Agni Yoga's facets, 1962 (101-250)

101. (Guru). Hurry. Haste is judged, but lateness and delay are already condemned.
102. (Feb. 15). There is judgment time and even knowing about it doubt. So was always. It is clear because exact terms aren't subject to announcement. There is a heart barometer which will specify approach of the critical moment. But under all conditions readiness of expectation and the continuous guarded wakefulness is necessary. Told, what I Will come but how to oversleep my Dawn?
103. Clean heart from a touch to it dirty doesn't become dirty if in it there is no elements sewage. Therefore clarification is especially necessary to avoid an infection.
104. The uninterrupted chain, which links are strong, force and the price has. It is possible to work with only strong chain. Vibrations on a chain are transferred from Me down, I Transferring, accept each link and transfers. I don't see need to communicate differently. Way of transfer of thought – the fast. Only it depends on ability and ability to be released from itself. The friend, in aspiration to Us it is impossible to come off the device of spirit, but he has to act without egoism impurity. Completeness of merge and contact excludes egoism. New Gate in our Kingdom opens.
105. (Feb. 16). I ask you, whether it is possible to learn a current of thought of the Teacher of Light? It is possible. How? Having released from itself and having concentrated on Me, having released from personal in itself, from the (the terrestrial personality) and having transferred consciousness to area super personal, that is to the sixth principle. I in you, you in Me the sixth or in the sixth principle your, uniting Adherents in the Brotherhood, and people in uniform herd or a uniform family of mankind. The guard of a threshold interfering merge to Me, the egoism that is the personal beginning and everything is, than the consciousness of the personality is filled. The personality becomes a boulder closing an entrance and access to Me. You want to think only about Me and World Mine, but egoism persistently, persistently and invincibly imposes to consciousness of thought only about yourself, disturbing concentration on Me. While this monster isn't bridled, not subordinated and the will didn't seize it completely, it will stir and become between you and Me. You want to arrive with Me, it having come off, and it wants that you were with it and thought of it, that is of itself, of the external person in you, and commonness, it surrounding. Here a threshold, here the guard of a threshold and you directed to Me... Who will win? The guard at a threshold, an egoism monster, is very strong. Should see it in all its force standing between your aspiration to Light counteracting merge to Me, desire of Light and Me. Why so many efforts are necessary, it is so much fight, it is so much incredible persistence and persistence? Why? Only because the egoism disturbs, a block becoming on a way.And this monster it is necessary to kill. Otherwise it will ruin spirit flowers. You want to think of Me, and it of yourself. You want to be with Me, and it with yourself both the desires and the thoughts relating only to it, only to yourself. Understanding of essence of this enemy of Light in itself, - and its forces – a step on a way of the most necessary overcoming of and a victory over that is over this monster. Here even now, that to approach to Me, how many energy should have spent and time to break its counteraction. Killed, it won't disturb, and Communication with Me will be easy also freely available, a Prestandings constancy – feasible, and my Image in the third eye – to constants. Only the phenomenon of a feat it is possible to destroy it. This monster of a gloom is won a feat fiery. Self-sacrifice is process of overcoming of and a victory over an egoism monster, or the personal beginning, in itself. Force of opposition to willfulness of covers I Will send. Then we will bridle together. All are rebellious, all are capricious and all demand control. The house, in itself divided, won't resist: as also the spirit shared in (or torn apart) forces of an attraction of unrestrained covers and an attraction to Light Focus. Either that or another has to win. But when on a proscenium the will acts and approves the sovereign power and a primacy of spirit in a microcosm of the person, the victory becomes possible. It is necessary to win. Defeat is impossible, because I for you. But you have to fight and to win. And I Help. You want to reach. If you want – you will reach, because together we go.
106. (M. A.Y.). 106. (M. A. Y.). I apply attention and care to that you’re moving took place. We have big plans. You enter into them an integral part. The importance you can understand and determine by almost total absence of carriers of knowledge. Therefore so much also it is given. Also it will be given even more. It will be given so much, how many will be able to contain consciousness. Each expedient undertaking strong will be supported.
107. (Guru). At a boundary of events! We wait. Wait also you.
108. (Feb. 17). (M. A. Y.). Karma heavy, I created it. Question that will overcome: aspiration to Us or a commonness; chains of the Karma are stronger or aspiration to Light. Through art and creativity the way conducts to Us. Here a way before it. If goes, not dodge, passing employment, complaints and discontent, will reach. Fire of creativity approaches to Us. When it burns, We is close. Its (fire) can be carried by through life, sharp-sightedly preserving against a kindly. There are a lot of quenchers, but it is possible to hold and it is necessary to resist by all means. Fight is inevitable, but and the victory is possible. Difficulties and obstacles are steps of a ladder of spirit. It isn't forgotten, it isn't left, and it isn't left, but in creativity and aspiration becomes close, - will reach, if wants all heart, all desire, all strength of mind.
109. (M. A. Y.). Pictures have to be all together. Hands already reach for them. From its direct environment anybody isn't close to Us. Therefore let will think over it. Let especially is careful of those who brings dissonance, concern and a clouding. Not from light these influences. Who with you rally, those to it friends. From you separating and distancing is not friends and not ours. Touch stone for all is you. So to it also tell directly.
110. (Feb. 19). Light is learned by Light. Light of Focus of Hierarchy is Light, which inside. The spatial Treasury of Thought can't be exhausted because eats from everywhere: thoughts of Hierarchy of Light, thoughts of inhabitants of the Distant Worlds and thoughts from Space Records. The highest Thought constantly rushes over the world. And the one who to it has access, not thirstThis Thought is far from turmoil of life usual. On a market not find it. Crowds of direct access to it have no and eat it only through those who have. But those who receive it receive not for themselves, but – people; not for crowds, but the people. Receiving (it) and transfer is Service to Light. Spatial we Call it not only because thoughts go from Space but also because, refracting through a prism of consciousness and in it receiving the granulation, the spatial thought gets the form available to people, and cements already space terrestrial, sating with itself aura of Earth. Light carrier, thus, becomes a transmutator and the transformer of Spatial Thought and serves mankind as a whole on the planet. Platon of the rights – ideas operate the world, but only the ideas apprehended by consciousnesses of receivers, refracted through them and issued by them. We Bring these thoughts ideas to people, and also that that is connected with Us bring them and by us is put on the intersection of roads. The planetary network of Light and knots of transfer assimilate to the radio towers accepting and transferring waves of energy of thought. Beams of thoughts flow from Stronghold Towers, and consciousness, to them turned, them can accept. The beam of thought isn't property of each person, but is formed only when the centers flare up, sating and painting it the color and energy of an emanation of these centers. To think accurately and claurluhear the consciousness giving Light self-proceeding and become already by focus of Light can only. Focus, Light sending, and focus, Light accepting, become uniform force in space. Light formula "I in you, you in Me works, and We – is uniform". (This) light exchange is the phenomenon space. Knots of Light regulate distribution of the highest Energy on a planet face. And it is similar to that, Interaction of human aura with deposits of light educations – process for life maintenance in a human body so necessary that without it a body couldn't and live. On Light existence depends very much that by right it is possible to call it a basis of life planetary and all views of its vegetable, animal and human world (or kingdoms). And we will remember: Basis of life is Light.
111. (Feb. 19). Astral? While isn't present – will depend further on Us. About the harmonized of aura demands time, and it is necessary to isolate the perception channel accurately. Otherwise there can be a harm and mixture of currents because everyone perceives through the aura, even from nearby sitting and soldered closely. Mixtures of currents can't be allowed.
112. (Feb. 24). When the external starts sounding too tensely and usual concentration not in forces it to overcome, it is possible to overcome it the impressions which are also going from the outside, but in connection with concentration internal. Therefore when vanity sounds especially loudly, it is necessary to take the Image in hand and, having turned on It an eye and having collected attention in focus it, to connect external concentration, that is concentration on an external subject, to concentration internal, that is on thoughts and the feelings concerning not external Image, but the related orbit that is to Light spheres. It is possible, it is possible, it is possible to overcome roar of vanity and tension of external conditions association external, concerning Us, with internal, connecting to Us.
113. (M. A. Y.). And where you were and then you were occupied, remember that all is temporary and that only a way, to Light the leader, is real because from eternity it and conducts in boundlessness of life.
114. At the enlightenment moments the spirit knows. But passes time, and sharpness of knowledge grows dull and even is lost absolutely. It is necessary not only to receive knowledge, but also to keep it that it is much more difficult because the knowledge of spirit is alien to commonness and at collision with it loses the clarity and simplicity, - from here, and constancy of fight between terrestrial knowledge, or terrestrial wisdom, and knowledge of spirit, or to foresee in area of the really existing. But it is possible to hold. Condition one – not to come off Me. How counteraction to this condition was strong, it is necessary to win against it nevertheless. Not to win – means to give in means to suffer defeat, and during the name of what? That will flash only for an instant, for an hour or for day or even for a year, whether everything is equal to sink into oblivion and to leave with anything. Everything will be forgotten, only I Won't forget comers to Me that to continue the way with Me.
115. (M. A. Y.). We it is close but as distance from Us cares terrestrial if entirely to indulge in them. Not to avoid them, and without them it is impossible, but probably quite to give them the time as the care would flow not about itself, and about other person. And then it is possible to take a detached view as though, without identifying itself with about who display this care.
116. (Guru). The legend itself of undividedly to will of the Lord, not at words, but at practice, will help strong to hold the Silver Thread of Communication.
117. (Feb. 25). World My is from other-wordly. Means to come nearer to It and to enter into It, it is necessary to leave and exempt this world consciousness from everything that usually it fills that is it is necessary to tower spirit over the world usual and dense. It is known long ago. About it It was spoken more than once. But words are powerless where the will yet didn't seize the property. The decision is right – to fight to a victory and the purpose to achieve and to subordinate to the will a thought current. The guarantee for success – that moods, circumstances, feelings and thoughts will subside, will cease, and will leave but if the decision to achieve a victory remains invariable and firm, the victory will be reached.
118. (M. A. Y.). Pralaya consciousness’s is a condition of its expansion. This pulsation is inevitable with its growth. The consciousness as though is curtailed in itself to give new shoots and to blossom new thought. It isn't necessary violence over it. Everything will come in due time.
119. (Guru). You will execute Will Lord and into the course you will enter. On the ground it is necessary to go firmly, a due place and time finding terrestrial, while on Earth.
120. Correctly: there is no other way, except a dismissal way from itself.
121. (Feb. 27). You plunge in external and terrestrial. So it was necessary to plunge and to us. Thread of Communication hold. By it only also you will be kept. Our matter is in need. It isn't enough performers, and they are burdened with unreasonable loading. And little Light My observing. Light of My Name protect. Also you remember, you remember it.
122. (March 2). 19 – Sounds, as an appeal to New life.
123. (March 3). 123. (March 3). Contumelium * is evil inevitably. Anybody and can deliver nothing our decision barriers. In these difficult days Show to rally round Focus Light, Show understands that we live in unknown time. Show accepts intensity of the moment, as a step to inevitability fiery. To you Show waiting Come Maitreya that Arrival time close at doors.
* Contumelious – the Insult, an abuse, offense (lat.).
124. (M. A. Y.). Tell: passes successfully the last, difficult days before release of spirit from the Karma and a payment of the last accounts. Let knows that release in the spirit of. Let feels that we watch its life and fight against everything that prevents it to be in good spirits free and with Us. We are close to it, when heart and thoughts all it with Us. Creating, to us becomes closer.
125. (March 4). There are three kinds of people: receiving and blowing received downwind; receiving and holding for itself as the own property belonging only it, and receiving and distributing consciously, generously, but is commensurable. The first are similar to vessels full of holes – how many give, all will pour out in vain. The second are similar to the miser, sitting on a chest with gold. The third is attendants of Light. They distribute. Distribution is difficult because unwisely to distribute worse, than not to give anything. The main channel of their activity is saturation and space cementation by thoughts and the images flowing from the conveyor of their consciousness. Correctness of a formula ancient that at least without one righteous person isn't present to a standing hail is based that the so-called righteous person, or the attendant of Light, is the focus, accepting the energy, going from Hierarchy of Light. Them accepting, it pours out these vibrations on all sphere of the Invisible and visible world surrounding it, establishing those balance of thin energy and influencing tension of underground fire. True blessing of the entire district are these attendants of Light. Radius of influence depends at most and receiver tension, that is on a step of the spirit bearing Light in the microcosm. Spatial Service is difficult extraordinary. It is easier to distribute personally. But also here severe commensurability because there are a lot of wishing to take and often taking on the evil, but not the benefit is necessary. To sate with Agni's Energy bad heart that it streamed on darkness act, – a mistake so responsible and serious that can deprive of the unlucky distributor of Spatial Treasures of their further receipt. Therefore it is necessary to distribute wisely, bearing in mind the pigs trampling on pearls of spirit.
126. (Guru). Peace ideas should be dismissed: not time. It is necessary to be as onions in tension before arrow start-up. Strength of mind it is necessary to collect everything inside and armor to put on. And inside not allow anything, spirit able a monolith to break. So prepare howl Lords when the space starts sounding tension of new energy.
127. (M. A. Y.). With everything Helped, trifles. I praise for execution of Instructions. I went on a limit of all the physical forces, - but Didn't allow breaking. The rest full and long is necessary.
128. (March 5). (M. A. Y.). . I will afflict you with the message that there will be nothing from expected (you). But I will please, having told that the unexpectedness of the future will surpass and will eclipse all your expectations and ideas of it. Soon, soon, your time will come soon. Uncertainty and homelessness torments will come to an end. The field of activity of the external will accurately be defined.
129. (March 6). My son, ardent influence surrounding it is possible to overcome a power of love directed to Me.
130. It transferred keys from the God's Kingdom, but they didn't enter and others didn't let and keys of these didn't give. Therefore nowadays from them keys that take them are taken everyone could and to open the gate closed until then. Then we Will open soon, and keys already it will more not be necessary.
131. Each effort to promote on the way Is supported by us. It is necessary to resist only in the statement desirable, without receding. From two parties the spiritual armor is forged. And though it is close, but terms don't appoint waiting unexpectedly.
132. The future is already in urgent readiness to join dense forms, but it is impossible neither to hasten, nor to be late: precisely, at the due moment the contents fiery will join dense forms. And though it is close, but terms don't appoint waiting unexpectedly.
133. Yes! Yes! Yes! If readiness and expectation creative is a bridge in the future on strong foundations. Wait creative, heart flaring and strong approaching with Me. Then already time won't prepare itself when it is necessary to show this readiness in application in the conditions of the most difficult. The ardent statement in consciousness and life of Bases creates the necessary degree of readiness.
134. My son, you are not anxious: you already can record of a message at any time about what it was warned in due time; because any more in forces you to reject anything from a way. (Known) extent of concentration is (for this purpose) necessary, because we will create together. Clear idea of the chosen Image in the third eye is a creativity basis.
135. In the shown world everything is in a condition of continuous and continuous movement. All being of the person is in movement. The spirit of the person moves either up, or down. If the basis of a spiral of movement of spirit is approved on Bases, the spirit can ascend only up, and the ascension it is already immutable because it is caused by the Law. Therefore I Speak, approve Bases, protect Bases because the inflexible of your way to Boundlessness depends on it.
136. (March 7). Tell: today it is necessary the first act of the World drama. Today it will be noted by the unknown tension of spatial energy.
137. (March 8). Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice and direct love to Uniform Focus of Light. In Light body, flaring love, you enter My Spheres. (To itself repeat :) "You, You, You, Lord; You, to You and yours". Rejoice to Light; rejoice in Light which lights up in you, my children. And when I Will force out yours everything and it will be replaced by mine, my World in your days will be approved. Also there will be then I everywhere where neither your look nor your consciousness addressed nor directed, because I with you always.
138. Accept the Message about the future. I consider it necessary to Tell: remained not for long. Already – in the future sphere. Already under wings it. Nowadays will sweep away everything that disturbs it, and everything will strengthen that for. Nowadays fire is the regulator of spatial life and that on Earth. Tension fiery promptly sends all areas (or spheres) to life: both personal, and public, world. The will is free, but My Shows ways and a choice the last is free. But it is the last... and, having made it, it will be impossible to change it because world division will be similar to a lightning. It is a lot of death; it is a lot of transfiguration, a lot of, many phenomena of the Thin World.
139. The pleasure goes, - soon will come!
140. (M. A. Y.). And you succeed love. Love it is so simple to reach. To the country of happiness you will reach love, only love. Its fiery power covered Light way, because Light and Love – poles of a thing Uniform.
141. (March 9). My son, feeling of reality of the future it is correct. It makes impression of its proximity. And then there is a question of terms. But under any conditions terms, exact terms remain unknown, even for close standing. Terms it is impossible to call. Those to Whom exact terms are known, never call them. A lot of things can be made under the sign of approach of terms. Term can come, but the eye will see nothing because the World Eye which sees is available to only rare people. The main events are often hidden so deeply that consequences are visible only. Much before it is specified was about the 36th year, whether but many saw the main moment in planet life. Readiness let will be on four ends, predetermining nothing. The general condition of consciousness’s can be visible only from Mountains. But fiery waves go.
142. (March 11). When advance stops and the person starts moving back, its entire not gets rid properties come to life again, get new force and wait for the turncoat to accept it in the embraces. While advance is made, they aren't terrible because they behind, in the past, but once you stop or to begin movement back, inevitable there is a danger to get under their power. Only in prompt flight in future rescue from the past because its waiting shadows come to life at each retreat. Therefore way only forward. Waiting heavy, persistently and not drowsy, guards of night they, ready to seize the reeled consciousness. Back the way isn't present, unless only in a chasm.
143. (March 18). Everything that was promised to you, not to you was promised, but to become closer to us because the promising wanted through you to Us. Promises are the bills issued to us the payment on which causes execution of those hopes which were reflected in promises. Thus, their performance is closely connected with possibility of approach to Us where you are a link inevitable. It won't be possible to jump. To come off – means to lose opportunities, at all without knowing that lost. It is a lot of on a planet of writers large, but anybody isn't close. It is necessary to understand that possibilities of approach are rare extraordinary. Signs are given, but it isn't enough one signs. Certainly, you will do and without them, without promising, but they won't manage. It is better to warn, differently can be too late, and given the chance by it now in hands can departure. Not all can sustain Proximity: one won't estimate, others, looking through itself, to itself will make even, and too will miss then to regret. Warn it isn't enough to approach with you, it is necessary to hold still. And communication threads already begin refine. Can break.
144. To the thoughtless traveler tell: without constancy there is no advance, without the plan – expediency of actions, without discipline of spirit – their quality. Each undertaking has to be finished or isn't begun at all.
145. You suffer also, those who hold the arch.
146. I will make effort dispelling a gloom. Show is in readiness for unexpectedness of expectedness. The yarn of the future will develop in an unexpected pattern. But also you help readiness. Steal everything; steal everything, but not to steal richness of the future. They will sate all, without decreasing. Five bread and five thousand... Seven Beams and... all planetary, all mankind. Light will suffice all. My time is close. Flight of time won't stop anything. In total in the future, and anything in the present, except to it steps. Them see because without them not to enter. The threshold is heavy. The spiritual category of terrible force will specify steps of the next hour - on them rising, will enter into judgment time. The step will be visible the next, without knowledge of the following. Will enter into the future, without trusting and without knowing its sense - only one step to it, inalterability step, inevitability step to people we Will specify. Will make it, not understanding that enters an orbit of Fiery Terms.We conduct, but not there where the will angry aspires. Everything serves Light, and the darkness and shifts of the dark serves. Energy them I Will turn, but on pleasure not to them which is angrily creating. And when Hour will punch, even the dog won't come to call of the angry. Think; think nevertheless to leave by hand Justice. I Speak, I Claim: nobody will leave. Everyone will receive in process of good or the evil, darkness or Light which in it and everyone will measure to itself (himself) a piece. For the future wait and light of clothes prepare adequately to enter into judgment time.
147. (March 19). Hastily I Finish the history page to separate the past of the future. The basis of the old world – ignorance is excluded from the future. The knowledge becomes the basis of the New World. Seven Space Beams accepted and assimilated by me, through focus of my Consciousness, will be directed to the world, impregnating consciousness of all energy of a new step of evolution of life. They can't be rejected. Penetrating all covers, they either will revive, or will burn, causing reaction or creation forces, or destruction on quality of the receiver. Crucified because Light in one caused Light and spirit revival, in others – rage of darkness and falling in a chasm. So was, so will be and nowadays, these last days the old, leaving world when Arrival and everyone trial of, by influence Space Energy on heart will be made. Heart – their greater in energy of darkness or Light, life and death. One they will revive, others will burn. As well as when crucified: in one Light, in others rage of darkness will flash. But won't crucify because It is invisible It is visible. Nowadays a difference that then (even rejected) it was still possible to escape, nowadays Space Power Fiery New Energy will create the last court in human heart which or will accept them, in the benefit and life, that is in spirit revival, or will reject, by that having approved an influence pole opposite, that is a pole of darkness, destruction and death. Alatyr-Stone, which either will revive, or will burn. Heart – the transformer Energy of Space Fiery Power in energy of darkness or Light will be the judge. One they will revive, will update, will give life, others will burn or show a number of consequences opposite. The darkness in darkness will depart, light – to Light. Mixture any more won't be, and dependence any more won't be those who from Light, from those who from darkness that the darkness would devour itself. Will leave unusable and with them all darkness.
148. Even the Mahatma not always shows properties of the Adherent but when it is necessary. As also the pupil not always at spirit heights, but as required because the hand and a foot human manage affairs. The pupil in the world is same, as all ordinary people. Singularity is carefully preserved against curious eyes. But its spirit strong also is closely connected with the Leader. In the world there can be many conditions covering fiery reality, but communication remains over all phenomena of the dense world. And whatever happened to the pupil, his lives: that life and this, terrestrial, go temporarily in parallel while all terrestrial won't merge and it won't be forced out and replaced by the highest. And then the other-worldly world will replace the world dense, and then the World of the Hierarch-driver in day’s terrestrial the pupil will be approved, as uniform self-sufficing reality. To be live taken on the sky and means this replacement of evidence of a commonness with a reality fiery, reality of that exists over changeable and illusive Maya passing and temporary forms.
149. (March 21). Your house is Heart of the Lord – not temporary, but constant, reliable. But and your body is the house only for a while. Therefore we won't be attached to one, even to a body, and to one of covers – temporarily all. It is impossible to become attached to anything, because all true your and integral yours – in Me. So at life also look to rise even closer. Ruthlessly break everything that prevents my Proximity to realize and becomes between Me and you. Your house, your monastery, spirit shelter – in Me, in My Heart. I in you, you in Me am freedom of spirit from the power over it all ph. Release in the spirit of therefore in the spirit of that each of covers is connected and submits to that world to which belongs: physical, astral, and mental – to their laws. The spirit over them and them isn't connected. The spirit is fire, and the kingdom is a kingdom fiery, freedom and Light kingdom in boundlessness of space of Spheres of the Highest. Let the constant consciousness will be thought of the leader of that all is passing also all not yours. Let the thought this essence become your expression in life and the idea conducting all life. Itself to me having betrayed and having merged with Me and Me having approved in the consciousness above all, any more itself, but Me you will show, and the right to have to use the force mine and Me to speak, on behalf of mine, as if not you, but I staying in you, your lips I Speak. All yours is from Earth and terrestrial; all mines – from Fire and from Light. With mine replacing and terrestrial, Fire you will approve.
150. To it you tell: the willfulness, that is itself and the approving, with itself also remains, but not with Light. But the one, who wants to be with the Teacher, has to moderate itself (himself) and the will not to impose to anybody, in particular those who not show the will, but the Teacher of Light. If the will shows, remains with it and with itself. Obedience and restraint of own willfulness will be the first step of self-discipline. Only that fully can show will power of who owns it, but not whom owns it. Willfulness and will power is concepts not equivalent. But let will think three times before to try to impose the will to you sent by me to help it to find a life track. Not it is necessary to you, but it you, as a link of communication with Me. Each attempt of suppression of your freedom will be loss of the next opportunity, it isn't known about this loss for lost. I warned already three times. Let will think of how to hold you that the irreparable didn't happen. Mine come and leave unexpectedly.
151. (March 22). In the Book of Life of Great Heart there are a lot of pages – more, than it is possible to imagine. Each page is life of the personality, who was temporarily investing Great Identity. To see under shape external and to scent Great Essence of with Whom more than once already in last, far and close, the Proximity and Communication was established, – means again to continue a conscious way of Service to Light and again with It together to go to the far and fiery purpose. The way is long, thorny and hard. But other we Do not know a way. The assignment bears everyone, following It; at times on forces it, at times over forces. Sense of Instructions always same is Light Execution. Its carrier is the Leader and everything that It Conducts. Whatever form carried the Assignment, its sense and essence always – Light Execution. And how it was shown and following for the Leader was approved, its value consists in the statement of Light in itself for a gift to its World. In it sense of all Precepts, all Doctrines and any self-improvement. In same value of each quality of spirit consists also. In same essence is of a way. Correctly everything that Light claims inside that strengthens it and helps to shine with darkness of the outside world. Each effort over itself replace with Light darkness and to light where it is possible, accord to the Assignment. In what is meaning of the life and of terrestrial embodiments? In that this Light in to approve and move further, it not only not kindle, but increasing in it is constant. The era of Fire is Light Era. Those, in whom it isn't present, it or will light, or to live in Light, not can, no having it In which it isn't present, or will light it, or won't be able to live in Light, without having it. Light Victor goes on the old earth that to create the new sky and New Earth.
152. (M. A. Y.). All speak, only “give”. “Give, no breaking life egoism our”. You only give, and we no want to give up anything". But even the Savior before giving, Asked: Whether "You believe? » That is I laid down known conditions in order that from It could receive. The donation unconditional is equivalent to attempt to fill with water a vessel full of holes. The belief or trust or any degree of understanding is required for success of a donation. In case of the management a condition it becomes aggravated, because without a harmonius of consciousness’s it is impossible. Giving and receiving are subject to the accord law, without submission to which process becomes destructive for both parties. Many would like to take, without burdening itself anything. It will be a consuming of others energy. Others want to bring the disorder in the symmetry which has developed as a result of long-term works and efforts, with that without reckoning that is paid for each Word at the high price. Without known degree of the accord and mutual understanding the management is inadmissible. Receivers of consciousness are adjusted on a due wave.
153. (March 23). Yes, yes, yes! That's just the point that the taking – everything who on the Ladder of Hierarchy is lower. And the few luminous, feeling unconsciously Proximity I wash about you, too wishes to profit at a rate of the appetites. It is necessary to be preserved, differently will tear to pieces as tore to pieces even such giant as Ramakrishna; expediency in everything, and also in return. It is necessary to distribute wisely, and knowing a coma and on what. Still it isn't enough one desire to receive. It is necessary to have the right to receiving. Not wisely to allow tearing to pieces itself when the Assignment is given. Killed and tortured almost everything, the others tormented mentally. The feat of execution of Light is heavy. Why We are hidden from all in far mountains – it is possible to think. Difficulty that mental energy at people absolutely isn't organized isn't bridled and isn't supervised. It is wasted is inexpedient and is spent and flows away as water through broken-through dam while if to detain her and dam to adjust, it could be accumulated and used wisely as the miller accumulates water if the dam is whole. To bear on itself Light is difficult. It is difficult and spatially because very darkly and quenchers there is a lot of. If didn’t protect, it would be impossible to resist. And still danger not from distant, but the neighbors who are standing close of what were already convinced more than once. And still danger not from distant, but the neighbors who are standing close of what were already convinced more than once.
154. (March 24). Without restriction of time and when you want with Us, you are. Anything you in itself, but with Us you are force. Be with Us always. Anything, who without Us, but – all the one who with Us.
155. Our Holiday is Day of unification in the spirit of. When planetary opportunity is facilitated merges to Light Focus, then strains it planetary network, Light network. And everyone who in it, receives from Us waves of the lightful vibrations uniting all, who from Light, in one. Nowadays our Holiday of special value is full: (because it) the Holiday of a victory over the darkness, full (victory) going and close. It already is, but in Spheres Hidden. It will be visible obviously and in spheres terrestrial. Festival of spirit and Holiday of a victory over darkness – so we Will approve this Day. Step it will be rapprochements of the worlds, a step of new understanding of the world and communication mutual and close in it living people. Under the Banner Mira Vladyki Maytreyi it is entered in a year new. Gifts of spirit flow. Let everyone will take, how many can contain. Gifts (only) didn't give happiness Earth to people. As is without spirit? Without spirit is means, without the contents. Form without the contents that are empty. Vessels empty don't move on the Holiday. What to the world we Give in Day Universal Holiday Spirit-Fiery are filled with life wine?
156. (March 25). Hello looking for General Welfare. Hello everything who for the sake of it is ready to put the hand to world organization. We live in special time when each construction aspiration makes the contribution. Time of unknown tension and opportunities unknown! Under Flage Maitreya we Call of all, who for association for the sake of creation and construction, but not destructions. For the Holiday we Call associations of all mankind in a uniform family of fraternal peoples. Time great fulfillments, time of Maitreya goes.
157. Going time is remarkable that it exempts the person from past chains. In the Thin World heaps of the last centuries and therefore everything that of the past, any more has no former power over consciousness are destroyed. The consciousness is exempted from that in the form of superstitions, prejudices and other absurd oppressed it so long time. The consciousness is free. In it and opportunity it, and danger leave not there where it is necessary, not to Light and creation, but in darkness. On a choice of ways nowadays depends very much that it is necessary to warn about that the choice was faultless. Freedom of consciousness yet doesn't mean release it from opportunity to rush in a chasm. You see where the consciousness of many directs released from past fetters. You see made madness’s. You see as madmen seek to cast a planet into horrors of general mutually destruction. Therefore I Speak, on a choice of ways nowadays depends very much. New waves of Fire and Beams will moderate madness of the dark, but also those who for Light and life construction, the hands are obliged to lay to business of rescue of a planet. Nowadays the people will undertake the statement of the world, and they will win.
158. (Guru). In the future trust – it is immutable will come. And live as though it already came, you will enter into it more strongly. Everything can be taken away from the person, but not his future, in which all. Animals of the future don't know, but the person – his lord.
159. I will put Care to that mutual understanding took place. Association of consciousness’s is on the Highest, on Me, but not terrestrial and usual. Association in the spirit of and on the spiritual! Association on all other, terrestrial and usual will come after, as accompaniment to spirit. But spirit above all. Association on the plan intellectual, emotional and personal – is fragile and therefore in the basis of life the spirit phenomena rely.
160. Each contact thought of Focus of Light is useful for concerning, and besides so far as he is able to be released from it, the thoughts and personal attempts. All personal and strong prevents to receive that goes over the phenomena of a personal order. Precept "be as children" specifies that the consciousness of adults is burdened with outgrowths of egoism and all that is connected with the personality and her personal world. The consciousness of the child didn't manage to grow yet with prickles of egoism and is more or less free. Freight of personal remnants when it undertakes with itself (himself) to the World Thin, after release from a body is especially heavy. With this freight not to rise from the lower class to Light Spheres.
161. Not to fill value of the events with intelligence because it mentions layers higher. The intelligence lives in the present; it is a little in a past and very little in the future. And the area really real, making with a past and future one indissoluble whole, is inaccessible to it. The spiritual understanding in that is knowledge of spirit or feeling-knowledge is necessary. The intelligence lives Maya because is based on external feelings. Enlightenment in the future is inaccessible to it. It can't instantly solve a complex mathematical challenge as it I did Kovalevsky, and he can't see life on the Distant Worlds. Knowledge of spirit, and only it, will lift the person on the following step of evolution. And the intelligence will serve spirit, as the tool to the good master. The fifth principle gives the way to the sixth that in merge to it to go further to tops of knowledge of the world.
162. Accident is inevitable. About it will conduct. Ours it won't concern the Country, but enemies it strong will concern. Space Forces guard evolution. Elements will fall upon those who disturb a lawful course of events. The help the Highest is our Homeland.
. 163. (March 27). My son when your will is combined with Will My, nobody's third-party will, as though it was strong, can't resist to it. Therefore at any counteraction it is necessary to unite immediately with Me to work together. It isn't necessary to object, it isn't necessary to argue, but it is necessary to be together at this moment. And then the wave of others influence will break about the insuperability rock. Much they will be, trying to themselves to subordinate, but when with Me, each attempt can smile only. It is impossible to give the will and achievements of years long on worry to someone's willfulness because the torn to pieces will address on you to trample on Treasure. The damage can be so great that all strength of mind it is necessary to rise in defense of the Pearl of the consciousness. It is necessary strong to note each feeble effort, each attempt, and to work with me and my Name, without fluctuating. The main thing to avoid objections, altercations and disputes, accurately keeping in consciousness approved thought or protected situation. Inconstancy, even at strong will, weakens it so what to reckon with it especially it isn't necessary. It is worth passing only the first squall by, internally remaining on approved provisions and without conceding to others impact. It is possible even to break off externally, having provided to the tyrant to express up to the end. The more he speaks, that becomes weaker, and the more silent accumulates the forces. The case is unusual and difficult exactly thanks to external casual dependence in which put circumstances of life, but subjects it will be easier to defend the independence and freedom when it will come to an end. It isn't necessary to allow the dependence on people, and all is better most. Expensively it is necessary to pay for each favor. Here a case special, and We Forced events because itself, without our diligence, in this proximity and dependence on foreign will didn't come to be. We also Will help to bridle it and to channelize it due. To it each counteraction costs much.
164. (March 29). Would approach more, but it is necessary to step through itself. "I" become an ardent barrier on a way and covers with myself all horizon of thinking and the future. I say that I Will come, is the future. But the egoism doesn't permit even to think about the future. How to reconcile personal and world, that is irreconcilable in essence. Everything who were read by World Torches, lived not personal, but General Welfare. Personal places didn't remain in their thinking. Dismissal from itself is inevitable as approaching Light Focus – either to be released, or to remain on a place. No logic of evidence will explain that fact that, at all justice of personal constructions and conclusions, World quits the one who plunges into the world of personal remnants. Lawfully wish the rest in the evening of life. But after all from спокоя never was born good nothing. And not to the spoky it is necessary, but spirit burning. It is better to live in illusive, but <...> future, than in utter darkness of the present.
165. (March 30). The friend if the consciousness is silent to force it it is impossible to begin to sound. It also is пралайя consciousnesses. What to do during these periods of a zamolkaniye of a harp of spirit? Wait in trust full when it will begin to sound again. It will begin to sound. Again thoughts will pour down. It is necessary to wait only.
166. And how with mental messages which weren't confirmed? Consider that will be confirmed and that in the future there will be that else eyes don't see. Future pages are caught, but carried for these days, and in it a mistake. Enlightenment and the future doesn't give exact knowledge of terms. The perception is in essence right, but its localization in time is wrong because refracted through a prism of personal consciousness. It is necessary to write down such phenomena, but rejecting exact dates of their alleged implementation. Terms aren't conducted to anybody, even close standing. Violating the rule of impossibility of knowledge of exact terms, you call into question and perception while it in essence was absolutely correct. Therefore I Advise indications of terms from such messages withdraw, all the rest having left. The future will confirm fidelity of such decision. Terms are caused by inalterability and mobility of the Plan and therefore can't be precisely defined. The feeling of proximity of the hung events correctly, their date by certain time is wrong. Therefore also to wait for it is specified unexpectedly, building all life as usual and as having I put. It is a lot of mistakes and a lot of absurd occurred from violation of this condition and from purpose of false terms. Great Arrival is inevitable, but time it isn't known by anybody from waiting the Lord.
167. Let the spirit look at heavy time, as at check of fortress of armor of spirit.
168. (March 31). If solution of all at Us, that wisely across the decision to Us and address; on completeness of the address and answer. On the direct address the answer we Give only in urgent cases. Amateur performance we prefer to other ways of actions. The idea is good, but will meet cruel counteraction. And then there is an expediency of a roundabout track. Even the tree is cut not direct, but inclined blow. As also counteraction of not ready is overcome not in a forehead, but reality of incontestable facts. The necessary conditions will be laid down by life. But grain should manage to be thrown into a favorable wave. If the old formula "after a miracle moves forward I will believe" – the offer won't do at all. Miracles never convinced nobody, phenomena – too. The work, the work, the proofs found, – only such method will be convincing. The direction and way it is possible to specify and help to plan the necessary approach. But have to be convinced actually. If pictures of aura's radiations aren't convincing, than it is possible to convince man of little faith. Then? It doesn't do to drag out in a knowledge garden, but it is possible to give a good advice. Opportunities to it will be given from time to time. But will endanger not wisely it. If Fulton considered mad, that waits for those who will want to give a clear proof of action of thin energy. It is possible to help, but a forehead and ignorance and mistrust wall let punch. We on worry our Can't Send the few. Let work, but in the specified direction. Where it is necessary, we Will help and thoughts we Will send, but it is necessary that was to what to put energy ours. Be not deceived – the requirement or a condition of phenomena or clear proofs – the old song on new motive. Don't fall into a trap this. We Refused miracles; miracles for priests.
169. Two coordinated auras can work wonders, but not for crowds, or for the curious. These miracles will be conducted by it or to us, but not further. Results of these miracles for a usual eye will be near only everyday occurrences without understanding of the reasons which have caused them. The yogi builds the temple for twenty transitions is action yoga's. When auras will unite in consent full, you will be surprised to ardent consequences of power of the combined efforts. Square – Stability symbol because two coordinated auras amplify two more. Certainly, the success is provided only on condition of a close unification with Us. Pure business can't be created by dirty hands. On hands too depends much. Even one participant can spoil fruits of collective experience. My Council: to help only council, without assuming responsibility for success of the planned experiences because it will depend to a certain extent on suitability of participants in it.
170. When weighing a body it is good to make experiment, so that powerlessly, all weight of a body, mentally feeling and as though strengthening it, to fall by scales, and then easy to lay down, all over seeking to rise as though by air, coming off a bowl of scales, in aspiration up.
171. Behind physiology, biology, psychology and so on the person is forgotten. There is no synthetic understanding of its essence and there is no synthetic approach to studying of the phenomenon of the person. Separate branches of science about the person aren't connected between themselves. In it is of big mistake. The person is a synthesis of everything that is concluded in it, united in one harmonious, difficult whole. And even heart beat can't be studied separately from a current of thoughts or the general mental condition.
172. (Apr. 1). Not beseem, knowing the future to fall under power the present. After all the future is a not denied reality. After all it comes every instant. After all the present is no other than continuous process of continuous formation of the future. On today it is possible to claim unmistakably, as tomorrow will inevitably come, because a cycle of day and night – a condition of existence of the dense world. A daily cycle there is a cycle year, it a cycle seven-year-old, it the Zodiac cycle for 2100 and so on – to Manvantara cycle. Of the future not leave anywhere. It is a form of manifestation of life. But life of human spirit is caused by the Karma which is created not in the future, but in the present. It value of the present, as beget of the reasons creating the future, important extraordinary. The chain of causes and effects from the past goes in the present to the future. And if not to disturb them and not to break, the current of the Karma goes spontaneously. But the will free allocated the person to create the reasons bringing consequences in the future in the present. In the past nothing can be changed. But the future is plastic in hands of the will creating it in the present. Value of the present is aggravated with it. If to be idle, without doing anything to change the Karma and powerlessly going down stream, the Karma will go the turn. But it is possible to create it and at will, creating a chain of the new reasons, consequences new the bringing. Creates thought! The karma is created by thought. Each thought or approves automatically old Karma if it isn't new, or creates a chain of the new reasons, being grain of their origin. As though the thought was is small but if it is consciously accepted and approved in the spirit of, it becomes operating active factor of the Karma. If there is a purpose if the direction if the person to what and where it is necessary to aspire, a chain of his thoughts, to these purposes conformable, will be a chain of the karmic reasons creating and approving his movement in evolution knows is known. Commensurability of thoughts for the purpose of far, is as though far it was, creates approach to it both implementation and achievement it in the future. The future becomes then not abstracts concept, but we weed achievements of that is planned will and that is approved by it in the field of the present hour. The transient of the present serves as the guarantee to inevitability of the future, and the grains of shining thoughts put in consciousness in this present, – a guarantee of that the future it will pour out in the forms created by thought. You think clair-radiant, and anything dark won't concern the creator of shining thought. You think clair-radiant, being aware that every instant you create the Karma, or approving its old course, or creating it anew, in the accord with thought creating. The person is the master of fate that is the creator of the karma... any person. But the conscious creator of the future we Call what thoughts flow under control in compliance full with laws of evolution of spirit. Boundless development of all qualities of spirit, light Agni's carriers, – the purpose of the person, and every instant the present to spirit gives it to approve opportunity, taking the quality closest at present both most desirable and conformable to this moment. There is no such instant when it would be impossible to strengthen or strengthen any of qualities because the person constantly creates the thought, causing it Light or darkness. The creator of darkness or Light, the creator of the karma has to remember what future is created by it his thought from the present day and what grains reasons are put by it in the present by which the future it is formed.
173. (Apr. 2). My son judge and bargain is unwise business. But when words replace affairs it is bad. In words so many finest undertakings that it is useful to warn were dissolved: of words be afraid. Force them such is that they create a mirage of actions, and in these imagined, but not carried out affairs are dissolved energy of spirit. Better – it is less than words. We aren't supporters of flows of words. It is a lot of people at whom actions are replaced with words and by words are settled. Don't assimilate. After many told words inevitably feeling of force spent in vain. Conversations about the spiritual are good, but, first, they have to submit to a known rhythm, secondly, not to bear on themselves to the press a holiday-word. When instead of lifting the breakdown is noticed after them, conversation was holiday-word. It is good to answer questions if the question not casual, but is mature the directed consciousness and, so to speak, I ripened! It is better to replace words with affairs! I put much. But not such to which the inexperienced consciousness of the person wanting rather to reach those aspires, on what years are required. After lifting and a festival of spirit there come the days of work demanding a rhythm of persistent efforts. It is difficultly to stand them. On enthusiasm wings long it is impossible to fly. Before approving an eternal festival of spirit, it is necessary to pass through everyday life. Not to you I Speak, you passed, but that that yet didn't pass.
174. (M. A. Y.). How many to wait? Not more long, than it is necessary. But ability to wait is necessary quality of spirit. Whether paid attention that expectation is too the integral attribute of the Way. Everything going to eternity waited and waits. Only their expectation, going, effective and directed: as though in the movement, as though ready spirit unexpected expected to meet, living as though usually, but lit up unusual and made singularity a habitual meal of spirit. Unusual and usual too are couples of contrasts which need a harmonius. People of the unusual don't forgive and therefore fires of spirit should be covered. Going to the Lord it is usual for all, it is unusual only for nearby or together going. Expectation correct can be very fruitful, because magneto it tendency fiery.
175. (Apr. 3). If the future isn't present and there is nothing to wait, what then? Stagnation, bog and kindly of fires of spirit! It is better to hope and wait for what isn't present, than to delete the future from consciousness because the future is the engine. The person losing the future is similar to a bird which wings are sealed by lead. Weeds thoughts in the future it is free from restrictions of the current hour, in thoughts of the future – freedom. Emptiness of the present is better unrealized hopes and aspiration in the future, than. The future preserve – in it everything that the person and on what to hope can have. What would be, if first Christians to deprive hope of fast Arrival? What would be, if these hope to replace with knowledge of terrible and dark reality of the Middle Ages? Live in peace hopes and dream is a reality of the Thin World. Don't kill them where they brightly burn. Fires of spirit don't depend on present grimaces, and in the world of spirit they are real, but not dense evidence. On tops, but not on bogs of lowlands the hero in aspiration to reach the highest goes.
176. (M. A. Y.). Whether it will be better? Will be! When? It is necessary to wait and waiting it not on a place to stand, but to move further, and the top way.
177. (Guru). And not only to wait, but also to work in a full consent with what you expect. Only such expectation will be creating.
178. (M. A. Y.). If didn’t promise, wouldn't move. All Promised and All in all Doctrines Said that expects ahead: paradise, nirvana, eternal pleasure, the God's Kingdom and so on and further. Present from a place not to shift consciousness, - moves only a future magnet. If to give the reality expecting ahead, anybody wouldn't move. Not in forces the person not would be to stand that, on what he hopes, and that expects it actually. Only Lords those who about them it is very close, very close, very much Can Sustain also... As Advance also you. The hopes are closer, the more lifting. Unfulfilled one It is replaced with others, conformable to the moment. And that is told now, we Speak to the little because to sustain this Knowledge difficultly. On what to hope? On personal on anything! The nirvana will come, Samadkhi is possible, but how many it is necessary to work and wait to reach. While we will Feed still with hope that moved further. Whether everything is equal why the spirit ascends if only it ascended. Neither the future, nor hopes of it from spirit it is impossible to take away is will be falling in a chasm. Truly able to give knows that he on anything personal shouldn't count. Great Service begins when individual advance in the future is made without any personal hopes. The future is – great, light, shining, but personal in it to anything the place isn't present.
179. (Apr. 6). Sword – a symbol of fiery power of spirit. Sword of spirit! New of step! Armor and arms! I arm fiery. It is necessary that the consciousness corresponded. Time special and the Beam is of special function. It is necessary to be strong. And personal let stands aside. Sword not on friends, but on darkness – it is very active. Accept a new step, as the Trust and Care Sign. The sword was transferred by the Envoy. Awareness of value strengthens power. It is combined with desire to use it. Who a pettiness of will read – is insignificant. But force realizing the can work with it. The sword of spirit is entrusted to relatives. Proximity and Trust sign. The sword, Me given, let also will serve Me. The spiritual abuse, occurring nowadays in space, demands from each understanding of the events. Not time to dream, not time be touched and soar, time to work spatially, breaking heaps of the dark. They would like, according to the lost owner, to departure on fragments, having blown up a planet. But we Will not allow a leopard to jump. To dark will we Will deliver a limit. And you are everyone in readiness to work with Us. Spatial action is of particular importance nowadays. Great Arrival is the phenomenon of a cosmos-spatial order. Be a wake spirit on the guard. Usual thoughts reject.
* Abuse – fight.
180. (M. A. Y.). Remember a dream former. Compare and will understand who the Envoy of Light was.
181. (Apr. 7). My son way is long, the way is infinite, but the terrestrial is short. To that we will prefer, to a short piece of a way or volume which has no end. If short to consider not in itself, as something self-sufficing but only as part of the Great Way to Boundlessness, and this short piece will gain not temporary value, but infinite too, and not duration rather the short but as necessary part of that has no end. And then temporary becomes expression eternal, and final – infinite, limit – boundless. In itself this piece is deprived of any sense but as part of the Great Way he becomes full of the deepest value. After all everything proceeds in Boundlessness, the end to anything isn't present – to any action, any thought. Each action and each thought only a link of the chain stretched from the past, not having beginning, in the future which doesn't have the end. But, creating this link, in the power of the person make so that his metal was the purest and noble. Chain of causes and effects, or the rope of the Karma consisting of a set of threads, each, of which is interwoven into a rope by human will. To choose the elements entering into threads, it is possible at the will. Everyone proceeds in the future, making its indissoluble part.
182. (M. A. Y.). We rejoice, seeing lifting and spirit burning, mearn when fires die away. It is good if life of spirit goes without arrhythmic swings. For this purpose balance is required. Where they, seeking to follow the Lord, approved this great quality? Difficult now display this quality of spirit because the disbalance tears apart a planet, but and is great achievement of those who finds forces to show it in life. Only having forgotten about itself, it is possible to hope it to approve because the egoism cherishing thoughts only about, doesn't allow balance. The egoism lives in astral, and astral, unrestrained and unmetered, lives and eats disbalance that is unbalance. Show a peace of mind. Show control. Show those qualities of spirit which serve as a form of lit fires in a microcosm of the person. Without fire there is no life also. Tranquility fires, balance fires on a chemical composition one of the highest.
183. My Voice won't break off, the Lord Is unchangeable. But they will uplift you and will humiliate and will judge. But the judgment you won't uplift them, won't humiliate in my Heart, where your place. I see and Know what your judges don't know. Therefore also the judgment has no them the price.
184. (M. A. Y.). That you knew, I will tell: otherwise it is impossible, differently in judgment you won't enter. Leading Hand it is necessary to accept and trust spirit fully.
185. When I Demand unification, I Mean that circumstance that the bridge uniting consciousness’s, has foundations on two coasts. Everyone strengthens foundations it on the coast. And only mutual strengthening of these foundations will give durability to the bridge. What is made in order that the unification took place? What is made by each of you? About the harmonized of consciousnesses demands time, but not reach it if efforts aren't made from both parties. No external actions, words and addresses will help if in them doesn't take ardent part heart. Callous, that is heartless, actions, actions without participation in them of heart, desirable fruits won't yield. I Can't Allow that the Help washing it was dissolved in callousness of actions. Already I Said that the love will be cement fastening heart actions. Violently you won't force to love. But the unification of consciousness’s in Light My can approve this feeling. Someone should renounce nevertheless the, to renounce the egoism, small ego-tripping "I". I need unification in the spirit of.
186. Without constancy there is no achievement. The separate rhythm terribly devours forces. Even conversations on the high subjects which haven't been entered by a rhythm into a spiral of advance, desirable consequences won't bring. The rhythm and streamlining is following to the law. The rhythm is a form of expression of life. Arrhythmia in what and as though it was shown, is destructive. In the sphere spiritual it is inadmissible. Arrhythmia and fiery are incompatible. If who wants to succeed in aspirations, in occupations, in actions, in the life itself, let will be rhythmical! Spiral of days and nights, rhythm of morning and evening the form specifies as to approve a rhythm in all life. rhythmical. Spiral of days and nights, rhythm of morning and evening the form itself specifies
187. The three-dimensional proximity can't serve as the proximity guarantee in the spirit of. Distances for the last have no value. The three-dimensional proximity can rather distance if the unification in the spirit of didn't take place. The proximity is defined by heart. The principle "It is invisible Seen" it is proclaimed because the Proximity of the Teacher in a body nowadays won't give the necessary consequences. And earlier it in one caused delight of spirit and powerful lifting, and in others rage of darkness and an antagonism. Even accepted the Doctrine we Do not advise to seek to see that the three-dimensional proximity, instead of rapprochement, didn't distance. From a distance the egoism won't prevent to see clearer and better. Depart if you want to become closer to the friend. If the three-dimensional proximity disturbs, apply the Decree about a larets closed, about a grief not plundered and onions, an arrow the intense. Open of consciousness and word–tell, instead of rapprochement, only distance. Silence and restraint is stores of forces. Reserved reticence strengthens a spirit magnet. Don't give in to efforts yet ready to force you to speak. If conditions compel, be able to speak, having told nothing that is without giving out the intimate. It is possible to say many words and to tell nothing. It is possible to express thought; having given out only a necessary shred of its contents if that is demanded by circumstance. To let out everything – means to bring destruction in own consciousness.
188. (M. A. Y.). It is necessary to learn to be protected not only from enemies, but also from friends. It is for this purpose good to understand essence of everyone. From devotion and love it isn't necessary to be protected, but it is necessary when they in the relations of friends weren't shown yet. Disclosure of we endanger them. Conversation let will be impersonal and control will be imposed on each word let. Why to say everything that you know when it is possible to tell only known part. Become isolated spiritually if accords didn't take place. It is necessary to preserve it.
189. (Guru). Whether all spoke to you? Whether put a restraint and reticence board between me and you? Conversations conducting, whether everything spread to you, what knew about a subject? I gave on consciousness. I answered questions, but I said no more than that that it was necessary to tell. So arrive also you.
190. (Apr. 9). Can't neither detain, nor profane, sadden consciousness that through it gets into an interior if it is pure. The seal set by consciousness to impressions, arriving in it from the outside, or, in other words, will control, causes character and extent of impact on it all impressions. From the street the house don't let in crowd everyone, casual tramps, leprous, sick and infectious why into the inner world we allow to enter without control to thoughts and feelings useless. They poison consciousness with a gloom, they occupy all field it, they stop a spirit way. Trust up to the end, devotion till the end and love, inflexible anything, access will close to casual newcomers and will preserve. Symbols it is much given in Doctrines ancient to firmness of spirit. All way – inside; and mental products of consciousness, either views, or a barrier serve, or lifting steps. The person creates thought, it kills or away drives, that is he is a creator or barriers on a way, or lifting conditions. Not wisely to create barriers the thought, the will, and after powerlessly to be inclined before the fate created by a hand and the will. The founder over the creation is imperious. However, when action was made and the wheel of causality is set in motion, it is impossible to stop it, but the creator of the karma can already create a chain of the new reasons of other, opposite former, about. And karmas a wave can meet differently, than earlier, rejoicing opportunities to settle it. Will power, strength of mind, spirit fire is the basic that there is in the person, the most valuable. The nature doesn't indulge weakness and a pettiness. It is necessary to be strong to the one who wants to reach. It is necessary to realize possibility of boundless development of the force, strength of mind. It is necessary to understand inexhaustibility and boundlessness of its potential. It is necessary from depth of the bottomless numen forces to call. Everything is nowadays possible. Nowadays strong it is possible to raise fiery power of spirit, strong it realizing. And on everyone addressing it is necessary to find too forces to increase spirit. On weakening, on humiliating, on wanting domination over you it is necessary to find forces to become stronger, and all should give and hungry to sate with spirit. Let's approve and Will support and forces we Will allow to resist, but also you help and give the chance to us to Put the Forces to your forces. It is necessary that was to what to put because only to the having It is given.
191. (M. A. Y.). Force itself display is among weak simple business. But before strong to show force – will be a measure or test of own force. It can be revealed actively or passively. Activity often causes collision with force others, but passivity, keeping a stock of forces, counteracts a pressure of others force not less effectively. When break gate, them open, having become aside. To break open doors not wisely, it is possible, without having encountered resistance, to hurt to itself a nose when falling. Leave proofs, belief and disputes. Energy collects inside. Sphere – a balance symbol. Extinguish it. It is necessary to be closed, having lowered a visor. It is necessary to learn, but a way unusual, but nevertheless convincing very much. Others not understanding should be overcome polarization of own consciousness on a due wave.
192. (Guru). Knows about you other consciousness less it is less than catches. The mistake was that too revealed, and in open heart blows are sensitive extraordinary. Means, it is necessary to be closed and it is necessary forces directed to other consciousness, to return back, a gate having shut. It is possible to open the heart without a measure only that who is tested. Now are tested your friends, and you lets them be shown better to see their essence. Such is your destiny that anybody from to you suitable not in forces not to come to light up to the end. Everyone has to reveal itself (himself) completely and reveal the suitability. You already know it therefore be surprised to nothing and sharp-sightedly you look, because your purpose – to learn the person.
193. Temples were under construction, ashrams were created, people tried to create a situation corresponding to the moment. The doctrine speaks about solemnity in attempts to establish the accord with the Highest. It was spoken about singing and the music bringing the demanded tonality. Aromas of smoking and aroma promoted the same sublime purpose. Therefore before receiving, it is necessary to create the necessary conditions. In the absence of their receiving it is possible only to a known limit which destruction of desirable opportunities follows.
194. (Apr. 11). My son when the consciousness becomes silent and an ascension as though stops, then it is especially important to choose quality, the most conformable to spirit at present, and to apply it in practice. There can't be such moment and such quality which would be impossible, that is there would be no forces, to apply. It is necessary to choose only successfully. When the choice is made and application took place, the feeling of an uninterrupted ascension will give understanding of force and will replace with itself feeling of disappointment. Each application is force collecting, there is a statement of will, there is an exit from the mental deadlock. It is possible to approve in this case qualities passive, not demanding display of energy outside, for example, reticence, restraint, tranquility, balance, not judgment and so on. It is possible to present itself contained desirable quality and possessing of. It is possible to be engaged in treatment of the organism, concentrating on unhealthy body organs. But it will be already action of an active order. It is possible to repeat the Name My, in the Beam of it is possible to present, the shrouded cloud of Light. It is possible to make thousands positive actions, without receding back. And all this is simple, easy and available if only the desire was not to recede. And it will be a victory. It will be overcoming of weakness of will when fires fade. It isn't difficult to stand when fires but when they die away flare, to support them will power will be a spirit feat, - this one from of the most difficult tests. But whether it is possible to resist?
195. (M. A. Y.). Well in time pralaya consciousness’s to think of minutes of lifting which gave so much pleasure in the past. The Maya Pralaya when it seems that left the Teacher, only Maya, before new lifting and take-off. Inevitable it is necessary to accept, as transition to a new step.
196. (Apr. 12). Incompleteness is condemned, it is possible because to reach only completeness of aspiration, completeness of devotion, completeness of love and completeness of concentration. Full- strings and orotundity is the success basis. If something doesn't work well, creaks and moves badly, the reason is covered in incompleteness of actions. Incompleteness of thoughts when the part them clings to Us is especially harmful, and the part skips willfully on channels of other attractions. Uncontrollability of egoism disturbs control over thought. How to overcome? All heart, all desire, all aspiration, all understanding and all love to Tom Who Called.
197. (M. A. Y.). Left, but we will return. Approach is periodical, and also depends and on moment conditions. It would be desirable to see standing on own feet. Independence is welcomed, because specifies on a spirit maturity. Independent Instructions are given to only test fellow traveller. Who got used to lean too, is yet ready. The spiritual bond with Us remains, but the feeling of its brightness depends on a condition of consciousness and many other circumstances. In movement is of all. Situation in the world can't but be reflected in the centers. Weight and melancholy are inevitable. Atlas freights not a symbol, but reality bearing the Bowl. If it is heavy to us, what to the Lord and Those Who is higher than you. The higher, the more responsibly and the more tensely and the more so the Life Cross is heavy. When burden the personal are replaced with burden of General Welfare, We are close then.
198. Approach of new energy will affect soon. And that Was told about proximity of Terms, hung over the world. The feeling of inevitability fiery is correct. Correctly as well that all at a limit, for which what shouldn't be and that can't be allowed. Therefore to heart and it is heavy. Now everyone is responsible for the whole world and in heart pays for it. Through the general grief terrestrial will approach to a brotherhood of all mankind and will understand that the happiness won't be while someone suffers.
199. The one who solved the way with Us, with Us in consciousness has to arrive, but not with itself. And then joint there is a way. All our is in the Life Doctrine. It applying, ours becomes applying.
200. (Apr. 13). My son, at the first point of a sacred triangle today – contact. Current will close. Write. The highest aspiration available to spirit on your Earth is to the Worlds Distant. We too newcomers from the Distant Worlds. We are connected with them. All the highest of what your mind can think, is carried out there. People of the highest circles, so rare on your planet, there make the majority of mankind. It is possible to imagine mankind of a circle of the sixth and even above. Behind a circle the seventh – a cycle new, new circles on highest planets. Boundlessness isn't limited to anything. Evolutions of mankind not all are identical. The Spirit Ladder, Light Ladder, Life Ladder is wide. There is no limit of width and a variety of the Highest Worlds in their visible and invisible forms. Creative power of spirit allows to direct mankind evolution to achievements of which even it is impossible to think on your Earth. The formula "everything is achievable" is carried out on the Distant Worlds. For fire spirits Earth – only a springboard to the Worlds the Highest. The space Magnet carries away them in the Focus of a spiral of an eternal ascension. Children of Earth, dare, dare, dare. The guarantee we Give: the most impudent, most fiery, most impossible aspiration on Earth is carried out there. Fiery wings bear spirit to spheres of implementation of ardent impudent. Yes! Yes! Yes! I testify itself, there are space spheres where the most impudent dreams become fiery reality. Therefore don't limit to anything impudent spirit flights. Don't limit thought to opportunities of evidence dense. Even thin evidence let won't cover reality fiery in which spheres impossible isn't present. All restrictions consist in thought. To thought, only thought limits or the person releases himself. You learn to think freely, rejecting Earth measures. Space you learn to think. The space thinking isn't connected not neither your time, nor its terrestrial account, neither astride, nor a bottom, representations terrestrial about speed. Laws Space terrestrial and representations usual differ from laws strong. The world of three measurements, the world dense, terrestrial can't serve as a criterion of space opportunities. Both heart and mind open impartially to opportunities of other order, still in any textbooks not provided. The science of the future will move ahead a formula "everything is possible and achievable, impossible isn't present".
201. (M. A. Y.). Let's dump clericalism covers from a formula ancient which was given earlier: "Look for the God's Kingdom and its truth, and the rest will be put to you". The Kingdom of God is the Kingdom of the Space Truth, there is a reality fiery, there is a space understanding of the World, there is an understanding of world evolution, the purpose and appointment of the person on Earth and in the Worlds. When this purpose is defined and realized and movement goes to it, really, all other, all other, that is all human life and mankind as a whole, gets space the correct direction during which all disappears that display the disbalance and discords nowadays tears apart a planet and the people. As well in life of each certain person understanding of evolution of spirit and great appointment of the person resolves all issues of human life terrestrial, sating with special sense and value every instant its existence on Earth, as short piece of an infinite way to Boundlessness’s.
202. (Guru). Let the most sublime flights of thought won't prevent to go firmly on the ground, knowing that only understood, put and approved into practice and in life here, on Earth, will be approved in the Worlds, as the integral achievement of the spirit which kept and has kept thus the property.
203. Let's act with magnetism of thought. The heart wire sounds on a magnetic wave. The thought is transferred to heart. Spirit citadel is the heart. Accord is in of hearts. Heart reacts. Heart will contain. Point the first communications – Heart of the Lord. Merge of heart to Light of Heart of the Lord: in it one, in its fire and on fire combines spirits in space of Spheres of the Highest.
204. (Apr. 14). Agni's accumulation. Fire can be accumulated always, in any living conditions if only there was a desire to save up it and understanding of the importance of this intimate action. The settled words or actions can't accumulate Agni, as well as thoughts. The feeling of inexhaustibility of the Source won't come from the settled actions, - restraint display in everything, in all phases of activity of the person. Reserved force is powerful the restraint phenomenon. It is possible to settle fieriness any force, any feeling, any phenomenon. Astral is the spendthrift of energy Agni. Therefore it the first of all covers needs an ardent bridling of the identifications. There is a wish to tell the word – keep silent. It is necessary to tell ten – tell only one. There is a wish unnecessary to be engaged in thought – thought hold, replace it necessary, useful. Every instant it is possible to make something like that that strengthens Agni's stock. Night flights in a dream, their duration, the conscious attitude towards them, understanding of that all this occurs in a dream, and exercises in overcoming of obstacles, pass through walls and other barriers, ease or difficulty of penetration through them depending on substance and a structure of these obstacles – all these results of restraint and efforts themselves to own and to collect the forces inside. What will give a consequence of efforts of longer? It is necessary to remember that any of them won't go to waste. It is possible to fly only fire. Without fire there are no flights. Conscious activity in a dream indicates possibility of a partition of conductors. I welcome aspiration to Agni's conscious, persistent and systematic accumulation. The way is immortal, a way it to immortality, a way it to freedom elevated. Without Agni saved up isn't present and there can be no freedom in World Hidden. There everything is set in motion by fire. It is told that in World Thin everything moves thought. Let's add: but the thought is set in motion by fire because there is a being fiery. So in a basis we put all bases Agni's phenomenon. Whether something is possible that on Earth prefer to treasure to it and to exchange something for it and for the sake of something terrestrial to miss at least one spark it. Agni, Great Fire, – the Life Engine! The attendant of Fire – so calls himself the pupil, Agni's sense understood. Fire worshippers weren't so ignorant and naive as it is accepted to think. Primitive worship fire, than complete negation of its importance because from something it is possible to create something is better and to something to add something, but to anything – anything. Hands are given to the Bowl where the Stone Treasure flares, and thought is directed and is accurately directed in care of how to grow and to increase Treasure it and how to save up great Agni's crystals.
205. Whether there can be at least one instant idle, when the World in need and when the World can be helped thought? By Prazdnomysliye it is condemned.
206. Hearts are combined by love. I will come, I Will come soon. The victory is. People still some time won't see it. Vainly understand helping heart. Message I Send about proximity, proximity of Hour. The consciousness is transferred to heart at first the, then mine. Heart is proclaimed body learning over a brain and feelings external. Feel heart – at first the, then mine. Life of heart show on fires! Of insurance be not afraid in any form. Heart – the immortal device of spirit. Act with heart. The will order let goes through heart, but not through a brain. Lead life of heart more stoutly – life is fire.
207. (Apr. 15). Even the best violin has to be well adjusted before on it is possible to play; as also spirit harp. Ability most demands to create a mood of the harp long training. Exercises of this sort are very useful. They can be conducted systematically and systematically. It is possible to give to itself a task to adjust consciousness on a desirable harmony. It is possible to choose any wave: wave of cheerfulness, tranquility, aspiration, devotion, love, firmness, pleasure, etc. At first limit duration of these conditions known time, and then extend it. The chosen tonality at concentration on it will start amplifying spatially by magnetic interaction. Reaction of space to this or that condition of consciousness always works so that each experience and a condition of the person amplify. The spatial megaphone operates. On a musical instrument it is possible to execute a melody of any order: solemn, sad, and joyful. In the same way and the harp of spirit will sound at will of the person if to learn to own it. It is necessary to consider thus that space currents also force to sound its strings. The spirit harp the tool difficult also demands the thin and skillful address.
208. The spirit should be lifted on level of super personal thinking to come off the covers. Personal and world, personal and space aren't combined.
209. (Apr. 16). What to do when it is too dark? How the gloom was condensed, Bases of Life remain invariable. On them, but not on passing moods of consciousness, also it is necessary to lean. There is Light and there is darkness. Where we will direct? To final, or to the most absolute? Maya we won't take for reality. Transient is it. And it is necessary to live after all and to pass a dark place. It is better and easier to pass it, having directed a look in the future. What there was this future actually and as though it developed, the magnet of mental creation of the future nevertheless will be strength of the leader, force forming an interior and its character and all qualities of spirit. Not in volume business, whether hopes of this future, and that these hopes, representations and ideas if from Light they, create the person in the full accord with that ideal to which it directed will be carried out. In its usefulness of the future which else was never carried out in the forms expected by the person. The leading magnet of the future but not that it is carried out in the present matters and that never will reach a step of static perfection. In the future – everything, all in boundlessness of the future, everything, except for such perfect forms of expression of life above which further improvement, that is evolution, is impossible.
210. (Apr. 17). Spatial silence should be waited patiently.
211. (M. A. Y.). Neither enthusiasm, nor hopes, and conversations, nor visions, a psychosis it is impossible move ahead. Short take-off, and behind it inevitable falling. It is possible to move only affairs and work, and, first of all, over itself. Without this condition any advance will be imagined. Imagined advance is the phenomenon very sad because the person mirage's occult Maya is blinded. Such condition, Maya worst type will be self-flattery.
212. (Guru). Straining consciousness in the future, you create it in the present.
213. (Apr. 18). The positive side a one-house is that the consciousness of anything, any house or a residence doesn't consider and doesn't become attached to one. Of course, there is a lot of inconveniences, but for some years of these inconveniences – release from attachment to a place that has very great value for stay in the Thin World. Consciousness reflexes not always submit to will, and seeming not attachment to a place and things often doesn't create release. In the Thin World the connected consciousness is similar to the convict chained to four wheels or a kernel, – can move, but has to pull along freight, it isn't necessary to think of flights any more. Not the free can't fly. So each burdening in the world terrestrial has the antithesis in World Aboveground that is this or that releasing condition. Therefore the statement "the worse, the better" has under itself the basis. The law of contrasts regulates spirit burdening by circumstances, causing its release or increase. Heavy karma, usual at spirits high, is the phenomenon of the same order. That have in World Aboveground having everything here and surrounded with ghosts of what they will read the? Everything is permitted, but on condition of understanding of a transient of all and understanding of that the outside can be nothing. Everything is permitted, but on condition of understanding of a transient of all and understanding of that the outside can be nothing.
214. (Apr. 19). Be not afraid to lose my Proximity, - it over all your experiences and an environment terrestrial. But that rarefy them, it is necessary to deepen and strengthen understanding of invisible my Presence, overcoming this way environment resistance. Many tests took place. Much still it is necessary. Let's overcome them everything because together we go.
215. (Apr. 20). In the Thin World of people becomes thought, that is accepts that form of thought which itself invests. If he thinks of itself (himself) as about the cripple, becomes the cripple as about blind, becomes blind as about the freak, becomes the freak as about the handsome, becomes beautiful as about a stone, becomes a stone as about an animal, will accept an appearance of an animal as about somebody, will accept an external appearance or an image of the one as whom itself considers or who will want to see to it, because, there everything is created and everything moves thought. All fairy tales and legends on werewolves and about transformation of the person into animals, plants, birds, trees, and rocks express the truth or reality of the Thin World. Illusive smoking, feasts of dullness, form of constructions, cancelled on Earth, – all these products of mental creativity of one incarnation. Therefore, there it is possible to create both an image of the external expression, and conditions surrounding the person. It is possible to create it consciously or unconsciously, that is without knowing the Laws operating these processes. In case of unconscious creativity of people accepts shape peculiar to it and creates round itself its situation habitual for thoughts. Personification of the Thin World shape wished to them can temporarily accept. Gradually this form if the will doesn't interfere dissipates, and the person assumes the true air. Personification doesn't exempt personification from their original shape, which eventually comes out. One incarnation subject to desires, will be that form of thought which prevails in his essence. The glutton will arrange himself with various viands, nevertheless still keeping a human form. But desires of other order can turn the person into those forms or images of thought in which longing consciousness plunges or embodied. The thought will be either the jailer or the liberator because the thought creates also the person, and that surrounds it. It to a certain extent concerns also the dense world, but terrestrial evidence prevents to realize completely this condition.In the Thin World where thought, there and we. It to a certain extent concerns also the dense world, but terrestrial evidence prevents to realize completely this condition. From the thoughts not leave anywhere if the step of mastering isn't reached by thought, - rower over thought, if it carried out on Earth, stretches and for stays in World Aboveground. This step it is necessary to pass and seize energy of thought. Or the person will seize thoughts, or thoughts seize him, and then the phenomenon of ascension of spirit stops. Who doesn't own the thoughts that thoughts strangers often own.
216. If something doesn't work well even very long time, again and again try to reach. If one doesn't manage, try to reach it together with Me.
217. (Apr. 21). Not repetition, but deepening, thinning and Communication strengthening. The main direction to Hierarchy of Light is given, but it demands constant attention and care of that, as though to strengthen it because the condition of space is very restless. Whirlwinds storm, and antagonistic currents are strained, and to heavy poor heart. It is impossible to calm down on one achievement because all fluctuates. Only the Ladder of Hierarchy costs unshakably. Also it is necessary to hold it force everything, being in wakefulness incessant. And it is very dark. If not to be preserved, it is possible and not to sustain. The biggest phenomena of a planetary order usually pass imperceptibly for eyes of the inhabitant, and only them on consequences judge. Leaving of the Guru and Mother Agni Yogi for the world took place imperceptibly, and only in centuries will see value of an event, and as it is exact in everything. There is it because each big phenomenon, like an iceberg, the most part is invisible because it is shipped in the sphere of the Thin World where there is its basis. See, and besides only partially, small part and if look. We Learn to look in depth and to see the phenomenon as a whole. Roots a disbalance, tearing apart a planet, go deeply to the World Thin, and the main thing from the events – there. As and in people see only masks, but their each action is caused by the reasons of very big duration. If behind action external to seek to see the reason, it will be easier to understand a being of the person, - Us the reasons of the phenomena interest. Consequences of self-sufficing value have no. The consequence settles the reason which has generated it. Therefore it is important to see emergence of the reasons extraordinary. We Create the reasons necessary to us. Their essence is evolutionarily. At times we Wait for eyelids of consequences, to us necessary, Us put before the reasons. In the same way we Learn to go and those who follows Us. This way is severe. And pleasure in the spirit of because in dense not to find it. Pleasures narrow-minded too are short to satisfy spirit. And character of their masks, that is temporarily and transient. It is good to think at times of essence of pleasure space, enduring and from anything external not the dependent. When Said that "your grief will be in pleasure";
*`Meant pleasure super personal, pleasure spatial, pleasure space. It is difficult to accept conversation about pleasure when it is so dark, but I Speak, the pleasure goes, as the phenomenon of the statement of the future Light. The condition of feeling and acceptance of this pleasure remains to the same – "be rejected from itself". The egoism and personal doesn't give and can't give feeling of space pleasure. But the pleasure victoriously in space sounds for the spirit which has dumped from fetters of the personality that is egoism. The book about pleasure Is given as the certificate of a victory of the spirit which overcome in the personal beginning and has found in it great release.
218. (Apr. 22). Renunciation of is a basis of space perceptions. One is replaced with another. One is replaced with another. Replacement goes aspiration and love – small is replaced with the big. The nature doesn't suffer emptiness. When leaves personal, being formed emptiness is replaced with the spatial and space; the world – mine. In my Tower spirit transformation is made. The thought creates it. The thought changes. I speak about thought transformation. I Take the form of the expression, available to consciousness; as also my thoughts. I enter into consciousness and heart on degree of their openness (to) Me. The openness is wider, the accord is fuller. Merge is reached simply by heart and consciousness opening. Flights of spirit aren't limited to time, that is time as that, for a while ceases to exist because spirit out temporarily. Spirit in the personal is as a butterfly in a cocoon. Not to depart, a cocoon without having rejected. I See also Feel greatly, when spirit with Me. The highest form of Communication – thought. When all screen of consciousness is occupied only by me, receipts go only from Me. Invasion personal breaks current. I in perceiving consciousness am Taking priority. I fiery thought Create its new forms. Knowing (it), what, having preferred, you will choose? The world, personal thoughts and, or my World and Me and World of my thoughts. Renunciation* is a key to Clairperception. Clairvoyance, clairluhear, clairperception – which of them is higher and which is more difficult, it is possible to think. The receiver becomes deaf when the personal litters it. I reply strong on call, personal parcels not darkened.
* Renunciation – renunciation (English).
219. It would seem, simply, it is enough to forget only about itself, only to discharge itself and to reject to enter into a stream of spatial thought, but only by experience it is possible to judge as it is difficult. But there are no two ways about it, and the barrier of the personal beginning getting in the way of achievement of level of space thinking, has to be overcome. Sprout punches a grain cover, a butterfly – a cocoon, the chicken – a shell, say, life is that overcomes itself to continue itself in a new form. The astral too is as though a cocoon of the person highest "I" which should be overcome. The mental body, and only the Highest Triad will be later them, having collected in itself fruits of all covers and having trans mutated them in immortality elements, becomes the eternal carrier of spirit. There is so much persons, how many embodiments, but the Identity including them everything, one. It is impossible, plunging into consciousness of the temporary and passing personality, to feel Immortal Identity, with all its accumulation. The eternal is combined with temporary only under a condition if that is immortal takes priority not temporary and personal in the person, but. To approve domination and superiority of spirit over all its covers there will be a victory eternal in the person over temporary, space over personal, Identity over a passing form of a separate embodiment. It is possible to note as at Spirits Great Identity covered with itself their personality, pushing aside it on a background and that giving the chance to Identity to reveal itself more or less brightly in a performance of the mission of this embodiment. Identity of Spirits Great shines in centuries, personal is erased by time because even at their life it is reduced on anything. When the personality becomes Identity expression, possibilities of space achievements open.
220. Thoughts and the emotions of a personal order disturbing to advance, it is best of all to sweep aside ruthlessly. Unless there can be a fluctuation as regards interferes with Light? Not to give the chance to an astral to vibrate willfully, darkening light of day. Harm of thoughts astral, feeding egoism, a bike. Whether everything is equal, under what mask, a form or a pretext muddy waves of that has to be gets rid rise from within. People can put very sensitive wounds but how it was sick, let each pain, each infringement, each burdening and each weakness in itself will be the reason of even more ardent, even fierier, stronger aspiration to Focus of Uniform Light. Let everything even most stirring and counteracting, only approach. Let the most interfering thought will be an impulse not distances, but approximations to the Lord. And each time as there is something attracting down or aside, let force it on the return, on rapprochement and on a spirit eminence will be used. If the stirring thought at each emergence becomes the reason of the statement of the Face of the Lord in the third eye, from disturbing there is it helping? So everything that interferes, it is possible to force to serve as lifting steps. So energy of each phenomenon can be put to any of poles. So everything it is possible to force to serve Light, even the darkness. If each emergence of dark shapes is the ardent reason of the address to the Teacher, whether that to the Teacher will restrict the attendant of Light of a spawn of darkness! We won't be frightened by anything, we won't stop before anything and before anything we won't recede because reached that side behind which all starts serving us: both dark and light forces.
221. (Apr. 23). Receiving on the personal channel happens when the Karma permits or demands. Receiving an impersonal order is almost always because the wire impersonal doesn't mention the Karma and doesn't break free thought of the receiver. Psychology of subjects also is dangerous that violators of free will from the Thin World nestle close to weak will to a wire of consciousness and influence it in the desirable direction, karmic interfering with consciousness of the person. It too some kind of is obsession, because the stupor of a psychology is similar intoxication, or effect of drugs. The spatial wire of super personal perceptions is safe as doesn't give personal food to an astral and that doesn't support egoism.
222. You have a set of opportunities to approve them in Light.
223. I make effort that Communication took place, but the respond full-sounding is necessary.
224. (Apr. 24). Denial and Statement! We is against denials. Denial is affectless. Denial hot keeps in come anything. Even We Cover obviously incorrect situation with a veracious statement. Denial, destroying that it denies, doesn't create instead of anything while the statement creates a concrete form of the approved phenomenon. Destructive force of denials it is possible to see on the phenomenon of denial of immortality of spirit, whet a negative, having passed to the World Thin, remains deprived of that, what it negative. Not so in the world dense, how many in Thin affects the person power of denial. That, in what to believe the person, that is that, what he negative, claims believes, for him that it denies continues to exist in claimed forms, and, ceases to exist. If it denies opportunity to fly in the Thin World, it doesn't fly, and continues to move the same as it moved on Earth. All denied and all approved shows there the force. Denial Works is destructive on mentality of the person on Earth, only consequences of these denials to an eye not the obvious. Here the negative came. What shall I do? Each stated negative situation should be covered with the positive statement, without mentioning whenever possible denied. Here these or those kind qualities in the person are denied, that is there is a condemnation. Positive, that is the kind beginning; it is possible to see in everyone and to approve it, without concerning that was denied. And then destruction will be covered with creation and harm from condemnation won't be. Disputes are harmful because debaters always deny something. It disputes, not to mention in vain dissipated mental energy is destructive. In everyone, even wrong, the statement it is possible to find any element of truth and to approve it. It is necessary to avoid the word "no", having replaced it claiming "yes". Then each exchange of thoughts and each conversation will be salutary and will enrich interlocutors. A lot of harm occurs from violation of this basis of construction, is much generated rage, hatred and misunderstanding. The pupil is obliged to have always on call approving word.
225. (M. A. Y.). . To fall under the present power – means to lose future prospect, means to plunge into Maya ghosts and to lose the direction. The present is meant as the evidence of the dense world depriving consciousness of opportunity it is correct to be guided in the events around. What changed in the Plan Great? Anything. What happened to Life Bases? They remain unshakable and invariable, as well as always. What happened? Scraps and shreds of ghosts of Maya covered reality, and consciousness, in them shipped, lost ability to feel, see and hear everything that atop. But the Teacher – over Maya, but the Basis – too atop, but Maya doesn't express reality. So in should find forces over Maya falsehood to rise, approving Bases and the phenomenon of Proximity of the Teacher of Light. This constant, persistent and strong-willed statement of in Light needs be made every day because Maya constantly on the guard because Maya is persistent and claims in evidence dense.
226. Fight is awful.
227. (Apr. 25). Magnets of the Highest and lowest attractions work. The consciousness chooses, being attracted to this or that. From a choice the consequence, and a choice – depends on will. It is impossible to serve the Highest, plunging into the lowest. Former accumulation of the lowest order serves as a material creating force of an inclination from top to bottom. This accumulation can't be destroyed, but it is possible to neutralize attraction force aspiration up. Fight between the Highest and the lowest the beginnings have to be complete on Earth because in Elevated it can end with Highest Duada's defeat. Therefore it is necessary to take over the control of a choice of thoughts and inclinations of an astral strong to be ready fully equipped to enter area of the Elevated World. Time is short, and each lost hour will be irrevocable loss.
228. (Apr. 26). Order to a wire of My Spirit not always on consequences is identical. More brought will receive more. The gift or the victim is necessary, - the payment for receiving remains. In the victim it is brought: the lowest for receiving the Highest, small – bigger, personal – super personal, and terrestrial – Space. Brought receives. Into the temple enter without load and in clean clothes, especially into the Spirit Temple. It is required to understand self-renunciation as a condition of direct cognition that is a feeling-knowledge and a clair-perception. We Give way milestones, have to pass. To pass – means to apply. Practice of application of our Instructions is a following condition for the Hierarch. Super strong we Do demand never. All given – is applicable and vitally. All applied – ascension and approach steps to Us. Each step, even low-slightest, each movement on the direction to Light Focus is the Benefit. It is possible to move to Us in any living conditions. There are no such circumstances; there is nothing that could be a barrier to rapprochement with Us or to movement to Us on the way. Everything that disturbs is inside, and anything isn't present outside, that is outside. When it seems that disturbs external, is a self-deception, Maya this seduction, it only means that something happened inside that trouble – in the spirit of. If we see the Book of Lives of Spirits Great, we will see that how external conditions were heavy and intolerable; nothing could avert them from a way of execution of Will Leading. You have examples of fiery self-rejection when all the rejected, to own body inclusive. To great Service didn't stir anything because a precept "be rejected from itself" first of all it was applied on itself. The fiery Way passed on Earth by terrestrial feet, we claim I was vitally, that is in application to Me. For Itself didn't feel sorry, itself didn't spare, Itself crucified on the Life Cross. This way of overcoming of we Designate the Way Fiery. Fiery body, having overcome the lowest three, approves itself in operation. There is no other way of registration of a fiery body. After all and the astral makes out itself in operation too. Only its activity goes in spheres of the lowest, corresponding to a matter of this cover. But the astral is issued long ago, and strengthening of this beginning is already an obstacle for manifestation of activity of a fiery body. Possibility of a display of activity in each of covers depends on a will choice. But even "terrestrial wisdom – hostility against God", that is activity of intelligence is opposed to action fiery, to the highest in the person, that is a feeling-knowledge, a clair-education and to other manifestations of the highest "I". The consciousness can reveal itself in each of covers, but the highest – only in fiery. It is necessary to be able to observe and distinguish at each this moment, what cover is active, in which of them and as display activity of spirit. It will help a partition of conductors with consciousness and will facilitate opportunity to work in each of them separately. Life is a school, and the important subject most in it for studying – the person.
229. (M. A. Y.). Be tested strong. It has to be understood that the purpose is tensely close. About those, the easier, we won't think because we have what no by them. Simply we pay more. On a payment and receiving is. Access open there where entrances are closed for sets, has to be paid. Therefore complaints are inadmissible, as a misunderstanding indicator. Complaint and discontent it is possible to stop a way. It is better to accept it joyfully and voluntary, that uniting the will with Will Lord, but it over you the Hand. It is necessary to believe, it is necessary to recognize and, having accepted, to approve it in actions. In such heavy and unusual time also there can't be living conditions usual for those who are called by the Lord. Singularity notes a way of the elite. Influence of Beams amplifies all the time. Assimilation by their organism sometimes is hard. Many feelings are caused by it. It isn't necessary to refer burden at the expense of external conditions or people. Heavy is time. The spirit feels, and heart hurts. So it isn't enough distributors of spatial press. Burden of the Atlas is not the fairy tale, but strong felt reality. Rescue – – in covers not to find it in thoughts of the Highest. It is possible to note that immersion by thought in astral experiences of satisfaction doesn't give even the temporary. It was possible to leave from life this way earlier, now it is impossible. Covers became obsolete. Only in a fiery body a stronghold and a shelter to spirit. We approve Fire because the Era of Fire came.
230. (Guru). The person is the truth if embodies words and the thoughts in actions, that is that claims in words. Told "I Is Path, Truth and Life" – Truth Himself Showed. The word and business didn't disperse, as at ordinary people. The way Fiery turns words into affairs, as well as thoughts. It is the Way of the statement of Life. But it when thoughts and words from Light.
231. Be afraid to give advice, especially if they don't ask.
232. (Apr. 27). My friend, ability of Communication by thought is more preferable than perceptions astral though the last and seem more convincing and notable. The thought too is weightless, and it is too difficult to catch it. But nevertheless Communication by thought is higher a step. There is a Communication by silence further. This type of Communication is applied a little because it is most difficult. To force feelings break off and all covers not easily and not simply. Long training is required. But there are moments when the person is tired of continuous movements in the covers, and then they can break off for short time. It is possible to practice, leading to silence at first each of conductors separately, and then together all. The full immovability of a physical body is reached by long training. Involuntary movements, then so-called nervous are at first won, then time of a full immovability and rest of a physical body increases, beginning at least since one minute. This immovability gives the power over a physical body because at the moments of are tested of activity of a body the keynote dominates. It is possible even to be treated successfully at such moments, sending improving thoughts to that body or part of a body where balance is broken. Then exercise on reduction to astral silence follows. It too is difficult because this conductor is in incessant movement on which it feeds and which demands. To worry, worry and endure endlessly – here its motto*. When he becomes silent, the thought works. It is most difficult to extinguish it therefore for a start any separate thought is chosen, and all the others are rejected. When it is reached and concentration works well, rejected also this thought and all covers become silent. Reduction attempts to silence of covers it is possible to repeat uncountable quantity of times because at once it can't be reached. But exercises will give much and in many respects will help. After all it is the same way of mastering by itself. The effort everyone on this way will be supported. Dismissed covers biped, also dominate strong they over their will, covers of the enslaved. The person that the power over all is given him forgot, and turned into the slave them and the servant. The lord of the microcosm turned into the slave and will lose. It is worth observing at least not for long to see this inevitable and hopeless slavery in all forms and shapes and forms at the covers. Here someone took offense... Slave. Someone was irritated... Slave. Someone jerks a hand, a foot, the head... This is the slave too. Someone stirs without a measure. Someone is afraid. Someone is tormented by bad thought. Slaves, all slaves dependent, pity, dark, blind slaves own ph. To realize the power and the primogeniture – means to take a step the first. To realize the power over all bodies in which the spirit lives, – means to start approving this power over the lowest beginnings in itself constantly, persistently, persistently, firmly, inevitably by the space right of a primacy of spirit. The spirit is fire, the highest beginning in the person. Everything is subordinated to it, and this power already display in the person, but, unconscious, turns into slavery and submission of the highest to the lowest. The thought dominates over an astral. It sets it in motion and forces to vibrate it in unison with the tonality and tension. But the beget and the creator of thought, people, thought creating, doesn't understand and doesn't realize that he creating, her Supreme lord, but not the slave to the generation. Actually occurs on the contrary, and the consciousness which has generated thought, becomes it subordinated. The same occurs and in the field of feelings and emotions. Everything is turned, and the lowest predominates over the highest, and the understanding is darkened. Our task – to release spirit and to bring it out of the deadlock to which brought its own thoughtlessness. It is necessary to understand only that the lost power seized by covers, belongs to spirit and can't be taken away from it if it doesn't assume that this power can be returned and approved is immutable also all bodies to subordinate to will of spirit. The slave is afraid of the owner, a body – spirit, as well as all covers. Over all bodies it is necessary to enter into the inheritance and possession and the power to approve irrevocably. Mastering by I Will send, but full desire and full understanding put.
* Motto – the motto (English).
233. (M. A. Y.). To Me feel fire of the directed heart? It is so much silent hearts and people, heart of the silent. Threads of heart go far, without knowing barriers and obstacles. Borders of the world’s terrestrial and the Highest can't serve heart energy as a barrier. Fires of heart, energy of heart everything overcomes them freely and simply, as if there are no them absolutely. Not only to realize, but it is necessary to feel as borders of the world’s when the directed heart love passes them disappear, at all without having felt these barriers and obstacles. Fire of love isn't won by death. The aspiration and devotion win against death. Neither the death, nor distances and border of the Hidden Worlds don’t exist for love of burning heart. The love to the Highest Shape wins against everything. The heart burning with it, doesn't know defeats. Winner Love crowns with a victory fiery aspirations of spirit.
234. (Guru). Honoring, solemnity and aspiration – Communication forms in the spirit of. There are also forms others. Obsessed communicate too with of enrage. But fires of enrage don't allow the Highest. Honoring crowns the Guarantee, solemnity – an assumption and aspiration – merge to what heart directs. So honoring, solemnity and aspiration is serve opportunities of ascension of spirit.
235. (Apr. 28). Many various currents in a mental stream of a planet are carried by consciousness. Not to embrace everything. But of carrying by it is possible to make with one contact. And then the thought will begin to flow on the channel of this stream. It is necessary only to manage to fix receipts, without distracting from the chosen direction. The general character of the chosen stream is defined by communication with the Hierarch that allows to be fenced off from undesirable currents. The accord is necessary for registration of thoughts. Without the accord and Focus is chaos. It is easy to imagine, how many thoughts in space. Without existence of a certain accord they would flood the receiver. The musician, the artist and the writer – everyone scoops from or joins the streams of mental energy. Contact can be long and constant. The channel of the Doctrine of Life too can feed consciousnesses on merge degree with it. Contact long-term allows getting knowledge in an accruing and deepening rhythm. Abraham before the Lord went is too a channel symbol Highest Energy which included consciousness of the directed spirit. Thought the Highest can concern consciousness constantly. Bodies of people after all terrestrial, from elements of the Mendeleev scale, but thoughts people are so various and unlike at each other as their persons or expression of eyes, and even is much more deeply. At a unity of essence of the nature its variety is infinite. Not repeat anything, because the spiral of vital manifestations is directed forward, in the future. Spiral turns can show analogy, but identity never. There are no two identical moments because everyone another is already new other combination of elements. The consciousness too never stands still: it or is directed forward in increase, or moves back and starts decaying. Mental products of consciousness belong to the category of unstable connections, and only cement of aspiration fastens them in the monolithic whole. The aspiration is necessary that the consciousness didn't break up. This phenomenon can be observed especially sharply when such consciousness which hasn't been cemented by aspiration, sinks in maelstrom astral currents, being involved in whirlwinds of its funnels. The strong aspiration is necessary to keep its integrity, as well as communication with Hierarchy of Light. As and in life usual terrestrial it is often possible to note decomposition of not directed consciousness’s. This phenomenon is full of dramatic nature. It is a lot of the rushing about spirits, a way of the lost. In the sea they are similar to straws. Focus of an attraction of Hierarchy of Light, being a powerful Magnet, allows keeping in integrity a consciousness monolith, exactly thanks to fires of aspiration and existence of the purpose far to which it is directed. And as around darkness, it is possible to understand visually, how many decaying and sinking consciousness’s are in the world. Beacons of rescue We Call those who costs on patrol and at times it aren’t known for Me serves as a reference point for looking for spirits. Thoughts of the looking for reach for Light and magneto adjoin it through those who, to guards it is similar or to spirit towers, costs on a fork of ways. This process of the indication of ways by that that looks for them often happens without permission, as showing these ways, so and receiving that instructions. Magnetism of thought of patrol consciousness affects the consciousness wanting Light Magnetism of thought of patrol consciousness affects the consciousness wanting Light. The help appears in the spirit of. Doesn't know a beacon, sending a ray of light to darkness, how many will rescue the ships and by how many will specify ways. Not for the sake of itself it is necessary to stand on patrol, but for the sake of millions unfortunate, not knowing World, but waiting and greedy wanting it to receive it and even Light sparkle which in them still smolders, to itself attracting Light from space from those who can shine.
236. (Apr. 29). Before it is necessary to believe and allow in the spirit of possibility of implementation of that it is planned to make or make or reach, and only then to carry out. At first performance is made in the spirit of, and then already in that sphere or area by which the planned action touches. Especially it belongs to actions and the phenomena of an internal order. Thought implementation in the spirit of a threshold serves its performance in life. This way also we will approach to the adoption of control over thought. The task is difficult, but is feasible. Failure of former attempts depended on that the stage of action in the spirit of wasn't passed consciously. Failure of former attempts depended on that the stage of action in the spirit of wasn't passed consciously. Success of action of thought should premise always fiery action in the spirit of. The same thought, but higher order works, and subordinates to itself thought more dense or terrestrial, connected already with the phenomena external in relation to spirit. In the spirit of all is possible and feasible, but the lower, the more densely and the resistance more. But the lowest is overcome by the highest and dense – thin. It is necessary to understand only that all power of overcoming is concentrated in the person, in the spirit of it. There is no limit to growth of power of the spirit which potential of power in principle is inexhaustible.

237. Lord of seven Beams to you Show: rise spirit on everything, that disturbs merge to Me, and win disturbing in the spirit of. Everything leaves that becomes between you and Me a barrier. It is necessary in the spirit of to leave. You can have everything, but in the spirit of leave, without considering anything. Face lunar replace with the Sun face, Light face, a face of happiness of the won spirit. The consciousness lifting over the world and in mine rising Beams and heart with Me merging, great action you create because a planet for yourself you lift. Earth spheres are penetrated by human thought. The highest Principles of a septenary planet are concluded in the person and mankind. If all mankind as a whole suddenly in the spirit of towered thought, people would lift Earth on higher step of evolution. But at first it is necessary to lift thought human, with Light sating it. It also is mission of life of Spirits Great. It also is mission of your life. Blessing I Send, I Send on a feat of a rising of thought universal.
238. To consider itself unworthy Communication and from it to evade under this or that pretext and to break that a rhythm everyday – means really to be unusable. If today evasion happens under one pretext, tomorrow under another, and then and under the third, the rhythm can't be observed, but violation of a rhythm equally disruption of communication. Temporary and it is passing everything that a barrier becomes on a way, but the Leader is unchangeable and the spirit of the person is eternal. Communication with the Lord is over everything, over all surrounding conditions. Anybody from addressing isn't rejected by heart. Perfect pupils don't happen. Nobody is perfect. Approached to Itself the most, apparently, unusable peoples; among tax-gatherer and sinners there was a Savior. Under an external cover, unattractive by sight, often there was jewelry. And own passing black out conditions of spirit can't the reason be evasion from an everyday rhythm. Moods will pass, conditions will change, but the Silver Thread preserved by a rhythm, will begin to shine again in space with a new force, it is necessary to store only in heart the Image of the Teacher of Light, knowing that The one Who Conducts, with you always.
239. Take measures to that Communication was fuller.
240. The power of the word over consciousness such is that it is accepted to reality. But affairs are valid only. Therefore from words it is necessary defend. Influence of words is great because behind the word there is a thought and if it rather strong, it gets into consciousness and leaves in it the print. This print also is accepted to the evidence replacing with reality. Only the thought applied gives deposits of the crystals, not applied – anything. Application means affairs that are an embodiment of thought or words in actions. Therefore if words aren't accompanied by the statement them in life, they are empty, and also the thoughts which have generated them are empty also. All people think and, thinking, generate thoughts, but thoughts creating and thoughts empty strong are various. It is necessary to learn not to attach any significance to words, affairs by not confirmed; it is necessary to learn to be exempted from influence of words when it is kept that these words only in language. It is necessary, it is necessary to understand that the creating word which is going straight from heart means. Whether people of business are verbose? And why those who fiery thinks, don't like energy to spend in words. There are people of words, and there are people of business. Of words be afraid. Where words and where there is a lot of them, something is unsuccessful. Under verbosity any trouble is always hidden. How words were fine, look for behind them affairs, and the words are higher, the business searches let will be more sharply. We talkative Don't love. Reached it isn't talkative.
241. (May 3). The commonwealth with silence was specified not without reason. It is regretted usually not for what held back, but that was told. For each excess word you are responsible, and not after once, but nowadays. In force there is a popular wisdom – the word – silver, and silence – gold.
242. How it is possible to entrust intimate, without having eaten salt pood? Unaccepted unprepared consciousness, it will address on you all weight of misunderstanding of not ready consciousness. It is necessary to retire into him/her because your fire for many consciousnesses is intolerable. At first flashes and lifting, then pendulum swing aside the opposite. Unusual doesn't say goodbye and not holding – too. As not say goodbye and disclosure of faces those whom it concerned.
243. You want to know that occurs. Light concerned egoism and caused rage it. To self-conceit and willfulness there was a threat. How to keep them? Only you belittling. But I Spoke: "Both will uplift and will humiliate", but it only way milestones. They are inevitable. And spirit it is necessary to tower on that and others. And forces should be found to resist against currents opposite. I with you always! You got confused in crossings of thoughts various, not the, but the strangers accepted close. Let think, everyone as wants, you – as I Want Want, that you were thought and heart with Me, having rejected waves of alluvial litter. That from this that someone and somehow thinks differently. You were with Me and are and with Me you will remain strongly when waves of alluvial currents will leave, will be rolled away in the sea. At contact with Light two polar astral displays especially strong, On the one hand, "hosanna", at one pole, with another, "crucify it" – at a pole opposite. That is on-human, and it in all manifestations of egoism and astral. If you ennoble, prepare for that humiliated. And the more will ennoble, the will humiliate more. It is heavy to know faces of the people who even have concerned Light. Treachery, mistrust, doubt – the torches shining a way of those who is close to me. And you, mine howl, are not afraid. Be not afraid – I Will lifts a board. Your contact and the answer to it cause a wave of tests, and everyone is compelled to reveal the essence to overcome in itself everything that was until then hidden. Not yours in it wine, but immutable influence of Light, which in you from Me. And if to Me there was such relation and such reaction followed, and you to some extent cause the same. Both ennobling and humiliating you react to your Light on the consciousness and opportunities. But you know the way and by voices interfering are not frightened. Let they won't confuse you because there is a lot of confusion in the world. In Me believe both belief, and force, and the hardness. I to you am invariable, so let variability by going and even considering that Me go, you doesn't confuse. After all the self-affirmation, but recognition by me is valuable not. It display not in words, but affairs. Not any speaking: "My God, My God", will enter into my Kingdom, but my Precepts applying in life. On this sign both you judge, and you won't be mistaken. Words are waters fluid. The verbal statement is anything if it isn't supported by business. In a root you look and if the root is fragile, or it is unsteady, or with defect, everything is fragile also that keeps on a root with defect. The flour at the middle isn't pure but what to do if other flour isn't present? In good economy all is useful. About diamond I Told. It is necessary to wait when its sides ground by tests of life will begin to shine. Anybody isn't rejected, but are tested all. And then the aspiration is stronger and the above the consciousness wants to rise, the tests are heavier and difficult. If in you there is no need, depart. When time will come, to you again will come, but already brightened up by understanding if tests are passed. If isn't present, you will see madness of rage of egoism. So in Me and with Me you will pass also this piece of a way.
244. (M. A. Y.). Native mine, are tested it is severe they, are test and you. Your task is knowledge of the person, - on knowledge and payment. The light lighting up darkness of consciousness’s, you learn a variety of a human nature and its hidden depths. Not always unattractiye they. But it is necessary to know nevertheless. Each delivery of intimate knowledge not only distances its way giving from an ultimate goal, but also endangers it energy of an opposite pole of the consciousness which have received this knowledge. If the Lord is compelled to act with the principle "Invisible – Seen" what to tell about in the world living and seeking to give! Therefore the commonwealth with silence Was specified. Where there is a wish to tell more, there keep silent. Influence by silence isn't less powerful, than the word. Besides silence doesn't impose any obligations, the goal reaches not less effectively. Be able to act with silence. Sometimes it is necessary. But besides everything, silence is a board. Our Proximity is strong and strong, and is unlike proximity human. Let's help with everything: both in it and in that, - while you study disclosure of faces. Under a mask anybody because you help Us to separate wheat from a ryegrass won't manage to disappear. Not the victims given on worry, but assistants to us and loved by us.
245. (Guru). It is possible to remember that was created round us always. In a smaller measure it is created and round you; this natural consequence of proximity to Hierarchy of Light. To learn to store balance of spirit and will be confused nothing a victory of the next step.
246. (May 4). My son, the phenomenon of frustration of elements is reflected heavy in a mental condition of the person. The microcosm human is closely connected with their essence. Any changes in them influence the spontaneous matter which is a part of its organism. Fire, the earth, water and air is here the main four elements. During an era of fire will be prevailing. Problem of human evolution is to seize elements at first in itself, then out of itself. Mastering by fire is a task the most difficult. Fire inside is in continuous interaction with fire spatial. If mastering isn't carried out, influence of spatial fiery currents at times painfully sharply. Currents of the cross directions, currents antagonistic, as though break off an organism, and in the depth of consciousness the chaos moves. The phenomenon of mastering by the fiery beginning in itself shrouds the person as though in a protective network, and then the protecting network protects especially reliably. The electricity is spatial fire. Each section of a body is the electric battery. Each nervous impulse is fiery current, fiery each action of a brain. The person is fire, display in operation the constant. All actions and processes in an organism fiery too. Mastering or control over any of them means fire mastering. The person physically works or thinks, rejoices or will grieve, sits or moves – fiery each process. Very wide area of activity human occurs under the influence of will, but involuntary actions submit to influence of will also. The thought operates also them if it is rather trained. Health and normal state of body organs, that is their fiery balance, can be adjustable by will. It is necessary to know only that the earth and its elements is inert and that elements of the earth, air and water submit to fiery thought. The knowledge brings it to power, to the fiery power over the body. It doesn't come suddenly, but demands experience of long years. Any moment of unemployment can be used on treating this or that body organ in which it is noticed disbalance, that is this or that degree of a disease. Eyes, teeth, stomach, and muscles – all gives in to thought influence; but first of all fire in the person needs mastering full. All thoughts and feelings and impulses of the person are all fiery. Mastering by them brings it to power over fire, that is and over all other elements of a microcosm. Mastering is work gets, persistent, persistent and constant. Many free minutes during the day can be used with advantage. Each attempt in this direction is similar to insertion of money in a moneybox. Everything brings results, and their consequence is increase of the power, the fiery power over the microcosm. Let astral biped rage, not able to operate itself, but serve let as an indicator of to what unruliness of thoughts and feelings leads the person, dissoluteness of ardent emotions and unwillingness to own itself. Control over any manifestation of activity of consciousness – the benefit. Control is constant and firm. All becomes that people and that compels to do life and its conditions do, but all this is made under control and in the presence of continuous patrol of consciousness. Smiles and gestures and words are under control. Movements – too, say all events in the person. Even involuntary processes can channelize will, for example, to process of digestion or activity of any body organ. Concentration, even short, on everyone with the indication of what wanted by will, will give the necessary impulse to the correct work of any of them. It is impossible to provide to illness drift. Everyone can be stopped, and it is good to make it right at the beginning. As also all undesirable manifestations in itself can be replaced desirable. The will supervises everything. All this leads to mastering by own fires and submission of fiery elements to the will phenomenon. We have examples of the power of the person over elements out of him: ceased both winds, and waves, stopped or began rains, fire caused from space lit up, or the fire went out suddenly; went on burning coals, coal heated held, stopped earthquakes, influencing subdued fires underground fire. People created many phenomena, having seized elements in it. The power over any flesh should be understood comprehensively. Potentially it is given to the person, but to hold it, bringing this opportunity out of its sleeping condition, it is possible, only applying practically and in application in life in all trifles every day and continued all of energy of spirit to mastering by. Work this bike, but also the purpose it is great, and gradualness and an inflexible of steps of achievement confidence will give also strength to move further on the way of the statement of power of spirit, a limit to which isn't present.
247. (May 5). The friend, whether you know that the contact to my aura causes ardent identification of all energy of the human essence hidden until then and often even not of not suspected. Can even seem that good until then the person became suddenly bad that from him began stick out suddenly such properties of character, which weren't shown earlier and shown earlier amplified suddenly unreasonably. It is the contact law to Light shining all back streets of consciousness and awakening to action germs of the good and evil, till that time inactive. The phenomenon should be known it not to be surprised to grimaces of a human nature. As and through my relatives I Reveal to them suitable, their hidden properties of soul, for strengthening of merits and a get rid and overcoming of the negative. The phenomenon can be considered it as a positive sign because as it is possible to overcome or get rid in itself of that, being not revealed, hidden lies in consciousness depths. It is possible to consider it as test, inevitable at any contact with Light. Not avoid it and the one who wants to become a pupil or considers itself as that. Test is difficult because it is necessary to pass through itself and over itself to rise. It is an obvious sign of influence of Light. And here also there come the dangerous moment when the shrine can be trampled by feet of ignorance and the ardent egoism can address on given out it in ardent aspiration to tear to pieces. It is possible to avoid attacks of not ready consciousnesses, only the Light having covered. The symbol of the closed larets was given, it meaning. But nevertheless at contact with the world terrestrial the phenomenon of bringing of in the victim each Carrier of Light is inevitable. It is the Law Arhats. Light Bearing, adjoining to people, in them causes inevitable reaction of their microcosm, and most often this reaction happen expression of their negative qualities. Each of treasure of the heart reveals the: the kind – good, angry – angry, light – light and dark – darkness. In it sense of the victim of the Carrier of Light because it has to assume reciprocal vibrations on influence of the light. Therefore doesn't happen to our people of the indifferent relation. The light having covered, can avoid still counteraction Light but as to bear the Light if he isn't visible! From here task double: To bear the light through life so that the darkness didn't embrace it, and, besides, the forces so to arrange that counteraction even ready consciousness’s couldn't settle them. The active darkness is one, counteraction aspiring to Light – another. Both phenomena demand forces from Light Carrier. Invited there is a lot of, but it isn't enough elite. And each of invited, without having become the elected, all bowl of poison pours out on the one who called. Therefore invite nobody and only knocked reply at a rate of his consciousness, remembering thus that it is necessary to pay heavy for each word issued moreover, on what has knocked the right.
248. Many seek to teach and look for to it followers and admirers. It is not the feat. The feat begins when Lightful speaks: "Yes this bowl passes me", and, saying it, nevertheless it enjoys. It also is the victim. The book about the Victim should be understood. Fiery service to Light, but its difficulty is learned only by life experience.
249. (May 6). It is hard to carry by consciousness of Proximity through all ardent counteractions of the Thin and dense worlds. There will be moments when will seem that isn't present and there was nothing, not ready will help to deepen and shake doubts a trust basis. It is a lot of attempts under different forms and covers it will be made to separate from Focus. And even at times will seem that they separating are right. But you will judge not by words, and on affairs and consequences. The fruit is a condition of recognition of faces, a fruit of each action. It is possible to judge on causes and effects, but only not by words. And what there were words, action is dark if the consequence is bad, the impulse and the reason are dark. Everything, apparently, is good, but results – therefore are bad, the reasons which have generated bad or heavy consequences are bad also, - even nonsense not justification. Dark guard and threaten from everywhere and use each presented opportunity to harm. It psychology, because can be the channel for dark influences are dangerous. As object of influence also the unbalanced astral also serves. If owner of an astral it doesn't own, that owns owner astral and everyone, who is rather strong, that to affect it. The best protection is silence and the closed visor.
250. (May 7). If it is spoken not on consciousness if it is spoken more than that, than it can contain if, even at containment, is given, without preliminary check and test, intimate, the return blow is inevitable. Not maintain spirit not ready rendered trust. The blow is struck to the bell ringer. As it is possible to allow delivery intimate, based on fine words, affairs not checked and not confirmed. If are tested Teacher of the pupils constantly as it is possible to trust in somebody, without having tested. Also it isn't necessary any special tests – life will force everyone to show the true face. It is worth waiting only any time. It is impossible to hurry. We pay dearly for each excess word. It is a mistake the first. The second was that conversations on intimate subjects exhausted it. There is nothing harmful that is squandering of mental energy, than a word-speak on occult subjects. If someone can't itself(himself) it is possible keep, to listen, but having told nothing, even it is possible and to talk, having told nothing when are put before need to speak. You speak, seeking to tell as little as possible. Speak without a harmony of consciousnesses is destructive.