Agni Yoga's facets, 1957 (551-612)

551. Certainly, same Lord, but sound value of His names variously. Everyone corresponds to the Era and the main note of a key of a going Cycle. Sound value of the Name of the Lord Approaching in the World, is strongly extraordinary. In space when pronouncing it, It makes the phenomena of a fiery color and magnetic order, in the Beam of thought pro-butting layers spatial, even the lowest even heaviest, and reaches object. As the lightning cuts It spheres. In It power is concentrated. When I Speak: "You create My Name", I Give in hands the lever of this power. Dark rack don't dare to come nearer to aura of the one who repeats the Name My. Vibration of a sound of the said Name rejects them, as a whirlwind leaves dry. Power of the Name of a bike is. The correct and skillful using by It demands understanding. Is deeper, the more dynamically force called for action. Especially strengthens effect rhythmic repetition of the Name. Waves of a rhythm amplify with each repetition. This mighty weapon of which the dark so fear. At the statement of the Future it is better to apply the Name of the going Lord because the Future is created by His name and for the sake of it. So it is necessary to distinguish when it is better to say this or that Name.
About names and their hidden value it is possible to write the whole book. Each Identity has the name. Names of Great Identity are intimate.

552. Repeating the Name My rhythmical, force of fire you force powerfully.

553. The doctrine was given spiral. These records are given spiral. All someone, all about the same, but each time is in new expanded and profound understanding of the Thing Uniform.

554. (Dec. 4). (M.A.Y.). I every day send beams to you, and in them - My thoughts, they can be caught accurately, they about Elevated, they about Space over affairs terrestrial and especially personal. It is necessary to follow the Instructions of the Lord concerning the last experience of attraction of spatial fire. Let becomes usual for a morning meeting. It is necessary to be involved in fiery work and to fall in love with it. You conduct it independently, both separately, and every day. It is impossible to put the advance in dependence on foreign moods and opportunities. At first it goes, then for you - others. At morning and evening Communication or a prayer fire extract from space magnitno, a spirit magnet. What is the prayer, how not attraction of spatial fire by heart fire? To us addressing, you make the same process, attracting fires of our hearts. Act firmly, surely and without hesitation, without looking at any conditions of currents. All of them temporally, and then you shouldn't be confused. Act, My son!

555. (Mother World). I Is! May you too so to speak about yourself? No, because you live Maya. All of them somewhere hurry. But not to Me haste. Who concerned Boundlessness, doesn't hurry anymore because all the time belongs to it. Speed - not haste. Haste of vanity is ridiculous on space open spaces, but speed is equal to speed of light and thought. Mental and flights in menthol is better because the astral can be involved in funnels of spatial whirlwinds. Thought you seek to concern Me, feelings of an astral having rejected. It demands self-rejection. It is possible to consider that where thought, there and consciousness, there and spirit. The spirit where is thought. There are no distances for thought. But it is difficultly to keep because there is nothing to grasp thoughts if the baggage is poor. But the thought magnitno increases in space, clothing elements (taken strong from) object of aspiration. But be not confused the unattainable. Thought unattainable it is possible to reach. In affairs terrestrial I Take part Beams, and on Beams reach Me. In Beams reach! Therefore it is necessary to realize itself in My Beam. Beam understanding is necessary if who wants to reach. As the Beam of the Lord Gives everything, as also Mine is. But essence his other: pole another, other Beginning. Those in the World two are men and female. My Beams - life giving, but Sowers Light - Lords. Lord Maitreya - the Sower of Light on a field terrestrial. I Mother, on a feat Sent them. Together we Create at two Beginnings: Beginning man's and feminine. (Day is heavy. It was badly written. )

556. (Dec. 5). My son, understand, understanding is a step to mastering without which mastering is impossible. Understanding in hands gives a point of support for the will lever. Even aspiration moves understanding of that to what tendency goes. Understanding depends on phenomenon comprehension by heart. Heart as though covers and feels essence of the phenomenon how the brain understood it. Experience of a kindle in heart of spatial fire demands understanding of process and its importance in all its secrecy.

557. Stone. In it the consciousness of all life concentrates. From a physical body of feeling are cleaned from the periphery in the center, in Bowl area. All feelings are rejected; the spirit lives the Stone pulsation. From a brain activity passes down, to a breast, to Stone area, and three concentrate in one, in it, in the Stone. In total energy, scattered by consciousness outside, gather inside, in the Stone, and all life - only in it. Very difficult, sitting in the room, present itself standing near or behind a window, having transferred the center of the spirit from a body outside. The feeling of the "I" from the head is even more difficult to transfer to area of the Bowl and to present the "I" not in the head, somewhere in it, as usual, namely inside, in the middle of a breast. But, having seized feeling of the Stone and having transferred consciousness to its center, it is possible to fly, because all - in the Stone. The today's exit in an astral body during an evening dream was caused by morning thoughts of the Stone and that in its energy of spirit can pull together everything, both feelings of a body, and all feelings and thoughts. Feelings from all covers are as though taken out for concentration of all in the center. The treasure wakens to conscious life also starts working.

558. (Dec. 6). The understanding moves. It directs actions human. When it is introduced in consciousness, to regenerate it the person, and the reason generated in dense, gives the consequences in the thin. Acceptance and understanding - beget of acts. Denial - fruitlessly it is harmful to those. That is accepted heart, gives once and somewhere rich shoots. Try to accept more, that is to apprehend that crops were plentiful. If there is no time for thought expansion, it is possible to approve only a basis it, thought the main: in temporally grow it, but it is necessary to put it on heart carefully yielded a fruit. Unnecessary it is necessary to reject. Even it is possible to destroy fire. But carefully dismiss useful idea for future shoots.

559. Where we, there and the house, because the spirit house - inside. In total in the spirit of, not in a body, not in thin, not in menthol, but inside, in the center, in the Stone - the spirit house. And wherever there was a person, on whatever plans of existence and in what conductors he was shown, in his house, in the Stone. All with itself bears, as a cockleshell - the house, and this house, its eternal residence - the Stone. The body will be dumped, all covers, and the Stone which in it, will begin to shine all the sides will be dumped and remains the only dwelling of spirit. Because inside everything, and even God’s Kingdom, and even eternal life and its monastery - the Stone in which the spirit stays eternally. Life in covers temporarily though is realized strong, but true life - in the spirit of, in which center the Stone, and in it - spirit. In boundless spaces of Light is monasteries of spirit and the homeland eternal it, it in the Stone of display. And where it was where directed, free from all covers, it in the Stone, it in a fiery body, it in Light bodies the expresses itself (himself). But it is possible to recognize the only Treasure on Earth and to transfer from time to time to it all consciousness, focusing it in the center. And, taking place homeless terrestrial, in the house, in the Stone to approve the eternal house. And, being exempted from Maya covers, in it, in the Stone, can find spirit a right shelter to itself. Everything that is saved up during all life of a spirit-monad put in it, in the Stone. The stone is an eternal attire of spirit. The stone grows; we invest the imperishable accumulation deposited in the form of crystals of fire. The eternal flame of eternal life gathers and collects in the Stone. In the Bowl life experience of terrestrial embodiments and experience elevated in the Worlds is postponed. Bowl and Stone! Stone and Bowl, and heart - uniform in three - immortal it is eternal.

560. (Dec. 7). The son of Light, take your property but so that nobody noticed. Will tear to pieces if scent. The tormenting is all. (Because) the moment of understanding of the Stone is intimate action. Spirit kernel... in it and flights. The treasure grows understanding. To enter possession the Stone is Arhat’s a step... Shines in the Beam of the Lord and Mother of the World! We thirst to See it, flaring fires intimate. Space it is our pleasure. Мother and I am a monastery the in it we Create, realized strong. The son of Light is our son. It is invincible realized power of the Stone, Treasure shining power, we don't destroy and it is indestructible, as the Stone of the Distant Worlds- Stone of the Distant Worlds from crystals of star beams; this is the Highest, that the person has on Earth, as well as in the Worlds. The treasure of Light saved up and concentrated in crystals of fire, needs understanding, as diamond - polishing to become a brilliant, and to begin to shine all the sides, and to begin to sparkle all fires. Stone accepted - so we Call the one who to it gave hands. Treasures a symbol, a symbol of two hands, the Stone holding, are a symbol of a victory of immortal spirit over seduction of three and a sign of the power over them. And externally same as everything, but internally - the Stone bearing, you will go through life, victorious in all that to stars you directs and to Light. You, the Stone bearing and the Stone the carrier is the highest blessing to you.

561. My son, a new step you begin, a step of understanding of Treasure. We call it World Treasure because more the person doesn't have highest on Earth. The hands given to the Stone mean that to energy of a microcosm are sent to it for his statement in consciousness. Its light, Stone Treasures, it is hard to claim on Earth. It has to break through all covers, through all three, and then are approved three beams of the self-proceeding. The master of three intimate the pupil can be called then. Mastering by these beams will allow directing them at will, like searchlight beams, in any direction, on any plan, on any object or the person to create the benefit. Force of these beams of a bike, their power is insuperable. Being thinner type of fiery energiya, than usual, being at the disposal of ordinary people, they without effort overcome vibrations of the lowest order and dominate over them. As the darkness can't resist to a ray of light, in the same way and vibrations which on a scale of fluctuations are below, can't counteract three beams and any of them separately if meet or face them. "Light wins against darkness" - this formula is expression of the law of a ratio of vibrations, or the energiya, the highest and lowest order. The yogi holding heated coals on the palm or going on flaring coals shows an example of how the highest fires dominate over fires terrestrial. On a scale of fires the terrestrial are below fires of the centers of the highest and therefore submit of. As three beams from Stone fire fires the usual human are exact also overcome. First of all they are overcome in themselves, and then already out of themselves, but for the benefit, and without forcing will of the stranger. The beam goes on the desirable phenomenon and recovers and supports him if wants to give it life, both burns and destroys it if wants to destroy. Process happens in the invisible. Stone fire - two-faced. The application corner depends on the lever of will. In the beginning it is impossible to expect that each action was completely successful because there are a lot of the reasons contradictory both inside, and outside, but even the next success the certificate will be the fiery force of beams. In case of difficulty the reason should be looked for closer, in itself than everything is more often, but not in beams, but not in the Stone. As also the Karma, not so much the, how many others, not always, and it isn't easy, and not simply gives in to influence, because Lords of Karmas on the guard. But, going with Me, overcame stars: as also the Karma is plastic. Action field of Arhat is the sphere invisible. The eremite’s yogis, who mislaid in mountains and have moved away from the world, are a benefactor the world hidden power. Work with Stone force. Even the person working for the difficult car, has to know how to put it in action and to use it, - Especially the pupil seizing intimate complexity of the fiery device. At first it is necessary to believe, then already the nobility, then to realize, and then to apply. Understanding and application can go in parallel, one strengthening and deepening another. If something is given, so it is necessary to apply it. The Teacher doesn’t give abstract knowledge.

562. The shape of the Lord and the hidden Face of Mother of the World let symbols will be Beams sent. And the Beam, Shape bearing, active energy will be. Specify shape a source of the sent power also defines character of the Beam, as though the channel creating in space. Images make deep intimate meaning, connecting consciousness to the essence reflected in the image. To include current in the line, the electrician has to lower a knife switch to join in current of the highest energiya, it is necessary to join in the Beam. Concentration on the chosen Shape generates the contact phenomenon, or inclusions in a wire. And the single wire with the Teacher of Light starts working. This principle is universal. Its appendix in life should be understood widely as it is possible more widely. The view of the photo of the person already to some extent closes current, coming into contact. Representation in the third eye of any person too includes current and connects the device human to the absent. So there are contacts in the spirit of on fiery wires of thought between people. The integrated contacts of two or three consciousnesses directed to any person, amplify number of participants and depend on their coherence. The she is stouter, the influence is stronger. Gossips and gossip are especially harmful to these, but kind judgments are useful. It is possible to imagine, how many contacts constantly happen in the person at his thoughts of other people. That is why it is better to stay in silence and it is better not to nominate it - there will be calls by invisible spatial phone less spatial contacts less. It is necessary to seize in perfection art of to repay. Silly climb forward, in sight of people around, and try to show itself, and to approve in their consciousness, and to show it to good effect. But the yogi prefers to remain in the shadow, without moving forward. In case of need responds to addresses at a rate of requirement and consciousness addressing, but it is no more. Gives that ask, leaving at itself all width of understanding of the raised question, but gives more, if there is a big need. Don't strain the fiery device of spirit with passersby because will cling strong and will disturb. But for protection there is a beam. It is necessary to be protected from people skillfully that didn't tear to pieces. The soldier of spirit - not a wet rag and not a weather vane for others wind, but spirit a soldier with a sword and a board and in an armor to protect spirit ready from violation it darkness, and also friends and the next.

563. (Dec. 8). The task facing the person, it seizes the fires. Mastering by them means and mastering by spatial fire. And the life formula "That wins all who will manage to win against itself is reduced finally to ability to operate flame waves. Elements of fire - the thinnest, the most dangerous and the most active, because over all. All four elements are concluded in a human microcosm, and in himself the person learns to seize them. Body physical - the earth, but in it 75% of water, lungs inhale air, and fire is shown in thermal and electromagnetic structure of an organism. This compliance of elements is on the plan terrestrial. The raising on air shows a step of mastering by these elements, circulation on coals - fire, sitting on water - water, and control over body life - Earth. Difficult not able float seize elements of water. The same is and with other elements. Mastering begins with small, perhaps, with small and slightest, but proceeds in Boundlessness. I speak about conscious mastering. Certainly, much was reached already by the person because the body eats, both drinks, and moves at his will. The brain thinks, eyes look, and listen to ears. It is reached much. It is worth thinking only of that, how many millions years passed before the person started talking, that is seized a sound. The same is and with all other abilities. Nowadays time came to rise to the person on fiery steps by disclosure of the centers. Ignition of fires it has to be accompanied by control over bodies, differently the flame will burn. The small beginning will give consequences great (as grain mustard). Arhat already rules over elements. The Word Christ's "You is so carried out you are gods". But everyone has to begin and start once consciously. Instructions of the Teacher mean the far purpose of the regal power of spirit over a flesh that is over a matter. That is why these preliminary steps conducting the person to the space appointment are so important. Many prefer to remain at a step of fine words about wonderful opportunities of the person, but concerned bases can't be content with words any more. They need action. Force, and in application - mastering by fires is in operation approved. To that the understanding of mental energy and control methods over it is given. The person continuously and constantly sets this force in motion and uses it, but without giving itself in it the report. The teacher Points to strong-willed its conscious application. Opportunities to it life gives endlessly both in the afternoon, and at night. Therefore, it is possible to exercise the power. And the Teacher intentionally puts in such conditions when free there is only one exit - use of fiery force. It is necessary to reject all ideas and all reasons of the helplessness. Fire is force, and it’s realized is strong even one aware of fiery power. Understanding is almost already mastering. Way of Specify directly. Missed opportunities lose everything. It is necessary either follow Instructions, or to remain with anything and to lose possibility of further advance. It isn't enough nods of one, a consent insufficiently, action is necessary. And let any obstacles and difficulties won't stop burning heart. Difficultly to someone, and he is full of complaints and complaints. He, probably, thinks that was easy to hang on a cross to the Teacher of Light. When and where the Doctrine Spoke about ease of achievements? Every first attempt, each courageous resolute action causes the ardent resistance of those elements which the daring seeks to seize. To recede, or to refuse new efforts, will be a defeat sign. But courageous and strong goes, despite everything, without being confused neither failures, nor difficulties, seeming unattainability of the purpose because all the time which is, and all boundlessness lies before it, and the spirit is invincible, and everything is temporary that bulks interferes on a way to the purpose final. Elements are subject to mastering and submission to their fiery will of the person. The Teacher to a victory Conducts, to a final victory over a flesh, but go also you force all.

564. (Guru). Desire to contact with me I approve. Time to give desire to it in other day, freer, - it is laudable. It is already clear that the question of will is inexhaustible because the will can grow infinitely to degree of power of will fiery Logos above. To take a way of development of will - means to take a way infinite. But it is necessary to begin and, having begun, to continue in boundlessness. Let's consider one of attributes of will - constancy. Without this quality will - anything. The Teacher attentively Looks before choosing to itself in pupils, whether there is this quality for the suitable spirit. Without constancy and love, both devotion, and aspiration is anything. It is necessary to show inhuman persistence on the aspiration to Light: persistent, constant, rhythmic. Even not to seize terrestrial skill without constancy. Only in the one who is constant in the aspiration, the Teacher can be sure. The second quality of will is firmness of determination. Fluctuating constancy, or the constancy which is expressing in constant doubts, fluctuations and uncertainty, cut the value of this quality under the root. Nothing has to weaken firmness of times forever the made decision to reach the end, despite everything, and to keep devotion to the Lord. The third quality is a free will from judgments human. It is necessary to go a formula "They Know Nothing and therefore Nobody Has the Right to Specify or Impose the". Yours that the Teacher Gives you, ignorance heaps isn’t necessary to you. Freely go, and the stiffened monsters of thoughts under which heel their lives the person, calling them customs, habits, traditions, belief of fathers, prejudices, superstitions and so on, and further - no him numbers, the authorities over you can't have if you don't give it to them. Having approved these three qualities of will, you will be able to move, breaking barriers. You see clearly that force of these barriers in you and if in yourselves you break these barriers, they won't have the power over you outside. So, in a way kind with a new force and the only possible it is necessary decision to win.

565. In modern mechanics the principle of transformation of one type of energy in another is well-known. Thermal - in energy of steam, energy of steam - in mechanical, mechanical - electric power and so on. But, so is above, as and below. This principle is even more widely applied in the field of thin energiya in the field of spirit, and energy the thin turn into various types of energiya. The instructor who has given to the pupil an impulse to practice music or painting, and that, perhaps, opened to it the road to becoming the great composer or the artist, too put a certain type of thin energy in action, perhaps, during even very short time, but a consequence of this expense, but its transformation into a number of actions of the pupil - intellectual, emotional and physical, having caused the whole chains of the phenomena of movement on all plans in many people and subjects, on the force are directly proportional to quantity of the fiery energy of spirit spent by the instructor. Certainly, it is incommensurable to the phenomena of a visible order as fiery power of the Feat of the Savior on the force is incommensurable to those infinite consequences which it generated; as the phenomena, concepts and representations as the world of three measurements and the world four-dimensional are incommensurable the world two-dimensional and the world three-dimensional above, are incommensurable. But, despite this incommensurability, process of transformation of mental energy in all types of the other occurs constantly at all in the eyes. Huge plants work, the ships float, cars rush, planes - all these products of transformation, or transformation of energy of thought, energy thin, energy fiery fly to other types of the phenomena. The fiery consciousness understands that energy, it applied; turn in receivers human and in world around into something absolutely concrete and lasting, perhaps, for eyelids and even in the millennia. Life of the Buddha, the Christ and other Teachers of Light, life of great scientists and inventors, life of leaders of mankind serves that as an illustration ardent. Can seem that force and duration of consequences is incommensurable to force of the spent energy, but it is incorrect. The plane of measurements and essence of energiya because energy fiery as is incommensurable with mechanical as square centimeter with the cubic are incommensurable only. How many people went on a feat, to death, on acts heroic for the sake of the one, who was crucified? At awareness of fiery power it needs to be considered. One only fiery word sated with energy of heart, can change all human life and inspire him on a number of the long actions capturing, perhaps, not one, and some lives. The Teacher Told only three words: "Follow Me". Any loyal inhabitant can tell these words, but nobody will follow him. But the Savior followed. What this energy of fire enclosed in his Word? The one, who wakes up to awareness of fiery power, has to understand, what force is concluded in it, as well as that this force has ardent ability to turn in various energy and the phenomenon on all three plans. And the uniform word can decide destiny of the person. And only on consequences it is possible to make, and that only weak, idea of degree, tension and force of the spent energy and its power.

566. (Dec. 9). My son, stand on own feet means as well a way loneliness. Certainly, it is good to go together with conducted, but the speed of advance of the leader and conducted isn't identical. To put itself in dependence from them it is impossible. It is a lot of perhaps the reasons why delays conducted are possible, but the leader goes forward without stopping because there is forward a Teacher and it is impossible to lag behind. It is necessary to realize spirit loneliness, and it is necessary to be ready to remaining left all, and still, determination without losing, to go to one all the way. Association in the Circle can be only temporary. When the Monastery extends, everyone goes the way. However, temporarily, however, on plans of illusion of Maya, but nevertheless separately is. After terrestrial tests and tests elevated all again unite in the Beam if are close to Beams of the Lord, but it not earlier, than there is a release from three. While it is necessary to like thought, what even on the relatives conducted, it is impossible to lean. Support the same, one, a support - the Teacher, always invariable, always unshakable, always Directed and Ready to help. For sons human don't hope, but the Lord - your hope because the Lord is the Stone of the Eternal Basis of Life. With It, in It also arrive.

567. (Dec. 10). My friend, once himself told about inflexible devotion to the Lord, the next check didn't slow down. And the determination began to hesitate to the basis. Because when the consciousness fluctuates, hesitates together with it and everything, on what it is turned. Instability not in that, on what looks an eye, but in the one, who looks. Otherwise than to explain spirit and trust lifting yesterday and instability today? Outside everything remained same, but the spirit reeled. While the support which isn't depending on something of external, as well as on three covers and movements, occurring in them inside isn't found, firmness of spirit won't be because property of the outside world and three - constantly to change and be in a condition of movement. Everything rises doubts, all unresolved, all confusing, all unclear it is necessary to put carefully aside for permission at a meeting and to continue advance, without stopping and without shortening speed of a stride. It too is Arhat's property. And it has the tests which were only infinitely more difficult and difficult. Also it is necessary to understand that a solver - itself, instead of someone another as even the Teacher without the special reasons on that on himself won't take a decision karma. Asking council, it must be kept in mind that wise, giving advice always leaves a freedom of choice. The aspiration of people to be assigned and load decision karma on advising in rooted so strongly and deeply that in each request for council or the help the ardent desire burden of karma is hidden to shift from the shoulders to others, and the one who gives advice. At the request for council on the Hierarchy line it should be meant. All went expectation of the future and for the sake of the future, and all to them go. It is necessary to give often magnets attracting because differently feet will grow to the earth. There can be without similar magnets only the one who knows too much. But there is a lot of grief in this knowledge. Main reason of variability Plan the factor of human consciousness - size always the unknown, and the law of the free will, not allowing moving violently is. Seeming violence on a change two South not violence, but the karmic debt accelerated by Lords of the Karma. It is necessary to distinguish deception from the drawn-up and not taken place Plan and replaced with another, new, more expedient on conditions of the general condition of consciousness human. All efforts made by our Sent, grains are similar, buried to favorable conditions. Any won't be gone, but will bring a consequence. It isn't necessary to be frightened of a gaping mouth of the desert of life. So was always for having an eye to see, and loneliness - too. Alone spirits big passed the course of life. It isn't necessary to be confused that so many works probably in vain remained. It is better to remember how the whole civilizations were lost, and huge, once prosperous countries, were brought by sand or are buried at an ocean floor. Passes everything. And you want to grieve for fruits of the terrestrial works of several years. Fruits are you reap them strong, only not in that measurement as though them to reap your brain. If someone something went to grieves and from its life close to heart, especially you to help have to become the strong. If we allowed destruction of our undertakings, so they strong are carried out in a new place, in other form, both are more expedient, and accelerate Plan execution. It only people see one way of execution and tie only to it the consciousness. Seeing an obstacle in one, we Thereby open a set of the new directions missed by our antagonists, and we Act on them. See our actions, but a new way, perhaps, and unexpected. Don't add a personal element and personal expectations to the Great Plan and inscrutable (for you) to ways of its implementation. "To Specify to be", is so I Speak, but not on your understanding, assumptions, hopes, guesses and representations. Remember: ways of the Highest Will are inscrutable. And We Execute it. And you? So, reject all external and kaleidoscopically changes of three, inside find a support. On the Stone approve it. Because the Sun will come also the moon, but the Word of the Teacher of Light won't come.

568. In case of non-execution of the promise of the Teacher the reason look for closer, and not in It, but in itself. Whether you yourselves showed consciousness conditions necessary? Whether served darkness and dark fires of connivance? Whether were in shape? How people around? Whether who poured in a poison drop in ready reaction and that broke it? To notify others on success conceived often serves as a cause of destruction of the drawn-up plan. Envy is especially destructive. When I Question the cured: Whether "You believe? « - I count to a certain extent on own internal forces of an organism questioned. Too it is necessary to show them because the bridge becomes stronger from two coasts. Before judging something, it is necessary to consider everything; differently the judgment will be incorrect. But it is better not to judge at all, but it is better to believe the Lord.

569. Be not confused anything. And through it you will pass as it is successful as passed through everything. Currents will change, and everything becomes close, and your harp will begin to sound.

570. We chose a way the best. While all you won't bring together inside, having withdrawn from three, you won't succeed. The basis of the Plan remains invariable. Fast expectations won't help, but, on the contrary, destroy the expected. If to clean time element, it is carried out nowadays: everything already is also everything lives. I answer questions. From these forms (thoughts of the future) the Way is created. "But that advantage to the person from his all works with which he works under the Sun". In ashes everything are scattered, as well as hopes. Heaps of the broken-up hopes... The Stone is indestructible only.

571. (Dec. 11). Without a mood of consciousness there are no perceptions from spheres of the Highest. The consciousness captured by movement in one of covers, not free.

572. (Dec. 12). If saw a condition of aura during a clouding, both fluctuations, and separating from the Lord, truly, would be terrified destruction. Spatial communication and wire broken off collapses stays idle". The wire, both single, and spatial, demands a consciousness mood; the harp of spirit sounds, only being adjusted. It is adjusted the same as a violin or any musical instrument. Strings have to consonance in consent. If everyone sounds in own way and after the own fashion, and everyone in a different key, the tool doesn't suit for game. Only at coherence full performance of spatial symphonies is possible. Spirit harp tool difficult. Mental, astral, physical octave or octaves all completely, have to be in full coordination and to be adjusted in one key. Then, and then the receiver of consciousness and the screen it only will work to reflect spatial parcels not in a wrong way. The broken image, and in case of a rupture of a surface - separate pieces, scraps, splinters, like pieces of the broken mirror when the reflected parts surrounding aren't connected between themselves will give breaks of the screen or trembling of a surface. The silver thread is carefully protected from a rupture. What it will connect again? It is necessary to be very careful with it. What to doubt when so many signs were given? All cancelled promises and forecasts are caused by mobility of the Plan. Also notice, exact terms anywhere weren't specified. The mirror of the Future has no labels with the indication of exact dates: years, month and number. Spatial measurement of time differs from the terrestrial. Spatial clichés of the Future, existing on invisible Plans real, are embodied everyone in due time if dense conditions allow. It is one of the reasons of uncertainty of terms. Even star Beams, creating favorable or counteracting conditions for the statement of this or that phenomenon in the world terrestrial, don't supervise, and only induce. And often decisive factor the collective will of mankind will be powerful nevertheless. It is so strong that planetary accidents as it was with Atlantis are necessary for its destruction in case of pernicious delusions even. The will human led to it a planet. Coordination of people with the Highest was broken, and result - the terrible disaster which has destroyed the whole continent. As in an individual case the separation from the Highest creates accident for spirit, because a pearling becomes inevitable and disastrous thanks to the coming inconsistency rushing into the sphere of a microcosm. Therefore I Speak: "From the Highest be not averted". Come off the Lord to a kitten in the sea it is similar. Instantly falls a victim of elements and puts it under blows. Whatever occurred inside and outside, the Teacher should store devotion and fidelity up to the end. On a game everything is put, it is impossible to recede. The return blow will be terrible. Everything is allowed and says goodbye, but if together and continuously. If isn't present, even the slightest offense involves heavy rain of karmic blows.

573. (Dec. 13). Mournful date is of leaving of the Guru. I left waiting that everything will be as it was supposed. This hope of veins, and it too it forces allowed to resist in Light. Hope up to the end... That from this that it not carried out if it executed the appointment to support spirit. Whether it is possible to consider such hope insolvent? No. Because the value or value of the phenomenon It is judged on consequences. Among Maya ghosts the ghost conducting to Light, is more valuable, than evidence the truth. Therefore supporting spirit and directing its fires of hope we Consider as the phenomenon positive and leading. Better all life burn with hope ardent on unrealizable, impracticable and even impossible and to move forward steadily, than to burn all hopes and to plunge into a bog of hopelessness, stagnation, decomposition and life rotting. The dream conducts the person. Correctly the poet told: "Honor to the madman who will cast to mankind dream gold". But not about madness Speaks the Teacher, but about engine life. It is reliable on the future it is real. Only it isn't necessary to take it in personal measures. It is possible to remember as strong the Guru burned with hope of implementation of the precepted fairy tale. It covered a way with thought. He wanted to see realization it on channels of the opportunities presented to it imaginable. He found ways of this implementation. And not his fault or delusion that the free will of people flowing as the lava, swept away these opportunities one for another. But the direction was correct, but aspiration - ardent, and urgent there was its way to the Lord. By hope everything in who heart didn't die away yet are movable; belief, hope, love - why these great concepts are interpreted on narrow-minded, with smack of incense, bows and ignorance of the humiliated foreheads?
Hope - a winged bird fiery, a proclamation of the future, but at a rate of consciousness of the directed heart. Hope - all looking for the friend. Hope is our weapon, which We Give in hands following Us. Hope to all soldier a torch, hope - a leading ray of light, hope - fire of extinct heart. Hope - our friend and a extinguishing. Don’t take in head to kill a flame of hope. Where the hopeless will go? Whether in darkness? Let the fire of hope live while heart fights. For now it won't stick, let the hope of that light, shining Future which expects the person won't die also.

574. (Dec. 14). Monsters guard an entrance, blocking a way. Their purpose - stops, detain, and chain to itself consciousness of the going. Doubt monster. How to be with it? How to pass if it seeks to approach closer and to capture all being the feelers? It is necessary to see because block away, but it is possible to pass by. By, further, without stopping attention on it, continuing to move in the accepted direction. As if it happened nothing. It is strong and terrible only so far as the attention is paid to it. But if to pass by, continuing to think and arrive as usual, to it without giving in, powerlessly it. And if the step is firm and immutable, it will recede. Because no force in itself has, force borrows from going, doing it powerless. People for fear even lose a speech power; even hands for protection of can't rise, giving to fear even physical force. Monsters are terrible that the force to them is given by the person, doing itself powerless in direct ratio to return. It having understood, force given should be taken from a monster back and this force again to go. What from this, what suddenly there was a doubt? Let there will be it at the road; to the traveler - a way distant. It doesn't have time to stop and spend it for Maya phantoms. The Lord is unchangeable, and the way is immutable, and all monsters of a gloom won't be able to convince that (there is no Lord and) that the way to It isn't present. The way is it is eternal. I Is Way, Truth and Life. To me yes follow by monsters awful. Neither generations of feelings, nor a brain, all dark tricks shaggy whispers can't convince that Light and Lords - his Carriers, don't exist. And therefore it is possible to go by all these monsters. After all it is phantoms only thoughts, object in images. Thought it is possible to burn them. By, by, there is no time to be late on them. If interfere strong, strong they should be burned. It is possible to present it, going in flame waves that the darkness didn't concern. Neither to stop on them, nor it is impossible to contact them, because stickle very much. And all of them one - a way block the purpose. Knowing it, it is possible to go without being confused, without directing them the efforts which are so necessary for advance. They can be told: "Generations of elements, I am not afraid of you, you can't block a way, Me specified".

575. How to be to you, if in relatives a delay? To go. If to stop only because someone from relatives detained (and they are late constantly, that, another), the phenomenon of a way stops. The lord doesn’t stop never, even, when One Remains, left by all. Because It Entered into a rhythm space, not stopped by anything, as movement of planets round the Sun. The delay attracts the next wave, and dimly lagged behind. It is impossible to lose the established rhythm of progress. So many works it was worth approving it. For the sake of what do it? For the sake of what passes how a dream and how the smoke disappears? Dreams of life terrestrial can't be commensurate with Proximity of the Teacher of Light - out temporally it, and over dregs terrestrial, and not transient in centuries, - lagged behind chose the fate. Who can disturb them...? Are free... But the one who to the Lord goes is free also; and doomed to darkness to it not a delay. By! It is rather! Time and urgent the traced way is short.

576. What to tell those deceiving? You to them tell: deceive it, cutting it from you. Cutting from you, from Me cut it, because approached you. You to them tell: have in you a way the next and directly to Me because you were Sent by me and I Put you at the crossroads roads that to specify a way by it. If didn't specify, they as though found? So also marked time all life, as those whom you didn't call with yourself and to whom a way I didn't specify. Approached through you go further, can go. But not called by you go blindly. Where? Let realize that if I for you the Way, and for them you - a track conducting to this Way. Without having used it how will find the Way? Rejecting called mine Me reject and stop the way. You mine, you rejecting, access to Me to itself close. But also you in itself anything, but, Me recognizing, by me it is strong and invested by the power to bring to Me the collecting the Hail. Tell them which is poorly rejecting put Me at the crossroads it is expensive.

577. You can look at everything meeting on the Way. You can go, testing each experience, each feeling, each thought, but without slowing down movement to Me. All walking is permitted to inalterability. The rhythm of a step can't be broken whatever were the next landscapes of a way, either passersby, or passers, or scompanion to Light. Inalterability step, a rhythm strengthened - so Specify to you.

578. Correctly you feel: test is taken place successfully, the rhythm of a step is restored and the wire as works before. But, my friend, not honor to reel, having faced evidence ardent. Neither the facts, nor logic, proofs are unusable anywhere if they and from Me separate light which in you, do by darkness. Judge not on the facts and logic of evidence, but on this sign only. Everything separating from Me - from darkness, at least the facts which have caused this office, was not denied and indisputable. "Maya ardent evidence, in darkness attracting, recede. Strength of the Lord to you Specify, - darkness, recede", - Maya pupil so speaks to phantoms.

579. (Dec. 15). My son, failures of consciousness are inadmissible. These are the moments when the lowest cover seizes it and dictates it the will. The astral owns animals entirely. Means, in these minutes the person falls to a step of an animal. The harm done by such failures, is great because establishes in an astral matter of the comic conductor tendency and in the future to vibrate on a note which is already familiar. And each repetition only strengthens a tendency consonance on a wave allowed by weakness of will. It is necessary, it is necessary to fight against astral flashes. Otherwise the astral will win, and then against all works put on business of Light, will appear in darkness. Whether not too a payment big for unwillingness of two bridle? You store tranquility any price.

580. Tranquility - force. Losing it, just that force loses which is so necessary for overcoming of that seeks to break a peace of mind. Having overcome in itself a pressure of opposite energiya and having kept balance, force it is possible to direct to neutralization of the antagonistic phenomenon. Unsuccessfully try do it when restlessly inside and the astral storms. How it is possible to force something to obey to will if the will submits to influence of this phenomenon and can't operate those energiya which have to be in its full submission? Small on to type of the phenomenon consequences big have, and sometimes tail - very long. If the phenomenon persists, it is necessary to apply a rhythm. The rhythm accumulates the energy, condensed in crystals in space. They continue to act, only influence it continues to grow at each repeated blow of a rhythm. Having thrown into space a crystal of mental energy, it should give opportunity of separate, independent action. If the thought comes back to it and besides a rhythm, only for result strengthening, but not to weaken it doubt or uncertainty. After all the doubt and uncertainty have the crystal educations, especially, if they are long and strong. Wedge is beaten out by a wedge. The accurate, strong, persistent, rhythmic thought can't but give consequences. If only in powerlessness of hands not put at the first failure. In fiery psych equipment the persistence is necessary also understanding that resistance of darkness temporarily and especially strong only in the beginning. It quickly sputters out, and knowing against this property it always wins. But receded before her temporary persistence and recognized the powerlessness, the victim will be weak-willed. If the darkness counteracts, so it is necessary to show force of fires still big, that is to increase tension of fires. Repeatedly act with a rhythm.

581. (Guru). Not to understand value of the New Era if the proclaim are rejected. But the vital gait of need nevertheless will lead eventually to understanding of mission of those who put by this Era of a step. The Guru is the builder, the builder of the New World nowadays entering into life - so we will understand its terrestrial works. Not only the forerunner, but also the builder, the hands put a basis. Cornerstone is the Lord. On It the basis is put. Without the basis strong the World New wouldn't be approved on Earth. But it was approved. And to the statement of the New World Guru left the hand I laid also works of all the life. Space I built. Creation space three. Being ternary, it is lawful. On the fiery plan - thought, on the plan astral - in images strong, and hands - in the world terrestrial. Who can embrace and measure construction of the Guru and essence of his works on the plan hidden? Partially and fate the small depicted them on cloths. And though there are a lot of cloths is products of his fiery creativity, but they only small share show areas of its mental activity and creativity fiery spatial. It is great and concerns heights which are difficult available to brains narrow-minded. But the space is sowed densely and cemented strong. And hardly only the consciousness human shows readiness and understanding, strong and fruitful, spatial fiery images grains will join human minds. Many things of amazing Gurus prepared for those who prepared it for them. And in pictures people will find in its books then everything that leads the person to understanding of the Great Era of Fire. Certainly, it isn't understood by people because outstripped them much more forward. But will understand in due time. Strong and strongly it constructed that is nowadays given obvious shapes. And not only deserts blossom, but also the new center of culture was approved where it, by the Word of the Lord, conceived, and a name of the capital called, an ancient, Russian name, primordially Slavic name. So we see how it works in the past crown execution not excellent. It strong lives in the present because fiery spatial crops are steady and long. And nowadays our Guru in great care of that shoots ascended at all grains, and at everyone - at the right time. Approving spatially these crops and fiery grains, Gurus help with works all, at whom about crops care. And if it at the machine and in working clothes, the more merit at not seeing, not hearing, but believed in the World New and the hand to its construction the laid. And the Guru care of them, too it helping with Business of the Lord. The way of implementation of the precepted fairy tale through science lies. It was given reins from a world chariot of Culture, and in the New Country. Let's be glad together with it, with our Guru - the builder of the New World, to successes of that Country which sacrificial works for General Welfare of all mankind it enters, the World New, into life.

582. Monsters guard a gate. Pass by them, - without stopping. There is nothing constant in feelings and many people. Beam of Mother of the World and Beam of the Lord - the phenomenon of a different order. The scale of Beams is wider than it. The accord (with them) is established by will. The accord means an acceptability, or acceptance. Ears can be closed thousand moods. Their mood it is possible and to open. The mood also is a mood on this or that harmony. The mood is allowed and established by will. Therefore it is necessary to own the moods and to be able to establish them in a desirable key, excepting the undesirable. Accords can be established in any conditions if the will allows because - in the Beam of the Lord always. It (Beam) should clear away a garden of consciousness from that disturbs. The screen of consciousness has to be pure, and the main thing - quiet. Quiet surface of the screen allows reflection. Under review and hearing (and other feelings) can interfere anything but if the consciousness is turned to the Beam and on it is concentrated, these invasions won't disturb. Without tranquility the perception is impossible. By no means is it impossible to allow balance violations. After all it is an accord basis with the Beam and a perception basis. It is possible to congratulate on a new victory even if radio didn't prevent record, - so all is step by step overcome. Physical vibrations should be overcome: colors, a smell, a sound and so on - that that to enter into the world. Many cases will be power to approve over vibrations of the dense world. Let's rejoice to each overcoming of a flesh (that is matters that is the dense phenomena). Both friends and enemies will nicely serve that to approve the power. So positively everything directed against, starts serving walking to Me to inalterability.

583. (Dec. 16). Let's consider yesterday's experience of polarization of consciousness. The person, boiling most not pleasant feelings, poured out them entirely on you. But you, having listened to it absolutely quietly and without losing balance, I passed a poison charge by, without involving the consciousness in a whirlwind of others emotions. The answer was as is quiet and felt sympathy. If it was involved in an astral whirlwind, would fall in the hole which has been carefully prepared by the interlocutor. Having passed a charge by, I gave a good advice and immediately I saw that the person left not only calmed, but also absolutely changed, polarized on a wave of your consciousness. All process happened in your consciousness: polarizing it on a certain wave as a key or the lever we turn a corner of the appendix of energy of foreign consciousness. It also is the power over people. It approving on a desirable harmony, people around we change. It is necessary only that the condition was opposite to a condition of the interlocutor. By no means it is impossible to allow infections with others emotions and whirlwinds. The tranquility keeps the full. The formula remains invariable: "That wins all, who will manage to win against itself".

584. We are so convinced once again of necessity of quality of tranquility. It is necessary that this great concept was included into life of consciousness and became its integral property. As though the power lever is taken in hand which can move affairs and people, the last - in the benefit. It is possible strong to practice in tranquility full; keeping it is intense at the moments of polarization of foreign consciousness and holding in all rest of the time as a form of expression of life of spirit. The flame of tranquility is powerful. Believe that it can be replaced with other qualities. Any! Only balance surpasses it by force of fires though on essence and it is close to it. Balance is the power of fire collected inside and giving the chance to operate poles of the phenomena while the tranquility cans the show and on one of poles. Against tranquility can resist still, but against balance anybody won't resist. Hastily it is necessary to approach to mastering by force of fires of this quality of spirit. There are a lot of its degrees, from initial and to the highest. It is necessary to understand only that losing for the sake of something or because of something balance of spirit, the person loses just that wanted to keep or hold.

585. (Dec. 17). You wanted to get into Secrets of the Worlds - here before you Secret of the Stone. Its veil is slightly opened. Sufferings, difficulties, work endlessly, deprivations, relative’s loss, aspirations, spirit struggles - all this multiplies it and forces to grow if all difficulties of life without grumble, complaints, not contents, both irritation, and other feelings dark are accepted by spirit. On condition of balance of spirit the Treasure grows with fantastic speed. But this balance isn't balance of rest, but balance of tension. Tranquility and balance show on tension limit when for ordinary people this limit will be a limit and the concern culmination. That is why the Stone found so strong is burdened by circumstances. They are condensed, restrict and press on covers, tormenting and I smother, and a body. On the card all is put. Ahead either victory, or defeat is. But defeat because together we go is impossible. The victory force undertakes. Efforts are so made: sharp-sightedly, continued, constantly in the course of growth and enhancement of the most intimate, the most valuable that we have. Pleasure of spirit to difficulties of life and the obstacles, seeming invincible, it powerfully grows. After all It is Told that the pleasure is a special wisdom. Despondency - ignorance of darkness. Pleasure and courage is despite everything - as life moisture for flowers of spirit. Quenchers dark know, as well as than easiest kindle spirit fires, and work strong, using all opportunities. Use them sharp-sightedly and you, holders of the Stone because each attempt dark is possibility of the Stone for you crystals to increase. The victory of Light and its carriers also is in that that the dark serve it not greatly when all shifts of darkness only forces multiply the holder of the Stone. It is possible, and with advantage, to track as all experience of recent collision with darkness was useful to spirit. Despite the caused sufferings and troubles as it enriched with knowledge new, power having strengthened, and ability allowed to struggle with darkness fearlessly. Darkness defeat also consists in it. They rejoice, believing that caused sufferings, but lose sight that the Stone increased and fortress becomes for darkness destruction. The darkness miscalculates certainly result always, if indestructibly your unification with the Lord.

586. The compassion is acceptance and a transmutation on fires of heart of burden of the neighbor. Not grieving with it, not immersion in its utter darkness, not lamentations whining, but vigorous, conscious transformation of radiations negative in radiations positive, that is conscious strong-willed polarization of the phenomena of a known order in the phenomena opposite. The carrier of Light is such constant transmutation of hearts surrounding it because dimly around, and so there aren't enough the auras radiating light. To bear light in twilight of life is already a feat. Silent, hidden, and not valued people, and seen only to the Lord. That is why it is so important that the sun of heart shone always, despite everything. Feat inextinguishable We Call it, and creating this feat - the going Arhat. The stone bearing goes on a feat, a feat of execution of Light.

587. Expediency Specify that the direction in which the scientific thought went, will be the line of the smallest resistance. Therefore our energy is directed in this area. The science will top with a knowledge dome the unfinished Temple. It also will give the necessary living conditions. It also will pull together three roots disconnected by damnation. Victorious procession of science will go under the sign of connection of three Worlds. And unexpectedly for him inevitably there will be a person before the forbidden door wide open opened, before an entrance opened in spaces of another dimensions. Already I Spoke about opportunities of opening of the most amazing. Now it time came to surprise the World with the singularity and surprise. Stays will be not in that area where they are expected, but not in assumed nowadays. As though besides will researchers will open new spheres for thought scientific and stays will be are confirmed visually and it is material. Non-material, being expressed, not seen by a physical eye and not available to other terrestrial feelings more precisely, it will be revealed devices and devices, and from area unknown will pass to area of the phenomena learned by the person, and becomes part of the world available to terrestrial consciousness. The essence of the next achievements of science also will consist in it. The doctrine of Life and science will promptly approach, won't merge yet in one uniform, indivisible, integral synthetic understanding of the World.

588. Stone carriers. Stone of the Lord. Spirits differ with the size of the Stone. It isn't enough conscious carriers. (At this time the father of the wife died, but I didn't know it). Pay more attention to the dying. The friend, pay more attention dying, chokes in imperil. It is suffocated of. It has a pebble. It should be cleared of stratifications. Help to make it, you help. The friend, it can is possible not a body, but spirit. In the spirit of able, where you? Terrestrial it is taken away that to concentrate everything in the Stone. Each loss and each deprivation something terrestrial use increases a crystal. Deprived, lost and left everything - has and is the Holder of the Stone. Refused, that is contained - found that Treasure to own the Stone unseparable. Usual fire can light thousands fires. As also the Stone fire can light thousands focuses of light, but having given new crystals of fire and new focuses of light in space and hearts human. Put in the basis of your affairs power of vibrations of the Stone, that is force of its Beams. And let covers don't disturb. All bear the Stones on Temple construction. Bring and you are the Stone. Will begin shine all force when three will be dumped and all will be left. While all its power can't be shown. But even shown partially, it is great. Hearts not kindle. Heart, an inextinguishable flame burning, where is you? People it is necessary for you too many, to us - anything. And in it is our force. Also I Spoke, as Having the power (a comment. It about the Christ) because Had no anything. You having everything, have no power. Think that it is better: without having anything, to have the power, or on the contrary. Our power the show in the Worlds and on all plans, and not just is on Earth. Not to have it, having the terrestrial. Rejoice, losing something, because power grows then Treasures. Stone found, think of greatness of Secret. The stone is as the Sun, and heart is as the Sun, shines and here, and in the Worlds.

589. (Dec. 18). Life fiery is eternal, because it out of time. Temporally her external forms, but not life. Carriers of eternal life are the Great Spirits which have transferred the consciousness to its essence. It is uniform for all Worlds, and it their lives an everlasting peace of temporary forms.

590. (M.A.Y.). In this world terrestrial all comes to an end. And to term the end of any thing comes or the phenomena. It is impossible and therefore to lean on anything. Support in the hidden. The most invisible, imperceptible is the strongest, reliable and steady. Paradox is of life. In Unknown and Invisible a support we will find. To a meeting you suffer. The spirit way is thorny. And we will wait for you under a shelter of the Lord.

591. (Dec. 19). Death - the phenomenon dark because the darkness guards dying to take control of the. Light transition is rather rare. It is necessary to protect from illegal encroachments of darkness, but that belongs to it, departs in darkness under the inclination law. And in the departed there is a cruel wrestle for life or death between two poles - the good and evil - for the future. Usually the darkness in these hours is forced and bulks up. It is possible to help much, having channelized spirit and having exempted it from a terrestrial peel. The spirit is confused, both strong and accurate thought, it investing, becomes thought of the spirit released from a body, fills it, moves them, replacing scraps of his own unstable, confused and scrappy thinking. It is possible to help many fiery thought of the one who knows. During this last fight in itself dark very much try to strengthen an attraction in the orbit. And the help is necessary especially. They act on the channels, established still during lifetime in a body. Go on a beaten path. Both usually approach, and very much complicate and burden process of division of the principles. Contact with the Life Doctrine facilitates much and creates light threads of communication with the Highest World. The mental condition of people around creates the conformable hidden atmosphere for the spirit which has left from Earth, and responsibility is great on them. On ignorance a lot of harm because don't know that create becomes. It is necessary to surround with thoughts of light, heat and pleasure the departed. It the prayer, but not mournful and sad is good. But everything is much simpler, than it seems. The spirits which are coming back to the World Thin are uncountable.

592. Watch events. Close desired time. Sharp-sightedly watch not to pass. The assignment on the alert is given to be.

593. Let's tell: "As an avalanche, ready to be overthrown from mountain top, the already finally issued and crystallized Future hung promptly to join dense forms". The era of Maitreya will come promptly. Signs it see. Your task - contain it in the consciousness and to help not containing. Everything will be allowed, only denying is rejected. Certainly, forces Light now in tension the extraordinary. In thickness terrestrial it is necessary to pass charges of Light of extraordinary power, and thus so that not to break its balance too. We find special measures and ways of transfer, but, unfortunately, so it isn't enough transmitters and they not always at height. Still inevitable reality of the Future refers for any far terms when it is impossible to wait and postpone more. Promptly there is a division of consciousnesses on all planets. And, as It is told, two leave in the field, but one will be taken, and another is left. And sitting at one table, and standing at one step can come to be in spheres various: light and darkness. Everyone solves and - for itself. It is possible to help and the direction to specify, but has to solve itself everyone. And you sitting and agreeing, what holds you still, and at times so strong, in the power of terrestrial gravitations? Really the empty and grown dim you think to meet the Lord at an O'clock of Arrival him? Or you want, in darkness having addressed, with it to remain? Time is short, and it is necessary to hurry. And all of you sit and you nod. When instead of nods show heart action fiery, incinerating heaps of vanity? Time is short. You hurry.

594. Are ill all spirit. Here the moment when freight terrestrial it isn't necessary when all terrestrial is left on Earth. Show understanding of the fact of death is a release. The consciousness has to accept it as release from burden dense, from dense fetters. Son! Benefit to you. It is necessary to win against death still during lifetime. It is possible to win against it during lifetime. In the spirit is of a victory. With death struggle! It is hard to win against death. The concept "plant" includes all plants in the Universe, and fiery consciousness - all phenomena of the dense world, because measurement it’s other. Consciousness fiery and consciousness usual as are incommensurable, as consciousnesses of two and three measurements. To death to the death is trampled. The thought tramples death. In the spirit of a victory is over death, not in covers.

595. (Dec. 20). Taking and giving. Taking - everything giving - those who has. Who has in itself (himself) light to give? Only light carriers. It is possible to imagine, what to it giving light incessantly. It is and feat, and victim! The feat demanding a constant inextinguishable flame of heart, and the victim is its return. So the feat and the victim are combined in the phenomenon of Service to Light. It would be easier if it wasn't so dark. In spirit twilight, Earth embraced the light it is hardly to bear. Greedy it absorbing, light plunder. Quenchers dark a singular problem has hearts fires kindle; - work strong on it, itself without sparing. The benefit to you sending, I Want that in Light you resisted. I see and Know how it is hard to you, but it is necessary to resist. If you don't resist how to be that that haven't yet been approved in Light? After all they will be surrounded by darkness and will take control. Fight for the sake of them is inevitable, come behind Light. If nodal focus of Light goes out, the network is broken. These breaks are awful - as the burned-through fabric with gaping holes. The darkness interferes in breaks strong and roughly, - protection of a network planetary business responsible, - difficulty in obscurity and a feat invisible. Externally the keeper it’s same as everything, but the invisible feat bears, difficult and heavy and alone full because focus from focus is far located. It is impossible to count on relatives too because often not in a form and the instability do harm, than advantage rather; only one, only on itself, on itself and the Lord an emphasis, but not on behind a back of the going. Each of them showed weakness, and minutes of special need in their support, in that they helped. There can't be a full disclosure of heart to conducted because at height not always and minutes of weakness can harm. Heart is opened to the Lord, and only to It to one, in trust full. The Lord, and in the Tower always, on patrol, on the Guard of Great protection planetary and for whom It was charged is unchangeable. Both to entrust it, and it is possible to trust. Won't leave, Doesn't leave, Won't change, never Will betray, Won't make that people because Accepted from people a full Bowl of poison terrestrial, poison of treacheries human do with you. On one pole shouts "hosanna", on other - "crucify it", and in the middle - the rushing-about people who are torn apart in two by darkness. How it is possible to trust them who don’t know today, what will create tomorrow? But the Lord because there is a Stone of the basis of life is unchangeable. It mortgage in the basis houses of the spirit as the Stone corner. To them your house also will resist, but not people that around.

596. (Dec. 21). The egoism disturbs completeness of perception, with thoughts terrestrial littering the consciousness receiver!
Already I Spoke: in the course of perception of it is necessary to clean. To be together and means merge of consciousnesses, but without egoism impurity. Could be together and more, and is more often, but the egoism gets in the way as a barrier. And my thoughts don't have already a place in the consciousness filled with the thoughts. It would be possible to move quicker forward, but it is a lot of time and parcels leaves on clearing of thickets, persistently and furiously spread by egoism every day. And before moving, it is necessary to clear away them. And so daily. When thoughts flow freely, then small "I" don't disturb, it retires to the background and recedes into the background. The worse, the better, because heavy living conditions are considered as the worst, and they, just and force the Stone to shine new sides of fiery overcoming. And today danger gave strength; pulled together more with Me, and egoism the role emphasized, and shaded it brightly at the moments of contact and a perception of energiya of the Beam. Means, it is possible to move further, and with a new force. About difficulty of life, you aren't obstacles, but spirit engines on its way to Light. Bless them because them we grow. Dangers and difficulties - flight wings for strong spirit.

597. (Dec. 22). The right on energy of Beams of the Lord is the right Space. It is given to the son entering possession of inheritance of the Father; depends on comprehension and understanding of the importance of this right. It is inseparable from ability to attract and use spatial fire. Both Beams and fires are attracted by a magnet of fiery heart. It is given for application in life. This ability grows and becomes stronger, as muscles, at exercise. It is necessary to see itself Light focus, light radiating around. The holder of the Stone is similar to the lamp burning in darkness. Stone we don't destroy, and the darkness isn't terrible to it. It is necessary to scent heart destruction and fragility of covers and a not destruction and inviolability of the Stone. The flesh doesn't use at all! The essence of covers consists in the fluidity of a stream of a matter through them, corresponding to each plan. In their structure there are no stability, but spirit - as a core or a wheel axis, it is motionless in a kaleidoscope of the external phenomena, and it is invariable Looking. Any moment of twenty-year or thirty-year prescription specifies that the body was other, feelings others, others and thoughts, but on the same core of spirit, - and as the Recorder Looked also Records of a wave by the current stream of the phenomena physical, astral, mental. And if to take thousand-year prescription, or in hundred thousand years, or one million, the same essence: stream of the dense, thin and mental phenomena round the same core of spirit and the Dumb Witness Looking at them. If the phenomenon undertakes on the plan higher, the lowest plan disappears, or the lowest plans. The phenomena, which have been carried away by a current of a stream, not return any more. They can be seen in Akasha, but to change already anything it is impossible, because it only prints of that passed. In them there are no elements of the active reality, allowing to apply will and to build life forms others and irrespective of movies of that was. These prints can be assimilated to the movies lying in archives. They can be reproduced on the screen and to see, but something most important and important that is in human life, in them already is absent. In it is distinction between the past and future. The past is dead and deprived of ability of creativity of new forms. The future strong possesses this ability. The present - or a step in the future and is full of creativity, or a support for watching back, in deadness of last phenomena. And only the acts of Light made in the past, aren't dead, but not in itself, and as prototypes of what should come true in the future. Past acts, even light, but deprived of future elements, are deprived of life. The feat of the Savior rejected from itself in the Future Light which in time is directed in the infinite millennia. Such past doesn't die because in it the Future which hasn't been limited to time is concluded, the moon or the sun won't come yet. Affairs human on dead and live are so divided. Extent of affairs dead is very short. Are doomed to death by size and extended the own orbit. But the affairs stretched in the future, that hardy and that are longer, than distant this future. Viability and deadness of affairs are caused by this criterion. Provide dead to bury the dead persons, as well as their dead affairs. But to builders of the future - all field of life and all harvest of future stays. So in life of each person there can be affairs small, dead, or doomed on the death of small extent in time, but can be and affairs vital, affairs of Light, business fiery, directed for implementation in the future and taking not one, and many, many lives, the affairs of spirit which don't have the end. And people on Earth, of their feelings, thoughts and aspirations differ with length of their affairs. All Boundlessness before spirit is. Any construction undertaking can be moved into the future centuries. Nothing dies in the person. All energy and their adjournment in crystals live. It is possible to create, it is possible to build, and it is possible to plan a field of future stays and works to apply to that, and right now, in this life, but for the sake of the future, which all at the disposal of the person and which can be built at the will. Grave-diggers of spirit are the people living in the past and the past. Builders of life -is the spirit directed in the future. Live dead persons - content present without thought that approaches. It is so possible to learn to put in life of every day undertakings of affairs remote and know that is immutable that hour when it will be possible to remove a crops harvest will come. But as in the person - everything, and even the Boundlessness, and it is possible to sow inside, in the spirit of, on a field hidden that in visible dense or visible thin and higher to collect fruits of fiery grains of crops of the present day.

598. (Guru). The will direct only on live affairs, that is future affairs. In infinity of the future the will too can be developed infinitely. But it is necessary to start developing, meaning the phenomenon of boundless development of qualities, - as the uncountable light threads are stretched from the person in the future. Completeness is in those, who in the future aren’t directed. In completeness death because completeness also means the end and an extremity, that is restriction and the life termination. But the light threads going to the future, are as though a projection of essence of the person who has stepped usual limits of time both found to a place and life in that future which he approves. We live future both for the future and in it we plan to ourselves that we want to see carried out. The future is plastic; it is made out by will. In it everything is achievable. We go to it, knowing that it ours and belong to us. We win against a gloom of the present and its imperfection future. The future for us, because the future - the life engine.

599. My son, go through life with it is proud of the raised head, because in the Beam. Danger passed, but it is necessary to show care big because the dark don't doze.

600. (Dec. 23). I approach new opportunities. You will escape all.

601. My son, life Specify that close is closer the Teacher, it is more reliable, more strong, and most constantly changeable, changeable and passing. And if spirit is a core of everything occurring round it, the Lord - an axis of this core. So, Saying that I in you, Approve truth of life. In the heart Me constantly carrying in Me, and I - in it stays also. So the Image of the Lord, in heart entered, becomes a basis of the affairs, created subjects who approved in it (himself) the Face of the Teacher of Light. That in the person, and this, invisible to an eye, is stronger than walls Jericho and everything that the eye sees around is hidden. So concepts about stability and durability of things change, and invisible gets steady aspect of the enduring. And the Stone of the Eternal Basis of Life - Light Lord - it becomes valid a basis on which it is possible to build forever. They build and are proud of affairs of the hands but as the one who erects in space the shining house of spirit for Boundlessness have to be inspired and tower then spirit. It is construction in eternity and construction eternal because the spirit exists for ever and ever, and grain of spirit shining with fires clothes crystals fiery, radiating light. Really, it is possible to force all three covers to serve this purpose great. They exist for time and only to enrich spirit new to stays and too light of its light to add. So multiplication of talents becomes the only purpose of life of the spirit which has learned secret of the life. And then the passing ceases to play the predominating role human lives and to serve as end in itself. Another - created by spirit in space Treasure of Light consisting of crystals of fire, deposited in the Bowl thoughts, feelings and actions of the person in that life which he leads on Earth and in Elevated will be the purpose. The benefit to them is, Treasure World in heart the bearing. They are benefit.

602. (Dec. 24). You wanted happiness, and you agreed on a payment. Why you don't want to pay? Without a payment nothing is given. Payment for everything: both good, and bad. Pay. And the further, the payment is made heavier more, you won't go yet the bent. What to do? To be exempted from the power of external conditions over consciousness. When something similar happens to perfect strangers, the events don't influence at all your consciousness, everything flows by. And so and in private matters it is necessary that they flew by, without affecting consciousness and without breaking balance. You look at itself in whirlpool of private matters, as on the actor on a scene. And you, and not you, but as though the stranger, and you aside, looking. It moves away from an orbit of the phenomena which have captured consciousness. Make that in your forces, but the rest let by passes, without twisting heart and without tormenting it, - from outside look at itself and at participants of your life. The wave will subside, another will be replaced, and people will be others. Whether everything is equal, whether these, or others burden pumped heart. All is passable shadows before an eye Silently Looking eternally. But to stop because of them which are passing, friends or relatives, it is impossible. It will be already spirit defeat. You follow the Lord, and if to someone not to keep up with you, you can't slow down a step. Both to help, and to specify, and has to support, but without moving back and without being late. Way is urgent. Because of rendered ignorance the delay is again inexpedient. And if, having been late, Me you will come off, how then? Who from them which have detained, will help to grasp the missed thread? Anybody. You will remain one and without support. Also the detained will leave. The way of knowledge of the person because the person and dirty linen human is dark still is bitter, - and you as lives study and in public. Who differently will teach you to learn the person? Passionlessly learn to learn, as the historian - affairs of bygone years: with interest deep, but without any personal interest and personal emotions. Look it is impersonal, and it is a lot of new suddenly at once you will see, escaping until then from an eye darkened by personal feelings. Rumple and know, can take away everything, but not the Treasure only belonging to you is integral. It yours and when on it attempts you will see, don't spare neither, nor fellow traveller dark, because not from Light they encroaching on Treasure of the Stone. So passionless and ready it be necessary to be released from everything also, quietly and firmly keeping all force balance of spirit of which you so strong seek to deprive consciously and unconsciously all: both close and distant, both friends and enemies, both yesterday, and today, and tomorrow because balance of spirit isn't not peculiar to people and can suffer they it in the person. But balance of spirit is your protection. To them you will find a victory. It also store, having become isolated on all seven locks. With those who burdens you, this force in isolation and a separating of your consciousness from them. Each thread of communication in incorrect hands is a catch for dark for soul to disturb her and to torment. Better isolation from close and distant. People don't know care, and don't spare, and that have, don't appreciate. Appreciate then when, usually, happens already late. As cruelly and thoughtlessly destroy the communications, developed for eyelids, without thinking of the future. It is easy to destroy trust but how again to approve it? Why treachery is irreparable? Not to restore the destroyed trust. No words, the assurances, any desire to stick together the broken vase of integrity will give it. And will stand, stuck together, gaping cracks of the broken parts. It is possible to cover, but broken no putty will give value to a vase. Speaking about the broken vessels, we Remind of the irreparable. Neither tears, nor repentance, other attempts any more won't return destroyed irreparably. Therefore you learn to appreciate that you have, and friends teach. It is a lot of torn threads rush about in space.

603. (Dec. 25). The same matter, but to its new approach, and it shines new opportunities. Possibilities of transformation of a matter and its combinations are boundless. Even besides steam, ice and water gives us snow, clouds, a fog, a rain, heavy rain, dew and, painted by rays of light, forms uncountable amounts of various paints, shades, and tones. In the same way and the uniform element in the transformations gives everything that sees an eye, and everything that is comprehended by reason. The wisdom beginning is readiness for boundless opportunities display of matter and its most wonderful properties. It is possible not to know, but denial is inadmissible because stops ways of cognition of the world. Certainly, old a track it is necessary to leave, new approach to a matter, old, as the world, as well as to the person, and to opportunities of his organism is necessary. Clerical miracles aren't present, but there are the most wonderful properties of a matter available to research and science and not evolutions limited by the real step of human mind. Outside Earth, in a space, these opportunities increase infinitely, but a basic point - Earth. From it is aspiration in space. The star of Mother World Beams ends the on your planet to enrich it with new elements. Earth receives a food and energy from space spheres continuously. Die, if to cut a food. Planets interact beams, both magnetic currents, and energiya of spatial fire. The star of Mother of the World is the center, radiating energy of a certain scale and an order. The organism human can learn consonance them consciously, towards to them directing. In the field of consciousness and in aspect its sphere of this planet is the sphere of consciousnesses superpersonal - the following step of evolution of mankind. Identity of accumulation remains, but limits of the small personality closing consciousness by a small orbit of the manifestation are destroyed. And you have on Earth already many consciousnesses which have escaped from this circle of personal isolation and limitation. All great people of your world to some extent destroyed these borders small "I". So, Spheres of Mother of the World - the sphere of superpersonal consciousness. And therefore each person, able to enter them, can freely direct in a shining orbit of this far star. The consciousness which hasn't been connected by the personality small will be able to pass borders of space and to get into spheres of a far-out planet, having gathered from treasures spiritual its measure full. Let's consider these opportunities. On this planet the people exempted from the power of the identity of small, the power claimed over a physical body which at you on Earth dominates over the person. Body - the obedient tool of mind and will. Covers are more or less already dismembered at all. Astral under the service and its functions are almost nullified. It - the obedient instrument of will. Allocations of a thin body are simple and frequent, and borders of the visible and invisible world are erased. Consciousness - the meeting place of all Worlds. Clairvoyance, claurluhear and other clair knowledge are to some extent developed at all. Elements are bridled and subordinated to power of collective influence of thought. This method of control over a planet, its health and natural phenomena is developed in degree very wide and allows doing that you call miracles. The collective thought regulates the phenomena of a rain, an atmospheric precipitation, weathers, categories and a press of atmospheric electricity and very many phenomena of all-planetary life. People consciously lead life and interests of an all-planetary order and take in them active part, as you on Earth in your everyday work and work. Separate collectives, uniting, concentrate in the orbit mental energy of space, or spatial fire, and force it use for the good of a planet and on construction of new living conditions. Cooperation of all with all and in everything shows on a planet coherence full. Each identity, family, collective is included into the general whole as harmonious, coordinated its part, without breaking, but strengthening symmetry of the general work for the benefit and prosperity of all planet. Consciousness of people is high, and cooperation full. There is no money, nor the states, nor the people, nor races, the classes, any units or the groups contradictory each other. All work in a full consent, as parts of the difficult car, and in full understanding of the purposes and problems of each separate Identity. That is why for your planet the Star of Mother of the World is a leading Star. Both all aspirations and attempts of your science have to be directed to it. This way will be lawful and therefore facilitated and more available, than a way on other planets. Direct, the Gate is open.

604. (M.A.Y.). It is necessary to win against everything that against goes, and everything that disturbs. The victory is over everything that puts forward life for overcoming. It doesn't stint tasks. And we will put as life a task: overcoming only. Correctly you think that life pulled hard all the weight on you daring to Light, and your task spirit not to give in, spirit not to break under freight of this press. Point a spirit club. Life can be caused on fight. Against battlefield - consciousness and it is necessary to win on it by all means. Strength of mind should be found in itself opposite to life waves. You remember how It is Told: "Be able to meet waves". Not the beauty if someone in despondency or despair is inclined before them, not beauty if someone becomes hardened, stimulates, or will weaken. No, it is possible to be spirit strong, despite everything. Even if kill as in battle of the soldier, but spirit won't break. And it is necessary to stand up to the end, to death to stand as our heroes spoke, but not to go back a step before life. After all not it, but against itself it is necessary to win in the spirit of and to spirit to betray all terrestrial for a transmutation of its energiya in fiery force. Therefore it is strong, is stronger strong stand. But, is with you the Lord! Not marvelously after all with It to resist. Stand, friends, we with you!

605. (Dec. 27). There is nothing more worthy spirit, than awareness of the inviolability, a not destroyed of the, the superiority over all that, the contemplator and the witness of that is it in the course of the manifestation in covers. So it also is actually, invisible to an eye, but felt in the spirit of. Let's call this phenomenon a primacy of spirit and we will pay tribute to that in the person above all. Enduring is to its name. Once you imagine, in the same body the spirit of different people is expressed to understand what exactly the spirit causes all features of expression of the person. The coward and the hero alternately in the same cover will show ardent distinction of substance and accumulation. The devotee and the gray inhabitant, the soldier going to death, and the criminal writhing in a paroxysm of fear before inevitable execution - are so various an display of the spirit recovering physical cases, because all in the spirit of and it stratifications which get through covers as light through lamp walls.

606. (Dec. 28). Friends, whether you think, what time will once come to implementation of the decisions made by us? And whether you think, what Proximity term came? Waiting up to the end will wait. And the end approached closely. If according to the accord we receive how to apprehend with what or with who accords it isn't established? Means, it is necessary to establish; on the channel of the accord inflow the necessary messages. Often we are deaf and blind to that excluded from a field of the perceptions. He, who would eat the fruit, must climb the hill. The beam of consciousness should be turned into the desirable party to shine and see what wanted by spirit. This condition is often forgotten, and then bewilderment why something passes by follows, without leaving a trace on consciousness. When it is Spoken: "Look for, you knock, you ask", - is available in a look the certain concentration consciousness on object aspirations, and then already receiving. The principle of a magnetic attraction extends on everything that attracts desire of spirit in the orbit. So direct consciousness if you want to receive.

607. Accord establishment usually requires time. It is possible to apply a rhythm every day or week. It is impossible to expect that something worked well at once, and, especially, if there is haste. Results will be, but over time. Where there left the sword carrier Gesser Khan? On the Assignment, by My Word! Why didn't tell? The assignment is intimate, and sent won't begin to shout at intersections because there are too much hostile ears. To the spatial notification time didn't come yet, but to it time will come. Sharp-sightedly you look. From our Plans aren't excluded but if something it is held back, there are weighty reasons. Enemies are very strained, and the premature notification can destroy movement of a wheel of execution of the made decision. You see how the darkness rages. And, if it rages round you as it is strained where our Hand is even closer. But also you, feeling the events, are awake. Not without reason the far message came. Departure confirmation is double. Where? You learn as soon as our decision will be embodied in concrete forms of its implementation.

608. (Dec. 29). As it is possible not know about what to write when before us Boundlessness. Any situation, any question, any problem can be developed endlessly if the consciousness allows. If the person process, and thoughts all in it are in a condition of process, that is the forward or receded back movement ascending or descending, lifting or falling, increase or reduction. In the presence of aspiration process will be always ascending, and consciousness - extending. Therefore it is necessary to understand that it is possible to mention fruitful, any phenomenon of life and each time to consider it in the light of the growing and more expanded understanding, than it was done in the past. From here conclusion: repeats nothing, but each seeming repetition is a new step of understanding of the same or similar phenomenon, but only wider and profound. This depth has no bottom because it isn't let know a transcendental object yet, and, besides, each phenomenon of life any sides concerns Boundlessness, that is inexhaustibly in essence. And the deep and the most inexhaustible phenomenon in the Universe is a person. From where there is its past and where conducts its future? Where end? Its present is connected indissolubly both with the past, and with the future. And each breath it concerns all worlds because lives not only in three, but also it is more, and thoughts plow it space oceans because it concerns thought of about what thinks. And the thought released from consciousness where departs who will tell? Three streams of a matter flowing through three of its covers connect it with three Plans of existence. And the principles the highest the Immortal Triad - with the worlds over its which in it are still so shown a little. It is possible to tell that the person is a vessel of inexhaustible opportunities, wonderful, unlimited and feasible. Somewhere once and someone in a family human certain people already showed many wonderful and unusual properties of the human device and if to aggregate and concentrate all these manifestations in one body, the prototype of future person which properties should be embodied any more in separate individuals, but in all people when consciousness it will allow will turn out. Therefore the main objective is to expand consciousness and to approve it the capacity not limited to anything because from understanding, that is from an assumption in consciousness of the phenomenon, his statement in the person depends. The most difficult is a clearing of those heaps and denials with which overflowed the consciousness of people. It is necessary to resort to measures extraordinary. As It is Told: "Be, as children". Children, though don't know, but don't deny, that is their consciousness is opened for perception. Therefore also it was necessary to tell the future of the person to science hands that ignoramuses don't dare to deny her statement nowadays. We them, stupid foreheads and thick as shit, science will bring down from positions of denials. The free science from prejudices is the friend of the New World. Road to science, ignoramuses!

609. (Dec. 30). My son, we Give understanding to the Contact phenomenon. The brain in the third eye represents a desirable image, and heart directs to it through all barriers of space and closes current. Not the brain flies, but heart, and perceives heart, but not a brain; the brain only fixes perception. The will disposes.

610. (Guru). Restrictions and obstacles are in the person, but not outside. For powerful spirit of obstacles isn't present, they turn into lifting steps. Therefore you look closer if something disturbs, and on a mirror don't expostulate. Deafness and blindness not always depend on spatial conditions, but is frequent and from internal state. And it should be owned. Without will mastering is impossible. So the will lies in the prosperity basis. When it weakens, it is possible to address to the Teacher for support. It is Give fire. Will - fire, fearlessness - too fire, and also all other qualities - an essence fires concentrated in crystals, but burning in process of their display in life. The Teacher will help to strengthen the limped quality, but also you show will of readiness for receiving the Help of this.

611. The biggest action made in a condition of tranquility even if it is bad, is better than the smallest action made in a condition of irritation. The irritation is terrible for light radiations of aura. It is necessary dark to destroy the spirit house. The payment is great for it. It is better to give everything and to lose everything, than stimulate, or to be saddened because people deceive or rob. It is possible to be protected, but it is impossible to allow the lowest feelings. What is reached by them? They is only on a hand the dark. There are no they that, and anything doesn't cost to allow a clouding. And than it will be allowed more, will try especially dark to strengthen the success and to expand it. To break them it is set new forces, and a grief given in on their smart tricks. Are surround with a ring of the dark. Above you are and try to discover, than to cause in you disbalance. As tools for them everything who surrounds you serves: and friends, and enemies. Let do that want, but don't allow a disbalance because they and achieve it. And you give in more on their attacks, they annoy more furiously, to annoy. But if to find forces quietly to react to their intentions, bearing in mind too high price for everyone disbalance, they shamed and in powerlessness will depart. Bridling an astral and not to allow it to rage in unison with their diligence. Not honor to be a clockwork doll and to twitch after movements of each string which they pull you. After all it is their power over you. Long they thought how to wound you, and here found an opening. You keep; differently finish to a condition impossible. It is lost very much at the submission moments to darkness. For the Teacher to see a gloomy show how dark put in dependence on a condition of your spirit. And you complacency seek to keep and fight against them and victims their involuntary and free it is possible, and to strike blows to them, and to be protected, but only in an equilibrium state of the full. You store balance any price, differently not to hold communication with the Teacher.

612. (Dec. 31). Cooperation brain and hearts, cooperation feelings with Me.There is no bigger grief for the Teacher of Light, than to see misunderstanding before the end because crowns business the end. Everything because go to Light pass through a crucifixion. Difficulty in that, that the most difficult, the bitterest, very grave barriers to turn in the most sweet honey of experience.
The end Records of 1957**.