Agni Yoga's facets, 1958 (251-400)

251. Friends, pay attention to how your thoughts are carried out, desires and aspirations. Usually always look at big affairs and the phenomena which are evident, and you look on small as in the small the thought is carried out, and you that will see small thoughts, both bad, and good as the hardworking ants, everyone brings something on the sort and quality. Round them there is a lot of, and in effect, everything surrounding you, it is weaved from thoughts, desires and aspirations you’re, shown once. Perhaps, you don't need not that they brought. Perhaps, your desires became others, but ants worked, and that they brought, you surrounds now. It will help to understand to you, the thought is how strong. Even each subject in your room got to it thanks to effort of your thought or someone's the stranger. So understand that everything round you is created by thought and that the thought is valid to be embodied in visible forms. Not magic it, but life because human life and mankind and an environment of the person and a planet are created by thought human. Having seen the principle of action in small put it in the big. Thought - the lever to the phenomena of life current. Future levers to the phenomena of life approaching in hands of the person also are concluded in thoughts it. As well levers to the phenomena of your future life in your hands also are set in motion by thought. Thought observe and you keep in the direction necessary, if you want reach to Me.

252. (M.A.Y.). Native mine, life doesn't stint tempering you to burden you to prepare you for future happiness, having granted on it the right. Already you understand that your environment is deprived of final sense, but those severe lessons, to pass which it gives the chance, are necessary to you as approach steps to the Teacher of Light. That is why life in a position intolerable and difficult also puts you. Difficulties always on a shoulder, if the will before them doesn't recede, more precisely, doesn't want to recede. Of your future without us any more you don't think, but that you do to approach it and to approve in it to them a place. With itself it is necessary to be perfectly honest and to be aware, how much time you per day devote to the Teacher of Light and its Business; if minutes, and carelessly, and with a reluctance, and as though under duress, whether that seems to you, as results of such relation will be conformable to it. Only joyfully, directed, voluntary work for the sake of the Lord and for the sake of It gives fruitful shoots. Everyone remains with that and thus, with what or whom his thoughts stayed also his heart during this period before arrival. And if now you didn't find time to give hour to the Lord when Matter of the Lord in need, that, probably, as It for you Won't find hour when dark time passes. The law of the accord and compliance works is commensurable. And everyone now measures to itself (himself) the share in the future. But if now time and desire were found by you heart to help Business of the Lord, the benefit to you, work bringing on creation of the New World

253. (M.A.Y.). The Beam is sent you, but have to realize itself in It. Anybody for you it to make not in forces even if very much would like. It is possible to help, it is possible to explain, it is possible even to repeat, but the heart towards to the Beam has to open. And to us you open heart too at the will. And in the accord full with call tension is the answer. Popular wisdom expressed the Great Law simply: "as the call, so the echo", or: "there is nothing to expostulate on a mirror if the ugly face is curve", so curve mirror of consciousness will give both curve display and the accord will turn out distorted.

254. (Guru). Exercise on everything and everywhere congenital force in you. Life on Earth gives to those infinite opportunities. And it is valid, life is a school, only in classes it isn't present neither changes, nor breaks, rest - occupation continuous: both at night, and in the afternoon, and even in a dream. Opportunity to study all the time and endlessly is so given. And the pupil so consciously also will be called as the pupil of life. Very much try, having passed through the next experience, strong to remember it, to realize and postpone for application in the future. To what are all experiences and all life, if they pass by consciousness, without having born a fruit? On experience of relatives you study. On our experience, on experience of the Teacher of Light, imprinted is on pages of the Doctrine of Life. But you study. But go forward and fruits you bear, multiplying a gift in life this talents. And we to you will help not to deviate from a way and to hold the direction if you are with us. But if from us you depart, we will be not in forces to hold you on a way. Therefore, decision one: to go all the way with us together, without coming off us heart, in thoughts.

255. (Apr. 28). We Believe that maintenance of an uninterrupted Unification with Us will be the best exit from any difficult situation. In this condition the energy necessary for overcoming of difficulty, and secondly is given, first, existence of contact protects from consciousness immersion completely, without the rest, in vibration of the environment generating difficulty. The consciousness rises over it and sees limits it and finds ways of overcoming. And not in the difficulty matter, but in understanding testing spirit its essence and to increase on it spirit. Certainly, it is necessary to show efforts, or work, because without effort and efforts not to generate energy of a overcoming. But work intense will give the energy necessary for overcoming. To be idle and think that force will come it isn't known as well as from where, will be a mistake. I Help, I Give the Help, but make efforts. And if life put in conditions difficult, so time goes the accelerated growth of the fiery device of spirit. Aggravation by circumstances for growth of spirit is given. And when this moment comes, it is necessary to give to consciousness right tone of a mood: confidence that everything is surmountable if the will wants, understanding that the effort to put, i.e. work, balance unshakable to counteractions of the environment and constancy of understanding of Proximity of the Leading Hand is necessary. People in these cases arrive in everything just the opposite and, losing balance and forgetting the Teacher, behave the same as all: both are lost, and complain, and discontent show, and forget the Teacher of Light, and time for a clouding spend, say, do all opposite to that have to. And the next lesson of life doesn't bear fruits, but is dissolved in moods and experiences of and the astral cover. Impassivity should be brought in the relation to everything that you concerns personally, to show reticence and restraint, to rely in everything on itself and the Teacher of Light. To rely, I Speak, but not to be assigned because the hand creates affairs.

256. It is very difficult to rise over a scum of life current. The consciousness has tendency to roll in it with the head. The care of day and rage of the present hour of terrestrial vanity seek to take and absorb the consciousness which hasn't left places for this purpose that lifts it over life turmoil. Then the consciousness crumbles under the feet and it is necessary to shake to the person and to bend under a wind, as a blade of grass in the open steppe. With Me arm, and Me stand, and My Face you hold between yourself and them, directing to cast you into hopelessness circle; when such moment comes, strong you fix communication. The purpose of they are you from Me to tear off and same - a test objective. Me and with Me resist, strong holding Me every minute in all affairs. Not for the sake of affairs are given but to learn, how to go on the way without being unsteady and without distracting from the purpose anything. The next an obstacle or test is not the purpose, but only means of the purpose to reach. Taking it for the purpose, you pervert essence of the phenomena. As though strong this phenomenon of life sounded, the purpose lies far beyond a limit of the current phenomena. The phenomenon is only the means conducting to the purpose, giving strength to reach. Not the efforts should be directed to waves of life going on you, but from them to take away their force of a pressure for their overcoming. From each opposite circumstance it is possible to take its force and that grow by it spirit; without conditions counteracting spirit not increase. So we will understand conditions of growth of spirit and we will be glad to everything that to it helps to increase the forces.

257. (M.A.Y.). Today the same I will tell: about firmness, about cheerfulness, about firmness of spirit, about inviolability of fiery essence of spirit, about not destruction its niche that outside. Rage meeting life waves; remember always that they can't break spirit, as waves the sea the granite rock. They break about stones. And Stone you have, it brightly flares in a breast and waves of fury darkness on you attracts, and then becomes more meter and the will burn more brightly; the surf of waves opposite will be more furious. What huge darkness wave The Christ accepted on itself! The going Arhat goes through waves of ardent counteractions and fury of darkness. It is possible to measure by this measure growth of spirit and to rejoice to force of an opposite wave.

258. (Guru). I want to be proud of your force, both firmness of spirit, and ability of a wave it is beautiful to meet. They, your opponent, want you to make a pettiness broken by their diligence, and you become only stronger and stronger spirit from each their next infringement of will and your force. I want you to see strong always. And when chagrin and troubles falls down your head, not of them think, they to anything, but about force, not wanting to give in to them. Victoriously pass up to the end through any difficulty, by spirit and in the spirit of before it without having inclined — here, the friend, your task.

259. (Apr. 29). Tension fiery shouldn't pass for legality limits. It is impossible to allow burn out of nervous fabric. From here is council about tranquility. Tranquility of tension is so we will note. The doctrine of tension provides that its growth went gradually, accustoming the device human to the capacity of a fiery force. Control is necessary both here, and, perhaps, still bigger, than usually. The ordinary car has the driver regulating its work. As and the difficult car of a microcosm human at the control panel has a spirit - her owner. The will sends the order, turning the device lever, - and the difficult car starts moving, following instructions. In principle, everything submits to will, it is necessary to train only it in this direction. It doesn't matter, if in the beginning the device not in everything to spirit is obedient. It is necessary to understand only that covers of the will have no. That seems their willfulness, simply to eat < ... > the will enclosed once in them by the person. Means, it and can withdraw crystals of the will which has taken roots in its psychophysical organism. To destroy crystals of habits, and actions habitual, and that became usual and the second nature of the person, sometimes hardly. But it is worth understanding only that all this is generated and destroyed by will, and to will to begin to enjoy awareness of the power and the power over forms of the expression in which it lives as the beginning to unlimited domination of will over a body and the bodies will be put strongly. It is necessary to understand — will available all and all submits to will, even movement of stars, even movement of galaxies. In the nature the potential of will is boundless. The will is fire in operation. Certainly, the will of the inhabitant and will of the founder of a planet or will of the Lord differ immeasurably between itself, and their nature one. Firmly and persistently it is necessary to approach to understanding of that all is available to will and all submits to it. This understanding can be destroyed easily on difficult feasible things if to begin will training with them. But also here, as well as everywhere, we will begin with things small; remembering that all great grew from small and with the small began. A number of small victories strong-willed and a number of small successes to will confidence allow dare to the big. About value of aspiration already you know. About power of thought is too. But the will be the engine both. The person, will deprived, is a pettiness. The person thinking that he can't do anything, on the will tramples and destroys. It is better to go a formula - I can do everything. With unshakable confidence in power of will and by means of ours really it is possible to reach results considerable. Call it self-confidence or in the Highest Forces, whether everything is equal if the person brings the fiery force combined with Force Highest, into such condition when the desire of will is carried out. Even the prayer is carried out only when it fiery. The fiery prayer by means of will reaches tension necessary. In all affairs human you see the will put in their basis. The Stone treasure in a breast is power of will crystallizing by eyelids. The will is fiery attribute of spirit, force it realizes in all infinity of its fiery potential, but in application every day and since the low-slightest things. From small to great in everything — such is a way of the inalterability approving a spiral and evolutionary ascension of spirit on steps fiery?

-. Experience yesterday's was quite successful: earlier seeming boring work was performed in tension fiery, bringing feeling of pleasure and satisfaction. Freely the hand wrote, and work went very successfully. But the mistake was in an excessive overstrain that easily could cause irritability and balance loss. Balance and tranquility always and in everything — let it will be a practical formula of life. The task to give any work to carry out in a desirable key, and also to react to all surrounding not automatically — reflex, but according to the instruction and the will order is possible for itself. But for this purpose it is necessary that the will accurately decide that it wants that "sutrarma" itself I showed and as arrived, and behaved behind a stage of a vital scene before people and before itself. As though rehearsal in the imagination and planning of the actions and a behaviour in the conditions of dense and thin. Approved pour models of future actions, near and them will easily and freely pour out in life actions already actually. It is necessary to think, think simply, resolutely and firmly of how to arrive in everything, in all affairs, both great, and small, and together with the Lord because He with us always.

261. (Guru). Treasure of my will with you I will share that you could increase treasure of your will. The will, the fire can be transferred to conformable consciousness. This magic is simple, and not occult magic it, but magic of life. From history you know how soldiers followed the commander and managed big affairs and feats heroic if he was able to transfer fires of the will to the fighting colleagues. Remember Suvorov, Ushakov, and Pozharsky with Minin; remember all those who ardently the will awakened will of people to life actions. But coherence of consciousnesses and in a case with the Teacher conscious aspiration to Communication with the purpose exact and expressed obviously is necessary. If the thought is directed to the Lord with an obvious task will to strengthen and increase, obviously the answer will be conformable.

262. "Look for and let's find, you ask and it will be given you, you knock and will open to you", ardently direct and fiery learn to want to receive wished from the Lord.

263. (Apr. 30). (M.M.). The consciousness merged through gifts spaces; we will give rise to its new understanding. The space is a receptacle real, there is great My Bosom. And this space for free spirit is the sphere of a display of its activity. People dream of an rrest and of that in rest to rest. But the boundless space of fire is the sphere of tension of the highest energiya, and rest isn't present in it to Me to the directed spirit. In my Spheres to Me the directed spirit its work waits intense, but conformable for essence. You know that the matter is passive and that the will forms it, pouring in in all forms of the invisible and visible world. Not I, but my children work on that to their spirit in power. Not in itself, but the Will of Hierarchy of Light and the employees it supports a harmonius order of the Universe. Space is great, and the number of the works demanded from the employees of Light is great. And everyone is waited conformable to spirit by work. And there, on Earth, on your minor planet, spirit fires straining in work, the spirit prepare to tension of Spheres of the Highest. In the Doctrine of tension the essence of on what Space is based is expressed. But it is necessary to enter into a rhythm of this fiery tension gradually because it will burn a dense body if to accelerate process. And thin won't be able to cease on it if on Earth tension of fiery energy of spirit wasn't included into life as usual way of day. Tension doctrine therefore is a basis of the Doctrine of the Life given to people through Lords, Me Put on protection of your planet; they nowadays enter consciousness of mankind into a new rhythm of space tension. Waves of spatial fire in the form of new energiya powerfully direct on your planet, and not to fuse, they should be met the consciousness, ready to contain rhythms of new tension. Space tension is shown in balance of fiery power and in a harmonious combination of these energiya. Balance of spirit the person has to show, accepting streams of waves new. Otherwise will fuse the wire of his nerves or will be not sustained by heart. Task planetary and space to spirits leading not only keep the balance, but also to give to people a fiery impulse to mastering by. Only provided that Earth will be able to escape, differently explosion is inevitable. And that once people considered as laws of moral and morals which as they believed, they could execute or not execute with impunity, nowadays becomes an indispensable condition of their life further in aura of the terrestrial atmosphere in both worlds — hidden and visible. Tension fiery will is so great that at non-compliance with balance of part of an organism human will start being loosened and the device of spirit will come to full worthlessness. Tell people about essential and urgent urgency of the statement of balance of spirit. Time presses, time flies. If aren't ready, accidents not to avoid. Fiery spatial the energy, not assimilated by spirit and not bridled by it, will rush outside and, having entered into a combination to underground fire, will cause explosions. It is so possible to understand that the statement of balance is for the person both terrestrial, and space need. But those who passed through tension fiery, having kept balance of spirit, waiting and desired will be met in My halls.

264. If you resist with Proximity Friend, affairs will resist therefore our care of you, and yours about them, after you going— as though concentration of our efforts to the few, able to contain. You see how depart unsteady, not approved and recognitions not shown. But to these we won't be confused — not in quantity business. But if is in quality, it is necessary to show qualities of spirit these difficult days before Arrival. The main thing from them is balance and tranquility. Without them all other quality is to anything. To unbalanced consciousness of guards of the world we won't be able to entrust. Tendency and devotion too, to the Lord Love and hearts openness - the word, it is necessary to show the symphony of qualities, but on moment conditions — balance first of all. Also it is necessary to remember constantly that when we together, nothing can break you because against Us nobody is strong. The force realize, powerfully born from a unification, my favorite pupil, Me put at the crossroads is dear before Arrival.

265. (M.A.Y.). Darling, with you it is happy - you spirit over terrestrial. You spirit over those movements which go in covers, with the Lord and with us, over accidents of life current. This proximity gives vigilance and understanding of the events both is close, and is far, both with relatives, and with the far. Merge of consciousnesses pours out in understanding of reality. To the friend tell: if vigilance I left and doesn't show recognition remains in the black glasses which have been put on by others hand. And if to your words doesn't show trust, let shows to mine. Strong will tear to pieces, because crept up through relatives. If the internally to heart it isn't protected from them, will tear to pieces completely. It isn't necessary to trust to charming words, behind them another. We don't trust words. And where affairs if words and business to divide? If auras even adjoined a little, danger is all the same great. It is unreasonable to calm it that everything is good also passions get rid. Not simply all this, and in words not to get rid of that, on what years of persistent fight against, works, tests are required. To spirits big and to spirits strong this fight not always on a shoulder. Why to be deceived by words? Behind words conscious or unconscious lie, behind lie the shaggy hands reaching for his poor, tired heart. Let you will better ask. To you not for the first time from faces to break masks. But not in it trouble, and in behind it standing. Everything, on what nervous force left and leaves, is caused by dark rack. Let heart to us will closer open and is closer to you, but will close from the dark influences, nowadays opened by it, thanks to undeserved trust to the close. Otherwise to it won't be able to help.

266. To fight, fight, struggle with itself and with everything that is given by life for overcoming, and to win. The symphony of life consists of a pattern of the spirit which is weaving from constant victories. Himself the winner foreordains, and then already wins against the world. It is wrong to think that is necessary someone and somehow outside to win. But in itself the won of another, against it wins and out of. Also there is nothing to expostulate on people, against going, it is better to expostulate on itself that forces didn't suffice to increase spirit on them and to overcome them in themselves. Unless the Savior fought against a Satan? No! But in itself. It Overcame everything and when that passed, Christ Redeemer Tell: "There is a Prince of this World, but has in Me no anything". In itself Won the Lord the going evil on It. And you, the friend, learn not to struggle with people and against to go, but in yourself to overcome them energy directed to you.

267. Let’s give a sign to changes. To me time is conducted when to begin. You Me keep, for Me all consciousness. I will keep about My Day, I Will closer approach and I Will give the statement of Proximity new. - "The father, You My heart is opened". — "The benefit (you), who has opened to Me a heart. And if you are exhausted, forces I Will increase it is hundredfold". - "The father, is unsteady everything that remained". - "And you become stronger for all and you will be all a tower where to the friend the shelter and protection, but a tower patrol is ready. I will give 49 eyes and 49 strings of understanding heart, and there will be resistant you guard over My Business".

268. (May 1). Now not current, and whirlpool is. And many consciousnesses sink. But there's no evil without good, because there is the last selection. Glass is split up, splashes scattering, but the spirit blade is forged. And you for sinking as lifebuoys — are for what to grasp. Someone holds strongly them; the majority powerlessly goes to a bottom under pressure of a dark hand. My friend, our Communication first of all and over everything, the Lord the first thought and the first place. The future isn't known by anybody and terms aren’t known, only Lords, but also only are conditional because the changeable factor of the general consciousness of mankind causes our decisions. To give something before term, the will break capacity of consciousness, means illegally to give and not in the benefit. The fire creating then turns in fiery the eating. It is necessary therefore to wait unexpectedly, staying in readiness full. And finally, it is absolutely unimportant that is, either was, or will be outside if life of spirit goes tensely, crescendo. But if in external life everything was executed, but ashes on heart and fires, to what then all and even execution of terms died away. Because the God's Kingdom and richness of the Worlds — in the person, and external everything to anything, if in his harm. Let's learn to lead so internal life of spirit, looking at the phenomena of life current as on something such, why there is no advantage to the person if it loses the soul, at least and the whole world got. Transferring of the center of gravity and the center from the outside inside will be the correct solution of life terrestrial. Because when all external will come to an end and will leave and the person remains face to face with the internal wealth and internal life, correctness of the solution of it will rise before it in all its importance. While overweight you give something external, until then the support under feet won't be because outside it is impossible on what to lean. Unless Lord outside? It in heart and heart is realized, and in heart of the Lord a throne. And understanding of all phenomena terrestrial inside happens as differently they don't exist for the person. For deaf and blind there is no outside world of sounds and paints, it lives out of it, and still lives. Both birds, and animals, and the person — live everything, but depending on the internal content of each focus of life.

269. (Guru.). The current of events goes waves. It is necessary to see the next wave. Their rhythm will become frequent. The return from space of waves former will fall down. Pressure of waves new will amplify. And gradually one it will be replaced another. We waited, but waited, you wait, but you will wait. But it is necessary to go after all and to think of it.

270. (May 2). Be careful. There is nothing that can cause us harm, if resistant vigilance on the guard. You, the phenomena opposite meeting blow, try to distinguish, whose hand puts it, the enemy or the friend. The enemy isn't dangerous, because he in a camp of enemies. But the friend, striking blow, already is on a service at of the dark. Very dangerously bear fire stumbling and falling: it is possible to do a fire and to burn itself. Open enemies It is preferred to rotten friends. It is difficult to understand, what not enemies, but are dangerous friends and through them — the main harm. Enemies if friends are strong are powerless, and are resistant, and for arrows of enemies aren't open. Harm gets into our Affairs through putridity of friends. Therefore power of recognition should be directed on relatives and their environment. It is necessary to know with whom business have, it is necessary to know who to their heart is close also to thoughts and who borrows and as their field of consciousness. If the consciousness is occupied from the close friend by that who obviously or secretly serves our enemies, the friend is unreliable and in business by a support won't be, especially, if the stranger is subject to will influences. Influence of will or violence over will is always fraught with consequences, and consequences bad if the will is dark. It is necessary to show vigilance hundred - eye, if you want to stand on guard Del of ours. It is very sad that often don't know that create. But when know and still create and created by lie hide — there is no justification interfering implementation of our Plan. Certainly, consciously interfering - our and your enemies. Our enemies always are yours. Knowing the enemy, don't take in head with a smile to address to him. The smile to the enemy will say goodbye only when it is the disguised friend, differently it will turn into a grimace of pain, horror, despair or hopelessness. From your acquaintances or your familiar friends of the benefit don't wait, if they on service at dark or their victims. Time having received blow, stand guard since then a constant against put to you to neutralize able to be put harm. But relatives should be rescued, showing the patience equal to patience of the Teacher. With you the Teacher is tolerant infinitely; the same measure is shown also by you. But refused you and the management rejected more anymore don't disturb the care. But all measures settle before cutting. So wisdom show in the relations to those, who to you the soul I entrusted!

271. (M.A.Y.). Watch itself and look that you bring the healthy radiations in it — patients. At contact, and besides constant, with sick aura it is necessary to sate consciously it with emanations of health and vital force. Then even the simple silent presence will be improving. It is possible for these much to help. The help can be strengthened conscious Communication at these moments with the Lord and, looking at the patient, follows in the thoughts in images accurate and clear healthy to represent it. To respond with the word of health to his each word and thought of an illness, hopes, vigorous, light thoughts of that to premise. The sick consciousness can't fall by no means in conformable a condition and to catch it. It is necessary to adjust constantly, on the contrary, it on an own wave of health, cheerfulness, hope and improvement. Barriers of impossibility and heap of painful images, feelings and weakness should be destroyed the wave absolutely, with an evidence of their reality without reckoning. Fight against an illness is fight against evidence for reality of the approved reality in the spirit of. So powerful, unseperable statement of health, contrary to seen eye evidence, the Savior of people cured. But power of spirit should be called, but fiery creating, but all of consciousness of all and will the order it is possible to work wonders with force. With Me are created, and My Force, and the Wills Our, merged together. Who knows, perhaps, to you the Lord a possibility gives the strength to test for ability the Beam, the Sent them, to apply on your neighbors and in the Benefit. Testing the forces on everything, then we multiply. From this day every time as it is assisted someone, it is necessary to create it in ardent communication with the Lord. Not I, but we, you and Lord.

272. (Guru). Here the case new is given the force to apply in the help to relatives. Prana taken from Lord, you report to a sick organism. Consequences are inevitable, and improvement won't slow down. It is necessary to show persistence, equal to persistence of an illness. The patience, persistence and work everything will grind.

273. (May 3). It is necessary to take always into account character of spatial currents of the present day; the perception of thoughts very depends on them. Magnetic currents and thoughts of space interact among themselves. On currents spatial it is possible to play if the consciousness of force found itself to operate. In itself it is possible to overcome rage of antagonistic currents because over any flesh that is over everything that outside the power is given to the person. Question only in as far as it took it in hand. If to give itself on worry to currents opposite, that consciousness will drown in them, being tightened
in funnels of astral spatial whirlwinds. And then in World Thin, at an entrance to it, forces will successfully not fight against them anymore. As the current of a rough stream dry carries away leaves and streams of astral whirlwinds involve consciousness in the funnels and carry away in depths of the lower class. That is why to opposition of darkness, the evil, chaos not shown, interfering in terrestrial life, follows against to become all strength of mind. Any disharmony, both disbalance, and concern and astral explosions from the same family harm of the giving rise phenomena. It is possible to understand that in the citadel the spirit the chaotic energiya cutting thickness of dense conditions if its citadel is strongly protected is impregnable. Our Stronghold is impregnable for chaotic vibrations of the lower class. Our Stronghold serves as a prototype of a spirit stronghold which is created and approved by spirit in the citadel. The inviolability against rage of external conditions and whirlwinds astral the spirit has to realize and approve jealously understanding it as the life basis on Earth and in the Worlds. So inviolability of spirit, its boundlessness in an infinity of life eternal, the being shown in life temporary, terrestrial, and in other covers, on provisional plans hidden, realized strong, persistently and constantly, will give strength to spirit to pass through everything that life in the waves brings. Truly, in variability and inconstancy that around, finds spirit confidence of an enduring basis from which depth the Dumb Witness inside staying eternally looks at external life. The Teacher of Light sitting on the bank of a stream of life, let a symbol will be the one who from spirit depths, invariable and eternal, Looks at everything that outside, without identifying itself with anything that has a smell, color or a form.

274. My son, you correctly understood that proximity you’re difficult. And if compared everything that was It isTold by Me to you and you will look as it is empty around, both everywhere, and everywhere, you will obviously see that the son I Call not in vain and even as the next I Consider. From proximity of this occur a lot of things, as well as the understanding in a root of everything that round my Affairs occurs. They should explain, to you everything is clear, frequent even without any explanations or knowledge of details. Spirit you feel essence of that is hidden under a form verbal or that is hidden in the letter under an external form. It is useful to note also reaction of heart and thoughts at thoughts about close or distant friends then to compare with feelings from hidden perceptions. It should be noted and what strong and deep impression leaves the words, letters and, especially, that is transferred by us or Entrusted by ours. Each word bears in itself powerful charges of Light, that is why and their influence is so strong. Consider growing power and use it wisely. My light, which is in you, is given for crops good. Manage to distribute its grains wisely. Correctly as well that the part of Maternal care of my Business lays down on your shoulders. From here both pressure heavy and unreasonable force. Cross of life you bear for yourself and for it. That is why its help to you and its proximity are so available. She assumed terrestrial cares of the left Guru - and you and its and its, but, of course, partially. Full loading wouldn't sustain heart. And it is so hard. It closes and distant, you will be the eyes, capable to distinguish the phenomena of Light and to distinguish them from darkness. It is available to the little; differently there would be no so many terrible delusions and blindness. On them who aren't seeing the truths, don't complain: not everything gave that to you. But explain, explain and patience have the friend in darkness not to leave even if he persists. Condemnation separate from discussion and the first leave to the enemies, the second —. And take your time to consider dark the temporarily gone blind. Also remember while with Me and without doubts, anybody and will stop nothing you.

275. (M.A.Y.). I will tell, and I will tell much. First, position of the distant friend is worse, than you think. Threat to health because of endured recently and expenditure in vain forces on consciousness inclined to unconscious vampirism. < … >Words hid essence. Sees in it that so there is a wish see but not that is. But let it will be convinced. Time will show soon in what the friend wasn't right. Secondly, air and the sun are necessary to a flower.

276. (Guru). Any work performed fiery, gives a flame force. If this force passes lawful borders, the Teacher Speaks: "Care"! Work it is possible to force fire until it is in full submission and under will control. In operation has to be expressed only that its share, which it is necessary for action, but it is no more. If action feather it is saturated energy not to avoid a wave of hands, neither excessive movements, nor the other disbalance, the actions which were expressed by a randomness already third-party, unnecessary, aimless and harmful the uncontrollability. It is impossible to refrain from unrestrained actions if in the main action it is enclosed fire more, than it is necessary, excessively lawful. Intense fire can cause painful symptoms in that part of an organism or those bodies on which loading lies down. So, in this case eyes because it wasn't shown commensurabilities between force of force fire and action capacity suffered. The insufficient absorptivity of fire action directed < … >force it on organs of vision, having burdened them and having tired without advantage. Therefore fires should be owned. It is otherwise better not to cause them at all. Otherwise, as in the fairy tale, I called a magic demon, and couldn't cope with him. Fires can be caused, but on condition of complete control over them. It is already possible to understand that very powerful force of a flame is possible, and it is already easily available, it is necessary to own only strong this fiery force that fire creating didn't become fire the eating.

277. (May 4). The Lord and enduring is unchangeable. Passing through life and its tests, the pupil that the Lord moved away that there is no it near thinks sometimes, and then can seem — whether a dream all that He Spoke, or groundless dreams. And Maya then approves herself in the reeled consciousness. But it is worth understanding only that everything put only to thoughts the casual or thrown dark hand as Maya ghosts depart there, from where came. It is very important to realize that they are concluded only in a cover of thoughts casual. Once you banish these thoughts, and the feeling of reality comes back again. It is necessary to accustom it to that with these thoughts not to be considered and not to pay to them any attention, it is impossible to allow that these tramps became between the Teacher and the pupil. Vagrant thoughts can be very harmful. When something occurs and covers the Image of the Lord, it is possible to tell it firmly: "The Maya, depart! I know that the Lord is close, and no thoughts, any feelings, any phenomena of life and circumstance can interrupt communication this or to convince me that the Lord" left. Because Told: "I won't leave". It is so possible to look at everything that seeks to separate consciousness from the Lord, as on something, testing degree of the statement of the pupil in the Teacher of Light. It is necessary to understand in life that Proximity of the Lord - over all movements happening in a matter of three temporary bodies of the person, and that extra temporariness of this Proximity is concluded in the Immortal Reincarnating Triad of the person which enduring light gives up reflection on the screen of the terrestrial consciousness concluded in three lowest covers. Therefore the statement enduring in itself is the statement of the immortality and a victory of immortal Ego over elements passing, it’s fitting. "I know that the Lord is close, and I trust Him" - let there will be it an overcoming formula, a formula overcoming the next approach of Maya, a formula, put forward every time when something tries or someone wishes to separate thinking of the pupil from Consciousness of the Teacher. Many attempts already were, both will be even more, and there will be they even more refined and distinguished. Not the reality becomes between, but casual, passing thought. Thoughts vagrant, thoughts casual, thoughts of the present day, today you are, tomorrow you aren't present, but the Lord with me forever. "Both thoughts, and feelings, and words, also I put, and all environment of spirit — all this passes and at summer will leave, but there will be with Me a Lord", - the pupil in understanding of a fiery validity so approves himself and in it is approved strongly.

278. Whether the Teacher can be sure of fidelity and your firmness? Whether were resistant and unshakable always? And whether there can always be you confident in firmness and firmness of those who follows you? Think over the answer and you will understand why the Teacher Speaks about patience and tolerance to following you. If all perfect were, the Teacher wouldn't be necessary. So imperfection going to It not serves as a barrier to the phenomenon of the way. For Us "good" the person isn't a sign of its suitability. And often We pass by so-called good people and we stop the look on less perfect. From the pupil are required the qualities which are giving the chance to it to go. Good people are often inert, often only are warm and therefore aren't suitable for evolution. That is why among our people isn't present perfect and standard «good» is absent. That is why our measures others. And We Are anxious not so much with shortcomings with Us going, how many subjects that these shortcomings to them didn't prevent to go. And if they don't disturb, We Know then that there will come the moment when the increased fiery will easily and freely sweep away the next shortcoming. Therefore our Care - to approve the qualities, directing spirit to an ascension that all of them overcame, disturbing to advance. For shortcomings we Do not condemn, but strong Specifying that prevent to go.

279. (M.A.Y.). There is nothing worse, harmful and terrible, than thought that any imperfection in the person deprive of him the right to take a life. Why then the Christ was among tax-gatherers and sinners, and even the robber and the loose woman were approached. Let it will serve as confirmation of that access is open for each directed spirit, out of dependence from shortcomings it. If power of aspiration overcomes detaining force of shortcomings - it is possible to go. The one who is cold, forces should show more to become hot and fiery, than to the one who only is warm. And therefore cold and a gloom in itself overcome more merits has, than that, who has nothing was to overcome, if even it was good. I tell it to that, that the shortcomings not consider as a condition stopping a way, but ascended a way their overcoming of the detaining forces, developing force ascending movement bigger potential, than force attracting back.

280. (Guru). My friend when come humble itself think, it is good to remember, how I was to us and to the Lord I am approximate, how those which are standing at some distance are far, though were called as the proximity becomes closer, and the fiery thought grows. Thoughts weaken humbling, and it is necessary to us strong who could as emphasis stones, to support burden of all affairs. And I put these much, and all are urgent, there is no time to waste time on something depriving spirit of force. The force in itself claim, my friend, contrary to everything that prevents you to be strong. Fiery power of spirit, having the basis in depths of its immortal enduring essence, dominates over accident of external conditions. The force approving in the face of evidence dense, you claim that is despite the fact that it seems under the influence of Maya.

281. (May 5). I approve necessity of My phenomenon among true, necessity of the phenomenon of signs, necessity of fiery aspiration to Me and a constancy rhythm. The magnet which is powerfully attracting in the orbit, My Spirit for betrayed by heart (for true) — an attracting Magnet to Light Spheres is. Process of magnetization of spirits of the sixth race is invisible now, it goes tensely. The leading Hierarch collects a kernel of New Race. Beams of Great Heart flow from the Tower far towards to wakening hearts. And any heart, able to begin to sound answer on this appeal, won't be left or forgotten. Degrees of an answer are various: from hardly realized, before open, obvious and conscious cooperation. The century of cooperation and cooperation of all and in everything needs the pioneers. Cooperation of spirits, conformable with Beams of Great Heart will be the highest form of the cooperation. When on its note all hearts, foreordain to Light will be able to begin to sound, Great Arrival will be made. The space is sated with new formulas of life. Are burned old, gets rid. Forms of new thought and leading evolutionary ideas are condensed. And these images filling aura of a planet, start getting into consciousness of mankind. In increasing frequency from different corners of Earth the voices speaking about the world, cooperation and mutual understanding, about fight against destruction forces are distributed. It hearts human reply on an all-planet Appeal of the Lord. This process will amplify, extend, and to deepen billion begun to sound hearts, and will be the answer to the silent Address of Great Heart. Sounding heart starts being shone. This Light lights up it and that surrounds it. When everything who foreordain, the gloom will be replaced by Light will begin to sound and foreordain time will come to pour out in dense forms. Therefore it is necessary to understand essence of hidden work as the heart open for the Lord, your Earth created in aura. Certainly, heart such is on service obvious. Bikes and loadings it, bearing on itself all burden of repayment surrounding imperfection. But it is great both an award and honor to be in the forefront.

282. See each reaction of heart to all events out of you. And where the eye won't notice and mind will keep silent, there heart will tell the sensitive word. Certainly, vigilance is necessary also consciousness wakefulness, but the guard — heart. It on patrol costs also ready to reply consciousness transfers the messages. Numb a hearts it is deprived of keenness. By fire it is generated and refined keenness. Flaring heart vibrates answer on all currents of space. It feels vibrations of human auras. It will warn against darkness of the creeping-up evil. Therefore I Speak: "Be a wake heart, that its fire not are urgent, there is no time to waste time on something depriving spirit of force. The force in itself claim, My friend, contrary to everything that prevents you to be strong. Fiery power of spirit, having the basis in depths of its immortal enduring essence, dominates over accident of external conditions. The force approving in the face of evidence dense, you claim that is despite the fact that it seems under the influence of Maya.

281. (May 5). I approve necessity of My phenomenon among true, necessity of the phenomenon of signs, necessity of fiery aspiration to Me and a constancy rhythm. The magnet which is powerfully attracting in the orbit, my Spirit for betrayed by heart (for true) — an attracting Magnet to Light Spheres is. Process of magnetization of spirits of the sixth race is invisible now, it goes tensely. The leading Hierarch collects a kernel of New Race. Beams of Great Heart flow from the Tower far towards to wakening hearts. And any heart, able to begin to sound answer on this appeal, won't be left or forgotten. Degrees of an answer are various: from hardly realized, before open, obvious and conscious cooperation. The century of cooperation and cooperation of all and in everything needs the pioneers. Cooperation of spirits, conformable with Beams of Great Heart will be the highest form of the cooperation. When on its note all hearts, foreordain to Light will be able to begin to sound, Great Arrival will be made. The space is sated with new formulas of life. Are burned old, gets rid. Forms of new thought and leading evolutionary ideas are condensed. And these images filling aura of a planet, start getting into consciousness of mankind. In increasing frequency from different corners of Earth the voices speaking about the world, cooperation and mutual understanding, about fight against destruction forces are distributed. It hearts human reply on an all-planet Appeal of the Lord. This process will amplify, extend, and to deepen billion begun to sound hearts, and will be the answer to the silent Address of Great Heart. Sounding heart starts being shone. This Light lights up it and that surrounds it. When everything who foreordain, the gloom will be replaced by Light will begin to sound and foreordain time will come to pour out in dense forms. Therefore it is necessary to understand essence of hidden work as the heart open for the Lord, your Earth created in aura. Certainly, heart such is on service obvious. Bikes is and loadings it, bearing on itself all burden of repayment surrounding imperfection. But it is great both an award and honor to be in the forefront.

282. See each reaction of heart to all events out of you. And where the eye won't notice and mind will keep silent, there heart will tell the sensitive word. Certainly, vigilance is necessary also consciousness wakefulness, but the guard — heart. It on patrol costs also ready to reply consciousness transfers the messages. Numb heart is deprived of keenness. By fire it is generated and is refined keenness. Flaring heart vibrates answer on all currents of space. It feels vibrations of human auras. It will warn against darkness of the creeping-up evil. Therefore I Speak: "Be a wake heart that its fire didn't go out". Hearts fire the extinguished are deaf and blind to that nowadays invitingly sounds on spaces of a planet and unites spirits foreordain in new race, in a kernel of new race. The appeal under the Banner of Lord Maitreya nowadays goes, and heart replies.

283. I will tell still something: "Now approved in Heart we wash thousands costs others, with the answer the late and after comers on call". I will accept all, but with honor different. I will render everything, but on rage of aspiration. And all I will sate on extent of hunger of spirit and capacity of the baskets brought with. Bread not five, but it is prepared much, and not on five thousand. Where wishing bread to receive baskets?

284. (Guru). The same quantity of fiery energy in the person does it strong if it is bridled and under will control, and — powerless if on the contrary. Inflow of forces will be given, but that advantage if mastering by treasure doesn't accompany it. So mastering by fires should pay special attention, both time, and work. Energy is, to its access is open, the force of spatial fire became possible - remains the power of will over it to approve by a way of mastering it by force. It is dangerous very much in hands not able to them to operate.

285. (May 6). Each phenomenon of life can be met adequately and beautifully, and the main thing, it is necessary not to allow it to capture consciousness, that is to seize it and to have over it the power. The real step also is a step of the statement of this power over rage of energy of chaos, darkness, destruction and all disbalance which are showing in the sphere surrounding spirit of dense and thin conditions. Because and difficult. There is on you a world, but against to become it is possible for it only strength of mind. As if everything rises and growls on Light carrier: both ruthless enemies, and rotten friends. Here rage and complexity of external conditions falls upon you. Show eagerness, it isn't necessary neither to argue, nor to convince, to be afflicted with this attack violent, but it is necessary to reflect it tranquility full. And the main task not in performing this or that work successfully or not successfully, anyway, but only in keeping balance. The dark try to change a task facing spirit, having directed forces it to anything, but only not to the main thing. And if the consciousness gives in to them on these tricks and the forces will direct on accident of external difficulties, but not on in every way to keep balance, the sense of test of this step will be nullified. So, a problem of the present day — to keep balance of spirit and, observing it, to carry out that gives life as need. On others it is well visible as loss of balance devours their forces and turns them into empty covers. It is necessary to understand it in the annex to. And even if it wasn't succeeded to keep balance internal, externally it anything it is impossible show. Will snatch immediately also will tear to pieces. At balance loss integrity of a protecting network is broken and in the formed break the dark host directs. It is necessary all forces to collect, that to reject strong pressure to each attempt of encroachment with parties each on balance of spirit. It is necessary to collect forces inside, it is necessary to show coldness of restraint and understanding of, how are harmful a disbalance. It is better to look at them as on the enemies attempting on most valuable that we have. Want to rush inside and to trample the heel on all this light and fire that is collected by works of so many years. It is necessary to take off masks and it is necessary to see, who the friend, and who the enemy. Also it is necessary to understand that among counteracting and harm doing does not know that create. And if friends in life bring very few pleasure what to tell about them which are standing outside. Therefore prepare itself for tests gorsy and mentally pass through them, keeping complete equilibrium and tranquility, cold of a look, the word and a sound of a voice meet feeble efforts them. And strong become isolated: any excess word, smile and gesture. Not friendly will grasp emotional identification of your energiya a hand and will do harm, getting out of limits of a protecting network and to those doing harm. Heavy so because on them, harm doing, is pressed by the dark, which has surrounded them that wound you. Look as it cleared up, both creeps from everywhere, and presses consciousness heavy. And you one in the field the soldier and Me Are put on a crossing of ways. The force collect in itself and a sword prepare for blow, but with blow don't hurry — one directed edge often stops the most ardent attack. And cares of our affairs grow and need strongly the help and council. Forces and time have to suffice on everything and on all because we together, you and I are your Lord. Show ardent internal readiness power of reserved force, understanding, to reflect all attempts your spirit to break. You don't look that around ordinary people. If friends serve as channels for dark influences that to destroy you what to tell about all the others, you surrounded with a wall. In each my Word forces to you inflows oppositions to chaos of dissoluteness and rush about energiya astral. So, it is necessary to show restraint and it to be protected from encroachment; should be protected as if business goes about protection absolutely the stranger, but not about itself. Well sometimes, but it is quite conscious, to think and tell about itself in the third party, as though not you, but someone another, out of the standing. Actually so it also is. Sutratma is not you, but external your form which you use temporarily on a vital scene for the next exit in casual roles and conditions of the vital drama. This external form if to depart from it as though aside, it is possible to force any role imposed by external conditions, well to play and even it is brilliant and as the will wishes and as the will solved. You can even tell yourself: "Sutratma, your exit is! Desire to carry out a role in a due key". Body you send for ten kilometers and the body go because it is subordinated to will. Eats, drinks, puts on is all at your will. Will large powers. Everything submits to it, and sutratma - the actor on a vital scene. The actor is it not you, but your slave, your servant, the performer of your commands. You — his lord, he are your slave, the performer of your commands. Thinking of itself in the third party, and sometimes speaking, it is necessary to have a clear view of this form separated in external expression from the one, who lives in it as her master. These are forces to you will allow to operate an external form; it will help you to bridle an astral and to bring all covers into full submission to will. As a matter of fact, life only for this purpose also is given that the spirit a matter of all covers and movements, in them occurring could seize. So, my friend, on the next wave of heavy external conditions and spatial antagonistic currents look as at new ardent opportunity to approve power of the spirit and its power over them.

286. (M.A.Y.). Darling, everything I see, but, seeing, I want to be proud of you and to see you winning with firmness all difficulties of life going. The burden of my affairs on your shoulders partially laid down, therefore also such counteraction from everywhere. But and force washing to influence people, their hearts lighting, already I became yours. Pay attention that when you speak from My Name and My Words, impact of these words on people very strongly. To it you tell: "Could go far and highly fly up if the force and the talent I didn't spray on the parties and I didn't spend them that aren’t connected through us with Business of the Lord and the Doctrine Given by It through us". Only strong holding the Life Doctrine, strong it opens in itself sleeping forces.

287. (Guru). At contact with us your thought directs to us, sounding in a certain key, and magnitno, on an accord tonality, is sated with our fire answer. Question and the answer, call and response is the same way to get knowledge, using the attraction law, but on a conformable wave. Extent of receiving depends on tension of a magnetic wave, that is power of aspiration, and the acceptability is caused by consciousness capacity. Ability of containment means spirit filling because having, and only having, it is given. Not brought anything, will receive nothing. The law is relentless.

288. (May 7). (M.W.). It is necessary to think now about spatial life while the spirit is incarnate on Earth. The thought from the present day, but directed to Me, in Boundlessness, to spirit will serve the bridge to my Spheres to direct when there will come the moment of release from a body terrestrial. For this purpose it is necessary to understand, while a body on Earth that the spirit house where spirit. But it not that house where he lives, and not a body because the body is a house close, temporary and threatened. But this house, the spirit house, is a body of its light. It is its stronghold in which it is also it will be always and everywhere, on Earth both in the Worlds, and in the light of space. And the house this eternal in itself approving now over other covers, temporary too (as clothes and the house terrestrial), are created in space a monastery for spirit. It is possible to enter into My Spheres, but into what item possible and how? It is possible to enter only in light body. The purpose of life of spirit on your Earth is creation and approval process in itself light bodies. How it is created in your days that in my Days it could begin to shine? It is created and it is under construction in work every day and understanding of that each thought, an act and the word brings in the essence of people life or death elements. If its forces are directed to creation of its temporary covers investing spirit, creation for the sake of them only, the person brings then elements of death, an extremity and destruction in the shown essence. But if, creating and supporting the bodies, terrestrial, thin and mental, he understands, what not for the sake of them, but only for the sake of the Triad Immortal him, for the sake of a body of light growing in it applies the works, it in only case when enters immortality elements, eternity elements into Immortal Essence and enriches it with new ingredients. Then, truly, being on Earth, the person becomes the collector of Light and the builder of the Space house, a monastery of spirit, a body of its light in whom the spirit can live in Light Spheres in space. Is in space and darkness spheres, the dead moon where spirits - space litter (very low spirits living only in covers and accumulating in them elements of death) are carried away. Brain and its products – too are mortal, because wisdom terrestrial, from a brain, isn't Wisdom Space, from Light. And a mental tatter the terrestrial lives limited to understanding, a cover for spirit can't serve in Space spheres. And, if to track in centuries as lives on Earth and wisdom human changes, being mistaken, stumbling and denying today that claimed yesterday, and plunging into darkness of new heaps, it will be easy to understand, what not about temporary and false representation, about the really real I Speak, but about true reality of life and about Wisdom Space, about Knowledge, Uniform for all Worlds Invisible and Visible. This Wisdom Space is scattered by light of shining sparks is reserved on pages of your terrestrial intimate writing, it sparkles at times in thoughts of poets, your writers and in set phrases of great people beats bright stream. With elements of immortality its sparks are saturated, them incorporating, light body is created from them by the person. But in your everyday it is impossible to concern these Sources always. And then, I Speak, it is necessary to address and think to action of for what action is given to the person. Actions are expressed in thoughts, words, both affairs, and all feelings. Each action comprises elements from darkness or light, death and immortality elements. So is all actions human creation and strengthening process or light bodies, or its temporary covers. Covers have to be strong and healthy, but their purpose not in them, but in service to the Highest Triad which consists that bring and accumulate in it elements of the enduring. If there live covers for the sake of themselves, focusing in itself the purpose, sense and appointment of the person, they thereby doom the person, thanks to an extremity and the temporariness, to death, because owing to things are limited to known term of existence on plans corresponding to them. But collected in light body the from experience of Earth and on provisional plans hidden elements enduring and eternal, the spirit enters Highest Sphere of space released from bodies temporary. And then My Spheres open a gate for your world of the won spirit.

289. The problem of psych equipment of spirit is deeply fascinating. - The Stone to increase the purpose, the purpose - to become strong. — Life to turn the purpose into constantly and consciously going process of mastering by fiery power. From life in life the Stone can grow, multiplying strength of mind. Look at strong people. Not at once strong became, but in distant centuries from life in life they saved up will treasure but when this process is conducted consciously, the will starts growing, as a fiery flower under a hand of the careful gardener. For culture of will psych equipment it is necessary to perfectly know. It is necessary to understand it and to see how it enters into all relationship human as their integral part and a basis, however, absolutely not realized by people. Believe that everything goes so itself, it is simple and beyond exact, clear and accurate laws of psych mechanics. But actually it is not so. If to take aura human and to track interactions of radiations it with the sphere surrounding it and radiations in it being people, it is possible to see how the karma works and as it is caused by energiya of aura's radiations. To change them it is conscious also will — means to change karma. But who from the mortal thinks of conscious, strong-willed management of the radiations. They should learn to be owned. But only won, that is fire of the radiations seized only it wins against everything. Therefore the understanding of process of polarization of consciousness and consequently, aura's radiations which are from it in a straight line and close dependence and are connected with it indissolubly, is the first step to domination over itself, over the covers, their elements, to domination over the world that is its four elements, fire, air, the earth and water. All these elements are concluded in a microcosm of the person. Covers consist of them. Them in itself having seized, the power of people receives them to own out of itself. So, first of all and at the beginning of everything, mastering by psych equipment it is reduced to ability to own the fires and to subordinate them to the will order. Everything is permitted, all feelings, acts and thoughts, but only from the sanction of will and under its iron control. It is possible to smile, but even the smile let will be not involuntary, but the manumission, that is at will. Involuntary actions are expelled at all. In tension extreme aspirations and desires to seize itself at vigilance ardent and vigilances of a constant there is this process of restraint of all operating energiya in itself. The equilibrium state also is that condition when all energy of the person are taken in hand as reins from hot horses, and any of them without will control isn't allowed to manifestation any more. All people of their feeling and thought own. And our task is to own them. Aura radiation, concerning other person, causes in it a certain reaction of his aura. It usually occurs unconsciously. Feelings of sympathy or antipathy, respect or contempt, fear or fearlessness, pleasure or the despondency, healthy or painful feelings, etc. are so created. But it is possible the thought, the consciousness and therefore, and to polarize the aura on a desirable wave with the purpose to cause the corresponding reaction of a certain character in foreign aura. It isn't necessary to influence the person thought, it isn't necessary to inspire, it isn't necessary to speak, it isn't necessary to touch absolutely him or to suppress his will, it is necessary to demagnetize only itself and to polarize the aura on a desirable wave of radiations. And then foreign aura by law magnetic polarization will change tone and character of the radiations. It is possible to make experience. Having taken away the sad person and strong having polarized the aura on a pleasure key, having noticed quickly as color of his eyes changes and gray shadows leave, the person brightens and all he becomes another. As the pianist on a grand piano, it is possible to play upon heartstrings and thoughts of people, mentioning the necessary strings of their harp of spirit, but not hands, but not impact on them, and only polarizing the will order an own microcosm on the necessary wave. But for this purpose it is necessary to be able to perfectly know itself.

290. (M.A.Y.). Here you see, native mine as our cares grow, your and my, connected together, in focus of our affairs. You see how there are a lot of the hearts needing the help urgent. You see their weakness, mistakes and you know how they should be corrected. I will help to understand essence of these mistakes. Our proximity will give rise to mutual understanding. From here is and knowledge of what others not know, no see and no understand. Here consequence of our communication. To go L. it isn't necessary because will burden. Corporal close pushing probably only in cases of special need or at neobychay no full coherence of auras and ability to own itself, itself you know to what they brought in the past. People, not burdening relatives, so is a little, that you wonder. Awful pressure of two last days was caused by two reasons: the first — it was necessary to give valuable record and the valuable advice, based on regular experience and the test, the second — fights by circle against dark. Simply is entrance across fee in area necessary a knowledge. We pay for all in heart blood the price. For nothing is given. The burden left — experience remained, and knowledge it was increased. The correct decision gave a consequence fruitful. We and the Lord put over accident of the present day and dark attempts and I won.

291. (Guru). I see that force grows; I see that the will got stronger; I see my work, bearing fruit. The instructions of the Head applied in life, grant the right to the new. The right of the pupil to the guide of the Teacher is got by steady execution of its instructions. It is necessary to think of how it is better to attach Decrees of the Teacher in life.

292. (May 8). My son, accept from Me a stream of my thoughts. If the spirit wants to approve in itself any quality, property or a trait of character, it to finish aspiration it to such an extent has to intensity when its implementation becomes already inevitable. If something doesn't work well and any quality isn't approved, so fiery force in the desire it is necessary to enclose more. The formula "all is achievable" should be understood in the annex to life. And I Speak: balance is achievable, the tranquility is achievable and achievable itself possession. So, the statement of desirable qualities begins with acceptance of this formula. If any quality is achievable, there is also an achievement way. It isn't enough only one desire. Desire is only one party. Another is a work of continuous use of approved quality in everything, everywhere and always. Let in the beginning in big affairs and, especially, at the surprise moments experience be not always successful, but in affairs small and low-slightest good luck is possible quite. At steady constancy of ardent, intense desire to approve this quality it isn't so difficult to achieve success in small affairs, but it is impossible to achieve at once everything. But if it is possible to approve in this embodiment at least one quality, say, balance, it already will be great achievement. But the symphony of qualities and at every moment is necessary, doing the main installation on the chosen quality, it isn't necessary to forget, whenever possible, and about others, especially about small and low-slightest, not demanding too big expense of energiya. It is necessary to watch yourself, and it is necessary to know that you want. Also it is necessary to turn special attention to little things in life. If in big affairs to show the full tranquility, and in the small suffers it, a chain not wholly. But only integral chain which all links are equally strong has the price. It is necessary to pay the attention to the behavior in small affairs. Always there are a lot of them, them endlessly; exactly they also cause that small a disbalance. Small feelings terrestrial, not subordinated to will control, as the lead seals on wings. They constantly force to vibrate an astral cover on a wave of irritation, discontent, concern or fear. This rack of feelings small, their willfulness, it is necessary to constrain a firm hand. They are so small, so imperceptible that often escape from attention of patrol consciousness, though do harm, and thus harm considerable. This locust of small feelings should be destroyed completely. They aren't necessary. It is difficult even to imagine that without them it is possible to live, and thus losing nothing in completeness of the expression. Them having destroyed, it is possible to think of feelings big, for example, sensation of fear and or horror. Feelings big aren't necessary also, many of them aren't necessary absolutely, on extremely measure, as, for example, offenses, hatred, rage, despair, envy, jealousy and other the saddening of spirit. Their nest and nursery is an astral. Not in big feelings and small harm I am trouble, and in an astral which generates them and them lives. Destroying small feelings, at each victory over them approves spirit the power over an astral. The mankind reaches that step of development when there is unnecessary an astral. It isn't necessary to the sixth race. The sixth race goes, and the sixth principle — a basis on which it will develop. The statement of balance and the symphony of qualities will nullify movements in the astral conductor, and it, having played a big and significant role evolutions of the person, from a scene of his life will descend. That is why for the spirit directed in the future, fight against an astral and a victory is the next and immutable task. Having begun with small victories over low-slightest, it is possible to achieve big and great. But it is necessary to begin...

293. My friend, remember we will reach everything that you want, but... want. When the person learned to want, the Teacher to him helps to carry out conceived, if it in the accord with Its Will. It is possible to be sure always that each good undertaking will be supported by us. It is good to learn to feel the Hand of the Lord helping with affairs. It affairs and the best undertakings of spirit prosper.

294. (M.A.Y.). Gradually our instructions from the general will pass to more private and from the distracted — to concrete. For these last the following degree of proximity is necessary. Certainly, in case of special need the direct, concrete, obvious instruction won't slow down! It is possible receive a message about the Far Worlds with bigger ease, than to learn that sell on a market, or about something another, directly and directly mentioning a karma. I send you a message that knots of new events ripened. Sharp-sightedly you look not to pass. Force shown often it is only weak display on a life surface when tension of fiery waves will amplify more, people will start rushing about and in you, in the light of standing and knowing, will look for rescue. These waves of fire if aren't realized are awful, aren't assimilated and not met by heart fires. That is why the Lord calls for mastering by, that is waves, this fire which is already getting into a microcosm human. Uncontrollable, it can cause chaos of destruction or a number of the disharmonious phenomena. Nowadays mastering by, that is the energiya of the microcosm getting into it from space, is already space urgent need, to avoid which anybody won't be able. The Teacher Specified to me in days of tension fiery to store complacency. Not without reason He Told that came it is time to approve friendliness because the consciousness costs on the devil of explosion. Be not confused that it is necessary to write down the thoughts which have appeared the day before or even earlier. But these thoughts are sent by us and not all whether it is equal, when to write down them. To us and with us going go with all the shortcomings and the karma, having as though taken the cross on the shoulders, and gradually rejecting the shortcomings, and getting rid of karma the in process of spirit ascension.

295. (Guru). Management of elements and their energy is caused by fiery will. As better to say that the will is a basis of bases that all in the person that his essence which is showing on fires. God is Fire, is so spoken in the Scriptuses. The person is this god, so the Savior Tell. Means, fire — is God in the person, but it is light fire, light Agni, because black fire not from light, but from darkness. Light fire governs the dark because the scale of black, lowest fires is limited to limits of the identification while light Agni is boundless, rising and going to Spheres of Infinite Light. Fires of fear are neutralized and extinguished by fearlessness fire, concern — tranquility, irritation — blue fire. On each dark fire is light, subordinating to dark. Fight of fires is process of mastering by, occurring in soul. Balance fire, tranquility fire, fearlessness fire - so for today we will remember.

296. (May 9). Approving in itself desirable quality, you cause its shadow, its contrast which potential grows according to growth of its antithesis that is approved quality. And the more quality grew; the contrast is stronger than it, immediately becoming active as soon as the main quality reeled. On the other hand, the directed body causes resistance of the environment in which it to be, resistance is proportional to power of aspiration. This resistance should be overcome to move further. The mouth cans only the one who rose. And the lifting is higher; the falling is more deeply possible. Fallen Angel — a good example of falling of High Spirit. Here you approve fearlessness, and immediately there is something causing or able to cause fear to frighten, check. And so is in everything, at the statement of any quality of spirit. The antipode of growing quality is as though continuous threat and a reminder of that as though highly the spirit flew up; always it is possible to fall. As if the way mountain would go on edge of a chasm in which it is possible to fall down. This feeling of proximity of a chasm and its reality are very characteristic for ascending spirit. Therefore and specify a spear not dozing over a dragon. Therefore and specify wakefulness constant. The chasm constantly threatens with falling to ascending spirit. The monsters of a gloom guarding an entrance are an antipode of approved qualities, - and only learned Proximity Teachers can to learn all gloom of a hopelessness and horrors of darkness if the Teacher reject. Therefore I Speak: going from Us return isn't present. The way is back barred - or falling in a chasm, or ascension to shining tops all of new and new achievements, to light of new victories. Forces antagonistic and their ardent resistance not dreams, but the reality opposing the power to power of spirit directed to light. From here, is inevitability of fight and inevitability of a victory? The victory is as though the indestructible obligation of the one, who time forever, solved the way to Light. The knowledge of it let doesn't frighten, but forces allow going unshakably, because a way only forward. Tendency of progress already protects from falling. When phantoms of antagonists, these monsters of a gloom, to show the face and force, equal to force of the approved quality (spirit), it is necessary to increase on them spirit, that is it to increase force of this quality and degree and force to break it a ghost. It strong will appear again when quality it will amplify more. From here constancy of fight, constancy of tests and a so-called temptation and even a allure, which powers of darkness because antagonists service as though gloves for attendants of darkness, or forms in which they clothe to stop a way of spirit and to follow ways a barrier to light use. From here and necessary of patrol and vigilance of a constant, because monsters around. Their rage is directly proportional to power of fiery aspiration of spirit and desires its light to approve. But, knowing the law is not confused. In this world earthly there is no light without a shadow because all is dual. But there, in Spheres of the Highest, there is a spirit area where there is no shadow. "Light without a shadow" — so specify to remember. Also there are no monsters there from a gloom, and there are no terrestrial gravitations there, and there is no that terrible resistance of the environment surrounding, which each going spirit should overcome constantly. You fight be not confused. To this fight the satellite is a victory. Victory, victory, victory over everything and in everything — here a fiery way of the foreordain winner. To the Victory I Call, it I Approve and with a fiery sign I Crown a forehead darkness of the won spirit.

297. There is nothing more terribly than fear. And in case the fear shows the face, not it is necessary to fight with that outside that the fear causes, but with the echidna of fear inside. And inside it is necessary to destroy it, then immediately will dissipate and the shadows which have surrounded outside of fear will leave. Inside striking the enemy, in the heart him we strike. If to battle to it outside, to the place of each cut head another immediately will grow, and to battle there will be no end, and the unlucky soldier in unequal and fruitless fight will begin to be exhausted. The fiery way to Light lays inside, and the fight arena — soul of the person. Striking the echidna in itself, you strike with that surrounded shadows. Therefore destroy not fear, but its root not that outside frightens, but that trembles with fear inside. Against itself having won, the winner for light as a phoenix rises from ashes.

298. (M.A.Y.). If can't frighten in reality, in a dream frighten when the terrestrial consciousness sleeps and patrol if special measures aren't taken is weakened. On dreams it is possible to check itself that is still strengthened insufficiently strongly. It is necessary to reach that and in a dream, and in reality reaction to influence of a certain order was absolutely identical. If in reality the consciousness victoriously passes by allure and temptations, and in a dream in them indulges, so harm roots yet gets rid from its depth. These poisonous backs become stronger in covers, and especially in a cover astral. In its roots also are destroyed. The post-nickname cherishing thoughts of food, and the person who has refused something only externally, but inside, at least even in a dream, wishing what refused, are an example of how these roots live in sub consciousness and with the poison system and wait, wait persistently that sprouts, silently and invisibly growing inside, to be beaten out again outside and there for itself to approve. Not refused, but contained, - it will be so better to understand.

299. (Guru). Influx [aspiration] of fiery force it is very characteristic at the statement of the phenomenon of will. As if the mighty magnet is put in action by spirit and attracts fire. Fire approved inside, attracts with the magnetic force fire from space, and fire force in the person is combined with spatial power. To space all strong spirits appealed, calling and attracting in itself waves of a flame of Spheres. Even lamps in temples were so lit once. Fire which has been so called can be directed by will in the desirable direction and on the necessary object; but before it is necessary to learn to extract fire from space. It can be forced from within, but it is possible — and in connection with space fires. Then it is very strong because it is force double. The address to the Lord or prayer, in effect is intended to attract waves of spatial fire. It is necessary to learn to understand essence of the phenomena irrespective of a verbal shape which they are given by people. The prayer is an appeal to Fire and a flame force, as well as any address to the Highest how people called it.

300. (May 10). Has value not is karma on itself, and relation to its person. Weight or its ease is caused not by karma, and the attitude towards her, reaction to it from bearing it. The karma not always in hands of its carrier, but reaction to these or those karmic phenomena entirely depends on it most, nobody will be able to tell, how there will be react a person on karmic blows and as it has to do it because in the power of will to approve nature of desirable reaction. To the same phenomenon going from the outside, it is possible to rejoice or shed because of it tears, that is to show consciousness in the sphere of a polar of feeling. But lack of any reaction that is impassivity will be the correct relation from the one who seized the karma. The fir-tree is identical both in the winter and in the summer - because doesn't react in any way to weather changing. As and won doesn't react in any way to the external phenomena of a karma, effort of will forcing itself to leave an iron framework of need of a dual polar of the feelings going from one pole of an display of two opposite, concludes consciousness in a circle of a hopelessness the exit from which isn't present until the consciousness rushes about from one pole of evolutionary reactions to another. The external phenomenon often doesn't depend on will of the person, especially, if it was already made, but reaction to it — in hands of the person. It is possible to imagine as the consciousness will react to any phenomenon as the will want that, and it is possible to make representation it reality, that is to approve in life. The person and so treats these or those events of the life anyway only because unconsciously once earlier or at present decided to belong exactly so. To it and to mind don't come thought, it is possible what to treat him absolutely differently and as the will order. The close friend deceived and betrayed - as it is good, as what fine lesson it will serve on the future as will aggravate vigilance and recognition of faces as deception is useful. So argues and the one who decided to win against the karma thinks. Can simply order to treat any phenomena of life not as earlier, but absolutely on the contrary or according to the will decree. At first the winner learns to operate poles of the reaction to the phenomena of the outside world, electing at will any, and then already, having withdrawn consciousness from poles and having approved it in the center, to show fearlessness of spirit that polar deprived of a duality, the relation to life. Rejoicing today to one, thereby we doom themselves to tears when there comes the inevitable moment of the statement of an opposite pole terrestrial, temporary, pleasures. The pleasure of proximity of the loyal friend is equal to sharpness of a grief at its loss or its withdrawal from life. Approach to mastering by karma will consist in that, meeting life waves, to learn to react to them, that are to meet them as that is wanted by will. From the outside to transfer process inside, to laboratory of the microcosm, to create or create desirable reaction. It is possible quite; especially in this case the will doesn't encroach on anything the external, and only doesn't answer the vibration generated by a cinsciousness in the covers. For these experiences life gives opportunities endlessly, from morning to evening every day. It is so much chagrin, the troubles heavy and easy strokes of bad luck that it is necessary to understand for a long time that further so can't proceed because won't sustain heart. The susceptibility and sensitivity are aggravated and will be still be refined, and an exit from a hopelessness circle in stopping incessant swings of consciousness from one pole to another. They should be stopped by all means. Otherwise they will loosen all devices. Having approved will by a no display of emotions on poles and having imposed on them a silver bridle of spirit, it is possible to start approving impassivity that is balance not experiences by waves of the external phenomena. Look at that burdened you yesterday and attracted consciousness to poles, deprived of balance of spirit. And today the consciousness, keeping it in the central point of balance, don't direct to one of poles. If it is difficult at the beginning, try to rejoice to that afflicted yesterday tomorrow not to rejoice, to be afflicted. For an encouragement I Will tell that the karma immediately leaves as soon as the will triumph over the dual nature of this phenomenon, that is against it will win itself. Recent experiment I showed as hard and boring work by the order of will was made interesting, fascinating, pleasure of the giving. It is so possible to arrive in everything. But it is in the beginning. The price of finding of impassivity and balance full when the consciousness is given the immutable order already more not to show on poles in vibrations of the covers. In swings arrhythmic from tears to laughter, from sympathy for antipathy, from condemnation to praise and from a display of all other feelings to feelings opposite passes human life. But the pupil, who has taken a way of Arhat, has to seize and approve as himself the balance of spirit which is expressing in impassivity full. As it is difficult to refrain from these swings when all around is unsteady and chaos the disbalance tears apart consciousness surround the ordinary person plunges into despair, to future Arhat inalterability becomes guarantees of a new victory because other decision as already win, be can't any more. Throwing’s on poles, becoming aggravated everything is stronger and stronger, will be fatal for not managed to operate themselves spirit. So, the victory now is already the obligation of will, other decision isn't present. Problem of current day: the reactions on a wave of the external phenomena approve to determine by will, will their character and will to stop them, causing in consciousness realization of the feelings opposite usual and tested earlier. It will be the first step to impassivity of spirit on balance and tranquility.

301. (M.A.Y.). Day of the person is a kaleidoscope of small feelings, sometimes alternately with big. Small feelings as a locust devour energy of spirit because the ordinary person has them bad. Small feelings terrestrial are replaced with feeling big - love to the Lord. This feeling will be the powerful engine of spirit. Small feelings terrestrial devour fire. Love to a Tell of Light - a life-giving fire. Small feelings terrestrial can occupy all field of consciousness, but when they are given to silence and the polar of their display is stopped, the field is free and the flaring love to the Lord occupies it completely. Whether it is marvelous, love and balance of spirit? But balance of spirit exempts consciousness from heavy tyranny of all small feelings, giving way to feelings big and great. The love is an engine of spirit if it is directed to the Teacher of Light or his Envoys and to those who costs at steps of the Ladder of Light. As in to subordinate the love can inspire, and inspire if it is impersonal, that is has a basis Service to Light.

302. (Guru.). Setting a task, the Teacher Gives impulse to it to performance and instruction, how execute. Aspiration of spirit is sated, or magnetized, such I will turn by the necessary energiya, the way is designated accurately. And already it is impossible to tell that are left without the management. Whether many can tell, what the management have? That achievement is more valuable, should know the price that is it is correct to estimate a pearl of the consciousness. Not self-conceit it, but statement of reality. So it isn't enough semi-precious stones. In the face of ignorance internally itself approve, differently will suppress consciousness the dullness. People muzzle all who adjoins to them. Ignorance and derogation muzzle the worst. It is necessary to approve itself over opinion human. Confidants to the Lord can't be content with opinion of passersby on them. But our opinion is valuable to you. And we marked out you among sets and the press of Spirit of the Lord on close to It. Therefore to itself the price knows and don't reduce to please to ignoramuses.

303. (May 11). My son, I Welcome your decision to write in the most impossible conditions. It also is a victory over rage of tension of the dense environment. To show rhythm force at the time of tension arrhythmic happens always hardly. The extraordinary force of concentration and Proximity understanding contrary to evidence ardent is required. But dare, the child. In aspiration courageous, not stopping before anything, wings grow. I Speak, everything is possible, because with Me. In the depth of the woods, in mountains lonely, at inaccessible heights it is easy to unite with Me and to hold communication. But in turmoil of city life, in minutes when sets to show collective activity, it is almost impossible for usual consciousness. We with you go by singularity. You are unusual in everything, and also in a victory over rage of darkness. Such minutes it is necessary to overcome will tension of chaotic vibrations of the environment. Not to reach one it, but with Me it is possible, straining to Me all being. We Smile, seeing all singularity of circumstances under which there is a record. But record goes, and contact is come into, and there is it under the sign of a victory. About fiery will to you I Spoke. Here nowadays it displays in operation the ardent. My son, we will overcome and we will overcome everything, when together. Proximity sews anything as a barrier can't serve when tension fiery is shown. The key of tension solves everything. With tranquility and balance full learn to reply as chaos outside. Strong tells itself: "Balance I approve, despite everything". The wave will subside, but balance remains with you and with you will arrive and if at such moments it was succeeded to hold, how many easier will store it when waves will calm down. Keep consciousness in tension extreme, but in tranquility full. At Us balance indestructible, not broken reigns, not able to be broken by anything. It is impossible even to think that balance of the Lord was broken because it would entail for itself planetary disasters and accidents. It is in big, but the same and in small. And if your balance of spirit is broken by something, it too won't pass imperceptibly, without leaving a trace. Somewhere and someone will receive blow of a spontaneous wave and will suffer. And this blow will be equal to fiery your force, displaying at the moments of complete equilibrium of spirit. With the sufficient force it broken, can cause a hurricane or a whirlwind, displace someone's crops or to wash away someone's house, or to fall upon the mountain settlement, or to cause diseases. So disbalance spirit in the one who goes on the way to Arhat's, it is fraught with big consequences. That is why precept to store balances at any cost to the one who follows the Lord.

304. (M.A.Y.). I praise for unprecedented persistence of determination to communicate with us contrary to everything, contrary to impossibility obvious. Sang you will reap from your efforts. And we will call Arhat's way by achievement and a realization impossible. What this victory confidence gives you and in the future strong always to win and go from a victory to a victory. Remember how it was difficult in the beginning even at the slightest violation of silence of record to do and as became now. My son, the growing your force I approve in you, know: you are necessary to us, you strong are necessary to us. You are necessary to us now, you will be necessary to us always. With death of my body my need in you didn't disappear, on the contrary, increased because what in the physical sphere I nowadays can't physically execute, you because you to me the assistant, the necessity realize will execute. You are necessary to me now more, than ever earlier. Necessity and the indispensability you approve by proximity obvious, growing day by day. For persistence I praise.

305. (Guru). You strong wanted to become. Here nowadays, now, it is given the chance to approve your force in the face of evidence dense, and you approve it. I learn, and I will learn because I see that the doctrine for the future. You strong wanted to become - you are strong already persistence of aspiration to the purpose. You understood that will — it everything in the person, and powerfully it you approve. And I the force share with you, Treasure of the will to approve in you stronger Treasure of your will. Let's reach everything that you want because the will lies in the basis of all achievements. I praise for persistence and hardness on your aspiration to increase will Treasure.

306. (May 12). It isn't necessary to believe words, but that says heart, and to that it feels under a mask of words. It is necessary to pay even more attention to the silent voice speaking inside. It is necessary to ask it more often. It is necessary to listen sensitively to it. It is so possible to aggravate perception of the impressions received from people and their radiations. It is reached by training when to usual external feelings the internal are added. And while usual speech of the person sounds, it is possible to wonder, what feeling or a condition is hidden behind an external form of words. This way the mask from words is removed and their essence is bared. Are dual the life phenomena, behind each visible form there is an invisible. Association in consciousness of two worlds means to see and realize both aspects of the phenomenon, to see two poles of a thing uniform, action and its reason, on a consequence - essence, in an external form — its contents. The external form for a sharp-sighted eye speaks much. Eyes, both gait, and voice - spokesmen of that inside. But usually there is no time to look because the consciousness is occupied by itself. But if to forget about itself and from itself to be released entirely, from the thoughts, feelings and experience Singular experience
Plural experiences, which it is importunate and stickily fill consciousness if to exempt the consciousness from itself completely and to concentrate on the interlocutor, on external and his internal expression or identification, without premising to that any personal thoughts, the hidden essence will start telling it for itself. And when it is felt that from you the person externally wants to be closed, it is internally possible to open him a key of the aggravated keenness. People should be known - most difficult of all sciences because the knowledge of the person is long. Masks carry everything, hiding under them true essence. If under them to glance, it is possible be terrified sometimes, so internal expression doesn't correspond to the external. Hide the faces because know that they are unworthy the person. And therefore you see around only masks. Manage to glance under them. Usually eyes can't lie, can't hide a predator fires them, even having put on a skin sheep. Also ordinary people astral and therefore astral breaks often give a full picture of essence of his owner can't perfectly know. In a question of knowledge of the person special vigilance and self-dismissal is necessary. Experience will give skill to a hand of a mask to remove imperceptibly because don't forgive carriers them to the one who knows them without masks.

307. My son to study on everything and is always continued - here the purpose of embodiments terrestrial.

308. (M.A.Y.). During yesterday's noise when tension of all forces was required, it was easier to write, than today, when silently around. Why? Not therefore that external counteractions causes fires of opposition to it which give impulses to action while lack of resistance of fires doesn't give rise. So the pattern of life of spirit is weaved from contradictions rather from the contrasts which understanding gives in hands a key from all gate. The phenomenon is as though covered as a whole, and it’s both poles and the center of an equilibration of polar from which it is possible to operate them are visible. Having refused a consciousness display on one of poles, we don't give the chance to come to light to other pole, and then consciousness, not showing on poles, to show in the center of a bipolar thing uniform, that is in a point of an equilibration of two opposite principles, from where it can operate phenomenon demonstration on poles. From here a precept — to store balance of spirit. Because balance means the power over poles of a thing uniform if the lever is applied to them in the center. That is why in days of chaotic currents, both any disbalance, and dark attacks specify to collect forces inside, having pulled together them from poles with the annex to the center, being as though closed sphere or sphere. Usually from the sphere of a microcosm human the whole sheaf of energiya outside is directed. At the moments of special tension they should be absorbed, figuratively, in itself, having pulled together to the center. Then blows of elements and external energiya can be sustained without damage and defeat of internal fabrics of covers. Even the ship during a storm removes all wind age, except for sails of the small area not to set up itself rage of a hurricane. Precisely also is and with the ship spirit; it is better to furl all sails and to put the fiery engine of spirit in action.

309. (Guru). There is no apology if in something weakness shows spirit. The strong person, as well as the strong linear ship, is strong always: in calm and a storm, in big and small, here or there. The strong hand can concern very gently, without losing thus the force. Only weakness of spirit is inexcusable under no circumstances. Force is, but it is shown in the actions demanding or application of all forces, or their small particle. But a little applied force isn't an indicator of that force is small. Power and power of the Lord if is shown implicitly and in degree small, it absolutely doesn't mean yet that Its Force is small. It is great Force Lord, and it should be understood too.

310. (May 13). The future will give Perilya’s tripod to each sensitive spirit. Therefore, potentially the ability of perception everyone possesses and everyone has access to spatial thought. Denying this access closes. Recognizing can succeed. Recognition is a step to understanding, understanding is to mastering. It denial because kills an ability in a germ is deathly. Containment the widest will clear away a way to achievements of spirit. It would be possible even to ask: "The child that you want? » Because, the wanting will receive! It is possible to call a new Era the Era of opportunities new. Key from them in hands of the person, but it is necessary to know that wanted by spirit. Certainly, I Speak not about material things, though will be satisfied the need completely well as and in them. But you shouldn't wish them because the necessary will be given. Forces direct, go on the phenomena of a thin order! To take, it is necessary to give. Therefore I Speak, give me everything disturbing to you. It is easier to go without load. At things much so many before eyes that ability to move is lost. There is no desire to leave mental stuff with which it is encumbered and the consciousness is arranged from all directions. Heroic cleaning is required. I told if you aren't as children, in Light Kingdom not to enter into the fiery future. How to accept Truth of Fiery Yoga if the consciousness is hammered with mental stuff as a bench of the ragman old stuff, worn-out things and subjects of last day. See not pleasure, than souls are full at the majority of the biped. New it is necessary to give them. But who gives? Those, who have, that are why to you, the little, it is given so tensely and a measure full - that you could distribute, both would be that, and your stocks wouldn't become scanty. From here and inexhaustibility, in opportunity receive endlessly. The generous Hand now distributes Treasures of spatial thought. And at every turn there you will meet isolated food for spirit. For the sake of them also it is given, but not for the sake of a donation. The purpose of a donation received — service and the same generous distribution received what was generosity of receiving; so, receiving not for itself, but for the sake of them waiting. Those to whom it is necessary will understand soon that people of other want that crave and thirst for fiery food of the Doctrine of Light. And then the Doctrine of Life recognize because in recognition of the Doctrine of Life there will be a rescue and to it, to borders of its weight finished. Inalterability of plans of evolution can be seen already, if an eye not prejudice. It is a lot of signs of the general readiness of spirit, and thirsting there is a lot of knowledge. And the knowledge which is, sated with fiery thought of the Doctrine of Life, becomes Knowledge, which will be Light ahead.

311. (M.A.Y.). Write how heart dictates, having given full freedom to a hand. Yes! Yes! I am close nowadays very much, more than ever, because conditions spatial allow. And proximity I wash your heart feels strong and it is obvious. Whether you feel that to me and you the Lord gave the Assignment full of hearts and consciousnesses to transfer to the country fruits of its Garden in merge. Our proximity is necessary not to you, and not me, but for the sake of the purpose great. For the sake of General Welfare it amplifies nowadays tensely. The great Lord to you the right allows to communicate with me when heart of that will wish, the right get councils and instructions. Its beam obviously are affirms this right in space. It display in our mutual understanding full, in a conformable chord of hearts. All spirit realizes that proximity washing it is approved by the Hand of the Lord. And that was promised to you and in dense conditions didn't take place, nowadays, strengthened in numerous, is given you out of restriction of three. You my proximity approve hourly. You are necessary to me very much. You mine. In the accord full and having merged in consciousness, we will manage a great cause of the Lord. To you the right allows to write and tell from my name and my name. In total that the Lord and gave you on what the right you have, I grant also the right and I in all that concerns me and Business of the Lord. You realize as you are close, realize in new and broader understanding depth and width of this proximity. In mine you beam, strong on you directed. Combining my beam with the Beam of the Lord, you will be able to realize the force. Be in thoughts with me and in the morning, and in turmoil of day when at work when you have a rest or you depart to a dream. Think strong that we as though together, - but only all this on the plan hidden, but so real, as well as terrestrial. Let's fix our proximity from plans of both: you - on terrestrial, and I — on hidden, we will fix this proximity love, aspiration, understanding of opportunities new and ardent desire to serve Business of the Lord.

312. (Guru). Clean everything, preventing to become closer, and approve a shave. Everything that was distancing us from each other, it is necessary to clean completely. Called and called can't lose time for that once to become an obstacle was closer to each other. Urgent time, and every moment it is valuable. Мother and I, over us the Lord — construction space correct, a triangle top up, and in the highest point him the Lord. And below, in a rhombus point the fourth in focus of the center of beams of mother and mine. The bottom edge of a rhombus is turned into the world dense. Focus radiates beams. Their action, especially on ready consciousnesses, will be striking, because we for you, and for us the Lord. And when you speak - remember construction it. In it force of awareness of power of beams.

313. (May 14). (M.W.). In a spatial space monastery, created by the thoughts and aspirations in my Spheres, it is necessary to direct rhythmic, that is or every day, or on certain days. This rhythm will approve communication and will strengthen it. So though already on the ready spatial channel the thought begin to flow; as the channel the conscious Beam My and approved in consciousness serves. On it also there is a vividly-bearer exchange of Sparks of the being shone Matter of Lyucida between Me and spirit, to Me directed. Lucida’s matter serves as the interchange environment. Its granulation is Feat’s Sparks. It is possible to see them when contact is especially intense and spatial currents favor. The body of light is invested by being shone matter Lucida. Its spirit attracts with the magnet to itself from space and clothes It. From space, this great receptacle of everything, it is possible to take anything, but according to the accord. In cosmic-spatial life the accord law beyond all bounds reigns over everything. Elements of the Matter of Lucida, entering into being shone substance of which My Spheres consist, magneto are attracted by spirit in its microcosm and go on creation of his body of light. And these elements which have been already approved in the spirit of on a conformable wave, reach My Spheres in aspiration rhythmical. When communication took place and contact is, the spirit on my planet is included into that area which elements are already collected by it earlier and are united in a single whole as stones and a material of the temple under construction, but this temple, the spirit temple, of course, nowadays isn't completed yet, and the base is put only. This construction can be considered eternal — not by the sizes, but in essence. The sizes will grow the form to change. But being constructed of elements enduring and out of dense conditions terrestrial, it really is the Space House for spirit when dense dreams on Earth will be replaced by spatial existence. To approve in itself essence of My Beams in a body physical, dense, in living conditions terrestrial will be heroism for spirit because Light of My Days in twilight of your days are shown it is rare. They are Great Spirits, the Lords Sent by Me to your world, Light of My Beams Brought and Bring to your Earth. Force of these beams and this Light the mankind received understanding or consciousness gift. And the lunar person deprived of consciousness, Forces Beams Mine made by spirit understanding. Light of My Beams was Brought in Themselves and with Themselves by Lords on your planet. The mankind received a new step of consciousness from Me, therefore children of Earth - my children and I - Space their Mother. The sixth Era of Earth, Era of the sixth race, is called as the Era of Mother of the World, my Era because on this Cycle the consciousness human is sated with the new Beams, forced to enter into its essence and to give a step of consciousness space. Communication with my Planet will be approved tensely and consciously. And someone from you has to go ahead for the Lords of Light Put on Earth by me. The task is great and urgent because the consciousnesses which haven't entered into waves of a cosmo-spatial rhythm, taking Earth, will be compelled to leave from a planet. Performance of new task- assimilations of new spatial beams - it is assigned to Lords and those people who in it to help Them with forces. The problem of each spirit which has realized the Cosmo-spatial moment of a planet is so great, wide and deep. As also you, the son of the Lord, can understand, how a responsible missions it and why the Proximity the Face Hidden became available. You feel, both you know, and you see that you can enter with Me into Communication obviously. Lords by the press it is noted, and over you his Beam. Therefore also my Beams are available to your spirit. Conscious availability of Beams is the phenomenon among people of Earth the most rare. Unconsciously all perceive, even dark because they painfully burn down dark souls. Proximity I wash and possibility of Communication should be deepened still, even more directed and fiery, having left thus all terrestrial reasons that is possible and that isn't possible. For the Face Hidden on your Earth impossible isn't present. A little the uniting with my Power, you become itself space powerful. You know how Strength of the Lord to create, to Me directing, and merging consciousness with Me, and Me calling in affairs, and with me filling consciousness and heart. With the beams I Will cover you. From now on you in my Beams consciously staying will be. And opportunity Is given with an appeal to address to Me. Realize My Power. I am Honored worship by Lords, read also you, Mine Carry out Commands, and you carry out. In Light Mine Stay always, and you, My son, be not greatly, without missing a communication thread. My Beam over you, the Stone the carrier, because the Stone - the receiver of Beams.

314. The reciprocal flash of an astral caused by reaction of an organism on disbalance of people of people around, it is necessary to extinguish in itself because at this moment raises the head of snakes ancient, and stings a thin body and consciousness, poisoning them with the poison. The reason isn't important, the fact of defeat of a thin body and a clouding of spirit following it is important. At these moments light which inside, goes out and the gray veil entangles consciousness. These phenomena because are harmful spatially are inadmissible. How to convince that are responsible not before itself, but before space which everything sees, everything hears and everything imprints indelible! Each word, each movement, each act, each thought, each emanation and feeling. The spatial device fixing on a tape of record for the Chronicle of Akasha is in continuous action and removes on the movie all movements of spirit - both external, and internal. It is necessary to contain that fact that all is depicted in consciousness and that can see pictures both a character, and the stranger and as in acts of almost each spirit there is a lot of such that it carefully hides from the neighbors, being masked, a lot of courage is necessary to appear before people the naked essence. This is one of the most heartrending experiences of post mortal existence. Very strong spirits pass through it much easier. But the one who got used to incline and cringe during lifetime to foreign opinion to reckon with it and to put itself in dependence on it, it will be difficult to that because usually from blame in the Thin World of mercy it isn't necessary to wait. But power But the power of human opinion dumped from itself on Earth, there comes free, and not to impose a condemnation muzzle on it anymore. The mistakes it is necessary to understand and condemn all bad, but the judge-. The authorities it is allowed to judge to nobody from people. Lords of the Karma Can judge only. Therefore this power which has been illegally appropriated biped, from them should be taken, and now because in the Thin World will be already late. That is connected on Earth, connected remains and there. "People, from you I back take your power to judge and me and others" — Arhat so claims, - "because this power you have only because condemned out of ignorance to the power this to you gave. And you condemned by them, you are exempted by me from their power to judge you". So, having broken one more chain, we interweave one more monasteries into a laurel wreath of the winner of life. When the power to condemn from people you will select, look as they deprived of this power will hang. We give to people the power over. Who gave that and took if it is given out of ignorance and illegally. The rights to spiritual freedom it is given nobody by Arhat. "You want me to condemn, there is no power at you on that, anybody didn't give it to you, and therefore remain one with your condemnation, but without me. Farewell, blame self-shown, me to go, my way urgent further, I go to the Lord. It to me uniform judge, but not you. He Recognized me and Designated close and even the next. And you who? If I without you with the Lord remain, my life Light is full. But if with you and your condemnations and without the Lord, what then? Away from My way! You can't block a way, to me specified, and at least collected here all blame of the world. I am free in the spirit of from all your condemnations. To me the Lord the judge, but He isn't a judge, and the Father and the Defender". So approve the freedom from infringement of it from part of the world of the deprived.

315. (M.A.Y.). The one who recognized the judge in itself, from the power of human court is exempted and from slavery of opinions human. Laws of spirit differ from laws human. The measure of an all-permitted attached to the inhabitant, will cast it into a darkness chasm. But the free spirit should go freely, testing each experience and without being bound hand and foot by ignorance prejudices. "All is permitted! » But who will be able to contain this relativity. It will excuse moral unruliness and dissoluteness. The one, who has no ban, won't begin to abuse the freedom. The freedom doesn't have need to be judged foreign freedom.

316. (Guru). We aren't judges, but observers as the pupil will dispose of the received knowledge and force. If it is correct, we will give more if was mistaken - we will correct. And the main thing is necessary that, despite everything, progress remained. Any price, but it is necessary to move. When force grows, mistakes aren't important. But they are important at delays as everyone can become a chain, to themselves the chained and deprived ability to go further. Not in the mistake matter, and in being free from it, from the made mistake. Not from mistakes it is necessary to be free (who can avoid them), but from the mistake if it is already made. It is impossible to tie to it consciousness, but, having realized it, and having drawn a conclusion to the future, and having made the decision, it should be rejected, having removed from consciousness, - otherwise will burden unreasonably. Mistakes are inevitable, but it is necessary to learn to address with them skillfully.

317. If the floating boat is threatened by an ice floe, it is possible to take away a hook it. Experiment will show what ice floe is dangerous. But it is necessary to stand on a nose and it is necessary to look forward. In the same way and in life: if experience of the present day or last already showed that something disturbs or can prevent, this hindrance can as be taken away as a hook an ice floe, will moving apart in future, close and distant, meeting halfway and stirring or able to wound spirit of the phenomenon (not spirit, of course, but physical, astral, thin, mental and even a fiery body can be wounded). But will it is possible to take away blow as a pole an ice floe, and to pass the phenomenon or an reason by that an acute angle it didn't damage the case or an external covering that water didn't rush inside and I didn't stop movement.

318. (May 15). My son, show compliance to that you receive, show the extreme tension of compliance of Specifying qualities with desire and aspiration of your will show in life. And if I am your Lord, something Approve in you, approve it and you by all strength the spirit. Task in that from depths of your fiery essence cause outside manifestation its fiery potential in all its power. Dare, My son because Itself I Will supports your audacious! Safely dare to everything that wanted by spirit. Forces it are inexhaustible and boundless. In total the one whom once you will become, already is, is already put in you from the beginning of times; it is necessary to reveal only from depth the approved phenomenon and to fix it in application in life. Not caused from spirit depths, that is unconscious and not applied; there will be it sleeping, and the formula "you are gods" remains a dead letter of the record not understood by you. Dare, but with Me, without stopping before anything and without limiting itself to anything. Fiery grains of audacity will yield in due time a fruit. And it isn't so already important when if crops by them are made. It is more, it is necessary to manage to throw grains into the next fruitful wave as much as possible. Let they will be small — from small big grows. Dare, My son, on everything, on what rises will, it sleeps at people. Your will I Want to awaken to ardent manifestation in life. Responsibility will grow in process of the will growth but if crops of these grains with Me you make, with you we won't be frightened of responsibility. Me call and in affairs, and thoughts, in all that creative because with you always but in order that action became fiery powerful, ardent understanding of this continuous My Presence is required in the spirit of. With you I, My son, with you are, when lines of a writing-book are filled with fiery record of spirit. With you I always, but your understanding of My constant Proximity interrupt often a chain of the phenomena terrestrial. The consciousness misses a thread, and then you - as all... same as everything who aren't know Me, but unless you want, at least for a while to renounce itself for the sake of those who doesn't know. You know and the certificate you have My Proximity why prestanding constant isn't approved by you in life? I speak, in your entire affairs act in common with Me - and in big, and small. What such affairs you make to be ashamed of my Presence. Don't consider anything small or insignificant. Even the small pebble can dump in an abyss. Remember: isn't present neither small, nor big — all is important. Because from big and small things and the phenomena it is weaved and your karma is weaved. And as your fire display on everything that the consciousness and will concerns, matters all and on everything consciousness reaction is necessary correct, supervised by will. So, be with Me in all that you create, and you will be successful, be with Me and in letters which you write, and that you speak and that you think, say, everywhere and in everything. Coming off Me at least for a while, you do yourself vulnerable for influences of foreign auras and you pay for it much more, than would pay if there was you with Me unseparable. I give the Assignment to be continuous per day with Me in everything, without missing a thread for a minute. I ask to note then results and to compare them to those feelings when about Me forgot in vanity of affairs human and usual work.

319. (M.A.Y.). The garden watered every day and a careful hand, fruits will bear and will please heart as well as proximity our, approved every morning it is invariable, as the sun rising. The guarantee strong I give fruitful of aspiration constant. Pleases heart when among them who have forgotten, but knowing once, fiery heart stores a thread live silver Proximity, triumphant victoriously over death, over rage of external conditions and over evidence dense. I rejoice and speak: on aspiration and results. Into the future we will enter in merge full and unseparable that together to create the future. The seed of blood grows to give a fiery flower of spirit. Happiness bottomless recognized the Lord and recognized of.

320. (Guru). Correctly I scented court, having told S. Jermaine that doesn't understand that "commotion", which about It occurs. Only it is not "commotion» and tension fiery, occurring in a magnetic field of Great Spirit. It strengthens the phenomena to a limit of their expression. Truly I thought of that, as round me occurred, but In degree smaller, the same phenomenon of the strengthened currents. I saw and felt it repeatedly and you, with me communicating. Fire deepens everything and does far to relatives. And that future, in which I called you, it is about us pulsed and fluttered the fiery proximity. As if the veil was removed from consciousnesses to me coming. Wings felt everything, everyone in own way: who eagle, which chicken who duck — but wanted to fly up everyone because were sated with fire of my aura. Some started grunting and undermining roots strenuously. Potential traitors became actual, and not recognizing obviously rejected as the consciousnesses which have entered into my orbit, settled down on darkness and light poles because for me the Lord. I speak that knew, as you are and you will be in similar situation. Be not surprised, be not confused, but be an abutment of the bridge thrown from the Stronghold to the people.

321. (May 16). At the statement of desirable quality, doing itself a task for the present day, it is best of all, more useful also fruitful to imagine all "Sutratma" fulfilling a task, already seized this quality in all its completeness. Then even at failure nevertheless there is something; will be continuing a lesson easier. Certainly, it is better to approve small, than to imagine itself seized big, but not about careless dream it is spoken, told about creative thought and of the creative imagination trans mutating the old person in. If the task of day about restraint full and pledge of silence is given, during the day the task it in a measure any nevertheless will be carried out. It is necessary to put only in the order of will more than forces. It is good to strengthen the statement of quality a rhythm calculated on some days. The rhythm belongs to a rhythm of the order of will. The distance meanwhile is great, than there has to be once a person, and that he represents itself now, but it is less meanwhile, than he could become if wanted, and that it is, but it can disappear absolutely meanwhile that it is, and then his will ordered it to be today. It happens when the will be accustomed to dispose, and covers to obey. Covers are servants, slaves, subordinates of the person. They are obliged to obey implicitly. And they will obey if understand that their resistance is caused by the crystallized will enclosed in them once by the carrier by their, their lord. And the former will operating in habits and reflex actions, starts struggling with will of the real step approving and introducing in a microcosm the new relation to things and the phenomena of life. Knowing it, "sutratma" it is necessary to specify that former instructions are cancelled, and how, and in what. Firmly remembering thus: the spirit — is the owner and the lord of the covers. Experiences in this direction are very interesting. They will find, the power of the person over how is great. Potentially it is boundless - and it should be understood, realized and applied on a growing scale. Limit for spirit exists only for today, further it is possible to rise, having begun from the level reached in previous your experience. Also it is possible not to get tired in making, when success every dayed. The creative thought creates ideal shape of expression of the spirit, contained and approved in itself the symphony of qualities, - it will be the purpose. Achievement it will be everyday carried out on the instructions of will which has to always to surpass the actual performance. If the person appointed to pass 30 versts, and will pass only twenty, it will be better than if appoints one and won't pass any. But even if will pass this one, twenty will lead it to the purpose quicker. More widely wide sow. Why to limit to small measures the boundless potential of spirit? Ideal — exact performance of the set lesson, but for this purpose has to be persistence. Each person creates the shape free will. But Arhat creates this shape consciously, knowing power of will and seeing the taken shape essence it in each movement, thought, feeling and an act of the person.

322. From time to time in each house cleaning is necessary. A lot of things should be shaken up, both to clean, and to throw out stuff. But daily cleaning is necessary. Just the same relation demands to itself and consciousness. It is a lot of unnecessary litter and stuff accumulates in it. To see the shortcomings not corresponding to a step of spirit, it is very useful if it is possible to collect enough force to throw out them from the consciousness littered with them.

323. (M.A.Y.). It is possible to see the thin cover left spirit and being in a stage of decomposition. Show not from the pleasant. It is the same corpse, only not dense, but a thin body. Even the dead tree of eyes doesn't caress, even leaves dry or a last year's grass. The life recovering them, left, and breaks up forms, not withheld by spirit together. The species of dead trees doesn't frighten, though is unpleasant. Why to be frightened these effigies, life and consciousness of the deprived. Corpses if aren't burned, are based in the earth, there breaking up to earth components, but a thin effigy, as if borne a wind as if the tramp, is unsteady within that sphere of which elements it consists. Same law: the physical body departs to the earth, ashes to ashes, thin in a matter of thin layers. When leaving a thin body (death of the second) the order of will it is possible to accelerate process of decomposition of the left cover. Having appeared in Thin the World, doesn't follow these left covers accept for people. These are only thin corpses; it is ridiculous to be afraid of them. This fear we will leave to ignoramuses. Arhat is armed with knowledge and fear doesn't know. If the thin form gives the conscious answers deprived of a reflex and automatism, and is spiritualized by activity of consciousness, so it is manned and isn't dead. But vague reflex reactions of the thin cover replying on external influences automatically and weak-willed inertness specify it that the thin form is left spirit. The inexperienced consciousness not in forces to understand these display and therefore there is a lot of confusion in Thin Layers. The main, it is necessary to destroy fear, awe, worship and many other false feelings concerning the Thin Plan. There people same, as well as here, and as much know and as are empty as are angry and as itself display, but only in the conditions of a bit different. Admire or tremble before inhabitants of the Thin World as it is ridiculous as it is ridiculous to do it and on Earth. Charm of an astral should be destroyed. Everything is much simpler, than it seems. But the knowledge, differently consciousness is necessary will be it is involved in Maya mirage astral, there is a lot of more ardent, than Maya terrestrial because a lot of things there are created by thought. The pupil armed with the Lord, by passes heaps of the astral worlds, without being involved in an orbit of their attractions. But to be exempted from everything it is necessary to begin on Earth. Otherwise not avoid purgatory, illusive, but real for ignorant consciousness.

324. (Guru). My friend, I want to make you strong. Strength is given by knowledge. Therefore we exempt your consciousness from false ideas of World Aboveground. It is necessary to enter into it with the strong consciousness realizing the force and approved strongly on the Lord. Among fluctuating phantoms of known layers the Image of the Lord will be the strong rock for spirit. Exactly there, having united in consciousness with the Teacher of Light, it is possible to create and strike, crumpled illusive heaps of ignorant creative thought. There all create. What creativity it if the consciousness is angry, ignorant and limited. Cleaners of space are here our pupils. It is too much ignoramuses and ignorance among inhabitants of the Thin World, however, as well as on Earth, among people of Earth. Both there, and here the sword of spirit has to be pointed and always on call. Condition of intensity sharp-sighted in combination with understanding of the force, capable to operate any combination of external conditions, "I" want to approve in you and that to prepare for the future.

325. (May 17). It should be noted one feature of a passable step: once the consciousness concentrates on any phenomenon or even it is simple to stop thought on it as it starts extending and going deep and the face of boundlessness acts behind it. The consciousness as though directs through its further development and expansion on the spiral of its manifestation directed in the future. The spiral of thought directed in boundlessness of the future, takes and realizes evolutionary opportunities of the phenomenon which have drawn attention in consciousness. It is Arhat’s way. It is a way of Spirits Great. It is a way of the great people, directing consciousness of mankind in the future. Arhat is always directed in the future. The future for it -is flight wings. It trembles and is pulses boundless opportunities. Aspiration in the Future with Me fruitful is always. The thought attached to the past as bird to Earth — not in forces to fly up is dead and, even having flown up, falls again, withheld by a past magnet. The past is good only when it serves as steps for the Future, lifting steps, but not descends back. If creations of thought are saturated with elements enduring, they are immortal and endure centuries. It is necessary to give peoples the calling formulas of life which are promptly carrying away them in an evolutionary stream of life, rushing in the Future. But to give, it is necessary to know, it is necessary to know more, than those whom direct on steps of evolution of life. From here is need of the Highest Knowledge, Knowledge synthetic, deprived of narrow specialization, the Knowledge giving wings. A lot of ardent nowadays are allowed everyone able to contain to spirit gifts from a treasury of spatial thought. This source never will run low, while in heart — a flaring Image Lords. Fires of spatial thought are realized by it into forms and that makes available them for people. That special Assignment which is carried out by Arhat on Earth also consists in it — to realize fire of spatial thought in accurate, clear and to people available forms. The thought which not refracted through consciousness of Arhat and hasn't been issued by It, is inaccessible to Earth. In it is all difficulty of assimilation of spatial Beams and new Fiery Energy, nowadays reaching Earth. These receivers of thin energiya without which evolution will turn into involution are necessary on Earth. It isn't enough receivers, and therefore on them, the few, such heavy emphasis. Distributors, transformers, a little, and therefore loading and tension of everyone are great. Our Care that the device of spirit didn't fuse from overstrains. It is possible to feel as there is an organism on a limit as if on the edge of an abyss; but how many new opportunities, and what inflow of forces, and what rapid growth. Fruits of the Garden of M became available, but Fiery They. Also feels intense heart as opportunities a hundred times increased. And when not contained will fuse or rush about in confusion, to us devoted the time in darkness pre-dawn, nowadays will start reaping sang and strong from fiery waves from space. You receive everything that is able to sustain covers and all device of spirit, without being endangered. We Aren't going to burn the wonderful equipment of spirit and when we Tell "care" — means, it is necessary to strain forces to keep balance. Balance is an inevitable and the most indispensable condition under which only and process of assimilation of New Beams and Energy is possible. Impulse I Allow to approve it strong.

326. The way is urgent and urgent, but someone in darkness remain and rest tepidly. It is necessary to go and hurry, despite the lagged behind. Already you see these lagged behind, both lagging behind, and going to lag behind. Whether it is possible to detain the quick ship only because another, lagging behind, didn't find time to lift all sails? Warn that able to move quickly will go quicker, and lagging behind remain with that detained them, but not with Me. If delays in a way you prefer Me and you put their first Lords, whose fault if you tail after. Urgent is time, fiery time, time of possibility of big achievements; waited for years. Here time came, where jugs? Where baskets to collect in them fruits? I speak, check your employment. Would give a hundredfold, but where completeness of opening of heart to Lord? How din that you remain and you stay with what or to whom heart is opened and was given thought. If didn't know, but after all you know, and still you don't please Me.

327. (M.A.Y.). It is bad when small things force to lose balance. As it is strange, but in great causes it is easier to store balance, than in the small. But we will study as the small. It isn't necessary to be afflicted too. Let everyone disbalance incentive will be to keep balance in the future in the conditions of the similar. The order is simply given itself that in the future in similar conditions balance of spirit is broken already any more won't be. Such way the lesson taught by life, will be acquired, and consciousness - armed and prepared to meet it, without losing balance.

328. (M.A.Y.). What with relatives to do? Let go. It is possible to go and stand only on the feet and the steam; if go only energy of the Leader will assimilate to pith little men. There is a current — move, there is no current - grow stiff. Uncontrollably the life stream aspires to the am fated coast. Not to stop it. Force it out of control wills the human. Vigilance show sees inalterability of the forms which were realized already of the future, precepting Lords of Light. Not near you look, but are wider. Goes, there is a gait firm am fated time for you. You to them tell: without carrying out at least in a measure any Decrees of the Lord, opportunity to receive the new lose and if Instructions go through you, not them in it a merit. It would be desirable to see going all. Also tell: if the knowledge would put to life, would succeed strong. Let all force of aspiration will direct to application of in practice given Instructions. Energy the applied are deposited by crystals in the Bowl and serve as that rock on which the spirit under a furious pressure of waves of life will be able to resist. The lake tells: "Bifurcation of thinking is pernicious for advance". It is necessary to concentrate everything in one channel if thinks to resist.

329. (Guru). I will tell secret of success in overcoming of. Any failures not be confused, but, having appreciated a mistake and having weighed it, immediately to move further. The main thing is not give in to its clouding devouring force. We came to conclusion, it is necessary to be strong always and in everything, and it is necessary to keep. To keep in the correct direction is the key to success. Then each movement and each act, even small, will move forward. It should be remembered strong. Then move even mistakes, as them and we study. Here secret of success: it is provided, if Fiery Shape of the Lord always before itself (himself). And where then the person went the direction will be correct.

330. (May 18). Difficulty of the management is that things which are contrary to essence of Instructions of the Teacher become, told and thought. If they brought pleasure or satisfaction! But it isn't present; that is more senseless they. It is necessary to ponder, what force forces to do absolutely unnecessary and for the sake of what. It is necessary to pay right there because all organism protests against violence over its tonality reached by so long way. It is necessary that external corresponded to the internal. When compliances, owing to the conditions which were created besides will, no, from them it is necessary to be protected tensely. Not gets rid particles in him reacts the person on an external environment also starts vibrating with them in unison, and the puppet for each thread which is attracted to not get rid essence of the lowest covers twitches. Sad is show. The clown comes to life and starts wriggling. Achievements recede.

331. (M.A.Y.). Dark strong protect entrances to Light kingdom that nobody could enter. Also interfere strong, using all opportunities. From here such fight and need of continued patrol.

332. (May 19). (M.W.). When in the Kingdom we wash consciousness wakes up to the reality, really then a far and heavy dream all terrestrial life seems. But why to wait for this awakening to reality there when it is possible to force itself on Earth to think of an extremity of everything connected with dense existence. The residence is so temporary — and consider. You look at everything - as it will pass, on everything, what not from spirit. The slightest evidence of dreams dense is importunate. Only intense understanding of in Beams of Lords and mine exempts from Maya shadows. Beams keep in consciousness because they disseminate Maya fog which prevents to see that behind it.

333. If the consciousness is entirely occupied with thoughts about dark, there will be no place in it even for the Teacher. It they too win much, drawing attention to. It is necessary to find for them time and thoughts, but to fill consciousness exclusively with thoughts of the dark it is inexpedient because then it will darken. It is better to fill it with light. Consciousness filling by light is the best method of fight against darkness. Beam, cutting darkness, it isn't filled with it, but, on the contrary, destroys it. About dark it is necessary to know, and it is necessary to destroy their constructions. But with Light of the Face of the Lord we fill consciousness so that the place wasn't to enter dark into it anymore. And the consciousness armed thus with the Lord, simply in itself won't allow darkness as light and darkness at the same time can't exist. If the small candle disseminates the most ardent darkness what to tell about shining Shape of the Lord. The lightful Shapes introduced in consciousness and heart, do light carrier by a spirit torch. And when the darkness comes and closes a hopelessness circle, strong then my Face approve, having switched off from consciousness everything that prevents Me to approve. It will be the best reception of destruction of activity dark. And the darkness, the left is more active more ardently and more brightly the Fiery Image of the Lord in the heart which has contained it shines. All thoughts, all reasons, everything, everything connected by this activity, it is possible to leave for a while, but to strain heart to Me and to fill with me it, both consciousness, and thoughts. The Shape of the Lord will be a ram breaking darkness. Force Its Lightful it is so great that torment dark because Face vibrations are painful very much for them immediately recede. It is one of the reasons why they (dark essence) don't come nearer directly and hold about you the protégés. Believing that these protégés of darkness act not on a dark pointer, and in itself, and an edge of a sword directing on these intermediaries, you make a tactical mistake and you deliver pleasure to spawns dark. Set they poor the blind, and stand apart and out of blows, rub hands and rejoice that deceived and achieved the. Not on deception victims, but on dark it is necessary to strike blow. For this purpose it is necessary to see a dark hand and to it to chop off claws. Blows to victims, even a spirit sword, are useless; the cut feelers of the evil will grow together and again will stretch to you. If the victim relatives became, to them explain that with thought of the Teacher of Light of protect from the evil. But thoughts of intermediaries or people, darkness colleagues, connect itself with darkness and are given to influences it. Having cut dark threads with a way of the ardent adoption of communication with the Teacher of Light, are exempted from the influence rendered on them. But if to intermediary’s dark hospitably open hearts, you are powerless to help them because then the blow should be struck already to them, but not dark. In cases of extreme obsession the blow struck can have heavy consequences for both, an obsession and obsessed, and to end with death of the last. Therefore it is better to appeal to heart of the victim involuntary that it addressed from darkness to light, and then already to lift a sword of spirit not on it, but on an the obsession from whom it was averted.

334. I approve full uselessness of the majority of those thoughts and feelings which usually occupy a consciousness field. If to stop them and to be exempted from them, their place can be taken thoughts creative and creative. These should be engaged, and thus without postponing as too much time is wasted in vain.

335. (M.A.Y.). If you could exempt completely at the communication moments consciousness from the thoughts and it to make the screen absolutely pure and smooth, answers to asked questions would turn out accurate. But the thoughts disturb, interfering in the message. The pure screen of consciousness should be turned to us, and on it we will project our thoughts which haven't been mixed with yours. Abstract it is easier to transfer thought even if it interrupts own thinking. But the question demands the clearness of the answer and is defined of. Therefore it is much more difficult. The dark essence was found yesterday in space between you and that person who served as the channel for its approach. This channel is unreliable, on its dark influences flow. Often brings with itself guests having a tail. Bifurcation of thinking bears the poisoned fruit. Trouble proceeds.

336. (M.M.). I approve eternity of life and temporariness of its forms. I approve eternity of energy and frequency of its manifestations. I approve not measurability of spirit and measurability of the shown worlds. And Specify that the Law is a form, in which display the shown matter, and an antithesis of chaos not shown. The spirit purpose, in space real learns Universe Laws. To Me directed in Beams of One of Lords the right has on access to Intimate Knowledge. The knowledge is the purpose of existence of spirit in its covers for mastering by Laws of Space Creativity. It has to pass spirit through all forms of life, from the lowest to the Highest to leave in area of Space creativity. This way is long. But also there, on your minor planet, you study creativity to it in the forms available to consciousness. Firmly acquire that creativity — destiny of the person both on Earth, and in the Worlds, both each business, and each work in which you put creative energy of spirit, it is conformable evolutions and brings pleasure. Otherwise this works not is fruitful for spirit also not conformable to the principle of evolution. Therefore I Direct creative sparks of fire to put in your affairs that there were they food to spirit. Yes! Yes! Yes! As food of spirit the creative activity accumulating in the Bowl crystals of immortality serves. Think, think, on your Earth in works staying that the right to immortality of spirit is earned with work. Work by the sweat of the brow means the creative activity demanding energiya of spirit, crystallizing in the Bowl in the form of imperishable accumulation. So, work is divided into work creative and work deathly. Live dead persons execute this work deathly, work hated. But in what consciousness and heart is combined the Beam of the Lord with My Beams, that fiery secret of the creative activity bringing immortality, comprehends and enters into the Space Brotherhood of the immortal spirits, which have realized the immortality and not interruptibility of consciousness in all covers in which the spirit temporarily lives. The human life purpose is creativity space, a way to it — creativity terrestrial. Its highest form on your planet it is shown in art. Therefore art understands of life and accumulation in the Bowl of crystals of immortal fires.

337. My beam and Beam of Mother of the World in your consciousness are combined and form a magnetic field for manifestation Highest Energy. Energy of these Beams is inexhaustible. That is why the fruitful of creative your thought becomes inexhaustible. Consciousness strengthens this creative process and unites your consciousness with Carriers of these Beams, with Focuses of the Consciousnesses radiating them. It would be time, the friend to understand that the fiery, creative spatial thought in our integrated Beams meeting in your consciousness, became strong available. Light of these Beams is great. By contrast with Them the darkness realized by consciousness seeing light is sharp and dense. From here is at times melancholy and burden on heart and ardent attention from conscious and unconscious attendants of darkness. But darkness terrestrial is the phenomenon local, a terrestrial order. But Light of our Beams, the being shown in your consciousness, - darkness not to be, - because our Beams — the phenomenon of an order not terrestrial, but Space. The orbit of attractions of darkness leaves spirit, our Beams realized, and approves by that a final victory over darkness. The victory doesn't mean disposal of dark attempts, but specify that no shifts of darkness will be able to stop a victorious ascension of spirit. The winner am fated actually becomes that, invincibility of the spirit realized. The beam works continuously. In a conscious combination to Beams of Mother of the World it infinitely can strengthen this integrated power. But understanding is required, profound and constant that waves of the everyday sea terrestrial didn't overflow the receiver of thin energiya and didn't absorb it. From here is the Decree about wakefulness constant. It isn't enough to have achievement, it is necessary to hold it. The victory is kept by persistence of inflexible constancy and a rhythm. When waves of darkness direct on the consciousness which has learned light, it becomes the arena of collisions of two poles, poles of light and a darkness pole within their display on Earth; but, when the consciousness concerned the Space Beam of Mother of the World in the light of My Beams, then for a victory I Warrant. Therefore Specify to store confidence full in a final victory and in an infinite chain of those constant victories which conduct to it steadily and constantly. To the am fated winner of the world a victory over everything and in everything to claim my decree that to spirit as a barrier serves to am fated Light to go.

338. (M.A.Y.). As precisely my Beam and the Beam of the Lord in your consciousness are combined and the light gives. Certainly, Light of Beams of a scale of Mother of the World is higher and broader, but isn't so closing available. Availability of steps of the Ladder of Hierarchy is relative and on consciousness. I trembled also before the bottomless depth of the Space Knowledge so difficult combined with clumsy conditions of Earth. Dense everyone should bear weight of a cross of stay, concerned spirit bases. The payment for the Highest Knowledge is inevitable, but grants the right to an entrance. Spatial service consists in bringing to Earth of elements of spatial fire, Promethean fire, from the Sky. To extract this fire from the Sky and to hold it, being attached to Earth is a problem of difficulty unusual. Let's call it a feat, a life feat. This feat is made by Arhat; it is a feat of Carriers of Light. It is a feat of the one who in the breast will feel this fire, reducing it from the Sky to Earth that is the aspiration magnitno having attracted it from space. Let's study conscious process of attraction of spatial fire. It is easier to do it by a circle, but it is difficult to create the coordinated circle meeting conditions of fiery work. In any case, we won't put individual advance in dependence on it. At an individual method it is easier to establish not broken rhythm going < ... >; having presented itself in the Beam focus of an attraction of spatial fire; it is possible to attract it, collecting in a solar plexus. Deep breath with retardation and at concentration on being coagulated fire helps. It is good to be hit thus in heart heat, as though liquid fire spreads on all organism. Fiery breath is of great importance, but in the conditions of the city it is inapplicable. Concentration on fire strengthens its manifestations. Thought is of fire magnetic.

339. (Guru). The fiery Treasure demands constant care and attention. And if to give it as much attention, the person how many gives to affairs every day, it would began to increase according to the made efforts. But people are so occupied that for the most important time at them anymore doesn't remain. And Treasure it is necessary to lie in vain, like evangelical talents. The thought should be directed on how to increase it and this process in consciousness to approve strongly - process of multiplication of Treasure fiery. And I will help.

340. (M.M.). Destiny of spirit is creativity, and creativity - the purpose of its life. Everything that exists in Space in the shown look is created by thought, creative thought of spirit. As well the Invisible World is full the forms created by thought. Each star, each planet, and each sun it is created by their Creator, Spirit who once was a person. It isn't enough to create, it is necessary created to bring to its end. It is a lot of cares at Ardent Logos about the Worlds created by them. With these cares They are helped by Hierarchies of Spirits. These are cares Space. Creativity - destiny of the person in all Worlds Invisible and Visible. The person on Earth creates, but is even more intense and is free, having exempted from a body. Products of his creativity in aura of your planet too settle down on Light and darkness poles, as well as the phenomena of a dense order. In my Spheres the polar is, but it is other than yours. Pole of the shown forms пopposition to a pole of not shown; the chaos of not shown serves as an antithesis of creating Light. Ability to create is gained by embodiments in the dense world. Created by thought in space is of a form live. Nature of creativity is caused by height of spirit and force of the saved-up Treasure. Creates spirit Stone Fire. That is why multiplication of Treasure of the Stone is the purpose of the Terrestrial embodiments conducting to mastering by process of Space Creativity. But creativity spatial, creativity invisible, is available to the person and on Earth, in a body physical because thought of people constantly creates and creative thought he plans to itself (himself) ways in Spheres of the Thin World. And for that period of time when it will be exempted from a physical body, it is necessary to know a lot of things that creativity it was in harmony with Space Laws, they can be studied on Earth. The fiery Doctrine My given by Lords of Light, enters consciousness into a circle of action of these Laws. Anything from the events with the person on Earth and approved in his consciousness, doesn't remain without consequences after release from a body. All matters thought over and experienced by spirit. It is expressed in your writing by thought that for each word it is necessary to answer in World Aboveground; only not to God, but because the thoughts accepted in consciousness and approved by spirit on Earth, its way in space, in Elevated is defined. Connected on Earth, remains connected there, and recognized on Earth, there it will be approved by spirit. The law is invariable, seeded, seeded in the consciousness containing everything and able to cease in compliance full on each energy of spirit. One will reap what he'll sow — a formula not Terrestrial, but Space. It is possible therefore to sow quietly and surely, knowing that the great spatial receptacle gives shoots in full accordance with character of the seeded grains.

341. We work to bloody sweat, and assistants aren't present. There are units, and thousands conscious employees are necessary. Therefore and it is heavy this the little, adjoined Us forever. Consonance to Us is a lot of, but even butterflies consonance to light waves. I speak about the conscious, approved cooperation. Weight of loading amplified very much with leaving entrusted ours.

342. (M.A.Y.). Each big expense of mental energy is reflected in handwriting and in nature of creativity of spirit. It is necessary to leave any reasons about punishment or rejection: simply excessively the spent energy deprives fire work. Not punishment and direct consequence of the reason. Fire will collect - and work will begin to flow, as before. But the reason should be understood.

343. (Guru). When fire on damage, it is necessary to pass silently this period, having involved in itself all directed usually outside, energy of spirit. At these moments it is necessary to store especially balance of spirit not to be wounded from the outside.

344. (May 22). (M.W.). Space Laws are identical to all Worlds; studied on Earth, given the chance to use their knowledge in any point or the space sphere in their septenary nature and spheres corresponding to them. The intimate Knowledge also is Knowledge Space, uniform for all planets and all mankind, them occupying. It the Planetary Spirits which are at the head of the Worlds possess in degree different. Its particles available to this step of evolution of mankind on this planet, Hierarchical people receive. These particles are scattered according to pages of the ancient and new writing and flash in thoughts of the people, capable to perceive these sparks of Space Wisdom. The book sated with elements of this Wisdom, out temporarily that is doesn't lose the relevance during the millennia if in it there are no elements terrestrial. Books of your Great People are long in time so far as sparks of Space Knowledge are put in them. Books have the age depending on it: the above and fiery elements, it making, they are more durable the book. Wisdom Space is not from your world of the passing phenomena terrestrial.

345. Yes! Yes! We in the Stronghold have the books, the existing many millennia. Their value is great. Depth is inexhaustible: it is sated with Wisdom of Space Knowledge. Particles it we Give out to mankind, but in strict accordance with the step of consciousness reached by it. Given out over spills in vain, but in a case the worst it is used in the evil. Book < … >— a bright sample of the Space Wisdom crystallized in short lines. Archaic book this so is nowadays live also it is necessary, as and the millennia ago, because it is applicable in the first part to all Worlds our solar system. Even it limits herself to a statement of history of your planet and already loses in the Cosmic, but not in necessity and the duration for Earth. The doctrine of Life is given forever and the millennia, but different parts have it different duration because it was necessary to take into account the cosmic-spatial moment of a planet and the special needs of people caused by the transitional moment of change of races. It is necessary to be able to distinguish these elements of duration and a spatial in books, ideas, in thoughts of people and their creativity and in works of art. In architecture of pyramids and a sphinx you see attempt to express eternal in temporary, space — in terrestrial. As and in people as in books, elements eternal and elements of the temporary are expressed in a measure various. The consciousness can be combined with these or those and to be temporary or immortal. By thought the person approves temporariness or eternity of the life. But thoughts of eternity can leave as came, and to leave mortal. And thoughts immortal, visiting consciousness and again leaving it, often leave the person such what was him earlier — the helpless victim of death. As well on the photo movie which hasn't been recorded in special solution, doesn't remain any trace. Fixer for consciousness of thought of the immortality, the eternity sated with elements, its realization, its appendix, its application in life when fiery energy of thought crystallizes in the Bowl in the form of crystal deposits of fire will be immortal and becomes thanks to it the integral property of the person. So each applied thought of the Doctrine of Life approves by life and to some extent approaches spirit to the phenomenon of not interruptibility of consciousness that is to the actual immortality. Also there is a person applying the Doctrine My in life, the builder erecting the house of the spirit on the Stone, but not on sand. In Words of the Savior you have an ardent example of Space Wisdom, not passing in centuries. Degree of wisdom given to people depends on a step of their consciousness. But consciousnesses are very various. And therefore that who can contain and put more received in life, it is given more. From here is the apprenticeship phenomenon, and Carriers of Intimate Knowledge, and our Entrusted, knowledge to people imparting. It is given all, but it is scooped and it is perceived by people on consciousness, and strong the contained we note the Beam. Our beams on continuous patrol distinguish where they which have contained and wishing to contain Wisdom. It is easy to see them on fires of the heart which have directed to Us. Lit up and directed to Us immediately It is noted. We render on degree of tendency and heart burning. Anybody isn't left, even a spark the show. The law of a magnetic attraction in the sphere spiritual works powerfully, unmistakably and smoothly. Therefore I Speak: "Come to Me everything, and strong I will sate you on degree of your aspiration". And if fire of aspiration burns powerfully, whether that everything is equal, the person or with friends on spirit because on eagerness of spirit color of spiritual clothes is given is lonely and the spirit with light - fire answer is sated and is immutable. It is necessary to leave all doubts and any uncertainty in inalterability of commensurability of action of the Law. The strong Space principle of accords and compliances is based on this Law. Therefore to the directed heart I Will tell, let it will arrive in absolute confidence of commensurability of the Law and that in the M Garden many fruits for it are prepared by care and works of the Teacher of Light.

346. My son why when the wave of lifting is followed by its inevitable and lawful recession before a new wave, confidence of inalterability of the way approved by Me leaves consciousness. The rhythm of waves is inevitable, it is necessary to learn to look at it scientifically and passionlessly, without putting personal feel and feelings. It is told about how it is necessary to be able to meet waves beautifully. Behind each wave a failure, behind each failure a shaft new. It is necessary to meet beautifully and a shaft lifting consciousness on a crest, and a failure following shaft. In it display life polar. On fire and water steel becomes tempered. Spiral rings, but a core its one curl. Waves rise and fall in a chasm, but spirit in balance full meets lifting and failure of spontaneous waves of life. It is necessary to accustom consciousness to inevitable change of a polar of the phenomena. In it is their essence, in a transient ardent. But not transient the spirit and the rock will bear it blow of waves of any power and size because the spontaneous essence of a kernel of spirit and waves is various. About the Stone of the eternal basis of spirit waves worldly break and are carried by or rolled away back to the matter ocean.

347. (M.A.Y.). We not forgotten aren't forgotten also by us. We are close to them, and they to us. It is a little more conscious efforts to approach more, and obvious become both our proximity, and our care. Means if heart wants us to have closer and news to have, let to us directs in conscious effort to us to become so close that any doubts in our remoteness disappeared. We are close to what heart full thought of us and who it is thin listens to that we speak to it through his heart. Also it isn't necessary to grieve if there is no book of darling, after all we near, and think our consciousness yours become if heart us merge. All thoughts well: both proximity of darlings, and thoughts wealth. Why in books to look for that it is possible to receive through heart, in love directed to us.

348. (M.A.Y.). Native mine, in are far each thought of me strong I perceive and I feel your proximity. The rhythm everyday very much strengthened our communication and strengthened. Conan Doyle I send thought of the book. Read. A lot of things are right, but he knew a little and therefore there are mistakes. Hello to your relatives. Difficultly them too, as and you is. From approach of the dark anybody isn't insured: nor Arhat, nor the Lord, we, and you, and furthermore the people, who aren't know Bases. Can come nearer, but it is all about, whether there are elements, conformable to dark influences. If is, it is necessary to reply with them on accord degree. But these soundings in unison with darkness can be stopped will as soon as they are seen by patrol consciousness. Not to avoid dark attacks and dark blows, but damage to spirit thus possibly to avoid, if the Image of the Lord constantly in your heart.

349. (Guru). If advance goes steadily and without stops, unless received blows, chagrin, burdening’s and mistakes matter. If advance is made, despite everything, no matter disturbing, be it inside or outside. The inalterability rhythm let won't shorten a stride anything. It also will be a gait of the am fated winner. Whether there is time to deliberate and be distressed about the mistakes or failures when it is necessary to go hastily and a caravan doesn't wait. Therefore have no crucial importance any mistakes or weaknesses if only advance is unshakable. Power of determination can be put in process of a steady ascension. We won't begin to spend time for those who goes, and tomorrow about a way forgets. The tested travelers we appreciate, and good besides walkers. So it isn't enough fast walkers.

350. (May 23). (M.W.). Let yours won't be strange a little and My greatness. In Light space great and small, but consubstantial, merge in unification full because in the Kingdom of Light there is no all uniform neither big nor small, but all is unite.

351. How to reconcile greatness of the future with weight of the current hour? Only understanding of that, the current time is the bridge in the future, connecting to it, or a step conducting to it, without them not to enter into the future. Means, they are inevitable and necessary. It is better to consider that the current hour is the carpet plane flying to the future with consciousness directed in it. Speed of flight depends on aspiration, and burden of the moment - the generator of forward energy. Imperfection of the present an impulse and incentive especially ardently will direct forward. And if something isn't present in the present, in the future there will be it because the future belongs to us and is made out by will. It is necessary to decide only that wanted to approve for itself in the future it. If terrestrial and things terrestrial - them we have if the desire from spirit, desired is if Treasure of the Stone we want to increase and force of the energiya to concentrate on it, Treasure you will have in all its shine and force. It is all about to what are applied energy of spirit at an o'clock the difficult current. But a wall separating the present from the future, it is possible to punch and enter into it nowadays. It is possible to see it possessing Treasure of the Stone, both its crystals, and fiery deposits of the energiya realized nowadays from thoughts into elements of Treasure of the Stone. If all strength of mind to ruch in the future in this direction who and that can prevent us when the aspiration goes, Connected by the Lord. And then it is possible to feel as among difficulties and burdening’s by circumstances, and thanking it, the Treasure by conscious efforts is multiplied and grows. At most, burdening consciousness, its energy undertakes and is realized into an increase crystal. "As your deception is useful to me — it is possible to tell to the deceiver, - as everything is useful for me, everything that so heavy lays down on consciousness and presses it". Them burdening, them saddening, the striking blows, and dark it is possible to thank, that opportunity give the Treasure to increase; not to increase without them because they give and generate the necessary energy of opposition, fight and a victory, being deposited in the form of fiery crystals in a breast. And the karma should rejoice heavy because it provides growth. And if today something developed was overcome, so tomorrow this not overcomes will be won and approved by new crystals in the Bowl. Nor the age, nor health, neither situation, nor circumstances, can prevent strong to collect nothing fiery crystals and to accumulate Stone Treasure. The obsession is inadmissible, it is impossible to give the power to own this thought itself because the purpose is great, and above it there is no purpose another in the Universe. With this Treasure and here, and in the Worlds his owner is immortal, rich, and winget, and the creative force of fire can have everything that the spirit will want. When Spoke: "Don't collect to itself treasures on Earth", - I Meant imperishable Treasure of the Stone which only one is worthy that to save up it.

352. (M.A.Y.). Stone, to me given is symbol of that power, which I will have and without a Stone, transferred to me by the Lord. The stone received is given for a while when performing especially responsible Mission; in It is concentrated force of spatial fire. It is as though the accumulator loading with energy the electromagnetic device of spirit and forcing fiery charkas to rotate. It affects powerfully and the people adjoining to the carrier of the Stone. It is given to especially entrusted people. In the history I know many examples when force it made big affairs. Light to Light, the Stone to the Stone — it is necessary to bring also receive. But it is possible to think of what is more valuable if they identical force.

353. (Guru). I like to speak about heroes; I like to speak about heroism, about people strong, about their feats. It is possible to achieve everything and even without the squeezeed-out efforts if to concentrate all strength of mind on the desirable. The victory easily gets, and, first of all, over itself if the mighty effort of spirit is made reaching. At first there is an understanding of that the will can do everything that everything is achievable, and it is followed also by achievement. But it is necessary to want all strength of mind, all will. For learned secret want is means to have. Power of will of limits doesn't know if the will is able to want.

354. (May 24). (M.W.). Spirit-monad, plunging into a matter, builds to itself the conductor for stay on the corresponding plans, finally, having rejected four the lowest, with all gained experience to remain in three for the long periods of existence in a matter. It is at end of a cycle terrestrial and then again a chain of embodiments on the highest, planets. The end of evolution isn't present. For new Pralaya goes new Manvantara, and so on.

355. I consider unnecessary all conversations on, and the experiences, and on everything that enters consciousness into a vicious circle of the personality small. All speak and like to speak only about it, imposing the world to people. It isn't necessary to take out it to people. It is useful to get rid of a personal world absolutely; it has to be closed for others. It is possible to speak only with a definite purpose (if it is inevitable) the experience of a personal order to help the person. To speak for itself, for the sake of itself and own pleasure, without reckoning with advantage of the interlocutor, for the pupil it is inadmissible. On extent of imposing of people can judge spirit height. Ardent self-affirmation specify on rage of egoism approving. Difficult is with such people. For guidance don't suit. "I" fill with myself everything. For an apprenticeship too it is a little suitable. While rage of egoism won't cease, the Teacher the direct management will not burden Himself. So the egoism serves as a barrier between the person and the Teacher of Light. It is necessary to clear consciousness from all the before with the Lord you will be able to fill it; so simply also it is cleared by ejection of personal litter. All personal litter because has no valid life as is a product of limited understanding and, and the world. It is possible to judge at least on what there is at present a personal world of the Pharaoh Ramses II, which isn't present on Earth, as well as his kingdom, how many such worlds sank into oblivion. When the Highest Triad took from personal experience and the personal world everything that could, a personal world as that, in it, becomes absolutely not necessary. And it is possible to look at it as on something, having temporary usefulness, if the purpose is clear. If the purpose isn't present, the whole embodiment filled with experiences of a personal order can be deleted from the life book even, but for the Highest Triad not the necessary is perfect.

356. (M.A.Y.). I have to show the following: never and under no circumstances is it necessary to lose the power over. Especially the surprise beats out consciousness from balance. Against surprise it is necessary to be armed in advance and to take itself for the rule to count at least to ten before reacting to any unexpected phenomenon. The order to consciousness can be so strong that already automatically at surprise shock it will start counting: time, two, three and so on, keeping that balance of spirit. It is possible even to work if it the circumstance demand, but repeating quietly: one, two, three... This mechanical reception can bridle reflex reactions of covers.

357. (Guru). Once you concerned secret of achievements and ability to want, the opposite pole of consciousness proved in operation opposite. The inexperienced traveler will lower in powerlessness of a hand, but skilled will tell itself: if contrast of are show, so the way is free and it is possible to go further, approving its antipode. Mistakes for the advance which isn't stopped by anything are so used even.

358. (May 25). (M.M.). The space Law of a polar in creativity of spirit is expressed that there is a focus creating and a matter serving as a material for creativity. Two merge in one. In it the Law of Unity of all real is expressed. The spirit which has invested by covers is expressed in them and "I" speak, often meaning by it everything by what it is invested. In the same way and Ardent Logos, rotating round the Focus the whole world, that is a star or a planet, the essence Show in the matter which have invested them, as the person — in a body. The principle of Unity remains invariable because all matter involved in an orbit of Creating Focus, is united in a single whole of. Two poles generate in the magnetic field the third, those forms of life which start arising and developing on a distant planet. Uniform it is in many respects claimed that this principle of creation is shown in all forms of life - from top to a bottom - two generate the third. The law is universal, concerns all spheres. To it submitting, the thought, not only children is born also. To it submitting, the spirit in my Orbit is attracted to put force of the Great Law in action. So, attaching Great Space Laws to itself, lays itself spirit the way in space. Laws work steadily and powerfully, therefore, the way if the principle of action of the Law isn't broken is invariable also. The spirit which doesn’t know the Law is a plaything of destiny which she plays as wants. But the karma is taken in hand by the one who consciously puts the Wheel of the Law in action and uses it, knowing about the principles of the accord and compliance. From here purpose of embodiments of spirit: to comprehend World Laws and comprehended to apply in life to the statement of inalterability of the way to stars. Accidents aren't present in destiny of the person. Action, consciously applied in life, bears the fruit, and there is a person himself the master of fate and the sculptor of own karma.

359. Rising by thought heights, the person is inclined to forget about thoughts low-slightest, thoughts terrestrial. The fiery consciousness contains everything: both big, and small. So when at heights and in small affairs it is necessary to be too at height — in small affairs and in thoughts small. Often happens that the person speaks about the Worlds, and itself - as the pig or still even is worse. Compliance between in word and deed, between thought and the word, between thought and business isn't observed. The yoga purpose — that internal expression corresponded external and that it was worthy; so all essence of yoga is reduced to practical application in life of the received knowledge because the yoga is a way, a life.

360. (M.A.Y.). To departure a lot of things will change from this that you disturb now. It is necessary therefore to know, but it isn't necessary to be anxious. Life steadily goes by that moment when the notification of the Doctrine becomes possible. After all for the sake of it everything also was allowed, and only for the sake of it by Lords Was assisted builders of the new world and It appears them and until now. Question all in when there will come desired time. That soon it, it don't doubt because you, you are sowers, and your years already come nearer to a limit. Means, in your life it is necessary to make crops. Tension all-planetary the index serves that, the desired approaches time. So and live, seeking approach terms of Light Time.

361. (Guru). It is possible to move, but limits of legality of speed of advance can't be broken nevertheless. Any squeezeed-out effort is useless and even is destructive. It is required to gain skill quiet, sure, slow, not bustling, but continuous and invariable advance forward. What there it happened and how there were affairs, advance proceeds at all, both everyone’s, and any external and internal living conditions. Often conditions of internal life of consciousness strongly disturb. And it is necessary that didn't stir anything. The chosen way becomes a core of life of the person directed forward, to achievement of the purpose, and everything that around, only as the bottom serves a foot firmly to go to the purpose.

362. (May 26). (M.W.). It is good to think of in what view and from what the spirit can enter into my Spheres. It is possible to think of the expression on Earth at present and of, whether it approaches and whether it corresponds to conditions of Spheres of the Highest. And on Earth, in the conditions of dense, can show spirit shape worthy and conformable with the Highest Plan of Life. And not in clothes, not in kind of work, but in a condition of spirit and his thoughts the accord it is expressed. Light - sounding, lightful, adjusted on the highest wave can be consciousness of the person in any living conditions terrestrial. This condition will be selfless, and life - a feat, because in the dense world of people of Earth difficultly to be the highest aspect of Light improbably. In the spirit of Earth having come off, in My Spheres it is easier to imagine extraterrestrial existence, than to show it on Earth. For this is necessary the heroism of spirit and desire a feat purpose! The Mother World ordains heroes on a feat. The beam to heroism of spirit gives my impulse. In my Beams realizes spirit immortal, extraterrestrial essence and fire in itself eternal life. The Highest Triad is approved to manifestation and attracts to itself energy from the lowest conductors, being the center of a center of consciousness. The consciousness has property to focus the focus in any of conductors, and a problem of the Immortal Triad to hold it in her even then when it is in a body in the conditions of the dense. Both the Lord, and ordinary people, being in a physical body, the consciousness differently in them show: Lords — at level the Highest, people of Earth — only on terrestrial. It isn't a body, but in a step of the evolution reached by spirit. It is possible, it is possible on your Earth and in a physical body itself to show aspect of the highest life, but the heroism and inflexible determination not to give in to environment influence for this purpose is necessary. The lord told that won against the world because, being in the world, there was it other-worldly, but from the Highest World, in the Immortal Triad though was obese. Way this victorious for you It, people of Earth, laid, a way passed on Earth in a dense body, but with the consciousness concentrated not in the lowest four, but in the Highest Triad. The task is clear - to transfer consciousness from four lowest covers to the Highest Three Principles, to Them and through Them itself are show. Because in Spheres Light Mine, extra dense and the Highest, and can be shown your spirit.

363. Each manifestation of consciousness in the lowest covers strengthens them, in the Highest — strengthens the Highest. Ardent manifestation of astral emotions involves consciousness in limits of an astral cover and closes it in it. Also the person feels then the falling. Actually so it also is. But it is possible to feel hungry and not to be won this feeling, it is possible to feel cold, it is possible to feel anything because the person not a wooden block, but, feeling it, it is possible for the power over not to lose and not to immerse consciousness in these feelings to dark oblivion of the human dignity. It isn't not to worry, either not to feel, or not to feel, and that, feeling, to keep consciousness not in feeling covers, but in the Highest Triad. The hero going fearlessly to death, and the coward writhing in a paroxysm of bodily fear before inevitable death, are examples of how the consciousness endures the phenomena of the same order. Covers demand strong submission them to will that the Highest Triad could be shown freely. From here ardent need of tranquility and balance of spirit. The superior qualities of spirit are a form of a display of the Highest Triad because these qualities impose the veto on uncontrolled movements in the lowest conductors. As also the power over the physical body specify that the body doesn't cope itself, but the will operates it and regulates its functions at will. The body can be completely subordinated to will. Theoretically it is correct. Practically them it is necessary to approach to the power over covers and mastering from life of every day, from the phenomena low-slightest, approving on everything and in all this the power in sizes the available. The principle of aspiration remains in force. Experience yesterday's with a bleeding stop from a cut on a finger was very successful. Blood stopped almost at once. Between the first experience of this order and the last passed more than twenty years. They were only a little, but results are very good. Here so arrive in all that touches a body: the firm order of will to anybody or part of a body — and results can't but be. The order of will can be strengthened a rhythm. Many opportunities are concentrated in the person in the field of his power over the conductors. The thought dominates.

364. (M.A.Y.). The feeling is correct: every morning Communication with the Lord new gives an impulse moving further. Without this impulse the consciousness will freeze, surrounded with real former forms of thought. To ascend, it is necessary to leave them, and the Beam of the Lord disconnects this closed sphere, Specify way is farther. By this isolation is explained that often the writer is used up and has no subjects new, and the inhabitant simply stands still because at all doesn't know that it is possible to move somewhere. The leading strength of the Teacher is necessary to move, it is transferred to the pupil in the presence in it aspirations when current becomes isolated and there is a flash. Now the condition is so strained and currents are so adverse that if contact with the Teacher isn't present, advance is impossible. To miracle I at times am given to your persistence which you show in Communication with us and in Communication with the Lord. On it both award, and stream inexhaustible thoughts. The sower sows grains of light not only in space, but also in own consciousness. Each kernel gives shoots, let there will be it even a little. It is good to attend to that kernels were more and the best quality. It is important to seed, shoots will ascend. The thought can consider as light grains, if from light they. From here is need of control over everyone. It is necessary to consider thought everyone thought-over and accepted in consciousness as a seed of future shoots. It is much spoken about Doctrine application in life, and in intervals it is approved and applied in practice things, not conformable to Light Doctrine so much. It is necessary to think of it. After all there are also crystals of dark fires, thought dark the given rise. Different there are crops and different shoots, but the sower and the reaper - at the same time and is in the person.

365. (Guru). I fill with determination heart with us to go all the way. The ring was given not without reason. On the Assignment gave. It is given to the am fated pupil. When everything is unsteady that remained, it is joyful to see strong standing. The spirit rock - inside. Emphasis and stability — on it, but it is necessary to keep as there are a lot of attempts from everywhere to shake and shake. Power of the Lord you keep. In It - all.

366. (May 27). (M.W.). Specify to accept Me in life as a magnet attracting in Boundlessness. Also it isn't necessary couriers of thoughts - simply direct to Me and in the spirit of with Me stay. The contact thought Me fruitful for spirit because, to Me directing enters consciousness into my Beam and on It reaches its Focus. Focus radiates Light and heat. Everything is very simple, and in this great simplicity — great difficulty. It is easier to understand beauty, than simplicity. That understand simplicity of Great Laws, it is necessary to be released from terrestrial heaps and "terrestrial wisdom" — in the spirit of everything it is simple. Simply you direct to Me and simply you enter Communication with Me. If you aren't as children, you won't be able to enter into My Kingdom. Therefore leave all reasons that is possible and that is impossible, but spirit to Me direct and in the spirit of with Me try to stay, from Me scooping aroma of thin energiya. And as daring few because wings aren't present, nobody leaves, a measure full and settling without having received from My Light. By measure full it is given that could bring audacious My Gift to Earth. I approve courage of aspirations over all reasons terrestrial. Daring heart and thought the Guarantee Light Day of a fruitful of courageous aspirations. I will tell the audacious: "Real it read in a bosom of Mother of the World! And, there having approved and a place having found, the lot a terrestrial, short and temporary lot, consider only as a step to Me. Consider itself sent to the world, to small Earth to bring spaces Gifts from Spheres of My Light far". Task spacial realized the Beam wash with the guarantee there will be possibilities of a gift to Earth of elements of Light from a far Star. To be the transformer Space Energy receiving and transferring for Earth — My Assignment to the one who realized My Proximity and from it scoop. Saturated My Light the consciousness, dared to direct to me and concerned My Light comes back to Earth. My beam over it, audacious, and Light of the Beam is in his heart.

367. When on yourself you bring sparks Light Beam Mother World, My Heart rejoices. My beam, entering into a combination to them, generates the special phenomenon of a sLightful intense. Truly, then the planetary network of light in this knot and the sphere shined by this Focus of Light gets stronger. Understanding of the phenomena of this order and Great Service does conscious. Service to light is diverse, but its essence always same is entering of light into darkness of external life, into darkness "external". Light is brought from within to bring, it is necessary to have to have, it is necessary to receive constantly. In beat there is a receiving constant. The rhythm approved should be protected. It is easy to break it, but difficultly to approve. The rhythm is constancy of steps of ascension to Light on which the foot goes. In communication with light is approved by inalterability of a rhythm.

368. My son, is good you or is bad, but as litmus you serve for those who crowds around. Gradually acceptance you or inseparability to Me they are close or far from you. You Are approved by Me as the carrier of My Instructions, and you rejecting and not recognizing, Me rejects because doesn't know how most to approach to Me. But you know and you have to that the proof some thousand pages. Therefore be especially sharp-sighted with those who start separating in thinking. If lose a link as will be attached to the Hierarchy chain. Not it is necessary to look at that that is said, and that is hidden behind an external form of words. Trouble is obvious with the friend far. The hand of the help hangs in space, being not accepted. If over an ear to shout, not hear a far voice. The proximity, physical proximity of the channel of dark influences muffles your voice and closes eyes. The case is interesting in every respect. The letter is in essence incorrect. The antagonism is shown. The prevention isn't accepted, charge is available. And behind all this dark shadows against Me a hand raised. You striking blows, wounds put to me. Because you are inseparable from Me. Them for a while leave alone, let will think over that lose.

369. (M.A.Y.). Know there’s no evil without good. The obvious zigzag of spirit bears the kind fruit; though the zigzag is dark. Hand of the driver specifies the correct way but if it is rejected, before free will it is necessary to reconcile. Time is the best developer of essence of actions. The pattern is difficult lives. Wait time with the answer to the second letter. Leave them for a while alone. Difficult with people, words don't need to be trusted.

370. (Guru). Many fine opportunities are lost by the person denial of given instructions. The emotional impoverishment human when Earth speaks in people is amazing. Before the end являются faces and devotion the tested especially. In both look then not to be mistaken and to charge with freight of an elephant a camel. It isn't necessary to burden also people a trust bulk. The doctrine about people is short, but the knowledge isn't joyful. The bitter Bowl of experience of knowledge of a human nature should be enjoyed up to the end.

371. The case is difficult. The law of being reported vessels (works). Arguments are settled everything, but deafly an ear. Provide to it. There was a friend — there is no friend. (The explanation on the letter received from the friend...)

372. (May 28). (M.W.). "The son of Light, I Welcome you in My Halls as invited guest. While on Earth you is only the guest, because before term you can't leave a planet. Tell Me, what you want to have and what you want to carry away from Me to Earth? ", "I want receive Knowledge, force giving Treasure of the Stone create, multiplying it hourly, and Light it to bring in name rescue world ". - "You have the Stone, is to what to put, and the Knowledge will be useful. We call it World Treasure because It remains to that both on Earth, and in the Worlds - Treasure Space".

373. About World Treasure in the beginning I Told: "When It will cover the sun and will begin to shine more brightly it, the spirit way solar becomes". My face can be visible even against the sun — it when the Treasure of the Stone shines, light darkening the terrestrial. Affecting the highest concepts, it is impossible to come off Earth because a way practical, the way of realization of the highest, lies on Earth. The principle Is specified — a hand and a foot human and... on the ground. Lands not pass. Embodiment’s dense inevitability serves to reach the highest tops. Even to them, to mountain high tops, it is possible to reach only on the ground. Someone dreams to reach them by air, the earth without concerning, forgetting, what even it has to fly up from the earth. So not do without Earth. Earth will be an emphasis point for take-off. It is impossible to underestimate values of terrestrial embodiments. It is necessary to understand that without them lifting is impossible. The understanding of it gives pleasure to use consciously each difficulty in test as it is possible new crystal deposits in the Bowl. The hero joyful spirit meets wave everyone to life. It also is a way right.

374. (M.A.Y.). I rejoice, rejoice, seeing heart burning, strong directed to the Lord and Mother of the World. I rejoice, seeing growth of spirit and a decision inflexible with us to go all the way. That to us everything when the Lord is closes and Light of the Beam his heart trembles. The future lies before me as the opened book, and your name is entered in it by fiery letters. The Lord entered. Trust the Lord and trust in his Leading Hand; your destiny in Its Hand!

375. (Guru). If the way lies to self the Lord, that no everything whether is equal, who or that will meet on this way. It is important to reach. Disturb much and many, especially with parties the dark. It is possible to go a formula: and I after all go and I will reach, despite everything. And before fiery will the monster of a gloom and a hopelessness of conditions terrestrial will part. The one who with the Lord is the winner always, but fight is inevitable.

376. (May 29). (M.W.). The era of Mother of the World will enter mankind into an orbit of Space life, and the planet which has been earlier separated from a family of other planets of solar system, will reunite with them through the highest principles, that is through the person. The prince of darkness isn't present, and anybody any more won't be consciously and to interfere with this rapprochement of the Worlds systematically. See the beginning of these attempts in those ideas which already are in the air and find the reflection in life. The thought directed in space depths. The all-conquering thought cuts spatial distances before spaceships. New time goes, and its gait already obviously sounds in consciousnesses of sets.

377. Write under all conditions. The material will be. It is necessary to begin only. I help when own effort is put. Give the chance to apply my Force to something. If there is nothing to put, the Help flies away fruitlessly. This principle is shown in everything on a way. Therefore It is spoken about aspiration. It is necessary, it is immutable it is necessary that energy of aspiration proceeded from spirit, and then to the having it is given, that is it is put in it to that already is. Baskets and jugs for receiving spatial gifts are filled according to the same Law - brought receives. At process of saturation by thin energiya people aren't able to show this commitment and persistence and come empty-handed, without bringing anything. There can't be such case that the address remained without the answer and instead of spatial gifts of people would receive an evangelical stone. "You knock, and will open to you" — the Space formula of life. But you knock, but persistence show, equal to desire to receive. My Voice, but only won't break off until there is an aspiration, that is while the gift something with itself lasts at the Address to Me. To what I Will put if to put there is nothing? It empty covers are fruitless. And the most precious gifts, not a name of to what to be put that is to be attracted magnetic, wake up by consciousness and heart, bringing nothing. Blind and deaf called nothing brought. And if you become deaf and you grow blind for a while, and your creativity runs low, so you come to Me with empty hands, so hearts fires and magnetic force of a flame went out can't are show on an attraction of spatial gifts. All want to receive. So you bring at least low-slightest that was to what to put by law. Laws of a magnetic attraction work clearly, accurately, definitely. It is necessary to leave any uncertainty and a flaring magnet of the spirit to direct to any sphere of Earth and space for extraction desirable magnetic. Already I Speak you don't "ask", but direct, but wish, and "it will be given you by a measure full, settled and pumped", under the immutable Law of the Magnet.

378. Balance is shown in constancy, stability, firmness, devotion and step hardness. It display in the equal attitude towards people. It doesn't allow explosions of emotions. In tranquility full, everywhere and always display balance of spirit. The pupil at some schools is forbidden to speak out in defense of him at a known step. It occurs because everything concerning egoism causes ardent flashes of the astral eating and strengthening through them. They serve it as food, as bread - to a body. That to it not gives and it not strengthen food it, the vow on the pupil is imposed. But it is possible and without any vows and third-party prohibitions of food not to give it, depriving of it opportunity are show itself on protection of egoism. This protection is lawfully admissible only in case the astral is silent and if absolutely foreign faces, as though someone another, but not the defender is protected as though. It is very useful to think and speak about it in the third party. There is as though an office Looking from within from the actor who is carrying out the role. It is possible strong to watch the actor how he speaks, looks, feels, what gestures at him, movements and even thoughts. Because all this occurs outside the person, in his covers, and the essence of spirit at all doesn't show, but shows stratifications. It is necessary to look strong that specify"sutratma", to plan to it a way of worthy of expression. It is possible, it is possible strong to succeed in a transmutation of the covers because they are deprived of the will, but the willfulness have only thanks to that will which in them mister and the lord — spirit of the person once enclosed them. Therefore approve the power and the domination over all manifestations of the covers because this power belongs to you. It is necessary to approve only it in application. Willfulness of covers it is possible to break ardent understanding of a primacy of spirit and the boundless power it over all conductors; Told I Claim three. I Told.

379. (M.A.Y.). The pupil of the Lord through life goes a formula: everything is possible, everything I can do. Approving it, the spirit approves truth because the person is the Image and Similarity of the Highest. The omnipotence, omniscience and pansophy are potential attributes of spirit to which realization it steadily goes. On this boundless way of achievement of the specified properties of spirit there is a boundless quantity of steps, and each person costs on any. If the purpose to put a formula given to go, and on steps it is possible to rise quicker. Unattainability of the purpose let doesn't confuse. And though even Lord Buddha Gautama of pansophy, omnipotence and the omniscience I didn't approve, however He Knew that didn't dream people and a lot of things Could therefore the Lord Claims that everything is achievable now. But the approachability lies within consciousness. Even the daring doesn't go beyond it, though can expand it unreasonably. But boundlessness of consciousness and opportunity to expand infinitely it is approved, and claiming the life formula is given: nowadays possibly all.

380. (Guru). There are no such obstacles which the will of the person couldn't overcome. Surmountable is all. Desire to force a stub to tell human language is not an obstacle, but absurd. Life overcoming within matter and energy laws means. It is impossible to grow up the dropped-out tooth in this race, but to see and hear the events on the opposite end of the globe possibly. A lot of things are possible now for the consciousness which have wakened to life. You know value seraphim’s, you know value of manuscripts, you know value of sacred subjects and therefore you can understand sense and value of an exhibition. Look at the phenomenon in aspect of the Thin World. New elements of the Light-energies order are entered into heart of the country. The link connecting strongly real to the future is as though approved. The future was included into heart to change its rhythm. From now on the pulsation becomes other because new energy will powerfully work. Everyone, concerned these focus of the fiery energiya crystallized in pictures, carries away their prints in consciousness and heart. Pictures are messengers New Era — to hearts human will tell that, that it is impossible to tell any words. Magnetic power of condensed light began the influence. There is a hidden transmutation of the consciousnesses which have concerned fiery creations of the true, lightful art. This influence goes straight on heart and therefore it is stronger than the words which long ago bothered and have bored all. Process of a transmutation will be strengthened by the cosmos-spatial conditions. Consider that a new phase entered. Therefore the darkness in powerless and fruitless attempts to destroy the leading country rages.

381. (May 30). (M.W.). It is a lot of secrets in Space, but all of them are available to spirit of the person if there is it to their comprehension on a chain of Hierarchy of Light. It is a lot of galaxies, and it is a lot of worlds, but the Hierarchy of Light is uniform. Holding it, the spirit in bottomless depths of space won't be lost. And distant it is possible to communicate with the Worlds too through Hierarchy, truly - Light Ladders. All future of mankind is concentrated in It. And when communication with It is strong, it is possible to create infinitely. On my planet where people and thoughts others and are higher a step, than on your Earth, creativity of spirit forms a basis of life and its purpose. As well as on Earth, creators that everything is temporary know that a dense form has, but know there also that dense creativity has thin forms and continues to exist when the dense form collapses. Therefore so create for appearance and for the sake of it and know that everything that is created on the principle it, serves Evolution of the Worlds and mankind occupying, connected by closely hidden threads in the shown Worlds. Even in physical forms it is obvious this communication showing in the form of the Beams connecting stars to great force of Space Magnetism. You know that all our solar system rushes in space to the Far Star because such force attracts it afar in world space - the great force of Space Magnetism. It operates the Worlds, everything submits to It that is shown in Space in the form of forms existing in it. Differently display magnetism binding it in septenary spheres of space. The septenary step of the shown space matter is interconnected so that the lowest is subordinated to the highest, and the highest dominates in measurements of the Distant Worlds. It dominates on Earth, but only for knowing Secret. And the Secret is that the power over everything in what it is shown is given to spirit. Children of Earth know about it because it was told them Sent by mine, but, knowing, they don't trust in this Supreme power of spirit over any flesh. But know on Distant Planets and apply it to creativity of the life which is claiming on Beauty. The spirit is light of Beauty of Stars. And the Beauty the essence of realizing spirit streams in beauty of created forms. Few beautiful people on your Earth, but aren't present ugly on my Planet. Faces of people are fine, bodies are fine. The spirit sated with beauty, using plasticity of the discharged and distinguished matter of this Planet, creates a physical body on the principle of Beauty. And the physical form in the expression submits to spirit. There is no illness, and there is no old age in your understanding of this word. Forms of herbs, flowers and trees are fine. Fishes, animals, birds are beautiful. On your goldfishes and plumage of birds of paradise it is possible to judge beauty of ours. Children of animals on your Earth are beautiful also; but as they are beautiful and their parents in our World. And as it is good, as the nature is fine! Among this beauty indescribable the person creates beauty, directing to more and highest and perfect forms of its display because there is no end to the boundless statement of Beauty on Earth and in the Worlds.

382. (M. M.). The life and forms of public life is and at Us. But they are penetrated by Beauty and full unlimited freedom of the expression. Laws hand-written aren't present, there are no vessels, there are no prisons. Judge everyone to. And at you, on your Earth, too everyone has in itself the judge, but recognizes not him, and court human. But also on your Earth people once will grow to understanding of this formula of life. And when the person will begin to judge himself court ruthless and right, there will be no need to it in former vessels. We have neither judges, nor defendants. Limits to the freedom are put by spirit to itself, knowing in practice how not to cause to the neighbor of what he doesn't want to itself (himself). The power Hierarchical, based on a spirit and knowledge priority, the power natural, not subject to any doubts in the space legality and the right. Not human, not state, but the Space Right regulates life of mankind of our Planet. We have no states, We have no different sectors of society, and We have no races and different languages. Uniform family is mankind. Eden herd, also is uniform the Pastor. Whether there are imperfections? Certainly, imperfections are, imperfections given evolution steps in relation to the subsequent. Because life, both at Us, and at you, it that overcomes itself, as well as the person. The limit of evolution of spirit isn't present, so, and to forms of its expression on all plans of life. The beauty reigns in measurements of the Distant Worlds.

383. The aspiration to the Distant Worlds is given by the Doctrine to mankind in order that, having entered into Communication with them, people could approve higher and more perfect forms of life of these Worlds at themselves on Earth. It the understanding of the following steps of evolution is important. It is necessary to see and understand the purpose before to direct to it. There can be different purposes. There can be the purposes attracting in a chasm. Such purposes were set for people by a fallen angel. And from under dark the payment, thrown by it to Earth, mankind can't get out and on now and continues to think of wars, destructions and destruction of each other. But the power of the Satan though her consequences still far aren't settled came to an end. But there is no great driver of the evil and in it its hopelessness. The remained hierophant of the evil though is strong, but it only people, old attendants of the Satan. They are taught them and the sophisticated in evil making, but powers of fallen planetary spirit have no and therefore their days on Earth are considered. It is a little more, still it is a little, and ardent Light Victoria will show on your Earth. To this Victory conduct future steps. See them in the present because already the obvious they and it is immutable conduct to the approval of the precepting fairy tale. See, differently you will remain among tailing after. We break in the concentrated blows each attempt dark to do harm to the General Plan. They are powerless against Us and against you, if you with Us, and if with you and Us those who follows you. But in case of thinking office danger is great. It is that the last division of mankind into Light and darkness camp the final. And nowadays departed from Us, departs from Us forever. We speak about the Victory because it that displaying to be in shape, available to understanding is close. In Invisible it already is, but visibility lags behind because your destiny is closely connected with them.

384. Arrival of the son - a step, an exhibition - a step. It is a lot of these steps conducting in the am fated future. I ask to focus attention to rise from a step by a step in understanding of the events. Personal worlds reject. The ship course, instead of moods of his passengers and a trifle of their ship life is important. The team all on places, also Knows the Leader how to operate the ship, its appointment and the purpose. You among knowing too, but your knowledge strong is disturbed by vanity of small affairs. Or you think eternally in them to stay and with them to remain? I conduct you atop, and all of you strive, as though more strong to be closed and fenced off of the future in a smoke of the reek of alcohol of the present day. The road is forgotten to stars and the greyish cover of the ordinary falls by consciousness and does it too gray. From gray nearby and to dark which surrounded you and wait that your coloring of aura merged with their (with their coloring). There was no time more favorable for an ascension, there was no time more favorable in order that a mouth. As though doors are wide open opened to Light and darkness, and easily also the person can freely enter into any. Think strong before taking a step solving all your future.

385. (M.A.Y.). Yes! Yes! Yes! Now, before the end, it is especially easy and simple to be averted from the purpose and the Teacher of Light as easily it is or maybe easier how to come nearer to It. Before the end are counterbalanced for a transmutation fiery at the time of term approach. And the choice is freeways. And many choose the way, but without the Lord. You, native, understand that these special days it is impossible to put anything above our business. How conditions of surrounding life strained for you, don't allow anything to exceed it, Affairs of the Lord, and to separate from it your consciousness. I see how everything fluctuates; both all weak and not approved disappears. By these days you determine the future and the place with us.

386. (Guru). Let know that the Plan of Lords is invariable, though the best get out for execution of its way. Yet you won't understand the phenomenon of inalterability and mobility of the Plan, understanding you won't have about the events. The future will be. To it conducts time bridge, each hour approaches to what should be. Means, steps of time it is necessary to see and see coming nearer events, big and small. The direct chain of causes and effects connects the present and the future, all links should be seen that in understanding not to lag behind flight of time. Rejoice, seeing these signs — them much around.

387. (June 1). (M.M.). The interstellar space flights in a kernel of spirit are possible. To concentrate thought on something, the consciousness should come off the direct environment to fly up, it is necessary to come off covers. We can fly and in covers, even in the physical. But covers are subject to environment influence: the physical — dense, astral — thin, mental — thoughts. However, in a cover mental it is already possible to fly in space. Spirit kernel is out of influences of three. The mental body isn't a body fiery, and the thought usual isn't thought fiery. When the fiery body is issued, flights in a kernel of spirit become available. Process of formation of a body fiery is that in a microcosm of the person round grain of spirit fire elements start collecting, being crystallized in deposits obvious. And the qualities of spirit being crystallizers and carriers of fiery energiya, serve as an inevitable condition in this process. So Sacred Ethics gain psyches technical character in a question of the interstellar flights. When the consciousness comes to an inevitable conclusion that differently it is impossible, process of the statement of qualities becomes insistently inevitable and all will of spirit concentrates on it. I want that the appendix of Sacred Ethics in lives and the statement of demanded qualities of spirit wings allowed directing to My Spheres and scooping from wisdom of the Distant World. Space I Combine with terrestrial for that, what found to itself spirit a firm support for manifestation of the energiya on Earth and in the Worlds. Qualities of spirit, being forms — carriers of the Highest Fires, invest spirit grain a fiery cover and that accelerate also the process of registration of a fiery body. Fiery body Planetary Spirit and a fiery body of the advanced person on the essence are identical, coessential though forms and degrees of tension of a flame differ unreasonably. The ladder Fiery conducts the person to a step of Planetary Spirit, and its basis for you, for people of Earth, is based upon Earth. Means, it is necessary to ascend from Earth. Without Earth it is impossible. Therefore the formula is given: "Hand and foot human". So, even in depths of World Space your Earth serves as a starting point for consciousness of those, who occupies it. Lords were sent by Me to your World to endow mankind with consciousness and to lift this consciousness in the course of evolution to that step when it will rush out of Earth limits in World Space. The periods between embodiments are significant that to the spirit which has overcome terrestrial gravitations, the Space and flights is already available. It is possible to fly in Earth atmosphere, but it is possible and in Space Spheres. The spirit plans the post dense life nowadays, now, when it in a dense body because Earth and a dense body serve as a springboard for the spirit, which has understood sense of terrestrial embodiments.

388. Opportunity is given Communication with Me and Mother of the World. Opportunity used bears fruit, and pages of records are filled with particles of Space Wisdom. To the spirit which has realized the Space way between Stars, everything if understanding it takes priority in its life on Earth says goodbye. The forgiveness is not that the Karma or the Law of causes and effects, and that the victory over it, being expressed in not interruptibility ascensions is approved is broken. To become over attractions terrestrial, spirit back, to Earth, attracting, will be a victory over the Karma terrestrial. It is possible only on condition of the approved Proximity of the Teacher of Light. The spirit directed, karma cross lifted and taken it with itself, follows Me as Specified. I accepting in consciousness approve the way of people. It would seem, there is nothing, and everything occurs only in the spirit of, but lifting is powerful, and its inalterability becomes the leading principle of life.

389. You thought direct to Me and strong it from aura of my energy, conformable to your spirit magnitno takes, saying it with Light. Opportunity is given that the way laid for following you and able to approach through you, through these records left for them, forced after to come. The abundance of records is calculated on a set of the most various consciousnesses that everyone could find on itself.

390. The person who realized advantage of spirit and has approved balance, doesn't need instructions on how it is necessary to hold itself, what movements and gestures are admissible, or to fight against so-called nervous movements when hands and the head twitch and eyes fussy run. The approved balance of spirit invariably will show in a worthiness of movements and gestures. Therefore not it is necessary to think of external expression of, but of internal qualities. External will accompany steadily internal if the necessary qualities inside were approved. Won't wave a hand and to shake the head of people, displaying balance of spirit, or tranquility. The approved quality surely will be expressed externally in compliance full. Fighting against external expression of the covers, the person makes a mistake, beginning not with that end. And then is difficult this fight extremely. Also he feels that, despite ardent desire, he can't seize itself. Because the lever of will was applied not to that point to what it is necessary. From here is and failure, and recurrence of undesirable manifestations of negative qualities. As starting point, basic point for the statement of worthy external of expression, the spirit citadel - the center of an equilibration of the phenomena, which are showing on poles serves: follows immediately the energy, which has directed to one of poles, to withdraw to the center where it can be owned, and, having seized, already to allow to be expressed somehow externally. Bridled, it won't be expressed in actions alien to spirit. Watch fussiness manifestation in itself and others. A lot of instructive it is possible to take from this unworthy condition of spirit. It is a lot of breaks and inability to own itself for the same reason. It is specified about itself and in protection of to tell nothing until the egoism of an astral didn't obey to will of spirit. Otherwise the damage will be great, and the egoism will start expressing itself in ardent flashes of an astral cover. Violent it is necessary to restrain, food to it for manifestation without giving, cold of impassivity it is possible to bridle this opponent of the spirit, constantly betraying to its torments and a crucifixion in a matter of the lowest. It is necessary to withdraw the word "I" from the speech because it "I" am identified usually with "I" small, being claimed in four lowest covers, and is the most persistent - in an astral. "I" it is necessary to withdraw from speech.

391. (M.A.Y.). Native mine, whether learned to rejoice you anymore to obstacles, but mistakes? At the correct attitude towards them each allowed has to give a powerful impulse to fight against it and release from it in the future; understood whether you, that from now on mistakes will serve you as steps of a fiery ladder of spirit. Rejoice to mistakes realized because you will ascend them. The more the mistake, the more counteraction of spirit has to cause it. So let and mistakes strong will serve to ennoble spirit. Remember, now nothing will stop us: neither friends, nor enemies, neither pleasure, nor grief, neither advantage, nor shortcomings, nor darkness, nor similarity of light, neither mistake, nor understanding of a faultlessness of the actions. Everything to us from now on will inure to advantage because with the Lord you go. Display of a son ship now occurs in you, and there are no those forces in the world which could lay down an obstacle in a way your mistakes, but, native mine, I love for an inflexible fiery of your aspiration to Light and to It Which Called and I Called you the son. There are no censures, there are no condemnations. Pleasure is that, who above all in life delivered to the Lord!

392. (Guru). There came time about which It is told that opportunities will be decupled. And therefore I want to ask you that you that they didn't pass for you do are useless. The opportunities even decupled, will give nothing, if are passable by. What do you do to use them? You they ask that do. If anything, or that usually, on what they count, the wingless because wings of flight cut off the missed opportunities. These last days one will waken and are show an aspiration fiery, others, on the contrary, to plunge into the gloomy. Ask them that choose from two, and specify that on each spark of aspiration directed to us, immediately we will answer that there was it fruitful answer. And if now don't reap fruitful and sang from the aspirations, when then? The lord Told: "Direct". And all of them sit on the corners, shipped that around. You a circle of darkness break, Light ahead. Beams you shine it. And you turned back in darkness and you choke in utter darkness dense.

393. The fiery Shape of Mother Agni Yogi is understood a little. It is possible to judge it at least to that after its leaving even the next don't read out it from Earth live. What to speak about others, far remote. In it is main mistake. The Christ read left from Earth - and died in the spirit of. And those who from knowing it will consider it left them, too will die, and their affairs will grow dull — fire will dismiss their ideas. In Communication close with It staying, each of you will succeed. Approve it among suitable to Light Doctrine. The doctrine isn't effective without Lords and the Lord as It not actual without that through which it was given. Communication is so close that the office is impossible. It is necessary to consider that entrusted ours take ardent part in all our Affairs which were approved during lifetime by them for the future. Its implementation in the direction put by them goes this way also. It is possible to cooperate with them consciously, if as to fill the consciousness with their affairs as it is filled with them. Their affairs are our affairs, so about Business of the Lord there is this speech. Means, the litter disturbing from consciousness should be cleaned (not without reason I saw now, at record of this is sweeping litter a broom). I hurry to prepare your consciousness for proximity of changes. And they too will take part in them. That is why it is necessary to keep to them closer. To Me approached through them, through them Me and you hold if you don't know how to approach directly. Intermediaries for not able, but if love, and mediation not burden, but pleasure, because as without those who put the basis of my Affairs.

394. (M.A.Y.). Spatial currents happen are various and therefore nature of Communication isn't always identical. This difference is very perceptible between "yesterday" and "today". After all these currents very strongly influence consciousness, and paint it, and often prevent consciousness to concentrate. Pay attention as sharp temperature drops affect mentality. The human body is sensitive and reacts to space currents always.

395. (Guru). Adverse spatial conditions should be waited, without forcing consciousness. It not is car. But even the car needs rhythm change that the clearness of its work wasn't broken. Not about a break of a rhythm I speak, but about change. When tension of a wave weakens, it is necessary to change a rhythm. The violent rhythm causes dullness and becomes the deathly; the deathly rhythm is observed in become obsolete cults. The spirit harp the tool thin also demands to itself the thin address.

396. (June 3). (M.W.). What moves in space quicker than light? Thought! Who can capture time relativity on different planets in Far Galaxies? Spirit! Rub - spirit, consciousness, thought — out of restrictions of time and distances. In Space even speed of distribution of light seems already slow, and it is necessary to measure space by thousands and millions light years. But the thought is out temporarily, it from the World of the Highest measurements, and distances not present for it. Heavy thoughts are terrestrial move, but fiery rushes ahead of a light beam. The thought instantly reaches that object on which it is directed. The thought fiery is the Supreme factor of the Universe. The hierarchy works with thought, and the thought serves as a communication channel between Us. But it is necessary that the consciousness corresponded to thought. Where the thought of the earthling which has been strongly attached to Earth and never rising to stars can depart. Having learned to fly about thought about Space, prepares for itself spirit means of communication in the interstellar space. Feature of the Fiery World is lack of distances. They remain somehow World Thin, when the spirit flies, cutting space layers. In World Astral they are felt more sharply. But their measurements are others, than in the Dense Worlds. I want to Approach to Space psych equipment with others, not terrestrial measures that spirit to prepare for opportunities of stay it in World Space. Idea of the person of Space distances and space life that was where to direct for spirit is approved nowadays, now, on Earth. Like a terrestrial structure, the stone behind a stone, is created the majestic Temple of understanding of boundlessness of Space Life and the Worlds filling it. The sphere of understanding of it should be broadened constantly and infinitely that Boundlessness to embrace and contain it in the spirit of. Boundlessness goes on terrestrial because it is eternal and not transient more really. Transient is planets, stars, sun, systems of the worlds and galaxy, but not Boundlessness! And in It, enduring, the Hierarchy of Light, the Wreath of Space Reason, and Power of the Space Magnet have the eternal conscious Life out of a transient of external space forms of the shown Universe. Direct to Hierarchy of Light, to stars - to Stones Wreath.

397. Thought we turn to the Leading Country and depths space. We should human tear off thought from Earth and to bring her in world space. There is no Satan to interfere with us in it. And therefore the thought freely flows and carries away consciousness for itself. But the thought should be given the Support and on Earth. Therefore both satellites and ideas about the interstellar flights and spaceships, - all this is our diligence fruits! We from a planet will lift thought of people and to its stars we will direct. Let dream and build shells, We them will prepare meanwhile spirit for adoption of the Supreme Laws and recognition of not denied and reliable Knowledge of the Highest World. The Development plan of New Race is wisely made. It is a lot of work, it is a lot of cares because the thought has to get into the world infinitely big and into the world infinitesimal and unite that and another in uniform space understanding of life.

398. (M.A.Y.). For constancy I praise, because constancy and a rhythm — prosperity bases. Can ask how trust, if still anything isn't present. Answer: "For the person there is only that he claimed for itself (himself). For money changer is a counter, for the astronomer is the world of stars, for Arhat — three Worlds". Everything approved nowadays in consciousness, will yield the fruit, both the stratifications, and not denied knowledge. For the grabber the bag of money, for Arhat — richness of the Elevated Worlds, for the mathematician - his mathematical formulas is concrete. For the person there is only that recognizes consciousness. Therefore we tell about expansion it and accept abilities, and denials it is rejected, replacing them with containment.

399. (Guru). What now it is necessary for the Lord from you? Understanding of the events and readiness, readiness for that, being called, not to become puzzled and in vain not to waste time because hour of Call fixed! Live as lived, and do usual work, but be ready to answer with all being Call immediately. In case of Call of the Lord delay of death of spirit is similar. So, wait unexpectedly, but in readiness full.

400. (June 4). (M.M.). If the feather which has dropped out of a wing of a bird, makes a thunder on the Distant Worlds, the fiery phenomenon of Mother of Fiery Yoga, Lords Approved and Sent by me on a feat terrestrial, in Spheres of the Distant Worlds gave is unique a fine pattern of spirit, a pearl pattern. Terrestrial life the person is not without value for the Worlds Distant, because in Space is in interaction all. The destiny of terrestrial mankind is connected with destinies of mankind of other Planets of our solar system. The feat of Mother of Yoga of Fire which has transferred to people the Doctrine My and Lords, the Life and Light Doctrine, the feat made on demolition of Eras, matters Space because changes the course of evolution of Terrestrial mankind, and enters it into conscious Communication with Spheres of the Highest Worlds, and attaches to the phenomena of cosmo-spacial life. Fires of the lit centers of Mother of Yoga of Fire, being measurement space, the fiery bridge lay to people in space for aspiration in Space depths. Results
It’s this work affect already now in awakening of the thought directing in Spheres of the Distant Worlds. Its cosmos-spacial work brings you, people, nowadays and fruits. Fiery action calls this work of the Lord. Fiery Mother on your Earth was my Representative, It remains and nowadays in aura terrestrial, carrying out my Assignment on the plan Elevated. The center of the real — Hierarchy of Light is uniform, and in a chain Mater of Fiery Yoga stands it directly near The one Who Heads your planet. I, It and Lords, and It - are that steps of the Scale of ranks of Light. In my Beams and Lords It gave to the world the New Doctrine of the Life intended on all Epoch Maitreya, an era of Mother of the World, Fire Era. In fiery manifestations it isn't surpassed by anybody because occupies a step closest to a step of Planetary Spirit. It having glorified in understanding of people to extent of awareness of Planetary and Space value of its feat of life, you approach that mankind to comprehension of reality fiery and you have to people the way to the future. Through It and to Me you will approach because then your way will be direct. She is the member of the Interplanetary Star Brotherhood which kernel makes a circle of Spirits Planetary. This Interstellar Brotherhood includes those Spirits which Fiery body is issued for stay of consciousness in it. They to Spirits Planetary are assistants in the course of implementation of Space Evolution of human spirit both on your Earth, and on Planets above and below it. Your Planet in a chain of the Worlds has special value because it is a transitional step from the Worlds where the cross of a matter dominates over spirit, to the Worlds where the spirit dominates over a matter and subordinates her to itself. Therefore value and responsibility of that Fiery Mater for your Earth made, are great extraordinary. Life and affairs of Mother of Fiery Yoga honor depth of understanding and their understanding.