Agni Yoga's facets, 1958 (551-700)

551. How to reconcile great with small and final with the boundless? Understanding of that in time everything is achievable and that the real step of development reached by people as differs from the future as a step of mute races from races modern. But future development too is boundless therefore a divergence it between the present and will grow and go deep future because, in essence, immeasurably. Potential of human spirit is immeasurable because it is boundless.

552. (M.A.Y.). It is good to feel and realize already greatness and scope of those spirits which stand on the Ladder of Hierarchy and communication with which includes spirit of the person. The Guru, Lords, the Mother World — the width of their Spheres is various, and the Highest embraces itself and includes that on the Ladder below, and moreover is a lot of still. Light the Highest is immeasurable, and not to fill with the consciousness even the width of the direct link which is standing over because it is necessary to expand to it and the consciousness, to degree of its understanding that, of course, it is impossible. The highest is understood only partially, differently it ceases to be that. Arrogance in relation to a leading link is ridiculous. Honoring of the Guru is a way of expansion of consciousness because, seeking to grow to it, the pupil of subjects of ennobles.

553. (Guru). At the called you can learn in terrestrial way devotion, lightful, working capacity, vigilance, a fieryful and much to what the consciousness will gradually grow. Having realized qualities in directly higher, it is possible to start approving them in it, but it isn't necessary to stint their recognition because it is allocated by many.

549. (Guru). Our way is noted by a deep-seated faith in the Teacher and full confidence to It. On this sign also you judge a step of proximity to the Lord. The consciousness there is less, the farther it from the Teacher, the more than doubts, fluctuations and mistrust. The size of heart is measured by quality of firmness. Let all be unsteady and everything, you, as the Tower granite over a stream foaming to life. As happiness consider that learned the Lord and you have signs of his attention, love and care. As happiness consider and strong you hold it because happiness — a winged bird, don't keep — will depart.

550. (July 10). (M. M.). Certainly, care of all mankind, its future and purpose final. The present is as a step to it. All are included in the Plan. The doctrine for all and opportunities is for all. Before Space Earth as the grain of sand, will disappear from the space horizon as billion Worlds disappeared, but spirit-monad with all accumulation of the past remain real eternally. These accumulations grow on lines various evolutions. And the world of consciously real beings extends infinitely, rising on steps of a ladder of life. Let's not deny anything, because understanding by the person of the opportunities laus him to themselves a way to Boundlessness. It isn't denied real and everything that in it, we don't deny the Ladder of Evolution of the shown forms, we don't deny Boundlessness where all is directed.

551. How to reconcile great with small and final with the boundless? Understanding of that in time everything is achievable and that the real step of development reached by people as differs from the future as a step of mute races from races modern. But future development too is boundless therefore a divergence it between the present and will grow and go deep future because, in essence, immeasurably. Potential of human spirit is immeasurable because it is boundless.

552. (M.A.Y.). It is good to feel and realize already greatness and scope of those spirits which stand on the Ladder of Hierarchy and communication with which includes spirit of the person. The guru, Lords, the Mater World — the width of their Spheres is various, and the Highest embraces itself and includes that on the Ladder below, and moreover is a lot of still. Light the Highest is immeasurable, and not to fill with the consciousness even the width of the direct link which is standing over because it is necessary to expand to it and the consciousness, to degree of its understanding that, of course, it is impossible. The highest is understood only partially, differently it ceases to be that. Arrogance in relation to a leading link is ridiculous. Honoring of the Guru is a way of expansion of consciousness because, seeking to grow to it, the pupil of subjects of ennobles.

553. (Guru). At the called you can learn in terrestrial way devotion, lightful, working capacity, vigilance, a fieryful and much to what the consciousness will gradually grow. Having realized qualities in directly higher, it is possible to start approving them in it, but it isn't necessary to stint their recognition because it is allocated by many.

554. (July 11). When We will sum up to your mistakes? - Because consequences grow from them. It isn't enough to understand of them, it is necessary to be exempted from them. They stir Strong on a way of ascension of spirit. Karmic bonds, not I Connected, not Me will be destroyed. The tail of last mistakes lasts in the present, painting the future. If with Me — mistakes anything, if without Me — freight heavy. Means, care of that with Me to be together. But it isn't simple as the fog of mistakes darkens my Face and alienates him. It isn't enough to see a mistake; it isn't enough to understand a mistake, it is necessary to get rid of a mistake and consequences, it generated. Courage should be found consequences of last mistakes to meet fearlessly. The condemning will come also the court is show, and among the main — the former friends. Strong will condemn and without mercy. But it is necessary to remember that nobody gave the right to judge to them. Judges newly appeared — so we Call them, and all not without a sin, and the court is more furious than them, the burden of their own mistakes and delusions is heavier, differently wouldn't judge. The one doesn't judge only who without a sin. But ardent judges also condemn for that in what rendered full insolvency. Each such judge can be told with confidence: "And you look at itself and remember, how many times sinned you in that, for what you judge Me, and sinned is perhaps much stronger more". But it is better Not to spend the energiya for judges unauthorized, it is better to pass by them, to them having provided to cook in juice of their own not goodwill. And tell them: "You not the Lord put court it is necessary to create me, and you. And therefore your bear malice and condemnation let at you also remain. To Me way the highest to the Lord! Farewell, passersby by; my way not with you". It having told, remember that obliges it you the court to show over itself especially severe and impartial and strictly to condemn itself for each made mistake.

555. (M.A.Y.). Difficult days! It is necessary to endure them in patience, balance and aspiration to the Lord.

556. (Guru). Firmness, hardness, balance and firmness! I can tell only one word: "soon".
Half awake: "I consider, the Hand a cloud I Will takes away. I consider that everything develops well that it is "good" in the future for you it will develop better than the best. — I speak — Hope. It (Мother) will be among you on Earth".

557. (July 12). My son, it is necessary to accustom to work so that before anybody not to be ashamed of the affairs, words, thoughts, acts. If them it is a shame, affairs are bad, so. It can serve as their criterion. The space sees everything, everything hears and imprints indelible. The movie of the life can see. But it can see as well others - friends and enemies. To viewing by strangers and, especially, enemies, it is necessary to be ready. It is a shame perhaps friends and enemies. And when secret becomes obvious, a lot of courage is necessary to pass tests of disclosure of a face, without losing spirit advantage. That in itself to find forces to sustain it, it is necessary to remember that though to look and see others can that secret was from them but what to judge to them the rights isn't given, and that they not without a sin, differently wouldn't judge. It first. Secondly, the tape of last embodiments will show that was many mothers, fathers, wives and children and that the right of proximity is relative. Thirdly, if the condemning ardent comes across balance unshakable and readiness for this test, a heat will strongly weaken them because the purpose — is unattainable. Loving heart will forgive, but the spiteful consciousness will enjoy humiliation of naked essence of the person who has become puzzled and not of ready to this too difficult and unexpected test. There is nothing secret that wouldn't become obvious in World Invisible. But knowing it can be protected if owns the consciousness. The one who with Me, on worry I Won't give. When Told, that slander won't concern you, already I Meant this protection. Means, merits I had. Very few people before others won't be ashamed of the light. The general confession the purpose had test of disclosure of faces to facilitate and simplify, having transferred it to the World dense. But someone from a confession made process of absolution and forgiveness of karmic debts that can't be, of course. The understanding can give the chance to be exempted from the power of "sin" over consciousness, but not consequences of the made mistakes. The knowledge can help to neutralize a consequence, but only by consciousness polarization, instead of consequences. So, for example, the deceived won't leave from that most not to become the deception victim, but, being deceived, he can tell itself (himself): "As this deception is useful to me. Means, either I deceived, or is given the chance also to me to something to learn and from deception to take experience". So the sting prickly consequences if wisdom fights against a karma escapes; because everything has a positive and negative side. Turning on advantage, the Lord uses a positive pole of two-faced essence of the phenomenon. How to turn the most bitter into the most sweet? We understand that in life for ascension of spirit it is possible to use everything. Recently itself it was convinced, my son as attacks of people around were used by you for understanding of action of the most difficult for psych equipment and ability to be protected from them not theoretically, but in practice. Lords use all circumstances, both favorable, and opposite, for active advance of spirit. Therefore we will enjoy life what it was, and as though it developed because nowadays everything serves us, Me and you, to advance you quicker. Therefore I Speak: "Learn to enjoy life and sharp-sightedly look, where it, experience useful, hidden in the next wave of external conditions directing on you". Yours everything in Me, and we together, and the winner am fated I Called you therefore without an exception everything with advantage serves us. It is necessary to manage to see only this element of usefulness in the phenomenon everyone.

558. (M.A.Y.). Understand when it is strong in heart of the Lord, defeat is impossible. Everything will turn back victoriously. If knew, what love are surrounded also with care. The fiery, no erasable press imprint in the heart unshakable fidelity and devotion to the Lord, despite everything, in the face of all and what would sink was tests, before evidence ardent, before Maya a fog. Let anything, anybody, never in forces will be to shake this fidelity to Great Heart. Denying in the face of evidence and contrary to it something separating or distancing from the Lord, we approve fiery reality because Itself Told that with us always, till the end of time. Understand that there is nobody and anybody closer and anything can't be; it only Maya inspires that something another or someone can replace a place of the Lord in your heart. With It you will reach a meeting treasured because it was promised that you will see it, and the Voice you will hear, and you will be close proximity visible.

559. (Guru) - And I nevertheless want you to see strong. It is strong only the Lord, as well as we. Means, to unification with It and direct. And forces find abstract knowledge to make real, that is valid. Remember, in the appendix — force. As the appendix we approve it in the essence and subjects we accumulate treasures a casket.

560. (July 14). It is possible to be surprised that already nothing will capture consciousness so to fill with itself it and, having given full satisfaction to force out the major. In it features of the pupil. In it is distinctive feature of those who in the world, but other-worldly. Degrees of its display can be different, but essence one. All external gradually loses the power over consciousness and are show the passing nature. So the son, who has temporarily left the House Father to execute the Assignment, knows: it will be finished and that it again will return there. As also meetings with people are divided in character: meetings with passersby and meetings with friends. Often passersby it is taken for friends, but usually the passerby doesn't pass test for fidelity and dies. There are still also enemies and dark attendants of the evil, but they are inevitable, as alternation of day and night, light and absence it. While are inevitable. I speak "while" because are condemned.

561. (M.A.Y.). It is good if change of external conditions doesn't influence anymore a rhythm of Communication and it’s fruitful; but, if influences, so sounding passing still strongly and consciousness completely didn't subordinate him to itself. And it is necessary to subordinate to rise over. So, the next task —observe a rhythm, despite everything, and to observe, without changing its tension.

562. (Guru). Was in a dream for communication strengthening, but I found you the able unsatisfactory. So often happens: before considerable events something preventing them to realize in is made accord of a body, mind and spirit. Opportunity is missed, and something considerable passes by.

563. The ocean repeats all the properties in a drop of the water taken from the ocean. As also all properties macrocosm are repeated in each particle of a matter, and the small-slightest. As also properties of the Great not uttered Central Sun of Space repeat in all shown world. Like this Center, everything has the center of gravity, to system of the worlds. There is this center in a cage, in a magnet, in a tree. From it, from grain, there are two lines of forces diversely: in a root, down, and in a trunk (up). From the uniform center are show a duality then to become three. These principles, or Space Laws on which is based and the Universe is constructed, are uniform for all Worlds. It is a framework which clothes a flesh; it is an outline on which there is a World. To understand Laws, under which life of a small blade or atom is under construction, means to understand everything because the basic Space Laws are completely hidden in each shown form. Magnet Laws, and especially in the annex to interaction of human auras are especially indicative. Think to influence people, resorting to effort over their will while this influence is based on the corresponding polarization of a magnet of the spirit. The same person of one listens, another isn't present. Therefore, it isn't it, and in those to whom he listens or doesn't listen. Let's speak not about friends or enemies and about people in general. It is more correct to consider that the undesirable relation from their party is caused by a mood of the microcosm. People only force admits. We will add: strength of mind is stronger than forces other, and it is better to be strong, being deprived of everything, than weak, having everything and all power given by external conditions. All external is not ours.

564. (M.A.Y.). I will tell something important: your destiny is decided in positive sense. You learn soon, how. Everything will be simple and is clear excessively. And the main thing is inevitable and agrees to the am fated.

565. (July 16). Physical it isn't eternal, but the thin body can be kept in an order: young, strong, pure and such what the person wants itself to see. After death it looks younger, and the spirit which has dumped a physical body is itself such what was on Earth in the prime of life. The care of a thin body — the phenomenon rare, physical can hurt, but the thin body — to be vigorous. Often the person feels that something in him doesn't grow old and there is no burden of years and fatigue. This thin body shows the properties through a dense cover. Some people keep this cheerfulness up to the death, cheerfulness and vivacity. It is necessary to separate feelings of a physical body from thin both is more often and consciously to live in the last. The physical body can feel strong fatigue but if the thin was enough approved in the power over dense, it is possible to overcome easily both fatigue, and all other feelings. It is correct to struggle always with feeling of hunger, cold, a heat and all other feelings, overcoming them in the spirit of in a thin body. It these feelings, in their terrestrial sense, don’t worry. And the consciousness serves as laboratory for all feelings and can cause them at will. It is necessary to accustom not to give in to influence of physical feelings and to struggle with them at each opportunity. Heat, not cold, but that reaction in consciousness which they cause is overcome not. It is possible to load heavy all feelings of a physical body on thin that often happens in a dream, and it is possible, on the contrary, to force a physical body to accept feelings thin. Certainly, it has to be brought up too by release from physical remnants. Dumping a dense body, long bears the person on itself, in the thin body, all feelings of a dense cover. But it is possible to be exempted from this power on Earth, claiming in the microcosm of reaction of other, than usual, about and regardless of external conditions. As well some people transfer a heat or cold, but nobody thinks that is caused by a victory, to some extent, spirit over them. Continuous fight, both overcoming, and victory over, over the covers, and the statement of the full power and control over them is the purpose of embodiments on Earth of the person. Of small overcoming there are big achievements.

566. The yesterday's meeting in a dream with two absolutely black individuals caused, and day troubles, quarrels and chagrin of people around — a consequence. Meetings with dark never remain without consequences. During a heat the phenomenon of the dark amplifies.

567. (M.A.Y.). Yes! You are right, external circumstances, both delusions, and your mistakes can't break communication between you and me. The space pleasure is stronger than the dense. We can give a lot of things, but receiving depends on accord degree. The accord is incomplete, and results are weak. The difficult time it is necessary quietly to wait.

568. (July 17). My son, hard times let will be blessed, let they will be fruitful, giving experience rich. But it isn't to live it is well and quietly, and that scoop the necessary experience from the next terrestrial embodiment. To that wants to teach life at the school during the present day — here that it must be kept in mind constantly, but not lives of convenience or wellbeing. The Teacher Wants to create conditions the best for spirit advance, but also these conditions will be useless if the lesson given by them passes by consciousness, without bearing a fruit. If something is heavy or unpleasant, not it is necessary to think of trouble and burden, and of to what learns the next test or experience. To take all up to the end from the next lesson — a task of the pupil. If it is solved and experience is taken, conditions die that hour and are replaced with the new. If it isn't solved — remain. At such relation to life advances quickly and the pupil is successful. If the correct relation is replaced with experiences of an astral and emotions of chagrin, hostility, and irritation, and other personal feelings, lessons pass for nothing. The current of unnecessary feelings should be stopped because they are useless. If something isn't pleasant, it is necessary to work firmly, is certain and is resolute, without plunging into whirlwinds of astral emotions. Especially it is necessary in the attitude towards people. They are given us as our teachers. And, given by destiny, they aren't indifferent, but can touch very sensitive places, burden and wound, and at all this strong and it is useful to learn if their mission of training of spirit on the counter people attracted by a karma in the sphere of a direct environment of the pupil is understood. Having made the decision following from the next lesson, follows strong stick to it, differently undesirable and burdening conditions won't release until the lesson taught by them is learned. It isn't enough to understand and make the decision, it is necessary to execute the decision up to the end. Violation it immediately will cause recurrence of these conditions. The made decision caused by the next lesson of life, it is necessary to keep firmly, differently the karma won't release and the grasp won't weaken. Once you slightly weaken tension of a protecting network, the new blow immediately follows. Let's be glad opportunities to learn and in these to succeed, enriching life experience.

569. (M.A.Y.). All events we will consider from the point of view of the pupil. Therefore ardent opportunity to study as all and on everything is given. The inhabitant plunges into the experiences, and the pupil squeezing out everything of given experience that it can give. It also will be only the correct approach to all phenomena of life. All and everything teaches the teacher. The successful pupil succeeds such relation to life and to everything that it presents to it.

570. (Guru). Sutratma is the actor. All of us on a vital scene are given various roles. But knowing, stepping on the stage lives of the present day, can give itself tasks and plan a played role, and, having planned, to execute it according to the decree of the will. Sutratma is obliged to obey and obliged to play well. These roles are given and carried out in the full accord with the main symphony lives of ascending spirit. All, that it is necessary, but all to the purpose uniform accumulation Fiery Treasure of the Stone, which or will revive, or will burn. Burning, or burn-out, a microcosm also isn't allowed under any circumstances. And the will sharp-sightedly and doorknob watches that fires remained creating and creating, but not burning through the spirit device. In them and on them the blade of a sword of spirit becomes tempered, to shape which and to temper is a task of the pupil. In silence to work it is necessary to study. Action by silence is who can measure its power? It is necessary to think of power of silence strong.

571. (July 18). Day memorable we will celebrate thoughts about Tom to whom it is devoted. Usually thoughts at people flow about themselves and the affairs, but in memorable day itself come off at least for a while, and the consciousness leaves this pole in which it spins as protein. In it all tragedy of the person: it is closed in itself and it is torn off from the world. The current of a great world stream captures consciousness shipped in it, in the personal, direct environment. It is especially tragic in World Elevated. There is a life, and the person continues to roll in the personal heaps, cut off by them from the Face. The doctrine speaks about dismissal from itself and merges to the world. External is of great importance for the person. Therefore eremites in the woods, mountains, deserts that the consciousness was surrounded by the conditions which aren't sucking in it in left. Difficult in the conditions of usual to take cover the excellent world. Days memorable can help to escape for a while at least from claws of the direct environment owning consciousness is undivided.

572. (M.A.Y.). It isn't necessary to force consciousness. If there are no perceptions, it is necessary to wait.

573. (Guru). Something, but strong and collected it is necessary to be always. Dissoluteness is unacceptable. Why to be a target for any blow?

574. (July 19). My world or the world in consciousness takes priority? To what heart preferred takes priority. Both the accord and a magnetic attraction of the corresponding vibrations depend on heart. The direction is defined by it. Heart can't be forced, but it can persuade to clear away rather the road up. And then its magnet will act on the approved wave. Coherence also all microcosm and all its covers is necessary. If heart aspires to the Lord, and the astral is captured by the personal experiences which have occupied all field of consciousness how then to direct thought to Light Focus? She will convulsively rush about between poles of an attraction and a crystal won't give. But consciousness and heart filling by the Face of the Lord will bring the conformable answer. Therefore I Speak: fruitful to be together with Me and in thoughts, both feelings, and heart. And if something disturbs and breaks contact or heavy currents, it is necessary to give still big degree of intense aspiration to the Leading Hierarch. Disturbed and will stir everything and always because the dense environment isn't combined with Light. The principle of its overcoming lays down in the Communication basis. It is necessary to remember that counteraction of the environment and spatial conditions surmountable always. And if Communication didn't take place because of an external force, it is necessary to look for in heart; we won't be able kindle the necessary degree of fire. The magnetic force of heart fires overcomes any force if it is rather strong. Even at times to kindle center fire, efforts are necessary, but, having inflamed, it brightly flares. As efforts should be made that hearts fires inflamed if spatial conditions are adverse or movement in conductors isn't ordered. It is necessary to increase spirit on everything counteracting that is it to put hidden force in action, force which potential isn't limited by anything. It should be remembered when it seems that forces ran low and that the external darkness or chaos win against the spirit which given in to illusion of the moment and has lost fiery confidence of not destroyed, eternal, invincible essence. The spirit is eternally real flame of life over all temporary combinations of external conditions and Maya mirages. Only the knowing can tell, having appeared in the closest living conditions: "Even it will pass". So, increase of spirit is required on everything: on conditions, on rage of antagonistic currents, on movements in conductors. This increase is no other than overcoming because life is that overcomes itself. Also it is possible to ask, what you do" to overcome in itself the old person being heritage of remnants of the past?

575. (M.A.Y.). Yes! Yes! To study on everything and in everything to look for in case of failure the reason of mistakes in itself. It is worth understanding them and to correct — undesirable consequences are eliminated. But people prefer to look for mistakes not in themselves, but in others, and shift blame on others shoulders. It more simply, both easier, and more pleasantly —imagine itself the victim human not "good". But the reason of mistakes looking for and finding in it and their replacing with the correct action, grows out of usual conditions and quickly rises on life steps. I want also to warn about belittling and derogation. Through this all our passed or pass. When belittle, don't give in. When ennoble and extol, don't give in to Maya illusions. Having counterbalanced poles, get up over that and another and keep balance. Your pearl of spirit the price is Known by the Lord, but not standing below. Their assessment isn't right always, whether extol you, or humiliate. People are capable very of that and another. You attention to it don't spend. Derogation and eminence is important not to you, but for them, you pedestals ennobling or overthrowing with erected them because or to it helps to go, or the way stops. But sharp-sightedly you look that neither that, nor another didn't pass lawful borders and didn't serve as a barrier to them, for you going. Honoring is unnecessary you, but they because without its any degree following for the leader is impossible need it. Also the reasonable analysis of everything is required also that they receive. Taken simply trust, without considering, is unsteadily. But the analysis is far from malicious condemnation. The measure in everything is necessary.

576. (Guru). It is empty around and therefore each sign of devotion and a memory is accepted. Where they once surrounding us with close crowd? Believe that died and all is over. And everything only still begins, approach to the beginning of wonderful things and the phenomena. That who remained it is right to us up to the end, we time will find that opportunities to give of which they don't dream at all. When time of the Lord will come, it and will start being carried out in measures special, not limited to external conditions. Would give and now, but external strong disturbs. Nowadays we give whenever possible, then — on heart. That time is close. Goes.

577. (July 20). One embodiments in proximity pass to Me, others in a distance. Both the proximity and range learn and experience give. The purpose —teaches full independence. Therefore the pupil provided to own forces is left from time to time. It is necessary to know how will dispose; should cause to action everything the energy hidden in it, for their transmutation in the phenomena of higher order. Everything is subject to a transmutation. Not on Earth of good people; everything in them is imperfect in comparison with what, they have to become. Good have to become even more the best, bad — good. Even Dhiani, can't tell that he reached final perfection. It is necessary to consider a microcosm human as something which is subject to a constant transmutation and improvement. It is possible to take any merit and, having established its degree in itself, to plan the following step of its display and development, bearing in mind boundlessness of qualities. Everything occurring in the person is subject to this improvement. Voice, gait, thoughts, feelings, movements, words, habits and thousands those trifles which make human life, everything it is possible to do better and more perfect, everything can be presented on the best scale. But there is a thinning in good and in the evil. It is necessary to see this direction of thinning of this or that tendency in the microcosm both undesirable and disturbing to ascension — to stop. It is a lot of works and many works demand a conscious ascension of spirit.

578. (M.A.Y.). I want to see you not broken by life. I want to see force your lives not inclining before whirlwinds, before its dark grin. To see you the winner powerful it I want.

579. (Guru) - In days of a force unreasonable be dreams, but not with yourself, and then you will resist.

580. (July 21). Accept a new message. Anything from the external won't resist if has no root, roots in Invisible. New ideas destroy roots in the world astral. And with the thought bearing idea to fight it is unreal because it is hidden. Therefore new everywhere will win. We Send thoughts in the world, new thoughts of the new are. Old it is doomed by thought. The people any more you won't seduce with any types of slavery. There is a great fight of ideas of the new and old world. And win new, because support of the old in World Invisible it is destroyed by us.

581. (July 22). Let's show understanding to the events. The phenomenon requires tension of poles that the spark, or explosion turned out. This tension heavy responds on heart therefore events are always accompanied by heart and consciousness burdening. While there is a swelling, or accumulation of forces at poles, a sensitive organism as if under pressure of many atmospheres. Pressure increases until explosion of events. While all collected forces won't settle the charges, the simplification won't be. On burdening of heart it is possible to judge spatial tension. Heavy and to us, but new have to be approved before am fated time will come. Everything will come to an end new offense of the New World, irrespective of details.

582. (July 23). Incorrectly you arrive, believing that will tear away. It too is Maya illusion. The unknown moment in the history of a planet, conditions of great tension of spheres and a force of forces on poles are unusual. Everything strong reaches for the focus — darkness or light. Great division. In a microcosm of the person as in a mirror, planetary situation is reflected and repeats. None of the general circulation of the phenomena aren't excluded, and everything reply, but everyone in own way. Everyone replies and solves. And the decision directs it to conformable this decision to a pole. Moment is of responsibility extraordinary. The events center is I. From Me go threads of events. I decide destinies of a planet. When ask why so, instead of so, answer: "Differently it is impossible. On the card everything is put, and small details, though are insignificant, but are inevitable". They think how they are strong, both are successful, and are invincible; but force Mine are strong, and I Provided success of. Certainly, not for the sake of them and words, them said, but for the sake of the future. Elements will be included into coast, and the sea human will calm down, and the New Sky will begin to shine over them and over Earth updated. The dragon changes skin, change birds, animals update indumentum — as also Earth dumps old stratifications of time to replace them new. It isn't necessary to envy those, who don’t participate in change. Means, not the judgment is. Accept Gift M. — is understanding of the events! Uncomprehending there is a lot of, not they will be called when My time will come. Let's endure everything and the put we will reach. The way is difficult. But not is darkness ahead. On a victory It is notified because it is got by our force. Victory is in everything, even in seeming defeats. There were no great conspirator and the schemer, there is no owner dark, and fall, as the houses of cards, all their constructions, one behind another, everything going against the New World. It is necessary to become firm on a superpersonal point of support to see the statement of the foreordained future and inalterability of ways of its implementation in the present. I'm saying: "There will be a victory, and it is a lot of victories, all won't be executed yet".

583. (M.A.Y.). You keep inseparably in this hard time. Attraction of poles is especially powerfully. All unnecessary is pulls to dark focus. It is necessary to neutralize attractiveness of the evil and Maya all dark accumulation. The Teacher will dispel a fog and a hand will give when it becomes very dark. To the Teacher you stick closer.

584. (Guru). When it is too dark, thought of Light you will pass. The whole world in It — thought of It also you will pass in these terrible days, about It, about the Lord.

585. (July 24). I instruct for today: not to spray force on unrestrained actions. In total under control: thoughts, feelings, words, acts, movements. At that force which strains space, uncontrolled movements in covers can have very sad consequences. Not to sustain tissue of nerves can fuse, or reaction on people around will be unexpected and will cause explosion. It is necessary to cover fire of spirit and activity not to show. It isn't necessary to stretch to people of a wave of the radiations. They should be closed in the aura. Casket remains strong closed. There are such moments when even the best feelings and intentions cause the results opposite by the expected. And then it is best of all to break off internally, without revealing itself anything. Unusually for people is movement repayment in covers. When the Highest Triad shines, It doesn't encroach on anything, and on anybody, and on any freedom. Don't do it and the lowest three, but when under severe control. In days of spatial tension the strong bridle is put on them. It is possible to accept as a rule lives.

586. Our antagonists are put before an accomplished fact, and it needs to be swung only hands and to shake by fists. But everything is it in vain, Not to return former situation. Our victory is this already last. I think of other. Not all family is aggregated. And it is necessary to collect, and it is rather.

587. (M.A.Y.). Against the Lord any force — not force. Levers of thin energiya operate powerfully. Energy nuclear isn't commensurable with energy of steam, as also energy the thin — with rough and lower because is more powerful. Seeing power of Hierarchy, you wonder. It is confidence gives in invincibility it.

588. (July 25). The feeling is right: the Lord, despite everything is close. Heavy times will pass — experience remains at you, and life by new paints in New Beams will be decked. While it is necessary to suffer, all forces having collected inside and without spraying them on external identifications. Anything external doesn't cost any tear of heart and drops of chagrin or other feelings, so strong burdening consciousness. When it is heavy, think of the Lord, and let your dreams flow only about Him. Let they won't be limited to utter darkness of the present hour. Let fire of creativity weaves from them a carpet of new opportunities that there were dreams these realities the wonderful and created thought. These creative dreams will lift spirit, and will approach it to spheres of the Lord, and will open the road to his World. It is possible to dream, it is possible to dream of the most wonderful opportunities of the fiery device of a human microcosm, that already the will seized it and access is open in area impossible nowadays. Fruitless and aimless dreams should be turned into creative process of the thought directed to definitely planned purpose and achievable in future, far or close. It is necessary to remember that everything and therefore the most impossible will be included once into the list of achievements of the person as abilities to see, hear, speak, and think and to build mental representations entered, to feel the future and so on is achievable. This area of achievements simply should be expanded consciously and systematically, mentally paving the way to them and expanding born abilities. And them already was born much, and ears blossom, begun it is possible to deepen and expand, without stopping before any failures or mistakes. Feeling-knowledge deepens, stopping consciousness that it speaks and about what warns. To dreams pay attention, to the signs sent so generously. Any opportunity doesn’t pass and power of dream use creatively. Only the dream directed in the future can be creative. The dream of the past is fruitless, aimless and useless because can give nothing to spirit and anything in the past won't be able to change. It simply time loss. But the dream creating, in the future crystallizing forms of desirable achievements, will bring, is immutable will lead to implementation of fiery desire. These dreams from plastic substance of elements create concrete images, or pictures, models on which spirit life in a flesh or in intervals between embodiments will be under construction. The inhabitant goes to the future as in uncertainty. The pupil inspired and supported by creating dream, enters the world of those images and those opportunities which created it consciously; prepare thought to itself possibilities of the display in time and space. Therefore I Approve the future with all its boundless opportunities, conformable with evolution of spirit of the person and inexhaustible power of his fiery potential. Why to look back, in limited isolation of the past when the future shines all fires of the centers open and boundlessness of achievements. Once about that time thinks or it is simple to dream when the will be freely able to put in action a radio set or the TV hidden and put already nowadays in a human body. It is possible to think that it is possible to learn through a window of personal flights. Everything is achievable, the most wonderful and difficult device in hands of the person: his body, and all other conductors, and power of creative thought. And the help of Lords to the spirit directed in the future. The guarantee the Teacher Gives all - admissibility fiery. Having rejected the past, having exempted from the power of the present over consciousness, ardently also it is directed there is a pupil to this wonderful future in which all is achievable. About an all - approachability I Speak and it I Approve. So I Speak, the Shambhala of the Lord.

589. My friend, let today's record will serve as the proof of that anything external doesn't influence and can't have value if the Lord is close. Strong and imperious hand reject covers heavy Maya, behind them — my Light and my Beam, to you directed. The Lord is unchangeable and Is close in an invariance of the fiery. You Maya covers reject, you reality fiery approve by all heart, all desire, all will. You mine, and to darkness you I Won't give, Me heart of the given. You consciousness direct on ardent creativity of spirit and itself create, the will and thought, the future which you want to realize and which participant you want to see yourself. Heart understands that everything is created by thought that the karma is created by thought, and that your future — is soft wax in hands of creative will. Each thought of the future before releasing it from consciousness in an execution wheel, consider feasibly, knowing that thoughts forge forms of future life, which you to yourself create thoughts of the current hour. The person is the creator of the future. The powerful creator — his will. It is impossible to change the past, the present as a result of the past — too, but the present can strong be used as a springboard in the future if to reject all environments of these consequences of the past and heart and thoughts to give to future construction. In it and release from the present power. I want to Approve you in power of understanding in the present of great opportunities of the fiery device of the person that this way you in the future could put it in action completely, having nowadays begun process of implementation of these opportunities. They already were show partially, and at times in embryo, already earlier, so the direction is given vitally and on experience. The doctrine of Life will help to synthesize everything that is available to the person and that is achievable, and in a measure any and when, that is, in what sequence. Everything is given; act, my son, and I Will support your aspiration to Light.

590. (M.A.Y.). The lord you love very much. In total in It, all from It, It is Focus of uniform Light. It is close to you at an o'clock of aspiration of your heart to It. Put it above everything, closest, darling in total. And let never this place belonging in your heart to It, anybody and will take up nothing. Having indulged entirely, you will understand that all yours in It, and all the rest — not yours, but is only temporarily given you for passing of experience of life. If in thoughts, dreams and desires you connect your destiny with destiny of the Lord, you will be with Him, whether early, whether late, but you will be together with the Lord. Having approved this proximity on Earth, approve it and there, in Elevated. It is good to be together with the Lord. Not of chants and glorifications think, but of a feat, work because while Earth and mankind, fight for the future it is imperfect won't stop, so, both a feat, and work. Your dream of the Lord let will be creative and severe, because not a joke — a contact to Light. Pink dreams — for babies; the feat, fight, work and dream as the Lord to help, and the spirit to prepare, and to develop the device — let will be dream of reality. Employees of Light are necessary, oh, as are necessary!

591. (Guru) - Where your force where your determination to go all the way and to reach? If they depend that in the world is created or around — not to reach. Business of the Lord and devotion should deliver devotion to the Lord above all external phenomena, and then only we will reach and we will reach. You see how everything hesitates and falls off, all not approved and unusable. Let's not assimilate. The Lord Called, and It Claimed. Be worthy Cares. Everything is close, and in our future to you the place on spirit and your aspiration is prepared. You are our family.

592. (July 26). My son if all life you carry out in the statement of Proximity of the Lord — the benefit to you. And then you will be able to tell that life leaked not without advantage. Approving Me, eternity and its elements you approve in yourself and consciously you join in a stream of space evolution of spirits. Space then the Worlds become then for spirit ascension steps, and multidimensionality of space — the guarantee of new opportunities. The proximity grants the right to an entrance to My World boundless. In it is all. The combination of experience of life terrestrial with Wisdom World Lord serves as a spirit ladder in space. Eternal, understood and realized in temporary, and temporary — in eternal, as a carpet plane will serve for spirit, for further flights. Not torn off from boundlessness of Space human life terrestrial in a number of its embodiments leading will serve as light to another Ljght Lord to concern and to find the Lord in life how you found it. Fire, inflaming in a flame, itself covers everything that enters into consciousness of light carrier, and the understanding synthetic becomes its property. Synthesis gives Space understanding of life in all its manifestations and forms. The ascension goes communication with the Lord.

593. (M.A.Y.). I want to specify that under known conditions the proximity is especially conformable. These conditions — aspiration, devotion, and love. Well and constancy to add, because these all qualities without constancy — soap bubbles. As in a stone lying, quality is cement serves, fastening all construction. Without it is a heap of stones. The stone bulk without cement, as love, devotion and aspiration — without constancy won't resist. Called, not displaying constancy disappeared though all these qualities it was available. And us forgot because forgot about constancy. That also is good the rhythm, that approves itself constancy. Quality of constancy is expressed in beat more simply and easier only. Be afraid of arrhythmic fluctuations, they especially sharply bring a dissonance in relationship. Simply consider that is unchangeable the Lord, and hesitate your relation and feelings to It. The same measure apply and to us because we equal on the Lord. If you lose confidence of ours to you the relation, don't keep also the — to us. It is necessary to understand, at last, that space bonds don't depend on temporariness of your moods and Maya next illusions. So you can think if the echidna of treachery didn't touch heart. Who concerned, that the exit isn't present — to embraces dark will return. Friends distinguish the same way and time you betrayed in big or small among the relatives don't consider. This root for eyelids grows, and not to pull out it neither words, nor the belief, any other measures. The traitor is the traitor always. After the period of repentance and attempt to correct deeds, again there comes the moment when the consciousness is ready to plunge into darkness and the authority’s dark to be given. With friends it is necessary to be more sharp-sighted, than with enemies, because treachery — from them. You look, how many from them already obviously costs on the verge of treachery and already betrays on understanding, opportunity and abilities. Rage and not goodwill their hearts flare, and think how to put a wound more deeply and more sensitively. And for what? That Light specified also a way to Light that gave the Doctrine and long conducted, spending health and forces for them unworthy. Let this bitter experience will give strength of recognition of faces and will teach vigilance at a meeting with the being knocked. All are good when approach, enemies and traitors from where undertake, whether belittle also p revile? Sharp-sighted be and don't trust words, it is better to heart, if it in you on the guard.

594. (Guru) - People can love and be sorry. But they shouldn't open the heart. Harm will cover minute sweet of communication, finally will cover. Reticence and restraint —is Arhat's qualities.

595. To separate you from Me — their task, enemies. Having succeeded will creep up closer for new blows. Are very persistent and angry, and very much want your force you to deprive. Your force — in Me. Representation of in My place facilitates, but, practically, Proximity to Me — out of space, and out of distances, and places, because in the spirit of. If My place helps to come off a direct environment, it is possible to come off by means of it. But it is simpler to approve Proximity out of any reasons (like the city). You want to ennoble Me — ennoble Proximity and understanding. You want to serve Me — as execution of Instructions you serve. Heart as the lamp, shines if burns. Execution of my Instructions gives food to heart fire. Specify to keep inseparably because time is strained and overseas flashed light of energy of new Beams. It is possible to assimilate them through Me. Not understood and not conscious, will cause burden, confusion and explosions. Realized through Me, with force of fiery heart will fill and spirit will uplift. Better with Me and is closer to Me. Better with Me unseparable. What prevents to be closer and what separates Light Focus? Whether darkness? In light having presented itself and light having clothed, my Proximity approve over all accidents of external conditions and litter of the present day.

596 (July 27). Thoughts share on construction, destructive and neutral. It is necessary to adjust consciousness on waves of creative thoughts, rejecting thoughts of destruction; to replace each thought of an illness with thought about health, about failure — good luck, about a grief — pleasure, about an old age and an indisposition — thoughts of cheerfulness and health. It is necessary to think of it such what would like to see itself actually. The thought is the highest reality. Force can be brought it to degree of tension extraordinary. All area of reflex thinking should be replaced conscious. All processes in an organism it is possible to subordinate to the will and to direct them. The body submits to it enough willingly if force it is realized. The body reacts to all mental processes, conscious and unconscious. And if the repeated and rhythmical thought approves known situation or the order, and is firm, the body follows it by all means. The body of the will has no, except enclosed in it his owner, the owner. Often strong-willed currents go in different, and even opposite, the directions, neutralizing each other. If to direct them in one direction, force them will increase unreasonably. Wishing health, the person will assume so many thoughts opposite about the illness that consequences of thoughts about health are destroyed absolutely. Mastering by thought gives strength, which can be applied on creation, at least own sound body in hands. Let each involuntary negative thought immediately be consciously replaced with thought positive and creating. Control over thoughts, feelings and the suggestions going from other people because the last are especially harmful is for this purpose necessary. People about the not relics like to talk and to take pleasure in this process, creating the bright and strong images of diseases strengthened and strengthened by number of listeners. Chatter about diseases is inadmissible. It is strong, vigorous and healthy — other thoughts it isn't allowed at all. On each indisposition, in its germ, powerful strong-willed current and the order of all consciousness is immediately sent — to be to a sick place healthy. The spirit and will overcome everything, and isn't present in a body of the person of the energy able opposite to force of the rhythmic, firm order of will. It is possible breath, it having detained, to strengthen inflow of a prana and mental energy to sick body. Let process of will against each indisposition will begin habitual to fight before addressing to the doctor and drugs. In powerful laboratory of a human body there are all means for recovery of health if the external reasons breaking it are eliminated, but even they can be paralyzed to a certain extent. Disclosure of force of potential of human spirit is that limited thinking it doesn't put a barrier to its identification. Barrier the first — it is impossible in general. Barrier the second: I can't, is weak, a barrier the third: others can't do it. The inert science about it is silent. And thousands reasons and occasions will be found by the person to let out the power over the microcosm from the hands. But the yogi claims that he is a mister and the lord over the body and all bodies, over thought and will, over everything that is concentrated in it and given it for possession. Both speaks, and move, both sees, and hears at will, and work makes, and still considers that over a body and thought isn't imperious. It is necessary to understand that already this power is great, it is necessary to make it only full. The thought strong the assistant will be in the statement of the power over a body and all bodies while actually it won't be approved. Understanding of it will strongly approach to the desirable purpose. Dare, the child!

597. (M.A.Y.). Fiery waves break about coast of the dense world. The world dense is in alarm on our Earth, because waves reached it. Hesitates ground. The confusion is close. To rush new on the world old goes. Without roots in the Thin World won't resist. But New but it will be approved and becomes stronger. In increasing frequency pages of the press will be filled in with the foreordained knowledge. For the sake of that all also came true that, through what passed the great people.

598. (Guru) - If constantly to approve the full power over those forms in which the spirit is shown, this statement will surely yield any results. If to strengthen the statement, results will amplify too. If to apply all forces, all will, all heart and all desire, consequences obvious become also notable sharply. It is necessary to enter consciously possession of the rights to the device, on a body and all covers. These rights can be claimed hourly. Against usual movement I made hierophant the way as also the pupil goes against usually and that all do, evidence and the present to it not a barrier because the future in which everything is achievable, belongs to it. And the present serves it as the base for realization of future achievements. Thinking of itself in the present the power approved over three, the road to achievement it in the future to itself open. Aren't fruitless, aren't useless, not without consequences these statements because the reality obvious is approved. When Christ Redeemer Tell: "you are gods" — Approved fiery reality though Addressed to blind men and slaves to a body.

599. (July 28). It is necessary to prepare for any surprises. Often attendants dark want to break balance. To them it is indifferent, as well as than to stop the Communication thread. Certainly, I will warn in case of someone's attempt and I Will takes away the menacing. Whether a little for that there is a wish dark. If could, would break long ago. But hands are short. How in what succeed? Yes, but only in case of a distance of the pupil. Immunity is in inseparability from the Lord. But the hair won't fall from the head when the Lord lives in heart.

600. (M.A.Y.). Be not afraid of anything because there is nothing more terribly than fear. About the Stone of Treasure all external attacks will break and splashes will scatter in space. The lord stores and will keep up to the end.

601. (Guru). I went through everything with the Lord and never was afraid of anything. Sensation of fear didn't know, its root should be destroyed in itself because through inevitable it is necessary to pass, but without this feeling destroying advantage of spirit. It will be a victory over death and a victory over fear. In what heart of the Lord lives, fear doesn't know.

602. (July 29). You see that to resist, former measures any more won't do at all because dark are active extraordinary. Hold Me all thoughts the feelings, all being, and it is besides constant as the rescue measure — is the Decree! Vigilance and patrol can't be weakened already not for a moment. Are surrounded dark and obsessed from all directions. Obsessed is performers of their instructions. Each spot not gets rid in you use for a catch for you and stinging you darkness. Neutral people already aren't present, everyone either with Light, or with darkness. It is worth forgetting about it though for an instant and the next blow or infringement immediately follows. It is necessary to become isolated severely. It is necessary nothing display to the openness externally because the blow will fall upon energy of spirit directed outside dark through the servants — obsessed. Balance is necessary as a board, as protection against darkness. As the soldier makes advances in fight to the enemy, intense and ready to protection and attack as also you now the spirit adjust in the accord with singularity and moment tension. The wave of leaving energiya is very strong. People are on of lines of explosion. It is absolutely enough slightest occasions that pernicious flash (astral) followed. Now not to own itself — means to darkness to give the power over. Dark and to supporters they should be given full opportunity to be aloof, the juice without giving and as food to them without serving. It is necessary not to think of them and that not to give them opportunity to be hooked for you and to come into it contact, to continue to torment you. Conversations and belief are useless, the appeal to logic — too. There is a silence, but not passive, not inactive, not humble, but subordinating them to you. Silence can be fiery when are strained all of energy of spirit. The most impregnable, the strongest, the most portable — is thought. Against it nobody is strong if it in operation unites with Me. Not you, but I in you the soldier. Force act with Mine. The hard time, dangerous time, Me you keep.

603. (M.A.Y.). If the Face of the Teacher before eyes, and everything it is possible to solve together with It, as though It nearby and it is close. It is possible to battle, but feelings angry, hostile, not to have. They will put you on the same level with dark and will give the chance to them to strike blows and harm to threads of communication or channels of these astral emotions. Tranquility, cold, restraint, silence — here the weapon of your protection and stay in balance of spirit. So armed, safely, quietly go to life waves towards.

604. (Guru). Not the hero, who with darkness will sound in unison on a note of rage, offenses, irritations, fear and all feelings of the small other,. The peace of mind is opposed to everything, and the soldier in balance full acts, and wins against enemies.

605. (July 30). The spirit lightning (Arhat) — the weapon of the soldier of Light — is given not for inaction, but for application urgent. If day breakers didn't use the weapon, the darkness would win against Earth and embraced it. Therefore Brought a sword the Savior to Earth, not the world, but a sword therefore soldiers call attendants of Light. Let's consciously learn to use the weapon this. How you think, what will be if light sphere, having got to the sphere of a microcosm of the attendant of the evil, in it will become torn? Or the fiery arrow will pierce black heart? Or the Ray of light on dark aura will direct? Certainly, it will burn it. The highest Agni always wins against the lowest fires. But after all and an arrow it is necessary to send skillfully, or to strike blow, or to use other weapon of light. It must be kept in mind that the weapon it represents itself Agni's energy. Before using it, it is necessary to have it, or to collect in focus for action. The fear, confusion, dissoluteness of feelings and emotions, uncertainty of the forces, not consciousness, inert slackness and all other properties which aren't characterizing the soldier in fight, deprive of it opportunity to use the weapon, that is disarm energy fiery spirit. Even literally the fear deprives of the soldier of ability to battle; the coward runs from a battlefield, the horror will paralyze extremities. The fiery soldier, fearless, strong holds the right weapon of light, and the weapon it, in turn, truly serves it. If the dark broke mentally soldier, that it not soldier already, and won, their captive and slave. To lay down arms in the face of darkness — means to recognize the defeat and powerlessness. But the Lord is invincible, but his Help doesn't hesitate, but the one who battles together with the Lord doesn't know defeat, is inseparable from It. With my force you learn to act, my Fiery Force, my Beams, it is close consciousness having merged with Me. With my Name on lips, with an Image in heart dared, fearlessly on the enemy step, whatever strong it to you seemed. Against Us nobody is strong. Recognizing the powerlessness, you belittle to Forge Lord, Which Name you go. Heart of the Lord is a source of inexhaustible Fiery Power. The merged heart goes with Me through everything. Claws of darkness I Chop off a fiery sword of Spirit, aura dark I burn the Beam, on a long distance my arrows I Send if I Want to Strike darkness and the gone too far dark. With darkness to be passive it is impossible. Passivity — already defeat because the darkness is active always. Heart — Light weapon. Force it sends arrows or the sword rises, force it the protecting reflecting network flares, with force it the fiery arrow of thought is saturated. If you aren't afraid of darkness, it will be afraid of you. Light she fears, light Agni fears. That is why also seeks to break first of all your fires in all ways, all measures, all tricks. Your light therefore rages round you is intolerable it and strengthens itself obsessed and employees of all degrees. You are under the supervision of its constants. The slightest opportunity — and immediately you receive blow. Only at an unseparable, strong, indestructible unification with Me it because you then for it are impregnable is powerless. Knows and therefore tries to distract from Me anything if only to distract, and then already and to beat in the unprotected place. Unification with Me is impenetrable protection against the evil. But let it will be active, your protection.

606. Believe that action consists only in sparkling a lightning of spirit or a sword or to throw an arrow. But if light carrier came to be in an environment dark
and, despite it, balance I didn't lose, and fire of his heart continues exactly and to burn clearly, it already victory, it already action powerful, because light burns darkness. It is necessary to understand action widely, as well as essence of activity. In the specified case it too activity, though not focusing fiery energiya for prompt blow. To keep exactly burning, inflexible flame in an environment dark, and even at dark attacks, will be protection active. The cheek under dark blow should be substituted skillfully, and then truly hot carbons will burn down a concept struck this blow, because externally lightful nothing are show the fiery power. Only fires the go out before an impact dark will be capitulation without fight on favor of the winner, who isn't knowing mercy. Therefore polarization of own microcosm in case of collision with darkness has crucial importance. When it is observed, it is possible to think of all types of protection and attack. If isn't present, all instructions then are fruitless, desirable results won't yield.

607. (Aug. 1). Intense fiery vigilance, readiness to reflect a possible and expected impact of darkness prevents attack and cuts it in a root because the dark prefer to attack unexpectedly, suddenly, stealthily, when don't think to encounter resistance and to run into counter blow. The militant, guarded condition of consciousness already this vigilance drives away dark because they very much don't like to burn about reciprocal fire. So, I Advise constant, active, militant vigilance, but not the being shown externally. External actions are protected a on the extreme case, when there is no other way out. Under the created conditions of external actions it is necessary to avoid.

608. Each heart directed to Me, My Light perceives and, refracted through consciousness, brings it to the world. In its show originality and identity of creativity. Mine everything, but creativity and its character is various. Not divergence, not contradiction it, but variety and richness of not repeatability of individual accumulation. Exhaustion and callous imitation indicate lack of fire. But the Teacher is new eternally, and following Him doesn't know exhaustion and creativity infertility. On this sign also you judge Proximity of the Hierarch.

609. (M.A.Y.). Who is with Us, with those and Us? Memory about us constant maintains live relation. If to reject barriers of the dense world, the proximity will be obvious if it is withheld in the spirit of. Heart magnet - the holder and thought is the transmitter. The thought supported by heart, reaches more strong, than even words because to words heart often deafly happens. Key to events there is their surprise, therefore, and impossibility for enemies to provide them. This is tactics of Lords. Covering places full of holes and in them coordinate, enemies thereby deepen new focuses of events and collect to them the forces when all is already over and all their attempts are vain to redeem situation. Are late anywhere and everywhere exactly on so many, on how many it is necessary that the next Plan of the Lord was carried out. Efforts are backdating useless. So leaves at them from under nose one for another vital spheres of influence. We are glad to recoup, but are powerless powerlessness human before inevitability of fate. And in all the rest be are quiet that the victory will be on part of the world. From here is and the Precept about patience, because it be rewarded, when terms be executed. It doesn't facilitate difficulty of fight, but gives full confidence of a victory.

610. (Guru). Will ask, from where success? Answer — from experience of life, big, centuries-old and rich with knowledge of essence of the person. Hail Kitezh — a symbol of the country buried till time under waters of life from rough waves of a stream of time. Under external forms the hail ancient lives, representing to it a kernel, or I smother, the people. In the best energiya the basis, and not for a while, but forever is put. In pictures and my books you will find enlightenment in this basis because on it I created. Therefore also the Petersburg period in the creativity didn't concern. Russia primordial, Russia Novgorod — Sandal — Pereyaslavsky is here it, real. Nowadays the new will be harmoniously combined with old, real and original, but not temporary, alluvial and foreign. The prototype in the creativity gave to this future: in cloths, both books, and other works; in art look for, in its all forms. New time will demand understanding of essence of spirit of the Russian culture and the sources it.

611. Oh, the friend if knew reality, heart, despite rage of evidence dense would rejoice. Because in Hidden everything that is fated accept visible forms is complete already. The hail Light will start falling by Earth from the Invisibility to become visible. Water — the symbol of the astral world, in its upper class was buried the city while time to it didn't come again to fall by Earth. Event it will be notified by a sound of bells. Fight noise will cease, and angry will leave, the planet when announced in old time it will be made will be filled with light and a ring. Spatial Beams to Earth will dictate the Highest will, and spirit of the person, against Light going, will reconcile. The darkness will lose force. Nowadays you see how it’s all attempts in big and great terminate in failure. Then, deprived of a support any more only in astral, but also and in the physical world, it will reel and will fail. Therefore we Call it darkness fateful because its days are considered. It is powerless against militant Light, was always powerless, but prospered in evil planting in the hearts of the black out. Nowadays the hearts, wakening masses, will start departing in Light camp, separating from darkness while makers of the evil don't remain fateful with darkness. The darkness will take away the, and will sharply separate itself from supporters of Light, and will finish division of people the all-planet. Before the end many will waken and will begin to see clearly, having chosen a way light. Will return deceived and seduced if didn't make treacheries. Swords will be reformed on plows and energy nuclear — is turned on the peace purposes. Heart will be the judge of these decisions. While fully equipped with spirit it is necessary to find forces to stand up to the end transitional time.

612. The narrowness of external conditions let is closer to Me moves, and each new attempt dark and a new shift everything closer and more reduces the distance dividing us. Also there are then gins builders of the temple of spirit and the ardent employees working on association of your hearts with Heart of the Lord. And you look at them, at the dark — combiners, works bringing at creation of the Temple of Heart. And the exit dark won't be. If leave you, you will rush to Light if attacks continue, closer to Me be pushed aside. So I force darkness to serve Light. Also they are powerless before Light because serve It. You learn to use also its evil- shift for ardent rapprochement with Me. Attendants of the darkness, pushing heart to the Lord become pushers then. So everything I Turn on advantage contrary to all their intentions to plans. The owner isn't present, and in him the darkness has no final support and therefore it is especially helpless before the heart united in Light with Me. You will scent quickly as the darkness recedes in powerlessness full before energiya of militant spirit. Deprived of a root, so them we will call, attendants dark. Even if giants of the evil you will meet nowadays, then you don't fear, will fail on the earth, will fall from your blows as the huge tree from wind whiff if no roots has falls. And then higher it and is more magnificent foliage, the falling it’s catastrophic. On the Plan Hidden roots of all evil, and therefore act with thought, light, fire. On the plan dense visibility of stability, but only visibility because it if blows are struck from the Hidden Plan cracks also remains still. Therefore to you Specify to work with thought, having reduced to a need limit the sphere of dense activity. In this sphere they can counteract still and counteract strong. But in Hidden are powerless if face militant will of the carrier of Light.

613. (M.A.Y.). Association of the Worlds becomes possible and desirable just because power of darkness in World Elevated is cut at the roots. Otherwise this association would cause unprecedented rage of obsession. Obsessed there is a lot of and now, and perhaps it is, even more, than earlier, but inflows of new forces they are deprived, as a drying-up tree. Work with an old stock of the evil, and new receipts from the owner aren't present because the owner isn't present. It understands at collision with darkness. They are powerless under your blow. Therefore act powerfully, crumpled, as the houses of cards, all constructions them. Let their decision don't stop you because also it will scatter under the influence of fire of your will. Force them seeming, deprived of the basis and therefore can't go against you actually. Visibility for relevance that is for reality doesn’t accept. Go the way and act firmly as though they aren't present and decisions aren't present them, and with them at all don't reckon. Gordian knot of seeming difficulties, difficulties quietly and accurately break a spirit sword. Now new conditions came in fight against dark rack, they catch; them realize and act in new understanding of hopeless hopelessness of darkness. Each seen, seeming success of the dark will cause their defeat and the weapon against them and means of their new defeat because all against them nowadays rise, and the World Thin will cooperate with you in everything.

614. (Guru). Let's deepen association of our consciousnesses; goes through heart by means of thought. Yes, I want energy to show the through relatives. Yes, I fidelity appreciate also a memory contrary to evidence dense. Yes! I the thoughts send for imprinting them for the future. Nowadays everything changes, and new conditions demand new understanding. From here urgent need to explain changes. Among the condensed darkness strain unknown energy fiery and light opportunities increase all-time. Never before they weren't so close, how now when seeming, illusive power of darkness seized hearts human. But all this is Maya, and power of darkness too Maya, because the owner isn't present. The force over an infirmity of darkness struck you realizes, friends. In process of understanding of the force weakness of darkness shown everything will be sharper more. Ghost of power dark and darkness you drive, disseminate it, and destroy. Our victory came, victorious time came. You winners will be met by the Lord because among winners Will see Put Off.

615. (Aug. 2). Events are wild, not similar on anything, preceding (them). At turn of events will turn all. Rough shifts follow them. Dark time came to an end. Light, Light came. My children suffer a little still. The bell will call all when will punch hour. Tension and force before the category. The powerful category is required to pass new the energy, promptly reaching Earth. So it isn't enough ready receivers — from here and explosions. On them, the few, the unreasonable burden lays down. If all were ready and would accept them, spatial loading would be discharged instantly. Now it is heavy thanks to unpreparedness of one and an overload of others, able to accept Light waves. Light the Highest for low consciousnesses and tension fiery for not ready is intolerable. Extraordinary difficulty of concentration is caused by these spatial conditions. Merge of consciousnesses will be an exit from the deadlock. To Me your consciousness has to direct and merge with Me, it doesn't want in my orbit, preferring to drown in the personal world of the representations. Wonder, what is more expensive to you — the world of personal remnants or Light of the Lord? If Light — that lips and heart have to claim same. Understand that incompleteness is destructive as gives rise not to the accord, and a dissonance. We have words and affairs don't disperse. Words and belief while heart won't begin to sound full-stringed are senseless. For each heart is it the term. But at an o'clock of Arrival term becomes the general and the fate of silent hearts will be unenviable.

616. Correctly and well that is useful for evolution. Other material isn't present. If it is good, but the person is harmful to evolution and interferes with it, to what "good" him? And to whom it is necessary, whether the dark rack interfering any evolutionary character. That is why so many good people from a historical scene cleaned and business of evolution was carried out by others, not so good, but necessary and useful to the world. Therefore our judgments about suitability and usefulness of the person strong differ from the standard. We will go with them, outcast loyal hypocrites, than with hypocrites and hypocrites rather. With savages we go and with the outcast Began business.

617. (M.A.Y.). Go through everything that by life it is given, but without spraying the accumulation, and on the contrary, increasing them at each contact with it. To spend or save up — depends on consciousness installation, on its relation to life. Wise everything inures to advantage, silly all not for the future.

618. (Guru). Waves sway the basis if it is fragile. The small blade is bent by a wind from top to bottom, to the earth. But the root holds, and to a wind not to pull out it, though is small. It is all about the root, in the basis of affairs. Roots, the bases you keep when whirlwinds start rustling.

619. (Aug. 3). Let's count only on themselves and the forces. Calculations on relatives can be incorrect. Their proximity is unstable because it is based on personal feelings. How many ways were stopped because of personal mirages? Everything constructed on personal feelings, unsteadily. If you see constancy of love or devotion, know that they passed limits of personal feelings that are egoism. Loneliness is destiny of the person, who has rejected a mirage of personal feelings. It is a lot of people round Spirits Great, but they are lonely. It is necessary to be ready and being left all. At turning points it is empty around. Fidelity and devotion in people you appreciate. They are rare.
620. Wildness of events is show in wild behavior and absurd of the actions which aren't caused by the requirement of the moment. If the destiny wants to punish — the reason will take away. The rationality left a camp of opponent of Light. The future isn't taken into consideration. The circle of the present deprives of prospect. From here is extremity of actions and inevitability of mistakes. Therefore everything is wrapped against them. The slave itself beats. There is a phenomenon of self-destruction of darkness. It is still very strong, and it that to destroy themselves should make many efforts. Efforts will cause them the consequences opposite by the expected. Victory is in everything to the New World.

621. (M.A.Y.). Let's not accept the kind relation for angry and vice versa. The judge — heart. When magnet it feels pushing away, means, something
It is unsuccessful in friends. It is better to believe heart, than false words. How much time already you were deceived, and how many time you want to be deceived again? It is better not to trust and be mistaken, than to confide and be deceived. Many troubles occur from undeserved trust. Look narrowly at trifles — small often helps to see and big, hidden behind it. From the small grows big and it is a pity if small it is dark. Small it in rest never stays — either grows, or decreases. On this sign also you judge danger of small things. Small sprouts of darkness are very dangerous that grow. The closed magnet of the force doesn't lose. The open magnet of spirit can instantly spend and lose force the attractiveness. If you feel that the attraction weakened, immediately close a magnet and accumulate the dissipated force, and then an attraction will start working again. Laws of psych equipment regulate human relationship. Knowing them, it is possible to operate these relations most, without sending them to the power of accidents. The person — is a magnet polarized by will.

622. (Guru) - Only the person giving light, deserves the name of the Guru. This light is out of the dense. Therefore, can proceed and from the Guru who has dumped a physical body. The aspiration to the left Guru and fruitful is correct. Among all other it especially allocates with Light to it directed consciously and remembering it. The small magnet is attracted to big and that strengthens itself. No condemnation I have, but, seeing mistakes, I grieve. Hour of the statement of Light approaches, and soldiers everything dispersed. Remained true up to the end Signs of Attention and Care will receive and sang will reap. The Teacher doesn’t forget any sign of attention and answers is decupled.

623. (Aug. 5). My son, dreams of the past and representations of in the conditions of the past are aimless, useless and don't yield results, representation of in the future, allocated with desirable qualities of spirit — building because already in the present to any degree arms with these qualities. In immersion in the past there are no creativity elements, in immersion in the future they are always. Certainly, it is supposed that these thoughts of the future are creative also positive and draw future steps of achievements. It is possible to feel stronger after these thoughts. Of the future it is more difficult to think, than of the past because in the past its elements are known; in the future they should be created or expected and combined creative imagination. Historical researches and studying of the past aren't dreams of it, but steps for understanding of life. Dream in the future to direct that inured to advantage of creation of the Highest Triad in its display on Earth and in the Worlds. If in these dreams to see itself the person who has seized an astral and thought so, as to elements can order, life will give him once this power because thoughts in space create, and grains them give the shoots, sooner or later, here or there. These dreams lay a way of evolution of spirit in space and steps of achievements are outlined. Dreams of power of spirit is not the fruitless dream, but ardent reality, which is approved for this purpose, who believes in her and plans to it a way. Thought of the future lays to its implementation channels if these dreams are in the accord with the Great Plan of Evolution of mankind. "You are gods" — here the purpose of evolution of spirit. The most unattainable will be achievable on this way, opening boundless power of potential of human spirit. Ordinary people go to the future, without knowing where, but the pupil knows. He knows that all achievements of the person in the field of psych equipment and the mental energy, all wonderful phenomena made ever, somewhere and someone is achievable for it and can be repeated by it! Both reading thought, and sight at distance, and flights in an astral, menthol and in a spirit kernel, and a raising on air, and communication with the World Hidden, and other, other — everything that was once shown by people. In the future for it is possible because all future belongs to it. In it he is a lord, and it in the creative imagination can build it at the will that once and somewhere it was carried out actually. And the winged dream possessing force of creative power will dig in space of the highest measurements direct channels of implementation it in life able creatively to think spirit; as though in the hands the pupil takes the future, defining essence its directions. These forms of thoughts approved in a microcosm of the person, the energiya will influence and build his future on lines of creative thought. I want to arm you with all achievements of science, but without the uniform device. Here purpose. Not your science, but our, knowing more. This idea introduces in itself and draws to itself time when it will be carried out. A lot of things are already achievable and nowadays, but all is realized not. It isn't enough trust to own feelings and whisper hearts. Children, dare! In this aspiration elements of creative power and even if something isn't feasible now are put, grains of aspiration will give shoots in due time. Understand secret of the thought creating in space. Look around: all people are surrounded with fruits of the mental creativity, only it don't realize. But creativity it is low, further the near future doesn't go and is directed on subjects terrestrial. Therefore also results so aren't brilliant. The thought is limited to a small circle of usual opportunities and directed on achievements external, mechanical, but not on development of the wonderful device of the person. Let the external be combined with internal, let build cars and devices until any cars and devices it won't be required anymore. The Sun will go out, and Earth will disappear, but there will be the spirit of the person armed with energiya fiery and not needing not in any devices. Powerful Space Forces work without cars and devices, but are put in action by will of the spirit which force is boundless. And which kernel, in all its boundless, hidden power, is put in the person from time Beginning.

624. To imagine itself courageous and to be actually the coward — this one. To possess imagined qualities — Maya worst type. But to open in itself step by step the fiery potential of spirit and to approve the power step by step over a body and its elements will be a way to achievement desirable. Aspiration isn't groundless dream, but the creative power of spirit directed to achievement of real opportunities.

625. (M.A.Y.). The step of the Desert Lion especially carries out thoughts. Therefore in future constructions this feature should be considered. And behind thoughts follow the thread of sharp-sightedly. If are carried out thoughts, that are carried out both good, and bad, both creative, and destructive, - thoughts and words are inseparable. But It is told that for each word it is necessary to give the answer in Day of Court. But this Court every day. Today for former thoughts answers we give, and tomorrow we will give for the today's. Let thoughts will be creative and positive. Each unsuccessful, destructive thought should be replaced immediately opposite. Dark thoughts of attendants of the darkness, sent by them on the victims, it is necessary to burn fire of spirit and to replace them the.

626. (Guru). The city ancient not is nice that that ancient, and that a basis laid down cultures and relics of the country. Without a basis isn't present to a hail of standing and there is no life to the people. Speaking about the Culture, the best we mean that was and there is at the people, the best and construction; The Culture also is a construction on a light basis. The tataro-Mongolian hordes subsided, foreigners the domination terminated, and Russia everything costs and becomes only stronger power after each test; because the Culture is strong and in the best energiya of spirit. With fires the magnets put on its open spaces burn, showing the guarantee to the wonderful future. Let's reject all negative and dark, we will look at essence of that endured centuries, and we will see — the basis of Culture is preserved. Visible forms not always speak about power of the invisible. How many governors fell will national. Visible force at times at all has no roots. Therefore I speak about Culture — a basis and people force! On the basis of it is possible to build, on the basis of it we will build also, to create the fairy tale of the buried hail (Kitezh) in life.

627. (Aug. 6). The future will be read by understanding and actions in it, bringing consequences. It is difficult to people to understand that their real acts and are their future following from them. They separate the reason from a consequence, forgetting that it is a rope stretched from the present in the future. On a rope section in any point of a past and the present it is possible to judge its future cuts. Nobody wishes to change threads, it making, consciously or to interweave new, differing from the already twisted. It is impossible to interrupt a chain of causes and effects, but new links in it can be brought or replaced one links with others. Answering habitual irritation of people around with irritation, you continue an old thread; answering with tranquility full, old fabric of a thread you replace new. So will replacing a usual consequence with the new, unusual, approved spirit and will, you make a transmutation of karmic threads and you change the karma. Dark, having surrounded you, skillfully and spitefully weave round you evil threads to achieve certain consequences. The teacher brings together energy them and pours out them in the form opposite conceived them. So everything I Turn on advantage, even energy of darkness. Hour of collision with darkness is heavy, but its advantage not excellent, if with Me. Dually all. The worse, the better! Experience rich give collisions with a dark force and knowledge of the person, because the darkness works through people. The person, being a magnet and being every instant light or darkness, as litmus serves for manifestation in itself this or that beginning. A lot of good happens in bad people and a lot of bad — in good. In these cases it is important to define equally effective that the nobility — ascends spirit or falls below. Equally effective not to determine by separate acts, it is necessary to know the person. But this knowledge because only the contact to Light causes outside, to ardent action, it’s all hidden properties is long. Therefore neither itself suitable, nor called it can't define that at a further contact of Light will waken in it from depths of its former existence. From here is great care and great vigilance on to the relation to coming nearer to you and through you. Are dangerous secret dugpa, are dangerous obsessed strong, attendants vague are dangerous, the attendants of the darkness who have come to the temple with your prayer are dangerous. Grief not distinguished. From here and tests endlessly and without a measure because who knows that at midnight whisper of darkness will whisper to in whom hardness suffers. But the main thing is equally effective. Attendants of Light and darkness are determined by it. And let the best qualities won't hide from a sharp-sighted eye of the enemy under Light mask. Eyes, voice, gait express inherited qualities of spirit. Squint is symptomatic always. Look running, a look uneasy, uncertain, cowardly, courageous, fearless, scattered, sharp-sighted — how many shades in eyes, the whole book for able to read. How many new colorings to expression they are given by each thought. Voice. There are no voices passionless, not expressing anything as isn't present, few, owning muscles of the person and its expression, a voice as eyes, it is sated with an astral fluid, and also fire. Eyes and voice is devices fiery. Seldom is it necessary to hear harmonious voices, - more often on the contrary. Sometimes they are very unpleasant and sharp, as a metal gnash. It offends an ear. Through a voice fiery energy of the person — darkness or light streams in space — depends on him. The smell of poison happens is pleasant, as also sounds of other voices if sharp recognition is absent. Flattering, insinuating voices are pleasant too much and hearing them caress. The good actor perfectly knows the voice on a scene. The pupil learns to put in a voice the emotions and feelings, as well as in eyes. Eyes and a voice of other people for it — the open book, but closed from its party for others. Gait and gestures! Whether observed bent, belittled by the life, the killed people, or those who wasn't broken by it? The internal essence of the person is expressed in each section of a body. You study not only look, but also to see. Having taken all triad of expression of the person by means of eyes, a voice and external movements, you will be able to catch after some skill its essence and to define it unmistakably. In addition heart is given still — its reaction to aura of strangers is usually right if to catch it right at the beginning. It is necessary to learn the person. Therefore I Learn.

628. (M.A.Y.). And still treachery wasn't avoided by any of Spirits Great. Let it will serve as caution. Even the knowledge of the person doesn't relieve of treachery. With Lords a case special, there planet karma, we should look in hundred faces, and the main thing, not to trust the word. Experience is severe to judge on affairs, and even is cruel because words and affairs express different things: words — external, I put — internal state of the person. Words are as fluid waters. Affairs are as bridge foundations. Question only is in there, where, it conducts.

629. (Aug. 9). Danger when it isn't realized as from conscious it is possible to be protected. Obsessed and got under influence it doesn’t realize. In it is situation tragedy. Dark skillfully and carefully seek to take cover, hide for what and anyone if only not to find them. Found, they are already powerless. It isn't enough wishing to go on obvious and open cooperation with darkness. Therefore their task is to influence and influence, without being found. At times only on consequences it is possible to find the dark channel. If words are good, and consequences are bad, a dark hand look for behind them. Great patrol is necessary from darkness. But if the lie and deception and consequences obvious, presence of darkness undoubtedly is available. If there are no external channels to darkness of adjacent people, so influence goes from the astral plan that is much worse because to find this communication more difficult and more difficult to stop. The victory, of course, will be, but what price. The damage caused is very great and caused by a hand of the loved one. So happens always because distant and enemies close aren't admitted. Conclusion one: friends harm through them is more dangerous than enemies, and. That is why treachery in the Doctrine is noted especially because there is a lot of harm from friends.

630. (Aug. 10). Burden of an unknown force of darkness is a sign of approach of Light. Degree of a force of darkness is an indicator of power of the future transformation of life in Light. Now to give in to darkness, means to lose eyes. But heavy currents will come to an end, and immediately will feel better. It is necessary to wait. Extent of opposition to external force is degree of a fiery The purpose — to keep and hold fires, despite everything and contrary to everything. The Teacher crucified by darkness deprived of everything, an example let will be firmness of spirit in the face of triumphing darkness. He Knew that its kingdom is long, but you know that its days are considered, and being crucified in the spirit of, you can collect and hold on forces till an o'clock of Arrival. It is necessary to keep any price. Temporary darkness, but Light the Highest is eternal. Light is the winner.

631. Hardly to operate the mass of human consciousnesses, and it is possible to imagine tension of Lords and the Lord when leaving energy is forced in the last convulsions of counteraction. The planetary moment is very heavy. The last beacons of light go out, and the planetary network because consciousnesses of those who has to support it, don't maintain a dark impact dies away. Guards leave the post and leave the Lord of One. Guardians of knots of Light of a network planetary don't fulfill the duty to the Lord and that promote darkness. The few remained bear unreasonable burden thanks to weakness and neglect of others. Therefore the little remained true to a debt it is intolerable difficult. It is empty around, there is nobody to lean. Call about that helped to keep balance, hits in the closed ears. The darkness triumphs the Pyrrhis a victory. . But that, who will resist in Me these terrible days, subjects me. I will Tell: "My soldiers, My children, My beloved, to you My Heart bail that a victory we will reach. You will be not forgotten also by Me, My Day will come".

632. (M.A.Y.). You think it is easy to us? If to you it is heavy, to us ten times, and still we stand. Care space and the gloom all-planet is most difficult than your cares. You feel, and we see movement of mass of a decaying matter. Horror, words not transferred because the chaos is so far from human consciousness. Fight against it demands the improbable tension of all strength of mind. Also it is necessary to protect and protect people from them the generated horrors. Waves of brown gas, concerning human consciousness, kill in it each sparkle of light. And if communication with Hierarchy doesn't keep or is absent at all, it plunges into utter darkness. Darkness revelry — so we will call the danger which has hung over Earth. As strong owe everything who can and in forces, hold Light and its Hierarchy in this fight of the last with darkness. You keep and to us help to hold the Banner Light Lord Maitreya.

633. (Gurus) - the Dream specify that aren't left by attention. I consider as soldiers of the Lord. As saw, it is a little of you very much with me, and you under reliable protection. Who are faithful remains up to the end — will reach.

634. (Aug. 11). It is difficult to carry out usual Communication in the conditions of the unusual. It is difficult to assimilate consciousness with this singularity changing hourly; therefore and warned against surprises. It is necessary to adjust the consciousness receiver so that singularity of conditions remained below, and Communication was made over them and everything that changes constantly. It isn't necessary to bring in process of Communication of anything of the current hour: neither thoughts, nor moods, neither burden of day, nor other child terrestrial. Bonds of the son with the Father are indissoluble and indissoluble. It is necessary that nothing influenced them. The confidence should such be had in Hidden Presence of the Lord that the external doesn't influence any more it. "And I approve You, My Father and the Lord, all strength of Spirit of Mine, both contrary to, and counter to evidence dense and to whirlwinds of the astral world. I approve you in consciousness My and heart in the face of denying darkness and conditions of the dense world. Bonds continuity binding us, I claim, the Lord" — so addresses the one, who it is foreordained to Me and who Mine from the beginning, and was, who in centuries steadily Mine. We came dense for fight with evidence, we left it to win and we approve therefore fiery reality before variability of a treacherous face of evidence. At they look, at the blind. Embraced Maya deception, they live strong garbage of day, fleeting dreams and in a stupor of feelings passing. Evidence human, that is a small world in which everyone lives, is great deception and a great the distorted of reality. In Space there is no place to these illusions, all this asthma and a virulence of evaporation of terrestrial heaps. Clothes, body, food, the house, work is this entire dream, cruelly and inevitably coming to an end with death. In it is their lie the main. Once you resolutely stretch a life thread out of limits of terrestrial embodiments and over them, the reality will start opening the face. But Maya is persistent, both the darkness is refined, and both of them wait for an instant again to throw a misunderstanding cover on seeking to escape from their embraces consciousness. I and Mine are all over both of them, over dreams passing terrestrial. Me approving atop, forces are found by the hero to break century fetters. But it is necessary to remember that persistence unprecedented darkness and Maya, terrestrial and Elevated. They as a bear block, being rejected, comes back again won't finish yet the consciousness rejecting them. But it is worth rising above only what the animal consciousness of a bear can't guess, both the block isn't terrible, and blows won't be able to put any more. And blows from darkness and Maya falsity beat the person until his consciousness stays in that plane where they are possible. But once the consciousness towers, and to rise to Me, and to be with Me, by will pass all blows both impregnable and inaccessible to them there will be a spirit of the person. Therefore I Call spirit to rise and become closer to Me. Therefore I Speak: "The friend, take heart, I Won against the world and to you Specify a way to this victory. To My World I Call from dreams of terrestrial fleeting and ardent illusions terrestrial". Would be happy and everything would be good, as though there could be you to Me over Earth. Rejoice to close living conditions, strong pulling together us. "Rejoice, children ", — so I Speak, — "because My time approaches". The darkness is great — rejoice, children because Light is already close.

635. As words before Maya ardent strength and powerlessly understanding are often powerless. And then there is a pupil in situation extreme. Tactics of Adversa is Applied by the Teacher to open Maya essence and to show a transient it. And then the consciousness surrounded with a circle of hopelessness, the strengthened darkness, rises above, to the Lord, because there is no other way out.

636. (M.A.Y.). Ours to you proximity shown in the light of the Lord; if is close to you, we are close also. Therefore to a sign also you judge. And the proximity approve not as words, but the radiations. They only one bear light in darkness of the present. Without them the best affairs are dark even. Radiations of aura shine proximity to the Teacher of Light. The closer It to heart and in heart, the radiations is brighter. They shine, when in heart of the Lord. So without the Lord there is no light inside, both the aura goes out, and the world don’t have advantage of the gone-out heart. Service to the Lord consists in light execution in aura radiations. There is no other criterion, and there is no other way. Not words, I didn't put, but the aura bearing in light to the world, serves as an indicator of the step reached by spirit in its aspiration up.

637. (Guru). So, again we come to need of streamlining of the fiery device and consciousness reduction to a harmonious condition. The boat, in which the person floats, has be operated, and a strong hand; because waves on the sea and a wind grows stronger. The immediate task — a wheel strong to take in hand, differently waves will incur where to them will take in head. It is necessary to find forces to cope with it, and it is necessary to seize it. It is possible to direct and put all thoughts on it to that desire and heart. The way to the Lord lies through itself. We know that is difficult, but a hand we give when we see that forces ran low. I will tell only one: and nevertheless we will reach.

638. (Aug. 12). The stronghold rises over the world over all constructions human. It is very symbolical. This is Kingdom My. It over terrestrial heaps is affairs of hands human. The person in My riches because are saved up for him has a share. To everyone I Speak: "Come and take the part of the past — wisdom of centuries, but in the future everything that the mankind should receive still". Let's call these gifts of evolution: clairvoyance, clairluhear, flights in hidden bodies, a feeling-knowledge, communication with a treasury of spatial thoughts, knowledge of the Invisible Worlds, management of thin energiya of the highest tension, future vision, ability to read in Akasha's rolls and so on, and further. Area of all these achievements are destiny of the person and if he knows where goes and that wants, available there is it. Others want terrestrial wellbeing, others — popularity and glory, all have the wanted by everyone, but knowing about Treasures of my Kingdom to them will direct behind achievement. In one life not to reach everything — many lives are necessary, - but all eternity before the person. In this eternity the future becomes for it a ladder of achievements. The traveler who is going towards the aim, each step in the correct direction approaches to it. As also the person knowing that is his life purpose, everything can approach to it if commitment is kept. On Earth also their lives the person not for other that, but for following on the way of evolution of spirit and disclosure of its fiery potential. The precept about an all-achievable is given, and the principle of grain small, giving shoots big is specified. It is necessary believe that everything serves the one who knows about the purpose great. Also can't but serve because on stones climb up in a year. And stones are not obstacles, but a support to a foot. Difficultly to people to understand that all terrestrial conditions — both good and bad, both favorable and adverse, will be a carpet of the future on which the foot of the person directed in boundlessness of his opportunities goes. It is possible to deliver a task to itself to overcome strength of mind and fiery its energiya everything that is given us by life. Small feelings terrestrial — it is hard to overcome them. But life — is the best Teacher, and it gives everyday opportunities endlessly. All over the world a beacon the ship reaches harbor in darkness of a stormy night. But the beam of its light from eyes can't be missed. Treasures of power are collected only by what look is directed continuously and firmly in this shining area of achievements of human spirit. They are scattered in life by particles small those achievements which are a task for the person — to unite everything in itself. In total that ever and somewhere was reached and carried out by the person in the field of spirit, in the sphere of its power over a matter, and over a body, and the bodies — all this is achievable, as well as much, infinitely many from this of what people don't dare to dream at all. Task of the yogi — to unite in it everything and to make to itself sub office thin energy of the fiery device. Specify Teacher on these opportunities and approach ways to them. But it is necessary to rise over life usual and usual to turn into singularity of achievements. Usual life that is already unusual that represents a piece of eternity, the shown in temporary and passing. Elements of eternity are put in it, and on them it is possible to build the spirit house.

639. World events rage. From them circles disperse, taking all areas of life. But so was always, during the entire periods of world history. External and internal human life flew as a stream, but the spirit was over it. Dumb Witness inside passed by him chains of events, without being we take them. He looked eyes of the Roman at destruction of the Great Empire and eyes of the barbarian on invasions of hordes. In each person the Silent Recorder noted an infinite tape of the phenomena. The phenomena passed, new they replaced, others to them will come to change, but Silently Looking will look and records all. Over temporary eternal is in the person, and It is silent Looking — his carrier.
640. (M.A.Y.). People know about that or not, they want or don't want, but relationship human is stretched from life in life, from an embodiment in an embodiment and extends out of death limits. Feelings human — the phenomenon of a fiery order and with death isn’t destroyed. Knowing all this, it is possible the relation with people to build on the principle of duration. It is better to have friends, than enemies. It is better not to do enemies, but dark friends won't be. Therefore enemies are inevitable. But each meeting — a thread stretched in the future. To give it coloring, depends on you, what and as. It is impossible to limit to a circle of one life it. Living in the future, both not having the past, and taking the present, we come nearer in eternity. So it is necessary to stretch longer lifeline.

641. (Guru). Events hyrry. And you? It is better to fly ahead; ahead is future, and it you know. Means, it is possible to expect their course. The success of the New Country is provided in everything, even despite mistakes. Victory is on our board, and we with it, and the Lord. Whirlwinds it is necessary to wait

642. (Aug. 13). We left to win against darkness, and We will achieve this victory. In fight against darkness the spirit human has to strengthen the forces. In this fight it is possible to temper spirit, as in something another. As it the darkness will serve Light. The darkness decays for flowers of spirit. Adversa tactics by the edge is turned against darkness. The darkness in reply strikes blows, and the damage at times is great. But damage this seeming because concerns not the spirit, but only covers. The spirit nasty is impregnable, is inaccessible to darkness. Sufferings, pain and blows only temper it and clear its covers of sleepy heaps. Finally release of spirit from the power of violent darkness and evidence dense is reached. And the winner spirit which has risen up, to the Lord, below under itself leaves the fetters. Noise and turmoil of a material world loses the power over consciousness. Way celestial the released consciousness follows. And My World which then it concerns becomes obviously available. The contact of my Sphere brings spirit out of the personal world, and the horizons of the superpersonal open before it. Trust in Strength of the Lord — you will win against the old person. Me hourly in itself approving, a victory over the world you forge. To be with Me — means to be in World Mine and at tops. With Me and at tops it is possible to be, being in the thick of life, in the forefront Day breakers. The facts of life are fiery reality, and fight — the statement it on Earth, in consciousnesses human. When at tops and it is strong with Me, then you other-worldly. Not dream, not soaring on pink clouds, but the most severe honor of collision with life and its overcoming in itself. And the darkness is overcome too in itself because the one who in itself anymore has no anything from it overcomes it and who won against it in the spirit of. This in the spirit of a victory over darkness at first in the person gives it also outside over rage of external conditions and dark attempts spirit to break a hopelessness, utter darkness and hopelessness dense. When in heart of the Lord, all at all: neither the darkness isn't terrible, nor enemies, difficulties of life current. The thought wins everything, and with Me the victory is got. It is necessary to remember only it in the closest conditions and in the face of the most terrible danger. Against us when we are close in the spirit of, nobody is strong and nobody will resist, because the one who with Me is the winner always. Understand that in the spirit of a victory. It has to be gained in the spirit of before shown outside. The victory in the spirit of isn't need for the sake of external actions, but represents itself the internal, hidden, fiery process of awareness of the power, indestructibility of spirit and a celebration of force it over the counteracting world outside. The consciousness of a victory, victorious condition, understanding of impossibility of vulnerability of spirit something external, will be the guarantee of this victory and the subsequent statement it outside an ardent citadel of spirit. In the spirit of a victory — it is hardly to realize depth of these words. Recognized won in the spirit of — anymore a soldier, not free, he already suffered defeat though externally, perhaps, still nothing occurred. We don’t know defeats. Any Lord never Spirit didn't break yet under burden of external blows and external conditions. And the darkness triumphing over pursued, crucified and persecuted Carriers of Light, triumphed in vain. Bodies tormented them, and them killed, but Spirit to break and couldn't kill. And We Won, and there is no Owner of Darkness already, and days are considered as it’s the last shield. And despite violent dark revelry of fateful attendant’s dark, I Claim, its days are considered. I Approve the Victory and you to the Victory I Call, my soldiers true, in Me resisted in days of a great gloom over Earth.
643. To be merged in consciousness with the Lord — victories pledge. Fire fills heart and its Light. Notice how days of collision with darkness are always accompanied by a victory and new stays. Damage caused by it, blossoms fires of new achievements and understanding of forces new. So darkness we Force to Serve you faithfully and forces everything that to strengthen you and to make stronger still. In twilight of fight and ardent collisions with it you remember it because behind you I Stand and to you I Help to cope with dark rack. About disappearing don't grieve. It is better to strengthen the remained columns, than on rotten to lean.

644. (M.A.Y.). By spirit and heart I claim that you have no bigger Defender and the Friend on Earth and in the Worlds. Reply with appreciation and love. Attention and Care answer with the light, from you proceeding and to the world brought, in darkness. When your heart light shines, pleasure to the Lord, because is his children. How to persuade and how to convince that only full devotion and full return of in the spirit of the Lord you reach the unattainable and impossible you do possible. To be given to the Lord by everything consciousness if the consciousness allows — pleasure for spirit. I will go on about the Lord until there is He food and life. Otherwise after all reach. On them who are rushing about on bark of a planet, you don't look. Not them your destiny. Your way to Light, to it, with it’s strong in heart.

645. (Guru) - could Tell much, but completeness of the accord isn't present, the past disturbs, it is necessary preventing to withdraw and establish a tone new. It is bad when try to keep step with a back of a tatter of yesterday. The Send has to meet full understanding and an assessment. The envoy delivers the Message. It is better to exaggerate, than to belittle, for you it is better. Let's come into contact on the basis new. About the old we will forget. To us the right to proximity is approved by fidelity also obtaining our instructions; true, remembering, so remained a little. Devotion we appreciate. With understanding of fiery force I want to fill. It in us, in each of us, but it is necessary to realize it, to realize and increase the conscious. The crystal will grow and increase in force from each victory. Having Energy Treasure to you can help to seize it in itself. I will help and help because strong you I want to see.

646. (Aug. 14). Here passed one more day of opportunities of approach to Light what you made what made each of you to come nearer to Me? Full-tendency means as well precipitancy having done some flying the future, to the Sphere of possible achievements. What did you reach in a day last, full opportunities to promote further? Whether seized feelings and the emotions? Whether supervised movements? Whether kept thought with Me? How the astral clown proved in you and wriggled? Whether showed a face of restraint, tranquility and possession of? How spoke with people? How hearts bore the lamp among a gloom? How as the word served the Lord? How the voice sounded and what words were stirred by your language? Or only light of the word told lips? Honestly in total having weighed and having estimated, you will see, as are far there were you from thoughts and actions attendant of Light. . Or you think to reach an Arhat plunging entirely into a commonness and being such, how all? If you don't dump usual clothes and you won't clothe in light attire, your light remains darkness. The person of the past in you and the person of the future in you fight for domination. To which you prefer and whom you want yourself display — depends on thoughts, both feelings, and acts. It is necessary clearly, to see distinct what want to become you, and this form, this essence of expression of your spirit, probably, in the future, to give the chance to express yourself in the present, merging with it all thoughts, feelings and actions; in itself shown not to give opportunity to the old person, but to give its new, forced to replace old, and to enclose the heart in new, and with him to stay constantly. You want to dream? Dream that new in you was approved, seized itself and learned balance of spirit. You will be tormented with a randomness of external conditions while the winner won't enter the rights of possession of all microcosm of your essence. Even you can wonder: "I arrive so, and the winner as though arrived? » It is necessary to opportunity to allow the Highest to be shown "I" among life usual. And then singularity will be included into your life and there is it every day. Singularity every day— features of life of Arhat. Threaten on big affairs to approve at least the small. Everything begins with small, becoming gradually big, and then already great. But it is necessary to begin. For this purpose also the present days are given to use them for a victory. If by pass uselessly, what advantage of them? You judge day last appeared what and that it brought and as you in life attached my Instructions. You judge yourself on affairs, both words, and acts, and thoughts. But you judge yourself. Judge everyone and solver of the acts and destiny.

647. How many the heads are so much and the worlds, and each world leads the life; but there aren't enough the worlds filled with Me and directed to Me. Therefore you can judge the importance of aspiration. From a small world of the person the light thread reaches for Me and connects to my World. On a thread of aspiration are transferred to a world of vibration of light, filling it with new life. And the world starts growing and turns into an interior connected by communication live to the Sphere of Light. In process of growth of aspiration gets stronger and communication, and a stream of sent particles of light. So the Beam is established and the directed becomes the pupil. Further already depends on constancy, devotion and the firmness of will, and an aspiration unrestrained. Hands are given to you from the Stronghold, and Beams flow; but many by pass without noticing.

648 . (M.A.Y.) Here day passed, and I again with you. Yes! Day passed, but what it brought and what gave? And if didn't give anything? So after all and the whole life cannot give anything. We know about the whole pages which have been pulled out from "Book Life". It is possible to use morning to plan that it is possible to make in a day. The Teacher everyday gives a task for day and energy for performance set. It is impossible to tell already that we don't know that to do or of what to think. A lot of things need to be executed in life current. You know that you want to reach. And a way to achievement you know too. Means, it is necessary to work and to approve in itself the necessary qualities of spirit, because the basis — in them.

649. (Guru). If the spirit — is fire as it is important that the fire of spirit burned inextinguishably. Spirit fire itself doesn't burn, but from the crystals collected in the Bowl; each movement by the low-slightest the person accumulates or wastes Treasure crystals. And therefore from now on and up to the end — this Treasure to increase a task. So we will direct the will on that fire of spirit increased and the Treasure of energy collected. It is necessary удумать as best to find a way for the most necessary and how to execute successfully that is the purpose of existence of the person on Earth and in the Worlds.

650. (Aug. 15). It is possible to learn to cause in it these or those feelings, feelings and emotions it is perfect irrespective of external circumstances. Usually at people happens on the contrary. This independence exempts the person from slavery at the passing phenomena. It is possible, since morning having risen, to solve: "I will rejoice today, but out of any communication by that around, it is simple because I want". The external reasons of grieves and pleasures human are very relative, and one are pleased with that grieves others. The phenomenon influencing our experiences to serve as the standard or criterion therefore can't. Also the pupil is right, deciding to show pleasure without any external reasons to that. It is possible to go further, and to rejoice to the phenomenon which was earlier grieving. In the beginning for self-persuasiveness it is necessary to take from a causing grief of the phenomenon that positive that is available in it. Here deceived cruelly. "As your deception as it teaches Me to much as shows the road to that in the future not to be already deceived is useful to Me. To lesson I will be glad". So argues wanting to change a corner of the relation to the events. Everything teaches us, and in everything there is something that the benefit is brought and that teaches the next lesson of life. When life becomes too heavy, it is possible to start to learn to live internal feelings, irrespective of burden external. It is easy to keep fine and light mood when everything is good and happy, but will to create such mood when everything causes mood absolutely opposite, will be a victory over life. Millions, health don't give to some people happiness — means, happiness inside, in something another. Try to be joyful at the request of will and regardless of an external environment. Pleasure of spirit We Call pleasure from spirit is. Usual pleasures are fragile. As the pleasure terrestrial grows quickly dull and is settled, and any more amuses heart and an eye that pleased until recently. Why reins to give from the moods and feelings in hands to things passing. It is quiet because I want; it is joyful because I want pleasure of spirit, instead of Maya things passing. So it is possible to cause in itself a number of feelings, feelings and emotions out of their any dependence on dark conditions and subjects to be exempted from their power, from the power of the present over consciousness. Then in a dungeon it is possible to be free and joyful pleasure of spirit then in Elevated it is possible to be free from whirlwinds of astral and heavy influences of negative spheres. In World Elevated the external influences consciousness strongly extraordinary, and it is very necessary to approve in itself immunity against external influences on Earth. The astral clown got used to wriggle as a result of external influences, nowadays he submits to will, executing its orders, but not strangers. Very valuable to scent is in itself this freedom of the feelings without outside influences. It is possible to give to it tasks to react to any external event not as usually but as Specify will as the spirit wants. The spirit too long stayed in slavery at the covers. Nowadays time came to cease to be the slave. Outside there is the same, but the internal relation changes, the corner of the relation turns on 180 degrees. Earlier the phenomenon influenced will and covers; nowadays the will influences and establishes nature of this reaction in covers. So the relation changes to each phenomenon of life. Everything becomes as though on the contrary. Deceived — well, restrained — well, friends — well left in need, pressure intolerable — is good, everything is good that opportunity gives fiery strength to claim and the power over everything that inside and outside.

651. (M.A.Y.). Not that bike, who without cares, and the one, who among heavy cares, both alarms, and adversities stores the spirit from violation by them. Saw often the people crushed by spirit, whose spirit was broken and broken by waves of external influences. Growth to itself can't even add an elbow, or to change nature Laws, either Earth rotation, or obstinacy biped, but the spirit can be protected from violation because process of protection of spirit takes place inside and cannot concern at all that occurs outside. Outside there can be the most improbable, uneasy, terrible: the cities can collapse, be exterminated the people, suddenly change forms of habitual living conditions, epidemics, floods, accidents — everything can occur outside. But the spirit remains inside, not mentioned directly this entire if the will manages to protect it from external influences. Even the death of a body doesn't stop spirit life, even change of other covers. So, having concentrated in the spirit of the life basis, it is possible to raise over life the winner of life.

652. (Guru). In the spirit of approve strong that future which you want to see in the accord with life evolution, claim, despite everything and to all contrary to, and desire ardent in the spirit of once and somewhere, but it is immutable it will be embodied in external forms of life. In it the primacy of spirit and not transient persistence of his will over a transient of the dense world is shown. Everything will be executed that is planned the Plan of Lords because the Highest Will of Claims in Plan tracings. As also your will if from eternal spirit proceeds, it in the aspirations will reach what wants. I speak that knew that impossibility and an invincible of temporary external conditions for us not a barrier. Not a barrier it in you because we build the spirit temple over them, atop, over life terrestrial and usual. You build the house, and we help you. And we will complete the house.

653. (Aug. 16). The fear should be eradicated so that it wasn't tested even in a dream, as well as counteraction to people. To run from the enemy, even in a dream, is more useless for the soldier of Light. The enemy is as though strong seemed, the back can't be turned. Even receding, it is necessary to keep facing the enemy, and it is necessary that a condition it crashed so deeply into consciousness that and waking or sleeping distinction in behavior in relation to enemies wasn't any. The dream finds often yet gets rid properties of the character which have nestled somewhere in back streets of consciousness. They follow transmutation. Close the question of imagined qualities is connected with it. Sometimes special test is required to reveal and separate imagined qualities of the presents. A lot of detachment is necessary to take a detached view of it, and it is necessary to look at itself from Us, from the Stronghold, in the spirit of having separated from three (the lowest covers).

654. (Aug. 17). My children! Difficulty of a way that is a lot of the phenomena attracting attention and heart, it is scattered on the road parties. And heart directs to them, and with them seeks to stay, but not with Me. More than once it was possible to observe how something inside directed to the Lord, and heart wanted to remain with things around, Attracted it and taken it. Two focuses of an attraction turn out: to Me and world of a direct environment. And to which interest is more, that also wins. So the consciousness is between various poles of an attraction and depends on what is preferred. The will can help, but nevertheless solves heart. These focuses, or attraction spheres, exist and in the Thin World, but already extra dense order. The house on Earth — is dense, but the same house in the form of a mental thin form already out dance though attracts to itself the consciousness released from a body. Such forms we call heaps. They also form spheres of an attraction of a terrestrial order, though deprived density of the physical world. Their harm is that they are deprived of the valid basis that they, though exist, but have no life, as though reflection of the world terrestrial. The consciousness which has got stuck in these phantoms, in them sinks, cutting off itself opportunities to learn the reality world. The reality is in the world truly real, in World Lord in knowledge of Space and that in it is over human heaps. All heat up the mental products space not. Attendants of Light sate it with the images close to reality, and products of true creativity of spirit. Their criterion is the Beauty. Therefore art is closest to Truth because on Beauty Space is created. Therefore mental creativity of the person that corresponds and созвучит to reality is divided and that shows is based on it, and that is Maya phantoms. Maya attendants — it is all people, living her and living in her. Knowledge carriers — Attendants of the Truth, Truth,
Reality is Attendants of Light. And the pupil has to understand already where his consciousness at each this moment of his life, that is the nobility that to serve is attracted: Maya or Light Knowledge illusions.

655. (M.A.Y.). Attendants of the truth, where they were to look for them among crowds seduced Mirages Maya? In total and everything as who evolutions serve, bear in itself and on itself the press of the Space Truth. Among them also look for congenial, in whatever clothes there were they. On them is spirit press. Not at their words you look, but at affairs. Are justified by affair; these are builders of life, happiness found in work. Work is process fiery, process of accumulation in an organism of fires. Workers are taken away the first place in evolution run. The going era will be marked by fire tension, showing in works intense. In tension of ardent, creative activity looks for the fiery solution of life.

656. (Guru). More than once it was possible to notice how the intense work, whatever it was brings fiery pleasure and any special lifting. It is lifting of a creative power of the person who has found in work the statement of fiery potential of spirit. Work intense, work creative, work selfless — is a fiery way of evolution of spirit to mastering by all fires. Already you know that work, and it is thus more intense, and in World Elevated. Work - destiny of the person. But fiery work is its happiness and pleasure. The treasure of energiya is filled in works. If you want to fill crystals of fire and the centers to force to be shone — you work. The secret of work lit up is that it puts the person in possession of that inheritance and those space gifts which are prepared to it evolution. Think to reach exercises and breath, but without effort, saturated and intense, all this anything. In work fruits of all achievements are hidden. Work creative is a display in life of burning fires. Intense work is welcomed; work endlessly, everywhere, in all Worlds. We work thought. Rest only temporary was, for accumulation of forces. To work we call also you, with us going. It is necessary to think of secret of work strong.

657. (Aug. 18). In the astral world terrestrial places become spatial conditions that are conditions of this place are transferred to space, losing thus signs of distances and communication with other terrestrial places and objects. So, the terrestrial house is transferred to space in that look as it took shape in consciousness of the person, and in that form which the person gave it. If the house of the neighbor in which transferring him never I happened is thus transferred also, only present type of the house, an external form its, its external surfaces imprinted in consciousness is transferred. If the person never left the village, he with itself to the World Thin will carry away the village with that environment which was seen by an eye. So from the wide world terrestrial one village with the small district surrounding it will be pulled out and imprinted there as the world terrestrial. Imperfection and limitation it is easy to see forms from outside. And it is possible be surprised that similar reflections have nothing in common with reality. If, living in the city, we don't know that becomes behind walls of the next house and what inside the house, it is possible to understand, our representations even the dense world how are limited and distorted. About expansion of consciousness it is spoken not without reason. Reflections really real don't exist in Space as reality, but human heaps are light astral. The inexperienced consciousness in them chokes and sinks, especially connected by the house prison. As well passions carry away spirit of the person spheres, to its corresponding and filled conformable everyone generations. Release from passions, or impassivity, means release from an attraction of all these spheres. The player surely will appear in a gambling den, and the drunkard among soul mates. Attraction is on compliance. So, rolling in these illusive, but real forms for spirit, the person in the Thin World in the direction put on Earth continues to move, won't be settled yet generated by it energy. It is better not to have houses terrestrial at all, than, having, but to be to it attached. It is better not to be connected anybody and anything and not to be attached to anything; better, leaving to finish all scorers with an environment dense. It well without the house terrestrial, the person is free then. It is possible to see how it is difficult to come off even in thoughts the comfortable center. Council all: not become attached to anything: nor to people, nor to places, to the prophetic. They are various forms of slavery. To the lord and the Guru — here to whom heart without fear can attach it lose freedom. Among Maya various ghosts it is possible to distinguish reality foundations: it is creative activity, but superpersonal, this art and its creations, it everything that builds life evolution. Forms of life are real. But their representation which is reflecting in consciousness of the person isn't real. Reality of space of the highest measurements other, than dense world; among infinitely different human ideas of the world where find correct and faultless? So, having only concerned World Lord it is possible to observe from the Sphere it spheres terrestrial and to notice their true relationship. Time and space in the highest measurements have aspect absolutely other. The distance is, but is defined by a thought Lightful. It is possible to move, but force of saved-up fire. If fires are absent, ability can't move to be shown. It is a lot of Secrets in Space, but the greatest — Secret of Fire.

658. (M.A.Y.). If you remain true in the spirit of the Lord, for the future it is possible to leave alarm. It doesn't leave if heart is given It. If only the imperfections didn't serve as a pretext to depart from the Lord. Many depart from It under this plausible excuse. "I, say, It not it is worthy". Conclusion from this destructive formula such is that, understanding itself unworthy to come nearer, the person justifies the distance and removal from the Lord — and inevitable thereof immersion in darkness. Many, even good consciousnesses, stumbled on it. Warn friends.

659. (Guru) - The fir-tree and Is identical in the winter in the summer. And the unlucky pupil rushes about from one condition of spirit to another, torn apart by opposite attractions. But attraction focuses for chosen a way to the Lord - one is Light focus, and, apparently, focus of darkness shouldn't affect consciousness. But heavy and the consciousness at height are hard to hold times. Then I repeat it is possible to study at a fir-tree.

660. (Aug. 19). We don’t love denial, "no" also doesn't mean absence, absence, emptiness, that is something opposite to the nature of things therefore not denial, but the statement is preferred by us. People know that it isn't necessary to do, and still do. It is better to know that it is necessary to do — and to do. The essence of denial is negative, passive, and inert; in the statement shown activity. The inert good thereof is often won by the active, active, militant evil. In movement or it isn't mobile, in public or one, on vacation or in works, but the yogi is active always and the militant opposes itself to the evil. Never reconciles and doesn't incline before a combination of external conditions, knowing that they cope will, and if not it, others. But will foreign he doesn't want to betray the life and therefore approves the. Life is the statement something, someone's wills, both desires, and thoughts. The yogi can't be given to the power of the casual energiya born in human microcosms. The phenomena generated by a combination wills human, are deprived uniform directing, uniting them, and conscious will because who can expect everything and therefore such combinations the will, directing their energy in the desirable direction can operate. Energy these flow as a stream and when will Specify it the direction, usually they to it are obedient, but it is necessary to dig in space the channel for energiya moving to the future. It can give any form and the direction. Energy can take and issue at the will. It is better to plan streams of the phenomena and their current, it is better most to define their form and character, than to be given or give them on will of destiny and to accidents of external conditions. It is better to claim most, than to appear in the face of someone else's statements. Compare a shuttle rushing on a current, at will of waves, or operated by a firm hand. Future registration is a will prerogative. If it happens in the accord to the Plan of Lords, its success is immutable. It isn't necessary to limit only it to short terms because the Plan Is conceived for big terms. Also it will be executed. To your will, merge with Will Lords, will the human won't hinder.

661. It is much permitted to the one who the measure all permissions treats the Lord but if received the permission about the Lord forgot, in a scourge.

662. (M.A.Y.). Going out of the traced Plan of Happiness to itself won't find.

663. (Aug. 20). My son, you is right when the karma starts working and terms come, everything develops in immutable compliance with it. And the will then is powerless to change main current of life. At these moments it is impossible to interfere with karma — it is useless. But, knowing the appointment and those terms came, it is necessary to coordinate the actions with them. It is much lost because of inconsistency. Now terms didn't come yet, and desired time didn't come yet and therefore any attempt are show the activity outside won't be expedient and results won't yield. I believe unnecessary any attempts to gain recognition before term. Also I Consider that opinions of people around (those who don’t know) can't express the valid state of affairs and understanding of mission of the son. Even the knowing will be surprised when time will come. Also will think how we passed it, after all knew, and were close. Those who understand now and begin see clearly in the future, keenness of those can be noted and it to put down to credit. I prepare conditions for the introduction in a foreordained field of activity.

664. Discrepancy between aspirations of spirit to express itself in external actions and restrictions of the dense world is so great that many don't maintain. From is it so few happy people is among Spirits High. Terrestrial conditions are too rough and rough.

665. Immersion in the personal excludes possibility of a contact space and even the planetary phenomena. Personal it is possible to find time, but not to the detriment of the rest. Than the bike of people there are less than personal thoughts, especially. Therefore it is better to give thoughts to the Lord and to be with Him. If to delete the world of personal thoughts, the spirit won't suffer from it, and on the contrary, its world extends. Even all-planetary life proceeds outside personal worlds. Even the speaker from a tribune doesn't speak about the private matters. Even in public life the real people personal don't submit for display. There is no place personal in future our constructions. It is excluded at all. It is necessary to think of it and to understand it.

666. (Aug. 21). Not to cover with any words, any reasoning’s that instructions of Mother are rejected. Also tell, what Mother did transfers according to My instructions, and on whose it? Also tell that the present contents in the magazine won't be while incompleteness is available. Also tell that you will cooperate only under a condition if instructions of Mother concerning A.P are followed. and also if executes that served as the reason of its divergence with the son and if Z.T. will agree take part in their affairs again. Words it isn't necessary much, but let them will be accurate and clear. Even to the blind it is clear as were ridiculous criticism and condemnations. It is impossible to reckon with opinion of neighbors because they know nothing < ... >; far were and is from Us and entrusted ours. Verbosity it isn't necessary. Despite seeming failure, a lot of things are reached. The criticism any more won't be, and blows to relatives. Hostility in letters isn't present therefore the way to at least any extent of mutual understanding isn't closed. Let everyone will reveal the face up to the end. It is necessary in order that division was full. I will go with those who with Me. Vague it isn't necessary to me. We consider not on that, it is good or bad, and on that, with Us or against. Vague be afraid more, than open enemies because harm from them is reserved and their poison imperceptibly gets into system and poisons it. About anybody and be not sorry about anything. The hero — alone, but wins against the world. The way of an eagle is lonely, but he the first sees the sun during rising. I — your sun, and Beams shine My wings, and years yours doesn't know barriers.
667. (M.A.Y.). You keep, native. Left be not afraid to be, because we. Then all will come.

668. (Guru). Guess what, how many it was necessary to go on the ground, and make an allotment. They call intolerance, and we — devotion and fidelity, them and you will go the years which have remained on Earth.

669. (Aug. 22). In honor won't be lagged behind. Direct to it (to devotion) all consciousness — and the goal will be reached. Who speaks "no"? When I Speak "yes"! There will be everything prespecified by Me. Up to the end undergone, in Me resisted, all will receive. Clear victory if reaches though one. You will become is stronger on number of the departing: one disappeared — twice more strongly, two — three times, and so on. The destiny of the departed isn't light. Packs of monsters winged plow the ocean of thoughts. By it incorrect heart is opened. The rotten tolerance is worse than intolerance because enters into deception.

670. What dark inspired, whatever sent thoughts, know, for Us a victory and I with you always. And if it seems — the Lord left — this is Maya. So, approving reality in the face of evidence dense, you will reach Me. Don't take their thought for the. It is easy to distinguish them: pleasures don't give, from Me separate, force to forget about everything that to you Spoke. And you repeat continued those words that my Proximity is approved also by Focus of Light, Hierarchy.

671. (M.A.Y.). The best school for studying of the person is life. Only she can teach recognition of faces therefore nowadays and ardent opportunity is given. Means, it is necessary to study.

672. (Guru). Lash a butt you won't overcome, as well as obstinacy human. And will free. Seeing mistakes, it is necessary to explain, and then to provide to solve, having left a freedom of choice. And then won't be able to tell any more, not known.

673. (Aug. 23). I consider inexpedient to rely on something outside. I consider that it is possible to rely only on Hierarchy of Light, but regardless of accident of external conditions. The darkness external can't serve as a support for understanding of Light. But, believing on Us all consciousness, you can succeed. The prosperity consists not in how there is a terrestrial, external life, and in how grow in quality of spirit and fires approved by them. Qualities of spirit shown in the form of fires giving deposits of fiery crystals which integrated power concentrate in the Bowl. So qualities of spirit, being carriers of fires, are inseparably linked with its ascension on the Perfection Ladder. Some think to succeed somehow differently, but other way to Light isn't present. Aspiration is fire, courage — fire, firmness — fire. Precisely in firmness the exactly burning flame is show inflexible power of spirit. But weakness fluctuates from each whiff of whirlwinds terrestrial, and go out, fluctuating, fires, - because there are so much extinct consciousnesses. Means care — about qualities of spirit because without them there are no fires, without fire — death. Because there is so much live dead persons and so many the obsessed. Obsesses don't dare to come nearer to burning heart. The care of fires is inseparably linked with care of qualities of spirit. So the statement of qualities and their development will be a fiery way of spirit. Think that live that is either to drink, or to dress well, or prosperity to have and surround itself with things, but life is given to increase fires, that is qualities of spirit and if the fiery way of spirit is found the purpose of life to put the statement of qualities. Availability of approved fires means immortality because in the spirit of it is possible to die even at a live body. Live dead persons phenomenon not only evangelical, but also very modern. People think only about the terrestrial and much on Earth reach, but material achievement — anything,
if to them there doesn't correspond spirit growth. Growth of spirit is growth of fires. Fire which has descended on apostles is a symbol of fiery transformation of the person. There are a lot of steps of this transformation. Ahead Boundlessness and growth of fires it is boundless. On this long way the conscious statement of qualities leads to mastering by fires, and each slightest effort in this direction gives the consequences. Everything gives consequences, but the fiery phenomena — special. Therefore, caring of qualities of spirit, it is possible to succeed outside the conditions of the usual. Take two: one, using all benefits of Earth and having everything, but not qualities of spirit, and another, not having anything, but saved up crystals of fires. One, on Earth possessing everything, will come poor to the World Thin, another, deprived of everything, but fires the approved — in that World will have everything because fire there is a basis for all manifestations of spirit. One can be motionless a block, another — to fly, dissecting space, both to see, and to hear, and strong to use all the fiery feelings. So people is in life terrestrial, on Earth, approve the way in Elevated, but only on force saved up in life corporal fires. Take the worker and the idler — the difference will be striking, because work — fire store. To the person it is given the chance to succeed in any living conditions, and not wine lives (not life is guilty) if it doesn't succeed, but the person.

674. (M.A.Y.). If to take only all approving Proximity of the Lord, He becomes closer. Separating simply to reject, without complicating itself thoughts of that, it is correct or not. The logic of evidence and the logician of reality are various. To rely on the first, means to be mistaken constantly. Therefore any thought directly or indirectly distancing from the Lord is rejected; undertakes only all approving Proximity, or rapprochement. So the accepted pupil arrives.

675. (Guru). It is good, when it is necessary to write down the thoughts contradicting own. Means, their source is other. There is a wish to complain, and it is impossible to complain, or to complain about the destiny — it too. Or acquit itself in Decree non-execution. The Teacher wants one, and a cover of the pupil — another. There is a conflict. That will take overweight — it is will solves and, having solved, consequences of the decision assumes. Isn't present for the pupil of actions neutral, and everything matters.

676. (Aug. 29). People don't notice, but at contact always there is an instant collision wills and comes to light immediately (though it isn't realized), whose will is stronger, and weaker will submits; besides unconsciously, will of stronger. But if about it the nobility and, feeling strong will, own to strain in counteraction, any influence, even very strong, it is possible to paralyze. Conscious counteraction of will can be very strong. You know how eremites resisted to a Satan, spirit of will huge. Certainly, communication with Hierarchy of Light helps. If the Image of the Lord is close and the consciousness of Presence keeps, the will amplifies unreasonably and influences of strangers, even very strong and imperious aren't terrible. But it is necessary to know, but it is necessary to feel existence of foreign influencing will. Against Us nobody is strong.

677. Either mine, or the, either My World, or world surrounding. Plunging into the world of a direct environment, the person separates himself from Me, and there is then his life a small circle of the illusive personal world. On the one hand, it is impossible to come off Earth, with another, my World in consciousness has to be accepted, therefore, the Caesarian - to the Caesar, terrestrial - terrestrial, and Mine - Me, that is balance and commensurability. If to forget about the Lord, life becomes usual if to go woolgathering, under feet there will be no support. Ours has to be practical and sharp-witted on Earth, and at the same time know reality hidden, fiery, and real outside passing changing forms; so two Worlds, the World truly real and the world of external forms, are combined in consciousness harmoniously. It also will be merging of the worlds in consciousness of the person. Certainly, the World intermediate, the World Thin, it is impossible to bypass. Therefore on our Banner three spheres united in a circle, a boundlessness symbol. We Know a lot of things that not known by you, and we Want to Tell this Knowledge to you, but on known conditions. These conditions: devotion unconditional and desire to know, that is the directed devotion is necessary because without it not to reach, because whirlwinds terrestrial and instability of the astral world to sweep away stays if they aren't kept by devotion. The aspiration is necessary because it is a magnet attracting fiery to energy on the accord. So, meeting these conditions composes the way of people.

678. About devotion. When so many bans will begin to sound and many voices will call how resist? Only Me. When everything in what you will find a support hesitates and changes? In Me. When it becomes dark and the gloom will hide roadside milestones how a way you will find? On stars. Maitreya the Star will brightly shine a way Specified in Boundlessness. So aspiration to Me and devotion will transfer you through. Here, Truth here! There, here we know, here he is a prophet and the Teacher — so click people, stumbling in darkness; but the truth in Me, both Knowledge too, and a way. Go on it without evading it is possible only devotion. Why they rush about from one authority to another? Who approved by its allegedly knowing something? But It is Told that terrestrial wisdom — hostility against God, that is that any human knowledge is relative, and only the Knowledge Space is true certainly. If earlier Earth was flat and on three foundations and the sun gone on the sky, really you think that whales left absolutely idea of people of things and of the world. No, didn't leave, though changed the form, but the same whales. Infantile materialism, faultlessness of human ideas of the world according to science of today and is ardent incontestable persuasiveness of evidence. These whales special - as chameleons, change the color and coloring, and even it is more than that, a form and the sizes, being given a freakish shape and fantastic scientific visibility. How to resist among change of all these phenomena and representations human about the world surrounding them, and Me? Let says everyone that wants, let exercise the wit in scientific speculation and theories. Knowing knows the way. This way is with the Lord. Everything that is true in science, that is conformable to Space Knowledge, all this will resist, but cetacean of idea of things will go to oblivion quickly. As hundreds wrong pseudoscientific hypotheses left already. You I stand. To operate even the difficult device, it is easier, than it to create. The Teacher Calls to creativity of new forms of life. The ultimate goal of the person is the founder of the worlds, and only Space Knowledge will lead to this purpose great. All ways are good, conducting to comprehension of Space Laws.

679. My son, provide to judge to me in what you are good and in what it is bad. You only seek to hold Me all force, all thought, all heart. The traveler often spends a lot of time for a self-condemnation while it should be used on strengthening of communication with Me. The repentance is useless. It should be replaced with understanding of the made mistake, and besides such that the mistake couldn't repeat again already. The person weak-willed repents bitterly soon again to indulge in the weakness. Anything if force grows and fires multiplies mistakes.

680. (M.A.Y.). Ice of misunderstanding is punched, and we will punch ice. Counteracting us lose sight that invisible influence is stronger than words and philosophizing’s. It reaches directly to hearts. And if heart is ready, consequences are inevitable. We welcome the first blows to ice. And you rejoice them too. The stone of destiny slides inevitably. Signs of destiny notice, them the future differs. Others misunderstanding don't blame if heart is opened. The messenger when will be knocked, heart will leap then, and words will fly away then, as an unnecessary peel. We rejoice to that is made there. Close signs will specify also proximity of ways of implementation of the precepting fairy tale.

681. (Guru). Through the understanding it will be given and explained uncomprehending, but in time. Therefore also Care of you. It is let through able know. But time is very interesting and saturated. The stone and a gait firm the destiny goes. Special is time full of value. Listen sensitively, understand.

682. (Aug. 31). Difficultly to the person pull out consciousness from a vice of conditions surrounding it. Rituals are entered to facilitate this process. The consciousness is put in other, unusual situation and that comes off commonness. To overcome the last it is hard. Vanity by it is name. It gets in the rapprochement way with Us and strong disturbs. Certainly, all this is overcome by usual concentration. But who seized it? So everything facilitating approach to Us, we Do not deny. But nevertheless it is easiest to come nearer love. It is a magnet which is powerfully overcoming vanity. As a matter of fact, life — is continuous fight and overcoming of that is and that was, that has to be. Future person overcomes in himself the real person and the last, old person in himself. These processes happen inside, not the external is overcome, but internal. External changes — only victory consequences inside. Many make a mistake, transferring fight outside, but not overcome, not won, the winner can't be over external. Fight against windmills turns out. All of them to themselves turn, and efforts to stop them are fruitless. At understanding the point of the appendix of the lever of will that is its direction simply changes. External will be only accompaniment for spirit. Whether it is possible shout or irritation to break it in other person? No, it is impossible. But having polarized itself on a tranquility wave, it is possible to stop it very quickly. It is necessary to learn to overcome external by the corresponding polarization of own consciousness. And even the prototype of the desirable phenomenon is created first of all in own consciousness and approved in it before it is released in space for a final display in the dense world. In total in the person, it is necessary to watch only that a framework of Space Laws, that is that everything was made lawfully because a lot of lawlessness is created in the world were thus observed.

683. (M.A.Y.). I want to tell a lot of things, but the condition of accepting consciousness doesn't allow. Now time such what to compare it to anything, being earlier, is impossible, and approach to it has to be too absolutely unusual. It is possible to pass, but having concentrated all forces inside. To give to their external — means to lose opportunity to move because on the external there will be no fire — it too darkly. The flame gives light, but isn't given fiery и the lamp. It too should be understood. Everything concentrates on the Lord, and then it is possible to go.

684. (Guru). I want to tell that seeming complexity of situation weren't confused because terms solve everything. Certainly, it is very difficult in the dense aspect, but solves not dense, and all triad, and a leading place belongs to fire, that is World Fiery. As also private matters to evolution of mankind of a direct concern have no as have no value small terms in a great stream. The general current obviously specifies the direction. The world old lives the last days, the World New goes on change. In it sense of the current time and everything that occurs at you on Earth.

685. (Sep. 1). When currents are adverse, the darkness strains, and then I Speak: "Care". In such time communication with Hierarchy of Light has to be especially strong. Yesterday is characteristic it. But communication was weak. The first falling should be considered as the prevention, and it was necessary to strengthen communication, then there would be no second also, caused sprain of feet and a hand. And as a result write very difficult. Certainly, business didn't do without intervention dark through people unfamiliar in this case, who served as the channel and the tool. Again I Speak about constancy of contact, and that after all and the head will be able to demolish.

686. (Sep. 2). I, your Lord, Approve you in Light in the face of darkness. Yes the darkness will disappear. Are noted dark strong — a sign, specifying on proximity to Me, they won't touch, but annoy Mine and restrict. Where? Whether to Me? And dark rage we will note as the phenomenon which is pulling together us. Let's not be, we won't be as the people who are following the tastes of spit poisons dark, but their each attempt and blow it is used in the benefit, increasing experience and knowledge. So, the injured hand and treatment by its mental energy will even more approach to mastering by fiery force because will show how quickly there is a recovery over usual terms. To all methods of treatment and to all drugs power of mental energy is added. This experience is important still that the dark wanted to weaken, and instead only promoted strengthening of fiery force and mastering by it in practice. From now on to us dark will serve steadily whatever undertook, and the advantage received from them, will move harmed. Harm will pass, but stay remains with us. Therefore to dark attacks we will be glad because bring experience and knowledge. Even it is possible to tell: "As are useful to me to advance your diligence me on the way".

687. (Sep. 4). Betray itself thoughts of service to Light and the future will lay down before you as a way of an ascension of uninterrupted and ardent approach to the Lord, you in this future approve yourselves, the share and a place, not favor of destiny, but inalterability of action of the law of a magnet.

688. (M.A.Y.). Native mine, it is necessary to believe. This belief will help to reach the end. It is necessary to leave fluctuation and doubts — too. Everything is clear, everything will be, so for what to grieve? About personal destiny be not anxious — it in reliable hands.

689. (Guru). My friend, balance and, especially, in acts which have to be expedient. It is impossible to reach the purpose, going from it to the opposite side. Let there will be a step steady and not evading from it.

690. (Sep. 6). I speak: "Be filled with determination these last days to go all the way". What from this, what somewhere someone lives well and to someone is free and nourishing? As had fun and didn't know cares before the end of Atlantis and before a flood, but wise, having been filled with grief and grief, I knew that there came terrible days. And who from my relatives lives or lived carefree? Burden, difficulties, encumbrances and cares — fuel for the spirit, giving fire, and the more burdening, is more right lifting. Easy life never was fruitful, and the one who wants it, will have, but won't have a fiery share of spirit. Both easy life, and life heavy — both will pass, but the first will pass, without having left a trace and without having given anything while the second will give experience rich and knowledge and raises spirit on the following step. It is worth living for the sake of "anything". But, fruits collecting from life hard, it is possible to go and — it is prompt — to Light. Ease of life should look for not, but Proximity of the Lord.

691. Yes, it everything is right, everything about what you think wasn't executed, but ways of implementation of the Plan are inscrutable. And you are in it. With its mobility your destiny changes also. And knowing assumed on the near future, you remember that it can be changed in a root. The purpose remains, and there is the best approach to it, but change an implementation conditions. Conditions become personally for you more and more burdening in process of spirit growth. But not darkness ahead, also isn’t eternal burdening’s. The holiday will be and on your street and your house which called Mine. You remember, I Told: "My house is". So it also is and My Care over this house. And the holiday will come, and it is rather, than you believe.

692. (M.A.Y.). Native, you keep very much.

693. (Sep. 8). We are masked from the gases generated by the phenomenon of darkness. It is necessary to remember that each condition of a human body gives the emanations, being accompanied a smell, color and the liberation of gas, corresponding to in character endured feeling. Sweat too has a smell, and at all people the different: the smallest particles of substance are radiated in surrounding space; brown gas is a darkness product. Gases filled brothels and gambling houses as a cloud, surrounds the gas emitted by the person, the carrier. In the atmosphere of some houses and apartments sensitive heart (it becomes difficult to breathe) chokes. These gases have very characteristic smells. Chemically they aren't distinguishable yet, but people know that there is a fetid and fragrant skin, and besides at all from spirits or aromas. Poisonous radiations of the person are always accompanied by allocation of the corresponding gas. This phenomenon is of rather thin order. Therefore so difficult gives in to the scientific analysis. Gases have a certain chemical composition, as also smells. But, say, known aromas any few can't be determined their chemical composition by a smell; before the science didn't reach yet. Smells of usual gases, of course, are known. It would be possible to investigate saliva or sweat and other allocations in connection with a smell and an emotional condition of consciousness, but even this work is very thin. The combination of physical elements gives a rose and it began to smell, but there is still something escaping the analysis, something, on the same soil giving different forms and smells to different flowers. It something collects particles of a matter of a chemical scale of elements in certain, very difficult combinations of connections which bear with itself a smell of the smallest particles of this substance enameling in space. Usual gas still it is possible to collect and investigate its structure, but the smell of perfume is already much more difficult because their structure is difficult. Copper too smells and is surrounded with allocations, very difficult audible ordinary devices. But the distinguished feeling of sense of smell feels a smell of copper obviously. But the smell is particles of a matter of this substance, disseminated in the atmosphere round it. The smell is material as well as a sound or light, but all of them stand on border of the Thin World and are connected with it. The world Thin too is full of smells. It and is clear: everywhere the same matter, but in different conditions of thinning. Secrets of atom still far aren't opened because in it all three peace’s` are made. Both the ocean is concluded in a drop, and the Universe — in atom, and all Space is reflected in it.

694. (M.A.Y.). Matter studied, but Secret of life of a matter couldn't comprehend yet. In Space still there are a lot of secrets, and they can be learned. Science to them a way lays.

695. (Guru). Supernatural anything isn't present. Natural everything, all is based on the law. But unknown and inexpressible it is infinite more, than learned. It is necessary to look for in the field of thin energiya.

696. (Sep. 9). My friend, consider counteraction equal to power of your aspiration and force of growth of fires. It is more, the, therefore, growing fires are more powerful. Also the attention of the dark concentrates on fire carriers more, than is a public the usual. They, dark, strengthen this counteraction of fires. As the old person inside rises force all unbeaten still. This threefold resistance to going spirit should be overcome. In process of overcoming it increases to turn the hero into the winner of elements, dark evilmake and. But bigger from all — it is a victory over. The principle of wavy movement is accepted by science: light wave, radio waves, etc. also the will can be directed wavy, but at constancy of a rhythm — tension, recession, and new tension. There can't be an onions bowstring all the time in tension — it will weaken. Also the will gives tension of fires wavy, rhythmically. It the morning rhythm is characteristic. It is a cult of tension of daily movement of consciousness to the Lord when during a certain period of a daily cycle the aspiration reaches the apogee, bringing consequences obvious both the approved Proximity of the Lord and Communication with It. If tension it preceded rounds the clock, the consciousness couldn't sustain it. But, daily aspiring will strengthen the Communication and Proximity moments; it is possible to carry out also the rest of the time of day at level a little higher, than day previous. This phenomenon also will make essence of wavy lifting of consciousness and its expansion. The main thing not to go down spirit lower than a day previous or not to remain at all at its level, but, at least even it is a little, by all means to rise. It is necessary to watch sharp-sightedly, that a hollow of each subsequent wave that is that each new day wasn't on level lower than a day previous or same. It is an inevitable condition of lifting. If in the morning spirit mentally to rise, and to fall below last day in the afternoon, such amplitude of fluctuations of consciousness will deprive of it progress, despite lifting — it is necessary to go an ascending wave. Control over consciousness and feelings is necessary that movements in covers didn't break a lawful limit and didn't detain that an ascension. The lowest covers, and especially astral — the enemy ancient, will persistently seek to break an approved rhythm and to nullify its ascending force but if the will doesn't doze, the persistence of the enemy nevertheless can be broken. In the rhythm huge force is put. Inertia of movement will transfer through all obstacles, but the will is necessary when the force of fires at the moments of special tension is required. There is no such obstacle which the will of the person couldn't overcome. Therefore, having merged the will with Will Mine, it is possible to overcome everything, without losing full confidence of a final victory. The victory over dark can be imagined, and against them more than once won, but counteraction of elements is something with what human will in forces to cope not always, and then I Speak: tension of fires shouldn't exceed a lawful limit because covers cannot sustain. Even at tuberculosis you have a case when tissues of a body are devoured with internal fire. At these moments balance and tranquility will be the qualities constraining power of fires within safety, giving the chance to operate fire. In a copper fire chamber fire is regulated by will of the person, but it isn't subject to the person when devours the burning house. With iron will have to surround fires growing in a body that then to direct them at the discretion of will. And then every day will be day of lifting of spirit and a new step of a ladder fiery, in the future of the leader, about 366 steps in a year.

697. (M.A.Y.). Write. Each written-down thought will be a contribution to the Treasury of accumulation of human spirit. Many would like to write, but there is no place to scoop. You have a perennial spring of Wisdom of the Teacher, from where to you are allowed to scoop the right. Therefore write, without weakening it unnecessary reasons. Difficulties of time are blessed that fruitful extraordinary if the spirit keeps balance, knowing that all forces can be strained to that to hold it. Only exactly the quiet surface of consciousness can give undistorted reflection of a mirror of the current hour. Therefore balance and tranquility is inevitable conditions of the correct perception. Not for the sake of itself, but for the sake of people and the world it is necessary to store balance because through it light arrives to spheres surrounding consciousness. Not personal it gave — it to hold, but all-planetary and universal. Hidden threads connected all among themselves, all people. On them fluctuations of mental waves are transferred. Lifting or falling of one bears the impulses in whole to the world on these hidden threads, bears light quicker. Therefore it is necessary to keep for the sake of people, for the sake of us and the Lord which loading is unreasonable and which burden even can't be imagined. To help the Lord, keeping the balance, is the first task for those who are close to the Lord.

698. (Guru). It isn't necessary to give in to moods of the moment too easily. But it is transient. It is necessary to believe in a spirit victory. Passes everything, but the sun of the Teacher of Light over us always and shines us not belittled.

699. (Sep. 10). Impact of a direct environment on consciousness strongly extraordinary, because it and fills it. This environment can mentally be replaced with another, and another will influence then. But to it, another before it is show, it is necessary to give an accurate form.

700. (M.A.Y.). To the Teacher a place in a forward corner; if to deliver to the Lord in consciousness first everything, and life will begin to sound differently. Also the life symphony will be in this way executed. Many lives sound a dissonance. The separated conformable chords of the symphony don't give, and the main thing isn't known to the performer, for the sake of whom and that work of execution of a thing is executed. The lord will bring symmetry in all departures of life, and the sense will give it, and will close specify how to carry out life in lawful tone without deviating.