Agni Yoga's facets, 1962 (401-550)

401. The food of babies doesn't suit for adults. Easily and light is at the first step, but severely and difficult on the highest. Monsters of a gloom aren't shown by that that approaches. But fight with it is entered by the spirit ascending on a ladder of Light. For strong difficulty is only a step of ascension and a new victory.
402. (Aug. 29). You watch that, what thoughts you’re from the purpose not deviate. If the spirit is directed to Me night and in the afternoon the magnet of thought works in the direction put in it. Also there is a wish to come off it and there is a wish to change unnecessary thought, and it everything flies before consciousness, указуя the road aside from the purpose. Even the will is created by thought. Education of the will is thought education. When the constant thought saved up enough force for action, action follows steadily thought, to its submitting. The accumulated power of thought call will. It isn't names. At the heart of actions the thought is put. Moves thought, induces thought, and the will is created by thoughts. Even the weak-willed person can become strong-willed if directs to thought on actions. Constancy and firmness of will are created by constancy and inflexibility of thought. As well weakness of will is caused by instability and weakness of thought. But thought always is at the disposal of the person. Therefore, in the power of its source of inexhaustible force, the phenomena – the Law real can't stay. The consciousness is tired of monotony of tension. And then the rhythm to the aid is called. The thought has to be rhythmical. The rhythm is established by order of consciousness, a rhythm of any order. And then it is possible to accumulate power of thought that is will. The will supported by a rhythm, starts growing. It is possible to overcome any weakness in itself power of rhythmic thought. Rescue in beat because the will supported by power of rhythmic thought, can overcome any obstacle, getting a barrier in the way of ascension of spirit.
403. (Aug. 30). If to collect on one bowl of scales all human disasters, and on another – sparks of enlightenment of spirit in reality, can be terrified, these enlightenments how are insignificant and as biped consciousness’s to understanding of are deaf that all these disasters are generated by them. The device of human essence is allocated such powerful, though hidden, energy which, entering interaction with aura of a planet, cause in it corresponding to character of these energy of reaction. If energy are chaotic, disharmonious and angry, whether that can be expected the benefit from reaction of the nature to them? As also influences of energy human on underground fire are so powerful that Lords often Sent the pupils to the districts threatened by an earthquake. It is possible good to do much good aura for the whole country or the people. Power of human spirit is extraordinary. Denial and disbelief of business don't change. Frustration of climatic conditions often happens from undisciplined thinking of people. The planet is sick from influences of the unbridled thinking. Thought – the highest factor of a universe. When it is directed on destruction, whether it is possible expect beneficial consequences. Forces creative those people where there is a construction of life and fight against destruction forces, encounter the ardent resistance of dark destroyers whom there is a lot of on a planet. Fight is all-planetary. The pole of destruction and pole of creation faced in the huge fight which field is the consciousness human, and energy – thought. Ideas of truth fight in space for planet deduction from explosion and preservation of her body and protection against destroyer’s dark. Fight for peace is a fight for the existence of a planet and mankind; we on the party of those, who for the world; we to them Help to keep balance of a planet. Terrible time for to see, comes all-planetary fight.
404. The will eats thought. It is enough to withdraw thought that it stopped from action. The habit is an outgrowth of crystallized thought. The habit can be destroyed only thought. Behind each weakness there is it a generated or her allowed thought. Usually fight against the habit or weakness, it is necessary while to struggle only with thought, having left a habit or weakness alone. It is possible to increase thought counteracting them, without mentioning neither weaknesses, nor habits, increasing its force to such an extent that it’s accumulated energy finally will destroy rather neutralizes crystals of habitual stratifications of thought. Efforts go not to a forehead, not directly against this or that habit which has grown into consciousness, and by it, directing under the root of an outgrowth of spirit. And when the rhythm everyday will strengthen thought counteracting a habit to such an extent that energy will exceed it the crystallized force of an outgrowth, the habit will disappear itself, as the dried-up and having crust on the healed cut. Direct fight against habits causes the ardent resistance and astral counteraction, and then to the person becomes even bitterer, than was earlier because his habits from rage of this counteraction amplify. But the roundabout track leads to the same purpose, avoiding direct counteraction and revolt of the astral beginning.
405. (Aug. 31). We consider that no attempts to counteract approach of the Fiery Era will crown final success. The human evil will can't overcome Evolution Laws. Atlantis is a good example for those, who are yet confident in it. The knowledge of power of Space Laws lay in the basis of confidence of the correctness of Those Who Conducted mankind for itself (himself). As well many ancient prophecies on the future of a planet were based on the same Knowledge. Life bases – are immutable and don't depend on that, people know about them or don't know, as well as great Space Laws. These Laws existed before appearance of people on Earth and before emergence of Earth and will exist after it. Eternity and temporary are incommensurable. But the spirit of the person is eternal. When the consciousness starts comprehending its intimate, enduring essence, it concerns Eternity and becomes part it. To live not in the present or the future, but in Eternal which includes that and another, will be the solution of life. About eternal life of spirit Told the Great Spirits which concerned breath of Eternity and have glanced on that party of Secret. Life, but not death is destiny of the person. People measure it by several ten years while life is continuous and isn't limited to time. Life of a body and life in a body is one, but not life of spirit and in the spirit of is absolutely another. So, believing thought about enduring, the consciousness concerns Eternity and this way can find the narrow track conducting in life.
406. (Sept. 1). Astral mechanics is. It is better to call astral mechanics psych mechanics or psych equipment. After all in the world astral everything moves thought and all phenomena of an astral order too are created by thought. The carpet plane, cap of darkness, magic staff – all these phenomena, so difficult achievable on Earth, at some knowledge are easily reached in World Aboveground; creates thought. But it is necessary, of course, that the thought was to some extent trained and the imagination is rather developed. The weak, uncertain, indistinct thinking won't give the accurate, finished images and with stability they won't supply. As also the usual narrow-minded thinking won't make magically fantastic the World Thin. The creative imagination which becomes aggravated and amplifies after release from a body creates an environment of the person as the one incarnation receives spirit creativity. Unfortunately, this force is spent as, however, and on Earth the thought was spent, on creation of the same ordinary and platitude as it was in the world terrestrial. Certainly, poets, artists, writers and all what creative imagination strong worked at Earth, will continue to create and there, only even more intensively and tensely. Thus, the psych equipment of creativity in the world astral is reduced to creativity by thought. It is possible to create for the inhabitants of the Thin World suffering from poverty of imagination, any conditions, and any situation. As in the fairy tale wave of a magic staff, it is possible to create there even more wonderful things, than in fairy tales. The werewolf, the bewitched places, the captivated people and everything that is created by creative imagination of the people, is all this reality of the Thin World. The world Thin is mobile. Is and in it the strong, steady forms against which the human imagination and will can create the. The lower class is awful a bright, convex, live disgrace of the terrible forms. All hidden and secret, imaginable people on Earth, there receives the visible identification. But We Speak not about the lower class, but about the highest. In the world fine, harmonious and conformable it is possible to create shining, beautiful images of thought which will serve as decoration of all surrounding. Yes! Yes! There darling in whom it live can present the lock wonderful, enjoying beauty of his forms and internal magnificence. All fine, created on Earth, it is possible to transfer there. There and so all this is already transferred, but nothing prevents to combine and combine known forms in new connections. What rich field for game of creative imagination and what inexhaustible opportunities! As restriction the limit of thought of the creator serves only. But My Precept Boundlessness: boundlessness of beauty, boundlessness of creativity and boundlessness of opportunities of spirit.
407. (Sept. 2). The hierarchy of Light heads the course of evolution of terrestrial mankind. The hierarch, the Driver of the planet who has assumed responsibility for Earth, is connected with Earth forever. The sun will come, and the Moon will come, and Earth will come, but the Leader and conducted which will be eventually uniform herd with one Pastor, the communication won't break. Earth face will change, people will change also. Dark won't be, there will be no hierarchy of darkness and a black brotherhood. The mankind will enter absolutely other living conditions. But there will be a Hierarchy of Light and her Driver, the Hierarch. Boundlessness, in which their lives the person and in which his evolution is made, doesn't put any borders to development of power of human spirit or limits it to knowledge and achievements of a practical and scientific order. In boundlessness of time everything is achievable and everything is possible that develops in consent with evolution real and Space Laws of the shown world. In this sense unattainable there is nothing. The device of a human microcosm at due development and thinning can replace all devices created by hands of people. Difference in in that that these devices are rough and temporarily while the device of a human body possesses boundless opportunities of the development, thinning and improvements. The way to evolution of people has to know precisely that not to deviate it because the deviation means failure and failure. On this great way to future gains of spirit, mind and will the Hierarchy of Light is and there will be the uniform, not mistaken, leading beginning, to showing people the correct direction in the future. On demolition of eras it is especially important to see unmistakably this direction because the victory guarantee consists in its choice.
408. (Sept. 3). It is possible to improve constantly everything concerning communication with the Lord, and it is possible to deepen Communication constantly. It is also possible and expands use of psych equipment: for example, overcoming of space sense and distances and statement of the world of spirit. Where thought, there and spirit; where spirit, there and "I". This feeling is given by only long training, but and transferring of consciousness to any place becomes available. It is easy to realize it lying on a bed, but, lying on a bed, it is difficult to present itself standing at an opposite wall and looking at itself lying on a bed. The body, but not spirit lies. The spirit can be out of a body if to find force in it to come off representation of in that places where there is a body. Mental flights on planet space are useful to these. Concepts "above" and "below", "ahead" and "behind", "here" and "there" are closely connected with a body. It is necessary to learn to come off these purely physical feelings. If a window behind a back, it is necessary to learn to see or represent it not behind, and directly before itself, as though moving to thoughts the provision of consciousness in relation to a window that is to overcome usual spatial ratios of surrounding things and subjects. Very difficult, being in the room, to present itself out of it, on the street, standing behind a window and taking a detached view of this room. It is difficult to present itself for thousands kilometers, looking at itself and the house from far away. It is difficult to learn to transfer the consciousness in thoughts, brightly feeling not here, where a body, and there, far where it isn't present. Before learn to fly in a thin body, it is necessary to learn to fly thought, coming off a hatching nest and separating in consciousness from usual and habitual conditions. The person is so strong connected through the external feelings with surrounding that it is possible to overcome these feelings only by long training. The partition at first consciousness’s and then conductors demands long preparation. Divisibility of spirit is realized not always when it occurs, and only certificates of the far persons which seeing and have felt hidden corporally presence, will specify that divisibility of spirit took place. The everyday aspiration to the far Teacher of Light gives experience to consciousness and allows focusing more easily it on a desirable face, irrespective of distances. To some extent, but influence of the consciousness directed and separated thus, thought or spirit always happens, bringing well-known consequences. And here, as anywhere, ability and skill instantly to be released from them are necessary, transferring all consciousness to a desirable place or to a certain person. The contact of other people at distance is possible. It occurs very often at all people, only nobody wishes to think of it and to realize that occurs. The thought directed to other person, surely will concern him. Knowledge but when it becomes consciously and with application of known laws, action of a contact amplifies on extent of understanding of the phenomenon and force of concentration of sent thought. Responsibility for such mental parcels of a bike is, because they are always very effective. Therefore there has to be a good parcel. Release of consciousness from attachment to a certain place and the position held by a body, is reached by persistent training. When you go, say, in the train or the tram or a car, always you represent yourself in a certain place through which you pass. But it is possible, having closed eyes, with equal success to present itself going in the direction which is absolutely opposite, either at the beginning of a way, or at the end of it, or in other city, or for thousands kilometers. All these representations are very relative and are overcome by will and imagination. Too the consciousness, and together with it and thought, is chained to a body and position which it holds. But the spirit is free. Isn't present for it neither top, nor a bottom, neither here, nor there – all here and nowadays, where spirit and where his thought. The separation and from the real time point and transferring of consciousness to the past or the future is in the same way made. People and so often plunge into the past, but without a conscious separation from the present moment. The psych equipment demands training and experience that is reached only in time. It is difficult to come off feelings of a body, but also it is possible. It is necessary to understand feelings of spirit for which there is no top and a bottom, ahead or behind, here or there. If, lying in a bed or sitting on a chair, learn to feel behind a window, you will be able to feel anywhere in any corner of the globe and even outside it. "I – spirit free from a body and all its feelings of space and a place" – speak to myself the pupil approving measures of spirit. For a start the feeling of a body can be transferred with themselves through space because feelings of a thin body are very close to the physical. The person feels nevertheless in a body, but only a body it already other, not connected by burden of a flesh.
409. And the savage sees the sun and stars and breathes and eats drinks and sleeps. But the world of its representations as is far from reality, as well as the world of the modern person because both stay in Maya embraces. Boundlessness is given to move apart Maya veils, but the knowledge of the really real will be far from learning consciousness until there is it fiery. In the highest understanding Maya is the shown world.
410. (Sept. 4). The current of a world stream was accelerated. Hasten events. Hasten and people: who in a chasm, who to Light. Doesn't remain the consciousness’s which haven't been affected by a stream of being accelerated life. In a mirror of each consciousness, even curve, flashing patches of light of the going phenomena are reflected. It is necessary to distinguish in them the main stream. This main current will be the course of evolution. All the rest not coinciding with it and disturbing to it, either remains behind, or will be washed away by a stream, or cast ashore, as litter. In this hard time it is important to attach consciousness to a world stream and as though to vibrate its pulsation. Private life already loses the self-sufficing value because if not to enter into a stream and with a stream not to merge, it is possible to remain beyond its limit. Consciousness of each person these special days similar to the general condition of a planet: in it there is a main current and the phenomena, to its counteracting, - this main current from darkness or Light. Attractions of opposite poles of Light and gloom work powerfully. But the wheel directing in hands of the person and a direction choice still remains still free. In this short "still" – all dramatic nature of situation because if the choice is still free now, after approach of Great Term will occur already final division of a stream of life, and those who made the choice, won't be able already to change it. That is, who chose a way to Light, remains in Light, those who chose a darkness way, in darkness will depart. Days of the last will be celebrated by inevitability of a final choice and impossibility to change consequences of this decision. Stream of space evolution everything counteracting it will be distraught. Now forces on poles increase: luminous intensity and darkness. And strong consciousness’s reach for them on properties of the nature. The darkness reaches limit of madness, approaching that limit beyond which self-destruction or a darkness self-consuming will begin. Logically possibilities of destruction and mutually destruction of mankind became so real that only madness can push people in a misanthropy chasm. And here it also will be for dark the end because, a whole preparing for another, to it will get. Preventions terribly sound on a planet power of disasters national: earthquakes, hurricanes, floods and any diseases. But hardly dark ear to consequences of own generations. As all forces of people and their all equipment before space power of elements are insignificant. Discomposed by madness dark, on them they will bring down the power. Textures of karmic threads are difficult, but Karmas of the Lord are powerful. Approaches time of the final results of each separate life; responsible time for able see, time of the last decisions.
411. (Sept. 6). Awakening of cells of a body does it shining, being shone and flying. The solution of the problem of an old age has a direct bearing on it. Fiery reserves of the energy concluded in each cage are caused by this way to manifestation. Maintenance of health and physical balance of a body is approved by this way. The consciousness is poured everywhere, not personal this consciousness, but spatial and space. Even far-out planets can concern thought, having made contact with them through this Space Consciousness. When the Space Consciousness becomes achievement of the person, access there where his thought is directed opens to it. This consciousness while the personality and egoism that is while the personal consciousness occupies all horizon of his thought dominates in it can't wake up. Dismissal from itself, from the personality small, her feelings and interests is necessary in the basis of a display of Space Consciousness. The formula "Be Rejected from Itself and Follow Me" keeps vitality and the force and until now, and it is perhaps more necessary right now than when that was earlier because Space is open for the person that it could get into it.
412. At consciousness concentration on sick body the illness disappears as are caused to manifestation spare energy of each section. It is interesting to note thus that it is difficult to consciousness to get into sick part of a body that is there where balance is broken. It is difficult to concern thin consciousness of a sick body organ. But, overcoming resistance of chaotic particles, balance can be restored, and then passes also a disease. The same way it is possible to treat and wounds, causing their faster healing. Mental energy, being put in action, does the part quickly and it is thin. The consciousness and mental energy are connected closely. Consciousness it is possible to cause it to action. The wheel of cooperation called this process. But mental energy should be able to be operated. The sick and unbalanced consciousness instead of healing and health can cause an illness because the disbalance transfers to that body or part of a body on which it concentrates. Control over thought is necessary and thus. Healthy, vigorous, strong thoughts and consciousness concentration on them will give, conformable to them, reaction both in all organisms, and in that body on which the consciousness concentrated. The premised thought will be embodied in a form corresponding to it. Therefore neither to think, nor it is impossible to speak about diseases. It is possible to think and speak only about health. When the illness enters, it from an organism by healthy thoughts and the correct concentration of consciousness on sick places is pushed out. Aren't rejected neither medicine, nor medical care, but on condition of healthy, conscious assistance by it from consciousness, thought and will. It is possible to work wonders, and first of all over itself; thought and will they can be created, using force of mental energy.
413. Who is sure for the will that enters? Nothing can be reached if the will didn't seize thought. It is possible to imagine, what chaos will be generated in consciousness and a body by unrestrained and undisciplined thought! The majority of acquired diseases are caused by undisciplined thinking.
414. (Sept. 7). Who and what the way will facilitate when it becomes difficult intolerable? Thought, only thought. The decision in thought looks for. In it is all. It creates, she creates, it conducts, and she leads to the purpose. The person is a congenital thinker. Only doesn't know that is given it in hands to seize the property. Understanding is almost already mastering. It is necessary to know before can. Let's deepen this understanding, having added: it is necessary to realize before seizing, and then already can. So, in the basis of all it is necessary thought, Great Aum gives the solution of life. It saying it is necessary to remember the Basis which is approved by sounding of this word. It is necessary to separate thought from attachment it to surrounding and from dependence on it. The consciousness of the person is a laboratory for all feelings, but creates feelings of thought. The thought reflex causes feelings automatically, without will intervention, but the will is created by thought, therefore, in the basis of feelings the thought are put. It is necessary to realize that all processes of consciousness are connected with thought which is the lever for everything that in it occurs. The will is created by thought, and the thought is generated by will – a cooperation wheel. Harmony of interaction of will and thought approves a way of a steady ascension. If the will wants one, and thought – another, the dissonance destructive turns out, and advance stops. The clear aim to which the spirit is directed, helps to coordinate energy of will and thought. But it is possible when the purpose constantly before eyes and about it isn't forgotten for a minute. It is good when the Image of the Leader is approved in the third eye is will be as though stabilization of constancy of the purpose because in the Leader everything is concentrated, the Alpha and Omega of all achievements. The oblivion of the purpose takes away from it aside. Perhaps, also wouldn't deviate it to it going, but it is so much eyes spiteful around looks from the Thin World to stop a way, using each opportunity. That is why Interline not dozing patrol and consciousness wakefulness be. It is impossible to calm down for an instant, it is impossible to lay down arms, it is impossible to forget that we live, as on a volcano, in constant danger. Only such consciousness it is possible to pass and not to be late. Many traps are placed away from the road by a dark hand. The purpose of everyone is to involve in it consciousness and a cover to slam. Hopelessness circle is work dark. It is necessary to remember that the exit is always that no dark force can cover it that this exit – to the Lord, in consciousness that anybody and can separate nothing from It. So, the thought of the Lord is direct movement to Light. Who and that can facilitate and punch a way all barriers, when dark the vicious circle. I Speak, I Claim – thought. Because whatever it was created around, thought always at the disposal of the person, and from thought the consciousness can't separate anything. So, the solution of everything in thought, unshakably and firmly directed to Me.

415. (M. A. Y.). . There are thoughts of Light and there are thoughts of darkness and there are thoughts of amorphous indifference and inertness between these two poles. When steps of a ladder of life are heated, it is very important to choose the direction of thought and to adjoin it strong. Swaying, uncertainty and doubt won't create thought fortress. These are enemies. Everything is swept aside that stirs advance, and, first of all, unnecessary thoughts. How many the unnecessary is thought and told! If at least in a day to count, would truly be terrified in vain dissipated energy which differently could be used successfully. When it becomes, thought and spoken unnecessary, destruction or a spatial dissonance turns out. And it is difficult to concern then the consciousness struck with it. So much harm is done to themselves by people when the unnecessary becomes. Be saved from wasteful expenditure of fiery energy which, being reserved, can serve in the benefit, strengthening and strengthening the carrier. Silence and restraint is great stores. When the space is restless, they because, besides the property to accumulate energy, they are also guardians are irreplaceable.
416. (Sept. 8). The aspiration to Me obliges too much. Abstract recognition of value has no. Recognition vital means also phenomenon application in an everyday. How to convince that only the thought applied vitally becomes the integral property of the person and it leaves it never. That is why for thoughts, not the pertinent, with a step of evolution of consciousness; responsibility is born by spirit both now, and especially when the body is dumped. The Doctrine appendix in practice in life is a way of release of spirit from Maya all illusions terrestrial then fearlessly to face Maya elevated. If you want to be with Us, thought observe. Devotion and love it is possible to keep consciousness on the narrow footpath conducting in life.
417. The transmission of thoughts in front of the screen of consciousness allows seeing their comparative suitability and value. Habit to chaotic, chaotic and uncontrolled thinking is one of the most difficult obstacles in a way of ascension of spirit. Under a consciousness beam the unusable thought hangs and even burns down. Control over thought begins with that moment when the thought is shined with a consciousness beam for determination of its suitability and advantage.
418. (Sept. 9). Fruitful and with advantage can live these days. No other conditions will give such rich opportunities for spirit growth. Therefore I Speak, the worse, the better. It is necessary to understand, it is necessary to feel and the nobility and to endure everything.
419. (M. A. Y.). Desire of heart me you reach. To desire of heart towards I sound. The space is won by heart. Heart is immortal. Heart the Bowl pulses. Immortality in heart is hidden. Live psych life of all heart a victory over death, space and time. Desire, fiery desire is the heart engine, the fiery engine of spirit. Not a brain, but heart the spirit is live. The love, tendency and devotion feed, as fuel, the heart engine. If to throw them through limits of one embodiment, through the World Thin above, there, in Boundlessness, and to include consciousness in heart, the step, uninterrupted death of a body, consciousness becomes achievable. You will reach love, devotion and aspiration.
420. (M. A. Y.). Merge of consciousnesses is carried out by love: it is a way the most reliable and easy if heart contains love. Artificially it isn't created. Heart simply loves, without arguing. The mind argues. But it is possible to raise love. As the favorite flower is watered by the gardener and care has about it, and the feeling of love is supported and grows a memory constant and strong. Pleasure brings to darling or darling heart gift the worthy. Gift everyone is worthy love and forces it. On a power of love is and of the gift. How many unnecessary and disturbing the unification and completeness of merge of consciousness’s can overcome in itself love to Darlings because you know how each your achievement and each victory over and that in itself interferes with rapprochement with Us pleases Us. Gift of heart shines in darkness and unites with to Whom heart is directed, doing far to relatives. And you succeed love. Energy of love is Light synonym. It is possible to cultivate and raise any feeling, knowing its boundlessness. Boundless we, and in the field of feelings boundless becomes unattainable achievable and impossible possible. I heart and spirit testifies that love and devotion Great Heart even insuperable can overcome and impossible it is possible to reach. When the love, devotion and aspiration become effective, forces them are multiplied extraordinary.
421. (Sept. 10). War goes and now; war we Call collision of polar. Owing to strengthening of space currents poles amplify also and, reaching known tension, involve in a magnetic field of the influence related to them the elements, everyone on the sort. Light and darkness compete in attraction force to the sphere of that belongs of. All planets take part in fight, and all people as each person is under the influence of stars are involved in it. The octave of influence of star beams of the main planets too, in turn, bipolar, and each consciousness sounds on the highest or lowest register. The interrelation with space beams does all planet we weed tension of magnetic influences, and under the influence of them events of life planetary flow. The will of the person makes a choice between poles of an attraction and the spirit in darkness or to Light directs. The current time is characteristic the special tension of magnetic influences because all elements are involved in their orbit. Balance of elements is broken to a limit. The earth under the influence of elements of fire shivers. Floods, heavy rain, rains Show on unrest of elements of water. Hurricanes and winds testify to that, as the elements of air flooded banks. And the earth is restless, strong reacting on energy of other elements as is the most inert and the most passive and serves as object of influence of all other elements. Spirit human and elements are connected closely and interact constantly. Disbalance in the sphere of one causes disbalance in the sphere of another. If the world was included into consciousness and heart of the person, elements would be included too into the coast. That is why the world on Earth is so necessary. Elements should be bridled. But they can't be bridled while the chaos a disbalance in consciousness of people of Earth proceeds. The device of a human microcosm powerfully influences a planet, causing on it the phenomena, conformable its mood or a tonality. The world on Earth is necessary and the world in human, in human heart and consciousness is necessary. When the world on Earth and when the world will be approved in a fit of temper, the world which above any understanding, elements will be included into coast and balance will take place will be established again, but already on the highest scale of a new step of evolution of life.
422. (M А. Y.). When I speak, succeed love, I mean that power of this feeling turned not on sweet experiences and dreams, but on actions and the acts corresponding to this force that the love was expressed not in words, but affairs. Execution of Light will be the highest and most effective expression of love to the Lord. Light is radiated through aura. Only the aura of balance can give the strongest expiration of Light that is luminosity. Therefore the true love both the true devotion and desire of service of Hierarchy are expressed in practice only when internal trouble is overcome and balance topped a victory of spirit over the phenomenon a disbalance. The love is approved not by words, but in making. Great Making we call Light Execution. The effective love to the Highest is a transmutation of the lowest properties human. To love all heart, all thought, all understanding is means to reach.
423. (Sept.110.At exercises on musical instruments, the typewriter and everywhere where it is required to acquire known skill, it is very useful to practice mentally or mentally, in imagination doing everything that becomes and it is necessary to do usually. It very much accelerates assimilation process, allowing and to a thin body to seize demanded process. Even physical exercises can be made before mentally. Representation of hand writing on the machine can be brought to big degree of reality that will be almost equivalent to usual exercise. It is possible to put before it notes and mentally to lose the necessary thing on a grand piano or to lose it, at assimilation, by heart already without notes. The principle can be expanded and extended to words, gestures and behavior. The thin body and lay out the action channel for a body physical works.
424. (Sept. 12). Any ability acquired earlier, doesn't disappear and isn't lost, but postponed in the Bowl. Otherwise outstanding musicians, mathematics and so on which accumulation made in antecedents, reveal themselves at times already at the earliest age wouldn't be born. To study well always and it is good to teach a body, both hands and a brain. It is possible to become the polyglot only, having past accumulation. Old age not a barrier to study – knowledge and skill will be useful in future lives. The abilities shown in something have deep roots. For nothing it is given nothing. But and each effort bears the fruit. It comprehended any work and aspiration to perform any work in the best way. Not at once Jack of all trades became that. Envy to others abilities and talents because they were earned by work and a number of long efforts are senseless. You look ability and each talent as that has deep roots as on a link of the chain going to depth, perhaps, of many millennia. Life on Earth in a dense body because opportunity is allowed to collect experience and knowledge treasures for deduction them forever is full of the great importance. That Earth gives, anywhere out of it not to get, not to get and in Elevated because Elevated there is such condition where the spirit reaps the fruits also of a consequence of terrestrial stay. If this last passed without works and efforts and accumulation, extra dense existence fruitful won't be. Many spirits which haven't saved up anything, it is sad and gloomy rush about in Elevated, pining unconscious memoirs and melancholy. Only work saves up fires. Therefore the new understanding of spatial value for extra dense stay of spirit in the period of term between embodiments is given to work. What advantage to the person from his all works with which he works under the Sun? Any, if limit human life to only one embodiment and to deny immortality and a life never-ending. But wisdom with inheritance and in particular for seeing the Sun is good. In Boundlessness the Sun of immortality of spirit shines and shines all way to the end. And then wisdom with inheritance of the imperishable accumulation put in the Bowl becomes realized property of the collector of these treasures.
425. (M. A. Y.). When learn to overcome itself a power of love to me and to the Lord, the step will be firm and is steady if the love is rather strong and corresponds to thoughts and the feelings connected with it. In imagination it seems often that this love is great, but force it by not imagined its qualities, but valid, that is display in actions, words and acts is approved. When it’s real force is directed to consciousness transformation, it works wonders. Even the simple love pushes with a time on a feat and self-rejection. What can the love which has risen over level of commonness, love to the Highest what you have in your life terrestrial create?
426. My son, I Will show to enemy’s restraint. Good luck won't be in anything. Failure will hang over darkness. Rage them I Will subdue. The phenomenon of darkness we Allow that to cause all luminous intensity to activity and counteraction in everyone, who not from darkness. The last Selection demands ant situation measures that everyone I made a choice. But the limit is close. It is connected with Term and when Term will come, the Fiery Sword won't slow down, and the darkness will be separated by it from Light that to strike it.
427. (Sept. 13). The bases we Call the phenomena on which base all outlook of the person in a full consent with unchangeable eternal Laws of Life of the shown world is under construction. When the Basis is accepted, consequences from this acceptance accumulate already as though themselves with logical inevitability of inalterability. So the statement of consciousness on the basis of balance will give a number of consequences following from this phenomenon. As well honoring of the Teacher will lead the pupil to understanding of that the guarantee of the Guru means. The one, who takes a doublethink and incompleteness for a basis of the activity, reaps from these bases. We Consider as the bases firm Bases of the Intimate Doctrine of the Life which acceptance in consciousness defines all future of the person both on Earth, and in the Worlds. Some live without any bases and rush, as straws, on rough waves of the everyday sea, at will of elements. Elements without acceptance of Bases it is impossible for Overcome, because Bases are out of the sphere of their reach. Elements can be seized, it is possible to rule over elements, but Bases it is possible to accept and follow only to them steadily. It is much spoken about different qualities of spirit, but all of them are deprived of value and sense if evolution of human spirit and Boundlessness in which lives aren't assumed as a basis and it develops. Also it is deprived of sense and human life if immortality of spirit and not interruptibility of life is denied. Acceptance of Bases imperceptibly for some the person, gradually and truly transformation it, deepening and expanding a pearl pattern of life of spirit in space. The bases protect because all is based on them.
428. (Sept. 14). Be given Us by force all of consciousness, hearts and thoughts. Time such now when vague return of or vague aspiration, - decisions won't give. Full-return is wanted by the Teacher and completeness of aspiration. To be heart and in the spirit of with Me it is possible during any work. Nothing disturbs when return back already isn't present. Where to return? On the old ashes where everything is burned? There is no return back. Not to contain the grown consciousness already in a former framework. Prokrustov the bed not suit even for a body doesn't suit a box even for a body. To the one who concerned spatial thought and lives, life within dense conditions will be life in prison. Not for this purpose spirit wings that in a cage to sit human restrictions and ignorance grew. Before Us space and Boundlessness, space of boundless opportunities of spirit; there we will direct and consciousness in it we will approve. In the spirit of flying and in the spirit of thought concerning objects of the aspiration, we break loose from a dense dungeon of physical limitation.
429. (M. A. Y.). Yes! Yes! Heart correctly feels special intensity of the moment and our proximity. Communication in the spirit of reaches an enlightenment step, and to relatives there is everything that it seemed far. Proximity – always, but its understanding that comes nearer, is removed. Both you and we are connected by terms, because it gets rid. Tension of Focus influences all consciousness’s directed to It, and then the spiritual armor of the directed strains. Now the unification is necessary more than ever. Difficult, but strange time!
430. (Sept. 15). In the spirit of it is possible to be everywhere where the thought is directed. For thought there are no distances, but the engine – heart. Transferring of consciousness to heart gives to spirit wings. Warm thought, thought from heart, the thought sated with energy of heart, is thought fiery. When heart takes part in affairs of the person, he starts living heart psycholife. The friendship and friendliness are impossible without heart, as well as a brotherhood between people. It is necessary to talk to heart more often and is more often to it to charge performance of different tasks, especially, spatially the distant. For thousands versts can fasten heart the necessary union or transfer a far message. It is possible to protect also the relative’s energy of heart. If to enclose it even in the letter, it will be saturated mental energy. I will tell something important. Mental energy is generated by heart. Heart – it’s beget but on condition of full coherence or balance of spirit. When the treasure of energy and treasure of heart are counterbalanced, the fiery of heart works powerfully.
431. (Sept. 16). Balance and disbalance is antipodes. It is impossible to understand the first, without having acquired essence of the second. Balance is concentration in the center of all energy of a microcosm human, so that externally they weren't shown in the two-polar. The personal pleasure causes and causes inevitability of a personal grief. Balance allows neither that, nor another. The astral is given to a condition of rest. Any influences from the outside aren’t permitted to bring a pole out of a condition of rest. Let's call this rest restraint. Restraint – one of aspects of balance. Tranquility – one of the main. Reticence – too. Let's collect all signs and properties of great quality of balance because the question goes resisting a whirlwind. All external a nature disbalance anything in comparison with disbalance spatial hidden energy. Astral storms and whirlwinds can cause disasters even more the worst, than a flood or a hurricane. Still it is possible to be protected from these last somehow but how to be protected from the mental whirlwinds rushing on a planet. Whether madness human both a misanthropy and ardent aspiration to destruction is caused by them. Balance of spirit – a board and protection from spatial a disbalance. Unification strong with Us and the statement of balance inside will give the chance to have this hard and rough time. At balance the protecting network is a not perforation armor about which surface the strongest blade breaks. The blow struck from outside, jumps aside from it and beats a boomerang on the put. Concentration, restraint, tranquility, reticence, special control over thought, understanding of our Proximity and ardent aspiration to Us, love and devotion, fearlessness and firmness – all these those pebbles of crystals of mental energy of which there is a mosaic of spirit of great quality of balance. Quality is synthetic, consisting of a combination of many elements entering into it. Balance symbol – a sphere. It is the steadiest and strong form as matter, and energy. What would occur if the surface of the ball-bearing wasn't carefully ground? It wouldn't sustain loading and would be quickly erased in powder. In shape a sphere maintains very big loading without damage and harm to itself. Balance can be assimilated to an axis round which there is a rotation of designs heavy and difficult. The axis bears loading, without breaking. It is possible to call a core of spirit balance. Without a core of energy round it not collect. Only balance resist these difficult days.
432. (Sept. 18). We welcome each movement on the correct direction because it approaches to the purpose. When the Basis is approved and it is accepted in consciousness, even mistakes have no special value as they can't already break the main current. It doesn't mean that it is necessary to be mistaken, but means that it isn't necessary to stop too on mistakes and that to stop progress. It is possible to burden so consciousness thoughts of mistakes that for the correct action of time any more doesn't remain. Therefore to mistakes we learn to smile, knowing that everyone remains behind and that in flight habitual mistakes, even the taken roots disappear even.
433. (M. A. Y.). The house Father let will be that purpose, which gives in minutes difficult lives a consolation and confidence that whatever occurred in the world terrestrial, in World Aboveground, the House Father waits for the tired traveler to give it the deserved rest and Proximity of the Father and with whom the spirit is connected by spiritual threads of devotion, love and aspiration of the highest order. The house Father– an ultimate goal of wanderings terrestrial, but also during the periods between embodiments access to the House Father is possible, but it is necessary to know the Father. The space Father is connected with the sons Space Communication which doesn't interrupt under any circumstances. Those whom in the ancient writing call sons of death, are connected too with the father, but their father from darkness, and the attraction sphere – a chasm and a planet – Saturn. During an Era which approach will be preceded by the last division of mankind, sons of darkness will leave Earth, carrying a magnetic attraction of a pole of darkness. To them Saturn is prepared. Earth freed from their presence, will create for mankind absolutely other living conditions when for the active evil of opportunity it won't be shown. Also there will be then a world on Earth and in human good will. Both the brotherhood of the people and a brotherhood of people become the real phenomenon of life terrestrial.
434. (Sept. 19). Indisputably I Speak: The proximity big can be achieved completeness of devotion. What it is necessary to give? Swarm of small thoughts, casual, unnecessary and connected with things without which it is possible to do easily. The excess ballast pulling consciousness on a bottom, it is necessary to throw out without any pity. It is possible to imagine that only useful thoughts that everything is excluded that has no relation to Business of Service to Light and that isn't caused by inevitable use of life are assumed. Terrestrial is terrestrial, but only at a rate of necessary inevitability. It is necessary to put on and shoes on, it is necessary to have tent and all other without what it is impossible to live, but excess everything is excluded, as a barrier separating my World from the world inside. When the consciousness clothes in an incessant prayer, it destroys walls of personal prison and the sphere of personal thinking. Spatial there is a thinking of the consciousness released from a personal element. It is difficult to acquire that a number of personal feeling-knowledge and experiences is necessary to nobody and there is no advantage to stop on them and furthermore to burden with them foreign consciousness or even space. Usually all people, their huge majority, seek to shift that burdens them, on others, burdening these people around and space. But the first condition of release from this freight is not to shift it to others shoulders. The second – not load them space, and the third – when the first two are executed, not litter with its own consciousness. Release should be reached any price. All say about the, that weighs them or interests. And you speak about anything, but not about of burden, difficulties and the experiences. It is better to listen to others complaints, than to complain most. It is better to take foreign burden on the shoulders, than to assign them to them. Better, better to forget about itself and with itself not to rush before people, alone. It is a little given values to how the person alone arrives and behaves. And meanwhile only in this behavior, not before people, but before a face of space the true understanding of Bases comes to light. If on Akasha's hidden rolls everything is depicted, each movement and each thought of the person; if the aura of Earth is saturated with patterns of movements of human mind and body, it is possible to understand, how it is important for space clarification that these patterns corresponded to the advantage of spirit and decorated, but didn't disfigure aura of Earth. The conveyor of consciousness sates space with images of thought is far not corresponding to the principle of Beauty. There don't correspond to it affairs and acts of people and creativity of hands human. But it is necessary that compliance was. Therefore the appeal to Beauty moves forward. Therefore by Beauty it is reached. The world New is under construction on the principle of Beauty. And Beauty, having entered into an interior and having filled it and having lit up his thoughts, acts and feelings, will exempt consciousness from personal litter, from thoughts casual and small, from all that is generated by absence of Beauty, that is a disgrace. And when the behavior before a space face, behavior will be alone lit up by Beauty presence, the way to Light the shortest will be found.
435. To the Space Ocean, to the Ocean of Spatial Thought to leave possible, but only on condition of release from a standing bog of the personal world which takes and fills consciousness. Spatial and personal don't get on. Spatial and space are conformable, but personal interferes in them as a dissonance – the connected souls are connected by the phenomenon of the personal world. Octopus of the personality small egoism living only, it is necessary to dump without pity. It smothers freedom of spirit, it separates from it an invincible barrier the Ocean of Spatial Thought, and it smothers and doesn't allow living. The person locked tightly and strong in small, but strong prison of egoism can dream of what freedom? Freedom is only in the spirit of, freedom from itself. That is why any not egoistical thinking – the correct step to release from the personal world. The world individual, not connected by egoism of thought, is the world of new freedom from the power small over the person.
436. (Sept. 20). Boundlessness contains in itself everything. Motionless bodies in space aren't present. Everything is in continuous movement. The star can go out long ago and disappear, but the beam of its light rushes in infinite space, being a pattern of all her life from origin of this heavenly body and up to the end. These patterns of spatial records filled all Space. Each pattern represents itself history of life of this spatial body. The same patterns draw in space and spirit of the person. Each embodiment in the dense world leaves after itself a similar pattern or to the movie. In the same way and each heavenly body, coming to light or being embodied in a dense form, leaves after itself to the movie of the dense existence. These patterns rush in space, forming records of everything that was ever shown in the dense world. But the person and a planet, except visible aspect of the temporary life, have also invisible, more long. Spheres of a hidden have the same relation to dense, as the worlds of the highest measurements to the three-dimensional world. The dense aspect of the visible world or the Universe is infinite, but immensely exceeds its Boundlessness in which visible, its dense aspect is only a section, the section taken in time. Patterns in space of planets out temporality, but can be presented in the form of the spatial body of the highest measurements stretched from the remote past in the infinite future. It is possible to imagine such pattern of died and disappeared planet existing in Boundlessness and being records of all her life both in dense, and in invisible forms. Space Archives exist. It is possible to call them memory of the nature or Akasha's rolls. It isn't the name, and that anything doesn't disappear, but everything is carried away in Boundlessness and Record forever. Analogy life of human spirit the full; both above, and below; both in big, and in the small, as macrocosm, and microcosm human. In great, eternal the moment of its existence taken in a section of time, but this section can be nowadays imprinted in Consciousness of Space, concerning a spatial pattern of life of the disappeared planet from the beginning it and up to the end, includes the period of time of very big duration: and here the temporary and eternal adjoin; its existence expressed in a space pattern adjoin here real, future and last this planet. If fiery consciousness to concern the pattern middle, in this point it will be available real, last and the planet future if to concern the end – that only a past, started if concerning – that only the future; relatively all. In eternity the present and future and human measurement of time lose the self-sufficing value, but the concept nowadays includes everything, as well as Boundlessness. Certainly, life is continuous. The planet disappears to revive again in a new form, at level the highest so even the statement about completeness of a space pattern of life of a planet will be relative and incomplete. In the same way and the pattern of life of human spirit comes to the end in one form again to come to light in another. Measurement goes any more for years, but the millennia. The spirit of the person is eternal, and has no end his life pattern in space. The infinity of the visible world is only small part of boundlessness Invisible.
437. If the consciousness to direct in the field of life usual, perceptions will go under the sign of a commonness. If the consciousness direct in Boundlessness, perceptions will go under the sign of Boundlessness. Everything depends on a corner of aspiration and that direction in which the thought moves. Because where thought, there and consciousness.
438. (Sept. 21). All shown world and everything, that in it, exists in Boundlessness. Boundless we, and everything that in us, possesses properties of boundless growth and development, all our spiritual properties, qualities and abilities The sphere physical is limited to cycles of the identification only, but also that only so far as it concerns form life. The death of this form means transition the life-giving her life to a new form. Even fading and death of a planet isn't destruction of the life which were on it, but its transition to new forms on a new planet as it was in case of our Moon. The moon died, but all life on it passed to our Earth and was given new shapes. Life is and on the Moon, but not in that look as it is understood usually. The matter and energy never die. As well astral life of the Moon has the special forms. As well thoughts can grow infinitely – depends on thought. Thoughts of darkness are limited to darkness and time of its existence. Light is eternal, but temporarily darkness, and certainly, and is doomed to destruction by force of Space Laws. So, thoughts of Light can grow infinitely in a framework of Space Laws. Each thought which from Light, has this opportunity. The assumption in consciousness of these thoughts is similar to crops of invisible grains. Thoughts leave, but grains grow, returning in time the increased thought. Each thought can be glad from Light because it will bear the fruit. Also it isn't necessary to mourn if these thoughts leave because they enriched with new elements in increase will return. The sower of thoughts is the person – kind and angry, and he is their reaper and the collector of their fruits from everyone.
439. (Sept. 22). No occult exercises will bring, it is so much advantage concerning fiery development, as hour of intense, light and joyful work.
440. It is possible to consider itself in the small house living, it is possible – in the country, it is possible – on a planet, but it is possible – and in Space, in Boundlessness real: where to consider, there and to stay in thoughts. We live in the Boundlessness which doesn't have the end, I began. And, being part it, we are boundless too. The present moment and the real environment only short and passing moment from the past which doesn't have the beginning, in the future which doesn’t have the end? To realize itself only the actor on a scene of life terrestrial – means to come nearer to awareness of Boundlessness. In total not the, in total only for a while, all only for performance of the next role. .Are senseless both a scene, and this role if to consider that all comes to an end with it. But doesn't come to an end anything, everything proceeds in infinity of the future, changing only forms and conditions of external expression of the person. Boundlessness is remarkable that in it, in time duration, everything is achievable. It is necessary only work and the efforts coordinated with the planned purpose. It is impossible to reach perfection in one quality of spirit, but to plan a way to it and to put in the annex to life at least the low-slightest kernel of any quality which is most difficult, the most unattainable, probably always and under any living conditions. And the small kernel of quality of spirit in the long term will give to Boundlessness huge shoots. Not now, not today, not tomorrow, but in the future which as is integral as tomorrow as the Sun rising in the east. The understanding of an all-achievement Singular achievements realized only by comprehension of the phenomenon of Boundlessness and acceptance in consciousness of that we live in it and that there are no limits of growth of power of spirit. The person can do everything, and everything is achievable within the Space Laws, embracing itself all phenomena of life. Everything grows in infinity of time to yield a fruit on essence of the seed put in it. Each action seeks to repeat, and each action is a seed or the reason of similar action in the future. It is possible to show the whole world of actions of coherence of the highest and to approve by that for itself in Boundlessness a number of consequences conformable. Everything is achievable when we know that all the time which is, can serve us as a step for implementation of the most courageous aspirations.
441. Watch waves of spatial influences. Are very dangerous if are met in a disbalance. Now, more than ever, the tranquility and balance of spirit is required. Frustration of elements can oppose only balance. Fiery waves go. If it (balance) takes place, we Will raise then Veil edge. I Told – balance. Coherence the highest is expressed in it. But it is easily achievable if the egoism is silent. The astral is unbalanced. It reveals itself (himself) in a disbalance. The victory over is a victory over darkness in itself. The world old egoism is strong it in darkness. Where the egoism reigns, not construct the New World. The World New and old is in consciousness of the person. It is necessary to change consciousness thought. The thought introduced in consciousness of sets, the New World will claim and will bring a victory over the old.
442. (Sept. 23). Acceptance by heart of Precepts of the Doctrine of Life and the statement them in consciousness is necessary because provided that the Law of Free Will isn't broke and Will Lord enters into all affairs and thoughts of the pupil not as foreign, from the outside influencing force, but as his own will. Two will voluntary and according to merge in one and work as one. If it isn't present, there is a counteraction or submission instead of merge and a harmony. This harmony will be born not at once, but in process of consciousness filling by the World of the Lord. The world, cleared of litter and free from denials, opens widely the doors for Light World, and then my World in my Days in your days display itself. What people live on Earth and in what their consciousness is shipped, is so far from Days of my Life that the gap separates the worlds of personal consciousness of inhabitants from the World of the Space Truth. This separation and isolation from space life especially harmful effects during stay of the person in Elevated, creating round it the illusive world of personal illusions with which he lived on Earth. World Aboveground is harmful that absolutely tears off spirit from reality, immersing it in the sphere filled with products of his own distorted imagination, and isolating it from opportunities of the bright, colorful and fine truth of the Highest Worlds. Therefore we Call heaps the rags, scraps and litter of unconscious thinking of the terrestrial remnants which absolutely unnecessary in Elevated and are encumbering way. Consciousness clarification from excessive litter on Earth is a most necessary step to understanding of reality.
443. (Sept. 24). Acceptance in consciousness of Bases means installation of a starting point for the thinking which consequences will be in the accord with Space Laws. Imperceptibly, but strongly the thinking it will be included into the essence of the mental atmosphere of spirit and will accompany it in its wandering on the way of an infinite ascension. At once it is almost impossible to change an interior, but to establish the correct corner or a starting point of thinking it is possible, and then it will be already much easier to move in the correct direction; even the plant needs known conditions for the growth, especially spirit human. For a plant these conditions external, for spirit the thought plays the leading role. The thought as is continuous in the extent as any process of the shown world is continuous. The thought can't be destroyed. But it is possible to operate it, and each thought unusable can oppose thought of opposite character, but bigger potential to suppress this unusable thought. As the way of a transmission of thought through a consciousness beam for determination of its evolutionary suitability is good. And then the thought can be rejected. However, it will be near and will influence from time to time, but, deprived of inflow of the feeding force, won't grow and will gradually spend the energy concluded in it for beget while it won't run low. Influence of such running low thought will be felt by consciousness from time to time and if the decision strongly food not to allow and to it not to indulge in it, that, after the time, it more will already not disturb the person. If to it, in its coming-back attempts again to nestle in consciousness, not to render counteraction and it to accept, it grow again. The seal of a final decision set to this thought, defines destiny it in the future. The person who has finally torn with smoking, we tempt already any more won't be; as it is exact in all the rest. After death the swarm of the mental educations generated by the dead during lifetime, will surround it, and each thought will show the account, that is will appear before the person to be or rejected if gets rid, or again to seize the person and to arrive with it while its energy completely won't be settled on its gets rid. Each thought it is immutable will find beget under the law of affinity and a magnetic attraction, but beget according to the seal of the final and irrevocable decision which was set to this thought at the last, previous contact by it consciousness’s of the person when he lived on Earth in a dense body will react to it. Therefore no thought can be passed without control and the final decision as to treat it. If, we put, the feeling of hostility was the last thought when parting with any person, and at a meeting with it in World Aboveground it will flash again because the thought of hostility wasn't neutralized earlier. And this rule is attached to each thought and each feeling. Here for what control that with not to take excessive and harmful load in a way distant is necessary. That is why from consciousness it is necessary to throw out everything that will be able to burden it in the future. That is why spiteful thoughts and feelings should be extinguished still during lifetime in a mortal body. Idea won't dismiss, the seal of a final decision isn't set yet to it to be through with her that is in consciousness it is more it not to accept. Bases thus will help because among them there is no place to evil thoughts, either thoughts of hostility, or thoughts unusable. To observe thought – the first condition of advance to Light.
444. (Sept. 25). We prepare new clothes for spirit.
445. All good smells sweet, but the evil stinks. What stinks and what smells sweet? The good and evil – concepts abstract. How the abstractness can radiate smells? But evil and good not is abstractness. The evil and good is absolutely concrete phenomena saddening or clarifying aura of the person; radiates aura a smell and its emanations. Evil action, evil thoughts and feelings don't disappear in space, but leave after itself stratifications of crystal educations. The evil crystallizes, and crystals bear it in themselves a stench. Brown gas, in places shrouding a planet, also stink decomposition fluids. A lot of the angry is created on light, and many deposits profane it and dishonor a planet. The analogy between aura of Earth and aura of the person is very remarkable. Sacred smells sweet, but the angry stinks. It is possible to determine a spiritual condition of the person by a smell. Stability of a smell indicates stability of the kind or evil beginning. Think that, having made something bad and having forgotten about it or even having confessed, the person is exempted from his consequences, but stickily angrily. Having given the deposits in aura, it will accompany beget, while there are dark crystals of these deposits. There is light Agni, and there is black fire. Fire always gives the crystal deposits sated with smells peculiar to them. As thoughts of good and thought of Light, and the evil stinks thought of darkness smell sweet. Think of despondency, concern and fear are accompanied by unpleasant smells. Aroma thought of pleasure, free from egoism. Smell all subjects, things and plants of the shown world possess. Metals, sources of waters, animal, people – everything is characterized by the smells peculiar both to a general view of the phenomena, and to specific features of everyone. Aluminum sick and healthy smells differently. The world of smells is one of many aspects of the Universe, as well as the world of sounds or area of paints (lights). In World Thin smells have special value. The thin body according to the accord with the surrounding sphere eats them. Each sphere differs from another the smells and their structure, and aroma or a stench of thin bodies is in full harmony with aroma of spheres of the highest and a stench of the lower class. Flowers the smells and direct link of these smells with beauty of their forms are very characteristic. It is possible to tell that the beauty smells sweet, but the disgrace stinks. So poles of Light and a gloom differ and on the smells. Decomposition is accompanied always by disgusting smells. Arhat’s body because still during lifetime it is cleared of evil elements doesn't decay. The area of smells is very extensive. It is possible to write the whole volumes. It as is wide as the shown world because it is penetrated is wide and is sated with smells from top to a bottom. Than refined the center of sense of smell, especially it sharply perceives world around smells. That is why the distinguished consciousness loves flowers. It is a lot of poison around. Poisonous gases are fetid. It is a lot of poison around. When life becomes fine and people will fall in love with good and Earth will be saturated with Beauty, spheres of the dense world will be filled with a fragrance. Therefore the Beauty, as the basis of the New World is approved.
446. (Sept. 26). Five feelings operating and two the highest, still revealing, correspond to seven spheres of the external world learned by the person. Seven feelings, seven feelings realized, accompany the person in the Highest Worlds. The world Thin is learned through the same feelings, but the invisibilities changed for perception elevated. The invisible and Hidden World is visible also to the see. These names are incorrect. We see also see on extent of development of consciousness that is on consciousness. And Boundlessness too is realized on consciousness and its ability of containment. Containment means openness of heart and dismissal from usual and terrestrial thinking of personal character. The spatial thought forces out the world of personal thoughts. The terrestrial personality and egoism isn't present a place in Elevated, unless only in generations and remnants of the imagination. Any work demands concentration that is dismissal from itself. In it is a prosperity root. Means, in work and work self-released "I" am overcome personal and egoism. Work here both work there and opportunity to work endlessly is a way and a gate to life, in area of super personal spatial spheres. To fall in love with boundless spheres of space and to live in them heart and thought super personal – means to approve life in the Triad of the Immortal Identity. The work exempting from thoughts of, is the benefit. Come to Me, but having rejected it, the egoism, personal "I". The person in everyone I Want to see, but not rich or poor, beautiful or the freak, the banker or the clerk, the shoemaker or the manufacturer sick or healthy, the man or the woman, the general worker or the director, the prince or the tramp who have the power or not having it. Come everything, but having rejected terrestrial distinctions. You approach spirit and in the spirit of. Be as children who weren't in time still to burden of the consciousness by outgrowths of dense heaps and egoism. All I Call in boundlessness of spatial life and I Open access to the Treasury of Space Thought to Beauty and magnificence of the Highest Worlds.
447. From where blossoming of science and equipment, art and thought? Unless it is possible scoop something from anything? Scoop all from space! And creative process of creation and stay goes through space and idea from spheres creative first education from the World Treasury of a planet. Unless the atom is invented by the person, or atomistic energy is a fruit of his hands, or treasures of Space and richness of his ideas and spatial thought are created by the person scooping the stays from this perennial spring? Yes! The person is the born creator, but the not present at it anything; everything takes from this that prepare for it from the beginning of times. It should be understood, it is necessary to know and not to be extolled in self-conceit of egoism. The person is part of the world, the highest creation of Space. The person didn't create himself, but grew and developed according to Space Laws which not he was a creator. It opens these Laws, but not he establishes them. Within these Laws he lives and, learning and using them, creates. The product of his creativity is result of its cooperation with Laws of the world surrounding it. The employee and with the creator is the person. As material for his creativity that matter which is poured in boundlessness of Space serves it. Spheres of a matter of this and extent of its thinning and gradation can't be captured by mind human. Many secrets are kept still by space for the person. Many secrets comprise that people call a matter. All miracles in it because out of it there is nothing available to spirit, but it is in everything: and that above; and that below; and in thoughts and feelings it: matter of thoughts, feeling matter, matter of the highest emotions and matter of the lowest passions. From a matter not leave anywhere. Therefore We are materialists, in the broadest and unlimited understanding of this word. Don't limit to anything a matter and its manifestations. Everything that sees consciousness, and everything that is available comprehension, is material. That is none is material, doesn't exist nor for human consciousness, nor in space; neither in consciousness of the person, nor out of it. The ant provision of spirit and matter is ridiculous because the spirit of the person is material also. Only the category of this matter, or a form of its expression, is other than a form usual. But it is excellent beside the point, and in a form. The spirit can be opposed matters, but only as northern and southern poles of Earth, either a magnet pole, or an electricity pole are opposed.
448. (Sept. 27). I hear Hear and I Know that there will come the change moment soon. Fiery will be and we won't avert. Madness of the dark reached the apogee. Madness should be constrained a bridle. Tension extraordinary is. Patrimonial torments of the New World are heavy. Earth gives rise. Dark against to work already overstepped the limits of common sense. Already madness overflows consciousness them, having got, the bit between the teeth, to a chasm rush and the chasm will absorb all of them. On new Earth and under the new Sky the place won't be it. The sword was Brought by Me to Earth to approve the world and division to realize into unification. The mankind becomes uniform, and cooperation of all and in everything will be carried out.
449. (Sept. 28). I will come; Call is good that directs energy of thought. I will take measures to that Communication took place. Poisonous is time. But the spirit is indestructible and is indestructible. Nothing can destroy it. Its substance is highest than that surrounds it, - from the world of other it. In water it doesn't sink, on fire doesn't burn, doesn't grow old and doesn't look younger. It is always invariable. Floatingly surrounding, changeable stratifications, but spirit among them is as a spiral core. The axis terrestrial is invisible, however round it the huge body of a planet rotates. And all life depends on its inclination on Earth. And life of covers depends on spirit. If the spirit even Peter the Great would invest a cover of one of governors of the recent past, the fate of a planet would be other.
450. The thought matter, its structure, and the main thing its density causes mobility and flight properties of thought. The impersonal joyful thought is more mobile than thought of grief. The thought clair-radiant not hang over consciousness, like a yoke of the criminal, and doesn't suppress it. Such thought, being sent to a certain person, instantly reaches it. People don't think of with what thoughts they sate space. Whether it is possible to change will structure and a matter of thoughts? It is possible, and at some training – quickly enough. It is worth thinking of how the person seldom gives himself a similar task. My thoughts and they concern nobody – so believes ignorance and poisons it and irresponsible thoughts surrounding with poison. That is why reflections on Doctrine subjects are so useful – they tear off from personal "I", and they are useful certainly. When the swarm of personal thoughts starts burdening consciousness, it can be rejected, having directed a thinking stream on these or those provisions given by our Doctrine. It is possible to do it consciously every time when it will want to change the direction of thoughts. It is possible to concentrate and in public, but having forgotten about itself and trying to catch a predominant note of their consciousness for this time. Certainly, it is better to choose the persons having special value in life of the experimenter. In a choice it is necessary to be circumspect not to receive insalubrious radiations. It is possible to imagine that will bring thought of rage, concerning spiteful consciousness. Popular wisdom is expressed in a proverb – "as the call, so the echo". It is time to learn to distinguish personal burden from burden of spatial currents and from sounding of a spatial note at present. Waves of pleasure or melancholy rush in space, is more often than melancholy. But it is easy and the ringing pleasure of space. When the New World will take place and the planet will be cleared of spatial heaps and people will start thinking differently, the tonality of spatial waves will change sharply and often and the pleasure in space will powerfully sound. It is possible to take it and now from spheres of the highest, but full dismissal from itself and a special mood of thoughts because it is heavy in the world now is required.
451. At everyday mental parcels it is necessary to think of what nature of sent thoughts. Parcels have to be good. The network of Light is created by these thoughts, if from Light they. And if from darkness?! So we realize responsibility for thoughts at each parcel.
452. Yes! Yes! Yes! The statement of aspiration serves as the guarantee of spatial responsibility for it. Thought, concerning Me, takes magneto from Aura Myself sphere conformable to it elements and comes back to sending it increased and enriched on power of aspiration put in it. For inclination of thought We Give the guarantee. It is necessary to apply the told only. The thought motionless, heavy, chained to the consciousness which has generated it and shrouded in egoism threads, about it also remains. But the lung covered Light quicker to Me flies. There are thoughts heavy, moving, to stones of a stream is similar, at the bottom of consciousness, not to send them. Their matter is too heavy. Yes! Yes! The matter of thoughts is various on the structure and differs with the poles as the darkness is other than Light. Thoughts of egoism are heavy. Their orbit is small, limited by the personality small. To wasps it is similar, crowd about the nest, and spiteful if, sting. There is no thought of egoism good, and they aren't light. The thought released from egoism quickly reaches Me and brings the answer, and always at the right time, but not always in an expected form and not always as believes the impatient consciousness appointing the terms. The answer comes always, but terms of expectation and its form not always coincide.
453. (Sept. 30). Let's stop on the concept "We". When the pupil speaks: "Not I, not I, but You, the Lord", – he reject small "I". It rejects the world personal and everything that is connected with it, it departs from it, seeking to plunge into the World of Thoughts of the Lord, the Father. When it is rejected personal, small "I", remains big, the highest "I" the person and when it is combined in thoughts with the Lord, can be told in only case when "We", putting in this concept all its deepest value. It is impossible to tell "You, the Lord", without having come off it and the more so it is impossible to tell "We". But having rejected small "I" and having merged thought with Me, it is possible to say creating powerful "We". That is why it is better to throw out absolutely from the use the word "I" because that small personality who exists only one life, is connected with it one embodiment and which strong limits the person to the sphere the small, short line of his temporary existence in this cover. "I" strengthen each mention and repetition of it and strengthens chains of egoism and "I" tie the person to Earth, because it him only terrestrial, only in one cover, doomed to destruction and death. All chagrin, experiences, fears, the concerns, all emotions of this small, the lowest "I" – all this kingdom of egoism – a dungeon for spirit and a chain. Therefore when Speak "I" and we Will trace it from capital letter, "I", but the highest "I" Mean not small the person, separated from his terrestrial, temporary identity of this embodiment. And this highest "I", united in thoughts with Me, grant to it the right to say the word "We". Words contain much more than what it it is accepted to think. Putting in the word all its internal value it is conscious, much can be reached. So, the word "I" remains only for the special certificate and the statement while powerful, creating "We" "I" replace with myself personal. It "We", said with all understanding of its value, exempts consciousness from egoism fetters. And then any more there will be no desire to speak about itself either to rush with itself or to attach incorrect and unhealthy significance to personal experiences and personal thoughts. And then will already seem sometimes that is good if this heavy, stisked and burdening consciousness personal "I" at times suffer and to it is heavy; well because will help to separate these experiences of personal character from that sphere which embraces the concept "We" that their subjects it is easier to reject. If small "I" it is fated to suffer and be wounded, let will suffer that big "I" was easier to separate and look from it on small "I" from outside, having provided to it separated from the basis, possibly to become obsolete quicker. The self-forgetfulness, self-dismissal, dedication also is that condition of consciousness when fetters of egoism personal "I" are rejected and "I" big come into the own. When I Speak – "We together with you will reach a victory", "I" Mean you’re the highest, your Immortal Identity. Every day it is possible exercise itself in derogation and submission of the lowest "I", crucifying him on a life cross. Why to wait for tests, why to give the lever or a scourge in Karma hands when it is possible to be both the judge, and mister, and the lord of. When I Repeat – "The worse, the better", in Thoughts "I" Have small, oppressed, pursued and oppressing in life terrestrial that it was easier to that to separate it from the Identity and to promote a conscious partition of conductors rather. Truly, experiences, sufferings and emotions of the lowest "I" am necessary to nobody. That is why so burden us and personal and others' burden of a personal order. Egoism and vanity, that is love to, are burdensome very much and for itself and another. That is why it is never good to tell nothing about itself and never the experiences to burden anybody. After all it is the same way to Light, the same method of submission of an astral and restraint of this stronghold and an egoism citadel. That wins all who will manage to win against the small personality itself (himself).
454. Self-flagellation, vlasyanitsa, chains and other self-torture of a flesh get other sense. We aren't their supporters and not encourage, but it is necessary to understand the phenomenon.
455. It is possible to reconcile with any test, with any burdening of spirit if their sense and the purpose are understood.
456. (Oct. 1). Earth, water, air and fire – four terrestrial elements, display in the dense world both visible and notable external feelings of the person. In the Thin World all four are repeated, but on more distinguished scale. In the world dense, using these elements, the person the hands creates at means and thought assistance. In World Thin the person, but any more hands, but thought creates, creates, using substance of the same, but distinguished elements. Moves in it, in this world, and feels it as the world external and uses all the feelings, as well as on Earth, but realized and refined too. From substance of elements creates new forms, thought creates. In the beginning, out of ignorance, applies measures terrestrial, then pure thought and builds any more hands, but thought. Ignorant everything as on Earth, knowing creates wished by thought continue. Material which the thought uses, pouring out in the corresponding forms, it is very plastic. Stability of the created forms depends on firmness and power of thought. Is and there the forms, existing very long time, as, however, and on Earth. Pyramids and sphinxes, Japanese easy lodges exist various times. Our stronghold, in, thin, aspect exists the millennia, as well as our Affairs. There are spheres of the Thin World where images are very mobile, the changeable and are changeable. In the world dense the interior represents itself a kaleidoscope of quickly changing images, pictures and feeling-knowledge. When there is no a physical body, this kaleidoscope is visible and from outside, and to the owner for whom it accepts aspect as though the external world in relation to beget, becoming for it objective reality. Among own heaps or mental products of the microcosm and external forms of the Thin World and mental production of other one incarnation it is necessary to learn to understand and separate one from another. Own balance and firm support is necessary not to be involved in this phantasmagoria of various educations. Gradually the new newcomer accustoms with new conditions. The knowledge acquired on Earth, very much thus is useful if they concerned Laws and manifestations of the Elevated World. It is necessary to remember one that in the Thin World of people – the creator who not hasn't been limited to inertness and an immovability of a matter of the dense world. Everything is mobile, both everything is easy, and everything is set in motion by thought. It is difficult to rule over elements on Earth, but in Elevated elements are to a certain extent very obedient thoughts. The one, who is able to think clearly and accurately, creates the same clear and accurate forms the thought. The environment is created in full accordance with thought and in the accord with spheres in which products of this creativity magneto are involved. The one who thinks beautifully and claurluhear is attracted and involved in the spheres of Beauty shining and clear by beauty of the forms. Nature of thinking submits to laws of affinity, compliance and the accord. Everyone has round itself (himself) what it is worthy and that is as though expression and its objective internal essence. In the basis of this phenomenon the thought lies. What I wished on Earth, in thin forms has. Therefore and it is necessary to wish very circumspectly. Each thought is carried out. It is necessary to reconsider anew all desires and all thoughts that undesirable and not consciousness’s corresponding to this step there weren't carried out. It is a lot of thoughts unusable still litter consciousness back streets, aren't reconsidered yet anew, and the seal of a final decision of will isn't set to them.
457. (Oct. 2). I bring into an elements equilibrium state where it is possible, - probably not everywhere. We shatter pressure focus into a number of small blows and subjects we avoid big accidents. Help also you, everyone on forces, to keep balance. Holding own, you bring the contribution to the common cause. By Disbalance human is caused disbalance elements and therefore each help in this direction matters. Trouble all that isn't enough assistants. It is a lot of to speak, many promising, it is a lot of directing dreams, but it isn't enough the employees, wishing to help business. Deduction of own balance when the flooded banks elements storm, has much bigger value for deduction of balance of a planet, than it can be imagined on ignorance of that close connection which exists between a condition of a human microcosm and macrocosm planets. But this communication is. Elements sensitively react on energy human and vibrate in unison with them. If all mankind at least agreed to think one day of balance and of the responsibility for a condition of a planet, elements would be included into coast. But people think on the contrary and balance destroys all means available to them and in the ways. And it is possible after that to be surprised that droughts, heavy rain, floods, earthquakes and diseases shake terrestrial ground and her inhabitants. Our former council is "the friend, don't arrange an earthquake", – remains still in force. It is a pity only that biped is still deaf to it.
458. (Oct. 3). In any phenomenon it is possible to see its infinity and a continuity taken in a section of time of the observed moment. In both parties from this moment, in a past and the future, it is possible to carry out lines or a chain of a continuity of the beheld phenomenon, not having the end, I began, and that is going to Boundlessness. Boundlessness is that sphere from which comes and to which all phenomena, subjects and things of the surrounding person of the world go. The house is built, say, hundred years ago. The form arose, and the form will be lost. In this sense it is possible to speak about death of a form. But the house wasn't built of anything and with destruction and disappearance of its form doesn’t disappear and elements making it don't cease to exist. The same can be told and about a plant, an animal and the person. Difference in that, what to a matter of a form it is necessary to add also the phenomena of energy and the vital beginning. The infinite gradation and thinning of the material scale, Fohat including all types above, allow not limit life of a live form to only its external manifestation. Once you heat a seed of any plant above a certain temperature, that will leave it invisible to an eye, but real life which to a live seed gives strength of germination and form development, in it concluded, though not giving in to definition by modern devices. Things, subjects and forms the end, but of what they consist is eternal, than live and that moves them evolution. The form dies, collapses and the movie of her life stretched in time disappears from the sphere of the dense world, but, is imprinted forever in Akasha's rolls. In this sense anything doesn't disappear, but everything exists always. Difference in that, something that already passed through the manifestation plane in the dense world and is imprinted in Akasha's rolls, changed can't already be any more because it is area of that the past while the future can crystallize in these or those forms or automatically, or at will of creative energy of the person. In this sense of people are the creator and the employee of Space. The free will creates, bringing the stream during life evolution. It is wrong to think that vital forms could develop by itself without intervention of creative will. The course of evolution goes Lords according to a certain Plan. This Plan embraces all future of the person, the future of stars and planets and all shown world. To know this Great Plan and to take in it conscious and direct part – means to become employee Starts and with the creator Ardent Logos. Next problems of evolution: movement of women, cooperation and mental energy. Here three areas for the will appendix. Movement of women for full equality of floors! Cooperation is cooperation of all in everything! Mental energy is force given in hands to mankind in its entry into the Era of Fire, in the period of Satia Yuga! Conscious participation in all these three human activities is possible for each person. Not abstractness, not castles in the air, but direct practical instructions applicable in life of every day. More difficult with mental energy, because object of its studying and More difficult with mental energy because object of its studying and application is the experimenter. But the Doctrine specifies ways of the shown achievements. The science moves in the direction which soon a lot of things will facilitate exactly in this regard. I speak: time of unknown opportunities, also I Repeat, even you sleep sensitively.
459. (Oct. 4). Ashes – the person and to the earth will depart. This statement usually carries to a physical body. The physical body after leaving it the owner breaks up to elements making it and becomes part of a body of a planet. But the same happens and to the thin body left by the person. It breaks up also to elements of that matter of which it consists, and his owner who has left a thin body, rises above. When term comes, is in the same way dumped both the mental cover and spirit clothes in an immortal, constant body which changes all structure, refined, grows and develops, but isn't dumped already by the person. Elements of the Highest Triad of death of a form and separate aren't subject. To change is yes, but not to death and disintegration. Are mortal: the physical, thin and mental body though relative term of life of each of them can last very various time, and thin lives more long dense, and mental – thin. To death of a physical body it is necessary to be ready. In the same way it is necessary to be ready and to death of thin and mental ph. The form has to die and go wrong on the components on corresponding to everyone existence plan that spirit, having gathered from everyone that it can give to the person, could pass already above that, having collected there the last harvest, again to return to Earth for new experience and new stays. So, each body will depart to the sphere and in it will break up because consists of its elements, that is a matter of this plan. Old worn-out clothes it is thrown out as superfluous, in the same way and the worn-out covers which have served the service, the term. Not wisely to grieve for them. Who needs an old, decrepit, worn-out body? The new clothes are pleasant to everyone, as well as a new body. Clothes we acquire, and a body we build, karmic attracting related particles from each plan. More difficultly with a body physical, because at first it the beginning is created in a body of mother. But here karmic communications and affinity play especially important role: after the birth magnetism of spirit comes to light already more strongly, and growth of a dense body goes on lines of a magnetic attraction of elements of Earth. Physical health considerably depends on the spirit investing this body. It is impossible to change a hair color or an eye, or growth, but a lot of things are possible. The strong spirit in rather weak body can make a lot of things that to strengthen it and to make healthy. In this regard the yoga can help much. Once and somewhere the physical body will be absolutely healthy and absolutely fine, that is will reach a step of physical perfection and beauty. But it depends on a step of evolution of spirit. On the Distant Worlds this step of evolution is reached. On Earth – in cases rare when the finishing spirit reaches the last step terrestrial.

460. (Oct. 5). (M. A. Y.). . You remember Us. Memory means communication of spirit with whom it holds in remembrance. We were and are, and we will be. To carry by love and a memory through life – means to hold communication. Memory human, and especially about the left is short. Consider that if left, and the end to all relationship. But so ignorance argues. Nothing comes to an end, but everything proceeds further. The relations with Us in the future are defined by the relation of the present hour. And the memory about us strengthens these relations on the force. You remember, We who have left the dense world remember also. And not only we Remember, but also we Feel the thoughts directed to Us; so mutually hidden communication with those, whom we love. In a basis is love, the winner of restrictions of the dense world.
461. (Oct. 6). The feeling is correct – situation in the world heavy extraordinary. People choke in them the generated asthma and right there create new and even more burden space poisoned by them. Precipitation of the evil it is suffocating is poisonous. The consciousness chokes in them and sinks. On the one hand, enrage of dark consciousnesses, with another – the generations of the evil accumulated in time and growing continuously. Each evil action, feeling and idea dismisses after itself a precipitation, emanations or stratifications of substance the evils poured in space and condensed about places of a fulfillment. Dark evil-make, conscious and unconscious, generate in a spontaneous matter of formation of darkness and the poisonous brown gas gathering in visible masses of a cloud the figurative form. The darkness phenomenon is obvious and heavy. Movement of these educations causes madness of masses and disbalance mentalities. They attract to themselves conformable consciousness’s, creating interaction generating the evil with the layered and condensed generations of the evil, with darkness. Shocks in planetary scale are necessary to bring to reason people, while everything that from Light, won't unite against everything that from darkness. It is difficult to help. The evil is interspersed everywhere. Notice how became frequent a nature disbalance. Disbalance goes deep. Burden consider not as the, but spatial. It we Call burden or a burden of this world. But you with firmness keep because only the up to the end undergone will reach Me. Sufferings, that is execution of a burden of the world, or to drain Bowls of poison terrestrial, – destiny following Me, destiny going with Me, destiny going to the Garden My fine. Revitalizer’s so isn't enough planet, but darken legions. Angrily the evil stinks. Each dark action gives emanations of gas of different degree of an evil stinks: each thought, each emotion, everyone internal disbalance. Let everyone will give to itself (himself) the clear, exact and certain account: it is kind or angry, smells sweet or smelly, from Light it or from darkness that each able created only Light.
462. (Oct. 7). All metals possess a smell, all gases, any substance, all elements and any form of life live, all things, subjects and everything that around. At each species of plants and animals the smell, at each race, the people and even separate childbirth. And the specific smell at each certain person. It is known well by dogs. The lower class of the astral world and won benefit the highest is fetid. Light area, it smells sweet. The doctrine about aromas waits for the researchers. In process of improvement of the person refined also there is fragrant an aroma radiated by it. It is possible to determine moral level of residents of the house by a smell. Each room is filled with smells. Filled smells concourses of peoples. The smell of brothels and smell of houses of art is various. In the near future essence of people will determine by a treatment of light and shade by means of special devices. Someone, having distinguished sense of smell, definition will make on a smell. Even the dog feels on a smell of the enemy or the friend. Even the dog will begin to roar on darkness. Smells of bodies thin, as well as spheres to which each of them belongs are especially characteristic. Area of aromas as is wide, as well, as area of flowers, or sounds. In the field of a color scale the Beauty is a basis of expression of Light, in the field of sounds – consonance, in the field of aromas – a fragrance, in all three – harmony of a combination of elements making them, or coherence. The body the hard drinking, body of the glutton, body of the libertine, everyone has the special smells, very unpleasant property. But the body of the devotee of spirit smells sweet and at all doesn't give in to decay while the body of the first three sometimes starts decaying even during lifetime of the owners. Clarification of thoughts and feelings and clarification of a food are reflected and in character of smells radiated by the person. Meat eater is fetid. The area of aromas is so wide that not to settle it even in voluminous volume. Horses, cows, sheep, geese, hens, ducks sharply differ the smells. The antelope, tiger, rat and mouse smell variously. Even the trace of a bird and an animal and the person is sharply excellent and open. The Alpine meadow is colorful and rich with a variety of herbs, but even more aromas of everyone. Easily, even having closed eyes, distinguish a mushroom from a rose or onions from wild strawberry. As this aspect of the world surrounding us is rich and as people a little think of it. Many smells not without value for space – I Mean cleaners: eucalyptus, mint, rose attar, incense, pitches of coniferous trees. Some refined aromas are poisonous. Some smells are terrible, some to give life and are salutary. Once and someone will write the big work devoted to aromatic aspect of the Universe. Not marvelously to tell that good music is fragrant. Color, sound and smell are connected closely. Each color has the smell, and each sound – the color. The majestic musical symphony is expressed in hidden flowers and lights and in being poured combinations of the thinnest fragrances. Boundlessness in everything, also is and in infinite variety of manifestations of the nature in its visible and invisible aspects.
463. It is possible to determine by a smell not only essence of the person, but also his internal state at present because everyone has the specific smell.
464. (Oct. 8). In invisibility all yours, in is mute also the future which isn't present at present but which will be inevitably and is immutable. Way to this future you approve nowadays by your life of the present day, your thoughts, desires and dreams. All that is close to you, everything who is close to you, are close in invisibility of the real. If the centers revealed, this proximity to a certain extent would become visible. Therefore I Speak, thought and heart live in invisibility real, because in it all. All richness of the Hidden World consists in is mute also all Boundlessness. Aspect of the shown world seen to a physical eye is only small part of immensity of Space and Boundlessness, infinitesimal and limited part. To you I Speak, in the eternal you live, and breathe of Boundlessness will concern you and will light up your consciousness understanding of proximity of that world, which out of you and which is hidden in you, in depths of revealing consciousness. We Approve reality of the Hidden World and a way Shows to opportunities of spatial life. Restrictions of a body having rejected and the small personality having rejected the, to the highest in you will give the chance to prove in perceptions of life of the Elevated World and to lead spirit life. My World is immense, to it you I Call to join and enter into his life.
465. (Oct. 9). So far as the contact to a spatial wire was made, receipts won't slow down. The nature doesn't suffer emptiness and when the dense sphere is excluded, usual perceptions are replaced with the thin. The aspiration is always carried out in conformable to it to Wednesday to some extent feasibility and even if process is slowed down, the consciousness stays at the level of this aspiration. Everyone determines the consciousness sphere by aspiration, and everyone reaps by nature it. Look, than people sate essence of the aspirations and as aspirations are limited to their spheres of the dense world. Further visibility of their thought doesn’t go. Spheres are closed by a circle of small radius. The concept of Boundlessness destroys these ignorant constructions and brings consciousness to spatial open spaces. There is no end, there is no limit, and there are no restrictions. The spirit lives in the Eternity consisting in consciousness of the person. To realize – means to join life of the conscious sphere. Human life consists in his consciousness. We destroy all restrictions which put a thought limit. In Boundlessness we Call. But the one who focuses everything energy of spirit on external and dense, will have a harvest in the world external and dense, but not beyond its limit. What thought is directed in Boundlessness, will safely reap from wealth of Treasures of Spatial Thought. The one, who dense limited it, doesn't leave the sphere of representations of the dense world. The one who border of the thoughts put Boundlessness, for this purpose all are open for a way. And the spirit way in Elevated is planned and defined on Earth and is caused by essence of its aspirations.
466. (Oct. 10). Will ask: "Why tax-gatherers, robbers and loose woman? » Answer: "A spirit pendulum, shaking from one extreme, comes to another. Instruction about lukewarm, hot and cold is from the same area ant provisions. The instruction about lukewarm, hot and cold ant provisions from the same area We live in peace dualities and we use bipolarity laws. We live in peace dualities and we use bipolarity laws. It is necessary to know only that time current in spiral movement of evolution always leads the phenomena to resisting pole. In it display balance law. The current of a karma and restoration of broken balance of elements go in parallel, and from the law not to leave anywhere. When the aspiration purpose is planned, all counteracting raises that to suppress it, but that causes to manifestation new strength of mind which aspirations at preservation constantly grows. The aspiration is a nutrient medium of fiery energy of spirit. Therefore to keep aspiration in all living conditions – means to win. The fiery engine of spirit we call aspiration. The travelers of the Great Way directed eternally steadily move to the purpose far.
467. It is correct to look for permission of all questions at Us. Let and scoffers will come to light for destruction. Have to reveal itself everything that everyone defined the place in the future. Soar Clean, but has to emerge. As also fury of darkness we Allow under the Sign. The darkness of happiness doesn't know, - lives on an astral and its manifestations. We separate from goats sheep. Time of Great Division is test of light of heart for firmness.
468. (Oct. 12). We live World Consciousness in which orbit all mankind of your planet making only part of an orbit of Consciousness Space is included. We are only the sparks of Spatial Fire making its continuous part. The orbit of our Consciousness lies in space, embracing thus and the terrestrial past, the present and the future, and spheres of the Distant Worlds. Not from Earth We, but above. But we work for Earth. Earth is a past consequence, but for the sake of the future planned by us. Your future for Us – the past because it is issued by us in the spheres of spontaneous prototypes of evolution created by us in the full accord with Space Will, Creating world life. We are Creators of steps of evolution of your planet. And if darkness and the former Owner of a planet to us didn't disturb, life on a planet would be other. Nowadays energy ours are concentrated on how to neutralize before the generated evil and to stop its growth. The owner of darkness already isn't present, but the evil generated by it is great, and heaps of dark consequences are great, and spatial poison is great, and is strong, though a headless, dark host and its hierophant. The course of evolution goes under the sign of association of all powers of Light, all light consciousnesses, all builders and creators of New life, in whatever forms it was approved. The world old and the World New are here two poles of energy of human consciousnesses on your Earth; We with the World New, and those, who for it, too with Us.
469. (Oct. 13). Currents of the thoughts sent by heart are especially effective. The thought brain is much weaker, and the radius of its action is shorter. Currents of thought it is possible to send the help in any direction and to any place because barriers of a usual order to think don't exist. Being crossed currents and condensations of brown gas can interfere with thought and to weaken it, as well as a mental condition of the person being the subject of a parcel. Own thoughts it is possible to block absolutely access of thoughts far if their character isn't conformable with sent thought. It is possible to protect with thought itself from spatial influences, thought it is possible to enter into the accord with them, creating a defense, or accord of the receiver. Currents of thoughts can protect not only people, but also places, both subjects, and things. They can act is long or is short, depending on the term put on them or the mental order. Under some conditions the whole millennia can keep the force. Everything depends at most warm energy or fire, enclosed in these currents. Currents of thought can be directed in the future, and their action happens or untimely, or is precisely limited to the known term determined by the order of will. When on a thing or the phenomenon the pledge is imposed, the same mental currents are applied. Production seraphim’s, even astral, is made in the same way. Thought, having obtained the order for the term of certain duration as the faithful performer, will follow it up to the end if not to disturb own uncertainty to self-separate action of mental energy. At special coherence of the lit centers the thought turns into a beam, and then its influence is especially strong. Despite the invisible, thought there is real force. Thoughts are carried out always, but not then not as people expect it. Therefore there are a lot of seeming unrealized desires and thoughts. The thought can be carried out even in century more. Thought action is refined. The thought demands special discretion. Let's preserve thought.
470. (Oct. 14). We are newcomers from the Distant Worlds. Our thinking is higher a step of thinking human than your planet. When we Speak about Earth past, we Mean its history and mankind history in aspect of its Space Evolution and advance from the globe on the globe and from a star on a star. This is process really spatial. It covers hundreds millions years and even more. Earth present is only a step on a way of ascension of spirit. Why we Speak about the Distant Worlds? Speaking about them, we Mean the step of development of star mankind of our System of the Worlds highest in comparison with Earth. We speak about the concrete phenomenon, about what people reached on planets of the highest, on the next to Earth. In the Far Worlds you have an example and an ideal of what to people should be reached on your planet. Your consciousness to them we Direct to approve threads of communication with them hidden and a magnet of thought to attract their thinking and beams of these worlds to spheres terrestrial. Thought is magnetic. The thought magneto creates. Future evolution of terrestrial mankind will be carried out on the Distant Worlds. We direct your consciousness in area of real achievements of your brothers on the Distant Worlds. Your thought we Send to the space, which psych life beats, like a fiery stream. With concrete forms of the highest spatial life you we Want to acquaint that knew to what to direct and as. Our doctrine the full, obvious and finished scheme gives evolutions of terrestrial mankind and, stopping on sense and value of the real step reached by mankind, claims that the combination of Star Beams and a psych spatial condition of your planet allows to begin the New, Fiery Era of history of Earth, marking itself transition from old forms of life to forms new, more perfect and promoting faster advance in evolution. Shifts are huge, the mankind costs on a change. The free will allows to make a free choice meanwhile that is and that was, and that will be and that is fated. The moment responsible it is extraordinary. We Know a tracing of the Great Plan, We Know future Solar Way of mankind, and My Shows as well as where it is necessary to go, We the thought Sate space and aura of Earth, both sensitive with spirit and sensitive heart and in whom fires flare, perceive space command, the evolution direction, Space Will and our Calls. Our Beams, energy ours rush to the aid of Earth. We call all to unite in conscious understanding of gravity and responsibility of the moment. It is impossible to evade from a Way planned by the Space Magnet because destruction and destruction will be result. But counteraction against going backward and dark consciousnesses is so great that shakes scales of the Karma planetary. Fiery of all we Urge to join a stream of evolution and to enter into a rhythm of space life, a rhythm, so strong broken by irresponsible thinking and actions correspond to it. From you, already conscious employees of Light, we Demand the full, directed, ardent association with Us and in the spirit of, and heart. Too many depends now on the combined efforts. Our and our Beams if there is nobody them to perceive if there is no place to send them are powerless energy. Therefore each focus of the perception, each consciousness which has been consciously directed to Us is valuable extraordinary and full of fiery intimate sense and value. We demand association in the spirit of all in whom there is at least Light sparkle. Strong the space is sated with our Call. It is possible to lead now special spatial life, special intensity any more for the sake of itself and own rescue, but for the sake of a planet and mankind. For the sake of General Welfare this association and understanding of fiery responsibility for Earth strong is required and is full. We reply each consciousness directed and directing to Us. The response and Call become the operating energy of space available to each person, ready to leave a small world of tightly personal thinking. The space calls, the space waits and is ready to reply spirit addressing to it. Whether it is possible to fall asleep on a volcano which woke up? Now Earth, the energy being on the devil of explosion is similar to a volcano of fiery energy. To keep balance is our task, and yours – to help, everyone – on forces. Help to hold everyone balances. Not to dead persons I Address, but to people live. Keeping the balance, in the microcosm, to us the help you bear, because all of us a whole, one great family of mankind. Part it itself understanding and keeping balance, you act, without knowing that, on wide space and you help all. From the Distant Worlds and space evolution we pass to heart, both force and its fires we join a stream of universal evolution, promoting the Great Cause.
471. The lord, help me to put my consciousness to orbit of thinking of the Brotherhood.
472. (Oct. 19). The new Century will give new people. Be protected only with my Name. I approach only those who will be a way to Light. So, we orbit thinking of the Brotherhood. Are surrounded is the darkness. The way now lies through darkness. It is a lot of Secrets in Space. The spirit of the person plunges into matter depths to rise to its tops. In the same way, that in the Tower to rise, it is necessary, having gone down, to pass through darkness, by monsters her winner of a gloom, that is through darkness to carry by () light, it not kindling. Firmness of light only in darkness is learned and approved in it. In total to light going this track passed that in light to see my Light. It is necessary to carry by it through spheres terrestrial, a way указуя another, too claiming Light. After all our Light not for itself, but for the world, for in it living people. So through life passed all Great Spirits, everything that followed the top way. Socrat, Kampanella, Jan Guus, Jeanne D'Ark and other all, is higher and lower than them, all the lamp bore through darkness and informed. The orbit of the Brotherhood is wide, high and in Boundlessness a land and concerns spheres of the Distant Worlds. Having entered into the sphere of its magnetic field and having become its part, already never there will be a participant of its subjects, than there was he earlier. The press of the Brotherhood will arrive on it in all days of its life on Earth. Will ask: why the way is so heavy? Tell: to approve Light and in a fiery hearth to hold down and temper a shining blade of spirit. Each kind aspiration of spirit is supported by us. When the will going to Us merges with ours, freedom it isn't broken and the way of ascension is voluntary. Everyone called in violently, everyone powerlessly fallen under influence, even the highest, is unreliable because take-off of his consciousness goes others energy. Its receipt comes to an end – and falling becomes inevitable. That is why so we Want to approve light self-proceeding. And then energy of our Beams, integrated with beams of this self-proceeding Light, give a resistant flame, go out, which no darkness can. Fluctuations of incompleteness, instability – an advance consequence not the, but borrowed light. Invited all flash this borrowed light, but the elite goes the, strengthened Light Called. Amateur performance is valuable the fires. Our help is ready to fly to everyone, having at least a sparkle of self-proceeding Light. Dead by heart of subjects also are doomed that have in itself no anything to what energy of the highest fires could put. The gravitational field of an orbit of thinking of the Brotherhood involves to the sphere of energy of thought, conformable to it, and creators of these thoughts, enriching everyone related this thought with elements. There is an exchange of the highest energy and saturation of the corresponding layers by them, an exchange life-giving, life to a planet the giving.
473. (Oct. 20). The world from today is result of days former. We channelize each thought in the future for its implementation in it. There are no thoughts at Us casual, aimless, unnecessary. In the Brotherhood orbit the present is a consequence of conscious creation of the past. That is why we can predict without a mistake a current of the phenomena of the future approved by our Will from this day. If to direct thinking of mankind in the accord with ours, the world could be made out according to the plan traced (Us) and to build the future such what the will and reason wants. But it is necessary that the will of certain people and will of all collective of terrestrial mankind would merge with Will our, being Will Cosmic expression, that is (Will) being in full harmony with Laws of Evolution Real. Our task of people to teach understanding of requirements of evolution and to give them knowledge of ways of an ascension of spirit and the external conditions reflecting forward advance of mankind in the future. The future planning, even the next years, is true, but still imperfect following and imitation, though unconscious, to our actions, because Ourselves too performers, but already Great Space Plan of evolutionary development of humanity of our System of the Worlds.
476. The way of Brothers of mankind is the Victim way. The book about the Victim serves as an illustration to life of Spirits Great. To them imitating, you enter at a step of the Ladder of Light. Only the having and able gives! Can't give, who has nothing. Gifts are given spirit. The future planning, even the next years, is true, but still imperfect following and imitation, though unconscious, to our actions, because Ourselves too performers, but already Great Space Plan of evolutionary development of humanity of our System of the Worlds.
474. In the accord with the Plan Great and the person of the future will begin to plan the course of individual evolution of the spirit. He will know that that process, in which its internal life comes to light, isn't interrupted and proceeds from the past in the present and from the present – in Boundlessness and that he, the will, can direct this process to the due bed of the general course of evolution. As also its individual plan of evolution of its spirit won't be limited any more to one only life of one embodiment, but will mention their chain stretched in the same Boundlessness in which all is carried away.
475. When, the world having left, you will enter into our World, to spheres of universal thought, a stream of perceptions powerful stream will join consciousness because borders of the personal world and its interests were a barrier to it. It also means acceptance of the Bowl of General Welfare. It was told: "be rejected from it and follow Me". Really it isn't clear still that the key to evolution of spirit consists in these words.
476. The way of Brothers of mankind is the Victim way. The book about the Victim serves as an illustration to life of Spirits Great. To them imitating, you enter at a step of the Ladder of Light; only the having and able gives. Can't give who has nothing. Gifts are given spirit. Where take them, as not at Brothers Great. Come; take without number and without the account. Plentifully and generously we Give if undertakes not for itself, but for General Welfare. Generously we Give if the world rejects also anything personal already more doesn't burden consciousness. How to let it is better known that egoism and personal thinking enemies to the person and the barriers lying on a way of ascension of spirit. Identity – not the personality limited to a close form of this embodiment and all conventions of this time. Only having risen over them, it is possible to concern Shining Spheres of Space Thought.
477. Yes! Yes! Yes! Great cruelty human on relation to that, from what Light and Knowledge they receive! Greedy take, devouring others energy; last strong, seeking to gather till the end and to devastate, but never admit neither, nor another how they arrive because, having taken everything that can, address right there on given, trampling on feet of Treasure of spirit and The one Who Gives. Therefore distribute circumspectly and carefully cover spirit fire from ant malignant gossip of devourers of mental energy. People yet didn't learn to protect Those Who can give. Many tortured, many killed, but mentally tormented everything, all. Remember strong: Ramakrishna was torn to pieces not by enemies, but followers, admirers and admirers, tore to pieces mentally. Therefore I Speak, be preserved you able and able to give, be preserved against devourers and vampires of all steps that can help those who is worthy and who brought jugs, but not a sieve full of holes for receiving your donations.
478. How it is possible to see faces of former embodiments, without having left a vicious circle of the identity of an embodiment of the present?
479. (Oct. 21). My son, terrible time, but blind, deaf and silent heart don't see and don't want to see that where got their ignorance, roughness and denial, but sensitive feel and spirit rush about in waiting the unknown future for them. In space there are a lot of red fires, harbingers of the unknown phenomena. Tension of space is great. Elements sharply react to spatial trouble. The body of a planet is similar to the person being in a paroxysm of a fever. But the spirit human is silent. What is necessary still that it wakened? Waves of the phenomena will amplify in a growing progression, yet won't cause spirit response. Only enlightenment to understanding of the events and response of the spirit awakened to reality will be able to return to a planet the lost balance. Not before elements will be included into coast, than spirit of mankind as a whole, having raised over a veil of dense conditions, energy the will direct up and that will bridle and will constrain their powerful revelry. Now energy of spirit is directed down and in many parts of the world – on destruction. It also causes planetary disbalance, which terrible ghosts already display in movements of the raged elements.
480. Experiences of transferring of sensitivity on distance deserve the closest attention. What is transferred and how? The perception center from within also is transferred outside, out of a physical body. How? Way concentration on external object! Feelers of spirit are stretched outside. Whether there is a limit? No. What is transferred? Consciousness! But guards of a threshold prevent to pass through a threshold. Their name: personality and egocentrism. The identity of this embodiment keeps consciousness in the orbit, without allowing it to leave out of its limits. The astral exit facilitates a lot of things, but is dangerous, if without the Teacher and without will control. But it is necessary to move. How? By transferring of the consciousness to Heart of the Lord! "I in you, you in Me" is a formula of spatial life. Soul of the Teacher is your house and laboratory for the most courageous and impudent scientific researches. Laboratory of Great Heart. Decision is in association of consciousnesses and merges. But it is possible only, when is replaced with Mine, small – big and Great. I will finish words: "Depart from itself and follow Me".
481. At immersion in a hypnotic dream the personal consciousness fills up, and then from depths of consciousness individual it is possible to cause to manifestation other persons from other embodiments which don't know each other, though are strung on one thread, on one core of spirit. It is impossible to concern persons of last embodiments, without having departed aside from the identity of this embodiment. One forces out another. But to keep a memory about the past and it is possible to transfer it to the present. The partition of conductors allows consciousness transferring from one cover in another, and then the area of the Immortal Triad will give the chance to glance consciously in the past. 478. How it is possible to see faces of former embodiments, without having left a vicious circle of the identity of an embodiment of the present?
479. (Oct. 21). My son, terrible time, but blind, deaf and silent heart don't see and don't want to see that where got their ignorance, roughness and denial, but sensitive feel and spirit rush about waiting for the unknown future for them. In space there are a lot of red fires, harbingers of the unknown phenomena. Tension of space is great. Elements sharply react to spatial trouble. The body of a planet is similar to the person being in a paroxysm of a fever. But the spirit human is silent. What is necessary still that it wakened? Waves of the phenomena will amplify in a growing progression, yet won't cause spirit response. Only enlightenment to understanding of the events and response of the spirit awakened to reality will be able to return to a planet the lost balance. Not before elements will be included into coast, than spirit of mankind as a whole, having raised over a veil of dense conditions, energy the will direct up and that will bridle and will constrain their powerful revelry. Now energy of spirit is directed down and in many parts of the world – on destruction. It also causes planetary disbalance, which terrible ghosts already display in movements of the raged elements.
480. Experiences of transferring of sensitivity on distance deserve the closest attention. What is transferred and how? The perception center from within also is transferred outside, out of a physical body. How? Way concentration on external object! Feelers of spirit are stretched outside. Whether there is a limit? No. What is transferred? Consciousness. But guards of a threshold prevent to pass through a threshold. Their name: personality and egocentrism. The identity of this embodiment keeps consciousness in the orbit, without allowing it to leave out of its limits. The astral exit facilitates a lot of things, but is dangerous, if without the Teacher and without will control. But it is necessary to move. How? By transferring of the consciousness to Heart of the Lord! «I in you, you in Me" – a formula of spatial life. Soul of the Teacher is your house and laboratory for the most courageous and impudent scientific researches. Laboratory of Great Heart! The decision in association of consciousnesses and merge, - but it is possible only when is replaced with mine, small – big and Great. I will finish words: "Depart from itself and follow Me".
481. At immersion in a hypnotic dream the personal consciousness fills up, and then from depths of consciousness individual it is possible to cause to manifestation other persons from other embodiments which don't know each other, though are strung on one thread, on one core of spirit. It is impossible to concern persons of last embodiments, without having departed aside from the identity of this embodiment. One forces out another. But to keep a memory about the past and it is possible to transfer it to the present. The partition of conductors allows consciousness transferring from one cover in another, and then the area of the Immortal Triad will give the chance to glance consciously in the past. Splinters of far memoirs flash at times before consciousness, but it occurs casually, on association, at similarity of the real conditions that was once. The area of last existence is the sphere available to studying, but at the direct guide of the Teacher. Available everything, but with Me.
482. (Oct. 23). The importance of the phenomena is determined not by their appearance, but by what the eye doesn't see. External it is visible to all, but internal – only to heart. The thread of heart is stretched to the studied phenomenon or object, and reaction from it goes to heart.
483. (Oct. 24). I make efforts to allowing explosion. Streams of events in one stream which We Direct on a useful wave merge. Madness of darkness pushes it on an extreme. Madness I Will subdue. Our guards don't doze.
484. (Oct. 25). ... first, all there is told. It won't cope with a task, but the world, (that is) the people will consult. Danger will unite all who for the world, and becomes decisive force is a way to unite light – (on a method) Adversa tactics. My Hand strong holds a bridle of events – as the Conductor of a world orchestra of consciousnesses – while there is confusion. And then the world symphony will begin to sound. The harp of spirit is adjusted all right, sounds in this key. It is necessary to adjust millions. Cacophonies are not surprised. Without an attuning of the symphony not receive. The orchestra (from) million consciousnesses, the different tools, but tone will be one: world and coherence key. So not to pass is only with Me. The tool will be useful if sounds in Me this key and submitting to the Hand of the Conductor. When there will be a uniform herd, all will begin to sound, who from spirit, in tone concordant. Explosion won't be: so Tells Power of Hierarchy of Light. It is necessary under the sign of a message, differently not to unite and Divisions not to finish. You, my children, are now very necessary to me, all and everyone. You stick to Me, current without interrupting. When the dense consciousness distracts life usual, let communication nevertheless hold. Time of responsibility of everyone for all and for everything! Let everyone will enclose heart and thought in Common Cause of rescue of a planet, joining chorus united against forces of destruction and darkness of consciousnesses. Where it was, everyone can help, having become heart on the world party. To madness of dark and angry destroyers ardent heart and reason we oppose all, who for the world. They also inherit Earth, and angry will leave. Against them, destroyer’s dark, also there is now a great association of mankind under the World Banner.
485. My son, whether you realize, what value has each coordinated consciousness in circulation of planetary events. Even if at least and without one only the righteous person isn't present to "a standing hail", and not to hold a planet if any number of the concordant hearts united in Heart of the Lord, selflessly don't rise in defense it from gloom forces. If two integrated auras can work wonders, what can create a dodecahedron? Therefore association in the spirit of concordant consciousnesses has huge value during the periods of special heaps of planetary events. At these moments to be with Us, to us giving all of energy of the microcosm means consciously to be put into our Operation and to help Us. Each conscious help is especially valuable and especially necessary. Conscious association in the spirit of both heart and thoughts with Me will be business of paramount importance. Only misunderstanding and ignorance can tell, being self-destroyed that the help such is insignificant! When Someone bears the unreasonable weight, everyone, even the low-slightest, warm effort to facilitate its advantage brings, so necessary at these moments, whatever insignificant she seemed. It is impossible to measure in the world of another dimensions of energy of heart in arshin, and even small, but the sincere warm effort will give a consequence. Therefore Show to keep inseparably, to energy of thought and heart Me sending. On the Guard Great – Lords, on the guard arrive also you, mine howl.
486. If earlier the prayer was with the purpose to take, nowadays let will be it on purpose – to give and the Address – as.
487. (Oct. 27). We Believe that spatial Service is higher usual because it is necessary that the consciousness corresponded. Spatial service differs from usual that doesn't demand any external conditions for the performance. What they were, the thought and aspiration are free always if the consciousness was adequately cleared of coherence by an external dense environment. Even very high spirits retired in the woods and deserts and far mountains that external vanity didn't disturb. But nowadays from the Attendant of General Welfare something is required bigger: it is put in the middle of a worldly stream, in the thick of life that especially fully and self-denial it could direct the efforts on service to the world. The feat is hard, and tension of concentration exceeds all measures terrestrial. But and results of such dedication are huge. To judge not to it, but us! We See how our Beams, pro-butting space and assimilating with energy of its microcosm, become beams self-proceeding and, extending around to spheres of its direct environment, create the hidden benefit at distances which his lightful thought concerns. Thought you create with Us in common a projection of evolution of a planet future. The conveyor of consciousness it constantly sates space images and forms of mental constructions, with Us conformable and helping people to find the correct direction in their aspirations in the future. Wheel of cooperation we Call warm and mental activity of such patrol consciousness constantly accepting our parcels and sating with them consciousness of everything that, it is conducted or it isn't known for myself, can apprehend them. People much to a bowl, than they think, scoop new thoughts from space. Therefore problems of cementation by his thoughts, conformable with evolution requirements, are business of extreme and most urgent need. To whom we Can charge this responsible task, as not to the next. Who, as not they, won't distort our Tracings? Who, as not they will perform this work in the full accord with our Desire? Focus of their consciousness is the receiver of our Beams, one on the wide space, feeding with the thought consciousness of everything that is ready to apprehend these Calls. The aura of a planet is saturated with them. They are depicted obviously already on consciousness of sets. And in this great work the heavy burden of Spatial Service is born on themselves by those who are put by us on forks of planetary ways.
488. (Oct. 28). Contact not always happens to the tank of spatial thought in a desirable form. There are a lot of reasons for that. It is impossible to consider the direction of currents, their force, number and a tonality and therefore it is best of all to sound on an aspiration wave to the chosen Focus of Light. Constancy gives assimilation and will adapt an organism for Focus tension already without prejudice to health. The difference in vibrations of environment and Focus of Light is so great that without long preparation the organism wouldn't be able to sustain a press of sent energy. From here is and, apparently, unclear breaks and many other signs of Care. Yesterday's tension affected already in the eyes; it is necessary to be kept! The device human is thin and demands the careful attitude towards. It isn't necessary to trouble it over the put measure. Now many organisms don't maintain and fuse. Special now time.
489. (Oct. 28). Qualities of spirit are accumulation of the Immortal Triad and therefore are the integral property of the person. The child in a cradle already completely possesses all these qualities which form certain tendencies and abilities in his character. Everything that it gets during this embodiment leaves it with death of a body and its other mortal conductors, but the qualities expressed or strengthened by these temporary acquisitions, remain with it forever, growing and perfecting, or decreasing and being exposed to gets rid process. Courage or fear accompanies the person through many lives, as well as all other qualities of spirit. The person forgets language which he speaks, or languages which it studied, but the ability strengthened by these studying, with it remains on the future. Not all these qualities can come to light in this embodiment fully, thanks to a combination, but accumulation nevertheless remain with spirit, expecting that the moment when will flash all fires. External luster, the manners acquired in this embodiment, feature of time and era – all this remains in covers, for the period of their existence, but in the Triad abilities, tendencies and qualities of spirit will take roots only. To separate from itself these enduring properties with the next embodiments from all temporary and passing – will promote a partition of conductors and will allow seeing what exactly roots in each of them. Covers serve as conductors of qualities, properties and tendencies of spirit on plans corresponding to them, and each of them is given the chance to be shown only by what correspond to it. Transferring of the phenomenon of a dense order to the World Thin doesn't give the chance to the person of them to carry out as it did it on Earth. Excesses of imagination and desires of a corporal order are regulated by the Law. Mastering by has to be complete on Earth.
490. (Oct. 30). We Give thought and the direction, but have to carry out. The spirit ascension goes a hand and a foot human. To think that someone or something will execute for the person, will be a mistake. We throw ideas into space, we Introduce ideas in brains and we Look how they will refract in consciousness of sets. Conducts thought. To be idle and wait, without applying the energy, is means to stand aside, behind a board. But it is possible to help thought and not just one hand. Even hands without thought – anything. The thoughts join the general copper and somehow influence, changing its contents. To help thought to Common Cause is the task lying on those who know the course of evolution and the Tracing of the Great Plan. Everything that doesn't correspond to it, or deviate it is subject to correction by thought. We Create thought; to us imitating, as you create also. All the time, which is, in your hands and energy of thought? Image throwing into space as an amendment of the phenomenon deviating evolution, the benefit you create because in creativity it We.
491. (Oct. 31). Acceptance of our parcels is the sign of high trust and recognition. We Know also Shows ways of implementation of the Great Plan. We know and See everything menacing and all menacing and we Stop their actions. It is necessary to believe in our Power. We provide related topics that it is necessary for them at present, no more, because the moment is sharp. I send the Beam of special function, a need Beam for protection and communication. The moment is sharp. To leave one – means to betray to darkness. Now it is very active. Its fate for all times is decided. The owner isn't present; there will be no servants also. Accords aren't present but if knew, what now tension in the Tower. It is a question of planet rescue. We Want that the black cover of darkness didn't concern consciousness of relatives. The darkness is great. Follow from Us! To war not to happen! Our Decision and is Will Lord. But it is stuffy and it is heavy under the sign of war. It is possible to resist spirit and in the spirit of. We help. Danger shouldn't be surprised – usual borders and space spheres are torn.
492. (Nov. 4). So, the science already recognizes suggestion at distance that is thought transfer that is energy. The beginning should be eaten, so to what to put. Not to compare power influence of one will to power of influence of the soldered group or strong joint collective. Still more powerfully energy of thought of the whole people and even all mankind, but united in one monolith on the line hearts Force of influence of such thought will be not resisted even by power of elements in planetary scale. If such powerful association worked well, it would be possible systematically, scientifically and without limiting opportunities to work wonders which aren't present and can't be because all is subordinated to certain laws and all is material, that is gives in to studying and the analysis. Such energy it would be possible to regulate climate, a current of underground fire, to neutralize or subdue power of hurricanes and all other natural disasters. The field of the appendix of collective energy of thought is so wide that many people won't be able simply to contain. The device of a human body, and opportunity it is wonderful are boundless. When such device given to a working condition, unites the energy with other same devices, becomes possible to operate life of a planet and the processes which are occurring on it. Once long ago, dodecahedron force, huge boulders of which there were constructions rose from the earth. That it is possible to create power of the integrated people having access to use of power of collective thought. Certainly, it is a future problem. That country, which will approach the first to understanding of these questions, will be the Leading Country. But forces of destruction have to leave from a planet and wars to disappear, differently power of the integrated mental energy directed on destruction, will cause accident as it and was in a case with Atlantis. For the present people aren't ready to peace cooperation, energy these to them in hands to give still early. But it is possible to give some opportunities to the country which is standing up for the world, on protection it. It is much dangerously to give because enemies, hating and damning, nevertheless will start imitating. But as to their energy will be directed on destruction, not to avoid harm, and it can be very considerable. It is necessary that association of millions hearts would be full-string and harmoniously conformable that as heart uniform, hearts of everything entering into this huge circle of integrated consciousnesses fought. And then it is possible to create this force what even can't be presented now. Opportunities will be given, but not before wars will disappear. To creators and builders of New Life it will be given, but not to destroyer’s dark, still dishonoring a planet. Our Beams is over the New Country, over your Homeland. The great future is necessary to it, and ours of energy with it.
493. I consider accepted any burning of spirit, if from Light it. I consider useful to stay away from people. Privacy and loneliness I Consider useful, differently I not bring. Not collected will tear to pieces. The vamp biped and especially knowing at least remains is terrible. Insatiable devourers of others energy turn out from such, concerned, but it is better not become. The accord went on your wave, and now on mine: the world isn't present on Earth and won't be, I Won't come yet. Who will accept Me? Everything, who not from darkness! Now danger (war) isn't present, but perhaps.
494. (Nov. 5). Flight of time is hurry. In one day to live twenty – rates of events are that. In five years is hundred. For one life are twenty. As tension spatial energy, and with it and a consciousness rhythm amplified also: kaleidoscope of the phenomena inside and outside. We know sense of acceleration. It is Fire work. Exists not that, what we see, but that behind it, and is Fire. Categorical form of a matter – too Fire. The fiery Era began. Fire – either the destroyer or the creator. Depends on how it is directed. Destroyers direct on destruction. We direct on life construction and if we destroy, for Creation. Fiery creating and fiery eating is ignition in the microcosm or those, or other fires. The dark flame is destructive. Fires of desires an organism destroy Eating. Force of fires lit by the will eating has to sputter out under the law up to the end on the one, who them ignition. It is necessary to learn to own all the fires which are lit. It is possible to own everything, even steady fire of habits, and to operate all. Thought – fire, the word – fire, feelings – fires. Everything learns to operate and you study that incessantly. If don't learn here, on Earth, to operate and own the fires, there will be late, and there, in World Aboveground, fires will own the person, but not will – fires. From here idea of a hellish flame because, unrestrained and (unmetered) uncontrollable, – burns down, however, it burns down and on Earth. You look at drunkards, addicts, gamblers, sensualist and all other slaves to a flame of the desires. The lord to be judgment the person over everything that outside, over everything that inside is the lord of a flame of life. And then fiery eating becomes creating fire. To seize it – means to own the Main Energy of the World by which everything because a matter basis – Fire is movable. Basis – Fire and thoughts, both feelings, and all processes happening in a body, and all processes happening in Space.
495. All says goodbye to the one who learned to own itself (himself) who came out the winner from all tests who even managed to wrap up temporary defeat by a victory, having learned from it in it the concluded lesson. As I Turn everything on advantage, also you, taking from all phenomena opposite the experience given everyone, and energy of these phenomena you learn to turn as a useful wave. Everything serves, all forces, both dark, and light, – inure to advantage to the one who learned to own itself(himself), that is against itself won. And that flame which just burned down, both destructive was, and to will do submit becomes obedient in hands of the winner. Fight and victory – we will remember well. When even defeat gives strength to new victories – the way is correct. It is correct to consider that the outcome of campaign is turned by the last battle. Therefore whatever difficult and unattainable the victory seemed, you remember that the last fight solves everything. Give this fight always in will of the person, because at his order all the time which is, and all future which is formed by his will. If it isn't enough forces today, tomorrow it is possible to save up them, and in time to collect their enough for any action. Repeated thoughts accumulate fiery energy. The thought of a victory to a victory conducts. Final defeat is impossible and it is impossible, but the victory is possible. And go victoriously, knowing that is fated to the person a victory and the power over any flesh if he managed to win against itself (himself). Soldier Mine, approve a victory because together we go because I with you.
496. The concession to crafty hands isn't considered dark a victory. Never, never any consider any defeat the final; unless it is possible to strike spirit? The spirit will rise from fires of tests, as a phoenix from ashes. Therefore I Claim: to a victory we go how it was gloomy around and how the darkness in the attempts goes out, spirit fires raged.
497. (Nov. 6). My son, in My consciousness two worlds in one, cause and effect – in one indissoluble whole are merged. The usual consciousness sees only the world dense, denying the Invisible World. And if believes in him, nevertheless doesn't see. The consciousness, opened to both, closes an arch around. Such consciousness we Call bipolar. It is possible to go only on two feet, on only one to stand or jump. Mankind jumps, because consciousness of people one polar are ridiculous, - from here and a constant deviation from following on the way of evolution. The world that exists as to deny it! How to deny that, in visibility until then hidden forms from where are shown. The idea arises in consciousness, is given a shape invisible to an eye, and then puts on a flesh. The bicycle, the car, the plane were so created, as well as other everything. Completeness of consciousness is achieved only by recognition of both peaces. The world bipolar is wide: the last and future consist in it is mute. Prototypes of future realization there are created later to pour out in dense forms. It is necessary to know it. How create, if to deny the real. Nowadays create denying, but nevertheless without knowing that follow the law under, which creativity is feasible, as it will blossom, when will know. Dialectically it is necessary to recognize existence of the Hidden World. Then irresponsibility of acts and affairs inconceivable becomes because will know that from consequences of the acts not to leave anywhere and what not to hide anything. Everything becomes obvious, and it is necessary to pay for everything. The science opens a gate to the World Thin, and it will be impossible to deny evidence more. When the border between the worlds will be erased, the consciousness becomes bipolar and Treasures of space become available. World Distant far on routes of the three-dimensional Universe, but they are close in measurements of the Thin World. I it is far behind mountains, the seas, fields, but I Am close in the spirit of because for spirit there are no distances because spirit – out of measurements three-dimensional. In the same way and with a contact of the Distant Worlds – they can in the spirit of concern if to direct on them thought. To the purpose leads aspiration as brought you to Me. The aspiration breaks through channels in substance of the Hidden World and approaches consciousness to object on which the thought is directed. Therefore I Speak, everything is achievable because doesn't exist for thought of barriers. It was told, thought dare. The thought will bring to a goal. The dream is the thought having wings. There are also wingless thoughts, heavy, dark, to clouds lead is similar hanging over consciousness, suppressing it. Different thoughts happen. But to the purpose bear only winged thoughts.
498. (Nov. 7). Victory. On our Board the word "Victory" is traced. The board of Light will victoriously cover the affairs created for the sake of the New World. It is hard to build it. But construction nevertheless goes successfully and strongly. It is so much forces against Us the leaving old world. But they are powerless against Us though collected considerable forces. "Victory" is on our Board. I speak: to anything their inventions. On sand they build. Who goes against Us, won't win a victory. Quietly you look forward and you watch how undertakings their one behind another will be destroyed, step by step, and as the New World is approved strong on planet open spaces and as it will be approved everywhere. Each attempt of the old world to strengthen itself will cause all new and new waves of counteraction of the New World while waves won't wash away the World old. The car of the dark idles. And it is good that don't see because would rave still growing furious. Much you blow a victory, not far off it.
499. Yes! Yes! Yes! Are allowed sang to collect scatterings of thoughts from Us. I Died for this purpose who is dead spirit. Light in heart to people bear, and there will be to you a benefit. Lightful is the spirit press on it. Here appointment of our people: to shine everywhere, to shine always, to shine like the sun – here a way the shortest to Me, self-sacrificing, severe.
500. (Nov. 8). Force not constrained – not force. Force can't be saved up, without constraining it is constant. Therefore we Say about restraint of that, unrestrained, it is wasted constantly and flows away, leaving the person settled and empty. Patrol over an expenditure of the forces is necessary constant while restraint doesn't become a habit of expression of activity of all being. The violent expenditure of mental energy is inadmissible because certainly causes damage, breaking a harmonious condition of a microcosm. Control over mental energy is necessary because it leads to mastering by the fires. It is good, when each movement in the conductors, each thought, the word and feeling – under no dozing control. It is worth observing behavior of people to see that dissoluteness of mental energy is peculiar to weakness and a pettiness. Each fieriness of feelings and emotions of we betray in the power to the covers, as well as the corresponding thoughts and the feelings poured in space. If pleasure it is possible to draw from space pleasure, a grief – a grief, tears – tears, irritation – irritation, rage – rage, fear – fear, that is each not constrained and allowed emotion, thought and feeling it is possible to draw from space the same feeling, emotion and thought, but already strengthened by its megaphone and strengthened by the spatial accord. The consciousness cooperates with conformable to it spheres in degree very wide, even unsuspected people because influence of spatial energy is denied by them. And meanwhile, where those disappear all of energy which are radiated by the person? They go to space, saying it with emanations of a different order – from high to the lowest, disharmonious and ugly. Each movement in the covers we bring themselves into the accord with spatial energy of the same order, strengthening that movement which happens in this or that conductor. Control is necessary to preserve itself against harmful effects, and restraint – for accumulation of the fiery energy which is so often dissipated empty. Only when the silver bridle of spirit starts sparkling on feelings and emotions of the pupil, the Teacher slightly opens a veil. And not once and somewhere it is necessary to show this restraint, today, now, attaching this Decree in life, in practice strong.
501. Happiness is in the spirit of. Out of dependences it from an external environment. It having understood, the pleasure can be drawn from space, it calling. Pleasure! Pleasure! Pleasure! Come. The space pleasure sounds highly over Earth. It is necessary in the spirit of to rise there. Ecstasy is a highest step of pleasure. Terrestrial having left, it is possible to test it. When the spirit soars in space, free, terrestrial it isn't necessary. Planet having chosen, it is possible to direct to it. The spatial consciousness will bring a distant message and pleasure to freedom of spirit from a flesh. Decree: rhythm to reach impossible nowadays. The rhythm is a way of progressive increase of force enclosed in an initial impulse. I wish success on a further way.
502. (Nov. 9). The thought is starting evolutions. Studying of thought can devote all life. It isn't enough one institute and other scientific institutions – individual research because the thought is a basis real is necessary. What is the thought? As mistake will consider that it is derivative a brain because one incarnation people that are not having bodies and a brain can think also. The brain is the tool of the person, the physical device via which the thought works, but the throne of thought is higher. The exit serves as an illustration in an astral of that the person can think and out of the body, without dying at all. The adherent consciously proves in astral and mental bodies. Mental body calls a thought body, and it is correct. But there is also a thought fiery. Means, and in a fiery body the thought, however, a bit different order distinguishing it from thought usual works. Work as thought usual at mathematical calculations requires time, a pencil and paper or a calculating machine. It isn't necessary all this at action of fiery thought. The person simply knows instantly that he wants to know. It already property of the fiery consciousness, is still so far from realization by its masses. Only in cases rare and single people are given its gleams, as prototypes of future achievements. The area of fiery thought is area of the spirit exempted from the power over it of covers, area of fiery consciousness when already fiery body is issued. Yes! Yes! It is material as fire is material, though is invisible a physical eye and though belongs to manifestations of the thinnest lightful matter. All this, however, at all doesn't disturb scientific studying of the phenomenon of thought. This studying so will give a lot of things that before science the whole area, the whole world of the phenomena denied now will open. We Call it the world mental. Not to pass by it when studying Space. In passing it is necessary to concern and the astral world. And then the World Hidden, proved obviously science, will be included into consciousness of mankind as inseparable part and a basis of the visible world.
503. Even simple acceptance in consciousness of my thoughts is useful. Show to rely in everything on Me, providing to solve finally to Me and betraying Me the will and merging it in a consent with Will Myself, When two will, My and your, unite voluntary and freely in one, then the free will isn't broke, but merge of consciousnesses is reached. That is why admiration (and an ascension) spirit goes a formula "yes there will be your will, the Lord". Not the will of covers, but will of the Highest Triad merges with Will Myself, and covers submit to them merged. The apprenticeship at distance is much more difficult usual – are blissful not seeing, but believed. Know, know as much as possible, but the knowledge it let will be purposeful.
504. (Nov. 10). Light is material. The spirit is material. Non-materially only anything, that is that, what in the nature not exist? For the manifestation, on whatever plan it was carried out, the spirit needs the corresponding degree of a matter. The highest manifestations of spirit are material. And the Highest Spirits on even the Buddha plan are invested by the thinnest matter. For all its types on the plan spiritual we Have special names. Division into spirit and matter can be accepted only in such understanding. Too many distortions were formed from the wrong idea both of spirit, and of a matter, both of an inner world, and of the material. It is impossible to oppose more a matter and spirit, because both of these phenomena only opposite poles of a thing uniform, inseparable from each other, as two ends of one stick. From one pole to another there is the connecting line, representing itself various gradation of a matter from the densest to refined, invisible to an eye terrestrial and unknown still to science. All visible and Invisible Worlds are in limits of these two poles, and to speak about the non-material phenomena as it is ridiculous how to speak about "anything". So, miracles aren't present and was never; death aren't present and was never – there are changes only the form investing grain of life; also there is nothing that would be not invested by a matter of this or that degree of density or depression. Bodies of Spirits Planetary, even the highest, too are invested by Light matter. As well materialists of the old world should tell that their idea of wealth, variety and boundlessness of identifications of a material scale which so more widely and so surpasses their poor imagination, as far as Eternity is poor surpasses the short moment of the present hour.
505. (M. A. Y.). Yes! Yes! Yes! Spirit bonds – over the dense phenomena. They are indissoluble. Hidden threads became stronger. They can be felt; it is possible to know about them and strong in the spirit of to hold them. Wanting will come to who wants to go. Desire is in heart. Heart is immortal. Means, the way to darlings and close is ordered to nobody. Means and communication with them in the spirit of it is possible to hold the indissoluble. Everything depends on heart, on its aspirations, on love, its constancy and devotion, inflexible anything: neither time, nor separation, nor changeability of external conditions, nor severity of obvious tests.
506. Deprivation in one always means acquisition in other. Therefore the wise rejoices when the destiny something deprives of it or puts in especially constraining conditions. And the new acquisition which has replaced deprivation won't slow down itself display. Containment of ant provisions – vital, and understanding of it is practical because show on groundlessness of discontent and complaints, so, we continue to study as lives and that it gives us. Life is the best teacher, but also the pupil has to recognize it and, having recognized, to study. Without recognition of the teacher by that it is impossible to study.
507. The statement of the specified three beams goes in process of mastering by the fires and according to this difficult process. Each victory over itself to them approaches. Completeness of aspiration, intense and fiery, accelerates process. Stirs everything, distracting and darkening the purpose; wandering on the parties no facilitate a task. Concentric commitment when everything turns will to focus of aspiration and dispersion of thoughts and feelings is reduced to one, the way of achievement does direct and the shortest. The right, it is worth giving everything to approve even one beam. That then it is possible to tell about three. So, having transferred values to the sphere of the purpose set for, values which above all surrounding, it is possible both all consciousness and heart to transfer together with them, knowing that, where Treasure, there and heart. If heart and thought in subjects and things around and the phenomena of the world terrestrial, passing quickly is enclosed, in these subjects, the phenomena and things and there will be a poor heart, but not with that and not that above all and that doesn't come in time. So achievement of the purpose and the statement of three beams specified earlier depend on the solution of will.
508. (M. A. Y.). Bearing (silent) Assignment of the Brotherhood! Sense of the Assignment is Light to people to bear. The silent Assignment, the silent victim – the most difficult because the saved-up fiery energy demands an exit, but is spent spatially and in silence. So brings light bearing in spheres terrestrial: silently, without the sermon and addresses, like eremites in the hidden caves of mountains Himalaya, but being among life, in its thick, among ordinary people, and itself being externally usual. The assignment is difficult extraordinary. But to Assignment understanding in the spirit of force the point gives also the grounds of a strong support of the third triangle.
509. (M. A. Y.). Yes! Yes! The head in heavens, and feet on Earth, going on the ground firmly and more strong than people of Earth. Combine in balance full heavenly and terrestrial, spiritual and material – Arhat's property. I remind the word "Adherent" – not the distant fairy tale. Everything if test the victory crowns says goodbye. Correctly, correctly, correctly, three times this I confirm: not I, but to me have to wanting to come, having directed, – both to me, and to the Lord. This condition is unconditional. Knowing won't wait – it will come and will take that by right, to the Space Right, it. Call we Answer always, but only call. Aspiration has the same basis. The formula "dare, the child" remains invariable in centuries. Heartache – a sign of special tension of Communication.
510. (Nov. 12). The special tension of Communication difficultly maintain for an organism. Therefore some break or, in any case, weakening of a press is required. Gradual and long assimilation of the Beam is necessary.
511. (M. A. Y.). As well as then, and now, and it is always empty around, and it is possible to consider on fingers as one only hands of those who, having approached, won't leave. Widely to consider not in our habits; what to think of the passersby met by you and what long to guess – nobody approaches to be the satellite true on a long way, except for two or three. Besides, at many is the way, too to the purpose leading, but alien and far for you. Let’s not judge much and to dress up, it is important to find out only, on the way or not, it is close or far, good or bad. Gift of pleasure is allowed to learn the human to you. Gives a little, but separates the unusable. Human you should know the nature for the future more not to be mistaken anymore and behind an external mask to see to be able a face of true essence, a mask covered. Therefore and lessons and such high price or a payment for experience are severe. Let's not stand behind the price because experience is invaluable. Without knowledge of the person Arhat’s step is unattainable. It is possible to renounce past only for the sake of the future. Freedom (spirit) will be love and an evolution step (obviously, a going step. – B.N.Abramov).
512. (Nov. 13). Wisdom of the Leader is that harmoniously and comprehensively He Seeks to develop all qualities of spirit. Therefore also life is so peculiar and unusual, and it is so much in it changes and so many the most various people and conditions. Unilateral development with prevalence of any one ability or qualities, even uncommon, won't lead to the purpose because all sides of spirit have to begin to shine, everyone the color, specialization and a unilateralist not our ways. For one life it is necessary to live many lives. Many extinguish from old debt and learn much. And often Leading in a difficult situation – it is possibly how to give more, having not too burdened and without having undermined forces. Conducted not to consider everything because much doesn't see and doesn't know – better to rely on the Leader. It Will finish and Will keep forces, having correctly distributed them. The way is long, forces it is necessary much, forces can't be chiseled, especially before the end. The saved-up Agni is even more necessary in Elevated, than in the world terrestrial. There it is the engine, to spirit giving a freedom of movement and flights. Without Agni not fly in the world extra dense. It is a lot of their idols motionless, it is a lot of hardly creeping on lowlands, and it is a lot of wings deprived. The movement question in the Thin World has very great value. The decision it depends on Agni's who collected and has been saved up on Earth presence. Come there spent it and saved up. In it are life and all possibilities of manifestation of spirit. A lot of things depend on character, structure and the saved-up Agni's nature. It is possible to save up and crystals of black fires. The microcosm of the person is difficult. To save up more few, it is necessary both to seize the accumulation and to operate the fires. Otherwise they will own the person and to direct his life. Thus, the task is set the double: both accumulation and mastering. Without accumulation there will be nothing to own, without mastering of people sends itself to slavery to that, he has to be the lord of that. Relying on Wisdom of the Teacher, it is possible to solve this double problem successfully.
513. (M. A. Y.). . It was told: you are gods. Further: I in the Father and the Father in Me. Not here, both not there, and not somewhere in a place any, but in the person that people call God is concluded. God, and God's Kingdom is in the person. God – in the person, not on a distant star, and the divine His properties reveals in himself the person and can reveal force both their degree infinitely and itself to become the spokesman of the properties attributed by it to God whom it on the ignorance represents in the form of any being out of itself(himself), somewhere in space. All qualities of the Deity: the pansophy, omnipotence, ubiquitous, an omniscience and so on – can it, is boundless them developing, in itself to claim infinitely and itself to show the Face of God, which in it and except which other gods aren't present. Because the person is the god, who hasn't learned still Secrets of the essence. But Told to people – you are gods – Learnt and, the life it having imprinted, Specified a way, in life the leader. Everyone has God in itself and everyone in own way serves Him: who on wisdom, and who on ignorance and a not the reasonable. Therefore there is so much gods and so much ignorance and therefore people are so far from achievement of pansophy, omnipotence’s, a everywhere the real and all other qualities of spirit hidden in the person and attributed by it any anthropomorphic god or denied at all still. Formula – you are gods – is a basis comprising essence and sense of evolution of the person on a way of its infinite wandering from a star on a star, on a way of boundless improvement and development of the qualities of its spirit hidden in it.
514. The lord puts on the edge of a chasm not to cast into it.
515. (Nov. 14). In himself, in himself the person comprehends the last Secret of unity with the Father and with the world, which around, the last Secret the highest "I". Not to enter into Light kingdom if again not to be born. The Mater World – merge to It too Secret. It is Secret of the Beginnings.
516. There is no end to a stream of Space Thought. Arrives on accessible expression. Terrestrial representation of space, time and distances is Maya illusion. For spirit they aren't present. There is a space, but there are no distances of terrestrial and terrestrial restrictions. Their borders are passed. The form of the last (that is flowing) embodiments and forms of other embodiments, and spirit, them accepted and standing behind them, it doesn't change the form because no it has because without a form (or out of a form) and belongs to the world without forms. Light exists, but no Light form has, unless in the form of beams and focus of radiation of Light which the spirit which has dumped a form is. The spirit of a form any more has no. It is inexpressible in words in languages human. Secret is from Secrets.
517. Already I Said that isn't present "here" or "there", "yesterday" and "today" – all nowadays and here, and all in the light of space. In space of Light teach, the Lord, Wisdom of the Highest. In Consciousness the Highest two poles of the Thing Uniform unite: Light pole, pole of spirit and matter pole, merging in one.
518. Recognition by the world is necessary. Recognize then when the form won't be through which Light was given to the world. When the cover executed the terrestrial appointment, the mission, the spirit is exempted from it to accept a new Assignment. Arhat isn't attached to the covers and to anything that outside because considers nothing, even a body, being at the same time his lord and other covers. Arhat approves the power over each form, a cover or the conductor, with which its spirit is temporarily invested. They is temporarily everything, but its spirit eternal and therefore it is the lord of them all, and mister. Don't give in to willfulness of covers – spirit of the lord over them. They only spirit tools. The chained Prometheus is your spirit, fire.
519. The best conditions for spirit ascension: loneliness and isolation from people. So deprivation becomes finding and an award or compensation for deprivation. Balance law.
520. God isn't present, but there are Hierarchies of Knowledge, the Spirits of Light costing on the Ladder of Life which people were read by gods. What to tell about Spirits Planetary, about Creators of star systems and the worlds, about Mother of the World, about the Beginning of the Beginnings. The Ladder of Hierarchy of Light is boundless, and even the Highest Spirits can't tell that They Were coming the Beginning of the Beginnings. Therefore it is necessary to understand that without God of a way isn't present. Not our fault if the understanding of contrasts doesn't hold in consciousness. The bipolar thinking is available to Arhat. Biner Hierarchical is the most difficult for comprehension.
521. (Nov. 15). All actions of the person are either wasting fire, or its stores. The physical and any other work spending energy, either wastes it, or accumulates. The singer or the speaker who has settled the voice and the mental energy, wastes it while the same singer or the speaker, spending it under control, not only won't chisel it, but even will strengthen, despite an expenditure. Words under the control, said with severe restraint, strengthen Agni's inflow, but the same words which aren't constrained and not supervised, without a will bridle on everyone, will devastate a treasury. This control has to be constant because when the bridle isn't present on feelings, energy flows away, as water in a vessel full of holes. It concerns also movements and even a physical activity. The restraint hand on all identifications of the person will help to accumulate Agni while fieriness devastates it. In food, in drink, in big and small acts – in everything this restraint of speech, emotions and feelings is necessary. It is the most right and shortest way of collecting of fiery force.
522. (M. A. Y.). Feelings and emotions give rise to inflow of mental energy when the consciousness concentrates on them with the purpose to strengthen. Inflow of devotion, aspiration or love as though collects feeling essence in focus, generating fires. Watering of a garden can assimilate such action. The garden pours down every day, except for time of the rains, fertile heavy rain. It is spoken to application.
523. (Nov. 16). If action unworthy is made, all three covers take part in it – and the spirit slides down. At frequency in space the track, and when the body is dumped breaks, the person already automatically directs in this track. There fight, owing to special conditions, is difficult extremely. It is necessary to win against itself here, differently the end.
524. (Nov. 17). From time to time the astral not quite still subordinated, will raise the head. It is inevitable, and it is necessary to reckon with it. But what do then? Go to the purpose, without breaking rhythm of a step. Little that can happen on the way, far and difficult. The purpose remains to the same, and to the purpose it is necessary to reach, whatever monsters threatened. It isn't simple to win against them because the chopped-off heads grow. So all should fight and overcome themselves going on a life track. And if all receded before each obstacle, the way would be impossible. It isn't not to fall, and in immediately to rise if it happened, and to move further.
525. (Guru). If all were perfect, to what then all: body, life and fight, Life Doctrine and Teacher? But even robbers succeeded, both imperfection not a crime and a barrier. It is necessary to go only, despite everything.
526. (Nov. 18). The world of thought is that sphere where the thought carries out all and all is thought expression. It is the world where everything is possible and feasible that is possible for thought. Everything that wanted by will and that is impracticable on Earth is achievable in the thought world. It is possible to build there the castles in the air far from reality, and to roll in pink dreams, and it is possible to create such images of thought by which actions human on Earth are movable. In the person each action is caused by though, are also caused by thought and actions of all mankind. If to sate the tank of universal thought with ideas, applicable to life, ideas of a creative and peace order, people will apprehend any part of these thoughts as perceive now new ideas of peaceful co-existence, releases from the medieval power of church many other things. After all even successes of aircraft both stratospheric and space flights are result of work and influence of universal thought. It is necessary to think only within super personal because a personal framework won't allow consciousness to come to an all-planetary scope. And it is possible to work at this scope and it is possible to create thought for the good of all mankind. It is possible to leave own egg of the aura and to enter into strong contact with aura world. We Will help with this process of release of the personality, we Will help to leave in space and consciously already we Will help to work with it for creation of the best future. It is possible to make there much, to concern many consciousnesses, people can tell and explain and enclose a lot of things in consciousness. Tank of universal thought common to all people. Consciousnesses of all inhabitants of a planet adjoin to it in degree different. Through it thought it is possible to reach all. Experience of today's night showed that the thoughts preceding a backfilling and directed on the benefit of all mankind. Had real consequences in a dream and brought thin consciousness into contact with the mass of the people concerning world events. The message was so heard to. In which there was no that main and necessary which is necessary for a victory of forces creative. Also it was necessary there, in a dream, to tell the fiery word for the world. But terrestrial splinters and the terrestrial logic which has remained from a wake condition, prevented because the thought which hasn't been released from the terrestrial put and restrictions, went on the blazed course. And a lot of things it would be possible to tell and make the contribution to a world prosperity. It is necessary that the system included this work, it is necessary that the thin consciousness accurately, firmly and definitely knew as it has to do that it is stronger because it is conscious on the Thin Plan, a great number of those who doesn't know is stronger. It is possible to enter this area of spatial activity and to become that the fearless, ardent and powerful fighter for peace and an all-planetary prosperity of all people of the Earth. A lot of things can be made there if to understand that life is created by thought and if to find forces in itself from itself to be released and enter into the sphere of life super personal. It is feasible, everything is possible and achievable there by means of ours, everything that in a consent with the Plan Great Life Evolutions. Castle directs a wheel. As also the castle of consciousness can be directed will there where it is necessary, and to give an assignment to sate with the necessary thoughts consciousness of many. It is possible to address there to them, but the force understanding and relying on Those Who guards the Great planetary. Not from itself to speak, but from Us and our force. A lot of things can be made there if from to depart and shoulder our Task.
527. (Nov. 19). The thought grows. We throw into consciousness of grain of spatial thought, knowing that once and somewhere they will yield a fruit. Any thought accepted and approved, won't go to waste. If they are unrealizable at present, it changes nothing as the way is long and the worlds on which it lies are various, and this distinction can give the chance and gives appendices of thoughts, not applicable at the moment. Carefully the industrialist of life collects each sparkle of thoughts, to him sent from above.
528. (Nov. 21). Belief to destroy is means to lose Light. So many years it became stronger, and so many signs are given to our Proximity that would be madness to give in to suggestions of the darkness which is sharp-sightedly watching each opportunity to poison consciousness by doubts, fluctuations or connivance not gets rid in itself to weaknesses. Many traps cost on each side from a uniform track of life, and everyone – taking into account all weak strings going to Light. Shifts of the dark hierophant hunting for our pupils are refined. The strongest are sent and the most experienced in an allure and delusions. Free the right to decide is provided to will that it wants, and to choose: straight line or darkness way back streets. These heavy days of vigilance we won't lose, because darkly around.
529. (M. A. Y.). Dare, dare, despite everything, contrary to darkness to whisperings, before a blank wall of the surrounded gloom, dare!
530. I Tell all the time: leave a circle of the personality small.
531. Cares, cares, cares. How many they were and will be and are. And all of them will come to an end care to be exempted from all, the last care of the last hour on this Earth. Everything which were earlier, are forgotten and replaced new, and there is no number to them and meanwhile, as all of them strong the end at ordinary people. Cares super personal, cares world and space don't come to an end with end of a terrestrial embodiment. They go further; go to the future, stretching a life thread out of limits of one existence. Which of them we will prefer and which we will give to energy of spirit? The choice is made on Earth, and the lifeline is defined by a choice. If only not to become isolated in a circle of the identity of this embodiment with which for her everything comes to an end because to prolong her time it is impossible. As the personality is doomed to death and destruction, attendants of the personality small designated sons of death, that is sons of death, dooming to death that the personality is closed curve short term. In it is its difference from Identity of the Immortal Triad, and in it the solution of a question about not interruptibility of consciousness after release of spirit from a body.
532. (M. A. Y.). Forget about terrestrial these minutes merges in the spirit of. Terrestrial is Earth. Your house, your homeland of spirit, yours everything is at Us and with Us! There are all strangers. Thought you create our Proximity, thought entering into our Spheres, thought and heart. Energy of heart is energy of fiery thought. Working with the Name of the Lord and from His name, power of execution of fiery thought you bear on an edge of a sword of spirit. All act from themselves and for themselves, for something terrestrial, people the established. You act with the Lord, force him in World Aboveground. Such action overcomes everything the going against, any resistance. There the Name of the Lord – a key from secret doors of happiness. It is a lot of rooms and many doors in knowledge cells.
533. (Nov. 22). Friend, I Suggest concentrate attention on certain tasks, consistently solving everyone: the first, for what thoughts is born responsibility; second, causal chain of thoughts; the third, frequency of their return to consciousness; the fourth, communication with influence of stars; the fifth, mental creativity; the sixth, thought of a brain and heart; the seventh, interaction of thoughts, suggestion and mental parcels. The thought is the live essence having the life in space. Brain – the device of thought necessary in a terrestrial body. It is possible to think both out of a body and out of a brain. One incarnation find the special force of mental creativity after release from a body. The thought is generated by consciousness independently. The thought can get into consciousness and from outside. Penetration happens only according to the accord. The thoughts which don't have anything in this consciousness, can't get into it and can't cause the accord because consonance they have nothing. The alien thought can be introduced in consciousness by suggestion, having suppressed will of the subject, but even such thought, accord roots not having, strong won't be. The spirit bears responsibility for the self-generated thoughts, for the thoughts got on the accord and supported by consciousness, cherish and fed by its desires and passions, tendencies and tendencies. The chain of causality, chain of uninterrupted extent belongs as well to area of existence of thoughts. Cycles of star influences, creating this or that mood of all organism and consciousness, promote the statement or exile of thoughts of a known order. Both lifting’s, and falling of consciousness are accompanied by streams of the thoughts corresponding to a tonality of star influences. Decisive factor here is the will. The will directs a current of thoughts, allowing one and expelling others. Absence of will threatens consciousness of obsession and submission to a stream of foreign thoughts. The kingdom of the thoughts, the mental world, is protected by will. What there were consonance of thoughts, the will always can them either approve, or stop. The thought getting to consciousness from the outside on the accord, at patrol control of can be thrown easily out from it at the time of penetration. Having nestled and having issued in consent with tastes and aspirations or desires of the consciousness which have accepted it, it any more so easily gives in to exile, and fight is necessary. Thoughts of a certain order can overcome completely will and seize consciousness if in time not to be protected from them. Unusable it is easy not to allow a self-generation of thoughts right at the beginning. Penetration of thoughts unusable, having in the person accord elements, is stopped at the moment of penetration. But the consciousness has to systematically and is cleared of these undesirable elements because they are attraction magnets for spatial thoughts of the same order systematically. Consciousness clarification from unusable heaps is necessary if his owner wants to protect himself in the future from possibility of influence of spatial thoughts of a similar sort. The thought generated, thought habitual, thought cherish consciousness, comes back sooner or later to "circles the", that is to beget that or to be hospitably accepted, again approved and strengthened, or, on the contrary, rejected by the increased consciousness if the thought bad and doesn't correspond already to higher step reached by spirit. These periodic and steady returns of a chain of thoughts last serve as though as consciousness examination on height of its ascension. If former unusable thoughts are accepted with open arms, so advance didn't happen, so the consciousness marks time or goes back. If the thought is rejected as not having in consciousness of anything, so the new, highest step is reached. Memory not in a brain, but is deeper. At injury of a brain memory as though reveals. Thoughts saved up out of a brain are stored. Each generated thought doesn't interrupt the communication with beget on the consciousness which has generated it. It is possible to extinguish unusable thought only by neutralization of its energy in consciousness. Otherwise sooner or later, but nevertheless it will return and will show the account. The consciousness which has got rid in of an impulse, in it the prisoner, neutralizes it easily, but not got rid again will fall under her influence and will be again and to fall again, yet won't settle completely on itself her charge. Strengthening and approving unusable thought, the person distances from it release. Release from unusable thoughts! It is necessary to think of it because thought the satellite is true which will wait at the Threshold.
534. (M. A. Y.). . Let's fix our elevated communication. It is carried out by means of thought, which atop and over the world dense. Are connected by thought. The bridge of thoughts is the channel connecting us. The thoughts sent to me, accepting, I report, conformable to sending consciousness. The law of the accord operates the world. It connect and us. Adjusting itself on a conformable wave, we contact with each other. But the Law remains invariable: it is necessary to rise to Us. As often forget about it and, having forgotten, wait for our message while everything depends on the waiting. In a formula "dare, the child" – a key to merge and association of consciousnesses with those who crossed for a side of death which isn't present. Death aren't present, but the side exists, and it is possible to pass it only conscious aspiration to passed, but at level the highest, that is corresponding to consciousness of the past. That is why Show clarification of consciousness and aspiration to the Highest. The accord with Beauty in all its forms approaches to Us. It is necessary to think strong – than accords and as. If We always also Hold at heart, depends entirely on you that with Us to be constant. Therefore I Speak: direct. Laws of the accord extend on live and left, on far and close and on all Hierarchy of Light.
535. (Nov. 23). Be careful in expression of the thoughts. Have special force. The special combination of beams will allow also a lot of things. Development of modern science and equipment confirms ancient saying that the power over any flesh, that is over a matter, energy and organic life is given to the person, and that limits of this power or to mastering by forces of nature aren't present. Leading force in this process of mastering is the thought. Therefore studying of its laws can be considered as the most vital issue human existence. But thought as that, are interested a little. Use force it widely and variously, but do it automatically, without giving itself the report in value of this factor of life. Integral part of human thought is its form. Thought registration in words and images is a necessary intermediate step during its implementation. The thought is carried out by the principle "by a hand and a foot human". It is its way available to usual understanding. But there is also another, escaping supervision and nevertheless bringing the immutable consequence, is a way of thought hidden, demanding time and conformable conditions for its manifestation. It is possible to consider that clearly and accurately issued thought has to be carried out sooner or later, that is clothe a flesh, that is yield the fruit in the world dense. It is the law. There is nothing secret that wouldn't become obvious. This situation in known aspect concerns manifestation of action of thought. It has also other aspects, but the thought seeks for identification in external forms as is invariable, as a plant to the sun. Any mental form linking substance of a mental matter in a certain image is loaded with this force linking a matter which vibrates in it. Known energy in a certain quantity that from a matter of thought creates such image was required. It will exist; the energy concluded in it won't be spent yet. This energy can pour out only in operation on the plan material. Therefore it is possible to tell that each issued thought seeks to be embodied in dense forms and to reveal itself in operation. It is easy and simple to check it on the human microcosm which all actions are preceded by the corresponding thoughts. But a conscious activity of the person doesn't limit thought coverage. After all even the worlds were conceived by thought. After all thought, being energy of space, it is connected with a matter as it is strong as the last isn't separable from energy in its usual understanding. In Nature Laws display rationality. Pythagoras claimed that the World is created by a measure and number. The world rationality, inseparable from a matter and its Laws, is closely connected with World Thought. It is impossible to limit thought only to brain activity. Beauty and rose proportion, it I began to smell and paints were born without participation of the person, and in the basis of this creativity the thought is put. So, concept keeps an open mind. The space is saturated thought. Besides generations of human thought over the world the Highest Thought rushes. From where, the poet and the composer, the images and symphonies scoop, - magnetism and the accord is bases of a display of mental energy. Energy mechanical and energy the usual are other than thought action. Energy of light, a sound or radio waves move with a certain speed, say. But what speed of distribution of thoughts or the thought sent from one consciousness to another? Whether there are barriers to thoughts and what their nature? Why from two consciousnesses one not perforation for thoughts, another is opened, one is subject to obsession, and another is protected? Why there are so much unrealized dreams? Why the thought of one is embodied in affairs and others hangs powerlessly in space? The thought demands studying and strictly scientific approach. The thought – is a basis of the real.
536. (M. A.Y.). Let's be glad to opportunities new, given every day. If only not to miss them, about that let there will be a care. New, new enters into world life. New it is fated to be. See occurrence new in all areas of life on all space of a planet. The future is forged noticeably for a sharp eye. In it pleasure you will find also the guarantee to that the memory fairy tale is carried out it is immutable.
537. (Nov. 24). The nature is a universal symbol because under each external form of the world surrounding us its essence, its internal contents is hidden. The phenomenon is a symbol nymen. Numen or symbolism of the nature, finally, all activity of the person also is devoted to disclosure. One of the most difficult symbols of the nature is the person. Many centuries struggle mankind with disclosure of this problem. The sphinx is too a symbol of the person, but in more simplified form, than the person. The past and the future of the person is embodied in him, all evolution of the essence concluded in it. Animal, the person and God-man, having wings, the past is real. It is possible to imagine mute races and millions years demanded on development of speech to understand development of internal essence of the person, and on the basis of the past on a chain of the infinite causality stretched in boundlessness, to see the winged spirit given a human shape. The past should be studied for the sake of the future to understand a current of a great stream of evolution real because the future past is defined. The course of evolution can't be stopped because it is process space, but to imagine the future, shining all opportunities of spirit, it is possible quite because at the same time and in separate, separate expressions last centuries to people were shown and all those properties of future person which in it are hidden now come to light nowadays. On pages of works of great writers and poets, in historical records, on cloths of artists, in legends and legends, on dusty pages of the Scriptuses of the various people, in books of the most rare, on rolls of papyruses surprising properties of human spirit at various times and the eras shown at certain people are imprinted. If to take both to connect them everything together and to introduce in one person, we will have before them what has to become and there is a person of the future. One people showed clairvoyance, others claurluhear, Clair touch and Clair smell and preparation foreign languages, foresaw the future, left in a thin body, treated hands and thought, rose by air, went on fire, revived and killed thought of people, sent disasters and diseases, eliminated earthquakes, took away thunderclouds, tamed elements, endured the pain on others and others – on itself, transferred by air subjects, caused invisible forces, fascinated snakes and gave infinite number of the most various certificates on abilities and opportunities of human spirit or those forces which are concluded in the person. It is impossible to reject ignorantly a set of these certificates because, even being scattered everywhere, they open feasibly great symbol of that is hidden under an external form of the person and that will be once concentrated and revealed in the person of the future any more separately, but in fiery shining synthesis of all qualities of its spirit. The greatest symbol of Space is the person.
538. (M. A. Y.). While the flame of struggle of spirit burns in heart, anything isn't terrible, dark this fire to extinguish any attempts of forces. To raise spirit on the dark – means the force to approve spirit inflexible, means the victory to claim over darkness. After all it is so important to understand that behind all allure, temptations and black out the darkness and dark all steps hides. One only exposure they fight and a victory – the fiery slogan going to the Lord already means a victory because, exposed, they immediately recede.
539. Assemblies of the spirits guarding Light, preserve a planet. It is necessary to make with them contact, having called them for itself. "Spirits of guards planetary, you I urge me to protect from influences of attendants dark. Name of the Lord you I call". Numerous our soldiers. Focus of transfer and focus of reception interact.
540. The next task – to put on planetary mental muzzle supporters of forces of destruction (darkness).
541. (Nov. 25). When the wave reaches the limit tension or growth, it is replaced new when passed recession. Alternation of waves is the phenomenon of a space order that is the law. The wave above the limit can't rise and can't but be replaced with recession. On time of a wave happen various lengths? Lifting and falling of race can last hundreds centuries, sub races – is shorter. Manvantara and Pralaya – too waves, but very big duration. Day is replaced at night, a storm – calm a grief – the pleasure, a heavy strip of life – easy and light. The law of alternation of the phenomena – is universal. Therefore on degree of intensity of a display of one pole it is possible to judge its antithesis. The balance or compensation law in human life regulates one aspect of life it contrasts. From here the patience and knowledge of that change of conditions and circumstances is caused by inevitability of the law. The wise rejoices to loadings excessive, knowing that they are followed by a chain of the phenomena of an opposite order. It is possible to accelerate process and to facilitate it understanding of the law. Firmness is born from knowledge. Knowing a karma current, it is possible to look quietly at flashing of different conditions, without tying consciousness to one.
542. (M. A. Y.). It is possible to hope, trust and wait, but accompanying expectation by business. Expectation and hopes inactive are fruitless because don't generate the energy of spirit which is so necessary for life in all worlds. Work in all types, work creative and intense, work creative has the invisible aspect which is its enduring and integral essence because brings immortality elements in a microcosm of the person. This essence is fire. Essence of creative activity is its fiery basis. Only in intense work its fires crystallize in the fiery crystals accumulated in the Bowl. Therefore fiery, creative activity, as a basis of a prosperity of spirit is approved. In work the person finds the right to immortality of spirit, to not interruptibility of consciousness which can be lit only by fire.
543. (Nov. 26). Lack of condemnation is a sign of the expanded consciousness which has left a circle of egoism; condemns egoism, not friendliness egoism, the egoism envies. Why to it, instead of me, – the darkness whispers to egoism. Attendants of egoism we Consider as the people who have robed, they deprived Light. Each immersion in condemnation of Light deprives, to see deprives of the brother in other person. Put of spirit can call condemnation, either weights standing, or prickles in aura, or the knife putting a hidden wound. Harm of condemnation is great both and another. Condemnation binds consciousness condemning condemning by an invisible chain which won't release it, harm, by it put won't be extinguished yet. In World Thin these chains of condemn voluntary, attracting them, like a magnet, to the victims are especially heavy. Condemn suffers more condemned because works obviously in darkness against the victim, often innocent. And then chains of condemnation are especially heavy. The nobility of the person without a mask to know naked essence him and won't condemn Arhat’s step.
544. We bring and We are the Stones on creation of the New World. There is a shift of ideas, replacement unusable the accepted. Victory on our Board. Patience. Still suffer and wait. Is that to wait? Wait for world evolution. It is eternal expectation. Now is time of unprecedented distortion of reality. Wait, but knowing, We – Waiting eternally consequences Us given rise and Us the created reasons, which are eternally created, not have in creativity it the end. Accept world evolution as the basis of all life and its purpose, as a basis of the real. It is new aspect of a transient of the current hour, as well as life terrestrial and Elevated.
545. The one who found the place and the corner in My Heart, that is in the sphere of eternal Light. Aum. I Speak, I Claim: in Light I approve. Heart merges with heart in beat one, in a fiery rhythm of merge. Through great separation of the people great association will come to one family of all mankind, which Pastor Y.Temnyh not be... goes. To be with Me – means in My Heart to find the place.
546. (Nov. 27). The accord of spirits, in fleshes and bodies deprived, submits to the same laws. Framework of the three-dimensional world to it is not barrier. Association of consciousnesses happens on extra density plan. The condition a disbalance and employment by the terrestrial can prevent. Gate to the world spiritual is open. But rage and a separation from Earth is necessary aspirations. At a known step the consciousness without the special tension and efforts can naturally and freely stay in both worlds. Swedenborg knew this condition, knew it and those eremites, who stayed in an incessant prayer. But nowadays it is necessary to learn to stay in both worlds, without leaving from life. For this purpose the yoga of work is given. The combination of terrestrial work to elevated aspirations also will generate the conditions necessary for the accord. Balance won't be broken when the visible and invisible take in consciousness a due place. Many, directing, left Earth that is it came off, breaking the Law. Because the body terrestrial is given to live on Earth and gain the experience given by life terrestrial. It is impossible to reject neither elevated, nor terrestrial. Balance of both beginnings, and then the accord is necessary is achievable. Perhaps, terrestrial conditions therefore hold so strong that the spirit didn't come off and Earth didn't throw when not all is taken from Earth. Wisely the Teacher Conducts, we won't add to his burden of the misunderstanding, but we will direct to combine in the consciousness the Sky and Earth in balance full.
547. Them were two: one directed to the spirit world, having forgotten and having left terrestrial; another directed to Earth, into it plunging and about Elevated having forgotten. The teacher blamed both of them.
548. (M. A. Y.). Remove a bandage both from eyes and from ears, We hear and we see. Within the Karma we seek to help. Them we reveal through the next. It is heavier to us to wait. The dome isn't erected yet, crowning the building of the New World.
549. (Nov. 28). Astral world. About Earth in it there is a lot of terrestrial – the closer, it is more; the farther, it is less. There is a sphere of similarity terrestrial and the Highest. Then, increasing, there is prevalence already unearthly while the terrestrial doesn't disappear absolutely. Left from Earth bears on itself stratifications, conformable to terrestrial layers: it is less terrestrial, it is more than freedom and above subjects it is possible to fly up. Coherence the terrestrial – to wings disturbs and – attachment to the world terrestrial. But, having been obese, it is possible to remain free from coherence dense conditions. In the spirit of is freedom. Separate that from spirit, that from a flesh, – a step the first. Self-torture of a flesh and all other extremes – all this attempt to be exempted from coherence by it. But fight can be conducted the uniform beginning of spirit, it is possible because to be released only in the spirit of and spirit. It is possible to be obese, but in the spirit of – free; also it is possible to be out of a body, but connected heavy. It isn't covers, but in a condition of spirit and consciousness and heart clarification from elements terrestrial. Process of release from the terrestrial goes (and has to occur) on Earth. That remains not released and crude, the spirit carries away with itself to the World Thin, vibrating there in the accord with the corresponding layers of space and being late in these layers. Who wants to be with Me in paradise, will be with Me; who wants to be with someone another, will be with whom he wants. Going to fathers with them will come; going to Me – with Me. The aspiration conducts in conformable to it spheres and defines layers of a residence of spirit in space. What and as lives on Earth of people, causes its life in World Thin. The hands, the aspirations, and all life everyone nowadays to itself (himself) creates (future) conditions for extra dense existence: each thought, each act, movement by everyone in the covers. The smith of the elevated misfortune or happiness is on Earth of people. There it is already difficult to dump the put terrestrial, there heavy it is necessary to get rid of them. The forgiveness of the enemy on Earth is release from enemies in the Thin World. Overcoming of temptations, allure and desires here, in the world dense, means a victory over them and where they come to life and direct on the person, finding in it elements, conformable to the nature of everyone. Ancient saying: "Be not mistaken. God we will scold doesn't happen, one will reap what he'll sow", – concerns, mainly, elevated stay of the person and his reciprocal vibration on each impulse him in myself the most generated energy during lifetime of terrestrial. Therefore mastering by each impulse going from covers and, especially, from a cover astral, has to be taken under rigid control. Unrestrained here, unrestrained, but it will arise sharper, where any more there will be no conditions to sate it, and its unsatisfied flame will grow, devouring beget. Let nowadays everyone will find forces itself (himself) to win – there difficultly to achieve a victory. The person can do everything that will want it is necessary to want only, knowing that other exit isn't present. Understanding of a hopelessness of the elevated conditions generated by not gets rid sari strength to overcome them here, on Earth. It is possible to overcome a body, it is possible to overcome an astral, and it is possible to overcome thought; overcoming I Will send beams and all currents of space.
550. (M. A. Y.). The space mission of the person isn't understood at all. Life is really given it in order that it is senseless to vegetate on bark during several ten years that then to fall into oblivion and to disappear? There is nothing more absurd, than similar absurd. On creator Flame Logos is intended to be to the person, and in it is sense of its embodiments on Earth. The science will open a gate to the World soon Hidden, will prove the fact of extra dense existence of spirit, will receive prints of the Elevated World and will approve communication of two worlds, and then before mankind there will be a question – why and for what it exists. The doctrine of Live Ethics will answer all these questions. These records will help also. Everything will be given to people when time will come to wake up. Closely it and it is necessary to cook in advance food for spirit. Late will be preparing, when it will be necessary distribute. That is why it is given now very much. For the sake of the future it is given which comes nearer inevitably. The leaving race resists rigidly to inevitability fiery. But terms approach and everything that doesn't correspond to an evolution step, from a scene will descend. The mankind and Earth future so doesn't correspond to its real condition, what even it is difficult to imagine as it will be embodied in real forms, but it is fated, and its implementation is inevitable. And the food for spirit will be very necessary. Therefore we will carefully bring together each baby, each particle over sent thoughts. All is useful because a variety of consciousnesses is great. Carefully everything we will pick up. Hunger of spirit is great.