Agni Yoga's facets, 1962 (251-400)

251. It is useful to estimate the mistakes and strong over them to think. To be mistaken – it doesn't matter, but not to understand a mistake already poorly. On what can study, as not on mistakes? To mistakes we learn to smile, paying bills. Everyone I Turns on advantage, but gives Me time.
252. (May 8). When the consciousness tasted from a suffering bowl, it opens to Light. The doctrine is about Light above all other. Light isn't present without Fire. Light basis – Fire. It is Fire of life eternal. Light is from Fire. God is Fire – is so spoken in ancient Precepts. Light and Fire is poles of a thing uniform. Agni Yoga is the Doctrine about Light, Light Fire, and a way to Light the fiery. In aspiration to Light Fire, in understanding Light Fire opens Space. The concept of Spatial Fire does the Doctrine about Light cosmic. In space Light admires Fire lit in heart and spirit. The person is a being fiery. Spatial Fire not only should be taken aspiration from the sky, but also to hold it. How Fire to hold if reach? Containment for the period of all qualities of a flame the guarantee nevertheless won't be opportunities fires to hold. But how to hold spirit fires! Way is only one. Other we Do not know. It is a way of the statement of the qualities containing forms it of conformable fires and giving deposits in the Bowl. Approving constancy of quality, we Give a century crystal. And not on sand, but on the Stone of the Eternal Basis of Life the house of spirit shining by Light is erected then. And not on sand, but on the Stone of the Eternal Basis of Life the house of spirit shining by Light is erected then. Where to find forces not to get tired in making? Great Making is Action Fiery. Action Fiery is the conscious statement in the spirit of, in a microcosm human the Highest Fires. So each light quality of spirit will be service in operation to Light or the statement of life, long so as are long and not destroyed crystals of Fires postponed in the Bowl. Than keep constancy of aspiration? Rhythm, invariable, steady, constant – as the Sun rising. To you I Speak: rescue in beat. Among inconstancy and a randomness of dense beds when bases are shaken even, fire of aspiration can be supported a rhythm. Alternation of its waves will give to consciousness alternation of strengthening’s of its fires with reduction them, but not attenuation, and alternation it will be lawful. Not jumps of chubby hares of enthusiasm and the spread falling, but an ascension rhythm to Light. The phenomenon of consciousness doesn't belong to the category of the phenomena constant on force of the tension of Light. Pralaya consciousness’s is the fact natural and lawful. The vital force of fiery energy of spirit is as though displaced for time and concentrates in grain for their immutable new expansion and disclosure in the course of a forward, ascending rhythm. Fire, and then Light can be approved so only. All casual, all superficial, all in beat not applied and in application not given crystals of fiery deposits, will be sweep whirlwinds of dense beds. Therefore, speaking about the qualities of spirit approved in application in life, Show on a rhythm as a basis on which surely, strongly, it is lawfully possible to hold fires of achievements, to strengthen them and a fiery way of ascension of spirit to make immutable, as a current of stars. A lot of courage is necessary that at moments Pralaya direction steadily to hold consciousness, knows inalterability of the Law. I with you always, but even knowledge am Light won't give if rhythm violation is allowed. How many waste of mental energy during meetings arrhythmic. How many forces spill in vain, not supported by a rhythm. If energy enters the same into the rhythm course, results will increase a hundred times. One rhythmic effort is equal to tens of consequences separated on intensity. Even the word-speak bridled by a rhythm, can cease to be destructive. Each action entered into a rhythm, increases in force of consequences made by it. The way of Fiery Yoga, way of Yoga of Fire is approved and based on a rhythm.
253. The randomness of actions can't be a sign of a fiery of consciousness. Chaos and fire is antipodes. Where the randomness also isn't present constancy, there look for an astral as the reason of all actions. Sensitivity, intolerance, imposing of the belief, inconstancy, garrulity, even on high subjects, specifies on existence of the astral beginning which hasn't been subordinated to will, but at all on a fiery of these qualities. Fire is constant and counterbalanced in the expression. Fiery devotion is constant, and also aspiration or love, but the astral in the feelings because constancy of fire is alien to it isn't counterbalanced. The astral is unreliable also to it is impossible to trust because he doesn't know itself. To rely on an astral – will be a mistake; his willfulness display in arrhythmia of actions. Be able to distinguish, where fire of spirit and where astral flashes. Temporarily astral flashes, but are continuous fires.
254. (M. A. Y.). Well sometimes and to take a detached view of itself. A lot of things can be seen in light other. Ability to see itself such what is specifies on the known height of spirit as thus there is an office Looking from that, on what it looks, the highest – from the lowest, spirit – from a body, the highest "I" – from an astral. Exercise it is very useful and fruitful.
255. (May 9). The body and all related there stays in lowlands, in dense beds, but the spirit can stay at heights, having risen over the world usual. There is no place at heights personal; it remains below where there live million people. Heights of spirit attract only the few because it is difficult to reject itself and personal, the world the personal. The world personal and the world of space reality – spirit chooses to which of them to direct. Having directed in space over the world, itself in it forgets also the small, personal sphere, prison of its spirit. Each thought of condenses walls of prison, them doing more strong. It is difficult to punch a shell of the aura because it is necessary to be released from it. And there is so much all before eyes, personal "I" also wants to give food. The personal world in consciousness of Spirits Great doesn't exist. Everything is given to the world and people, and thoughts and cares of them. And here, on Earth, about itself forgetting and living only for the sake of others, the person destroys walls of a dungeon and joins life super personal. Self-servige occupied everything but who is occupied with service to people? It is so a little of them, Attendants to Light. Who was, all suffered; who is – suffer and will suffer until Light on Earth will be approved. The feat happen open, seen by much. But the feat another, silent, invisible to people and made alone is much more difficult than dismissal from all of visible actions. It is much more difficult at least to what even there is nobody to impart knowledge which absorbs the space and serves without an exception to all who can apprehend it. The silent spatial service created in full obscurity and dismissal from external activity, is made silently, without words. Difficulty that nobody will come and won't bring understanding of Action created in this feat. And who will approach, those will condemn and will depart in misunderstanding. The requirement of external action will be great, but the impossibility in external display a silent feat doesn't facilitate itself. To feed the world and space with thought, sating them with Light, is a task not to each spirit on forces, even from close standing to Me. Therefore silent spatial Service is thought highly by us. And the help has no place to wait. One in the field the soldier – such is a condition of Service to Light. And Spirits Great at the moments of very grave tests remained one, left all. «Why You left Me" * formula of the Fire Spirit, in the face of the most difficult test, when the bowl of poison terrestrial was enjoyed to the bottom. Loneliness at passable tests is the Law Arhat’s. The silent Victim we Call a feat of spatial Service.
* Why – for what (church.)- Glories. ) .
256. (M. A. Y.). Those Who is subject to terms, not on themselves depend and not on Us, but on time of terms. The plan is immutable, but mobility distances it or approaches judgment changes in personal destiny of our relatives. Complexity that the principle of homeless circulation has to be vitally passable and that the separation from Earth is approved and threads terrestrial are torn. Not on the small are called, - from here and burden of passable tests. Promised will be, and, perhaps more likely than it seems it is possible.
257. (May 10). The disobedience tail and tries to keep step with it a dust and litter long. If only could keep inseparably. How many time It was said that Prestanding constancy uninterrupted needs to be claimed by all means, as well as the chosen Image in the third eye that observance of these conditions will give the chance to avoid the evil. And still the aspiration doesn't suffice on executing this Decree. Time suffices on everything, on the most unnecessary thoughts, but for the most necessary it we don't find. But for trouble universal and invasion of chaos into aura of a planet pressed and following to this Instruction demand. We Cannot Help if the consciousness is closed from Us by the child of terrestrial kitchen. But the Decree nevertheless should be executed. Let's devote it for a start at least one only day, then time can be moved apart. Without air not to live more than a minute but as without Light to live! Show collect all strength of mind to execute the Decree. Show a threshold of each action, each thought and each word to show the statement of the Face and thought that Presence of the Teacher in the spirit of can be realized continuously. Anyhow establish Pretending constancy. The darkness is great, but unshakable following for Called sweeps darkness and won't allow wings of a gloom to concern consciousness. Really Maya ghosts and thoughts phantoms of the casual can replace with themselves Light of the Hierarch and its Proximity. Tatter of thinking I Suggest to replace with light of Light. For this purpose one is necessary – thought not to come off Me. After all I with you only when you with Me. But as often you with something other and all consciousness plunge into Maya. Everything, that around, is Maya, as though stoutly she no way. My world and My Proximity is over Maya. It is worth breaking off it covers, and My Proximity becomes again obvious. Come to Me, but in freedom from ghosts vague, from slime of doubts, from a stupor muddy, from seduction of time, space and things. Free you I Will meet. But as you want see Light, having densely closed by bed curtains dark the invented bonds. Chains of slavery break fetters. Maya chains are stronger and stronger than iron chains. Free I Will meets you. And to you I Speak as is shorter and closer to Me approaches.
258. (May 11). Over all temporary and passing there is something being above this eternally current stream. This the highest "I" the person, his Immortal Triad in which Bowl experiences of all embodiments for conscious life in Elevated when all temporary attires of spirit are dumped are postponed. If it is collected much for this conscious life, to eat than live; if it is collected a little or anything – there is nothing to live then. And then unconsciously the highest "I" on the highest plan. It isn't death of spirit, but an unconscious dream to the following next embodiment. After death the consciousness display in those spheres or on those plans which matter corresponds to terrestrial accumulation of spirit and allows it to settle the activity saved up by its energy. On life terrestrial it is possible to judge those spheres in which the spirit will stay, directing on laid to them in space to channels of activity of the covers. On Earth the body leads external life, but the thought is active on the plan mental, and the thought breaks through channels in space, pro-butting the energy inert substance of elements. Consequences of this activity remain close to their founder, and they form an elevated karma of beget. Spatial patterns of spirit are similar to the galleries laid in breed on which only and the spirit can move. Galleries are laid by thought, and their direction defined and limits possibilities of the person. Opportunities in space break or caused by thought. Further thought the spirit can't move. The threshold shown by thought, defines the direction, but also the limit too is put by thought. We Specify Boundlessness, Claiming that the extremity is a death of spirit, that is a limit further which he won't be able to move until will liberate thought therefore emphasis is placed on thought. Therefore, we Speak, act with thought. Possibilities of thought are boundless. When it was told that impossible and unattainable isn't present, Meant boundless possibilities of thought and spirit which directs in Boundlessness on wings of fiery thought, lying in space new routes of flights. Only direct, knowing that nothing can stop thought. The thought can fly by everywhere. Boundlessness is the sphere of a display of power of fiery thought.
259. (May 12). Earth, being a springboard for a jump in Boundlessness, will serve as a starting point for thought flights from Earth in space, to the Far Worlds. It will be correct to consider that there it is possible to meet those tracks of life which will satisfy the most courageous expectations and hopes. There everything with what on Earth the best people struggle is carried out and that want to carry out in the conditions of this planet. The matter of life and death is resolved, the question of a social system is resolved, and the question of health, energy resources, and a food and so on is resolved. With what the mankind on Earth struggles, is solved long ago on the highest planets. But tasks one left to be replaced with others, more difficult, more difficult and more cosmic. Still there is a question of studying of properties of a matter, space exploration and the intercourse with other worlds. People on the Distant Worlds much more outstripped terrestrial mankind in this area, but, having outstripped, are also far from achievement of top of Space Knowledge, as well as people of Earth because boundlessness and here, and cognition of Space has no borders, has no borders and possibility of studying of properties of that people call a matter because there are a lot of its conditions and the number of those combinations which it can form is boundless. Boundlessness in everything, and mankind of the Highest Planets knows it from experience. It is fated to become people creator Ardent Logos's, and this task is to some extent carried out there, and creativity is developed widely, surpassing any terrestrial imagination. Basis of creativity there is a thought. Therefore it is possible to call it the universal experience which is operating in all worlds occupied by people and not knowing restrictions of space. Knowing secret of relationship between thought and a basis of that you call a matter, on the Distant Worlds create new forms of life. The step of creativity depends on height and a step of the occupied world. There are worlds where the thought is energy, using which power people have everything that it is necessary to them for life, without resorting to means of cars. There are devices, but their device is so far from terrestrial that comparison can't give any idea of them. For an example I Will tell that the creative thought passed through magnetic poles of such device, coagulates a matter of the dense world round the form and gives in the end result the necessary subject, but already in the dense and issued look. It must be kept in mind that matter density on the Highest Planets is other than your density.
260. (May 13). It is possible to tell that life forms, impracticable on Earth, are reached on the Far Worlds. Therefore it is good to think about them, as about a real factor of evolution. Our purpose – to arm the person without the uniform device because in a microcosm human all of them are concluded, and all can be brought to a condition of activity. The person can fly, and on any planets he flies or in a physical body, or in other covers or conductors. Also it isn't necessary difficult television installations to see a spatial cliché or that occurs at present where the consciousness wants to be. It isn't necessary cars because everything is under construction and created by thought, and a matter to it is subordinated. It is good to direct to the Far Worlds because everything there is carried out that Earth should carry out in the future. The present of the Distant Worlds is the real, approved future of terrestrial mankind. Therefore get knowledge from them fruitful. The thought will bring seeds of this knowledge which will give the shoots on a field terrestrial. It is necessary to you to go to cinema and theater to see in them forms of creative thought of human imagination. There is too something similar to your cinemas and theaters, but the audience sees there without any mechanical adaptations movies of creative thought of those spirits which, for the lack of the best words in terrestrial language, it is possible to call poets, writers and artists. Many steps on a ladder of evolution should be passed to give the bright, colorful, live and real movie of creative images of the human imagination seen obviously and in due sequence in accurate finished forms. But the simple fakir or the hypnotist-illusionist can give a hint on possibility of similar achievements at level the highest; it not hypnosis, not suggestion, but reality of images of creative thinking.
261. The doctrine Our space that is known aspect of Space Truth and therefore regarding the in this or that form is carried out on the Distant Worlds. The planet is higher; the implementation is higher and is thinner. On Earth the Life Doctrine, the Doctrine of Live Ethics, only partially is issued. But, applying bases it to the phenomena of evolution real, it is possible to understand the further direction and its forms on Far-out Planets. In a framework specified by the Doctrine, all shown Space enters. Пралайи and Manvantara, Cycles, Circles and spiral ascension of the worlds and mankind extend on all space manifestations. The course of evolution goes Space Will. The space Magnet works within Great Space Laws. And if We Say that our purpose – to arm the person without the uniform device, I Claim that there are such worlds where the person is so armed and where not with a plaything of destiny and the nature, off creator. Ardent Lagos’s is it.
262. The thought directed to the Far Worlds, never comes back from there the fruitless. The aura of these Worlds as though sates it with the contents and returns sent enriched with new stays. To think of the Distant Worlds not idle pastime, but fiery enrichment of thought, but its development and prompt growth. Many thoughts from the Highest Worlds rush to Earth, and fertilization of terrestrial consciousness by Space Thought is reality fiery. That on Earth people create the hands which directs and moves thought, there is created any more by hands, but thought. Here cars will transform a matter and embody it in desirable forms, the thought without means of cars because the matter submits to thought there works. Density of this matter other and plasticity of its bike, but here and there creates nevertheless thought.
263. (May 14). If to follow the tastes of the moods, changing the attitude towards the most necessary according to them where they will bring, being expression of the movements happening in an astral? To the astral sphere of personal feelings and experiences, to that sphere, where prospers and it is approver egoism. I Call to My World, to the sphere other, which over the personal world.
264. The person is the factory making mass of fulfilled materials and slags. Breath garbage, sweat, products of breath of skin, peeling of skin and its died-off cages, phlegm, garbage of the digested food and the liquids, the smallest particles of a matter, in the form of smells proceeding from it, slags of thought and feelings and so on. In a word, there is a lot of garbage and slags. Their structure is very various. If each irritation, an illness, rage generate a stench and give the corresponding allocations, and all proceeding from the person becomes impregnated with essence of his microcosm. The good, and the evil stinks everything that from darkness smells sweet. So the person sates space and the earth with that goes through him. Matter of the appropriate spheres, going through physical, astral and mental bodies, and poisoned, or cleared their emanations, goes on improvement, or aggravation of a body of a planet and surrounding her, invisible Spheres, - and they are filled with Light or darkness. It is possible to imagine quantity and composition of this garbage on places where there is huge assemblage of people. The matter is processed by all kingdoms of the nature thanks to what there is a gradual and slow transformation of its bark, its blanket, possibility of organic life of the giving, - but a problem of mankind as a whole – to spiritualize Earth. It is possible only on condition of a spiritualizing of the person. Relics sacred, or the eremite, or simply high-spiritual person can remain for years, but almost the body of the wretch poisoned with all poisons and all defects a live decays. Really, many vicious start decaying a live still during lifetime. The laboratory of a human body can be a cleaner and a discharge of a matter of all conditions, but also can be the phenomenon infecting everything with what makes it contact. This infection impregnated brothels and places of low amusements. Diseases karmic and allowed are a product of the poisoned condition of consciousness or this or that degree of disharmony or consonance conductors. All of them are accompanied by unpleasant smells. The doctrine about smells and aromas can be not less wide, than about color and flowers of a light scale. Smells and colors are among themselves in close interrelation and compliance. Dark and light poles define their essence, character and properties. This area gives broad lands for studying, but demands knowledge and preparation. The essence of the person is expressed in a smell inherent in it and by this smell can be determined absolutely precisely. Color of aura characterizes shape of the person, in the same way and began to smell. The light aura can't fetig, or smell sweet angry, but it is necessary to be able to distinguish. Some aromas poison full. Experience of recognition is required and here. The laboratory of a human microcosm is difficult.
265. The world space is the sphere where there is no place to the phenomena of a personal order. The personality as that represents her as though the foreign outgrowth which isn't in harmony with surrounding conditions. Therefore upon transition of Great Borders personal transmutation and the consciousness gains a bit different character. It is helped by former accumulation if they are. The veil closing the past is dumped as though, and the consciousness escapes from a dungeon of the identity of the last embodiment. The personal consciousness is replaced individual, and former accumulation flashes all fires. Certainly, for this purpose they have to be rather saturated energy of the highest order. It is possible to imagine all absurd of a usual personal world of the person when his essence exempted from a body, enters shining spheres of space of the highest measurements. However, many continue to imagine themselves performers of the last terrestrial role, and a scene already gets rid terrestrial conditions, but these are slaves to the personality small, not able to escape from a dungeon of egoism and continuing to roll in the terrestrial Maya consequences. Let's learn to come off the personal world, directing in space open spaces to the Distant Worlds. After all it is spheres of implementation of the highest steps of evolution of spirit. After all it is magnets of the highest attractions. After all it for the sake of what the person on Earth lives and suffers. Spheres of the Distant Worlds, at conscious aspiration to them, magneto sate consciousness with the vibrations and the thought distant enriches it with new stays. Terrestrial it is necessary because feet stand on Earth, but fiery it is inevitable because the spirit from fire and consciously or unconsciously, but is always directed to the land homeland. The spirit which has realized the space appointment and a way to Boundlessness already will be never chained any more to Earth as those who, except terrestrial existence, other didn't recognize are chained. The assumption in consciousness of opportunities of spatial existence, that is life in space out of a body, grants the right to life when the body because than the spirit on Earth connects itself is dumped, that will connect it in Elevated. It is difficult to imagine with all clarity and all consequences that the person connects and releases it and that as a condition of this coherence or freedom its temporary stay in a body terrestrial on Earth serves. It is told simply: if you connect yourself on Earth, you will be connected in Heavens that is in space, after release from a body. Material from which chains of elevated, post mortal slavery are forged, the thought, and the energy breaking chains of this slavery is, energy of thought is too. So, thought at the same time – both the jailer and the liberator. Self-plunge fetters in a spirit dungeon are forged by thought. But it is necessary to liberate thought spirit on Earth because it on itself (himself) carries away chains of terrestrial stratifications. And then deadly fight between terrestrial and heavenly, between the Highest and lowest duady begins. That which saved up energy prevail wins. The victory of the Highest allows to concentrate in the sphere of the Immortal Triad everything energy of reincarnating Identity of the person and to continue conscious life of spirit in Fiery Spheres Elevated.
266. (M. A. Y.). To approach through personal sufferings, them rejecting and having released, at least for a while, from them, to area of thought super personal, so to find forces to break a shell of own aura and to go beyond it. It also will be a victory, and first of all, over itself. The world of light spatial thoughts is open, but not for the connected spirits. Mourn, seeing efforts of "the connected souls" and their impossibility to be released, but we rejoice to each release and an exit of consciousness to a space scope. Only direct, from it having released and the light of Boundlessness will fill in your consciousness. I welcome conscious experience of spatial thinking those minutes, when aggravation by circumstances especially difficult because it is a victory.
267. (May 20). I will give an example: there was a person who has lost trust to people. And again he deceived. Then he solved – all this Maya that is deception. And, having begun to see clearly neither in Maya deception, never already more relied nor on people, nor that outside Invariable, reliable and strong only the Lord is uniform, only the Lord one was for it and remained the Stone of the Eternal Basis of Life.
268. So, over a life scum, Remains the Lord Is unchangeable, as and in World Aboveground. He is Showing a way and the direction up, It not to leave anywhere, because in its Beams, his children, He – Focus of Hierarchy of Light for Earth and people of Earth, He – Focus for our system. Sun is its symbol. Sun is his Heart, the Sun of Great Heart!
269. Transferring of all consciousness to the future exempts it from the power of the present and enters it into spheres of the fiery reality forging a projection of evolution of your planet. The reasons creating consequences in the future exist already in the present. To see them – means to see this future and to take part in its registration because creation of the reasons in the present depends on will of the person. The future is created in the present but regardless of the fact that in it already is, but is dependent on essence and tracings of the Great Plan. In invulnerability layers have the Life of a form of the Great Plan, and everything present that Us becomes on your Earth, it is created in the accord with it. Performers of a task of the Great Plan are performers of Space Will, because the tracing of the plan is with it in the full accord and compliance. As well the consciousness of pupils is given to harmony with Will Leading, and executing it become members of the Universal Brotherhood. Not externally, but the brothers making one family on the plan spiritual are internally connected. Often they don't know each other and pass all life alone full, pursued, not understood and bearing on the shoulders burden of imperfections human. Socrates, Campanella, Leonardo da Vinci. Much they were, Light to the world bearing. All gained recognition, but having suffered, and usually only after death. Beginning to see clearly in reality fiery lived only it and knew ways of inalterability of life. It to them forces allowed going through life, making crops of fiery grains of the reasons, consequences of the bringing. Member of this great family be three times honorable because the future is formed by them. Much they were and are and much they will be. Also their family will grow, all people, all mankind won't join yet it, and there is no it herd uniform which Pastor will be the Future Lord Maitreya.
270. The future will be the future should be. This future is integral and is inevitable. It also is fiery reality of the present because in spheres any his pictures are already cast in forms. And it is close: closer than the close it is close. And star terms burn with beams of far stars. Whether it is possible to see stars if to look, the look to the earth having buried. But the future can be scented and even to see if to look at stars if consciousness to merge with beams of colleagues far, calling consciousness in the future. All Space, all planets and stars are directed in powerful movement. Where? In Boundlessness is of the future. It is directed together with Them and our Earth. It is conducted to people or isn't present, but its Space Way is defined by Space Laws, to victorious it from mankind nobody will take away the shining future. The future expects to join terrestrial, concrete, visible forms and from invisible to pass to area of visibility dense. When time comes, star terms don't wait.
271. (June 2). Eternity display itself in our consciousness through temporary, passing forms. The rhythm of Boundlessness is shown in heartbeat, in change of days and nights, in a pulsation of an atomic nucleus.
272. (June 5). Two tasks rise in all growth: the first – cognition of the person, the second – dismissal from the sphere of personal thinking. Without recognition of essence everyone coming nearer can't be created my Business. Without dismissal from itself the space thinking is unattainable. At each stage of a way to Boundlessness there are certain tasks on which permission further advance depends. They aren't casual. These are milestones; specify extent of growth of consciousness and character of its sides. Wise rejoices to difficulties and tests because they it is immutable bear it, to wings it is similar, to the Tower far. Each difficulty and obstacle is an approach step to Me. Let's not envy them who don’t know thorns of the Way. Native mine, my children, darlings elected by me, in misfortune and happiness I with you, because I to you the Defender and the Friend and the Father.
273. (June 7). I give the statement to the next actions to be made near at hand by mine. Without thorns I Don't knows the Way. Also stand the Teachers on the guard of your happiness. If with Me you pass through everything, the winner you will be. I watch each your movement. Everything is conducted. The beam protecting is awake.
274. (June 8). I will give the chance to see and hear within the legal. The feat of Service to Light is periodical. Go through everything courageously and quietly because you go to Me.
275. (M. A. Y.). Warn: Ashram has to remain inviolable. Conceived goes against our desires. The plan is unacceptable because there will be an irreparable.
276. (June 15). Find itself, and the consciousness scattered in the different directions, collect in focus. Focus of association one's utmost I Will long stay in a condition of spiritual dispersion. Terrestrial, but to spirit is the Light. Light has the focus of the center. On it thoughts also go. Service to the terrestrial will tie to the earth. Everything is attached, but Arhat from the terrestrial is free. Cares terrestrial aren't forbidden, but when understanding their brevity. Longer line will be able to moderate them. Wise leads her to Boundlessness. In the future everything, but anything in the present from this that the spirit wants reaches. Achievements of spirit are in the future. Therefore on My Precept the future will be read.
277. (June 16). 277. (June 16). Let instability of a terrestrial environment serve as a constant reminder on brevity of terrestrial stay and impossibility to be approved on it. It is possibly to be approved only on spirit in itself, which not transient. Transient of all external appears strong at least from this that before consciousness took place even in one this life already so much, passed, having flown as if a dream and having replaced with another, already new, already taken and feelings and thoughts of seeming reality of the present moment. It is possible to be claimed that all is inevitably replaced constantly new and new as it is new every day a new turn of a spiral. The citadel of spirit is based on the enduring. Not transient that, who looks at all events with the person inside and outside. Thoughts and feelings and life events flow, everything flows. It is invariable only Looking. And identifying itself with It, with Silently Looking, approves the spirit of people on the Stone of the Eternal Basis of Life.
278. (June 17). Let's take experience useful of the heaviest and difficult phenomena of our existence on Earth. If we don't take is it will repeat, but in even more difficult conditions. Only assimilation of experience relieves of its repetition. The conscious attitude towards him karmic exempts spirit from already passable step. It is necessary to squeeze out everything of experience, each useful particle. Everything should be thought out and to understand sense and the purpose of that test which was allowed From above. If the purpose of this step – knowledge of the person, and the got experience of comprehension of the nature human has to be comprehended analytically and in details that in future not to make any more the made mistakes. On mistakes also we study best of all. The advantage of the realized and understood mistake is great. Not the regret or repentance moves spirit, but understanding of essence of each wrong step both conscious and full extraction from each lesson of all of to what he teaches.
279. (June 18). Inflow of mental energy to any body organ can be stopped, and energy from this body is withdrawn and sent to a solar plexus for distribution by other parts of a body. Sexual energy is regulated in the same way, and all excesses of this order stop will. Mastering by fiery energy is necessary because its growth and uncontrolled concentration or inflow can cause the undesirable phenomena, the most various properties. As it is possible distract it and from a brain when it is overstrained to such an extent that it serves as the sleeplessness reason. The will can operate a stream of mental energy, directing it in those body organs which need it. Each disease and everyone disbalance it is possible to treat mental energy. The weapon this two-edged because, unrestrained, it seizes the person and does him by the slave to those to not gets rid properties in it or weaknesses in which it starts being shown strenuously. This energy in itself good, neither bad, nor kind, angry – that does it light or dark will of the person, and then Agni creating turns into fire of eated. The fiery elements demand mastering by it, differently it is better not to approach to it. Rage of fiery energy, unrestrained and unmastered, sometimes is shown in terrible extremes and any excesses, to operate with which their victims aren't able. Any experience of conscious submission of mental energy is useful to will extraordinary.
280. The aspiration to the Highest is necessary because when it stops and inflow of the highest energy stops, the Highest is replaced with the lowest, and the consciousness can be flooded with evil waves. The nature doesn't suffer emptiness.
281. (June 25). The sun and stars always, therefore, can be turned the look into skies to them always.
282. "God's mercy" can be considered as an inalienable right of the person in any living conditions to direct the thought up.
283. If knew, how many it is lost those days when the terrestrial captures thoughts and seizes consciousness.
284. (June 28). Many came to Earth, fused and left before term. Unfortunately, it happened to many worthy spirits. Conditions terrestrial not all were to sustain able. Trouble of dense beds of a planet was the reason of this sad phenomenon. Sustain an impact of elements on Earth in power not to any spirit. On the one hand, thinning of susceptibility and a sharpening of all abilities of the fiery device of spirit, with another – the poisonous atmosphere of lowlands and drain bowls of poison terrestrial. The raw sensation is two-edged because, perceiving the highest, it is necessary to be protected from spatial poison. The burden of Earth is maintained not by everything, and sensitive covers fuse. It is necessary to be protected not only from the poisoned currents of space, but, the main thing, – from hierarchy of darkness which works through all who comes under their influence: friends and enemies, insects and animals and everything are used that can serve them. From here is and the ardent treacheries guarding attendants of Light. But strong has to pass through everything and to be the winner full. The concession to crafty hands shouldn't be considered as defeat if there was it owing to insufficient recognition. Harm can be neutralized as soon as roots and its reasons are realized and evil-make is found. It is important to understand that behind each reducing impulse stands dark whisper. Detection will paralyze its activity, and he is compelled to look for new cover. If knew, how many wishing to inspire the lowest thoughts and to force to consider them as the, but not sent from a dark hand. So each thought reducing consciousness should be considered as the arrow of the evil which has been started up by darkness. But the attendants of darkness suitable under a mask of Light and with your prayer on lips are especially dangerous. Remember only, how many the evils created the Name of the Savior. Dark refined in fakes of this sort. The eagle eye is necessary not only to distinguish Light, but also darkness under Light mask. Therefore exact and strict implementation of Instructions is necessary, as a board, as protection against the evil. In a root of each made mistake you will find Decree non-execution.
285. (June 29). At heights of a condition of thought are others, even one hundred meters matters. Even the cellar differs from the top floor. All matters. Than above, that nature of thinking becomes more distinguished. It is impossible to imagine that at the height of three hundred kilometers the thinking will remain the same. As it is strange, but the space thinking becomes much more available when the person will actually come off Earth. It is possible to come off and in thoughts, but not any consciousness is capable to flights (thought). Loading terrestrial disturbs. And there are so many subjects around, strong distracting attention. When the person considers something, the property, between consciousness and a thing establishes magnetic connection, and the consciousness is as though attracted to object of possession. It also makes a considerable share of terrestrial gravitations. Habits, weaknesses, defects and passions to objects of the desires, and too usually they too attract consciousness of a terrestrial order. So thousands threads are stretched from the person to Earth, and they hold him strong. The astral and terrestrial are connected closely because at the majority all emotional life of consciousness proceeds in spheres terrestrial. But when the thought directs in space and is exempted from attractions terrestrial, the space thinking becomes available. The main thing is to liberate thought. Thought it isn't so difficult to come off conditions usual if the step of consciousness permits. Not able their infirmity, but to the one who has wings will say goodbye, crawling on the ground is inexcusable. Responsibility only before it, because rejecting opportunities is and paying. The jailer itself and itself opening locks self-plunged. Think that someone or something has to uplift. But the person himself rises, and the thought uplifts the person. And thought always at its order and to its services if he, but not thought owns it. Mastering by thought by the guarantee will be success because the thought conducts the person.
286. (M. A. Y.). To pass through everything and to hold Communication will be a victory. The thread of Communication is strong a set of qualities. Strengthening any of them, the Thread we strengthen Silver Communication with the Lord. Who something terrestrial will put above it, that with terrestrial and will arrive. But the one who Hidden will hold the Thread of Communication over dense conditions what there were they, that and remains close to the Lord.
287. (June 30). What to do when the consciousness is silent? Even simple grain has to be buried to give shoots. He can't be disturbed. As also the consciousness should give rest that that is put in it brought the consequences. That was, will be, but on a new turn of a spiral. Pralaya consciousness’s is the phenomenon of natural growth of spirit. Besides, new conditions demand assimilation. Vibrations of environment have to be overcome, and the tone is established or the wave defining and nature of the next receipts. Not to create ashram suddenly. Everything that around, is saturated with others stratifications. They press on consciousness radiations alien to spirit. On their neutralization time too is necessary. Spatial planetary conditions don't favor too. The heap of circumstances opposite turns out. But our Communication is atop. Over everything it also is established again, without reckoning with anything; in the spirit of it, but not in something external. Therefore external everything can be rejected. But this isn't enough. Thoughts disturbing are inside. They too should be rejected. The last is much more difficult. When something is overcome in the spirit of, the victory then is achievable.
288. (July 2). Let anybody and anything in the world won't force you to deviate from a way.
289. (July 3). When it seems that the Lord left and the future was closed by a veil, know that the dark succeeded to throw the harm. The Lord is unchangeable, and the future is integral, and the Fiery Era already came. Everything is doomed that against goes to going Light. Therefore the darkness that feels the hopelessness rages. It is possible lean on the present when it is subject to change. Everything, that from darkness, from this the present will be uproot in the future. Therefore also it is impossible in the present on what to lean that it has no abutment and much of it will be eliminated on discrepancy with Light of the future. But fight is deep, intense, resolute and final because return to the past isn't present. Who holds it and tries keeping it, it dooms to defeat because against Us nobody is strong. As it is possible usually live this time, when singularity penetrates all space and the thickness of a planet. Hesitates and in movement everything waiting for inevitably approaching change, the last before the end. Change began long ago, but apogee yet didn't reach.
290. It is necessary to reach Us on the ground.
291. (July 5). The future is a bridge in Boundlessness. In the eternal we live, but Maya prevents to see the Eternal Basis of Life and to be approved on It. But temporariness of the conditions conducting spirit in Boundlessness, it is necessary to understand as a milestone of a way boundless. The stream of the surrounding phenomena flows in time from taken place in the future. The temporary nature of conditions surrounding the person can be accepted as a step of a ladder of the life conducting to comprehension of Eternity. Neither Eternity, nor Boundlessness which in it exists, it is impossible to understand, without having passed, rising, on steps of this ladder. It conducts in the future where for spirit all is prepared. The real step of consciousness doesn't allow embracing space greatness of Boundlessness. But Boundlessness is given as a field of future stays, as a leading magnet to life eternal. The spirit is eternal. Time is necessary to open depths it. In time sides of diamond of consciousness are ground to begin to shine in Boundlessness all fires of Space. Eternity and time – poles of a thing uniform between which the spirit moves ahead in Boundlessness.
292. Let's strain aspiration for the sake of the future because present not to pass any more. In the past everything is burned for Fiery Yoga. But the present is a past consequence. Therefore, heritage of the past it is burned and in the present as it is connected with this past. And only that in the present concerns the future and causes it, only it and is valuable to evolution. So also the present we will divide into two poles: it is the pole of death shaded by the phenomena of last imperfections, and the future pole, flaring all flowers of a rainbow and all opportunities. So also the present we will divide into two poles: it is the pole of death shaded by the phenomena of last imperfections, and the future pole, flaring all flowers of a rainbow and all opportunities. Life division nowadays goes from top to bottom: on one party Light, on another – darkness. Light of the future is incomparable with darkness of a past. It also we will approve by a magnet leading.
293. Personal and space I began in consciousness too as darkness and as Light. No personality and egoism temporarily and the space basis under itself have. In super personal and universal immortality can be looked for because if the person dies and his personality dies, the mankind and everything that above-person in consciousness mortal doesn't die. Death and life poles display in each person private or super private life of consciousness. The decree "be rejected from itself" concerned personal egoism of the person. Only the soul, that is the personality, lost can it that is already immortal Identity find. Here the personal and Space aren't combined. It is necessary to die to revive to life super personal, causing continuousness of consciousness that is conscious immortality.
294. (July 6). I will lie the Hand to that Communication took place. Action of a single wire mutually – both ends work. Tension on one causes the answer on other, if a wire as it should be. Burn out interrupts it contact. Therefore I Advise to my lamps not to blink. Certainly, external conditions can strong disturb, but overcoming need to be reached them, if the purpose – to approve an indestructible rhythm of Communication. It is possible to note that Those Whom call by mankind Torches, were usually in very difficult vital conditions and still didn't lose touch with the Leader. In it, perhaps, and the embodiment purpose – Silver carry by the Thread through life of the indestructible. She in space is clearly visible, shining and vibrating Light. Therefore and there are so much attacks from darkness. While on Earth and while there is so much distracting before eyes, value of the Silver Thread completely isn't realized. But imagine that terrestrial existence, and everything ended that was on Earth, on Earth and remained, and the spirit lives in space, free from a dense environment. Where it if the Silver Thread is torn will go.Where will go it, if the Silver Thread is torn? Magnetization of astral currents is of a bike. It is possible to be involved in any funnel, - without the Thread of Communication not to resist. There stronger aspiration, than on Earth because except the Thread of Heart there is nothing is necessary.
295. (July 8). It is correct to think that the burden of a management is aggravated with that on behaving takes freight behind shoulders of the conducted. When Spoke that everyone gave Me for its pour in the Tower to pure metal, I Meant this circumstance. I am given the imperfections, and I Pour them in My Tower. As is above, so is and below. You pour also, so sometimes the burden. It is necessary to overcome in itself not only the shortcomings, but also taken on the care. But if entered with your prayer on lips and you allowed, the karma others nevertheless should be bathed even if externally and the communication thread is torn. All the matter is that the assumption took place, at least and temporarily, and heart was open. Through this openness harm also flows. Therefore It is told that a grief not distinguished comers with your prayer, but darkness bringing with itself. You look how harm done is long and as not recognition tail and as heavy it is necessary to pay long lasts. Therefore it is better to give short, than to transfer, hold back – than to retell, keep silent – than intimate to give out, it is necessary because to pay to the bell ringer. Each of suitable loads all burden of the karma on called in, even the being knocked loads, and furthermore the called in. Therefore silence – gold. Therefore it is difficult to be exempted from consequences of the made mistakes. And when too it becomes heavy, you remember that you overcome not the, but others, and it is necessary what to overcome by all means, differently the end.
296. The integral chain has the price. And if among positive properties and traits of character there is any weakness, a chain the price loses, and at the same time and the fortress. Indulgence in one all chain of other qualities doe’s weak. It needs to be meant at the statement of qualities because the spoon of tar spoils all barrel of honey. But if fell, immediately get up and move further. Forces can be collected, and I Will help.
297. (July 9). The karma obsessed and enrage is awful. Process of exile of enrage is dangerous that expelled in case of exile addresses on expelled and if his will is weak, seizes of. If the will is rather strong, nevertheless the expelled doesn't stop attempts to harm, disappearing and hiding for the close standing. All will try through whom it would be possible to do harm. Enrage, the stronger and possible harm is stronger. Fight enrage is characteristic that the fighting causes on himself his force which it has to overcome. It is angrily very fluid and aspires to get into the slightest crack. It small cracks are dangerous. But it is important to understand, danger from where threatens. Source recognition is already a victory, because the dark don't take out exposure. The beam of consciousness turned on them, burns them. It is necessary to see the same dark hand hiding behind external covers to do the harm. The constant Image of the Teacher in consciousness strong preserves against the evil of darkness and dark influences. The darkness is dangerous, isn't distinguished yet. To anything, but only not to it, it is inclined following Me to attribute the majority of the most undesirable phenomena while increase won't specify them, danger is how great.
298. Many suitable to Us finish the Karma current. Yet won't finish, we Do not approach: Everyone allowed to Us, it is conducted or it isn't known for itself, but assigns the Karma to shoulders of the Head. It concerns each teacher, big or small, and each pupil. To accept someone in pupils are means to assume its Karma. Therefore there are a lot of wishing to find to themselves the head and consciously or unconsciously to assign to it of burden from here and unreasonable encumbrance from each addressing. Inexperienced travelers, especially at the first steps, try strong to edify, without knowing severity of the Law. Inexperienced travelers, especially at the first steps, try strong to edify, without knowing severity of the Law. But experience teaches that it is necessary seven to think seventy times before connecting itself the management. It is necessary to help, of course, but without assuming karma of the leader because the chain of guidance of the end has no. Experience rectify as strong and it is heavy, and at times cruelly and spitefully, unprepared spirits seek to be assigned to the one who called them to Light and a grief then to the bell ringer who has called in someone on the yard. The appeal to Light let will be impersonal is karmic doesn't impose a duty to take a karma of the responded to the shoulders. It is possible to understand why even Great Teachers had so few pupils. Each pupil is burden for the Teacher of Light. And the very few, even from allowed close, think of that, as though not to burden Called. It is possible to note thus as unreasonably and strong those who through you approached to Light burdened also you. Responsibility of a management of a bike also is long. The karma of the management is directed in the future – from here its extent. Tortured also tore to pieces all Envoys of Light – and it should be remembered not to assimilate not tear pieces, or those who, following the Teacher of Light, the cross not on the, but to his shoulders I wanted to assign.
299. (July 10). Laws of thin energy are so other than laws of energy usual, as area of two measurements from the three-dimensional world. Expansion goes in the directions which aren't containing in area usual energy. So, for example, action of light requires time, but it isn't necessary it for spirit action. To ray of light to reach Earth from a star from far galaxies, millions and even billions light years are required sometimes. But it isn't required to time for thought flight. The thought reaches instantly, without expense of time, a subject on which it is directed. Weeds thoughts in space it is deprived of time element. Therefore, time is the phenomenon of the dense world and its phase display even in the world astral is already perfect differently, than in the dense. Conditions space sharply differs from conditions terrestrial. The decision – in the spirit of, that is in the person is covered the solution of all problems of a universe. Therefore the most important science is a science about the person. Too already many are taken for granted*. And not there people where it is possible to find look for. The secret of all is concluded in the person. But to energy of spirit are sent outside, that is there where decisions don’t contain. The concept of extra temporariness, concept of eternity, boundlessness and immortality are in consciousness of the person, and out of it to look for permissions them is useless. Even animals are deprived of future understanding though instinctively and show care of a food stock, of a den, and a bird – about nests. But they have no future understanding. Only spirit human, rising over time, realizes the future and a relativity of temporary representations. The thought is untimely, dreams are untimely, and spirit actions are untimely. Mental educations aren't subject to laws of three measurements, though have the volume, a form, coloring and even weight. Dynamics of thought is measured by other measures, other than measuring devices of usual mechanics. Only temperature sometimes or change of weight of a body can note thought influence. But it will be already a consequence, but not thought, modern devices still imperceptible. But the thought can be photographed, and especially sensitive plates can already fix light emanations of thoughts. The thought can influence powerfully and physical bodies and, first of all, a physical body of the person. But people don't want to see evidence obvious and, suffering from own thoughts and being ill from them, nevertheless deny thin reality. Health of the person often depends on balance of cogitative energy. The reasons of diseases should be looked for in a disbalance of thoughts. Each thought causes this or that reaction in a body. These reactions pass by attention, but nevertheless they cause many functions of an organism. So, constant irritation it is easy to bring itself to a liver illness, and concerns, excitements and fears – to nervous breakdown. Therefore treatment of everyone a disbalance or diseases in an organism should be begun with establishment of balance of thought, having thus in a look that reaction of thought of tranquility calms nerves, reaction of the thought approving health, revitalized will work and on all organism. Thought of an illness it is impossible to give in under no circumstances. Fortress is protected up to the end, to the utmost, resolutely and irrevocably. Thought to give in diseases – means to open fortress gate to the enemy and the enemy to allow inside. Many diseases result from thoughts. When the illness, that is disbalance, got inside, you seek to restore balance in astral and mental covers, and physical balance, or health, will come as a result of streamlining of movements in an astral or menthol. Certainly, everyone disbalance, first of all, is imperceptibly thrown by a dark hand. About it don't forget, with an illness struggling. Sana mentee in corpore sano **, but also on the contrary because and to a body health gives balance of spirit.
* Is taken for granted – is possible, not demanding proofs (English).
** Sana mente in corpore sano – a sound mind in a body healthy (lat. ) .

300. (July 11). I approve the future clear victory of the New World, I Approve the leading role of Russia, I Claim that no attempts of the old world to return history back will exist a barrier to approach of the New Era. The world on Earth I Approve for all people of a planet. New forms of the life, new relationship, cooperation and the British Commonwealth of Nations on it we Will approve for eternal time. Our help to everything who and with Us follows Us, knowing or without knowing it, but approving the world on Earth and fighting for it. For a victory I Warrant.
301. Consciousness can be concentrated and manifest itself in any of their membranes. The most fervent and active is the Astral, revitalized and personal feeling. All the foibles and vices are enclosed in it. Identify yourself with it and take it that Astral is the "I" is to give myself to the power of the lowest that has not yet been eliminated in human entity. Astral is not self, Astral is a mere shell, the legacy of the past, the legacy of the Moon; it is something that is subject to the complete subjugation of the will to become an obedient instrument of their will and deprived person. Astral may fall as he fell not once, but it won't fall in the higher self. You must install the dismemberment of conductors in the mind, not to submit to explosions or recurrent Astral and not find it decaying and recent outbreaks and again attempts to assert its authority over the conscience of decisive and irreparable. This shim will die, as will die and will reset the body; This shell is temporary, like all purpose clothing. It has to be replaced by new and more perfect and clearer with each new incarnation. Therefore, it is the only gun will only fire will; servant is obliged to obey in all things. We just have to realize that even the excesses of disobeying it. You can kill yourself any desire, any weakness, Astral any feeble effort master spirit. We just know that Astral is a servant of the spirit, but not the other way around. When the lowest seizes the highest, there is no more bittered slavery. But this can happen only in the dark, when your consciousness descends into a regular and temporary experience or emotion Astral shell and identifies itself fully with her. Slave is afraid of his master, body, Astral-master spirit. You yourself separated from it and see by the grimace the clown to realize their power and powerlessness. Only the release of Astral can give the true freedom of the spirit.
302. (July 12). In the light of it’s beheld my light, my children. Chase all the dark, all dark thoughts, anything that obstructs the light inside the shouldering. Many who want hovers around trying to put out every spark of light? Operate out of the subtle world and through those who open themselves embodied their influences. Often relatives make guns, planted their involuntary thoughts. Watch not replaceable watch, because the darkness is large and unusually tense. I don't get distracted. Link must be uninterrupted. Only proximity Mine will protect against the darkness. Specify day new start, firmly holding the third eye Favorites Image. At times, but not consistently and uninterrupted so be it before an inner eye. So you can keep the relationship and only in these difficult days before dawn. Fear and disturbing’s do not surrender yourself, because even the hairs on your head are numbered and Shield My above you. Shield of karmic consequence does not exempt, but protects reliably against evil and dark times.
303. (July 13). Randomness the way doesn’t take over the base. Accidents Call what is located on the sides of the road, which runs past the consciousness. Of course, nothing happens by chance, because all they are karmic ally due to some reasons. But still all the time and they are all connected with movement along the way. They do not bind the conscience. Bind-it means to stay. Meetings from the past often take up a lot of attention and sometimes to the detriment of the promotion. Mentally disturbing must defend itself from ordering your subconscious barrier against the person who is hurt. Harm and in his sleep. Then the order is given to thin the body before going to bed.
304. (July 14). On obviousness is judged impossible. It is also impossible to earthly reason to grasp what is going on in the world, for false representation will always follow each attempt. Better rely on Us and take, that no dark evil-shift cannot change tracing of the grand plan. The tension in the world needs to call to identify all the creative, a fervent and creative energy of humanity. Forces must resist the forces of creative destruction in all its power. We won't let the Badger skip and the evil forces of destroyers of their plans, quite seriously. All will result in harm to themselves, all they heap, motivated by impulses of hatred. The advent of the new century the bright beginnings marked by destruction. On guard of the great Lords Stand ready every moment to stop the hand of evil. Destroyers of the planet will go dark with, but let the wheat ripen and harden. Enrage of darkness before the end. Dark roots, and lopped off the wind swinging thickets of evil, already without props. Great coastal drift erosion all expects anyone with darkness comes, because in the future the darkness and evil of the zealots have.
305. (July 15). I think it possible to set the desired tone of the receiver will consciousness. I believe that in his inner world will belong to the supreme power over all States of consciousness. Believe that only a lack of understanding of the primacy of the spirit is the reason that allowed the uncontrolled impact on their minds. Impact and influence are inevitable, but control over them and the constant watch of the sorrowful phenomenon is weather vane for someone else's accidental shifting, much less random, but not sent footfall good will. Good to keep in mind, however, that both good and negative influences are equally harmful, if the will obeys them uncontrollably. Every submissive is harmful obviously. Not the slaves need evolution, but the staff of light, - weakness condemn. Strength, even sent awry, can stand up to the right, but weakness begets a nonentity Ghost and space sor. Freedom of spirit is the most valuable thing a man can have. Because, never Infringe on the freedom of the will, providing a choice of freeways. Understanding of the moves, and we need to understand that only the spirit who approved its freedom and to light freely going, can walk.
306. (July 16). If the future has not been passed, nor can it be fulfilled in the present. You should understand this: the thought of the future, having got a real form and going through consciousness, has become a phenomenon of the past and vibrates in spatial spheres as a living, dynamic entity, magnetically attracting a consonant it elements from different layers of the universe, becoming denser and denser gradually until a dense form. This is a path of fiery thoughts generated by spatial creative fiery consciousness of man. So we create the future We, so going on future thought. Such is the way of translating the thoughts into the form. So cosmically destined to Graduate is the evolution of the manifested world. The concept of "man" is taken widely, for all perfumes, standing on the Stairs of the Hierarchy of light, even the Highest, were once or are now. The future is created by thought. All, what evidently the eye, created by thought! Ask: what about bedbugs, flies and many bastards. Answer: people's thoughts are different. The thought of light beautiful forms, but what did they do thoughts of malice. In addition, even the primary forms of animals that have appeared on earth before man, in need of constant care about them they created the Creative will. Self-development provided them to degenerate in the vicious and scary monsters. Because a Watch Spirits of the world, for the evolution cannot go by gravity. The land holder bears the responsibility for the Earth. Great Guard is on the protection of the planet and its evolution. Evil and the evil will of the smooth dissemination cannot be granted. Cosmically only land suffers from exaggerated activity of the dark. On other planets dark not! There is only the struggle with chaos and overcome the legitimate resistance of cloth of various orders of magnitude of the seal. And only on your land to its former host spawned evil, terrible consequences, which compensated for the humanity as a whole. Atonement it consists in overcoming of everything that is generated by the Prince of darkness and his servants. There is no master but the servant of his, performing his wicked will, still very strong and knowing that doomed, Fury madness are ready for anything, just to cause mischief, but radiant the future of the planet. The wonderful shape of the cast thought and exists in space, ready to join the world of tight. Because and stretched both poles forces of light and dark, so in this latest clash between light and darkness to beat and the planet clean of all the layers of darkness and all who will serve them.
307. (July 18). The same act made by the same person, is estimated not only based on, lying behind it, but also on, whether it is made by order of will and from its pleasure or contrary to it and against it, that is whether was it result of force or weakness of will. Weakness of will, that is lack of will, is condemned, but force which even has been mistakenly applied, can change the direction and to be applied in the benefit. I speak not about the evil will which is constantly directed on the evil, but about will of the ascending spirit which has allowed this or that offense thanks to the wrong appendix of strong-willed power. For such will It isn't had a ban because we Know, what even mistakes can be acquired with advantage, mistakes even obvious, but urgent a way, and time presses, and there is no time to waste time on that being late and stop because of possible mistakes. Forward, forward, and only forward, and only quicker because in fast flight heavy particles of unnecessary and harmful stratifications disappear. Everything, but is allowed only to the one who to Light dares, despite everything.
308. (July 19). Let's not be confused dark attacks, but each of them we use for approach to Light. Also rejoice that are noted by darkness because your Light grows. All Great Spirits were noted it by special attention and especially refined treacheries. The darkness decays for flowers of Light, and a monster – a throne leg. Let each attempt of darkness to intrude in consciousness immediately cause the Image of the Teacher in the third eye and a rhythm of sacred appeals and strengthens that the Silver Thread of Communication. So dark will serve ascension of spirit and to promote a reminder on the most necessary. The fear before them is pernicious. It opens access to the enemy, it perforation of an armor. It is necessary to get used to think that there are a lot of dangers around that while Light burns, darkness striking, dark won't leave alone. I see and Know, and My Board over you. But soldiers you, both a spiritual armor and the weapon of Light are given for protection and fight. It is impossible to be inclined before darkness, or to lay down arms, or to be forgotten in delightful calm, either to weaken patrol, or to give in to any weakness. They too always on patrol do harm to you, using each opportunity, each crack. To the weaknesses giving in or allowing thoughts seducing and thrown by darkness, access to it you open in the fortress. Severe control over thought too protection serves from intrigues of dark evil-do. But harm on small affairs because the evil I Shatter, and splinters reach only. Otherwise it is impossible – not in the greenhouse you sit, but you stand in forward my ranks soldiers, - wrong actions on a hand to darkness, especially levity and garrulity. Opening of even to friends is inadmissible. Itself opening the friends who haven't been checked by life, you endanger itself because thoughts of friends aren't always light and not always they spare you when lose balance of spirit. If depart from Light, strong address on you, and then for mercy don't wait. Also work often under darkness suggestion, that without suspecting. Each person who anyway adjoins to you, dark whispers try to use to cause at least the most insignificant trouble. Therefore patrol has to be to constants and constants feeling of Proximity of the Teacher and a constant readiness to reflect angrily. It is necessary to show sharp recognition to see; from where and as there is the next attempt. Be not confused, but rejoice that are noted by darkness because you howl mine, and the spark has to be weak and spirit burning if the darkness didn't behold it is insignificant and on it didn't address.
309. Press Light it is possible. Ways of its strengthening are diverse. Light in itself can be strengthened from counteraction and resistance of surrounding spheres. Counteraction and resistance are this or that type of energy. This energy going against, it is possible to direct on a useful wave as the miller directs water streams on a wheel. Action causes counteraction, but also on the contrary, counteraction causes fiery action of spirit. The spirit flame under a press becomes, like a blowtorch flame, especially strong and resistant. Not to compare it to force of a usual flame. But and the effect of its action is much stronger. The will forces force of fire of the spirit overcoming any resistance. Usual quiet living conditions of fire won't give rise. Extraordinary difficulty of conditions is necessary, and then fire inflames spirit, and then the press of Light becomes strong available. That is why the way of Light is hard. The kingdom of Light undertakes force, and making effort admires it.
310. (M. A. Y.). Difficult, but it is wonderful, native. Difficult, but together! Difficult, but against darkness we win because the way only up because everything that is created round you, approaches you to Light and We, as though enemies tried to separate Us in your consciousness. We and sensitively Reply on each appeal to Us the directed heart. You hold strong Us, We.
311. (Guru). Not condemnation you have from Us, but understanding and support. We are connected by the Karma. Threads of the Karma aren't material, that is aren't limited to conditions of the dense world. They go and to the World Thin. They can be strengthened and weakened. Communication is forged in time. Communication with Hierarchy and her Envoys – the highest that you have on Earth. It is sacred preserve light threads. Think of those who have no them. The happiness isn't enough to be had, it to hold much more difficultly. Strong you hold a happiness thread.
312. I make efforts that the rhythm of spatial perceptions was completely in operation. Effort fruitfull, when mutually and when intense responsibility is shown. Difficulty that the not rendered habitable of a new environment is overcome. Even the house unfamiliar should be rendered habitable. But time when no external conditions, even without the house, will influence a stream of perceptions will come, and the wire will constantly work. To that the next difficulties and obstacles also are created. It was already said that it is easier to reach, than to hold achievement. Unusual becomes usual, and the careful attitude towards him is lost, and vanity wins then.
313. (M. A. Y.). . Every day not greatly it is possible to take any quality of spirit most sounding at present for the statement. Today we will take restraint. Who told that people should take out an internal state on a review? Restraint means also security because everyone are slightly opened the consciousness endangers its unbalances of foreign consciousness. It is better when there is nothing to catch as people have bent clinging to everything seeming to them unsatisfactory of their idea of what, in their opinion, there has to be a person. Therefore each word has to be strictly considered. Excess words are eliminated absolutely. To speak because of so-called politeness and to occupy someone with conversations it is inadmissible when each word is similar to fiery flash and pierces in consciousness of the interlocutor, as an arrow. Earlier when the fiery of thought was not so intense, responsibility for words wasn't so great, but growth of internal fires strengthens also responsibility for each word. It is possible to note as sometimes strongly and painfully people that is told them react now. Therefore it is better to measure seven times before cutting off the thought invested by words. Restraint in this case is good that doesn't allow excessive words. People like to say so that there is no need to burden them by the own words. Better to give them opportunity to express, than to do it most. But when it is necessary to tell nevertheless the word, let it will be avaricious and under severe control.
314. (M. A. Y.). Ingratiation before people and aspiration to deserve them an arrangement are caused by fear, and they don't lead to the purpose. The advantage of spirit doesn't allow these phenomena finally leading to results absolutely opposite, because behind them the gray shadow of fear something moves to lose through a human not arrangement. Restraint and consciousness of own force where lead to desirable results rather, therefore it is necessary to reconsider attentively the attitude towards people that obsequious babbling or desire to meet with passing approval of passersby didn't creep somewhere. You stick Care of the Lord, but not people, and on the Lord, and only it’s to one, it is possible to believe all consciousness. Long ago It is told: don't hope for sons human. And experience the last showed, what even desire of friends to help and the decision to rely on them anything, except chagrin, disappointment and new difficulties, didn't bring. Support one, hope one – the Lord. Restraint and ardent understanding of advantage of spirit don't exclude the kind attitude towards people and to opportunity to them to light, but without breaking not that, or another.
315. (Guru). The thought directed firmly and accurately to the certain person, puts consciousness in communication with this person, and then the consciousness connects to it an invisible thread. It concerns equally both live people, and the dead. It is time to understand already that any mention of this or that person and conversation on the absent person connect consciousness with it. Any such mention doesn't pass completely, but brings the results. It is better to remember all well, than to send thoughts or to tell words which at their presence would be never said directly to them. Kind will be in each person, and better in everyone to cause good, than the evil beginning. But in a gossip of need isn't present, and special discretion won't prevent when speech concerns as well the absent. About absent always you speak as if they were near and heard each word. There will be litter in space less harm less. Mention of names considerably also. The veil dense the world terrestrial closed reality from the person, but behind it – reality of the Hidden World where everything is clearly and heavy imprinted on Akasha's rolls and everything exists and influences the person.
316. (July 21). The firm, accurate and resolute order of will to the thin body before withdrawal to a dream stops attempts dark to suppress consciousness, causing nightmares. During a dream the thin body is protected by fiery thought. Late and difficult be protected in a dream when the thought isn't ready to protection. If they sadden consciousness during wakefulness, especially it is easy to do to them it in a dream. But the protection weapon, thought fiery, always at the disposal of the pupil, and it is awake when the terrestrial consciousness is shipped in a dream.
317. Than the will becomes stronger, that large number of the phenomena it can operate and that a wide range of possible influences. But to dispose the will has to learn. The best and next field for development of will and its appendix is the person: his physical body, his emotions and feeling, his thought. All these three areas can be regulated by will to some extent. Dense, astral and mental covers have to be in full submission of energy of will. Only long experience and application of will reaches this submission. These attempts are successful or aren't successful, but they don't stop, despite everything. Finally, at known persistence the will nevertheless wins because the will is fiery attribute of spirit and eternal, never-dying property of the person while all covers are mortal, being subject to replacement new at each new embodiment. Growth of power of will is boundless whereas its mortal conductors are limit and everything is limit that by her is put in them. Addictions, tendencies or tendencies are crystallized energy of the evil will, put by it in a microcosm of the person. It is possible to fight with them the same energy of will, but bigger potential, that is bigger tension, than that which was put in them. But the will grows if the person ascends and therefore fight against them always comes to an end with a victory of ascending spirit. Victory, victory, victory over everything that yet gets rid, over everything that disturbs, over all who interferes with spirit to Light goes.
318. (M. A. Y.). We recognize love only effective, only such, which force phenomenon in a number of actions conformable. If really you love, prove in practice your love in actions of every day. Only verbal love we don't accept. The love in words is no other than astral flashes, though, perhaps, and strong, but fruitless affairs. And the more so the love to the Lord has to be the effective. Too many followers tell it about love and think of it and believe that love, but too do a little. Such love isn't necessary to the Lord, assurances of it aren't necessary. But the fiery actions fastened by this fiery feeling, not littered with a verbal peel are necessary. Difficultly at times not to trust people who believe that they speak, but in practice not display and don't apply in affairs. Therefore if you love as you speak, show power of this love on affairs, conformable to Precepts of the Lord Who Called you on great Action. Verbal statements have no value, as well as an assurance because the one who can act and acts powerfully, – is silent and if started talking, his words will be similar to blows of a heavy hammer because are sated with energy of action.
319. (Guru). Action, action, action! Action by thought, action by feeling, action by the word, but "a hand human", that is in the annex to life terrestrial.
320. (July 22). We approach when the accord is established. The accord is possible only when the recedes on a background and mine takes priority in consciousness. As to mine there can be a place if the occupies all field of thinking. An arbitrariness of thought doesn't allow control. The damage from a willful current of thoughts is so great that, the right, it is worth thinking of that to bridle them and to direct on the course determined by will. In the end result the thought will obey if only the desire to establish the accord is rather strong. Process is facilitated very much if the aspiration to mastering by thought is cemented by love to the Lord. Love, as well as any feeling it is possible to strengthen consciously. It is possible to strengthen it appreciation and understanding of that, how many it is received cares, love and attention from Great Heart. How much time the consciousness sank in vanity and turmoil of the outside world, how many time aspiration fires faded, how many time awakening, apparently, gets rid stratifications of the past prevented to move further, and still, despite everything, weren't left. And as soon as the wave of dense influences was rolled away, the far Proximity was again felt. But it is necessary to help the Phenomenon an inflexible of fiery aspiration and understanding that Proximity above all. Everything is admissible and everything is allowed, but under a condition if the Image of the Teacher in the third eye is constant. How to reach this constancy? Only statement of thought! But as approve thought? Rhythm of every day repetition! In the morning and it is possible to devote to it the necessary time in the evening. Let there will be even short it, but full-sounding and claiming in every way spirit and heart desire of the phenomenon of pretending uninterrupted and the Face of the Teacher before an internal eye of consciousness. It is possible; it is possible to reach even the most difficult if the fiery desire is supported by a rhythm. That from this that still achievement didn't work well. I furnish the clue is a rhythm every day and steady. Rhythm it is possible to reach, I Claim. From now on this thought useful and necessary, it is allowed time for its rhythmic introduction in consciousness, it won't grow yet and won't get force so that stupid and inert counteraction of covers will be won. It is very important to note as something inside strong resists to the most useful undertakings. The highest "I" in the person want and for Light strives, – but the lowest persists "I". The rhythm overcomes dark persistence of all covers and the rhythm gets a victory. It was many times said that that wins all who will manage to win against itself (himself). Nowadays the judgment winner in hands is given a fiery key which will open before him a silver gate of overcoming. In beat the secret of an immutable victory of spirit over covers which invest it and which have to serve obediently to it on its infinite way to Boundlessness consists.
321. "I claim: from now on the Image of the Lord always before Me also accompanies me constantly in all my affairs during the day and during a dream during the night" – the pupil so speaks to himself and the forces multiplies.
322. The help is ready and quickly flies if the address is sincere and rather strong.
323. (M. A. Y.). Love to Us calling, love holds communication. Call of love brings the answer of the Beloved. Also we cannot reply on a fiery appeal of heart? Many don't succeed in the aspiration because replace a fiery of the direct Communication caused by power of this feeling, rational creation of intelligence. Not reasoning’s are necessary, but warmth of direct feeling.
324. (Guru). For communication with those whom you love, it is necessary nothing, except love and aspiration. The love overcomes all barriers of the visible and invisible worlds and force of the magnet attracts the desirable. I told: it is strong, as death, love, and its arrows – arrows fiery. It is possible to strengthen, having added: the love is stronger than death. For love no has any value, in what body is darling because it wins and overcomes everything that becomes a barrier on its way.
325. (July 23). My son, persistence, persistence and constancy too amplify thought and are approved by a rhythm. It is so possible to strengthen any quality because in a germ all of them it is available. Experience will give confidence of opportunity to reach the desirable. To each achievement we will be glad.
326. (July 24). Yes! Yes! Yes! Only on condition of steady movement at failures and success when already nothing influences the unshakable decision to go forward, achievement is provided. But if each failure forces to stop on a place and to doubt the forces, it is impossible to move. It isn't successful or unsuccessful advance, and in that it was made under any conditions. Similarity in good luck and the failure, allowing keeping a movement rhythm, also will serve as the guarantee of a final victory. Even if the ordinary traveler will stop because of each reason, either to shorten a stride, or to move back, or to be late because something attracted it and forced to forget about a way, to the purpose it won't reach. Analogy is full. Therefore movement proceeds regardless of the fact that occurs around or in consciousness going to Light. It is necessary to go and it is necessary to reach. Maya ghosts can absolutely cover the purpose and force to forget about it, can constantly distract. And dark will try to distract also from a way under various pretexts and the shifts which have been specially thought up for this purpose. But stops and delays don’t allow the spirit which has irrevocably solved the way to Light. Nothing will be able to detain him. He knows that under any circumstances it is possible to move thought and always it is possible to make something that advances, let it will be at least something small and imperceptible, but nevertheless approaching to the purpose. You know examples when strong spirits under the most impossible conditions found opportunity and forces steadily to move ahead. It is good and easy to direct when lifting’s spirit, but to keep a progress rhythm at Pralaya consciousnesses will be already fiery action.
327. (M. A. Y.). . Direct instructions we Avoid always because they mention the Karma. Opponents of Light, on the contrary, never reckon with it and furiously force will of people, aggravating with it is unreasonable also a karma personal and others' and heating up new karmic difficulties. That is why Attendants of Light, seeking to exempt the person from any slavery and karmic chains, on its free will never encroach. Actions free, proceeding at amateur performance, are more valuable than the actions specified and ordered from outside. In everything and always it is necessary to avoid direct instructions, providing a freedom of choice. It don't burden others karma and don't complicate the. Each given advice too imposes and on giving karmic chains, and on the accepting. Now in the world there is a strengthened gets rid for eyelids of the saved-up karma, but, unfortunately, again there is terrible pressure upon free will of people, and karmic chains don't become easier. In chains of an old karma not create the New World. It is necessary to provide to all small people freedom to build the future. The colonial slavery should put a limit. It is necessary to exempt mankind from horror of wars and bloody violence, for horrors of destruction and destruction. It is necessary...
328. (Guru). Know that through shape of the last embodiment the consciousness can adjoin to the left. Honoring of Attendants of Light, based on this condition, always created the necessary contact. Images of the Devotee and the so-called sacred served as a mediating link of communication between them and their followers. The death can't serve communication with the left as a barrier. By the same principle and the Christ read, and prayed to It, and Contact with It had. By the same principle and the Christ read, and prayed to It, and Contact with It had.
329. (July 25). Growth of will is that condition without which the ascension of spirit becomes impossible. When lifting to Top resistance of the last accumulation not corresponding to the reached step is overcome. In everyone this or that quantity of the will which has generated it was enclosed. Removal of gets rid stratifications demands application of will of already bigger tension, something which caused them to life. Ardent counteraction of gets rid properties inevitably because they make as though part of a being of the person, especially strong, established with him long years, a habit. And we Call them "spirit outgrowths". For overcoming of this or that certain shortcoming or weakness the will necessary for overcoming, it is possible to accumulate thought. At sufficient concentration on it the thought will grow, accumulating energy of overcoming and when the thought will grow enough, overcoming will be made already without special fight. Thus it is possible not to be confused that at once the wished purpose can't be reached. If only this phenomenon didn't prevent to accumulate will and didn't deprive of confidence that the victory nevertheless will be got. It is possible to look at an display of gets rid property already as that lives the last days and is subject to a final gets rid. Even the person can be seen off with thought of a fast meeting or of never already more to meet. Everything depends on will and destruction of roots in consciousness depths. But it is possible to win and overcome in itself everything that isn't conformable to understanding of the increased consciousness.
330. (M. A. Y.). If really you want to be with Us, take care of the clothes. We can't stay in those layers which correspond to crude consciousness. Means, to Us it is necessary to rise, having left all litter and unnecessary things below. If you love as you speak, forces find to begin heart clarification.
331. (Guru). Heart clarification from litter is made every day. Create a rhythm of morning or evening. In a day it is possible to see that in it manifestation for an urgent gets rid for this period or in a day the day before.
332. (July 26). Undisciplined thinking is a mankind scourge. As if in an ancient legend – forces are caused, and to operate them ability isn't present. But the thought should be operated. Drift of thoughts is inadmissible. But when the Face is constant in the third eye then the stream of thoughts is painted by the corresponding color and loses the usual terrestrial burden. In other words, Light gets into the mental world of the person, and with it – pleasure, confidence, stability and tendency. Image of the Teacher in the third eye is the phenomenon absolutely useful. The thicket and thicket should cause it, It yet won't become to constants. Everything is achievable if enough desire and efforts is enclosed.
333. (M. A. Y.). Caesarian – to the Caesar, terrestrial – terrestrial; the golden mean, harmonious combination of the dense world Highest with the phenomena, will be the correct permission of a vital problem of existence of spirit on Earth, in a body dense. When everything becomes together with the Lord, terrestrial affairs don't absorb entirely consciousness and don't capture him. They then lose the power over consciousness. All work is devoted to It which Sent us to Earth and has Given the Assignment. And it is necessary to consider itself as the sent Teacher to the world dense for entering of Light into it. Continuous understanding of the Assignment will help its worthy performance. Performers of voluntary mission multiply the forces, steadily and firmly putting it into practice.
334. (Guru). Only after desirable achievement is approved in the spirit of, it can be approved and in life.

335. Spatial service goes in an interior. It isn't visible externally. It was known by eremites and the wanderer in the desert an antiquity. It is created alone. It is lightful.
336. (July 27). The thought is a tool, the tool or, depending on appointment, the spirit weapon. The thought can be ridden out as horse, and to direct on it which has been ridden out by will, there, where the will wants. But if the ridden-out horse is lucky the horseback rider there where wants, it is lucky or rushes willfully, from the obedient tool of spirit it turns into the enslaver of the mister. To seize thought – a task of the yogi. From the correct permission to it not leave anywhere. It is necessary to solve it. Otherwise it is impossible to move. Energy of the constant effort directed on mastering by though, it is necessary to premise to each attempt to bring a rhythm in this process. If thoughts skip, as fleas as to operate them! The carried-out thought, that is the thought applied in life, is the thought which has obeyed to will. The carried-out thought, that is thought, applied in life; there is a thought, which has obeyed to will. It is possible to set for it tasks of a mental order and consistently to carry out them. Here again it is necessary to come back to value of small undertakings. On a difficult task it is easy to stumble, but small to execute it is possible then to take more difficult, and after more difficultly still, and eventually to reach the most difficult. The will grow in this process of mastering by thought. It is good to learn thus also quickly to transfer thought from the carried-out task to absolutely another, having switched off consciousness from the sphere of a former task. Streamlining of thoughts is necessary. As thus each work is performed in the best way at full concentration on it. It is a lot of ways of restraint of thought, and everyone is good if it is successful, that is finished.
337. (M. A. Y.). When expression of in actions of every day corresponds to the reached step of understanding, the way is correct then. If doesn't correspond, the gap meanwhile what has to be the pupil and what it in practice turns out. It will be a concession to the former person in itself, properties, weaknesses and which shortcomings are subject to an urgent gets rid. But moves forward aspiration. Efforts it, we strengthen also energy of overcoming of gets rid properties.

338. (Guru). Wherever there was a spirit, which has left a body, it exists, it is. It is possible to adjoin to it through a form of its former physical cover if to present it rather brightly, keeping thus in consciousness thought that contact is come into not with a cover, but spirit which it invested. Communication threads, being the phenomenon not a dense order, reach then the subject of aspiration, and connection of wires gives a spark which is expressed already in the form of the concrete thought which is growing out of short circuit of current of directed energy of spirit. Communication with left probably, but it is necessary to rise to them and to direct to them, without expecting and without seeking to attract them to itself.
339. (July 28). The thought is the energy generated by essence, capable to think. It will be incorrect to tell that this energy is generated only by a brain because one incarnation has no it, but abilities to generate thought don't lose. This energy pours out in a form corresponding to the content of thought. And then the thought becomes a being of the mental plan with all signs of self-sufficing existence. Even fleeting, but a certain thought can paint for a long time a condition of consciousness, pulsing about beget, if concerned it, or about the one to whom I was consciously or is unconsciously sent. The thought can disturb, the thought can calm, and the thought can work strong on the impulse put in it or the conscious strong-willed order. The thought constantly works, the energy put in it isn't settled yet. The thought can protect as guards true. It is possible to create responsibly will the thoughts having precisely certain and strictly limited appointment. The thought kind, sent with the good purpose, will be blessing for received it. Thoughts are also blessing or damnation for the consciousness, which have generated them. It is possible to protect with thought itself from third-party influences and from influence of own unlucky thoughts. Control over thinking has much wider value and application, than it can seem to the person, unsophisticated in variety of manifestations of cogitative energy. It is possible to surround itself with thoughts of cheerfulness, health, aspiration, force, firmness, confidence and a victory, and it is possible and vice versa. In the own microcosm, where it is undivided the thought reigns, though it is possible to create any condition of spirit... To believe that these processes have to go automatically, without conscious intervention of will, and will give the consciousness to any current of thoughts a mistake fraught with the most undesirable consequences. First of all it is necessary to acquire firmly that the person, the born creator of thought, that is the thinker, can create thoughts voluntarily, and thoughts such which on the character and force of influence will carry positive sense, that is will be lightful. The thought of despondency, despair, hopelessness, discontent, fear, condemnation, concern, irritation won't be already lightful. The light consciousness generates thoughts of Light, dark – darkness. Intermediate steps between these poles an infinite set. But the thought is determined by the treatment of light and shade. The quite good person, allowing thoughts of despondency or despair, not light creates the thought, but darkness. Control over thought demands that the thinker realized, what sort the thought is generated by it at each this moment. Irrespective of external conditions thought it is possible to shine or muddle surrounding and everything who is near. But the sphere of influence of thought is wide, and harm filters far, if thought not from Light. The one, who wants to rise to Light, has to observe thought. I repeat: external conditions have thus no value because Light the thought bears the true Carrier at any combinations of external circumstances. It reaches a double victory: over itself and over darkness, inside thought this victory is got. All external can be left alone and to direct will on a condition of thought. Fight – not that outside, but that inside that is overcome by thought, lightful and strong.
340. (M. A. Y.). Yes! It is valid so – the thought creates and the thought attracts consciousness of to whom it is directed. Thought we concern of whom it is thought. Especially the thought which has been consciously directed to other person where it neither was is strong and in whatever body was. The thought directed serves as a spatial wire, strong connecting to consciousness to which it is directed by will. It is necessary to withdraw any uncertainty, any accident, any uncertainty in power of action of thought which the consciousness because the thought is the tool or the tool being in hands of the person completely seized, to use which it is possible as skillfully and was able as the good master on a tree or metal uses the tool. It isn't necessary any squeezed-out efforts, naturally and simply in the course of fiery aspiration the lightful thought will be born. The thought is the phenomenon of real happiness.
341. (Guru). The understanding of psych equipment of action of thought gives confidence to a hand. Violin in virtuoso hands – the obedient tool. Also thought is in will of the one who learned to use its force.
342. (July 29). The thought from its latent condition is taken out day and given a concrete shape, becoming available to other consciousnesses. Thought registration also will be the creativity phenomenon. Thoughts without a form exist in space. They are inaccessible to usual consciousness. The collectors of the spatial thoughts translating them from a condition Арупа at images finished and accurate, are those who reduces heavenly fire to Earth on requirement all mankind. In childhood of the world Envoys of Light the thought impregnated consciousness of people, specifying by it the direction of evolution and introducing sciences, art and practical knowledge. But people go forward and need new receipts of thoughts which generously stream on them Light Carriers. New forms of thought are brought to people in process of expansion of their consciousness and ability to contain new evolutionary ideas. The thought moves evolution. But it is necessary that someone to Earth brought these new thoughts. The course of evolution stops if the thought stays in stagnation. The whole eras were noted by poverty of intellect of thought. Infertility of thought is characteristic for consciousness going back, but on a board of evolution is traced "inexhaustibility". Contact with spatial thought gives it blossoming in consciousness human. The aspiration opens it access, and the consciousness cleared of prejudices, superstitions and the ignorance’s, as a fertile field serves for its fiery growth.
343. (M. A. Y.). When the consciousness temporarily silent, so it collects forces for new gains and new accumulation.
344. (July 30). In World Thin, as well as in terrestrial, the conscious or unconscious thought is premised to each action that is action is caused by thought. At the approved control over thought and actions will be supervised. Unprepared to conditions of the Thin World the consciousness shows a number of chaotic actions the majority from which will be actions reflex. Habits will be bright examples of reflexes. Habits are transferred and to that world, especially habits mental and emotional. If the person got used to be irritated all life and carried away with itself a sufficient stock империл, the irritation will accompany it and in World Aboveground. As above, so is and below; as here, so is and there. Habits are chains one incarnation spirit. But the habitual prayer or a rhythm of Communication with the Teacher won't be chains. Habit to a habit is discord. The habit to think beautifully and clair-radiant will be spirit wings, but not chains. Therefore, a number of light actions habitual will promote a spirit eminence, but not the chains holding it in the lower class. It is necessary to think of elevated stay definitely and accurately and to plan to itself the line of the behavior. Before making something, the person has to think, that is premise to action thought. If action is automatic, the thought was already premised to such action once in the past. Thus and reflex actions in the Thin World and actions conscious and strong-willed it is possible to direct to one course of the correct action. So-called just life plans such course of the correct actions in World Aboveground. If all actions on Earth under control and all actions are correct, that and a line of conduct in the Thin World will be too the line of the correct behavior. Therefore continuous patrol of consciousness over everything that is created by the person inside and out of himself, the guarantee will be conditions of its elevated existence. Each victory over will blossom the color, each connivance and the dissoluteness, each indulgence and weakness – the. Anywhere from itself not to leave and not to leave from consequences of the acts and thoughts because crystals postponed in a microcosm of the person of energy will cause actions and its reflexes when it will be exempted from a body. Elevated condition of spirit is a condition fair. Everyone has that and that lives that created and created for itself during the terrestrial life. Everything bears fruit also of a consequence by the nature of put in everyone reasons. It is correct to call the world dense the world of the causality which consequences will brightly and fully blossom in World Thin. It is possible to think, and the more often, the better, and what consequences of this action, an act, emotion or thought they will give in World Aboveground. Causes and effects are connected by a direct thread because are the opposite ends, or poles, things uniform. Cause and effect is a single whole, indivisible, and dismembered and divided only in the writhed consciousness embodied the blind. For Us everything is only consequences Us the born reasons. To us imitating and considering, that is seeking to see a spiritual eye of a consequence of the actions, you exempt yourself from ignorance of the future destiny and conditions of elevated stay. If for Us everything is only consequences which We Know, everything is only consequences and for you. We want to Teach you to expect and to know all these consequences in your future on the basis of understanding and the analysis of your actions, acts and feelings in the present. The person is the creator of the karma. The karma is created by will. The will is free. The freedom of choice is provided to the person always. Therefore, spirit living conditions in the Thin World can be determined by own will and it is possible to know them and to expect on the basis of knowledge and the analysis of their reasons generating nowadays. Only ignorance can form a belief basis that the person – a plaything of destiny, and as though to exempt it from liability for each word, for each feeling, for each thought. But each of them is the reason, a seed, grain, strong and is immutable bringing consequences in strict accordance with the reason nature. From responsibility not to leave irrespective of, the person knows about it or not. Ignorance of the law doesn't exempt spirit from consequences of its violation. The thought of the evil generated by spiteful heart, will yield the fruit, without reckoning with, whether recognizes this consciousness which has generated the evil, or denies. Thus, the present of the person on Earth in a dense body is a field of the reasons created by its will which results will affect in World Aboveground. It is possible to think that we create to themselves nowadays in Elevated the affairs of every day on Earth and the thoughts standing behind these affairs, and the feelings painting everyone. There will think about it already late, there it is necessary to settle on itself consequences itself the generated energy.
345. (M. A. Y.). Let's be glad to everyone, even small, to overcoming in them any weakness, even the low-slightest. All these bricks, stones and pebbles for the house of the spirit created by will in space. In everyone light and everyone increases a structure. The everyday gift will be growth guarantee. In making we won't get tired. Light is ahead!
346. (Guru). Consider that doesn't come to an end anything, but everything proceeds in the infinite future and proceeds infinitely; that feelings, acts and thoughts are the threads stretched in the future. It also is Karma chains. The chain can't reject or them to destroy, but to replace their metal precious probably. Different there are metals. There is the Seas, a metal sated with energy highest. Different chains happen. There are happiness chains. By will are forged, are easy and saturated Light.
347. (July 31). 347. (July 31). My son when in the Name My you make affairs, they blossom color special. The basis of dedication is put in affairs, in the Name My they created. So my Name it is possible to begin day, it is possible to continue it and it is possible to finish. And when the Name My will enter into all your affairs as the basis, affairs become light. All life has to become lightful, and then it becomes a step of the Carrier of Light. To the world to bear the light not darkened begins a life feat. At mornings beams of Show to you every day as Light Bearing to become, the light multiplying on affairs of every day. Has no value that hands do or as the thought or feeling if they lightful work. Lightful can stitch boots, is lightful it is possible to think behind each work, the light around pouring out. This light will be the phenomenon of the Thin World invisible to an eye to terrestrial and invisible people, but unconsciously felt by them and strong attracting them. As midges on a torch in darkness, people strive for light of the lit heart, strong burdening it. Have no value neither their belief, nor views, how or whom they call themselves or what situation borrow in life, everything reach for light of flaring heart, at all without giving itself the report that the attracts. Only the darkness rises and growls on Bearing Light. Lightful life, at least on one that too the difference in vibrations of environment and radiations of his microcosm is great is hard. There is a constant luminous efficiency by the principle of being reported vessels. Light not only should be given, but also to fill up and support it constantly. But the flame is inextinguishable and the source is inexhaustible and there are no forces in the world it to extinguish if that border behind which return back isn't present is passed. Understanding, it is possible what to move only forward and only up, strength gives to spirit opposite to everything that goes against Light and that Light kingly. This fight of Light, which inside, with darkness, which out of, and that yet gets rid, is difficult and strained to a limit. On a limit of all forces there is a pupil through the life, directed to the Lord. The winner has to go and reach, because to a victory judgment.
348. When something becomes for itself, the coverage and its orbit are limited by the and when something becomes for the sake of people and the future, the orbit of action is limited future and mankind. Therefore each action or spheres consciousness small, or brings him to a scope of life planetary. And behind everything there is a thought. Nor the palace, nor a cell, neither a cave in far mountains, nor a dungeon can't serve as border of action of spirit and thought. Thought over them, - because the thought, the child of spirit, is the phenomenon of a thin order. Thoughts of darkness gravitate to Earth and lowlands, thought of Light clair-radiant and easily- cover, carries away consciousness to high spheres of space. The thought creates a separation from Earth, and wings are born thought.
349. (M. A. Y.). When the beauty fanned thoughts, words and affairs Light, them are sated, because Beauty and Light – synonyms. There can't be a disgrace lightful. Dark business can't breathe beauty. The beauty is a call of the New World. The beauty is combined with simplicity. Simplicity isn't simple. As Teacher-first statements are simple and clear, and what heaps show the subsequent interpretations and stratifications of commentators. Simply to speak and to think is great art. Simplicity of a statement will be born from clarity and thought clearness. The thought fiery is usually simple because is based on a fundamental principle – creating fire. It is twisting thought of intelligence because goes not from heart, but from a brain which knowledge is darkened by limitation of external feelings. So the aspiration heart attaches thought to its fiery basis and makes out it beauty if communication with the Lord is strong.
350. (Guru). The world moves to the future thought. Due thoughts should be rendered. Speak about anything, but of culture of thought think a little. The care of thought will be the phenomenon planetary as it is necessary to show understanding of essence of thought and power of its impact on mass consciousness if people want to move further.
351. (Aug. 2). Believe that if life develops happily and safely, it and will be good luck. But out of happiness terrestrial and wellbeing good still was born nothing. Therefore, the concept of good luck differs from concept of happiness and wellbeing. The person can be happy but if this happiness is accompanied by stagnation of spirit and decay, about what good luck it is possible to speak then. Such happiness will be the greatest misfortune for spirit. Therefore in our understanding and in yours ideas of things are various. Very unhappy circumstances can be very successful. Spirit measures others, than measures usual or measures narrow-minded. Whether it is possible to be surprised to that all Great Spirits heavy suffered, and each life brought everyone the most valuable accumulation. Look spiritual it is possible to distinguish the valid luck and to regard the life phenomena already differently. And then from everyone, so-called, misfortunes it is possible to take a pearl of experience and reality cognition. Unless this misfortune, when true faces of people, when cognition of the person becomes possible reveal, though is accompanied it by heavy experiences. It is necessary to pay for everything. Life experience and payment for it are unseparable. It is possible to think of that, how many the person had to pay on a long way of the evolution for seizing at least usual fire or movement of muscles or to be protected from wild animals. The payment was great, but also achievements are valuable. In the field of spirit is same law. For nothing is given. Even God's Kingdom force undertakes. I told: in the World you will have grief. But after all I Spoke about a victory over the World. Correctly from each heavy phenomenon of life be able to take experience given to them. It is correct to be able to take it all, up to the end, considering each detail and fiery imprinting it in consciousness. It is correct to pay attention to each detail: small things are significant very much the characteristic value. Small acts indicate often something very big, standing behind them.
352. (M. A. Y.). The house divided in, is unstable. On the one hand, desire to ascend, with another, willfulness of an astral. To astral it is heavy in a spirit bridle. But the astral has to be won.
353. (Aug. 3). One is undoubted – the future inevitably, and in the future everything that belongs to us that we can in it to ourselves approve. It isn't material because it still isn't present, but it exists because it is fated is immutable. One property of the future is very remarkable is its plasticity depending on the appendix of will. The present is that hearth in which the future is forged, - only in it the value and meaning of the present. Every moment it can be devoted to the future, knowing that these moments project its forms. To live in the future – means to combine sense of actions of the present with those consequences which they will give in the future. The chain of causes and effects is continuous, but its structure is defined by that is made in the present. Each act, feeling and thought can be considered from their value for the future, as though moving them into space of future display. Then they gain other value, and their sense becomes clear. The trouble all that limits usually future at the best to one life, doesn't think of the majority even outside several years. The fair idea of the future stretched on all this life and out of its limits on some future embodiments, as well as on stay in World Aboveground, will allow to see consequences of that the person in the present makes. From the bad it can't turn out good, from weakness – force, from defeat – a victory. The small reasons of a consequence generate, constantly growing in the force if on them the will didn't put the press of a final decision of spirit. In a way distant the most necessary, all unnecessary undertakes only is left. It is possible any weakness or any shortcoming to present in the future increased to the logical inadmissibility that it is easier to that to reject them in the present. Fight against and overcoming of are infinite because life is that overcomes itself. How human perfection were high, at higher step there are they already imperfections of the past and are subject to replacement with their new achievements. The end to ascension isn't present because we go to Boundlessness.
354. (Guru). It is correct to believe that the Proximity to Us is defined by thoughts and feelings of the present day, though she is approved by them on the far future. If in the future you think to be with Us, now approve these thoughts about Us. For thoughts and the warm aspiration aren’t present impenetrable barriers. The thought or warm feeling reach Us if are sent consciously. Unconscious sincere attempts reach also, but strong-willed consciousness channelizes a thought beam exact and certain. Be conscious in actions of your Communications strengthening invisible threads Elevated. We, while heart and thought you with Us. But if to forget, the wire stretched from heart to heart becomes silent also.
355. (Aug. 4). It is considered to be that the phenomena conventional are that, faultless and not subject to any doubt. But it is incorrect. All standard, not exciting the slightest doubts and seeming so simple and clear, isn't simple and it isn't clear. False representation always follows the standard understanding of the surrounding. Big minds dared to rise over the standard and began to see clearly in the reality being aspect of other, real world. The mind which isn't recognizing the standard can get for a veil only. The standard understanding of things bears on it the limitation and ignorance press. The world other exists beyond a standard limit. It is the world of the Space Truth, the world of that is actually. The science promptly comes nearer to penetration into this valid world. The person always judges from himself. Therefore the Sun for it ascends and comes, and the sky moves. Therefore it is warm or cold, pleasant or unpleasant to it, it is pleasant or not, today or tomorrow, far or close, top or a bottom, day or night. But in space understanding there is neither top, nor a bottom, neither today, nor tomorrow, neither nights, nor day, because the Sun always over Earth. Relativity of the personal is phenomena amazing. And when the person judges only from himself, he is in Maya power. The super personal thinking means also thinking space, in any case, a right way of approach to it. At first the consciousness rises to level of thinking planetary and leads life of all planet and mankind, and then reaches also the sphere of thinking space. The fiery Era of the New World steadily enters consciousness of the person into this orbit of thought of space thought through a step planetary. The science and equipment go amicably and in a row with requirements of the New Era. Radio, television, radio telephones, superfast planes enter consciousness into planetary life and to fit him acquaint. Communication between the people too becomes close, and everything that occurs on a planet, reaches quickly enough usual consciousness. Imperiously life of all planets interferes in consciousness even the average person, expanding it and doing him by the citizen of all Earth that there was he over time the citizen of Space. The child of Space is people. Evolution it is immutable conducts it to the sphere of space life and approaches to the Distant Worlds. The new Era has the call invitingly sounding and calling his consciousness and thought in Boundlessness, on space open spaces of fiery achievements.
356. (M. A. Y.). Not We who have left, but you, living in peace dense, have to direct to us the thought. This Law can't be broken while internal your sight didn't open yet. When it will open and the Invisible World becomes visible, separate illusion our will disappear and the reality becomes obvious our proximity. While let heart holds the Fiery Thread of Communication while the brain darkens reality. That was, that is, and that will be, and seeming our separateness from you illusion only. Heart with Me to be, so strong to think Me, sated hearts fires.
357. (Aug. 5). From awareness of own imperfection yet doesn't follow that perfection is unattainable and it isn't necessary to be improved. Everything is achievable, as well any quality of spirit. Each of them can grow and develop. It is good to imagine itself the actor on a scene and to reveal desirable quality, imagining that life is a scene. If to do it is persistent and persistent, approving thus any desirable quality, it will start growing as though into character and to be shown in it already without couriers of efforts, and it is necessary to find only time for execution of the planned role. Sutratma – the actor, but the role can be given to it consciously and according to the drawn-up plan. Then development of spirit becomes systematic and will already depend on will of the person. Worst of all provide it to drift and to put in dependence on accidents of external conditions. Space evolution is systematic, and it develops according to the scheme planned by Will of the Space Magnet. Following this example, it is possible to plan and evolution of the spirit, knowing an ultimate goal and ascension steps. Or the person takes the destiny in hand, or it is necessary to be its toy. Toy the one who decides to direct evolution of the spirit itself the will ceases to be only. For this purpose it is necessary to understand that life is a scene, and Sutratma – the actor, and to apply this knowledge in practice, charging to Sutratma to carry out the roles defined and chosen at discretion. External conditions and the world surrounding are only a stage on which what they were the role defined by will is played.
358. (Aug. 6). The thought of the Highest perforation high spheres also brings their echo. And then the contact of the Highest World becomes notable. The consciousness is constantly filled with the whole swarm of various thoughts and images, related. All this concourse of involuntary thought- education can be replaced with one, all a forcing-out Face of the Lord and to fill with It all consciousness. But thought magnetic, everyone connects it with that sphere to which it belongs, installing the channel of receipt of thoughts conformable. When the Image of the Lord occupies all field of consciousness, magnetic communication establishes and an attraction corresponding to it and opens possibility of receipt of thoughts high, connected with the World of the Lord. It is hard to keep consciousness on the Highest, but fruitful such concentration. The swarm of thoughts terrestrial is a personal world of the person. It can be overcome only dismissal from itself and acceptance to execution of an old Precept: "Be rejected from it and follow Me". Here it is furnished the clue to the Worlds by the Highest. It is worth turning it, and the entrance to a reserved kingdom opens. But splinters of personal thinking are more expensive than thoughts super personal, and then they depart lung covered, scorched by a rough contact of egoism. But if the spirit finds forces in itself from it to be released, access of spatial thoughts becomes easily achievable. If the person identifies himself with the passing personality and considers that in her everything is concluded, he won't find in itself (himself) forces from her to be released. But, having dismembered covers in consciousness and having separated the Immortal Triad from these covers investing it, there will be able to be it as though from them aside and to look at itself(himself), at terrestrial itself(himself) as on a scene the actor looks at himself playing a role given to it. The performer, Sutratma, the actor – also is the one who stands behind a back of the represented character and forces it to play the assumed role. Behind a back Standing and Knowing that all this only game, temporary and limited by a limit of a played role, also is The one Who looks, Looking Silently, the Witness, the Recorder of everything that the person and creates through what it passes. This idea isn't new, but how many time it is necessary to repeat it that there was it reality of life and pulled out spirit of the person from a vice of one personality small which personal world dims the space horizon of spirit and deprives of it opportunity to scoop infinitely from the ocean of spatial thought. More or less clear understanding of essence of Dumb Witness will come only at the last step of completion of terrestrial evolution of spirit.
359. (Aug. 7). Bungler is called person, the letting out from the machine unusable production. As and the unusable thoughts generating unusable acts, actions and feelings can descend from the conveyor of consciousness. Each error of thinking is subject to immediate correction as soon as it is noticed. In case of wrong acts and actions – the thought because the thought stands behind each wrong action is subject to correction. Everything is reparable, but correction has to begin with a basis. The basis of activity of consciousness – thought. The thought is generated by will and is within her power. Control is necessary to destroy possibility of wrong actions; irreparably only insult of Hierarchy and conscious treachery. Therefore instead of giving way to despair or to repentance about the made mistake, it is necessary to direct all energy and will on that, having defined nature of the thoughts which have caused wrong action, from consciousness to withdraw them for all future time. Sometimes, apparently, even admissible thoughts cause absolutely inadmissible mistakes. There is no such mistake, except for above-stated which couldn't correct. The conveyor of consciousness has to let out such thoughts, which it would be possible not to feel ashamed when they are Read by the Teacher. From each made mistake it is possible to take the energy enclosed in it, and to direct a useful wave on the action opposite to the allowed. If only realize the harm done to and the harm done to space and people around. The bungler of thought doesn't think let that harms only to itself, – spatial harm of thoughts unusable extends widely and touches many consciousness’s, and especially connected is close with the unlucky thinker. Who knows who can tell, whom when and where the infection of the spatial thought which has descended from the conveyor of uncontrollable consciousness will concern. Over thought control, not over an act, but thought because the thought generates each action of the person is necessary. When it is realized and control is approved, then it isn't necessary to be afraid of flash of unrestrained actions any more. But if thoughts persistently and long flew on the inadmissible channel, their consequences which are expressing in operation are inevitable. Therefore thoughts allowed a track demand breathless attention that leaders in a hole weren't approved among them. Inadmissible actions are unique if the thought is observed. Therefore and here emphasis is placed on thought. Thought observe if you want to reach. And if fell, immediately get up because everything is remediable. Each made mistake allows seeing where danger of future fulfillments of the same order is covered, and gives the chance to arm for future time and to secure itself against its repetition. To tire out an infection inside worse and to imagine that undesirable property gets rid. In World Aboveground with such in depth the approved root it will be much more difficult to fight. It is better to destroy it entirely, up to the end on Earth, for the present in a body. It is a positive side of each made mistake and each not gets rid property, which is covering under it. If the echidna rises the head, so it still is live, so she isn't killed, not destroyed as the owner believed it. Fight – up to the end. Fight is inevitable. The victory should be got by all means. It is improbably difficult to get rid of ulcers of spirit when the body is dumped. It should be done now when life on Earth gives such favorable conditions for fight and a victory. About a victory and only a victory let there will be a thought.
360. The repentance, self-eating hopelessness of despair are harmful certainly, but understanding of essence of perfect offense is necessary to collect everything energy of spirit for its overcoming if its roots are strong. Everything we Turn on advantage, as well all wrong actions. How get rid of unusable properties if they, having nestled inside, externally itself don't show. Worst of all is to tire out an illness inside. It is possible even to be glad when the root gets out outside, – it is easier to that to pull out it. Other property is concealed for years suddenly unexpectedly to raise the head. Truly it is possible to rejoice to such phenomenon, that that more resolute and fuller to destroy it already up to the end For eyelids roots nowadays gets rid properties became stronger, and fight against them demands sharp-sighted discretion and big persistence. Astral, the enemy ancient, it is constant on the guard to protect what he lives and that makes essence of his manifestations, - with it and fight. It is very important to consider one circumstance thus: the astral overcome or won one of the subjects to a gets rid of properties; it will be easier to submit and at identification of others, yet not subordinated.
361. There is nothing secret that wouldn't become obvious. Let's refer this saying to conditions of the Elevated World when all acts made by the person on Earth, he sees in the visible, bright images imprinted in space. He sees, and sees others: relatives, friends and enemies, and especially the last. And a lot of courage is necessary to pass and through this heavy test, without having shortened a stride, without having been confused and without having lost balance and spirit advantage. It is a lot of, a lot of courage is necessary that and to pass through it. But it is possible itself and to prepare for it and mentally to imagine as this test will go and as it will be sustained by spirit. The spirit is indestructible, impregnable, we don't destroy. It is possible to pass through everything, knowing that the judge – only the Lord that can judge only It, but not looking hostilely and greedy and condemning cruelly. But He isn't a judge, He is a Defender and the Friend and the Father, and therefore it is possible to pass through it, strong holding the Silver Thread of Communication. It is necessary to remember thus and know that the winner doesn’t judge.
362. But why to postpone this heavy test of disclosure of the essence hidden behind a dense cover and all acts until any elevated term when already nothing can be corrected while nowadays, now, all the feelings, thoughts and acts it is possible, realizing hidden, to create before one thousand attentive eyes looking from the Thin World, an eye of friends and enemies, and before the Face of the Lord and all a recording Eye of Omniscience of Space.
363. (Aug. 8). In total the Seeing Eye! In Akasha's rolls all events in the Universe are imprinted. The space sees and the space fixes all phenomena of life in memory of the nature. Besides, memory the matter possesses also. The vibrations proceeding from living beings, plants and inanimate objects accumulate on everything near what they are. Even the silent stone is the witness of everything that ever occurred about it. Heavy and obviously these deposits on stones, things and subjects accumulate, and these stratifications under known conditions can be visible. Anything from being on Earth never disappears, but is stored in past rolls. With destruction of things and subjects, living beings and plants, with destruction of the whole planet Akasha's records aren't destroyed. The space sees everything and everything imprints. Memory of the nature is bottomless. As well life of each certain person is recorded on the movie of spatial records. It isn't forgotten from it anything. And everything isn't destroyed. From here and a symbol of the Eye of Omniscience of the Space, distorted subsequently the latest interpretation and essence misunderstanding records. The behavior before the Space Face, spatial behavior when the person arrives alone, shows knowledge of Bases. The movie of individual life rather all passable lives, is stored and in intimate memory of spirit in which everything is depicted, through whatever there passed a spirit-monad of the person from the beginning of the beginnings, - are imprinted as well all details this embodiment. After release from a body knots of last fulfillments become especially close to their participant, and images of the past start in pursuit to pursue beget if force them on Earth was completely not gets rit. As though the movie of last acts it is developed before their creator and forces consciousness again and again to worry endured if force of its vibrations wasn't settled during lifetime in a body terrestrial. The smoker continues to smoke, and the drunkard – to drink, and the miser to count the money if these habits weren't in due time gets rid. Therefore release from terrestrial remnants is necessary for further advance. The person connected by these remnants has to wait while all force of their energy won't sputter out on him and won't release him for ascension to higher spheres. Understanding of reality of spatial records and generations of a mental order gives understanding of that hidden and secret anything isn't present. Everything is obvious and everything is visible and hidden only by a blindness human and ignorance of denials. Doesn't pass and doesn't disappear anything, but everything remains in space records.
364. "And if you hit on the left cheek, substitute right", – how many ardent misunderstanding, mockery and ignorance’s was display concerning this Precept. Many even brought out of it so kind some the nonresistance theory, meanwhile as this Precept meant the most resolute and difficult fight and a victory. Roosters start fighting if one touches another. Dogs without restraint rush at each other, if which - or from them lifts up. From each punch of people gets savage and rushes on the offender. Ardent flashes of an astral phenomenon in mutual explosions and, not constrained by will, turn people into the animals, who already absolutely not own as fighting dogs or wolves aren't self-controlled. In it display astral and animal human nature. But if, having received blow, rage of an astral to constrain and it to bridle if to find forces in itself even for repeated receiving blow and a new victory over and madness of willfulness of an astral, this fight against and this victory over the astral will be an example of unusual overcoming of the own nature and restraint of the astral beginning in itself. Not nonresistance it, but, on the contrary, the ardent resistance, fight and a victory over an animal and an animal in itself, over an astral which undividedly dominates over will of the ordinary person. In the literature you have a striking example of similar fight and a victory. When Shatov hit on Stavrogin cheek, and the last instead of with one blow breaking the opposite, took away hands back and remained so to stand, yet didn't subdue in itself an animal, the author, truly, set an example victories of will and overcoming of mad flash by it астрала*. External visibility of nonresistance is caused by an ardent oopposite and fight against the lowest nature when external conditions force it to be shown especially strongly. The phenomenon concerned the person, his personality and the processes which are occurring inside. The nonresistance which has been very little understood, is possible and has to display externally when the ardent astral tries to rise on protection of and everything that it considers, and then externally not to react in any way to external influences can get restraint and a victory over it, showing these the highest form of balance and the power of will over the lowest beginning in itself. Only strong in power this precept of nonresistance angry, going from outside, only in power to the one who can win and force itself(himself) to stop the astral when animal rage and rage are ready to fill in with rage reciprocal all consciousness of the person. Not to oppose to the harm done to its majesty of egoism, and to become above it and above all personal feelings and astral emotions will be a victory of will over the most dangerous and terrible enemy of the person. The precept of nonresistance should be understood wisely. It only strong in power! There can't be a Teacher of Light a bent non-resistance and not oppose to the evil. It not moves a finger for protection personally Itself if so it is necessary. But that, who profaned the Temple of God’s, He expelled from the Temple a scourge. It was active counteraction to the evil. And He Told when all evil of the world directed on It: "There is a Prince of this World and has in Me no anything", and Itself didn't protect externally, at least and could, but Light inside rose against darkness and against it won. It is necessary to understand and distinguish counteraction internal and external.
* F. M. Dostoevsky. "Demons".
365. (Aug. 9). Finishing day, it is possible to spend mentally it before itself and to imagine it, that friends and enemies and thousands eyes from the Thin World watched from each act and thought, that see the Teacher, and the Eye of Omniscience of Space imprinted to the movie of the present day. And if it is possible not to feel ashamed of it and, the advantage of spirit storing, the benefit and the one who so carried out it is courageous to look to last day on looking, light it without having saddened.
366. As each mistake if it is correctly understood is useful and its energy is turned on the return, - as otherwise to study? To mistakes we learn to smile and rejoice to obstacles.
367. Inevitability of the future we will be glad and we will show readiness.
368. (Aug. 11). Any decision in the world terrestrial has to cease and in World Aboveground.
369. The relationship basis with the persons having special value in human life develops as result of constants and long efforts. At once it is impossible to create that, on what many lives are required for many years and, perhaps. Casual meetings usually don't make inner sense and as quickly come to an end, as well as began. In time the warm thread becomes stronger. She leads and to new meetings with whom it was necessary to leave. Anything doesn't come to an end that is connected by fiery threads of devotion, love, fidelity and a community of aspirations. Certainly, binding cement Is the Teacher. It Unites the combined spirits. It is possible to consider that didn't interrupt and anything didn't end – simply there came a break or an interval of vital action to proceed again as soon as external conditions will give the corresponding combination of elements. It should be introduced in consciousness to drawing in a brain. Again you will come to Earth and you will be together. You will be together and in the conditions of the Elevated World. Memory about close and expensive to heart left approaches them and approves this proximity for long terms in the future. Everything that was, that is, and everything that will be, is approved nowadays in heart and thoughts. Who with who wants to be, that with that or with those will arrive, and especially there (in those spheres) where stay of spirit is defined by thought. The thought creates the future of the person. The thought supported and strengthened by fire of heart, creates especially powerfully.
370. The Lord is close and his Care flows over temporary and passing conditions of consciousness, over changeability of an astral, over impressions of the present day and everything that, like a stream, passes before an internal eye of the person, and over everything that outside too passes by it and becomes the past. The teacher is the past, the present and the future shown over them in Great and Eternal nowadays.

371. (Aug. 12). So, despite all best intentions, something inside nevertheless prevents them to carry out. It isn't possible both a constant Image of the Lord and intention to observe thought. Show efforts to continue what there were results. Efforts can't be stopped under any circumstances because it will be the end. The persistence and persistence finally will give the consequences. It isn't necessary to forget that spatial conditions are heavy extraordinary, and each attempt of introduction of light encounters the ardent resistance of the surrounding sphere. After all the darkness surrounds the carrier of Light and watches each attempt to improve it’s this environment, - hardly to one to dare against darkness. But its press and swelling isn't eternal. Space conditions will change soon, and a lot of things will be facilitated, and benefit that, who I not stop fight not at the hour. . It isn't enough Light to the world bearing, but the more merit guarding.
372. (Aug. 13). There is no eternal test also. Whatever long it seemed, it will come to an end, and living conditions will change absolutely. The pleasure of embodiments in that also consists that they are various and aren't similar one to another. The experience which is almost received, varies so that to make a cycle of possible knowledge of terrestrial embodiments. It is wrong to think that one strip of life will go steadily. Term of cardinal changes is usual seven years. It is the period for especially important tests. As well especially considerable meetings are celebrated sometimes by the periods for seven years. Everyone thus shares on seven smaller divisions – the cycle going as towards increase, and reduction turns out. The cycle is expressed in beat, raising and lowering the pulsation. It is a spiral of individual life on which thread are strung the identity of separate embodiments. Combination Skand allows to accent or reduce detection of these or those properties or the traits of character which development differently could be made at the expense of others, developed less and therefore disturbing the last to develop harmoniously. Certainly, each identity differ the features, but at harmonious development of spirit they decorate and shade these feature, which not aren't breaking the general system of this identity. Shortcomings and the defects, rooting for eyelids, are subject sooner or later to a gets rid and destruction. Sometimes allow them to keep to term to cause the necessary force of counteraction. Even weeds can't be cleaned; they yet didn't reach sufficient growth, - in the same way and with undesirable traits of character and properties of the person. Weak it is destroyed strong, strong by stronger. When increase of spirit goes systematically and steadily, energy of counteraction angry in itself reach such tension when everything which is subject to a gets rid, is overcome victoriously and strongly. Nothing can prevent an ascension of spirit which isn't confused any shortcomings, weaknesses or undesirable properties and continues to direct forward, despite everything. Often dark strengthen and inflate some of these properties to detain advance. Also it is worth deciding that it is impossible to move further as they reap a plentiful harvest from the evi-shifs. That also noted high spirits that directed and went, without looking at any imperfections which in them were much stronger, than at ordinary people. The commonness and weakness is weak and in detection of the negative properties. But it is told that those who neither is cold will be cast out from lips of the Highest, nor is hot but only it is warm, that is insignificant in identification of the fires. It is the space litter going to processing. Therefore it isn't necessary to be confused anything, but to go steadily and firmly to the planned purpose, despite everything. It also is a way of the gets rid winner. Perfect isn't present on Earth, and there is nothing to do to them on a planet. All fight, all go and ascend, overcoming in itself that, through what passed once. Achievements of the lowest steps become shortcomings on higher and are subject to overcoming. Relatively everything is unconditional only love and devotion to the Lord and aspiration to its Light through everything that disturbs this movement to light.
373. (Aug. 14). Memory constant about the Teacher, independent it is positive from anything, approved firmly in heart, it has to be imprinted fiery in it, and besides so that anything couldn't withdraw this memory from heart any more. And then it is possible to go and pass through everything, without being confused any more anything and without stopping before any obstacles or difficulties of life. Space communication of spirit – over life terrestrial, in whatever form phenomenon it, at what width, in what a body or a nationality: in poverty or wealth, health or diseases, happiness or misfortune. Then mistakes – anything and anything all the rest, whatever considerable it seemed.
374. (Guru). Not insignificant and not small witnesses you will become. It is necessary to prepare consciousness for it, without closing it in a narrow circle of the ordinary. Let it will be open for perceptions of a space order. In readiness let there will be it’s which isn't flooded by a stream of impressions usual. Now singularity time, but is necessary that consciousness’s stood guard it to see. Ability of recognition unusual in usual is Arhat’s property. But nowadays time came, when singularity calls perforation even deaf ears the hard of hearing; especially those, who were warned, would have to show keenness.
375. (Aug. 17). Concentration of universal consciousness of our planet on any one outstanding phenomenon of an evolutionary order promotes association of the people in the spirit of. This factor of psycho-technical value, collecting mental energy of people of Earth in one focus, strengthens this phenomenon extraordinary and creates a step to its further development therefore space flights of heroes of the Great People will be and will had by the very big consequences. This association of mankind on a certain thought is made in the benefit, despite counteractions of dark ill-wishers and obsessed all degrees. It puts the all-planetary base for future achievements and overcomes the planetary resistance of darkness. The distant Worlds are specified as the purpose of the planned achievements, and each step in this direction is good already that approaches to this great purpose. The benefit to them creating Will of Space Tracings, and the benefit that who spirit and in the spirit of supports this great cause of space exploration. Really, remarkable time of great achievements and great opening and - benefit to the Leading Country!
376. See our Hand in all outstanding events of the current time and the help to those who marches in step in evolution requirements. Good luck not is Bearing on itself a label of the old world, and our Help it isn't present. And their all undertakings will be for nothing, whatever grandiose they seemed and how many forces nor opponents of evolution, destroyers angry and misanthropes planetary spent for them. To the great Country, your Homeland, it is traced by will of destinies to bear the Banner of Culture and to bring mankind out of the deadlock of wars, oppressions, blood and contradictions of the old world. The world New which she approves, will win against the old world. Let's be glad to all uniting mankind in the benefit. Value of similar events is great. It is a victorious gait of the New World and a funeral old.
377. (M. A. Y.). It is a lot of haters in the world of our Great Country. But it is the same dark rack, though being covered with various names. They feel an inevitability of the defeat, from here their rage turning into madness. This tension and counteraction of darkness leaving isn't simple. They go the slogan "Be Lost, but Do Much Harm". Well also will be lost, only harm won't manage to be done in those sizes as it is planned darkness. Victory on Light Board, and Light ahead!
378. (Guru). I loved and I love the Homeland, you love also. I worked for the sake of its great future, understanding that the present is a step to it. So think also you. Great time goes, and the Great People lay fiery way to the future.
379. (Aug. 18). The house Father is not on Earth. On Earth many houses were and will be, but the House Father one, and return to it is fated in gets rid time. Therefore and there are a lot of houses on Earth that to one not to get used and not to consider any. The house Father is the house and forever. It is possible to leave it for terrestrial wanderings, but only for a while to learn that the spirit homeland not on Earth and that on Earth isn't present anything that it would be possible to call them. Those who learned that the House Father in Elevated, those on Earth passed the life, is constant bearing in mind a shelter celestial, in the House of the Father where the spirit has a rest from wanderings terrestrial. The house of Spirit is connected with a planet and is the Stronghold it which isn't wounded by a stream of events, bearing Earth in the future. The Spirit house serves as a support of consciousness of those who already understands a transient terrestrial and fragility of houses and apartments on which huddle, hiding from the reality, her people not brightened up by understanding. But the truth is simple: there is on Earth nothing the, everything only serves as school for cognition real. And as leaves school, textbooks, occupations, games and its walls the one who finishes it, in the same way leaves also spirit life of evidence dense, in the spirit of it leaves though in a body and stays in it. And then it is possible to tell that this other-worldly person. Great Spirits all were other-worldly. They lived in peace, They executed the mission on Earth, but their Spirit was as though over life usual, as though outside it because Knew that the House Father in Elevated, and memory stored it about it. It is impossible, esteeming something the, to share possession it with Native home understanding. In it there is so much everything surpassing in the condition of a thing terrestrial that, time having concerned it, it is already impossible terrestrial to attach that significance which gives it usual consciousness. Boring songs of Earth of sounds of Heavens won't replace. But echoes of sounds elevated can be brought with it to the world terrestrial, and it is possible to share them with those who don’t know them. Light and heat of the Native home can be born on Earth, it lighting up and warming light Elevated. So did all Great Spirits, those who follows Them so do?
380. (Aug. 19). At a body receives torture spirit, when the body is dumped. The body eats too much, drinks to excess, smokes and indulges in excesses, but the spirit answers, because outgrowths and ulcers on spirit, but not on a body. Outgrowths of spirit are got rid in Elevated, if not gets rid they on Earth. In it responsibility of spirit at that, what it he creates, having been obese. Tortures consist that habits and desires remain, and even in in more aggravated look, but the tool or the intermediary satisfying them, already isn't present. The astral sated with these aspirations, continues them to worry in the imagination while to carry out their opportunities it has no. Moonie Tantala not symbol, but sad is reality. Spirit merits that are already good that exempt it from undesirable outgrowths. These outgrowths – fires, the smoky and smoking Agni lit by unlimited and insatiable desires and crystallized by habits in effect of the person. It is possible to be exempted from them only on Earth because in Elevated they will burn down the owner them, all their force won't be exhausted yet on him. Beget of black fires on himself will bath the energy put in them. Habits are chains of spirit, even good as even they when the spirit rises above, already constrain it the imperfections. All good is good at this step, but becomes bad when the spirit grows from former clothes. Habits are the most constraining the spirit growth by clothes – something like female shoes blocks in old China, spoiling feet and not giving the chance to them to develop freely and normally.
381. (Aug. 20). The person is attached to the house prison by invisible threads of communication which after release from a body become chains of elevated slavery. Between each thing, which her owner considers and the owner stretched these threads or currents and when the person dies, they, because they are energy of a mental order don't die. And, having appeared without a body, the person is attracted by these currents to things which he owns or rather owned on Earth and which were considered by him as the. Therefore the property terrestrial is a root of coherence of the person in Elevated. Idea of imagined property and things doesn't die the same as the imagination doesn't die also. The last, on the contrary, becomes aggravated even more, and the person receives ability of creativity of spirit, ability to create in World Thin. All products of his mental creativity receive special reality and vitality. And when this force of creative imagination is directed to not get rid feeling of property and its objects, they get terrestrial Maya aspect and consciousness plunges into it as it plunged on Earth. Force of a habit to things, the house and places doesn't weaken, and increases in World Aboveground, if the spirit wasn't exempted from it by conscious renunciation of any property. The evil not in things and in the attitude towards them! If people saw, with what long tails they come to the World Thin and as these tails are long dragged behind them. It is told: own everything, but consider nothing. Let the advantage of application of a thing be passed by danger to consider a thing as the. Everything is given in temporary use and only for term. The custom before death was wise to distribute all the property. In it sense of the wills which distorted and haven't been understood by testators. The question of release of spirit from imprisonment of a flesh is put by what not the flesh and a dense environment close the person in prison, and his thoughts and consciousness, that is the phenomena of the mental nature. Therefore also fight against them happens in consciousness. Is permitted to have anything, but isn't permitted to consider it. The beggar who doesn't have anything, can be even the most bitter slave to property, than the one who has because release – in the spirit of. And the threads of desires stretched mentally to things, which the desire wants to possess, create for him prison even more bitter, as desire unsatisfied very hardy. Only the gets rid desire loses the force and the power over the person. Therefore suppression of desires never leads to the purpose. Only gets rid in the spirit of exempts it from past remnants. Gets rid can be promoted only by though, because thought and the jailer, and the liberator. That is why emphasis is placed on thought. That is why we Advise to surround themselves with beauty fancies that even in case of incomplete release of consciousness the environment was fine. It is possible to imagine as from the person thousands threads to all those things which make his imagined property are stretched, and it is possible to present as all these threads and objects of their attraction follow the dead to the World Thin, becoming instead of hidden threads visible, only slavery chains. It is possible to imagine also all absurd of feeling of property in Elevated and its all uselessness. Dismissal from things and feeling of property – an urgent problem of evolution of spirit that in the spirit of to tell: truly, I don't see things which I own.
382. It is difficult even to imagine all variety of all types of slavery in which strong people indulge. But it is worth thinking of it to understand and the not freedom. Worst of all, when the slave free itself will reall no to suspect of slavery myself. Therefore to keep saying constantly off qualities of spirit that they not only condensers of fires, but also liberators of the person from slavery. Courage exempts from fear, devotion – from treachery, aspiration – from habits, balance – from influence from outside, constancy – from astral fluctuations. Each quality is the liberator. So we will add still new, expanded understanding to value of fiery qualities and new forces we will find in themselves them to claim.
383. (Aug. 21). Disposal will come through the Lord, disposal of that weighs consciousness and disturbs free flight of spirit. The spirit wants, but the cover and therefore the ascension way is heavy doing want. The leader will help to overcome resistance of conductors. Force of resistance is concentrated in past accumulation. After all it is necessary to overcome so much: conditions, representations, habits, concepts, superstitions, and from so many to be released. Behind examples we will far not go. The consciousness is attached to a place where there is a body. Where is body, where is and consciousness. But spirit is not a body. Spirit where thought. The spirit is ubiquitous, that is can rush power of thought where wants. And when covers will implicitly submit to what wanted by spirit, then the space, that is attachment of consciousness to a place of stay of a body will be overcome also. In the spirit of it is possible to rush on planet open spaces if the consciousness was exempted from the power over it surrounding. Resistance of environment is great. Spheres of the next influence and think it is necessary to overcome all. Understanding that everything is concentrated in the spirit of, but not covers and a body, to spirit freedom gives, but, as difficult reached this freedom. It is impossible to think, that something was heated up for eyelids and even in the millennia, can be overcome suddenly; maybe and in suddenly, if accumulation are great. But it not often happens. The usual way of ascension of spirit is heavy and thorny. Everything is reduced to that work which is conducted over himself by the person. Many prefer to go down stream powerlessly lives. Value of will we Will note – it is great. Eternal fight and eternal overcoming – the spirit way is so designated. And where you see the phenomenon of this fight, there a way it is right, in whatever form it was shown. Weak-willed sufferers in pupils we Do not take. To Will we take away a due place in the general scheme of things. After all it is fire of spirit shown in operation. And action is that Pulls together with Us if the direction is correct. Show action strong-willed, leading to the purpose and the purpose will come nearer. Range of the purpose we won't be confused, because time – an element relative. Fire of spirit overcomes illusion of time and far does to relatives. Each explosion of fiery aspiration serves that as the proof. Only don't stand still. Stagnation and spooky is death of spirit. The more tensely, the difficultly is, the more impossible, the better. Truly, the worse, the better, it is better than stagnation the rest. We welcome fight and overcoming, we Welcome lack of the house terrestrial, we Welcome each attempt to break environment resistance, we Welcome spirit, to Us going to a bad weather, among a gloom and a storm terrestrial. Who to Us goes, that already with Us, in the spirit of that with Us. Who is with Us at of Earth, that with Us and in World Aboveground. I with you always and you always am with Me that our consciousness’s merged in this proximity in the spirit of because I with you always...
384. When Show to be with us always, despite everything, I Mean not external obstacles, but something disturbing inside, under whatever form it "something" disappeared. Many pretexts invent consciousness going back to justify the delays and a rupture of communication with us. But the most dangerous and harmful of all self-justifications is a link to it not worthy owing to these or those offenses to be in good spirits with Me. Know and remember indelible that anybody and anything, no reasons and self-justifications can justify a separation from the Lord. Maya which is often strengthened by suggestions of dark and spiteful parcels of darkness all these ghosts. Anybody and anything can't get up between Us if the spirit doesn't allow this delusion because I with you always.
385. (Aug. 22). Here we Speak about refusal, about overcoming, about fight, about dedication. But all this can be replaced with the word "containment", that is understanding of true sense of things in the general order of the Universe. Each thing, at understanding, the place belonging to it is taken away, it is no more than that. It is possible to have everything and to own everything, but without possession a thing. It is possible if it is realized that everything that surrounds the person, only a step on an infinite ladder of ascension of spirit, and everything that it has, even his body and all covers, not it, not to it belonging property, but are given it only for a while. It also will be containment, and then everything because then poison of personal property will be not included into consciousness is permitted, won't poison him and won't conclude in a hopelessness circle. The temptation illusive possession is deep and considerable on the sense: even Great Spirits were so tempted, even the power and all kingdoms terrestrial was offered Them. But Solomon was a tsar and Akbar the emperor, but they contained both the power, and terrestrial wealth, and their spirit remained is free. The concept of all-containment is the phenomenon of a deep order. Only weakness of will isn't subject to containment because lack of will is lack of fire. So the word "refusal" we Replace with the word "containment" when the understanding of the surrounding is comprehended in all completeness. Even the victim is no other than containment of new opportunities, but not feeble-minded refusal.
386. The following step of evolution – the intercourse with the Distant Worlds. And whether everything is equal, from what party and as people if only approached if only came nearer approach to them if only approached consciousness to them if only with thoughts of them filled it. So all ways up is evolution. And wisely the Leader erects a planet to a new step of understanding. When the heads of all will address in the aspiration up, in Space, then the mankind with a new force forward, up to stars will move. Per aspera ad astra * – the old motto will receive new sense and the value, useful already practically and in the annex to life.
* Per aspera ad astra – through thorns to stars (lat.).
387. And you stick to me more strongly, and then you won't feel idealistic. Light our, given to space and people, will destroy feeling of isolation from a vital stream of evolution.
388. (M. A. Y.). Space flights are our hands business. Lords to that applied force that implementation of this idea fell to lot of the New Country because the Leader it is foreordained to be. Rejoice to implementation of the precept fairy tale becoming a reality.
389. (Aug. 24). Containment of couple of contrasts, or as it told earlier, neutralization of biner, is achievement which it is possible to call a step of bipolar consciousness. Where and on whatever the look addressed, everywhere there are these two poles of a thing uniform, causing its existence. Containment means also the understanding enclosed in practice in life. We speak about renunciation of terrestrial property and we Add: own everything. We speak about dismissal from all terrestrial and right there we Explain that it is necessary to love this life on Earth and, living it, warmly to be interested in everything that sees an eye, and to take the most live part in its stream. Both glory and popularity – everything is admissible if the opposite pole of the phenomenon is conscious. To see a thing in its integrity: the end and the beginning, light and dark side, cause and effect, here and there, the potential omnipotence of spirit at restriction with a body terrestrial – will be Arhat’s step. And when you hear shouts "Hosanna" and you foresee in them rage of the future abuses, mockery and prosecution is too a step of bipolar sight of spirit. This step is difficult extraordinary, difficult need of practical application of this understanding that is containment. The personality and personal consciousness is too a pole of existence of spirit behind which there is a pole another – consciousness super personal and interests of others: collective, people, countries, all mankind and even mankind of the distant worlds. It isn't enough about it the nobility, it is necessary to learn to lead life super personal and interests whole so that the personality as end in itself and the self-sufficing beginning ceased to have the former value, but, without having ceased to exist, would join as the conformable harmonious phenomenon spheres of super personal consciousness that is that the personality turned into Identity and merged with it. Life super personal, all Great Spirits led life of the Immortal Identity, believing the soul, the personality for the world, at least it and was reached by Them the price of great sufferings and even death of that people call the personality in the person. This way they kept the Immortal Identity which grew and became stronger on fires of tests. Both poles of life: terrestrial and elevated – They combined in the understanding, showing these a step of bipolar consciousness. As and, looking at the person, They saw not only one pole of its life – a physical body and external display, but also another – its invisible essence hidden from others. In the same way and each act have two parties: one, created obviously, and secretly – another, created in thoughts; one, made nowadays, another – bringing consequences in the future, that is the end; end and beginning, both parties of a thing uniform. Unipolar consciousness everything possess, bipolar the very few. The way to it is difficult and very thorny. It is especially difficult in the course of cognition of the person. It is possible to note that at the first meetings and contact with suitable to Light strong one pole of their being over time as strong to reveal and another comes to light. By sign it can learn to distinguish that, other, carefully hidden party of the person, that is closed by an external mask, or even that approached and doesn't suspect of it but that is subject to intense identification. Why about some people there is an inevitable identification of faces? Whether not therefore that both poles of a thing uniform become visible to them obviously. The person wants Light, and... All comes to light in it the most dark, the most unattractive, all most is cunning and thin hidden, the gets rid and victories or for absorption by darkness comes to light for overcoming. Darkness in darkness and will depart, but it is necessary to reveal it because time now accounts final when Light and darkness settled down on poles and their attractions, these poles of Light and darkness, amplified extraordinary. The step of bipolar sight can be glad though it is hard. But the cross of cognition of life and the person bear who ascends on Light ladder.
390. My son, we will be glad each burden because it is a way of the elite Me, and burden – an approach step to Me. That from this, if life is hard but if its pulls together every day with Me. By gift Light it isn't given. And when it is paid wholly, it is possible to go quietly, strong and firmly going. Those to whom it is easy, can't have confidence in a tomorrow, but the one who paid sufferings a measure a full, same measure and will receive spirit treasures if knows the way and if knows that there is it to Me. This understanding comprehends each suffering, each test, and each burden. If I Ask, load Me more strongly, I Put in action the same Law. And to you following Me and to Me, you I Specify, rejoice to spirit burdening’s. If I Allow this burdening, so it only will inure to advantage. In ease and sweet fires of spirit don't arise and don't inflame in a flame. Rejoice children, lives hard and My Hand see during your destiny.
391. (Aug. 25). Who both where and how directed to strengthening terrestrial at the expense of the Highest, finally won't succeed. It will succeed, perhaps, while on Earth, but after all elevated existence is much longer dense, and results are brought there. And terrestrial, strengthened and approved in consciousness, but already unnecessary in Elevated, will give the heavy consequences, having concluded spirit in bonds self-cast. That is why so persistently we Insist on introduction in consciousness of understanding of the valid sense of things. Certainly, the phenomena of life terrestrial are important extraordinary, but only in true comprehension of their value as steps of evolution of spirit, a step serving as a starting point for life in the conditions of the extra dense world. Preparatory school is terrestrial stay. At this school it is possible to acquire the most valuable knowledge which is so necessary where without preparation of people it appears in position of the blind puppy thrown into the rough sea. It is possible to begin to see clearly to opportunities of incorporeal existence only on Earth. On Earth not begun to see clearly loses consciousness there in full compliance with degree of the blindness. Everyone, even small, the knowledge of conditions of the Elevated World helps to master in many respects new and to assimilate with it. Denying has an environment in full harmony with a force, conviction and extent of the denial. Denials are terrible that show the force on a negative, depriving of him participation in understanding of the Highest World which was rejected by it. That is approved or rejected on Earth, approved or rejected there, becoming reality for the person. False belief, beliefs and knowledge become the same reality, but already extra dense life, also. In whatever the person and what he trusted recognized, there is it for him Maya reality of the Hidden World. What thought never rose out of limits of the dense world, in imagined conditions of the dense world and will arrive after release from a body. Release from a body of freedom won't give to spirit because the thought creating these conditions of elevated freedom wasn't released. The formula of life of spirit remains invariable and unshakable: "That you will connect on Earth, it will be connected and in Heavens" and that release on Earth, there will be free. Connects and releases thought. The connected souls, about which Platon speaks, are connected by thought. But the thought is approved or rejected on Earth, thought which, is a preparatory step to elevated stay. The thought is approved, giving fiery, not destroyed crystal deposits of mental energy only when it is expressed in operation or an act that is in application in practice, in life. Abstract theorizing of crystal deposits won't give. Talkers pass a set of thoughts, but these thoughts as fluttering of moths, don't leave on consciousness of the deposits via the consciousness conveyor. Only the applied thought gives real consequences, both good, and bad. Only the spirit bears special responsibility for the thoughts approved by action. The thought persistent, long and a constant will surely pour out sooner or later in actions. Thoughts of Light, thought light, shining are benefit action because give rise also to acts, conformable of. How to think and whatever to speak, but each act of the person and his each action is generated and caused by thought. Even reflex actions are caused by the thoughts once put in consciousness. What force and action of these thoughts in that world where everything moves thought, in World Thin, Elevated where their lives the person who has dumped a body?!
392. Yes! Yes! Yes! I approve fiery value of thought for all worlds. Yes! Yes! Yes! I claim that everything moves thought, only with a speed different, and everything is created by it, both in the world terrestrial, and in World Aboveground. I claim that thought – a universe basis that is force which equal power isn't present anything. The thought and will created everything that is in the Universe. The thought and will created everything that is creation of hands of the person. Both above, and below, everything only is created by thought.
393. (Aug. 26). Freight of not gets rid ulcers of spirit in Elevated is heavy. It is heavy and on Earth. Only on Earth it is possible to be exempted from it still, but it is difficult very much, improbably difficult there, in World Invisible, when the body is dumped and when are aggravated and strengthened to a limit all of energy of spiritual outgrowths and attractions to them the corresponding lower class of an astral are almost invincible. It is possible and has to about it think, for the present not late; it is still possible to be exempted from them on Earth. Not overcome on Earth remains not overcome and there, but only strengthened by an attraction of the lower class, infectious it is awful. The delusion and the allure so sharply at times sent dark on not opposing them consciousness, get there the bright and visible forms involving not released of spirits in funnels of the evil. It is necessary to overcome and get rid of spirit ulcers on Earth. It is necessary to acquire thus firmly that strong try dark to inflate each sparkle of the lowest fires and that all evasion from ways of Light and all excesses of consciousness are inspired by them. They carefully and sharp-sightedly try to discover weak strings on which could play, reducing consciousness down and seeking to flood it with desires. Both at night and in the afternoon on patrol them to throw the poisoned shaggy balls. It is necessary to know firmly who inflates smoky fires of the lowest feelings and desires and who gives them an attractive shape of seducing thoughts. Would be only for what be hooked by it in aura of the victim as sharp-clawed paws already reach for it, using each crack. The darkness of direct collision with Light because it is powerless against it doesn't take out. But it is enough to dim it consciousness as access becomes open and unprotected. Many efforts make dark forcing to forget that behind each dark wave sent on consciousness, essence of the evil. Small cracks are very dangerous because at times it is difficult even to consider them, but the harm getting through them, is very great. The Maya of an allure it is pernicious that perverts reality and does attractive that in itself doesn't contain anything attracting. As soon as the darkness behind external covers of an allure is distinguished, they lose the appeal. Therefore ability of recognition is the most necessary quality of spirit. When the dark will surround you and the vicious circle, an exit remains only up, to the Lord. But it is necessary to realize an environment it first of all that there was it a springboard for ardent aspiration to Light. So let your heart will be constantly open to the Lord and mind isn't saddened. The darkness is won by Light.
394. (Aug. 27). Heavy is time for the able see. The world copper boils, and in it microbes and evil bacilli boil away. The illness of a planet has to be caused completely outside to identification, abscess to bulk up, break and pus is removed. Light pole on degree of the force shines a pole of darkness and causes to visibility and manifestation of a shadow of a gloom. So the World New moves to a clear victory and the statement, winning against the world old which is doomed to destruction by evolution of the real. The grin leaving and still strong, old world is similar to grimaces of the madman. Truly, madness is reached by it in the fury to keep. But he is doomed, both no attempts and its efforts to keep and hold the power will be successful finally. All are doomed to failure and a failure. On the Banner of our Country the word "Victory" is traced! Darkness! Darkness! Be lost! Light of the New World will overcome darkness of the old and will win and wins everything persistently, persistently, systematically and invincibly.
395. There is an end of karma planetary. Each phenomenon thus has deep roots. Threads of a karma last far in the past. Cause and effect at a discharge of karmic knots adjoin. Swelling and discharge of karma are necessary to clear aura of Earth of the accumulation detaining a course of evolution. Everything will be distraught that disturbs the course of Space Evolution of mankind.
396. In the same way, as during a karma planetary everything which is subject to processing and destruction outside comes to light, and in each person from depth of his essence all litter of century accumulation for an gets rid and overcoming by its new understanding of life rises. Everything that will succeed in this process, there will be on a planet, everything that will fall under the power of the past and won't be able to be exempted from it, from a planet will leave because becomes space litter. There is on a planet a Great Selection, the last.
397. But with Us the Victory. Who consciously or unconsciously, it is conducted, or it isn't conducted for it with Us goes and mankind evolution is helped, by those to the Victory judgment. In that and pledge of the Victory of the New Country, your homeland.
398. Also know that my time comes nearer steadily and inevitably. I Claim, get rid to be.
399. (Aug. 28). My son before can, it is necessary to know. Only the strong and tempered consciousness can know reality in all its terrible reality. Who won't be frightened by a chasm, in its having glanced? But even bottomlessness of darkness because only to winners it we Show its power can't be frightened. Fearlessness before reality is quality of spirit of Arhat. To contain Light, it is necessary to rise face to face with darkness and not only to be frightened, but also forces to find its power in itself to overcome in the consciousness. I Won against the World. I Won against darkness of the outside world the Heart, and by darkness wasn't frightened. My son, following Me, My way following in life, against darkness you will win. Only to winners of darkness we Show its power. The extent of planetary disaster obvious won't be its power isn't realized yet. As to struggle with darkness if forces it aren't considered. To know reality terribly, but it is joyful to feel and see that power of Light is stronger because Light has life, and darkness only existence. Light, but temporarily darkness is eternal. Understanding of eternal life gives a basis to Light for a victory. On the Distant Worlds reins Light. Fight only with chaos not shown, but isn't present dark, fighting against evolution and Light. Both fight and overcoming and ascension of spirit remain, but there is no hierarchy dark, against Light of the going. Therefore the Distant Worlds are given as the purpose of aspiration and a field of future achievements. Value of the future Victory of terrestrial mankind over darkness planetary is great. I that See a Victory close, precept to Earth. But before it the darkness has to come to light up to the end for full and final destruction. Being not revealed, can take cover somewhere still. To dark evil-make and their all off springs the place is prepared. Saturn, their father, will accept them in the bosom. The last treachery already the darkness will so be made. And the darkness will be devoured with darkness.
400. The person who has already concerned Light can reach any sphere of understanding. Yes the chasm won't frighten you. My Voice will sound louder than Earth sounds. Give time, because everything is good in its season both terms, and time of each thing under the sun. You hurry; you hurry to prepare consciousness for Light acceptance.