Agni Yoga's facets, 1958г. (701-850)

701. (Guru). Personal feelings are fragile; on them it is impossible to build. Devotion is over the personal, going forward, far beyond the identity of this embodiment, but passing through them, through everything in the past, in last embodiments. And then personal feelings become quality of immortal ego; so personal feelings turn into qualities, losing the personal beginning. On qualities it is possibly to build. Them we appreciate and to qualities we trust.

702. (Sep. 12). About eyes. Yesterday minute supervision over eyes of the interlocutor showed, how much it gives and as enriches consciousness with knowledge of the person. Eyes were running, not looking directly, escaping a look. Why? Eyes — this window of soul, is the book which should be able to be read. Supervision over human eyes opens the whole world in area of cognition of the person. And the one who operates the eyes, will be able to operate and strangers. Why others eyes run sometimes? Run because want to hide something that can't be made at a look direct and open. The thought is transferred in a look directly. Having caught a look, it is possible to catch thought. Means, the thought of a running look is bad or the owner doesn't wish it that it was read. You avoid people with running eyes. Experiences should be deepened and expanded. They will bring the richest material. Arhat owns the eyes. It is observant always. Feelings and thoughts are instantly reflected in the opinion of ordinary people, but people have no neither hunting, nor to observe and study time. Thoughts chaotic, uneasy, thoughts disturbing, small, small will give uneasiness to a look, instability, weakness. Fires of a microcosm are reflected always in the eyes, and also an illness and other conditions of spirit. It is possible to be the book open for each passer or people around, but it is possible to close and hold the book it closed. Reticence and restraint is the best protection. Garrulity never brought in anything benefit to anybody. The talker is defenseless. In hands others threads are given especially and forces if the person doesn't constrain himself emotionally. Each break of personal feelings and each flash of an astral give careless consciousness to the power of that person in the presence of whom they occur. It is necessary to own the eyes. Itself seized, owns also a look. It is necessary to learn to own light weapon the mighty.

703. (M.A.Y.). Specific weight of the person is determined by eyes. It isn't difficult to see fires of eyes. The device of an eye is difficult extraordinary. To the Fiery World there ascends its complexity. See in all worlds, and the visual device of the person for each world has the corresponding device. See and in a physical body thin images. Means, thin and physical are connected closely. The visual device of the person it is possible will refine and to improve infinitely. It possesses creative power. Can create and contemplate the created, - as though, separate unit the complex installations, the allocated the independent functions.

704. (Sep. 13). Each written-down thought has the value because represents itself crystallized light. You are surrounded with the Beam, you in the Beam and, changing it energy in forms, you receive the finished crystal. There is a transformation of spatial energiya that is their registration in images of thought. The thought not issued in consciousness remains inaccessible to the ordinary people, issued becomes their property; in it your merit, which shouldn't be underestimated. The same is given also by Teachers, but on the highest scale, - as wrote down also Mother Agni Yoga. Everyday Records are valuable a rhythm. The rhythm means a spiral extended in time, a spiral extending and conducting up. It is spoken as though about one, but in constantly new aspect and it is more profound and expanded. Anything because the expanded consciousness doesn't allow doesn't repeat, each time giving development of previous provisions; in it are show consciousness growth. Difficulty in that the form of a statement has to be nevertheless available and clear, at least to some extent, for all. But it is better to read it since the beginning, as well as these Records. We Give much because there are a lot of consciousnesses various and it is necessary to give food for all. Everyone will find on itself if takes the trouble to read up to the end. Hunger will force to read, there will be no place because more to take. Impact of Records on mentality will be huge, and not so much the contents will influence, how many fire and a speech rhythm. This rhythm is very strong of what it was convinced recently, having counted lines of records and having felt thus huge lifting of spirit and pleasure of flight. Will come! Many will come and will be scoop from Wisdom of the Lord because Thoughts him are imprinted on these pages. For destiny of Records don't grieve because will be issued and property become the native people. Therefore I Speak: "Write and don't deliberate much". Many would like to write, but opportunities have also no data. When the Beam is sent whom, consequences of sent Light can't but are show externally in this or that form. You are in the Beam. Once again I Speak: no, won't leave. I speak that knew that to Records you have to have belief, unshakable mobility of the Plan. Now you are at the crossroads events. But elements will be included into coast, and the building of the New World will rise, having acted is obvious and visible to all. And work your, persistent and long, will act from uncertainty on light of day. It is necessary to us. Therefore I Speak: "Write". And let Wisdom pours out in Records of these Teachers. Judgment of today postpones — it is painted by moment experiences. In time of records value you will understand, their force you will scent people to direct to the Teacher of Light. The end to Records isn't present and won't be because boundlessness is promised by me. You can note new opportunity to develop any thought in any direction, as though beginning to see clearly its development in the future. Technical improvements too won't be alien to this thought because you will be logically able to go from contemplation of any phenomenon of a technical order to its further improvement and rationalization. In it synthesis and its generalizing power affects. If there is a base and the uniting beginning, on its basis it is possible to understand everything. So a way of Specify forward, without stops and fluctuations.

705. The condition of spirit is expressed in a look, as well as forces it. At a meeting of views, that is two forces, there is an instant definition of what force is more. At contact with strong will that it didn't suppress you should care. Its influence should put a barrier inside, passing charges it by, and without counteracting them externally, and to those without setting up itself under blow. The aura of external counteraction assumes blows of will opposite, but, having moved away itself, the aura from the blow sphere, you will force the opponent a charge of energy to let out for nothing therefore don't oppose to the angry. When the rage or its activity poured out and it discharged the essence, you because then it is absolutely powerless and in your power can act. So dark it is necessary learn, filling in rage with their light. And then your opposite of darkness will be active and powerful. With a smile the sent arrow of light will affect heart of the enemy, but it is necessary to know time, when and how to send this arrow. The condition unconditional is complete equilibrium about which any attacks will break and will be approved invulnerability. Open heart towards to the Lord will provide success. We won't be naive as only work daily, intense and fiery will force heart to direct to the Lord.

706. (M.A.Y.). External only externally affects you, but internally ours you and with us. In it is your force and stability in Light. Our Space family is very amicable and strong the internal communication. When you will terminate terrestrial, you will come to us and you will be with us. Everything will be close, clear, familiar, and work darling under the Hand waits for it. Very darkly now is in the world; that each Ray of light and each light aura are brighter. But there are so much attacks and evil-shift— are too noticeable in space. But light business — to shine, and not to darkness to extinguish your light, the Lord the lit.

707. (Guru). The notification about Me extends and goes deep. On steps of expansion you judge advance of affairs; extends more, but gradually, on steps. All will favor to departure: both people, and circumstances, also I put. In total and all towards will go not greatly because you in our care and your future are predetermined. Be not afraid of anything, everything will develop more wonderful wonderful, because for us It.

708. (Sep. 14). The perception of thought the person goes constantly and under any conditions. Only usually it isn't realized. Question only in what are perceived thoughts. Certainly, this process goes according to the accord with usual thinking if the will doesn't interfere in it and doesn't adjust the consciousness receiver on a certain wave. It is necessary to understand that all this is simpler, than it seems. And if heart gives itself to any thought entirely, and for will it isn't required to make special efforts. But the full combination of will and heart in one is best of all. And then the perception of thoughts will be easy and free. It isn't necessary to think that someone something is deprived. To the ocean of spatial thought all have the right to an entrance, to a contact people, but the hazardous player, having connected itself is strong with the sphere of passion of a certain order, the contact with thoughts of space will limit only to it. Threads of trembling thought from spheres of hearts human in those areas which vibrations their hearts sound are stretched. Thought the constant creates constancy of contact. Let everyone will think that gets into its essence and builds it on channels of the premised thoughts.

709. (M.A.Y.). Irrevocability of the decision will give rise to an irrevocable consequence. The irrevocable decision to be dreams always and a contact rhythm confidence will allow strengthening this proximity that this communication will be withheld. Against the current and waves of passers there is a boat surely to the purpose and to the purpose will reach? If to stop before each counter wave or to interrupt a course because a current against how reach? Float, native, to happiness, about happiness of the Lord Told.

710. (Guru). Purposefully and strongly the future enters into life. And unless the iron gate of evolution depends on them standing on a stage. The far voices of the desert speaking about an unknown era, very much came nearer. And any more in the desert, but in life they dictate the strong will of Space Terms. Heart adjoins that is made in the world for the sake of this Great Future that there was it life.

711. If the atom — is the Universe in a miniature, how many these Universes the human body with the central focus of heart, the center of blood system will make. As also Space is a uniform body, in which systems of the worlds as atoms in a human body, but keeps the heart binding everything in one. The thought boundless, thought fiery, rushes over the world, knowing no limit and barriers. On wings of flaring thought it is possible to reach and concern not uttered Light of greatness of the Uniform Central Sun — the center of everything that is.

712. Consider that thought the ephemeral and without consequences. But it is incorrect. The thought directly concerns that subject which mentions, either persons, or the phenomena, or a far star. And, concerning them, it brings from them particles of their aura and enriches consciousness with them. Thinking of any phenomenon, we attract in the consciousness of its property, feature, characteristic features and invisibly we get acquainted with them. It is so possible to know a lot of things about things, both subjects, and people. It is possible to know in general a lot of things, simply thought directing on the interesting phenomenon. We Give the guarantee of inclination of thought. But thought current the magnetic directs will if the person wants to act consciously. In life usual this principle works powerfully, and life human flows, submitting to the law of a magnetic attraction of thoughts. The thought not only attracts knowledge of that to the person, on what it is directed, but, being issued accurately, the image of the expression has ability and a tendency to claim in dense conditions. It is the second feature of thought. The thought — is the researcher, consider the thought — is the creator. This dual aspect of thought is considered not always. From there are so much the misfortunes generated by undisciplined thinking because don't know that create, and the main thing, don't trust. The thought — the weapon two-edged, also will be often wounded by it the carrier heavy. All forces which the person, two-edged possesses: are destructive and creative, creating and bearing death. And the will solves, on what this force addresses.

713. (M.A.Y.) - Already you understand that communication with us not groundless dream, but something, available is obvious. Uncertainty results because that it is necessary to deal with the thin energiya inaccessible to external feelings. But even at communication of people incarnate often happens that heart under an external smile feels the hidden evil, and the aura painfully perceives its dark radiations. Communication of auras is the phenomenon usual. The same occurs and at contact with us, only thoughts and feelings are transferred consciously and consciously perceived. Certainly, we try to avoid, as far as possible, a personal element because people need something concerning not you, but them, something having the general character, something that can apply to itself. They should tell that each thought about from Earth of the departed they connect themselves with them. Words are so strong also. Not without reason about left it isn't accepted to speak badly. Their situation special. They are defenseless from thoughts of live, incarnate people. The thought in World Thin works more strongly, than in the world terrestrial where it is difficult to it to overcome resistance of a dense matter, it in the same place is plastic, and waves of thoughts affect strong conditions of the Thin World. Be careful of rash or bad words about the dead. Why to do to people the harm? There it isn't enough happy consciousnesses. Why to multiply Grief? And we feel your thoughts. This contact is strong, is much stronger and sharper, than you feel of you. Thoughts, to us directed, we feel and we reply if heart is ready that them to apprehend. But our reaction to your feelings and thoughts is always inevitable. Therefore be careful to left from Earth and you darling.

714. (Guru). Write down: influence of the environment on consciousness shouldn't exceed influence on its own will, and will of people — spirit progress. These barriers are constantly overcome by will. Means, the will has to be always on the alert, on the guard against external influences.

715. (M.A.Y.). The seeds seeded by the Guru in fixed time ripen and ascend. Fixed crops, fixed both shoots, and a harvest will be fixed, not guessing, but exact calculation and action of terms. So inalterability is included into life as the statement of the undoubted. But the sprouts which have already appeared will grow and develop, and will give rich shoots, and seeds in new crops, and a new harvest. The first crops, but also shoots were strong executed but won't slow down. If knew, how many consciousnesses work on a field of crops and shoots — the whole troops of Light. And we also preserve fruits of our works. The wide notification of a name of the Guru" his activity and the creativity the approval of the Doctrine of Life was which purpose will be the immediate task. Ultimate goal — transfer of the Doctrine of Life to the people. Arrival demands the lord it. Great time! In intensity of changes see the future proximity of Arrival. Time and tide wait for no man.

716. (Guru). You don't know from the events nowadays much, and therefore trust us. The trust it will bring you into the future which you wait. Called the utopian. Well, if for someone reality — a utopia, and evidence — life, about not begun to see clearly yet it is possible only to regret. Not wishing to understand goes against the will of the Lord, and therefore either their misunderstanding, or they will be distraught being approved reality, and evidence won't rescue them. You who aren't seeing the future, but believed in it and accepted it, directly to the Lord go. You with us, you are in our plans still and steadily.

717. If knew and if you could see a shimmer of elements and spontaneous to own force, your creativity would become spatial. Because a spontaneous matter, being given by strength of mind shapes, forms the basis for generation of the phenomena existing in the dense world. But before to see, it is possible to accept on trust to see then and, having accepted, to create a thing lawfully, that is on invisible and visible plans. At first there, then here is. The phenomenon approved only in the dense world, is similar to the person on one foot — stability isn't present. But the basis approved in the Thin World will give it stability and in the world terrestrial, and its existence will be lawful, that is conformable to the natural nature of things. Seldom in the undertakings people approve this basis — from here fragility of their affairs. But, having thrown thought seeds into space, them watering and caring of them, it is possible to wait for shoots successful and in dense affairs, forces to that applying. To term the harvest will keep up also. The harvest of our Affairs is always fruitful because we Sow lawfully, considering a ratio of the Worlds. And fruits of creative activities of the Guru and Mother of Fiery Yoga it is immutable will give the consequences in time and already started them giving. By the extent of intensity, duration and the directed extent in the future of works you can judge inalterability of consequences. Temporarily works them as though left from a surface visible that that stronger to become stronger in Hidden and then already are show in dense in all greatness of light concluded in them. Invisible to temporarily inhabitants, they strong, and it is obvious, and tensely existed during this period in space, collecting magnitno round itself powerful forces for manifestation in the dense. And strong, in dense they when time will come also will powerfully be shown. And people will marvel as so it turned out that by passed the whole years before creativity Entrusted mine to them became available in a measure wide. Implementation of the Great Plan is wisely made. We, Brothers of mankind — on the guard great, Won't pass fixed term, and crops of our Envoys the terrestrial is careful, sharp-sightedly we Preserve against whirlwinds hostile. But terms go to open all greatness of creativity of the Guru and Fiery Mother of Yoga before the amazed mankind.

718. (Sep. 19). Reaction to these thoughts (about non-execution promised or expected) will take place, and inevitability remains. There is always what should be. But it isn't allowed to know it until a fulfillment. If any thought leads astray, so the way is curve. Simplicity and logic of evidence doesn't serve as a reality indicator’s the truth in one Shambhala. Other truth isn't present. The curve thinking in a curve mirror of consciousness won't reflect it. Approve frankness of a way. Direct way is to the Lord through everything.

719. (Sep. 21). Test carried out is that it is necessary to reject Maya phantoms and to pass through them to follow further. The Lord is unchangeable, from the beginning of times there is an Alpha and Omega. Everything can hesitate, change and be unstable. But I Is the uniform basis of life, the Stone, on which the spirit house is based. Everything passes, but I Stay for ever and ever. Here phantoms of doubts and Maya illusive thoughts surrounded consciousness and closed a circle, and stopped a way up ghosts and whisper: everything is incorrect, everything is unreliable, even the Lord, even his Words. But already I Told that the sun will come also the moon, but any word won't come from the Law, all won't be executed yet. The Word My, because won't come I am the Stone of the eternal basis of life. Maya ghosts don't show reality to the confused consciousness, replacing it with itself. All creations of a brain should be rejected and safely to tell them: "Maya ghosts, my generations, you won't stop the specified way, the foreordained to me from the beginning of times. All of you are creations of my thought, my own mental barrier which has closed a way. Over you having raised I spirit and again having merged consciousness with the Lord, I will be able to continue the way". By! By! It is rather, rather by these ghosts, a way of the taken up. Really and Me you deny? Then, really, end. But, having assumed Me as a basis, and on Me having approved, and all the rest having rejected till the best times, it is possible to keep on a way. Test is difficult and heavy. Then it will be even more difficult. This difficulty is an indicator of height of lifting. It is necessary to win against it and Maya ghosts to disseminate. Basis having accepted and it again having approved in consciousness, from it you don't descend in thinking of hour of fight and overcoming of dark influences. Of anything another you don't think now, only I, only of Me, and only with Me and Me. Also think of doubts having rejected and these ghosts, stand with Me. Because you won't begin deny Me. But if I am, to ghosts of a place won't be in the heart opened to me. Don't think of them, but my Face hold before itself, with Me go through everything. Christ Redeemer Menya name, and it is so right, because rescue only in Me. In Me is, but not in thoughts collateral, third-party, casual, temporary and incorrect. Thoughts will come and will leave, but I Stay over them. Hold Me is to dump poison of the thoughts sent by darkness. These thoughts are not I and not you. You are a son mine, and thoughts casual the poison can't cross that communication. "Lord! You are claimed atop by me everything that occurs in my covers, over all thoughts, both feelings, and desires, over life and death of all three covers, over myself embodied in a temporary form and subject to influence of streams of a matter, bearing through temporary forms of all three covers". Atop and I everything, is your Lord. In the face of ardent Maya and her contrary to, approve Me strong. Reasoning’s reject, proofs too, and the facts casting doubts — all these products of your philosophizing or thoughts, but terrestrial wisdom it is hostile against Light because Maya it is full, My Proximity not excellent and over everything that a stream flows before its infinite look, it is silent, eternal, silent in you Staying and only Looking in you that outside. All external — out of, as well as a body, both feelings, and thoughts — all this external, by current, temporary, changeable and not yours. Yours — it, the silent Witness, who is eternally Looking that by passes through your covers and records the silently Looking. I, It, you is from eternity, and all the rest not ours. All the rest is from this world, even the World Thin, the World to the passing phenomena. We are from Fire. The world Fiery is our World. It is eternal the believed in Fire. I, from Eternity Real, in you Claim eternity over all visible, tangible, felt and felt, over visibility of everyone, over everything that outside. I Am.

720. (Sep. 22). Accepted responsibility for Earth divides it partially with those who are close. Acceptance on itself responsibility for mankind evolution, for thinking of people, for advance it to Light means a maturity of spirit and its cooperation with Hierarchy. The consciousness leaves the personal world to spheres of consciousness universal and accepts the Bowl of General Welfare, becoming lightful, light to the world bearing. In silence, both silence, and a privacy this feat hidden, or in public, in the middle of life can be made. Nowadays the last type of a feat is more necessary. It is more difficult and difficult, because with people hardly. But it is necessary, because who as not close people to the Lord to people will bear light.

721. (M.A.Y.). We see, and we know that is heavy, and very much we wish to help. But there it is easier to help because conditions of the help favor. Here a consequence in full blast, and you in its center, involved in whirlwinds of movable energiya. From here is and burden.

722. (Guru). It was necessary to leave, despite everything. If the son didn't leave, couldn't work and of opportunities would be deprived. The son sent we send also you; it is necessary to go after all.

723. (Sep. 23). And still the advantage of spirit should be stored, despite everything. Concessions to conventions of desirable result won't bring. It is easier to hold something or to overcome, keeping spirit advantage. Smiles not reach what can be reached restraint, self-control and balance of spirit. Who smiles everything without analysis that has no spirit advantage? The smile is good before difficulties of life, but not before the biped consciousness, fawning or pleading. It is spirit humiliates. You store spirit advantage, it will be necessary before transition of Great Borders.

724. (M.A.Y.). In time our feelings don't rust. With it also you approach. Think that life left, but we are closer close to life, and yours — also. Would like to become even closer, but solves this consciousness. You keep it order, and we will be closer. Conditions will be created when to deliberate further that, to go or not to go, it isn't necessary any more, and the way will lie down as inevitable need, and for it determination is necessary, as, however, in everything. The son sent, and you we send. Really you don't see, from where and where a wind. The wind from Mountains and to you informs echoes of great Decisions. Time judgment is close.

725. (Guru) - Where readiness of will? Temporary condensations of circumstances darkened the future horizon, having cut trust roots to everything to that it is necessary. Becomes much, but, probably, not all and, if you can't see, trust nevertheless have. As without trust to the Leading Hand it is possible to reach. Trust over everything, even thoughts casual, even evidence dense, and besides trust up to the end.

726. (Sep. 24). The assignment Is given to execute to the son. It is focus of the center of our energiya. The happiness Is given it Beams. Bearing the Assignment is so consider. Needs in assistants strong; them It is sent in process of need. But the hand manages affairs and therefore work of performance of the Assignment is great. On the knowing and able the duty lies to help. It is necessary to light powerful fire of aspiration and desire to divide Assignment works in heart. External barriers are not obstacles. Fire connects hearts not only in Hidden, but also and in the dense. It is necessary to strain will to implementation of the help of this. Knowing is few. Certainly, I will collect at the right time. Ways of execution of Will Leader are inscrutable. With it is necessary to merge in full understanding of the events. There is an Implementation of the Great Plan. The son knows a lot of things. You stick to it. It is focus of the center of execution of tasks of the next straight lines. It is necessary in the spirit of to contact it before the meeting will be carried out. Their two and both bear the Assignment. It is necessary to understand, who behind them. Behind them Lord, both Mother Agni Yoga, and Guru. Now there is a process of filling by a name of its space on open spaces of the Great Country. The foreordained of the first it. Our Beams create a magnetic field of the special tension, especially favoring to this process. Thanks to it contact of mass consciousness with a name of the Guru and his creativity is especially strong and fiery even if the consciousness isn't ready. But there are a lot of the ready consciousnesses waiting only spark that on it to begin to sound. It is a lot of ready to wake up hearts because time comes. The success is approved in all that goes with spirit evolution. But at first it is necessary to create strong material resources as a springboard in Boundlessness. It will be difficult to come off Earth if there is nothing to lean. As it is strange, but the material basis will exempt spirit from petty cares and alarms about terrestrial and, having satisfied terrestrial, will point to stars. Many wonderful things already occur if as a whole to look at a field of the future fulfillments. The temple will be open soon, but not former, but new. The spirit temple, but it is necessary to complete. On all events it is necessary to look as at a tape of events or the phenomena conducting directly in the foreordained future. And then it will be possible to understand words of the Guru: "And here and will be: you will wake up — and there is other all". Revolution of the dense conditions was the first; the second will be — in the spirit of. For it everything came true that occurred after the first. If to look impartially, you will see the natural, thought-over sequence of the phenomena and the consciousnesses which were standing at I fed, "no that, ache not from God", and it should be understood to have more trust to the future. Really We, having started implementation of the Great Plan with measures, unknown in this Race, we Will stop moving away whom that and something, interfering evolution and Will Ours. Really Earth and mankind we will give to the victim to arbitrariness human. But not for the sake of it great victims are brought, and the bowl of test is accepted and enjoyed by the great people. "To judgment be" — I so Speak, the Shambhala of the Lord, and so I claim. I Told.

727. (M.A.Y.). It is still difficult to understand that the Lord is unchangeable and is close always when the consciousness is adjusted conformably. Time came. Sitting on a place isn't effectiveness. It is necessary to move. It isn't necessary to look at difficulty of conditions as on something constant and insuperable. Under blows of will obstacles even the insuperable fall. Native, dare!

728. (Guru). It is necessary to direct in uncertainty of the future that there was it present, and courage here is also necessary. The son already left, what interferes with you? When you will start acting in this direction, everything will go smoothly, successfully and simply. Everything to you towards will go: both people, and conditions, and opportunities, because over you the Hand. Here everything is settled for you that is opportunities new. The guru to go sends. You are necessary to the Guru.

729. (Sen. 25.) I approve inalterability of the future day. And in it the place to you is approved in the face of evidence dense. If only to look for a veil! Behind the woods it isn't visible structures. But here clean the woods, and the building new, finished, all beauty before you. And the Temple of the future under construction isn't visible behind ripples of flashing days and nights and the phenomena current. But It already rises powerfully, and will end it soon, and there will be It see, both is open, and is available. And people will enter into it. Each of them will take himself will be able what to take, having brought each gift. Be are quiet and are sure that the future doesn't pass you. And deprivation in the present is only the guarantee for the future and his shining grace. Accepted his heart now, will measure the part in the future. The future is on consciousness. For sleeping and dead heart the future will be dead also, is dark and without sounds because the darkness in the person, through aura of the evil won't see light of the New Sky and pleasure of Novaya Earth. But the New Sky and New Earth will be seen by the revived hearts.

730. (M.A.Y.). If to consider not that it wasn't executed, and that was carried out already and about what you find numerous statements on pages of the Doctrine of Life, be surprised the accuracy of execution prespecified. It is possible to make it, but having rejected personal measures, expectations and expectations. Evolution of the world goes over private matters and the phenomena. Spatial is her way. To rise during a great stream, means the Bowl of General Welfare to accept, the Personal benefit having rejected. For spirit and the personality will find rich food in the Bowl of General Welfare. The future light-, and signs of fulfillments are disseminated widely everywhere if to see them, having removed personal points.

731. (Guru). Friends, there will be everything, but give time, on Each phenomenon of the present claiming the foreordained time, you look through a future prism, moving into it the fact. But not simply moving, but developing it and expanding it in logical sequence of its development, growth and distribution. So behind contemplation of all phenomena see filling by a space name, behind it there is also a banner, behind them the book, behind them the Name of the Lord, behind It the Doctrine of Life and the statement of Mother Agni Yoga and Mother of the World, so on milestones of fulfillments of affairs in the present will see a step of inalterability of the phenomena, which are promptly going to the judgment Future, because It will come true, and there is nobody and anything that could to It to prevent.

732. (Sep. 26). Only test determines the true value of the person. A little who can imagine about it (himself). Imagined qualities — too Maya type. Fair assessment of is the phenomenon rare. To embellish and imagine that isn't present, it won't do at all. To belittle and humiliate is too. Median way — a way true. It also points to undesirability of swings of spirit on poles. Spirit swings the arrhythmic are especially dangerous. One neutralizes another, and advance stops. Take-off if they don't come to an end with falling are good. It is a lot of contradictions in the person. Too strictly we won't judge because too sensitive spirit in dense conditions it is heavy. Difficulty that wellbeing can't be given — it will stop a way, to crush circumstances — also because hands will fall, so it is necessary to put in conditions difficult, but with temporary gleams, or outlets that it was possible to take rest. Many, without having sustained burden dense, fuse, many plunge into them, and there are burden these for them end in itself while their one — not to suppress the purpose, and, on the contrary, to uplift spirit. But to refuse tests, means to lose possibility of advance.

733. (Sep. 27). Evolution real is the Space Law. But it goes Hierarchy of Light and her protégés. Evolution isn't considered with forms of evolving life, though approves the most viable. Value of a form it is necessary to understand as the spokesman of the vital principle and the carrier it’s, its cover, temporary and doomed to destruction by a small circle of the manifestation. Circles of manifestation of a form of life are various — from a small blade of grass and a something ephemeral to planets and solar systems. Life of atoms of some elements is long extraordinary. But the highest form of life is the consciousness. The circle of full not interrupting consciousness concerns already eternity and crosses out of limits of hopelessness of death. In it purpose of evolution of spirit. All incarnate forms strive for immortality, more precisely, any life embodied in a form. Spirit-monad it is immortal, but only evolving and saved up the immortality and the Life continuity can realize consciousness. Immortality, eternity, boundlessness are concentrated in consciousness. The stone too exists in eternity, though doesn't realize it. Boundlessness embraces itself and comprises all forms of life, but realizes it only spirit of the person. The evolution purpose is in it, but not in duration of existence of forms. Forms only save up the experience necessary for creation of consciousness which reaches over time a step of consciousness uninterrupted that is immortality. Temporariness of a form also causes understanding of eternity of life of spirit because only the infinity of a variety of forms of life helps spirit to save up the experience collected by these forms and accumulated in stratifications on grain of spirit. Only having passed evolution of mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms and having concentrated the saved up experience in, there can begin a spirit-monad a step of human evolution. It is possible to note as even in a body of the person results of this long evolution are concentrated and are subordinated to spirit of the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms expressed in a structure of a human body. Therefore only also it is possible in this body of assimilation of mineral, vegetable and animal food. The way of evolution of spirit is long, infinitely long and is slow very much. It is counted by billions years. Such is a spirit-monad way. But even the step of human consciousness is only crossroads which the step of consciousness space and immortality follows. It also is life eternal, promised by your Saviors. Lords Lead this life, They Reached an immortality step, They a way of Specify and a gate through which it is necessary to pass that Immortal to concern life. Following Them, it is possible to enter into a circle of Boundlessness and to approve not interruptibility of consciousness. It also will be conscious immortality of spirit, because mortally and, of course, all other and all other forms of the shown life. Only memory of the past and the consciousness concentrated in a kernel of spirit, endure all forms in which the spirit — their spokesman at steps of evolution of life was ever shown.

734. (M.A.Y.). The Lord Wants lift your spirit over temporariness of dense conditions and to concentrate life in the spirit of. The spirit which has grown from former dense clothes usual can't be content with life. It is necessary to rise over life that over it to fly. It is connected on hands to feet by terrestrial living conditions, but it only in order that the spirit wanted and could escape from them and dump their chains. Heavy is they for spirit which woke up. Their unreasonable burden gives rise to aspiration to dump them. Live and rejoice blind, but able to see are filled with grief because it is very dark. Looking as it is inexpedient even advanced aged men care about terrestrial on the short piece which has remained it of life and it when short distances absolutely lose the meaning. But look how there live affairs and creations of the Guru and as grow, and spread in life. And after all it only beginning, what end! So affairs human, short and unnecessary, from affairs of Light long and useful to another differ. And in itself distinguish two grades of affairs: personal, unnecessary, and the general, useful to all.

735. (Guru). Thoughts create an interior and by thoughts are protected. And if disharmonious and forcing-down thoughts interfere in it, so protection isn't strong. Heavy it is necessary to be preserved against thoughts while they get into consciousness, differently poisoning of consciousness is inevitable. Many poisoned thoughts go through relatives. And it is necessary to be protected from relatives especially sharp-sightedly. There are consciousnesses which see around only the seamy sides of life and especially strong perceive black out thoughts. It is necessary to be careful of them especially. Why the soul to give on a blackout to other consciousness. Sharp-sightedly preserve the spirit against foreign invasions.

736. (Sep. 29). Consciousness of actions can be transferred to the World Thin during a dream. Actions can be deepened and expanded. It is better give itself instructions, filling up. The law remains invariable — the consciousness works by order of will on the line objectively (in an awake condition) the made decisions. If these decisions are firm and certain, clearness amplifies. In process of rapprochement of the Worlds of border between a dream and wakefulness any more won't be such passed. The dream is used for a delicate work. At Egyptians of their KA (the astral double) I carried out instructions given before going to bed and I protected their dream. Trained, it can serve as a faithful dog, executing orders of the owner. But if he isn't subordinated to will, both is willful, and is capricious, and owns consciousness, it is impossible to operate it. The casual facts of its submission won't yield desirable results. The subordinate in an awake condition, submits and in a dream. Results stand the efforts spent for it. What there were living conditions, it is necessary to consider that submission of an astral cover to will be always the necessary work which fruits will affect in the future centuries. Not on one embodiment the consequence of this work, but on all Future extends. It is so possible to plan to itself number of tasks, or works, directed in the Future, out of limits of this embodiments on Earth. The reached results, being crystallized in a causality body in the form of coagulable deposits of thin energiya will already accompany the person from life in life because character of the person, his tendency and tendency isn't business of accidents or heredity, but something brought with from antecedents. Heredity in the person is strong only when is in harmony with his essence. Otherwise accumulation wins against heredity and neutralizes it. The mountain consists of grains of sand. So on particles it is possible to collect the benefit mountain, shining crystals of fires of boundless opportunities of spirit. The treasure of the Stone gathers on particles, and the every day is given not for squandering it, but for accumulation. So every day it is possible to bring something and to add to that is already collected earlier. It is possible and waste, but the destiny of the spendthrift of Spirit is sad. For an example it is possible to compare two days: one, carried out in the course of Treasure squandering, another — in its accumulation. Accumulation, or collecting, it is possible to conduct in any conditions because not conditions are important, but the irrevocable solution of spirit to be collector, but not spendthrift. If to compare stay in the Thin World of the collector and the spendthrift, distinction of conditions them it will be striking: as though two — one falls to darkness, another rises to Light. Collecting means collecting of crystals of fire, light accumulation, without it — darkness. Shining and flying does Treasure of the owner. It is worth therefore working. Wise won't delay also hour to save up and increase. Silly will spend also that remained. It is necessary to adjust all life on a key of collecting of crystals of fire deposited in the Bowl. Otherwise is not life and pity vegetation in darkness external.

737. (M.A.Y.). The precondition is incorrect. Life unsuccessful can be considered only in case it is fruitless, that is the talents brought with aren't increased. It is possible to increase them only when the consciousness is adjusted on the corresponding wave of acceptance of all events with the person. This wave is a working wave of realization of experience of life in crystals of energiya deposited in the Bowl. Everything that is given by life, it is necessary to consider as I peep for the spirit, realized by it in the elements going on construction indoors of spirit. So it carried any phenomenon of the life, whatever character, it is possible to use rationally and fruitful. Complaint and discontent —replace with extraction of fiery-full crystals from, apparently, inutile, unpleasant and opposite conditions. Everything starts serving with advantage to the one who knows that he wants to take from life. Take probably always and from everything, if the life purpose is increase crystals.

738. (Guru). Weakness is condemned. Force victoriously. It is necessary to be strong always. From the most adverse circumstances it is possible to take this force. Everything serves the one who knows that he wants and who to achievement of the purpose decided to go all the way and despite everything. Spirit strong is over complexity of dense conditions, but not under their weight.

739. (Sep. 30). Everything that violates the accord with Me — badly, whatever logical and convincing it seemed. It is necessary to step through logic of evidence to concern reality and with it to stay, but not with Maya. It is impossible to start arguments with Maya — will win an irrefutability of the facts. It can be rejected only, approving my Presence contrary to visibility. The Maya is visibility which their lives people. Behind it there is a fiery reality which We live. The Lord, but waves obvious to an eye and consciousness of the phenomena, a wave of a flow of Maya is unchangeable, hide from you real and substitute it for visibility. Everything approved by us, exists in space. If waves of the current phenomena hide it, not reality of a wave shows. So among passing vainly you try see a face of the fiery real. It is the World my, approved by me in your days, In my Days you Approved that in your days an anchor had reliable and strong which would help you to keep when storms storm on the sea every day. When business goes about rescue, don't argue, and strong hold an anchor uniform which rescue will be. Not destroying Proximity, but everything claiming and strengthening it, it is necessary to take. It and keep because only it will be a rope holding an anchor. It is necessary to keep. Torn off from the Hierarchy anchor the consciousness will be overflowed by Maya waves, and it will sink in them irrevocably. One wave another will follow, it - the third, and so endlessly. On one it is impossible to be approved, to trust too. But the Lord is unchangeable. It is as the rock, as a support among the world of incorrect phantoms and Maya deceptive ghosts. I am the Stone of the eternal basis of life. Build on Me.

740. You will find in Me a minute of adversities a shelter to spirit. I Send a board protection against rage outside world. It strong also is cruel, - are tormented with Maya. But I Told: "Come to Me everything burdened with burden of life and pined hunger of spirit, because I — food for spirit". To pine the spirit and its covers eats my radiations. So Proximity to Me having above delivered to all difficult burden of local conditions and temporary thoughts, sad and gray, it is possible to keep against waves of life and to keep. I warned — tests will be. Here hour of tests came. You keep. Neither to question, nor to argue, neither to complain, nor to complain, neither to doubt, nor it isn't necessary to argue, it is necessary to keep only strong, having grasped Me, as a lifebuoy in a storm, as the only hope and opportunity of rescue. Really yet you don't understand, danger and as it is easy to choke and be lost how is great. Forces will quickly run low, and if without a circle, the end is inevitable. Having left everything: both reasoning’s, and arguments, and strong holding Me, sustain an impact of elements. It is very strong and heavy. Elements still far weren't included into coast. Against you their impact is powerful because you assumed impudence my Business to claim in the face of darkness. And here it steps on you the developed front. I speak: "Resist only Me". But it is necessary to resist in Me, and then it will be possible to resist against darkness! Otherwise end... So, together with Me against darkness take up arms because against you it was up in arms and presses, torments and seeks to break you. See in force heavy and a condensation of external conditions a set of tenacious claws of hands shaggy, given to you to dump you in a chasm. Are dangerous that work with thought, truly consider that it is difficult to separate the thought from sent by them? If the nobility, where the where others, it would be possible throw out it easily and freely. But how distinguish? Know that all, to whatever faithful and correct you it seemed, everything separating and distancing from Me, is thrown by a dark hand. The mistake won't be if apply this reactant on dark shrewdness and tricks. They have now a new approach. With the old didn't succeed, thought dark hollow, persistently and heavy. I call, you stick to Me, and together we will sustain an impact furious.

741. (M.A.Y.). Only the Lord you will pass.

742. (Guru). Force straw to break. The darkness becomes broken straw if to see, from where and as creeps up, and to understand that everything that weighs, is sent by it.

743. (Oct. 1). Inalterability - the satellite of consequences of our affairs. It we go. Only don't make mistakes, trying on affairs to the understanding for today. Long affairs distinguish from affairs usual, short, and human. Yes, yes, my son, brevity of your affairs let doesn't interfere in my Business. Here, for example, as the son I Consider atop even terrestrial embodiments. But terrestrial affairs of vanity force to forget a time about bonds sacred, indissoluble, binding the son with the Father. They exist always, even then, when the consciousness rolls in a scum of the dense phenomena and in vanity; them rejecting, you stop Light current, them approving, the Beam you accept. The sent Beam is constant, but extent of its understanding, both an acceptability, and influence depends on the accord with It. Inharmonious condition of consciousness It can close access absolutely and tis hen darkness. Has no value what exactly closes access to the Beam, but the fact of prevention of Light in consciousness is important. If it is realized and the damage is understood, all stirring should be eliminated immediately, without going into details and without plunging into them. Time stirs something, it is necessary to reject it. Thoughts disturb, put, people, living conditions, but all this it is impossible to reject, so it is necessary to become above that disturbs, having rejected that is possible, and the main thing — the thoughts which have closed an entrance to the Ray of light. The thought is a filter for the Beam. If it is dense, the Beam doesn't reach. If it is painted, to the Beam coloring gives, and dark it is frequent if the thought is painted by darkness. That is why dark the thought to you direct — your thought dark want to make also access to the Beam to stop. Thought you watch. Even at small attention it is easy to define is from light it or darkness. Dark it is sharp-sighted on the guard that to snatch the moment when dark thoughts can be thrown and to enter darkness into your consciousness instead of Light. Our actions are dictated by expediency — from here the phenomenon of mobility of the Plan. Mobility of the Plan doesn’t take for weakness because then you belittle also Us, and I Put and to darkness you open access. To it is indifferent, what way to get into your consciousness if only to poison him. Power of Hierarchy is invincible. Could displace as the houses of cards, all complexity of human constructions in power terrestrial, but to break consciousness — doesn't mean to advance it. The violence over it is hierarchically inadmissible. And therefore we wait; giving the chance to come to light up to the end to everything that is suitable for evolution and that won't do at all what later to clean; if remove a harvest of not ripened seeds is will be gone. So expediency dictates still wait while shoots will ripen. Waves of Light go, accruing, and each next wave brings the new opportunities caused by a previous wave. Intervals between waves are not confused. Force in a wave, and on its crest refracts Light from our Towers. You seek to keep on the roll and with a wave to go, without plunging into the world the lowest. Go on tops — our way.

744. Only the closest we Give instructions the most difficult and dangerous. They burned down on fires, pursued, beat stones, wearied in dungeons. But nevertheless they carried out the entrusted Assignment. Self-renunciation and feat — are inseparable. Rejected from itself — It is trusted big affairs. Not gets rid the egoism won't pass test for dedication. Let each touchstone will help to find out with itself everything that prevents to receive the Assignment. Readiness about, which Told, demands many conditions and qualities. It is necessary to think of it at the right time not be not ready.

745. (M.A.Y.). Severity of a feat isn't realized. Reasons about personal conveniences disturb. The symbol of the soldier is chosen not casually. With things it isn't burdened, the house is left; readiness for all accidents of life marching — is available. Possibilities of a feat are close. As butterflies on a pin, are pinned people to things and houses in living conditions of the usual. Where to them to think of a feat when don't know how to part forcibly things and that remove to do. It is better not to have anything, than to be the slave to things, it is better to be the homeless wanderer, than to reach for the rendered habitable dwelling. Better free pass to the World Thin, than pinned to sit on a pin of own production.

746. (Oct. 2). It is a lot of grief in much cognition — it is one party, another — pleasure. Pleasure of knowledge — we will remember so and other pole of knowledge. The spirit human, like a bird winged, flies on two wings, and the pleasure will be other wing. The contact to people — and pleasure of Communication with the Lord is sad. So see in all a polar of a thing uniform and know that "your grief will be in pleasure". And by an impact of darkness be not condensed because only those who faced darkness, and I sustained rage of attacks, and all shifts I learned, only those know, and experience have in that valuable, and left a condition of the sponsored child. Not to seduce them any more with any words, to them already others calling voices won't sound. From strangers strong will mark out and will truly separate words and affairs. This experience over darkness is valuable Extraordinary, though a high price. It is hardly to gain ability of distinction, but without it is impossible. Wonder: unless now, after everything, what you tested, mistakes in people if new meetings are accompanied by the same signs which were given you in due time are possible and weren't seen by you, or, being seen, not were understood has to? No, these mistakes won't be. In it the value of those bitter and heavy lessons which were given by life. After all it isn't life good, quiet and full, and in the experience acquired in life. And what huge difference even between my, passed through experience of collision with darkness and yet not tested it. Called go in the beginning all fires, but the single these fires and are deprived of experience, that is checks. Tests only are come them. You, who have passed experience, have something that doesn't have the price. There is enough! In total that nowadays burdens you heavy, multiplies fire and your forces, and as that serves you, and moves further. Impossibility of external conditions does possible, making out will of spirit of a combination them. And if they are combined so that to your work disturb, you combine will them as you want. If in their combination you feel dark will, Me present, use the force mine and My Light. More often I call in your affairs that we together created them. Strong be always, but My Force, whether because your force is stronger only so far as with Me you. Together in everything — let will be your rule. Together is with Me in everything, and in all your undertakings, thoughts and feelings. It is possible if My Face is entered into your heart.

747. (M.A.Y.). Doors are open always for heart directing to the Lord. But it is necessary to direct, but full-heart and fully - strings; fully-strings — means all heart. Some direct with a stone in the bosom. Not fruitful is such aspiration. Not only pebbles, but even it is necessary to clean small motes from consciousness that Communication was without cracks. I mean motes of doubt, mistrust, discontent, condemnation of the Teacher of Light and all other feelings small, consciously or unconsciously directed against It. All this separates and alienates you from the Lord. Litter clean, and contact, and the Beam you will be easy fully concern.
748. (Guru). If the grain of sand can stop the huge car, and the small mote stops operation of the fiery device of spirit. He acts tensely at the Communication moments, and special vigilance is necessary that motes didn't get to it, and especially, before work because during the Communication are especially protected by the Beam. But also then vigilance nevertheless is necessary, as darkness on the guard to throw the "shaggy balls". "Vigilance" — we will remember.
749. (Oct. 3). A lot of things say goodbye where there is an understanding, even Decree non-execution. Certainly not avoid consequences, but the understanding moves. Everything is reparable, except for the Hierarchy insult. What to do now? Prepare for departure and to wait for more favorable conditions, creating to opportunity volume. A lot of things depend on us. The black wave will abate, there will be a gleam, and then it is necessary to decide.

750. (Oct. 4). I consider it expedient to transfer life to thoughts. It is necessary for the Thin World where everything is under construction and moves thought. "Beauty" is said, it is necessary because to build on Beauty. Garden washes with Beauty it is saturated, and to attendants of Beauty in it access is free. But where the spirit of those who builds on a disgrace stays? Whether in chasms of darkness or in the lower class of the Hidden World? So by thought the person determines to himself the way in Elevated. System on Beauty, it is possible to build only for itself — it is a way human, but it is possible to build for people and for the world — it is a way of Bodhisattva's. But even for itself building Beauty something nevertheless and to people gives because products of creativity of thought are property of all. So think of the evils and an outrage a poison will be for sets. Having looked at the mental constructions, it is easy to find as well as to that they serve — to good or the evil, Beauty or a disgrace, or they neither are cold, nor are hot, but lukewarm a lukewarm dullness of twilight of spirit and the warmth caused by decomposition and rotting of substance - the Sphere of the inner world filled with fancies of a certain order, the creator — the person adjoins to conformable it the space sphere constantly, establishing in it threads of a magnetic attraction on compliance and affinity. Similar gravitates to similar on a thread of related contrasts. The guru sated the sphere and the world surrounding with images of Beauty. This world is conformable with my World, and the garden My decorated with works of his creativity. So, building on Beauty and conceiving Beauty a gate opens to spirit to the Highest Spheres. Why to deceive it words about service, about aspiration to the Teacher of Light, about a spirit ASCENSION if the tribute to Beauty isn't paid? Without Beauty there is no Service. It is necessary to enter impartially into art gallery of own fancies and pictures and strictly to estimate products of the creativity by the principle of Beauty, having chosen it uniform criterion of creativity of spirit. And, all this having considered, seeing already without mistakes and the uncertainty, what sphere of the Elevated World there will correspond creativity it. It is possible, the Name My repeating not heart, but a brain, to be very far from my Sphere, Beauty of the Beauty consonance and sated in the images, Created by me and those who creates in the accord with Me. Having defined unmistakably nature of creativity of the inner world, the person from this museum can clean everything that doesn't correspond to the principle of Beauty, and to replace cleaned beautiful. It is good to withdraw also all creation of personal character which because of the originality and communications with interests of the temporary personality in the person are painted by egoism, aren't necessary to people, are uninteresting because closed the personality itself and in itself. So, enjoying works of creativity of great artists, musicians, philosophers and writers, you don't think of what boots wore they and that ate for a dinner from what their private life if there was no beauty in it, both self-rejections, and returns of all of two people and thoughts superpersonal was formed. Entering into the Thin World, the person continues to create thought as created on Earth, but already absolutely free from motionless, persistent surfaces of dense conditions. The matter of the Thin World freely gives in to thought influence. Person sees, that he creates and that created, during the stay in a dense body. It also will be its sphere or its environment binding it with the sphere of conformable or spheres, to conformable his mental creativity. From fruits of the mental creativity not to leave anywhere, and it is necessary to collect them. The law of crops and harvest works precisely and is commensurable. A sphere to which the spirit dooms itself stay after, is defined by him, and is defined by thought, magnitno and is insuperable attracting it to spheres conformable. For the low-slightest thought it is necessary to answer itself because this thought will pull it to the sphere of an attraction corresponding to it. Astral whirlwinds and funnels are terrible magnetic force, involving spirit according to the accord them with energiya, them generated. The matter of the thin body, got used to vibrate and answer waves of a certain order, will be and there consonance in unison that already was in the stay on Earth. The thought constructed on Beauty, can carry away the creator only to spheres, Beauty consonance and Beauty the filled. So the thought of Beauty is pledge and the guarantee of commensurability of conditions of stay of spirit in Elevated. Let your eyes will be open on what future prepares for itself everyone because the Law commensurate unmistakably and precisely.

751. About Mother Agni Yogi. I left, and with It you’re light for those who were close to It left. There was Light, and Light didn't become. Event it is heavy for a planet because the World dense Needs lighting by spirit. Light remains, of course, in Elevated, but you know as the difference in is great, whether in a body with you the Teacher and on Earth, or It left a body. Those who in the dense was close and who was reported by terrestrial ways can count not all on Proximity in the spirit of. Many difficulties should be overcome before the proximity will be established in the spirit of. And still this proximity not that that was in the world dense. Without feeling the management direct and obvious to an eye, strength of mind everyone has to increase, suffered a loss, to increase exactly on so many, on how many got support and the help from the left spirit. Therefore you have to Become stronger, each of you has to become one so many stronger to overcome resistance of the surrounding sphere separating you from left spirit. And then it is possible to contact with it, in World Elevated you will meet again, but it is necessary to overcome life, while you on Earth that to be closer to Mother.

752. Мother had access to a treasury of wisdom of the Lord. Мother had opportunity to receive straight lines and direct Instructions, and to hear the Voice it, and to see it. It was a connecting Link between the Stronghold and those who in It directed. She knew, She only one, and on each question received the concrete answer in a due and necessary form. Its Records were filled with pearls of the Intimate Wisdom which is stored by eyelids and given out through It at the right time. A lot of things were known by her, much more, than spoke or imprinted in Records. The opened centers gave the chance to receive knowledge directly. She simply knew many things, at all without giving itself the report as She learned about something. Both Record, and transfer of the Doctrine it was entrusted It. It is necessary to think as this Assignment is responsible and as such person has to be close to us. The harp of its spirit has to be in the full accord with Us. It is difficult to imagine, how many conditions it was necessary to create and combine on Earth and in Elevated that Bearer-woman of our Instructions in due course to Earth came, both I executed, and I finished the mission of life. Book of its life emerald. In it you will find great names, world renowned. Its mission was intimate and therefore you learn about It, our Envoy only after She left Earth. It was impossible earlier because knowledge this, entrusted people, would break Assignment performance. In process of a current of time we will Supply all new and new information on It that knew everything people, who That through Which the Great Doctrine of Fiery Yoga Is given by us to the world was.

753. (M.A.Y.). Let anniversary of leaving (on October 5) will be not mournful, but joyful because for pleasure of spirit business was created it. And if Service took place, whether that everything is equal, in what body the spirit stays. For the personality, of course, not all the same, but expression in a body extra dense is so necessary for General Welfare and it is useful, as in a body terrestrial. Therefore think of problems of General Welfare, and outside the personal. We Serve It everywhere and you also learn to Serve It under any living conditions. It will give force to you spirit to prepare for elevated stay and there that it will be easier to cooperate with us. Earth — that the base on which the plan of life of spirit in World Invisible is created and approved. Warm communication and warm threads aren't broken by death. Death and destruction is for the dense phenomena, but not for fiery. Heart is the device fiery. The love and aspiration is energy the hearts put by it in action, they go far away from the dense world. Them in the extra dense we live. Be so approved, native mine, in energiya fiery hearts and know, that "it is strong as death love", because "its arrows is arrows fiery".

754. (Guru). When we left, us forgot also dead us will read. But among you remained such who and until now consider that, having dumped a body, we are live. For them our proximity is concrete and fruitful abundance of thoughts and knowledge of value and sense of the events occurring on Earth. We terrestrial take an active part in life, and you, being thoughts with us, and then you join too. Knowing Will Lord’s and their Plans, you can move yourself into the future which is meeting halfway. About you, us not forgotten, is our care. Otherwise life already would break you. We preserve as far as the karma and your free will allows. Often it is contrary to our will. And then it is difficult to help. Try to begin to us closer. You in our plans as were.

755. (Oct. 5). Direct Communication is impossible because of vague currents, and also the thoughts scattered on the parties, and not touching object of aspiration. Matter isn't that the aspiration is weak, and that the thought while it has to be concentrated on uniform object of aspiration is dismembered. Heart but if heart far costs from Me can unite thoughts with this object only, association of consciousnesses doesn't happen. Slippery thoughts should be stopped. It is necessary to give time to everything, but in a consecutive order, without being scattered. Better five minutes of full concentration, than the whole hour lossing in the different directions of thoughts. It is so necessary to seize thought, as — hands and feet. It is possible to imagine that would occur if feet began to go as to them will take in head, constantly changing the direction. Why it is permitted to think to skip from object on object contrary to will? When the purpose — concentration on the Image of the Lord, It only one also has to Be always on the mind, and thoughts to keep on It. Who owner of the thought: beget and the creator or to it the generated thought? It is difficult to count on completeness of Communication, without having seized the thought. The next task — full control over thought.

756. (M.A.Y.). I didn't forget you, I in heart hold you, and you in My thoughts is constant. But it is necessary to go. There it will be easier contact. The darkness surrounded you with a dense wall, and you choke in it. There already is much lighter and is closer by the foreordained o'clock. Darkness we punch beams, but not quickly the dawn is created, and then you feel as though a separate. And you to me help to discharge from itself darkness you seek to be to us closer. Heavy is time for the able to see.

757. (Oct. 6). Life overcoming, adaptability to its conditions, a victory over circumstances is all these phenomena of the same order. The purpose is keep constancy of uninterrupted movement, and besides to move so that stirred. This advance is put regardless of any combinations of external or internal conditions, as well as conditions of consciousness. Whether a little that can happen in a way, and whether poorly what there can be moods and feelings. Movement is made at all and any living conditions, in all lives and on all plans of existence in all worlds. Mental energy of this movement got all covers, because the engine Spirit. In the morning, during Communication, there is accumulator charging the fiery device of spirit energy to which before going to bed channelizes for a dream in the evening, and in the morning the consciousness in the progress again is included into Communication for new charging. So there is a spirit food by fiery energy of the Beam. This energy works especially powerfully when process is conscious. For Silver Bridge as, however, and for any bridge, are necessary not less than two supports. The unprecedented persistence is necessary because also the old person inside is very persistent, and it is possible to win against it only constancy of a rhythm. Often it destroys fruits of many efforts, and only the rhythm helps to be approved with movement.

758. (M.A.Y.). Now we have a care of how to keep you from the wrong actions, able to change your entire destiny; the direction choice, of course, solves your future if it is made consciously and voluntary. Nonresistance isn’t the solution of a question, but returns of free will in the power to will others and circumstances. Time the will to something and someone having given sends itself to the power of forces of strangers, out of it being. On what can count given, only on favor of people and the circumstances which have taken control of his will. It will be with them, but not with us. Also will dictate it consequences they, and it is necessary to reckon with dictatorship of consequences. Freedom won't be.

759. (Guru) - you don't judge the future on the present. But if nevertheless you can't differently, put the polar law in the bases of judgments; by tension of one pole determine character and essence of another which is approved by the first. The statement of the Savior "but your grief in pleasure" will be based on this law, the same means when it is spoken "about undergone up to the end", that is resisted in the Teacher of Light. All forces should be collected to pass. Hard is time. To us become closer and don't come off in thinking.

760. (Oct. 7). My son when there is a desire heart something to make, there are also ways of implementation desirable. Dream is Specify on the approved communication with Entrusted by Mine and on situation in the world. The Satan is struck, but the evil generated by it, in the world remained. And the white eagle fights with black, already losing forces, on the naked rock of human denial and misunderstanding. The star of Mother of the World brightly shines over the world; Beams form as though a form of a cross which is an atonement symbol. The people bearing heavy, long crosses — it is the people bearing the karma and karma the general of the world. Bearing great variety, nowadays all bear a cross; as well today's dreams warn at night about danger. Me especial Friend, who violated the Instruction and has sat down in your boat, overloaded it, and it began to be filled in with water. It was necessary to order to it to leave and pass a boat to another, nearby the standing; as a symbol, and very indicative, a snake on the road and feet barefoot — danger in a way to Us, a dog — the friend. Dream the first this night —avoid danger and the help of friends. Now time special and therefore Signs strengthened are given.

761. Wait for news, but joyful wait. The darkness was condensed before a new wave of Light, leaving darkness before the sun rising. Friends if in darkness resist in Me what will be by the light of? Therefore don't mourn very much. Light going is the foreordained. Its power is great. And the gloom before a dawn can't stop light coming. If to think of a gloom, about darkness — it will be dark but if about light, the darkness loses the force consciousness to own. Think better of light, but not of leaving shadows, a gloom. As well the thought of attendants dark and to them colleague connects consciousness to them and establishes a communication channel on which can harm. If the mention or discussion is necessary, before to start it, be protected with a circle. Otherwise prick because you set up yourself under blow. Be saved. But and the thought of Light approaches or thought of its Carriers.

762. (M.A.Y.). Be preserved, native, from contact with those who touched darkness. This channel is very strong and works long, and is especially dangerous if the consciousness which has concerned darkness continues to persist in the communication with darkness, having closed ears to preventions. These friends such is. Friends it is more dangerous than enemies. They should be withdrawn from heart because will fill it with poison and darkness. A parcel correctly I remembered — it transferred to an organism a charge influencing the lowest centers.

763. (Guru). It is necessary to keep inseparably. The darkness is condensed. But there will go the category of light energiya soon. It is necessary to break focus of a force of darkness. Therefore with its condensation don't interfere to break at once in one powerful blow, but this moment is heavy for consciousness, but and the simplification will be sharply felt. Dark seize the condensation moment to harm. Stand guard — the darkness is refined.
Dream the first: any trouble threatened, but friends went and proved on Records that I told the truth. Dream of the second: my boat stood near another, big. It I < … > and my boat a nose began to plunge into water and to scoop it. I ordered to leave by it my boat immediately. In it there was one more person who — I don't know. Dream the third: I went with friends on the river bank and I was barefoot. I saw a small snake, and we bypassed her.

764. (Oct. 8). (M. W.). From eight sent the Great Lord — one of eight, put by me to Earth and Become over Them. He is your Lord, accepted responsibility for Earth. It was many times embodied among you under different Names among the different people and races during various eras of existence of your planet. Among these Names some to you are known, but the majority doesn't know many. Time erased them from memory of people. Only in the most ancient legends the memory about it remained and that is far not about all. Among you known there are greatest. Light clothes in terrestrial clothes that people of Earth didn't go blind. But also terrestrial clothes Light Ego couldn't hide, and the people who haven't sustained strong elevated fires, on It addressed furiously and drove, pursued, tormented and killed. Such is a sad fate on your Earth of Envoys Light Mine the distressful Lord, burden terrestrial Shouldered the, is expressed by the Atlas symbol. It is the engine of evolution of mankind, Earth and all being in it and on it. Earth with everything, that live on it has to reach the seventh condition of depression and thinning, and mankind — the seventh race before small Pralaya, then the sixth and seventh circle, and its end before great Pralaya. The leader Remains with Earth up to the end. The leader Remains with Earth up to the end. Under a name of Lord Maitreya He Will come again and will be among you on change of races by the fifth and the sixth. Being so big and great, It is close, available and notable for heart ardently directed to It. Those, who from its Beams is his children, because their consciousness in childhood of the world it was lit by its Beams. He is their Space Father. — There are a lot of them who have received consciousness. But among them, these sets, there are the close spirits which have realized the son ship and intimate communication with the Space Father and among relatives is the next. Mater Agni Yogi of the next was, the communication which have realized these eternal bonds, it became stronger long ago, from the first days of arrival of the Lord to Earth, from its first conscious embodiment and through many lives. Communication between Spirit Great and the daughter of your Earth is sacred. And therefore It was a proclamation of the New World, Lord Maitreya and the Life Doctrine. As also other Lords Have the next the on the Beam and work with them. Nowadays their seven, only seven is. The eighth didn't resist in Light, and became the darkness carrier, and is destroyed, is angry on Earth having generated and having slowed down planet evolution. Nowadays on the Great Change is Earth. Torment the dark kingdom of fallen spirit dies, and in sufferings gives rise to the World New, Light World. Gloom shadows over Earth, and it is heavy at change, but the dawn of the New Era already lit up and fights against a gloom the last of darkness leaving. My beams are over yours to Earthly. They will disseminate darkness, the last, leaving, and becomes light-over Earth. Thoughts and heart to the Lord give which goes. Not accepted its Light from a planet will leave. Great shift happens, spatial it; because a planet and its Drivers take part in it. The combination of new Beams will destroy a gloom and will clear aura of Earth, and then the era will begin washing, the Era of Mother of the World. But My Beams already work long ago powerfully.

765. Let's celebrate Day Memorable understanding of the events. Where there is a shift, Beams of Lords and Mother of the World there work. Let the chaos of shift don't confuse the knowing. And if their personality suffers from confusion of leaving energiya and lossing in whirlwinds of consciousnesses, after all the personality will die together with a body, having left heritage to spirit — all the experience terrestrial; yet don't separate personal from superpersonal and the from space, not to accept the Bowl of General Welfare. Who from Lords and their relatives in a body terrestrial Enjoyed life? The pleasure was, but from spirit. The savior bearing the Cross —is a symbol Great. The spirit crucifixion in a matter precedes spirit revival to life of uninterrupted consciousness that is to immortality life, to life immortal. Cross not accepted to it won't revive; therefore the benefit, if you suffer and to you are heavy, because it is a way to light the shortest. The benefit if it is difficult to you, the benefit if you overcome life, storing a spirit flame.

766. (M.A.Y.). You have no bigger Trustee you, the Defender, the Friend, and the Father, than the Lord. If you don't feel it, so your heart not with It, but is occupied with something another, it and put it not concerning. If you and your thoughts are with It stay and It be with you! If are occupied only terrestrial, having excluded the Lord from thoughts and heart, its World you will quit. In your hands this happiness, it is possible to reject it, and then darkness. You want to exchange the Lord for something terrestrial — with terrestrial and you will remain, but not with the Lord. You want to reject it, difficulties having frightened? But difficulties won't leave, and Light lose. Be better with It together, but it depends on you. It is impossible to go at the same time in two opposite directions — any will draw. Where to go: to It or in darkness? External this darkness, darkness of evidence, darkness of vain life terrestrial is called darkness. Whether to replace Light of the Lord with it?

767. (Guru). If under all circumstances of life which are even most difficult, balance and aspiration — it already a victory is kept. Think that it is necessary to win against circumstances and difficulties, it is necessary while actually to win only against itself. And then circumstances — joyfully, easily and freely are won also and not because it is easy, but because the victory over them is reached in the spirit of. You learn to win against opposite conditions in the spirit of. Without this victory not overcome them. They will seem difficult, impossible and insuperable. But in the spirit of at first them having won and thought, against them you win and life. And if in the spirit of a victory, already all at all has no value the rest because life in the spirit of, all in the spirit of, and spirit is won all.

768. (Oct. 9). Who Is close to Me, to the world of My thoughts access has and can take? It is simple when it is available. But not close for hours sits and My thought won't concern. I divide people on knowing and not knowing Me. I help both that, and another, but differently. Only to my enemies of the Help isn't present. Light undertakes the hands, and there the special help where the effort is made. The law Specify to answer call and to open doors. But so it isn't enough calling Me and calling in the spirit of and thought. I will specify to friends with call not to hesitate, because time presses. It is difficult to destroy weight terrestrial lives usual. But spirit is over life usual, as an eagle over the Earth. He too has to go down on the earth to live because it is impossible for a body without the Earth, but elements of an eagle — air, elements of spirit — fire, and spirit — from fire. The spirit kingdom, and fiery elements, its receptacle comes, is strained for possession of its spirit. The animal seized the earth, fish — water, a bird — air, and the person — all has to seize three and, moreover — elements of fire, elements fiery. The person is a being fiery, fiery his device and all processes of its organism. It having seized and his ox having subordinated, to itself subordinates elements fire of people as in a microcosm the, and out of the microcosm. With what begin this difficult process? From the smallest! Each movement of muscles of a body happens when on nerves fiery current, a nervous impulse which is the electric current which is turning out from the category of nervous cages runs. The person, who has seized the gestures and so-called nervous movements, already took a step on a way of mastering by elements of fire. The violent talker differs from the reserved person that without control unreasonably spends the fiery force while reserved it protects. Each act of restraint and restraint of and the impulses and reflexes is a method the truest mastering by force of fire of the microcosm. As the skilled driver behind difficult car, watches himself the person: the words, the movements, the feelings and the thoughts, set as the purpose mastering by force of fires, about each of these phenomena — the phenomenon fiery as the person is a fiery being. Mastering leads it to accumulation of fiery force of the organism postponed in it in the form of crystals of saved-up energiya, and fiery power of the person grows. On particles there is an increase of Treasure which becomes the integral property of the person because it is made in the essence of his device, in stratifications of fiery grain of spirit. So everyone can grow and succeed not greatly, multiplying the talents with which it was embodied and started out on Earth.

769. (Oct. 10). Two in one: the person wants to be silent, but language continues to stir, the person — to avoid excess gestures, but hands continue to wave, the person wanted from something abstinence and not to do something, but continues to do. In one person someone in him wants one, and someone — another, and two in one fight for superiority. And always is wins or one, or another. One — this person was or is, another — what will be or has to be. One from the past, another is of the future. One from the highest "I", from spirit, another is from the lowest "I" and from a body. One is concluded in covers, more, in astral, another — over all three. One is concluded in the bottom four, another — in the Highest Immortal Triad. The lowest temporary also dies after the embodiment end, the highest continues to reincarnate. But accumulation of the lowest are postponed in a body of causality of the highest to take root in the lowest at a new embodiment. The lowest bears a karma, but its threads are concentrated in the highest. The lowest considers itself (himself) by the life center, the center of consciousness, feelings and desires, but the highest knows that temporary this center and is subject to full replacement with new forms through which it is expressed. Temporary from eternal in himself, mortal from immortal, passing from enduring, obvious from reality the person, that has to separate in himself the nobility that to give heart and thought and what to prefer because heart and thoughts it is possible to accept both in temporary, and in the eternal. The aspiration and choice will be the directing decisive force. To what the consciousness and heart directs, the person predominating and solving in the microcosm will have. Also he solves, will free making a choice because the freedom of choice is its inalienable right.

770. (M.A.Y.). When the temporary is separated from eternal and in this last everything is concentrated, the power of the old person comes to the end and he carries out a role of the slave and the servant of the Highest Triad. Covers implicitly submit to will of the person if he is able to dispose of them. If they oppose or persist only because earlier the same will taught them to work and wish absolutely differently. The same will crystallized by a habit, counteracts its new decisions. Mister in a microcosm of the person the same — his will. The sanction of will can be approved, but it is possible and not to recognize. The will solves itself, and there is nothing the insuperable person in character because that is approved by will, new can be destroyed by will.

771. (Guru). The will can do everything if wins all space inside and everything will change. Unpleasant will make pleasant, bitter — sweet, difficult — a lung, seducing — disgusting, obvious — valid, and temporary — eternal. The will can make everything in the microcosm because in it the person is the Lord.

772. (Oct. 11). Me you concern spirit, having separated it from everything that is connected with temporary in you and out of you. The area of spirit isn't limited to anything. Movement in the spirit is of immediately. The thought serves as the tool to spirit and can accompany it. It channelizes spirit and accompanies the phenomena of divisibility of spirit. The same as the physical body is a receptacle to spirit, in the same way its carrier are astral, thin, mental and fiery bodies. The consciousness can be transferred to any of them and work in them as well as in a physical body. If to be accustomed to do it during lifetime, then it will be easier and simpler upon transition to the World Thin. Consciously it can be done only completely having seized thought which conducts. The thought conducts the person, the consciousness directs on channels in the space, laid by thought; on the blazed road it is easier to go, than to punch a virgin soil. Having been obese, thoughts lay for it people in space channels. Messages in space according to which, having exempted after death from a body, also will move. To stars wanting, to them will direct, with them will be. Earth chosen object of the aspiration, on it also remains. Chosen the terrestrial put, defects and passions, will arrive in places of the aspiration, carrying channels, thought dug in spheres conformable. The thought conducts the person both on the earth, and in the worlds. Therefore I Speak: "Direct and give to itself thus the clear account where the thought directing you" conducts. Easy to choose worthy thought, and it will lead already. It is a lot of people, carrying the thought, but not there where follow, so the thought is bad. Behind thought there is a feeling and the heart sating with its force. The thoughts which have consciously united with heart are force. To Me heart given, thought with Me stays. The thought from heart is stronger than thought from a brain. Thoughts, heart of the dyed people are dead. But it is necessary to own thought. When fires start growing, but the thought of people doesn't own also feelings also, feelings flare, both the thought, and words — and it very much wears out a cover because tension is great. Each ability and two-edged quality is can inure to advantage and to the detriment if the consciousness doesn't own them. So even the distinguished susceptibility can be heavy burden for the owner if he perceives everything and won't manage to protect itself. It isn't enough on light of the people ennobling spirit and; light of the giving. All it is more gray and dark. Therefore the aggravated susceptibility in living conditions gives happiness terrestrial a little; but needs be owned nevertheless under any living conditions and at any abilities. It as though an outline, on which it is possible to embroider any pattern. Without this basis of drawing not receive. There will be only a heap of threads, but is perfect without harmonious communication with each other. Dominating emotions is the person who isn't owns— the victim of the casual phenomena and people advancing the victim. Having approved this basis, it is possible to build and accumulate, but without it — means to build on destruction because not to hold treasure. So again we come to a conclusion that only seized maybe the world to own myself, and all to that gives it the world. And speaking "the world, I want to take all your gifts" has to think that gifts undertake the strong hand able, having taken, to hold. How many opportunities nowadays are given! But as it isn't enough of those who, the show could hold and develop further. Abilities, being not withheld, left; both where and when there will come that hour when they again will return? To hold won more difficultly, than to get it. Therefore I Speak: "Be stronger".

773. (Guru). The reason is correct — each thought of other person not without consequences. As it is circumspect has to be the person in the thoughts of people. It is better to think in the benefit and clair-radiant, then no thought will do harm. Both to speak and it is necessary to think about others only in the benefit. Even about dark that also your light was visible to them. To speak and think in the benefit doesn't mean to extol, but also doesn't mean to tie pig-iron weights to feet. Let the power construction will be and ennobling spirit, but not oppressing to Earth. It also will be thought in the benefit. Many think in the evil. Let's not assimilate to them lying rigidly.

774. (Oct. 12). The more disappeared branches from a tree, the stronger in this place a trunk and the less all tree is exposed to danger to be the dumped whirlwind. Branches rotten, dry or fragile disappear only. About them we won't be sorry! And they will be useful on something if don't decay, lying on the earth idle. Disappeared fall down, on the earth because they are pulled by Earth and its attraction is stronger than communication of a branch with a trunk. Branches dried up, branches rotten, branches fragile — we will remember so. When someone departs, the system should be closed more densely. Force and fight are distributed on the remained. But both functions and abilities of the departed pass to the remained. And if there is only one, there will be it strong for all left and functions will execute all. So the law of balance regulates display of psych equipment of a circle to which the Beam is sent. Feeling of inflow of forces is faultlessly. Additional force is sent by the Teacher remained true to Light. The phenomenon of withdrawal isn't new. So was always. Pain is felt also burden — are inevitable, certainly. But it is necessary to be closed because in break powers of darkness can creep. The recreancy is infectious. And relatives should be preserved and warned, but will having left free. Let think and choose if still someone wasn't approved. But it is sad because instability in light indicates wretchedness of thinking. To us it is indifferent why something doesn't become on devotion. Disappearing doesn’t understand all dramatic nature, the events from here. Already I Said that the one who something or someone will put above Me and My Business, remains with the affairs, but not with Me. Look at them fussing in twilight of life and losing by spirit — it at everything not Mine. Not they look for Me. And Light isn't necessary to them. If something serves as a condition at which my Business is left, conditional there is an apprenticeship and the pupil. The fate of conditional twilight also leads to withdrawal. Happens and so that a little consciousnesses are stopped by possibility of further receipts. And then on this embodiment a further food by light stops until will be assimilated the received knowledge. Not in it trouble, and that the separation from the Teacher of Light is tragic in itself.

775. Severe time. Smiles are not passing. Correctly you think that it is necessary to act rashly, without being sorry, indulged in darkness and you that betrayed. Harm from half measures is too great. Much could be avoided if earlier purulent abscess would be removed. The darkness used the poured poison, and weak organisms didn't sustain. The reasons look for in activity dark because the new evil intend. Situation will be criterion of dark activity let that all distancing and separating from Me, proceeds from darkness with what words, intentions, the Reasons, conditions and justifications the fact separating and distancing from Me someone's consciousness wasn't covered. Let know that any more didn't try to discover any openings for a self-justification, and would depart already consciously in darkness. Now there is the last division and consciousness office on Light and darkness poles, and it is necessary to clear up everything resolutely and definiteness. Spinelessness isn't necessary. Creeping away it isn't necessary, fluctuate it isn't necessary, Business throwing mine too isn't necessary. All aren't necessary who with Me didn't decide to be up to the end.

776. (M.A.Y.). You remember, the Lord Told that loneliness destiny of the strong. In itself, but not around it is necessary to find forces in someone to become very strong. The top, but to it — the first Beam stands alone. Both standing alone, and not counting on the help, and hoping only for it and the forces is the Beam. Its light let the reflected will be received also by those who is close and near, not self-proceeding, and not a direct Beam of the Lord. To you it is sent the Beam, force it realize, It will give to you strength to resist alone, and also to help those who needs Light.

777. (Guru) - the loneliness, if in the spirit of you with us isn't terrible.

778. (Oct. 13). My friend to what to fence a kitchen garden if in it is empty. Commensurability is in everything. A lot of things They, Entrusted knew ours but as told you from this a little that knew. Why? Were Entrusted, but to you no full confidence had because knew that many won't resist. Know also you. If in the Stronghold in century one where the others disappear reaches only? From here: withdrawal of the majority is inevitable. So was always. Fidelity and devotion is rare qualities. And, knowing all this, nevertheless it is necessary to conduct, though it is known that won't reach. The decision to follow lies in the spirit of. Even if the person physically doesn't move away, but in the spirit of already came off or going to come off, this circumstance decides its destiny. Not We Solve and not you, but he. If someone decided to put someone or something before Me and My Business, consider it departed from Me, both from you, and from My Light Affairs.

779. (M.A.Y.). Too severely we won't judge the departing. But also heart of fires for them we won't spend. Treachery and Hierarchy insult is irreparable. All the rest can't serve as a barrier departed again to return, but having already lost the former place. It is necessary to be attached somewhere in the tail, having lost Former fellow traveller, or to join any more that caravan, having waited time in the desert; difficultly in similar conditions to wait, whether will call. And even bark dog will be desired. We were one, coming to us and suitable to the Doctrine concerned only temporarily. Contact constant was in good spirits with those who was constant, - and disappeared much. Everything in life is incorrect. The Lord is unchangeable only.

780. (Guru). Not so want to put life of the Lord, but people distort each undertaking, bringing the. Also our plans weren't that. But people distorted also them. It is necessary to introduce amendments on unavailability of consciousness and to be reconciled with small to carry out the bigger. With it you are reconciled also not to appear in position of the person who hasn't seen behind trees of the wood. The wood new grows and grew, but the bush disturbs and litters new young growth (yesterday I dreamed, passing through a garbage can, stood < ...>; and obsessed talking).

781. (Oct. 14). Everything fall that habitually surrounded consciousness, and all changes. In it the statement of the New World also consists. Everything has to become other, all new, both the Sky to others, and Earth. Both the New Sky and Now Earth become such that former won't come any more to heart and won't be remembered, but it is necessary to be approved also by it in your consciousness. But how is without changes? And you look at change of the phenomena, as at the foreordained way to regeneration and Earth revival. Transformation is made by terrestrial ways, a hand and a foot human. Burden is from destruction of thin constructions and from reaction of mass of consciousnesses to it. Among to rush direct looks on Hierarchy of Light is It is indestructible. It also stands. Without having destroyed the old, New World not to construct. Light is Future. Consciousness this live!

782. In the analysis of the phenomena, pay attention to heart reaction, especially at contact with people. Anyhow to understand that they try to hide behind words, either a smile, or the acts not corresponding to their intentions and thoughts. To loneliness nothing will change and therefore it isn't necessary to rely on anybody, only on itself and on the Lord. And then it will be possible to remove from it pink glasses. They serve as the reason of many mistakes. It is better to know without masks and friends, and enemies. Better to say "I wasn't in time yet to get", than be touched not existing qualities. The knowledge of the person because there is a lot of in it darkness is sad. But it is necessary to pass through everything and still to reach. After all it is all roadside signs on the way to a garden of the Lord where conducts a way thorny and difficult.

783. (M.A.Y,). In ancient temples devoted in a mystery of life was located in dark rest and there was one. And there, provided to itself (himself), in darkness, before inspiration it in despair tore on itself hair. It is the law: before inspiration of spirit the darkness surrounds, is heavy intolerable. But it is necessary to undergo and it, a thread keeping with the Teacher of Light. And it is good that all unstable and fluctuating disappears. But they a stone hang standing. Release from them finally will give relief. Considered comers, now — leaving earlier. Whether it is significant?
Means, terms of final fulfillments when everyone has to become at the pole of an attraction really approach. Remained true to It the Lord will collect, and then will come to an end burden and uncertainty of days and the pleasure will return.

784. (Guru). "Unforgettable" will be and will be such as once I told. But give time, everything to term will come true. Also there will be to you a part, but not earlier, than terms will come. You are connected by terms and therefore your situation is so difficult. Mobility of the Plan complicates them even more. But belief has and wait, everything will be as it is necessary.

785. (Oct. 14). My son, the decision in the spirit of, and a way too is in the spirit of. Way not on Earth, not in external conditions and circumstances, not in the passer people, friends and enemies, but is in the spirit of. And this way is the consciousness of the person stretched in time. Still Buddha Gautama Tell that the person, is process. And this process of the consciousness developing and directed in Boundlessness also will be a way: as though a tape being developed in space and existing in Boundlessness. When the body is dumped, the tape continues to be developed, because it in the spirit of. Tape of an infinite way of the person in space and the Silent Recorder — the Witness of everything depicted on it. Different tapes happen, and different patterns on them. Going tape and Silently Looking not is one, as the viewer at cinema and picture, which goes before it on the screen. The viewer knows that he at cinema and that everything seen by it on a tape, only a picture. And the traveler of the Great Way, eternity of spirit in himself realized, too knows that it and Watching one, and the picture movie only a tape of the current phenomena, which It simply Witness and the Recorder. Anything and nobody It can hold, call or make and get in eternal property. All passing and passing, and only memory about passed its property, its property a tape of last events of the life passed by it. From here is denial of property and only temporary possession of things. From here understanding of that small "I" and "mine" illusion only moment: "I" small too process, office "I" "I" big, but this process am short and comes to an end that small "I" stop the existence. The thread on which are strung small "I" at each embodiment, is the silver thread of spirit connected on the Beam with the Lord, presented with consciousness small "I" that there was it once conscious part big "I" and that small "I" in it was dissolved. In the spirit of great people small "I" am dissolved in big and the personal consciousness is replaced with the superpersonal. Also become closer in the spirit of them to the Dumb Witness looking eternally. Often it is written down movie of life is so insignificant and deprived of the contents that it simply jumps out of "the Life Book" spirit which has created this movie, and then in "the Life Book" there is an empty page and even to memory doesn't remain about life such; reason: that on creation of the Immortal Triad there are only the immortality elements, able to enrich it and to It to add something. If from this embodiment of such elements it is impossible to collect and it is impossible to postpone anything in the Bowl, such life is considered useless, not yielded fruits. Therefore most heavy life, full of difficulties and sufferings, is infinitely more usefully and more necessary for filling by elements immortality for the Highest Triad, than life empty, not given anything. But saved-up treasures are defined by thought and spirit and therefore I Speak: in total in the spirit of because the thought is fiery generation of spirit and the indestructible it. So, transferring life to thought approves the way of people to Boundlessness, to Stars.

786. It is very difficult to understand and separate the difficult spiritual process happening in the person that occurs outside. Being not separated, this external imposes itself to consciousness, capturing him and seizing of. Also there is a person the slave to external conditions, the slave to circumstances, to the mere mortals doomed to death together with the environment. "People in a wheel" is We so Call them. But it is possible to leave a wheel if to understand that a tape of the external phenomena and personal spirits — incommensurable sizes, sizes of a different order; the understanding finally leads it to a partition of the principles in the person, to division of its covers and to opportunity to use everyone separately and consciously. It is way of the accepted pupil — to work consciously in the all bodies: astral, mental and, at last, fiery when flights in a kernel of spirit become available. Such is a way. The teacher approach to it of Specify how approach and begin.

787. (M.A.Y.). We mourn when we see that the son of light is on service to vanity. Service to vanity is useless because fruits don’t yield. Vanity and everything connected with it, too quickly takes place, without leaving a trace again to be replaced by vanity new, also nothing bringing. Therefore it is better to keep Lords and us. And to fill with our thoughts consciousness, transferring them to the world. This process of transfer has paramount value because it is very necessary for the world. Who will fill with thought space and to cement it how not those, who is close to us and who can perceive these thoughts from space, make out and cast them in the finished images which are already available to people? If thus the consciousness is so trained that can depict them on paper, work is useful doubly and at all doubly, and ten times because the thoughts imprinted thus will be available following you. Work of imprinting of thoughts of space is valuable and necessary, especially because it isn't enough receivers. That is why so plentifully it is given opportunity to the son to scoop riches of fiery thought from a world spatial treasury of Hierarchy of Light.

788. (Guru). We approving are approved by the way on the ground. Usually it is very twisting, but is direct for going with us. To us the Plan Great is known, known also to you. We all measures, in every way, all heart carry out it constantly. And therefore our way is direct, and we don't know fluctuations. In case of bewilderment simply we ask themselves a question, in what relation there is a disputable phenomenon to the Great Plan, for or against It, with It in the accord or brings in It a dissonance. And therefore our actions are resolute, direct and steady. We know that we want and to what we aspire. The personal reason and convenience never entered into our calculations. We thought and we think only of the Purpose great, put before us the Lord. And to this Purpose we go. If you want to have and keep the same inalterability of your gait, follow us and an example which we to you specified by the life.

**789. (Oct. 15). So the person is arranged that from the huge boundless world he sees part and that distorted and limited is only insignificant a small circle of its understanding. The gap between immensity of Space and a little of his consciousness is so great that communication is torn on all borders and the consciousness is separated from space understanding of life; in the illusive world their lives the person, without having the basis in Space. Great Spirits came to the earth to reestablish this torn communication and to approach again the person to that Source of Eternal Life where the spirit received the granulation. Space Laws life and everything copes that embraces it. The knowledge of these Laws is lost by mankind. Partially they were given to people in Bases of Great Doctrines of the past and nowadays are again given in rather wide scope of the Doctrine of Life, but people are still far from their acceptance in the life as bases of the existence. Earlier the philosophy and religion only tried to assume the right it to do, but nowadays, owing to things, comprehension, studying and development of Great Space Laws and Secrets of Life fell to science lot. By it is given the chance to approve in the New World of a step of Space Knowledge. We Grant this right to science, and We Help also to workers to lay it this way of studying of Space and its Laws to consciousness of the person. Ignoramuses could doubt everything and to deny everything, but opening of science and its statement won't dare to deny because the science goes by skilled knowledge. So the Task to get most and to enter mankind into area of Space Secrets, into area of Intimate Knowledge Is set for science by us. Under a new point of view people will be given that, in a to teach of that didn't succeed neither religion, nor philosophy, and knowledge these is denied by crowd already any more won't be because behind them there will be an unshakable and not denied authority of science and the knowledge confirmed and proved by experience. The necessary people we will embody and on the right places them we will put and we Put already that they forward to a final victory could set scientific thought and science, breaking and destroying all barriers put before knowledge, ignorance and darkness human. The science of the future will be free from all restrictions of dead official science of the old world and authorities of scientific ignoramuses. Revolution in the field of science will be full and will crown a victory new, free from chains of the past, the science which has come to a scope of Space Knowledge not limited to anything. Situation — possibly everything will be a basis of science, both isn't present, and there can't be limits to achievements of spirit in the field of boundless Space Knowledge. And the person, Space wreath, is for whom everything is possible. There are no those barriers, there are no those limits over which the person directed by consciousness in Space and armed with knowledge of Space Laws couldn't step. For thought scientific, based on knowledge of Space Laws, impossible isn't present. Isn't present for it and miracles because the atom structure is wonderful, the world star is wonderful, is wonderful difficult, amazing and still so a little studied device of a human body with all its complexity and the opportunities concluded and hidden in is mute. The future science will get into this area and will lift a veil that on ignorance human was considered impossible, fantastic, false, supernatural and unscientific. All arsenal of knowledge of the person should be reconsidered in the light of understanding of immutable laws of development and evolution of a human body and nowadays still its functions unknown to science intended by the nature to awakening and overcoming in life; as nowadays study a structure of cages and nerves, will Study then functions of the centers and nerve ganglions and property of secretions of glands. Before thought of inquisitive scientific secret will open the difficult, wonderful both so a little studied physical and mental device of the person — the carrier of its spirit and consciousness. All Laws of Space are concentrated in the person; studying its microcosm and everything put in it, the person by means of the exact science will approach to Space and Boundlessness knowledge in which he is concluded.

790. (M.A.Y.). All events out of you and in you can be Told: "Nevertheless nothing will stop Me; nothing will stop My run to the Teacher". This consciousness also it is necessary to pass through difficulties of life. Whether a little that can happen and to block a way but if the thought that a way — is well acquired in the spirit of, that terrestrial, or astral, or from area of thought can block to spirit this way if the spirit stays over them, over the dense, thin and mental educations arising at it on a way. The way of spirit is free as weeds an eagle in skies — it is necessary to understand only it and before each next obstacle simply to Tell: "The Maya, recede, nothing can block away before specified, because it in the spirit of, in the spirit of mine, over the world standing". So we will win against the world, claiming a primacy of spirit. And He, the world the Won Lord, Will give the Hand and lives narrows Will help to pass, because with us always It.

791. (Guru). When the Lord Told, that all is in the spirit of and in the spirit of a victory, He Specified a way the shortest, a way of regal yoga, fire way, because the spirit is fire. Fire of spirit burns creation of all three worlds and is created by the same fire of spirit. Spirit is over everything. Force it is boundless, and potential is boundless. It grows in manifestation that is at the appendix in life. They say that tests, but — only as a hone for a point of fiery power are necessary. They say that difficulties and spirit burdening’s, but — only are necessary in order that it to show power of fire in degree bigger. As enemy banners of the won enemy incline before the winner, before fiery will of the spirit which has realized the power everything so inclines that lies on a way and prevents it to direct to the purpose of the great — to a victory over the world.

792. (Oct. 17). Monastery of spirit We Call the Stronghold. It rises over the sea of worldly vanity, as a tower sentry over the smooth plain. And in It a shelter to spirit from Maya terrestrial dreams passing. Can build the house of spirit, and there will be it part of the Stronghold, an ashram among turmoil of life usual. Waves of the everyday sea without restraint fight at the bottom of the rock of spirit, but the rock is unshakable. It is all about that the spirit of force found in itself to tower over turmoil of this quickly to Lena flashing dreams and going to the past, that passed and that doesn't have return. Neither to prolong, nor it is impossible to return any phenomenon, because drawing is unique and rapid. In the spirit house the silence, and there reigns silence. It isn't silence of death, but silence of life, intense and powerful, but going over vanity and turmoil of life terrestrial. This silence isn't silent. It sounds and fills consciousness with sparks of thoughts elevated. But it is necessary to be released from vanity before the Voice of Silence will sound. We Do not recognize renunciation of life, but of vanity — we Consider necessary and inevitable if the spirit wants to approve the way over temporary dense conditions of terrestrial embodiments. This way on the ground other-worldly, but is from spirit. Spirit way though real in a body for a while. Darkness and living conditions I will torment spirit to distract it from a way. But also darkness and living conditions not from spirit, but from the Earth, and the way to spirit isn't ordered, if it becomes over them. Means, all is in rising. The doctrine of Life Is given for a spirit eminence. Concerning at the Communication moments, the Teacher Ennobles spirit, but also the traveler of the Great Way himself has to seek to ennoble over the life abyss. Otherwise the consciousness will sink in flashing of running waves, to the past of the consigning. Therefore I Speak: "You hold Me strong, every minute in all affairs, differently not to keep atop". Tenacious hands with claws reach for you from everywhere, solved to choose a way of spirit and if you know it, subject it is easier to stick to Me. Notice how every morning the Teacher Waters a garden of your consciousness that flowers of spirit didn't fade. Care of the Teacher note desire and determination to go unshakably and up to the end. And then life waves won't wash away the house of spirit and it will resist.

793. Council one: "To go, having charged itself to us". At others you don't look, on them don't equal. Over you the Beam, both Care, and the Guarantee bring you to the put. Who from the left can tell, what had so many signs of Care? And you on them don't equal: your business other and person’s way. But it is necessary to believe in Driving Hand and to trust in It. We to people and circumstances will specify how to serve you that the Assignment could execute greatly. I speak: "Prepare and wait for favorable conditions that when they will come, not to miss term". The Teacher Warned.

794. Still I Will Tell you: terms dictate to destiny karma current. And that is impossible now, will turn back opportunity decupled. You think on terrestrial, and from here of mistakes. But if to proceed from that everything is conceived in World Invisible to be given then dense shapes, it is possible to understand that Will Highest ways are really inscrutable. And it is better to trust in It if are connected by the terms established by It. The spirit legend to the Lord is the act of Wisdom of the Highest. It is close in the spirit of the Teacher because his Presence - in the spirit of and spirit to indulge in the Lord will be the decision wise.

795. (M.A.Y.). And with us you communicate too in the spirit of and thought. This process both is difficult, and is simple at the same time. It is simple that contact and thought is instant arrives in consciousness freely. It is put by that the mass of conditions should be overcome and well to work to reach this simplicity. But the contact is simple. Wait for unexpectedly good news — not nevertheless to be it bad. And strong prepare for departure. You there are necessary to us, instead of here where everything is settled, really you don't see how channels of your opportunities for manifestation and the appendix of mental energy outside are deadened. The circle of opportunities will be narrowed all the time, won't disappear yet absolutely. Here new life prospers.

796. (Oct. 18). The central Sun is the Sun of life of the Universe. From It direct in space Beams and powerful streams Space Magnetism, the feeding worlds. And round It as electrons round atom, the uncountable quantity of galaxies rotates. In movement there is everything, and these movements to some extent depend on the central Sun. As the drop is repeated at the ocean, so each atom and system of the worlds, planets and stars repeat, in its reflecting the principle of a structure of the Great Sun of the Universe. Certainly, and at the head of it there is a Spirit which was too once the person on very long time ago disappeared planet. But, as the atom which is a part of your planet, is far from the Central Sun, though is generated by It, so consciousness of the person, even Spirits of the Highest, and is far from the Central Sun. To It anybody never reached from the people died and living on Earth. Even in the Fiery body Great Spirits didn't concern the Central Sun. On a drop reflecting the Sun, it is possible to know about its existence, but a drop not to concern it. The Sun of your Earth Installed for inhabitants is so unattainable. To concern it — means to concern the top of Hierarchy of Light about what there is no certificate even in the Stronghold annals.

797 My friend is not afraid to concern thought the most, difficult questions. Well, everything it can shine all thoughts, if with Me. Consider that everywhere and to all there are limits, but the thought is boundless, and thoughts a limit will be only the borders of consciousness outlined by the person by width or narrowness of his own thinking. Space is boundless, but borders of its understanding of people define to itself. Therefore denial we Deny and to statements of spirit of border we Do not put, free thought we direct there where the spirit wants. And thought having directed in space, from there brings new elements, conformable it’s to the directed essence. So the consciousness is under construction, enriched and extends, bringing the person out of the sphere it to spheres of the Far Worlds and to spheres of thoughts elevated. Winged there is a thought, spirit carrying away from Earth in boundlessness of space. It is necessary to manage to reconcile in itself two poles of life — Terrestrial and Space. And find equally effective between them. It also will be a median way, or a way gold. Both Earth isn't left, and the spirit isn't forgotten. But people are usually entirely shipped in spheres terrestrial, forgetting about other pole of life. And when to the terrestrial there come the end the body is dumped, the pole of other food for life can't give to spirit because the field of the crops which hasn't been sowed during lifetime remained empty. There is no accumulation and there are no deposits in unearthly, and to live the spirit has nothing. Tatter of terrestrial remnants and accumulation of purely terrestrial bases there have no and is there the maintenance of the lower class burdening spheres terrestrial. Earth can be considered as a necessary step for understanding of Space, but it isn't necessary to think that terrestrial creation of imperfect mankind in Space takes a place. The highest spheres of Earth exist in the best energiya postponed and crystallized by Great Spirits and the best representatives of your mankind. But it over life usual which you see around, and each person, thought high made in these layers the contribution, can be considered as the attendant of General Welfare because energy these move evolution of the spirits occupying Earth.

798. Correctly — the thought can be crystallized in the short, perfected formula. Such thoughts are remembered easily — in them a lot of dynamic force. The charge of this force is inexhaustible and influences conformable consciousness. Take, for example: "Eagle wings are given for flights" — the spirit finds force in these words spirit over Earth to tower and thought winged to fly about the worlds. Or words: "There is no such obstacle which the will of the person" couldn't overcome. In them too force and they give this strength to consonance heart on them. It is possible to speak even more shortly, putting in usual words all that energy of thought which at ordinary people is dissolved in streams of flow of words. Each word is the carrier of energy, big or small. This energy is radiated in space from lips telling and forms in it the centers of the magnetic energiya attracting to conformable it elements of related thoughts. The word issued in space and it’s beget are connected forever by a connecting thread of communication. Words are spatial accessory and property of beget which won't leave him until the magnetic force of these words won't be settled on him. Dense conditions often disturb completion of this process, but after death this process of neutralization of the own generated energiya goes already freely and freely, yet absorbs it all bad and good that generated on the earth. So there is a harvest of the seeded. The sower and the reaper is the same person. The sower here is the reaper there. Reap and here, but it isn't so intense and it isn't so obvious for an eye. But not avoid the law nor here, nor there. On the orbit Planets rush. Also rushes spatially spirit, an orbit in space to itself laying thought and the word because the word is sound formation of thought.

799. (M.A.Y.). I instruct to go. And it is rather, the better. Delay complicates conditions of departure and deprives of prepare opportunities. Latter is the worse. Performers are necessary. Unless you can consider the sphere of distribution of your thoughts and extent of influence them on the surrounding? When close spirits are sent to regions distant, not words one settle area of their mental influence, but, mainly, by thought. The thought near works more strongly, than distant thought. You see force of influence on you of people, you surrounding, or in the city in which you live. Therefore it is better to be closer and where it is fated are shown on the earth to a hidden hail. The spheres dug in space by rhythmic thought of spirits to us next, will serve containment and distribution of fiery energiya, from a space to term reaching Earth. Don't underestimate the value concerning preparation of the spatial conditions facilitating the statement of the foreordained Light. Nowadays the thought has special spatial value. Invited you will be, and already is because we call you; desired you will be, and already is, because this desire of Lords To see you in a place the foreordained; with honor you will go because are necessary, and honor of spirits in serving with honor to Tom Who Sends you on a feat.

800. (Guru). You think of death the close Friend. But death of the person is in Hands of Lords of the Karma, but not us. Would die and here, in the term appointed the Karma. I was ill and here. The organism was undermined.

801. (Oct. 19). I warned that you will be tormented dark strong, but I won’t allow tearing to pieces you. Also I Said that their evil-shift will go on a new bias not expected by you. In essence these evil-shift— anything, but dark will give them a type of reality to confuse you and to deprive of balance. To them it is indifferent than and how to reach it if only to reach. Your task not to get on bait because they showered there is a lot of rods, and all of them are thrown for you. If only confuse, if only black out if only to deprive of balance. Hardly not to react to their inventions because they choose the most sensitive, most weak spots to prick in them or to strike blows to them. And still Council: not to pay attention, passing them by consciousness and without accepting them to be convinced inside those transmitters of dark influences — the people which astral strong is unbalanced and which vibrations are infectious awfully. Means, counteraction has to be both to influences dark, and to radiations of astral conductors of their assistants, attendants and their victims. In the persistence to break you don't weaken, on the contrary, their rage amplifies because see that succeeded with rejection from you and the Teacher of those who didn't resist. Time of the last division affects in rage dark. And that who wants to resist in Me, it is necessary to be constant on the guard, remembering that by the dark are surrounded. Departing put on eyes a black bandage and deprive of them opportunity to see. The thinking separates and the separation are inevitable. You stick to me all strength of mind, knowing that without Me — the end. Rob you constantly and eat your light and therefore are so persistent and importunate in the evil-shift. And therefore their victims and the assistants tormenting you incessantly are so persistent. Dark rack sees behind their backs and to it you strike blow. The discretion invisible dark, hiding behind backs about standing already exempts you from each next evil-shift. Better at once at each blow and attempts to look not on putting, but on standing behind it. Dark very much don't love direct strokes because burn about them. Be protected from darkness, aggravating art of protection and aggravating a subtlety of its receptions, and rejoice to that dark strong your experience and your knowledge of their spiteful activity enrich. With that experience which they already gave you not to carry out and serve it on to force you. Perhaps, not always at once, but presence them distinguish always, and, having distinguished, you will be preserved, having accepted the necessary measures of protection. The best measures of protection are My Face before itself constantly to keep in your consciousness and in heart, having presented itself in the Beam and the Name My repeating. Having so armed, sparkle a sword or a beam direct, darkness burning a beam; beam the soldier acts as though from Me, as though with My force.

802. We consider necessary and necessary constancy of contact with Us uninterrupted. But how to reach it if after so many years of aspiration of continuity isn't present? Really to wait for that moment when the dark will force to look for rescue in it? It is better to approach most and without diligence of the dark. Well before every day and each work to remember the Lord and, having presented before itself his Face, after it to start it. And let will become it a habit. At the first Christians of the word "for the sake of the Father and Son and Holy Spirit" carried the same sense. But over time it was lost. Then, finishing each business and each work, again think of it. Then it is possible to stretch a mental thread from beginning to end, having simply presented that the Face of the Lord with you always. You don't think of the eyes or the head, though you know that they always with you as it is necessary to get used to thought of continuous hidden presence of the Teacher in the spirit of. And where you were and whatever did, you remember constantly that the Teacher with you always. So constant feeling of Great presence becomes your property, which not broken by anything.

803. (M.A.Y.). Let everyone decide itself that to do to it. Never and impose to nobody the decision, but provide a free choice, having pointed to consequences. Not valuably made by the person under pressure of other will, but valuably made by it voluntary, on an impulse proceeding from within. Explain, explain, point to consequences, but choose let. Giving advice, even the Lord Provides a freedom of choice and only in especially exceptional cases won’t delay with the help if it is demanded by circumstance, without asking already consent.
804. (Guru). The consciousness integrated with the Lord dictates the solution of the life taken as a whole, and at its each separate stage. Therefore, not it is necessary to strive for the solution of single questions, but to association of consciousnesses. Let the aspiration to it also become the most important care, and then each solution of this or that question will be correct.

805. Everything in life is incorrect. It is impossible to lean on anything. And only the Lord is a support. What to do is farther? Go, without shortening a stride and without changing a rhythm. Our Proximity is over everything that occurs outside.

806. (M.A.Y.). Don't grieve. The daughter will return another - loving, careful and estimated. Will return, I speak, cold and hunger of the desert human having tested and emptiness of wellbeing. Again will stretch at once as soon as will scent that lost in you. Such as you won't find and won't meet already more anywhere, and nobody will replace you also be closer. Therefore I speak: "Don't grieve. Distance not barrier". In the distance it is possible to become closer, than near being. The spirit betrayed to the Lord will return another, such with what want it to see — heart burning, and to us directed, and.

807. (Guru). It is empty around and therefore close people are valuable for each other. Only they don't understand it when together, start understanding, having left. Having left, communication with heart can either be strengthened, or to tear already forever. If the proximity is strong, becomes stronger and stronger if it is weak — will break. And you look at separation, as at test of fidelity of heart and devotion to us.

808. (Oct. 22). The look of the person is an indicator of its spiritual potential and a condition of its spirit at present. The look should learn to be owned. Different views happen: shy, fearless, cowardly, firm, escaping, persistent and in the face not looking, quiet and fixed, scattered, concentrated, sad and joyful — the word, expressing scale of feelings human, mood and thoughts. The thought is expressed in a look. Eyes are this mirror of that occurs in soul of the person. There are eyes which can be read how the open book. But there are also eyes impenetrable, not giving out the feelings, nothing speaking to people. It is possible to deprive a look of any feeling, any expression of internal state of spirit. It is possible to lower and close a veil on eyes access to an inner world of spirit. It is possible to learn to perfectly know eyes. Why to allow in soul of passersby or strangers, or even somebody. "Casket closed" — so Specify. As the searchlight, goes a steady conscious gaze on a face of the interlocutor and sees in it that, and notices in it what doesn't see an absent look. As the opened books, are read faces of ordinary people, and substantially thus on eyes. But to Read on eyes and eyes, it is necessary to own it and the eyes. People are usually so occupied with the experiences and feelings that no time any more have to notice feelings and experiences of others and to read on eyes. Such reading demands self-dismissal, but all are occupied only by themselves. In a look as in focus, gather concentrated energy of spirit which can be strengthened infinitely. But balance is necessary, differently not to collect forces. It is useful to spend day behind supervision over expression of human eyes. The most interesting in Life is it, of course, the person and his world. But all are occupied only by themselves or affairs, and for studying of the person of time any more doesn't remain. In a look by time the step of the spirit reached is reflected person. This area is wide because the eye is so difficult and refined that it remains even in a fiery body.

809. (Oct. 23). I will specify how to operate rebellious energiya and among whirlwinds to remain unshakable. What to tell you? - Unless that the worse, the better, and that strength of mind are tested, is learned and becomes tempered among difficult of life? Called many, but where they reached? Difficulties were frightened also of tests and didn't reach. And it is now more difficult to you, I See as difficult, but it is necessary to reach Me through these difficulties and if reach, whether there will be difficulties these spirit ladder! And you look at them as on the steps conducting to Me. That from this that heart groans — it is sent to rescue of the world and they should drink all bowl of poison to turn it to the public. And you look at heart as on a transmutation of poison of terrestrial light in the energy, passed through it and cleared by it, that is why it is so heavy to heart. On the fires trans mutated heart low vibrations of environment in vibration of the highest order. And in it is the purpose of your life on Earth — to enjoy a bowl of poison terrestrial for its realization in the fiery drink of life feeding the world and people. Both a grief and burden of life, and life blows from heart cut fires, and these fires shine people. Consider sufferings as fuel of heart, energy of light to people giving. Therefore they suffered, envoys our and all Lords who have accepted a burden terrestrial and a cross. If you want to tower spirit and to reach a transformation step, sufferings, difficulties and obstacles don't avoid, don't evade from them, don't complain and don't complain because without their overcoming it is impossible to reach. Victory over them It is called such condition of spirit when it, without having broken, without fluctuating, and firmly there is all to the same planned purpose -to the Lord; because all of them are overcome and won not outside, but inside. The savior, the world Won, not out of him, but in him, won a victory over them. To fight with them outside — means to fight against windmills, or as in a legend — with a dragon when on a place of one cut head another immediately grew, but in the spirit of, inside, having overcome and hearts fires having kept, it is possible to reach the Lord. Thousands will raise the reasons and phantoms, and difficult obstacles, and faces awful will come back, and only going that to block a way. But the one who the foreordained to us, that knows that it is necessary to pass through everything, and without shortening a stride. Difficult, but it is wonderful, but close to the Lord among darkness surrounded.

810. I send thoughts and the help, really you don't feel? No, I won’t leave in need. "And it will pass", and we will pass through everything, if together. There leave, in the lowlands, all environments with all its burden, chagrin, difficulties and cares. To Me come released from them. Sometimes contact will be full. Otherwise the consciousness will be torn apart on part between poles of light and a gloom terrestrial, without knowing on what to be approved. It is necessary to accept all weight of cares and at the same time not to come off Me constantly remembering, what not in them, but in Me all support.

811. (M.A.Y.). If to accept life at a rate of her chagrin and it is impossible to live. And it is necessary to live. Means, not on chagrin, and on something another it is necessary to direct spirit. This purpose of aspiration will be: to increase the talents that with to take them in a way long. No prices all rest has and it isn't necessary for the traveler of a boundless way. It was necessary to live so a little that it is necessary to think of the most necessary urgently. In total not mine, everything doesn't belong to me, and all is temporary and is passing. Whether it is worth killing on it all strength of mind? It is better to think of how to use difficulties of life for Treasure accumulation.

812. (Guru). Terrestrial life can be finished either having saved up, or having chiseled the received talents. Chiseled will come poor to the spirit world. But saved up force of saved-up fires will live, access having to all spheres, to saved-up fires the corresponding. Fires — it is the capital on which their lives spirit in elevated therefore let the purpose in life terrestrial accumulation of crystals of fire deposited in the Bowl will be great to collect in itself light which is so necessary as to, and to people because light need all both here, and there, and so it isn't enough light carriers. Using the created difficulties, it is possible, exactly thanks to them, to switch consciousness to possibility of new achievements and accumulation of treasures of fire. Not having anything in the spirit of and not considering in the spirit of anything, belonging, can freely go, increasing greatly talents. It having understood, we will be glad to difficulties of life, and especially — intolerable — many crystals of fire can be collected from them.

813. (Oct. 24). The main thing — difficulties not be afraid, but to meet them quietly. All of them will be anyway overcome or simply life will leave, having born the fruit and having given advantage. The attitude towards them changes in a root if they don't capture consciousness and have no power over it. It is possible only under a condition if not to identify itself with them. At identification the consciousness becomes as though their part, without separating itself from them, but with them merging. But they, these difficulties — only passable shadows of the phenomena terrestrial, behind them reality as it are. It is possible to judge subjectivity of personal experiences at least to that all have them different as persons human or leaves on the trees, being replaced every year. Having approved the quiet relation to the next phenomenon of life, it is possible to start permission of the related difficulties practically doing everything that is possible, but not coordinate in it all consciousness. Put tranquility in the basis of all affairs of your and all works. Whatever occurred — tranquility first of all, and then already I put. If before I put either words, or feelings, or thoughts there is a concern, there is no advantage of them, will torment and tyrannize only consciousness the lovingness and the excitements caused by them. Therefore I Speak: tranquility first of all. It is better to lose everything about what you worry, than a peace of mind. And it is possible to transfer in tranquility full everything, even death. So we will set as the purpose not overcoming of difficulties of life, but tranquility of their overcoming. Life overcoming in the conditions of ardent concern will be Treasure squandering, and all works spent for overcoming, will be spent in vain. But if in tranquility full the way is made, there can be it fruitful extraordinary. Quietly burning flame feeds consciousness, filling it. Fires of concerns disintegrate consciousness, decomposing it and destroying covers. At least in order that to keep itself, think of the phenomenon of a peace of mind. The peace of mind is an achievement wreath.

814. (M.A.Y.). You are tormented strong with life that could approve a peace of mind victoriously over it. On one bowl of scales life with all its difficulties, is put on another — a peace of mind which will move? In the approved peace the spirit is a victory over life.

815. (Guru). Fiery sparks are cut from flint at blows, and the blows struck by life, give rise to sparks, kindling a spirit flame.

816. (Oct. 25). We speak about belief and about trust. Without belief it is impossible. Even Christ Redeemer I Asked before helping: Whether "You believe? « Without it mental condition consciousnesses addressing the sent help jumps aside, as from a wall a ball The help too magnetic and to be attracted and to show results, needs a certain magnetic polarization of the consciousness attracting magnitno in this case to energy, sent by the Teacher of Light. To these are especially harmful self-conceit and fluctuation because they create magnetic conditions, or the magnetic field which is pushing away the going help. The belief and trust yours are necessary not to us, but you. Destroyed belief in myself and trust to Us, I robbed myself. Therefore I Speak: "Belief has because on your belief it will be given you". Asking receives, looking for finds, knocking we Open a gate. The belief isn't a concrete concept. It is fiery energy of heart of the certain order, possessing the huge magnetic force attracting to. It is possible to call it even confidence, or immutable knowledge of that, in what the person that has to be made believes. The belief moves mountains, and not only mountains, but all affairs human, directed to the future, even dwelling construction, either crops in the spring, or desire to study. Without belief, or confidence that the desirable result will be reached, the hand won't be raised against any business. It is necessary to look at the phenomena of belief more widely, understanding magnetic power of this engine of life. The belief and hope — sisters and close live. Let's kill to nothing belief in Us and Hierarchy of Light. It will be equivalent to light murder in itself because without belief in Hierarchy movement on the way is stopped. You can doubt anything, but not Hierarchy and not the Lord. Tests of firmness of belief are the heaviest. Not without reason three times the apostle renounced the Teacher. Belief have, and up to the end. By means of belief you collect treasures of power and you build to Us the bridge indestructible. The people denying power of belief perfectly believe in to what devote the work or even works of the whole life. Forgive such the denying and you will see under an external peel of words power of the fiery belief moving them on the elected them to lives of a way, at least this way I was to you far and alien and leading at all there where yours conducts you. The belief is always directed in the future, in it its force. So the belief and the future are combined together and combine the forces for consciousness advance forward.

817. (M.A.Y.). If you believe that I am close and you will receive my thoughts, you receive them. If belief in it you kill, the harp of spirit will break off and whiff of my thoughts will cease to answer. Communication with the Teacher and us too is based on belief. Mistakes in records and non-execution of that gets into them sometimes, be not confused. They are inevitable because the lowest often interferes in process манас. But the general direction is correct, and it is a lot of invaluable pearls. Them continue to bring together, and not for itself, but — others.

818. (Guru). To apostles there were phenomena of the Christ and other signs; be also to you. You for them wait. Will be, can't but be, - but in thinking nor from us, nor the Teacher not comes off. Strong you hold a silver thread. If release it, your communication will tear and not to restore it again as there will be nobody it to make. Are connected through us, and among live there is no the one who could make it. It doesn’t forget and most of all is careful of a breaking of a silver thread.

819. (Oct. 26). Energy sent by the Teacher only partially turns in a row visible actions: records, words, verses, etc., but other its part remains in an organism, strengthens crystals of fire and transmutate system, or the device human. In it is value of the Beam and its print on consciousness remains for the put term. On character of conditions for each this moment energy of a certain look is required, and the Teacher sends it in the Beam. It also will be the Beam of special function. From a usual Beam the elements necessary at present are taken magnitno, on an attraction, according to requirement of the moment. So there is spirit saturation by Light and situation that coming to the Teacher not to thirst, spiritually because saturation of hunger of spirit goes constantly is claimed. Spiritual the pupil much, and usually moreover has food, than can contain. Also it is absorbed by spirit on requirement; it is conformable with its aspiration. Precisely, "to everyone is on requirement". This condition of a food of spirit Beams of the Lord is the integral sign of an apprenticeship. Not having the Beam, but wakened spirit, is strained in search of the sources giving knowledge. But the pupil approved any more doesn't look for because found and knows how to sate aspirations of spirit. Everything is given that it can contain, but according to the accord with its aspiration. It is necessary only that consciousness capacity extended. Received has to distribute growing dumb is a law. Distribution goes on consciousness of the coming. Commensurability is difficult because wants to give more, than is capable to apprehend consciousness. It is a lot of among departing those, the measure of containment of whom was overflowed excessively. It is better to give short, than to transfer and that not to frighten the looking for. Stomachs at is all different, i.e. the consciousness capacity, its ability of assimilation. The rhythm helps in many respects, and especially in the course of consciousness expansion. It is possible to succeed always if the rhythm is observed.

820. You consider that are left while a food by the Beam proceeds continuously, and the next test for ability to stand on own feet you take almost for rejection, or that Forgot about you. It is necessary to understand, at last, that movement on the way consists in a number of the tests which aren't stopping until there is this advance. Lack of tests and the come ease of life, and even wellbeing — signs very bad: they mean that the way is stopped and progress is stopped. Rejoice to burdens of life, they mean that the attention of the Teacher is concentrated on you and He Is anxious with growth of your spirit which can't grow, being not burdened. Not sustained disappear. Them also it isn't necessary because those who passed, and victoriously are necessary only, through all tests and I resisted in the Lord. Why weak-willed, why weak-willed, why doubting, and fluctuating, and unsteady to attract with spirit to fire when it will burn them, and someone even will char and will make black. Let will be a little, but strong, but firm, but betrayed to me till the end and victoriously passed through all tests which it I Put. Truly noted, that the fate of all of those who approached to Me, is hard. Them I will test in a hearth of sufferings and difficulties of life because I want them to approach to Myself. Untried, they won't sustain Light and my Proximity and won't be necessary for business. Certainly, the place will be everything, but not about the Teacher of Light. Therefore I Speak: "Rejoice to life tests". And those who are tested and who isn't present, the Earth is abandoned, having left on it all terrestrial, but passed test and in the Teacher resisted, those which have evaded from tests will leave the aggravated gifts of spirit, and, frightened them or to them not grown — beggars in the spirit of.

821. (M.A.Y.). I rejoice that, at last, the Care of the Teacher, are shown in a sending of tests is realized. If not to test you how you will reach? If constantly not to temper strength of spirit, testing them how you will pass through a threshold where gloom monsters that through it not to pass you guard you? But tempered in difficulties and collisions with darkness, you will pass a threshold. Business all in that in the spirit of not to be frightened of any difficulties because will be scattered in ashes before will and will be overcome. It is necessary to increase on them spirit. There are no obstacles insuperable. The Teacher of a task of forces Gives but if to lose belief in the forces and spirit to hang, even the small obstacle will seem to the great. But if you go line of the Beam, heavy locks will break will and at all you won't scent them, because overcoming — in the spirit of. Therefore be not afraid, be not afraid of anything: neither lives, nor death, neither difficulty, nor obstacles, neither friend, nor enemies, but easy life be afraid to choose, attracted with ease of this because it, attached to your feet becomes heavy weights. Because as It is told — wellbeing is death the spirit.

822. (Guru). The Teacher Wants to reconcile consciousness with difficulty of a way of spirit. It is possible only at understanding and thinking association with It. If knew about our difficulties through which we passed, yours would seem to you small burden. The spirit, is higher a step standing, and the burden bears more. In total — the same: those tests, training and check, but strengthened exactly so as far as spirit the examinee is higher. And on test even the worlds. So be mindful and with understanding of those tests which the Lord Gives you in order that to approach you to it. Rejecting them and from them being rejected, you reject possibilities of approach to the Lord.

823. (Oct. 27). Think at Communication so: "I here, but my spirit there, near the Lord, and the parts of spirit sent to the Stronghold, are included into Communication with It, are sated with aura of the Lord and come back, bearing the impress of fire of its Spirit". Because you here is, at yourself, in consciousness terrestrial feel and you see terrestrial. But spirit out of the earth, also speak rapidly it can get everywhere. The principle of division of spirit is universal, i.e. general, i.e. spirit it is possible to concern any subject, the phenomenon or the person to whom it directs. Parts of spirit will concern object of aspiration and, coming back, will bring on itself its message. About divisibility of spirit it is told much. The spirit is ubiquitous, but the consciousness terrestrial is too close and connected by a flesh, and breaks in area of spirit happen only partial. Spirit we concern a distant star or thought. Thought is the child of spirit. The spirit is fire. The thought is the phenomenon fiery. Think of the phenomenon of a fiery of thought, including it a reflex of the brain lasting only at the time of its origin and action a little. But this reflex generates energy and the form, already able to exist separately from the device which it left, and so existing — affects both the beget, and world around: on subjects, plants, people and animals. The thought phenomenon is difficult. We strong feel a contact of thoughts, to us sent by you. At Communication the exchange of thoughts is mutual. Directing to Us, the consciousness perceives as though the phenomenon of alternating current: parcel and perception. Process is dual in essence, bilateral on each pole of contact. We, perceiving the thought directed to Us, we Answer, sending them. The perceiving consciousness perceives, directing. So there is a Communication in the spirit of, but through thought. It is possible to feel Communication, without making out thought, but having concentrated consciousness on feelings of heart. Let's call such Communication warm unlike mental, without forgetting one that without energy of heart the thought far won't depart. The engine spatially far thought — heart.

824. (Oct. 28). Imagine itself lying or sitting on the place, and - taking a detached view of itself, either from far away, or right there, near standing. Theoretically it, apparently, is simple, but is in practice far not so. And at Communication it is possible to present itself with Me in the Stronghold, and a body - being in the distance. Long training is required, but it conducts to ability to work in covers separately and irrespective of a body. Ability to present itself at any time in any place involves ability to feel and perceive aura of that place or the person to whom the consciousness is directed. By feeling-knowledge it is based on ability to feel the phenomenon by means of the highest conductors. Refine the perception is probably constant. Gives it not enough happiness terrestrial, but multiplies "talents". But happiness — not a terrestrial bird — from a spirit kingdom and therefore there is no it on the Earth. Wellbeing is not happiness, happiness inside. But as it look for outside, don't find. Happiness is in the spirit of. And to test it in something external it is inexpedient. In huts there is more than happiness, than in palaces, because it not from external conditions. Life is given with difficulties to realize it; we realize that in the person, even his happiness. And therefore when too it is heavy, it is possible, having rejected all external, to try to feel happiness inside, having separated consciousness from the outside world. Your pleasure is the Teacher. With It staying it is possible to feel it.

825. My son, your consciousness protests against life falsities. But how it is possible to ascend, rejecting steps? This step of life — overcoming of influence of falsities of life on consciousness, despite them and contrary to them to resist in Me. And to see, what magnet are stronger — terrestrial or highest spheres. The consciousness is torn apart on part between these two poles of an attraction. But it is necessary to adjoin definitely to any to one. And plunging into terrestrial cares, already not come off on anything a magnetic pole of Light. For this purpose also it is useful to hold constantly in the heart the image of the Lord. Then contact with Spheres the Highest it isn't interrupted. Otherwise not to resist under blows of waves of the outside world.

826. (M.A.Y.). How to be to you? Hold the Lord all heart, all thoughts, all the being and to entrust destiny to Spirit of the Lord. Iov not is symbol, but an example of the person who has resisted in highest, despite everything. In us you have an example of a deep-seated faith in the Lord. To it also follow.

827. (Oct. 29). We consider that external circumstances cause life of consciousness and its character only until the consciousness didn't grow and didn't get stronger to such an extent that is already able not to come under environment influence, and then already most to influence it. Strong spirits always led many, without submitting to the standard. "There is one against the current" - We so Call them. But this step isn't reached yet, it is necessary provide at least independent advance of own consciousness, without allowing that it was involved in a stream depersonalizing identity of its accumulation, and aspiration to follow the Teacher. Influence surrounding on consciousness is very great, and hardly to keep aspiration to the Teacher because all direct at all there and to whom where will take in head. I speak about internal freedom of spirit. We deny property, because the most terrible slavery of spirit — this slavery at things. The consciousness is entangled by the threads stretched from each thing which is considered as the by the person. Changes of a place of subjects also are good that tear off consciousness from things to which it grew. But also with itself it is necessary to take probably less. Why fetters with itself to carry. Wandering monks well understood it, without taking with itself anything. It is necessary to take sometimes heroic measures to get rid of property chains. It is possible to consider nothing, but even the temporary possession things connect consciousness, though does to lungs a separation from Earth and things at release from a body. It is necessary to feel all burden of this slavery to be terrified to it. The thought is arrested to things, and at the same time and to surrounding, and difficult to escape to enslaved consciousness from these pincers. Such situation turns out that the spirit aspires to the Teacher, and the surrounding become isolated sphere doesn't let it. The bird of spirit is attached by strong bonds to Earth. Also wants people to direct, but can't overcome an attraction of the surrounding sphere. And even being carried away in a shining distance to the Teacher of Light, he for it drags threads of terrestrial gravitations and the related thoughts unreasonably burdening the Teacher.

828. (M.A.Y.). Native mine, don't grieve, our time will come — spirit I warrant. It is necessary to suffer still. I see, difficult, and I try to help. There would be houses; it would be easier to help. It is easier to you to help because are close, but not of whom you think because their proximity not yours. Help according to the accord and merits.

829. (Guru). The grief will be in pleasure but when time will come, not earlier, when your time will come. Hard, we will understand pleasure of construction of life.

830. (Oct. 30). Many magnets are put on a face of the Great Country, and it is necessary to all of them will show the force when time will come. The base of the foreordained future is put long ago, and nowadays steps to it are approved on the earth by hands of people. If look through personal points, to see nothing. Glasses of General Welfare far-sightedness give also ability to distinguish and distinguish essence of the phenomena conducting in the foreordained future. There is a lot of them, also becomes more and more. But the egoism can't help to see them: the egoism is limited to too short terms of personal constructions; and in the place future it isn't present: it outside egoism of personal dreams. It bears happiness for all. The collective — this hearth where the egoism will melt and will be dissolved the world of personal interests. The world new victoriously goes on change to the old world.

831. (M.A.Y.). Difficult? And you undergo: not undergo any reach.

832. Whether you understand why tests are so necessary? How without them to separate imagined qualities of spirit of the presents? The person surrounded with ghosts of imagined qualities, will cruelly pay when life sweeps them and leaves him a wretched turkey-cock or a goose on contemplation passing. Therefore I Speak: "Rejoice to tests" — they not only will separate imagined qualities of the presents, but also will strengthen these last and will cure the got sick qualities. Quality, like a muscle, needs for strengthening and viability exercise, and constant. The hand which isn't receiving working loading dies off. You look at difficulties of life as on the conditions necessary for maintenance, strengthening and development of the qualities of spirit necessary at this step. It isn't necessary to dream about the rest— it means stagnation and a spirit necrosis. The fiery device of the person will stand and won't work. It isn't difficulties insuperable, and in radically to change the attitude towards them and reasonably to meet them in a peace of mind. The microcosm of the person automatically develops the light-particles, confronting to the phenomena burdening it, and that develops in itself fiery immunity. It should give only time, itself without tormenting, this process to finish and create the armor of spirit maintaining a pressure of aggravating circumstances. To reach power of tranquility of the Lord, it is necessary to rise on steps, passing test of everyone in a peace of spirit which will increase all the time. To new conditions burdening rejoice because they approach you to Light. Without them you will remain former. Without them not to reach Me. Thoughts unnecessary, thoughts disturbing reject.

833. (M.A.Y.). It is necessary to reconcile consciousness with difficulty of tests. It is possible only under a condition understanding of their purpose and sense. There is nothing worse than horror of darkness of meaningless sufferings, but knows when the pupil sense and value of all events with it, everything becomes lifting steps then, through what it passes. Won't sustain spirit of difficulty of a way if doesn't understand for what it was given a way thorny. But if understands, difficulties and weights become easier than a feather because the Lord of burden Will assume it. If you consider that the sense of these difficulties is put into them and by them is settled, the way of Light can't be accepted. But if to see if they force forging power of spirit and multiplying a fiery, their pupil as the only opportunity to rise to the Teacher of Light will welcome. The understanding of it will absolutely change the relation to life and will give the chance to conduct fiery training of spirit correctly. "Difficult, but it is wonderful", - the Teacher Told. Understand, really it is still unclear, the Teacher Explains everyday sense of the next tests and Specify life. To comprehend and understand — means to accept without complaints, complaints, evasion, discontent that life of spirit which was planned by the Teacher, hastily Leading following It.

834. (Guru). It is necessary to pass the next test — it means to put itself under repeated blows and until it after all won't be overcome. It is better to pass victoriously it at once is Specify Teacher. Let will be that will be. In total is in the Hand of the Lord. Inadmissible It Won't allow, tests — on forces. If they seem difficult, so the force you underestimate. Strength of mind when it is called consciously is inexhaustible. Everything will come to an end that causes the mass of cares and alarms. To the Lord you will go, having left things. So costs for the sake of what after won't be, the spirit to betray and make way treachery? There is nothing for the sake of what it would be worth refusing opportunity to follow the Lord and to receive from Him Instructions. At the correct understanding of essence of tests the spirit on life steps promptly rises.

835. (Nov. 1). How to combine eternal with passing, the most necessary with low-necessary, Light — with twilight of life and — to succeed? Only heart return to Tom that is considered more important, only love to It and aspiration of spirit. Where are your Treasure, there and your heart? What to consider as the most precious? To that to give heart and thought? Really to what strong interferes today in consciousness tomorrow to leave and be forgotten? Having given the heart of life to dreams fleeting, there is with anything a person when there go awakening from Maya dreams and everything comes to an end, than he lived on Earth. Means, the enduring should live. The Word of the Lord and everything connected with that future in which He Directs consciousness of the people following It won't come. And He with you Arrive to a sending of days of a cycle of times. The rhythm is mighty force, it applying in everyday aspiration to the Lord; it is possible to keep on an aspiration way to Light. Otherwise the darkness of vain life, both spirit twilight, and a blindness to everything that from spirit will flood. Light is necessary for life. With it being sated rhythmically, it is possible to feed all bodies with the energiya necessary for their correct functioning. You will succeed a rhythm.

836. Now, when waves foamed, there is in you a furious fight between temporary and enduring in you. Yes! Yes, in you elements temporary and eternal are concluded and between them there is a fight for superiority. If wins temporary, doomed to death and destruction by force by the prophetic and own nature, you in the spirit of will die and you will become mortal. If wins enduring, you will stretch a thread of eternal life in that future where everything directs, the thought and aspiration you will outline the opportunity and you will define that limit and border which the spirit can reach. But Precepted Boundlessness and, therefore, borders of life of spirit any can't be believed. And in this deadly fight of spirit against a terrestrial cover and against all lowest four it is necessary to achieve a victory at any cost. But the dragon of gray life is hardy, and his heads chopped off in fight immediately grow again, and again it is necessary to fight for the place at steps of space life. So be not tired in fight for the right to immortality. Every day in the east the Sun ascends, the sending beams, and you in an uninterrupted rhythm seek to meet every day a Beam sent to you by Heart Great. Nobody will meet it instead of you, anybody for you it won't acquire, anybody in heart not signs, and anybody from Light for you won't gather; the hand, by own efforts, the aspiration and desire of heart. Let wave’s everyday fight about the rock of your spirit, let wash it and slide further. You build and know that to eternal spirit they aren't terrible and can't break it, because other-worldly spirit, but only the prisoner of enduring Light in a vice of the dense world. Whatever occurred around, environment vibrations, being the phenomena of the lowest order, essence of spirit can't concern, or to it to damage, or to destroy it. The spirit is indestructible. Thinking differently, you betray consciousness of death because the consciousness has to catch the Highest Immortal Triad, a spirit Monastery in which it stays over being replaced lowest covers. Transferring the consciousness to Triad spheres, you approve yourself in the enduring. To that also conducts daily and rhythmic Communication with the Teacher of Light.

837. (M.A.Y.). Let life terrestrial flow there, below. You, spirit having risen over it, in Communication of force with us finds it to win. The victory will consist in that, despite everything, heart to adjoin our life, spirit life, but vanity not surrounding you. So separate the severe phenomena of life usual, such as at all, from life of your spirit and from all those most wonderful thoughts, hopes and aspirations which to you are Sent by the Teacher in Beams every day. In Beams of Its Light live, but not in twilight of life usual. This life usual and gray there lived to you billion people and died nevertheless, a trace without having left. The doctrine approves singularity in everything. Life of spirit and is unusual in the spirit of. You it live, but now, going on the ground and carrying out that demands life in a dense body. Also isn't worse at all, but it is better than others, not seeing Light on a way.

838. (Guru). Feelers of life seek to capture you, and to entangle, and down to drag away, and to ship in hopelessness gloom. But you fight nicely, chopping off feelers one behind another. But they last again, both again fight, and again a victory and release; but as strength of spirit in this struggle powerfully get stronger. It is impossible to give to win and to drag away to the life abyss. Many in it choked, even concerned Light. In this unequal fight we to you help to resist and sustain up to the end if the thought is directed to us and is connected with us.

839. (Nov. 2). I will tell that the invisible Doctrine going even on night is underestimated; from where pearls of thoughts undertake? Not from people around. The invisible Doctrine goes constantly; are saturate consciousnesses. The pupil is under incessant influence of Hidden Beams. And all events with it — aren't casual. The way is very difficult. Some call him penal servitude. But return isn't present back. There is no place to come back. Behind everything is burned, and those hovels or even palaces on which people huddle, hiding from reality, any more won't satisfy the spirit which has concerned Light. It is necessary to return on a burned way it is desert the gets rid heaps scattered in sand. Behind everything is burned, and a way only forward. But there is no apprenticeship way without tests. The spirit has to become an adamant. On fires of tests everything is burned that is fragile on a long way to Boundlessness. That will fit and that helps to go undertakes only. But the weeds above, the possibility of falling — falling in a chasm because under feet there is nothing is more dangerous. The threads binding with Light are stretched from above. Wires and from below, but only last that in a chasm to carry away. Having left complaints and displeasure on difficulty of tests and their spirit having accepted as inevitability, there is unshakably forward a pupil, to Will Lord the betrayed.

840. (M.A.Y.). It is necessary in the spirit of to leave all and from everything to be released. In total not mine, even body, even thoughts and feelings.

841. (Nov. 13). One desires, thoughts and feelings proceed from covers, others — from spirit. Going from covers are often sent to harm to spirit. Going from spirit with desire of covers often aren't combined. There is a fight. Especially the strong desires of an astral also are persistent. He wants and demands, without arguing. It is very strong in the person. It is mortal and dies the same as a body. If in it all life of its carrier, death of consciousness is concentrated not to avoid. The person, living an astral, not dooms on the death of himself because makes sins but because at each embodiment all four, all four lowest principles, or conductors is replaced. Life in a body can't be continued more long than the limit put to a body, as also life in covers. Therefore for the statement of not interruptibility of consciousness it is extraordinary important to transfer already on Earth it probably more often to area of the Highest Triad. The spirit It lives. It is a spirit Monastery. All the highest, all the best in the person is concentrated in It. Aspiration fire to the Life Doctrine, to the Teacher of Light, to improvement of from the Highest Triad proceeds. Everything occurring in the person, roots in this or that conductor strengthens it at the accord with it of consciousness and at will approval. Mortality or the immortality of people claims every instant by order, degree and essence of that worries and allows in the consciousness. Terrestrial to the terrestrial departs, but spirit — up with all that the person for the Highest Triad collected. If he drank, and ate well, and a body cherished, to spirit it isn't present advantage of these cares and of everything that is connected with it. Severe control over a body terrestrial, both a body astral, and a body mental is necessary. They implicitly have to carry out will commands irrespective of, they like it or not. The body is obliged to obey. It also obeys will, but at different people in degree different. Both go, and people by order of the will work. This power is already great, but still all its completeness isn't reached by the person, though the full power over the body is given him. It is necessary to realize it and to apply incessantly. All conductors — only spirit tools, and all current habits, tendencies and their desires are enclosed in them by the person and therefore by it and can be withdrawn. But with the same force with what were put, even it is more a little. The person and all of them in his ox are imperious over them. As it is required realize before starting implementation of the power over all the conductors.

842. (Guru). Don't philosophize, but simply put itself before the Face of the Lord and of itself take a detached view as though. Also you will see yourself unvarnished, in its true light. It is necessary to know it without covers.

843. (Nov. 4). The transformation law wisely preserves the person against increment to the same living conditions. Change of all bodies and updating of conditions is necessary. To give to the person a never-dying body, means to doom to a spirit petrifaction. Even for short terrestrial life many manage to grow so into surrounding conditions and a situation that in the Thin World they aren't mobile, to blocks are similar, being chained to the environment. To be other-worldly means a condition of not attachment to temporary living conditions and freedom of the spirit, living in peace, separated from the dense world freedom sphere. Strong sounds vanity for those who in the spirit of to come off not in forces Earth attraction. How this freedom to find, having been obese? Aspiration constant to the Teacher of Light. It is necessary to scent all burden of fetters that spirit to rise and to dump them. It is better to be the beggar and not to have anything, but free, than, something having, to be connected that is had. Not in a manor matter, but in coherence of spirit things without which as it seems to the person, he won't be able to live. But there was time when there was at it nothing from this that it has nowadays. And it was live, and even is happier, than having entered their possession. Consciousness increment to things and to the environment is strong, but is imperceptible because the person gets used to the fetters. It is possible to do without a thing, but not without Light. Therefore the first thought and the first place — the Lord. If understood and saw, how many the unnecessary stuff bears in the consciousness of people! Truly, heap! That moving from place to place is good that exempt consciousness from excessive things and cut off the roots which have grown into conditions surrounding it. At them to realize the slavery will be the first step to release. The fear prevents to change these habitual conditions on new, and the timid consciousness draws difficulties of new life. But, who knows, whether exceed difficulties old that wait for it ahead. Frightened of difficulties new, perhaps, thereby it dooms to difficulties gorsy in the conditions of the old. But the slavery has to realize person, if wants freedom. Released energy of the spirit, before withheld by things and an environment, can serve as creation of the house of spirit then. The one who is anxious with construction to itself houses terrestrial, that won't be able to build to itself the spirit house. Tear the chains which have tied you to conditions dense.

844. (M.A.Y.). The conditions worst for a body, can be the best for spirit. That is why the body often suffers that the spirit increased. Spirit loading by circumstances terrestrial that it gave fire and when it is too heavy is necessary, the spirit can be indignant and rise, having rejected Earth way. Making any action, continue to make it at first mentally, in the spirit of because the spirit, in effect the, by the nature, is free from casual combinations of external conditions, but can direct them; creating in advance their form, can pour in them to the necessary course; in the spirit of lead independent life from environment.

845. (Guru). Irreparable there is nothing, except the Hierarchy insult. Therefore the error can be corrected. It will be much more difficult to understand, but there will be also an understanding of that Decrees should be carried out in due time. Let's help to leave and a way we will facilitate. Note future success in all that will concern departure because these actions correspond to the Decree and Desire of the Teacher and are led round by an execution circle. When you act under the Decree, the way is facilitated. Not casually opened yesterday the book on the necessary page and those words which were pledged in Records: "Delay of death is similar". I will add if you don't move a little, there will be stagnation and a spirit necrosis because channels of the help of the Teacher will stop the action. Therefore I confirm again — leave rather. It is necessary to decide irrevocably and to work, proceeding from this decision. Where and how? Who knows, perhaps the destiny already prepared for you a due place, people and work. In total is in the Hand of the Lord. You in Will indulge it, having dumped freight of couriers of thoughts.

846. (Nov. 5). Life — the best school, and life learns how to exercise qualities in operation. The sense of the present moment consists in acquisition of skill and ability to overcome environment vibrations in the period of a special force of external conditions. Usual methods are insufficient, necessary heroic efforts to keep the Communication thread. It is so hard to overcome vanity.

847. (Nov. 6). We give the chance to the people surrounding you, to reveal them up to the end. Coming nearer to you, the essence bare. Energy your fires in them change. Change energy them to good or the evil, light or darkness on their essence, until then hidden. It is obviously noticed, on those are worse or better divided who about you. Not your fault that they become worse or better, but from your fire wakens being in them in a sleeping condition of the energy, hidden and dozing till time. Therefore be not surprised: the friend suddenly departs in a camp of foes or, on the contrary, begins are show the strengthened quality of devotion and fidelity. Conscious not awake people if you don't feel in someone the potential pupil better. They and so won't pass by you indifferently, somehow without having revealed itself as friends or enemies. Indifferent won't be. Time of the last division sharply distributes people on darkness or light poles. In it the reasons of are covered that round you there is a darkness of enrages. Being shined begins rage. Certainly, it burdens, but burdening is necessary for ascension. The darkness restricts you to Me and the spirit lifts. And darkness we force to serve Light business. If could, would break you, but the Beam protects. From invasion are protected, but from intrigues, shifts, attacks, both pricks, and blows be protected that could aggravate the feelings and forces to increase. The armor of spirit is forged under darkness blows. Each of my Relatives serves as litmus for definition of faultless reaction to darkness. Who is against you, that against Me, who is against Me, that against you. Dark can harm, but only in known borders, differently would destroy long ago. Hothouse carriers it isn't necessary for us therefore are exposed outside under darkness influence that to develop in itself fiery immunity and opposition to the dark. Simply the spirit blade in training is given that became stronger, than was. Complexity of conditions develops experience versatility: skilled soldiers we Appreciate much more, than the inexperienced new. If the dark knew how Grown wise you in knowledge of their ways and tricks, would leave you alone. Now to them not to deceive you and not to bypass and the difference between the inexperienced consciousnesses following the Doctrine of Life, and you who learned experience and have glanced in a chasm is great. So you I Prepare for putting at the crossroads ways because terms approach; are glad lives severe and difficult — it gave you so much.

848. (M.A.Y.). Dark work usually through someone from near standing, because the channel on which there was so freely their habitual influence, under the threat of closing. Also try to do much harm finally more. After all through there will be nobody to torment. You stick to the Lord these last days closer be protected more stoutly. The spirit sword let will be always on call, the darkness is strained. Into a den of an animal you enter, having closed a visor and holding for blow a spear. Not simply all that round you occurs.

849. (Guru). It is possible to be glad that are noted dark — means, fires, and your light them are noticeable smothers. Collision with darkness is an inevitable consequence of acceptance of Light. So it is necessary to fight everything following the Lord. Existence of fight means existence of an inextinguishable icon lamp of spirit. Against it the darkness that it goes out fight for the statement of Light takes up arms. It is necessary to win.

850. (Nov. 7). People left in the woods, mountains, deserts to find their privacy and release from the vanity power. Nowadays the feat is made among life. As it is difficult for sensitive and susceptible heart, it is impossible even to imagine. But it is necessary to live in the life Gus chin usual. Therefore the Beam that its light, the way указуя, opportunity allowed to move ahead is given for simplification. It is a lot of doubts in how to move ahead when the knowledge of the Beam completely isn't realized. But the Beam sent, getting into a microcosm of the pupil, sates with light elements all its conductors and spirit grain. Consequences of this process are expressed in spirit creativity warm, mental, or seen obviously, and also in words and affairs of the person who has received the Beam. On the Beam and Communication is possible, and Proximity of the Teacher of Light. The terrestrial consciousness rises against the Beam miracle, it denies even after many signs and testimonies of its power and influence, but the internal consciousness succeeds and continues to move forward. The appropriated Beam doesn't leave and after death, is strong connecting the pupil with consciousness of the Teacher of Light. Understanding of it is very important. Future pupils, who yet haven't approached, have no it. Development of the phenomenon requires its understanding on which degree the part of a consequence of receiving on a Beam depends, invisible training — too. The beam protects from darkness invasion, not from dark attacks, but from mastering by darkness and from causing serious harm. Would destroy if could, but the Beam doesn't let and doesn't allow. All shifts dark, crossing out of the limits outlined by the Teacher, are stopped by Beam force. Decree the decree of the Lord dark not in forces to break. But they will annoy, because two-polar life.