Agni Yoga's facets, 1961 (251-400)

251. (M. A. Y.). Firmness of consciousness is display in that, what how moment conditions were heavy, personal or spatial, direction and movement in this direction remain invariable. If to turn aside each time under the influence of spatial currents or moods of the people and surrounding us, perhaps, it is necessary and to refuse advance, but the Shining Shape of the Lord conducts us. It is bright in consciousness having caused and having claimed in the third eye, it is possible to overcome the next wave of counteractions.
252. (Sept. 14). My days proceed in cares of the world. The course of evolution It is kept from pernicious deviations and we Help everywhere where there are sparkles of a flame of spirit. Then care of the accepted pupils. Everyone should be directed and preserved, and to give instructions. Aura Earth and spheres of the Hidden Worlds is under Our guardianship .They demand special care and attention; thanks to mobility of the matter knots of bulking-up events need a constant destruction that they didn't cause destructive consequences. Danger of a world space disaster still far didn't pass. Collective chaotic thoughts of all mankind are very strong. Neutralization demands them a lot of energy and a lot of fire. That to constrain a leopard, forces it is necessary much. We support many scientists and workers of General Welfare. Also too dangerous opening It is protected to term. Certainly, We have assistants on all plans: conscious and unconscious. That and others carry out our will. Now our care in that, to hold the people from collision, which can finish a civilization and turn Earth into the desert, - it at the best. In the worst is to finish a planet. Time now is absolutely special, unknown in the history of this race. We want that for avoidance of world accident about Focus of Light everything who goes against gloom and destruction forces would unite. Each consciousness fighting for world peace is valuable and a role of the Homeland, this Great Country, and a great in this huge fight for the statement of the world. Value of each beacon of Light transferring our Beams is great also. Association of everything going against forces of destruction is necessary.
253. (M. A. Y.). Now, when luminous intensity and darkness settled down on poles, the help of each person standing on part of the world consists in that Light in to hold and shine where it is possible. The debt of the pupil consists in shining tensely. The beams of the Lord shrouding the Earth are accepted by everything, capable to apprehend them. Their conscious perception demands also their conscious use. Not for own pleasure the Beam is sent. Apprehended it is necessary to give to the world and people. Realization of elevated parcels in terrestrial thoughts and actions will be a task of the pupil in this time of troubles. Return is especially strong when beams self-proceeding are approved. At realization of gifts of spirit occurs in consciousness of the pupil, for distribution to their world. Who has nothing to distribute, from that and it won't be asked, but each receiving is responsible for expedient distribution of that he received. Thousands thoughts during the day descend from the consciousness conveyor. These thoughts sate spheres surrounding consciousness and are frequent – on big space. When receiving goes from the Lord and the conveyor of consciousness has to work in the accord with It. Receive Light and to extend darkness incommensurably, - therefore, all personal, all saddening, all not conformable to Light jumps out of consciousness resolutely and irrevocably. The condition of understanding of continuous Presence of the Teacher is established in the spirit of, and the current of thoughts goes in the accord with It. It is possible to present figuratively itself the transmitter of Light and his distributor through a lens of the consciousness. As a matter of fact, mission of life of the accepted pupil also consists in it – to bear Light to the World. Distribution by his thought will be the most effective. The word touches the few ears; the thought is available to everyone, whose heart didn't become lifeless. But after all association of mankind will go in the area of heart, and therefore this work will be especially valuable. It can be entrusted only to the next because with Light of Beams of the Lord it is necessary to enter into the accord before assimilating the Beam, to realize it and further to give in the form of beams self-proceeding. Thus, of course, it is necessary to forget and think of itself not about itself, and about the world, to the world the light bearing.
254. (Sept. 15). Other condition which also should be considered is an inevitable reaction after each take-off. The consciousness has to sustain this lowering on the earth, without allowing that grounding was below recession of the previous wave. The rhythm of waves of spiral advance of consciousness is natural if the hollow of each subsequent wave isn't lower preceding it. The consciousness can't be all the time on lifting. Alternation of waves is in evitable. Pralaya consciousnesses are phenomenon lawful. But retreat is something perfects other because it breaks a progress rhythm, rushing into consciousness a destructive dissonance. Providing inevitable reaction after lifting, it is necessary to enter it into a lawful framework, breaking nothing a rhythm of usual work and without allowing undesirable jumps of thought. If process of clarification goes normally, and to the reaction moments after take-off of thought seek to return again on the old ashes, it isn't necessary to allow by no means. Immersion in the past and recall of images and pictures of the last fulfillments pulling consciousness back, can tie him to knots of already passable way and subjects to detain, and – for a long time, spirit ascension. The past is burned for Fiery Yoga. We consider mental offenses is worse usual as the thought approves the reasons of future fulfillments and thoughts forge destiny of the person while the offense is only a consequence of earlier allowed thoughts which right there and are settled by this act. Therefore control over thought is even more necessary, than control over the actions settling a chain of thoughts which has caused them. At act commission they can finish and settle the reason which has caused it if in consciousness already not to allow new thoughts of the same order any more. At offenses we Look as that passed as on the part of the person, but at his thoughts – as on what he it becomes inevitable in the future. In it is distinction of acts and thoughts. Therefore at commission of the actions which aren't approved at a step reached by spirit, they should learn to be able to be repaid, by the thought claiming that this act is a finale of the thoughts which have generated it and that in the future he won't repeat any more as there will be no the thought which has caused it. Therefore consciousness clarification from the thoughts which aren't answering to this step, reached by it, is an urgent need for advance up and releases of spirit from Karma chains. The karma develops thought and thought and is destroyed. Therefore also emphasis is placed on thought.
255. All impulses going from the lowest covers can be repaid by thought. She can tell "yes" or "no" and impose veto on everyone. The Supreme power in the person belongs to his thought operated and directed by will.
256. (Sept. 16). "If slipped – immediately get up! " As each offense is a consequence of last thoughts, their chain, a chain of the thoughts which have caused this action comes to the end with each offense. And if will to stop this chain of thoughts, and possibility of its repetition in the future is excluded. Therefore the person after commission of such act it is more strongly moral, than to it, under a condition when the decision not to repeat it in the future is firm. Therefore the offense made contrary to the reached step of consciousness, can be turned on advantage. First, – situation is claimed once again that nothing in forces to stop advance on the way, anything from the events neither outside, nor inside, secondly, consciousness reaction when the spirit is averted from that happened thanks to connivance and weakness, it is possible to use well for suppression of a mental chain of the reasons which have caused these offense. Everything I Turn on advantage – our principle. Following it and the pupil too seeks to use everything occurring to it to continue the way, without paying attention to any delays. The most useless and harmful are unnecessary torments and repentances. To what torment it, when a way urgent and time presses. The growing consciousness and will allow to overcome in due time everything that it seems not in power at present. Marking time in fruitless repentances and torments spatially is harmful. Better quietly and soberly to weigh that happened in future not to give the power to recurrence over consciousness. Silently Looking can't mention anything. Spirit is outgrowths on covers. Lifting consciousness over covers, we have an opportunity to bridle them because we separate the Lord in them from over what the power is given it. At a known step though the lowest "I" also raise at times the voice, but I to it not to overcome the highest any more never. And anything can't stop any more going to Light.
257. (M. A. Y.). Chickens consider till fall. And if intervention of a dark hand caused any damage, it is necessary to do everything possible to destroy mechanics of the dark. And when the success, finally, nevertheless will be reached, in only case when already and to judge, Helped or the Teacher Didn't help in this case. The teacher Helps only in operation. Means, it is necessary to show a number of actions, in them calling the Lord on the help and holding Him it is strong, in all steps and every minute. Without It – anything. Consider, together to solve and work together.
258. (Sept. 17). Spirit harp is the tool very thin. Upset, it loses the susceptibility. Terrestrial sounds a dissonance. In sanctuaries of temples access to people usual was forbidden. In a sanctuary of not made by hand temple, in heart, invasion of rough vibrations interrupts the highest currents, attracting consciousness and thoughts to conditions of the dense world, but it is darkness external. In it is crying and gnash tooth. It is a lot of in it a grief and tears and not streamlining. It is possible to live only terrestrial or only the highest, the earth having come off, - but it not solution of a question. Decision in harmoniously to combine consciousness terrestrial with Elevated. And homeless it is impossible to leave Earth, and in terrestrial it is impossible to steep. Terrestrial – Earthly, and the Highest – to the Highest, remembering thus that short all surround on Earth of the person. If to give it all consciousness, a pearling final it is inevitable. But believing all consciousness on Us, it is possible to stand the heavy period of the conclusion in a dense body. Conclusion, because spirit, in a flesh invested, is the prisoner on this Earth. Not to compare freedom of Elevated stay to fetters of a dense body. It should dress and put, give to drink, to be fed and given it a roof and to create a set of the conditions satisfying growing requirements of spirit. And the body is ill, and it's no fun to be old with itself bears. And the spirit in a body is connected and to a body is chained and can't leave it. If to ponder upon restrictions of a body and a condition of the dense world, whether that it is possible to be surprised that it is so difficult to accept dense evolution. Therefore the person of memory of shining spaces of the Hidden World, about free flights and life other out of heavy and dense conditions loses. But the aspiration to the Highest Worlds remains, as a clue in the future. It is integral because the person it is immutable has to return there, from where came. And in it is a great consolation. Let the bitterness of life terrestrial, let tears, blows and burden, let sharply be reminded by them that they is passing, ended and temporarily is short and that each of them only approaches to the end, to death, to release from chains of a material world. Every instant approaches release. And all time which has remained to it can be spent for finishing and release in the spirit of without which release from a body won't be full and complete. After all in the spirit of it is possible to carry away with itself and chains terrestrial and in them to stay in Elevated. Having been obese, bodies of earlier put term can't be dumped, and also its fetters and restrictions, but, having been obese, the spirit of a dense environment can be exempted from the power over it, because release – in the spirit of. So in a body terrestrial we approve for spirit freedom from the power terrestrial over it. It is necessary to realize only not a brain, but heart brevity, temporariness and an extremity of everything occurring on the earth to the person. As in a stream the phenomena of the dense world rush by it, plunging into the past and all the time being replaced with the new. Everything flows, everything changes, all is unstable and changeable, is firm only Light Ladder, the Hierarchy Ladder. On it leaning and knowing that the Lord is unchangeable, it is possible to go towards the aim firmly releases of spirit from Maya ghosts.
259. (M. A. Y.). The person directs in the future because the present doesn't satisfy it. And it is good that in the present there are so much still not devices because wellbeing would cause satisfaction, and satisfaction and content – stagnation that is death of spirit, - therefore never the person, fire having spirit, won't be satisfied present. How it was good, in the future it can be improved and made even more perfect, but if it is bad, especially the reasons to approve the future. If it is intolerable, we will tell, the worse, the better, because in ease and content of good nothing was created, and it is easier to that to exempt consciousness from it "worse".
260. (Sept. 18). How consciousness take-off was high, it uncontrollably pulls down, to the earth. And it is almost impossible to keep at height. *Vlasyanitsa, chains carried, tortured itself only to keep. The feat was easier because one explosion of consciousness by a time was sufficient that it to finish, the thought was about the person. The privacy rescued and created isolation conditions. Now conditions became absolutely others, the thought escaped on wide space, the privacy asceticism any more doesn't give. The consciousness take-off, whatever powerful were they, are quickly extinguished by vibrations of the condensed, heavy lower class and chaos of chaotic currents of space. The feat demands the constant superhuman tension and persistence. Each sparkle of Light becomes a target of dark attacks. Both to resist, and to keep in itself Light so difficult. The everyday rhythmic persistence for flame maintenance in heart and everyday take-off of consciousness is required. It is possible to note as quickly during the day decreases fiery, lit in Communication in the morning. Fire of Communication is notable almost obviously, but it is impossible to hold it on the same degree of tension. It is necessary again and to strengthen again it that it didn't go out at all. Each contact with the surrounding lowers its intensity, seeking to extinguish it. The law of being reported vessels works constantly, and returns of luminosity of a bike. The light should share, but also it is impossible to allow, that it goes out. And the feat becomes complicated it. Also there is a wish to leave a field, and there is a wish to leave from a field. But how to leave! And who remains instead of? It is empty around. Also there is no place to wait for the help. In private in fight against surrounding imperfection there is nowadays a devotee. Also it seems that the Lord Left. But also too it is necessary to pass through it. It is necessary to pass through everything and to resist. Ardent understanding of a transient of the current hour will be support. Everything passes and it too will pass as will pass, as well as everything that was earlier. Forces having collected, it is necessary to go through life line of the Beam, without stopping and without changing a step rhythm under no circumstances. With Me it is necessary to go through everything. The cross takes and follows Me. The cross is Karma. And this formula was given to people long ago. But it became much more difficult to go because on Change of Eras all living conditions become complicated and aggravated.
* Vlasyanitsa - clothes of eremites (from plants).
261. (M. A. Y.) . It isn't necessary to think that There it will be easier, than here, and that consciousness clarification from litter can be finished There. Everything has to be finished here because There it is necessary to come to be at a step here approved light. However, former accumulation of spirit, but not will flash all fires before the rags terrestrial will be dumped. Being not dumped, it won't allow spirit to rise. The consciousness gravitates to those layers on which life it fed in a flesh and with which magnetic connection is established. Only there the body won't prevent any more with them to merge at each aspiration of thought. The thought will channelize attractions of spheres. Attracting force of a magnet will be that matter from which the remained covers are weaved and which will vibrate with conformable this matter space layers. That saved up in itself, to those and we will reply magneto and to vibrations which have mutually directed to us of the Elevated World. Seized the covers here will own them There and to supervise thus lines of a magnetic attraction to the corresponding layers of space. We, of course, Will help, but it is necessary to have to what would be to put. Therefore It is told that "to the having it will be given, and that has" will be taken away from not having also. In it sense and value of this seeming cruel the Law.
262. (Sept. 19). We live, carrying out steps of the Great Plan. For Us all is only consequences. We Have no private life because the personality is the phenomenon, embracing herself one only life. We Live outside one life, and the reasons generated by us, consign to the remote past, and their consequences though partially and display in the present, by the basis are transferred to boundlessness of the future. And even our communication with our Relatives above-person, because its shining threads are thrown far beyond one life of the individual, persons, but immortal reincarnating identity of the person close to us are thrown from the millennia of the past in a chain of future lives any more. Therefore We Have no personal thoughts. Therefore our relatives, following Us, too aspire, to us imitating, to lead life super personal. Our thoughts of the world, of a planet, of all who on it lives, and about everything that on tithe planet is the spaceship operated by us, directed forward, in the future determined by us in the full accord with great laws of Space Evolution of mankind. We call this Evolution Space because the mankind ascension on globes of a planetary chain space in the scope because it doesn't come to an end with this chain, but is transferred to planets of other star chains when this chain finishes the existence. This great procession of spirits made by mankind in space and directed in boundlessness of the future, has no end, but has the steps traced by Space Will. This orbit also measures life of our Consciousness and the nature and essence of those thoughts with which We lead. Anything personal with them it is inappropriate. It is our world and Days of our Life and Days of our Lives We want that were imprinted in days of life of those who, following Us, Us follows. That is why and for them following Us, personal it is replaced super personal, and individual. Each of Us is the Identity living outside the personality even if We and is embodied in a mortal body. But We Operate both laws of its life and his life and death phenomena. To realize Days of our Life and to enter into this Life, it is necessary to go beyond the personality and to rise over it, on a formula "be rejected from it and follow me". Both then, and only then our Days will be approved in days of life of the one who follows Us and who wants to be with Us. Not should be brought to Us, but – it is necessary to accept ours. The three lives each earthling, but ours – only ours and the one who judgment to us. Forces it is necessary much, as well as unprecedented persistence that, having found Us, to Us and to reach. Many find, but units reach only. Only the soul having lost, it is possible to find it at Us. But and We with those always, whose thought with Us and whose love with Us. Sons Light My, we Call, because our Light with them and in them.
263. (M. A. Y.). Service of Hierarchy of Light, service to the Lord display in small details of life. In great causes it is easier to spirit to rise over a daily occurrence whirlpool, than over vain life of the present day. But if conscious service to the Lord became requirement of the spirit directed to It, daily occurrence can be turned into an every day, that is into constancy of everyday Communication and Prestanding UN interrupted. The last is especially difficult even if the rhythm of everyday Communication in the spirit of with the Lord is established. But Communication is a step to Prestanding. If the first is reached, the second will be reached. The rhythm of sacred appeals can often stop and extinguish triumph of triumphing vanity. It people live and with it the brain fill. But going to the Lord it isn't fussy, but with the Lord fills the heart. The consciousness can be exempted from vain thoughts of the moment always, repeating sacred "Aum" and having caused the Image of the Teacher of Light in the third eye. The name strengthens it influence "Aum". Whether there comes darkness, or on consciousness waves of passing terrestrial display direct, triple it is possible to claim in the light of itself, having caused in the third eye the Face of the Lord and the Name Its having repeated and a rhythm of sacred appeals, having exempted thus the brain from all thoughts unnecessary, not connected with the statement of Light.
264. Each attempt dark accepts as a sign of your service to Light and services to the Lord.
265. (Saint. 20). We tell everything about the same, it deepening and expanding. Deepening and expansion of bases goes in process of growth and consciousness expansion. Also it is new with Us going every moment because expansion of consciousness and deepening of understanding of an ascending spiral is similar. Qualities of spirit remain the same, but their growth and growth of feelings is boundless is boundless. And the way is shined with a heart flame. The love flame, devotion flame, flame of aspiration and fires of all other qualities which are steadily growing, way shine to Me. The Beam isn't tired in making going, because with it. In my Beams, rising, he step by step, a step behind a step comprehends the eternal truth of the real. All way when personal Maya mirage will be dissolved becomes shining. Think: renunciation, refusal, deprivation, – no! No, not deprivation and not refusal, but expansion, deepening and understanding, that is containment. Therefore we Speak: a lot of things able to contain da will contain. The bowl of containment increases with a thinking growth. The thinking is an art. Thinking art not is known too much. It is result of accumulation of many lives, - suddenly not to create it. But if it is developed, deepening becomes a lung. Certainly, this ease is very relative, and it is interfaced to a rhythm. Of a rhythm of thinking of very few people I thought. But the statement it in an everyday as if on wings, bears spirit to tops. Violently to think it is impossible to force it. The return blow will sweep away results of violence, but the rhythm approved overcomes environment resistance, without causing destructive reaction. When the rhythm established is strong and indestructible and we don't shake accidents of life current, this process of expansion of consciousness and development of thinking goes very quickly and besides quite naturally, without any squeezed-out efforts and anguishes. The rhythm and force it still is understood a little. When the rhythm entered into Communication and became its basis, the Teacher is quiet for that evasion won't be, there will be no jumps and there will be no swaying. It is possible even to tell that rescue – in beat. After all the rhythm is too a basis on which the world is based. On this basis it is possible to create strongly. The rhythm can be brought in all departures of life. Supervision over life of the nature teach that it’s all phenomena too are subordinated to a rhythm. Rhythmic the atom, both heart, and the Sun pulses; and the winter is replaced by spring, and trees blossom. And the Sun rising in a movement spiral in eternity is rhythmical. And in beat work its fruitful increases extremely. The rhythm of records serves as the certificate of their growth, multiplying pages of the imprinted Spatial Thoughts, - suddenly and them not to create it. Where you see work fruitful, there a rhythm see, in a basis laying it is.
266. Directing to Me as it is possible to receive mine and to join my thought if mind is occupied by the! Release of consciousness from all that fills it will be a most necessary condition of success of contact with Me. The burden of egoism serves as a barrier to Dialogue. Flashes of egoism should be extinguished, and not only in anticipation of Communication, but also always and everywhere where it lifts, like a snake, the head to sting. And it first of all stings lightful essence of the spirit directed to the Teacher. And when poison is let in, the clouding following it, becomes inevitable. The harm done is great, any more without speaking about people around and about space. The egoism and darkness – are unseparable. The egoism also is nursery, a nest, a seat and a nursery of all evil undertakings and lights a quencher. When this monster raises the snake heads, it can be appeased, bridled and it to stop activity in a root aspiration ardent to Me. Together we will operate an irrepressible astral and to will it we will subordinate. It is possible to raise consciousness over surrounding darkness but how to keep on this lifting? Me call and I Will help.
267. (M. A. Y.). When something disturbs contact with Me or with the Lord, it isn't necessary to be afflicted, but it is necessary to think of character of spatial currents which can interfere and very disturb if they are chaotic. The inexperienced consciousness often refers contact failure into the account is a mistake. Certainly, own disbalance too disturbs, but existence it easier to establish, and then it is possible and to be afflicted with the thoughtlessness. What the can be exchanged for pleasure of Dialogue and then the can replace it? About it is necessary to think too. How much time it was said that before withdrawal to a dream it is necessary to approve the provision of thought, and how many time is the instruction wasn't observed. And why? Really so difficultly from itself be released even at this moment which can serve as though as a symbol of transition of Great Borders. If we aren't able to be released from them now how we will be released when the last separation from Earth will require tension of all strength of mind? If to approve this habitat life and to strengthen it a rhythm, and before a gate of death, which isn't present, the spirit will be ready to full dismissal from itself and all terrestrial, for a separation and from Earth. Late prepare only the day before. All life has be preparation and the adoption of provision of thought before withdrawal for a dream very much will help to prepare consciousness and for transition of Great Borders because this transition is similar.
268. (M. A. Y.). Bright feature of flashes of an astral is their arrhythm.
269. Every day there is a step for lifting, If the spirit goes up, and a descend step, If the spirit goes down. Every day – as a step , approved Will of the leader, will of spirit. It is possible to go up, it is possible from top to bottom – Everything depends on a will choice. Because the way is a way of spirit and in the spirit of lies; Because all – only in the spirit of, and all in the person; Because the person both is a way, and there is a life, If it follows the Lord, Showing Truth to spirit.
270. (Sept. 20). Teacher will accept all signs of care, attention and appreciation from the pupil. Not these signs, but to the one who them display are necessary to It. After all it everything threads of the communication directed from heart of the devoted pupil to Heart of the Teacher of Light. Heart eats these feelings as well as the brain eats thought. Heart too needs a food. Heart fire, as and is everyone fire, demands fuel. It fuel will be the best feelings, display as a gift of hidden gifts on the Altar of Great Heart. This communication which is broken through by the best feelings of heart in space, remains in is mute and when the body is dumped, and it serves as the magnetic thread connecting the Teacher to the pupil over dense conditions. It is very important to understand over what the Silver Thread of Communication is stretched. The consciousness rises over all fencings of daily occurrence and commonness, over all conditions passing that, having risen, to see and feel how this shining Thread except which there is nothing, connects the Lord with following It. It is necessary to think of strengthening and strengthening of the Silver Thread. It is possible to strengthen it, it is possible to make it is stronger than a steel rope, chains iron because it and on fire doesn't burn are stronger, and doesn't sink in water, and doesn't rust. It can is torn off to be and hang in space, but the Teacher happens the reason of that never. As carefully it is necessary to protect it. Not to splice two ends of the broken-off thread as not to splice a string. Therefore the most valuable that we have, we will carefully preserve. Flowers need their watering every day that they didn't dry up. As well the Thread of Silver Communication needs everyday care of it. It when heart flares love and devotion to the Lord can't tear. The love fed by consciousness everyday can't go out. The feelings directed to the Teacher of Light, grow. And feelings by the nature are boundless. And the limit of strengthening of the Silver Thread isn't present because conducts this strengthening of the Thread to full merges of consciousness of the pupil to consciousness of the Teacher of Light. Paloriya * – is a condition, specify on achievement of very high step.
* Paloriya – full association of consciousnesses.
271. (M. A. Y.). In any living conditions of people can direct to Us. Let the aspiration it will be not temporary and spasmodic, but to constants. There is nothing in life so important and considerable that could cover Us and lay down temporary, casual and passing living conditions above that are the most necessary for the person. "I did not put, nor circumstances, nor character, the reasons everyone’s can't serve" as an obstacle to aspiration to Us. We are ready to support each sparkle of the spirit, each aspiration turned to Us, and to answer each call of heart. If to forget about Us, heart fire and the best will die away that is in the person, will decay in turmoil of a material world. The rhythm everyday will give to spirit strength to go on the way, and its step will be firm and steady. Everyone can reach Us if wants. Let's help, but the spirit has to make effort. Let's move, but a hand to Us give. Also we Will meet when your hour will punch.
272. (Sept. 22). To approve a memory constant about the Lord nevertheless it is possible, though it will demand a lot of work and efforts. It is easiest to reach it love. Devotion, aspiration and all other qualities of spirit too pull together. But love is a way the next. When it is, it isn't necessary then to force to think itself of Darling. Where Love, there and heart because heart also loves. It is told clearly – where your treasure, there and heart, and isn't necessary then any squeezed-out efforts because the love doesn't know barriers time, space. Distance for it – anything. And when it is, has no value for spirit, in what body and where there is it, whether it lives on the earth or in World Aboveground. The love can be strengthened if to think of it constantly. Love fruitful feeling. For love for the country the hero of death ready for it to die dauntlessly faces. The victim, refusal and renunciation are for them who don’t know love. But for Love is a gift and joyful return. The love gives and brings to Darling the best that has, – and it without couriers of thoughts and the squeezeed-out efforts. Where years of long and persistent efforts in concentration and exercise are required, the Love reaches naturally, simply and almost for it is imperceptible because Love fire, fire of heart exceeds all other feelings, exceeds a flame of other gifts. Both devotion, and balance, both aspiration, and solemnity without Love – as a form without the contents: and everything, apparently, is, and the main thing doesn't suffice. The reflection about feeling of Love in a direct connection with the Lord will be as though a press of this feeling. But feelings can be forced consciously. And then thought it will be constantly simple and natural to be about The one Who is loved by heart. Thought and care of those whom we love – and it without any violent thoughts. Only the Love can tell: what will be able I to bring to You today, the Lord? Also brings without the account. So the most difficult is reached simply by Love. It is possible to think of how work loved and not darling is carried out. It is how joyful, easy and light-bearing work first, and the second is dark, saddened. Work of a joyful feat we create perhaps only in love and love. Otherwise – not a feat and a tiresome, heavy and sad duty. The feat has to be joyful, but it is impossible if isn't present in heart of love to Tom Who on a feat Called. So we will succeed love and to it we will win and it we will pass freely where bulks of obstacles are piled up.
273. Let at first inactivity to people of the evil and then making to people of good becomes a congenital habit, that is nature of the second, and then it won't be already necessary to claim by a number of repeated efforts that became a flesh and blood of the human nature, creating the benefit. It is thus good not to forget that the benefit can be created thought. With one people the world includes blessing, with others – damnation. One light with itself bear, others - darkness. Thought lightful the carrier surrounds it with Light hidden, not made by hand, and the thought is evil is darkness. On a treatment of light and shade of thoughts people on those who serves darkness and who to light share. Constant over thought control by the regulator will be fires, in a microcosm of the person created. When in heart the love to the person and the world flares – control because thoughts of love are thoughts of the benefit isn't necessary.
274. (M. And. Й.). . In this world where all is dual and where everything differs on a treatment of light and shade, perfect there is nothing that wouldn't have in itself along with harmonious particles of particles chaotic, breaking perfect and full harmony of the whole. It is possible to cause, strengthen and approve by thought in any phenomenon of life these or those particles that are the good or evil parties. If, having taken the person, to see in him particles of good and, having caused them to life, that to strengthen them, light in the person will be strengthened if – on the contrary, to see and strengthen in it only bad, it will be strengthening of darkness, which in it. So our thought of people we can cause in them to life and strengthen elements of good or the evil, darkness or Light. Thought can create the person everyone. Therefore condemnation – the unconditional evil because it creates darkness in the person and strengthens everything that bad that in it already is. Condemnation even can be made the bad of the quite good person. Condemnation – the evil, discussion – the benefit. The nobility – doesn't mean still to condemn. The nobility, without condemning, will be achievement of very high step. To unmask, see naked essence under it and still to refrain from condemnation – as a sign serves high spirit. So, the lifted stone of condemnation and thrown it in other person, appears concelebrant darkness.
275. (M. A. Y.). The eye kind is the eye opened on good; it is a creative eye, light in people and the life phenomena creating on which it is turned. When the potential of thought grows, special discretion is necessary to be able to strengthen and approve harmonious particles in each phenomenon of life and to reduce opposite of. This influence of energy of a human microcosm extends on subjects, things, clothes, plants, insects, animals, the person and on all phenomena of life, accenting and strengthening or harmonious elements of objects of influence or disharmonic and destructive.
276. (Sept. 23). If the approach next to the Lord is found, deepening of rapprochement becomes possible. Thus the sheaf of the energy proceeding from consciousness directed to the Lord matters. Self-proceeding – so them We Call beams. Even the Beam wash force has when it is met by the beams. Influence from outside can temporarily hitch up consciousness on known height, but long to hold it won't be able. Even at treatment the trust or belief sparkle that short circuit of counter currents turned out is required at least. From here a formula is «you believe? « Heart has to react. Therefore now we are knocked on heart. Answer on the vibrations going from above, is one of conditions of successful contact with the Lord. The consciousness of the pupil directed to Light, ready to apprehend each parcel from above assimilates to an Aeolian harp and to reply on it. And it, in turn, gives rise to a condition of constant readiness. Constant, is as constancy too one of conditions. Constant, is as constancy too one of conditions. Many brightly burn, but inconstancy doesn't give a flame of stability without which the rhythm and constancy of Communication is broken already. These fluctuations cause uncertainty, instability, and then and doubt which destroys the Silver Thread of Communication. All this is possible, and all this happens if the love doesn't cement feeling. Think that it is possible to do without love that other qualities of spirit can replace it, but it can't be changed for anything, because love is the engine powerful; without it up to the end not to reach and not to sustain difficulties and not to overcome all tests.
277. Many spirits easily and freely ascend if to put them in favorable conditions. But the accepted pupil has to learn to move ahead in any living conditions. It is healthy or sick, full or hungry, in heat or cold, it is rich or poor, we love or we hate, with friends or it is lonely, young or old, with the Teacher of Light or as though provided to itself, in a body dense or dumped a body, in the world it both in that, and in whatever cover it was on what the existence plan – the ascension of spirit goes is persistent and anything can't already stop it. It demands unprecedented persistence and clear understanding of the purpose and space appointment of the person. It becomes possible when is realized that return back already isn't present. Where the spirit ascending on a ladder of life can return? Down? There, from where ascended? But after all former conditions, as well as former clothes, will be any more to a measure. In them it will be close. Not to put a lion in a bird's cage – he will break it even if and to make it rather big. To go down – means to leave the Lord. But everything becomes empty then a circle, and that was until then filled with the sense, suddenly any meaning will lose, paints will fade, and to live there is nothing. Therefore a way is only forward. Everything is burned behind. Return to the past and in the past isn't present.
278. (M. A.Y.). . Perhaps, for this purpose also are given difficult, and sometimes and impossible living conditions to go, despite everything. Let that will be bad or it, let everything disturb, let break Contact, but if all in the spirit of, all only in the spirit of whom and that outside can block a way lying inside. The way is a number of consecutive conditions of consciousness that is the conditions of spirit influencing all covers that is of their thinning and clarification. Who and what can prevent it in the microcosm to approve this light unquenchable? This light can shine the world everywhere: for the working machine, behind a desktop, on fields, on the mountains and in the woods, alone cells, dungeons, in the cave mislaid in mountain bulks, in the palace and a hovel – the word where there is a spirit in a dense body, spirit of the Carrier of Light. If this Light is carried by through life in a dense body, there will be it and then when the body won't be, and there will be other bodies – thinner vestments of spirit. To hold Treasure and will be a foremost task, it protecting continued and hourly tension of all strength of mind.
279. (Sept. 24). Before withdrawal to a dream before establishing the provision of thought, it is good to think of how day was spent, whether was it a step of an ascension, descend, or stagnation. Quietly and impartially in silence before going to bed it is possible to consider everything that occurred in a day. Not the heart-searching, not a self-pick and a self-eat is necessary, but – an assessment of own thoughts, acts and affairs. And time shouldn't spend for it much. The seal of final judgment is set to everything that is made and thinking in a day: the good – with that to approve it, bad – that didn't repeat. It is necessary, differently movement of spirit will go on the track blazed by habits, and the reflex will master the phenomenon of continuous wakefulness. The rhythm will claim self-checking by that is lived in a day. Evening control becomes a threshold of morning and day which will step on change to that left. All this, of course, isn't new, but, being known and old, it nevertheless isn't approved yet and not applied in the annex to life. And it is necessary to apply, differently too many forces are spent in vain, and efforts to approve this or that quality of wished and expected results don't give.
280. If to understand that the way of overcoming itself will proceed until the person doesn't become such perfect, "as the Father your Heavenly is made is", the infinity of a way to Boundlessness becomes obvious. After all what was reached by the person, what he has to reach still is overcome: the old – new, less perfect – more perfect, the past – future, the former person in itself – updated constantly and constantly growing to tell more precisely, opening the potential of boundless growth and development. To infinity of this fight it is necessary to be constantly ready both not to be surprised anymore and not to be surprised that the end to improvement isn't present. The best – everything that above that is at steps through which it is necessary to pass and the worst – that passed and is subject to overcoming. For someone it can be the best because for someone this step still far ahead, but for a past through it the best – only in the future, the future conducts, the future claims, the future creates the person. Feature and advantage of the future that it is plastic in will hands. Therefore the future we Designate a leading magnet. In it is all. Following Me doesn't look back. Behind – imperfection and errors of the past, ahead – possibility of infinite improvement and growth and therefore, – only forward. At evening check of last day everything is claimed that promotes spirit ascension, and is rejected disturbing to it. Judgment of spirit is severely and impartially.
281. (M. A. Y.). Appearance of the person not secret, but a gate through which it is possible to enter into his inner world if there is an ability and skill at these moments absolutely to be released from itself, own thoughts and feelings. When the consciousness becomes similar to a water surface of the lake which have stiffened in rest, it reflects accurately and the world not in a wrong way surrounding it. The smooth surface of a mirror can assimilate the quiet consciousness released from. Excitement and thinking about itself breaks a consciousness mirror into thousands pieces, and reflection becomes sketchy, fragmental and distorted. The secret of comprehension of foreign soul lies in ability of dismissal from itself. Without this dismissal or self-rejection cognition of the person is impossible. Not from the Immortal Triad it is necessary to be released, but, at least for a while, – from everything that occurs in its covers – physical, astral, mental. Even usual concentration is already known extent of self-rejection or dismissal from itself. Even not to understand words of the interlocutor if to be busy only it. So quality of self-dismissal or dedication in the display is diverse, and its steps are gradual. It will be a basis of any cognition and especially cognition of the Highest. "Be rejected from itself and follow Me" – so the Teacher told.
282. (Sept. 25). The two-polar of any phenomenon of life allows seeing not only one pole it, but also opposite to it, that is the phenomenon as a whole. The return blow is caused by a pole opposite. And ardent counteraction to approved qualities of spirit is caused by the same, resisting, polarity. Question in how to neutralize the activity of an opposite pole caused by the statement of its antipode. When the decision to approve this or that quality of spirit and the Wheel of the Law ripened is set in motion, immediately there are the obstacles which force is directly proportional to force of the solution of will, and the spirit above wants to rise, the it is more counteraction, the it is more difficult than an obstacle and the more difficulties. It forces of the return blow or force of an opposite pole work. The hero calls a dragon on fight and the dragon appear before it, sated with the energy generated by will and force of the decision of the hero. Indignation of waters causes the return reaction of elements, and them the one who caused them energy to life has to sustain an impact. The law is invariable – action equally to counteraction. The person approving in Light, causes on himself the darkness waves which force is equal to force of its decision to approve in itself Light. It also will be guards of a threshold. When demons annoy the devotee and Arhat is hierophant of the evil, in that the same Law is shown. Counteraction of passable spheres, or layers, spaces will proceed until that area where Light doesn't give already a shadow is reached. If energy of an opposite pole is stronger than the decision which has caused it to life because this decision weakened, hesitated for a time or suffers instability, test is unrestrained and obstacles insuperable. But it is possible to overcome everything if to understand that overcoming happens inside, in consciousness of the person, but not outside. It is necessary to overcome only itself, because all tests and all obstacles – in the spirit of. When it understood and when in the spirit of counteraction of an opposite pole is overcome, then the victory is reached also. When the darkness fell upon Christ Redeemer Mira and externally it seemed that the darkness won against him when It, meeting it, Told: "There is a Prince of this World, but has in Me no anything", then and! Yes! Then display there was a great approval of his words: "I won against the World". And He really Won against the world, in itself having approved in the face of darkness all-planetary Unfading Light, which darkness not embraced. Yes! Yes! Yes! Unfading Light because It shines the world and nowadays and will shine, all won't be executed yet. The symbol of great overcoming is imprinted by this victory. And not over something it outside was made, but only in the spirit of The one Who it Won against great darkness and the Prince. Having connected itself in the spirit of with this Unfading Light, it is possible to reach a victory and in making not to get tired. And then there will be surmountable each counteraction of the return pole of the phenomena caused by will, aspiring to a victory over darkness in itself and outside. He knew that inevitable severe and difficult tests expect will of the risen spirit and therefore He Told: "This are Told by me to you that you had in Me the world, in the world will have grief, but take heart, I Won against the world".
283. (M. A. Y.). Trust up to the end, and then it is possible to go. Call it belief, it isn't words, but in that feeling, in that energy of this feeling which gives strength to move further, despite everything. It is easy to tell it – despite everything but as it is difficult display it in life. After all at times it is necessary to go to one, and there is nobody who could support, and forces already run low, and Maya is deceptive whispers that one is left the Lord. But also it too should be overcome. All this Maya, all these ghosts only, or guards of a threshold, their purpose and a task are to stop and stop a way. But being exhausted in unequal fight and forces losing, the hero repeats: "And I nevertheless will reach. And if forces change and I won't be able go, I will spread, but I will move, and only forward". After all the Help comes at the last minute when forces ran low and everything is made that was able human to make. This way thorny and difficult, passable in life usual, also will be a feat in the spirit of hidden, hidden from looks of people.
284. The one who will see an increasing rhythm and deepening and expansion in seeming repetitions of records of these filched knowledge opened by them, that on a right way.
285. (Sept. 26). Being shone there is a consciousness adjoining to shining Shapes of Carriers of Light. Magnetism of communication works. To Magnets attracts aspiration. Therefore I Speak, only direct, and the light of Light will fill in you. From a dark oozy bottom the lotus on light (day), directs to the sun, and under its beams blossoms. Also is dismissed spirit flower, directed to the great Sun of the center of Light. It is told: in Light Yours we will behold light. The light merges with Light of the Lord, and there are two one. Entering into Light sphere becomes entering the radiant. But only constancy of aspiration and the accord of consciousness gives raise unblinking Light. Otherwise waves of everyday occurrences of worldly vanity interrupt a current of Light and its access stops. And then people go in darkness. The darkness is absence of light. Everyone wanting to have it, the consciousness open for Light, receives it, - closed in darkness stays. In darkness staying usually doesn't realize and special difficulty for sleeping consciousness doesn't feel darkness, and in it. The desire of Light, aspiration to Light causes awakening and revolt of spirit which receiving Light because wanting Light admires it follows. Light is a darkness antithesis, but already in space understanding of this phenomenon: manifestation and chaos, desire of Light and receiving it is especially intense display in World Aboveground where the thought of Light already approves it for consciousness. And if her thoughts of darkness and thought of Light not obviously attract their elements, there and attraction to them occurs instantly, and the consciousness directed to Light, has no lack of it. Therefore the choice of ways is so considerable and important. The person can't break the Karma, but always choose he can. The freedom of choice can't be taken away from the person. This it’s inalienable right. But when the choice is made and approved, its consequences are inevitable. The choice of ways is made here, on Earth, there to change the direction approved on Earth it is almost impossible because the reason generates conformable to it a consequence. The bullet flies in the direction given by it by the shooter. Having taken off from a barrel, it any more doesn't change the initial direction, directing to the planned purpose. As to the purpose the consciousness which has dumped a physical body if to it is channelized the minutes preceding Leaving from Earth flies also. But it is necessary to know where to direct and as. As powerful magnets of an attraction get in the way to Boundlessness shining Shapes of Great Carriers of Light. To Them the directed consciousness to Them also comes. Because It is told everyone going to the Lord: "Coming to Me I Won't expel out".
286. (M. A. Y.). Put still bigger aspiration if you feel that desirable achievement isn't given. To concentrate all will, all consciousness, all desire in one focus will be the key to success. People aren't able to want. The vague desire will be paralyzed by the incompleteness. Unicorn – a symbol of the monolithic, directed desire. Usually in the person the astral wishes. And as his desires are selfish and willful, the consciousness to them puts a barrier – the conflict and fight turns out. The monolithic desire unites in one, unseparable aspiration all covers. Fire of heart cements fiery desire. All microcosm of the person, all his energy as though join one canal. Arrow of such desire, which has been started up in space, always succeeds. This arrow it is easy to deprive of force uncertainty, doubts and fluctuations. The started-up thought in space should give free rain, having provided to it to work according to the order. Better even absolutely to it not to come back and not to disturb it. And then the assignment will be executed without any delays. It is possible to send repeated thought, it is possible to give a number of rhythmic thoughts, but the above weakening properties deprived of all. Skillful using power of thought demands skill and knowledge of those laws to which the thought submits.
287. (Sept. 27). Where to take forces when they run low? And when the darkness is condensed where to take Light? And when all surrounding shouts "no" how to approve unshakable "yes"? Only in Me, at Me and with Me! To be in good spirits together – means to realize, having taken in the beginning trust, my words heart that I with you always. The person grew blind, the veil of the dense world puts on a dense bandage all thin feelings, and the invisible world, embracing itself huge, in comparison with visible, the part of a universe, for consciousness doesn't exist at all. But recognition it is his statement, and the statement is invisible real there is a truth recognition which eventually will lead to real comprehension of this approved truth of life. And the one who speaks to Truth: "Yes, I claim", into the World Hidden will enter the guest desired. For consciousness Boundlessness of Space is limited to that it recognizes, in what trusts and that learns. In the course of this cognition aspiration – like a beam of a powerful searchlight: it shines that, on what its beam is directed. And then from spheres of the unconscious bright contours and forms of the phenomena which the person seeks to comprehend act. Only direct, only the purpose realizes also knowledge of the desirable will come. The magnet of thought works smoothly. But after all the thought magnet, like an anchor of long voyage, can be thrown far, far in the future, in that future where everything is possible and where sang it is possible to reap the fruits of the most impudent aspirations. Yes! Yes! Yes! Force of the statement of a bike because it sets in the motion Law Wheel, operating it is exact and immutable. The grain of thought thrown into a spatial bosom, grows, gives shoots and a fruit and brings a plentiful harvest. Thoughts magneto grow in space, attracting to itself according to the accord related their essence elements. In a spatial bosom grows and all is multiplied. Ancient precept "you propagate and breed" treats everything that lives in the Universe. Primary spark monad, pulsing life, gradually, but steadily acquires stratifications of infinite experience, rising step by step on steps of a ladder of life. The limit to growth to it isn't present and the person not a limit, but a step to the God-man and to God, because each God once too was a person. Others we don't know gods and it to Founders of planets and the whole star worlds and galaxies. The life ladder is uniform, and there is no end to it. And Those Who costs at the highest steps of the Ladder of Light, Those Who, truly, Gods for us, in comparison with us, Those too were people in of the zone's the past times before which extent the consciousness of the person grows dumb. But Great In cognizable was and it will be eternal hidden from looks of those who lived and lives and will live in the shown world. Primary Reason, the Absolute, In cognizable was and will be for ever and ever.
288. (M. A. Y.). . Let don't think that We is far, – We is close. Let don't consider that We aren't present. We are. And We know much more about you, than you about Us because We See, and you don't. But also you, at all without seeing, you don't consider a veil of ignorance as impenetrable thought. The thought penetrate everything, and thought instantly reaches and concerns object or the subject of the aspiration. To think of Us – means to be thought with Us and the right to claim on Dialogue. Who with Us in thoughts now, that with Us will be and after and will be always while his thought steadily aspires to Us. Those who want to be with Us, that should know that in their hands the mighty weapon of thought which, like a beam pro-butting darkness, perforate the space and penetrates veils of the dense world. We if your thought is directed to Us. We as are live, and even more fully and brightly, than in a body, and you it know, as well as that we strong feel yours, to Us the turned thoughts, and them we answer always when this answer is necessary. With death anything doesn't come to an end, but everything proceeds in Spheres Elevated and in spheres terrestrial, related indissoluble threads of communication. Devotion and love – the phenomena of a non-material order, and on the earth they serve as magnetic threads of communication with Hidden and with to which these feelings are directed. And if in heart fires of devotion, love and aspiration brightly burn, communication between us is continuous also anything can't be broken. If in heart and thoughts you is with us, also with you is and we.
289. (Sept. 28). There is no consequence without the reason and the reason without consequences. Many hidden reasons cause this or that condition of consciousness. Spatial currents affect the centers, causing conformable reaction. And the collective spatial thought painted and aggravated by feelings of million darkened consciousnesses, does this influence especially gloomy. Causeless pleasure and grief, burden and ease have the basis hidden influence of thoughts. It is almost impossible to be protected from thoughts. If the nobility, they from where arrive. But it is possible to reduce this influence to any degree if to fill consciousness with thoughts of a certain order. Many devotees, having understood a vanity of thoughts usual, sought to clothe in a constant prayer, being protected by it, as if armor, from thoughts casual and thoughts usual. It is easier to operate a body, than thought, and exactly thanks to its mobility and elusiveness. Both only continuous and habitual control and a patrol condition of consciousness will help to operate a thought current.
290. (Sept. 29). The thought always reaches object, which it concerns if it is rather accurate and directed. But why then mental orders aren't always effective? To that there are a lot of reasons. Strong display of emotionality, creating ardent interest in achievement of result, thereby detains thought about consciousness sending the order instead of, like an arrow, to release it from itself. The thought separation from consciousness is a necessary condition of success. The thought can be strengthened rhythmic repetition of the order through any certain periods. It is possible even on hours, but per these breaks thought it is necessary to release from itself, it is perfect from it being exempted and occupying consciousness with other thoughts. At astral interest to meet this condition extremely difficult and often it is almost impossible. Therefore in an astral cover it is better to extinguish movement absolutely. Impassivity, that is complete equilibrium and even indifference to expected result, takes a place of passionate impatience or other feelings of an astral. The mental order as, however, and any order, has to be saturated full confidence that it will be executed. To accompany a mental parcel uncertainty, doubt and fluctuations – means to deprive force order. Knowing laws of action of thought, the confidence can be had unshakable because the thought is an energy, it is force which impact on other consciousness can't but yield result, and – in full accordance with power of thought. Best of all, having sent thought, absolutely forget about it, at least for any period, at the same time keeping in sub consciousness feeling of strong confidence that a successful consequence of the order can't but be. It is also necessary to mean that dark evil-whisper and evil-make and connect most often those circumstances or the phenomena against which the order is directed. Therefore previously to neutralize them often happens it is necessary, having sent clearing beam by which the sphere of an environment of the subject obtaining the order is as though burned out. The lightning of thought burns darkness. The sword of a soldier of spirit works especially powerfully. The fiery circle cleaning surrounds the consciousness obtaining the order. Around also the sphere of implementation of the order is outlined also and time during which it works is defined. Certainly, the thought has to be accurate, bright, and certain and free from any doubts. Though the thought also is hidden, nevertheless it is absolutely real, as well as a fancy which expresses it. Only exercise and experience will give unshakable confidence of successful and invariable implementation of the mental order. The strong, stone, unshakable confidence that the order will be executed is necessary. Even the verbal order won't be executed if it indecisive and uncertain and is deprived of force. The consciousness has to learn ability of return of the categorical order which isn't weakened by any the coming conditions, reasons or details. The order bears in itself a final picture or a fancy of that result which he means. All intermediate stages of its performance are excluded absolutely, – the final consequence is necessary, without reckoning with any obstacles and counteractions. The mental order can be given, looking the person fool in the face and speaking thus about things absolutely foreign, not relating to essence of the order. By transfer of the order at distance it is possible to imagine eyes and a face of its performer. It is possible as to imagine as the consciousness ordering as though is included into the performer and makes the necessary number of actions. It is possible to deepen and vary the phenomenon of the mental order indefinitely, but its essence remains invariable – the thought in the area of the direction of the will put in it works. Without fire of the will enclosed in thought, she won't act. The thought, at concentration on it, gathers in focus. As in focus the will gathers also, and everything concentrates on a created fancy in which energy of thought and will is put. All microcosm of the person is built in focus of uniform, monolithic aspiration at this moment of creation of a final picture, or an image wished result that after the arrow of the mental order is sent, the consciousness is perfect to exempt from it. It, perhaps, also is most difficult of all process. Ease of transferring of thought or consciousness from one subject on another at will of the person has to be reached and approved. Otherwise the thought of the order will be about the one who sends it, and it won't reach the goal. Absolutely impatient and uneasy expectation of consequences is excluded. Consequences can't but be, the order can't but be executed if the law is observed. But the parcel has to be good because even the good parcel from the return blow, too good, doesn't release. Reaction of the consciousness which has executed the order will be shown in this or that form, and it should be considered also. Suppression of foreign will is inadmissible, but the accord with it doesn't break the law of free will. Logicality of moral justification of the mental order has to be unshakable and obvious. Receiving has to understand why it is wrong and why has to arrive as dictates the order.
291. It is better if the mental order concerns not the person, and those conditions which are desirable for causing to manifestation. Then there is no direct impact on foreign will. It is necessary to remember that the will can influence both inanimate objects, and plants, animals and insects. Everything submits to the will able and knowing how to dispose. Will training is a necessary condition on a way. The will can grow. The will is a core of essence of the person. Lack of will is a sin mortal and a sin of the heavy from all mortal sins. It is possible to exercise will always under all living conditions. The will and mental energy are connected closely. Without mental energy there can't be a will, and without will mental energy won't work. The will is fiery power of the person.
292. (M. A. Y.). The will is expressed in the opinion of the person, as well as lack of will. The will can be concentrated in a look. There can't be a running, evading look at strong will of the person. Eyes – the soul windows, allowing seeing that in it occurs. But windows it is possible to close and not to allow densely looking the passerby. The soul window from looks third-party is closed by thought. And strangers will see the thought which has covered a window, but not that behind it. Emotions and feelings are also openly and obviously expressed in a look. Each barefaced emotion the person connects himself with that that sees it, as though sending itself to the power of the observing. Therefore both emotions and feelings too should be held a veil. Everything has to be under will control. Patrol extends on all feeling-knowledge. The books open and the book closed, a larets closed and a larets open – a symbol of security and vulnerability of consciousness. Fortress is protected when all gate are closed, and on all approaches of the guard. So many hostile influences from everywhere guard the person that not dozing patrol is necessary. Only Hierarchies of Light and Light Lord's open itself going to It.
293. Why to submit to a spontaneous current of circumstances when they can be regulated and supervised will? Whether a little that the will a right solver is created around. Water hollows stones, and the rhythm punches spatial resistance.
294. (Sept. 30). Who and when will bring a desired message? But the message will be, and the messenger will come. Also it is necessary to be ready to accept this message, which has unexpectedly come, but expected long ago. Who will bring it? The passerby either Sent out or Entrusted Close? Or, perhaps, there will be it, the Messenger, in the clothes, shining Light of the Immortal Triad. But time will come, and the Messenger will come. Always We Send our Messengers when terms come for those who to terms judgment. Terms happen all-planetary, public, group and individual, - is also Terms Space. The individual terms connected with an individual karma, don't depend on terms of others, but are connected closely with leading will of the Teacher of Light. So the current of a world stream can take its course and goes but when there comes time of individual term, he acts already absolutely regardless of the fact that is created outside. It doesn't terminate karmic bonds neither with a planet, nor with the people, with a karma group, but their action stops for a while wasn’t that inalterability of an individual way broken. Ways of the Karma are inscrutable. Only Lords it can consider all threads of communication and all threads of influences and the hidden reasons. And when tells for the Lord the going: "Yes there will be a Will, the Lord, yours", then his will merges with Will Lord, and the Lord can freely Conduct, without breaking the Law, the Message for Itself the one who betrayed itself(himself) undividedly to It, the Leader Wisely. This guidance is impossible without merge wills and consciousnesses. Both the will and consciousness rise from the sphere of a usual environment to the Sphere of the Lord and merge with it. If the will itself approved and the consciousness itself, and not witch of Will Lord and consciousness of the Highest step, that with himself and is remains going, but not with the Lord. So again we come to the self-rejection phenomenon from everything that is in the person, for the sake of what isn't present, but that will be and that has to be approved in it on condition of dismissal from myself. And then the soul the lost finds it in the Immortal Triad. Even the butterfly of wings won't straighten and won't depart if the cocoon doesn't dump – the example is instructive very much. It serves as a bright symbol of ways of evolution of spirit. The cocoon isn't necessary. As unnecessary there are physical, astral and mental bodies when time comes to dump them. But it is easier to dump a dense body, than the old person in itself because the dense body lives only tens years, and the old person is the center of all last history of spirit, the center which is subject to overcoming of that in it is, that has to be approved. Everything that the person considers as the soul with all its habits, beliefs, stratifications of centuries and spirit outgrowths, all this, not the pertinent with light of light of a going step and making his soul, all this is left just as the butterfly leaves the cocoon in, which her new body grew and was made out, is left the person to rise in a new body of the spirit, shining imperishable accumulation of the millennia to rise in the Immortal Triad. It also will be that transformation which symbol was given to mankind by the Crucified Teacher of Light.
295. (M. A.Y.). The son my darling, really you think, what there are reasons, consequences not bringing? Really you believe, what everyday thoughts works won't give the shining shoots and a harvest plentiful? Let understanding of a fruitful of works of spirit by the guarantee serve that time will come when you will richly reap from that seeded. In works every day the spirit becomes tempered and weaves light attire. Every day there is the spirit accumulation which crystals gather in the Bowl. In it is life, and in them, in accumulation, – the purpose. And when the way is conscious and the purpose is conducted, it is possible to pass through lives narrows, without having changed a progress rhythm. And we watch with love what step is immutable. It is hardly to go. Essence of life usual strong rise against the spirit going to Light and it is necessary to overcome so much. But with it the Beam of the Lord, with it our love and care, and with it pleasure of the future victory.
296. (Oct. 1). My son to meet waves of life is passionless, quiet and in balance full we will study on the life. If the phenomenon doesn't cause any reaction in an astral the positive side, it won't cause nor chagrin, nor a clouding, suffering when it will turn the shadow, dark, negative pole. And as it is easier to operate the first type of reaction of an astral, than the second therefore it is necessary to extinguish in itself astral display of all these feelings. On their pole, which submits to will with little effort. If not to dare to come to an enthusiastic condition from successfully developed circumstances of external conditions every day, and power of chagrin of them when they will change on the contrast, will be cut at the roots and won't be able to be shown. This reaction happens inside and its two-polar is explained by the law of dual manifestation of all movements which happen in an astral cover. Sooner or later, but the astral has to be bridled. Interest to its experiences is replaced with full disinterest, passion – impassivity, concern – tranquility, movement – silence. And only when movement in it will break off, the Voice Which Speaks without the Sound will start sounding. Vibrations of an astral muffle it. Flashes of an astral and a Voice Speaking without the Sound can't display at the same time. Only from silence of silence which is the world, this Voice can be audible. Therefore it is called as the Silence Voice. All movements of an astral, as a matter of fact, aren't necessary as without them it is possible to lead the same life, and even fuller and colorful and not saddened races and flashes of infinite and uneasy experiences. Quality of tranquility in people is appreciated very much by everything that is known and not knowing essence of this quality and a role of an astral. When it is broken, people instinctively feel that the value of this quality of a bike, though don't give itself the full report, why. The tranquility is possible only at control over this cover. And people pay a due tribute to the one who reached this victory. Will transfer to the will of the Lord can help very much with achievement of this victory because about what to be anxious and what to worry if the Teacher allows this or that phenomenon or test in life of the pupil. It is possible to make everything that demands life, but experiences, concern and a clouding of a place won't have any more if to trust the Lord. So we will shower the enemy great and small because the astral is an enemy, and everything that conducts to mastering by it, certainly it is useful and exempts consciousness from the power of an astral over it.
297. (M. A. Y.). It is necessary to pay special attention to how any infringement and burdening by circumstances gives feeling of force as though growing and taking the energy from these counteracting conditions. It should be noted and thus to understand that only the correct reaction of consciousness to external waves gives feeling of inflow of forces new. On what forces as not that goes against us, seeking to weaken us can grow. To give in to this feeling of a debilitation and to lay down arms – means to recognize the defeat and to recede. Our fight –to the end! And even receding before that is stronger; our soldiers of the weapon don't compose and depart facing the enemy. Hostilely everything that aspires goes out fires of spirit and to cause us damage. In any counteraction see the dark hand hiding behind the next back, and retaliation you strike not to through whom the next zevil-shift, but on hiding behind them creeps. – Harm to put their same method it is reserved and through those people who in any way can't be suspected of cooperation with darkness. Therefore they greyish and even almost white choose to hide behind them skillfully and not to draw upon themselves blow. Dark very much don't love when find their presence and their participation in the next attempt to do harm because when the beam of consciousness is directed on them, instead of on their intermediaries behind the back of whom they disappear, this beam burns down them and it they don't take out light. Then they leave, recede and look for new backs behind which can hide again to harm, without causing on itself suspicions. As a matter of fact, this tactics isn't new, but new backs do it new because to who can come to mind that behind a back of the good person the darkness hides. Profound ignorance of so-called good people also promotes frauds dark and them facilitates. That is why continuous sentry patrol and vigilant wakefulness of consciousness is necessary. All of them time seek to drive into a corner. But stalemates aren't present. Mental energy doesn't know such provisions because can work absolutely freely in any conditions, directing energy focus on true inspirers of the dark counteractions hiding behind backs of often not bad people.
298. (Oct. 2). Accept a message about the fellow traveller shown by life. All these old meetings in new conditions only – continuation of the former connection established in the past. If there was a friend, the friend is met if there was an enemy – the enemy. And again proceeding relationship is established on the far future. It is necessary to interweave very circumspectly new threads because everyone goes to the future and it is necessary to face everyone, we continue it from the interrupted point. Threads don't interrupt, but contact with them interrupts. The attitude towards people we prepare for themselves either friends, or enemies. We collect a harvest from own crops. And without enemies not to do without friends is will meet both those, and others. Has no special value for the adoption of karmic communications as friends and enemies belong, but the attitude towards them is important extraordinary as this relation and makes the basis of the karmic chains, binding spirits and attracting them magneto to each other. If thanks to extended your consciousness the enemy who has come nearer again any more has in you no anything, karmic communication stops and the chain tries. It is often possible to observe the phenomenon when met after a while as though settle each other. It too a sign of that their roads dispersed. Much among passers happen passersby. These meetings karmic it is insignificant. It isn't necessary to spend for passersby neither time, nor forces. But if approached knocked and addressed, it should give what wants. Congenial and connected with Us Threads of Light we will especially protect. Such it isn't enough. Especially cares and attention are deserved by them. The highest form of human relationship is an impersonal donation of Light. When Light is freely radiated from aura giving it, regardless of the one who it, the friend, either the enemy, or the passerby, then is reached a step of spatial service. This service It is called Great. Friends bless, but enemies rise and hate and the dark rack rages. And the Light, the stronger and darkness, to its counteracting strong is stronger. Too it is necessary to pass through dark counteractions and collisions with darkness. Task – to carry by Light the not go out. And if it is carried out, any more has no value, where and as Great Service to Light be made. Both the imperial palace, and a closet of the worker, both any nationality, and any living conditions a hindrance won't be to the phenomenon of execution of Light. Therefore the statement of lightful aura when Light starts being radiated from the essence of the person, bearing to his people will be the main purpose of evolution of spirit: The light in itself to approve and bear it so that exactly burning flame didn't fluctuate, didn't blink, and didn’t shiver from counter whirlwinds and waves. Firmness of a flame of spirit is a necessary condition of execution of Light. How many fine lamps went out in stinking and smoky evaporations of a foul place terrestrial? Firmness superhuman and superhuman persistence are necessary in the course of Service to Light. But My Beam is over those, who with Me go. And then the darkness isn't terrible. And victories as the guarantee my Fiery Sign serves.
299. (M. A. Y.). I believe that already confirmations it isn't necessary that between us contact is come into. The yesterday's feeling of inflow of forces and understanding of the next victory over dark evil-make was in the morning faultless, and life strong confirmed this presentiment .Let's call it a feeling-knowledge. From here we will draw a conclusion: never, under no circumstances, whatever desperate they seemed, spirit it is impossible to incline, it is impossible to hang spirit, it is impossible to lay down arms. In your hands powerful weapon is of mental energy, powerful force of fire of spirit. How it is possible, having it and it owning, to recede before darkness? You rather the Teacher are intentionally put by life in such conditions when are compelled to use this force wonderful. Others, usual, for you are closed ways that could be approved in ardent use of all-initial energy, which both be claimed and develop can only in application. This power feel in itself, this power develop and strong it apply in all cases of life. You serve Light and in the evil don't use it. Think of it, force it, realize growth its boundlessness. Nowadays possibilities of its development are extraordinary because the fiery tension of space and special space conditions strong approve and lawfully this gift of Evolution to mankind. And who will give consciously hands to it earlier, that is riper will reap.
300. (M. A. Y.). It isn't necessary to be too strict with people. They after all don't know that you know, and, without knowing, nevertheless try to show a face human at a rate of the understanding and forces. And to light them who isn't known World, it is necessary, but without any criticism and condemnation, and simply sharing the Light without words. Gift of heart is accepted willingly very. Interchange of aura's radiations happens invisibly and without permission and consent of its participants. But it is consciously possible to deepen it and to expand, consciously bringing Light in darkness of usual consciousness. It is possible to shine everywhere and always – invisibly, quietly and silently. Silent service is more difficult verbal because doesn't demand human appreciation. The gift doesn't demand a bribe.
301. I will tell one more: spirit advantage.
302. (Oct. 3). It is surprising as the astral as it fluctuates in continuous changes of the mood is unstable. It is possible to observe how the stream of an astral matter flows through it. Observing, it is necessary to remember to identifying Looking with that, on what He looks. Beholding Eternally and beheld have to be divided before the Secret Looking will start revealing. The consciousness fluctuates between these two poles eternal and temporary, magneto directing that to one, to another. It is possible to imagine that would happen if the consciousness entirely shipped itself, say, in a stream of the matter flowing through a physical body. After all even purely corporal feeling-knowledge is connected not with a body, but with an astral. Each cover is good but when it serves spirit, without being in itself end in itself. It is required to find a due place to each of conductors. The device of a human microcosm is difficult, but it works well, harmoniously and smoothly when it is subordinated to will uniform the mister who, by it being invested, it operates. The captain can assimilate the Highest I, living temporarily in the covers and invested by them in order that by means of them to take everything from the world corresponding to each of them that the step of Evolution reached by spirit at this stage of its development allows. If to provide to each cover display standing of the purpose uniform for the sake of which they only both exist and passed an infinite way of the evolutionary development, human life because they are mortal and finite becomes senseless. Immortality of a thin body on the physical plans absolutely yet doesn't mean his immortality in World Aboveground. Strong should be depicted in consciousness that all covers are mortal, even a mental body. And all of them at the disposal of the person only for a while which duration increases depending on degree of a subtlety of a matter of everyone. Life in a thin body is more long, than in dense, and in mental more long, than in thin, but nevertheless certainly it rather certainly not life, but life in this cover and cover life. Each of them wears out to the term, everyone grows old and starts being disintegrated and is dumped by that, whom it invests. And each of them is under construction anew at each new return of the person to the world dense. And only Light body, the Immortal, Reincarnating Triad, remains an eternal monastery of spirit, never-dying and his constant body in which it stays eternally, even clothing in the lowest covers. In Light body the person stays always, only covers darken this knowledge of spirit, creating existence illusion in them, passing, but not that is immortal and is eternal. Though the Triad also doesn't die, but to call it invariable it is impossible because it develops and grows and with each new embodiment collects and accumulates new elements of stratifications of knowledge and experience which in the form of crystal deposits up are saved in the Bowl. But there is in the person invariable something that Secret is him. And evolution of the Immortal Triad in aspect of this secret can be considered not as collecting of knowledge and experience from the outside, but as disclosure of its internal nature, boundless, inexhaustible, allocated with all attributes of The one Whom people call God and to Whom transfer and in Whom all of them embody that belongs him as to the highest expression of life. This self-disclosure happens in itself and goes from itself as a result of external influences when fruits of cognition of the intimate and hidden essence of the person gather on all plans of existence by means of those covers in which he lives.
303. (M. A. Y.). Every day our contacts bring updating of consciousness and give a stream of new thoughts. Without it there would be stagnation. Evolution is moved by Hierarchy of Light. The periods of stagnation of consciousness are caused by a separation from this Ladder of Light. These contacts don't extend on any special elite, but on all who is capable to perceive Light sparks. Both poets, and musicians, both artists, and writers, and everything in whom fires of heart shine their terrestrial works, everything receive that they can apprehend from Light of Hierarchy. From the Tower Hands are given and the Beams directed to each heart, capable to apprehend at least Light sparkle flow. Light the Highest for all who wants it.
304. (Oct. 4). The partition of covers first of all has to occur in consciousness. To work freely and at the will in each of them it is possible only under a condition if not to identify itself with them. After all it only tools “I”, tools with which it works, and no more. Unless the tool can have the will and work as wants? Understanding of it gives to spirit the power to that is subordinated to it by the nature. The slave is afraid of the owner, the body is afraid of spirit. While this power isn't established over all covers, about independent activity in them on plans corresponding to them to speak it isn't necessary is excluded. It is a lot of persistence and it is necessary to show a lot of persistence and to put many efforts to that to reach these opportunities. And when hands before difficulty of this achievement fall, then it is possible to remember that each step and each effort in this direction approaches to the desired purpose. The purpose is mastering by. Mastering by also is mastering by the covers, and all the time which is, can be used for this purpose. Every day it is possible to make something and to promote further. Gloom clouds, being condensed, a way won't interrupt because the purpose and spirit is conducted knows how to go line of the Beam. Darkness won't confuse spirit, because more than once already through it passed. The darkness doesn't leave, the clear victory over it isn't reached yet, and dark evil-shift won't stop. It is necessary to rejoice that are noted dark because it is the evidence of growth of fires and a light full of radiations. Their dark also seeks to break, and to extinguish Light. The only protection is a protecting network. It should be kept in a full order. It gains invincible power at the approved balance of spirit. It is necessary to think of balance. It’s any degree display it is possible always. In the microcosm the will regardless of external influences disposes – it should be reached.
305. (M. A. Y.). The statement of in Light demands improbable efforts, repeated and every day, - otherwise not to resist. It is worth realizing what filled consciousness of a set to understand, in what great loneliness there is the one who follows the Lord. And the help has no place to wait. People around can't render it because have no what to give. In the field the soldier one therefore and it is difficult.
306. (Oct. 5). What to do when the darkness is condensed and in heart fires hang? Go, without changing nor a step rhythm, nor the direction. What to do when close and intolerable there are living conditions? To go, without changing a step and direction rhythm, to go forward, only forward. Person driving can have few what moods and conditions of spirit. The wind more wave is stronger, the hand on a wheel is firmer, and the eye and the more tension of spirit are more sharp-sighted. And how there was a situation outside, it is necessary to go nevertheless, and only to the Lord. Oppression is heavy and bitter, but strong is useful because everyone teaches something. "In the world you will have grief, but take heart because I Won against the world".
307. (M. A. Y.). . Compared with others your karma is much easier. If my pupil, me the Guru called, was compelled to accept a heavy cross of karma and sustained weight it, without having broken, you can sustain also. However, other exit isn't present. It is necessary to sustain. Not to go to darkness embraces only because life becomes heavy. So – balance of spirit, despite everything. If to put the advance in dependence on external conditions then it is better to refuse any advance because the external environment will always counteract spirit ascension in general. Both wellbeing and need, and quiet, serene life and concerns equally perniciously affect consciousness. Therefore exit one and decision one: to go, go and only to go and only forward whatever occurred around. In it inflexibility of will, stability of spirit and the correct understanding of sense of the next tests also will be shown. As a matter of fact, these tests are a direct and inevitable consequence of hardness of the decision to follow the Lord. As it was told, they come owing to the Word. Light which has lit up in heart, causes on itself ardent counteraction of that Wednesday which surrounds it, and this counteraction should or be sustained up to the end, or, having given in, to allow that Light was it is extinguished. Therefore is only balance and irrevocable determination to pass through everything, spirit not go out.
308. (Oct. 6). My friend, overcoming let will be thought leading every day. From it is impossible to distract because the way of Light and is a way of continuous and intense overcoming of that is, for the sake of that will be and that has to be approved instead of it. It will give pleasure instead of despondency, irritations or grieves pleasure which accompanies always the lifting phenomenon that is overcoming and victories over something in it or over something outside. It is good to understand thus also that everything that outside, it is overcome in itself both only inside, and only there and it can be overcome. Means and the ascension are made in consciousness going up, but not somewhere and not in something being out of an orbit of its microcosm. And reaction to all external impressions happens too inside. And when the person says that something from outside influences him strong, it is possible imagine that the same phenomenon doesn't make exactly any impression on other consciousnesses and passes by consciousness, without affecting him. Therefore, reason of this or that reaction or even its total absence lies not somewhere outside, but in consciousness reacting to it or the person not reacting to it. It isn't so difficult to accept it theoretically as practically, destroying these reasons of undesirable reactions in it. The person is laboratory for all feelings and all reactions to external influences. The yogi holding made white-hot coal in the hand, or going on burning coals, or sitting almost naked on snow on a frost can be an example of it. Opportunity reaches external conditions as wants that the tempered fiery will, extends on very wide range of the various phenomena. But it is necessary to remember one: it is necessary to begin with small and to go consistently and gradually. Certainly, from time to time strong take-off and the affairs adjoining on heroism or miracles are possible, but gradualness doesn't suffer from it, and rather, becomes stronger and confirmed by them. Long it is difficult to keep on take-off, and then gradualness comes to the rescue and moves forward steadily. Every day can set tasks something to overcome, remembering thus that the one who takes the destiny and the advance in hand, without waiting blows of the Karma evolutionary, directing and promoting advance, that becomes the lord of the future, that stopping inevitable invasion of the aggravated karma into his life. There are people, entirely both completely directed by the Karma and not making any efforts to advance of the spirit. But is also such which assume this duty. The choice depends on the person if he knows, something he, or the Karma solves this problem. In process of conscious acceptance on them all tasks and the questions connected with ascension of spirit, karmic pushers – blows weaken and the spirit itself becomes the pusher. The correct reaction to a chain of external influences, or waves, leads to a victory over the Karma. It is impossible to be exempted from the Karma, but to take Law action in hand possibly, knowing the Law and knowing conditions that the Gift Evolution force undertake and making effort them receives. Gifts are given, but they should be taken the hand. Think that something and somehow has to come itself, without any efforts from the receiving. But it is incorrect. By the sweat of the brow the person reaps fruits of works of the spirit. For nothing is given. It is necessary to pay for everything. Fruits of everyday efforts and everyday works in the sphere of ascension of spirit and overcoming of the imperfections will give a plentiful harvest in time. It is necessary to understand that any effort won't pass without the advantage, any won't be fruitless, but in the time will bring the ardent and immutable consequences. The victory will be a consequence of these efforts, works and aspirations. For the sake of it is worth working, at least from time to time and it seemed that fight is aimless and the darkness is gloomy. But it is Maya illusion because Light wins always.
309. (M. A. Y.). . Communication by thought is the most difficult. Difficultly it that to distinguish the thought from the thought sent by us, often absolutely is impossible. At ardent merge of consciousnesses in it need isn't present because our thoughts merge in one course. At a divergence of consciousnesses it is easy to take the thoughts for ours, - therefore, very much also it is spoken about a unification in the spirit of and dismissal from itself. Instead of bearing to Us the, better, having left at a foot, follow ours without load. And then it is possible to take easily and freely already only ours. At ordinary people all consciousness is filled only by the, at ours – ours, but in direct dependence on extent of self-dismissal and ability to it. It is impossible to serve two misters without damage to one of them. To serve itself and the Lord too it is impossible: or, or the Lord – as will solve spirit. Any overcoming of or in itself external obstacles will be a sign of service to the Lord. It is so possible to remember – a victory for the sake of the Lord and for the sake of Him. For the sake of itself it is possible to win time or two, and then the impulse will weaken, but for the sake of The one Who invisibly always Is present with us, for the sake of It, bringing It these signs of love, it is possible to work without the account and hands not to put. In this love which is bearing fruit of everyday works, service to Light also will consist. It allows going forces all the way, to a victory. Therefore it is called as of love is the Winner.
310. (M. A. Y.). With my leaving anything didn't change. Who communicated with me and was close to me in the spirit of, that to relatives to me and remained. And my letters were replaced with My thoughts. And as in My letters there were too My thoughts, in essence, change any and didn't happen. There was only a hope to meet in a body. But we will meet in thin bodies so also it is possible to give up this hope at itself. The proximity on the plan terrestrial is carried out not always, but in World Aboveground it depends on purely spiritual conditions. The proximity on the plan terrestrial is carried out not always, but in World Aboveground it depends on purely spiritual conditions. Who wants to arrive with fathers, that with them and will be and who wants with Us, We will have that. The basis of proximity of this is put on the earth, and there proceeds only and carried out approved earlier. One isn’t lonely and isn’t left remained. We are with them in our aspirations and thoughts. And at night We learn, and they in the afternoon reap fruits of the doctrine night. And thoughts then, inspired by us, flow freely and widely in their consciousnesses, to Us directed strong. There is a life-giving exchange. We call it fiery. And then feels their spirit a life pulsation, and then it is directed and fire in his heart flares.
311. (Oct. 7). My son, today we will concern a question of transformation and it we will deepen. Diamond is ground by sides; differently it doesn't become a brilliant and won't give fires. Each embodiment aims at polishing of a certain side. If it doesn't come to an end in this embodiment, the lesson repeats again. The body has to be perfect to reveal all features of spirit. But the body bears in itself heredity and many features of terrestrial parents, and such bodies which ideally would correspond to the spirit which was embodied in it, doesn't happen. To spirit, especially spirit highly developed, it is close in the cover because it in it can't express all the accumulation. The ingenious musician in the subsequent life in a new body that any more won't be, and for a full development of its essence it and isn't necessary as new properties of its nature have to come to light and be improved in it. It is a question of people usual. Great spirits of a thread of the Law hold in the hands and choose for it physical covers. The will of the embodied spirit substantially influences and can influence structure and features of a dense body, but in known borders. It is correctly noted that humpbacked only the grave will correct, that is that will of a hump not to correct and growth can't be added or to change a hair color or an eye. In many respects it is possible to influence and influence the body, but only in the limits delivered to the person by the nature. It is possible to sit on water, it is possible to rise by air, it is possible to go on fire, the thought can read and leave in a thin body, but teeth can't again be grown up. Therefore all possibilities of the person consist in Law limits. And in each this body they are moreover limited to opportunities of this body. Only dumping it, the person is able to realize the accumulation made in previous lives. When the spirit takes the evolution in hand, the problem of each embodiment becomes for it more or less clear and it can make a lot of things and reach much, being improved and developing in the directions which meant at the embodiment given it and according to which such body and such conditions was given it. The will can make a lot of things, but too in known limits. The thought sphere is boundless and isn't limited to anything only. Therefore in the field of thought unlimited achievements are possible. Therefore in the field of thought unlimited achievements are possible. They are possible and in the field of development of many qualities. Spirit sphere is outside the usual and, when energy of the person direct to spirit area, a body obstacle can't serve. Restrictions concern the physical sphere. When people Were specified to become perfect, similar to the highest ideal which they could imagine, the Instruction it concerned to ordinary people and possibility of similar improvement was approved. And when it is spoken, that everything is possible now, means possibility of ascension of spirit and statement necessary for this qualities. And when it was specified that the person can't add to himself growth of any elbow, restrictions of a physical body and impossibility to overcome them were emphasized with the same words. Once and somewhere everything will be achievable, but not now, not in this race and at all in this Circle. The chain of Circles steadily conducts the person to an all-achievement, and each Circle sets the certain tasks when these or those covers of the person, either a body, or other features of its microcosm have to be developed for the person. In the same way and each embodiment before each person sets a definite purpose. It is possible to call this purpose of life in this cover. To understand it and to follow it and will be the correct solution of life.
312. (M. A. Y.). . Alternation of waves of consciousness is inevitable. "The developed consciousness doesn't remain without a rhythm". Looking can mark out them, without identifying itself with these waves. Beholding can't be at the same time and beheld, Looking – that, on what he looks. This division of the life going inside, into two poles, Beholding and beheld, is necessary to separate in itself passing from the enduring. Thus everything, what not "I", treat a stream of the passing. Moods, thoughts and feelings – all fluctuates and changes constantly, but someone not changing and constant constantly beholds them, them marks out, the Records. The silent Recorder also is it "I", the highest "I" in the person, real in it soul of his soul, spirit of its spirit. Can't Looking and that, on what he looks, to be with him one, differently as could be held in remembrance what passed what was carried by and even was forgotten? When too it becomes heavy from external conditions of terrestrial and related thoughts and feelings, in the spirit of merging with Looking, it is possible to depart, separate and rise from them aside and to look at itself and at all events with itself as the viewer at cinema looks at a film giving to it illusion of the moment. It is so possible to separate the highest "I" from its lowest covers.
313. (Oct. 8). My son, life pattern terrestrial, imprinted by the person in space, is only part of the tape stretched from the infinite past in the future. Patterns of the Elevated World join this pattern. Drawing is difficult extraordinary. Many threads are interwoven into it, and are interwoven new every second. It is possible to call the weaver of a vital pattern the person. At each embodiment it is given a firm framework, and in them an outline on which the pattern already is embroidered with will of the person. Framework is a body and its features, an outline – other karmic conditions which are laid down by Lords of the Karma, and further already a field of activity of free will of the person. This sphere of subjects is wider, than the spirit is higher and then more consciously it directs itself and the life. But a karmic framework though extends, but nevertheless remains in this or that look. If it is difficultly to move apart limits of a dense Karma, the Karma Elevated is more plastic. Also it is created on the earth by will of incarnate spirit. Externally physical body can't be changed, but internally its matter can or is hardened or refined. Besides, internal life, as well as external, leaves and on a physical body the mark after years, disfiguring even the person or doing it to more comely. Growth can't be added, but even physical shape possibly to change in known limits. Other conductors are more plastic and are disfigured or become finer under the influence of the corresponding thoughts and feelings. Even the face of the person can be shone under the influence of thoughts, to Light of the conformable. The concern and fear are usually reflected in a face and in eyes, as well as all other feelings. Faces of people darken and brighten depending on quality of thoughts. The sphere of a display of free will of the person is very wide, though it seems that a karmic framework connects his freedom. But Karma not the jailer, abut is the liberator. The Karma is wrapped in the jailer only for the spirit going against evolution, for the same who with it goes to a foot, the Karma serves as wings of lifting, or steps of a ladder of overcoming, the leader up. The karma is universal. Even at Spirits Planetary at Everyone the Karma. It accompanied, They rose on Light and Life Ladder. When the person takes the evolution in hand, the karma becomes his assistant and performer his will. When the will of ascending spirit merges with Space Will, Energy of the Karma are combined in full harmony with will of the Leader and will of the person. And then with full consciousness he speaks: Yes there will be your will, the Lord!
314. (M. A. Y.). Day memorable we will celebrate new profound understanding of a role of the Lord and his influence on a current of planetary destiny. Thoughts universal, as well as think of certain people, are from darkness, or Light. Thoughts of Light are from Light of the Lord. They conduct the world and direct the course of Evolution of mankind. Those who accepts them and them follows, they are builders of life and fighters for Evolution. They are performers of Space Will, or Will Father, Will God's as it could be spoken earlier. It isn't words, but in following to Evolution Laws. In total that on the essence evolutionarily also moves the world and mankind forward, lifting it on new steps of a ladder of life, – all this benefit irrespective of, whether people believe in the Father Heavenly, Will Which, that is Will Cosmic, they execute. The same, who repeats God's Name hourly, but goes against Evolution and its requirements, they are attendants of the darkness, with whatever names they were covered and to whatever beliefs and churches belonged. Words and names human for Evolution have no value if they go against it. For Lords words are important not, and put, and many considering believers appear in a camp of opponents of Evolution, in a camp of enemies of Light, in a camp of attendants of darkness. Nowadays division of mankind goes on a treatment of light and shade when habitual representations fall and a lot of things change the face. Builders of the New World, builders of New Steps of Evolution – with Light, as though they itself called. Help of Hierarchy of Light and victory over darkness. The world old, fanned by darkness, will leave struck, the World New to it goes on change and with it builders of new life and the New World. The new World will win because there is it in consent with immutable Laws of Evolution of Life.
315. (Oct. 9). Stone of the eternal basis of life, - from it not to leave anywhere! It is possible to forget about it, but then eternal life, that is life in Eternity and goes to Boundlessness’s also. In Boundlessness the eternally living the one who constructed the thinking on the Stone of the eternal basis realizes itself (himself). Passes everything, but not on what life of the person is based. Among flashing days and nights of usual existence, the Stone is as the rock among a rough stream. Waves come and waves leave, but it remains for ever and ever. The consciousness can be combined with each wave, into it plunging, but can be taken from waves and be based on firm go on the bases. The choice depends on spirit and on where the consciousness beam is directed. The consciousness is similar to a ray of light because shines that, on what is directed. In what plunges the consciousness, that it itself and surrounds, - it is boundless thought ocean, its depths are various and layers, also it is wide boundless scope. The ocean of Space Thought has no limits. Into it plunging directed thought and pro-butting a wavy surface, the consciousness gets up to those depths where anything won't stir, and then breath of eternity concerns it the fiery rhythm. Water – only a symbol of the environment in which everything is reflected, is Great Waters, where life was conceived.
316. (M. A. Y.). Can seem sometimes that all efforts are vain that there is nothing and there is nobody, even Those Who Called. But also it is Maya illusion, but also this feeling is inevitable, being as though reaction to the lifting moments. During these periods it is necessary to think that Pralaya consciousnesses inevitably accompany a rhythm and minutes when the soul fatally grieves, precede take-off. If this grief has personal character, this illusion is especially dangerous if – super personal and world, feeling it is freight of the Atlas which has lifted Earth. The burden of the earth is born on themselves by Great Spirits. It took a step of the consciousness which have risen to Light. As also waves of melancholy are inevitable because it was told that "in the world you will have grief". But also it is necessary to pass through it. It is necessary to pass through everything because only this way it is possible to reach the Lord.
317. (Oct. 10). My son, fruitful of thought is a unification consequence. Than deeper and more continuous it, thought is richer with that. Synthesis too will give new thoughts because generalization even will give birth to two a third. Besides, the current of thought conformable depends on a preliminary mood of consciousness. Before record it is good to premise thought of the direction wished it: as though the task to cover the problem put before is given. Magnetism of the directed thought which, attracting to itself work thus, takes from space conformable to it elements. It is possible to conduct experiments over the phenomena of an attraction of thoughts. It isn't necessary to consider this phenomenon as any miracle or impossibility. The law of thought is simple: it grows if the consciousness concentrates on it known time. Is longer and concentration, the stronger and growth is more persistent. Not a miracle, but law action when growing thoughts of the evil attract beget in a chasm. How many terrible perversions are created growing by the thought layering one image behind another? They feed consciousness; the consciousness in turn feeds them and the ball of these dark textures increases, as a snowball. The same law is applicable and to thoughts from Light. They can also be raised, directing on them consciousness. It is growth way usual. When contact with the Teacher of Light is come into and approved by a rhythm, new receipts of thought become similar to a stream of a perennial spring from which it is possible to scoop always. It is possible to surround itself with light of thoughts lightful and in them to stay, without distracting on the parties. It is a lot of distracting round the person, it is much thrown by purposely dark hand, and it is a lot of obstacles and many stones on a way. There is no road without thorns. Condition one – to go, go, and go, despite everything, to go under all conditions and in any environment. All conditions serve only as steps of inflexibility of will, to Light going. When the way is irrevocably solved, can't stop anything anymore. To mistakes we learn to smile, when the understanding of will be born that each mistake teaches something and can be used for an ascension. Silly mistakes not for the future, clever even mistakes are as water to the miller on a wheel. When all is positive: and dark and light forces – starts serving the person, then mistakes – anything. Therefore let force of the decision to go all the way gets stronger, without stopping before anything; and then the far purpose will be achievable.
318. (M. A. Y.). The help rendered in the spirit of, only then is effective when it, at least to some extent, sates aspiration of the person asking for the help. The help has to sound in harmony with expectations of the addressing. The consciousness often hope lives and is movable by it irrespective of, these hopes are carried out or isn't present. And if they weren't carried out, but helped the person in a difficult strip of life, they executed the appointment. Also it is absolutely not necessary that consolation or support words surely corresponded to that will be, but it is necessary that they gave strength to move further and to endure that weighs consciousness. If something leads to the purpose and becomes already unnecessary, it nevertheless executed the appointment. Expectation of secondary arrival of the Savior many followers lived it lightful, highly bearing the lamp. And that their hopes didn't come true, to them didn't prevent to be heroes up to the end. Be able to give to people spiritually what wanted by their spirit, having given them hope and having supported their aspiration to Light. Give on their consciousness, their understanding and expectations.
319. (Oct. 11). Loneliness – one of the most difficult tests. Eremites of yoga in far mountains for many years will see off in a full privacy. They know that the loneliness isn't present and that when the veil of the dense world disappears, loneliness illusion disappears also. Are surrounded with the World Hidden: it here, about Us and his inhabitants can enter into communication and enter with those who refined the feelings and who can see and hear outside the physical world. Therefore loneliness is concept very relative. It is intolerable for those who is deaf and grew blind internally, but for the begun to see clearly it is replaced with bright and intense life in spheres of the Elevated World. It also will be that phenomenon when it is said that the person live is taken on the Sky. But not always it happen the Sky, the medium too undertakes, but any more on the Sky, and in those layers which correspond to level of its essence and a step which he reached. The person on consciousness sees and hears. The open centers show a high step of achievements when the consciousness can concern very many phenomena of a super personal order. Personal there is a synonym limited by a small focus of interest of the personality. Super personal concerns already the phenomena being outside egoism, and it isn't connected by it. The burden of loneliness collapses the phenomenon of General Welfare to which the consciousness which has broken fetters of the personality serves. Not to leave to the spatial Ocean of World Thought while chains of egoism are put on consciousness. Personal and space don't get on. Space it is combined with super personal, and then the loneliness isn't present.
320. (M. A. Y.). Think about itself – one of very grave obstacles of cognition of life and the person. It is difficult to get into foreign consciousness and to comprehend it, when only the personality and she interests before eyes. Egoism, as fog veil, dims possibilities of knowledge. Any cognition demands any extent of dismissal from itself. Cognition brings these requirements, deepens, expands and does unconditional. One might say: be rejected from yourself if you want to enter area of Intimate Knowledge. The egoism doesn't allow it, and with its Light isn't combined. Every day gives the chance to us to think not of it, and of others, and in judgments about the phenomena of life to proceed not from itself, but from a starting point of thought super personal. From itself thinks of egoism and everything applies only to itself. As it is difficult with people at whom "I" don't descend from their language and as it is uninteresting. They are connected and closed only by themselves. The circle of egoism can be limited in the extreme expression to a pin head. There are no more terrible and strong chains connecting freedom of spirit. Here it, the most terrible enemy of the person – egoism of his small personality, wishing all for itself and capable to think only of itself and in everything to proceed from itself, from the egoistical interests and the purposes. To understand it and to fight against it – means to take a way of release from the heaviest slavery which exists on Earth.
321. (Oct. 12). Heart trembling at short circuit of current of Communication is feeling very characteristic. It specifies that heart gave to Communication a message, for the present the brain of it didn't realize. Among everyday life usual these signs will be gleams in unusual. Usual and unusual fight in consciousness for the statement! Light is unusual to the huge majority of people, and, meeting singularity, people or it deny – or to stand up-fight against it. The last is already worse because means the active evil going against Light. It is a lot of against the going. It is a lot of unconscious helpers of darkness. The conscious are especially dangerous. These won't miss the slightest possibility of a go out of Light which for them is intolerable. Luminous intensity in that, that at contact with darkness it disseminates it, like the lamp, brought in the dark room. And the darkness is powerless to it to resist while the lamp burns. Therefore all efforts of the dark direct on the lamp to damage it and to extinguish its fire. That is why the go out of a flame of spirit is inadmissible under no circumstances. No reasons can justify this disaster. This disaster not personal, but spatial, because each carrier of fire serves space. Main tenancy of a flame of spirit is first duty of the attendant of Light. It is a duty of a super personal order and it strong concerns the spheres surrounding the person and everything with who makes contact the heart bearing fire. Through this Great Making the step of life super personal when any more for the sake of itself and not for itself, but for the sake of others and for the sake of the Lord Light go out isn't allowed also is reached. It also will be Great Service, it and will be a victory over egoism and the personal beginning in itself. If earlier it wasn't realized quite, nowadays the above-person-spatial duty of maintenance of a flame of spirit will be a sign of the statement of the super personal beginning in itself and a sign of a victory over the lowest covers being a citadel of egoism and nursery of astral emotions. For the sake of the Lord and all mankind the feat of execution of the Fiery Bowl is made. True heroism of spirit is demanded by him because the darkness is great, though is powerless to kill the heart lit by a feat.
322. (M. A. Y.). Let each step will be on the way noted by a victory. It isn't necessary, it isn't necessary to incline before anything and before anything – to recede. It is a little effort, more and more, and – a victory! To recede before the victory moment – it isn't wise. The victory will come surely, if display constancy and an inflexible. Secret of achievement of a victory in that, what not the external something should be overcome, but only itself. And the essence of this victory always is that the fire of heart remains inextinguishable under whirlwinds of various influences, from where they directed and how were strong. Understanding and concept of a victory we will limit it to essence not to scatter forces on unnecessary and unimportant and to concentrate them in appendix focus on the main direction. Maintenance of fire of the heart which goes out will mean defeat by darkness will be this focus of the appendix of all strength of mind also. To hold this fire, despite everything, and will be a victory over darkness, but first of all – over itself. And in it is service to Light and a feat of self-rejection and dismissal from itself and observance of a condition of following for the Lord Who Told: "Be rejected from it and follow Me".
323. (Oct. 13). Many extra dense phenomena constantly occur around, but they should be seen. For this purpose it is required to meet conditions: observation, objectiveness and open eye. Believe that the Thin World display in a number of unusual super sensual perceptions while the hidden and unheard claims itself that is visible and audible. Because visible is an aspect or other party invisible, and heard – that isn't audible. It belongs as well to all other sense organs. Even these bodies are dual rather are triple, quandary and centenary, depending on in what conductor display consciousness. For each plan, on which their lives the person, function and sense organs corresponding to it. Having left a physical body, the person doesn't lose ability to see and hear, smell, perceive and to feel taste. After release from a thin body all its feelings realized, remain with it. Thinning and their realization goes above, and its Immortal Triad owns all, only even more distinguished and enriched with the sixth sense which is called as a feeling-knowledge. However, the feeling it is shown at the person and in a body physical when he on the earth, only the person seldom treats it consciously and seldom uses of. Conditions of observation, objectiveness and openness belong as well to a feeling-knowledge, giving the chance to it to develop and will be refined. The principle of development of muscles is applied by exercise as well here. Everything develops and refined in the annex to life, in application and at exercise constant. The mass of thin impressions continuously interferes in consciousness, but people don't want them to notice. Call them the imagination, hysteria, a fruit of the upset nerves. Call anything if only to lose ability of a feeling-knowledge and other perceptions of distinguished sense organs. Delicate perfumes, visual impressions, words and the whole phrases often get into consciousness, but the attention to them isn't paid, possibility of it is denied, and they sink in a stream of usual dense perceptions. Feeling-knowledge, for example, usually always makes itself felt at meetings with other people. Heart instantly notes reaction to contact with foreign aura. Feeling it happens pleasant or unpleasant, light or saddened, generating pleasure or grief, rest or concern. This reaction will be very noticeable and certain if to pay it at least a half of that attention which is paid to words of the interlocutor. But time for this purpose isn't present as the person is filled by himself, the thoughts, desire to tell most, to approve him, the egoism display by often unnecessary flow of words. But if to extinguish itself and internally to concentrate on the interlocutor, trying to note the internal feelings and perceptions, thin feelings immediately will note a number of the impressions which are usually escaping from attention, and therefore passing completely by consciousness. The world remains the same, the same perceptions, but expanded, distinguished, profound and enriched with thin feelings. And the interlocutor remains to the same, but his image is supplemented with the internal content of internal essence of the person hidden until then. Even if to take the usual word and, having rejected its external cover, to scent its contents, a tonality and motive or the reason which has caused it to life, and words human will begin to be understood differently. The person, but not externally is internally comprehended, not by words, but for this purpose it is necessary to be able to observe, and the main thing, to be released completely from it at these moments. Dismissal from itself, the inner world, the thoughts, judgments and emotions is demanded by this thin observation. How many the most interesting experiences over thin perceptions and a feeling-knowledge it is possible to make during the day and how to enrich the accumulation! But it is necessary to depart from it. Even not to understand words of the interlocutor if to be busy only it. The egoism a huge pack lies on a way, on a narrow track of knowledge of life. It is possible to study always and everywhere, and terrestrial stay will give it very ample opportunities. Life is a school the doctrine in which stops never.
324. (M. A. Y.). To study, study, study – such slogan of the pupil. Pay attention to the word "pupil" which is appropriated to the one who follows the Lord. And the first duty of the pupil is to study. As the world are rich, as all is instructive, that in it occurs, and how many opportunities constantly are given, to study endlessly. The end to the doctrine isn't present neither in Tom the world, nor in it. It is necessary to acquire firmly situation that the person is an eternal pupil, the eternal pupil at Great Space School of life. It should be remembered well and forever. Someone thinks of sweet Amrita, that there, in World Aboveground he will have a rest and will arrive in full rest or a quiet, delightful sleep. It is incorrect. Exactly there, having dumped a body, it is possible to study especially strong and it is intense, it is possible to study, taking unusual advantages of thin existence. Here people and books and many other the coming conditions, in the same place – aspiration and desire of knowledge and readiness to study endlessly are necessary. It is possible to be glad for directed to infinite cognition because sang they will reap fruits from the aspirations. There the directed thought instantly magneto leads to object of the aspiration, and learning and cognizable merge together. There words of the Teacher "Only direct, and the light of Boundlessness" will fill in you, – are realized in bright, attracting, sating spirit by knowledge reality, and the person richly reaps from the aspirations. Cognition spheres widely open the doors for the spirit directed to knowledge.
325. Are surprised to symbolism of ancient Doctrines while all modern life uses symbols very widely. Each word is a symbol, each it’s tracing – a symbol. All chemistry is constructed on symbols of the main table of elements. Are surrounded with symbolism from all directions and we see not transcendental objects, but only their symbols. And unless even the smile of the person isn't symbol or expression of those feelings which are hidden behind it? Unless each draws not is symbol? It is so surrounded with symbols of people, and it is a symbol or an external form of those deepest contents which in it is concluded. The idea while it isn't expressed in the symbols retelling its matter is inaccessible to the ordinary person. Symbols of words tell pictures of life of people in books of great writers so brightly, colorfully and really that the whole pictures pass it before the third eye of the reader. You look tracings of words, paint, paper and letters, and you see something absolutely extra dense, in them concluded exactly thanks to their symbolism. From symbolic not to leave anywhere, it is necessary to study only incessantly as under its external form to be able to see the matter retold by these symbols is possible more stoutly and more deeply.
326. (Oct. 14). Yes! Yes! Yes! The statement of the phenomenon in consciousness is to it the next approach. Not difficultly to approve evidence because it before eyes, but to seek to see reality when evidence dims eyes, will be opening of new ways of cognition. All visible has the basis or a root in invisible which small part it is. It is impossible to see both poles of the phenomenon physical sense organs. Bipolar sight when the third eye works already is necessary. The sphere of its application is very extensive. Everything that the person before the internal eye imagines, all pictures which are caused by his memory, everything that he from seen in surrounding it the world remembers, all this is in area of vision of the third eye. The house is destroyed long ago or burned down, but memory causes on the consciousness screen its bright and colorful image; this image any more in the field of the dense world, but Thin, as well as the contents of any book, hidden behind symbols of printed letters. No microscope or the chemical analysis will find almost live images of heroes of Shakespeare on pages of his published books because they are created by his creative genius on the plan of physical invisibility and are imprinted only by means of symbols. The invisible world is so closely bound and connected with visible that the border can't be established. The thought transferred a human voice; consider as the phenomenon of a material order, losing sight of that circumstance those words is only symbols, or the external covers investing its essence. The unwillingness to analyze the phenomena prevents to see that the consciousness of the person supplements usual visibility with difficult and almost instant process of automatic thinking behind which stand for many years skilled cognition. Seeing tears, the person knows already that behind them the grief, and behind a smile – pleasure, and behind a consequence – the reason which has generated it is covered. Wise under an external form seeks to see its contents, and behind a consequence – its reason. The understanding of the sphere of causality and action of the Law allows creating the new reasons (for receiving desirable consequences already consciously and at will. Usually actions of the person reckon with the Law of causes and effects while actions of the yogi are always thought strictly over and under control because he knows a little that every instant creates the new reasons, and aspires to that there were they in full harmony with Ethics of the Doctrine of Life. For wise all phenomena of his life only consequences it is conscious them the generated reasons.
327. (M. A. Y.). Even cars need the rest, especially the difficult mental device of the person. Therefore if the consciousness becomes silent, it isn't necessary to force it. Will pass some time, and the perceived thought from space again will freely pour down.
328. (Oct. 15). My son, the phenomenon of happiness is my Proximity. Its clarity fluctuates depending on conditions of consciousness, but can be notable always at a known tension and concentration. It is necessary to remember well that doors are open always to my World, but have to enter. Nobody can take away openness and availability of the Highest World from the one who directed to it, except the most directed; constancy display in waves of alternation of a rhythm. It is necessary to know that fluctuation of waves and their change isn't instability of spirit or its falling, but a rhythm display. Without alternation and a rhythm stagnation is inevitable. The monotony causes exhaustion, and monotone – fatigue. The rhythm is an ascension condition, and the developed consciousness doesn't remain without a rhythm. These waves of a rhythm of consciousness should be met absolutely quietly, without being saddened and without being afflicted with temporary attenuation of fiery tension which new lifting and new tension of fires of spirit steadily follows. Laws of development of consciousness should be known well more stoutly to feel trust to the Leading Hand of the Teacher of Light. I will carry out through everything it is safe. But the Hand you hold strong. Vigilance let doesn't weaken. It is necessary for a condition of constant tension. Fires strain spirit. Tension doctrine is the most vital. Carefully and sharp-sightedly I Watch our swimmers and I Rejoice, Seeing as are fearless among the most wrongly conditions and with them my Beam.
329. (M. A. Y.). I see and know and again I speak, native, you keep. There can't be an ease where the purpose – the statement of Light where a feat of the fire it is lit. Not one you and in the world terrestrial, and in the Elevated many spirits fighting against darkness, – in Light camp. Sign of the soldier of Light one – Light, in heart burning. To carry by it through life not go out and not belittled, but in force increased, will be a feat of life terrestrial.
330. Forges the Teacher phenomenon in tranquility. Every instant gives the chance of Doctrine application in life. The thought is the phenomenon of real happiness. Changes of external living conditions are necessary for consciousness shift. The teacher on the guard always Shows the necessary Help. The going for Me I won't Leave . Firmness is a form of a display of a flame of spirit. Light isn't combined with the darkness, the Highest – with the lowest. The silence of silence doesn't happen silent. The invisible Doctrine goes incessantly. In fussiness, concerns and fear fires of spirit can't be shown. When the terrestrial sounds, the Highest becomes silent. Are tormented with circumstances approve the power of spirit over them. The comer with Me also will come to Me. Burdening by circumstances is a payment for a spirit ascension. The loneliness is a step for spirit increase. Proximity or distant washing it is caused by conditions of consciousness. In silence we hear My Voice. I will come, but wait unexpectedly. Fiery Bowl bearing, not spill. Mine, fidelity and devotion are approved by life. Grief to people, bearing suffering. The beam constantly over you, but extent of its understanding depends on desire and readiness of spirit. Where love, there and heart, there and consciousness. Wanting has.
331. (Oct. 16). Fiery energy of spirit are inexhaustible when are called. They are closely connected with thought. The thought opens locks of mental energy. She demands understanding. The great Prisoner is set free. No violence over it succeeds. No squeezeed-out efforts can force it to work. Silent, inaudible thought, having directed this energy and having charged it a known task, gives already to her a free hand, without interfering with this process and without breaking it neither impatience, nor doubts, neither fluctuations, nor a reminder. The task is given accurate, certain, final, meaning the end result or the assignment purpose, and on condition of full coherence of the centers and all device of the person. Unicorn shown is the best symbol of coordinated action of all consciousness. Certainly, known degree of concentration of thought and will is necessary. The will collects energy in focus and focuses it on a mental form of the end result. But when this form is released in space for independent action in it, the will role on it and comes to an end. The prisoner can act only on freedom, only being not connected by anything. The tranquility, confidence, firmness and knowledge of how the Law works, promotes this process. But deduction of the sent image in consciousness is similar to the attached bird – she won't be able freely to fly. The moment of creation of an image of desirable result and its parcel in space for free performance of the task charged to it is important. If result don't reach, it is necessary to repeat it. The rhythm of repetition will be the success guarantee. Before any temporary failures it isn't necessary to recede. The result will be if the rhythm is observed. In case of ardent and persistent resistance it is necessary to strengthen a rhythm and a form of a desirable consequence to specify, having made it even more accurate and certain. The vagueness and ambiguity of the desirable brings indistinct and uncertain consequences. And each doubt or uncertainty allocates with the same properties and the image sent to space. There can't be an order fluctuating, dual and uncertain because the result of its performance will be same also. When the Prisoner is released, he already knows itself as it is necessary to work. Therefore the end result or an image of a desirable consequence, but not ways of performance is. It is impossible track action of fiery energy in space, to foresee ways of performance of tasks by it. But it is necessary to know firmly that the assignment will be executed in strict accordance with the hardness and inalterability of the order.

332. Inexhaustibility of the Treasury of Spatial Thought serves as the guarantee of possibility of boundless knowledge. Immersion to the Spatial Ocean of thought demands ability and skill, and the main thing – thinning of the perceiving device. Deaf and blind can mentally sit for hours, without having apprehended any thought. Birds of thought of the distant worlds fly there where the window is opened for them. Openness and readiness of consciousness too are necessary, as well as ability to accept a distant message. The ready and correctly adjusted receiver of consciousness could operate smoothly if didn't stir the own thoughts connected with the personal beginning. Personal and super personal thinking at perception of spatial thoughts aren't combined. Self-dismissal here is inevitable if the result is desirable.
333. (M. A. Y.). I give an assignment of the help to relatives. It is necessary to help. It is correct to think how I would arrive and that would tell if I happened to render this help. It is possible to merge as though at these moments with me and to use the force as though and my thought. Not enslavement, not obsession it, but full merge of the consciousnesses going on the same way to the identical purpose. Preparation for this merge of consciousnesses was rather long and difficult, and therefore results won't slow down themselves display. Relatives very much need the help of this, and to help there is nobody. And anybody so won't be able to tell how I would tell and as the one who to me is very congenial will be able. The assignment is given to the next spirit. Performance of the Assignment will deepen and will strengthen our communication. Only in operation phenomenon and forces, and opportunities; is necessary to show actions for the statement of fiery force. It too will demand known extent of self-dismissal. Self-dismissal will bring pleasure of service to Light. The pleasure of service among sad twilight of life an impulse will go all the way.
334. (M. A. Y.). Very darkly, and your light is especially valuable. Many extinguished it, though burned. How many called was and as remained from them a little. But the worse, the better. It isn't necessary passersby. Let one hundred casual people be better one or two, but strong standing, than. Invited there is a lot of, but it isn't enough elite. So was always. But that we will more strong unite in the spirit of that already never and anything couldn't separate us.
335. (Oct. 17). Traces of the passable lives are imprinted in the Bowl. Life is continuous, and memory of it remains in the Bowl though consciousness, the usual consciousness of the person, and can't restore the past in all its volume and without breaks. Eventually, the essence of knowledge is reduced to knowledge itself because in the person everything is concluded, and everything that he learns at the time of cognition, becomes part him. The person can tell: The world - is “I». No the most wonderful in it is a most difficult and refined equipment of his microcosm. Think of creative images of thought, of, how, from what in what and from where images of thought will be born a little. If everything is a matter of various extents of thinning, so and the thought is material as everything even highest are however material also, life manifestations. Material – having life means existing, that is. Many people before will understand, something that isn't invested at least by the thinnest type of a matter should think, for consciousness doesn't exist and no shown life has. The world Fiery, the World of Light is the Highest that is available to knowledge of the person. Many steps should be passed before reaching this sphere. Difficulty that stay in it or a contact demands it that the fiery body of the person was to some extent already issued. This process is long, but its acceleration is possible. Awakening and kindle of the centers mark already known step of this process. How kindle spirit fires? From time immemorial were given to people of the Instruction on what has to be the moral shape of the person and what qualities of spirit it has to cultivate in itself (himself). All these Instructions if they proceeded from Hierarchy of Light, meant the qualities of spirit being that framework or conditions in which fires of spirit could be shown and keep until these qualities were approved. Qualities are forms of a display of a flame of spirit and as that matter not in itself but as carriers of these fires in the hidden essence world fiery. And the person to a being fiery and all processes in it – from fire. Even usual inveterate habits are no other than crystal deposits of fire. Therefore and it isn't surprising, as qualities of spirit too the phenomena of a fiery order, only, unlike the said word or an astral whirlwind, fire of the approved qualities is steady. Stability and constancy of qualities is stability and constancy of fires. If in this understanding to take fires of love, devotion, hardness, courage, aspiration, fearlessness and fires of all other qualities, it is possible to see that lack of qualities means also lack of these light fires and an utter impossibility to come nearer to understanding of the Fiery World. Therefore the statement of qualities will be the statement of steps of a fiery ladder of the spirit conducting in the Fiery World. Each effort in this direction will be an approach step to the fiery purpose. Fiery feelings of clairvoyance, clairluhear, clairunderstanding are based on a when opening of the fiery centers and differ from astral feelings of the medium that the will of the person owns the fires while the medium is the weak-willed victim and the conductor of energy of the lowest a layer consciousness, the usual consciousness of the person, and can't restore the past in all its volume and without breaks. Eventually, the essence of knowledge is reduced to knowledge itself because in the person everything is concluded, and everything that he learns at the time of cognition, becomes part him. The person can tell: The world - is "I». No the most wonderful in it is a most difficult and refined equipment of his microcosm. Think of creative images of thought, of, how, from what in what and from where images of thought will be born a little. If everything is a matter of various extents of thinning, so and the thought is material as everything even highest are however material also, life manifestations. Material – having life means existing, that is. Many people before will understand, something that isn't invested at least by the thinnest type of a matter should think, for consciousness doesn't exist and no shown life has. The world Fiery, the World of Light is the Highest that is available to knowledge of the person. Many steps should be passed before reaching this sphere. Difficulty that stay in it or a contact demands it that the fiery body of the person was to some extent already issued. This process is long, but its acceleration is possible. Awakening and kindle of the centers mark already known step of this process. How kindle spirit fires? From time immemorial were given to people of the Instruction on what has to be the moral shape of the person and what qualities of spirit it has to cultivate in itself (himself). All these Instructions if they proceeded from Hierarchy of Light, meant the qualities of spirit being that framework or conditions in which fires of spirit could be shown and keep until these qualities were approved. Qualities are forms of a display of a flame of spirit and as that matter not in itself but as carriers of these fires; in the hidden essence world fiery. And the person to a being fiery and all processes in it – from fire. Even usual inveterate habits are no other than crystal deposits of fire. Therefore and it isn't surprising, as qualities of spirit too the phenomena of a fiery order, only, unlike the said word or an astral whirlwind, fire of the approved qualities is steady. Stability and constancy of qualities is stability and constancy of fires. If in this understanding to take fires of love, devotion, hardness, courage, aspiration, fearlessness and fires of all other qualities, it is possible to see that lack of qualities means also lack of these light fires and an utter impossibility to come nearer to understanding of the Fiery World. Therefore the statement of qualities will be the statement of steps of a fiery ladder of the spirit conducting in the Fiery World. Each effort in this direction will be an approach step to the fiery purpose. Fiery feelings of clairvoyance, claurluhear, Clair understanding are based on a when opening of the fiery centers and differ from astral feelings of the medium that the will of the person owns the fires while the medium is the weak-willed victim and the conductor of energy of the lower class, to operate with which he isn't able because it is deprived of those qualities of spirit which mean these or those steps of mastering by internal fires. Mastering by the fires means when it is spoken about qualities of spirit. The statement of qualities of spirit and mastering by their flame – concepts, inseparable from each other. Quality of self-control when the astral and its all display are bridled is especially convincing example of it is under control. Aura of the person and its radiation is too the phenomena of a fiery order. The aura flares flashes of rough whirlwinds of an astral. To operate them – means to seize the lowest fires in it. Speech also is process fiery. Each word is fire. Photography of thin energy will show how each word is accompanied by flash of fire running on nervous system and causing fiery reaction or influence first of all in own aura of the speaking. To bridle flow of words and to approve control over each said word will be a victory and mastering by fiery elements in it. So the analysis of qualities of spirit will specify their fiery nature and will shine a way of mastering with elements of fire.
336. The proverb "Silver, and silence gold" indicates the word depth of the popular wisdom imprinted in a formula short. Test of ability of conscious silence and the adoption of control over speech need to be passed on a way of mastering by fiery power. Mental energy can't be accumulated if stirs language. Mental energy can't collect if hands and feet if so-called nervous movements aren't subordinated to will control dangle. Each movement of a body is the phenomenon fiery. Control over them means control over fire. So restraint of speech, movements and gestures and all feelings in general and all manifestations of emotions and over them severe control will be a way of regal yoga. As the lord of the microcosm the person approves himself and to the purpose goes steadily. The centers fiery violently can't be awakened because danger premature their when opening is great, but possibly to prepare to awakening of the centers, and a way – through itself and mastering.
337. (M. A. Y.). Each action made not for, not for the sake of itself, not in the interests, but for the sake of another and, perhaps, contrary to the interests, will be infringement of egoism, derogation and easing of the lowest "I" and its restraint. The astral is baked only about it and is occupied only by it. Distracting from it the thoughts and actions, the consciousness learns to work in the sphere super personal. Astral wants only to itself, but not to people. And when the person contrary to his interests and his desires arrives, the irrepressible astral is won himself by the winner. If not to win against it, not to approve the power over its matter, there will be no it and over a matter of the astral plan. One who is the slave to the astral cover that will be a slave and astral conditions, currents and whirlwinds astral when it will come to be in this world? In the world astral we live and now when in a body, only the body prevents to understand subjection of will to influences of the astral world. It is possible to call a great victory restraint of an astral cover which approves a step of mastering by corresponding forces of the astral world because the victory over means a victory over them.
338. (M. A. Y.). How many confusion in the world and how many confusion in each consciousness not brightened up by knowledge! What confusion and mixture of concepts and total absence of symmetry of idea of the most necessary! People live in this chaos and with it leave also the earth and it is heavy to loss, without a wheel and sails, on the lower class of the Elevated World. But words are powerless, and often it is impossible to help. But where will be knocked, there the help let will be ready. It happens more necessary sometimes, than air, than food.
339. (Oct. 18). My son, every instant time approaches the future, every instant directs in it. There is no present; there is only a transition moment of the past in the future. Day tomorrow's didn't come yet is the future, but thought about is mute, as well as any thought of the future, planning in this future a number of actions and planning it, does this future as though last because thought of the future, plunging into memory, becomes already thought last and belongs to the past, belongs to a chain of the reasons generating future consequences anymore only in the field of thought, but also in the world of dense visibility. This process is considerable that gives the chance to the person to put consciously thought the reasons generating consequences. For Us all – only consequences because our will creates those reasons which consequences are desirable to us and which are in the full accord with a current and requirements of evolution of the world. On a way boundless, on a way to the future strong it is necessary to realize this opportunity to create the future in the present, doing area by its chain of the reasons put in the future, but becoming past. The reasons causing consequences can belong only to a past. It is impossible to build in the future the house of a stone and a tree in the dense world because the future it didn't come yet, it can be built only in the present; but mentally it can be created specifically and precisely, planning all details. And when it is created and finished thus, the creation it becomes already the phenomenon belonging to the past which in the future will give as a result the house built already actually of the dense world. The mortgaging of the base of the necessary phenomena, forced to be approved in the future, is made in the present by the thoughts directed in the future, but becoming the past fact. This duality of the thought, one party concerning the future, and another of a past, it is necessary to realize deeply because the thought is the lever, or the engine, the life creating the future of the world and mankind. When the person takes evolution of the spirit in hand and plans the future and what he in it wants to reach, it uses levers of thought creating, it creating a number of the necessary reasons and putting them in the microcosm. Becoming a past factor, they fall on the Bowl and in it remains as a creative power of the future fulfillments. Nothing can interfere with the person to create the thought, and nothing can interfere with fiery thought a consequence to give, if it enough fiery. That is why the statement is immutable that the person in the aura bears the karma, that is that chain of the reasons which cause and direct his life current. But these reasons can be created already consciously and at the will and not to be already more a straw in the sea, rushing at will of karmic waves. The karma remains, but its fabric is weaved by the hand, but any more the influences going contrary to the will. The person or operates the stars, or stars operate him; or the karma operates the person, or the person the karma. And a decisive factor in it is the thought.
340. When in space the Law Wheel is started up, it is set in motion by thought. It is called as the Execution Wheel. Thus the same law of causality works. Even to make the smallest action, it is necessary to premise it conscious or unconscious thought which the direct motive reason of action becomes and in the same way in everything, in all actions of the person. Everywhere creates thought and therefore emphasis is placed on thoughts.
341. (M. A. Y.). . Person is a being conceiving. It can't be denied. And still for thought it isn't allocated a due place and it isn't considered the leading beginning. The area of the phenomenon of thought is deep and bottomless. Her Beget, the person if she owns, can work wonders. Therefore a problem of mastering by thought – one of the major. It is possible to be surprised to in what neglect there is a thought at the modern person. Thoughts often skip as fleas, or, at persistence, become obsession of beget, or push it on various extremes and excesses, say, own and dispose of the lord as want. The logical absurd turns out: the person generates thought and becomes it the subject slave and as the thought is usually generated casually, or under the influence of chaotic impulses, desires and passions, slavery at thoughts such the very unenviable. How many people are tormented with thoughts of fear, concern, vanity, envy, rage, irritation? As live essence, they hang on aura condemned and torment him. How many despair, how many grief, suicides and horrors of life, thought of the given rise! It is necessary to seize this terrible force by all means; it will continue to own differently the person and to create the evil. Mastering by thought and streamlining of thinking should be begun with thoughts small and even low-slightest then to seize and big. To mantras there is a process of mastering by thought, as well as a prayer, as well as repetition of sacred appeals, as well as chant even verses. At any moment of thought it is possible to direct on the set course. The thought easily submits to will because it is generated by it. At control over thought all inadmissible thoughts immediately jump out of consciousness to replace them with thoughts admissible and desirable. Raj Yoga there is yoga of mastering by thought. Everyone can take a way of this regal yoga. Without mastering by thought and the statement of the full power over it, further a known step the ascension becomes already impossible.
342. Thoughts of the person, passing through the conveyor of his brain from present area in the past, become crops of grains of causality on a field of his own consciousness which will create its future. Each thought – as grain, as the engine of future actions and everyone –beget of the reasons. And from crops of the thoughts not to leave anywhere because their crystal deposits accumulate in a microcosm of the person. The sower, it and reaper, and creator of the karma are. Control over thoughts is necessary in the course of conscious crops on a field creating future destiny of spirit. Nothing disappears, but everything gives is immutable the fruit according to force of the energy enclosed in thought.
343. (Oct. 19). Thought fluctuation between two opposite poles of conclusions shows that the consciousness is in the center between them and can choose any, but is better remain in an equilibration point, that is in that center which operates both poles, without giving preferences to any. Provided that it is easier understand the events on poles, being ready at every moment to set the seal of a final decision on their manifestations. Balance is approved in the center and from the center. Swing of contrasts is caused by existence of a neutral point. When consciousness in its center, instead of on poles, it can operate positive and negative contrasts. But thus it is necessary to remember well that bias and prejudice shouldn't be. The phenomena are perceived at full neutrality, balance of consciousness that they could speak for themselves, instead of the convinced thought premised to them. It is difficult to reach this balance of consciousness because covers come to excitement and break a quiet current of thought. In full tranquility the world phenomena, and even then when they strong concern the perceiving are passionlessly perceived. Internally at such moments it is necessary to break off and provide to the phenomenon to speak for itself. Then there is clear its nature, sense and value. It is necessary to accept the going next phenomenon quietly, in balance and impartially. Who knows, what opportunities are born by it for itself. The best opportunities it is possible to push away so and very good people. Former experience let will serve understanding, but not prejudice.
344. (M. A. Y.). What to tell about attendants of General Welfare. Many torture, many killed, many tore to pieces, and not only enemies, but even admirers. It is more than mental murders, than ordinary. They aren't punishable, and it is impossible to prove guilt of murderers. Therefore from torment, murderers of spirit and mental vampires it is necessary to be protected especially. And here it is necessary to remember gold property of silence. Disclosure of we betray themselves in hands of before whom we open themselves. Any disclosure is harmful certainly. Larets closed and the mountain not plundered – a symbol rather bright to transfer this idea. Opening of a larets is inadmissible at least because from it there can be only a damage and Treasure waste. To give on consciousness and to answer on consciousness a question doesn't mean disclosure of a larets. To speak on consciousness – means to speak within consciousness of the interlocutor, within questions asked to them and his understanding. It is spoken not for itself and own self-satisfaction but to help. The help flows on channels of aspiration of the one which this help looks for. Each mistake and each garrulity or excessive words will do the harm not greatly, and it is necessary to pay. Never before restraint and reticence didn't do harm. Gate opens only on persistent knock. But persistent can be both curiosity, and fruitless thirst of novelty. And it should manage to be distinguished and distinguished from spirit hunger. The eyes, the vigilance, the heart will prompt how to arrive. But it is necessary that they stood guard. Life puts in such conditions; it is possible when to rely only on itself. Relatives of didn't justify. Friends were more harmful than enemies. Consolation is in that, what not all. And still, despite everything, the lamp shouldn't go out. But... itself solver, the respondent and itself is the judge.
345. My friend, write, relying on experience, and errors of the past let don't stand in light of the present. Accept things as they are, without philosophizing crafty. Put better attention to giving. And it is necessary to listen, claiming. Desire express is strongly. Let will tell that want. For words, even the best, we Look for affairs. Perceptions aren't unconditional. Many signs are given at the beginning of a way. Business crowns the end. But it is necessary to help to approve aspirations. Tell them: fall asleep with thought of the distant worlds and wake up. Carefully the Bowl bears not to spill. Everything will come in due time. The secret of terms is revealed by the little. The aspiration will be saturated on degree of force it and constancy. Signs let protect, as milestones of a track of life. The brought jugs will be filled. Wanting will receive, and brought will take. Accidents don't happen, judgment meetings are predetermined. Everywhere the guards follow you. Not insignificant, not small witnesses become if fire keep. Achievements are defined by the Doctrine appendix in life. The feat consists in Light execution by flaring heart.
346. (Oct. 21). My son, Mater Agni Yogi is close, and her care is constant. So we will be glad to a meeting of fellow traveller distant. Not prescription approach to the Doctrine confuse shouldn’t. The period which has brought from accumulation of Call will pass, radiant fires, and they not go out further. Experience bitter meetings former let won't serve as the reason of lack of ability to distinguish passersby from relatives. Two or three coordinated auras, than one hundred disharmonious are better. And parting let doesn't confuse because there are no distances for thin energy. The thinner and energy is higher, the space and time less have value. Also they have no value and for an open ear and an eye. They don't exist and for thought. Thought perforation the space, is similar to a lightning of light, but light quicker it. Thought out temporarily that is its speed. The thought and object of its aspiration, that is that, on as on whom it is directed, unite instantly, and the distant receiver perceives a spatial message.
347. Ability to perceive directly thought, over feelings astral, above also represents itself the following step of perception. Thus it isn't necessary to be confused very much a current of the thoughts and the thoughts Sent From above because at full merge and harmony of consciousnesses this circumstance of value any more has no. Therefore, it is necessary to direct not to separation of the thoughts from the thoughts Sent by me, and to reaching Peoria’s condition. What the thoughts and consciousness filling by them when presence of a constant Image at the third eye will give the statement and superiority to my thoughts. And my have to merge in full harmony so that opposition any more wasn't at all. At association of consciousnesses need of intense efforts because invasion of egoism is excluded absolutely disappears. The egoism interferes when association or with cracks, or full confidence isn't present and the doubt in my Proximity somewhere else continues to nest. The proximity to Me can be deepened and will refine infinitely because to enter to the public mine doesn't mean yet it to realize up to the end. With My Light it is possible to merge, but degrees of this merge will be various. It is hardly to reach its completeness. But the merge of consciousnesses will bring both merge of thoughts, and our thought will be uniform. So in Light You the light will be approved and there will be no distinction already from mine. New approach of Specify more profound and perfect perception of My thoughts. Continuous prestanding, understanding of my Presence, thought that I with you always that isn't present distances for spirit that in the spirit of are uniform – all this will help a merge in the spirit of to reach. About unification it is told much, but nevertheless its value isn't understood still up to the end. The unification is a basis of fiery process of an ascension of spirit if force it is realized. It is a source of inexhaustible power. When heart is filled by Me so, that the place in it already isn't present for anything that out of My World, then Days of My Life in your days will be approved obviously. The thought can be about itself and about Me: about itself – directed on itself, from itself and to itself; about Me – on Me. And the thought also solves, with what or with whom it will merge in the aspiration. Also it isn't necessary any squeezeed-out efforts when the love moves thought. Then easily and freely she aspires to the one whom loves, and with it stays. The love will be motive force of aspiration then. If it is constant and inflexible, what can't be reached any concentration, exercises or other ways is reached by it easily and freely. Love – a way the shortest, but difficult to that people aren't able to love and don't know firmness of constancy. If you want to reach, love learns.
348. (M. A. Y.) . Uncertainty and mistrust barriers to our Proximity should be cleaned. I with you. It is correct, correct, correct to think that to the Lord the engine the most powerful and a source of inexhaustible energy business of the Lord to create love. If to find forces all spirit, all heart, all thought and all desire spirit to indulge in the Lord what shining, light became a way. That also, who can be preferred to It, all given to us. The love to Great Shape raises fiery wings. Think to succeed roundabout tracks, but direct and the next is love. And we are connected by it. We are connected by it. To creative thoughts it gives strength. And it will carry out through everything. And it we will reach the Lord. Native mine, succeed love. You love The one Who is dear to you and with Whom you would like to be. And if you want that the sent far thought powerfully created, it sate with love. Threads of love are stretched over dark aura of a planet, covering it with Light network. The love is a powerful magnet. To it let’s die away. To you My love it is close to you, and you it are close to Me. We are connected with you love. How it is possible to overcome the most difficult? Too love. Impossible as it is possible to reach? Too love. Who seized this fiery strength of mind, that on the Way.
349. (Oct. 22). Cognition is merging to the cognizable. The aspiration to cognition is inclusion in an orbit of consciousness of the cognizable phenomenon. Within the shown everything is learned. The chaos too is shown. The highest creativity is chaos realization in symmetry: disharmonies – in harmony, discord– in consonance. Chaos everywhere, where interfere decomposition forces, dissonance and destruction; destruction for creation isn't chaotic, but construction. The thought of sufficient force can preserve against chaos invasion. The chaos seeks to get everywhere, and behind it – darkness. Fight with chaos space, with the dark – only on Earth. But with chaos on Earth the dark complicate fight. Evolution – a chaos antithesis.
350. It is possible to create either in rest, or in tension. The aura of absolute rest and aura of a high voltage are almost identical. Quickly rotating turbine seems motionless. If creativity didn't take place in rest, thanks to invasion of external conditions, it when tension reaches that a limit beyond ,which waves of stirring influences are overcome tensely can take place. More and more strain energy of the spirit, when something, interfering, prevents create. Poles – rest and tension. They creatively fruitful, but uneasy tension forces it is destructive very much and desirable results won't yield. Tension doctrine is the doctrine fiery. It is possible to welcome everything that strains energy of spirit in a powerful rush to create. Why difficulties are welcomed? Why I Speak, load more strongly Me? Why obstacles are blessed? Yes! Yes! Yes! – Because under these conditions strain fiery energy of spirit and there is its increase. The spirit grows in tension fiery. Therefore I Speak: more and more strain the forces in overcoming of steps of life. Simply on them not ascend. Each real step is overcome for the sake of the future. Life overcoming – so we call the phenomenon of an ascension of spirit. These steps of overcoming are put in it, into spirit spirals, into spirals of the lives passed by it and through what it will pass. Either to overcome or to go down back – the immovability isn't present, as well as emptiness. Overcoming is a way lawful. We Do not know other way. And the narrow track conducting in life, also is an overcoming way: fight and overcoming, overcoming and victory. Nobody can deprive of the person of opportunity to move further because the way of ascension of spirit lies inside. If something disturbs and doesn't allow directing, it lies inside, in the not gets rid energy of spirit which are subject to overcoming. Light stratifications of spirit advance it, dark to advance strong disturb. Care of what the person on a way to Boundlessness invests himself. It is a lot of useless freight, and it is frequent, instead of release from it, the new is added. It is necessary to think of release from insalubrious load, every day, each hour throwing out from consciousness as superfluous everything that can make heavier it is useless.
351. Yes! Yes! Yes! It is necessary readiness to show to all volume as there can be a destiny and where its force will direct. And if We any minute are ready to replace the European dress with the Mongolian caftan, in the same readiness have to be and you when the consciousness and aura didn't grow to one place and aren't hooked on a small tack, it is easy to come off and not to be sorry, and not to remember the left place. House where also we, where our consciousness. It belongs not only to Earth, but also to the worlds hidden and visible and to space spheres. Where is we, there and house! With this consciousness it is possible not to become attached to anything. As it is possible pin itself on a small tack, when all Universe is the house, the house itself and the House Father. Our people don't belong to themselves. You will pass lives narrows, and the world of opportunities new, meetings of new and new people again will open. And old meetings are possible old and old friends, but relatives and spirit and heart. And all ahead, and instant everyone to life it is possible to forge the hand a link behind a link of the bridge of happiness, the silver bridge of spirit. Your fate is difficult, but is immeasurable and bottomless the abyss of your happiness.
352. (Oct. 23). Accept my gift – ability to meet the Beam of morning in consciousness of immutable reality of sent happiness. Let's deepen the phenomenon of Communication by a new step of understanding of invisible my Presence. Already I Said that time will come when it will be given the chance to write down my thoughts at any moment of day or night. For record the book let will be always at you not to miss sent happiness. Yesterday I missed my thoughts (during the day), and I couldn't remember already them in the evening. Readiness will always write down them let on call. New step of transformation of the old person in them in the one with whom it should be replaced, we will note the statement of those qualities of spirit, to establish which in the past was yet in power. But the far purpose became closer and already is clearly visible, and the way to it is conscious, and forces and abilities of overcoming insuperable grew earlier. My son, we will reach because with Me you go, and together we are very strong. The integrated power of our consciousnesses isn't present forces outside to us opposite. Will always counteract, because on the guard dark force to shade the darkness our Light, but a victory for Us always and behind those who with Us. It is necessary to remember one: this victory will be finally always when business concerns General Welfare. When Will My is approved in will your, enclosed to General Welfare and Business of Lords, then I warrant a victory. It isn't necessary seeming to take to all appearances defeat for that. There can't be a defeat, when with Us. They, dark, thought that, having crucified, won, but the Crucifixion was a victorious step of a checkmate of darkness approaching in centuries and destructions of her Prince. We Win always. Light wins always and therefore it is called Light Victor. The victory is traced on a forehead soldiers Mine. My son, long ago already Called you the winner of life. And nowadays again I Claim your victory by that prevented you to rise by a new step of the Ladder of Light. Now forces will be on it to resist enough and, having resisted, to move further to new victories that inside still is subject to a pour in shining metal of an armor of spirit. What pleasure forging of each link of an armor of spirit gives? Attire it became stronger. More strongly metals than Earth silver spirit armor. Precisely is pleasure to forge to us it hourly; to Me and you, in unification full. The spirit attire is difficult: under an armor of Light of clothes. How many terrestrial types of attire it is necessary to replace in life, but the spirit attire, an attire of Light of the Immortal Triad isn't replaceable. At this step to it we will give especially a lot of care. For oil burning in time icon lamp remained not so much. We will be careful to it. It is important not to miss and instants when the way is chosen spirit the shortest. Everything that is given, is given in order that to the purpose to reach. In it and those us surrounds all sense and value of everything that we have. Everything is given to the person up to go. In itself all these is deprived of any sense, but as the means conducting to the purpose, – sense full. And nowadays it is necessary to accept everything that the spirit surrounds, as the bottom of a new step of ascension of spirit.
353. (M. A. Y.). "Mater of Fiery Yoga, accepts My desire, accept My aspiration, and accept hearts fires on service to Light! » – My Son, your gifts I accept for realization them in energy of the spirit, Lords directed on the Great Cause. In Name Him, but not his, burns aspiration in heart. What is necessary for us? Anything. That is necessary for you, not able to take an obol (An obol – a small coin (Greek. ) In a way distant? Not badly, except Light of the Lord. So in the light of its way you will continue, Light radiating around. To radiate light from itself, Light self-proceeding, and there is an appointment on the earth of the person. The person is Light the carrier. But the evil when the one to whom it is intended Light by the carrier to be is great, instead of Light bears in itself darkness. The condition of continuous, vigilant, intense, continued wakefulness of spirit let lights up instant everyone to life when darkness evil-shift, trying to replace light of Light with itself. When fires extinction, the darkness triumphs. To darkness of a celebration we won't give. Light in us, the Lord lit, never, under no circumstances, before any difficulties are going out shouldn't. It is our duty and a debt. In the temple of heart inextinguishable fire, as a symbol in gift of the brought heart, as the gift brought to the Lord, already never subject to return back to the one who gave it to Great Heart – heart gift to Heart burns! The heart given forever to the Teacher of Light, never will go out because becomes a world torch. My son, your gift I accept for transfer to his Great Heart. Pleasure of service to Light, the pleasure to Light service with you will arrive always.
354. When heart flares fire, external circumstances of value any more have no.
355. (Oct. 24). In World Aboveground the magnetic force of the law of accords fairly defines those conditions in which there is a person staying there. Plasticity of a matter of the environment surrounding a one incarnation allows creating thought through aspiration of spirit. And on the earth of people thought creates constantly, only products of his mental creativity and its inner world filled with them, are covered with an environment dense and as though pale into insignificance. The tree which he sees before eyes, brighter, is more certain and is more concrete for it than the mental image of the same tree, though that and another were actually reflected in the screen of his consciousness. Not only he sees a dense form, but perceives and catches a smell. When the body is dumped, the thin cover gives the same scale of feelings of five feelings, but to it mobility of that material from which expresses thought the forms, and ability of a thin cover to fast movement is added. At the ordinary person thought process flows uncontrolledly, automatically, spontaneously under the influence of external conditions and consciousness reflexes. At will of waves it rushes on open spaces of the Thin World, powerlessly creating the thought and being automatically attracted to the images of thought and to mental educations, them conformable on a tonality and the contents. The attraction goes in the directions of thought approved on Earth. That is why the channels which are broken through by thought in space when the person still didn't dump a dense body are so important. On these beaten paths his thought and in Elevated will begin to flow; only with disappearance of dense visibility will replace its visibility thin thoughts plastically sensitive to all fluctuations and immediately reflecting it in the environment surrounding one incarnation spirit. When the person learned to own the thought and took it under control, and in World Aboveground this control proceeds also, and the winner already himself, the will, consciously creates the environment, any more without being a straw in the sea, powerlessly floating in the direction of casual currents. Thus, mastering by thought and the adoption of control over it has crucial otherworldly importance, defining destiny of the person in World Aboveground. That is approved here, will be approved and there. The spirit which has seized the thought on the Earth will be the lord of thought in World Aboveground. And as everything there is defined by though, the karma is created by spirit of the winner of the will. Certainly, any karma is created by will, but a difference that when doesn't own thought of people, it, creating it, becomes the slave undesirable, though him the created consequences but when it the thought mister and the lord and when he learned to create in the accord with the course of evolution, then approves the winner the freedom in World Aboveground. The step of mastering by thought needs to be passed and on it to be approved. It is necessary both for the sake of the future and for the sake of the present in which this future is created. Ways lie inside, and the victory over thought is reached in the spirit of.

356. (M. A. Y.). . The sun shines over all, as well as love. The sun can't but shine. As can't but radiate to the Sun-Similar heart Light Love's. It shines around and on everything, on what sun heart beams fall. It shines on kind and angry, on dark and light. Light under this influence are clarified even more, dark, on the contrary, darken and start even raging. This impact of solar aura on various people is very significant. Also it isn't necessary to be surprised that the life of the carrier of solar heart is covered with hostility and hatred signs and signs of love, appreciation and goodwill. There is no indifferent attitude towards what light of heart is lit. Recognition dark is a peculiar praise to Light. Only display it in hatred and counteraction. But the way to the Lord is a way of Light and a victory – on this way if the unfading Image of the Lord lives in heart constantly, constantly increasing in force and the power. In process of its increase and heart becomes more and more to the Sun-Similar and its light brightly shines in twilight of the dense world that later in World Aboveground to flash all fires of accumulation because Light which is in us, and will be a light source in Elevated Layers.
357. Every morning it is necessary to give itself tasks on overcoming of the old person in it and on the statement of desirable qualities of spirit.
358. It is necessary to understand that each enemy arrow is accepted in a board for the sake of the Lord.
359. How increase will? Way is to realize forces it! Potential of will is boundless. It can infinitely grow. It can be brought up constantly, persistently and systematically. The will is a fiery prerogative of spirit. There is nothing that the will of the person couldn't overcome. It is necessary to want only, it is necessary to be able to want rather strongly. Will it is possible as it is easy to exercise, as well as body muscles. Impossible something becomes suddenly possible when overcoming this impossible will passes any side of tension. Certainly, the will practices and becomes tempered the person first of all on itself. Only to the will which bridled and has seized feelings, free growth is available. The will if not it feelings, but feelings own it can't grow. All weaknesses of character are no other than dissoluteness or instability of will. The consciousness implicitly yields to force the unconditional, categorical order of will. The order of will is inviolable. If to violate the order, even once, it means will to cut at the roots. It is a lot of the people, decided not to give in to this or that weakness, it is tempted constantly and suffers attacks of fluctuations and desires to violate the decision. The order of will has to provide also it and is given to be so that even the thought of possibility of violations didn't appear. The necessary attention thanks to what there are openings for thought isn't always paid to a category of the order. Finally will power is reduced to force of mastering by thought. Spirit and heart it is necessary to understand that the person can kill the generation. Certainly, literally this word, it is impossible to kill thought, but it is possible to destroy opportunity it to influence the one who generated it: once only it opposes opposite thought, but still bigger potential. It is very important to understand that power of will consists in its recognition and in its understanding. To dispose of the force the one who wants to raise the will has to learn. Usual mistake – that place will in a brain and in thought brain while a will citadel heart – the center of fiery energy of spirit. The will of a brain is weak, but the will of the lit heart is invincible. And not only thought, like the Aged man of the Mountain, it is necessary to believe on heart, that after the decision to give, but also each solution of will. The will approved by heart and sated of heart by fire, it is infinite more strongly than the will going from a brain. Field of application of force of fiery will is consciousness of the person going on the way of boundless development of the hidden potential, all qualities, all opportunities, in its prisoners. So much in itself it is necessary to overcome what to exercise will it is possible always and everywhere and infinitely. The silent, quiet and strong order which isn't subject under no circumstances to violation, will help to learn to overcome a lot of things which until then insuperable and haven't been overcome. Every day it is possible to give this or that assignment to will, but only in itself and. Yet the person won't subordinate himself to himself, yet won't win against itself, his will won't be able to be born, like a young elephant who will grow and grow, yet doesn't become the giant. The known threshold of understanding of opportunities of will, force it isn't passed yet is deprived and it won't begin to develop and coherence of the centers won't give. The monolithic solution of will means coherence of all covers, all microcosm of the carrier of fiery will.
360. Development of will is not its progress, but disclosure of its internal fiery potential. The usual mistake is that it on overcoming of external obstacles and external conditions or on people while we weed its developments, that is disclosures in the beginning direct, the consciousness of the person is. Exactly in themselves growing its forces for deeper and powerful disclosure of its boundless potential are applied. All is in the person. Only applied with success inside, it can display victoriously outside.
361. My son is with Me always. Let my Presence become for you realized constantly and continuously. In a separation from me don't create anything. Everything does together with Me. And arriving alone, think that neither loneliness, nor the separate doesn’t exist. As in the house glass it represents. Also remember that there are no distances that the spirit is ubiquitous that Eagle Eyes over you.
362. (M. A.Y.). Meetings from the past, unexpected sense and secret are full of a meeting. Sacrament of human relationship – it is so possible to call the ardent accord of the auras which were combined in full harmony. The accord of auras gives special pleasure. Phenomenon is rare in the conditions of the dense world. For special instructions the Lord of a kernel of spirits conformable combines. Their battery is especially strong because coherence repeatedly multiplies their forces. Two or three can work wonders, when between them the Lord.
363. (Oct. 25). Order to Boundlessness is expressed that whatever phenomenon affected thought, it can deepen it infinitely because each phenomenon future and last and real concerns Boundlessness and in it exists. The way of evolution of life is boundless, qualities of spirit are boundless, growth of will and power of spirit is boundless. Everything is boundless potentially the. The darkness and its generations because are doomed to destruction is limit only. The spirit, in Boundlessness real and boundless in itself, in the course of disclosure of the internal potential isn't limited by anything, except those borders which he to itself (himself) puts the width or limitation of the thought. Boundless we, and our way is boundless and has no end as has no it space which surrounds us from all directions as has no it and time. Where time comes to an end, the eternity there begins; where time and space come to an end, Boundlessness, in which they exist there begins. Than bigger duration of affair of the person, that closer to Boundlessness it. Far from it that, who limits the activity lasting one short terrestrial life. Boundlessness remains it, but the orbit of consciousness will be closed by a small circle of the manifestation. Mortal those we Call people who, death recognizing, death of dooms, and immortal – death not recognizing. As also affairs human can be divided on immortal and mortal, on long and short. Affairs long throw the life bridge on the following and even on many embodiments forward and on stay in World Aboveground approving by that a life and consciousness continuity. The personality as that is limited to a circle of one life. Identity takes and includes everything. To reach life super personal – means to approve immortal, reincarnating identity and to transfer consciousness to its sphere. To what quality of spirit and work on it if only one life means – work is aimless. But when the knowledge of is put that each low-slightest effort in the statement of desirable qualities of spirit will yield the fruits in life of this, and the main thing, in future lives, the sense and value of these works get aspect of need, and their consequence – inalterability for the spirit approving these qualities. So carrying out longer line will be a sign of immortality of spirit.
364. (M. A. Y.). To you pleasure to see and feel the heart burning with love and aspiration to the Lord, pleasure and to us. To you meet pleasure to the Lord strong going, pleasure and to us. And to us pleasure to see you burning with all fires. Than you can bring pleasure to us? Burning of heart and ardent aspiration improve itself. By light of your aura it is determined your each step and a victory on this way. It is so simple and natural to please desire of those whom we love. This pleasure you can give to the Lord and Me every day, working on yourself and yourself improving. If it is pleasure for you – to be with those who to you is congenial and whose heart love burns to Great Heart, and to us to be joyful with them and you when you unite uniform aspiration to the purpose. And then your pleasure becomes ours and then We are close to you. It is possible to think of what and as you can deliver pleasure to Lords and Us. Consciously to bear pleasure to Tom Who for you was charged, will be the best gift of spirit.
365. Approach to the Lord goes by a rising of a light full of aura's radiations. The there is more than Light in itself, rather it increases in the force, the there is a rapprochement quicker. Each quality of spirit, being a receptacle Light Fire, being approved, approaches to the Lord. Come to Me all. To come nearer wishing many but as it isn't enough of those who wants and forces finds luminosity to raise the hand to lay to that. Being clarified, we come nearer and again we depart, black out. It is possible and has to understand that clarification is a method the fast and there is no bypassing track. To be shined and to keep light, pulling together strong means not to shorten a stride of approach. Everyone wants to reach. And here Specify how to reach Me as a flame having lit, to hold it. It is possible to imagine clearly as there is on rapprochement a torch inside with Focus of Uniform Light, this I Tell that force you to allow to go to a commandment meeting. Consciousness in movement constant, and each step which it to effects, – or forward, or on a place, or back. The spirit unmistakably knows what its step to every instant of life. And as it is possible to mark time or move back if you know that the Lord follows the Lord and any delay perniciously carries back. Where? Whether in darkness? So wakefulness vigilant Specify as sure method of continuous maintenance of a flame of spirit. Especially painfully it is reflected on Earth health destruction animal and vegetable world: wild animals and birds and deforestation. But We speak about rapprochement, about constancy of approach to Light Focus. Understanding of it to you will give strength not only for the statement of qualities, but also on everything that pulls together with the Lord. Fire of ninflexible determination grows from understanding of this fiery way. Way conducting to the Lord, really is a way fiery. Strength of mind when she is called by spirit consciously is inexhaustible. Yes! Yes! Yes! Forces can be found to go all the way and to reach while the light won't merge in the accord full with Light of The one Who Called you with itself (himself).
366. (Oct. 26). Stinking breath of the old, leaving world poisons a clear atmosphere of spatial thought and an infection with itself bears. Rescue from it in the future. All imperfections, all mistakes, everything a clouding belong to the past, and the future – Light. Light of the future is great. To them also go. Understanding of opportunities of the future is a leading magnet. In it is possible to build everything that is realized by thought and, having constructed, to make a structure the reason of implementation of the planned forms of life of the following step of evolution of consciousness. Evolution is carried out by means of thought. Ideas in the form of mental forms are put in space, as a driving force of energy of consciousness. Life pulls together poles feasible and impracticable in a spiral of a current of time. The impracticability and impossibility in the present become opportunities of the future which, becoming in turn a present situation of the present day, does unattainable earlier by reality. Once people dreamed to fly only, approving mentally ideas of flights in space, but time came, and the dream was embodied in real forms, and people began to fly. This psych equipment concerns all areas of life. Impracticable it is feasible, impossible it is possible, unattainable it is achievable, but all this should premise thought, cementing its forms in space. In vain consider thinking art not noteworthy. On the whole the mankind didn't learn to think yet. Think of separate units, and they move the world. Will learn when to think of everything, movement in evolution will be accelerated extremely. But it is necessary that the consciousness extended and it became lighter. Lords Specify the main direction of evolution and those lines on which there has to be a development of the person. And the will of everyone accepted this direction is free to choose a way, to spirit the conformable. The evolution direction is Boundlessness and Spheres of the distant worlds. Means – awakening and a kindle of the centers of a human microcosm and thinning and improvement of the human device. The purpose – to arm the person without the uniform device because all equipment, more perfect, than any mechanical device, in the potential condition is concentrated in it is mute. Understanding of this fact will open new ways of searches and possibility of new, amazing achievements. All inventions and the devices created by the human genius, are necessary, but only until his own device didn't start working for full force. That it means, it is possible to understand from this that on distant planets of a high step there are no plants and factories and there are no cars and any equipment. Life in all its phases is regulated by creative thought and energy of spirit. Creating, create everything that the person needs to have for life. And the nature of a planet the thought directs: and – nature gifts, and – all forms of her life. It is necessary to understand boundless opportunities of spirit and that everything is subordinated to it and that the Space Will gave it the power over everything and that the power of spirit inexhaustibly and immeasurably and isn't present limits to growth it. Evolution ways in space are carried out by mankind thought. The thought powerfully creates. For the thought creating in the accord with Laws of Space, impracticable and unattainable isn't present. We Speak and We Claim that nowadays impossible isn't present.
367. (M. A. Y.). . Thinking about the Distant Worlds, people proceed from Earth. The starting point is correct, but the mistake that its real condition is considered as though constant and motionless in the forms, meanwhile as thinning of the matter and depression of its density in the course of the course of evolution is absolutely lost sight and not taken into consideration. Thinning and matter depression which happens thanks to that the matter passes a transmutation way through vegetable, animal and human forms, slowly, but persistently and steadily increases its plasticity and mobility. Once not only bodies human, but also a planet matter, become the condensed astral, then all world surrounding the person, thanks to the increased plasticity and matter depression, will be more easily and to submit to registration by thought freely. Any more hands and by cars, but power of thought it will be possible to build those forms which nowadays without hands and appendices of muscular and mechanical force can't be constructed. Oil, coal, gas, tree is energy resources of a planet available to people at the moment, for the lack of others, the best. Ways of receiving atomic energy too are rough and imperfect. But close already time when on service to the person there are higher and perfective aspects of energy. Energy these exist, they are, they should be found and mastered only. Neither with oil, nor gas, neither a smoke, nor gasoline will already not poison human health, but it is necessary it is necessary to look for it seems creating thoughts to send to space and it is necessary to know what to look for. The thought is more accurate and certain; the inevitability of the decision is closer. The thought perforation space and magneto attracts to itself conformable with it elements. The thought from the distant worlds can concern a planet. And on them these new types of energy are already applied long ago. The thoughts directed to stars far, aren't as aimless as can seem to the one who doesn't know that for thought there are no distances. It is necessary to acquire strong that if for Light it is required any, sometimes very long, time to cut through world space, for flight of thought of time at all isn't required. The thought is the phenomenon of the highest measurements and to laws of the dense world isn't subject. Time and space for thought don't exist. On other planets time already other, and in space isn't present neither top, nor a bottom. So in world space the most usual and taken roots ideas of time and the world of three measurements are broken. Over everything the thought, and over thought – consciousness which seized it reigns.
368. (M. A. Y.). 368. (M. A. Y.). About a unification of consciousnesses It is told much and still, despite it, up to the end that power which will be born at (consciousness) association with consciousness of Great Heart isn't understood. The formula is given clearly more exhaustively: "I in the Father, the Father in Me, I in you, and we is uniform", and still: "I in itself anything, the Father Staying in Me, He Create" – the Lord so spoke. Therefore, force not in itself, but in Hierarchy of Light, in consciousness association with It, in merge of consciousnesses to It. To create power of Hierarchy of Light, it is necessary to merge with It, it is necessary to unite in consciousness with It. Not the brain, but heart carry out this unification. When in heart – the Lord, insuperable isn't present. Only one condition remains always invariable – strength of the Lord, power of Hierarchy it is possible to create not in the name, not for the sake of itself and not for itself, but for the public good. The help goes and strength Is given, but – to create the benefit for people.
369. (M. A. Y.). . Planet and the mankind occupying it, is one indissoluble whole. The spiritualizing and thinning of that matter of which the planet consists, considerably depends on a psycho-spiritual condition of people. The planet can be improved, the planet can be worsened and finished to such a disbalance that it will end the existence by explosion. The last concerns only Earth where powers of darkness detain her evolution and break space balance of its energy. The planet is a Space house of mankind. Many millions years were required on that each live form adapted to living conditions of Earth and could evolve. Especially it concerns to the person. If Earth finished the existence by explosion, the mankind would appear in space without a haven and what the time it is would be required again that people could pass again this long process of adaptation. The terrestrial organism, that is Earth body, sharply reacts to influence of those energy which are generated by a human body. Even the physical body strong is affected by thought, causing a disease or, on the contrary, strengthening health. But action of collective thought of all mankind on a planet body strongly extraordinary. Storms, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes and other disasters – are result of influence of thoughts corresponding to this disbalance. When the world on Earth and the world and balance in human heart will be approved, all these symptoms of a disease state of a planet will disappear. The terrestrial the person can decorate a garden; – this shame of mankind – to plant trees and shrubs in deserts; to restore and create exhausted forces of a planet on Earth absolutely other living conditions. Destruction of an animal and flora is especially painfully reflected on Earth health: wild animals and birds and deforestation. Destruction of virgin forests insalubriously because the harmonious combination of energy of flora is broken. Artificially put park and natural young growth of the wood are various by the mental nature and the accord of a power tonality. Injurious plunder of bowels of the earth is also pernicious. Metals serve in their natural state as conductors of planetary currents, and, breaking them, people bring disharmony and in an order of these phenomena. Perennial springs of receiving space energy will be open soon, and plunder of planetary riches will be to some extent suspended. The second danger is press spaces round Earth, or its auras, different types of energy already known to people. The space is literally torn apart by them, but most of all unbalance of human thoughts. The person –beget of powerful energy, the forces directs more on destruction, than on creation, and reaps the fruits of that seeded. Planet it is possible to treat only love to everything and to all, and then energy of spirit will be creating and creating and bringing to harmony a planet body. Responsibility for Earth lies on the person, and it is necessary to realize it, differently terrestrial not to put the house in order, and on Earth not to arrange life. Terrible ignorance and irresponsibility generate a number of terrible consequences. Heavy to loss the spirit human in suffocating consequences of own acts also will rush about, yet won't understand that it itself generated everything that surrounds it. It I generated, itself will bath also itself can create other living conditions.
370. Light growing we come nearer to Light of the Lord.
371. The consciousness having a free access in the Treasury of Spatial Thought, doesn't know the phenomenon of infertility of thoughts.
372. Understanding of the son ship and communication with the Space Father means also understanding of the space right to everything that has and then the Father owns. It also is the right of the primogeniture. It can be claimed consciously. Everything that I Have, I am ready to Give. But accept, but manage to contain. I am ready to give a generous hand, but on consciousness capacity. The law forbids going on the hard of hearing. Also hears having ears. But heart let will be open always, like the Aeolian harp, for my Contacts. To me pleasure to Touch the burning heart opened strong to me.
373. (Oct. 27). More and more we will make efforts to promote further. The kingdom Thin Energy force undertakes, and making efforts admires it. The essence of the phenomenon of the highest order remains to the same and as the track going up is narrow, but the words investing them, have to be conformable to an era and a new step of human consciousness. To give not forbidden formula of the Doctrine of Life in simple and available words, conformable to the moment and necessary, will be the decision wise. As often dispute goes not about essence of the phenomenon, but about words, and because of unacceptability of become obsolete words or the old formulation the essence of that would be accepted absolutely freely if terminology didn't prevent is rejected. In formulas available, clear and strong conformable the moment is given statements undoubted. To speak about Will God's in aspect of thousand-year prescription and church terminology it won't be convincing for modern science, but to tell about evolution requirements, about its laws, about growth of consciousness and need to submit to laws of social development and on moral obligations of the person, from understanding of these laws following, will be already the word live, the word new, the word conformable to consciousness of new generation. Even it is possible to tell that requirements of evolution and are expressed in the form of Space Laws, in which display the Space Will approving the general direction and a course of evolution of all of real, and together with them development and destinies of the mankind. The idea of legality of the Space Order any more won't cause objections. New forms should be given for old, but eternal ideas of Space Truth of Life.
374. The dragon changes the skin, birds – plumage, trees – leaves, the person – covers, and ideas – forms of the expression. The ideas expressing indisputable truths of life, – are immortal, but forms of their expression change at the same time with the course of evolution of consciousness and thought. This condition should be understood very widely. The thought can't be stopped, as well as to kill idea. The idea of merge of two worlds, idea of their association will be approved in consciousness of the person, - this requirement of Evolution. For Evolution it is indifferent as it will be carried out if the goal is reached. The religion didn't succeed in it, but the science which surely walks will succeed, itself without knowing that, in area of the Hidden World. Obscurantists and churchmen will cry out and call penalties heavenly on those who besides them dared to take in hand keys from a gate in a knowledge and Light kingdom. But the world remains to the same, truth of a structure of a universe invariable, and opened and still unopened laws of a matter invariable at the heart of the. And all misunderstanding, all contradictions, all terminology, disputes, ignorance – all this remains the integral property of the people, not able to contain the phenomenon of a terrible relativity of all the knowledge available to mind of the person at the real step of his evolutionary development. It is necessary to understand that limits of knowledge of the world and its laws don't exist that in Boundlessness their lives the person, what even the matter in expression of the thinnest manifestations too is boundless and learned up to the end in all volume and all identifications can't be. To what to humiliate a matter, reducing it to what is learned at present by your science? It just is on the threshold of the greatest opening in the field of boundless cognition of the world and those elements of which it consists.
375. (M. A. Y.). Service of Evolution happens in the person. Neither words, nor affairs have no value, if light, which inside, – darkness; so, essence not in words and affairs, and in the heart bearing light to the world. Then words and affairs are saturated with Light, differently – darkness, if on heart darkness. So, Light execution will be a foremost duty of the person. But moods, but a clouding, but one thousand any reasons influence strong and strong seek to extinguish light if it inflamed. If to try these reasons to destroy and to fight against them outside, fight is hopeless because the world is too curve that it could be made direct, is not in power to one person. But when, having rejected waves of external influences, the person understands suddenly, it is necessary what to struggle only with itself, and not outside, but in itself to overcome conditions of covers, goes out fires of spirit, he in only case when can hope for a victory and win. Fight against darkness of the external reasons, no, which numbers, it is useless because there is no end to it, but the statement in the microcosm of those reactions to them who spirit fires not go out, are only the correct decision. So, fight concentrates inside. No complaints, any complaints, any discontent will help to win over themselves a victory. Only Light, not go out waves of external influences, only it is the sign a victory. The person, being a way to Boundlessness and being itself boundless, only he itself can make this way Lightful. Transfer of focus of the appendix of energy of spirit from the outside inside gives the necessary strength for overcoming of that, focused outside, really was invincible. The lever of spirit it is possible to lift huge weight if the point of application of forces is correctly established. Fight against windmills is instructive very much the senselessness. Efforts of the one who wants to win against the world assimilate to it, itself without having overcome and against itself without having won.
376. The purpose of the next arrival to Earth of each Teacher of Light consists in giving to mankind this or that aspect of the Space Truth in a form corresponding to a step of consciousness, reached by the person.
377. It is surprising as the world of the person directed to Light and as this growth is helped by each conscious effort grows and extends. But as my World is other than a set of personal and small worlds with which people surround themselves. The formula "Be Rejected from Itself" assumes refusal of the personal world and following for the Lord to enter into his World, with It to merge, having replaced with the new world the world old in itself. Destruction of the old world and overthrow of old gods and the idols that have been so closely connected with a personal world of the person pursues the aim of release of consciousness from unnecessary heaps. In order that this process had no return reaction, in the Thin World there is a destruction of the whole constructions both taken shape for eyelids and the hardened thin educations and the mental forms forming a basis of superstitions, dogmatism, an fanatic habits, traditions and all negative display detaining a course of evolution. As far as these forms are steady and strong, it is possible to judge how it is difficult to destroy the ideas which have at least taken roots by the millennia of inevitability of wars, bloodshed and murders. But nowadays the monsters phantoms so long holding captive thought of the person reconcile on the plan astral. That basis on which these anti-evolutionary thoughts, representations and ideas kept is destroyed. Without having the basis in World Aboveground, these terrible educations collapse in ashes and don't give already opportunity to show them energy in the world terrestrial. People will see soon that like the sand lock all building of the old world because the basis, on which it kept, already isn't present will fail. That last fight for ideas of the New World which happens now, became possible and became victorious only thanks to destruction in World Aboveground and Thin forms of the old world. And therefore our Guarantee that the final victory will be reached is given also. The world old is still strong, but it is the leaving strength of the old man, at which future – fading and death while the New World can be assimilated to the young man, full of strength and energy of life. The old world is doomed, as last step of evolution through which Earth already passed and to which already never will return.
378. (M. A. Y.). . Come, wanting to come. Channels of the energy directed in space, serve as conductors of reciprocal parcels. Call and response are based on it. Call is followed always by a response. The answer can't but be. But the nice ear is necessary, but it is necessary to exempt consciousness from all stirring thoughts that they didn't mix up with the answer. The confidence of the answer, based on knowledge of the Law, facilitates clarity of the spatial answer. The ordinary person asks constantly and almost always meekly. It is too occupied by itself (himself) that among chaos of the thoughts to catch an echo far. The confidence generates expectation, expectation – attention, attention – concentration, and concentration – perception that is obtaining the answer. The answer not always comes in an expected form, and it too disturbs. Bias and keenness of susceptibility don't live in one nest. Why the aspiration and questions happen only from time to time? It is better to fix communication by constancy of a rhythm. Answer at a rhythm becomes usual, becomes way of every day. The question can be asked since evening, and the answer to it is received in the morning. Even if it won't be caught, all the same in internal consciousness it remains and will yield result. The answer can't but be.
379. (Oct. 28). If to write every day, a rhythm observing, tens books will be result. If every day to make efforts building the spirit house, stones carrying on construction, the house of spirit will be erected. Consolation in that, that, without looking on that, the structure nevertheless grows, steadily and strong. The pleasure can be found in creation every day, rhythmical the house of spirit which on the earth and in the worlds will be a shelter of the builder. Forces can be found in consciousness it to continue construction and the best stones on it to bring. Life is impossible without the purpose. The purpose is. The spirit house – in beams of Hierarchy of Light, the spirit house a radiant, and his Light shines around and shines another, though not seeing this Light and not recognizing it, but from it receiving strong and eating of People Light deny. Light of spirit, but strong absorb it and even devour at each contact with Light Carrier. The exchange and interaction occurs invisibly. In exchange for the darkness receive Light and are sated with Light. This process for Light Carrier because not having Light take away it under the law of being reported vessels is burdensome. It is impossible to maintain long a gather it. Then we Speak – care. Then spirit the lamp it is necessary to cover, lower a visor and to clasp spirit armor on all fasteners. Were removed to the desert earlier avoid spirit worry. Even the Savior had to retire. Now it is possible to retire only to itself, in a spirit citadel, having densely closed in it entrances. Otherwise not to escape, balance not to hold and not to resist in Light. Fire maintenance in the temple of heart is necessary for life of consciousness and its advance in evolution. Therefore, and it is necessary to distribute the Treasure wisely. The treasure is the Light radiated by the Stone. The devastation of the Treasury is inadmissible. There is it not only at personal contact, and energy departs not only in words, but also in thoughts. And thoughts carry away it, and it is devoured by a difference of light potentials of the lit-up consciousness and surrounding his environment. Light is constantly absorbed by it with a force directly its proportional duskiness. It is necessary to give. The spirit, Light bearing, has to shine, but save a flame from a go out that Light radiated by it, didn't run low, it is necessary for the sake of at least those to who shines. In the course of creation of the house of spirit of energy of construction it is necessary to preserve against absorption them the darkness nesting in consciousness of people and in surrounding and conformable it spheres of space.
380. (M. A. Y.). . In making we won't get tired and forces we will find in a think about the Lord. The feat is difficult to those that are constant and regardless of conditions of consciousness. Only at a tension of internal vigilance and patrol and at understanding that other exit isn't present, it is possible to keep at height. Otherwise the darkness will pull together down, in the embraces. Its purpose – go out heart fire, and they are to crush that there couldn't be it Light receptacle. To one not reach, and therefore is the Beam over going to the Lord and a rhythm of everyday parcels. While the eye is directed to Great Heart, the darkness isn't terrible and the dragon of daily occurrence gnaw through the Silver Thread of Communication is powerless. But the eye looking at the Lord, let from it doesn't tear off a look not to come off Light Focus. In Light it is necessary to approve itself every day because the darkness is great and on the guard to find at least the slightest crack of spirit to get into it. To examine the armor it is necessary not to forget every morning. It is possible to combine it with clothing process, finishing its every time survey of an attire of spirit. Fight continued fight is intense, demands vigilant wakefulness of spirit. The way to the Lord isn't easy, but it is necessary to reach.
381. It isn't forbidden neither suffer, nor to worry, to feel pain and diseases but provided that the step of advance doesn't lose the rhythm.
382. (Oct. 28). It is difficult to combine Love and Care of the Teacher with cruelty and callousness of the human relations and karmic inevitability of sufferings. On the one hand, instructions that it is necessary to protect health, with another – living conditions, it destroying. How everything to reconcile it and still to store balance in consciousness? But after all wisdom consists in ability to reconcile, neutralize, that is to understand the phenomenon of contrasts. While they aren't realized and isn't found equally effective them, being expressed in the approved balance, the problem of understanding of life be correctly solved can't. In darkness crying and a gnash tooth always will be external. It doesn't spare even Lords, pursuing them, crucifying, tormenting and killing. The majority of Spirits Great, Light World Bringing, tortured were. The destiny and all those Who, following them is same, Bore to the World the share of Light. Only under special conditions the Karma spared Bearing, their destiny was usually heavy. It is so possible to complain that life is aggravated strong and thorns much in a way. Only the statement of balance can comprehend strokes of bad luck, pricks, infringements and compact, because they are allowed by the Teacher of Light as the blows, forging spirit armor and forming power of balance of spirit. Unless you shouldn't pay for everything a measure full if balance manages to be reached. It is necessary to achieve such condition of consciousness that each trouble or a heavy lesson strengthened spirit as exercise – a muscle. Everything that causes sufferings, troubles and chagrin, force has in itself them to cause. This force it is necessary to learn to take away and direct from them it on the statement of that quality of spirit on which their destructive energy is directed. Then each blow and each burdening by circumstances will serve not to easing, but strengthening of power of spirit. Then strong all counteractions and all that kills strengths of the ordinary person, and everything that deprives of his pleasure of life and confidence that the Teacher Turns everything on advantage address on advantage. On advantage everything I Turn. Following Me, strong you study also, doing the same.
383. (M. A. Y.). Today the object lesson of, how counteraction forces were given at skillful use трансмутируются in forces not opposite, but promoting ascension. In it not dark a merit, but experience of the spirit, able to apply the will lever so that insalubrious to turn in useful, dark – in light, suffering – into pleasure, burdening – to the public. Let this experience strong will serve understanding that there are no forces opposite when spirit fires powerfully flare, and that all forces both dark and light serve the one who firmly holds will levers in the hands. This step when forces start serving the person, also there is a step of the winner, approaching the statement moment authorities of spirit over energy of elements.
384. Each victory over sounds pleasure of spirit.
385. Than the impact of waves of the material world, seeking to suppress spirit fires is stronger, especially their strong press has to be opposed to this impact. Fire tension under a press will give it firmness and at the same time will cause also its growth. It is the only opportunity to strengthen fires. There is no middle: or they will go out under whirlwinds of external conditions, or, on the contrary, will increase. The decision will depend on will. Not to be inclined, not to break, not to hang – the will of the spirit understanding that it is necessary to pass through everything so decides and that other decision shouldn't be. Energy one; it can be directed both on destruction and on creation – the direction depends on will. As depends on will also what reaction will cause in consciousness any wave of external influences. Let it is will solves, but at all these influences which are often directed by a dark hand. The will in the person is everything. Weak-willed and weak-willed pettiness for evolution isn't necessary. It is better to be cold or hot, than lukewarm. All the time which is, it is possible to use with advantage on education of the will. Opportunities life provides incalculable quantity if only to understand that will it is possible to exercise hourly. These opportunities we won't miss and we will always remember that "the heavy hammer, splitting up glass, forges damask steel".
386. (M. A. Y.). How it is possible to get a victory? Understanding that retreat is impossible that back the way isn't present, what even the thought of giving in to weakness, will be spirit treachery. There is a way only forward and only to a victory. To Me to the Lord to see pleasure and pleasure that already nothing will confuse you and nothing will stop. In whom I can feel the same confidence, how in Myself? Only in the near, only in most closests to Me in the spirit of. And about them My pleasure and about them care and to it love. Signs of proximity I will give also care signs. The strip difficult should be passed, a rhythm without changing. And then to you it is more difficult, I am closer to those to you.
387. (Oct. 29). The press allowed by the Teacher will yield the results which will affect in strengthening of internal fires. Only at a fiery tension of heart it starts being shone with Light self-proceeding. Three Beams can be approved only on condition of the extreme tension of heart. Therefore and it is heavy to it under a press unreasonable. Lung we Do not know a way; the more difficultly, the better and the quicker. Load more strongly Me is a formula of a feat in the spirit of. It is possible to sustain everything and not to be inclined. Strength of mind is inexhaustible. We know striking examples of ninflexible power it. More and more, solemnly and courageously strain energy of spirit, overcoming an impact of elements. It is necessary to realize not personal, but spatial character of this impact. Heavy because the space is restless and its energy are strained to a limit. Masses don't understand, but it is heavy to loss. Under the sign of great tension the world reorganization because only in tension are born great the energy, so necessary for going world regeneration is made. Destruction of the huge building of the old world is made by power of ideas. And no props any more will hold it, because the basis to undermine at the roots. But it is easier to destroy the world old outside, than in consciousness of the person. This destruction can be complete only thought, and, mainly, thought spatial. Images of Truth fight in space for the statement of the New World. All forces, all power of evolution on its party. But fight is deep, wide and dramatic. On demolition of Eras leaving and arising energy are forced in collision ardent; victories for new, but not the easy price. Collision field is consciousness of the person, and all-planetary fight.
388. (M. A. Y.). When end? Never. The world can descend to Earth and people will calm down, but the one who gave itself(himself) on Service to Light, never, never will lay down arms Light and won't stop fiery fight for the statement all of new and new steps of evolution of life. The ladder of Life of the end has no. Each its new step undertakes only force. Old it is overcome new, in turn, to be overcome going on change to it; because life is overcoming itself. There is no such step of evolution; having reached which person could tell that there is no place to move already further that all is reached. There is no such step. Each reached follows new, even more perfect. Mankind way is in Boundlessness where all properties and abilities of the person infinitely can develop. And as each new step is taken by force and fight doesn't have the end.
389. Write down as the future certificate: there will be a world on Earth and there will be Light, and in the man's goodwill. The Word My Addresses to you. You to us the assistant transfer our Light to the world. You – focus on which our Beams for their transfer to the world direct. Understanding raises in thousands times light-transfer. It goes continuously if the consciousness allows. Rather there are a lot of receivers, but conscious we Consider on fingers. Their power is great. It serves continuous and strong spatial saturation. Terms: Light carriers, Light beacons, accumulation of energy of Light, the Space Father – all of them who now have appeared on general use, are the proof of saturation of space concepts of the future day; also will reach and another. As intermediaries thoughts and the chosen focuses of consciousness which are its transformers serve. Focus has to be intense – therefore also a press of external conditions. Without a press, that is a vapor pressure, the steam-engine won't begin to work even. The tense string sounds only, the tense bowstring, as also focus works only. Light receivers are very necessary to us, but it isn't enough of them and therefore their press is great. This step of service is very difficult to Light. It also is Great Service spatial.
390. (Oct. 31). When the darkness bulks up and surrounds with a dense ring and the recovered shadows start wriggling, the fear can creep in the most devoted heart because the darkness and refined in ways of intimidation is refined. Even great devotees were tested insurance. But it is necessary to remember that the more the fear, become stronger darkness and more frightening its shapes. But it is worth calling only courage of spirit and firmly to tell: "I am afraid of nothing, anybody to me isn't terrible because of the Lord with me, and anything and I am afraid of nobody. Light wins, and against it, against Light of the lit heart, all darkness" is powerless, – and the darkness recedes and her rage because all force it is based on the fear which has got into consciousness of the one who darkness was frightened is powerless. Often revelry and unruliness of darkness are caused by presence of strangers whom use dark as approach and approach channels. And it should be considered immediately to strike blow not to those for which backs they hide, but on the hiding. And this moment it isn't necessary to miss not to allow filtering to harm. Not discretion in time backs behind which conscious attendants of the evil hide, will entail for itself damage. It is best of all to consider that can hide behind each back, can influence not only them, but even on concerned Light, and even approached to the Doctrine. Hundred eyes should be had, that defense. Easiest defense is the Lord. And as it is hard to say, from where and as the darkness evil-shift can creep, it is best of all to be the armed Lord always and to be always on patrol. Therefore I Call Mine soldiers. But even troops without patrol not troops, and crowd which the enemy can attack unawares. In the same way and the soldier, patrol lost, can become during any instant the darkness victim. Therefore I Speak, be on patrol always and always unseparable with Me because we together when and when the fear isn't present in the heart, no darkness is strong against us. The darkness should be struck, and the best protection against darkness will be not self-defense, but attack. Ray of light, on it directed and burning it, the darkness doesn't take out. It is worth finding it and to direct on it a consciousness Beam as it recedes again to find imperceptible approach. Therefore let the sword over a dragon doesn't doze.
391. The teacher patience will find continued a lesson to repeat to drawing in a brain. Not repetition it, but strengthening of the past. Novelty is in the experience which is constantly growing. The spiral of the directed consciousness, forming new rounds, can make impression of repetition, but not repetition it, and deepening of former experience, but already on the following, higher turn of a spiral, And quality of spirit the same, but their growth is boundless, and each new step of their new profound understanding opens in them new properties of fires which wasn't earlier. Let's take for an example quality of balance. Unless it is possible to comprehend it up to the end? Unless it is possible imagine power of balance of the Lord? Unless this mighty fiery force is mastered by those who heard about it? Unless the luhear is mastering? Unless even the small gleams of this fiery power approved even on a small scale, don't inspire in the person any inexplicable horror as if before something unknown and unusual, and don't induce it instinctively to clean this wall inspiring to it unaccountable fear every time when feels or he sees the phenomenon of balance of spirit, phenomenon in any of people surrounding it. Even simple silence, so unclear to people, they if see seek to break that the spirit approving in balance was surrounded with it. Balance, first of all, is reflected in aura and a protecting network. The network becomes indestructible, armor similar through which isn't able to get not only aura's radiations of the ordinary person, but even thoughts and conscious strong-willed influences from outside. As also the aura in equilibrium state is a vicious circle: feelers it is taken away inside, and the surface becomes equal and smooth and impenetrable for penetration of others radiations. Balance symbol – a sphere. For it is impossible to be hooked and hang on it. On it is impossible to rise. On it there are no jags, there are no hollows, and there is nothing, for what it would be possible to take it. Defense of quality of balance not perforation even thought. Balance means also internal concentration. Usually thoughts of the person are directed from him outside to many phenomena or people. At the moment of balance everything gathers inside, and has collected in anybody and in anything no anything, using than it would be possible to get in a spirit citadel. The one for whom anything from anybody it isn't necessary who is capable to give only, demanding nothing in exchange that can approve balance of spirit. And it, the Lord, balance in itself (himself) Approved, Gave Mira Knowledge without having accepted a bribe.
392. (M. A. Y.). Wanting Light of a shortcoming of it won't have. Light too magnetic. It strong is attracted by the consciousness aspiring to it. To Light towards admires simple opening of heart. Even the morning beam should open a window. As well the spirit which has addressed to Light, access to opens it to the sphere. Where it is possible to see it, this Light, to people happiness the bearing? Only in the light of the Lord. To think of It, the Image to represent it before it is that is to be in light Ego. Simply and clearly and very easily is only to think of It, thoughts of having excluded. To replace darkness with Light not so difficult if to understand that thinking about Tom Who to the world Bears Light, the person becomes lightful. One thinks of one, others – about the friend, the third – of the third, and you – of the Lord. It is told: in Light Yours let's see Light. But where they, which have applied this formula in life. Think of everything, but only not of the most necessary. With what they will go further when there is absolutely unnecessary all of what they think nowadays and when anything from this, than there are occupied thoughts, with themselves they won't take because even a body leave here, on the earth. But the one who carried by in the heart through life a shining image of the Lord, that further with itself(himself) will carry away it to those spheres where the Lord Stays. Light of the Face changes it all person if the Face is constant in the third eye. Continuous prestanding before the Face Great and stay in Light Ego also is a way to Light the truest.
393. It is possible to think that for each person, even the passerby, the darkness can hide.
394. Two sit at one table, but one already belongs to darkness, and another to Light spheres.
395. My son, our task – to help everyone in whom there is at least Light sparkle, our Beams and yours which from our Light, get into auras of people according to the accord if is in them than accord. The accord causes to life and the statement sleeping until then energy of spirit, as water in not extinguished lime – heat. Each light quality of spirit has the opposite pole too wakening to activity to be overcome. Therefore, rejoicing to light Agni, it is impossible to lose sight of him an antipode. This last, not overcome, will replace with itself (himself) Light fires, and there is a person, on Light begun to sound, is worse, than was while against darkness itself won't win. And then everything says goodbye to it, and old don't remember to the one who overcame itself (himself). And doors are open for us, and We Accept. The winner doesn’t judge. Even the fugitive we Accept. And to the prodigal son Father Roof is ready. In the beginning it is almost impossible to distinguish invited and chosen, because, at times, it is hard to say who will resist. But opportunities are given all suitable. But the sign is always invariable: those who reject Us, reject also them, to us the next: those who rejects them, reject also Us.
396. Just as in the dark the person gives forward hands, trying to grope the subjects being ahead, and auras of two meeting people grope mutually others radiations that then to brighten up or be saddened. This interaction of auras invisible to an eye nevertheless leaves the trace, being expressed already absolutely is obvious in feelings of the person. These feelings happen either pleasant, or unpleasant, or indifferent. But when auras merge in a harmonious chord, the feeling of pleasure is especially strong and sonorous. The majority of combinations cause not harmony, and a dissonance, because the majority of auras disharmoniously. In order that contact gave impression of coherence, the aura has to be coordinated or harmonious first of all. Then its chord sounding by coherence can cause the same reciprocal harmony and in counter aura if it is rather strong. Polarization of own aura it is possible to adjust the whole meeting and the whole audience on a desirable harmony to force to sound in unison with the main tonality of the aura. It is impossible to affect alien auras if the doesn't submit to you and it is torn apart by inconsistency of internal radiations. It is necessary to watch a condition of own aura, without allowing flashes of disharmonious vibrations. They affect strong not only other auras, not only a direct environment, but, mainly, a state of health of the owner. The person lives to become the lord of own power, and ability to operate the aura has taking priority value on this way. The key, or tone, to aura’s radiations takes into head also feelings and if they under control and the aura submit to will. The aura of a sound body can be very weak fiery, and aura of a body of the patient – strong extraordinary. Physical health isn't still a sign of the strength of mind sating aura with vibrations of the highest order. But the strong spirit in a sound body gives synthesis of radiations especially harmonious. Certainly, the aura consists of a complex of radiations of all covers, but the power over them has to be concentrated in the field of the Highest Triad, and then this the last shines through all lowest conductors which in literal sense become obedient conductors of its Light which is immortal in itself. And then immortal or enduring in the person display through temporary and his mortal covers, approving over them the sovereign power.
397. (M. A. Y.). If fire of creativity overcomes burden of external conditions, it and is overcoming in itself the lowest the highest. If only hearts fire didn't die away, and all the rest is unimportant. Gradually, imperceptibly, but steadily the center of life of consciousness is from the outside transferred inside. About what it matters, it is possible to judge on that after release from a body internal life remains, but not its outer side. Therefore, this transfer consolidates and approves with what there will be a person after death. Those who has nothing to live for whom it is boring with itself who looks for any external impulses for consciousness employment, that and there will be nothing to live. But the collector of experience of life and knowledge and saved up than to live, and there will gather on power of the aspirations.
398. (Nov. 1). For consciousness there is only that plan on which it is shown in the conductor corresponding to this plan. On the plan astral when the person in the thin body, that world replaces this world and this ceases to exist. It is, in it there live people, but for consciousness it already isn't present as it isn't realized. The reality of That world is so bright and convincing, as well as it, but some time nevertheless has to pass before the person will adapt to new conditions and features of Thin stay. It is best of all to be prepared for it in advance, for the present on the earth not to fall into confusion and confusion upon transition. Reflections on this subject are very useful. Same matter, as the same it from top to bottom, but aspect her a bit different. Its power basis, more mobile and more plastic, than dense forms of this World acts. Same is mountains, rivers, fields and woods. The same is cities, buildings and streets, the same people with the same tendencies and habits, but all this past a known transmutation and as though sifting via filters of the Hidden World. For the usual, not brightened up consciousness and life there as is boring and as it is usual, as well as on the earth. Many at all don't realize change. After all human life nevertheless goes in his consciousness, even when it in a physical body. And there the body isn't present, and life goes on, going on laid tracks. Therefore it is spoken very much about consciousness expansion that it wasn't limited there to ignorance or egoism paling. To the one who on the earth got used to creative activity, especially, who thought created, there opportunities it is incomparably provided more. It is necessary to understand only, what creativity there is justified by the new changed living conditions. Alas! And there continue to do the same that did on the earth, often at all without noticing distinction of thin conditions from conditions terrestrial. Build houses, saw firewood, water drag, drink and eat and quarrel the quarreled earlier, without understanding that all this isn't necessary that the house is all space of the Hidden World, the food and drink aren't necessary, and it is possible to build everything only thought, without resorting any more neither to manual skills, nor to tools, to anything from this that was demanded by a condition of the dense world. As try to speak there, moving with language and saying words while the thought is necessary only and mental transfer is possible. When the strong consciousness dumps from itself all this unnecessary peel of terrestrial remnants, the spirit for life elevated with all its inexhaustible opportunities is released. The egoism locks consciousness in the stuffy framework filled with splinters of terrestrial remnants, memoirs, habits and feelings. As if in a dungeon the person in these sself-plunge bonds stays, and anybody, except him, can't exempt him from them! It is good to know already in advance that it isn't necessary to take with itself in the World Elevated and as it is possible to live and work there not to become puzzled and balance not to lose upon transition and know what there to do. Unsatisfied here it can be satisfied there, not reached here it is reached there, not satisfied – it is satisfied, if all this from spirit, but not a dense body and physical feelings. It is the world of freedom and pleasure, light and paints and a field of boundless opportunities for manifestation of the highest abilities of spirit and its aspirations. Exactly there impossible isn't present because everything there is created and moves thought.
399. (M.A.Y.). . It will be correct to consider, something or other condition of spirit: lifting or depression, pleasure or grief – are caused not by the personal reasons, but a spatial note of the moment. Hidden currents of space strong influence all mental device of the person. If it was possible to observe and conduct statistics, it would suddenly be found out that one person had a somber mood not, but at the huge majority given the district. As though waves of spatial influences pass through the world causing pleasure or grief, smiles or tears, lifting or depression. The understanding of character and tonality of currents will allow and to look at the moods not as on the phenomena of a personal order, but above-person-spatial. A lot of things will appear then in other light, and the earth burden becomes clearer. People bear on themselves, besides personal, spatial loading, and then higher and the refined consciousness, the more susceptible it, the more this burden terrestrial. Those Great Spirits which Bear on itself responsibility for Earth, Those Assume also its all weight, - and a symbol of the Giant of the Atlas bearing Earth, any more a symbol, but heavy reality. Consolation that when the burden spatial becomes intolerable, it is possible to think of what to bear it That Who in bloody sweat Costs on not replaceable Great Patrol on Earth protection. To their burden we can add the burden, but we can facilitate it, having accepted part it on the shoulders. The desire to share Cares of Lords of a planet and to assume this freight in a measure available to consciousness will be an indicator of readiness of spirit on a feat of Service to the World. Facilitate an unreasonable Burden of the Lord impudent thought but as she is dear to Him, directed strong to the aid.
400. (M. A. Y.). . Yes! Yes! Yes! To forget about itself, about the sufferings, and to direct strong thought to the aid of the Lord and to want to allow instead of taking, as always, as usual, – will be a new step of Service of Hierarchy of Light. All want to take only and constantly appeal about the help, and their consciousness is already adjusted on a condition of continuous receiving donations From above. But the one who wants to be and become even closer the employee to the Lord that has to understand that with It to divide the Works It’s as it is necessary and is inevitable, as well as Light, as well as his Pleasure. But the Pleasure and Light are desirable very much, both Care and its Help; both to them and behind them direct greedy, but to think of that the Lord to help and to share burden him and partially to assume, of it don't think at all. But it is necessary to think and it is necessary to understand that to divide a heavy Burden of the Lord is the right to approve to divide both all the rest, and Light both his Care and Love means, and to have from them the share. Wishing to receive there is a lot of, but where they, wishing to give? Approached with desire to give a merit has before those who want to take only.