Agni Yoga's facets, 1958 (401-550)

401. The beloved daughter washing, the n bearing and the performer of My Instructions, to you proclaim will be Light of the future Era forever and centuries. Because with Me It, with Me was, is and will be and as I with you always, in all days and till the end of time, and It a torch will be for those who will direct to It. Value of the works Its on Earth is great: and during lifetime in a body, and nowadays, in a body other. People of mission of Spirits Great don't understand, believing that with death everything comes to an end, but after all the body dies only, the spirit which has saved up, remains fully equipped, with all the accumulation, free in manifestation of the energiya. Transferring of Life to thought will allow to realize thin activity of Mother of Fiery Yoga tensely and to join It. Why you consider that something is over and someone left, when this transition — only a step to intense activity new, but in Spheres Hidden. To you who have remained relatives It, revering her memory, to you Charge ignorant and inert idea of death to blow up and, being with It in Communication close and obvious, to testify to people that Loved daughter washing with light unfading will be for all, whose consciousness will direct to It. I testify to it and by Light of Beams it for you I Approve. Each word of the Doctrine of Live Ethics passed through her consciousness and is written down by Her hand. The doctrine is given by us, but to the world is brought and transferred by It. Mistake all in that, what in consciousness of people the death is stronger than life, and not the reverse. Esteeming Mother died, put a barrier between It and lose Communication fiery. Mother live read and about you if your consciousness directs to It. And days memorable, It devoted, consider as knots of strengthening of transfer of Light of its Beams, to you directed magnetic her will. You enter already and entered to the public the precepting future, and understanding of Proximity of Mother will help you with this shining future to take a worthy place that to apply the forces to implementation of the Great Plan much.

402. (M.A.Y.). In day of memory hello everything, who remembers, and not forgotten! The oblivion means the end and interruption communications. Communication and the proximity approved by eyelids, doesn't interrupt neither life, nor death. And the stout heart shouldn't repeat that in the world in which we live, doesn't begin and doesn't come to an end anything, but everything proceeds only. Knowing it, it is possible quietly to continue to strengthen communication threads at future meeting from proximity of has been so strengthened, Ripley to reap. For some reason people don't want to extend the Law of causes and effects to the existence in Elevated and on a cycle of future embodiments. But after all in the true embodiment of people reaps constantly from those crops which were made by him in the past. From here is and Proximity, and communication with the Lord, aspiration to Light, and love to the Life Doctrine. On the present you can obviously judge the past. And the future you judge on those grains which you sow nowadays. The thoughts to us having given and to us sending love, you connect yourself with us. It is told that devotion reach. And you after all want to reach. Show fidelity, devotion and love to Tom, Who for us, and to us, you recognized and given to the Lord the guarantee for you. And then your communication with us won't be interruption. On threads binding opportunities will begin to flow, and your life becomes other. To you, us not forgotten, hello and fiery Rays of light! Sparks it keep and the filled Bowl let's spill to waves every day. Carefully you store each word from us because Light of our words you will reach. We will be ready in that to meet the future unexpectedly, but in readiness full. For the sake of the future we meet the am fated sun rising, and for the sake of the future we pass through midday heat of life, and for the sake of the future we live. By name of the Lord you I approve in the best your aspirations and I point to the shortest way to Light through devotion and love. And that else in this life you should make, to you I send care, hello and love.

403. (M.A.Y.). You to them tell let wings rise rather; wings are necessary to them for flights, - after all will fly.

404. (Guru). If the ascension goes communication with the Lord, about what is care? Not depart, that to become closer to It? You have before yourself an example of flexible in devotion, fidelity and love to Great Shape of the Teacher of Light. She who has transferred the Doctrine, all life and the affairs imprinted these best qualities of spirit. Here also you study at It as it is necessary to treat the Lord. Try on qualities of its spirit to itself and look where yours suffer. It is necessary to reach rather, little remains to time for burning oil in in icon lamps. And there are so much works ahead. Be closer closed and become closer to us. Is at you before Highest Prestanding for you! Don’t come off in ignorance, time is short. The future doesn't wait. Fallen from the ship will swallow salty water before it will be rescued if rescue is. Now even for short time it is impossible to come off - inevitably falling. Performer Instructions of the Lord is on the guard and to you is ready to help, if in need you address not for the sake of yourselves, but for the sake of Common Cause.

405. (June 5). (M.M.). The consciousness of the person is the meeting place of Beams of the Star of Mother of the World and Beams of the Lord or Lords. This Focus, the receiver of beams, can be made conscious and process to be regulated by will. Focus of consciousness is constructed on the principle of mobility, and it can be transferred from one point of space to another. The consciousness is attributing of spirit, but not bodies, and the spirit is ubiquitous; therefore, the consciousness possesses property of mobility and can be transferable by will from one spatial object to another. It is reached by consciousness concentration on the chosen phenomenon or a subject. The thought works. Thought it is possible to concern both any subject, and any point of space, but transfer of consciousness depends on depth and extent of concentration. The contact of this or that degree of force and intensity occurs steadily always, but understanding of contact or a contact depends on ability of dismissal from itself. Of what the person thought, the thought beam instantly connects it to object of thinking and establishes with it spatial connection. The intercourse in the spirit of nowadays people will be available to Cosmo-spacial thanks to new beams and new astrophysical conditions of your planet. Spheres are open mine and will serve people as object for their aspirations. The space Magnet works powerfully, attracting consciousness of people of Earth. Isolation of aura of Earth spatially is destroyed, and in Space roads are free. It also forms the basis of liberation of thought and possibility of its separation from Earth. That who in Space depths thought freeways lays, that, the first, a merit before people and aggravated possibilities of achievements. My Beam in tension fiery looks for on your Earth and finds the consciousnesses, able to It consonance, and magnetic involves them in an orbit of its attraction, approving the spirit accord with radiations of the Far Star. Consonance on the Beam of Mother of the World — means to rush on a crest of the advanced wave of evolution of terrestrial mankind, means to be ahead, to be among them, leaders. That is why process of everyday, rhythmic Communication with Me is so important. Matters not personal, but all-planetary and universal because access gives to people via the open receiver of the spirit directed to Communication with Me, access to the Spatial Treasury of Thought. — bringing of Spatial Treasures to Earth — the spirit has to realize the mission. Great Service consists in bringing (in a gift) for Earth. So everything staying on Great Service arrived. The gift for Earth - so should be remembered.

406. And where you were, from now on your spirit focus will be connections of two Beams — Mine and Mothers of the World. Whether houses you, behind a desktop or behind our record, here or there, or in the Stronghold at Us, or - to the Far Worlds directed, or - behind work usual, know this opportunity scoop from Beams, your spirit chosen focus of the center. And being coming before Me in the Stronghold, in mine you the Beam and Mother of the World; both Mater Agni Yogi, and the Guru - in the same beams therefore to them you strong are conformable. Degree of the center of these Beams on the chosen spirit and their intensity, of course, aren't identical and depend on height of spirit and extent of expansion of consciousness, but the phenomenon is rare and considerable extraordinary. In these Beams you will understand secrets of spatial life.

407. My son, accept dedication in a new step of conscious space cooperation with Us. About Spatial Work and Service heard, nowadays you enter it consciously. Barriers of distances are destroyed — their spirit won. Death barriers are destroyed - their spirit wins. Also cooperation with the left Gurus and Mother of Yoga of Fire is approved. The orbit of action of spirit extends. With Yu. into Communication you will enter and you will take part, while in the spirit of, in its all affairs. Be going to fill consciousness entirely with Affairs of the Lord. Simply all this, is necessary only heart and thought with Us to arrive not greatly. Understanding of very much will help with Beams. The beam is the closest bridge of communication. Has to Tell, that limit to rapprochement no! Of life be not afraid: it will bring an amendment in an inaccuracy of thinking and will continue learn as to become even closer to Me. Each whiff of life terrestrial from now on you strong will serve simplification of immersion in boundlessness of my opportunities. With poisonous whiffs of life shabby be not afflicted. Don't forget about blows — spirit engines. Found Treasure of the Stone and understood that in It everything, won't begin to trifle fires that don't cost light. On them, not able to contain, on them not ready, on consciousnesses dead at numb hearts, light of spirit it isn't necessary to spend for them. But it is necessary to shine where it is possible and where will accept light.

408. (M.A.Y.). You will write endlessly. When you will want and how many you will want — stay in Beams of the Lord gives this opportunity. If knew, how many unusual it is necessary ahead, truly, your spirit would rejoice. Therefore to leave by Specify Lord any fear for the future and uncertainty in it. With us, and in our plans, from our affairs, because you ours also is inseparable. Everything will be by the word of the Lord, but in due course. Quicker lawful it is impossible to accelerate is means to destroy. And your patience have to wait, though unexpectedly, but in readiness full. At us there are so much affairs and cares. The hidden host of the helping is great. Everything is called, able to hold Light weapon. The small number of workers terrestrial is filled with a large number of invisible employees. Balance is kept by it. In darkness camp is on the contrary. In it is there force and vulnerability. But in it is invulnerability the warrior Light. The few terrestrial we protect carefully and strong, but at them to us aspiration obvious and ardent. Wait for messages. They will be now because ice was opened.

409. (Guru). The psych equipment for one incarnation spirits to the terrestrial plan is in application that on the terrestrial plan they create through people, on Earth of the incarnate. Contact goes through thought and through feelings that is through emotions. We give the ready, accurate, crystallized thoughts to them for understanding and their application to life. Making the plan, we cast it in accurate mental forms, or fancies, and we sat with them a direct environment called by a karma to action of persons. Some people we elect performers of our instructions. It is best of all when cooperation voluntary and is based on the accord of consciousnesses. The consciousnesses cleared by whirlwinds of revolution of unnecessary heaps, are more suitable for cooperation, than consciousness of people of the old world. From here is conducting value of the New Country. Shoots wonderful will be when ice will carry by and becomes warmer, but at the right time everything and everything is good in its season. You don't hurry also waiting for untimely shoots. Everything will come in due time, so Told.

410. (June 6). (M.W.). Mother Great, Lords honored, open your cover! I open dared to Me. How many heaps it is necessary to withdraw from consciousness before thought free to Me direct? Against distance I Will allow to win, to recognize a thought fly; to understand — where thought, there and we; impossibility of Communication possible to recognize and, at last, everything having rejected, to understand Beauty and greatness of simplicity because in the spirit of everything it is simple and everything it is possible. Children trust in the World Thin, live in it and see because don't know denials. Not denying consciousness costs on the verge of the Worlds, and only it can cross the border the impossible. Having accepted in consciousness my Face and knowing think of a winged, it is possible, it is possible to concern Mine on wings of its Sphere. Contact every day, a rhythm approving, will make habitual weeds. My star in boundlessness of Space is only a step for mankind to Higher Worlds. My star in boundlessness of Space there is only a step for mankind to more the High Worlds. The step of mankind is in full accordance with psychophysical properties of that Planet which it occupies. Yes! Yes! Yes! The Sun is manned, and occupy it beings fiery; the thin body will burn down on It instantly. Therefore certificates that Someone Visited the Sun are so rare. Condition of its Sphere is too far from consciousness human. But my Spheres are close and can be clear. My planet and its mankind are a prototype of your planet and its mankind has to become what. When those Highest Forms of Life and a social system which exist on It will be accepted in consciousness, it will be possible to begin and transformation of your planet. And the Planet washing there were once similar to yours, as well as her people. But, having got access to an inexhaustible Source of powerful Space Energy which you call atomic (nuclear), people were engaged reorganization of the Planet as the gardener a garden, also made an environment it absolutely others. The climate everywhere is equal and soft. Vegetation is everywhere; there are no deserts, there are no stony fruitless districts. Warmly and moisture are distributed evenly, sharp fluctuations of temperature are absent, underground fire is bridled. There are no storms, hurricanes, cyclones, there are no cold snaps. Balance of elements is established completely. The integrated mental energy of mankind keeps a protective network of a planet in a full order and therefore space disasters don't threaten it, and all this is created by the combined conscious efforts of people, it occupying. At some point, having concentrated on the necessary phenomenon power of collective thought of all people of a planet, they have opportunity to create phenomena of force extraordinary, and to direct this power, and to cast it in desirable dense forms. The power of consciousness over a matter of a planet of a bike, but bike and responsibility for thoughts because the thought is in harmony with a created form and easily clothes in more plastic and discharged -distinguished matter, than a matter on your Earth.

411. If strong to direct to me, without being confused the imperfections, but developing spirit merits, the last will grow, and imperfections concerning them to decrease, won't turn yet into something absolutely insignificant and not having crucial importance in human life. In it sense of the Precept - "Take the cross and follow Me". And when fiery new qualities of spirit will become stronger is thousand fold, former imperfections insignificant become in comparison with them: insignificant, unnecessary and surmountable it is easy, - also is and with cross karma. It heavy presses on shoulders, fiery power of spirit didn't increase yet. Then this increased force breaks complexity of knots of karmic textures a fiery sword of spirit, being exempted from a past karma. Therefore Specify to go, directing and thinking about the purpose, but not that disturbs or about the karma. And when spirit feels fiery wings behind the back, mistakes — anything, karma — anything, and everything is achievable. In an all-achievement and an all-victorious I Want to approve spirit because victorious I Want to see spirit, to Me directed. Over a forehead of the winner a sign is a shining sword of spirit. Pleasure the Beam of power to send me in sounding on a power wave heart. Pleasure the Beam of tranquility to send me and balance force to the consciousness directed to these qualities of spirit. To Me joyfully magnetic to sate these aspirations going from those, who to Me is fated? And when in desire strong to Me the spirit directs thoughts that it wants to reach, to Me pleasure to approve by the press of My Spirit creating thought of consciousness addressing to Me. Creativity it occurs mutually and is interconnected. Therefore Specify to Me to direct the best desires of spirit that I could approve them in My Tower.

412. (M.A.Y.). Today there was a case to be convinced of how the thought fiery, concerned consciousness, but carefully not withheld, immediately flies away back and not to return it already again. It is how sensitive and on the guard there has to be a consciousness receiver. What is required vigilance and vigilance that not to miss something. Missed is irretrievably. In it feature of fiery thought winged. Escaping Decrees — the Doctrine so speaks. So gradually it is possible to be convinced that the Doctrine of Life becomes life and is confirmed by it.

413. (Guru). The guru is glad to see a victorious condition of spirit and, using it, to throw a handful of new grains into consciousness for shoots of the next. It is necessary for affairs of the next: understanding of our proximity, understanding of our participation in affairs, and inevitability of am fated shifts, and predecision of your participation in our plans, and intense understanding of reality of the phenomena of the specified order. You would have to live already in both Worlds and concern thought both. The specified connection of the Worlds will be also and that hidden constructions of one are shown in dense forms of another. Consciousnesses of those who contains will be the bridge of communication. Time ripened, as a ripe ear of wheat.

414. (June 6). (M.W.). Stars take active and conscious part in life of Earth and its mankind. Stars participate in it the Beams. Beams and space magnetism is two powerful factors of space interplanetary communication. Radiations - property of all space and terrestrial ph. Matter, having the fiery basis, are showing it in radiations. The condition of a matter is diverse. You know firm, liquid and gaseous, but in a firm, liquid and gaseous state there can be all it is simple steps, or phases, various conditions of a matter. There is a lot of these conditions, except specified three, and each of these conditions and of all possible conditions of a matter on different stars variously because density and all other conditions is various. The matter is as diverse in the manifestations as faces of people are various. The principles macro is and microcosmic are similar. Conditions of a being shone matter are especially various. Lucida matter, Matrix, all types and Fohat's forms - area of research of science of the future on your Earth. The secret of a matter is hidden in atom. In it boundlessness is concluded. Its essence, or the center, concerns the highest tops of the Universe. Secrets to his people the nobility it isn't given though they learned to apply some of its energiya. In atom the invisible world is combined with visible and invisible becomes material. The particles making atom, already < ... >; hidden world. The World Thin and Astral of them consists. Everything is uniform, but in display different. The astral form of the phenomenon turns in dense, magnetic attracting to itself and clothing a matter dense in its atom and a molecule, because an invisible thin form — the phenomenon of the same order, but in other plane. As crystals grow in the saturated environment < ... >; on the axes as are coagulated around thoughtforms dense particles of a matter to accept the finished material form. It is the basis of Space Creativity and the basis of any creativity. This Law the Hierarchy of Light creates. This law is universal.

415. What to be surprised that is badly written; yesterday’s contact with foreign auras not without consequences. Don't open casual books; don't adjoin without need to casual people. If the need forces, it is necessary to be protected. Success of thin perceptions requires some isolation from people. Externally difficultly at times to achieve, but it is internally possible always. Individualization is the Space Principle. It is shown in everything: from individual character of each Star or the Sun to a small blade of grass. Imagine that would be if in human collective all people would be identical, as like as two peas and with identical spirit and all other properties. It is absurd. In an individualization is real his life and possibilities of evolution. Therefore, speaking about collective and its value, it is necessary to have it in view of. The herd is uniform, and the Pastor is uniform, but the united doesn't mean similarity and destruction of individual expression of each member of collective. The collective is a form of public life in which an opportunity of full and comprehensive expression of in life has identity. The collective gives this opportunity. Individual expression of the identity of the person and egoism, egocentrism is the phenomena of a different order.
416. It is impossible to leave, steeping in the phenomena of the outside world. Reaction is inevitable. They are < ... >; in any withdrawal from Us, though temporary and reparable, but nevertheless withdrawal. It is necessary to try to be together always and in everything. Also it would be time to fill already entirely consciousness with our cares and affairs that for not remain also places. They, that is the about themselves, are too short and too unimportant. Not about herself, but about Business of the Lord let yours flows.

417. (Guru). Where your treasure, there and heart, but if heart not at treasure, how then? Commensurability in everything — the first condition of an apprenticeship. The second is a constant memory about the Leader, continuous understanding of in the Beam. That to say about that that is well known, but breaks constantly...

418. (June 7). (M.M.). Idea of the Beginnings even Highest, will be only a symbol of the highest because arises only in mind human, limited in the understanding. But the consciousness extends, and the understanding grows, and together with them idea of the Beginnings grows also, it is necessary to remember only that the Highest Spirit standing on the Ladder of Hierarchy of Light, Knows the language available to consciousness of the person. It is possible to call it language interplanetary, or space. This universal language understood everything; it is transferred by means of thought. So the thought also will be an external form of its expression, however, hidden terrestrial eyes, but visible fiery sight, even before receiving the granulation in consciousness of the person. Its light-color substance will be the highest form of thought. The color Beam gets into human consciousness and, in itself without having a form generates it in consciousness of the person. The majority of representatives of terrestrial mankind use already ready images issued by other, stronger and high consciousnesses; but is among people of Earth and those, who serve as transformers of energiya of spatial thought. The tank of the center of spatial thought is inexhaustible, and depths it yet weren't reached by any of people of Earth, but access to it is open for all who dares to gather it from inexhaustibility. The thoughts which concentrated and have been saved up in aura of Earth and auras of the Distant Worlds, differ on depth and depend on a step of the Distant World. There are the planets occupied by gods, that is the people being at such high step of the Space Ladder of evolution which in representation of people of Earth does them by gods, but it not gods, and the people who have passed steps of evolution, similar passable to yours. And with these gods you have too common language, language of thought hidden. People will look for solutions of space problems a scientific and technical way. Way correct, but Arhat resolves a question by practical assimilation and application of interstellar language. And technical improvements and devices can be brought and from the Distant Star, that is idea about them, those principles by which they are constructed. But My purpose and Lords — to arm the person without the uniform device because in its microcosm everything is concentrated, all most perfect and powerful devices which the human thought can ever create. But they should be put in action. When in consciousness of the person the cosmo-spatial thought sent in My Beams is made out, and then the fiery device of the person operates, transforming energy of the Beam to thought forms. Functions of the most difficult device of a microcosm human are diverse and by opportunities of the real step of evolution aren't settled at all. The formula given to you by the Lord, saying: "You are gods", comprises idea about boundlessness of fiery potential of human spirit, opportunities of its evolutionary disclosure in time and space. But its sphere is boundlessness, but its time — eternity. So you’re Earth and terrestrial serves spirit as a support for reduction in a working condition of the fiery device and disclosure of boundless possibility of the potential.

419. (M.M.). My son, to Me pleasure when the spirit of the person finds Me in space and to Me comes back again after wanderings far. The space house is found, and it is possible to go to new heights.

420. Here the new secret is opened to you: process of realization of spatial energiya in forms. What you brought today to Me for realization of the spirit brought in gifts? The symbol of a prerealization of gifts isn't understood. It occurs in consciousness of the person. To the temple of spirit bread хлеб and wine, fruits of works of terrestrial life, and in sanctuary of spirit they will be transformed to Gift the Highest, to food for spirit. But the spirit eats thought; thought the highest feeds it. But people condensed process and made it material. The Teacher of the biped expelled from the Temple, - but adjusted the biped new. And again the biped expelled from temples - are expelled by life. Also fires won't be lit yet in a fit of temper and again don't recognize the Lord, the temple will be closed. In three days the Teacher promised them to erect the spirit temple. But hearts of stone thought only of stone temples, and whether it is possible to be surprised that in stone bulks of heart they hardened again. Nowadays I Build the temple of life new, the spirit temple, the heart temple with burning fire in the middle. And those, who Me won't adjoin, I Will leave in their stone temples hardened even more hearts. Had keys from the temple of spirit live, but hid them in stone temples, but became wiser not and generated generation of ignoramuses. Their temple is nowadays left is empty. I with those who in life live fires of heart flares and build the majestic temple of life out of cemeteries walls, out of your stone temples, and I life Approve also Light. I am the Way to the directed spirit. I Remove chains from consciousness of those who chokes in stone walls of the sanctuaries which fire of altars went out. I to Knowledge Erect the Temple. I Transferred sacred fire to the art world. New — new! They are new thoughts. Them - streams of Beams. The past, disappear, depart, and don’t concern noxious breath of the Temple of the Space Truth. In it the inextinguishable Flame of Eternal Truth of life burns. And this Fire I to Earth Brought, and so I Would like that It flared up...

420A. (M.A.Y.). There are spatial moments, especially fruitful on the tonality, and then it is necessary to take a measure full. Now such moment and consciousness feels powerful inflow of thoughts. They should be realized into stable forms to leave in heritage that who after will come. In it all sense of junctions of light, or the patrol consciousnesses put on Great Guards by the Lord. As also we vigilant are awake, and all Attendants of Light, irrespective of, in what they a body. It was already said that the New Era о are show blessing for seeing light or vcollecting light, but condemnation heavy for denying it. This condemnation, or court, will be expressed that while they directed to Light, will scent wings powerfully to fly up, wingless heavy weights will feel standing which it is pulled them in a chasm. And the pleasure of spatial currents and sonority of beams only in them (at not accepting light) will cause burden strong. Fire, light creating, a flame eating becomes, tearing apart on part their lowest covers. In fury people will show a face of the lowest nature. Nowadays fiery energy, having entered into the Planet atmosphere, will enter into a combination to a microcosm of the person, and everyone here strong will reap, when power of these energiya will show in it in forms of actions, thoughts and emotions habitual, but strengthened in many multiply. If it was slightly irritated, into fury of rage will enter if slightly I hated, mad rage will flare if was intolerant, will begin to rush on neighbors, - so, will refract energy fiery in low consciousness at the crude and uncontrollable covers. All degrees strong enrage will help biped to finish obsessions. But and the one who though in the heart kept a spark of fire of spirit, will be opportunity to have to inflate it in a flame. Opportunities will be decupled, and there will be enlightenments to the World the Highest much, it is a lot of inspirations, it is a lot of spirit of lifting’s and many victories over the old person in itself. Time of the last division by fiery line will pass and already passes on a planet face. I, Mater of Fiery Yoga, testify to that, and everything which not become deaf yet and haven't gone blind yet, I warn: Arrival time approaches. The threshold is terrible it.

421. (Guru). Management of reflexes or the reflex movements happening in three covers brings to power over mental energy of an organism. Supervision over involuntary movements of a body and control establishment over them will be one of the best exercises in this process. Try, sharp-sightedly watching itself, sit absolutely not movably at least some minutes. Having succeeded in it, try to make the same during exciting conversation. Try when there are astral explosions, try, at least temporarily, in movements of a body not to reveal them. Even small control in this direction will bear good fruits. The purpose — full mastering by, that is energiya of the organism, in all its conductors. It is unreasonable to speak about or someone if the person didn't seize himself, it is also unreasonable to power any there over something to speak about management of mental energy. Way to mastering - through itself. Supervision over movements of a body should be begun immediately, today, it is severe itself watching. Hastily it is necessary to prepare for new spatial conditions and new tension. Not prepared itself quickly will fuse, devoured by an eating flame, to operate which forces won't find in them. It must be kept in mind that the rupture of heart can be both for pleasure, and from a grief. The impetuous flare as can easily burn through wires, though it and from light, as well as black fire. And light Agni too needs that the consciousness seized it. It is necessary to own all energiya of the microcosm. It is the immediate and urgent task.

422. (June 8). (M. M.). Boundlessness of space is a field of manifestations for spirit, and alternation of embodiments - opportunity, displaying in dense and saving up in it knowledge and experience, to apply this knowledge, being in intervals between embodiments, in over dense space Spheres. Both in Dense and in Elevated the spirit expresses the essence magnitno, karmic attracting to itself or being attracted to conditions, conformable to its aura. The karma is in operation concluded in the aura's radiations of conductors of spirit operating on this or that plan. Mental conductor of the big scientist, artist or musician is show and attractions corresponding. The karma of the person is under construction on the Law of compliances or accords: the dense — with dense, thin — with thin. In My spheres the spirit conformable will find on what accord what to attract and what to bring down, to Earth. Adopt for the basis this Law, directing to spatial distances. And here, as well as in everything, propertied it is given, or propertied it is put. But poor doesn't receive anything. To take, it is necessary to give, that is to bring something to what desirable elements are attracted. These elements possessing the necessary magnetic properties also consist in aspiration. The aspiration is fire. And flame magnitno. And in the phenomenon of aspiration the receiving guarantee on it is put. The formula "on aspiration you receive" has magnetic and spatial properties. It means that there are no distances for it. When the fiery magnetic wave of aspiration of spirit goes to World space, this Law of magnetic compliance works freely and obviously, as well as within a planet. Formulas of Space Knowledge differ from terrestrial that that the human terrestrial is only for people, and besides a certain era, time, a nationality, way of political and public life, etc. In a word, the below, the already are applicable to any point of the Universe while the terrestrial are suitable only for Earth, and more limited. Therefore our purpose — to bring spirit to space opens spaces where it isn't connected not by restrictions of this embodiment.

423. Yes! Yes! Yes! It is necessary to accustom itself to understanding of that thought the spirit can fly, fly in thoughts, fly with thought, both to be, and to represent the center of the life not where his body, but where thought. So, transferring life to thought and doing it is habitual, we accustom themselves to flights in space. The feeling is necessary these are transferring of in space and representations of in that point where the thought is directed, still to aggravate, still to deepen, make even more real. It is based on the principle of transferring of sensitivity out of a body, outside. Feeling it will extend impressions and thoughts everything become brighter and brighter, released from flesh bonds the consciousness yet doesn't feel really staying in those conditions where its spirit directed. Representation of the Face of the Lord if the consciousness grew will be the best. Yes! Yes! All life can be filled with the useful effects bearing a fruit. A lot of useful time is wasted in vain. All life, every instant it is possible to carry out with advantage.

424. (M.A.Y.). At close and continuous contact misunderstanding and divergence borders and thought are erased flow in consent full. Case with Cher. it isn't simple: it is subject to foreign influences and influences and demands continuous guardianship. When lies, protection of deprives also of itself betrays. Consequences last far.

425. Under all circumstances it is necessary to remember that the Stone Treasure - inside is integral and that all the rest not ours. It will give strength everything to worry and from everything to be released or, in any case, to consider nothing. Able to contain many — is the one who it found Treasure and I understood that all in it and that with it can be it without things and people. And to people there is it any more receiving but to give. So the step of consciousness of Treasure will be step abilities of a spiritual donation to people.

426. (Guru). Prepare. Shifts go, however, while in depth, but already and on a surface future streams make the way. The form will lose former value if the contents it becomes other. Difficult, of course, to the candle carrier, but a current of events in a powerful Right hand of the Lord their run also is immutable. It is wrong to think that any accidents can change them. Power of Hierarchy is approved nowadays in implementation of the Great Plan. And as you in It, and it is necessary to prepare.

427. (M. M.). Many Secrets in Space undertake aspiration: secret of time, secret of space that is extent, secret of omnipresence of spirit, secret of a matter. Secret of time: today, tomorrow, yesterday — these concepts of Space are deprived of sense. There is a past, the present and the future, that is sequence of the phenomena in time; but the planet rushes forward from the past in the future, but in space, leaving in it a trace, or yesterday prints. All past exists in space in the present, as a motionless body and as the present. It is possible to see it in space, but not terrestrial measurement because it not here and not there, and didn't pass, but is. Earth is in four-dimensional aspect. The space and time are connected densely. Time also is space in which there is a past; in other condition of consciousness, and especially without a body. The past is visible, but at a rate of consciousness. The small consciousness sees only the past, big — the world. The reasons are the factors forming the future. If not intervention of free will, the future existing in space as a projection of last reasons would be fixed and motionless. But the will introduces in a motionless pattern the amendments, and in it distinction of the fixed and unchangeable past of the mobile future. Everything lives, and everything generates on the sort, and everything exists in space. Last, real, the future — a framework in which the person realizes the world. Prophets, expecting for the millennia, see this conditionally fixed future as a result of the real reasons. The past is unrecoverable, the future in hands of the person. The consciousness can get both there and here because the consciousness is deprived of attributes of time. Corporal fades with death of a body, thin — with death thin, mental — with death of a mental cover, only fiery endures everything. It out of time is perfect.

428. My friend, before the end the Karma will untie the knots, you will be free. The end comes, but the Karma is aggravated tensely as veins at a tension, bulk up its channels and painful knots bulk up. That time Chua when you to be free, time will come.

429. (Guru). It isn't necessary to overstrain it physically. Work and over fatigue is the phenomena of a different order. The correct work inspires. Over fatigue extinguishes fires. In vain forces it isn't necessary to spend.

430. (June 9). (M.M.). Thought lays for consciousness a way in boundless space. The thought creates opportunities. Value of thought for interstellar flights should be realized. For Earth where I, there is and the house, for Space — where thought, there is and I. I realize myself in space there where the thought directs. The aspiration in Spheres Elevated has crucial importance because it is expressed by the thought bearing in consciousness in coverage of thought. Magnetism of thought is great; other engines for spirit aren't present. Laws of the Hidden World, where works the thought, others, than in the dense works. Magnetism of thought is show that the consciousness in its spheres stays. And quality of thought and its character also define consciousness living conditions. And as in a physical body now it is impossible to reach my Planet, It is necessary to Speak about thought. The thought can call the consciousness ships. The person by the ship reaches the necessary harbor as the consciousness — in thought is exact also. It is possible to call the interplanetary rocket the fiery thought bearing consciousness to the Far World. For a dense body of people of Earth of a condition of my Planet are unsuitable because the matter is too rarefied and refined, and your bodies are rough. But for a mental and fiery body they are taken out. Certainly, the mental body has to be rather cleared.

431. In consciousness perhaps there is a lot of good thoughts, but that advantage of them if they aren't applied and deposits didn't give. You know these fruitless people, full good thoughts, but not valid that to put them in operation. It is better not to know, than the nobility and not to apply in life. Therefore the first care of that, what widen how much possible, area of applied thoughts? Opportunities are for this purpose open always. Therefore, it is possible to move ahead and succeed always, under any conditions. That and speech, what not stand on place, because stagnation is death and decomposition. When the thought live strong is shown in operation, is live then the spirit of the person and heart burns. Many fruitless attempts because happen that wants not heart, but a brain, and the thought are generated by a brain. Even if the brain generates, but heart has to sate thought with fiery force. Heart gives dynamics of thought. The deathly power of thought from a brain also is deprived.

432. (M.A.Y.). Again the psych spatial moment of a planet for this place is adverse, and at once there is a difficulty in perception of thoughts. There is no practical understanding of what is necessary now for contact. It is necessary to overcome influence of currents by concentration. Today it is difficult extraordinary and records go hardly.

433. (Guru). When the consciousness is silent, external conditions won't help. It is necessary also to it rest and rhythm change. It is possible to overcome everything, but the spent energy can seem spent is incommensurable to the received results, and then the Teacher Speaks: "Care".

434. (June 10). (M.M.). We win against space thought. Even for light it exists. Ubiquitous spirit it is shown that it everywhere, and for realization of in any point of space isn't required by it to time. This attribute of spirit is unconditional when is in a fiery body free from other covers. In all covers below fiery this property is shown everything more weakly and more weakly. In menthol it is possible to fly, far, but the astral is already connected with aura of Earth. Restriction of a dense body is the heaviest. Understanding of relative freedom and advantages of each cover should be represented clearly. Physical body the most limited, but only through it is reached freedom, Lords too can have a dense body, but they aren't connected by it because can work in each cover absolutely irrespective of a physical case. You know cases when the spirit leaves a body for a while, and it not movably lies. For realization of it the step of spirit has to be is high and living conditions are unusual. Preparation for the interstellar flights in a kernel of spirit demands time. But the intercourses in thoughts are available. Lays a way to achievements thought.

435. At yoga’s processes encumbrance of a stomach is inadmissible. In certain cases diet very strict. But rule the general: it isn't necessary to eat violently, when there is no desire. Burdening of a stomach stops the ascension phenomenon. Intestines have to be clean. The phenomenon of the burdened stomach and crude intestines is heavy influences mentality of the yogi. At a known step the food certain mode is inevitable. Violently accepted food is more harmful than starvation because, without being acquired, develops in an organism poisons. Concerning a condition of digestive bodies the known attention and care is required.

436. Oil, and especially vegetable, in large numbers terribly affects the centers. It is necessary to track it on own experience. Attenuating the organism needs a strict diet. But own experience is the best Teacher.

437. (June 11). The imagination human in comparison with reality is poor. Groundless imaginations aren't necessary. But behind the most courageous creative dream there is a reality and it is approved.

438. (June 13). Show understanding of the moment, it is very adverse for perceptions. Be confused nothing because our communication is inviolable anything. Different conditions happen in ways, but a way one, and its purpose of rapprochement with Me is even more. Whether a little that there is a wish dark. Let each of attempts by an occasion serve ardent deduction of the Face in the heart. You will win against the world only with Me, with Me and be.

439. (June 14). You write how it is necessary to learn to stand on the feet. From experience you know as those who got used to lean are unstable. They can move only on a tow and to independent movement aren't capable. But it is better to go most. Therefore the Teacher leaves sometimes to look what independent course will be. Inexperienced will become puzzled, will honor itself outcast and will lay down arms, but will tell we "will be overcome" highly experienced spirit and, having remembered the moments of victories and lifting, the forces will collect to float in own shuttle. The free will on that also is given, that all most: the hand, the foot and the will, but not stranger. The merit of those whom drag almost by force behind itself is great. Look at them when are left to stand on the feet. Let's learn to be equally directed and when the Teacher and when are provided to own forces is close. After all it is necessary that forces this force were under any conditions. If with the Teacher it is firm and strong, and without the Teacher — wet muslin or a rag, what price to such pupil and what it is possible to entrust it, and on what it is good? The strong people who even not don’t know the Teacher, remain those always, really the recognized pupil will be worse and weaker than them? Isn't present worse and more shamefully than a condition is a rag! Strong has to be strong always. If presence the Highest I, lords in itself isn't felt Proximity of the Teacher, will be able to be felt if to connect consciousness to it. It is impossible to go, leaning too. Contacts of the Teacher will become less frequently in process of growth of own force. These phenomena are inversely proportional. Communication will proceed, but at level the highest. In usual life and commonplaces it is necessary to learn to stand on the two. The Teacher is still close, but gives opportunity are show the independence. It is natural and lawful that the child when he learns to go, support and help him, but it would be ridiculous to support the adult. So, the next task — on own feet to feel so sure, firm and directed, as well as with the Teacher of Light when It Conducts. It is necessary to show that works and its efforts weren't gone all for nothing. The Stone will be a support. Stone is the phenomenon individual, giving full independence and independence. Devotion, love, aspiration, prestanding uninterrupted, constancy of Communication, formula understanding "I with you always" it is necessary to manage to combine in the understanding with their contrast — with freedom, independence, amateur performance, independence and the statement of the beams self-proceeding. And when these two poles of a thing uniform will merge in a realization of understanding of these couples of contrasts in the annex to life, the pupil on a way is approved then three times. The Teacher leads by the hand — the first period, there is no Hand on a shoulder — the second, invisible and visible. The leader quietly Real inside and outside is the third stage of understanding of dual aspect of the hidden Management. And I will Look how the spirit will dispose of the received gifts. And if after everything that was given, the person on didn't learn to stand on own feet, and needs props, whether that it was worth fencing and spending a kitchen garden the unlucky pupil. It is visible, the pebble is small. And then there is a question, whether they should be engaged. Therefore we Recognize in the person own will and force him as a basis of value of his spirit. Fine, good virtuous, but a weak-willed being to us is to anything. Strong spirits are necessary to us, whether strong irrespective of with Us they together or are provided for a while to themselves. In Space the Ladder of Hierarchy is based on full individual freedom and independence of the Spirits which are standing on It, at full harmony and unity of the standing. The freedom and independence it is necessary to concern Those Who costs above: cooperation, but not submission, God's sons, but not slaves. It is necessary to get rid of slavish psychology. It is show even in this desire it is constant to rely on someone, in lack of courage and an initiative, and evasion from independent actions. Itself, itself, itself, in total itself, behind own responsibility and the will but together with Me in harmony full — this one of most is the most difficult steam of contrasts for understanding.

440. (June 15). In total is in the person. In it also it is necessary to look for. For the low-developed consciousness there is neither science, nor secrets of Space, Intimate Knowledge. The understanding of the world is caused by a step of consciousness and past accumulation. The device of spirit starts operating, only when is ready. That is why all strength of mind it is necessary to rush inside to receive from the outside. Not ready device doesn't sound, and the screen of consciousness of perceptions doesn't give, but if achievements were and accumulation was sufficient, they can't be taken away. I approve inherence of achievements at not belittled burning of heart. But it is possible to think and of how to deepen and strengthen perceptions. There is a lot of ways, it is possible: to strengthen brightness of representation of the Face in heart, to strengthen feelings — feelings of Proximity of the Teacher, to repeat t subconscious he Name with each heartbeat. In the future everything is achievable, but the network of a catch of wonderful opportunities of spirit is thrown nowadays, in darkness pre-dawn when the surrounding is still hardly distinguishable to take out a catch by the light of day. It is useful and remembers a way passed together with the Lord, and to count that is made during this time and reached that. On these steps of Light conducting from the past, it is possible to imagine Light of steps of the future of the future times. So the darkness of transitional hour can be thrown sparks of Light and to make it being shone. It is necessary to be only with Me all heart and all thought. Strong effort of will it is possible to break off Maya dense cover and through gaps to see it reality, real it is eternal. But the main thing to come off itself and lives to see a stream out of small "I", out of the personality small and egoism of small ways.

441. (M.A.Y.). If all heart with us, and our thoughts don't pass it. We are stout expectation of the future nowadays holding in dense visibility. And you see steps of the fulfillments conducting in it. After all on them we will enter into Spheres of the precepted. You to us help both thought, and feeling, and desire all. There have to be all of us, as one. Monolith united in the spirit of consciousnesses we will break counteraction of the dense environment. But all heart it is necessary to enter into a circle of our actions to live in it psyches life of all heart. Incompleteness at focal points of realization of the future in concrete forms is bad. At these moments it is necessary to plunge into our opportunities to the core. Promptly there is an implementation of the Great Plan, desired time approaches.

442. (Guru). To worry, both to feel, and to feel all weight of currents it is impossible to forbid sensitive heart, but to show weakness of spirit — it is inadmissible. Everything made in awareness of strength of mind is justified, but condemned — powerlessness. Strong wins. But even people don't judge the winner. So, it is necessary to be strong always, and not to concede this awareness of strength of mind to anybody and anything.

443. (M.M.). The statement and implementation of the Great Plan goes under my Beams, I with those who am fated to this Future, and they with Me and in My Beams.

444. (June 16). The good soldier is built and will tighten always. There is something in the person that very much doesn't love this concentration of consciousness. Certainly, it is an astral and its servant — a body. In public this concentration is necessary to be protected from their influence only at least. Dissoluteness will be contrast of concentration. It is shown in everything: in gait, in a bearing, in gestures, in words, in thoughts, in a situation and a room order, in work. The scorpion of disorder stings himself that is the one who carries him in itself (himself). Against disorder, first of all — a rhythm and life streamlining, constant concentration of consciousness, that is control. Thinking that in the presence of people it is possible to be dismissed, does it harm of people. Certainly, in the presence of the Teacher the pupil shows an example of concentration and "good". It is necessary to show this sample as alone with itself because many attentive and spiteful eyes, and with all people without an exception watch. Arriving alone, the pupil shows knowledge of bases. The behavior alone, before a space face, has bigger value, than before people because in this behavior the true essence of the person comes to light. But when control is continuous and is understood that in life of people lonely is never left and that a lot of looking of the Thin World, the relation to the behavior changes in a root. Spirit advantage is approved then by the person. Looking for approvals of people and at feathers peacock receives an award, being expressed in passing and household feelings of the human relations. At them, passing, and with them there is a hunter of human approvals. But the one who the judge to himself and court impartial over himself constantly manages by continued control and self-criticism, that on a way, on a right way to mastering by all three (covers) because properties peacock are concentrated in an astral and the lowest covers. It is the same way to the power — at first over itself, and then and that outside.

445. Learned pleasure of Communication with the Teacher no terrestrial pleasures replacement will exist. In the presence of Communication they can go deep and more brightly burn, but will grow dull and will lose any meaning as soon as Communication will interrupt. When there is a Communication, everything is interesting, life and its process, people, meetings; work because the Beam of the Teacher shines everything is interesting, - but immediately all this loses the meaning if the Beam leaves. Therefore it is necessary to know that gives lives interest and a coloring if the life is found. Having become impregnated with energy of the Beam, the inexperienced traveler plunges into Maya ghosts, believing that they are interesting in it. It is incorrect. They are empty and are empty, it is worth taking away the Beam — and they will lose any interest. It is necessary and to think of it not to assimilate to ghosts of self-sufficing value. The teacher for the pupil is comprehended by the Beam, but not circumstances of an external environment. The proximity of the Teacher isn't replaceable anything.

446. (M.A.Y.). Wisely I solved, believing that the behavior before itself, before judges in itself, is more important than behavior before court narrow-minded because it is short, and transient, and no value for ascension of spirit has. That from this that someone good or bad will read you; what in it is advantage? "Good", your or bad from it better not becomes. But if you condemned yourself for your bad and, having condemned, decided a bad to correct and replace "good", and besides, without any influence or outside influence, action it is correct. The way of the correct action is difficult because it is independent and isn't dependent on rumors human. Life and life experience will give the chance to see that it is necessary to change what to strengthen what to improve what to point and refine what to get rid and leave. The eye sharp-sighted immediately will note sense of the next lesson of life that the will could bring the amendment. And then the Doctrine of Life becomes life and lives a way.

447. (M.A.Y.). The correct, healthy self-criticism of force allows moving further. Self-burning, the self-eat, repentance, self-flagellation weaken and deprive of fire. It is necessary is thin to understand these phenomena. Old our intellectuals terribly suffered from these shortcomings. Judge in herself was hypocritical, in just and egoism full. The criticism went for the sake of criticism, and its self-condemnation not for the sake of spirit ascension. There is a criticism creating, creative, and there is a criticism destructive, killing spirit. Distinguish both because, the first is how useful and building, so the second is harmful and inadmissible. Any criticism and self-criticism can be this or that, from darkness or from Light. The correct, healthy criticism it is possible to inhale new forces in the person, but dark it is possible to kill. Criticism — not condemnation, but the analysis of shortcomings and the instruction as to avoid them! Criticism is the weapon of light, the critic the darkness tool. Distinguish a root to stop if it dark.

448. (Guru). I consider that it is necessary to bring in the spirit of, and able — it is obliged. Can give who has to have, it is necessary to collect. Collecting of spiritual gifts for distribution will be a problem of the current time also. The understanding moves. To move forward, it is necessary to expand understanding, that is consciousness. Consciousness expansion also is advance. We expand in consciousness of the people the life horizons. We take away from the Row, from Gomorrah, from their past, that is from the conditions which are subject to destruction by fire and destruction. From here and the Decree is on the past not to be wrapped. For us, both for you and for people of the New World of the past aren’t present, it is burned. But there is Light of the future with all its boundless opportunities. To them also go.

449. (June 17). (M.M.). The contact thought of Great Spirit will give rise to great thoughts. The era of Maitreya will be saturated with Beams of My Planet. The human consciousness has to assimilate them and be sated with Them. Results of assimilation of a ray of sunlight you see in blossoming trees, by the time of bearing fruit. As also consciousness saturation by My Beams and assimilation will yield them the fruits in days of the futures. I see the shining future of your planet and the changed mankind in it. I see the beauty approved everywhere. I see great procession of the spirits making the Star, space Trek. I see a clear and final victory of Light. The darkness from a planet will leave. Light is future of your house terrestrial.

450. The way of the statement of the future approaching in the world is light. If to consider each phenomenon in aspect of this future as a step conducting to it or as an obstacle disturbing, value and sense of this phenomenon becomes absolutely clear. The aspect of the future litmus will be for definition of the nature of the phenomenon. And a lot of things from this that nowadays occur in life of the people will appear in light other. The border between light and a gloom becomes even sharper, and it will be easier to carry any phenomena to this or that pole. The analyzed phenomenon simply is moved into the future, and this reception its nature comes to light. Every day everything will go sharper and more sharply division of all and in everything on two poles — light and a gloom. This division will concern not only people, but also all phenomena of life. Energy leaving displaced, and the energy, going to them on change, is show in forms; also all udisplaying forms are divided into forms movable, and the forms approved again, - full replacement of all and in everything; life revolution in all-planet scale. Not political already, not public already, not state already, but all-planet and universal. It also will be life and consciousness transformation and the statement of the New Sky and New Earth. We stand for new in everything and new in everything we claim. See, where is it new, on planet open spaces into life nowadays enters, also know, that there our Beams. Action of Beams sees in going shifts and changes and shows all depth of understanding of the events. Personal measures, conveniences, rest and everything that is connected with personal wellbeing and comfort, reject. All this will come over time if it is necessary. You scales of General Welfare apply to shifts going and rejoice to life addition. Great is time, unknown time, time of the approval of the precepted fairy tale. Small to construction I Called, I left behind line cylinders and dress coats. Truly, the Trustee small I am, but approving Will Mine and My Decrees in life carrying out. These builders the first will enter into the Future, precepted Me. You look over personal and you will see new addition of life. But it is possible also personal to combine with the general and to find personal a place in the general scheme of things if to accept completely the Bowl of General Welfare. Life is difficult, but the criterion of the future is faultless. Take a question of war. At modern progress of equipment, wonder, whether wars in hundred years are possible. The answer is unconditional and is certainly negative. The impossibility of the phenomenon in the future destroys sense it in the present. And so is in everything. Or: that will be with mankind, saturated irritation and rage if tension of spatial energiya amplifies several times. And wires of nerves won't sustain an organism and will fuse. And the person, nowadays not learned to own itself, will be itself the own executioner, and itself will carry out the death sentence over itself, that is will be to itself judges. New

451. (M.A.Y.). The person, who is beginning to see clearly in the future, sees everything in proper correlations. Assessment of the phenomena it becomes perfects other. The present becomes as though a past, the consciousness lives vibrations of what should be still. If in the past are death and destruction, in the future — life and fire. And this fire sates consciousness and heart with strong incentive of life and desire of creativity of new forms. The future — is a source of inexhaustible creativity of spirit, because in the future all. Thoughts of the future can serve as the generator of vital force. These thoughts will give to an organism fiery energy to live. Thoughts of the future are life-giving. Live in the future and thought of it — and fiery force in you, constantly fed, it won't be exhausted. On the Precept of the Teacher read the future understanding of essence it and the appendix of this understanding in life.

452. (Guru). I lived future and for the sake of the future and force of the future created. Animals have no future, they don't realize it. There is no it at some savages very low standing at steps of human evolution. Height of spirit is measured on extent of understanding of the future. Manu plans planet life for the whole Manvantara, Manu, at the head of Cycles or Eras — for the whole Cycles or Eras. So on understanding of the future spirit height is measured. And each person determines a step of the evolution by the size of an orbit of the consciousness taking its future. Radius of the person denying life after death is short, is short not thinking of tomorrow. All these suicide bombers, forced to die. But we approving life, approve it in the future because life of the present hour doesn't sputter out and can't settle, at least because the chain of causes and effects a continuous stream, and a stream infinite, aspires forward, in the future therefore there is neither end, nor a limit.

453. (June 18). (M.M.). Many centuries ago people honored Me under other names. Honor and nowadays under different, but nowadays the root of honoring is dead. Therefore the Era washing begins with the statement of Mother of the World in new understanding and in new aspect. The stone of the Wreath of the Space Magnet turns to Earth other side. This New, to term reaching Earth, consists in New Beams and their powerful impact on consciousness of the person. The world space, Invisible Beams, both the New Sky, and New Earth is for the person. New has to replace old, space destroyed on your planet. The Space Magnet works. But after all it only began; it is so much still ahead. Forms of life and organization of human society from My Planet are transferred to yours. From here such shifts. The reorganization of the world hardly, but Light of the Future will bath twilight and difficulties of shift. Spent energy leave be replaced new. Old forms of life aren't able to sustain flow of new energiya and therefore collapse. The more widely and rather people will accept new forms in consciousness, the will be easier for them shift and replacement process. But for this purpose the consciousness has to be expanded enough to contain. Who remains the admirer of former, gets rid and leaving forms of life, will be together with it is destroyed. Wine new in old bellows doesn’t pour in. New heart accepts because goes from the Star.

454. Only new the new. From here is need of updating, or transformation, consciousness. I came — and sinners, tax-gatherer, the robber, both the loose woman, and simple fishermen accepted. But standing above rejected. In the same way and nowadays: rich both the powers that be and churchmen rejected construction of new life, and again I go to simple people. But the commonalty — national heart deeply isn't simple. They, simple and unsophisticated lives in difficulties and dogmatic religion, adopted vitally the Decree of the New Era and started building life on a new basis. I with them, I help them, and We build together, and all wisdom of the old world to us not a hindrance.

455. Karmic that is given and given, the consciousness has the right to knowledge of that. That is from this that We Know. Yes, We Know, but we transfer you only what you deserve. Whether everything is perceived truly? No. Why? There is no completeness of the accord, and the thought comes off Focus. At orotund merge there aren't enough mistakes. Knowing can reproach with insolvency of Records not enough, but knowing everything will be glad miraculousness of perceptions. Concrete data are given only at karmic need. When reading letters it is necessary to look in essence of the phenomenon, but not at an external form of the letter. The relation of the friend changed in a root, it became clever. Therefore it is necessary to refuse further attempts to prove something or to share the knowledge. The acceptability is absent — and everything will address against. So closed heart by will pass ready to open to it the Source of the Knowledge Given by Me. Commensurability in delivery Intimate is necessary; differently all given out will turn on the contrary.

456. (M.A.Y.). Dark influence works powerfully. You remember how saw it that it in an abyss fell from the narrow road. Mental is anguish and disbalance. Also the dark channel operates. To words don't trust they don't express that is hidden behind them. There is no former friend. Test I didn't pass. It is necessary to transfer to a preparatory class. If the friend of value of Records doesn't understand, contact is lost. To impose the authority it is inadmissible. Heart has to wake up to understanding. You derogation happens, and that belittle Given through you the Lord. Harm is deeper, than it seems. Conceive estimated didn't pass even preliminary test. It is necessary to give time, and it either will pull together again, or still will distance. Time now divisions! Let's reduce it because by us it is put. Not judges to you they restored to life. Remember how once all against went. That was a seed, and now shoots. Leave old, act with the new. They will come much. The choice will be rich, among them and you will find who will replace you. The Lord Called you my son and Told that will show his son. Who from them reducing you has the right of a sonship? Pearl of the consciousness permit nobody to become cheaper in own eyes. For them you a link, without which they — leaves, Gone with the Wind. My son and we passed through derogation, and from those, who was close. Everything is ok. Strong keeps.

457. (Guru). On each sneezing no on greet. If the acceptability isn't present, it is necessary to break off. But a lean compromise is better than a fat lawsuit. It isn't necessary to give new reasons to catch something to prick. Not to start arguments. So we will write down in the book of experience of life: friends are learned in time. Whether a lot of true remained at us? And how many they were, going around and receiving many. Come off direct link stops the way while someone, both somewhere, and once on itself (himself) won't accept again its burden. We evade from a chain of communication of the torn.

458. (June 19). (M. M.). In My Spheres approves spirit the residence by aspiration, consistently and gradually accumulating there the elements creating patterns of the sphere of spirit. The aspiration, imagination and the accord build there a stronghold for spirit, for stay in it in extra planetary existence. The knowledge of Laws of the Highest World will be a strong form of the sphere of this. Within these Laws will show life in its extra dense spaces with Layers of the Highest attractions. The aspiration will channelize spirit flight. The separation from Earth when are finished scores terrestrial, will give wings to spirit. Release from Earth attractions will be a springboard for a jump in Boundlessness; hardly and not easy to finish calculations witch Earth. Powerful Magnet! If the undeveloped spirit terrestrial after death to come off the usual house often not in forces and in it stays, being connected as it is more difficult in the spirit of to leave the house planetary.

459. Creative power of spirit is reached by a combination in consciousness of my Beam and Beams of Mother of the World. Power of creativity pours out in forms, and these forms invested by thought, presents spirit to people. All best and valuable is given to mankind by thought. Inventions, opening scientific, art masterpieces — all that is thoughts only embodied in dense forms. The highest factor of life nevertheless is the thought creating and creating things, but not the things. Already created thing is the fact minor. The thought takes priority in creation of subjects of the dense world. It is necessary to look at everything created by a hand of the person, as at the phenomena which have personified thoughts. Any subject — is the thought which has accepted dense forms. This law is universal and concerns not only that is created by a hand of the person, but also all real. Because over human thought the thought of the world rushes. Therefore, the basis of all — thought — generated by focus of consciousness in which Beams of Mother of the World and Lords are combined, possesses special creative force. I will give that power of thought to your beams self-proceeding that will move mountains of human heaps and to melt them. I Will fill with force you, sdaring rage of counteraction to darkness because Put you the winner of life at the crossroads planetary roads on which there are people too to Me, but without knowing. Court rejecting human and their right to judge you, my court you recognize. And I am not a judge, but the Father, both the Defender, and the Friend. In the Assessment of my pearl of your spirit force you will find opposite stand to human court and derogation from the wrong. Who will be able to humiliate if I Ennoble?

460. It is correctly noted: counteracting the carrier of my Beam counteracts Me. Because and counteraction reaction heavy lies down on weak shoulders against the going. The ardent example is available as force of counteraction of force of the carrier of My Beam multiplies. And instead of derogation and damage the phenomenon directly it opposite turns out. So friends and enemies serve multiplication of forces. Already I Spoke if with Me, we are victorious in everything. But hour of fight it isn't necessary to be confused. It is inevitable for accumulation of power of fire; ascended to a step, when everything inures to advantage and addresses against the ant- going.

461. You I Approved and the Beam Sent, and nowadays in the Beam — not greatly. You feel that force of Communication. If the son I Called, forever. If the Beam I Send, forever. If way Specify, for that, what to Draw together forever. If knew that expects in the future years, truly, the spirit would rejoice. Show My son in Fatherly Affairs. I will entrust power of Light, I will entrust affairs, I will entrust hearts and consciousnesses of many! In exchange I will demand only one: to be together always, unseparable, that the consciousness merged with Me to create

462. (M.A.Y.). The dream is right. The commonwealth of the states and the people is approved space — a coming step of evolution. The presentiment of proximity is correct. The holiday on our street already comes. Also everything will rejoice to it, but, of course, not the dark. The dream is sent hierarchically for close consciousnesses. Everything will be as spoke and as the Lord Told, but only I with you will be not in a body, but in the spirit of, but is close, is closer, perhaps, than if in a body. And consider that promised and is fated to be. Heart trembles and rejoices expectation of a miracle of is fated Light. Therefore and it is dark, both amplifies enemies, and try to tear off from you relatives.

463. (Guru). We are occupied very much. We take active part in the events. If all from Invisible falls to dense forms before they can be shown on Earth, participation of the Thin World in terrestrial affairs is considerable unusually and great. The whole troops take part in this work. But the directing Hand of the Hierarch is necessary. We are Will Your performers. It is a lot of at us about the terrestrial. Rapprochement of the Worlds is show as well in it. There will be certificates obvious. Strange is time and Light ahead.

464. (June 20). (M.M.). The thought carries away for itself consciousness. Where thought, there and it. When it completely merges with thought of the leader, transfer of consciousness becomes possible. Completeness of transfer is accompanied by sensitivity transfer, and the highest feeling starts working. We approved Beauty. Among the other — one of its aspects — beauty of human relationship; what it is few on your Earth and that meets on it so seldom. We have no quarrels, there is no irritation, there is no rage, there is no misunderstanding, there are no racial laws, there are no accounts and reports — there is nothing based on mistrust of people to each other. How many work and energy is spent on your Earth for dishonesty and deception suppression. At us this root is pulled out long ago — people don't know dishonesty. There are no locks, there are no locks, and there are no watchmen and protection: there is nobody to protect. And, of course, there is no money. Everyone receives everything, in what need. Individual it is harmoniously combined with the public: completeness and freedom, development of identity causes completeness and a variety of the whole society. Quarrels and irritation aren't present, there are also no all other feelings connected with an astral cover because it gets rid, having played a role in spirit evolution. The lowest, animal, feelings are replaced the highest, spiritual. Certainly, there is a love, but not love of egoism and money-making, because also egoism gets rid. The lie and deception disappeared. Mind freely is read, and feelings are visible. Life goes on other plane of consciousness. Feelings are beautiful; thoughts are beautiful, beautiful also gestures, words, and movements. The beauty of thought corresponds to beauty of its expression. The statement of Beauty took place. The statement of Beauty is the statement of the Highest World because It is saturated with beauty and beauty lives. Human relations are saturated with beauty, are expressed in the full accord of thoughts and feelings. Nobody's freedom doesn't encroach on foreign freedom. There is a fight, there is tension, and there are phenomena of courageous aspirations and a feat, but all this in the Sphere of area of the Highest, in the field of spirit ascension, in the Sphere of Space Knowledge and research of depths of Space and layers Spatial Energy of the highest tension. Many lives give in fearless flights in space. And life here is valuable because it is fine and the pleasure gives Lives. There are no sufferers, there are no patients, and there is no burden of an astral of the bearing. The spirit is ennobled over a matter, the spirit won.

465. My beams and Mothers of the World, being combined in your consciousness, create. Let's treat process consciously. Understanding deepens the phenomenon and strengthens it. The new Secret consists in the fact of understanding. Understanding is a step to realization and mastering by that is realized. From here is an urgent need of understanding of opportunities new before to approve mastering by them. Understanding conducts to finding of ways of implementation of that is accepted in consciousness. Mix it with belief, but only creating, dynamic belief, or a faith-knowledge it is possible to carry here. Understanding moves evolution. In the phenomenon of understanding mighty forces are hidden. For example, awareness of boundlessness of potential of human spirit opens ways to area of unattainable and impossible development at this step of human mind. Awareness of boundlessness of feelings and development them in this direction opens ways to area of boundless cognition. Understanding of a never-ending of life and ascension of spirit will sweep away time and space barriers. Therefore I Speak about consciousness expansion, about cancellation of denials and about containment. That to contain Space, with itself baskets and jugs for Knowledge should be brought the very big. I want to Give Knowledge, but there is nothing it to pour in if the consciousness doesn't allow. But if from consciousness courageously to throw out everything that isn't necessary and that litters it if to clean a heap of centuries if to clear it of gets rid, shabby stuff, its capacity will increase unreasonably. My beam I Send to all back streets of consciousness to shine heaps of unnecessary stuff and to betray it to burning. Everything is subject to viewing and cleaning to separate valuable from litter. Cemeteries aren't necessary, memorial services aren't necessary, graves aren't necessary, hired priests aren't necessary. Unimportantly is everything that not corresponds to the principles of Beauty, expediency and commensurability. All thoughts and feelings with which the consciousness is usually filled are unimportant. If you aren't as children, not enter into the New World. It means spirit has to be free from everything, than people blocked up it. Think that the happiness is possible by means of a nuclear bomb for the people to create and how many the evil be born from this ridiculous idea. It too is the litter, demanding cleaning. Terrible heaps of remnants of a leaving era. Them it is necessary displace. It is a lot of absurd in life. They should be realized at first in itself to explain then to people and to give the chance to them of them to realize. Consciousness clarification also consists in process of understanding of ideas of the New World and replacement of ideas with them old.

466. (M.A.Y.). Correctly: conversations at distance and hidden letters can be entered into use as a step to future opportunities of the intercourses in the spirit of. This way of communication is very effective. But thoughts have to be short and accurate, and it is necessary to know the purpose of such conversation or the letter. It is good to create a habit of mental conversation with people. Especially it is good when there is a mutual misunderstanding because conversation goes without brain intervention; on the other hand, the brain is put simply before an accomplished fact that is conclusions. And if they are rather strong and saturated mental energy, the brain is compelled to agree with them. So are established on distance the kind relations even with strangers.

467. (Guru). It is necessary to transfer part of activity of spirit to thought and to make it conscious. We thought are active. It also is life of the Thin World. And you are accustomed to it on Earth. Rapprochement of the Worlds will make a lot of things available and possible. But it is necessary to begin consciously. It is much already made, but depth and value of the reached isn't understood, that is there is no completeness of consciousness. Achievement then is valuable when it is realized quite. The clairvoyant the savage and the scientist — sizes of a different order. Width of consciousness determines the value of its abilities.

468. Fiery power of spirit is shown that My Force you create. In consciousness Me accepting, you approve in it force. Not the force, but my Force study, the son to create in the accord full with Me. Yourself you exclude, and the egoism, and everything that from the personal world, and all microcosm to Me having directed, yourself having forgotten, you use the force mine, but only in the Benefit.

469. Often examples it is had as because of trifles something is broken very important. And today because of malfunction of a pencil valuable record almost left. How much vigilance is necessary not to miss that Is given. It was succeeded to reach all completeness of the accord, but the pencil didn't write (broke), and record should be interrupted on the middle. So resistance of the dense environment are various even without intervention of the dark. The new step of opportunities which have to strengthen energy of creative thought is given. In consciousness there will be a gradual replacement of elements of egoism and personal "I" elements of Light delivering essence of the Beam. Today I have to Tell that, despite ardent counteraction of external conditions, a seed of spirit grows.

470. (M. M.). I in Beams Send will Mine to Earth. Beams influence all, but in degree different. It isn't enough conscious receivers, and even less directed towards to Beams. Therefore each consciousness directing to Me, is magnetic and powerfully I Sate with elements New Energy, but on their capacity. The accord defines contact, capacity, degree and receiving width. Therefore, it is necessary to lead aspiration to the accord and to prepare consciousness, having enough expanded it. The Life doctrine a dilator will be, and fire, kindling to them, the amplifier of aspiration. It is possible to be sated endlessly if to each Communication to bring new, that is that Beams could sate and saturate. Even the ray of sunlight has to fall to a fertile soil to give life, and Beams my, reaching consciousnesses of people, to Them directed. Beams, being combined in consciousness with conformable it elements, cause a number of psych spiritual processes and movement in the centers and approve process of growth of consciousness. Carriers and performers of the Highest Space Will — it is the people, living the psych life of all heart which has revealed under the influence of these Beams.

471. (M.A.Y.). Let's celebrate day new opportunities. Openness of consciousness towards to parcels provides an acceptability them. A lot of things should be told, transferred much. Not to contain the Doctrine Ocean even in open heart, but to concern it and it is possible to enter into it. The light of Boundlessness will fill in if the aspiration doesn't go out. I send thoughts that to am fated term the consciousness prepare will be intense and strong the Lord. This process is difficult as it is necessary to combine harmoniously heavenly and terrestrial, fiery and dense, future and real. It is impossible to depart and to come off Earth, and it is impossible to plunge into Earth, but as though to hang in space and, strong holding the Lord, to keep consciousness on terrestrial that below, and on the highest that above, harmoniously connecting them in the spirit of.

472. (Guru). It is possible to give the consciousness for fixing of thoughts on it only to the Highest and on a direct chain of communication. It is possible and to make from below itself contact, but having protected, and it is strong, from foreign invasions. Violation of the first condition involves incompleteness and desire to have new Teachers that stops advance. A lot of capacity is necessary to contain Beams of one Teacher. You devotion showed also anybody, except us, didn't want and didn't seek to have as leaders. And therefore it is given you by a measure full. You were saying: "my Hierarches", strong sticking to a communication thread. And therefore we are with you. By the lord It is noted and as Him It is approved. Let will be an example for those who wants to have different teachers and different sources of cognition. Focus one, and a chain conducting to It, one, for each spirit the, on the Beam of the Driver-hierarch, or the Space Father. It coming off, the person of opportunities to move further loses. The next link can't be cleaned because the chain interrupts.

473. (June 22). Everything that becomes with Me goes under the sign of good luck. The aspiration to the occupations which are in common conducting deepens contact. Abraham went before the Lord, and the pupil always before the Lord; so all measures approve constancy of Presence. Consciousness transfer through Hierarchy and behind it going — granting the microcosm in Will Lord order will be the following step. Certainly, and the gradual adaptation of consciousness and all organism to vibrations of the Beam of special function here is required. Descend of the Holy Spirit on Apostles is descend of Fire sent in Beams of the Lord. Mental Energy is show it is powerful through consciousness association with the Leading Hierarch, and then the lit up can tell: "Not I, but It Staying in me, It Create". Completeness of self-rejection or dismissal from itself will be a basis of this phenomenon. The consciousness is cleared by it for Great Presence. The psych equipment of former contact was that the consciousness was about the Lord, the step forward is nowadays taken still and the consciousness of the pupil is included as though into consciousness of the Hierarch, or the Consciousness of the Last is included into an orbit of consciousness of the pupil. I Is Staying in you, Will You’re the Send My. The principle is difficult for application.

474. (M.A.Y.). The help was rendered yesterday obviously. The lord Told, that hall concert Fill the people and, really, Filled, despite the fact that, that everything was against. Tranquility I Gave the chance to do also the turn excellent. The principle was observed, the effort was made, was to what to put, and the help Is given not greatly. So know from experience that if you ask for the Help and if made everything that could, the Hand of the Hierarch will be given that to support you. The mistake of the people asking for the Help From above is that, having addressed put hands and the manna from heavens waits. But wisdom national well understands — God helps those who help themselves. Own efforts also grant the right to that to you helped. Give the chance to the Lord to Put the Hand, having made at first own efforts in all measure available, and then will be to what to put.

475. (Guru). You think, friends, that the pattern of our lives left such scar in consciousness of many and took big detours. Why work was fruitful and is noted by people? Why fruits it will yield in the future a rich harvest. I will tell: "Because we slaved away and for the sake of the Lord, in its secret of success, we transfer it to you". In life go to the Name Its, and there will be your work fruitful.

476. (June 23). At a contact of Beams of Mother of the World it is necessary to be especially careful because received energy pours out in any forms, depending on an appendix corner their consciousness. Believe that the aura of High Spirit has to work always well. It is incorrect. If was so, wouldn't crucify, didn't burn down, didn't torment and wouldn't pursue Light Carriers. Beams and vibrations of aura put in action sleeping energy in the person, or sate with Fire, and the new forces which are already awakened and available in it and if it is energy of the evil, reaction goes in the accord with them. Therefore at contact with Light clarification of consciousness and control over itself is required. Three on the road met the Teacher of Light, and everything, having concerned Aura Ego, felt inflow of forces and desire something to make. One, having inspired, I went to the enemy who hated and against which rage I had, and with him reconciled, having forgiven former offenses; another, having inspired, on will of the slave I released, and the third went and betrayed the neighbor. So is three, Light having concerned, refracted energy It differently in the heart. Heart will be the transformer. Stinking heart of energy of light Agni can turn into black fires. You know that in the pupil all his energy wake up to ardent manifestation and it seems even at times that the person becomes worse, than was earlier. What fury of darkness was caused in people by Aura Christ Redeemer? Radiations of the Carrier of Light serve as litmus for essence of the person. Attentively it is necessary to watch how our aura influences counter people. It will be an indicator obvious, on what party their heart, because for you the Teacher inclines. If you meet ardent hostility or counteraction, know, the darkness counteracts. When the aura grows, friends, enemies indifferently anymore not pass. Everyone is showing itself answer of couples. It is very characteristic that the obsessed start raging, and even if it is outwardly covered, nevertheless the contact to Light pushes them on not lightest actions. As also New Fiery the Energy, reaching Earth, entering into heart and consciousness human, will cause and cause in them consequences opposite, but conformable with essence of their owner.

477. Going against — note — not they are foreordained. Not to cover with any words neither fires of eyes, nor heart vibrations, darkness that it radiates. Behind external visibility invisible and hidden let it is accustomed to feel patrol heart. It is a lot of secret dupe crowds around. They should be known. Their force is in predisposition darkness. But, meeting people, wonder, from darkness they. Friends for enemies don't take, it isn't always easy to recognize the disguised friend, and enemies are for friends.

478. (M.M.). Cooperation with Me is that at contact My Beams are perceived, and are transposed by consciousness in forms, and become available thanks to this process already for Earth. The doctrine of Life nowadays given to people also is an embodiment in crystallized forms of thought of energiya of My Era. Their essence is poured in in the new forms which have been already adapted to human understanding. In it Great Mission of Lords, specifying new ways to Light. These ways bring to Me already for opportunities of receiving direct. Lords give to people new understanding of Mother of the World and in new aspect. Going to Me I will meet understanding, and understanding I will Give, and I will Allow to cease to a harp of spirit them fully - string, but turned to Me. If only hearts addressed were as it should be.

479. (M.A.Y.). The area of Intimate Knowledge is available, but not for all. Besides everything, it is necessary to have the right to It. The right is granted by service, devotion of heart and the fidelity, approved eyelids. It is a lot of hunters to Intimate Knowledge, but having a little the right. Be careful demanding Intimate Knowledge — usually is those who doesn't like to put the Life Doctrine into practice. To them be afraid of secret in hands to give because the secret in such unsteady hands is destructive very much.

480. (Guru). The person who has opened up to the end, loses the attractive force because the magnet of spirit is discharged by it completely. The person, who has revealed outside all the emotions, becomes invalid to influence others. All types of fieriness discharge a spirit magnet. The payment for fieriness is expensive. It isn't necessary that people knew that occurs inside. Each manifestation of emotions we endanger themselves. Restraint approves.

481. (June 24). (M.M.). The phenomenon of Light is preceded by darkness. The Face Hidden precedes the phenomenon the period of loss by mankind of the correct idea of It. Great Identity can name to slightly open secrets the Era of Mother of the World. In Beams Its essence is learned. Each planet, star, star are connected with Dhiani, who has Created them. The difference in character and identity of each heavenly body is so great, as between Spirits their Founders; Not in Space present similarity. On the principle of boundless variety are shown world is constructed. There are phenomena close, there are phenomena similar, but similarity isn't present, the imagination human is poor, and boundlessness of Hierarchy is limited to this circle. The consciousness can't leave everything and plunge into that area where the reality surpasses any human idea of it. Behind Great Identity of Mother of the World there is an Identity Higher. On this infinite Ladder of Light the human spirit before greatness of the Beginning of all Beginnings is lost. And nobody can tell that it was coming before It. As the physical body instantly would burn down near the Sun, also all lowest covers near Aura of the Fiery body of Spirits Planetary so burn down. The body physical is necessary for dense evolution, but only the Highest Triad can move further. However, and the gradation of Fiery bodies is broad. And Fire Spirits on the Sun possess Fiery bodies of different degree. Fiery essence is and on the Sun, and besides different evolutions. You know that High Spirits from your Earth go on other Planets, but on the Sun — anybody, because didn't hear the Sun — a final stage in our chain of the worlds for spirit evolution.

482. Fiery power of spirit can be shown only at full tranquility of covers. When covers, are show the lowest fires, closely related worry. But when three are bridled and are motionless, that is when they in tranquility full and movement in them doesn't happen, then force of the Highest Fires which hasn't been painted by them, freely expresses it. If to spend the whole life, either two, or three and tranquility nevertheless to approve, it will be great achievement; because greatness of spirit are show in tranquility full. And it is possible to be surprised that the statement of this quality demands so many works. Yesterday, at the time of collision with the antagonist, it was succeeded to concentrate all force of fires in a look, but a voice, both gestures, and covers of tranquility full not showed. It is necessary to work still, it is necessary that there were no gestures, it is necessary to clean emotions from heart. Cold fire of self-control works more strongly than all words or gestures. It is necessary to understand that lessons of life are given not for experiences, and for experience and a point of the weapon of spirit. And not to endure or be afflicted it is necessary to succeed, and to think as it is better to temper and make armor impregnable and tolerant for blows. On life and people we will study as it is beautiful to meet waves. And, as it is good, that living conditions give this fine opportunity spirit to temper comprehensively. But not for the sake of themselves, but for the sake of increase of spirit these conditions are given. In itself they anything and to anything, and it isn't necessary to think of them, but they give the chance to strengthen and claim in themselves that differently and other way it is impossible to strengthen. The teacher Stands behind you, and the Teacher Provides how to advance quicker. The feeling of acquisition of a wealth of experience for this leaked time is correct. So the spirit grows; displaying tranquility full of the pupils I Want to see. It is impossible to concede on cheap stuff neither the feelings, nor emotions, that is, there is nothing and anybody, for the sake of what or who it would be worth indulging the clown in itself. The cold of tranquility — the best attire of spirit at the time of collision with rage of human egoism, better, is one thousand times better, than motley of the wriggling clown. Spirit advantage — not replaceable armor of a soldier of Light.

483. It is correct, correct to think that at a known step everything serves us: both good and bad, both friends and enemies, and everything that against and everything that for. There are no conditions opposite, and the teacher — life. At such understanding of the opposite and favorable phenomena of life current moves everything. Earlier time would be wasted on unnecessary experiences and complaints, nowadays trouble undertakes as the engine as a pusher and energy of the counteracting force is taken away from it and is used by spirit for overcoming of this force opposite. It is necessary only about a condition of tranquility not to forget. It is necessary to remember that everything nowadays inures to advantage to the one, who with the Lord goes continuously.

484. How to be with those, with going against? When Spoke: "Hold up also other cheek for blow", people didn't understand. Breaking open gate, them without having encountered resistance, opens and falls to the ground. So it is necessary to allow to an arrow to fly by and to blow — to collapse in a blank space. When the arrow is started up, onions and when force is discharged is safe, its discharged is powerless. If the most ardent order doesn't meet visible, external, resistance, it right there and will sputter out, both powerless and pity there is a forward or the offender. Silence and not answer at times the best protection and weapon. But also silence happen a miscellaneous. Power silence, silence of the collected force realizing is so we will approve. It is possible to be protected and being silent. The blow of silence is powerful. After all it was spoken about hot coals on the head of the offender. But people didn't understand and brought own doctrine of nonresistance out of my words. Unless it is possible not oppose to darkness or to substitute it for violation soul? Oppose, oppose and protected always. External nonresistance at all doesn't mean internal vulnerability or inertness. The soldier of spirit doesn't wave hands, but a mortal blow. The mortal eye of the yogi and Light weapon are given to the soldier of spirit not for nonresistance. Of it we will think.

485. (M.A.Y.). Blessing deprivation from the Lord is Beam deprivation. Arrangement deprivation from standing on steps below, that is conducting and conducted, is too beam deprivation if it is approved. So interrupt communications with a link the next it is burdensome very much for both parties. In case of a wrongfulness of the spirit which has come off the link, the torn-off thread of a leading link it is carefully closed that the channel didn't bring unnecessary vibrations from the one who broke the Hierarchy Law. Ours with us also remain, and come off — with them. Deprived of Light heavy worry if didn't indulge in the evil. If indulged, start bearing malice and all fall below and below. Correctly solved: the reason — self-glorification, both wellbeing, and bitterness of personal offense. For a while avert attention. And there it will be visible.

486. (Guru). Both will humiliate, and will ennoble you the same as ennobled and humiliated also us. All these only roadside signs, but signs are very instructive and enriching terrestrial experience. The pupil looks at everything from the point of view of an apprenticeship and continuous study at school of life and rejoices this opportunity constantly to study. Now these conditions are aggravated especially strongly, because time presses. Life teaches recognition of faces; necessary lesson.

487. (June 25). Space is and time. Space of several measurements and time is, as one of its measurements. It is hardly to comprehend secret of time. Going deep into space records, it is possible to cause any era from the past and to see it. Therefore, the past exists in the present. Prophets see the future for much time forward, therefore, and the future too exists in the present. First secret is. The space is measured by linear measures. About terrestrial distances of people knows and creates means of communication and transport. But the spirit of distances doesn't know and can, being in one place, to be for one thousand versts from it. Secret the second is. Certainly, both time, and distances exist for terrestrial consciousness very specifically, but there are no they for spirit. The fiery essence of spirit of other measurements, and secret of comprehension of space and time is covered in it. Reasoning’s and philosophizing here won't help, it is possible because to reach only practically. Overcoming of time will consist in developing ability of spirit to see a past and the future, space overcoming — in a sharpening of divisibility of spirit. The contact of consciousness of the Star of Mother of the World on her Beam is an overcoming example, to a certain extent, both time, and space, because the Star far from Earth and a condition of measurement of time on it absolutely others. It is easier to understand convention of time, leaving in world space. The condition of distances is more difficult. But, crossing out of limits of velocity of light, we approach to the speed of flight of thought. So as divisibility of spirit opportunity allows being at the same time and here and there was also the thought actually doesn't know distance because this phenomenon of higher order, out of spatial restrictions. The decision is not in brains and feet, but in thought and spirit. The phenomenon of thought and the spirit phenomenon, being factors of the super measured world, that is out of three measurements terrestrial, comprise the solution of secret and that and another. And it is possible to approach to these decisions only practically. When flights to Spheres of the Distant Worlds will gain more certain character, then the solution of secret will come nearer. The way to the decision lies on Earth, through development of abilities of the person.

488. Be accustomed to fly thought about the planet and the Worlds. On these channels the spirit, bodies deprived, will fly when wings will scent. Properties of spirit are others. For a body terrestrial where a body terrestrial, there and thought, for spirit — on the contrary, where thought, there both spirit, and consciousness. And the spirit of distances doesn't know, and there are no them for thought. Freely in space it can fly if his thought is the flying, and its flight qualities are consciously approved on Earth. Those who not know these laws are subordinated to laws of thought also, but subordinated unconsciously. The thought of the visitor of brothels terrestrial will involve him in brothels also their mental environment when there will be it out of a body, in the power of thoughts habitual. From here are both terrestrial gravitations and the power of a magnet of thought over the person who has dumped a body. The thought clair-radiant will carry away up, to Light; the thought is evil — in a chasm, in darkness. The one who learned to operate thought as the driver of the car, will direct it there where wants, and itself will direct after it, but the one the thought had who in slavery, and the one whom they operated and whom mistreated, that thoughts will be carrying there where its magnetic essence of his thoughts will direct. Thoughts magnetic and consciousness hold captive if it didn't learn to operate them. Thoughts as horses, they can be bridled, ridden out and, having saddled, to take a strong hand a bridle and to direct there where the will wants.

489. (M.A.Y.). If all is in thought, and emphasis is placed on thought. The known step of mastering by thought gives the chance to own also the word, and to write, and freely to state the thoughts. But it only step. Certainly, it is connected with fiery power of consciousness or are slightly opened any center. But the way lies further and conducts to mastering by a body mental and to ability to use it for distant flights. All processes happening in the pupil, it is necessary to consider as preparatory, conducting to mastering by any ability of spirit. Spirit because the center of essence of the person concentrates already in it, coming off the lowest covers. Activity of consciousness is transferred to area of spirit and concentrates in it. During records the consciousness in the spirit of strong actively and works thought. No occult exercises will give those consequences which are brought by this activity. Truly, spirit life in thought is transferred to these moments.

490. (Guru). Appreciation, even overdue, bears the fruit. Appreciation means understanding of the recognized phenomenon and its advantage for the recognizing. Justice and possibility of more profound collaboration is so restored. The barriers separating consciousness called and called are as though cleaned. Appreciation I accept and I rejoice to the new understanding of things having such great value in life. Appreciation quality rare: it is force uniting strong and strongly the Teacher and the pupil, called and called, conducting and following him.
491. You sent the cards to Mother Agni Yogi, and she, looking at them, saw and felt a condition of your spirit. Certainly, your images are available both for Us, and according to them All of us See, occurring to you. The urgent thought is transferred immediately. The communication thread works. It is possible to call these image teraphim? It is possible because the best thoughts and feelings you’re, directed to Us, are warmed by us as grain the Sun for shoots. Through it is transferred both Protection, and Care of you. Everything about you we Know and we See everything. And live, and arrive, knowing that the Eye Eagle over you.

492. The advantage of spirit we Consider as quality of spirit high. As though the value of all person are show in it. Its understanding a pearl of the consciousness and value it recognizes. To lie, humiliate, fussiness will be not shown by the person, quality it in himself approved. The face of the truth can't be approved without spirit advantage — somewhere there are particles of slavish fear, a throwing, and fussiness, and something else from the clown.

493. My son, the ocean of the Doctrine is boundless, and you to It have access, and through Us you receive everything that in forces to contain your consciousness. Therefore be not confused anything: neither ant malignant gossip not ready, nor non-recognition of friends, cheap judgments of ignoramuses. You carry out my Assignment and you replace activity of the link which has left the dense World, that is Mother Agni Yogi, not completely, certainly, but to a certain extent and in the sphere certain. To thoughts sent trust, wisdom in them not yours. You are only their transmitter. However, they are conformable to you and as though express your own thoughts but if to stop, and thoughts will run low, and you will see then, than your spirit lived and ate. Let your shortcomings an obstacle to work won't be because We Considered them and over them we Direct to Communication with Us. The right to judge you I Will gives nobody because it belongs only to us, but We aren't judges, but the Caring about advance of your spirit. Know it and even in force of the shortcomings and imperfections energy find to increase on them spirit. Over life I Put you Proximity and Communication with Me, over life dense and vanities of day.

494. Already terms approach and to you. Whether we are ready in the spirit of? Readiness in the spirit of means readiness for Service already in everything, up to the end. Opportunities I will send, but give readiness. On readiness degree is and opportunities — commensurability full and unconditional. And Proximity to Me. Display Your on cooperation the closest if your spirit is ready to it. You listen better that I will tell you: "This invasion into a wire from the close friend". From this it is possible to see, how carefully it is necessary to protect purity of a wire with Me if friends are stirred even. Specify to attract spatial thoughts, using the accord Law. If understood, what even the flower, even a physical body is under construction this Law. The beauty of all bodies of Spirits Planetary is based on the accord of elements, the making, with essence of Planetary Spirit. The Law is difficult, but is always fair and commensurate.

495. It is possible an image of allocated with desirable qualities of spirit, to send Us for the statement. It at Us will stay, supported by us, but connected by a thread live with the creator. It is possible to create the sculptural image of being expression of future achievements, connected by strong bonds itself that beget represents him now it, for transformation of that is, that will be. The way of achievements is long. Evolution of spirit has no end. But certain steps of these achievements and those forms in which they pour out, it is possible to imagine absolutely accurately and clearly and, having presented and having carefully issued, to send Us for the Statement. Tell with what you would like to be and see yourselves in the future, enclose desire of heart in a drawn image, with aspiration sate it and to us send. Let the brightest imagination, but based on knowledge of evolution, its Laws and ways of development of spirit, will be the assistant to you in the course of a sculpture of your spirit that you knew accurately to what you go and then you direct to become in any future, far or close — whether everything is equal, if the ideal this form is rather high. In the future close it is easier to reach because in a short space of time far not to leave. But in the future distant the step of Planetary Spirit is possible even. The mighty power of leading shape of it should be realized because on it and the terrestrial direction of expression of the person will be under construction. As though out of time it is possible to put it that through all embodiments keep fiery aspiration to realization of this Image in itself. The pupil knowing the way, clearly imagines, than it has to become over time. It is possible not to be sorry neither forces, nor imagination and available knowledge on creation of leading shape of spirit which the spirit will lead to tops inaccessible nowadays. In principle, this ideal is put Into words Lords "You are gods", but concrete, his individual form depends on the directed spirit, fiery wanting to embody in the essence of its property. Many, the majority, don't know that want, uncertainty of aspiration generates also uncertainty of achievements. But knowing precisely and accurately and to Us directed the desire, will receive according to the accord and compliance. Having created an ideal image of, and it having approved through Us, and having left in the Stronghold, it is possible to aspire to that with it to merge. It is possible to enter as though at times into it and to express its essence itself. The doctrine of Life gives this prototype of future person that people knew the direction of evolution and where it to go. But the leading force issued by individual aspiration, the person on the understanding, at will to the and in the accord with the Identity have to enclose in it. Each Planetary Spirit, each Lord has the special, pronounced Identity and the Beams. In the course of crystallization of spiritual shape of future person the personal beginning is destroyed, but Identity remains in all completeness of an originality and originality of accumulation. Therefore builds the Identity of people to itself — Immortal Essence, being embodied in mortal covers to reach itself made in them expression. Temporary is and personal in construction it is rejected; individual and enduring remains. The spirit advantage, the power over a matter and covers, mastering by fiery force, quality of tranquility and balance and Dhiani's all other properties are approved in himself by the person in the ideal image of created by will of it in our Stronghold. We will approve it for it because it itself desired free will to become that that he wants. To force become better we Cannot, but support and the help we Will give, if displayed aspiration.

496. Well strong to think that it is necessary to take in a way distant. To become god, that is Planetary Spirit, the way needs distant to be passed, but it is already possible to know now that it is necessary to take and that is absolutely not necessary. Whether the fear, irritations, offenses is necessary, whether fussiness is necessary, and laziness, obsequiousness, flattery, lack of will, garrulity and all that yet gets rid and that will be unnecessary in a long journey. In total that doesn't correspond to a leading ideal, is cut by a firm hand. When the ideal is cast in an accurate form, everything, not conformable with it, is cleaned on need. It is fascinating to create this image leading in the accord with the Identity; it is better to take all from everywhere as the builder takes the best material, but to create and create force of fires individual; the boat, but not stranger, the will, but not others, the expression of Immortal Identity, but not expression others. Brightness of identity we Appreciate in the pupil, but not stratifications others, not having roots in the spirit of. That is why from consciousness all seeming achievements of spirit if they not the, but are borrowed from someone so easily disappear. Many are lit by foreign enthusiasm, and it seems to them that go that something reached, but it is worth leaving one, at least for a while, flowers fall down, and the picture of a peacock without feathers is sad. Specify swimming only in own shuttle.

497. Napoleon Stone had, but stumbled on self-glorification and glory terrestrial and the Decree Our broke. The example is instructive very much. How many them, Business of the Lord betrayed because of temptations terrestrial and wellbeing terrestrial. Relatives should be told, let my Business over all affairs terrestrial and over everything strong will put, and then the success is provided. But the person is weak, both he is ready to execute and executes the Decree while walks upstairs success. But it is worth feeling only strongly as all is suddenly forgotten: both Decree, and Lord. The end is sad always if there is it. The broken through, and need to start everything over again at first. The stupor of wellbeing and stupor of success are dangerous that the most important on what the pupil proved them is forgotten. Except for tests, we Avoid to Give wellbeing to pupils, but of successes we Do not want to deprive... and many tests by success don't pass. Life on Earth comes to an end, and with it success monasteries if didn't manage to wither earlier wither also, and there is an unlucky traveler with anything. Warn friends that no successes in life tore off and didn't distance from Us, and would pull together only more strongly. We will Send success, but at all in order that it separated from Us relatives.

498. (M.A.Y.). To relatives tell readiness I want to see in them to service to the Lord. It is wrong to think that if now readiness isn't present, are show it after when time will come. It is incorrect. If now it isn't present, won't be and after when waves of new impressions will overflow consciousness. This moment serves as an exponent of readiness of spirit when the Holiday didn't come yet. On this moment and a condition of the spirit yourself also you judge, but, but it is impartial that the nobility, on what you can count in the future. Formula — "after a miracle I will believe" — it is destructive, but the thought that not now, and then, after, as all heart I will serve Business of the Lord isn't less destructive also, and now I will wait because I consider something another as more important.

499. (Guru). You listen, you write down: "Events approach, approach, approach". The wave you will reach them soon. And you aren't ready neither in a body, nor in the spirit of. And when time will come to work, time should be wasted on preparation. And time won't wait for you. Really you want to remain behind time. The fate of the lagged behind is unenviable.

500. (June 27). Signs are given about proximity of changes because are close. Situation is difficult, when the stream can rush in other party. It is necessary to send to the future course. The pattern is difficult. Specify to keep consciousness in a condition of acceptability to the events that to meet expectedly. Shock of surprise is destructive. Want the person of a message good, but when received waited, for pleasure not sustain heart. It is necessary in consciousness in advance transfer effect, having passed through it mentally, in imagination, it is simple to imagine as in tranquility full, joyfully, but in balance, the message is accepted, without breaking thin structure of the receiver, all device of spirit. Value of an acceptability of surprise isn't understood. But even a horse after races long bring, even the runner any time runs after the finish. The course of energy of a human microcosm can't be stopped suddenly, destruction will turn out. It is necessary to assimilate in advance consciousness with the energiya which have changed unexpectedly a stream of life, and to enter into it mentally. The dam and explosion is otherwise inevitable. And if the ignorant rush to each other, to embrace and kiss with happiness what to tell about what heart waited tensely. The principle of balance doesn't allow such amplitude of fluctuations of consciousnesses. Balance — force to lose it — means at the right time to remain powerless and not to show actions. Strength of mind will naturally direct in an astral, that in it is show uncontrollability of emotions while it will be necessary to show all force for actions of the next. Therefore in advance in consciousness everything to endure Specify that then already not to spend time for unnecessary experiences. The fiery pleasure of spirit of balance doesn't deprive, because it not in the lowest are show covers. So, in readiness for surprises arrive that to preserve strength of mind.

501. (M.A.Y.). You will go together with all and directly there. The plan of your life Is drawn up also extent of works. It is necessary not to stir it non-execution ardent Decrees. Signs of Proximity will be given which will disseminate the remains of uncertainty in Proximity of the Management, and we will become closer. It is a lot of works ahead, but it isn't enough workers, but knowing few, and it is even less able to cooperate consciously. From here and the value of those who was close to the Doctrine. In the Hand of the Lord of you all is. To Will Lords indulge!

502. (Guru). Time when you can come sang to reap from all our works. Yes! Yes! Our works in coming term will give the powerful consequences. Therefore in essence of affairs our, real and last, all should enter heart to give to people more. Our property you will distribute also Lords. And you too ours, so and we will distribute, but not the others. And to who will distribute because will come much. Also it is necessary that heart sufficed on all, fire of heart will suffice, if with the Lord, and if It in heart. So I repeat: "Prepare".

503. (June 28). My son if relatives belittle that to wait from strangers. And to it is necessary to be ready and to manage to sustain pumps of quenchers. The purpose their one is consciously or unconsciously to extinguish heart fire. Protection is concentration of spirit and balance armor. At internal concentration and balance the arrow will slip on a surface of egg of aura and will return back to the sent. There are no indifferent actions and burdening from people around to our pupils. Everyone reveals itself the enemy or the friend, the antagonist or the ally. Also it is necessary to know precisely, who against and who for that defenseless not to appear and not to get under blow. And measures of protection should be accepted right at the beginning when somehow and in something, at least in a rudimentary measure, hostility was shown. Late to be protected when the blow is received. Restraint and coldness can sometimes be good protection. For garrulity and jokes of the clown it is necessary to pay usually. To understand the phenomenon, it is necessary to track the reasons of its emergence. The fact is available — the blow mentally the very sensitive was struck. How there could be it? Whether the solemnity was observed? No. Whether restraint was shown? No. Spirit advantage is in words, gestures and thoughts? No! Whether the visor was open? Openly! In a word, under blow I put it, having taken passersby for well-wishers though almost each of them revealed the antagonism. Hostile it isn't necessary to be deceived by the little of signs as from the small grows big; the small prick is followed by big blow. Let it will be a lesson on the future, a lesson as it is necessary to keep with people. To what an armor is, if it isn't clasped, and to what a board, if it isn't lifted, and the Beam, if it isn't realized constantly. Got under blow of the enemy to rashness doesn't bear honor? But there were attempts of to hold from everything that substitutes aura under blow. But they weren't stood up to the end. The received lesson should be taken into consideration and severely and immediately to stop all actions for its part which led to that it was given.

504. (M.A.Y.). Having received blow, it is necessary not to worry, and to analyze the reasons which have caused it. Mistakes consider and accept measures of protection.

505. (Guru). The soldier exercises the wit in fight and fight, but without lying on an oven. Let's be glad opportunities the abilities refine on enemies and friends.

506. (June 29). In case of not success in something it is necessary to find out, whether mistakes and which, and to eliminate them are made. You have after that the right to look for the reason out of itself. A lot of things, and are frequent also dark activity, is caused by our own mistakes. The leaf of iron can be cut, bent, curtailed into a tube, to make a bucket and other things. Try to bend a sphere from iron or to make of it all that it is possible to make of a leaf. But a sphere is a balance symbol. People are powerless to make you such as they want that if you in balance. Each unnecessary word, each address to the people, each joke you endanger itself as soon as the case because sphericity of aura is broken by all this, and with it and invulnerability will be presented to it. How many unnecessary, excessive and additional actions it is necessary to make to neutralize mistakenly told rash word at which not friendly consciousness grasped? Simply restraint and silence would relieve of need to be exposed to attacks. It is wrong to think that good words and a kind arrangement don't cause counteraction of antagonists. In them your presence causes a protest. Business is much more difficult but not to give for what to grasp, better to be silent. It is also useful as the measure preventive from their party emotionally not to react to the address, neither to words, nor to remarks, to jokes; to answer, in emergency, it is possible, but without commissioning of the astral conductor. People are afraid of the unclear. Lack of identification of this cover so unusually that inspires in people concern, alarm both any inexplicable fear and respect because feel force which has bridled these cover. To operate emotions and an astral of other people, not them it is necessary to touch and influence them, and only it, polarizing the microcosm on the necessary wave. Interaction of auras creates human relations. And if to learn to adjust the aura in a due key, and reaction of foreign auras will take place according to the set tone. Not belief words, not belief, not acts, not justifications, but polarization of own aura in a due key. Dissoluteness of an astral and inability and unwillingness to operate itself do people by a toy of this violent cover. But when it faces the will which has bridled this cover in, it is compelled to reconcile and be inclined before will, an astral of the bridled. The school of life gives rich opportunities to exercise the will in this direction. Both opportunities are given, and the phenomena occur only to learn what other way not to learn. Therefore, all work is reduced to work on, but not over people. Their astral, unrestrained and irrepressible covers will be, as exhibition puppets: what thread pulled that and will answer, in it all weakness of an astral both in us, and in others and the one, who in itself subordinated him to will, that and will receive him and in others. It is so possible to play on astral currents of foreign auras if the already will are obedient. So we are once again convinced that itself won can win against others, without affecting freedom their will, but only operating itself and currents of own aura.

507. When the tonality of a magnet of spirit submits to will, it is possible to play on space currents. Certainly, in the basis of it the microcosm accord that is an attuning of a harp of spirit on a certain harmony, the psych technician of spirit will lie. The eremites who have realized that before changing the world and people, it is necessary to reconstruct itself well understood it and to seize the device of spirit.

508. Who is guilty? The doctor and those, who trusted in him, knowing, that he not firm in the Life Doctrine. The trust bulk not always shows fidelity. It for years proved itself (himself) the attendant vague. Incompleteness in people is awful, in concerned the Doctrine — conducts to treachery. Guru, Мother serious instructions to it didn't give and serious things didn't trust. Why you entrusted? Responsibility is on the one, who entrusted and whose hands transferred the intimate to his incorrect hands. It isn't enough that someone was mistaken, but you who have given personally, a mistake on you and responsibility too. Why didn't give neither Mother, nor sons? Why all of you gave? Why you didn't want to give? So again we come to a feeling-knowledge and refinement of heart. Obey more often it.

509. (M.A.Y.). Acts of the doctor in the future won't have any more that value, as earlier. First, treachery of friends will stop thanks to you, as well as attacks, and criticism, and secondly, events will nullify value of that it does or that is going to do. In the real conditions, of course, it even would be tragic. It will come to naught also, and its business. Therefore very much be not afflicted, but it is necessary to do everything possible to prevent new willfulness.

510. (Guru.). Involvement in the unprofitable transaction by deception and violation of conditions of elementary honesty is called as fraud. And regard an act. All possible measures should be taken to stop new harm. It asks who is more dangerous: enemies or so called friends; treacheries take care in all forms and remember, that betray only friends! Really he wants that among friends behind it the reputation of the swindler was established. Yes, yes, and ask, to mince not time is severe days. Obviously, he believes itself irresponsible, forgetting that from responsibility not to leave, and besides from double if it was warned that it isn't necessary to do.

511. (June 30). Abundance of signs, messages and signs consider as the instruction that the holiday on Our Street already comes. By a holiday festive clothes of spirit who will come in an attire usual and every day are necessary, remain with an entrance and the first places won't take; let's remind that the best will be: solemnity, devotion, love, tendency, balance and peace of mind, and all other qualities ennobling it. These clothes can be put on already because the holiday began. People forgot that light attires of priests — only a symbol, and, caring of them, forgot about an attire of spirit and its radiations. Internal it was darkened by the external. Sects forgot even about symbols. We will remind that the person and his all covers have to be conformable to the moment because without this accord there will be no understanding to the events and awareness of the importance of coming terms. And the ray of light gathers in lens focus, and all strength of mind concentrate on the most necessary. And I now need from you the Unification full with Us and with those who are fated to the future. Clean borders between those who a body, and those who dumped it if they ours. My troops unite out of these restrictions. The success and prosperity in all that concerns our Affairs is destiny of those who follows Us. In a root their situation in the relation to the phenomena external will change. Everything was against, everything will be for. And behind it pro — all power of Hierarchy of Light. And all force it will collapse opposite to the going. Because it is solved their destiny, also won't have they honor in anything, in this century, in the future. Last division and court terrible. It is terrible that everyone will condemn itself the judge, the performer of a sentence, and itself condemned, but also on the contrary, to Light be fated in Light will arrive. And division and court will be made in the spirit of. Court on affairs. Gate in the future irrespective of is open for builders of the New World, they realize it or not. It is a lot of them who don’t know, worked for my Business. Benefit to them, work My by the accepted. Going against, at least and knowing something, honor won't be in anything while honor still is, but not be.

512. When Spoke: "Don't throw a shrine to dogs", I Meant the same condition and I Warned how to avoid those cases when the person himself endangers himself. Equipment of this phenomenon is as follows: from aura bearing light threads to people surrounding it are stretched, both dark spirits and their concelebrant, consciously or unconsciously, in themselves as though accept these threads and these vibrations of light and that establish connection. And when it took place, start striking blows to these threads. As blows are struck to that was directed to them from light carrier. If the magnet closed was and the energiya on them didn't direct, retaliations couldn't follow. The principle of the close casket, it is symbolical. Forces find in itself restraint to show by all means. The lesson received recently and the struck blows taught much — in it experience value. That is absolutely necessary is spoken and becomes only: any excess word, gesture, and smile. The visor is lowered, and an armor will clasp, and the board, and a sword on call is lifted to sparkle — so stand with anybody, nor for one instant, under no circumstances guarded vigilance and concentration of spirit shouldn't quit the soldier World. Better, better at all failures or blows to see the mistakes, than to look for them in others or to attribute the dark. Dark is and harm, but through our mistakes — so mostly happens.

513. (M.A.Y.). We are occupied very much. We help the son. It is a lot of cares. All difficulty is in that, what dark affairs are managed by human hands. Conformable it is difficult to find hands for performance of our tasks; many energiya leave. Wait for big changes.

514. (Guru). If who doesn't go with us, we will do without them. Better that all weak and not perfected fell off. They only standing and forces take freight. About them be not sorry. To us go further.

515. (July 1). Currents are obviously antagonistic and heavy, leaving currents. From where they come? From space. Go waves! The rhythm of waves of spatial currents goes or accruing, or decreasing, it alternates with currents positive which rhythm amplifies and increases, and between them fight. Difference that one leaves forever, others accrues to replace with them leaving currents. The era of Fire is connected closely with the astrological provision of a planet. Star signs will change — space currents will change, life on Earth will change.

516. (M.A.Y.). I approved myself in Proximity of the Lord, in inalterability of a final victory, in that, as "it will pass". So I arrived when it was heavy from space currents. So arrive also you, the Lord is close.

517. (Guru). Matter isn't that to heavy spirit, and in that, despite force currents, to save a face before the Eye Eagle and a face to show worthy and beseeming the soldier of the Lord.

518. (July 2). Everything that now occurs < ... >; only steps to implementation and an embodiment in dense forms precepted Me the future. This implementation goes under the sign of inalterability. And it began only. Performers even don't suspect of the majority, than the temple will crown. But you know and at first you can judge the further. Behind everything there are We. Therefore impossible becomes possible. As your destiny and everything, who is fated to Us. But the hand human manages affairs. In this case is yours. We will help as we Help Light carriers. But also you show the actions conducting in the am fated future.

519. On fury of darkness you judge proximity of the foreordained. The purpose of the dark is everything that it is possible to separate from Light and to enlist to itself. Now especially important, what way gets out spirit and on what party it inclines. Strong will become stronger and will be approved even more, but weak everything will disappear.

520. (M.A.Y.). Everything we know because all and created, in everything took part. You will call soon. You will be very necessary. And to replace there is nobody. Replacement you will prepare. How is many works ahead on a field of darling? Better than the best there will be all for those, who will resist.

521. (Guru.). Our Country and we in it will manage that is specified by the Plan of the Lord, and not as foreign newcomers but as the. Everything that in it was came true only for the sake of this ultimate goal. "My Country" — so I Told! And you ours so everything will be for you and for us.

522. (M.M.). The calling answer receives Me instantly. The Identity, the prompt reply and that it more space is higher. Service to me exempts from service to. Only not having anything Mine everything has the. Proximity condition Mine for the inhabitant heavy, hardly and for the pupil, if in it the personal beginning yet not gets rid. Personal there is no place in My Spheres; are available only to the Highest Triad. In a body mental are available, released from three lowest covers. Specify to accept to execution the Precept about superpersonal contact in the spirit of with Me.

523. Growth put — our tactics. And values and depths they not in force anybody to capture, except Us. Relatives feel and know, but even they know not everything. Our affairs as an iceberg are shipped in the World Thin. The basis in it comes to a surface only small share. But if I left, not to move away her because not to shift the basis. Therefore see behind the foreign shown affairs all durability and power of the basis; We Build strong. That from this that isn't enough Will Mine direct and conscious performers, unconsciously there are a lot of adjoined. See as the ship course as if an iron hand the wheel keeps is firm. How many counteractions, and the ship everything goes and there is all to the same specified purpose. And, I Warrant will reach! Am fated Us best country fate the best, also isn't present in the world of forces that am fated not to allow to be carried out. You be going to meet it in the accord full.

524. (M.A.Y.). The essence of that was promised to you the Lord and Me, will be are show for you in your life. Everything will be as the Lord Told, but in forms, excellent from expected by you because the Plan is mobile. And I will be with you and about you. Those forms which your life will join are already cast from a matter of the Thin World. Therefore concerns leave.

525. (Guru). We are occupied very much with the next affairs, they don't wait. Expansion of the Great Plan demands tension of all our forces. Seeded by us time came to give rich shoots. Violently suddenly they will begin to grow in the conditions of astrological, new. Spirit would capture if only could glance in the future which has become to relatives. Joyfully wait for that goes.

526. (July 4). Even a brilliant place in a beautiful frame, especially the spirit has to think of the covers which serve it as a frame. Covers can absolutely distort external expression of spirit, can make it very ugly, shine and light it can to darken absolutely. Light of spirit is reflected through covers; differently the spirit can't show itself. They give the best reflection when the substance of covers is in a quiet condition. Tension which has been correctly understood, them doesn't break tranquility. Qualities of spirit serve a brilliant as sides light to reflect and let out beams self-proceeding. — In terrestrial embodiments these qualities to increase the spirit purpose, them having approved, both to deepen, and to expand. Quality basis is all Boundlessness. Light of spirit comes to light through them. Covers are spokesmen of qualities. Covers can darken this light. So the statement of qualities of spirit is the purpose of terrestrial embodiments.

527. The device of spirit feels a spatial note of the current hour because always sounds on it irrespective of, realizes it the person or not. But even the small attention immediately will specify what these notes. The spirit feels lifting or depression, aspiration or as though attenuation of fires, proximity of the future or intense sounding of the present. The condition of spirit is defined by so spatial note. But everything is shown in a known framework that is on a scale. On the top register of any scale the spirit if the will wants that can be shown. As well the note of space of the current hour won't be a barrier to that appeared the best qualities of spirit.

528. (M.A.Y.). You I watch and with you I is frequent. But something terrible is created in space, and proximity I wash so difficult now to feel. Carriers of movable energiya feel the hopelessness and are ready on everything if only to hold that space is condemned to leave a planet. Cling to each opportunity to continue gets rid living conditions. Are displaced, the Basis is cleaned from under old forms of life. They are doomed to leaving from the life arena; are supported artificially by apologists of the old world. And they aggravate with it chaos of destroyed living conditions. Chaos uses darkness and itself display, and to heavy sounding heart.

529. (Guru,). You hold strong a silver thread of communication. Whatever occurred — keep! Whatever occurred outside or in covers, a communication thread above all? Understand that without it all surrounding values has no and it isn't necessary. Without the Lord there is no life for this purpose that already concerned light of Light Ego Aura. All is in It, all only in It, all for the sake of It, which has become for us the Alpha and Omega. So as full-devotion of heart we will serve the Lord these difficult days.

530. (July 5). Before the destruction the darkness has to reveal all the potential — Adversa tactics in all-planet scale. If everything doesn't reveal herself how suppress it all? Itself it is destroyed at collision with Light. But if has the in with whom enters fight, the victory over it is difficult. Therefore we Insist on a gets rid of dark bents. When there comes darkness, it tries to be hooked for the yet gets rid in consciousness; in it its force. If has no, is powerless to do harm. But during revelry of darkness it is difficult to consciousness cleared of its elements because it seeks to surround it with a dense wall to keep even and to close an exit. This hopelessness is the surest sign of presence of active darkness. In a consolation I Will tell: its days, and the periods of its revelry are considered, amplifying on tension, become shorter and are replaced by the energiya, going leaving with change. Courageously it is necessary to wait hour of a force unreasonable; but it already before the end. And this end is close.

531. When it is spoken about undergone up to the end, means that the darkness pressure always temporaly and has to end sooner or later. Not knowing it can fall and, having lost hope, to go out. But knowing will tell: Let's "worry", a darkness wave always follows, has to follow under the law, light wave which goes, accruing. The rhythm accruing new living conditions approaching will win against an old rhythm, that is will replace it with itself. Knowing it, it is possible to wait for the end of everything that is subject to shift that is replacement. It is necessary to suffer still.

532. (M.A.Y.). About burden of time are warned, about its value — too. Means, it is necessary to wait adequately these difficult days. It is unworthy to catch fury of others astral; it is unworthy to sound in unison with mood of people around, unworthy to give in to darkness. We prepare bright future for you and you to us help, keeping consciousness on the roll. Now is very darkly.

533. (Guru). On fight, on fight, on fight! But this is last effort dark, the last revelry before a final victory of light. Others they, dark, can't become. At a tension of new energiya is showing itself in intense acts of darkness. But for that the victory over them doomed to destruction is nicer.

534. (M.A.Y.). There are moments which can be worried adequately only aspiration in the future. It will come to all and to you too, but in the accord with your expectations. It won't be interesting to extinct heart. But shining becomes for understood all its depth. So the thought of the future both is useful, and is creative, and fruitful. The future will develop for each understanding on degree and awareness of its importance. For the blind — it is dark, for the deaf — silently, for stupid — anything, but for living to them and directed in it — shining boundless opportunities. Far not this future is identical to all. You think that will equally reap everything: both wise, and the ignoramus, both directed, and sitting in a corner, but it is incorrect. The smith everyone, both the builder, and everyone will enter into that future which for myself I created. Even the Life Doctrine for one is a fount of wisdom, and for others — a set difficult, boring and unclear, and the main thing, absolutely uninteresting words. So three passed one way, looked on same, but saw a miscellaneous absolutely. For one Shambhala of the Lord is one, for others — another, and for many is anything. So, if great it is destroyed for consciousness of blind men what to tell about greatness of the future and its value for the world? Visibility and understanding is on consciousness. For someone and an exhibition such, as everything, and for someone is the beginning of an embodiment of the am fated future in life; all on consciousness. And who didn't work to expand it, how it will be able to contain understanding of what in it won't hold? And you live future, approving it in the present. The hope and belief — is powerful engines in the future, and the main thing, trust to the Hand of the Leader. Everything will be, all is fated, and everything will come if the patience is longer than those trifles which occupy a consciousness field for today. Trifles too will leave life, but the future remains with you, the future, which understanding are built by you nowadays in the consciousness.

535. (Guru) - we will agree on the main thing — interaction and mutual understanding collaborative. The Lord one, future one, also is uniform in him a way. This way conducts to a gate in the future. Having entered into them, we enter into the Kingdom of inalterability and what should be. We lived and we live for the sake of the future. We always in it are directed in it. Its borders were wide for us. Now they became even wider because a lot of things came nearer from this that was dream. Among misunderstanding of the present we see shining pearls of future display of a going Era of Fire. On them we begin to see clearly days to come. Joyfully these begin to see clearly in the future, because in them light. "Will be, everything will be, am fated to be" — the Lord so Told. So we repeat that forces were found by you to stick to it in trust full to That, Who Called you with It.

536. (Guru). If each picture is a magnet where Fiery Energy of her founder concentrated, it is possible to imagine psych equipment of process of influence of everyone on consciousness of those who looks at it. You know how invisible beams of radioactive elements on with what they make contact are inevitably imprinted, you know how they act fabric, creative beams of the psych spiritual magnets put in each picture how are stronger? After all it is powerful terrify, loaded with energy of light on all the time of the existence. Everything that occurred in the Leading Country occurred only to prepare consciousness of people for perception of the thin phenomena. It is a lot of ready hearts, and they greedy absorb emanations of these magnets and subjects begin unknown and extra mental them process of a transmutation of the internal essence. Already even if paints, what their internal luminosity are externally shone! Each picture connects the viewer to her creator and with Standing to it. Hidden threads connection with each woken-up heart is so established. To you not consider process consequences. But we see and we know. Big affairs are created.

537. (July 7). With Me a victory in everything how situation difficult seemed. If someone disappears, being unsteady and receding in darkness, it not your defeat, because Judas, having betrayed, from the winner of the World I didn't make Me the won. The darkness, belonging to it has to prevail. Always it is necessary to consider that from called far reach not all. Otherwise not one in century, but a set would be reached by Strongholds. It was told that invited there is a lot of. Certainly, it is necessary to put a lot of effort to keep, but the freedom of choice nevertheless remains for called. Therefore it isn't necessary and to convince. But if, having understood the delusions, again will come, it is necessary to meet them heart and again to accept if during swaying it wasn't allowed treacheries. It isn't forgotten only, and isn't present places to the traitor among the elite Me. It isn't necessary as well to be afflicted too, because it is impossible to demand from not ready consciousness of that it not in forces to contain. In case of office of thinking and obvious antagonism my Beam can be sent protection, but without personal contact. Sometimes it is well to be alone for the come-off consciousness that it understood that loses. Your care is with Me to be closer because together when, all darkness you from Me is powerless to tear off. To them which have departed not to have hostile feelings, and even for enemies, that the blow if deserve will be more true and quieter. It is better to feel sorry even for the dark. It is better to feel sorry for them, than to be afraid. Could break all of them, but let everyone will come to light up to the end to show who that costs. You study as them, Me striking blows. The knowledge of the person is long.

538. (M.A.Y.). The Ladder of Light is constructed hierarchically. Everyone takes a place inherent in it. It is impossible to jump, having rejected the next link. The pupil is no more than Teacher, and called — called. Many outgrow and overtake the heads and instructors, but these "instructors" and "heads" not ours. And the ant can bring a message, but the leader doesn't become. Therefore arrogance in relation to those who is called and approved by us, arrogance from subordinate, good won't yield fruits.
539. (M.A.Y.). You were Approved by the Lord and the son Called. Nobody's condemnations and derogations won't be able to change it. And their rage, from friends become enemies, serves only as the proof of that the phenomenon of a son ship is intolerable for black out heart. Rejoice opportunities thanks to light which in you, to distinguish true friends from enemies. Many again will return, but having appeared on steps already below, than were. Gift withdrawal doesn't pass. It and is clear, after all you won't wait, as also we, and the Lord. So lagging behind I condemned myself. This distance which has increased thanks to withdrawal and return, will be visible obviously at new approach lagged behind, wasting valuable time.

540. (Guru). Casket closed and the mountain not plundered let a symbol will be yours. Having absorbed everything energy inside and out of any not displaying you will become, as a sphere, impregnable for external attacks from outside. Balance deduction in this case also will consist in that any energy, except for absolutely necessary under the created conditions, didn't come out, out of limits of a protecting network. If the aura of the soldier is squeezed out for a board, the blow of the enemy is inevitable, as well on energy directed out of limits of a protecting network to the enemy if it isn't caused by need. It also will put on guards and consciousness and that will increase a security. Be able to be silent internally, when enemies, that in their hands not to give the chance for drawing blow surround.

541. (July 8). My son, too much time is wasted on concentration. Means, it is a little put hearts in desire to contact the Lord. The desire goes from a brain, and therefore it the poorly operating. Why it is easy to concentrate on things interesting and it is difficult on the most necessary? Easy to honor words, but heart it is more difficult. But heart there, where is Treasure. Where your Treasure and where heart? If are divided, advance isn't present. It is a lot of directing somewhere, but not with Me and not to Me. Then will come and will tell: "With You we, Lords, also were always! » But I Will tell them: "I don't know you, because your heart not with you. Houses you is, in itself divided. One hand you create that you destroy another. A half of thoughts of Me, another skips where wants. Also there is no completeness of unification.

542. The ocean of the Doctrine is open but if the accord isn't present, isn't present and to it access. Receiving is according to the accord.

543. (M.A.Y.). Let's consider that conditions for contact are adverse, and fire to overcome them isn't present. Differently happens.

544. (Guru). The most unreliable — is friendship human, and especially, occult — occult it is difficult to trust friends. The usual friendship is stronger and if it took place, it is possible to consider and occult as stronger.

545. (July 9). Than to explain, what at times sounding of environment and the present hour muffle a contact of the Beam and alienate the Lord? It is easy to understand if to remember that was told about prestanding constant and about all the time to hold the Image of the Lord in the heart. When these conditions are violated, surrounding starts sounding on the wave, breaking and interrupting spirit life. After all I Said that everything is allowed, but with Me. Unlucky pupil who has joyfully agreed on it forgets about it and, having allowed something, about Me forgets, being surprised why the particle chosen of grows thin. Such is the person that attracts him something like mad back, to that, apparently, is already passed and left. Both then again and again it is necessary to point to bases of an uninterrupted Unification with the Hierarch the Leader. Abraham "went before the Lord", the pupil - before the Lord. Also does it constantly, image that constantly is in the Beam and that the Eye Eagle over it. It is a lot of vanity and a lot of distracting around and if to forget about the Teacher of Light, will be approved and they will triumph. It needs to be called. It is possible strong to wish its Presence, it is possible to ask and knock, but having enclosed in the address all the heart. The purpose of the dark — to distract, and many efforts they make to reach this goal. To them all the same that distracts if only to distract. To me it is indifferent why concerning devotion my Instructions aren't executed. In this case is about a memory uninterrupted. If the Communication moments when prestanding is approved in practice, its results are show it is obvious in the form of given records, but so fruitful and prestanding uninterrupted. It is necessary to remember only that everything is temporary, and that all this passes, but I Stay for ever and ever, as well as your spirit, which out of time and out of casual combinations of external conditions. Strong is now felt My Proximity, and record of My Thoughts flows freely. But whether so happen always? And if not so, it is possible to ask itself, what the hammers vibrations of the Beam and why? When you enter a stream of life and you are surrounded with impression of day, put my Face between yourself and them. It you will weaken sounding of vanity and you won't allow coming off Me neither to consciousness, nor heart. Therefore I Speak: "Be with Me in all your affairs". That you will be able to ennoble and I put. Otherwise feet will go in one direction, and heart in other, and the house, in itself divided will turn out. Rages of vanity you will bridle my Face, in heart the entered.

546. Also during the periods pralaya consciousnesses it isn't necessary to think that everything is over that the Lord left that lifting won't be. Dark very much try to inspire these thoughts. The Lord and with you always is unchangeable. Пралайя consciousnesses — the phenomenon lawful, it is caused by alternation of rhythms. But when the person as rejection considers it, legality of the phenomenon is broken and misunderstanding replaces knowledge. Pralaya consciousnesses it isn't necessary to be afflicted with these inevitable periods, on the contrary, they can rejoice — to a threshold preceding new achievements and new lifting. Why there is no belief to the Word of the Teacher when I Told, what never will Leave? So, whatever occurred inside or outside, always it is necessary to remember that I with you always, and not to allow anything to become between Me and you, as though furiously vanity of day and how there was obviously Maya Pralaya sounded. Pralaya of consciousness is lawful, but feeling that the Lord — Maya left. You remember Me, meeting waves of the everyday sea, and try not to plunge into them and to be on the roll.

547. (M.A. Y.) . If the Teacher for some time provides to own forces, whether that is possible during these periods to forget about It? After all it will mean that test isn't passed and that own feet are still unreliable. How spatial currents, the Teacher with us always were heavy, we feel it or not. How many it is necessary still tests, that believed, that it is valid so, and not to consider that the Teacher Left. The Maya it is convincing very much; can deceive though whom. Bases are unshakable and aren't denied. One of them — the integral Proximity of the Teacher of Light if the Guarantee was given that doesn't leave. All depth and value of a formula "I Is with You in All Days, Till the End of Time" is really yet clear. Ponder more deeply; try on to the understanding for today, move the fact into the future and you will scent something that can't be expressed in words. But this formula of life was rejected by people and there were one, was separated from Light which shone to them once and nowadays shines, but is brighter, more powerful and closer.

548. (M.A.Y.). Still I will tell, the son My darling — care about tomorrow leave. Your way is defined by Will Lord. You only should understand when there will come the action moment that your will and desire of heart merged in the accord full with command of the Lord and the Decree Its. Wait in consciousness of proximity of terms and confidence that your way is fated. It developed Will Leader combination to your will. Merge will have defined its direction. In belief be quiet. Light-ahead!

549. (Guru). Our way is noted by a deep-seated faith in the Teacher and full confidence to It. On this sign also you judge a step of proximity to the Lord. The consciousness there is less, the farther it from the Teacher, the more than doubts, fluctuations and mistrust. The size of heart is measured by quality of firmness. Let all be unsteady and everything, you, as the Tower granite over a stream foaming to life. As happiness consider that learned the Lord and you have signs of his attention, love and care. As happiness consider and strong you hold it because happiness — a winged bird, don't keep — will depart.

550. (July 10). (M.M.). Certainly, care of all mankind, its future and purpose final. The present is as a step to it. All are included in the Plan. The doctrine for all and opportunities is for all. Before Space Earth as the grain of sand, will disappear from the space horizon as billion Worlds disappeared, but spirit-monad with all accumulation of the past remain real eternally. These accumulations grow on lines various evolutions. And the world of consciously real beings extends infinitely, rising on steps of a ladder of life. Let's not deny anything, because understanding by the person of the opportunities laus him to themselves a way to Boundlessness. It isn't denied real and everything that in it, we don't deny the Ladder of Evolution of the shown forms, we don't deny Boundlessness where all is directed.

551. How to reconcile great with small and final with the boundless? Understanding of that in time everything is achievable and that the real step of development reached by people as differs from the future as a step of mute races from races modern. But future development too is boundless therefore a divergence it between the present and will grow and go deep future because, in essence, immeasurably. Potential of human spirit is immeasurable because it is boundless.

552. (M.A.Y.). It is good to feel and realize already greatness and scope of those spirits which stand on the Ladder of Hierarchy and communication with which includes spirit of the person. The Guru, Lords, the Mother World — the width of their Spheres is various, and the Highest embraces itself and includes that on the Ladder below, and moreover is a lot of still. Light the Highest is immeasurable, and not to fill with the consciousness even the width of the direct link which is standing over because it is necessary to expand to it and the consciousness, to degree of its understanding that, of course, it is impossible. The highest is understood only partially, differently it ceases to be that. Arrogance in relation to a leading link is ridiculous. Honoring of the Guru is a way of expansion of consciousness because, seeking to grow to it, the pupil of subjects of ennobles.

553. (Guru). At the called you can learn in terrestrial way devotion, lightful, working capacity, vigilance, a fieryful and much to what the consciousness will gradually grow. Having realized qualities in directly higher, it is possible to start approving them in it, but it isn't necessary to stint their recognition because it is allocated by many.

549. (Guru). Our way is noted by a deep-seated faith in the Teacher and full confidence to It. On this sign also you judge a step of proximity to the Lord. The consciousness there is less, the farther it from the Teacher, the more than doubts, fluctuations and mistrust. The size of heart is measured by quality of firmness. Let all be unsteady and everything, you, as the Tower granite over a stream foaming to life. As happiness consider that learned the Lord and you have signs of his attention, love and care. As happiness consider and strong you hold it because happiness — a winged bird, don't keep — will depart.

550. (July 10). (M. M.). Certainly, care of all mankind, its future and purpose final. The present is as a step to it. All are included in the Plan. The doctrine for all and opportunities is for all. Before Space Earth as the grain of sand, will disappear from the space horizon as billion Worlds disappeared, but spirit-monad with all accumulation of the past remain real eternally. These accumulations grow on lines various evolutions. And the world of consciously real beings extends infinitely, rising on steps of a ladder of life. Let's not deny anything, because understanding by the person of the opportunities laus him to themselves a way to Boundlessness. It isn't denied real and everything that in it, we don't deny the Ladder of Evolution of the shown forms, we don't deny Boundlessness where all is directed.