Agni Yoga's facets, 1960г(101-250)

May 1. Show considers each manifestation of hostile forces as proceeding from one center, irrespective of, conscious it or unconscious. The darkness the monarchic also is hierarchical, but in the return value, that is in construction on a treatment of light and shade in the direction of an absolute gloom. Such understanding of darkness will allow to be guided at once unmistakably, in the conditions of counteracting both to be protected, and to work respectively. When the direction isn't revealed and the mind considers that it not so, and attributes counteraction to that and anyone, but to not surrounded around and sharp-sightedly watching darkness, the protective blow gets by, without having done those harm; when understanding source, the beam directs on it directly, putting it painful burns. The darkness doesn't take out exposure, as well as her attendants. Being realized that are found, immediately recede. Are strong while hide behind someone's backs and while the protecting beam didn't find them and it isn't directed on them. In it their force! Force not in them, but in their not consciousness, as source and the reason of all evil-shift. Even rodents and insects and anything, use to do harm, and aren't found yet, insects will harm. Use positively everything that can do harm and black out. The best protection – attack, that is blow of the ray of light directed on those who stands behind the counteracting. If knew, how many evil-shift and malefactors and inventions dark. Last shield of darkness strong itself phenomenon also hire supporters to itself among weak hearts. It is a lot of colleague dark still dishonors ranks of mankind. But they are doomed.
May 2. The secret of time and space is inseparably linked with essence of the Fiery World. Nowadays and here is this essence. Where thought of Fiery consciousness, there and consciousness, whether in the past thought or in the future, here this thought either there, or anywhere. The being of the Fiery World gets itself everything because fire is a basis. Concerning the basis, the consciousness concerns everything that is hidden behind visibility covers. And not the external person is seen by fiery consciousness, but what inside. The soul of things is seen by it. Omnipresence, omniscience, pansophy in different extents of achievement is attributes of the consciousness which has concerned fire, attributes of essence of a matter fiery. Light – too attribute of the Fiery World. The phenomena fiery out of time, or I put, either the word, or thought – therefore a feat and the word of the Great Victim are so actual nowadays, as well as a millennium ago. Out temporarily is Fiery Word. Even immortality or duration literary and works of art are caused by existence of elements of fire in them. It is possible to remember the word that the Sun and the Moon will come, but words of the fiery law won't come. Here again we come to division of the phenomena on temporary and eternal. And in the basis of the second there will be fire.
May 4. Consider usefulness of day on the minutes spent with Me. Who and what inside prevents these minutes to increase and turn them into an uninterrupted interval of time? This resistance and counteraction of the ordinary person in itself, counteraction of singularity of Communication, it is necessary to overcome all strength of mind. Time we find that to give thoughts to everything, anything, but only not to the most necessary. And after all the time will come, and it is inevitable when all that nowadays borrows and distracts attention from the Lord, will lose any meaning and value and becomes unnecessary as interests of last day became unnecessary, at least to the ten-year prescription, plunged into dark oblivion. But thoughts of the Lord – as extra temporariness islands in a storming stream of the current phenomena which are carried by. There is nothing to keep, there is nothing to grasp – everything by flows, leaving motionless only Looking. And if Looking with Me and if Maya rushing by the flow is conscious, then on the rock of the eternal basis of life builds Looking house. The spirit house to itself erects Looking.
May 5. Easy pranayama it is necessary every day for health maintenance. The physical body demands known leaving and attention. Each sick body needs care. Some care and some warm attention – and an illness leave it. In a case the sick body should specify how he has to behave in the future. Such suggestions and instructions are very fruitful. The body healthy knows itself the appointment, but the diseased forgets about it. The body is afraid of the Owner and obeys it. It should be known. Never is it impossible to be given or recede before an illness. The spirit, finally, always wins. Pranayama forces missing energy in a sick place – and process of recovery won't be slow to begin. As the consciousness concentration on the struck body with the purpose to cause in it a rush of blood and feeling of warmth and a pulsation is useful also. The matter of a body is passive and willingly adopts to execution the will order. Healthy, strong people, who never earlier being ill, in a case usually become absolutely helpless and entirely diseases give in, being lost before it. It is necessary to fight up to the end, not for a moment without giving in to an illness and knowing that the spirit is stronger than a body. And at breath it is possible to push out as though an illness from an organism. Mental energy is universal panacea from all diseases. It is necessary to keep all the time in sub consciousness not greatly going process of recovery, not diseases, but treatment and improvement. Medicine – as means auxiliary, main – fiery energy, Agni. It is possible to polarize an organism positively or negatively, depending on a disease, but for fidelity after usual pranayama, during the day it is possible to give to itself minus one, two or three times. All processes in laboratory of a human body can be subordinated to will. Thoughts influence very much. Often diseases are caused by the harmful direction of thoughts, alarm, concern, chagrin, influences of people around, the patients being close, and so on. Environment influence often happens terrible. These influences should be able to be neutralized.
May 6. Unless the solar consciousness doesn't light up the paints and light everything, on what its beam directs? And, if it so, to get to the sphere of a beam of solar consciousness is the benefit. And it on all Hierarchy from top to bottom! Even the look human either creates, or strikes and bears or the benefit and light, or darkness and a necrosis. Besides hidden radiations people transfer essence of these in the look radiation. Also the person an eye can't transfer light when the darkness fills it and light through an eye if the aura light shines can't but shine. So, in effect the person bears light or darkness, sating with their emanations the sphere around. May 8. My friend, with Me it is necessary to pass through pleasure and a grief, health and an illness, success and failures, ease and difficulty. In a word, through is bipolar of attitude of consciousness. In prosperity the Teacher is easily forgotten, as well as at diseases but when no contrasts of external conditions influence any more relationship with the Teacher, then the way is correct. Fluctuating, doubting, unstable, deceitful, suffering cowardice, not knowing – it isn't necessary to devotion you. Not to hold to you the Silver Thread.
May 9. Reaching so few, because it is difficult step through itself and leave itself, with small "I" leave.
May 11. Isn't present and can't be such circumstances or conditions under which the spirit of the person couldn't ascend if heart seeks for rising. But if heart fires went out, lifting is impossible.
May 13. The instructions given in the Doctrine, it is necessary to apply wisely. Literal performance of some council not always is useful or it is expedient. For example, questions of food, because: at heights food one, in lowlands another, in a way one, on a place another, for the loader one, for the person of brainwork another, for the patient one, for healthy another. There is no general measure and there are no general rules. And so is in everything! The Doctrine in life is wisely attached, without breaking an organism system. Certainly are harmful under any conditions decaying products, irritation, rage, fear, envy and so on. Things harmful certainly should be separated from all other phenomena and to avoid them. Even wine as the remedy, is useful, especially grape.
May 17. Hour of My phenomenon comes nearer. Not about much we will be glad, but about the little. This the little, but good, even in the worst, is better bad, even in the best because good, even in the worst, bears in itself light, and that the best which is in everything, cooperates with light. Therefore we will be glad to the best, because in it light. Than it is possible to succeed? Only is communication with the Teacher. It is necessary to fix constantly and over everything, and even a body and all feelings and thoughts current. And what is Ahead? The beam assimilated strong. Beam many-sided, on its sides consciousnesses are distributed. Everyone sounds in the tonality corresponding to color of the Beam. Those, the main are seven. Beam – over the passable phenomena, as well as My Spirit – over a life scum. Each loss is finding something. Difficulty is possibility of a victory. I Is in you from eternity Real and eternity the Face of phenomenon of that comes, is eternal I, but not you, passing. You are eternal, but not passing in you. Fight and victory in everything! Defeat is impossible. Unless the solar consciousness doesn't light up the light everything, on what its Beam falls? And, if it so, to get to the sphere of solar consciousness is the benefit.
May 18. The lord is close atop in total over bodies – physical, astral, mental, over all movements which incessantly in them happen, and all changes in them, over life and death, over all distances or concepts – "here or there, top or a bottom, is far or close", over all representations and time – – today, tomorrow, yesterday, over all temporary conditions of consciousness. The lord nowadays with you, everywhere and always! The pupil goes such understanding of my proximity through life. Also there is nothing nor in this world, nor in Tom, in the Worlds that could take away from it awareness of indivisibility and a merge in the spirit of with the Lord. So: wherever how and whatever occurred or it happened, but unseparable with Me there will arrive to me heart the given. In total and all take up arms on dared to approve my proximity, but the one whom with Me, – the winner always though fights and Hours of tests is inevitable. And when they come and it becomes difficult, it is necessary to remember only that is closest also than all and atop there will be a Lord.

May 20. The doctrine of tension provides that circumstance that in tension opportunities are born. Even the lightning doesn't flash without tension on poles. Difference that enemies of Light go from destruction tension, We is creation and multiplication of construction opportunities. As also creativity goes tension press on poles. The law is universal. And even origin of new lives is steadily subordinated to this principle. In stagnant motionlessness of a bog is decomposition and decay. Life in movement! Dialectics of the nature is in a polar of the phenomena. Evolution is in the course of tension of opposite principles. Tension doctrine is a basis of evolution of the world. Peace competition strengthens the course of evolution; therefore We for the world on the Earth forever.
On May 21 I died Yu.
May 25. Light over the capital grew dim, and one attendant of General Welfare became suddenly less.
June 11. We give the highest to the best. You are ours forever. The way was found in these walls again, a name to it – the national benefit.
June 12. My son, you is right, the purpose not in external conditions, but in conditions of the spirit rising over them and overcoming them. – Fire to keep the purpose, without having lost, but having increased it. And everything that outside, is unimportant because external with themselves we won't take in a way distant to stars. By, let lives the stream because the Teacher beholding it ashore sits, and near It – the pupil by rushes. Entering into a stream and identifying itself with it, loses entered ability of recognition of Maya. In the world you will have grief, but I won against the world, having risen spirit (in the spirit of) over the world. Darkness external is in the world, but Light of the World over it. Spirit life is inside. Its orbit is boundlessness! The world external serves as steps of lifting and only, but in itself, passing, of value is deprived. Don't aim it, but means, not in itself, but the bottom to spirit (in aspiration to tops). And everything in it affairs – the tests to spirit bearing experience, both knowledge, and opportunity to go, and above to rise if correctly the spirit resolves their sense. I call spirit to rise over life the abyss and spirit to rise because we won't destroy and we don't destroy your spirit – real for ever and ever. Not they living only dense and in dense, no! Not they are winners of the world, learned the world. Blind them, - and you able to see. So really you will give the primogeniture for illusions of dreams passing to life terrestrial, so short and vague.
June 13. June 13. Transferring of life to thought will be a new step of understanding of life. Actually the consciousness lives thought and in thoughts, but Maya takes away it in visibility of the outside world and darkens consciousness of that without thought it can't exist. Former idea of value of thought, and thought has to replace Yasnoponimaniye – to rise at the head of a corner because the thought is a basis.
June 14. Wishing success, don't apply on anything. The creating dream, think about a gloom in lowlands! At a dropping of a physical cover of people leaves all things terrestrial and rises above, the same occurs and at a dropping of a mental body when the person leaves all the mental environment to rise even above. Leaving terrestrial, in the integrity doesn't lose the same and at office of a mental cover. Also, as the person not can identify himself with that, what round him on the Earth, so is and in the world mental. The stream of the terrestrial, astral and mental phenomena flows through consciousness or the corresponding covers of the person, without being essence of the person, which spirit over three. Even for ten years the maintenance of three streams going through consciousness usually sharply changes. The spirit directed has to separate itself from them, without identifying itself with one. This stream by the current phenomena will meet it and in Elevated. Also it is necessary to understand the rapid and passing nature of everything, through what passes spirit of the person. Everything flows; only it is invariable, Looking.
What will be the most necessary at present? Certainly the same namely is the statement of proximity of the Teacher. At first and over everything is I, and then already all the rest. It is easy to approve it, when fire not goes out but if fires went out?! What to do then? The psych technic can call and remember the brightest take-off to the aid. Yes! Yes! Everything was: sounding, dreams, both word, and sparks, both stars, and proximity of the Teacher, obvious strong. It is impossible to doubt bases, they should be repeated then when fires die away. But the end is inevitable, and with it and the end of the vital fairy tale terrestrial for life in Elevated. And a question that there we will bring and we will come with what to the World movable by thought, becomes sharp and important. We collect now. With what we will come and that we will save up, with that and we will arrive. And therefore it is valuable every instant life terrestrial, because opportunity allows collect. Paints both sound, and forms of fine things or natural phenomena – everything will serve as a material and will be useful where everything moves thought. The thought of the fine is necessary and here as the basis of creativity of spirit, we won't accumulate images of a disgrace – their magnetization is awful. On beauty we will build the house in Elevated, collecting particles it on the earth and using it is purposeful every instant lives. Thinking of beauty, we won't forget beauty of thoughts and feelings of the person which create his inner world.
June 16. If outside everything is fine, but in heart fire doesn't burn, it is bad. If everything is bad outside, but heart flares is a victory. It is so possible to judge only on these signs; all other judgments will be incorrect. And it is impossible to cover with any words the begun decomposition if heart went out. Business at all that, where and as there is outside, and in what condition of internal fires. By go out of the temple of fires mortally it was once punished, and death spiritual the person, hearts fires of goes out punishes himself. Spirit lamps lit should be held, despite everything. Other decision isn't present. Heroes and devotees spirit triumphed always over external, them in it a victory and in it heroism and a feat. But spirit hung and broken by life any more the hero, any more the devotee, and the feat is unknown to it. And from all to preserve fires of spirit against everything and not to allow them to die away – will be heroism. In a wellbeing stupor, in cold and hunger they can die away, but nevertheless in need and deprivations it is easier to carry by fire, than in prosperity plentiful. From here the task, above all other, – to fires not to allow dying away. And if everything is lost, but heart flares – a victory but if it went out – the end, decomposition and death.
June 17. Inevitable not avoid. Evolution of the world is inevitable. From here is and our victories over the old leaving and fateful world. The victory final will be. She is depicted in future rolls. Light will win against destruction and darkness forces. Nothing is casual and, if the hair from the head not fall without My will, how with transition of relatives? The death isn't more difficult than a hairstyle of hair. The future is projected in the present. The death causes the new births. We weave threads of the future phenomena. Far we shower projections of what should be. Local discrepancies are similar to contraflows in the huge stream rushing in the ocean. Values have no because with a stream rush forward though close and seem going against. Everything is turned on advantage to construction of the New World – and that against, and that for. And consider: inalterability of the Great Plan isn't subject to change.
June. 17. (Gurus). All rivers flow to the ocean. All phenomena are directed in the future. Forms and its essence are defined by will of Lords. And each correct action is with it in the full accord and compliance. From here the correct judgment about the actions and strangers follows. Time of value has no, consequences are important. They with substance are the reasons. Call and is response, act and is consequence. Wrongly everything that is contrary to the course of evolution. And in big, and is in the small. The presents test – when are provided to themselves. As though unaided, as though one, are as though left all. But Maya won't hide reality from a sharp-sighted eye. Separate illusion the temporary. Strong is forged in time hearth a fiery armor of the New World. Also it will be at the right time ready. Also you take care of that your armor was held down to judgment term and the attire of spirit was ready.
June 18. Burden is from understanding of possibility of unprecedented world accident. The bases are shifted. Underground fire is intense. Masses of brown gas waves press lowlands. Break of underground fire will cause cataclysms. The prevention was – Chile. The world is necessary to the world to bridle destruction forces. The pigeon to the world bears rescue. Tension of spheres is unusually. The distinguished consciousness serves as a barometer of a planetary condition – and still not darkness ahead. To victory the guarantee strong we Give, but it is necessary to endure transitional time. Waves of Yugi leaving by Cali alternate with coming Satia Yuga’s and obviously will start receding with a way on damage soon. All successes and darkness victories are seem, temporary and empty, because the bases are deprived. The car they continue strong to work, but idling. Failure expects them in everything, on all planets. The banner of a victory flies over the world. The new World will win. But, is hard poor heart bearing the cross for the Earth.
June 19. Judge is in itself, it and the tester; It and Looking! It is and decisive, - as passed the next test. Life is school. And the thoughtful pupil uses each test unmistakably to know the forces, the weak places, say, to have fair and impartial idea of and of how he moves ahead on the way. Especially in the beginning, how many false idea of, the devotion, the firmness, commitment and opportunities! But life severely removes pink glasses and an enthusiasm and self-deception veil and puts face to face with gloomy evidence and naked essence without everyone’s decorate. Are unmasked and people around, and he sees that is lonely and all is left! And the false friendship grows dull and droops. Both own shortcomings and weaknesses are piled up as the mountain, and it seems as if grow. Also it seems as if the Teacher left. And the karma squeezes pincers. And the exit is closed, but it is necessary and to pass through it, remembering that all this is only way milestones. Monsters at a threshold strong guard an entrance and won't pass the one who them will be frightened and decides what further not to pass any more or who recedes. Decision one: good or bad, strong or weak, sick or healthy, full or hungry, successful or isn't present, young or old, with friends or one, but the way doesn't interrupt and can't interrupt anything and any conditions. "I go, I go, the Teacher, despite everything, to You, the Lord, I go, and anything: neither here, nor there, is neither in this world, nor in that won't detain me" – the pupil so moves ahead, addressing to the Teacher of Light.
June 24. It is possible to write under any conditions and everywhere (if concentration allows), as well as to think and receive a stream of thoughts from above.

The case with a ban dog should be noted. Look it is possible to restrain a spiteful dog. Agni's which has been started up skillfully the spiral, forced chain dog to put the tail between the legs and to hide in the box and even for fear not to bark. So imperceptibly grow internal fires! The fear before an animal or an animal puts the person on an identical evolutionary step with them, and then the animal attacks, as on a being equal to. Absence of fear or fearlessness is a necessary condition for submission of an animal to will of the person. The tranquility extinguishes explosion of astral passions in an animal. There is a neutralization of thin energy. Polarizing the consciousness on the necessary wave, the person operates astral essence of an animal, but it is necessary to be able to operate it.
June 26. Got to the bog it is sucked in inevitably and perishes if there is nothing to grasp a hand. In the same way tightens the world dense the consciousness, not able to hold a saving Thread of Hierarchy. Therefore also Specify to grasp Me strong and to keep as the pith belt drowning for thrown it keeps. Thousand magnets with hooks thoughts terrestrial reach from everywhere for consciousness that to tie it to the earth and to hold on the terrestrial. But the aspiration up, to Hierarchy, to Light, to Lords is given. Let at least the thought of inevitable death will help to understand that all surrounding – anything, and in itself doesn't make final sense, and it is fated to the person for a while. And the body which is so close to spirit, will wither, will weaken, will grow old and will die, and things don't become necessary everything, and people will leave as life left who met earlier. The spirit feels the truth, but mind doesn't want to accept inevitability of loss of all and creates from all constancy surrounding illusion, stability and generates idea of illusive property. But there comes the end. With what the person there where except knowledge and the experience gained in life, it is impossible to take with itself anything else will leave!
June 28. Reaction of consciousness to intense aspiration should manage to be worried. Crest and wave hollow, action and counteraction, Manvantara and Pralaya, say, progress rhythm. Пралайи consciousnesses are inevitable. The skilled traveler will wisely wait recession, knowing that it will be followed by inevitable lifting. Inexperienced will blindly decide that everything is over, and works everything is vain, and ahead of anything. Dangerous moment, the fraught many consequences! But it is necessary to remember that accumulation is integral that the consciousness raises a rhythm that this rhythm of waves alternates by the principle of a pulsation. Everything will return, but with a force increased. And nothing is lost because all inside and is buried till time as life under snow cover that in the spring to wake up again. Pralaya the wise man spends time, without beginning big affairs and without falling into despair at feeling of the curtailed opportunities. In total ahead! All accumulation again will flash fires, but it is necessary to wait. Violently not to cause fires. Something should become stronger and take root inside. Even grain has to be buried till time to give shoots and a fruit. Laws in everything are identical. Therefore know and believe in a victory.
Also it is impossible even to leave the Lord in thoughts, - with It up to the end. It will help to avoid many invisible dangers. It is necessary to tie to a ray of light itself continuously and to stay in It at all, both everyone’s, and various circumstances of life. Not all have a Ray of light to services. Whether many will understand and will estimate, whether will forget in a stupor of dense conditions and burdens life and fussy cares! To forget very easily, but, having forgotten, it will be more difficult to return happiness of the Beam twice already, or perhaps and more, than twice. It is necessary to think only always that is good or bad, an illness or pleasure, good luck or a grief, but the Beam permanently over us. Polar of life is of the phenomena inevitably. Tests are caused by the law of a polar defining change of the opposite phenomena. Morning and evening, rising and calling, winter and summer, grief and pleasure, easy and difficult strip of life – know everything about it, but aren't able to apply to itself, forgetting that with the Lord it is necessary to pass through pleasure and a grief, and that only in this two-native flame the spirit blade will become tempered. But as this situation is acceptable and it is clear on a crest and as it is unacceptable and is forgotten on recession. It is better to remember the Lord in misfortunes and him to feel proximity, than in happiness to forget about It. And how many spiteful and gloating-over eyes watch that moment when comes Pralaya consciousnesses to throw the harm and to cause the greatest damage. It is necessary to remember the angrily guarding.
(Today the Guru dreamed – he woke up after return from the Elevated World and I told that there he saw many interesting things).
June 29. The eye sees that, on what is directed. Also and of thought! Mind realizes those thoughts on which the consciousness is directed. The sphere and nature of thoughts are established by consciousness, and the choice depends on it. The coming conditions matter, but not the decisive. That world of thoughts in which their lives the person, considerably depends on him. You know that great people in the most impossible conditions created the sphere of the creative thoughts which are often going strong counter with thinking of people around, and often imprinted the blood independence and freedom of the thought. But it is destiny of great spirits or those who decided to approve the right to freedom of thinking. All links to influence and influence of the environment are born from weakness of spirit. There is nothing that the mental energy of the person maintained by strong will couldn't overcome. Not to approve independence of the thoughts of the surrounding – means to send itself to its power and to obey to it. Either the slave or the lord of the power – isn't present the middle. The power over, and experience too over itself. The risen spirit doesn't encroach on any consciousness and its freedom. Everything occurs in itself, inside: both fight, and victory, and achievement of a new step. I bless on that to stir will to action for the adoption of release of consciousness from the power of the phenomena of the present day and spheres of people around, dense, for that spirit to rise over life the abyss.
If to compare time wasted by the person in vain, to time spent with advantage, results will be tremendous, expediency isn't observed even concerned the Doctrine, - from here and an incommensurability of acts and thoughts with great appointment of the person. The purpose is approved in the Doctrine clearly. Why then there are so many deviations from a way and so many wanderings? Not therefore that heart will defend far that is accepted and acquired only by mind. Without heart it isn't enough head. Many troubles were caused by them, the tadpoles who have forgotten heart but if the decision in heart, so heart and have to give freedom that is to release it up. As it rejoices it everything, that ennobles and clarifies the spirit. Call this feeling conscience. But after all, conscience in heart lives. But it is heavy and empty on heart, because heart in a lock on locks of seven. If distances to heart freedom, truly, would find the world, the World, which I Give you not as gives its world.
There is more: unless you don't know, in what happiness. Happiness is in a self-return, in return of, in a self-forgetfulness, dedication; but unless the inflated egoism can forget itself? It herself puts on the first place and before all and only. But already I Said that loved whom or that, even I am more than Me, Me is unworthy, and that is, speaking in other words, is unusable in pupils. So it is necessary to choose between it and Me. And to whom it will be preferred and on whom the choice will stop, that and will take priority in heart and to determine by it the way direction, but time when it is necessary to leave a body and things – the basis of a receptacle of egoism here will come, then it is necessary to leave an astral – its citadel, then a body mental, being at them in a service. What then? With what there will be a spirit deprived of that temporary and shaky basis on which he tried to build the house. Whether will go erase to anything, having remained with anything? So it is necessary to think of on what we create to them a monastery for spirit in Elevated, the spirit house strong.
July 2. As Mine will sound, if it muffled itself; or Me, or itself, – that you will choose? Chosen mine in degree full – mine receives wholly. Chosen the – mine has no. Mine touching, it is necessary to forget about it and to remember that only full-return or full-aspiration the guarantee will be success. The Word My and if it wasn't executed, so is unchangeable either the Plan changed, or the conditions necessary for its execution, not observed. For execution two parties are necessary. Therefore Asked: Whether "You believe" because without existence of the necessary elements in consciousness receiving the help, it doesn't reach. It is better to complain about itself, than about the Lord, and it is better to look for closer, than in the distance. Dismissal from itself is hard. From there are so much failures and fruitless attempts. But when my Face takes priority in consciousness, forcing out and covering, the success is provided. Good luck follows my people. It isn't necessary to understand it only in money or material prosperity. Expediency means a final victory of spirit and spirit prosperity. It is possible to succeed spirit everywhere and in any conditions, but if with Me. Will be in good spirits with Me, - the victory is guarantee. And someone and nothing can then prevent to collect a plentiful harvest. I demand the conscious adoption of My continuous Presence for a final victory over the power of terrestrial circumstances and rage of dense conditions. You see as opposite conditions before force united in the spirit of with me consciousnesses incline. I with that, who with me! This law of merge is simple in the spirit of. It is necessary to become closer, it is necessary to become so close that all stirring would disappear at all. So we will reach a victory.
July 3. Nobody can be charged for the future. But the one, who knows the law of causality and follows precisely to it, can. The law is simple: what reason, such is and a consequence. Grain will give rise by the nature and in strict accordance with it. But to know it isn't enough. The knowledge without application is useless. It is better to know less, but to apply, than it is a lot of – without the appendix in life. Not applied knowledge will be in the condemnation applied – in a merit.
(The Guru dreamed, I went in the direction to it and I thought of looking worthy).
July 4. When the screen of consciousness is engaged in the Face of the Lord, and the sphere of consciousness is filled with its Beams, receiving parcels becomes inevitable. This way consciously or unconsciously all reached. Certainly, also warm filling because conducts heart thus is necessary. It was told: "The thought conducts the person", but the thought conducts heart, that is the thought is conducted by heart. The love and hatred a citadel have heart, as well as all feelings. But after the entire World is movable by hatred or love, that is good or the evil. Power of thought depends at most fire enclosed in it by heart. It is necessary to learn to be able to want heart. But from where then there are so much not granted warm desires? But it only visibility because once and somewhere the warm thought will be executed is immutable, perhaps, even then when the consciousness which has generated this thought, it already outgrew and doesn't need its implementation. How many such overdue executions of long desires happen in life of each person (because the person wishes always), how many meetings unnecessary already and circumstances unnecessary already! Even during one life it is possible to observe how something, passionately desirable in youth, becomes unnecessary and burdensome later. It is necessary to wish circumspectly and very carefully; as it is frequent and with what disappointment the stopped loving heart looks on once passionately darling! But consequences of the generated desires should be born up to the end now or after, – in this life or another, but energy of heart should settle given rise to them. And who knows, whether two persons nowadays chained by a karma one to another, as convicts aspired to a kernel passionately once to each other. The East solves a problem simply, killing desires which, generally speaking, don't have borders and limits. How many and that the person had, he always wants more. Killing desires, the person exempts himself from karmic consequences. Yoga’s replace desires with aspiration, as though Trans mutating the lowest type of energy in the highest. The desire is too closely connected with an astral that even is called as a body of desires. To meet desire – means to try to fill with water the rotten barrel full of holes which cracks will extend only from each new portion of water. Way of satisfaction of desires – incorrect. The one who wishes, – the authorities over the world, as itself (himself) and a body won't approve.
July 5. Breath of people is stinking. Air, arriving in lungs of the person and being oxidized in them, enters direct contact with blood of the person and absorb its essence. Breath of many patients is fetid. Breath of irritation is fetid. Breathe of defect fetidly. Breath bears on itself the press of essence of the person. Breath of the devotee is fragrant. Health breath is fragrant. Breath of the person of thoughts high and light-dawn is fragrant. At sufficient development of a feeling-knowledge and acuteness of sense of smell it is possible to determine an illness, health and a condition of the person by breath. With each exhalation the person clears or infects the sphere surrounding it and is frequent on far distance. Poisonous emanations of breath impregnated human concourses, especially brothels, gambling houses and all places where passions terrestrial come to light. The pure or dirty thought is immediately reflected in air exhaled by the person. Often the person in the atmosphere infected with his own thoughts which air and to it is poisoned chokes. Two poles phenomenon pure and dirty thoughts. Contact of people with each other, when breathes one air, has deeper consequence, than think usually. Many diseases and indispositions are caused by this contact. After all the person inhales in himself, entering into the microcosm the infected and poisoned particles of a matter which just were a part of an organism of other person – the patient, angry, angry, afflicted, hating and so on. If ponder more deeply upon occurring process, those dangers can be terrified and possibility of an infection which are born in itself by breath of the person. Aroma, life given breath of many plants and trees, especially coniferous – as though life ozonizes live and operating constantly also is useful. In combination with other radiations breath powerfully influences. Breath it is possible to transmit an illness, as well as health. It is possible to breathe on sick body and to cure it, and it is possible and vice versa – in healthy to cause an illness. Breathing on the person with a certain thought, it is possible to affect him in the benefit or in the evil. Joint stay or accommodation of people in one room is fraught with many unexpected, but inevitable consequences because the air of the room will be the carrier and the transmitter of their kind or evil qualities, their health or diseases. It would be possible to be protected if nobility and understand, danger from where threatens, but many even don't suspect about its existence. The medicine recognizes possibility of transfer of so-called infectious diseases through breath, but is limited only to them, disregarding that breath of people infects another even with the mood. It is possible to be protected if to know degree and danger depth. It is possible to win against the enemy, only knowing his force. Breath in the infected room is insalubrious. Either open air, or careful airing of the room. It is acselerate air of hospitals where there were many sufferings: ozonizes and the sun beams are necessary. Natural ozonizes – coniferous trees – it is best of all. The discipline of thoughts relieves of self-poisoning. Change of a residence and stay on a bosom of the nature can show miracles. Very circumspectly it is necessary to treat with what people it is necessary to breathe one air. Mutually influence can't be avoided. As protection the mental space suit can serve, wearable on itself is constant. Also it will be useful to throw out in the morning at breath from an organism others infection or an illness, creating that mental immunity. Mental protection will be also protection physical. Mental protection will be also protection physical. Often the reason and a root of an illness should be looked for in the phenomenon of contact with the unhealthy people transferring to an infirmity the through breath. If only the reason to understand, and there and it is easy to be preserved. It is impossible to be preserved against the unknown enemy, but the enemy exposed isn't dangerous because against him it is possible to take self-defense measures. Mint and eucalyptus powerful cleaners, and also pitch of coniferous trees and coniferous backs, turpentine top-quality is crude turpentine, pine or fir oil. It is better to sit far away from the interlocutor that breath didn't concern him.
Now a cause of illness of you know, therefore, it is possible to be treated. People around poisoned with the breath system, thanks to narrowness. During lifetime in a community everyone had the separate cell. It was so approved.
The illness from an organism can be pushed out breath.
July 6. Each subject existing in the world is a boundlessness section because last and future concerns it. It also takes a positive view of all phenomena of life because nothing has the end, began. Concepts of time and space especially brightly emphasize this lack of an extremity or the end, but this property on all things and the world phenomena extends. It is possible to track the birth and death of each thing, but elements not making it with which it and adjoins to boundlessness. Nothing begins and nothing comes to an end, but everything only proceeds, changing for ever and ever. It gives the chance to see eternity elements in all phenomena of life and subjects to attach consciousness to that exists always, that is to immortality of the real. The consciousness sated with elements of boundlessness, becomes immortal itself that allows to keep its interruptibility at change of its covers. Life eternal also is that life which exists around because it, changing the forms, itself never dies. Thus, every moment the present it is possible to consider as a section of boundlessness, display in temporariness of this moment. This understanding allows projecting any section of circumstances of any period of human life in the future, that on character of the real reasons to remove properties and features of the subsequent consequences. And it also allows creating such reasons which will generate consequences wished to the person in the present. For Us all is only a consequence. We so create. Grain and shoots and its fruits are consubstantial. Their causes and effects – are similar to grain and fruits. There can't be that situation that the reasons didn't generate consequences or that the rotten or spoiled seeds gave good shoots. The great reasons give rise to the corresponding consequences. From the insignificant the pettiness will be born. But from the small can be born big and even great just as one small sunflower seed can cover with vegetation the whole continent. In this aspect there are no affairs big or small because all of them grow in space. As good and bad germs of various properties, tendencies and habits inevitably grow in a being of the person. Small and hardly noticeable today can become big and great tomorrow. And it is good, if from Light it, but not from darkness. The garden of consciousness demands care and examination. It is a lot of good and a lot of bad at times is there. And all this inevitably grows if pours down attention reviver that is if the thought stops on this or that property, feeding it with the energy. If clean thought from any habit or tendency of the person, they die, deprived of food. It is so possible to look after each sprout in a consciousness garden, supporting kind thoughts Me destroying bad the termination of thought of them; because sprouts, flowers and fruits of a garden of consciousness live and eat thought. Many thoughts are carried by through the sphere of consciousness of the person during the day. Whether there are a lot of good of them, kind consequences bringing, and whether there are a lot of dark and angry – here in what care. Monasteries, or the spirit house which are built in Elevated himself by the person, are under construction thought of the present day.
Flowers and fruits can decorate them, and painfully weed prickles. Builders – everything, a question only in, whether wisely build. One erects a dungeon to itself, another builds chambers. But everyone will live in creations, erected by everyone during lifetime. So, the care of thoughts will be care of the future because from the thoughts not to leave anywhere, neither in that world, nor in it. So, the discipline of thought will be the shortest and most right way to the future. So, thoughts about fine will be that construction material from which walls of a monastery of spirit will be put. So, service to Beauty will be construction light.
Let's think together as, than to help the Homeland. And it is possible to help much. Access to a treasury of thought gives this opportunity. The impulse of boundlessness strengthens thought, that is allows to continue to develop any thought in the direction put in it. Many stop on reached, but the impulse of boundlessness directs forward – to further logical development of any situation. The end isn't present, everything proceeds, extending and going deep. And if fires are lit, further consecutive development becomes possible and easily achievable. The thought as though itself directs forward, further, to expansion and deepening of that is put in it. Many behind the present don't see the future that is can't catch the following step of evolution of this phenomenon or the moment, but the lit consciousness can. Everything, positively it is possible to develop and improve everything and on unbeaten ways if the consciousness allows.
July 13. The power over all invisible and visible worlds is potentially given to the person. The lord of the shown world it is allowed it to be. From here this power extends on all conditions of the person, and also on a condition of a dream. In that part it where the dream is reflection of day soundings, especially strong laws of causes and effects work. And something won, overcome and approved as it in a wake condition that will sound and in dreams of the person. The withdrawal moment to a dream is considerable that that direction in which the thin consciousness of the sleeping directs as though is established. The brain can't usually work in a dream, but accepted by it before a backfilling the direction proceeds and therefore to approve thought before going to bed will be the decision wise. Rehashes terrestrial even if they aren't bad, nevertheless won't give food to soul. The dream serves as a food for spirit, plus it scoop in it forces from the elevated plan. The dream is the phenomenon universal. Пралайя and Manvantara, or the pulsation and a rhythm embrace itself all phenomena of life – to Space inclusive. The nature which has fallen asleep for winter wakens in the spring again, and so everywhere and in everything – alternation of conditions. It is allowed the person to own a condition even Pralaya, having approved before it the direction of the line of spirit because the dream in aspect of terrestrial existence of the person is small Pralaya consciousnesses.
July 14. Affairs human – We so call them because they the orbit cover final spheres terrestrial. Task is stretch a life thread out of limits of these spheres in boundlessness. But, as and where? To Me stretch, because my other-worldly World, I – outside limited narrow-minded existence. To lose itself, to lose the soul – means to leave the small world and to concern consciousness of the world big. This world isn't limited neither time, nor space – it includes Space, with all its forms of a display of life. Time space with terrestrial the general has no anything. That on the earth is the present, in Space can be future, the past to become the present, and somewhere in spheres hidden in the present pnenomenon and the future. Time terrestrial at least on Mars is senseless. Even concepts of top and a bottom are relative in opposite points of the earth. All terrestrial concepts and representations are relative. But the sphere of eternal Space Thought is absolute at the heart of the. We approve the World Fiery; eternal because of a terrestrial relativity it is deprived. As great space laws are irrespective also. That is why we Speak about Bases upon which the World is based. Bases are unshakable, though the stream of vitally shown forms flows to the eternity ocean, eternally changing and evolving in the aspiration to perfection. Eternal in time sees the mind which has concerned boundlessness, collecting an immortality harvest. Extremity terrestrial and limitation of the dense world is not in the world, which around, but in mind of the person, in his consciousness which has taken for reality a relativity of the world terrestrial. The walls limiting consciousness, it is necessary to destroy before it will be able to come to open spaces of the Space Ocean. The ocean of Space Thought can become available to the person who has released the consciousness from the illusive world of terrestrial representations. The secret of time and space consciousness has to be the concept of death is solved and is won. To new understanding of life comes nearer on the earth of people, and achievement of a step of space consciousness becomes already close possible.
July 15. When someone inside rises against following by the highest way, consider that it not you, but the enemy your immemorial – the astral rises and wants to approve the, but not yours. He wants always, attracting down. It he against a rhythm addresses to the Lord, it he against thoughts of the Teacher It he against constancy of the Image in the third eye. It, it, it steadily always against everything that ennobles spirit and "I" pull out it from embraces small. In all not gets rid and in a chasm the attracting the astral – the enemy ancient is active. It needs to be separated from itself. It – an unnecessary appendage in itself, the role played and become excessive. It is necessary to be through with him, having dismembered elements him that it was easier than them to reject. Wrestle for life or death. Or he will win, or the triad highest spirit. If here wins against an astral, it will win and there when terrestrial clothes will be dumped. It is necessary therefore to win here, for the present a body.
July 20. Having great opportunities for considerable achievements, the people on trifles spend often energy. The unicorn is a symbol shown aspirations not shattered, - or a ram, in a point of one collecting all the power. Force can phenomenon itself at its focusing in one point. Otherwise great power is sprayed even. Points of the appendix of the energy can be much because the person has to be comprehensive, but at the time of application of force its concentration on an edge is necessary. The dispersion of thoughts, feelings and aspirations never results yields. The symbol of an arrow pointed too is good or spear pointedness. Speed of moving bodies – a condition very necessary. Even animals, fishes and birds follow this principle. By the same principle moves and the directed thought. When we Learn each business to carry out in the best way, we mean ability to collect the force in focus. If incompleteness is condemned, dissociation is doomed irrevocably. As well the devotion shattered or divided in, won't resist against the current; other qualities of spirit (if) these decomposing beginnings entered into them won't resist also. Solidity of spirit is approved by concentration fiery when all energy gathers in focus inside for a display of action powerful. Stone-bearing is able to focus at the right time in a point one all the power. And in it force it and secret of success.
July 21. Certainly, the consciousness of the person, but it only to a known step is created and defined by world around. When the person can tell: "I won against the world", then any more the world, but the spirit of the person create the environment and will transform it. The power of spirit also is that it rises over the world and creates it outside and in itself at will of the mighty. The step of Planetary Spirit or planet creation so highly lifts it that is shown in forms that he becomes the creator of a material world. With the Creator planetary Logos's is appointed to be to the person, and limits of growth of power of its spirit don't exist, it is the highest aspect of boundlessness. But the way to tops of the power over any flesh which is defined to the person from the beginning of times is difficult and long. However on this way there is each of people and all mankind as a whole. Steps of achievement of this power display in the microcosm human achievements obvious, though not understood people. How many million years of fight, sufferings, works and efforts were required to the person that from an inert matter to create to itself a body with all its most amazing properties and abilities and to subordinate him to the conscious and subconscious will. And these billion atoms collected by spirit of the person in the sphere of his microcosm, are united in one harmonius whole which moves, goes, sees, hears understands and realizes. How many centuries were required to a spirit-monad on creating at least an eye which sees and photographs surrounding as this most wonderful device of a microcosm human is difficult! The reached victory of spirit over a matter still is far, very far from the final end. Space is great, and even degree of planetary spirit only a step on a way to further, infinite development of a spirit-monad of the person. Even it is difficult to imagine the following steps, because the human reason has nothing to compare them. There are no words in language human, expressing their essence, but in concepts of omnipotence, pansophy, omniscience, an all-luhear and all other qualities of spirit a hint about tops of the highest achievements. Extents of these achievements are various: pansophy planetary, pansophy of the solar system, pansophy of the galaxy and so on, and above in boundlessness; because the limit not present.
(Continuation). Ability of speech is a victory over a matter, ability of hearing, sight, ability to think – all these steps of achievements which are a little realized by people. Unfortunately, people look at everything too simply, but understanding, what terrible work and time were required on each of them. But time came to realize the way and the purpose and to go on it not blindly, without knowing, where and why, but with an eye opened and seeing the purpose. If it is already reached so much, it serves as the guarantee of future further achievements. Great procession of mankind, in its whole, to tops of power of spirit and the power over the world goes collectively, and the general level of achievements is already enough high to become a springboard for achievements still big. It is necessary to understand only that the person is a process, and everything in it the events spatial seek for infinite development, expansion, thinning and improvement which Space of limits doesn't put. Present twilight temporarily also it is passing. The shining future of mankind faces it as tomorrow, and there is no such force in the world which could stop a stream of space life. The space way of the person is predetermined by Space Will and therefore is immutable. Everything that is embodied in Space in a form, aspires to the same great purpose. And wise sees in each of them the same spark of spirit which is lit in it before the beginnings of times.
July 22. When and where we reap the fruits of the evil and kind acts? We reap now, in the present, and new again we create that after to reap. And one hand we sow, another is reaped. The present is a past consequence, but the future is a present consequence. Causality wheels in operation the constant. The care of what reasons are started up in a wheel. While the reason is created, is imperious over it creating because freely creates but as soon as it is created and let in a wheel, any more the founder of the reason, but the reason itself dominates over the person. Also it is impossible to change anything; it yet won't settle all energy on beget. Consequences can't be avoided, but the attitude towards them and nature of influence can be changed them to consciousness. So the ignoramus cries about material losses, but the wise man rejoices, seeing in each loss release. So, seeded it is reaped, that is it improves and neutralized by consciousness here or there because the karma works it is immutable in the plane of the generated reasons. But in the spirit of the person can overcome in himself a consequence of the lowest reasons, already other, new, modified relation to consequences generated by them. And in this aspect the power of the person over karma is boundless. Will him external karmic phenomena, but the attitudes towards them in the spirit of. The ignoramus will grieve, but wise rejoices when sees that can pay old debts. Debtors everything, only aren't able to pay bills adequately; from here, and grief, complaint, discontent with destiny. And meanwhile, payment of karmic debts is no other than process of release from the karma. To pay and not to do new debts is here in what a task. Therefore it is better to give, than to take, - because taking always will give. Therefore it is better kind to think and to create the benefit, than angrily, because cause and effect – the different ends of one thing. Therefore I Speak: "Load more strongly Me", I Want because to settle all burden terrestrial because forces I Will increase on it because in pleasure of spirit I Will accepts loading and a press the unreasonable. And by that I Will approve spirit domination over karma of dense conditions. So I Speak when following Me too it becomes difficult.
July 24. It is necessary to mention imagined qualities. The chain isn't stronger than the weakest link. It is bad if during a storm the anchor rope breaks: or will carry away in the sea, or on rocks. As well with imagined qualities. From here and need of tests that the pupil where his weak and unprotected place knew. Therefore it isn't necessary to be afflicted with not passed tests. Should be known, it is necessary to know degrees of the abilities, endurance, endurance and forces. Swimming in the boat on the ocean of life is unsafe. And art of the swimmer and his opportunity should be considered precisely. Each quality of spirit at each person has the ceiling. And each test shows its height. And unrestrained test will show it, than the test which has been successfully passed rather. Only the tests which have been successfully passed on a limit of tension can serve as a right exponent of quality and be compared in this regard to tests unrestrained. These last at ordinary people serve as the testimony of weakness or spirit falling, for the true pupil they are only a litmus piece of paper, a reactant defining in it degree of the examinee of quality. They don't afflict him, but specify that it is necessary to strengthen still and in what to be approved. Also the examinee of each possibility of the best cognition himself more surely to move further rejoices. Weak link in a chain replace new and strong: as and with any quality of spirit, strengthening and updating it and pouring in in it new forces. It is better to rejoice to each test, which even not hasn't been sustained, than grieve and scoop for the unsuccessful: anybody and can stop nothing the spirit which has irrevocably solved the way to the end. Let's leave repentances, despondency, and hopelessness to losers – the solved way to the end knows that return isn't present back and everything inures to advantage it too inflexible spirit. It will be more precisely told, that the lowest karma it is replaced with the highest spiritual, concerning not chains of the external karmic phenomena, but the attitudes towards them in the spirit of.The ignoramus will grieve, but wise rejoices when sees that can pay old debts. Debtors everything, only aren't able to pay bills adequately; from here and grief, and complaint, and discontent with destiny. And meanwhile, payment of karmic debts is no other than process of release from the karma. To pay and not do new debts is here in what a task. Therefore it is better to give, than to take, because taking always will give. Therefore it is better kind to think and to create the benefit, than angrily, because cause and effect – the different ends of one thing. Therefore I Speak: "Load more strongly Me", I Want because to settle all burden terrestrial because forces I Will increase on it because in pleasure of spirit I Will accepts loading and a press the unreasonable. And by that I Will approve spirit domination over karma of dense conditions. So I Speak when following Me too it becomes difficult.
July 24. It is necessary to mention imagined qualities. The chain isn't stronger than the weakest link. It is bad if during a storm the anchor rope breaks: or will carry away in the sea, or on rocks. As well with imagined qualities. From here and need of tests that the pupil where his weak and unprotected place knew. Therefore it isn't necessary to be afflicted with not passed tests. Should be known, it is necessary to know degrees of the abilities, endurance, endurance and forces. Swimming in the boat on the ocean of life is unsafe. And art of the swimmer and his opportunity should be considered precisely. Each quality of spirit at each person has the ceiling. And each test shows its height. And unrestrained test will show it, than the test which has been successfully passed rather. Only the tests which have been successfully passed on a limit of tension can serve as a right exponent of quality and be compared in this regard to tests unrestrained. These last at ordinary people serve as the testimony of weakness or spirit falling, for the true pupil they are only a litmus piece of paper, a reactant defining in it degree of the examinee of quality. They don't afflict him, but specify that it is necessary to strengthen still and in what to be approved. Also the examinee of each possibility of the best cognition himself more surely to move further rejoices. Weak link in a chain replace new and strong: as and with any quality of spirit, strengthening and updating it and pouring in in it new forces. It is better to rejoice to each test, which even not been sustained, than to grieve and mourn for the unsuccessful: anybody and can stop nothing the spirit which has irrevocably solved the way to the end. Let's leave repentances, despondency, and hopelessness to losers – the solved way to the end knows that return isn't present back and everything inures to advantage it to inflexible spirit.
July 25. Agni sexless! As the transformer of fire heart which does all-initial energy bipolar, that is light or dark serves. Certainly, on the structure Agni, but – in the highest aspect and over feelings and passions human is dual. When it directs heart, heart and sets to it the darkness or light seal. That is why in the ancient writing it is told that matters for the person not that that proceeds from the person enters into him from the outside, but. Because all proceeding from "his lips", that is from it, is transformed by his heart and already karmic contacts the person. The whole world, all rage human can fall upon clean heart and if it has in itself no "anything", Agni radiated by such heart, painting the light all thoughts, feelings and acts of his owner will be light. And then all events outside because the root of all evil is ripped out of heart any more have no value. But everything proceeding from the person is thoughts, words and affairs – being its generations, karmic it is connected with him because it is approved by heart. Light heart will be given rise by light Agni, dark – black fire. And between two poles of light and darkness hearts human, generating fires of all degrees fluctuate. And not that matters that from the outside direct on the lit-up heart of the energy, the evils sated with elements, and that reaction to them the lit-up heart remained permanently crystal and pure, not darking black fire. Transmutator fiery energy is the yogi and a cleaner of spheres surrounding it and spaces. The burden of the World, borne heart because a lot of poison has to accept poor heart remain and still free from darkness is great. Many hearts don't maintain a press – from here so a little reaching the purpose. But the purpose – to resist and reach and, poison accepting, light generate. Here Put him directed by heart, on a crossroads of roads, whether will resist? Whether will resist when any more the word, but by the light it is necessary to approve light on the earth.
July 26. The Highest everything, in whom there is though Light sparkle has the right to an entrance to the World, but it reveals on consciousness. That in itself, is comprehended that outside, however, as and in the World terrestrial. The world of the cave man and the world lit up various, because the person is a measure of things. That is why we Speak about consciousness expansion that it from the world surrounding it more could incorporate. The yogi eremite, who isn't leaving the cave, expands the consciousness endlessly. In the presence of fiery aspiration nothing can interfere with the person to move forward in this direction. If only fire of the directed heart only didn't die away. It is a lot of quenchers and many conditions, fire of spirit of the extinguishing. As a matter of fact, plunderers and fire-eaters everything in whom it burns more weakly. The law of being reported vessels in operation the constant. And still it is necessary to resist, - and not only to resist, but also move further. Where to find forces for advance uninterrupted? Let's address to the nature. The sun ascends every day updated, after Pralaya the night. In the spring after a winter dream life wakes up. The rhythm of alternation gives strength to the statement of life and the person each time scoop in a dream the new forces necessary to it to live. As also the spirit during night Pralaya updates the forces and scoops the energy, necessary to it for ascension. If to treat the phenomenon of a dream consciously, knowing that it can give to the person, the necessary forces further to go, it is possible to gather and be updated in a dream by soul. This terrestrial everyone in the World comes with fire stock. In the same way and the dream opportunity gives this to increase a stock. But for this purpose the conscious relation to a dream and understanding of the phenomenon of a dream is required. All know that a dream – a reducer of physical forces of the person but very few people think that spiritual value of a dream immeasurably deeply. And pigs sleep too and too in a dream have a rest, - but pig not example. The dream can be beneficial very much if at withdrawal to a dream the will channelizes consciousness. But the body terrestrial sleeps only. The thin consciousness is tensely active, but it works on the lines of aspiration approved in a wake condition. Usually these lines are established unconsciously, chaotically, casually and their directions are often dim, dirty, vague and black out terrestrial passions, shortcomings and weaknesses of the person. But at the time of a backfilling the will can reject a matter of last day and channelize new, released from them to thoughts. And thoughts then will incur thin consciousness on the channels put in them. The dream of death is similar. Many prepare for death, releasing itself from terrestrial put, burdens things and everything that connects spirit of the person. In the same way to a dream departing, the consciousness is exempted from litter terrestrial that free to fly up on wings of lightful thought to those spheres where it is updated again by fire and forces to itself scoop for life day in the conditions of the dense world.
July 27. Speed of a tow decreases in direct ratio to number of towed barges and their loading. Therefore among followers we Prefer self-feeds when even the easy contact strengthens their engine – fires. Therefore amateur performance and a display of beams self-proceeding are approved. The loneliness of spirit will be sometimes the best condition for the statement of self-proceeding beams. Wisely the Teacher conducts, and not complaints are necessary, but understanding of complexity Administer. On the one hand, it is impossible to mention the Karma, with another, it is necessary to conduct nevertheless, without breaking free will of the conducted. Beam of the Teacher phenomenon in borders between free will and what not the law (Karma) allows. But when the free will of the pupil strong is directed to merge to will of the Lord to unite consciousness with It, these borders are moved apart according to degree of aspiration and transfer of will of the pupil to Will Teacher Light. And then the formula "Yes There Will Be Will Your, the Lord" becomes force releasing spirit from chains of the Karma, and the condition allowing the Teacher display Will Its in will merged with It of the pupil. When the impulse to merge will's and without any violence from outside from heart following the Lord, then it is possible to tell that possibility of origin and an display of Beams self-proceeding is approved. That is why swimming in own at least a boat is preferred to others ships. The passenger by others ships usually the phenomenon temporary. Both the wealth and freight of the ship add nothing to that baggage with which it got on the ship. And often others is accepted to the in an environment it. So often at contact with the Highest Consciousness the consciousness touched again to go out when contact will stop lights up brightly. Others accumulation are accepted to the, giving as a result the phenomenon of the broken trough. From here and an especial fate called in and the bell ringer. How many them which have touched, lit up brightly, gone out and by the last! Passersby We Will call them. Because it is necessary not to pass by, to bring the, that is that is saved up in the past. Brought won't depart and won't go out, despite everything. Therefore the number of pupils at Spirits Great was always very limited. As also you attend not to burden itself with freight unnecessary. It is a lot of wishing to offer themselves in pupils, also it is necessary to have recognition gift, that among coming to see a heart anthrax. And still it is necessary to give. Wisely it is necessary to distribute light of a particle. The unwise donation will usually give rise to treachery. However, where light, there and darkness, and betray it is feasible, using each opportunity to do the harm.
Objection "and as ordinary people live" answer: more than a half of people are obsessed, remained in most cases are under dark influences and often work under darkness suggestion which happens the various duration and force. Even Arhat isn't relieved of dark attempts and often is object of special shifts from attendants of the evil. But Arhat is rescued by constant intense vigilance and readiness to resist to darkness, in whatever form phenomenon its activity. Therefore Specify "be wake spirit" because many eye spiteful watches each your movement, trying to discover weak places that through them to wound.
July 31. We apply extreme measures to preserving relatives. And if nevertheless something occurs, so time to that to be approached. The karma will work, isn't settled yet. Only the spirit finishing the way on the earth, with karma terrestrial finishes calculations. We help always when ask, but within karmic opportunities. Let's help and here, only it is necessary to expect the help, without defining its character at discretion. We as well as with what it is necessary to help will solve. Your thoughts of our help will help to put sent to energy with bigger advantage, than in case of doubts and counteractions or other stirring conditions. Let's help, help also you, without preventing to work with our Beams.
Tell something, the Lord! I will tell that knew that with you the Lord is constant. Where cognition limit? It isn't present. And impossible today tomorrow becomes possible and achievable, it is necessary to set only the purpose for itself that wanted by spirit. And put it will be reached once and somewhere. But the purpose should be set now because if there is no purpose as it happens usually at many, there are no achievements also, and it is necessary to trudge in the tail to the purpose of the going. If, the purposes purely terrestrial and aspirations to terrestrial, and the harvest is terrestrial, with in the dense world, therefore both Specify Boundlessness and Fiery World, as the prime target of achievements, and all intimate miraculousness of the device of a microcosm human. Impossible isn't present, unattainable isn't present, it is achievable and all is possible within the law. It is necessary to comprehend only essence of laws of the nature with which the world keeps. All achievements of modern mankind are based on comprehension, studying and application of these laws in practice. But the purposes terrestrial are set by mankind nowadays before itself. But when Space will start opening the secrets and a subsoil of the earth will tell life story on it, the corner of the appendix of human energy will move then and in Elevated the person will direct then, both terrestrial and Elevated will merge in one and become we weed display of reality obvious, studied and not denied by usual mind. Course of the planetary ship we Send to elevated spheres in order that connect they could with terrestrial in consciousness of the person. For the present nowadays the veil of denial separates the worlds. But that time when the tear apart will mark it the worlds dismembered nowadays, association of the invisible and visible worlds is close, close. And those who now set for itself the great purpose of penetration for a veil by improvement of the psycho-fiery, physical and spiritual device of the human body will glance the first for a curtain of the dense world. Denial should forget the directed spirit, because all ahead for this purpose who will dare. Let the stream of life usual flow, but wings are given to spirit that over life it could rise to spheres of unusual reality and to claim in the unusual. The commonness breaks the unusual. So let all your life on the earth because in Elevated usual it is replaced unusual becomes unusual and the place to denials isn't present. Denying unusual, in Elevated the person of possibility of cognition of reality loses and remains with anything. Speaking language of the ancient writing, "death of dooms" because, denying real, life denies and deprives the consciousness of possibility of the phenomenon of not interruptibility. Therefore we are approved on the unusual and unusual we Claim as usual on the earth. It is a lot of unusual with our Help entered already into life of the dense World and became usual. In the same way will enter into life and singularity of the Elevated World, marking itself the association of the Worlds prespecified by us.
You know a formula that isn't present "to a standing hail, at least without one righteous person". And it is valid so irrespective of, know, whether citizens of a standing hail about it. One or two on the whole city, it is possible to think of it and, having thought, to understand why our envoys were sent to the different countries and why presence of some people at this or that district has such deep value about which, perhaps, and don't suspect carriers of the Assignment. The mental atmosphere of each place is saturated and painted by mental products of thinking, feelings and emotions of people, which occupy it. As the torch in the darkness, a dispersing gloom shines the sent spirit with the light, dispersing darkness and sating all surrounding sphere with thoughts of absolutely other order. If his thoughts are rather harmonius and strong, he wins this Wednesday if on the contrary, it is won by it. Therefore we Send on a feat checked, strong, able to resist against influence of all capacity of the sphere surrounding it and not only to resist, but also to sate it with thoughts of absolutely other order. To the little in power this task because the feat though is hidden, but it is difficult extraordinary. The fiery will of our envoy has to opposite to everything that from darkness, strong it striking, and to approve each seed good, the sprout everyone light, each evolutionary undertaking. Everything that from darkness, everything is struck by fiery thought, everything that from light for the benefit, everything that is useful for the people, is approved fiery strong and fiery is supported sent to ours. Our Help to it, both Beams, and Communication proximity, and victories is our Guarantee.
Aug. 1. Knowing in World Aboveground is as able to see before blind. Here ordinary people can limit it to the establishments, rage and injustice, but in World Invisible, where everything moves thought, he is a lord over ignorance of negative and dull brains. To a dream departing, it is possible to remind itself that terrestrial about the power surrounding over consciousness it is necessary to leave measures. There the thought and knowledge of the supreme laws dominates, and Agni who has been saved up earlier, creates. From experience of the past in the world astral it is necessary to conclude, what even those from the dead who kept consciousness, are absolutely helpless before knowledge the highest, and applying it can but only be protected, but also influence powerfully. If not to keep this understanding, impressions in a dream, going of the Thin World, won't give to spirit of freedom, both terrestrial restrictions and dependence on people will be postponed there. Why to lose elevated freedom, transferring in Elevated curve living conditions. World dense and a body are jailers of spirit. Freedom is only there. And in the world it is achievable so far as the consciousness can be released from it. "In the world you will have grief", but the victory over the world consists in dismissal from it. This experience should be transferred in Elevated, having established a thought current before withdrawal to a dream, and to note changes in nature of received impressions. It is impossible to transfer to the world astral chains terrestrial. After all then all stay in it during a dream will take place under their yoke. This experience also will help also to spirit release upon transition of great borders.
My friend when test will end, fires again will flash, but with a force new. Test of overcoming of influences and resistance of the surrounding sphere hardly because the former environment is replaced with other, is perfect on the past not the similar. But life is overcoming itself. In itself it is necessary to overcome sphere influence. How, without having overcome, it is possible to become the winner in World Aboveground? Victory is in consciousness. In the spirit of not think to be inclined the hero under a hammer of external conditions. When the consciousness will take roots, neutralizing the power over it of the present, test will be considered passed successfully, and conditions, its creating, finished. Not from the Teacher its duration, but depends on the examinee. The victory will put an end, and only a victory. But the Victory – in the spirit of! Sharp-sightedly the Lord watches process, knowing when the Beam of end has to be sent.
If the person becomes the face to the person with death, it is better as it to meet – with a smile of fearlessness or having writhed in horror dark? Certainly, with a smile because it not more terrible, than a hairstyle of hair. As both lives towards and to its difficulties, her chagrin and all difficulties we designate better with a smile to go, than in a clouding of spirit or with complaints, complaints and discontent. It is better good to see in bad and to look for it strong, than bad in the good. And then the eye on good will open. And then it becomes easier to live. It is a lot of good in the world for a kind eye. So one sees light, and another only darkness, but light to see better, and especially in people. Thinking about them it is good, we lift their spirit to a next world, which in them see. As often nail death is the thought about not the good neighbors, depriving of them opportunity to ascend. And, seeing badly in the friend, good it is necessary to be able to approve in him on a place of the bad. Without knowing that, we create often thought shapes of relatives and distant people. To see and the nobility is one, and to condemn is something another, something the destructive and give birth evil. That is why it is necessary to think in the benefit.
Aug. 2. My friend, penetrate into the phenomenon of happiness of Communication in the spirit of with Me. Whether it is available to much? And also think of what work reached it and how many centuries of aspirations, fight and efforts it was required on it. And here opportunity is got. But truly I told that it is easier to reach, than to hold achievement. A lot of things and very many consciously also will unconsciously stir. Follows a thicket care of that display how to protect and preserve the phenomenon of the Silver Thread. Constants can strengthen it hourly memory about it. It is possible to present its cutting obviously the space, going from heart to Me binding with my Heart. You in Heart we wash a place you take, and sounding of your heart immediately will give an echo in my Heart, and then I Reply with Heart. So the display of heart fires wins against space, so distant messages on a thread warm sound – and range becomes close. So proximity I wash approving by consciousness in heart, a great cause you create – entering of light into the world dense.
Aug. 3. My son, we will begin a new step. The statement undoubted in the face of evidence ardent will be its main note. My world we will approve in your days of life terrestrial. But it other is worldly. In it is all difficulty. Will be to tell more true that the usual understanding of the world surrounding us so far from reality that my World, that is the World of my understanding real, needs a announce the new. All true Doctrines, somewhere and ever given to mankind, were intended to direct consciousness of people to understanding really real in the volume corresponding to a step of evolution, reached to data the people. But all of them to some extent reflected reality. The World in which their lives the person is diverse, and is deep infinitely. Also bases or space laws upon which it is based are firm. They represent themselves as though an outline on which life patterns under laws of a measure, numbers and harmonies are weaved. To acquire bases and to understand secret of number – means to understand reality and the phenomena occurring round the person. Doctrines, data before because conformed always to the moment requirement concerned the different parties. But culmination all Doctrines the synthesis uniting in one harmonius whole separated and particles scattered everywhere of space knowledge. The synthetic understanding under an external form of Doctrines of any period of time sees this uniform, main space knowledge of essence and connects in one parts disseminated through the world murdered Osiris's ignorance. Not the external form, but essence of the phenomenon opens itself to the synthesis carrier. And it is frequent in the phenomena antagonistic and opposite he comprehends the different parties of a thing uniform. Therefore it is told that "not neither the Greek, nor the Jew, neither slave, nor freedom", because a spirit-monad – in all, and its way to light great one at all mankind as a whole. This way also is a life. On it Specify also keep on it all Doctrines of Light. And if the science leads the person to a gate of Space Knowledge, such science and part of the Doctrine of Light will be true. Nowadays to science are given the chance of space ways of comprehension of the World, and responsibility of its bike, not on destruction, but creation it has to serve the person, because its purpose – to become a life torch. I claim that the synthetic scientific understanding of essence of the vital phenomena will lead mankind to association in consciousness nowadays divided by ignorance and denial of two great Worlds – the hidden and visible world. And denial undoubted will be then so infantile and ridiculous, as denial gamma or alpha rays and all other opening of modern science.

Any great undertaking was included never into life without ardent counteraction from the ignorant biped. And now the statement of the New World goes at a terrible antagonism to it from darkness and henchmen of the old world. The leading Country builds new steps of evolution, goes a new way, and in this evolutionary character of its gait the guarantee of a victory over all counteractions, obstacles, difficulties and resistance of opponents of the future is put. Exactly the future which is created by it is a leading magnet, and all our Help and Energy ours are sent by us on support of a great cause. Yes! Yes! The great cause of construction and the statement of the future for happiness of the whole world are created on open spaces of the Great Country. The guarantee of the Victory we Give also affairs it It is approved.
Aug. 4. So, approving my World in your days, you will reach about my Day. It is told quite right: they exchanged the sky for the earth. And everyone changes it that terrestrial permits to the world in consciousness to sound more strongly and more loudly than the Heavenly World. As the world heavenly we will understand the world of the really real. And that they should learn and comprehend what people yet didn't comprehend, it is infinite more widely more than that they already know because a name comprehended by the person – Boundlessness. My world is part of the ocean of boundlessness of space thought. And thought concerning Me, in Communication it the directed thought of the Ocean concerns to Me. "To live in eternal" – means to live in the ocean of space thought which already existed before the beginnings of times. But between consciousness of the person and really real there is Maya, distracting consciousness from uniform reality. Maya illusions should be overcome. It invests the forms with many types of attire if only to take away spirit from the narrow track conducting in life. And when the person finds this track and enters on it, Maya allure amplifies especially strong. Dragons of the Threshold it is called the monsters guarding an entrance on a track of life. These phantoms, being creations of mind of the person, supported, strengthened and inflated by all henchmen and darkness spawns, strong protect approaches to Light Gate. All darkness collapses on impudent dared to approach to them. And even overcome the darkness and entered on a track of life isn't left by it. It guards on the parties from a track, and it is worth curtailing from it aside at least on a step where scatter is thin also an intricate snare as the consciousness immediately gets confused in them. Therefore there are so much receding and receded and so many not reaching. I am the Way, Truth and Life – and it is possible to go only Me. Me recognizing and in heart having accepted, it is possible to go safely on a narrow track of life. Certainly, tests won't slow down, of course, the life isn't easy, but the Guarantee for the Victory I Give, if with Me. And how exercised the wit darkness and her attendants in the inventions, daring in the spirit of with Me nevertheless goes, though it seems to it from time to time that one is left that fight and efforts are vain and that the darkness wins. But the one, who solved irrevocably the way to the end, speaks to Maya: "Recede", – and again wins, disseminating a temporary gloom and accelerating terrible phantoms of the condensed darkness. To go all the way, despite everything, contrary to evidence ardent – motor-(the Motto (English)) the old person overcoming in. Also it was told correctly that on the way it is impossible to go – it is necessary to become a way. This way of formation consists in merge of consciousnesses – My and following Me. And we go, merged by Heart, to the fiery purpose. That is why understanding of the Teacher in heart and heart filling by the Lord will be the major on this way. Because together when, anything, no monsters of a gloom are terrible then nothing can stop. The cowardice doesn't beseem going with Me – cowardly always recedes. No tricks of the consciousness, any fabrications, any words and circumstances can acquit the turncoat who has left a life. From Me averted stupidly from Light of averts and stops the way. When it is strong and strong with Me, retreat isn't present. Pralaya consciousness for withdrawal doesn’t take. They are inevitable and are caused by a rhythm. Remember strong Words: "I Is with you in all days till the end of time", – Lords of the word, invariable for all times.
Aug. 5. The statement eternal will be the statement in itself space consciousness when it rises as though on wings over life usual, expanding in process of lifting the horizon. From height distances and a relative positioning of parts of the surrounding person of the world are visible. The circle of usual consciousness of it doesn't see. A lot of things crowd close, breaking prospect and preventing to see farther behind the standing close by. It is characteristic for the Thin World that there is no top there and a bottom far and close: close that is shined with a thought beam because there the thought creates an environment of the person. It is enough to think of a distant subject or the person, as they already before eyes, close. Magnetism of thought is great. The same, as here, but strengthened is thousand fold and deprived of conditions of the dense world stirring thought. Obsessions give the flavor about the power of thought over consciousness in the world Elevated. Here work with hands and feet, there – thought. And the thin body is set in motion by thought. However, under the influence of thought and will it is raised and here a hand of the person, but resistance of a matter it is so strong that value of thought as motive force, the analysis escapes. In the same place the thought is expression of actions and becomes action. Carpets planes , caps of darkness, magic tablecloths and all other accessories of national fairy tales represent the exact symbolical description of features of the Thin World and opportunities of the person acting in it is conscious. The formula "nowadays possibly all" first of all is applicable to area of the Thin World. But for this purpose the knowledge of its laws and ability to work with thought is required. Exactly there life is transferred to thought. And on the main channels of thinking of any person living in a body, it is possible to define unmistakably spheres of its stay in the world the Hidden ambassador of release from a body. The thought exempted from limiting conditions of the dense world, creates and reigns there undividedly. That is why control over thoughts is necessary, that is why it is so important of what the person thinks. The statement of Beauty relieves of a disgrace and thinking of a low order. Beauty – the satellite reliable, leading to tops of shining thought. It can be claimed in all use and in particular in the field of thought. It is beautifully to think – achievement of a high step. The beauty is combined with harmony, coherence, balance. The aura of complete equilibrium or the highest coherence is fine. The thought about fine creates fine forms in the world Elevated and surrounds the creator with light of light. Many directed souls in former days against beauty sinned and therefore their way was darkened. The fanaticism, fanatic and other dark qualities of spirit are incompatible with beauty because the beauty is good, the benefit and light. Also the beauty, as the principle leading is nowadays approved. And with it the World New will come in stead become obsolete World.
Aug. 6. Show stay on patrol these heavy, dark days. Clouds from itself, the destiny of mankind fluctuates on a sword edge. The raving darkness pushes it in a chasm. But We on the guard also Won't allow jumping to a leopard. Show great Patrol because dark strong don't doze. My beams protect the Homeland these difficult days. Her enemies will suffer a defeat behind defeat in everything, on what their forces are directed. In total their seeming successes temporarily. The darkness is condemned, both will leave, and will clear a planet on behalf of the. A lot of things are created now against Light. The dark strip should be waited; having collected energy of spirit inside and assimilating in balance to a sphere, there is nothing then will be to grasp a shaggy hand. Aug. 7. Restraint in everything is similar to a dam accumulating water for useful work. Even impetuous spiritual flare time burn before a corporal cover. Fire bridled, both reserved, and subordinated to that to will, will be the energy, able to be used at a discretion and desire of his owner. Energy of thoughts, emotions and feelings of the person, being not controllable and operated his will, settle the force in itself – it is aimless and useless, often destroying nervous system and health of the person. Restraint we Define, how Agni's store. The eremites vowing silence knew the miracle force of restraint. In a smile, words, gestures, movements, thoughts, emotions, feelings are in everything pnenomenon restraint of the yogi. Restraint of emotions is so unusual that people start feeling any concern, awkwardness and even fear in the presence of the dominating emotions person. They feel the collected force of fire, and this singularity disturbs. Inhabitants don't give themselves the report in that, this restraint and ability to own itself is how necessary. The person violent is similar to a steam-engine with open valves via which it is useless steam leaves. Such car can't give useful work. Leakage of energy is too great. Not to inform waters in a vessel full of holes. Accumulation and Agni's condensation and measures demand the special. Also it is possible to be glad to that isn't passing and not temporarily the works spent for the statement in of crystals of coagulation fire. In this sense value of restraint is great because the restraint applied in life, allows to increase Agni's stock and to collect immortality elements in a microcosm of the person.
Restraint and tranquility – the qualities close each other by the nature. Culmination also crowns them balance. Through restraint and tranquility come to balance, this superior quality of spirit. Each effort in this direction is fruitful. Even thoughts are useful about them because once and somewhere balance of spirit will be reached aspiring to Light. People save money and collect things sooner or later to leave them as, however, and with all the rest, than own. But the collector of crystals of fire and Agni's store collects imperishable values of spirit which are integral and eternal and necessary in all worlds. So arriving, it carries wisely out longer line which reduces and moderates value of limited lines of terrestrial life. For this accumulation because they remain forever with their owner are "forever" necessary.
*Aug. 8. My friend, Dialogue in the spirit with of the Lord that we will prefer? That on heart first of all, with that also we will arrive! Not so already difficultly for the period of Communication to fill consciousness with me. Completeness of Communication depends on degree of completeness of aspiration to the chosen focus of Light. It is necessary to remember well is everything is achievable with Me and everything is possible. The small consciousness will think of the terrestrial. But I Speak about spirit opportunities. Every day I send any possibility of new achievements strengthened by the Beam. The spirit ladder about three hundred sixty five steps, not including same night turns out, at an everyday step such it is necessary to keep during the day that it was easier to enter next morning on the following. What today to send food for spirit? Unless firmness in Me under all circumstances of life. This firmness is characterized by devotion inflexible, love not belittled and a unification which isn't shattered by impressions of the present day. Why you consider them so important and considerable, what we are ready to forget about the Lord when through very short time they leave and are forgotten at all? There is any inexplicable deception itself when an utter nonsense or vanity cover the most necessary. Whether Maya it tries to obscure and belittle the next step again? On the impulse of morning how many suffices? And after all it is necessary that sufficed at 24 o'clock. Not spilled evidence should carry by a bowl of a donation of the Lord every other day dense and terrestrial any affairs. There are a lot of them, and they so strong litter consciousness that for the major any more doesn't remain also places. Should put a limit Maya display and all attempts her Light to darken and replace with vanity.
Aug. 9. That remains at the person when everything is taken away from him, and is his true property. Are thus taken away not only material things, but can be taken away and spiritual riches if they aren't fixed by the appendix in practice in life. Everything which hasn't been approved by application flies away from the person, as autumn leaves at flaws. The building constructed on sand, won't resist against a hurricane if stones of the basis aren't fastened by cement of the appendix of the Doctrine not in words, but in practice. Tests of subjects are good that all disappears not approved, and there is a person only to that belongs to him by the right and that can't already be taken away. So, one can remain a beggar, another rich man. Often we take external verbal tinsel or casual temporary take-off for the real achievements, and then the spread falling it is inevitable.
The skilled traveler rejoices to the conditions releasing it from imagined qualities and achievements, and welcomes tests. Let there will be the little integral, than heaps of fragments of imagined accumulation or others prosperity taken for better that too often happens. The flame of burning heart often lights reciprocal temporary fires in the hearts of people around and even passersby, fires which flare, while the heart which has lit them is close. But once it, fires if there were no accumulation also dies away. Therefore it is better to go most, claiming at least small, but own, than to go on horses of others prosperity. How many we Know cases when the person imagined that he reached something that he something knows that it goes on the way. But once the torch moved away, awakened his sleeping consciousness, to be removed, it went out, plunging into a gloom of disappointment, denial and an abuse, and remained at the broken trough. The pearl of consciousness should be appreciated Doctrine application in life. Let everything will be taken away, but not integral, approved strongly. Pursued, deprived of everything, and rejected by all and all condemned passed through life great spirits, often giving and the body on worry to the risen darkness. And deprived of everything, and nothing having, and left all – the envoy leaves from Light earth, carrying away with itself Treasure of the Stone shining by all fires. Therefore in days of especially difficult tests it is necessary to be removed in it, collecting in itself and holding near the integral property, as something only valuable, belonging to spirit by right. That from this that someone absolutely departed and left the Life Doctrine that someone was disappointed in something that dream and hopes of the first steps that is heavy and difficult – Maya all these illusions wasn't achieved, and only the Stone crystals in a breast are integral life and death. On the earth and in the worlds, on fires of tests alluvial everything will fly away, but there will arrive Stone Treasure with the holder therefore not on something or someone believe the hopes and hopes, but that inside because only in heart of the Holder of the Stone of the Lord the throne will claim.
Aug. 10. So, a decisive condition of approach to Light are own accumulation brought by daring to Light from the past. Certainly, the carrier of Light can light almost everyone approached, but this phenomenon will be temporary. The big feeling of recognition that among suitable to distinguish self-feeds from what should be dragged behind itself is required, spending aimlessly and unreasonably for them the forces. Therefore we Accept the only knocked. Called in will lay down freight heavy on shoulders called in them. Experience in this regard though is bitter, but is very useful. Same the small number of pupils at Great Teachers speaks also. When the passerby adjoins to Light carrier, it seems to it lit illegally from others fire that it is fire its own. Also it is impossible to blame him, the inexperienced traveler of life that others fires are taken by it, because and warmly to it from them, and light-, and it is joyful, - but all this only before the first tests. When the holiday of a meeting is ended, and there comes everyday life, and it is necessary to go own fires which aren't present, there comes reaction. There was all – and suddenly remained nothing; hopes went out, and became dark, isn't present about Light Carrier. It is necessary to go most, and to go there is nothing as the Agni yet kindles. From here, so large number not found, disappointed and departed. Most difficult test for these people is loneliness. He isn't stood by spirits without accumulation. Butterflies, the midges flying on Light, they burn the weak wings, having concerned it. But if accumulation from the past are anything and if the meeting with Light carrier took place can't stop ascension of spirit, brightly and powerfully own fires from Light contact flash never to die away. Пралайи consciousnesses are inevitable, but it not withdrawal, and only force collecting inside and condensation of fires for new powerful lifting. And we Divide suitable on self-feeds and not able to go the feet. The first our Care and attention constant, the second – light for a while, according to expediency and moment requirements. The second are necessary also, but isn't present among them approved in Light: are good while burn. Going out, often start counteracting and passing to ranks of opponents of Light. It they at first shouted "Hosanna", and after "crucify him".
Correctly you arrive, estimating the pearl of consciousness. The crystals of former accumulation collected by eyelids of persistent works and efforts, grant the right to this understanding of treasure of spirit in them. Appreciate and feel it and other people, but everyone in own way, both friends, and enemies, but without understanding of essence of the phenomenon. Only attendants of darkness truly will understand the phenomenon of Light and strong against it will be up in arms. Recognition by the dark is the fact of important value. They won't note a pettiness and won't begin it to annoy, and networks not scatter, and won't overcome. But each carrier of Fire is exposed to dark attacks and any evil-shift. Their force serves as the certificate of luminous intensity, against, which they declaim. Dark activity we will be glad – after all this recognition of Light which is in us. If friends didn't recognize, either belittle, or are ready to forget, the darkness won't forget and strong will serve that spirit the flower blossomed.
Aug. 11. It is possible to rise by the most cool top, but – if to leave everything disturbing to an ascension, below. Communication on top is similar to lifting. It is necessary to leave below small "I" with all his usual thoughts and experiences, having released from them it are perfect. It isn't necessary to take with itself useless freight – its burden won't allow rise. The consciousness has to assimilate to a clean sheet of paper with the Chosen Face above. And then it is possible to imprint on it the thoughts sent by Me. But the egoism strong disturbs the dismissal phenomenon from itself. Thoughts from above mix up with thoughts from below, and the perception becomes impossible. Long ago it was already told: "Be rejected from itself and follow Me", – but egoism hardly to overcome. At least minutes of Communication it is necessary to be released from personal attempts. It also will be pacing on tops, as in the ancient legend of Uyghurs. Otherwise not reach Me. When the consciousness is entirely filled by the Lord and personal is excluded, Communication is full. Over vanity bears then consciousness the directed thought. And the proximity of the Lord becomes a reality. And about space dividing it is possible to forget then, and about everything that creates division. And dense Maya then recedes, and laws of the hidden world phenomenon herself. I with you always – this formula serve as the mighty weapon of unification in the spirit of. It approving, Light is approved in itself. How many they, about Me forgotten, are a pity drag on the ground the twilight existence. But it is wonderful, though difficult sometimes following firmly Me. But as strong try all and everything deprive of going Light. Not Light but darkness proceeds from them, Me forgotten. And after all knew and remembered, and it seemed to them that loved, but nowadays forgot Me. But remembering strong I Tell: not weaken in spirit tension to the Teacher of Light, – because it is the path a life. The track is narrow: on the one hand – a chasm, with another – collapses threaten and there is no retreat back, because avalanches the track is closed. Dangers around, and, having only enclosed the hand in the Hand of the Lord, it is possible to go. So together a dangerous track we will pass, conducting to Light Monastery.
Aug. 13. When the person dies and resolute, intense fight between the highest and the lowest duady begins, the lowest collects all dark accumulation of the person and bosses them, seeking to carry away spirit on the party. It is necessary to give in literal sense the report for each thought. The thoughts which ever have been thought over, and the main thing experienced, come up from the past and, occupying all horizon of consciousness, demand from it statements or the sanction on staying in it. If it think of lusts or desires, and they not gets rid, both find an echo, and are attracted to consciousness, and are kept by it, attracting with itself others, to its related, the consciousness surrounded with such thoughts and won by them, plunges into the gloomy. If such thought meets pushing away and the firm decision it not to be combined, its energy is settled about the hardness of the decision and the spirit is exempted from the generation. The meeting with the generations is inevitable, and it is very important as beget belongs to them. This fight against the generations is very dramatic because often comes to an end with defeat, tightening consciousness in funnels of astral whirlwinds. There everything is aggravated, everything is deepened, everything is strengthened, and hardly to sustain fight. Under the recurrence and spiral law each thought also during lifetime in a physical body sooner or later comes back to beget for an assessment. If the person rose and outgrew the generation, at a new meeting he doesn't react to its influence and as though extinguishes it energy the new relation to that excited him before and seduced. And such thought, with the non-recognition press on itself, already more isn't dangerous. It is neutralized and extinguished by consciousness. And as memory constantly presents similar thoughts from the past, clarification or black out process and burdening’s of spirit goes incessantly. Thus, it is possible to set the seal of the statement or denial, recognition and an acceptability or non-recognition and unacceptability and subjects to each thought and expression or to be exempted from it on the future, or to strengthen it again and to tie to the microcosm. If release is messages consciously and constantly, after transition of great borders fight against the lowest duady will be easy and the victory is quickly achievable if last low thoughts every time at the return and emergence in the field of consciousness get approval, the statement and to amplify it, fight between duada's will be heavy extraordinary and can end with defeat of the highest. Then the fifth principle, having united with two the lowest, goes to darkness. Therefore each time when any image of a allure comes up in consciousness from the past with thoughts accompanying it, the seal of a final decision has to be set to it immediately and consciously, differently it again will plunge into the memory depths, strengthened again to be and again consciousness to own the attention paid to it and recognition. These, at times strongly persuasive, thoughts are terrible not so much here, how many where to get off them difficultly extraordinary because they carry away consciousness to the lower class which are scary infectious. So, the statement that the person has to give the account for each thought, remains in force because the thought he creates the environment in Elevated, that is the sphere in which stays, and itself ennobles itself or overthrows in a chasm.
Aug. 14. The river of life flows to the Boundlessness Ocean. Boundlessness, real it is eternal, accepts it in the bosom. We live in boundlessness of eternity. Eternally real life phenomenon in temporariness of forms of the expression, and temporary becomes expression eternal. To realize a display eternal in temporary will be a victory of spirit over it, passing, and comprehension of secret of because the spirit is eternal. Process of understanding eternal will be process of accumulation of elements of immortality in a microcosm of the person. It is possible to find these elements in each phenomenon of life enduring because all existing has no the end, I began, but it is connected with world around a chain of continuous continuity. And even great concepts of time and space have no top, nor did a bottom, the end, begin. They have no limits because boundlessness is expressed in them. So, beholding an infinite stream of life in its temporary forms, eternal constancy of the change, it is possible to feel eternity breath in all that in it exists. This life temporary in boundlessness is subordinated to great space Laws which are a firm basis of the shown World. Studying of these laws is contact with eternity; their comprehension will be an exit of Consciousness to a space scope, and application them in life will mark itself the statement of elements of immortality in the spirit of. To think space that can only, who in the spirit lifting over life, over private life and small, confined world, and personal attitude towards him. Personal it is temporary on the most essence and it is doomed by a small circle of the manifestation. Expanding limits of this circle to limits of boundlessness, both passing them, and entering its orbit, the person stretches a life thread out of limits of a short terrestrial embodiment and by that approves the right to immortality. That will approve spirit on Earth, with that and will arrive in Elevated. And what it saved up, will take with itself in a way distant. But the simple reflection will show what even the body is left by the person on Earth, not to mention things. Means, it is possible to take with it only consciousness products, that is thoughts and feelings and that makes the mental world of the person. Also it is necessary to think accurately that from this world will be useful in Elevated, and that absolutely not necessary. If the taken – the evil or angry, it also remains with taken, burdening it and saddening; if kindly and from light, is lighter to it; if life denial in hidden, the negative truly assimilates himself to a motionless stone to the idol are similar because each thought becomes there an environment of the person and thought it create that world, in which he lives. So, everyone reaps the fruits of the thoughts that is entering with them about a combination, creates conditions of the existence in this world other where everything is created by thought where everything moves thought and where the thought undividedly reigns.
Aug. 16. To arrive with me at heights, to stay in Communication with Me is means to enter into a stream of my thoughts, a stream of thoughts planetary, a stream of space thought. Dismissal from itself will be a condition of occurrence. Spoke about will of God, about will of the Highest, meanwhile as all these church expressions can be replaced with concept of Space Will. To follow Will Spatial– means to follow laws of evolution and to work and arrive in the accord with them. There is no dobra or the evils, but there are the phenomena promoting evolution, the phenomena evolutionary and going against it. The area of the last also will be area of the evil or a darkness kingdom. And that the benefit at one step of evolution is good also, can be the evil at the highest step. The phenomenon evolutionary, that is good at present, outgrows eventually the value and becomes an evolution antithesis, causing thereby the new phenomenon of an evolutionary order opposite on the essence to the antagonist. Even personal trade once useful was for development of communications between people and progress, but nowadays at this step of new consciousness of mankind it got rid of her, became anti-evolutionary and is subject to disappearance and so in everything. The space Will is expressed in the evolution phenomenon, and everything that is created on a planet in the accord with it, there is a benefit, everything that interferes and fights against it, – the evil. The understanding of laws of development of human society allows realize evolution requirements, and, following them, to become Will Space executor by application of these laws in life. Without any clerical justifications, purely scientifically it is possible to study these laws of development of life, in all its forms, and consciously to follow of. And not those who goes on: "My God, My God", will enter into a kingdom of Knowledge and Light, but those who, these laws having understood, them in life will attach and will help people to rise on steps of an evolutionary ladder. It is necessary to reject many words and concepts and, taking the essence of the phenomenon in its evolutionary or anti-evolutionary aspect, unmistakably already to define good and evil borders, that is good and that poorly for General Welfare.
Here the Era of personal trade passed, speculation is condemned, wars and a mutual person destruction, violence over will of the people, slavery in all types and many, many become obsolete phenomena of the old world are condemned. The world New enters victoriously and there is no ability already at the old world forces or minds to stop its victorious gait; because the world old Is already condemned and falls under an iron step of evolution. And in the light of scientific, not denied understanding of space laws and evolution requirements people will understand essence of Space Will. And who knows, maybe, denying God of the become obsolete and distorted religions appear the best performers of Space Will, than those who, upraising hands to the sky, seeks to fill in with blood all Earth.
Yes! Yes! Yes! In self-dismissal the secret of knowledge is covered. "I" am what is the time released at the person forgotten small for higher and broad perception of the thoughts sent by us. Both clouds cover the sun, and small personal thoughts – consciousness. It is necessary to be exempted from them to keep an open mind. After all personal is doomed by the temporariness to destruction and oblivion. Super personal only lives and its fruits don't die in centuries. Individual and personal is as Light and darkness. Great Identity over the personal rose and lived in super personal, approving the subjects Identity them. Great Spirits and great people possessed all pronounced identity, but the personal beginning in them or egoism was inversely proportional to the size of their identity. Everything in Space is individualized in the essence from atom to planets, including here and all live forms, but egoism in the person, at this step of his development, – as the worm who has nestled in a mature fruit.
Why are executed far on all thoughts desires? Because in them there isn't enough fire! Fire in thought is put by heart. The desire or the thought going from heart are granted only. The fiery doesn't mean an astral's, or emotionality. Rather tranquility accompanies it. It is possible to strengthen thoughts unification with Hierarchy because against Us nobody is strong. So win, working together with Me. Victory don't look for in an expected framework though the victory and is inevitable. Better in trust full to the Driving Hand rely on wisdom of the Leader. This measure applies both to big and to the small. No! On the! And also exactly in all the rest is. From here concept about inscrutability of Ways of the Highest, it is necessary to have only belief or at least trust.
Aug. 16. Among the highest thoughts the body changes! Thoughts of desire especially obviously influence nervous system, and the body especially quickly gives in to them. Each thought of any order influences and everyone leaves the glyph (Drawing, a pattern, sculpture (Greek)) on a physical cover. As well beaten violin, sounds a body on habitual thoughts. But influence it is much deeper, and it mentions and other bodies of the person. Most quicker astral and mental covers react to thoughts. They are so accustomed consonance to thoughts habitual that their consequence comes at times instantly. Each thought brings the elements in structure of these ph. There are these covers shining, being shone, clear, dim, gray, darkened and dark. The thought of Light clarifies them, thought of darkness black out. As it is lighten and black out and a body physical. Often on the grown dark face of the person it is possible to see this influence of thoughts obviously. Covers are cocoons of spirit which they invest. They are available for all, but their structure very various. The fetid, poisoned physical body of the alcoholic comprises and corresponding to it on structure astral and mental bodies – the house very nasty. People care of the dwelling, but don't care of that room in which their spirit lives. Construction elements arrive in bodies through consciousness, or rather, that the consciousness imposes on them the characteristic and paints them in corresponding tone, determining by it their essence. Two can look at a statue of the naked goddess, but everyone will set the seal of the consciousness to this perception. Here for what control over thoughts that the elements obviously unsuitable or bearing on the press of darkness didn't arrive on construction of bodies is necessary. High spirit, perceiving the phenomena of very low order, doesn't catch them because sets to them the seal of the understanding. Low созвучит to them in unison also brings in the microcosm darkness and decomposition elements. And not that profanes the person that that enters into him, but, on what he sets the seal of the lusts and desires and that leaves from the conveyor of his consciousness soiled by its dirty reaction to this or that influence or impression from the outside. For pure everything is pure, but dirty heart and pure will manage to pollute. The thought can be a pollutant, both a litter, and the hospital attendant, and a cleaner. It is very important to track a usual current of the thoughts and to note their main direction and features. What the person from the conveyor of the consciousness brings in the sphere surrounding it – Light or darkness? Bring constantly and continuously everything, but what? The carrier of light bears Light, the darkness carrier – darkness. Variations between these two poles are infinitely various and numerous. Task of the Doctrine teach people to bear light in life instead of darkness. Bringing light, the person creates the benefit also to himself, and to people, bringing darkness – the evil. And no reasons will help if the darkness is brought. Nowadays on the world there is a great division of mankind on a treatment of light and shade, and anything anymore won't cover the attendant of darkness and the evil carrier. They are condemned by a step of being approved evolution of a planet, and their days are numbered. Their defeat is predetermined. Will leave unusable, than and as though they neither were covered and for what nor hid. New, great, light judge everyone to and a solver what it will adjoin is approved nowadays on the world, both. Criterion one is Light or darkness, creation or destruction, the world or murders and wars. So thoughts of every day the person acquaints himself to a darkness or Light pole, sating with their elements the covers.
Aug. 17. In World Thin, where spirit, there and house. On a habit to the terrestrial try and to build there imagined houses, but it is illusion, however, very bright and replacing reality. Stay – on layers, according to height reached by spirit. Each sphere of any layer is available on an attraction. That inside, attracts that outside, and, in turn, is attracted of. The law of the accord operates movements of spirit on layers and spheres. Motive force – thought. External, consonance, becomes internal, that is part of the world realized by spirit. Everyone lives on lines of aspirations, desires and the desires approved on the earth; here you will wish, you will have there but all these of possession are carried out by the desirable in the form of fancies given rise by the person, and they are real so far as the thought is real. As it is easy to destroy them there, as well as create if the will is rather trained. The ignorant believe that are doomed by a circle of hopelessness and have to stay in the environment created by them, but knowing speaks to generation: "I generated you, I both will kill you", and applies thus energy of thought, a little big that which was spent for creation of undesirable mental forms. Well already on the earth to learn to generate and destroy mental forms by order of own will, and not only one thought-form, but also emotions, moods and the feelings which have generated them, remembering that the person are a laboratory for all feelings. And so and to practice, causing desirable feelings and destroying the undesirable. The person can cause and generate all feelings in him or destroy them at will. It is necessary to know only that it is possible, and to train will in this direction. It is necessary not so much for the earth, how many for stay in Elevated. After all, finally, all evolution is made for the sake of life in Elevated, in its fiery spheres. It is good to learn to cause in itself various feelings and moods independently and contrary to external conditions, for example, feeling of pleasure when outside to it there are no bases. The person too got used the moods to put in dependence on external conditions, it is necessary to learn to arrive on the contrary because in Elevated external conditions, that is an environment, will depend on internal state. But also on the earth it is quite possible to operate the internal state regardless of an external environment. Some reflection can help it: the person appeared before a difficult task – it is possible to be glad, instead of chagrin, to that it is given the chance to overcome difficulty and something else to learn thus. Any difficulty, complexity, trouble and burden have the positive side that at the correct approach to it gives to the person experience which is more valuable than gold treasury, - it after all, simply a payment for received and necessary knowledge. And the pleasure of receiving, instead of tears, will be the correct decision. Difficult, it is right who says that is easy. But ahead of knowledge and a victory! And it too can be glad. When the Lord conducts, everything addresses on ardent advantage to the conducted. And stumbling blocks at the same time serve also as steps of lifting or a feat carpet. Both it is difficult, and it is wonderful and over spirit the Hand. Everything is given for overcoming. Even the new building build over time to give only it on demolition and to replace new, more perfect. Everything that you see around, shining novelty and freshness of finishing will go on demolition to be replaced new. In it is overcoming of life! As and in character of the person – each quality of spirit is replaced higher and perfect, and the person in the ascension to stars constantly overcomes himself. So for today also we will remember only one word – "overcoming". Joyful or is in the grief, outside concentrated or inside, speaking or silent, here or there in thoughts the, but at will the approving imperiously any condition of spirit – so Show!
Aug. 17 (Gurus). To become the lord of the kingdom, the own world inside – here the purpose to which it is necessary to direct. Why to allow something external, casual and temporary to dominate over that belongs undividedly to the person. That outside, people can dominate, but over an inner world his owner is imperious only. Control over itself is for this purpose necessary inside not to assume alien influences and everything that can influence its balance. This quality will be the basic at the statement of the power over. It is better to dominate most over itself, than to be a weather vane for foreign moods, changeable, passing and sometimes unreasonable and the purposes deprived. The world approving in itself and the power over it, in the ally it is possible to call the Lord. Will help! But before it is necessary apply own forces. It is worth working at what. It is a step the first to freedom of spirit. Not them, out of standing, but, the world approving, and We went through life and left to people fruits of the creativity, the, but not the stranger who hasn't been borrowed from outside. Fluctuations it isn't necessary, doubts it isn't necessary, the aspiration is necessary also devotion too to Tom Who conducts.
Aug. 18. The power of spirit consists in force of the lit fires awakened in whole or in part. Depending on it its degrees happen are various. Without fire nobody comes to the earth. On the structure of people is a being fiery. The nervous system is a network of the wires bearing electronic impulses of an organism. Each cage is the electro battery. But a difference between the lit and sleeping centers of a bike. Agni Yoga is a way of the accelerated kindle of the centers, way fiery ascensions on a ladder of power of spirit. To go, it is necessary to have the purpose before itself and when it is clear and defined, achievement it becomes possible if each action of the consciousness directed to the purpose is in the accord with it. At once to start managing big affairs it is impossible but if with small and low-slightest to begin, the purposes conformable, and to great it is possible to reach. The principle of a small seed will be bail of big achievements. Everything that was reached by the person, appeared once in a germ small, then gave a sprout and bore a fruit. And stumbling blocks at the same time serve also as steps of lifting or a feat carpet. Both it is difficult, and it is wonderful and over spirit the Hand. Everything is given for overcoming. Even the new building build over time to give only it on demolition and to replace new, more perfect. Everything that you see around, shining novelty and freshness of finishing will go on demolition to be replaced new. In it is overcoming of life. As and in character of the person – each quality of spirit is replaced higher and perfect, and the person in the ascension to stars constantly overcomes himself. So for today also we will remember only one word – "overcoming". Joyful or in the grief, outside concentrated or inside, speaking or silent, here or there in the thoughts, but at the will approving imperiously any condition of spirit – so Show!
Aug. 18. The power of spirit consists in force of the lit fires awakened in whole or in part. Depending on it its degrees happen are various. Without fire nobody comes to the earth. On the structure of people is a being fiery. The nervous system is a network of the wires bearing electronic impulses of an organism. Each cage is the electro battery. But a difference between the lit and sleeping centers of a bike. Agni Yoga is a way of the accelerated kindle of the centers, way fiery ascensions on a ladder of power of spirit. To go, it is necessary to have the purpose before itself and when it is clear and defined, achievement it becomes possible if each action of the consciousness directed to the purpose is in the accord with it. At once to start managing big affairs it is impossible but if with small and low-slightest to begin, the purposes conformable, and to great it is possible to reach. The principle of a small seed will be bail of big achievements. Everything that was reached by the person, appeared once in a germ small, then gave a sprout and bore a fruit. The sense and value of undertaking with small should be understood in all depth that its inalterability was included into consciousness and I became leading force.
Whole day with all its opportunities is at the disposal of the person. And meanwhile, how much precious time is spent in vain and without the purpose whereas it could be used fruitful and commensurable with aspiration. Everyone would like to have fruits of achievements, but to work at them usually the determination doesn't suffice. If the arrow flying to the purpose, starts hesitating, reeling and rushing about here and there, like undisciplined mind of the person, the goal it won't reach. The unicorn shown will be a symbol of inflexible aspiration. The person in tension constant for achievement of the purpose great can exercise himself. We know many examples from history of mankind, examples of unrestrained, fiery aspiration. Each lost hour is similar the scattered grains of irrevocable opportunities. Each thought directed to the purpose and applied on experience in life, will be grain, a fruit bearing both on the earth, and in the world Elevated. It also will be life crops. To begin, begin, it is necessary to begin the statement of each quality of the spirit, energy of future power nowadays, now on the earth that once and somewhere undertaking it yielded the fruit. Everything starts growing from small and grows in the big. The element of time has no value, because consequences are inevitable also eternity at the disposal of the person, everything will be reached that is put in the form of a rudimentary germ in a microcosm human, put consciously and purposefully by will of spirit, but it is necessary, it is necessary to begin, it is necessary to begin each desirable property, each ability, each element of power of spirit, knowing that it is possible to reach and that everything is achievable. The usual mistake is that achievements carry for the next terms while on that even a tree grow, years are necessary. And thus forget about a chain of embodiments when the approved seed yields a fruit in future lives. It is necessary to stretch a life thread far beyond one embodiment, it is necessary to stretch it in boundlessness in which we live. Limited by a small circle of one life, energy of aspiration will pass small radius and right there, in this one life, itself and will settle. But, having thrown a life thread for borders of one embodiment, to the Invisible World, both further, and further, in the following and the subsequent embodiments, throws subjects of people of an anchor of long voyage on which it will be attracted easily to the purpose desired. Than the person limited himself, in that and will arrive. But boundlessness nowadays outlined the purpose, and everything is achievable within her person.
It is impossible! – It now, in these living conditions, these short years of life of one on the earth. But the spirit is immortal, but it lives in eternity, that is exists always, eternally, and in eternity of time unattainable isn't present. It is necessary to understand only those lives limits it is necessary to move apart and leave fearless on a space scope where it is open for the person and the ocean of achievements, the ocean unattainable nowadays is available.
Aug. 19. My son, obstacles are given for overcoming. Overcome first of all in the spirit, of then being overcome inside and outside. Overcome in the spirit is of very important and a necessary step in this process. Without it is impossible. Under no circumstances it isn't necessary in the spirit of two incline before an obstacle, whatever difficult it seemed if it is decided to win against it. Retreat in the spirit of is already defeating. Both people and circumstances it is thin and at once feels this retreat and consent of will to be inclined before them. But under an iron hammer of will bend both that and others. If it is decided to reach something, retreat is impossible. Overcoming in itself going against the phenomenon will be the victory guarantee. The most difficult – overcoming of elements – is impossible without this condition. Great causes at first come to the end in the spirit of, that then already phenomenon in external expression. And so is from top to a bottom. In the invisible the prototype of execution of the made decision is created. The primary decision is in the spirit of. Then – a thin form of a desirable consequence, and then already and a consequence. External counteraction can destroy visible consequences, but the thin form often collapses her founder at failure. It only speaks about inexperience of the consciousness, ready to be inclined from the first failure. Everything going against, any order, is passed in consciousness by, and the form of times of the made decision is approved unshakably. Inalterability the driver will be in a successful way to the end.
Getting to the World Thin at a body formation, people usually have feeling of great confusion. The confusion is opposite to concentration of consciousness and tranquility. To bring together itself and energy the inside will be the correct action. Even in life terrestrial at various surprises and violation of a usual current of the phenomena this concentration is necessary before beginning actions. The instant of silence or tranquility before display of activity is necessary, certainly, in all cases of surprise. Therefore and Specify to be surprised anything and not to be surprised to anything that through feelings discomposes the person. The collected, concentrated peace of mind is necessary upon transition of great borders. Otherwise the confusion can involve the person in funnels of dangerous astral whirlwinds. This meeting of strength of mind inside will be action by the first. The subsequent will follow from it. On condition of tranquility memory of last stay in conditions of the Thin World quickly clears up. The knowledge accumulated earlier and in the last embodiment especially, immediately will come to the rescue and will help to be guided with new conditions. The main thing – should be destroyed absolutely in itself the false and harmful relation to the phenomena of the astral world. The spirits exempted from a body that is the so-called dead, not more cleverly, it isn't more terrible and it isn't more wonderful live. Elements of miraculousness, fear before the beyond, a worship for inhabitants of the Thin World it is necessary to leave for babies – them much in the field of true knowledge both on the Earth, and in Elevated. Not without reason we Assimilate many dead to the swindlers crowding on a market. What here miraculousness or awe before the unusual. The world Thin is so usual, as well as the world dense, for this purpose, who knows, and charm is removed from his eyes. It is necessary to stop in the germ sensation of fear or confusions before the unknown. It is possible to rely on congenial or on the Teacher of Light. Magnetization of aspiration in these conditions of a bike and immediately involves the necessary assistants or the Head. But wanting to go to fathers, with them also will arrive, will arrive with whom wants to arrive. The separation from everything and from all is facilitated simply if in consciousness the first place is allocated for the Teacher of Light and the aspiration is directed to It. Later it is possible and to return to relatives or to friends. But before is the Lord! From above it is easier to go down, than from below to rise. The tranquility is necessary. It is necessary to tell that qualities of spirit are especially necessary in Elevated. They create an environment of the person. They are tools of its activity and magnets of an attraction of new conditions. Already I said that qualities of spirit are forms of a display of approved fires. Fire is magnetic. Fire – the engine in the world Elevated. Its levers are thoughts. As the skilled pilot who has perfectly mastered the good and sound device, disposes the yogi of the microcosm which thin cover serves as belief and the truth to it. Our purpose is to arm the person without the uniform physical device because all devices are concluded in it. And in World Thin, for the present only there, there is a demonstration of all properties of its psychophysical device reached by this person, his thin body, to all its wonderful qualities, features. For knowing in World Aboveground all is possible that is possible for the wizard in the most wonderful fairy tales terrestrial because the thought there reigns and everything moves thought. These fairy tales often truly and precisely reflect in themselves features of the Thin World.
Aug. 20. Water – a great Symbol of astral Light that is substance or a matter of the Thin World. It is neutral by the nature, but reflects in itself everything that it surrounds, and serves as a material for creation of intermediate forms between the fiery and terrestrial world. Both light and dark forms are created from this material and serve as a beauty or disgrace subject, the same as they serve on the Earth. Difference that plasticity of a thin Matter of a bike. Terrestrial subjects have thin – astral and fiery – a prototype. But and a matter itself on the structure fiery. Mountains, the rivers, fields, the woods, the seas, snow – everything is expressed in three forms, uniform in essence, but ternary in manifestation. These thin forms are one of aspects of the astral world. Besides, there are forms, on the earth not carried out, but finished mentally. They are different degree of stability, brightness and height. The beginner especially is confused the following circumstance: heroes from works of great writers exist there in so bright and convincing forms, as well as live inhabitants of the hidden world. But they have no beginning understanding and on questions can't give the reasonable answer – as if characters from the movie. Everything that is mentally issued by mankind there exists in various degrees of stability and brightness: both good, and bad. In the same place, but have the existence and forms or prototypes of above that later it will be carried out on the Earth – prototypes shown. The main mass of mankind in World Aboveground strong is ignorant concerning knowledge of its laws. And only Adherents of Intimate Knowledge and sorcerers and dark Hierarchy have their conscious stay and use the knowledge. Darks strong practice in creativity, creating for spirits, conformable to them, environments to their essence corresponding. And such there is a lot of. They are absolutely helpless, thanks to the ignorance and life denial in Elevated. And therefore it is possible to imagine that can create dark, but strong imagination for these unfortunate ignoramuses. Often they roll in awful images and pictures of various defects and perversions and strong support them own desires, even more strengthening and deepening them. As fuel in a fire throw dark to the victims a material for inflating of their passions and defects. The adherent of the right way the Light and thought can easily disseminate this asthma if the thought is stronger than it thoughts of servants of the evil. Fight and there goes incessantly, and it is a lot of the unfortunate and weak spirits having sparkles of Light, are released by attendants of Light from a darkness snare. Knowledge, at least elementary, helps and inexpressibly facilitates stay of spirits in Elevated. But usually they are rejected on the earth and therefore people come there absolutely unprepared and helpless. The particles of Intimate Knowledge scattered on pages of your books and the writing, serve as force to the one who spirit accepted them, to protect in World Astral. I want to raze to the ground charm, a allure, miraculousness, mystery, a mystic and fabulousness of the astral world and to remove from it on that party covers. Everything really real is on this aspect of life. Inhabitants of the Thin World not mysterious, not wonderful and it aren’t better than people on the earth. Villains, swindlers, angry same remain and there, only thus everything becomes aggravated very much. But dark and sorcerers, that is adherents of dark knowledge, are very dangerous because boss among the ignorant crowds, attracted by darkness, which in them and which grants the right to attendants of darkness on approach. Often they act with fear. Therefore I Want to eradicate any fear before the beyond because for not wanting darkness – the darkness isn't terrible as has no and it is mute anything, for what could grasp. It comes nearer to everyone, passed to that world, trying to discover in it elements of an attraction and grasping them. That is why it is better to withdraw still during lifetime in a physical body from the microcosm all elements of darkness that it to destroy magnetization and not to serve as a target for dark evil-shift. If dark see on aura of the evil which have departed these spots, they start crying out violently: "My, my, it ours", – also direct strong on the victim. But even it isn't terrible as are ridiculous and those awful masks which dark put on it, or which are their true shapes aren't terrible. It is necessary only firmly and to decide irrevocably that with all dark in itself it is through forever, and it is necessary to solve it not at the time of attack, but in advance. Unpreparedness in this regard – is fatal. But people of Earth to that can easily exempt them from darkness embraces are deaf and blind. The darkness is strong and works, applying the accord and compliance law. Each person consonance with it evil elements, which is in it, - but also at weakness of spirit it is necessary to remember that there is a Hierarchy of Light, and to address to It all heart. You know examples of the robber and the loose woman and you can be sure that refusal won't be, if the address full-heart. So, in the Thin World you deal with the same people: both light, and dark. Those are strengthened in the manifestations both, and others, because mobility of a matter of this World of a bike. Motive force and the creating beginning is the thought. Also it is possible to imagine a hearth shining Light, and darkness of a gaping chasm, and saturation them under the influence of the thought creating bright forms from a plastic matter of astral light. Creations of thought collapse only thought of bigger potential. Also the fear and ignorance is terrible only. Nothing can concern showing belief in power of Hierarchy of Light because the stronghold of heart costs it on a stone of the eternal basis of life.
Aug. 22. At communication the world is forced out by my World absolutely. Otherwise as My World if the muffles will begin sound in consciousness. The hierarchy is boundless, and its cognition is boundless. I am spirit threshold of an entrance to boundlessness of merge to Hierarchy of Light and boundlessness of its comprehension, - and a way only through Me, through merge to Me! The top is inaccessible, but many heights should be reached before seeing it. Worlds dense and Thin is lifting steps. Experience and the knowledge acquired on the earth, is necessary in Elevated for realization. Mastered and used there, and turned into crystals of imperishable accumulation, they need growth, an impulse to which can give only a new embodiment in the dense world. So the Wheel of death and births for accumulation of energy of conscious immortality rotates in the spirit of. Unconsciously each spirit is immortal, but to transfer unconscious to area uninterrupted neither death, nor life of consciousness will be a great step of achievement of the person. On the earth we prepare for life in Elevated, in Elevated we prepare for a new next embodiment. There in the world hidden aspirations, desires, expectations and hopes of the person and his all attempts to tower Spirit crystallize in obvious, forms and become achievements because It is told: "Unattainable here it is achievable there", – and become part of its imperishable accumulation. Because it is told that the low-slightest thought doesn't vanish, but the fruit bears. We will be saved from the evil and subjects we will create the benefit. Prepared here, on the earth, to life in Elevated, it is necessary to remember that late to begin this preparation at the threshold of death as it is done by many. It is necessary to begin long before this process as all life terrestrial is such preparation. Experience terrestrial is necessary in Elevated. This experience serves as a material for development of qualities of spirit, and not so much the experience, how many qualities approved by it are necessary for continuation of conscious life in the Worlds over earth. Contact with the Thin World shows, what intense life there can live in it the person. A number of the phenomena and processes, inevitable on Earth disappear, but all other opportunities go deep and extend to the limits outlined by thoughts and aspirations of their carrier, become feasible there. The world of the aspirations generated on the earth by the person, becomes there the real motive force bearing it up to heights of his thoughts up or down, to limits of it’s falling. That is why generations of thought become the companions of the person waiting it at a threshold. Let your thought it will be clear shining, and then it will entail up. Beauty and light is concepts so close by the nature that they live nearby. The aspiration to beauty in everything pulls together with Light and enters consciousness into its spheres. How more clearly to tell that Light, to the lightest gas it is similar, lifts consciousness up and enters it into not predicate spheres. In twilight of the dense world Light can be collected on particles, carefully lifting each spark. Qualities of spirit, like feelers, select fire particles, carrying it in the Bowl. Courage and fearlessness flare sparks fiery; tranquility too, balance too, both devotion and love, both aspiration, and all other qualities of spirit. The great collector of grains Light Name My of the one who knows, he why came to the world dense. Intelligent life on the earth and in the Worlds, the way also is direct. Ahead is Boundlessness with all its inexhaustible opportunities and achievements, and the radiant victorious way of Light, not having the end. But he is approved nowadays, now on the earth, in those conditions in which Lords of the Karma and the Leader laid down the consciousness directed to Light. The worse, the better is. The more difficultly, it is easier to fly up because only difficulty will develop the energy necessary for take-off, from obstacles scoop the forces. And it isn't so difficult when are understood them washed away also value. Difficulties we will bless with understanding. Therefore I Speak, load Me more strongly, don't complain when I Allow circumstances to overload as well you. Strength I Give, the help I Allow moving further. Everyday Beams I Send the one, who with me! Go, I with you.
For growth each quality of spirit needs exercise. Life, is the best teacher, opportunities strong allows practicing in development of qualities. The closest undertakes usually and conformable to spirit at present. The strong desire to approve it going from heart immediately causes so strong resistance of the environment and creates, thus, the conditions necessary for exercise of desirable quality and its growth. The hidden Teacher brings the amendment if it is demanded by circumstance, and desirable quality increases. So, strong serious desire gives rise and opportunities corresponding to this force. I will help, I Will help, but will make effort.
Overcoming of vibrations of environment and the statement of My World in itself not belittled will be a considerable victory of spirit at change of places. It is difficult to realize all value of this victory because in hidden it, but thoughts grow, extending and winning against offspring’s of darkness, ignorance and denial. Good business is created, but the feat is hidden, because it in the spirit of. So we Send the three where it is necessary that sate could thoughts of Light space around. Whether many will understand this work of spirit not made by hand and will think of consequences? The plowman of a hidden field of crops of vital grains of Light has an award in our recognition hidden to people of work. The amount of crops and viability of seeds are learned on consequences. Many great undertakings arose in full obscurity, but their consequences became obvious to the world because shone in centuries. And many great people were recognized as the great later when dumped a body terrestrial and recognition didn't need any more. Service to Light doesn't need recognition by the world because it flows over usual understanding. Only the subsequent generations begin to see clearly in value of such feat of life and estimate it on consciousness.
Completeness of Service to Light is hardly achievable.
Aug. 22. Once again it was necessary to be convinced that the meeting with the obsessed didn't do without consequences. The blow, despite the taken measures, was put from an unexpected side and at night, during a dream. Attempt wasn't successful, but harm nevertheless was done, and the weakest place which has been yet enough strengthened by time was chosen. Patrol from darkness should be strengthened.
Besides environment resistance, brothers of darkness very much strenuously work extinguishing Light in each person and furthermore in those who follows Us. The Light is brighter, the diligence is more furious than them. Have constant guards round our people and at their evasion from direct way harm immediately. Existence of being crossed spatial currents aggravates situation. Movement of chaos adds to loading and fight for Light becomes titanic. How much light I assembled in myself the carrier it, the expense is unreasonable and a number of continuous efforts are required to hold the lamp in hands and not to allow it to die away. Also it is impossible to calm down not for a moment – will extinguish, black out, will tear to pieces, having deprived previously of Light. The feat becomes not temporary and short, as earlier, but long and constant. In it feature and difficulty of a transition period by the New Era; it comes, but resistance of darkness leaving is terrible and violent to madness, and whether it is possible to be surprised that the press is so great, and it is necessary work and efforts that to keep Light so much. All extinguish: friends, and enemies, and dark, and lighten both close, and far, everything, everything in which luminosity is weaker than luminosity of the Carrier of the Stone. The law of being reported vessels in operation the constant. All courage should be collected to resist in Light. At all without knowing that, all darkness is caused on spirit fight by a soldier and has to resist to it in all variety of her manifestations. To the inhabitant it is good, from the point of view of dark. Weak luminosity doesn't deserve it their ardent attention. But Light Bearing is under their constant sight and serves as object of various evil-shifts from their party. Therefore spirit wakefulness, vigilance, vigilance and continuous permanent patrol are measures of extreme and urgent need. Difficult? Yes, difficult extraordinary, but between two fires, under incessant blows, the blade is forged spirit! It is necessary to remember only that with Me, in a unification ardent and full, defeat is impossible, but the victory is possible but. And no darkness, any tricks and the shifts, any difficulties and pressure of the environment is able to overcome the one who with Me. Poison of enemy arrows will give only especially bright coloring to a spirit attire, and the aura will shine all suites. But not to avoid chagrin, but from derogation, oppress, slander and abuses not to evade and not to leave from recognition by darkness to the Carrier of Light, recognition, phenomenon in ardent activity dark, directed against it. Fight with darkness it is entered with Me and nearby we goes against darkness. Being approved on Hierarchy, for itself its inexhaustible tank of Light is had. Not from itself, not for itself, but for Me, in the Name My, for Light and Hierarchy conducts lonely fight Light Bearing. Day breakers, the Guarantee of a victory I Give if with Me are unseparable up to the end.
24. If transformation is possible, it is necessary to think that conducts to it the person in the shortest way. Certainly, the aspiration will be the moving force. But people aspire too much and wish much, and still often don't reach the desirable. It isn't enough one aspiration. To aspiration it is necessary to add from itself dismissal. But also it isn't enough of it. Knew many self-sacrificing heroes, life put for the friend the and still transformations of not reached. Let's add the symphony of qualities, we will add concelebrating to Light in centuries and proximity to the Teacher of Light, we will add crystals of the immortal fires which have been saved up before. As the lightning pierces the horizon from edge to edge when enough of spatial fire is collected, in the same way the microcosm human lights up with Light inside and changes in Light instantly. The phenomenon this rare is extraordinary, but the evidence of similar transformations or inspirations we have. From the past in the present spirit accumulation are brought. Tension of a flame reaches the apogee and lights up consciousness light the seventh, changing all covers. But the person with this flame of spirit only short time because differently won't sustain a flesh can burn. Even in weaker extent of accumulation the Bowls which haven't been applied in life, cause similar burn out of a cover as, for example, it often happens in case of a so-called consumption, or tuberculosis. And here as great balance between a body and spirit is required. So many conditions should be met still even if there is accumulation. They can't be provided. From here ardent need for the Guide of the Teacher of Light. Without the Leader not to reach and not to reach on this narrow way, in life leading when each difficulty becomes achievement and pleasure of spirit. And when before all obstacles, which are piling up as mountains, going to itself speaks: "And I after all will reach" – the victory is approved then by the winner judgmenting. And if the way is irrevocably decided, everything that it surrounds, and everything that inside and outside only milestones will be spirit ways to Light. Also the darkness, and Light, and that for, and that against, both this World, and the World that, both a grief, and pleasure, say, all life, all processes happening in a difficult fiery being of the person serve then friends, both enemies, and. As the arrow directed to the purpose, bears all particles with itself the, as also a microcosm of the person directed to Light, become spiritualized and magneto similar. Then one-similarity of fiery essence of the person with the Fiery World to which he is directed is approved obviously. Similarity to the highest and not predicate is approved in himself by the person and becomes Light Carrier.
Aug. 25. To itself the person and the judge, both a solver, and comprehending, and comprehended.
Aug. 26. Or My World and its benefit, or world itself and its limitation! We lead life of a planet, Approving its best future. The present we Consider only as a step to it. Who with Us that is directed in the future! It not only is magneto, but also and engine powerful. Only through it is possible to enter boundlessness of knowledge of the world. The consciousness which is approving by darkness on the past or on the present and on the phenomena, opposite to evolution, switches off itself from its stream and dooms affairs and the undertakings to regress and final destruction. All phenomena of these counteractions, and their makers – from darkness are destructive and opposite to space will. Anymore has no value as call itself and in what directors of dark acts, because history court – not by words, but on affairs believe. So the performers of Space Will, who are keeping in line with evolution, will be Sons of Light, as though they called themselves, and their opponents – darkness. The judgment of the truth planetary goes over all human names and understanding and where visible godlessness, the Lord's harvest because my Matter in the accord with requirements of evolution of the World is created there is truly close. The evolutionary stream will wash away the power all unnecessary stratifications and outgrowths if the consciousness is included into it. Also it is possible to see already obviously how light-life of the people, which have entered into a stream of evolution changes. But after all it only began. It is possible to imagine their transformation through some ten years, both successes, and victories in all areas of life. We Help them, strengthening each opportunity for the benefit and taking part in their affairs and especially in science and art development, but dark, going in defiance, we Prevent to create their dirty deed, depriving of successes in everything. They make many efforts, but are fruitless and temporarily all attempts to turn back the river of evolution of life. Defeats which suffer and will suffer continually will increase in the force and a progression, over them the last crushing blow yet won't burst. The great New Country and the Great People will have its obvious victory over all, who against. And so already a number of brilliant victories and successes conduct it quickly on a future ladder, on a space scope interplanetary. My Country and arrows fly there ours, board fledge victories. Be happy consciousness that you can call yourself sons of the Great Country which is fated to lead people of the whole world.
Aug. 27. The thought accepted and approved in the dense world, in the Thin World already automatically continues phenomenon itself in the direction accepted by it. That it is solved in the afternoon, at night continues to sound in unison with the made decision. This situation is applicable to all life terrestrial. Crops are made on the earth, shoots of the accepted and approved thoughts give a rich crop and in compliance full with crops – in elevated. Sowers here, reapers there! Crops are made in the sphere of an own microcosm and reaped by it. The crystal of the generated thought remains in the own sphere, and, being magnetic attracts to itself conformable formations of thoughts. The difference that inertness of a matter of the dense plan demands many purely physical actions in order that thought clothed in a flesh while there plasticity of a thin matter allows thought to be given a shape instantly. And many, surrounding itself with long-term forms of a gloom and hopelessness, don't understand that with a little big effort they can replace those thought-forms absolutely opposite order. But it is necessary to know and understand the mental creative process happening in the world hidden. Ordinary people, adjoining to thin visibility, accept it the same as accepted in due time the dense environment, and react to it as well as during lifetime on the earth. To break a hopelessness circle, it is necessary to have at least small knowledge but as it was denied, and the exit isn't present. It denial because does the person by a useless plaything of destiny and various influences and angry inhabitants of the Thin World is harmful. The consolation only that clean heart, at all without knowing anything, creates round itself a pure environment and acquaints itself to conformable it a tear. Layers are protected by guards, protégés of Hierarchy of Light, and anybody can't illegally get into higher sphere if its aura doesn't correspond to its vibrations. Dark freedom have itself to reveal in the kingdom, in the lower class, got there according to the accord of auras won't be able to get out from there until the aura doesn't clarify it, and the consciousness won't direct up that difficult extraordinary. The heart which didn’t know World can't, to direct to it. The Hierarchy could Help, but it is necessary to have belief, at least about mustard grain, in its existence and consciously to call at least somebody, standing on its ladder. All kind, good, positive, creative and construction that were made by the person on the earth, serves him as ascension steps to Light, according to the energy put by it in action. The law of the accord governs there powerfully. And no hypocrisy, any deception, any grimaces will help because all hidden becomes there obvious and magnetic in the activity. Everyone ever thought over, and the experienced thought comes up the main thing on a proscenium and demands the statement. If the decision to Light to go irrevocably – a lot of things can be rejected; if weakness and fluctuations is available – the thought will seize beget. Each thought has to be expiated, that is its energy has to drain itself on beget and to be neutralized. The strong determination to Light to rise neutralizes the arisen thought and extinguishes its force. But it is good to be quit on the earth with these generations of the consciousness and to extinguish their every time when they appear on the horizon. There it is difficult to fight with them because all amplifies and becomes aggravated. And images of an allure, accepting bright and attracting forms, heat in the environment weak heart. But if dirty thoughts receive resolute repulse every time as arise before consciousness, fight will be short, and the victory is provided.
Aug. 28. Life River! If the spirit was included into a stream and became its part, the stream would carry away it with itself. But the stream is brought by, consigning to the past, and spirit it is necessary to behold a stream the new streams too rushing by. To understand this separateness from going by a stream will be already achievement of spirit. To identify itself with it – means with it to merge and become part it. Silently Looking can't become part of that, on what looks. The silent Recorder, like a movie camera film, fixes a life tape in memory, without becoming it. Life is one, Looking Silently – something is perfect another. Both feelings, and thoughts, and everything that flows through consciousness of the person, won't be Looking at them. It is necessary itself Looking in at a stream, to separate from a stream and with it not to merge. I suffer, I worry, I worry is the astral, but not Dumb Witness vibrates only. I think, I think, I create thought-forms is a menthol in operation, but not the Witness by whom this mental stream constantly flows. I move, I go, I speak, I eat, I drink is the body, but not It staying in a body for a while works. It is necessary to separate it; Real it is eternal, from temporariness of three streams in itself – physical, astral and mental. It is necessary to accustom to look at all events inside and outside, as at something being outside, as on temporary and passing and not being enduring essence of spirit. Here something was, passed and sank into oblivion. I stand on the bank of eternal and again I look at new streams of stream, which is carried by and as will pass as passed everything that was earlier, to them. This possibility of the present hour needs to be approved in consciousness, as a basis because doesn't pass stream only Looking Silently on life. The temporary serves only as an approach way to Eternal, and without it, without experience and knowledge, to it brought, to Eternal not to approach. Through temporary and passing is to enduring and Eternal, Real in Boundlessness. The phenomena of bigger duration are closer to it, than small; the chain of embodiments is closer, than one separate life, either day, or hour short, pulled out from the sphere of the passing. Therefore carrying out longer line will be the solution of life. And if, without having lost anything and having got things terrestrial, a victory you will miss, to what to you all at the time of threshold transition?
Aug. 29. The statement is followed always by test of approved quality, and was always. Test showed that vibrations of an astral deprived a morning parcel of a half of force of influence. Loss took place under a sign, and it was enough to find a divergence between in word and deed. Suffered thus and a body owing to balance violation. It was necessary full to accept loss in tranquility and to claim by it in consciousness thought that any losses from this, than we own, shouldn't break balance because nothing belongs to us because "I don't see things which I own". The statement should be begun once again and well if test takes place only under a sign. Wisdom of the Teacher affected that the test caused by power of aspiration of spirit was created artificially. It is necessary to understand, it is necessary to remember, it is necessary to know that test of qualities is a consequence of desire of spirit them to approve.
Yes, it is valid; a lot of things from the expected weren't carried out in estimated measures neither at you, nor at others even the higher. Why it so? The changeable and fluctuating size of energy of human consciousness was one of conditions of implementation of not carried out expectations and hopes. A lot of things also depend on it. Other consciousnesses aren't ready, and the plan is transferred to other conditions and carried out in them already without participation expecting to lay the hand. The plan is immutable, but forms of his statement change all the time depending on fluctuation of level of the general consciousness of mankind or its certain participants. Depends on the person, when, where and as new Satia Yuga is approved.
Aug. 30. A lot of ban will begin to sound and many voices will call, but the one who knows the way and solved it up to the end, won't break a rhythm of inalterability of the step. If bases are put in consciousness strongly, and they are unshakable, won't confuse voice passing or standing on the parties, or passers casual going to Light. Existence of two worlds and stay of the person in both, chain of embodiments, Manvantara and Pralaya Great and minor cycles, immortality of spirit, real is eternal, and Maya terrestrial and elevated deception, and a chain of Hierarchy of Light, a way to stars of immortal spirit, and Light a victory over darkness, and to Light of the Lord leading – here those bases on which the yogi builds the inner world and the relation to the world outside. The unsteady basis shakes all towers. The destiny of a rod is unenviable. Provided to itself or in ardent communication with Me, in need or the prosperity, sick or healthy, here or there, one or in people, but unshakable and firm in the decision to reach Me, makes the way my elect. Heavy press and oppressions from people and circumstances and rage of henchmen of darkness are inevitable. Are inevitable both take-off and light strips of life. And it is necessary to pass through all this, without breaking rhythm of a step. The teacher will whisper on a nice ear what to do and the Beam will send a minute of need. But it is necessary to keep it in all days at o'clock of the life on the earth and in the life in the world elevated. Joyful or in grief, in success or failure, here and there, but with Me is strong always! I with that, who is with Me, I in the one, who in Me! I in twilight of vain your life on the earth is the Ray of light Leading.
When the karma puts the person in certain conditions, aren't allowed to change which forces destiny to him, it is necessary to pass through them courageously, quietly and firmly. No external conditions can deprive of the person of his accumulation or affect his internal essence if firmly he knows where and to whom it goes. The spirit shouldn't fluctuate, to a blade of grass is similar, under each whiff of a whirlwind. Otherwise its lamp can die away. And when it becomes very dark, we will collect everything that bears us over life fabric that up directs that in the past more than once helped through narrows to take place. The whole world we will collect that darkness not to give in and to Light victoriously to reach.
Aug. 31. In ruins the huge cities once the great people lie. Prosperous countries are brought by sand once. From the disappeared races and a trace didn't remain on an earth surface, and only somewhere in the depth of oceans it would be possible to find ruins of their cities. So anything, except ruins, doesn't remain both from a modern civilization and except incorrect memoirs – anything from the people. Where Babylon, Trojan, Carp Hagen, city of the Gold Gate? Where the people living there, loving, suffering and not thinking of death how modern people don't think of it? Where it everything? And the planet will die, and the life, which sense not in fruits of works of hands of the person, but in experience and knowledge which life gives and which are accumulated and kept by the person in an immortal triad to carry away them with itself on other planet when that on which he nowadays lives will die will leave from it. The spirit and not destroyed the Bowl of its accumulation, because the Bowl and spirit – other-worldly though the Bowl with fruits of terrestrial achievements, that is knowledge and the experience collected on the earth is filled is immortal. And in this meeting of a harvest and works on the earth the sense of terrestrial life also consists. Everything that is created by a hand of the person, everything is doomed to destruction because is under construction today or for deadlines, but Boundlessness is given to the person, as aspirations the purpose and the container for its all aspirations which haven't been penetrated by the dense sphere. So in Boundlessness is life. And its threads can be stretched from spheres of the real environment of the person in Boundlessness where life has no end. Whether the spirit what, pro-living on the earth of 60 or 70 years or even 100 can reconcile, it dies and disappears already forever? And to live for what then if together with a planet burns down and all will disappear once what on it, and all mankind as a whole? If it doesn't make sense the end of existence of mankind, have no it and any point in a section of temporary this existence. But the reason can't reconcile to this terrible nonsense. And the meaning of the life that the spirit of the person is immortal that many lives it is embodied on the earth that, having ended on it a cycle of the lives to pass to other star highest on steps of evolution of the worlds, than our planet. The meaning of the life is great, but it consists in the process of work, but not in its results or fruits material and visible to an eye. Work is necessary, these fruits are necessary also, are necessary both the cities, and at home, and all surprising products of human mind, the genius and the ingenuities crowned by beauty, is necessary both peace and happy human life on our beautiful earth, all this is necessary, all this is very necessary and it is important, but not in itself, and as an inevitable and very necessary step to greater future. For reason of the person there are no limits and restrictions. He can win against everything and resolve all problems. He can create such bodies or covers in which he will be able to live for the person, without submitting to usual terrestrial conditions. He can win against the nature even it. In total energy of Space and all matter in all the forms – at its order also will serve him daring on wonderful and impossible. Impossible for ignorance and ignorance – probably for this purpose who knows that the person is born dominate over the nature and life. And nowadays it in the period of shining victories of science and knowledge over the worlds visible and invisible to an eye enters to come out from this fight by the winner of life and death.