Agni Yoga's facets, 1962 (551-623)

551. (Nov. 29). Thought world. It penetrates all layers and all spheres from top to a bottom. All spheres, from the lowest to the highest, are filled conformable to each sphere thought forms. Thoughts terrestrial differ on a treatment of light and shade, from full light to completeness of darkness. It is a scale of thoughts terrestrial, as well as thoughts of the astral plan and thoughts of the mental plan. Everywhere there is Light and darkness. Even in fire world even the black flame happens. Everything is bound and connected, but between layers – limits of impassability. Pure Agni uplifts, black down carries away. There is a World Fiery – pure Agni's World. There is a mental world of pure thought. And on Earth there are pure places. Dirty are sated with emanations it conformable layers. To them there correspond to them conformable thoughts. Let's tell, in a card brothel or in Ashram thoughts are various; distinction signs on a treatment of light and shade, on existence of Light, or its absence. Not from Light thought of rage, both in the world terrestrial, and in the world astral. In itself mental, that is fiery, energy is neutral. Both the light and dark consciousness uses it, but on extent of mastering by fires. Dark hierofant own some fires. Spirits Planetary is all. So, fiery energy is neither kind, nor angry, but it can be directed on good, and on the evil; on creation and on destruction. The good and evil in the directing will of the person going either with evolution or against it. So we Establish this criterion of usefulness or harm of the phenomenon or degree of its lightful. It is our measure of the phenomena. Everyone can define the usefulness and a place itself. It is possible to imagine an astral or mental body of the gambler at the moment of intensity. Some of them perfectly own themselves, and then their thought is especially perfected, but not from Light it. That is suitable for evolution, someone is cold, or is hot, but the weak-willed and weak-willed slug isn't suitable. The nature forgives neither weaknesses, nor a pettiness. But even robbers succeeded.
552. (M. A. Y.). . The feeling is correct: inflow of new energy amplified. Force them will increase. The body rejoices to it influx. Long assimilation of an organism promotes their painless and joyful assimilation. Not they will act all equally. Chances of a burnout of unadapt organisms. So, when force them will reach the extreme tension, dark, being not able on property of the nature to assimilate them, will be compelled to leave Earth. Their thin bodies too won't sustain this inflow. But light-will is light because they bear pleasure of new feeling of the world. The burden of the world will disappear then, it will be replaced by pleasure. The pleasure of this world will replace burden of the world. Alternation of fiery waves will amplify in the duration. People all will react to them not greatly. The mental ocean of mankind cleared of burden of former stratification and mental garbage, will begin to vibrate waves of other frequency of tension, crumpled become obsolete thoughts of the past centuries. There will be so a planet clarification in the sphere mental, approving a new, fiery step of evolution of life.
553. (Nov. 30). Number seven is a key to understanding of division of spheres and layers of the Elevated World. Seven principles in the person correspond to seven spheres of the worlds with seven divisions of everyone. Transition is similar to transition of flowers of a rainbow. Number seven is a basis of manifestation real. The measure and number constructed all.
554. (M. A. Y.). Alternation of waves of conditions of consciousness can't be avoided, but to keep consciousness at a certain level below which it is impossible to go down, it is possible, if will on the guard. Under a hammer of will conditions of the outside world rather their force bends to influence. Not in conditions matter, but in reaction on them of consciousness which can be directed under will control.
555. (Dec. 1). It is required and after transition to the Thin World some time for unmistakably to be guided in it and to learn to distinguish reality of that seems reality. Each phenomenon can be either real or seeming, either reality or illusion. As in the fairy tale, there are fantastic forms of the most various educations and dissipate, as a fog. As are colorful and various and clouds can be freakish. If to plunge into them, illusion disappears, there is a dank fog. And some educations and condensations of a matter of the Thin World give similar impressions. But there are also stable forms are a reality of the Elevated World. They should learn to be distinguished from phantasmagoria, and on it time is necessary. The resistant and clear consciousness accustoms quickly if it is rather cleared of terrestrial remnants. Masks which are put on them by many one incarnation are especially various. It too shouldn't be surprised. It isn't necessary to allow that something struck. Reaction of this feeling it is destructive affects consciousness. Be accustomed and not to be surprised on Earth to anything and not to be surprised anything. To be surprised – means to cause defeat that is paralysis of the centers struck by surprise. It is necessary to consider also it and to apply already on Earth. Defeat by surprise awfully. Often it causes the sharply painful shock, -can even stop heart. The fear is close from shock surprise. It is necessary to be ready expectedly to meet the most unexpected phenomena and things.
556. The hell will leave because the consciousness of masses will brighten up. The muzzle is put strong on the dark. Then will be connected. Let's count only on Luminous intensity.
557. (Dec. 2). Delay that before approach of the Era of Light the darkness has to come to light completely. Everyone is compelled to reveal the face up to the end. On it time is required and not all and not always can be revealed in the created conditions. It is necessary to aggravate them, as though creating such conditions under which the magnetic attraction of spirits to relate them to darkness or Light poles amplifies. But the hidden and disappearing phenomena will be. The thrift and common sense to them will change. So, already you see, how many the mistakes adjoining on madness, they make. Madness will amplify, bringing darkness to fury. Distribution of spirits on poles will go even quicker. The darkness and everything in which though Light sparkle, from it will be averted will gobble up itself.
558. (M. And. Й.). I will come nearer when the spatial press will a little be discharged, - now it, from time to time, heavy extremely. Difficult and to you, but to us it is still much more difficult. The fight field is wide. Persist dark strong, grab each opportunity to keep. Their rage increases, and with it and recklessness. It can't already own. All will turn away from darkness when will punch her hour. Even the dog won't come to call of the angry. The darkness and this hopelessness are doomed and push it on various extremes, - feels the hopelessness and raves strong.
559. More and more dare. In plainness the thought which fiery magnetic force attracts implementation of the aspiration put in it is concentrated. Magnetism of aspiration, magnetism of aspiration is understood a little. To dare – means, under the law of a magnetic attraction, conformable elements to attract plainness to the statement in life.
560. (Dec. 3). When it is given too much, a lot of things don't assimilate and a lot of things aren't applied in life. If everything was applied, receipts would be other order. The thought applied gives deposits in the Bowl. Crystals of such deposits possess magnetic power, attracting opportunities everything new and new receipts. But it is impossible to rise above the ceiling. Only force of crystals gives the necessary energy for lifting. We come besides: Agni's accumulation is a direct and only way to Light. The saved-up Agni crystallizes in approved qualities of spirit that is what grows in the annex to life. Agni Yoga is a way of the appendix to lives of laws of mental energy and the approval by it fiery power.
561. (M. A. Y.). The statement of qualities, or, speaking in other words, Agni's accumulation, is possible in any living conditions. There are no conditions opposite. If process doesn't happen, the reason looks for in itself. Flame perhaps quiet, steady and equal, but motionless never; movement is the main property of fire. If Agni doesn't accrue, he is wasted. Stagnation is equivalent to leakage of fiery force. Therefore only accumulation or collecting of Treasure of mental energy will be movement forward. Even the small the appendix in life of Precepts of Fiery Yoga already fruitful because from the small the big will be born It is good to apply every day at least something, at least the small. It will relieve of danger of stagnation and dangerous delays.
562. (Dec. 4). I Can't Give other interpretation to fluctuating conditions of consciousness, considering as it’s their acute reaction on the phenomena of the outside world. They are unusual and are restless, and there is no end to them. And there will pass all life terrestrial in changes of one phenomenon by others. And when to it there comes the end, their sense suddenly becomes another, not to what it seems now. If to take the sharpest event, say, on consciousness it any more won't make forty-year prescription, former impression. Time withdrew from it elements of personal interest, and it is taken a detached view already, - as precisely Arhat from outside looks at everything occurring to it and concerning it personally, as though from the present in the past or from the future in the present. This point of view allows it to depart from itself and not to be covered with vanity of the present day. Everything is equal that flashes on the screen of consciousness of the current hour. The tape goes, without interrupting, noting flight of time. Only looking it is immovable, fixing on the memory movie everything going by. Everything goes by, remains the Recorder is immovable. Essence in that in to separate it from everything that passes and to be attached to It. Behind life of one another will begin, behind a planet – other star, behind a star – system other of the worlds, for one Manvantara – another; but the Silent Recorder all as will look, noting on the movie of infinite memory of the nature run of the new phenomena in Boundlessness of the New Worlds.
563. (M. A. Y.). Bend your ear to that Voice which whispers silently. It is the Silence Voice. Silence never happens silent if to learn to listen to it. When all feelings become silent and external movement in covers stops and the consciousness becomes similar to a surface of the stiffened lake, then the Voice starts sounding silent silence. Couple of contrasts which is accepted in consciousness as two poles of a thing uniform consists in the combination of the words "silently to sound". The connection point, neutral point, the middle, is the center from which the will can operate the phenomenon. Silence starts sounding when the will seized the property, having subordinated to it covers.
564. (Dec. 5). We give from time to time new provisions which serve as though as a starting point for thinking. These grains of thought put in consciousness, will give in due time the shoots. And that seems not applicable at the moment, will be vitally necessary at the fixed moment of the future. Therefore wisely to pick up each particle of sent thoughts, without imposing on them the judgment of the present day.
565. (M. A. Y.). Hidden Driver is on the guard of a planet. Nothing will escape the Eagle Eye. And if his protégé allows this or that action, so it is caused by need.
566. Lets look median way. Neutral line of an equilibration, the more neutrally, is more than opportunity to influence an equilibration of contrasts for balance preservation on poles and the more so opportunity to regulate both. We give overweight to moderate mistakes on one of poles. They are incommensurable to the future as detain evolution.
567. (Dec. 6). Even the Adherent in life usual is ordinary that is not display the unusual abilities. But when he wants to know something and directs the consciousness on a certain phenomenon, the knowledge inflows. The clairvoyant sees when wants, but isn't constant. To see always in the conditions of terrestrial it is impossible. Special conditions of isolation, but also then continuity of a fiery condition in a dense condition are necessary is impossible. Earth has the restrictions, as well a body. The medium sees the lowest centers, but situation he is unenviable because his consciousness is opened to all phenomena of the lower class. It is possible to be glad when the sphere of perceptions is the pure thought. It already out of medium, because the highest centers work. The concrete facts and instructions to give we avoid as it will be intervention in a karma and free will violation. In trust it is necessary to rely on the one Who Conducts, without forcing the nature. Everything will come in due time, not earlier. To give ahead of time – means to endanger and endanger.
568. (M. A. Y.). Open slightly of the centers can't occur in usual conditions. Therefore position of the pupil happens sometimes unusual. It demands understanding and lack of internal counteraction; possibly it only at full confidence to the Teacher. Often we disturb process by unwillingness to understand and accept that is given.
569. If people go to an abyss, sooner or later will reach and if don't stop, will fall down in it. The people can keep the world only.
570. (Dec. 7). The dialectics real in human life is approved by existence of the opposite phenomena. The deviation in one party causes also a deviation in another. In it is life. Otherwise life would decay and stopped. Each phenomenon causes vitality of the ant situation. If the Adherent doesn't allow demonstration of one pole of any phenomenon to stop its anti-pole, it does it in relation to that sphere, from which influence or from which wheel of causality he wants itself to release. But it doesn't extend action of suppression of a chain of causality to spheres of the highest tension where are shown thin energy. The chain of causality is transferred from the lowest plan for the highest as to tear off a chain it is impossible – it is possible not to engender a variety of reasons of undesirable character only. Without reacting to these or those external influences and establishing that equilibrium state, Arhat stops possibility of a display of unnecessary energy on poles; in it its power over external circumstances and the processes, happening in covers. But the nature doesn't suffer emptiness. Refusal of one means replacement of one with another, higher and more corresponding to the reached step of evolution. From here – refusal means conscious receiving. The victim too is receiving, but in the sizes corresponding to size of the victim. Therefore both refusal and the victim on the opposite pole have compensation or receiving guarantee which force is directly proportional to degree and refusal and victim tension. The immutable Law deprives of nothing of anybody, because works and commensurate unmistakably. Therefore the knowing prefers to give, than to take; to pay, than to receive; to work, than to use work fruits; to help, than to receive the help; to feel pity, than to be object of compassion; to be sympathizing, than that with whom sympathize; to love people, than to be darling; to read, than to be esteemed; to be pursued, than to pursue; to be silent, than to be pro-uttering. Yes! Yes! Prefers because knows the law of a display of energy on duality poles.
571. (M. A. Y.). 571. (M. A. Y.). Reticence, restraint, balance, tranquility, self-control, control, vigilance, consciousness the patrol – all these qualities of spirit mean restraint of the internal energy striving for the statement. These qualities mean as well mastering by these energy because to bridle – means to seize and be able to use consciously. The consciousness puts itself in the center, a neutral point, point of an equilibration of opposite principles, getting over them thanks to it the power. If people knew, what force these qualities give to spirit of the person. Look for mysterious forces, seek for mastering by occult power, study magic, mantras, spells and many other things while everything is concentrated in the person and consist in the statement of those qualities of spirit which are accumulators of fiery power. It is necessary to look for in itself, instead of outside and, having found, to claim.
572. (Dec. 8). We Open the Faces only the next, and to everyone on its capacity; therefore, in different centuries and now idea of Us at everyone, knowing Us, variously; as letters and our messages are various. Their character is caused by level of consciousness receiving. As also the Doctrine Our given in different centuries, being based upon a uniform basis, differs in forms of the expression. It needs to be meant not to be confused seeming distinctions of branches of a uniform tree of life. That was given last century, is other than that is given now? And that is given one, is other than that is given another. Perfectly on degrees of a divergence or distinctions of their consciousnesses, but very close or related spirits can receive our parcels which are very similar on form and content. But the big proximity between the receiving is necessary. But let distinction in shape won't prevent to accept something transferred or transferred once through remote to looking for consciousness a source. Containment is required and here. The synthetic consciousness allows the necessary width of containment. But it should be got, having ears – let hears, and sees – a having eye.
573. (M. A. Y.). Let's not overtire in making, differently how to keep cheerfulness of thoughts and feelings and ardent burning of heart. Many suffice for the short time, it is necessary again and to inspire and sate many again with energy of heart, but among these many there are very few which go, only occasionally receiving Brotherhood contacts. These self-feeds of the Lord appreciate especially highly. This degree of stability and force of fire of heart meets very seldom. Greatest of accumulation of the past at such self-feeds. They are connected closely with the Stronghold; though not always know about it. Certainly, they are old employees the Brotherhoods which have approved the proximity in distant centuries. Names them are usually noted by mankind: most often recognition comes after their death, after prosecutions and persecutions. It isn't necessary to think that people now became others and that new will be accepted without fight and counteractions. The nature human is very persistent in detection of the qualities. Old it is overcome new and overcoming demands application of forces.
574. The press fiery lies on sent and perceived thoughts. In it their force is of influence and difference from thoughts of ordinary (people). Influence is on consciousness. The ocean of thoughts surrounds and penetrates a planet. We live in it. Subjects of the dense world are separated from each other, but the substance of a matter of thoughts is continuous. The thought is a basis of the real. The thought and fire are connected closely and close. The matter of substance of thought is a basis of the Fiery World. It is necessary to distinguish products of human thought from thought – bases of the Fiery World and the phenomenon of Space Thought. The thought conceived the worlds. In it is analogy to creative thought of the person. As is above, so is and below. The microcosm creates thought fire. Scale of substance of a matter of thought centenary with divisions on spheres. The person gradually goes to mastering by all. We have examples of fiery thinking. Each thought works in the sphere: the lowest – in the lowest, the highest – above. Over everything the thought of the world, thought world rushes. When the consciousness is released from thoughts of the lower part of a scale, change by it is taken up by the highest thought. Problem of mastering by thought – one of the most difficult. Thought the highest is reins an eternal flame.
575. (M. A. Y.). Whether it is possible to stay in a stupor of sleepy inaction when in bloody sweat of the greatest tension work on the world of the Lord? Whether it is possible to direct for the aid to Them all the efforts, all thought, all aspirations of heart? Whether it is possible to separate thought from Them and an egoism paling? Whether there will be it ignorance and misunderstanding sign and a thinking separation from Light Focus? Who and what seeks to separate consciousness (from Them)? Whether darkness? Be awake on patrol with thought to help the Lord. Really is only to take?
576. (Dec. 9). It is difficult to go stumbling. Energy of spirit instead of carrying away it up, are spent for falling and lifting’s. Expenditure of forces of a bike and if each subsequent falling is lower proceeding, is approved then a way of descend of spirit. It can be a little noticeable, but nevertheless be made from an embodiment in an embodiment, and then a way the return is especially difficult. Advancing mentally the phenomenon in the future, we define its importance; so, even small connivance and weaknesses grow in big and formidable. The phenomenon projection in the future allows define the danger hidden even in the low-slightest small ulcer of spirit. It is good when it is possible to finish each embodiment free from habits terrestrial – these outgrowths on spirit.
577. (M. A.Y.). Be content with the small. Be content with that the destiny gives you. Certainly, I mean corporal conditions, but not aspirations of spirit which Boundlessness can satisfy only. But in life usual it is necessary to be able to be content and that is permitted by karma. Life of the shoemaker or the tsar can be decked force only spirit, but not an external environment. It is impossible to attach it self-sufficing significance, it is impossible to say that if external life will develop according to desire then, and only then, the real lifting will begin. It is self-deception. If lifting isn't made at present, in the real conditions, there will be no it and then when desirable conditions will be carried out. You know on the example of others that so it happened more than once. Essence of the phenomenon the same, as well as in case of a formula "after a miracle I will believe", and the same consequences is unfitness and worthlessness to the Way.
578. Sufferings arise since that moment when the will can't cope with this or that weakness. Any weakness is overcome by persistence of persistent thought. If there is no persistence of thoughts, they should be strengthened a rhythm. If the rhythm doesn't yield results, it is necessary to work in common with Me. The will wins and gets stronger or weakens and collapses. We consider will destruction by the greatest misfortune of the person. Fight begins with understanding and the statement what to win itself it is possible any weakness. But thus it is necessary to be ready to that attacks of recurrence are inevitable. And to them consciousness prepare in advance to meet them protected. The consciousness helps thus that weakness is inflated dark whispers and that its overcoming has to be inevitably reached, differently the end. So, ahead fight and is victory. Even the thought of defeat is inadmissible. Than weakness is stronger, especially fiery force it is possible press for its overcoming, especially fiery force it can generate. Means, everyone is a power source; from here succeeding robbers and the loose woman and condemnation "lukewarm and ruddy virtue".
579. (M. A.Y.). In days of a reorganization of the world stability of personal living conditions is illusive. You see as those whom you know, aren't guaranteed against strokes of bad luck. The Ladder of Hierarchy of Light is strong and unshakable only. It also you hold whatever occurred outside and inside. Only it also can be your support always and everywhere and in everything.
580. (Dec 10). Day and night is the cycle being a prototype of the Great Cycle, as well as a cycle of a terrestrial embodiment of the person. Every day there is a consequence previous and the reason of that will happen in day the subsequent. Each action is the reason of the subsequent. Day is the world of the reasons, night – the world of consequences. The chain of continuity is stretched from taken place in the future, and each bad link it is possible to replace with a link sound, and vice versa. Day is opportunity to create the reasons of future consequences in consent with aspirations and desires of spirit. Action, being a discharge of the energy collected for its identification, after this discharge gives the chance to the person the following action concluded in it in the form of the reason, or its energy, to send to the course approved by will, or to change it, or to sate with the new contents, or to impose a spirit bridle on the feelings causing this action. It is good to carry out before going to bed before the intellectual look the actions made in a day, and to set to everyone the seal of a final decision of the will approving or condemning this action, and that to put the reason for nature of its following identification. Any weakness is condemned certainly. The creative imagination can create a number of the new reasons transforming old lives on the basis of higher understanding. It is possible to create the world of the reasons in the microcosm consciously. It is possible to call this process life transformation or a transmutation of qualities and properties of spirit from the lowest in the highest. Strong and bad it is possible трансмутировать in strong and good, but insignificant only in anything. Therefore insignificant there is no place in evolution real because weakness and a pettiness don't say goodbye life.
581. (M. A. Y.). Fight, fight up to the end, to the last gasp. Let the contradictory condition of spirit never will abandon you because at whatever step there was your spirit, overcoming in itself the past for the sake of the new future inevitably always. On test all worlds and all people for the sake of that future of which the present can't give even a weak idea. Way is only forward, to new tops of achievements. The end to an ascension of spirit isn't present, because before it Boundlessness. On a way boundless everything is achievable. But grain of future achievements can be put already in the present, whatever impossible and unattainable they seemed. Let imperfection of the present a barrier won't be to an underlay of grains of future opportunities. At these crops it is necessary to proceed from situation that everything is possible and everything is achievable.
582. (Dec. 11). Yes! Yes! The consciousness of a constant condition of overcoming and victory is necessary for that is subject to a gets rid. The victorious condition is necessary, but not the condition which is giving in to reflex impulses of the past. Patrol, constant and intense is necessary for this purpose. From a victory the pleasure will come. Pleasure is of overcoming. Falling of consciousness is reflected in eyes. Damaged are souls of reveal in a look. As also the victory won by will, is expressed in eyes. It is reflected in them and defeat. Only forward and only victoriously!
583. (M. A. Y.). Silent Communication as can be fruitful, as well as verbal, and perhaps, and still fruitful. The highest Communication is silent. Words aren't able to express the inexpressible. The word is the form expressing thought. There are the dumb thoughts concerning consciousness by fire. Their reaction is especially powerful. It is the highest step of Communication in the spirit of.
584. The accord of consciousnesses is created by aura and compliance, as well as cooperation in the past. Let's put diligence to that conversation took place. Interview is higher form of Communication. I want to see you winning constantly, always and in all that concerns spirit life. The highest Interview can be constant. Svedenborg often I talked to one incarnation, the pupil talks to the Teacher. For this purpose heart clarification that I in it Created the Monastery is necessary and Interview became possible. The desire of Interview goes from wishing his heart; only desire it isn't enough of mine. When my and your desire merge together, your desire is granted is immutable. It also is the merged heart, it that is to go the merged heart. The new form of the Highest Interview, or continuous Communication in the spirit of with the Lord, is quite achievable. So, the condition of the doctrine or "study" becomes constants. Receipt of thoughts will go in direct compliance with heart clarification. Few what thoughts could arise in the past, in the cleared heart on pure fire of heart unusable thoughts will burn down. The thought of the past periodically from time to time will come back to consciousness for the statement or denial, in case of worthlessness. In the latter case the thought will burn down. This process can be strengthened the conscious attitude towards him, imagining as the objectionable form burns down in a consciousness beam. Then guards of a threshold won't be terrible any more and more darkness because won't have elements in you to which your essence would began to react won't frighten. When the darkness has in you no anything the, then you are winners. To see in itself impartially and sharp-sightedly everything is necessary that from darkness collected in centuries, and ruthlessly to throw out everything, everything, for what it can catch to come nearer again. Not perforation then becomes spirit armor. Purity is a quality as it is necessary, as well as devotion or love, or courage and aspiration. Without it all other qualities lose the full value. The purpose is the symphony of qualities.
585. (M. A. Y.). Clerical and ruddy virtues, but qualities of thought as wells of beams and condensers of fiery power, are necessary for disclosure of the centers are senseless. Without qualities of fire not collect. Without fiery energy чакра won't begin to rotate. Inevitability of the statement of qualities appears expediency which will give rise to inalterability of the solution of spirit and will approve by any price.
586. (Dec. 13). It is necessary to be afraid of recognition more, than non-recognition because behind recognition, praise and enthusiasm the pole the return follows. Arrhythmia of swings of such admirers is very characteristic. Close it isn't necessary to admit if you want to be close to someone. The proximity distances. Only having checked for years, it is possible to allow proximity. Severe lessons of these years showed that there are words and assurances. To the little I Can Address and Tell: Help. Call about the help of ordinary people distances as consider that if how at the wizard in the fairy tale, everything has to be given by life is a question of the Life Doctrine. If it isn't given, the little there are words, at least and ours. But really relatives can help.
587. (Guru). I will bring together you as once I collected on Earth. Not come to an end anything. Continuation will be. Here you will come to me and I will look who that brought. Someone will come empty-handed, and someone with the baskets filled up to the top. Someone will have nothing with me to share, and at someone and time won't suffice that rich and accumulation to show the experience. Everything I will examine and I will ask as lived, being provided to myself, as though one, as though forgotten. Someone will please and who will afflict. The thread of communication will approach and will give the chance to meet where Earth and terrestrial will already not separate as separates now. But even now office is in the spirit of. Who from Me separated and decided that everything is finished, that will be separated from Me in Elevated. Who kept heart threads that we will meet again.
588. (M. A. Y.). It is good that honored day of leaving of the Guru from Earth a memory. This memory is as bottom stones through a rough stream of the phenomena terrestrial, conducting to Us. Cape those who remembers Us.
589. I suffer enemies only until serve a press of the necessary energy of counteraction as it and growth of this energy – not further. On the card the destiny of a planet is put. Our Hand won't delay. Bridle of madness we Will constrain.
590. Correctly. Each world of the reasons in too time is also the world of consequences. Medal one, but parties two. But after the entire person in a dense body, that is on Earth, is active and in other covers. Activity of everyone is the world of the reasons for consequences going from them on plans corresponding to them. Flammarion on Earth mentally lived stars, and now he works over registration of a thin body of a star. The gambler in an astral plays, the composer creates. Elevated it is possible to create karma as well as karma terrestrial. The worlds penetrate each other. Than the world is higher, that is than more it is rarefied, by that is extended more.
591. (M. A. Y.). The initiative (at interview) goes from you. Ask you. Look for to find; you knock that opened; wish to receive. It is the Law. Correctly, homeless it is impossible to leave Earth, and We don't leave; but are far from those who are alien to us in the spirit of.
592. (Dec. 14). Only human contact gives a form to Space. The person thinks forms. These forms are at first formed on the plan mental, and then by law recurrence falls to the dense world to be embodied in it in physical, visible, a cover and that then again to go to the sphere of the origin. The picture of the artist makes the same way and, having finished the existence on Earth, passes in the extra dense form to the World Thin. Space to energy is sent from space to Earth. But Earth is changed by the person. Time when knowledge and growth of opportunities will allow people the power to transform Earth face, its surface, climate, the nature, vegetation and everything that on it will come. Earth and its covers will get new forms under the influence of energy of a human microcosm. Even the body will be changed by the person. Even in these regard opportunities it are boundless. The era of Fire will give in hands to mankind mighty strength to create. And creativity, boundless creativity is destiny of the person, giving the chance to it to create new forms of Space. After all even the Founder of a planet once was a person. After all it was told is "you are gods", I Will add – creators.
593. (M. A. Y.). Constancy of devotion we appreciate because this most rare quality. The teacher to the pupil concerning constancy is unchangeable, but the relation of pupils changes constantly. Behind examples far we won't go, after all even the greatest treachery was made by the pupil, and the pupil renounced too, and pupils left too. And all ran up. Wouldn't run up if strongly loved and devotion put above everything, both even from blood and even the native. After all not without reason the Lord Told – who the Father, or Mother, the wife or the daughter will love more Me, not Me is worthy. Yes! Yes! Ran up again to return, of course, not everything, but... will return, both again will fall in love, and again will come nearer, and will be again allowed. Having returned, will estimate that lost, having left.
594. (Dec. 15). After death the consciousness changes: there is no body – there is no need to put on it, to dress, feed and have for it the dwelling. It isn't necessary neither documents, or passports; it isn't necessary usual and habitual work. It isn't necessary all in what the person on Earth usually was engaged. Belonging to this or that nationality, profession, occupation, rank and so on loses meaning and value. All terrestrial distinctions lose the meaning. But the internal maintenance of the person acts on the foreground, and the internal pettiness or greatness decide destiny of a one incarnation. If external terrestrial conditions cease to exist, and the consciousness released from them, changes the contents. Memoirs of antecedents come to life, and even the last name on Earth and a surname somehow at all don't beseem a shape of a thin body. It is possible to call still the artist and the scientist, the mathematician, the soldier, but generally, so to speak, abstract sense, appropriating to it patrimonial, but not specific concept or sense. Time phenomenon changes that also affects consciousness. After all the sequence of events, thoughts and feelings remains and there is a feeling of modifications and planet rotation, but there are no hours and there is no house, the city, the street and a residence. If life to some extent defines consciousness, the changed conditions define its new condition. Even it is possible to move flying. The thin World and its features are reflected in consciousness strong, altering it. Magnetic attractions of the various spheres influencing on the accord with essence of the person, create an environment corresponding to these attractions, making out a new environment. All this should be thought over and to prepare itself for everything.
595. On Earth there are the forms created by a hand of the person, and the forms created by the nature without participation in it of people of Earth. In the same way and is in the Thin World. Only there these forms are created by people of Earth thought, and in the same way there are forms which not they created. Ignorant continue and to create their hands as they did it on Earth, but knowing – thought, without hands. And on Earth people thought create the same forms, being in a physical body, but don't know about it and don't trust because don't see them terrestrial eyes, though see them mentally, at least, the own fancies which are given rise by their imagination. Substance from which creates thought, plastically. It is possible to create from it anything. If creativity it evolutionary is a good. Creativity of mental forms as is real, as creativity by hands. We See thoughts. Any hand creativity is preceded by thought. These are people recognize, but abstractedly. We Speak, each creator on the plan equally really and probably identical inhabitants of the corresponding plans. The mental creativity of writers transferred by means of conditional symbols of letters and words, admits all. But behind these symbols retelling the matter of thoughts, is their form. Forms of these don't see rather seeing their consequences, deny reality. Shakespeare's heroes are real, the theater confirms it. The astral double, which precedes the original, as well as everything, that is created by a hand of the person has each cloth of the painter. The astral doubles carried out or embodied on Earth, as well as embodied, filled all astral world, all sphere round Earth. They fill space. They fill space of the Thin World and are distributed among its natural (not created by people of Earth) forms the same as the cities and other creations of human hands fill terrestrial open spaces. Reality of the Thin World the double: the thin form of the person, animal, plants, stone, mountains, lakes, the rivers, meadows, fields and the seas is real, but Shakespeare's heroes aren't real, though are visible to an eye of one incarnation. This visibility different, also differs it from visibility of an astral form of plants or a stone. Some inhabitants of the Thin World put on consciously the masks hiding their true face. Distinguished heart understands it unmistakably and sees under an external mask essence of the owner. The fiery thought is strong. She creates bright steady forms. Mental pictures of artists are especially accurate and steady. In the Thin World, as well as on Earth, forms are born and die. And only in archives of the nature there are prints only. But to them it is necessary to have access. On Akashi’s rolls all is depicted. The present is a consequence of the past and the future reason, but power of creative imagination allows creating new forms irrespective of forms old on a causality chain, to create forms of absolutely other order. In it freedom of spirit from need move distorted tracks. Creativity of spirit freely and isn't limited past. The past is the jailer for spirit. The yoga sweeps aside it. The spirit goes free from its chains. Chains of the past tie wings of creative flight of spirit. Renunciation of the past means freedom. New, new, new everything, both wine new, and bellows new; new Sky and Novaya Zemlya. The old world, disappear. If not be born again of the future, not to enter into the New World. On aspiration fires in the future we burn a tatter of the old world. All imperfections and spirit ulcers is heritage of the past. Let they will be destroyed by fire of the ardent aspiration combined with creative power of thought, going from heart. It also will be transformation or a baptism fiery. Water – a symbol of clarification of heart of the past.
596. (Dec. 16). The person is derivative the world. As the consciousness generated in the person can, not be and not consist that generated it. The consciousness is attributing of Space, attribute of a matter. Certainly, it not personal consciousness, but universal. The highest step of consciousness which the person can reach is a consciousness space. It isn't present in the person usual. But it is in Space. Everywhere life and it everywhere accompanies consciousness and reason. It is impossible to deny a rationality of laws of a matter, and it is impossible to close eyes that life, for example, crystals is under construction on submission to geometry laws. Consciousness of crystals far from human, but it exists. As and in creation of a body of an ant, a butterfly or a bug the most difficult laws of mechanics and electronics are observed. The subtlety and sensitivity of the equipment of a butterfly exceeds a subtlety of the devices created by a hand of the person. If the consciousness is poured everywhere, and it is possible concern it everywhere, but only not personal consciousness of the person, and thinner, more sensitive and wider. The astral consciousness and its devices of feelings is already broader. The medium confirms it with the perceptions, despite all danger of this condition. The consciousness of a mental body is even higher, and they can concern and the Distant Worlds. But all these bodies temporarily also are limited. Only fiery consciousness or consciousness of the fiery body is above all three. For its registration also we will seek, previously having seized three lowest.
597. Often between two arguing the truth appears in the middle.
598. (Dec. 17). (Guru). He, who would eat the fruit, must climb the hill. The question always indicates known activity of consciousness. In a question there are aspiration and even aspiration elements. The question always is sent forward, to the future. The matter of substance is related to call. At schools it would be necessary to put marks for questions, the more questions, and the better. This situation is applicable and in relation to pupils of the Doctrine of Life. The question has in itself magnetic elements because it attracts the answer. After the entire question is the thought issued and directed for obtaining the answer. And thought is magnetic. Magnetism of the thought accurately issued in a question both caused by an urgent need and directed to the Teacher, can't but receive the same definite and certain answer. Clearness, clarity and intensity of a question cause the same answer. It is possible to call it a question-answer form of Communication. In a question it is possible to concentrate consciously both call, and aspiration, both a request, and the address, and a plainness, having strengthened a thread of communication by heart fire. Idle questions are excluded absolutely. Questions comes true need. The formula "dare, the child" of questions doesn't exclude.
599. (Dec. 18). Covers live, everyone on the plan in it consonance layers of each plan, - highest, average, the lowest. The consciousness lives in covers, and the Silent Recorder is the Witness of the events in them. That Sees Looking and those Records in them. Events in covers of are worthy to be imprinted and to be the reasons of the subsequent accumulation, conformable their generated reasons. Both in a physical body, and in thin the person can live the highest or lowest centers. Habits create steady fires in the centers, for example, a habit to be irritated or bear malice. Fires of habitual desires are especially steady. The person has to own all the fires, in particular a low order. Dark whispers persistently try to inflate the lowest flame. Each bridled flash – a victory. It is impossible to allow an impetuous pflame even the highest fires because will burn even a dense cover. Control over all fires, all centers, both the highest, and the lowest, is the highest is necessary not to come off Earth; the lowest not to be connected and enslaved by it.
600. (Dec. 19). If tests come to an end successfully, the past isn't blamed by us. The winner doesn’t judge since crowns business the end. If only could understand, what crucial importance each victory for elevated stay has, truly forces would find in themselves the unrestrained will to win. The Maya carries away in the networks allure illusions. They are followed by the delusion sent by darkness. And behind all this prickles, thorns and sharp stones of the broken illusions, falling of spirit and darkness. Everything to realize it in World Thin already late, it is impossible because to correct, it is possible to get rid only, more precisely, to settle on itself force own will of the generated energy. That is why we Rejoice to each victory of the pupil over, - but, this release and possibility of free lifting. By the end of life it is summed up as though all achievements, all overcoming, as well as what didn't manage to be reached. But ulcers of spirit have to be gets rid and are healed on Earth. All not gets rid will show in Elevated the account, and it is necessary to pay in each sphere, in each layer on force and an attraction of crude particles of the astral matter which remained and has kept in crude covers. We welcome each overcoming in them everything that is subject to clarification.
601. (M. A. Y.). On each plan of existence of people live the phenomena, conditions, subjects and things of this plan. For it reality is that plan on which it is in a cover corresponding to the plan. If in a body terrestrial on Earth is reality terrestrial. If in a thin body after death physical, reality is the World Thin and his inhabitants. The consciousness changes respectively. There it any more Russian, German or Frenchman, not miner or doctor. The personality on Earth has the differences: floor, growth, weight, age, hair color and eye, nationality, profession and so on. In the Thin World all these signs disappear as there is no habitual body even. There is no address also, there is no house also. Conditions change in a root. There is an inner world, thoughts, attachments, feelings, but actually remains nothing that on Earth makes the terrestrial identity of the person. However, mentally one incarnation give themselves habitual shapes, but imagination and reality terrestrial, given dense shapes, – the phenomena of a different order. On Earth everyday use and life are as though reflection or refraction in consciousness surrounding. In World Thin the habitual surrounding disappears and is replaced with another, unusual and new, therefore, and in consciousness to be reflected and the world perfect another, differing from terrestrial a set of conditions will already refract. Taking priority factor of elevated existence is the thought. Not muscular energy moves a body on this plan, but thought, - and, if the thought isn't mobile? If the person considers, what he died and is immovable if dead itself reads also the thoughts what consequences of such thinking will be? It is a lot of sitting, lying, it is a lot of continuing to consider themselves as patients, cripples, men, women, young, old men and so on though all these distinctions purely terrestrial also are there remnants or a matter of thinking of the world terrestrial. It is necessary to be exempted from all this on Earth, spirit of esteeming, in a body living, but not a body. It is difficult to approve the release there from terrestrial if the spirit wasn't exempted from it on Earth and I didn't dismember in the consciousness elements elevated and terrestrial. The truth about itself should be learned to become free in the spirit of.
602. (Dec. 20). Ask why the help comes at the last minute. The merit if action is made by the Teacher is insignificant. What advantage to the pupil of that overcomes something not he. Not the energy, but others. It is necessary to stand and go on own feet. When someone for someone does something, such act for essence of the maker is useless. Itself, itself, itself and the hand. Only in case of inevitable danger or when own forces don't suffice, our Help is fast and immediately. We Do not help sometimes not because we Do not see, and therefore to give the chance to strengthen one more quality of spirit or to approve the insufficiently taken roots.
603. (M. A. Y.). The plan of Lords is carried out is immutable. Question only in time, but its realization is inevitable. The world old, deprived of creative energy, collapses and decays in the eyes, and everywhere failures, and seeming good luck – germs of failures of larger. The old world has no future because lives past. In is it his death. To it not to keep up with the New World as the World New the new lives also the new accepts. And new above, evolution more powerfully than the old, become obsolete forms of life.
604. (Guru). For Us the future is more real than the present because the future is what should be, and the present is that is subject is immutable to replacement old the new.
605. (Dec. 21). The teacher and the pupil irrespective of, big or small, are connected among themselves by strong threads of communication. All imperfections of the pupil lay down on shoulders of the Teacher. The small Teacher isn't always able to overcome in himself imperfections of the pupils. They can incline it down, to themselves. Only small consciousnesses which don’t understand seek to teach and edify, what freight and what responsibility is taken by them on themselves. Invite only because don't understand. That storms and not gets rid, strong is transferred on a communication thread. Truly, for the charged the hand hurts. The burden of the Guarantor doesn't decrease from that his Spirit more likely on the contrary is high. If knew how you burden often Called Teacher, maybe, would bridle rather an egoism. Live-bearer exchange of the directed and light energy excludes the phenomena of vampirism and weak-willed assignment. Pleasure Me of the Message of the overcoming. Pleasure Me to See the hardness and a step inflexible. Pleasure to Reply Me on a stream to Me the directed energy. But here they which have directed in the beginning sit sit on the corners, torn apart by incompleteness, doubts and fussy care of day. As the world of their small alarms and doubts and small employment is far from greatness of the Fiery World. Really they approached to the Doctrine of Life to dig in it and to rush about between poles of opposite moods? For whom is all this necessary and for what? Burdening Me, mine and space, think of consequences of the behavior.Where they, severely and joyfully following Me, pleasure bearing to Me? Where they directed strong? The Beam and all currents of space are sent them. For them I Wait on a life meal. To them the help the Hand I Give.
606. (M. A. Y.). Reconcile before those living conditions in which the Lord puts. They it is better for a spirit ascension. Instead of complaints and complaints use those advantages which they give. When with Us, splinters of day thinking reject. All yours is at the Lord. Magnetism of the dense world is mighty. Self-destruction doesn't harm if it moderates rage of egoism and goes against increase of elements of the personality, but it doesn't suit for the carrier of the Immortal Triad. The words "I in Itself Anything" concern to the personality, but Identity behind which there is a Father, shouldn't be humiliated. It ennobling and claiming, you approve the Son in yourself, given rise not from terrestrial, but from the Space Father. When the Lord Speaks: "My son", the Space Paternity claims. Really for consciousness with what itself surrounds. Environment of the present moment is the best for manifestation and assimilation of thin energy, but under a condition if the consciousness isn't too given to the ordinary phenomena, plunging into them and being as though pasted to everyone. It is good to represent them as though occurring behind muslin and separated by it from direct and stick contact with consciousness. I speak about the phenomena external. It is impossible to plunge into them. Let between everything, seeking to absorb to the sphere, there is an Image of the Lord as Protection against magnetism of attractions terrestrial. We too lived separately far from people. Let the protective armor of spirit – a protecting network will get stronger. Property to be invisible and silent is saving and fruitful. Addresses rushing about and chaotic covers are heavy and devour mental energy. Sometimes loneliness is the only rescue even from friends and, especially, admirers. Such vampirism is dangerous to health. Let's give power of spirit, then it when it is imposed on all of energy of the consciousness, all actions, feelings and thoughts can be called full-string. Under control all is put: each word, each thought, each act, each nervous movement of a body and each reflex of consciousness. Proximity I wash display that lived it, and I remembered, I remembered indelible.
607. (Dec. 22). Whether it is possible to reach the unattainable? It is possible. How? Persistent, inflexible, persistent, constant aspiration to the purpose, remembering, that the concept of unattainability belongs only to the world terrestrial. After all it is a question of achievements of spirit. I speak and Confirm: everything is achievable in the field of spirit because the spirit world isn't subordinated to the terrestrial. But he is approved on Earth and through the terrestrial. And too it is necessary to reach Us on the ground. Many don't understand it, rejecting Earth, but then that will be a starting point and for what Earth is given to people? Conditions of the dense world as are necessary for spirit evolution, as watering for sprout grains. If all actions of the person represent themselves uninterrupted chains of the causality going from the past, in the present, in the future, it is possible to understand, what value has introduction in the present in each chain of the new elements, the new metal replacing with old. The chain can't be replaced, but its links, each link it is possible. The present gives possibility of replacement. In the past it can't be made, in the future it is possible to draw up only the plan of future actions, making out it thought and doing these forms, in the present, last reasons of a mental and spiritual order. The future is plastic in will hands but as soon as the thought issued it in this or that look, it becomes the past. At creation of new links of a chain this causality often isn't considered, and the person everything continues to look forward when, actually, the created and crystallized thoughts became already a number of last reasons. And the future is again open for creative creation.
608. Ability to concentrate indicates degree of the power over thought. Mastering by thought Went, the Lord, - as it is rich every day with opportunities to move ahead. It is possible to make in a day so much. It is a pity for missed time. There will be late. There it is possible to continue only, but not to begin. It is necessary to begin here. More, more, as much as possible grains of new undertakings should be put in the Bowl, to put crystals of the thoughts applied in life. Only application gives a form to an adjournment crystal, only it one reports viability to grain (thought). Sower, sow crops grains! It I Will help.
609. (M. A. Y.). What tatter of thinking of yesterday we will exchange for pleasure of Communication? What it is possible to prefer to it? Overcoming we Speak: "Be with Us". Each overcoming grants the right to the approach, each victory over. Through everyone become closer. Think since morning and make the plan, what quality to strengthen you will and so that. Each victory means acquisition. Small isn't present. Small at the beginning means big at the end. Ears and eyes will open. You will open Yoga application on life of day. Its appendix in life is a direct way and unique.
610. (Dec. 23). All approach that only to take. Therefore we Do not approach. And after all even the aspiration is already a gift of the fires. When the coming brings the gifts and in exchange receives, the law is observed, and receiving goes according to a gift. But as want, strong want to receive nothing brought. This type of approach is always accompanied by a consuming of others energy. We very much Suffer from such coming and we Try to avoid them. Avoid also you, - from them unreasonable fatigue and burden, diseases and expenditure, useless expenditure of forces. Sated with your energy both the felt lifting and pleasure, they will quickly spend it that again and again to come and torment. Be preserved against these vampires. Vampirism prospers widely. There is a lot of devourers of mental energy. Unconsciously the people who aren't trusting in anything, perfectly are able to take from those who has it. And taking friends take care. Under the guise of friendship a lot of things become not having any relation to friendship. Accord of auras is the phenomenon not frequent. Then the consuming doesn't occur even at long contact. Gift in the spirit of replaced with a gift in temples of gifts, victims – later, and then and coins. So, distorted bases. But on gifts, that is on a gift, and receiving. How can receive nothing brought? At each Communication and at each contact the gift is necessary in the spirit of. Wanting to receive let brings. To be the pupil – means to be bringing the gifts every day. Persistently and ardently approved qualities of spirit will be the best everyday gifts of gifts of spirit to the Teacher of Light.
611. Skanda in the combination given them – the phenomenon on one only this embodiment. These are a framework for spirit manifestation. Skanda form and cause abilities and features of the personality, they are connected with the personality and her originality. Mathematical abilities are connected with Skanda, as well as musical and poetic talent and all other. Skanda are constructed on the basis of last accumulation. Skanda are a framework in which the personality is shown. The highest Triad has all accumulation, but not all of them can come to light in this embodiment. After all even it is difficult to find a body to reveal all necessary karmic. From here – Blavatsky morbidity, a heart trouble of Pythagoras. Even We sometimes Wait for eyelids to find a demanded physical cover for our Messengers bearing the Assignment. The cover connected with Skanda in the necessary combinations Skanda. They are created by Lords of the Karma. Purpose: it is necessary to collect for the Triad experience terrestrial, approaching to an end circle that is a full development of the Immortal reincarnating Identity accumulating and focusing in quintessence of terrestrial and elevated experiences of all embodiments. Be in all embodiments (having accumulation), only, say, the great poet, ridiculously. It is equivalent to how to raise one hand, either an ear, or tooth. Aim Sand – to give a combination of the abilities necessary for development of certain properties and accumulation and adjournment of a certain experience. They can repeat approximately if the lesson in this embodiment wasn't learned. Identical combinations in two or several embodiments don't happen. The Guru left and never any more there will be no such singer of Sacred Mountains. Lords are free from these restrictions because their Spirit Seized a matter. Confirmed courage in the past, the coward doesn't become, and will power – powerless and forgotten – grow up to the Lord love. It is necessary to distinguish abilities to crafts, arts and to science from qualities of spirit. The scientist can be both kind and angry, the artist – weak-willed, the musician – fearless or the coward. Devotion to the Lord is atop Skandia’s. Communication with Me is atop Skanda’s. So through Skanda qualities of spirit, as light through the painted glass are shown. The feeding source doesn't depend on composition of glass. Lust and desires too are shown in a framework Skanda’s. Karma and Skanda's are connected indissolubly. Skandia’s, but not through everything allows stepping over disclosure of the fiery centers through some restrictions. Spirit over everything and above all, but new tooth in this race it is impossible to grow up. It already Law restriction.
612. (M. A. Y.). Yes! Yes! It is possible to rely only on the Lord and on itself, but not on somebody except: only on Hierarchy of Light. Listen: each attempt to contact pulls together with me. I feel everyone. We, who have left, need known thoughts and light parcels from outside to us close people. Even the Lord sometimes Speaks: "Help to hold everyone balances". It that is to help. To us pleasure feel tendency and cheerfulness, both force and resolution of darlings. Life-giving the exchange and fruitful is mutual. It is necessary to bring to take, is to bring that from us to receive. Without a gift is vamped.
613. If meanwhile that black out consciousness, and to put the Face of the Lord, blacking out influence will lose the force. As, is in reality, and in a dream. In a dream it is much more difficult as the full-sincere desire to be exempted from similar black out is necessary. Having hour of fight and won more strongly not having and lukewarm. Mental energy is neutral, but is painted in any coloring by consciousness. When the sincere desire of clarification reaches a certain force, then force display and in a dream. Dreams can be considered as an indicator of depth of overcoming of igets rid properties. Dream – a kingdom of the reflex activity which is expressing in reactions of covers on this or that influence. It is necessary to pay special attention to the events in this sphere as that is overcome or isn't overcome in reality, comes to light in corresponding dreams. If clarification was made, and dreams speak about other, so backs somewhere nestled are nasty. Then process of clarification should be deepened and strengthened still. Incompleteness of desire to be exempted from favorite cockroaches and other parasites of thinking obviously affects in a dream where the astral works according to that in it still completely not gets rid. Dream – the best check for an astral. The exact and resolute order of all consciousness yields the same result, in the full accord with an order force.
614. (M. A. Y.). Not desires are killed, but their energy is taken over the control and arrives in the will order. Not desires dispose of will, but will – desires. The desire is force, and the will seizes it for its expedient use. In big economy all is useful. From all desires, desires, want force can be collected and, knowing that she on herself neither is angry, nor is kind, expediently to direct it. Why to direct it down when it is possible to direct it up. The bottom and top centers are set in motion by fire or mental energy which in itself is neutral. It should be remembered strong, rejoicing opportunity to regulate it that is to own it.
615. (Dec. 27). The relativity is accepted in mathematics, but not accepted in life though in the shown world all is relative. When too it is heavy, it is possible to apply a relativity measure, having imagined situation heavier. When too it is heavy, it is possible to apply a relativity measure, having imagined situation heavier. And then the too heavy will be moderated by heavier. If it is cold in the house and it is impossible to be warmed and it causes suffering, it is possible to imagine, what freezing in a snow-storm. So, having strengthened in the imagination that causes suffering, many times over and knowing that people maintained even it and didn't lose it, it is possible to moderate sharpness of the lived moment. After all people wearied in dungeons, burned down on fire, on crosses crucified, and we often from an insignificant occasion manage to lose balance of spirit or unfairly to be saddened. If that situation in which put life isn't pleasant and if to correct it is impossible, to moderate its sharpness probably always, having thought that hundreds thousands people are at present in situation the worst. And then it is possible to thank destiny that it treated favorably, without having given the worst lot.
616. (M. A. Y.). Dark whispers try to come nearer to all without an exception to the people, only to one them listen, and others aren't present. From approach anybody isn't insured, but to open an ear for evilwhisper in will of everyone, as well as to close.
617. My son, contrary to the made decision, thought doesn't want to submit. Contact with people and city crowd broke a consciousness system. Also there was clear an advantage of a privacy. But we will learn to keep the system of consciousness in any living conditions, isolating myself a protective veil, milky-white mass of the Thin Matter. Immunity is reached by it, for the present in aura there are the elements sounding in unison with terrestrial plan (and layers close to Earth). Arhat’s step learns soon and at desire to shroud itself in protective raft, not permeable for third-party influences of any plan. It is necessary for preservation of thin energy in one channel in order that they kept, could influence powerfully especially surrounding spheres both dense, and the Hidden World. The main danger in Hidden, connected with the lower class of space also goes on the terrestrial. These spheres crystallized by a gloom of thinking of low consciousnesses, are firmer than granite. Give in only to influence of fiery thought, from them separated. The lightning of spirit clears them instantly, - but where carriers of a lightning of spirit? Even Teachers can be ill, adjoining to these spheres. Therefore possibility of loneliness has to be apreciate. Yes, the true is put on a road fork the traffic controller, showing by the due direction of thinking and the purpose. In it sense and value of spatial service at present and in these conditions. Who will rarefy spheres terrestrial... The planetary network of light constantly because sates Earth with vibrations of the highest energy is protected. Mine, be awake on patrol. Isn't present to a standing hail at least without one preserving a hail from absorption by its darkness?
618. (M. A. Y.). If to look at mankind in weight, it is possible to understand how the majority as it is separated from the Stronghold by heaps of the current phenomena, ignorance, misunderstanding and ignorance of bases, strong denied nowadays is far from Us. Whether also it is possible to be surprised to that everyone is valuable able to contain. Yes, it is valuable and strong it is supported by Lords of Light. The group of attendants of Light on all plans – is uniform. It helps the Lord to bring streams of new evolutionary currents in a world stream of life planetary. Everyone, light to the world bearing, has to allow and realize the importance. After all it is assistants to us and Lords, employees of Light. Why it is put? It is possible to imagine situation in the world, as in a raging sea in darkness, if a beacon go out, even for a while. Understanding of the responsibility for Earth let will be not belittled and full. Everyone bears at a rate of understanding of proximity to Us and the Lord. Not for the sake of itself seize itself, not for the sake of itself over covers the power, not for the sake of itself an ascension, but for the sake of a planet and the mankind which has lost a way. Lord of Compassion is to the Specify sons to be on patrol and strong to rally round Light Focus. Whether it is possible to leave Earth homeless at least for an instant? Whether the Lord can leave? And you are Day breakers? And that coasted by the soldier who fallen asleep on guard or has left a post under any pretext? That coasted by the guard unreliable to which the guards were entrusted? Even in a terrestrial way – the sentry who has left a post self-willed ally is subject to court. Even from it no justifications are accepted. Responsibility of those, who to stand on protection of a network of Light planetary, is more difficult more and more deeply. Cain wasn't responsible for life of the brother. Yes! Yes! Kaina don't answer, but those whom the Lord calls "Mine" answer.
619. (Dec. 28). (M. A. Y.). We come to a conclusion that not always and not everywhere it is assisted, but only in need. And the reality of this need is visible better from above. With the judgment we won't litter a faultlessness of judgment of the Lord. The full-strings of the accord are reached not simply. Time is necessary, and Beam assimilation is necessary. Often and moods very much disturb. Moods are modification of an emotional condition of the personality. And the melancholy of a spatial note of the current hour shouldn't be mixed with melancholy of personal experiences. The burden of this world is hard, but it has spatial character. It is possible to feel burden and melancholy of the neighbor and to take it on itself, but not to catch and that трансмутировать it on fires of the heart. The transmutation is understood as transformation of own fires. But this understanding it is possible to expand and include in it a transmutation and other consciousnesses and the spheres surrounding Earth. At Arhat who has changed own fires, the transmutation gains cosmic-spatial character, and we weed applications of its fiery energy there is all planet and the Invisible World. Any withdrawal from itself and containment in consciousness of pains and burdens world, transmutation personal energy of spirit in spatial fires, - and then service to Light becomes service spatial.
620. I rule to prepare myself for acceptance of new energy – release of consciousness from everything that is unnecessary and superfluous. Stir stratifications of impressions of the phenomena which aren't caused by need. The Caesarian – to the Caesar, that is terrestrial – terrestrial, but not in a bigger size, than demands it a debt or inevitability of duties terrestrial.

621. (Dec. 30). The future factory, laboratory of the future is our Stronghold. Rescue from the present in the future. All Doctrine is directed in the future. Майтрейя is the future. Communication with Us then especially fruitful when concerns the future. The only future can moderate the power of the present. Apprenticeship – process of transformation of the person of the present in the person of the future. The past and the present are valuable only as future steps, but not as heaps of the slags, preventing to rise on steps. The person of the future is the person which device of spirit will replace all devices terrestrial: both radio, and TV, both phone, and telegraph, both plane, and all other mechanical devices. But in what life on a planet would turn if to arm with these abilities modern to us mankind. These wonderful opportunities would be rush on destruction of each other.

622. (Dec. 31). Let's finish year the statement that didn't end anything, but that everything proceeds in the future, and good will generate good, bad – bad. On crops and harvest. Many events will bring year going. They as stream waves, and again will consign to the past as waves of this year left will be carried by. And you will meet again them and to see off, taking for reality and encumbering with them consciousness and forgetting that Looking and beheld are various.
623. (M. A. Y.). Having concerned depths, we appear suddenly on ignorance border. The law of contrasts works. Пралайя consciousnesses are replaced with itself by enlightenment fiery again to return with an increased force. Change of days and nights is a symbol of the life shown in an orbit of contrasts. And then on border of ignorance we will know that the threshold is knowledge new, deeper and full, than before, Maya ignorance’s, recede.
The end Records 1962*