Agni Yoga's facets, 1961 (101-250)

101. (July 7). I consider a threshold shown by thought, a necessary condition of any achievement. Emphasis is placed on thought. Even record should premise think if it is desirable to make it on a certain subject. And then the thought is as though a kernel of a snowball round which it’s other weight is increased. Certainly, the law of a magnetic attraction, but through the premised thought works. Already you know that the thought grows in space. Notice that any thought, and consciousness, it generated grows, is connected with it as though an umbilical cord which connects beget to the generation. If the consciousness stands still or goes back, the power of generations over it remains in force and in the latter case increases in process of weakening of consciousness. If it grows and extends, everything that occupied consciousness earlier and dominated over it, gradually loses the force just as the adult hobbies, entertainments and chagrin of boyish years cease to interest. This development by consciousness former "I" is very characteristic for ascending spirit. The phenomenon loses the poison and becomes invalid for the power over consciousness. Therefore I Speak, only direct, and overcoming of becomes possible. That was to reach not in power yesterday, is achievable today and easily surmountable tomorrow. Growth of fiery force inside as is imperceptible, as well as growth of hair, but at an aspiration steady it steadily grows. This growth can be noted from time to time on the phenomenon of implementation of thoughts. Known extent of achievements especially carries out thoughts. And then it is necessary to think especially circumspectly not to call on itself the giant with whom it will be already hard to cope. Old thoughts in the force will lose and will lose the power over consciousness, but new become stronger and will increase in the power, and then I Speak: care and discretion decupled. I will specify going about Me to observe thought. Though the former thoughts once dominating over consciousness, also became invalid the, however, if again to attract and sate them increased with fiery power, they will lose the inoffensiveness and again, having increased, will be attracted magneto to the center of the origin and again will get the lost power. Therefore it is better to permit that they flew away to leaves autumn it is similar. Therefore it is better to permit that they flew away to leaves autumn it is similar. They for check when they come up from the past, can be passed through consciousness focus, having put on them the printing of the statement if they are good, and the condemnation press if are unacceptable for a step of the increased spirit. Cleaning of housing is necessary; cleaning of cellars of consciousness from the litter, which has stale in them, is also necessary also. At prompt flight unnecessary, dead particles fly away by itself and cleaning happens absolutely without serious consequences, without the couriers, the squeezed-out efforts.
102. (July 8). The thought possesses energy which tends expressions in actions in the world physical. Each thought seeks for manifestation irrespective of, the person thinks of it or not. If the thought is created with a definite purpose of influence, force of its influence is multiplied according to tension of the energy enclosed in it. The majority of human thoughts are aimless and therefore force of their impact on the surrounding is insignificant. But if to create thoughts for the purpose of a certain influence, as though charging them performance of this or that task and consequences of such thoughts will be very real. The thought firm, resolute, sure, not knowing fluctuations, will yield also results, its essence the corresponding. Each fluctuation and uncertainty brings the same waves and in process of demonstration of thought. Anyway, sooner or later, here or there, but each thought display itself in this or that form, essence of its conformable. Therefore ability to own and use thought consciously and in the benefit will be a task of each person, wishing to bring to mankind benefit. Before learning to move Thought Mountains, it is necessary to learn to own small thoughts and to operate them, charging them performance of this or that task. The thought will carry out a task if it is clear and certain and if not to disturb it. Suggestion and auto is suggestion is no other than performance by thought to it this task. It is possible to study on itself, on an own body, charging to thought to restore balance in any sick body or part of a body. The thought will work on the task given to it and during time specified by it by will. It is possible to give thoughts a task for term, precisely determining its duration. So, for example, it is possible to give an order that during, say, night the thought worked over this or that body, carrying out absolutely exact and certain assignment. Thinking of an illness of sick body, not to cure it, but imagining process of its fast restoration and normal functioning, it is possible to make quickly it healthy. The matter in itself has no neither will, nor consciousnesses with which the person and therefore he can put in it that form, in which it has to pour out or accept is allocated. Process of suggestion and auto-suggestion is fascinating extraordinary if to be mindful of them. On our planet all matter poured out and took shape in the forms created by thought. This process spatial also is universal: from invisible in visible, from thin in dense, from thought to manifestation. It is necessary to understand that there are no barriers to fiery thought. Stupid sword not cut, as also the stupid, not pointed thought. The weapon has to be perfected and pointed and in full readiness for action any minute. The mighty weapon of thought only then is especially strong and effective when its power is realized. People aren't able to think distinctly and clearly and aren't able to put consciously in thought the will for a certain mental influence. Therefore thoughts of the majority of people inactive also are inert, but being even such, all of them display itself in operation. How more strongly strong is willed, conscious thought? Everyone trains itself in this direction. The person is urged to be a creator. Even before creating something hands, it has to premise thought. But time when it will create only thought will come. In the world dense this time yet will come soon, but in World Thin everything moves thought and everything is created by it, and learning to own and create thought here, on the earth, prepare itself the person to stay in World Aboveground.
103. It is told – the thought is a basis. Thinnest, the most invisible forms a basis of all shown world. How many thoughts unnecessary, idle, and aimless the person creates instead of thinking building and in the benefit. Each empty, vagrant and casual thought can be replaced with thought creating. Thoughts empty in space create spatial litter, polluting beautiful spheres. The whole dumps of spatial garbage are heated up round the cities. When it was spoken thinking clair-radiant undine the earth meant. Everyone is responsible for the thoughts and that it leaves round itself(himself) in invisible spheres, constantly dumping from the conveyor of the consciousness streams of mental forms and filling with them and sating with them aura of the planet.
104. (July 9). When waves of the heavy external phenomena direct on you, it is possible to evade from them, having been removed in the internal fortress, in a spirit citadel. The spirit is impregnable, indestructible and immortal. How many covers it already replaced during the life on a planet! How many was births, lives, death! How many various conditions! How many dangers, diseases happy and unhappy combinations of terrestrial circumstances! How many tribes, childbirth, nationalities! Really, life is various and often strong combinations of combinations of environment are opposite. It is possible to find a consolation and protection against the most wrongly circumstances because all comes to an end in this life final terrestrial, phenomenon in the next embodiment in understanding of it. But as the eagle in skies rises over the earth, and the spirit of the person can rise over separate life and see the beginning it and the end, connected with the World Elevated where it passes, having dumped a body; nothing can destroy an immortal, Reincarnating Triad of the person and anybody. And when it is very heavy and conditions terrestrial become intolerable, the consciousness can be transferred to it and in it to find and approve balance of spirit because the Stone of the eternal basis of life is created in it and on it. All is passing in this life terrestrial. All is passing in this life terrestrial. Even the sun will come also the moon, but the spirit won't come never because it is eternal. So temporary and eternal in the person live, and the consciousness can locate either on temporary, or on the eternal. Collecting and accumulating elements eternal, claims already here, on the earth, immortal essence of people, the Immortal Triad, being a citadel, a spirit monastery. It is necessary to understand only passing nature of the outside world and temporariness of all and any terrestrial conditions surrounding the person. Also it is necessary to understand that nothing belongs to us and what not ours anything. Everything is given only for any term, and everything that we have, our life will leave that new to be replaced, giving the chance to grow and study and gain new experience and knowledge. Without this understanding of life release from the power over consciousness of conditions its passing can't be terrestrial. And when waves of the external phenomena strong direct on consciousness, it is possible to find balance and the tranquility which is so necessary to spirit in communication and merge to the highest Immortal Triad. The tranquility is a spirit wreath, and balance – collecting and the statement of fiery power inside. It is necessary to forget never that anybody and will resist nothing against balance. But its other-worldly force, but above. It proceeds from depth of spirit, powerfully overcoming a hoarseness of a human infirmity. Balance approving, force of the Immortal Triad in life terrestrial it is approved.
105. (July 10). Yes! Yes! Yes! The happiness in the spirit of and anything terrestrial won't give it if it isn't accepted spirit. Therefore the possession terrestrial things and all that would have to bring pleasure are frequent, neither pleasures, nor doesn’t happiness, alas, give. People believe it in something external, consisting in the phenomena of the outside world while the feeling of happiness is no other than a known condition of spirit. And that brings happiness to one, another leaves absolutely to it indifferent. If the same phenomenon to one person bears pleasure, and to another a grief, whether that means it that the basis of pleasure is concluded not in the phenomenon, but in the consciousness perceiving it and imposing on it the sanction. Everything depends on a condition of consciousness and its relation to this or that phenomenon. And as conditions of consciousness depend on will and can be regulated by it, the happiness and misfortune human is in hands of the person. Setting to any phenomenon the seal of the solution of will, the person can determine by the will the relation to life and to everything that to it happens. And that for one will be a source of troubles and sufferings, for another can become the pleasure reason. Certainly, experience of knowledge of the person, but pleasure of finding of this experience and accumulation of knowledge the most bitter is bitter turns into the most sweet for wise spirit, or without the house the terrestrial. As it is heavy and sad, but teaches without the house terrestrial to a separation from the earth and from attachment to imagined property, that is exempts spirit from the power of the earth and gives it wings. So, loss in one means acquisition in other. And when will come to leave time terrestrial, the owner of houses and things and their not having, both will leave, without having taken with itself an obol: one, bound hand and foot by that considered, another – free because had no anything the. Therefore it is better not to have practically nothing, or, something having, not to consider as the, remembering constantly that everything that is given, is given only in temporary use for this or that term. Anything as the without considering, the freedom we approve from the power of a material world. Even a body not ours because from ashes it and in ashes depart and becomes ashes. Boundless are we, but temporary travelers in temporary life terrestrial, being a small piece on our way to Boundlessness. Boundless we, if the spirit considers the Highest Triad as itself, but temporary, – if a body and three covers. It is so possible to acquaint itself either to them, or with the Triad Immortal and either with them, or with the Triad to arrive. The freedom of choice always remains open and available to spirit. Value has not the phenomenon of the outside world, but the attitude of the person towards him. The standard isn't present, everyone defines him and chooses to what heart lies. Ways both up and from top to bottom are open, and the choice is free.
106. (July 11). My friend if to consider that threatens nothing is it will be incorrect. Dark don't doze and we are always ready to do harm. The dream and hunting for tigers are very indicative. It is possible to be glad to that there was no fear and the predator was destroyed. That protection against them took place not is also characteristic also, but attack, and a hand firmly held Light weapon. So, also we will strike waking or sleeping dark evil- make, because don't doze and are full of the next evil-trick. When together with Me, anything isn't terrible.
107. (July 12). In the Thin World everything moves thought. Everyone gets an appearance corresponding to its internal essence. But at some knowledge of conditions of elevated existence inhabitants of some layers of an astral can abuse much. Put on in the Thin World mentally, investing it with imagined clothes, which gain there obvious to an eye visibility. The same way the person can precisely put on himself any appearance and that to mislead or frighten the inexperienced or a little knowing inhabitant of the Thin World. Especially personification uses it, wishing to attract to itself trustful one incarnation. In this case heart will be the only and faithful judge. But these people live in the illusive world created by their imagination. Creativity there is developed especially strongly. Everyone can understand heaps of these heaps not. Experience is necessary. In higher layers there is no conscious deception and products of mental creativity above, but also there this production is relative, and only people with the developed imagination and understanding of beauty and laws of proportions create harmoniously. Both in the sky, and on the earth there are good and bad artists, and their creativity is in the full accord with their endowments. But heaps of the bottom layers are terrible and awful, and masks of their inhabitants frighten even strong heart. It is a lot of frighten conscious. Certainly, division of inhabitants on the layers protected hierarchically. And the one who isn't connected by anything with these awful layers, we protect from contact with them the law. It is possible to put on any mask, any appearance so even the close friend who nearby is standing, doesn't learn who is near in the Thin World. It is possible, brightly thinking of desirable shape, to be given its shape. It is possible to appear in the form of the knight, the nomad, the soldier, the Greek, the Roman, say, to enter into any form created by imagination. It is possible to improve and improve the appearance and it is possible to worsen it. At criminals and discredit transformation happens naturally, without any couriers of efforts from their party as, however, and at all other returnees in Elevated, only dark it is impossible to change itself, and even personification their times. Dark can't surround itself with light and create shape truly light, and attempts of personification of light shapes by them for a skilled eye are easily distinguishable. Upon transition there orientation process in new conditions demands tension of all forces and big vigilance and vigilance. It is necessary to destroy any fear before the phenomena of the astral world, it is necessary to destroy its charm, it is necessary to remember that people, leaving the earth and dumping a body, in the huge majority not from it become better and therefore it is necessary to leave any trembling, a worship and shyness for all that will appear before the person in that world. Courage, tranquility, understanding of Proximity of the Teacher there are especially necessary, - than more the person is afraid there, especially will be scared. It is possible to smile before the most terrible masks, but it is better to pass these layers direct aspiration to the Lord. Later it is possible to visit these layers for the purpose of studying, but it is strong defending, and better – with the Head because they are infectious awfully, and each spot on own aura will be focus of an attraction of darkness and the purpose of its attacks. Difficultly in World Thin rise if the attraction to the lower class occurred at once, upon transition there after death; therefore specified direct and ardent aspiration to the Teacher of Light and preliminary clarification of consciousness. On the earth of people is exposed to ardent dark influences: dark, having seen on aura weak spots, use them as attraction magnets, and influence through them. Therefore process of a drive away of thoughts dirty already will be fight and counteraction to darkness because are sent by darkness. For clean heart the darkness isn't terrible and all its shifts aren't terrible, but the consciousness which completely hasn't been cleared, has to be constant on the guard and use each dark attempt to throw useless thought that to understand it, to see the weak and unprotected place and to reject it, thereby having as though closed up a dark tear in aura. Aura is magnetic. Radiations attract it to themselves vibration of a related order, and in the Thin World it is almost impossible to neutralize usual and habitual magnetism of aura because an attraction it immediately involves his owner in spheres corresponding to these radiations. Building on beauty and purity cannot be afraid, but we have no consolation for dark. Late start preparing for elevated stay before death. Suddenly not remake aura. Only powerful accumulation of the past can make instant inspiration and clarification. In usual cases preliminary preparation of sufficient duration is required. Any thought, any attempt of clarification of consciousness doesn't pass completely, without having yielded the beneficial results and without having put a seed of future achievements in consciousness. As strong and fruitful the person can use everything days of the life on the earth. But, not compare life terrestrial to duration of stay in World Thin. It is necessary to think that each incarnation prepares for himself where there is nothing secret and where everyone reaps the fruits of the terrestrial crops because sowers here, and reapers there.
108. (July 13). The world My will be your World. Your world is illusive and deceptive. Neither on anything it is impossible to lean, nor on what to rely, everything is fragile, all vaguely and duration short and strong the changeable. How build the house on sand where each whirlwind can destroy it and displace. And for sons human don't hope. As it is possible rely on those who can't rely on it, because it stays in the world of illusions, changeable and passing. The world of shadows Platon called this world. And unless it not so, unless didn't fly as a dream, last years, having left in consciousness only ghosts of memoirs. Both people left and conditions too and there are nothing. Remained nothing that so strong, is persistent and tenacious borrowed and imperiously took all field of consciousness, excluding from it and without allowing in it elements eternal and enduring. And if it so if only eternal and enduring remains with us forever, whether that a debt of the person before by itself eternal in life to look for and, keeping in consciousness elements enduring, to accumulate them, and to build the house, the spirit house, an eternal monastery on the Stone of the eternal basis of life. My world consists of elements enduring, and each contact with Me in your world multiplies my World, strengthens and approves it. You adjoin to Me thought, the directed heart and fed hearts fire. And as the thought always on hand yours and will is subject, so and to direct to Me, to my World it is possible always and in all living conditions because think of nothing can prevent in its take-off to Light, if only heart wanted, if only heart sought to concern thought it. Openness and availability of the Highest World should be accepted as an immutable condition of ascension of spirit. Way look for somewhere and it only in heart and through heart lies. Not in books, not somewhere, but in heart. And when heart is filled by me, the way to Light is open. It is necessary to think of heart filling by the Lord. The Duma that strong persistent and directed strong should be kept only in heart. It will involve from space magneto vibrations of Light and my Beam. Also there will be a Communication obvious, impregnating consciousness new stays and expanding it.
109. The reality of Communication can't be referred in area of the casual. Casually nothing happens. No, the law works precisely and is immutable and as the skilled musician takes the necessary sounds from the tool, are in the same way taken from space and elements of thought conformable by a magnet of the directed consciousness. The person is a magnet, constantly and continuously taking of thought and feeling space, conformable tonalities of its mental device. Pleasure from space it is possible to draw pleasure, and a grief – tears. Invisible employees, conformable on a mood to the person, gather crowd round him if feelings and his thoughts are rather strong. Employees of a certain tonality with the thought it is involved, supported by heart. The clouding and clarification of aura occurs: and from interaction with space, and from the strong-willed or involuntary efforts and movements in conductors. The harp of spirit sounds, forcing to sound in unison all space round the person.
110. Physical feelings not to see that invisibly. Only heart and thought it is possible to note a contact of my Beam. Heart will feel pleasure, and thoughts, to a stream are similar, will start joining the consciousness open for Light. It also will be the sign of my Proximity because I with you always, but you feel it only when your consciousness and heart address strong to me.
111. By heart desirable, but not approved here, it will be approved there.
112. During process of extraction of space of desirable feelings or thoughts it is necessary to remember that to the having it will be given because will be to what to put, and that has will be taken away from not having also.
113. (July 14). To three lowest covers there correspond also three worlds, from which each of them. The body and to the earth departs from the earth, in the same way both the astral and mental bodies which have served the term. The body terrestrial, in the same way temporarily both two others, and only fiery body out of terms is temporary. This and will be a timeless and eternal monastery of spirit. Who believes the house in a body terrestrial, limits itself to term of terrestrial life who believes it in a body astral and mental, too puts to itself a limit of the life because though both of these covers and live more long terrestrial, but the spirit dumps them and remains only to that is concentrated by it in a fiery body immortal. All are mortal the lowest three. Consciousness, in them staying, can tie itself to each of them and, believing all the in this or that, to limit the existence by the terms put by it. Though stay in thin and mental bodies is respectively longer, than in terrestrial, however and it comes to an end death of these covers, which are dumped like a physical body. Three deaths wait for an incarnation. Focusing all the in a body terrestrial and denying possibility of existence in a body thin, the person of death of consciousness in this cover, and life in Elevated dooms himself, conscious life, there has no. In the same way he can die or revive and for life on plans of higher: thin and mental, - but true immortality only in a fiery body in the Fiery World. If elements of the enduring are collected in a fiery body, in the Highest Triad, on the earth, a dwelling for spirit, the spirit house, is constructed, and to consciousness is in what to stay and to show itself vitally. When the fiery body is issued, conscious immortality is reached already on the earth, and the consciousness continuity at change of all covers is the integral achievement of spirit. It also will be finding of life eternal. Denying it, the person of death, because in World Aboveground life – on consciousness dooms. Life eternal spares people of the Lord, but this gift should be accepted. The person accepting the concept of eternal life and immortality of spirit, becomes really immortal because approves the conscious life in the hidden worlds. Situation that there life on consciousness, important extraordinary because gives in hands of the person a key to immortality. It is told: on your belief it will be given you, that are on consciousness. And that claim here, will be approved there, and rejected– is rejected. Condition of immortality is a condition fair. The person lives himself that brought with itself and that saved up. The richer more gift, is richer and more various than life. Can happen and so that, having dumped three covers, the person appears with anything and to live he has nothing as with myself I brought nothing and collected nothing. To collect, it is necessary to seed. Each seed will give in World Aboveground the sprout and the fruit, even grain low-slightest. Not suitable field terrestrial for shoots wonderful, but they there blossom and a harvest-two give,-three,-ten and more. Small grains of elements of the immortality, carefully collected on the Earth, in World Invisible will appear in valuable treasures. To distinguish essence and duration of the elements making an interior, it is necessary to learn during the terrestrial life. Majority of consciousnesses is filled with Earth elements. This mental environment of the person, this or that duration, also puts limits of life of consciousness. The border of its life is defined, thought. And the thought can conduct the person or to the deadlock called by death, or in shining open spaces of Boundlessness, because by the thought the person approves to himself life or death.
114. Saying: "And real in coffins the stomach Granted saying" it is necessary to understand practically and vitally. Gift of the Lord only then gets the value when it is accepted because It is told: I give, but accept. The grain which has fallen to the fruitless soil of stone consciousness, shoots doesn't give.
115. (July 15). My son, here before you again explosion of a scum of vital circumstances; they burden consciousness terribly, darkening Light of the highest understanding. But it is necessary and to pass through it. It is necessary to pass. Also you will pass what they were, and you will remain yourself, that who passed already a set of tests and still earlier remained whole and safe. Business only in that from a dense environment not to consider anything, forever to you belonging and to consider all living conditions as something temporary, forced to pass and change and be replaced with another. Being eternal, the spirit is inclined and seeks to create the stable living conditions corresponding to its nature: both strong houses, and strong monuments and works of art, trying that they endured centuries. Both pyramids, and a sphinx, and many other monuments of an antiquity were under construction even for the millennia. But time destroyed and destroys everything. As and in the life everyone seeks to strengthen and prolong somehow that by the nature is temporary and is passing. But life, often changing external conditions, teaches the person of fragility of that he creates, because "that advantage to the person from his all works with which he works under the sun", - builds to a whirlwind on destruction. So again and again we come to it is possible what to be approved only on the Stone of the eternal basis of life which either will revive or will burn either will create or will destroy. Each test either strengthens consciousness or destroys it. People are divided into winners and won. It is possible to be inclined under burden of life or even to break, but the one who to victories judgment, the winner judgment, from each burdening of spirit by circumstances will take the energy necessary for increase of spirit, and becomes stronger. Process is this mental. It is necessary to think simply strong to that learns the test allowed by the Lord. Here as well passable test specifies that on anything external it is impossible to lean also a condition of tranquility of consciousness to put in dependence on it. All is inside. Not external, but internal causes this or that condition of spirit if there is an understanding that all gold of the world and terrestrial wellbeing won't give to spirit of tranquility if it is restless. So, loss or finding of the vital benefits won't be a life basis. Together with Me we will consider your tests and your traps, taking from them the necessary experience and knowledge. Nothing disturbs when disturb it is constant, and nothing disturbs when the limit of concerns is passed. All living conditions which aren't depending on your will, take for granted, somehow, through what it is necessary to pass, approving a peace of mind and that multiplying Treasure of the Stone, which with themselves we will take in a way distant to stars.
116. Are surrounded by Maya who is eternally changing the face. Are surrounded ghosts of illusive life, which flows before consciousness, constantly plunging into the past and keeping in memory the prints. Except them, of the past in consciousness doesn't remain anything. "And it also will pass", whatever heavy was it because passes everything. But wise rejoices to tests because they multiply, being correctly understood, its internal riches. As the bee, collects it experience and knowledge juice from all phenomena with which the karma pushes together it; also rejoices that the spirit increases on them. One in the face of death writhes in a wild paroxysm of animal stupid horror, another meets it absolutely quietly. And if it is inevitable, who from two rights? And how it is better to meet great transition? Precisely as is and with tests, - if they are inevitable and it is necessary to pass through them, whether that is better to go through them and through life the winner of life? Not life it is necessary to win, but against itself, in a root having changed the relation to life.
117. If we are afraid of any external phenomenon, chagrin bearing to us, trouble, infringement or a tear, we wouldn't be averted from it if reaction to it was opposite expected. And as reaction to external influences are our internal affair, so the enemy not outside, but inside, so in us a solver of what impression or action will make an external factor. Having changed a point of view, it is possible to see the same phenomenon from the opposite side and to have reaction to it already other character, and then that grieved, will please, and then together with the Lord it is possible to tell: "Load me more strongly when I go to a garden fine". It is told: "Your grief will be in pleasure", - also will please everything that approaches to the Lord. And as sufferings approach, refine and do is more hardy and are stronger, will please both sufferings, and all burdens of this world because pull together with the hidden Teacher of Light. And then words will be clear: "the worse, the better".
118. Everything I Turn on advantage: both good and bad. You study the same also. Advantage one: increase of spirit and consciousness expansion. So the basis is transferred from the outside inside. All external is waters fluid. Transient is only inside.
119. (July 16). A lot of things in life of people are made under a sign. To what to force events with all their complexity and consequences when it is possible to reach the same results under their sign? It is so possible to take the initiative and mentally to pass through these or those phenomena and tests, enduring them as though actually. Life doesn't stint tests, is generous them forcing. But it is possible to assume the management most, seeing, where the weak and not strengthened places in a spirit armor, - and mentally carrying out it through tests and conditions which can strengthen, pass them victoriously. It also will be passing of tests under a sign. In the ancient time the examinee immersed in a dream and forced to endure all track of consequences while actually was nothing. The result was such as though the phenomenon was endured in life. Therefore the events and reaction to them even if they occur in imagination of the person matter not. The actor, rehearsing the role, prepares itself for well to carry out it on a scene. In the same way it is possible prepare itself to due execution of any role and on a vital scene. And if any test approaches, it is possible to finish logically it and to pass through it in consciousness, even having strengthened it and having deepened, and thus to pass under its sign and that to avoid it actually if under a sign it is passed correctly and sustained with success. Not an imagined event, but reaction to it has to be correct, and then this bowl in life can pass the examinee. Danger here only in that imagined quality didn't replace the present. For this purpose it is necessary that the phenomenon under a sign had a form very close to life and reaction to it would replace the valid event. Many ordinary people, passing events under a sign, react to them so strongly, what even lose balance. The majority of experiences occurs from the imagined phenomena and fear before them. And here to destroy fear in any form, it is necessary to carry out through all these fears itself mentally to see that there is nothing of that it would be necessary to be afraid because the fear, but not the phenomenon, it caused is terrible. The reaction of fear happening in consciousness but not that it causes is terrible. And these ghosts, forcing to tremble heart, are destroyed consciously by will because not the ghost itself is terrible, but the attitude of the person towards him. So again we come to a conclusion that the way lies in the person and through it because the mental processes going in the person, and show that is called as a way because the person and is this way. Still the Lord told: I Is way, truth and life. To it following and to It assimilating and imitating, it is possible to find a way of Light, in spirit life the leader.
120. In the dark ignorance’s it is possible to complain that tests are heavy and life is gloomy. But if they exempt consciousness from attachment to life terrestrial, whether that there will be these burden the benefit, giving to the person wings and breaking off puts their connecting? To the World Thin goes from the earth of people either free, or bound hand and foot puts the terrestrial. And as also slavery at the Earth and freedom from it consist in consciousness of the person, but not in the earth, and release from any slavery will be process of a mental order. Think that freedom from slavery at things is reached when the person has no them. But without having anything, they can strong wish. All is in the spirit of, and release too in the spirit of. Therefore has no value anything occurring out of the person, but that goes in him is considerable. Because the person is a way, the person is the process striving for darkness or Light.
121. If the pleasure is based on passing, it is fragile. If it is pleasure about spiritual and that isn't passing, pleasure such from the Highest World. The book about pleasure should be re-read. In Space the pleasure sounds to the life phenomenon.
122. (In the evening before going to bed). Eternal phenomenon is in temporary, and infinite in the final. Passing there is the aspect of Boundlessness taken in a section of time. The section of a material world considered in the present, in each its point goes to infinity of a past and a future not come to an end, and the point becomes a thread, pro-drawn in Boundlessness of time and space from the past which doesn't have the beginning, in the future, which doesn't have the end. We live in Boundlessness, and whatever phenomenon our thought concerned, the chain of causality takes away it by the beginning which isn't present, or by the end which too won't be. It is impossible to imagine time or space end, in the same way it is impossible to present and the end of any phenomenon further which already there is no chain of the causality which has generated it. And even if time is no other than category of mind, Boundlessness is a great bosom in which there is a shown Universe. Let "time any more won't be", but will be, but there will be a life and sequence of movement and the changes happening in the world, and The one Who beholds them, That who is Silently Looking, eternally will arrive.
123. (July 17). When there is under feet a support, it is possible to stand. Spirit support in the world where all is changeable and everything moves constantly, being cast into a life stream; the Hierarchy of Light can serve only. Over eternal space Spirits – Attendants of Light reign. Directing consciousness to the sphere of boundless opportunities of spirit and leaning on those who on the guard cost, on eternal patrol over the world, it is possible to go the narrow track conducting in life. Boundlessness is wide, but the track on which enter into it is narrow. Live dead persons we Call those who doesn't know it because, without knowing about eternity and denying immortality of spirit, people doom themselves extremities of extent of that sphere to which limit the life. Everyone determines the sizes of the sphere of the existence in space by the thought. And what it connects possibilities of manifestation of the consciousness on the earth, will limit life of its spirit in space. Therefore Specify is wider wide sow, without putting the thought barriers, restrictions in anything. The thought conducts the person. Its essence still is understood a little, poorly and unilaterally. The mighty factor of space is reduced to physiological functions of a brain and contacts it. And the consciousness also is attached to a brain and not thought from it separately, allocated with opportunities of independent existence. Certainly, for manifestation and functioning in certain layers of space the consciousness needs the conductor, a cover or a body, but why to limit possibility of spirit to only a physical body? The science will put mankind before the facts of extra dense activity of consciousness and its manifestation in a thin body soon and the area hidden to a physical eye of the world will make available and visible by means of devices. But our purpose arms the person without any devices. What the equipment when all devices are concluded in him? But not it will reach reproduction soon and duplication of functions of some centers as it reached, for example, the camera or phone, having copied eye and ear structure, but much nevertheless will reach. Only to think, how many the wonderful is concluded in the person, for example, the centers and their functions. And how much time you need distinguished and hard work to awaken to life at least one. Simple denial it is possible to kill and extinguish center fire at the moment of its origin if not to recognize it. How many arising highest abilities at children were killed by their ignorant parents? The child trustfully says to mother that he sees and hears, but receives in reply: "It seems to you, it is the imagination, and to it I don't trust". And even conduct the child to the same ignorant doctor who fills in with bromine of enlightenment of spirit. But the science will force to believe soon to the undoubted. And again fires of the inquisition which changed the face and has clothed in new attires will flare, and fight of thought free with obscurantism of dark ignorance again will begin. But the science after all will win because before its impact obscurantists will recede, being crushed by abundance of the facts. Their weapon will beat them. The sphere of a matter will be expanded, and the hidden world for a physical eye will be so material, as also the world dense, and to the subordinated same invariable space laws, as well as each phenomenon in the Universe. While it is necessary to remember that everything is concluded in the person who is a universe Alpha and Omega in the potential.
124. (July 18). My son, readiness for tests and fear of tests is the phenomena of an opposite order. Silver tear is so we Call this readiness. When the purpose is clear and you know where you go, tests can accelerate only, only move to the purpose desired. Terrestrial wellbeing and putting to sleep, and seeming security are illusions. We live on a volcano, danger around, and especially from the Thin World. Only in unification ardent with Me, interrupted neither at night, nor in the afternoon the solution of life and all its difficulties. The thought integrated with Me, we split a being weaved ball of the dense phenomena. The unification should be strengthened, too and my Image in the third eye to hold prestanding constantly. On mountain tracks and transitions dangerous it is better to enclose a hand in a hand of the Driver and strong to hold it and to rely on Him in everything. Believing on Us all consciousness, you build the indestructible bridge and you collect power treasures. The mistakes made in the past, and incorrect perceptions can weaken consciousness, but also against it you have good medicine: if from ten perceptions one was correct it is already good. Only long experiment will show and will teach a faultlessness of thin parcels. But where the egoism interferes and begins the sphere of personal interests, there a faultlessness difficultly to wait as personal thoughts paint perception and bring in it the elements. The farther from herself record, the high probabilities that it is correct. Personal interest often even thought deprives of implementation force. First condition of success is separation from and the personal world. It is hardly to reach super personal thinking. To combine super personal with the personal was able, so that personal not space full consciousness, – a task one of the most difficult. As on the closest solution of Specify: to strengthen understanding of Continuous Presence. The face has to be in consciousness constantly. If oppressive thoughts disturb, they can be driven, repeating the sacred appeal or the specified prayer. And as soon as disturbing thoughts will start interfering in consciousness, they immediately replace with a prayer, it repeating. Many devotees to be exempted from a swarm of personal thoughts replaced them with a prayer. Better a prayer, than such thoughts which are often thrown by darkness. The rhythm of sacred appeals will yield to the same result. And then smart inventions dark and their attempts to sadden consciousness will yield opposite results: they want to distract from Me, but will approach to Me because each next attempt will cause thoughts of Me and my Image. Many times It was already indicated the need of a constant Image of the Teacher of Light for the third eye. It is necessary for fight against darkness and opposition to darkness. How many the consciousnesses striving for Light, it already extinguished! Behind examples it isn't necessary to go far, you look closer. Let these examples will teach as it is necessary to hold a silver thread of communication more strong; or a swarm of tormenting thoughts, or My Face in the third eye. So one is replaced with another: the worst – the best, others – Mine, darkness – Light.
125. When fight will stop? Never. The ladder of Light has no end. Each new step is reached by overcoming previous. New and old in consciousness challenge the first place. But the person is a process, and fight is caused by spirit ascension. When it is very dark, it is necessary to think about Light. Light of the World – in Me. Thought of Me will be thought of Light. When heart will be filled entirely by the Lord, impossible becomes possible then, unattainable – achievable, difficult – a lung, and darkness – Light. Victory is only Me and with Me. Why about Me forget when clouds are condensed? One not to pass, without Me not to pass! It is necessary to take place in the future, having dumped last chains. So or so, but it is necessary to go, is it better together with Me? Through life it is necessary to go under all living conditions, is it better to keep inseparably?
126. My son, you will reach, if with Me.
127. The purpose of each test consists in that during its passing not only to weaken communication with the Lord, but, on the contrary, to strengthen it in process of strengthening of burdening by circumstances. The muscle grows and gets stronger from exercises, magnetic threads of communication with the Teacher if they strain strenuously during the periods of tests in the same way get stronger. Therefore, each correctly passable test pulls together with Me and is a step of a ladder of ascension of spirit. Therefore, tests – the benefit. Let's be glad consciously opportunities to ascend, walking upstairs lives. On it all and everything, from atom to system of the worlds, also isn't present it the end.
128. (July 18). These records have the special value because the narrow track conducting in life is found. For those who goes after, they will be a light source, the indicating a way. Each touched will gather from them on consciousness capacity, in the accord with the aspiration. Therefore this work is valuable, and who knows, whether is it the purpose and mission of this embodiment perceiving them. It would seem about what it is possible to write every day, but the world of my thoughts, and the one who knows how from it scoop, never remains without new receipts is boundless. Our source exudes in it incessantly. I told, my Voice won't break off, and records by the certificate serve my Guarantee. If it is possible to expand and deepen more them, would Deepen, but as their limit the limit of expansion and capacity of consciousness perceiving them serves. They grow and go deep in process of its growth and according to it both reflect and give a picture of gradual growth and development of consciousness of the accepted pupil. The apprenticeship way is hard. Not without reason some call it penal servitude. Also the merit of the one who on this hard way finds time is great to write down that life and the Leader gives it. Conducts thought, and records of the thoughts going from the Teacher of Light, strong will serve the one who will approach after.
129. Spirit citadel which inside, serves as a shelter at especially heavy press of external conditions. They should be overcome in consciousness, having a firm support. The spirit house inside is this support. Has no the value, which circumstances start being condensed and burden spirit, but reaction to them is important extraordinary. The way steady depends on correctness of this reaction. The helmsman knows the purpose to which his castle aspires. In the same way and going to the Lord knows where he goes. And if at all, even the heaviest combinations of external circumstances this purpose in a look it is constant and the Face of the Leader in consciousness takes priority, the way is correct. It would seem, it isn't so difficult to store constantly understanding of My Proximity, but only strong and resistant heart doesn't allow that it grew dim and the consciousness was saddened. Task – hold consciousness on the chosen purpose, without allowing anything to distract from it. To forget about it – means to betray the spirit. Danger in that, what, the higher lifting, the more terrible falling, if it is made. Both there is no place to recede, and there is no place to curtail. Retreat only in darkness and on the parties guard gloom monsters. The darkness guards to accept the turncoat in the embraces. Therefore return back already isn't present. And, when it came true when line is passed and the way retreat is barred, in only case when becomes going to Me the accepted pupil. Considering as those there is many themselves, but accepted few. But though the price also is great, but the award crowning at the end of a way of the winner going to Me when light flickering in it, becomes infinite Light is great also. The Proximity is integral washing, because I with you always, my children. Therefore don't allow anybody and anything to darken thought that I am close. For strengthening of thought of it my Image in the third eye is given. Not any consciousness grows to necessity of this condition and to understanding of its value but when this time comes, then I Speak: My face in the third eye is a Torch leading, forces allowing going when they run low, it is Light dispersing darkness, and Guarantor of the future victory.
130. And remember: each successfully passable test is a step approaching to Me.
131. (In the afternoon, between everyday affairs). Each test bears in itself possibility of achievement. Each successfully passable test is achievement gives. Fight and gain – an inevitable step, but is even more difficult and more important to hold reached and to strengthen it. To this process it is usually paid less attention and works, than it deserves and demands. Not to hold a gain – means to nullify everything, through what it was necessary to pass, having spent so many efforts and having paid for achievement by the price of sufferings.
132. It is bad if seeming good luck or failure influences the attitude towards the Lord. The Lord is unchangeable. As also the attitude of the pupil towards Him – over casual conditions of the dense world, and not only dense, but equally – astral and thin. Fluctuating love – not love, shaky devotion – not devotion, and a broken rhythm – not a rhythm; unshakable rhythm the attitude towards the Teacher of Light has to be whirlwinds of the outside world.
133. And here, at last, there comes time when the pupil not only rejoices to tests, but even starts asking them from the Lord because understand that the correct passing of tests is a way the fast.
134. (July 19). So, the terrestrial one more person close as you left from the plan. Death is no more than a hairstyle of hair. For our people it is facilitated even more. There they are met carefully by close souls, surrounding with caress and attention. Appear among the, in the familiar environment, connected on the earth devotion and love. And that here didn't distinguish them from all other people, there allocates them in absolutely special conditions. The head – at everyone if he wants, but transition of our relatives and ordinary people is incomparable. The last minutes of transition are also carefully arranged also to prepare consciousness for approaching change. To grieve about left not wisely because nobody leaves term earlier put to it and who knows where it is better passing, on the earth or there, in World Aboveground. Any grief personally and selfishly, and in particular tears. Not for the left will grieve and not for it grief, but usually for itself. It would be time to get used to think that is a lot of, many times everyone already passed this threshold, and anything new here isn't present. At the developed consciousness the oblivion veil quickly falls down from eyes, and earlier already familiar conditions of the Thin World quickly assimilate consciousness. Relatives there very much help this process of assimilation. But the remained relatives often disturb an inappropriate grief. We destroy any fear of death. We remove from it covers of mysteriousness, a hopelessness and mystery. Death we Do not recognize. The death is the birth in the New Life richer with opportunities, beauty and width, than terrestrial existence. The good sower there has nothing to be afraid. That, who prepared itself the consciousness for this transition, on consciousness and to reaps. Nothing comes to an end, but everything proceeds on the lines established by consciousness on the earth. Late prepare before the transition. All human life, of the first days, has to be preparation for life in Elevated, because sowers here, and reapers there. On each thought, on each feeling, on everything approved on the earth an echo have in that world because that you will connect on the earth, will be connected there and that resolve on the earth, it will be authorized there. Light threads of communications in Elevated will give a light karma, dark – a heavy karma. The law we will scold doesn't happen. We Have only no consolation for the denying life in that world; because, denying life there death of dooms and really dies for bright and full life out of a body. Each particle of knowledge of stay conditions on that party inexpressibly facilitates this stay. Therefore stock up knowledge in advance, having rejected ignorant denial. The matter is boundless in visible and invisible phases of the manifestation. On all plans of people has conductors corresponding to these plans and if it attended to their registration, life of consciousness develops depending on the made accumulation. On the earth people were given everything to prepare consciousness for inevitable transition but if it is rejected, to pass there is nothing. For the denying life in Elevated a consolation It isn't had.
135. The person – the lord of own power. By the space Right the power over the body and all microcosms is given it. Without understanding there is no mastering. To come into the own and learn to use the force, it is necessary to understand, as well as the person owns already. Someone reproach with weakness. About someone say that in submission at own thoughts that it any habit or passion that drinks operates or smokes or is irritated unfortunate, being not able to struggle with itself. But all this in a root is incorrect. Both the person drinks, and smokes only because once decided it to begin and the beginnings, that is voluntarily, and to thoughts submits because once this submission allowed and told itself, consciously or unconsciously: "Own Me", – that is it was combined in consciousness with the thought allowed in it. The slave is afraid of the mister, the body is afraid of the owner. But it is possible to be given to the power even to the slave. One cherishes an infirmity the and rushes with them, another isn't considered with a body and forces it belief and the truth to serve itself. But also in that and in other case this relation with the flesh is approved by the person. And in each weakness when something seizes the person and does him by the slave, force it, from his sanction applied incorrectly is shown. The body goes, moves, makes a lot of work and obeys the most ordinary inhabitant. The body can be obedient in degree much bigger. But miracles aren't present; there is only a skillful using that is given everyone. It is necessary to realize only: whatever the person, even in the madness did, everything is created at his own will and from its sanction and was allowed by it once. Even in the addiction the will of her owner who usually forgets is crystallized that if he gave something the power over, he, and nobody else, can take it. It is necessary to wake up to awareness of the power, after all the power not only over the microcosm, but also over any flesh is given. You know a case when physically persons of no character made miracles and showed the phenomenal force and endurance, paralytic got up, mothers rescued children. All this was created by human force, phenomenon by order of all consciousness. There is no limit to powers of the risen spirit going to awareness of the power.
136. Missed doesn't come back; therefore record can't be repeated in all its force and a style and language originality if it didn't take place.
137. The plane will fall if stops movement. Spirit falling if its aspiration goes out is also inevitable. Therefore I Speak about aspiration and flights. In it are all force of movement and all opportunity to ascend. It is possible to notice how all is easily overcome disturbing during such flight. What small there are habits and weaknesses of spirit and as big obstacles are simply overcome even. Fire of aspiration can be strengthened consciously. The approved or already approved rhythm will be the best assistant thus. Spirit movement constant and uninterrupted is valuable. Certainly, fluctuations of rhythmic waves are inevitable, each of which has the top, a crest and the hollow, but even the hollow of the directed wave is not a hole because the hollow of the directed wave too bears forward. But holes are very dangerous, and it is necessary to distinguish them from hollows accurately. Any wind serves the skilled seaman for advance to the purpose; he is able to use everyone and conducts the ship even against a wind. But it is necessary to be able. In the same way for the skilled industrialist of life all conditions and all circumstances what they were, inure to him to advantage for advance. Than more opposite circumstance and then more difficultly, especially is concluded in it the counteracting force which can be used, both to take from it and to ascend this force which duly narrow-minded logic hasn't to help, but disturb and interfere. This force of counteraction can as successfully be taken away and from the opposite and to force it to serve itself. I speak: be not confused anything, everything I Will turn on advantage that is everything I Will force to serve you. And you study the same, knowing that to the wise serve both friends and enemies, both favorable and opposite winds and whirlwinds and all circumstances of life. All life how there was it, becomes a carpet of a feat or lifting steps. After the entire heavy hammer, splitting up glass forges damask steel. Therefore, I Claim, there are no circumstances opposite that is disturbing to ascension. Opposite and application it for an ascension of spirit it is easiest to make loan of force at collision with unrestrained flashes of an astral in people surrounding us. Thus it isn't required any external actions and even words, but full possession of and skillful polarization of own consciousness is required. Then an enemy wave, having met a granite monolith of spirit, powerlessly hangs and scatters on thousands splashes. It was already said that nobody will resist against balance, because balance fires – the phenomenon of the highest order before which the lowest flame instantly dies away. Fire of balance gives unfading Light. It is told about it that there was Light and its darkness not to embrace. The scale of fires of balance is wide and, rising; there is everything above and above. But even the initial stage gives its awareness of power. Therefore achievement of this superior quality of spirit deserves to pay to it the closest attention.
138. (July 23). My son, rescue in beat. Stability it will give also constancy and will transfer through < … >. And I Will know that Dialogue with Me is everyday observed. Danger of full immersion to the world dense is that it forces to forget absolutely about the worlds of the Highest. The whole periods in life of the people were noted by oblivion of three worlds and denial of everything that is inaccessible to five terrestrial feelings. All the best as though clothed a scab, became numb and lost the fine and intimate sense. Ideas degenerated, religions degenerated and the darkest ignorance took up a place once high understanding. Nowadays the planet during new blossoming of spiritual consciousness enters, and doors of the temple of science reveal, I Emphasize, not religions, but science which is fated to bring mankind out of the denial deadlock on space open spaces of the highest knowledge. The world is uniform. From what party to approach to its cognition, the correct cognition will lead to comprehension of uniform space laws on which the world is based. The highest knowledge will be about the person because in it all is concluded. I told: "I Is Alpha and Omega", but I am a person, and not only I, but the Person in general is an Alpha and Omega of shown Space. In it also it is necessary to look for solutions of all questions. The secret concluded in the person, a bike is. The Highest Wisdom brings the person to knowledge itself. It is difficult to imagine a space of a human microcosm and its indissoluble coherence with all worlds. Study plants, animals, birds and fishes finally to come to conclusion, what not in them, but in the person it is necessary to look for solutions of life because it is concentrated in it in the hidden look, potentially the, but in comparison with the lowest forms of life, in more highest and perfective aspect everything that is available in them. Far it isn't necessary to go. Look for closer. All is in the person.
139. (July 24). In order that Communication took place, it is necessary to premise it thought approving this Communication. The threshold shown by thought will cause desirable result. There can be a question why not all thoughts are carried out, though such threshold is shown. But who can tell when and where the harvest of kind or evil thoughts keeps up, and whether the karma of the person will be a crystallized consequence of his thoughts. It is possible to claim with confidence that each thought as energy of the highest order, yields sooner or later the fruit in full compliance with the force and tension. The insignificant thought and consequences generates insignificant, but the fiery thought of the centers coordinated in fiery aspiration gives birth to giants. Consequences of the coordinated thoughts of collective are especially strong. Even the circle from several conformable consciousnesses can be very strong; even two coordinated auras can work wonders. It is necessary to think of what power of thought of the Lord if it can channelize planet evolution on the whole cycle. So at the beginning each Nova Epoch the Planetary Spirit, its heading, on the plan of primary prototypes creates her forms and thought creates and channelizes it necessary. In the same way and each person consciously or unconsciously premises thought to each movement, action or an act. There are a lot of reasons of obvious and fast failure of thoughts. First, the same thoughts of people around which on the potential are stronger, secondly, the generated thought can counteract them it can be weak, thirdly, the beget of thought the uncertainty and fluctuations can absolutely weaken it and deprive of any force. Even, if good shooter to deprive of confidence, accuracy and the clearness of movements, his actions won't yield usual results, in the same way and with thought. The weapon of thought demands a skilled hand, ability and unshakable confidence of its force. Consciously the very few use power of thought. But sorcerers of all degrees use it strong; dark nowadays strong resort to this invisible and unheard weapon, imitating attendants of Light. Many mental influences go from the Thin World. At some attentiveness and vigilance it is easy to find them. But the spatial thought is especially strong in the influences. The mental world surrounding a planet, it is possible to start realizing if to think of the mental world of each person which shrouds it as a butterfly – a cocoon. The mental world of a planet considerably grows out of collective mental creativity of all mankind. It is necessary to understand, at last, that if the person thought of something and created in the imagination the corresponding image, this form already exists somewhere. Billion images created by people sate aura of a planet and plans corresponding to them. These thoughts live in space and work strong on live and died, often neutralizing feeble attempts of individual thinking and subordinating to itself even collective thought. At the beginning of a new era much We that people could create again any more on the blazed roads had to destroy, but to create new life in its new forms. The world old pulls mankind back, in the past, to spheres of thoughts gets rid, but We Call to the World New and new forms we Give and on it is new we Build on ways not descend power of the thoughts which are given rise again.
140. (July 26). My son, the judgment future comes nearer inevitably. Much of the events on a planet testify to a prompt course of evolution. Even the ardent resistance of the old world serves only to this acceleration because causes to life powerful counteraction of new evolutionary energy. In this prompt run of events it is possible to distinguish clearly already the phenomena of Light of the future from convulsions and attempts of the leaving world. Certainly, we weed collisions of forces the consciousness of the person is, Light or which darkness causes the course of evolution. Transformation of the world is in a straight line and close dependence on consciousness regeneration. It is necessary to contain and so much to acquire so much that tension becomes a time not in power that that can't dump from it (himself) fetters of last fulfillments. These heaps littering consciousness, are subject to cleaning and destruction. The world New has to replace in consciousness of a tatter, garbage and ruins to which the old world leaving from a historical scene is reduced. Now battle on an idea planet. Thoughts can't be suppressed any methods of external influence or violence. Thoughts can't be suppressed any methods of external influence or violence. The great world revolution, which is already happening in consciousness of sets, will come to the end with its clear victory. And despite of all enrage of darkness and supporters of the old world, the World New will win against it. Let's be glad to signs of the future victory much already and we will pay tribute to the great people of the great country bearing on the shoulders heavy burden of responsibility for the fastest approach of this bright future for all people of the Earth. For the Homeland we will be glad, though its lot is heavy.
141. We go on tops. We consider victory signs. It isn't necessary to stop on signs of leaving terrestrial power that they didn't stand in future light. Light of the future is great. Not in the past, but to the future the consciousness is directed. In is it all. Unachieved and unattainable today in it is achievable. The country approving a magnet of future happiness for all mankind, to a judgment victory will come. To the future we will be glad because judgment to be.
142. (July 27). What do you do to overcome in itself the old person? Two in one fight for domination over consciousness: one wants to go, wants Communication with the Lord, another which of the past, in every way prevents it to ascend wants to rise to Top, and. How many the best aspirations and undertakings the shabby destroyed! It, shabby, too builds and too aspires. But all its aspirations and energy are directed on external and limited to limits of small circles. It doesn't go beyond one life, and even in life one it doesn't love and doesn't want to look far. Limitation – its essence and self-love – a circle of its display. But we live in Boundlessness where nothing comes to an end and therefore each action what it was, is only a link of the chain which doesn't have the end. We Speak about a conscious pelting of anchors of long voyage. When the thought is thrown in the far future, it forms in it focus of a magnetic attraction to which the consciousness as to the anchor thrown forward – the ship will be attracted. All the time which is, is at the disposal of the person, it is necessary to realize only that if something desirable is impracticable now, it is feasible in the future. And in this future where everything is achievable and the strong anchor of magnetic thought which will give the chance to attract consciousness to desirable achievement is thrown. Therefore never it is necessary to recede or lay down arms or stop fight against the old antismoker in itself, knowing that the future is and there is that field of a victory over which is immutable will get to the winner who has acquired psych mechanics of this fight and overcoming in of the old person. It isn't necessary to recede or be given under no circumstances; it is strong how it is possible to get a desired victory. It is possible, not to cause ardent counteraction, not to undertake for the period of any direct actions, but having approved strongly thought of desirable achievement and having strengthened it a rhythm repeated, to throw it forward, in that future in which shabby it is necessary to be inclined before the highest Y. It is possible, it is possible to win against it because it temporarily and transient, but is eternal and immortal Silently Looking Witness staying in each of us.
143. Where to find forces for steady and fast advance? In Me, in thoughts of Me, in aspiration to be in thoughts with Me! When together with Me in everything and always, immutable there is a step. If something not be made at My visible Presence, so it something badly; so invisible My Presence in the spirit of becomes that the Stone, on which it is possible to build the spirit house. It is necessary to build it and it is necessary to manage to construct before transition of great borders. They build here, on the earth, all thoughts and the forces putting in terrestrial, and even continue to live in the constructions there, having dumped a body. You, builders of the Light Hail, at Home the build for spirit now on the plan of other order where whirlwinds terrestrial and time won't be able already to break that is constructed in the spirit of. You build thought, fastening each the brick cement of energy of heart. The love calls it. Love and aspiration to the Highest World in it the person creates to himself the house, a monastery for spirit.
144. (July 28). Subjects of the physical world exist on the plan physical. Subjects and images of a mental order are on the plan visible. They are invisible, but have the same bright and valid existence, as well as subjects of the visible world. The terms "visible" and "invisible" aren't absolutely exact because for thin sight invisible subjects are visible as is real, as dense for a physical eye. The person constantly creates these invisible images and sates with them space. Each thought has a form of this or that degree of clearness. Artists and writers usually think extraordinary accurately, generating chains of steady fancies. Shrouding itself in a protective wall of a stream of being shone thought the thinker of as though surrounds with an armor through which the fancies crowding in space around can't get. For their penetration it is necessary that they on the vibrations were the same order or even more distinguished. Through an armor of light can pass only light thoughts therefore the protective enveloping of a circle of a being shone matter is the phenomenon absolutely real on the plan super physical, more precisely, thin visibility. It is necessary to notice that super physical anything isn't present: anywhere and everywhere matter of different steps of depression and refinement. Thin educations are real. Filling spheres around with images of the thoughts, the creator a thin, invisible environment, which will get obviously visible forms creates them and will accompany it when it will dump the physical body and when his astral sight will open. That invisibly now, will be visible in Elevated. Building on beauty won't regret about one thought, but a grief to latterly and malicious, because surround itself with darkness which magnetic is conformable to all darkness, their related own mental production on a tonality. And that they created, as though will join failures of darkness of the Hidden World, involving in funnels and whirlwinds of beget of a disgrace. Condition after release from a body very fair because the person has round himself that conformably both to thinking close usual and habitual for it: reaps that seeded. That created and I created thought and feeling, will have, will see, strengthened in the megaphone of space and increased in the intensity thanks to lack of dense visibility. Remains with itself, with the mental production strengthened by the magnetic accord with related on essence it by spheres. So everyone can define the future in Elevated, having analyzed nature of the mental activity during lifetime on the earth. There are no punishments and a penalty; there are simply direct and logical consequences of immutable laws of the Thin World, - sowers here, and reapers of the crops there. Each thought – a crops seed, even low-slightest. It small thoughts are especially dangerous. It is impossible to release them from the consciousness conveyor, without having imposed on everyone a sign of the final decision or judgment as not rejected and approved, it will give the sprout. And if it is thought of darkness, and the sprout will be dark and will grow, doesn't become sharp yet and prickly and won't start tearing apart a throat. Therefore be underline continuous patrol and severe control over thought. Fluttering of moths of darkness is inadmissible – consequences will be bad. Better such minutes to repeat the sacred appeal Aum, than to fill hidden spheres with the thoughts unworthy the pupil. It is necessary to pay for levity and connivance because the seeded reaps.
145. It is possible to be glad to that thought; being visible reality of the Thin World, in it exists as it is concrete as there are on the earth subjects of the dense world. It is possible to be glad, I Repeat, each thought, which from Light. The rhythm of the everyday address to the Teacher of Light and the images connected with this process, in space create conformable to them an environment for consciousness addressing to Light. It is necessary to strengthen only everyday them and to give them more vitality and realities that in vanity and turmoil of external life into which the consciousness plunges in the afternoon, force of influence of these images didn't weaken. Horses of morning can be let in midday heat of day, but – strong holding a bit. It is necessary that invisible overcame visible and, being hidden, guarded consciousness, protecting and protecting it from storms of the outside world. In it crying, both a gnash tooth, and protection is necessary. Whirlwinds of the dense world strong tighten consciousness in the funnels and if not to preserve it, a clouding and a black out not to avoid, not to avoid and infections of the spatial thoughts which are so generously radiated by ignorant people. Be in the world, but other-worldly is far difficult task. Dense, rough vibrations muffle vibrations of the highest scale, as fraction of a drum or a roar of copper pipes – thin sounds of a violin. But they can close access to consciousness, shrouding itself in waves of a being shone matter. It is possible to deepen and strengthen so this process that sounds of the dense world won't be able to reach consciousness any more. It is possible; it is possible to learn not to see and not to hear anything from this that around if thoughts are concentrated on the Highest. It is possible; it is possible to learn not to see and not to hear anything from this that around if thoughts are concentrated on the Highest. It is necessary to remember only reality of thought and thin educations, it created in space.
146. (July 29). My son, many voices will sound and a lot of ban stopping a way. But going to Me knows where goes and worldly voices won't confuse the going. Here they meet you on a way and, loudly shouting, try to stop advance. Well let also rolled in the generations and brain fabrications, and that after all demand that also you wriggled on their image and similarity. And what they will give, negative ardent when will punch hour the last stay in a body? Where there will be they and what consolation will give? Having limited the thinking to a circle small, want squeeze in it and you with your world, which has already concerned mine and Boundlessness. Ignorant it is easy to misdirect, but the one who still during lifetime more than once already passed out of limits of this world to the world how to convince him that the world of that doesn't exist. In total – in the person, in him the beginning and the end of any cognition and when its source is open, knowing can't be made the ignoramus already. Why they denying life are so persistent? Who littered with it eyes and stuffed up ears? Whether darkness? Nowadays the science will punch and will destroy ignorance barriers. Nowadays the science will open ways of cognition of Boundlessness. Only ignorance can deliver barriers to science. Therefore we call ignorance darkness. Ignorance is ignorance and darkness, and knowledge – Light.
147. The thought conducts the person. And, if it conducts it in the world dense as far as this guidance in World Thin, where everything moves thought amplifies. There thought any more abstraction, but real engine of life. The thought clothes the thin matter magneto attracted with energy of thought from space. The image created by thought appears at beget and enters into a circle of his consciousness. Force of such education depends at most the energy of heart enclosed in it by the person. Images of strong feelings and passions can be so intense and resistant what to be exempted from them it is impossible, without having opposed them thoughts of stronger potential. But as the majority of people of it doesn't know and isn't able, each creator of the irrepressible thoughts becomes their victim. Many crimes are committed at a big tension of heart, and then the related fancies are especially active and especially sickly. It is almost impossible to escape from their environment. They will repeatedly torment consciousness until their energy won't be exhausted. All heard about tortures of conscience. These are fancies, persuasive and stickly, torment the victim. Tranquility is underline not to sate the thoughts with violent energy of an astral. The passionless thought of beget doesn't torment. Mastering by thought and feeling gives freedom to consciousness. How to learn to own itself? Only having begun with mastering by the smallest feelings and the smallest thoughts, and only then it is possible to move already bulks. Small victories over will give hardness to a hand and confidence of possibility of a clear victory. With small it is necessary to begin to reach the bigger. Everything is achievable if to understand value of small victories over. They will bring pleasure to heart and will teach pleasure of overcoming of, because a way specifies the victorious.
148. (Aug. 1). The Lord is unchangeable. His love doesn't rust and endures centuries. And communication with It is indissoluble if only doesn’t. Break it following It. He wants to see the same qualities of spirit in going. Devotion is valuable constancy, as well as other qualities of spirit. The Lord that you understood wants that uniting between itself devotion, love and aspiration, you could throw these feelings consciously on many lives forward. What advantage in friendship short or attachments for a while? Our attachments forever, same is! As pith little men, face and approach people soon to disperse. Let will be a little, but relatives, and let proximity this won't be limited to time. We approach pupils forever. As arrive also you. Valuably have the loyal friend from life in life. And there will be he a friend, and there, after death, and in lives of the futures. Neither time, nor distance, has separation had any value if such degree of proximity was approved. Flitting sparks of temporary and passing feelings aren't appreciated by us at all. And how the examinee the suitable, this mirage of illusive feelings flared temporary devotion, love and aspiration is very fragile. As also our relatives in the attitudes towards those who approach with them show the same qualities of spirit. Also We divide all on temporary and constant. Certainly, this constancy was shaped and developed in the past. As a matter of fact, new friends don't happen – all old. Think how valuably to have at least one enduring friend. Unite in the spirit of. Dense details are fragile and values have no. They are as though accompaniment of internal feelings, enduring. Any attempts to replace internal and real external are doomed to failure. Constancy Us to appreciate are high, as also devotion steady. It is a lot of passersby, on them are not late. But the loyal friend you appreciate, true so there aren't enough friends.
149. Only the strong consciousness can see among chaos of the inconsistent phenomena a steady, firm and victorious gait of the New World. Weak will get confused in them and in powerlessness will hang. Can seem at times that the train which has gone to a tunnel, never won't appear any more again on light of day. But even grain to give shoots, has to be buried. The chain of causes and effects is continuous, its separate links were at least invisible. The crops made in the past, weren't lost, but, hidden by waves of external events; ripen that to term to keep up. The lit-up consciousness that on essence of the reason to judge greatness of a consequence is necessary. Who from contemporaries understood that the last Light Teacher, accepted shameful death, generated such reasons, powerful and which long consequences worked and grew during the millennia? In the same way and the crops made Sent ours, in centuries won't die, but will give mighty fiery shoots. The crops made on demolition of eras, special value have and will be conscious and understood only in the light of the future Day. Courage is necessary also firmness to be able to consider already issued contours of the majestic building of the New World rising over ruins of the old, leaving world in waves of the current phenomena.
150. (Aug. 2). Association in the spirit of with the Lord will be a prosperity basis. Difficulty is in understanding of constant Proximity and continuous Presence. To clothe a constant prayer – means to hold this communication. Whether the prayer, either uninterrupted aspiration, or feeling of Hidden Presence – all this is only various aspects of understanding of Proximity of the Lord. If all field of consciousness is occupied with affairs of day, let in sub consciousness there is a representation and feeling of communication hidden. The head always you carry on shoulders, though you don't realize this feeling every instant, but even the subconscious feeling of existence it is integral and any minute you can feel and realize it. In the same way takes root and into all being of the person the fact of invisible Presence of the Lord, takes root strongly and strong and so that no whirlwinds of the outside world could darken or belittle or destroy it. So the person that everything is forgotten over time is arranged, being replaced with new impressions of life going. Task – in that nothing could force to forget, even for a while, the most necessary, major and major condition of ascension of spirit. And if for some reason or other constancy it didn't take place yet, it is necessary to strain all forces for achievement of this condition. Not the words told, read or written down, will give strength, but their application. All the time which is, on hand yours, therefore, opportunities are given to reach. Every day you eat and you drink and you serve the needs, but necessity of service of spirit, necessity of service to Light it is realized and carried out not always. Means, the urgency of the statement of this constancy should be deepened, awareness of necessity should be deepened so that resistance of the old antismoker in to overcome and force to break off intense sounding of vanity. Vanity too sounds, only sounding it too disharmoniously and tears apart consciousness. We live in eternal and therefore to see art eternal in temporary everywhere and always will be ability of the yogi. For this purpose it is necessary to acquire strong situation that temporary there is a section or the aspect of Boundlessness taken in an interval of time of this or that duration. From Boundlessness in which we have the life, it is impossible to exclude anything, but to realize a display it in great and small it is possible. Also the person is only a link of the infinite chain going from the past, not having beginning, in the future which doesn't have the end. Each link taken in time, concerns another, another – the third and so on and further. Nothing has the end, began, but everything exists and proceeds eternally. Therefore, believing that boundless we as, however and all matter, undoubted we claim. To apprehend and record thought – only a half put, the second is it to approve in application in life. The way also is difficult to those that the application in practice of that is apprehended in the spirit of are demanded.
151. My son, will ennoble you and will humiliate, will eulogize and humiliate, but you nevertheless go, without changing a rhythm of a step and knowing that the Lord your uniform Judge, which not and the condemning to you, but the Defender, both the Friend, and the Father. He sees and knows you, and still conducts, despite all your shortcomings because considers worthy you Guidance’s in the spirit of. But judgments and condemnations by you let don't confuse passable people your mind. Such is the mentality of the ordinary person that less than understanding of My relatives is more than condemnation. Darkness judge, which in them? You remember and know that the Lord and with you his Beam, both Love, and Care Is close. Also rejoice to ardent attacks because the darkness testifies to your light. Who is against you, that against Me, because as developer you serve attendants of darkness. Would like strong to take cover and not to be found, but can't because strong seek to harm. And how to harm if aren't active. But masks to carry and a grief are able and are able to be covered with not distinguished. Without test and check we Do not approach to Ourselves anybody as also you arrive, masks without be touched how they were sweet. Heavy and bitterly it is necessary to pay for affection though for this payment and the knowledge of the person is acquired. Everything I Turn on advantage: both good and bad because together with Me the way is direct.
152. When all: both good and bad – starts serving the person going to Light, we Call him the winner. Achievement it isn't frequent, - specifies on spirit height. Force dark to serve itself and possibly to benefit by their shifts only at the next communication with the Teacher of Light. Otherwise nevertheless it is deceived they and will mislead. Force them that are invisible and work with thought. Visible assistants them usually only a screen behind which they hide, and at times very skillfully. The main characters are on the plan astral. Therefore the main protection against them is in skillful use of psych equipment. When the internal feeling of patrol consciousness indicates darkness approach, it is necessary defend the Lord, before the Face its darkness recedes because it is powerless. And the more strongly it comes, the in consciousness the shining Shape of the Lord more brightly has to burn. Thus tension of dark activity will cause the strengthened tension of Light, and monsters of a gloom will serve then as throne legs. Mistake will be, darkness having frightened, to forget about the Teacher of Light and that to give the chance to it to triumph. The darkness isn't terrible, and it is powerless before Light which should be lit and supported especially strong when the darkness comes.
153. (Aug. 3). Boundlessness is in everything. Qualities of spirit are also boundless also. Therefore, they can be raised infinitely. Everyone can be deepened and strengthened. Qualities of spirit are forms approved or approved in a microcosm of the person of fires. Each quality is crystallized fire of this or that degree and the sizes. Accumulating crystals of approved qualities, multiplies imperishable treasure of people and builds to itself a fiery monastery for spirit. The spirit is fire and exists on fire, and growth of fires of spirit expands and approves that basis on which its conscious life is based on the earth and in space. Because fires are there is spirit attire. Qualities of spirit are approved and grow in the annex to life. Qualities aren't present the abstract. Quality is a form of a display of activity of spirit. It is possible to plan to itself row desirable qualities which should be strengthened, approved and increased. Fires of fearlessness allow overcoming difficulties of life. They frighten dark rack, they protect in a way. It is necessary, it is necessary to think best of all and more deeply to understand force of fires of balance of spirit. Each quality is flaring fiery power. Burning the pupil, qualities of spirit the approved goes all fires. Building the dwelling to itself a roof has; raising money – wealth; collecting things – a manor. All this not for the future because all this for a while, devouring the tail and everything that in it is saved up to himself by the person. But the one who raises and saves up fiery power of shining qualities of spirit, creates to itself that remains with it forever. The collector of treasures we call the wise industrialist of life knowing, why and for the sake of what he lives. And those who waste also that has, and those who save up in eternal life live among people. It is possible to raise, move ahead and ascend in any living conditions. There are no circumstances opposite. Everything inures to advantage to the one who passed line and who knows that return back already isn't present. And if the forces and understanding don't suffice that strong interfering to turn something on advantage, I Will help and I Will turn. So in unification strong a victory we will reach also the insuperable we will overcome. Only on call we Open a gate and to the address we Respond. The fiery impulse goes from the heart addressing and directing to Light. Inert packs we Can not move – forbids the law. But each aspiration turned to Us, we Sate. Call and response – accords the law. To Come to Me everything burdened by narrowness of man-made cellars, and to you a way I Will specify to infinite Light. Everything is opened, everything is available. Understood, come.
154. I give, but accept; I Will move, but direct; I Will help, but give, to what to put. Never the heart directed to Us, doesn't remain without the answer. Whether but many are able to direct? On an arrow of fiery aspiration hang freight of vain cares, both alarms, and doubts, both small thoughts, and feelings, and... The arrow hangs, and it can't come off the one who sends it. Obscure consciousnesses vanity equivalently to the termination of access of Light. Go on tops to only strong spirit in power. And go.
155. When want to separate accurately elements enduring in consciousness of that is passing and it is mortal, present itself at a threshold of great borders when there comes the parting moment with the earth and a body. And the true value of things will appear then in their real light, and it will be easy to separate the real metal from a fake.
156. It is good to accustom consciousness to logic of the Elevated World already in advance; it a bit different, than on the Earth. There is no subjects close or far – what are approached by thought or to which approached thought are close. Behind thought the one who generated it is attracted also; where is thought, there and creator of this thought! The thought moves subjects of the Thin World as is free as terrestrial subjects a hand move, even is much more free because the size of subjects of value has no. Not necessarily created thing, for example, the house to create gradually, but it is possible to create at once entirely. Stability, reality and beauty of the created thing depend at most and thinking clearness’s. You learn therefore accurately to think on the earth. The uncertain, indistinct, flitting thinking will create the same images. All constructed on a key of Beauty well unconditionally. Attendants of Beauty on the earth in the Thin World are blessing of that sphere in which they live. Beauty – an antithesis or a darkness antipode. Beauty and Light is synonyms. Idea of any feeling or feeling instantly generates it and is accompanied by a conformable visual environment. Low thoughts and feelings not only create low, ugly images, but also magneto are attracted together with beget to the same spheres of space. The precept thinking clair-radiant, is practical extraordinary. At thought of action the usual sequence isn't necessary, the end result is necessary. Permeability of a matter of the Hidden World has nothing in common with terrestrial, because nontight all. Light or darkness, wearable in heart, it is already impossible to hide there. But it is possible to accept any appearance with which nevertheless it is impossible to deceive skilled consciousness. Speed of movement is in certain cases equivalent to speed of thought. But it is far not at all. The consciousness sated with terrestrial fluids heavy goes in that world, - sometimes absolutely not movably. The engine – thought. If here on Earth the person who has believed in inevitability of death, really physically dies what where the matter quickly obeys thought!
157. If the centers – wells of planetary beams, qualities of spirit are accumulators and containers of fiery energy.
158. (Aug. 4). Not repetition, but deepening given earlier. By the principle of a spiral there is a consciousness expansion. Each round passes over previous, but above it. The above the consciousness, the more widely again opening to it from distance height rises. The pleasure gives this feeling of boundless opportunities of cognition. Whether in ancient formulas of intimate knowledge, whether nowadays in formulas, life current conformable, but everywhere there are in them concluded particles of great knowledge, uniform, invariable times from the beginning. When people open this or that law of a universe, it is wrong to think that this law is new, it is old as the world because existed always is old. Life creates new forms. Creativity also is destiny and the person. On the basis of laws old as the world the person can create new forms. Forms temporarily, but are eternal laws. Also possibilities of creativity of the person on the basis of these laws are boundless.
159. The matter of the Thin World is plastic. It means that it easily gives in to molding. That here, on the earth to create a material subject, it is necessary to lay hands, tools, cars both various adaptations and devices are necessary. But there all this isn't necessary. All this is replaced with thought with which the person acts. Everything is created thereby thought by direct and its direct impact on plastic and easily mobile matter of the Thin World. The thought immediately pours out in a form. Energy of thought creates these forms. It is possible, having closed eyes, to see an internal eye those forms which pass through consciousness under the influence of thought. The same forms also exist in the world hidden. The difference only that the person who has dumped a body, any more doesn't see the dense world, but instead of subjects sees it forms of the astral world among which the considerable place is occupied by the fancies created by people, both live, and the dead, that is out of a dense body. Each dense subject and all that exists on the physical plan, has the reflection, or the double, on the plan astral. These doubles of physical subjects are quite steady and create visibility thin. Than closer to the earth, especially they are similar to a terrestrial environment of the person. But each terrestrial subject is extended in time, for example, a tree, from the moment of the origin and up to the end. There it is possible to see these forms any more in time section, as on the earth, but taken as a whole, from the beginning and up to the end. There it is possible to stop on any moment of this duration. Also extended and life human is. The astral cliché represents itself such tape of any phenomenon, from life of the certain person to life of planets and the worlds. Archives of space memory not are available to all and not everything, but on consciousness of the researcher. There books it isn't necessary, it is possible to study visually and to see that, on what the thought is directed. Possibilities of elevated existence are amazing and extraordinary. But approach ways to them should be approved here, on the earth, breaking through aspiration channels in space. For aspiration there everything is possible, for the aspiration approved in consciousness during lifetime of terrestrial. Those important, considerably and need a terrestrial embodiment in a body, because serves as a springboard for spirit going to boundless knowledge. The thought approved in consciousness on the earth, has an opportunity of the development and end there.
160. (Aug. 5). Each accepted pupil all burden of the imperfection assigns it to the Leader. Last experience is very instructive, - and in big, and in the small. And now: it would seem, everything was good – both care is shown, and care, and attentive supervision over, and open heart, and even honoring and appreciation, but the main thing wasn't told. It wasn't mentioned that the consciousness is tormented often by desires of a body. And these waves of desires concerned and got into aura and caused thoughts and feelings by the nature of the. And the same as in the Tower the Teacher of imperfection following It, in the same way pours and each going assumes and overcomes in the consciousness shortcomings and weaknesses of those whom it conducts. It is impossible to give in. It is necessary to meet a wave of active imperfection consciously, to neutralize it, to neutralize and return sending realized of darkness to the public. Process all is hidden, but is very real because not to win against a wave of third-party influences it is impossible as both will come to be in a hole. Responsibility for foreign consciousness which has trusted obviously is great. Inexperience seeks to teach and edify, but the skilled traveler knows, this burden how is heavy, and never invites anybody on the yard. But being knocked has to open. Called in by a millstone will lie down on a neck, will burden unreasonably and will depart. But if were knocked, burden has to assume and knocked to give a hand because both above, and below, and loading, even excessively, will inure to only advantage to both. It is useful to think of what coasted to the Teacher by everyone approached if it is allowed.
161. Energy of desire creates a form of thought corresponding to desire and when it is created, already it independently starts influencing and influencing beget. A mutual food so strengthens this fancy that action becomes inevitable. The thought always seeks to be embodied in action. Thoughts push people on any ugly actions and even crimes. Fancies – either friends or enemies to the person. It is necessary to acquire that the dirty thinking generates same and acts. It is necessary to realize that, strengthening a negative fancy by a food it thought and feeling, it is possible to bring it to degree of such tension that the will be absolutely suppressed by it, and not person, and the fancy created by it will work and dispose of the person. Therefore to stop process of a food of a dark fancy follows right at the beginning, without allowing it to expand. In the course of creation of negative mental forms by the main operating beginning the astral conductor, a body of desires is. The desire lights a thought spark. The thought given a shape, kindles and strengthens desire. The "Ferris wheel" involving consciousness in spheres of spatial desires turns out. The space cooperates both with Light Carrier, and with the darkness carrier, but on tension and attraction lines opposite. The accord law inevitably and precisely works and here. Each thought the person causes Light or darkness; because the person is a magnet, and with magnetic force the thought of the person is saturated. Continuous patrol and control over thought are necessary in order that on rashness not to appear involved in a magnetic field of an attraction of thoughts dirty and low and not to establish those magnetic accord with darkness. If overcame dirty thoughts, it means that the will of the person wasn't able to overcome force of their magnetic attraction. On the plan terrestrial all horror of this process isn't shown but when the body is dumped, dark fancies can invincibly carry away the person in chasms of the lower class of the astral world, from where it is possible and not to rise. Therefore each victory over now the guarantee will be victories over an attraction of the lower class and whirlwinds astral and after death. Dark in these cases are usually very active, shrouding the victims in waves of an allure and delusions. Darkness fancies alluring very much and attracting. Behind them darkness and anything, poison and prickles. They give nothing, despite all brightness of the deceptive visibility. But finally they, depriving consciousness of access of Light, sadden it and force to move back. Dark spawns of thought can realize all horror of weak-willed submission only in World Aboveground, when already too late to overcome them; therefore we Warn now.
162. The teacher sometimes allows waves of dark influences that could learn from this experience a useful lesson and increase knowledge. Positively all addresses on advantage. Yesterday's experience of this order is very instructive. Let's learn to rejoice and to that are noted by darkness. Let the darkness decay for flowers of Light.
163. (Aug. 6). When the aspiration inflames, far becomes to the relatives, inaccessible – available, unattainable – achievable and impossible – possible. The attraction magnet to future fulfillments amplifies then and wings for distant flights grow. Fire of aspiration can be stored ardent communication with the Lord.
164. The majority of cells of a body sleep. If they managed to be awakened, the body would become shining and flying. It is necessary to think of awakening of sections. Thought and consciousness concentration on sick body balances and promotes the fastest recovery, as well as healing of wounds. Thus sections become more active, being sated with mental energy. Each section, being the electric battery, serves at the same time and the accumulator of this fiery energy. It is possible to awaken sections to life, concentrating on any part of a body. But not to break its balance, it is necessary to concentrate on all body, since toes and rising everything is higher and higher up to darkness. Results can be noted immediately on feeling of the raised pulsation of all body, on disappearance of a drowsiness or physical fatigue if those were available, and on the general raising of vitality. This phenomenon is immediately reflected and in a thin body, and possible there are flights in it. There is as though an office of a physical body from thin, thanks to strengthening and activation of mental energy. At constancy and duration of this exercise possibility of diseases decreases and old age approach is slowed down. It is possible to notice how at a tension of mental energy the person even without any exercises looks younger, but at exercises all body looks younger and his old age is removed and the phenomenon of diseases is stopped. At yoga's processes and opening of the centers it occurs automatically, but conscious and systematic awakening of cells of a body conducts to the same consequences. This process is closely connected with registration of a thin, mental and fiery body, and strong increase of vitality of an organism is promoted by it. As well as in everything, here gradualness and regularity too is necessary to avoid undesirable consequences. Exercise it banishes a dream but if to cease to sleep – harm is inevitable. At this exercise reserve stocks of each section are caused to manifestation, and, having spent them, it is possible to lose these stocks which are so necessary always for all occasions. On the other hand, energy amplifies magnetic influence of thought. In all body the strengthened pulsation, just the same, as in muscles is felt at hard work. This pulsation and warmth also serve as an indicator of that sections started waking up. They will fall asleep again if not to support their wake condition. Concept of retired people dangerously that, having stopped the usual rhythmic work, the worker who has got used to it stops a stream of mental energy and subject’s breaks balance of an organism. Therefore so quickly the retired people who have stopped the work also die. Existence of activity of mental energy is necessary for a body. Concentration on a body raises it and promotes longevity. But it isn't it, and in that cages woke up also life of the bodies, all bodies, would become fuller. All bodies are closely tied with each other, and activity increase in one is reflected and in others because mental energy is universal and phenomenon in all bodies and on all plans. About strengthening of mental energy and its accumulation there is a speech. But only the awakened sections of a body can keep it in due quantity. The consciousness strong influences a body and quantity of mental energy in its bodies. It is enough to wake up to the person as he will cease to feel chilly if was cold in a dream. It shows how the woken-up consciousness immediately raises vitality in all body, sending energy to all his members. A lot of things can be told about value of this exercise, but only experience will give the necessary knowledge and will expand and will deepen understanding of process of accumulation of fire.
165. (Aug. 7). Water hollows a stone as also frequency of attempts to approve desirable quality of spirit overcomes counteraction of the old person inside.
166. (Aug. 8). My son, we will strengthen a thread of communication with Me. If the consciousness is filled by yours and you, to me the place in it isn't present. If Me, in Light My you stay. In anthems it is sung: "In Light you we will behold light". The thought of Light strengthens it. The thought of Me also will be thought of Light. If it is constant and my Face is constant in the third eye, the consciousness is then in the Beam of constant Light. Thoughts of Us clear consciousness of litter. Thoughts of Us ennoble. Thoughts of Us, to Us directing, attract. If you ascend, think of Us. Silver Bridge is under construction thought, is cemented by heart and supported by energy of thought and heart. Having caused in consciousness my Face and the Name My repeating and strengthening influence it a rhythm of sacred appeals, it is possible to increase energy of tension of a silver thread of communication. At the pleasure and lifting moments, at the moments of difficulties and burdening by circumstances it is possible to strengthen a thread. It is possible to enter a rhythm of strengthening everyday into a rhythm of day. Rhythm the nature lives, and, especially, its wreath, the person, in beat succeed and without couriers of thoughts and the squeezed-out efforts multiply the light. Therefore the rhythm of morning and evening Addresses shouldn't be broken by anything, never. There are no such circumstances which could prevent the mental Address to the Lord. Both behind work, and behind work, and during rest, here or there and anywhere, under all circumstances and in all conditions this rhythm is broken never. The chain of an indestructible rhythm will transfer through even then when great borders will be passed. But value of a rhythm and in World Aboveground remains same, as well as on the earth. The rhythm is a basis of the shown world. All is based on it – from vibrations of the smallest parts of a matter to system of the worlds and galaxies. As well in time the Universe phenomenon in beat. The rhythm is a space basis of Boundlessness. Showering anchors of long voyage and knowing that waves of spatial thought again will return to send them, to construct on a rhythm and a rhythm it is possible a spirit ladder. And the anchor of the future achievement, that is an anchor of magnetic thought is thrown in farther future, the achievement will be more right because in this case the thought is deprived of astral parts and elements of personal thinking and egoism, so strong disturbing to thought to be carried out. The super personal thinking of subjects and is strong that heavy particles of egoism don't burden it, keeping thought about beget. The thought is strong not the astral beginning, but heart fire, differently the world or would collapse long ago from spiteful thoughts biped or execution of astral desires would generate incalculable disasters. How many destructive words are told under the influence of dark passions and emotions, the world because thoughts of Light are stronger lack of elements in them than the astral beginning being a basis and a stronghold of egoism and still keep? The thought directed in the far future is personal can't because the personality certainly and the circle of manifestation of her energy out of limits of one life doesn't leave. That, what directs in the far future, grows, as a garden the best. Why all Great Spirits called and directed consciousness of people of Earth, in the future, and in the future the most remote where it joins the Boundlessness Ocean. Life eternal is the life of the future approved in the present. The future is a bridge in Boundlessness: without it not to enter into Eternity which reigns over a past, present and the future of the person.
167. The powerful projection of thought in the future strong strengthens action it in the present.
168. Knowing separate embodiments of Great Spirits, you strengthen awareness of Great Identity of each of them and you take not a separate link of a chain, but all chain.
169. (Aug. 9). In memory of the nature everything is imprinted from the beginning of the shown world. Each subject bears on itself prints of that, which ever occurred round it. All matter possesses properties of photo cells. Ancient subjects are interesting to these. Everyone can tell a lot of things to distinguished consciousness. Aura of things, situations, and houses, the cities and settlements it is possible to feel at some attentiveness. It isn't enough addresses attention on feelings of heart at contact with them, meanwhile as they it is frequent obviously speak for itself. The unpleasant feeling from visit of some places or rooms also is feeling of the aura surrounding them. It is necessary to be simple more attentive to that tells heart to learn to distinguish voices of that round the person, but heart in the shelter. Its feeling-knowledge is attributed to anything, but only not its abilities to see the phenomena hidden from a physical eye. Many impressions would enrich consciousness if more attention was paid to a voice of heart. The internal voice speaks without a sound, and vanity noise often muffles it. As it is exact and each o'clock in the afternoon has the spatial note, but a tone it usually attribute to an indigestion or moods of personal character, but happens nothing without the reason. It is necessary to depart only from itself and to observe these feelings as though from outside. After all often this or that mood happens without any reasons. If the personal reasons aren't present, so there are reasons spatial. It is difficult to catch a spatial note of this moment not too, it is necessary to depart from itself only. If in consciousness "I" dominate personal, of any perceptions of a thin order it isn't necessary to think – the voice of egoism will muffle them. Threshold to thin cognition of the world there is an invariable formula: "Be rejected from itself and follow Me"; so release from egoism and following for the Teacher will be a basis of knowledge of the surrounding us visible and invisible world.
170. (Aug. 10). The threshold shown by though, is of great importance in the course of registration of big and small events in human life. The fear is bad that premises in space thought of possibility of implementation of the conditions causing fear, - thought of an illness of the same order. The one, who is afraid, will be frightened. The one, who thinks of diseases or likes to speak about them, will be ill. Many undesirable thoughts are sent by people to space, and then are surprised and complain that life at them develops unsuccessfully. The thought is embodied in the dense world in the images created by it. It and the threshold shown by thought are considerable. Thoughts constantly plow a consciousness surface. But usually it is casual, uncontrolled thoughts. But the thought is force; it is the energy, tending to generate consequences. Control and management of thought assume also a conscientious attitude to them. The thought can be allowed in consciousness, the thought can be approved, but remembering thus that it will be carried out sooner or later. It is impossible to speak to anybody about the plans because the introduced idea will meet this or that attitude towards from other person which will impose on it stratifications of foreign thought and the will, able in a root to change its initial direction or even to neutralize its force if the thought others is stronger in advance. If the aura and will of the listener is stronger, it will occur automatically; if is weaker, nevertheless not to avoid changes. Seldom people think equally therefore invasions of foreign consciousness seldom happen harmonious. The dissonance brought by third-party consciousness, usually always weakens initial thought, - therefore never anybody also shouldn't speak about the plans. It is possible also, silently listening to something concerning the future, something contrary to own assumptions and desires, in a root to stop it thought, having neutralized it is views opposite, firm, accurate, sure and resistant. It is so possible to destroy consciously everything going against Light. Thus it isn't necessary words, it isn't necessary disputes and altercations – the silent thought invested by the conscious order of will works. It is so possible surely and to premise firmly thought of a desirable meeting, having let this image in space. It is possible to avoid and an undesirable meeting thought of opposite character. For thoughts of time there is a lot of during the day – to lose why it for nothing as it becomes the majority. All menacing, all unpleasant, all undesirable and burdening life it is possible to neutralize to some extent, premising thoughts of opposite property and neutralizing them approaching or able to come nearer a wave. The person with strong aura creates the future thought. Good luck on a spear edge. Everything is created and collapses thought. If people realized, what terrible force – thought, they would use this force consciously. While use unconsciously and it is good because the conscious spiteful thought bears in itself destruction elements. It is necessary to think only in the benefit because the thinker and his thought are inseparable, and communication between them tries never. It is enough to represent from itself the helpless lambs driven by destiny. The thought creates destiny of the person. Not without reason he is called the nature the tsar. Platon was right – ideas, that are thoughts, operate the world. Everything that the person created, there is a thought embodiment. It is necessary to pay tribute, at last, to this power creating. Each action should premise thought of good luck. The words "let the loser cry, the destiny cursing" are right, you thought create good luck, consciously using its force. Whether a little, who that wants and of what thinks, you to thoughts third-party, you wounding, thought premise the. Let, firm and accurate it will be clear and outlined by a circle of a certain influence. The thought can be premised for term, limiting them to a certain period of time. So, for example, filling up, it is possible to preserve protecting thought a dream and the impressions going from the Thin World. Thought as the guard true, will be on guard duty, preserving created it. Each dark word and thought of the interlocutor covers with thoughts of Light. Let they will be silent, but are effective strong. You learn to act with thought, this weapon of Light. But usually trust more to language, forgetting that is frequent not about everything and not always it is possible to speak aloud. Planning the future, cement it energy of conscious thought. The thought obeys the order will, as the messenger sent with a message. The thought can be sent anywhere with the accurate certain order. This order can concern both certain people, and the whole collective, both even the people, and even a planet. This order can concern events as in life of people, and the whole states. This order can concern the phenomena of a material order and area of elements. The thought operates elements. Not the word fairy tale – "Also I Enjoined to cease to a storm". There is no limit to growth of power of the person. Believe it in force of mind and cars both various inventions and devices, but it are concluded and concentrated in the person, in the potential of his spirit which power can grow infinitely. It isn't necessary any cars and any devices when it is realized that all devices are concluded in the person and when it is accompanied by practical achievements and a kindle of the centers. The most powerful weapon of the person is the thought.
171. (Aug. 11). My son, whether it is possible to consider any phenomenon of an external order so strong that on it to be approved? The Hierarchy ladder is unshakable only. For it having grasped, only and it is possible to keep on a rough surface of the external phenomena. Everything flows are still Heraclitus claimed. And the person is only process of changes occurring in it. This process goes automatically and spontaneously until the person won't take in hand a wheel from a castle of the spirit. And then it is possible to operate it. The thought projection in the future is those anchors of long voyage, using with, which castle of spirit it is possible to direct to desirable achievements. Thinking of future achievements, we approve roots them in the present and we strengthen them if they already are. In the future everything is achievable. It should be remembered well, as well as that thoughts create. There are dreams idle, not leading to anything, and there are dreams creative, carrying out the projected future. In them the thought creates. If it is persistent, persistently and rhythmic to think of something, knowing creating power of the thought, conceived it will be carried out. But for this purpose coherence of thoughts and actions is required. Coherence is harmonious association of all centers of a human microcosm, phenomenon in operation. All energy of the person is directed then on one course, concentrating as though in one focus of the appendix. The house divided in, won't resist against whirlwinds. The usual consciousness represents itself the sphere of a display of the energy operating in various and often opposite directions, neutralizing at this each other. The thoughts which are mutually neutralizing each other are powerless, aimless and fruitless. It is especially brightly shown at auto-suggestion. It is possible to treat itself auto-suggestion, it is possible to strengthen process by breath. But all attempts won't yield fruits if thoughts disturb each other. Solidity of thinking is achievable. The thought can be generated and thought it is possible to kill. It is necessary to acquire only firmly, what the thought copes will, what the person mister of the thoughts and what thoughts interfere in consciousness only when the person is free or involuntarily them allows and if the garden of consciousness grows with weeds or poisonous plants that in that is guilty? The thief, the robber or the tramp in the house to itself won't allow, but allow the most inadmissible thoughts and feelings, being surprised, from where in consciousness the poison poisoning a body and soul. The housing is swept and washed floor. Consciousness cleaning too is necessary and besides every day. From tramps the house, as also consciousness – is protected from thoughts vagrant. Control is for this purpose necessary over thought. So many it is necessary to reach that all can't be contained. It is impossible to contain in the present, but in the future it is possible. Everything, impossible for achievement today, is had to the future and strongly approved in it – brightly, accurately, colorfully, firmly, surely, with understanding full and belief in creative power of thought. What also who can prevent to present clearly it reached and approved in this future desirable quality of spirit? And if thoughts of it to feed and strengthen them it is rhythmical, desirable it will be reached: sooner or later, here or where each thought gives the shoots. Moving the fact into the future, we determine its value, - as and with qualities of spirit, or with its shortcomings. A lot of things thoughts can be created and much to destroy. But each action of the person is preceded by thought. Thought observe if you want to reach.
172. (Aug. 12). The consciousness doesn't get into become lifeless fabric or died-off body organ, but at the same time feels the amputated hand or a foot or remote body. The feeling of a thin body doesn't disappear because members it can't be amputated. It is possible to move mentally an astral hand or a foot, because life – in it. When there comes death, the thin body leaves a physical cover, carrying away with itself all completeness of feelings of a body because they are concentrated in it, but not in a physical body. Through nerves and muscles the will can move them, but only through a thin body. Life of a physical body and life of the thin – are various. Through a raising of a tone of the astral conductor the tone and a physical cover rises and its sections become more active. Mental energy casts from sick body, and the consciousness there doesn't get. Ardent penetration of consciousness into sick fabric causes restoration in it the broken balance. Thought concentration on members and bodies of a physical body maintains power balance of sections and their viability. The section loaded with enough of mental energy, starts being shone. The body loaded with energy thus, loses flesh. Sitting and circulation on water and circulation on fire or ability to hold the heated coal on a palm are possible only when sections strong are saturated with fire. The body sitting on water or yogi rising by air or going on heated to coals is shone. Therefore the luminescence of a body is a necessary and integral stage of yoga's process. Inflow of energy causes the raised pulsation in a working hand. This pulsation can be caused, mentally, concentrating on this or that part of a body or on all body it is consecutive, since toes and finishing a concept. If to concentrate only on one any body organ, without need and the reason, caused, for example, their illness, these can break the general balance of a physical cover. Therefore separate concentration is conducted only in a case; on all body it is admissible without harm. Certainly, thus occurs not only clarification, but also body thinning. Many sections sleep, their awakening promotes feeling of completeness of life and longevity of a body. By it is approved as well the power of will over a body. One of the best ways of maintenance of viability of a physical body is served by awakening of sections and strengthening of their luminosity. Each section represents itself the electric battery or a galvanic cell. Communication of light and electricity is well-known, and strengthening a power charge of a section, subjects increase luminosity it. The illness is electro balance violation in sick body. Self-treatment consists in that to restore it. By concentration the strengthened stream of mental energy is sent to sick fabrics, and after a while balance is restored. Chronic diseases badly give in or at all don't give in to treatment for two reasons: if sections already became lifeless, to restore them or it is impossible to recover as it is impossible to make healthy they become lifeless tooth; the second reason is that long the disbalance demands or long treatment or short-term, but a powerful stream of fire, on what any consciousness is capable not. In the following race people will be able to recover become lifeless fabrics and even to grow up new teeth. But it while is far. The way to achievement of power and the power over a body is long, but it is necessary to remember always that everything is achievable and the element of time of crucial importance has no as the spirit is eternal, but temporarily covers over which the full power space is given it. It should be understood, it should be accepted and acquired, and then to it is possible to, know that the purpose is achievable. It is impossible to succeed, without having passed away conducting to it. It is impossible to pass the bridge, without having reached it. Someone will stop in confusion and indecision before range of a fiery way. But after all the purpose – omnipotence, pansophy, an omniscience, an omniscience, all-luhear, ubiquitous and so on – all properties, qualities and attributes of The one Whom the person calls God, and whether it is possible to be surprised that the way to this shining top of achievements is long. But it is achievable, and the steps conducting to it, already allocate the person to some extent and tension with prototypes of these highest attributes of human spirit. Both sight, and hearing, and ability to move in a body – all this only prototypes of that, than will own the person when these abilities will reach the full and perfect expression and won't be limited to time and space or only one dense cover.
173. (Aug. 13). If to consider precepts of Great Teachers of mankind in the light of the Doctrine of Live Ethics and achievements of science of the New Era, it is possible to understand them absolutely differently. It was told: "Be perfect as the Father your Heavenly is made is", or still: "You are gods". In a parable about the prodigal son it was explained that the person who has come back to the Father after long wanderings of terrestrial life, receives the best from the Father that that has. It is also specified that the successor of everything that the Father has, the son is. "God's sons you will be named" – it is spoken further. Both all this wasn't understood, and all this was distorted by ignorant interpretation of churchmen. Rejecting them, we will see that attributes of the Deity is there is a reflection of the highest that is in the person. The image of the Deity depended on that height which was reached by the person. Being in the potential of the spirit itself god, it inside projected god, outside, and qualities which possessed in the hidden look, transferred to the Highest that could create his mind and imagination. God is all-powerful, ubiquitous, all-seeing. To be perfect as "The father your Heavenly is made is", means to possess all these and other qualities of God. The carrier of these qualities in their potential is the person. It can reach them to some extent in the course of life evolution. It already reached them in degree small, still very far from perfect. Being the son of Space and the successor of the Space Treasures intended to it from the beginning of times, it steadily goes to this purpose. The French revolution in a counterbalance opposed to ignorant heritage of medieval church obscurantism and a fanatic idea of reason as the leader began and bearing to mankind Light. And nowadays the science testifies to remarkable achievements of human mind and conducts the person to permission of the most difficult vital problems and questions. Whether everything is equal, from what party to approach to the solution of life if only the direction it was correct and conducted mankind to the purpose. Nowadays everything is achievable and everything is nowadays possible. And if the science succeeds in in what the religion didn't succeed, the purpose – achievement of power and the power over the nature – will be reached. After all it was told that the power is given to the person over any flesh. Also this power over a flesh that is over a matter and over the nature, science is nowadays approved. In space exploration this power, in victorious procession of science display the introduction of the person in the laws of succession, as son of the earth and son of the sky, as God's son whom it should be named by the right of the primogeniture is approved. There is no contradiction between initial, undistorted religion, precepts Great PFirst-Teacher and provisions and achievements of the true science which isn't denying boundless opportunities of new stays and opening. There are no borders to power of human reason, there are no borders and in the sphere of scientific achievements and opening. There are no miracles, because that nowadays becomes science, – already miracles. Feelings of sight, sense of smell, and touch and so on by the nature are boundless, that is the nature of borders didn't deliver to their development and thinning, as well as development, thinning and improvement of human mind. In total puts, all prejudices, all limits from consciousness of the person should be lifted. And the era of the future freedom and light will exempt mankind of all planets from all fetters which are put on it by ignorance, dullness and a fanatic, in whatever forms they display. It isn't had a ban. Think of wings we Give. Exempt mind, consciousness and spirit from century delusions. And if in the Middle Ages churchmen for the sake of the god the live burned people on fires – adults, old men, women and children, permissibly to ask what their this god if he demanded blood was, whether the devil worked through attendants, covered with a church name. The celebration of reason and truth will mark the future era of Fire, and idea God-man, approving in itself shining attributes of God, will pour out in concrete forms of the most amazing achievements and victories over the nature and over. The rights of space inheritance enter on Earth of people. And whether everything is equal, in what conditions and under what names this great right is carried out. Having rejected an external form, essence it is possible to see that is made nowadays.
174. The church uplifted prayers about "the world of the whole world", but in it didn't succeed. Nowadays care of the World and the Banner of the World raised new, strong hands. They will succeed...
*175. (Aug. 14). My son, I Will comes to your house and the monastery in him I Will creates. Constancy and rhythm of aspiration can't remain without consequences. In the field of spirit value big has each small phenomenon. It is impossible to measure the size of their consequences by usual measures because grain small can give rise to a huge tree. That is why Advice Is given to begin at least with the low-slightest. The garden of consciousness needs both crops, and care of it. If the seed is put and the garden is protected and phenomenon the care of it, a seed will give shoots. Each thought can be a seed of future actions. World of actions is destiny of the person. Everyone comes to Earth with a known stock of mental energy. It is possible to chisel or increase or leave this treasure the same, having returned on the same point of a way from which the next terrestrial wandering began. If the treasure is increased greatly, the person walks upstairs lives if it is dissipated – falls if remained to the same, at the same step and remains with which the ascension had to begin. Fiery energy at all one, but its expressions are individual and aren't similar one to another the same as faces of people are various also. In great variety and not repeatability display of life! Not even on a tree of two leaves similar, though they possess the general signs. In the nature nothing repeats again though the similar phenomena and is similar. In the nature nothing repeats again though the similar phenomena and is similar. The understanding of it gives rise to respect for others mental energy and excludes possibility of condemnation of other person. Ignorance can condemn only. How many the millennia were required to this person that mental energy accepted him this or that form of the expression. As it is possible to condemn someone that during hundred centuries it reached the ceiling, instead of a ceiling of condemn. Each property and quality of spirit for the development needed the long period of time. It is unreasonably therefore to condemn. But to see, nobility and understand the person and human motives it is necessary. Because to distinguish white from black and Light from darkness each spirit, to light the going has to be able. Recognition and condemnation – the phenomena of a different order also differ from each other, as the truth and lie. And not to condemn the nobility is qualities of high spirit. Interpret it as amnesty. Whether but it is possible to forgive the reasons, able to give the consequences? The chain of karmic consequences can't be broken, but to replace rusty and old rings new and from other metal probably, and it is possible to create a chain of the new reasons, to the purpose far leaders. This purpose one is spirit ascension on a life ladder. And happiness of mankind that this ascension probably always, at any moment of human existence. Every instant, causing a magnet of the spirit Light or darkness, the person on a life ladder ascends or falls. Light or darkness are created by thought because conducts his thought. The person constantly thinks, that is constantly is in process of ascension or descending movement. The person is the process which is stopping never.
176. (Aug. 15). Being on Earth in a body dense, the person gets used to use the muscular force and all physical energy available to it. And it is difficult to it, having dumped a body, to pass to application, instead of them; it is exclusive only thought energy. In World Thin everything moves thought. It is quite easy to accept it theoretically but when business reaches practice, terrestrial habits make itself felt, disturbing and putting in each movement. One incarnation even knowing laws of the Hidden World, continues to work and arrive in a terrestrial way. The term "Hidden World" isn't absolutely correct, because the World Thin see strong, with all beauty of the real-life world and clearness of the forms which were in it. Only see it not physical, but is felt as thin sight and thin feelings. Same feelings: sense of smell, touch, hearing, sight, taste. Increases to it also the sixth sense is a feeling-knowledge, or direct, direct cognition of the phenomena of the Thin World, being shown at one incarnation in different degree of the acuteness depending on former accumulation. The feeling-knowledge and acts on the earth at people, only to it usually isn't paid attention and existence it isn't realized even then when it is shown obviously. But there often the person simply knows, without giving itself the report, as well as why. Understanding strengthens each manifestation of a feeling-knowledge, and also it strengthens and value of thought in new conditions and ability to use it. The thought gives everything where everything moves it. To move a physical body on foot on some kilometers, it is necessary to put a lot of muscular energy. In the same way, in a terrestrial way, it is possible to move and there, but rather mentally to be transferred to desirable object or a place as the thought immediately will transfer there and a thin body. It is necessary practically, in application to new conditions, to understand that the thin body moves thought, and it isn't necessary to walk. Under the influence of thought it flies, but it should be known. Those who don’t know, continue to act as they arrived on the earth, mentally creating itself the corresponding terrestrial environment. The same occurs and in all other relations and body functions. All continue to eat and does that got used to do on the earth. Release of consciousness from terrestrial remnants is Without this release it long will stay in illusive conditions of the earth, attracting itself to lower and dense beds of the astral world closest to the earth. Release of consciousness has to be made on the earth, and then the dead enters into the World Thin free from conditions of the dense world. Ignorant eat there, both drink, and smoke – the word, do everything that did on the earth while all could dump from them burden of a flesh. After all it is necessary to understand only, the world how is heavy for spirit dense: it is necessary to put on and shoes on, it is necessary to have the dwelling, it is necessary to earn or have money for livelihood, is necessary very, a lot of things to do to care of a body and to create acceptable living conditions for his life. Anything it isn't necessary in World Aboveground. At once all is dumped there terrestrial, connected with needs and requirements of a body, it isn't necessary anything from this that the person on the earth during every day does, having been obese. But the world of his thoughts, feelings and desires with it remains, and in it leads life brighter and strong, than he lived on the earth because all there becomes aggravated and the center of gravity or activities of consciousness is transferred from the outside inside. And if the person lived only external and physical functions of a body, situation is created not from pleasant because to live without a body there is nothing. Therefore emphasis is placed on thought nowadays, when on the earth. The one who lived thought and thoughts found enough time and cares, that as will live thought and there. Preparation of consciousness for transition through Great borders should be begun with the earliest age, introducing in it idea of two worlds and its participation in them and during lifetime of the terrestrial. Truly, we live in two worlds which are inseparable from each other. After all without participation of thought it is impossible to set neither a hand, nor a foot. And the thought is the phenomenon of the Thin World. Therefore, we adjoin to it every second. But it demands accurate understanding. As well feelings and emotions of an astral is the phenomenon of the thin plan. And they too are connected with thought. After all human life is concentrated in his consciousness, but mental products of activity of consciousness are invisible also. Therefore, and they treat area of the Thin World. It is necessary to separate in consciousness the sphere of the Thin World from dense to catch their borders, so strong and difficult bound among them. The hand writes, making purely physical movements but if to take away the thought standing behind it setting in motion fingers, process becomes impossible. The monkey too can move fingers, but can't write because there is no thought because the thinker – only one person. But invisible, or astral, the body is and at the animals, invisible doubles are and at plants, but a bit different order. At animals the astral conductor still is in process of registration. At plants it in a germ. The phenomenon of flowers is much more difficult. It is possible to tell only one: like an iceberg which most part is shipped in the ocean and only insignificant top rises over a water surface, – the invisible, hidden party of each shown thing and each live form exists in World Visible, in World Thin in the most part, in the world dense their dense, external cover is visible only. It is easy to understand it if to imagine that life and the huge oak consists in an acorn small and that the family tree of an acorn takes away consciousness in the infinite past of evolutionary development of vegetable life. To eye we see only an acorn, its only dense form. And as it is exact in everything – great invisible it adjoins and combined with small visible, with an external form of the phenomena.
177. To see its hidden invisible contents under an external, visible form of the phenomenon – will be achievement of the yogi.
178. (Aug. 16). Most difficult is dedication. The personality, egoism, egoism – the phenomena limit consciousness with a small circle of an unreal world of invalid life. How personal worlds are unreal, it is possible to judge on that all of them plunge into dark oblivion with death of their owner. And only that brings the person to the sphere of super personal activity and interests, can last for eyelids and even in the millennia. Each great person is great so far as he lives interests of collective. The benefit of all mankind, or General Welfare, and commitment to it, it only one can serve as a measure of greatness of spirit. How many small consciousnesses lived only they – both all of them are forgotten, and all of them left life, without having left a trace on itself? It is possible to live interests of General Welfare in any living conditions. External circumstances of value have no because the person was given thought, and mankind it is possible to be a benefactor thought. The yogi living in a far cave, in mountains, serves as thoughts to General Welfare. The thought released from, leaves beget and departs to space, trading there in manifestation. It is possible to send the best thoughts to the world every day. It is possible to support thought each good undertaking in any corner of the globe. Now, when come of New Era, the thought is liberated. Already it is impossible to sit, having become isolated in a circle of small interests of the personality as events occurring on a planet affect literally all. Life of huge human collective of a planet becomes the general, and everything take part in it, is free or being involuntarily involved in circulation of interests of all inhabitants of a planet. Can be glad how destroy at the same time with the world old barriers of personal, limited worlds of egoism, egoism and a separating. People: good and bad, kind and angry, knowing and ignoramuses, young and old, friends and enemies – all are involved in circulation of world events. And ahead of all there is a New Country, systematically both consciously involving the sons and all people of the Earth to the sphere of interest of all mankind and General Welfare which is connected with it indissolubly. The debt of each person – voluntary and consciously to leave for a fencing of the egoism and to join life of great collective and to contribute in it the light share, the gift to the planet, the space house which can be improved, decorated and made a fine garden terrestrial, to all his members of household giving pleasure and happiness. Everyone the thought new can help construction where it was and whatever did. Away from a great planetary reorganization it is impossible to remain because it is possible to come to be behind a board of life of the spaceship which our planet in world space is.
179. My son, the receiver of Beams of the Lord are you and as your responsibility before the world for those thoughts which you send to the world is great, having refracted my Light in the microcosm. Gift sent don't turn into a rubble heap because the account you will give to me.
180. (Aug. 17). We Live care of the world. As live also you. We Direct strong it in the future. In the future direct also you. Present for Us only a step or a springboard in the future. In itself present is deprived of sense because it is impossible to continue any instant because life is the stream which is constantly flowing in the future. The future can't be avoided, the future can't be taken away but if the present is unchangeable, as a result of last reasons, the future is plastic in hands of human will, and the future can be made out and built according to the plan. Many go to the future automatically, carrying a chain of the previous reasons, but knowing laws of evolution and the outlines of Space Will concerning the person and mankind as a whole, can the future and future to plan and build planets in consent with them. Those who go against evolution and its laws will be lost finally, having turned into that We Call space litter. Those who goes with evolution, will succeed in everything, and to it our help and with them our Beams. To execute Will of the Heavenly Father – means to go in consent with Space Will, with evolution laws. Whether everything is equal how to call these laws – whether laws of social development, and future society or mankind as a whole – a world community, a brotherhood or a commune but if this community of the world is under construction according to evolution laws, the plan of this construction carries out outlines of Space Will, that is the royal laws of life. Came to understand time a lot of things and overestimate a lot of things in a root. We consider that words have no value if aren't approved by affairs. We consider the person saying the word "God" and believing in God, but Social development going against laws, against evolution, we Consider such believer as the attendant of darkness. But showing disbelief, but going with evolution in a foot and in consent with laws of development of society, such person we Consider as the performer of Will of the Heavenly Father, Space Will and our outlines. Long ago It is told: not everyone telling "My God, My God" will enter into the Kingdom of God, into Light Kingdom, in that great future which is nowadays created on a planet by those who caught and understood command of Space Laws and the evolution requirement. We Know that future which is fated to the person. We Know greatness of destinies of mankind and an infinite ladder of life on which it goes back to the shining purpose far, and We Say that everything that approaches to it and it approves, is approved by us. It is necessary to see a dark grin of the old world, an evil-SHIFT and a trick in fight of two Worlds New and old, under external forms and words its and its destructive essence and a victorious gait of the New World going to the New future and meaning General Welfare. The new World goes with evolution and looks forward and plans and builds it in the present. The world old has no future. The world old can't plan the future because lives the past and the present. The present without planning of the future of construction consequences won't give. Their attempts of construction on the near future are doomed to a failure because go against and counter with the course of evolution. And as though loudly they said the Name of God and the Name of the Christ, I, the Shambhala of the Lord, I will tell them: "Depart from Me doing lawlessness, I Don't know you". So nowadays going division of the world into the world old and new goes deep more and more. But the world old goes to the death, and New – to blossoming. In both worlds supporters of that and another are disseminated, - division on consciousness and heart. But signs same: creation or destruction, life or death, world or war. On these signs also you judge, where Light and where darkness.
181. How under an external form to see essence? Heart. How to learn, what hide itself words? Feeling-knowledge! We Judge not by words, but on affairs. Recognition – great quality of spirit. And if it yet wasn't approved, it is necessary to study. It is easiest to determine the person by eyes, then by gait, by a voice and gestures. People so strong got used to be masked that it is difficult under external to see the internal person. Only the inexperienced traveler trusts words. Eyes seldom lie. But for protection it is necessary to be able and an eye to do impenetrable, not speaking anything: as though to lower a visor, as though to close soul windows. It becomes simply. The thought is expressed in eyes. It is enough to replace thought which should be preserved, another, to it not having any relation how to read the first thought on eyes it becomes already impossible. Ability to comprehend foreign thoughts and to preserve develops in parallel. Blows are most often struck to open heart, and it is in this regard most dangerous close people. Therefore it was spoken about "A larets closed". Each opening of substitute’s internal essence to casual blows from those to who heart opens. Therefore it is better to speak about it as little as possible. Each violent emotion sends itself to the power of people to before which this emotion is shown. Therefore restraint is necessary as self-defense. Especially it is necessary still because in the breaks formed on aura by not constrained emotions, the dark rack directs, - from here inevitable feeling of a clouding or a darkened after each display of emotional fieriness. In each movement happening in consciousness, it is necessary to consider existence of two worlds to have the correct assessment of the events. The measure of two worlds measures the life phenomena. Restraint is an exponent of mastering by the energy and energy of the conductors. Only reserved force can give the necessary work. Restraint of thought, restraint of words, restraint of movements, and restraint of emotions is so collects fiery force inside. Saved up, it will serve also to faultless recognition because it is universal.
182. (Aug. 18). Correctly – it is possible to shroud itself in Light of my Face.
183. It isn't necessary to be confused that some records are very deep according to the contents and intimate, and some easy and available to understanding because different conditions of consciousness demand different approaches and consciousness different steps.
184. Today we will raise the question of auras and of opportunity to operate their radiations and to regulate them. The aura is result of centuries-old accumulation. That step, which was reached by the person on a life ladder, is imprinted on his aura as radiations of aura are caused by the reached step. The aura surrounded all bodies and subjects of the shown world, the aura surrounded all – from an electron and atom to the sun and planets and all world ph. As well all individuals of a plant and animal life too have aura. Each of the corresponding bodies or conductors of the person is characterized by the radiations, degree and which tension depends on activity inherent in them, tendencies, and habits and other. Qualities of spirit represent themselves forms approved in a microcosm of the person of fires and are a basis of aura's radiations. Conditions of consciousness at each this moment also are accompanied by radiations corresponding to each of them. By aura it is caused both character and tension of a protecting network. Shrouding itself in a stream of particles of a being shone matter; it is possible to change light of the emanations instantly. It is surrounded with these emanations of people constantly. Feelings, emotions and thoughts make their essence and colors. Each thought bearing Light or darkness, brings the luminosity in an aura. The aura of the approved balance is strong magneto, and a field of its radiations of force extraordinary. This magnetic field is insuperable pushes away from itself all hostile attempts of dark evil-make. Balance, representing to itself a special condition approved mastering of spirit by, is both powerful protection, and the mighty weapon. Anybody and will resist nothing against balance. Whatever rough was the ocean of external influences, balance is able to tame any in it a storm, any hurricane. Therefore the statement of this great quality in itself is a duty of the yogi. Instead of fighting against external obstacles and storms and to spend for them it is useless the forces and to assimilate fighting against windmills, it is necessary to seek to own completely and perfectly a magnet of own aura, and in particular – an equilibrium state. "The tranquility is a spirit wreath", and balance – wreath stones. Balance and tranquility – different aspects of the phenomenon of the same order, but balance is higher on internal structure. It includes all superior qualities of the person reduced in harmony of full and coordinated in one mighty and insuperable by external influences a flame of risen spirit, realized the power, inviolability and a not destroyed, a flame, which force nothing is able to shake. The usual consciousness doesn't maintain a radiation of the spirit which has approved balance and recedes if was active and militant against it. Mistake will think that energy of spirit has to direct for overcoming on something outside. No, not outside, but it directs on overcoming herself, on reduction of all covers in complete equilibrium and on the statement special, caused only balance, conditions of a protecting network and all other radiations. If for all the life in this embodiment on the earth it was possible, at least to some extent, to approve this great quality of spirit, life is lived not in vain. It is necessary to think of it, it is necessary to aspire to it, it is necessary not to miss time to make though something in this direction. Force of approved balance will grow in process of created efforts and in time will yield the fruit. Certainly, balance is approved first of all by thought. The thought dominates over all conductors, and conducts thought. It is necessary to manage to consider quality of balance from all points of view and under all corners, from its primary manifestations and before end in a human cover. Life of any form is based on balance. But it is primary only a step. Balance of spirit is quality synthetic, there is a collecting in uniform focus of all energy of a human microcosm, conscious, strong-willed everything uniting them in one – as though a spirit sword on which edge all its force is concentrated. One only directed edge will confuse and will stop the most spiteful essence, the most ardent attack. On awareness of this great quality, in itself approved, it is necessary to stop more often. After all understanding is almost already mastering, and the threshold shown by thought, will serve as an entrance for the introduction in possession of. Mastering by the Lord that the phenomenon of balance took place Send to me.
185. (Aug. 19). When the pupil starts approaching to understanding of essence of will, she is born in it like a young lion, and then the silver bridle of spirit appears on its feelings. The will is fire. Will potential in opportunities of the development is boundless. Also becomes then difficult to lungs, and impossible till this time – possible. Boundless power of will demands understanding. Suddenly understands going to the Lord that he can make everything. Yes! Yes! Yes! It is possible to win against the world; it is possible to win against a matter and to subordinate to will of elements. Yes! Yes! – A lot of things are possible from impossible till this day. But that wins all who will manage to win against itself (himself). Have no value any victories outside, the clear victory over itself isn't reached yet and all conductors of the person, all feelings and his thoughts won't obey to the will born powerfully. To operate an own microcosm and its all energy will be the greatest achievement of spirit. Because both above, and below, and in the person everything is concentrated that is in the world a bike, outside. Having learned to operate all energy of the microcosm, the person thereby approves the power and over macrocosm energy, energy macrocosm. It is the only way to power of spirit, and the track of achievements conducting to it is narrow. Any power over the world outside while over herself she because the power external and is limited to a circle of the external phenomena wasn't approved is useless, and on them comes to an end, but internal – never if it is approved because force it concentrates in the Highest, Immortal Triad of the person. Awareness of intimate power of will allow overcoming ease in itself insuperable and not overcome earlier. It is impossible to transfer in words that feelings of the will which so suddenly has been given rise, but feel it is possible and in actions it is possible to start approving it already obviously. And what weren’t earlier forces to reach becomes suddenly achievable. The fiery sprout of spirit gives the flower. It is impossible to pass this moment, it should be noted its phenomenon of new victories. The winner judgment, chosen and noted by us, enters the sphere of the statement of the power over a body and all covers of spirit. It is necessary to begin only, it is necessary to put these grains of the first conscious activity of the will which has been given rise on fire that then to have shoots and a harvest big. Yes! Yes! Yes! It is necessary to begin. Undertaking is important because fiery seeds of spirit of shoots can't but give. Firmly, the fiery way to the power over the world of will give rise the one who won against itself (himself) is persistently and unshakably approved? All psych equipment, all psych mechanics consists in it. The person reveling in the power terrestrial, which at best is pity comes to an end for him together with a body; but it is termless and the fiery power of spirit, a victory of over approved strong has no end. The psych technical fiery key to this power is a polarization of own consciousness on the necessary psycho-magnetic wave. To be able to polarize the consciousness at each necessary moment in a due tonality and tension will be already achievement of psych equipment. After all energy of space in the potential are concentrated in the person and all invented and yet not invented devices. Ability to see them, to operate them and in to approve devices and will mean arms of the person without the uniform device. Also it is our purpose – to arm the person without devices. For an example I Will remind: the person invented the lever, later the galvanic battery, opened electricity, made the camera, phone, invented the TV and so on – but all this already was long ago in the person. Unless the hand is there is no perfect lever and a section of his body – not the galvanic battery, and an eye – not the camera, both transfer and a thought-reading – not the TV? A lot of the wonderful is concluded in the person, it is necessary to open more widely only eyes and to refuse prejudices, - because if will potential is boundless, the quantity of that energy, which the fiery will can operate is boundless also. The ladder of power of spirit has no end, and all the time which is and which will be, the eternity in the power of it that it could reach power of spirit of top is at the disposal of the person.
186. Compare the ordinary lever and the lever of a hand of the person. As far as the last is more perfect than the first because can move in all directions. Compare the camera to the camera of a human eye for which it isn't necessary neither films, nor developers. Compare process of work of the artist drawing a picture, to process of creative imagination of the person, able to create before the internal eye on the screen of the consciousness any picture without any usual brushes, a cloth and paints. This picture, or thought way, can be visible and felt by other person that is easily shown on sessions even the exhibition hypnotist when the subject hypnotized by it worries and sees those pictures which are transferred to it by the operator. Words of the hypnotist – only symbols, but the pictures not most given by them; and not words, but colorful images of thought are seen by the person shipped in a hypnotic dream.
187. My friend, within the consciousness my thoughts you can fix infinitely. If you want to expand these limits, it is necessary to expand consciousness. Remember: expansion. To expand consciousness, it is necessary to depart from itself. Again we come to a formula given long ago – be rejected from myself and follow Me.
188. Aircraft are good and mark itself a century of Aquarius, but to fly in a thin, mental and fiery body nevertheless quicker, cheaper and better – it is necessary only... to be able. Aircraft of a human microcosm are more perfect mechanical and much more strongly and serve is longer. Term of service of the fiery device – is infinite and if it is issued, wears out never.
189. Every instant the magnet of the person causes Light or darkness. Each thought from darkness or Light, everyone созвучит with those layers of space to which corresponds by the nature. This connection established during lifetime on the earth, proceeds and in World Aboveground, magneto attracting it to the corresponding predominating thoughts to spheres. And the unlucky inhabitant of the earth if not from Light there were his thoughts becomes the inhabitant of these spheres, or layers, spaces also. But the successful industrialist of life gravitates to high layers and in them lives. Different thoughts happen at their same beget and when there comes the life period in Elevated, the spirit on a life ladder gradually rises, consistently expiating on itself or neutralizing itself each generated form of thought, all its energy on him, their beget won't be settled yet. From here fight of the highest with the lowest and a field her soul of the person that it could reach that a ceiling which was the highest in its life, having overcome thus energy of the lowest attractions. Each thought on the earth the person forges the future in World Aboveground
190. (Aug. 20). It is consciously possible to break through thought channels in space only when value of the threshold shown by thought is clear. The thought conducts the person. The field of future achievements is defined by thought. The aspiration in the future is considerable that in it each achievement which wants spirit is made out by it. It not groundless dreams, but creation of a prototype of thought conducting consciousness, a prototype of the person has to become what over time. And when very darkly also it seems that forces run low, excursion in the future can give to spirit wings and inflow of new forces. The conscious statement of the planned steps of achievements is created. Prototypes of future achievements should be approved in the present not as imagined, but nonexistent qualities, and as mental energy leading magnets. And then the present becomes a step to the future created nowadays. Without this understanding of psych equipment of creation thought it will be affectless. Mary Eudi Becker was right in those provisions which she approved, but insolvency of her statements was that not reached in practice it accepted for already reached and when the moment уявить approved achievements came to lives, the total failure turned out. Leading value of the future in which everything is achievable, wasn't understood by it. Only the thin understanding of psych equipment of creation by thought can lead to realization of desirable achievements. Unfounded, at least and correct, the statement won't yield expected results, - only knowledge of laws of mental energy and their skillful application in practice. Thought it is possible to overcome any obstacle, but in life the thought creating overcomes it only when created by it thought-forms reached sufficient degree of force and tension, that is a fiery. The fiery thought, thought fiery creates. But there are a lot of inert, affectless thoughts, slime similar, littering space around and poisoning aura of a planet. To think firmly and accurately, the few people can think clair-radiant. From there is so much spatial litter and so much darkness because many people creating the evil, though create even accurate thoughts, but these thoughts from darkness and are sated with black fire. Fight of Light against darkness in space represents itself ardent collision of fancies of Light with thoughts of darkness. Collision of opposite polar of thought in space covers all planets, and fight this bike. Day breakers creating strike with fire of thought evil fancies: not only space cementation, but also active participation in spatial fight.
191. (Aug. 21). The person is a being fiery. Each atom of his body is fire. Each section is the electro battery. Each movement and each emotion is flash of fires. Fiery thought of the person and his spirit is too fire, - so different degrees and gradation of fire make structure of its microcosm. Therefore also mastering by and the energy will be mastering by fire. Balance, tranquility, self-control, the self-checking, the guarded continuous patrol – all this is versions of ability to operate the fires. If each movement in a microcosm human is fire manifestation, each long habit as the long line of consecutive actions, represents itself a form of crystallized fires, a form of the steady flame approved by force of a habit in aura of the person. The owner of a habit can be either her slave or the lord, depending on, whether he owns a habit or it off. The power over a habit and control over it indicates mastering by this form of fire; submission to a habit – on inability to operate the fires. Therefore, if all qualities of spirit are forms of fires approved in a human microcosm, and habits, tendencies and tendencies of the person too an essence of a form of fires, phenomenon in the taken shape deposits in his aura. Reflex actions are made under the influence of actions habitual. Uncontrollable the flame especially is clearly shown by patrol consciousness in a reflex of actions. Conditioned reflexes – property of an animal organism, but will of the person can supervise each conditioned reflex, causing a reflex opposite or what it wants. It the relation to conditioned reflexes differs from an animal and from the person. The person is imperious over the reflexes and over the reflex actions. Each checked reflex movement indicates mastering by those fires which accompany it. The Reflex is lunar heritage of the remote past because the power over any fleshes, and first of all over the microcosm and especially over the animal parties of its essence is given to the person. Mastering by leads continuous control over itself; control also is already mastering by the fires. As well silence will be the great store of fiery energy because each word is a flash of fire. Talkative people of a stock of mental energy have no because constantly waste it. But also it is necessary to be silent skillfully because also the rotten stub is silent. Thus, the power over is caused by self-control and self-checking and tension of continuous patrol. It leads to mastering by thought, to mastering by emotions, to mastering by movements and gestures. Types of activity of the person are diverse. All of them fiery, and control over all over them means mastering by a flame. When the person that can operate any habit and tendency of everyone suddenly realized that his will disposes in his microcosm which is laboratory for all feelings, then close to a victory. The lord of fiery power the winner realizes himself. To this power the fiery ladder of spirit conducts, and each low-slightest victory on it lifts the person and approaches it to the purpose great. Save up and increase fires and to be able to operate them is the purpose of the person. With it is in close connection and registration of a fiery body which can't be issued, mastering by all other bodies which are standing below it isn't reached yet. It is necessary to remember thus that all conductors, or bodies, the person cope and set in motion by fire because the fiery beginning lies in the basis of everything that exists in the shown world.
192. My son, the closest communication with Me you move thought. You can note as every morning you bring in consciousness at Dialogue with Me the new elements giving an impulse to move further. It also is direct result of communication. The sun ascends every day, updating the earth the beams. As it is exact also my Beam after night Pralaya consciousnesses it makes out for new day of new victories and achievements.
193. (Aug. 22). The image of what has to become the person in the future is shown already by his Lord. But also this height not limit. Limit is Boundlessness. It is possible to imagine future person in aspect of boundlessness of the future. It is possible already in the present in the consciousness to create this image, as a leading magnet. The contour of further evolution of the person is planned in the Doctrine of Life and a basis is given. We have an example of the person of the sixth circle. But it is possible to go further. Even the Buddha denied the omnipotence, an omniscience and pansophy. But after all and height of the Buddha is only a step, but not a limit. The thinker, the cycle on Earth having finished, I passed to other, higher planet that on it to continue evolution of the spirit. The spirit finishing finishes a circle of the development on Earth to continue the way in the worlds distant. On any, rather high, steps the fiery body is issued and conductors are dismembered, and in each of them it is separately possible to operate on plans corresponding to them, to work consciously and at will as is free as people in a physical body act on your Earth. Visible and the invisible worlds are available to supervision and studying. It is possible to fly and visit far-out planets in a thin, mental and fiery body. And all plans of the Invisible Peace up to the height of the ceiling achieved by spirit. Spirit ceiling – it is necessary to think of it too. It is created by thought, creating in the present a far image of what in the future will reach spirit of the person. The thought the thinker creates strong the ceiling. The limit of height of spirit in World Aboveground is defined by thought. Further this limit the spirit can't rise. In parallel with registration of a fiery body and division of all bodies’ fiery power of the person increases also. Elements start obeying it, and the power over a matter is established, limits of which growth of power too don't exist. If thought it is possible to move subject’s small in the beginning, later their size will grow, and it will be once possible to move Will Mountains. Potential of human will by the nature is boundless. It is possible to imagine power of will of the Founder of the Planet or system of the worlds if they are set in motion by his will. It is possible even to go above because Boundlessness has no end. The person is the highest that exists in the nature. In a body it in a germ grains of those opportunities which it will reach once are already concluded; physical body too not the end, but a step to its further development and improvement. Being in the future physical body in one of the following circles, or cycles of evolution, people will see, hear, smell and perceive at distance. Spatial restrictions won't exist. He will be able as on screen at cinema, to see last history of a planet or the embodiments, he will know how to transfer the consciousness in this or that conductor to a desirable place or conditions in the visible and invisible world, it will be able to create thought, without laying hands, not only in World Aboveground as does it now, but also in the world terrestrial. It is difficult to imagine, but also stones can be movable by thought and thought to be caused these or those chemical or vital processes. The sphere of thought is boundless. The person has to realize space inheritance before he will enter possession of. The son of Space is so has to think of himself the person of the following race. The son has the father. Each spirit has the Space Father and the evolution makes in the area of a space attraction to It. The image of the Space Father also can serve it as a prototype of its own future achievements and a leading magnet to their sphere. It is necessary only clearly, accurately and brightly to imagine those qualities of spirit and the extent of that fiery power which become its property in the future centuries. The spirit is eternal, and in eternity of time everything is achievable. Having approved in understanding of an all-approachability and knowing the space plan of evolution of mankind, it is possible to go and the thought to move forward not only, but all the brothers – people.
194. (Aug. 23). Life is the best school, - yesterday’s contacts with the person, which aura was in a condition strong, but the chaotic vibrations which aren’t constrained by will, it is very instructive. Experience showed that at aura contact human strong interact and influence one another. If patrol is absent and the aura is unprotected, results of influence are inevitable and as it was visible in this case, are very painful because bring in unprotected aura the chaotic tone of vibrations. Conclusion one – it is necessary to be always on patrol, and it is necessary always a protecting network at contact with all people to keep in a condition of protective balance. It is necessary to be protected by unshakable tranquility from invasion. The surprise is especially dangerous and as to provide all surprises it is impossible, patrol of will and protection of the microcosm by force of a protecting network has to be constants. Unless it is possible send itself to the power to foreign influences? It is necessary to establish constancy of patrol. People always influence at each other. It is better to be influencing, than the victim of others influences, and especially chaotic. The proximity to the Teacher of Light raises a tone of aura’s radiations and ennobles consciousness over level of masses, and each contact means descent consciousnesses and return of the energy. And if thus not to be protected, the damage is inevitable. Catch chaos of others radiations very painfully for aura of the Bearer of Light, - therefore the got experience is extremely valuable that strong emphasized urgency and an urgent need of establishment of continuous patrol. Always and everywhere it is necessary to be on patrol and protection of the protecting network. It is impossible to forget that dark on the guard always to do harm, and they use everyone coming nearer, especially coming nearer again to damage where it is possible. After the entire majority, the huge majority of people are under the influence of dark inspiring. So it isn't enough Light carriers and so few counterbalanced consciousnesses owning the radiations. Control over itself is necessary always. It is the only way of protection. It isn't necessary to influence anybody, it isn't necessary any attempts to suppress foreign will, it is necessary to polarize only own consciousness on a tranquility and balance wave. It is necessary to bring only own aura into an appropriate look and to strengthen tension of a protecting network of aura. But, if to the enemy to open fortress gate how then be protected? But it also occurs when in the absence of patrol to chaotic vibrations of third-party influences access to internal radiations opens that breaks their rhythm and brings the randomness and disbalance in the aura not protected from them. The person is under continuous and continuous impacts of various influences of the different character going from outside, as from the dense world, and invisible spheres. It is necessary, it is necessary to take over the control of them, because usually they a low order. Only through Hierarchy up heart is opened always and security doesn't need. From the good, quiet, counterbalanced people of danger it isn't enough, but from chaos, in all types and forms, protection is necessary. In general it is necessary to make it a rule that any influence on will and its suppression very aren’t useful. The person, Light to the world bearing, can't meet its chaos and darkness, without having protected. About need of continuous patrol of consciousness It was specified repeatedly. Experience yesterday's confirmed once again that it is really necessary. It is also necessary both the guarded vigilance and ability to observe. Supervision over people will open the new page of cognition of the person. Supervision over people will open the new page of cognition of the person. It is impossible to observe and be thus busy itself; supervision and study of the person demands at this process of known extent of dismissal from itself. The egoism and vigilance don't live in one nest. If one observes, and another is occupied by itself (himself), it gives observing as though the power or superiority over the consciousness infected with egoism. Therefore not egoistical person is always stronger than the egoist, at least only that knowledge spheres are inaccessible to egoism. Studying and understanding of thin energy is closed for the selfish heart filled with personal thoughts and personal experiences. The one, who rushes only with itself (himself) and carries everywhere itself (himself), is far from knowledge of the person. Dismissal from itself is combined with ability so to own the aura those vibrations it didn't prevent to look through its egg and to note that occurs in other person. Observation will open the whole world of new perceptions and the impressions which are absolutely inaccessible to the one who isn't able to extinguish itself(himself) and from itself to be released, at least when it is necessary to look. As well mastering by without dismissal from itself is impossible. But dismissal happens from the movements happening in covers, especially in the astral. As well personal thoughts prevent and to see and hear, and especially to note that tells inside a voice speaking without a sound. Yes! Yes! Yes! Continuous patrol and consciousness protection from third-party influences is necessary and a certain degree of the approved balance is necessary.
*195. (Aug. 24). The teacher will be everywhere where his invisible Presence is approved in the spirit of. There is no such case that calls I Didn't answer. Its energy sent to the pupil, refracting and assimilating in a microcosm of the last, are expressed in everyone differently and according to nature of perceiving consciousness. As though through the glass painted by identity of the pupil, the Beam of the Teacher of Light is passed. In this variety is beauty and freedom of expression of each spirit following the Lord? This basis of Beams self-proceeding! Talents are given – to everyone on capacity but how to spend them how to apply and as them to increase is a care of the pupil. But if received two talents return ten, the wealth received is increased with advantage. Means, Light sent by the Teacher, demands the special attitude towards. In a sieve of energy full of holes we Do not spill. As often happens to the unlucky pupil: energy I received, but everything spent them in vain. Really the embezzler believes what the most valuable energy of spirit collected with such work and sufferings will be spent in vain for his squandering? The relation to Treasure sent has to be what careful! Squandering often goes on trifles and absolutely is besides imperceptible. But the treasure demands protection. In thoughts, in words, in movements and gestures phenomenon either care, or squandering. Bearing the overflowed vessel with precious moisture the pupil represents himself: as though not to spill, as though not to stumble. How many precious energy spills at times in vain! Knowing value it, we will preserve. Kept and preserved it will be entrusted more. Therefore we Call our relatives entrusted. Whether it is possible to entrust Treasure to the spendthrift? To spend energy it is expedient and commensurable, and even in large numbers, wastefulness won't be. Grown wise experience heart will understand, where squandering, and where a wise donation. Any donation is the benefit; any squandering is the evil and we Divide people into collectors and spendthrifts. Restraint is good already that means a thriftily of fiery energy. If instead of ten words to tell only two it is already good. If instead of a swinging hands take them in rest, it too will indicate a thriftily. If suppress fussiness and concern, it too already achievement. So during the day it is possible to think and a lot of things to make for conservation of energy of the highest. Some emotions of an astral are devourers of mental energy: especially fear, in all forms and shapes; especially irritation; especially doubt and rage; especially fussiness and concern. So all negative qualities of spirit will be spendthrifts of fiery energy, and positive is collectors and stores. Conscious, intense, constantly awake restraint of words and emotions the store will be. The miller too constrains water current to collect it for useful work. It will spend it when time, but for work and under the control will come. It is worth not to constraining it – and no work will exist. The same happens and to mental energy of the person. Whether restraint and self-control did sometime to somebody harm? Or balance of spirit? No... Never. Because it qualities absolutely positive by the nature. The way is long. The unnecessary load in a way is heavy. Let's stock up with the most necessary.
196. (Aug. 25). In a telescope observe far-out planets and stars. The star can cease to exist for a long time, but its beams still reach Earth, and a telescope lens record a heavenly body which already isn't present. If to imagine a telescope so strong that in it all events on a far-out planet were visible, life of her animal and a vegetable kingdom and people if it is occupied, in case of destruction of this planet a telescope will register nevertheless life going on it if beams from this planet reach Earth only at present. Planets already aren't present, but that occurred on it, flies are directed in space with a speed of rays of light, from the birth of a planet and till its end. Beams, from it proceeding, direct in space and in it exist, bearing in itself all history of this heavenly body from the beginning it and up to the end: as though the movie fixing the phenomena occurring on a planet. It also will be Akasha exists in infinite space the so-called rolls. In the world dense distances are measured by kilometers, and in a space – light years of beams going from heavenly bodies. And such beams of been born and died planet can reach Earth if the planet is removed it rather far, through thousands and millions years. In World Aboveground spatial relationship between bodies is defined not by distances, and layers, and one layer can exist in the friend, his profits. Density and sparseness of a matter and its combinations defines spatial relationship of ph. Usual distances there aren't present. There is a top and a bottom, but the phenomenon it is as relative as it is relative and in world space. Astride it is possible to consider sparseness and a lightful of the phenomena, a bottom – their density. Light is a top, the darkness is a bottom. But it is understood not in usual terrestrial sense. Therefore the terrible distances passed in Space by beams once of existing and died planets, perhaps, of inaccessible to registration by their terrestrial telescopes, in World Aboveground lose the spatial tensile properties because there everything exists nowadays and here that is where there is a consciousness fixing them. Therefore Akasha's rolls are available to what consciousness directs to them. But there everything moves thought, even consciousness, and where thought, there and it. It is possible to be chained to the movie of own life or by separate, its most intensive moments, but it is possible to direct in research the movies, imprinted last history of the people, either the planet, or the solar system. The history all of them is imprinted in spatial beams in the same way as the history of the dyed far star any long ago which beams still continue to reach our Earth is imprinted in the same beams and to create illusion of life which already isn't present in the dense world. Everything that exists on our planet, doesn't die never, but, imprinted in vibrations of this or that order, is carried away by waves in space in the form of beams and in it exists always, on dense measurements is far or close, but on thin out of distances, but on layers. From here, rolls or Akasha's movies – not an abstractness, but reality of that is. To deny them – means to deny reality of beams of a far star, to us reached and fixed by our telescopes, perhaps, there is a lot of time later after this star ceased to exist. We approve reality in the face of seeming evidence and according to laws of both worlds.
197. The person, nothing speaking about himself, is inaccessible contacts of foreign thought because each disclosure of leaves open entrances to an orbit of its microcosm. Therefore concealing about the experiences, emotions and all what it is full and then lives consciousness, too will be a known condition of self-defense. Each violent manifestation of feelings their developer gives itself to the power of before whom feelings are shown. Therefore restraint is self-defense Seldom judge people kindly close itself and far and it is good, when there is nothing even to judge. Feelings can be had, but externally to show them it is inadmissible to the one who wants itself protect. Balance is the phenomenon so rare among human that at contact with it usual consciousness feels fear or awe. It doesn't maintain vibrations of the counterbalanced aura and usually submits to it. After all balance is possible when the astral is bridled and subordinated. If it is subordinated and bridled in itself (himself), he easily submits and in others, because to vibration of its same order. So restraint of the astral or a of restraint of his emotions, that is restraint, leads to a victory over and over – the authorities, thereby giving to the person the power over those emotions and feelings in other people which it bridled and won itself. The way to this power lies through itself. Having won against it and having pacified itself, the winner will rise.
198. (Aug. 26). Prototypes of human thoughts are prototypes of their actions. Even actions automatic and reflex are caused by a number of the thoughts proceeding of. As also the course of evolution in the main direction goes on the channels conducting to the statement in life of images, cut down by us in space in shining substance of a spontaneous matter. This principle of an embodiment thin in dense forms passes from top to bottom on a life ladder. Let's apply it and in life of people. It is possible to break through the thought channels in space for future actions or these or those combinations of external conditions. Or they will automatically flow under the influence of not purposeful thoughts, or to pour out in the forms created consciously for the purpose of receiving absolutely certain results, planned by will of the person. People don't think of power of the thought, though use it every second. The pupil brings the thought out of area of automatism, a reflex and unconsciousness in area of conscious and its strong-willed application in life. It thought and not only can send a tide of life of the, but also the relatives, the collective or society in which lives, the country and the people. By creative thought of the leader the people in evolution are movable. The true leader national feels the course of evolution and, knowing laws it, country development in the correct direction directs. The leading role is carried out by ideas. Supported by collective of the whole people, they are especially powerful: in those counteractions of certain people and even their sets if the thought of leading collective or the people are especially strong sink. Time when power of collective thought of the whole people soldered by uniform aspiration, will consciously use and in the benefit will come. After all this force can operate and elements. Many hopes rest upon mechanical means and receptions in nature transformation but when it will enter into a combination to use of power of thought public, results will be amazing. If two integrated auras can work wonders that can create the integrated auras of millions! That is why the unification is so necessary. Than the step of association and the higher it a ceiling, the stronger and influence is higher. In the ancient writing you have examples of how people evasion from following and God's execution of will, that is laws of the nature and evolution laws, attracted on it natural disasters, the evil of epidemics and any diseases. It the thought of these people directed to violation of space laws of development of human society worked. And results of movement against evolution were destructive. If the collective thought goes consciously to the benefit, in full harmony with evolution requirements and consequently, both Space Laws and Space Will, creative or construction power of this direction it is immutable display the fruitful consequences. Evolution of mankind moves thought. The psych equipment of this movement isn't realized by masses yet. But once realize it, and then advance in the future in which everything consists, will be prompt. The person is part whole, part of Space, part of the world in which lives, part of collective in which is. Self on to itself he is anything. Without collective human evolution of the person is impossible, - therefore, as is and in big, and so is in the small. Both in the microcosm and in the life the person can use power of thought of the leader. And when it will reach at first one, then two, then the set, then power of thoughts of leaders learn, then it will be possible to start working already with thought of the whole collective. It occurs to some extent and now, but there is no full awareness of fiery power of thought creating. But time it will come. Laws of thin energy will be studied in the annex to life.
199. So, the beams proceeding from stars and planets imprint history of each of them in space. But isn't present in Space of bodies motionless. All moves. Planets on the orbits move round its pivot-center, fly is directed in space of system of the worlds, and even the whole galaxies change the location. Thus, are in movement and the beams forming rolls of Akasha because they are reflected or are let out by the bodies being in continuous and very difficult movement. Therefore each beam forms a pattern consisting of spiral movements in Space. Therefore we Speak about Akasha's rolls. Even the ray of light isn't direct, but deviate a straight line, because also light is material. At a radio receiver attuning often cacophony of spatial sounds interferes in an ear. It is possible to imagine as the space as it is penetrated by a set of known and unknown energy as it is overflowed with the phenomena that haven't yet been investigated by modern science is saturated. There is no emptiness. The space is the great bosom containing everything that was that is and that will be. The space exists, but time and distance – the phenomena strong relative. For feet the distance is one, for the jet plane – another, for the spaceship – the third, for radio waves – the fourth, for currents magnetic – the fifth, for a ray of light – the sixth, and, at last, for thought – the seventh. Speed of movement of thought in space – already out of measurements. Spirit is out of measurements. And how Akasha's rolls, at least your planet were removed in space, for thought they are surmountable because the thought of spatial distances doesn't know, - not know them and a fiery body. Mental still somehow feels them. But the thin body obviously already feels them, and especially astral, overcoming in far flights big terrestrial spaces. The conductor is higher; the various spheres of space if the person learned to act consciously in it are more available. But if yet didn't learn, it is necessary to remember that everything is achievable, and to these achievements We Plan ways.
200. When we Speak about elements enduring, first of all we Mean thought.
201. (Aug. 27). My son, acts of the pupil is divided on expedient and on not conformable on purpose. The purpose one is reach Me. Any delay is incommensurable to the chosen way. Why all of them from time to time occur and distance the desired purpose? Whether not therefore that two in one continue to fight for the power over consciousness – the Highest Triad and the lowest four. After all this fight also is the forerunner of that terrible decisive fight between the lowest and highest principles in the person which will inevitably begin when great borders will be passed. There fight will become aggravated and will amplify to a limit, and each defeat, weakness or a concession, allowed on the earth, will grow there repeatedly in the force and resilience, but and each victory over will be pledge of the future victory and there. That is why the victory or defeat here are so considerable on the consequences. All weaknesses and connivance are unacceptable. Why to strengthen the chains arresting to the earth and the lower class of an astral? Freedoms so not to achieve! It is necessary that the enemy of this world had no anything in a microcosm of the one who solved the way forever. Inflexibility of this decision should be strengthened, if yet gets rid the phenomena stirring ways. As the ship directed by all the parts, goes too far harbor; as the arrow, which each particle flies together with it to the purpose as also a microcosm of the person, his all essence, all his covers are sated and penetrated by uniform aspiration to the purpose. Unicorn shown is a symbol of the correct, monolithic aspiration. The example of movement of anybody shows this synchronism and participation in movement of all its particles and too as a symbol serves the correct aspiration. Commensurability and expediency is indicators of inflexibility of the decision to go on the way without delays, without looking back. These cautions are very dangerous. The symbol of a salt column and the wife Lot wasn't without reason mentioned. Full-devotion is appreciated by us, as well full-tendency. About full-devotion it was already spoken, about urgency of full-aspiration time came nowadays to tell. On a key of full-aspiration all being of the person, all thoughts and his feelings, all acts and actions is adjusted. In that key and sounds all symphony his live, precisely, symphony, but not discords. All thoughts and the feelings will be to adjust on a wave of the highest coherence on purpose only the correct solution of life. It is allowed to show the Highest coherence to only High spirit. But can approve any degree it everyone who understood that without it not to reach. On a wave of orotund, monolithic aspiration all life is adjusted. There are no phenomena against the going. After all I Speak about orderliness of internal energy of a microcosm of the pupil without which the correct rhythmic advance is impossible. All power of thought and desire should be directed on achievement of this internal coherence. If the head, a body and hands are turned and directed forward, and feet move back, whether that assimilates to a cancer back going? But even each step back if it took place, let will give strength for prompt movement to the Teacher. If fell, immediately get up and move is a Decree further. About falling there is no time to think, to stop on them in torments if they and happened.
202. (Aug. 28). My son when the Lord Warns, it is necessary treat with all attention. Not it is visible to you, but Us. From our Mountain we See boundless distances. The above you rise, you will see further. We look forward. It before Us lies as day last because in consciousness it was already embodied in concrete forms and became a past that is passed to area of the reasons which are giving rise to consequences. We Create these reasons consciously and systematically our will, directing thus the course of evolution of your planet. It we Show an example and for you how it is necessary to build, and we Specify in what secret of realization of the future in a past, in the field of energy of the causality creating the future. As also you in the sphere of individual your life follows the same law. Let in the sphere of your microcosm crystals of the fiery grains making your future karma, the reasons which are consciously put by you for their embodiment in life will be put. These reasons cast in certain mental forms, will be the engines forming your future. Itself, the will, you will operate, using the causality law, the destiny. For Us all is only consequences. There will be all yours and for your life only consequences you consciously generated and you the put reasons. The reasons approved for receiving certain consequences in the future, become your past, your karma, you created. Essence of process that the future becomes a past become the present, having embodied in concrete forms. Thought, with all its power, to your services and is all your time which is. Therefore your thoughts, your aspirations and a rhythm of everyday your work – aren't vain. Everything will yield the fruit or a harvest-two,-three or itself, depending on force of the generated reasons. Certainly, all thoughts to some extent are the reasons of actions, but during the conscious work on the future it is possible to set to one thought the statement seal, others, not conformable with the way chosen in Boundlessness, it is possible to neutralize in a consciousness beam, depriving of them the printing of the statement of spirit. In a consciousness beam the unusable thought as though burns down and loses ability to grow and harm. In this process of creation of the creating reasons and destructions of the undesirable – profound control over thought and the conscious appendix in life of its creating power. The future faces Us, as day last. So We Create, also you so create, follows strong Us. My son, in the accord with Me is your force. You, your consciousness, has to be to me conformable. With it you are helped by an aspiration rhythm. The aspiration too submits to a rhythm established by will. The rhythm of everyday records bears consciousness on the channel blazed in space. This current not to stop even death and when it will come for a mortal body, the rhythm of the approved aspiration will transfer consciousness through, to the World Elevated, and will continue its activities for the accepted direction. The rhythm terrestrial forms and approved an elevated karma. Sowers here are reapers there. Here the world of the reasons, there the world of consequences in turn becoming the world of the reasons for the following embodiments in a physical body. It also is a life wheel. If the thought is consciously transferred to microcosm storage with the printing of the statement or condemnation, it causes character of its udisplay in future actions. The thought approved has force, the thought condemned it is deprived. So, division of thoughts into thoughts of Light and darkness and the consciousness press over everyone to control over thought will give strength and will help to operate thought.
203. (Aug. 29). As a matter of fact, all Doctrines ever given to people by Lords meant only the future. The person, who has accepted the Doctrine, introduced future constructions in the consciousness and, turning them into the past phenomena, thereby approved them magneto leading force. All thus accepted and approved as it became its chain of the reasons conducting his consciousness in the future in consciousness. The thought approved though concerns the future, but it will be already the past phenomenon. This transition of the future to a past for its display in the present belongs already to psych equipment area when it is applied consciously. It is all about the understanding of a given key which wonderfully opens a gate in the future. To do the future last for the statement it in life in the present – our method. It is simple, but force of its bike and its secret is imperceptible because it is covered with simplicity. Control over thoughts is necessary because for thought, becoming leaders of the person in the future the reasons demand strict selection that weeds couldn't nestle there. The weed thinking will generate a variety of reasons, to its conformable. Any planning of the future is useful if it is conscious. Planning the future directs a current of a stream of evolution at will of the person. The future deprived of the plan, does the person, people and the people the victim of casual currents and sends them to the power of elements. Therefore the future of Yoga determines by accurate forms of thought, planning in details it and sending in the consciousness future fancies in the past, in area of the reasons creating the future. The doctrine knowing the direction to evolution of mankind and the far purpose, gives in hands accepted its mighty lever, able to move big affairs and to reach the planned goals in this future. Those who to the plan lives, succeed, those who without the plan, will be mark time; only when the far purpose is known, the direction can be correct. The one, who conducts, far knows the purposes. Proclaiming evolution gifts: mental energy, movement of women and cooperation, – we Apply our method of the statement in the future of the leading reasons by introduction them in consciousness, doing them thus by the magnets engines established in memory of consciousness. The psych equipment of this process should be understood and acquired to comprehend leading force it for the appendix in life. When we Speak – everything is achievable – and we Give in hands keys – means, time came to move ahead to evolution hastily. It is necessary, it is necessary to hurry to outstrip black racers. At creation of the future it is impossible to forget the dark hands, trying to destroy each light undertaking. Where Light, there and darkness – its antipode therefore and construction in the world terrestrial is difficult. Only the area of absolute Light, Light without a shadow, excludes darkness absolutely. Light wins against darkness. This formula should be remembered, as to Light a leading magnet. On our board the word "victory" is traced.
204. Will tell: "Here you speak about Light victory, and on Earth, strong counteracting evolution, the militant darkness" is shown. Let's answer: darkness certainly, and in its pledge of its defeat. The sky will come also Earth, but not spheres of infinite Light over them. These spheres will accept in themselves all and everything who and that, in the course of life evolution, will be able to rise to them. The space litter is liable to destruction also to processing. The darkness and her attendants – the phenomenon temporary and local – on the highest planets of darkness isn't present. There are highest and lowest steps of evolution, but there are no powers of darkness, as on Earth, - in it is second restriction of darkness. And the third: the darkness itself destroys and devours itself. But Light phenomena judgment to infinite growth. Certainly darkness, Light is infinite.
205. (Aug. 30). The same way as the future is transferred to a past, approves also concept of an all-achievement. Everything is achievable. Understanding of it strongly takes root into a being of the pupil. The root of this understanding strong grows into consciousness and gives a huge tree of achievements. But how combine concept of an all-achievement with impossibility display it in the present? When the phenomenon is realized in all its depth, it becomes an integral part of the mental device of the person. It becomes its past which is claiming, in process of the growth and the appendix in life, in the present everything fuller and brighter to come to light in the future. Understanding is already almost mastering. All the time which is, is at the disposal of the person. Since low-slightest, the great concept of an all-achievement is approved. Steps of this understanding in the course of the appendix in practice give pleasure. Introduced in a microcosm human the thought serves as the engine, and evolution of spirit goes according to plan distinctly issued in consciousness. The future, whatever unattainable at the moment was it, being conscious, becomes the past, having passed to the world of the reasons engines and as that becomes that way on which there is a person. But the person is there is a way because the person is the process going from the infinite past to the future, too not having the end. And We claim that on this infinite way everything is achievable. Space laws defined a way of the correct development of humanity. Steps of this evolution are crystallized by our thought in shining substance of elements. Cooperating with Us and knowing a great outline of evolution, it is possible to go surely to achievement of the purpose final: to pansophy, omniscience, all-lyhear, ubiquitous and to omnipotence. It is the ultimate goal which doesn't have the end because the way of ascension of spirit is boundless. And if now something is unattainable, it only now, but in time the most impossible becomes possible and close if the way and if it with Us is correct. We Blaze an all-achievement way the foot and a hand, we create steps, the principle – a hand and a foot human – is indestructible forever. So, knowing all this, nowadays we will start approving in the consciousness the great engines reasons forging evolution of spirit. Pleasure of an ascension it will be integral yours if you start applying instructions given by us. The secret of realization of the future in a past for the statement in lawful sequence in the present isn't enough to be understood of it – it is necessary to put it in application to life. Both then, and only then, unattainable becomes suddenly achievable. This secret is difficult. It is inseparably linked with concept of time which isn't present. If all "here and nowadays", and the great space future of the person too – nowadays and here. The fiery consciousness destroys time and space barriers and the concept of an all-achievement becomes fiery reality. You are gods – so the Savior told, and it is necessary to realize only all depth of this great statement to enter possession of the space inheritance, prepared to the person Space Will from the beginning of times.
206. My friend, the other day you could be convinced personally how the thought accepted in consciousness and put in it in the form of grain, gave suddenly an ardent consequence in some years and as, following it on the channel, it put, you could easily and make freely what never consciously I did earlier. And, having made it, you understood that, being released from yourself, it is possible to observe the person, taking him in focus of consciousness and rising over it. As though a beam of a searchlight is shined and becomes visible that absolutely escaped earlier from attention, and the new world of possibility of cognition of the person as though opens. Observing and studying human nature, from itself released, is always stronger than the one who is filled by it (himself) and who, except experiences, feelings and the thoughts, anything already, over them, can't contain. Therefore, dismissal from itself is also the capacity that is expansion of consciousness and its ability of containment. So we will note one more new possibility of cognition by ardent dismissal from them. After all it took a way to the power – at first over itself, and after over the world. After all it took a way to the power – at first over itself, and after over the world.
207. If you see in books, newspapers and in life an embodiment of invisible your thoughts, don't become proud, but know that the thought silent powerfully creates and is embodied in dense forms that consciousnesses of sets are open, available to thoughts and that thought it is possible to create more freely, more widely, than it is possible hands.
208. (Aug. 31). The sun ascends at any weather. As also the ship goes to the planned purpose at any moods of the captain. As steadily goes on the way and the pupil whatever occurred out of him or in his covers. The rhythm established in an every day, also is useful to those that, without reckoning with conditions of consciousness, bears spirit through. Whether a little that can happen, and it is a lot of events on Earth, but the Sun nevertheless ascends and comes, being a symbol of a stead and a rhythm of space movements. The person – part of Space, a microcosm, and, approving the space beginning in itself and its principles, acquaints itself to a macrocosm. The chaos is arrhythmic. Chaos – a law and order antipode that is lives. But each form of life is organized in harmonius whole a matter. Heart beat is rhythmical, breath is rhythmical. The rhythm lies in the basis of structure of atom. Pulsation – the phenomenon of a world order. The sun pulses even. Rhythm – the principle space. It we observe in movement of stars and planets. Rhythm having approved, a rhythm of an ascension of spirit, it is possible to go, without fluctuating and firmly going.
209. Wisdom is defined by carrying out longer line. Thought eternal and thought temporary belong to different spheres. Thoughts happen duration different. Thoughts of vanity are short-term very much. Duration of thought differs passing from the enduring. Elements of immortality are defined by thought duration. There are the books which term of life is very short, and is also such that endure centuries and even the millennia. Term of life of the book depends on duration of term of life of thoughts, in its prisoners. The thoughts containing in the Doctrine of Life, uniform for all centuries and the people, consist of elements enduring and therefore these pearls don't grow dull in centuries: not heaps of interpreters, but bases First-Teacher. The pearl thread of the Doctrine of Life is stretched from the past in the future in forms of never-dying thought. The eternal thought reins in space over everything those changes eternally. And the microcosm human can be a receptacle or thoughts from eternity, or thoughts of the present day, with day passing and its vanity. But if temporary there is only a Boundlessness section, and in temporary eternal it is possible to find, it approving and seeing in everything. And final and passing it is possible to bring elements in vanity of day of life eternal and enduring if only not to limit thought to a small circle as people limit the life to a small limit and term. Understanding of a boundless way on which moves to future mankind as a whole and each person separately, furnishes the clue to the statement of elements enduring, immortality elements in consciousness of the person, involving it in a stream of eternal life. Approving the immortality, truly immortal there is a person because the person is that represents his thoughts. The choice of thoughts final or thoughts from Boundlessness depends on the person, and immortality too depends on it, because the person such is, what his thoughts. The thought conducts and the thought claims. Therefore also emphasis is placed on thought. The atmosphere of eternal thought washes away a scum and vanity litter, and then the eternal triumphs over temporary and immortal over death in a microcosm of the person.
210. (Sept. 1). The words based on knowledge of reality, or the Space Truth, as well as the thoughts invested by these words, is sharply other than thoughts and words of the talker. The basis of the first is deep, and roots it concern Light and are light while the second are empty and gray and dark. Therefore words and thoughts of the Attendant of General Welfare are other than thoughts of ordinary people. As though light threads connect the Attendant of Light to life bases. Therefore there is no indifferent relation to that proceeds from our people. If their each word influences strongly as words have to be circumspect. After all behind the word there is a thought strengthened by fire of the centers and impressing especially deeply. Therefore excess words aren't necessary, words idle aren't necessary, words which are deprived of expediency aren't necessary. Standard of speech and words is future science. Understanding of two worlds will give understanding bilateral: understanding of visible and invisible process of speech and words. Gray shadows round the talker and absence of light, flash of black fires and smoky zigzags – in aura of the attendant of darkness, but light currents, light and stars and thoughts beams – from aura of light spirit. After all each word is flash of fire running on nerves, to a current is similar, - because fire is shown already in a dense body. But the invisible party of the said word deeper, wider and mentions all covers. All human body resounds on the said word and not only its organism, but also organism of the listener. Some words, the timbre of a voice, its magnetism calm, give pleasure, cheerfulness, health; others, on the contrary, irritate, suppress and bring disharmony. Each word influences anyway and therefore for each word – the answer. Responsibility for the told words of a bike is. Condemnation or justification for them has right there speaking because the consequence of each word is imprinted on aura of the one who says it, and it – first of all. The standard of speech demands control over it, control over each word. There are no words empty and aimless, there is no chatter. Silence is gold, at least only because valuable energy isn't spent in vain. Many people are ill from that garrulity the forces spend. The sound of the said word forces to vibrate nervous system speaking and if this sound is disharmonious that often happens; the dissonance breaking its fluctuations interferes in vibrations of aura. As glass splinters on a stone, gnash words on nervous system of the person if they are chaotic, or in frustration, or rage are full. In the word it is covered more than that, than it is accepted to think. Knowing verbose won't be. Also it will be preserved and against influence of the word of the stranger because often words are saturated with poison. In the word the essence of the thought concluded in it is expressed; if the word empty, without thought, and then is harmful it certainly. Yes! Yes! I tell everything about the same because around the same world, only more and more I Deepen aspect of the same phenomena and I Give broader and perfect understanding them. Association of the worlds consists that will be comprehended invisible, inside of the external phenomena. The same phenomena, but their understanding will be already bilateral: the invisible and visible worlds will appear as one integrated whole, connected among themselves indissolubly. Association of two worlds will be a sign of the future Era.
211. So, we will remember: not repetition, but deepening. In process of expansion of consciousness the understanding goes deep also; the same, but expanded and profound; and the same person, but already at beginning awareness of boundlessness and complexity of its microcosm. Learn itself – a precept of wisdom ancient. And another, not less deep, but hitherto understood externally – Omnia mea mecum porto (All mine I carry with myself (lat.)). Saying this saying, thought usually of things wearable or able be taken with it. But after all the one who told it to the first, meant internal, integral property of the person, his accumulation collected by it throughout long centuries, and all complexity of the psychophysical device of the person. Mine everything only that with me always and everywhere, in this world and the volume, integral and eternal, invested by temporary covers. In this understanding saying perfect other becomes more ancient.
212. (Sept. 2). The ultimate goal of evolution of human spirit clearly also is accurately defined by words of the Savior: "Be perfect as the Father your Heavenly is made is". It also is top of achievements. People allocate the highest with the highest qualities and attributes which it is possible to capture in a word – omnipotence. The intimate philosophy of India even forbids to speak about Inexpressible, believing that in languages human there are no the words, able to express greatness and magnificence of the Absolute. Those who believes that these qualities are unattainable, and considers precepts of the Christ not applicable to life, are absolutely right if doubting it consider that the person on Earth lives only once, only one life. Quite right that during one life of omnipotence not to reach. But the spirit, which is embodying in a body, is eternal, and on Earth it is embodied again and again until will reach degree of perfection put or possible on Earth that then to continue the evolution on higher planet. And therefore on an infinite ladder of life everything is achievable, and a lot of things are achievable on Earth. The one who knows the direction of evolution of the spirit, expressed in the above-stated formula of the Savior, and knows that everything is achievable in eon's times, takes the evolution in hand and the aspiration goes on planned by Lords of Light of a way. The unattainable and impossible is reached so: the form or image bright and accurate unattainable quality is imprinted in imagination to drawing in a brain. This image takes root into consciousness and grows into it, as a stone, to imprison mountain water in a cleft. The person draws himself already possessing this quality which has already approved it in any long-term future, whatever far was it. He knows that the highest step of achievement in a stream of infinite time will be reached that in eternity of time everything is achievable. In increasing frequency, everything comes back it to desirable qualities of spirit more persistent and more persistently and they are approved by everything stronger and stronger in consciousness, drawing itself already the owner them. It is impossible to the purpose to reach, without knowing it, it is impossible to pass through the river, it without having reached. This bright and accurate image of the far future which has been strongly introduced in a microcosm of directed spirit, being created in consciousness also it is approved in memory, from the future passes to a past and becomes the engine channelizing evolution of spirit already in the present, in its current life. Thus, unattainable and impossible become real engines of life, directing the person to tops of the highest achievements. That fact that something is unattainable at present, has no value because not in the present, but in the future everything is concentrated for the person and mankind, and the future, only the future, there is a field for all achievements. When We Say that everything is possible now, then We Specify on a way of starting of action of the Great Law. Knowing knows that everything is achievable, and knows a fiery way to achievement nowadays that seems unattainable. Way We Specify and the action lever in hands we Give. And secret of the statement of the future in the present for all we Open. Faith-knowledge moves mountains. It is necessary to believe and know only that now everything is possible.
213. (Saint. 3). Yourself you will observe – the purpose you will reach. Dissoluteness, weak wills, connivance, unruliness, fieriness – enemies of advance. The form of expression of created by imagination and approved as will, will be that framework of spirit in which its activity in life of the present day is shown. One day can be spent in the accord with will of the Lord. Why to give itself difficult tasks? In twilight of usual day the form established by imagination is observed. Whether not too spoke much? Whether lost balance on trifles? Whether it was irritated, submitting to willfulness of an astral? Whether made actions, movements and acts besides will control? And whether there was a control to constants and constants patrol? In spirit twilight on actions small fires die away. On spirit fires record is conducted in the morning and if in the evening at a reading over it grows dull and loses morning paints, whether that not therefore that day is spent without observance in shape, without deduction of at level due. It is impossible to weaken a spirit bridle not for a moment. Astral willful it immediately will take it in hand, and already, irrepressible and ardent, will urge on consciousness and to dominate emotions. Also it isn't necessary to make any heroic acts, it is necessary to keep only on a bridle the feelings and thoughts under continuous control. Sutratma, the actor, acts – Silently Looking supervises his actions. Game on a scene of life goes according to in advance planned program and in the set tone. The Reflex and automatism, enemies of evolution of spirit, are excluded absolutely. Astral is a receptacle of reflex activity of consciousness. New, future form of a display of in life, future step of consciousness includes what wasn't earlier, new, approved consciously will. And the astral got used to live and work as before, as earlier. From here collision and fight between a reflex of habitual acts and actions and the conscious order of the will which has accepted a new form of expression of spirit. To move forward to the future on old tracks is means to remain the same. Lunar reflex of an astral is heritage of the past. The animal lives reflexes. The animal beginning in itself submits to will of the risen spirit. But as on registration of an astral million years of slow evolution were required, and fight against it demands a lot of time and forces. The astral cover was necessary in the course of evolution of the person in order that through it the thin body could be issued. The astral executed the appointment. The astral isn't necessary any more. But he so long ruled over consciousness of the person that never will refuse the power without cruel fight. It is possible to take it a starvation that is constancy of control over it when the silver bridle of spirit is put on all feelings of the pupil. All thoughts and feelings, acts and gestures under vigilant control of spirit, - it and will be a problem of the current hour.
214. My son, clarity of the Face of the Lord and process of continuous pretending intensity need to finish to such an extent and the clearness that there was an Invisible Presence by a real factor of life. As though before an eye of Omniscience of the Teacher of Light it is developed the movie of life of the pupil, and each act, each feeling and thought are visible to the Teacher of Light. So in understanding of continuous Presence and lives the pupil. Everything we See and we Hear, and Itself I Check the movie of your life of every day. It let forces will give control to approve over itself the constant. Together we go, and the accord of our consciousnesses – the main condition of advance. You consonance Me, and Will My Display in will and your thoughts and in all your life. So look and judge, where your will and where Will My, and which of them you prefer.
215. (Saint. 4). (Half wake.) Threat passed. Reflex activity of consciousness, being lunar heritage of the past, it is closely connected with automatic activity of an astral. Astral, which hasn't been subordinated to will and unrestrained, is the enemy of evolution of spirit; that on the one hand. But with another, the reflex and automatism can strong serve advance if are used expediently that is if habits introduced in consciousness are commensurable with an ultimate goal. So, for example, the habit of the everyday Communication which has become a rhythm, will incur the person in the future as if on wings; or a habit before to think and weigh each word, and then already to say it. Thus it is possible to take over the control of impulses, reflexes and automatic actions and consciously to spread such which will be in the accord with the chosen way to Boundlessness. Habitual actions can become everything actions lightful and their automatism shining. The light spirit from heart treasure on a habit will already take out light and good just as the serpent on the introduced habit takes out the only angry. In automatism of actions, acts and thoughts the hidden essence of the person, kind or angry, depending on former crops comes to light. Mastering by lunar heritage is a step which should be passed inevitably victoriously. Even control over itself can be made habitual, as well as continuous patrol. Persistence of thought and aspiration creates constancy of qualities habitual and grown into consciousness is strong.
216. It is good to develop also in itself a habit not to stop and not to recede before any failures in the course of the statement of desirable qualities. It is necessary to remember only always that the spirit is eternal, but temporarily covers; and that if the aspiration which has taken shape in an accurate form, was imprinted on the Bowl, it remains there forever and in new covers display itself already in the form of an inherited quality of spirit. To that and fruits full rhythmic take-off of consciousness that are defined by thought limits of future achievements. Limits of future opportunities are limited to thought. It puts also those borders to which the spirit in World Aboveground will rise. Therefore also Specify Boundlessness that and not to limit to anything in any way spirit flight in space to Tops. Yes! Yes! There everything is achievable. As also everything that is reached here on the Earth has to be reached before in thoughts and in the spirit of. But on the earth the spirit is connected Earth and a body, in the same place – anything. Therefore I Speak, don't limit to anything the fiery aspirations, don't put thought of limits. Also know that nowadays not reached here, in the world dense, it will be reached where everything moves thought. Therefore let doesn't stop and your aspiration before any temporary and seeming failures because while aspiration fire burns, the purpose is achievable doesn't hang and will be reached here or there if this fire doesn't die away and won't hang before seeming temporary obstacles. There is no such obstacle which the will of the person couldn't overcome. Our motto is to go all the way, without stopping before anything. Repeated failures incline before inflexibility of spirit and are scattered in ashes. You remember the victory basis: that wins all who managed to win against it (himself).
217. There is more: think that it is necessary to show a feat on great causes. But don't want to think over that is more difficult: whether time in life a feat to show, or in twilight of life usual, the best qualities of spirit in itself approving, to show a feat constant. Certainly, the second is more difficult. Therefore we Call such people devotees. Therefore we Call for a life feat. Time, one only once, it is possible to insert itself on a feat step, but to be every day at this step to only strong spirit in power, only to the Attendant of Light, only Tom Who got up on Great Service. In it Great Making also will consist. Not for itself it is made, but for the world because Light generated by it, the world lights up and helps to rise to a planet by the following step of evolution. There is nothing secret that wouldn't become obvious. Light shines in darkness, and its darkness not to embrace.
218. My friend, Told even earlier that the Ocean of my thoughts will be available to you and that, with Me staying, not thirsts forever. Yes! Yes! You will write when you want because you will reach a step when you will be in continuous contact with the ocean of spatial thought. This ocean is inexhaustible. Through Me access you have to the Treasury of Space Thought.
219. And still I Will tell: everything is overcome in the spirit of, in itself. Who will read in itself something impossible and insuperable that never will be able to overcome this obstacle out of itself. Exactly in itself, in the spirit of, it is necessary to present that overcoming before it will be carried out outside is possible.
220. It isn't necessary to rush with itself and to drag everywhere itself. At contact with people about them it is necessary to think and observe and study. . Each person learns, whom we meet in life, because behind everyone the long life, which not have the beginning, and at everyone itself the accumulation .Only this way gradually, being released always from itself, it is possible to start knowledge of the person.
221. (For the night). Arriving alone, you show knowledge of bases. The movie of each action is imprinted in Akasha's rolls. All past of the person is recorded in space. The space sees and hears. There is nothing secret. There is nothing hidden. Everything is accurate and full, in all details is written down in spatial records. Usually people try to behave well in the eyes, but don't hesitate when consider that nobody sees them, but sees space. In the Thin World all is opened. The eye of Omniscience is a space. Akasha's rolls are available to lords. They in them read, how in the book. And when the person alone, but knows that we see, that, and being even one, he arrives as if there would be he in public. Understanding of continuous Presence facilitates to it this task. The person never happens one. The set of eyes watches acts and actions of the incarnate. Loneliness and isolation aren't present. Arriving alone, we show understanding of two worlds and participation hidden in the visible.
222. (Sept. 5). Awakening of sections of a body will give feeling of a pulsation of a thin body and its presence at a physical cover. Both that and another will be really felt. It will revitalize also a dense body as the thin body doesn't know an old age and diseases. The feeling of existence of the amputated hand or foot shows that injury of a physical body isn't reflected in the thin. The feeling of pains is concentrated in an astral, - after release from a dense cover of its feeling for a long time litter consciousness, and time is necessary finally to get rid of them. After all the feeling of hunger and thirst and need for usual food for a long time remain in consciousness, as past remnants. And if these feelings of people I didn't learn to own on the earth and to subordinate them to will, there they become obsolete gradually. Illusive smoking and illusive feasts is the phenomena of terrestrial remnants. A lot of terrestrial peel is carried away with himself by a one incarnation to the World Thin. Therefore mastering by feelings of a body should be established, for the present in it. With what the person comes there, with that and remains for a while. As eat both as drink and as time carry out the as on the earth if the thought liberator doesn't help to burn somewhat quicker terrestrial stratifications and outgrowths. Some spirits come there already released from a terrestrial peel, but someone sports in medals and differences with which grew together, having been obese. Someone can't leave the palace in which he lived, someone – riches; someone held high and honorable position. But there are neither palaces, nor provisions, differences though they and remain in consciousness, bright and picture, in the form of Maya ghosts or echoes of terrestrial mirages. Release from all this garbage should be made on the earth, firmly and persistently separating in consciousness passing from enduring, eternal from temporary, thin from dense and reality real from Maya mirages. So approving immortality elements in consciousness, we will learn to distinguish and the thin phenomena from the dense. The person is a laboratory for all feelings. Them owning, the consciousness subordinates to itself the world of illusions because any feeling can create itself and to be exempted from any. Ultimate goal is release of spirit from all illusions and mirages of all three worlds. After all even the person lives in Devachan and enjoys in the world of illusions. Lords don't live in Devachan. Their feat Elevated and too – in continued works, as, however, and on the earth is severe.
223. Expediency or compliance of all thoughts and acts of the person for the purpose of far, gives stability to will and hardness to a hand. It is difficult to convince itself that qualities of spirit are necessary and has to be brought up for one life short in a body terrestrial, for one embodiment only. To what to approve fearlessness in the face of even death or to face certain death when the person considers that with death of a body for it all comes to an end. It is better to sit out somewhere in the quiet town and other the coward to live life in silence and wellbeing, than to go on a feat and even to death. But understanding of the purpose far both inviolability of spirit and knowledge of the phenomenon of transformations to each effort to grow and to cultivate in itself this or that quality gives special sense and special value because nothing vanishes also everyone, even the low-slightest effort in this direction will once bring the obvious consequence. Big always grows from small, it is necessary to begin only, at least with the smallest. And, having begun, it is possible not to stop any more in repeated attempts and the efforts, whatever unattainable the approved and desirable qualities at present seemed. Everything will yield the fruit is immutable because the end to growth of qualities doesn't exist. About boundlessness of feelings It was already spoken, now we Speak about possibility of growth of all merits of spirit. I repeat, positive because to the negative it is put an end by an extremity of a display of darkness. Darkness certainly, but Light is boundless, and has no limit spirit growth in Light, the fiery growth of spirit. On this way expediency of human life, that is its accord with Star Trek of spirit in Boundlessness, is approved in life of every day by commensurability of its each movement with a goal. The arching of Boundlessness measures all his thoughts, affairs and acts, and everyone, everyone and each of them has legal proceedings him a measure of this. With a measure of Boundlessness we Approach to affairs and temporary We Measure eternal and passing enduring. So arrive also you, considering all the life as a display temporary in eternal and eternal in the temporary. It is a measure of the Highest Worlds, it is criterion of Space understanding of life, or, it is a way to Boundlessness.
224. Even if the reflex of actions and automatism of consciousness can be turned on advantage and to operate them, to derive benefit and on advantage it is possible to turn each opposite phenomenon. Everything I Turn on advantage. You learn to arrive also as. To me imitating, you go my track. That is reached by me, will be reached also by you. Time depends on you. But, I Warrant, you will reach, if with Me.
225. (Saint. 6). About a partition of covers. Before this partition of conductors will occur in a human body, it is made in consciousness. If to compare a live and dead body, a physical cover it is easy to separate from all the others. The physical body is a case in which the person stays and which it uses during lifetime on the physical plan. The conductor and its matter precisely correspond to that plan on which their lives consciousness. It is more difficult to separate already emotions, feelings and thoughts. Sense organs rather essence of their functions, remain with the person in all worlds and in all covers: and in an astral body, both in thin, and in mental, and above he sees and hears, perceives and smells and taste feels prophetic, because the nature of sense organs – a fiery order, their tool – devices of the corresponding conductors, on corresponding to everyone plans. It is possible to tell only that the scale of impressions with each thinner conductor extends, and process of perceptions takes place some transformation. The analysis of emotions shows that the animal endures many feelings with which lives as well the person, for example: envy, jealousy, rage, fear, love, hatred and so on. All those feelings which make related the person with an animal are concentrated in an astral. And them having separated from other mental human life, it is possible to define the sphere of activity of an astral. Exit in astral shows that this cover is very close on the structure to a physical body. It seems that is both hands, and feet, and all members of a body, only mechanics of movements a bit different because in an astral it is possible to fly already. Sees, the person in this cover almost in the regular way hears and talks, as well as feels almost usually. But the thought is already aggravated and moves not only an astral body, but also subjects around. As well the matter of the astral plan easily submits to thought. When the astral, a receptacle of passions, desires and animal emotions is dumped, the person remains in a thin body where all concentrates animals don't have what – emotions and feelings of higher order. A number of these emotions can be tested very sharply in good art gallery, having taken there with itself a dog. The dog, knowing sensation of fear, jealousy, envy, greed and attachment, being in gallery, won't test, looking at cloths of the great masters, any feelings. The astral isn't capable of them. More perfect body or the conductor what the thin body is necessary. Extent of registration of a thin body which is already issued at the majority of people, allows this or that width of the highest experiences. Both the love, and attachment, and fearlessness remain, but refined and refracted through a matter of a thin body. In this body of people brightly and fully lives both on the earth, and in Elevated, but out of the earth – without a body and without the astral conductor if both are dumped. Whatever the person and then he worried enjoyed, but he can't solve the mathematical equation without menthol. And this decision, perhaps, very long and difficult, it can make without any emotions, that is without feeling neither fear, nor rage, neither pleasure, nor grief. The tool of menthol is the thought. The mental body is a thought body. The mental body is issued not at many, and to dismember covers, having separated from them this body, very difficult. Too the movements happening in all covers are bound in consciousness, and they are too connected with each other. Release from passions, from animal passions, and mastering by feelings of a body (feeling of hunger, thirst, cold and so on) allow separating the physical and astral beginning. Restraint of emotions and feelings of an astral helps seize and a thin body. Control over thought gives in hands the power over a body mental and helps to separate it from the lowest covers. Mastering by leads to a partition of conductors in consciousness and approaches opportunity operate in each of them separately and consciously on plans corresponding to them. Without this mastering any reasoning’s on this subject will be abstraction which won't give understanding of about what there is a speech, and knowledge of essence of these phenomena. Ability of concentration of thought on any scientific question or a problem or simply a subject shows process of immersion of consciousness in area of menthol and stay in a body mental. But it only a step conducting, finally, to mastering by though, that is the tool of a mental body, and then and a body. The aspiration up lifts consciousness and induces it to manifestation in the highest covers. Directed and above, the higher and plan of manifestation of spirit. It is possible to direct itself to the sphere of the lowest corporal desires, and it is possible – and to spheres of the highest thoughts. In each case the consciousness will work in the corresponding conductor. The astral is the egoism and personality center. The highest thought is impersonal, passionless and concerns Light, because itself lightful. So, dismembering spheres and plans of activity of consciousness, it is possible to divide the covers in the consciousness, strengthening the highest conductors and focusing in them the activity. Prevalence will be received by that cover to which the attention and preference is paid. In what the person lives, with that and will arrive, but the analysis of and the feelings, perceptions and thoughts will lead to understanding of that occurs in an own microcosm. Mastering by will approach also mastering by the covers because it and is submission to their will. Unmetered, they won't act also opportunities to be allocated in them voluntarily on various plans won't give.
226. The super personal pleasure both super personal grief and all super personal feelings and thoughts bring consciousness out of a vicious circle of aura’s radiations of an astral. It is possible to seize an astral, only having left out of its limits and approaching to it from outside. As it is possible arrive and with a cover of a thin body, not to mention the physical. The thought is usually connected mainly with one of covers. The thought which hasn't been painted by movements, occurring in three the lowest, and not related, will be pure thought.
227. If clearly to imagine that friend Ickx and enemy Igrek were suddenly changed by the bodies then it is easier to understand essence of the internal person living in a physical body, and what the dense cover differs from the one whom it invests. If clearly to imagine that friend «x" and enemy "y" were suddenly changed by the bodies then it is easier to understand essence of the internal person living in a physical body, and what the dense cover differs from the one whom it invests.
228. (Sept. 7). My friend, the proverb – "tell me whom you live with and I will tell you who you are" is good. Even process of the writing of the letter to the person connected with dark rack, causes contact with it, creating a communication channel. It shows that the received letter and its author were under a certain influence. This channel used obsessed and it’s to inspirer, and a seen dream registered a communication thread. It is necessary to strengthen guards. It is correct that retaliation is struck not on obsessed, but on a possessed that on the future not to interfere to do it, where doesn't follow. If to respond nevertheless to the letter it is necessary, it is better to write more shortly and so that not to give in hands of catches and to rake over neither the past, nor the present. The contact is weaker; the less than opportunities to throw harm. Also it isn't necessary to close eyes to the done harm. And it is difficult to correct others karma, and it doesn't make sense to take in this case it on itself. Wisely it is necessary to measure each word and besides so that there is nothing was to grasp and pull soul. After all same too some kind of vampirism, but already this time at distance. Again not connect the torn strings. The broken vase, even being stuck together, value loses. But it isn't necessary to push away nevertheless not to aggravate harm, it is necessary to be preserved strong.
229. Each thought of the person from darkness or Light, and everyone is connected mainly with any of covers. There are thoughts corporal, relating to a body, there are thoughts strong saturated the emotional beginning of a low order, there are the thoughts concerning sublime feelings, there are the thoughts which have been absolutely deprived of emotions. Each thought the person unites with movement in this or that conductor, thought it causing. The pure thought, any order, does this movement pure, and vice versa. Tone sets thought. And it is possible to operate conductors only by means of thought. The movement happening in covers, on association causes a number of the corresponding thoughts which current goes automatically if there is no control. If habits of thinking are pure, danger isn't present even at automatism of thinking but if they are dirty, that strict control becomes necessary because differently not to reach clarification. So, cleaning of undesirable stratifications is made and can be made only on condition of continuous control or a patrol condition of consciousness. In a matter of which conductors consist, there are elements of this or that degree of a sparseness or clarification. Process of depression or thinning of material structure of the conductors can be conducted consciously and systematically. Heavy particles of the lowest desires do heavy not only a dense body, but also other covers. Aggravated by rough particles of an astral matter, a thin body not in forces to rise in higher layers of the Elevated World and it is compelled to be below. Also wants to rise, but can't. As they say, I would gladly do it, but it's beyond my power. That is why clarification not only consciousness process, but also covers is important extremely. At high, even temporary, lifting the face of the person starts being shone as though, at constant – the luminescence remains forever. Each thought or darken or clarifies a dense cover, as well as all the others because brings in a microcosm of the person Light or darkness. Also it is possible to wonder more often: "that I am the carrier, darkness or Light". The accurate, strong thought destroys any duality and fluctuations, and the pupil precisely knows Light or darkness prevails in him at each this moment. From this the conclusion – control over thoughts is necessary certainly if the spirit wants to rise on steps of a ladder of life. And if the person is a process, and usually process uncontrolled, for the pupil there is it strictly directed and regulated by will. And then everything that occurs in his consciousness, undertakes under the strictest control. It also will be discipline of spirit. For judgment pupil it is wings, for the passerby – chains and slavery.
230. The thought sent by the Teacher in morning rays of light, everyday new impulse gives for advance up – as though consciousness updating every morning. This phenomenon is caused by a stead of the approved rhythm. The rhythm bears consciousness precisely on wings. Openness of consciousness towards to the Beam facilitates process. So at reciprocity continuous advance becomes possible, and the Management becomes way of every day. The invisible Guide of the Teacher in the spirit of is not a small step of achievements.
231. Someone considers that the way of an apprenticeship is difficult. It is right. But difficulty ease becomes if to understand value of small undertakings. Great causes to strong spirit a match only. But great grows from small, almost invisible and imperceptible. Who comprehended value of future power of the low-slightest kernel that can begin great crops on a field of the consciousness with grains small? If only to begin, if only to seed – in it care both in its success and in its pledge of a pro-movement. And all the time which is, can become crops term. Thought grain! As hardy it and as it is inseparable from the person because the root of the thought even sent to space, remains at sent it. What care and discretion is demanded by each thought!
232. (Sept. 8). My son if there are no reasons without consequences and consequences without the reasons, whether that mastering by the Karma will consist in that, having seized the sphere of the reasons and creating them will, to approve the world of consequences at the will. The person isn't free to change a current of consequences of earlier generated reasons, as well as the reasons put in the past, but to create a chain of new causality, forming thereby desirable consequences, he can absolutely freely. For Us – consequences all only. It is possible not only to dream of the power of spirit over the Karma, but also to take it in hand. The will lever in hands of the person. It applying, he can create a variety of reasons, the necessary consequences of the bringing. These reasons actions, thoughts and feelings take root into consciousness and become part it, causing subsequently a number conformable to them consequences. The person constantly creates in word and deed, and the main thing, thought the Karma, but he creates it automatically and unconsciously, not purposefully and incommensurably with laws of ascension of spirit. The karma is created by it in darkness, creating the movie of life not light. The old Karma can't be overturned as it is impossible to destroy word and thought consequences, but new it is possible to create hourly, commensuration acts and thoughts with a goal. Aimless existence can't be is not life, but pity vegetation. The spirit, purposeless becomes the victim of casual currents and dark influences. Commensurability, commitment and expediency can the face and force to show only in the presence of the purpose. The purpose is set by a limit and borders to all achievements of the person. The short purpose means an extremity and a vicious circle of one life. But the one who chose a way to Boundlessness and set the far purpose, that world generates the reasons, to this purpose far the attracting. Let it if the purpose – omnipotence of spirit, but grains of the reasons, to this purpose of leaders, it is possible to seed now, in this life, grains of the reasons seem unattainable, is immutable, according to the law, a number of consequences giving rise. What far and unattainable aim seemed, it is achievable if the lever of the Karma is taken in hand. The psych equipment of this process is very simple, despite all its seeming complexity. The formula of construction of the future remains to the same and will be the same in centuries. She is familiar to all, and she builds life though it is conscious and isn't applied by the person. "One will reap what he'll sow" – this formula. The person is free always in the spirit of power of creative thought to create a chain of the reasons for creation of consequences, to sow he is free in the spirit of all what he wishes to reach. All process happens inside. Simeon Karma are put in consciousness, in memory, in aura, in a microcosm of the carrier of the Karma, are put so strongly and strong that further feelings and thoughts and its acts go in the full accord with them. If shoots aren't strong and perish, it is necessary to repeat and repeat crops until lives it is steady sprouts firmly won't become stronger in consciousness. Surmountable everything, if show persistence. Mastering by fire requires unprecedented persistence and persistence and steady aspiration to the purpose. The lever of causality it is possible to lift any karmic consequence if it is rather long. And the shoulder is longer, those can lift big weight and the easier. Burden of the World the spirit lever will lift the long when the far purpose of future achievements shines in the far future all the fires. The person, tops of power of spirit reached, – here this purpose. It takes root into consciousness, as the grain of causality moving evolution of spirit. From the far future, through consciousness and memory, she is had to the past which from now on becomes his life engine, in Boundlessness going. So future and last adjoin in the present, being connected by a shining chain of consciously being weaved Karma.
233. My son, My thoughts you imprint not for yourself, but for people. Many after will pass on a footpath, you blazed. To break through in space channels for thoughts – the task is honorable. On the way blazed to go easier and the direction is given. The direction of planetary evolution of mankind should be known. Without knowing how it is possible to follow or messages itself? Lords Conduct because Know. And those who follow them know too. Going to the future according to evolution execute our commands. To understand command of Space Will – means to be in consent with Us. Will Father Sent, the one who anticipated the course of evolution will be creating and understood laws of development of human society. It was spoken once: the herd is uniform and the Pastor is uniform. Nowadays We Speak: one collective of all mankind of your planet and Lord Maitreya – Conducting it.
234. Life in the spirit of is regarded as of paramount importance, but not in a body, life internal, but not outside because it causes all reactions and a feeling-knowledge of the person. External forces to react to the influences, but nature of reaction are defined by internal essence of the person.
235. (Sept. 9). The impressions arising in consciousness under the influence of vibrations, going from everything that surrounds a Recorder which is Silently Looking through it, usually cause movements or emotions and in an astral. Today we will try day to carry out without any emotions of an astral order. Let's eat, speak, we will listen people around; we will do everything, as usual, only we won't react emotionally in any way. The person is a sower constant, a crops field – space, and seeds – that proceeds from the person to spheres surrounding it. Let this, proceeding from it, will be deprived of any emotions. Everything remains still, flashes of an astral only are extinguished both its all the time something to endure ardent and insatiable desire. These experiences aren't necessary to space, beget as the astral is the center of the personality and egoism which at a known step to spirit already will be only a burden. Personal worlds, we will put, your great-great-grandfathers, once the dead, evolutions aren't necessary, aren't necessary to space, aren't necessary to Space because only litter it. As the worn-out and dumped dress, they are only stuff and litter. Only light spirits leading life super personal don't leave litter after themselves. Emotions of an astral – litter. The astral is the already passable stage of evolution of the person. It played a role at registration of the highest conductors and isn't necessary any more. To bridle it and to force to break off – the immediate task, urgent and inevitable at the correct solution of further advance; orb, nor tranquility not reaches, if the bridle isn't put on feelings. At first it is possible not to show these feelings in any way externally, and then already internally. The right, this work is worth it that to be engaged in it because power of balance is incomparable with other achievements. This achievement is the basic as without it other qualities of spirit won't be full. Even fearlessness will be only recklessness, even devotion and love – spasmodic, even aspiration – faltering and changeable. From now on every day let begins thought of new crops. That I today will be able to bring to space and then to sate it what to seed it in an invisible bosom, than to decorate aura of a planet, the house My terrestrial and elevated – the pupil so questions him. Only the bridled and disciplined astral conductor can serve evolution, both individual evolution of spirit, and planetary. To decorate aura of a planet with the thought and to enrich a treasury of spatial thought – a task of the Attendant of Light. Who decorates the house, who the cities, squares and parks, public structures, theaters and clubs, and who both space and aura of this planet – the space house. Service to space is a debt of the Carrier of Light. Littering doesn’t think of spatial service, preferring a personal pigsty and heaps of the spatial litter disturbing not only him, but also to other people. Forget that this harm any more their personal, but universal and all-planetary. The person is responsible, he wants that or not, for itself for all mankind as a whole, for thoughts and its feelings, for words and acts. It is possible to imagine, than spheres round Earth on huge spaces are littered. All proceeding from the person remains in aura of a planet is perfect as well as in his being, putting glyphs on his aura. Control over all that proceeds from the person, control over itself is necessary insistently and urgently. And control over an astral will be its first step. The sower will sow only kind grains, because he – and the reaper. Who will want to feed on weeds when the harvest-time will come? And that the collective if he tries to feed it with these weeds as the person wants that will tell it or not, but all people collectively bear responsibility and reap the fruits of that seeded each of them separately. Yes! Yes! The person is responsible, he wants that or not, for itself (himself), for all mankind as a whole, for thoughts and its feelings, for words and acts. This responsibility is known by Lords, this responsibility is known by Light Carriers. And nowadays time came to realize it to each spirit. People have to realize responsibility for Earth, for the space house because differently more long with impunity already it is impossible to stay on a planet, threatening its existence as the evil created by irresponsibility, can't grow infinitely.
236.(Sept. 10). The lord, your Light teaches to collect in my jugs. Consciousness helps to expand. Leading your Hand teach to feel constantly. Neither the grief, nor pleasure won't force Me forget about you. Invisible your Presence by the tangible I want to make also your World in my days – to approve.
237. So, your way only through Me because I also am a Way conducting in eternal life. Life is in the spirit of; not in a body, but in the spirit of. And the spirit is eternal. Focusing life in a body, final and mortal, death of it is doomed. The consciousness is between the coast of a flesh and area of spirit and can gravitate to any of them and to aspire to any to stick. Sticking to the flesh coast is only for a while, to the spirit coast – forever. Having been in good spirits, it is possible to stick to the flesh coast, but only for time and knowing that spirit of the other-worldly person. We are guests on this planet. On it ours isn't presents anything, - everything that on it, ours only for a while. Ours is a way to Boundlessness because we are boundless, and from eternity our spirit. To understand how through the temporary the way to Boundlessness is approved and lies in it, doing the earth by a springboard for spirit to spheres of the far worlds means to realize itself the traveler of the Great Way. In the future everything is concentrated that is prepared for the person the Space Right, by the right of its primogeniture. This future faces it, as a field of the future fulfillments. Everything will be reached by it that is planned life evolution. Power of ideas enclosed by us in shining spontaneous images of Space Evolution, cut down by us in space in lightful substance of a spontaneous matter will be motive force of this evolution. Everything that won't join a stream of evolution and into it won't enter, will be thrown out, to litter is similar, on Life river banks, and becomes the space litter going to processing. And the choice is as follows: either to go, or to be lost. Certainly is all evil and darkness, - and in it its hopelessness. But Light is infinite. Also it is eternal, – who in the spirit of and spirit lives, lives in Light of spirit. Close worldly voices that hear a voice of spirit. The flesh coast has magnetic force and attracts consciousness to it. But the homeland of spirit attracts it to the highest spheres. And consciousness is the arbitrator solving a choice. The freedom of choice always remains for the person, what coast would have it. Therefore, to the world of spirit it is possible to direct always. Gate to these spheres is open, but the choice of ways depends on the person, on will free it. Formula – "coming to Me I Won't expel owns", – specify on this openness which is giving the chance to the person at any time to come off a chariot of the evil, a flesh sliding on the coast, to come off and change the castle of Light floating in an evolutionary stream of life. The choice is free always.
238. Leopards werewolves not fairy tale, but terrible reality. The consciousness is transferred by the sorcerer to a leopard and works with his body. As though it invests itself(himself) a body of a leopard and enters into it, at first representing in the imagination this process of mastering by a body of an animal. Obsession bodies deprived work in the same way, only with their victims, people are. Will, being fire display, it can be transferred either at distance, or at close contact not only to other person, but also an animal, a bird, an insect and a plant, and even to inanimate objects. The scope of will is so wide that no borders have. In the same way the will has no barriers when works with thought. But the will, as well as muscles, demands continuous training, differently it will atrophy and becomes sluggish and weak. The principle of development of will is simple extraordinary. It is necessary to train will, since small and easy things that it grew gradually, without overstraining. The anguish of will is very dangerous as deprives of the person of self-confidence and will paralyze its efficiency. The will overstrains on the difficult things exceeding its real opportunities. Therefore it is specified to begin with small things. Regularity is necessary, spasmodic attempts won't yield fruits. The rhythm is entered and here. Failure can be corrected the repeated attempts strengthened by a rhythm of repetitions. The rhythm destroys counteraction of foreign will. Resistance of all kingdoms of the nature submits to a rhythm. The rhythm is a space basis of a universe, and, approving it in application, it is possible to reach desirable results even then when other way of it can't be made. No failures should stop on this way because everything is achievable. At strong-willed actions the element of coherence of all microcosm of the person plays a crucial role. Let this moment will be short, but orotund. As also the silence moment before each action can't be forgotten. It will be the moment of release of the prisoner, release of mental energy for its free, independent, not the connected and independent action in space. It is necessary to remember well that Obsession of all degrees work with suppression of foreign will. We Act with merge of consciousnesses which will leaves absolutely free, as well as a choice of ways
239. Let the will train every day and grows on the statement of qualities.
240. When it is spoken about coherence of action, means that all conductors of the person work in a full consent, in uniform, harmonious merge all of them the energy directed by will to one purpose.
241. (Sept. 11). My son, I Conduct steadily and a way I Shine with the Beam. The measure of aspiration serves as a criterion of an attraction and perception of Light, Me sent to morning’s beams. The aspiration and receiving, receiving and return, approach to Me and service to the World are connected among themselves, as two poles of a thing uniform. Strengthening one pole, we cause tension and strengthening on other. The lever true, reliable and strong – to operate an opposite pole of achievement, forcing and strengthening one. The rhythm is thus necessary, as the basis of power of the approved phenomenon and its constancy. How many the flashing sparks which are going out right there, how many aspirations are shorter than the present day and how many the futile efforts which haven't been supported by a rhythm and constancy. The rhythm means growth of the steady energy approved in an orbit of consciousness. This orbit spiral, this spiral is directed up. The purpose which is made out in the future grows and accepts more and more accurate and certain forms and becomes more and more shining and lightful in process of consciousness growth. Any growth needs the corresponding food. A food by Light essential is a spirit food. With this Light all space around, but in spheres high is sated. The sphere to which the spirit directs is higher; the more and Light. Twilight of the lower class of light doesn't allow, but aspiration to Light probably everywhere, at whatever level there was a consciousness. The magnetic power of this aspiration will attract Light and the consciousness to Light will lift. Force mighty spirit will carry by aspirations over gloom chasms. Aspiration fire, in heart lit, also needs a food its constant. It eats thought and feeling, - thought always at the disposal of the person. Feelings are born thought. In head of advance the thought is put and as anybody and anything can't limit thought, except the person, and possibility of ascension of spirit – always in his own hands, in his own will. Anybody and can block nothing it a way while the will owns his thought and sends it to the necessary course. In the field of thin energy the Karma works especially powerfully, giving ardent consequences on directed thought everyone fiery. And here, at last, there comes the moment when all energy of a microcosm direct will in one direction to the far planned purpose. All being of the person as at an eagle flying to the Sun, it is directed to focus of uniform Light. And then all starts serving the person, in mighty aspiration he isn't presents positively anything from what he wouldn't learn the necessary and useful lessons for the advance. Serve all and everything, both friends and enemies, both a grief and pleasure, an illness and health, good luck and failure, ease and difficulty, even darkness and its attempts – serve all to a spirit ascension. The way became immutable, and the step and retreat back – impossible became persistent. Then guidance of the Teacher becomes obvious and notable. In beat the everyday it is notable: as if invisible fire warms up heart, and the fire flaring in it, force allows moving up steadily. My son, is unchangeable the Lord, feelings its fluctuations and the movements happening in covers of the pupil are unshakable. Over all these movements – the Silver Thread of spirit connecting the Lord – the Father with the son – the pupil. Guarantee of the Management I Give. I will move it is safe. On advantage everything I Will turns and I Will meets, and I Will meet conducted when hour of a meeting will punch. Friend Mine, I See you, so few, scattered seldom on Earth face, but strong to Me directed. To you Threads are stretched, to you Beams flow, you are marked out by Me Fate. The one, who judgment to Me, the elite I Call. Over the elected Beam and Hand is. Each sprout, to Me directed, gets to My Beam, gives strong sprout and fructifies. Direct to Me your best thoughts and feelings, and I am return them and I Will increase, and I Will return to you with a crop rich –-two,-three,-seven and itself – on force and quality of your thoughts and feelings. Already I Said that opportunities will be decupled, now I Claim: it is hundredfold they. The put we will reach, because a way our joint. I follow the Lord, you follow Me as us not to reach about my Day when – together.
242. Conscious extraction of advantage from all favorable and opposite circumstances and living conditions also will be a sign of understanding of that life is the best school. The experience given by life, and vital each lesson becomes fruitful then. The life deprived of the purpose, is fruitless, but strong the purposeful consciousness is enriched. The hidden Hand over aspiring spirit deepens process. Substantial, full of fascinating interest there is a life because expansion of growing consciousness gives pleasure.
243. There can be a question: to what these records of thoughts? Let's answer: the thought been born in consciousness and given a hidden shape, is a little available to the majority of people because to read Spatial Mind not everyone is able. But the thought given a dense shape of records, will be available to everyone, wishing to contact with it. What would be if there were no books and if thoughts weren't recorded on paper? After all the so few can read Spatial Records of human thought. Therefore these records are necessary, necessary for the future when hunger of soul becomes very essential. Crystallization of thoughts in dense forms is process very difficult when they concern spirit area.
244. To operate thought is means to seize and subordinate to it covers, because thought above all. It and is clear, as a thought matter refined more rough astral and physical matter, and consequently, and more strongly. Usually physical body and astral operate consciousness as, for example, in case of an acute hunger or undeserved strong offenses but if the thought doesn't take part neither in that, nor in other case, though hunger and won't disappear and offenses won't lose the poison, nevertheless the consciousness won't appear in their power and won't be suppressed by them. Also freedom of thought from the movements happening in the lowest covers is established then, and the consciousness too remains free. Not about destruction of feeling of hunger by thought here it is spoken, but about control over it. Over time it will be possible to destroy even this feeling, but before it is necessary to seize it. So, we will begin at first with mastering by small thoughts, and then small feelings later to pass and to the big. After all it is possible to fill the whole day with thoughts commensurable on purpose if only the purpose clearly was realized and issued accurately. The periods of lifting can be used to throw as much as possible grains in the next wave. Manvantara and Pralaya consciousnesses will give confidence to spirit that each following lifting will be even higher and the wave of lifting will bring new treasures of thought and new stays. Also there will be a confidence that temporarily recession, - because that and another will be only waves of a rhythm of growing consciousness. The knowledge of laws of evolution of spirit exempts from uncertainty, fear and doubt in the forces and gives strong confidence of inalterability of the elected of a way.
245. When the desire or desire isn't impregnated more by thought, it dies. Fed by thought, grows. The destiny of desires is decided by thought.
246. (Sept. 12). Feeling-knowledge, or ability of direct, direct knowledge, grows from within. From within the composer scoops a material from himself for the creativity. As also thoughts of knowledge arise in a brain on internal wires. Process is facilitated when the source is conducted. To gather from a source, it is necessary to approach to it. If not to come nearer, how scoop from a life source? Focus of Uniform Light, Hierarchy Focus will be a source of cognition. Even the spatial knowledge goes through it. Walking upstairs lives, it is possible to aggravate and ability of a feeling-knowledge. Feeling-knowledge is a pansophy prototype to which top the spirit rises. Each ability grows at exercise. A lot of things are known already by the person directly, only doesn't pay attention to this opportunity and sparks of direct knowledge sink in splinters of thinking of day and usual terrestrial impressions. But it is necessary to know this ability, and to think of it, and it to exercise. Feeling-knowledge goes not through a brain, but through heart. The brain registers perception the last. And often the person how and when and from where there was at him a feeling of pleasure or grief or knowledge of what he didn't think at all doesn't realize. Many impressions slide on consciousness, almost without leaving a trace. But if not to direct attention, after all the person and the words which have been directly turned to it at all won't hear. The fiery consciousness sees everything, everything notes and everything registers. Width of perception should study. It is necessary to be able to observe and notice everything. But it is almost impossible as the person is too occupied by himself, the personality and her experiences. The egoism covers with itself a stream of the impressions going from the Thin World, and interferes with perceptions of thought. That silent to hear a voice, worldly voices should be closed. The egoism, thus, becomes a stumbling block on a way of achievements. Egoism – the enemy of a feeling-knowledge. And fight for this wonderful ability begins with repayment of activity of egoism. As to apprehend the highest thought when personal thoughts disturb! How to fly up when the egoism sealed wings!
247. It should be noted that exercise before going to bed on revival of sections of a body yielded result. It was expressed that became more active as well a thin body, and it allowed keeping impressions about thin meetings in Tom Mira. Repeat exercise, attentively noting all results.
248. (M. A. Y.). . Darling, heart scented truly; time came to us again to the Dialogue to enter. Everything is good in its season and all the terms. Badly, badly to hasten and to slow down, but better to hasten nevertheless, as though anticipating that goes. Ability of direct cognition considerably depends on that spatial connection which is established by consciousness. Communication between us never interrupted, but only amplified or weakened from time to time. It is possible to strengthen it consciously and at will, and the aspiration goes from below up. From above Reply only on the address or on call. It should be remembered. Opportunity to express the thoughts via the close receiver is represented seldom because the majority of receivers are distorted so by sent thoughts that work doesn't cost work. And work is mutual. The translation of my letters wasn't vain. It allowed be in harmony our consciousnesses to the necessary degree of the accord. Therefore contact is easy, and the perception of thoughts goes without damage. Yuri left because his time came, and mission was executed by him. You carry out the, and Svetik the. The beam remains with that to which it is sent, in all worlds. Opportunity to see the Teacher of Light depends on those layers where the spirit of a one incarnation stays. In very high layers it is possible to see the Teacher often, in the lowest only when the Teacher goes down in them. The thread Silver, binding the Teacher with the pupil, doesn't interrupt never if only it isn't torn off by conscious cowardice. It is possible to see the teacher and on Earth. Therefore, the visible Proximity of the Lord depends not on in what body his pupil, but from many others, at coming conditions stays. Who was close to It on Earth, will be close in the Worlds. The Visual isn't always caused by Proximity. Both Solomon, and Akbar, and Sergius were seen by many, many saw also the Christ, but from seeing units were their relatives only. Not seeing, but believed we Appreciate more, than those who, having seen, I believed.
249. (Sept. 13). Each attempt to take at least one step forward will cause the counteraction equal to force of the made decision in the corresponding covers. It is necessary to know about it to be already in advance ready to fight. Advance forward won't be coordinated with inertness of covers and structure of their matter – from here and counteraction. Besides, and environment too counteracts strong and too – thanks to distinction as vibrations, in a word, both internal, and external environment of the person usually enemies of his advance. Speak "Wednesday drained in". It occurs at impossibility to overcome force of its influences. But the first, on what it is required to pay attention and what first of all to face, is a counteraction of "the old person" in itself. Knowing who enemy and where he, it is possible to consider in advance it and to prepare for repulse. In the spirit of everything is overcome, and in the spirit of the victory is reached. But this victory, after acceptance of that or other decision, follows, having used power of creative imagination, to carry out through consciousness, having mentally gained it in the future, and, having gained, to make a past, having postponed in the memory. And then the future becomes as though already last achievement and as that won't cause already too ardent resistance of covers. The person is a process during which old it is constantly replaced with the new. In the pupil this process is considerably accelerated, and this acceleration, as well as any acceleration in general, and causes the inevitable resistance of that Wednesday in which it happens. Covers live for themselves. They don't have any business before spirit evolution; they want to live those habits, tendencies and the desires which force was put in them by their owner. And therefore to overcome in itself the necessary only, the own crops made earlier. If they are good, it is possible to leave shoots, but usually they any more don't correspond to a step of growing consciousness, and then withdrawal is necessary. Good that is already good that its each degree is good, for example, self-checking, either self-control, or fearlessness, or to people love, or devotion to the Teacher of Light. So, if last crops on a field of own consciousness were bad, new it is possible to make good certainly. Qualities of spirit can become these grains of future crops however many was them, big or small. Everyone will be useful, and everyone will give the sprout, and everyone will encounter resistance which should be overcome.
250. It is easier, much easier to overcome itself in itself, than in other people. Overcoming of in surrounding difficult itself that thus it is necessary to struggle not only with itself and to win, but also those influences which go from other people. If the angry or dissatisfied person pours out on you the irritation or discontent, the clear victory over these astral phenomena is reached only when waves of these emotions are repaid not only in themselves, but also in the stranger, the aura infected with them. It is reached first of all by overcoming of these emotions in itself because they are infectious very much, and then and in beget. Neutralization of own consciousness on a wave of tranquility is a one half of work, polarization of foreign consciousness on the same wave – another. Therefore, it is necessary to overcome not only, but also to send a ray of light to the aura saddened by heavy emotions. However, own tranquility very infectiously and affects people automatically. But foreign concern can exceed it is first, and secondly, consciousness of strong-willed effort in each process strengthens it extraordinary. This consciousness is especially necessary because people are torn apart often happen very strong whirlwinds in the astral. It won before an impact of flash astral in other person easily and freely it repays in other. This victory of will always causes heavy feeling in the one who couldn't operate itself(himself) therefore the wave of the mental help is necessary. After suppressed foreign will of flash of people it is especially helpless and pity. Only it isn't necessary to spend for ardent henchmen of powers of darkness.