Agni Yoga's facets, 1957 (401-550)

401. (Sept. 7). Thought we realize Boundlessness and thought her we embrace. Only to thought it is available, to thought and consciousness. Certainly, it extends and grows to embrace the immense. Boundlessness visible and Boundlessness of the Invisible World is which from them is more? Two infinitely big sizes, but Hidden are more because includes space of the Highest measurements. This last excludes features of three measured worlds - distance and time, and puts terrestrial mind before a riddle, insoluble terrestrial understanding. Therefore the highest step of cognition - consciousness fiery is given to the person. The opened centers generate it and make the Boundlessness phenomenon available for cognition. The proximity of the Teacher when opening the centers becomes possible and the person on the narrow track of life conducting in life boundless, in life of Boundlessness enters then. Look for the statement of fire in the microcosm, and the spatial fire reduced from the Sky to Earth, in the Sky will lift itself all your consciousness, fiery changing it and all organism. Fiery transformation of the person goes on all plans, changing spirit, soul and a body, and fiery there is then all microcosm human.

402. (Sept. 8). "Also I enjoined to cease to winds... «About the power of the person over elements tell ancient legends of all people. Elements of fire, air, water and the earth are won by the person in their visible and invisible, the highest, aspects on plans various. To go forward, it is necessary to have the purpose. The purpose of the person is the power over the nature, the power over the world, the power over a matter and Macrocosm’s energiya. But the person - a microcosm, everything that is available in Macro - by the Universe is concluded in it, all elements, all of energy. And the way to this regal power lies in the person through him. Against itself having won and having subordinated to will the nature, reaches thereby spirit human the power over the world. Words of the Savior "I Won the world" have value the deepest, because, truly, I had the power It over a flesh that is over a matter. We know and heard about a raising on air, about circulation on water, on fire, burial alive to the Earth for the whole months, but all these only primary steps of power of spirit, a limit to which isn't present. The founder of the Planet who was too once the person, Has the power over those elements of which it consists. Potential of power of spirit is immeasurable and boundless. This potential each person possesses. But as people and as they are far from this regal power are helpless. And still it can set as the purpose of the life of this power to reach. But as how begin? The way is long and demands, first of all, purpose understanding. Then the understanding that it lies through mastering by the microcosm, through mastering by a body and all its covers, or conductors, and energiya, them setting in motion is necessary. Much in himself the person already seized, though doesn't give to itself in it the account. Means, it is necessary to continue to expand already reached, taking all new and new areas and deepening mastering by them. Let's return again to it is necessary what to begin with small, available and possible. Impossibility it is easy to stop desire to move further. Possibly everything, but not at once, but gradually, but, beginning at least with the small and slightest things. It is necessary to leave a cliché of the usual relation to everyday occurrences, it is necessary to reject it. The person was tired - it is necessary to reject fatigue, it is necessary to win against it, at least there was small this victory in the beginning. The cold and hunger, diseases are at first moderated, and then are won at all. The spirit is gradually accustomed to dominate in everything over usual feelings and to get the power over processes of a body and functions of its bodies. With small, it is possible to begin with the smallest and, having realized inevitable results of small victories and overcoming, it is possible to pass to bigger, then to big, and then and to the great. This condition of continuous fight, overcoming and victory over by itself becomes usual way of life for the person going to this regal purpose of a victory over the world. In the microcosm it has inexhaustible opportunities to exercise and develop strength of mind. Process is infinite and goes, accruing. Has no value if something didn't work well or worked well only partly, at persistence and will growing nevertheless that moment when the spirit will win will come. It is necessary to remember only that everything is achievable for spirit which realized that it in the future the winner judgment over the world inside and outside. It isn't necessary small to shun. From the purpose far separate its distances huge. But it is necessary to pass them, and each step in this direction, even slightest, approaches to it. Means, it is necessary to keep steadily the elected of the direction, without deviating it, and to take such steps, that is to move so quickly as far as the reality allows. The actual success or victory will be reality; it is as though small was. The will appendix in application in practice of life- given by Teacher Specify also will be in the shortest way. In the beginning it is necessary to understand, what not people around, not external conditions, but first of all the person will be the fight arena, the winner judgment. If was won by the winner, he has advantage of that immeasurably big than if the whole world got. External no value has if the spirit goes a dearly-bought victory. Where it was and whatever did if it only victoriously, the benefit to it and it on a way. Let any failure, let any defeat, let anybody and will hold nothing from a new victory. It is impossible to overcome something if doesn't permit insufficiently still the powerful fiery potential of spirit. But it is impossible to be given, but it is impossible to recede, but it is necessary to become face to face before failure as before stronger enemy, a sword without dropping and eyes without lowering from the enemy to be every moment ready to strike new blow, a type of a back without showing and invincibility it without having recognized. Everything, against all the person because in the microcosm he is the uniform lord and the nature of things can win himself the power over is given it. Day of life current is filled at everyone with thoughts, feelings, emotions, feelings. They uncontrolledly flow and dominate over the person. Let also flow as flew, but under will aegis, but under its control, but any more without owning consciousness. Specify Teacher way to tops of power of spirit, but from the lowland, from a mountain foot, that nobody could plead impossibility to reach the unattainable, - because everything is achievable now. The era of Fire comes. Fire the winner, you I Announce to the world.

403. Let's speak about small overcoming of a flesh, because with them and we will begin when it is far to the great; in the life see that you can overcome in everyone this moment. Can be - fatigue, can be - an indisposition, can be - pain passing, can be a dream or sleeplessness. Each new victory gives accumulation of fiery force; it is as though small was if only it is a spirit victory. Thousand opportunities are scattered among life usual, doing it unusual. Fire of spirit wins a body, increasing and saving up each victory crystals of mental energy, gradually giving the power to spirit over fiery elements in it. In itself seizing it, it is possible to begin display this power over not relics of others microcosm, helping people feasibly too strong to become.

404. (Sept. 9). If only spirit fire didn't die away! Because while it burns and shines around, executes the appointment on Earth of people. Appointment is torch of spirit to be born through darkness of life external where cry also a gnash tooth. Fire burning in heart is a sign of that we don't win against spirit circumstances of life. Dared to pass through life and before it not to be inclined will be a way of the winner. Specify Teacher this victorious way as uniform solution of life. The despondency, hopelessness, fear, powerlessness, weakness is spirit treachery, and everything that go out fires, at the same time. Extinction of fires is death of spirit. Also the person passes to the category of live dead persons then. You look at them, spirit burning and kept this fire up to the end. The enthusiasm of spirit is valuable, from where it proceeded, if only these fires not from darkness. But black fires light up in black only heart and light with itself don't bear. Spirit died away, life forgotten, fires lost, died you for solar life victorious and your way is dark. Not to be inclined before anything by spirit - our way. The advantage of spirit is proud to store in the face of the most adverse conditions - our way. Before seeming defeat to approve the victory is our way. Our way is a way strong spirit. We call to go together with Us. Not honor if who hangs spirit before a temporary heap of the planetary conditions, aspiring to break spirit. The spirit because it is eternal, and the conditions, seeming breaking, only Maya ghosts, which as dreadful phantoms, surround spirit with a hopelessness ring is indestructible. But the Beam of the Lord is over the head; costs only a hand to stretch over a scum dense and dark. The exit is up open and available always whatever it was created around. Even the robber on a cross found this way out and through it escaped the darkness which has surrounded it among a hopelessness of a dense environment. I with you always and therefore can stop nothing your aspiration up whatever occurred around and below. Dark very much want to close this exit, but are powerless if remembers consciousness constantly that the Lord and his Beam from above, but not under a heel is close. The bottom is an area of feelings of the lowest and lowest emotions, and top - Light area. For Light you strive, and the lowest spheres won't tighten you in the orbit. With you Lord. You remember it when it becomes too dark.

405. (Sept. 10). Even these heavy days when the consciousness chokes under pressure of heavy currents, nevertheless it is possible to move somehow on the victorious way, to strengthen something, to approve something and to operate something. The world inside, though struck by an echo of spatial chaos, nevertheless it is possible to bring into a condition victorious, because over the world in the lord - the person. Body - not I, an astral - not I, menthol - not I, I - above, over them. Both thoughts, and feelings, and feelings of a body pass, but their felt - over their transient. Looking at everything that inside and outside flows an infinite stream before you, it realize only Looking, the Witness of life of the phenomena, their passionless Recorder. It is necessary to separate in itself the one, who looks, from that, on what Dumb Witness, inside the staying looks. If it falls down, identifying itself with the events, it loses itself then in this stream. It is necessary to leave a stream and to come to the coast. Let by rushes, imprinting on a life tape everything that it carries by. The consciousness fluctuates between full immersion in waters of a stream and aspiration to leave it. Wheel of births and death - how to leave a wheel? Only having destroyed attachment to that in a wheel, and having become free.

406. (Sept. 11). (Mother World). The window in Boundlessness is cut through by thought. And the thought reigns in it. For spirit in space life is in thought. Not in a body and feelings corporal because there is no body, not in emotions and astral movements because it there isn't necessary, but in thought. Consider that the thought is a product of a brain and without it manifestation can't, but it only in a body and on Earth. In the world Elevated, in space - the spirit invested by being shone matter, has no brain, but nevertheless thinks and feels life much more brightly and more stoutly, than on Earth. Life is transferred to thought with all its inexhaustible opportunities. It is possible to look at the thought which hasn't been connected by terrestrial use, as on following, the highest, a step of existence of the person in World Aboveground because he lives in it thought, - lives and on Earth, only without realizing the Supreme value of thought. Establishing the accord with the Sphere of the Star of Mother of the World, it must be kept in mind that contact is approved by thought. The thought plunges into aura of the Far Star and in it stays, magnitno attracting to itself conformable with it elements; about what thought, about volume and an echo, or the answer. The thought directed on a key of beauty, to its accord in measurements of the Highest, will return to send it’s aggravated by Beauty. Certainly, the Highest Spheres sound Beauty. Beauty of thought, sating the spirit, all manifestations it notes beauty. To enter into the Highest Spheres, it is necessary to learn to live beauty that is it is beautiful, still here, on Earth. And then the aura of the Star of Mother of the World becomes more deeply available. Movements, gestures, words, feelings, thoughts, the clothes, and all environments it is possible to make beautiful. As often expression of the person doesn't correspond to the principle of beauty; unless, at least in words, it is impossible express beauty constantly? Service of Mother of the World can go only under the sign of Beauty. The beauty is the key opening an entrance to its Spheres. Service to Beauty is service to the New World, the New Era of Fire, and the Era of Mother of the World.

407. (Sept. 12). There is an inevitable. The iron law of karmic inevitability conducts to judgment execution of will of terms. And any more the will or desires of certain people has no value. When there comes term, to what it is necessary comes true. Secret of terms it isn't allowed to know, but signs at the right time are given and instructions are sent. Signs are caused by the space right. Every day approaches to judgment time. Judgment will be - the patience should be had.

408. (Sept. 13). Let's give a reminder on the future. It isn't visible it, but it already is, it exists invisibly. In the world of the reasons its essence is issued. Both the city isn't visible behind the wood, and the future - behind the present. Lack of visibility or impossibility to see yet doesn't mean that something doesn't exist. Tomorrow too it is impossible to see, but it is and we won't avert, as destiny. The reality can be not always visible. But heart can it feeling-know, and wisdom - to expect. Heart enlightenment in the future is available to the person. We both Know, and we See. For the reasons which are, we Define the future which will be. And, Seeing it, we Speak: "Rejoice, children". The thought of the future, the guarantee to which We Give, let pleasure will be. I Testify Itself proximity of terms. Because of trees of the wood doesn't see the consciousness aggravated by the present. But future signs as trees in the wood, surround a circle of the person - should be seen only. Seen it will join and will live as though in it. Also there is it to it a reality which is inevitably going to be given dense shapes. Just as the first Arrival of the Savior to Earth is a necessary step of the second Coming. In the same way and all events nowadays is an inevitable step of Arrival of Lord Maitreya. The spiral of inevitability causes what should be in your days. Expect it, and steps of the Future can obviously begin to sound.

409. (Sept. 14). A lot of the superfluous is told and a lot of the unnecessary becomes. If that is necessary became and said only, the way would be how more facilitated! For this purpose Specified expediency and commensurability of to what the person is directed. Discrepancy is destructive, and it lays down in the basis a disbalance, and there is then a person the house, in himself divided. The ram punching a wall, is directed by each particle in one direction that in a point of the appendix of its force to concentrate all energy for blow. There is no separation and there is no dispersion, isn't present and there can't be they at expediency and commensurability observance. As though the person it commensurate the life and each step with essence of for the sake of what he came to Earth and for the sake of what lives. The knowledge doesn't exempt the person neither from duties, nor from a debt neither to, nor to people, but exempts from ignorance. And there is a lot of grief in much knowledge. To coordinate display of energiya of a microcosm for the purpose of far will be that step, without which prevail against further advance is impossible. The task also consists in it: to show coherence the highest. And then all microcosm of the person as all parts of the ram hitting into the purpose by the concentrated force in one point, directs to the purpose uniform. The purpose is high: to open everything and to find inside to put outside, in lives, that is house of spirit to approve on the basis strong and unshakable when no winds, any storms are terrible. Certainly, passes everything, and this passing isn't important, but this unimportant causes something very important inside. And therefore on fruits the tree is learned also. There is nothing important or unimportant, good or bad, kind or angry in itself as all this serves a steady ascension of spirit. But everything that interferes, disturbs, and detains spirit growth, and extinguishes fires - badly unconditionally if the will doesn't overcome it. Many consciousnesses stumbled on conditionally good things. Well everything that light Agni in the person forces to inflame, and it is bad that extinguishes it, - so changes criterion "good" everything, that around. Life is difficult, it is easy to get lost, be mistaken in the major it is impossible.

410. (Sept. 15). The purpose remains invariable through all embodiments, on all Planets, in all Worlds and in Boundlessness. And whatever height I reached spirit, the end isn't present. And new tops of boundless power of Spirit call the winner everything higher and higher. That is why it is so important to keep the purpose and knowledge of for what life is given to carry by through it great appointment not to belittle. To know a way and its intimate sense to the little it is given. But they, these few, lead the world. Evolution Real and evolution of mankind are possible only because it is headed by the Fire Spirits knowing a life. To adjoin an assembly of Leaders will be a victory over life. And it is valid, there is then other-worldly person, but from the world of Leaders. Sons of Fiery Yoga - so we will call them which entered into an orbit of an attraction of the Space Magnet and have become spokesmen of its power. Understanding of the purpose great, intimate and carefully carried by through life, gives in hands of the person a key from the subsequent steps, and boundlessness of cognition serves as the guarantee to opportunity to reach impossible, having directed to unattainable on Earth. Spirit increase on Beauty and magnificence all of new and new spatial thoughts growing will be a shining way of the winner. Spirit increase on thought means that it is necessary to grow to new spatial thoughts spirit, and them to expand ability of containment incessantly - differently jugs brought won't contain some fiery drink, and baskets prepared will be unusable for space treasures, and wisdom will spill in vain. How many parcels are carried by, without having left in consciousness any trace. Therefore commensurability is supplemented with the accord that is ability of consciousness consonance on the highest calls of space. And then the dilemma of lentil soup and a primogeniture of spirit rises in all growth. How many them, the right of a primogeniture of the spirit of the terrestrial advantages which have given for lentil soup, conveniences and prosperity. But loved something is more than me, несть Me is worthy. Following for the Lord assumes the love towering over an environment dense, as the rock of light - over darkness, and ennobling spirit according to its force. And then the magnetic force of Uniform Focus of Light overcomes heavy magnetic attractions of Earth. To overcome in itself attractions from top to bottom and to direct in an orbit of the Space Magnet - will be a victory. To win against terrestrial gravitations not easy and hardly but if equally effective all energiya of a microcosm attracts up is already a victory. It isn't always possible to stop calls of Earth, but it is important that magnetic force didn't overcome them force of the Magnet of Focus of Light in consciousness of the person. The way of fiery Yoga is a way of the statement of the highest attractions. And the conscious aspiration giving them prevalence will be the success guarantee. Otherwise dead not depart from life. Otherwise Earth will tighten. And, truly, to Earth the spirit attracted by it, but not to stars will depart. The way to Light lies on the ground, as well as a darkness way, but on condition of prevalence in consciousness of the highest attractions. Therefore on Earth at one table can sometimes appear the carrier of light and the servant of darkness. Only are expensive them разны: one in darkness, another - to Light. And children of fire going to Light, and sons of a chasm - in darkness, are attracted by respectively force magnetic to Light and darkness pole in which orbit stay both on Earth, and in the Worlds.

411. (Sept. 16). In the phenomenon of the Teacher there is something leaving for sides of one life. Far beyond one life it is necessary to stretch this communication in your understanding. And if the spirit shipped in consciousness of the Lord, doesn't see the end, where the beginning?
You, in the spirit of from the Beam of the Space Father given rise, realize the communication. It other-worldly, though is approved in this world, on Earth. But, if it from spirit, that in the spirit of it also claim over evidence dense and it contrary to. There are no distances for it and there are no barriers. So the Proximity of the Lord and its reality becomes stronger thought of it. The way of Fiery Yoga is the statement of the undoubted. And you approve power Light Lord in the face of evidence dense when the darkness armed with rage, яро shouts "no". It is a lot of courage, it is a lot of persistence, and a lot of determination should be had to keep my Proximity. "Truly, I Speak to you, you will renounce Me before the rooster" - the same formula of life will sing, testing the spirit which yet hasn't been approved on the Lord three times. In the face of contradictory darkness, before an incessant impact of antagonistic energiya it is approved in heart of the Lord. And a grief to the one who will want to lean on something or someone except It if only it isn't a link the next, hierarchically binding spirit Light chain. But without intermediaries it is better if the spirit for proximity to Light ripened. The aspiration to Light of thought and light will give rise also to new distances for them opens how weeds an eagle to the Sun. Sitting at an oven in a dark corner, not to see light of a dawn. Be wake spirit patrol, and the evil won't concern it. Strong dare against darkness because it is strained you to surround. So from the Beam of the Lord and dark counteractions the conditions necessary for an ascension are weaved, and the spirit becomes tempered. And the crown of thorns is an award for those who spirit became powerful. To resist contrary to evidence will be already spirit heroism. Inflexible belief to the lord will finish ending. Many began beautifully, but shortly began and therefore, having sputtered out, went out. Light inextinguishable unrestrained aspiration manages to carry by about judgment day. Spirit died away, you aren't necessary. I will carry out you line of the Beamб - you, who have approved the Teacher in heart. Inbridle darkness, and spatial chaos is unbridled by it helps and facilitates its manifestations. All courage should be collected to oppose with firmness. The feeling of loneliness is correct. There is no place to wait for support. By the uniform beginning of spirit it is combated. The way is lonely the winner. And the fiery sign, the sword of spirit lit over a victorious forehead will be its uniform award, the winner.

412. (Sept. 17). (Guru.). Precept about Beauty is a life precept. Sense of space creativity - get out Beauty of chaos. The purpose of any creativity - serve Beauty. The person, sworn beauty, already is on a way. It can enter into all spheres of life and fill it. The consciousness which has indulged in service to beauty will be obviously successful. The temple of beauty erected in heart, will be transfigure of life. The beauty left life of people, and their life was filled with darkness. If to keep a constant memory about that to hold it each our movement as far as life would change. Ancient Greeks lived beautifully. Life on the Distant Worlds is saturated with beauty. Fight between beauty and a disgrace is fight between Light and darkness. Where there is no beauty, don't look for Light without a shadow. And when it will set in on Earth, the shadow will leave also shady side of life, its saddening and nowadays doing so difficult, will disappear from Earth. The disgrace is lack of harmony, coherence, compliance, and it involves a disgrace of external forms of expression of life. The disgrace ate in consciousness of the person, generating chaos and darkness. Approving in everything and everywhere beauty, you will come to a victory over darkness.

413. (Sept. 18). My son, calculation at length of a yarn is insolvent. Not to sit, not to wait, but it is necessary to work at each this moment and in the full accord with for the sake of what life is given. Because these conditions also are the purposes most favoring to achievement. On difficulties and troubles there is a spirit training - that is well known. Why so there is a wish to evade from a way planned by karma, and to change life, without using completely everything, what it gives? Whether cowardice reason? After all it is so possible and to pass by life, without having used its opportunity and experience without having saved up. And then it is necessary to come back again and again besides, to from what there is a passionate wish to be exempted. And the stronger to reject this desire a lesson without its passing and studying, it more strongly eats in karma. It is possible to be released, having only accepted it smoothly consciousness and having reconciled to destiny command. That inevitably karmic, can't be rejected. The rejected karma will overturn on risen on it. Humility we will understand not as humiliation of spirit, but as the correct understanding and permission of the questions raised by Life and acceptance of the share without resistance. It is possible to fight against karma, but without rejecting it, and overcoming. The victory over karma consists in overcoming, and it consists in a victory over. Passionlessly to accept its burden and thus not to be inclined by spirit - will be a victory over it. Think that this victory consists in external overcoming of its difficulties while the victory over because the victorious way is the phenomenon of the correct reaction of spirit on influence of external energiya is required. Darkness external regeneration to the public not in power even to Great Spirits but to overcome it, in itself light having approved, will be a victorious way. Therefore it is important not that falls upon the person from the outside and that seeks to influence him and as the person reacts to all this. Balance of spirit when it isn't broken by anything external, when there is no such force which could break it will be the correct reaction. Problems lives are decided correctly and a way obviously victorious. But it is frequent isn't understood, and the person not seeks to struggle with himself then and not to overcome itself, but something outside, assimilating process to fight against windmills. But, itself (himself) winning and in itself (himself) the most found the solution of everything, comprehended secret of life. Therefore be not confused anything occurring around, in an environment external, but you remembers that that wins all who will manage to win against itself (himself). Not to win against the world, without having won against itself. And when the Lord Speaks: "I Won against the world", know that the Teacher of Light Speaks about a victory over. Outside there can be anything and is perfect besides your control, but that inside - your kingdom, and you in it the lord. You store balance of spirit, you aspire to it is force the powerful, giving power even over a karma, even over combinations of star influences.

414. (Sept. 19). At the head will be stand itself called and therefore defeat will be impossible. Now a misunderstanding fog, and then - face to face. Now there is all and there is nothing, then everything will be personally obvious, now it is impossible to live in the present - it isn't present, it is possible - only future. Then the desired future becomes the present. Now is darkness, then - Light. The heavy strip should be worried, without losing touches with the Lord, but, on the contrary, strengthening it to a limit. You will force the way only full measure. Many travelers lost a way, but it is heavy in darkness. Yes! Yes! Only the Lord, only the Lord and only with the Lord - it is so possible to reach. Ardent evidence of the phenomena, doubts rising, it is necessary to postpone, without giving them neither time, nor attention, differently will overcome incontestable rage of evidence and false, but not disproved logic of persuasiveness. One - reject a method of fight against it, without stopping consciousness on Maya evidence. About what evidence shouted, the Hierarchy of Light, the Lord and the Future isn't denied. Even in the face of darkness or a chasm. And spirit, to Light going contrary to darkness. Bases are unshakable. If in them doubt it is then valid, the end. It is now very difficult to keep consciousness on the Lord because the darkness interferes, but it means Light deduction in consciousness because the Shape of the Lord is Light granulation. It is necessary to arm with the Lord. Armed with the Lord it is impregnable darkness. Darkness, darkness! Light, Light! Light against darkness we win. The face of the Lord in the third eye is connection of consciousness with Light and Beam acceptance in it. When it is too dark, everything reject, only the Shape Great let occupies the screen of consciousness and a word prayer. Rage of darkness before the end reaches fury of rage, evil rage - so remember strongly. Shape of the Lord as armor protective, will close from darkness. These difficult days resist only Me and, Me having resisted, to Light you will go victoriously. Hand I Give these days, it grasp. Everything sank in a gloom, and it isn't visible to a way. Under the Hand you will reach. World to you!

415. (Sept. 20). My son, whether can be happy the person in which consciousness trouble of the outside world is reflected? The personal world of everyone sounds on this note, and the happiness is lost in the world. It again will return when the trampled spirit in the person will rise for life spiritual.

416. (Sept. 21). Friends, if agree on the main thing, minor will smooth out in itself. Also if the major understood in life, details will be compelled to it consonance already owing to things. Therefore we Place emphasis on bases. It is impossible to deviate them, it is necessary to hold them strong, because if the basis hesitates for a time, will collapse also all house. The house of spirit is erected on the unshakable basis of life. This basis is Hierarchy of Light. Hierarchy of the fiery creating Consciousnesses, Space Magnet, Wreath Space Reason, is Brotherhood Spirits Planetary! It based Space and everything, that in it is. Each creating focus of Space Consciousness is powerful force. Space copes hierarchically. On a life Ladder the ascension of spirit goes Hierarchy steps, and the highest governs over the lowest. In case of human evolution by a basis of ascension the free will is, and the life is under construction it. And restrictions on this way, arising before the person, are created by it his free will. Freedom of spirit and chain on it - in the person because the karma it is something generated by a free will, given to it from the beginning of its conscious life. This freedom consists in a freedom of choice at each this moment in each this phenomenon to choose the decision conducting up or down. At each this moment the person or to darkness, or Light serves, and the radiations it shows essence created by it, shows obviously, accurately and definitely. Character of this radiation is the moment of the court defining, with Light the spirit or cooperates with darkness. Not words, not assurances, not self-deception, not lie, not deception of the neighbors it from court won't rescue also consequences karmic. Be not deceived, the law is plunged doesn't happen, because, one will reap what he'll sow both the sower, and the reaper - the person, and process of crops and a harvest occurs in its own microcosm and consciousness. Also there is no place to escape from itself because in him, in the aura, in radiations of the crystals postponed in the Bowl the person bears the karma. The master of fate or misfortunes doesn't know sometimes that the karma is created by him the hands and with it is unseparable.

417. (Sept. 22). Borders possible and impossible, achievable and unattainable are believed by terrestrial mind, itself limited by the sphere small. Abroad it is Boundlessness. Boundlessness of cognition is Approved by Lords. The fiery device of the person is the instrument of cognition. Process goes by understanding of a various type of energiya. It also will be the phenomenon of expansion of consciousness. It is necessary to capture all spheres of human knowledge. It is possible only at synthetic understanding of the phenomena because specialization, closing consciousness to a certain canal, separates it from other world; the specialty not so harms in the presence of synthesis. We Speak about boundlessness of synthetic cognition of the world. It means containment of everything comprehended by consciousness, but at obvious understanding of unity of Space as single whole. And then each phenomenon in the Universe finds the real place in the general scheme of things in a microcosm human which, extending in the course of the growth, seeks to embrace itself and to merge with Macrocosm of the real. The world of the Lord not from your world though contains it. Containment is fiery quality of the Hierarch. Its purpose is all-containment that is awareness of Boundlessness. Its sphere of activity is a space all-containment. His pupils - the spirits fiery directed to the same purpose great. Therefore there is no way end fiery. Therefore the way of fiery yoga is a way of cognition of the highest, a way of an infinite ascension of spirits on a life ladder, on the steps of evolution which don't have a limit.

418. (Sept. 23). What can be more useful than the statement of unshakable quality in itself necessary? The person wants, but something inside opposes, counteracts and doesn't wish to obey to will of the leader. You want to show tranquility, but hands wave, language stirs and the astral clown continues to wriggle. Someone goes to you against you and doesn't submit to your decision. Centuries the astral didn't know justices, I will hold and cruelly resists to any attempt to bridle it. And the house divided in, starts being unsteady. But the spirit is eternal while temporarily the astral and is replaced at each new embodiment. The spirit is eternal, but is passing movements in an astral cover. Persistence and the repeated efforts which aren't stopping before any failures, it is possible to bridle it nevertheless. Today it wasn't possible, tomorrow it left from under control, the day after tomorrow suddenly broke from a bridle, but at constancy of the decision unshakable he will be compelled to obey, eventually, to will. The habit to vibrate on external and internal influences causes immediately response in this conductor if the will didn't manage to interfere. And it occurs every time when there is no control. Control has to be constant and continuous. It is enough patrol to weaken to will as an irrepressible astral cover immediately display itself, strong replying on each trifle. To it is indifferent, on what to sound, but it is necessary to sound. With a new force it is necessary to direct insistently aspiration on restraint of the clown-. Also there is nothing better, as display this restraint on little things in life. In great causes of strength of mind it is easier to collect for a victory, but business small and slightest constancy of vigilance and continued wakefulness demand. Every moment it is necessary to be on call a bridle to pull, as the horseback ride on an obstinate horse. The astral is too the unrestrained horse demanding a firm and skilled hand. Position of the horseback rider is sad, not managed to operate a horse who bears it where wants. It is possible and to fall down in an abyss. The horseback rider it is possible to present itself on a horse of the obstinate, evil temper full of any tricks and tricks. And it is easier to bridle itself if in advance know that astral flash is possible. But display itself it on surprises when patrol of will is weakened and the consciousness isn't ready to protection. The fortress not readies to protection, but fortress - the person not ready to protection of from flashes of an astral, not mister, but the slave to the lowest cover. Constant readiness, vigilance, self-checking and unshakable desire imperiously to constrain unruliness of feelings and emotions is necessary. The person is either the slave, or the lord of own force, in its displayed in the form of various energiya. In the microcosm - it is the Lord, if the will they subordinated him to itself. Be not tried to claim a primacy of will over everything that occurs in your own possession, in you.

419. (Sept. 24). What to do when you see a pearling of affairs intended? Go still to the direction without shortening stride speed. Evidence doesn't give a reality picture. Secondly, something, the external form of that is destroyed, thereby becomes stronger in space again in due course to accept dense forms in a manifestation spiral, thirdly, who knows how grain is buried and when term to give it shoots. One can be specified: on evidence you don't judge. Judgment it will be incorrect. At the moment after death of the Savior it was impossible to see human eyes that the Doctrine Its will pass worldwide. But it is necessary to trust the Lord - He Sees and Knows. Know also you that the future is fated. Through rage of the present you seek to guess it. Dark is times. In what find confidence of the future? In thought that Light is invincible. But the spirit - over temporariness of passing conditions will be rescued undergone up to the end, that is up to the end kept belief that Light will triumph over darkness, and. The past isn't present, it went to eternity, but the spirit stays over it, passing past events by. As it is immutable will pass and that happens in the present will end, but there will be a spirit. On spirit also build, in the spirit of and be approved, spirit and win against the shouting density of external conditions. In total is in the spirit of. The house of spirit creates in effect yours because terrestrial houses will be destroyed. The spirit house, hidden and intangible, is stronger than walls Jericho. Where nowadays these huge walls and period great? But the spirit stays for ever and ever. So, having rejected evidence and spirit approving, you will get up a firm foot on the rock of inviolability strong. And when before eyes signs of the passing phenomena terrestrial again will start flashing, carrying away in oblivion one and putting forward another, you remember extra temporariness of spirit and a transient of everything visible to an eye. As also people leave, but everyone in the term. Karma is over everything and over all. Nothing is created contrary to the decision of Lords of the Karma. Therefore I Speak: "Be not confused anything". The winner won't shorten a judgment stride before complexity of the external phenomena. The Gordian knot and Alexander's sword let a symbol of determination of spirit will never stop before anything on an advance way to Light, whatever insuperable the conditions interfere it seemed. Again I Address on a way strong victorious, way is difficult, way of the winner world, because I won against the world.

420. (Mother World). Life of Space and all processes which are occurring in it, go regardless of the fact that occurs on Earth. Certainly, everything is connected between itself and nothing is separated but if to switch off Earth from a chain of the worlds for some time, life in this chain would proceed the turn. Therefore in Spheres over Earth and on the Distant Worlds the consciousness can stay, being separated from aura of Earth. And the spirits which have finished the way on Earth leave it already never more on it to return. As and at penetration into Spheres of the Star of Mother of the World it is possible to separate in thinking from Earth completely. Completeness of office of consciousness will give completeness of the thoughts nowadays giving this Sphere. There, where is consciousness, there and center its lives. The body can remain on Earth, but consciousness to feel the existence on the Worlds Distant. Detachment degrees from aura of Earth can be very various - from full to initial when thoughts terrestrial strong interfere in consciousness and break a concentration deepen. As key the condition of transferring of life in thought, not in a body, not in feelings, but in thought serves, - only at this condition the success is possible. Therefore it is so important to keep on the thought directed out of limits of Earth, and with it to arrive all that time while magnetic properties take it from aura of the Distant World conformable to it elements. The thought, thanks to the magnetism, surely will start attracting in the orbit related to it elements. But it is necessary to hold it for time defined by will on this process. Star of Mother of the World, being the highest in relation to your Earth, it is full the wonderful and inexhaustible opportunities available to extended consciousness which can contain them. Casual attempts won't yield fruits. Only steady constancy of a rhythm can become fruitful. Not the inhabitant of Earth, having a name, the passport, a nationality and other signs of the inhabitant, the person in the Highest Spheres, but the spirit exempted from restrictions of the terrestrial personality, the citizen of the Universe where anymore don't ask it who is he as believes but where a lightful of the highest Immortal Triad he establishes the understanding and comprehension accord with Spheres of the Highest Worlds has to feel. By spirit immortal, incorporeal, timeless the person in Spheres Elevated has to feel himself, all the rest having left below, on Earth. The dismissal is deeper; the perceived thoughts are brighter and broader. From perception of thoughts before receiving visual and other impressions the distance is great. But also it is possible because ability to see, hear and realize spirit for itself keeps and out of the lowest covers. Opportunity is valuable that specify a way of achievement or realization of that is concluded in it. Opportunity nowadays is allowed to enter into communication with the Distant Worlds and a way of Specified to them.

421. (M.A.Y.). My son, remember words; and its pearling was great. So contrary to everything and in the face of rage of dense conditions the spirit house, spirit, will resist if it is constructed on a stone, but will collapse, if - on sand, - therefore now the major, most essential and urgent care not about something another, but only about, that to preserve the basis. The basis protects! If it is strong, all doesn't matter that torments consciousness, and all facts, specifying on a pearling of affairs. Everything, all isn't important, if the basis unshakably. That from this that something didn't take place or failed if the house of spirit is unshakable as the rock. And that advantage if everything succeeded and everything was executed, but the house of spirit is destroyed. Therefore, I repeat, care not that outside, but that inside. Be wake spirit, you, soldiers on patrol, the Lord entrusted you. Leave all reasons about, whether there were successful crops and what results, but all strength of mind direct on preserving the basis. Good and bad, good luck and failure - all this passes. But the spirit kept will resist on bases unshakably if it is rather strong. While everything fluctuated around, I carried out unshakably with firmness mission of the life. If began to hesitate and I didn't resist, wouldn't have the Doctrine of Life given to you in new aspect of time. Fidelity to the Lord you store, despite ardent, antagonistic and counteracting evidence of external conditions. All this is Maya, which will pass, without having left a trace, if the spirit resists; but if it passes, and the spirit won't resist, what then? When everything hesitates and falls, even castles in the air of personal hopes and moods, resist only Hierarchy because It is unshakable only. So I speak to you, Me to relatives, in days when the darkness is condensed and fires over Earth and even in a fit of temper to us close and devoted spirits go out. Heavy days to endure forces find in bases because resist only them, sweeping aside a dope of the present and evidence ardent. The Maya, recede. About crops be not anxious: seeds buried will give shoots at the right time.

422. (Sept. 26). Property of an astral body flies remarkably. About this property to fly in the covers of people has to know before departing the Driver and the pilot can move by the cars as are able to operate them and known as. The person who has dumped a body who doesn’t know abilities of a thin body to flights will continue to use methods of a dense body and to that will limit the opportunities. But one knowledge more not enough, it is necessary to have Agni's any stock. Without the fuel giving fire and force of movement, the car won't work, as also a thin cover. In a body physical everything is set in motion by fire, that is energy fiery (or mental), and in a body thin, mental and fiery everything moves them, it makes also flights, the cover is higher, the easier, weeds quicker. It is easiest to fly in a spirit kernel. The dense body, but on the Highest planets can fly also. On Earth levitation is the phenomenon rare. In a body mental fly so easily and simply, as well as in usual imagination. Once you imagine movement process, the cover immediately carries out it. The driver and the pilot know where to direct the cars, that is the purpose and purpose of movement, knows it and the pedestrian. The ordinary person doesn't wander aimlessly, the same principle is observed and when flying in a body thin. The thought channelizes, and its object - the purpose; magnetism of thought is motive force; flight goes in the area of a magnetic attraction. If the person, having been obese astral, will think of how wine are good to get drunk, he immediately will come to be in the conditions of conformable, attracted by thought, or rather itself will be attracted in the corresponding environment and will arrive in it while thought won't change the direction. Difficultly to the drunkard, for example, to change it because on Earth he drank all life deeply and other aspirations doesn't know. The dominating thought channelizes flight, and it will cast into conditions, it related, - so, by though it is caused both a condition of rest, and movement. The thought can be wings of flight or fetters of the prisoner. Therefore it is necessary to liberate thought. The thought is connected by that, on what the attention of consciousness on what it concentrates is paid. The thought of the traveler is directed to objects, places and the countries where there is a movement, astronomer - to stars, the scientist - in area studied, and gluttons - to food. By aspiration the person determines to himself the direction and the sphere of flight of thought, as well as the movement in World Thin. Aspiration is wings, aspiration - chains. Aspiration - force magnetic the thoughts, sated with energy of heart.

423. (Sept. 27). I will help, but also you, everyone go force all. In it is law and prophets. No prophecies will bring benefit if advance of spirit isn't lawful, that is free, that is under the influence of an impulse self-proceeding from own essence of the person. Violently it is impossible to drag on the Sky. The God's kingdom force undertakes, but own, from heart of the going. Hearts flare not in the mornings, not in the evenings, not on holidays only, but it is constant. And your way will be uninterrupted. The task to carry by fire among whirlwinds in a gloom when dark hands so strong seek to put out it is hard. While the love lives in heart to the Lord, it is possible to go quietly, knowing that the silver thread connects to the Teacher of Light. Go quietly if in heart to the Lord the Love flares.

424. (Saint. 28). I approve uselessness of astral emotions in the face of life. I approve will domination over them. I claim that it is possible to live and succeed obviously, without plunging into remnants of the astral conductor. The action deprived of the astral beginning, will be passionless. It is the tranquility and balance basis. Having lost a purse, it is possible to treat it absolutely passionlessly, without having allowed movement in an astral, - also it is possible to answer and offense. Actions are made as usual, from them emotions of the lowest conductor only are withdrawn. Punishing criminals, Akbar had thus no personal emotions. To all appearances two actions can be absolutely identical - the astral takes part in one of another it is switched off absolutely. It is necessary to learn to make partially at least actions, switching off an astral. Certainly, it is unusual. And this singularity is so rare in people that raise in them any unclear fear when they feel in other person lack of the astral beginning in manifestation. It and is clear, because balance - terrible force. There can't be it if the astral isn't bridled. Experiments with astral switching off from actions should be repeated probably more often. Such action is infinite more strongly than the action sated with emotions because it is made on the plan higher to which energiya the Plan the Highest submits. From two people of identical will power infinitely more strongly the one who owns the astral? Tranquility already force even in a static condition. Tranquility of action is force invincible for everything and for all that below it according to the plan of manifestation. Approving tranquility and impassivity, the force is approved then by the person. Believe that at shout, vanity and fieriness are shown energy of spirit and its force, but it is incorrect, in them weakness is shown only. Force is usually quiet, and force reserved is strong extraordinary. Sooner or later, anyway, but restraint, tranquility and balance it is necessary to show because it is forms of a display of growing fires of spirit. These qualities an essence stores of energy fiery while the astral each movement wastes them. Energy can come to light in actions reserved or violent, the highest or the lowest - the loss of forces occurs in those and other cases, only their expense differs in number of forces extraordinary. The dismissed astral does the fiery device of the person similar to the steam to the copper, all valves which are open; it not give the chance to save up force for work that is for action, - therefore Specified to be, as a casket closed and to work ardently. Only reserved action can be fiery because not constrained quickly sputters out and does the person by an empty peel. A lot of determination is necessary, that an astral to bridle because it shows itself uncontrollably on an extent too long time - without ardent fight and resistance won't obey, because is the enemy to spirit. The formula "Struck You on the Right Cheek Substitute the Left" should be understood astral, that is in relation to the astral conductor to which it isn't given the chance to answer or react strong to the external influence, able to cause his special rage, and in this case on offense and an insult.

425. (Saint. 29). Wandering souls is so we Call them who don’t know the way. But you know, and you know where to go and therefore wandering not your way. Go to the Lord. Many obstacles will rise on your way, and the first of them - fear. Quality of fearlessness should be gained. Without it not promote and not reach, - because many awful masks will block a way. Dark work with insurance when see that the victim didn't overcome fear in itself. They thoughts will send the most frightening, the uneasiness, but there is nothing more terribly than fear. Let's consider the fear phenomenon. That is fated not to pass. The person is afraid or not, but through judgment test it is necessary to go. But the fear devours energy of spirit; the fear extinguishes fires and does the person by a helpless toy in hands of powers of darkness. The person, violent fear is an empty cover and a weather vane for dark influences. It is defenseless. But senseless fear is, - because there is in it no positive property. Also it isn't necessary in life. Therefore fight against this unworthy phenomenon. The spirit is indestructible and is immortal, nothing can destroy it. Of the so many phenomena were afraid, and all of them by passed, without having broken you. There is nothing in the Universe that could destroy spirit of the person. The force realizes and be not afraid, be not afraid, be not afraid. The fear is illusion of weak spirit. If it is necessary to pass through something, even dangerous or unpleasant, safely go, but no fear have. The fear won't help you with anything. Only of forces necessary will deprive to pass test, without losing spirit advantage. All fears usually remain insolvent, and of what the person is afraid, to him doesn't happen at all. Not terribly anything when with Hierarchy of Light and the Teacher is close. Courage of spirit collect and force find fearlessly to face life. The simple soldier, going into battle and knowing that can lose everything, and the life, nevertheless goes, and waiting for fight unfortunate itself doesn't consider, but goes, laughs and shape human doesn't lose. But face to face meets danger the hero. Heroes are you knowing the Teacher of Light, and fearlessly go, go through life because it is necessary to pass to battle to darkness, to overcome everything and spirit not to fall.

426. My friend, the help is given when own effort that was to what to put is made because to the having it will be given, and that has is taken away from not having also. Such is the law. Therefore if you want to receive, bring at least small and slightest, differently you will remain empty-handed. That is why amateur performance and own effort if you want to promote is necessary. He, who would eat the fruit, must climb the hill, as well as under a pack. The Teacher Can't move the packs which are stupidly lying on the earth, but strong Will help each directed spirit which has brought at least a sparkle of Light.

427. (Sept. 30). Children my, beloved children, everything went out in a gloom, and the darkness bristled up, and a lot of things from Sent to you don't reach. Also contact is difficult. That waits? World evolutions, but not in personal measures! When the general becomes to the place of personal, and expectation loses the sharpness and impatience is replaced with patience, but the main task - fire to keep. Without it is a gloom and cold. Because when it burns, the gloom surrounding isn't dangerous. But once it starts going out, attendants of darkness come to life both terrible masks and animal faces with claws start lasting from a gloom. Only fire of heart it is possible to resist against darkness. Even the Beam of the Lord is powerless if heart went out.

428. (Oct. 1). If the Treasure of the Stone grows and if the only purpose of life consists in that to increase it, that, finally whether everything is equal - as where and in what conditions there lives the person if it carries out this mission of the life successfully. It is possible to turn all circumstances so that they will serve this purpose. From everything the elements going on creation of crystals of Treasure fiery are taken then. Also there will be no circumstances then opposite because everything will serve the person. The bee collects honey from different flowers and on different meadows. The iron inflexible of movement to once and for all goal gives confidence to a step and hardness to a foot. For terrestrial mind and terrestrial feelings something is good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant, it is desirable or on the contrary - for spirit and destinies its assessment other. The criterion for judgment about the events will be one: whether it gives the chance to increase Treasure of the Stone and to postpone elements of imperishable accumulation in Amrita's Bowl. Nevertheless other and, perhaps, very pleasant, consolatory and desired from the point of view of usual, no value has, it isn't necessary, and a trace doesn't leave, and useful to spirit won't be. And the heaviest, both burdening, and causing sharp pain perhaps very fruitful and bringing obvious crystals of fiery deposits. It is necessary to change in a root the attitude towards all surrounding and to the events in life. It is necessary to look sharp-sightedly that the next wave of life brings, having laid aside all reasons about a gratefulness, chagrin and complication of the phenomena, - if something burdens, but wings to spirit gives, how without wings? To closely eaglet in a shell, but without it an eagle it won't be able to become. Blessing of close conditions also is in that that the worse, the better, and the blade of a sword of spirit of the judgment winner of life more strongly become tempered. Only the understanding of the purpose and sense of blows struck by life will give the chance to accept them without complaints, without complaints and without becoming hardened. And if each blow of the opponent during training deepens experience and readiness for the forthcoming fight, whether that so precisely is business and with life blows? Hothouse shoots aren't suitable for severe conditions, under a glass cap of spirit not to temper. Therefore the Teacher following Him under blows of waves of the ardent every day puts. It isn't necessary to it hothouse plants. But the oak which has grown at naked top, open for bad weather and storms, a symbol will be firmness of spirit; and it is good that all is unsteady and fluctuates around, and it is good, what even tomorrow isn't provided, especially firmness the spirit can show, a point of support having transferred from the outside inside, - if all outside fluctuates, so a support inside. Energy of the spirit, stretched to external conditions, the phenomena, circumstances and things and as though leaning hitherto on them, it is necessary to return back, having involved them inside and having collected in the center. It is necessary to return them as well from people upon whom hopes were rested or even the spirit unconsciously leaned. Support one - the Doctrine. When it is very dark, we will think of Light when all fluctuates around, forces inside we will collect, a support inside having approved. Support is the Teacher, - but I in you, and you in Me and, so Me, which in you, resist because I with you always. And you scatter the energy on out of standing objects and people and, feeling instability them, you are surprised, as you start hesitating together with them, losing stability of spirit. Return to the energy, given to someone or something, inside. The teacher inside, and then, having collected forces inside, forces you will find to increase spirit and on everything that surrounds you and rose on you. Without having collected energy inside, without having concentrated it in the spirit of, not to overcome external influences and not to bear blows of life. You learn to constrain forces which are so thoughtlessly spent outside. It the self-control and ability to dominate emotions is valuable, - if knew that is lost at each external identification of feelings, therefore I Approve tranquility, as far as possible and full possession of. Be, as the Sun which is winning a night gloom every day and victoriously shining in the sky. Be in itself to win against darkness persistent persistence and constancy to the morning Sun are similar. The turn of terrestrial affairs is replaced by a gloom and light, but the Sun in space always. Be, as the Sun.

429. (Oct. 2). To keep in itself a peace of mind and to achieve over everything already an indicator of that value deeply took roots in the essence of spirit, as well quality display. And the dream is symbolical...

430. My son, and rams in herd arrive as everything, but alone knows way, goes away from usual roads. The life track is narrow. Rams it don't go. The way conducting in life is lonely and deserted, and the few find it. This way lies inside and presents itself process of aspiration and advance of the person to Spheres of Eternal Light. It is a way of a transmutation of that is, in what it is necessary to become it. This Image leading, or an ideal of what has to become the person, is embodied for it in the Lord who, really, is for it a way, truth and life. To come nearer to the Lord in uncontrollable aspiration to become such as He, and will be the treasured purpose found a way. All desirable qualities are embodied in the Lord, and in Him, and only in Him it is possible to find force for the statement them in itself. The aspiration fiery that to find determination and courage is necessary to direct to become the similar Lord, the Sun similar, - but directed on the big succeeds even at partial good luck. The understanding, say, an impulse sufficient will allow to approve tranquility of the Lord or power of his balance to some extent own. Magnetism of qualities of spirit of the Teacher of Light is great. And, if He made something or can make, so you because you go its way can also. And if the way lies in a microcosm human, whether that everything is equal where and in what cover there is an advance on this way to Light. When this situation becomes available to understanding, the worthiness and end in itself of external conditions loses the value and gets special sense not that that proceeds from it, that is his reaction to influences of the outside world enters into the person, but. That is its gait in Boundlessness. I approve the low-importance of external conditions. I approve the importance of an answer of the person on them. I demand understanding of that that it was created outside, can keep the balance force spirit of the person and not to reply with rage of an astral on rage of external influences. I demand understanding of that the person can full answer enrage of external energiya with tranquility. And the solution of life when the life house already we won't shake neither winds, nor storms of the outside world will consist in it. If understood force of power of tranquility! If you understood silence of power of the Lord, if fried to understand force of reserved silence! Empty covers waste the forces to empty emotions, feelings and the reactions caused by vibrations from the outside. But the Adherent of intimate knowledge inside closes uncontrolled access to a stream of the predatory phenomena to a stronghold. They don't influence it in any way, but it, fiery forces kept, powerfully can influence the current of the external phenomena the concentrated force. Task not in stopping access of these phenomena inside, and in stopping impact of this access and ability to cause its reactions of consciousness besides will of the person or contrary to it. Access of possibility of control external over internal reactions has to be closed. Person, smiling to loss of things valuable, in a terrestrial way, is already the winner. As all is rams arrive, but the pupil arrives on the contrary. Or external dominates over the person and owns him, or the person owns him, itself having at first seized.

431. (Oct. 3). What to do? To wait for changes which will change the created situation? However, waited long, and many died. But We Wait for eyelids; Great expectation! Remember the picture "Waiting". That waits? The plan is so wide that embraces any living conditions. It is told: "Wait for world evolution". It isn't necessary to go on cemeteries where personal expectations and small hopes are buried. To pupils I Told: I will come, but I specified neither day, nor hour that the magnet of expectation moved forward. It is impossible to remain on a place. If to take away a magnet of expectation and hope, the consciousness won't move on a step. Therefore the fire of personal expectations that in the ends they could pass in superpersonal is lit and to become evolutionarily immutable. On a cemetery of the dead of hopes decomposition and decay is a death kingdom. But I Call to life and life I Approve. Enough personal creation - to us is close from them. Yes! Yes! I promised to set and give way strength. But the future I Saw and if to you I Told, would stiffen immediately on a place, because a gloom and a gnash tooth around in darkness external. Hope to you I Gave to come nearer could enter into the Beam better. Now I will Tell: "An anchor throw out of limits of personal expectations far forward through a spiral of advance of spirit, but not its core". Also you remember: the death is inevitable, and separation from everything and from all, and change of all covers. Also the Lord is invariable, and the way to It is direct. And Earth only a haven temporary, also isn't present anything more strongly than the Lord under the Sun. And wisdom doesn't exempt from world grief. And the cross should be born for the whole world. And the crown of thorns is an award to a soldier of spirit. And many grieve in much knowledge. The future behind a veil because it is better not to know it is hidden. What would be if knew? The doctrine wouldn't recognize and the Messenger would reject. Not to protect deception, but care from horror of life. It is necessary to be very strong that can look reality in the face. It is better to put on glasses of hope, belief and expectation of the best times, - because the far future is good, - but not the well close. The death and withdrawal from life isn't the decision question because without Me the truth dies in the spirit of. What to do? Wait for world evolution, but together with Me. We too Wait, and for the sake of it the life we Give and a cross we Accept. Knowing that it isn't necessary count on personal happiness, We Replace it with care of happiness of others that to bring the Ray of light in their utter darkness. It is our award. And the one, who follows Us, takes this way of grief and self-renunciation. A lot of courage is necessary, that a way of grief to accept. I am a way. My way goes. My way of Golgotha to you permission! Another I Don't knows a way.

432. (Oct. 4). About a celebration of vanity it was spoken is too the phenomenon of the unbridled darkness. Understand that the reality then is replaced with vanity and to vain thought is sheltered in a spirit citadel. And the thought of vanity extinguishes a flame, and the darkness surrounds the moment which has indulged in thoughts. Pay attention that thoughts of the Teacher vibrate an eternal flame and, Told two or more than one thousand years ago, are so active and live both then, and nowadays because from an eternal flame of life they were lit in consciousness Told them. Fires of eternal thought pulse and until now in words, it is Solved Crist’s. With its fires creations of those who went a track of the Lord as and in your records fires of eternal thought at times strong sate words are saturated, and to prefer thoughts of vain day will be familiar to the incorrect. You have something from an eternal flame of life. Property this sharp-sightedly store from violation it vanity. It will be sad if you allow that the Treasure of spirit sank in waves of the everyday sea of the phenomena terrestrial, passing. And to these would deprive of itself that was acquired by the price of many century efforts, sufferings, tests, grief and brilliant victories over in itself and it is necessary darkness outside. But everything I Turn on advantage and everything I Force to serve you who have recognized Me strong. Separate phantoms passing in its three aspects - a dense, astral and mental order from the invariable eternal basis of life, and on it, on eternal, continue to build persistently and strongly a spirit stronghold, impregnable present because it will be a stronghold eternally real truly. It is necessary to complete. The basis lay down strongly, but terrestrial walls fluctuate and get inside as the roof isn't finished yet and how to finish it even if walls didn't reach height necessary? Therefore the care of the spirit temple, but not how sounds and then fills thoughts vanity of the present hour. All this will leave as day yesterday's left. But for ever and ever with you the Lord, always invariable, Ready always to protect from mistakes and eyes on plain truth to open Stays.

433. It is necessary strong to note as, applying Adversa tactics, the Teacher each negative phenomenon forces to serve with advantage for spirit. And that, appears, could detain, on the contrary, promotes ascension and becomes the bottom or the Ladder step to Light. But the Teacher is necessary, and the knowledge because neutralization of contrasts is Arhat’s art is necessary. Therefore it is possible to go surely through life, knowing that the Teacher will manage to take any energy from any phenomenon to turn it into the benefit. Therefore be not afraid of anything and be not confused anything. Delays and stops for weak, for those who yet didn't find the Lord in heart. Found can go quietly, surely and victoriously.

434. (Oct. 5). (About Mother "Agni Yoga"). Day memorable we will celebrate especially. Certainly, it is necessary to tell about Mother of Fiery Yoga much and a lot of things to shine with absolutely other, unusual, the points of view. Think that the Adherent of Intimate Knowledge is allocated with supernatural power that its way is covered with roses and it creates affairs on Earth by means of a magic staff. But the magic is left. And the feat is created on a formula "A hand and a foot human"; and not roses, but thorns covered a life, and not chants and glorifications, but the heavy God way was her destiny on Earth. People in ignorance think that the open centers give the greatest opportunities and pleasure. But thinking so forget that the lit charkas open for influence of the thinnest energiya, are also open for poisonous for an emanation repeat terrestrial that all imperfections of world around obviously and heavy force to vibrate the centers because are felt strong. Burden of the world of this bike and, really, it is necessary to be the giant of spirit not to break under burden of this unreasonable burden. And not only not be inclined, but also keep pleasure, both aspiration, and cheerfulness, and fadeless freshness of spirit. And many to It came, and all coming received the fiery gifts of spirit lighting immediately in the hearts of their pleasure, hope and aspiration. It is difficult to express in words these fiery feelings of lifting and spirit take-off which always accompanied the moments of communication with Mother of Fiery Yoga, whether it was expressed by the letter or a parcel of fiery thought far. But communication with It always bore pleasure. There was It spirit unshakable, devoted strong to the Lord, and the same feelings were reported obviously by her to It coming behind Light. The open centers, bringing ability of repayment of surrounding imperfection and darkness striking, Bear them was given not enough happiness terrestrial. Because under the pressure of darkness to be heavy, intolerable heavy to distinguished heart. Life of This Great Spirit was a constant crucifixion of its spirit on a matter cross. To provide itself on test to spatial fire, having been obese terrestrial, in usual living conditions there are a feat of greatness of not predicate, all weight of pain and which suffering people even isn't able to imagine. As though the constant open wound of heart which is exposed to rough contacts of cruel and rough conditions of Earth, as though continuous contact of fabrics opened with poisonous and poisoning emanations of terrestrial spheres. Both the Adherent, and the person usual are exposed to the same atmospheric conditions. Blows of identical force are struck also to a rough animal, the person and a self-refined organism of Container. These what sufferings if the open centers sharply and clearly perceive in them all display of life? Think that the Board of the Lord protects from noxious breath of life and from space poison, forgetting that fiery heart incorporates and enjoys to the bottom a bowl of poison terrestrial. The burden of the world of this bike, and Great spirits bear it obviously. Terrestrial life of Mother Agni Yogi was a long chain almost not interrupted and heavy physical sufferings and pains because assimilation sent by Lord Beams demanded the adaptation of all organism. Adaptations are long, sharp and painful. In a vice of greenhorns of the subsequent leaving race its spirit heavy suffered. But it is resistant, victoriously and firmly there was It through life, without complaining, without complaining, without burdening anybody, but all bearing pleasure and cheerfulness and strong supporting each sparkle of light in a fit of temper to It addressing people. I worked much and strong, without cease, as far as forces allowed. Each word of the Doctrine was apprehended by It from Given it, everyone was written down by Her hand, and thanks to It, only to It the mankind received the Great Doctrine of Life. Whether it is possible be surprised that in It the world has the highest manifestation of spirituality and achievements, possible on Earth in living conditions usual. Wasn't to It on Earth of the phenomenon of higher, after all it was the spirit finishing the evolution on this planet. After all over It, above it on steps of the Scale of ranks, there was Only Lord. This closest Proximity to the Teacher of Light should be understood. It is a lot of them, self-appointed and not message whom approved spiritual authorities, heights reached Mother Agni Yogi, still on Earth still anybody from people not reach. And if in last centuries great spirits were higher than it on ascension steps, after all it there were Lords, the same, all Seven, Come from the Far-out Planet, but in shapes different and in different clothes. It always was close and about Them, Light to the world bearing. Let's honor the profound understanding Memory of Great Soul, Memory of Mother of Fiery Yoga, Light of the New Doctrine of Life, uniform in centuries and old as the world, to us, people, to Earth of the brought. It is impossible to shine completely Her life and all depth of intimate work space in covers of others, in It dismembered and therefore given to It access free to the worlds: astral, thin and fiery. But also about it Records fiery which will be carefully kept to term when it time property looking for Light will come to become are left by It.

435. (Oct. 6). The great law of balance operates the world. In its basis the principle of polarity lies. Arising from the center, the phenomenon goes to one of poles, and moves there on a circle of a spiral of time, and reaches kulma. Continuing movement, decreases in force of the demonstration. Movement on a spiral goes to an opposite pole through a neutralization point, or equilibrations, having passed it, again to reach the culmination point, but already at a pole opposite. So the life phenomena move to spirals of time. On a celebration of darkness and a gloom at the moment of God sufferings of the Savior and death it can be judged, under the law of inalterability of a karmic spiral, on Light and its clear victory when It again will come to Earth. As well heavy, full of self-renunciation and great works life of Mother of Fiery Yoga was counterbalanced by inexpressible pleasure of Communication both constant Proximity of the Lord and pleasure of possibility of receiving space knowledge by personal flights. It is a lot of secrets in Arhat’s life and Container. Spirit Ways are inscrutable. Behind life thorny and difficult there is other its pole, a pole of pleasure of spirit and awareness of magnificence fiery Spheres of the Highest. To understand a way of Great Spirit, it is necessary to see life it as a whole, both of its poles: one - shipped in a matter, another, ascending to Elevated spheres. For each suffering, for each tear, for each particle of work for the sake of the Lord the great law equalizing the scheme of the phenomena, brings the award, claiming and strengthening a pole of the phenomena opposite. The law works is immutable. Mistakes don't happen. Pursued, injured, deprived, suppressed, looking for and not found - all will receive the award by the nature of the damage caused to spirit, will receive and already receive, but in aspect of measurements of others, the highest, not able to be limited by evidence dense. Truly, I Speak to you, your award, you who have been ardently directed is great. And the great Law of Balance ruling the world, the guarantee serves that rather the moon and the Sun, than words of the Lord, to you happiness bearing to lives in the worlds will come.

436. Spirit spiral - so we will call advance it in Boundlessness. The core is unshakable and we don't wound stratifications of external covers. Spirit grain is unchangeable and is eternal, - but moves up to perfection. Stratifications are different. Than closer to a kernel, especially are strong, resistant and long. But the lowest three covers are replaced in each new embodiment. Only their duration is various. Most long the body mental remains. Fiery - it is already constant, that is an eternal not replaceable cover of spirit, however, too growing, too being improved and too accumulating immortality elements. Registration of a fiery body for people of Earth is the prime target and the highest step of achievement. It is possible to understand that if three lowest covers temporarily and are mortal, the highest Identity of the person, immortal and reincarnating, concentrates in a body fiery, and elements of immortality collect in it. When it was spoken about life eternal, about the God's Kingdom, about immortal spirit, the body fiery which formation everyone once has to start meant. And nowadays this process and its urgency are specified any more in symbols and parables, but in terms of modern science. It is thus instructed on that thin the crystal deposits in a microcosm human and accumulation of these fiery crystals inside give to energy and will be the process providing to consciousness a continuity at so-called death, that is release from a physical case. If energy of atom of uranium can be active and never-dying during hundred millions years why not to assume that energy thin, too being shone, in the form of crystal deposits can exist more long. It also will be the immortality phenomenon, but in this case connected with consciousness of the person because energy of these crystals gives to consciousness life, - but here speech about other. Here speech how in the conditions of dense where any form is mortal, to approve and strengthen immortality of spirit. Let's tell: by collecting and accumulation in the spirit of all that the orbit goes beyond small life of people on Earth. And the farther there is all this out of its limits, the higher, better and the accumulation are richer. Therefore the eternity and life eternal, and nowadays Specified Boundlessness as the purpose of aspirations for spirit, Boundlessness and World Distant - as steps or stages of an infinite way of spirit on Stars, and a way of Specified to it was given. Farther, farther from small Earth, above and above, to stars far! - Such is a way of immortality of spirit. He is nowadays approved to mankind by the Doctrine given by the Lord, and nowadays given the chance to all to enter consciously on it.

437. (Oct. 7). At expansion of consciousness its extent in area of the present, a past and the future increases. There are tribes of the Central Africa which representatives are almost deprived of ability to think of tomorrow. They have no future. Even they don't do a food stock to themselves. It is the lowest step of human consciousness. To expand the thought horizon, we send consciousness to the far future. Collecting of terrestrial riches loses the value outside one embodiment. But the collected treasure of spirit isn't limited to any extent of time. That is why without expanded consciousness of accumulation not to make. It is good if each action is made with thought of the future, as though moving it into an orbit of the future times. The criterion of the future for affairs of the present will be the best stone trial. There is clearer a Precept "Don't do enemies" as also the friendship loses the temporality and value of deepened qualities goes deep. It is difficult to give due value to that is under construction today. But if construction goes forever eternally to accompany the person, it is possible to build well, strongly and with full consciousness of responsibility. The thought which has generated action - the satellite true also will accompany the person, increasing or decreasing owing to the dependence on nature of action. The person has to protect the terrestrial actions because Earth, any embodiment they aren't limited. The expanded consciousness allows to throw the bridge from the present in the future and to see a spiritual eye of a consequence of nowadays created reasons. Many people arrive thoughtlessly, - but weighs each step knowing way to Boundlessness. On a way to Boundlessness all qualities of spirit grow: both good and bad. And who will want to surround consciously it with satellites, which can darken Light of the Sun of life. The aspiration to Light in the light of understanding of the future will make light too and action because the future is forged by the person himself the hands and thoughts of the present hour.

438. (Oct. 8). Sergiy, Akbar, Solomon... The book of Life of Great Spirit it isn't allowed to read because the consciousness wouldn't contain Secret. But already you know that Great Identity in each separate life Addresses to people of one of the sides. To see the Treasure which has been saved up by It, in all its magnificence and completeness of time for people of Earth didn't come because their eyes would go blind from light of not predicate. Transformation of the Savior in the presence of pupils serves as the certificate that Light the Highest is intolerable for eyes human, and even eyes seeing it in a terrestrial cover and got used to It couldn't sustain Light. Therefore the Book of Life of Great Spirit is closed by seven seals. One of them is removed that people in Secret had a gleam. And in the person of Solomon, Akbar, Sergiy and others it is authorized looking for to see a uniform thread of uniform life of Uniform Identity. And who from the mortal will be able mortal to get mind for a veil of secrecy to comprehend it everything, from edge to edge, from the beginning of times up to the end? But, concentrating thought on images of data, it is possible to come nearer to them and heart to scent depth of depth inexpressible words. If heart opened towards to the Beam of the Hierarch, approach to Secret becomes possible. At approach it is necessary to remember that the consciousness can contain only a small share of greatness fiery that Great Identity to which it seeks to approach. The consciousness is broader, it is more able to capture. And approached even close, but the jugs not brought, won't take place where it could contain Light Treasures. And still the Way is ordered to nobody. The way is open for all. Words of the Lord sound a formula "Come to Me All". Called many, receiving many, but it isn't enough solved the Way to the end. In days Lords memorable the Beam sounds especially tensely when from Light it can be gathered fruitful and obviously. The expanded consciousness will contain more. And the thought directed will be able feasibly to embrace a chain of the Images Given by Uniform Identity, at shown to people in centuries. The past should be known. It is necessary to think over the past that the step of the future in which arrival of Lord Maitreya is promised became clearer and closer. Arrival by the full won't be for them, not stretched to an understanding thread lives of Uniform Identity in the millennia which passed. But having united all these lives in a uniform thread of Light, it is possible to scent heart greatness of the Future Light. And let the lightful this great Spirit shown in centuries, the guarantee will be relics victorious Lord Maitreya Going to the world.

439. (Day the memorable Guru - on October 9). John Precede testified to the world to coming of the Savior to the world. Who now on a planet was the forerunner of Lord Maitreya Going to the world? Who gave to the world immortal cloths where in symbols obvious haste of Arrival is noted? Who in the books wrote about the Lord? Who all the devoted life to the Teacher of Light who has called him on a feat? Whether it is possible to overestimate depth of value of mission of the Guru? Yes, yes! It was sent to the world to testify to Me to the world. And in the pictures it imprinted Shape of the Teacher of Light that with the light of creation to its world shone in all corners of a sphere terrestrial. Fire of space imprinted in forms, took shape in these forms of light, being coagulation in his pictures in crystals fiery. In it immortal value of his creativity is concluded. Pictures its light hidden shine, here and shine the world and people! As though magnets fiery, flaring fiery force. Testifying to the Lord, the Guru rotated about himself consciousnesses of the best people and, sating them with light, widely sowed its seeds on spaces terrestrial. If the Christ didn't come, mission of the Forerunner would be vain. And mission of the Guru in all its depth and value won't be understood by people until Great Arrival will be made. And then people of the Guru will understand and will estimate, and highly he will uplift, and honoring due will render. While only the few even from personally knowing it in the depth of the heart do justice to this great artist and the unusual person. Its mission was great, executed successfully. Seeds seeded are buried strongly, that to give amicable shoots in appointed hour. Mission of the Guru the terrestrial we will honor understanding new, understanding deep, understanding of inalterability of the future day imprinted in stars inevitably.

440. (Mother World). In space Light Creat Mother of the children Teaches Beams to understanding. Magnetism of a star Beam is saturated with properties of that star from which proceeds. The essence of a star is reflected in it. And the message with the Distant Worlds goes on channels of Beams. It is necessary to approve a Beam binding with this star or a star that to enter into communication with it in consciousness. Width of understanding of secret of Beams will open treasured doors. The magnetic attraction goes through related contrasts. The magnet won't attract a tree, and the Beam star - a block. But when the magnet of heart flares fires, the attraction of Beams of the Distant Worlds becomes possible. It is spoken about an attraction conscious because and without understanding star Beams human influence a microcosm strong. But not influence astrological means, but conscious communication with one of the Distant Worlds when it is possible to transfer vibrations of Beams it to a form of thoughts, cognizable. With the planetary Genius, or Spirit the Driver of a planet, the consciousness which has directed to contact enters then communication. The small consciousness merges with great and scoop from its treasury. At steps of a scale of ranks of the Mater World costs directly over Lords. And therefore through the Lord is the next contact. Communication always goes on the Hierarchy chain. And rejecting an intermediary’s link, the consciousness which has directed to it loses communication. Exactly recognizing the Lord, it is possible to concern Spheres of Mother of the World, Mother of Lords. Terms came for realization of Distant Beams. Their understanding became spatially possible. Space conditions favor to thought flight. The expanded consciousness takes an orbit of the Distant Worlds, includes them in the sphere. The thought directed to Me and supported by heart, breaks through world space and reaches my Sphere, in it stays, accruing magnitno! The concentrated stability of consciousness on the sphere chosen object of aspiration strengthens this process and deepens, doing possible collecting in consciousness of elements of Spheres of the Distant Worlds. Difficulty what there is nothing to put, that is in consciousness of the person isn't present anything, even the slightest kernel which could start be surrounded with stratifications. Therefore direct to Me I Speak: "Bring at least the smallest that was to what to put". In the Doctrine of Lords nowadays spilled to Earth, find that small and slightest, having put which, you will be able to approach to Me if the consciousness allows. The scale of energiya of My Sphere is higher, is thinner and is wider terrestrial and therefore, directing in it, the consciousness isn't greatly enriched with new stays. Only distinguished consciousness can sound on a key of the Distant Star. For the accord the mood, aspiration - a key for an attuning of a harp of spirit is necessary. It isn't necessary to be surprised to that so many manuals for approach are given. Consciousnesses of people of Earth were chained many millennia to Earth. It is necessary to liberate spirit. Having only scented the opportunities and ways of their implementation, it is possible to take the following step: understanding of a constant of beam communication of energy of the Star of My and your Earth and mankind occupying it will be this step. Not the ephemeral this communication, but is scientifically concrete, and it is expressed in an ardent exchange of magnetic energiya between two worlds. It is necessary to enter this space stream of lightful particles connecting two worlds only consciously. Everything in Space is in the closest interrelation, solar protuberance immediately respond on your planet a number of the magnetic and electromagnetic phenomena registered by laboratory devices. As much real influence, but is more difficult caught by devices, has the radiation of planets of our solar system. Certainly, the device the human, fiery device of spirit which allows noting and fixing the parcels of energiya going from the Distant Worlds on the screen of consciousness will be the best device nevertheless. It is easiest to put it to thought area. The thought is universal and is available to interpretation by her consciousness that is registration in it in shape, available to understanding. Thinning of the device of spirit also will lead to communication interplanetary of which the mankind of your planet already starts dreaming.

441. (M.A.Y.). My son, among the general gloom which has captured Earth, we rejoice to see light islands. For us they are visible obviously, we protect them, and our care of them. Both the bridge keeps on columns, and the future - on these foundations, or light beacons which connect the gloomy present to light of the future. Successors, and especially - seeing the Sun are necessary to us. Without continuity there is no future. Without the Doctrine of Life of the future given to the world not approve. Someone has to accept and keep the doctrine or it to increase sheets for that many whom in the future will approach to it, and in it your task. And this small, imperceptible nowadays that is created by you, will once see suddenly light and becomes general, and becomes so necessary and important that to you, wisdom of the Lord in the future informed, too will be done justice. Now to nobody necessary, becomes necessary very much. Also will greedy lift each word (raise), you kept to term. Native mine, surely and ardently you create Orders of the Lord who has Sent us to the world that it to approve Business. Not for a moment don't allow thought of uselessness, futility and aimlessness of your efforts. We appreciate everything, and valuably extraordinary. Unless you can imagine a variety of consciousnesses, which will come behind light? Therefore it is necessary to give, without being confused character given, it is easy or it is difficult, deep or simple, scientifically or is public - let don't confuse thought of it. All will be necessary. And that you in the ignorance will reject as not valuable thanks to the simplicity and availability, perhaps will serve someone, and with advantage considerable. I too will tell you more widely. Usual for you it is unusual to them who aren't know a shave and never coming nearer to Lord. Even if simplicity of the stamping word of the Christ could confuse someone how they will accept greatness of Boundlessness and complexity of the thinnest energiya? And you prepare ways for what will come after. I send you, native; I wash love and heart currents. You with us also are close, and ardent Maya let won't cover from you our proximity.

442. (Guru). Process of mastering by mental energy becomes complicated that it grows, and to seize force growing much more difficultly, than force not awakened. With disclosure of the centers growth of mental energy is accelerated. Mastering by fires difficult also demands long preparation. Can even to seem that not bridled fully energy breaks off an organism. It isn't enough to set the fiery prisoner free, it is necessary to lead him to an implicit obedience. Growth of energy and mastering by it go in parallel. Not bridled and not directed to a certain course, it can bring heavy destructions in an organism of the carrier it. In various evasion, perversions and extremes human it is possible to see a display of this uncontrollability. As though money the saved up: one can spend violently and unreasonably, another - it is careful considering each kopek. Process of mastering is inevitable - it is necessary to seize. The phenomenon of an urgent need will give strength to the decision. The person who is torn apart inside by not bridled will by energy - a show, worthy a deep regret. It is impossible to become the pupil, without having carried out this task. Teacher Send mastering by, if to that forces are applied. Constancy of efforts will lead to a victory, what difficult the task at the beginning wouldn't seem. Among tasks everyday this task shouldn't be forgotten. The everyday is good that it is the guarantee to future stays if it is used reasonably, consistently and with rhythm application. Every day we will bless as a step to opportunities never-ending because it we ascend and it we come nearer to Light.

443. (Oct. 11). The knowledge is thought understanding; the knowledge is poured in space. The knowledge can be got spatially, but the accord and ability of containment is necessary. Not the mathematician of the principles of mathematics from space won't take, and not the philosopher - ideas. Only coherence of aspirations with the received will yield results. It is possible to scoop the shown beams only on condition of their compliance with a consciousness mood. Therefore the first care of the hunter of spatial treasures is about the consciousness accord with essence of the cognizable phenomena. The thought as air, enters and leaves the person. Not to find in the stuffy city of clean air as also the pure spatial thought in the city will be difficult to be concerned. Better in mountains, at heights! Thoughts of lowlands and valleys are much other than thoughts over them. Better thought free dared to escape from spheres of the lowest. In Spheres Elevated it is possible to arrive even then when the body is below, in spheres terrestrial. The spirit sphere in which it stays is defined by thoughts or wants to arrive. There was on Earth and with people I, but in the Kingdom wash which other-worldly, I Stayed constantly, and Light of this Kingdom Approved by power of regal my thought. It is necessary to learn to be in the world, but other-worldly. And then My World in My Days and your days of will claim.

444. (Oct. 12). My friend, whether it is possible to consider as achievement desire voluntary to get into a hole? But, having fallen to it by level is higher, than there was the previous get, it is possible to hope that the following will be even higher, and so until lowering, becoming all smaller and smaller, won't stop absolutely. And in it too is the peculiar spiral. Waves have hollows, and it is all about that each subsequent hollow was higher previous "floor", and a ceiling of take-off of spirit, or the wave crest, each time - above. It is impossible to break the nature, but to get rid of bad properties it is possible. And not at once, but in consecutive gradualness. Many began heroically, but passed a rush, and "heroes" came back to that place with which began. Suppressed failure already forces in it didn't find to move again. To seize itself it is difficult. Rhythm of repeated, constant, persistent efforts and aspirations that sharpness of experiences didn't capture consciousness completely is required and didn't enslave it. And when the step "is reached there is no ban and all is allowed", then, and only then full mastering by becomes obviously possible. Achievement of this step specifies that obvious release from the power of the external phenomena over movements in conductors begins. Each failure any more doesn't plunge consciousness into despair because the person understands then that covers, but not Dumb Witness with whom the consciousness of the person will once unite break, having separated itself from a stream of the phenomena flowing through a matter of three lowest covers. In silence of silence when three become silent, the pupil of and expression of the not destroyed Identity finds. For usual consciousness difficulty all that, in a hole having gone down, forces to raise more in itself any more doesn't find. But the winner judgment goes, without looking on anything: that occurs inside, those storms outside. Goes forward, and only forward, knowing that the way is newly given victorious, and that everything without an exception serves it experience to increase and to the purpose to approach. In each action what it was, the known quantity of energy is concluded. Here the purposeful consciousness from all phenomena of life both bad and good also is able to take this energy. If everything serves it for ascension, an assessment bad and good, pleasant and unpleasant, sweet and bitter, useful and insalubrious change absolutely. And then the Hand of the Teacher easily and freely turns on advantage everything and - at full accord of consciousness of the pupil with consciousness of the Teacher. Therefore care of if only nothing detained and if only not to get tired in making. The true pupil in the advance on the way and aspiration to the purpose doesn't stop before anything, and nothing can detain him because it is always directed, even when the body or in rest mind doesn't move. Inertia of advance bears atop and through. And in it the victory because it generated force of inertia of movement itself, and itself from it reaps property of unceasing movement. Not in volume an essence not to stumble, and in that having stumbled, without shortening a stride to continue a way. It is a lot of them who have stumbled on a way, in holes fallen and continuing in holes it is stupid to sit. By them, in holes sitting, by, quicker forward. Able to rise it is necessary to lift, but stupidly sitting, fires kindling.

445. Inexpressibly our care of them there aren't enough the consciousnesses seeing the Sun, and. We see and know how it is heavy to go them narrow lives a track. But the track conducting in life is narrow, and the few find it. Whether also them which have found, We Won't note the Beam and the Beam we not Send them with a dawn! Don't complain let that life is hard them. To whom it was easy from all those who a torch was among a gloom? Go let in consciousness ardent that Care isn’t left and by the Lord Aren't forgotten. On fires of heart I see them which are firmly going to Me. Let the step steady them will be and won't stop anything, and experience the most bitter will serve them Amrita's Bowl to fill. In Love and Care Beams let feel itself. Let than the close become closer to Me. Let thought to Me will direct. Let will be with Me constantly. In beams of a rising sun I Will send them care and caress and thought I Will concern their consciousness and the heart burning with ardent aspiration to Me. Tell them going that they to the Sun go a narrow track. Also their hearts and the Sun Great Heart once will merge and somewhere will merge and become one.

446. My son to see before himself the Face of the Lord - means to overcome barriers of a dense matter. It is easier to overcome them thought. Not external, but internal sight it is visible and we hear an internal ear. Both see, and possibly hear besides physical feelings. To physical feelings of a barrier of a flesh are insuperable. It is impossible to see even that occurs in the next house. But spirit out dense, and spirit it is possible to reach the Distant Planet. Astral feelings are more available, than sight of spirit, or a feeling-knowledge. Slowly abilities of spirit develop. Without the centers opened they are impossible. It is impossible to force development, it is dangerous. It is necessary to wait in patience. Sensitive people suffer from refinement much.

447. (Oct. 13). Indelible there are for the rest of life and on all subsequent lives hidden and inaudible Contacts of the Lord. Piercing all covers and concerning a spirit kernel, they are depicted forever in the essence of the Highest Triad. Therefore these Contacts are called Intimate when the spirit itself voluntary aspires them display in the life and to approve Communication. Its way becomes lightful. If Told: "Come to Me all", - I meant that access is open for all but as this availability to the usual human consciousness rolling entirely in the phenomena of vanity is difficult. Recognize only that see, and trust more eyes, than heart, and evidence for them of reality, and the matter closes the Sun, because before eyes. So triumphing vanity covered the Space Truth, and the Sun of Life grew dim in their consciousness. And I Am close, and I nearby, and obviously Reply everyone, addressing to Me. Also I don’t demand impossible, but - on consciousness. Much brought to me and responsibility bears big, but and receives more than others. The cross of life is heavy, but the yoke my benefit, and the Kingdom of Light is opened by the comer to Me. Why they look back, following Me, and what they want to see in twilight and a gloom left? Way with Me only forward. Therefore I Speak: "Direct! " And let the aspiration it will be constant and constantly intense. It is impossible to forget that is lives the Basis. From everything, that around, and before eyes, and before consciousness ardent, constantly fiery, undivided aspiration to the Lord will be the most necessary and the major. How more clearly and more strongly to tell that all the rest - anything in comparison with the Face of the Lord in the heart which has indulged in It, forever approved because the Alpha and Omega Is I.

448. (Oct. 15). Stays can't be settled if the consciousness is ready to containment. The Teacher Is always ready to give new, but often the consciousness doesn't keep up, violently readiness can't be accelerated, but the persistence of aspiration will help consciousness expansion. Certainly, to be in thoughts with Me process will facilitate. So understanding of constant Proximity of the Lord accelerates ascension. And if the person in itself anything, integrated heart with the Lord - it force which is directly proportional to depth of merge. To create my Name and on behalf of mine and means that extent of merge which grants the right to it. The right it is carried out by a formula "The Father Staying in Me, He Creates". The formula is feasible if the egoism is bridled. Two fight in consciousness for superiority: The lord Staying inside, and small "I" the person. Even small record can't be made if on the consciousness screen small "I" act, having pushed aside the Lord. Small "I" am dipped strong into waves of vain life terrestrial and filled with them, but over a surface his consciousness identified with the Lord immediately rises. Together in everything, together always, there are no separated thoughts and actions. In Beams of continuous Presence of the realized is true industrialist of life. This understanding obliges too much, and first of all - to worthy behavior before the Face of the Lord. It is a lot of mistakes and many things unworthy occur from Proximity misunderstanding. It is necessary to understand up to the end that you are under continuous supervision of the Teacher. What are your thoughts, feelings and actions at the heart of the lie before It, as the open book? And each correct action delivers to the Teacher pleasure, but also on the contrary. Really the devoted pupil, the proximity approved, not is glad about that to deliver pleasure to the Lord? What is love or devotion if thoughts and feelings steadily flow about themselves, but not about the beloved? Beloved my children, you Loved give the sign of your love. If the world exists love, force it you will reach strong the planned goal. And who and that will be able to rise then between us if its magnet approves Communication direct. Opportunities in you, ways to them Specify. It is possible to go without fluctuating. Weight of spatial currents and influence them on consciousness don't take for size a constant and on it be not based. Heavy currents will pass and will be replaced new, and will once disappear absolutely, forever if forces you find it to protect Proximity of the Teacher of your Light and to defend from all casual, temporary and passing, aspiring from It to separate your consciousness. Go an indivisible formula with the Teacher of Light.

449. Let's indulge in Hierarchy! At any age not late! I will expel from Heart if you indulge in life usual. As well weaknesses let everything will serve to become only stronger. Each weakness is force seeking for manifestation of, but in the form of undue and weakening spirit. After all weakness is no other than crystallized the energy, postponed in effect the person his own will. These energy can use in the benefit, having changed a corner of their appendix. Let's assume that the habit to see in everything only bad, but to see sharp-sighted and faultless was created. The same vigilance directed on seeing well in the person and that to strengthen it and to cause to action, and will be the changed corner of the appendix of energiya on 180 degrees. Energy destructor became force creating. How the person was bad, his energy always can direct in the correct direction. It also will be transmutation process. Only the one who isn't cold and isn't hot but only it is warm that is didn't save up in itself the energiya which are tearing to manifestation, has in itself no material that is energy, for a transmutation. The loose woman and the robber are examples of that has no value, the person is cold or is hot if only his energy strong addressed to Light. Both the robber, and the loose woman, having changed a corner of the appendix of energiya, in them available, others were closer to the Teacher of Light, than, happy and sweet "good «the. The ruddy virtue satisfied with the advantages, does the person lukewarm that is unusable for evolution. The people burning with spirit are necessary. Let come to Me even burdened by the shortcomings. My force in My Tower I will pour that everyone brought, in metal noble if in Me to resist up to the end. Therefore I Speak: "Direct to Me, but, having directed, don't address back soon in darkness from which came". Demand the unshakable decision with Me to go all the way, without pleading anything and without referring on anything. That from this that someone because of the advantages, either shortcomings, or virtues, or weaknesses moved away from Me and departed! Everything is equal that separated it from Light. But a merit of the one whom, despite all shortcomings, follows Me steadily. Steady following it трансмутировать gives the chance of energy the in the direction due. You direct to Me, and there will be to you a benefit. With Me you will reach, despite everything, because your weaknesses I Will turn into force, and failure - in good luck. But concentrate all yours in Me. But heart in all to Light indulges. But be with Me both in thoughts, and in feelings, and in the afternoon behind work, and at night when your spirit departs to Me.

450. My friend, correctly you think: the dream how it was far from life and how bright and sad evidence contradicted it, is force, directing spirit over rage of darkness external if this dream is rather high. The dream is created by thought, and the thought conducts. And Light Teacher, Coming to Earth, Gives thoughts of Light to people, their directing forward, in the future, over present soot. Each Teacher Brings fiery dream of the Future to Earth. Because the future - the life engine. And the one who wants to enter into this future that is movable by dream of what isn't present but that will be. And any more has no value if in life this dream refracts differently when the directing force lifts its spirit over life and to light it approaches. Unless the Teacher, Giving Light Doctrine, thinks of those distortions, stratifications and evil-interpretation, with which people will block up it in centuries? But his thoughts of Light and of how approve this Light among twilight of life terrestrial. The Teacher Goes on tops. "To go on tops over complexity of dense conditions oppressive and heavy", - the Precept Directed eternally.

451. (Oct. 16). (Mother World). Distances are measured in space Light Lights and Light Laws work. And there should be presented in Light body, to it invested. It is possible to give impetuous will to imagination creative. The magnetism law there works strong as, however, and everywhere, but Light body is attracted with thought there where the thought is directed. Identity of Mother of the World display in the principles of the Highest Triad! And consonance it is possible for It only in the highest measurements. The children Brings together under the Beam, and on the Beam - the message, association and communication. It is represented with the Face closed because Secret to her people of Earth it isn't allowed to comprehend, but it is possible to come nearer and to enter into its Sphere. The highest knowledge is accumulated in the Highest Triad of the person. And she is the citizen of the Universe. Full dismissal from the terrestrial is necessary condition of a condition of consciousness at the Communication moments. Space replaces with itself terrestrial. The knowledge of Space Laws leads to comprehension of living conditions of spirit in the Highest Spheres. Manvantara phenomenon, Pralaya, concerns Circles and cycles not only Earth, but all Space. Bases of universal life extend on all Worlds. It is necessary to be approved in Bases and to study them. Space Evolution covers all real. Small details of life on a separate planet don't influence the general scheme of things.
When the consciousness plunges into forms of a display of the Supreme Space Laws, it joins then life spatially boundless and "I" come off from small. There, in Spheres space, for it simply there is no place. Therefore the cosmogony will be a gate opening an entrance to boundlessness of spatial life. Not the limited terrestrial knowledge arresting spirit only to Earth, but Knowledge space, removing to spheres of spatial distances. So the essence of cosmic-space ideas consists in a form of the laws operating the shown Universe. Consciousness, plunging into them, goes beyond persons and the Identity approves which is the highest display of spirit. Therefore the space-knowledge isn't abstractness, but a form of expression of essence of human identity in the conditions of dense existence. Truly, the Knowledge space can make free spirit. This Knowledge is uniform not only for all centuries and all people of the Earth, but also for all planets, all occupied worlds and all plans of existence. Boundlessness is its Borders. Applying this Knowledge, the Founder of the Planet builds it of a being shone space matter and makes out it. According to these laws builds the form and a flower field, as well as all plant and animal life, and the world of the person. In the dense shown forms display these great Space Laws, as well as in formations of the whole galaxies. Nothing is excluded from unusual spheres Real. And the lit-up consciousness finds to all a place. Communication with Mother of the World leads spirit human to space understanding of life, lifting it to spheres over your Earth. And then, being on Earth, in a body, being in the world, but other-worldly small terrestrial evidence, the spirit spreads the wings to fly up in skies. Over time small, over change of days and nights of evidence dense it directs to spheres of another dimensions where small measures of Earth don't limit already its understanding. The contact to Spheres of Mother of the World brings consciousness to a space scope and distances to it opens in great, synthetic understanding of cosmic-space life.

452. (M.A.Y.). My son, I praise for ability to come off Earth and with us in consciousness to be. Even when our thought is directed to you tensely, nevertheless it is necessary to depart from it, it to catch it at obvious and full-string aspiration to us. You enter into communication with us. The care to you forces we allow to rise over life. It is possible only at efforts mutual with mine and from your party. The ardent aspiration erases borders of the worlds, and here - again together. I will tell not greatly: we try to arrive in this inspiring condition of great expectation and readiness. Such condition of spirit has very deep and important planetary and wide value because the spirit you for yourself lift consciousnesses of sets it isn't known neither for you, nor for them. Great expectation is spirit enlightenment in the space truth. Manifestation in spheres in the face of evidence, she approves then reality invisibly real, invisible, but the managing director of the world. Still great Platon told that ideas operate the world. Think of it. Approaching with great idea, you become in ranks of those who holds life levers. Thoughts on the world, as arrows fly. Fiery is dispatched. The best accept them, and construction of life becomes possible. We thoughts build. And you which with us, with us you build and to us help to strengthen light network over a planet and think of it to strengthen. Rhythm approved I approve. Rhythm you will succeed in many respects, concerning our affairs. Everything when grain of spirit gets stronger says goodbye. Then mistakes are anything. You burn them a spirit flame. And for constancy - I praise. My heart is opened to you constantly. Therefore and is early reply. Them don't forget, homeless, entrusted you love of the Lord. For them you is one. Another as you, not find. I give on consciousness to all and in pleasure of spirit. Love I send also pleasure. Them you will share with those who recognize you, them lifting consciousnesses over a life whirlpool. I remember, both I see, and I wait.

453. (Oct. 17). (Guru.). To be everywhere and always itself and not to show an alien look a body, spirit, it is necessary to be strong. It is necessary to be strong that to store the advantage of spirit. Something in us tries to destroy or belittle our force continuous connivance and submission to imagined conventions. Both smiles, and gestures, and words, and even thoughts get an obsequiousness and babbling shade - in language. To be it means to remain in balance both externally, and internally, despite everything. If to fall into an obsequiousness and babbling paroxysm every time when it demands unrestrained will an astral, it is possible to assimilate easily to a weather vane for others wind or market to parsley. To what there are so much smiles and unexpected words when the advantage of spirit suffers. About a celebration of vanity it was spoken. Really we replace it with tranquility of advantage of spirit? Whether grimaces of following the person reminds imagined conventions himself a monkey? That too, without arguing, imitates someone. It is time to understand that usably these weaknesses and displayed really weak, the person loses the right to respect of people around, and, finally, he and the spirit advantage that is the right to loses being the winner. Whether the price for doubtful pleasure from minute indulgence isn't too great? If these sad phenomena occur contrary to you that such pity will is worthy? The will is the main thing in the person. Concessions, it weakening, it is impossible to do. There is destruction irreparable. It is better to lose everything and terrestrial to lose advantages, than the will to renounce and give it to submission to someone or something. The treasure of will collects for eyelids. Crystal we won't destroy, but can or grow, or decrease. Really the treasure we will give to conventions of the moment on violation? You store spirit advantage, it will protect will. The understanding is necessary that either accumulating, or spending the treasure, there passes the person through life. Every moment occurs either accumulation, or waste. Fire of will is mobile. It can be operated, its energy directing, but leaving fire at itself. In mastering by is force persistent, reserved, and unshakable. Having operated the fires, the will can be preserved from damage. The person, will deprived - anything.
454. (Oct. 18). Boundlessness is comprehended in the spirit of, because from Boundlessness spirit. Only the consciousness human can come nearer to it. And it is possible to come nearer to it only spirit. In the space which doesn't have a limit where million stars, the person who has been torn off from a minor planet on which it temporarily lives on the infinite way to Boundlessness can present himself. Boundlessness and Hierarchy is two future eyelids most necessary of the most important concepts. Where the spirit in infinite space is Hierarchy everywhere wouldn't direct. Having approved on it, it won't get lost in star depths. We announce to the world Boundlessness. In it in space of many measurements there is everything that is, was and will be. Even yesterday already isn't present on a planet. It plunged into Boundlessness and exists in space, but not three-dimensional. Therefore stars forward in continuous spiral movement that day last, replaced new, could go to space back rush and wouldn't take up a place to new day. Therefore in movement is everything, and space movement spiral. It is directed from the past in the future, and from each this point of space - promptly forward. As spiral rushes forward in space and our Solar system to the Far Star. Hour current because it is displaced spatially is unique. Plunging into planet records, the consciousness directs on time spiral. In the past spatially imprinted, on the way, by the passable planet in Boundlessness. It will be flight of the spirit exempted from the covers, disturbing to it to see that passed. Spatial flights to the worlds of other dimensions are possible. It is measured in the worlds in a different way, but measures of the highest measurements of time in terrestrial understanding have no. The thinking spatial differs from the terrestrial. From terrestrial it is necessary to depart, and terrestrial to leave measures if the spirit wants to understand Boundlessness. But terrestrial in the person is and there is that he represents itself in the usual understanding of. Means, it is necessary to depart from itself that is from the personality and to come nearer to consciousness space. This consciousness covers Space, becoming part it and itself it expressing. And then Boundlessness is expressed in the person, and his spirit - in it. Overstepping the bounds of the personality, the expanded consciousness includes in the sphere the immensity in it the real world because unless Boundlessness isn't reflected in our consciousness when it breaks century borders? To follow the Lord, it is necessary to leave the wife, and children, both the relatives, and the manor but to enter into Boundlessness and to come to a spatial scope, it is necessary to leave itself. So the first precept of the Savior "Be rejected from itself and follow Me" will be for spirit a threshold marking an entrance to Boundlessness. Believed self-rejection, that is rejection from itself, purely moral concept, losing sight of that it is, besides everything, the specification of space psych equipment without which God's Kingdom, the Eternity, that is Boundlessness, are unattainable is pure. It is necessary to understand at last, that laws of psych equipment are based upon moral foundations, but their purpose - knowledge and understanding of the worlds and space of the Highest Measurements. Both the Highest Knowledge and laws of moral are inseparable one from another. And provisions evangelical, being based on immutable laws of life, in aspect of psych equipment space is that inevitable condition of transformation of space knowledge without which not to do. So the life and Evolution steps put by the Christ, become Solar and are heated strong, serving as the bottom of the spirit audacious directing in Boundlessness. The hierarchy is the highest aspect, or the Face of Boundlessness and the worlds, in its prisoners.

455. (Oct. 19). Tranquility in operation, restraint in operation, and balance in operation is so phenomenon qualities of spirit in Arhat. At the time of intense action the approved quality proves. Therefore we Speak about tranquility tension, about balance tension, about self-control tension. Only when energy of this quality is shown enough to give a resistant and unshakable flame, it is possible to speak about its mastering. Crystals of qualities accrue at their repeated display. Tension gives fire, fire crystallizes in the form of obvious deposits, and the Treasure of the Stone grows. Usually the people, wishing to approve in it the chosen quality, think of it during rest whereas to think of it follows at the time of the action tension because only during action stability of quality and fortress of its roots comes to light. If it seems that any quality is approved, but in practice it appears differently, quality means this imagined. A lot of creation of spirit was erected on sand owing to imagined qualities. Certainly, habits are chains. But the qualities of the spirit which have taken shape in habits will be steps of achievements. Therefore it is best of all to approve qualities of spirit in the form of habits. The habit not to be irritated despite everything, that is to store balance, will be a good habit and quality approved. Imagined qualities at change of covers disappear from the person, as autumn leaves from trees. Also there is a person a goal. It often occurs and by an old age. Also they fly away, but already instantly, and at the time of action commission that then again to return. It is necessary to show a lot of unprecedented persistence to approve in itself qualities of spirit. The main line of quality is its boundlessness. To development of qualities of a limit isn't present. Therefore the everyday statement them, persistent, rhythmic, similar every day the Sun to rising, will be to a victory a way. And each defeat let gives only new strength by all means, any price to approve them not greatly. After all and weakness of spirit is no other than the approved habits or qualities negative. Means, in a counterbalance to them crystallize energy positive, but the highest potential. Otherwise from each merit its former contrast will stick out. This condition is promoted usually by loss of self-checking and the guarded vigilance. Ardent vigilance of all consciousness has to be display constantly. It is impossible not for a moment, under no circumstances to weaken or at all to lose it. If people knew, they how many lose at these moments of strong-willed slackness and vulnerability, they never would allow them. Restraint, isolation of thoughts and feelings and continuous control over itself is Arhat’s invariable qualities. Let the example of Samson and Dalila will serve as a lesson to what talkative frankness and a consciousness lulling to slip can lead. Even strong extraordinary the person loses force and becomes a toy of external conditions. "Enemies the person house it" should understand the statement more widely. With anybody, even with most close to heart, patrol of will it is impossible to weaken. After all they, at the next, too have moments of falling and spirit take-off, why to send themselves to the power to other consciousness, opening itself if it can be not on take-off. The chain isn't stronger than the weakest link. The self-control is determined by the moments of dissoluteness of consciousness and its vulnerability, -also well all other qualities and their degrees are determined by the moments of their lowest level. The moments of decrease are inadmissible. Their allowed itself betrays. There is no more gorshy phenomenon, than spirit treachery. It is enough to look at the person who has allowed, say, irritation to see how he is almost instantly saddened. If in addition to tell, what dark host directs to aura of dark fires that to eat it, harm, caused, becomes obvious. Let's not be tired to repeat about necessity of qualities and urgency urgently to approve them. After all quality is an attire of spirit, not replaceable and integral which burns down as Heracles's clothes if it is saturated poison of negative properties, qualities not light, but dark. We Won't be tired to go on, and you be not tried to approve quality necessary spirit.

456. So, openness of heart to the Teacher of Light up on a ladder of Hierarchy and its closeness down, to the subordinate. It doesn't mean that heart of the heat doesn't give those who for you below. Heat you give out, and also love and care, but the fire of heart shouldn't give. Light and heat, but not flame because, having given is given, you will remain without fire, and without fire the lamp of light won't give and won't be necessary. To fire come to get warm when it is cold and dark. Extinguish fire - and nobody will come. Therefore persistently and persistently I Call for restraint and ability myself to own because without these qualities you won't be able to be approved on a way. As the miser collects gold, having forgotten about everything, and you save up energy of qualities, having set this task above all, and then the house of your spirit will be constructed on the basis strong, granite and firm. All the time which is at your order, it is possible to save Treasure. Of the Lord spirit taking care, gifts saved up to It devote. It with pleasure will accept your gift.

457. (Oct. 20). What to do to you? Spirit indulges in the Lord and sustains so up to the end. If in the Stronghold in century one and if fingers on hands much to count pupils, it is possible to understand reaches, devoted souls and as a little them about the Teacher of Light how are rare. Therefore everyone, showing quality of devotion, love, honoring and aspiration, the Lord the Beam notes and Care of it at shows while in heart fire didn't go out. In the life desert so it isn't enough of them, the esteeming Hierarchy not the word, but business. So it isn't enough aspiring up to ascend, improving the essence. Listening many, them was always much, but performers and figures it isn't enough. And even the knowing and come nearer are often ready to exchange Proximity of the Teacher for a tatter of a false commonness. Exchanged with them also remains, but not with the Teacher of Light, because, where you’re heart, there and your treasure is. Unless the Doctrine those comers to It were perfection faces demands, unless the robber and the loose woman weren't approached? Unless the shortcomings weren't told by the Lord to Him to bring that It Could Pour in the Tower? Come everything that chokes in narrowness of man-made cellars, everything, who collects directed. But having come, everything leave, having come and having concerned, you don't think to move back. All is behind burned for Fiery Yoga, and will be empty a circle, and a tatter of the present day won't replace light of Light, won't replace a Beam Sent by the Lord to those who is persistent and firm in the decision to win against the lunar essence. We go to the Sun. Light way, way Solar to the Sun conducts. To the Sun of Great Heart! It isn't necessary to be confused that few ready consciousnesses are empty around that. Desert icon lamp - ponder upon a symbol, perhaps will understand that so was always, even when a set exclaimed "the Hosanna! » after to crucify. Therefore we appreciate devotion inflexible and love not belittled. There were travelers in a way distant. Much they were, and the way was joyful: the Sun shone, flowers were a circle and cheerfully chirped birds. Night came, to lodging for the night was still far, and for the morning it appeared that many weren't counted, come off in darkness from the Leader. The second day was cloudy and unfriendly, and there were no birds, and flowers didn't please eye. Some were tired, and the footwear not at all was good; by the evening lagged behind much. The third day went a rain, and was cold, and dirt on a way, -lagged behind even more. The fourth met the remained travelers a storm, and part them was late in the roadside settlement. On the fifth desert went and suffered thirst, and many again lagged behind. In the sixth day passed through the city. The exhausted and tired people decided to remain for a while to have a rest and forces to be gathered. The seventh day was difficult, the seventh - was the last of their way in the afternoon, and it was long infinitely. Went the highland on sleeps and to ices near abysses terrible, but nevertheless the purpose reached! And when the Leader that pleasures the termination of a way to share with following It Turned back, It was faced only by one reached, one of all. Also the Leader Told the only thing remained: "I am glad to Welcome you in My house! You will be to me the son. But where those Called by me? Unless they don't know, what I won't return any more to that earth? When and where they will meet Me again to reach the put? O'clock in the morning and o'clock in the evening are various. The fixed is time. The missed opportunity is unique. The benefit to you who has undergone all adversities of a way to the end in you is following for the Lord".

458. (Oct. 21). Certainly, to reach, the aspiration fiery consciousness absorbing entirely and filling heart to a complete elimination of all of that disturbs is necessary. Minor cycle is of day and night serves constant to that as test. Especially night, when the spirit directed powerfully gives itself in a charge of the Father. This return of have be full-effective. The consciousness comes off the dense world and as though breaks off thousands threads by which it is connected with Earth, and, released, concerns Spheres of the Highest. Then dreams, both meetings, and perceptions will be others. It would seem, it is possible to come off vanity of day and soundings terrestrial and terrestrial to dismiss ideas, but even it is difficult extraordinary because doesn't want to come off the environment of people even then when passes to the World Thin. And after all the death is the same transition and same. And if in itself not to find force in a minor daily cycle terrestrial to leave how to find them in big when the body is left at end of this embodiment? It would be time to understand what not for the sake of interest or exercise Advice at bedtime, but for the statement of life of consciousness in World Aboveground Is given. On condition of a full separation from Earth, process happens in the spirit of. The spirit finishing knows that means this separation. But to become finishing a way terrestrial spirit, it is necessary to pass successfully through end of a minor cycle day and a cycle of separate life terrestrial. They serve as test of how it is necessary to break off terrestrial gravitations in small that there were in great gets rid them. The adoption of provision of thought before withdrawal to a dream has extremely great value not only at the heart of the future and in the relation to death because the dream of death is similar, but also for magnetic extraction from space of thoughts conformable. The harp of spirit is adjusted on other harmony and not as it sounded in vanity of the leaked day. Certainly, if the consciousness was accustomed, being in this world, to be other-worldly, then reorganization of a harp isn't required, but at a condition of consciousness in which stays even concerned Bases, this attuning of a harp of spirit on a harmony new is necessary and is inevitable. Even it is difficult to carry by concentrated Light of the Morning Beam of the Lord not belittled through vanity and turmoil of day. However, it extinguishes surrounding discrepancy, but also the last as if neutralizes it. Also the new stock, a contact new to Light that with a new force people to bear light becomes necessary. Intense aspiration to dump terrestrial fetters, into a dream plunging, with advantage great will serve people and will help to carry by the light through turmoil of day in belittle. This light is not from Earth, but above. And the High Society which has arrived during small Pralaya, it is possible to bring to Earth a measure full and to serve Earth as light.

459. (Oct. 22). I approve happiness number, I Approve approachability unattainable, impossible to reach opportunity I Claim. Also I Speak: there are no limits to knowledge, there are any limits to growth of power of spirit, because before it - Boundlessness, and Specify: to reach, it is necessary to begin, it is necessary started putting, and it as though isn't enough was. Grain small, buried, will give shoots in due time. But every day the gardener waters the garden and landings of rare flowers - especially carefully and lovingly. Fiery flowers of spirit are rare. Leaving and care of them every day is necessary to them. At the right time will be both shoots, and a fruit - new seeds of new flowers, from the first seed grown. The principle of an all-approachability is based that the thought grows in space and, having property to be embodied in obvious forms, gives the poroditel by the time of the implementation. Therefore I Speak: "Look for and find you knock, direct, strong wish". Everything is achievable in time, both the law and prophets on the party able to want and knowing that it wants. Look at the lower class of the astral world. You will see their ardent implementation in forms of astral desires and aspirations usual human, usual rough materiality and painted by the lowest passions. The world Thin - the world of implementation of everything of what I dreamed that passionately I wished and to what the person during lifetime of the on Earth with that only a difference aspired that the world extra dense doesn't allow dense desires to be carried out for consciousness really, in dense forms, but surrounds the person with the illusive world of the phantoms created by energiya, set in motion by his will while aspirations non-material, aspirations distinguished and spiritual, aspirations in the field of knowledge, art and feelings of the highest, being carried out in Elevated, the reality don't lose because density are deprived and don't demand usual terrestrial conditions for the identification. The composer can create, and the artist to create the images, being not connected at all by anything in flight of the creative imagination: neither a workshop, nor a canvas, neither brushes, nor paints, oil - the word, anything from this that is required for terrestrial creativity of usual cloths. Speaking about an all-approachability I Mean future person, but not the slave chained in a chain of a matter dense. The matter isn't an indispensable condition of imprisonment of spirit. The matter can give wings if it is understood correctly in all infinity of the display and forms of its highest. Whether you think that the scale of a matter is limited to what sees a physical eye or help it to see the devices invented by you? Or in the ignorance you believe, what they shown world does only the world available to your limited understand from today? Then with the equal right and the cave man can tell that the world only that he sees and realized it. Difference on evolution steps among themselves and the cave man you don't deny why you are afraid to assume, what between Consciousness the Highest and your consciousness can be greater and even immeasurable? Really you will read yourself a wreath of Space Reason, when even a small midge not in forces to create or a small blade? Or you believe, what the rose created it and what Great Consciousnesses didn't work on the world and its forms? But if it was possible for Them, Creators and Builders, it is possible and for you, "because the person is the highest display on the Planet and the power over any flesh", that is over material forms of life is given it. Steadily there is it to this power. The science helps it. The science is ahead and - to clear-cut victory over a flesh. It already passed through a gate of the invisible world; it already entered into the World Thin. It is a little more - and hidden life of that world, data hiding from science behind a veil, will start revealing and becomes available. Also it will be already impossible to deny not denied. The science will victoriously approve in what the religion didn't succeed. May you deliver limits to scientific achievements and opening? No. There is no such limit because conducts thought. I claim that the science promptly goes to Boundlessness. And that time will come when the Great Alliance between New Science, both New Religion, and New Philosophy of life when the fiery Truth of nowadays proclaimed Agni Yogi becomes a cognition basis will be concluded. The intimate Knowledge, for eyelids stored in the Stronghold, becomes available to all looking for. And then impossible becomes possible and unattainable - achievable because the herd will be uniform and the Pastor - One.

460. My son that you have now, I Will increase in a hundred times, and impossible I will make possible. And flights you will have, and eyes and ears will open. Everything will be, the Guarantee I Give because devotion I See also determination to go all the way. Together with Me to go the silent solution of spirit invisible to people all the way a thunder rushes in space and strong to itself attracts, magnitno and powerfully Energy of My Beam. Because there is nothing secret that wouldn't become obvious in space, and hidden - isn't opened to My Eye. Eye of the Lord is over everyone, who the way you solved up to the end. I speak: "Wash forever". Give the chance new and, perhaps, to fly. I speak: "Be with Me", - Mine I Call not simply! I approve My Proximity by signs. Not to trust anybody and to be always with Me. My son, access to the Stronghold you have, but before (than to direct), everything leave and below.

461. (Oct. 23). (Mother World). The space consciousness is reached thanks to space thinking. Thinking personal, thinking planetary, thinking space - steps are that. The thinking personal covers the sphere of the personality, planetary - planets, space - all. Those, who think of the Benefit of all mankind, about the Benefit the General think already in all-planets scale, but mankind of our solar system thinking of evolution and even more widely, think space,. Within Space everything is concluded, therefore, this thinking embraces itself Boundlessness. Children of Earth, it is necessary to learn to think space. There is a sphere uniting together everything, all visible and invisible worlds are a Sphere Fiery. The world Fire is essence, or a basis, the shown Universe - over everything. The thought fiery reigns in Boundlessness’s, both the carrier and beget it is a fiery body of the person. His immortal Identity is concentrated in it, in a fiery body. Therefore the next problem of your terrestrial mankind is registration of a fiery body and concentration in it, as the carrier of the highest energiya, all activity of human consciousness. Process of registration of bodies of the person, or his covers, is long extraordinary and gradual. Registration of a body physical, registration of a body astral, (registration) of a body thin, mental demanded a body millions years and occurred in a certain sequence. And nowadays for those to who time came, already it is time to start consciously registration of the fiery body. Certainly, registration of a body mental has to be finished before. It is finished far yet at all. Immortal reincarnating Identity of the person is concluded in his fiery kernel. All have it, but in an embryonic condition. The lord the Christ Called people of Earth dead persons, Having told: "Provide dead to bury the dead persons! » It means that the people which fiery body isn't issued yet weren't able terrestrial to collect during life in the highest Identity enough of the elements causing immortality that is a condition of a continuity of consciousness. The consciousness break also means death of the person in World Aboveground. The person actually doesn't die because the spirit is immortal and is embodied again, but the consciousness interrupts because has no than to live in those spheres where remains and endures death of the lowest covers never-dying, eternal essence of the person. The kernel is, but stratifications are absent, and the consciousness can't proceed. All Precepts of the Lord and all Doctrine Its, each Word Christ's meant to give the chance to people to collect the most available way in the microcosm enough of elements of immortality for continuous continuation of consciousness in World Aboveground. It was the steps, the first steps necessary for registration of a fiery body. Similar Instructions Were given in all other religions and Doctrines of the Lords Coming to Earth to the Savior, but people forgot about them and didn't carry out. "You have keys from the God's Kingdom", that is from a gate of the Fiery World, - the Christ Spoke to Pharisees. "But you don't enter and others you don't let". Execution of these fiery Precepts believes the beginning to registration of a fiery body and forms crystals of deposits of thin energiya in the Bowl. Amrita's bowl fills with drink of life immortal. And then life eternal, life in Boundlessness’s that is an uninterrupted condition of consciousness becomes property of the person. So there is a process of registration of a fiery body, or the highest Identity in the person, to it to leave giving the chance to the Ocean of space and to concern life on the Distant Worlds. The body mental is closest to a fiery body. They are closely connected with each other. As it is frequent among thoughts usual, like a lightning, they are cut by thought fiery. Fiery Spheres of Mother of the World are achievable and open for fiery thought. Spheres to her children of Earth Specify At aspiration of the Sphere of Mother of the World spirit sate with fiery thought, and its sparks imprinted already in forms, are brought by spirit on Earth. World Distant ardent part takes in life of your planet. They are close to your planet, but not for usual consciousnesses. Mother World Reading to bring the shining gift of thoughts elevated if the consciousness receiver audacious spirit directing to It is ready to apprehend them. Everything is close, everything strong is available, everything is nowadays possible for this purpose who dares. Children of Earth, dare!

462. (M.A.Y.). Native mine, really you don't feel obviously, what in the spirit of us together? Really it isn't clear still, what nothing divides us, except your inability to understand, what in the spirit of we are connected closely and strong and what these hidden threads vibrate communication live, connecting us over evidence small? When all consciousness and heart you address thought to me, I with you and it is close, and strong I seek to sate you with the thought. Understand, native, separateness isn't present, separateness isn't present, both there are no distances, and isn't present for fiery thought of barriers of a material world. But it is necessary that your thought powerfully flew up and rose over a surface of life of usual, full everyday adversities, alarms and cares which connect its freedom iron chains of dense convention. Native mine, chains tear, I know, your spirit if minutes of freedom you want to concern the thought of thoughts mine is free. Heart and in thoughts I with you is. Still in heart we wash all of you loved by mine.

463. (Oct. 24). (Guru.). Will. Not to succeed if the will is absent or it is insufficiently strong. And when the old person inside rises and opposes to the winner, it is possible to operate it only will. And he opposes constantly in any undertaking of spirit concerning advance on the way. Means and the will have to be always on call to give the necessary tension. As and with people: where it is better to avoid words, let the will silently, but knowing work that silent, but the firm and irrevocable solution of will be felt by other consciousness instantly because it is transferred without words and gives desirable consequences. Will it is necessary to exercise constantly. The strong-willed person expresses it always. It itself (himself) can't show lack of will. The will and understanding of the force are inseparable one from another. Weak itself will read only weak, strong - strong always and if the person met or circumstances are stronger than it, he will let them pass, but with thought strength of mind on them to increase, and not once and after, and right there, having now planned ways of the statement of will and its victory in the direction available to will and the leader to its final victory. And foreheads rams fight only, wise finds the line of the smallest resistance missed by the opponent or protected not enough. Direct collision wills usually terribly devours forces. The space - an action field of thought silent is opened. Aura radiations too under will control. It is a lot of ways and many ways that foreheads not to fight. Concession to crafty hands perhaps victorious, if silence force realized is. Silence - the engine powerful if the will is strained as sharply perfected weapon - Arhat’s will in readiness always. There are pupils at the Lord, but weak-willed isn't present among them. Are able to own it and weaknesses never show even in the weaknesses. To be strong even in a display of the weakness is destiny of those who seized it (himself). It is necessary to be strong always and in everything even before the strongest opponent, and even receding, but facing the enemy. The hero in the field of fight with a banner can remain one, but nevertheless the hero be lost and to remain strong up to the end. Without will there is no advance, there is no victory also. In total in will, also there is no that limit further which it couldn't raise and develop. (In a dream I killed an arrow a huge owl).

464. (Oct. 25). To Mine in you to Mine - in Me you correspond. My Image accepted in heart and approved it there, too It to Me consonance. Having entered into your heart and having filled it, I Can establish in you the accord the highest. I in you, you in Me - are so filled with Light. Accord degree is determined by completeness and intensity of filling of heart by Me. Person constantly consonance to something; being in it consonance to that outside. The accord can be established by will consciously. On the accord the world is under construction. Degrees, forms and types it are various, but an order one: that inside, созвучит the person to that outside, to those thoughts, feelings, subjects, the phenomena or events which out of him are, occur or take place. When before going to bed to approve by Specified the provision of thought, accord installation in a certain key means. The phenomenon can be expanded. And any more only for the night, but also in the afternoon, especially in intervals between usual activity of consciousness, it is possible to choose this or that key on which there is a desire to adjust the consciousness. Otherwise vanity will begin to sound, and will flood consciousness with itself, and will stop light access. Fight for the highest is conducted persistently and constantly because waves of the dense world, both waves astral, and thoughts a surf continuously break about the basis of a citadel of spirit, - from here need of vigilant patrol and protection of the inner world from invasions from the outside. It is difficult, extraordinary difficult to follow, arrows from where fly. Many of them are poisoned. It is necessary to be protected. Also strong auras of people, with which it is necessary, make contact influence. These influences going from consciousnesses, standing at lower step of spirit, in the majority attract down. That stand above on a spirit ladder ennoble only. But such it isn't enough. A little is lightful the giving. Therefore we Speak about a desert Icon lamp. It is empty around, and to hardly traveler going to Boundlessness. Especially the task to shine most is urgent. To shine, it is necessary to have light in itself. The lord - Light of the World, the Lord, which in you, - Light to the World. You keep inseparably. Dimly is around.

465. (Oct. 26). It is told: "The person is a process". Everything in it is in movement - in a condition of increase or the return to it. In the same condition there are also all its qualities. They or amplify and grow, or go on damage. This process can be imperceptible, but strong and sharply affects in centuries. In aspect of centuries or the millennia these changes are striking. It is possible to observe how this spirits as even in one century or that quality changes ascend or descend. Having before itself Boundlessness and knowing about this aspiration of qualities to develop or decay, it is possible to direct consciously will this process. There is nothing small that wouldn't give over time from itself the phenomenon big if the will supports it and gives the chance to it to grow. Certainly, weeds clean when they grew enough, but nevertheless message crops by seeds perfect, sorted and pure are better, having separated them from weeds. Each action can be considered as watering of sprouts of this or that quality or property: the good - good, bad - bad. There are no phenomena indifferent. The analysis of the processes which are occurring inside is useful certainly. It is necessary to know the direction of the fires: after all and they too move to the future. After all the person is a way: as though the body of other measurements stretched in time from the bottomless past in the infinite future in uninterrupted development and disintegration. Three streams continuously flow through the person at this advance. Stream of a matter dense, a stream of a matter astral and a stream of a matter mental, or the stream of thoughts, and the fulfilled particles of each stream jump out of its microcosm, filling with itself space and noting the way passed by it. As though huge masses of a matter of all plans flow through a microcosm human, refined and being sated with emanations of its essence and bearing on it traces of these prints. The astral plan is encumbered by products of creative efforts of the person or their garbage - yesterday garbage. In the world mental, in the world of creative thought, masterpieces of original creativity, and not garbage, but decoration of a planet already meets. And billion people continue to create, sating space with new and new forms of this creativity. The trace, or the pattern left in space by each spirit, is in full accordance with its essence, or a spiritual step. Truly, Great Spirit Displayed ability to weave a pearl pattern of spirit, but what zigzags of the lowest consciousnesses! - It is necessary and to think of it, as well as that is weaved in space by each biped. Not pleasure to find weaved. Spirit acts are ineradicable. All leaves a trace bright and obvious, all is imprinted as on the movie, all made exists obviously and heavy. Of the past, crystallization in the present in aura of the person not leaves anywhere. The tail of last acts hangs on aura made them. Therefore the problem of a transmutation of essence - process constantly going in the person, is urgency urgent, demanding immediate permission. The decision in that positive to start developing and strengthening all consciously, negative же and dark favorable conditions for growth not to give. And then, getting rid gradually of all dark in the present, in the future centuries it is possible to achieve a victory over everything that doesn't correspond to the highest aspirations of the person. The spirit is eternal, qualities temporarily, both are changeable, and are capable to be exposed to changes. As though strong this or that undesirable quality took roots, nevertheless it is possible to get rid of it, he can be starved persistence, persistence or simply out. On this long way temporariness of qualities can't compete with eternity of spirit when his will is directed on their transmutation. It is necessary to want constantly and constantly to aspire the talents given at an embodiment in a body, that is saved up in former lives, to develop and increase, seeking to get rid of outgrowths of negative qualities steadily. In encouragement it is possible to tell that these last at ardent aspiration to the Teacher of Light start falling off by itself as absolutely unnecessary and gets rid. Worn-out clothes throw, and also the old things which have served the service. As by it and without serious consequences become lifeless sections of skin disappear. As die off also gets rid outgrowths of spirit if the fiery aspiration to Light is rather intense. Therefore I Speak: "Direct. Wings spread". In the sky having risen, you leave the lower, dense, polluted class. And the dust won't settle on wings: everything remains below.
466. Once the person approached to the Teacher of Light and asks: "The Teacher, tell Me, what I have to make to be cleared from are nasty Mine? » - "And what you do to wash dirt from a body? » - "I go on the river bank, I undress and I wash a body in water". - "Here in the same way, - the Teacher Answered, - dump from itself all clothes rather a dirty tatter, or outgrowths with which your consciousness is shrouded, and enter into Light strip as entered a body into river waters, be washed in it by spirit. But a tatter reject and again anymore don't put on. I will give you a new attire of spirit". - "But where take Light? » - The person asked. "Light will be, - the Teacher Answered, - if it is wished by you strong". - "The teacher, Light Teacher, I strove for Light, but didn't see it". - "It is visible, you badly looked if didn't see. Look better. Look! «And suddenly approached saw that the Teacher as though Started being shone and was shrouded in Light, and its Beams fell to the person and shined everything round it and him. And suddenly he felt as if the century weight pressing on consciousness fell down from it, and it became free. "And now go! Go, my friend, with the world", - said the Teacher, - and tell people that wanting and looking for Light receives it".

467. (Oct. 27). Boundlessness is a form of expression of essence of Space. Life boundless is expressed in each its form. The ended a form, but is infinite recovering her life. The matter is eternal, but temporarily its forms. The beginning of each atom and energiya, it making, goes to bottomless depths of eternity and is lost in them. Everything is boundless, we are boundless also. Each phenomenon in us and out of us there is another, it’s outstripped, it - the third, and so endlessly in infinity of a chain of causes and effects. But everything is connected with all uncountable threads of communication because everything is Common. There are no phenomena separate of the world... And the person, the child of Boundlessness, is the successor of everything that is in it. Law World Tell: "Wanting receives". Once and somewhere, but wishing a certain order of the phenomena the spirit somehow and in the form of any realizes the desire. Energy of a microcosm human, directed in space around as the magnet ends, attract to them from surrounding spheres elements, conformable it’s to the directed energiya, and create from them desirable forms. The aspiration is a steering wheel of the ship of spirit, in Boundlessness rushing in the Future. Aspiration the person goes to spheres of implementation of essence of this aspiration, to conditions, this aspiration the conformable. From boundlessness of the most diverse forms and conditions the spirit chooses conformable and enriches with them the consciousness. The karma is weaved from the last aspirations of the person imprinted in his aura in the form of crystals of energiya corresponding to them. Beget, itself both the reaper, and besides often forgetting about last crops. But when the line separating the ordinary person from the person, taken a life is passed, before the entered boundless opportunities magnetic power of fiery energiya of spirit open to scoop everything to what the spirit directs from the Space. Conscious application of magnetic essence of aspiration isn't limited to anything, except will of the one who applies it. Arhat is a microcosm, all to which energy are sent to the purpose uniform - infinite improvement of spirit. Hierarchy is as bridge foundations in Boundlessness’s, and Boundlessness - as an immense field of future stays. Boundlessness is the house of spirit of Arhat, but his basis - Hierarchy because without Hierarchy the spirit will be lost in boundless space. To what will direct, both how, and where and who will specify ways both who will help and who will support? - But the solution of everything at Us, in hands of the Hierarch Conducting spirit in Boundlessness. This way to Boundlessness Specified formula "Dare, the Child". – But, if the spirit doesn't know, on what to dare how to light an aspiration? Means before daring, it is necessary to know that wanted by spirit. And Specify Leader way star aspirations. The spirit risen, realizing the destinies inspires the person on aspiration. Shopkeepers of spirit are afraid of carrying out longer line and limit desires and the expectations to limits of one life, and its everyday aspect, and wellbeing dense, but the hunter of spatial treasures won't be frightened to throw the network in Boundlessness, without limiting itself to time: because all eternity belongs to it, - and to take a rich catch. Because that is impossible in an embodiment this, possible and easy will appear in new, or one of the subsequent, or on plans of others. Children of fire, powerfully dare, dare even to the most unattainable because it will be given you by law.

468. To Boundlessness we go on the ground, and terrestrial affairs are important. They cause a way distant. After the entire person is a way, and everything occurring in it - a way condition. To float by the everyday sea it is successful, the wheel in the firm has to be hands. Waves can overflow a fragile small boat, and then we Speak: "Care". But a course it is impossible to lose or a sail to weaken: waves immediately will snatch strong, and management will be lost. Without a course the wheel doesn't work - management becomes impossible. Whatever it happened, progress of spirit can't be lost not for a moment. If somewhere there was an unprotected place, it should be strengthened. Is useless be distressed about the made mistake sitting in place. It should be understood not to do any more. But it is necessary to move, and it is possible quicker, and having considered the made slip. We hurry with Call will hasten, on delays and stops of time isn't present. You hurry to reach before dark, you hurry while Light didn't go out. Time nowadays especially favorable, and opportunities uncountable You hurry.

469. Each baby of thought of Communication carefully picks up and keeps. If not you, is who make it? To whom it is given, from that and it will be asked. Strong wishes to receive and received store. Among millions, it isn't enough next receivers. If knew how it isn't enough! The mind and body device order keep and don't destroy rash actions. It is good to inform the Bowl not spilled to my Day. All received will serve people too to approach to Me. It is so much various consciousnesses - it is necessary to lay up on all. And that didn't cause an echo in one, strong will force another to sound on a key close to a harp of its spirit. Write therefore, without being confused. Someone too writes, without sparing blackened, papers, but not with Me. The oblivion expects them, Me not recognized. And you write. I will deepen, I will strengthen and I Increase these influences of the Beam. But also from your party assimilation is necessary. The organism gets used at a distant day to tension of vibrations of the Beam, but, having got used, it any more doesn't notice. The organism unprepared wouldn't sustain also the tenth share of this tension. Remember how began with one word, with one phrase. And if for these years reached the whole messages what will be then? It is necessary to sate consciousness of mine for the whole Era. Also it is necessary to give food to spirit in aspect of new achievements and new understanding of the Worlds at that step of consciousness which will be reached in the future centuries. Wisdom of centuries and Intimate Knowledge should be combined with future condition of level of consciousness of all mankind. Therefore write, without being confused anything. Each note will affect someone's consciousness or heart and they will saturate. Write.

470. (Oct. 29). The Savior - the past, Moria is the present, Maitreya - the future. So in Uniform Great Identity three faces of time are combined to send spirit to Boundlessness. Short terms to which the person limited himself, cut off from him the future and deprived of it wings. Whether it is possible spirit, eternally real, violently to squeeze in a framework of several years of terrestrial vegetation on Planet bark! Therefore people in their hands the created cages where they concluded spirit untimely choke. Also delivered to the guard at cages that the spirit on freedom of spatial life didn't escape and it became free not from all of them the most smart fabrications. Chains put on free thought, and instead of fires of inquisition lit fires of black fires of ignorance and dullness, and continue to sit in cages as parrots, repeating someone else's words without any their understanding. If understood! If understood even that have! But are deaf and blind, as, however, and two thousand years ago. But We Win both dullness, and ignorance, and stagnancy. If it is necessary, a lightning we Will awaken heart of the fallen asleep. Light World Given, Light, from the World the goes. In darkness of the deepest even the small sparkle of light is brightly visible. And your light, before people in life twilight burning, strong confronts to darkness. You go to the Name My and them win. They try to break you. But unless it is possible to break those, behind, which back of Maitreya? Be filled consciousnesses of force, because I with you. Whether I will allow them leaving from a planet, soldiers to break mine? Safely go because you go under a banner of Lords. And whether there is a lot of, whether it isn't enough of you, whether everything is equal. Unless force in quantity if Earth heads Uniform! Howl mine, strong battle for the right to be close to the Lord. Snare of evidence won't entangle you because you know the Plan. And others voices on the yard won't call in because you know the Heart Doctrine, with anybody and be seduced with nothing because you know a way. Go firmly, strongly going, go about My Day.

471. All devices of the future will be set in motion by fiery energy of the person. Its accumulation can devote life. It is spent on trifles and on trifles as collects - on particles. Silence - the store, words - the spendthrift. Thoughts spendthrifts and devourers of mental energy are dangerous. Each thought - either the collector, or the plunderer, from light or from darkness. Thoughts magnetic and collective are valuable. What yours? With magnet of consciousness it is attracted or we push away. The person is a magnet operating constantly. It is loaded with thought, as the accumulator - electricity. () Accumulator should be able to be charged. Think of charging physical, but fiery lose sight. Communication with the Lord is fiery charging of spirit Energy of the Highest, Energy of Light. Communication is similar to fiery charging. Communication is that we prefer? Communication can become constant and uninterrupted, because the Beam constantly over you.

472. You want proofs? All right! You will hear the things being a step of transition by Days of Light. There are no phenomena opposite. Everything serves Light.

473. You have to reconsider frauds of the dark. Try again. Without daring to concern directly, work by means of someone or something. See.

474. It would be time to understand already that if the person in it anything, the force he receives from the Highest Consciousnesses. The lowest plunder. Dark is devourers of forces, - from here inevitability of continuous protection of treasure of energy from its absorption by all, who costs below on steps. It is possible to give it, but to be protected from an inexpedient expenditure it is necessary. Magnet closed and the boiler closed it don't lose. It is necessary to become isolated internally. Restraint is magnet short circuit, and also balance and tranquility, as well as reticence, and ability to be self-controlled. All constrained feelings favor to short circuit of a magnet of spirit strong. The statement of these qualities will be the most valid self-protection. Be clasped on all fasteners when you adjoin to people because you don't know, who the plunderer and who the devourer. Weak mentally people always live at the expense of the strong. The law of being reported vessels works. From each emotion externally express only its part, and that probably smaller. It is better if emotions not to reveal any it are perfect. It is possible to present itself, deprived of the astral beginning, and still to remain itself. Try experience to do, at least and briefly: anything on what not to react in any way. Consequences and impact of such condition of consciousness on people see. There will be surprises. The lord of the power operates himself quite. Be the lord of the power.

475. (Oct. 30). (Mother World). Space the Future - to the present is opposed personal; and. Dismissal from personal isn't refusal, but containment of the Highest Triad and consciousness expansion. Simply small it is replaced with the big. The personal consciousness is replaced with consciousness of Identity in itself, the immortal fiery beginning. As also the Future in which everything, takes up a present place with all its imperfections. We designate the Future the life engine. So it and is, to what save up fiery treasure, if it not in the present? But the future, which is even most remote, will give an impulse when it is realized to this accumulation that the future without accumulation is deprived of opportunities. The phenomenon of Great Identity is the Space order. From Them consists The Wreath of Space Reason. Connecting itself with one from Them, the person approves himself at steps of the Ladder of Yaakov, on which is possibility ascend in the Future. The hierarchy and the Future are connected closely. In the future the person plans to himself a prototype of what it wants to become. In the future everything is achievable. The way of the Future which has learned secret is clear and defined. The purpose is planned, and the road to it goes through the person from the present there where achievement becomes reality. I call to my Spheres, because My Star is a prototype of your future achievements and life of forms new. Communicating thought with Me, you enter into spheres of the Distant Worlds, and the far star becomes the Leader in the Future. Call in the Future - Space call. To be exempted from chains of the personal beginning - means to rise by the following step of evolution. The personality for Identity is the same that a cocoon for a butterfly: from one another will be born. From a motionless cocoon - a winged being to whom the space is available. Entering my Spheres, you win against space and time and the future you do by the real way of understanding of its opportunities. Don't separate itself from My Beam. In My Beams of the Lord have the life? In Beams We are uniform. The beam My, consciously accepted in a microcosm human, changes it. Attraction of Beams and absorption by their organism - it is necessary to think of it. But for this purpose heart has to be open. - Great force - overcomes a heart magnet both space, and time. Factories and plants aren't present on my planet. Devices and cars are set in motion by the Space Energy accumulated in the person and directed by the person through the organism. The fiery will of Builders and Founders of the Worlds sets them in motion and strength to it gives. It is much easier to put in action the device small or the car. In the same way, as on your Earth, people differ with the abilities on stocks of mental energy, in the same way and at Us this difference is huge, but the elected workers who have saved up Treasure of fiery energy, can already operate our devices. They are considered as the most valuable people on a planet. The value of everyone is various. Powerful to energy of the person are delivered on conscious Service of Evolution of mankind. The thought of a feat can give strength during the whole life to make this feat. What force and energy of thought such! It is huge; it is immeasurable, as energy of force of grain. In the body of people uses power of thought, turning mental energy in nervous and mechanical. In our devices the same process, but any more in a body of the person, and out of it is made. Devices differs big complexity and a subtlety and on essence can be most closely compared to a live organism in some parts. Think of energy of a seed, about inexhaustible power of the vital principle even in plants or in the lowest organisms. If the principle is found, its application becomes possible. The synthetic organic chemistry will lay a way to some opportunities and at you. But it isn't allowed to catch and seize mechanically vital principle to people of Earth yet. But the future shines unusual opportunities. In the future also direct: in it all.

476. (M.A.Y.). Let's gradually enter into a circle of Space work. The notification about drawn-up Plans has to take place always to know the direction of Evolution and to prepare consciousness. When the purpose is known, it is possible to move, knowing. It is possible to call Arhat the collector and the transformer of Space Knowledge. On Earth is for Earth. Who differently will bring together them? Without synthesis it is impossible. Let the conveyor of thought of the next will serve also to this gift. Task: having left to the space ocean, spatial treasures to collect for transfer to their people. Everything that left after itself, as the certificate serves how this transformation is made. Truly, Space Energy is the transformer of people. But the appointment should be realized. In this sense also it is necessary to understand mediation of the chosen receivers.
Before considered such people, is as intermediaries between God and people. But "anybody saw God anywhere", and the ocean of space is available to sensitive consciousness, and the highest thought rushes over the world. Dare.

477. (Guru). Process of accumulation of fiery Treasure is long and continuous, and, of course, it is best of all if it is conscious. First of all in consciousness all actions, feelings and thoughts on destroyers of fiery power and its stores are dismembered. Destroyers should be avoided carefully because will enter into ruin. And you look at everything occurring inside and outside. Having realized value of Treasure, it is possible to understand that costed by its loss. The will and the saved-up crystals of fire are connected closely. One without another doesn't exist. That is saved already up, needs protection. Process the two-third-party: both protection, and accumulation. "Not give Treasure to dogs... ", because much is them, plunderers collected power. At first will devastate, then will crush, then will snatch on you and will tear to pieces you. Stand as the mountain not plundered, and be as a casket closed on all seven locks. The donation isn't squandering, but, on the contrary, accumulation and collecting. Squandering happens at uncontrolled squandering of force. Chatter, concerns, fears, envy, condemnations and all other negative qualities of spirit - as the bloodsuckers exhausting mental energy. Even simple haste and, especially, fussiness and fussy excitement waste mental forces. And whether it is possible to prefer something and to give for it at least a particle of century accumulation? But people give, and usually when language stirs without a measure. 'You know already that the word Tell either in condemnation, or in a merit. In condemnation - it is frequent, but it is rare - in a merit. And even told in a merit nevertheless releases any particle of energy of spirit. Be circumspect with words and strong think before to tell the word. Consciousnesses of the majority are similar to a sieve full of holes. From there are so much diseases among spendthrifts of the fiery power. But it is possible to be spirit strong even then when the body hurts, and even more strongly. But also diseases happen different. Acquired waste of mental energy usually grows out, and at them the person spiritually weakens. Certainly, accumulation process best of all happens under the direct guide of the Teacher and is combined with education of the will. But it is necessary to begin most, and the Hand of the Help won't slow down. For the handle drive only small children. The one who is able to stand on own feet, itself reaches, and then hidden contacts of the Teacher easily reach sensitive consciousness.

478. (Nov. 1). My son, the Teacher Won't delay to note each effort of spirit to rise even above and to Send to the help doubled, in comparison with enclosed, force. But primary effort should be made most. Magnitno is involved Beam force in each self-proceeding action, leading up. Carefully the Teacher of grain of energiya of these efforts, that Preserves shoots not droop. It is best of all to direct to a transmutation of the nature together with the Teacher. Joint efforts will be always fruitful. To be together always and in everything and will work together with force integrated the good luck guarantee in all that it is made together with the Teacher of Light and for the sake of it.

479. The belief rescued from people, the belief helped to pass through narrows lives.

480. (Nov. 2). The word is the energy carrier. The issued word - as a shell loaded with explosives, ready to make action. More precisely than a shell it flies to the purpose and strikes the middle. The word and thought - are inseparable. The word is the thought carrier, the feeling carrier. The word is fire carrier. Even the ordinary person can devastate himself unlimited flow of words because everyone puts in words this or that type of the energiya. Sometimes the person is so overflowed with these energiya that strong he seeks to pour out them in words. Usually the person precedes words at consciousness overflow by feelings or emotions strong personal character. Flash of emotions demands an exit outside in words. If severely to constrain them, there will be a sharp accumulation of forces that will allow to spend later them reasonably, frostily and circumspectly, that is under will control, instead of is impetuous as it by all means would occur if the will didn't interfere. Each word withheld by will at the time of a press of energiya warm that is excitements, emotions, concerns, disappointment, irritation and all other feelings, will be the accumulator of fiery force. The word said - always a discharge of energy, the word withheld - the store. It is possible to devastate words the treasury. Silence when feelings storm is especially necessary and is valuable and are torn outside in words. Often in a rush of indignation the person seeks to answer the offender with the word, forgetting that silence is many times more effective than words, and not words, and silence can collect hot carbons over a concept putting wounds. Resistance the word is similar to the gate closed suddenly. Open gate - and the spread falling of the one who breaks them, inevitably. Struck blow the word expects the answer again to strike, but the answer isn't present, instead of the answer - silence - unclear, inexplicable, unusual, not expected. The usual consciousness of such shock doesn't maintain and undersigns for the insolvency that is strong and painfully feels the defeat. And the received blow multiplies the force. Therefore I Speak: "Don't oppose angry, that is astral don't react to influences from outside". Struck to you mental blow hold up other cheek, not answering the first, and look as the spiteful consciousness will writhe in a confusion and powerlessness attack, having hit about armor of balance of spirit. Spiteful it is necessary to learn, but not as people learn usually. And not only spiteful, but also all whose is unbridled an astral. It is necessary to keep silent skillfully. The stub too keeps silence, but becomes stronger from it not. The strained, concentrated silence and restraint of force, itself understanding is necessary. A lot of the excessive is told. The number of the told words can be reduced without prejudice to business several times. A lot of energy will collect from such economy of words. To be silent - doesn't mean in silence to amuse spiteful feelings, but silence means ability to bridle flash of an astral and specify on the power approved over the feelings. When it was approved, it is necessary to think that it is possible to transfer any thought in the word, any feeling, any mood. Words of the person who has been adjusted on a key of despondency, with themselves bear despondency. But it is possible to adjust itself in any key, and then the word recent will incur in itself essence of a condition of consciousness speaking. The word can be absolutely passionless, deprived of any expression, or feeling. It can be strong emotional or fiery is powerful, saturated poison or life-given. The word is Light weapon. The word is the weapon dark. The word is the form filled with the contents, enclosed in it will. The word can pledge wings or to be a death nail. It is possible to practice in pronouncing words, putting in them various feelings and thoughts, or, on the contrary, depriving of them this or that contents. It is possible to say the words deprived of any feeling, any expression. It is possible to withdraw absolutely from words astral, or personal, the beginning. Just as the ingenious musician takes any sounds from the tool, the one who seized secret of the word can, to play by means of words a harp of human spirit. When the Teacher Light Talks with the pupil, be sure that each Word mentions the necessary string and sounds on it intimate. Let the fiery word will be a hammer beating in space in the Bell of Light. Let the word will be the messenger, happiness bearing. Let everyone will be executed thoughts and the purposes. It isn't necessary senseless words. Speech can be diluted with words, as wine water. Let drink, you given to people will be fiery. Therefore the superfluous you don't tell, as well as unnecessary. It is better to be silent, than it is senseless to devastate it words. Conscious restraint not only in words, but also in everything: in all actions, gestures and movements - will be force store. The value of silence and restraint should be realized. Many devotees were taciturn person. Vow Silence has value the deepest!

481. Tension is terrible, but all to us on advantage! Not trust, but wait, all wait. You can in it, in the Future, enter the spotless. Encourage the consciously waiting. The hand the Leader is unshakable. The plan of Lords is carried out steadily in bases. Details are similar to slags can be. Show patience before Kulm. The happiness goes. Display poverty thick as shit on misunderstanding of the future which they create nowadays the hands, without knowing that. Truly, all: both friends, and enemies - serve the Great Plan, - because all chain of causes and effects is visible to us, but not of. You look over evidence dense. Be able to move the fact into the future to understand its valid value in the present. Will Space performers is all and all. Even winds are obedient - elements are obedient. Power of Hierarchy is underestimated even by the knowing. Chicken evidence closes Greatness of the Plan. For chickens - a hen house, but not tops from which distances are visible. They are for eagles. Live a pulsation of the Plan of the Lord and enter into it - so you will be able to understand the future and to become its participant in life.

482. Defeat of the Satan, once Great Spirit, serves as the certificate of what even such huge will - anything before power of Hierarchy of Light. It a barrier became before possibility of implementation of the Great Plan and was destroyed. Mistake will assume that somebody or something can stop its performance. Interfering and confronting to it steadily lose sight of other ways of implementation which aren't seen by them. And when all their attention and energy are concentrated in counteraction point, implementation before specified freely goes in the direction not seen by enemies. Therefore supporters of darkness and defenders of the leaving world suffer a defeat steadily in everything. As it was already told, their car works for idling, that is for nothing. Both plans and their artful designs fall, as the houses of cards, one behind another. Stars gave to the best country fate the best and who in forces to paralyze power of the Space Beams weaving karma of a planet and its people. Forges Beams, forging World evolution, concentrates in new places and magnitno attracts in an orbit of their display new energy and the spirits, intended to carry out a task of Space Will. Builders of the New World are embodied in the new country. The combination of star Beams, Space Will and will of the best representatives of mankind to Will Lord creates those conditions of inalterability of implementation of the Great Plan with which not in power to fight to usual human will and dark led by even remaining and yet not destroyed hierophant of the evil. But days them are considered. Also days of counteraction to the Plan are considered. It was allowed by the principle of tactics of Adversa that New the forces on it could strengthen and, having become stronger, to crush a dark antagonism. Judgment will come true to term. If Gurus and Mater left, so terms didn't come yet. But the eyes opened sharp-sightedly, already see that isn't visible to another, and the nice ear already hears blows of the bell calling Day breakers is closer to rally in anticipation of the future phenomena and in understanding of their inevitable inevitability because time runs, strong them approaching.

483. (Nov. 4). My son, the correct decision in that tension didn't decrease, as well as counteraction of forces of passers. That and another depend on speed of advance in Boundlessness. In a standing bog there is neither advance, nor speed, tension. Fall in love with tension ardent. Sharp line separates tension from haste, hitched up of nerves and fussiness. The structure of tension includes tranquility and balance elements. Of balance and tranquility the strained - we will think so. It is necessary to give the tranquility tension, balance tension, tension of tendency and tension of speed of advance. Disbalance at the time of tension will be the devourer of fiery force therefore I Approve tranquility intense. Is rower of restraint, power of the constrained and bridled energy of Agni Affirm at the time of the extreme tension of forces! The doctrine of tension is practical knowledge of living conditions of consciousness of fiery spheres. Preparation goes on Earth, to matters dense. Be not afraid and don't avoid tension, but wish it. Undesirability of a condition of tension and aspiration to avoid it occurs only because usually is thus broken both balance, and this last circumstance and causes painful reaction of nervous system and feeling of a waste. Tension on condition of preservation of full tranquility of it doesn't give. On the contrary, mighty inflow of force will be felt. Fall in love with tension ardent is the same way of fire. Everything breaking it, it is necessary to reject. Begin with small tension, keeping consciousness in a demanded framework of restraint and balance. The understanding of what differently not to pass, will give the necessary impulse for the statement of this quality. The captain is quieter during the most dangerous storm, the he will more surely carry out the ship and its fight against elements will be more successful. Once he becomes puzzled and to lose tranquility - the ship will be lost. But this tranquility will be tranquility of the greatest tension. To win against elements, study art by to own in minutes of tension extraordinary. The doctrine of tension is proclaimed by the Life Doctrine. Value realizes it.

484. Thick as shit dug a hole to it, - is criminals. Broke the Decree My and therefore will leave the decision in < … >. It is fated a way is covered with a victory by friends and enemies, - but soon Wiped My enemies! All currents of space are to the aid of friends, and against enemies all their force. Rejoice, children. Holiday on your street is. It comes for you, but not for them, General Welfare of the betrayed.

485. (Nov. 5). Tension what it was, won't wear out nerves if will control is continuous. Wears out fieriness. The tranquility is concentration of force even during action. And reserved force grows in tension, accumulating in nucleus, but without being spent and without weakening the one who approved the power and control over it. The phenomenon of exhaustion isn't allowed under any circumstances, as well as the actions caused by conventions or desire of an astral to show a false type of spirit. There is no phenomenon of more humiliating, than this last because spirit advantage is lost, and the clown nominates the face to the first place, covering with itself a true face of spirit. The damage and loss of for the sake of what the clown wriggled will be result of such humiliation always. The advantage of spirit is able to store in any living conditions. It too force, understanding, both not conceding to anything, and not losing before any imagined requirements of the moment. Let's protect your advantage under all circumstances if only you an imperious hand muzzle on the clown. If knew, how many fiery force you lose at the moments of shameful weakness, nothing caused, except as fear, obsequiousness and desire not to be, but to seem. Spread out the phenomenon to parts and you will see all humiliating essence it when the humiliated forehead, both slavish obsequiousness, and babbling the person tries to exchange spirit advantage for doubtful advantages of human opinion and a favor. "Don't hope for sons human". You have one Defender, the Defender, the Caring and the Guardian - the Lord. That low in people to look for? And where they were for the sake of whom you humiliate yourselves when you were threatened by danger, or it was difficult to you, or you were one in tests heavy? The humiliated babbling will give rise only to contempt in to which it is turned, as well as an aping of the clown. It is necessary to be through with him. Smile of weakness consider as damage to spirit. Harassment of someone's arrangement or ingratiation is falling. Babbling - a shame. Smile - a skull grimace - a concession to crafty hands. There is enough violation of own force by a heel of own weakness, ignorance and searcher. Unless the hero or soldier Light in grimaces of spirit or attacks of unruliness of the clown can be humiliated? Its display should put an end. With it in itself it is necessary to be ruthless, severe and resolute. It has no justification of the actions. The phenomenon destroying advantage of spirit has to be uprooted without the slightest delay or pity. The damage is too great. May you respect or read the person, on your eyes humiliating strong? And what you is in own eyes at the moments of such falling? After all if you don't respect yourselves that you can demand from people? And how I charge something to the one who didn't keep the advantage of spirit? And how approached will look on humiliated the spirit? And who will approach through lost force of the magnet on indulgence of the clown? There is enough ignorance. To shame is the end.

486. The feeling is right: currents antagonistic in increasing frequency start being replaced by currents favorable. Eventually they will stop at all. On them depends both health, and a condition of spirit, and the general provision of things in the world. The darkness in all types goes on damage. The progression of acceleration of its leaving will amplify steadily. Shifts great are close. And as there are they in consciousness of masses, control of external influences from people is impossible. There is an awakening of hearts in all-planets scale. And someone goes ahead the whole country. And sensitive heart is filled with pleasure spatial. See these thin feelings of heart: they, as seismograph of the general condition of consciousness of mankind. New time goes, and the way it is noted by heart. Joyfully meet it because it is new life of a summer lightning. Give pleasures in heart freely to sound - you feel the truth. Your street prepare for the Festival of Spirit. The light is Future and is close.

487. (Nov. 6). Great Identity, being embodied on Earth during different eras, Clothes in different attires and Bears different Names. To each embodiment there corresponds the Name. And only the relatives know that Essence one. Know because usually accompany a terrestrial way of Great Spirit. For the adoption of the next Mission the next witnesses that people through their means could see what wouldn't see are necessary. Knowing and seeing the blind and deaf help to see Light. People of Earth to understanding of Secret are deaf and blind. As also the future Lord Maitreya needs proclaim fiery, able to explain greatness of Arrival and its value for destinies human. Arrival will be made on demolition two South: Cali, leaving, and Satia, coming. On whole to the South the going Lord has to Sate consciousness of mankind with the New Testament of Life. The century of Fire the coming needs the Fiery Doctrine which will serve as food next millennia. The doctrine of Life given by the Lord, is difficult in places for understanding extraordinary because it is calculated not on real, but on future step of development of human consciousness. The doctrine of the Christ simply but who comprehended depths it? The doctrine of Lord Maitreya, being continuation of the Doctrine of the Christ and his following step, brings mankind to the Space scope and in concept of eternity, life eternal and the God's Kingdom; brings the new stream of the vital truths, really achievable and on Earth, and in the Worlds. Approving vital reality of evangelical Truth, it moves apart limits of opportunities of the person both unattainable earlier and seeming unrealizable and far from life does real and close. It claims that everything is achievable and that the person - the carrier of fiery power, is the coheir of inexhaustible Space treasures and that the power over a matter Is given it. In the union with science, art and the great religions of the world cleared of century litter the Doctrine of Lord Maitreya among the updated mankind will be approved. Truly, New Ayr goes, releasing mankind from all types of spiritual slavery and from all types of slavery in general. Free from fetters of the past the person will enter the New Fiery Era. The next will make Light of the new Doctrine to people available. Mission of their bike is. Who as not they, will help people to come to the Lord and a way to people will specify, on which passed; where they, able to make it? So it isn't enough of them But the Beam of the Lord over them, and over everyone - the Hand. You see Light in darkness of pre-dawn, the benefit to you, and light to people bearing! Not he is visible to much now, but he becomes visible to sets when Hours of Eternity will punch time. Hour of Great Arrival not see, but believed, the benefit to you. The benefit to you, wait, but being on great Service to the Lord. Your way, because it is dark is difficult, but is noted by achievements. Fruitful it strong will appear suddenly when Great time will come. So the Teacher going to Him in anticipation of the future Hour Addresses.

488. Elements are static. Elements are inert. Elements submit to will conscious. Elements strong submit to influence of energiya of the human microcosm, even unconsciously set in motion by will. Will - the Supreme governor of elements of the earth, water, air and fire. All four elements are concluded in a human body in various combinations. At the moments of complete equilibrium imperiously the person operates them. Balance gives the power over them. Therefore balance is force, tranquility - force, restraint - force. Everything, than seized in the microcosm of people, force itself shows and allows it the power to operate the same energiya and out of the microcosm. The power over approve, that over its nature to show. Exercise continued and constantly they will in its ability to subordinate to themselves all events in the sphere of the microcosm. Great value has this mastering by the energiya. It conducts to wonderful dream of mankind - the power over the World. Small overcoming of the spontaneous phenomena in themselves consequences have the huge. It would seem what value has control over movements, gestures and, especially, over so-called nervous movements, and all their other types, - but each movement in an organism fiery. Bridling movements, the person bridles fiery impulses and a current of currents of fire and that imperceptibly for itself seizes fiery elements and is accustomed to supervise it will. Everything occurring in a human body is anyway connected with elements. Dropsy! Think of essence of this illness. Inflammatory processes are; tuberculosis, fever, heat. Even breathe process fiery. The power over the microcosm brings to power over out of us, over Macrocosm Planet, and above. Agni Yoga regal way is a way of mastering by the highest elements of fire to which all three other, three elements are subordinated: lands, water and air. Three bodies: terrestrial, astral and mental. Ponder more deeply.

489. (Nov. 7). Events approach, as an ocean wave. They are called by huge inflow of Space energiya. And the human body - the receiver of these energiya - reacts to them obviously. Whether the person can, the child of stars, the collector of crystallized deposits of star beams during the uncountable millennia not to react to from what his star body is weaved, on what creates it and what absorbs its organism constantly? And a body of its Light - unless it from Earth? That from Earth - to the Earth departs, but the heavenly person - to stars. Its homeland is the Space, a kingdom of Beams, a kingdom of star vibrations. Patterns of evolution of a planet are drawn by star Beams and are defined by them. Where Babylon, where Egypt, where ancient Hellas, where others once sated with life the centers of culture and a civilization? Having arisen, burned, magnitno rotating about itself the people, then died away again to flash somewhere, but already in a place another. The center of the center of culture for a certain time, the period, or an era is defined by a combination of star beams. And people submit to command of stars. Nowadays force of these Beams is directed to the Country New, the new center of culture. And, obeying the solution of Space Will, the Country powerfully blossoms. She is fated the great future, she is fated to become leading and the first of the best. Leading will be in all areas: science, art, literature, philosophies, and religions and in the sphere of applied knowledge, inventions and improvements mechanical. It both will catch up, and will overtake, but to catch up to nobody with it, because the Leader - the Lord. Material blossoming and lifting will be followed by the spiritual. The people before its Light will be inclined. We See and we Know this shining future. Advance will promptly go to it. Certain people - not an obstacle to the decision of Lords, and complexity of conditions - not a delay. Delay perhaps in one: in readiness of heart and consciousnesses. They have to correspond to greatness of the Plan. Also we are nowadays knocked on hearts that to awaken them and to prepare for the future. When with internal fires hearts will start being shone, directing to Uniform Heart, the precepted fairy tale time will come in life to be embodied. So the Lord Told on a crest of events because Sees and Knows.

490. (Guru). The sad phenomenon is represented by the pupil violating rules of following for the Teacher. For the sake of what it does it? For the sake of indulgence the doubtful pleasures the minute indulgences are? For the sake of indulgence to desires rough? If he knew, how many loses during this low condition! The distinguished organism painfully and sharply reacts to poisoning of all system with poisons. And nerves suffer. And the short stupor doesn't give neither pleasures, nor happiness, depriving at the same time of any opportunities new. It is necessary to understand, at last, that some things are absolutely inadmissible at this step of advance. Everyone knows when stumbled because the judge - inside. Not someone another, but itself the judge, and a solver, itself - making mistakes, and itself - a condemning of. The lord of the power, and her spendthrift - is free, and itself - over himself. Also there is no judging. At this step of freedom responsibility of a bike for each offense: responsibility before itself, before the highest, crucified own ignorance "I", responsibility for people and for Earth. By extent of understanding of responsibility determines each spirit the height. Let the court of the highest "I" over the lowest covers will be strict and impartial. Let there will be it every day. The animal roar "was deification of darkness and ignorance crucifying him". The precept "will be deification of wisdom crucify itself", without pity, indulgence or mercy, "itself, and only itself".

491. (Nov. 8). I instruct for these days: 1) to order consciousness; 2) to be filled with my Business; 3) expectedly who to meet surprise; 4) to strengthen balance. Hurry Soldier Mine from the four dooms World.

492. My friend is filled iron determination to be those qualities of the spirit which value is realized rather deeply, but force for the appendix in life still didn't suffice. Forces should be found. And not to apply the nobility - where the worst incommensurability! What prevents to become closer? After all application conscious is an approach way to the Lord. I want that became even closer, - but a delay only that a tatter disturbs. They are worn-out and any more on a shoulder. And new clothes of Light are ready. That forces to hold what isn't necessary? Everyday tests specify all spots on aura light. Each concession to the old person in itself is defeat. Each flash of an astral is recognition of the weakness. Where to find those words which would give strength strong to overcome the unruly, willful and violent lowest cover? The scale of qualities is given to bridle it from all directions, in all display. Each bridled its display - force collected, as force of steam constrained by walls of a copper. The copper can work only under pressure of force of steam collected in it. Force of mental energy collects by control of uncontrolled impulses and movements in all covers. Even the fiery tension of Lords goes on the devil of explosion when slightest the disbalance threatens with accident. And if for us, who have won, balance is as necessary as you need it. If saw destruction in space which is caused by everyone disbalance yours, truly, were terrified. If dropped out of a wing of a bird the feather rattles an echo in space that astral flashes on distances far resound. Waves on air rush energy of blessing or a damnation, light and darkness. That beget are you who have adjoined the Banner of Light? Responsibility of the person before bike space because in it everything is noted that proceeds from essence of the person: each gesture, each look, each thought, each feeling, each impulse, each condition it and all its body’s; therefore also Specify restraint. The energy, streaming from a microcosm of the person in space, cause on itself reaction of elements, and the return blow is inevitable. This condition the first is. The second: it is expedient to keep the radiated force at itself to save up and multiply a crystal of mental energy. The third: it is possible to spend only that is saved up. Process of accumulation is vital when the step of spatial responsibility is reached. Those who are deaf and blind are irresponsible, though they have to pay heavy, but able to see is responsible strong. Whether on egoism you think, what everything occurring to you and in you, and are limited to you? "I am not a watchman to my brother", - ignorance so argues, - but the watchman the strict, responsible for purity of space, is the knowing way to the Lord. And everyone, blacking out consciousness of the brother, is responsible too. Through mastering by that by the inexperience people want to assign to another is reached. And instead of to direct force of impact to the people breaking balance of your spirit, it is necessary to direct it on itself because not gets rid properties inside and in themselves not overcome, force to look for them out of themselves and to find in those people who yet didn't get rid in itself because only the log in own eye forces to see a knot in an eye of the brother.

493. If you don't bridle yourself, new energiya in the Beam I won’t send because will tear to pieces you, instead of will serve in the benefit. Therefore I Speak: without the ardent statement of balance, tranquility and restraint further advance to the fiery purpose of realization of power of spirit won't be possible. Given the chance realize, - time especially favorable is. Fiery power can be either destructive, or creative. Fire of eaten itself who couldn't operate itself. The person has to become the lord of fiery power. Beam influence amplifies in process of mastering by its energiya - an indicator of the growing force. The Teacher changes character, a sort and extent of these influences according to growth of will and readiness of an organism. You learn to own yourself: in it secret of power of spirit. There are Beams of value especially intimate. Few they can accept.

494. (Nov. 9). Friends, it is necessary not to see the phenomenon because it tells nothing to an eye, but to feel its internal essence hidden under covers of visibility. Therefore listen to heart, it feels truly. It is a brain appoints terms and interprets everything to please to the desire, but heart - to soul of the phenomena and events defines unmistakably if it is refined. The consciousness can walk on tops, and heart - on a feeling=knowledge and enlightenments to the world of the future which hasn't fallen yet to dense forms. Seers and prophets lived in this fiery future, knowing immutable reality it, and consciousness of this future moved mankind evolution. Not self-deception, not illusion, but immutable knowledge of what is fated to be. And the nobility can only the heart which concerned fire and has become the fiery. Also it knows when anybody around doesn't know and own brain protests and disagrees with inevitability fiery. Therefore this knowledge is called the intimate. Is given the little, able to contain. All Great Doctrines and Religions are no other than these fiery prototypes of the Future imprinted by heart and specified way to it. All of them call the person of the Whig is filled with fiery drink, inexhaustible in the force. Drink from it all that on a feat is ready. We create the Great Temple of the Future. Wishing to devote itself to service in it - safely enter. This Temple is eternal, and its creation because it itself (himself) has to capture Boundlessness is eternal and contain it in itself. And places in it are all. Suffice on all. Refusal isn't present to anybody, even ignorant because will know everything who will enter. We Create, and you knowing, assistants to us. But the Temple for all, and everyone coming it is necessary to meet with care and to give it what its spirit needs. In readiness is the collecting to sate hunger of Light of hearts invisibly and in the spirit of on the threads of space reaching for you from everywhere. To the Sun be similar, to people giving light and heat because you don't know, where and when and to whom the help you will render in the spirit of magnetic spatially, whether in silence of night or in vanity of day, it is conducted or it isn't known for yourself. Be as the Sun is.

495. Behavior before a space Face destiny only the one who knows. There is nothing secret that wouldn't become immediately obvious before a space Face.

496. (Nov. 10). Let's give the Decree at the right time. Native mine, you fly to happiness. The abundance of thoughts, towards to flight (going) will be the certificate. I want to see you, all the being tensely going to Me and all covers (in all covers). Burden of Earth - as a crane counterbalance: the more they, you more will lift knowledge external. But the emphasis and an axis on which both poles and a core of the basis of spirit keep have to be strong. And spiral rings round it are shipped by one party in Earth, another - in Elevated spheres, like Earth, turned that to the Sun, to a shadow. The crane works on condition of the correct equilibration of a counterbalance. The ceiling of consciousness is counterbalanced by density of a terrestrial environment and spirit burdening by circumstances. Otherwise - full isolation from life that is impracticality and lack of adaptability of consciousness - the qualities which are so necessary to the soldier of spirit. Believe that is possible without Earth, but even for the plane to fly up, the platform is necessary on the earth. Without Earth it is impossible. It is starting point of trans space flights of spirit. Earth you love not in itself, but as an inevitable and necessary step for spirit ascension. Even the lodging you decorate and you do convenient, especially Earth - the space house and a shelter to spirit at a long stage of dense existence on a way to Boundlessness. Our care is about ornament houses terrestrial. For shoots good the arable land should be prepared well. You look there where there is a preparation and ornament goes on the terrestrial. Such is our Will, that people about the house terrestrial the care the show. And victims brought and works with advantage great will serve the same workers together with Earth to rise by the following step. Without works and efforts and for the world reach nothing sacrificial work. You work also, seeing in the general direction of works the Hand of the Lord conducting to Light. Workers of all complexity, sense and value of those works which will be performed in the building erected by them, say, institute of stratospheric flights and researches of space beams don't know. But the institute is necessary. Transfer something planned nowadays, at the future and estimate its usefulness. The new World fast paces go to the Future. See. Old not keep up with it. At the old world wings of opportunities are cut off. With every year this divergence is shown everything sharper and sharper. The soil of the New World is prepared better and with skill. At the old it runs low. The most considerable opening in the field of knowledge will happen in the New Country. The old world the science will be compelled to be inclined before the new. For understanding of the events synthesis is necessary, differently not to embrace all, and the main thing, not to understand value of important details. Misunderstanding will generate hostility and counteraction to something, perhaps, very necessary and useful to carrying out in life of the Great Plan.

497. For understanding of life it is necessary to expand limits it to the sizes space. The understanding space will find a place to everything, even to a small blade of grass, will find a place to each phenomenon both above, and below. I want to destroy all restrictions, preventing to think freely. The thought has to become free. To release thought not easy. Even Minutes of Communication it has to be free from thoughts usual, terrestrial. The released thought will expand the horizon of knowledge and will specify ways of flight of creative imagination. Sadly, when the thought fights in the old bog, enveloped by stagnation ooze. Destroy barriers, and the thought will move. So destruction of the old world is necessary for liberation of thought. In consciousness the world has to old be destroyed. New, new, new! New is to the New World. New ways and is new step of evolution. The world old will trudge in the tail, hardly managing to select remains from a table of the New World. The sad fate - trudge in the tail but who prepared it? Everything will be sharper and sharper border between arising and leaving the worlds, and there will be adjoined to first and ardent supporters of the second. The border will be Light and darkness border. It is carried already out from edge to edge in consciousnesses human. It is necessary to adjoin this or that; fluctuations don't have already a place if the consciousness wants to move forward. The last division and the last selection and this sphere will mention, and the choice in everything up to the end will have to be made. See exhaustion of the old world in everything and inexhaustible opportunities new. And let wellbeing your criterion won't be. Among a stupor of wellbeing wasn't born anything that from Light. Face there address where in difficulties of new conditions the World New was born and gets stronger. My Hand I Conduct the World New to a final victory. That, who will prefer the world old, I Will tell: with it also you will remain, and New dash away forward on wings of elevated freedom. All currents of space to him are who has dared to stars far.

498. Consciousness polarization. The formula "That Will Win All Who Will Manage to Win Against Itself(himself)" at the heart of the has due polarization of actively operating consciousness which force is directed not to overcoming of external conditions and fight against them, but to neutralization of their energiya by the correct polarization of a magnet of the spirit. In silence of silence and without words Great Action is created. And power of fiery energiya of correctly polarized consciousness creates invisibly and silently that not in power external activity. Rage of others astral can be met own explosion. In the people who have entered violent fight, you see deification of externally expressed energiya of an astral. But if to meet mad explosion by tranquility full, having polarized respectively the consciousness, mad flash of an astral will powerlessly go out and will hang, being neutralized by essence of force opposite. This principle can be extended to all actions human and to all phenomena of life. Circulation on fire and water and a rising on air depend on the corresponding polarization of consciousness. Process is difficult and hard. But they can start mastering at least today. For experience the people, constantly seeking to break balance of spirit in all to whom they adjoin give rich food and opportunity, to break the emotions, moods, experiences and disbalance. On them it is possible to influence all powerfully, without touching anybody, without entering with anybody nor disputes, neither altercations, nor in conversations, and simply polarizing own consciousness on the necessary wave firm, strongly and unshakably, and at all without reckoning with anything. The result will be amazing. Process goes in full silence. It is possible even to speak, but it is perfect about the stranger, silently in itself making process of polarization of consciousness. I consider excessive words of belief and any attempts verbally to influence; are reconstructed in the necessary key of radiation of the aura. The magnet it starts sounding on a system, strong opposite to a mood of the antagonist. Results will affect immediately. There is nothing more wrong, than to dare to begin to sound on a note of a mood of the antagonist: as blind, leading the blind - both will appear in a hole of the dark feelings which have imperiously seized both. To the power over people, to the power over the world, the person comes to the power over any flesh through himself, itself having seized in perfection. Art by to own there is a beginning of power of spirit. In mastering by balance of spirit the Secret of the power over a matter is hidden. Balance also is a condition of mastering by being shone matter, or energiya of the microcosm. Through ability to use the polarization of own consciousness at will comes to neutralize art any mental condition in surrounding people and the power over, and then and over the world. I Won against the World, but having at first won against Myself. To this victory I Call feeling Secret.

("You ask, and it will be given you", - this record is made at the request of mine and with the address to the Teacher to give something, sharply other than the previous records, even the word "secret" was in thoughts).

499. (Nov. 11). To go to Me tension of all energiya of the microcosm - means all work to make in the Name My, everything put, all acts and to think of all thoughts. It also will be a unicorn of aspiration when everything for the sake of what the person on Earth is incarnate, is devoted to the Lord. Then the way will be prompt. Hastily going - We so Call Arhat going to Light. When you will lose everything and you will be deprived of everything when friends leave and you will remain it is lonely, there will be only a Lord who never leaves. Therefore to rely on the Lord it is possible quietly. Therefore the Lord and over everything, over temporariness of human attachments, both arrangements, and other all personal feelings and moods is unchangeable. By the rock of firmness consider the Lord. Also know that if people and relatives even can change to betray, the Lord never will change, and never will betray, and the Friend the truest will arrive, the Father, both the Defender, and care Displayed incessantly. From incorrectness of dense conditions and an environment it is possible to address to stability of the Lord. Unless it is possible to exchange Proximity it for someone or something! Unless it is possible prefer to constancy of Communication temporariness of feelings human or a human arrangement? But resisted in Me in life in the entire winner will be because it will be strong and my Force will strengthen the magnet. Force of fire is attractive powerfully. It you will hold friends and enemies. Enemies are necessary, as dark shadows in a picture that that brighter to shade its sense. One, but soldier unshakably approved on Me, armies fluctuating more strongly because strength of mind is incommensurable to flesh force. I know examples when certainly true, certainly devoted and certainly approved in Me cost thousands, and even the whole people which have started back from Me and about Me of forgotten, because of them, forgotten Me, in forces I was again to Me to bring. I know examples... You will find everything in Me and My Force you will hold both friends, and darlings. You in Me will find force, defeats not knowing. And light of morning in heart storing in the twilight desert of life, with Me you will pass up to the end the winner powerful. To darkness don't consider to battle damage to itself. Wounds struck and the blows received for the sake of Me, a merit will be; and poison will deck them aura new fires. So Light will be served by friends and enemies, because with Me you.

500. I consider it necessary to Point to the wrong understanding of the phenomenon of polarization. If to answer irritation with irritation, it means similar to strengthen the similar. Fires black cause fires black. Similar it is neutralized by the opposite. Black fire is extinguished by light Agni. Mastering by the fires and ability to operate a flame subordinates to the fires of the antagonist. There is a fight of fires. The phenomenon of polarization isn't the passivity phenomenon, but, on the contrary, there is extreme tension of a flame. The silence and silence mean dumb fight of fires, but not lack of activity. Let this ardent activity be not visible on a phenomenon surface. Fiery nonresistance to the evil is the ardent intense counteraction of powerfully burning fires. Power the show power of tranquility, restraint and the balance, destroying energy of black fires light Agni's strength. Not to react to attack - means not to react externally when all internal essence strains in counteraction. Lack of visible reaction to a call of the antagonist is caused by ardent counteraction of internal fires at full tranquility of covers. The tranquility is there is extreme tension of exactly burning flame. Balance reaction, or reaction of fires of balance - so we Call this response to dark influence. Angry oppose. Struggle with the evil, a flame power fight!

501. (Nov. 12). Mountains high, over tops snow the Tower rises. Above it on Earth there are no structures of other human. In the Tower of that, standing alone, the shelter expects, warmly tired traveler from cold of a long journey... and difficult. The Tower far and mountain you remember, climbing up on steeps. Danger of collapses and a chasm develop bottomlessness brave heart let with pleasure of fight will fill, fight and a victory over power of elements and the nature that strong prevent you to reach the Tower of the lonely. Both away your heavy and difficult, but your victorious Lord Will top away with the Beam, and the Stone that Give you in hands, - fire. And the sword of the winner of the spirit, shining Light, in the Beam will begin to shine over a light forehead. And the Stone, fires burning in your breast is brighter, than the Sun, an award imperishable will be to you forever... And, to a tower it is similar, you will become over vain life terrestrial, the Stone fires to your smaller brothers a way указуя to the Lord".

502. Small thoughts drive. Your way is solved: with Me up to the end, to a victory. And everything that goes opposite solutions of spirit, imperious it is necessary to reject a hand! Also notice that, rejecting logic of evidence and its persuasiveness, you become immediately closer and you multiply stays. After each victory, even small and slightest, you fill the baskets. Look at it as on the tests which successful passing steadily brings gifts. Each victory is fruitful. After all life also is continuous fight for light, for light, which inside, against darkness, which outside. The treasure inside can be held and protected only on condition of continuous patrol of guards and struggle for its safety. As the greedy chasm, directs darkness on light carrier. It is impossible to weaken vigilance not for a moment. Patrol is continuous. To soften in ecstasy of a victory or security - means to suffer damage. Fight continued for Light phenomena - destiny of mine soldier. On monasteries will be to rest a mistake. The condition of the constant intense activity invisible from the outside, but obvious for an internal eye, let will be the main line of conduct both alone, and in public. Control overdue over thought on consequences is equivalent to its absence. Therefore to accustom itself it is necessary to think before to tell the word, and to think doubly before working. The fact of delay of control is obvious obviously. Therefore, control becomes aggravated before language started moving, but in any way after. Understanding of errors of excessive words well but if they are constant, fault to that overdue control. Vigilance strains before the action, that is operating energy, in any expression, is taken over the control. Experiment can be made immediately in the course of words and thoughts usual: before to make verification of words subject to a set phrase, and then already their pronouncing. The clown doesn't love control because it is dismissed. Without a measure to stir is its sphere. Look narrowly at talkative people: they are hopeless - empty sieves, barrels full of holes, and the people robbing. In public you study what it isn't necessary to do because the knot in others eye is clearly visible and better, than a log in the. But, having seen a knot, about the log doesn’t forget. Who knows, from that will be asked more. How to ask from the ignorant? But if you know and you don't do, the justification isn't present. You can know, but the knowledge imposes responsibility and, first of all, - before itself. The one who before itself (himself) put responsibility above responsibility before people, that isn't responsible before them, that is free, and the human trial of the power of it has no. Understanding of such responsibility will be a track to freedom. The formula "we have no ban" is closely connected with it. There and mistakes - anything where responsibility fires before themselves are lit. Before the Lord in themselves these fires are lit. It is and the Decisive, It and Solver, It and Leader. My throne in the heart erect to the Lord. And I enter into it, that in it the Monastery You to create.

503. (Mother World). Atop it is necessary to raise terrestrial everything and to depart from it at Communication with Mother of the World - either terrestrial, or Space! In overcoming is life. In overcoming it is and on Space opens spaces. The ascension on a ladder of Light is continuous overcoming of that was, what should be. All Space is directed in boundlessness of the Future. There are planets where the spirits occupying them, are at a step of Lords. But also they are directed to further improvement. The limit isn't present. The absolute point of perfection is unattainable because movement up can't stop is would be equivalently space death. Пралайя there is no death, but folding of all energiya in itself for new Manvantara just as all energy of a plant crystallize in grain for new life. The pulsation of Great Life - is so best of all to call this process. The chain stretched in Infinity, isn't interrupted. These uninterrupted lives uncountable set. You consider each form of life as that, We - as a body, or the form extended in time from the infinite past in boundlessness of the Future. In this understanding also it is spoken: "Not temporary we, but boundless". And the consciousness of the person moves in this which doesn't have the end, to a form, constantly extending and collecting round itself new elements. As, however, and each spirit-monad on the plan, or the step of evolution, - but boundlessness in everything is. And everywhere it is necessary to see it if space to think of spirit wants. Each phenomenon has no the end, began. Everything only proceeds. Transformation of a form isn't death of life, it animating. And the form dying doesn't die in of what it consisted. All its elements continue to live, but only in other combinations. Essence of a form, having crystallized of energy in nucleus it, magnitno will find to itself a new form for the expression. Anything isn't destroyed, but everything constantly turns into something other. It also is life. It is same and on the Distant Worlds. The understanding of essence of life allows to see it and in its highest aspects. The death of a form isn't the end, but new life the beginning, or the life beginning in a new form: physical, material or hidden and thin - whether everything is equal. In this sense, but in forms of others also it is necessary to understand life on the highest planets. And even singularity of forms is optional. Forms human on planets of our solar system are very close terrestrial, only are refined very and much less material. The planet, the refined body is higher. But even on your planet Arhat’s body and a body of the savage extremely differ from each other refinement degree though both and are material. The phenomenon of the condensed astral is carried out for a long time on planets of others and in forms various: from more dense, to refined extraordinary. Possibilities of modification of forms dense and thin are inexhaustible. The general direction of evolution is in hands of Hierarchy of Light. The correct direction of evolution needs to be held. The life provided, can pour out in very strange forms. The Leading Hand of the Wreath of Space Reason or Magnet is necessary. Life of Space It Directs. It, the Space Magnet, plans a framework of the future evolution in general and each planet separately. Cycles, circles, Manvantara and Pralaya, race of people - all these stages of Space and planetary evolution and mankind evolution which are planned by Hierarchy of Light. All this should be known to understand value and sense of the Great Plan. Without its understanding it is impossible to comprehend the events on your planet, as well as in the Worlds.

504. (M.A.Y.). Violation of a rhythm is equivalently to a current break. It is much more difficult to restore the broken rhythm, than to break. It is easy to break. Care show about safety of a rhythm of communication. Not the frequency, but rhythm matters. And instead of further going, time should be spent for that, apparently, is already known long ago. Contact amplifies constancy of a rhythm. Force of a rhythm overcomes any obstacle. The fiery will is put in a rhythm, and crystallizes in it, and works already itself, as though besides of a rhythm. She also transfers it through when the usual will weakens. Mastering by a rhythm is a basis of success in practical application of yoga. The past of the person formed by eyelids, it is possible to overcome only a rhythm if it is subject to a transmutation. As well attempts to self-improvement remain fruitless if aren't supported by a rhythm. The rhythm is based on spiritual work. Rhythm you will reach what can't be reached in the regular way.

505. My son, works of regrets are vain. You go further.

506. (Nov. 13). You correctly think: Lord above all and self-first. And when in consciousness and heart the first place is allocated for It, fruitful there is a thought. The thought directed strong to the Lord, magnetic force has him from the World to take conformable to it elements. As if the distant network is thrown for a valuable catch. And this catches not idle time. Treasures of thought spatial scoop from the sphere of aura of the Teacher of Light are Light from Light. The psych equipment of process is simple and easy, difficult and difficult extraordinary. On the one hand, simply, with another - last accumulation are required. Simplicity is reached by works of long efforts through many centuries, both complexity, and ease are relative. It is easy to good musician to execute the most difficult thing. Fingers easily and freely go on keys, taking from the tool harmonius sounds. And on currents of space can freely play, who long work and care comprehended secret of accords and learned at the will to the highest consonance is directed. Call and the answer to it are two poles of a thing uniform, called by aspiration fiery. The same law saying: "You knock, and will open to you". The space, and Specified Leading Hand of a way is opened and Channelizes to Light, leaving a freedom of choice according to the accord and compliance from inexhaustibility of spatial riches among which everyone finds on itself(himself), on consciousness, in compliance full with vivacity of the aspiration.

507. (Guru). As and in work on will it is necessary to bring a rhythm - as the gardener waters the garden daily. If there is a treasure of will and heart treasure, so they and should devote the time. And it is preferable before all the rest. We will take care of will that it increased obviously. The will grow through the persistent and persistent statement of the desirably and conformable to spirit of qualities. They can be chosen on an inclination, but, having chosen, great it is necessary to show persistence at their application in life. From all content of mental wealth as though this task is pushed forward, on a proscenium, and the deliberate care is allocated for it. Careful care of flowers won't fail to yield the results. In the same way and care of treasure fiery - will. Like muscles, it develops exercise constant. There can't be in neglect that does the person by the person and the right and force to it allows rising on steps of a ladder of life. The fiery right consciously approve by efforts, persistently and constantly enclosed in life of every day.

508. (Nov. 15). Great Expectation! Great Teachers of the pupils left waiting, leaving them in a physical body that is leaving it. And They, Teachers - Waiting eternally. That? World evolutions! This Great Expectation of the Future and that is concluded in it, for going to it and makes essence of their life. To wait!! Wait!! But how? In tension unreasonable consciousness the polarizing according to it. On a key of the Future all consciousness is adjusted. And the past and the present only steps to it. What isn't present in the present is achievable and feasible in future, far or close, but in full accordance with the Evolution Plan, displayed Space Will. Yes! Yes! Evolution of Space is made according to the Great Plan traced by Will of the Wreath of Space Reason, Will of the Space Magnet, Will of Hierarchy of Light. This plan is so great and grandiose what to capture it all it is impossible usual mind. But its essence is put the Wolds Savior, turned to people. "You are gods" - He Told. Here future of the person with all that it implies from this consequences and each thought of Lords, both each act, and all life of each of Them are completely devoted to achievement by people of this great purpose. To lift mankind on a step Godman, and then already god is a task great. But somewhere, on any far stars, in a measure any this task to the person to become carried already out by the demigod above. Not dreams it, but Space reality. And the Great Expectation full of great tension in operation, destiny is them, people too Light of Leaders. Great Expectation is active. It isn't thoughtless inert sitting of idleness, but the most intense activity of the Space order, Great Action, Great Service. Carrying out the Space Task, there are They in the forefront, in the ranks of Spirits Planetary, forging World Evolution. And those who follows Them, their pupils and relatives them, know value and sense of Great Service. And in process of the forces and understanding join this Space work. It far goes out of Earth in its real aspect also it is based on space cooperation with Hierarchy of Light. The great Plan is closely connected and coordinates with evolutions of the next terrestrial mankind on planets of others - above and below Earth. Chains of planets are connected closely. The echo of events terrestrial responds a thunder on the Highest Worlds and on stars far. Everything is Uniform; all is connected closely between itself, and space - the carrier of these threads binding all in Uniform Space whole. Great Expectation here, on Earth, is expectation of that Space Evolution has to bring to your planet. The law conducting life in spheres of implementation of this Future in visible forms is immutable. Lords Know inalterability it and the Future for Them is the fiery reality of the World too waiting nowadays as the Hour to be embodied once on Earth in the future, whatever remote was it. Great Expectation is Great Knowledge of destinies of a planet and great fiery future person.

509. (Nov. 16). It (Christ) collected in itself (himself) the whole world. Light concentrates in the Bowl in the form of crystal deposits, or fire crystals. These crystals, making one huge crystal, are the Stone - spirit Treasure. About this Treasure the Tell Savior in the parable. In the Stone - all. And God's Kingdom in it and all achievements of spirit, and immortality, and life boundless because it is imperishable, integral and is in continuous possession of spirit. Everything can be taken away, but not the Stone. It too is in continuous process: either growth, or damage, or increases in a size, or decreases. There are actions, thoughts, feelings and the acts giving crystal deposits of fire and subjects increasing Treasure; also there are the actions which are extinguishing fires and not only not giving deposits, but, on the contrary, the absorbing already available. It is possible to devastate absolutely itself unworthy actions and to deprive of fire. It is a lot of them; spirit died away, goes on a planet face. The biggest misfortune which only can comprehend the person is a kindle of fires and Treasure loss. Everything that is ever made by the person and gave fiery educations in the form of deposits of crystals of fire is concentrated in the Bowl, and the carrier of the Treasure is saved up it. It is possible to call the collector of condensed Light the one who knows about the Stone and seeks to increase it. Then hands of the pupil are given to the Bowl, as though embracing Treasure, when the pupil is on faithful the Way. And when all powers of his consciousness are concentrated on that to increase it - the Way is correctly solved. One collect pictures, others - books, the third - porcelain, the fourth - brands, the fifth - gold, jewelry, things, wealth and other, other and other, but knowing about Stone Treasure uniform care has it not only to keep, but also to increase in volume. It is possible to track and check in a day that is made in order that new crystals were postponed, and that in order that they burned down. Unrestrained actions it is possible strong to devastate a treasury. Certainly, the Stone and mental energy in the person are connected closely, because this energy - fire, fire radiated by the Stone. And people can give only light and warmly, but not the Stone substance, but not fire because without fire isn't present it is warm, light. Protection of Treasure can devote the whole book, and to further accumulation it is the whole life. If it is already enough saved up, only one protection won't be the solution of a question as new accumulation is necessary. Fire in a static condition doesn't happen - it either grows, or decreases in the power. It is told: "Able contain da will contain". The Highest Plans don't marry and don't marry, but the polar and existence female and a machismo continues to exist and be shown, generating the phenomena of a spiritual order. But the having Stone already more isn't connected by corporal inclinations. From a body the Stone gives freedom, and also possibility of flights, as well as force in spaces terrestrial and elevated to feel spirit mighty, the force realized both indestructibility, and the undestroyed. And left all and all lost, but Stone Treasure found, richest, having all riches of Earth and everything that it can give to the person. The treasure replaces everything, the Treasure gives feeling to limit fullness of heart when desires die, but there is a pleasure of possession to that has to itself no anything equal on Earth. The treasure of heart and treasure of energy merge in the Stone together, and immortal there is a person, the Treasure realized. "Omnia mea mecum porto" 7 - whether about Treasure of the Stone are told by the ancient philosopher? Because everything, what not in me, not mine, but mine - in me from now on and till a century, my Treasure, my Stone. To love it - means to love Light because the Treasure and is the concentrated, condensed Light concentrated in crystals of fire. About Treasure it is necessary to think, and is more often that to realize it. Unconscious, it will lie in vain. Boundless potential power of saved-up Treasure can be understood, at the Sun having looked. Who collected in itself (himself) such power of Light to become the Sun of life for the whole system of the Worlds? Planetary Spirits and Builders of the Worlds increased Treasure of the Stone to a limit incomprehensible, to a limit of inexpressible power. The vital feat terrestrial is process of a escalating of crystals of fiery Treasure. It is long or is short, but essence its same - a escalating of crystal deposits, as also statements of qualities, as well as Services to the Lord, as well as all other, in tension of strength of mind generating fires and giving increase of crystals. The true industrialist of life shows care of that to increase Treasure of the Stone.

510. There is no such situation which couldn't be used for spirit increase. And provisions difficult are thus most useful. As it is good that you robbed me - deprived of one, I thereby find the right to another and, perhaps, something much the best. Also it is good that you offended or restrained me and revealed the face. The right of knowledge of people costs a payment paid for it. And you who have deceived me and thinking to hide that secret, what after all has to become obvious, whether you condemned yourself and with deception humiliated yourself? And all of you pursuing and persecutors, mail drive? And as and whom you will drive in World Aboveground, which will be not avoided by anybody, even denying it? Energy the evils directed by you on others, will address on you and will torment you, yet won't settle the force. The fate of makers of the evil because the evil in them and the return blow it is inevitable is unenviable. So from the acts not leave anywhere, because the sower - he and reaping.

511. Show understanding of reality. The Teacher Wants that worked and behaved as if the Lord was near. But actually it is indeed. Not vision - not a justification if you know about the Eye Eagle. The All-Seeing Eye is a symbol of records of Akasha. Broom new sweeps everything, that it is appropriate with Presence of the Lord. Otherwise you won't move further. Movement doesn't have a course when accidents of a way cover the main thing. If the main thing is realized, that it and attention focus of the attention, as on a picture - the central figure, but not is given to details. All the rest is only a background for the main idea. The background depends on the main thing, but not on the contrary. And the central figure has to cause details. If there is the return, movement of consciousness is put in dependence on accidents of life, but not from its basis. I Am the Stone of the basis of life. Building on Me erects the spirit house on the firm base of Light, - from where is fluctuations, swaying and instability, as not from lack of Focus. Be approved on Hierarchy. Anyhow to move if feet grew to Earth! Firmly to stand on Earth doesn't mean grow to its feet. Earth only starts point for interstellar flights of spirit. The far purpose - stars. Even traveling on the ground, it is necessary to make the travel plan previously; even that from the house to leave, it is necessary to have the plan of how the body will move in consciousness. As and with flights interplanetary - it is necessary to master space in consciousness before moving further. Therefore flights of thought can be welcomed as a preliminary step that when time will come, not to become puzzled before surprise. How much concern was at the first conscious exit of an astral? Flights space it is much more dangerous than a harmless exit of an astral body. The Conducting and Protecting Hand is necessary. It can be had, but on condition of inseparability from the Lord. Possibly is everything, but with Me. Therefore Specify to keep inseparably both in big, and in the small. But this is only preparation for the future. It is necessary to enter into it from the present. The bridge is the Lord. Without It - a tatter of the present day and "his rage". So put your thoughts to the Lord in everything, in all your affairs as the ship moves forward all parts. It also will be coherence of movement which will give the chance to establish coherence of all microcosms. Coherence the highest is Arhat’s task. To show it difficult is. Expediency of everything that the pupil, and all his actions, both thoughts creates, and feelings will be a success basis. It will mean that everything that it does is in full accordance with the main direction of movement of his consciousness directed steadily to the Lord. But if language stirs unnecessary if hands and feet are stirred up and the thought dangles, clinging to jags of life and its defects, any is coordinated coherences aren't present and can't be, of course, because expediency is broken. Let each word, both thought, and movement will be in the accord for the purpose of great, realized by heart. Then, and only then, it is possible to tell that the way is approved the steady.

512. Friends if your way is solved, about what care (in what a delay)? After all it is important to reach, but it is unimportant absolutely that you see on the road parties today and that you will see tomorrow. Pictures flowing by consciousness, the phenomenon, and people won't have the power over you if resolved the way. And when they too close approach to road roadsides, trying to stop your movement, you by go, strong keeping in consciousness the distant purpose. Will disturb much, and a lot of disturbing will be, and will try to distract all measures you from the straight line road, line of the Beam drawn, - and, passers meeting and knowing that their way not yours, time for them don't waste. Why to burden itself with freight of auras alien to you? You to Light go. It is your way. You not one is. With you There and, perhaps, together go, who is intended to Me. You with them go. It isn't enough of you! But it doesn't matter that it isn't enough of you if only you were strong and firm in aspiration to reach the end. After all there is a lot of not reaching. Carefully black hands set a trap for you, and spread out baits, and watchfully wait on what be flattered. And you by go, don't stop. Their purpose - keep your attention on unnecessary that, having used your delay, to do harm to you, having thrown a flower poisonous. Both it is beautiful, and is attractive, and visibility of a flower has, but is poisonous, and is prickly thorns. Only will prick if in hand you will take, and with poison it will fill you. You by go, quicker, and a gait having accelerated. To you for a long time to go, and forces should be preserved up to the end. Passing by those who are stupidly sitting, time for them doesn’t waste - after all not them judgment is. Your way is to the Lord. To it also go a gait firm, without evading, without stumbling and not extinct heart fires.

513. (Nov. 18). My friend, to desired time terms will come, but whether there will be in full readiness a spirit to meet it? Unpreparedness will mean inability to contain. Will contain only able contain a lot of things. To see it, desired time, and to be insolvent - whether will be the great tragedy of spirit? But it all the same what be blind among able see. Others will see also the nobility, eyes lost and remains in darkness external. No light will reach consciousness if heart remains in darkness. That is why the awakened heart on sharp-sighted patrol has to be constantly not to lose the protecting network protecting consciousness from worry by its darkness. It is necessary to protect itself in every way spirit. It is possible to consider that everything that around, has ardent tendency to degauss heart. And it is logical quite because the one who rose over life and who can contain more light, than ordinary people, that lighting appliance in a gloom is similar, the light giving to another and them to life shining darkness. And it is possible to shine and has to, and it is necessary to give, but the protecting network has to be in a full order always that there was no leakage of oil lighting appliance, that is a combustible material, or phosphorus of spirit without which the aura won't be shone. Donation and protection of fire giving light, two parties of the same thing - service to Light. Not without reason in ancient temples - a heart symbol, the flame kindle in it was punished by death. The most valuable preserve from worry and violation it darkness.

514. My son, at the approved Communication can't be call or the address without a response. The answer can be instant. Ideal - constancy of Communication that is Communication constant. And any more has no value, whether it is expressed obviously, in the form of records, or other feeling of Proximity of the Teacher. The confidence of my Proximity should be had such that no evidence could shake it. In it the actual reality of a formula "I with You" and its victory over a transient of temporariness dense will affect. Each step in this direction will be supported by me and each attempt is approved. The future is great, it should find an equivalent in relevance of aspiration and inalterability of consequences, to it brought. When I Speak: "Direct", - I have in a look the immutable action law. When I Repeat: "Direct to Me", - I Import action of this law into a certain course and I Channelize it. It is important to understand that you deal not with the conditional phenomena of an uncertain order, but with energiya of precisely operating principles. The fiery psych mechanics is more real, than mechanics of iron cars because this last depends on details of dense conditions, fiery mechanics over them. I want that understood heart that the above, the refined and fiery phenomenon, it more actually and is more close to the truth. Because will come both the moon, and the Sun, but reality of the Fiery World won't come never. I direct consciousness on the most imperceptible and thin and at the same time the steadiest among a mighty stream various and the diverse phenomena of life. Speaking about the Stone of the eternal basis of life, - about fiery reality I Speak!

515. (Nov. 20). The world mental has no certain limits, but is differentiated on layers. Its contents are made by products of mental creativity of conceiving beings. It is the Mental World of forms, or fancies. Layers are determined by affinity mental the emanations, making the maintenance of a form. The consciousness is attracted to these layers or gets into these layers according to the accord. The line of an attraction is planned on a consciousness mood. The attuning can be unconscious, but maybe by order of will. Then the will chooses the desirable direction and establishes the necessary control. Where the consciousness directed, it will be always preceded by thought. On the ground people make movement by planes, steamships, cars, trains and so forth, in World Mental, or to the World Mental - in a thought cover, or on her wings. The consciousness is included into thought as the passenger in the car, and in a sphere of thought directs to the sphere chosen mentally. Thoughts as a form are usually spheric. In Space it is spheric or oviform, all. Whether the body sits, costs, moves or has a rest, the thought moves irrespective of it. The thought of a far star or the remote district, the house, of the friend far immediately cuts space and concerns aspiration point to some extent tension. The thought always touches object of thinking. In the sphere the thought and its images are so real, as well as subjects of the dense world. Thought not abstraction, but reality is. Thought form, having the valid existence, vibrates in space, radiating from itself the energy put in it. Being sent to a certain person with a definite purpose of influence, it will arrive about this person, yet won't settle the energiya enclosed in it. We constantly concern thought of a great number of people about whom we speak or we think, and constantly we make these influences to some extent, consciously or unconsciously. It is a little conscious influence. Especially they are valid, and it is more difficult to that to be protected from them. If the casual word of condemnation or casual thought reaches the object what tell about the thought which has been consciously sent by the strong-willed order for the purpose of certain influence. As the arrow sent by a skilled hand, strikes it the chosen purpose. It is impossible to be protected from thoughts; from mental arrows of people it is defenseless. As protection the protecting network if it is strong serves and is protected by will patrol. As well the general nature of thoughts of the person serves as protection to it, without passing in a microcosm of his thought, not conformable with its established mood. Fiery signs, to you sent, serve as the certificate of that fiery energy works strong, already works. It is necessary to find for it due application. Not for an entertainment and entertainment fiery power is given. Protection and protection of relatives, and registration of vital circumstances, and other possible tasks let will be the next the purpose. You look how the darkness as furiously and persistently it as vigorously steps on you from everywhere works is active. You will rest really in a passivity and nonresistance stupor and to set up yourself and the relatives under its furious blow blows? After all can and break. And if you are Protected by the Teacher, what honor to you from this security? Whether it is better to be protected and with honor? The Teacher in a merit will deliver this honor to you. Act, My children, to the Lord on the help having called!

516. Even the strong person can absolutely paralyze the force fear, doubt, fluctuations and indecision. Show ardent contrast to everything that will paralyze, connects and weakens fiery power. Realize the given strength in all its limitlessness and freedom of application and act safely, surely and without hesitation. And if we together also act together who is strong against us?

517. Each opportunity use to help. In need all: both close, and distant - you hurry to help. Or you think, what opportunities are given for own self-satisfaction? It is much already missed them. But time presses. And over Top distant fiery columns of a flame already rise. Beams of Great Heart reach already intensity extreme. You hurry to join in an action circle. The era of Light goes, Fire Era. And "Fire eating" let becomes creating fire and serves you truly. He will devour many, not ready to meet waves it the fires. And you are ready. Let there will be as it should be your armor, and heart flares readiness of spirit. In readiness be. Because that, not ready, the spatial fire will devour.

518. The thought is energy. As that, it, being set in motion, can't but give consequences. Everything that is created by hands human, there is a consequence of thoughts, as well as many other things escaping supervision. The thought is closely connected with elements and influences them. The collective thought of mankind powerfully influences living conditions of a body of a planet, improving or worsening them depending on the general nature of thoughts. Disharmony generates chaos, chaos, interfering in consciousness of the person, breaks symmetry of thinking - interaction close. But chaotic thinking of masses ruins planet health, bringing elements out of an equilibrium state. Everyone who allows in itself (himself) disbalance is a wrecker all-planetary, devouring vital juice of Earth. These consequences are awful and are expressed in hurricanes, floods, droughts, heavy rain and other natural disasters. Pay attention to the word "spontaneous» that is caused disbalance elements. The person is the guardian of Earth, the show, as her destroyed. And as acting agent silent, hidden force - thought serves. Time comes to think of thought all, differently it which hasn't been bridled by will, in a century coming Fire can become a source of unprecedented disasters.

519. (Nov. 21). Astronomy, astrophysics, astrology! The thought breaks through channels in space for movement of consciousness on them. The thought can make the house space, both stars, and Space. The spirit house - everywhere, where spirit is; astro is the house. Don't consider as the house the house terrestrial, but, having ended day and departing to a dream, you go with thought to space that you come back to the true house. The spirit house there, but not in your temporary dwelling whom replaced even during one only the life on Earth very much. Make it a habit of every day that when your time comes to pass great borders, it is quiet and simple enter you could in the house the elevated. Prepare in a spatial bosom a place for itself for stay in it after death. The wonderful condition called by a dream, let won't be a downtime or a consciousness failure in uncertainty. The direction, as well as in case of death, thought gives spirit to itself. So approve the provision of thought before withdrawal to a dream. Dismissal from terrestrial is necessary. Day cares, affairs, and splinters of thinking day it isn't necessary with itself in Elevated to take. Tatter of thinking terrestrial will tie to Earth and the house terrestrial or to the places connected with thoughts of day. Your spirit won't be free, and will be as a bird attached for a thread to the cage. Where she tried to depart, falling is inevitable, and not to come off a cage. All live in houses terrestrial - cages and all are attached to them in the spirit of. Only unknown wanderers who don't have houses terrestrial, are free from these chains. But it is all about the thought. Not simply to free it from the house prison because the spirit got used to it strong and any more doesn't notice habitual constraint. It is necessary to liberate spirit from coherence the house and attachments to a certain place. Repeatedly and persistently imagine that the dream of death is similar that the dream is a small death and as every day, to a dream departing, prepare for it as once it is necessary to prepare for death when your hour will come. Let's call death transition because actually no death is present. But it is necessary to be prepared for this transition in advance; differently there will be it in a condition of the person, dishelmed or even a corner where it could bend head. In space you thought for yourself prepare those conditions in which you will live after. In space there is everything that wanted by spirit or to what it aspires, and according to the accord it magnitno is attracted to the conditions corresponding to a condition of his consciousness. And people are attracted and involved in the currents which are in harmony with a usual current of their thoughts habitual. Laws of the accord operate the world. And, having taken for an example life of the inhabitant and having tracked the general nature of its interests, you will be able to define more or less truly that sphere in which there will be its spirit after death, or those spheres which it will visit in a condition of a dream. Arhat - the smith of the life, itself directs it. And, knowing accord laws, will it will firmly send to thought to the sphere, desired to heart. The pilot directs the plane where wants, using control levers. Arhat directs flight of the ship of the spirit, using thought levers because the thought directs its ship to spheres spaces. On the route of the acquaintance more free to fly easier, and reference points are known. In the same way and in space spheres. Reference point one - Hierarchy of Light and the Teacher. Stronghold is as base central, the main for all flights, and the sphere of flights is space. Without base flight is impossible. How’s your terrestrial not base, and place of casual landing. That is why I Say that in the spirit of it is necessary to be able to come off the house terrestrial. It is much pinned them on nails to the house terrestrial. Where you, there and the house, whether on Earth, whether in Light space, let will be for you all the same. All inside, all in you, all in your consciousness, in thought and in the spirit, of which is your house in space. When by dream you are carried away afar from the conditions which have become boring to life, you leave in yourself and the spirit creates an environment to itself on thought and the will, and then surrounding as though ceases to exist. It happens in the conditions of the dense. As far as it is simpler and easier create all this where everything is created by thought, in World Thin, Elevated. If your dreams are an echo of thoughts terrestrial, nearby depart. Let the fiery dream thought bear you to those spheres where impossible on Earth and unattainable becomes close, possible and achievable. For creative thought in spheres of space impossible there is nothing because everything is achievable. From a plastic substance of a being shone matter the fiery thought images, forms creates, pictures of that she wants to embody actually the Thin World. And the spirit lives in it; it surrounded, and creates infinitely at the will. When the spirit is high also his creativity созвучит to beauty, the pearl, fine pattern is interwoven then by it into fabric of the World and with it decorates that sphere to which magnitno aspires. But that, consonance with darkness that they enter in space records. Two Worlds are open for you, the person, - Light and darkness world. And the choice is free. And if Light way it is chosen, that and beauty I am ready you it to top. On all ways to Light I Will meet you and I Will move is safe in spaces of boundless Light.

520. We recognize dream, but dream real, creative, leading life for them, in other words, we Recognize power of thought creating. When the scientist or the inventor dreams, it creates. The wonderful force of creative thought can be directed to any sphere of activity. It is possible to reach that there were no thoughts empty and aimless. It is possible to adjust all thinking on a creativity key. So even the person if the desire is rather strong that make usual thought creative thought can change himself. Aimless thoughts are harmful. They occupy the most part of time. Small, unnecessary thoughts as they litter consciousness - as if the cockleshells which have accrued at the bottom of the ship and detaining its course unreasonably with freight the useless. The thought creative is thought, consequences the bringing. These thoughts in consciousness separate from thoughts unnecessary and superfluous. To them heart give, in them heart enclose and with them communicate. In the union with creative thought it is possible to manage miracles, - but before exempt consciousness from litter. Litter of thoughts unnecessary - with it not to leave anywhere!

521. The people appointed to terms, depend on them. They put - to wait for the time. Ordinary people have nothing to wait. But term approach sharply changes destiny of the waiting. Waiting it is connected with term karmic, and the karma determined its future. As on wings incur judgment terms it to possibility of a performance of the mission of life in the form of an Assignment Given by the Lord. Duration and depth of preparation indicate gravity of a task. Dreams indicate communication with the future and the people who are at the helm. In World Invisible this communication is already approved. To prepare and wait - such is the moment requirement. The burden of expectation is softened with tension of process of preparation which captures consciousness and fills it with fire that is far does to relatives, and the future - actual. It is possible so strong to plunge into understanding of the future and so close to feel it that all present will be painted by it’s strong, and then the burden of expectation disappears. If to take away the future, ridiculous there is everything, the events nowadays, all life. The present can be justified only by future understanding. Therefore on a key of the future life and understanding of the present hour is under construction. The consciousness is accustomed to see the phenomena of the present hour in aspect of the future that is to understand their true value. The phenomenon which doesn't have the future, is deprived of a root, it to anything. Consider that events have roots in a past. It is logic of commonness. They in the future have roots and are defined is a logicality of wisdom of the highest future. The death of the Savior from the point of view of those who condemned him was senseless, crucified and mocked at Him, accompanying His life way. I died and... All is so thought of ignorance and ignorance. But He Crucified, Knew. I knew the Future, I Knew the victory, inalterability of the second Arrival. For It the Future was as the open book, and in it He Read. Also it is forces to the Lord allowed to Drink the Bowl to the bottom without having broken. And won there was the Winner of the World and a killed - Revived and too Waiting Hour of Arrival because to Terms Great the Lord, to the world again Going Is appointed. Waiting in anticipation of term know that one wait not, but together with the Lord because too are appointed to terms.

522. (Nov. 22). My son, doesn't want your terrestrial to reconcile "I" with that for an ascension of spirit it is burdened has to be to Earth and cares of day. Yes, in a terrestrial way it is difficult to reconcile take-off height with affairs worldly, freight lying down on shoulders. But it is known that without pressure of couples of work won't give that not tense string won't begin to sound, and the flame of a soldering torch won't hoot without a press, and won't earn the hydro station turbine without a water pressure. Everywhere loading is necessary to give consequences. As also spirit fire won't flare if loading affairs terrestrial, strong burdening spirit, isn't given to the person. The relation only should be changed to it. And when it is heavy and forces don't suffice, it is necessary to rejoice that, obviously, the spirit prepares for starting receiving fiery gifts of Light. To heavy body and covers, but out of burden He Looking in you at flashing of vain days. In days of loading unreasonable it is necessary to come off three and to become thought above, having merged consciousness with Dumb Witness, inside staying, in your heart. He force Will allow to look passionlessly at the rough stream of life rushing by, without identifying itself with it, with a chain of days and nights of this illusive life, these dreams fleeting, passing and short, and filled with Maya essence. Passes everything, only Lord, which in you, in you arrive for ever and ever, and you are in It. In It also arrive, but not in itself and with itself.

523. (Nov. 23). Devotion unconditional is necessary, without it is impossible to conduct: all attempts will terminate in failure. And you look: if there is no devotion, it isn't necessary to spend in vain energy that is doomed to a failure. Devotion is necessary not to you, but them conducted. As well condemnation of the leader is inadmissible because stops possibilities of a condemning. Laws are exact and relentless. The teacher Shows great patience in relation to the pupils, as well as tolerance. It is necessary to settle all arguments before cutting. Messages resting, unsteady, doubting and fluctuating not pleasure, but burden. They aggravating will come, and by a pack will be assigned to you, and all the shortcomings will assign, and will judge you who have specified by it a way to Light. Will consider that you want, not particularly for what, to catch in the networks them not understood, unvalued and precious egoism as if everyone approached isn't, first of all, freight and a burden. Think what with pleasure to conduct that is pleasant to dig in dirty linen of their internal essence carefully hidden by them without covers. But, without having cleared, not set. Thickets of consciousness should be cleared away - work dirty and unpleasant. But devotion will bath everything, both love, and aspiration. When there are no these three, the spent work of consequences won't give. Honoring causes the guarantee. It is simple guidance conditions without which it is impossible. And you look: where these qualities are, the management is expedient. Intolerance is one of the most repellent qualities. If everything is bad, and it is good only and the condemning where it provided will go? It is a lot of disappearing and candidates for them. But also for it we won't grieve, because not they judgment. But will comes judgment and show love, devotion, aspiration and honoring. And, having lit up at the beginning won't go out at the end. However, they will be a little, but quantities don't resolve an issue. If each instruction causes counteraction, so the spirit isn't ready. If there is a misunderstanding and inconsistency, so association of consciousnesses is absent. Now there is the last selection and therefore half measures any more won't help. Either together, or separately; or are close, or strangers; or leader, or anybody. It is necessary to explain that the darkness surrounded and uses each crack, each opportunity to do harm. It is necessary or accepts instructions of the leader, or to be provided to own fate. The validity determine by the devotion phenomenon.

524. My son, in public study what shouldn't be you in relation to the Lord. Attentively note what exactly stops possibilities of the management that strengthens them and strengthens. To itself put that to them you apply. Don't miss also how own shortcomings assign to you and attribute to you, and, having given in to dark influences, in the light of itself will read also right in the judgments. And if darkness of influence replace light of understanding, whether that becomes covered by darkness everything, what proceeds then from the person? Danger of influence of darkness isn't realized in all depth. And if communication with the leader weakens, the damage is inevitable. Not words, but heart let hold that only link which have because without it as in the sea kittens.

525. (Nov. 25). Channelize thought, and I Will support. The thought, at concentration on it, increases, as a snowball. Better since evening solve the thought direction. I let the right speak fiery words, as though burning out them in consciousness of the person. Responsibility for such words of a bike because pierce in heart and remain there. The word can dangle in language. It then is empty - a form (sound) without the contents. When the word grows out of coherence of thought, feelings and movement, it is substantial. When it is saturated fires of the centers, fiery there is a word. The thought fiery will give rise to fiery words - heart takes part in it. The thought has to be monolithic - about it was already spoken. But also the word has to be monolithic, that is supported by thought, will and heart: in process of growth of strength of mind the fiery force of the word grows also. The word is the phenomenon fiery. The sound is fire because it is accompanied by color that is light flashes. As fiery spheres, fly words in space. Even usual conversation can be presented in the form of an exchange of fires, or color beams. Each word has the color. The thought invested by the word, rushes to the surrounding sphere and or in it remains, or flies to destination. When it was specified that the person in day of court will answer for each told word, that circumstance meant that any energy put in action, doesn't disappear completely, but brings the consequences in the accord with its character and, first of all, to the beget because the crystal of the energy put in action remains in aura of a beget. If the idle talk is inadmissible in general as an abuse on spirit of the person, it is absolutely inadmissible in lips of the one who concerned bases because then each word has the special force and if this force is bad, what consequences! ! Arhat is careful with each word, knowing that it is force making action. It was already possible to note as in process of growth of fires said words make on people especially strong influence and especially long. Later even simple words will incur in themselves as though the order inducing people of them to carry out or to follow them. In the word huge potential force is hidden. It can use consciously. As if at the control panel the person sits and, turning levers, directs streams of powerful energy in the desirable direction. If only people knew, how many the good and evil is created by words! The consciousness which is potentially growing can be the powerful generator of lightful or poison-bearing. And charges of this energy can be transferred by means of the word. It is possible to observe how the talker degausses himself and as the speaking spends the forces. The attendant of General Welfare needs to know that the fiery words said on condition of restraint, balance and tranquility, degauss the person in much smaller degree, than in that case when the silver bridle of spirit is absent. The impetuous flare strong devours forces. I will not speak about horror of dark, spiteful, violent words. Certainly, the thought, and behind it already the word restrains. The word said aloud and sent to the distant friend or the enemy, it is immutable will reach. Certainly, any speech has to be thoughtful, concentrated and expedient - in it its difference from babble. If people could understand harm of chatter! Are indignant that huge stocks of natural gas somewhere are aimlessly burned, but don't think of that, how many valuable energy is spent by human generators of fiery force for chatter. Because the person is, really, the walking generator of thin energiya which are given him for the expedient appendix those in the benefit and for accumulation, but not wastes are aimless, empty and thoughtless. Words it is possible not only to spend energy, but also to collect it, as though forcing the center it in focus. Who believes that it can't do anything, is powerless: it has no forces on c. But daring - can...

526. Attend to that my Instructions were executed. If their application doesn't follow, further receipts will stop. It is impossible to pour water into a sieve. Now you in such situation, it is possible when to be protected, be protected, preserved and escape only force of mental energy. To that the Instruction I Give. Strong starts using force it. There is no other way out - are defenseless, and to you even won't begin to listen. Powerless it isn't necessary. Where I will send the Beam, if a wet muslin instead of armor? You have the purpose, and a way of Specify. I fill you with force, I Give courage to you. I aspiration Will light heart, but desire and persistence to follow Instructions in own heart find because it is useless Given, not enclosed and lying in vain. External circumstances were up in arms against you, so it is necessary to become stronger than them and to find force for their overcoming. The Teacher Help, dare also you, but you stick to each other, and not for burdening someone from you, but for mutual strengthening more strong. And unite to strengthen each other, but not for assignment on someone. The phenomenon even single assignment will weaken you, but forces merged in the amicable accord, will be increased repeatedly. Harm both friends and enemies, and you agree and in my Business are conformable. I Speak, Specify of opportunity how to escape, differently don't resist. So in this case the care and care about to itself and the circumstances coincide with that you should execute. Therefore efforts you can double and in them to enclose all heart. The question goes resisting against life waves.

527. Sweep away complexity, impossibility and a complexity of dense conditions power of an individual rhythm. Fiery force doesn't have business before that it seems to you difficult and impossible. Being sent to space, it breaks resistance of various combinations of a matter because the matter in itself is deprived of will, but submits to it. Elements too have no will and submit to it. The will also discomposes them. And then they are terrible. But can be bridled only by will and, easiest, will collective. I teach the alphabet of application of will of conformable hearts. There is a will from a brain and will from heart. To the last I want to teach.

528. My son, the Teacher rejoices, seeing possibilities of given new circumstances. These opportunities but when the consciousness is ready aren't frequent. Collective readiness is even rarer. That achievement is more valuable. Many actions should be combined that it took place. The accord is necessary. In the presence of the accord success of the joint action increases not in proportion to number of participants, but it is many times more - the law of interaction of the integrated auras united in aspiration to the Teacher. My Name you create, Me calling. The limit of degree and tension of a flame isn't present; is defined by power of the integrated hearts. Oh, heart! Where border of coverage of your energiya? Force it pulses in atom, both in the Sun, and in change of Days and Nights of Bramah, and in the center of the Great Central Sun of the Universe, and in Heart we wash, and in your hearts merged in uniform aspiration to Light. My children, the Teacher I Told enough, address on a track of opportunities of new achievements.

529. My time didn't come yet. But I Prepare for it having heart. On degree of readiness of heart will see and recognize Me. Now I am far, but Is close recognized, and I Was close to them always, even in the most dark and gloomy deaf-years. Also access to Me, as, however, and nowadays was always open. But by pass and don't see Me. And I am closer to all of them, than the closest thing, visible an eye. But nevertheless don't see because heart went blind. That is why on heart I am knocked and I Look, whether heart is ready to let in my Beam to it. It, heart having touched and it having lit up, will force to see that is hidden for Maya a veil of a fog and dreams rapid terrestrial and incorrect. And years pass, and are frequent without advantage for heart. But the life river nevertheless flows in Boundlessness and to it approaches both kind, and angry. The sun of life shines over all, and from opportunities of Light anybody isn't cut off. Everyone can come - both kind, and angry. And the Beam of the Sun of life each heart opened towards to it is ready to shine. But why so it isn't enough on the Sun of the looking! The eye is necessary eagle that to look at the Sun. Eagle of spirit - a symbol deep. Only he in skies dares and to it the way to the Sun towards isn't ordered. To the sun towards to aspire! - In its aim! I am the Sun of life for heart. Towards to Me directed in readiness will meet Me when my time will come.

530. When fiery signs are given and the press of a flame is noted in sparks, stars, spots color and other fiery phenomena, it is possible to start performance of the planned task. Reading the Doctrine or Records at aspiration force fire, - but the appeal to Hierarchy and conscious extraction of fire from space will be the best magnet. Silence and concentration is superchargers powerful. But the heart and aura mood is very important.

531. I will show the certificate of force my, united with yours in merge (in an appeal). You will learn to take force of spatial fire and to work with it. The prayer has force, the prayer gives strength. Many wonderful phenomena were created by force of a prayer. Belief it called, and belief moved mountains. And you know that in all these cases energy of spatial fire, with strong will of heart magnitno attracted, called, caused of surrounding spheres worked. "From the Sky" - spoke ancient and called fire heavenly. But he is taught and can be visible not only a distinguished eye, but also by means of thinner laboratory devices, than what now at people. Spatial fire not secret - it is poured everywhere. In terrible thunder-storms you see its manifestations. It is possible to collect and force to serve itself through the fiery device of the person. The device human, his body in all its visible and invisible complexity is the accumulator, the condenser and the generator of fiery force, and also the receiver and the transformer of this wonderful energy. Spatial electricity - too fire. To concentrate it in the person and to use it, it isn't necessary usual electric installations; it isn't necessary cars, neither white, nor black coal. You know that fiery languages flared over apostles. The phenomenon available one is available, in principle, to all. The doctrine of Light approves availability of the thin fiery phenomena to each directed heart. The person is the carrier of fire and a being fiery. Approach of the Era of Fire facilitates mastering it power. Nothing will come. It is necessary to take. Even God’s Kingdom should be taken force. Especially heavenly, that is atmospheric fire, or the spatial electricity, which types are various and which scale is studied by mankind only partially. The essence of all fiery energiya is uniform as the essence of steam is uniform, water and ice, but forms of manifestation are various, and the scale is wide. It is possible to take the keyboard of a musical scale for a basis. The human fiery device can own all types of fiery energy. It can force and bring together her in itself (himself). It can direct it will, he can own it. The person is a (mobile) walking laboratory and as that, gives the chance of carrying out all-every possible experiences. Under the Hand of the Teacher it is possible to begin quietly. Someone already began long ago, and begun a lot of things won't be new. The corner of approach and method of magnetic extraction of a spatial flame is new only. Are necessary and demanded qualities of spirit? One explosion of irritation it is possible to devastate completely the accumulator and to lose fire stock. If participants of experience sit down at it in irritation, rage, despondency, fear, experience will be comprehended by a total failure. The mood of a harp of spirit of participants of experience plays a crucial role. You see how ethical concepts and qualities of spirit become operating conditions of fiery work. The Teacher Is ready to give new, whether you are ready to follow his Instructions? Applying the general Instructions to the device, everyone can work and conduct experiments. Certainly, the patience is necessary. The first failure can stop the beginner, but knowing knows how the mountain of achievement will be able to rise if to carry the earth even in handfuls. All Boundlessness is before you. Let's not get tired in making.
532. Ray of light, thought beam, eye beam, beam of energy fiery - it is so possible to think of energy of the beam sent from a power source to space. The searchlight sends a ray of light, collected in focus and reflected by a mirror. In the same way and the will sends a fiery beam of the energy of spirit collected in focus and reflected by consciousness in the form of a beam directed to desirable object. Analogy is full. The person who is consistently thinking of different persons, being in different places, for thin sight is similar to a searchlight which sends the beams to space, shining alternately different subjects, is close, far located from it. The operator only turns control levers. In the same way and the searchlight of human consciousness can consciously direct beams of the fiery energy in the form of thoughts, feelings and moods to any object, but is already perfect irrespective of distances because fiery energy doesn't know them. And, first of all, doesn't know distance thought if it is dynamic. There are thoughts wingless, crowding close. But there are also winged thoughts. As the falcon, flies behind production it in space, without knowing a barrier.
533. Act with a formula "Not I, but the Father Staying in Me, He Create" when you call force of spatial fire. Because in itself still can doubt, but in strength of the Father!! ? ? You have no bigger because I am your Defender and the Friend, and the Father.
534. They judge you and your clothes, about Light your clothes, a lot throws. But for you court only one - mine. And I am not a judge. Therefore be it is quiet before the person of condemnations. And Me condemned and even condemned to death. For what? For what condemn you? That those to Light moved, by it a way having specified, let judge. After all they not judge you, but, to itself the way stopping. And the condemnations are more furious than them, the deathly and the stop is longer. Grave-diggers of the spirit, really you think to dig mine? I strong Stand on protection of My relatives against violation by their darkness. Let their court will be in the benefit to you, let it will be useful to you and will serve for increase of spirit and understanding of faces. Everything I Turn on advantage: both rage of enemies, and insidiousness of friends, both relatives love, and aspiration.

535. The lord of the Shining Face, Show force of your Beams over Earth. Show force them on hearts human, the Reality power them in heart we wash that heart my, lit up by Light, could serve as the person.
- My light I Give and my Beam I Send. And your heart will begin to shine, and a torch will be for all (another).
- The lord of Shining Power of Seven Intimate Beams Put my heart on the guard great (that) that it had force able to see to do the gone blind.
- My son, I power Give you also gif attraction of the persons. Also there will be protection you to a network of Light planetary.
- Lords, Send to me in the Beam understanding of Secret Great, the Father that in me Stays, and Was to me the Father from the beginning (times).
- The solution of Secret I Send. Gate of achievements is open. There are seven. You have to pass everything, the Secret not before will be revealed.
- Lords of Elevated Beams, Went You to me to them ability wonderful to see and hear without eyes and ears, a window having opened for flights in an invisible body, and gift of understanding Give.
- And to see, both you will hear, and you will fly in Light body. Also all secrets of the Hidden World will be revealed to you, but be invariably with Me, but merge with Me unseparable, but give forever you the decision to the Lord to all to serve as heart. And everything that you have, given and merged with Me together, you will reach a gate intimate, the last, the most difficult, and the seventh. Left by all, having left things and a flesh won, you will enter into the seventh Gate, and you will pass the Seventh Gate.

536. (Nov. 28). Great Mother, Lords Honored, time Your came and mind directs in Space, to stars far. Unusual opportunities for studying of space beams will be given. People will learn to think space outside usual, terrestrial. The space sounds. These sounds will catch devices. They have to be very thin and sensitive, sensitive so that close will approach to an attraction of spatial thought. They will begin to register vibrations of the Thin World. They and opportunity will allow to get, get for a veil of secrecy into the Invisible World nowadays hidden behind a dense cover. The science confident steps will lead mankind to association of the Worlds which existence is denied nowadays. And then three roots disconnected by a damnation of ignorance and misunderstanding, will merge together in the uniform tree of knowledge of life. Religion root, root of science and philosophy root, - the science and art, mind and the heart merged together will be combiners. And not denied becomes reality, and evidence will give way to it. Under Beams of the Star of Mother of the World the awakened woman will take a place of the intermediary belonging to it by right and successors of thin energiya. Tripod pifiya the temple leave, become property everyone on degree refinement of heart. And then the battery human of two poles - man's and female - becomes especially strong. Now her creativity, or activity, is shown especially strong in the child-bearing sphere. Then creativity will brightly be shown on plans astral and mental. Creativity will blossom multilaterally. Flowers of spirit will cover all Earth. The beauty will reign in all types of creativity human. There will come spirit and matter merge in uniform understanding of life. The matter will be penetrated by the spirit beginning, and spirit, even in the highest manifestations, it will be not separated from a matter in all its forms - from seen rough to the thinnest forms of a being shone matter of Lucida and Matrix matter. The infantile materialism claiming reality only of that sees an eye and is registered by feelings will be handed over in archive and will go to oblivion. Wars will be, but wars of ideas and creative thoughts, and there will be a fight new which should be and be approved, with old which should leave. Each new step force will undertake, force of courageous attempts, aspirations and flights in boundlessness of future stays, opening and knowledge. The shining light Era of Mother of the World mother becomes all people. The struck darkness will creep away, and there are all people others. Both the new sky, and Earth updated become really a reality.

537. (M.A.Y.). Native mine, everything I see, and I know, and in heart I hold you, darlings. Also I rejoice, seeing as inflow to you opportunities new. Carefully they treat. The trust rendered by the Lord, you justify. But something is given you extraordinary. You are under the Beam, that is under direct and its direct management. Devotion show also aspiration full-warm. Heavy times truly become for you blessed because in difficulties external wonderful opportunities of spirit are born for you. It is joyful to me to see how you began to sound on it is the new Decree to start spatial work and to learn to attract power of spatial fire. Go quietly - over you the Hand. But give love and aspiration. About we don't forget in the work - we help you invisibly. Having rejected time and a place, you will understand that the bonds binding us are indissoluble. And behave and so arrive, as though we nearby, we close and together. The Reparability exists only in your consciousness, but not in ours because actually it isn't present. It is generated by feelings terrestrial. They should be moderated, but best of all and more deeply in heart to look which feels so truly. And is more often address to it. Our world is separated from yours by an impassable wall, but not for heart which fights in all Worlds. Love you punch a wall and inaccessible you make available. From Mother Agni far hello is. All of you are still close to me.

538. If to strengthen sensitivity of a film, it is possible to photograph radiations of the person that is his aura. Further strengthening will give the chance to remove astral, and then and a thin body at the time of its allocation during a dream. On the movie it will be possible to remove the phenomena of the Thin World, and even above. Then photography of thoughts and thought forms will go. And, thus, the Invisible World becomes available even to what internal sight is developed insufficiently. To science spheres of the Elevated World because association of the Worlds in consciousness of the person will be full will open. It is difficult even to imagine as far as it will set forward all mankind as a whole. Further reach before that will fix past events, taking them from Akasha's Chronicle. It will be the most difficult because to catch vibrations of records of space the device very difficult. But there is nothing impossible for the person. Even Edison wanted to talk to the dead by means of modified phone: it is necessary to overcome the frequency of vibrations of the dense environment to open a window to the World Thin, and, having overcome, to translate, or to transpose, it to the frequency, an available scale of external feelings of the person. The ordinary camera operates by the principle of an eye: the network of light is late by means of a fixer. As it is exact and the camera for pictures of the Thin World has to be copied from the device human. At clairvoyants he acts obviously - it is necessary to follow a track of the nature which long before all inventions human concentrated prototypes of all devices in the person: camera, TV, radio set, reception and transfer, receiver and transmitter of thoughts, types of all levers, electro batteries, flying adaptations, thermal generators and so on and further indefinitely. If to list everything that is concentrated in the person, people really would be surprised that Boundlessness with all its opportunities is concentrated in him. Told "You are gods" Knew about what He Speaks. It is necessary to study at the nature. The nature enclosed all in the person in an active or potential condition. New, new laws of the nature, the person can't create, and only can open that already is, and to copy that richest material which Is given him by life, and use in new combinations to use the most wonderful properties of new types of a being shone matter not seen to a physical eye yet known to it nowadays. But it is necessary to remember that in the person all is concentrated. And the human device made flights in the interstellar space for many tens and hundreds millennia before modern planes were invented. And the laboratory of a human body makes such chemical processes which the chemistry of your time isn't able to reproduce.
539. (Nov. 29). (Guru.). My friend, garden watered won't become scanty, and also the plow, if in work, as well as friendship even if the Friend died doesn't rust also. We feel and see, and we know if heart didn't forget about us. It is a lot of forgotten and not about them our thoughts. Our thoughts are off you, who Us remembers us. Certainly, you will reach if the will doesn't recede from the business. Similar gravitates to similar and amplifies them, but it is neutralized by the opposite. The will is accumulated fire and collected in crystals in the Stone. Straining Stone fires, it is possible to cause consciously to itself from space the same fire and power of the Stone to strengthen. The will creates an appeal of spatial power. Well brightly to present it pictures: as falcon enticed fiery bait9? The mechanics of process should be seized. It to you is obedient. Fires in it having seized, and their force fire owns to cause from space.

540. (Nov. 30). My son when it is difficult goes and external distracts consciousness - aspiration and understanding of My Proximity. Simply think that I near, having rejected all other reasons. And feeling of that together, will transfer through. Much still will be that, through what it is necessary to walk and therefore it isn't necessary to be confused the next wave of the external phenomena. Much they were, much and will be, but aren't terrible, if together. It isn't necessary to allow consciousness separating minutes of tension of terrestrial circumstances. It is better to deepen thought of continuous Presence, on the contrary. Waves of the everyday sea strong seek to wash away understanding it. And you it hold, simply repeating the Name My when their pressure becomes strong. And people let feel that there is something that forces their heart to fight differently though it and isn't available to their understanding. It is possible to fall to any level of consciousness, but strong holding communication with Me that the wave didn't overflow. Waves of the everyday sea, how many passed you, both how many will pass, and how many will go to Boundlessness. Their rage causes resistance, firmness and firmness (if the spirit is already ready) and to Me approaches. Rejoice opportunities to become even closer whatever promoted it is whether a grief, the pleasure, whether all one.

541. The feeling of pleasure and lifting of spirit to consider as a sign of Proximity of the Teacher even if other, more obvious signs and It isn't given because without the Teacher - darkness and spirit falling is correct. The reminder on hidden Presence meant (morning) to confirm this characteristic feeling of Proximity of the Lord - pleasure and spirit lifting. The beam lights up life twilight, pleasure and light bringing. If people understood secret of the Beam, they would resolve the most complex problems of science and life. I can Whisper only: ardent, continuous, profound understanding of in the Beam changes all essence realized this happiness. Beam wash happiness bears - not terrestrial, not passing things, not pleasure of content, but the pleasure of spirit which isn't depending on dense conditions. And when Told: "Your grief will be in pleasure", - Thought about happiness of the Beam. The beam is Sent by me to my relatives. It not the Beam my usual, but of special function, the elements bearing in necessary for a microcosm of its development receiving at present at this step - as though its special food, necessary to its spirit during this period, or at present, hour or even the moment. In it the Teacher Care Display about the one who aspires to Him and who connected the future with It continuously. From my Beams all can scoop, but the Beam of special function is individual, and an organism not prepared by long cooperation and a unification neither to feel, nor to realize, can't use it - assimilation is necessary. And even in the beginning some Beams cause the feelings which aren't so similar on what it will give after assimilation. Therefore Specify: "Become even closer as it is possible closer that already anything third-party didn't prevent to enjoy a bowl of pleasure of Proximity of the Lord - intimate, profound, conscious".

542. Native mine, to happiness you fly. I with you, I am close, I about you, and my Beam over you shine. You happiness catch it the Decree, to you pleasure, to you Proximity the bearing...

543. (Nov. 30). It is possible to ask to me questions or as though subjects for expansion and deepening of their contents. Let's make now experiment. Subject? What interests especially sharply? Secret of a sound? Well. Listen. The sound bears in itself septenary aspect of a thing uniform. The first is a sound, the second - color, the third - a smell, the fourth - a magnetic wave. Three other aspects aren't allowed to comprehend to mankind of your planet yet. The vibration causing the phenomenon of a sound in the hearing aid of the person, besides a sound generates in consciousness images because the sound word meaning is connected with a form, or a fancy. Even abstract concepts cause any vague representations in the form of not clear educations. The sound is connected and with feelings, or emotions. So the words "fearlessness", "courage", "heroism" lifts in soul conformable feelings to some extent. Separate letters and a syllable, deprived of the usual contents, despite everything, bear in themselves force of impact on the nervous centers, forcing them to vibrate in unison with a note sounding. Chords major and minor have different impact on the person. Certainly, music influences powerfully. The area of a sound is wide. In the nature and in Space all sounds: plants, stones, beams and a thunder peals, the polar lights sound even. Diamonds sound, crystals sound, jewels sound. Sound both metals, and everyone has the note and color. Color is established by a range, but the future science should define a sound. The septenary aspect of everything that is, allocates for sound expression of the Universe not less important place, than color or areas of forms. The sound generated in space, doesn't disappear, but remains in it forever in the form of sound prints in Akasha. The person can reproduce a sound a voice, or by means of tools, or simply moving subjects, but he still owns ability to create sounds silent, sounding inside, as though mentally or astral. The composer can create the whole symphony of sounds. Also can hear them, and hear even not created by it, and simply caught of space. Because there is a world of sounds physical as though, and the world of sounds astral, and above. Uniform thing, being septenary on the structure, opens to consciousness of the person this or that aspect of the essence. It is possible to see a flower, it is possible to feel, having closed eyes only a smell, and it is possible to catch and its note. Certainly, each layer, or the existence plan, seven too, and division it is possible to deepen and expand as it is expanded, we will put, a scale musical, repeating on higher or lower register octaves. The most perfect sound device is a device human because a voice it freely bears in the sounds that want to enclose in it speaking. Voice is magnetic. It possesses very big magnetic force, or force of magnetic influence. In a voice, in addition, it is possible to enclose feeling and thought. According to the contents there is nothing in the nature more richly than sounds of a voice of the person. Potentially all seven elements consist in it with all the divisions. But consciously the person seized only very few of them. Voices of different people differ between itself with number of elements which seized speaking and which it applies in the huge majority of cases unconsciously. But many already know force of sound influence of the voice. Certainly, the Voice of the Teacher of Light on the wealth and power is strong extraordinary. Its main property is a harmony and brightness of accords of elements entering into it. As though the step of evolution reached by its Spirit is expressed in a sound of its Voice. When He Wants that the Voice transferred him still something other in addition, power of influence amplifies respectively. It is necessary to learn to put sense and value, and force in speech, expelling garrulity and babbling. Voice - the mighty weapon of Light if bears in itself light. Yes! Yes! The voice can bear in itself and transfer other light charges. It can sound a thunder in space, filling it with fires even if there are no the listeners invested with a dense body. It is possible to talk to things, trees, plants, stones. It is possible to talk to the nature, to space. It is possible to start up only uniform word in space. The name of Lord Maitreya said with understanding, whirlwinds gives rise to the fiery striking in space. Each sound said by the person, not without value. But when in it the thought is put, it is especially strong. The word - creating. The word created the World.

544. Soon to «pig-iron" (railroads) the end - their nuclear (with the nuclear engine) will replace engines. The nuclear engine is a problem of the moment. Let's help the Country of the leader. We help. Yes! Yes! The knowledge goes. Resistance is great, but Beams overcome. When knowledge Beams of people to Us turn, will depart on wings. Flies much, but yet without understanding that the moves, - flies much. It is a lot of already ready to fly up. Wait for Hour. And too don't understand for that wait. But wait. These are ours who yet haven't realized.
I will give everything that you will want, but that is necessary for spirit ascension. Strong I support everything, that созвучит with greatness of the Future and that lifts spirit. It is important to feel my Proximity, having come off concept of time and distances, us separating. Together... and all... And where, as why - all these reasons should be rejected. The statement of thin energiya is important. As reality it is necessary to enter them into a consciousness circle and secret becomes obvious. The cognition sphere extends.
On new rails of steel - a dominant of original science over all antagonists and deny of all colors and under all covers and masks. We their science will kill. Denials by their science we will kill. Really, the authority of science is high. Nobody will dare to disprove it opening in the field of undoubted because will see and hear. The science will help with what the religion couldn't help. The religion will have to unite with science or to go to oblivion.

545. (Dec. 1). So, thinking about Proximity, we approve reality. Becomes later it visible. Not everything is visible to an eye that exists, but only insignificant part of the real. Of what we think, and owns us. But when the object of thinking is chosen as will, we own thought. About what today would like to know to Me the directed heart? It is necessary! It is necessary to know before can, it is necessary to know that wanted by will. Not knowing that want, there is no place among mine. It is necessary to know that wanted by spirit. Let there will be a few desires rather aspirations such because everyone demands time and actions, but let they will be rather strong that fires flared up, fires magnitno attracting from space of thought, conformable with it, thoughts fiery, fires saturated, fire bringing with themselves. The thought of aspiration (about what and there was a wish to write to you) is most ardent. Aspiration is always directed in the future and never - in the past. It is always unusual because the commonness and aspiration are incommensurable. It in is itself fiery. It is a magnet of heart burning, operating powerfully. It is fruitful, because heart fire strong attracts to itself fire spatial. On whatever the ardent spirit dared, all currents of space direct towards to its fires to impregnate directed energy connection of two beginnings: calling, active, looking for, directed and another - reciprocal, sating, magnitno attracted, required and found the first. In a word, polar law in operation. Plainness uses the force the law. Aspiration meek remains never. "Dare, the child" - a formula of the fire spirit, who has realized the forces, both wakened, and ready to cooperation with spatial fire. Therefore I Repeat: "Dare! " It because you put in action the spirit law won't be meek. That Proximity I wash to approve when still the third eye didn't open, it is necessary to dare against evidence, against all way of life usual, against stagnancy of people around, against deny ardent, against thoughts stiffened environments, against everything, in what believe and people, the word - against rage of this world that my World in you was approved don't trust. Main hierophant of the ancient temple made the movement against the sun as and daring to Light against a stream dares and goes ahead of them which have been carried away by a stream. Only the one who dares can lawfully lead. Only behind it will direct. The born driver and the leader are daring safely before the person of counteracting conditions. But I comprehended daring that hearts fire, attracting the spatial fire, can powerfully displace all barriers from a way, all ban, obstacles, stones and dams from mountains of the become lifeless hearts. Daring heart rushes atop, on tops, leaving in lowlands all litter, both all gloom, and all scum of a commonness dark. It they heavy walk, overwhelmed by fluctuations, doubts and indecision, but, not stopped, flies daring forward, crumpled phantoms and monsters of thoughts human - stupid, heavy, numbed, stiffened in a dead immovability and approved as habits, customs, traditions and superstitions century. But they are dead, but mighty fire forward the directed heart burns phantoms and monsters. Nothing an obstacle for this purpose, who realized force of fires! Children, dare. I am fiery to you Bearing victoriously. Aspirations I yours Guarantor Conducting you it is powerful to a victory. I to you Give strength, with aspiration a way covering, with Me to reach the end.

546. Wanting to approve the force in operation, let looks for it in beat. The rhythm, going waves and crescendo (10) is a key to a solution of the problem of will. The rhythm means frequency, but not casual, but planned, systematic, systematic, and, therefore, persistent and inflexible. The rhythm approved in operation, it is possible to reach what in the regular way can't be reached. But it is necessary to enclose in it fire. The rhythm fiery, or fire rhythm - is action before which dynamic force all obstacles as houses of cards fall. It is hard to approve it, but, approved, it, as on the wings, approved by it and the consciousness which has approved it rather bears heart because hearts fires approve a fiery rhythm. In beat show the mightiest forces of Space - celestial motion. And atom heart rhythmic fights. The rhythm is a terrible force if it is put in action by fiery power. Aspiration spasmodic, temporary - is good, but is settled quickly. But the daring persistently rhythmic doesn't know that force which could stop it. Rhythms of fires are force overcoming everything. If something counteracts strong, a rhythm it break. The new understanding Is given - power of growing understanding of a rhythm.

547. My son, the Lord wants to see you always winning something or in himself, or a gloom of external conditions. Difficult, and you rise, and you against yourself win and joyfully meet the next task. They will be much, and everyone should be met joyfully, without being afflicted, without being saddened, without complaining and in balance full. Otherwise how to approve required qualities of spirit? The tester is of, itself and an auditor itself and the judge, itself and a solver of the current tasks that the Teacher Gives for check. You have one judge - the Lord, but He isn't a judge, but the Defender and the Friend, the judge you over itself (himself). When realized it fully, human court and opinions human will be anything for you - became above judgments casual and itself became judges to the.

548. (Dec. 2). In a combination of new words look for new accords! The word is expression (form) of spatial thought. Fire of thought clothes in a fancy, and a fancy - in the word sounding or traced. Invisible becomes visible. This gradualness of manifestations - is in everything. Only the invisible can become visible. And that has no the thin form invisible to an eye, visible can't become. As though two parties of a medal is. Such is aspect of the World - visible and its invisible party. Therefore for manifestation or the statement something on the visibility plan the basis, either the base, or a phenomenon root, it is necessary to create before in invisible thought. And only when the fancy is ready and finished, it is possible to start its implementation in the dense. Sequence is as follows: at first in thin, then in the dense. Creativity of spirit goes steps. Without a basis it is impossible. Basis - thought. It is the first point of a creating triangle. The second is the astral double, and the third - visibility dense. Division can be centenary, triple, dual, etc. Light, fire, thought, fancy, astral double, matter dense and dense form. It is possible to deepen and dismember still the phenomenon, having taken its color or sound aspect, too the septenary, - but about this ambassador. In principle - seven septenary aspects - such is complexity of each shown thing. But it is important to understand the law: from invisible in the visible. And moving power - thought (fire). The thought creates all visible World and work of the human. Thought also collapse is. Thought as fire, too it is two-faced because there is fire creating and fire of eaten, destruction and destruction fire.

549. Blessed I Told: "Poyeliku11 each person is something incomplete, in process developments, it is necessary to think of to what conducts that in it occurs". Each energy, showing a microcosm human in the form of thoughts, feelings, acts, habits, tendencies, impulses and in general in any form, isn't the moment phenomenon, but represents itself a thread going from the past in the present to the future. This thread has ability or to be thickened, or, on the contrary, to decrease in the diameter. It is possible to take any tendency or tendency and to consider to what conducts its further development or decline. It is possible to take one more step and to take this process under control. It is possible to strengthen and deepen the desirable phenomena and to moderate the unnecessary. In a word, process which is represented himself by the person to make process conscious, occurring from the sanction of his will. The gardener waters good, useful, beautiful, fruitful and necessary plants, unnecessary deprives of moisture, and they vanish. So under the influence of will creating and will of destruction let blossom or decay and the good and bad shoots growing, perhaps, by eyelids, and at times more long, much, die on a field of soul human respectively much more long. Logical end in the far future of movement of energy inside, hidden in the causality body, rejected on the consciousness screen, obviously will show what it, and will give strength more shoots unnecessary to pull out, and with a root.

550. (Dec. 3). "Where two, or three gathered in the Name My, there I is in the middle of them". You have to that the proof obvious and heavy rain of fiery signs. You enter area undoubted, reliability not denied, area hidden, but really real. The proximity is reached, Communication is, it is necessary to strengthen it. Physically, in dense, are disconnected, but the Proximity is approved spatially. Certainly, this space not three measurements, but in it is approved Proximity. Also it is necessary to present itself to Dialogue with Me and close to Me in spheres of other measurements, but close is closer, and it is bright, pictures, and in paints, lives, against the standing. Representation be brighter and more figurative; be more close to the truth. Thought it is necessary to win against space, both time, and concept of a separating. And then merge will be fuller. To deepen and will refine it is possible infinitely, and this work and fruitful is joyful. Through the next the Teacher Creates. But become closer. Choking in vanity of day, don't consider that the Proximity is reached by you. It over vanity of the current hour! Work of Proximity not disturb when it is devoted to Me. Everything that is created in the Name My, to Me approaches and connects us more closely. Let this Proximity unseparable become under any living conditions and whatever occurred around. So the persistence of unusual persistence and constancy reaches overcoming of seduction of time, space and things. And when fetters terrestrial will be dumped, the already dense won't stir an orotund connection. In space of Light conformable souls with the Lord and the Father merge. Now the world dense is given for prosperity because only it is possible to succeed in difficult conditions in the spirit of. The highest form of Communication on Earth is the perception of thoughts. It is more difficult, than a voice to hear because sound give also astral feelings that is much lower on steps of achievements. But to hear the Voice mentally is the phenomenon already rare. The thought is transposed in sound expression, the same silent thought. Certainly, Feel each thought, it is warm to Me directed, and on degree of its tension and a fiery and I Reply. But the thought collective is steady especially strongly. You will have many proofs to that. And already you have much. You strong, persistently and persistently approve invisible reality, and there is it obvious. Leave words of uncertainty, uncertainty, and an ambiguity. "As though was heard, as though it seemed or seemed" - these expressions should be withdrawn. Ghosts can seem. You speak about fiery signs and the phenomena as is certain, precisely and surely as you speak about material subjects around. It is necessary to change the approach. Energy will grow in direct clear statements fiery and its manifestations, to you sent by me, and signs. Wish them and, having beheld, claim. I will move further if you understand that a delay only in you. Hastily I Conduct.