Agni Yoga's facets, 1958 (101-250)

101. (Guru). And you direct to the Stronghold. It will resist, and costs are immovable. It is possible to destroy everything, but we won't destroy spirit. Stand, as the rock, consciousness of a stability of spirit. In consciousness it the forces we will find. The ladder of Hierarchy of Light conducts in heavens, concerning stars distant and the sun. It grasps. Light Ladder is firm. To rise on It and it is possible to leave Earth if it is lost (Earth) from madness human. In total in the spirit of, and you spirit be strong. And then more than confusion around, that spirit the stronghold let will strong. Rally round us and the Lord. And before more than once, rallied together, we strong stood before (under) a darkness impact. Let's resist and now, if together. The consciousness should be cleaned from the sphere of a direct environment and to transfer to the Stronghold, having approved in It a place a spirit abiding. Act in the spirit of. Nowadays time came operate spirit when the terrestrial are closed ways, and in the spirit of we together and are close, and already nothing prevents strength of mind to claim then over pass ability of dark hour.

102. (M.A.Y.). When there is a shift, from a bottom the darkness to be destroyed by Light rises. The darkness is overcome and got rid in consciousness of the person. Therefore the periods of shift are so heavy and a lot of gloom over the movable countries, but islands of light are especially valuable during these periods, because through them Light arrive to the sphere surrounding them. The burden of the current hour should be understood: the shift purpose — Light approved. It will be It will begin to shine when term will come. But the spirit has to find forces to sustain an impact of movable darkness.

103. (March 17). The aged man of the Mountain told Genghis Khan: "Become covered by payments of all people, but drink from one Bowl", In its great wisdom of centuries. It is impossible to serve two masters, it is impossible to have two Teachers, and even it is impossible to sit on two chairs. There are a lot of false sources. Who has a Teacher and who knows the way can understand them only is immutable. Will nod equally is everything an indicator of inability to distinguish. The doctrine is given on a change of Eras. It is incomparable with all that was to it, and with all that proceeds from usual minds human. The temple of consciousness and searches of looking for consciousnesses aren't comparable. The phenomenon of Mother Agni Yogi isn't surpassed by any of her contemporaries and therefore put her on one level with others, means to show an ignorance sign. Reproaches that the Doctrine is put above creations and thoughts of ordinary people, can proceed only from those who doesn't know. Dispute is useless with such people, and it isn't necessary to argue, but it is necessary to know and deeply to store in heart proclamation the New Era. Let small consciousnesses go the way even if this way read the great. If the way is direct and not from darkness, the benefit is chosen it. Let live in a fool's paradise the, won't begin to see clearly yet. It is possible after all to break consciousness if it isn't ready to contain understanding of reality. It is necessary to leave condemnation. Example let follow our Envoys. The doctrine should be accepted as the Basis of the New World. With a past tatter not enter into It. It is a lot of pseudo-sophistications, and it is a lot of false doctrines as you will understand if you reject the Basis. It is a lot of telling, but it isn't enough knowing. Be able to distinguish behind words their essence, differently you will be cast into ruin. The belief doesn’t impose anybody, and everyone who not from darkness, accepts, but preserves the Doctrine against violation of its darkness who else didn't grow to it. The doctrine of Life should be separated from misunderstanding of small consciousnesses.

104. (M.A.Y.). Others voice is alien to the true, - but you, who not listening to an alien voice, so it isn't enough. Unite in understanding full. Unity is force. Over you Beams. One in the field soldier; loner soldiers is heroes. Teacher on fingers Considers pupils and on a set never Counts. Collision with darkness and fight for Light is conducted individually. Solved history the strong spirits; sets only followed them. You study alone message fight. For you the Lord and the Brotherhood is a support. It isn't enough of you; there are a lot of them. But that is from this. The Christ was one. Loneliness destiny is of Spirits Great. Everything had punched a way among a terrible misunderstanding. And all won.

105. (Guru). Strength of mind consists in fire. It is possible to force fire the only saved up. Qualities are fire stores, allowing collecting in focus, like incendiary glass. Tranquility and balance — powerful collectors of fiery energy in focus uniform for the appendix. As though in a fist concentrates energy spirit for the appendix in a demanded point. Certainly, then force of its bike is. Scattered on the parties, say, in the phenomenon of concern or balance violation, it doesn't yield results. It is necessary to learn to collect at any time in focus of energy of spirit. Strength of mind is necessary anywhere and everywhere and on all plans of existence. You learn to bring together her, the force approving.

106. To the son My Beam I Send also happiness to it to join and to stay in it. You I Approve in a step of merge of consciousnesses when the struck darkness already any more in forces from Me to separate you. In the Beam approved and the Beam approved in it is here essence of a step. They exercised the wit in attempts to destroy you, having brought division, but succeeded only that in Light Mine claimed, and claimed in the Beam even more and more deeply. The darkness is so trampled and serves as Light bottom (and as legs serves a throne). So at it also look as at a shadow of a treatment of light and shade that Light was visible and by it was shaded. Treatments of light and shade in a picture give its shape. So Light, which in you from Me, darkness the shaded has to be to begin to shine with even bigger force? It is necessary to merge with the Beam in a constant without coming off so to feel in It always and everywhere. Then you will act so: consciousness - in the Stronghold with Me, consciousness in Me, and external your form — in the conditions of dense conducts the role and carries out decrees. So, having separated in the spirit of from three, you will approve the power over them and, having approved three proceeding beams, you will be then Lightful (fearful). You believe that a heavy karma — a hindrance, and I Claim that the heavy karma will serve in the shortest way. And where will pass many lives before the Beam will be approved, you reach in one embodiment. Remember it when it becomes too heavy. The cross having accepted in understanding full, power you approve the and a victory over the world of shadows and dreams passing and Maya covers you remove from the phenomena lives.

107. (March 18). Yes! Yes! Yes! The consciousness, to Us directed, brings the gifts to space, sating with them aura of Earth. In it is essence of Spatial Service. But where they is, these attendants? It isn't enough of them, too little, and therefore our Care of them. We Allow burdening by circumstances, but not over a lawful limit that the consciousness didn't break. Let the understanding of it of force allow sustaining up to the end because forces will suffice, and the Lord following It doesn't want to break a burden super strong: when I Speak about burden excessive, the hidden strength of spirit I Want to Cause to action. This hidden strength of spirit is great, its potential is boundless, and then the excessive burden becomes easier than a feather; forces mighty spirit from a subsoil spirit to Cause I Want for statements in life. Unusual to be difficult and it is hard to show strength of spirit. It is simpler and easier to go down stream with all. But the main hierophant in ancient temples made movement against the sun whereas others moved by the sun. In it a great symbol of the Great Spirit, going against the stream lives usual and made singularity a consciousness meal. And when the pressure of windy waves becomes too already heavy, it is necessary to think then of inexhaustible power of fiery potential of spirit. It is necessary to understand that it is possible to sustain everything and still spirit not to break. Also it is necessary to understand that outside can be anything if strength of spirit is unshakable. External the values has no because passes. But the spirit which has resisted against of rage of the external phenomena, the force and fire I showed in their indestructible power. Life sends a wave behind a wave, testing both the hardness, and courage, both firmness, and the decision to move further. But the one, who back doesn't have return that it is immutable goes towards the aim far, to the Lord.

108. (M.A.Y.). It is necessary to preserve the heritage left by us, against an evil - interpretation and against violation by its darkness. I will instruct, more than ever it isn't necessary to act under others banners, it is necessary always under the. We have a Banner, the World Banner, and the Banner of Lords. Denying nothing that from Light, without condemning anybody, We is sharp keep separate from darkness, from her attendants and from dark currents; with darkness cooperation is inadmissible. Therefore it is better under the Banner. The doctrine is given new, unique. The lord conducts a new way. Don't pour in wine new in furs old. Going on old paths with Us not is on the way. The doctrine with a concession isn't on sale; all good we approve, but let's judge to us, where it is, good, and where the bad is. Don't try to judge, with Us you judge, Us calling. Together we will judge, and without mistakes. But those, who without us and Lords, that are dark ways if rejected the Doctrine of Life or try to darken its Light pseudo-sophistication of small consciousnesses. As ```` treasures it is necessary to separate the Doctrine from fakes. Many take false stones for the presents and glass — for brilliants if only the frame was good. But you put on protection of the Doctrine, fakes you won't carry out; unmistakably scented unusable impurity. And now protect Purity of the pearls Given by the Lord. Don't allow to mix them with the counterfeit. Sincerity of small ways approves, but dark attempts should be stopped severely.

109. (Guru). I approve concentrated fire of solemnity in all your actions. Levity and babbling don't have a place in this terrible hour. I claim it is possible to bridle myself. It is necessary to reject unnecessary words, smiles and all irresponsible acts which interfere in life. For a start let everything goes as before, but under control. The same, but under control is. Each word, each smile, each gesture, each thought. Uncompromising struggle with a reflex of actions appears. The astral clown won't be allowed to us. It is necessary to bridle it and to subordinate to the will. It covers with itself affairs. It humiliates, it forces to lose a peace of mind. It deprives of Light. With it and fight up to the end without mercy.

110. The thought invested by Light Spatial, with the sphere of Earth getting, can become or property the person, or again to go to depths. It is possible to call the hunter of star thoughts the one, who is able to make thought this and to give to people. Interstellar language of thoughts is universal. The transmutation of thought spatial is that fiery energy of thought is transferred to words and gets a form. It also will be process of registration of thought. Not caught and not properly executed, it runs low for Earth. Aspiration way I Specify, Having given to people an example! Everyone approves implementation and following ways itself, the foot and the hand.

111. (March 19). (M.W.). Spheres of the Distant Worlds send the Beams to Earth. They are measurable. Laboratories of star Beams is future establishments. Star Beam we will spread out, as well as solar; on both sides of a visible range the area of invisible beams lies. In invisibility force is. They strong influence nervous system people and nerve ganglions. Studying should be conducted an experimentally way: object of influence - an organism people, the influencing agent — the isolated Beam separated through a prism. The impenetrable screen will cause allocation of beams of a range. Modern apparatus aren't suitable. But the thought directed on a right way, will help to find and certain ways of implementation of these space researches. The astrology will specify a field of the appendix and will give a fast material. Studying has to be conducted collectively on different sites planet. The brotherhood will help to approve new science — psycho - astro - biophysics.

112. (M.A.Y.). The dark force participates in each separation, whatever forms it carried. On this sign also you judge. The phenomenon determine not by him, and by consequences. Consequences will indicate its force, value. Often small by the form the phenomena of a consequence have considerable, and in them their character is expressed obviously. To understanding of the phenomena apply always this measure. The essence, value and character of the reason which have generated it are determined by a consequence. But heart feels at once, without expecting consequences. To it also listen.

113. (Guru). The dream about Me — is indicative very much. Certainly, you we watch who is devoted to us by heart. You are in our cares and plans. It is possible still to deepen feelings of this care, but it is already conscious, having simply directed thought in this direction. Thought as the searchlight beam, will shine that is felt vaguely.
114. (March 20). So gradually our work extends, and the orbit of influence of the Beam grows. We come to a planetary scope. Mother left. That Gave through It, and that It gave, and that flew through the Guru, partially you should assume and serve as the receiver and the transmitter of their fiery energiya and energiya my, earlier connected by a small orbit. From now on all the most necessary, demanding the answer, you will write with Me or with them — Mother and the Guru, precisely in the same way as these records are conducted. We will strike them with surprise and miraculousness of new ways and opportunities new. They think: "I will hold isn't present", - but my Hand we will hold the darkness revelry, rushed that is subject to protection. You don't look at a fate of those who suffered for the Name My. You are under a singular ray and your karma other. And I will protect from darkness invasion. If not the Hand washing strong protection, you would dare. So under the Beam and in tranquility full you will create My Will. Relatives I will leave and all at you. New forces I Will send. I deepen a possibility of fiery work; let in the Name My proceeds. Darkness I will expel, but from attempts shaggy disposal won't be that didn't leave vigilance.

115. (M.A.Y.). That you specified and as, anybody to it won't specify because there is all from us and the Lord. Zinusha and Yuriy about the same go on. In words of the Lord you I approve and again I validate thoughts three times written-down by you. < ... >To Zina of one not in power in view of the fact that the accord isn't present between her and those who aside looks. Care of a reality, but of anything be not anxious, become even closer and rejoice our proximity.

116. (Guru). The curve mirror distorts a beam, and muddy glass doesn't pass its purity; therefore the care of purity of consciousness which is a lens refracting a beam, has be severe and strict. Litter consciousness of thought and feeling, and then already I put. It is good to learn mentally to come off affairs when business is complete. The thought of affairs often nags. Consciousness transfer in other work or to the sphere of other thoughts and feelings are very useful. Small practice gives experience to a hand. They are ways of mastering by thought, i.e. mastering by force.

117. I approve tranquility among a storm. I approve possibility of Communication among the most impossible conditions. I claim that the alarm for current your state is generated by Maya. I claim that this formula — "I with you always" — is the basis of continuous, uninterrupted, eternal communication with Me, I Claim that the fear can't be where Presence in the spirit of the Lord is realized.

118. The reality should look severely in eyes. We Do not deny anything, but among true values, both the Scriptuses, and there are a lot of good things weed, false and angry. Among the western minds of receivers, conformable consciousnesses it is few. We consider on fingers to understand. To Us become closer and to Us direct. To us devote the work. Our spirit is display in our creations. But if not ours they and not from Us, the accord isn't. Also you won't be able to judge without mistakes. It isn't volume and care not that is a lot of good and that among this good a lot of things occurred from darkness and it is necessary to manage to distinguish. Hand I wash see in words sent by Me. Stupidly be not averted because the house then will be empty (the house of your spirit). To you I Speak, to you I Help to approve your work on the basis strong. I Want to see you in the Beam, in the consciousness merged with Me. As stronger you will become Me! You appreciate especially those who not gives the others, but hall-marked my Spirit. On call we Open the Gate and an appeal we Answer. Us call in work, and there will be your work fruitful and are light.

119. My son, write to it, it will scent My Spirit and becomes another. What to you it happened and whatever made everything cover with a dome of our Proximity, because — with Me and Proximity — over dreams passing lives current. I Approve you in your right by My Name and on behalf of mine to work in our affairs. They act with the name, and affairs and their words are low-power. But Words my, sent by you, will have the power to create and strike because fiery all this and is saturated My Force.

120. (March 21). Its result will be a consequence of each action. Cause and effect is parts of a single whole, as the ends of one stick or a rope. On a consequence the reason, and is determined by the reason — a consequence. The second is more difficult because the reason is visible to usual consciousness not always. We See the reasons and we Know consequences. But if you see consequences, on them it is possible to get into essence of the reason. In Alice Bailey's works about Hierarchy of Light you see results; you see provisions, strong contradicting the Doctrine and statements of our Envoys. The contradiction means something going against. What goes against Light? Whether darkness? So you see the dark hand, which has risen against Us. In words We admit, both the Doctrine Our, and Mother, are in practice disproved Words and Statements of the Lord and Entrusted and Sent it. Absence of logic and discrepancy of actions is obvious sign of influence of darkness. When the Teacher Opens someone eyes on actions dark, the one which from light, begins to see clearly to understanding. But fallen unconsciously and given to influence dark, and still continuing after Instructions of the Teacher to persist, becomes on a dangerous way of the conscious concelebrating with darkness. But the house, divided in it, won't resist against Light. Temporary houses standing not an indicator because crowns business the end. The obvious enemy Light It is preferred by Us because it is open. But, as though recognizing the Doctrine Our and right there disprove as its provisions denying the Word of the Lord, endanger it and bring a dark distemper in the sphere of the small consciousnesses, not able to understand complexity of the phenomenon. The darkness way is twisting, and many go of. If — unconsciously, it is necessary warn, for the present not late. If it is conscious, darkness concelebrant will reveal the face. It isn't difficult to get to a dark snare if to come off Us. The separation from the Doctrine also is a separation from Me because denial of my words denies Me. I Say that on hands there is too much fingers to count My pupils, and they say that there is a lot of them; I Say that We gathered in the Stronghold, and they say that We in dense bodies in the countries various. They juggle with Christ Redeemer World Name and impose It what It Doesn't do. I Spoke about two-three light priests; they claim that among churchmen there are a lot of our pupils. See that concept of the Teacher the dark hand didn't play. Their seven, Great, and no Tibbett’s is present among Them. It which has given something, strong contradicting the Life Doctrine - is also from darkness. In Tibet there is a Black Brotherhood. All reasoning’s about Hierarchy of Light at the basis of the. About Hierarchy by Us It is Given, why to look for it where there is no She Light. Data on S. Jermen are incorrect. I claim that the tolerance isn't cooperation with darkness and there is no its admission in the middle of light undertakings. When with your prayer the dark comes to your temple, a grief not distinguished; therefore Specify, where darkness, let show understanding to the events. The last division can to appear for someone fatal. Correctly raise theosophy against A.B. The persisting tells: "Come round, for the present not late. Understand, into what jungle of a contradiction came". Really want that the Lord from them was averted.

121. (M.A.Y.). Native mine, I see, both I feel, and I know. That, we will fight. We are very strong, when together. On consequences you will see power of the generated reasons. We now generate them and our integrated force we pour in in an execution wheel. Those, two, against our force won't resist. A.B. from pages of the collection it is necessary to clean, the right, will be more useful to give a place to our friends.

122. (Guru). The loner soldier - such itself consider. For you we, both the Lord, and the Brotherhood, and near isn't present anybody on whom could rely quietly, knowing that at the difficult moment don't leave. Both want, and aspire, and thirst to help, but the flesh is ailing, and the spirit, and in need leave usually is weak. As if any Law in the most difficult moment of life forces to conduct fight by the uniform beginning of spirit and alone the full. Be strong one. Be strong always.

123. (March 22). Pay attention to how the Word My lights up consciousness Light and as it is gradually put out the light at contact with life in the conditions of the dense. It also is process of repayment by fire of heart of surrounding imperfection. Truly, in the life desert this Light an icon lamp will be, but the sun ascends every morning, and every morning the Lord Sends the Light, that to feed an icon lamp. But also you learn aspiration rhythmical and constant as sunrise that Light wash heart could apprehend. Without a food by Light heart will go out because surrounding imperfection strong absorbs it. The feat of execution of light is hard because the darkness is great. In beat following the Lord, against darkness you win obviously. My children, coming off in consciousness the Lord, you lose light and dim there is everything that with a dense wall you were surrounded. But it is constant in the Beam of feeling; you moderate rage of the darkness which has surrounded you. As if I Speak about one, all about the same, and I Repeat one. But not it, and the statement, and every year the new adjournment (stratifications) new, forming the increased crystal gives repetition. It isn't necessary to be confused before complexity of life because what to do, the Decree Is given. You have other purpose, to reach with not spilled Bowl Us and who judgment you, with to bring.

124. In anticipation of a New Year Want Specify that fiery work Is planned by me for you. We transfer it to open spaces terrestrial. Think of nothing a limit. Responsibility is great for it. Therefore are inevitable a tests. Who will resist remains and will continue the way. Who won't sustain, will depart and will go the road. Tests won't slow down. You have already certificates obvious results appendices of the fiery energy strengthened by a circle. Understanding of it gives strength to a hand. Work shouldn't be looked for: life itself for another will put one result. It is necessary to separate only them on urgency and importance degree. These are tasks not yours, these are our tasks, yours I Mine. Therefore my help you will urgently have. Lords Work not for the sake of Themselves. You work also for Business of the Lord. Also your power in annexes to life will grow. Yes, you such as everything, but are marked out by Light. Consider to work for Business of the Lord by happiness. Look at them: they work for themselves and for the sake of themselves or for the sake of someone, and you for the sake of the Lord and for the sake of him. Noise of day vanity fills in your consciousness, and you Me call in affairs and there will be we together because vanity becomes silent and the darkness when your call reaches Me recedes and the consciousness is ready to reveal to Light towards. Fire press, I call that My Beam was included into all your statements. Force of a circle of a bike if it is applied it is conscious and with understanding. The success is provided, if with Me. I send Blessing on the planned way.

125. Proclamation sent Mother Agni Yoga is to Earth. I showed courage of the devoted heart, not frightened to cause on fight of power of darkness. My son, the accord it is difficult because of a difference in vibrations of Wednesday, you people around, and Us. Therefore it is better to transfer consciousness to the Tower. I will sate my Word with the fiery force that there was it a hammer breaking darkness, a lightning piercing a gloom, a sword sparkling spirit. Know that words can be saturated my power. You in the word put the force, and I — the Power. But those, who murmur, no those force of the word have. We from the Sky Called fire from Space. We Gave you in hands Fire. Words as fiery shells cut layers of the atmosphere and thought with themselves bear. But the mere words deprived of fiery thought. Therefore to catch my Thought and to invest it words, Fire means to catch and to conclude in the His form — as though crystallization of a spatial flame. This work is hard, demands, besides everything, assimilation of My Fiery Beam. The Beam the centers assimilate. They have to be slightly opened to any degree. Roughness of dense conditions strongly disturbs. But found in it those to overcome forces will be the winner powerful. Therefore there are so much tension and efforts it is required to put almost every time before the wire with Me starts working. Rejoice to these difficulties because your power grows, them overcoming. You can note today as the darkness strains to prevent a perceptions. Be glad also to it because unification with Me you win against it. — Light to extinguish the darkness purpose from Me proceeding, which in you. But to Light We Won't allow dying away. At diligence and the help of darkness it will inflame everything brighter. As the bottom of Light the darkness will serve us. From here — her powerless rage both new tricks and shifts. You left that darkness to win, hands against My sparkling sword, and on a forehead — the winner (My sign is traced). Organism saturation by the Beam goes incessantly, but is realized most brightly at the moments of dialogue. The purpose — to make understanding is to constants. It also will be prestanding uninterrupted before the Lord of Light. Yes! Yes! Yes! Would go, despite everything, what thoughts flew to the head. Thoughts will come and will leave, and I will remain with you. And feelings will come and will leave, and people, put (them), and everything that you surrounds. But I won't leave, and you won't leave, and there will be we together serge. Rejoice, the son, Proximity of Light. It is not at all. And let the Word My with you will arrive.

126. (M.A.Y.). Native mine, time came, prepare to that to direct all efforts on service to Lord. In this consciousness also expect the Decree which will come. In the Beam you it and the Decree won't slow down.

127. (March 23). The number of happiness approved by Me, starts working. Here and the decision I made. It is already good. Here already and terms came. Everything will develop accurately and simply. But it is necessary to be to term of departure ready and not to delay any more then. Your destiny I Take in hand. I advance events, clarity I Give understanding of proximity of terms and Specify in readiness to be, aura having come off a hahch nest. Predictions come true. You have the right to choose the way and desire to reveal hearts. To Me it will help to move you into the future in the accord full. Arrival of terms and you intended to terms, puts in conditions of commensurability immutable with everything that to conformably Decree. The decree My go is. Adopt to execution the Decree, but wait for instructions further, concrete. Promptly terms go, events, but not for eyes of strangers rush. There is no justification to a biennial delay. It is necessary to correct now. Yes! Yes! I understand, but it is a pity for missed time. More trust should be had to our Words. I weave threads an event into is necessary pattern. It is very difficult and very beautiful, and your patterns of your spirit I interweave into it. Everything that was against, everything will be for. So your life will turn back the fairy tale and there is other. You at this time aspiration to Me strain to strengthen affairs. Your fate is forged mutually: you and Me, in the accord full. But the will is free to solve. Give Me the desire, aspiration and future yours. I will weave from them the best combinations of threads. But in will indulge My will free and voluntary. The accord is approved by will free. No! Delays any more won't be. Streams will promptly merge events. Year New to you bears new life. It is so much hope, it is so much expectation, it is so much works and fight, and there comes desired time. Whether you are ready to meet it? Gift I will allow to see, but even before manifestation partial you will have. The essence of all written down doesn't correspond to understanding of reality because everything is understood to yesterday measure. New measures will measure time of terms of the come conditions of others, unusual and strange. Our time came, friends, your time, native, that holiday on your street about which It wrote (Mother of A.Y.). I give understanding of new conditions. Rejoice, children, a burning dawn. Rejoice terms to arrival. Rejoice that are predicted fairy tale (already) is included into life for you. You waited for it and worked. On works receive.

128. My friend, it is necessary to learn to meet messages in a disbalance the full: both good, and bad, both joyful, and sad. For this purpose consciousness preparation, i.e. training and the will order is required.

129. To them tell: in My cares incessantly about all of them I am baked. All of them are necessary. But the proximity to Us let now approve, when Affairs of the Lord in need. Wonderful opportunities in hands are given them, manage let to grasp them. And you will help them, but also they let show desire and force the work to bring for Business of the Lord and Business of the Lord to put above all put that life gives them to execution. I rejoice, Seeing when in them light of aspiration burns. Let heart maintain it.

130. (March 24). (M.W.). It, to the Lord, I Sent Light brings (to Earth) and Will Terms to execute. Their beams, to Seven, Sent by Me, this Day World My Force become. Festival of Light it we Call, the Festival of Hierarchy of Light. And We on the Far Star it everything Take part in the Holiday because Hierarchical it is the Holiday, Universal because to your Earth we Send My Light charges.

131. The tradition says that the Holiday this It is established by Us long ago, long ago. Let's call it’s the solar- sidereal. Life wins against death. And this Holiday of triumphing Life and Light is the Festival of Hierarchy. This day statements of Light are strong. Our Beams on planet open spaces because there comes the equinox moment, i.e. balance of two beginnings. And then in its central point it is possible to turn the lever of a current of the phenomena in any part of the world and darkness. This Day We Light Approve also it’s beginning on a going cycle of year. In powerful associations of all forces Light Creator My in consciousness of Great Action this Day light dawn, merging in one with all whom with Us goes. We Plan a way of a tide of life of the planetary. This year will bring unknown shifts in consciousness of people. Strains light in efforts victorious, strains the leaving darkness! By victories new for happiness of people we Approve year going we. We Approve spirit, both happiness number, and the Banner of Lord Maitreya. Hello to you, native, from our light it is far. Our range not far off, not behind dales, but is beyond the Stronghold, and the spirit directed there, will sweep away sides of space, and We become closer. At the beginning of a going cycle we will approve our proximity mutually, we will approve our communication, we will approve aspiration to Light that the cycle coming pulled together us more. And not for you and for Us, but for them, to Light gone blind, this Proximity is necessary. We also will think have them heart because it is very dark, and people need Light. Let's begin this year with thought of how we have more the Lord to help his Light to approve on Earth among peoples

132. Write, the friend. Friends, this day it is necessary to remember all those who strives for Light, about those who below, and those who above to unite all standing on the Ladder of Light, and hello to send them, far and close (friends). The word the friend and friends replaces to us the word another. One of the future, another is from a past. We go to the future; both the word the friend and friends let will be to us the word calling under the Banner of the Lord, under the Banner of friendship and unity of all people of the Earth in the light of Lord Maitreya.

133. (March 25). Spirit flights! In aura of spirit it is possible to fly — the rarest achievement. But the threshold shown by thought is very important. Even not to raise a hand if not to premise thought of it. Even to a step not to make. People began to fly, having premised creating thought of possibility of these flights. As well flights in aura of spirit demand understanding of this opportunity and the thoughts premised strong. The thought lays a way to achievement. Here the thought of the friend far flashed, here to the friend sent hello. Both the thought reaches, and the friend if it is thin and able to see, can see the person sent to the friend hello. The separated parts of spirit work. To fly about the world thought - means to fly about it in the spirit of. And when process goes deep and becomes more fiery, little by little, and at the beginning — partially, begins realize flight. The phenomenon of divisibility of spirit should be considered thus. The sent and separated particles of spirit, its energy work. When flying in aura of spirit the consciousness is completely transferred to spirit and in the spirit of flies is achievement the highest. To the purpose of any travel conducts any way. It should be passed. As and to the purpose of flights in spirit aura conducts a way of gradual and consecutive achievements. To Us greetings and parcels to friends, the help spatial too far and close people are directed in the Stronghold, mental flights on planet open spaces — all this conducts to the same purpose and prepare consciousness to flights in aura of spirit. To the Distant Worlds the aspiration to the same purpose conducts. So, all types of a fiery brainwork, creative imagination and the spatial help to people lead to possibility of these flights. The spirit and consciousness to object, a place or point of aspiration is instantly transferred and felt there as subjects, plants, animals or people unconsciously. But the sensitive device could to find impact of energiya of the directed spirit on everything to what it is directed in distant or near flight. Even the simple thought instantly connects a thinker to object of the thought the channel shown. When you speak about dark and their victims or assistant, often and at once you are exposed from their party to small pricks, stings and attempts to do much harm because you create the channel, connecting yourself to object of the thought. Speaking about them is circumspect. But not about them speech! About the fire spirit, wings found, I with you Want to Speak! It is difficult to fly in the beginning to a young eaglet. But wings grow, and with them and forces. Becomes distant weeds! Study, study! You study on everything, always, every day to multiply the force that fiery to make all essence.

134. It is possible to think that God's similarity in the person can be expressed in spirit omnipresence, i.e. that the spirit can feel or present itself instantly everywhere where he wants, and in itself to carry away impression of a place and time.

135. (M.A.Y.). Enclose your aspiration in accurate forms, and heart enclose in them, and life. The Lord Told that it is necessary issue the desires at the time of approach of terms. Desire and plans you’re, coordinated from Desire the Lord, will find the powerful force of implementation. Under stone lying water doesn't flow, it is necessary to issue desire. The coordinated will — is force. At first the will be coordinated in itself, i.e. display a unicorn of aspiration, then this not scattered on the parties and in a contradiction the monolithic aspiration will be coordinated in full harmony with the Plan of Lords and the Decree of the Lord, and implementation of dream directed then follows. Approach of terms means an embodiment of the Great Plan in further forms when the spirits intended to terms, become in places for a life performance of the mission. The moment is very considerable, and accord of desires of consciousness with Consciousness of the Lord will play a crucial role. To the lord pleasure to grant your desire if it is conformable with the Plan Great because where they, consciousnesses, sconsonance to the Plan? From here and the value of all of those who knows and to Us it is directed. I will tell still something: "About all of you the care also is that will be possible for you where head to bend".

136. (Guru). You see often in public as break off their unrestrained energy storming, in yourself you can't operate them, and it is necessary. So every day the force approving in practice, the power approve the over itself. As the Teacher Give to you the Strength if you still not learn possess own force. Means, self-mastering grants the right to Forces of the Teacher of Light. The care to energy of the spirit indicates its understanding values. Therefore It is told that to the having it will be given, and at not having, i.e. chiseled it, that has will be taken away also. Zealous host of spirit the Teacher Wants to See each of you. We were charged for you before It, us to It approached and if the approached forgot as well as through whom it approached to the Teacher of Light, it is impossible to tell already that appreciation possesses much. I rejoice, seeing understanding of and the show incommensurability. Appreciation to call you on a meal of life will be oil for your lamps.

137. Certainly, to us inventions dark aren't terrible, but demand energy on neutralization them. Some phenomena can't be destroyed differently as with the consent of those who generated them. From here pledge, paternoster, or the mental protection of the phenomenon. They can extend on a number of the phenomena. Forces protecting them are various and depend on a pledge fieryful. The beam of special function works by the same principle, bearing in itself the order of the consciousness radiating it given for put term. It is a lot of secrets in Arhat's life. Imitation the Teacher in everything enters consciousness into an orbit of its actions. To power of fiery aspiration nothing barrier! Force of a circle gives strength of implementation of the conceived phenomenon. That two or three will ask in the Name My, that should be. It is Told: "Child! Dare! «But it is better to dare, knowing a way of execution of aspirations. The law of the accord is powerful. The law of the accord is deep. The law of the accord moves life (display). Direct to the accord with Us.
If We Begin to sound on your wave or a wave narrow-minded, what advantage in that? But your accord on our wave moves world evolution. So be in the accord with Us always, and your life becomes other.

138. (March 26). And there comes moment of life of the pupil when the tide of life on all plans in coordination coincides in coherence full. It is preceded by coherence of its microcosm in monolithic aspiration to unification with the Lord of Light. The phenomenon of life dense faces in the direction of aspiration of will and consciousness. The way is covered with the phenomena of executions of fiery desires, and all of luminous intensity and darkness others start serving it voluntary — owing to things. The formula "nowadays forces heavenly with us it is invisible serve" becomes a life formula. Former, difficult and heavy stage when everything was against and everything counteracted spirit and burdened it is passable, and the way of implementation of dream fiery begins. It too is hard because space counteraction of elements should be overcome and spatial work becomes way of day. Its orbit extends gradually, seizing all new and new spheres. Spatial Light and Fire is brought by spirit to Earth and transferred to spheres it. Service becomes planetary and spatial. Work becomes complicated that the mission of life planned by the Lord enters the period of its ardent implementation. The burden is great, but the ardent spirit isn't confused it because knows that the fiery potential of its power is inexhaustible. It goes a formula "everything I can do for the sake of the Lord (and in his glory)". And the forces multiplies, and its forces grow, and fiery directed to the purpose great victoriously there is it through life, executing Will the Send. Will Send execution — finds the spirit betrayed to the Lord in it the highest happiness. And the Lord pleasure finds messages the heart directed in the full accord. This pleasure mutually grows, doesn't turn yet into pleasure space, not saddened by breath of the dense world. The consciousness seeks to join completely Plans of the Lord and to become their integral part. Truly, life when the magic staff of spirit hand wave suddenly starts operating a tide of life becomes the fairy tale then. So coherence of essence of all microcosm of spirit leads to three-plan coordination of life in all its manifestations. Tensely and powerfully bears then fate the spirit appointed to terms to execution of Orders of the Hierarch. The instructions showing expression of that purpose for the sake of which in this embodiment the spirit came to Earth. My hand in all actions your, made in the Name My, also is great your force, and great depth of your happiness is.

139. (M.A.Y.). Show appreciation of the Guru for everything that you have through him. Appreciation — wings for spirit. He loves you though it is severe. It gave a ring to you and in the light of you claimed. It the Messenger was for you. Name it on the Board of the Lord we will lift, and it you will approve. Your assignment is intimate. Proximity to us it is feasible. Its success depends on proximity of this. Therefore, strength of spirit strains that to strengthen Proximity. We to proximity of this are open by the beams directed to you. Now it is necessary to approve it on your coast, as an abutment of the bridge connecting our consciousnesses. Represent tension due in aspiration to the accord with us and time find for it. Also remember only means, only a way of performance of mission of your life by you. Not we, but to you need it that our force you became strong. The treasure of energy and heart treasure the forces send you for association them in your spirit for the power appendix, this connection given rise, to that the Lord Charged to you. Severity of a reality! Severity is not moderation and callousness, but expediency and commensurability. As the whirlwind will sweep away houses of cards, so your beam of our beams integrated will be in the light of Beam of the Lord to sweep away everything arising on a way of implementation of Will Lord. But the accord full with the Guru, with me and the Lord is necessary. And then you will be strong the fiery force of our integrated hearts. This step of a fiery conducts to execution of fiery thoughts and desires. With thoughts be careful. To what burden itself with execution of dreams passing. Before your Business of the Lord, to It all efforts direct. I rejoice, seeing as consciously you deepen the desirable accord with Heart Great. Remember: "To them all of us - one, and you including, unseparable". This force we also will create that is necessary by the Word of the Lord.

140. (Guru). My friend, follow through life as the hero, because we you. Remember in your speech creating "we" more often. "I" too poorly and a little, replace it "we" when "we" is spoken in consciousness full of value creating "we", you are strong then our force. Strong you I want to make, to life sending on a feat. Weak heart, on small "I" leaning, not strongly, but powerful becomes heart force creating "we", and powerful there is a will. And so the will you can increase in claiming "we", us calling in affairs.

141. (Guru). The will becomes stronger a rhythm and, especially, a communication rhythm, or with us contact. Undertakings ours it is necessary to enter a rhythm into everything. I speak about work. It should be noted to enter a rhythm and into that fiery work which with you there began the Lord. You approve it by a rhythm. Let everyone from you will establish the individual rhythm, most to it suitable, but let will establish. The scattered, casual, spasmodic efforts on the consequence are equal to zero, though forces are spent for them. But the rhythm, even small, consequences gives the obvious. You will succeed rhythm! In beat the will grows as a flower, the watered it is regular. You will break a rhythm — and the flower will dry up. Honor to work for Light and Hierarchy. Rhythm is a way of the appendix of this work.

142. The stone given by us for execution of certain tasks has a counterbalance in the Stone hidden, wearable Light Carrier in a breast. Which is more important how you think if they identical force? But if the Stone of the Distant Star is stronger, it strengthens the Stone invisible to degree of the lightful.

143. (March 26). (M.W.). The son of Light in space where Light reigns, finds again to himself the eternal Homeland, the spirit Homeland, and happiness to be in Light free from bonds, both chains, and covers of the dense world. Everything is close in it and is conformable, and free thought, merging with light, creates. Return to open spaces native is happiness for spirit. Creativity of spirit is the highest happiness in Space Spheres: "I" - No, am only "we" and "they", the conformable spirits which have been harmoniously distributed on beams. In my Beam being approved, the place prepares for itself the spirit directed to the Star of Mother of the World far, far, but close for those who it accepted the Beam. Accords the mighty Law operates Light phenomenon. It having approved on Earth in application wise, in space prepares for itself the destiny spirit, for the Far Worlds the directed. And the happiness finds to itself, and the Homeland again finds. "Great Mater, I give You heart and the thoughts, on fires directed in the spirit accord with You".

144. (March 27). It is necessary to sow in fixed time as and it is necessary to throw seeds of new opportunities into run wave. Time of the beginning of the New Cycle gives this opportunity. If to pass it, sickly shoots will rise. The new song on broad lands of the country is born. But this song is from spirit. The song of the risen spirit we will call it. The spirit fell down, nowadays it wakens everywhere on open spaces of the Great Country. Supported by Powers of Light, it will sound freely and powerfully.

145. (M.A.Y.). Events to the uniform course of implementation of the Great Plan merge. Join It and streamlets of your life. Execution of will of terms is implementation of the Great Plan. Precipitancy will be a sign of this time, - and unexpectedness of the streams rising by a surfaces of life. They weren't visible, but here the current directed them on a surface. The lord enters everything into a stream and so that knew the moment and understood essence of the events that in readiness and foreknowing meet could go time. Also couldn't tell that didn't know and weren't aware of events. So gradually adjust consciousness on a demanded wave to meet going happiness it is conformable.

146. (Guru). Friends, the Magnet of Spirit of the Lord will bring together you in due time and where you should be. Call will sound at the right time, and a nice ear in readiness of its signs. Lines of a magnetic attraction start working, amplifying gradually. Force of an attracting Magnet is moved towards by the spirit appointed to terms. Terms, terms, terms go, collecting spirits conformable. We in a pressure extraordinary, because our time came! This tension is transferred also to you, and you feel proximity of that approaches. It is so much preparation, and here day comes. Whether we are ready to meet it? Readiness of a material order — the turn and not so is important. I speak about readiness of spirit. Whether you are ready?

147. To isolate aura from influences of people, radiations shouldn't be directed it to them needlessly. Each word turned to other person, opens aura to it and substitutes it under reciprocal influence, as well as thoughts, and feelings. From here is advantage of silence, not judgment and movement repayment in an astral. From here is and retaliation. All surrounding shows resistance to the directed spirit, from here is and environment counteraction to each new effort of spirit. And main is thing, from here and darkness resistance. The spirit standing still or receding back, doesn't meet this counteraction. Therefore so easily there is a process of falling of spirit. But the spirit ascending at a step of kindle of fires, ardent counteraction from everywhere meets. Especially it is always strong there is the first pressure of a counter wave because it is necessary to overcome, to crown it all, inertness of elements and to force their substance to vibrate in unison with will and aura of the showing action of spirit. Action is equal to counteraction. When this last is overcome, it is possible to move further. At obvious burning of fires it is better to be closed even from relatives that not to substitute a sacred flame under blow. Relatives can contain not everything that is given you through Communication with the Teacher of Light. Not containment of relatives means resistance, maybe, often not the conscious. Therefore it is sometimes better to be silent. From here Council: "To cover spirit fires". Inexperience wants to share immediately everything that receives, but the skilled traveler gives Light received from the Teacher only after assimilation of the received. Then harm can be avoided. Otherwise the return reaction is inevitable. It is very painful because a fortune of the devastated treasury makes covers the empty. It is necessary to be able to distribute received treasures wisely. As well containing, even in the absence of a contradiction, can harm. As to small children, gradually and in a known order, the spiritual food is given. To give everything — means to destroy. The full disclosure of consciousness means his vulnerability. Anyone will enter into the doors opened wide open. Restraint is approved as the best way of protection. Garrulity and verbosity are condemned because all burden of consequences them bears on it condemned. For experience it is possible to try to spend at least one day so that not to tell any excess or unnecessary word.
The devastated effigy the talker among the neighbors and surrounding it, as well as the one who gave out received from the Teacher before term goes! It is necessary to tell on consciousness that it not feather to burden. Commensurability often suffers, and it is necessary to pay right there. Wisely manage to distribute.

148. (M.A.Y.). Everything is told. It is necessary to wait for force accumulation. Excess conversations it is possible to degauss opportunities. At full understanding from the interlocutor it lights up light and the light strengthens the speaking. It also will be fruitful transfer of light both mutual strengthening and support.

149. (Guru). The condition of their constant restraint, as if a bridle, a strong hand will be the best method of preservation of strength of mind from dispersion. The heat of a fiery racer restrains.

150. (March 29). You look at each event and shift as on a step of approach of Epoch Maitreya. This time will come and goes steadily. Therefore, everything that is made in time, is immutable approaches are predicted Light. And raising of coming day everyone the sun by approach considers approaches of My Day. On a decline you look as at a symbol of a leaving Era. The old sun sets that the new sun ascended. These days will be marked by fast change of events. The surprise will be a key. In it grains of opportunities new are hidden. Breath them you I Fan that you could enter into the building of the New World. In advance know about that, what understanding of a karma going the put commensurability. Also look who is close and the accord is marked out. On degree of my Proximity also you judge. They judge on newspaper sheets, and you - by the Word of the Lord. And the Word will specify on time when that should be. Reins of events in strong Hands, in the Hand of Lord Maitreya! What it is necessary to you now? To be in the accord full with everything that conducts to an embodiment in life of it is precepted fairy tale. Pages of the strange story are developed by relentless fate, relentless, but the best because it is given to the best country. The reality will surpass all your courageous expectations because considerable you will become witnesses. To you intended to terms, in hands I Give keys from understanding of going events because events and terms are connected closely. Those are uncontrollably involved in them who judgment to terms. The magnet will work powerfully, crumpled all interfering and clearing away an inalterability way. In a united full with Me come going time. Unification we will meet counteraction of external conditions. And where you will go to the Name My and Name mine you will demand, the phenomena, people and stars will incline there before Will Mine. We will win against star your karma merges full with Me because My time comes.

151. (Guru). Difficulty will be not in how settle on a new place, and that the consciousness human is a little ready to accept M; here gifts this readiness and it will be necessary to create. It isn't enough to distribute gifts and insufficiently if there is nothing to give. Care of how to find a shave through heart to consciousness. It is possible to distribute generously, but what if gift isn't accepted? It is necessary to show sharpness to cause clarity in heart. After all it is necessary to learn to speak words of to whom the word is turned. But the thought has to be expressed clearly, simply, briefly and accurately, and the main thing, to comprise situation that everything becomes for this purpose, "that to you it was good". It will approach a practicality and applicability of the Doctrine in life. Can leave complexity of understanding, simplicity, both usefulness, and clarity of the Doctrine should be given to people, - any abstractness’s, any reasoning’s. Everything is given that to you it was good. Don't cause pain to another. It is necessary to explain that radiations of suffering aura direct to the sphere around and influence on people around, and most heavily the one who causes pain. Therefore the heart causing to the neighbor pain can't be happy. Where someone suffers, there the burden of radiations of suffering auras is born on themselves by all. About happiness of all mankind the Teacher Thinks. At the best minds of the World care not about itself, but about people and about the benefit of all mankind. Under everything clear and accurate psychophysical laws are brought not abstract and moral, but. Abstractness’s aren't present a place in future constructions. Everything occurs here — on Earth. But, doing it and so arriving, you accumulate the highest knowledge, the most distinguished, the most intimate because will grow and to it, but the main thing — simplicity, clearness, brevity and a lucidity of mind and, of course, words. That is told on consciousness, crashes into it as the knife in oil, and becomes its part and already own property listening. Will come, and will listen, manage to specify. Know a little, Knowledge should manage to be reported in the form of the available. Abstract philosophizing we reject. It is necessary to speak even more shortly. It is the Decree of the Lord for life.

152. (March 30). See in the evidence available to an eye and a brain, reality, to them inaccessible, and, having seen, you hold it. Otherwise Maya will hide it. To accept as inalterability reality of the begun shifts and in consciousness of it wait. Rage of darkness is caused by its hopelessness because the way to the future is cleared away. When charges of Light are passed to dense spheres, resistance by it strong is supported by darkness. You are receivers of light energiya; the darkness also falls upon you. On the one hand, it is necessary to accept, with another — to protect that is accepted, from violation by darkness. Each spiritual lifting and light strengthening inside causes evil rage. The main opposition to the evil happens contrary to the influences creeping from the Thin World. In dense they try too, but with thin more difficult to fight, and it is more difficult to distinguish it. Knowledge tries to cover with a stupor of denial and to interrupt with that communication with Me. See the shaggy hand given from darkness that to cut your thinking from Me (from Mine) and to collect a plentiful harvest.

153. (March 31.). Children my, beloved children, you are close on devotion, love and your aspiration. The more faithfully, the closer, the directed, the closer, the more love, the closer. So the Proximity is approved by heart. The Proximity is nowadays approved. When It was spoken about love to the Highest, the shortest way Was specified. And you succeed love. It would seem, the invisible, intangible feeling — and all life at the heart of becomes perfect other. Let's be solemnly, is directed, sacred to raise this feeling to the Teacher of Light. With this feeling we while the fire won't fill in it us will grow and won't merge with the Flame of Great Heart. My children, love flare and light you create which is lit by love.

154. (M.A.Y.). Correctly you feel that we should become now as it is possible more closely to each other, and also to the Lord. Time came, and it demands unification strong, close, not the shake any whirlwinds of the outside world, its conditions and circumstances. Everything will aspire to that it to break unification. But it is necessary to stand, as the rock. At relatives look how their rough and thin contacts of life shake. On them see as it isn't necessary to answer them, and, having learned, it is possible to teach them also. It is possible to teach and teach to that only in what you will succeed. Otherwise is not doctrine and destruction. The word which hasn't been applied on own experience in life is unconvincing. For life preparing, seek to approve itself by Doctrine application in life. Each application of the principles of the Doctrine inside deposits a crystal of the applied energy of the thought, being a basis of fires approved in a microcosm. Accumulation of these fires causes disclosure of the centers. So Doctrine application in life is a way of fiery yoga. The love to the Lord gives aspiration to ardent application in life of the Decrees Its. Therefore I Speak: "Succeed strong love".

*155. (M.A.Y.). The spontaneity, clearness and definiteness of Decrees and Councils are defined by Proximity to us and the Lord. Difficulty in that a message and at the same time not break a karma. Only when the going and Conducting are so merged and connected strong that the Teacher Assumes going a karma, only then instructions become such with what would like to have each conducted. In the Doctrine they are given the general, regardless of the one who applies them. In case of an apprenticeship there are they individual, amplifying in this feature more and more in process of rapprochement of consciousnesses. The phenomenon of an apprenticeship includes the management direct with the exact instruction in certain cases how to arrive. Now the Decree Is allowed to suit relatives closer to approach the management. So on time of terms understanding of the Leading Hand amplifies also. Through us approached, through us and come nearer.

156. (Guru). Who wants to be with us and with the Lord that has to create a basis for proximity of this now? And if now it thoughts with us and heart and if in the future to us doesn't change and with us arrives, and then, having dumped a body, will lawfully and simply be attracted to us and there will be it with us. After all it is told clearly: "Where you’re treasure, there and your heart". The treasure of Heart of the Lord your shelter becomes, your monastery, your Stronghold if now in your life terrestrial you strongly approve it by the affairs, the words, the thoughts, the feelings and aspiration, and is still told: "That you will connect on Earth, it will be connected in Heavens", in other words, that claim in the heart on Earth, will be approved for you in World Aboveground by law the accord and compliances. The one who chased Maya illusive visions, remains with them, i.e. with anything but who the life basis delivered to the Lord, that and will arrive with the Lord. To give all itself to the Lord, on service to Him and its Business, will be the guarantee of the Karma Elevated. So, consciously, own hands build the future the pupil. Any uncertainty, ambiguity, uncertainty disappear — we know where we go, and we trust the Lord. The last that is to trust, it is more difficult because bright evidence eclipses way clearness, and then tells the going: "The Maya, recede". The law is immutable, works precisely and definitely. Accords the Law is immutable, and the one who with us now, in the run-up to going events, that with us and will be then and always if holds a communication thread. Not easy to hold it and it is hard. Thousand hands reach for it to tear. If knew, how many crowds round you, evil – shifting to stop your way to the Lord. If saw only. But we also won't allow cutting you. But tests are inevitable. Strong holding us, you will pass them successfully, you will come off us — don't resist. In unification strong in the spirit of and heart all of us with you will reach.

157. Were successful in silence of silence, in rooms of the inner self. There you will find possibility of communication with Me. There vanity noise calms down also. Anything on Earth not display to a star miracle is conformable - the sphere of elevated fires. There is nothing that in life usual it would be possible to consider indestructible. But the Teacher is unchangeable.

158. (Apr. 1). With everything humility to Brad before you, because with humility is affairs are solved from Us. To Me not most, but to it to help! Changes aspire. Direct thought creative on realization of the next tasks! You are forced by will of destiny to withdraw yourself strong from these conditions. There is no time more to you to expect. Run of events advances your actions. You sort that already is. At first there are phenomena. I will specify. I will specify how in time to be. I will remove silence locks. I will establish other essence of forms of the presents. Everything I will change not on forms, but in essence. Form I won't touch; it is good, elastic, gives ample opportunities for the foreordained shifts. You out of work will be at affairs; you not in honor will be in honor, not for yourself, but for business. All will change in your life on wave of a magic staff soon. Firmly be guided by the Word My, On to the past don't judge. That was time not ours, and the holiday on our street didn't come yet. Now holiday! Rejoice. Going such strength to you gives also belief to the Lord, in Him that you will move mountains. If I trusted then, when not anything obvious, that as you will believe, when it will be? - Show understanding. Wait for execution of My words, belief have in them! And it is good that you doubt perceptions, differently would deceive the dark. To us with you now it is good, everything inures to advantage, and everything serves us because your time came. Counteractions will be, but will serve as support to affairs, as air for wings eagle. Power of the Right hand you will see Mine and My Voice you will hear, and it is confidence will give; having strengthened it is thousand fold. With Me only be unseparable in thoughts, affairs and words. Very difficultly in be with Me, as though from Me speaking. And speech then becomes other, others of the word and affairs. And in speech there will be no mistakes, and it becomes fiery. And Me you will replace in all that make yourself a hand. And you will change obviously, and you will show My Face. It is spent is so much My energiya on that there was you Will Lord’s executor. Cover the fire now from people because, having scented it, you won't lag behind and will in vain burden. There is no understanding of the events. When the foreordained will come, the mosquito the messenger will fly. Yu. not I wrote to preserve the events against dark hands, - will write soon. Everything will prepare for you, and the call will be. I will Stand behind you as Stood behind Darling. You operate will be in the accord full and ardent with Me. You passionately aspire to that and in it your force because it is strong Will Mine performance which will be ardent expression of your will. Creating Will the Send, power you find. But it is necessary to be unseparable with Me in affairs, both words, and thoughts, and feelings — in everything. So Specify!

159. (Apr. 2). (M.A.Y.). Experiment will show that Communication can occur in during all life. The management should be able to combine submission with amateur performance wisely. Not clockwork figures, but employees. However, on changes and in special cases of the Instruction Flow plentifully, but in usual conditions of permanent job a lot of things depend on own sharpness. Too it is impossible to lean, feet will weaken and the will won't be developed. Bad habit in everything follows the tastes. It will deprive of an initiative, enterprise and a free will. It is necessary to stand on own feet, strong to stand. But the accord with the Leader will be expressed in the correct actions. Therefore, first of all, accord. Without it there is no cooperation. You appreciate employees with an initiative.

160. (Guru). Proofs it isn't necessary. Address directly to heart. The aura will light reciprocal fires. With interchange light is so act with that that it is foreordained to you. There are a lot of them, will come much. Words won't suffice, but light and fire will suffice on all because the torch shines, without giving the luminosity, and fire lights fires, remaining in the integrity. It is necessary to learn to distribute wisely, differently will tear to pieces: will steal fires and will extinguish the lamp. Therefore don't allow an impetuous flare and treasure squandering. Light, but not the lamp is given, fire, but not a torch fiery, a flame the giving is given. It is difficult to save up, but it is hard to distribute wisely.

161. (M. W.). Construction of the New World on your Earth is in full accordance with the astro-physicist moment of a planet. It is a step Space. Builders are spokesmen of Space Will. Beams of the Highest Planets tensely participate in it. The great cause of Hierarchy of Light is created by Beams. And the benefit not knowing that create, but executing the Highest Will. Their merit is great. Leaders Know, but they don't know, builders that create. Combinations of Star Beams gave the best fate to the Country of the Best. Construction goes promptly in the accord with the indication of Stars. The consciousness of masses is under this influence. And We Help. All (Planetary) Hierarchy of our Solar System takes part in it. It is impossible to accelerate even more because the consciousness of masses lags behind, but the culmination came nearer to that stage when the material dense has to connect with hidden and spiritual. At this moment power of Hierarchy will be displayed Light. Winner light human will get into consciousness and will make in it revolution. It approaches uncontrollably. We are strained. The beam of understanding gets into conformable consciousnesses, and then the Appeal to full readiness of spirit replying on my Beam is distributed, and then is given the chance to rise in ranks of conscious space employees of Hierarchy of Light. Such each and all because they are performers of our instructions and Envoys (sent) ours. We will solve, you will carry out. The Highest Will is so carried out.

162. Character of the current events will sharply change situation. Everywhere there will be the friends meeting halfway and helping with everything. Will receive and they are Instructions. There were they to you strangers — there are. Trust them in it. The new relation and new care you will meet from their party. They are servants yours, but not ill-wishers.

163. About My God if to reach a decline, darkness without having increased.

164. (M.A.Y.). I with you always! Wait for a message. Be joyful pleasure of spirit. Life becomes the fairy tale wonderful. Yes! Yes! Everything I tell in future time, because the future the life engine, and in the future all. And we always go forward only future. In the past everything is burned for fiery yoga. You will be a hero. I will be proud of you. You don't know the forces, how an elephant young. I will increase your opportunities repeatedly. We with you should make so much. Be Arhat your appointment. Your future is cast in a form, it is necessary to enter into it the accord. It that is in the Plan Lords as Its harmonious part! The news will be winged — will give wings to you, pleasure wings. In our World all is possible. The country of the carried-out and carried-out opportunities we call him. Dare! We will help an aspiration from our World where everything is possible, these opportunities to transfer to yours. This way carries out ideas in the world of forms dense, in the world your terrestrial. Dare on unattainable because all is achievable. The dense environment submits to fiery thought, fiery will and takes the form of a fiery prototype of fiery thought. The fiery thought is carried out.

165. (Apr. 3). They standing on a stage that they know about the regal power of spirit. The power is given only in hands of the winner of the world. The power is over a matter and combinations of combinations in its phenomena the life. They occupy presidential chairs, leaning on the illusive power, but the yogi unknown in a cave far in mountains inaccessible — the holder of a victory over the world and the authorities over it. "Also He Spoke as having the power" — was so told about the Savior. He Won against the World. Very few people thought that this victory consisted in a victory of fiery thought over a matter and display in ability to create its desirable forms in all three worlds. Thought victory is to it also I Call, on its Specify and that fiery work, about which already I Spoke and will be the approach beginning to this regal power. It which didn't have anything, Had this power. They having everything, have nothing, because this power in the spirit of. It is given that, and a measure full who entirely gives itself on service to Light and not the will creates, but will of the Highest, and not for the sake of itself and in the Name, but for the sake of the Lord. You look how they come to the power and as to an oblivion go. Losing everything that has. And, the deprived authorities terrestrial again become that, who was earlier, the ordinary people not allocated with the power. But to our power come and taken in hand, her owner remains both in life, and in death, which isn't present. But, having dumped a body and in the spirit of having remained, it can continue the power and display in the sizes which not haven't been limited to conditions of the dense world. This power consists in spirit creativity. It is available and display in all worlds. Invisible, hidden, it gives the chance to operate a current of dense events, making out them energy of fiery will. So, approving an invisible form and introducing it on Wednesday of material conditions, it is possible to set in the motion Law Wheel, the Wheel of Executions. And the created form is realized. The Plan of Evolution of life Is so created by us. We Cut down it in substance of elements. It is carried out is immutable on spaces of your Earth. It having joined and his heart having accepted, it is possible to create the fiery power with It in the accord full. And your power will grow because you will be supported by us. Creating Will the Send, unless you don't feel Power of these words and force, in them concluded. Way to this power accepts in the accord with Will of the Lord. It is possible to start exercising the will, having begun with affairs small. Great always grows from the small. I told I Will put you at sources of events that could manage all affairs. You didn't know then, what not about the power terrestrial I Speak, but about the spirit power. The savior too wanted to see the ordinary tsar, - terrestrial and with a crown! And, truly, there was he the tsar, but the tsar of spirit. So regal spirit is invested by the higher authority of which hands human won't be able to allocate it and Us, in the Stronghold far. We Know how to govern to Earth and a tide of life terrestrial to direct according to an evolution stream. Everyone, come nearer to Us and concerned consciously our Orbit, enters into it and gradually starts gaining those qualities and properties which his Teacher owns. The pupil is potential expression of qualities of the Teacher which it begins display more and more in process of the advance forward and approximations to the Teacher of Light. To some extent it itself shows shape it, its Light in itself display. The ultimate goal is determined by a formula — "You are gods" to which understanding conducts an ascending way of spirit.

166. It is necessary to be approved in inalterability and depth of concept of an all-achievement. In time all is achievable. Between a goal and a starting point of consciousness any interval of time lies. With Boundlessness this piece, whatever long it was, it nevertheless final and is small. But the spirit is boundless therefore everything is achievable if the purpose and spirit is set resolved the purposes to reach. In time even the mountain can be transferred handfuls. In time everything is achievable. There is no such god, who once wasn't a person and didn't pass on steps of evolution of life, as though it was high.

167. (M.A.Y.). To show aspiration in achievement of everything that wants spirit. Throw threads it out of limits of one life. Strong tie itself to a chariot of Hierarchy of Light, having torn off ropes terrestrial. On the ground it is necessary to go firmly, but why by all means with weights standing or having tied itself to the dense world. To free spirit is to fly more freely. It is good if aura you can come off not only a hatched nest, but also any conditions terrestrial. It is good if, leaving a body; it is possible to tell it: "It isn't connected by anything". Nowadays approve the freedom from the power of terrestrial gravitations. And when approve it, spirit freedom, and then only it is possible to tell: "All is permitted". The measure of permissiveness is a measure of freedom of spirit from coherence that is permitted. To the slave it isn't permitted anything, but the yogi has no ban because that is forbidden, has no power over it. I want to see you in freedom making actions your terrestrial. So shares the world on slaves and free, but this freedom is from Spirit.

168. (Guru). Devotion up to the end, aspiration till the end and trust up to the end — is the life conducting to Called. If you have examples of such unshakable fortress of spirit, follow these examples. Rate does on the best racer and the Teacher is in the Plans Counts on the most faithful. Moving itself into the future, become irreplaceable, will display the specified qualities of spirit. The help appears in direct compliance with them. I mean not the help to passersby (they too should be helped), but the management direct. But, the main thing, continuously tie itself to the Beam of the Lord and merge with the Beam. Nowadays time such — is given everything. Able will take let.

169. (M.A.Y.). I love you. I warn: the dark want to extinguish understanding depth. The device (your) spirit is adjusted, as mine. Your soul spirit I concern mine, and here you start both hearing, and to see.

169A. (Apr. 4). (M.A.Y.). Native wash, write. There are no phenomena opposite which couldn't be overcome if communication with the Lord is strong. Also something reach desire has to be in consciousness taking priority. Vague desires don't lead to the purpose. The desire has to be monolithic, without a crack, purposeful and not interrupting in time. If it today flares tomorrow to go out, then to flash again and again droop — such desire, in itself divided, results won't yield. The unicorn shown let a symbol becomes how it is necessary to wish. And if desire it - to become closer to the Lord, to see it and the Voice it to hear, and it is executable if force it is sufficient. The fiery desire will be granted. As though I wanted that you understood that the desire and execution of desire is two poles of a thing uniform, the beginning and the end of the phenomenon of the same order and that in the aspiration are already put all elements of implementation, or achievement of to what the spirit is directed. Therefore I say that it is as though far and unattainable there was a purpose, it if the aspiration doesn't change will be reached. Speak; the hell is covered with good intentions. I will add that only because the aspiration went out to finish intentions. Constancy of persistent aspiration is Arhat's quality. Therefore there are a lot of statements in words of the Lord. The consciousness fluctuates, mind is uneasy, heart is disturbing, and all is unstable. The approving Word of the Lord is necessary to go. Whirlwinds will sweep away crops. Without the Driver not reach. The unprecedented persistence is necessary to hold the direction. We will show and we will give to devoted heart everything that it will be able to contain. To us it is joyful see as among forgotten and departed remained as spirit Towers, they loving and remembering Us, the left. And to whom as not it, we strong send to energy Light. The kind, directed memory is fruitful. They the dead will read us, and you live, and a life-giving, thinnest exchange of sparks of light claim you between us. It isn't enough one our desire and aspiration. The consciousness acceptability on your coast of a flesh is necessary. It is possible to throw a board through an abyss, but the emphasis is necessary to it. Give on what to rest to us thought in your consciousness and there will be a desired contact. But the best wire the connecting is the love. Force it you will pass a side of the worlds. Force its Business of the Lord you create. Force against it you win against everything. Therefore we call its winner love. There is a wish to pour in forces in you to go all the way it is immutable. You will reach, native, over you the Hand and the Beam.

170. We don't have business before why something doesn't become on devotion. To us all the same, than Decree non-execution is caused. To us the fact is important, and then we Speak: "Ignoramus, you have only yourself to blame". Non-execution of the Decree involves a tail of consequences, and then the overdue regret because there is no emptier occupation begins, than to repent of deeds. To recognize a mistake and to correct it — this one, to repent and aimlessly to be tormented — something is perfect another. The repentance always seeks to avoid consequences. But it is impossible, consequences can't be avoided, but to use wisely them it is possible. Because everything I Turn on advantage, even mistakes. Therefore be not confused mistakes, but you ascend understanding of my Proximity. All mistakes anything when the Lord because then maintaining will be replaced by ignorance and force — shameful weakness is close. Correctly you feel My Presence at Words sent. At a wire am I. You wanted to feel Mother, but counteraction of currents opposite and darkness are so strong that my intervention that not to burden it in vain was required. To communication with them, which have dumped a body, a lot of things can disturb. But be not confused. We with it are merged in one, and then I reply — you’re Lord.

171. (Guru). The echo gives everything in your World, and in ours the echo gives everything that in yours is created. Each thought directed to us, causes reciprocal reaction. It also will be an echo. It isn't necessary to any magic: it is worth thinking. Angrily about the enemy who has dumped a body — he immediately answers with rage the evil, rage doubled trebled, decupled, as sounds and kindly, but on light key. The thought of the left acquaintances, friends, even about strangers, strangers, always causes in them response. Our World is sensitive very much to thoughts and the feelings going from the terrestrial incarnate. You think kindly about those who left Earth, to them it is good from thoughts your kind and it is heavy from angry or dark. So, remembering left, be not too lazy to send them kind thought every time as you mention them even at least in simple conversation. Compliance, accord and proximity of the Worlds invisible and visible are the striking. You strengthen them in good or the evil, they strengthen you answer, but to you it is easier, because you are live in physical sense and your thought is steady more densely. To them, who haven't got used still to conditions thin and not understanding them, to them to think so firmly and definitely much more difficultly, than to you, incarnate. Therefore your help is necessary and very fruitful. The prayer about left always is good, if from heart. Your signs of attention and memory there are appreciated very much. About dead it is impossible to forget because they are live also their oblivion — them afflicts. Our situation is other. We know much, and the Lord, and our tasks others, than the mortal usual is close to us. But even we appreciate a memory about us, not derogation, both love, and devotion of relatives. People break off life on terrestrial and otherworldly, and life one, indissoluble, unseparable, integrated, going in two worlds. The party of Earth shined with the sun, is so real, as well as unlit because the whole — is Earth. In the same way and life, in its whole, includes both Worlds — the World this and that, and interrupts only in understanding and understanding by her person, but not actually. Life here and life there is aspects of life uniform. Death isn’t present, but there is a life which is constantly changing forms of the expression. Life is eternal, but temporarily a form. The death doesn't exist.

172. Let hard times be blessed for loving very much the Lord. Difficulty is something loaded with energy of counteraction, resistance or inertness. Overcoming gives them this strength in hands overcome and does it stronger in a size by the size of the won difficulty. So fiery power in hands of the winner of life gathers and collects. Continuous fight and continuous overcoming leads to a victory over the world. Force aspiring and force counteracting it, in heart gives rise to fiery force. I send you attention and proximity signs, see them. I smile to persistence of your constancy and desire to be ahead of life. The beam directed on something and on someone, on the phenomenon, the person, a subject, a plant, animal, transmutation it, and it is especially strong if in it the thought with a special task is sent. The consciousness projector (consciousness searchlight) transmits it through space. It is possible to call it a transmutation of souls human. These projectors in operation the constant is. It is good if they work in the benefit because at dark beams of their thought work in the evil. Look in eyes and you will see immediately that they radiate. Face — and it radiates energy of darkness or light. Let your way will be light and is covered with light sparks; at least all darkness was up in arms against you in effort ardent to fill you with a gloom. You will receive the letter, and there is all clear. Readiness terms we will approach! - Confidence it is necessary to show to the foreordained miracle. Life, your life devoted to Business of the Lord becomes wonderful similar suddenly. We never doubt correctness of a way and Decrees of our Hierarchy. They at all don't know how to receive the Decree. You knowing don't show doubts — they destroy your way.

173. (Apr. 5). My friend if you with us are is with us in everything up to the end. On Earth of it is possible to consider or sent with an assignment or the traveler distant and then on all surrounding the look changes, the relation changes to everything. People usually grow aura to the environment. But, having stayed at the hotel for some days, the person perfectly understands temporariness of these conditions. Its aura is free from the power over it of things and conditions. But in life usual as if chains, chained the person to the place, things and people. This coherence usually isn't realized. But the consciousness is in the environment, as a bird in a cage. The difference is in that, the bird is torn from a cage to freedom, and the person is content with the voluntary prison. Subjects, things and people of this environment hang on its aura and deprive it of freedom movement, and connect its spirit, and don't allow it to escape in free flight. It is coherence dense. Precisely in the same situation there is a consciousness and in relation to the feelings and thoughts because coherence of spirit extends and on them. Plunging entirely and with the head in the personal experiences and feelings, the person already voluntary gets into an astral cage which, though is invisible, but is strong, and in it stays. Aura increment to the feelings can be even stronger and stronger than increment to things and subjects, this slavery the second. Often you observe not so much on it, how many on strangers as tensely their lives the person in an environment of the feelings and emotions. The third slavery is this slavery at thought. The notions of compulsion are a striking example to what even at strong desire it can't be exempted sometimes from undesirable thoughts. This slavery threefold at three covers forced Platon Speak about the connected souls. When Specify to come off aura a comfort-able perch nest, I Want to deepen understanding of life, I Want to claim on experience that it is possible consciously to start tearing off the grown aura from its environment, dense, astral and mental. All three intertwine closely and are strong connected between it. There can be no freedom, yet didn't learn to tear off daring spirit consciousness from Maya any phenomenon. Because all this Maya, and this affection is ghosts passing. It is possible to live and love life, but why by all means in a condition of gloomy slavery. All this can be done in freedom from things, both people, and the phenomena of life current. "The Lord gives and the Lord teeth away and the Name Lord's will be blessed" — so in language of the ancient writing approved daring spirit freedom from things passing. People like to live in wellbeing full and in surplus of things. But the aura which has grown to them upon transition to the World Elevated with them also leaves there, and this freight unreasonable, concluded aura as in a cage, it not give the chance to be exempted from it because to be released, it is necessary to realize the slavery first of all. And here on the plan astral on the corners such voluntary prisoners usually sit, having chained itself in strong fetters of terrestrial remnants from which didn't exempt itself on Earth. And It is told clearly: "That you will connect on Earth; it will be connected on heavens". But a wise formula of the life, freedom bearing to spirit, perverted, interpreted in own way and that chopped off to itself wings. And in the World of the Elevated freedom, deprived of wings, they stay slaves in fragments of terrestrial remnants and heaps heavy. Selflessness in stone bonds begins here, on Earth, and there the begun only proceeds. Therefore Specify on life, things, both passersby, and feelings, and thoughts to study a separation from them. The brotherhood consists too of people, but brotherly bonds of friendship, love and aspiration to Light are stretched from life in life and don't come to an end with death and not to slavery, but to freedom conduct ascending spirit. So among things and the phenomena small and passing there is something giving to spirit freedom and possibilities of flights through them — it concepts of the Brotherhood: Brotherhood, the Teacher who Conducting or has Called you in the world of boundless freedom; them, messengers of Light, don't take for chains of slavery of the forging. Realize the fetters because, without having realized, be not released. To freedom the Teacher Calls.

174. (M.A.Y.). Burden and headache from crossing currents is as salty water on an open wound. Breath of the leaving world is poisonous. It is stinking as breath heavy sick and dying, cut on heart. And to us it is hard from this pressure. Quality of opposition, i.e. stability and firmness, allows through narrows to pass. What was lifting and feeling of proximity of terms, but currents changed, and dark hands hung that to deprive of Light and it seems again that everything moved away. Didn't leave and didn't move away anything. Everything is close also nearby, but behind the dark veil stretched by darkness, it isn't visible sparkling distances. But the skilled traveler will be not confused any more by Maya dark veil. But the body should be helped! Well strofant and musk. Less contacts with people, especially with passersby, during this period! We with you, it is dark or light-, well or badly. We heart with the Lord. It with us is always, we will be and we in unification with It are constant. Heavy currents will pass, and the proximity of Great Heart remains with us.

175. (M.A.Y.). Native mine, I feel your aspiration and the light threads reaching for me. Leave concern and couriers of a thought about the future. Do everything that is necessary for its implementation and, doing, wait. Everything will develop better than the best. There will be a letter. Everything will be solved simply, on wings the destiny will incur.

176. (Guru). Going to the Lord! — As it invitingly sounds. Where there are they, scurrying about is so occupied and fiercely in a snare of triumphing vanity where hurry? But urgent is our way to the Lord. And over vanity is. Both thoughts, and feelings, and all aspiration it is possible to give to the Lord, and these thoughts, both feelings, and aspirations will grow, yet don't become fiery directing. The river directed to the ocean, in process of a current becomes more and more widely and inflows to accepts; as the consciousness of the person directed in the World of the Teacher of Light grows and spreads. Beams from the Stronghold magnetic are attracting conformable consciousnesses and change them in Light. The stronghold serves as a reliable support for to it the directed spirit.
177. (Apr. 6). Usually the reason causes a consequence on the sort. If somebody told something ridiculous, people laugh, deplorable — mourn, unpleasant — are afflicted, disturbing — worry, and so endlessly. Under the influence of a reflex and a habit a known number of external influences are answered by them on a cliché. Also it is possible to tell in advance, and all already know that in these or those circumstances of people will react to them definitely usually accepted at people. This blazed a track are so persistent, ordinary and don't demand any efforts that consciousness human and its feelings slide on them steadily every time when there is the corresponding reason. The yoga is a singularity way. On the unusual and new relation to the phenomena of life it is possible to exercise itself. The consciousness as the horse, turns on the old road, to consciousness should be specified a new way of singularity it in everything concerning a reflex of thoughts, feelings, and actions. The Reflex is ardent heritage of an animal condition. The doctrine learns to be identical in good luck and failure, in need and wealth, in the mountain and happiness. The doctrine learns to rejoice to difficulties and obstacles. The doctrine learns heavy lives surf and waves it simply to meet. The doctrine seeks to replace the past future. It approves life in the face of death. In a word, in everything, both in big, and in small, the Doctrine is a call to singularity. Unless usually to rejoice death and not to be afraid of it? This singularity in relation to life can be entered into way of day and into the attitude towards people. Balance of spirit is rare singularity. It is possible display at contact with people. Without reacting in any way internally that they speak, do or arrive. If you are told amazing news and you don't react in any way to it, your balance is kept. And people usual somehow feel ill at ease and even it is terrible when they face the balance phenomenon because balance of spirit terrible force. Having kept balance at contact with people, consciousness, it kept, immediately holds such position when can dictate the will to them, balance not kept or it’s not having absolutely. "Also He Spoke as having the power". This power relied on unshakable balance of spirit when even the Prince of this World who has risen on Light, had in It no anything that would give the chance to it to break this great balance of Fiery Power of Spirit when levers from management of the phenomena of life are in hands of the winner of the world. In life usual all surrounding seeks to bring spirit of the pupil out of an equilibrium state. Balance and tranquility is effective system of protection. It is possible to reach that poisonous arrows only slid on a protecting network of aura, without getting inside. Balance will be the best armor of spirit and the best armor. And so waves of life meet in a condition of spirit the return to in what ordinary people meet them. For example: to rejoice to obstacles, losses, separation and even diseases, - because on everything the spirit becomes tempered; in a root changes all relation to life. Behind everyone the disbalance there is an astral. It at times does it the person powerless and devastated. Balance subordinates him, and the person gets then the power not only over an own astral cover, but also over all others because others astral submits to the will which has subordinated own. Not to the power over people the yoga but directs to freedom from the power of their unbridled astral over it and his consciousness because astral whirlwinds of the dismissed covers are infectious very (awfully). The aura — complete equilibrium and tranquility if it is necessary to bridle rage of others astral is required. But people usually can't make it since at once catch a whirlwind of astral emotions and fall under their influence, and dance to tune the others. You store tranquility and balance any price. Let think of you that want. To sacrifice to fleeting thoughts and feelings balance of spirit — it is inexpedient because the payment is too great. Here the person — he cries, laughs, jokes, talks, behaves, as everything, as thousands to him similar. The pity clown, puppet, weather vane for a wind of the stranger — where greatness of spirit, where understanding of the force, where understanding of great appointment of the person? Everything is sent to the ordinary power, everything is made to trample on the advantage of Spirit and to make the person biped. If to understand that is lost by spirit minutes of immersion in commonness! Therefore I Claim that the way of regal yoga of fire is a singularity way: in total differently, all not as at all. At the heart of everything the most unusual is established, the most rare and difficult to people is great Balance. It display both in big, and in small, and in the most insignificant little things in life. It is possible to approve it, especially, if to begin with the smallest; the way to the great lies through the small. Value of small things still is understood badly. But we on the small will learn and to begin with it. It is vigilance will strengthen also constancy of patrol because with trifles are surrounded.

178. (M.A.Y.). At we balance full because its loss threatens with accident reigns. Rising to the Lord on steps of a ladder of life, the spirit ascending has to approve in itself this quality. Without it the ascension is impossible. When fires of the centers start lighting up, balance will be that form, or a framework, in which are shown these fires. Burn the fire hidden, if not to keep balance. To bear fires very dangerously. Many covers are burned with impossibility to contain fires which aren't constrained by balance. All organisms are loosened, and its functions and the fire creating collapse turn in fiery the eating. At Arhat's step balance is a condition without which there is no growth. With a new force and in new understanding we will raise this remarkable quality of spirit.

179. (Guru). About reflexes I will tell: "They copes will". The animal of the power over reflexes has no, but the person has it. It is good to study area of reflexes, but well and to remember thus that it is put by the tsar of people over itself and over all nature. Any reflex will can be stopped. At animals process goes automatically. If it is possible to send thought or to allocate an astral or mental body, to consider the person deprived of that, it is impossible what to measure and weigh, will be insolvent, denying immortality of spirit are similar to the person standing on one foot. The conscientious attitude to all phenomena of the life, based on own thinking, at continuous control will help to reject all reflex and imposed by foreign thinking. It is better to stand on own feet and to float in the shuttle.

180. (Apr. 8). So let your thought of the Lord that the first He entered into your heart will be the first and took in it the first place. Yes! Yes! Depends on directing consciousness very much, is from it the initial impulse proceeds. The answer only a consequence of that was directed from the consciousness directed to Light. And care of the Teacher of giving to light this first directing impulse going from heart. Whether a prayer it, whether words, or simply thought and desire of heart — we Will call them the address. Such address never remains without the answer because the Law is put in action. Laws of the fiery energiya are immutable, work precisely and are based on the principle compliances, accords or coherences. Those, who says that their prayers remain meek, those pray a brain, but not heart. But thin energy access goes to the World through heart. Who when says that loves a brain. Love monastery is heart. Love to the Lord — a key opening doors, tightly closed for efforts of a brain. And where it is necessary to believe, there heart will believe and where it is necessary to solve, there heart will solve and where it is necessary to reach, there heart will reach. And therefore, having left all reasons and reasoning’s of a brain and it’s all representations about possible and impossible, it is necessary to accept simply heart that the Lord that in heart of the Lord is close that there is nobody, than anything it is closer. The proximity realized and accepted by heart, can't be destroyed by a brain though these last many attempts to that will make because it is accustomed to dominate over heart. But nowadays a century of heart, and to heart it is expensive, and in heart the flaring Shape of the Teacher of Light (Lord Maitreya) is approved. He, the future Lord approved in heart, will be the spokesman of that future, which precepted to people. Future the Fiery Image by Going to the World of the Lord is approved accepted in heart. And then the magnet of the future starts working powerfully, involving destiny of the person in an orbit of his attraction. The individual karma by the appendix of conscious efforts of will is so forged. When all consciousness is directed in the future and adjusted on this key, the magnet works powerfully. So in hands people the lever are given to direct energy of karma (at his will) will of the free.

181. Stability in Me also is force an oppositions dark because while with Me, all darkness and streams of opportunities are powerless is open for consciousness. Anyhow to explain that wings when the Lord is close are forged, and forces are felt, and all seems available, both possible, and close. Direct connection is established then with Spheres Light, and a gate to the Highest World is open. The ocean of spatial thought is available, and breath of Boundlessness concerns the lord of open heart. So the ascension of spirit goes communication of the next with the Lord. The wire far sounds, and the Voice silent informs.

182. (M.A.Y.). If knew how strong and passionately I feel yours to me aspirations. I answer immediately, and you feel my proximity. The exchange life-giving energiya then occurs, going from you and me and strengthening Light Bridge. You records to children read, let know that are close that each their address to Me will be supported (Lord). So let they in opportunities new will be approved more strong to stand on the feet. Fluctuate very much pressure of waves ardent every day and heavy, and dark attention ardent, - one not resist. And I will help to sustain an impact: both dark, and gray, and lives hard. But time will find let minute of communication and a rhythm it to strengthen. When all of you together also are soldered strong, you are very strong, but the force you don't realize. And you realize it and act quietly, surely, firmly. Before force of this barrier — anything: will sweep away they directed the ardent spirit. Power fiery is invincible.

*183. (Guru.). Potential of will of human spirit is huge, inexhaustible, and boundless. It is concluded in the person, as a flower in a seed. It is necessary to create only the necessary conditions to cause its growth. When in heart fire flares, what strong then there is a will and it seems that all is surmountable. And the most difficult living conditions there pass then the person quietly, victoriously and simply. The will and fire are connected closely. The will also is fire in operation. There is no fire — there are no waves also. In total that fire multiplies and forces to burn a flame steadily and strongly, all this strengthens also will in compliance full. The proximity of the Teacher forces will fire. Weak, helpless and defenseless there is a person who has forgotten the Teacher of Light. To be strong always and not to know fluctuations, it is necessary to keep only strong Lords. All force in It. By Will Lord they will it is strengthened.

184. (Apr. 8). Specify to accept the following to execution: each time when it is necessary to adjoin again to the people causing irritation, indignation or other feelings, and especially what force strong to vibrate an astral cover to meet these people, having shrouded itself in an isolating cover of coldness. Coldness, impassivity, astral silence — is aspects of balance. If the dark succeeded at least once to influence you through someone, be sure that they will try to do it every time, when this person adjoins to you. If collision also didn't happen, harm is done silently that is even worse because the way of influence is imperceptible. With such people it is necessary to be always on the alert. Injuriousness of their bike, and not so much own, how many going through them. Each person is the channel through which vibrations of that environment or the sphere where his consciousness usually stays are transmitted. Fluctuations of this sphere transfer the vibrations to consciousness adjoining to it. It is almost impossible to avoid contact, but it is necessary to be protected. The main thing to see the dark hand lasting because of aura, fallen under dark influence. Dimly in the world, and there is a lot of the dim. Light which in you, protect?

185. If to weigh good which is in the person and the evil which spires to show and if the balance is in favor of good, it is already good. It means spirit progress. Perfect people aren't present. In everyone forces attracting up and pulling down are available. If the equally effective directs up, a way of spirit is of good. So among a great number of people there is only two looking: going up and going down, and it is extremely important to define which to a look with whom pushes together life concern. The way of each ascending spirit can be accelerated, a way of each descending — to slow down. It is possible a thought about that to put how to help those who ascends or descends around. Only conscious attendants of darkness, strong indulging dark, aren't subject) to the help deserve. The rests can be helped all. If words are powerless that at times happens, it is possible to help silently, simply to send thought of Light. It is possible to help affairs and feeling. Types of the help are various. But, adjoining to people, it is good to think of what they can be useful. If angry or uneasy person, anything to him without speaking, it is simple to imagine brightly and accurately quiet — the good is made. Any negative manifestation of a human nature is mentally replaced positive, to its opposite, and by that is neutralized by law. If neutralized energy is stronger, the advantage of influence is undoubted and great. It’s any degree to show in any conditions because the angry are neutralized to some extent energy. Appreciable error of property bad will multiply, approving them in the person by thoughts, condemnations and feelings. It is better to think of the bad person kind, having caused to manifestation that good that in it still isn't present, than to think bad, and that to strengthen it, and to make it even worse. So each dark in the person can be corrected Light and better to make it, and that to help it. So arriving, you strengthen light in people also you serve Light, Many serve darkness, that without realizing, but knowing it is necessary to know, as well as than Light or darkness amplifies. The essence of condemnation is harmful that puts out the light in the person, doing it is even worse, than he is. It is necessary to leave condemnation. It is better to think in the benefit or not to think absolutely. Be able to cause to manifestation Light in the person — Arhat's way. And not his fault if this light, in them caused by its Light, people becomes covered by darkness as often happens. "Hosanna" follows "crucify him" — people between Light and darkness poles so rush about.

186. (M.A.Y.). The thought of the pupil grows and becomes powerful. Thinking of people, it strengthens their properties the thought, about good — good, about bad — bad. Responsibility for thought of a bike is. It is better not to think absolutely, than to multiply darkness. Certainly, the correct judgment should be had and it is necessary to know the person, but the knowledge isn't condemnation. Knowing badly, it is possible good in it to claim. It is possible to see it behaving as it is necessary to the person. Not influence it on will, but the appeal to the best feelings. Difficult with people, but it is better to work with Light.

187. (Guru). The meeting with the envoy of the Brotherhood it is foreordained causes bright flashes of Light in spirits. The aura starts being shone and shine, and the spirit directs to light all fires. It is property to cause Light in consciousness of those, with who adjoined. Dark darkness cause, light — Light. So the pupil can assimilate to envoys of Light in the life, bearing Light that that is capable to apprehend it. The lamp bearing bears its Light and with Light of his people endows.

188. (Apr. 9). Star spaces Boundlessness — to spirit boundless area for research. The parts of spirit sent to space, to the sent come back, bringing distant messages. Certainly, this is miracle from the point of view of people of Earth, but naturally for this purpose, who thinks space. The secret is concluded in the essence of spirit. Secret of pansophy, in total understand and omniscience. The listed properties don't limit spirit potential, it is possible to call and others, as, for example, omnipotence, an in total approachability. Disclosure of this potential goes very slowly and gradually, according to consciousness expansion. Consciousness Boundlessness embraces. The phenomenon allowed in consciousness, is fixed in it, starts up roots and grows. Bears fruit and develops further. And the thought directed in spheres of the Star of Mother of the World, will grow also and also will yield to spirit fruits of the growth. It is very important to fix in Boundlessness thought on any distant planet, having made it a residence of the sent part of spirit. The Leading Star or Star of Mother of the World can be this planet.

189. (M.A.Y.). What can we give them following us? Knowledge and experience through which passed. The knowledge gathers not for itself, but for them which aren't able and not able to collect. Terrestrial many books are devoted to knowledge and elevated — there is a lot of, but among them it isn't enough presents. From here the value of those who can give. It is impossible to give if giving itself isn't able to take. Therefore ability to get spatial knowledge was given so much place, thoughts and time. Anonymous thoughts of space can be caught, but it is better to have contact, and besides constant, with a source, or the focus radiating the highest thought. These focuses are given to people for association with them and for a food of spirit and thoughts. They are hierarchical. These are focuses of Hierarchy of Light, focuses of consciousnesses of Spirits of the Highest, Standing on Light Ladder. To Them having attached, it is possible to become the intermediary, or Their Light transmitter to Earth. They call pupils, messengers, envoys, but their essence from it doesn't change. They transfer to us, we — to you. But it is better to be able to take directly, i.e. without intermediaries. Direct communication is valuable, well few, and opens a way to Boundlessness, and conducts to boundless Knowledge.

190. (Apr. 10). Fight for itself and for the soul, and further — fight for others: for friends both for relatives, and for their souls. With darkness fight for entrusted you and trusted in you. Between darkness and Light there is this most intense fight for consciousness of the person. The darkness seeks to seize them, and We protect and we reflect dark attempts. How many they were and how many will be! Fight not has the end. The darkness rejoices, when the blow is struck not to them, and to victims. It too is their purpose. Spin a snare: you tear, they again spin. Rage strong you surrounded. And you everyone hold Me and those who over you, differently will erase. What would be become with you if didn't protect you? Protecting you don't push away and у be careful from their treachery. Once the traitor is the traitor always, - once incorrectness shown, for darkness strong it is open; once to darkness of use, the darkness is considered them property. As the property the darkness of those who indulged in it considers, and strong for them fights. And the slightest fluctuation in them and instability again betray them in embraces dark because those wait for these desired moments of weakness and swaying. Know that if someone and something goes against you — it from darkness because you serve as a litmus piece of paper for identification of darkness and dark influences. People are blind. I give the chance to you to begin to see clearly to see dark activity. A lot of things already you see, but not everything, and especially that concerns nearly you. But know that all saddening, everything going against, everything, depriving balance, everything separating from Us and to Us next — all this from darkness. More than a half of people are obsessed, the others almost everything under influence. It is possible to imagine horror of the dismissed darkness and difficulty to be preserved against it.

191. (M.A.Y.). No, you are right. Strong steps on you darkness. It is heavy to stand under darkness blows. Blows go through relatives. In it all weight. Easier direct collision with darkness, than knife blow in a back or in the heart opened to the friend. In the heart opened in trust the blow is struck often. Spoke earlier: "Be afraid of enemies". Nowadays I Will tell: "Be afraid of friends even more because treachery creeps through relatives". The enemy is artful, and against him — defense, but to the friend heart is opened, and a grief to open heart, when betray consciously or unconsciously the friend.

192. (Guru). The citadel of spirit is closed both for friends, and for enemies. Isolation internal is necessary. Why to put itself under inevitable blow heart disclosure to somebody. Preserve it.

193. (Guru). Certainly, we want to see you and to make you better. Strong and devoted you we want to see changed in Light. And therefore to you it is good with us during those periods of your life when close contact is possible. In dense conditions there was it, but impossible in a body, in the spirit of probably. So our communication and people proceeds, despite the lack of a body terrestrial and impossibility of the phenomenon for terrestrial mind. And in the spirit of possible is all. Begun once, it can strengthened be infinite because there is no limit to contact deepening in the spirit of. It is necessary to remember only that we visit consciousnesses of relatives according to the accord and compliance. It means that we supplement the thoughts of spiritual aspirations directed to us and we strengthen everyone by the nature of and to nature of the aspiration. Thoughts of force fill with consciousness of force, about art — deepening of understanding of creativity, about love and devotion — strengthening of these valuable qualities. So everyone receives the answer on essence of the call turned to us of a question. And let won't delay and throw networks more, that also the catch was considerable. And we — we are always ready to help and we answer in readiness full.

194. My friend if you with Us, be with Us in everything up to the end. It is possible to consider as the inhabitant itself, or sent with the Assignment, or the traveler distant. Then on the surrounding the look changes and the relation changes to it. People especially grow aura to the environment. Just as the rivers flow, joining one ocean, the fiery stream of life aspires forward in time, joining Boundlessness. From there comes, there each moment of life, there day yesterday's, in the same place and tomorrow's also leaves day. There past, and there future. There all. The moment of the present is only a section of time which is constantly leaving there. The terrestrial consciousness flows separately real from a past and the future, but it as is incorrect as, having cut out a circle on a rope to tell that it and is all rope. The phenomenon, snatched out from Boundlessness in a present section, the person considers everyday occurrence of life and under this corner, and in this aspect also considers them. It, of course, incorrectly, the Phenomenon it is possible to understand, only considering it as a unit, extended in time from the past in the future. Some consider it as the fourth measurement of space in which there is all. The space is Boundlessness function, it too exists in Boundlessness. For understanding of the phenomenon taken in time at the moment or at any moment of its demonstration, it is necessary to try to see it whenever possible everything: consigning to the past and directed in the future to see both parts it, both ends. Otherwise the judgment will be usual, terrestrial, and narrow-minded. From here is the analysis of causes and effects and their association in one integral understanding of a thing uniform. "The past should be forgotten" — so murmurs ignorance. As it is possible to forget and reject that constantly and inevitably rejects the shadow on the present i.e. that proceeds in the present, bringing the consequences. And as it is possible not to think of the future when even for one minute it is impossible to detain run of any phenomenon of life because the stream it invincibly flows in the future, carrying away in itself everything that is in it. But the present is valuable what has no past is opportunity to bring in its new ingredients and that to change character of parts making the phenomenon, as well as that will it is possible pour out a stream of the directed particles of the phenomenon in a form other, excellent from real and corresponding to the form approved by will. The chain can't be interrupted, but to change links it is possible, or rope threads, interweaving into it already other coloring and quality. Rope this threefold. Three threads are combined in a single whole. And it is easiest to begin new changes with the most significant — from the world of thoughts. If in it change character and coloring of threads, they will change and in dense expression. Last aspect of the present isn't considered in the analysis of the phenomena. And the judgment turns out one-sided and incomplete. So the phenomenon taken as a whole will be the phenomenon extended in time in all the triple essence: dense, astral and mental. The received analysis of the phenomenon is given not for abstract philosophizing, but for possibility of understanding of any phenomenon of life in all its completeness. And when something unclear or inexplicable arises on a course of life of the person, this approach will help to understand the phenomenon and, having understood, to work according to understanding. Especially in people and their actions this depth of communications causal, going of their past is shown. How understand actions of the person if not to consider that in the present to show its past. Is useless to try to throw out it from memory, the chain is continuous; one link is connected with another. It is unreasonably to forget because every moment the present will be past continuation. Probably one —interweave into it new threads, or to replace links of metal with the best metal, more noble. Anything low can't become great round the person, but the strength of mind directed on the evil, with equal power can direct to Light phenomena, a condition the will be decisive. The thread of a rope or links of a chain can make light and shining, and to make a heavy rusty chain other, precious. And it was heavier in the past; the value will be added value and will increase in the future. In the area of a transmutation of related contrasts there is a change. Transmutation that is in the person or in his environment, that has to become on their place. It also is that cross which everyone has to take with itself that there was it that burden, about which It is told: "It is easy to eat my burden because I Will assume weight it". So power of trans mutating will, to Me directed, can change the past and the present in shining Light. And make the New Sky and New Earth real in life.

195. (Apr. 12). Isn't present and can't be restrictions for spirit, and the spirit which has realized the boundlessness in Boundlessness, feels free itself from restrictions of fetters of the dense world. This feeling gives pleasure of a separation from Earth and ease of possible flights in a spirit kernel. The spirit has to release thought. It destroys also walls of prison, in which the consciousness is concluded. Flights in body astral, flights in body mental, flights in a spirit kernel; everyone has the limits, but the spirit is boundless. (Before record in a dream I flied.) The released thought in space breaks through channels for flights of spirit and when the body is dumped, finds spirit the space freedom. It is necessary to remember and understand that each body, or a cover investing spirit, limits it to that sphere to which it belongs. The astral body of the person embodied on Earth is concluded as in dungeon, in astral cover of a planet, and to stars far not in forces it to depart. It is necessary to realize opportunities and restrictions of each cover skillfully to use them, - but thought is over them. Thought - attribute of spirit. The today's dream showed how power of thought and will the thin cover overcomes terrestrial gravitation and rises over Earth. But there has to be an availability of fire. Without fire it is impossible to fly in the Thin World. Fly there not all. Many even don't suspect about possibility of flights. It is better to assume that all is possible — will be barriers and locks less. The dream was so real that when awakening there was a desire to repeat flight experiment already in a body dense. Well, and the dense body can rise by air if fire is rather powerful. The device of a human body is wonderful. Gives unlimited opportunities of flights is in all covers. Better and more true than rocket shells it will reach a distant star. The right, it is worth putting all life on mastering its most amazing properties. But who doesn't believe that can fly, unless only in a dream. But also flights in a dream serve as a threshold of conscious flights in hidden bodies. When all consciousness is transferred to aspiration to achievement of the wonderful opportunities hidden in the human device, results will be reached. The guarantee we Give! But the aspiration human is short. Won't be too lazy to spend years that to stop or money to save school, but to work at development of opportunities of the organism time at itself won't find. But the Yoga of Fire is given at the right time, and among masses human many wait for unconsciously expected appeal to development of properties of a dense body and all prisoners of covers in it. You can, you can, you can fly, both to see, and to hear at distance, and to see the events on a far star, and in a planet to get, and others to read mind, and to lift the veil the Thin World, and to treat pressure hands, and to treat at distance, and to the friend far to help in need. I repeat you can do everything that your spirit possible considers. But take the trouble to make effort achievement of that the majority considers impossible. We know thousands examples of the most wonderful achievements. You know a lot of things and you, only synthesis don’t suffice to generalize all this in one person as a display of the potential hidden in it. To you listening to us, We give wings, flight wings to the country of achievements and that sphere where impossible becomes possible. Terrestrial your mind seeks to go on a habitual track or it is trampled down on a place, - we Break barriers of thought habitual that it became free and with ours together flied to a kingdom of boundless freedom of spirit. Laws of the Thin and dense world are various. Comprehending them, you open ways to their application. Thin it is necessary to enter into the World as in something long ago studied and familiar, with ardent desire to begin to apply in it the knowledge acquired on Earth. Entering there to ignorant that also remains. And long, long time passes while it starts mastering features of the world surrounding it. The mighty Doctrine of Life will teach to take in all worlds of life reins in hand. Powerlessly going through life where you go, and what your purpose? But fiery directed our pupil knows the way and knows where goes, and knows that prepare for it on a way of achievements. Access is open to Us (to everyone directed) for everyone the directed. Come to Me, everything directed by spirit!

196. Therefore the ardent aspiration to improvement because imperfections of the present are too awful is given. It isn't necessary to mourn about them too because can stop a way. Your way — to Light, through all ugliness’s, horrors and imperfections of life going. You with Us go. All of us See it and we See more than what you see, and still we go, without being confused a dark scum of life. If to plunge into it and to fill with it consciousness, advance becomes impossible. It is better to go with Light and with Those Who to Light Calls. All bad and negative has to come to light strong before undergoing a transmutation. It is the transmutation Law. Be not confused shadows of a leaving gloom. Shadows will leave, shadows leave, leave at you in the eyes, and there is no such force in the world which could stop their leaving. Everything will leave, and all will leave unsuitable to evolution and not according to moment requirements. The mighty Hand directs a current of world events. Not biped to oppose to pawns. We Operate a current of the millennia, and they living of 50-70 years, have too short interval of time in time to change a course of world evolution. And if it changes, ours in that is hidden the Hand. Therefore quietly go to the future, remembering that the Hand of the Lord over you.

197. (M.A.Y.). It (Yu.) too waits that to give news at the right time. Conditions are very difficult, and not everything is simple. And the hand human clears away a way to the future; it is necessary in a terrestrial to make a way to it passable for you. And we are anxious with it. Duration of preparation of consciousness serves as the guarantee of that the place to it in this future is planned absolutely special.

198. (Guru). The thin World takes active part in life terrestrial. We are anxious with an exhibition. In the Thin World it already took place, and its expression is issued. We wait for the moment favoring in the conditions of the dense. We have a thought about that, what in ours to the country occurs. And we should bring together you in due time and in the right place. Dense conditions aren't always elastic because it is necessary to face free will of people. It isn't to suppress it, and in adjusting conformably. Even you to force to begin to sound on a future key in Day of the Annual Holiday, it was necessary to adjust especially. And it was very hard to someone to help us in this case — to shift consciousness. Sounding in unison with our aspirations, plans and consciousness actions easily and freely will enter into the future. The instruction keeps consciousness in that key of a mood which was given in New Year. In this way also the symphony of life of people, to terms the foreordained, so, and you will be played. The one who won't hold itself (himself) at level this, not the first will enter and not on a near place to us will rise. Let's call also backward, but not for them the first call. But the place will be for all which even have disappeared, even forgotten about us, but not in the top floor. Threads of communication you fix if you don't want to lag behind events. Let the consciousness fly ahead of them. It is easier to that to move will be it in the necessary wave and over life to lift. Time is short — you think so.

199. (Апр.13). We strengthen your light through contact with us and we destroy that darkness. The holiday of revival of spirit is a holiday of a victory over darkness in a microcosm and in macrocosm planets. Festival of spirit is pleasure. But the pleasure left, both the spirit didn't revive, and the holiday of light revival simply in a fit of temper the human didn't come yet. But these memorable days of memory of It, in the spirit of Revived, the spirit you approach to Light Day of Coming of Great Spirit. Let this holiday a symbol will be Arrival, spirit revolt, and a victory over darkness, both awakening, and spirit revival to life eternal, in boundlessness real.

200. (Apr. 14). Day of a circle had to show the yesterday’s obviously that only in ardent contact with Me we will feel Light. Once tension weakened is and immediately the alarm, concern and a black out crept. From this it is possible to see, the dark environment is how active. And you still big and even more constant should show intensity that from darkness defends. It crept out that to extinguish everything and, having extinguished, to destroy. Blackout, you are defenseless — only My Light serves as protection when you are conscious in it. From the Tower Hands are given and Rays of light flow, from darkness sharp-clawed shaggy paws are stretched and darkness beams, beams arrows of black fires, and you in the middle, and in your consciousness as a gnash of swords, the lives going from focus of Light and going from a pole of darkness face energy of two poles are directed. The consciousness with those will arrive and to what heart is turned, doing itself to that inaccessible and impenetrable for beams to which heart is closed. Closeness of heart means lack of an attraction. And if you can tell: "There is a darkness of this world, but has in me no anything", by that you claim that the darkness in you has no attraction elements. Then it is powerless. So strong to the Lord you stick.

201. Be afraid of service to darkness of the unconscious. If they saw themselves as carry out dark suggestions, whisperings, would sincerely be terrified to the ignorance and spirit blindness, and the main thing, to misunderstanding created by them. To you I Open eyes on dark tricks that could explain to them executing dark will. Proximity washing, realized strong, the best protection against the evil. Why you feel it minutes of Communication, forgetting about it during the day. The proximity of Communication should be kept in itself for all day and on all night long, up to the hour of Communication approved by a rhythm every day. You don't think constantly of those clothes which on you as it is exact and the attire of your spirit will be constant on you though you don't think of it. In the morning, having put on an attire of light and having covered light with armor, in its remain all days till the next morning. From time to time during the day thought it strengthens, approving by will existence it on itself. To waves dark oppose light and spirit attire armor and this consciousness darkness reflect. Ardent its attack, and anymore don't grant respites. It is necessary also measures of protection special. Remember that, it protecting, you protect also those, who is close and reaches for you. Not requires standing against darkness, but for the world. If focuses of Light go out Mine how without them to support a planetary network of Light? Stand, stand, stand more strong rocks, are stronger than the rock, rocks in Light Mine, in Light Mine, in Light Mine are stronger.

202. No fear against darkness has. The fear is most terrible than dark tricks because does you defenseless. And the wave of intimidation can be told: "I am not afraid of anything, because with the Lord". The Name My make the Board of all your actions, brightly My Image in heart holding! Against my Face the darkness doesn't dare. Fiery power it itself protect from rage of darkness. Repeating the Name My is rhythmical, waves of Light you send from itself towards to waves of darkness and you destroy it Light. The darkness creeps from all cracks — entrances those, who near, and through them, which have left guards, inter frees darkness leave opened. Having protected one, and having opened it eyes on the events with it, and having pulled out its spirit from a hole, it is necessary to look sharp-sightedly, who again got into it again to help.

203. To Force Your Send in the Beam, force such that anybody and anything, and no darkness of this force will be able to master. To force Given against darkness to resist in collisions incessant! Sword of Light taken in hand I will approve as the winner powerful. Yes! Yes! We will win against darkness. Victory! Victory! Victory! Victory over darkness and is Light Arrival.

204. (M.A.Y.). Crowds at a gate of the New World but to enter as don't know. Whether you understand all difficulty of a task understanding to enter, having specified an entrance? It is necessary to find both words, and expressions, and thoughts it close, both clear, and intelligible that into heart entered without a delay. If you speak by the own words and in the understanding, you won't understand and closed there will be an entrance, - but, if continue any their understanding, which from light, to a known limit, it will merge with your and ours. Before them and you Boundlessness, so can be approved mutual understanding if to direct it in the future. On a future platform a lot of things suddenly become clear, possible and accepted. The future is so great, widely and the containing that the place will be in it to everything, what not from darkness. So, claiming good in everything, even in small, you will come to mutual understanding of the great. It is necessary to leave denial only. Even intrigues and denials of darkness should be covered with the statement of Light." You speak that aren't present anything that to an eye invisibly, but exist a matter, it is impossible to deny it, but properties its polnost yet didn't study". How deny that science yet didn't study but what to master it begins just now and, mainly, in area is invisible the existing. Photons weren't seen by anybody, but anybody not deny them, and also an alpha, a beta and other beams. Perhaps, you deny radiations of a brain and energy of thought? — overturn logic the denuding them the weapon because against science won't dare any more. With science in the union the Life Doctrine to the World Hidden will lay ways for people.

205. (Guru). On each force going against a wave it is necessary immediately against to send big force, to send a wave of the force, but still bigger potential to suppress an impact opposite. Spirit it is necessary to increase on each phenomenon directing hostilely on consciousness irrespective of through whom reaches consciousness it is the phenomenon. Patrol of constant readiness reflects these waves uniform strength of mind and will be an indicator of vigilant wakefulness. I repeat, it is necessary to be strong always and ready always it is beautiful to meet life waves. It is beautiful to meet them the spirit armed with fearlessness full can only. Usually fight against the phenomena inspiring fear, outside, out of reflecting their impact while it is necessary to struggle with fear in itself, pulling out its root. Because when the root of fear is pulled out, anything external, even the most frightening, any more won't frighten spirit. So, at the slightest manifestation of fear immediately try to kill him in the germ, and exactly in itself, without thinking of the external reason which has generated it. And when he is killed, destroy an external occasion to it thought, burning the phenomenon fire and neutralizing its force. There is nothing more terribly than fear. With the ghosts of fear nesting in consciousness, Light can't serve because the fear saddens, fear a clouding, the fear of light deprives and fills consciousness with darkness. Be afraid of fear, as poisonous reptile as his sting is harmful at least already to that does the coward defenseless against of what he was frightened.

206. (Apr. 15). It is a lot of grief in knowledge much, but it is a lot of pleasure in it. Told about grief, about pleasure I didn't tell. Grief from Earth, pleasure — space. The grief from knowledge of much will be in pleasure when terrestrial will leave. It leaves in World Highest, when attractions terrestrial lose the force. But it is possible to study pleasure already on Earth. The book testifies to pleasure that the pleasure should study. For the pupil the highest pleasure in dark oblivion of, in return of to Business of the Lord. Only having rejected from itself, it is possible to follow the Lord. Communication is impossible at a reflection about itself. The consciousness filled and occupied with, won't be able to contain the Lord. Quality of self-rejection isn't understood. Consider it as the victim to someone or something while it is a gift of all of: consciousnesses and hearts — the Lord. When all being of the person is directed to merge to Heart Great, the devotion turns out full and the Lord then is close. How to contain the World of the Lord if, small, occupies all field of thoughts and feelings? It is difficult to learn dismissal from itself full, instant, self-sacrificing. Self-rejection also is withdrawal from itself, from small "I". Without departing, big not join. The way in that also consist that personal "I" to break off bonds constantly, being exempted from them. There can't be an understanding of the pupil and conditions of his display in time if the consciousness wasn't released. From here is and mistakes, and misunderstanding, and treachery of My Business. The egoism a barrier costs on a narrow track, in life of the leader. It is correct to give heart to service to our Business entirely. This return of by the guarantee of Proximity will be, and it will bring pleasure. The pleasure to Great Service will be a dismissal consequence from itself. Therefore I Speak: "Rejoice, children". In pleasure about my Business we will find that pleasure about which Told that it is special wisdom. Rejoice, children.

207. (M.A.Y.). He too thinks of you and too prepares for you opportunities together to work. Work one, but its spheres are various. Each of the elite the Lord takes a place to himself in future plans. The life stream aspires in the future, sending the foreordained people to the field of activity appointed by it. If expectation is accompanied by work and work on Common Cause, expectation will be creative. The ready state deepens it. Lack of swaying and fluctuations strengthens readiness; the help is from above to flow in what. But dark hands seek to beat out consciousness from a saddle of readiness and often succeed. Sadly see how possibilities of fruitful expectation which turns in narrow-minded to be dissolved entirely in vanity of day and affairs passing leave.

208. (Guru). The Assignment in unsteady hands is unreliable, it is unreliable in incorrect, it is unreliable in forgotten about the main. Swaying’s of consciousness are very harmful. They loosen affairs. They from us distance. They ruined so many good undertakings. We want to see firmness and force in people out and close to us.

209. (Apr. 16). (M.M.). Where morning and evening in space, where top or a bottom, where the North, the East or the West? Where it is close or far, where here or there? Space laws others, than three-dimensional framework of Earth. In space, where we, there is and house. The center learning is in it a starting point for comprehension of surrounding conditions. But this center has to be free from methods of thinking of the dense world. The first condition for space thinking — any property, anything the, even products of mental creativity are given to space that they didn't connect freedom of spirit; there is no house, there are no things, there are no thoughts habitual, terrestrial. The cosmic-space already can join the consciousness released from heaps. The phenomena are understood by heart, as though comprehended at once, without special mental process. Close that, on what the consciousness, and it where thought is directed. To stay in thought there, means to live that creates or with what connects thought, and to live as it is real and bright, and, perhaps is even brighter, than their lives the person in the world dense. Truly, there not having anything and the poor in spirit has everything because it isn't connected by anything, -but this poverty special, anything the general with terrestrial poverty not having. Spirit of niches because gave all terrestrial. There the spirit lives, without having anything. Will read nothing the. Means, you can own everything, because yours everything. The terrestrial is person, which consciousness grew together with thoughts that that entire he has, it, protects itself with an impenetrable wall from treasures spatial and mentally owns a tatter of terrestrial heaps and representations with, which surrounded itself in life dense. There it isn't enough free consciousnesses because that connected on Earth, connected remains in the sky that is in space when the body is dumped. The spirit has to refuse each thing which you own nowadays, consciously, that is not consider the, and only being in its temporary use, while it in a body. This relation or consciousness of it, magnetic communication between the person and things which he owns tries indissoluble some other way. This communication which hasn't been destroyed on Earth will be the cement fastening in space of a wall of its self-approved prison. Those who live lived in all glory terrestrial are even more connected or in power stood and read these terrestrial phantoms reality of life and property the integral. It is possible to imagine the despot of the ancient world esteemed by his citizens by the son of god and believing that everything belongs to it. He, suddenly all this power and power deprived and continuing all this to claim, will be in space the slave to dreams passing and won't be free. Win against feeling of property itself very difficult. If the palace, and lands under it, both fields, and meadows them owning reads the as it will be exempted from this illusive property if doesn't make it in advance when on Earth. There, in space, the statement of that was with spirit on Earth proceeds only. Free, going there, finds freedom, connected — chains. Therefore Specified nowadays to children of Earth: "Own everything, but consider nothing". The particle of spirit shipped in a thing, in it remains and with it if considers spirit this thing of the. The each time of people saying the word "My", communication claims, or a chain attaching it to object of possession, - but process this mental is. Things can use absolutely equally as those who considers them as the, and the one who is free from them. Illusion of property collapses with death if to take a detached view of the dying rich man because everything is left by him on Earth and with itself takes nothing. From outside it is visible and it is clear. But if the dying leaves in an ardent environment of those fancies of property with which lived all life, and bears an environment it in space and in it stays, energy of the fancies created by it won't be settled yet and prison walls won't collapse. But even, if the dungeon wall will collapse, than there will live there the person, nothing having, except terrestrial representations, and never directing above. It is necessary to enter space prepared in the spirit of, the armed knowledge and released from terrestrial remnants. Then all riches of spatial life become available to spirit.

210. (M.A.Y.). The wave New Year's left to wander that again to return to you with a new force and you to uplift on a crest it. The waves of the New World going from space, will amplify in the power, the world old won't fail yet. Sensitively listen to surf of spatial waves — the rhythm of terrestrial life and events depends on them terrestrial. It is necessary not to be late to rise with a wave, differently will overflow. If to rush on the roll, speed of movement gives feeling of a surface equal. Then the wave isn't dangerous, it is as though great was, and abysses between waves aren't terrible. That is why the Teacher behind Him that you could fly ahead and on the roll events Urges to direct.

211. (Guru). Everyone judges itself. We have no condemnation. All court that acts or help aspiration and move further, or disturb. Other acts — as standing weights, but will it is free. Be proud we would like acts of those, who are called by us to the Lord. But fidelity and devotion are valuable atop even mistakes. Heavy time is in the regular way not to pass. You will pass only with us and with It, we called.

212. (Apr. 17). We approve the phenomenon of Forces, in life of nowadays entering. And We claim that these Forces will serve the person who has recognized them. These forces, or Space Energy of Fire, direct on your Earth for shift old, get rid, leaving. It is possible to notice how life leaves undertakings < ... > while aren't conformable to waves of new energiya and as pulse it and is filled with fire where activity the human is in harmony with them. If energy these joined in old forms of life in the conditions of former, there would be it ardent fury of darkness and strengthening of what doesn't have a place in forward run of evolution. To imagine am possible, this would come to what absurd old, gets rid, but it is illegal and opposite to an evolution the exaggerated forms of life. From here is inevitability of shift and replacement old the new. How endeavored old to squeeze the world in the forms new energy life, anything, except ugliness, it won't turn out because old forms are vicious in itself the backwardness from a century. That absurd and extremes which are observed in the old world, are a consequence of rejection of forms new: cooperation, cooperation’s, freedoms of women. Where they are rejected, for progress don't wait. And the world of the whole world, the world rejecting, will be destroyed. New not accepting will fall into a pettiness and from a proscenium of history of life will leave. Either to accept new, or to be lost behind full discrepancy and unfitness to new claim of an era. You look there where it is forged new consciousness in new living conditions. There our Hand and our Beams, there both success, and victory.

213. It is necessary to leave care of and to show care of the world. The world new needs this care. The World New thought lives. Thought that Is sent by us in the perfected, crystallized forms cementing space. Everything who accepts our thought, strengthen and approve it by the thought — cooperation spatial. Those who our thought having accepted, expands it and rises, those help Us with this work. Spatial cooperation, and besides conscious is destiny of the few. But unconsciously with Us the best people, the best minds and builders of the New World. You know number of signs of my army. It is a lot of the assistants who have responded to an appeal. Their ignorance it isn't necessary to be confused because work strong and move business forward. In process of thinning of dense conditions and people approach others, meeting the requirements moment; key of the general activity for every period is the different. But each new time refined above than the previous. So life of the New World in systematic development of the forms improves. Difficulties much and much are cares, and much of enemies the ruthless. Against difficulties we Win, both enemies we Operate, and darkness from a planet to Sweep away. Wait for the miracle phenomenon in life usual, but not in usual ways of a u display of New energiya of the Era of Fire.

214. (M.A.Y.). It is impossible to settle depth of communication with us if the love didn't die away. On threads silver it our thoughts flow and the contact sphere extends. We think much of you; prepare your entry into the new sphere for you. Now don't grieve that didn't leave in time. Everything is reparable, and future your appointment can't depend on this step. Yes you also are right, to the big ship — big swimming. Irreplaceable people aren't present, but after all someone from you couldn't be replaced nevertheless. From here and conclusion: in tranquility to wait the Care display. When the karma national merges with karma personal, then, as the mighty stream, bears lives of the people appointed to terms. Care leave about that, it will develop that. Your destiny in the Hand of the Lord, He also Operate its current.

215. (Guru). They remember the dead on the chosen days, you, my friend, and every day. And if the thought to heart left is intelligible, you can understand and imagine, so to our heart is pleasant to see and feel that doesn't die away nor fidelity, nor devotion, a memory about the left. You live consider us and into communication you enter, as if there were we near you. Correctly heart whispered that we are live. In this regard to us who have left, the understanding of the approved pupil is shown. Also it is logically possible to see, as well as you, having dumped a body, you will simply continue only that is now approved by you every day. And if there was thought you with us and if there was you thought with the Lord with whom you will arrive thought when great transition will be made? With us, of course, and with Him who have Called. Thread you weave so elevated outline in everyday communication with us. We are pleased by this devotion. All of them forgot or remember that was and passed irrevocably. You move a past into the present and by that you approve future cooperation between us to which even death not a barrier and even you remember number, for me significant. Significant will be < ... > it and you because these days — the seventeenth every month — were significant in My life. And you obviously feel a fundamental and ease of contact. Certainly, and Mother, and I will act through you. Therefore also contact is deepened. Your force in mutual understanding fulls all of us, colleagues to the Lord. Our and your thoughts and will are directed to the same purpose, do you strong. Understanding of force will grow, and to get stronger an emphasis under feet. And so already a lot of things you know and you see that is very close, inaccessible to them even knowing Me. It is result of our hidden cooperation. Wait for a message in tranquility full and in trust to the Leading Hand and remember that we for you.

216. (Apr. 18). Display of inconstancy in the pupil deprives of his constancy of the Management because, being unsteady, it drops out of the Beam. Beam as in egg, puts him into light sphere. Round it darkness, understanding of in the Beam has to be continuous prestanding. About it is possible to notice that tension of the surrounding dense environment amplifies in process of growth of fires of spirit — as though a counterbalance to force growing inside. The enemy always is on a shoulder and circumstances too. Growth of obstacles and difficulties of life is explained by it. Usually at the child everything is simple and easy: will give to drink, will feed and will lie in a bed. But the Son human even didn't take a place where to attach chapter, both all darkness and the evil of the world rose against. So growth of spirit you judge on growth of forces antagonistic and conditions opposite, going on you. On them on all it is necessary to increase spirit, that is to overcome them in itself, without allowing them to suppress a spirit flame. Spirit increase on aggravating circumstances of life also means a not go out of fires of spirit under whirlwinds of dense beds and under force of whirlwinds astral. On everything going against, it is possible to look as at aspiration of surrounding spheres hidden and visible at spirit go out; from here and continuous fight for imperishable property, and its protection. Meeting life waves victoriously, you approve light. It is necessary to remember that while the tranquility and balance of spirit aren't broken, all darkness and everything going against are powerless. The inexperienced pupil of energy the direct outside and out of itself tries to overcome forces counteracting it and to fight outside while actually fight happens in it and about any victory out of the question if balance is lost. The overcome external obstacles at loss of balance and tranquility mean defeat. Not overcome, unbeaten, but at balance full — a victory because against balance anything won't resist and anybody, - so, crucified Teacher Became the winner of the world, and those, who assumed responsibility for violation Light — slaves to darkness. Let the main care will be about that to store balance of spirit in close, pressing living conditions. The protecting network of aura is strong only until balance isn't broken. The person believes, that something occurs out of him, where as everything, concerning external, has reflection in him, and these internal reactions to influence of the outside world and will be that represents itself a way of the person on Earth. The victorious way means the correct reaction of consciousness going in balance and tranquility full even in the most difficult and most impossible living conditions because in it they aren't important and have no value, but it is important as the spirit replies on them.

217. (M.A.Y.). The sign is understood truly: not to write time. Conditions to term ripen. Terms of your personal karma didn't come yet when they will incur you on wings. But your future is already cast in crystallized in ready forms. It is necessary to enter into them conformably. Another is necessary also — firmness of trust to the Driving Hand. When everything will be concentrated in us and to the Lord, barriers will disappear from a way. Unification of consciousnesses we win against life.

218. (Guru). The enemy is this unknown in people. While they didn't give out themselves, special vigilance and vigilance is necessary. At times you show these qualities when harm is already done also the unknown poured out poison on heart. That from this that harm if it is already caused is seen. The knowledge is backdating useless. It is better to foreknow and see in advance, the darkness from where creeps up. Special vigilance and continuous patrol are for this purpose necessary. Received blow to rashness doesn't bear honor.

219. (Apr. 19). You are in heart we wash, their monastery creative to itself! In consent with Will Mine all will begin to flow differently .Fire, in heart burning, merged in the Beam with Fire of My Heart, gives strength of execution and implementation of thoughts (thoughts). Already you notice it and in the small. You will see in the big soon. Wish circumspectly because force of fulfillment of desires gives the power over a matter and its combinations. Our merged the will, approved in heart we wash, will operate your double that you hold at Us (c) spirit particles, will operate you (i.e. your astral) and covers everything, will operate people, circumstances and a tide of life and its events, directing in the direction wished to us. The terrible power is received by the consciousness which merged by heart with Heart of the Lord and has given to Heart to Great the will. "Having the power" the power realized, and then already applying it in the course of performance of the Assignment or life mission means, first of all. The success of Envoys our and Entrusted can be approved by the power of this. Rotating round it consciousnesses of many and evolutions of the necessary people, they create will Sent them to the world.

220. About the power today we will write. It is given to the winner in the spirit of. The Press of Spirit of the Lord is given on whom. My track, the winner, goes him to a victory over the world. I created and Create affairs not my will, but Will the Send Mine. And "in itself Me is anything". This formula imprinted still in the Gospel, remains firm forever because "I" disappear, and mighty creating We Hierarchies of Light its place takes up, and then the power is approved. "Also He Spoke as having the power" — so about the Christ was spoken. So you when from Me you speak or on behalf of Hierarchy of Light speak also. In this creating "We" force of the conscious power put, having kept at itself all intimate depth of understanding of this great formula of life, but the power approving in words, affairs and thoughts creating. "Not I, but the Father staying in Me, He Create" — other expression of the same formula (life). The words "I in Itself Anything" mean a little and powerlessness of the passing terrestrial identity of the person because the flesh doesn't use at all, but all in the spirit of, accepted as the Law Will Leading execution. Sharp-sightedly you look how this power is approved in life in practice. Accident of good luck and each success refer to execution of the thoughts directed by will to space. Learn to want, both to dare, and to be able to wish, bearing in mind a merge of will aspiring to Light. Therefore the main aspiration —merges of consciousnesses. It is necessary to forget about weakness, vulnerability and a pettiness personal "I", it replaces big, concentrated in the Immortal Triad of the person and realized in the Beam of the Space Father which will be the Great Lord. The sonship and the eternal bonds binding the son with the Father and the Father with the son are so approved. The space heritage is transferred to hands of the son who long wandering in darkness external, but has found, at last, an entrance to the House Father. Ardent continuous understanding of in the Beam brings these gifts of space, approving right son ship. I advise to note these small in the beginning power signs because will grow. Desire of heart we Will support and ways of implementation it we Will approve if it from Light and is merged with our Will.

221. (M.A.Y.). In Heart the Bike of the Lord, my son, we are close and merged with you. Its Light connects hearts. Association it is in the spirit of, and therefore over death and temporariness of dense conditions.

222. To the son is Decree: "To collect forces for reflection of new tricks and darkness shifts. Vigilance strengthens and be surrounded with loneliness". How to fight? In total as, with Me keeping unseparable, in Me staying! When it end? When My Day will come! While to fight be ready. And, forces in fight multiplying and kindle fires of new force cost the rock of Mine up to One Day stronger. My day will come. There is nothing in this world that Day My, judgment to Earth can, from Earth to separate and deprive of it Light. In consciousness of proximity of My constant it is necessary to seek to Arrive waiting for an hour. It is the Decree for urgent, ardent application in life current. When in constantly realized Beam, dark hands won't reach, though those, who pull them, crowd around. The decree for protection is given from violent darkness. It is necessary to condense and crystallize a fancy of, in the Beam staying, and to see itself in it as in clothes usual, having made it clothes of day, - but these clothes not replaceable nor at night, nor in the afternoon. Protection — the circle outlined by the Beam. My beam will close your microcosm because it is sent to it. Further you there are beams already you’re, self-proceeding, My Beam the generated. You are strong, invincible and you serve as an abutment of our Affairs, when unseparable with Me. Without Us you anything, and without My Power can't create anything; We for you is. You We are strong and impregnable for darkness. I Want to Specify to you a way this next. The first is total absence of concern for the future; the second — patience; the third — trust; the fourth — expectation of Call and readiness for it; the fifth — singularity of a going karma.

223. (Apr. 20). It is necessary to tell the next that prepare of to the future consists in an ardent statement of communication of the closest, hidden, and in the spirit of with those who over and term is appointed, and with those who under and who becomes performers through Hierarchy, both up and down. It is necessary to erase border meanwhile the World and it, and it is necessary to erase dense illusion of distances. For spirit there are no these borders. The spirit is boundless. As sweep away barriers of time and the future approve in the present and nowadays. Having cleaned three barriers, act with thought and hearts fiery'. Let Maya will recede: time, distances and a division of the worlds — dense and thin. Having forgotten time and a place, nowadays and here, in the spirit of approve in images obvious you what should be. But your readiness show in ardent association of hearts and consciousnesses, to the future the foreordained. Will take to take even going in the tail, even hobbling behind, even the gone blind-lagged behind, but not in big affairs and not in a family near the standing? How to approach the one who in due time when are under construction in the future bridges, the hand won't lie that to prepare the bridge for itself. After all transition only on it. Otherwise it is necessary to walk other ways, around. And when one will already pass, others won't be able, already you see lagged behind and lagging behind. But someone even from far away lasts strong: doesn't want to lag behind and feels reality of the moment. And when time the Lord will come and Will ask: "And where they which haven't shown in time an attire of readiness of spirit, where they? », — because them it won't be close. Who and that now to you prevent ardent aspiration of heart to show in the statement and deepening of your readiness that it to enter into the future. Or you think to enter for someone else's account? Or decided to remain in darkness? Or strong indulge in trifling affairs? Or direct heart in the direction opposite to the Decree? What embraces you Maya, friends? Also you can't tell that didn't know, or the managements or cares are deprived, or ignored. What you keep at a gray and gloomy distance from Me? Perhaps, darkness? What baits again stretched dark hands to distract from Me? Don't miss a wave fruitful to rise on its crest. Round you the darkness will rage to cut from Me, really to darkness you will give in? Unless the Teacher Gives an excessive task, Specify to find for It time? There is a lot of it at you on trifles; really not you will find it for the most important? Really you don't understand still that if you lose Light Lord, everything will grow dull for you, as well as the trifles which now attract you and seem interesting only because are shined with the heart fires, lit from Light of the Lord: Light you will clean — and it becomes dark. The Teacher Warned enough, - but remained with Me even if it will be one, I Will claim, as hundred thousand wise men and PI will Put an abutment.

224. (M.A.Y.). Light, which in you is, in people surrounding you, awakens energy for manifestation. The same Light, but infinitely greater, revealed in people good them and angrily, and angry shouted "Crucify him". So were shown energy of light in dark hearts. The law is identical. And you see < ... >; people round you and from your light come to a strange condition of the raised activity. Weak devices of your tension can't sustain, and are shown signs a disbalance, randomness’s and throwing from one extreme to another. All dark, all weak, all unbalanced is shown then strong while sooner or later there won't come a transmutation in the benefit or final turn in darkness. You watch these signs of influence of Light which in you, both human disbalance and swaying be not confused. Division on poles proceeds, accompanied by internal fight, and not all address to Light.

225. (M.A.Y.). Stronghold, and Brotherhood, and we in its show a whole, the monolith of spirit merged in mutual understanding full. Nobody’s thinking isn't separated from Focus of Great Heart. We it are strong. Approving the readiness strong, you seek to reach with us the possible closer mutual understanding. To them you will cause to us the proximity. Let's agree later about it when to work time will come. Understanding now approves and proximity you fix that in readiness to be. You learn to use the force not the, but force — for you Standing. Such help is necessary, because a hand and a foot human lay the Way on the ground. Also think more of us those thoughts to merge more closely.

226. (Guru). To us imitate and try to be similar to us that to consciousness and spirit are conformable. After all and we in us spirit an example take the best qualities from the Lord. And we wait for the same. In Elevated private matters lose the value, but all-planetary and universal rise in all the depth and relevancy, and the spirit takes part in them by the size and consciousness capacity. It is correct to think that nowadays we even more in affairs than when were on Earth. But we can show energy the better only through those who is able to apprehend them. To thoughts of susceptible consciousnesses there is a lot of, but conscious employees we consider on fingers. The value and the value realize in hidden cooperation with us. From here and there is so much attention to you, because — our assistants. Certainly, it would be desirable to see deeper understanding, both more serious relation, and closer and long cooperation. Including us live, though without a dense cover, and being with you in close mental connection, you approve reality which will become day by day for you more and more obvious. Remember Swedenborg. Its contact was mental, i.e. based on a psyches, your contact mental that much more difficultly and above. But though it is necessary to all, and mental contact strengthens consciousness, instead of weakens it, as psyches. Could notice already how the soil under feet becomes stronger and hardens. If all perceived arrived through astral feelings, the mentality couldn't sustain. Many psyches finish either obsession, or full wear of nervous system because from poison terrestrial can't itself to preserve. Therefore emphasis is nowadays placed on thought. Think rather think all and all can perceive and perceive thoughts, but unconsciously. We do this process conscious and by that we approve cooperation between the Worlds — to these and that. And you are to us assistants and pioneers in great process of association of the Worlds.

227. (Apr. 21). My son, you to win against darkness left. Here it comes. Win! Already I Said that the usual mistake is that for achievement of a victory seek to fight against something outside. Not in it a victory. Feeling the hung darkness, it is necessary to polarize itself on a wave of awareness of the indestructible fiery power united with Mine. That from this that is dark, if in a breast the Treasure of the Stone shines and the Lord is close. One in the field is the soldier. This consciousness it is necessary to go. And the help has nobody to wait. All are occupied by themselves. But it is possible to show tranquility and balance too. Tranquility — force, balance the fiery power collected in focus of the Stone, and collected force able to break darkness. It isn't necessary to wave hands, it isn't necessary to activity external, it is necessary to collect only in the center, in the Stone circle, all forces. In darkness external let will be that will be, but the darkness is distressed fiery power and its tension inside, without any external attempts if the moment comes, similar come nowadays. If to direct outside and to show a number of actions, fight against windmills and terrible waste of forces will turn out. But power of balance, concentrated and collected in the center, will be the decision for the shattered darkness. The press of fiery force can study from spirit depths, having united on an internal wire with Hierarchy of Light; it is possible to become indestructible, like the lonely watchtower put on border of spheres of Light and darkness. Whirlwinds rustle, and the gloom is condensed, but the tower of spirit costs unshakably. At these moments all of energy of the spirit, scattered on the parties, gather to the center and keep in it, without directing to external objects. Silence is best of all. But if it is necessary to speak, let words, both the avaricious, and circumspect extremely will be rare. On a sphere it is impossible to rise and to be hooked for it — too until flatness of its surface is broken. Words, thoughts, the actions directed outside, break smoothness of a surface if complete equilibrium isn't observed; because the sphere is a balance symbol. Words, actions and thoughts can be expressed in shape or complete equilibrium, or a disbalance. And if there are no forces to observe balance a form, it is better to be silent and abstain from actions and thoughts, having pulled together them energy inside, and to be, as a collected spring or the person who has prepared for a jump. Readiness, intensity is necessary because helps to concentrate forces in a fist. Also the person then is the onions strained by an arrow. So I Learn to arrive in days of tension awful, in days of the darkness which has dismissed swelling and chaotic spatial currents. Much of attempts are created at these moments from darkness, but about balance armor splashes will scatter, having hit, black shells.

228. (M.A.Y.). Than the spirit is higher, especially it is heavy struggle with coming against a wave, because a wave on a shoulder and the opponent on forces. The law of related contrasts it is immutable attracts equal, but opposite forces. But internally in light all Day breakers can unite. It also will be an internal circle. It is insuperable to darkness, because in the center it’s Focus of Hierarchy of Light. It is insuperable Stronghold, and are strong the patrol

229. (Guru). It is possible to exercise and develop the force only on the phenomena opposite. And when the darkness, a case a good sword pointed takes up arms to lift. The blow of a sword of balance of spirit has force such that against it nothing can resist. Fire of intense balance will sweep away, burns, destroys and extinguishes any opposite activity which has concerned it. Fire of balance neutralizes it and of force deprives: as if muscular energy in the hand which has risen for blow would be extinguished. Only highly experienced soldier of spirit can act with power of balance. But there are conditions under which a different way of action doesn't remain, and then force of the approved balance is used. Lords act in the great tension of balance and tranquility and therefore their power is invincible.

230. (Apr. 22). Each tension of space is fraught with consequences. Invisible knots of events bulk up and weave life patterns. And only later time their echoes reach terrestrial consciousness, but the sensitive device human feels the events behind a veil and notes process. It is necessary to be very attentive to the phenomenon of spatial waves. They cause a press of the centers which is distributed on focuses of a network of a planet. Everyone has to sustain a spatial press and трансмутировать these energy in lightful beams self-proceeding. Task in volume and difficulty that reaction has be lightful. Easy on spatial pleasure to begin to sound pleasure, but to answer waves of the dismissed poison or heavy pressing crossing currents with a wave lightful radiations of the microcosm sometimes happens difficult extraordinary. And nothing can improve a present situation. Rescue is in unification ardent, intense, and steady, with focus of Uniform Light. Everything takes up arms at these moments on bearing Light. But it is necessary to stand and to sustain an impact. Already you know about value of balance. This balance is active because at this time the protecting network of aura reflects influence of the surrounding sphere. Its vibrations keep in own key. It is impossible to permit to itself to begin to sound on a wave foreign or to lose tranquility. In break of aura will rush chaotic energy from an external environment and will flood it. Protection of the protecting network and its maintenance in a due condition it is so necessary, as well as maintenance of a network planetary. The army is strong tranquility of certain fighters, a network of Light of a planet - firmness of spirit of its focuses, or knots, Light. To put silent at the crossroads ways means in patrol to put the tested and devoted heart on protection of a network of Light. Certainly, thus in communication uninterrupted and intense with the Lord it stays. There are moments when it is best of all to reject any thoughts that it is better to that to hold this communication. It isn't necessary to think that with Great Arrival there are perfect around all people occupying Earth. The consciousness can't become at once other. Degree of its inspiration will depend on last accumulation. But, of course, focuses of darkness will be destroyed by fire, and it becomes easy to you, on protection of a network planetary standing.

231. Maybe will arise a question how to be if protecting becomes a little? Our heroes knew how to death to stand. And so also stand. Difference only that the death isn't present, and stood it will be up to the end rescued. It both is clear, and it is logical, and it is fair. Because spirit, broken by an impact external phenomena, it will be unsuitable receptacle for fires. Because occurred outside, resistant heart outwardly opposes the force to influences.

232. (M.A.Y.). The power of the present over consciousness is strong extraordinary. It should find any counterbalance. The Teacher Will is this counterbalance. So, each wave of the present going against, it is possible to extinguish the Face of the Teacher entered into heart. Its Light external will destroy darkness on understanding force proximity this and Face brightness. So on influences external it is possible to answer strengthening contact with the Lord. As Waves Sea about the rocky rock, the wave of outwardly influences about power of a lightful Face will break. Name repetition thus adds also understanding of in the Beam. Threefold protection will help to cause own light and the strengthened tension of a protecting network to reflect a darkness impact. So see, where enemies, where friends and where those from the last that give in to darkness. To manage to distinguish mistakes and misunderstandings from unconscious submission to dark influences. There are times worse than war. Time can be worse than the Armageddon. Now precisely is the time; before Arrival be very darkly.

233. (Guru). Yes! It is right, very much it isn't enough of you, but unless in quantity business? You see the spirit torches, alone passing life. And fight conducted alone, and wasn't on spirit around. Loneliness is strong destiny. Alone into prisons plunged, burned down on fires. Followers, pupils, admirers appeared later. When you think of Business of the Lord, it keeps in mind. Many will come, but relatives won't be much. Fingers on hands you remember strong — on them and consider. Thought that «I will consult one", in essence, is correct: possibilities of the spirit which has realized the force in Communication with the Teacher of Light are inexhaustible. And sets therefore don't look for also followers too. And invite nobody on the yard. Only them coming, meet that to give everyone on consciousness. But after all it is better to give less, than it is more to be preserved against treachery. Treachery is always generated by donation incommensurability with containment. And if keenness whispers about unfitness someone or something, it is better to obey, than after to expostulate on it. Often, without listening to itself, but listening to others, we make mistakes for which it is necessary heavy and pay long. Especially sharp-sighted be with called by you because if them accept, you will answer.

234. (M.A.Y.). Same answer: at the first possibility to go. I transfer the Decree to prepare to surprises, - for them wait unexpectedly in readiness full. Don't determine inscrutability of ways. In Will Lords indulge? Don't solve now anything, for you will solve the future. It is now most important to be unseparable with the Lord.

235. (Apr. 23). (M.M.). Feels the conformable heart that is somewhere in the Worlds, over small to Earth the stream rushes Great Space Life. And in this stream, which over the terrestrial, passing phenomena, the spirit can find the stream and with it merge, in its having directed. Also it is possible then on Earth, terrestrial affairs making, to be in good spirits in space, on the Distant Star under a cover hate Mothers of the World. Terrestrial affairs and life events then will get them an inherent place, without covering with itself all Space and its Truth. On great open spaces of the Space Ocean the spirit directed finds a support to itself in opportunity to lead spatial life. Thickness of terrestrial aura is punched, and the kingdom of elevated freedom available, but ahead goes thought, as light before the directed light source. It perforate spaces layers, uncles consciousness with itself(himself), the Collector of fruits of terrestrial embodiments is the temporary inhabitant of Earth, only temporary because actually he is a traveler spatial, boundless, going from a star on a star. Star and spatial value is realized then by the person and, esteeming it boundless, any more doesn't close the spirit in a close framework of Earth. On Earth the tasks and opportunities to study and acquire knowledge and experience. But it is only one aspect of life of spirit, other its party is shipped in boundlessness, and in it is concentrated for spirit of possibility of boundless development of the potential hidden in it. We call it the fiery, lightful potential of spirit. Earth can't give everything because the final sense of life of spirit not in it is concluded. But, being a space step of a ladder of spirit, as the bottom serves it for aspiration in space. Without Earth it is impossible for you, on Earth incarnate. Earth — is the house of spirit, same temporary, as temporarily each terrestrial house for the person. I lived one life and leave a body, leave the house of people. As it has to leave also Earth, when a chain of terrestrial embodiments it is complete. And the spirit finished leaves a planet for the Highest Worlds and planets. But someone solves the way on Earth that to help people as they are helped by Lords. Self-rejection the highest because it is heavy be to the spirit which has finished the way among the lowest consciousnesses. But already now to them which has taken a way of Arhat, doors and access open is given to spatial life. Beam of a distant star for going spirits - Light Bridge in boundlessness of space distances. On the Beam reach and enter into an orbit of influences of a desired star. The law of a magnetic attraction works with Light tensely, and the spirit directed in space finds conformable to spirit a stream in a great stream of spatial life.

236. My son, at Mother of the World, in her spheres fined you are the access, open for thought. And everyone flight it to the sphere of a star remote brings a rich catch. Not imagination, but guarantee of the law of inclination of thought. Remember: on each accurate aspiration of spirit you will receive the conformable answer, one aspiration - one answer, one thousand aspirations - one thousand answers, boundlessness of aspiration — boundlessness of answers, and, therefore, and cognition. So by force of the law of aspiration of spirit magnitno are taken from knowledge space, conformable to a magnetic wave of aspiration. It is impossible to compare them to knowledge usual because their space doesn't allow them to clothe in terrestrial exact formulas. But even sounds of space can be issued in the symphony of sounds terrestrial, i.e. to reveal in life. As also spatial knowledge, though it and other-worldly. Wisdom terrestrial and wisdom space are various. But wisdom of the Distant Worlds doesn't prevent to go firmly on the ground and stronger to go, than people of Earth go. It is difficult to be able to combine terrestrial and space, but it is necessary that in admiration not to hurt to itself a nose and not to go with a nose broken. Commensurability and balance in everything - such is Arhat's way.

237. (Apr. 24). We consider, harmfully littering a space complaints to something. Complaints in it are aimless. But it no other than, the next grimaces of an astral complain, when the person responsible for everything. But the astral wants to be shown in the conductor and wants to seize consciousness. This conductor can look at tendency to complaints and discontent as on to be shown consciousness submission. That causes complaints, can be somehow improved or used for force extraction from it for an opposite-action. It is best of all to look at everything, how at the next opportunity to increase the forces on living conditions opposite. The good owner to all will find application in good economy. As also the skilled pupil from any phenomenon of life takes experience useful, knowledge, and the main thing, force of overcoming of that rises before it at its this step for permission and passing. The solution of any phenomenon of life lies in its correct understanding and in the correct attitude towards him. Not for complaints difficult life but in order that on all these impossible difficulties to look as at something which is subject to overcoming and a solution is given, and thus at full tranquility and balance of spirit, as if life goes the usual track. The decision in that in the most impossible conditions the consciousness felt as always as when everything is good and quiet. Business at all in difficulties, either in troubles, or in chagrin but only in that not to give to an astral cover will and a silver bridle of spirit not to remove from it. And when all force of consciousness is directed not to the next difficulties, and to operating an irrepressible astral cover, the next problem of life is understood correctly. Tasks are given not for the sake of them, but for the sake of spirit progress, both the correct understanding and their permission is necessary, differently they won't leave, yet won't be are solved correctly. Good training demands duration. But as soon as it is finished, old tasks leave and are replaced with the new. I want to claim consciousness of that all external phenomena have no value in itself. They are given or allowed by the Teacher for detection of not gets rid or undesirable properties in the pupil and replacements their desirable. They have to cause right healthy reaction in the pupil and approve him in new qualities of spirit among difficulties new. Therefore on all external it is necessary to look as at a working material from which the spirit stronghold as on clay from which the sculptor molds a desirable form is created. Task one: to take from all this life experience and force. Force can be taken from each counter circumstance if balance is kept. Then counteracting energy of counter conditions submits to will and inures to advantage to the winner. In collision with an opposite wave balance should hold and be not to given to flash to movements in an astral. The life lies through itself. Believing it outside, you allow delusion.

238. (M.A.Y.) . Native, I can tell only about patience till the end and about storing balance, a vigorous and resistant condition of spirit. Well to do if the desired time didn't come to light yet in desirable forms. Time it is impossible to accelerate also consciousness development too. Abide in great patience.

239. (Guru). — Fires to save up the life purpose, to strengthen will and through terrestrial to pass, having increased Stone Treasure. Only for this purpose life on Earth that the Stone of force gave is given and the way shined behind going. Only the purposes also serve this all circumstances of life. And people try to find their self-sufficing purpose in these external conditions. There is no such purpose because the planet will disappear also everything that on it, and there will be a spirit with the saved up experience of life. Time to all: to create and destroy, rejoice and mourn, to war or peace, but their one — qualities of spirit to increase the purpose. And you look at everything that from the outside directs to you to enrich you with new achievements.

240. (Apr. 25). At the collective beginning all is concentrated. In the concept "We" is all future of mankind. Force united "We" is opposed personal "I" the person. Power of the integrated auras is expressed by a formula: "Where two or three gathered in the Name My, there I in the middle of them", there Forces Teacher Light. And if two, not three and if hundred gathered for the sake of the Lord, two hundred, one thousand people - that what force of such collective gathered not? And if millions, or tens them is? So we see that association of consciousnesses through Hierarchy of Light can be expressed in a huge force of mental energy, in its accumulation and its aspiration to a certain course: purpose and phenomenon. Earlier it was spoken about church, about a prayer cathedral, about association of believers. But the church didn't execute the appointment. Great formulas of life turned into dead dogmas, both Light and Force It left an unusable receptacle. The same is nowadays approved, but in forms of others, released from connecting, gets rid and already unnecessary limitation church. The collective force of mental energy of powerful association of consciousnesses replaces gets rid forms of dead officials. If two integrated auras can work wonders, what can create thousands and tens their thousands? So time will come to start creativity collective. Now it completely isn't realized yet, builds life on the physical plan, but boundlessness - destiny, and the point of application of force can be transferred to area of the mental appendix of fiery power. Certainly, at first it is necessary to acquaint masses with this force, it to explain laws and to show results. Unconsciously life conducts people to these new appendix forms of the energiya put in the human device, but there will come the moment and conscious application of forces of these in practice. The science will help to move concept of mental energy into a framework of the reality visible, notable and obvious. The world old, rejecting the collective beginning, to awareness of this power never will come. The collectivism beginning, and then the united, coordinated thought of the whole people collected in uniform ardent aspiration is necessary can work wonders if it is concentrated in at one time in one focus. Possibilities of collective creativity are inexhaustible. Support of such collective will mean a powerful force of energy.

241. It is necessary to work much before people will understand, what force own and before realize that this force - in a unification full. The century of cooperation and cooperation of all and in everything becomes an eyelid of blossoming of mental forces of the person. Still darkly, but the future horizon is light.

242. (M.A.Y.). The new Country should bear fruit of spatial thought, having brought together them for it. Not can to collect everything, but able a task — to put forces to that. The native land should bring not only flowers of a garden of M, but also its fruits, fruits of practical, applicable knowledge to life. Events go in time, aiming to prepare consciousness of people for adoption of the Doctrine of Life. That rises from Earth a hand human, having reached known height, will merge with that above: invisible, spiritual, with terrestrial, material, will merge in uniform understanding of life. So there will go an association of the worlds.

243. (Guru). It is necessary to work over mankind association on everything that from the benefit. It is correct to see in the World Banner a symbol leading. It is correct to approve the world. Correctly thought and heart to be with those who against war. It is correct to cement a space thought of the world. Correctly in this space declare war to war. Staking on the destruction will be distraught. Going against the New Country - are struck. Lords powerfully Rose it in defense. I see defeat of the old world. I see that soon the bowl of scales of justice quickly up will go. Victory the New World is fated full and in everything. It already you see obviously. But this beginning is. The end old will sweep away the world.

244. (Apr. 27). Yes! Yes! Yes! It is necessary to light thought everywhere, where probably. And it is possible everywhere, but at commensurability observance with a consciousness capacity. It is possible to speak only on consciousness, differently words and thoughts will spill in vain. This art is difficult. Only highly experienced traveler knows how to apply him in life. It is possible to invest thoughts the newest, the most unusual in words habitual for consciousness, and then thought will be intelligible. But as in them something which isn't entering into a circle of thoughts of usual, attention they will be felt unconsciously will draw and somehow consciousness is mentioned. It is necessary to know much that, storing this knowledge at itself, to give out only that its part which is conformable to the moment and it is given in a form accepted for consciousness. But conditions remain the same: the thought has to be clear, accurate, and certain and short. The greatest of True can be given in the simplest words. But it is necessary to know as it is possible to tell at the right time and to a place. To exhaust opportunities completely given by life - means to understand commensurability and to be able to put it.

245. By actions for today we determine the way for tomorrow and we cover it with opportunities or we lose those. The main thing - not to allow anything to cover a way and the way purpose, the main thing - not to come off the Star of the Leader — the going ahead Hierarch not to lose sight of the main thing. All surrounding seeks to eclipse the Leading Star and to distract consciousness from the most necessary. But, despite darkness of night, a fog, storms, a bad weather and a rain, the ship of spirit goes to the purpose, as a vessel to the appointed harbor. Will hold steadily correct direction the solution of a question? And counter waves to a good vessel not an obstacle if only the engine was powerful. The engine of spirit is fire, and the most powerful fire is fire of aspiration. Of atoms in spiral movement there are stars, systems of the worlds and the whole galaxies. And the spirit-monad in spiral movement in Boundlessness collects round itself the whole world, a microcosm of the person to become once starting focus of creativity of the whole worlds. For creativity the knowledge and experience are necessary. That and another are given only by life both in life, and in it is its purpose. If this to realize the purpose and not to deviate it and not to forget about it not for a moment, human life becomes purposeful, i.e. intelligent. As number of those who knows there isn't enough where goes and why understands sense of roadside flashing signs. If only the consciousness could experience that everything going by it, in itself anything and is doomed to destruction, but it is important only as an inevitable and necessary condition for achievement of the purpose. People believe sense and value of the current phenomena in them and that connects itself with them and plunge into them. And many sink, choking at the ocean of the phenomena of a material world, meanwhile as the decision is simple: mine isn't present anything, nothing belongs to Me, everything is given for a while, for limited rigid terms of time of using, all this from life will leave, having left only an experience and knowledge fruit if the way is passed successfully. If isn't present, all it is necessary to make a fresh start, passing again the experience not acquired earlier. The dumped covers once forms living on Earth covered crust. They transmutation themselves also refined rough covers of a planet, but their vital principle collected once, passed to new forms of a the vegetable , animal and human kingdom. Fasten the consciousness to a temporary form in which it lives, is inexpedient and doesn't correspond to spirit of things and evolutionary mission of the person. Mine only that mecum Porto, and only in the spirit of wearable — Mine forever. So the traveler of a way boundless learns to distinguish true, constant values of spirit from the phenomena temporary and passing and freedom finds in the spirit of. He has to respond to rage of external conditions coming from everywhere powerfully: "Even it will pass". "It" will pass, but there will be an experience and the knowledge brought by "it" for spirit. The knowledge it gives strength with firmness and courageously to go through life, without deviating the purpose.

246. (M.A.Y.). Correctly, correctly, correctly! It is rather, rather, by flashing phantoms of life flowing to the purpose far rather! On the one hand, everything because it is passing, on the other hand, without this passing is impossible for the purpose not to reach. Means, passing and it is important, and it is necessary. To find this importance it and will be the solution of sense of this embodiment. Each of them has the definite purpose and appointment. Spirit, being embodied, in the depths this purpose already knows, terrestrial consciousness is not always. And when the knowledge it is absent, the spirit way isn't certain. Arhat knows the way. The pupil knows it. The Lord and Specify as it is possible to comprehend the stay on Earth knows. About for what this embodiment is given, it is possible to think. The purpose becomes clear if to direct to think on this problem.

247. (M.A.Y.). Friends, the way of spirit doesn't do to be put in dependence of that can be that can't be or that will be. External circumstances - only accompaniment for consciousness, but the conductor — spirit. And if, the will wants, and the most bitter will turn into the most sweet, difficulties is in ease and unattainable — in achievable. Levers from consciousness switching in will hands, but it is necessary to want them to turn. And then the most tiresome work can be made interesting and the most undesirable work - pleasant and carrying away. It is necessary to want only, it is necessary only to wish to want. People have these or those feelings only because it wants, but without realizing power of the desire and therefore become toys of the feelings. The person cries or laughs, he does it because so wants because in the phenomenon it isn't concluded any feelings, the fact in itself insensible, i.e. is deprived of emotions, feelings are imposed on it by the person. I rejoice not because this or that phenomenon causes pleasure but because I want. It is a lot of sad and sad in the world and that in them not to drown, it is necessary to approve the feelings contrary to evidence dense, remembering that the person is a laboratory for all feelings, and disposes in it the will.

248. (Guru). Russia mighty not settled for great works collects forces. They, great, is still ahead. Athletes in Russia weren't translated, - arose also new, only forces powerful yet not realize. And time of understanding of great works, feats and affairs heroic comes. The power will be a torch for all ours. Already reach for it from everywhere, already feel мmighty it. Ice will be opened, and the mighty river of life will carry away after Russia all people of the Earth to the ocean of new life because the leader - it, and already conducts and involves in the orbit of everything who was averted from the old world.

249. Each effort to enter into Communication with Me fruit to create.

250. (Apr. 27). Thought concentration on any part of a body causes inflow to it of the blood, the strengthened pulsation and even as though an easy pricking. It occurs owing to inflow of mental energy, or fire. The thought awakens the strengthened activity in body sections, regarding it, being object of concentration of thought. At successful concentration all consciousness is transferred to point of concentration and their energy fiery is forced. Any diseases can recover this way if the reason, them causing is thus eliminated. Sections become the being shone, and thin sight can see, how amplifies luminosity of body on which the thought is concentrated. The thought a certain order can be sent to any part of a body, long concentration will strengthen this order, having caused tension fiery. Body sections on the whole at ordinary people sleep. Their way it is possible to cause from hibernation and to awaken. And the body becomes then being shone and blinking. All organisms will start moving, and the fiery body can begin to show if process of its registration already happens. It is necessary to consider that the person a being fiery. From each section, from every time of a body it is possible to cause fire. Hands of one people hot, at others — cold. The reason is in existence or lack of mental energy. As well auras happen hot and cold, taking away vital heat from others, having more. Fire the awakened is fruitful if the will knows how to operate it. Unmetered, can turn into fire destructive and as though break off it on part of the unlucky carrier? In nervous, uneasy, the rushing about people it is possible to see how tears apart them on part fire which the will didn't seize; fire not applied, fire unused, fire of the power of spirit not the subordinate, the Awakened sections on condition of balance of a microcosm human will be the displayed benefit for their owner. As the commander in which army there is a cast-iron discipline, can dispose the person of the body, giving it the orders which aren't subject to discussion or non-execution. The body is obliged to execute the spirit order, the slave is afraid of the owner. Possibilities of the power over a body should be realized. They are boundless. Process of mastering should be begun; begins, as is always, with most the small. Small successful statements of the power over a body lead to big, big to the great. Not hatha-yoga, but input in heritage and the space right. Everything is given, but it is necessary to master. Everyone knows, how much time you need to master any musical tool, either any branch of science, or specialty, but the person doesn't want to approach mastering by fiery energy (spirit) to the main specialty of the person - with the same measure. Everywhere work, both effort, and the put passes to practice in life. Each outstanding person in the area much at first worked before success I achieved. But someone believes that can to succeed, work without having put. Efforts not the put, further words in language won't go. Awakening of sections of a body can be conducted every day, rhythmically, devoting to it some minutes. Balance - a steady condition, differently fire creating turns into fire of the eating. The silver bridle of spirit on thoughts, feelings is necessary certainly. Concentration on one anybody without the special reasons on that can cause violation of the general magnetic polarization of a body and entail for itself an illness. Concentration on charkas is unacceptable without the direct guide of the Teacher because the infringement of fiery power polarization of an organism can cause very dangerous consequences.