Agni Yoga's facets, 1958 (851-918)

851. (M.A.Y.). The dark strip of life will pass and enter light strip. We are anxious with rather to enter you into it. Not here she expects you, but the house where opportunities aren't limited to gets rid conditions for you. Potential of a magnet of spirit will plan ways of a magnetic attraction according to it circumstances and opportunities. On the son you watch about character and force. But it is necessary to decide irrevocably, without hesitation and doubts to choose way specified by the Teacher and the direction. On another you don't judge: leaving thought of itself and the device of the private life, but not of business of the Lord and didn't set Business by its purpose and before itself. He doesn't deserve anything better. On the heart is and of life. You expected life to find not where she is fated to blossom. You the looks direct on native open spaces. Your future there will be approved and nowadays approved as us. Let's combine threads of opportunities on your aspiration and Will Leading execution. Hierarchically space right you have on the share of the precepting fairy tale, this right is granted. Measures usual to it don't apply and you don't aspire to commonness. On another you don't judge: leaving thought of itself and the device of the private life, but not of business of the Lord and didn't set Business by its purpose and before itself. But you had them and your destiny in its Hand. Usual measures leave, equal on unusual, and be pupils of M.

852. (Guru). Our life was unusual because all aspirations were given to the Lord, lived for the sake of his Business. But someone some minutes in day devoted to It and read the Doctrine, believing that it is on service of the Teacher. Incommensurability is obvious; the law commensurate precisely. Given all itself receives a hundredfold. Vague the giving are perplexed why the share of their receiving is so thin. They forgot commensurability of consequences. Measure full receives given all heart to the Lord, incompleteness — the enemy. Lukewarm from vague turn out, their fate be thrown out from an evolutionary spiral of life. Full-devotion, full-return of and completeness of aspiration of heart to the Teacher called.

853. (Nov. 8). Savages humor the idols or beat them if their desire isn't granted. Don't assimilate. While everything isn't transferred to area of spirit and heart isn't given to the Lord, logicians of balance not to hold, and logicians of evidence not to win, and it not to be exempted from influence. The egoism looks for personal comfort and convenience and puts advance on the way to dependence on them. On Great Service with them don't reckon at all. Often hurry in cold and hunger and without grumble and complaints. The understanding of the principle of mobility of the Plan has to reconcile with all surprises and the broken dreams. Even if We, postponing the unread manuscript, unexpectedly we Change the actions what to tell about you who aren't seeing the reasons of these changes and their expediency. Life is very difficult, and it is necessary to believe, differently it is impossible to go. It is necessary to believe in greatness of the future and service should direct it all the efforts. Working for the public good, wings we raise but if personal it we replace – won't grow to wings.

854. (M.A.Y.). If Sergiy in the woods, being one Created a great cause how the attendant of General Welfare can say what its works and its life won't be useful? Service consists in Light execution in own aura. Without this condition no Service is impossible. Simply in the microcosm to bear light to people - in it all sense. People look for the solution of a question in something another, but other decision can't be. So light bearing already this one makes Service to Light, both any affairs, and any words and no conditions will make Service to Light to that, if aura not lightful. It is necessary to get at the root things and their essence. You seek to make a number of affairs and you consider, what exactly in it purpose of your life and your mission. And I say to you that it in that the radiations to bring light in twilight of life and light to give to people even without words. Such feat is called silent. It is more difficult than all affairs. Other understanding of the feat which isn't consisting in execution of Light can't be. If the light-bearing only passed among people, without having said and words, already thereby great benefit brought. Certainly, affairs, but only with Light are good and necessary. Without Light they aren't necessary therefore the first, on what your attention has to be turned is a condition of luminosity of your aura. You know that you’re thought or feeling at each this moment and therefore you cannot reflect radiates, whether you bear to people surrounding light or darkness. Dark emanations radiate darkness. Define a condition of the spirit at present and immediately you will see nature of the service — and you will know to that it is devoted, to darkness or light. The magnetic essence of the person constantly radiates dark gray or light shining emanations, and service to light or darkness is made constantly, at each this moment. No words, explanations, justifications of the reason can make radiation light if the aura radiates darkness. Remember words of the Savior: "And if Light, which in you — darkness, what darkness? « Therefore attend about, whether you will be necessary and useful to the future. You will be, certainly, if luminosity of aura is approved, and you won't be necessary, if - No. At your knowledge and proximity to us and the Teacher of Light your borne perhaps is great also service to General Welfare greatly the useful. So, light polarization in a microcosm on a wave lightful will be the correct solution of life and all those questions which nowadays disturb you. In far mountains unknown yoga’s create the benefit, with the Light the world endowing. Especially business great can be created, in noise of people staying and Light to them bearing.

855. (Guru). The silent victim — so Calls the Teacher a silence feat among life, its performer lives as all and tells as everything, but the feat bears silently and intimate. And on everything with what life falls upon it, answers with lightful radiations of the aura — rage human, difficulties of life, heavy thoughts and feelings of people. Truly, a transmutation of the lowest energiya in lightful is it, he can't answer with rage, hatred on hatred, meanness on meanness, lie on lie. But heart meeting energy angry, full of poison, with light those answers, in it and consists to drain bowls of poison. Service to light is difficult. Everything is permitted, but under a condition if everything lights up with light, from within with the proceeding. And it is unimportant then, where and as this service is made. On service there is a heart, and it can serve light everywhere and always and where you were mislaid on open spaces of the great country.

856. (M.A.Y.). The big consciousness — is more and difficulties. But difficulties are only the steps of life conducting to Light. How without them? At their babies doesn't happen. Really you want to fall into an infantile condition? Difficulties the sign good — means are tested spirit. At those you don't look who has no them. The adult can't envy irresponsibility of an infantile condition of spirit. We prepare on difficult business, therefore also difficulties that on them to temper spirit. To the spirit of a responsible mission not tested severely it isn't given. How to create armor of spirit, if not under life blows?

857. (Guru). If an illness call visit of Lord, difficulties we will consider as the phenomenon of attention and care of the Lord. Urgent your way, also it is necessary to prepare rather because it isn't enough performers. So it isn't enough! It is empty around, and time approaches. Rejoice to severe care of the Lord to strengthen and prepare your spirit for Assignment acceptance. You are in our thoughts care and plans.

858. (Nov. 11). Also people would have the power if it wasn't given from above. By karma it is given. Not the fast gets God and strong — < ... >; but to all time and case, that is karma. The iron law of karma is relentless. It is impossible to break it, but it is possible to rise above. For this purpose it is necessary to rise over karma, spirit to rise. Only in the spirit of it is possible to be free from karma chains. Conductors are subordinated to it. It remains, but the authorities to own spirit has no. The Savior crucified on a cross was in good spirits from a karma is free (while the people who have condemned it to death and crucified it were slaves to a karma) while his judges and performers of their will were slaves to a karma.

859. (Nov. 12). The power of the present over consciousness can be destroyed, having only directed consciousness in the future, but not personal, but the future which is based on the basis of General Welfare. The personal present and the personal future of spirit won't exempt from the power of the surrounding. Test for commitment to General Welfare should be passed everything who wants to follow up to the end the Lord. In the nature there is no emptiness. Having rejected General Welfare thereby fills the consciousness of people with thoughts of the personal benefit, of, and only to itself, and instead of a blossoming garden the desert prepares for spirit. Nowadays time of concrete decisions and the statement in life of to what the spirit directed and that considered already available — check on life of the principles of the Doctrine accepted theoretically, but not approved in practice. All imagined achievements fly away, as the dried-up leaves. There is only that is really approved by the hand. Test is severe and difficult, but it is necessary to separate, at last, imagined qualities and the theorized life, words and affairs, evidence and reality. Only having given everything and given on service to General Welfare its way will be able to hold itself. The others will lag behind. And each lagged behind will get stuck on something. There is without conditions about himself the forgotten traveler who has chosen a way of Light, the leader to the Lord. Reasoning’s and words any more won't help and won't replace reality. It is necessary: or to approve Doctrine requirements in life, or to depart from the Doctrine. Not a joke approach to Light. Easy thoughts are condemned. Grief to the one, who wants replace gifts of spirit with receiving gifts material. The bird has a nest, and animals — holes, and the Son Human — has nowhere to bend head.

860. If to dump personal points, you will see that the horizon of the future is pure also the signs indicating its ardent implementation in the present, are visible in a set everywhere. Steps to it are put strongly, and all every day is under construction new, approaching obviously to it. Everyone new is purer, more beautiful, better and above previous it. On essence and character of steps also you judge — the mistake won't be. To the foreordained be, but not in personal sizes, but in measures of General Welfare. Victims and works are inevitable. Eyes open on the great changes which are making at you in the eyes. Light is future, and not darkness ahead.

861. (Nov. 13). It is amazing as circumstances are at the right time condensed to burden and over time again to go to the irrevocable. They accept sharply real forms and capture all consciousness, persistently demanding attention and violently interfering in thoughts. But time passes, and they leave, absolutely exempting from itself consciousness and being replaced new, perhaps, the best and easier, perhaps, with heavier. Not in them put, and that, leaving from Earth, them it is necessary to leave everything. Everything, everything that nowadays torments and burdens consciousness, all this will pass and all will be replaced new, but: both new, and old — positively everything remains behind and with itself doesn't undertake. Therefore it is necessary to find forces it to understand and in the heat of a force and burdening fiery to think: "And it will pass". Also it is necessary to do everything that the circumstance demand, but it is necessary to hold thoughts of a transient and temporariness of these burdening’s strong. They are given in order that spirit from them to be averted and rise above their transient. Strong and fiery hold approve temporariness them and to find impassability in their transient of force and to strengthen inviolability of the essence on the spirit rock. To accurately itself to repeat: "even it will pass", and from now on that happens, too will pass and will dissipate, to a smoke is similar, will pass again to give to spirit and Maya knowledge, and weight of evidence ardent; it is so much cares, both efforts, and alarms about not the — about others, material and dense that gathered casually and condensed round spirit. In total not mine, and all only for a while to leave everything itself. The Lord is unchangeable and is close, and in Him everything, but anything isn't present in external, only one vanity and spirit languor. Close people around temporary too. How many they were, and how many left, it is better not to have at all passing, than with it to grow together and be chained to it, in the spirit of better to be not attached in life heavy and difficult, than to be attached in easy, careless and carefree. Better life difficult, but bearing release to spirit, than a chain from roses. Rejoice to difficulties and burdening’s — in them possibility of release from a wheel of lives is put; test should be passed victoriously, and then it too will take place. Otherwise will weary, it won't be overcome yet successfully. There is no other exit to be exempted from the next test as soon as successfully to pass through it. Be ready to everything, but in pleasure of spirit and in knowledge that these next tests are given for overcoming them and finding thus forces new to separate itself that outside, to tear off consciousness from it. You only travelers of spirit on a long way to Boundlessness, and yours aren't present anything on Earth, everything is temporary only, and everything only is given that it to understand and to be exempted from everything. Taking evidence for reality, for enduring, the spirit plunges into Maya embraces, and she from the embraces doesn't release it, he yet won't understand their essence, their illusoriness, lie of their evidence ardent. As though Maya didn't try to force to believe in approach of the phantoms, before their person repeat: "The Maya recede", it will pass, - so claims the Lord

. 862. From everything burdening strong you nowadays the most important — is that experience and knowledge which it, as well as burdening of spirit everyone in general, brings. Strong you seek to take experience from the heaviest and bitter lessons and, truly, you will be then collectors of a harvest plentiful the next your embodiment here, on Earth. And not then, when burdening will recede, namely in the face of these difficulties the force approve unshakably to stand on the spirit rock. Support is the Lord. Everything fluctuates, It is unshakable. The Name Its and with the Name His life you pass. And life you restrict. The unlucky pupil, on the contrary, leaves the Lord then, when most of all needs It. Such relation to that branch which only and the spirit in space of all measurements holds isn't wise. I — a tree, you — branches. The branch separated from a trunk, dies.

863. (M.A.Y.). It is necessary not to argue and not to wait, and urgently to follow the Instruction. You see as the karma is curtailed. Act. With it we will help. And you remember our sitting on a plateau on a wind and a frost when even cognac froze more often. Six months, but spirit we didn't fall. Think more often of it when test is sent you by the Teacher. But we passed them, and you as? You will pass?

864. (Nov. 14). Yes! Yes! Tests will take place, and you approved in the Teacher and the Doctrine of Life, will go further, enriched with experience new and the forces which have increased on it. Not to weaken and deprive, and to strengthen and strengthen — a test objective, correctly passable and understood. I call when you feel threat to crops. On the battlefield even more heavy, but the skilled soldier goes through everything, knowing that it is necessary to pass. To readiness for tests add fearlessness before them and understanding that inevitable not to avoid. Can take away everything, but not your accumulation, and to deprive of everything, but not them. Joyfully leave everything to what the aura because this karmic release from this or that type of coherence of consciousness grew. Fearlessness and tranquility call and act with them. Don't consider desperate any situation. The exit remains always, and to Me it is never closed. Together with Me also we will solve the most complex problem. Not in calm of privacy, but in the heat of fight you learn to hold communication with Me. For this purpose it is necessary to get used to hold my image in heart constantly, as the most powerful tool of communication with Me. Both the Name My repeating, and the Image holding, safely go lives towards in my Beam, to you sent strong. The beam should be met heart open, both ardent, and full awareness of its power. Not conscious, it won't give strength, not applied in need — too. Now time came practically, in practice to apply the knowledge. All Help we Give, but at close contact, and strengthening of merge of consciousnesses, and constancy from Me in actions joint. And after all in practice it happens so that at the moments when it is necessary to work, about Me forget at all, remembering only when a hurricane carried by. Spirit before anything and before anybody doesn’t incline, remembering all the time that I right there with you. As in big affairs together with Me you will keep if you hesitate and constancy you can't hold. Me you keep in all.

865. (Nov. 15). Our help is great and urgent that who bears on itself (himself) burden of construction of the New World. To them even mistakes it isn't counted. But admirers old don't have a place among Us, and even advantages they and a merit of evolution aren't necessary. Better than a mistake for the sake of New, than merits for the sake of old, so division the last goes more deeply, than it seemed. How many good, but unnecessary people for evolution lived and lives on Earth, and how many bad, to us necessary and to us helping to build. It is necessary to leave old measures. We have one measure —are valuable to World evolution because new wine don't pour in in furs old. The contact to the old stiffened consciousnesses isn't useful; their poison is strong and poisons system. It is decomposition poison. With freight of denials not enter into the New World. It is too much misunderstanding and obvious personal approach. Even if on boondocks the sun of splinters build, but with the heart directed forward, in the future. The psychophysical moment of a planet is so dangerous that everything promoting evolution and the statement of new forms of life Is supported by us strong. Then it will be selected that is good and that poorly, now all-planetary balance should be kept any price, any more too little things in life and not before that to someone and somewhere crushed a finger or personal damage caused. Business goes about rescue of the World from world accident. Show understanding of complexity of time and you remember that with former measures it is impossible to approach to the new phenomena of life if the sense of transformation of the World now is understood. Not on pink clouds, but a hand and a foot human.

866. Will damn them to term when terms will come, will see, as they helped with Construction New, without knowing how walls and what dome of the temple of Fiery Truth of Life are high. Help not only gins. You see things in big economy more widely, the good owner will find for everything application.

867. (M.A.Y.). The cowardice whispers: "Evade! Let someone another, but not you for you will incur your share and work on construction of the New World". Thousand excuses and self-justifications will be invented by the reeled consciousness, and the decision is simple — it is necessary to decide on a feat, and any more in words, and in practice, and even, perhaps, without other dark reasons. As where and that is the Leader Will specify if to betray itself to Ego Will. I transfer the instruction: to take measures that from darkness to be protected which creeps in all cracks, measures special is necessary because are surrounded. Everything through whom the darkness can come nearer to you somehow, is used by it immediately. Everything isn't casual, each contact with

868. (Nov. 16). "Be rejected from itself, take the Cross and follow Me" — such is a way conducting in Life, a way difficult, and the Feat way. Feat — the final step conducting to the Lord. All were sent on a feat, going for the Lord and solved the way all the way. Feat is the uniform solution of life for this purpose that Light concerned. The next to the Lord choose a feat way voluntary and with understanding of that, on what they go. But the way is difficult. Small "I" in the person, his egoism, rise against severity of self-renunciation, and deadly fight between the Highest Triad and the lowest four; between the Highest and the lowest "I" begins then. The greatest feat made on Earth — is Christ Redeemer Mira's feat, his great victim. But even He Spoke: "Yes this Bowl passes Me"; because on mankind and a human nature this feat was hard. As well everyone, following the Lord and a way this chosen, has to understand, the way of a feat of life how is heavy not to deceive itself different dreams. On a feat the Lord Sends - immediately the lowest "I" rise and thousands openings finds also justifications that from it to evade. But yet won't tell itself spirit, a life chosen: "Yes this bowl passes me, but not as I want, the Lord, but as You. Yes there will be Will Yours! «- until then the feat is impossible. Not a joke approach to Light, the way is severe. About yourself and personal conveniences, happy it is necessary to forget about life if you want to go on a feat. Fear before the future it is necessary to leave and show full readiness for all tests, readiness for everything, readiness everything to leave for the sake of the Lord. Think of those who went on fires and on torments for the sake of the statement of Light. All were pursued, tortured, torn to pieces or killed. Others in the spirit of paid in torments, but went all the way. When the feat step is reached, internal fight becomes aggravated extraordinary. Released from it, forgotten time and things and all betrayed to Will Lord, goes through life the hero of spirit. And whether it is possible to wonder that the way and that lagged behind and evaded is so lonely very many; has no value, under what pretext refusal of a feat way is made, the fact is important. And it is hard to say that is worse — from this way to refuse or accept, regretting for life blind and happy. This question, fight and the decision are inevitable for those who close to Light Lord concerned.

869. In a consolation I Will tell: the feat way difficult chosen victoriously goes on it, and difficulties turn into ease, but easy chosen a way and left the Lord at times appear before such difficulties which break their spirit. Way difficult the chosen - be not afraid. I with you always, up to the end. Someone even shouldn't choose — for them the destiny solves. But the chosen way of a feat consciously and voluntary has a merit.

870. (M.A.Y.). Native, I told long ago: "Be not going to be lulled by sweet dreams, but to a life feat". And here time came this readiness to show. Whether we are ready to a life feat? Wonder and will see at once, where words, where affairs, where imagined achievements, where valid, where statements of spirit, and where bodies rest and its convenience. There, on open spaces of the Country great Action and focuses of light is created are necessary. Here focus such appeared, and sparks were immediately lit. Its capacity and consequences depends on focus of light. End so, and the car will start working. Focuses is small, light give the small. The light let's judge to us! Ours light to the world bear the next for the world hidden, hearts lighting. Wonder, what feat is easier — visible or hidden? For the second prepare that light to the world bear.

871. (Guru). The decision is in the spirit of. The fear isn't known by the hero. The irrevocable decision on a feat exempts at once from one thousand small alarms and moderates sounding and vanity noise. Readiness to accept everything and the way through everything gives strength. And if it isn't enough forces, strength of the Lord go — it will suffice on all because the consciousness turned to the Lord, going through life for the sake of it is inexhaustible, invincible. So divide affairs on in the name made and for the sake of it — and you will see obviously where conducts a way elected by you and covered with that you create in the name or the Name of the Lord. Before each decision important sharp-sightedly you look for the sake of what this decision is made not
to deceive neither, nor others.

872. (Nov. 17). Than more difficultly, the more difficult, uneasy and heavier, the better because everything only approaches to the Lord, only to the Lord restricts, both dark attacks and attendants of darkness let will be only pushers to Uniform Focus of Light. So all serves — both kind and angry, both good and bad — to the one who decided on a feat; everything we accept in readiness full because everything will inure to advantage. And everything starts serving, becoming steps to Light, even a fire or a cross. And then fires start inflaming, becoming light focus. Its magnetic field sated with energiya fiery, serves Wednesday where everything capable consonance to light proves. The hearts ready to adoption of the Bulletin are so lit. Think that life in a visibility dense, but the basic and the main tide of life — in hidden. Spheres of the thin energiya which are powerfully influencing consciousness are put into areas of the invisible. But they move life. The teacher Calls thought to direct to these spheres and to adjoin to spatial thought. Spatial treasures of thought are available to the person. Thoughts of possibility of flights gave to mankind aircraft, but people realized and approved only insignificant part of treasures of spatial thought. And Specify Teacher as to open access to a treasury of spatial thoughts. Knowing that everything is possible and achievable, it is possible to get freely from this perennial spring Knowledge. From shining substance of elements of the Lord Issued for people models of their future achievements, opening, inventions and stays, and it is necessary to direct to taking only. How take is Specify. It is necessary to enter into the commonwealth with spatial thought and to establish close cooperation with it. Think that from own brain undertakes, but there is a lot of brains and taking and able to take so strikingly a little. Therefore Specify of a way how enter into spheres of thought hidden, but powerful, able to transform the world. Ideas operate the world. Platon was right. The idea about interplanetary flights will be carried out. The thought of opportunity to leave to the ocean of world space will open to the person of a way to Boundlessness. Impracticable there is nothing that within Space Laws. Nowadays is great time of great opportunities and achievements in all areas of life. And all is necessary to energy of spirit rush on this way. Light of the future is great, in hands it sciences.

873. My son, collect in itself energy of spirit, unreasonably scatter you on the parties. Inside all: tranquility, pleasure, future and I, your Lord. In total is in your consciousness and in understanding only. In it boundlessness and opportunities all is. External it is given that internal to awaken, light, and to approve light it in life. The main life in the person is internal. External is only on the periphery. People think on the contrary. And only in the face of death, leaving terrestrial, suddenly understand that everything that have — inside. In them all is concluded. To understanding of treasure, in the prisoner, it is possible to come and without death contemplation, because in it life and possibilities of deduction of not interruptibility of consciousness. And even those who are content with life only external realize it in the consciousness, nevertheless in themselves. So the consciousness is a human life throne where external energy is realized into the images of thought making the world of the person. The piece of pie can be entered into a stomach, but not into consciousness. Pie, and something other, a number of feelings, anything the general not having with substance of pie, feelings already will enter into consciousness not < ... >; the non-material. Them it is possible to note reflexes devices, but feelings - anything from ordinary devices because they treat products psych spiritual. But time will come, and the supersensitive tape will be able to fix views of people. And one more area of life visible becomes and will be carried to the phenomena thin-matter; but nevertheless to material, visible, measurable and giving in to studying. Light of the future is in hands of science and exact knowledge.

874. (M.A.Y.). When everything starts serving for the spirit ascension, no tests are terrible. And meeting next, it is possible to wonder that it gives and as far as will approach to the Lord. When this step of awareness of value of tests is reached, there are they the powerful engine of spirit on a way up. At present it is necessary to approve more strongly the Face of the Lord in heart that in vanity of day and external events there was it constantly before eyes. It will help to keep balance. Attempts to break it will be endlessly. Test objective of these to give the chance to reach that the Image of the Teacher of Light in consciousness was first everything, all things and the phenomena occurring outside. So approving the Image of the Lord in itself under all circumstances of life, we approve them on a stone of the eternal basis of life. It also will be a problem of these days.

875. (Guru). You accept blows for the sake of the Lord, Light in you rage of darkness calls him, but stand strong. After all tests the pleasure waits for you. But it is necessary to pass, and victoriously. Together we go.

876. (Nov. 18). Non-execution of the direct Decree of the Teacher always involves a number of heavy consequences. The decree usually is given in anticipation of the future which doesn't see and can't see receive it. But the Teacher and Specify Sees a way the best. It is necessary to get rid of consequences of violation of the Decree painfully from now on not to do it anymore.

877. (Nov. 19). Stages of fulfillments It is noted by third anniversary. Count three years from the beginning of this or that event, and you will know term of a new step of time. Also the seven-year cycle matters also. Each of them means end something and the beginning of a new spiral interval of time. It bears in itself (himself) new opportunities, at times inconceivable in the previous. By future consideration in thoughts of its opportunities it is necessary to consider this circumstance and not to limit itself to conditions of last day. Those nowadays possible even five years ago it would become seemed improbable. From this also it is necessary to precede in future forecasts. The judgment on today wrong will be always, because now transitional time from a century of darkness by a century of Light, of the past to the future full of new opportunities and achievements. To the foreordained to be, so consider and note steps to him. But personal measures leave also personal approach. Ways are inscrutable because the Will of the Highest creates planet transformation. If you knew that waits ahead, the pleasure would fill heart. But evidence prevents to make out that goes, but evidence — is chicken reality. To hens we won't assimilate, thinking about the future. But even chicken, hatching out chickens, takes part in the future phenomenon. Nothing can take away the future from the person. Both hopes, and his expectations given to thoughts of the future, will bear the fruit not in personal, but in measures of General Welfare. We Build planetary life according to the scheme of the Great Plan; everything planned by us is carried out, but by the principle of sequence and expediency. But as the general condition of human consciousness for each this moment size changeable, mobility of the Plan is caused by the actual need. And with it is necessary to be considered as everything as that who is directed in the future together with Us. Not the essence of the Plan changes, but forms and methods of its next implementation. Consider that it is impossible to counteract the Plan of Lords successfully. Tactics of Adversa don't forget. We apply it when conditions demand a special force of forces. All waters serve a mill to rule them on the driving wheel. Be not confused anything and you remember, isn't present on Earth of such force that could prevent implementation of the Great Plan.

878. For you sheets of the diary of the Guru and their publication — the present, for Us — the past. Also We Are occupied with preparation of a step new, and you in these plans, in them to you a share are. And not so they are far as it seems to you in a fog of evidence ardent. But also you promote Us in possibility of their implementation because foundations of the bridge are under construction from two parties and the bridge is based upon two coast the ends — on our and you. If on your coast instead of an abutment there is a bog, there is nothing will be bridge to strengthen. Whom from relatives we can Call by an abutment of the Doctrine of Life if foundations how the bridge will resist fluctuate? Silver Bridge is the environment of transfer of Beams and Light of vibrations, on it thoughts are sent and perceptions flow. It has to be very steady because thin fiery energy is powerful and unusable metal won't sustain tension. About a third anniversary of weak organisms heard, so it is necessary to be strong. In the spirit of and spirit it is necessary to be strong. Then will sustain a body. Spirit indulges in the Lord and all yours transfer It. The cares, alarms and concerns leave. The care is necessary, but not from egoism proceeding and gnawing heart. Having given all to the Lord, you become only the keeper of his Property. And He Will take care of that that is necessary for you for its Business, at you and remained.

879. (M.A.Y.). Whether you think that if when everything is good and successful, you are close to us, but you move away at failures seeming to you and difficulties, your attitude towards us and the Teacher of Light conditionally. At a fir-tree you learn identical to be in the winter and in the summer, during bad weather and clear days. You study that your relation didn't change depending on inconstancy and uncertainty of external conditions. The lord is above all and over all phenomena current. It above all terrestrial put, a support make all your affairs. It is a stone of the basis of life. Don't involve firmness it in fluctuating and changing events of days of your life because the Lord is unchangeable. But put the Name it a cornerstone in the basis of your spirit. Only this way resist and, having resisted, you will become the Doctrine abutment.

880. (Guru). You show firmness in the relation to Called! The advantage of exactly burning flame is necessary; devotion and love will be the best oil for the spirit lamp, and also balance and constancy. Let instability of external conditions don't shake stability of your devotion to us and the Lord. And then the step will be firm: "let will be that will be, but is devoted to the Lord always, up to the end".

881. (Nov. 20). From outside it is impossible to cover with anything internal trouble. The Teacher also Is glad to help, but a board of leprosy you won't close. Therefore if you see that something is wrong inside, try to eliminate trouble it. The teacher Will help with your efforts to become better, but make efforts, but desire show the will to correct it. Trouble in itself can't be provided to free growth because qualities develop infinitely both those, and others, both good, and bad. However, the carrier of evil qualities destroys it, but all of them can develop to a limit of destruction of their carrier. Projecting this quality in the future and understanding the nature it, it is possible to imagine easily harm, to it brought because in effect it the arisen fruits which it will bear are already hidden when will develop. You see how words are powerless, even Teachers if there is no desire to follow them and to execute them. It is possible to be susceptible very much, and still to have immunity against third-party influences and environment. The woken egoism which is afraid for the person is here the center of all everyday alarms and vanity. It is necessary to the person so a little, but he surrounds itself with unnecessary things and chokes in cares of them. "Not having anything can enter" — ponder upon sense of these words. How the consciousness burdened with terrestrial cares and things can enter into my world? Whether it means, what before Teachers the terrestrial becomes strong? The Teacher doesn’t come off what there were affairs.

882. (M.A.Y.). Fire strains all qualities of spirit and when it burns, correctly you consider itself as the pupil; is much better, stronger and firmer, than is able Pralaya consciousnesses. It isn't necessary to be afflicted with this last condition too. Pralaya will end, and again there will be a lifting and blossoming of all strength of mind. Also it is necessary to remember that the burden of this world not for itself, but for the world the borne is heavy. Each expanded consciousness bears this burden — as though a payment for organism thinning. The undeveloped consciousness of burden of this doesn't know. But we won't envy of. You accept a burden of this world and a force unreasonable you carry at her expense, but not for the. The burden of this world even heavy, it is easier to bear, than personal, because in this execution — sense of acceptance of a bowl of poison, for the world enjoyed. The burden of shift round the events lay down on your shoulders therefore and it is difficult so to you. It considers. It is a lot of rushing-about consciousnesses, and it is a lot of disharmonious, it is hard to them to resist.

883. (Guru). It is necessary to move - are necessary in a circle all. The circle is narrowed promptly. The simplification will be, but not here, but in the country of the best. Home it is necessary to go.

884. (Nov. 21). Burden of time consider as a threshold of changes in your life. And We too Don't love things and them It isn't necessary to us. They burden unreasonably. Under usual conditions coherence them is imperceptible but when time comes to be exempted from their power, coherence comes up outside and becomes strong notable. That is why travel when usually unnecessary things with themselves don't undertake are so necessary. As a matter of fact — efforts about anything, because possession things temporarily. It also is required to be understood, and then release from them without serious consequences. To leave them today or tomorrow — no value any more has because all not Mine, but is given only for a while. And when things leave, we will be glad to release. They as come and leave as the people, any time having stayed with us; about a thing terrestrial, you should be understood. Not in them harm, but that separate consciousness from reality, covering it - too evidence deception. At a force of spheres all properties of the phenomena strain excessively, revealing the hidden character — Adverse tactics in operation. Certainly, it is necessary for a transmutation and consciousness transformation. In usual and habitual conditions it would be impossible. Changes It is welcomed in general. Only stagnation we Condemn all types. Fear before changes in life in unwillingness to leave habitual heaps and the Stagnant commonness. But even the dragon updates skin. Time cycles everywhere mean changes, for example, a cycle of year. Changes of the phenomena go on a spiral, showing analogy, but not identity; so the stream of life doesn't repeat itself, but always gives new combinations, everything comes and everything leaves to come again, but on a new turn of a spiral. It is impossible to detain anything and anything to repeat. Not repeatability of life of the phenomena — so understand.

885. (M.A.Y.). Hard time is for relatives everywhere.

886. (Guru). Go through everything, it is necessary to pass.

887. (Nov. 22). The tranquility is developed by experience if it lacks, so it is necessary to pass through experience. Tranquility experience — so we will call this difficult test. In a condition of devotion, love and trust it is reached much quicker. Without trust to a driving hand be difficult to the quiet. Dark whispers, beget of concerns, alarms and doubts try to break very much it and use for this purpose everything; they replace reality with evidence and the truth deception. The fluctuating consciousness becomes easy their victim because at fluctuation of scales even a small shaggy ball can have crucial importance therefore the love and devotion is necessary certainly. Otherwise how to resist? Council: approving devotion, love, to postpone all sharp questions bringing up them until more favorable times. If only be approved. Cracks in day of the ship should be closed up urgently, devotion full of holes and love won't do at all. Over everything and all the Proximity to the Lord is approved. It and is clear because to be close to It, it isn't necessary to dismiss even ideas dividing and separating from It. It is close — and all — is unconditional. To tell all these thoughts, both feelings, and the facts: "Nevertheless the Lord and over you confusing and temporary phenomena of consciousness is close". In the face of everything changing and distancing from It the Proximity of the Lord is approved. All stirring is phantoms only Maya who has become a barrier on a way. It is a lot of its faces confusing, disturbing and interfering, a way blocked, it is necessary to pass quicker. Even on fires devoted and right spirits approved Proximity to Me, calling Me. And you be not confused and be with Me.

888. (Nov. 23). Knots of karma are untied before changes. Changes are always good because bear the new. It is good to have new things. Stratifications of the old envelop consciousness emanations of mustiness or that, through what is already passed earlier. It is good to change a place as well new people of subjects differ from former that concern you to such as you are instead of as were. You, perhaps, already left long ago a former condition and rose highly, and former people continue to consider you such what you were about 20 years ago. With new it is easier because the spirit isn't connected with them, it is possible to tell that the more people know you, the you are more strongly connected by their idea of you. The thought works powerfully and the, both others, and similar coherence, though isn't realized and its sizes aren't understood, but it is great. To turn itself inside out, are show experiences and the feelings — it isn't wise. It is better to be silent. Quality of silence isn't understood. Its value is great. It is as armor, as protection against invasion inside. Even the flower needs the slice of the earth and isolation by time from the next plants. Especially the consciousness needs it. Fall in love with friendship with silence in the widest value of this word. And if there is a wish to tell ten words, tell five, then three, then one. Then become silent absolutely. Taciturn persons— send fire to save up, following a wise set phrase that the word — silver, and silence — gold.

889. (Nov. 24). Beam. The beam will sweep away barriers, but on condition of the consciousness accord. The consciousness, not conformable to the Beam, breaks as a wave about stones. Means, first of all it is necessary to establish the accord. Task is difficult. The main feature of an apprenticeship is that when in consciousness this or that quality or aspiration to it is approved, test for degree of it’s approve steadily follows it, and the bigger the pupil wants, the check is more difficult and more serious. Difficulty of tests corresponds to aspiration fires. Wanting big achievements and take-off high isn't surprised let that the spirit road becomes more difficult. How many fine thoughts were premised about love to the Teacher, both devotion, and desire to serve Him! Whether it is possible be surprised that the Teacher Wants to check as far as all this is true. Check, or test, shows that is also that isn't present, and divides words and affairs. It is better to live in peace reality, keeping thus an aspiration inflexible, than to be under a delusion with imagined qualities and achievements. The thinking randomness in many respects disturbs. It generates also chaos around. As counterbalance it is served by ability of full concentration on the desirable phenomenon. It should achieve, differently invasion of chaos will be very painful and disharmonious. But it is better to get used to do everything with Me. Joint action is useful for that forces fires and the necessary qualities of spirit. For this purpose it is necessary to be together constant in consciousness, i.e. in the light of the Lord to go. And then the Beam will be felt too constantly. Do everything together with Me, together with Me solve affairs, together with Me have a rest, work and, filling up, to Me direct. Each business in common with Me, together with Me carries out, and there Will be I with you always. Otherwise you will come off in making; both thoughts and alien feelings will fill your consciousness, and to you becomes close and stuffy from them. You already are at that step, when without the Lord it is impossible. Also there will be possible and joyful a feat, and pleasure to obstacles difficult, both pleasure to works and fight.

890. (Nov. 25). My son, the law of being reported vessels perfectly illustrates essence of relationship of the people connected by karma. Trouble of one strong influences others. Especially, if this communication is blood or very close mentally, or spatially. Close pushing isn't recommended. It is bad when auras mix up. A lot of things have to remain in the personal channel. Known isolation is obligatory. Otherwise not to hold communication with Me. Everything interferes between us, and it is necessary to preserve a silver thread. Whether you know, what each burdening you is transferred by people around on a thread? Rejoice when karmic communications is this release is torn. I Can't you connected to approach to It. Certainly, people around eat very much your radiations, and means, and, indirectly, from My Beam. Therefore Are anxious with those who about you.

891. We consider hours and minutes of Communication of the highest as happiness. Whether there are a lot of those who can tell, what has Communication with the Teacher of Light? Therefore you appreciate these minutes above all. Give them heart entirely. For some time it is possible to be released from everything, having concentrated on the Lord; on the channel of Communication the lightful thought will begin to flow and, having filled consciousness, the light will light up everything around. The lightful thought is very useful spatially. In it is special mission of Beam-bearing. One of them only give the Beam the Highest, others — beams self-proceeding, kindles to the first. The second step is higher. Consider hours of execution of Light — service to General Welfare. Self-renunciation is necessary. Itself forgotten, to me can serve.

892. (M.A.Y.). The one who got used to rush with itself, both the relics, and sawing pushes itself (himself) and the egoism everywhere. But to be oneself doesn't mean to push it everywhere. Better, having understood value of restraint, extinguish itself at contact with people. It is difficult because small "I" stick out from all cracks. Many have a habit to charge with the encumbrances others. If it is expedient, assume them, but most it isn't necessary to do never it, as though hard was to heart. The teacher never Burdens anybody the burden. To it assimilate.
893. (Guru). The fiery thought which hasn't been imprinted at once, is forgotten instantly. Not to return it. The thought should learn to be loved. The stray guest flies. Process of record is very difficult. I give a message about Space shifts. They will be accompanied by New Beams. They — dissector of spheres and it becomes easier to breathe. Will disseminate soon. Accept words of the Lord: to term remained a little. Readiness shows them to meet.

894. Dream specifies on that, what in the Thin World subjects cope mental energy. If it is saved insufficiently up and if it was dissipated, phenomena can't be made. It is necessary to think of it that upon transition there not to appear the embezzler, i.e. powerless and not able to use the force there the fiery. Among vanity of an everyday of people makes a number of the actions, which consequences at all is the little significant because deprive of it fire accumulation, thanks to mad and its thoughtless squandering in the middle of affairs fussy. Uncontrolled movement of an astral, chatter, wine and promiscuity, and any dissoluteness is devourers of fiery force. It is necessary to think of that the free flights, movements and actions in the world Elevated are given by the mental energy which collected and has been saved up by the person during lifetime of it on the earth. Collector Treasure's We Call the wise person who is consciously saving up deposits of crystals of fiery force. The spendthrift comes poor to the world that. I don't want to Speak about dark, saved up crystals of black fires — their fate is sad, though movements are full, and layers where are made their energy are dark. In a set of small actions fiery forces gather or wasted. Actions should be protected. Thoughts, words, feelings human are all either collectors, or spendthrifts of Treasure; but stirs without a measure tongue, and without a bridle of feelings, and uncontrollably thoughts rush, driving each other. Both aren't bridled yet all and aren't constrained an imperious hand, process of accumulation doesn't happen. If everything is lost, than the person possesses, the damage isn't present to spirit but if force of fires is dissipated and there are no deposits, the damage to spirit is great and already irreparable, if Great Borders are passed. It is necessary to think of accumulation now, during lifetime in a body, because then already late; spendthrifts of the fiery relics, about what you think, strong robing itself and depriving of the only thing the property? Try at least one day to carry out in conscious aspiration to accumulation of mental energy and in the actions corresponding to this aspiration. It isn't enough to want, it is necessary that acts corresponded. Often same act or action can be the spendthrift or the collector. Everything depends on a condition of consciousness. When fires in the person are shown in forms of restraint, balance and tranquility, squandering doesn't occur. Qualities of spirit are forms of a display of its fires. Ability to waste it or to save up energy because qualities happen different, good and bad depends on character and degree of quality, for example, all types of dissoluteness unreasonably absorb fiery force. Belong besides to the category discontent, complaints, fear, doubt, concern and all what so strong their lives the person on Earth, into vanity plunging entirely. Tests are good that specify those weak places in spirit armor which should be strengthened hastily. Without tests it is impossible. And when it comes to an end, it is necessary to realize and note everything that needs the statement, strengthening and revision. That life experience also is valuable that opportunity gives something to improve, to correct something and to strengthen something. It is necessary not to make only mistakes, transferring the center of gravity of the external phenomena outside while it is in the person. All external exists only in order that grew, and developed, and the forces were saved up by the internal person in the person, spirit and its Triad collecting the accumulation during millions years. Atlantis was lost, its culture, Atlases, but nowadays they, any more Atlases were lost, live on Earth, having brought in new bodies experience of the accumulation. Also will disappear from a planet and all modern culture and its achievements, and the new race will come with the accumulation collected from races former. The same spirits, but in new bodies!

895. (M.A.Y.). The son, carry out longer line if you want that vanity noise broke off. Nor in the past far, nor in the future of a place isn't present to vanity. Vanity — is deification of temporariness of the present. In actions, thoughts and feelings it is possible to rise over it, sating them with duration directed in the future. It is difficult to constrain language for the sake of restraint, but it is possible to make it, knowing that reticence will allow postponing crystals of the energiya which are so necessary at post mortal existence. It is so possible to give duration to all the actions, projecting their consequences in the far future integral, as tomorrow. To live for the sake of the future, claiming present everything that is necessary for spirit. So future we will destroy the power of the present over consciousness and its restrictions Because consequences of actions are immutable and conformable to the Beginning. Of the future not leave, at all without believing in him and it denying under pressure of the next vanity.

896. (Guru). Correctly you think, believing that in you and your actions there is something towering over a transient of the present. It and to it also you hold, as a lifebuoy. How to hold the present when even tomorrow it already will be another? But Stays Teacher also will be the Doctrine, and a spirit way to stars. Over the present they are, as an eagle over Earth, and over vanity! It is a lot of grief in much knowledge, but the knowledge bears freedom to spirit from the power of the present over it.

897. (Nov. 27). Silence by consciousness shouldn't be taken for rejection. Currents will change, and the thought will begin to flow again. Now they are heavy.

898. (Nov. 28). Children My, beloved children is, unless you don't see how the gloom over Earth was condensed? Heap of the last centuries smother a planet, shrouding in brown gas. Rescue in future construction, but those who rolls in a snare of the past don't want to think of the future and clings to it. The doctrine of Life speaks about the future created by hands human. Not to construct it — not to rescue a planet.

899. The solution of life not in living carelessly, and in getting the accumulation necessary to spirit. About it Care of the Teacher. But the Teacher should believe that he Wants give away the best. "good «ways not in wellbeing. The legend about the jewels, which are forming of misfortune and a grief, is correct. Crown of thorns is a symbol of life of the Carrier of Light. Take for the benefit a life thorny and Light a crown of thorns. I, the Cross accepted, I есмь the Way, Truth and Life, to Me follow, a way of thorns having chosen; that the bowl didn't pass also you.

900. (Nov. 29). The doubt is always logical and incontestable. But it is logic of evidence, and its consequence as are dark, as well as doubt. The truth of evidence is wrapped in darkness and spirit falling. Therefore the doubt what there were the reasons which have caused it is condemned. If the truth of evidence is good and right why consequences are dark and destructive? So you divide the truth into the truth of reality and the evidence truth. This the last avoid in all ways.

901. (Nov. 30). How to be released from itself at in total - becoming aggravated refinement and a susceptibility? Consciousness transfer to the Teacher of the Hierarchy line: to transfer to It, and to be with It together and to accept lives blows not in the name, but it. The exit has to be found; differently the surrounding will strangle and will kill a spirit flower. So is fight against the outside world for an upholding internal, but not with the world being outside, but with reactions of consciousness to its influences. Reactions lightful we will keep, but black out we won't allow, and the more so — anything separating or distancing from Me; all dividing us is inadmissible and is false what logical and convincing it didn't seem to spirit. The difference should be understood between the lowest and Highest principles in the person. Often sufferings of the lowest are useful to the Highest Triad, and wellbeing — is terrible. Useful to spirit — and you look at difficulties unreasonable and consciousness burdening by circumstances. With this measure to the phenomena surrounding you, you approach, repeating: "As it is useful as I need all this, I want if to rise to the Lord". And in a peace of mind meeting a wave of the next burdening’s, know that for you they will turn back a spirit ladder. Not difficulties, but ghosts burden them without a measure, difficulties somehow are overcome and are not so such, as their phantoms. Therefore I Advise to think of difficulties when overcoming them, without aggravating their sizes in advance in the imagination. They it is simpler and easier, than it is thought, and all difficulties are surmountable. It is necessary to overcome only it and painful reactions to the surrounding.
902. (M.A.Y.). The difficult strip should be passed, without breaking a step rhythm, and victoriously thus.
903. (Dec. 1). Let's plan new opportunities and in the directions unexpected, the future — not in expected measures. Why only to wait for troubles? After clouds — the sun, and too is unexpected. Belief and hope at the first gleam of Light. Very darkly, everything sank in a gloom. And for you - even the future. But for the sake of it we get up from a dream and we start working. Poisonous time will pass, - but itself before protect. The darkness wants to flood your boat. Me you keep. Everything fluctuates, than resist, if not Me? From unreliability of expectations the cemetery can be put, and life nevertheless goes forward, putting the future. And you an anchor throw, further, are much farther forward than the direct future. In it Light of execution and implementation of the best aspirations. The foreordained nevertheless will come.
904. (M.A.Y.). Wait for the test end, it will bring pleasure. It is necessary to accept.
905. Experience of life teaches that possession of things represents itself especially heavy type of slavery. The consciousness is connected by each thing which considers as the. Things occupy a consciousness field, having forced out from their thoughts of more important subjects. The consciousness chokes in things and is absorbed by them. Not released in the spirit of from possession of things and concept of property, goes to the World Thin, surrounded with them it is tenacious and it is strong, and there more difficult to be released if binding bonds aren't split on the earth. Not having anything it is already free. But even having perhaps free if considers in the spirit of nothing doesn't consider. Therefore you learn to be exempted from everything first of all in the spirit of, mentally cutting off the threads of communications reaching for consciousness from each thing which the person owns. The habit to things doesn't allow seeing the slavery. Each pupil has to pass a step of release from things. Therefore it is best of all to start being exempted from them in the spirit of, considering nothing, and it is joyful to leave everyone. It is necessary to clear consciousness of litter which encumbers it. Fear of loss of things from the same slavery. Not having anything and nothing considering can enter into My House.
906. (M.A.Y.). Self-dismissal is quality difficult. Dismissal from things, from small thoughts and feelings — steps of release of spirit from the power of the world terrestrial. Sooner or later each ascending consciousness should pass these steps. "There is no Mine anything".
907. (Guru). Not in difficulties and tests business because they bear release to spirit. Without them freedom not reach and not come off Earth.
908. (Dec. 3). Thoughts of Me connect to Me, thought of something another — to another. This property of thought to connect consciousness to a subject, the phenomenon or the person on whom the thought stops, is very characteristic and shows its magnetic properties. It is bad when thoughts as horses without a bridle, skip where to them will take in head, and own consciousness contrary to his will and desire. The consciousness wants to concentrate on the Teacher, and strong sounding vanity — on vain thoughts casual, put forward the moment. There is a fight, and wins usually against thought of vanity surrounding. Concentration is difficult, and especially when the consciousness is torn apart by doubt, mistrust and other devourers of fiery force. Without fire how to connect to the Teacher of Light? From where trouble creeps? Whether from the limped qualities? It will be better let everything it is bad outside, but inside it is good, than on the contrary because light shines from within; through the surrounding there are light and dark influences, depending on the person. It is necessary to remember each contact. Hard is time.

909. (M.A.Y.). Than we will fill consciousness: thoughts of darkness or Light? The thought of the Lord will be thought of Light, but gray thoughts of commonness darken it, and there is a fight. That wins, depends on will.

910. (Dec. 4). Don't rejoice to anything and be not afflicted with anything, because pleasure special wisdom, but this pleasure space, superpersonal. The perception of spatial grief and grief grants the right to perception of spatial pleasure. But the susceptibility becomes aggravated sufferings and a grief. It is a payment for space pleasure. When it is very dark and sick, you remember — the pleasure goes. The pole of suffering has the contrast, the counterbalance. Understanding I Will gives, but through experience, understanding bringing, have to pass. Whether it is possible to complain that burden of life — spirit engines, advance it. Each burdening by circumstances bears the fruit. The egoism wants to refuse these burdening’s, and to stop spirit growth, and to make all this for the sake of short terrestrial wellbeing, forgetting about duration of elevated existence. It if there are no accumulation, knowledge and the experience collected from life is fruitless, gray and is sad. That is why Great Spirits more ordinary people suffer on Earth. But when sufferings become the general and masses are involved in them — "the Lord's Harvest" is close. Learn to rejoice to sufferings and difficulties. The worse is the better is. Better is for fast advance of spirit. Cloudless wellbeing frightens knowing spirit. Therefore devotees of spirit therefore chose poverty and homeless circulation therefore they had no anything tortured the body. Therefore not to enter into the Spirit Kingdom to the person connected by things which it owns. Truly, it is easier to pass to a camel through an eye of a needle. Each burden a payment will be for an entrance to the Kingdom of Spirit and each suffering. Close times are blessed. Not a consolation it, but a way to Light the shortest. So is, or a feat and self-dismissal way from conveniences of egoism, or aspiration to wellbeing and prosperity. Solve, the choice free is given also to possibility of both ways.

911. (Dec. 5). Words are powerless where heart fires went out. Words meet heart fire, and then they cause new, reciprocal fires. The answer, echo, have to be available when receiving From above. Otherwise hits about a blank wall and the answer don’t cause. Therefore I Speak: "Heart towards to Light open". The warm request for Light never remains without the answer, but a little love is necessary at least.

912. (Dec. 8). Reaction of heart to this or that phenomenon of life or event is very characteristic. Often it is faultless. The brain is mistaken more. These reactions should be noted. This supervision will enter consciousness into area of a direct feeling-knowledge; it is possible even to wonder it: "And what heart speaks on this case? » The brain is too limited by evidence dense, but heart Crosses it through limits. Feeling-knowledge, as well as any other ability, develops by its conscious application in lives.

913. (Dec. 10). It is necessary efforts that the most melodious strings broke off a little. And when they will begin to sound in coordination again, what is the time it is required on adjusting their system? Also it is a pity for the efforts spent for it. Also I am glad to Help, but the unturned harp won't begin to sound in a concordant chord. It is possible to tear at all strings if not to show care to a spirit harp. Accord is developed and established it is very long, but easy to break it. About the torn strings, which are plaintively sounding in space, it was told long ago. Against the irreparable we will be preserved.

914. (Dec. 11). To join in an evolutionary stream or to leave it depends on the person. It depends on the direction of thoughts. The yogi sees thought. Of Hope to Send, but it is necessary to meet them openly, to them heart having opened towards. Not understood earlier carefully postpone until the best times. There is an execution of terms over personal forecasts and plans. Evolution with interests of the individual isn't considered, and even with a set them if they go against. All counteracting is destroyed, all going with it — forms changes. So life is under construction.

915. (Dec. 12). Not everything is clear to all, but is clear - to go yesterday measures - it is necessary not to pass, so to find a measure others and new approach to the life phenomena. The world the dense same, but the attitude towards him is perfects another. Not new conditions break consciousness, but absence of the accord with them. That invited and desired somewhere to enter, coherence full is necessary, and then the magnet of an attraction will powerfully work. Otherwise discrepancy and pushing away will turn out. It condemnation of the New World and, first of all, for the condemning is destructive. They to themselves won't find a place in it also desired to the World won't be. Reaction of alienation of the New World is dark-bearing. Better than an error of the New World, than infallibility of the old. Better difficulty of construction, than rest rotten bog. Better is forward with Light, than with darkness and back. Better is with the Teacher of Light, than with darkness. Who against darkness — is better with Light, than with darkness!

916. (Dec. 13). Be not afraid to lose. Loss in one always designates acquisition in other. Only it isn't necessary to consider the Law financially. Loss, oppression, persecution, prosecution, burdening by circumstances always has the opposite pole counterbalancing the phenomenon. And it is better to be pursued, than the persecutor burdened, than a burdening oppressed, than the oppressor. Wisdom doesn't envy neither to wealth, nor wellbeing, careless tranquility of existence because knows that all is temporary on Earth. In elevated spheres all not desirable conditions both create, and generate energy of the spirit, necessary and necessary for full conscious their lives. The deprived there is easier, than to haves because the listeners is free from illusive property on everything that it is deprived while the propertied continues to stay in an environment of ghosts of that, than he lived on Earth. Often and on Earth of suffering result from excessive attachment a habitual environment. When understanding it is necessary cut in consciousness itself from habitual conditions and not to connect itself with them, because painful very much any violent separation. All types of fear for the future are burdensome also. Courageous even to fight goes, without losing courage, but the coward fears even small changes in private life.

917. (Dec. 14). Undressed itself in two, because two in you — the Highest and the lowest, the Highest "I" and the lowest "I", the Highest Triad and the lowest four. The Triad is immortal, but the four dies consistently, since a physical body and finishing the mental. Separate in itself that is liable to destruction also death, that doesn't die in you. Suffers, suffers and worries, leading ardent life in the covers, your mortal "I". Provide it to the fate, having rejected from it in the spirit of. And let suffers if for the Highest Triad the harvest spiritual has to be collected. Four — the collectors of experience on those plans, where each of conductors are show itself. Separate from them the "I". You, Looking in is at everything that in them occurs, you are not they. Hands and feet separate, because a body not you. Feelings and thoughts separate, because they not you. Life weighs and burdens, but everything will come to an end, everything will pass, everything will change, everything will be left, there will be only you, Looking at all from depths, from height of a shining Highest Triad, a spirit monastery. If a manor you lose, it not yours and not you and if you leave a body, it not yours and not you and if all thoughts and feelings you change, they not yours and not you. Yours only that with you is always invariable and that doesn't pass that serves as immortal clothes of spirit — is your Triad. Cut diamond becomes brilliant, shining beams! Life strong grinds all sharp parties that there was a diamond of the first water in which Light of the World could be reflected without a shadow, My Light, you sent nowadays, but not able to be reflected because of crude four. Let the four pass through difficulties of all tests. And if too it is heavy, rejoice spirit, because in its pledge of release from the power of all four. They rise, they don't agree, they protest against burdening by circumstances, but release happens only this way because mine pass all or passed already through them. Are tortured, killed, were torn to pieces strong everything and strong are burdened to people around. This step should be passed in the spirit of victoriously, by spirit on it without having broken and having sustained everything. To find pleasure in these burdening’s will be a victory over them. It is necessary to pass: to pass, having evaded, it is impossible. Growth of spirit is subordinated to the laws. It is necessary grow by all and by everything that by life it is given that the Teacher Gives and that Allows. Separate in itself two from each other. To itself speak: "Here this the lowest "I" the aspect show also the face, and it from the highest "I", this mine and from spirit, and the lowest everything not mine, nor thoughts, nor feelings, a body. And I over myself won't give the power to them, and spirit to kill I won't permit". Go through everything, separating one from another. The spirit is eternal, but everything is temporary, what not from spirit. All this, having given experience, becomes absolutely unnecessary, and life experience is the integral property of spirit, not things terrestrial, not feelings, not thoughts, but life experience and spirit accumulation. Here that you’re, collected in the Highest Triad. All other is doomed to death and destruction. And if you don't trust, look at ruins of the ancient cities, on filled up with sand once prosperous countries, at the continents which have left under water and once lives abounding with all forms. Passes everything, but the spirit stays for ever and ever.

918. (Dec. 15). Give understanding of need to accept spirit sent tests. In this understanding — and readiness for them, both submission to a karma, and spirit freedom. "Bowl acceptance" — so we Call understanding it. "Yes this bowl passes Me" — tells understanding spirit, but at the same time courageously and safely meeting the inevitable. It is necessary to pass through it, from inevitability it is necessary not to evade, so to pass through it adequately. Complaints, discontent and grumble on destiny won't help. Obedience, that is the accord with the Highest Will, it is necessary to show, admiring wise Guidance of the Lord. Then will comes both tranquility and reconciliation with inevitability of the inevitable. And if something can't be avoided, whether it is better to pass that through it in balance full because flashes of an astral and indignation of karma won't be able to facilitate it. It is necessary to restrain the lowest "I", or to subordinate him to spirit, that is to bridle and take over the control. It also will be the humility demanded from the pupil.
‘End of Records of 1958.