has to die as also grain of spirit absorbs in itself all those properties of the personality which lift over the sphere dense, terrestrial. Courage of the hero going fearlessly on certain death, it despising and of it without being afraid, will be the quality of the spirit which deposited and has been already earlier postponed in the Bowl. The crystal of courage is immortal. Lust is shown in a body through an astral - both are mortal therefore everything, to lust relating, is the sphere of a display of that is mortal. Lust needs a body therefore even obsessional seek to cling to a body live. All carnal feelings, which receptacle an astral and a physical body, on plans high can't be shown, because is on them not the physical body investing spirit. Immortality elements look for above, in the field of spirit.

322. Correctly, my son, - fidelity up to the end, contrary to everything, even evidence ardent. Devotion and fidelity up to the end, here is a way of the winner.

323. (July 24). When My affairs in need, don't leave! Left many and leave. Where they, that the few on whom I Can rely how on Itself? Where they, hearts true and devoted up to the end? As there aren't enough such!! May we entrust moths secrets of the Universe? May we Knowledge, eyelids stored and got by great works, and frequent the life price to give in an incorrect charge? May we entrust Knowledge, which the weapon becomes, to heart, it’s unworthy? Think. That is why there are so many tests. We should Know how will behave called under all circumstances of life, even then, when will seem to it that everything fell that the Teacher left, and there is nothing ahead. The fidelity which has passed and this last test, is worthy trust. About disappearing, evading and departed we won't be to grieve too. All this is familiar in centuries. But also another is familiar: hearts devoted, the millennia tested and true remained up to the end. However, it isn't enough of them, but them the Stronghold costs, and them the planet keeps. The holder of Earth by means of these the few keeps a planet in balance due. Their value is great, but loading is great also. And often physical body doesn't maintain. Leave prematurely. You ask why we Do not interfere? But often self-sacrificing spirit ardent to help with aspiration to us itself doesn't spare. But to someone the Assignment special is appointed, and those we Protect that could execute Charged up to the end. You ask, why an unreasonable burden? But unless the cross what It Bore one to Golgotha was easy the Savior, and unless his body didn't suffer and the Spirit didn't grieve? The price of happiness is worthy its sizes. Your happiness recognized Me and with Me going is great. And the price be not confused, it is great, but the award is great also. You don't think of an award. It is good, but nevertheless I will tell: your happiness bottomless. The darkness and Light, grief and pleasure go nearby while the pleasure and Light won't win against a grief and darkness. Suffering and burdened, you remember, your happiness is great, by terrestrial reasons isn't settled and with a body doesn't die. About pleasure I Told much. But this pleasure from spirit and Light - is immortal it. In Light space, in a kingdom we wash, the song of pleasure becomes spirit food. My children are glad fully with Me. In the future - everything, and the future it belongs to you because together with Me in it directed. And Maya bright ghosts, both Earth shadows, and flashing of days and nights any more won't confuse the heart betrayed to me up to the end. Be the quiet and belief having: it we go - both you, and We. The belief at Us is combined with knowledge and is called as a faith-knowledge. Faith-knowledge of heart will help to reach the end, true to the Lord having remained. It was good to trust when there was all and the Guru was near. But you force find it to keep, when there is no anything and the future behind a dark veil. But trust, but know, I Will come, both true and devotion kept become close around, and their pleasure will be perfect. You in my Hand, but it isn't visible to you nowadays, then it is visible will be and face to face. Therefore the quiet be in belief because with Me and I won’t leave, but I Will be always with you remaining true Me up to the end.

324. My children, where your treasure, there and your heart. To whom or to that you gave the heart? If to the Lord, the benefit to you if someone or to something to other that was delivered by you before Lords in the heart, is unusable your treasure, because a decay to it a name. From taking decay expects. Even the small children of a thing, who are pleasant to them, call toys. They love them; they play them, but know that it is toys for games. Really by the not understanding of small children you will surpass, and toys terrestrial take for your treasure, and heart to it you will give? Children grow from toys, and they become unnecessary them in some years. And you look at your terrestrial toys in aspect of several years when your course of life will be finished and the transition moment will come. Mentally look at them in aspect of this minute, having moved the present into the future, and they will lose the value and value, as for the adult - the toy childhood. These scales apply when overcome Maya illusions and outweigh the phenomena terrestrial. My other-worldly kingdom, and therefore in this world and in its illusions - it don't look for.

325. (July 25). My son, write, without being confused the content of Records. They will be very necessary and useful to someone. Eventually, everything is reduced to thought because the thought underlies everything. It especially strong is applicable to the person. In the basis of all its actions and acts the thought is put. Also it is necessary to begin a transmutation with it. It is necessary to change thinking if you want new to become. About the New Sky and New Earth tells the Apocalypse. Not to see them with old thinking and thoughts of yesterday. It is necessary to change everything. Simply outside there is still everything, and external all covers, but the thought changes. And this mighty energy finally will change everything: and that outside, and that inside, and matter of covers, or conductors. Emphasis lay on thoughts. It is easier to change thought, than even clothes. The thought is plastic, the thought easily gives in to will influence. With thought learn to act and thought to create first of all, having enclosed in it heart and will. You create and you act with it, but unconsciously and without updating it. Them at the phenomenon it is necessary to leave old thoughts and ways, new to replace them. About new and in a new way you think, about the New Sky and updated Earth. With everything that from the old world not enter into the New World. How to make it? Having simply thrown out from consciousness old thoughts and having filled it with Beam vibrations. The acceptability and openness of the consciousness, full disclosure to Me and my Beams and closeness to the terrestrial is for this purpose necessary. Terrestrial voices distracting should be closed. They a dissonance interferes in the Beam, break its integrity, and even at effort to concentrate create sketchy thinking. And it has to be monolithic, uninterrupted invasion of vanity. As the mighty river smoothly also it isn't interrupted bears the waters to the ocean, and thought boundless, joining consciousness, carries away it to Eternity coast. Easily, having given to the Beam, thought to rush on Light wings. The boundless thought opens the boundless horizons, increasing and extending incessantly. Egoism and the personality a barrier get in this way to not belittled perception of spatial thought. Think of the usual, terrestrial thoughts, the Highest won't attract. Compliance that is the accord that was to what to put is necessary. Therefore it is necessary to begin with thought, and in morning light the first thought to me having devoted and to Me having directed, it is possible to create the accord, and a magnet of thought it is sure, accurate and simple to attract shining thought from space.

326. (July 27). My friend, anywhere, in anybody and in anything nothing you will find on yourself. You will find only in Me because in Me it is I Is the Alpha and Omega. I your happiness. And you all aspire in people or external conditions to find something that would give pleasure to spirit and satisfaction. Vainly all this. Slightly bitter taste in everything and it is frequent also bitterness, thorns and prickles. And painfully they tear apart the consciousness, expected pleasure without bringing. Why you look for not where it is necessary? Look for in Me. I will Give, I Give. I am an eternal Source of life, pleasure, cheerfulness, Light. The shady side of life is given that my Light to distinguish and to direct to it. The aura shaken by disharmony, doesn't give a clear print of a parcel. The parcel goes through it, as light - through glass. Aura you store from disharmony. Through it Light. The first condition - the tranquility, the second - absence of personal thoughts, the third -is contact with the Teacher, but My Light without a shadow. The harmonious condition of aura allows it according to completeness, degree and force of this condition. Harmony of spirit - the great force because derives my Strength a full measure and freely. Beams flow, they are accepted through aura. Aura as if the network, catches them not greatly. It is thinner and is denser, the catch is fuller and the more so thin energy is caught by it. The most important task - to store balance because harmony of spirit is expressed in it. Balance is considerable not in itself, but as a the most necessary condition of a food by Light; chaotic vibrations of aura can absolutely deprive of Light access. And then the person dooms himself to hunger spiritual that is a food by darkness. Emptiness isn’t present. There, where Light doesn't arrive, the darkness gets immediately. Therefore loss of balance means contact with darkness. If it is long, the darkness sates consciousness. It is necessary to watch sharp-sightedly everything that removes or seeks to discompose consciousness. All this from darkness, and all this goes straight lines or indirect ways, but character and a shade of influence need to be seen unmistakably because the darkness channel also is determined by it. Also it is possible not to think much because simple there is a conclusion: if something broke balance of spirit, so the reason from darkness. From darkness everything that interferes with Light and from it separates. People, circumstances, conditions, thoughts, feelings is everything, that inside and outside. This reactant let also will serve as criterion for definition of essence of any phenomenon - to that it belongs - to darkness or Light. And if you feel the disharmonies vibrations proceeding from the person - not from Light they. Rely on heart and on internal feelings more. If heart gives a message is something is unsuccessful, stand guard, don't calm itself seeming external “good” the person, or his inoffensiveness, youth, an old age, beauty, health or an illness, but spirit rise immediately on the aura bearing darkness. It is a lot of quenchers of Light and secret wreckers meets among people under the most harmless externally appearances. You learn to distinguish them because the harm done by them is great. Force it is aggravated with that about it at all doesn’t suspect. As though in unprotected heart it is put not visible, but the strong blow, which consequence will affect not at once and if at once, the reason belongs to something to another, but not to responsible for damage. Are sharp-sighted and be observant with people. To brain reasons don't give in, but listen to heart, trying to define nature of reaction of own aura on this person, personal feelings having rejected. The prism of personal feelings and darkness can white make, especially by means of a brain. So, Specify: balance and vigilance. Without vigilance it is easy to lose balance because the angry don't doze.

327. In the Intimate Doctrine terrestrial life is called as a spirit crucifixion in a matter. Short-lived moths lead terrestrial life and, flitting, don't know about it. But the spirit which has risen to a known step when fires start wakening, terrestrial can't avoid awareness of value of life. Crucified in a matter the spirit of understands and heavy suffers, seeking to dump Earth fetters. Seldom had who from Spirits High had an easy karma. The easy karma not always indicates spirit merits, but is frequent on its infancy. Much is given the carefree childhood then to assign a heavy burden to shoulders. Many still stay in spirit infancy. But if to examine life of Carriers of Light, you will obviously see that the karma didn't spare them. And often the bigger way there has to pass the person and rise above, the cross is heavier. Height and greatness of spirit you can judge on weight of a Golgotha cross. Everyone who wants to rise to heights should bear a cross. And all question in how to carry by it. Complaining, being indignant, becoming hardened and damning it is impossible to bear a life cross: all suffered works, grieves and sufferings are aimless and will be vain. The correct relation to life to adversities is defined by a condition of consciousness. And if the person carried by a cross of life, storing balance of spirit, truly, the winner of the world We Will call it. Because against myself I won, but not the world, and, against myself having won, the world was won by the winner. So all events outside are reduced inside, to focus of the center of spirit, and in the spirit of are overcome, having provided to dead life a leak the turn, and dead to bury the dead persons. The Lord when Speaks Addresses to live heart: "Follow Me". To dead heart of words of these of the Lord Won't tell. As also you, to people live addressing, become lifeless avoid hearts. Their destiny - life decay, and not they will follow you and business of the Lord will lift. Called and responded will be builders of life. These will construct Novaya Zemlya and the New Sky. Hands human will construct them. Mark out builders from stinking hearts. They too bear the cross against rage of contradictory currents of leaving energiya from Earth. They see among sets. They are marked out by spirit fires under all attires and skin shades. With Us they.

328. Let nowadays all - both it, and that, and something, will serve our proximity: the close will pull together, far, aspiring to divide us, when overcoming its tendencies, us too will pull together. So everything we Will force to serve our proximity. Also there will be then nothing dividing us. Here you wanted pleasure to find in something, from Me having departed. You didn't find pleasure, but found it immediately when heart addressed to Me. If you are strong with Me, the pleasure will give everything and good luck, so it is necessary to put the Teacher of Light before all other affairs. Affairs can remain, but only provided that. And then one behind another all affairs that are inappropriate with Light presence will disappear, - disappear gradually by itself, as leaves dry from trees.

329. (M.A.Y.). I want to tell that fires of your devotion and fidelity we appreciate. It is little carriers of their Heart, eyelids not tempered, can't long maintain absence of the head and with his death disappear. The Guru left, and many reeled. I left, and many disappeared. There are only those who are devoted up to the end. It isn't enough of them, but each of them costs many, and force of Beams of the Teacher of Light, on all sent, concentrates on these the few. I speak about the singular rays sent to relatives. Beams of Great Heart are sent all, but there are Beams personally appropriated. And about them there is a speech. Someone already receives part of what to me was sent, whether you, my son, for fidelity to a great cause of the Lord? Bikes your opportunities! They grow at the same time with difficulties. They Great approach you to Heart. Accept from Mother distant hello.

330. (July 28). The Christ - the past, Moria - the present, Maitreya - the future; are so combined in uniform concept of Great Heart of its display of time. Able to contain stretches Light thread from the past in the future in the present, without breaking off it. Under many Shapes the Show to the world Great Identity and I Imprinted the Light You’re in consciousness of the people in various aspects and forms. But its essence remained uniform, and the purpose remained the same: to lift mankind on the following step of spirit. Many is proofs to that remained in centuries in the form of various Doctrines, each of which was called Great; as sides of diamond shone they a reflection of uniform Space Truth, the available to understanding people the time. If to collect all these Great Doctrines, the pearl thread of the Uniform Doctrine of Light which each pearl would strike with the person not repeated beauty and singularity would turn out. Anything isn't repeated, but the thread shows integrity of Uniform Space Knowledge. Pearls are separated one from another, but the thread on which they are strung, is uniform. So the future is past continuation in an uninterrupted tide of life. The future Lord Maitreya in centuries Put, invested in clothes of others, the basis for future Kingdom of Light which will come on Earth when its time will come; closely it, because stars in space burn with beams, testifying to a going Era. It will be fiery. Fire will be reduced from the Sky to Earth, and Prometheus will be exempted from fetters. Fire in the person was held down, but there is it; the flesh was won, freely already to come to light. Distinguished matter, being rarefied by Fire, it will allow it to be shown freely. To sensitive organisms heavy now because rough living conditions and spatial chaos don't allow fires to come to light harmoniously. Then the space will cease, opposite currents will leave, displaced energy will be replaced new, and torments of the birth of New Earth will end with emergence of the New World. It also will be approach of time of Maitreya, the Lord Going to the world. And time will come when the herd will be uniform and the Pastor under the sign of general Unity Is uniform, accords and cooperation Fire Era will be approved. Payments dark, entangled a planet, will disappear, and it will be easily breathed. Great time goes. And you to it witnesses will become. Inevitably is it, as movement of the Sun on the sky. Promptly there will go Maitreya New Ayr. Light is ahead.

331. Those who with Me, desired and invited will enter into my Kingdom which will be embodied both on Earth, and in the Sky, in the Invisible and visible world because they will merge in consciousness of the person. My children, you look at the current time as prepare hearts and consciousnesses to greatness of the future. At once not contain it. It is necessary to expand consciousness and it is necessary that heart woke up because eyes it you will see the New Sky. It is necessary that your microcosm assimilated energy of my Beams, to the world sent which force gradually increases in the tension and a fiery. This assimilation is very difficult because the flesh is ailing. In an everyday rhythm to Me directing, refine the organism and that prepare it to perception of new energiya. It is necessary that fire was combined with a flesh, without burning through the elements making a dense body, and, first of all, nerves. Fiery training demands time, persistence and constancy. True I will approach to Me. The psych equipment will allow facilitating this process of approach and assimilation. At first it is necessary to get used in consciousness and continuously to enter into my Heart as its inseparable part. It is necessary to keep inseparably and to become Will Mine spokesman. It is possible, when together. There is no end to extents of rapprochement, because vastly Great Heart mind human. And that his heart to contain, heart has to become so great. But Precepted Boundlessness, and Proximity is possible, and Heart of the Lord is opened for all which are coming nearer to It in the spirit of. And if already you have Proximity, dare on big, my children. I'm saying: "Dare!"

332. Here you spoke among them about something usual - everything was incorrect. Often your judgments about many things are incorrect happen. The brain simply doesn't know and, thanks to it, is mistaken in the conclusions therefore it is better to be silent, than to encumber and the, and foreign consciousness with gratuitous and wrong judgments. A lot of the unnecessary is told. It is better to be silent. Silence can be full and saturated. Silence can be louder and more useful much. You study silence. It is hard to be silent when the egoism wants strong to humor words of. And all of you are silent. The egoism is talkative; the same clown display strong, when adults murmur. There is no more harmful occupation, than idle talk. It is better to be silent. You are silent better, at least all talkers of the world said it isn't accepted what to be silent and it is inconvenient that it is necessary to throw words around, at least without thought uniform. Empty occupation doesn't beseem the pupil. If don't learn to know the language, the Teacher won't allow to himself. It isn't necessary to us talkers. About harm of idle talk and value of silence it was rather told, it is necessary to apply now. Speech own, control having approved.

333. Assimilation of Beams of the Lord happens best of all at a constant memory that is when prestanding constant. Hardly is it achievable. Only it isn't enough one desire. The persistence, persistence firm and inflexible are necessary will. Good intentions aren't effective. The rhythm can help. Borders it moving apart, it is possible to reach and constant Shape in the third eye. It is necessary to work over it. For nothing is given. The purpose is completeness of assimilation of Beams of the Lord.

334. (July 29). (Mother World). When you go to travel far, you take with yourself only necessary things. As and at aspiration in my Kingdom that is necessary undertakes only. Much, necessary at you on Earth, is able dense, it isn't necessary at Us. Therefore, being transferred by thought to a planet I wash, think with what to direct. In a body not to reach it, the astral is attached to Earth; there is only a thought, pure, free from stratifications of a terrestrial environment and cares of the present day. It is better to dismiss in general ideas and consciousness to exempt from them, having kept only an element of aspiration and desire to contact with Aura Mine. It is necessary to understand that living conditions in the Worlds others, than on Earth, - but life everywhere. And the people, living them, everything possess consciousness and the feelings feeding it. The principles or conductors are the same, as on Earth. On very high the astral is absent. Conductors serve the same as at you, the instrument of contact with is various life plans. The world Hidden is open and available; immortality of spirit also undoubtedly, as is and periodic change of covers. Died and live are in communication. Continuity of consciousness is available only to Adherents on your planet; We have a property of all. And the will freely create desirable and necessary forms from a matter of all types. We have no factories, cars and plants. The device of spirit replaced them. We have everything what people need. Earth it is rich gives rise and gives all necessary on consumption bodies. It is necessary to work much and tensely. But physical work only so far as it is necessary for maintenance physical health. The main field of work is area of thought and application of thin energiya. Forces of nature and powers of elements are bridled at Us by the person and are in his full submission and under its control. These forces are mighty and inexhaustible. The space gives everything what our mankind that is energy drinks needs. So many works are spent by you to receive this or that type of working energy. Fiery energy serves at Us to the person and is applied, and is used by means of the device of a microcosm human. We are close to implementation of a great task - to arm the person without uniform device. The fiery Doctrine of Life is uniform for all occupied worlds, and fruits of Knowledge of the Highest are wide and with advantage are applied here. To you I Report about it, to you, to people of Earth that knew the main direction of evolution of your mankind and the forms of the life which have been carried out at Us, could make desired, achievable on your Earth. It isn't necessary to us newspapers and with it similar editions - they are replaced by thought: by thoughts are reported, mind read, thought notify all on the phenomena necessary. Mails too it isn't necessary - letters are sent too the mental. Things are available in the quantity necessary for all. We decorate the planet. The beauty is boundless in the direction of thinning of the forms. To beauty we serve, and it decorated life. About what it is spoken in your Intimate Doctrines of all centuries and the people, at Us is carried out in degree very high. The life filled with beauty, sounds pleasure. Directing to My Planet, try to keep this standard of living in consciousness high to establish due degree of the accord with living conditions at Us. This understanding will eliminate elements dissonant to it from consciousness and will allow more deeply and to understand more widely essence of life on stars far. Our sciences sharply differ from yours because in their basis the Intimate Knowledge of Space Laws, the general for all Worlds lies. The intimate Knowledge which is available and on your Earth, differs from your official science that the last, being still very young, only blindly approaches to knowledge of the hidden forces of nature and secrets of essence of a human microcosm. A lot of things in ignorance of self-conceit are denied by it. Therefore it is one-sided. At Us the real, practical knowledge and the Intimate Doctrine of Life are merged together and Secrets of Space and thin energiya substantially serve Us in life current. The identity conducting a planet, and conducted by it is one. The herd is uniform, and the Pastor Is uniform. And We the thought seek to lift your Earth. And our Planet is lifted up by Planets that above it. We and our mankind is compound, continuous part of mankind of our solar system, our galaxy and all Space family of mankind. We are only a particle Great Whole. Also our way to final perfection which higher will follow is long. Thought to Me direct because fruitful it I Impregnate new, highest understanding of life. To the Distant Worlds direct, because they judgment to you.

335. (Mother World). So, the accord is established by understanding. To me consonance - the immediate task of the heart directed to intimate knowledge. I speak: everything is available, but - thoughts, but - in the spirit of. All is available to spirit. Aspiration to the Distant Worlds makes the life. Live in them as the astronomer lives in stars. He sees their external forms; you learn their essence inaccessible neither to a telescope, nor an eye physical. That is available to a spiritual eye, on what its spirit will direct. Spirit and in the spirit of you learn to fly and learn in the spirit of. Not dreams, not the imagination, not groundless imagination, but immutable knowledge of spirit will lead you in Space depths, to Stars Far. You should comprehend a space human way. It you won't understand, life without having comprehended on the Distant Worlds which are given you as a prototype of your future achievements as the leading force as the purpose.

336. Many spoke: the world is I, all in Me, I am part of the world, in the person - the whole world, spoke - and remained where stood. We too Say that everything consists in the person, but we approve it practically. The microcosm of the person is a powerful generator of various energiya: from purely physical to the thinnest. They are put in action by will and waken powerfully when begin kindle fires. Unconsciously this energy already acts in the person, especially, when their action collectively integrated. Energy of crowd is terrible force. The collective energy of the whole people collected in focus of the appendix - is insuperable. Energy the human influence forces of nature, elements, discomposing them or approving it. Many frustration of climate are caused by chaotic vibrations of the human device; few harmonious spirits, storing energy the in balance. Therefore the disbalance around is so much; never before nature not was in such chaotic condition on to your planet; the without realizing of the forces and energiya, which the person already possesses serves as the reason of chaos terrestrial. But energy these can realize, they can be seized and them to subordinate to the will at first in itself and the body, and then and out of it. At first understanding, then understanding, then mastering; it is necessary to realize at first that already is available that was to what to put and what to increase, and to increase infinitely. The Teacher Calls eyes only to open on inheritance, received, but not realized. The best, most difficult and refined device inutile in hands of the savage who isn't understand it appointment and not able to treat him. In same precisely situation there is also a modern civilized person in relation to the device of the mind and body. The difference that it is already put in action, but cope an ignorant hand. Time came to realize the forces, differently their mighty action, being chaotic, will lead a planet to destruction by the forces of energiya of the human device not bridled by will.

337. (July 30). (Mother World). The space consciousness and space thinking become destiny of the Adherent, - it, of course, above person. In bottomless depths of Boundlessness it is impossible to think in a terrestrial way. Plunging into Boundlessness space dumps from itself spirit of stratification of thinking terrestrial. Earth and event history terrestrial seem considerable on Earth. But in space spheres, beholding Earth, both other planets, and life of other mankind, any more doesn't put spirit Earth and all events on it the Universe center. Everything takes the real place because it is weighed on Boundlessness scales. And in volume of space life the personal world of the person shipped in Maya, can't serve as expression of reality. Therefore expand consciousness, spirit having accepted Boundlessness. Spirit is the child of Boundlessness. This is it kingdom. From it to proceed and comes back to it again when his wings grow. Earth - only a stage, important it is extraordinary as a step of accumulation on it of the experience which is giving the chance to spirit Boundlessness to accept and in it to direct. It dense evolution, but not in itself is valuable. It is difficult to approve Boundlessness elements in life terrestrial. But here wings grew - and Earth became close, and the spirit out of its limits directed. And the leading Star of Mother of the World burns in space invitingly, as to spirit a beacon. To expand and deepen concept of Boundlessness and means to collect immortality elements in Amrita's Bowl. It will grow, together with it the spirit will grow. About magnetic power of the thought directed in Boundlessness, the certificate to spirit I Give. The spirit which has concerned Boundlessness can feel the citizen of the Universe. Children of Earth, to Me direct because I Will sate your aspirations if they from fire if they plainness if from Light they. And then life boundless in your days will find to itself time and a place. And then you will be able to tell people that the Mater World - not a symbol shining, but the ardent, not denied reality available to directed spirit. It is necessary to understand, realize and apply the Basic Laws permitting Proximity I wash to make real. The first Law - the law of the accord, the second - magnetism, the third - thoughts winged. In Boundlessness the thought reigns. She is subordinated to the accord law, or compliances, and powerful force has to attract from space the necessary elements on compliance. Using this weapon of spirit, it is possible to plunge into space depths. Hierarchy of Light - as bridge foundations as a milestone as the signs of a way which are giving the chance to spirit not to be lost in bottomless depths and not to be keen on unknown currents there, from where not to return any more. To Hierarchy ladder strong you stick. Without it flights are impossible. Light of the Star of Mother of the World, is ways of Specified direction; on its Beams direct. Nowadays opportunity is given. Spatially distances are open. New time goes. Space Earth is included into the new sphere of the existence, being surrounded with new beams and new energiya which spatial flights of spirit allow. You understand that in interstellar space in a physical body not to depart. As an astral, thanks to roughness of a cover, it can't be used for interplanetary flights, and there is menthol, a thought body, and thought. With it act safely because you will reach thought.

338. My son, you will go in the footsteps of Mother Agni Yogi. I opened Boundlessness to you. It also will be your task - to open Boundlessness for the world. This deepest concept of the future Era should be made property of thinking of people of Earth. It is necessary to acquaint them to spatial life; they should open the Sky, having made space available. Difficult still most, wings didn't get stronger yet, and there is no confidence. But it will pass, and forces will get stronger, and beams assimilate, and a lot of things will be facilitated. But it is necessary to begin. Time and tide wait for no man. It is a lot of; it is a lot of hungry and thirsting. Difficult, but it will be easier. The teacher Told.

339. (Aug. 1). Focus of concentration of thought - the Lord, concentrations full, persistent, persistent. In Focus Light starts amplifying. To Light thoughts, as moths is on fire are attracted. What to write and how to write - of it we won't think. The thought will begin to speak for itself. It is important to depict her on paper, without philosophizing it is crafty; it is good or is bad. At completeness of concentration of mistakes won't be. Thought growth at concentration on it is the phenomenon lawful. The thought extends by Law application. If you want to deepen something, think of it. Contact with the Teacher aggravates process and protects thought from swaying. Many questions of other order can be resolved this way. Certainly raise a question accurately and definitely. But it is necessary that was to what to put. The question which doesn't have a root in consciousness when to put there is nothing, the answer won't bring. The accord that the thought chord that is compliance of call with the answer, or inquiry with the answer took place is necessary. Therefore not brought anything for hours can sit, perceiving nothing. Bring though small, and then it is given. The gift without a condition and receiving gives the boundless. If the pressing question or a problem is gained or squeezeed out in heart before the address to the Teacher took place, the answer will be full and bringing content. Therefore bring at least small is a condition important extraordinary because at poor that has is taken away also. The law seems severe, but after all even in life usual empty questions you don't answer. You raise a question: why when it is said that something became good either someone or something praised results happen sometimes as though destroying. If to tell the same news two times to the same persons, impression of the first and second message will be absolutely various on forces, because force was discharged at the first message. If same repeat hundred times, on the hundred first time of force on repetition cannot suffice. Round any phenomenon any sphere of the energiya is concentrated, giving to the phenomenon strength to exist. When about something it is said, say, that you are going to do, about the plans which have been grown up and fostered in heart, it is spoken without absolute need to volume and affairs, the energy collected round alleged actions, is released in space, depriving of execution speaking force. The same occurs and at many other phenomena. About them speaking without need and emergency, of the phenomenon of force it is deprived. Besides everything, each word, the speech the person, is energy release in space. Many people agree to full nervous breakdown and full leakage of forces. These are all phenomena of the same order. Silence - gold because keeps fiery power of the person. Not without reason silence vows were given. Not without reason yoga’s pass tests by silence. In it display understanding of value of force of the word. Often the interlocutor the relation neutralizes energy telling, depriving its plan of force which is so necessary for performance. If decided to show tranquility, tell about it counter and cross - force in yourself any more you won't find it to keep. If something reached and cry out about it on a market, achievement will come to naught zero. If, being really good, you will tell people as I am good, validly, you will become bad. And if at all it is necessary to say only that is necessary and when it is necessary, in the cases stated above, words will be the quenchers of fires depriving the person of opportunity to keep reached, either to execute conceived, or to keep something from leakage of force. Direct questions answer so that not to destroy something in itself that is subject to protection. Chatter the pupil of all achievements can lose. You learn to protect the fires from violation, squandering and suppression them the own words.

340. (Aug. 2). There is a wish to rise above and to succeed. But something disturbs and holds. What? One half of soul wants progressing, another disturbs and pulls back. Something wants, and something interferes with desire, whether the darkness disturbs? And, who then is mister inside? And who slave? And to whom the consciousness serves? And what such, it something inside, what a dark shadow gets in the spirit way to Light?

341. (Aug. 3). Your future is led round by line of My Decision. Changes in it aren't present. The events don't change it. Everything will be by the Word of the Lord. But the Word Isn't told yet. It will be told at the right time. Time doesn't give. You look at time as on a stream which will bring everything to your coast that you are fated. Expectation it is combined with confidence and belief in the judgment future. The future is created by us belief in inalterability of implementation of what should be. This belief, or knowledge of the future, it is based on its compliance with Space Laws and Space Will. We create the Highest Will, being sent to the world. And you create Will Ours to show coherence Hierarchical. You strike why obviously we don't interfere with karma, having eliminated everything disturbing? It doesn't allow the law of free will. The Teacher can take karma of the pupil on himself only at a full merge of consciousnesses and by full transfer of will to his Will Teacher Light. The few decide on it not in words or in thoughts, but in practice. For this purpose it is necessary to forget about itself and from itself to be released, and it is so difficult. Private matters nevertheless occupy the most part of day and the big sphere of consciousness. For prestanding constant and Communication uninterrupted the Lord needs a full return of heart. Who is capable, even from knowing many? That is why often we abstain from close and direct Instructions. Is also other reason: it is necessary to learn to stand on own feet. The nurse is for small children. It is impossible to become the Adherent, without having become adult spirit. Hothouse plants don't suit for life out of the greenhouse as there can't be Arhat the one who isn't able to stand on own feet. The Teacher will protect, will warn and will direct, but it is necessary to go on the way the feet. It is a lot of contradictions in it and misunderstandings. But on the most difficult tasks and a feat it is sent alone spirit. Everyone passes the tests alone, separately from others, even very close to the standing. Remember Words of the Christ: "Why you left me, the Lord". But at first people - relatives, pupils - One left. To it is ready if you think to reach the end.

342. Today Warranted for you before the Future that you kept, reached about My Day. Also you will reach. Disappeared we won't consider. Not they judgment to Me.

343. Never, never I Spoke about refusal, and only about containment.

344. (Aug. 4). External impressions if they strongly capture consciousness, can force out the Image of the Teacher and remain one food of spirit. Best of all, them perceiving, to pass them through a prism Light Lord’s, having before eyes it’s Face. Refracted through the Face, they lose the basis, and a magnetic, and together with it and the power over consciousness. Life on that also is given to perceive the vibrations going from surrounding; only it isn't necessary to permit to them to seize consciousness and to subordinate it to the influences. Strong and weak can look at the same phenomenon - while weak it enslaves, and strong leaves free. About this freedom from the power of the phenomena occurring around, the Teacher also Speaks. It isn't them, but in freedom from them. If they start looming importunately before consciousness, they can be discharged, removed simply from a life field as move pawns. And they will depart because no power have and submit to will, cost only to it itself display; or it is possible to tell how speak to the importunate person: "Leave me, I don't want to see you and to be in communication with you". They shouldn't be by all means bad, but importunity already stirs them to concentration on the Face of the Teacher of Light. In it is their harm. And as degree of harm depends on weakness of will, therefore, its reasons are hidden in the person, but not in the phenomena. It isn't necessary to expostulate on the phenomena of life even opposite, heavy and adverse because the strong is served by them the forces to develop and accumulate powerfully, but weak in spirit they will break. Correctly, external conditions can be very heavy, what from this? Deprivations - opportunity to strengthen itself. Complaint and discontent are bad that are a sign of weakness of spirit and indicators of impossibility and unwillingness to overcome them. For strong spirit possibly all. As well the weak spirit if strongly wants, can overcome the weakness and win because each spirit can become strong if all strength of mind wants that. It is all about the desire that is in heart, in that heart started talking to sufficient force. Often we have examples as weak women heroic affairs made, hearts movable by mighty energy. For fight against sharpness and importunity of external impressions of heroism it isn't required. Only strong and certain desire not to allow them to dominate over consciousness uncontrolledly is necessary. It is necessary to pay attention that phantoms of the present day of the will have no. But the person has will and therefore to operate them easy. Nevertheless surrounding anyway sounds in consciousness and will impetuously sound if will of a limit not to put. The will is fiery strength of mind, clairluhear the power over energiya of the external world in relation to it. For will even feelings, even thoughts - the phenomena external, not to mention feelings purely physical or that out of a body. The will is inseparable from movement in spirit grain because represents itself the saved-up, crystallized energy of the grain being the integral accessory of reincarnating Identity of the person; in it its force over the passing phenomena of life. They will pass - the will remains; will power in its not transient and constancy over the fluidity of external conditions. The will represents itself one of basic elements of immortality. Therefore I Speak about its development and strengthening. Working over it and consciously strengthening it, we accumulate in themselves elements of immortality and we fill Amrita's Bowl. Therefore each weakness shown by spirit will be the damage caused to the Highest Triad, the Identity. It is possible to save up and increase elements of immortality, it is possible to chisel them and to rob it, having lost subjects of the most necessary and the most valuable, than the person can own. Paying due attention to will increase, we collect in themselves fire and Light crystals if this will from Light because there has to be a person either it is cold, or it is hot not to be cast out "from Light lips". Only weakness and lack of will are doomed irrevocably. Therefore weakness of spirit doesn’t show under any circumstances life. Display of weakness of spirit is a self-consuming of own essence. Approve force understanding, everything make at the will and its pleasures, even bad, but not contrary to it. I do because I want, but not on the contrary. The will directed on something bad, can be turned on good, but lack of will - can direct only in darkness because the darkness owns it. Therefore be strong always. Weakness is condemned. Both in the mountain and in pleasure, at a victory and the defeat, healthy or sick, in darkness and by the light of day, meeting and seeing off waves, strong be.

345. (Aug. 5). Collective energy! It is told about power of two integrated coordinated auras. It is told about value of a dodecahedron. It is told about value of a circle and at other number of participants. Too it is known of protective value of the integrated consciousnesses. Why in life this knowledge isn't applied? How you think to resist? Or you believe, what blows of external energiya are still insufficiently strong and heavy to force to unite hearts with each other and with the Lord of Light? Unless it was a little spoken about unification? But there is it neither with the Teacher, nor between itself. You try opposite to counter waves the weak forces and you are surprised that they don't suffice while having united collectively; it would be possible to overcome waves of the opposite phenomena easily. What disturbs? Whether darkness? It is necessary to direct all forces on circle unification again. Its protective value is great. Its force of influence on people around is great. This force it is possible to manage affairs. But Called by me prefer to go alone and to assume all weight of counter blows. Perhaps, now, when force them becomes already excessive that could resist, force you will find in it hearts to unite. For your benefit I Speak. Otherwise how resist. Why you don't want to facilitate the way? You will think up how to approve unification between itself, on the one hand, and Hierarchy of Light, with another, between itself having strengthened itself and as more strong to contact the Teacher. Not in corporal pushing unification, not in commonplaces, not in the phenomena of life current, not in Maya ghosts. Unification is in the spirit of. On the Highest conformable consciousnesses unite. Over private matters and personal cares, over a gray scum of life, spirit having risen over it, it is possible to fix and approve unification. If you think to create it round that commonness which everything live, it won't be association in Light. If you think on personal feelings it to strengthen, it will be fragile. The future, Light Doctrine, the Teacher, treasures of spatial thought, Boundlessness and way the general to the Teacher of Light under its Beams - here on what it is possible powerfully and without damage to approve the Unification. The rest will pass all and that will be forgotten in change of days and nights, but the Highest that will connect conformable souls, remains with you forever. Unite on the Highest, it is necessary to put forces to that. Otherwise don't resist. It is a lot of disappeared, it is a lot of unsteady, it is a lot of embraced with doubts because try to resist, having rejected a unification. But you a unification stand, unification is strong, and unification overcomes the next wave of currents of energiya opposite. In a unification everything, as well as your health, both force, and tranquility, and execution of your desires. Let the unification it will be tripartite. Unification with the Teacher of Light, a unification among themselves and a unification the unification, or solidity, an own microcosm when incompleteness and swaying is destroyed and uniform in itself becomes spirit, uniform as the arrow directed to the purpose, is uniform each particle. This threefold unification will give inflow of forces extraordinary and consciousness that such Unification it is possible to win against everything. And now time special when usual measures not to pass any more. You see how all is unsteady. You remember: resist, be protected and you will reach in unification. Not vanity of day, but Light solemnly base on your unification. In Light and Light unite. Otherwise, as resist? A minute of association postpone all private matters, even the most urgent even most strong sounding, and cathedral think of how more strong to rally round the Lord. Not affairs usual which at all, you are close to the Lord, not grimaces and an astral aping, not vanity of day, but light in yourselves, but hearts fires, but aspiration up, but that from spirit in effect to yours. Rage of the current hour and days will pass and passes with what there will be you if by unification in the Highest it don't approve? To you it is much given, and your opportunities are wonderful, and there is no end to them, and the way is infinite, it is necessary to go together only, not bodies, but in the spirit of. Bodies can be in different places but what will separate the spirit which has increased the power by mighty force of a circle? To join in a circle is doesn't mean to be assigned to someone and vampire to devour others forces. Be afraid of such unification, it will come to an end ashes. But hearts forcing fires and straining aspiration, own fiery force strong kindle to unite with those, who as burns, as well as you. Also there will be then your unification from Light, and there will be then light it, and it will give pleasure and spirit lifting. In an opposite case stone weight will lay down on someone's strong shoulders, having strengthened, perhaps, that freight unreasonable which on them already is. Care show, having directed, not to burden relatives. I speak because burdened unreasonably more than once, depriving thereby of itself both supports, and opportunities to move further because smoky fires of egoism strong devoured others energy. But when heart, flaring, it is directed, the unification will be kind and fruitful. Unification you will be able repeatedly to strengthen the opportunities. You remember - the Unification win. In the spirit of it also it is feasible in any conditions and under any circumstances. In the course of implementation of unification you seek to give, but not to take, and there will be then it perfect because everyone will bring something and that will strengthen power of a circle. Concentration of collective force is subordinated to the laws, they observe.

346. (Mother World). The unification full is reached by completeness of aspiration. When heart is filled by me, my vibrations strong fill it. It also will be the address not belittled when all unnecessary is left below, on Earth, and only the spirit which hasn't been burdened by load, rises to my Sphere. Receiving goes on degree of independence of heart the phenomena terrestrial. The son of Earth and the son of Light are two in you. Terrestrial - Earth, but light to Light. Therefore you can scoop from My Beams unlimited. Correctly I thought: will and other qualities of spirit, being elements of the Bowl of Amrita, are those strings on which the spirit consonance with Aura Me can. Therefore, elements conformable should be strengthened, and to strengthen incessantly, if the purpose - to deepen the Unification and perception to enrich. Means, qualities of spirit are necessary not to Earth, but for spatial life in the Highest Spheres Elevated and in aura of my Planet. People think that work for Earth, but Earth - only a step, results of works are necessary for spatial life. Let Communication with Me will give a new impulse to approve all qualities of spirit with a new force. Let's take qualities: self-dismissal, self-renunciation or dedication. Unless it is possible reach Me, from it without having rejected? This quality deepens. The egoism isn't present a place in the Worlds. It as a product of conditions terrestrial, it is necessary to leave on Earth and from it to be released. Release from egoism and the phenomena of an astral will be the first condition of rapprochement with Spheres of the Star of Mother of the World. Only in a body of Light it is possible to reach it. Therefore the special attention has to be paid to registration of a body of thought. If strong the astral and a brain rages is filled with terrestrial impressions, the body mental is bound hand and foot and can't be shown. The lowest covers are given to silence before venturing spatial flights. Thoughts have to be exempted from heavy terrestrial elements. The arrow won't depart with freight. As also the thought of Light won't direct in space if flakes of a precipitation of gloomy thoughts terrestrial hung on it. There are thoughts terrestrial and thought the highest. Terrestrial thoughts gravitate to Earth, the highest flies by everywhere. Exempt thought from fetters and chains dense, from flesh fetters, and ways will be open for it. In my Kingdom the highest thought, thought of Light, thought fiery reigns. She doesn't know barriers, and she is free. Thought free to Me direct - and it enriched with spatial treasures will return to you again. They are inexhaustible. There are Light Spheres - it is possible to call them Spheres of Lords, or Spheres of Spirits Planetary. They are saturated with thoughts of Spirits High, the energiya generated by Dhiani. These Spheres, because between a step human your circle and Dhiani's step is all or maybe two are inexhaustible. But after all there are also circles higher, because Boundlessness around. And that at you on Earth is achievement by the highest and the rarest in eyelids, somewhere serves as property of all inhabitants of the Highest World or the Planet. And what reached Highest of Them even is inaccessible to your understanding. Before us Boundlessness, also isn't present to achievements of the end.

347. (Aug. 6). The dream is symbolical. Really, are surrounded dark which as predators, gathered around and entered into the house. Whole menagerie: both tiger, and panther, both puma, and jaguar. Didn't dare to touch, and there was no fear though at any time could strike a mortal blow because were near, especially one as a tiger over the taken victim. But didn't dare to touch and even wagged a tail as if showed peace feelings. Don't trust the reconciled darkness. Not without reason the old Mongol shot from onions at one of them. All arrows pierced in a predator body, and it departed. The dream is symbolical. By seeming humility of darkness be not deceived. The case will be presented - will rush pack, and thanks to proximity of damage not to avoid. How many they were? Five. All see. Under a peace appearance they therefore are difficult for recognition. But heart scented and saw truly. Vigilance you store.
348. My son, crying and gnash tooth in darkness external. The darkness is condensed. Also go out, fires go out. In darkness go remained true to Light, go on the Beam, specifying a way. The beam of a searchlight cuts a gloom, and from it seems even more darkly. Spirit rise on darkness that around, and spirit against it win. It deprives of you Light, she is an enemy, at least even stayed idle. But the darkness doesn't stay idle. Therefore to you and it is heavy, and it is stuffy.

349. (Mother World). The face Hidden opens it only to the one who terrestrial leaves. The highest Knowledge of scale of Earth doesn't reach. Severe carrying out great experiences of space contact is in power only to Them, way terrestrial the finished. But its known steps are available and we designate who will find courage and forces to go audacious. At Us isn't present dark, but there is a chaos. People of energy give to its overcoming the. Overcoming of chaos demands from the person of the highest coherence because harmony of spirit bridles disharmony of chaos. It is difficult to imagine nature of this fight because the chaos is so far from consciousness human. But each new gain is a victory over chaos. The chaos is an antipode of the shown life - darkness from which there was Light, a chasm which left all visible forms of the Universe. The chaos is there is nothing, on the contrary, it is something, everything from where is taken that fills the shown world. Chaos not shown! Who is his winner at steps of evolution of spirit? The highest creativity of Spirits High strong adjoins to rage of unrestrained energiya of chaos. It is told: "The God's spirit rushed over a chasm". Spirit, life creating - over chaos of darkness. Great Light and great darkness of ant steel each other. And creative power won, forms of life having created. But fight is infinite, and it proceeds because depths of chaos of a bottom have no. The matter for creativity of spirit is immeasurable if all visible worlds, systems of the worlds, both galaxies, and extensiveness of the hidden world is created from chaos, really, its chasm is immeasurable. So in Space the show is opposed not shown and it serves as Light bottom. The chaotic matter undertakes in a framework of the law which is a coherence symbol, and the law creates life. Space Laws are a basis of the shown life. This creative process went a measure and number. The measure and number is the first basis of life. This law is universal. From not shown to shown and from shown in Boundlessness - such is a way of Space Life. Harmony and coherence of the Highest Worlds and Planets is opposed to disharmony of the lowest, and you’re Earth among them. And people on the Far Worlds are anxious with that on Earth in the spirit of and thought to help far small brothers, sending to energy of Light for those who can apprehend and transfer them to people of Earth for application. In its mission of those spirits which on your Earth rarefied enough also consists and refined the organisms to accept energy of Light. This mission is difficult extraordinary because of inconsistency of conditions terrestrial with essence of vibrations of beams sent. Truly, on a feat there are light carriers, the light to Earth bringing. You bear the light to Earth, the benefit to you!

350. (Aug. 7). Focus of consciousness is mobile, as a searchlight beam. The beam of consciousness can be concentrated on any object irrespective of its situation in space or distance. It can be directed both on objects visible, and on objects of the invisible world. Focus of consciousness is mobile and goes will. It can be concentrated in a brain or heart. If it in heart, a brain doesn't disturb, being switched off from process. The brain is limited by visibility and the sphere of a display of the feelings: sight, touch, sense of smell, hearing and taste, heart isn't limited to external feelings because owns, thin, for visibility limits the getting. Therefore I Speak: "Act heart! » And often the brain yet doesn't know, and heart already gives a message. To live heart psych life - means to plunge into the sphere of his perceptions when the brain is only the registrar of received thin energiya. Heart wakens to life the conscious address to him. Heart way - so we Call a life, -brainy no understand it. Act with heart consciously. Heart can be sent with an assignment distant, and heart will bring a message. As well heart is applied to influences hidden. It doesn't have barriers because it is the spirit device. Than its energy of other order, than energy of a brain - more powerful and is thinner. The thought can be from a brain or from heart. The thought loaded with warm energy, or heart fire, it is incomparable more strongly than thought from a brain. And often we see intelligently strong people, brilliant and gifted, but heart fires deprived of power. A minute of danger or in the face of death it is often lost such brainy while armed with heart fearlessly looks it in the face, keeping greatness of spirit. On heart go, through it - a way. The will can be concentrated in a brain, and it is possible and in heart. From heart it is stronger. And it is better to transmit the mental order through heart. Certainly, heart it has to be cleared and refined, differently it the astral will seize. At no cultural heart of a display of its (astral) are dark and disharmonious. Of culture of heart care a little, and heart in забросе. Vibrations of a silver thread утончают energy of accord it also learns to Light. Conformable to Light of heart - they are Approved by us in life.

351. (Mother World). Pressure of thought upon heart is feeling correct. It is an indicator of that the warm thought is ready to distant flights. Heart is ready to fly, investing thought the energiya. Heart reaches Spheres of Mother of the World. In them Light. Important heart Light to concern and particles it to carry away in heart to Earth. Heart - a throne, the carrier and Light center. That is why the address to the Highest has to proceed only from heart. Communication by heart is conducted when the directed heart merges with Hearts Great. Whether you know, what to heart the space is opened? So we will approve the power of clean heart over all phenomena of life. By the heart of Heart of Great Mother having touched, it is possible to unite with it in Light. Association in Light hearts - needs so to be understood and it is so necessary to remember. And to people address to heart and through heart. And then connect my Spheres to the sphere terrestrial through hearts. Big achievement is, if the heart possible to enter into a rhythm of Heart of Mother of the World and to merge with its beating. It also will be a fiery rhythm of heart. About Mahavan and Chotavan's rhythm it was spoken, but it wasn't told that these rhythms are heart rhythms. Words here are excessive, it is necessary to enter into a rhythm of heart. It also will be a spatial rhythm of fire. It will be the Move rhythm if through My heart merges with the Great Space rhythm of fire. Psycho-life in beat beatings of the pulse of Space will be great achievement of heart. In terrestrial conditions it is difficult. You live in Universe fire, and rhythms of fire should seek to be learned - so precept the Mother World to conformable heart, to It directed from Earth through space.

352. As the criminal uncontrollably pulls to a place of the committed crime, and the person who has visited the power dark, - in embraces dark. Threads of an attraction can be different, but their essence - one, namely: inclination to darkness under any pretext and any external visibility under which tenacious sharp-clawed hands disappear. Even if externally anything isn't present, nevertheless inclination obviously feels sharp-sighted heart. Not to deceive him. And any more has no value that pulls in darkness if the attraction works obviously. Between two poles - Light and darkness, the struck consciousness fluctuates: pulls to one and there is a wish to another, and the ardent display of incompleteness aggravates fight. Be not deceived by those pretexts or covers under which so carefully and skillfully dark schemers try to disappear. It is important to withdraw and find a tendency to separation from Light focus under any form or a cover. The darkness separates from Light, from Light Doctrine, from the Doctrine of Life and those who is a link of connection with the Teacher. Unmistakably consider everything separating as an obvious sign of an attraction of focus of darkness. Are dangerous unsteady and swaying by that do a rod by the tool of dark influences in spite of him, besides its understanding, besides its understanding are dangerous, - because dark directly to it don't harm, but strike blows through it. The intermediary of these blows, on itself them without accepting and sharpness them without feeling, can even consider that it happened nothing. You will hear even words: "After all it happened nothing". Understand all horror of these words, threat of not conscious of dark influences and the harm done by them. Notice, thousands justifications and apologies will be found for itself by the brain which has fallen under influence dark, and the main thing, with confidence to consider that anything, in effect, didn't occur, - and, if communication with the head is fragile, ardent contact with darkness inevitably. It is better to rely entirely on the leader and to trust in him if own mind, and the main thing, will, addressed to darkness. The darkness imitates Light Carriers in everything. And if the Teacher of Light puts light fiery magnets where the condition demand, attendants of darkness too scatter everywhere the magnets, magnets of darkness, the baits covered with attractive covers to carry away those who follows the Teacher of Light. It is a lot of these dark magnets, they also are various. When hunting behind the victim magnets baits are created and established in compliance with character, tastes and aspirations of the victim, but all have at them one sign, than and as though they were covered, - to separate by all means, any price, from a leading link. And how many them which seduced with these bait and have fallen into a dark web. If there is no mind and vigilance of a trick of darkness to distinguish, rely on those who can and who feels presence dark, at least it wasn't visible for you. It is really yet clear that if something you put between yourself and that who conducts, dark hands because any swaying divides immediately will use it. Magnets of darkness are carefully prepared for you and pull uncontrollably. Manage to distinguish them, because defeat if you are attracted is inevitable, without having distinguished darkness. The Teacher again Warned!

353. (Aug. 8). My son, having switched off a brain and having included heart, we will start perceptions of thought. The brain argues, and heart knows directly, simply and directly. Simply write down the thoughts flowing through heart. If it depended on a brain, all would write down. But heart woke up only at the very few. Listen ears of heart, heart eyes see and heart winged thoughts catch. On heart and life will turn back a wonderful and fantastic reality. And unless not the fairy tale already - communicate with the Far Star, either with space, or with the Teacher of Light. So words about a fantastic reality became your life. It is told long ago, but what wonderful Records filled treasured writing-books. Think that a brain thinks that, but the egoism is fruitless and communication with spatial thought doesn't give. But We Go heart! The way is correct because heart is immortal. It isn't necessary to mix only an external cover of heart with that fiery force that movement gives to heart and pulses in heart. After all this pulsation of life doesn't stop and at separation of spirit from a physical body as during a projection, and at deaths door a physical body. Life in spirit grain, in heart hidden and eternally living pulses, - therefore we Speak about heart treasure. Everyone has it, but in degree different. The treasure of the Stone calls it, immortal Treasure of spirit. The qualities of spirit approved in life, multiply it. Therefore it is more correct to call them qualities of heart. Magnitno them is multiplied, putting to that already is. It also will be process of the statement of qualities. It is necessary that it was wanted by heart. Powerlessly and shortly is desire of a brain. And the brain has a rest and sleeps, but heart on eternal patrol, and fights always, and is eternally active. That is why we Speak: We in heart. Eternity heart the messenger in the world of shadows passing, in the world that the dense we Call. To live heart and on heart doesn't mean to live strong an astral and its emotions. Psych life of heart woken up consists in familiarizing it to thin vibrations of thought, an astral the inaccessible. Certainly, movement of astral and low feelings is reflected in heart and burdens it, but it is possible to live heart psych life only having cleared it and having ennobled. It is served also by qualities of spirit approved in heart. And we will consider them as display forms Highest Energy hearts, magnetically active and approving life in the form of conformable fires. Each quality has the color and flares the fire - life fires. Hearts numb too radiate colors, but these are colors of death and decomposition because at dead heart of flash of black fires don't serve as the life certificate. Carefully preserve heart against filling by them. Heart needs care more, than a brain because too long was in neglect. There comes a century of heart. Also it is necessary to think of it.

354. (Aug. 9). The pupil who is proud of the achievements isn't necessary to me. But imperfections and the shortcomings realized and still going to Me, at them without looking, it is close and to our Heart it is kind. Imperfection is not an obstacle if only to go. Obstacle is that, what holds on a place and deprives spirit of aspiration. Going will reach sooner or later, but stopped or standing - both will move back. Even it is impossible to stop. These delays, even the shortest are pernicious. Rest not is stops, but collecting of forces. Devotion is always necessary. But bogs stagnation is intolerant because means the begun decomposition of consciousness. It is possible to meet quite often the people struck with this process. Order to the majority of them it is useless, it isn't necessary to spend forces for them. But where you see spirit sparks in eyes, there help, there approach carefully, sparks try to inflate in a flame. And we Divide people on live and dead are in the spirit of the dead and heart. Necrosis hearts and numb consciousness! What can be more tragic and worse than them for the owner? "The person is process", - Buddha Gautama so Told and the consciousness is mobile: it goes either forward, or back. The middle isn’t present. Are anxious move all that is capable, without asking the passport and despite skin color or a social standing. We have other measures not similar to yours, and appreciate people differently. Not without reason the robber and the loose woman was closer to us, than the scribe and the Pharisee. Tell them at whom you see spirit sparks in eyes that safely went to Us, without being confused anything because anything neither inside, nor outside can't stop the directed spirit if he understood that none of those ,who come not rejected. The person of rejects, condemns, itself interferes also itself goes to Light and darkness. We carefully Meet all coming and directed to Us, - therefore Told: "You come to Me all workers and burdened! My benefit, and My burden it is easy to eat a yoke because I Will assume burden approached, to its having provided a way to Light". And the burden will be replaced with wings of spirit and won't begin to disturb more already if the directed heart flares fire. Unless didn't note as it is easy to move ahead as all uncontrollably recedes stirring and all obstacles when spirit fire powerfully flares up disappear. Then he becomes similar to an eagle. And wings mighty freely bear it over a life current. Therefore I Speak: "Direct. Direct, despite everything". Fire of aspiration will sweep away the heavy inert particles, preventing to fly up. As it is frequent stirs one, or another, taking forces, and you direct all heart - both "this" and "that" - everything will merge in a spiral of fires. As though to Tell more clearly: "The way is open, all is opened. Direct!"

355. We force invincible Allow to go on the way the winner powerfully. Consider that everything that a barrier faces you - only Maya ghosts. They the force counteract you from you scoop. They if you in your ignorance don't allocate them with the force are powerless. You look how the judgment winner will victoriously sweep away on the way all obstacles. It too Maya ghosts doesn't give strength of the. It for itself keeps it. Understand, at last, that force of obstacles is directly proportional to your weakness that in itself not force and consciousnesses have no obstacle, it is necessary to master process of forcing by will of force spiritual inside, forces fiery, forces invincible. Also understand also what not something outside, but only in itself it is necessary to overcome, and to win against weakness, and energy of fire press degree necessary. Disappear, as a smoke, all obstacles surrounding consciousness as soon as force of fires of the risen spirit reached the necessary limit. It is necessary to increase spirit on everything that a barrier costs - and Maya ghosts will disappear. The person believing that he has to win not against himself, and something outside, assimilates fighting a losing battle. But I Won against the world, in Myself Won, against Me has won. Whether many will understand? And unless these words, two thousand years Told were understood ago. The tsar wanted Me to see over a kingdom terrestrial, but not the tsar of spirit, the world in Itself Won, Won. Time nowadays came revaluations of values of spirit and new understanding in the light of new consciousness of that was told before. With the old understanding which has hardened, ignorant, dark and small not to enter into the New World. It is necessary to reconsider everything and all as though in a new way, in the spirit of, to see. But the New Sky has to replace dirty, gray, muddy clouds of the old sky. Children of Earth, dare.

356. As it is frequent stirs one, or another, taking forces. It is fated to become the successor of spatial riches to the person. They are prepared for it from the beginning of times. Nowadays time comes to enter into possession of them. It is possible not to know about inheritance, and there will be it in vain. And possessing treasures can remain the beggar. Take that, what belongs to you, hands to it give. Not shy hands of applicants of beggars but imperious hands of heir-at-laws of spatial treasures, prepare to the person from the beginning of times. Both forgotten, and outcast, both condemned, and unrecognized, both hope lost, and looking for, and thirsty - everything, all come because innumerable the treasure and will suffice on all. Only those believing values only in money, they don't call. Not they judge. Attendants of gold it isn't necessary. Gold - a symbol of service to Earth, an antipode of service to spirit, a symbol of service to darkness, an antipode of service to Light. They don't call, not with Us their way. For gold not to buy our values, at least all gold of the world offered for spirit treasures. Let at first will understand who to Us will address for Light. With itself not to take terrestrial riches in a way distant on stars, but spirit of treasure - it is possible.

357. (Aug. 10). Magnetism of Earth and magnetism of beams of the Star of Mother of the World - both affect consciousness. Both attract it, and the will solves which of them to prefer. During Communication with Mother of the World heart will opens towards to an attraction of its Beams and the consciousness perceives their force. They act and so, without the special address, but conscious towards to them the aspiration permits conscious perception. Consciousness isolation on the channel of Beams is necessary to avoid contact with other beams. Many various beams cut space, and the consciousness can easily get lost in them. Therefore a certain focus of an attraction is necessary, that is the aspiration goes on the Ladder of Hierarchy of Light. Boundlessness is open, but it is necessary to know where to direct to begin to sound on the Beam. On Earth of people when somewhere goes, knows where. All hurry somewhere and for some reason. A little unsteady without the purpose. As and in interstellar space it is necessary to know where the spirit directs. The Hierarchy is for this purpose given. Soul of the person is the fight arena between various provisions of beams of the Distant Worlds. And the will plays a crucial role in a choice of beam attractions. Gravitating to Saturn can depart on it, to the moon - on the moon, to the Sun - on the Sun (such it isn't enough), to the Star of Mother of the World - to It to be attracted. The rhythm and duration of contact will be the success guarantee. The rhythm can be daily, or every other day, or in certain days of the week, but without a rhythm it is impossible, because difficult extraordinary. After all connection new and unusual to consciousness is established, and usual measures won't yield desirable results. So, the first step will be the statement of a rhythm. Spasmodic attempts won't lead to the purpose. The aspiration can hang, supported by a rhythm, it inflames in not going out flame. Well, being on Earth, to feel a being of the world of other, not from Earth, other-worldly. For this purpose communication with a planet conducting consciousness has to be strong and rhythmical. Communication basis is the accord. It is necessary to collect carefully elements, conformable to the Highest Beams. They will be increased in time and - promptly quickly on condition of a rhythm. The rhythm is the engine powerful. Who wants knowledge, can receive it, but under a condition if to it to put aspiration above desires terrestrial. For acquaintance with the World Hidden and its laws it is necessary to seize thought; thought gets consciousness for limits of the unattainable. The thought will grow magnitno, attracting to it conformable elements. Collecting goes thought. The thought is a factor of both worlds, as well as consciousness if it reached not interruptibility step. These are bases of manifestation of spirit in Spheres Elevated. Grain of spirit is immortal, but accumulation in consciousness is necessary for manifestation of consciousness and thought. It is necessary to separate accurately everything that all isn't necessary for them, that it is necessary to leave below before reaching these spheres. It is possible to leave unnecessary load as it is easy as leave things, going to travel on foot or by plane. That is necessary undertakes only. Even terrestrial not to take a body, so and it is necessary to leave it mentally. Also it is necessary to present itself free from the personality. Imagine that the person dressed in a brilliant uniform, and covered with all distinctions and awards, and proud of the merits before people, honor and glory, and a loud name, with this swelled "I", with this personality wants to get into the World the Highest. Will difficult imagine something more ridiculous, than the phenomenon of such personality in Spheres of the Star of Mother of the World. With this load there not enter. It isn't necessary. All isn't necessary what with such work and persistence the person on Earth achieved. All this so will block up spirit that for the Highest consciousness of a place any more doesn't remain. The personality dies in the Worlds because she has in them no part. The consciousness if it continuous is transferred reincarnating Identity and in it, released from chains and restrictions of the personality, freely shows itself. The personality is a muzzle on the spirit, unnecessary in the worlds. Therefore renounced it, Great Spirits renounced them. Sense of self-renunciation, dedication is in it. For the sake of the Highest in the person is released from himself. Self-rejection - a key to achievement of the Highest Worlds. They can reach.

358. (Aug. 11). Depart from life dead. Life dead It is called usual life of the ordinary person. Usual almost all lead life, behind very small exception. "Dead" the Christ called them. Their deadness is that, denying immortality, the consciousness in World Thin when pass there from Earth lose. The lit-up spirit understands itself a particle great whole, Space particle, and the life - part of Space life, considering terrestrial life, final and temporary, as expression of life eternal and infinite. Eternity display in the person and eternal life is under temporary forms of the expression. Certainly, the body will die, and those conditions, in which it lives, of course, will end, but grain of spirit and life pulsing in it won't die. And calling people God's Sons and even gods, the Savior saw in them under external corporal covers their immortal essence. It is necessary to awaken mankind to awareness of greatness of the concept "person". This greatness is in the person. Its essence is divine, is immortal and eternal. In himself the person has to realize god. That life, which there leads the person, and is part of eternal and infinite life, but limited and cut down by his own understanding of a short cycle. It is necessary to move apart simply limits of life usual to boundlessness because where it’s end and the beginning when in Space doesn't come to an end and doesn't begin anything, and everything only proceeds. The need of the world in you which can explain it is great and to stretch those a life thread out of limits of one terrestrial existence. Everything is concluded in the person, but the consciousness embraces him only insignificant share of essence of the person. It is necessary to expand consciousness, it is necessary to include in it the infinite past and the boundless future of the person, not idealistic the Universe in all Worlds, and to consider every instant lives as a point on this way. It is so possible to understand a continuity of the phenomena making a uniform chain of causes and effects. You speak about a meeting casual where and with someone. It is incorrect. Accidents aren't present. New meeting is continuation old, once being in centuries. A big half of meetings is old acquaintances. Meeting, we continue acquaintance from the interrupted point of the moment. And the internal essence, her heart, immediately reacts, answering with sympathy or antipathy vibrations of already familiar aura. Strangers meet also, then the aura should adapt to radiations of unknown aura. It is necessary to pay great attention to heart reaction at a meeting with people. We study constantly and everywhere. But it is better to study consciously, using for the doctrine all the time. The pupil of the Teacher of Light, - ponder upon these words.

359. Wait the accord of currents - again it will be easy to write. Restlessly in space, but the Beam protects. Hard is time for the sensitive. Strange is time. Strange terms go.

360. (Aug. 12). There, where your heart, there is and your stays. Collects heart the magnet. Heart magnet - who understands all force it! With heart and thoughts to themselves we attract, and by heart it is produced. There cannot show and be no it the force in inaction, but can flare magnitno fires. Let's learn to cause heart fires to action. As and then? First of all not indifference, but love to the Lord! After the entire Lord answers at a rate of the address of love of the heart directed to It. Why this love from time to time hangs and is replaced by forgetfulness and indifference? Whether it is possible be surprised, as receipts of perceptions become less. Constancy of love is a condition of constantly open heart to the Teacher of Light, the heart magnitno opened to Light. In this area incompleteness of feelings is unacceptable. Full and love not belittled the pupil if wishes to put a magnet of heart in action has to show devotion. It will be otherwise dim in empty heart. Heart should be filled with the Lord, that it could live.

361. (Aug. 13). Learning and learned always will arrive as reality factors: the spirit learning Space, the world out of it and the world learned by spirit - the center of cognition and that the spirit learns. Spirit-monad there is a center of cognition of external energiya in relation to it, and it - at all steps of life. In any point of Space this relationship between a spirit-monad and the outside world remains invariable. The knowledge is accompanied by thought. The thought penetrated all universes. The thought is a basis of the real. It isn't necessary to understand thought only in shape, available to consciousness of the person, but - is wider. Therefore thought it is possible to get everywhere. And in Space depths - to premise to any research thought. On Earth, in a body physical, the thought of the person is usually closely connected with a body and as though in it stays. But, having dumped a body, the person remains with thought, and conducts his thought. It conducts and in a body, but is limited and connected of. Thought you learn to fly about the Worlds, behind thought to the Worlds directing, where thought, there and we. Where is we, there and house? The house the Universe becomes for the spirit, living thought. The beam of thought can be directed further the most remote stars. The thought beam quicker than a ray of light also is thinner on quality of energy. The thought is Light phenomenon, on a scale of vibrations higher, than a usual ray of light. The ray of light is available to physical sight. Mental flights (in space) are very useful because exempt spirit from usual conditions and perforation for it channels in space for its future manifestations. The thought is premised to any activity of spirit. The thought because the thought makes a basis and essence of action is premised to action. Act with thought. Having approved on Hierarchy, it is possible to venture to depart very far, as the ship having strong base. The monolith of Hierarchy isn't connected and not limited to spatial range because the center of the real is uniform: on Earth, Venus, Jupiter there is an appeal to the same uniform Hierarchy of Light. The brotherhood of Spirits Planetary is uniform for all Worlds. Has no value that people call different Names of the Spirits standing on the Ladder of Light, - but is for them and Names Space under, which They are conducted Knowing. The distant Worlds are close for thought because there are no distances for it, as well as Hierarchy of Light. The secret of space is that the space of the Highest measurements of distances doesn't know, as well as time. The relativity of time can be understood, having compared its run on various planets. A lot of time is necessary to travel over the globe in a physical body, for flight in an astral it is much shorter, and in menthol it already immeasurably. Heavy thoughts terrestrial turn, thinking wheels slowly rotate, solving a difficult mathematical problem, but the thought fiery is lightning. So, making out the conductors, the person in the highest is accustomed to live and act more and more. Practically it is necessary to understand a difference in speed of action in everyone. That is why some call a physical cover a brake. The spirit is too connected in it. It is possible to be exempted from it, but in it not to receive freedom. The pupil learns to operate in the covers, in everyone separately, on plans various. The pilot skillfully acts with plane, the driver - the car, the seaman - a sailing vessel, and the Adherent - the three conductors on plans various; in it its difference from the ordinary person. Physical, astral and mental bodies - are mortal because are dumped and die, that is are disintegrated, but the fiery body investing reincarnating, enduring Identity of the person is immortal. Life of a physical body is short, life in a body thin and mental is much more long, but has no end - in fiery. That is why it is so important to collect immortality elements in a body fiery, making out it and sating it with new accumulation. The matter is immortal, but the material and physical body dies. The thought too is immortal, but its conductor, a thought body is dumped and disintegrated. The one, who wants to find immortality, focuses the aspiration on the statement in itself fire. Agni Yoga, or Yoga of Fire, also is a way conducting in life when the fiery centers and process of registration of a fiery body waken becomes reality. Service to fire will be life service. But death attendants about whom It is told: "Let the dead bury the dead persons". So all mankind is divided into those who serves Light, to life, fire and who serves death and die. As it is possible to keep not interruptibility of consciousness if it got used to function only in the lowest, mortal covers, or bodies. With them it also dies, that is ceases to function with death of the conductors if it didn't manage to be coordinated during lifetime with the Highest Triad and to be approved in it. Having realized in itself elements enduring, to get used to them it is necessary to approve also them, broadening their sphere and transferring to this sphere consciousness. In Me you have life. If the thought is concentrated on Me and to Me is directed, immortal there are also you because I Is, was and will be. We Don't know death because the death is trampled. The certificate to it I Gave. Following my way, and you approve immortality. How many time people repeated the words not understood by them "death having trampled", to itself them without applying. But, dying in the lowest three covers and dumping them, it is revived in the spirit of people in an immortal Triad to life Elevated. The way to immortality is open for all. Nowadays it approve, though the track conducting in life is narrow.

362. The fiery body is an attire of spirit in which it is possible to visit any Sphere of Space. The fiery body is not replaceable attire of the spirit, not liable destruction time. About life eternal tell your Writing. This eternal life only in a fiery body is possible; only in a fiery body is available. How it is possible to hope for eternal life, without having attended to acquisition of the corresponding body, a cover, the conductor in which it is achievable? Going to the north, you care of warm clothes how not to attend about a spirit attire if you want eternal to taste life? In a flame of eternity clothes terrestrial burn down. In a flame of eternity the worlds will be born and die, stars burn down, the whole systems of the worlds with their astral environment are destroyed. Only fiery grains remain for the following step of evolution. Fiery grain of spirit, fire surrounded and all imperishable accumulation also will be the fiery body of the person enduring even the worlds. Agni Yoga a way specifies a fiery way to life eternal, but in spirit fire.

363. (Aug. 14). Don't limit the opportunities to the identity of one person. Let everything, even the closest people; take an exact place on Boundlessness scales, without blocking the proximity of the horizon, differently not to see a star. As and in thoughts, and the feelings let nothing covers the Sun. Everything should pay tribute, but it is no more than that. As though in the sky having risen, see the correct relationship and size of things surrounding consciousness and the phenomena. At too inner circle people and things lose feeling of prospect. In the long term the eternity can see only everything on the places. In a tuft of the direct phenomena or events the consciousness is enticed in them and strong to them reacts. In the long term several hours, days, weeks, months or years they absolutely lose the intensity, and is quiet, and passionlessly the person already looks at that that once excited him. The gunwale of Boundlessness enclosed to the phenomena of the present day, takes away from the phenomena their rage, and to impassivity, to tranquility and balance the pupil learns. If the Boundlessness measure is difficult, it is possible to ask it simply: and how I will look on same most in ten years? Anyhow to find to all things their real place?

364. Correctly! Nothing comes to an end, but everything proceeds in infinity even if we don't see this continuation of the phenomenon, say, in case of death of the person. Much we don't see also much we don't know, but it doesn't mean at all that doesn't live and there is no that doesn't enter at present into an orbit of our consciousness. It is impossible to limit to own consciousness spheres of the visible or invisible world or Space life. Then after all also there will be nothing to study as all is known already. We live in the unknown world of which only microscopic part is studied and known. And if this particle to edges fills consciousness, so consciousness too little and it is necessary expand it. It is better to leave always in it places more for all new, unknown and not investigated by people, and to assume thought that all is possible. It is correct to think that miraculousness of the present fairy tale is reality of the Thin World where opportunities are boundless. It is a lot of wonderful on Earth, only don't see. And it is ridiculous to limit terrestrial opportunities to opportunities of the ordinary person - he knows nothing. Much impossible becomes possible with the Teacher of Light. Too many witnesses were. Still bigger you will be. Heart open should be held to new opportunities of spirit, spirit because possibilities of a body are limited. It is possible to lift a hand pood, or two, or it is more. But the limit is close. Spirit it is possible to lift a planet, and together with it and all mankind. The area of spirit is immeasurable. It is necessary to pass from terrestrial measures to spiritual, from the limited - to unlimited and boundless. Imagine the Christ talking to the person. At both bodies, and both talk, but what difference between the world of Spirit of the Christ and world of the ordinary person. Being involved by aspiration in the Orbit of Spirit of the Savior, it is possible to find rescue. It rotated about itself consciousnesses of millions. But only few decided to go all the way. To you, who have solved the way to the end with the Lord of Light, to you My speech about boundless opportunities of spirit. Think of what these opportunities if to the robber, on a cross addressed to the Lord, it was promised that it will be nowadays with the Lord in paradise. Actions of spirit are inscrutable, inscrutable spirit of a way. The Teacher Calls for them. For example, you learn to act in the spirit of and thought, having left words. To mental energy charge a current of the events depending on your will, instead of depending - the Lord. In either case be are quiet, in belief be are quiet, because nothing will concern you, and even the hair won't fall from the head. On the phenomena of karma you don't look as at accident. Karmic debts it is necessary to pay, and to accept a payment. But be are quiet and balance of spirit you store because the concern never brought anybody anything, except harm. It is difficult to keep tranquility when waves are so uneasy, but quality of tranquility needs to be gained. Qualities of spirit should be approved before it will be able quietly to be shown because qualities are a form of a display of fires of spirit. Spirit without fire - that the lamp without oil. But it is necessary that fires flared up. And the statement of qualities of spirit will be in the shortest way.

365. Why control over it, over thoughts, feelings, actions and even physical movements and gestures are so necessary? The answer is simple: person being fiery. All phenomena in it are accompanied by flame flashes, even a simple raising of a hand, not to mention thought. Supervising all movements which are occurring in, the person supervises a flame and seizes fire. The fiery device of the person needs management of will. From here imperative need have control. At power station the person, it under his complete control disposes of energy. As and in a microcosm human control of will has to be approved over all phenomena occurring in it. Fire not seizes other ways. Without mastering by fires advance is impossible. So, need of advance causes inalterability of achievements.

366. My son, we will begin a new step. Let's call it a step of familiarizing with Space work. Its essence that the thought comes off Earth and, plunging into Space depths, magnitno grows and brings from there to Earth elements of thought spatial. Process should be made probably more conscious. Any accident is excluded. The law, the magnetism law works. And the thought directed up, collects to itself conformable thoughts, being enriched with them, again to return to send it. Certainly, has huge value an arrow of sent thought because it will attract to herself according to the accord. The thought sender strictly watches thought primary, first-send. Here special control because the space will answer or a swarm of radiant parcels, or a stone rain is necessary. Live space pulsing by thought around, its strings, and on a distant wave force to sound conformable heart. The harp of spirit replies thought.

369. If in the future the world can't be changed as your will because transformation of the world depends from wants force conformable heart. The harp of spirit replies thought.

367. My son is not confused that astral feelings weaken, in particular, hearing. But the clearness of direct perception of thought amplifies. This achievement is infinite above more valuable than astral hearing. It was approved in the beginning when the spiritual perception was still inaccessible. The direct perception of thought is more difficult than perception it hearing astral. It is better to rejoice to achievement, than to believe that something is lost. It isn't lost, but public ability is replaced by the rarest. Astral hearing at some exercise can perceive many. But only awakened centers make available spatial thought. The Teacher Prepared for it all these years, Having begun with that was easier to approach to the most difficult.

368. (Aug. 15). The granite rock costs unshakably among storming waves. As strong and strongly there has to be a consciousness under blows of crossing currents. The chaos breaks everywhere. All fluctuates. It is possible to resist only in a spirit tower. That from this, that the storm rages, would be the tower strong! The basis protects. It can become very dark. How resist among a gloom, under a wind and rage of waves if bases are shaken? Take the strongest, the most undoubted and on it be approved. Let it will lay down in the tower basis. Eternal change of the phenomena around obviously will show: all will come to an end and will be replaced new, the storm and a gloom will come to an end - and the sun of life another will begin to shine over the world. The present is, it isn't denied, but on change to it there is a future, as day on change of night. Future and live, in the future! In it all is only possible what isn't present in the present. But for the Teacher of Light the world of the present is always imperfect, whatever good it seemed to small consciousness. Therefore the Teacher always strong is directed in the future from imperfections of the present as has to direct and the pupil. Crying tooth current not the metaphor, but sharp reality also will cut off lives. Rescue out of, rescue is higher, rescue in the spirit of. In a gnash of external conditions you will find nothing on yourself. The one, who concerned Intimate Knowledge, never will be able already to be satisfied with the phenomena of a present situation and to live only them. The feeling of melancholy will be inevitable to accompany alternation of waves because in much knowledge there is a lot of grief. Temporarily pleasure terrestrial, it is necessary to replace it with pleasure of spirit, pleasure superpersonal, and pleasure space. It is difficult to approve it when waves rush on the world. The heavy moment for a planet: darkly.

369. If in the future the world can't be changed as your will because transformation of the world depends on collective will of mankind wants, the person in the future can make himself such what wants. And that advantage to the person if he changes the whole world and itself will remain the same. It is better to think of how to approve it is immutable process of own transformation. Suddenly not reach it. But it is possible to approve the process because there are no such conditions and can't be in which spirit improvement would be impossible. Always it is possible to improve something, to strengthen something, to deepen something and to continue. Qualities of spirit are so various and are multilateral that at any time it is possible to take any of them, the most sounding, and to strengthen it. For example, we will take firmness, tranquility, constancy, restraint, possession of, or love and devotion to the Teacher, either vigilance, or attentiveness, or ability to be released from themselves, plunging into process of supervision of the person and people of people around. At every moment what it was, it is possible to find something that in to approve it with a new force and when forces leave and are devoured with darkness, try them to collect again mighty effort of will, having concentrated in focus of a magnet of spirit. When forces weaken, to claim strength of mind will be already achievement before the person of counteracting conditions. And you force in itself approve, despite everything. I know that spirit we won't break, it is eternal and it isn't destroyed, and forces it I approve in myself contrary to evidence ardent. So throw the enemy both small and great because the essence of an environment dense is hostile to spirit. Everything sank in a gloom and the darkness growls on Light Carrier. No wonder that is so heavy. But We Win also those, who with Us. In this hour gloomy planetary the Teacher Speaks about a victory and it Approves.

370. (Aug. 16). As often people, wishing one, do absolutely another. There is no coordination, or coherence, between energiya of an own microcosm. Such bifurcation should be avoided in every way because it devours energy of the person. The explanation is simple: two opposite forces neutralize each other. It is necessary to avoid this bifurcation because the house divided in, won't resist. Roots of this phenomenon are deep. Fight between the lowest four and the Highest Triad serves as the reason for that. After death it becomes aggravated extraordinary and is already fatal as has to end surely with which-nimbus victory from two: the center of the center of the lowest "I", or four, am an astral - an ardent, irrepressible, violent cover in which the essence of an atavism, lunar heritage, the center of passions human is concentrated; the Triad center - the Highest Immortal reincarnating Identity of the person. In case of a victory of the lowest "I" and terrestrial gravitations of a four am doomed to final death and decomposition because all its conductors are mortal, in case of the Triad victory the consciousness is transferred to it and conscious life goes on further. It is behind a coffin. Here, while on Earth, in a body dense, fight though isn't so dramatic, but nevertheless goes incessantly. Present drama of spirit the human it is developed later. But this circumstance nevertheless doesn't deprive this fight both deep, and crucial importance. All impulses, desires, aspirations and tendencies in the person proceed from two centers: the highest from a Triad, the lowest - from a four, or an astral. Physical, radio, astral body and the lowest Manas is elements of a foul’. Its energy pulls the person down. And therefore restraint demand, control and continued care. It is necessary to pay special attention to stupid inertness, persistence and weight of the astral conductor. Each highest aspiration or attempt raises immediately cause counteracting reaction in it and stupid resistance. Once you begin the statement of any quality, this inert force immediately rises and starts counteracting. Force of habits is introduced in an astral, it it is strong and it is persistent. And any desire of improvement or improvement encounters on the energy, concentrated in it. Once in them the will of their carrier was enclosed. And new, stronger will of the risen spirit has to win against them anew. How much time the fiery desire of spirit to rise ennobled it, and how many time persistent counteraction of an astral deprived of the person of his achievements. This fight in the person goes constantly and as the lowest in it is frequent wins. If it wins now, it will win and when the dense body will be dumped. To win and win, step by step, everything, in all trifles it is necessary to learn now, when in a body because then will be late. Ardent will to persistence concede an astral. Retreat is impossible; the astral can't give in and obey. Defeat is impossible, though it is sharply possible. Let this incredibility which has been consciously turned into embraces of death for spirit, will give strength to fight and win. Fallen souls! - Whether those who didn't manage to win? The Teacher strong Wants to help to operate this violent cover and to bridle it. Coldness, restraint, ability to own it, the feelings and emotions have deeper value, than it can seem. The astral has to be subordinated, and finally, is killed. It isn't necessary already more for evolution of spirit of this irrepressible conductor. It already disturbs spirit, instead of promotes evolution as it was once. There are on Earth people, however, them a little which live and think, without having an astral in it. It is brought to silence. You learn to force to break off this cover in yourself. Stop and suppress any attempts of movement in it when it rises especially violently. Both the pleasure, and a grief can be met in full tranquility, without giving food to an astral from which it inflates and becomes more persistent, and force let's increase to it the statement of tranquility and balance of spirit. It is spoken after all about qualities of spirit, but not qualities of an astral because the astral is the past of the person, irrepressible his entire not gets rid passions, shortcomings and defects. Astral is the enemy ancient. He demands restraint and submission of all in it movements to will. Let for a start all these movements happen about the sanctions of will even undesirable that then that it was easier any of them to stop. Will to it to oppose, an iron muzzle having put on it. The animal has to be in a cage and we feed according to expediency requirements. It is impossible to let out - will devour everything that will get to its mouth.

371. (Aug. 17). My son, silence still that it is good that everything is relative also anything from said by the person isn't truth. The judgment is wrong, thoughts are wrong, words are wrong. It is better to talk business and work. To idle- words it is especially harmful. But great causes are created in silence. Who told, what silence means inaction or absence of thought? Speech of Space is silent. For realization of a usual sound the eardrum or the hearing aid is necessary. The vibration bearing a sound is silent. Even in the Thin World people usually speak without a sound and words - the thought replaces a terrestrial commonness. Not the sound, but the reason of a sound is perceived there by the person. Essence of a sound is in energy, it causing, but not in the form of perception of this energy a terrestrial ear. The same can be told and concerning the reasons of all other feelings. The world of the reasons lies out of forms of usual perception which for fiery consciousness isn't limited to limits of external feelings. Anything in the nature doesn't disappear, as well as the phenomena that are the vibrations which have caused in the person this or that feeling. From here is possibility of a spatial cliché, or memory of the nature.

372. (Aug. 18). The choice of a way depends on the person, and even the Teacher has no right to force to take a way right if the free will was inclined on a way shadow. In it the main difficulty - messages, without breaking karma. Someone waits for gratitude and appreciation, and you wait for nothing - give, without expecting instead of anything. To give knowledge, without having accepted a bribe, the Lord or the one who wants to assimilate to It spirit can only. Difficult with people is. Expectation of a payment connects karmic, and raising a payment in any look already receives the award. But the Doctrine is distributed gratuitously. If who will bring appreciation and gratitude, benefit to it, but to demand it is impossible; qualities is a product long accumulation. And if appreciation is absent, violently not to show it. It will be then from a brain, and a penny it the price. In general, emanations of feelings human are similar to a smoke and disappear, as a smoke. It is better to demand actions. In actions the essence of aspirations of the person is expressed. It is better to ask that you made for the approval of the Doctrine in yourselves.

373. Children, take heart!

374. (Aug. 19). If to you it is heavy to see the building still without a roof, what to us? Our and your desires end of a structure to see probably rather conformable. But the will, and hardly to bring it to unity is free at the person. The herd is uniform, and the Pastor - for giving over which we Work for eyelids Is uniform. Also we Wait, have patience and you. Many disappear. Why? The patience didn't suffice - want to reach in years that, on what at Us the millennia leave. The patience human is short. Unsteady, fluctuating, doubting, betraying the Doctrine - it isn't necessary you. Let one, solved irrevocably and betrayed up to the end, will be approved as the rock granite, and we Give it a full measure and force. Let's support and it we Keep about my Day. Where you, wanting heart burning to the Lord Going to the world, a way to prepare? Before the deaf evidence wall dense spirit fires kept, where you are? I to you Will come at an o'clock pre-dawn Light of my Beam you to surround. Fidelity and devotion we Appreciate over shortcomings and weaknesses of spirit and we Appreciate love. These difficult days’ love you will reach and devotion resist. The teacher Told.

375. (Aug. 20). Code of the word of the Doctrine lose the power over consciousness, they should be strengthened actions. The doctrine not applied loses the force because the house of spirit is under construction on sand; there is no accumulation of crystals of fire then in effect the person as the thought not applied doesn't give deposits of fire. There is it in language or in a brain, but not in heart, but not in the Bowl. Strong you seek to apply then at least small and slightest in life. And small will grow, grow imperceptibly. Also there is great it when fires will inflame. It is so many words, experiences and excitements, and all this addresses in anything if it isn't approved in the annex to life. Therefore everyday an impulse I Give desires and aspiration from learned to apply something. Wednesday surrounding presses on consciousness, forcing to sound strings terrestrial. Imperiously vibrations of this Wednesday interfere in thoughts and feelings of the moment. The power of vanity approves itself in noise and life turmoil. It is necessary to rise over it. My other is worldly kingdom. The right to its understanding is got by extent of assimilation of the Doctrine, reached in its application in practice in life. You will think up that you can apply from the learned Doctrine for today. Any expectations, any hopes, any expectations, any future doesn't yield fruits if application of the Doctrine is absent. And even the Proximity of the Teacher will help applying his precepts with life. It will be empty in the heart which hasn't been filled with deposits of energiya of thoughts carried out. To what everything if the most important is absent. Only on the rock of the basis of the applied knowledge it is possible to erect the spirit temple. And then it will resist against winds and the rough sea of surf. Build strongly a stronghold for spirit that could resist. We observe many pearling of sand constructions around. And if someone the actions brings confusion in your consciousness, so fragile it. One go or others go there, here, and you go to the Lord. Why your step is incorrect? If someone somewhere lives well, to you without the Lord so won't be. Means, the most important - in heart to approve it, and the rest will be put to you. The rejected world of personal dreams rejected from, admires the World the Highest, Superpersonal, Space, other-worldly World, the World of Light and the Kingdom of the Lord. Rejected from itself and overcome, where you? To you I Will come at dawn that in cleared your heart to create the Monastery.

376. (Aug. 21). (Mother World). The severe reality demands fiery actions. Fiery action is heart action. Means, and my Spheres can be reached only heart. The magnet of heart overcomes space. It was much spoken about thought, but magnetic power of heart still is understood a little. Dark spirits are attracted by magnetism of black fires of heart to Saturn. The same force stinking hearts to the decaying moon are carrying. Magnetism of heart is great. Space love flaring, Attracts to itself Heart of Mother of the World with conformable force the directed heart to the Spheres. The love to the Highest and love to the Distant Worlds magnitno directs to them heart. Where is your heart, there and your consciousness, there also is attracted it. Wish to come to love very much focus of fiery your aspirations. It will shine everything brighter and brighter, sating consciousness with the Light. Light of the Star of Mother of the World will make space the consciousness directed to it. Today we will put the first step of the statement of a rhythm of aspiration which remains indestructible in all the time of life terrestrial, up to the end, having dumped a dense body, it was possible easily and to enter freely into my Spheres as having the right to it. The right space is got by the price of long, persistent and conscious efforts. And if in their basis the rhythm is put, upon transition of great borders a rhythm as on wings, will transfer spirit through. So in a vain dullness of life the terrestrial magnetic force of heart the fiery way makes the way to Stars Far. It is very difficult to punch a shell of own aura, it is very difficult to punch density of aura terrestrial, but not to leave in space, without having overcome their resistance. The rhythm is necessary for accumulation of elements, conformable to My Spheres. Each next Communication and Contact with aura of my Planet somehow and something will strengthen consciousness and it will enrich, increasing in a microcosm of the spirit directed to Me a conformable being shone matter of my Beams and investing it the highest covers of spirit, its Immortal Triad. Increase it goes the fiery magnetic power of aspiration of heart. Process is space. The mighty help is received by the directed heart because so it isn't enough on your planet of hearts, to me directed. Such hearts it is essential are necessary on Earth for acceleration of evolution of its mankind. Through them my Beams extend in aura of Earth and it fill. It is necessary that they reached intensity full that fiery could change consciousnesses of people of Earth. Lords work to bloody sweat on this great task. Also the merit of those few Lords going by a track, who seek to divide these works is great and to help them with it. Don't consider this work unimportant, it has the deepest value. Heavenly fire is reduced in Earth limits, it clearing, and that it lifting, and approaching to a judgment step of the Era of Mother of the World. The era of Heart will mean saturation of aura of Earth by Beams of the Star of Mother of the World and merge of her vibrations with become conformable to It emanations terrestrial. Transformation of your planet when the New Sky and Novaya Earth will be really approved on Earth also will consist in it. "Also I saw the New Sky and New Earth". You will see also, and the benefit to you who have worked in the spirit of at it.

377. (Aug. 22). Great Heart - a shelter to spirit from everything, the events outside where there is nothing constant, anything certain, and anything steady. From everything menacing from the outside, it is possible to address inside, in heart - the Monastery of the Lord if it contained Shape Great. It is good to have the Face of the Lord constantly present at heart that it was possible to address to It from the storms raging in the outside world. The desire from the rushing about external energiya is correct to remain inside, with the Lord, and to find in It the world. This world is higher unstable and the rushing about than human understanding, because it other-worldly. The life stream flows, raging and worrying, but the rock by which rough waters rush isn't mobile. Be the spirit rock: let waves rush, being replaced, you look at them which are passing by, without being involved in their run. It is very difficult - to draw consciousness a stream of the phenomena to which it magnitno was attracted and with which it was combined by thought. Means, it is necessary to cut off threads of thoughts, binding consciousness with the phenomena burdening it. Burdens this or that - reject it. Let the spirit will be free. Burdening by circumstances is given for spirit increase, but not for immersion in the terrestrial. Wings of freedom grow in heavy conditions of a flesh. It is necessary to find release from each next burdening. Freedom looks for in Me. In Me – all and happiness of Elevated freedom too is in Me. Having money, and doing that want, both freely moving from place to place, and using others - isn't free. Deprive of them everything - and you will see rusty, heavy chains of the most hopeless slavery. But - deprived of everything and spirit fires kept - it is free; on fires we Judge degree of freedom of spirit. In content, wealth and wellbeing not kindle spirit fires; from here is division into slaves and free. Not they having, become sons of freedom, but injured afflicted, pursued and deprived of that others have. They have everything that, but have no proximity of the Lord. And whether it is possible to buy hour of Communication for all gold of the world? Richness of spirit doesn’t compare to riches them because they own them short years terrestrial. You will take our wealth with yourselves and you will be from it scoop. They deprived, will enter into the World Thin and will eat remains of light because on Earth didn't contain it. So in a share severe the benefit find, and will be to you in life light.

378. (M.A.Y.). It is necessary to be ready to life difficult, heavy and full of tests. Who set as the purpose to become close to the Lord, whether can reach it in life happy and safe? In wellbeing it is reached nothing. My way was difficult, and yours will be hard. Set as the uniform purpose of all life to resist in the Lord, despite everything and to all contrary to. And if evidence strong shouts "no", you claim "Yes! Yes! Yes! ", - the Lord and with us always when heart of that allows is close. In heart it is possible to allow it, but it is necessary to hold the Lord in heart. It is more difficult to hold, than to allow because the dense environment strong rises on carrying in heart the Image of the Lord. You brought me doubts and the questions. I accepted them, in exchange to you I send in my beams of thought of the Teacher of Light and blessing on a way difficult. With it also go, without fluctuating and approving fearlessness.

379. (Aug. 23). You are a support of our Affairs, focus of the center of Beams sent to you. Their pressure is hard in the beginning. It is necessary to assimilate in consciousness. They gradually increase in force and tension. It is difficult to organism to adapt to growing forcing. From here is melancholy. We Want not to destroy, but to strengthen, the body protests and it presses on consciousness, as if under a press. Pressure causes a press of fires, and understanding of process facilitates a way. Everything develops so that on anybody and nor on anything it is impossible to rely outside. The support inside has to get stronger and become steadier. That is why conditions of ascension are aggravated. The teacher Speaks about loading big. It is difficult to reconcile with it from terrestrial understanding, but the jealous spirit courageously meets difficulties of the accelerated way. Why to stretch that can be passable quickly on long lives. Complaints and complaints won't help. The way is solved, courage should be collected. The Teacher Will help that fires of spirit didn't drown in pitch-dark twilight. The purpose - kindle all fires, victoriously overcoming burden of dense conditions. Also respites are granted also freely to sigh and forces new to be gathered. The teacher watches closely that forcing didn't turn into oppression. The oppressed consciousness loses aspiration and that stops the way phenomenon. The way of an apprenticeship is difficult extraordinary. Therefore units from hundred millions enter on it, and from these units the very few reach only. The mass of mankind follows the normal way, without putting in action the mighty occult laws protecting a narrow track of life. The pupil, who has solved the way, has to collect all forces not to evade, losing courage, to recede, being the surrounded ardent counteraction of counter energiya. Not without reason some pupils consider this way as penal servitude. And still, knowing it, it is necessary to resist in determination to go all the way. Back retreat isn't present because thanks to the reached height - falling in a chasm will be terrible. Not a joke - an order to Light. The paid price is great. The best tormented, burned down on fires and killed. The way of the best is thorny. Free will chose it. And also freely you go, urged on by destiny and not bent under weight of a burden, but - in the spirit of victorious, decided to break everything that a barrier costs between it and the Lord. The judgment winner doesn't stop before anything because everything serves him a victory to get.

380. (Aug. 24). "Our Uranium", - We so Speak in the Doctrine. Venus, Jupiter - Planets to which it is possible to direct consciousness. Objects of aspiration are outlined in space, and to them the consciousness will go. Contact with aura of a planet impregnates consciousness new stays, and the Distant Worlds become a field of collecting of a harvest. The consciousness can collect fruits of stays in that sphere to which it is directed. It isn't necessary to be confused only uncertainty. Area unknown and unexplored - the most interesting that is cognition of new elements. And the channels of thought dug in space, open possibility of further flights (thought). In a terrestrial way it is considered useless this aspiration in area inaccessible and unknown, but occult it not so because magnetism of thought works, despite of distances, and consciousness it is enriched with new stays. Therefore I Speak: "Direct in unknown, openly space. Dare. How many opportunities the person the words "I cannot" stops to himself. Everything is achievable, but for this purpose who dares to dare. Dare! «Aspiration creates such condition of consciousness when something can be added to something. It is so important that something was to what to put. Poor there is nothing to allow because to put there is nothing. Create such condition of consciousness that addition was possible. Gifts of space get into consciousness this way. The attraction of related or conformable elements is based on the same principle also. And if they started acting, accumulation of knowledge can be conducted surely and quietly. It is impossible to expect right at the beginning plentiful receipts because it isn't enough still of to what it is possible to put. But the thought, and with it and accumulation grows. Magnetism of the saved up attracts all new and new elements, and the area of the conscious extends and grows. As and the treasures postponed in the Bowl don't remain to lie in vain - they too grow, from time to time impregnating consciousness the energiya. Progress of spirit becomes strong and approved. The way is found to the Distant Worlds. Think more often of Stars Far. Not dreams it, but knowledge of powerful laws of an attraction of thought. Act with thought openly.

381. (Aug. 25). Each planet differs on the main Beam of the Lord. It is best of all to reach it on the Beam. Light and magnetism, beam of a treatment of light and shade and beam magnetic is great space forces. At the heart of both - fire. For this reason and in him the person has to awaken fires that fires to communicate. Light of aura and heart magnet is means of communication. Light connects, but attracts its magnet. They want to invent shells for the interplanetary message, but all devices are for this purpose concentrated in the person. The device of spirit should be set ready. It is brought by thought. Think of the Distant Worlds, departing to a dream, think of them, waking up. And the thought will connect divided in the distance. The thought is premised to each achievement.

382. (Aug. 26). Gleams of clairvoyance and clairluhear happen at many. But the clair-knowledge is more difficult to reach everything. It everyone has any degree. But the abyss between Arhat’s clair-knowledge and the inhabitant is great. Sometimes the feeling-knowledge prompts to the person those usual feelings he doesn't know. But from these gleams to a clairluhear it is far. It is very useful to see limits of the abilities sometimes in order that the gap meanwhile that is represented himself by the person actually, and what it seems to itself (himself), I wasn't too great. Imagined qualities or desirable qualities aren't reality. It is better when they will be coordinated completely. The restrictions should be known. Opportunity isn't yet achievement. If I Speak: everything is possible now, it still at all doesn't mean that these opportunities are carried out. It is possible to come nearer to their implementation if, having left big, to begin with small and even the small and slightest. The mountain consists of grains of sand. From grains of sand it is possible to put the mountain; the same and about power of achievements. Collect gradually, with small beginning. Also it is for this purpose given to the person infinite life. Throughout eternity it is possible to reach anything. And when it is said that everything is possible, to the eternal traveler of life these words are turned. Not temporary we, but boundless, and on a way to Boundlessness, on a way boundless, the end not having all, of course, is achievable. With this consciousness of all-approachability it is possible to go to the Future and the nobility what exactly the future is we weed harvests of fruits of those opportunities which seeds are sowed carefully by the person in the consciousness in the present. These seeds will give the shoots. Means, it is necessary and to think of crops. And if something is unattainable now, but is realized as something achievable in the future, it if enough sowers on a field of the spirit work will be reached. Without effort it is given nothing. If you want to reach and have, make effort. But in principle it is necessary to adopt the provision that everything is achievable. The idea of all- approachability should be realized now nowadays to start it carrying out.

383. (Aug. 27). My son, dream with tigers playing with you justified. Friends, under cover of affairs of light, betray. Certainly, didn't do here without ardent participation of the dark. The channel of influence continues to function. The friend, who has fallen under dark influence, is more dangerous than the enemy. Certainly, I will protect, but know how friends can betray. It is necessary, what fine words and motives covered treachery. Authors don't know about perfect act of darkness because don't suspect that the dark hand directed their actions. This especially instructive and unconscious treachery isn't less dangerous, than conscious. And all is because, that the promise was broken and forgotten. Whether it is possible to trust even to friends? At times friends it is more dangerous than enemies because know what not known by enemies. Be preserved against friends. One, and only the Teacher never Betray, never Leaves. The way of knowledge of the person is severe. As skillfully use dark each opportunity to do harm and to cover it with the most decent motives. How many already examples you have how friends in desire to preserve relatives are negligent. The decision is correct: to stop communication because influence of the dark will proceed. Friends ruined so many affairs and betrayed the so many. Be preserved against incorrect friends and be afraid of them more, than enemies. The enemy you know and therefore you can be protected but as be protected from treachery of the friend to which opened it. Friends take care; friends will betray unexpectedly and is thin. And especially fear unconscious of the treachery. The obliging fool - is more dangerous than the enemy. Nonsense is not a justification. It is necessary to be protected and from them. In "the Life Book" Teacher there are a lot of records about all types of treachery of relatives. Be not afflicted. Experience is very useful and valuable. Everything I will turn on advantage, even the harm thrown by the dark.

384. (Aug. 28). Let's give understanding to the events. Poorly is in the world. Disbalance got everywhere, and each person was divided in himself. As two enemies stand in the person against each other Light and darkness phenomena. Has to win Light! But difficulty of a victory is aggravated with spatial chaos. The bases are shifted, and all fluctuates. People try to grasp something and rush about in search of a support. But a support one is Hierarchy. Also won't come yet to It, the disbalance not to get rid. Human the disbalance it is reflected in planetary and causes it. The hopelessness circle turns out. It is necessary to break off and find a circle a way out, but not on that field of the appendix of energiya of mankind which it used so far. Leaving energy had the spheres for manifestation. Spheres should be replaced, old to replace new, and besides so that both the Sky, and Earth, truly, became New - New Earth, Earth updated and changed, and the New Sky. Last child of leaving race show ardent resistance, clinging to gets rid forms of life, feelings, emotions and thoughts. Everything is subject to full replacement; wine new pour in furs new! It is impossible to approve new forms of life with old thinking, rage, not goodwill, violence, treachery and all other accumulation of a leaving Era. It is necessary to change everything. Old strong seek to nestle in new and, having painted it the poison, to delay its essence. New - new. Updating of thinking is necessary for life transformation. Not exposed supporters of old Earth and the former Sky try to bring their darkness in new forms of life. The spatial chaos and antagonistic currents strengthen heaps of the past and help dark to take cover under different masks. But we Will tell directly: who against Light of the Future, that against Us. Forms of its expression is harmony and coherence, and, first of all, coherence of the person in itself. You, seeking to see the coherence world embodied on Earth, approve coherence full in the microcosms. Light will be included into the world through hearts human. I speak about coherence of heart and balance of spirit. If black fires of disharmony in heart storm, with heart such not to enter into the New World. The heart order, the great care of heart and great care of heart is necessary. A lot of heart poison in space is poured, and it is a lot of stinking hearts. We want to see the world of coherence and cooperation universal, world cooperation of hearts. Way such is! Through coherence individual to coherence universal; coherence of your microcosm is necessary not for you, but for the world. One, the heart approved in the light of coherence, is stronger than hundred thousand raging hearts. Light of their coordinated heart, raging, it is possible to result in harmony. Work on, self-restraint and mastering by fires of heart is work on advantage of all mankind, for the public good, but not so private matter concerning only the worker. It is honorable and nicely to work for Light and Hierarchy at the heart. Light its light in other hearts kindle. This work on also will be cooperation in Light with Hierarchy of Light, cooperation world and Space. It is necessary to understand only all depth and value of this imperceptible work without which SatiaYuga's approach is impossible. Beams of Lord Maitreya going to the world are powerfully directed to awaken heart in the person. The century of heart will enter through heart and will be approved by hearts of sets in life terrestrial on Earth.

385. (About Mother of the World). Great, You in Rays of light of yours Will unite in Light stray herd, and You, too it the Pastor Given from the Beginning of times of its conscious life, You Will approve your Era on Earth. And then the herd will be uniform and the Pastor Is uniform. And Light of heart becomes then Light of the World. And Light of hearts human will merge in Light uniform in Focus of Great Heart. Heart human, you will win against the world Beams of Great Mother of the World. Also the Heart Kingdom the Era of Heart will come then there is an Era of Mother of the World.

386. (Aug. 29). I approve the most urgent need of ability to dominate emotions and emotions. The person, who hasn't seized the astral beginning in is the slave, the slave to circumstances and a toy of accidents. Any price you aspire to the power over. After all it is the only way to power of spirit. Really it is possible to replace with something the right of primogeniture of spirit and to send itself to the power, and on favor, and worry to a violent astral cover? No severity, any cruelty, any chains and the bridle, shown in relation to it, will exist excessive or excessive. Because an astral - the enemy of spirit, the oppressor and his humiliation. And when the microcosm human is divided in itself, this enemy raises the head, dumps the chains of restraint imposed on it by will, and strong starts seeking to reduce consciousness of the person to the lowest possible step. Weak, weak-willed, frightened, the rushing about, the person given the authorities of an astral is the saddened, sad being. Gamblers, drunkards, addicts, vicious are his victims. It is necessary to be strong spirit that it costed. Already I said that the concession and submission of the power of emotions means loss of for the sake of what these experiences were allowed. Weakness of spirit in any form is condemned irrevocably. Its consequences are pernicious. Weaknesses, weakness don't show in anything, anywhere, before anything and before anybody and never. Understand that weakness of spirit is inevitable and inevitable loss something, and often the most valuable to the person. Let they, not won, will be pity slaves to an astral, but the winner judgment, going to the Lord, can't become the pity slave. Let the will of the winner display will be in everything, in each action which even isn't justified by that step by which its spirit rose. Be strong even in the weaknesses and never make anything against the will. Let the sanction of will be inflicted on all your actions what they were. Only the entrance to the Kingdom of Fire is open for the strong and the World Fiery is open and available. The best, the finely, but the weak and weak-willed person is absolutely not suitable for becoming the pupil of the Lord. Be on not to doze and severe patrol always immediately to bridle in to itself the slightest manifestation of weakness of spirit in what and as though it was shown. It is better to lose everything and everything, but to remain strong, than to keep everything, having lost the force. After all strength of mind is fire, in the spirit of burning, without fire decay and immediate decomposition of astral substance. Decaying walking dead persons, how many you are dishonored by a surface of a planet and infects space around with the noxious breath. The bony ghost of death stinking, death of spirit is covered under each display of its weakness. Be strong, Day breakers, and know that only the won reaches to Me. Itself won reaches.

387. Task dark first of all to weaken and then already to throw harm. You watch this visible feeling of a stupor of the powerlessness, sent by darkness. They are very characteristic as a threshold of harm done to spirit: as though the languor, as though not clear feeling that forces left. It is the first and very dangerous sign of approach of the darkness, enveloping will dark a snare that to suppress it.

388. (Aug. 30). (M.A.Y.). Nothing is lost, only approved the inevitable, - but as all these tricks for dark attendants of the evil are characteristic. You hold the Lord that the wave didn't wash away. The winner has to become courageous and fearless. When comes darkness, light strain inside. In Focus of the Face of the Lord concentrates (and it is condensed) spatial Light. By it is protected from a darkness impact. The image of the Lord in heart the found is invincible, and not perforation armor of its spirit.

389. The spatial thought constantly vibrates in Spheres. If it isn't available, so the receiver of consciousness isn't adjusted in the accord with it. The harp of spirit demands a mood for perception. Invisible contacts touch aura in the upset tone because the disbalance around is a lot of. Therefore the strong aspiration to harmonious Focus of Light that is to the Lord is necessary. Otherwise the spatial chaos disturbing perception not overcomes.

390. (Aug. 31). Words, even the most ardent if the spirit isn't ready to put them vitally are powerless. It is given so much, but, alas, as the part enclosed in life from this is small! It isn't enough to listen, it isn't enough nobility, it isn't enough to trust - it is necessary to put. We appreciate only the knowledge put into practice. Strong you seek to attach our Instructions in life current. Theoretical knowledge is good as a threshold to application in practice. Aspire always, anywhere and everywhere to show knowledge in operation. It is possible even to think, and what I can apply at present? There is no such minute when it would be impossible to make something in this direction. This conscious work on can be very fascinating. It is good to see itself as though possessing desirable quality that the easier it entered into a flesh and blood and became property of spirit. To Strong wish the applied knowledge. As people often are content with words about spirit opportunities, without understanding that without opportunity application is a smoke. Everything is possible now but if not to apply the knowledge conducting to these opportunities, in life, they will turn into anything. The missed opportunity is unique. A lot of things are given but if consciousness - a sieve full of holes, wisdom spills in vain. Passionately wish application given. You know power of a rhythm. You know value of the statement desirable even on the slightest. Hand Leading you has over you. Means, it is possible to go. Where to go? Let's tell: in appendix area in life of received knowledge over litter and a life scum. For this purpose and wings are given that over life usual to rise. You see a dotage example. It could take place only because the readable Doctrine wasn't applied in anything. Accumulation didn't appear, and there were covers a peel still during lifetime. Spirit accumulation, or deposits in the Bowl, consists of crystals of the applied energiya which are in operation approved. The person who isn't applying that knows robs himself. The consciousness which hasn't saved up these crystal deposits of energiya approved in application turns into anything on death. The spirit remains because it is immortal but to live he has nothing because its Bowl is empty. When Amrita's Bowl is saved up, it is possible to drink from it endlessly - fiery drink of immortality is inexhaustible. That is why so overflowed the Teacher Light Bowl Address to people, and, really, listening, both not applying, and the constructed house of spirit on sand small and slightest will be named in Light Kingdom, in World Aboveground because, without having accumulation, won't have, than to live. The ram will stupidly face the greatest works of art - they for him don't exist. Also the person without accumulation is in World Highest, Hidden. Collectors of treasures We Call them collecting treasures in the Bowl, thin energiya collecting crystal deposits. Everyone can wonder: "What My harvest from a field terrestrial? » It is good to collect abundance of fruits of experience of life on Earth. It is as though better to explain still that there is nothing more valuably neither on Earth, nor in the Sky, than the saved-up treasure - to a decay isn't exposed, of the rust not eat, the moth doesn't devour, but shines fires, as a brilliant. On Light from the outside with the light answers, refracted in it, but seen by all. "But if light, which in you is darkness, that what is darkness?" So we will think of serving not to darkness, but Light; to light in it, switched on from the High Light.

391. (Sept. 1). Revaluation of values! Everything that is valuable and matters in the opinion of the inhabitant, for the Highest World, but that is valuable, that the most valuable is in World Aboveground. And, hardly noticeable here, on Earth, there they blossom and cause an environment of the person. In content, heat and luxury there can live here the person, the best qualities of spirit deprived, but there will be a deprived he there. And wellbeing terrestrial won't give qualities of spirit, and all gold of the world won't add them, won't give their honor and differences human. Look at them, spirit burning and bearing the lamp highly. Than these people by crowd - slander, an abuse, sneers, prosecutions, fires and torments were distinguished. But qualities of spirit were born highly by them in the world terrestrial through stones and life thorns. And here deprived of everything, but resisted in the spirit of, carefully and preserve carried by not destroyed, hidden property through life. It is worth working at it that not only to hold, but also to increase it, - so qualities of spirit a basis lay down in immortal "I" the person. Imperceptible, invisible work over the statement of qualities in itself crowns visible and is obvious when the body is dumped. Certainly, these qualities and on Earth because without them there are neither heroes, nor devotees, Light Carriers are shown. But the purse with gold, either a check-book, or money filled the pocket is appreciated more, than, say, balance of spirit, either self-checking, or light radiated by heart. The check-book gives all conveniences, comfort and a full stomach, but intense vigilance or ability to perceive thoughts of space or the Teacher doesn't give them. But they deprived of qualities of spirit, in the World other, over Earth will be beggars. Therefore I Speak: "Look for and claim that is most valuable". This work on can be conducted constantly. It is possible to fall in love with it as work the most essential and necessary. It will be so possible to understand that the imperishable, not destroyed property is carried with himself by the person constantly and here, and in the Worlds. Qualities of spirit make accumulation of the Bowl of Amrita. It is necessary to reflect on them, it is necessary to aspire to them heart, it is necessary to wish them all force. At each this moment any of them созвучит to spirit is strongest than the other. It also is approve. Take a necklace for bead and lift it - all necklaces will rise; also qualities of spirit. If you claim strong any of them, all microcosm of the person tries to keep step up with it. And the spirit the statement of qualities conformable will rise. It is much easier, more joyful and more pleasant to approve quality sounding at present, than dissonant. Will approve the last by violence over and fruits won't bear. Especially harmfully to cause and approve qualities violently dissonant to them in relatives. It is necessary to scent at first that to close spirit it is conformable. Let's not be tired, we won't get tired in making because, ennobling itself, Earth with myself it is lifted. The spirit lever - that lever with which Archimedes wanted lift Earth and for which it didn't find a support. The Lord is a support to spirit for a rising of a sphere terrestrial.

392. (Sept. 2). Hour not improve current even if to collect all forces because a spatial notes is reality. But reaction of consciousness to it can be regulated will. Therefore and precepted firmness that hour difficult worry without being unsteady. From consciousness of spatial chaos not to leave, - the burden of the world lies on shoulders of the Carrier of Light. Courageously, light-also it is beautifully necessary to meet waves of the counteracting and disharmonious phenomena. Even the death can be met beautifully. People because believe in death aren't able to die beautifully and are afraid of transition of Great Borders. But the knowledge to spirit gives freedom and strength fearlessly to face death that to win against it. Victory over death is here the purpose which the pupil has to deliver to himself. Examples of a victory over death are available much. "Death on death having trampled", you sing in your temples, but to life, but to yourselves, but to people around you don't apply this great formula of life. But the death, and everyone, following Me is trampled, the powerful winner will be. I Won against it. Victory over death - whether this achievement! It is necessary to prepare for a victory, it not to get without effort. Nothing is given without a payment. It is necessary to pay for knowledge - work, reflection, thought. The consciousness isn't material, the consciousness can't die. But if there is it of elements every day, empty and soon the passing skoro as it can endure of what consists if parts making it is passing and are mortal. But when the consciousness is filled with immortality elements when the enduring is regarded as of paramount importance when heart the belongs to that is immortal in the most essence, then the victory over death and consciousness is provided reaches a condition of not interruptibility and passes Great Borders, without losing itself. To live not in temporary, but in eternal, it approving, and will be immortal a way, or by immortality. It is necessary to expand consciousness, it is necessary to go beyond a circle of the personality small, doomed to death a small circle. Thoughts of people so seldom direct out of limits of this circle which it is possible to call a death circle because all energy in it are short too and don't leave usually out of limits of that small life which leads on Earth of people. Let energy of spirit freely and safely direct far beyond this small circle of death. Let, rising over it and over many lives in a body, they will make an immortality thread on which are strung as a beads, separate lives of terrestrial embodiments. This thread of life immortal, going to a past and to the future, rests both ends against eternity and closes the Great Circle of the Great Cycle, in Boundlessness Real and being the Eternity Face in aspect of life of human spirit. Further, further, as it is possible direct in the future of energy of spirit further. Why to take one, either two, or three lives when all Boundlessness and Eternity lies before spirit and wait that it impregnated its bosom the fires. And where, these rush energy, fiery focuses of grains of creative power of spirit, employees to it on the future milestones of a way to Boundlessness flash.
Throwing anchors are farther, a way to Boundlessness to them we approve. And by spirit it is flown up over a little of a personal circle of life separate (this embodiment). For this purpose the concept of a chain of embodiments, concept of immortality, concept of Pralaya, both Manvantara, and Circles, and the Great Cycle, a chain of planets and a way of the person on Stars are given. Because the spirit human, your spirit, the prisoner in this transitory and mortal body is truly immortal and makes the way in the Great Receptacle of Mother of the World, in an infinite space from the Star on the Star, from one Solar system on another, from Manvantara of the present in new Manvantara of the future, both so endlessly, and so without a limit, because Boundlessness - a limit, because a limit - Boundlessness.

393. (Sept. 3). People are inclined to incline before foreign will or authority. It is necessary to go without inclining. The will is free. Will - a divine prerogative of spirit. Even the Lord Wants not submission, but the accord of will free with Will He. As and with Will of the Highest, Will Space of free merge the person, but not has to look for its violence over. Slavish tendencies are strong in a human nature because are generated by long eyelids of slavery, violence and blind submission to the self-approved authorities. Nowadays there is a century of freedom. The spirit of the person is exempted from violent submission to that to it isn't conformable. Freely go to Me, it is free with Me consonance. You are gods and anybody and can deliver nothing your freedom of barriers. You in the spirit of and spirit are free - not in a body freedom. Also there is no it in covers. Only in a fiery body, Light body, the spirit learns true freedom. While try to learn that degree of freedom which the spirit is fated to learn on Earth in Communication with the Lord of Light. And the will don't incline before anybody and before anything. They can break your body, and to break bones, or to cast into a dungeon, but spirit we won't break. You in the spirit of haven't to incline. Traditions, people, habits, customs - chains for spirit, his free will held down on hands and feet. In the spirit of be free from all that is accepted in the world people as forms of expression of life. Many ridiculous heaps connect freedom of spirit. It is a lot of attempts from dark people the will to impose to the neighbors. Terrestrial give terrestrial, but - in the spirit of freedom, but - spirit, free from slavery of the invented bonds. Chains house, chains of customs, chains standard, eyelids of the established thinking of ignorant minds! The crystallized darkness of ignorance held down free will and thought concluded in a dungeon. Understand that think of freedom anybody and nothing will be able to stop if the person doesn't give voluntary free will to submission to someone. Remove the press of others arbitrariness from the thought and be free. Both the church and science will be blind, burdened by dogmas, a ban and denials. About the chains imposed by become lifeless religions on freedom of thinking, it is possible and not to speak, it is worth remembering only the holy inquisition or official clericalism. But the science denying boundlessness of the cognizable world in its visible and invisible spheres - is ridiculous, ignorant and it is inappropriate. Such religions and such science are jailers to spirit. They trample on freedom it. Your apostle told: "You learn Truth, and the Truth will make you free". Who imposed chains on your freedom, having made freeborn slaves! Nowadays keys from the God's Kingdom that is from the Highest World, are selected from those who took control of them, itself without entering and others without letting in, and are transferred to all who spirit wants to approve the freedom now. Why between Me and you put pages of the decayed writing or scientific works of the abstruse ignoramuses denying spirit in the person? Go freely, go to Me. I strong will sate with knowledge all your aspirations. Free I Want to see you nowadays, to Me coming behind Light. In chains not reach. To Top in chains not to rise. Dump fetters free will and become free in the spirit of.

394. Types of slavery are various. One in slavery at fear, another is at passions, the third - at opinions of strangers. So variously it is slavery of free people in slavery at the thoughts, - because freedom and slavery of spirit are caused by thought. And the thought can release only. Therefore we Liberate thought from chains of century superstitions, prejudices, ignorance and denials. Denials - too chains because don't give the chance to the person to direct out of limits of the standard restrictions. The right realize on free thought and safely it direct in area unknown, inaccessible and incomprehensible because all thoughts openly and aren't present for it the blazed roads as there are no them to an eagle in skies.

395. (Sept. 4). (Mother World). The sphere limited each phenomenon in Space. Each sphere sounds the tension. Their accord is called as music of spheres. As the microcosm human has a sounding note also. This note to spatial spheres is conformable. The ruling Planet of the celestial map of the person operates it according to the accord. But the will of the person can direct consonance the microcosm with the sphere of a star which chooses object of the aspiration. Reciprocal vibration will be a beam the conscious and apprehended person, the Beam of the Far Star. And then the harp of spirit will vibrate on a distant spatial Beam. The purpose of Communication with the Distant Worlds - come into conformable contact. The star of the Empress of the World is included into board over Earth, and conformable contact with her Beams becomes space possible and strong essential. It is possible to be given by spirit freely to influence of these Beams. Influence amplifies understanding. To allow the Sun beam, it is necessary to open a window and to lift curtains. The window of soul has to be open towards to Beams of the Star of Mother of the World. To accept in consciousness sent to Earth of energy will be not only possible, but also feasible. Also the person of Light will eat then beams. Also the person in constancy of communication with a leading Star will be approved then. The thought will construct the bridge through space with the conformable sphere of the aspirations. Terrestrial means of communication easily allow people to communicate on all spheres. Their people build, works and efforts that making. Rays of light serve as channels to spatial communication, and on them the thought moves. From influence of beams before conscious communication the distance is great. Influence all, but so a little entering into communication it is conscious. The thought directs up, but terrestrial gravitations by freight serve it on wings, and it is difficult to rise from Earth. Constancy of aspiration can discharge an attraction from top to bottom. And then it will be free to beams the force display in attractions of the highest.

396. (M.A.Y.). The thousand-year Proximity to Great Heart remains invariable and here, on Earth, and in the World over it. Whether here, whether there, but all of you is in our family, among relatives to us spirits. And care not left here, and there. You will leave from here - there will meet. Work and there, and works is endlessly. The love doesn't die with a body; the love isn't connected by a body, but endures it, and its light threads perforation space and all spheres, reaching consciousness of two whom are directed. Communication with those who was dear to heart goes feeling of love directed and Earth left. Separation for a while, but actual isn't present isolation if heart love flares to the one who left. And if he went to high spheres, think prevents to get of nothing there if it is high. And connected by friendship strongly nothing stirs to each other burning hearts to communication by love. Stirs only a body and its terrestrial environment, but, in the spirit of it having come off, darling can send the best thoughts and feelings and heart to scent darling proximity.

397. (Sept. 5). Balance of spirit - force. Tranquility - force. Without restraint can be neither balance, nor tranquility. Restraint - force because it restrain from dispersion fiery energy in the person. It is impossible to save up forces, without constraining it. Accumulation also is process of its control in the sphere of a microcosm human. Any impetuous flare or flashes are certainly inadmissible. Accumulation of fiery force by silence is no other than long process of keeping and energy collecting in itself by the statement of restraint. The person is so arranged that reacts to influences of the outside world, each reaction giving outside the force. If to stop such reaction in the root at the moment of its origin and not to react to going influence in any way, but to constrain the flowing-away force, there will be a phenomenon of accumulation of energy. With balance and tranquility of reaction to external waves aren't accompanied by leakage of force. It also will be manifestation of quality of restraint. It is possible to answer any question, it is possible to execute that demands life, it is possible to reply on external influences, but not to permit to an astral to leave an equilibrium state. Both then, and only then quality of restraint the display will be full. The astral strong aspires is unrestrained to react to everything, breaking balance of a microcosm. All movements in the astral conductor should be given to silence. Whatever it was necessary to do and how to arrive, an astral it is possible to force to break off. Behave as if everything occurring to you, concerns not you, and another, absolutely the stranger, and you only taking a detached view. From thoughts, from words, from acts you seek to withdraw the emotional beginning of a karmic order. The astral is a spendthrift of fiery forces. Restraint is restraint of an astral and preservation of fiery energy in the person. The electromagnetic battery of the device human is charged then positively, accumulating fiery power. If tell something important in balance full or overwhelmed by violent display of an astral, in the first case influence on people around will be immeasurably stronger, than in the second. Who doesn't own itself (himself) and can't constrain itself, that anyone owns and anything, but only not he. Who isn't self-controlled, that others own. Each not possession of in the presence of other person is given not owning itself to the power of before whom display by this weakness because at the time of the energy category which accompanies the fieriness, devastated and unprotected there is a person for any influence. Fieriness does it by the victim, defenseless and weak, and gives to the power to any influence this minute of a full discharge of energy of the fiery device. And then time that to save up it again is required. To preserve itself and it is possible to be protected only by restraint that is possession of. Accumulating force and keeping it, it is possible not to be afraid of harm from external influences; having pushed about armor Terosa, will jump aside hostile arrows. So restraint is the best self-defense. Powers of darkness especially like to seize immediately the moment of loss of balance and a discharge. In formed from leakage of energy a gap they interfere strong. Therefore be twice careful also fieriness not represent. Too the price is great for indulgence to an astral. At these moments of dissoluteness and weakness the advantage of spirit is lost and there is a person a cover empty and a weather vane for others winds. The moment after each explosion of fieriness is humiliating. And whether everything is equal, Big this Bang or small if harm is done. You study the phenomenon of the internal concentration approved by restraint, as though the energy, given outside, are called inside and gather in a fist or a kernel for its quiet application. Power of water elements can destroy a dam, crumpled on the way all dams, but it is possible to bridle it, and to direct on work, and to force to serve itself with advantage great. Energy of spirit flows, as a stream. If to detain her and to save up in an organism, waves can be directed her then will on any work on any task, but before it is necessary to save up it. Restraint serves as a dam for detention and accumulation of a fiery stock. Accumulation of a stream of energy is impossible without a display of quality of restraint. Thoughts and feelings, and emotions shouldn't be shown outside. If himself the person is iron will over them seized. Spirit bridle on feelings is. "Mastering by went, the Lord!"

398. When you meet counteraction, let's an arrow fly by. Without meeting repulse, energy opposite right there also will settle itself. And then act - the devastated consciousness will be powerlessly. Be able to evade from blow; broken into open gate falls to the ground. As a result - the injured nose because, without having encountered resistance, becomes it the only victim of own energiya which settle on it up to the end all the force – and grief is the tyrant. People heard about how It is told: "Don't oppose angry", but didn't understand up to the end. And the enemy should be substituted a cheek skillfully. Who will want to go in bruises? Really the Teacher Spoke about a fight? Allegory took literally and preferred to beat, than to be beaten. But laws of mental energy and an ardent opposite angry by nonresistance external that with a nose broken those who differently their victim would become could top violence of the strong even meant.
If in rage, irritation and discontent the person snatches on you, you are silent. Internally break off completely and, having surrounded with tranquility, continue to be silent. Let all charge of rage will fall upon you and, without having met the accord, will pass by. You are silent that it costed. It will be pity struck blow. Truly, heated coals it too itself on the head, will bring together itself punishing. The victory will be full if completeness of silence (or restraint) is observed.

399. (Sept. 6). Today consider as day of our Proximity. Realize a press it. Everything is created by thought, - also Proximity of Communication. Temper it on overcoming of contrasts. In balance it is possible to meet the going phenomena of life. It (this balance) means that these phenomena of the power over spirit any more have no. The statement of balance, tranquility, restraint and self-control in relation to the phenomena external means the power over them. It is impossible to seize the phenomenon, itself without having seized. At first there is a release from the power of the phenomena over consciousness, and then the statement of the power over them. The one who is in someone's power or under the power of something can't dominate. The lord of the power is he who has approved balance of spirit. Not about dominion over people, but the Teacher Speaks about dominion over himself and the phenomena. This power means domination over energiya of star beams and submission to their will. Stars influence, but don't operate the person. To a victory over star influences the Teacher Conducts, - more than once won against their force. The victory over gives this victory over them. Therefore it is good to think that else now it is possible to subordinate to the will in the microcosm. Everything is subject to submission and will control, all processes, everything occurring inside. The matter of the will has no, but the person, and a stream of a matter of different orders and the plans, flowing through conductors of the person has it, can be subordinated to the will power. I speak about the statement of will. Fight against diseases, physical weakness, old age, decrepitude, fatigue, fight up to the end, to a victory, conducts to the statement of will. Any illness is disharmony. The will wins chaos. Disharmony, or inconsistency, in a physical cover, is overcome by astral or mental will. And each victory over them is the statement of will and the power over the conductors. The pleasure gives arbitrariness and randomness restraint in the covers investing spirit. They are willful that will which gave them and which was enclosed in them by the person. No own have. The person gave, he can take. The main thing - understand that the matter of covers in itself is deprived of the will phenomenon. The will is fiery attribute of spirit. The matter is inert, but has ability to be induced to movement by will. And when you encounter matter resistance, there is it or because she is inert on herself or because energy of will was already enclosed in it by the person and his, perhaps, rash and wrong actions. If the person accustomed itself to sleep in the forenoon, with a dawn lifting will demand effort of will. Habits are the phenomenon of the crystallized will, tension of the same will demanding for their overcoming, but still the bigger. Even the old painful phenomena in a body will it is possible to treat, subordinating a matter of sick fabric the will order because the matter has no it and pathogenic process goes spontaneously. The objection can follow that the part of diseases is caused by infectious bacteria. But why then catch and everything though these bacteria are in the air, are in food, in intestines and on mucous membranes of the person? Immunity in the spirit of, in its power of crystallized will! I speak about Arhat, the power approved over the body. Many Arhats’ were ill. There are sacred pains, but whether heard when that the Savior was ill? There is a step of the power over a body when leaves an illness. To that direct, on small things approving will of the power over the body. Win, at least in small at first, feelings of pain, fatigue, an indisposition, cold, hunger and other purely physical feelings. Win against movements an astral, his emotions and a feeling-knowledge and thought own, thinking that is necessary for will, but without following the tastes of thoughts casual, empty and unnecessary. Unless it is possible to waste on them time when it is necessary to make still so much and it is expensive every moment. As it is possible to be idle when the body constantly needs care, increase of a tone of life in its this or that part, body, a place or when feelings, emotions, thoughts it is necessary to replace lighter and life - giving As work on, on the microcosm is fascinating and infinitely joyful! Each painful feeling let immediately causes an impulse of fight against it and approves in operation will. For the first, perhaps, unsuccessful, attempt let the second follows, the third, the 100-th and so endlessly up to a victory because can't but win against spirit immortal and eternal temporariness of the current combinations of material combinations, fiery will have not having. It is possible to win against everything if awareness of the power allows. Often the illness raises the head and persists in direct compliance with it to struggle with inability and unwillingness. The illness, disharmony, chaos is enemies. Will it is necessary to fight with them, it is powerful it straining. Crystals of mental energy introduce in the struck fabrics. Let in them fires burn and flare and sate with life fire sick cages, improving one and throwing out become lifeless of an organism. Will fight, will fire. At seeming failure give new, stronger, will tension. Know and believe that it is possible because everything is possible now. Now fire time, the Era of Fire comes. On belief and the knowledge, on belief will be given you that there was it a faith-knowledge. Strong applies instructed and the force we will find. And the will mighty becomes. The will as the muscle, needs continuous exercise, but will atrophy in inaction. If in something else didn't succeed, so will tension was insufficient. It is almost impossible to struggle with sacred pains because are caused by the birth in a body of fires. We speak about diseases usual, their will it is possible to treat, to will it is possible to add medicine and usual means. Will their action strengthens/Finally the mental energy set in motion by will works? Will you treat the inconsistency and disharmony phenomena in all covers and, first of all, - in astral. That wins all who will manage to win against itself. There is no such obstacle which the will of the person who has realized the power couldn't overcome.

400. In due course the Teacher Instructs how to develop and strengthen will. The will is divine attribute of spirit. Will Creator Planet and will of the ordinary person differ on degree, but beside the point? And the will has ability to grow and develop infinitely. The limit to development of will isn't present. This development can go spontaneously, and process often happen even the return. It is a lot of ill lack of will - the saddest show. But education and will development can take spirit consciously in hand. The will needs continuous conscious exercise. There can't be actions weak-willed. Lack of will is hostility against divine human nature. The weak-willed being is doomed to death. Without will it becomes easy the person the victim of dark influences. Without will it is impossible. Value of will having understood and having realized boundlessness of power of spirit, strong start the will exercising, it is constant it tempering on everything and in all that goes against the highest coherence of spirit. Can show on Earth coherence the highest only fire spirit, the force approved. Fight continued for the right to be the called son of the Lord. Strong and powerfully fight, fight at night and in the afternoon, not to interrupt Light weapon.