Agni Yoga's facets, 1961 (551-642)

551. (Dec. 10). You remember the fairy tale on how at a dragon instead of each chopped-off head the new grew. The dragon of egoism too the multithreads, and to the place of each cut down grows another. Display of the egoism, destroyed in one aspect, is shown in something another. The dragon should be struck in heart, and then he any more won't raise any head. It is possible to remember, with what persistence and as ascetics cruelly struggled with a dragon, carrying chains, *vlasyanitsa and torturing itself self-flagellation, hunger and all available measures if only to break his rage and it to destroy. But asceticism and self-torture is cancelled. By the uniform beginning of spirit it is combated the enemy ancient – an astral, a citadel and an egoism stronghold. It would seem as it is simple to be released from itself and to concentrate the thoughts on the chosen Shape of Light, but the egoism and everything interferes in thoughts that is connected with it, and dims itself the chosen Shape, filling consciousness with rehashes of personal soundings. But the hero before a dragon doesn't recede, as though it was hardy, and continues fight, finding ways how to strike this monster of a gloom. So let the spear over a dragon when he is prostrate doesn't doze. Even the killed in the form of one, he suddenly revives in another, unexpected, new and stings, bites, both wounds puts, and the attire tears, and perforation a protection chain armor. When the spirit rises up and fires shine, to a dragon not to get it, and then it isn't terrible because it is attached to the earth. But at descent to the earth the monster becomes again dangerous because strong it seeks to win against a soldier of spirit and to make the servant and the slave, to live to eat his flesh and blood and vital force it. Both the vampire exhausts the victim, and the dragon of egoism devours the highest energy of spirit, directing them down and forcing to serve them to itself. The dragon is very gluttonous, and, depriving of him receipts of vital force, refusing to him a food by thoughts, feelings and emotions of an astral with which he strong lives, it is possible to take it a starvation, food to it without giving. It is destroyed there has to be a dragon.
552. (M. A. Y.). Nowadays the feat of overcoming of is especially difficult because the help has no place to wait, and exhaustion of energy of Earth is heavy reflected in a condition of spirit. But it is necessary to win because back the way isn't present. Here understanding of it also has to give force, inspire on fight and to get a victory because other exit isn't present. When behind everything is burned for Fiery Yoga and return already isn't present, in only case when fiery there are steps and signs of fire shine a victorious way of spirit. And whatever difficult and even insuperable the next test seemed; nevertheless it is necessary to pass through it and it to overcome. This consciousness also makes advance, and immutable need to win the victory gets.
553. (Guru). The more resistance, the strains spirit more and the more forces are caused by him from the depth. Power of potential of spirit is inexhaustible. From it is possible to take, strengthening itself it is constant. "I will reach, – the winner speaks to himself, – and I will reach by all means, a victory I will get any price". So speaks and the forces multiplies. And We look, rejoicing inalterability of a step of the judgmenting winner of darkness.
554. (Dec. 11). When you become at a western wall, know that the pleasure goes. At night, in a gloom, know that there will be a morning. The law of alternation of the phenomena gives the guarantee to change. As and in consciousness life. Twilight will be replaced by light of day. Eternal test doesn't happen. It isn't necessary to despair, because Light ahead and pleasure. The heavy strip should be lived. Remained a little. To circumstances the power is given to develop for a while in opposition force. Spirit powerless it is impossible to approach: they won't sustain a press of the energy surrounding a camp of Light. Even for strong training is necessary. Here it also is given. The hair won't fall from the head, but it is necessary to become stronger on life. The darkness is strong exactly so as far as the Lord permits. If not to constrain it, long ago would break you. But tests are necessary, and *dugpa give the chance to pass through them. Thus the condition of the spirit which is subjected to test matters. It is important to keep on the roll, holding the next communication with the Teacher. Not the victory – to give in to a hopelessness sent by darkness. Quietly and firmly it is necessary to stand, seeking to reveal externally itself as little as possible that wasn't to darkness for what to be hooked. She is ready to get into each weak or badly protected place. The great guards are required. It is necessary to win. Retreats aren't present. Around darkness, and a way is only up, or in darkness. Therefore I Speak about a victory. To stand to one it is easier. But when it is necessary to assume in this fight still burden of the next, its difficulty is multiplied and reaches a limit. But the exit isn't present, and only a victory the only exit.
* Vlasyanitsa – clothes of sacred eremites, - from plants.
* Dugpa - sorcerers, black magicians.
555. (M. A. Y.). . Both I see, and I know, and here I speak: outside let everything will be as will be because not always the karma submits to will, but inside your will is free: or to be inclined under the pressure of darkness, or to keep balance of spirit and consciousness of inviolability it and not destroyed. How the impact was strong, can't break spirit and break it anything if the will doesn't want. It is necessary to arm with tranquility, it is necessary to arm with restraint, it is necessary to collect all forces inside to keep on a crest. To chaos of darkness oppose harmony of steadiness, because against balance it won't resist. Think about external and a torment external should leave, having replaced them with streamlining of internal state, which one only and important for achievement of a victory. Mistake will direct in this case energy outside when they have to be collected inside for protection and impact reflection. It is useless them outside to direct because will spill in vain. But having brought together them in a fist and keeping in readiness, having directed only one edge, it is possible to sustain an impact.
556. (M. A. Y.). Our chain doesn't rust and from time only becomes stronger. The love doesn't rust and doesn't dry. Doesn't decay over the years and at once distinguishes the. Anything when it is heavy, – if only pulled together with the Lord. Anything that is dark; Its Light: the more darkly around, it is brighter. Anything that we All is far. Be closer than the close range can. Anything that is one. The loneliness learns a way the shortest to find to Lightful.
557. (Guru). Action time too is fixed. To distinguish it hour will be keenness of spirit. It we will strain in anticipation of terms judgmenting, because time presses.
558. (Dec. 12). The person can attract clots of the Space Matter to himself and invest himself it. It – seven conditions of luminosity; it is attracted by will and it is conformable with a condition of consciousness. From it weaves to itself an attire spirit. From it images of thought are created. It is plastic extraordinary. She is full of opportunities new. From it is possible to create anything. The person was given the power over it. Unconsciously it uses all. The interior is constructed of it, at times fine; sometimes ugly just as from a stone the beautiful palace or prison is created. So, using the same paints, the genius creates immortal cloths, and lack of talent botched work. And the writer and the poet combine words in fine forms, and the traitor from words combines a denunciation. As also speech of the person can be value and of sense is full or to be babbling pity. The creator is the person. Constantly creates either hands, or thought and feeling. But before hands to create, creates always thought. Mental creativity precedes the material. But while his material creativity remains on Earth, mental in it, with it and about it stays and accompanies it and in life Elevated. Well, who Beauty creates. Even speech of the person can be beautiful, even movements and its gestures. Everyone would like to live in the beautiful dwelling and to surround itself with the best works of art, but in an inner world in which their lives the person, it suits a pigsty full of garbage and dirt. Internal heaps on which people huddle, happen at times are so ugly, what even set the seal and to appearance of all person. Attendants of Beauty and attendants of a disgrace are disseminated everywhere and everyone bears with itself(himself) the inner world noted either beauty, or a disgrace, blessing him with radiations all surrounding or poisoning him with a stench. The creator is the person. Products of his creativity sate Hidden Spheres with Light and darkness, depending on to what and to whom the creator serves.
559. (M. A. Y.). I understand how it is difficult when splinters gnash and tear apart consciousness, but it is necessary, it is necessary that equally effective all vibrations which direct on it, nevertheless would conduct up. That is it is necessary to find forces to break through density of these heaps and not to allow, it not to allow strangling itself. The darkness surrounded strong aspires Light go out, using all who can help it in this case. Its purpose and task – Light suppression, our purpose and a task – to defend Light. And fire to carry by a debt of our soldiers inextinguishably. The lord on the guard always is! To It directing and strong holding the Silver Thread of Communication, it is possible to resist in fight; it is possible to win against darkness and it is possible to reach it is safe to the purpose.
560. (Guru). Communication with the Teacher interrupts never. But even Christ Redeemer Speak: " vsky (vsky – for what (c. - glories. ) I left Me". Whether it was thrown Sent? But there are moments when the spirit has to pass through conditions when it is as though left, as though one, is as though given on worry to darkness. But it only test because the Eye over spirit because See and Hear and Know.
561. Today we Will write down: on the river bank of life the Teacher sits and watches the movement which is occurring in it. And near It the pupil sits. It left for some time a stream and joined the Teacher. To observe life such what it actually, is possible, only having left its stream as there was a Teacher. And times it is possible and for the pupil. At first occasionally, then is already more often, then every day, for some time, having established a leaving rhythm. It is necessary to live in the afternoon, plunging into a stream, but at o'clock in the morning and nights it is possible to leave it at the Communication moments.
562. (Dec. 13). It isn't forbidden neither suffer, nor to worry, neither to feel ardent aggravation by circumstances, nor to feel darkness utter darkness, to see all force it, but on condition of an intense unification with Me. More and more it is necessary to strengthen association in the spirit of consciousness with my world. Your world is the world external. In it crying and a gnash tooth, in its heavy to spirit to pine. But there is an exit to My world, the world of Light, harmony and beauty. And it is necessary to hold Me all strength of mind, differently they will tear off, they, haters of Light. And my Light which is in you, it is so hated that while it in you is and while on Earth, you won't leave alone. Forms of approach and methods of evil-shift will change only, but under all you will see darkness and those who serves it. They elect canals of approach to you of people who are conscious and their unconscious assistants, and carefully hide behind them. The conscious are especially dangerous. After all it is already obvious attendants dark. It is necessary defend and to protect relatives; attacks to all who accepted Me. How to strengthen association? Memory the constant and constant Image in the third eye! It is possible to reject usual thoughts, having concentrated on one. From them I pound a little and much among them unnecessary. To replace them with thought of the Highest it will be useful always. Only unification resists. You see that is created around. We see also and we Preserve on degree of your devotion, tendency of your, your love and irrevocability of your decision with Us to go all the way.
563. I Speak; balance is a board the strong. Against it in powerlessness the darkness breaks. Silence in balance – is powerful. Fury of an astral biped can oppose balance only force. The rock doesn't fluctuate over rage of waves, but costs unshakably, and waves scatter in splashes and recede back. And the darkness will scatter, to splashes is similar if meets the rock of balance of spirit. Not of darkness it is necessary to think at an impact ardent, but of to oppose a not perforation armor of balance. Let will be that will be, but the tranquility of balance is approved, despite everything.
564. (M. A. Y.). Will ask: why the dark don't leave alone? Only because, was switched on in you Light! On of forge Light and is the attack! They won't touch them. And then Light is stronger, with that more it further shines darkness and disperses gloom shadows and to it life only in darkness. That is why also are active. But in you – Light of the Lord is lit. So each blow from their party can be accepted for the sake of the Lord. To accept in the board of an arrow of enemies of the Lord – it is honorable. The enemy unites the general. Dark Light of spirit can strengthen because the darkness decays for flowers of Light. Everything serves the one who truly and faithfully serves the Lord. 565. (Guru). The impact is more furious, the stronger and counteraction and is stronger spirit growth.
566. All of us will get a victory. The impact will terminate, waves back will be rolled away, the darkness will dissipate, and the Sun of Great Heart will shine again, not closed by gloom clouds. It shines always, in any weather because over us, only often clouds terrestrial cover it, and to us is thought then that our Sun set. But it is worth rising only spirit over a gloom of lowlands as we will see Top and the Sun. Knowing it, we won't consider that are left Light because everyone who wants it, Light has.
567. It is necessary to understand clearly that the Space Matter is deprived of the evil, but those images angry, sated with negative energy of the person, are created already by him the evil will. With these dark generations the aura of Earth is saturated, the lower class of the astral world is saturated, auras human are saturated. In itself paints of the artist are in a sense neutral, but the cloth which has left from under its brush, can already bear on itself the good or evil press. As the same energy pushes the person to offer the life for another, or, on the contrary, ruin the person for the sake of rescue of own life. Mental energy is neutral. The press of Light and darkness is imposed on it by the person. And its responsibility therefore is great for everything, on what it imposes an evil glyph. Long ago it is already told that profanes the person not that enters into him, but that leaves. Reaction to external influence is important what there this influence was. If an evil arrow, aura having concerned, won't cause rage in reply, all of angrily evil arrow and remains with sent it. It can cause pain – not it terribly, but it is terrible on evil vibration by the evil to answer, darkness approving in itself instead of Light. Therefore and specify to store tranquility and balance, without giving in to diligent efforts dark to generate darkness in heart and to force consciousness to begin to sound to an evil wave with it agrees and in unison. If rage to answer with rage, irritation – irritation, fright – fear or something low – low, will mean this submission to external influences and slavery at them. If to meet a wave of these influences quietly and not to reply on it at all or to answer on a wave which tone is directly opposite to a wave influencing, it already will be freedom from dark influences, and it already will be a victory. But only when external influence doesn't cause any reaction when the consciousness doesn't answer it in any way, the phenomenon of balance of spirit in only case when is approved. Not to react in any way – a condition of a display of this balance. Yes! It is difficult, very difficult properly, but power of balance can be approved only this way. And life, this great teacher, gives the chance to exercise continually much in it. Even it is difficult not to answer a mechanical smile with a smile to what the clown or maybe even not the clown, and a monkey is strong in the person. And here the reflex disturbs. Reflex of acts and thoughts, the clown, a monkey and still a parrot – all these satellites of the lowest "I" in the person. On rage the reflex will be spiteful. Lunar it is necessary to get rid of heritage.
568. (Dec. 14). In life human the main direction of movement is internal. Certainly, external influences, and sometimes it is very strong. But movement on bark of Earth and stay in this or that place stops with death of a body while internal movement on the accepted direction doesn't stop with release from a dense cover. Therefore internal process should give also cares more. Progress or spirit evolution is process of an internal order. And whatever the person on Earth both where and how he moved or I sat in place did, inside he can ascend and descend, be in Light or in darkness, fight and overcome or powerlessly submit to various influences dark and the lowest nature. Internal movement stops never. How life was difficult, it is necessary to live after all and therefore it is better to go through life the winner, than won. Thus it isn't required to win against the world, but only that prevents to ascend in itself. And as internal progress doesn't stop, external conditions of value have no because temporarily and it is passing also in itself – anything. Certainly, the known harmony and external conditions but if the Leader Allows tests, so on advantage they is necessary. And of what harmony of these conditions it is possible to dream when all crucified, tormented, suppurated in dungeons, pursued and killed, everything who to Earth brought Light to people and I was among Those Whom will read Great Spirits. If They suffered, clearly quite that going in the same way too has to enjoy the bowl of poison. And life presents it, and it is necessary to drink it as They enjoyed, the Way without deviating, without fluctuating, without doubting, and darkness without fearing, both the way lonely and heavy crowning with a victory of spirit over a flesh.
569. (M. A. Y.). If to accept each blow for the sake of the statement and Light strengthening in it and outside, it is possible to sustain everyone. There is nothing heavier and more hopelessly than senseless sufferings and strokes of bad luck but when they are accepted in understanding of how each of them forges a blade of spirit and does it stronger and strong, these blows get the special value and special sense. And then all heavy and passing starts serving eternal and enduring in the person. Truly everything starts serving, all forces and the darkness, to spirit ascension. Crucified Christ Redeemer Mira, but only by that approved a step of the future victory him over darkness, victories resolute, full and final, it in scales planetary. In the sphere personal the Lord Told that everything He on advantage, when Will turn a way together with It.
570. (Guru). Today sounding a note we will take: to go the hardness, stability, persistence, firmness, inflexibility and irrevocable determination on the way all the way. Way only one is with the Lord.
571. If to compare life sorrow less, life without cares, in wellbeing full and to create the benefit of all desires terrestrial and the life full of heavy and severe tests, fight and victories and a steady ascension to Light, the beggar the Elevated lucky person terrestrial will come to the World; but the winner tempered in fights, topped with Light, the one who the victorious and heavy made a way on Earth will enter into it. And it will be close to the Lord and will highly ascend.
572. If in a dream the astral does something which isn't approved by going consciousness, so it "something" yet gets rid, is still concealed somewhere in corners of internal consciousness and as that is subject to cleaning. On dreams it is possible to judge about not gets rid. Process is very simple: it is necessary to carry out mentally itself through dream conditions, and mentally to correct the behavior, having established its correct line and having ordered itself not to give in for future time to recurrence of a similar order. But even better is to reconsider from time to time consciousness back streets, sweeping out from it the stale litter. It is often known without any excursions there that else attracts to itself an unruly astral, and then clarification can quicker be made, if the decision to be cleared rather strongly. But cleaning is necessary because not gets rid in the spirit of grows into it to an ulcer is similar and accompanies it to the World Elevated. And there clarification is difficult extraordinary because everything gets so bright, real and calling forms that against an allure it is almost impossible to resist. The thought of desire will be the creator and a realization of not gets rid impulses of an astral. Therefore consciousness clarification from unnecessary litter should be begun and finished on Earth.
573. How to help people? It is possible differently, but it is best of all and more difficult than everything – in the spirit of. Differently everyone can help. But that in the spirit of to help, it is necessary have than and the nobility as. The most valid help is the help rendered to people by light radiations of aura. Light which is born in herself by Light- Bearing and which it radiates around will be the highest donation of spirit. Each replacement in itself radiations of the gloom proceeding with feelings of lowest, and replacement with their light radiations, will be a gift to people. Even replacement of arising irritation with tranquility will be already for nothing to people and a spirit gift. So everything that is created in the person, concerns not only him, but also everything, spaces of everything because in space it leaves a trace of all movements and experiences, filling aura of a planet with sparks of Light or smoky, scarlet, orange and dirty and brown offspring’s of darkness. Not the respondent was Cain for the brother. But nowadays the respondent each person before all brothers people for everything that proceeds from his microcosm in space.
574. (Dec. 15). Light arrives through aura. It to pass through itself conformable waves of Light has to be what light. And with what there will be it accord, if smoky flashes and sparks fill it? With darkness which looks for each chink, each crack, each speck to creep. As sharp-sighted, as intense as protection has to be vigilant and as patrol is continuous. After all even in a dream the darkness exercises the wit to throw the shaggy balls. Light Agni protects from darkness invasion, but – when he burns. Maintenance in Fire heart is a spirit duty. But quenchers much also try strong to extinguish Fire, also will extinguish if Communication weakens. Spirit duty is Communication to hold, carefully preserving the Silver Thread against a gap. Difficulty special in that, that the darkness constantly watches also waits only for the moment, that to prick next fabrication. And only patrol or display neglect as sharp-clawed hands immediately last will weaken, clinging to each opportunity.
575. (M. A. Y.). . About necessity and advantage of records provide to judge to us. You write, without philosophizing crafty. In process of expansion of consciousness opportunities extend also and that was given earlier goes deep and developed. Turns of an ascending spiral of consciousness all that was mentioned earlier, allow to shine already with other, higher, steps of cognition and to plan milestones of future achievements. And as the consciousness at all and advance of everyone also spiral, becomes obviously clear why for going to the Lord these records will be very necessary. On the punched road it is much easier to go, than most to lay a way. In it the merit of all of those who after going away lies also consists in space. To accept spatial thought in consciousness and accurately and clearly to issue it is not simply. Whether much among the weight of people it is possible to find receivers of spatial thoughts? If count, it is possible to see how few able to accept. But accept and understand insufficiently, it is necessary to cast still thought in a form available to the person that is to depict her on paper that didn't disappear, without having left for trace posterity. It also is a debt to mankind from the one for whom access is open in the Treasury of Space Thought.
576. (Guru). The guru is connected with each of those whom he called and who remains to it is true. Opportunities were given much, and the majority rejected them. It is difficult even to imagine, they exchanged for what tinsel, emptiness and negligibility given the chance. It is yet clear to them now if all of them in a body, but, having dumped it and having appeared in a circle of a hopelessness of the lower class of the astral world, a lot of things will understand and will regret about much. Also we would be glad missed to return, but to return already late, it is impossible because there to begin, it is possible to continue only.
577. The aura is the radiations proceeding from the person who can be assimilated to feelers or the channels transferring and receiving from the hidden and visible world of vibration of Light and darkness. The aura is as though the filter passing these vibrations on the accord with a tonality and a mood of this filter. If the aura light, it passes Light, if black out – darkness. The person is the magnet attracting to energy of space on compliance to the tonality with them. Light or darkness is attracted constantly by a microcosm of the person to itself through the aura; attraction on of light and shade. The scale of light vibrations and their various colorings is very wide. What there was a condition of the person, the attraction always goes according to the accord with his internal mood. Pleasure it is possible to draw from space pleasure, a grief – tears, the evil – the evil, grief – grief, despondency – despondency. Even the sphere of a direct environment, at strong feelings, will sound in unison with a condition of consciousness. One might say: the magnet of feelings, magnet of emotions, magnet of thoughts works according to the accord. Light gets through aura, as well as darkness. What condition contains aura, such is and receiving receipts from the outside. Luminosity of aura is preserved by will and supported by protection of a protecting network.
578. (Dec. 16). It is time to be convinced that without ardent application in practice, in life of my Instructions advance is impossible. The yoga is the appendix vital precepts of the Doctrine of Light. Someone very much wants to bypass this condition and to be content with theoretical philosophizing. But our Doctrine – vital also is called therefore as the Life Doctrine, the Doctrine of Live Ethics. I demand Doctrine application in life because differently it is fruitless. In it – rescue to people. In it is an exit from the created deadlock. And in it – Light of the future. Even small application will yield the fruit. Even thoughts of it, grains of thoughts, shoots will give. Nowadays there are a lot of the hearts which are unconsciously reaching for Light. As help them, as them to sate how to satisfy spirit hunger? Only the Light if it is lit. It is possible words but only if words are saturated with Light. The word empty won't pledge anything. If knew how sharply human hearts nowadays need Light. But as there aren't enough giving. And therefore our Help to those who gives is great that they didn't get tired in making and forces them didn't run low. When you ask from above in My Name of force to you to Give for distribution, strength will be given. Not necessarily this distribution has to be personal, separate – spatial saturation by Light of surrounding spheres is very necessary for people because in them it isn't enough light, and each lamp, darkness accelerating, as that serves much. To me the help is an execution of Light to space. And to the carrier is My Help.
579. (M. A. Y.). The accord not always happens equally full, and there are a lot of reasons for that. So we won't be surprised if the feeling of our proximity is various at each contact. It is important to keep a rhythm, which happens accruing and decreasing. A lot of things too depend on a rhythm. Today I will tell the following: any contact with Us, any contact, all meetings in a body, in the dense world or in World Aboveground, all dreams and visions – all this is only continuation of the relationship established and approved in the past. And the chain of future consequences is continuously stretched in the future, as the guarantee of continuity of bonds, Us connected. They are voluntary, free they and are spiritualized by service to Tom, Who for Us. Communication in the spirit is of more strongly and is the strongest communications terrestrial.
580. (Guru). We can prove the fidelity and devotion to only one is unshakable devotion to business of the Lord, approved by affairs and thoughts of day. By this sign also we Determine to Us coming and we Separate passersby. Let this sign and the hone trial will be for you when you will meet suitable, and you won't be mistaken.
581. New (in advance) it is based on the phenomenon of courage, devotion, dismissal from itself and consciousness transfer to will of the Lord, at continuous control over aura radiations. Mine enters and replaces with itself the world last. It is possible even to present itself as though the Lord, as though it’s entered into consciousness and heart and the Monastery there to the created. Time came, terms approach. Hastily I Prepare a step of new conditions. Also purity and freedom of consciousness and heart from everything is necessary that disturbs. Light of my aura and Beam perceives to me open heart. Burdening by circumstances not only doesn't disturb, but, on the contrary, promotes process, rarefying resistance of dense particles. Load more strongly Me when I go to a garden fine; I Load also, allowing these burdening’s. Otherwise in My Garden not reach. Aura Light grants the right to an entrance to Light Kingdom when her Light in a darkness kingdom is approved. Without a press of heavy conditions of firmness of radiation not reach it. If sense of test obvious, it is possible light-and quietly to go. It will be a victory, the right granting on an entrance to an orbit of my radiations, to Aura Mine orbit. My beam goes (and) outside distances (reaches people), but the one who is allowed can concern Aura only. Light of the aura Light Aura Mine it is possible to concern because Light connects hearts over distances. Effort of luminosity () aura we come nearer to Light Focus (to Hierarchy of Light). Also we move away at a black out, if we allow it.
582. The most terrible guard of the Threshold who doesn't pass the person to pass through it, the egoism embodied in lowest "I" of human essence is. While this monster isn't won, there won't be able to be a spirit free.
583. (Dec. 17). My son, I Will strike harming, but give term. Everything is good in its season. But it is necessary to give the chance and darkness to work in glory of Light. The shady side of life allows to see and light, absolute Light for eyes human yet we don't transfer. It won't see terrestrial eyes. All way is a preparation of consciousness and feelings to perception of the highest vibrations which now for them don't exist because can't be apprehended. A lot of the really real doesn't exist for human consciousness therefore and its expansion is necessary. That is, can be considered past; that else it is necessary to realize – future. The field of future understanding real is wide. It is possible to go on it gropingly, without knowing where to go and as, and why, but it is possible, entering, to know the direction and the areas which are subject to cognition. The Life doctrine a compass in hands channelizes and specify. The way of evolution of spirit is defined up to the end if at all the end exists. Milestones are put and the way virgin soil to Light is punched by those who passed earlier. "That to us to look for a way, when it before Us".
584. (Guru). Certainly, I again will come and I will bring together near myself those who was and remained to me is true who didn't forget Me and kept in contact with Me and after when I dense left life. Many considered that is the end and to dreams, both affairs, and our communication, but the very few believed that with death of my body didn't come to an end anything that everything proceeds and will give the powerful shoots when again on the earth I will return to continue Business of the Lord. Life at people is short. Further one life that looks seldom. But life comes to an end never. Our affairs – are long. They go far, far beyond one and even several lives. Our affairs and Business of the Lord is one. And Business of the Lord and the Plan Great embraces Lords eon's times. Becoming its part and itself moving into it, a thread of existence it is directed already in Boundlessness. Anchors of long voyage are so thrown and one is approved not, but a chain of many lives. Both thoughts, and feelings, both acts, and affairs of this life by one, lives current are created and generated so that their consequences were not a damnation, but blessing in lives of the futures and that they were greatly useful to General Welfare. The chain of causes and effects doesn't interrupt in future lives and at those people who don't know anything and all deny. But their actions are short and are limited to one life and therefore they sow thoughtlessly, without understanding all severity of the responsibility before the world. Ignorance doesn't exempt from submission to the Law, and a not the reasonable of the people heavy bear consequences, but knowing think far forward, and in it their force. I will come, both we will meet again, and will meet me who to me is faithful remained.
585. Let's assume that today something very considerable, or not so, prevented Communication, something prevented later, something broke a rhythm. If to allow that something interrupted communication and rhythm, it means to endanger the most considerable, the most necessary, the highest and the most expensive to the person. Nothing can become between you and Me and anything dividing shouldn't be allowed. If today one to allow and tomorrow another, gradually and it is imperceptibly possible to depart and destroy absolutely that was a fruit of long efforts.
586. (M. A. Y.). It is necessary to keep inseparably, despite everything. It is a lot of efforts and many tricks are invented by darkness if only to destroy this inseparability. No reasons and justifications can become a wall between the Teacher and the pupil.
587. (Dec. 18). My light clothing and itself representing in Me, it is possible to create My Force. Consciousness transfer on Hierarchy gave not only immunity, but also opportunity to work on the Beam. People usually act on themselves, that is at the will, at will of egoism, at will of the personality, under the influence of impulses of an astral or that is even worse, under influence and darkness whispering. Seldom who thinks it is possible what to work on the Highest Beam. When the Beam of Hierarchy lights up consciousness and the accord with It are established, action becomes Hierarchical and direct connection with Hierarchy of Light is established. It is very easy to imagine it as actions of the majority of the people which one half is under obsession, and another under influences and suggestions dark, too are actions hierarchical, but through hierarchy of darkness. So all people hierarchically act, the actions carrying itself or on the darkness party, or on part of the world and filling up with itself Light and darkness camps. Nowadays this division of mankind everything becomes sharper and sharper because time of a choice comes to an end also everyone has to adjoin a darkness or Light pole definitely already. The choice still remains free, but obligatory and inevitable. It is possible to choose a pole any, but to evade from a choice it is already impossible. Division of mankind happens under the influence of space forces and therefore to oppose to them people of forces have no. And nobody can get up aside: the last act of the drama planetary approaches. Tension on poles becomes unusual, and the attraction of spirits to everyone will become the invincible. The attraction will go according to the accord with the darkness or Light waves proceeding from poles, and depending on the last choice of will, the last decision. Many, having reached the last line, having terrified, from darkness will be averted. Many will be literally involved in evil funnels. Full of dramatic nature field of the last division and there are a lot of blind and deaf. It is a lot of shadows. We would be glad to people to Help, but there is no place and there is nothing to pour the Help because hearts are closed. And go, having densely closed from Light. Where?
588. (Guru). You know about life continuity, you know that any process doesn't interrupt; you know that everything only proceeds from the infinite past in infinity of the future. All this you know, and still, when it concerns affairs, round us occurring and concerning Hierarchy, this continuity isn't understood in all its depth. And you clearly imagine continuation of the begun affairs by us, their development in the direction given to them and the future which is making out in consent with the reasons put in it. It in this future present according to your aspirations, your desires, your thoughts, and the main thing is affairs. Also continue your present in the future. The reasons will give consequences in full harmony with their nature. Who strong seeded, sang will reap. All the place will be, but to everyone on merits. Not will bypass anybody; who enclosed more, will receive more. All which even escaped and have come back again will receive, - everything who will come. But it is no more, than follows. Come back to meet, and old anymore don't remember them again. Two only things are irreparable: treachery and Hierarchy insult. 589. Sufferings will be a justification of those acts which caused it and which thus and will bathe. It is better to be paying, than receiving. It is better to give, than to take. It is better to be silent, than to speak. Better, better most, than with the help; better enemies, than rotten friends. Better without the house than to be pinned to it on a small tack. Better hour of test, but is closer to Me; better to one than be touched masks. Better silence, than vanity noise. Better with Me, than with itself. Better with Light, than with darkness; better to serve the Lord, than. Help another better, than to receive from them the help; better in misfortunes, than in wellbeing; better with a board, than on a board; better on cold, than behind an oven; better with a dawn, than at noon. Better the Friend to have the Lord. My Business above is better than all other to put. It is better to lose everything, but to get a victory over itself. Better, better to the purpose uniform unshakably to go, than to go blinded by destiny. Better, better, it is best of all to accept the Bowl full of General Welfare.
589. Sufferings will be a justification of those acts which caused it and which thus and will bathe. It is better to be paying, than receiving. It is better to give, than to take. It is better to be silent, than to speak: better, better most, than help; better enemies, than rotten friends; better without the house than to be pinned to it on a small tack; better hour of test, but is closer to Me; better to one than be touched masks; better silence, than vanity noise; better with Me, than with itself; better with Light, than with darkness; better to serve the Lord, than. Help another better, than to receive from them the help; better in misfortunes, than in wellbeing; better with a board, than on a board; better on cold, than behind an oven; better with a dawn, than at noon; better the Friend to have the Lord. My Business above is better than all other to put. It is better to lose everything, but to get a victory over itself. Better, better to the purpose uniform unshakably to go, than to go blinded by destiny. Better, better, it is best of all to accept the Bowl full of General Welfare.
590. To show trust to the Leading Hand – means the destiny to greet with a smile and joyfully in the future spirit to direct over burden of the present hour.
591. It is necessary to create new life. And it is possible to create it only thought. And the thought will work correctly only when it is armed with knowledge. Than it is less in knowledge of relativity, subjects is higher. Usual minds in captivity at a relativity. The knowledge of eternal bases sates each word of the Savior. Wisdom terrestrial isn't deep before It. The science deprived of knowledge of bases, is false. It is necessary not to deny it, but to expand and as though to cover with an understanding dome. Everything that people know, concerns the world surrounding them. Knowledge human is unipolar. Only the bipolar knowledge of couple of contrasts, but not one any of poles, gives synthesis in hands. It means to see a thing or the phenomenon as a whole, and not only the beginning of any action, but also its end; not only reason, but also its consequence; not only tears, but also the pleasure following them; not only life, but also death; not only dense existence, but also thin. Such knowledge will be knowledge synthetic, generalizing in not shattered understanding both poles of a thing uniform. And when knowing it sees one pole of the phenomenon in the life, it rejoices to it, whatever heavy it was as knows that the opposite pole is inevitable.
592. (M. A.Y.). Density of the impressions going from environment, it is possible to rarefy if to be averted by consciousness from with what it fills it. From surrounding it is possible to leave, to thought having sent to the world of thoughts of the Teacher of Light. And for this purpose it is necessary to depart from life dead. Not to find the decision in it. Too it is primitive, and the astral bosses and will owns people. It was empty around when It Came to Earth. It is empty now, and to heavy spirit on weather-beaten darkness to Earth.
593. (Dec. 19). It is possible to note as at the correct relation to the life phenomena the heavy and unpleasant loses their sharpness and ability so strongly to influence consciousness as in the beginning. In the spirit of immunity is developed. Under blows the substance becomes stronger and hardens. Thus, something is reached very useful to the future. It isn't necessary to allow thus a clouding, discontent or indignation, because a test objective – good. Giving in to astral reflexes, we don't pass the next test, and it repeats again and again, yet won't be approved or for the sake of what test is allowed won't be developed in the person. Arguing properly, justifications it is hard and for chagrin, indignation and a protest, but at trust to the Driving Hand no, to these experiences of a place.
594. (Guru). Breaking and breaking waves of the external influences without restraint directing to destroy Light, by the Lord ignition, you are exempted from the power of passing conditions over consciousness. Manage to meet these waves as has to, manage to meet them adequately, and to the Lord your step will be unshakable and firm.
595. (Guru). Memorable days are determined for continuation of rhythmic communication with that to which this day is devoted. This rhythm, uninterrupted, a memory in life terrestrial, in life Elevated approves live communication meanwhile who didn't forget, with that that didn't forget. Memory of people is short, and that their warm communications are short. But memorable days allow fixing and do these thread of heart them much more strongly, than they were earlier. And as nothing comes to an end, the new meeting strengthened by a memory, is especially desired and expect and fruitful useful consequences. We are with those, who Us not forget.
596. (Dec. 20). I give spiritual rest. And it too should be noted that in memorable days the darkness directs them to sadden. Ready it is necessary to be always to special activity dark these special days. At be and we on not replaceable patrol against them, Light of the extinguishing.
597. (M. A. Y.). Constancy of feelings of devotion, love, attachment, honoring and all other indicates their duration. Short devotion or love of the small stand rather there is nothing. Our feelings to us close have in themselves constancy. We love the next for eyelids. The highest we will read in the millennia and are betrayed of. For temporary and passing feelings time we don't spend. This duration of actions, feelings and aspirations we try to enter into all circle of life, expanding it is constant, the orbit of its boundlessness of the real yet won't concern. Boundless we and, entering boundlessness into usual life, we approve in it spirit measures because the spirit out temporarily and is eternal.
598. (Guru). When to life you approach with spirit measures, life changes.
599. My son, we will resolve together each difficult issue. It is favorable to whom to separate from you them; it is so close to you approached? Only to darkness, and after all signs! The thought is correct that influence is made on someone by suggestion from the Thin World. You here want to finish and any hope to deprive, and them on the other hand. In a word, the darkness was up in arms, as well as it was necessary to wait. Wait for the letter. A lot of things at once you will understand, and then – and all up to the end. Very much someone doesn't want that there were you together? Whether to darkness? Their inexperience will affect still in many respects, but you passed through everything and a hand shaggy you will manage to distinguish. But also they support because the blow is directed on them. From the World Hidden the darkness therefore and it is difficult to struggle with it works. You are right, violated the instruction: fire of spirit didn't cover and not on the accord replied. It is necessary to penetrate into that occurred well.
600. (Dec. 21). Approach to Light is always accompanied by ardent attempts dark to prevent each step. Their intervention is inevitable. To you too disturbed – will disturb also to another. You are warned and you know, but those who don’t know and who has no experience, those need to be warned and to be careful that didn't get confused in a dark snare. As tools everything because the dark work with thought can serve dark influences almost. It is more difficult to that to understand and see, from where and as the evil-shift creeps. It is a lot of and still will be attempts to separate you, and about it too tell.
601. (M. A. Y.). And I will tell: don't miss opportunity, neither you, nor they – opportunities are mutual and fruitful, therefore also counteraction. And friends frequent more dangerously even enemies. It you know already from experience.
602. When I Suggest to be exempted from litter, simply I Want to replace one with another, unnecessary – necessary and valuable.
603. It is difficult to acquire situation that friends it is more dangerous than enemies because the enemy usually opens himself the hostility, and the friend by the right of friendship causes at times so many sufferings and so burdens as not in forces to make any enemy. From enemies are protected, and to friend’s heart is opened. And on open heart also beat. If on a bowl of scales to put that grief which was caused by friends and enemies, the bowl of friends will draw. And the greatest treacheries were always made by those who was not among enemies, but friends, either relatives, or pupils. Never is it necessary to forget about it, knowing these properties of a human nature. Someone even prayed: My God, preserve me against friends, from enemies I will be saved.
604. Straining it is necessary to remember a limit. Everyone gives crystals of energy deposited by such tension. It is the simplest of a statement method in an organism of fires. But people are afraid of tension. Even the knowing is afraid of it. Its majesty egoism doesn't like to trouble itself with tension very much. Where silent vegetation, or the work which isn't demanding tension of forces is better the rest, either. But in these conditions never was born anything great, unless a great pettiness.
605. (M. A. Y.). Blows to substance are useful. They strengthen it, on the one hand, and with another bring into a condition of vibration movement, rarefying, refine and doing it to more mobile. So there is a phenomenon of a one incarnation of a body. Similar process happens and to other covers. Think that the physical body of the savage and the philosopher are identical, trying find distinction only in the brain sizes, but there are no two bodies identical, not only in a form, but on degree of a sparseness of a matter a part of it. As, and still, perhaps, among themselves astral and mental bodies more strongly differ. "Other glory to the moon, other glory to the sun, other glory stars. Star from a star difference because is in glory". So precisely and covers human, investing its spirit. The spirit rarefies and refines them or, on the contrary, condenses and hardens. The body mental changes under the influence of thought, a body astral – under the influence of thoughts and feelings, a body physical – under the influence of thoughts, feelings and food. And all of them mutually influence at each other in these processes of depression of substance or its pasteurization. It is possible to imagine as far as (physical) matter of a dense body that it could raise by air has to be spiritualized or sit on water. At different people it is possible to think of different structure of all bodies of the person.
606. (Guru). It is possible to think also of in what a difference between the things which have visited possession at the attendant of Light and the attendant of darkness. Than each of them is saturated? What its environment, that is her soul or its aura. It is possible to think thus and of the atmosphere of houses depending on character of their inhabitants. It is possible to think and that surrounds each person and that he bears with itself (himself) and that radiates around. About many invisible eyes it is possible to think and enrich understanding of that surrounds people from everywhere.
607. (Dec. 22). Beauty. Beauty consider as concept abstract and not vital while beauty the world keeps. Harmony and the accord and compliance of all elements entering into the phenomenon are inseparably linked with beauty. If thoughts and feelings human were invested by beauty, the world would change in a root because the Beauty is a basis of the New World. On it life in all its forms will be under construction. The beauty means also health and harmonious development of a body and spirit. That is beautiful, strongly influences consciousness of the person. Influence on it fine books, works of art, nature is great. Wars, diseases, poverty, poverty, poverty and a pettiness don't correspond to concept of beauty. A lot of things from this that else sits tight in the person, doesn't correspond to it, but the Beauty has to enter into the world in all the force and win against a disgrace all its unattractiveness and nakedness. Darkness and disgrace is synonyms. It is possible to observe how strongly by an old age faces of vicious people as the dark beginning sets the terrible seal to physical shape are disfigured and does it no erasable on a thin cover of the person. The lower class of the astral world strikes with the terrible disgrace. Their thoughts and feelings of the person are bared in the disgusting forms both obviously and probably exist anymore in brains of beget but in space, being not hidden, as on the earth, a veil of a dense matter. But strike with the beauty high layers of the Elevated World and a harmony of colorful combinations. There and people are beautiful because their thoughts and feeling are fine. So, the Beauty is a darkness antipode. The ant provision of chaos is Light. Light and Beauty of the phenomenon equivalent. Service to Beauty is service to Light. Rescue by everything who will serve Beauty.
608. (M. A. Y.). Let's reduce Beauty from the Sky on the earth, in an orbit of the phenomena of every day and we will approve it in life. It we will approve in all that to our will it is available, and the main thing, in relationship between people. It is difficult to do it if thoughts and feelings inside are ugly. Means, it is necessary to begin with them, with itself, having replaced everything not corresponding to concept of beauty, Beauty. Qualities of spirit are fine therefore their education is interfaced to beauty. Astral flashes therefore their restraint is connected with beauty are ugly. Roughness of words and movements and all use of life therefore their thinning will be aspiration to Beauty are ugly. So in life of ordinary her we will claim, knowing that as that we serve Light.
609. (Guru). What did you make for the statement of beauty in life? What is brought to the world? Than decorated life and a planet? Or perhaps, soiled it the affairs, thoughts and the feelings not corresponding to the phenomenon of beauty. Criteria it filing and to acts, to thoughts and the feelings, you won't be mistaken and, creating trial of, note the mistakes and everything that isn't justified by beauty.
610. You in Me, but in Me without itself. By beauty it is approved and the beauty makes advance. Cognition by beauty. Make efforts rarefying a dense matter. Wash, beauty we will win against the world. Through it, through beauty, pleasure goes, and with it you will sate your world. The body of beauty is a body fiery. The elements of the fiery sphere are boundless, but spheres of other elements (that is kingdoms of elements of the earth, water and air) are limited. There is more: I refuse beauty which doesn't bring to people of happiness and pleasure.
611. Yes! Yes! Yes! Old song in a new way. Badly. Asked for actions in reality, now is and in a dream earlier. The will is responsible for everything. Purpose the general. The wheel of communication isn't pure. Tell Me that it is better: rejection or censure. Rejoice to each censure, because in it my Care. The chopped-off head are nasty grows again. It is necessary to cauterize fire and the printing of the fiery solution of will. But here I came hour. Readiness is necessary. It isn't present because the astral isn't ready, isn't bridled. Who lord inside? I Can't rely on it. We Can't neither I, nor you. His moods aren't necessary to us, but are necessary: devotion, love and aspiration. Magnetic is they. The accord is established by you. I reply, according to the accord of Call or your address. In yourself you won't find without Me. In total Me and with Me. I am the Way. I too anything without the Father am which in Me and you without Me too anything. Therefore I Speak: only with Me, only Me and only in Me. And when it is orotund with Me, it is possible to use the force mine – the overcome itself insufficiently. My force you will burn litter at a threshold and it ulcers of spirit you will heal. The darkness is terrible to the one who one, but with Me anything isn't terrible. So, only together – there is no other way. With Me it is constant, with Me unseparable in all days of vain your life. Both at night and in the afternoon. At night it is perhaps more difficult because the astral is strong that else isn't bridled in it and that seems only subordinated. Night – time of verification of accords astral in itself. The dream of this night and desire of an astral, not gets rid in the spirit of, again showed itself in spite of the fact that the provision of thought was before going to bed approved. We together will operate an astral. Against us even it isn't strong – the enemy ancient, persistent, artful and ardent. "I, – he speaks, – I won't transfer an excommunication". Responsibility on it. Our recognition is necessary. We recognized it. Let will prove devotion and firmness, but not willfulness.
612. In all centuries, at all times, all people invariable still have phenomenon of the human spirit ascending up on a ladder of life. And in this phenomenon is sense and value of everything that occurs on a planet. For the sake of mankind there is also a planet and everything that on it. It is difficult to present it for usual thinking, but after all Space Life proceeds irrespective of our idea of it and its sense. Infantile races didn't think of value of life, but lived. Life evolution spatial. Speak about involution, about a spirit proceeds in a matter, but this understanding of involution is conditional because it enters into the general evolutionary process of progress of the vital principle. Literally this word it is possible to read out as involution only spirit falling from height, to it reached, down, being made both during one separate embodiment, and from life in life. Yes! Yes! And such phenomenon takes place in life of human spirit. Not up it rises on Light Ladder, but goes on it down, goes down back on those steps on which ascended earlier. From where dark, from where the damaged souls? – These are all fallen and falling spirits going down, in a chasm. Many can rise still if forces find themselves to overcome, but many are already hopeless. Their fate –become space litter and goes to processing. It is possible to imagine this great Ladder of Life on which uncountable assemblies of spirits rise to light and towards to which go going down back: one again to start rising, others to the destruction. The periods when the ascension and proceed is possible, capture the whole Manvantara and therefore it is possible to rise and fall very highly very low. And at the same step there can be the people going down and going up, and anybody on their external appearance won't tell where they move, only in the opinion of descending pleasures can't be seen. The tragedy of fallen spirit is reflected in his eyes. Very few people understand a life mystery, and it isn't enough the people who are consciously ascending. Also the ascension way is difficult. The majority prefers to move to lives thoughtlessly, without giving itself the report, where and why. Simply live, drink, eat, work or do something, without complicating itself thought of the purpose of the existence. Spirit enlightenment in sense of the life and its purpose is destiny of the few consciousnesses. Their life isn't easy because level of the general misunderstanding of space appointment of the person heavy presses on them, without allowing them to be free in the spirit of and to spread wings, and they bear on themselves not only the imperfection which is higher than crowd, but also burden of imperfection universal. Atlas freight not legend, but reality of life. But it is necessary to go, rising and lifting with itself consciousness of those who goes behind.
613. (M. A. Y.). Lifted consciousness of the actions surrounding with a visible row, a visible feat, the sermon, miracles, life in the desert , asceticism and so on, nowadays – thought earlier, other anything nowadays it isn't necessary: only the thought pro-butting space, breaking darkness and melting heaps of century heaps. This feat above others and is more difficult than that did earlier. Because to think it is necessary to be able, and the thought has to be very strong environment overcoming ardent resistance. The feat of these thoughtful creating now on the earth the new Sky and Novaya Zemlya is great and honorable. Behind them Lords and all Hierarchy of Light, their way also is nice.
614. (Guru). It is easy to us to show mutual understanding because we go in the same way; same counteraction, the same fight, the same powers of darkness going against everything that is from Light. But we passed through everything that the destiny and that the Leader Will allowed gave us. As go also you: quietly, firmly and unshakably, remembering that Light wins always. And when it becomes too dark, then know that close judgmenting time and it is Close the Going Execute Will of Space Terms.
615. Yes! Yes! The thought is intimate also the dark is inaccessible. But when it is said, to them becomes known and causes ardent counteraction. Once you told about the successor of the spiritual property, reaction was unexpected and destroyed the plan. It is better to be silent until roots of the conceived didn't become stronger, it is better to be silent that conceived not to endanger. Many good undertakings were destroyed by the premature and rash notification. About the plans for the future it is necessary to speak only in case of an absolute necessity, even about the small. If to tell even that there is a wish to write to someone, will already not write desire. Energy will be dissolved in words. Garrulity and efficiency get on seldom. Many conditions are at the bottom of that performance of intention is at a loss if in advance to tell about it.
616. (Dec. 24). You are a spark from Eternal Light. Let's pass it is safe through a system of the heavy phenomena of life changing spirit. Everything that in you, not you. You are I and mine. Know it, the soul lost, lost it behind a threshold. The limit changing press of external conditions couldn't stop run to the Teacher. You not I; I am the future. I, the Lord of the Shambhala am the Lord of the Future. In it is possible to enter and live in it the same as people live in the present. Living in it, you can become such what you want. It not in the power of a past Karma. Spirit release is only in the future sphere. In it your spirit is the lord who hasn't been connected by restrictions of the present. It is possible to get into it only consciousness and thought. Your spirit in a body is fires the creating. In the past and behind everything is burned. Your future is the pupil. Teacher, Lord, Dhian-Kagan, Planetary Spirit. When (you) in Me is (you) out of three the lowest. But in them, when itself and in itself. It is good to imagine that you such what yourself you know, there, behind Light threshold.
617. The partition of conductors is necessary for conscious action in each of them separately. When the person in a physical body, is open and available to it the world dense, - as the world astral, when it in an astral, and other worlds in conductors corresponding to them is open and available to it is. For consciousness there is at each given moment that plan on which it is shown. But being in a physical body, the person lives and in the other worlds though them and doesn't see because feelings and his emotions – from the astral world, and his thought from mental. Consciousness transferring completely on other plans of existence is possible only at allocation in the conductor corresponding to the plan. Training goes under the direct guide of the Teacher because independent excursions, skill and experience aren’t acquired yet, are dangerous. The small child doesn’t let even on the crowded square. But in World Aboveground it is more than dangers. It is necessary to be and prepared and armed.
618. (Dec. 25). (Test under a sign.) (It began words at dawn): To be to big trouble. Dangerous track we will pass and I the Leader. About what concern. And trouble rejoice – will bring one more release. Readiness for everything is property (or quality of spirit) Arhat .The uniform beginning of spirit which over all covers, is combated them while completely won't obey to it. Understanding of by spirit, from eternal Light given rise, will help with fight. I am spirit indestructible and eternal, I Lives Space a seed, I in life terrestrial, as a sky star, and in it (that is in life) and over it. From a dense cover the spirit can be cleaned because it is the house close, the house temporary, the house threatened. As temporarily a body we in the house any, and spirit temporarily is in a body. House not body, body not spirit, but cover. Who from spirit and spirit of will read, instead of a body that from Eternal Light is born? And qualities of spirit all not from a body. Spirit house, life of spirit and in the spirit of – not corporal it. Strong spirit and in the spirit of lives following Me. To live spirit and in the spirit of – means to rise over life usual and dense that is to be in the world, but other-worldly. And I other am worldly, Maya world. And my Kingdom, my World not from your world of your personal worlds. My Kingdom – the Space Truth, the Kingdom really real. Spirit is kingdom. All live in a body and all die, but I stay for ever and ever. From of eternity you are in a temporary body. And when something outside threatens life corporal, inside were successful, in a spirit citadel, it is eternal which (in you) and which can't destroy anything. When in my Tower and with Me, force I Allow to distinguish everything that from Light, that from Maya. When together with Me, anything isn't terrible. Because the Stone I is the Bases Eternal Lives. With Me through life indestructibly we will pass. And now we pass spirit test under a sign to give to the birth of eternal thought an impetus. Test under a sign is given when we Want to Preserve against excessive sufferings. I sustained with honor because (in spirit) I transferred life to thought. Without the thought accord with mine test wouldn't pass. (Test was heavy and difficult as it was hard to come off consciousness of the hung trouble and to direct the thought to the Lord, having rejected all terrestrial reasons and burden. – B.N.Abramov).
619. Events often occur under a sign. Same and tests. When the Teacher hastily Conducts, time isn't present on passing test regularly, and then it is made under a sign. The teacher needs to cause the necessary reaction of consciousness in probably shortest time and to carry out before it a number of consequences following from an event. For this purpose It Puts the pupil in such situation when the necessary test seems to it inevitable and as though coming, and before consciousness the stream of the thoughts caused by created situation flows. On their course and experiences of the pupil the Teacher also judges, whether reaction of consciousness to the phenomenon existing in imagination was correct, and draws the corresponding conclusions. Earlier in temples of the examinee immersed in a dream and forced to pass a way of suggestion through this or that test. But it is even simpler to make the same, reacting to the thought sent by the Teacher and enduring a number of the consequences caused by it. For this purpose also the first morning thought at dawn, given the necessary record and caused the necessary reaction was sent. Test is passed successfully.
620. (M. A. Y.). It isn't necessary mourn that the Teacher burdens seeming unnecessary tests. On the contrary, it is necessary to rejoice, because in it display his Care, seeking to relieve conducted of the valid tests and to replace them with tests under a sign. The result their one, but under a sign the examinee nevertheless be easier.
621. (Guru). Through everything unshakably, know that the spirit is indestructible, and remember that signs of attention of the Teacher above all that you have around, in life dense.
622. Readiness for everything, for any test is only a new side of the same formula of life – "The lord and there will be Will Yours".
623. (Dec. 26). Insurance happen different childbirth. Devotees with insurance were tempted by demons, interfering to them in the most awful ugly mugs. There is insurance future or present when the fear for current state is thrown and tries to frighten what isn't present, or that, probably, can happen but that actually won't be. It is necessary to know that the dark take active part in inflating of the thoughts of fear thrown by them, concerns and alarm for the future. And too it is necessary to pass through it, having won against waves of influences. Their purpose saddens and deprive of Light. And what way they reach this goal, to them is indifferent if only to reach. When there comes a clouding, the goal is reached. The vigorous, light, joyful condition of spirit regardless of external conditions or waves of dark influences will be a victory. Fight continued, also isn't present it the end, but and the success in it steadily approaches to Top.
624. (Guru). Everyone and as to it is closer can serve beauty. Both the poet, and the artist, and the writer – everyone serves on the inclination. But as thoughts, feelings, words and acts can serve all. Any talents it isn't required, but understanding of the purpose and understanding is required that the way of Beauty is Light way.
625. (Dec. 27). Possibilities of Communication aren't always identical therefore don't miss the moment. Maintain tension of contact long hardly, from here and fatigue, as if after a hard work. Then we Speak: care and rest. Assimilation of our Beams demands very long preparation. If that the organism maintains now give right at the beginning, the perceiving device would be overloaded. That is why this gradualness of schooling of consciousness and the receiver to the increasing and bigger fiery tension is necessary. It will increase gradually, steadily and constantly, because tension of fiery spheres out of human representation. Light the Highest will blind an unprepared eye, and too it is necessary to be accustomed to Light. The doctrine of tension is caused by need of a preparation of mankind to stay conditions on higher plans of consciousness. The coming Fiery Era demands also preparation of a human body.
626. (M. A. Y.). Fatigue from a yesterday’s overstraining. The habit to more frequent and long tension of Communication will gradually be developed, won't be able to maintain yet consciousness such tension continuously. Certainly, and external conditions have to be harmonious that isn't present. Therefore change of external conditions, is caused by need, and it will come soon.
627. (Guru). Work intense, work directed for the public good, will be the best training of consciousness and an organism for development of ability of assimilation of thin energy of the highest tension. Exercise in intense, rhythmic and continuous work exceeds by results all possible types of other exercises.
628. The body can grow old, but not spirit. The spirit of an old age doesn't know. The spirit is forever young and young. Only if Agni is dissipated and the spirit goes down, the feeling of youth disappears. When Agni collects and the Stone grows, the feeling of youth and force doesn't leave consciousness, at least the physical body and grew old. Release from a physical body and terrestrial remnants, in whatever old age there were a person, returns it spirit youth if its laws on the earth weren't broken. But live dead persons won't feel this feeling.
629. (Dec. 28). Accept a message: I pass by and don't see Me. I send Beams, but don't feel. The spirit human is silent. I will send a lightning. In the theory a lot of things are accepted (was: it is acceptable), now it is necessary to accept in life. I put on a working dress and I Become for the machine. I give ideas of a going Era available shapes. And still are silent. The spirit human fights against the Truth of Space Life, with Maya it replaces and of Light are afraid. In darkness it is shipped. Lightning of the sleeping we Will wake, we Will force to hear deaf, to see gone blind we Will force. Let's burn and Will incinerate darkness. Waited to a limit is. It is impossible to wait already more. To builders of the New World we Will help. But a hammer I Will bring down opposite to the going. Their power we Will break. There is enough! I Told them "enough". Defeat will be prompt. I them Will break force, going against our decisions. Of the soil I Will deprive from under feet. And not to resist because there is nothing will be. Russia power I Will give a victory to get over New the World enemies and those who against (Me). Both before (once), and now I Will expel from the Temple of Life trading, nowadays trading in blood and lives of sets. Strong the persisting I Will strike. The raving I Will muzzle. I will incinerate darkness; it is Enough (to be it).
630. Trusting in power of Hierarchy of Light the forces multiplies. Every day approaches inevitability Fiery. Not to constrain surf of Space Waves. Or meet them and heart to accept them and spirit, or against to go and be broken by their force. There is no middle. The prepared heart which has rarefied the density, will meet waves, them accepting, that is assimilating in consciousness. But not ready will suffer. It is necessary or to accept the phenomenon of the New World, or from a planet to leave. In it hopelessness of all dark and darkness. It on a planet of a place won't be it is necessary to leave.
631. If to approach closer put, tension can be not sustained. Therefore we aren't often.
632. (Guru). Approaches! Close sjudgmenting time, also is necessary readiness to show it to meet.
633. (Dec. 29). Dying, many think of rest. But Arhat knows that there, in World Aboveground, he is expected by work even more intense, broader and not limited to a dense framework. Really, there it is possible to slave away. It so much needs the help, it is so much unfortunate, it is so much stray and it is so much lost and lost. Here partitions disturb, conventions, skin color, borders. There it isn't present anything: all people dumped distinctions terrestrial. There is so much work and so much needing the help that it isn't necessary to think of rest. Rest is given for restoration of forces. Passed immerse in a vivifying dream. And then work begins. Often Arhat refuses Devachan – a place of pleasant illusions. Not before illusions when it is necessary to help Lords with their Business great on world rescue. It having acquired and having before itself a clear aim, transition can be made consciously. Condition of usual consciousness not from the pleasant. It is a lot of confusion; it is a lot of ignorance, fear and other unnecessary experiences. But knowing knows, where and to Whom it goes and why. The way is clear, accurate and direct. And no barriers, any monsters of a gloom will stop it. The result is brought on Earth, the choice is finally made, to Light the way is chosen, and everything is overcome in itself that disturbed. Difficult when the spirit wasn't exempted yet from attractions of the lowest order and of them in itself yet didn't get rid. Fight there is much more difficult, and it is better and easier to finish still here, having set the seal of the immutable decision to everything that goes not from Light. After all each impulse which from the lowest unrestrained human nature, delays it down and созвучит the lowest layers of an astral and his inhabitants living strong by the same desires and passions. All this darkness strong directs in an attraction to each not gets rid impulse, to each speck of a gloom in aura passed a great Threshold. And if can passed tell: "there is on me a darkness, but has in me no anything" – it is her winner and nasty can't be touched. But for this purpose full clarification of consciousness from all weed stratifications, from everything that from darkness is necessary.
634. (M. A. Y.). Accord degrees with Us can be different. When tension of the accord reaches a lawful limit and can cause overstrain of the centers, then We it lower intensity. The device should be protected and sensitively to listen to a condition of an organism. To burn through wires it is inadmissible. And then We Speak: care.
635. (Guru). The phenomenon of terms is subordinated to inalterability fiery: it is impossible to extinguish, to stop – too. But it is necessary to prepare it. To Augmenting to be and it is necessary to meet him fully equipped with full readiness.
636. (Dec. 30). On the one hand an aggravation and thinning of all feelings and ability of perception, with another is tolerance to influences of a certain order. How to combine? Again before us couple of contrasts which are subject to neutralization. The perception means the accord with the perceived. The perception goes according to a consciousness mood. For pure everything is pure. For the optimist everything is good, for sad everything is sad. Therefore, the device mood on this or that wave also defines character of the accord or perception. But the lever or a key from the harp of spirit sounding on influence of the surrounding person of the world, in hands of his will. Sounds on that, on what wants, having consciously or unconsciously adjusted a spirit harp on a certain wave. In case of unwillingness to perceive a number of these or those phenomena, the harmony of the perceiving tool should be reconstructed on a desirable wave. Covers, especially astral, vibrate on strings habitual to it. The pure consciousness won't react to waves of dirty influences. As the call, so the echo, if eat than respond. If in the perceiving device there are no strings, consonance to this phenomenon, it will pass by, without having affected any. The Teacher can visit the lower class of the astral world, without being submitted them to scary infectious influences because there are no elements in It conformable to them. Thus, release from heavy influences and immunity of spirit consists in a due mood of its device. When everything is concentrated on the phenomena of the highest order, the lowest access isn't present.
637. (M. A.Y.). It is good to find forces in it to observe the Communication rhythm at any combinations of external conditions. When already nothing influences Communication and nothing can reject and distract from It: any moods and any circumstances – unshakable there is a step.
638. (Guru). Human life goes constantly, sounding on certain keynotes which are prevailing in his consciousness. Precisely to know them, having determined the value, advantage and suitability of everyone, – it is necessary because on these to its channels approved by human life and will cease for it and its Elevated stay. Knowing the keynotes, it is possible not to be mistaken in a certain nature of this stay.
639. My son, repeatedly Warned that untimely acceleration of the phenomenon of development of mental abilities of anything, except harm, won't bring. Therefore any violence over is inadmissible. Growth has to be natural and gradual. What is the time We spent for that (records) were conducted regularly, amplifying gradually in the tension. After all records are there is crystallized fire of Spatial Thought. Fiery work is dangerous. Fire can burn through wires of nerves. Fire can do a lot of harm, if it not under control. Fiery work demands very big discretion and long training. But gradually learn it to subordinate fiery elements to human will. Small overcoming conduct to big, and big to the great. Results of all achievements, strength of the person, his will are reflected and expressed in his eyes, in his look. But also the look should learn to be operated, focusing in it, as in focus, fiery power of spirit. The look should learn to be owned, putting in it conscious force.
640. (Dec. 31). It is also good to think of what can renounce rather to reach. Everything, than will renounce and that will give; will be replaced new and the best. But it is necessary to give. Not (...) in the bosom, and the properties of character unsuitable in a long journey, aren't necessary. But devotion and love and constancy are necessary. The love and devotion not constants and not the steady are similar to the steel chain which links have cracks and which won't sustain the growing tension.
641. It is better to listen to censure of the Teacher or something unpleasant from It, than not hear and not to have from It anything. Both in censure and in unpleasant is his Care and Attention. Whether their many have?
642. Let’s give the grounds new to work. Criterion will be: fire, tonality and accord tension. Sharp lifting – a spirit eminence. My son, new attire for spirit I Prepare in my Tower. Give Me a tatter from the old. The new attire will be instead of old, given to Me.
*The end Records 1961.