Agni Yoga's facets, 1961 (401-550)

401. Rarefy of press spatial, Light receivers, the Bowl of poison terrestrial enjoy to the bottom.
402. Before to make something, the thought is premised to each action. The threshold shown by thought has crucial importance. Therefore all thoughts concerning those as well as that the one incarnation in World Aboveground is going to do, will define also his line of actions, There life is even more strained because all becomes aggravated and all directs to the logical end or an display in forms magneto attractive to the person, that is his desires attracted to its essence, desires, aspirations, aspirations and searches. The terrestrial aspirations demanding for the satisfaction of a physical body can't be satisfied. The mental forms created by not gets rid corporal desires, and phantoms of their illusive realization give only visibility of their saturation and a satisfying, dooming a desire to Tantalum torments. But all other desires and aspirations are satisfied strong and are full according to their force. For example, the desire of sounds, music, fine symphonies gives the chance to the person to plunge into the ocean of sounds and to create most, as though by means of an invisible orchestra, strange melodies, impracticable and impossible on Earth. Certainly, there sounds others, but for consciousness are real they, is more real than Earth sounds. The person loving plastic art and never dancing on Earth, there can work wonders because the thin body will be obediently to each fluctuation of thought, to its each order, freely making any three-dimensional motions and merging all the being with a rhythm of the melodies sounding in consciousness. As the world of paints and possibility of their combination in any combinations and without means of brushes, oil and paints is available also. As also cells of knowledge are open for it, and world studying around and its laws. The opportunities of the Elevated World given to the person are inexhaustible. If only its aspirations were sent up, but not down, but not to a chasm because magnificence of shining spheres of Light is dazzling, and gaping chasms of darkness are gloomy, gloomy and hopeless. Light is prepared for sons of Light and darkness is magnetic. And what do there to you? It is a lot of there not brightened up consciousnesses, but aspiring to Light. They should be helped. It is a lot of their coming before term, it is a lot of dead suddenly. They should be met. It is a lot of losing shower, thirsting the help from above. It is necessary to support them. There is a lot of work. Wishing to help the Lord affairs will get. It is a lot of aspiring and suitable to the Doctrine. Being knocked and there we Open the Gate and them we Allow and you we Send to help. There are there no terrestrial obstacles, borders and a ban. Everyone can concern and to approach to everyone. Treachery there is impossible because the traitor already accepted the face. But deception, personification and many bad tricks of darkness in the corresponding layers of an astral are possible. Thoughts beams can be exposed them and that to serve Light. From top to down it is possible to visit any layers, but from below not above where his inhabitant stays.
403. (M. A. Y.). How many infinitely various ideas of World Aboveground, often contradicting one another. And all of them are faithful, because That world – on consciousness. There finds one incarnation an objectification of all the representations accepted by it on Earth in which he believed and which images I created for myself and with which it filled the World Thin. Whether it is possible after that to be surprised that old saying "on your belief will be given you" is carried out in that area where on the belief the person creates that framework or conditions in which will exist?
404. (M. A. Y.). Wanting accepts and asking gives, but within asked of. It also will be a donation according to the accord, on capacity, on consciousness. Also it is necessary to forget about it thus. It is indulgence. It is impossible when the egoism interferes, nominating itself ahead. Even opportunity to express is blessing because even it is impossible if not to be released from itself that is not to show self-rejection. Often to pour out only, that collected, releases consciousness for more fruitful perceptions. People unconsciously reach for a magnet of the lit heart which is capable to give. For appreciation don't wait, because appreciation quality the most rare among people of Earth. And when time comes to give out to heart the Light, we will make it together, in a conscious, conformable, intense and full unification in the spirit of. It will be accompanied by big pleasure of spirit and feeling of my proximity. I am close to you at every moment of a donation of your spirit created by that that needs it. My force you can create it in close merge to me. The help appears in operation. In inaction it doesn’t look for.
405. (Nov. 2). I is courageous the board. For protection the board should be lifted. The board keeps a firm hand. On a board the Name Me and My Face on it is traced. Arms of the soldier: helmet, armor, board, spear, sword, arrows and onions. The helmet won't replace the head, and the armor is good when covers fearless heart. Also it is necessary to be able to own the weapon skillfully. Spirit sword is Light weapon. Strikes, but won't wound. Sword fiery spirit, a harmonius sword of Light over the head of a soldier and arrows of distant action; thought is not arrow, but energy of Light. She who couldn't overcome doesn't know distances. When the purpose is chosen and the circle of actions is outlined, the goal reaches without a miss. Can't but reach it if it is sent by a firm hand. And the spear on call always, also doesn't doze it over a dragon. So the soldier on the guard always, in readiness full is, - always on patrol. And with a flame sharp-sighted patrol heart burns. For the soldier, there, at Top, flies the Banner of Lords – the Symbol of a final victory. It seems to an eye terrestrial that the soldier one, but it only Maya. With it I and Lords, hidden howl around, huge troops of Light. No, it not one, though ahead, on patrol. No, it isn't left. The eagle Eye sharp-sightedly watches, and its each step is visible to me. We on Great Patrol, on patrol both it, and we together on the guard – the soldier and We.
406. Awareness of potential power of the device leads to mastering of. The equipment of a human microcosm is difficult extraordinary. But whatever difficult it was, she can act smoothly only in full harmony or coherence. Functions hidden are watched by the Teacher. Not in will of the person to force the centers to work before term, but coherence very much promotes their awakening. Coherence does a surface of a mirror of consciousness smooth, and perceptions arrive then undistorted and pure, that is not painted shades of personal emotions. My light gets through aura widely and freely, when it doesn't worry and isn't distorted. Arm of the calmness of spirit! Calmness is arms very reliable and strong. Protection its great is. Precisely, calmness generates the highest coherence. Coherence even rather not so strong energy is stronger than inconsistency of the powerful. It is necessary to remember it. When energy is involved inside, like a sphere, and in full coherence, they are indestructible. Waves of the most ardent influences against it are powerless. Coherence, calmness and balance are three powerful regulators of energy of a human microcosm. Their levers are in hands of the person. These are keys from energy it, from possession of them. It is told that the human body possesses powerful energy, but they should be realized at first, and then to bridle and, having bridled, to seize them. Much slavery consider to keep thought under control, and freedom – the slavery at thoughts when not the will, but thought skips as wants, without control over it. Without having seized completely thought, the device can't be operated. Coherence of thoughts will be the first step to coherence of feelings and emotions; coherence of three – thoughts, emotions and feelings – will be a step the second. Without coherence it is impossible because growing energy of an organism will tear to pieces it if aren't ordered and aren't bridled by will. It is necessary to think of coherence. Its steps are various. The highest coherence – very high step of Yoga.
407. (M. A. Y.). . Against Lords the darkness is powerless. It is powerless and against you, when in heart of the Lord. Courage of spirit it is possible to show against darkness, if the Image of Lords strong on heart. By it is won and to Them we are strong. Association of consciousnesses is a not perforation armor. The father, Mater and the Son – three, united together, in one. At coherence of consciousnesses creativity becomes inexhaustible and it is possible to create endlessly. The ocean of Thought is available – enter and take. It is hardly to this step of availability of spatial thought to reach. Many years of persistent works it demands. But there is a problem of that to work at it. How to claim understanding in your consciousness that We want to Give as much as possible and to give endlessly, but the Law forbids giving incommensurably, over consciousness capacity, over ability to perceive given therefore we Insist on consciousness expansion that it could contain more. And when we Become silent for a while, with it we Give the chance to consciousness to expand a framework of the understanding that more it later could contain. These stops seem. It not delays, and the periods of the strengthened grown of consciousness when it is better not to disturb him new receipts. As the sponge water, absorbs greedy ready consciousness that is given it. Our care sates it. Our care – messages. Our hand and care over you.
408. (Nov. 3). The knowledge of Communication is dangerous because the jealous spirit doesn't know care in the desire it to expand. It is necessary to expand and deepen it, but without overloading an organism excessively. The fiery tension which accompanies Communication, demands very long and gradual assimilation, and it is impossible to draw a string without health hazard. Thus it should be noted that circumstance that doors are already open so, is how capable to maintain consciousness this tension. Also it is necessary to watch closely not to draw strings of a harp of spirit. We Are ready to Give the whole world of our Proximity, but care is necessary not to wear out an organism and that a stream of the highest energy didn't cause overstrain. Earlier it was watched by us, now, when the perception of thoughts became available at any moment of day and night, it is necessary to watch it most and not to get tired excessively.
409. (M. A. Y.). Communication demands tension of forces. It is impossible to stay constantly in a condition of uninterrupted perception. Therefore such living conditions are given to distract and not to allow coming off the earth and life usual. The head in the sky, but feet on the earth, while spirit in a body. Reasonably it is necessary to counterbalance the Highest and terrestrial. Otherwise the device will fall apart. The statement of balance is diverse, and it will promote the coordinated, rhythmic and normal operation of all psychophysical device of the person. Sleeplessness is caused by overstrain. And We Speak: care.
410. My son, the Sun ascends the Sun sets regardless of affairs human. Sun beams over that, that people do. Also way and intimate life of spirit goes not in its covers, but in depths. When the body dies, life doesn't stop when consistently thin and mental covers are dumped, the Highest Triad remains, and in it life Looking Eternally proceeds. It is possible to connect consciousness with life in any cover and to consider this cover "I". But it is possible to concentrate understanding it on Silently Looking and its citadels – the Immortal Triad. It is possible to draw as though consciousness consistently from each conductor, noting thus, as it phenomenon in them. Cold and hunger is feelings of a body, as well as pain. Hatred, rage and all scale of feelings and passions human – personal – astral area. The intelligence sphere is mental. Contents of all these of three, though proceeds through consciousness of the person, but to the person not belong as it doesn't possess atoms and molecules of a matter, which it absorbs and passes through the organism in the form of food. But memory, absolute memory of that, what it passed, only partially available to a brain, this property is. Looking Eternally, Silent Recorder is in it. So it is necessary to learn to dismember in consciousness of area of all covers that know that belongs and treats everyone that that it was easier to leave everyone when hour of everyone will punch. Whether the death can fear and to be sorry when the old, worn-out body which has served the service will exempt from it spirit! No, it is pleasure, pleasure to freedom out of a body. And understanding that its role is finished, executed, and it isn't necessary. As it is consecutive, without identifying itself with covers mental and thin, the spirit at first is exempted from the second, and after from the first. And only then it enters a kingdom of boundless freedom. Life in this kingdom depends on what and how many the elements of immortality belonging to the Highest Triad, managed to collect he through the lowest covers. If all thoughts and thoughts and its feelings belonged only to a body, temporary and passing, or to emotions and feelings of an astral or to what their lives intelligence, deposits enduring in the Bowl can't be saved up, and the consciousness will have nothing to live in Light kingdom. The Bowl will be empty. And mortal truly mortal also will be because immortality life depends on accumulation of elements enduring which gather in the Bowl, the imperishable keeper of everything, through what there passed the person. But the Bowl is closed and access to it isn't present, the line separating life of consciousness in temporary from its life in the enduring isn't passed yet.
411. (Nov. 4). If to devote all the life and each line of records to a question of studying of the equipment of a human microcosm and its opportunities, one life will be for this purpose insufficiently. After all Space and all its laws is put into difficulties of the human device. Consciousness limits at this step of its evolution don't allow to comprehend that is inaccessible to it. Therefore studying of the person will precede until their lives the person on Earth and in the worlds and yet evolution of spirit and its movement on the way of a boundless ascension won't end. And as the concept of Boundlessness doesn't expect the end, there is no end and a limit to comprehension of the most difficult structure of a human microcosm. The end of studying isn't present still because all new and new abilities open in the person which can be shown via the developing and growing equipment of his nervous, mental and fiery centers. The science approaches to studying of functions of some glands only now, and that only blindly as has no in key hands. In the same way and studying of a matter can't stop at any step where it will be possible to tell that all is studied. In Boundlessness everything is boundless, as well features and properties of a matter. Ladder of life has no end and to each its step there known extent of thinning of that people call a matter and that makes essence of that world which it sees around, in whatever cover it was. To all extents of thinning of consciousness there corresponds also thinning of those covers through which the consciousness and thinning of surrounding conditions or matter layers is shown. In a word, to tell that the person or science knows everything – means to approve what isn't present and can be never. The understanding of this statement specify on a relativity of all human knowledge also opens a way to boundless cognition and the world and the person. Ideal – pansophy, omnipotence, ubiquitous, an omniscience and so on. In all completeness all these qualities of spirit are unattainable, but their or that degree, and degree very high, is reached by Those Who too once were people and Rose much above on steps of the Ladder of Light. But also They as the Buddha testified to it, speaking about Itself, saying that neither pansophy’s, nor an omniscience, omnipotence He didn't reach. It is necessary to understand that however many to study a macrocosm out of the person and a microcosm in it, the end to studying isn't present as there is no end and limits to time, space in which the worlds because there are they in infinitely developing Universe to which development it isn't necessary any end are shown.
412. (M. A. Y.). . The hope is called winged because it lifts the person over limitation of evidence to the world where the dream reigns. Not all hopes are carried out, but all that is carried out, is carried out by dream or thought. Without dream it is impossible because that differently will punch layers of dense inertness. The dream often concerns it is impossible what at present to carry out. But here passes any time, and impossible it is realized. Therefore it is better not to determine in advance feasibility degree even the most impudent dreams because finally, but somewhere and all is somehow feasible. This creating power of dream should be understood very deeply. It is necessary to dream, despite all restrictions of the present. The present usually is a dream dungeon, but at the same time and nursery where it grows and develops. Process of creativity is difficult, but the person is a born creator and his destiny – life creativity, and the execution tool – dream. The creating thought is inspired by dream, and dream – those images in space which are cut down by Lords in shining substance of a spontaneous matter. The accord of impudent dream with these images of future evolution of mankind also gives to dream its creating strength and does it creative that is feasible. When a bright image of dream of the future fall on the Bowl, the dream from area of the future passes to the past and becomes causality grain which is immutable has to bear the fruit in time and space that is to be realized already. Those people who bear these grains of causality of creative thoughts in the Bowl, those usually and in life usual create much and make much.
413. Everything that is available in the Treasury of Spatial Thought, it is impossible to write down. In total to write down that gets into the consciousness having access to it when consciousness of it wants or when the Spatial Thought will concern it, too it is almost impossible. Then it is necessary to sit and write the whole day. But entries need to be made because the few have their conscious access free. Therefore we will write as far as conditions, and the main thing, health who can't be troubled allow.
414. If the mental order wasn't effective, it should be repeated. If the first repetition didn't yield results, it is necessary to repeat more and more. But if it doesn't help, the result nevertheless can achieve by an everyday rhythm. It is possible to repeat, in case of emergency, it several times a day, it is better in the morning, at noon and in the evening; better on rising, at a decline and at noon. It is possible even precisely in each hour, but observing thus rhythm. Not to stop at all a rhythm while the order won't punch resistance or counteraction wall and it won't be executed precisely. If to recede in awareness of the powerlessness, it will be destructive for will which, having incurred this defeat, won't be able to give next time any more inflexibility, determination and insuperability of a mental order. Also it is impossible and to play a sweeper a violin, that is to strain physically or a brain at order returns. In silence and rest, without any trace of muscular tension the silent order, its transmitter not a brain, but heart is given. The brain only delivers a message to heart, and heart works with the intense fiery energy, - this tension special. It display in awareness of inalterability and inviolability of the mental order when heart has full confidence that other decision is impossible. Doubts, fluctuations, uncertainty, instability, feeling of powerlessness, weakness is all these phenomena, in a root undermining order force. But, time reached, even after many repeated efforts, result will destroy these undermine. It isn't necessary to abuse the power, it isn't necessary to suppress without an urgent need foreign free will never. But it is necessary, very much it is necessary, it is necessary, it is necessary to consider that dark яро influence this free will, subordinate it to the purposes, both elegantly and evil-trick harm to my children. And then the phenomenon of a direct and resolute mental order will be any more suppression of foreign will, but its release from a dark snare. On conscious attendants of darkness the provision on inviolability of free will doesn't extend. When the snake wants to sting, whether it is possible to hesitate or argue on freedom to sting it? Heart will be the judge, and relatives and close can be protected mine and has to.
415. After all only today you how sophisticated the darkness in research of various ways and approach openings when the cat was the performer of their shifts and tried, contrary to all the habits, in the eyes to ruin a box which is usually standing in a bedroom that this smell to facilitate darkness sub crawling were the witness. By the way, it is necessary to tell about smells that if smells of rose, rose attar, an eucalyptus, mint, a cedar, cedar pitch, deodars and very many flowers, plants and fruit are very useful to health and serve as channels for emanations of Light and facilitate approach by Light Essence, and also are also ardent protection against the evil and space cleaners, smells of any decomposition and especially the garbage, left by predators of cat's breed, serve as channels of approach of essence dark. Therefore the unusual behavior of a cat in a garden in broad daylight, at close presence of the person was that not without the reason. Vigilance is necessary not on great, but on small, especially when it concerns the dark.
416. Correctly: each letter during process of its writing comes into mental contact with the addressee and or clarifies or black out the writing.
417. (M. A. Y.). The optimist is pleased by everything; everything afflicts the pessimist, wise looks quietly at everything. Therefore, both the pleasure, and chagrin, and tranquility not in the world, but in consciousness of the person because three look at the world, but perceives everyone in own way. So from a treasury of the heart everyone takes out the.
418. (Nov. 5). "And in silence of silence which World is, the Voice will be distributed... ", Speaking without the Sound. This thought of the Teacher touches the heart opened towards to it. It is hard to catch this thought. Stir the thoughts, stir thoughts strangers, the moods interfere, moods strangers interfere. Dark disturb, having hung on wires the shaggy balls. It is difficult to preserve purity of sent thought and it is difficult it, having apprehended, to separate from appendages. It is necessary both personal and spatial isolation. The last too is under construction thought by creation in space of the "pipe" isolating thought from third-party influences. Personal isolation is a cocoon of a white matter, color of milk in which shrouds it accepting. Wire of the same light is dairy white, or colors of white flowers, or a silver beam. In space the wire is constant. It can be strengthened every day; it is possible even to represent it in the Beam. All approving communication helps if it is visualized rather accurately: Beam, pipe, the bridge, silver thread, wire, the channel, the sound wire created by the accord Aum, Name repetition, Call and response, prayer – all this that connect. But the most powerful communication spatial is a love. This force doesn't know barriers and obstacles, doesn't know also distances. It connect with That Who is loved by heart, and on the channel it vibrations of Focus of Light, from Heart to heart are transferred. From Light it is possible to take, but love. Magnetic love is a mighty attracting magnet. It overcomes environment resistance, it creates the world in heart and it forces the Voice Silent to sound. Hearts of the coming are attracted by it also.
419. There is a question: why there are so many passerbies and so many deceptive feelings? On personal feelings to each other nothing strong can be constructed because personal feelings it is passing. Enduring love, love super personal people aren't able to love. Mirages of personal feelings dissipate sooner or later, and doesn't remain from them anything, except bitterness and deposit dregs. Therefore care not about personal experiences, but giving when in receiving there is the valid need; donation on the requirements, which size is defined by heart. Light of heart is allowed able to people to shine. The few people shine. From the majority is darkness, or gray dregs of indifference and employment by. If people learned so strong to be interested and live care of others as strong they live thoughts of! But for this purpose self-rejection is necessary. The great this quality opening all locks in the field of cognition of the Highest Worlds. Think to succeed care of. But only about itself forgetting and about others having shown care, it is possible to succeed and most, both in thoughts, and in letters, and in communication close. This thought of others, of the benefit of another, of all, of the Benefit the General, yields the fiery fruit.
420. How to save up force? Doctrine application in life! Each thought put into practice will strengthen power of spirit. It is possible to attach the Doctrine in life always, constantly, having become as though the spokesman of to what it teaches. Applying the Doctrine is his spokesman that is that who Agni Yogi’s Fiery Truth is. To be Truth – who will dare to it? But about force of aspiration It is told enough to understand this power. Daring gives wings.
421. (M. A.Y.). You to them write: Gift of heart shines in life twilight. Also he is visible to us, but not to you. You can feel. You see seldom. And it especially is valuable. When it is given the chance, it can't be missed because the missed is unique. In life there are judgment meetings. By them don't pass. The good thought is similar to a flower – blossoms the color. And consciousness – a beam for flowers of thought. For this purpose, which is able to dare, life is the statement of the unusual. Unusual and undoubted have to go nearby, approving each other.
422. Will be, will be, everything will be; I Hurry; hurry and you. In thoughts, feelings, affairs hurry to meet, -in everything hurry. Time and tide wait for no man. The future burns with all fires, the future calls. It waits for you and will meet if in it you prepare a place for yourselves nowadays the hand. Each thought of the future is a stone brought on creation of the Temple of Life. Anybody and will take away nothing this future on which We work and on which you work, can't take away from people. It already is, it exists and not only in in it has the directed hearted, but also out of them, in space, in World Aboveground for the mortal. From the upper class first-image, created by us, it went down. Already close, already in the Thin World it to join victoriously and powerfully already dense forms. "Owner" isn't present, the darkness is decapitated. Both intrigues dark and their rate on destruction are doomed to a failure. The beams of Seven Lords directed powerfully, planet store and will protect from possible explosion. Victory is on the Banner of the New Country, on the World Banner. And in this huge fight a victory for the world she is fated it is immutable. Yes, yes, yes. Will win against the world, the world will win, as though the darkness sought to break it. We Approve a victory. We Approved it. Much you blow a victory, because Lords on guards of the future World and happiness of people.
423. These Light victorious thoughts of the world, of its victory should be thrown and sated in space with them aura of a planet. If the majority of mankind is integrated of the world will think today, tomorrow the thought becomes incarnate reality. To us help thought of the world to the world dense to let to condense the thought density that forces of destruction had no place to push the thoughts. Huge fight of thoughts happens in space. But our thought is stronger and it will win when heart human will wake up and will scent it, and will accept it and it will begin to pulse. Victory on our Board and the world is a victory over the world.
424. When the spirit of the person speaks to it: all I can – then it really can. Before can in life, it is necessary can in the spirit of. Can in the spirit of, dare can in heart – means can in life. Even all feelings of a body and its all sensitivity submit to will when value of a formula "can in the spirit of" or "in the spirit of two dare" is realized. Force it when she is called consciously is inexhaustible. From hidden shining depths of spirit this boundless power is caused. How many great acts are made by the person, how many the great feats showing this boundless power? That made one, can make and another, and everyone. If only to understand that all in the spirit of, and all in the spirit of and strength of mind affairs which can't be made if it isn't called if this all-conquering power didn't wake up yet are managed. Understanding of this inexhaustible, boundless force in itself generates it, it causes from depths of the person. The person, the center of space power, enters mastering by it when starts understanding that he represents itself(himself) in the general scheme of things, and the appointment in the world and that great future which is traced for it in stars by the immutable force of Space Laws.
425. (M. A. Y.). Enlightenments in future destinies of human spirit don't need to be driven away from it. They create the accelerated karma of the person who has realized them, they create for him steps of a ladder of ascension, and they sate and cement space and impregnate thoughts of people, directing them in an evolutionary stream of life. Thought spatial the world moves, thought their lives mankind, and care of thought which people eat, there is a service to General Welfare, there is a service to the world, there is a service to Light. It is possible to perfect thought, it is possible to do it stronger and resistant, it is possible, We can help thought with our work. Employees of Hierarchy of Light, Day breakers are assistants to us and builders of life. Let's merge strong in aspiration powerful in life the Benefit to create. When heart to us is fully opened, receipts won't slow down.
426. Not prepare to death and existence after it is necessary now, and to understanding of the life in both worlds, and not once then, and now. The person knows about that or not, but he lives constantly both in this world and in Tom, lives in two worlds, while in a body. When it fills up, he is had to the world that and leads there special life, though doesn't keep memory of it. This prevention of a memory about spatial stay neither after a dream, nor at a new embodiment becomes clear if to tell that would be difficult to reconcile to it with heavy existence in a body if it to keep memory of life out of a body. But, when the consciousness allows, the memory some extent remains. It is possible to promote its strengthening if to direct on it thought. The consciousness is a field of a meeting of both worlds, only the person doesn't give in it the report.
427. (M. A. Y.). Can help – the happiness, can help the old friend – doubly. Pleasure of a unification in Light with consciousness congenial – pleasure both your and ours. Flowers of unification are rare. Where two gathered for the Name of the Lord, there Him is in the middle of them. And force them increases and from their unification, and at most for the sake of Whom they united. Power of the integrated consciousnesses depends on number of participants, but it increases not on their number, but in a proportion bigger. This force depends on degree of the accord of auras and their tension.
428. (Nov. 7). The person lives constantly in all worlds corresponding to his covers though it and doesn't realize. Any movement in each conductor is movement of that matter of which it consists; in the invisible and visible world their lives the person. The thought is invisible, - she phenomenon on the plan mental. In the physical world not the thought is shown, but results of thought process. When the astral and it not under control is excited, not it is expressed itself in fussing and random motions, but expresses itself through the physical conductor, that is a body. The body reflects to some extent not the conductors or covers of the person, but the movements which are occurring in them. Covers live everyone in the sphere, but consciousness in that, on what plan their lives his owner at present: in wake condition – on terrestrial, in a dream is in World Aboveground. But it is connected constantly with the Invisible World through the covers which are part it, in the same way, as the physical body is part of the physical world. Therefore it is necessary to realize it the participant of all worlds, or existence plans, without limiting itself only to one. Understanding it will grant the right to an entrance and to other worlds. Many devotees in a body joined still during lifetime the Elevated World. With space of people communicates constantly and with Those Forces which correspond to his thoughts, feelings and emotions. The medium – usually with the lower class of an astral, the scientist – with the world mental, the poet, the artist and the musician – with the world of emotions, paints and sounds. Purely physical life, life animal pigs lead only: to eat, drink and sleep and roll in dirt – swinish destiny. But the person is not a pig. The developed covers connect it to space layers, conformable to them and constantly being to it in interaction of process of an exchange. Therefore each thought emotion and feeling is a binding thread or energy with related to them on a tonality the sphere of space and uniting them with this sphere. And the person, being a magnet and the magnetic force of an attraction of these spheres constantly are attracted to each other by force of accord energy and live and pulse this interchange. Already here, on Earth, everyone belongs to those layers of the Elevated World in which it will stay after death because itself I established and constantly establishes each word, an act, emotion, and feeling and thought this indissoluble communication. In World Aboveground begins nothing, but everything proceeds only. Constructed for itself on Earth the pigsty and living in it and there too in a pigsty will be, the constructed lock magic – will live in it, and – the spirit house, in the spirit of will arrive. The posthumous is very fair condition. Said "beauty" and it living and building by beauty it will be rescued from horrors, darkness and a hopelessness of the lower class because the beauty is aspect of the Highest World. To learn to approve in everything beauty: in clothes, in movements, gestures, thoughts and speech and in the feelings – a way true to Light of the Elevated World. So we will approve beauty on Earth, as a prototype of that life in Elevated, which judgment the person. That people called the Kingdom God's, Light World, the World the Highest, admires Beauty. Beauty creates this world of people in the microcosm that it was conformable to Macrocosm’s highest layers.
429. Spatial fire is realized by consciousness into the thoughts which forms correspond to a step of the evolution reached by spirit if it is simple still the person if it is the Lord, – Fires of Space Truth are transferred to mankind in forms, cognizable to that step of development at which there are the people karmic receiving the given Doctrine. Each true Doctrine, uniform from the uniform tree of knowledge, is imprinted in thought forms spatial fire. Not apprehended by consciousness and not issued by it, it remains to mankind inaccessible. Even the spatial thought which has already poured out in a form, even it has to be apprehended by someone to be transferred to people. The ocean of Spatial Thought has no borders. In It thoughts from everywhere are flown down. With the most remote planets of far star systems or even the galaxies which were even so remote that they are invisible in the strongest telescopes, cutting world space with the speed surpassing light, with speed timeless, reach far fiery thoughts of consciousness of those who is capable to apprehend them. The thought can be so high and refined that it is available to consciousness of only few people of Earth. But the Ocean of Thought exists in Boundlessness, and in process of mankind advance in evolution becomes on a planet of receivers of spatial thoughts more and more, it isn't enough still conformable to the terrestrial atmosphere and understanding of the majority of people occupying Earth. But those who promoted in evolution who left forward enough, those are receivers and transformers of Space Thought and, being light and knowledge beacons, conduct for it others, not able yet to perceive knowledge directly. These drivers of mankind always went ahead of everything an eyelid and often were exposed to mockery, sneers, mockeries and prosecutions, nevertheless brought to people the gift, and still conducted them forward, and still eventually gained recognition human in the subsequent centuries. But thoughts of space are available to all people because the receiver in the potential condition is available for each person. But it should be known, it should be recognized, understood, accepted and, having accepted, to start to approve in itself this opportunity, catching sparks of far parcels. How many they reach separate consciousnesses and sinks in slime of denial, doubts and stupid ignorance. Best of all poets know a contact of fiery wings of Spatial Thought. Fiery contacts and composers and artists, both writers and scientists, and all those know, in heart of which that fire which accord with fires of space gives rise to tension of creative power burns. Directed creative activity ignition the same fires and as approaches to a hearth of Spatial Thought. Fire is learned by fire. Also has no value, than ignition's fires of spirit and as if they flare in work intense, in the symphony sonorous or in something another, fanned by a spirit flame.
430. You watch itself: each thought is a magnet for another, it conformable. It is worth stopping on it as it starts growing. Left in consciousness without the printing of the statement or condemnation, it grows already itself in the direction put in it, and display herself under conformable conditions external or the impulses going from within. The thought is the guard of night. Not above a layer, conformable to it, it lifts the person. That is why purity of heart is necessary. The purer it, the closer a victory is.
431. (Nov. 8). Power will be found by you belief. The belief is knowledge of spirit of that is undoubted and that has to be immutable is approved. It understands of the future which was what should be. Strength of mind phenomenon in belief and a feeling-knowledge; the one who trusts in the forces, reaches; the one who trusts in strength of the Lord, reaches doubly and three times as much. The one, who believes in a victory, already gained it. The belief is fire of spirit put in action. It is possible even to tell that creates and reaches a belief fiery. And the enthusiasm too is lit by belief. The belief is the great fiery feeling united together with knowledge. The word "faith-knowledge" well expresses this idea. The belief can be claimed in itself, that increasing its fiery potential and its tension. It is important to strengthen fires before working with them. The fiery nature can be strengthened in the different ways. Let's call a little: love, aspiration, devotion, belief, fearlessness. Strengthening each of these properties, the fiery can be strengthened according to power of desire to approve them. It is easier to strengthen love, than fearlessness, but fiery love to the Highest Shape will give rise also to fearlessness of spirit. The person a being fiery and increase of fiery potential won't contradict laws of evolution of spirit because registration of a fiery body will be that step of evolution which should be reached still. The fiery device of the person isn't issued yet and therefore in action it can't be put. But separate parts it in some organisms already start working. Even partial awakening yields the results. The person starts seeing suddenly what usual eyes it is impossible to see, or to hear silent sounds. It isn't necessary to mix these fiery enlightenments to the World the Highest with an display of astral sight or hearing which as, for example, in case of a usual medium, don't demand any fiery and are not achievement, and it is rather, a damnation for the person because are very dangerous that, opening a window to the world astral, protection don't give it from dark influences. Fiery is the best protection as the darkness doesn't dare to oppose light Agni. Fire painfully burns down also darkness burns. The thought of fire serves as Agni's fuel. Thoughts of the fiery nature the person can support it and cause to manifestation. Even in this area the threshold shown by though, is of great importance. The doubt extinguishes fires. Even a strong flame it, but belief can extinguish fires ignition; so qualities of spirit can be divided into qualities, fires burning, and into qualities, fires dying away. Fire extinguishers in consciousness can't be allowed. There are fire extinguishers of instant action as, for example, the doubt or fluctuation, but is and the slowed-down action, such as despondency, depression, concern. It is necessary to understand very well a scale of qualities of these fire extinguishers and sharp-sightedly to separate murderers of spirit from fiery giver. Care and vigilance should be able to be distinguished from timidity and indecision. Only experience gives hardness to a hand and ability to understand a bipolarity of qualities. Everyone positive, each fiery giver has the contrast in a display strong be learned to enter with it ruthless fight. It is impossible to allow fire extinguishers in the essence because will extinguish fires and will stop a way fiery spirit. Each mood of the person creates either favorable or adverse conditions for Agni's display. It is possible to suffer, it is possible to be darkness surrounded, it is possible to be in heavy living conditions and still spirit fires in itself to protect, and it is possible and in the best living conditions to extinguish in itself and Agni's last sparkles. Great vigilance is necessary also the inflexible solution of spirit that inextinguishably to carry by fires of spirit through life.
432. When it is given the chance, it is necessary to use it up to the end. Forges Agni not always is to our services, because fires flame in known succession and order. And when waves of fiery thought pulse and fight at a consciousness threshold, it is necessary not to miss them. Fixed hour we don't repeat. Not apprehended at present, though possible and available, in following not well. It wasn't without reason told about blissful, catching escaping decrees. When the harp of spirit starts sounding, all other, disturbing, it is necessary to postpone that the perception was full-sounding or full-string. Especially it is necessary to postpone thoughts, feelings and moods if they aren't conformable to a going wave.
433. (M. A. Y.). We can be sure that we will always meet an ardent acceptability of heart that is its readiness to begin to sound on the thought sent by us. The condition of constant readiness is reached hardly because for this purpose it is required both keenness, and vigilance, and a patrol condition of consciousness. To be always in shape – an indispensable condition for this purpose who is wake spirit. Dissoluteness doesn't demand any efforts: its formula – to float at will of waves, at will of spontaneous influences and to be their weak-willed toy. Understanding of continuous presence of fiery force in itself demands her constant statement in the face of all opposite phenomena. Hands are given to the Bowl, and in the Bowl the Treasure of the Stone flares hidden fire. How to doom, how to carry by Bowl Treasure as the Stone wonderful and a flame it not only to bear, protecting, but also to strengthen fires and to increase it – about it let there will be a care.
434. Giving the mental order, it must be kept in mind that it wasn't painted by impurity of astral emotions. Impatience, irritation, discontent, chagrin, animosity and all other emotions of an astral, being on a scale of thin vibrations is lower, than pure thought, thereby do the mental order weak and not effective. In these emotions not force phenomenon the person, and the weakness of his will entering into the order as its component. Same and is in life usual. The person showing qualities and being in captivity at the astral is strong can't. When the thought and will dominate over the astral conductor, it submits to will and when the own astral is subordinated to will, submits to it and the stranger. From two people with identical will power that is stronger at present at which the astral cover is in quieter condition. The order given under the influence of flash of an astral, already thereby is powerless. Therefore by mental transfer of the order is tranquility first of all. The will can't grow suddenly. Time and long work on is necessary. Also it is impossible to suppress free will others. But it is possible to protect it from dark influences, and also from through whom they are directed. Often happens that it is impossible to tell words that are necessary. Then instead of words is thought. Sooner or later, but it will sink and will yield result. Words people constantly influence at each other. In case of need the thought replaces words. In the Thin World the thought replaces words. Usually talk only newly arrived or those who isn't able to be exempted from terrestrial remnants.
435. (M. A. Y.). In anticipation of a new strip of life time should be used on that being exempted from excessive freight. A lot of thing from admissible will be inadmissible absolutely earlier. Whether at a distinguished susceptibility of relatives it is possible to afford thought evasion aside or its return to the left ashes of last fulfillments which the place shouldn't be any more. Each step demands the moral conditions. That was possible and tolerant earlier, won't be tolerant now. The thought should be observed especially sharp-sightedly and to hold a bridle of spirit a strong hand.
436. (Nov. 9). Exactly burning flame of spirit which isn't darkened by unbalanced movements in covers, allows perceptions to be steady and certain. The blinking breaks reception of parcels, bringing a disparate. Constancy is expressed and in steadiness of moods. Strong people of subjects also are strong, something that occurs outside, doesn't break their sincere system. World, which is above human understanding, will be born from this firmness of spirit. Leaves dry rush downwind, but the oak costs strongly, and a wind not to shift it. If the mood depends on each trifle or a trifle, whatever serious they seemed, so something is unsuccessful inside. There are no justifications and apologies if little things in life break symmetry and a harmony of aura's radiations and to some extent disfigure it. Service to beauty consists also in that this beauty was not only in external behavior of the person, his words, gestures and movements, but mainly, in his internal shape. Everyone not disbalance an astral disfigures aura. If it was possible to see radiations of the angry or sad person, muddy, dirty, smoky flashes of the first and hung, to dirty rags it is similar, radiations of the second, would become at once clear that neither in irritation, nor in despondency, neither in discontent, nor in condemnation and other moods similar to them to serve beauty it is impossible. How the Hidden Driver can come nearer to the aura struck with such not disbalance? Light arrives through aura. It should be protected even more carefully and carefully, than even health. About health of a body care very much, but about spirit health sometimes forget. The healthy aura and to a body will give health. The aura of a physical body depends on a physical condition of an organism, and in case of an illness to operate it not so easily. But the aura of other covers depends on will and submits to it if dissoluteness didn't manage to nestle strongly in an astral or menthol. Advantage of this dissoluteness or indiscipline of covers – any, and harm there is a lot of. It is possible to ask, what advantage of despondency or irritation; anything, except harm, and surrounding. It is a lot of poisoners; it is a lot the sadder and a lot of dissoluteness in the sphere of astral emotions and a lot of harm.
437. (M. A. Y.). Now to resist – already will be a victory. Now to resist and, having resisted, to move further – will be a victory double. Difficulty all that very heavy also nobody helps one obviously. The help in the spirit of isn't notable as obviously as blows and pricks from the outside are notable. The consciousness of loneliness and isolation of cheerfulness and strength doesn't give. But it is necessary to resist nevertheless, and it is necessary to go, a rhythm of a stride without having shortened. Around there is nothing that could be glad spirit, but the future lies ahead. In it everything, on it also we will direct the looks. That now surrounds, will pass and remains in the past. The purpose clearly, invitingly burns ahead. To it also we will steadily aspire and go as there is steadily ocean ship through storms, both waves, and winds, fogs and bad weather to far harbor, goes, without changing a course and without deviating.
438. (Nov. 10). The nature isn't considered with that form in which life is shown. When grain will ripen and in it all vital force of a plant, an animal or the person, the form which has given to grain life concentrates, concluded in this grain, already loses the value. Innumerable billion forms which are left the vital principle, covered planet bark. In the same way and the person, living in a body, focuses and postpones in spirit grain results of the life experience and when it is settled and further receipts don't happen anymore, life in a body is lost by the sense and a form dies, and grain passes to a new form to continue increase of stratifications of life experience. To a dying from the nature has no pity, just as there is no it and to a dying ear which gave the grains. How many the lost forms, life carriers, are or was on each span of the earth. As the nature and with a little is considered what way makes growth of stratifications. Spirit-monad grows, being enveloped by all by new and new stratifications of experience, and in it is the purpose of evolution of the vital principle. Every minute on Earth somebody dies, that is dumps that form in which he lived, a physical body. If too it still to add death of plants, fishes, animals, insects and all forms in which life is shown, it is possible to imagine this grandiose process of release of the vital principle from an old form to pass to the new. The death is a release from the cover which has become unusable or executed the appointment on Earth. When all experience which the person can take is built, being in this body, further stay in it loses the meaning, and the person dumps it, as worn-out clothes. Processes of the nature are very expedient. Only the person often considers that temporary stay in a physical body is end in itself, and grabs terrestrial existence as drowning for a straw, believing in it everything for the sake of what he exists. The understanding of sense and value of terrestrial stay is necessary to take from it that it can give to continue the way, multiplying the subsequent accumulation in new conditions and in other covers. Otherwise with life it is impossible to reconcile and it is impossible to find sense that comes to an end sooner or later with destruction of a physical form. If to live only it and in it one to see possibilities of manifestation of spirit, before the person there is a terrible logical absurd the exit from which isn't present. If to live for the sake of happiness of others, it is possible to present expediency of this happiness. If they too die, both everything will die, and the planet on which they exist, the happiness, which ultimate goal death and destruction will die even, can't be justified logically. The science claims: anything in the nature doesn't disappear and isn't born again. The matter doesn't disappear and isn't born, both aren’t destroyed and there is no life. The matter, energy and life are eternal and all the matter is that the person in whom space are concentrated – a matter, energy and the vital principle, the essence coordinated not to passing forms of life, but that isn't passing and that exists always and lives over dying and born temporary forms, in which phenomenon an eternal matter, eternal energy and eternal life.
439. (M. A. Y.). When it becomes so heavy that forces already aren't present to maintain further, it is good to remember those, before passed and born still big burden. Many in dungeons wearied, tormented many, mocked, tortured and beat and tormented differently. And to whom from them, Light brought, it was easy. Exceptions don't go to the account. There were they and in your lives. But the common lot of all brought Light is to suffer. It is a spirit way the shortest.
440. I consider it necessary to meet my desire to see you in shape always, to not submitting continuous influences of external conditions.
441. (Nov. 11). If to put Communication with the Teacher of Light in dependence on moods, that is conditions of an astral cover, it will mean that the most necessary and the main in life of the pupil is sent to the power or submission to an arbitrariness of casual and passing impulses and whirlwinds which arise in this irrepressible cover, is frequent contrary to mind and will of her owner. It means Communication to put under control of that beginning in itself which itself has to be under the strictest control. It means to bring a disorder and a disparate in Communication and to break its rhythm. It was already specified that relationship with the Lord goes over all temporary and passing phenomena and regardless of them. That makes a basis of life of spirit is impossible, transfer to the power to unrestrained movements of an astral. Whatever occurred outside or in a physical body, an astral or menthol, communication with the Teacher of Light isn't broken by anything and proceeds absolutely regardless of the fact that in them occurs or can occur. Because time will come when won't be neither bodies, nor astral, mental covers and the person remains face to face with the never-dying essence, invested by the Immortal Triad. And if communication with it, with this receptacle of Light through which the Beam worked Teachers, didn't interrupt and in life in a flesh, there will be it not torn and then. If it tried under the influence of the movements happening in covers, there is nothing will be to grasp to the median principle in the person when there will come final fight after death between the lowest and highest principles in his microcosm. Therefore any violation of a rhythm of Communication is spirit treachery, and can't be justified by anything. Let life in covers take its course, let them pass through that, through what they should pass, but the highest in the person remains inviolable for the lowest influences. Proximity of the Lord is over all passing phenomena. It is necessary to remember well and not to allow anything that can break it, concern a sacred Thread of Communication. Inflexible belief or trust to the Leading Hand can't fluctuate from whirlwinds astral or moods or any external reasons. Fragile everything constructed on passing, as well as everything that occurs in time.
442. (M. A. Y.). The discontent with the destiny or indignation of a current of the Karma neither from destiny, nor won't exempt from the Karma. Release lies in the internal relation to all events with the person, - when everything is made, that in human forces. The karma says the last word. It can't be overturned. That is traced by the Karma, should be passed through it, without losing neither balance, nor patience. It is necessary to pass through everything, through it is necessary what to pass. Neither indignations, nor complaints, neither discontent, nor chagrin won't help. They only will weaken will and won't give the chance to win a victory over the next test. Only the tranquility and balance of spirit and successful passing through all tests will help to be exempted from them. Unrestrained, they repeat again and again until won't be sustained successfully.
443. Tried to extinguish a press. And... it turned out nothing. Yesterday asked Me for the help. Today have to be convinced that through Me and with Me easier and simpler to work, and the desirable result is available. Where the Karma, there our help isn't broken is ready. But even in the presence of the Karma nevertheless it is possible to help.
444. (Nov. 12). Whether everything is made and becomes in order that foundations of the silver bridge weren't unsteady? No, not all! As then it is possible to hope to hold communication if small cracks break a unification? The thread of heart trembles in space. Except it there is nothing. If is thinner it, is created gap threat. It is necessary to think nevertheless sometimes and that will be if the heart thread tears. It becomes stronger from both parties. But it is as though strong it was strengthened in Heart of the Lord if fastening in heart following the Lord is fragile, the Lord can't help. The end of a thread it is necessary to fix most, anybody here won't be able to help. Qualities of spirit such as love, devotion, aspiration, constancy, firmness, balance and so on, strengthen the Silver Thread of heart. It is possible to put work to that, it is more necessary than that there is nothing in life. If to lose everything, but to keep a thread, it will be a victory, but if on the contrary?! The thinnest, the most invisible, the most imperceptible is more considerable than that is visible and audible and gives material benefits. It is necessary to understand.
445. (M. A. Y.). That in the spirit of yet gets rid and that hides on consciousness back streets, is most often shown in dreams. The true shape of the person is sincere in a dream. There the person such is what he is actually. On dreams it is possible to judge that yet gets rid and that it is necessary to overcome. The irrevocable solution of will set the seal and to coloring of dreams and will reveal the hardness of this decision. If it vague, dreams show sooner or later it. And then it is possible to give to itself the new order of the behavior in World Thin. The dream is similarity of death. On dreams too it is possible to judge as the dreams to see will behave, having dumped a body. On Earth is statement, there is continuation and development of the approved. Clean heart will surround with Light of. But spirit ulcers magnets will be for display of that not gets rid.
446. (Nov. 12). Let your heart will be open and mind isn't saddened. A lot of things which is even very difficult, it is possible to accept in consciousness, but to accept it in life and it is possible to approve only by check and test. And then separates really accepted from the imagined. As soon as the person going on the way approves something in him, he immediately puts the Law in action, and tests won't slow down for verification of the accepted statement. Therefore the way of ascension is a way of tests, and there are no two ways about it. To the teacher it is indifferent why the test isn't passed, what justifications are found for itself by weak will. The fact matters that the condition of consciousness appeared not at height under these or those conditions, but not the conditions. Everything is equal, in what phenomenon weakness of will and why, if it display, and at the time of test. After all test also is conducted on firmness of the made decision. And ways to reveal weakness of consciousness the Teacher will find. The pupil asks why so and so was allowed by the Teacher. And the Teacher questions why the pupil couldn't approve a clear condition of consciousness regardless of external influences.
447. (M. A. Y.). Tests over forces it isn't given, - if it is given, only on forces. Means, it is necessary to recognize force. It is necessary to pass because back the way isn't present. It is necessary to undergo and sustain it is necessary, and not only for itself, but also for relatives. For relatives it is more difficult as also they should be supported that is to give part of the force. And it is possible to give if to have that is if to recognize this force.
448. (M. A. Y.). How it was heavy whatever it was necessary to worry how there were circumstances, there is no place to go back. Former baits if to them to come back, any more won't satisfy, any more won't state requirement of spirit. As well as bases remain unshakable. Means, the way remains only forward. Hour of fight is inevitable, but behind it – a victory, that is the decision to continue a way because there is no place to go more. It also is that moment when a way the return becomes impossible and return back already isn't present.
449. (Nov. 14). The teacher conducts on the way of boundless cognition. It is necessary to reconcile with inevitability of karmic burdening’s, without burdening Me. There, where misunderstanding, there and weakness. It is necessary to understand, – without loading there is no advance. Order to the Face awakens everything dozing energy of spirit. Light for the statement, low for a gets rid.
450. Various conditions of consciousness note way stages. What they were, from everyone it is possible to take useful parts. To us inures to advantage everything, it is necessary to see it only. If something is understood as harmful certainly, so ability to force to serve itself all: good, and bad, – developed yet enough. There are no opposite phenomena. The skillful seaman goes towards the aim at any wind. Only the calm doesn't give the chance to move further. Sails droop and the vessel stops. Therefore winds and even storms we Prefer to calm. Therefore loading and burdening by circumstances is better calmness. They cause to manifestation of energy of spirit and approve them in operation. What would be if those Great Spirits which Names are imprinted by mankind, would carry out the lives in inaction? Inaction isn't peculiar to us. Action, action, action! Even mistakes in operation we Prefer to inaction.
451. (M. A.Y.). Moments of weakness say goodbye, if they are is followed by overcoming and a victory. When the victory crowns the phenomenon, test is considered passable. No misunderstandings are terrible if the trust to Tom Who Conducts isn't shaken. Trust till the end and despite everything, on the most ardent evidence! There is nothing more deceptive, than seeming visibility. It will be able to cover reality, being Maya most ardent type. The reality truth is in Bases and in the Phenomenon of the Lord. If not deviate this reality under no circumstances, Maya mirages won't reject from a way. And there is a lot of them, and they are various, and dark very much try to deepen them seduce, delusion and a black out. If knew how зevil-shift darkness, trying to distract from Light way. But the Hidden Driver is awake.
452. If the ordinary rich successor feels the soil under feet and knows, what his father how the one who realized the sonship, who knows has to feel will take care of him, what he is the co-owner of all treasures of space which his Space Father, the Lord who has recognized it the son owns? Understanding of it has to give both tranquility, and confidence, and feeling of the force, and understanding of that it will be never left in need and that everything, required for mind and body life, in the necessary measure will be given, both it will be never left care and love of the Lord of the Father. The thought isn't enough to be accepted, it is necessary that it entered into a flesh and blood and I became a component of all being of the person, filling and directing all his life. Recognition of Space Paternity of the Lord involves a number of consequences if this recognition was included into consciousness and imprinted accurately to drawing in a brain. Thought registration by consciousness yet doesn't mean its assimilation. Thought registration by consciousness yet doesn't mean its assimilation. Assimilation requires time and the statement of thought by actions and acts and all behavior of the person. Recognition of Space Paternity of the Lord without a display of advantage of spirit which is approved in all human life is impossible. As parrots senselessly repeated men of his word: "Our Father of this great formula and the communication of everyone with the Space Father and that everyone, recognized the Father and recognized It, thereby becomes the successor of that Space Will is prepared to each person considering as the son of Light, but not the offspring of darkness. Recognition grants the rights and at the same time obliges much, and the main thing, to that to carry by Light of this understanding through life not belittled.
453. (M. A. Y.). How more intelligibly to explain that everything is given that can contain consciousness that we See and we Know how heavy happens sometimes. Also we Help as far as the Karma allows. Suffer a little still. Will brighten also to you.
454. (Nov. 16). Each thought causes the certain reaction, each concept, each word in a human body. Even repetition of such words as courage, firmness, tranquility, will generate conformable to them a response. As well low words pledge the echo. That the person thinks or trusts, first of all raises the processes flowing according to value of thought and words in him. Words of beauty and thought of beauty building on the most essence and therefore reactions to them are beneficial. Words and thoughts of hatred, discontent, despondency, condemnation first of all destroy essence of the one who tells them, and then already and people around and surrounding. They affect not only people, but also animals, flowers and plants, a situation and things, say, everything that around. From one is Light, benefit creation, creation, life, pleasure; from others is death, destruction, darkness, diseases, despondency, gloomy dregs. Seldom Light and its derivatives proceed from the person, the twilight and a decomposition mold is more often. And they go on a planet: one creates, others destroying. Emanations human are very strong and leave after it stratifications for long time. Thought stratifications are especially persistent and almost no erasable. All saddened moods are harmful very much and for their carrier, and for those whom they poison. And things of these poisoners are poisoned too. Also walls of houses, in which they live, and air, which breathed are poisoned. And as poisoning it occurs on wide space, and harm turns out all-planetary, and it is possible to be surprised that so heavy to heart happens sometimes. Spatial poison works truly though to an eye and it is imperceptible. The exit one is be surrounded with Light and with itself to bear Light and, Light of protecting, to them to improve and all surrounding. Revitalizers Calls to Carry of the Light, cleaners of aura terrestrial. Also it is possible to imagine as harm if Light of the Carrier of Light suddenly goes out is great and the darkness takes up its place, even for a while, even short time. This is not private matter, not his personal mood, which isn't concerning anybody, except it; no, this already spatial disaster, which consequences go far, further, than it is possible to think. Therefore any more for the sake of itself, but for the sake of others, for the sake of all mankind as a whole it is necessary it is necessary to stand, despite everything, in Light to stand indestructibly, Light protecting in itself from ardent attempts of surrounding darkness it to extinguish. When this light is still small, danger isn't so great for space but when it increased, the disaster from its go out mentions and ruins so a lot of things that it is necessary to stop possibility of this phenomenon in every way spirit. Holders of Light, of course, will help to keep Light, but also the address to Them, not for the sake of themselves, but in a name and for the sake of others and space, can't remain meek. Now execution of Light becomes not personal phenomenon, but business of General Welfare and service to mankind and space. The shell of aura is punched, the person leaves in space, and radiations of a microcosm have it spatial value. The lighthouse keeper can't but switch on his light, especially when is very dark and when in the sea roughly. In the same way and it, the lamp bearing, can't extinguish it when people so need Light, at all without realizing need and spirit hunger. And it is conscious, and unconsciously from Light of its Carrier eats all and all scoop. Only seldom the sense and value of spatial service of the Carrier of Light sinks in ordinary people. In the subsequent centuries it admits and that not always. Therefore it is called silent. This feat is great.
455. (M. A. Y.) . With equal light you burn. In it is your appointment and purpose of your life. In it is your mission on this Earth. The alternating and fluctuating flame is fragile, unstable. The blinking lamp can burn through wires. As the flame of the lamp fluctuates under a wind as the spirit flame under whirlwinds of external influences fluctuates also. I shine easily to blow, but it is difficult to blow into a blowtorch which fire hoots under forcing of several atmospheres. As it is impossible to blow into a spirit flame when the press, or loading or burdening by circumstances is great. As the wounded in tension of fight doesn't feel pain and wounds as it is exact and the spirit in tension extreme is protected and closed, as of armor, from dark influences and any outside influences. Laws in everything are identical therefore be not afraid neither loadings, nor press, burdening’s. They can strengthen you only. Waves of external influences can't to restrain spirit, but only release and clear it of unnecessary heaps. Clearing value of these phenomena should be understood. But the spirit is indestructible and we don't destroy. All external strong will pass, but there will be a spirit nasty not wounded, remains much more strongly, forces having increased the. Therefore to loadings, press, and burdening’s we will be glad because it is a fiery ladder of spirit.
456. The event, but reaction of consciousness to it matters not. The highest phenomenon loses the meaning if reaction to it is wrong. And the most negative phenomenon will be the engine forward if reaction to it is correct. It is all about the relation to the life phenomena, but not in the phenomena. Many phenomena and events can be a source as pleasures, and grieves, happiness and a grief. It is all about the person because "the person is a measure of things", - and, if something, what it was, saddens aura and light replaces it darkness, so something not safely with consciousness of the person. In it also look for the reason, but not outside.
457. (M. A. Y.). You to them tell: by thoughts, feelings and aspirations of this day determine an orbit of the future opportunities. Everyone will give the shoots and a fruit. Confirm that in care of my constant and that with them, while they heart with me. Remind recent lines that casually nothing happens and that the meeting of conformable consciousnesses and pleasure of accords was prepared by me. Relative’s heart to you is close to me. And the proximity is created by love. What mighty feeling and as much they can reach. Threads are of this feeling leave far back. Not beginning, but only continuation of friendship old. Whether it is possible to find the friend instantly? It is possible if the friendship has far roots. Fingers on a hand different, and a palm one is. I rejoice at thought of what mighty take-off of creativity can give the accord of concordant hearts, me connected. Native mine, I send you my caress, love and care.
458. (Nov. 17). Owing to the developed circumstances it is necessary to take measures to that in the future there were no deviations in beat Communication. It is necessary to strengthen it. The trust should be increased. It is necessary to strengthen tension of the phenomenon of Communication. The last impact of darkness showed that the dark don't miss the slightest opportunity to harm and exercise the wit in new inventions. It is better to consider that try to use each person who is coming nearer to those who is close to us. Therefore to calm down and on monasteries it is impossible to rest. The best protection is ardent understanding rather feeling of my Invisible Presence and the decupled vigilance. Midges to fire aren't terrible. Shadows night and even gloom wings if the flame is strong aren't terrible to it. You are invincible and invincible, when together when together with Me, Mine howl, inseparably, merge with Me. In office danger is hidden. I say only that is especially necessary at the moment. There will be time when the prostrate darkness won't start any more. But it still isn't present. And the condition of intense wakefulness let doesn't leave.
459. Service to Beauty phenomenon in the statement it in all parties of human life, and the main thing, in an inner world of the attendant. It isn't so easy to think and feel beautifully. The beauty of the word – not so much in the form of it, how many in the internal contents that, in turn, assumes also beauty of thought. Unless the irritation or fussiness are beautiful, or fear, avidity, rage? Allow in it small feelings ugly much! And whether the lie is beautiful? So beauty it is possible to separate easily that from darkness, that from Light! The beauty will fill life when Light will be included into heart. The beauty of human relationship is that can be finer than them!
460. When the thought grows into consciousness and becomes part it, and actions of the person go in consonant witch of thought. If something else didn't manage to be approved, so the thought insufficiently densely was issued and got stronger insufficiently. Means, it is necessary to continue to think in the same direction. Fidelity to the made decision will allow keep thought and will give the chance to it to take shape in an accurate form. All actions of the person grow out of conscious or unconscious thought. So some persistence in this regard results can't but yield. Only the duality and doublethink can even deprive strong thought it force.

461. (M. A. Y.). I want that you united love. These are the strongest bonds, if love forever. Yes! Yes! Both the love and friendship can forever be. In eternal friendship don't believe because think to live only on this Earth and only one embodiment. Meanwhile as a half of meetings – from the remote past, and everyone are accompanied by continuation of those feelings on which the previous meeting interrupted. Feelings of sympathy or hostility are long. The exception is made by meetings, though unfamiliar people on the past, but having the conformable auras belonging to the same vibration key. Usually the accord of consciousnesses was developed in the past in long contact with each other. Therefore our feelings are longer, than it seems to us because they usually leave far beyond one embodiment, in two directions: in the past and in the future. That came from the past, doesn't depend on us, but the future of our feelings in our hands.
462. (Nov. 18). Each victory over It is welcomed and we Rejoice everyone. One victory over costs thousands external because it remains with herself, and its consequences are constant while external victories remain outside, over time consigning to the past. The victory over remains the constant operating factor of consciousness bearing constantly fruits. And therefore pleasure at Us. To bring pleasure to Leaders at constant sad contacts to people is a merit. And in it love called to Called. If the way is an internal spiritual process of disclosure of the hidden opportunities of spirit and its qualities and forces, each victory of over covers this way with Light. This fight is necessary and the victory because only this way strength of mind can grow is inevitable. Why complaints about difficulties of a way when difficulties and obstacles also are those opportunities being steps of a ladder of spirit, to ascend on which the spirit directed to inspiration so passionately wishes. Each difficulty, each obstacle, each counteraction causes a protest and discontent only until are overcome; the overcome – only pleasure, pleasure of a victory and opportunity to rise still. Victory, victory, victory! – It is a fight call in great battle of spirit with the covers for the freedom. It is possible to win and it is possible to reach if persistence of thought to show, thoughts persistent and resistant, not stopping before anything. Even if the strongest defeat comes to the end with thought that, despite it, the victory will be won and the idea of a victory will be dismissed never to a victory by aspiring spirit, it and will be already pledge of the future victory, because the spirit is eternal and transient, but everything is temporary that occurs in its covers. Both the persistence and firmness of that in the person from spirit, and thought from spirit serve as its guarantee of a victory.
463. (M. A. Y.). Today we will think that only in fight the victory is possible. Without fight it isn't present. And the loading is heavier, the victory is nicer. Let the darkness of the whole world collapse on bearing Light but if it together with the Lord, all darkness is powerless. So Proximity understanding gives invincible strength oppositions to darkness. To one not resist, but with the Lord not only opposition, but is also a victory! Unless they it is touched the, with darkness going, but going with the Lord won't cease to torment, restrain and harm to do, using a crack of everyone, a crack slightest, each disorder in an armor, weakness of everyone and each trouble or disbalance inside. Therefore stand stronger than the rock. Like the rock granite stand and in the consciousness be inseparable from Consciousness of Great Heart. So stand, that in a vicious circle unifications of it get already nothing could, - anything that from darkness, properties and its qualities and essence of servants dark.
464. External conditions under, which there is a perception of my thoughts, become all the time more and more difficult in order that in process of their overcoming to establish such acceptability of consciousness what to break it no influences from the outside will be able. Earlier, probably, and to mind didn't come that records of my thoughts can be conducted to the accompaniment of music behind a wall? But gradually by systematic deterioration of external circumstances at perceptions it was reached. If only not to recede before anything, and then before what the spirit wasn't inclined is won. The victorious condition of consciousness is necessary for movement on the way which consists in continuous overcoming of its escalating difficulties. Then, when the fiery will increase, the simultaneous partition of consciousness in the various directions without loss of completeness of perception on the basic will be possible also.
465. (M. A. Y.). . Mastering by radiations of the aura and ability to polarize them on a desirable wave will give the chance to supervise in hands the person the radiation of other person. If radiations of fear to meet waves of radiations of complete equilibrium and tranquility, the fear are neutralized, that is extinguished. As precisely hatred can be degaussed love. On each feeling which is subject to polarization, it should cause opposite, its antipode. If to answer irritation with irritation, it will amplify twice. The strong person can adjust crowds on the necessary wave. Great commanders, national leaders, drivers of mankind – all of them consciously or unconsciously entrained sets force of radiations of the auras, polarizing foreign auras on the harmony necessary to them. Fearless leaders were followed by people fearlessly to death. Consciousnesses of the whole people rotated round themselves strong spirits. It isn't necessary to touch anybody, it isn't necessary to influence anybody, but it is necessary to be able to influence itself, that is to force the radiations to be a certain, desirable tonality, and then ability to influence people will come without any efforts because if the radiations submit to will, will obey to it and radiations others.
466. (Nov. 19). Specify to assume a mental discharge of spatial tension, sending to press, knots beams of the energy breaking these knots. It is possible to imagine brightly as a blue or pink beam, cutting distances, achieves the object and disseminates bulking-up abscesses of destructive energy. During this work full association with Us and understanding of is required that action is made by our force, on a formula – "I, in itself, anything". Force of the Highest creates Great Making. Full dismissal from personal attempts and full merge of consciousness to Me is necessary when performing this spatial Assignment. The thought merged with Us, it is necessary to help a cause of peace, holding rage of the evil from madness. It isn't necessary to think that the forces are insignificant. The forces are small, but our bikes, and when the communication bridge is created; the forces will increase and will be increased by our force. Light of a small bulb is weak, but it eats from the central station. And once you replace a small lamp bigger, light will increase. The reflector of consciousness should be expanded and made big that it could transfer even more light. Personal everything should be rejected – it disturbs, reducing the useful reflective area of a reflector. The thoughts can be sent firmly, quietly and accurately, having thus in a look that swelling of abscesses is caused by tension of astral radiations of the human body which force yields to force thoughts of higher order. It would be easier to bridle destruction and darkness forces if rarefy was more. But it isn't enough of them and the darkness uses it.
467. (M. A. Y.). It is possible to wonder where the simplest people found huge resistant strength of mind for opposition to darkness, often being alone full. From where scooped they this invincible fiery power? From conscious or unconscious proximity to the Source of this power, to Hierarchy of Light! Spirit grain, being connected with It, on the Fiery Thread of Communication received inflow of fiery force, and the person felt then the indestructibility, the force and absence of fear. Many certificates from history we Know about how these firm people as faced death died, despising it as went on a fire and on torments. The strength of mind, realized the communication with an inexhaustible Source of Space Power of Hierarchy of Light is great. The limit to it isn't present.
468. The thin World is comprehended on consciousness. It is chaotic for consciousness chaotic and is harmonius for – harmonious. But for both it is in continuous movement. Dense stability in it isn't present. The consciousness will start understanding not before it, than there will comes assimilation that is the adaptation to understanding of new conditions. Even human it is necessary to get used to shapes. That, what to come inside the person, it is reflected immediately outside, and that is on all its appearance. The rage distorts it, kindness does beautiful. Even on Earth the ugly person becomes very pleasant if internal feelings are strong and beautiful, and, on the contrary, the beautiful face can be repellent. Especially where the matter of a thin body easily submits to thought. Many don't know that thoughts and their feelings are written on their shape, and continue to go on a dissoluteness and indulgence path to the lowest feelings, passions and emotions. Layers where the lowest emotions human dominate, strike with the terrible disgrace of the forms investing it of inhabitants, as well as their environment. Exact compliance of forms, feelings and thoughts creates this disgrace of the lower class. The person, not wishing to bear responsibility for the thoughts and feelings here, on the earth, bears it there, but already in the form of consequences evident and isn't denied the convincing. Crops and harvest appear at the person in all the inevitability. But even there, if forces in themselves to find and direct over these dark layers, the Ray of light can concern even it, desired Light of consciousness and to any degree to disseminate darkness surrounding consciousness.

469. The assignment given on a mental discharge of spatial tension, means known degree of trust from our party because one without Us, of course, not to execute this assignment. It is necessary to remember strong a formula "I, in itself, anything" and, following Instructions, mentally in the spirit of to unite with Me and Mother, and, with us having merged and having connected the forces and our Forces, to work with the integrated beam. It is possible even to imagine that behind the back there are We and act together. In this case it is given the chance to work with my Force and Strength of Mother which is claiming in a circle of that consciousness to which Assignment performance is entrusted. Certainly, merge of hearts and merge of consciousnesses and understanding of that strength of Those called consciously Who stands behind a back creates is necessary. As also protection against dark counteractions can be strengthened this way. Together always and in everything is so phenomenon Great Service to Light.
470. (Nov. 20). Heart clarification from unnecessary desires too will be one of approach conditions to the Teacher of Light. The person always wants something. And when this desire is especially strong, then it proceeds not from a brain, but from heart. Sooner or later the warm desire will be granted. The arrows of the directed desires proceeding from heart fill it with fires of degree corresponding to these desires. The desire, the lower and degree of fires is denser. Fires of corporal desires and desires and low passions are especially dense and heavy. Heart also is exempted from them to become pure and that to the Teacher of Light in heart access was open. Desires and thoughts are connected closely. The desire eats and supported by thought, and thoughts – desires. The interchange wheel which movement goes double draft turns out. The desire, which isn't supported by thought, quickly sputters out, as well as thought in the absence of desire in it. But if food it isn't given neither to thought, nor desire – they die. The rage distorts it, kindness does beautiful. Even on Earth the ugly person becomes very pleasant if internal feelings are strong and beautiful, and, on the contrary, the beautiful face can be repellent. Especially where the matter of a thin body easily submits to thought. Many don't know that thoughts and their feelings are written on their shape, and continue to go on a dissoluteness and indulgence path to the lowest feelings, passions and emotions. Layers where the lowest emotions human dominate, strike with the terrible disgrace of the forms investing it of inhabitants, as well as their environment. Exact compliance of forms, feelings and thoughts creates this disgrace of the lower class. The person, not wishing to bear responsibility for the thoughts and feelings here, on the earth, bears it there, but already in the form of consequences evident and isn't denied the convincing. Crops and harvest appear at the person in all the inevitability. But even there, if forces in themselves to find and direct over these dark layers, the Ray of light can concern even it, desired Light of consciousness and to any degree to disseminate darkness surrounding consciousness. Thought it is possible to kill desire, having killed desire, it is easy to destroy and thought which fed on it. Clarification of heart is made by this double way. All desires of egoism what there they were, litter a heart receptacle. How in it to force the way if it is filled inflating "I"? But when the formula "not I, not I, but You, Lord, not to me, but You" is approved, – then the strong blow is struck to rage of egoism, and her rage hangs. So the thought of the Lord serves heart clarification. Each thought influences heart. Thoughts it is possible to clear it and to facilitate. If it is heavy on heart, so it is necessary to change a current of thoughts. Thoughts of the Highest, super personal simplification gives thoughts of the future, thought to heart. The egoism and thought of for heart are always burdensome because limit it, sphering the small. In it to heart it is close because heart is a body which is torn to freedom and doesn't suffer chains. But hearts human stay in the dungeons which walls are put from desires and thoughts human, same heavy, limited and dense-corporal, as well as their all environment. In bonds self-plunge there is a heart and therefore it is close to it.
471. (M. A. Y.). When the consciousness becomes silent, it isn't necessary to force it. Everything is good in its season, and the fruit ripens at the right time. Can disturb and currents of space and much perhaps the reasons. It is necessary to wait time, and wide stream far thoughts again will pour down.
472. (Nov. 21). The present is an inevitable consequence of the past. Therefore in the present it isn't always possible to change an undesirable combination of circumstances, and then the mental order doesn't yield results. It should be considered. But the future is more plastic as it still isn't present, and the order then goes to the future, making out it on will command. Therefore, if the present doesn't obey the order, obeys to it the future, and the mental order goes on the future and to the future, irrespective of, the next it or farther as demand that circumstance. This possibility of a roundabout track when the present shows persistent counteraction, should be meant always that, in case of need, to use this condition.
473. (M. A. Y.). Each new day can be used on coming nearer even more that this to deepen proximity and to expand approached when we arrive correctly when correctly we think. How we arrive, correctly or incorrectly, the consciousness knows always so it is known always, at each this moment, whether we come nearer to Tom Whom we follow, or we move away from It. Even when on a place we stand, already we move away, because It always in prompts movement in the future. Thus, it is impossible to acquit already itself ignorance of essence of made actions and to tell that didn't know that created. The choice of the ways conducting in darkness or to Light, isn't obscured not by misunderstanding, but is accurate and clear. And We, We watch each step and we rejoice if it is made in the correct direction. And We, We watch each step and we rejoice if it is made in the correct direction.
474. In the past any mental orders, any forces it is impossible to change anything; it is possible to change only in the future because the present is a past consequence. Therefore the order, being at the bottom of future actions or conditions, always concerns or has to concern the future, to whatever relatives it was. One reasons thus, undesirable, are replaced with others, desirable. But after all and the undesirable reasons exist, giving the consequences. Here these reasons also should be destroyed in space and that to deprive the dense phenomena, which must display in the future, their astral basis without which any phenomenon of the dense world is impossible. If the dense phenomenon is destroyed, and its thin basis remained, it nevertheless will be shown sooner or later in the dense. Thus, if circumstances or people don't submit to the mental order, it is necessary desirable conditions to design in the future, having put in it grain of future consequences. The future can't but obey to will, as though persistently there was a present if to apply a rhythm of repetitions. Future planning by thought – natural vital process and will plays thus a crucial role. Consciously people usually don't apply psych equipment in this process therefore also conscious counteraction can be met very seldom. To use force of conscious influence over free will of the person which will be read by us sacred, it is possible only in that case when it is necessary to fight with dark and their impact on mentality of the people who are easily coming under dark influences and when it is necessary to protect itself or relatives from the conscious attendants of darkness hiding behind backs of people around and through them of doing harm and damage. It is necessary to counteract evil will and to struggle with the evil always, and it is impossible to consider sacred free will of attendants of the darkness, seeking to kill each sprout of light and to destroy its carriers all means available to them, without reckoning absolutely with anything.
475. (M. A. Y.). Demons it is necessary to pass through annoy, without losing balance. Demons have to strengthen this quality of spirit. Without knowing that, they serve Light. They won't be able to overcome you, but to help is their duty. If knew that strengthen your force and, finally, appear in the miscalculation, of course, instantly would leave you. All will serve the one who irrevocably decided to follow the Lord.
476. (Nov. 22). My son can't stay consciousness on the same string of tension. Fluctuations of waves of consciousness are inevitable. Rhythm of waves is phenomenon lawful. Monotone isn't peculiar to consciousness life. Only these shouldn't be confused and consider that the Teacher left. Пралайи consciousnesses always precede new lifting and its new take-off. Morning is replaced in the evening, and spring in the summer. Change – a basis of the natural phenomena. Change is a movement. And movement is a pulsation. Heart pulses and the consciousness pulses! In time Pralaya in patience and trust it is necessary to wait approach of a new step. Lack of a rhythm and waves would cause monotone, and monotone attenuation, but already without possibility of the following lifting. Wisely laws of evolution of spirit work, them they should know and live agrees.
477. (M. A. Y.). How to reconcile care, compassion and love of the Lord to the relatives with cold, cruel and brutal severity of living conditions of the dense world, with callousness human and that suffering which accompanies a course of life of the person? The way of evolution dense is heavy. Form – anything and anything her suffering before infinity of existence of the vital principle in it. Also is inevitable and the death of each form. Suffering and death is partners in life. Sufferings cause movement in substance of conductors and do them more susceptible and distinguished. The death of a form allows, having dumped it, to replace old new. The suffering and death is a payment for receiving Gifts of Evolution. For nothing is given. And each suffering bears the fruit and moves further.
478. (M. A. Y.). . And still, after all words, it is necessary to tell that most important of everything that happens to the person whoever he was where it was, and what it did, is a process of its internal transformation, is a lifting of its spirit, is an ascension its uninterrupted, firm, persistent and lightful. If this process is available, all the rest is justified, as lifting steps. If it doesn't go anywhere, and marks time or even everything lasts back, that at it or round it, loses the meaning because no self-sufficing value has. Life if evolution of spirit stopped is deprived of sense. People live and are occupied with everything, anything, but only not to for the sake of what exist for the sake of what on Earth and that only justifies their existence. Ask one thousand people for what they live. Nobody will answer correctly. It is difficult to live senselessly. From here both all absurd of life and it’s all insoluble problems. The one who knows for the sake of what he lives as differs from the one who doesn't know how blind – from able to see.
479. (Nov. 23). Unveil commonness everyday occurrences and you will see singularity a face. For blind men all usually and new isn't present anything. But unless there can be something usual where in the basis real fire is put. What can be more usually than a sun beam? But when secret it will solve, to people the world hidden until then from them by covers of commonness will open. Each flower is secret. Secret – each living being and even a stone. But the greatest secret from secrets is a person. And, seeing before itself daily thousands persons, people so get used to each other that behind a commonness cover from secret of the person doesn't remain anything. But the secret of the person nevertheless that also remains, unresolved and so far from the decision, as well as in the beginning. It is given thousands names to of what consists the people, who are most difficult and most scientific, but the person still remains a sphinx, and its secret not comprehended. Look for outside, but don't look for inside. The knife of the anatomist won't solve a problem of existence of the person, as well as a pile of scientific researches. Everyone reaches understanding of that everything is hidden in him, in the depth of its intimate essence, and everyone only itself can resolve the secret. Many passed on this way of comprehension of the internal essence and left way milestones following them. But how there were obvious they and whatever exhaustive the explanations and interpretation of these instructions seemed, each person has to go and pass on this way of internal self-cognition the feet both own experience and efforts. And whatever the person told, the soul lost and, again found it, words of others experience before who looks for the same won't reach. They, of course, will help and even will specify the direction, but knowledge of skilled comprehension of won't give. But, when everything is made that in human forces to come nearer to the solution of this problem, then it is necessary to wait when the seed will give shoots, a sprout and, at last, a fiery flower of spirit. Outside it don't look for, because all secret of the person – inside.
480. (M. A. Y.). Here I passed one more day and as it is a little made during it for spirit advance. It is so much word, it is so much thoughts, it is so much desire to promote further, and... Anything. The truth should look in eyes and it is necessary to see how a little becomes and as it is much thought and spoken. If words always meant affairs what shining heights were reached by spirit of the person? But words cover affairs, and good intentions and thoughts – their implementation, and behind this double fencing consisting of wished and imagined achievements, it isn't visible to their futility, deprived of a basis of the practical appendix to life. The thought not applied won't give consequences and won't give in the Bowl of deposits of crystals of fire that is after it doesn't leave a trace. Only that is enclosed in practice in vital application and is approved thus, only it and will give desirable consequences. All the rest will be distraught time whirlwinds.
481. Silence sometimes that is already good that the difficult device of a loudspeaker human is at rest and doesn't demand any power consumption. Even rest is necessary for language. At silence the whole equipment and a network connected with it is switched off. People don't think, how many energy is spent for a word-talking and most often in vain. Nevertheless it is necessary to accustom it to saying excess words and to be silent when it is possible. It has double advantage: first, saves vital force, secondly, accustoms to restraint and self-discipline. It is better to keep silent always when it is possible. From two people of absolutely identical force that will be stronger who will be silent. Words always bear for themselves this or that extent of disclosure of to the interlocutor. Disclosure always means control transfer over itself to other consciousness, as well as its assumption inside. Silent it is always well protected, at least one only the silence phenomenon. The talker can't be mentally strong even if he would like that. Reticence helps to store solemnity. It is incompatible with shatters, or garrulity. It is possible to speak and has to, but each word let will be blow "..." in space. Each word of the person, able to be silent, it is worth talking hundred fans. If people knew how they much lose thanking an idle-verbosity! It is necessary to leave all conventions of etiquette. To say words only to speak, – that can be more ridiculous than it. The solemnity excludes phrase-mongering. Discipline of speech is the necessary thing.
482. (Nov. 25). The impressions arriving through external sense organs, go from that is called as the world dense. These impressions are registered consciousness without difficulty. But the impressions going from the Thin World are so soft that often aren't caught absolutely. According to the plan of evolution thin and dense feelings have to be in complete equilibrium and be registered consciousness with identical ease. If this ability to give to people now, they would drown, like mediums, in the phenomena of the astral plan and would be averted from life terrestrial, so still difficult and heavy. Now look for oblivion in wine and nicotine, and then would began to look for in the phenomena of the Thin World. The new Era comes under the sign of connection of two worlds, but the consciousness of the majority is yet ready, and there is an evolution delay. At natural and lawful at occurrence in life of the Hidden World disbalance shouldn’t would be to be, but curve living conditions break lawful course of evolution. Therefore living conditions should be changed urgently. In it sense and haste of the events occurring now on a planet. Powers of darkness counteract changes, strong clinging to the old; become obsolete forms of life, in every way seeking to prevent the statement of the New World. Us full transformation of external forms of life that the new internal contents could be poured in in them is planned. But counteraction of darkness is great. Certainly, it over time will be broken, but the payment won't be small also. Especially heavy at this fight to the consciousnesses which already far have moved ahead and ready accept of Gift Evolution. It is necessary to bear double loading: for surrounding imperfection and for counteraction of henchmen of darkness. But time presses. Reaction of elements is fraught with big dangers and can be expressed in strong disbalance of the nature. Danger of planetary explosion yet didn't pass. Provision of a planet not is lung. Everyone who consciously or unconsciously reaches for balance can help. All-planetary association aspiring to balance and the world of hearts is necessary to bridle ardent activity of darkness. Time special, time difficult, time intense extraordinary!
483. (M. A. Y.). Yes, of course, in Elevated opportunities to apply the work and aspiration it is for the public good infinite more, than in Mira Earth. There are neither spatial restrictions, nor other, invented by people. The thought freely creates and if it from Light, its light extends as is free in this world of freedom as light from the lamp in darkness on Earth extends. Is and there the difficulties, obstacles, counteractions and resistance, but all of them other order and treat already products of mental activity of consciousness. Here this fight has external character and often depends on an external ratio of forces. In the same place she is defined by force and a fiery of mental energy of the person and her commitment. Certainly, fight there is sharper, more intense and more dramatic. Here it is possible to evade somehow from it, but there desertion is impossible because there not to leave any more and not to evade from inevitability of a choice between Light and darkness. If there can be still a fluctuation and a green away from responsibility, there is no it there. Everyone determines already by one condition of the consciousness the place on the Life Ladder on that or this party of Good or the evil.
484. (Nov. 25). Accept blessing at an o'clock difficult. They have no consolation because don't trust in the future, but knowing has it? The burden of the current hour is inevitable in a vale terrestrial. But "even it will pass". Will pass everything, and there is no force which could detain passable further term. Also there is no eternal test also. In pass ability – pleasure, pleasure to that conditions people around will change. Their aggravating often occurs from a press, of spatial currents, and then burden not personal, but spatial. Burden of the Atlas not fairy tale, but is everyday reality of distinguished consciousness. Not only the burden is born by it on itself, but also is burden of people around and surrounding, and spatial loading. People think to evade responsibility for the neighbor, from responsibility for all, but it is self-deception, it is absolutely impossible because the person is connected with all that surrounds it, with invisible and visible spheres around indissolubly. The exchange goes the constant. All bodies react to vibrations of a matter of which they consist and which corresponds to conformable them to space plans: the physical – physical, astral – astral, mental – mental and so on. The general trouble and disbalance planets are heavy reflected in the centers and consciousness of the person. From here is and burden. The consciousness is higher, the Burden, the Burden of this world is heavier. Only for the sake of the future and for the sake of Lords it is possible to hold it, without having broken under it.
485. (M. A. Y.). As also I had to approve every day myself in Light. Life wasn't easy. And if to you with your refinement of an organism hard what was to Me at the centers open. But the Lord Told: load more strongly Me. It was Told by Him, Bearing burden of the Atlas. What I can tell to you, and a thousand share of loading it not bearing? You want you don't want, and it is necessary to bear. Is it better to carry by the burden with honor, by spirit under it without having bent?
486. (Nov. 26). Well also it is useful to think and even to speak about itself in the third party as though from outside, having as though departed from itself. It is good to think thus that it not I, but it, someone another, goes, speaks, moves, smiles and does different things. It is good to present itself observing, out of a body and to look at itself, having departed far away, in the same way to look how the person looks at people absolutely foreign. Here to it is good, and he is glad, here he was afflicted and is grieved, here it went somewhere, and here he sits. It, it, it, but not I, but not looking at him does something. Too the person grows to the covers, identifying itself with them and growing into them is continuous. It is necessary to destroy this communication, it is necessary to learn to dismember the covers, separating it invested by them, that invest it. When simply, easily and cheerfully to live, difficult to separate them from itself but when too it becomes heavy and intolerable, there is a wish to escape then to spirit from a shape of a dense body and its environment and therefore to think of the covers, having separated them from itself, perhaps the very useful.
487. (M. A. Y.). There are no tests, benefit not bringing. Something gives everyone. And then heavier it, especially advantage brings. At some skill it is possible to learn to distinguish benefit brought by test quickly enough, learning a necessary lesson. Each burdening is accompanied by extraction from it experience given to them. Certainly, happens sometimes hard and even it is intolerable, but and the advantage is always great. It is possible even to wonder that it gives me, obvious burdening by circumstances. It will help as well to pass through them. After all the payment goes for acquisition of imperishable accumulation, a payment temporary for timeless acquisition.
488. To live for others, forgetting about itself it is perfect, well already because forces consciousness to separate as though from the covers and to live at first out of their interests, and then already and the. Each thought, feeling or the action, tearing off from it and the covers is valuable.
489. (Nov. 27). The egoism is the phenomenon of a psychophysiological order. When the person thinks only of himself and is occupied only by itself and everything put, both acts, and his thoughts are directed from themselves and to themselves, and the consciousness him is concluded and strong attached to those its covers in which his personality, its temporary and mortal being is concluded. The mortal personality is concluded in his physical, astral, thin and mental bodies which all consistently die and are dumped by spirit. When all interests and feelings of the person are concentrated in them, together with them his personality dies also, and doesn't remain anything in what human life after release from all these mortal covers consciously could be shown. If in the Highest Super personal Triad during life terrestrial accumulation of elements enduring isn’t postponed, the consciousness has nothing and there is nothing to reveal. Ardent private life of egoism phenomenon in conductors is receptacles of the personal beginning. When the person thinks not of himself, but about others and starts living the interests bringing him out of limits of his personality, it leaves the covers and stays out of them, coming off them and transferring the consciousness for borders of the circle outlined by each of covers, making his personality. To lead life super personal, to live interests of other people – collective, society, the state, all mankind – means to escape from aura's egg of the personality and to concern area of the phenomena super personal. The egoism of subjects also is limited that is concluded as in a dungeon, in the covers, sphering itself consciousness of all restrictions which cause a display of the personal beginning in the person. The personality and identity differ between itself as Light or darkness, freedom or slavery, life or death, an extremity and Boundlessness. Live to it and – Means to doom itself to death and destruction, because all covers in which can phenomenon life of the personality are mortal. To live out of itself, out of the interests, to live for the sake of others, for the sake of General Welfare – the immortality means to approve on Earth and in the Worlds, accumulating thereby and approving elements enduring in the microcosm. The spirit, of course, doesn't die, whatever life there lived the person but if deposits of a super personal order it isn't saved up in the Bowl, that, having dumped all mortal covers, the spirit won't have of what there is a conscious life on that plan of the Elevated World where the Immortal Triad of the person is shown. Let's assume that somebody liked to eat and drink, dress well, loved comfort and conveniences of easy and careless life that it’s all interests were limited to conditions of terrestrial life and consisted only in meeting desires of a body that all activity of his consciousness was concentrated in its lowest covers. Than he can live and as when in what he lived, will cease to invest it. There will be no stomach which can be filled with viands, there will be no body which could be cared, preserved and invested with fashionable suits, there will be nothing from this, than it lived on the earth and was closely connected with Earth. He lived for itself (himself) and, but what he lived and for what, will cease to exist. Than live and how? He died, but the people to which it belonged, continue to exist, but he never lived interests of the people and therefore the consciousness won't have it part in life of these people. Both interests of all mankind and ideas of General Welfare he too didn't live never so and in this area to it remains nothing. Having shipped itself in personal and serving egoism, it thereby doomed itself (himself) death, because finite and are mortal both the personality, and egoism, but the area of life super personal is immortal. When the Lord told: "I in you... ", the immortality I approved by a formula of this. The love for the neighbor, to mankind is the principle approving, first of all, life and immortality of spirit, approving in it this love, a way outputting consciousness out of limits of a circle of hopelessness, outlined by the personality and egoism of the person. It will be correct to tell that the love is life, and egoism, egoism and the personality – death. It is immortal that, who lives not itself, but for others.
490. (M. A. Y.). It is better, better to think not of itself, but of others. It is better, better to live interests of neighbors, than the interests. Better, better, at least on small to approve greatness and the immortality, than on the great – negligibility and egoism.
491. Why the fear is terrible? Not therefore that is ardent expression of a grin of the egoism, which is afraid for the existence and interests.
492. (Nov. 28). If to include consciousness in the sphere of universal interests, it thereby is switched off to a certain extent from the sphere of interests personal. Can happen and so that the sphere the general, super personal will replace completely with itself the personal sphere. So it always also happens at those who spirit is great. The bowl of General Welfare replaces the phenomena of a personal order. Walking upstairs spirit, and through this step it is necessary to go as only provided that further lifting is possible. All should understand heart that the personal means final, limited and mortal. At each embodiment on the earth immortal identity of the person clothes the covers which set makes his personality. The purpose of existence of the next personality on a planet is to collect the necessary material of experience for reincarnating identity of the person, for the Immortal Triad to enrich it with new accumulation and to give the chance these of fuller manifestation on those highest plans of life where the Triad exempted from narrowness of the lowest covers connecting it stays. It also is the purpose, appointment and sense of the human person. In itself it isn't end in itself, but only means, the tool, the tool for achievement of the purpose higher and considerable. In each of the next embodiments his personal expression is given to the person: today it is the soldier, tomorrow the carpenter, then the slave, then the governor, then the monk, then the copyist and so on and further, the spirit comprehensively and widely yet won't concern the most various living conditions which give the chance to it as comprehensively to open inexhaustibility and force of potential of its spirit. To attach itself to the identity of one of last embodiments or embodiments of the present and to identify itself with her – means to limit boundlessness of the opportunities to a small world of this temporary and close combination of external conditions which in itself, taken separately, are deprived of self-sufficing value. Everything that is connected with the identity of the person, can't replace to him centuries-old diverse experience of his identity on which vital thread of the personality are strung as a separate beads. All identity can't usually be shown within the individual and therefore is shown only partially. Personality owing to purely physical restrictions seldom happens, expressing all accumulation of identity. And only there, on the plan immortal, all accumulation of the infinite centuries, all fires of the achievements flash. The personality – the tool of the Immortal Triad, and as that – the performer of her tracings, her will, approaching it to full and conscious merge to the Immortal Triad on the earth, for the present in a body. Expression "to be taken on the Sky live" and means this dissolution of the personality and merge of her consciousness to consciousness the highest, with consciousness of identity that means achievement of a step of not interruptibility of consciousness upon transition of Great Borders, that is at the moment of death of the person when his body, in which phenomenon his personality and with which often it identified herself dies. The personality and her sufferings – anything in comparison with those achievements which collect in the Bowl thanks to all experiences of life terrestrial, so bitter and heavy at times. Qualities of spirit also are those elements of immortality which are so necessary for filling of the Bowl and which absence dooms the person to impossibility to prove on the highest plans of the Elevated World.
493. (M. A. Y.). The teacher seeks to Shine life comprehensively and so that to give an impulse to move further at all which are even most difficult, even the most impossible combinations of external conditions. When the sense of the most difficult test is realized, it is possible to go even through it, without losing balance of spirit and commitment. If only to understand, for what and why, – and it is possible to move. It is impossible to reconcile with senselessness of those difficulties which are given by life. But time "is conscious their sense, there are also forces for overcoming because are inexhaustible. Yes! Yes! Yes! Strength of mind when it is called consciously is inexhaustible. Let's pass through everything and we will reach. So precepted the Lord!
494. The personality can be the enemy of the Highest Triad and can be her friend. The personality is obliged to be the obedient servant of the Immortal Triad.
495. The dream was very significant: smoky, poisonous breath was sent by the pupil to the Teacher of Light, adding these still big loading to an unreasonable burden it instead of to facilitate it. It specifies that passable test isn't passed and personal experiences were so burdensome that made heavier the Leader. Private matters of aura shouldn't paint. And when light inside is replaced with darkness what radiates then the spirit which has given in to burden?
496. Has no value why something becomes not as it is necessary or why the pupil behaves as shouldn't conduct. Time the fact of the wrong behavior and offense is available, so something is unsuccessful inside. Links to the external reasons is not justifications. The way lies inside. And everyone has in itself (himself) the judge.
497. (M. A. Y.). "The Guru has no personal thought". The personal grief and personal pleasure is egoism service. The super personal pleasure and super personal grief equally serve expansion of consciousness and are equivalently useful. The first connect and enslave him, the second liberate. Service to mankind is service to the highest beginning in itself, and a self-service – to its lowest covers. On all personal feelings the hopelessness and destruction press, that are passing ability and death, because final they lie.
498. (Nov. 29). Accept a new message. Shifts go on all planets. Let the present won't cover the future. There is a wave of surprises. They think that they direct events, instead of our Hand. Yes! Yes! Also would destroy also it and others if directed. Concession to crafty hands don't consider crafty as a victory and not concession, but delay and resistance evolutions from the dark and their henchmen. Hardly the consciousness human goes to Light towards. But terms don't wait. They exactingly direct a planet to a reorganization and transformation. Also there are no such forces which, despite all seeming power leaving, could hold a mighty stream of evolution. Therefore and it is necessary to prepare to that goes, to the future, in all its surprise, singularity and novelty. New bellows and New wine! Life changes and new ideas win, creating new consciousness. On a change surface not always it is possible to see. The main phenomenon of transformation of mankind goes in the area of heart and who or that can stop that occurs in its depths. And if all evidence strong growls "no", We Tell that "yes" and We Claim, going all-planetary, heart transformation. It is impossible to rely on visibility and evidence. Underground currents aren't visible to an eye. But We See and we Know, and We Claim and We Say that the victory is traced in stars. How many they hating Light, would like to rush in a destruction and mutually destruction chasm. And as strong they work on casting a planet into not predicates horrors of new war. But We speak "no" to war and "yes" the world. Also it will be true as We Speak. A lot of things depend on a light tonality of spatial beams. On it depends both the course of evolution and a mood of consciousness of mankind. Terms dictate the Will to the person. And the one Who Came to Earth that Will Terms Execute, He Will execute for the sake of what It Came.
499. To see the World River, it is necessary to rise over it, it is necessary to rise by its highest top, Top of the Mountain of Mother of the World. But the mountain is high, and its plumbs are cool, and approaches and slopes are dangerous, and with freight heavy personal load not to reach Top. But if forces to find it to dump both the personality and the egoism to leave below, it is possible to reach Top and to see from it the World river, a great stream of evolution of the world. Contraflows and whirlpools and the streams leaving down, in depth, don't influence the current of a stream at all because are carried away forward, in the future together with a stream. Let them don't confuse the directed heart because the river of life directed in the future, anything can't stop. And the directed heart, merging with a stream, to increase tenfold the force, because joins the Source inexhaustible power. And the directed heart, merging with a stream, to increase tenfold the force because joins the Source of inexhaustible power. From Top of Mother of the World Life can see Eternal the river.
500. (M. A. Y.). To whom the Lord can tell: help to keep balance? Only the next only that, in whom it is confident. Both not arrogance it and not a self-extol, but sincere desire to help Tom Who Bears on itself(himself) unreasonably heavy Burden of this World. Each sincere desire and aspiration to the help will be accepted because not to It helps, but only. And when to Light of its aura light directed to It in the help of heart is added, it is pleasure to the Lord because so it isn't enough of those who want to give, and it is a lot of wishing only to take. Benefit giving to people, people bearing Light, where you? Why so it isn't enough of you striving for the help to the World? But the one who passed this significant line separating those who only takes, from giving, that already entered into a circle of spirit of the next to the Lord. Why all seek only to take when the donation and is receiving. Receiving without a donation can't be because it will be not receiving, and a consuming of others force. Therefore also bring Specify at least small that then to receive. Without bringing there is no receiving. Even jugs for receiving it are necessary to bring most, and it is necessary, of course, to come, because not comer receives. The law of receiving and return is opposite poles of the same phenomenon. It is impossible to bear Light, without shining, that is it without giving, and it is impossible, Light without giving, not to fill up it because interchange happens naturally and lawfully. The nature doesn't suffer emptiness and quickly restores balance if norms of lawful return aren't broken. Excessive luminous efficiency, or delivery mental energy, as it is harmful, as well Urea media * and balance are necessary in everything.
* Golden mean (lat.) .
501. It isn't necessary to reproach itself that is written down thoughts fine so much and it is made a little and put into practice so much. All these thoughts which have passed through a lens of consciousness remained on its field as seeds of future shoots which will ascend sooner or later and will give the harvest. The aspiration and constancy on time the chosen and approved way, maybe, imperceptibly, but truly change gradually all person and force consciousness grow imperceptibly for an eye. There is a spiritual transmutation of all essence of the person and replacement in it old the new. If something is accepted in consciousness and the seal of his statement, once is set on accepted and somewhere is immutable уявитсяphenomenon in operation, perhaps, on the plan terrestrial, perhaps, in Elevated. It is possible therefore to be glad that crops of grains are great. But let it will serve as well as the prevention to that any thought, good or bad, allowed in consciousness, will yield the fruit in the future and will remind of need of continuous patrol and severe control over thought.
502. My friend if the attitude of the Teacher towards the pupil is as kaleidoscopically to change as the condition of the pupil changes, the statement about stability of the Teacher will be deprived of any sense. The Lord is unchangeable is a situation it is necessary to acquire and, having acquired, not to put the relation of the Teacher in dependence on convertibility of the moods. The lord is a fortress, it is a watchtower in which rooms the exhausted and become exhausted traveler will find a shelter and protection. I is the Shelter to spirit, I is from Waves Ocean the Stronghold. I am a Source satisfying a chasm of searches. I am the Purpose on a way boundless. I am Focus for the highest aspirations. I the Highest knowledge Guarantor am! I am a Compass, which is shining on night. I am to your spirit the Magnet. I – the Way laid for you in Boundlessness. I am your support and an anchor in boundless open spaces of space. I am a fiery column of indestructible Light for people of all times, for people of all people and for all who lives on the earth and in the worlds. Shambhala I am a Lord.
503. (M. A. Y.). . Life specifies that doesn't pass any test without advantage. At first test is, and behind it immediately and receiving. That gives the next burdening by circumstances; some other way can't be received. Way this fastest is and way this shortest. And the conscientious attitude to that method which in each this interval of time is applied by the Teacher to training, is necessary for fuller and fast assimilation of the next lesson. Everything is thought over, all is considered and each burden is weighed. Achievements, experience and knowledge rely on the second bowl of scales. The payment and receiving are counterbalanced precisely. Why there is nevertheless a desire to take, desire to take and it is as much as possible, and to take, without paying? Receiving can rejoice, not grieve about a payment. We pay to what not ours, but received remains at us. Experience of knowledge of the person but as the knowledge of the nature human is valuable is bitter. And who from going to the Lord will agree to give this knowledge for opportunity to avoid its acquisition by life experience. Wisely the Teacher conducts, considering all difficulties and roughnesses of a way. Experience of life terrestrial is necessary for a way to Boundlessness.
504. (Nov. 30). To study always and everywhere and to everything that is necessary in a way distant, there is a property and feature of the pupil. Life is the school best of all existing schools, and opportunity to study on it is boundless. The teacher gives lessons, necessary for assimilation, and teaches reality on striking examples, differently how to distinguish reality from evidence and Maya from essence of life. Maya also is the most ardent example of pass ability and temporariness of dreams and illusions of dense existence. They strong approve themselves, pnenomenon the evidence, but the highly experienced traveler of a way to Boundlessness will tell that all this Maya. But the Teacher is not Maya, and not his Maya Doctrine. And not Maya Laws of Space life and not Maya that purpose to which there is an incarnate. Not Maya the Hierarchy of Light Not Maya all that We Call bases of the Doctrine of Life. Therefore we Call bases them that in a fog of illusions of deceptive Maya it is possible to lean on them, it is possible to be approved on them and, having made them the life base, never already to depart from them. Among constantly changing phenomena of the outside world, and also thoughts and feelings of the person, not transient they also are strong. On the earth and in the worlds they are equally necessary. In a raging sea the person is similar to a stem without them. Therefore I Speak – approve bases. Even knowledge of the earth it is passing, but bases are eternal. Space is based on them, on them evolution of mankind and everything is under construction that is in a stream it. All future of a planet is under construction on these bases. Therefore I Speak, the bases protect. They can't be destroyed. The sun will come also the Moon, but not bases. They can leave understanding of the person, but they remain in the entire firm, unshakable truth of true, eternal and timeless life. Study bases because the Stone of the eternal basis of life is based upon them.
505. (M. A. Y.). . That around, everything is boundless: it is boundless the beginning and has no end. We live in Boundlessness, concerning its all parties of the existence and the most being. Its essence display strong in everything: in boundlessness of qualities and feelings, in boundless space, in contacts eternity of our consciousnesses. Even the science says that the matter is eternal and movement in it is eternal. Nothing has the end, began, as well as top and a bottom, as well as the center, which everywhere, with a circle also everywhere. And time isn't present, but there is an eternity, and time – Maya illusion. And everything that we see and we hear, reality myself doesn't show because covers darken knowledge of spirit. The eternal truth of the real – on their party, knowledge of spirit not lit up. But the reality is, and it can be known, having removed from consciousness personal glasses. When egoism points are removed, the reality of the real begins display the shape and knowledge of spirit becomes available. Feeling-knowledge, or direct knowledge of reality, will be achievement of the one who is exempted from Maya power of the terrestrial and passing personality investing on the earth of the person and replacing to it immortal essence of it thanks to the same Maya and ardent brightness of dreams of terrestrial existence.
506. Think that property to perceive vibrations of external influences is peculiar to people, animals and plants and in general live organisms. But perceive even stones, being heated under sun beams. Property to perceive and imprint the apprehended all matter possesses, and is infinite more widely than that framework to which limits it. Each subject, who was long in possession of the person, can tell a lot of things to the one who will manage to ask and catch the answer. Everything that happened to the person in the presence of this subject, he can tell, having developed before asking consciousness I kiss to the movie of the occurred events. Walls of ancient houses, rooms, locks, cathedrals too could tell a lot of things. Rings, necklaces, bracelets, crowns store in themselves everything that occurred at their presence. Each subject imprints on itself deposits of those vibrations which accumulate on it. All history of Rome is imprinted on the stones which have remained in it seeing that in it was. Any subject two next instants any more the same, exactly, thanking as to stratifications from external vibrations, and from changes which continuously go in him. No value has that the person of it doesn't notice and that there are still no such devices which could note these thinnest changes, but they are, and it is impossible to deny them. The fiery equipment of some people obviously catches these stratifications of last times on subjects. Even call this ability and process by a psychometriya. Not in it business, but heavy and strongly accumulates on all surrounding the person not only that occurs probably to an eye, but also all his intimate thoughts and feelings, reserving the movie of fulfillments. Akasha's chronicle exists in space, but fragments it is imprinted and on each subject which is as though the mute witness of going and last events. These stratifications are from darkness or Light. Truly, there are the things bearing pleasure or a grief, blessing or a damnation happy or unhappy – everything depends on degree and quality of their stratifications. Things and the subjects which were in possession of sacred and devotees, are saturated with good aura. But it is possible to imagine, than the ring of the Satanist of big degrees is saturated. It is necessary to treat ancient things especially carefully! It is a lot of poison on many of them. Therefore in World Thin, where the dense is removed a veil, all subjects are distinguishable on the treatment of light and shade. Coloring of some is fine, saturated thin, harmonious tones. But cellars of the astral world are gloomy and are dark and saturated with poison of a stench which accompanies all phenomena of the lowest order. Not about people there is this speech, and about what they invest and that they layer on everything that the surrounds. Consequences of the thoughts and emotions aren't seen by them, but they are seen by callous stones, both walls of houses, and subjects which it is close; all see and imprint on themselves. And the benefit to the one who sates with the light these unknown to the world of silent witnesses of acts human, but a grief to litter dark.
507. My son, consequences a not the reasonable affect not at once, but depth of understanding it is possible to correct. Understanding is display in immediate application of the understood. I want to give even more, but the capacity of consciousness puts a limit. Therefore it is better to premise to receiving call, or aspiration, or I thirst for spiritual knowledge because then the spirit magnet is put in action. The crystals of mental aspirations put in consciousness, are similar to magnets of energy. Saturation goes in the area of magnetic forces and in the accord with them, as – an attraction. The law is simple and exact and commensurate always. Therefore it is possible to work it is sure and immutable, knowing that the Law works smoothly. Work in the field of psych equipment excludes any indistinct and foggy uncertainty. Laws of the accord are immutable, as well as magnetization of thoughts. Laws of the accord are immutable, as well as magnetization of thoughts. Knowing that the Law commensurate, it is possible to imagine almost unmistakably that expects this person in Elevated. Not prediction, but knowledge of action of the Law of causes and effects. Think to leave from results of the acts, from the Karma, but unless it is possible to leave from itself, from destiny which is concluded in the person in the form of crystallized energy of the reasons creating destiny of the person. The magnet of spirit is strong. It creates the Karma. Therefore from karmic consequences it is impossible to leave. Therefore it is better to transfer karma current to will of the Lord, having told all force of heart: "Yes there will be your will, the Lord". From destiny not to leave but when betrays itself spirit to will of the Lord, it suddenly finds force quietly, without fear and firmly to meet any wave. Ability and skill is beautiful to meet waves depends on the will legend to the will of the Lord.
508. (M. A. Y.). Boundlessness can't be concluded in any number of hand-written pages. As also the Ocean of Spatial Thoughts any records can't be settled. And with it sooner or later it is necessary to reconcile. For the subsequent these records are necessary, but it is necessary to point nevertheless to inexhaustibility of thought and that access to spatial thought is open for people; not for the elite only, but for all – everything, everything who will dare to be knocked.
509. (Dec. 1). The astral susceptibility and astral feelings fade in order that they were replaced with themselves by feelings fiery. At once it can't occur – time is necessary. There is a gap during which the first become silent and yet the second didn't start acting. The consciousness allows both clairvoyance, and clairluhear, and all other clairfeeling, but the fiery device isn't issued yet. And then we Speak: patience and trust up to the end. Even if one will be lit only the center is already achievement. It is impossible to accelerate. The violence over a fiery body is inadmissible. Artificial measures are destructive. Wisdom of the Teacher should provide process and to wait patiently and in full confidence to the Driving Hand. Judgmenting won't leave whatever far or unattainable it seemed. But also the hand should be laid not to disturb growth of a fiery flower. All drugs, wine and tobacco are excluded. Meat and burdening by stomach food is excluded. The irritation, despondency, discontent, concern, fear and all other feelings of a negative scale of emotions are excluded. The astral is bridled. All covers are seized will and balance of spirit is approved. Certainly, the task is hard, and the way isn't close to it, but the purpose is great and сияюща. This process is connected with registration of a fiery body which can't happen before term. And therefore once again I Speak: patience up to the end.
510. (M. A. Y.). Turns of a spiral of consciousness are directed in time from the past in the future. Each subsequent round is excellent from previous, though is similar to it: it is similar, but not identical, and each piece of a round isn't similar at each other. All qualities of spirit are subject to spiral development also. The spiral isn't the plane because it is extended in time: the distance between rounds depends on degree, force and tension of tendency of spirit. Than directed, especially the spiral is extended, and depends already on the core durability that movement of consciousness on it was rhythmical, constant and intense. The doctrine of tension provides also this condition, connecting tension with a fiery: the more tensely, the fiery and lightful. Tension is a fiery – Light. So there is consciousness growth on a spiral, refine and forcing the wakening centers of a fiery body and subjects making out it.
511. My friend, people are connected with each other by external and internal bonds. Internal stronger and is longer. They are invisible, but they are. Those close people also are close. I told that you will remain one. Here also remained. Where they standing to heart it are so close? But warm threads are strong. They can sustain any spatial tension and to become from it only stronger. Karmic threads don't try so simply. Again it is necessary to face or here, on Earth, either in World Aboveground, or in one or many of future lives. Both here and there will be a continuation begun on the interrupted point. But spirit it is possible to concern during any instant. But it is more difficult to see if the internal eye didn't open yet.
512. (Dec. 2). Each victory over matters is as a step for another, following it. Grains of victorious acts, both big, and small, cover the future with the opportunities growing from them. The chain of causality is continuous. Many chains automatically proceed in the future without will intervention, but on will depends weak links of chains to strengthen or even to replace new. In the present links of a chain can be changed. The chain remains, but metal is replaced with the new. The form of many links can't be changed as it is impossible to change growth, either color of eyes, or a hump behind a back, but the contents or substance structure probably quite. (...) on this embodiment remain invariable, but that by means of them the will can make, depends already on the person. The will is free in known limits which extend all the time in process of its growth. I consider will as the Supreme prerogative of spirit, and education by its phenomenon by the most necessary. Many tried to strengthen the will and many weren't successful. Setting tasks to it and them carrying out, stumbled on tasks difficult. And the decision is simple: its sense in that at first to strengthen will on things, for will feasible, easy, not undermining self-confidence and in the forces, gradually, persistently and steadily increasing difficulties of tasks carried out by will. Then the belief in the forces will become stronger also. Power of will can infinitely increase. The limit to it isn't present. It is possible to judge power of fiery will at will of the Founder of the Planet, or even the whole system of the worlds. They too once were people, and their will was human will. It is necessary a task to understand, it is necessary a task to put and to the purpose steadily to go.
513. (M.A. Y.). Yes! Yes! Yes! To extinguish a fire of personal sensitive in order that the perception was pure and not painted by them, it is absolutely necessary. It is necessary to forget about itself absolutely for a while. Self-forgetfulness, self-dismissal, and self-rejection are an inevitable condition of pure, spotless perception of spatial parcels. As the beam of pure thought can sink if its lens is poured by various shades of the personal experiences which paints can be such dense and dense that they at all won't pass a beam. The formula "be rejected from itself" is strong keeps the vitality.
514. How to refine a barrier between visible and invisible the worlds? It refines itself as soon as activity of external sense organs and thoughts accompanying it fades. Terrestrial calms down – acts Elevated. Calm down of usual activity of consciousness forces to be shown thin feelings of sight and hearing first of all. On dream border thin impressions already interfere. It is necessary to pay special close attention because these instants can give a lot of things to it.
515. (Dec. 3). If life is a way of mankind to Light, delays on this way will be the phenomena going against evolution. As dark stains on aura of a planet is these delays. They, breaking vibrations of aura's radiations, break a current of magnetic currents and cause metabolism frustration in a planet organism. These violations phenomenon in droughts, floods, fluctuations unexpected temperatures also are very similar to symptoms of a disease of a human body – analogy full. Mankind, making the highest principles of a planetary body, has huge influence on the correct functioning of vital forces of Earth. At a disbalance they are exhausted, causing a disease goes on. Not to order a garden terrestrial and not to decorate it and fertility of soils not to lift if violations proceed so tensely as earlier, - cannot sustain the ground. But same reaction of a matter influence of unorganized mental energy. World peace a lot of things will help to order and balance forces.
516. (M. A. Y.). The consciousness devastation often depends on a degaussing its surrounding sphere. One in the field the soldier but as to him it is heavy when a unification of force it is impossible to increase because it is empty around. It is necessary to pass through the phenomena of a degaussing, holding a close unification with the Teacher of Light. Otherwise it is possible and not to sustain the luminous efficiency phenomena.
517. Let’s are glad even to a small victory over, everyone we will be glad because everyone serves as pledge and the guarantee new and larger, and everyone serves as a seed for development of that quality or property which is put in this victory. In the long term the future even small becomes great.
518. (M. A. Y.). Action joint with the Teacher demands bigger ability to own itself and known degree of balance. Neither in irritation, nor in despondency, neither in discontent, nor in rage, neither in fear, nor in envy, in any other low feelings together with the Teacher it is impossible to work and work.
519. (Dec. 4). People dream of the benefit and advantage for the world, and the advantage one – to be together with Me and to the world to shine (those). To the participant of fight Great with darkness is a merit forever. I will come. But a way for Arrival preparing obviously is to it Light. Already isn't present, but there is Light of the Lord, in itself approved as merge in the spirit of. There are no space obstacles for heart. Outside distances light connects hearts. The unification heart with Me, in the face of coming darkness, will be a victory and pleasure to me. I bless work of these records for the benefit going to Me. Power of darkness of a bike and the evil of the world strongly, but are powerless they when together with Me mine howl in a unification strong. Who is strong against Us?! The darkness is so won by a unification of consciousnesses and heart.
520. Yesterday's victory we Will consider. Currents of space were heavy and disharmonious. Using it, the darkness bulked up and surrounded and on an attack went. But in the face of the enemy balance of spirit is approved and contact was come into. And the request for the help was not in consciousness of the weakness, confusion and a clouding, with desire to be assigned to Me, but for association of forces for repulse to coming darkness. And it the guarantee was victories over it. Not complaints, not complaints, not a self-regret, not a type of a back and a green away, but in balance full to Me aspiration and association in the spirit of with Me. In these cases the darkness works with thought, throwing desire to be inclined before it and to give in to suggestions dark which force servants it. All this should be overcome; differently the unification can take place. But everything was observed, and this way got a victory. After a victory vigilance usually weakens, and it is followed by repeated attempt of darkness and an impact repeated. But one only the edge of a sword of vigilance can stop the most spiteful attack. It was correct as well that blows actively were struck to darkness. For this resourcefulness I Praise.
521. It is necessary to think of a victory not after it is reached, and is constant. There can't be a defeat when the Lord is close. The victorious condition of consciousness and full confidence of a victory are necessary as a condition of its obsession. The winner not without reason I Called, and our way victorious. The one, who with Us, knows, that it is the winner always.
522. (M. A. Y.). Pleasure at Us when we See how our soldiers fight and as they win. The Infinity of this fight cans though whom to frighten, but only not the soldier of spirit. Not in quantity business, but qualities of spirit of our soldier. Therefore, also very much it is spoken about qualities. The sword becomes tempered on fire, and spirit – in fight against darkness. We in each your action when action is light-. Each action of the person or light-, or is dark. Dark the darkness helps, light – We. It is possible to define from what thought, feeling or an act, from darkness or Light, and, having defined, know already without hesitation how to arrive. Choice one Is only that from Light. The low-slightest feelings and thoughts are especially important because when these crumbs – from darkness, danger from them, exactly thanks to their f little, negligibility and obscurity is especially great also. Small worm they in small cracks of consciousness creep then to expand in the whole dragon. Not on a dragon vigilance is necessary, but on these small and very dangerous wreckers of spirit. We will be saved from them.
523. On your aspiration it will be given you. And the donation will be accompanied by fire signs. Your way – for Me, there are no two ways about it. Keep inseparably is happiness of the judgmenting pupil. Our help is great, but it appears in operation. Only expediency of action will top away with Light.
524. (Dec. 5). I approve the phenomenon of the New World, but not in measures human. I approve Great Arrival. Transformation of Earth I Approve also transformation of hearts human. It is necessary to understand unification in the spirit of as a way of a display of New Earth and the New Sky. The unification in Light also will be the basis of the New World. Creation, but not destruction its call, and life construction is. On construction everything are called, but will build the responded. Great Selection is on Call and a response. Blind and deaf in darkness also remain, but not fallen asleep will begin to sound.
525. (M. A. Y.). And you to them tell: were called and responded; were blind and began to see clearly; there were one, but judgmenting meetings led to close hearts. Fire of spirit cover, let shines for those who sound on fire. Also know that in a unification force. Sets it isn't necessary, they after will come but who knows Us – them a little – those are strong a unification in the spirit of. Their forces will be increased, if in fight with the evil if in fight with itself resist. It isn't enough to be called, it isn't enough to respond, it is necessary to go and reach. Is strong, when with Us! Are strong when spirit dare, are strong when, strong going, goes! We with those, who with Us! Over them Hand is!
526. (Guru). We will come and them we will meet. We to them milestones will place ways. And We them will move. We conduct them long ago, only don't remember. But terms come to all. Terms of meetings and partings. Judgmenting of a meeting always under the Beam. To fires of heart we will be glad. It Us the lit flame.
527. (Dec. 6). My son, understanding of the statement of stability of the Teacher gives confidence that the source of his wisdom exudes in you incessantly. To open consciousness under its stream – means and receive incessantly. Space is saturated with an infinite set of the various phenomena of a visible and invisible order and myriads of beings of different types of evolution. Among all this the consciousness chooses that is conformable to it, and, eating a conformable wave, expands the limits. As it is exact and among all variety of thoughts and feelings and the phenomena surrounding it directly, the will can choose what wants, and to force consciousness to them accord. For this purpose the consciousness is adjusted on a desirable wave and sounds on it. Each record by the certificate serves accords with this, or that area of the thought anyway connected with the World of thoughts of the Teacher of Light. It is a lens through, which thought beams in focus of concentration of consciousness of the pupil arrive. Concentration is necessary because too many various vibrations pulse and fights around. It was correct Teachers the Face as though a lens to consider refractions of beams of spatial thought, more precisely, the thoughts rushing through space. The consciousness serves as a magnet of an attraction of thought. But as those thoughts, which are attracted in consciousnesses of different people are various on the character. Then and how explain this infinite variety of human thoughts? Only their magnetization, attracted according to the accord to the person. That is in the person, strong accord to that he attracts to itself (himself) from space. All mental human life accord laws operate. The popular wisdom which is expressing in a proverb is good and deep: "as the call, so the echo". Call and response is a decisive factor. The consciousness attuning on a desirable wave demands ability and understanding of the events at this process. Not magic, not spells, not prayers, not favor from heavens, but the appendix of the great law of the accord and property of magnetization of thought. It is necessary to leave any uncertainty, any accident, and any uncertainty. The law works precisely, is commensurable and immutable. Conformable thoughts at will of the person can fill consciousness him, and they can accord as to the highest spheres Elevated, or to thoughts of the Teacher of Light, or thoughts of attendants of darkness and the phenomena of the lower class of the astral world. As well as in everything, the freedom of choice and here steadily remains for the person.
528. (Guru). Devotion, love and warm communication with those who is really close, can't be broken by any external events, neither distance, nor an illness, death of darlings, say, anything.
529. Return always means also receiving. Receiving and return opposite poles of thing uniform, poles of the same phenomenon. Besides, the nature doesn't suffer emptiness, and the spent energy replenishes by law. The donation is the most favorable room of the capital because it is profitable always. But even return happens different. The donation can be the personal, caused desire of self-affirmation that is egoism. And even the councils taken from the Doctrine, and even sayings from it flow then about themselves, for themselves and for the sake of themselves, though they are given another. And then it is especially sharp display aspiration to speak not on consciousness, and then especially strong commensurability between ability of containment of consciousness of the listener and that is given it is broken. And giving for the sake of itself and for the sake of itself becomes the bell ringer becomes inviting on the yard, overloading consciousness of the interlocutor. And it is at times can cause even treachery. Therefore a donation from a donation is a difference. It is a lot of them, teachers self-approved, especially furiously seeking to teach and condemn with the ready quote in language. Not such donation and not such donation I Mean, when I Speak about return. The true donation meaning not, but receiving, first of all is commensurable. It is always made on consciousness of the receiving. It is better, better to give less, than feather to burden.Sometimes even it is hard to say that is more harmful: default or consciousness overload in excess of what it in forces to contain. Because the last can make a break of consciousness and avert it that so strong tried to squeeze in it, to avert forever. The violence over consciousness is inadmissible. To speak not on consciousness there is the worst type of violence over the person. Many treacheries happened from not by the time of the told word. Consciousness human is the fragile vessel demanding very careful attitude. Scope of the principle of commensurability is wide.
530. (M. A. Y.). If each approved thought has to be carried out and embodied sooner or later in concrete forms, it is possible to imagine that will give as a result of for many years persistent and inflexible aspiration to the chosen Focuses of Light, to its chosen Carriers, to those who called who approached to the Lord. To through whom It Gave the Doctrine to the world. If these shapes live in heart and this communication gets stronger who with darlings can deprive of a meeting desired. Energy of heart weaves the Karma thread. And spirit heart decides destiny. It wasn't without reason told: "Where your treasure, there heart", it with those who is expensive and close to it.
531. And still is such which look at everything attentively and captiously to note everyone, in their opinion, a shortcoming and to put each best at line. They are very careful to notice as much as possible those things which don't satisfy their ideals, and too to write down them into your account. They are very occupied with it, occupied so what to take care of the own life at them time any more doesn't suffice, and the farther they internally from you, the there is more than unfair criticism and condemnation. Sometimes fury even reaches if only to humiliate and condemn. It doesn't prevent to consider by it itself on service to Light and to demand from you love, attention and care of them. It is a lot of incongruities in the person. It is possible to be glad to that reaction to litmus happens smoothly and everyone is compelled to reveal the face, because for you the Teacher.
532. My son, roadside signs and knowledge will flash will note the passable way. Skilled travelers we Appreciate in experience size. That is why the way is so accelerated and is so various and fruitful tests. Everyone expands consciousness and enriches Bowl accumulation. The care has to be taking from everything with what pushes together life, this experience the most valuable. The pupil therefore is called as the pupil that is conscious, tensely and constantly studies as lives. Learn life everything almost people to whom it is necessary to adjoin. The person should be learned – the most difficult discipline! Usual disciplines have no that bitterness and poison which are inevitable in the course of cognition of a human nature. To read the person as the open book, it is necessary to leaf through all pages it and to see the contents of everyone own eyes; because the doctrine about people is short, but the knowledge is long.
533. (M. A. Y.). Who thinks to reach the end without love, devotion and aspiration, without heart return to the Lord that thinks so in vain? Church idea of love to Hierarchy of Light deprived of it vitality and fire. The live love and fire of hearts are referred in clouds where there is nothing it to keep. And therefore there was their house is empty. And until now is empty. And the love and heart fire already out of walls church light up brightly, directing freely to Shapes close and to spirit the conformable. And many already start praying "not differently, but in the spirit of". And that such the real prayer, as not an exposition of fires of heart to Focus of its Highest aspirations is. The beauty too can pray, to the nature, both the Sun, and stars – to everything that our spirit ennobles and up directs it.
534. (Guru). There now: everything is good in its season and time to us to update communication because terms approach. Opportunities will be allowed us to approach again. How many called but where everything, I don't see. Who on a market should have descended whom on affairs, and someone far away to leave, and someone to be engaged in the, but not business of the Lord. Sol is all dispersed slowly. But the one who remained, from invited, from called by me, that will be considered as the elected. It isn't enough of them, but a little their set costs because they are faithful up to the end, and their fidelity that fact, in what Guru a body and where it because know that the spirit is indestructible doesn't shake.
535. (Dec. 6). My voice sounding on a nice ear, reaches it when the ear is opened to Me. It is possible to be so strongly taken with the thought what not to hear already and not to see anything from this that is created around. But it is possible and to see and hear, and that, on what attention or concentration focus is turned. As also the Beam of my thought perhaps is caught when the consciousness concentrates on It. But art of concentration isn't simple and it isn't easy. It is comprehended by experience and over the years, and a lot of work demands. Love the winner It is called, because if the fire sacred it burns brightly to the Teacher of Light, that, on what are required for many years, is reached quickly by love of one. Love is magnetic. Invincibly it attracts consciousness, without couriers of thoughts and concentration, to a lightful Face of the Teacher. Also the person hears love then, both sees love, and thinks. This magnet is powerful, and force overcomes it barriers of the usual obstacles separating usual consciousness from the sphere of Lords. The love also learns how to approach even closer and how to keep this Proximity. To the Teacher heart conducts and heart brings love. This love not an abstractness, is the fire burning in a breast, it is energy powerful hearts, it is the engine fiery the spirit, lifting consciousness up. Therefore I Speak, succeed love. Therefore I Speak; to you it will help to overcome everything even insuperable nowadays if its flame grows together with you. And if the love for the country conducts the person on a feat what can create love to the Lord?!
536. (M. A. Y.). Twilight will come to an end; will be light-, light-will be to you. And we will become closer. The darkness very much prevents our vibrations you to reach. Darkness the purpose and a task – to interrupt Light wire. Here also try to surround you and to close an exit, from Light having cut off. But forget thus that the exit up always remains open and that the darkness of Light can't embrace and can't serve as a barrier to the Ray of light. But for this Beam the acceptability or openness of consciousness is necessary. The darkness which can be in heart, serves as a barrier to the Beam, and the consciousness saddened by darkness simply won't accept the Beam. The acceptability is the main condition of understanding of Light. And a question of the Lord, whether you believe, is as though a condition predetermining possibility of its acceptance, and in that special case when this question is set, – opportunity to help. Not That Who Gives, this belief or acceptability, but that who receives and who wishes Light to concern is necessary.
537. (Guru). So, we are again together. The dark corridor will end soon. You will come to light of day. Much still it is necessary what to do to us it is necessary together. Therefore it is better in advance to give the chance to consciousness to accustom itself to this thought and to assimilate it. Need hardly keeps within the consciousness which even has concerned it. At first again we will approach in the spirit of, and then... and then, as the Lord will specify. But in readiness it is necessary to arrive. Readiness means both intensity, and expectation, and openness of heart towards to the judgmenting Benefit, and in heart inextinguishable fire.
538. The combination of new conditions will cause, creating for you your new life. You will be, you will be, you will be, are long on accounts having paid, are free from those hopeless conditions in which laid down life, and you will be soon. If you want with my aura and a rainbow of my thoughts to be conformable, yourself you leave at the Tower bottom. Free from yourself and from the thoughts and only the free you can enter into the Tower. Winner Love and here will be a liberator from locks of personal prison. Not the созвучишь, but mine which was approved in you. There will come a time of singularity, singularity of external conditions soon; it is time – the predecessor of coming shifts. In power of Hierarchy believe. We Do not know, but we See. Let's create together. The joint creation of the Karma the guarantee will be victories over it and pleasure of spirit. The thought is energy and the reason of the phenomena terrestrial. Thought you create as people hands create, without knowing and without believing in it. If knew!
539. To leave egg of own aura – achievement of a known step. It is possible to leave aura of a physical body is there will be a usual exit in an astral. But it is possible to leave an astral and to leave its aura, to leave in a body mental, but it is possible to leave menthol and its aura and to leave in the body of Light, in the Immortal Triad. All these known steps of achievement, and the first, that is an exit in an astral, it is possible even not to consider as achievement as often is caused by tendency to a medium and it is dangerous. The consciousness can leave each of the mortal covers, except for a body fiery which is not replaceable attire of spirit. The physical body is a receptacle of all other covers and the carrier of consciousness of the person on the physical plan. The same carrier is also the thin body on the plan astral, a minus a physical body. When there is an allocation of a thin body, the same occurs and in menthol, a minus all lowest covers. For an exit on each subsequent plan it is necessary to leave egg of aura of the lowest cover lowest in comparison with that in which there is a consciousness (record interrupted because of arrival of the stranger. – B.N.Abramov).
540. (Dec. 7). To rise to Top and there to meet Me, it is necessary to leave itself at the bottom. On height not lift egoism freight. The egoism has nothing to do where breathe of eternity concerns consciousness. There is nothing egoism in Space to live. Space and personal aren't combined. Super private life destroys prison which the personality closed in the small world of thoughts, feelings and the representations concerning only this world, having no relation to anything is that leaves its limits. If people that they lose only understood, plunging itself into the chains which have been held down by them. Speak: he lives for others, he never thinks of itself(himself), – without understanding that the person who is so living, wins against the egoism and the right approves by it the on an entrance to the Highest Spheres. After all it is a track conducting to not interruptibility of consciousness that is to immortality. The sense and value are withdrawn from many ethical concepts and therefore ethics of life are so far from life and there was dead it. We give the Live Ethics of life approving Light and the leader in life. In Boundlessness our Ethics of life conduct, approving spirit life on Earth and in the worlds.
541. It is difficult to reconcile with human callousness. Cruelty is not a sign of lightful heart, or indifference sufferings of others. Cruelty and indifference shroud aura in dark radiations of the evil. Words charming at heart cruel don't mean anything. If the Karma put a framework such, to shift which it is impossible, so the lesson should be learned till the end and to drink bitterness of experience. It too life science, and too it is necessary to pass through such lessons, without losing balance. It is easy to keep it in rest but when heart torments cruelty of people, to hold it – will be a victory. Each suffering caused to other person, will cease on caused it. It is necessary to pay, and wholly. But that who torments our relatives, that a payment – the special price. It is possible to note as one seek to go towards in everything in what only can, others – on the contrary. The last obvious or hidden opponents of Light or their obedient tools which often even not aren't understanding the one to whom they serve. But heart – at everyone, and heart – the judge, but many hearts stink. What court of stinking heart?!
542. (M. A. Y.). Yes! Yes! Yes! Three times this I confirm. If to hold communication with the Teacher of Light, despite everything, on any shortcomings, weaknesses and imperfections if to It not to break an aspiration rhythm, if with anything that outside or inside, without being considered, nevertheless to try to go and go, at persistence such and such constancy the oldest and eaten outgrowths of spirit will start disappearing even. The spirit is eternal, but temporarily its imperfections and if fire of aspiration is rather strong and steady, it will burn through any habit, any weakness, any shortcoming. It is possible to win itself against all. If at present forces a little, it is possible to collect force, it is possible to save up it, it is possible persistent to strengthen so thought it that it will move energy of that imperfection which should be overcome. Only not to put the weapon and only not to recede as it is done by those who doesn't want or can't struggle with itself. But the way of ascension is a way of continued fight and a way of continuous overcoming of the lowest in the highest.
543. (Guru). To be strong always, even on retreat, even in an aperture between waves, even under an impact dark, even having fallen to ways, and in the spirit of and spirit never to incline and won not to consider before anything itself – will be pledge of a victory and the guarantee of new victories, constant victories on a way to Boundlessness.
544. (Dec. 9). About truthfulness is of the basis. Whether it is possible to consider, something, what the person knows about the world at this step of development, – is immutable, unmistakably and comprehensively? No! There is no such knowledge at the person. Everything is relative, everything is incomplete, and everything is subject to expansion and deepening. But among these heaps of relative knowledge are given to people of a basis of knowledge irrespective, for example: the law of a bipolarity of a thing uniform, the law of a rhythm or a life pulsation in everything, the phenomenon Manvantara and Pralaya, recurrence of space life of the phenomenon real and so on. These are that framework, those laws within which life develops and which the relativity of the other phenomena can't cover. So, among a relativity of knowledge usual and usual idea of the world, people were given bases of knowledge immutable which we call Bases. Concept about them that is lost by mankind, found again. The periods of decline of true knowledge are accompanied by the periods of its blossoming. But each new step of evolution expands them and them deepens, approaching the person everything to more and more perfect cognition of the really real. The statement of bases is the approval of the undoubted Doctrine of Life, uniform from the beginning of times, but given in the form of available and conformable to the historical moment of Earth, gives again and again these firm bases of Space Knowledge in the aspect corresponding to a step of development, reached by mankind at this moment. It is never left without the Top Management and it receives these bases of Space Knowledge is commensurable. Giving distances it is more, but people can't contain. It is possible to note more and more and it is possible to emphasize still as limitation human and ignorance pursued Carriers of the Highest Knowledge and as took up arms on Them. All suffered, all are tortured were and to ardent abuses were exposed. Perhaps, also wouldn't rise so strong and it is intolerant, if not active attendants of the evil, supporters risen against Light. Nowadays there is no Prince of darkness, and the close victory over ignorance of denials and darkness is predetermined. Also bases will be again approved never already more to be shipped in oblivion again. New time goes which will force to see both the new Sky and Novaya Zemlya.
545. The world of the ordinary person is Maya. Force it is proportional to no consciousness of sense of that, that purpose for the sake of which there is all that surrounds at present the person. If he believes that all surrounding him is end in itself, but not means for development and disclosure of its spirit, it immerses itself (himself) in the world of illusions, in Maya world. If he believes that its kingdom, a spirit kingdom not from passing this world and that this world serves only as a ladder to spirit, Maya starts losing the power over his consciousness. And then the person any more doesn't send himself to the power to any phenomenon of the outside world, knowing that in itself any phenomenon it – anything, not end in itself but only through it something to comprehend means, to understand something and to learn something and... only, and that it immediately will leave when to what it teaches is obtained from it. And then not attachment to everything is created and formed that surrounds the person and then he owns, and his freedom from their power over it is born. And then he understands Maya and knows knowledge of spirit that there will be no advantage any to it if it gets the whole world and the soul will lose.
546. (M. And. Й.). Bipolar sight of spirit leads to synthesis when both poles of a thing uniform are open for learning consciousness. Limitation cries out: contradictions, insolvency, denial of that were just approved. The small consciousness deprived of synthesis, sees only one end of the stick, one party of the medal, one pole of the phenomenon, losing sight of their second half, other pole, which understanding only and can give synthesis of the observed phenomenon. Therefore, not a contradiction, but knowledge of what not comprehend one-sided and limited consciousness. Containment of couple of contrasts or, on terminology of some schools, "neutralization of biner" is a step of expansion of consciousness through which it is necessary to pass. The majority of denials are generated by not containment of this condition. And, it is valid, difficult to rejoice, when a grief; to feel ease when reloading; to see Light when the darkness comes; or to approve life in the face of death. Much, a lot of things are difficult if not to see an opposite pole of things and the phenomena and, seeing not to rejoice to understanding of sense of things. In days of grief and grief pleasure and Light approving, you approve Knowledge of spirit and you see bipolar.
547. (Guru). Also you will learn to feel still the chosen Identity over covers of that personality with whom it is invested in this embodiment or in the last. Leaving of the personality from the plan terrestrial means only that she already isn't present on the earth, but at all doesn't mean that Identity, which was shown through this personality, stops the communications with whom they were established during lifetime. Neither the love, nor devotion, all other highest feelings don't come to an end from that the body is dumped, and communication if it was established over feelings usual doesn't interrupt. Nothing comes to an end, but all proceeds in the future, on that longitude of distances on which distant anchors were thrown. Nothing comes to an end, but all proceeds in the future, on that longitude of distances on which distant anchors were thrown. Affairs human are short; feelings and attachments of people are short. But We and who with Us, We thought and in the spirit of live outside lives separate. And therefore our affairs are long and communications are long, and the love and our attachment doesn't dry. As live and feel you and threads of communication with us don't break off also dead Us don't consider because We are live also the same always – out of a body and in a body We the same.
548. Other exit isn't present as soon as to go forward and forward by all those obstacles which are so generously scattered on a way of the achievements conducting to the Lord. If to stop before everyone and before everyone to be late, whether that will be it a step of the pygmy? After all it is so possible not only to be late, but also to stop absolutely. But even delays are inadmissible because those who follow the Lord promptly move forward. Movement of heavenly bodies can't stop, submitting to nature laws. As can't stop and spirit, without breaking laws of the evolution. Certainly, stops happen, and behind them movements back, but it already spirit involution. Fallen souls! How many they black out aura of Earth. Where their movement is directed? Whether down, whether in a chasm? Therefore when the way is solved and the choice is made, let won't be able to stop anything anymore. And the monsters of a gloom guarding everywhere the traveler of the Great Way and from everywhere to it menacing and accepting various shapes and masks, and counteracting combinations of external conditions remain only symbols of overcoming and a victory over everything that prevents to go. By, by, by all of them, having irrevocably decided that from now on nothing will detain directed run to the Lord.
549. I will tell only strong that that height on which the Lord, never to reach. Because when, in eon's times, it becomes achievable, that height at which the Lord now, after all and He too goes, rising everything is higher and higher, and there will be he as is far ahead, and perhaps, still even further, than nowadays. But it let forces allows to go unshakably, because the purpose – to be with It together. To be together possible and achievable because those spirits which under its Beam and the Space Father to which It is necessary, are in the sphere of an attraction of its aura both under the Law of a magnet and according to the solution of will of the free to It are steadily attracted if their fiery aspiration is rather strong. Access is open and the choice is free, wishing can go. 550. I will be short: when external impressions aren't accompanied by usual reactions, leaving an astral body alone, the first step to mastering by can be considered successful.